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1 1 ' Jtijjtf -w v m imjm wr^mmio€9§ 





The origin cf the Panjahl Dictionary now offored to the puTilio, ■was suhstantially the same as that of the 
<iramniar of tlie same language jiuhh"s]ie<I at the Loiliana ^lisiion Tress throe years since. The author of that 
Grammar, the Fiov. J. Xewton, at an early p«:-ritvl in his missionary course, couimcnced the collection of Tanjibi 
worils, feeling that such a help was much ne^-<Ie.l in j-rosccuting the study of the language. 

In 1S41 the Lodiana r\Iis.>ion at its Annual 3I.'c-ti;:g tuok order on the sulject ly pa^^ing the fol!o^ving . resolu- 
tion ; — "In iiro>j>ect of the increasing demand for books in the Panjibi language, and tlie necessity there is likely 
to be for missionaries and others to study j^ therefore resolved that inasmuch as the Hvw J. Newton has already 
collected some nsaterials for the jM-eparation of.: Dictionary in the PanjXbi language, he be requested to go forward 
with the work, and jirtiiare it as soon as ccnver.iont." Fror that time the work went on gradually under the aus- 
pices of the Mission, the committee attending to it as other duties permitted, and from tiir.o to time reporting pro- 
gress. Other indivi-Iuals were subsequently add'>J to tlie committee. 

Upon the opening of the Panj ib, a Dic::or-ary in the dialect of the inhabitants was regarded, and juitly, as an 
important desideratum, and as it became knov.n that such a work was in progress, an earnest desire was expressed 
by various parties that it mi^iht be publi> as soon as possible. A large amount of work liowever remained to be 
done on the manuscript, in order to its being made ready for the press in'a stylo commensurate with the scale on 
which it was co:nmenced; aiifl although a P.itijibi Dictionary was still felt to 1)0 most necessary for the projicr pros- 
ecution of ti.o missionary work in the Panj ib, yet ns no funds had been provided to meet the expenses of its pub- 
lication, it was not deemed expedient to take finid acti^.n in the case, without something definite in prospect as to 
the eventual disjiosal of the work. Accurdingly a j-rospcctus Avith a specimen page was issued in 1S40, offering to the 
public conditionally a Grammar, a Dictionary, and n G:<Trrraphic?d Description of the Panj.ib. Government sub- 
scribed liborjlly lor all these works; and additional oncourago'Jicnt was received fi-om individuals which was regard- 
ed as justifying the ^lission in proceeding to issue the Grammar and Geograi>hieal Description. Both these works 
80on after made their appearance, the Geography in ISJO, and the Granmiar in 1S01. The putting to press of the 
Dictionary' was a much more weighty afiuir. V^rlcus paramount duties had interfered with the progress of the man- 
uscript, and t!ie subscription list still stoxl at so low a point, that serious doubts arose as to whetlicr the Misdon would 
be justlfic'l in going forward with it: ic w:is at l-)zCi however decided at the Ann.urd l^Iceting, In the autumn of 
1851, to go on with the work and carry it through the j ress as rapidly as should be found practic:;ble. 

Since the passage of the resolution referre I to, a p<^'riod of two and a half years h-js elapsed: and many doubt- 
less of those who became sub<eribers to tlio work have grown weary of waiting and perh-ips begun to despair of 
ever seeing it. If however it be considered, that a large part of the definitions had yet to be written out, that 
very extensive alterations haJ to be made in those already written, the colloeati'^n of the whole to a considerable 
extent rcmodehj'l, and many new wonls to be added, it \\ ill be seen that all this must necessarily bo the work of 
time. ^\ hen it is farther tahen into view that the original projector and author of the work was just lea^ing the 
countr}', when this final order of the Mi>ii<.'n A^as adoptc<l, that those on whom the editing of the work devolved 
were obliged to proceed with that duty under very great en.barrassnjcnts, — and that one of them* has in the interval 

•Tb« ReT. J. Porter, who dird in NovcniUr 1Sj3. 


ceased from t!ie labors anil scenes ofcartli, — (lio?c who Iinvo been so long waiting for tlic appearance of the work will 
not perhaps wonJur ai the delay that hris ocv'urred. It boooinc3 tlie reinaining member of the CommittCi.' to cou- 
gratulato liimself and the public, as wull as unfeignLdly to acknowledge the Divine goodness, in having at length 
been permitted to see the work completed. 

With reference to the work itself a fiivr remarks need to be olTorcd. 1. Although great pains have been taken to 
collect words from various eources, yet it w ill not be surprising if many have been omitted ; perhaps some of tlicra, words 
in common use. 2. Many words on the other hand will be found that the student of the language may have diffi- 
culty in identifying, until his reading has become somcwliat extensive, there being so many words in regular and 
authorized use, wliich arc at the same time pr(.vincialisms, and in some ciNtricts quite unknown. The number of 
these might have been added to, had it been deemed expedient. Tor the same reason some of the words will prob- 
ably bo recognized in form, but under different significations from tliose given in the Dictionary, the particular moan- 
ing sought for having escaped the observation of the compilers. Tliis is a defect necessarily incident to the in- 
cipient lexicography of a language. Farther delay, which alone would have served in a measure to remedy it, would 
not under the circumatanccs have been desirable. It niust likewise bo admitted, that if actual errors in definition 
have hero and there occurred, it is not surnri.Ning, though much etTort has been used to secure accuracy. 3. The style 
of romanizing is tho same as that of the grammar; being that of Shakesj^car modified to suit the peculiarities of tlie 
Panjabi language. 4. The character here adojjted, and ordinarily used in writing Panjabi, is that known as the 
GurmnlJii. The alphabet consists of thirty five letters, hence called the Painfi. The same order has been observed 
a5 that used by the natives, except that, as in the Grammar, W (aini,) and "^ ( uri, ) are made to change places. 

Tho names and powers of the letters are as follows; — 
























as in sum. 

as in house. 

as in Ivi^. , 

k with an aspiration. 

as in c/o. 

an aspirated c/. 

as in lin^; pronounced by bringing the root of the tongue against 

the palate, 
as in church. , 

an aspirated ch. 
as in judge. • 
an aspirated y. 

pronounced by a flight contact of the tongue with tliat part of the 
roof of the mouth, which is touched in pronouncing tho letter j. 
pronounced by reverting the point of the tongue on the palate. It 

is juore harsh than tho English t. 
an aspirated /. 

almost like Jin dull; but, like the / above, harsher than the English. 
an aspir&tcd dl- 































pronouuceil by projecting the tip of the tongue against the fore part 
of the palate. 

softer than the Englisli t; pronounced by pressing the tip of the 
tongue against the root of the front upper t^eth. 

an aspirated t. 

soft, like the Persian d. 

an aspirated d. 

as in none. 

as in j^aj/. 

an asjtirated^. 

as in Inti/. 

an aspirated b. 

as in may. 

as in yoke. 

like the French r, with the tongue vibrating on the palate. 

as in love. ' 

V, w, sometimes like the English r, at other times like to; but common- 
ly a sound between v and w; in which case itia represented in 
the Roman character by tc ; otherwise by v. 
T, pronounced by reverting the point of the tongue on the palate. 












These letters are divided into seven classes; thus 
















































2 Of these, the first three are vowel forms; which, Avith certain modifications, make ten vowels • 























like u in jcoman, or u in hut. 

like o in far. 

like t in ^;i. 

like t in machine. 

like « in full. 

like u in rule. 

like e in they, or ai in ratn. 

like at in aisle. 

like in nof«. 

like oio in now. 

When subjoincl to consonants, cither as MeJials, or Finals, the vowoh assume the following form?; 
















biljili or Miri, 








(M^Tinke or du 





]li:i or liu, 




dLl iiin, 









In addition to the foregoing, there arc tvio abbreviated forms of letters; viz. ( • ) bindi, and ( o ) ^;7>^'. Both 
have the sanio power; and under certain ciiiunistances, arc sul>;ticutod for ■^, '^, 5^, 7i, and If. Before a letter 
taken from the class to wliieh '^ belongs, they,aro eouivalent to t^ ; before a letter taken from the class to whieh 
^ belongs, they are equivalent to ^; andso of all the rest: c. g. FIT i^ C(]\m1 to b'V^fi i<^'-''JJ '• ^^ t^ ^^tT, ;^d»'//;t 
^ to "^^T^, Z^fl'.-'i; ^^ to ^t;^, (land; and ^"J^i to ?7H"^> U'-t-hu. 

The accented syllable, in words of more than one syllible, is indicated by a ^hort vertical stroke phiced iininedi- 
aiely after it in tlie roraanized spelling; thus, IJtTr^r us i^ri. 

The same word will in many instances be found to recur under several diiTerent forms. Tlieso forms being all 
used in the native books, tlicre seemed no alternative but to give each in its proper place, and ordinarily defined in 

The words having tippi ( '^ ) and llnui ( • ) as^'^37> c^TJT, will be found not under a separate collocation, but in 
tliC places to which alpiiabetical order, independently of these diacritical points, entitles them. 

It will be seen that in writing (he English definitions, whcre'a choice of words in spelling existed. tliC more modern 
has generally been preferred; as honcr, favor, vijor, instead of honour, <S;c. ; icorsLlpcr, coiin-clor, tcuolen, instead of 
Korthippcr, counsellor, Lc, j^i'acticc.l for prod uc.i. This was done in crmfornuty with the stylo adopted in Webster's 
Dictionary, the favor with which that work has been received by the literati of England appearing to serve as a 
sufficient warrant for so duing. 

In many instances, besides the derinition=;, the most usual forms of construing the word defined are given ; ;lsc. w. 
w^T, comtracd icith hivt'i; farther tlian this, the usual abbreviations have been adopted; as a. for adjective, ad. for 
adverb, comp. for composition, &.C.; words having both an adjective and substantive moaning have ordinarily m. or 
m.f. as the case may be. 

Lodiana, Julj/ Oth, ISoi. L. J.vNvinn, 

For the Lodiana Mission. 

•The short a, when il follows a consonant, noihlii'; to represent it, \\% sound btin^ inherent in the consonant itself, n» in the Dcv pvagari 
alphabet. Thus TTS" is pronminred sat, liie souml cfiibclnj; inlirrenl in the H. The consonant in this cose is <aid to be mulJa, 

Mo be pronouDced as one sellable: y havin'r the force not of a vowel, but (as it is in Punjabi and oficn in Ei gli>b/; of a consonoDt, and assirn- 
Qating with/ so as lo produce a scuBd not much tlitrereni from that of simpley. 





TH^T^ aut;Ir, s. m. Birtli, de- 
scent, incarnation, an incarnate 
deity. Al<o W^3TF, >>^3TF, 
and #5T7. 

>WlfjTT a-an,sd, a. "Without anxiety, 
free from solicitude; undoubted. 

WFT? ask, 5. m. Lovo; i. q. ffernr. 

WJT^r? a<a,kat, s. f. Weakness;, 
inaliility, inoapar-ity. 

THTrTF as.kat, i.f. Sluggishnesg, 
la/Inosj;, indolence. 

WTT^TJ^ as,katan, /. ) Lazy, 

WHaT^ a5,kaii, m. 3 sliig- 
gi.-li; a sluggard. 

WTT7Ft asak,ii, a. Weak, powcr- 
lo^s, impotent. 

■nfJTSTcr a5gandli, t. f. Tlie name 
of a medicinal piant. Al.<o >VTf\- 
''HT, and f^gTI'T^. 

■JHTT^TT? a«a,gan, ;. i/i. A ))ad omen. 

"nrFHT a.-angg, a. Without shame; 

WTHT asangg, g. tn. j I5ad tocie- 

>irH3TF asang.gat, s. f. ) ty, 

W?52rK VHZTf as,(am i'a>,tam, 5. 
m. Littlo things, trifi.-s, knick- 

>MTrzrjft as^.mi, jf. /. The eighth 
«l.ay of the lunar montli. 

*»mzrT a>,(a, a. Uiichixled, cnidr, 
untutored, impudent, insoK-nt, 
pre<;unii.tuou% rudo, cruel. Also 
JHT??fT and €k37. 

nrK2n^'^ a-f4,i, ,. /. Crudity, 

rudeness, impudeneo, insolence, 
jiresumptuousness, cruelty. 

">Mn3T a<at,tha, a. rnchi.-eled, 
crude, untutored, inij)udent, prc- 
suniptiiiiu-5, cruel. Also Wfiii 
and "^KST. 

WJTB" ast, 5. iH. The setting of the 
sun ; the ashes of the dead, the 
bones, kc. which remain luicon- 
sumed by the fire of the funeral 
pile; 7HWS ^^CT, to set, (the sun.) 

WAS" asatt, a. Untrue, ujirighteous. 

WTf3" asatt, .<?. m. Untruth, un- 

■>tiTf3" rnWS i7^7rr ast, ast, karna, 
r. a. To welcome, to receive in 
a friendly manner, to take pains 
t<> make one welcome. 

*HTr3^ as,tak, s.f. Asonginhucor 
of a tutelary saint or deity. 

W77;?c?rr ast, mi, r. »«. To set, ( the 
sun. ) 

*Wf(D'd a>,tar, s. m. The lining of 
a garment. 

•WITFF ^TTH'S' as.tar bas,tar, 5. m. 
Cloths of every descrii>tion, dry- 
goods of various kinds. 

WHHT^^a asta,i:tia, ^ r. »i. To 

WTTFTyTT^T ast tjana, J, to 
pau>e, to stand still, to rest ; i. q. 

''HTI31^ asta,wa, *. m. A drink- 
ing vessel with a spout like that 
of a teapot. 

*WTT^^ asantokh, jr. m. Discontent. 

»jnf§"y^ asanto.khan, /. i Dlscon- 

"nm^Mt a<anto,khi, m. S tented; 
.1 nialeontent. [tent. 

■nnf^V^ asanto,khf, s. f. Discon- 

wn^^CT asth,njt, r. n. To set, 
( the sun. ) 

>MTT^T7> astluin, 5. m. Place. 

THTRTT asna, s. m.f. An acquain- 
tance, a friend. 

■*H"*H A 1 y^ asna,i, s. /. Acquain- 
tance, friend.-hij). 

>ri H <M Q asna,u, .<■. m.f. An ac- 
quaintance, a friend. 

■*KJT?7T7> asn:in, s.m. Bathing, ( par- 
ticularly as a religious ceremony. ) 

>M7T<s I Ac:N asiia,nan, s.f. ^ One that 

■»K3T<Tr7Jt asua,ni, 5. »n. ) bathes 
habitually, with the view of wash- 
ing away sin, or of acquiring merit. 

"WJTMTo" nspat, s. m. Steel. 

■>MJl"^rar asbab, s. m. Tools, appa- 
ratus, furniture, goods and cliat- 
tcls, baggage. Also WTT^Tg, and 

*HH3<c asam,bhav, a. Uncom- 
mon, inconsistent, incompatible, 
unlikely, unreasonable. [time. 

■mffW asam, a. Singing out of 

nfUJi asamm, a. Without a ferrule. 

■*HFrH"^ asa,majh, a. M'ithout un- 
derstanding, f<>oli^ll. 

■»WTW?W asamarth, a. Weak, povr- 
erltss, iiu ompctent. 

■nnm^^ asan.arth, t. f. Weakness, 




•nrTTKT^^ n;amar,tliaD, /. Impo- 
tent, incomrK.-tcnt; a powerless 
THTT^RTT fu-^aniar.tha, t. f. ^^ eak- 

ness, incompetcTice. 
Ji^jj^fj^ a5am.'ir,tlii, m, 'Ueak, 
impotent; an ineouipctent man, 
a powerless man. 
UfPTHTT? asm£n, s. m. Heaven, the 

WTTHT^ asma,ni, a. Ileavenlj, 

■nnr^ a,sar, g. m. Impression, in- 
fluence; a demon, a wretch. 
WJT? a.N,sar, s. m.f. A youth. 
n{Uif7! asarn, a. Unprotectcil, ex- 
>HfTF V7TJ a.sar pa,sar, a. rsekss, 

trifling, worthless, 
■nmw asl, s. m. Eoot, origin, 
capital, principal sum, stock in 
trade, truth, reality. 
WTT^ asl, a. True, excellent. 
WHTift, a. Original, radical, 

essential, genuine, true. 
•nnr^TU" aswar, m./. Mounted, 
riding, ( on any thing ; ) a rider, 
a horseman, a mounted soldier. 
■»KTT?T^ a?wii,ri, s.f. The state 
of being mounted, riding ; a means 
of conveyance, ( as a lu^rse, ele- 
phant, camel, carriage, &c. ) tlic 
name of a musical mode. 
■UTRT^'^ asa.uri, s.f. The name 
of a kind of song, or musical 
■>KHTHT asa,sa, s.m. Household 

furniture, apparatus, 
nnrrfTT asan,sa, a. Free from 

anxiety, &c. i. q. "KfJTTU, q. v. 
■»»rRT7 asak, s. m.f. One who is 

not a relation. Also ■^TTH?. 
IHTTHT ascik, s. m, Xonrdatlunship, 
WTTTV asakh, a. Xot trustwor- 
thy, of bad faith. Also ^TPV. 
WHTV asakh, s.f. Bad faith. 
nif|iM a:-iJu, c. Unholy; unset- 

tled, unaccomplished ; impractica- 
ble, incurable, impossible. 

THTTTTJ asan, s. m. I'eneficence, 
f:ivor, kindness, obligation. 

nfflTJ^ asrin, a. Ea«y. 

mrr^TTt asa,r.i, s.f. Facility, ease. 

■WTTTT? asar, x. m. 3Iark, sign; 

* thickness, ( of a wall. ) 

»WnT3' asir, a. According to, in 
agreement with; i. q. ^W^WU^. 

W JR I <c y^ a'vi,wari, s.f Tlie name 
of a kind of song, or musical 
mode; i. q. ^UH^Qd^. 

rnf^-q a^iddh, a. Imperfect, not 
effected, not ready, unproven, in- 
valid, false, making false preten- 
sions to supernatural power. 

TvfTTJ-r?^ asi,maran, *. m. For- 
getting, failure of recollection, 
oblivion, furgetfulness. 

Wrft as,si, a. Eighty. 

TKfft as,si, s.f The sharp mar- 
gin of any thing, a^ of a board. 

WffV a, sin, pron. ( pi. of ft- ) We, 

wpfhwr as,s;a, s. m. The year *80. 

"nifflTr asis, s.f. Blessing, bene- 

THWlUT as.sih'i, s. m. The year 
'SO; i, q. ^HnV^KT. 

r>r3fto"gT:^ asirbiidj s.m. f. Ben- 

>WTn"3"^T^ asirwad,) ediction, sal- 

rmf^?? asil, rt. Having a good 
disposition, gentle, mild. 

•nm>Hrdr asuclr, See >^fM<^ld. 

>%r(pvr3\ asua.ri. See ^HTT'^id^. 

■HiTTTT asuddh, a. Impure, incor- 
rect, inaccurate, mistaken. 

>W7T'3' asubh, a. Bad, disagree- 
able, unpleasant; unfortunate. 

»Ji^ as,?u, *. t(j. The name of the 
7th month of the civil year, 

"fHTpi asujh, (I. Invisible; blind, igno- 
rant. [ lity, comfort, 

W^^ asog, s. m. Ea^e, tranquil- 

■*K^?ft, a. At ease, unmo- 
lested, cheerful. 

^^ tJ asoch, a. Inconceivable, not 
to be crtectcl by reflection or 
study ; not to V>e cared for. 

■*U^'Ut a-)0,chi, a. Careless, in- 
ditTcrent, unconcerned. 

■nr&:3'T aso^bha, t.f. Bad repu- 
tation, bad name, bad appearance, 

>MJT ans, t.f. Bart, divi>ion, j.or- 
tion; right, essence; offspring, dcs- 
cemlant ; a degree of a circle, &c. 

■>k;I ah, pron. This, 

'JfvJsrra'ahaogkar, s. m. Bride, ego- 
tism, conceit; i. q. vTSTaT. 

wJiliy'A ali.'inL'k5,ran, f.) Proud, 

JW^'3T^ ahangkii,ri, '.n. ) con- 
ccite<l ; an egotist, 

■>H\Jil ah,dii, f. m. Conflict, op- 
position, liobtllity, 

■>HvjyiJ ali.bat, s.f. A feast, an en- 
tertainment, e.-pccially a feast giv- 
en to a party assembled to do 
work gratuitously for a neighbor. 

>HTrg3^ ali,batan, s.f. \ A guest, 

■»WTra^ ah,bati, s. m. > one of 

■>KvJ"g3^>MTah,batia, *. «i. ^ tl»c par- 
ty assembled for the ■nru'g^', q- V, 

•»KTr'^ ah,bu, s. m. Unripe wheat 
or barley roasted in the ear, but 
only half cookcil ; WTT'JJ "^"Sl^, 
to roast Lc. 

■tV^r^-J ah,lak, .f. /. Laziness, 
indolence, sluggi-hness, 

•nniJSlT^ ah.lakan, /. \ Lazy, in- 

>vn3?2^'^ ah.laki, m. ) dolent, 
sluggish; a sluggard. 

HrU^F ah, rat, s.f. Partnersliip 
in trade, selling goods on commis- 
sion, mutual dealing, connection, 
illicit intercourse; i. q. "♦KTosjJ. 

nfTr^3^ ah.ratan, s.f ^ A part- 

VHXrS'?^ ah.rati, t. ni. > ner in 

>Kn^F^HT ah.ratia, s. m. ^ trade, 
one who sells on commission, one 
who has dealings of any sort with 
another, especially of a dishonor- 
able kind, one who holds illicit 
intercourse witli the otlier sex. 


»f3TH fk^s 


>jf;TT a,lian, aJ. Xo, don't. 
TXTjf a.liin, inter. O I Iiearkeii I 
nrUT>VTn a,Iiua,lii,^ inter. Brnvo I 
WTJIOI a,li41ii, y well done I 
WvTT rivji a, ha jn.lii, j)ron. (used 

chieth- in tlie plur. ) Such like. 

WvJrg' ahir, g. m. F<x>d ; i. fj. TWrUT^. 

wfb"»«T3'lT!»iT a,hia(o,liia,*.m. A 

jjhrasc u.-«f«J to denote the privlti<'3 

of the sexes, or ratlier as pointing 

at them, ( language of abuse. ) 

>Kur^ a,hin, s.f. A locust; snial! 

TKfvn-T .i,him, g.f. Courage, i. q. 
TTfxrw. [a fool. 

Wftwi? a,hiniak, m.f. Foolish; 
■WfvrHTV*?^' a]iin)akj)ii,na, s.m. ' 
'*uf:jV^^i\i\ aliimakwa.i, s.f. 
■WfTIifl7^T^Yahiinak\vi|in, *. /. 
'*ufTTVJl\i) aliiniaki,!, s.f. 
■*KfTni7t a,hiiiiakf, s.f. 

Folly, f.><)li-}ines.s. 
"•MfTTT^ a, h Iran, s. /. A hlack- 

>n:ith*s anvil. 
>K"v akk, s. m. The name of a 
j>lant cont.^iuing a milky juice, 
which grows abun<lautly in san- 
dy jungles. 
7K7H ak.kas, s. /. Opposition, 

spite, teazing, vexation, ofFence. 
W7 fz^ akk tiJi'l^, *. m. A 

kind of largo green griisshopiter. 
W1757T, r. n. To bo oOen.l- 
ed, to lie tll>plea.sed, to fret, to bo 
W^TT akk.ra, a. Dear, costly, 
higli-priced; able-b()dio<], strong. 
W7?5 akl, t.f. Understanding, 

sen.-»e, reason, wisdom. 
Waf?5 akall, a. Yrcc from com- 
plexity, simplr», plain. 
niTc^TT^ ak.kalkan, a. liewil- 
«lere<l, confused, confounded, as- 
tound.vl, nori-j)lu«^ed. 
'Kv^'g:^ aklband, a. Wise, hav- 
ing a pfMMj understanding. 
W^75^^'t aklban.di, ,./. Wis- 

dom, good sense, a sound undcr- 
W^W^TS" akiiiiaiid, n. Wise, hav- 
ing a good uridtTstanding. 
>K757^f^ akliiian,<li, ;?./. AVisdom, 
good sense, a sound underst angl- 
»M?55#^ akl wand, a. AVise, hav- 
ing a good understanding. 
TH^^p^ akl\van,d[, 5./. Wisdom, 
gocnl sense, a good under>tan<ling. 
>W^?5>»fT akii.a, ^ a. Wise, hav- 
WsT^tcTT akliivi, ) iiig good sense. 
>i^r^^ ak,kar, s.f. Crookedness, 

stitlncss, strut, hauteur. 
rHir^7T( ak,karna, v. n. To writhe, 
to be cramped, to become still' or 
rigid, to strut ; i. q. »rT^r^77T. 
W^^^tT akarbaj, s. m. A fop, 

one who struts. 
>M?WT^ akr:l,u, s. m. Stiffness, 

strut, &,c. i. q. tihr^. 
W17^l"^^:vT akra,una, v. «. To 

make stilf, to cramp, ifcc. 
nflTWr 3^W^ ak,ra tak.ra, a. Stifl; 

stron?, active, aildetic. 
•»U^^^ akraind, ) s. f. Stifiness, 
>M7?rq ukraindli,) kc. i. q. T^IJ-^. 
>MT7r^^a aka,uni, v. a. To dis- 
please, to otlbnil, to vex. 
7K7TH akas, .y. m. Heaven, the sky, 

the firmament, the air. 
WTTfT ^^ akas dij), s. m. A lamp 
which the Ilimlus hang aloft on 
a bamboo, in the month Kattak, 
an elevated lantern, a beacon. 
'KTTJT'M'^ akas i>aun, s.f. A wind 
in the uj)[)er region ; inhaling and 
holding the breath, ( a ceremony 
of Jo(jis. ) 
W7ITT ^T^ akas ba,ni, s.f. A 
voice from heaven, a rcv<'lation, 
an oracle. 
W^nrr i^TS akas birt, s. f. Living 
on what ProvMence may send from 
day to day, depending for subsis- 
tence on Pro\ idcnce alone, without 

using means to procure food. 
W?rHt%T3^ akdsbir.ti, .<r. m. One 

whose subsistence is fortuitous. 
7>f5TirT akij, a. Useless, goo<l for 

»W3<i-ri akaj, s. m. Uselessness. 
»f3T3^ aka,rath, a. Answering 
no j)urpose, fruitle>s, unprotita- 
blo, vain, useless. 
■^V:z^^^3^ ak5,rath, ad. Without de- 
sign, in vain. 
W^T^^g" tTTc!:^T ak!i,rath j:'i,na, r. n. 
To be wasted, to be turned to no 
W^TW akfil, a. Out of time, un- 
timely, unseasonable. 
W7TW akal, n. Juniiortal, ( a ti- 
tle of God, ) 
>Wy l?5r5 aka,lan, s.f. An innnor- 
tal one, a female devotee of the 
A kali class. 
*K?T^ MT^ akal, pu,rukh, 5. m. 

The Immortal One, ( God. ) 
W^W fuJ'S akal, mirt, s. f. An 

untimely death. 
Wi?Tf5 f^TS^ ak;il, mlr,ti, s. m. 
One who dies an untimely death. 
W^T^*^ ak:i,l), ^ s. m. An ini- 
W^IJ^'^WT aka,li:i, \ mortal one, 
(the name of a da.-s of Sikh de- 
votees. ) 
wfir^S" W^ akirt, ghan, a. Short 
sighted, Imjiri (lent, improvident, 
indi.Ncreet, wanting foresight, un- 
able to appreciate. 
W^H"^ akin, s. m. Certainty, be- 
lief, trust; nnft?^ o/dAt, to be- 
nnr a,ke, coiij. Or. 
W^'^d Tt ako,tar sau, a. One hun- 
dred and one; i. q. V^^STf ^. 
»M^^Tr ang,kus, s. m. An elephant 

goad; I. (J. ni'^nr, q- V. 
riiM akkh, *./. The eye. 
»MMH7 akh,sar, a. Many, the most. 
rMMT^^" akh,sar, ad. Mostly, ofjcn, 
generally; at length, tuially. 




WVSTT, *. m. A gel.ling. 

WMJf^^T akkiiinaJak.kd, e. tii. O- 

gling, ananioioiis look or gesture. 

>HV^ akjkliar, s. ni. A letter of 

tlie Alplial)et. 
WVT ak.klia. *. tn. One end of a 
))Hg or sack thrown over a boast 
of burden. 
nr^T^^ aklia.ut, s.f. A word, a 

saying, a report. 
WMT^ aklian, s. m. A saying, an 

adage,, something made up. 
»ftrr;^f aklii,ra, s. wj. A plaoe of 
wrestling or fencing, any place of 
assembling for sport or other pur- 
poses; also a court; a.> f^T^ ^r 
>KVr^, the court of lad; rkP=n- 
WT tFIKT-^^t, to collect a crowd, 
to form uu assembly. 
»ftft ak.khl, s.f. The eye. 
W"trj akhutt, a. Vususceptiblc of 

diminution, iue.\iiau>tible. 
WT agg, s.f. Fire. 
rH'ilHd' ngast, s. ?.•:. A thing funn- 
ed of pai)er, somewhat after the 
fiushioii of an umbrella, and turnetl 
constantly over the head of a 
britlegroom, iis jiart of the mar- 
riage ceremony. 
>H3T^ agatth, s. in. The name of a 
storm which usually occurs at the 
winding up uf the rainy season; 
• 0. w. ^?5^. 
tii^T* a,gan, s.f. Tire. 
Wid|<Sc^(^ agankin, s. m. A kind 
of fire work, a fue arrow ; a term 
in astrology. 
W^TW agam, a. Free frc»m sorrow. 
WJTK aganifi), s. m. Futurity, se- 
crecy, something unknown, a fu- 
•ture event ; JjrTIif "^Tg^rr, to 
'WTWJWliS' aL\ammgyin, ^ .^. m. 
WaTWfirWTTJ agammgiin, ) The 
knowledge of S'jcret ami future 
events. [A j)ro])hetess. 

W^>ffipKT?J^ agamuigia,nati, s.f. 

W^fnt^RHT^ aganimgia,ni, s. tn. 
A prophet, one who knows or 
jiredicts future events, a prog- 
W^fwfg't^STKT agannubid,di;t, s.f. 
Tlie art <>f foretelling or divining. 
>K3TH^7r agman, s. m. One who 

giX's before, a guide. 
WdMiA" agyan, s. m. Ignorance, 

&c. Sec 7Hfir»KT7>. 
Th<Hd ^'\}<^i agri.huni, r. a. To get 
before and hinder one's progress, 
to prevent, to encompass, to seize. 
^<3ldi vJ' tTT^T agra,he j:i,ua, r. n. 
to be seized, to be hinderetl, to 
be encomjiasscil with trouble. 
7WTf5 ^9Tf5 ba,gal, od. A- 
side, irviA side to side, near at 
hand, at one's side. 
^dl«I, a. The former, the 
first, the foremost, the past, the 
next, that which is future. 
WTT^^T agle,ri, a. ( The month ) 

after the next, more, additii'Ual. 
*Hd|<^rvJl agwi,ha, ^ s. ni. A guide, 
WJT^TTT agwun, 3 a leader. 
WTT^ffT agwa,ra, s. ;?». > The 
nrar^r^ agwa.ri, s.f. j front of 
a house : a guide: WU^l'^ ^7T^, 
tognash, losliowilie teeth, (as a 
tiger; ) to gai>e, to yawn. 
^Kir^ ^31 ?f a,garba,gar, x 

niTT^Vi "^?T^H- a,gram ba.gram, ) 
y. m. Tritling employment or 
talk, trifles, tra^h. 
7>fjrr a.gin. conj. Dut, nevertheless. 
THSU^ aga,H, a. Going before, 

previous, j)rior. 
>K3rf «■ aga,«, s. tn. A forerunner, 

a leader, a guide. 
fhmQ agi,u, al. Beforehand, in ad- 
vance, before ; WHTT'^ tIT^T, to go 
before, to go out to meet or receive 
any one; TtHrc^ -5<5r, to give in 
advance, to give as an earnest. 
>J{7n7T agis, s. in. Ueaven, sky, 
firmament, air ; i. q. TH^rff. 

»mi7T %J5 airas bol, /. /. The 
name of a vine or creej>er that 
grows on trees, not haviiig its 
roots in the ground. 
JWTTTTf aga.JKin, a J. Ilefure, for- 
ward, aliead, in fiunt. Also Tirrr. 
THWr^ agi,ri, s.f. Tlie rope -r 
chain used for tying a horse's 
head or forefeet. 
W^nW, agije, ad. lief.rc, ahead. 
»{f?TrHT77 agian, t. tn. Ignorrinoe, 
esjiecially ignorance of Divine 
things, fooli>hncss, stupidifv. 
WtiiniTT^^ agi.i,nan, x. /. An 
ignorant woman, one who hoi not 
tlie kno»\ ledge of fJod. 
WfirWTTJB'T^'^ ai:ianta,i, s.f Ig- 
norance ; j. ([. JhihnuT;, <i. v. 
wfirWTTft agi;i,nj, *. m. An ig- 
norant man, e.-pecially one who 
is dotitute of the knowledge 
of (Jod. 
'Ht?r§ agigion, ad. Froai before. 
WTT agige, ad. I before, in front, 

in future. 
TM'ST ag.Lre, j>rcp. Before, ( Inr.tli 

in time and ].Iaco. ) 
W^fS" ngot, .c. /. Doing a tiling be- 
fore tlie jiropor time. 
VHTTFT age|t.i, a. Being before tiie 

proper time, premature. 
W3t^^ ago,ehar, a. Unknow."., 

uniierceived ; independent. 
>;-f7r angg, s. >/i. ^lember, limb, 

>^rariT angigas, s. m. An iron in- 
strument used by clej)hant dri- 
vers, having two sliaqi point-*. 
Also >K?"JT, and ni^Tf. 
W3T jf?r angg, sangg, g. m. Itela- 

tion:>liip, kin. 
nnr TT^T angg, saijgg, prep. In 
company with, along with, always 
>K3T^l5^ nnggliin, a. Maimed, hav- 
ing lost a liinb ; leaving an e:;g:;ge- 
mcnt partially fulfdle<I. 




ajf^nr ancr,gak, s. m. An examiner. 
t^^T^ an^'jgaii, s. in. A yard, a 

court, <S:c. 
WTTS^r ang2r,na, r. a. To examine, 
to i)rove, to try, to a-scertain; to 
judiro, to guess, to think. 
WJIcMyTt anggiii,!, s.f. A yard, a 

court; i. q. >2f7Tc^. 
WJTST V^T ang,g;«t pai.ui, r. Ji. To 

be a j •proved, to be accepted. 

W3T V^<VT angg i>ur,iia, r. «. To 

accompany, to defend, ( eonsrrueil 

■with tlie genitive, or with the 

I»reposition <ST?5. ) 

W3T?t}T ancrgra,klia, 'j s. m. A 

irara"^ anggnik,klia, J- coat reach- 

WTTT ang,ga, J ingdowuto 

the knees. [fire. 

WtlPXT? anggiar, «. m. A coal of 

>KfiT»KTFT anggia,rii, s. tn. A coal of 

fire; a painful boil on the sole of 

tlie foot, or the jialiu of the hand. 

n?t?r»fTTt aiiggia,vi, *. /. A small 

coal of lire. 
>K?ft' ang,gi. s. m. f. A relation, 
kinsman, or kinswoman ; a part- 
ner in trade. 
WTft angjgf, s. f. A small garment 
Cuvcring the breasts, used by 
^jWyTH" .'tngg(kar, s. hi./. A eoni- 
pani<>n, a copartner; agreement, 
acquiescence, receiving. 
'Wlf^'^TTs) anggiki,ri, s.f. Corr.pan- 
ion'^hij). Copartnership, rehition- 
»K?ft37 anggl,tli;i, s. m. A large fire- 
n??ft3^ anggi',thi, s. f. A small fire- 
place, a chafing d!>h, a grate, a 
*>niTT ang,gU3, *. m. Sec n?3T7T. 
'•-#?3T?5t ang,guli, s.f. A fiiig.-r, a toe. 
>K3r^r anggilth, s. m. A thumb, 

a big too. 
'Kar^WT angguHija, s. m. A ring 
worn on the thumb or big toe. 

, >K^3T anggu,th;i, t. tn, A thumb, 
a big toe; i. q. >jr3r3. 
>KBr3^ nn-gu^thi, s.f. A finger ring, 
'jnr? an,'gur, s. m, A gnij>e; the 

granulations of a healing sore. 
"^KSTU^ anggi'.,ri, o. 3Iadc of the 
grape, ( wine Lc. ; ) of a light 
green color. 
WBT3^ anggii,ri, s. f. The tender 
blade of Corn or gT;iss ju-t iisue<.l 
from the ground, a bud. 
>K?rTf^ anggei,na, c. a. To con- 
ceal, or overloLik (a fault,) to 
bear, to sulVer. 
>K7i^ anggO|(hh;i, s. tn. A cloth 
which Hindus fasten round the 
waist when lathing, and after- 
wards use to wipe them,M.'lve3 (.Iry. 
THur^Tj a,gharan, /. A high 
minded ■woman, one jealous of 
her honor. 
WWWST^a a.gliarpunS, s. m. Iligh- 
niindixluess, jealousy of one's 
WWpiT =cur^ a,.?l>'iri du,ghara, a. 

Tat. jiurtly, rmigh, unsee-ndy. 
WUfW^ a,ghari, vi. A person of 
high S2>irit, one jvalous of his 
lionor. [yard. 

>K^^ an,ngan, f. m. A court, a 
•JirxJ"? athaiKJ, a. Dull, not sharp, 
inoa]>able of being sharpened; 
of dull understanding; uutauirht; 
gep.tle, mihl. 
nrerv^ aeh,pal, a. Kestless, in- 
constant, playful, wanton. 
W^MWlVit achpali,i, t. f. Kest- 
Ic'ssness, inconst;iney, jday fulness, 
WxTaTT acham,bhi, $. ni. Wonder, 

astonishment, a pf>x1igy. 
'X^S^ aeharj, or a,<haraj, s. rn. A 

wonder, a jtrodigy. ^Vlso ^^yT 
»H-cJdTlc^ arliarjaii, f. 
W^^^ acharjj, »n. 
performs wonders. 
TK^^ achali, a. Immovable. 

) A per- 
* son who 

JK^^ ach.cliavi, s.f. Ile^tless- 

nes>; c. w. ^3T^'^. 
nrgr^? iuha,nak, ad. Suddenly, 
nrgig- aehar, *. m. An establish- 
ed rule, custom, ordinance of 
religion ; a pitkle. 
TJfgT^Y aelKijii, s. )«. One who 
fulfils the regiilalions and ordi- 
nances of religion. 
W^T^rt aeh;i,ri, a. Fit for pickles, in 

a state fit to be made into pickles. 
W^^3" aehint, a. Thoughtless, in- 

consi<lerate, free from solicitude. 
»M%^T^' aclichowa,in, s.f. Ivest- 

W^jyCfsj anyehalpaljlu, s. m. A 

kind of silver or golden cloth. 
>jrg-35T any,cliala, s. m. The cud 
or border of a cloth, veil, shawl, 
kc. a sheet used by Jo<jiS. 
Wg§; Vg^ aehh,ne pathli,ne, ) 
nrs^ M'^ aehl),nc paehh,ne, > 
5. m. Service, attendance tlirough 
thick and thin. 
^H'g'^fTTft achhmii,ni, s.f. A small 
ladle with ■which water is poured 
on an idol. 
T>f3^ aili,i'hliar, .?. m. A letter 

of the AlplKd)et; i. q. Wtf3". 
IK^ ath|ehha,- a. Good, pleasant, 
exet'llent, righteous, sound, heal- 
thy, well. 
*^^^ aclihuli, a. Cntouched, un- 

defilable by touch. 
^H^B" aciduitt, a. Fleeing, going 
so rapidly as to avoid the touch 
of any one. 
>HS" ach,ehhu, 5. hi. The openings 
in the cording of a bedstead, all 
round the rails. 
Wg^F achhuht, a. Not capa- 
ble of being ilefiled by touch. 
Wg aehhai, a. Imperishable. 
TW^vT achhuhj a. Untouched, unsus- 
ceptible of defdement from touch; 
of so rapid a motion as to elude the 
touch of any one; i. q. WWTT. 




THtT ajj, ad. To day. 

W-Hdid ajigar, ) *. m. A largo 

W-ri-dv;! ajidahi,-' species of ser- 
pent, the boa constrictor, a dragon. 

W^V ajaj)p, a. Not suitable for 
the kind of worship oallcil^'a/), 

»>nfw ajapp, s. m. Oiio who docs 
not practise the devotion called 

WrrKT^^n" ajmS,una, v. a. To try, 
to prove, to examine. 

WrT^f^T ajmu,da, s. m. Trial, ex- 
amination, experience, proof. 

WtT^ ajal, s.f. Death, the predes- 
tined time of death. 

Wiriw ajall, a. Groat, superior. 

W "ri <S 1 f%"5f aj\va,in, s.f. Carraway. 

WtTW sjij^rj s. m. A flock of sheep 
or goats. 

WtTT n jan, ad. Yet, hitherto. 

J>inid| ajag, a. Sleepy, drowsy, 
sleepy headed; without a spiritual 

»M"H1'Jr ajag, a. "Without juV^, (spok- 
en of milk. ) ^ec ■^\6\. 

WiniYi ajaj, s. m. Honor, respect. 

Wrii-d ajad, a. Free, liberated. 

>K=frr^ ajaJ| s. m. Forgetting, fail- 
ure of recollection, oblivion; i. q. 
WCfT^, q. V. 

THtH"'^ ajab, s. m. Pain, tonuout, 
puriishrnent, misfortune. 

IM-H'd ajar, s. m. Sickness, trouble, 

^-Hid^ra" ajardar, s. m. A lease 
holder, a farmer of revenue, the 
holderof a monopoly, a contractor. 

■nrtTH^TFTf ajarduiran, s.f. The 
same as the preceding, so fiir as 
applicable to a woman, the wife 
of an ajdrJiir. 

»rtTT3'^r^ ajarda,n, s.f. The far- 
ming of revenue, lease holding, 
&c. Sec WTTTa^rB". 

W r! > ■d <v aja,ran, s.f. A sick or af- 
flictoil woman. 

nnrrg^g^ ajirband, s. m. The tape 

or string with which drawers are 
drawn round the waist. 

WWTTT aj:i,ra, /. m. Hire, rent, a 
privilege or income of variable a- 
mount, sold or let for a fixed sum; 
the farming of revenue. 

THiTTTt aji,ii, s. m. A sick or aftlic- 
ted i)erson. 

WM'U^STSr ajaredar, s. in. i. q. 
nnjTT^rj, q. V. [TH. 

"Vf^niT aji,ha, a. Such; i. q. W^- 

»ftTlvJ I ajijha, ad. In such a man- 
ner, thus, so; i. q. tHtJ vli. 

Wnft n.ji, inter. Oli sir I 

W-rfld" ajit, a. Invincible. 

Wrltd;^ aji,ran, s.f. Indigestion. 

THtH^ ajiv, a. Lifeless, inanimate. 

vHtJHT ajug, a. Separate, single, odd, 

7HtT3T ajug, ^. m. Separation, dis- 
junction; a widower; an absent 
lover or husband. 

THW^'^r^ ajurdar, s. m. A laborer 
for hire, one who works by the job. 

ThyT^f aju,ra, s. m. Ilire, rent, wa- 
ges, fare, reward, compensation 
for work done by contract. 

■>H^ ajc, ad. Yet, hitherto. 

W%TrT aje.ha, a. Such ; i. q. T^ffVuT. 

■»fWvrr ajo,ha, ad. In such a man- 
ner, thus, so; i. q. TM^VvTr. 

Tltirf ajjo, ad. This very day. 

TH^ ajjon, ad. From this day, 

TK^^ t'jog, a. Unsuitable, unfit, 
imi)roper. [ dissension. 

W^"^ ajor, s. m. Disagreement, 

TH^^ ajor, a. "Without an equal. 

W^T^ ''^"yj'i?? \ ^' "'■ The name 

>KtT<^ anyjan, J of a coUyr- 
ium, used chiefly to blacken and 
beautify the eyes. [ Ufll?. 

^KrOd anyjir, s. f. A fig. Also 

tK^ anyjh, ad. Thus. 

t^KT anvjl'.u, ) » . 

- ^ > s. m. A tear. 

>}?T anyj'hu, •' 

W3Hd"r atsa.ta, -j s. m. Giving or 

W2iR3T atsa tha, ) taking a quan- 

tity by guess, a random estimate. 
WT? a.tak, s.f. Prevention, stop, 

obstruction, bar, obstacle. 
WZ^T^T a|takna, r. «. To be stop- 

jK-d, to be prevented, to adhere, 

to stick, to stop. 
WZ"7 TTZJ a,tak ma.tak, *. f. 

Ulandishmeuis, coquetry; i. q. 

WZri7?5 ^ti'^al, s. f GuOiS, conjec- 

WZ??5 v"^ 'iti^^l pach,cliu, 5. m. 
One wlio guesses without grounds 
on which to judge. 

'*VZJ^ m"^ at.kal pach.cha, ad. At 

>WZ:i7?5 V^ st,kal pach.chu, a. Not 
ascertained or understood. 

WZ?T'@^ atki,u, s. vt. Uindrance, 
stoppaice, st<)[). 

'WZ^T'^^r atku,uni, v. a. To hin- 
der, obstruct, stop. 

'*W^uiQ' afka,u, a. Which stops or 
tarries, cajiable of stopping. 

VH^cT atangk, a. Separate, alone. 

■>KZ^r?5V^T atkhclpu,ni, s. m. 
Wantonness, an alTected ( also a 
graceful) gaU. 

>KZr^^ atkho,lo, a. Wanton, play- 
ful, walking with an afl'ectod 
( or graceful ) gait ; i. q. W^M^S". 

■>rfi«Jjr at|n.i, V. n. To be contained 
( in a thing, ) to be filled up. 

TH'i^ ^t^^^ '^- Inimovablo, fixed, 
pemianent, of determined resolu- 

W^T at, hi, s. m. A hank or bundle 
of thread, Avound regularly round 
a reel. 

*K3T'@ ata,u, s. m. The fact of be- 
ing contained (in an^." thing.) 

WZrPiZri" ata*3|ta, ^ s.m. Giving 

■*»ri"l W 6 1 atasa,th;i, ) or taking 
a quantity by guoss, a random 
estimate; i. q. 'WZTTZrr. 

TKZ^'^ ata, ri, f. /. A sn)all room 
built on tho roof of a house. 




»r^T?5T ata,la, ^ s. m. A lioap, 

7Kt^WT<^f ati:i,li, ) a pile of 
baircrage, a platform ( of earth or 
niason-»vork) to sit on, such, for 
c::ample, as is often made round 
liic roots of a tree. 

Wzfy at|fi, s.f. A hank of thread, a 
skein so wound that tlie threads 
Cross each other at cadi turn. 

7H^^ at*-'^! ^' Unsupj^orted, unsta- 
ble, restless; petrified with aston- 

w2?d<S ato,ran, 5. m. A reel. 

"iV^JTil ater,na, v. a. To reel, to 
make up thread into skeins. 

7KZ^ ataingk| a, Separate, alone. 

W3" atth, a. Eiglit. 

W? WTTft ath a,!ii, s.f. An eight 
ann.i pl<.-ce. 

W3X^ .'Mikhejlo, a. Wanton, i>lay- 
ful, walking witli anaflected gait. 

W^'^r^r ath,guna, a. Eight fold. 

1KS3^ athatjtar, a. Seventy eight. 

W53^?5^, a. Forty eight. 

W^sft athat.ti, a. Thirty eight. 

WZaV athan|m', s. f. An eiglit 
anna piece; i. q. THZ WT^. 

nrS'H^ atth, mi, s.f. The eighth day 
of the lunar month. 

tHT^tTT athwanyjii, a. Fifty eight. 

W<^<?idi nth\v;t,ra, *. m. A week, 
the eighth day or a week after any 
other day. 

W3T^ atlu,i, a. Twenty eight. 

W^rif^ atli;i,si, a. Eighty eight. 

W^TCrZ" a(ni|hat, a. Sixty eight. 

>M^^R-^ atbah,ra\van, a. The 

WBTTT^r athah,ra, a. The year 
'18; a shoe equal in length to 18 
fingers' lireadth. 

WZTTTiT ath:ui,rDcn, \ a. !Nine(v 

*J<<i'<%'c a(Iiari,wen, j[^ eight. 

W^nrt athi,ni, *. /, An eight anna 
inccc. [eighteenth. 

>H3r7TJ^f :4h;iiii,w;ln, a. The 

■>W3"r^f atha,run, a. Eighteen. 

■nTf3~>HT75tanua,ui, s. f. An eight 
anna piece. 

■*M?5">KT^T athua,r,i, s. m. A week, 
Lc. i. q. WS^rH'T, q. v. 

WTvTT athu,han, s. m. A scorpion. 
Also "^TJX. 

rii^ at, then, s s. f. The eighth 

7M5" at,thain, V day of the lunar 

W? at|thon, ^ month. 

>M"6~?:t atliau,ni, a. Eight fold. 

■*H^ add, a. Separate, apart. 

7>r3"5?CT adtjina, r. a. To separate, 
to ojien, to si)read out, to lay out. 

IfS'K'^T adam,bar, ) s.m. Appara- 

»H^y<J adam,bar, * tus, things, 
munitions (of war,) requisites, 
baggage, furniture. 

W^WTt a(lam,bari, s. m. A provi- 
der of apparatus, &.C. 

WST ad, da, 5. in. A perch for 
birds, made by erecting a polo 
with a transverse piece on the 
upper end, or two poles, united at 
the top by a horizontal one. 

W^iSc^r a(l.i,un.i, V. a. To cause 
to be opened, or spread out. 

W^ ad,di, s.f The heel. 

W^'??' adolj a. Xot moving, fixed. 

rH^^'3^3' anutpat, ) a. Uncrea- 

W^^T^STV A airatpann, ) ted. 

■»M^rR>^ an^ikkh, ) a. Vn- 

W^fflf^^KT iin>ik,khli, ) learn- 
ed, untaught. 

W^^^TTra" anhonliir 

W^tT'?:! anh..,na, 

W^tr^ anhond, 

W^tf^ anhond, s. f Destitution, 
want, necessity. 

TK^TJ ank, s.f. A liigh sense of 
honor, higli-mindodness. 

TfH^'^ anakk, a. Very drj-, (com- 
moidy used in connection with 
TT^n, as ■^TTT rH^u, v.ry <lry. ) 

m^^Zn{\, ti;i, a. Uncut, 
utirea|>ed, uiiharvested. 

TH^^'t aii,lxi, a. Iligh-mindcd, jeal- 
ous of one's honor. 

a. Impos- 

parh, ) a. Unread, 

Taii['arli,ia,* unlearu- 

>Mc?:JF:f an gat, a. In a bad state or 
condition, in a state of perdition. 

W^t^T^T? angint, a. Innumerable, 

■>K^ur^ anghar, ^ a. Un- 

Wc^Til^F anghart, > wrought, 

WcT'iri^Wr angha,ria, J un^haped, 
not right, inq^erfect; untaught. 

'»tr^t^3' anohitt, a. Out of mind, 
unremembered, forgotten. 

W^^3" anchint, a. Thoughtless, 
unreflecting, inconsiderate. 

"nirfi^TJ anchhuh, a. Untouched, 
not defilablc by touch. 

W^rfr^ anjiin, a. Ignorant, una- 
ware, not designing, unwitting. 

rH^f^'S an'litth, a. U^nseen, invisi- 

TH^T^ anthakk, a. Unwearied. 

W^Jc^fM^Hr andekh,ia, a. Unseen. 

TKc^^ rj I andhOjta, a. Unwasheil. 

W^Uf^ anparh, 

od, unlettered. 

'n\ns^<i, anbatt, a. Untwisted, not 
hard twisted. 

W^rg"^ anban, a. Undone, nulli- 
fied, brought to nought. 

W^irg^^TF anbant, s.f. The state of 
being undone or nullified; dis- 
agreement, diflerence, misunder- 

TH'^'rgTr^ anban,dhan, a. Unfas- 
tenofl, disunited. 

TK^T^q^ anban.dhan, s. m. Dis- 
union, disagreement. [ed. 

W^!%n{TTn anbia,h;i, a. Unmarri- 

TH^t-gHT anbi,s;i, a. Free from 

W^f^TT anbiddh, a. Imperforate, 
unpiere-d. [languid. 

W^K^r an,mani, a. Dull, heavy, 

'>H5n-r3" antiiatt, a. Unwise, witliout 
unde^^tanding; undesired. 

TJf^TJfJT anma,ta, s. m. Pretence, 
jiretext, excuse for declining 
what one does not desire. 





W^THFT .inma,ta, a. Ill a<lvi?cd. 
nf^TH^ aninath, a. Uiulcteruiine^l, 


WSTWT TT^KT an, ma san,mA, a. Iii- 

dillVreut ( fo<xl, ) good and bad 


W^lf?5 anmull, ) a. Precious, 

W^^?5r aniuuljla, > iuvaluaMc, 

boyf)nd all price. 
»K5^>rf5T aamul,ld, ad. Without 

nj^^jj anras, a. Without juice, 

tasteless, disagreeable. 

W^T^TT aiiLras, ir. m. f. Insipidity; 

disgust, disagreement, coolness 

between friends. 

W^r#V anrakkh, ) a. Not abste- 

W^^tfT anrakjkha, ) mious, in- 

temjierate; neglected. 
tH^CjfS atuit, a. Contrary to cus- 
tom, unusual. 
WcNS ri anruch, a. Disagreeable, 
not relishable, not relished; not 
containable; undigested. 
tHr^i'ri-^T anruch, dd, a. Without 

rclbh, unjjleosant. 
TK^JV ann1p, a. Ill shaped, ugly. 
Wc5<^i ail, wat, s. m. A silver or- 
nament for the big toe, worn by 
■W^^S ^'>"'^(^, a. Untwisted; at 
par, ( money. ) [ friend. 

»H^T a,n:t, s. m. A conipanion, a 
IW^ a,ni, s.f. The point of a sj>ear. 
TH^ a^\m, s. m. A small particle of 

matter, an atom. 
W%^ aiiokh, s. m. Something un- 
common or wonderful, a. rarity. 
iJf^VT ano,kha, a. Uncommon, 

rare, wonderful. 
IKS' att, ad. Very, extremely. 
TjfFF n,tar, *. m. l*erfume, fra- 
grance, essenec. 
WFTT^^T atari, una, i*. n. To be- 
have impudently, to take airs. 
WS^arg" atkir, s. m. Gonfidonce, 
trust; i. q. f^^iT. 

TfHTWTT: atba,ran, /. ) Worthy 
WF^f^t atb!i,ri, ni. ) of con- 
fidence; a trusty person. 
W3TtV^ :ita,in, /. } One who has 
WFT"Sf^ at a, I, 771. ) taken up a 
business difTL-rcnt from that of Ins 
forcfatliers; unskilful ( applic-d es- 
pecially to musicians. ) 
WFTF atdr, s. vi. A maker or seller 
of perfumes, essences, &c. a drug- 
tKB'TU^ atri,ri, s.f. The business of 

a druggist. 
W5T?yh7 atrdik, s. m. A tutor, 
teaclier, preceptor; one who has 
finlslied his education. 
WST^^t^t atali,kaiii, s. f. A 
preceptress; a woman of finished 
W3"T?=f^■?^f^T atalikpu,na, s. m.) 
TH^T^^ atali,ki, s.f. J 

Preccptorship, the condition of 
an aUiVik. \ guest. 

Wt%T^ atith, s. m. A stranger, a 
tWS^WS^ atlsar, 5'. m. Diarrha-a, 

dysentery, a violent purging. 
WF^F at if, s. m. ^ A kind of 

t^HS^^^ ati,tuni, s.f. ^ wander- 
ing faqtr. 
WO" a,te, coTy. And. Also 3". 
'*K3' 'int, s. m. End. 
^JrS'^TTW antkal, f. vi. The last 
time, the end of time, the time of 
>Jf5?Tm-n' antarja,im', a. Perva- 
ding the inward parts, knowing 
the secrets of tlie heart, ( an at- 
tribute of God. ) 
nr^d^.y antarbodh, s. m. Con- 
WB^r an,tara, s. in. Any verso of 
a song, excepting the first, conse- 
quence, distinction, difference. 
Wf^"? atliakk, a. Unwearied, untir- 
ing, indefatigable. 
>K^?^<5 athar|Wan, s. m. The 
name of the fourth BcJ; WW7- I 

^^ ^^ ^sT^T, to speak a groat 
deal to no purpose, to speak un- 
grammatically or absurdly. 

•»M^^ ath,wu, conj. Or. 

W^TTT ad,n{i, a. Low, inferior, 

W^S^ a, dab, s. m. llespect, honor, 
c. w. o?91^r. 

TW^JTT ad.ras, s. m. A kind of 
clotli ; i. q. rnmiH- 

TH^STJJ ad,rak, s. m. Frosh or un- 

a,dal 1)3, dal, ) t. m. 
57 ad,la bad,la, J Ex- 

■W^S?? a,dal, s. m. Justice. 
nrSTF? qkm a,dal l)a,dal, 

VH^Vpt ad,]i, a. Just. 
W^?^t%^ adwa,in, ) f./. Abed 
nf:^^!^ adujn, ■' cord, a 

cord in'^ertL'd in the foot of a 
bedstead to tighten the bottom. 
>H^r adi, .^. /. Elandi^hraent, 

coquetry; habit. 
TVr^ ^ tT^T a, da hoja^ni, ( r. ;». 
W^T tf^r a,da ho,ni, ^ To 

be i)aid, to be discharged, ( viz. 
a del)t, ) to be fulfilled, ( an obli- 
gation. ) 
TK^r ar377T a,da karna, r. a. To 
pay, to discharge, to fulfil, to 
perform, ( spoken of debts and 
obligations. ) 
•nr^ V=Frr^ ad;i, paljani, i r. n. 
TK^T ^t ada, pal,ni, J The 

forming of a habit. 
W-cflW::^ ada,lat, s. /. Judging, 
justice, o<iuity, a court of justice. 
W-^l«d' "^^^T ada,lat klia,ua, s. m. 

A court house. 
m-:^T^S^ adii,latan, s.f. \ One 
TJi^T^sft nda,lati, 5. »7J. ^ who ad-* 

ministers justice. 
Wl^TifT^ addii,u, s. m. Fees or 
jiresents given to priests, musi- 
cians, &c. 
-iJv^WTtke^ adua,in, s.^f A bed 
cord; i. q. *H^Trt%^- 




TK^e^^^rfT^rjidilli li"i;i,niJ r. n. 

7}pe^'^^r ■At]u]^ho^n\, } To 

be rcfii.-o;!, to l>o rtjoctcd, to be 


Th'^Ti >17ri ndill, kar,na, r. a. To 

rofu-c, to roject, to disobey. 
TH^Tf ndcs, s. in. f. A salutation 

W^J .in,dar, prep. "Witliin, in. 
>jn?7 .'in,dar, s. 711. The inside. 
^K^J'^S" an,daidion, ) prejt. By 
>Jf:5?^ an,dardon, ' way of 

the iii>ide. 
'H^cT a^iidaron, prip. Yrom Avith- 

in, out of. 
W^g^ andar.-rj f. «?. Lining. 
WTT ad. ill, a. Half. 
WTT ad.!!-, .^ ;». A hnU. 
WXrfiT?! adii.-,i,m, ^ s. ni. A pain I 
Wtrffi JTT a<!lis!',s:i, J afTcctitig ' 

lialf t!:G li.-ad. 
■WTTR"? ad!;-T, .s. in. Haifa seer. 
Wmr?! ad!i^e|r;i, s. m. A lialf scer 

nrr? a,d!)ak, «. Sforc. 
WCr? .•i/ll.i'.k, .». /. A diacritical 
mark (") jilacol over the k-ft 
shouid'^r of a letter to denote a 
reduj)lication of .vj;iiid. 
W^^vfyT adlika.;if,r;i. a. Half 
grcer;, ripened in a Mnall degree. 
. half ripo. 
nOT^-jr adlika-!i,eli I, n. Half ripe, 

half dre.=sed, ( vietuals. ) 
W^TIT^ ad!.,kar, a. Middle-r.-.-d; 

i. q. WTjV^-. 
»«717^ adhka-h, ] ^. H.dfl oil- 

iWtT^^T adl>k;.r,lKi, }- od, (,„il!c 
»}{^5f^-:rr.v'i,kar,hli, J or water.) 
WTT3-Tg- adkk'tr, *. m. Possession, 

WTT7n7c5 :!.lhka,r..n, J./. ) The 
3MT7irr?t adhka,ri, .^ m. J pos- 
sessor of a right, an heir or heir- 

>W^^ ad!-,khnr, a. i\fiddle-ac:c.!. 
»K^^ ad.dhan, ...,„./. Ifalf a .uaiind. 

•n^Tj^TT adh[.ak,ki, a. Half rijie, 
half eooked. 

W^ MT^ addh, pan, a. One eiglith, 
( of a seer. ) 

W^T^i55 adhbol, s. m. A word or 
thing half .spoken, or uttered 

n{T7;m"TT adhnias, ^ a. Half- 

■WTJ-rTFfr adhma,sa, J month- 

ly, belun^^ing to Jialf a month. 

Wtik:%J>{T adhr.iu,ii, a. Half 

WTH^ adhniull, s. in. Half i)rico. 

WtT;^35 adhimlj, .«. in. Noise, up- 
roar, disturbance; c. ^r. If^f^- 

nrTl^i%WT adhnio^ia, a. Halfdea<l; 
i. q. 7>fqrHt%rHT. 

W^U" a,dhar, j?. in. The space be- 
tween the earth an<l tlic s-ky, the 
finnanient; the lower lip. 

'*V^^a] adhrangg, .?. m. Palsy, hemi- 

V>fcri?r^ adhrangigan, 5. /. ) One 

JKtJB^Trt adhraiiggi, ..r. m. J Avho 
is struck with the palsy, a para- 

W^ra"!? adh,ras, ,^. tn. A kind of 
thin Cotton clotli. 

WTTW adharni, *. m. Unrighteous- 
ne<>^. iiiju-tice, irreligion. 

"Hnqraj-rsr ad!iar,man, s. f. An un- 
ri^ihteous woman. 

■»M^3Tf3'r'e:"^ adharmta,!, s.f. Vn- 

"W^cT^fl' adliar,mi, .?. ni. An un- 
riL:liteou.> man. 

'HTTgi^ a<ihr.ii, s. m. A divided 
dominion; a sovereign, an empe- 
ror; an unskilful mason. 

Wtr^T-a'T a.lhr.i.tri, s. m. Night- 

rhi^^-^ aduwi'ir, s. m. The half 
of a tiling, such a.s a side of lea- 
ther, or a pi'-ce of cloth. 

WT^^'^R-r addliapvaiiyj^, s. in. 
Tving one end of a sheet round the 

naked waist, an<l throwing the 
other end over the shouhler, ( a 
connnoij preliminary to eookinir, 
among Hindu women;) c. w. 

r^-q~(\ ad|dhari, a-f. In au equal 
proportion, half and halt*. 

rivrt ad,<Ih:J, a. Half. 

rvrj! ad,dh;i, s. m. A half. 

*K^T?> a<Ih:in, s. in. Piiglit, privi- 
lege, what js right and lawful, 
what one lias a right to; (some- 
times corrupted into '^'>7i; ) con- 
ception, [iregnancy. 

W^TT^ adh ir, .c. m. Foo-J, aliment, 
victuals; a supporter, a jiatron* 

>wf^rHT^ ad.lhii,u, s. m. A chap- 
ter or section. 

WmTHig'T adhi,i,r.4, .*. m. An ar- 
rangement by which the profits 
of cultivation, au'l especially of 
cattle rearing, are diviileJ equal- 
ly between the person who fur- 
nishes the land or stock and the 

Wtft ad|dlif, s.f. The eighth part of 
a jiice. 

Vif^^TT adMii, n. Humble, subuiii- 
sive, subject, ol>cdieni, dependent, 
obse<[uious, adapte<l. 

^n{'^)7;3^^ a.lia:ua,i, .^ /. Humil- 
ity, subjection, obedience, de- 
pendence, ob.>e(juiousness, adapta- 

rHTfrwrpr adhu ir, s. in. The half of 
a piece of eloth, leather, &,e. i. q. 

rM^TS' adlivt, .'. ni. | The 

Wi^3"^ aill,i',fani, s./.^ name of 
a class of naked mendicants 
who smear their bodies with 
ashes, being worshippers of Shi\', 
and negligent of the cereniontes 
of religion; i. q. W^TJ^", &e. 
ThrrjT adl.i1,ri, a. Half ready, half 
tlressed, immature (a fa'tus", ) 
un(nii>hed, defective. 





WCj^ aJher, a. MiiUlle-agc<l, just 
past tlio prime of life, ( most fre- 
quently aj»|»lie<l to women. ) 
»W^^i^r ad,clliora,na, a. Half- 
used, ( doth. ) 
WtT^TF andlikar, *. m. Darkness. 
"tUT* ann, s. m. Grain, any victuals 

made of grain, food. 
WJ^^MTfiTWT^ra' anagiikar, a. Dis- 

W<^rjT ans, s./. A part, portion, di- 
vision, essence, of1'sj,ring; i. q.»KrT. 
WT^'JTTF ansar, a. Following, an- 
swering to, agreeinc; with, accord- 
ing to, subject to; i. q. WAM'd. 
W^T annjha, m. Blind; a blind man. 
WcS^ anlier, s. m. Darkness; injus- 
tice, oppression; calamity. 
WTJTT anlie,ra, s. ni. Darkness. 
W^?x .inhe,ra, a. Dark. 
WPJ^t anlic,ri, s.f. A storm. 
"KiTTcTS aniikutt, s. m. One vrho 
beats grain, to separate it from 
the husk. 
WTk^Ic^T angu,na, a. Unskilful, ig- 
norant of every trade, destitute 
of good qualities. 
"KfTil^J anchint, a. Thoughtless, 
unconcerned, unsolicitous, re- 
TJfTft^FT anchin,ta, s.f. Thought- 
lessness, inattention, indifieronee. 
W^^35 anjal, ]^ s. m. Food and 
W7> ff75 ann jal, J drink, provisions. 
W^B" anant, a. Endless, eternal. 
irSIT anant, s. m. An amulet worn 

on the arm. 
WT^^ anand, a. Happy. 
>H7»^ anand, s. m. ) Joy, 

WS^53T'^ anandta,i, s. J. ' hap- 
WS^t anan,di, s. /. One of the 
names of the great Hindu goddess. 
■•HT^VT^ annpa,ni, 5. m. F(X)d and 

drink, provisions. 
W^^"^ anarth, c. "Without mean- 
ing, nonsensical, fruitless. 

I WAdtj anartJi. t.m. An unmeaning 
act, a strange event, a calamity. 

■»>rs?"g^ anar,than, s. /. ] One wiio 
rUTTJ^ anar,thi, *. m. f per- 

forms a strange act, one who 
brings a calamity on another, or 
inflicts evil without a proper rea- 

THTTS^ annt, a. Contrary to cus- 
tom, unusual. 

"HiT^r rifTit ZT^TTt an,na an,na kar- 
ua, r. «. To go about begging, to 
bo in great want. 

W^rrT anaji .^ vi. Grain, food made 
of grain, bread. 

WTTrq^ anith, a. Without a hus- 
band or master, without a pro- 
tector; humble, lueck. 

WJTP^S' ana,dar, s. in. Disrespect, 

W^^TLT TTTrrvr anap, sanap, s. m. 
Something unsuitable or injuri- 
ou^, every sort of thing, bad as 
well as good, an accunndation ol 
calamities, pain and shame. 

WAi^'dO,gi, s.f. A small kind 
of orange. 

WTJr^T? ana, ran, *. /. A silly, un- 
skilfid, inexpert, clumsy woman. 

■*W7Jr"3'V^a, .<f. m. ") 

■*K7^r^:g"tVjHT anarbid.dia, s.f. 3 
Unjkilfulness, clumsiness, silli- 
ness, ig^iorance. 

W77 "^ ana ji, s. m. An unskilful, in- 
expert, clumsy person; a novice. 

tf-ZWi^ annidjU, s. m. Injustice, 

'»i*7>'*Hr''^^ annii|in,/. 1 Unjust; 


rh'^TDWZ^ anni.a,i, in. 

■>WAH"d anusar, a. Following, an- 
swering to, according with; i. q. 

THTTST anu,tha, a. "Wonderful, rare, 

WTTW annp, a. Beautiful, iccom- 

j arable, best. 

WJVMT?? aiiiipin, /. m. Any vehiclo 
in wliich medicine is taken. 

JXSIT anek, <j. More tlian one, 
many, several. 

TKVjjafH apkarm, s. m. A mean or 
unworthy actiun, wicke<lnes3. 

rfiT^iygH^ ai>kar,man, s.f. \ An evil 

W-nr^J-ft apkar,mi, *. m. ■' doer. 

WVTrrJT apjas, *. m. Dishonor, in- 

>HW^t%F ai>uijt, s.f. Kindred. 

WVFT ap,ta, s. f. Calamity; i. q. 

>HM^W ajiatth, a. Unsuitable, incon- 
sistent; (in medicine,) contra-in- 
dicated, unfit, as food or drink, 
in particular complaints ; utiwhule- 

W'-i-S^ ajtad|dar, s. \n. Violence, 
oppression, injustice, tyranny, in- 
sult, calamity, excess. 

WM^377 aj adjdaran, /. ) Kn nj)- 

VHM^?^ apad,daii. m. > pressor, a 
tyrant ; a per>on of ikill, one who 
jiossesses great inventive powers. 

>HVJ a, par, conj. But, except, nev- 

■WW^rH^S" apariit, s. f. Want of con- 
fidence or credit, unbelief. 

WVS"?^? apartir, ) a. Witliout 
fV0 3^3T apani,ta, ) 
not entitled to confic 
confiding, unbelieving. 

WV^-J^F^ aparlili, s.f. Want of 
confidence or credit, unbelief. 

THV^tTTTi apardhan, a. Subordin- 
ate, secondary, mean, powerless; 
i. q. "W^^^rj^. 

^inTd^f-rT^" aparamp.'ir, a. Bound- 
less, infinite, (a title of God.) 

WM^?!''? aparadh, v*. m. Fault, guilt, 
transgression, crime. 

>WV3^Tt;c:C apari.dhaii,/. ) Guilty; 

WU^^rcf^ apart, dhi, m. ' an of- 
fender, a transgressor, a criminal. 

IMV.^^ a] nvit,tr, a. Unholy, im- 
pure, jirofane. 

WWdrflST" apani,ta, * credit, 

not entitled to confidence; not 





r,{vfVZ3TZ^ apavlt,trta,i, s. f. Im- 
purity, »iiu-loaiincss, 

THV^T*!' ap j>nriia, r. n. To arrive. 

WWT^Jrr api,Iiaj, a. Lazy, crippled, 

JHVT7 'T'^''i ^- r>ouncllcss, inter- 
minable, execsvive. 

WV^^ a|n;t.t!ui, a. Inverted, rever- 
sed, turned back. 

WV^" aputt, ) p, ., ,, 

' ' > a. Cliildlcss. 

7KV3" apiit, 3 

7X^3^ apli^ta, s.f. A calamity; i. q. 

7>T(Sd AJ np.pliarni, r. n. To swell, 
( romrnrmly spiikon of i\\o belly, ) 
to be filled with wind or wafer, to 
gormnndizo, to be snrloited. to be- 
come very ridi. .Also >*'^^H"?rr. 

■>W^77r^ aplini.i, s. f. A swelling 
of Ibe belly, a M'.rfeit. 

■»K^^€?^r apbri.un'i. r. a. To feed 
so tliat flie belly swells, to satiate; 
i. r|. ■ni7r''F?sT. q. V. 

■t\r^7ji 3-^;,'> tafri, ^ f. /*. 

JH^^T :?^Tt af.r?. daf.ri, j Innir- 
reetion, confi^^ion. eonytcrnation, 
alarm ; c. w. ^TK^. 

W^T^ ap}iro,i, r.r af'-o.f, .<?. /". In- 
come secured liy anv moans a- 
bove one's salary, perquisites. 

J^'^^ npbal, ) n. Fruitless, bar- 

>Wff?5 ap.pbnl, > ren,, un- 
productive, unprofitable. 

WTS^ITT afw'di, .?./". Rumor, report. 

ni^T3 af'it, or apli:it, .f. /. Evil, 
calamity, misfortune. 

HT^T^TTT apbrir.r.a, r. a. To cause 
to swell by ovorfecdincr, «S:o. to 
give one money to the extent of 
his utmost desires; causal of 
^-^TTTT, q. V. 
"^V^TT^ aplia,r\, g. m. A .swelling 
of the belly, &c. c. w. '^■^T^T or 

W1?'^W afim, or ar.liim, t.f. Opium. 
WcTi^n^ .'ifl man,/. ) An ojiiuin 
'H'^Jft afi,mi, m. / cater. 

rn^W^ aj.liu.ili, s. f. Eumor, re- 
port ; i. q. 'nf^^ru'. 

WigJ aphur, a. Doing without de- 

W5^7> aplm^ran, ) j. m. Absence 

"Wi5~g7rr apluirina,-* of desires. 

W^H abass, a. "Without choice, 
helpless, powerless. 

W^y ^^7 a,l:ak da.bak, s.f. To- 
proving, chiding, rebuking se- 
verely, [a superior. 

iifSRT ab,kii, s. m. Fear, dread of 

■nm?T ^girr ab,ka dal),k:i, s. m. 
Snubliing and rebuking scverolv. 

Wy^IS" alvgut, ^. /. A misera- 
ble state, perdition; God's secret 

W^TTB- abdhilt, ,?. rrr.\ X kind 

W^TjTc^abdhut,!!!, .T./. J of Hin- 
du devotee who woisliiijs Shiv, 
neglects the ceremonies of reli- 
gion, and goes raked, having the 
body smeared with ashes. 

W^Tfrnt aIiii;i,H', a. Safe from loss, 
indestructible, imperishable,, eter- 

ni^7JTTr>, s. m. A kind of 
Hindu devotee. 

rw^^t ab^ii, a. Clouded, having the 
appearance and color of clouds, 
marbled, ( paper. ) 

n{"g?5r a,Kil:i, s.f. A woman. 

m-^^T V?V a.bahi pa,ii, s. f A 
woman as beautiful as a fairy. 

ni'^T abba, s. VI. voc. Father ! O 
father ! 

VW-giTlt abj,>i, s.f Yawning; c. w. 
WT^^"^ am fj^. 

W^r? al.;ik, a. Sj)ecchlcss, silent, 

>lfgi^ al -xk, s. m. Fvli speaking. 

W^:? ab.-id, ) a. Cultiva- 

n<^l^'77 al Idiin, / ted, inha- 
bited, full of buildings and iidia- 
bitants, frequented and used, jin- 
pulous, prosperous; c. w. "t^ 
and of?77T. 

nfgi^r7J> abidH,ni', ) i. f. The 
VMW^'^ abi.di, J state of 

being inhabited and cultivateiJ, 

pupulousuess, prosperity. 
TM^^ 'i''"Jh| a. Xut coujprehend- 

iug, unintolligent ; unintolligible. 
THcTi^T? abojar, a. Di-pleased. 
W^H" abcr, s.f. Being out of time, 

delay; i. q. TM%3-. 
W^^, ad. Late;i. q. '»H%^. 
ti!^'^ amb, s. m. A mango, 
>WyxJd ambchiir, s. m. Parings of 

the mango dried in the sun. 
'^iy-rii^r ambjiiii, ) r. Ji. To be 
>Kg5^r amb^ni, i chafed, to 

become iutlumed by rubbing. 
V^^^^ am, bar, s. vi. The sky, the 

heavens, &c. i. q. Wl^'g'7. 
^K^oTTT and.ras, s. m. Inspissateil 

juice of the mango, mango syrup. 
>jfsR3" amb,rat, ) *. m. The food 
nrgfa-S" ana>,r;t, / of the go<Is, 

ambrosia, nectar, any thing sweet ; 

>Kg?5^ am, ball, s.f The name of a 

tree; i. q. 'm^cF^V. 
nrsrf@ amb:i,u, .'f. m. Chafing, in- 
flammation caused by rubbing, 
'liar-gevr ambi,uivl, V. a. To chafe, 

to rub so as to cause inflammation. 
iK^Ttta'^ ambakh.ii, s. f The 

green mango cut into pieces and 

^KWi^ ambat, s. in. Chafing, intiara- 

matlon caused by rubbing, 
^g^ am,li, s. f A small unripe 

>Kg^'>HT ;CT^-^t am,bul hal,di, s.f. 

A kind of turmeric. 
>K'g^, s. m. A noble. 
>KgtH^ ambi.ii, s. f Nobility. 
>}-i'^'>HT am^bii.t, s. m. A mango 

^r-^nrr am,l.i1;'i, a. The color of 

a croon niancro. 

nJ^U' and).. I 
ni-^Trl ambo.l 


s.f A crowd, 




WW?? 7 

WJsJ<3 a1«ha,u, a. Foarlc'*-, bolJ, se- 
en n-, froe from ilancrtT, safe. 
W3^3" a).Iia,!.'at, *\ i.J. An uiilieliov- 

ine. carilcs.-, irrc-li^jriuiis pcTson. 
JHS^TTB" aMini'.-at, ^. /. In<lill<.rcnco, 
diMOtjard, inliosj>ital>leia':<!', irrt'li- 
tH^W3 abfjigat, a. "Without shape 
or couditiun, ■wlioso nature and 
state arc unl''atiioiiia]>le, (Cod.) 
W^T^TB'^ al»hag,tan, s.f. An irreli- 
gious woman. 
W^JT aMianorg-, a. InfrangiMe, 
whiclj cannot be diminished, 
(a title of God.) 
WS'WrPT ahliman, s. rn. Pride, 

W3>r'<scS alihni:i,nan, f.) A proud, 
WS'HTTjt abhma,ni, in. > liaughty 

pcrson; j)roud. 
WSTcrr;? abldiv.i^, s. m. Study, 

practice; i. q. '>>it3'?KT3T. 
W^^iT a>)h,ra!c, a. in. Tale. 
nfF^^t abh,raki, a. IVfade of tale. 
W3^^ abli,raii, ) s. in. Orna- 
W^"??? abh,rau, J nicnts, deco- 
WSlT^n^, a. Seconda- 
ry, subordinate, mean, powerless. 
W^^TT abhaifain, a. "Without 
doubt; without credit, not to be 
relied on. 
WS^^ abhn'in, s.f. A slicrht swel- 
ling, a tumor. 
^f3'I3T abli.ig, Si »n. ^Misfortune. 
WS'ToT abluig, tn. f. ) Untortu- 
WS'l^Tc^C abhi,gan,/ j nate, desti- 
W^TToTr abh:i,g.i, m. j" tute- 

■>H3"nftabh:i,oi, ,„.y. J 

>Kt%>KrH abbhiis^ f. VI. Study, 

Wf%Ufr5R5^abbhia,Min, 5./. ) One 
*Wf3»>fTTf^ abbhia,M', .?. m. i who 

is well practised in reading, a 

studious jKTson. 
TW^MT: abliu,kl;an, a. Unadorr.od, . 


THTH" abhet, ) a. 0|^n, man*fe<t, 
W^^ ablied, .J -wich'-ut di-tiiic- 

ti'»n or sejiaration, uti'li^tingui^h- 

ablo, in>crutable. 
wir abh;ii| 1 a. Free from fear, 
■>W^ abhau, / \}ijll, secure, safe. 
■nniff^yut amas,sii, f.f. The day 

Avhen the .sun and ui<x>n are in 

conjunction, the 1.3th day of the 

last half ot the moon. 
WWirr -^VuT dham.ka, s. m. 

Trilles, trilling, a per^ron of little 

>Klfg'f7?£5^r amm,chhanich,chhni, 
>VfWg'flfg'c5^ anun,chhaui<.h,chhn', 

5. ill. ) An - importunate, ]x-r- 

S. f. -' Verse jK-rs^n, one ^vho 

is not to le turned from hi> pur- 


THTf^ amb, ^. m. A mango, lae 
mango tree. 

W>f"^^T aiid>,ui, r. n. To be 
chafed, to bo inflarae«i by rul>- 

■*MK'Sr3' am, bar, s. m. The sky; per- 

W>r53^ am,ban, a. rortainitig to 
tlio sky, depeu'liiig ou the rains 
of heaven, ( tlie condition of cer- 
tain lands which cannet be arri- 
ficlally watered; al>o of the 
people owning th<''>e lands.) 

WW^c5"?"fTT am,b:!lti.-, f. m. Sa 

WIT^W am,bnr, ) .♦. /. Motlier, 
'1-Ti"5"3^ 'ini,l''''n>-' (u.-ed in ex- 
clamations of distrc-j^s, or in the 
language of atH-ction, as "Z/<ii iii 
merie anib tn/e " I alas, my poor 
mother I " A'x nt niche aiulorye ! " 
come, my dear mother!) Al>o 

WJf^T^ amb.i,u, s. m. Chafing, 
ii.llammation caused by rub- 

WlT^i^J^r amba,un3, r. a. To 
chafe, to intl.itno by rubbing. 

THW^rtr^ ambakh,ri, s. /. Man- 
goes cut and liried in a green 

"W^r^^ ambit, s. m. Chating, 
inll.iin:iiatii>u caused by rubbing; 
i. q. -JKH-gf^. 

WH'grdS' amb.i.rat, s.f. A build- 
in CT- 

WW^f^ aiid.i,u, s.f. A litter or 
seat, with a canopy, to ri le in, -ed on an elephant or camel; 
an arched canopy, a dome. 

WH'^ am,bi, s.f. A green mango 
half irrown. 

THh"S^-mrTJ^'^ am,bii hal,di, s.f. 
A kind of turmeric. 

7>n-r'5^3' ami ir, A nobleman, a 
person of higli rank, a grandee; 
the name of a colored ]>owder 
thrown l»y the Hindus on each 
other in the festival of the Iioli. 

*KWef-Qn' ami J,ii. s.f. Nobility, the 
rank of an (Uiiir, lordship. 

Tii^'^rM'i am,biui, a. Of tl.3 color 
of tender mango leaves, green 
with a tinge of yellow, 

i;^^ aui,l>'; s.f. ilother; ( spoken 
by children. ) 

_^ ' !> .<r./. A crowd. 

■JKli'3'vff amboj.i. -' 

WJ-T^" a,mar, s. m. Word, conmiand, 

WJ-TS" a, mar, a. Iiumortal; a title 

given to the devtas. 
WJ-r?3" am, rat, ) ;. 7/i. Inimortali- 
*>i"3-ri'?F auiiltt, i ty, the water 

of life, auiiirosia, nectar, any 

thing sweet and pleasant. 
»rwt^?^ am,vti, t.f A kind of 

sweet nn -at. 
*in-r?5 a,mal, s. m. Deed, act, 

performance, government, sway, 

operation, rule; intoxication. 
TKTTJc^, j a'. Slowly, 
J^nTccTSit ai.iai,iakre, ) without 

making any noise or perceptible 

WHT?^ a,malan, s. f. A woman 





who U-«03 intoxicating drinks or 
*K>f?53"rjT ammaltas, s. m. Tlie 
name of a tree, tlie seed of wliicli 
is much used in medicine, as a 
cathartic ; also (lie fruit of the tree ; 
(calle<l also rn^^, or -nfJ^^TT.) 
r^T5^'S^ amiiialpatiM, s.f. A 
kind of stitcliing calleil felling, 
ornamental needle work, llower- 
ing on cloth. 
TVQT^, s.f. The tamarind 

tree; also its fruit. 
7H7f?5^ a, mail, y. m. A man ^vho uses 
intoxicating drinks and drugs, es- 
pecially opium and poppy heads. 
WK^'^ a,iiiari, s.f. Mother ; i. q. 
Y^n^-^^, q. V. [ ther ! 

>KJ-n" am,ina, s.f. ^Mother, O nio- 
TKI-fiSw aina|US, s.f. The day 
when the sun an<I moon are in 
conjunction; i. q. 'JXTiiTPWr and 
tvn^^TT* am'in, s.f Safety, security, 

■♦jrjiTTr? ani:i,nat, s.f. Dej)Osit, 
charge, any thing given in trust. 
TKXTTrt ami,ni, a. Yielding to the 
sovereign the full revenue, direct; 
( in op[)Osition to tlie system called 
ojdri, the fanning system. ) ' 

■nfHTJ-T amatn, s. m. A leader 
in religiou.-} matters among the 
^luliammadans, one who leads in 
prayer; a large bead at the head 
of a ro'-ary, which is not counted 
with the rest. 
WlfTj^TTr^ amamj.x,dc, s. m. De- 
scendants of an anuim; (common- 
ly used in reference to Hasan 
and Husain. ) 
»HWT73" ani't,rat, s.f A building. 

^'^TcTt uriii|ri, s.f. A '■".nopied seat 
on an elepiiant or camel ; an arched 
canopy, a dome; i. q. rMW^rg^. 

»>a|r^IT ama,was, /./. Tlie day 

when the sun and moon are in 
conjunction. Also Wl-TtfTWT, and 
rnW^Vi. [able. 

WiiiZ" -iniiti ft- Indelible, unchange- 

W^ft?? aniin, j. jji. A commission- 
er, an arbitrator. 

WK^^"^ anii,m, s. f The office of 
amin, q. v. 

WK^U" amir, s. m. A nobleman, a 
grandee, a ruler, 

WW^'t ami,ri, s.f The rank of 
amh', nobility, rule. 

W3f^*TR>r^' a,minja,mfn, aJ. Safely, 
safe and sound. [ ending. 

■»KH"7 anuikk, a. Inexhaustible, un- 

Wlf??? amull, a. Priceless, inestim- 
able, precious. 

WKvT^ arnuhr, % a. Ignorant, 

WJT'vI^ aiiiu,hur,j stujtid, heedless, 
reckless. Also K"T^. 

'*W>^^V"5vT amuiiurpU|n:i, s. m. 
Ignorance, stupidity, recklessness. 
Also J^TT^M'^^. 

'XJfJS amul, a. Without capital. 

»WW2r anut, a. "Which cannot be 

TH?^?5 amol, a. Priceless, of great 
value; i. q. Wlf??. 

>}r>fTnTZfW auuuahit,far, s. in. An 
orphan. [or sheep. 

vVft:^^, s. m. A flock of goats, 

W^TT^a aya,nt, a. Ignorant, art- 
less, of iinmature age. Also TriT^T. 

»fsrR5 ayiil, s. jn. The mane of a 

m^r^ ayal, s.f A tlock of 
sheep or goats, 

WT^Tj^t aya,li, s. m. A shepherd. 

W^TT ayug, \ a. Unsuitable, un- 

W^TT ayog, J fit, unworthy. 

WoT ar, conj. And. 

W7 ar, s. m. Pretext, ground of 
susi>iciou, charge, complaint ; an 

>HiJJT ars, s. m. The highest hea- 
ven, where the throne of God is 
(a term used by Muhammndans. ) 

WSTT ^cTJT ars, kurs, g. m. The 
throne and seat of the Almighty; 
the highest dignity. 

Vri'dW ar,s;i, s. m. Space of time 
or distance. 

WToT a,rak, t. vi. Juice, essence, 
spirit, sap; sweat; tho sun; Sun- 

W^apRT argja, s. m. The name of 
a perfume, of a yellow color, and 
comi)Oundcd of several scented 

tH^tT arj, s. f A petition. 

»H^^ arj, s. m. "Width, (of apiece 
of cloth. ) 

W7"tT^ ar jan, s. m. Tho name 
of a tree ; the name of a man, one 
of Xai.ak's disciples. [ tion. 

■JHTrft arji, s.f. A written peti- 

WF^ arjo, s. f. II ope, desire; 
also petition. 

m^^ arth, 5. m. Meaning, inten- 
tion, object, sake, cause. 

»f^^T3' arthat, ad. Namely, vi- 

^n{^^^ ar,thi, a. Self-interested, 

W^q^ ar,t hi, s. f. A bier. 

n^■U^^ ar.thi, J 

TH^g^rXT art]ii,a, > a. Needy. 

>M?g"t^T artlii,y:i, ^ 

^Ifa^rFr ardas, .?. /, A petition. 

nf?-qr^r ardh:i,w.i, s. m. Coarse- 
ly ground meal, fed to horses. 

7H?7» a, ran, .<r. vi. The color of 
the dawn, dark red. 

WF75T ar,na, *. 77i. A wild buf- 

TKBl^ ar,iii, s. f A wild buf- 

tHT^ arb, s. m. The sum of 
100,00,00,000; that is 100 karors. 

W^'g a,rab, s. tn. Arabia, an 

>?^rg'gt a,rabi, a. Arabic, Arabian. 

>rr?^t ar,bi, s. f. The name of 
an csodent root. 




WP^fT ^T^t 

WoTWTTr arnidn, *. ro. De«:ro, 

■wisli, inclination; sorrow, rcgrtt. 
W^JfTJS^ arman, inter. Alu.»! 
»K77!? arl, s. /. Tlie bult of a 
door, made of wood and attacL«.-d 
to the frame. 
>W^^ ar,!i, s. /. Tbo belt of 
a door, made of wood and att-aoh- 
ed to tlic frame., a small boit or 
latch; the pin in a bullock's y^-ke, 
by which his neck is confined. 
WB^rCc^r ar.-iri,uni, t. n. To 
r'xir, to make a lovid uoLh:', to 
rumble, to cry aloud. 
*WdfJi<J. arapt, s. m. EcTring, 
making a Icud noise, rmiiblicg, 
crying aloud. 
W3TH arim, s. in. Pvost. oa>o. 
tranquillity, relief, health, om- 
fort; >W3^TH VU7:r, to rc<r. re- 
pose, slecj> ; >W?W Vt€^^; to 
obtain repose, to recover from 
>}l"d t» aruch, a. Unpalatable, 

nauseous, disagreeable. 
W3~^^VT aruch, ni, r. n. To be 

unj>alata])le, to be disagrecal le. 
W^ X7"cfr aruch, (1:1, a. AViihout 

relish, not relishing. 
tH^ -H aruj, s. in. Ascent, rising, 

increasing in dignity. 
7X"3~W arupi a. Shapeless, ill-u.rr.i- 

eil, ugly. 
•>K^^ are,re, ad. Nearer, very 
near, seldom used. Al?o '^^§^. 
TW^^"? arok, a. Unhindered, free 

• from impetliment. 
T>f§^^ aro.gnn, /. | One in 

"nr^jft, T7J. j health. 

W^S" arambh, s. m. Leriiining. 
>H?5 all, ^. /. The name of a 
vegetable, a kind of squash ; ( i. q. 
■^3": ) a surname, a title, (either 
honora!)le or dishonorable. ) 
>M«Hi7?r als.i,na, a. Sleepy; (mal 
chiefly with ^cS; as ^H^cTTl^ 
^^, sleepy eyes. ) 

WTFTT ^<=>^ alsinenain, a. Sleepy 

headed, drowsy. 
W,^H^ a], si, s. f. Flax, linseed. 
Wc^n^ als4.t, t.f. A coiifu-^ed 

and unsettled state of ac-oounts. 
W.'^'K""Zr7 alse,tau, t. f. x A 
*>'<=5- Zf^ alse,n', *. nj. \ j)er- 

^?3iT2r^*WF alsc.ta, $. m. ^ son 
wl;o leaves his accounts in an 
unsettled and confuseil state. 
W ci?i all, bar, a. Uninitiat<.ti, un- 
instruited in business, not br«;ken 
to w..rk, (a:> u hor^>e or other 
aniuinl. ) 
mi^.U alk, *. /. A curling luck 

of hair, a riuglet- 
W75? alk, t. m. A young bul- 

kK.k not broken to the yoke. 
^"oc^TT a|,kas, .c. f. L.nziriess. 
"•rTJ^i^TcX al,ka>an, J. v A lazv 
'WTT^rt'' aljkasi, m. > jer- 
^J-'c^^J^'^T al,ka;ii, w. •) son. 
•n^c^y abkkh, a. hnisible, unseen, 
one of the titles of God; l>,'^v 
TT^it, " The Invisible One v.atch 
over thee"'; (a cry uttered bv fa- 
qL-^ in begging; )">HTrtf TTTTTfec^, 
to utter the crj- '-alakkli j:igo." 
WTTST alagsr, a. Sej'arate. 
W^"=^^T alagir, al. Separately, apart. 
■HiTTjT^ al gan, i t.f. A line or 
W3:?r^t aljgani, J pole to hang 

clothes on. 
IMTf rf alay, a. Free from shame. 
WcctT^TT alay,ni, s. f. Freedom 

froTi shame. 
nf^j^^TT aljini, r. n. To rot, 

to dev^y. 
W?5T^r aljh,in, r. n. To be 

enTanc:le<1, &c. i. q. ■^?i^=?^T. 
Wc^'^"^ ajjldjU, s. m. Entangle- 
>M?5^r^?^r aljha,uni, r. a. To 

»T?:7 :d,l;in, t. m. A name given 
to j.ulse or meal cooked with 

W?5T^, r. n. To rot, to 

mnujo all.pall, t. m. Knick- 

>jr^^?5T albe,li, a. Artless, sim- 

j<le, innocen.. 
ni"?5%?5r albe.Li, t. m. A fop, a 

WJnr aim, /, m. A thig used in 

celebrating the iazv.a. 
n{?TW alam, a. Fill, enough, 

equal to. 
i>T?qrH aiHW al,him gal.lam, t. m. 
Vain conversation or employ- 
ment, trilling. 
^i^^lJIF claijL'kir, s. f. Soundin? 
notes, ( in UiUsic; ) ornaments, 
jewfls; >>ic^17I? so«^, to sound. 
■»W37?T ah.ijg^', s. m. A heap. 
>K?71T alangg, s. f. A wall. 
r>i75T al,!:i, a. Unripe, ( fruit; ) 

iii.'perfLKtly healeil, ( a wound. ) 
nncT^ ali.u, t.rn. A large fire, 

a bonfire. 
W^rfVrr al:i,is, > s. f. Filth, 
WWrpf ali^, j pollution. 

■>W^T3T al.i,k:i, *. fii. Dcpen<lence, 
connection, relation, coumiunica- 
tion. [<^^.^'' 

WTsIH al\i, ;. t:i. Ilealing, rem- 
, WTbTS", 5. /. Entrails. 
»f3?TV a!ip, t. f. Tuiung the 
voice for singing, running over 
the notes. 
W^TP-f^ aUj>,ni, r. a. To sing 
(a tune) by note, to time (a 
piece of music. ) 
>H5;'V ai,li, .<f. /. A gold or silver 
ornament worn on the fon.head, 
commonly consisting of several 
])ieees, an<l therefore used in the 
plural, 7>{35^n{t; also the fem. 
of W^^T, q. v. 
Wc^Th alls, s. f. The name of 

a tree; called also ■J^iX^FTTT. 
W?fTT "^t^ ^m pha,!i, s.f. The 
fruit of the aUs. 

I WTTxJT alu,cha, *. m. A kind of 

! W^T^T alu,ni, a. Witliout salt, 
deficient in saltnc;^, ia.-iiiid. 
W^^ ii'i'l, s. til. A colt wliich 

ha.s nc\'i- I'con ridden. 
•Jj^^vf iilup, a. InvjjiLle, unseen, 
conccalcil, rctirotl; >»i^V TH^rr 
to becor.:e invisible, to run out. 
3>i^*, s./. An uneasy sen- 
sation in any part of the body, 
ij-ritation; c. w. W^Ic^t. 
WTTi^T awas.tlia, *./. Age;dif- 
fieulry; i.tate, condition, situation, 
circuui.vtances of age or povition. 
W^^F a.v.a^a*, s. /. Tliat attri- 
bute of God by whiih lie is iVeo 
from tlie ordinary condit'.ons of 
human nature. 
^'^^3" a,^\agat, a. Boinfr free 
from the ordinary conditions of 
luinian nature. 
W^rr a,\vadli, ^ s. m. Proniise, 
nr^ftr a,Wi.dhi, J agreement, 
W^frr n.^vadhi, s. f. Limit, ofl- 

sj-ring, age. 
"K^rrj awadhut, 5. m. A kind of 
ascetic who gors about naked 
and smeared witli ashes. 
W^^rg" a\vat;ir, s. m. An incar- 
nation. Also n{^37F. 
W^'^ft a\sd,i, s.f. Humor, re- 
'K^l?!^ awiicrnun, a. Faithless, 
not to be depeiided on, not tru.-t- 
W^c^ awan, f. ,«. The name of 
a ca>tc of ^^luhaiumadans. Also 

*Hf%o,P^ n.^ig^n, *. m. Defect, 

blcmi>h, igf.oraiieo, want of vkili. 
Wt%3,^ a,wigun, a. Unvkilful. 

defeftivo, wanting in virtue or 

scirnc-c. Ah<,Ktj[^. 
Wf%UT^ avi,!„ir, t. »,.. Want of 

consideration and judgr-ment. 

j Wf^-dld«5 aviehri.ran, t. /. j 

Wl^Ur^ avielii.ri, *. m. / *^ 
tIiou:,ditle-s, inconsiderate person. 

W;^!%>Kr avi.l.dia, /. /. Jgno- 
rance, want of science, 

"nff^TTTTJ aviii;i>, f. m. E.romp- 
tion from lujs or injury, safety, 

W^^T^lTi^, a. Free from 
loss, s.'ife, entire, everlasting. 

•»Mf%:^3T avibh.ig, s. m. Misfor- 

W%377r^ avibha.gan, s.f. . An 
Wi^^".?!^ avil.h;i,gi, J. rn. j un- 
fortunate person. 
W%TgT avir.tha, ad. In vain, 
Wl%5rtr avirodh, s. m. Freedom 

from animositv, 
wV'g'Tr?: avin>,dhan, *,/, j One 
■>W.'^'§"tfV a%iro,dhi, ,?. ni. ) who 
has no animo>itv. 

»i~3" aver, s.f. % 

.^ -^ . . . > Delav, lateness. 

^i^^Tavc.ra, s. m.j 

^U^d' ave,re. ad. Late, out of time. 

■*W^"3''' avai,r:i, a. Of crooked dis- 
position, perverse, cross-spoken. 

WS" ar, s.f. Stojipage, obstruction, 
balking, standing fast, contrarie- 
ty, obstinacy; c, w. ^t|Tc^ und 

r»-^^ VW7 ark, mark, s.f. Blan- 
dishment, co(juetry. Also >t:zr? 

*^f^r?5r ar.tala, s. m. Defence, 
protection, 3 screen. 

m-^^ ^^ig- nr.l, bajar, s. m. The 
couimon market, tlic open street. 

W^TTT rr,na, r. n. To stop, to 
stand fast, to balk. 

m^g arb, rr. 1 Crooke<l, 

^WW^cf^ 'T^'t'.'''/- •' perverse, ftu- 
pid ; a fouli>li talker, an ignorant, 
un[io!i>lied person. 

W^tVjr ar^'ingg, ^ ■ a. Bent, 

'><W^"^^T;irbin'_',i:a, I crooked, cur- 
ved, of .iciookcd dispo>ition, jier- 
v';r>e, obstinate, foolish, stupid 

»iW^?5 ar,yal, a. Stopping, balk- 

nrkfj v'^R 


in?, (as a horse; ) obstinate, per- 
W^^ arv, m. Crooked, perverse, 

stupid; i. q. W^^. 
TUf^'Sr aramb, s. vi. A heap, a pile. 
'XaT'o ari,u, s. vi. fctoppage, balk- 
W^f^^T ar'i.uiia, r. a. To stop, 
to cause to stand fast, to shut, 
to j)ut in; to meddle. 
"nr^T'S^T ara.uni, r. t?. To roar, 
to make a lujarso loud noiso, to 
rumble; (contraction of >«gj<l- 
W^'vTT ari.ha, s. in. A jilaco where 
grass is cultivated for the use of 
the.««r/(/r, an<l others are prohibi- 
ted from cutting it. 
tlfr^mj a.rl'i, inter. Oh I ho ! 
hallool friei.d I O friend! contrac- 
tion of TXrt^iHT; (addressed 
to a man. ) 
7hC-^^\ rr'k.ka, .». m. Ob-iruc- 
ting, tripping, an obstacle, check, 
obstruetinn, opjiosition, resistance; 
Wt^oT ■grr^r, to obstruct, 
to make diHicuIties, ( real or i)re- 
Hri"^?Tgt"^?T ar*ngg,baringg, s. m. 
Something crooked; the name of 
a play. 
■Jxf^srr nrina.'ja, .». 111. A mode of 
wrestling with the feet, tripj)ing, 
an ob>t:u-le. 
■*V^';% a ri', {•'ter. O ! hoi halloo! 
friend I friend ! ( addressed 
to a woman. 
■^t^V(3TT, s. in. The bar of 

a door. 
Ws?5 arel, s.f. The name of a 
tool used l>y gold beaters; an in- 
strument through which wire is 
*>aW arail, a. Stop|)Irg, obsti- 
nate, perverse; i, (|. rn'^v^TFS. 
nf^HV^H ar>s, pjirjs, s. m. Yi- 
tinity, neigld)orhooj. 





WT- a, The sound with which 

singers begin thoir music. 
WT a, v.n. Come. 
WTfV 6,i, //ic/</. part, of nrr^- 

^r, q. V. 
itfrfV^Hr ^,i:^) -^^^^ '<-""*<? <^f **^~ 
^^r, q. V. 

WrfVs'^ra- ^,itw:ir, 5. n». Sunday. 

WTfV^ a,ira, j. hi. A vestige. 

THlffe'WT a,ir5, #. m. The name of 
the second letter of the Gurmukhi 
alpliabet ; or, as arranged in this 
work, the first. 

thJ^ a,i, Past tense fern, of Wl- 
•@^^, q. V. 

nfr^t a,i, t. f. Death, calamity. 

7HT% a,u, inter. The sound made 
in calling poultry and other ani- 
mals; (literally, come.) 

WrQec a,uii, s. m. Coming, arrival. 

?HT^e^r a,un.i, v. n. To come. 

n(T^3^? aublia,gat, •^ s.f. Ee- 

7HT^:^nT3' aubha,gat, / cciving, 

Hn^55 a,ul, s.f. Tlie navel string. 

>KT^f5T a,u]i, $. m. The name of 
a medicinal plant, and its fruit. 

■>Ur^55i'FIT9r aulasfir, s.f. Brim- 

rjfr^j^t a,uli, s. f. A small kind 
of aula, q. v. ; a calamity, a ca- 

WT^^Rrg- aulcsar, s.f. Brim- 
stone; i. q. rHX%c^-f^r^. 

•KlQff^r a,urn!i, r. «. To come 
to mind, to be remembered ; to 
occur, to take place; to be procur- 
ed, to be possible. 

JKTTT as, s.f. Hope, desire, trust, 

TKHT? a,sak, s. m. A lover. 

THTTToft a,saki, s.f. Love, making 

WTTT^nr asgandh, s.f. Tlio name 
of a meilicinal plant; i. q. "HrFRT'T 
and f^Jl^q-. 

>Hn^^ ^*i^-''9» s. m. A stool, scat, 

a woollen rag on which Hindus 
sit to jH-rform tlieir devotions; sit- 
ting with crossed legs; coitus. 

TVfr^MTJT asijxis, t. m. Vicinity. 

SMTHVTJT as,pas, ad. prep. Around, 
on all sides. 

WTHVTTr^5T aspas,l.i, a. Pertain- 
ing to the vicinity, being imme- 
diately round about. 

YH^TfJ'i as,ni, s. m. Trust, reli- 
ance, hope. 

WTflfirF or »KT7T% as,rlt, *. m. 
A dependent, one that trusts or 
depends on another. 

WTfl?5T vTTfl?^ as,la pas,la, a. 
Belonging to the vicinity, being 
round about. 

>UTTrT a, si, I *•/• Hope, de- 

>HTJTT as,sa, J pendence, reliance, 

>KTfTT as,si, s. n». A rod, a scep- 
tre; a musical mode; the name 
of a song. 

VHTTTT^B^ (iia,uri, s.f. The name 
of a musical mode. 

WTTTT VTjn" !is,sa pas, si, ad. On 
all sides; round about. 

WTTTTc^ asavant, s. m. ■) One 

THTHT^^ asavanjti, s.f. J that 
has hope, an expectant. 

■Wrrfld'gi^ asirbid, ^ s. ra. f. 

WTTftH'^l-c asirwad, j Benedic- 
tion, salutation ; i. q. rHH\6<^ i^. 

■jXTjfY Vlfff a,sm pa,sin, pr..^/i. On 
tiie sides, round about. 

■»KT^ ?^3T^ lagg,na, v. »». 
To become pregnant; ( spoken of 
cattle. ) 

"Hfnj all, ad. Yes. 

YkWXj ah, 5./. A sigli; c. w. oR"^, 
■g^rft and wrjTit. 

TKTTT ah, inter. Alas I 

WTU" ah, pro. This. 

THTTTST a, hat, s. f. Friendship, 
affection, similarity; arrangement. 

iKlvTZTT ah|ta, ■} ad. Much, most, 

>Mt;j^ ah^ti, / most of all; 

whether or not, nolens volens. 
THTTJ^r al> (l:i, t. m. Animosity, 

enmity, quarrelling. 
WTvI^ rijliar, *. m. The house, 

or r(x>f, ( of one's ancestors. ) 
TKme^ a,i ?n, *. f. Hail, &c. 

i. q. wfr:'^, or 'oV'U^^; nrnj^ 

V^ or "^117^, to hail. 

WTTJ^T :ih|n:i, r. a. To say. 

WlvJy"5 ah bat, /./. A work par- 
ty; i. q. WTTWF, q. V. 

nrnTHB"^ ah,batan, f.f-\ One 

WTTJ"a3^t ah,jati, *. in. > of the 

WiUyi'^'HT ah,batii, *. m. } party 
called (Uibat, q. v. 

>Wnj"^ ahb'';, t. m. Unripe wheat 
or barley roasted Jn the fire, but 
only half Cf-oked. Also WTT"^. 

■*unr}-r^FrTU}-r^?rr ilh,mansahm,na, j 

a. Op{«o~ite each other, mutually 

WTUiit%^ TrfTTWf^^' alim.nion 
5ah:r.,:ilon, ad. From oj)posite 

WTTJl^ FrrrnT^ sihni,na, 
a. 0pj)05ite each other, mutual- 
ly opposite. 

WTTTF a.har. s. m. Doubt, sus- 
picion, perplexity, uncertainty; 
occupation, engagement, eflbrt, 
exertion, contrivance. 

WTTja^ a,hari, -?. in. One that is in 
doubt and uncertainty; anxious. 

Wi;jc^ .-ihilak, *. /. Laziness, 

>WTUc^^'c5 ah,lakan, s. f. > A lazy 

■»mvr?5Tt ah.laki, f. m. J person. 

TKT^Kc^f ah,lan:i, s. m. A bird a 

•*HTUa3' ah,rat, s.f Selling on 
commission, etc. i. q. WvT^^', q- v. 

J»n"U^3^ ih.ratau, ;. /. ^ One 

rHTW^^ .ah, rati, s. m. > who 

■JHTO fi if^HfT ah,ratia, s. in. ■ sells 
on commission, &.C. i. q. ■*W\J ?f- 
3-5^, &e. q. V. 





Wrxn a,1ia, ^ r. n. Was; i. q. 

•nirrft al.i, -I W, 1^, from 
'^lyr, being the Lahiiuhi dinlect. 

jKrUc^ u,liula, s. in. A second 
opening in a fire]>laoe, on wliich 
an extra pot may ho set. 

THnr^JTI^n aliula.hini, r. n. To 
sink in ven.- deep water, to go 
into a deep study. 

>Mt^ a,hc, r. n. ( plur. of ■mTTJT. ) 

WT^ a,lio, oJ. Yes. 

Wnr^ a;kar, *./ Crookedness, 
afl'ectatiou, - strutting, moving 
with an air of consequence, van- 

■>wn7'37rr .i,karna, r. 7i. To writlie, 
to aeho, to be cramped, to be- 
come stiff, to strut aflectedly; to 
stretch one's self on awaking from 

»KT3T?i akas, s. m. lleaven, the 
sky, til? atmosphere. 

WT'S;i^=?iV akas dip, s. m. A 
lamp which the Hindus hang a- 
loft on a l>amhoo in the month 
Kdrtlk; heavenly region. 

■Jirr^TH "g-^t fikas h:i,ni', s. f. A 
voice from heaven, a revelation, 
an oracle. 

TWSVS ahar, f. rn. Form, ap- 

Wn;'Y a,ki, ni. Ilebellious, self- 
willed, di'iobcdient; an insurgent ; 
■W15V TS-^, to rebel. 

■•KTh^ a,kh.'.n, s. m. A word, a 

■nn>i^rr akh.n'i, r. a. To say, 
to coinmnnd, to tell. 

>HT>^3' a.khat, /. /. A word, a 
.saying, something spoken. 

>WTfc»^ ii.kiiar, *. m. The last, the 
end, the '-nd of time. 

WT«? a,khar, s.f The la'^t day. 

•K^M-g a.khar, aj. At la^t, finally, 
at length. 

WTMH^ akh,ri, a. Last, final. 

^ A saying, 
( a word. 

W;'',.'i, s. m. 
TMrfMTKr a.khii, s. in 

nrrtrt ;i,khi, s./. 

*Wry;^l^r a.khurna, r. ». To stum- 
ble and full, to fall into sin, to 
acquire a depraved disposition. 

THT3T ag, t. f. Fire; (this fonn is 
used only by poets;) i. q. W^. 

WTgr ag, s. m. Tlie top of the 
sugar cane. 

WTJTF a, gat, s.f. Coming, ar- 
rival ; attention, kind treatment, 
enttrtainn.jnt; JifTlTB" 'S'Sri^, to 
receive, ( money Sic. ) WTaTB" ^^, 
to be recei\ed; >KT?T3^ "W^r, to 
be accejitablc, ( a present &c. } 
WnrS" ^?7fV, ( c. w. Gen. ) to 
entertain, to ^how attention to, 
( a friend &.c. ) 

WmS" :^I^3" ii.gat bhii.gat, s.f. 
Attention, a kind reeej>tion, en- 
tertainment; c. w. c7c77>T. 

THlilT ag.gii, *. 1/1. licfining gold 
or silver, a process by whieli gold 
]^ reddened; WTdIT ^^T (.r "^T- 
^^T, to refine, to redden gold i>y 
a partieidar process. 

■JKifVi^HT a,gii, s.f. A command, 
order, j)er[nission, obedience. 

THTtlrWi^T^" agiakur. a. Subject, 
obedient to orders. 

rmfjirH'.-^Tipt agiik;i,ri, f.f. Obe- 

7HT';?]rHmr7? agijmrm, a. Sub- 
ject, obedirnt to orders. 

" ligiU'U, s. in. A guide, leailer. 

THi^T agigu, if. Forward, before, 
ahead ; TK-ir "V^r, to go before; 
to flatter, to wheedle. 

■*Wr\Ji^ achar, *. m. An upright 
and religious jtraetice, an obser- 
vance of religious rules; jiickles. 

WlvfT^'^ ach;i,ri, s. m. One w ho ful- 
fils all righteousness, one who ob- 
serves the ordinances of religion. 

*Wt\JlTt achii,ri, a. Fit for pickles. 

■»Hi^r a chliii, a. Good, well. 

nrr^^r rij.ka, s. m. Food. 

WTrfTT aiiaj, a. Inipotent, weak, 
humble, dtjeeted, helpless. 

WtrPrfV ajaji, s. f. Weakness, 
humility, dejection, heljilcssness. 

WtTrTr^T ajini, r. n. To come. 

W^irt at,t;i, 5. m. Unbolted flour. 

WT357JT a,tliarna, r. n. To be- 
come partially dry. 

7>n?5T a,tli:i, s. m. The name of 
the figure 8; the sum of 8. 

WT'S' sid, s.f. A screen, shelter, 
jirotection, prevention ; a garden 
aqueduct; crookedness; a line 
across the forehead. 

WTS-TWT^ aclUuad, s. f. A 
collection, of good and ba<l; 
crookedness; the name of a mu- 
sical mode. 

THT'S''g3' adam,bar, s. »n. Appa- 
ratus, utensils, munitions of war. 
requisites; i. q. W^gU". 

rHT^^ga?? :idam,baran, s. f. ^ 

WT'S'^^t a(]ani,V)ari, s. \n. / 
One who provitles apparatus, and 
whatever is re<iuisito for any bu- 

"HTrs'T a,da, ^'. «i. Protection. 

Wt:5T a(i|(]a, a. Crooketl. 

>Hi^T a,dli:i, .?. in. Enmity, quar- 
relling ; >HT^T "^J5c5T or WT- 
■^^T, to get up a quarrel, to bo- 
come an enemy; i. q. wmsT. 

^7^77r an,n:i, v. a. To bring; (in 
this sense defective, only WT^r. 
brought;) v. «. to conic, as THT^ 
■^S'^T, to come and sit. 

VHTF^d at, ma, s. m. Spirit. 

>H7q'^:^r ;i,than\ii.i, r. n. To stop, 
to be suj)ported ; to set, ( thf 
sun. ) 

•JXTci;^^ iiithari, ». m. A permanent 
servant, ( not a day lab(jrer. ) 

JM^WoT^ ath.ri, s.f. A deep earthen 
dish in wliich tobacco is prepared. 

♦Hiff^ a,tluin, s. m. Evening, 
the time of sunset. 





WT^??r<^T ;t,tliuiiTia, r. «. T(» stop, 

to he su|.j>/^rt<.'il ; to ^cf. ( tlic siiti. ) 

WtW a^tliop, J, m. tvciiiiig, fli'' 

tliiic of >,uit>vt. 
WT^ ;i'!, *. »/». llf'giniilticr, original. 
WT^^KS" iI'l.Tut, a. I'ir-t :in<l 
last, eternal; (an attrilmto of 
WfT^iiaTT^ :MjuL'a<l, a. From 
ctoriiiiy, etonial; (an attrihute 
of God. ) 
WT^? n,.]at, s.f., ciK-toin, 

Wr=5^3">^ jMpurkli, .f. j)i. A titl" 
of God; tlie First Cause, the 
First Being. 
WT^J/ a,dani, s. m. The name of 

the first man, Adam. 
WnST-n" ad. mi, s. m. A de>een- 

dant of Adam, man, 
»>fRrj a,dar, .«r. m. Respect, dof- 

ereiieo, honor. 
Wre-J 3-T^ il.dar l.l.i.u, .«?. m. Ci- 
vility, politeness. 
Wr517 :i,dal, a. 
■•Mr^r a,d;i, $. m. Ginger before 

it is dried. 
IJfT^ ;id,di, a. Ancient, existing 

from the beginning. 
WT^e^^T U'les, .<r. in.f. Salutation, 
compliment, honoring; (.\ term 
used by J<>,ts;) i. q. W^TT- 
">HTtrr?7 ;idliaii, .<r. j;j. CwMOvption ; 

right, privil»-ge. 
nrrtjr^ adlulr, y. m. Stayit-.g the 
stomach by taking: a liirlit repast: 
satisfaction, eomtortable state of 
mind, assurance, snj>i.ort. 
Wnft a.dhi, i-./. A half. 
*HT?7 an, s.f. Sliame, modcsfy; 

atllctation; a minute. 
■>HT?^"»W^f anada, s.f. A nod, a 
sign, a mysterious allusion, allec- 
tation; manner, modisty. 
"•Kr^cT'T* ankan, s. /. Sliame. 
»HiA< anand, j a. Happy, 

>HT3t%F anan.dit, ( chid. 

WTTf^ :inan,di, g. /. Hapi.Iness; 
a name of the great Hindu irod- 


fiiJTiT, .♦. m. An onna, the 
sixteenth part of a L'ujcc; tin- 
■»WT7>r ^rrrST a,n:i bali;i,n:i, s. ni. 

Kxcuse. i>rctext, jiretenee. 
**Kr?sY y vj r ^f a,iiin ba]ii,nin, aJ. 

In pretence. 
"*H7y ap, pron. Self, myself, your- 
self, liimsflf; also ourselv<'s, ifcc. 
■HilVfT :M^.^*: 7»-en. ( oblique cases 

]>I. of JKTV. ) One another. 
>Hrv7T>Mr?g apsu irtli, r. hi. Sclf- 

isliness, cue's own jnnpose. 
WTVJT^HT^^'t apsu,ir,thi, a. Self- 
>UTVur^ ap!;aj, .«. in. One's own 

"Wrvr^TTft ai'k.iji, (I. ' Selli-h. 
■»Hru^T :tp,ui, j>ron. (Gen. i.-f 

WrU. 'i Om-'s uwn. 
Wrvru^TLf ipdliarip, a I. Spon- 
•nirVY^ ^pn;p, a. Stlf-furmed; 

( viz. the D.'ity.} 
■niTVy-r a; nip, ^ a. Self-cxis- 
WT-f"5"4t ai-ruji'. j tence. 

rnrxr .-i,ne. pmn. One's self. 
»{:u WTV a,j.eap, pron. One's self. 
>Hi^ '>iTV^l a,po ai'.na, pron. 

One's own, several, respective 
>K:T5"TTrvr apodhip, a-/. Spontane- 

HT ^TTiy ai odl,:ip, , S.f. Spon- 
v»T,T3"TTr'-ft' ap..dh.i,pi. j taiieity. 
>jri^J~nr>-ft apodhi,pi, n. Sponta- 
TK'^S" a.t'at, or a,pliat, s.f. Ca- 
lamity, misfortune. 
>HT^o7?'' a.p!..;rn.i, c. 7i. To swell, 

(as ti.e bdly.) 
WT^ a,p!iii, s. in. Opium; al-o'^r^. 
WTW :V>,s.m.f. Water; btiilianey. 
■*Hi'g^.^r ai>u.i,ni, s. in. Provi- 
sions, uiiuk and food. 

>Krg^rj, a. llrilliant, 
polidii;d, of a go.n! w.iter, (as 
gems,) well 1. 

*Jfr5^r7J> alMl;I,ii, s.f. rrillianey, 
(of gems;) temper or {M,li~!i, (of 
steel ; ) sharpness, ( <.f a swor.l. ) 

WTgy :lbru, J .c. f Honor, 

WTglr al.Ki, / ehr.iaefer, 
W'W^ ab,l i, (J, Aouati/. watery, 
having the color of v.ater, lia\ ing 
much water, being well water- 
ed, ( as a cuuntrv. ) 
WrW a:!), a. Common, publie, jde- 
beiaii. [ people, 

■*KTH ;iiii. .<?. f. TIi'^ common 
WT>J^ U >^r amjian, a. 

Opjio^ite each other. 
•»UT>/t»^if d:;),l.un. .»./. p!. Un- 
ripe wl:eat or 1 .-.:i"y roasted in 
the ear. 
>KT>J ?f:>-,PCT ,Mi ,b..:and,,ii.I, a. Op- 

p<isitc eacii other, 
mrVTiJ, .c. f. Service; 
( Used only with V7i^: WTX<^ 
V?%^, to I'C subj-.i-r, ti' )><i eom- 
pellid, to be eontrollvl, to serve, 
to obey, to wait np< n, to treat 
with consi'Icrarion a::d atttntion. 
rHIW75 a, leal, .f. i». A collector 
of reveiiULS, a r; the name 
of a tn-e. 

A wortiy, respo.table njan, a 

man of learning. 

^I'TJiKT aiii.l i, .f. n. The name 

of a p!:;!-.t : the fruit of 

tliefj..(A/; i. q. •>f~?5T. 

ftU^T'^T^ ayatv. ar, s. m. .Sunday. 

>Hrtr,^r ay; ri, 5. r.i. The name 

ol t!ie letter th: i. q. rnr^"^. 
mv^ ar, s.f. A shoe:r.akrr's awl; 

th.c point of a goad: shame. 
"•KTB'ff^ ^'".s'j f-f -^ =• IJ tir silver 
rinc with a mirror set in it, worn 
on the tliuml*. 
■»VT^^ :i,rak, s.f. The cIIhjw, 
THig^iFrr arja, j. f. Age. 




i^^- ^^ 


■»trn7?'t ir,ti'. .»./. A ttTorcoiiy per- vorsality; tin' n.-nm' of a kiinl of 

tuniio'l ill ad<jrati>'n of the gods, ' pice, wliiih is .ils.) rallcil tiioi-hlt- 

h\ inovliicr bunii'iir lamps circii- \ li siih'i, ina«lo liv onlor of A'!;i::)!r.'r, 

Inrly rutiii'l tlie lH-a<l of the image, | kiii^ <.f Dilhi. 

or ! I lore it, accomjianieil uitli ^IH^T ;iji, $. r.i. A iiirlio in a 

bcl- tt-rous mu^ic aii<l ringing of \ wall. 

bdl-; a platter containing a bmii- ' >ln3^rM' alip, f. f. Tuning tlu> 

ing I.'.Mip with several wick*. ! voire fur sin;,'ing, taking tlio 

»}fTFW^'g^9' arparwar, s. lA. Fam- 
ily, dipomlents, attendants, de- 
scend, infs, 

'*%^'3 urand'Ii, s. vi. beginning. 

pitcli, rnnning over the notes; i. (j. 

■»Hr?5TM^T alap,n:i, v. a. To take 
thepitehofa time, to sing Kv 

WT33'^T ;aanil.h,n.i, r, a. To he- , note, to tinx- ''a piece of ninsje. ] 

gin. : Wtc^-tc^ alil'li-'iH, a. Sii-plr, 

Wrar ;i|i i, s. HI. A large saw. artless, free from guile, stupid. 

"•WrfsrWT a.ria, s. m. j A large j rH■{■^^ a,Ii, s.f. A f.Mnale friend 

Wn?T <i,ri, s.f. ) kiiiil of or eompanion: a ei>ntnMni : a 


THTdi .1,11. s. f. A small saw. 

?W^gt ;i,!i, a. ll.-lpkss, in need; 
WT?1 te:r, tole lHlpIe>s, to ho 
dependent, to le under ohliga- 
tion ; WT#t 17o <VT, to hring into 
a state of depcnilence, to hring 
under o' liL'ati'Oi. 

Wl?5 ii, s.f. Tiio m.nne of a horse; 

handsome young 
WTfjt ri,!!, s.f. A small nirh.. 

in a \vall. 
K-fT^ ;i,Iii, .?. m. \ potato. 
»iTfi5T'?^""*^rr U\\i ;il,!,uu:;ii"t 

l^ikh, f. m. A particular trilx' .,'f 

Sikhs, native of 
»Hl%=?n{T?5 a!edu:i,ie, „./. t)a 

all sides, round a'niit. 

proirejiy, descendants; thf name n{T??3T cl.jan'.-g, .c/. J.u^t, ( of a 
of a tiee. f::,:.! the loot of whieh mare.) 

a re«l eol..ring matter ise.xtraeted 
for j>tainii.g leaiiier; the nanie of 

the (■< !..r it^.-h'. 

>«T^ €— ^ ul, ulld, .r./. f)tr. 
sprir:'.'. p' -firity. 

W'c>,7I?^T a.larcryni, r. n. To 

lu>t, ( a n are. ) 
WI^JT :i\a-.^ o. Xeeevsiry, eer- 

TK:^'^ avn-s, c.<l. Ctrfaiidv. 

WV.TT :i.!as ,. / Laziness, ! WT^T a,u I, ;. ,„. A j ..ti. rM.i!,,, 

sloth, drow-ine-,^.':. ' ;, l.riek-kihi. 

^^^T-57?^C a\-rn./^ U/y, sloth- ' W^^T^r?: a^^a,M•n. .. Hp ,;„.I1. -., 

WTc:5T7t ,r..\ ,„. )' nu, dull, idle; improper, umIc-; lo.-t, ruin-d. 

'"* '^•^'--="'''- ; WT^^ liwan, ^. j/i. A iril e of 

>MT-K^T, .. ,„. A bird's \. Muhan n,adan<. 

"'•■'^- _ I WT^'> :o^': .'./. A M.,all pot- 

^233- a, "at, r.f. Tool, instru- j tvr's kiln, a* Mnall hrl.-k-Liln ; 

ment, r:ppar-:tns m^mhrum virile, j nr^"> ^^^T^^^'t or <!^;^p<"t to 

*^W jH..-, a. Learned. j fdl tl,e kiln. ' 

Wm^i^'tg ..i-,,„,v^ „. ^-,,i^.,.^_ ^i^^r r-.nw.ll, ..,.,. The name 

sal, cov..rn,g the xvholo hcmis- j of an aeid fruit. u|,i,h i, u^e<i for 

Pboro. or ti.e whole earth. t^odieinai, and A.r dsein, and 

other purpo^e^; th>' name of tlie 
trei> nil whiih the fmit LMows; 
i. M- 'WT€(=5r :iud >WT^;?:5r. 
rHi^?5.J7ig- .inwii-ar, .-■. u\. Sul- 
pimr; i. <j. ^Htd??'??!^. 

nilW :'r- '■/• S.r.di, sleller, 
protection, d«ferie.-; kiminess, 
obii.'ation; >*iia vjT-;=3,7JT, to 
serei.-ii, to bring uu'icr an obliga- 

'W?}"^^^ ar,l ; nd, f. tJi. A strip 
of <loth drawn round the waist, 
and bet\v<< II the legs, to coneeal 
the privities. 

^>r'^r a,r.I. \ s. m. A filend, 

*Kirt^t .iji, J a eomp.aiiion. 

>>iT"Sf3rT :;rnn.r,i:i, f. m. A bar 
for f.i^teiiiiiir a dour. 

Wl^ ^F'b •'■• *''• -^ peach. 

W" ai, (■/(/,;•. ()! ( u>e<l in an 
.iddrcvs, (,r calling to one. ) 

TK" ai, proii. 'Jhe-e ; i. fp ^XJ. 

ih^ ai,i, ;•(■.-><. Tlnse very, 
tlie same, only the<<'. 

Hi^ ai.uii, a'l. 'Jhus, 

TKVT ai.-, ;/•»,/(. Ihi.-, ^<-. i. <[. 

n^jqr al/.i, <7. Sudi. 

TKJiT ai,.-a, t/'l. 'J ku'^. 

TKlf;rnT" ai,^;,;.,, ,/. j.l. of that. 

T>^^ ai,>o, ,/. Such. 

ry^Tt :.i,'o, «./. 'Jhus. 

rMT^ :.i,k;.n, .-./. ilail; a lo.uvt. 

"Wrw ay'am, .y. /. Courage, 

_ valor. 

r^Z-^^ :r]..v:u. ^ .<•. /. Ablaek- 
YHT^TT : ill, ran, / sn.iili's aiivll. 

r)^'>Z^ ai.hin, f. /. Hail; a lo- 

f u-t. 
THTIut ai',',ii, .". /. I'ride; vio- 

h !:ee; e. w. ~:7?^'t. 
Vi-' ■g' :dd, </. So large, .so great. 
■O^IT 1*7 aid kaid, 1 a. Of this 

■oV^r^ai,.!;, I height, 

T^"?' ^^r ;.id;lkai,d:'i, j" «;f tloN 
T>^"3 ij^ kaid, J si/,., «.> 
large; of such an age. 


n^-^ nh; 


TK? ait, pron. Tlil>; i. q. fVjT. 
TK3'^'t ;iit,ki, «'/. Now. tliij tiiiic, 

till- jircsdit yrnr. 
n^F^'t^' riif,ki.n, aJ. r'nmi the 

jiro^ciit tiiiu' or year. 
TW"5"<^r ait|iKl, a. So imidi, ttiii 

nuich. * 


aitwiir, s. VI. Suii'lay 


THq aijthe, a.I. Here ; i. ([. 

ivrW ai,tlion, <nL Ilcncc; i. q. 

tk=S ai|(lun, j aJ. ITenoe, lionoe- 
■i>)^ aI,tlon, t forth, from thi-, 

from this time. 
■JKrra" ai,ilhar, ad. Iloro, tlii- side. 
^QU'^^' ai,.]har(]ion, > <i'l. V,y 
■ar<lJ^t ai,'Ihanlin, V 
TH^c7^ ai|<lhar.lon, ^ 

by way ot' this [ilace. 
TM"7> ain, pron, lie, she, it ; 

( i. q. t%Fr ^. ) 
TH"7^ ain, a. E.xaet. 
TH"?> aiii; aJ. Kxactly. 
Th<^=7 ai,iiak, s.f. .Sj>cciaclcs. 
THVoT ai,j)ar, coh/. Eiit. except, 


J7I. Fault. I'lanie. 




i^^7 al, 1)311, s. /. \ A faiilcv, 
'nn'a'^1'3 ailnldr, .f. m.f. ■ lilarne- 
■JH^t aijl'i, .<f. 1/1. ' worthy 

■JVi>J ainih, .<r. f. Courapre, val >r: 

i. q. T^^JT. 
Th^" 979" air gair, .». m. A stran- 
ger, a forciiT'ier, anothrr person. 
TH'a'Tir ai,ran, s. f. A locust; 
( provincial. ) 

TK^r ;.i,r;i, 

a. Other, 

T>r3"T gioT ai|r.t gai,r.i, j loreiirn, 


nh^ r^s fj-'f5%»XT 1 ( An 

ai,ro air niii/liin, adverbial 

T>^T ^^ ??5'%m7 j pluv.~e. ) 

ai,ro air ral,<, J In the 

mingling of light and darknc-s 

at twiliglit. 

^ — ... 

"Or^ ni,w<^-n, n.l. Tims, in thi"* 

wnv; cratuitMU-Iv; in vain. 
"J>rj? ain», /. \n. I'lra-ure, liao- 

piii''>-, jov: c. \\. ?3'Sr. 
TtTS nin', *. 3J1. f. A cc'il. a 

twi>t. a wr..n<h, cramp. 
Tir^rfrPCT a'nt jini, ^ v. n. To bo 
Trvrzr^r ainf,ni, / twisted, 

to be ■nrcndud, or eramjed; 

to S'trut. 
"CHZ ainiii, f.f. A eoil, a twi-t, 

a eonvolution ; a strut, self-ini- 

'iKZ'^J ainth rii, r. n. To strut, 

to j>ut on an air of eonsequeuee. 
^'^T^^''c5'' ainth, will, j s.m. One 
■^^i. ainthi, j whoas- 

^u;nej a:i air of eonseqnenee, a 

eoneeUed pcr<on. 
■JlH^ %^ atn/iion.j wl. Uy tliis 
Trh^T .';!!) 'iLn, ) way, byw.ay 

of this place. 
>ir«K3? au:in::k, ^. hi. The name 

of a kin i of water bird. 
n^fl^ au-. pron. ( obi. cases of 

■§tT. ') Tiiat, him, her, it : i. q. '#Tr. 
^W'HZ'^r a-a?.l:tni, r. n. To be 

5>-]'ara"t-'l. (as plaster fn>m a wall, 

or a? the I.eart from an obj(>tt; ) 

i. q. >^-jz:e:i. 

»5rFfE:i'5^T au-t:i,nni, r. a. To 

cause to be sejarated. 
n^^T? ;.u,-ar, s. f. A heifer, 

a young female buflalo. Also 

ntfTS .'iL-,sar, ». ?;i. A beat in 
mu-ie: lime, oj>portunlly, leisure; 
>I?"R? ^ir^ , to lose a beat ( in 
nni^ic; } to lose an opportunity. 

^?fTo au^.'n, f. m. Sensation,, presence of mind. Also 

iih/S .in.kat, .*. /. A miserable 

condition, jK.rdition. 
nCy^i aukh, t. m. Ditrieulty. 
Jxrv? au,khat,j .'. /. Medicine, 
^t(^ au,khad,j remetly. 



>J?"fcfT au,kh:i, a. D;rT:':'ult, dis- 

>i?"WT^> aukli:i,i, s.f. I);l!^uliy. 

^iiUS" an, '.'it, s. f. A nii^erablo 
state, peidti<»n; i. q. KTJS'. 

'WJir?; aug.iii, .♦. 1/1. An i\t^-in. 

>J?"JTTAevt,ni, t. f. A te- 
male A fir in. 

ntS]'^!^^ au'_''i,ni. a. A f_'.Uii. ( lan- 
guage Lc. ) pertaining to the Af- 

^^it5\_^ au,gnn, g. m. Defect, 
blemi>h, vice. 

WoT^Hr^ aiiguiihiir, m. \ One 

^^^^^vTIT^T augunhii.ri. -n. l that 

W SX^TUT^'t augunh;t,ri, /. ^ lias 
defects, ic. 

ii^J^^ au.uiiar. a. Witliout mean- 
in lt. 

WW^ an, '.'bar, .'. 3;i. A kiiid of 
taqir aaioiig the Hindus, -.vhose 
habits are very fdthy, and wi;o 
Avenr I^ras.s rings in tliclr cars; a 
luad^irong i>er.-«<<n. 

'Kto^ ai:,L:l.I, s.f. Tiie fringo 
at the iiid of a piece of cloth; a 
lc>ng whip li-nl :p training lionie*: 
a pit in which elephants are cn- 

»»?"'J"2: rf^T i:'i,n:. i v. v.. 

^^^^;^:c?cr au,cli:.tni, J Toscj- 
arate, to be scjnratcd. 5<.v W7T- 

nr:*^" au.jhar. s. f. A wrong 
wav, a deviuus wa\ ; a thrti.-t or 
jnish sideways; J^l':?^ "J^e^r or 
Tl'^r, to go where there is no 
way; n^^^ W'^Tit or ?6r5<5't. 
to pr.>h on one side, or sideways: 
to speak a>ide from t' c plain 

n^'Z^r, r. Ji. To be Ixialf-d : 
to bo turned upside down. 

*5^<iT5^'' au.irdn/i, J To 

be nusplaced, to be mislaid, to be 





«?"iT'??vr aii( i,un I, r. a. To 

b<jil : to turn iii<>i<!e tlo.vii. 
j}5^,-Tgft aiit i,i, .'./. Uwilinjjr; price 

of Ix'iliiig; turning uj)>iJi' Jown. 
«?-jT au,<li, pron. As large as 

he, >lie, or it, i;i-. 
>>?"^r au,(l!ia, 5. HI. A .striji of 
leather, (especially a piece cnu- 
nectcJ ivitli tlic stirrup of a 
mounted soldier, in wliich his 
spear rests, ) a stirruj) strap, a jwirt 
of the girth. 
JW'S' aut, a. C'hiKlIcss. 
^^^3^J■^3■ autparot, a. CIiiKlless; 

(spoken of one bereaved. ) 
>W'3'"U' aut Ir, s. m. Incarnation. 
>»^5'T?"i ^ auti.ri ji, s.m.f. An 
incarnation ; ( spoken metaphor- 
ically of one vlio is very de- 
vout. ) 
»J^3r aunt, a. Having no progeny; 

i. q. Ki^. 
ni'^ audh, .?. ))i. rrmiii-e, a- 

gre.i-iiient ; i. q. >U^ftr. 
*W^ aL'lh, s. /. 1'iine, limit; 

oflspring; i, q. r^f^fxj. 
>W"5cr Vi ?ri aUjli maUjli, a. Con- 
tent with the allotment of Prov- 
'W^ au,lori, .«./. An imaginary 
sen>o of somothing in the llcsh, 
a sense of itching; e. w. ^^Ti^ft. 
>i?lT aur. s.f. X dry >ea^on. 
»W'.';7 aun.N.-ir, s.f. See KCfCJ. 
^t< PfJ aun,'^ar, s. m. S':e n^f^'7. 
*^ff^'\ atin^i, .c. /. A kin-! of 
frgurc, drawn on the gr<,und in 
the form r.f the head of a lake, 
l>y •whicli a superstitions ccremonv 
is pcrf<ir:iicd, hy way of prcgnosti- 
oating the visits of friends, &c. 
»ftf ?5 an.ul, s.f. The umhilic.d 
cord, navel string; i. q. WT^j^. 
WT^^T an, nil, t. m. A merli- 

cinal fruit; i. q. YHJ^^J. 
»Ht€«,^HT7 anulUIr, s.f. Sul- 
phur; i. q. nr^^sr^T?. 

mj^ an,un, .». f. Muous from 

fh- I...VV. ]<. 

ThTT[ an|>u.. s. m. A tear. AUo 

W^ linycii, .c. f. neat, the 
flame of a fire, a blaze, glare ; 
Wf^ ^3T^, to be kindh'.l ; 
■»v:r^ ?5T€f?cl, to kiudlo. 

Wt^>5 any/ihaj, s.f. The shade 
ofadiMiion, tieinoniacal intluonoe. 

WT^ aiiyjhu, ,<r. m. A tear. 

"n&s ant, \ s.f. A 

mfz WZ ant, s;int.) kn^t, con- 
nexion, relationship, jiartn'/r.>hip, 
intimacy; intrigue, assignation; 
nnz ?5TT'2v't, to sufllr loss; to 
C^-t into a knot, to be con- 
nected ; i-HTi: ^^Scy), to tie a 
knot, to bilng about a connexion; 
to injure in trade. 

■miz until, Used with ^^; ns 
■^^ "iMTZ, camels and such lilio 
bca-ts of buiden, 

nn^ and, .^ i». A tosfide. 

mJ-^ illy], s. f. Tlie spawn of 
frog-^; THT^ "^Z^ to have a 
large j)rogcny. 

>KT^T a'i,']a, .?• '"• An cg'^; 
riii^ ^^r, to lay eggs, 

TWTB" an,<;n, a. Uncastratcd, 

»{T^ ^>^,<r^ rinlh, gu.indh, s. m. 
Xtigliborhood, vicinity. 

W^T^r ruj,d!ri, s. ?)?. A measure, 
trial, c.vamiiiatii^!), test. 

WT^gn" TTT^r an,dha s;in,(llia, s. ir. 
Connexion, relationship, partnLr- 
ship, agreement. 

ryjs ant. 

WTBTf^ ai'l.ri, 

s. f. A gut, 
an entrail. 

■*Mt:3 aii'l, 

W^ffT ai..;,ri, 

'l-fT^cT :in,d I, r. a. ( perf. imlic. fif 
W^P^TTr, nr Wri^^r. ) Brought. 

THTf^fjT :'-nw,l'i, The name oif 
a tree and it-; fruit; i, (j. IWT'S^JT. 

Wr^J^lHl? anwjavir, g.f. Sul- 
phur; i. q, -Wr^T^rjTT?, 

t%7T is, pmn. ( obi. casC3 of 
t%:T, ) This Ii'-, >Iie, if. 

fV^^grxT i<gandli, s. f. The 
name of a iiu-li>iiKd plant ; i. q. 
rWTpfq-, and nrrfiTTti. 

f^H^" ist, J. /. Doire, a favorite 
or patron deity, a beloved object. 

fviM^ iS|tn', a. J. A »voman, a 
wife; a smoijtliing iron. 

tV^VTF i^pit, s. m. Steel. 

f^jfl^ i|si, j'Ton. (obi. cases of 
f^^*^, ) The same, tliis very. 

fV^r? \>\^\<, s. m. Love, aflec- 

f%HvT>^T idikpCjCha, s. vt. The 
name of a ihnvcr, or seed. 

f^n? TTTTJ i-hk, nuishk, s. tn. 
Love, making h>ve. 

fZHvl 1i'"gT i.d.,ki ti<]/]a, s. in. 
A large gicen gnisshopjier ; a lov- 
er of women, a man who is cn- 
t-Tnglcd in the meshes of love. 

1%Tr ilb 2>ron. This, 

ffevJITTT* ihs;in, s. m. Favor, 
kindness, obligation. 

f^UTTTTJ^ ihsa,nan, s.f. A wo- 
man who h under oldigation. 

■fevTHITjH^ iii-;:nmand, a. llav- 
ii!g rec'MVcd a favor, being un- 
der obligation. 

fZTJWTIH^ iii-;'inma!i,<!i, s. f. 

f%vJTTr7;t ili>.'i|i;i, s. in. One who 
is uiuler ulijigation. 

f^TvTT i,h:i, pron. Like this, 
such ; tlie same, this very, just this. 

fVcrT t^^T i,hiji,h.i, I'ron. Of 
this sort, such as this. 

t%Tjt i,hi, J jtron. The same, this 

l^vT i|! , / very, just thi--. 

•1%^ il^k, a. One. fV? "^3 
5TtI, a government wliich extends 
over the whole country, a univer- 
sal goM-rnment ; c. w. aT^TTT ; 
f%"^ 3? ?5l^e^t, to give a look. 




f^VW i,ka3 o. ( in>tr. of ikk. ) 

Some one. 
f^VUfa" ik-ir, n a. Alike, of 
fV^flt ik,n', / tlio same sort, 
fTST^ffi iksitji / even, only one. 
fK^'NJ3[ ikli;it|tar, a. Soveiuy one. 
fV^^' ik:iUl), X. »j. Collection, 

assemblage, being together. 
T^J^'31 ikat|tlii, a. Together, 

rvi."a^6d ik,tliaiir, *. /. One place, 

the same place. 
fV32[ ikat,tar, a. Being togetlior, 

agreeing, being on one si<le. 
fVia):flvJ<f-i^T iktah|li.i, .<f. m. 

The year '41. 
f^173^?5^ ikta,li, a. Forty one. 
fV?Ft ikatjti, a. Thirty one. 
ffeaTy ik,te, a. Only one, tlie 

f^7 Hr^ ^5^T ikk, luikk, ho,n.\, 
t. w. To be recoucilc"!, to be 
■^"TJ^ yivji ikjkal ba|li:iii, s. m. 

One wlio has no brother. 
(^^c^fW ikkalwnny.ja, ^ a. A- 
t^aTc^T^Hr ikk.ilw;inyj.ij lone, 

separate, by one's self. 
f^i^i^TiT ikkalwanyj:*,^ s. m. 
fV^c^trlT ikkalwanyji.j PkCtire- 

ment, privacy. 
fv,^«f ikal,l;i, a. Alune. 
f^y^lTef^ ikLi|i, .*. /. A shaTvl 

or chaJar, ( worn by men. ) 
t%^75TVT ikkiipa, a. Dcing a- 
lone, having no one to depend 
on, single. 
t%5^5T iklaii,t-.i. o. Only be- 
f\i=J^frr ik\val,l.i, a. Being on 
one side, being alone, being at 
ffe^<^T ikwanyja, (7. Fit'ty one. 
t^y t ik|ka, a. Being alone, sin- 
t^lfl ik,k;i, .*. m. A one hor<e 
carriage; i. q. t^aTT. 

f%"^jft ika,^i, a. Eiglity one. 

f\i J I vJ jOwT ik;iii,-ii, /. m. Tiie 
year '^1. 

tV^vTZT ak5,haf, a. Sixty one. 

fZ'jru^'T ikah,t.i, *. vi. The 
year 'til. 

f\ii<l-e;d ika,dabi, *. /. Tho 
eleventh day of cacli half of the 
month, when Hindus are pruhibi- 
ted by tho Sha>tcrs from eatirg 
any thing of the grain kind 
except buckwheat, and likewise 
from plowing, from sexual in- 
tercounse, &e. 

f^lTT ^sTT ik.ka duk|k.i, ad. One 
by one, and two by two; single 
ajid in companies of two. 

fV?T?jiT ik:ui,mon, j a. Ninety 

ty.:^i<s9 ikan|Weu, / one; 

ninety first. 

t%aft, a. Twenty one. 

t%^^T?T iki*s,wan, \ a. Twcn- 

t%lfhj^ ikihjWan, ( ty fir^ 



In thi-i 

fV?^ ik,kur, 

f%Ii d i ike,ran, aJ. Once, only 

f^^ ik,ko, a. Only one. 
T^5^5<3 ^ ikr^jtar sau, a. One 

hundred and one. 
fV^B" ikant, a. Alone, at leisure, 

• lisengaged. 
fljtf ikkh, t. m. Sugar cane; 

i. q. "Z^^- 
tVMt%'"mT3" iklitilr, .*. in. Autlior- 

ity. p.-wor, control. 
f^^Tl'JTil ing,garna, r. n. To be 

}>roud and haughty, to be insub- 
f^^'? i(.h,<-l!hak, .?. Hi. One who 

wiilies or desires. 
f^-gr ich,chha, ^ *•/ Wish, 
t^%?KT ich,chlii,i, / desire. 
f^t%>WTtnTJ^ ichchhi.idha,ran, s.f. ^ 
f^i%'>H';TTrg"t ichchlii:idha,ri, s.m.S 

One whose wi-hcs are fulfilled. 
T^rTF ijj;»t, , ^'-Z- Honor. 

1^-H<s i,jan, *. tn. Pcnuis-ion. 

fv:'-i inyjh, f. m. A tear. 

iVT^ ii'yjh, ) fl'V. Thus, so;i. q. 

fe^ in,ny:t, j *K^, f|. v. 

f^Z itt. s.f. A bri.k. 

fv,<Lfm it.s'ti s.f. A plant. 

f^Z:M"3'3T€^ iff, kliarki,un, t. m. 
A kind of play. 

f%^'tt%^ i|nichi,ni, s.f. Kuick- 
knacks, tritles; things chattels. 

tV? itt, proti. This; i. q. fVTT. 

f^FTTT jt,na, pron. So many, 
so much, this much. 

fVsTjr it,ni, cJ. So much. 

f^S7>T^ it,n:iku, pron. About 
so many, about this much. 

f%3c}i J itbar, j. m. Faith, con- 
fidence, credit, reliance, tru-t. 

t%?^T^^ itba,ran, s.f. s One 

t^^^gT^?? iib;'i,ran, s.f. > who is 

(^3W3^ itUijii, s. m- J faith- 
ful, a trustworthy person. 

tV?^' t^B"? i.tar bi,tar, a. Scat- 
tered ; c. w. ^ ^T^. 

f%'3''^Tg' itwir, f. m. Sunday, 
i. q. rnTt%F^To". 

t%3^ i|ii, ^. /•(-;». Tliis verA-; i. q. 

{^^ it,tl;e, oJ. Ucre. 

fV^ it|th<.n, nJ. Hence. 

fsz^ ii;d, .■?. m. Tho moon; the 
name of the lugent of tiie heav- 
ens : i. q. t'S^F- q. V. 

f'K=cfU<S? indJiia,nak, .*. m.f. Tlse 

fd-dd in,dar, *. m. The Ke- 
gent of the visible heavens, and 
of the inferior divinities, accor- 
ding to Hindu mythology. 

fv^cid-rili* in,dariil. s. m. Le- 

f\2<fd >T indarjaun, *. m. The 
'name of a medicinal seed. 

frz^o'SlT indarlok, s. m. The 
world in which In-lar resides. 

r^-^dl l%c:^ indra,in, *./. Colo- 
cynth; wild gourd. 





f^-dd l -rir iii<lri,j:i, s. 111. King 

fer^^T^^ iiidr:i,iii. 5. /. Tlie 
qiKvn of kiiitr Indar. 

fi^:5-;r-V3rt iiKlr.tpvi,ri, s.f. The 
ci:v <t' Iri'lar. 

fe:^ot iiul.ri, jf. PJ. An iuli.i- 
bltaiit of Ir.tlarV region. 

iir^'^ 'ind,u, s. f. An organ 
of sense, a name given to the dit- 
ferent organs of action and per- 
ception, ( tho>c of action being 
tlie hand, the foot, the voice, the 
organ of generation, and the or- 
gan of excretion; and those of 
perception being the mind, the 
eye, the ear, the nose, the tongue, 
and the skin;) the privities, 
( whctlier of men or animal. ) 

f%7^ in, proii. (iii<tr. of f^TT.) 
lie, she, it. 

f^TJJTT?; insin, t. m. Man. 
mankind; kindness, obliiration ; 
( in the latter j^cn^e more ]>roper- 
ly fVvTTTT7> . ) 

fV?iHT7J?I3' in-ungat, s. f. 

fV^JHTA?]?^ i!i;uiiga,ti. 5. /. 

iYr7i7\''7^^'^'f iiisui['U,n<'i, x. m. 

fV?fJTI7i^ci3" insu.i,yat, s.f. 
Jfaiihood, liumaiiity. 

f^<TJTr^ iii<if, s. in. Jii-tico, e- 
<inity; fVpHTl^ ^^TTT, to ju.lgc. 

fz7^ i:iii,l:nn, t. m. Tnol. 

fkf^i in,, prryn. ( ol-l. cases 
plur. cf iYTU. ) The;o. 

t'ZT^I' in.hin, pr>->n. ( in-tr. pi. of 
fVrr. ) Theie. ( also oM. j-l. of 
fVvf^. ) Those very. 

%7J^rTT uikir, *. m. Denial, 
rel'uval ; c. w. 3Hv;[. 

fviAa/iot inki,ri, f. m. One that 
denies or refuses. [a trift. 

i^rTTTlf iiiim, t. m. A prc!-enl, 

fV?TTW fyTTTir inini,klnani, *. m. 
Presents, g'fti. 

niAijrt jn.i,mi, e. m. Tlie re- 
ceiver of a cift. 

t%7CT>fV iii:i,Mii, a. (iiven a"* a 
procnt; fruv from tax, tfll, oco. 

t^?? in,nu, t. Vi. A h<H)p->ha|>ed 
cushion for <up{>orting a water ves« 
scl on the head, any thing j'laced 
on tiie head to ^upport a burden. 

f^Vl'S^ i,!narti, *./. A sweet- 
meat luade of ground </<;?. 

fV*i?5^, s. /. The lama- 
rind, the tamarind tree. 

iVvrrj^ iuuin, s. tn. Taith, re- 
ligion, fidelity. 

t%XlA-d'7 imaiidar, s. tn.f. Abe- 
lioN cr. an hont--t, faithful per«on. 

f%>n7r=ST3V iminii;i,ri, s.f. Taitli, 
j.itty, tiilelity, llone^ty. 

f^TflH iii^iin, f. in. A leader 
in the iluli;iinni;idan religion, a 
prie^r, one A\ho leads in pniyer; 
a title given to the twelve succe!>- 
surs of ^luliaiiiinad; the large 
Ifoail in a rosary, from wliieh the 
counting begin?. 

f%>!''I-(-rii'5' imimjt,de, 5. m. pJ. 
A titie given to IIa?an and Hu>ain, 
togethf'r with their dcsceudents. 

fVo^ tJTo^ ir,de gir,de, jrqy. 
Around, ruund about. 

iy.'i^ irand, .». in. The ea'-tor 

f^'^ ill, f /. A kind of hawk, 
a kite; a ft.uli>h woman; (the fe- 
U'.ale of t'K^'^. ) 

fk«^;^ il.L'an, "» 

%K?;^ iV-'-ni, 

t%J^'H«^t il,ngani', 

fV^3" il.Iat, *. /. Disease, de- 

ft.-et ; filth, dirt ; obloquy. 
i^g^^3^.d^ iIlatkIio,ra, m. ") One 
fk^?^ i!,laran, /. I who is 

f^Kt;? vJlJI il!at;i..t,ra, pi. j giiilty 
fz^^'^ il,Iati, m. j of dis- 

rej'Utal'Ic conduct, one on wln^'iii 

oblfMpiy r*->t.'. 
i^W^ i,lam, t. m. Science, 
, knowledge, h.^rning. 

s. /. A 
- line to hang 
clothes on. 

tV?^-F?T? ilauidir, j 

^ '. . , ■ > <i. l'<'arned. 

T12:?5>lt i.lami, j 

<^?5?T >I,lar, '• ">• A kind of hauk, 
a kitv't a >tuj>id man. 

f^J^TtV^ ilijiehi, s.f. (."arda- 

ffe^TSfT ili,ka, t. i;i. delation, 
dej>endence; interest; business, 

fV'^T^ 'l-M, *• "'• liemedy, heal- 
ing, cure. 

f\j"<^Tr i|^ai, .9. m. Stead, roi-m. 

f%.i^-HY i,vaii, t, in. A substitute. 

t^^ i,^veij, mf. In (his way. 

•>5tFf"T^ i-j«aiid, s. m. 'J'ho name 
of a .st^'d burnt to drive av.ay 
evil sjiirits; culled also ^JT^^, 
and Traw^. 

^H"^^ i-abL'ol, s. in. The 
name of a medicinal s('e<l. 

"Cf^J?^^ i>l.and, s. »;j. i. rj. y^Tf- 

^"^HI^'S"^ isaiiJ<o:i, s.f. The 
n<'rthea>t jioint of the compass. 

■ET^TTg i|*ui, s. in. Ui*d, 

KtTT^Filtr^ I'surti,!, t. f. The 
(, tiie Divinity. 

■^71^ 71^777 r I'sur r.Idh,ii,<, s.f. 
'i'hc worship of (<(jd. 

■^ttf ikh, J. 7/j. Sugar cane. 

TJt^ TJt^ i. 1,, nidi, s. f. Tlie 
hi'_diaiid low, fonbr-; of societv.) 

^^ M, s.f. A feast, a festi- 
val, ( MMliammadan. ) 

"C^^ ?"o"c}Ivft id,, *./. 
The sacrifice oflcrcd at the /c/. 

"e^^t i,di, s.f. A fistival present. 

■^ff*^ in, s. f. Law, regulation. 

^Tg ir, t, nx. A low j.orson ; 
( nse<l with nnV; ax TTi ^f^ ^T 
TTT J-ftg" :^, a jicrson subje<t 
neither to low, nor to high. ) 

■^ e, iir->n. Thi-, theie; i. q. %^. 

^ e, inter. () I ( used in ad- 
dres'-ing one. ) 

^"■^ e,i, ).ron. The same; i, q, 
%^ and %?r. 




%TI oh, prott. Tills, ho, <.he, it, 

tlipv, thcM^. 
^IJX (>,h:t, ^'(-on. Such like, this, 

VivH c.lii, j-ron. ( fom. of ^TJT, ) 

The >amc; i. q. "E"^. 
"tr^ o,ho, j>roH. The same, (hii 

very one. iheie very ones. 
%5^I ek,k.i, .'. »i. Union, agree- 
ment, couihinali.'n. 
%1?T e,ki, s. »j. The ll^ire 1, a 

%J' %lft o^ki e,ki, ad. SuJ- 

dc-nly, all at once, quickly. 
■^S^^9■ eeh,{iec]i, s. m. Conipli- 
catiou, cjnvulution; dillioulty; 
^^ a], s. f. Tiio heel: ^3" 
?l?r-^^, to strike a horde's si Ics 
with one's heels, to spur a horse. 
%^ o,the, aJ. Here. 
^^ e,ilon, «j I. Hence, from 

tliis, from fliii tiaie. 
"^37; r er,n:i, j s. m. A 

^5<s"?i;jr ernigo.hi, / eake of 
eowJiing as found in its natural 
^^Wr e.lui, t. i;j. Aloes. 
%^ e]on, f.f. A vegetable oat- 
en l>y j>oiir ])eople. 
^fs"^ ^'.i li^^'j *•/• -^ hooj>-sliap- 
oil mat or oushioii, n'.ade of cord 
or eloth, and placed on thecro'.vn 
of the head, hy those who carry 
burdens, espi-eially hy those who 
carry vessels of water on their 
heads; a olrcuLir mat placed un- 
der a htt'j'jiu 


€jT iH, pron. ( oM. cases of ^TJ, ) 

Him, her, ir, tliat. 
^Tr?^r usjkuni, c. «. To be 

kindled, to be excited, to be in- 

stJcrat':^! : to grow, to spring up. 
^TJ'^c^ us,kal, t. f. Suspicion, 

fa!>'.- aceusatixn, calumny. 
^JT7^^ u*,k;.l:.n, *./. \ A 

^fT?!^3Tr u-,kah'y:\, s. m. ■ falx- 
%W3c^ t»\kali, s. in. ^ accu- 
ser, a ealuiiir.iat"r. 
^JTST^^T n>ki,uni, r. a. To 
kindle, to excite, to in;-ti:::ati-, to 
inthience one to go awav or de- 
part ; in cause to grow or spring up. 
'^Wi'^ i'-t"'.i']| '"'• '»• Slander; 

contrivance, ingenuity. 
^fTiT?^ u>rnn,.lari, /. j A 
'^'RZ^ u-tan,.li. hi. j slan- 

diTor; a contriver; ingenious. 
"@fT3^V^r us;inhpu,ni, s. m. 
Crudeness, nideness, imt)udence, 
presumptiiousness, cruelrv ; i. q. 

^fl3T a. Unchiseled, 
crude, rude, uncivil, pn-umptu- 
ou-, impu lent, cruel: i. <[. WJTejrr. 

■^}T3"3" i'->,tu, f. /. rrai>e. 

"^fTJ^r us.tani, s. in. A razor. 

■^TTST u«,ti, .». in. A barber. 

^HrTTrr i'"t tj, . $. in. A teacher, 

^H5 i-cf ust id| J a preceptur, a 

'^7{3'^'^ i!^ti,d;iL:i, s.f. Teacli- 
iiig, instruction, mastership, skill. 

^TTF'^^t Uit:i,danJ, .c, /, A 
preceptress, a mistress, the wife 
of a jireoeptor. 

^HFl^i" u>tidi, s.f. Teach- 
ing, ma^c-^rship, skill. 

■^JT3"3' us, tut, s.f. Praise. 

^cT7fr7 usnak, a. Sensible, 
clever, prudent, careful, neat; i. q. 

■^fTTrr?^ u<n4,kan, s.f. A sen- 
sible, clever, [irudent, careful, neat, 
■^in^f^H^T usn:ikpu,ni, s. in. \ 
^HT^nft usni,ki, s.f. J 

Carefulness, neat:ie-s, cleverness, 

^frT?>r U'-arnl, r. n. To rise, 

(as a Avail in building,} to bo 

built nj«. 
■^TT^T'sff nsr.1,1, *./. The act of 

buil'iiiic: up a wall. 
€'n9T'^^r u»ra,un'i, r. a. To 

cause to be built up, (a wall. ) 
tofT'^ u»an, s. m. Sen-ation, 

sense; Courage, proencc of mind. 
■U^JTi^TJr usar,na, i-. a. To build 

up, ( a wall. ) 
■^♦rrar u-i,ni, s. m. Tiie act of 

building u[i; a porch, a vestibule, 

a room built ou the top of a 

■^?rrg^ us;i,ri, *./. The act of 

building: i. <i. '^H?!^. 
^Ht u,>i. pron. { obi. of "Q^ft. ) 

That vfiy, the same. 
■^TT u<|.-u, .*. m. The name of 

a plant from the soeil of which oil 

is expressed. 
^^' u,se, pron. That very, the 

sa:i;e: i. q. offt. 
^■^ uli, pron. That, ho, she, it: 
■^vTJ^T uli,li, Jf. m. A ser>-en, 

any tiling that coiueaU; "^'U'cTT 

?37Jr, to conceal: "^TJ^ "tT^a, 

to be conccakil; ^vlc? ^ToT -c; O'. 

to conceal. 
€ JT U|h.i, pron. Of that sort, 

the same, ( in this sense provin- 
cial. ) 
•§JT t%UT u,hi ji,hi, pron. Of 

that sort, such as that. 
"^rft u,hi, }>ron. That very, the 

^1^ M' "v W ",hur pu,hvir, . t. m. 
Kndeavours, pains, expedients and 
re:iicdics of every kind; c. w. 

^"^ u,ho. pron. That very, the 

€'7Hc5r uk,sani, v. n. To l>e 
kindkil, to bo excited, to be in- 
stigated, to spring or grow up; 
i. q. '^fR^T. 




^TJTT^cin' uk^i.uni, r. a. To 
kin-lK', to cxrito, to instigate, to 
caujc to siring up or grow; 
to influence one to go away. 
^y^T^ iikkjini, ^ r. n. To 
^ire^r, / frr, to com- 

luit a bhnuler, to miss the mark, 
to act fooli>liIy, to mistake, to 
make a mi-take. 

^ir? uk,kat, s.f. Contrivance, 

^irj'^ iik,kitan, s.f. A female 
contriver, an inventress. 

€-^H T€g:r ukti.uni, v. n. To 
be vexed, tol.eout f.f patienoe, to 
fret, to be disgusted, tobcmelan- 

^iTBT^^ iikti,un.i, v. a. To vex, 
to disturb. 

■^■57^ uk,kati, v». m. A C(tntriver, 
an inventor. [ tluia. 

€7^ uk^kar, a-J. In tliat Avay, 

^I7T?>t uk,karni, r. a. To dig, 
to enrrraxe. 

'%ir^f%<X! ukr;i,uiu, r. a. To 
cause to be <;ngraved. 

■^aT^ ukjii, s. in. Tlie posture of 
sitting on ibe liams, ^vitll tlic sole? 
of tlie foot 01. the ground, sijuat- 
ting; i. <[. ^m^. 

WiTT uk,ka, a. Only, alone, sin- 
gle; without extra expeu:;?. 

Q-J\^^^ uki,uni, r. a. To cau.-c 
to err, to cause to blunder, to 

^5Tj?5a uki.-;,iri, r. a. To kin- 
dle, to excite, to instigate; to influ- 
ence one to go away, to reimivc. 

€in V7T,, a. Single, 
alone, only; without extra ex- 


€^ uk.kur, ad. In that way, 

f V?5 uk.khal, ,. ra. A large 
wooden mortar; a lul»ber. 

fM?5t uk.khali, t.J. A ,mall wood- 
en niortar. 

€V377r uk.kharni, r. n. To be 
]ilucked up, to be eradicated. 

"Qa^TIJ Vtj'^TTT uk,kli;irni puk,- 
khapii, r. »i. To be jilucked 
uj> root and branch, to be thor- 
oughly eradicated. 

^tff{i^r5l ukhra.nni, r. a. To 
cause to be plucked up or cradi- 

^VT^TJT ukh;ir,na, r. a. To 
jihak up, to eradicate. 

^"^J-S uk,khul, s. m. A large wooil- 
en mortar; a lubber; i. q. ^tr?:;. 

■^H^ uk,khMli, s. f. A small 
woo<Jon mortar; i. q. '^<^f5^. 

■^■y fJTTl uk,khurn;i, r. n. To be 
jiluekod or raised up, to be era- 

"^^f{<ST ukher,na, v. a. To I'luck 
up, to eradicate. 

■^'^^ ukhe.ra, s. m. A disease 
in which the hair comes out by 
the roots; c. w. Wd|(^I. 

■^TT^T ii'.'g,ni, r. n. To spring 
u[>, to be p»rodueed, to grow. 

■^ilJ^^r ugijjamna,, v. n. To 
spring up, to appear, t ^ rise, ( as 
the sun. ) 

'^^T^^l'U'^rr ugarwil,hnna, r. a. 
To cau-o revenue or other dues 
to be collected. 

^?I?njT iigri,hi, *. m. A tax 
gath'-rer, a c-jllector of dues. 

^TT^Trft ugra,hi, s.f. The l-ii- 
;-ines5 of a tax gatherer, the col- 
It 't ion of dues. 

^^nrt-g^r ugra,huna, r. a. To 
gather taxes, to collect dues of 
any kind. 

€^'R"?'?rT ugal,uhclih,n;i, r. a. 
To )>ring up food from the stom- 
ach or maw, (as cattle that chew 
the cud,) to spit out, to vomit, 
to cli-i:..r'_'e. 

^irfS^^ uL'.galna, v. n. To bo 
loosened, to be separated, to be 
disengaged; to sjiring up. 


■^ilfST^T ucr,c::ilii.^, r. a. To vom- 
it; ^TIR tATTJsir tlT^a, to 
eat with dilliculfy what is dis- 
ta>t<ful or nauseating. 

^^fSl^^a ugali,unl, r. a. To 
loosen, to se]>arate, to ilLsengage; 
to cause to bo di -gorged. 

^3TfiTgt^T, r. a. 
The same as ^Tlf^^^T. 

■^^r^l'E^ ugwa,i, s. f. Causing 
to grow, producing; the wages of 

■^^I^T^^T ugwa,uni, v. a. To 
cau>e to l>o jaoduced. 

%^^Y^ "gi,b s. f. Causing to 
grow; the wages of production. 

€^^^rr ugUiUna, V. a. To cause 
to spring rp or grow. 

'^TTT'S" uga,u, a. A1>out to sprinr 
up, in a state to sjirlng up. 

^TIT'U" ugih, t. VI. A witness. 

'^ziiTpt ugu,iii, f.f. EvMence, 

■^^Tf5 ugal, s. m. Loosonlcg, 
coming o\\\ separating; that which 
is sjiit out after being chewc-<l; a 

" mouihful. 

■^TTifpsn^ ugaldan, s. in. A 

^?n!^57>T ugal,ni, r. a. To loos- 
en, to separate, to disengage; to 
vomit, to di>gorge, to si)it out. 

•@3Tfc5^ uga,li, s. f. Chewing 
the cud. 

'Q'Sr^'Tii ug,gurna, v. a. To 
threaten, (as witli a drawn fist;) 
^3T^ '^'3T1 V^T, to run at a 
] erson with the fist drawn. 

■^5rf57>r uL','_'ulni, r. a. To vom- 
it; i. q. ^^^^T, v. q. 

■@^?^7>T I gigulna, r. n. To be 
loo<fne<.l; i. q. '%lT?^7iT. 

^■aTj^^ 5T ugula,uiii, v. a. i. q. 

^'JI^AT ung.'-'arna, 1 r. n. To 
■^?TT?rr uiigiguriiu, J spring up, 
(a vcLjCtable, ) to sprout. 





^TT?5 uricr.cnil, /. /". A finii^cr; 
^%?5 3^, a finger's >>roa<Uli, an<l 
sonctirnes, 'Jiough rarely, a fin- 
ger's h-u'jth. 

^^arfjt un^',guli, *. /, A finger, 

a toe. 
^■ii<it unggUjtlii, /, /. A finger 

Q'<*]^dt unggTJ,n, *. /. TIio ten- 
der T'ladc of corn or grass jtist 
u>?ae<l from tlie ground, a bud. 

^u| ■^uf uggh, suggli, s. f. Xews, 
information, report. 

"^VJTTf ugigharnu, v. n. To be 
paid, (spoken of taxes and other 
dues, ) to bo collected. 

Cwds^l^cM ugharw-a,uni, v. a. 
To cau*c revenue or other dues 
to be collected ; i. q. ^aid'ci'J^T. 

^^?j<vr ug|gliarna, v. n. To bo 
spread out, tc be opened, to bo 
uncovered, to bo discovered, to 
be revealed, to transj^ire. 

Qti/S"^ |?<:^T ugharwdjUna, j v. a. 

6 ly ri J^^^T ughara,un,i, J To 
cause to lx> opened or disclosed, 
to make known. 

^uff ug,glia, a. Clear, open, 
manife-t, known. 

■@tLrrf{<^l ug1iar,na, t. o. To open, 
to disclose, to make known. 

^urr37 ughaja, a. Naked, open, 

€uji^ ughaju, s. HI. One wlio 
unveils or makes known. 

^ur^^i"^prr ughup\a,una, r. a. 
To cause to be opened or dis- 
closeil, to make known. 

"^uf^TiT ugher,na, r. a. To 
open, to di-close, to luake known. 

^arj5r"§i3i ungghli,uni, r. n. 
To nod, to doze or sliiruber. 

6 tJ ty <^ I iKli,kana, r. n. To 
startle, to spring up, to jump, to 

Qris/V^ U(hakk,])una, t. m. 
The bu-ine?s of a pickpocket. 

^•JjfVf^STXT uchakkbid/lii, t. /. 

Adcjitnosi in pickiti'^ potkets. 
^^7T uchak,ka, s. m. A pick- 
pocket, a thief, 
■^^lyi^^r u(lika,uni, r. a. To 
cause one to start up, to startle, 
to cause lo rise. 
^\J5^ uchak,ki, s. f. A female 

pickpocket, a thief. 
^■dicSr uch,tan.i, r. n. To be 
unsettled, ( tliC mind, ) to be per- 
plexed, to be sorrowful. 
"QrJd:^^ uchnt,r5, s. m. A dis- 
ciple, a learner. 
■^xJ^TTT ucli|arna, r. a. To speak, 
to utter, to tell, to write, (as an 
author. ) 
^"dyiGr^T uchr;i|Una, r. a. To 
cause to bo spoken or uttered, to 
cause to bo written. 
■^^a^TTT uch.charn.I, r. n. To 
be separated, ( as skin from the 
flesh, ) to be blistered, 
^^r uch,ch:t, a. Jligh, L^fty, tall, 

steep; loud. 
•^%T uch/lia, s. in. Tweezers, 
such as shejiherds use for extract- 
ing thorns from the feat. 
■^^r^ uchijir *./. •\ Height, 
•@^T^ ucha,u, s. 111. j steei^- 

ness; loudnc>s. 
•^•grir^ uch;i,hat, s.f. Height, 

•^-^Tz: uchat, t. f. The act of 

scolding or vexing. 
^"Q'T'Zr^T ucluitjiii, r. a. To 

scold, to vex. 
^■dl5^ uch in, s. m. Height, a 

high i)lace, an elevation. 
^^TH" uchar, s. m. Utterance, 
speakintr, pronunciation, explan- 
ation; c. w. ^37>t. 
^■^rg";^T uchar,na, v. a. To 
utter, to speak out, to pronounce, 
to explain. 
^^Tf^^r uchal,na, r. a. To ex- 
cite, to instigate. 

■^^rf^T ucha,la, s. m. Instiga- 
tion; ^^iTf^T ■•^■?n', to in-tigate. 

■^gr^r uchi,w;tn, *. ki. A 
movable fire place. 

■€%»HT^ uchii,!, s.f. Height, 
steepness; loudness. 

^'xft^ uch,chidin, al. With 
a loud voice. 

^^oTT uche,ra, a. A little higher. 

^%W7>T ucher,n-.i, r. a. To 
strip oO', (as the skin from the 
body, ) to flay. 

^^^t^I^Hfr ucherbi<l,di.i, s.f. 
Separating, prying into, penetra- 
ting, thoroughly investigating, 
vexing, worrying, persecuting. 

■^g^f uchchh|ni, r. «. To be 
broken or separated, ( spoken of 
skin, ) to be abraded, to bo skin- 
ned, scratched, or score<l. 

■^'?T^<^T uch,chlialiii, r. n. To 
spring up, to leap, to bound; 
to be full (the heart.) 

^g^r^T^r uchh:tj,n i, r. a. To 
cause to spring up or bound, to 
toss up. 

^^f??J^ uchhi,lf, s. f. Vomit- 
ing; c. w. ■WT^^ and •3'37^. 

^'%^revr uchhih,ri;i. \ r. <i. To 

^SvJcyr uc'.ilieh,n-i, j' separate 
the skin, to scratch, to scarify. 

^=ai^ iijj='^ "• I>r'S'>t> shining, 
clear, dean, pure. 

^iT?2FT"?ft uijalta,i, s.f. Lriglit- 
nc<s, clearness, jairity. 

^■tTJ^7>T ujjalna, r. n. To be 
brightened, to be made pure, to 
become pure. 

#^?^T ui,la, a. Bright, shining, 
clear, ]>ure. 

^Tl??njY ujl:i,i, s. /. . Bright- 
ness; compensation for brighten- 
ing or polishing. 

'@T[?5^T'§^a iijl:i,un;i, r. a. To 
brighten; to cause to be bright- 
ened. [ desert. 

^^fT^ ujjar, a. Desolate, in ruins, 





^W "^'^^ "!ui'»r j^,"? I' 1 »"• "• 

€W??f ii.ijnriii, / To be- 

come d<-so!ato, to be ruined; to 
abamlon one's liome ami remove 
to anntlier jilaoo, to migrate. 

act of laving waste, or causing to 
lav waste; wag'*s of laying waste, 
( a pioce i>t' lanil, <S:e. ) 
^rfS^^^r iijanv:i,iinii, r. a. 
To oau-e to lay waste. 

^oT^'^^n" nirrijUna, r. a. To 
cause to lay waste. 

€^'31 (^ »'j-V?''^'"» '^' ^^'inifest, 
known; c. w. T5cM and g^~ST. 

€=ai(F.e^r iii:i|lan;{, r. a. To 
briglittii, to polish, (metals or 
jewel?,) to cleanse. 

^rn^T ui:i,l;i. .». vi. Light, splen- 
dor, brigiitness. 

€=fTT^ njir, s.f. A desert. 

^W^T,^, uiir,ii:t, r. CI. To 
lay wasre, to ruin, to depopulate, 
to cause to migrate. 

^^^: "j-iiT^' *• '''• Depopu- 
lation, laying wa-te, ruin, migra- 
tion; flaiiinges fcr injuring or lay- 
ing waste projieify. 

^mRTJI uii|ha, a. Sudi, such like. 

^trniT iiji.ha, O'L So, thus. 

tt-rlidTk uii,ran, s.f. Uy^pcpsy. 
Also ^*lg77. 

^%TJT ui.',li;'i, a. i. q. ■^%TrT. 

^fl"OT uJ.',l.,L, c'J. i. fj. -^f^TT. 

^^?5 unyjal, ^. m. A double 

^ZlJ^^r "l.k'ini, r. n. To start, 
to spring up. to jump, to rise, to 
lK)iind; i. q. '^vJ'Sr^T. 

^d.^f^^H' ulk.i,iini, r. a. To 
startle, to cause to jump up. 

«2^^ utang.gan,, s. vi. The 

«^^ u;an,nL'an,j name of a 
plant; the name of a river near 

^^T7> ute, ran, f. m. A reel; 
i. ([. m^^TT. 

^^gTTT u<er,na, r. a. To make up 
thread into skeins, to reel; i. q. 
tM^aTTt; ^T?7TT HZ'STiT, to 
take oil' fclotht'-^;) to j.hinder, 
to rob; ^Z"^ ^^T. to take off 
( clothes ;j to plunder, to rob. 

■§? I't'J'j s- »«• A camel. 

'§3''?v ^^^ ut,than bai|than, .<r. in. 
llising up and sitting down ; a kind 
of gymnastic exerci>e; restless- 
ness; trifling; intercourse, 

■^^^T utfh|n:l, r. n. To rise up, 
to be raised ; to be removed ; to be 

■ Q6 ^d uthant, s.f. The act of 
ri>in!.', tlie manner of rising. 

^^^^nfT uth\va,i.i, J a. Swift, 

^<i«^"CTT uthwayiyd, / given to 
leaping, agile, ( spoken only of a 
horse. ) 

^'S^'Z^ utiiwaj', s.f. The cost 
of removing any thing from one 
jilaco to anotlier. 

€s^T-€^r iitiiwa,uni, r. a. To 
cause to raise, to eausc to be taken 
uji or carried away; to cause to 

€3T^T i;thwa",ya, <7. Swift, &c. 
( a horse; ) i. <j. ^Z^^^n{^. 

€3^T-^ uth;i,i, s.f. i. q. ^Z'^'Z^. 

^TT^'Z^^'^f uth:iigi,ra, s. m. A 
I)ilterer, a petty thief. 

■^3'T^^i' ulh,i,un:i, r. a. To eau>e 
to rise, to raise; to abolish, to re- 
move; to bear, to undergo. 

^^T'^ uthi,u, $. t;i. One that 
takes up. 

^3i^ xitii;i,u, a. Cajiable of lining 
raised or removed; ^S'l^ ^T5f, 
a movAblc chuUlm or fire plaee; a 
man of a restk'ss di>jt(jsition; ^^- 
Z^^ fM'^T, a term of, 
applied to a r(.-stless man, who is 
ever in moti<»n, like the bird call- 
e<l j>u.l<l(i. 

^?r?> uthan, jr. i»i. /. The act 
or manner of rising, ascension; 
remo\ Ing. 

^Zf^Z ntlKil>aitli, n s.f. Hi- 

^Zi'^Z^ utli;ibai,t]iak. I sing up 

^Z^^fZ^ uth.ibai,thl, * andsit- 
ting down; restlessness; trilling, 
kc. i. q. ^Z^ %Z^, q. v. 

■^iz^Vi^^T uthi;i,un:i, r. n. To 
come back, to return. 

^IT^ ",•]:»'.'> 5. m. Flying. 

■@5r^M^?5r udankhatoj.i, .<:. »?i. A 
small flying bedstead, ( in fable. ) 

€^^T u(l|n;i, r. n. To tly, to 
tlee away; to vanish, to be wast- 
ed ; to boast. 

^ i <^ y.^ WT uilwa,ia, ^ m. Fleet, 

■^^^CTT u(l\vay,y;i, ) active, 

swift; a tlyer. 

'^■?^i€^T uilw;i|Un;i, r. a. To 
cause to lly; to cause to scatter 
or waste, ( money, &e. ) 

"^^TCTT udwai|y;i, j?j. i. q. '^'S'- 

■^■S"!^^! uda,un;i, r. a. To cause 
to fly; to waste; to ridicule, to 
]>iai-e ironii-ally; to winnow; 
^^T^^T V^l^^T, to scatter to 
the wind, to waste. 

■^^1^31 ud;i|lain:i, r. a. To take 
or learn from another by stealth; 
to winnow. [i^^o* 

■^3^1^ ud t,ii, a. Capable of fly- 

■@^3'''o' ud;i,u, s. m. A spend- 

^5"i?fgi7^ v.(|unban, a. Active, 
of rapid motion, fleet. 

^^rg- udir, a. Capablo of fly- 
ing, fledgetl ; ( met. ) able to take 
care of one's self. 

■^^T^'t udi,!!, s.f. Flight; ^T- 
^t ^'UTi'^ or WT?7ft, to fly. 

"^^fcT ud;i,iu, a, i. (|. '^■grar, 

^■3^1^ U(lik| s.f. Expectation, 
looking out for; c. w. c7U7ft. 

^^fta^^T U(lik,n:i, r. a. To ex- 
pect, to look out for, to w.iit for. 





■^^r^^ uilliijUiii, V. a. To 

cau>o to l»c i>wt on(clotliijs. ) 
^^ un, /. One lo^3 than any 
nuin'tvr; (u-i<l only in cciiiiposi- 
tiou, as ^^Srtvl, one Icvs than 
tliirty. ) Sec ^5\. 
Q<^y]^ iin!iat,tur, a. Sixty Dine. 
€5^5^^ unliat,t:ir\van, a. Six- 
ty ninth. 
^^vT^r uriliatitni, s. in. Tlio 
year '09; the famine of the year 
1800, ( era.) 
^^Hrfs'tnfr unta!,hu, s. HI. The 

year '39. 
'^^3'T'55't^ until!, lilwan, a. Thir- 
ty ninth. 
^^3"Tf^ unt.i|Ii', a. Tliirfy nine. 
■wSfS^ unat,ti, a. Twenty nine. 
^^F^WT, tii, - s. in. Tlie 
^^S^TJT iiuat.tih.t, J year 'I'll. 
€^'3^^ uiiat,ti\v;in, a. Twenry 

■^^T^T uHiUa, f. a. To weave. 
^^rST^"t uiiwa,!, s.f. The cost 
of wcavin^T, priee paid for weaving. 
^^^1 WcS' unw.i|iinLi, v. a. To 

cau-e to ^>c woven. 
■^^Trl^f unanvj|Wan, a. Forty ninth. 
■^^tTT imany,ja, a. Forty nine. 
^^r^ iini,f, s.f. The cost of 

Weaving: i. q. "^^^rE^. 
■^^t^^rr uiii,una, V. a. To cause 

to lie woven. 
■w^CTjft un.i,>i, <7. Seventy nine. 
■^^Tfft>Mf uni,M'i, .?. 5*1. Tlie 

year '70. 
^^fff^r uni,siwan, a. Seven- 
ty ninth. 
^^TTJZ" uni.liat, a. Fifty nine. 
€c^l«J«i.^r una,hatwan, a. Fifty I 

^c5lvJ<ir uni,hat;i, s. rn. ' The 

year 'JO. 
^^l<S^i unan,wag, a. F.iglity 

■^^rs^,wcn, a. Eiglity 

■^^'^r uniiji'li, a. In want of 
sh ■.•!., sh'ejiy. [ sleep. 

^pff^T iiniij,«li, 8. rn. Want of 

^F lit,) I'ro. That; i. (J. ■^fT: 

^? utt,j (also in poetry, ud. i. >[. 

^3^<^t ut,tauna, r- a. To take 
thread olf t!ie rovl, aiid make it 
into ski-ins, or d-niMe it for twist- 
ing; ۤ^ ^^, to .-tri|>, to 
plunder; ^3^?C77l "^^TiX t- 
strip olf clotiiing, jewels, Lc, to 
plunder, to rob. 

^F^^T-^ ut,tanwa,i, s. f. Tlie 
cost of unreeling, ice. thread. 

^F^^'^^T uitanwujuni, r. a. 
To cause to unreel, Lc. thread. 

^F5^r^ utna,i, s.f. i. '[. "^FSS- 

^3c5f^^T uina,un.i, r. a. i. q. 

^FMF ut,pat, c<:. I7J./. I Crea- 
■^FW<^ uiiiann, y. i;». j tinn; 
^FVF or ^3U7? "tS^r. to he 
created; ^FM"? fr €fU?» ^d- 
TTT, to create. ( H^F'-TPv is larely 
usetl. ) 
^FH uf,ta:ii, a. Great, excellent; 
"Qsif '^^, possessed of a great 
■^F? ut,tar, v». M. An answer; 
the nortii; '^^a" ^7T, the north- 
ern country; '^F^ ^c^'', to an- 
swer. Also ^FF. 
^FS^'tV? uttarda.ik, \ .«. i». f. 
^F?^r^7 uttarua,yak, ) A re- 

■^F^T^r utitirna, r. h. To <les- 
cend, to alight, to halt, to en.anij), 
to dciii-ease, to pass over, to go otf, 
to fall otf, to decay, to lose frcsii- 
ness; (met.) to d'e, (sjMjkeu of a 
child, who ilies before being wean- 
ed; ) '^F9' "^FF 5^1', to become 
free from del»t. 
^F?^^\rt utarva,!, s. f. Cosc 

^F?^T^^, r.a. To 
cause to be broUL'lit d-iwn, iic. 
causd of •^FT^TTI, >[. v. 

■^F^Ti^f^ utara,ii), 5./. Tlie half 
of the year during wliich the iun 
is north tif the equator; the sum- 
mer sulstiee. 

€f^T^ utari,i, *. /. UecKvity. 

■^F^T^ utani.u, s. vi. Descent, 
decrease, declivity. 

'^F^^I'^^ utara.una, r. a. i. q. 

■^F^tTJT utaia,lia, s. in. Declivity, 

^i^T^r^ ut|tr.ikiiand, s. vi. North- 
ern division, or (juarter. 

^F^T ut,li, or u.tal.i, a. Upper. 

■^Ft^J^T uta,uli; a. Swift, «piick, 
speedy, i>recii>ilate, ra-!i. Some- 
times used adverbially; as "Qj^- 
^VJ ^FT^o5T rh^•^-^X TT, he 
luuies \ery (piicklv. 

^F'T^R^ uta,uli, f. /. Haste, 
speed, lashia-ss, impatience. [f^T. 

^FT^jxluti.uli, «. fem. of "^FT"^- 

■^FTTJT uta|hin, «'/. Abuve. 

^FT^ utiir, s. in. Descent; de- 
crease; an incarnation; cast oti" 
clothes; ^Frg ^5^T, to give euo a 
present of cast i.lV clothes. 

^F'oTfl, r. a. To cause 
to aliiilit, to bring down, to take 
down, to take i-lJ", to bear oil", 
to out oil", to break otV; to pay. 

^3T^T utl|rii, s. in. Alighting, 
descent; encamping; an inn, a plii-e f(.r travellers; a ran- 
som ; ^FTa"! ^^r, to furnish 
quarters; to give a ransom. 
■^TJ, a. Deprived of a 
hereditary or other appointment, 
turne<l out of a situation; rot^luoed 
to a lower rank; c. w. ^^T and 

Q :i\ ^ utar, *. m. Highlands, 

an elevated region. 
■@FT3' utar, c-f. Vomiting, ten- 





doncy to vomit; c. w. »>fT«5u. 

^3t ii,ti, pro. Tliat, kc. i. q. 
^*ft; ( used in the iiMative only. ) 

■^3^ ut,tiir, s. m. Tlie uortli, &c. 
Also ^5¥. 

^3" ut,tu, s. m. An onianicn- 
tal marking of clotlios with a hot 
iron, plaits of cloth; c. w. o7d<M. 

^3" ut,tu, a. Intoxicatt:-!! with 
wine or other strong 'Irink, dead- 
ly drunk; c. w. tT^, tT ^T^, and 

^TW3 uttugar, s. vi. One who 
plaits cloth. 

€3" u,to, pro. The same; (used 
onlr with a noun in the ablative. ) 

^3" ut,te, prep- Over, on, upon. 

•e? ut,ton, prep. From on, off. 

•^^K^ uttli,iiiutlh, a. Very fat, 
fat to dcf-)miity, misshapen by 
recson of tatness ; c. w. '3' tTI?^T, 

^^^Y ut.t'rn, -'• ni- Violent cough- 
ing, 6,:o. i. q. '€^, q. V. (J>IaJhu 
diahxt. I 

€^?=r?T Mtlial,lan.l. ^ v. a. 

^^"?^^n" VB"?rc5T [ To turo 

utLal,lana ];uthaI|l.Tna,' over, to 
upset ; to turn up to view, to re- 
veal ( secrets. ) 

^g ut tliU, s. M. Coughing pro- 
duce<l by the introduction of a 
foreign substance into the wind- 
pipe, any violent coughing; c. w. 

€V ut,tl.u. a<l. There. (Local.) 

•^^ ut,the, a-j. There. 

■^^ ut^thon, ad. Thence, from 
that place. 

S-i^v udakk, s. f. A leap, a 
spring, a jump. Also ^^aT. 

•Tj'^^V. udjdam, s. m. Induxfry, 
diligence, strenuous exertion or 

€^^^^ ud, daman, /. An indus- 
trious energetic woman. 

^^HT^ udamad.j t.m. Long- 

^rfWr^T udama,da,J ing, strong 

de-iire, avidity, the setting of the 
heart on a tliiug, avarice; c. w. 

^^3-f^ ud,danii, m. Energetic, 

diligent; an energetic persevering 

'€%'Jrr^ uddyan, a. Depopulated. 
€^?T^^ u<lra,uni, r. a. To 

discourage, to deter. 
■^^STJT udis, a. Sorrowful, sad. 
■^^rpf^ uda,saa, s.f. A female 

fa(|ir of the vJdsi sect. 
■^^rffT udi?|Si, J. m. Sorrow; 

■^^STJTT J^'^^CT, to go away, to 

^^S'fjfl' uda,si, s.f. Sadness, de- 
jection, sorrow; c. w. ?^7T5Ct. 
■^^r^ft, *. tn. An order 

of faq-rs. 
■^^f^ ud.i|le, prep. Around, round 

about. Also ^>MI65. 
■©t^WTT? uddian, a. DopojJU- 

lated, wa>te, desert. 
"^%1-r ud^dum, s. tn. The same 

as ■^^W, q. V. 
'^^S'JTT^TT uddesi,una, j r. n. 
^-^W'^f^r uddosa|Uni, ) To 

grow fat and plump, to thrive, to 

increase in stature, to grow uj'. 

( as a boy. ) [time. 

■^^ Ujdon, ad. Then, from that 
■^q uddli, s. m. J. An otter; 

( met. ) a stupid {.erson. 
^tru" udjdhar, ad. On the other 

side, there, 
■©^^f^^ ud,dhardiori, \ ad. By 
^TT3^ ud,dhardun, J the way 

of the other side, 
■^t?^ ud,dharon, ad. From the 

other side. 
■^TT?5 ■=nT^T udjdhal jar*^,) v. n. To 
'%'^^l^ uil,dhaln£, ) vio- 

late the conjugal bond by g<»ing 

oft' with anotlier person; (spoken 

of a woman. ) 
^■Qi^^^nzft uddhalwa.i, s.f. The 
act of adulterously leaving a hus- 

band, or parents; money, &c. giv- 
en to any one Mho aids in getting 
a wouian to elo|K?. 

^a5S^l@?CT uddlia]w.i,un'i, r. a. 
causal of ^Tjrw^T, q. v. 

€arf<Sr ud.dharni, r. n. To be 
ripj>ed, ( cloth &c. ) to become 
uncorded, or unstrung, (as a 
eh-'irp'U; ) to bo broken up, ( as a 
roof, <S:c. ) 

^^^^^"^ udharwa,!, s.f. The 
expense of uncording a bed, un- 
roofing a house, &c. 

^xrs"<f f^oT udharw;i,una, V. a. 
To cause to lie rip]>ed, or broken 
up, &c. causal of "^^^^T, q. v. 

■^■3~r-e:> u<lhar:i,J, s.f. i, <i. 0Ma- 

■^^W^^^ udliari,una, v. a. 

causal of ^Mj^<Sr, q. v. 
■^XTtH" udh:ir, s. VI. Debt; ^^T^ 

€?rg-7rT, to pay, ^mg- ^^vT, to 
lend, ^qr? I^^T, to borrow. 

^^■r;j77T udhar,na, r. a. To 
liberate, to discharge, to save. 

■^trrrr udhi,ra, a. Horrowe*!. 

"^Tjlj^ udhlil, s.f. A woman who 
has forsaken her husliand and 
gone with another man, a concu- 

'^'TTK^n' udh;i|lanri, j v. a. To 

■^tilf^TJr udha!,na, j carry offan- 
other man's wife, to run away 
with a woman. 

■^trr^^T udh;i|li, s. tr. The act 
of lea\ ing a husband and going 
ofl" witli another man, concubi- 
nage; c. w. oToTP^T. 

■^tnH uilh;i,!vi, s. m. f. One who 
breaks the conjugal bond, and 
goes off with another person; one 
who runs away witli another man's 
wife or daughter; any woman 
who lives in a state of concubinage; 
one who entices away a woman to 
live in a state of concubinage with 
a third person. 



^V^ ^?5> 


^VfTPif^lPiJ »ullirilutil,l.», t. in. 
Tli« name of a mountain, of wlii. Ii 
it is faMt><l that a woman i>a*>iii;jr 
it forsakes hor hu>baml; ( mt-t. ) 
a wavering, inconstant, fitklo j<cr- 

^^^"^T U'llicr,nri, »*. n. To rip, 
to unstring, to uncord, ( e. cr. a 
bo<l*tea«l, ) to break up, to open. 

^^^ U(lIio,ru, *. m. One tliat 
rips one tliat unoonls, (e. g. a 
beil^toaiK ) one that breaks up. 

G*m^^T unJha,iina, r. a. To 
turn down, (as a bottle, (to. fur 
the purpose of pouring. ) 

^XfTf^ undhi'ijji, s. f. Gi'hli- 
ness, a swoon, a fit. 

'%7i un, I'TO. He, i^c. i. q. 'WIT ?>• 

€?J unn, s.f. A\ ool. 

6xr nn,lKin. )--ro. (obi. pi. of 
^TJ. ) Tliem, tho?e. 

%^ un,hin, I'Vo. ( instr. pi. of 
' -fxr. ) Thov. 

■^Tjr un,ii:i, a. Woolon. ( Mtjlui 
dialect. ) 

■^Tjrfsr un;i,l:i, a. Woolen. 

6<si u,nin, /to. (obi. pi. of 
%;j. ) Tliem, those. 

H7ft un,ni. a. Xineteen. 

■^TJ^W^ un;>,, -. a. Xino- 

^Tf^vJ^T unili,win, \ toenth. 

'%^ u,nln, fro. (instr. pi. of 
' #;r. ) Thev. 

•^^ u,ne, Y>ro. (instr. of '^U^; i. 

'q. ■fff^ ^.) lie himself, she 

herself, &c. [ deed. 

■^VVFW Jipkann, s. m. An evil 

■^MT^W^ upk:ir|man, /.^ Wick- 

■^MlTonft i;pkar|Uii, m.) ed; 

an evil doer. 

■^VaTTF upk;ir, j. nj.y. Assistance, 
kindness, favor. 

^^a?iy^ ui>k:i|run, s.f. \ An 

'^vr^T^'Y upkAjri, s. T>j. ) assis- 
tant, one who shows kindness. 

^VtT ",)'\i. .♦•/. The choru? of 
a song, variations in music. 

■^VrT'^vr u.i'aini, r. n. To spring 

ll|>. t>) grow, to bo pHxhl-'d. 

■^UtTS" u,pi;at. r. i ^jr/. ( used in 
]>oi.'fry for ^W^T^r. ) 

^U^fiV? U]'.n;a,ik, ni. f. F.-rtiio, 
].r("lu.-tiv.», ( >oil ceo. ; a pr'>.iunT. 

■^M^f^f upai i,i, *./. I'roilu- 
cing. produ'tion. 

■^^"=0'^ Uf.aji.u, ,». in. Troduc- 
tion, propagation. 

■^UrTT^^f ni.ajl.uni, r. a. To 
cause to spring up or grow, to 

■@'-fTri<f" upaji.u, a. Produ'tive, 
fertile; ca[>al>le of growth, able to 

^J^J upad,dar, s. m. Unfound- 
ed su-picion, unjust charge, cal- 
umnv; an evil onun ; viob.nce. in- 
justice; insult; (alamii.y, defor- 
niifv, a heinous crime. 

^U^?77 upa-l,daran, s./. ^ A 

■^xf^S^T upal.dan, r. m. ) cal- 
umiiiator, a fal-e accuser, an )[>- 
pressor, a gre;it sinner. 

■^U^'JT uji'les, f. m.f. Advii e, 
eoun-el. admonition, exhortation, 
instruction, preaching; c. w. aT^- 
7J> and %^. 

■^•^H? ujM!e,-:ik, s. m.f. An 
adviser, an exhorter, a jireadier. 

■^vf^TT^r up<le-,na, r, a. To 
advise, to aduioui-h, to exhort, 
to instruct. 

"^^^J^,'-!, s. m. An ex- 
liorter, au instnictor, a preacher. 

•@U^^ ui'uetr, s. in. f. Sjiectacles. 

^uwf up, ami, > *. /. Great- 

^vrWT7> upmin, J ness, glory; ex- 
tolling, magnifying; resemblance, 
( the latter used in poetry only. ) 

•©V? u[>,par, ad. prep. Alx)ve; 
on, over. 

■^vf^^- uparant, ad. pr<p. Then, 
therefore; after. 

^vrg' W^ uppar tha,li, ad. One 
after the other, successively. 

^vr^^S".^ uppar>la,li, ad. With- 
out one's knowledge. 

^W-J'^?^ up,pardion.j ad. p^.p. 

€V5% ui-,pard..n, \ T.y the 

wav abovi-, by the upper way; 
( as VfTTT-^ ^ ^U- tV§', by the 
u]>j'<T way of tlie mountain. ) 

^V#'^ uparan<l, ad. prep. Tlion, 
therefore; after, 

^U??^ up.parl.i, a. Uj.per. 

^V?75T u]>,|>arli, s.m. The mrion. 

€u?^i^i=5'§ tipi arwi.rcdion, cd. 
V>y tiie upper w.iy. 

^T-rar^p^r \ipri,vin-I. r. »i. To 
stand aloof, to make one's self 
strati ere. 

^vr?:'^ u[ir.i,i1. s. m. A stranger. 

^U?iTjt upr.l,l.iri, ad. Above. 

^V^T'^T ii[)ri|l t, *. 01. Assis- 
tanee, taking one's part; c. w. 

^U^ ^U7 ui\pr>.ro upj-ar, ad. 

Altotr.'tlier aWve; l>cyoud one's 

^UT up.par.n, cd. pr.p. From 

^W^-^l^r up,p;:riia, v. n. To ar- 

fv^T-^"f upr'i,;. s.f. Arrival. 
^U"^!^^ upr;t,un.t, r. n. To 

cau-o to arrive. 
€vr# upi.u. *. m. Ilemedy, 

contrivance, expedietit ; c. w. ^^- 

^WT^ecT u[«i,una, r. a. To con- 
trive; to jToduce. 
^VTTT^r upi<,ni, r. <J. To wor- 
ship, to adore, to serve. 
^'VTHTTT upi<,n.i, s.f AVorship, 

adoration, service, 
^vrq- tip'idh, s.f. Violence, in- 

ju'tico, injury, tyranny. 
^t/TTTP: upa,<lhan, /.^ Violent, 
^VTcf^ upi.dhi, m.J tx-rannical: 

a tyrant. 
^^? up, pur, ad. prep. Above; 

on, uix)n, over; i. q. wVg". 





^V^f^^' up,i-tinlion.| p'fp- 

4v5^ uiM.ur.I..n, ) a,?, i. .|. 

^vV^jr iiT.,|.iirl:i, <7. Upper; i. q. 

@V5?rr iij»,pir.'ii, Tlienioon; 
i. q. <3V??TT. 

gxrg-^f^* npi.urw:i,in, fl'/. ;>r<7>. 
The <inuf i,s €^lf^^\ q- V. 

gv^^i^^t^^ ui.pmwi.mlion, 
a</. ;>r<'/). The same a> ^V3 ^i'3'- 
fe^, q. V. 

^v-^TTT ui>.piirni, r. n. To ar- 
rive; i. q. ^V^^TTT. 

^TJ'S^^J' uppttaiUi, a. Baro- 
f«x>te<l; c. w. f^^TTT, 

€%?f77r upipliann.'l, r. «. To swell 
and stippurate, ( as a Tvoun<l, or 
boil;) to jtulTup, (as douirh from 
the eUbct of ycrist;) to rot, tobo- 
coine putrid. 

^^TT ■^■^T ubs ji,ul, ^ r. n. To 

^^We^T 111 .5, tit, ^ have a 

bud smell, to putri-fv, to rot, to 
spoil. t-"> ferment. 

Q^W^^' ul>s;i,nni, r. a. To 
cause t<» putrefy, to caa<e to smell 

Q'-dH'i'Z iibs-it, *. m. Putrefac- 
tion, a bad smell, the arising of 
a bad smell. 

^~g^^T uliakifii, V. n. To vomit. 

^^^■^t, s.f. Vomiting'; 
c. w. iKT^^'t. 

^g^T^^ ubk;i,unt, r. a. To 
make or eau^o to vomit. 

Q'<i-j\ iiK,ki, s.f. Vomiting; c. w. 

€^5?,7rr ub,balna, v. n. To boil, 

to be boiled. 
■^'S^'/KT ub,balma, a. Boiled; 

(u.-e<l cenendly in the plural, as 

€g?^if ^T^^S, U)ile<l rice. ) 
^%-J7,^T-^'t ub,bal\va,i, f./. Hire 

of Ujiling. 
^%75^ ub.balwin, a. Boiled; 

»• '1- ^Vftwt. 

'€BT35^r§f!^T i]bbaj\va,uni, r. a. 

To r;iu>-e to be boiled. 
€^?5f?ft nbal.''i,i, /. /. Ilire of 

'Q'^W^^'f ubali,un-i, r. a. To 

eaii-e to be builcd; causal of 

^^T55^r, q. V. 
^HTfft ubi,«», *. f. Yawning; 

c. w. W^^ and ^^. 
#^r?t, /./. Vomiting; 

c. w. TKr^^. 
^^TFJ "baj, f. 171. Boillncr; ex- 

eiti'nicnt of the passions; ^"STTf^ 

>K.^^T, toboil, to begin toboil; 

^■g'fS '€s^CT, tu l>e excited or in- 
flamed, ( the passions. ) 
■^HTH^^r ^Il(a,lant,^ r. a. To 

"§HT?5^T ubil,na, ji" boil. 
■^HTl^J'Wr ul'il.mri, -, a. Bf«ne<l ; 
^^Tf^i^t ubil wan, ji (u=ed gen- 
erally In the j.l. ; as "^"^t^St 

^^?5. boii<'d rice. ) 
■^•gi'R ubi,ln, a. Fit to be boil- 
ed, on the |»oint of lioIHng. 
'^'3'3^, *./. A'oraiting; 

c. w. WT^F^t. 
^^^TJT ub,i'harni, r. n. To s veil, 

to rise up; to spring up, to jump, 

to leap. 
^'3'^'^'% ublir.i,u, s. m. A swelling, 

a rising. 
^^'cTT'^^T ubhri.uiid, V. a. To 

cause to swell, or rise, or sjirlno- up. 
'Q'S'o'^^ ublirriiU, a. Having a 

tendiiKV to swell or ri-^e. 
^3'tgnt:^^r ub,bliari.i,uni, r. v. 

To swell, to rise. [^rl>lng. 

■§^^7 u'hir, t. m. A swelling, a 
■^3'fU"7>r ubhir.n.t, r. a. To raise, 

to cause to rise or sjiring up; to 

■^^ WT! ^^■^ ubbiie sail lai,nc, r. n. 

To sob. 
' '^>ft*><'t J um,liirin, /./. j^. 
■^Wrrt^xt J Uiiriixi wheat or barley 

rfiastcd in the ear. Also wr}i^t- 


^K?T um,ng, t. f. Desire, am- 
bition, aspiring; oxres;i\e j'>y, 
€>f^?^r um,ai:iii, r. n. To be 
andiitlnus, to aspire; to be exces- 
sively ji.yful. 
^VfTl^ uiii,aL:i, a. Ambitious, 

^M3T um,angg. s.f. An.bltiun; 

excessive joy ; i. q. "QiVP^. 
■^^far^r um,anL'i.'iia, r. n. To bo 
an)bitious, to asjiire; to be exces- 
sively joy fid. 
^J-TS" um,a<I, s.f. Overflowing, 
falling, (as tears;) swelling or in- 
crease, ( as of a river, an aruiy, 
clouds, Li\ ) pouring out, (as 
of t)ie heart. 
■^l^"3^r uiii,adn:t, V. n. To over- 
flow, to fall, (a.s tears;) to swell 
or increase, ( as a river, an army, 
clouds, kc.) to lie jmuifdout, (as 
the heart. ) 
■^Jf^ urn, and, s.f. The same as 

■^^Tb^T uni,nir1ni, r. »i. The 

same as '^K'5?rr. 
^K? um,mat, s.f. A sect or 

people, people of the same religion. 
^J-TB^ uni,matan, s.f. j A nicm- 
■^M'Srt um,mati, s. m. J V>er of 

a sect of people. 
^J-ra" um,ar, s.f. Age, 
^Wyi^ umni,i, s.f. Mobility, 

rank of umniu. 
^WTTTH" unini,u, ^ »7i. A noble- 
man, a chief, a person of high re- 

sp.-<t.-^.bility. ^ 
■^WTvJT umi,haii, s. vi. Ambition: 

excessive jo^; i. q. '^TT^, q. v. 
■€ir^ unie<l, s.f. Hope. 
^ir^^oT umedwuj(j^"^. m.f. An 

exi»ecfant. '-- f poctancj'. 

^V^^^^ iimedwa,ri, $.f. Ex- 
^U^ umaid, s.f. 
^U^^^Tg" umaidwir, *. m.f. An 






^Jl^^r^ um.iidwa,ri, *./. Ex- 

^oT ur, /. m. The breast; 
stron^tlj, energy, exertion; •@g" 
«r777r, to make an ctlort. 
6jv/r ur,lun, a</. On tlas side, 

^^7^\ \ir^]d, a. On tlii-j side, 

tliis way. 
^ jr^ ur ir, a(7. On this side of a 

^^r^rj^T,I;i, a. Beloiiglntr 

to thii side of a river. 
^^ u,re, aJ. Oa thi^ side, here. 
^^^ ure,re, ad. (dim. of ^5^. ) 

A little on this side. 
"^^TJ ids, s. m. T!'e fx>d that 
ia left after a meal, leavings. 
^Ts^TMTB" ulkiiiKit, 5. m. Fool- 
ish talk, non-ense; a nietvor, fire 
falling from heavt-n; overthrew, 
ruin, ealamity, dcstruetion. 
^753TMT3^ ulk.ij),t,tan, s.f. j A 
^?53'TVT3'^ ulka].a,ti, s. m. j per- 
son who prates and talks Jion- 
sense; one who causes de->triietion 
or great ea'.anuty. 
"^W^^ ulan^,glian, s. in. Trans- 
gression, disobedience; passinir 
over; ■€^5">if7 U'377^, to trans- 
^?5^c!JT ulang,2:hana, v. a. To 

transgress, to pass over. 
^H^^ "Ijl'iiii' V. n. To be 
tangled; to Ijc involved ( in a quar- 
rel, love aflair, kc. ) €'?3^ "^^"^ 
rlli^I, to become entangled. 
'^fSpJi'^' iilJhA,u, f. m. Entangle- 
ment, the state of being tangled; 
perplexity, intricacy, complica- 
tion, involution. 
^W-i^^^T uljh.i,uni, v. a. To 

entangle, to tangle; to invulve. 
^(i55"-{T^ u[jhA,u, a. In danger 
of being tangle<l, on the point of 
being tangled, capable of being 

■^^^^T uljhe,ri, s. m. Entan- 
glement; quarrel, dispute. Also 

^?7^?^T ult,ni, r. n. To be 
Ujiset, io be turned ujxide down, 
to turn; to be attentive. 

^MZ: V-55Z: ult, pult, u. Toi>sy 
turvy, upside down. 

^JTiT ul|ta, o. Contrary, op- 
jMisite, opposed to, reversed, turn- 
ed back or down. 

'^T^JT'gfl ulta,!, s. f. Hire of 
overturning, ttc. 

^^^Z'T^ uU.I|U, s. VI. Subver- 
sion, eunfusion. 

^55^fH?^r ulta,un:i, r. a. To 
upset, to overturn, to reverse, 
to thwart, to subvert. 

^?^3f M<!^"ZrT ul,t,i i>ul,t.i, a. Top- 
sy turvy, upside down. 

'%^'^ ul,;!, s.f. Vomiting. 

^?5^?CT uladd,ni, r. u. To over- 
turn, to upset, to turn over, to 
turn up to view; to reveal, (se- 
crets. ) 
■^?5 u!l, s.f. A jiicreing head- 
ache, or pain in the side; c. av. 
^Sft. Al-o -xf^. 
€?5^^i" uIlbo,c-hi, s.f. PlayiuL' 
ball by throwiiia: it up, and catili- 
ing it; c, vr, ^sO'. Aho "U??- 

^553^T uljlarna, r. ». To bound, 

to rel>ounil, to spring. 
€«lvJdVT ulih,na, s. m. T^.o- 

proach, complaint, upbraiding; 

c. w. ^cl^r or ^T?TT. 
^?5rUKr u]ih,ma, .?. m. Reproach, 

coiM]>laint; c. w. ^'^T. 
^^rU'^T ula,luina, r. n. To 

mourn for the dead, in plaintive 

strains of music, ( performed by 

women. ) Also WSFT'g^a. 
^J^T^r ul,i,ni, a. Bare-backed, 

(a horse or other riding animal.) 
"Q^V-d, *. /. Children, oiF- 

sj)ring, descendants, progeny. 

««>1.3' ul im,})ha, s. m. Reproach, 
complaint; i. q. '^JFJTTJj'r. 

^Mid, a. Atilt, uielined, 
susceptible of being tilted or in- 

'^yjTgTTT idir,ni, v. a. To cause 
to bound or spring, to tilt; to 
toss up. 

■^75T?T uli,ra, t. m. An excite- 
ment; a swinging or whirling 
motion, a series of motions with 
the head in the ceremony of being 
exorcised; ^?5Tg7 ^^a, to 
incite; to swing (one;) ^J5T- 
gi ^^r, to shake the head; 
to swing. Al-o TT55T7T. 

^ISfRT^f ulil,n:i, r. a. i. q. '%- 

^fewT-^ ulii,i, S.f. The act 
or<' of beincr an auliya. 

■^'J^Wt^ ulii,ii, *. m. J A 

^fewT^«?C> idii,uiii, S.f j Mu- 
hamma<ian saint. 

^jqft ul,li, s.f. Mould, a sub- 
stance fonncd on the surface of 
moist Ixxlies. 

^i^ ul,lu, s. m. An owl; ■^75" 
^\ U3"r ...r "^gr, (met.) a 

■^J^'V^^ u'.liiiiu,n.'i, t. m. Folly, 

■@?r?5 ^^5^ uliil, julul, a. Want- 
in? in neatness and accuracy, not 
in goo<l style or form; foolish. 

^%* u,wen, O'l. In that way, in 
the same way, just as before; im- 
mediately ; @^ ^r ^^, precise- 
ly 50. 

'Q^\-J ur ik, a. Haughty, inso- 
lent, unmannerly, disrespectful. 

^ un, oJ. In that way; don't; 
^ ^ ?g;ST, to refuse, to deny, 
to show displeasure. 
^W i^nggh, s.f. Noilding, drow- 
•^uf^, r. n. To nod, 
to be drowsy. 





^^ uoli, a. Ili^'h in casto or 

"^-^ T^Y^ lull, tiifli, rt. Iligli ari'l 

low of all ranks. 
^^ 7J^ uili, nioh, *./. lfifrhno=s 
and lownoss, ascent and descent, 
the ujis and downs of life; profit 
and loss, the a<l vantages and dis- 
advantages of any lni«^!ncss. 

§ t^ MJ, s.f. Siisj.icion, accusation 
of an innocent person, calumny; 
^=fT ^^^ or ^T^^l, to cal- 

^2^ uiit, s. m. A camel. Also 
■^^ and "^Z. 

"Q i:J£i'J\ imtkahi|ri, y. m. A 
thornbush, a kind of thorn or 
thistle eaten l)y camels. 

^'ir^^ *'nt,ni, s. f. A slio camel. 

^^r iin,t i, .*• »»• An ariclimet- 
ical term donoting '?>\. 

"^Z iiiith, s. t«. A camel. Al-o 

f z: an.! if ^^. 

^^ >wt?; ni.i'Ii, ai.'fli, .7. jvi. Camels 
and sui h like animal-. 

■^^^ i1ii'li,ni', s.f. A she camel. 
Al>o ^J^'t. 

■^^ uti, ;. /. A want of 
fullness, a si.'iill vacancy, a defi- 

i^PCT ii,ii:i, a. Not iiuite full, (as 
a vessel or the helly. ) 

^"y ut, a. Foolish, having little 
sense, stu]>id; '^F U(RT or tw- 
WT or turfj?n{T, fool-like, born of 
a fool, ( spoken in the way of a- 

l)USC. ) 

^3 ut, *. m. \ A dunce, a 

^3^ "^'?•> '• fS blockhead; 

^^■^ ^T, •'•on of a stupid 
woman, ( language of abuse. ) 

^3"^f^T utpu,n;i, s. m. Stupid- 

G:iy«I utbala, >> ^ . 

^3r^7^r^t utbal.ii, \ 

^3lgWT^t utl)iU,i, ^ 

"3<' u,da, o. Brown. 

^■^r^*^ u.l»,i, ^ f./. Brown- 
f'^rXTZ' i1di,h;,t, J ncss. 
^TTH u.dham, $. m. The noise 
of mu-ic, dancing and rejoicin<.'; 
<li-turbance, rebolliun, impudence; 
c. w. ?5J]5vT. 
^^ un,dhi, a. Overturned, 
up si. K" down, with the face down- 
ward; abxoiit mindiMl. 
^k ii.wt't?' a.Y. In that way, thus; 

^ ?rT ",r.t, s. m. The name of the 

vowel f«.>rni ^. 
^ o, pro. He, she, it ; that, they, 

those; i. q. "^TT. 
# o, t«^er. Oh! alas! o! 
^ on, ;>rc;'. ( Inseparable. ) From, 

^fVzT^r o,itnt, r. <j. To collect, 
to gather; to su|.port, to prop, to 
sustain, to shield, to protect ; to 
stop, to retain, 
^t'e^r 0|iti, .c. m. Protection, 

'^■^ o j, prol The same; i. q. 

^"> or ^'^. 

^fT OS. pro. (obi. of #Tr,) used 

ciiipliatically to denote the most 

remote of <liirerent objects; also 

in comixisition the same as '^TT ^; 

e. g. in -sf^-^-JT; i. <[. •gff TiV^^T. 

#JT OS, s.f. Dew. 

■^JT o,-^e, ^>ro. The same; i. q. 

^^ oh, pro. Ue, she, it; they, 

^TJ?5T oh,l;i, 5. m. A veil, a screen ; 

protectio!!, support ; ^0 WI aT^"?*!, 

to screen or conceal, to support; 

<§vJ% tt tTT^^^ to be concealed. 
'^'UT 0|ha, jTo. The same, the 

very one; such like, 
^rft o,hi, pro. The same, the 

one or ones; i. q. ^^. 
#^?p5"^ o,''"rpo,l'ur, s. m. /. 

Endeavors, pains, expedients and 

remedies of every kind. 

^tr o.lio, pro. The same, the 

very one or ones. 
^7 ok, s.f. The hollow of the 

hands formetl to hold water; ^17 

?5Tfe^, to drink from the hollow 

of the hands, 
^a?"^ ok,rvl, s. m. Squatting; 

c. w. %s^T. 
^eT^^i o,kurn:i, r. >i. To stretch 

one's self forward, to bend, to 

reach as far as possilile. 
^^"ST, 0|kurn, s.m. i. q. ■^Tg', q. v. 
(ddldl Ojgri, s. m. Tiiick rice 

#gT OjChha, a. Light, vain, boast- 
ful, of little consequence, absurd; 

impatl'-nt. Also ^g'T. 
'^■^ ojh, s. VI. llntrails, guts, 

^"■f^ o,ihal, s. in. /. Privacy, 

'G^-i^ ojh.Ti, s.f. Entrails. 
^ZJ ot, s.f. Protection, shade, 

shelter, screen, covering, conceal- 
ing, partition. 
€^5s"t odli,ni, s.f. A small sheet, 

veil or cloak, (worn by women.) 
■^^T o,dli;i, s. m. Tlie ])iece of 

leatlwr at (ho end of a girth; 

i. q. nt^U 
€^g7>T o,darn;i, r. n. To be 

discouraged, to be troubbxl with 

appi-ehensions, to lose heart. 
■^^a^T^^CT odara,una, r. a. To 

^^2^ o,dru, .^. m. One who is 

discouraged and down hoarteil. 
^% o,don, aJ. Then, thence. 
t^ o,don, a. (abl. of §Tr.) That. 
^U"^ o]>,chi, *. jTi. A man armed 

with weapons or clothed in mail. 
^varT o,pr.i, a. Strange, foreign. 
■^V?^ o,pla, s. m. Dried cowdung. 
^3^ o,bhar, a. Not knowing, 

unacquainted with, unaware. 
^ or, /. /. Side, direction, ( in 
I poetry. ) 





^^ ol, s. vuf. A hostage, the 
con'liiion of a ho>tngo; c. w. WN 
Q'i^\ or ^rga. 
6?iWr?I oj>an,>lIia, i «, »i. An 

^Wi<( ol,M, J intlamni.1t ion 

or pain causoil l>y yyni])athy ■witli 
a sore in another j'art. Al^o W^. 
#ij5T C'Il,}.i, f. jH. Privaov, ro- 
tirciaont, couccalmcnt, sccresy, a 
soro<-n, a shelter. 
6 «>■ ^ ijr oll.hi choll,lia, J. »)?. 
Socrosy; preparing dainties for 
one's self in s«xrret. 
6w o.U, J. CT. Hail ; a kind of 
svrootaieat, a kind of foo^l pre- 
pared writh nxilk and congealed. 
#^ o.ivcn. ah In that way, thus; 

^ or. J 

#^ o^r-k, ; ''• •••'•/• TI.o end. 
^W? o.rak, ^ of. At Ia>t, at 
^■317 <\ruk, ) lengtli. 

€^^ ^'.r"''^- •'• »«•/. The end. 
6t^>i5 vj i oriikeliho,hi, «. In- 
d.^j'vndent uf >ur-K->rt. 

sal. o. A lum-hed. AUo 
\ad R-r%-, Tr§ :;nd ^. 


W\if sa,u /. j spontaneously, 
of sjx>ntaueous growth ; a bastard ; 
:i hundred; a* t%7J ^^J^ST Vrf- 
TTt%nfT ■^j this horse i> [ worth ] 
fi\o hundred; f%^ ^J^^ ■mSfT 
Hfci V, tills mare is [ worth ] 
live liundreil. Also 7^; as %•»{% 
^ff^, tVTi>, 1R3TT>, ^-e. 
HEi ^a,i, J./. Endeavor, efiort, 
. Ii'.-lj-; c. w. i7J<^. 
TT^TrrF saikir, *. m. A helj>er, 

a defender, a jvitron. 
WZ^irri^ saiki,ri, /./ H^lp, de- 
pendence, assistance. 

TT^HrS" sa,iyad, s. m. A descon- 

deiit of Ah'. 
3T^ sau, r. n. ( inijKTf. 2nd per- 
son plural.) Were; i. q. ^. 
J{% sau, a. One hundrcl. 
TT^U^T sauh,ni, *. »r. A father- 
in-law; i. ([. l^vJdT. 
nQcS> sau,ni, c. n. To sleop. 
"nQs saut, \ a. Having otV- 
JT^3"T sau.ti, I spring ; having good 

and oViedient children. 

W9d Al saur,na, r. «. To l>o 

adjusted or adorned; to curdle 

(milk;) to be with young. 

TT^^ saul, s. f. A kind of fish. 

«Sff saur, J. /. Tiglitness, a 

strait, a dilllculty. 
f^%^ saurh, y. J7I. /. A quilt, 

( worn like a cloak. ) 
W S f^ H «*1 ^ I saurh«ali,t;i, s. m. Tent 
bags, bedding, <S:c. loadeil on a 
camel in travelling. 
JT^^T saUii-u, a. Tight, dlftieult, 
coiitlued, surrounded with dilfi- 
PT^^TTT sauijr,ni, r. n. i. q. JT- 

■^oT*^ and ?r^7rr, q. \. 
HH sas, ^r. m. The nioon. 
HH s;iss, s.f.. A muther-in-law. 
HH^M^i sa3,kan:i, c. n. To 

breathe with ditVieulty, to ga?p. 
ITT?^! sas,na, t- . a. To accept, 

to submit to, to tolerate. 
jnTF sast, s. m. Cheapness; abun- 
dance of the necessaries of life. 
TTTTF KT^ sast niul,la, a. Low 

priL'cd, cheap, 

TTTTF^ sas,tar, s. m. A sword or 

other weajion usoil in the hand; 

HH:id "^Ty^, to bind on armor. 

HH-?<? yndfd sas.tar bx*,tar, s. in. 

Arms and accoutrements. 
WW^T saSjta, a. Cheap. 
TTJTJT^ sasta.i, s. f. Stopping. 
WH^Ji^SH" sastci.una, j r. »i. To 
3RJTFT -riicM sasia, jitui, / stop, 
to rest. 

jnTf:^?5 sas,<lil, a. Sf^rrowful, 

anxious, peqilexwl; c. v. . ^T^a. 
HITf sa,si, t. m. A 1 .•■.■. 
TfRJ s;i?,sa, *. m. A lamb; the 

name of the letter JJ. 
V'^'t saSjsi, s.f. A female lamb; 
the name of a celebrated woman 
in the city of Bhambhor in Bilo- 
TT7T sas,<u, s. f. A mother-in- 
jf fi^t^S" sans,krit, ^ s. m.j. 

jffTt^ir san>kritt, ) The lan- 
guage in which the Hindu sa- 
cri-'l bocks are written; — consid- 
creil the language of the gods. 
Tr\W\ saii,s;i, *. m. Doubt, hc-si- 
taiii">ii. anxiety, perplexity. nj>pre- 
TnTJ^ v'lrisir, s. m. The world. 
Tnrrrt san-<i,n', a. AW-rldly, be- 

lougin:,' to the world. 
T^ sah, s.f. The disire of a 
cow for tlie bull, (sj-'ken also of 
buflaloes. ) 
JTvIT >.i,h.i, ^. m. A r.ibbit, a hare; 

a kind of l-ird. 
Wvili% sahiji, \ s. m.f. A 

TTvnt^^ s;di.i,ik, J heljer, a suc- 

TfvJT'TTS^ sahi,it;i, .'./. IIilp. 
TTCrrtVs^ sah.i,iti, » s. m. A help- 
'H 1 yf t s;dii,i', J cr, a suc- 

corer. ^ 
ynJT"o -ahi,u, !.m. ToleraV-leness, 

'^^5V^ saJK-iiU, a. Tolerable, which 

may be borne. 
7^ (3 1 AT saha,na, /. m. We<Jding 
n.u>ie of a superior order; wed- 
ding clothes. 
FI'vJi cV salia,ne, s.m. phir. A cheer- 
ful musical mode: c. w. 3TT^^. 
frjrg sahib, s. m. An apostle or 

apostles; ( corruj)tion ofasfidh.) 
TITTTcr? s;iha,yak, t. m.f. A help- 
er, a succorer. 

■fjfu ^55T 




jfTTTJTn, r. n. To 1-oar, 
to sustain, to prop, to supi>ort, 
to sxilier. 
^vJi gT, .♦. m. ITclp, sup- 
port, entlurance, j-aticnoo; c. w. 
■3^7rr, ^err an.l wiGc^i. 
yrfij sa,lii, 5./. nL-lp; fltb" ^7^7^ 
or ^sd, to lielp; Htb" c5To^, 
to liflp; to excite, 
nft^^r sa,hikani, r. ju Tol-reatiic 

with difficulty, to gasp. 
Hfrrrf S3,liij, a. Easy, gentle. 
HtTT'fT sa,liij, ac/. Easily, gently, 

K^^^ Ji^tQ s-^i^iij suMia.u, a J. In 
a siniplf ea'^y ir.anncr, without do- 
si trn or contrivance, without so- 
Jrfrj^ sa.hijo, ad. Ccntly, suftly, 
ea>iiy, withcut do>ign or i-.'iuri- 
W^fOcf^vrT^ sahiuhar, n. TokitxMo, 

capalik' of being iH.rno. 
JTtrr^r? sa,liiuak, s. f. A dooj> 

canliou lidi. 
Trf^r^TT^ >-i,1i!rnki, s.f. ( dim. of 

T?tb^7. ) 
Hi vJnM sa,Iiini, r. n. To suf- 

f.r, t.» Kcar. 
yrfrr? >a,hit, i-.f. llonoy. 
JTfvT?* .vi|lii!i, s. rn. A yar^l, a court. 

Ml nrr-n. 
J^fyTV. sa,hin), .«. rr. Fear, fright; 

TffijTf V ^rr^rr. to l.e afral.l. 
JrfvTW vHTJCT -a,iiiiii ji,ni. > r. n. 
fft'Vw?^, ^a.hiiiiani, / To 

f.-ar, v> l.e frighf/u.-l. 
Jrfu If^TTT sa,hi i:iar,na, r. n. To 

• lie fnna intense ^-utlVring. 
JTur^' sa,liir, t. m. A city. 
T^TTTTi sajiiran, t-f-\ A cit- 
Wtvigt 5a,hiri, *. m. V izon. an 
JTTUTtnfT -a,Iiiria, s. m. J inhabit- 
ant of a city. 
JTfvT'K sa,hil, n. Easv. 
Wfu- h^T -a,hi laiui, r. H. To suf- 
fer, to endure. 

j^JTT^W sahiway,ya, j *. m. A 
HtvI%"CTT sahiwaiiyri, J suflVrer. 
TTJt sa,hi, ;./. A signature; TTvft 

3?^^ or %^rl, to sign. 
HXft sa,hi, a. Right, exact, correct, 
true; TfTT^ W37n, to currect; to 
discover; tu prove. 
TTvft sa,hi, «(/. Indeed, truly; 

( a particle of emjihasis. ) 
rTvf^ JT^^TTf? sa,hi saLi, mat, «. Safe 

and sound. 
TTJI^ sahi<l, s. tn. A mart}T, 
(any Muhanuiiadan killed in bat- 
tle is so called, ) one who is killed 
fighting with infidels; spoken al-o 
of one who is lulled when V>ravely 
facing a foe even of his own reli- 
gion; JJXpi^ '^T, to become a 
martyr, to be killed; to fall in 
love; Hvj1-cf jy AT, to kill any Mu- 
hammadan who is fighfiug for the 
sake of religion, to make a mai tyr 
of any one; to f;irinafo (nith 
love. ) 
PTvft'^S!^^ sahi-lganyj, ,<f. m. The 

burial place of martyr?. 
HvTf-ci^ sahj,di. s.f. ^'^•^r^^rdom; 
HTf^^ VT^^ft, to obtain the 
degree of martyrdom. 
TJTTn sa,huni, s. m. A father-in- 
law; a wretch, ( language of 
abuse; ) i. q. TfTTTT. 
jrUS^ sa|huii, S.f. A mother-in- 
law ; a wretch. 
TT^TT jahukar, s. >». j A 

jnJ"?T^7? .-a!iuk;i,ran, s.f. / money 
deah-r, a c.-;pitali-t. Also "JRT^- 
^g- and JTTTTVTg77. 
TJ^l V ftA sahi'ki,ri, s.f. The bu- 
siness c>f a sahiiliir. 
TT^fT^^T .-ahclpuina, s.m. Friend- 
ship, companiuii^hip. 
T^ vT^yr .-^, s. m. \ A friend, 
WvJ<»t, s.f. \ a com- 
HTT^AI saher,nri, v. a. To ex- 
perience; to purchase. 

T{^r^ ^c?I saher, Iai,ui, r. a. To 

buy, to prcx'ure. 
Trtrz^T s:ih.i,ti, *. m. A young hare. 
H^ M^ sa,ho m3,ho, a. I'lcased; 

iimnenie<l in pleasure; H^ WtJ 

^^T, to be drowneil in i)lea;uro. 
iqXTK sahans, x a. A thou- 

H'vJH^ s.ihan,sar, j sand. 
H^T sakk, *. m. The bark of a tree; 

^7^3To77T or wru^r, to bark, 

to decorticate. 
Ka7 sakk, *./. Doubt, suspense, 

hesitation, uncertainty. 
TT^T^ saka,u, s. m. Pielationship, 

H^T^ sak.kan, s.f. The wife of 

a water carrier. 
■FR^ sak,kan, a. doubtful, sus- 
PHT^ sakk^na, r. n. To be able. 
Hits' sa,kat, s.f. Power, ability, 

strength; i. q. H313". 
iH^H" sakt or sakat, a. Ilard; i. q. 

HM? and 1M3". 
H:i5'i r?^' sakatman, j o. Power- 
WVd ' sa>,ta, j ful, able, 

TTvST'^ sakta,i, s.f. Hardness. 
TTxS sak,kar, s.f. Sugar in a 

coarse, unjiurified state. 
TT^r3"5P^ sakarkan,di, s.f. A 

sweet f)Otato. 
H^rg"y:g7 sakarp&,nt, s. m. A 

kind of sweetmeat; a kind of 

stitch, a kind of needle Avork. 
Tr?Tr"^^a sakra,uua, r. a. To 

compress, to dejirive of necessary 

room; to get a draft accepted. 
Tfi/dlAi sakra,ni, *. m. A dish 

of rice eaten Avith ghi and sugar, 

a dish <jf curds and sugar. 
H^r3T3r sakrant, ^ s.f. The en- 
lRi?3'ns saki-and, ) teringofthe 

sun into a new sign; the first 

day of the Hindu n:onth. 
TfaTT? sa,kal, *./. Shape, form, 

image, apjKarance. 





H^K^T^ sakaldiir, a. Well-sli.ip- 

<h1, heautif'ul. 
Hy«r3', t. /. A coarse 

tliuk kiad of woolen doth. 
■JT^^y sakalaump, *. in. A vow, 
consecnitinga thins: to God; i. q. 
Ha? 55 V. 

HVwW^T sakalainnp,ni, r. a. To 
vow, to consecrate. 

WSrW sak,kar, *./. A chip of 

TTaT'' sa,ki, a. Own, horn of the 
same parents; as TJzH 3'f^, a 
full brother. 

Ha^l sa,ka, s. tn. A kinsman. 

jf^I sak,ka, s. m. A water car- 
rier; a kinsman. 

Ha? I ^3" saka.ut, 5./. Relation- 
ship, kindred. 

VT^nj sakar, s. m. Iluotincr, 
game; TTTTT 'a<d/»r, to hunt; 
PTsTTg' M'S'^r, to lumt, to sp<-rt; 
V^y^ ifTT<^^ to kill game; to 
obtain free of cost. 

TToTTBTf saka,ran, s.f. A huntre-s; 
(met.) an adultrcss. 

^>'td <SI sakar,na, r. a. To en- 
dorse a draft. 

florid "^^ sakiirband, 5. m. Cords, 
inc. for tying game to or in. 

TTaTTTt saka.ri, s. m, A hunter, 
a fowler; ( met. ) an adulterer. 

i\ti\6^ saka,ri, a. Belonging to 
the chase or hunting. 

^c^l<^ I sak;i,wa, s. v\. A cohl 
bath, a place in which to bathe 
with cold water. 

H^t sa,ki, *./. A kinswoman. 

jfajt sakjki, a. Doubtful. 

HJ^d ^ saki,ri, s.f. Relationship, 

l\;i \ iJ5 fakil, a. ^ea^y, substan- 
tial; as ;Fnfte"MT^, a good sub- 
stantial dinner. 

IR^ sak.ku, *. m. A terrace or 
platform to sit on. 

3 HJm>J ^ sakanvi,bi, t. f. Oxvmel, 

lime juice or other acid sweet- 

TT"?TrT sakanyji, s. m. Ilunrd^ 
in which binders ]'res> b'.nk*. a 
vice, a press; H^TTt ^^'€^'', 
to put in press; to rest tlie legs 
bv placing something under the 
knees, and then drawing the feet 
towards the hips; TT^tTT tV«T 
tj^r, to be crest-fallen, to be sad; 
(construed with the CJenitive of 
the pel-son. ) 

Tfo?"3' s;in!.',kat, s. m. Vexation, 
j)ain, anguish, misfortune. 

TTiJ^V sangkal,ap, s. in, Prum- 
isint: to devote any thing to 
God,. or to perforn\ a meritorious 
deed, accompanied with a ]>eculiar 
ceremony, a solemn vow ; a pin*- 
jRise or thought. 

TT^T^M^a ^anekal,apni, f. a. To 
^o^\, to consecrate any thing to 

TT17T sang,ka, s.f. Fear; doul>t, 

TT^~^ sangkoch, ^f. m. Shrink- 
ing, reserve, dltlldence, mode.-ty, 

fT^'^^ sangk^>,ehan, a. Bash- 
ful, ditfident, shy, modest, reserv- 
ed, ( woman. ) 

K^^T sangko,ehi, 5. m. Want; 
shame, bashfulness, reserve. 

TT ^-ii^ sangko^chi, a. Ba-hful, 
difhdent, shy, modest, reserved, 
( man. ) 

TTtrjT sak|]ias, s. m. j Anin- 

TT^fi^ sak,hasni, s.f. / <ri\idual. 

TftTfdj sakhsit, s.f. Xobility; 

■^^CT, a. Empty, 

HW^T sakkli,na, $. m. A weaver's 
cjuill from which the warp is 

^?ct sakkh,ni, *. /. A weaver's 
qnili or bobbin, the t\ibe on which 
the woof is wound. 

TV=fS' sakht or sukh,at, a. Hard, 
severe, ditlieuh; i. q. TT^F and 

TTV^T^'t sakhti.i, ^ f.f Ilanl- 
Try?t sakli,ti, J ness, sever- 

ity, ilitiieulty. 
Tftrg- sa kliar, 

■^^r^ sak.khar, 

a. Mere, too 

fltTTT sak,kliara, 

H"^^Zr saklui,ut, s.f. In-truotion, 

TP^r^^^rr sak!i;i,uni, r. a. To 
teach, to instruct. 

TTMT^? -aklia,ut, s. f Liln-ral- 
ity, tuunitii-ence. 

T?!^? sa,k!iir, a. Firm, stable, 

Trf^^JT^ sakhirta,!, S.f Firm- 
ness, stability. 

TT^t s,-i,khi, s.f. A friend, a eoni- 

TfVt sa,khi, a. Liberal. 

TI«3t -akliau,ti, j s. f. In-truc- 

f{^3^ sakliau.Ii, / tion; i. q. tJT- 
tqgft and tfl"??t. 

TTtf sanu'kh, a. 100 ;Wan:j or 
1 ,rM >.< K >,< M >,0( 1,00,00,000. 

jftf siiiiirl-.h, s. m. A conch blown 
t.y HiM'iu< In their worship; 
a kind of ornament. 

7fwT?C^ san'_'kh,ni, s. f. A small 
conch u-ed in wur-hip; a woman 
of third rate quality, ( there 
belnsr four classes, called ^a'7<amn», 
chUtirni, sniKjlhni, and hastani.) 

TftTTT saiicr,khara, s. m. Mliat re- 
mains after a meal, leavings; a 
musical mode. 

TTM^WT sang,khii, 5. m. Arsenic. 

7^ sage, pre'/p. ^^ ith. 

■^ tagi:, s. VI. Relation, the re- 
lation expressed by the word oirn, 
in the phrase "an own brother,' 
connection, interest, friendship. 

mid sngat, s.f. Power. 

KarS" sagt or sag,at, a. Hard. 

HJIdivO sagta.i, s. f Hardness. 





y^ 3 [ /> sacran. *. vi. An onu'n, au- 
L-iirv; i.n~«.iit? or alms irivcn on 
the ott-i-iuu of i->ntr:ictiii'-'a niar- 

■■' riairo; JUTTi ^rr^^T. ^-^r or 
Vi^^lCT, t'^ make j.rf-ontj on tiio 
oci-a?ion of toutraeting a uiar- 

THIV^ sae,inal, /. »i. A tiiriiii>. 

TJZln'r >:i'.',, c&nj. Cut, but 
own, nay; i. q. «Jl^l. 

^^?l>ff «.':e,niin, o. I<k-ntical. 

^T^ '^^-'■^' ) a. .yi. the 

'^^ ^"='' C.holo,overv. 

TfTl^ jaL'.wiLi. <■'-/»/. l>>it> bat 

even, nay; i. q. K^THT. 
.TT?T^ -a-ar, f . /. Dew; c. w. 

H?T^ -i-iF': '•/• A diafing dish. 
';R^fdS^ .-:iggirir,ti, *. i/>. A 

relation ly uiarriag'e. 
flfir?^ .~r!'_'ir 1, s. 1,1. 1 A 

flfiTo^Sclct -a^'ir,'Iani, s./. J di>ei- 

jilr, a Iiarncr, a i^ujii!, a scliolar, 

an a]>j reniii-e. 
JT^ira^t -^'-'ifidi, s./. 

siii|i, harninL'; a;.j>rcnticebhii»; 

Hf?r^=?' "E^dTfl", to Icarn. 
T\^ '•ai'.'-U, (•.7:/. «a. Hut, l.ut e\ en, 

nay, th»-n, so, more, ratlier. 
?T3T .-rancrtr, ;. tn. A srtone; jls- 

sociatiun, a'-<-i,iii]..'ti)yini'; a parfv 

of i.iiL'iiin;; JTJT "IT^VcT. marMe. 
TTTT ^an^^L', ;.y. Shame. 
TTTT >antrL', j/jvyi. Along with. 
TT^IYaf .sini'gchur, ;. m. A kind 

of 5nako. 
TTSl^^T '•..n2'i'.hu,ra, s. m. Fine- 
ly Irokon >-tone. 
7[J]^rt satjL'-iia, r. »i. To he 

KTT? i-an-gat, *./. Colleetion, 

company, as.-^xiating, intercourse, 

a>-enilily, meeting, plaec of meet- 

irig, union. 
T^3^3~o^ 'jri'_'_',tari, t. J/i. A large 

-••poeics of orancre. 

TTTIJl^ saDgi:t.i|U, *. in. A 
]>r.He-^-i (if heaiini: water. 

KJTFf'^^'' san'_",'fu,uni, r. a. To 
heat water for niclieinal j>urpo^i's, 
I'V putting into it hot stones, 
l>riek«^, lumps of salt, nntal, kv. 

JT^r^t sangtr,'!, A compan- 
ion, one of a jiarty of j>ilgrim.s. 

K3T3" sancr,crar, s.f. A kind of 
fruit wliirh grows in a jn>d. 

3f?T^tTJ^ .-anggra,hini, s.f. A 
kind of di-ea-e, the >ymtom.s of 
whieh a'-e cough, fever and diar- 

TTTTiJ'ncr sanggrand, s.f. Tiie 
entering of the sun into a new 

IT?TT@?:5T sangg;i^uli, \ s. m. 

THTl^ >an'_'g.i,u, J[ One that 

is a^hamcil. 

TTTTT? sanggir, .? in. . Ornament, 
ciidiellishuieiit, deeoration, dross. 

TTHTTcrTJT sanggur,na, c. a. To 
ornament, to adorn, to embellish, 
to dress. 

3T3fV sangjg!, s. nu A companion, 
one of a party of pilgrims. 

TTjft' sang,gi, a. Stony. I 

FrafVj saiiggit, s. in. f. Singing, 
seienee of mu-ic. 

ifafl;^ sanggin, a. Heavy, solid, 

■JTjft*^ sanggin, s.f. A bayonet. 

JT-ilvJCNt sanggueheh,na, r. n. To 
shrink, to be drawn togetlier; to 
shy, to be abashed. 

TTtlTHT sanggosangg, inwp. wL 
With, along with, along, altoge- 

WotvT ban:;goh, t. f. Sheepdung. 

TT^tJ sanggoeh, s. in. (>>ntrac- 
tion, shutting; Hfl^ ?^7>T 
or ?5^T, lo contract, to close. 

•yf^t^T^T sanggochint, r. n. To 
contract, to draw in, to close. 

■Jrft^ sangg«\el t, *. m. Dash- 
fulnes?, shame. 

TRfi'^7i\ sangi;or,n4, r. a. To 
• ontnict, to draw up the anus, 
l.'g-. A:c. 

ifu/ satiirgh, t. in. The front part 
of the nc«k, tlie gullet. 

ifun" sangLrliar, s. in, A field 
foititu-atioii, an army drawn uji 
on the model of a fort, the breast- 
work of an army. 

7? un sang,gh:i, s. m. The front 
part of the neik, the gullet ; the 
inter-tiees between the cords a- 
round the edges of a bedstead. 

TTU^TTI^ saiig!-'h,i,san, s. m. A 
tlirone; i. <i. tTTWTT^'?. 

Tpirr^ sanggliar, s. m. Destruc- 

TfvinUTrr sanggh:ir,na, c. a. To 

7f»Vr^T sanggh:i,rii, *. in. > A 

TTWI-^ saiig!,'hi,ri, s.f. J kind 
of eseuleiit root whieh grows in 


TTufr s:ing,-hi, s.f. (dim. ofHW. ) 
Tlie front part of the neck, the 

jfur^ sanL'Ldiot, s. m. Strang- 
ling, a strait, a dillieulty. 

jfur^ sangi.dio,tu, in. Strang- 
ling, ehoking, suHbeating; one 
that is strangled, one who is in 
ditiieulty, one redueed to great 

TI'^ saeheh, s. in. Truth, eer- 

W3 saeheh, «. True. 

Vr^ saeheh, «//. Truly. 

Wy^f !?»■=? saehehd:inand, s. m. 
The true and lilessed One, tlie Su- 
preme JJeIng; I'.raiim. 

WiS >f ^ saeheh, muchch, wJ. Tru- 
ly, indetKl, in very deed. 

H'd^ld saehyar, s. m. A true 
man, one who lovcs and speaks 
truth, an ujiright person. 

K^T saeli,cla, *. in. ( corruption 
of ?f^r, ) A mould, a stamp. 





W^ sach,cha, a. True, just, 

JT^^'t sacli.i.i, I *./. Truth, 
H%»>{re^ s.icliu,!, J U])riglit- 


H^wrg- sriclii:ir, *, m. A true 

mail, one who loves and speaks 

truth, an ujnii^'ht j>orson. 

JTS^ .>«ail),(hiri, wl. Truly, iiulecl. 

3T^lf^/Y ."^adi, chill inucli,thin, od. 

In very (ko<l. 
lffg"T sany,cli4, *. m. A mould, 

a stamp. 
?r^ sany,chi', s.f. A small mould 
or stamp; a division of a book, 
consisting of eight or ton loaves. 
HtT saj, s.f. Shano, apj)earance, 

ornament, beauty; preparation. 
WrJ s;»xi, .?. rii. Morning; the sun. 
♦i-ri^ sajjnn, *. »i. y. A friend. 
34-ri«^T, r. n. To be pre- 
fiared, to fit, to become, to bo 
TT^^r^ s,ud;ir, a. Well-shaped, 

JTrTT^ sai,d]iaj, 5./. Prepara- 
tion and appearance, show, pomp. 

JTfTJ^ saj,an, s. m. j 

.- . .^ . . . > A friend. 

HtT7»T sajani, s.f. / 

HTtToTT sajj,ra, a. Fresh, ne^v, 
( not stale. ) 

H'vti saja, s.f. Punis'iment, clia?- 
tisement; TJW ^pftand^r^^^, 
to inflict jiunisiinicnt; HtTT M'I'^- 
5^, to be j)unishod. 

IRrrH sajji, a. Pight, ( not left. ) 

JTrH^ s.aj:i,u, s. m. \ Prepara- 

HM'Ga: saja,ut, s. f. ) tion, 

dreeing, ornamenting; contri- 

«-ri'6^T snj;i,uni, v.a. To make, 
to prepare, to contrive, to orna- 
ment, to adjust; to cause to be 
made or adjuste<l, iic. 

♦Hti'^ saj.i,u, a. Capable of ad- 
justment and adornment. 

♦<■«•<• sajijdi, t. m. A prince; 

a footman; FrfT^ tT^c^, to go 
en foot. 
JTrfT^ saj.t,di, *./. A jtrincess; 

a woman on foot. 
Hrf^ s.ijji, s.f. A mineral alkali. 

( Al>o fern, of AtTT, f|. v. ) 
TrTr*??r saji,li, a. Well-shaped, 

TTif^^ >-ajiV| a. Alive, having life. 
TTyJ >aiiyj, s.f. A coat of mail; 

i. q. TT^. 
TTtIH sanyjam, *. »J. Forbear- 
ance, sodatenoss, sol>riety, absti- 
nence from paiticular food on cer- 
taifi days, partial fa-ting; coining 
togctlier, meeting, agreeing, ma- 
king peace, union: collecting, 
acqurring; policy. 
TT-FI'J-rt sanyjauii, a. Sober, tem- 

j>erate, ab-temiuu-;, forbearing. 
TTflT sany,j:i, .?. m. Pudenda, 
(ajiplicdto female <juadrup(.tls. ) 
jf TTff?" sariyjif, ,^. /. A bonier 

tarked to the edge of a garment. 
TTtTI'^ sanyj.i,ll, a. Adorned with 

a border. 
TTrf^ •-aiiyji, s.f. ( dim. of TTtTT. ) 
TT'flvTrt'^ sanyjiiiiji. s.f. Kcnom- 

i'-al, thrifty, careful, ^kil!Ull. 
TT^ sanvjoj s.f. A Coat of mail; 

i. q. JTiT. 
37^31 -"^aiivjogi ,c. f. j\ccident, 
chance, hap, event, luck, conjunc- 
tion, union. 
TTriST^ sanyjo,gan, s.f. j One 

jf^af^ sanyjo,gi, s. m. j that ef- 
fects a union ; a faqir who observes 
no vow of contincncy, but has a 
TT^ sanyjh, s.f. Evening. 
7T.^?*K* sanyjliii, s.f. Evening; 
a kind of Hindu worship perform- 
ed in the evening. 
■R^ satt, s.f. A blow, a stroke, 

TTSTJ? sa,tak, s.f. The worm of 
a huqqa; flight, separation. 

HZr~?r si.tikni, r. n. To floe, 
to b^' Mparatel; to envy. 

TiZ^ ^rSJ sa,t .k pa.tuk, 
liuriy and confusion, aiubigiut^, 

Hz^' s;.t,tani, r. a. To cast, to 
throw, to p()ur. 

TRZ ^Z ^ P'tt, "^'- Quickly; 
i. q. '^Z ^Z. 

i\Z ^Z ?^;itt, j.;,tt, \ s.m. 

TITT^ ^rzi^ si,tarpajar, ^ Ilurrv 
and coiifii-ion, ambiguity, reck- 
lessness; trifling talk or business. 

T{Z^ VZ^ sa,tari pa,tari, 3. m. 
One who speaks or acts in a hur- 
ried, conl"uH><l, unreliable manner. 

TT3i€5rf s;it i,u!i i, r.a. To cause to 
ea-t or throiv, to causo to pour 

773i3n s..t I,k;i, s.w. Ua-tc, quick- 
ness; the se)Uiid cf blows; TTZ^ 
<^f^5. quickly. 
VZ^ ^Z^ - -tl^ batt'i, s. m. At: 
interchange of relations in mar- 
riage; an exchange, barter. 
^27^ sat ti, s.f. A market where 
diy goods, kf. are bartered, the 
price being fixed by ,1 go-between; 

c. w. ■j^rr^l ami ??r^^. 
l^Z sattli, a. Sixty. 
fleT satth, s.m. Uniting, joining. 
fl3?rr s;tth,ni, r. <x. To join, 

to unite, to cause to adhere. 
J^ar^ s;itth,ni, *. /. Uniting, 
joining, a knot, ( of a weaver's 
warp. ) 
H<i'^l\i^ s:ithw;i,i, s.f. CouiiH-'ii- 
sation for putting a piece into a 
H^-c'ScM s.-.tliwi,un'i, r. a. To 
cause to join or unite, to put a 
piece into a loom. 
^,i<^i satth,wiri, a. Sixtieth. 
JTST sat|tha, s. in. The year '60. 
Tr?r-e:l sathi.i, *./. i. q. TfZ^TZ^- 
H^To^O" satha,uni, r. a. To cause 
to be joined. 





^3> sat, tin', s.f. A coarso kind of 

■^Zi snf.tlii, s.f. A market; i. q. 

jT^TTT -snnvlas, s. m. A neccs?an-. 
Tf^TTT^ s;ind;i,si', s.f. Pincers, 

jf^TP^, ^ s. M. A 
lf5TTf^»Kr sanl;i,sia,/ class of fa- 

qirs among Himlu>; i. q. 'Ht7r- 

Tf:^ sandli, 


a. Barren, ( ap- 

•jf^^C sAn,<llian,j plied to both 

■women and animals. ) 
ifx^cM 3andli,n i, r. a. To unite, to 
splice, to piece, to twist together 
the ends of two ropes, &c. 

7f^ sariidlui, s. m. A male buf- 
falo; a larire and powerful man; 
an intlammatlon or |>ain caused by 
symjiatliy with a sore in another 

jf ^ snn,dlu', s. f. A large and 
powerful wuman. 

Tf^ san, s.f. Hemp. 

JT^'?~?'ST s.'.nkuk,r;i, f.m. A 
coarse kind of r.-'mp. 

TT^T^f ^t sanmMU|dh;i, 0(L Entirely. 

JI^rsT saiii.ti, t. m. A sound 
in the cars, as of a distant ringing 
noise; H5S <!rr ^^7 tT 5^r, to be 
overwhelmed with svidden gr'ef. 

J{^ y^.,m, s.f. A fine kind of 

?T^'?'^T sanuk ra, s. m. A coarse 
kind of hemp. 

Wf^ sa,rn'i, s. m.f. ITemp. 

H^ sa.iie, prip. Together with. 

W5 sat, s. m. Truth; strength, 
power; essence, juice, spirit; 

fJS' sat, ^ a. Seven ; ( TT3" is 
frj satt, 1 use<J in comix»si- 

sat, \ 
satt, I 
tiou. ) 
KH" satt, s. m. Truth, right- 
eousness, virtue; the true God, the 
*ll-per\ading Spirit. 

^3" fatt, a. True. 

3T? satt, ati. Truly, verily. 

ITSTf^^WT satsa,ia, a. Composed 
of seven humlred ( threads, indi- 
cating the texture;) valued at 
seven hundred ( rupees ; ) compos- 
ed of seven lnnnlred (verses.) 

TTJTT^t sat-a,!, s.f. Cloth of se- 
ven hun<lred threads' width; ( a 
ter>ii denoting its quality. ) 

TCJfi'Z £at,>:itth, a. Sixty seven. 

H5JTCTT sat.-a,yi, a. L q. WJ- 

TTFlff sat, si, *. /. Cloth of seven 

hundred threads' width. 

WSTTSJ satsancrc, s. m. > 

" '" , > True 

HF7THT3" sat.s.rig,g:it, s.f. J 

fiUowshiji, genuine society. 

TTyvrF^" sathat,tar, a. Seventy 

TR3^:5r sathat,ti i, s. m. The 
year '77; a cuiti of that year. 

TT5i7dH satkarin, s. m. A good 
work, a virtuous or holy act. 

TT'J^r?}^^, *. /. ^ A 

7^3'=r3"^rt satkar,mi, s. m. j vir- 
tuous person. 

TTJ^S^T sat,giina, a. Seven-fold. 

flS^Tf sat, guru, *. m. The true 
teacher, God ; an orthodox teacher. 

TTF^^ satgulo, s. f. An extract 
of ^r^, q. V. 

3R3"^ satjug, s. m. Tlie gold- 
en age, the first of the four ages 
of Hindu mythology, being the 
age of righteousness. 

H^fi^fH' satju,gi *. m. One who 
lived in the golden age, a right- 
eous person. 

«i<jvi sat,na, r. n. To be perse- 
cuted, to be teamed. 

7^333 satat,tar, a. Seventy seven. 

'f{3'3J satat,tr5, s. m. Thoyear '77; 
a coin of that year. 

Tf3'<M-rii satnaJH, *. m. A mix- 
ture of seven kinds of grain be- 
stowed on a caste of people called 

"Ditlaunt at certain seasons, for 
the benefit of a person who is 
sup|t»<.Hl to be iMider the evil 
inlluenoeof some plauft. the grain 
being equal in wei;,'lit to the 
body of the |n r*on. 

T|'?7>f><'^ satn v,\iii, s. in. A cla-ssi 
of Hiiulu 'levotees. 

T{3V;3^ satputjti, a. Having seven 

H?'9^<^ sat,ba<'han, ad. ( liter- 
ally a true word. ) True, good, 
Will ^aid. 

1T3'^'37t s;itbarg, *. m.- The name 
of a ihiw er. 

7T?3-;^i >atmn,ni, a. At the rate 
of se\ en niaunds for a ruj>ee. 

TfB'WTvIT --atini,ii:in, a. Of a peri- 
od of Seven months; as TI'JWTvjt 
^T^^'v, a seven montiis' child, (in 
utoro. ) • 

H5WT, a. The seventh. 

TTFW"^ sat,ti:i, s.f. The seventh 
day of the lunar month. 

TTJ^ sri,tar, f. tn. Concealment, 
a screen, a veil; the privities. 

TTFaT sa,tar, s.f. A line, a row. 

Tf3J sat, tar, a. Seventy. 

??2[ sattr, jr. m. An enemy. 

?15T S^^T sat.tru ^ a. (llteral- 
bahat,iri, I ly of the 

fl?' JniT ^^Ff^wT I age of 70 
sat,tri.i baliai.tri.i, J or 72, ) 
Old, deerejiit, doting. 

^[3? sat.tru, s. tn. J'arche<l grain 
reduced to meal, and eaten in the 
form of 1 a>te; i. q. T{3. 

7\3^'r( sa'ranyj, s. m. f. Cliess ; 

c. w. ^r^^'t. 

TTS'^t^H'tT satranyjbaj, s. m. A 

chess player. 
■JTH'^Tl'gTTrt satranyjbiji, s. f. 

Chess playing. 
TTF^tT^ satranyji, *./. A kind of 

caq>et, a rug. 
^HWrfi sat la r, a, a. Seven-fold, 

of seven strings or rows. 


JTrTTTrt ^«^IA^ 



V , j'^:i sat,l".k, ». m. Tlio worlJ of 

liralim, licaven; true aii-l u]Tit:Iit 

JT3^7Tjt sat\vu,li;iii, a. Ofaj>orioil 

of seven months ; i. q. TTS'HTvrt. 

q. V. 
TfS'fW >at\Tanyj;i, a. Fifty ^ovon. 
H5"^t .-at,wAn, a. The sevontli. 
^T5T sat,tu, t. m. Tlie figure T, 

the number seven. 
JTFr^ sat 'i,i, a. Twenty ^even. 
W^^^r >ati,uu;i, r. a. To vex, 

to teaze, to persecute. 
^B^Trd «ita,si, a. Eighty seven. 
H^'njrftnfT sat:ih,sia, t. m. The 

year '.ST. 
TTFTvfjf^^ .satah,siwau, a. Eiglity 

JTF'vTZ sati,hnt, a. Sixty seven. 
WSTvTZf .-atiihata, s. m. The year 

?T3"lvr3T satali,ra, s. m. ^ A shoe 
W5fvjJ> satali.ri, S.J. j of 17 

fingers' length. 
3H 3 1 A' ^ata^, s. m. Saran. 
ITBTTJ^ TS'TTTec >aia,uan uifa,nnn, 

s.f. A eahuiiuiaiur. 
^:?I<S "S^TT; ?;atan, tufan, jf. J)i. 

TTFTTJVg >, j .». »). 

JTFH^^^ satani'aun, > JX'vili-h- 
JTSTTiV^T satanpUiiut. ' ness. 
^ j I tS HT satai!,nui, *. i«. The 

year '[>7. 
T^FfT^JfT sat;in,nKin, a. Ninety 

TTFiTjir satan,nKn. a. Ninety 

7T3"f^^T satan,wa, 5. m. The 

year '!*7. 
TT3T?f^t,wan, a. Ninety 

Ti^^Ti^ satan.wen, a. Ninety 

fTETTft sata,ni', a. Devilish. 
■;T3"T7ft •$-^^^^ sat;i,ni, s. m. 

A calumniator. 

TTyrgr sata,1.a, t. m. ("loth prepar- 
okI witli cuMpDWilcr cli>solve<l in 
water an-l u^ctl a-s tin<KT, a match 
for fuing a gun; TTFr^fTT^^. 
to apply a niateh to a gun. 

TTJl'g^ >ata,bi, S. /. Ha--te; TTB^- 
^ ^T^, to hasten. 

W3'iyt sat;i,l'i, aJ. Quickly. 

1T3TS sat:ir, s. in. f. A i.ind of 
guitar with three strings. 

TT3T?^ .-atariyi, i J. in. One 

H^kAwT satir,ia, / who plays on 
the satur. 

THJId i satar,an, a. Seventeen. 

HtV sa,ti, s. VI. Extraet, spirit, es- 
senee; as H%'^'&. tlie sjiirit or 
extract of 7«^^. 

TrfV sa,ti, a. True. 

Tits' ^^^tl, ad. Truly. 

'JRt's'WT satjtia, s. m. f. Trutii, 

7?t3''HT7frH sattianas, s. in. 
Entire destruction, annihilation, 

HfF»fT7^IT^ salti;ina|-an, s. f. ^ 

^t3'WT77Ifl't sattiana,>i, s. m. j 
One that is totally ilestroye<l: 
one worthy of .lest ruction. 

flf5"WTJfT7» sattiaiiian, i s. in. f. 

"HI3^>MT^T7J sattiawau, j One that 
speaks the truth, a' righteous per- 

T{'S\ sa,ti, s.f. A widow who im- 
molates herself on tlie funeral 
pile of her hu-band. 

TT?^ sa.ti, o. Chaste, virtuous, 

l^/\d satir, s. m. A beam. 

-[^i\ sati,ri, s. J. A small beam, 
a rafter. 

Tf3~3T5^ sa,tugun, s. in. Tiie at- 
tribute of goodness; pioty. 

TT? sat.tu, s. m. Parched grain 
reduced to meal, and eaten in the 
form of paste. 

1^33 satut, s. m. The mulberry, 
(both tree and fruit.) 

W33J satu.ta, Invention, in- 
venting, fancying. 

:r?3i>KT .'.atu.tian, .^ /. j-L A 
-mall kinil of mulberry fruit. 

yf^'^r^ satjOgun, *. vt. The at- 
tribute of goodness, piety; i. q. 

'JRB'^ICr satau,n.i, a. Seven-fold. 

•fTJjrS'T satilngigri, A little 

•jf? sant, s. VI. J A holy per- 

7f5^, 5. / / son, a dev- 
otee, a saint. 

TTS^T san,tara, s. in. An orange. 

TJ3TM santap, s. in. Grief, pain. 
alilirtion, sympathy. 

7f3TM5^ santa,iKin, /. -> Sorrowful, 

73^?rv"t santa,pi, vi. ) atHiete<.l, 

K^tf santokh, s. in. Contentment, 
patience, sati>factIon. 

7f5^!7 >antO|kliau, /. | Content- 

Ko^'^ ;auto,klii, in. ) cd, J^a- 

I^g- satih, 5./. A ]'l;.<'e before ti;e 
irate of a town or village where 
men and eattlc congregato in the 

■^■^ satth, s.f. The coun.'il of five, 
called panchii>/:U; a '[uarrel. a, a suit; ^^^ VT-f 5^, to 
brincr a case before the pancluimt, 
to sue. 

H^ev't s;ath,m, .-:./. Putting the 
cord into ih.o weaver's warp; c. 
w. :5d<Sf. 

^■^^ satjthar, 5. in. A bed of 
straw ; grain cut and >pread out to 
drv; a custom which llindiuhave 
of sleeping at least 13 days in the 
house of a relation, who has just 
deceased ; iR^g^ =?T %F, one who 
steals from his companion, (as 
from a man who sleeps on the 
same bed with him ; ) HW7 VT- 
^^T, to spread out straw for 
a bed. 

•^■3^ satth.ri, *./ An armful of 
grass, straw, grain, i:c. jn*t cut. 

^ sadJ, s. M. A kin.l of song, 
sucli a--* slu'i'lic-rJ-* ^iMg; 17^ W^- 
V^a, ?;;j?vr, or ?5T^c:fT, to?in?. 

fl:e sa-M, 5./. Oilniig; Tr^:^F, 
the Jistanco at wliicli a call may 
be heard, a <iuartor or half a /:os; 
n^ KT^rrt, to call. 

Tpe^rW "^I^vr saJak,karc ho,n i, > 

JT^'i" ^Tc:^ sa.lak,k:;re, / 
V. H. To 'uo iacriliccd for tlio wel- 
fare of another. 

3^:^177 sad.kd, s. m. A sarritico, 
self-devotion ; alias ; Ti^u ^^ 
or tITc!v r, to become a saerifne fur 
the welfare of another; H-c:3T 
^cS I, to give alms ; Tl^eijr ^^S^, 
to receive alms. 

^ ■d^ T, r. fl. To call. 

^^ V^ sadd pucluh!!, s. /. Call- 
ing and asking. 

T^ id^ d^ sadliarg, .*. m. The iiaiuo 
of a tlowor. 

JTS^ 5a,d.', (id. Always, ever. 

JP?T 5a,di, *. /. A voicf. 

7T^T sad, da, s. m. Calliii!.'; the 
horn of a ram or he g"at ; a 
standard cn.M-tfd in the d;.\ s of 
Ashtini; T^^r -gw^^T, to blow 
a horn. 

TT^J'^^T sada,un I, r. a. To cause 
to call, to be called or named. 

TI^IWS^ sadaanand, a. Ltcr- 
iiall_\ Iiapi'V. 

JT^ttlT^ sad.t.-iv^ s. in. A name 
u{ .M.,l„'. 

JT^rfftin sadi.Mt.ti, m. (literally 
always sewed.) r.Ianuless, free 
from fault; one who never com- 
mitted a favdt. 

11=STf7Tn3T feadisuhiig, s. m. A 
kind of devotee among Mnhatn- 
niadaus drv sse<l like a woman; 
constant wifehood. 

*H-<r"HvJHi?3 sad.iMilii,gan, s. /. A 
wife who never becomes a widow; 

a kind of bird ; a kind of flower. 

7T^rg?3 sadabart, *. n. Feed- 
ing faijirs, travellers. Sec. daily; 
Tl^I^cJH fJT^^, to establish a 

T{^^'SrJ3^ sad;ibar,ti, .<f. m. One 
who ilaily feeds beggars, travel- 
lers, (tc. 

JJ^^^'33 sadavart, *. m. i. q. 

TT^r^3?t sadivar,tj, s. m. i. q. 

TTfe>>rr^ sadia,rii, s. f. A female 
descendant of Ali, a female iaj/j/acA 

jrfemT^TT sadiii,na, s. m. A joy- 
ful song usually sung at weddings. 

TT^ sa,di, s. f. A century. 

Pl^vf sadip, s. m. Eternity. 

Ti^^Hr? sadi,i>ak, a. Eternal. 

■JT^M^ sadi_i>ak, j a<I. Eterial- 

H^'^U^T^ sadiiikiil, / ly, forever. 

tS^ sand, s. m. Instruments, tools. 

f^^ san<l, or. Wicked. 

if ^55 saii,<lal, ,?. m. Sandal woo<l; 
mortar used for a tomb. 

T^-dii^ san,dali, a. ^lade of sandal 
wood, having the color of sandal 

Tf^?5t san,dali, s. J. A mason's 
trestle; a frame placed over a fire 
pit to support a large <juilt, under 
which people sleep. 

T^^r san,d:i, s. in. Chattels, irople- 

1?^T srin,da, \ thf. p. 

•E^cfT TJ^r san,<lu hun|d:i, ) Ueiiig. 

11=217 sand Ilk, s. m. A bos, a 

*;=c'?\)'^ suniluk.chi, j s. f. A 

iq^S"?"^ sandilkji, / small box 
or chest. 

7f=^'?V sa:Mlii,ki, a. Interlapped, 
dove-tailed, made of boards close- 
ly united ; in the sha[»c of a trunk. 

7^=^37 sandts, i t.m. K 

F^TTT sunde,s;i, j message. 

iJ^jfl sande,si, s.m. A messenger. 




77 "5 o sandeh, s. rt\. Doubt, sus- 
picion, hesitation, anxiety; love, 
aflfection; deviation, error. 

jf^^rfV >ande,hi, a. Doubtful, 

J^Miyr sadli,n:i, r. n. To be done, 
to be made, to bei-ome, to be fa- 
miliarized, to be rectified, to be 

HU-^l^ sadhwa,!, t.j. A stick 
put under the hinder end of a cart 
to keep it from tilting. 

FTHTg^ sadli;i,ran, | ad. IndifTer- 

TTcrrgiT sadhii.ran, J ently, care- 

W^V57> sadh:i,ran, a. Small, of 
little account, indiflerent. 

TnTldAi sadliar,na, r. n. To go, 
to depart. 

T?tT saudl:, s. f. A crack or space 
between two surfaces; i. q. TTt^. 

j?T7^ san.dhan, s. J. The fern, of 

T?ttj>HT san.dhia, s. f. Evening. 
Sec ITTjf^WT. 

Tixft snn,dlii, s. m. A child dedi- 
cated, who is to be redeemed 
at the ajipointed time by one 
tenth of the value set upon it; i. 

• q. ^srftf^. 

TTTT san,dliii, .<f. m. The name of 
a family among the Juts. 

I^TI'J sandhur, 5. ni. A red drug 
smeared on the forehead by Hin- 
dus, re<l lead. 

TftigTJT satidln1r,na, v. a. To lust, 
(spoken [larticuhrly of elephants, 
which at such times become un- 
manageable; ) T^Tlf^JHT Urg^, a 
lustful elephant; (met. ) a lustful 

irq^t sandhu,ri, a. Of the color 
of red lead. 

Ting^ san<lliu,ri, f. m. A sort of 
mango tinged with reil. 

Tf^a^ZTsft sandhurito,di, *./. A 
musical mode sung in the morning. 





KA" san, r. n. ( in<ll^. impcrf. of 
tJSH". ) Were. 

7f7I sati, s.m., fra; tlio stamp 
on coin shewing the <latc of a 
nionaroli's accc?Mon, a mark; JJTi 
VT^^r or MT =^^I, to stamp, to 
brand, to mark with infamy, (as 
by mutilating a member, Sic) 

H^ san, s.f. Fainting, insensibi- 
lity, ( induced by cold or ^veak- 
ncss; ) c. w. "Hn'^^l and "rdfj^^- 

JJTTfU san^sa, $. m. Doubt, per- 
plexity, anxiety, dread, approlion- 

TT^fHTT sansik,kl, s. m. The de- 
vice on a coin; a title to empire, 
a riglit of <ncce5.*ion, regal author- 
ity; f^ilRTf "grrTo^Trr, to eital>- 
lish one's authority, as ruler of 
a country. 

J?^ sannli, s. m. Space, distance. 

lf?S sanuh, s.f. Digging through 
a wall by a thief. 

T?7S^ santiihi., .<;./. Pincers. 

ITTi'STFf sand 13, xV necos-ary ; 
i. q. TT^TTT. 

TT^BTff^ sanila|.n, .'. m. A class of 
Hindu devotees; i. q. TTJ^t^TTTft. 

fJTTS sandh, a. Barren; i. q. 7T^. 

TTTT^T 5au,<]lu>, .^ m. A male 
bulTalo; a fat lubberly man. 

HA'^T san.dhi, a. Strong, stout, 

HTT^ san,dhi, a./- A fat woman. 

JfTiS sant, 5. m. A saint, a dev- 
otee; i. q. "PS. 

7T3^ ^a»t, a. ■ Holy; i. q. "^3- 

■^7^3 san,nat, s.f. A sign, a sig-, beckoning. 

Ji^d^ san,tani, s. f. A saint, 
a devotee; i. q. "3^3^- 

HA31V .santiip, ^. m. Sorrow, pain, 

TT^TSTmI' santa,pi', a. Sad, sorrowful. 

HA5">* santokli, s. m. Content- 
ment, satisfaction, pleasure, grati- 
fication, patience, satiety. 

HA^Mt santOjklu, a. Contented, 

J7753 san nat, /./. A sign, a signal, 
a beck; warning. 

HA-d s3,nad, s. f. A signature, 
a dee<l, a document. 

TTPT^S^ san,dal, *. m. Sandal 
wood ; m<^'rtar use<l for a tomb. 

H<S^ '?ft san,dali, a. Of the color 
of saii'lal woud, made of s;in<lal 

■JT7r=3?rt san,dali, s.f. A mason's 
trestle, L^: i. q. T^'^7^. 

H<S^i"l '^a.nadi, a. Held by written 
dcoil.s. [ trunk. 

j\^^-J sanduk, s. m. A box, a 

H^-ei.'o^ san<l:1k,chi, ^ 5. /. A 

H <^-rd -J pO sandiikji, j small box. 

•JTTP^irt sandu,ki.. a. i. q. TR^^. 

TTTJ^TT sandes, j^ -^5, m. A 

TT7J%«TT, )" messsge. 

jr7;^~ff\ sande,'-!, 5. m. A wrs- 

J^Ti^O snndoh, s. m. i. q. TT^TJ. 

TTTT^xft sande,hi, a. i. q. 1--=^vff. 

^T?vfVwT san,dhia, 5./. Evening; 
repeating mnntras and sipping '^•a- 
ter at sunrise, sunset, and midday, 
a ceremony performed by Brah- 
mans, Chhatris, and Vaisas. 

H^a ? sandhur, s. 7)». A red paint 
used by the Hindus for marking 
the forehead, red lead; i.q. fTY^- 

WAUd"^ sandhu.ri, a. Of the color 
of rc-'l lead. 

TT^TOf san.mukh, ad. prtp. Con- 
fronting, opposite, before. 

7r?J"K'^ san,mukh, a. Face to face, 
bold, unabashed. 

JJ7>VfTT[ sanyas, s. vi. Abandon- 
ment of ilie world. 

HAtrirjfft sanyAiSf, s. m. One 

who has abandoned the world. 

TTT^ sani, | 

> s. ni.f. Senna. 
TTTT^'Z sana^i, ) 

JJTTTfj sanas, s. m. Abandonment 

of the world; i. q. TTtTJ^RTTT. 

( san,niun, s.f. Ho>t<. 

TTJ^rrfV sani,-i, g. m. A kiml of 
devotee, one wlio professes to 
have abandoned tlie world; i. q. 
Trrk rKrH>. 

H<Mvj sanili, c. m. A messase, a 

TTT^t Vfv'^fV sani n;aV ,i, *. m.f. 
Senna of Mecca. 

7?t7J»wt j' 

lifTjnfrfT ) sannii-, t. i/i. Aban- 

T? rTjnfrrr J donmentofthe v.orld. 

■f^Vk''lU7^ J s::!ini;t,si, f. m. A 

3Tf7>>WITi^ / kind of ascetic, ( Hin- 
du, ) one v.ho has abandoned tlio 

TrfTS^'g'? sanich,c]diar, s. in. Satur- 
dny; the planet Saturn. 

1T75'?^ ?aiuikj.i, s. m. A kind 
of hemp. 

TT<^5rr, a. Salt(.-<1, salt, 
saline; i. q. 'JT^JS^^- 

t(^^ saneh, 5. m. Friend-hip, 

^^vjf sane,li i, 5. m, A mes-age. 

■J^vr snp]), 5. ni. A serpent. 

^vrftrr^ sappsi.han, 1 .^ /. A 

irvrftvIcfC^ sapi»i,liani, J sp<-c-ies 
of lizard. 

TTM^ s^^ipPi"?'* ■'•/• A female ser- 

f^3X ?npr;t,ta, a. Honorable, re- 
spectable; i. q. TTM^Ff- 

^vr^^T sap.arda s. m. A musician 
attending on singing women, 

^qV?^"tvO saparda,!, .?. m. Musi- 
cians attending dancing girls. 

TTV^^i^ saparda,!, s..f. \ 

T^V3^:V^rr sapardaj', s. m. ) 
The business of a sapardd. 

TTV^ TT4-^ ^?7»T 
kar na, r. «. To make the noise 
caused i>y taking foo<l or drink 
into the mouth with a strong inspi- 
ration of breath, as in gulping. 

?TMlfV>HT sa].a,ia, /. w. A sup- 
port, a water stand, a stool, atim- 





;. \ 

l>cr on which tlie toncfue of the 
cart rests when the oxen are un- 
yoked ; a trestle usetl to supi)Ort 
zjazail at tlie time of firing. 
1T'JTsf> snpd,!, s. f. ( dim. of 

*. O'/. Quicklv. 
HMTHW <]ia,i>ishap, J 

TrMTTP/ ^ajKi^ap, ^ ?. m. f. 

H'JTHM shajxiihap, ] Haste. 

TT'-rrvT sapal), f. /. Soldiers, an 

army; TT'-rrU"trr7>r, soldiers' quart- 


JTMrUTT^^T? sap;ihsalir, s. m. A 
cajKain, a comniamler of an ar- 
my, a commander in chief. 

JT'^TU-?TTt sap.ihga,ri, s. f. 

TTMTTIV'^T sai';llil>ii,na, S. tn. 
The military profession. 

flVlTft .'■aj.iihi', s. in. A soldier. 

TTVT3r 5ai)i,f i, s. m. Ua-te, a 
ru-h; a turn or walk. 

TTMTcrT sa[>a,dlKl, s. m. A si'ake 
catcher, a snake keejior. 

T?yrraT .^tpija, s. tn. i. q. TTVN 
ffemT, q. V. 

ITWidH .'■ajd,ras 5./. riOcommenda- 
tion, coiniiK'inlation, intercession. 

W^FH^ .-apa,ra>an, *./. > A 

TTVIdfTl sap;i|r.i-i, s. rn. ) com- 
monder, an intercessor. 

TTVT3T iap:i,ru, *. in. One of the 
thirty sections into which flic Qu- 
ran i.s divided. 

HVr^ sapa,ri, 5./. A betelnut ; 
C,'lans penis; i. q. JJVT^. 

<FrMT3" -api,ru, .<r. m. Glans penis. 

fl^funn^ry sai.ia.dhan, s. /. j 

TTtlrnfTiTT sa[.i;i,dha, s. m. ] 

A snnkc catcher, a snake keejier. 

TTfVmr^t sapia,ri, s. f. A betel- 
nut; glans j)cni3. 

?TfV>Ml'3" sa[.ia,ru, s. m. Glans 

HM? sajiut, ^ *. w. A good son, 

TRnrS saj.utt, V a clever son ; i.q. 

HV^, ) ^VFand^VTT. 

TTV^^rgft saputtrtii,!, ^/. The 
quality of l«eing a good son. 

TPf^T saput,t.i, a. Having goo J 
chililren; Jiaving oflspring. 

TTV^^ sapurd, n a. /. 

7T'4^^=2^ saitur,ilagi, > Charge, 

'K^'^ sapur,di, } keeping, 

care, trust. 

TTV? japut, s. m. A tractable, 
dutiful son. 

TlV^r^ saputa,!, s. f. The quali- 
ty of being a good son. 

flV^J^ =afiu,ran, ^ a. Full, 

fpTTT^ sapM|ran, J complete. 

TTi/^ -.aj'cd, a. White. 

TTM'^S^ sape,da, .<?. m. White lead; 
a rupee; a poplar tree. 

HV=^t sape,<Ii, s.f. Whiteness; 

Ti-V^ sapaid, a. White. 

TTV^r sapai.da, s.r.x. White lead: 
a rupee; a poj)lar tree. 

TT-T^ sapai,di, s.f. Whiteness; 

TP-T?^^ sapai,lan, s.f. j A snake 

TTM"??! sapai.lii, s. in. ) keeper, 
a snake charmer. 

I-ft}f^,rni sapol,ya, ^ s. m. A 

Tr^?5^»KT sapo,jia, / young snake. 

TT^ saf, s. f. A mat; a row, a 

H^3i^ safta,lu, s. m. A kind 
of fruit. 

H<Sd sa,far, s. m. A journey, tra- 

■W <^ <J r saf,ri, s. in. A piece of lea- 
ther in which tobacco is worked, 
or over which meal is sifted. 

TT^^ safri, s. f. ( dim. of safrd. ) 

TT^^ saf,a'-i, a. Belonging to a 

i\fiii\ Jaf,ari, *. in. A traveller. 

TT^T s.ifi, a. Clean, pure. 

TT'?'!"^ safa,i, s.f. Cleanness, puri- 

TT^TTJT safa,ras, *./. llcconuiien- 
dation, intercession. 

TT^r^Hc^ safa,rasan, /./ 1 A 

W<^idH^ safi,, s. m. ) com- 
mendcr, an interci .^or. 

?T^35 safil, t.f. A wall, a ram- 

^%^ safed, or saphed, a. TNTiite. 

TT^^r s;ife,<la or saplie,da, *. hi. 
White lead ; a rupee ; a poplar tree. 

TT^^!?^ pafe,di or sa{>he,di, $. f. 
Wliitcness; lime. 

^^■5^^ safaid, or saphaidj a. AVliitc. 

•fl^^I s;ifai,d.i or saphai,da, t. m. 
White lead; a rupee; a poplar 

TiG^'^ safai,di or snphai,di, f. f. 
Whiteness; lime. 

Tfy'vJl sab|h;i, s.f. An assembly, 
a meeting, a company. 

JT^'^ sab,ak, s. in. A lesson. 

Tra'Tf sab,aj, a. Green. 

TT^tT^?^ sabajman, di, s. f. A 
vegetable market. 

H^^T sabja, s. m. Verdure, her- 

irgnft sabji, s. f. Greenness, 
greens, verdure, the plant called 
hlumg; al'iO the drink prepared 
from it. 

^IJ^tHc^ fi sabjipharos, *. in./. 
A seller of greens and vegetablesi. 

H^-ST sabd, s.m. A voice; a song, 
( among Ndiiak-panthis;) a word; 
a noun. 

TfST^ sab,(li, s. vi. A singer of 

'i^^^ sababl)| s. m. Cause, reason, 

fl^U" sabr, s. m. Patience, en- 
durance; Tra^" '^'Um, to have pa- 
tience, to endure. 

JT^g^^r sabrkat,ta, a. Abun- 
dant, plentiful. 

UH<}\3 sabrat, s.f. The 14th day 
of the month shibdn, in which the 
Musalmans commemorate their de- 
cea<;ed ancestors. 

Trg^iF^ sabra,tf, a. Belonging 





to tahrdt; l>orn in tlio month of 
tahrdt or fhuWm. 
HW75 s;il>,bal, *./. An iron in- 
strument used by tliiovCi to di^ 
through walls. 
JT^^ sabal, a. Strong, powerful. 
Wy WT irg55l sab,ali abjali, a. 
Strong and weak, good and bad, 
( applied to things, not to moral 
qualities. ) Xctc. W^35T 3T^.^ 
b the idiom of this phra-e. 
TrgrS" sabut, s.f. A norch, a ves- 
tibule, a gateway, 
wltjvj^r sabih|t;i, s. m. Imjirove- 
ment, convalesccnee; profit, ad- 
vantage, use; i. q. TlfVvJST. 
irfy vJ ' y sablhlr, ad. !Mucli, ve- 
ry, exceedingly, excessively, ex- 
H^vJBT bauili,ta, .<?. m. Improve- 
ment, convalescence, jjrolit, ad- 
vantage, use. 
H^TJSrl sabih|ti, s.f. A dwarf- 
ish, fat woman. 
«*<^'jw sabuu, s. m. Soap. 
ir^^?T9" saLungar, s. m. A soap 

TT^^ sabunf, a. Soapy, wash- 
ed with soap. 
J7'^^ sabii 111, J s. m. A 

TT'^sO'WT baLu,iiii, J manufacturer 

and seller of soap. 
W5?i? sal>ut, a. "Whole, entire. 
TJ'^U^ sabu^n', s.f. Tatience. 
fJ'W^ saber, a. Karly, in good 

time; i. q. Tr%^. 
H^d saber, s.f. j Morning, 
*H*fdI sabe,r:>. s. in. j dawn. 
M'iid sab(,>,re, ad. In the morn- 
ing, early, soon ; i. q. T}%^. 
jfydi^ vlfft saiiibar.-uli,ri, s.f. De- 
struction, anil iliilat ion. 
Tl'g^'^'' '*:ini|I';irnri, v. a. To sweep. 
HSRTTK^ sambara,!, s.f. Sweej)- 

ing; the wages fur sweej>ing. 
jf")^!^^! sambani|Una, r. a. To 
cause to be swept. 

j^ sabh, a. All, the whole. 
3T3' ^^ ?abh, kuchh, s. in. Kvery 

Hj<J.f sabh, nan, a. ( pi. obi. of 

yra". ) 

JTB'^ sabh|n:n, a. (instr. pi. of 

IT3", for Tra'TJt k. ) 
TTS'^'Q sablia,u, s. m. Di>p05i- 

tion, nature. 
7T3T^7 sabh:i|Ul;, a. Natural. 
TTS'f^^ sabhiiiik, •, aJ. Xatu- 
JT3T^^ sablii,vak, / rally, un- 
intentionally, undesignedly. 
3T3T^^ sabhl,vak, a. Natural. 
fT^ sabjbiie, j a. All, c\Lry 

ir^ sab,bho, J one. 
'I^'3c^7}\ sam,bha]nu, r. 7J. To be 
suppoited, to stand, to be firm, to 
recover ono's self from a full, &c. 
y^S'ffSAT, r. a. To 
support, to prop,, to protect; to 
stop, to repre>s. 
3^'3T^5 saniblia,lu, s. m. A .■sup- 
porter, a keeper; the name of a 
tree, the leaves of which are used 
7m sam, s.f. A tone in music. 
jfjf samm, s.f. A A-rrule. 
TfVTn saiDiSa, s. m. The little tas- 
sels aflixed to a rosary ; tongs used 
fur lifting a pot off the fnc. 
TTWtO' sam, si, a. A particular 

family o{ snyyaJs; solar. 
JTl^K^ sam, SI, s.f. Small tongs. 
H>J^^?^r samlia|lani, j r. a. To 
JDJi^iiSf samli;U,na, / support, 
to uplicld, to sustain, to shield, 
to take care of; to stop, to repress ; 
to take an account. 
TTHTf5 samh;i,lii, s. m. A support- 
er,"a keeper; the name of a tree, 
the leaves of which are used me- 
■JTW? saniimak, ^ a. All, the 

^T-flT sam, mag, j whole; very dark; 
(used only with night; as TT^I^- 
?T^, the wJiolc night. ) 

;H>f^ samjh, s. f. Understanding, 

opinion, conception. 
TnT'^*?^ samjh, n'i, r.a. To under- 
stand, to be of ojdnion, to conceive. 
TTW^^^fF samjlid;ir, > a. Intclli- 
WWT^n^ samjhwan, J gent, pru- 
dent, clear-headed, considerate. 
3T>i^r^?ST samjh i,uni, r. a. To 
cause to understand, to convince, 
to explain, to inform, to warn, to 
admonish, to chastise. 
TfK^^t s.amjha,w:i, j. »». s Tlio 
HW^^i samjhau,ti, *./. j act of 
explaining, or convincing, cxlior- 
tation; JTH"<i5^ -^c^t, to exhort, 
to counsel. 
JTlf? sam, mat, .<f. m. Year, era. 
JT>nT? saiii;'d,dhar, a. Of mid- 
dling stature. 
HH7» sam, man, f. in. A strong 


JTWV3' sam, pat, s. i». The act 

of contracting or coming together, 

the closing up of a cavity; a box 

with the lid shut ; an cveu surface 

in which there arc no or.icks or 


TTWH^^ sam]iu,ran, j a. Full, 

JTJ-fM"??? sampu,ran, j complete. 

TTH^^Tit sam,barn;i, r. a. To 

sweep, to cleanse. 
3TH"5?^vJf^'^ sambarsuh,ri, /. /. 
Dostruetion, annihilation; i. q. 
pg-^JfTg-^'^ and J^>f37JTJ^. 
Tn^'^jr^ sa'.ubar.i,', s.f. Sweep- 
ing, cleansing: compensation for 
I?3-r^?l^2\f sambara,una, r. a. To 

cause to bo swei>t. 
3Tir'3?5'?n' sant,blialni, r. n. To 
be supported, to stand firm, to re- 
cover one's self from a fall, &c. 
i. q. i^yi^Trt an<l Tzc^J^- 
Hif3^H^T sanibli:i,l;ini, -, v. a. 
HX'3'T?577T samMi:il,na, J To sup- 
port, to uiihold, to protect; to 





restrain, to repress, to stfp; i. q. 

HW3'^ saiiiMi;i,ln, s. vu A sup- 
poitJi-; the name of a tree; i. q. 

TTWS'^^^'^ samniarsuh,ri, s. /. 
Do't ruction, anniliilation. 

jf^fg'q' sain::rtli| or saniarath, ^ s.f. 

HW7WT ."^v -.r^thx, i Abil- 

ity, pov. r, might.. 

JTK?^ >amar,thi, a. Powerful, 
miglity, alfle. 

jfJI^TJ bani,ran, s. in./. Remem- 
brance, mentioning, ( especially 
tlie name of God; ) a rosary; i. q. 

frH37iT sam,arna, r. a. To re- 
member, to keep in mind, to men- 

JTW^TTT sam,niarna, v. a. To sweep. 
PTW^T sam,l:i, 5. m. The work- 
er! end of a turban or girdle; a 
narrow kind of shawl tied round 
the wri>;t or liead. 

3TKT ya,.iii, s. m. Time, period, 
season; abundance of the necessa- 
ries of life, cheapness; the name 
of an insect. 

H)fr(%'^ saiu;i,In, s. in./. Sour 
curd used to coagulate milk. 

JT^fT^ sam:i,J, f./. Capacity; 
endurance, forbearance ; sowinir; 
comprnsation for sewing. 

H>(iSc5T sam;i,iina, r. n. To be 
contained in, to go into; t<» de- 
cease, to die, (spoken of holv 
men. ) 

VlwQ-i^j sama,una, r. a. To cause 
to be sewed. 

JTHT^T^' samachar, *. m./. News, 
infonnation, intelligence. 

JTHT^TSpt samfuh.'i, ri, t. m. A 
news giver, an intJ'igcncer. 

Wfnr samadh, s. /. A tomb, 
(Hindu or Sikh. ) 

JTHTTT saiiiiin, 5. m. Furniture, 
apparatus; i. q. fffU'^K^. 

TTWTT* sam:in, a. Like, equal, of 

a tolerably good fjuality. 
ITXTVF sama.pat, a. Acconipli>h- 

cd, linished. 
ITfVwT^ sanii;in, s. m. Furniture, 

JjfUm'iTiT samia,na, s. m. A 

canoi>y, an awning. 
H>rS^ saiiiud,daro s. m. The 

JTK"^ saiiuid|dr, / ocean, the sea. 
ITK^9^ samud|dari, •, a. Bdong- 
F|>r^ samud|dri, j ing to 

the sea. 
JT^P? samund, .». in. The ocean, 

the sea. 
Wii^ft'^ samundsokh, s. /. The 

name of a medicine. 
T{A_^S^^ samundjhagc, s. /. 

( literally the froth of the ocean, ) 
, The dorsal scale or bone of the 

cuttle tish. 
TTJf^S'B" suniun,dar, s. in. The 

ocean, the sea. 
ITK^??^''^ saniundarsokh, s. /. 

i. q. PTK^^^^. 
3TH^2?^?T saniundarjliagg, s./. i. 

q. PT^^TT. 
3T>f^ samu,(.]i;t, a. "Whole, entire. 
JfJ-f <i.c^[ sainetiiKt, r. a. To con- 

stringe, to cause to shrink, to col- 
lect together. 
H"H"^ samOitu, s. in. One that 

collects or gathers together. 
TfJf^ same,tu, a. SusccptiUo 

of being shrunk or contracted. 
TTWB' samot, prep. Together with. 
trie's samerj s. in. The summit 

of a mountain; the first bead in a 

rosarj-; the most excellent of a 

TtJt? samor, \ s. m. 

JTW'TM'9^3' samerpar,bat, j The 
name of a fabled mountain, the re- 
sidence of the Hindu gods, and 
the centre roun<l which the sun 
revolves, the height of it beiisg 

4,00,000 los. 

JTlfga samo,n;i, r. n. To cool 
warm water by mixing cold water 
with it. 

^V7\ sani|mag, <t. All, the whole; 
i. q. H>RT- 

jf^^Tfr «an,warn.i, r. n. To Ik? 
adorned, to be decorated, to be 

V^TW sanwar, s. ir. Decoration, 
orna».. outing; Monday. 

7?^T^7>T san\v:ir,ni, r. o. To or- 
nament, to decorate. 

TT^-S" s.ay,yad, s. vi. A chief, a 
prince; a descendant of All. 

jfCTT say,yan, s./. Female friends 
or companions. 

HF sar, y. in. A tank, a pool; a 
kind of reed, the leaf or grassy 
part of the reed, used, for thatch- 
ing; an arrow; end; a secret, a 
mystery; TTl WT^^T, to compre- 
hend or un<lerstanil ( a secret or 
mystery. ) 

J^ sar, F./. Victory- ; length, ( in 
time and space; ) TTJ ^^CT, to be 
conquered; JT3 =^d <M. to conquer, 
to subdue, to bring to a successful 
issue; to adjust, to prepare, to recti- 
fy, to put in order; to open the tube 
ofahii'jqd; 7T^ ^^. to protract, 
to let out ( the string of a kite. ) 

TTF sar, a. Straight like an ar- 
row, ( spoken of a reo<l. ) 

W^"^ sara,i, a. Bel':>nging to the 
sard or law ( of Muhajumad, ) ac- 
cording to the sani. 

JTU'Z^ sara,!, s./. Pantaloons, 
( made according to the sard, or 
Muhanunadan law. ) 

JT7TT sar,as, a. More, abundant, 
best, prime. 

^ H^ ^HTVT sarr, sarr,, r. 
n. To whiz like an arrow Hying 
through the air, to make a noise 
like a snake creeping. 

jj^ViX sar,s^, a. More, abundant, 
best, prime. 





UTffX snr,si, s.m. A kiii'l olNpoon 
us-.-tl by coiiftiti'-n«-T>; the name 
of a caji.ll; tlie namo of a city. 
WJWr^ ^.ir>i,i', »./. Abuinlanco, 

plenty, excellence. 
WdH'vft isir>i,lii, /./. The K'ltli 

part of a ti:r. 
HdxJT'^^^t sarlii.un'li, *./. The 

liead of a l>e<l>teail. 
*id\JT5^ sarh:i,ni, S.m. TIiehea«l 
of a bed, of a tomb, ic. a jiillmv. 
H^tvJ^T s.ira!i,ir-i, *. in. The 

name of a tribe. 
JJWTjf^ s.'irhin,ai. s.f. The hea'l 

of a be<l, of a tuiub, oi;c. 
W??f sar,hon, s.f. A >pecie.s of 
luustanl from wiu'ch oil is manu- 
fartureii; i. <j. TR^; PT?^ '^^- 
5ft, to sec spectral illusions, to 
become suddenly blind, ai l>y 
fainting, ic. 
Tf3"3r bark, s.f. Movincr, motion; 
the rope with TvhiLh a bird net is 
Hd ^ T^T s.'irka,ilha, m. Exalted, emi- 
nent, principal; a leader, a head. 
*<d3<cM sark,tii, r. n. To remove, 

to ^et out of the way. 
JTraTM" sarkapp, s.m. (literally a 
decapitator. ) A title by winch a 
certain ancient king L* commonly 
known, on account of his decapi- 
tating liabits. 
W?37K?=7 sark, murk, .»./". A trill 
or quaver of the voice in singing. 
Wdi'd^T sarkar,d:i, s. m. A 
great man, a chief; a sttward; an 
attorney; a military commander. 
TTJ^'^r *ark,ra, s. m. A reed, 
the reed wlilcli pmduces muni/J for 
ropes, the straw of whicli sirkis, 
&.C. are made; a crab. 
JfT?T sar,ki, a. m. Moving, mo- 
tion; 7TT3T ^^, to move, to 
start up, to march, (as aa armv;) 
«da/i Q/drtT, to put in motion, to 
start, to march, to move. 

WT^'C^^ «arka,iini, r. a. To 
remove, to jiut out of the way, to 

I 3T7a7T3r sarkir, s.f. The king's 
court, g'i\(.TnTiicnt, the head i>f a 
civil adiiiiMi>tratii'ii, the com- 
mon wealth, the proprietor of an 
H3=7TTt sarka,ri, a. Belonging 

to the Sarkiir. 
fflTUTS s:irga-t, s. m. A thing 
formed of paper somewhat like an 
luubrella, and turned o\ er the head 
of a bridegroom in the marriage 
ceremony; i. q. ^HWiTB' 
HS'Tvf^ sar|galii, s.f. Food oaten 
Ipv Muhauniiadans, early in the 
morning, during the fast of ii'<i)/i- 
zdn; i. q. H?^"^- 
3T?3TTr sar,iram, The seven 
sounds of an octave, the gamut, 
solfaing, solmizatlun. 
HS'^^vI sargaruli, s. m. A com- 
maniler of troops, a leader of r. 
company, a chief of ascetics. 
?T?d| d: vj't sargarO|hi, *./. Tlie 

otlire of a saiyiinJi. 
M d 31^ sarigun, a. Possessing 
all ((ualities, endowed with attri- 
bute-; ( a title of Cilod. ) 
JTSTl^ sarangigij, 5. m. The name 
of a nnisical instrument, a kind 
of violin. 
TJ'ijpl! sarangigi, f.f. A small 

fTSuf^nil saran'.'igia, 5. m. One 

who plays on the saroU'jjd. 
K?wt s;ir,gl:i, s. f. The same 

a-s H^TT^ft. 
<Fr^^^vT sarch|nt, r. «. To be 
distributed, so that each may get 
a share. 
TT^^T^^a sarchi,una, r. a. To 

distribute in shares to all. 
JT^'TTf^r sarjani, v. n. To be 
equal, (aplay, ) t» besuflicient or 
com]>lcte, (shares J ) to pass wind. ' 

If^^f^F ''arjit, <i. Victorious, su- 
perior, jiowcrful. 
J^'3'^ sar,an, s. f. Protection, 
defence, asylum, sanctuary; a di- 
sease in the leg. 
H^? sart, s.f. A condition, an 
agreement, a stipulation, a waecr; 
J^3 17F"?ft, -^^t or ?5r^^, 
to bet, to make a condition, to 
Hdi^T sart,n;i, r. n. To be 
•lisposod of, to be divided, to be 
K??f oi^T sarta,una, r. a. To 
divide, to dispose of, to distribute. 
TiT^ sard, a. Cold. 
^■?:2^ sar,dal, j t.f. The low- 
H<i-<tt^ sar,dal, J cr piece of a 

d<x>r frame. 
K?=5T 5ar,<li, s.m. A kind of cup 
wade of brass or bdlmetal; a kind 
of watermelon or mu^kmelon. 
?T^^l"e^ sard:i,i, s.f. Coldness. 

the cold; cooling nicdicine. 
Wd^r ■g^'^T sar,d;i bar,d:i, s.m. 
One that is in independent cir- 
cumstances, one that has all he 
U3-^f^ sardir, f. m. A chief, a 

head man. 
HF^Tgivt sardarni, s.f. The 

wife of a chief, a head woman. 
Wd^rd^ sanlj,ri, s.f. Chiefship, 

Hd-rzft sar|di, s.f. A cold, the 

cold, coldness. 
K^TTI sar,dh.i, s.f. Faith, belief, 
confidence ; grace; prosperity ; de- 
sire, fondness; power, strength. 
fTST^ sar,an, s.f. Protection, de- 
fence, asylum, sanctuary; a natural 
weakness in one leg, causing at 
times a slight degree of lameness; 
TT^<^ V^rr, to come under pro- 
TTTTTr sar,na, a. Being natural- 
ly weak in one leg. 





H J <S'T sar,n:i, r. n. To be por- 
foriiKtl, to i>^ui', to come to a roii- 
clusiou, to sviliici", to l>o e<nial, to 
ho complete*]; to pa>3 wind. 

JT3<^r farna, s.f. Seinia; i. q. 

fr^TvTt^ sarna,i, *. /. Soiiua; a 
kind of pipt', a clarion; a leatlier 
W<J<SltS^ sanii|i(lii, t. m. A 

clarion player. 
Hd7>IV?t ?anili, n 5./. The iiitla- 
TRTitTJ sarnili, > ted skin of 
J^TTiV^ sarn;i,Iii, * an animal, 
used as a buoy to carry passcnirers 
across a river, (commonly eniploy- 
cd on the Bi.tli, Satlnj, itc. before 
their CLrress from the mountains. ) 
3TF79T27 sarn;i,t;i, s. in. A sharp 
report, a shrill sound; JT?7>'3'f 
3V7^T, to fill tlie air with a nol.-e, 
as by the iliirlit of birds, 
JT3^ ■'■;irp, a. in. A ser]»ent. 
IT^WZ' sarjiat, .<t. f. Gallopiiif,', 
a gall. I ; JT^VZ" ^^, to gallop, 
( a horse, ) to cause to gallop. 
ITTM^ sirpech, s. m. A silver 
laee ornament attache ' to a tur- 
W3^?Tr sarpos, .^. m. A cover, a lid. 
JTJ^Tjr^ sarfrij, a. Kxaltcd, 

etniiieiit, proiri'jted. 
fT7^?lTft sarfniji, s.f. Exalfu- 

tion, jiromotion. 
JT^^T sar,fi, 5. tn. A niggardly 

economy, an uiuluc frugality. 
JT7^ sari), a. All, (used always 

in composition. ) 
3T3"Er?T sar)»aL'g| a. Onuiiiiresent. 
JT^gfTTrwrTi't sarl.gia,ni, a. Om- 

W^rg'TIHrz^t sarbaggti.i, ^ s.f. 
JTg-g'aft ^arI,ag,gl, ) Onini- 

JT^'EfJl't sarbag,gi, a. Omnii>rt- 

F?^3 sar,bat, *. m. Sherbet, 

HJyi? sarbatt, a. All, every. 
JJJ'^'Z, aJ. JCvery where 
FT^^'g^t sar,l>.iti, s.f. A kind of 

WJ'^J' oar.bati, a. Of the color 

of s'.orbet; fit for sherbet. 
T^'H-^T sarlyiii, ad. Alw.iys, 
H3^^=?'?r sarb.l:i,ta, s. in. Uni- 
versal i'.enefactor; (a titio of 
CJod. ) 
Hor^V(T557 sarbpi,lak, Uni- 
versal Xourishcr; (a title of (Jod. ) 
HcJyyrJTr^ sarbl.y;I,pi', ^ in. 

fl^grt^WTyi? sarbbii^pak,^ All pcr- 
TJl-^f^ni^M't sarbbii,pi, ) vading, 

the all i»ervadiiig One, viz. (Jod. 
H3''gtVt%>MT sarbbid,dii, a. Uni- 

ver.-ally skilled. 
JTU"^T7; sarUin, 5, vi. A camel 

di I\ei'. 
ITo^T^^pd sarbijiani, s.f. The 

wife of a camel driver. 
fjdyiTJt sarbi^ni, s. f. Camel 

dii\ irig, 
TfJ^7{ sarbangg, s. in. Eating 
indi>eiiminately the food of all 
JTd"£i"j(^ .-arbanir,gan, !.f. ^ One 
TfU^ii sarbang|gi, s. m. J who 
eats from the hands of all class- 
es and ca>tes alike, a name given 
to a certain class fAfi'jirs. 
JT3'"9^ sarbandh, s. vi. Connec- 
tion, relation, kindred; chance, 
TR^TJT^ sarbaii,dhau, s.f. . A 
H5'"?'Tt sarlian,dhl, s. m. ) rel- 
ative, a companion, that which 
has a connection witli another, or 
a relation to it. 
HJ'S'Mt sarbhak.khi, *. in. One; 
who eats all sorts of things, no 
. matter by whom [>repared. 
fl'^TH sarm, s.f. Shame, modcM- 

ty, ba^hfulnes^. 
H^WT^^i sarma,u9i, r. n. To 
be ashamed. 

IT?>rT#5^T sarniii.uiifi, r. a. To 
cau<e to be a>haiiii'd, 

Tf^Jft'^ sarm:i,u, a. Ashame<I, 

JJ^Tt-^-ffJ-iii sarmokusar,mi, aJ. 
( literally with shame an«l without 
shame. ) \\ hether or not, nolens 

H^tW^jft saruiin,dagi, g. f. Shame. 

HStw^I sarmin,da, a, As\\mxhm\, 

J^^ sar,al, a. Current ; straight, 
plain, honest, ingenuous, ."inccre, 
without fault; TTdH^ 9^T, to be 
remembered, to be cc>unuitt«il to 
memory, to become current; «d^ 
oC^TiT, to 1,'lve iurrency to a thing, 
to coMunit to memory, 

JTcT^JT sarvairg, a. Oinni)>resont ; 

i. <|- H^"^'^- 
^J^3TFI^'t sarva'.'gt!i,f.j /./. 

JT^^^ft sarvagjgi, j' Omiii- 

Hof^^ft sarvaggi, a. Omnipresent. 
HU^TTJ sarw.ih, s. m. Ifeaduche. 
T^l^^TT^ sarwahr, s. tn. A kind 

of reed, 
JT^^IT^^ sarwukad.I, a. Of u tall 

FTS^^ITJ sarwun, s. m. A camel 

TR^'T^^t sarw.i,nanl, s.f. Tlie 

wife of a camel driver. 
TT^^fT^^^ sarw;t,ni, s.f. (,*amel 

TTF^l^^T sarw:'i,ju, s. m. A tall 

priekly kiii'l (jf grass, 
3T?^ TT?W '3'37iJ sa,rar wi,raT 
kar,iKi, r. n. To niake a noLsc 
like the frying of fat, 
JfJT sa,r;i, s.f. Law, the 
madan law; ^^1J^ iRf^I'g, betroth- 
ing aecor<ling to law; c. w.^gU. 
JJTji sarau, s.f. An inu, a car- 

'f^^^^\ 3ara,und, v. a. To com- 
jdete, to bring to an bsue, to 





cause to sulfioo, to make a thing 

hoM out. 
Jf?T^ Mru,UD, /. /. An inn, a 

TTST^ sarijU, t. m. One that 

couipletes or causes to suftice; 

the head and foot pieecs of a 

Hdi^ sara,u, a. Capable of suf- 
ficing, or holding out for tlic 

completion of a process. 
H3T7T sard>, *. m. A small iron 

rod; JT?TIT aTSTTT, to insert an 

iron ro<.l, heated, into the tuV)o of 

a huqqa, in order to cleanse it. 
TT^TfTJ sar.asar, a.l. Entirely, 

aliogetber; i. q. h"5 J-ig". 
Hdivldii 5arah,g:i, s. m. A vow, 

x %'otive oflering; a species of 

bird, ( gregarious in its habits; ) 

a crowd. 
WT^^ sarah,n^, r. a. To prai-e, 

to commend, to applaud; i. j. 

TTTiTrS sara,hat, s.f. Prai-^e, 

cornmendation, applause. 
Hn I \.r^i sari,huui, r. a. i. q. 

TTTnifT sarigiha, /. m. i. q. 

JHd'-rl saraj, ^c. )7j. A saddler, 
one who vror'.s silk and tinsel on 

Wdl-ridfl :-arii,gi, f./. The busi- 
nc-ss of .'i saddler, 

Wy«V.^ saraj, ni, s.f. A sad- 
dler's mfe. 

Hd»"rt» sani^ja, *. m. The tinsel 
and silk embroidery with which 
shoes are ornamented; the busi- 
ness of a saddler; fra^TTT i?d Al, 
to embroicer. 

M Jl-rft saraji, /._/*. The business 
of a saddler. 

TRTZTf sara,ta, s. m. The whiz- 
zing sound of wings. 
TTTrq" saridh, t. m. A Hindu cer- 

emony in which they worship and 
feed brahnians on some day dur- 
ing the month Astu, in comiuem- 
oratiun of their deceased ances- 
tors, .lud for their sj>ecial benefit ; 
HTHT T37rt ur V^T^^CT, t.> 
perform the ceremony of sarwJh. 

■JTaTM" sar;ip, s.m. Acurse;TrTTV 
■5c5T, to curse. 

TTTTV^a sar:ip,ni, r. a. To cur>c. 

TTTIVF sari.put, n 

fl^TtU3^ <ari,pit, > a. Curse-l. 

W3'IM\ sar.i,pi', J 

Tfg'T^ sariph, $. rr\. A curse; 
i. q. JT^TV. 

TTSy^ sarif, $. m. A money 
changer, a banker: a trustworthy 
per-^on, a respectable man, a 
persou of high funily, a noble- 

lR^T^<?rr, r. a. To 
cur-.-; i. q. TTgrT'-n^T. 

TTTT^S^ /. f. The wif.- 
of a money changer, a woman "f 
liigh family. 

HTTig^ -ara,l~, r./. The bu«ine*< 
of a money chancer, baiiking: 
rank, resjxftabiliry. 

TrTr"Er >ar:ii>, s./. Wine, sj.irit- 
uous liquor. 

Tr?T^^ sar:i,b.'iii, s.f, ^ A 

Prari"gt sar;i,bi, t. in. \ wine- 
bibber, a i>ersou given to strong 
drink, a drunkard. 

TTTTH -'""il, s. /. A kind of 
large serpent. 

^T^T^^T sari,Ii, s. m. A tall j>riek- 
ly kind of grass; i. q. TTT^^^T. 

TRT?5^ sari,li, s.f. An esculent 

Wd i<^c5 sara,wan, r. tn. /. The 
name of the 0th month beginning 
in July. 

fl^l^ sara,wa, t. m. Thehe?dand 
foot pieces of a bedstead; i. q. 
TT^^ and ^yTKT. 

3T9^T^f sarijwSn, s. m. A rope 

tie<l round the horn;' of an o\; 

i. >{. jfS'W. 
frf^TiZ -ari>t, s. f. The creation, 

the W'lrld. 
TrtVyr^r saris,ta, *. m. A thread, a 

s.-ries, connection, alVinity; a rule, 

«>ider, custom. 
TTt3H3'^T3' -ari-tedir, s. m. A 

public otiiocr wlK.'^e business it 

is t') keep the record- of a eourt, 

to read petition-, i:e. a head thrk 

or prothonotary. 
Wfi«5-dT3> sari-tedi,ri, /. /. 

The otlii-e of a s<irifte'ltir. 
frf^ sa,ri, a. J^traiLrht like an 

arrow, ( s[n.>keu of tlic braiieh of a 

tree. ) 
J^rt sa,ri. /. /. A bar of ir^n; 

the la>h and erackcr of a wlii|i; 

a thin leatlier thong. 
JT^^vT s.trili, (ft. r.efore. in f'rc- 

scnce of, np.iily, pl.iiidy, ajipar- 

irrtu *ari,h:in. | /. m. The 

fl^t'XJ 5aiinh, / iiaiue of .-i tree. 
JT^fU sar iih, </J. luf-re, openly, 

HoTtl? -arik, r. vi. \ A 

Wy^J^ sar:,kani, /./. J compan- 
ion, a pa.'-tiKT, a j'articij'ant, a 

Tr3^^3 sari| t.f. i Cum- 

ITHt7T sari,ki. f, m. / j.aiii.^n- 

shi]'. fell'iw>!i!]>. 
^^Bf!^^ sari,tj i, .♦. m. The grain 

given by I'arniers to the Cffimuirs, 

inhabiting their villages, in eoui- 

pensiition for the lueuial services 

ooeasionally e.xaetetl of thex ; the 

rent of land ; a gichim of grain. 
Wd'tciO' san',ni, s.f. Sweetmeat; 

a votivo OtVering presented to a 

[•atron saint. 
T^3^'^ sarindh, ad. Before, open-' 

ly, plainly. 
f^^^ sarir, s. m. The l<xJy. 
ITJ sa,ru, $. m. The fir tree. 





■ff^ sirnp, *. M. Shape, aj>poar- 

anee, form. 
JTJ-? sarur, *. vt. Plea.^urc, joy, 

jj^ sarur, t. m. A name given 

to a short recti. 
jj '^Q^ r s;ire,iiri, s. vi. Tlie name 

of a bir<l. 
H?"R saro^, s. m. Glue. 
J^^JTZ -arest, a. Groat, exed- 

k-nt, suii'jri"r. 
J^^-^^ i-an-.vrara, ^ s. vi. A 
S"?^T >re,\vard, ) Jain devo- 

tee who wears aelotli ovcrliis lip, 
( to avoi'l ihu inhalation of ani- 
!iKik-uIa. ) 
jf7>UT .-ar",!, s. m. A ■woo<len 
liaii"! u-c-1 to pMiiryAi on the fire, 
in the s.Tfrifn'e of the ho»i. 
JTTfT? h.'ir,w-ar, a-l. Kiitircly; 

i. 'i- W^'TFTT. 
j;y~^1 5;.ro,!i;, s.f. A kinil of 

X^TTT sir",t£. j s. f/i. An in- 
ff3"3^ •-.>!■ tu, ft, / smiiiit-nt u-ed 

I'-.r iuttiM'.r Jxf'liiut. 
FJ^gr sr,rau,thi, s. in. A ropy 
tic'l r-iHi'l tilt! horiii of an ox; i. 

JTM >.i!!. f. I'l. A h'lh', a ]icrf<>ra- 
tinis; a ^^•■^IIl•lt•<l litart, intense 
L.'ri<f; 1-. w. KTl?^r. 

KJT'^J'jT sajiliaii'.'i:, s. m. A small 

Wf5"5J?TT sa|,lianL'^.i, *. in. A pitiii- 

jr?5?T sall,,n;, 1 r. a. To 

Jr<555??Cf salli.laini, J collect, to 
I-ring toircther. 

TT^Trr .-al,li:l, t.f. A lo.iist. 

3R^5vII ^al,hi, «. ta. A fiiucral 
pile, ( more j.rnporly fjn^T, ) 

TTKf^ sal.hih, »./. Thedamp- 
ric53 inhfrciii in low and well wa- 
tered ground. 

KT^rgt >all.i,l,i, a. Damp, (spo- 
ken of land which is suhject to in- 

undations, or otherwi-ewoll water- 
ed l)y the jtroximity of a <-trfam. ) 
J^JiTaT shal,Iali, s. /. Tlie tiring 

of a gun; e. w. Vjcjv) and c73r7ft. 
WWdlff sal, gam, s. m. A turnip. 
T?J5c^'' sall,ni, r. a. To dig or 
l>erfurate with a chisel, to mortise. 
7T«<^I\i) salwi,!, *. /. The act 
of perforating, morti-ing, etc.; 
also compensation for tlie same. 
HW>^l(?c?r salwa,- Ni, V. a. To 

cause to I'O horeil or niortise<l. 
HW<c 'd sal war, s.f. Pantaloons, 
made exceedingly full, except at 
the ankles. 
WRT sa,ld, s.f. A kind of spider; 

a liicust. 
HJFT ^al,l:i, s. in. The name of 
an animal; a man of per\erse dis- 
H?=5T^ sali,i, s.f. Sewing, stitch- 

iiiir: t!ie jirice paid f>'r sewing. 
H?7T^'t xda,i, ^ s.f. A pi(^-e 
T(WZ^ sail,), i of iron, .-haped 
like a l-idkin, witii wliii-li yuniui 
is applied to the eyes, tlie instru- 
ment l«eing tirawn lietween the 
ch»eil eye-la.-hea, a spindle. 
TfHt^fM saLi,un I, r. a. To cau^e 

t«i l»e sewed. 
TT^Tjft <.d.i,si, s.f. rcare. tran- 

7T?7.'"Cr sakth, s.f. Counsel; ad- 
vice; J^wrn '3:W?i) or ^5^, to 
W « I vJ J I y sal.ilrkir, s. m. /. A 

Counselor, an adviser. 
*HWio^l -al.ihiiii, v.a. To praise; 

i. <i. TT^RpyT. 
PT^IvT? sakljliat, s./. Praise; i. rp 

H^nr^r .-alA|huna, r. a. i. q. 

KW"^ sal lb, 5./. Dampness, i:c. 

W«iV:d sula,bf, a. Damp. -Sec IT- 


lf<y5T>r salaiii, s. in. Pence, safe- 
ty, >alutation. 

IT?^>('3" sail, mat, a. Safe, well. 

F?5TW~3r saki.mat, | .*./. Safe- 

TT^nrS^ s;!L-t,mati. / ty, tranrpiil- 
lity, peace, liealth. 

W?^7>rt >ala,iiii, n. Sloping; TTWT- 
V^ tr^T, to I'C sloped. 

H?^"f>ft ^al;i,mi, s.f. A wedding 
present; a salute, any military act 
of respect shown to a superior; 
TT^^W^tr^. the firing of a salute; 
Tf^Til^ ■3'3'?rt, to tire a salute; 
H^Tif^ =^<?:'^, to give a wet.lding 

PnF5"rwt sal.t,n"'. a. Pertaining to 
a salute; 7T?^Tift TjS^t, to be sub- 
ject to; W « I if^ i^d<Sl, to sub- 
ject to. 

TT?7T^T sal:i,ra, s. m. A cotton 
shawl with a >tri]>e of silk, gold, 
or silver thread; tlie jiame of a 

?735Tut sal;i,ri, s.f. ( dim. of 5a- 
?(//•(/. ) 

TTH i-a,!!!, s. rj. A narrow lea- 
ther thong, with which shoes are 


JT^^^ saiu'.nnk, s.f. A kind 
of jilaut eaten as greens. 

FI?5c^T salUiU i, (7. Salted, salt, sea- 
soned, tasteful. 

H^FoT salo,tar, j s. in. 

PI^FB^c^T silot.', ) The 
veterinary art. 

IT^3'^^ >alo,tari, j .*. m. A veter- 

JT^^ salo,tii, \ inary doctor. 

l^^TTT salo,na, a. Salted, salt, 
seasoned; heautiful, comely. 

Tl'^Tfjj saMay,ya, s. in. 1"he name 
of a measure in poetry; the name 
of a toiio in nuisie. 

TT^?5T, a. Clicapcr. 

■JT^ sa,w;i, a. A .piarfer more 
than the number inmiedi;.tely fol- 
lowing; as TTTI fsTi, 3|. 

H^rfETHT bawa,ia, s.m. A fourth 





part a<.l<Jition.'il taken in tlio way 

of interest for inotK-y lent, seed 

advancc'l to farme.% iic 

W^'f%»MT .•»awi,i:i, ) 

„ :^ . , (a. ^lore. 

W<SiVi.1 -'•a\va,i, ^.y, A fourth part 
additional; the h>ng rope attach- 
ed to the top of a tent polo, and 
stretched out on the four sides to 
make it stand fimi. 
^TTf^^ sawa,uu:i, r. a. To aid 
an animal in bringing forth its 
young; to put to skep; to cause 
to be scwreil. 
TT^TTT^ sawa,san, s. /. A -wo- 
man devoted to her hushand. 
JT^TCT sawah, s./. Ashes. 
♦H<S'a< sawiiigk, *. m. f. "Wild 

rice; i. q. W^^ and J^J^lf. 
TT^VS sawad, 5. m. llelidi, fla- 
vor, taste. 
?TTrcrT7> sawadhan, a. Cautious 
attentive; a term of bonediction 
used by hrahmans as a salutation 
to inferior classes. 
TTTT^ saw:il>| s. m. Virtue, mer- 
it, reward of merit. 
H<Sid sawar, a. ^lounted, ri- 
ding, ( on any thing. ) 
«<Sid sawar, s. m. A rider, a 

mountoil soldier. 
^^ld<SI sawar, ni, r. a. To pre- 
pare, to adjust, to adorn, 
JJ^TSi sawa,ri, s. f. Rid in c;'; a 
means of conveyance, as carriage, 
horse, ic. the name of a mu>ie;il 
moile, also of a certain song; TT- 
^rg^in^c^, to sing the samiri. 
H<^1W sawal, t. m. A question, 

a petition, a request. 
TT^TfTc^ sawa.lan, s.f. ) A 

H^\'^ sawiiili, *. m. J ques- 
tioner, a petitioner. 
H%7 sawcr, a. Early, in good 

TT%F sawer, s. /. ) l^forning, 
H^di sawe,ri, s. m. 

) l^forn 
' dawn. 

H^ d sawe re, a</. Early in the 

morning, s<x>n. 
TT%"''TT sawai.ya, *. m. The name 

of a measure in poetry. 
PTSIT^I^^ST sar^ar;i,un.'l, r. n. To 
make a noise like that of meat 
roasting; to bo vexed in mind; to 
WrfHpfrZ' sarsarat, s. m. The 

soun(l caused by meat roasting'. 
TT^'^ sark", s.f. A rtMl, a. stick; 
a made road, a hiu'h ^vay•. a pain 
in the bones; TT^37 TT^^ 7Ji^r, 
to ache, ( the bones; ) JT^^ ITW? 
tTT^''. to go forward on the high 
TT^'S'^T sark,ni, r. n. To be 

vexed ; to envy ; to go fast. 
f^'^Ti sar,an, s.f. Decay, rot, 

putrefaction, Coiiilnistion. 
TT'^TTT sar,ni, r. n. To rot, to 
decay, to become j-utrid, to fer- 
ment ; to be co'isumod, to W 
;fTWS^ sari,!, s. f. Di-cziy. rot, 

consum|uion, coiid>ii>tion. 
Tl^'^^rr s.'iri,un;i, r. a. To cause 
to decay, to cause to j.utrety, to 
cause to ferment: to cause to be 
burned, to consume. 
■JFf'S'nrr sara,kfi, s. m. Snutling 
with the nose; smoking witii a 
stroni: inspiration; haste; rain fall- 
ing in large drops. 
T?t%>WTTr7r ^a^iahn, or saria,liau, ^ 
TT'^Wrq- sari-indh, ( 

7itV^^7> snrihan, * 

jr. f. Stink, bad snieU. 
■j^t'^TTT saringiga, s. m. (comip. 
of tn"^. ) An inferior horn used 
for cupping; H'^W ^T^ or 
?5r'€^, to cup; to obtain any 
thing without previous design or 
T{T sa, a. Single; ( u>o»l only with 
day; as TTTtTcfvJl^ in a single 
day. ) 

PTT sa, pron. (j.!. obi. of ff.) 

Ht sa, V. n. ( [.a^t tense 1st, 2i..i 
and 3rd pers. sing, of Tji. ) Wa>. 

TfT san. r. n. (past tenso 1st 
pers. >itig. (if TJT. 1 Was. 

WmS s;i,at, t.f. An hour, r. 
minute, a momeiit. 

;Rlf%n{T sa.i.i, s. in. Shade, <>hol- 
ter, protection; JTTt%-»KT tT Vlt^yr, 
to be deiiKdiiacally ali'eeted. 

HTt^e^t sa.ini, .». in. A Ilindii 
easte of gardeners. 

fTfl^F, s. /. An hour, a 
miinite, a moment. 

w(y:3, o'l. IVrhaps. 

HTt^F^T .s;i,itni, r. a. To ga- 
ther, to colleet, to take i>o<session 
of, to possess, to take caro of; 
H'tV? T^^T, to sei/c, to take 
possession of, to possess, to em- 
brace (a favorable o[»])ortuiiity. ) 

irrtY-giTj -iib.iii, ^ .<;. m. All 

rjTt^WlTT s;lini;in, j aviiing, a 

Wv^^ s:i,ir, s. m. A poet. 

ti i r^:s !^n,it> f-f- An liour, a 
minute, a motnent; a ceremony of 
feeiiing brahmaus before a mar- 

Frt%5<51 s;in|itn;i, r. a. i. q. fU- 
t^3?^T, q. v. 

WW^ sa,i, .?. /. A small sum 
given to seal a bargain, the thing 
purchased remaining with the 
seller, an(ar:,e>t, a pledge; c. w. 
=^^'^, ^fTg^'t and Wr€5^'t. 

WZ^ s:i,i, pr&n. Tlie same, 

that very. 
Trf^~^ S'^iiin* s.m. Lord, master; 
a husband; God; a title offoqirs. 
3-flQ sa,u, a. Tractable; free, 

not slavish ; i. q. W^' 
W^'J s;i,ur)gk, s. in. f. Wild rice; 

i. q. 7f^^ and J^iQ :J. 
Hr^^'' si,uk;i, s. m. A distant 
relative, a half blood relation. 





jfT^?, s. VI. f. Wil'lrico; 

i. q. JT^Tir ari.l W^. 
jjT^^'i M.iip, s.f. A fmall green 

rai«in; neiglibourliood. 
Hf^^ sa,un, *. «». Tlie name 
oftheoth Hindu month, begin- 
ning in July. 
3T'<3tiCt sa,uiii, s.f. TIio summer 

ITolFJT sa|Uli, \ a. Sallow. 
JU'^f^ siOiUJi, J dark coiiiplex- 

j^-^ sci.n, a. Tractable ; free, not 

JTT@" sSiil, *. m. A respectable 
person: an intelligent, clever man; 
the friend of a bride or bride- 
groom wlio attends as a guest at 
a -wedding: a person at the head 
of a nation. 
jjVfJ ^<, s. m. r>roath. 
JTrfr?^' sis^tar, J s. m. A shas- 
Jfi^^J suSjtr, j ter, a sacred 

book, (of the Hindus.) 

WTiS^ sas,t.iri, j a. Celonging 

JTTH^'t s,i>,tii, I to the shas- 

tcr; the character h\ uiiich the 

shaster is written; i. c. thv Dec a- 


*H I JH 5 d"l 5a«,tar,', ^ s.m. One who 

JTJT^t s:i-,tri, J is learned in 

the sl'Jistcrs. 
JHK sans, s. m. Breath, respi- 
ration, a sigh. 
TUW sin,s;i, s. m. Imagination, 
fancy, reflection, fear, apprehen- 
sion, anxiety. 
JTTflTy^^AT, San, kar|ni, v. a. 
To whistle like the wind among 
l>ines, or in passing through a 
crack; to throb. 
T{T\I siih, s. m. Rrcath; a rich 
merchant, one who lends money 
on interest, a banker, a shop keep- 
er; W7J mzV^TTl, to ascertain 
by Jiis breathing ■whether one is 
asleep or not ; -Jfrxj ^cr^a, to j)rac- 

tico lengthening out the breath; 
irru- WJT^Z^r, to hold in the 
breath; JTr;jV3"¥^rr, to ascertain 
by his breathing wliethir one is 
asleep ornot;HTvr ?$^r, to take 
breatli, to rest. 
WvJ"ri<JT sihjani, s.m. The morn- 
ing dawn, the break of day. 
iH'vJrl^T sahjara, a. Early, earlier, 

l)crore the time. 
?TTvI'=fTT sali,jare, afl. Early, ear- 
lier, at the time of the morning 
WvJ<it sa,han, *. /. A banker'.s 

wife, a rich woman. 
Tfnj^T? sah,iiak, s. /. An ear- 
then basin. 
TTTTJ^^njl su!i,naki, 5. /. A small 

eartlien ba^in. 
JT^vT^ct si,liani, .?./. A rich wo- 
man, the wife of a money lender 
or banker. 
WU"^ s;i|had, g. m. A witness. 
TTTvT^ s;i,hadJ, s.f. Testimony; 
Hnj^*^ 3'3'7jV. to give testimony. 
7TTTJ7T Kiiin, s.m. A sacred bull; 

a sacred horse. 
WTJTi'^ 5ah,iiani, f. /. A she 
camel kept for riding. (This 
word is also applied sometimes 
to a male camel. ) 
H'vJ<SciCt JTnrnr saii,, s. 

m. A camel rider. 
« i vJ <M sah,na, .?. j?i. A species 

of lizard. 
HTvI"g s;i|hab, t. m. Lord, mas- 
ter, sir ; a title of CJod. 
PTTTrg ir?^>f3' s:i,habsalt,mat, s.f. 
( literally, peace to you, sir.) A 
form of salutation, addressed to a 
TTTvr"g^'=ST 5ahabj:I,rIi, s. in. The 

son of a gentleman. 
flTTrg^ sa,hal>i, s. f. Lordship. 
17T^J>r?r s;ihm,ni, s. m. Front, 
confronting, opi>osing; TrTvTJf^T 
a?^'^, to ojipose, to resist. 

I TrniTf^ sahm,ne, o^/. J>rcp. In 
front, before, opjiositc. 

TTTTT^HF'^ sahr.sati, s. f. The 
planet Saturn; a calamity, ( sup- 
j>ose<l to be oevasioned by the in- 
fluence of Saturn; ) idleness, 

TTTvr3"f sfdi,ra, s. m. A cloth worn 
round the waist an<l thighs. 

JTIvJjO sili,ri, s. f. A small cloth 
worn routid the waist and thighs, 
a piece of silk cloth ; the name of 
a fruit; the winter crop. 

irnrr s;i,ha, s, m. The day ap- 
pointed for a Wedding, the time 
fixed by astrologers as most au- 
sj»icious for a marriage; a wed- 
ding ; TTrvn ^Tj^r, to fix upon an 
auspicious time for a marriage; 
TTlvTT "a^TT^vT, to a day 
for a marriaj^e ; Hf^ ifTl^T, to 
go to a wedding. 

TITTJ^ s:ili,ure, s. m. ■pint. A 
father-in law's family; ■JTi"U§^ x^- 
T?r, parents' and father-in-law's 

Tr^'vJ'S'f^ siihukar, s. m. A great 
merchant, a rich dealer, a money 

JTTTnTTFTfl' sa]iuk;;r,ni, s.f. The 
wit'e of a S'ihi'ihir. 

l^ The 
j busi- 

7TI"q7rgt sahnki.ri, s.f. 
ness of a sdhuLtir. 

Trn^'^^Tgt s.ihuka,ri, o. Belonging 
to or worthy of nsdhubir. 

Tltrj sanh, s. m. Breath, rospii'a- 
ti(in, a s'gh. 

Trhj^ft sanh, si, s. m. The name 
of a class among the Juts; a wan- 
dering tribe of the lowest caste. 

TTTt^tflnricyi" sinhisia,ni, t.f. A 
woman of the stinJtsicnito. 

w(tJ1^ siiiihisi, s. ni. i. q. TTT- 
TJ^ft, q. V. 

j^r? sak, s. VI. A relative, a kins- 
man ; relationship, kin. 




f^VS^rs sik-lir, f. VI. A relative, 
a kinsman. 

HT^^r^'t s;ik. 11,11, s./. llilation- 
sljip, kiiiclrol. 

W^TiTS^ .vikiKiita, s. m. lu-la- 
tion?lii}», kin, alKnity; a kinsman. 

HTafT sak,ka, t. m. IK-roism, 
notoriety or celebrity; an era: 
TITVt oToT^T, to perform ^roat 
exploits, to make one's self a name. 

^taTH' ^ungkar, a. Content, sa- 
tistieil, tliankl'ul. 

Jirvf sakh, s. /. Tru-t, crt'ilir, 
reputation; a braiuli; 'nrtf V'tjj?^ 
or "^tce^ct, to preserve one's 
reputation or credit. 

TfTtf^^fST sakli\va|li, s. m. A 
mail of cstablishi-d credit and rep- 

HIW^ si, kill, s.f. Evidence, tes- 
timony, witness; a st'-ry. a di— 
course, a treat i>e; W^ =5"5^ or 
yd<vt, to bear te-timony. 

flTtrt sa,khi, s. m. A witness, 

7TT3T sag, s. m. Greens, culinan.- 

TiT3T?v slg,nu, s. m. All expound- 
er of omens, 

frnJTU5 sagpatt, . 

JTTTTU^, ' ^,^ 

7TT3T'/3^, ) 

IfT3T¥ *i|giii"> -'• '«• The sea, the 

HTar^r^TT saguda,na, s. m. Sa- 

ITTHT sSngg, 5. m. ^limicry, imi- 
tation, acting, disguise, sliam. 

FTTTT sangg, s.f. A prong, the 
fork of a stick, a kind of >pear. 

^f<)ft siingigi, s.m. Au imitator, 
a mimic, au actor. 

T\V^ saiiych, s. m. Truth, riglit- 

TTTtJI sanVjClia, a. True, right- 

jfrVr sanychjcha, s. m. A mould, 
a stamp. 

s. m. 


j^Tyj -i], s. m. A liorso's trap- 

pinc-", harness; decoration of one's 

prr-on; a jxiwder tlask or hf>rn. 
JTTrf^jrT sii,nt, r. a. To prepare, 

to to decorate. 
}^I-r1A', *. m.f. A friend, 

n h>vor. 
TJI^HTtT -ajbaj, a. Trim, 'ro ;y. 
T H i -n^'-H ^ajbij, s. m. Ornament, 

TTT^TT s.ijlira, a. Early, before 

the xivAo; i. q. TTivl-ridT. 
TTlToT^ s:ijh,ra, .f. 7«. The niorn- 

ir- dawn, the break of day ; i. q. 

j^,-xj-, cui. At the time 
cf the I'lorning dawn, early in the 

T(f^ 'inyjh, s.f. Tartnorship. 

flTT?^ ^iuyJhan, s.f. A female 

TTT^ •rinviiha, $. m. Partuei- 
sliip, fellowship. 

TfT^t >ariyjlii. •\ s. in. A i)art- 

ii'i^ sauyjliu, ) ner. 

:pr^ s,i,tu, s. m. A paramour. 

jfTJ sirir. s.f. Connection, un- 
ion; intrlsrue; a horse whip, wliii- 
pin:r a horse; the sound of a 
dr>:r.i. ^ 

fjvt >''^a,t6, s. in. A paramour. 

\\\4\ sa,di, pron. ( masc. 1st 
jKira. pi. genitive from H- ) Our. 

TfT^ sidh. s.f Half. 

TfT^ >a,<ihu, y. WJ. A wife's sis- 
ter's husband. 

TTT% sad.he, a. A half more ad- 
dcl t'^ the number following; as 

ff i 't^ sdn(lh, 8. m. A bull, a 

7&^ s;in,(lhu, s. tn. A wife's 

si-ter's husband. 
TTT^ sin, s.f. A grindstone; c. 

w. ^r^TTT. 
HT^T^nft ?:inh,ki, S.f A small 

eartheu j-late. 

^r?T sditi, f. m. The nuinb..r 
seven, the figure T; a porio'l of 
seven davs, a week; an iron instru- 
ment with whieli a jingluig uoi^e 
b made, U5C'<1 by a person denom- 
inated bhagat, when collecting 

j^V^ Kith, s. m. Society, associ- 
ation, companionship; H'ti aT?- 
JTT, to accompany; TTT^ t <% c^ i vj rjv i 
and yr«<^r, to company, to cul- 
tivate fricndshij) and companion- 

HT^ sath, prep. With. 

^ i fcirS si.than, f-/- | -A- corn- 

j^V^ sc^,thi, 5. w. ] i-aninn. 

TjT^ sad, a. Glad, delighted, 
]>'eased, cheerful. 

^q-p^-jfjT^r s-.idmasu,da, a. Witii- 
out jewel*, uividorncHl; simple, 

Tfiz^rj'^r sidiiiur.t,ili, a. I'laln, 
uno.-tentatlous, unsophisticated, 

T{V^'^ sa.da, a. Plain, un.-ophi-- 
ticat'^<l, unadorned; while, of a 
uniform coh>r. 

HT^ s;i,di, .»./. Marriage, a wed- 
din'/, jov. rejoicing; h'-c!' v^^, 
to be married: wi-cH ^37: i, to 
marry, to rejoice. 

prrq" >-.o!!i, .^. >'!. A religious per- 
son, a faqir, a saint. 

TfTTT s'ldh, a. Virtuous, right- 
eous, good, hf'ly. 

TfTcr? sa,dhak, s. m. A practieor, 
a disci] lie of a fac^fr. 

PfTC^vT si<lh,ni, r. a. To habit- 
uate one's self to a thing, to learn 
by practice, to use, to practice, to 
regulate, to rectify, to settle, to 
accomplish, to make. 

TTTcr^ sadh.ui, s.f. The female 
of sikJh. 

■f^xrr^, a. Virtuous, 
righteous, good, holy. 

^tMAI, s.f The act 

KT^ Hr^T 




of practicing, learning l>y prac- 
tice, aocomplisiiiiig; c. w. <rfd rtTt. 

■fj\ H\ a7* siMliiiran, ac/. Unmean- 
in.'lv, without tlesign, simply, 
-n-itiiout sophistication. 

j^rcr «i,<lhii, a. Virtuous, riglit- 
e<3U?, JTOOil, holy, |>ious. 

jrnJ 5a,Jliu, 1 t. m, A saint, 

jfTtT ^:■,>lhu, ) afacp'r; HT^ "Srar, 
a c;.'- :;tcr. 

3fr?7 sin, /. wi. A quaver, a shake, 
a trill, ( in music. ) 

jjtt; sin, s. /. Dignity, pomp, 
state, condition. 

rl ' Vj'J^ sinn|liani, s.f. A female 

TfrTTSTTfrT? singtiraan, s. m. 
Tiiought, concejition, elevated 

T{; A-cid sin<Lir, a. Glorious, 
of rank and dignity. 

JTTTft si,ni, a. Second, like, re- 
sembling; [lompous, sliowy. 

TTTTff, s.f. Chart" or cut 
straw, mixeil witii grain, oil cake, 
and water, as food for cattle; c. w. 

TT^ sif, a. Pure, clean. 
JTTTf ^i,fi, ». j?i. A handker- 

e}jif-f, a chjth for fdtering. 
W^ ilfi, s.f. A towel, a wot 

cloth thrown over cooked rico. 
mw^ :S7Tf7 sa,hak dastur, s. m. 

Anfi'.iit custom; ai it was. 
FT'5^ '■i.^'a'.ij *• "I- Soap. 
WS^f7K( si.bnnu, s. m. A soap 

boiler, a soap seller. 
JT^B" si,bat, a. Firm, established; 

entire; proved, demonstrated, 
^rrgrr sali.ta, a. Entire, whole; 

Trrgrfi sib,ti, /./. Firmness; 

«">^/t ■d'V^, to keep firm. 
W^l, /. tru f. Euckskin. 
JTrg?T si,bara, , a. Made of 
W^^ sa,bari, J buckskin. 
fF^ RT-qr slja,ba shii,U<i, tn/w. 

Well done I bravo! Tpy^ H'^' 
Sr37>T, to applaud. 

TTT'^?:^ sa,]>un, *. nt. Soap. 

HT'^?^ sr^buni, a. Soapy, wash- 
ed with soap. 

TIT^?^ sal>un, *. m. Soap. 

k\\ \<^'_ sabu,ni, o. Soapy, washed 
with soap. 

TH'^^WT sabu,nii, s. m. A 
soap boiler. 

7TT3^T simbh,na, v. a. To sup- 
port, to sustain, to stop, to re- 
press, to hold, to take care of, 

M'^Sd sam,bhar, s. m. A kind 
of salt. 

frrs ^5vT sambh, laina, r. a. To 
take possession of, to gather up, 
to take care of. 

WV sam, s.f. Evening; pro- 
tection, shelter; WJf "mr^^T, to 
come under one's protection. 

HH^ shim, s.f. Evening. 

HW sham, g. m. One of the 
names of Krishid. 

T^Vi^ shdm, a. Dark colored, 

TTTlfF^T sambh, na, r. a. To 
support, to sustain, to stop, to 
repress, to hold, to take care of; 
i. q. l^i^cM. 

?7T>r33" sam,bhar, s. m. The 
name of a town near Ajmer where 
salt is made, from a salt lake; the 
name of the salt itself; a kind of 
salt which in many places exudes 
from the ground. 

WV^'3'^ simartakk, a. Present, 
in sight, open to view; appearintr 
as it really is, real. 

TTTH^W samarth, s. f. Ability, 
power, strength. 

FT^r?^ sumar,tlil, a. Powerful, 

ITTi{?5T s;im,li, a. Of a dark 

Kn4%^ sh^mved, 3. m. The name 
of one of the Hindu sacred books. 

W^Ti simin, t. m. Furniture, 
ajijtaratus, uten«ils. 

TTT^ft ba,nil, s. m. f. A defen- 
dant in a law suit ; a cultivator 
of the soil. 

TT^ s:i,mi, s.f. Protection, 

HT>ft sha,mi, s. m. Lord, master; 
friend, comjianion ; the name of 
a bird; an office, an appointment. 

HTK^ sha,n)j, a. Of a dark com- 

TTi^T sa,man, a. Equal, even ; 
WVJ "^ZTf ^^^rr, to take full re- 

PfTJ-T^ST samm,li, a. Of a dark 

TTTCTT sa.ya, s. m. Shade, a shadow. 

TTTWI^T^ siyadar, a. Shady. 

TflU" sir, s.f. Pitii, essence, quin- 
tessence; manure; grace, favor, 
value; intelligence, news, infor- 
mation, report; care; W'S ^5^, 
to have a care, to take care of, to 
^(^t intelligence; J^'3 t%xr "HtT- 
^^ and tr^CT, to come or be in 
the care of one, to bo fortunate, 
to be jtrospcrous, to obtain the 
favor of God. 

KT^ sir, s. m. Iron, whatever is 
made of iron or steel, weapons; 
TTT? JfT3~?7T, to burn iron. 

TU^ sir, s. m. The name of a 
thing used in playing cha^tpar 
and sdrjHisd, the game called chatt' 
par; a straw roof; a cowhouse. 

JJT^ sir, a. All. 

T^I^M si,ras, 5. m. A species of 
lieron, which is sometimes do- 

fJTS'^ s;i,i-ak, s.f. A kind of 
l>ird, of the maind species. 

^rgr:?! fi|raki, s. m. A larger 
bird, of the maind species. 

Kldo?! sir,ka, \ a. Like, slmi- 

TfTT^n sir,kha, ) lar; identical; 





m63\ sa,rangg, t.f. Tlio name 

of a musical moUe. 
ffrajf^ si,r;inL'C^, t.f. A iiiusical 

instrument like a violin. 
Trrilf^niT ^a,r;tng^,Ma, f. in. Oiio 

wJio j>l.'i\-s on the sdratjii'ji. 
Wd'S si, Hit, s./. A sic-Mi, a l:int; 

i- q. >WJTTB-3". 
flT?^2T bir,(li, s. f. A nauic of 
Diir-ni; the name of a dauglitor 
of Brahma; the gcldossof ;inisic; 
a knowledge of the ilia^tor:?. 
JTfTTTT sir,nu, v. a. To do, to 
make, to fini.-Ii, to refa'r, fo fill 
ujt, to make suilice. 
TTT^VTrTT s;ir[ii,>;i, S. m. The 
name of a game, a kind of dice 
calleil chavp<'r; JTiFVTTTf ^IT^T, 
to play elicc. 
TTToTT sa,r:i, a. All, every, the 

Hi«> sal, ^. m. A year; the name 
of a tree; a perforation, a bore, 
a mortise; a defendant; fJT?^ 
VrT^zJ^ST, to eomj.lete a year, to 
5>j)ond a year. 
TfTK sal, *. /". A shawl, 
W^ sal, a. Straight, exact, accu- 
rate, correct ; H 1 65 v^^T and ^ 
3^7fr, to be upright, to behave 
W^fl sa,las, s. m. An arbitra- 
tor, one who settles ditlerenccs 
lK?twc-en conllicting parties. 
Tn^jf^ s;il,si, s. f. Reconcilia- 

ti'">n; arbitration. 
HiWWM salsuddh, a. Honest, 
ingenuous, free from «leccit; 
JTTFfaT s:i,lak, s. in. A traveller; 

( met. ) a devotee. 
WlWaidilK salakram, ^ t. m. K 
TTTWirTTH salagram, ) flinty stone 
containing the uupression of one 
or more ammonites, cuuceiv- 
ed by the Hindus to rejircscnt 

TTTWc^ s^lau, 1 *. m. Fish or 
WW^T sijlaiii, ) meat eaten 

with bread or rice. 
Hi»*< sijlab, s. f. An esculent 

root; HI?5^ f>rH3^, Kgj'ptian 

JTWr s;i,li, ) s. m. Tlie Causer of 
JTr?5T sha,li, f causes; i. e. God. 
HT?5T 5a, li, t. Ml. A wife's bro- 
HT?5T sa,}a, S.J. A house, a place, 

( in comjiosition. ) 
W^ ^^,Iu> s- »»• A Idud of rod 

thin cloth, 
TTf^U'Tg" salehar, s. J. A wife's 

brother's wife. 
i^"c"-(iy^ siwadhin, a. Cautious, 
attentive; a form of benediction, 
used by brahmans, to inferior 
castes; i. <]. K^rcrT77. 
7TTTf5T saw,Li, a. Of a dark 

TTT^ ■'i^wk, ^ a. Of a greyiih 
TU^ s-i.^ij ) color. 

JJV^ s^,^", s.f. An intoxica- 
ting drug, (bhang.) 
*^i<c I si, wan, a. Worthy, re- 
spect^able;, oven; i, q. TU- 
JTT^T^ sinw,l:i, a. Of a dark 

complexion, sallow. 
TT^ sir, s. m. A sound j>rodu- 
cel by the strokes of a wliip or 
switch; burning, inflation; W^ 
T(T^ JfTT^T, to beat cruelly, to 
vex, to torment. 
TU"^ sar,ha, s. m. A cloth worn 

round the waist by Uindus. 
W^ sar,hf, s.f. A cloth with a 
red border worn round the waist 
by Hindu women. 
ITiff <M sir,na, r. a. To burn, 

to kindle; to rot. 
fii^i si,ra, s. m. A burning' a 
Tot ; TTT^ VI^t^T, to put mctli- 
cLne into water, for the purjvose 
of rc'ttiug it before use. 

fJTnfTTT siih, a. Black. 
fHWTvn sii,h£, *. m. Accounts, 
a record, a looac account, a mem- 
orandum of accounts, a mer- 
chant's waste book; a drum. 
ffPKTTjV sii.hi, s.f. Bkckness, 

ink, blacking. 
tTrWTc!^ siin, s.f. Knowledro, 

knoninc, recogniti<"'n. 
trpWT^M- sii,nap, t.f. 
tTf'WT^'-rB', *./. ' 

frPKT^rv^ biin{>u,ni, g. m, ) 
I'ruilence, cleverness, discretion, 
the age of discrctiun; economy, 
rrPWT^rr sii,na, a. Knowicr;^ 
discreet, of mature age; cunning, 
fflr»n^ si;i,uu, a. Recognizing, 
knowing, acquainted; recognized, 
fjT»fT;^^T siin,nl, v. a. To know, 

to recognize. 
fflrHTWT sia,pa, s. m. The cere- 
mony of wcejiingand making lam- 
entation for the di ad, perform- 
ed by women; fjT^XTVT :7a77T, to 
mourn tor the dead ; ffT»>fTT^ ^ 
<^t%^, the woman who directs 
a ccnijiany of mourners, being tlie 
wife of a barber. 
fjT'KT'gjft sii,b.T<i, itittrr. 

fff>Krw^ sia,base, f Jlravo! well 
fjTWr-^T sii,bi, ) done ! 
fjT^WT^ siani, a. Dark, black; 

flT>WT>{ urjT, a dark cluud, 
fFrWT>r siam, s. vi. Krishna, 
( named so on account of his 
dark color; ) fTPUrtJirJS, a lunie 
of KrisJiHiL 
ffrnVU siim, s. /. ( properly 

HrW- ) Evt-niug; c. w. V^. 
f^nnK^ sia,mi, *. m. The name 
of a class of faqirs, called iairu^w; 
husband; master, lord; a name of 
Krishnu; God. 
frPHTW siil, s. m. The name of 


fTTV i{3 



s. m. G(j]J. 

a district in the Panjib ; the name 

of a caste of Jatt. 

f^^TKT^ siaj, \ $. m. Winter, 

ffI>KTf5T >i;i,li, J the cold season. 

f7pHT75 >iii,|»''> *• "'• A kind of 

red cloth. 
f^pKIfS Hx^lu, a. Wintry, per- 
taining to winter, apjirojiriate to 
the cold season. 
fjpKTS' sLir, s. VI. A furrow; 

friWT^ #=^5^, to plough. 
fn^AT si,uni, \ 
(hSai si,unD;i, ) 
frirrssn' sis,kaui, r. n. To breathe 
with ditliculty, to gasp for 
frrrrF ?i>t, *. /. Sight, looking 
steadily, the sight of a gun; 
fknS '^ST^ and ?5Tif^, to 
look steadily, to take sight. 
fJRTT sill, s.f. A porcupine, 
r^vldi sih,ri, f. m. A cluiplet of 
flowers, or a piece of gold or sil- 
ver fringe worn on the head by a 
brid'.gt Mom at the time of mar- 
frrU^ "^Z^ J-ihr bat,tanl, r. ?i. 
To b(.- j>crvcrso and oljstinate; to 
kce[. ^ilent. 
iw^ sih,ri, t. f. A kind of 

^vJ SAi sihei-iiia, r. a. To pur- 

clia'.L- ; i. q. TT^TTT. 
tJT? sik, *./ The side, the lon- 
gitudinal section of a thing ; de- 
fiTT^"gt, s. J. i. 4. 

iflTT^r sikanyjii, t. m. i. q. 

^fflT^ ^ik,na, c. Ji. To U' parch- 

c«J or dried, to be toasted, to 

be warmed. 
^K >i,kam, *. m. Tlie belly, 

the wr.inb ; tJ^^K "Sc^CT f-r f^TlTW 

^^^75 tr^CT, to bo with child, to 

become preguaiit. 

A kin-l of 

fjT7^ sikr, g. m. The highest 

point, the summit, top, pinnacle. 

frnrg'Tr sik,ran, s.f. A kind of 

hawk; a wanderer, 
frnm sik^ni, s. m. 
HrVB^ sik,n', s.f. 
fT[79^ sikn'n, s.f. 
fpiv~?F si,kal, s. m. Polishing, 
cleaning, polish, brilliancy; fTRW 
STU^T and ^r^;^, to polidi, to 
burni.di ; tTj^M rf r^l", to go off; 
ffnr^ '^T^'f^^t, to polish; to de- 
fjTTjft'JR siklfgar, .<r. m. One 
who polishes swords and other 
metallic bodies. 
fJn?3^JTU'^t s!ki;gar,n[, s.f. The 

wife of a sUdijai'. 
ffnm^TTJ^ -^ikligairi, s.f. The 
art of pMlidiing metals, the bu>i- 
ness of po!i^lling. 
tTR^l"^ sikwH.i, s.f. Wann- 
ing, j.;irclilng; the price of paivh- 
fjT^^^^jn' slkwa,un.'i, r. a. To 
cau<e to be warmed or pareluxl. 
fjTT^ sik,kari, y. /. Drmdnitr; 
dried laud; f«3r#t ^ffw^'> and 
'^-€^) to l>o dried, ( as mud. ) 
tjT^r sik,k:i, s. m. A stamp, an 

imjiression on coin; lead. 
ffnrrEft sik:i,i, s.f. Warming; 

comj>ensation for warming. 
fffTT^^T sikri.uni, r. a. To 

cause to be parched or warmed. 
f^'^" sikkh, s. m. A diseiple, a 

fiillower of ydn>ik. 
fjry sikkh, s.f. Instruction. 
fjp^ siklia,u, a. Like a Sikh. 
ffT^^ slkha,u, s. m. The being 

a Sikh. 
fVfMga sikkh, n:i, r. a. To learn. 
fK>^^'^, t.f. A female 
disciple, a female aS/A/* or follower 
of Ntvmk. 
ff{M1^ sikkh, matt, s.f. Ad- 
vicc; initruction, tcacliiug. 

fH*:f4^f sikhpu,nii The being a 

fw^CxT tikkh.ya, t.f. Toacliing, 

instruction, doctrine. 
tTr>=ra' sikhr, s. m. The highest 
point, the summit of any thing, 
ti>p, pinnacle. 
fj{y^T^2- sikhkyit, t.f. Teach- 
ing', Instruction. 
tTrt(?5l'o?vT sikhla,una, r. a. To 
tearh, to instruct, toadmoniih, to 
fTTM .^K^d slklila,wat, t.f. Teach- 
ing, instruction. 
fk^fWf sikh,rri, *. m. A SikA, 
( used in contempt, ) a young 
fHMT^PvT sikha.una, \ r. a. To 
fflXT?;j^l, i teach, 
tHVTf5^r slkhij,ni, / to ad- 
monish, to chaitlse. 
fwtMWr :ik,klui, s.f. Teacliing, 

instruction, doctrine. 
ff^^Z^ iikhau,tf, % *. /. Teach- 
tJTMS^ si£hau,ti, J ing, instruc- 
ri?7r siagg, s. m. A horn. 
trnio^ slngjgraf, s.m. Vermillion. 
tF3I5^ sii}g,grafi, a. Having 

the col^r of vcrmlllion. 
T^f ?T?rT =>''U?i?r^> «• m. A pow- 
der horn, or flask. 
VjfjTr sing|ga, t. m. A musical 

honi, a trumjiet. 
frfTTTg' singgir, s. m. Dress, or- 
ti;f3n^<^r,na, v. a. To. 
drcis, to adorn, to ornament, to 
tlTTf^ sirig|gi, s.f. A horn, used for 

cupping; ajc^'t musical horn. 
f^^lZ sing-aut, 7 - . . , 
\7Ji\Zi singgau,(i, J 
fjfw singgh, s. tn. A lion; a 
Sikh who is a follower of Gotind 
Stii^h; one who lias been formally 
iiiitiatcd, by receiving the p<iliul. 





frfctr^ slnc:gli.i,ii, jf. m. /. Sin^h- 

frfon?'^ sinE:gli,ni, s.f. A liuncss; 
a I'emalc .SVwjA. 


fifufT^T^ sin2:glia,san, s. m. A 
throne, a royal seat ; tlie seat of a 
^ni, or a chief among /l^7"■.^ 
flfu/i^^l singgha,ra, s. m. An es- 
culent root; i. q. ifwr^. 
frfof singighu, *. >?i. A lion; a 
Sikh, wlip has been iaitiateil by 
receiving the jxihuj. 

f^f^ sinng, /. in. A horn. 

fii^l sin,nga, s. m. A musical 
horn; i. q. ^W3U. 

fjnft Ein,ngi, s. /. A cupping 
horn ; a jor/t's magical horn. 

fjTifR^ s'iiina, r. n. To bo \ret, 
to be soako'l, to bo saturated; 
f^rTHT^^ Tlic^r, to I'o wet. 

nTrTT^^n' sija up;i, r. a. To wet. 

tiT-rfcNl sinyj,n.i, r. a. To irrigate, 
( land. ) 

TW-ndAi sinyjarna, r. n. To 
soak, to saturate, to moisten, to 
spread, to f>enetrate. 

fffrJT^ slnyjiji, s.f. Soaking, 
moistening, spreading, penetra- 
ting ; the compensation for mois- 

frfw^^rr sinyjAjUna, r. a. To 
cause to be irrigatotl, to cause to 
be saturated, ccc. 

fjT^^J sijjli,na, v. a. To be a- 
vengod, to take revenge, to have 
a settlement, to come to an un- 

fw>il^cNl sijhijiina, r. a. To 
cause retribution to l>e adminis- 
tered, to pay; to brine to an un- 
derstanding; tH^T ^^H"; i. q. 

fflZT sitt, s./. The act of throw- 
ing down or putting off; Chc 
fwii^^t, to procrastinate, to pre- 

varicate, to evade, to use 'subter- 

fJRZr!^ 5itf,n:i, r. a. To cast, to 
thrmv duwii; fjiz: ^^a ;in>l VfT- 
■^^T. t'l ca-«t away. 

f^ZPif^Z sittpusitt, s.f. Pre- 
varication, alternation, evasion; a 
state of confusion. 

fn'iT sit, (a, ^. m. An car of corn, 
( of any kind, especially such as 
grow on the top of the stalk, like 
wheat : ) f^Rzn wr^=?rr, fk^W^i, ' 
or «dlc5l, to car; fflzn TWWT- 
•^cirr, to produce cars, ( of corn; ) 
fn^ "^ V^TT, to blossom, to car; 
to arrive at tlio age of puberty. 

iTlii^^rr sihijUna, r. a. To 
cause to cast. 

■ftfzft, s.f. A small ear of 
corn, ( wlicat, barley, etc. ) 

tlT3 s^ittli, .'. /. Obscene com- 
position; fi^S'^^l^, to write in 
an obscene style. 

t^iic^r, r. a. To write 
in an obscene style. 

fH650, s. /. Obscene or 
abusive songs sung by women at 
weddings; c. w. =§"^. 

fi^^ si^Ji^^j -■>• »"• i'Jrmncss, res- 
olution, obstinacy, persisting, 
j>erseverance, ( especially in some- 
thing bad; ) fS'3^ "ST!^, to be 
firm, to be resolute, to be obstinate 
and perverse, to insist upon ; uh jj i 
VTTT^^, to accomplisli a purj^oso, 
to carry out a rL-solution. 

fiii >^iTf sid,debai, t. m. A man 
of resolution, a headstrong, ob- 
stinate person. 

frr^ir^T sink,u(i, r. a. To blow 
the nose. 

fH^orr'^5!^ sinka.una, r, a. To 
cause to blow the nose. 

i^3 sitt, s. n.. The privities 
of a woman ; fw3 Tn'^JSTTT and 
Vc^Ar, to use abusive language. 

fw3vfjq3^ sittpasit,ta, ad. Aside. 

frreir sidk, *. ni. Ilighteousncss, 
truth, sincerity; fjT^7 VTJ5- 
7^ and ^^5CT, to practice riglit- 
eousness, to beliave in an upright 

{^=5^?"*^ si-ikmand, a. Eicht- 
eous, true, sinrere. 

ffp? sidh, s.f. Sotting out, start- 
ing, departure; firtT aid A*), U> 

fflTj ;.iddli, s. m. Straightness, 
a straight course; a faqir of 
great attainments, a wonder 
worker, a saint; ffT^ a?d AI, to 
prepare, to make ready, to perfect, 
to straighten. 

fp;^ siddh, a. Heady, conii>leted; 
valid, proved; holy. 

iwJ 7T3T^ sid>ih sabha,u, a. Up- 
riglit, of a right and lioly tem- 

fpm TTSTo siddh sablia,u, aJ. lu 
a simple e.a<y manner, without 
do>ign or c.'>ntrivance, without 

twUtiC^ siddh, nf, s. f. A female 
saint or faqir. 

f^TTVTT^T sid']hp3d,dhara, a. Sin- 
cere, trre, free from guile, sim- 
ple, artless; level, smooth, plane; 
unornamentod with figures or 
paintings, of an easy style, (writ- 

frf'TT sidjdha, a. Straight, up- 
right ; artless, simjde, stupid; wT^ 
5y7»l and ^cS^oc^I, to straight- 

iw^TV^T: sidha,ran, a. Plain, 
straightfom-ard, upright, unso- 
phisticated, artless, unstudieil, 

fii q 1 d A sidhi,ran, ad. Without 
design or contrivance, without 

fi^tJIdAl sidliir,na, r. a. To go, 
to depart, to set ofl', to start, to 





fj^ift sM,.Ilii, /. /. The power 
of workinur uiiracles, sujiposeJ to 
bo gained I'V asceticUm. 
fj^q' 5i'l,<llic, a, Striight, in a dl- 
rect line; fiR^ ^I^T, to be straight- 
ened, to Wconie upright ; to bo 
opposite, to coufrout. 
fi^ uZ sidhaut, s. m.f. Straight- 
ncss, uprightnei>, sincerity. 

fjfg sindh. *. in. Tlie ocean, the 
river Indus, the country oi Sindh. 

fyfrr sindh, s. f. The name of 
a song, sung between 3 P. M. and 
sun set. 

fj^ sinnh, s.f. The name of a 
plant; wetness; the nauie of a 

fVff^c^r sinnh, ni, r. ?i. To bo wet. 

frn^^rr siniili,rii, r. a. To take 
sight, to take aim. 

fkZ^^^^ sinh.ijUnA, r. a. To 
wet; to cause to take sight. 

f^l sinn,hi, a. Wet. 

fifT^?rr sinuli,ni, r. n. To l>c wet. 

fjfe^ sinnli,ni, r. a. To take 
sight, to take aiui. 

fjTV sij.p, s. tn. A slieU. 

fnV3 iij'.it, s.f. Quality, attri- 
bute, jiraise. 

frrvgrr^nir sipar?a]ar, > f. m. 

firvrH^TTg- s!p;i>alir, / A cap- 
taui, a commaiider of a military 
force, a comman«ler in chief. 

^^TVTTJ biplh, s. f. Soldiers, an 

ftTMTTnnr> sipihga.ri, *./.| The 

T^rVTrrv^TT sipihpu,n-.i,*. tn.j 
fossion of a soldier. 

nrvru^ ^ipa.hi, t.m. A soldier. 

fjTVt sip,pf, s.f. A conch, a sheU, 
a pearl. 

fe? si, fat or sift, *./. Virtue, 
quality, praise. Also fjTVy. 

^ sib, ,. m. Sliiv, 3fakukr: 
^Vg fyrg -^rSTn, to repeat the 
name of Shic; to bo saturated 
with water, ( the ground. ) 


fyrgfwyri' sibMb;it, s. m. Moi.-iture 
in the ground rendering it soft. 

flTEl'WI ^i^ii, S. m. i. q. Hy«I. 

fkirS siiut, s.f. Shrinking, shriv- 
elliu_', condensing. 

frWicM simf,na, r. n. To be 
concentrated, to shrink, to be col- together, to be condenscnl. 

nrXi-iS sin]ti,u, s. m. Shrink- 
ing, condensing. 

fHW2iSc5l sinita,una, v. a. To 
cause to shrink, lo condense. 

ijTHZ^ s'lii.t'j s.f. A kind of doth. 

irrU^ s'lm^tu, a. Susceptible of 

TfTJf?^ simui,na, v. ii. To leak 
slightly, to flow out almost _im- 
[•erceptiVdy, ( as water from a ves- 
sel, or blood from a wound. ) 

f7T>r5?5 sim,ba], ^ s. m. The 

fkvc^ sim,ma], ) name of a tree. 

tTTKoT^ sim,ran or si,maran, s.f. 
Memory, remembering, mention- 
ing, ( c-pecially the name of God ; ) 
a small rosary worn on the wrist. 

TfTh-j^i si,marna, r. a. To re- 
member, to mention, (especially 
the came of God. ) 

tTTK^TT^ si,marni, s.f. A small 

tTTWT^ simi,i, s.f. Uniting; 

fwWT^^ sima,uni, v. a. To unite, 

to ndx; to cause to be sewed, 
frrcnrr siyah, a. Elack. 
irfwnjl sr^a,lia, $. m. PiCcord, 
cu-tom house accounts; a mer- 
chant's waste book; i. q. frPWrUT. 
fH^Jnrf^ siy<i,hi, s.f. Blackness, 

blacking, ink. 
fjT^sn^ siyan, s.f. Rccogmzing, 

recognition, acquaintance. 
fjT'vrr^V siya,nap, s.f. n Knowl- 
f^rcrr^rUH siyan,i)at, s.f. V edge, 
fTn?r?r'^Tsiyanpu,na, 5. Tn.5 wis- 
dom, discretion, age of discretion; 
cunning, art. 

frfcrrSfr siya,nS, J 

fHT^^vT f%T;rT5n^ siya,na biya,na, ' 
a. Prudent, wise, discreet, cun- 
ning; m.iture, ( in understanding, ) 
grown up. 

UT^^ siya,uiu, a. Recognizing, 
knowing, being acquainted. 

frn^TTT^r siya,n;uia, r. a. To 
recognize, to know. 

ffT^VT siyajxi, s. m. Mourning 
for the dead, ( a ceremony perfor- 
med by women; ) fin^iM" ^TTT- 
f%^, the wife of a barber who 
directs the sii/dpd. 

frrwr^K^ siya,basi, -, inter. Bra- 

fTTCTrg# siyi,basc, > vo ! well 

fjTWrgf siya,ba, y done I 

tlTTfK siytlm, a. Dark, black; 
frrcTTH' WZ^, a dark cloud. 

fKCTTH siyam, s. m. A name of 
Krishna, (named so on account 
of his dark color. ) 

frnTTil siyam, *./. Evening. 

fwWlJTJfTF siyaram(i,rat, s.f. A 
per:^onofa black color; a name 
of Krisltnd. 

fHWfj-ft si\-a,mi, s. m. Master; 

husband; God; Krishnd; the 

name of a class of faqirs. 

fflTTTTT^ siya], > 

-- . , , , \ s. m. V\ inter. 

T??^rf5T siya,li, J 

(h^i^S siya,lu, a. WIntrj', what 

pertains to the vrintcr season. 

frnrr'^ ^^'y^^ri »*• *"• -A- furrow; 

ffTJTrW J-dcfvl, to plow. 

fjTJ sir, s. m. The head ; a point 
of time. 

flTH" sir, prep. On, at, in, concern- 

ffTB" sir, a. Exact, the very, 

fwdHiW sirsam, x. m. Fainting 
induced by excessive heat, deli- 
rium, phrensy, a tumor or inflam- 
mation of the brain; i. q. HT- 

frTTvJTga sirha,na, t. m. The 





hcail j'U'CC of a bitl'loa'l, S:c. a 
ffid ^1 jir,k;i, s. m. Vi[ic;_';ir. 
(HdaA sir^ki, t. /. A sort of n-t-"] 
of whiili wiiiiiiiwing I a>kcts are 
inaJi\ roeJ i;r.i>s, a sort of mat 
niadt* of jiV/i (o kt'('|» otV min. 
fjT^^'^^rH >irkil.,U, s. hi. A dass 
of vafrniiit'* wh. live '\nsirki huts. 
frfBaft^TH^ .-.rkil'i.sf, s.f. Liv- 

insr in sirli liuti. 
fTT^?"^ ^i^k•'^| J. j/i. An over- 
seer, a siiporiiitoiulont, a hi-aJ 
man, a superior in anyart;aI)Ow- 
c^ful nilvor>ar\'. 
fW3MV5^T 5;rkiia|>,n'i, r. n. To 
suQ'or paia from iIk- i-lle loquacity 
of any one, to be <l;>traotei.l by 
another's IMk} prating. 
fpr3"*:04T^t sirkhap-i,!, s.f. Caus- 
ing distraetlun ( io any one, ) by 
an idle lo<jua<:Ity. 
fHiJ^VT^^vT sirkhap:i,un.i, c. a. 
To make ( one's ) head ache hv 
an idle loquacity. 
fTroTTfTTF sirgast, s. m. A sort 
of umbrella carried o\ er the head 
of a bridegroom, as he moves in 
the marriage procession. 
fViddli ?ir,gi. s. m. A cream color, 
( spoken of horses ; ) a kind of 
head dress for \vomen. 
iHdTlcN* sirjini, r. a. To make, 

to create, io produce. 

fWdo'«^TtV*>^T sirtahva,i:i, a. 

Perpendicular, steep, inclined, 

having the head do\vnvrards, or 

bent forward, headlong. 

find-cf^lM sirda^^al, s. m. \ 

fild=?»WT?5 sirduil, s. m. > 

tTToT^^KT^rt sirduAjli, s.f. ^ 

The headstall of a bridle. 
frrrVii^^T sirpatakni, p. a. (lit- 
erally, to l>eat the head. ) To 
try hard, to be in earnest. 
fWdfu^cyr sirpi;t,n.i, r. a. To 
beat the head. 

fjT?"gTf5T sirb.i,l.i, s. )/i. Tlie at- 
ti'tidaiit of a bridi', (•lie m ho 
rides bi'hind him on hor.-cba<k in 
tlif marriage proee^sion; i. q. 

ffl^^ si,rar, s. m. Ma..'.ness, ob- 
tVr^a"?^ si.raran, o.f. \ Mad, 

Hr^'^J si,rari, a. m. > obstinate, 
TrT?"^ si,!ari, a. »". •' stubborn. 
TH?T si,ni, s. tii. V.n>\, extremity. 
tTTJT^ siri,vi, > s. m. The heail 
iHd i<^i sira,wa, j or foot piece 

of a bedstead. 
tJTsTt 6i,ri, s.f. (properly, srf. ) 
A head; a title of honor prclixed 
to ]>roper names ; a name of LaclJi- 
vu: pro'ipcrify, beauty. 
frra^JTI'U'g >i,ri5:ihab, j. m. A 
sword; (a name given it by Ahi- 
lis. ) 
ff\'3^T{T^ tiri^f, s. m. A kind 

of cloth. 
f7T3*t?T3l siriiig, .c. in. The name 
of a musical mode appropriated 
to the afternoon in winter. 
tJT?5 sill, c^ /. Consumi-tion, 

hectic fiver. 
fjT^S sil, s.f: A flat stone on 
which spices are ground or knives 
fflTS ^illli. s.f. Dampness; ffl^J 

5 rf<S^, to become damp, 
fw 5-il sill, hi, a. Pamp, moist. 
fl{"J?)!y silliab, s. f. Dampness, 
moisture; fjT^JT^ VJ 'rP^, to le- 
eome damp. 
iT{ K)^"^ silhi,bi, a. Damp. 
frr^SCT, v. a. To spy 
out during tlie day what one in- 
tends to steal at night. 
fTr?5^3T >il"-vat,i;i, 5. »i. Tlie stone 
on which spices are ground, to- 
gether with the muller; (met.) a 
man who has nothing to say. 
fllW'^'^'^ silwiji, i.f. The price 
of sewing. 


I UHM'^i Q^i silwUiUna, r. a 

cause to be si-wcd. 
tjT?^, J *. m. Tlic gleanings 
tjr?5T ^i,|i, j of harvest; f(^.\ 

^■JR^r, to collet tlie gleanings of 

ban t-^t, to ghan, ( in liarve>t. ) 
fjT^^T^ sili.i, s.f. Stitching, 

sewing; the price of sewing. 
fHTTT^^rr >il.i,uiii, r. a. To cause 

to Ik.' sewed. 

fTT?^T>f^3r sil.ijlt, s. )/!./. Storax. 

tTI^Tr? sijehar, s. m. f. A glea- 

fjT^ siv, ^ J. m. Shiv, 

tfl^rH Mvji, ] Mal.i.lcr. 

tfJ^T siwi| }^''CJ>- Kxrcpt, in ad- 
dition to. 

tfl"^ siwa, a. Jfore, better. 

fjT^r sijWi, s. m. A funeral pile, 
a burnt corj'se; c. w. yTH^T and 

tM'^r -i.^^a, f. f. Tlic wife of 

Vor; 1. 0. 


fU'i''^'^ si\\a,Lni, v.a. To cause 

t < be sewed. 
fjT^r^irr siwa|li, s. m. A tem- 
ple o( 6'I.iv. 
ffT^ 5ir,hi, s.f. A bier, shaped 

like a ladder, use<l by Hindus. 
Jj\ ih r. »i. ( indie, past fern, of 

Tjf . ) ^^'as. 

Tff ^in, s.f. A border, a boundary. 

H^*KT A,.i, s. m. A sect of Mu- 

s.altr.ans, the SIii(is; cold; a rick of 

straw or stalks, erected to secure 

waniith from the sun and shelter 

from the wind; pf^TKI xJ'cJrT, to be 

cold, ( the weather. ) 

flY^ si.un, s. m. A boundary; 

i. q. "^fl^TT. 
ifi^^ si,un, s.f. A seam; the 

dividing line under the scrotumi 
^nSc5i iijuni, r. a. To sew. 
TflH si*, f- "«• The head. 
fJ^W ^i,^> »• "J- Lead; a mir- 
ror, glas5, a l>ottle; l^W T^f^, a 
transparent lump of salt. 




t. m. A lion. 

t.f. A lioness 

Tfhf^ si,vi, t. f. A small glass, 

a phial. 
y f)jy sI,son, 5./. Tlie name of a 

jfV H^ ^??<^r hin, sin, kar,na, r. n. 
Tosliake v.ith the oolJ, to shiver, 
to liave a'^'ue. 
jft'U' siyli, ^ 
jfhj si'Jian, / 
jfhj^ si,!;an, 
J^UcS shfjlian, 
jf^§:C> si.h.'ini, 
J^JtiO slii.Iiani, J 
lOurff sih,ri, a. Pervcr*e. 
iftTrs*^ sili.ri, s.f. Stair?, a ladder, 
TftrjT si,h;tn, s. m. A dog. 
Jf^TJT £i,han, a. Lioa-like, of the 

color of a lion. 
jI\X^ sijhon, a./. The Jiamo of a 

tree; i. f[. TTi^'. 
jfh? si'k, s.f. A sj(li:it around 
which raw cotton is Avrappcd for 
a lamp wick; exf itemcnt. 
jfh?^ sik.nii, r. a. To adjust 

the wick of a lamp; to excite, 
jf^ irgT^t si kar,ni, v. n. To ex- 
press sudden regret, dissatiofactlon 
or pain, by a hissing inspiration of 
the hreatli. 
TfHf sikli, x.f. An iron ro<l, a spit, 

a spike; cxeitejuci:t. 
wVv^TT sikh,ni, r. a. To adjust 

the wick of a lamp; to excite, 
jf^ si^', 5./. J Socifty, asso- 
WW sig,gi, s. m. ) ciatincr, co:u- 

panyiug; ex.-itement. 
rf^m si,gi, <lef. r. Was. 
Jftgft s;,tf, *./• Whi-tlinir; 7ft- 
"^ ^^rge^t and jfr^TTt, to 
jf^?r^'gr^ sitibij, t. m. A whist- 
jft3T &i,tlia, a. Insipid, taste- 
less, pithle-5, pale, sickly, 
jf^ sinilli, s. m. Snot. 
^3 sit, *. m. Cold. 
^3 ait, a. Cool. 


H^2nrnj5 sitkll, s. m. The cold 

••oason, winter. 
H'F?5 si.tal, a. Cool. 
#^??V'3t sital{.a,ti, *./. A kind 

of fine cool mat. 
^3Trr 5it,la, s.f. Tlie small pox; 

the goddess of small jxix. 
jft^r si,ta, s.f. The name of the 

wife of Ram. 
W'^^'-^cSi sl,t<Iphal, s. m. The cus- 
tard ajiplo. 
H^'^ sin<l, 
Tlf^^^ sin,dak, 
H^'^SItV sin,daki, 
Tf^=?^ sin|«lakan, 
Tf^'^Tt' .'-in,.lakin, 
T?^'=^ W^ slnd, niind| 
ift'^ sin,di, 
^"^t JflVt sin,.li uiin,di, 
'f^^J sid,dha, s. »». Uncooked 
jirovisions, (spoken in reference 
to the food of brahmans and fa- 
^jirs, the same thing among other 
classes being called rasd or rust, ) 
iffTT sjn,d!ia, x. m. Itock salt. 
TftTTT sl,na, ^. m. The breast, 
the bosom; i^\7>^-d, a kind of 
stays, bodice; the front strings of 
a coat; martingales. 
pftX^rr sfm,n.i, r. a. To sew. 
jf^g sir, s. m. Milk; j.ariner- 
shij., share; iftg- '5~u,'5a, to suck 
milk, H^3" vt^T, to drink milk. 
J^^ sir^ s. /. A fountain, a vein ; 
iftj f^'S'f^Tii and "^Z^, to 
sjiring up, (a fountain. ) 
^ft^Tjt sirni, s.f. Sweetmeats, 

sweetmeats oflered to saints. 
«ld I si,ri, s. m. Sirup, juice 
of fruit ; a kind of sweetmeat 
in which there is little or no gh'i. 
TfVgt si,rl, *./. Sweetness. 
jf^?5 sil, *./. Habit, disposition, 
benevolence, humanity, generosi- 
ty; cold, coolness; a small kind 
of grain ; shame, modesty. 

lft?!rw^'^ 'il-'abh.i.ii, a. Having 

a gentle di>^|><».iti<>n. 
T^^^^T: silwan, \ a. Of a good 
TR'^^^ sihvant, / or amiable dis- 

p<»«ition, well l>ehav».-d. 
Tf'??/Ft siUn in,ti, s.f. A good. 

di-ptisition, good behavior. 
H^?5T, s. in. ]Jainpn'->; coIJ. 
Tf'^ si, wan, /. m. A boun<larj'. 
JJ^'^ si,wen, aJ. Near. 
Tjt^ y.T, s.f. Silence; the hold- 
ing of tiie teeth ti.ditly closed; 
the falling of rain or hail connect- 
c-<l with strong wind; ^ft^ "^itiO 
or ^2P^^, to be doggedly silent, 
to bo ob.-tinately resolute in the 
Iiur-ruit of an object without say- 
in:^' any thing; to liold the teeth 
tightly closed. 
Tp^'3' su,ar, s. m. A tune. 
Tl'>V'\fi sui,i, s.f. Aiiisting an 
a!ii:i;al in parturition; coini»en&a- 
tion fur the same. 
TpHT'^^TT £ui,un3, r. a. To as- 
sist an animal iu parturition. 
Tpi<TTT .suih, s.f. Ashes. 
7T»fr? suangk, s. in. "Wild rice. 
Tpjrfir suangg, s. m. ilJUiicry, 

7I»>rPtI^r suliivjina, s. m. The 
name of a tree, the fruit of which 
is used for jiiekles. 
Tin{n^ sui,ui, s. f. An intel- 
ligent clever woman, ( among RdJ- 
}i'ts, ) of a noble family. 
TpW''^ suid, s. m. Ta,ste, relish, 

jpWT^^^ sui.dan, s. f. 
TTWTt%^ su:i,'Lin, s.f. 
TprT^ sua,di, s. m. 
jpwi-e'tV sui'L'k, a. 

relL-h, delicious. 
JJWTJft sui,nii, *. m. 
husband; Gixl; KruJind. 
■jpKT? suar, *. /. Performance, 

TJTHT^ suir, a. Mounted. 

) An 

C ej'ieure. 

Having a 





TintTJ suir, *, m. A ri<lcr, a 

TpKT^W suartli, ^. m. Good de- 
sire, aim or olycct. 

^WTFT^ suar,iia, t. a. To ad- 
just, to prepare, to a<lom. 

JpKT^ 8ua,ri, t.f. KIding; any 
thing on whieh one rides, as a 
horso, carriage, boat &c. ; a kind 
of rcl sugar. 

ypHTT5 siiiU, f. m, A question ; 
a petition; a representation, beg- 

^WIW^ 'sua,lan, *. /. A female 
petitioner or questioner. 

^»Ki»Oi sua,i:in.t, | r. «. ±\j 

TpHT^^TTf sual,ua, / make sleep, 

^WT?5>, 1^ t. m. A 

ipKT^WT suiilia, / petitioner, 
a questioner. 

^WT^" suijiir, /. /. Decoration, 
adjustment, performance. 

5^»{im^ sunar,na, r. a. To dec- 
orate, to adjust, to prepare, to 
dress, to arrange. 

JJTTF sust, a. Lazy, languid, 
unwell, impotent, weak, lacking 
ririle power; sad. 

JJfT?^ susjii, s.f. Laziness, lan- 
guor, imjK)tenee, weakness; sad- 

JJTTFt su?,sari, s.- f. An insect 
that cats wheat; a sun dried 

Ilvll^<?v7 suha,una, r. n. To fit, 
to be adjusted, to be pleasant and 

IJUl0«5l suha,una, a. Pleasing, 

JJvTTTT suhag, s. m. Such orna- 
ments as are worn by women while 
their husbands are alive; a caress; 
a wedding song; TJ'^rnT JTT^OT, 
to sing a wedding song. 

?JvJld|«5 suha,gap, «,/. A woman 
whose husband Lj alive. 

l^UniT suha,ga, *. m. Borax; 

a wooden drag used to smooth the 
surface of a plowe<l field. 

^vJiA suhan, *. m. A t<x^l used 
by artificers in metals. 

jj ga<civi su,hukna, r. n. To fear. 

i\yii\\ sUjhugi, a. Cautious, wary, 
prudent ; MVJ^t ^^, to be care- 
ful ; TT^it B"fb^T, to live carefully 
or cautiously. 

JJlj-H su,hui, \ s.f. Care, cau- 

^ \j-ri1 sii|huji, / tion, fitness, pro- 
priety, elegance. 

TJ^^^fST suhujiwa,lt, a. Care- 
ful, cautious, discriminating. 

JJ^cS sUjliun, s. m. An instru- 
ment used by artificers in metals. 

J^TDc^J su,liuna, a. becoming, 
beautiful, excellent. 

Ji"v)^:f sUjhubat, s.f. Society, 
companionship; sexual inter- 

JI"*3>^/t su,hubati, s. m. One of 
a society or company, a companion, 
one who is fit to be in society. 

JlsJi^T su,huba, s.f. Reputation, 
show, beauty, elegance. 

iiOdcf su,hurat, s. f. Fame, no- 

H^(A sU|hul, - a. Soft, tender. 

H'vJ ftlcM suhanyjiiia, s. m. Tlie 
name of a tree; i. q. Tpwl-ri'jr. 

?pr3'"?rr sukch,na, r. n. To shrink, 
to be drawn in, to be awed, to be 

JJIT^?^ sukk,na, r. n. To dr}-, to 
become dry, to witlior, to evapo- 

Jj^'g' sUjkar, s. m. Thanks. 

Jjaj J suk,kar, s.m. The planet 

>fd?d^ry sukkarwar, s. m. Fri- 

JJi^WI'^ sukla,i, s.f. A kind 
of weed that grows in the water, 
Trhich is used in sugar, 
called tilsojaJiL 

JJoTlFSTS' suklat^ *. /. A coars,j 

thick kind of woolen cloth; i. q. 

IJlTTrr? suklat, ^ s.f. The name 
7J^r^5Tg suklib, \ of a kind of 
grass or weed which grows in 

water, but brings forth no sceij; 

to anniliilate, to send to perdition; 
i. q. W?5T. Also F^wrg. 
TJIT^TJI »u,karna, v. n. To be con- 
tractcd, to shrink; i. q. ?Jdl?j<vr. 


TJ^fT^T sukr:mgg, s. m. The bone 
of the leg. 

JpTT suk,ka, a. Vry;lJ^ tH^, 
very dry. 

JT^J'Z^ sukii,!, s. f. The act of 
making dry; compensation for 

H^'ScM suka,un:t, r. a. To dry, 
to cause to dry, to evaporate. 

JJ^T V^,ka, a. Dry, 
j)erfectly dry ; only; without ex- 
tra expense; i. q. '^Vr H?!. 

TJITT VTT suk,ki puk,k;i, s. m. 
Dry and uncooked provisions. 

Tj^r?^ sukartb, j a. Of a pro- • 

J^V'dWT sukar,tlii, / per use. 

JJsTTM sukal, f. VI. A season of 

TT^T^t suke,la, s. m. A kind of 

T^'^J sukCiU, a. Of a mixed na- 
ture, ( as goo<.l and bad Iron mLxet.1 
together; ) belonging to the rela- 
tion of saut, q. v. as, JJ'g'35T 3T- 
'^, a half brother ; 7J^(F5T Vy, 
a step son. 

7P4 sukli, *. m. Ease, tranquil- 
lity, easy circumstances, content- 
ment, happiness. 

TJtf sukkh, s.f. A vow made- 
to obtain some temporal blessng, 
a thing dedicated. 

jftf sukkh, ad. Well, very well, 
no matter, no consequence. 

TJMKt^ sukkh,sand, s.f. Ease 
and comfort, welfare. 





^=ffV^T sukliji.viri, /. «n. A 
man in ea*y, i.roq'orous circum- 
jpf^ sukkli,ni, r. a. To vow, 

to dedicate a thing. 
^j-y^^rfV? sukhda,ik, a. Giving 

ease or comfort, comfortable. 
Tpf^vfz^, s.f.^ A 
JJV^ST^ suklida,i, s. m. J giver 

of easp or comfort. 
J^^TT: sukiian, 5. m. A word. 
^WXT^S" sukklinuinul, s. »i. The 

happiness which one desires. 
^VT sukjkha, *. m. The name 
of an herb vrbich when flricd 
is very intoxicating, (Ihati'^. ) 
^Vr suk.kha, a. Dry; jfvT>K^7, 

very dry. 
Jftfl^^l suklia,uu:t, r. a. To dry, 
to evaporate; to l>e pleasant and 
jprr?5 sukli;il, s. m. Ease, facil- 
ity ; a season of plenty. 
jfvfT?^ s<iklia,li, a. Easy. 
jpcr^ .iuklia,je, ad. Easily, 
jpft sU|klii, N a. Being at 

jjtrtTHT Mi,khia, ) case, tran<jull 

and contenfe<l, happy. 
jp^t-pj:^ suk,khisandi, ad. With 

ca.'^c antl c<:.mK>rt. 
Tn\^ *"?') s. m. Employment, 

jpn? siigat, f.f. A present, a 

JfJRT sii,gura, «. Obctlient to 

one's ^jiiritual teacher, 
TpfT^ ''".""1» '. "». Employment, 

JP^ sugand, t. f. An oath; 

JpT^ VT?d, to take an oath, 
jpnj sugandh, \ i. y. 

JT'TCTHr sugandh.ti, ( A good 
If^nTHT^ sugandhti,!, ^ smell, fra- 
grance, perfume. 
JP^ sugan.dlii, a. Fragrant. 
HW3 sung, gar, s. m. j 
ft^ra^ suDg,gari, t.f. / 


JJTT^TTT sung,garna, ^ r. n. To 
J?^"^?*^ suDgigurna, J be bent, 

to be warped, to be contracted. 
J^T'S'T^ sunggurijU, s. m. Con- 

♦^ractior , C of a limb. ) 
JI^'^T'^ . >unggura,una, j r. a. 
^'^^TH sunggor,ua, J To 
contract, to draw up the arms, 
legs, kc. 
jfw suggh, s.f. News, informa- 
tion, report. 
fpV3^ su,ghar, a. Elegant, accom- 
plished, tasteful, virtuous, clever. 
3T^?^ sughara,!, s. m. The 

name of a musical mode. 
Jrur? su.ghar, a. Elegant, accom- 
I'lishcd, tasteful, virtuous, clever. 
fJW^^ sughara,!, *. m. The 

name of a musical mode. 
TpiJ-^ sughara, u, j s.f. 

JfW^Hre^ sugharta,!, | Ele- 
gance, accomjdishmcnt, virtue, 
JTW^T su,ghari, a. Elegant, ac- 
complished, virtuous, clever. 
JrW^T^t sugliarS.i, s. /. Ele- 
gance, accomj.lishment, virtue, 
TTW^vT sung,g!iand, v. a. To 

T^"^iS<ivi sunggliwa,una, v. a. 

To cause to be smelled. 
fju^^t/ii sungghwai,ya, s. m. A 

ffwT^ sungglia,ut, s.f. Smell- 
jfWT^^^r sunggha,iina, r. a. To 

cause to smell. 
T^^ suchch, *. m. Purity, good- 
JJxJo/c^r suclik,iii, r. n. To be 
abashed, to be ashamed, to blush, 
to be bashful, to shrink. 
Tj^vf^^ suchchpavit,tr, a. Pure 
and clean, undefiled, not contam- 
inated by touch, virtuous. 
jf^H suchjcham, a. Pure, good. 

jf^WHT^*^ sucli,cliamta,i, *. /. 

Pureiiess, goodness. 
J^^ such,cha, a. Pure, good, 

clean, undetiled, upright; real. 
*J T^id I suclKi,r:i, a. Pure, good, 

true, excellent. 
JI^?5 suchal, ) a. Well be- 
f[ TjiwT sucha,la, J Laved, having 

a good gait. 
Jji%>M13T suchia,ri, a. Pure, 

good, true, excellent. 
7^%3 suchet, a. Attentive, 

thoughtful, careful, cautious. 
JJ^S' suchet, s. vt. Attending to 

a call of nature, easing one's self. 
q'%3^T sucheta, s. m. Washing 

and dressing. 
q'rl^T sujj,na, t. n. To swell, to 

rise, to be inflamed. 
Ij-rilQcSr suja,una, r. a. To 

cause to swell. 
jjTlTtfr suj5,kha, a. Seeing, hav- 
ing power to see. 
JfTTT^T sujag, a. Rising early. 
JTrTf?^ suj^u, a. Knowing, wise, 

^^s![ suijl), s.f. Sight, perception ; 
Jp€ m5^, to be i-ci-n, to be per- 
^^T ^ujjh,n:i, r. n. To be 
visible, to bo seen ; to bo under- 
stood, to be perceived. 
JpfT^c^T sujiui,uu;i. r. a. To 
make visible, to cause to be seen ; 
to cause to be understood. Also 

J^f%»fT^c?' sujjhia.uni, r. n. To 
be visible, to be seen, to be per- 

JJ^ sutt, s.f. The act of throw- 
ing or putting otV; H ijfitiCt, to 
procrastinate, to prevaricate, to 
evade, to use subterfuge. 

jf^^T sutt,nS, r. a. To cast, to 
throw down. 

JJ^ft sudaul, a. Well shaped, 
handsome, well formecl. 





jfff suu<l, I. y. An elci'liant's 

ff^ sun,<li, *. /. A wonu, a 

g"^T?5 siKlhaj, a. Having a good 

slope, of a gootl form. 
JT^ surjdh, s. /. (linger in a 

dried state. 
iirSi suUjdlia, s. m. Inflamma- 
tion of the glands, caused by a 
5ff^<fJ|( sundliO|la, *. in. Ginger 

ffur and ^hi mixed together. 
JfSrvTV sunhapp, s. m. Beauty. 
Jjcjvvcivi sunk,ni, r. a. To Mow, 

( tlie nose. ) 
JJ^VT sunakjkha, a. Ilaving 

handsome eyes. 
JJ«^<M sun,na, r. a. To hear, to 

hearken, to listen, to mind. 
Jj^r^ -'^"ui,!, s.f. Hearing. 
JjfSrr^^rr suni|Un£, r. a. To cause 

to hear; to toll, to inform. 
IJ^T^^ suna,uni, s.f. The news 
or report of one's death ;c.w. 
WiSciO or f^T^. 
J{^ sut, 5. m. A son. 
35"3r3" su,tar, *. m. A camel. 
J^HcTt su,tari, a. Of the color of 

a camel; made of camel's liair. 
HrJd*^ su,tari, 5./. A sort of drum 

mounted on a camel, 
jfnr sut,ta, V. n. (past tense of 

^sa. ) Slei>t; rjf- -sirr^, to 

continue sleej)ing. 
q3'?=5r sute,la, a. Belonging to 
saut, having the s.ame father, but 

tlitlerent mothers. Sc 


fJW^ sut, than, s. m. Trowsers 
'.Torn by women. 

35"q"c^ si:tli,na, j s. m. Loose 

JJ"gwr suth,na, / trowsers. 

fJfcj/Tt suth,ni, s.f. Loose trow- 
sers worn by women. 

^MdT suth,ra, a. Good, well, 
excellent, beautiful, elegant, pure. 

Qt^'di suth,ri, s. m A Hindu 

faqir, by whom the sutlird class 
was founded. 
W^T^'^ sutliri,!, *./. Good- 
ness excellence, beauty, elegance. 
Wy d U'v^" suthresha,lii, s. m. A 
class of Hindu faqirs; the follow- 
ers of SutJirit. 
15^?^ sut,tliun, *./. i. q. ^^^. 
IPS' sud, s.f. Any joyful oci-a- 

^^7^ sud,ui, s.f. Fate, destiny, 
whatever is ordained to take 
7^;^ suda, *. in. 3Ladnc5S. 
JT^^T 5ud,da, .V. VI. Matter lodged 
in the bowels causing obstruction. 
JT^Tf%^ suda, in, s. f ^ A fool, 
q-cfi\i) sud4,J, s. m. J a mad 

Tp^]'% suda,u, s. m. ^fadnoss. 
fPS^^T? sudiiiCrar, s. m. A mer- 
chant, a trader. 
f{"^lJld<vt suda, garni, s.f. A mer- 
chant's wife, a female trader. 
W-d'lJITt suda,gari, s.f. Mer- 
jpSTVT^ sudapUjUa, s. m. Mailncss. 
ff-cH su,di, s.f. The light half 
of the lunar month; i. e. from the 
new to the full moon. 
11^2^ sun,dar, a. Beautiful, hand- 
some, good, virtuous, praise wor- 
jf-^y H sun,daras, 5. m. A com- 
position of which rosaries are 
Ii^d3T sun, darts, ^ s.f. Eeau- 
7f^33'T'E:'^sundarti,i, j ty. 
fj^^"t sun,dari, s. f. A woman; 
beauty, comeliness; brass wires 
stretched across the stock of a 
satdr under the strings, by which 
the mu^ic is modulated. 
jpr suilh, s.f. Memory, con- 
sciousness, sensation ; notice, care, 
jpr suddh, a. Pure, accurate, 
correct, straight. 

Jfq«Id?r sudhsa,rangg, s.f. The 
name of a tune sung between 
noon and 3 or 4 P. M. 

Jfcr^r^ su<liitu,j, s.f. Correct- 
ness, purity. 

ffT7"^ sudli,budh, t. f. Sense, 
perception, sensation ; care. 

JT'crir^ su<lh,man, a. Pure in 
heart, good. 

ijMd/kl su,dharna, r. a. To bo 
correct, to be mended, to be rec- 

JJTT^T^^T sudiini,una, r. a. To 
correct, to mend, to rectify. 

fpTT sudjdlia, a. Pure, simple, 
unmixed, unalloyed. 

rjtjl sud,dlii, p/vp. Together with. 

J^TT su,dha, ad. Merely, only. 

JHTT^ sudlia,i, S.f. The price 
j)aid for correcting, &c. <SVt' JJ- 

rnrr^"^ sudha,una, r. a. ( cau- 
sal of TT^T^CT. ) To cause to be 
corrected or refined ; to cause to 
be determined what is auspicious. 
H Mid TtT sudliar,na, r. a. To cor- 
rect, to meml, to adorn, 
^j ' lj v <J vT sundh,kana, r. 11. To 

be kindled. 
jjT7in^"5a sundlika,un;i, r. a. To 

J^;^ sunn, a. Without sensation, 

withered ; silent, void, empty. 

yn^ sunn, s. m. A proboscis, 

( elephant's ; ) a disease in which 

the fle--h loses its sensibility. 

X r< ^ ^ l':S sunnsan, a. Dreary, 

waste, void, still, quiet. 
JJTrfrra'T suna,hira, a. Golden, 

IJT^fTTTr suna,hir;i, s. m. An 
earthen vessel, in which drugs are 
bruised with water, to be used as 
a drink. 
ITTrgfvJ?'^ sunba,hiri, s.f. A kind 
of disease in which the flcih losi^s 
its sensibility. 





;p^>f7ftg; sunnmasin, i a. Si- 
wTT^^TT"?^ siinnniasvinn, / lent, 

still, tlronn.-, waste. 
g/>(/^ T g sunyar, *. m. A gold- 
smith; cunning, craftiness. 
ip^T *un,na, a. Empty, alone. 
g <Mvi r 5una,ha, *. m. Message, 

report, news. 
TjfTfWT? suniar, s. tn. A gold- 
smith; cunning, craftiness. 
T[Vk''Vr37i sunia,ran, s.f. The 

wife of a guldsmitli; cunning. 
j^f/PVTJH^ suniarpu,ua, s. m. 

The business of a goldsmith. 
jrf77»HT3T sunia,ri, s. m. A gold- 
smith; cunning. 
TjiTrtHTJ^ sunia,n, s.f. A gold- 
smith's wife. 
J^fk^Hr?^ sunia,n', a. Pertain- 
ing to a goldsmith. 
J77^, *. m. A sect of Mu- 

JJT^ sun^iii, s.f. A swine's snout. 
JTSTTT sune ha, s. m. Message, 

report, news. 
;f^ sunr, a. Palsied, without 

son vat ion. 
jf<^ sunn, *. m. i. q. ^77. 
TTTTfU^ sun;is:in, a. Silent, 

• ir-arA-, waste. 
T{7rs sun,nat, x. /. Circumcision. 
Jr<THTrT^, \ a. Si- 
jp^.T^ suunma-unn, / lent, 

dreary, waste. 
H<^^ 3un,ria, a. Emj>ty. 
fp^ sun.ui, 9. m. A sect of Mu- 

^7i1 sunjii, s.f. A swine's snout. 
Jr^3^ su[.at,ta, a. Honorable, 

TTLf-i-r ' V s. m. A dream. 

qVTg^ supa,Ti, t. f. Eetelnut; 

glans f^enis. 
JTVrar 5upa,ru, ». /. Clans penis. 
TV3 juputt, ». m. A dutU'ul 


JJV3T snput,td, a. Having a du- 
tiful son. 
Jr*f3" suput, *. m. A dutiful son. 

H<S<% sufn, ) 

' , , \ s. m. A dream. 

35"S7>T sut,nA, / 

^(^■« sU|phal, rt. Good, profit- 
able, tif advantage, useful, pro- 

JT"^?F sUjphal, *. m. Good fruit, 
a happy result, a fortunate return. 

ifg subb, s. m. The band on a 
siieaf of corn, a uniting bond; a 
swab with which a gun is clean- 
ed; i. q. •^. 

JJv^vJi sub,ha, s. m. Doubt, sus- 

JT'^aT subk, a. Thin, spare, del- 
icate, light. 

H^^af^ subka,u, s. m. Light- 
ness, (either in weight or charac- 
ter,) unsteadiness. 

JT^lTTSft subka,!, j s. f. Light- 

q^^, / ness, levi- 

ty; spart.-noss, delicacy; meanness. 

jfST? subjbar, s. m. A swab for 
cleaning a gun, a mop. 

Jjgr sub,ba, 5. m. A withe, a band 
of twisted straw or grass. 

JTgf? subak, a. Having a sweet 
soft voice, a good speaker. 

;n~gr537 subaiLi, s. m. A bride- 
groom's atteniiant, a younger bro- 
ther or other relation, who, as well 
as the bridegroom, wears a wed- 
ding dress, and in tlio jirocession 
rides behind the bridegroom on 
the same horse. 

J^fw^rFT subih|tu, s. m. Disen- 
gagement, leisure, rest, convales- 
cence; profit, advantage; welfare. 

TTfVvrTar s\iliili;ir, a<l. Very, exceed- 
ingly, excessively, extremely. 

figt sid),bi, s.f. A small mop; 
a small twist of tobacco leaves, 
or of mvnj; i. ([. ^"g^. 

jj'g sumb, s. m. A hoof, ( of a 
horse, kc.;) a spring of water. 

^^^^ sum,b:i, 5. tn. A sponge staff, 

a ramrod; a strong tall i>erson. 
lfyiry;5 sumba,it, j s. f. A 
H^TS sumbaif , j hoof, ( of a 

liorse, a.^.s, &c, ) 
Jf3 subh, a. G(K)d, pleasant, 

agreeable, happy, fortunate. 
J5"3? sub,bhar, a. Fat, fleshy; 

coarse, (as cloth. ) 
T['3T% subha,u, s. tn. Tempera- 
ment, disposition, nature, habit. 
Jf^T^? subhijuk, a. Natural, 

without design. 
*i3i<? subhaw, 5. t7t. i. q. ^- 

ST^, q. V. 
*i3i^M subha,wak, a. i. q. ^- 

3^^, q. V. 
IJ3^ sub,bhur, a. Fat, fleshy; 

coarse, ( as cloth. ) 

ipf summ, s. tn. An undivided hoof. 

J^3 sumatt, *./. Good nature, 

a good disposition, benevolence, 

a good mind. 

jprg sumb, s. VI. An undivided 

hoof; a sjiring, a fountain. 
JJTT^T sum,l):l, s.m. A .-i-ongestaff, 

a ramrod ; a strong tall person. 
H>rgTf%3- sumba,it, ^ s.f. A 
JThV^ sumbait, / hoof, (of 

a liorse, &c., ) an undiviilc<l hoof. 
JTHT?; SUIT, ran, s. f. Remem- 
brance, mentioning, (especially 
the name of God; ) a .-mall rosary. 
JT^-TcTP^T sU|marna, s. m. To rc- 
mendier, to mention, (especially 
the name of God. ) 
H'Vrra' suuiar, s. tn. Xumber. 
^pra" sumer, s. m. A fabled 
mountain, the re-idencc of Hindu 
gods; the top of a mountain. 
JT^TTPS suni.l, a. Suitable, well 

matched, agreeing. 
JfW?? sumel, J. tn. Agreement, 

i^rhTT sumo,s;i, s. tn. A hand- 
kerchief folded diagonally; a kind 
of sweetmeat. Also TT>^TH. 





1J^ sur, $. m. Tunc, nicl«^<ly, ac- 
cent, honcr, note, soun<ling, a^nc- 
laent; broatliing through the nos- 
trils; a devotee, a god; JT? "3^- 
TTT, to sounvl, to regulate the 
voice in singing, to tune a mu-ical 

JJTJfTr^^T .sur<>uni,una, r. «. To 
creep, to crawl, as a snake or in- 
sect, to make a noise like a snake 
or insect in creeping. Also, Jjg" 

Q^JJ^TZ: sursurat, s. m. The 
noisf! of a snake or insect creeping, 
or of a trailoil rope. 

;j?vTr sur,ha, j s.f. Tlie 

f^Tiy sur,han, j Thibetan cow, 
which is distinguished by a thick 
bushy tail ; a cow wliich never 
intermits giving milk. 

jg'd's^c^i surk|na, r, n. To move; 

i. q. Tr3"^r^T. 

way Ifg"? surk, murk, s f. Mov- 
ing this side and that. 

JfTy surkh, a. \\o>\. 

Wd^i surkh, s. m. The name of 
a small red bird often kept in 
cages, called also Idl. 

JTrtrWl^ST surkhba,da, s. m. The 
uame of a iliseasc, erysipelas. 

JTU'^J surkh,vu, ) a. Unabash- 

JJ?"fcf^ surkh, ro, J ed because 
conscious of rectitude; reputable, 

JJ^M'S'TbT^ surkhrOji, s.f. Honor, 
character, a gootl conscience. 

JJ^VT sur,kha, s. m. A color ia 
horses, white or light iron grey. 

r[Tfcrrg surkhlb, 5. J?!. The name 
of a water bird; Jf^>:(Tg ^T VB" 
( literally, the feather of a sur- 
khdb, ) a curiosity ; JfTtfTg ^r v^ 
ijT^ V? ^i5T, to be i>roud. 

JJirv^ sur, kill, s. f. Redness, red 
ink, red paint with which women 
color their lips. 

7[T^ surg, t. m. Heaven. 

JJ7RTPC sur,gnp, $. /. An inhabit- 
ant of heaven. 

JT^^mTT ^«nrg)>as, ) t. m. A 

IJ^7rgi?Tr £urgV>;t,sa, J residence 
in heaven; JidJiyr^fr ^&^T, to be 
a dweller in heaven. 

J^3rgrj{^ surgba,si, s. m. An 
inliabitant of lieaven ; one de- 

Ijgr^ sur,gi, a. Heavenly, wor- 
thy of heaven. 

^gwt sur,gi, s. m. An inhabi- 
tant of heaven. 

fJ3'3r3 sur, gun, a. Possessing all 
good qualities, ( God- ) 

J^y-rTcf^ surjan, s. m. f. A per- 
son of respectability ; a sweetheart, 
a mistress, a friend. 

JJTtT^t surjana, r. a. To create, 
to produce, to form. 

fi^3" ^urt, s. j. Consideration, 
prudence, caution, attention ; me- 
mory, heart, mind; JJTF ?T>ff^ 
^, to be sane, to have a woll 
balanced mind, to have a mature 

fj??! sur,t^, \ a. Mind- 

JJ^F^fFI" surti,la, > ful, considor- 

J5^3'<551 surtai,la, J ate, attentive, 
prudent, cautious, intelligent, ac- 

fi 3 A I !%■ surna,i, s. f. A kind 
of llute, a clarion. 

JJVAltVi'dl surn.i,ichi, *. m. One 
who blows on the sxirnai. 

Jjg'TrTvT surnili, j s.f. A lea- 

^cfTiT^ surna,hi, J ther buoy; i. 

q. fTFT^TTr. 
Jr[WW^ surma,!, a. Of the color 
of surma. 

JJ^Jfr sur,ma, 5. m. Antimony; 
( used chiefly to blacken and beau- 
tify the eyes. ) 
JjgT5 surl, *./. Information; 
crawling; JJ??J II??7 o^cf AI, to 
crawl, ( as an insect on the bo- 
dy ; ) 3=[3T5 fV^'Wi informatioQ. 

7r3?5r^^r surli,una, v. n. To 
crawl or creep, ( as an in^H^t on 
the body ; ) to be lazy, to be negli- 
gent, to be heedless. 

TT^fwWT trfVwT sur.lii ho,i;i, 
jxirt. (lef. Lazy, negligent, heed- 

JJ3^ If3W ?F7?T surr,surr, kar,ni, 
r. n. To snutllo. 

Hd ijl suni,hi, s.f. An earthen 
water vessel with a long narrow 

jj^TffT sura,li, 5. m. The name 
of a prickly grass. 

ilS\'S surit, *./. A good custom; 
a mistress, a concubine. 

I5'5"?T su,rungg, s.f. A mine, ( for 
j)owder,) a subterraneous passage. 

IT'S" su,ni, s. vt. Beginning. 

fJfST sul.ha, s. f. Peace, kind 
treatment, attention. 

7J';j5T sull,h:i, a. Lazy, indolent, 

Tl'^^'^.T suhikkli,na, a. Portu- 
nate, happy. 

JJ^3T sulg, s.f. Euining, inflam- 

JJ^^TT ^, a. Having a good 
disposition, blameless; pure, ( as 
gold or siher. ) 

fJ«JI<ivT sul|gana, r. n. To he 

JiTJTTT^S^ sulgiijUna, r. a. To kin- 
dle; to take the first put!" at a pii"\ 

fj?5'^c5r sulachchh,na, a. For- 
tunate, happy. 

fi?5"=f^rr suljhana, t. 

Ji^y:?!^^ suljha,una, 

TTWHi'J^ sultan, s. m. A king, 
an emperor; tiic name of a cele- 
brated Muhammadan pir, who 
founded a sect. 

fi«:^IAc^ sult;i,nan, t.f.-^ A fol- 

^« j i /3 sultd,ni, s. m. j lower 
of Sultan. 

To be 
a. To 




JIFT^IT^ sultiiiii, t. /. A fine kind 

of h>rua<kIoth. 
jr^ji^l AtWT 5ulti,ni:i, *. m. A 

f.illo'vcr of St'.ltiin. 
pz^T^ sul,fi, s. m. A pipeful 

of tobacco or of charas. 
JTfsr^^T su|;i,uni, r. a. To put 

to sleep, 
jjjyr^ sulik, s. m. A hole, a 

;j?yr^^r suHk,na, v. a. To bore, 

to perforate; to exainine, to try. 
jqiJjrTt sul;i,kin, s.f. Spits, spikes. 
JiWiff^ sulem:in, s. m, Solomon, 

the Hebrew prophet and king. 
JJ^XTTrt' sulcm:i,ni, a. Belonging 

to Solomon. 
jjSnT^, s. f. The 
name of a precious stone, an onyx. 
IJ-S Ti<s suwa,chan, s. m. A good 

word, speaking good. 
^'<^d<% suvarn, s. in. Gold. 
7J^?5T >uu-al,la, a, Cheai)cr. 
*i^i0cM suw;i,uni, r, or. To put 

to sleep: to cause to be sowed, 
^jgvoi surlijkan.i, r. a. Toswal- 

h:>w by gulps. 
TT^irr surhjka, s. m. A medicinal 

li';'ild mixture. 
W^'7^ surh,ki, s.f. Swallowing 

down by gulj)s. 
♦r^ T^ 57^771 surli, .Hirh, kar,na, 
v.n. To make a noise like the 
broiling of meat ; to rumble, ( the 
b<^jwels. ) 
^T^TTT surliji^, f . n.^^ To rumble, 

( tlie bowels, ) for want of food. 
Jf^rgc^T surhS.uni, r. a. To 
cau^c to rumble, ( t!ic bowels, ) 
from hunger. 
JJ ?^ V nM surkiUi, v. a. To 
snuflle, to draw breath violently 
through tlio nose ; to gulp. 
^^r5i sura,ka, s. m. A snutlling 

noise; a gulp. 
^ so, $, tn. The young of an 
animal; bringing forth; q t}-^, 

to bring forth young, ( spoken of 
animals. ) 
TPUU' su,ar, s. m. A hog. 
IJ>KT su,a, s. m. A large needle; an 
eye or stomach tooth, the long 
sharp tooth of a dog, &c.; a 
turner's spindle: a s{>rout, a shoot, 
a blade ( of gra^s, &.c.; ) bringing 
forth; the young of an animal; a 

jf^HU" sun,ar, s. m. A hog, 

JT^ s",i, *./. A needle. 

Tpft su,si, s.f. A kind of cotton 
cloth, ( used for pantaloons. ) 

jf jf sun sun, s.f. Snufllng ; the 
whistling of the wind; tliehiising 
of a snake; c. w. a73"ST. 

JJTT suh, s.f. Intelligence, news, 

JJvTZT su!i,ta, s. m. A spring of water. 

JJ^JT su,h:i, s. tn. One who i? well 
informed, an informant, a gui<lc; 
the name of a musical mode.- 

fjvll sii|lil, a. Red, crimson. 

JirfV ^?5T-@?!5 su,hi bahi.ul, s.f. 
The name of a musical mode, 
called also IdJinara. 

JJ'U"^ su,huf, s. m. A kind of 
stitch, sewing. 

ffg^T sUjhura, *. jn. The hull or 
bran of wheat. 

JfO^ su.hurl, s.f. The hull or 
bran of pul^e. 

J5? suk, s.f. The whistling of tho 
win'! ; a wlicezing noise made in 
breathing; the hissing of a snake; 
abon.ination; the planet Venus. 

JJ^T^CT suk,ni, r. n. To breathe 
with a wheezing noise; to hiss as 
a snake; to overflow; to Le pros- 
perous; i. q. JF^f^ST. 

r^TaHV sukitap, s. m. A high 
fever causing hurried respiration, 
fever and ague. 

JJ^^ su,kur, *./. The whistling 
sound of wincl ; the noise of a tor- 
rent, or of pelting rain. 

l^c(d<M sii|kurna, r. n. To his«, 
( as a snake; ) to whistle, (as the 
wind among tree.-; ) t'> be proud. 

JJsT sungk, s. f. The liissing of a 
fiiake; a wheezing noise made in 
breathing ; the whittling of the 

jf^SIvT sungk, n:i, v. n. To whistle, 
( as the wind ; ) to hiss, ( as a 
snake; ) to breathe with a wheez- 
ing noise, to jiufl' and blow; to 
overflow, ( as a river; ) to be pros- 
perous ; i. <j. Tny^rr. 

JTTF Eungjkar, s. f. The same 
as jf?, q. V. 

if^^Tn sung,kama, r. n. To 
breathe with a wheezing noise, to 
pufi" and blow, to bluster, to hiss, 
( as a snake. ) 

ipfH sUjkliam, a. Fine, slender, 
sulitile, exact. 

JTt^>f3"T'^ sukhanita,!, s.f. Fine- 
ncss, subtiity, exactness. 

fl^ sug, s. f. Disgust ; shame, 
bashfulness ; f^Jf ^HTTt', to be dis- 
gusted, to have the stomach 

Jj3T^ ^xi^^ni, v.n. To be disgust- 
ed, to have the stomach turned. 

Fi^ such, a. Pure, good. 

Jjrf suj, s.f. Swelling, inflamma- 

TJtTTT siijan, s.f. i. q. JJ^ ; but 
used only in poetry. 

J5n1<^ sui,ni, s.f A richly work- 
ed cloth used to sit or sleep on ; 
a diafter or cloth worn around 
tlio loins by small girls. 

15^ &u.ja, s. m. The higher part 
of a boat. 

JJ^ft suji, s. f A granulated 
for:n of wheat flour, of which the 
best bread is made. 

IJ^ sujh, s.f Sight. 

J^^^l7» iiijliMan, a. ITaving 
siudit, perceivinir. able to perceive, 





7^ silt, s./. (corrupii'iiiof^rj. ) 
Silence; rushing; TJ^^ZT^ft, to 
be (.lug;_;^<.'<Ily ^ilt•nt, to l>e ohsti- 
nutely "rL-soluto without saying 
any thing; to rush uiton; to go 
in a straight Jinc witli groat sj)oe<l. 

JJ^ su,t<i> *• »»• »SiiK.I<iiig with a 
strong inspiration of breath; c. \v. 

^IJTI s»iu(],ki, s. m. A pack.-^.l.!- 

ille, a saddle elotli. 
^^' sun, s. f. Swelling, intlani- 
niation; JJ^ M'^f^, to bo swelled, 
to f>e inflamed. 
J^(i\i siyiS, r. «. To bring fort 1 1 

young, ( spoken of animals. ) 
JJ^ sut, s. m. Cotton thread; a car- 
penter's line ; straiglituois; peace. 
T[3^ su,tak, 3. m. Ceruiuonial iin- 
cleauncs3 from cliildbirth, (hist- 
ing 40 days, and extending to 
ever}- thing in the house; ) <niall 
7^3^ i-iit,ke, s. m. A kmd of 


JjscM &ut,na, r. a. To rub, to 

stroke, to smooth, (as ancwrojto 

or thread ; ) to draw, to unslioathe. 

J^S^ su,tar, s. m. Thready yarn; 

a carpenters line. 
TJFst &ut,ri, ^ s.f. Twine, 
JJ^<FFt sut,li, ) cord. 
^^r su,ti, s. m. Any thing used 
for rubbing and sniootliiug wiiu. 
3J3^ ■•'",tb «• ^I«ido of cotton thread. 
Jjyt biui, s.f. Hods passed througli 
the war[i, to keep the threails 
from being tanglo>l, in sizing it. 
JJ^ sud, s. m. Tlie name of an in- 
ferior class of Hindus, included 
in the SiiJar caste ; profit, inter- 
est, usur}'. 
^^cyt siid,ui, s-f. A female of 

tho Slid ca^te. 
jps? sij,dar, s. m. Tho name of the 
lowest of the four great Hindu 
castes, a man of the Sudur caste. 

J^-dJAt i:u,tlarni, g.f. A woman 

of the Siidur ca~te. 
IT^ .-ildli, s.f. SuaightnObs, rec- 
IJXT ^ud!l, (T. Straight, true, prop- 
er; simple, artless. 
JT^ suf, s. m. Wool; tho fibres 
in the fleshy part of some man- 
goes, &c. ; the cloth or cotton put 
into an inkstand. 
I^f^c^ su,fan, s.f. A woman of 

tlie S'ltfi sect. 
TT^r^T^ sufdar, a. Fibrous, 

( spoken of mangoes. ) 
TT^ su,fi, t.m. A class of Muham- 
madan mystics, a person of that 
class; one who uses nothing iiitoii- 
JJ^ su,ba, g. m. A province, 

the governor of a province. 
H^'^TF subetlar, s. m. The chief 
of a province, a military oflii-er, 
whose rank corrcspontls to that 
of capiaia. 
17 V^ 13 At siibedir,ni, 3./. The 

wife of a $uhc(Iar. 
Ji^^rgrt £ubed:i,ri, s.f. The 

ortioe and rank of a sulcd-'ur. 
JTlf sum, s. m.- N 

?iH^t sum,ni, s. f. > A miser. 
JTJf^ sum,ni, s. m. ■' 
T[J sur, s. m. A hog; a hero. 
TTlri sn,nii, ^. m. The sun; tie-ti 
3Tfxrs^, an t'clii)seof thesun; fia'TT 
fftft, a sunfloM'cr ; a kind of fan. 
fTT? sii,rat, s.f. Form, face, ap- 
pearance; manner, condition. 
r^FT^ surt.I,!, s. f. Braver.-, 

JT7^rf{ surdis, s. m. Tho name 
of a blind Huulu bard, who was 
a follower of Niinak ; a ( blind ) 
singer of the sahds. 
JJ^^tg" surbir, ff. m. A hero. 
Tr3V^3 stiramgat, \ s.f. Ho- 
Ij^JK^T^t suramc:a.ti, J- roism, bra- 

stiramgat, \ s.f 
suramga,ti, > roismj 
Y suramtii,!, <' very. 

Jp'WTSr^ surmalhlr, s. f. Tlie 
name of a mu-ioal mode, sung in 
tlie rainy sexson. 

JJ^KT sur,mii, «. m. A hero. 

JJ?3-rT4;^ suriiiapu,n i, t. m. En- 
very, heroism. 

fJTT sUjii, s. m. A hero. 

Tr3\ su,ri, s.f. A hcroiuc; a vjvv. 

TJ-g- siinr, s. m. ) 

TjoTT siin.n, s.f. j 

JT?? i'^h *• '"• Situation, condi- 
tion, btate;.way, manner. 

JT^ sul, 5. m. Tho point of a 
spear, trident or sj'ike, a thorn; 
colic; compassion, tenderness. 

fT?5>, > g. f. An impa- 

jj^ su,!i, i lingstiko. 

JJ^ sur.lii, s.f. The hull or bran 
of pulse. 

jf^AT iur,iui, r. a. To eat; to 

^ so, s.f. A contribution lo.ied 
by bards, faqirs and brahmans. 

^ se, *. m. An apple. 

^ se, r. Ji. ( past plur. of ^^^TT. ) 

^ sen, t. n. ( imper. 2nd per. 
sing. Mdjlui diuleet. ) ^^ ast. 

^^ s<?,i, pron. ( i. q. ft'Z^- ) 
That very ; ( local. ) 

^^ se,u, 5. m. An :ipple. 

:R"#7, J. in. A servant; a 
worshipper ; a disciple. 

tf? se.ungk, ^ ^^^ ^.^^ 

ft^ ^^^'-^•"'- C white ant. 
TT^^ sou,ungk, -' 

^ Q^ri^ se.ukni, s.f. A female 

servant ; a worshipper. 
^^3?"4^vT soukpu,n;i, s. m. > 
^^t se.uki, s.f. / 

Ser\-ice, servitude. 
:R'€^^^t scunbc,ri, s. f. Tlie 

grafted her. 
H"^^^ se,una, r. a. To serv'c, 

to worship; to wet. 
^^■^ se.uni, v. u^ To incubate, 

to brood, to hatch, to rear. 



7Jjr?I<^ ^iilti|iii, i. J. A fine kind 

of l-ruri'lcluth. 
rWHTT^'*^^ sulti.nii, f. fn. A 

fijUower of Sultan. 
jrryijT suljfi, *. m. A pipeful 

uf tobacco or of claims. 
jifSr^^rT sul:t,un.i, r. a. To put 

to sleep. 
JJfTfa? sulik, J. m. A hole, a 

Jjyrry^r sulak,na, r. a. To bore, 

to perforate; to oxainirie, to try. 
jj Wli/f sul:i,kan, s.f. Spits, spikes. 
jj"^7frs sulemiiii, s. m. Solomon, 

the Hebrew prophet and king. 
^^XTPft' ?ulem;i|ni, a. Eclonging 

to Solomon. 
JjSWT^ sulenU|iii, s. f. The 
name of a precious stono, an onyx. 
JJi^rJA" suwa|Chan, s. m. A good 

word, ^ipcaking good. 
*i<5d<% suvarn, s. in. Gold. 
JJ^?5T 5a\val,la, a. Cheaper. 
^i-S'SciM suwa,uni, r, a. To put 

to sleep: to cau<e to be sewed. 
3^"^7^T surh,kan.i, r. a. To swal- 
low by gulps. 
?7^irr ^urhjki, 5. m. A medicinal 

lif'uid mi.xture. 
Jf^Tt surh,ki, s.f. Swallowing 

down by gulps, 
q^ rr^ ZrSTTT surl), surh, kar,n;i, 
V. n. To make a noise like the 
broiling of meat ; to rumble, ( the 
bowels. ) 
JT'^Tn surh, 11^, r. n. To nimble, 

( the bowels, ) for want of fuod. 
*1 f^'Sf^' Mirh5,iini, v. a. To 
cau^o to rumble, ( tlic bowels, ) 
from hunger. 
JJavrfvi <^nrk|na, r. a. To 
snuffle, to draw l)reath violently 
through the nose ; to gulp. 
JTS'TTT sur;'i,k'i, s. m. A snutlling 

noise; a gulp. 
^ 51), $. «i, Tiie young of au 
animal; bringing furth; JJ \J-^, 

to bring forth young, ( spoken of 
animals. ) 

JinO" su,ar, s. VI. A hog. 

JJWT su,d, s. m. A large needle; an 
eye or stomach tootli, the long 
sharp tooth of a dog. Sec; a 
turner's spindle: a sprout, a .^hoot, 
a blade ( of grass, &c. ;) bringing 
forth; the young of an animal; a 

JpHW sun,ar, s. m. A hog. 

Tpi^ sU|i, s.f. A needle, 

■^rfr su,si, s.f. A kind of cotton 
cloth, ( used for pantaloons. ) 

^jf sun sun, s.f. Snufilng; the 
whistling of the wind; the hissing 
of a snake; c. w. afTST. 

Jf^ suit, s.f. Intelligence, news, 

J^TTZT suli|ta, s. m. A spring of water, 

^XTT su,h:t, s. m. One who is well 
informed, an informant, a guide; 
the name of a rnuiical mode.- 

JJvTI sUjha, a. Eed, crimson. 

JrvH" 'S35T^?!5 su,hi bala,ul, s.f. 
The name of a musical mode, 
called also hiltnard. 

JJTJ'Sr sUjliUf, s. m. A kind of 
stitch, sewing. 

JJ"U^T su,hura, s. in. The hull or 
bran of wheat. 

*ig^'t su.huri, s.f. The hull or 
bran of puLe. 

J57 suk, s. /. The whistling of the 
wind; a wheezing noise made in 
breathing; t)ie lilssing of a snake; 
abomination; the planet Tcnus. 

J^^J^rr suk,ni, r. n. To breathe 
with a wheezii;g noise; to hiss as 
a snake; to overflow; to be pros- 
perous; i, q. i:3?^V''. 

r^T31V sukiup, s. m. A high 
fever causing hurried respiration, 
fever and ague. 

?jg;or su.kur, *./. The Avhistling 
sound of wind ; the noise of a tor- 
rent, or of pelting rain. 

JJeid<M su,kurnu, r. n. To hiss, 
( as a snake; ) to whistle, (a?* the 
wind among trees; ) to be proud. 

JJs? sungk, s.f. Tlie hissing of a 
.'nakt-; a wheezing noise made in 
breathing ; the whistling of the 

jf?^ sungk, nii, v. n. To whistle, 
( as the wind ; ) to hiss, ( as a 
snake; ) to breathe with a wheez- 
ing noise, to jiufl' and blow; to 
overflow, ( as a river; ) to be pros- 
perous ; i. q. W ^c^i. 

^tj.6 sungjkar, s. f. The same 
as ifg", q. V. 

?Ja?3Trr sung,kania, v. n. To 
breathe with a wheezing noise, to 
puff and blow, to bluster, to hiss, 
( as a snake. ) 

Iftrj-T iUjkham, a. Fine, slender, 
subtile, exact. 

JjM>f3^T-^ sukhamta,!, s.f. Fine- 
ness, subtiJty, exactness. 

f^3T sug, s. f. Disgust ; shame, 
bashfulness ; JTjf "^7^, to be dis- 
gusted, to have the stomach 

^315^ s"?in5, v.n. To be disgust- 
ed, to have the stomach turned. 

Fx"^ such, a. Pure, good. 

IJirf silj, s.f. Swelling, inflamma- 

Tpi^T; siijan, s.f. i. q. J^t7 ; but 
used only in poetry. 

I^TlTf^ sui,ni, s.f. A richly work- 
ed cloth used to sit or sleep on ; 
a diaper or cloth worn around 
the loins by small girls. 

JJtTT suja, s. m. The higher part 
of a boat. 

JJrO' suj'j *. /• A granulated 
form of wheat flour, of which the 
best bread is made. 

Jj^ sujh, s.f Sight. 

I^^^iTT si1jliw:in, a. Having 
sicht, J orceiving, able to perceive, 





JJ3 silt, s.f. (corrupti'Hi of^T^. ) 
Silence; rusliiii;^; TpT v2^?k^ to 
be dogirfHlly silent, to bo obsti- 
nately "resolute without saying 
any tiling; to rush upon; to go 
in a straight line witli great speed. 

^21 su,ta, *, m. SiiK-king with a 
strong insjiiraiion 01 breath; c. w. 

jfs^T sim(]|ki, 5. m, A luck^.l.!- 

«Ilf, a saddle eluth. 
^^ siiu, s. f. Swelling, intlam- 
niatiou; ?J^ \!^^, to bo swellevl, 
to Tkj inflamed. 
i^ciM su,nS, r. n. To bring forth 

young, ( spoken of animals. ) 
JJH sut, ^. m. Cotton thread; a car- 
penter's line ; straightaess; peace. 
?J3^ ;ii,tak, s. w. Cereiuoaial iin- 
cIeauno35 from cliildbirth, (l;\st- 
ing 40 day?, and eitcnling to 
every thing in the houic; ) ^niall 
T^'S^ iut,ke, t. 771. A kL'id of 


JiscM sut,na, r. a. To rub, to 

stroke, io smooth, ( as a new ro]>o 

or thread ; ) to draw, to unshoathe. 

JJS^ su,tar, s.m. Thread, yarn; 

a carpenter's line. 
TJ?gt sut,ri, \ s.f. Twine, 
^3'^> sut,li, ) cord. 
T[3'i su,t:l, c«. m. Any thing u5od 
for rubbing and sniootliing wiiu, 
JJ3^ .-liiiti, a. Made of cotton thread. 
q^ Slit I, s.f. Kods passed through I 
the warp, io keep the threads 
from being tangled, in sizing it. 
^^ sud, s. m. Tlie name of an in- 
ferior class of Hindus, ir.cludod 
in the Siidar caste ; profit, inter- 
est, usurj'. 
JJ^S^V sud,ni, s.f. A female of 

the Su<l caste. 
JJ^H" sij,dar, s.m. Thenaineof tlie 
lowest of the four great Iliiidii 
cartes, a man of the Sikl^ir caste. 

l^-dj/>t su,<larni, s.f. A woman 

of the Siid'ir ca-to. 
JJTT Midh, s.f. Straightness, rec- 
IJTT -lidli, a. Straight, true, prop- 
er; simple, artless. 
IT^ iuf, s. m. Wool; the fibres 
in the fleshy part of some man- 
goes, &c. ; the cloth or cotton put 
into an inkstand. 
Tlri^ su,fan, s.f. A womau of 

the Siifi sect. 
H<^-d.r^ sufdar, a. Fibrous, 

( spoken of mangoes. ) 
T{^ si!,fi, s.m. A class of Muham- 
madan mystics, a person of that 
class; one who uses nothing intoxi- 
Ijgi su,ba, ». iH. A province, 

the governor of a province. 
IT^^TF Eubedar, s. m. The chief 
of a province, a military ofiicer, 
whose rank correspomls to that 
of captain. 
P^-dldAt si'ibedar,ni, s.f. The 

wife of a siihedar. 
Jl^T^rFt subet-la,ti, *./. The 

ofllee and rank of a siilcd-ir. 
ITJ-T sum, s. m.- % 

fiJf^^ sum,ni, *. /. > A miser. 
JT3-r^ £uui,ra, s. m. ' 
7^ sur, s. VI. A hog; a hero. 
JT^tT su,rai, s. m. The sun; JfTTrT 
3Ttxrc^, an fclijise of the sun ; f^a'TT 
fftfi', a sunflower ; a kind of fan. 
his sii,rat, s.f. Form, incQ, ajv 

pearauco; manner, condition. 
^TS^'Z^ surt.i,!, s. f. Braverj-, 

JTT^rrr surdis, s. m. The name 
of a blind Iluidu bard, who was 
a follower of Nanak ; a ( blind ) 
singer of the sahds. 
fToT'^^ surblr, s. m. A hero. 
jr^in\3 iiiraiiigat, n s.f Uo- 
Tx'^'H^rB^ suramga,ti, > roism, bra- 
JTUTfSreft suramtii, ^ very. 

Tp-VSS^ surmalhir, s. f. The 
name of a mu-ieal mode, sung iu 
the rainy season. 

JJ^JXT sur,mii, s. in. A hero. 

T^'H^H^ surMiapUjUi, t. m. Bra- 
very, heroism. 

JJ^ iu^il, s. m. A hero. 

T{^ su,ri, s.f. A heroine; a sow. 

JJ-g- siinr, s. m. j 

% ^ , . ^ A iKig. 

3J^ sun.ri, s.f. J 
T^ sul, s. m. Situation, condi- 
tion, state;, way, manner. 
JTF5 sul, s. m. The point of a 

spear, trident or s] like, a thorn; 

colic; comj'as^ion, tenderness. 
fT75t su,li, ^ i. f. An iiiipa- 
JJ^, i ling st;ike. 
JJ^ sur.hi, s.f. The hull or bran 

of pulse. 
^;^f,\ =ur,na, X. a. To eat; to 

^ se, s. /. A contribution le.ied 

by bards, faqirs and brahmans. 
^ se, *. m. ^\ api'le. 
^ se, c. j;. ( past plur. of ^^TT. ) 

^ sen, r. n. ( iniper. 2nd i>or. 

sing. J\I(ijIui dialect. ) ^^ ast. 

iR"^ s<?ib p''*?"- (^- n- tt^. ) 

That very ; ( local. ) 
^^ se,u, 5. m. An :ipple. 
^^^ se,uk, s. m. A servant; a 

worshii'per ; a i.Usciplo. 
tf? se.ungk, ^ ^ ^ ^.^^ 

?f^ ^^^^'"'^ C white ant. 
TJ-^^ sou,ungk, J 

■^ Qzi<i^ se.ukni, s.f. A female 

servant; a worshipper. 
^^7i{^^ seukpu,n;i, s. m. i 
^#7t se.uki, s.f. ) 

Scr\-iee, servitude, 
^f ^^"^ seunbc.rl, s. f Tlic 

grafted her. 
^^^a se,un-i, r. a. To scrA'c, 

to worshif > ; to wet. 
^^^a se.uni, r. «- To incubate, 

to brood, to hatch, to rear. 





^tj^r so(lIi,ui. r. a. To correct, 
to Cfillato, to correct ( a ho<>\i. ) 
bv collution, to rcfiiu", ( iiietab; ) 
to dcteni;ine what is .iu«picious. 
•Jfqr son,<lii;i, a. Pleasing, es- 
timable; fragrant like new oartli, 
jfxK son,dliu, t.m. Tliclinc wliere 

the liair on the head is divided. 
J? Ardrf"^ sonchi.n', s. /. The 
name of a yellow bird ; ( this word 
13 used by barbers, at the time 
of circumcision, to deceive the 
child, who is to bo circuriicised. ) 
i^ind !^oninal<,khi, s./. A kind 
ofyellow fly; a kind of soft stone; 
the name of a medicine. 
J? Al so,nit, f. m. Gold. 
^Tjl so,ni, $./. The name of a 

minor ca>te of K/iuitris. 
*?c? :S> sof,ti, s. m. Leisure, ilis- 

cngagement, relltf. 
ii(f\ so,fi, jr. m. A class of Mu- 

haujmadan mystics, 
^gt sOjli, a. Impure, (>Ilver.) 
^3r so,b.'ii, s. f. P.cauty, ele- 
gance, sj.lcnd'T, oxhil)ition, show, 
reputation, a good name. 
^>r?"Tar somwar, a, v\. !Mondav. 


r, J i. m. :\ 

or, / or, ui)roar. 

Xoise, dain- 


shor, J or, u[) 
^73 sorth, S.J. The name of a 

musical mode. 
^^ sor,t]ii, s. m. The name 
of a metre. 

s. m. Saltpetre; 
oup, l)roth. 

Xoisy, clam- 

W31 so.ra, 
RTF sh(>,ra, 
fid^ so.ri. 


j orou 




s. m. Broth. 

FTTWT sho.rui, i 

"^W so,] in, a. Sixteen. 

« sau, a. One hundred. 

^ sau.hun, s.f. An oath. 

T^ sau.hon, n prrp. In 

^ saun.hon, J front of, before, 

ojiposite tu. 
HTTTT sauh.ri, t. m. A father- 

in-law; a wretch, a simpleton; ^- 
vJcT ^r, son of my father-in-law, 
( a term of abu>e. ) 
«vjd"t sauh,ri, 5. f. A mother- 
in-law; a simpleton; TtvT^'^ ^t, 
son of my mother-in-law, (a ti-rm 
cf abuse. ) 
^n^ saU|liar, s. f. Tho sack- 
cloth in whirii the top of a tent 
is w rapped ; ^TI'SIT35^3T, sack- 
cloth, a hempen bag or sack; ap- 
paratus, furniture; ^TI'^ ilT^Trt 
or ?5T"^5U, to wash clothes 
by beatuig thorn on stones or 
Tl^ sau,ku, a. About a hundred, 
^faf saungk, s. m. Desire, incli- 

Eation, love, longing. 
"3rta75^ sau,kan, s.f. A sister or 
fellow wife; i. e. when a fnan has 
two wives, each is a saukau to the 
TtaTi^vV^T ^aukanj)u,ni, ^. m. 
Tiie relation sustained to each 
other, by the difierent wives of 
the same husband. 
V^ saung,ka, s. in. The name of 

a bird. 
Thf^ saung,ki, s. m. A lover of 

Tftf saukh, $. m. Facility, ease, 
^tft sau.khit, a. Easy, gentle. 
TT^T^T saugu,ni, a. A hundred 

^^=2^ satigaufl, s.f. An oath. 
Tr^35 sau,chal, j s. m. A par- 
ffu^ sauny,chal,j ticular kind of 

TT^ sau,chi, ) $./. Tlie 

jt\f^ sauny|Chi, / name of a play. 

Also T^^3^ M^'t an.l TfrS^ V^. 
■Jt^3" sauchct, a. Thoughtful, con- 
siderate, wary; ( scarcely used. ) 
^^3n? saujgar, a. Profitable, 

IftrT^T sauj,n.i, v. n. To be pro- 

Tf=R"t' saunyji, s.f. A small por- 
tion of ground cultivate<l, (as a 
meritorious work,) for female rel- 
atives, and fur those who perform 
f'p, q. v. 
H^ sauii, s. m. Slcej)Ing. 
Tt^^ sau,ni, r. n. To sleep. 
Tt^ sau, III, s. f. Sleeping; the 

mode of sleeping. 
TT? saut, a. Uaving oftspring; 
having good and obedient child- 
Tf3^^ sautpu,na, s. m. The 

having of oflVpring. 
^^T saut,ra, j a. Having off- 
7t3t sau,ta, ) spring; ha\ uig good 

and obeilient children. 
^^^ sau, da, s. m. Trade, traffic. 
Tt^cTT saud:i, 5. m. Madness, in- 
sanity; i. fj. K-^T. 
Tr^Tf%^ sand.Un, s.f. j An in- 
Tt^T^ saud;i,i, s. 'ri. j sane 
person; one who plays a Iiuudrcd 
TT^TJT^^ saud/isulf, s. m. Traf- 
fic, barter, bargain. 
I^<idid saud;i,gar, ^. m. A mer- 
chant, a trader. 
Tr^T3T7?ft saud;i,garni, s.f. The 

wife of a merchant, a merchant. 
^^iTTdt saudi,gari, s.f. Traf- 
fic, trade, tho occupation of a 
^^IM3T saud.ipat,ta, .<?. m. ^Mcr- 

chandize, articles of trafiic. 
TTMcICT saump,na, r. a. To deliv- 
er over, to commit, to consign, 
to put in charge. 
^fVTTr saump,na, s. f. Commit- 
ting, consigning, putting in charge. 
«^ saumph or saumf, s, f. 

Anise seed. 
TfeTJTT saumf,ya, a. Ilaving the 

taste of anise seed, (a mango.) 
^r^ nfU^n' saurj.i,na, > v. n. To 
fr?';^ saur,na. \ becor- 

Tf37^T saunr,ntt, ) rected. 





to bo put in or<J<.T, to be <leco- 

ratv-J; to ]».- witii calf; to l)e 

curd].."<J, ( iiillk. ) 
HR Saul, s. /. Tiic na:;:o of a 

Tf^ saiir, f. /. TlglitiKss, >traltiic>s 

dinifulty, a jiiiuli, 
^^ s-aUifri, a. Tii'lit, cuijr.iR'J, 

surrouu'led ^vitl^ Uiliitulties. 

vT^ lia,i, iiiU'r. Ah ! alas ! 
Xr@ lia,u, s.f. Sclt5«huei>, c-ovet- 
OUJiioss, avari>-'0, avidity; c. w. 

^§^ liaun, !'«•?». I. ( piovlnoial. ) 

vT^' haun, f. /. Sclfiihm-ss; 

TT^TT liauns, .<:,/. D<.-iro, envy, 
jealousy, ambition. 

vJ^Hi^T liaun,<all, s. !)?. Ca- 
]->ac-ity, auibitic-n, spirit. 

TT^ST^ liar.njkiU.i, r. n. To 
breathe fiuickly, to ]>ant. 

'vJ^'jciCt haunglc, ni, s.f. Panting. 

XJ'% ha,u, J c«. !/i. A bug- 

Xr^nfr lia,ui, j boar; U^WT 
F^fs^, a great eater, a giuiton. 

TTf{ hass *. m. A sUver or gold 
collar, worn a> au oraaiucnt by 
women and children; the collar 

\rfT bans, s. in. The collar bone; 
an ornament worn roun<l the 
ueck ; a gander, a swan ; vTH^W??^, 
walking graeefuUy like a swan, a 
woman with a graceful itep. 

TJH^T ha-v-,ui, r. ». To laugh. 

"sJ H:} ' hast, s. m. Au elephant. 

Tn R-?ciO ha.-ta,nl, *./. A female 
elephant ; a woman with very thick 
legs; the lowest of the four chisses 
of women, i. e. pailamtji, cMttami, 
tac^kh'/i, and luuat'ji. 

vJlTH'Trnfg^ lia.«tanipu,ri, t.f. A 
name of the city DilJi. 

TTiTB^ lKi<,ti, s. n». An elephant. 

'U'rlVrS' has, mat, s.f. I'ichos; 
:?plendor, j)Omp, glory. 

^JTH"^ ha<,mukh, s. rn. f. A 
great laugher. 

TTFfl ha,sar, s.f. Resurrection, 
tlie last day. 

UH^ft has,li, ^ s.f. A gold or 

vJJTJ^t hans,li, | silver collar worn 
by children as an ornament. 

UTTf lian,s;i, s. m. A gander, ( us- 
ed in poetry. ) 

vTfrr^ li:isi,i, s.f. Causing laugh- 
ter, laughing, deriding; compen- 
sation for the same. 

vITTT^^r hasi,una, v. a. To 
cau<e to laugh. 

;jJTT"S? hasab, s. vi. Account. 

vTW^'^ hasi,b!', s. m. Au account- 

"Zl^ haSjsi, s.f. A silver or guld 

vrTJvJ^T^T haiuh,lara, s. m. A 

vlfvJW ha, him, s.f. Courage; i. 

q. nifrrw. 

■^T? liakk, s. in. Plight, etjuity, 
ju-tice; a name of God: XJi7 t^'^.. 
concerning, resj«ectirig. 

Tni: hakk, a. True, right, just. 

vJiT^r hakk|ni, r. a. To drive. 

'U'lrRT hak,l:I, s. m. A stammerer. 

vT^T^T^SvT hakl:i|UU:i, c. n. To 

vl =<• <c ' \i^ hakwa.i, s.f. Driving; 
tlie wages of a driver. 

\Jc7^To5^r hakw.i,uua, r. a. To 
cause to be driven. 

vr'5'?"^T hakwai,y;i, s. m. A driver. 

\)o(Ty,t hakai, s.f. Driving; 
the wages of a driver. 

\r?T^^rr liaka,uua, r. a. To cause 
to be driven. 

■dVr "STTT hak,ka bak^ka, a. Sur- 
prised, astonished. 

'\} -Jid hakir, •> t. tn. Pride, ego- 
»J37TF hangkirj tism, haughti- 

■;j^i3^7> liuki.ran, ) s.f. A proud, 

vJ?r??7 han,'ki|raii,^ haughtT 


UvTTTJT hak:ir,n;i, ) r. n. To be 

vJc7f77>l' hangk;tr,ni,J j)roud, to 
be haughty. 

vJ5r3^T liaki^ri, ) s. m. A j)rou(l, 

o vid ' ]ian_'ka,ri,' haughty man. 

^af^s? hakik, s. m. Cornelian. 

^t?? haki.kat, s.f Truth, 
circuiiibtauce, fact. 

TTS'^IJI, a. Real, true, 

vr?tj-r liaki;n, s. i». A doctor. 

TJlT^li'^^ lialxii)i,ni, s.f. A doc- 
tor's >\ifu. a tli'ctoress. 

vTiJT^t li.iki,iiii, s.f. Tiie medi- 
cal pr<)r.>-!i!i. tlie healiug art. 

vT^Vr? l!..ku,mat, s.f. Govcrn- 
niLiit. ruliiii:. 

vHTr^T ha'_',<rani, r. n. To go to 
tt'.ol; ■^JT 3'5"^rT, to pollute or 
rendi-r filthy with excrement. 

"U^Jt^m^r hag.i,i.i, a. Having a 
desire to go to stool. 

XT^l^§T5T hagijuni, r. a. To 
cau-o tu g<, to stool. 

vRHTf li;;g;is, j s. m. A desire 

vr^TTTIT haga,sa, / of going to 


vnrT>fr ]iaga,ma, j s. in. Tu- 

vJdiij^T liangg:i,nui, j mult, up- 
roar, riot, disturbance, 

vJW^T, r. »». To be 
loose, ( a rope, ) to be swung for- 
cibly ; to be bolted or sifted, 
( tbnir. ) 

TJUfr^^r hangihi.uni, r. a. To 
loose, ( a rope, ) to swing forcibly; 
to bolt or sift, ( flour. ) 

UWTJST^T hangghi!,na, r. a. To 
rinse, to cleanse, ( a vessel. ) 

TTOI^ hang^ghi, s.f. A fine silken 
sieve for tlour. 


TiS" ^^ 



;jg7 linfli.c-liliu, a. Good, excel- 
lent, well, in health. 
XTtT hnjj, *. m, rilgrlrancro; good 
coD'lition, juo'^i'erous circumstau- 
XI -t]6d liaj rat, f. m. Eighncs?, 
( a title of re-i>eot. ) 

TTtTTH li.''j'ini, *. «>. A barber. 

vnmF liaj'v.niat, f.f. Simv- 
ing, cutting Jiair; o-ri'^H? c7T?>t, 
to shave; to cheat. 

^ '-H I'd Imj tr, a. A thousand. 

;jflUT liaii|ra, *. in. The name 
of a tribe among the AJg'ms. 

XTrTTUT haii,ri, i a. Having 

TTWB^ Ijaji.ri, / a thousand 
threads ( a kind of clotli ; ) hav- 
ing thousands of money, &c. 

xTTfJ? hajir, \ s.f. A fig tree, 

'J^"l3' lianyjir, ^ alio its fruit. 

^tRTK hajuni, s. m. A. crowd of 

\pfj^ hajnr, s. /. Presence ; a 
title of re-peet. 

Uifgt li; iii,rl, s./. Presence. 

xJW^i li;ij"|ii, s. m.f. One wJio 
remains in tlie i>ro>ence of a great 

VJW dt hajii,ri, a. Pertaining to 
the h'jjur. 

vTrT ha JO, s.f. Satire. 

^%7T hajo,k.i, o'. m. A thrust, 
a push, a jolting motion. 

vTZ hat, J t. f. A sliop, a 

vTZ" hnjt, / retailer's warehouse; 
( the former used in composition ; ) 
vTZ^ZT^^ a shop. 

»J<tv<M haf.kani, r. a. To hin- 
der, to resist, to obstruct, to stop, 
to put back, 

mr?3CT liat.kana, r. n. To be 
hindered, to be resLitcMj, to be ob- 
structed, to be stoj>pc-d, lobe put 

M<,^\%^ hatka,uni, r. a. To 
cause to bo hindered, Lc. 

nTT^ liat,n.i, r. n. To go back, 

to return, to get out of the way, 
to withdraw. 

v)d:^r75 hattil, s. f. Shutting 
uj» all the shops in the market, on 
aecouiit of oppres-ion. 

vrZ^rsirtnTr h:itl>:i,nia, s. m. A 

TTZ^^^ h:itw.i|i. s.f. Piemov- 
ing; eomi>en>at:on f.>r the same. 

'^TZ'^'^^^ hat .v.i,iin;'i, r. a. To 
cau-e to be removed. 

TTS^^'l'JXT hatwci,nii, s. m. A 

vTS^T^ hut.i,u, s. m. Putting a- 
way, removing. 

TTZ^^^ h;iti,un;i, v. a. To cause 
to be removed. 

TfZ^ h;(t,t i, a. Percaining to 
shops; TT^r ?27r, strong and fat, 
stout and active, athletic, robust, 

TJZ^ h^t^.i, s.f. A sliop; TIZ^- 
"U ir^^, a sIioj>. 

TJ'S hati), f. m. lusi-iirig, persis- 
ting, obstinacy. 

■^TSTCTT hathiV.i, 5. I,!. An obstin- 
ate man. 

^STCTTg^r hrithy;i,r.i. s. m. Night- 
mare. aIm. Tm^^dT. 

Trs-RTW iiarlii.h.iy,, n ad. Be- 

TTS'^TIT hathijluin, > low, uuder- 

TTZ^'^ hathir, J neath. 

TJ^t hn,thi, j s. m. An ob- 

TJ^'trHT ha,t!ii,t, J stinato man. 

TTZ^lP5r, a. Obstinate. 

"^^ hadd, s. j/i. A bone. 

vJiJ^'arT hadko,ri, s. 1H. A groan, 
a sigh, a g-sp. 

vJ tS'S^'S' haihvir, ». m.f. A place 
oflx)nc5,. a cemetery, aneestra! bu- 
rial ground. 

vT"^ l'a<)|dr, s.f. A bone. 

vT^'Hrr^' liadu:ir, s. in. A jtlaco 
of bones, a cemetery, ancestral bu- 
rial crround. 

sJ^" *f ^ lia<|,<le mu,te, s.m. pi. 
A lijsease in the legs of horses. 

tJ^?? Iiamlol, s. m. The name 
of a musical mode, the song hav- 
ing a reference to the weather. 

Tja WT han<lo,l.i, s. m. A revol- 
ving swing ; a song sung at the 
swing, describing the exercise. 

Xj:^r?5T }iandli,na, r. n. To walk, 
to turn; to bo old, ( as clothes. ) 

•;j^T han,dha, s. m. Weight, 
weighing ; vJ^T aTU'^T, to ascer- 
tain by weighing'. 

vJ=^T^^r handli.i,unA, r. a. To 
Avear out ( clothes, &c. ) 

;j3'?a hatiUa, r. ?i. To be of a mean, 
sneaking s]>irit, to act meanly. 

TJF 3"?! hatt, te,r.I, \ inter. 

Tjy 3-g^ halt, te,ri, ) Begone ! 
an interjcetiou of aV>use, some- 
thing.' more being understood to 
comi'Iete the sentence; as, TT? 
§^T g^^ ^5f3'*MT, begone! let 
tliy car be cut; TJ? ^^ W^ 
Ifi^, begone! may thy mother 
be Ivilh.-d. 

TJ3"t;TT hattiva, ^ s.f. Crime, 

tJTS'W haf,tia, / wickedness; 
murder, slaughter. 

TjtH"Wr3"T hatti-'iiVci, .*. jh. A crim- 
inal, a wretch, a murderer. 

Tjq" hatth, s. m. The hand ; a 
cul it ; side, direction ; Tm VHT tTT- 
^T and ^7T >[T^T, to come into 
one's hand, to be found; XTW 
^"^7>T, to join hands in a suppli- 
cating manner; to contract an 
alliance by the marriage of child- 
ren, to join hands in the marriage 
ceremony, to make a bargain; 
(generally ufed in the plural; ) 
'U^ MT<f ^T, to lay hands on, to 

TT^H^f hath|kal:i, s. m. A han- 
dle, a latch. 

TT^^'^ hatii,kara, s.m. A hand- 
cut)', a manacle, a fetter. 

\J t( -J ?f^ hatlika,ri, *./. A small 
handcuff or manacle, a fetter. 





xTMc^sJI hatlkr»n,<|i, y. ni. ( lit- 
erally, the scilo of the haiul. ) 
Practice, cxj>crienco, habit, cus- 
tom, kn.irk, <lo.\tcrIty. 
^r^TiTST Iiatliklian,<|i, *. j?i. ( lit- 
erally, s won! in hainl. ) Practice, 
experience, hal>it, ciutoin, knack, 
OM^if hathchhut, s. vi. ^faking 
a dexterous stroke with a s\yord 
or stick ; a person given to boating, 
a striker. 
J^t} jft ]iatlijo,n', s.f. Joiring 
the hands; a root, ".vera as an 
amulet by the superstitious, by 
which it is supj>oscd that the 
adherence of a paramour, S:c., u 
vJMc^^ hath,ni, > s.f. A female 
vTWTft hath,ni, / elephant. 
vT^^rt hathpheri, s.f. Sleight of 
hand, dexterous motion of the 
hand by which one inipoaca on 
yycdld hath}-ar, f. m. An in- 
strument, a weajxm. 
TJ^^TTFT hathya,ri, Night- 
y MdH hathra?, y. m. Self-polhition. 
U^dyr hathra,kh4, .*. m. Any 
thing to rest the hand on; the 
cover of a drum ; a belove<.l, a 
paramour; one who is made a tool 
of by another. 
VfyfS hat, thai, a. Emjity hand- 
ed; i. c. having neither money nor 
■wife ; a cow or butTalo, which re- 
fuses to be milked, except by a 
customary hand; sitting idle with- 
out any kind of ♦employment. 
v] M <e ' ^ I hathw5,sa, ,t. m. Hopes in 
a bahali, &c., for holding on bj', 
or support. 
w^^iA hathwan, *. m. An ele- 
phant keeper and driver. j 
\Jtj<SiAci>t liathwa,nan)5 s. /. The j 
wife of an elephant driver. 

vJfcj^i^t hathw.I,iu, f. /. Tlio 

business of an tUi'linnt kci'jn-'r. 
■U^■^ hath,ri, f. /. The wheil 

of a sjiinning machine. 
TlWf, *. m. Tlic handle 

of a milljtonc; a weaver'> lay. 
\7f^>KTar, s. in. An in- 
strument, a weapon. 
TJ"q> hat,tlii, J. /. A hair glove 
for rubbing down horses witli, a 
rubber; a bundle of mimj or td'j; 
an instrumenf used by thatchers, 
for making the ends of the grass 
oven ; a weaver's lay. 
VJ^p^Y, s.f. The palm 

of the hand. 
;T^ ^g" R;iaii,o hatth, -J aJ. 
TT^ TJg"^ hattl)|0 hat, till, J Prom 
hand to hand; iuimediat«.ly, in 
quick succession. 
vT^ VT^ hatth.o pa.f, s.f. Lay- 
ing hands on, clenching, scutUing. 
TJ^^T hathO|r:i, jr. m. A hammer. 
U^^ hatlif.ri, s.f. A sniall liam- 
mer; ( in the pi. ) handcutls, mana- 
TJ^zfl" hathau,{], s.f. Dexterity, 
art, skill, handicraft, workman- 
vT^WT hathau,rri, s. m. A liammer. 
TJ'd^ liathau.ri, *./. A small 
hammer; ( in the pi. ) handcuils, 
vjW hat,thon, arl. ( Lalindii dia- 
lect. ) So, then, but. rather. 
TJ^ liadil, s.f. Poundary, limit, 
end, extremity ; vJ^ 'U" ! enough ! 
vI^T?rT had, y:i, j . m. Cost, price. 
vT^^T^ hadwiiEii, s.m. A water- 
vj-</)h had is, s. f. !Muhamma- 
dan tradition; tennination, end- 
ing; aiKice, admonition. 
vT^^WTc^ hadua,ni, s. m. A 

vT?? han, r. n. Are. 

XfXT J, 5, m. The pom- 
vJ<^T ) mol of a saddle, or rather 

a projection. 
vr^XT*^ hanuman, *. ni. A monkcv, 
in Hindu mythology, the ^o>\ of 
the monkeys. 
XfW happ, s. f. An indistinct 
sound ; TIM" TTU ^dAi, to speak 
indistinctly, as a man who has 
lot his teeth. 
TJVT hap,i>i, s. vi. Very tbin 

cookeil rice ; i. q. 'STMr. 

TPJ' 'ST? ^?rr hapipu kar lai,na, 

c. a. To devour, to swallow, to 

gulp down ; to conceal, to hiJc. 

\]^\i) hat"a,i, ;. ni. A species of 


TT^'Z^ hafa,i, a. Active, quick. 

vJcicNr hapli,n.i, r. n. To bo out 

of breath, to pant, to be overcome, 

to be worn out. 

TT^ haj' [>!ia, f. m. A tutcr, a 

private tutor. 
TT^iGt^T liapli;i,iin», r. a. To 
cause toW out of breath, to make 
pant, to ovenome, to weary or out, to dcfoat. 
UyW habs, *. /. Ethiojua; in- 

onlinate disire, lust. 
Trg^T^ }ab,<aii, s.f. ^ An 

;r5^ hab,si, f. m. J Ethio- 

j-ian, a negro. 
Tr5T^T:^"gi:^ hab,kani dab,ka- 
ni, r. a. To reprove, to chide, 
to threaten, 
^■g? =2^? hab,ak dab,ak, t.f. 

Ptjiroath, reproof, chiding. 
"U'g ^^ habb, kabb, 5. m. "Way, 
form, manner ; gocwl condition, 
prosjKritv; value; oflerings of 
corn to ihoiiis and ancestors. 
Tg^ ^yW ha,bar d.a,bar, .♦./ 
Consternation, perpkxity, confu- 
Otifj Al, r. n. To bo 
thrown into consternation, to bo 





Consternation, pcr|.lexity. 

^^ hal.ul., ?. »n. r.iglitj, iin- 

;j^y5 hanilK-l, #./ A necklace 
ofgolJorMlver pieces, sometimes 
of rupees. 

■dw^ haml.e,li, s. m. A dwell- 
ing lioii>e; i. q. vT^K". 

;rg^ ha.l.l.ak, s. /. A ba.l smell; 
XT^^ n-rif^ or ^TTTT^t, to 
cive out a bail smell. 

g ^vcS r lia,bhaknX, r. )u To give 
out a bad smell, to stink. 

^r^j^Pf iiams"S, s. m. Sorrow, 
concern, lanu-ntation. 

^TV^^ liai;i5r.<, inter. Ah! alas I 

U>r^iTTWT?r!%»HT liam-o.sia ho,ii, 
s. VI. An ntHioted, borrowl'ul per- 
son, a lamentcT. 

XTV^TTJ liamrili, prep. Witli. 

^JHTIvT liaiurili, ) *./. Coni- 

ITH^TTft hamri,hi, ) panionshiiv, 
aocomi'anviiicr ; belp, assistance ; 
TlV^rU^ WT^, to lulp, to assi.>t. 

vTH^njt l.auir.i,l!i, s. m. A com- 
panion, a fellow tnivelkr. 

U'HWT ii:un,li, s. i/i. An onset, 
an as^nult, an invasion, an attack. 

7nufZ3^ liaii.iit, *. /. Protec- 
tion, defence. 

^T>rTt%3^ liami,it.iri, s. f. ^ A 

vr>fTt%Ft lia:!ii,iti, s. m. J pro- 
tector, a (letVnJer. 

^WfFW l:ama,tar, *. m.f. ( lit- 
erally, like us. ) A poor creature. 

TTTfTH hatiiiim, 5. in. A wann bath, 
a ( warm ) bathing place. 

NjfKWTTft, s. f. A purse 
tie<l round the waist. 

\SU^ }ia|iiii, s.f. Kgoti>m, sclfuiipor- 

tance; TTl^ 73 Tit or tt^^^, to 

be egotistic and vain, to be proud. 

U^JTR hamcs ^ 

_-^ . , . \ Oil. Alwavs. 

vTHTTT hame.saii, J 

vTlTM liamol, f.f. A necklace of 

gold or silver pieces, or of rupees. 

•^JCTT liayi, j s. in. f. Shame, 

\TCTT§ hayijU, / bashfulnes-, mod- 

TTCII^ liay:t,un, *. in. Courage, 
bravery, boMnc;.-, 1. <[. fTTCTT^. 

XU liar, s.f. Fold, time. 

Xr3^ har, a. Every, each, all. 

TTU har, s. m. A name of 
Krlihnd; (lod; XT^ vT^" oTS'TiT, to 
rejicat the name of God. 

XSAS har,iiaf, *. m. A Persian 

vJ^aTB" har, hat, s.f. Injury, dam- 
age, interruption, hinderance. 

Turfs'^ haiikatan, s.f. ) An 

\J"3^r3'^ liar,kati, s. v\. J in- 

terrupter, one who inflicts an in- 

^cJoTy harkainl>, s. in. Shaking, 
trembling, quaking. 

XTo'^ harkli, ;. ?n. Anger, concern, 
sorrow; i. q. uTFtf. 

vTH^^ har,khan, .<•./• 1 An angry, 

vTcT^t }iar|khi, 5. m. / anxious, 
sorrowful per<ou. 

;3"3"?r5^ lur|gun, 5. in. The at- 
tributes of Krishna. 

vJ d ■<i['?t hargii,ni, a. Possessing 
the attributes of ICrlshui; pos- 
sessing every kind of attributes. 

vr^UTfft liargha ji, ad. Every 
hour, always, continually. 

U^rf harj, *./. Tumult, sedi- 
tion, confu.^ion, interruption, hin- 
derance, trouble, loss, injury. 

vTJtT W^=iT harj, marj, s.f. Con- 
fusion, tumult, disturbance, agi- 

XI'TZ ha|rat, s. m. A Persian 
wheel; i. q. vldi' 

VJol A" ham, ^ f. m. A deer, 

^g'TTT har,ni, ) a buck. 

vJdAI, r. a. To plunder, 
to take away. 

;j^7rr har,nri, r. n. To be jilun- 
dere<l, to l>e taken away. 

Xr37^ liar,ni, *./. A doe. 

XT^^Z^ harn'>,ti, s. in. A fawn, 
tr?^ harf, s. VI. A letter of the 

.ilphabct; fault, blame. 
XIT^T har,fi, *. m. The day 

K'fure a Muhammadan feast. 
vTTgr^vir^ harbari!iii,i, a. Y(. • 

ly, liaving young yearly. 
^J^'gr har,b;i, t. m. Weapor 

arms, ^rarllke api>aratus. 
xr3W''3' harbar, ^ ad. At all times, 
sT^^rTt harL.i,ri, ) every time, 

VJd^ tT'J V jar, Ik?, ad. In 

e\ cry respect. 
XTTiJ hram, s.f. Fold, time; 

used only in composition, as, ^vT- 

FH", two fold, twice;5'U3W, three 

fold, thrice. 
Xr3V harm, s.f. The wife of a 

king, ]'n;»phet or other great man. 
xT^^nTTT harmsara, s.f. The 

female apartment of a palac-c. 
;r?H^r=??ft liarauija,dagi, *. /, 

Wickclnos?, jx-rverseness. 
Xmf^ Lar,mal, s. tn. The name 

of a seed burnt to drive aw^y 

evil spirits. 
vJ d H W har,ya!, s. m. Grcca 

erass; a grc-en pigeon. 
XT ,3 oi'#5 har,yal, a. Of a green 

color, groon. 
XTT^^n(T harwa,id, ^ t. 7». A 
^j-g^'cTT harway,\a, j loser. 
tl ^^ T Vi^ harwi.i, s.f. Causing 

to l>o overcome. 
vTH^T^^T harwa,unA, r. a. To 

cause to he overcome. 
vr?%"'Tr harwai,ya, *. m. A loser. 
IJdpj ha,nir, *./. An astringent 

nut ; a kind of knot ; an elc>-ation 

in a turned piece of timber. 
Xnf ha,ri, a. Green. 
XT^ hni, s.m. Fold, time, strand; 

uset.1 only in compoiitiou; ais^^T- 

?T, two fold,iwice, of two strands. 
XTT^^ hari,i, s.f. Causing to 

be overcome. 




vTFT^^I^r liari,vini, r. a. To over- 
come; to cause to be ovticome. 

vIdtH liar;i«, jr. m. Forir. 

vT^TTTtTT^^ Iiani', ii|Ui, j r. n. To 

^TTHR^rr liariS|na, j fear. 

\r3'TtjT*Kr ^;l^;t.^ii, a. Allii'/lit- 
cd, afraid. 

\j^ I?? liardn, ti. A<tonI>Iicd, ama- 
zed, petrifi'.-d witli fear, alarmod, 

\jy l<SJn' liarin,gi, 5./. Amaze- 
ment, j)erturbation. 

■^TT^ liarraf, ni, j a. Ingen- 

Jdlc^eiO harrafiiii, y. J ous, clev- 
er, facetious, pleasant. 

vJdl^") Jiarri,ti, j./. Ingenuity, 
fueetiousness, pleasantry. 

vJ Jli^" harani, a. Torbidden, un- 

\I3IW3rrU' liaramk-ir, ^. m.f. A 
fornicator, an adulterer. 

XTS'TJ-T?!^'^ hariimki,ri, s.f. Fur- 
nication, adultery. 

Xjgnry'U^ liarimkhor, s. m.f. An 
eater of unlawful food, a traitor. 

vrarj-r^'T^ hariimkhOiri, f. f. Eat- 
ing unlawful food; treason. 

vfTT^TTT^r hanimj;i,da, a. Born 
out of wedlock; wicked, jierverso. 

"0 <J I WtT^S'?!'^ hariiiija,dagi, s.f. 
Wkkcdnes-;, perverseness; i. q. 

vT^T^rg^ liaram|bar, \ 5./. An 
;0r3T>f^ liarUimir, ) illegiti- 
mate female; a wicked perverse 
TTTf^H' liar;i,mi, s. m. % A bas- 
VJ d i y ;< }iarani,bar, s.f. / tard, 
a pei"verse ami lawless person; 
Trarrjft ^WIR^, a robber, a thief. 
;rf9'»jn lia,rifi, 5. ni. Verdure, 
greenness, freshness, greens, ve- 
TrfknU ha,ri.i, a. Green, flour- 
ishing; TrfirWT S'fFnfT, flour- 
ishing and fruitful, having ofl- 

'U'fgnrr^ haii.i,i, s.f. Green- 

ni'», v<r"lure. 
TjtTWT^ liarii,u, *. m. f. An 
animal that is in the habit of 
breaking into pasture, or grain 
fi'-Ms; a pvrs'jn of vicious habits. 
vTtVwT^R iiariijUl, s.m.f. Green- 

ne~<, verdure. 
\rT%»>fr^?5T iiari.ijUl/i, a. Green, 

verdant, fresh, prosperous. 
vTfFWnjJ^ hari.t,han or hariihn, -v 
■UtgrHTT hari;'indli, > 

Trt5'>HT3 hari.inl), * 

s. f. The .-iiiell of verdure or 
green vegetables. 
vTtVwTjrr harii,li, a. Verdant, 

green, grassy. 
TJ^'^ hajri, s. in. A name of 

vT^ ha,ri, s.f. A portion of land 
tax levied while the corn is stand- 
ing, before it is ripe, practic^'d 
by the Sikh Government; TIJ^ 
W 1 Qr^, to impose the above tax; 
vToTt ^^, to gather the said 
tax; TJtft 3irt, lluuri^hing and 
fruitlVd, havhig oflspring. •' 
vjd"ld I hari,ri, i. m. A kind of 

pap made of tlour and milk. 
vldtTt harl_ri, 5. m.f. A kind 
of thin paper made of silk or 
TI55 hall, s.f. Shaking, motion, 

trouble, distress; a kind of plow. 
vT?^ hal, s. tn. A plow. 
vJe^H h-ils, s.f. The beam of a plow. 
TT^Tn^rz halhal-ir, s.r.i. Shaking. 
TT^T? halk, s. tn. Tiie throat. 
vJe^a^ halk, J. m. Ilydrophobia; 

c, w. xi f^Al. 
TTR^T^rr halk,na, r. n. To be 

mad with hydroj'hobia. 
vR5=^d<M hall, kar,na, r.a. To^iis- 
solve gold or silver; to subdue, 
to overcome, to make obedient. 
\jWa<T hal,ka, a. Light, not heavy; 
unimportant, of little esteem. 

vTOVrtV^HT hnlka,ii, a.m. j 

"vJfS^I'K^ lialka,i, a.f. | 

Mad, liydrophobie. 

vJlSyi^'^ lialki.i, s.f. . 

vT^^amfTy halkipun, s. m. C 

vrR'3T^{^ halkapu,ni, s. m. ) 

\r?^5^3^ halk.i,ra, s. m. A mes- 

"U^ ■U55 hal, dial, s.f. Hubbub, 
confusion, tiunult, iicrturbation, 

vr?527 halt, t. m. A Persian wheel. 
A No -^d^. 

vTJS^T hall|na, r. n. To move, 
to shake. 

vJ »"-et ha!h,di, *. /. Turmeric. 

vTJiS^'^rKT halhidii, a. Of the 
Color of turmeric. 

ZfT5^*KT ha'di.dii, s. m. A poi- 
sonous root like turmeric in ap- 

TTJS'Tt' h;d,dhi, s.f. Turmeric. 

TTc^'^KT haldlu'.i, a. Of the 
color of turmeric. 

vrfS^firrrT lial,dhi.i, y. m. A poi- 
sonous root like turmeric in ap- 

vj«n^r hal|Wa, s. m. A sweet- 
meat made of llour, y/u' and sugar, 
a confe«.-tion. 

OW'^lfV^ halwi^in, s.f ^ A 

« <« > H^ hal\va,i, s. m. J con- 

"Ufi^TlJ liajwah, J *. m. A 

vT^^njT halwa,ha, J plowman. 

vJ^i'^ Ivj"l halwijlii, s.f. Plowing. 

ll^i^ig^CT halwa,huni, r. a. To 

\JW<c I 5^ halwa kad,du, *. m. A 

pumpkin, ( round. ) 
;J1F?T ha,li, inter. Well I 
vTf?! haljli, s. m. An onset, an 
assault, an uproar, an attack, an 
TJ«l^^ halijuna, r. a. To 



vTrO l3/l<3 


;I35T^55, /./. A .Ica.Uy 

Z'^^TPS halil, a. Lawful ; Tr35r75 
y d<y r, to slauL'lit'.T ill a lawful 
way, ( so a5 to make the food 
lawful. ) 
^J^TTT^T halllklior, s. m. ^ 

Trf?r?5'^ . '-f^ halil!ilior,iii', *./. ) 
One \\ :io cats what is lawful ; a 
person of the sweoper ca<te, with 
wliom all kiii'ls of food are law- 
ful; i'rop..Tly, TT^^nrR^", one who 
eat3 carrion. 
0»6l6!> ^^t haliIkho,ri, s. f. Eat- 
ing of lawful fo<xl; the bu.■^ino^^ 
of a sweeper. 

;r?5r?5t hali,]!, s.f. The gulka 
of a slauL'hterf<l animal, witli the 
liver, (tc, that remain attac-hc<l to 
it, given as a coinpen-^ation to the 
butcher or priot who slaughters 
tlio victin; UJ^ryft TJ^rjft, a 
robber, a tliief. 

\J«"1?T liali|r.i, s. m. A kind of pap 
made <.f th>ur and milk; a plow. 

\r?5^Tt h;>.li,ri, s.f. A small plow. 

vT^'TKTfV^ hal'..i,in, s.f. j A 

XT'i^'Wfsf^, halui,i, s. m. j con- 

TTWm^ hn|Iu.I, s. m. A sweetmeat 
made of flour, ^jhi and sugar. 

\j«i:.\<M halun.iii, c. a. To shake, 
( a trr'o, to disengage fruit, urany 
thing that may be lodged in the 
brandies. ) 

vJT^i^r halu,ni, t. m. Shaking a 
tree; c. w. $^f. 

Tr?5W hajanr:-},, s, rn. The a<l- 
jutant; TI^'M fwt, a tall deform- 
ed person. 

vT^ ha,wri, g.f. Air, wind. 

Tr^^'> Jiaw.i,i, ;./. A kind of 

vl<s iH hawas, *. m. Sense, sen- 

^J^'vJf^ hawahr, *. /. A hut 
wiiul; a disagreeable breath. 

tJ<^lc5! haw:in, s. m. The same 
age; i. (\. 'CrTclC. 

■U^r;^ liawi|ni, a. Of the same 
ago; i. q. TTf?^. 

■;T^T7;, s. m. Ananima), 
a boast, a brute. 

CT^Ti^r hawa|iii, s. m. A cow's bag. 

TT^r^T luiw.l,ra, s. m. A temp«>- 
rary thatch erected for shade or 
shelter trom wind. 

TT^T^ hawal, s. m. State, con- 
dition, circumstances. 

TT^i^r hawiijla, ». m. Charge, 

vT^Kt hawe,li', s.f. A tenement, 
a dwelling house. 

vT^ harh, $. m. A mountain tor- 
rent, a tfinporary rush of water. 

vT^TTr harh, III, r. n. To be wa;h- 
ed away by a torrent. 

vjfji^^JTT harhijUni, v.a. To wa-h 
away, to cause to l>c washed away 
by a torrent or current of water. 

vj fJ 1 '3 ' harluijU, a. Susceptible 
of being washed away. 

vTf^Z^ liarliM^hi, s.m. A small tor- 
rent or flood; the young of birds 
hatchud in spring harvest. 

vIS5i w hartal, s.f. The name 
of a metallic drug, sulphurct of 
arsenic; shrtting np all the 
shops in a market, ( on account of 
oppression. ) 

VJ ?jy harb, s.f. The jaw bone; 

TT^r^j t7^"?T? nrr^^wt, a 
standing out of the bones from 

TJ^^^Tf ?^r harbara,una, r. u. 
To be thrown into consternation, 
to be in a fright. 

Tr'3"'^W^ har,bari, f. /. Fright, 

vJ?(l^r^T hara,uni, r. a. To test, 
( aa a suspicious weight or mea- 
sure; ) niembrum virile crigere. 

vj ^5 1 vJ f^t lia{-hahar,hi, j?. /". A wash- 
ing away. 

U^j? harutt, s. m. A stej»-?on, 

a wife's sou by a former lius- 

Tjt liin, r. n. Am, 
•U^f hirv, ail. Yes, indeed, very, 

exactly, wol!. 
Xnt% hi,i, inter. Alas! 
Tjri^ ht,i, s.f. Lamentation, a 

vTlfYTWr ht,il, s. VI. A worm, 

a niagg'jt. 
TrTi%rj;>M'5T hinisl.i,ra, ) a. 

Trrt%lT^r5rT hanisyi,ni, ^ Hard 

hearted ; firm, rt-solute, courageous. 
vJTTrxj h/tn|Sal, s. m. Produce, 

pro<luction, commodity, tribute; 

■U^#T5? '3^7;t, to i-ay tribute. 
vJ i Cti ^T^T h;in-iya|ra, a. i. q. TjJ- 


vfrfe: "Cr'tk hi,ihii,i, inter. Alas' 

vTrf^ vrri%" hli liA,i, s.f. Great 

Tri%" ha,e, s. m. ( pi. of TJlfz- 
WT. ) Wonns. 

TJT^Jf ha,uki, s. m. A sigh. 

vrrJTWt his,man, \ a. Of two 

^TTT^T has^wun, ) floors or sto- 
ries, ( a house, occ. ) 

TTTffJ his,s.i, s. m. Laughing, 
laughter, ridicule. 

vTrvT^aTT'i, s. rn. A sigh. 

vTivr^ liil'Tj s- "J- Tlie name of 
the fourth solar month of the Hin- 
dus, beginning in the middle of 

VjivJ={~J hili,ri, s.f. The winter 

vJivJ fJ hlh,re, s. m. Pleading, 
supplication, beseeching. 

XJTUT lKi,ha, s. m. The fifth let- 
ter of the Gu--muk}d alphabet. 

'0 ivji lii,h:i, J inter. 

vTTvJT xflu^ hi,lia hi,hi, J Ha ha 
ha! ( the sound of laughter ;) TH- 
;JT Tf tTjt 37 At, to laugh. 

OivJiaiT? hiliiklr, t.f. A stroke 





o£ the pen like a parenthesis after 
figures noting ruj»ec.s. 
vT'Vjs/i hi,hiiki, *. ni. A sigli, 
UT5 hak, *. /. Calling, a call ; 
Xyxj \oiid, calling, calling out, 
shouting; XTTs? WdT^, to call, to 
\Ji=?*f ha,kam, s. in. A gover- 
nor, a ruler. 
TrnrmV^Ti hakamsthin, s. m. 

A governor's residence. 
\rn?H^ h;i,kamni, s.f. A gov- 
ernor's wife, a governess. 
\Jia<ff^ h:i,kami, s. f. Govern- 
ment, rule. 
^TTtT^ hijau, s.f. A female \>\\- 

grim to Jleeca. 
\rr=rT^a hii,na, v. n. To cat with- 
out being satisfied, to bo ahvays 
\JT?T^ hijar, a. Present. 
yi-rtd^rfft hijarba,si, s. f. A 

constant attendance. 
vJI-rid'y-dl" hajarban,di, s.f. Liv- 
ing in sulfjection and obedi- 
vJl-rld I hajari, s. f. Presence, 
audience; muster-roll; breakfast; 
the name of an ofiering presented 
by Shids to Abhiis a descendant 
of Ali. 
OiVn hajiji, s. m. A pilgrim to 

kJTtT^ hanyjan, s.f. The wife 

of a hunvji. 
"UT^ hiny.ji, s. m. A boatman; 

( provincial ) 
^^ han, ji. ad. Yes sir! 
THZT hd,ta, prep. Like. 
XJTSrr ha,tha, a. Obstinate, per- 
verse, heady. 
UlaJT h:in,da, s. m. A large earth- 
en c<x>king vessel. 
\JT^ h<ln,(]i, s.f. A small earth- 
en cooking ves>el. 
\i\rs handh, $. f. Wandering, 
rambling; c. w. vr^. 

VJlr^ liiii, s. m. E<juality in age; 
TT-^ 71^, cjuility in age. 

"vJIr^t lii,ni, a- Of the same age. 

vJIrf lut, \ s. ill. A hand ; 

Trr^ hitli, j^ a cubit. 

"JI«f liitli, *. ni. I )t.'j'th, bottom; 
Xjr^ »KI^5^, dei'tli [ of water ] 
that may be reached ; i. e. water 
reaching not higlier tlian the eliin ; 
or, ( a.s some think, ) than the tip of 
the middle finger, when stretch- 
ed alxjve the head. 

\I^^^ lja,thi, s. m. An elephant. 

TIT^WTi hathiban, •\ t. vi. 

•Urg^^TTi hathiwan, ) An ele- 
j-liant koejier and driver. 

X]Tq'^^Ti^?!vt lia,thiwa|nani, s. f. 
i. q. tnr^r?*^. 

'v/lt^ t^T7>t hu[hlwa,iii, S.f. i. q. 

Tjr?rt^?3f hanjsal, o</. A.t last, 

c-ommitted the (2iii"''i'^ to memory; 
a blind Miiliamiuadan. 
\H^ hijphu, s. m. One that is 
woaric-<lout or overcome; an astli- 
matie person; opium. 

■CTT^fT^T^T h;i,bar ja,na, j v. n. 

vjiy f<<sr ha,b.nrnii, / To 

be always eating, yet always hung- 
ry, to have a ravenous ajuietite. 

vTi'y^^T habja, s. m. A raven- 
ous ajipotitc. 

"Urgt^^KT ^%T>fr h:i,bari:i ho,ii, 
a. Having a ravenous appetite. 

■UT>f^ ha,mi, s.f. Assent, consent; 
vnTft ^?7ft, to aftirm, to consent. 

TT^ bar, s. in. A necklace, a 
chaplet, a struig of beads; a string 
of truit hung up to dry; a long 
succession of fields with luxuriant 


Xrrg' hir, s.f. Defeat, discomfiture. 
TTTT har. An inseparable particle, 

like the English er; as, oTg^mT. 

a doer. 

TJV^'PW^ li/irsayggir, s. m. Fe- 
male decorations; rjrcT TTTTT? ?^- 
TTT, to aduri). 
Tjr^TTr^T, r. »i. Tu bo 
overcome, to be ib tea ted, to be 
beaten in a game; to be worn out 
with fatigue. 
TJT^f^S luirjitt, 1 s.f. Gam- 
vrrg'^'^3' harjit, J bling, hazard; 

defeat and victory. 
Tn3"TTTrr^ luirjuliir, ». J. The 
hazard of gaming; the uncertain- 
ty of trade; yielding a point of 
TrrFTfT bar, nil, r. n. To be over- 
come, to be defeated, to lose in 
gaml>lirig, to be unsuccessful; to 
be worn out with fatigue. 
Tjr^T ha,ra, An insejiarable j-ar- 

ticlc; i. (j. Tjr?. 
TJIY ha,ru, s. m. One that may 
be overcome, one that is unsuc- 
cossfiil, a h>-er. 
\Jf^ liAl, s. rn. Stntc, condition, 
j>re>cnt time; an ecstasy into 
which faijirs work themselves. 
TJT^ hal, (hi. Xow, at f»ix-scnt. 
vTrc^OTT halh|yi, arl. Plainly, 

manifestly, notoriously. 
■^JTfST ha, la. s. m. Tax on pro- 
duce; TJITjr ^5!^T or 3^7rr, to 
p.ay tax. 
vJ I « 1 ^ 9^ halase,n, *. f. En- 
couragement, courage. 
THT^ ha, If, s. m. A i)lowman. 
TrT35^lfnn35^ ha,liiim;i,li, *. m. 
pi. blasters; friends; slaves; at- 
vTr?^ bailr.n, s.f. A cress, a me- 
dicinal seed. 
TH^T h;i,wa, s. m. Sorrow, grief, 

atllictioTi; c. w. «>d|«ivi. 
■UT^ bar, s. m. A lx)ne; TH^ 
"^tT^T, a clashing of the bones 
together, a great slaughter, great 
consternation; TTT^ tH^^b the 
beginning of a fight or war. 




■org hirli, s. t)i. The name of the 
fourtli solir month, whicli 
be?im in tlie lui'idle of June. 

XJT^ liir,"'. *• /• '^''"^ '"'"^^'' 
crop, ( having been sown about the 
month oi Ilufh;) stocks; i. q. 

XJT^ h;ir,lin, a. Belonging to the 
luonth Ihirh; born in tliat month; 
sown in that mouth. 

XJT^TfT bar, mi, ^ v. a. To 

sTTW^^ liarlai,n'i, J weigh, to 
guess at the weight of a thing Ity 
lifting it, to measure; to estimate, 
to appraise; to try, to prove. 

TT lrf T lii.rri, s. m. Weighing, 
measuring, estimating, apprais- 
ing; trying, proving; vTrWT «?^, 
to take the weight of, to guess at 
the weight of, to judge of the 
value ol*. 

TH"^ hiii-ii, s. in. A weigher, one 
that makes a good estimate,* an 
appraiser; one who weighs what 
ho 5ays and does. 

fb'WT^ hii|U, \ s.m. Courage, 

frPKT^ lii.i,un, J bravery. 

tvTITT lils,si, s. m. Purtion, part, 
share, l<>t, di\i:^ion. 

vrJTTg liis;il», s. m. Account. 

fvTJTf^^ hisa,l>an, s.f. > An 

frnrrgt h!.si,bi, $. m. ] ac- 

KlFr^I'? hissedar, /. m. A part- 
ner, a sharer. 

W? liikk, u. One; i. q. f^-J. 

f^■^ hikk, S.J. The breast, the 
bosom; f^f? ^?Kt, to plolge 
one's self fur the performance of 
any thine:, such ple<Iire being u- 
sually made with tlie hand laid 
on the breast; fu? 7f^^, to in- 
flame the breast, ( figuratively, ) 
to arouse one's anger. 

rjc<:jr^ hikk,t:in, a. Stout heart- 
ed, independent, jiroud of one's 

\ a. Only one. 

fTf73T^'^ hikkti,ni, s.f. Stout 
lieartedness, self reliance; c w. 

fTf^-gfo'? Iiikkbahikk, cul. Truly, 

■unrj-TF hikiinat, s. f. Wisdom, 

cleverness, skill, contrivance. 
^TT^rvrS^ hik|matan, /. ^ a. Wise, 
tTnJKF^ hik,mati, m. j' clever, 


frnrr hik,ka, 

tTT^ hik^ko, / 

frjTT hingg, s. f. Assafetida ; 

t^^JTT "^W^, to be very sick, to be 

in great jiain. 
"nJW^<^T lilng,gharna, r. a. To 

anawer again, to gainsay, to speak 

trrU^^^T Licl!,kana, r. n. To 

draw back, to shrink, to hesitate, 

to waver, 
nj^a^t hicli,ki, 5. /. Hiccough. 
uTU^I bi.hiii.'i, V. n. To draw 

l>ack, to slirink, to hesitate, to be 

in suspense, to be suspicious. 
tTRJU- fy^F -^iSTiJ hi,cliarpi,cliar 

kar,ni, v. n. To bo irresolute; 

to wrangle, to altercate. 
tvTTTiit hij,ki, s. f. Hiccough; 

fTJ=H^t Wr^^t or ^ert, to 

cause spasmodic sobbiDg by 

tij^"3" liit,fTf, J a. An insepara- 
fu^r^r hifri, J bio particle, 

equivalent to the Engli.vli suilix 

?c'.?.s;as, lilf^2^ orWHTtTIZr^r, 

1 vJ6 liifh, s.f. Firmness of mind, 

pertinacity; hope; courage; c. w. 

V^'t and •g^PJ^vt. 
frrS'i'ut hitlKi,hin, prep. Under, 

i^JZ\^ hithar, .♦. m. A low j)lace, 

a hollow, a valley, a bottom, 
frj^^'t, *. f. HiccMUgli; 

fu^v't Wl€^"^ or P,^, to cause 

spasmodic sobbing by crying. 

I'vI^J^jr hi<lko,ri, *. vi. A kind 
of hiccough, a catching of the 
breath in the case of a dying man, 
or of a child that has been crying 

tlj^ hindh, s.f. Pride, opposi- 
tion, obstinacy; tT3^ ^3^^, to 
l>e obstinate, to insist, to persist ; 
fvf^ 3<T^, to humble, to subdue 
obstinacy, to make submisivc and 
obedient; fTJ"^ J|TT?ft, to be ob- 
stinate, to i>or^i>t. 

fu??:fvJ^i"o^ hlahiaa,uua, r. n. 
To neigh. 

trrectvT^ICT^" liinluuat, s. in. Neigh- 

frj^^T^T hin,kana, v.n. To neigh. 

tvI^^T^^rr biaka,uni, v. a. To 
cause to neijh. 

fV?vl?J^ hiukat, j s. in. Neigh- 

tir^^3" liiiikir, ) ing. 

tTJ? hit, s. m. Love, aflcction, 
friendship, benevolence. 

fvJ f a^ 1 3" hitkir, s. m. ^ A 

fTJ3^T3^ hitka,ran, s.f. > Jov- 

tvIB^TB^ liitkiiri, s. m. ^ er, a 
friend, a benttactor. 

fyiS^'^ liitki,ri, s. /. Love, 

fu^ hind, *. /. India. 

tXT^??! hin,daki, ^ s.f. The 

fo-ddft Lin,ilagi, ) character and 
writing in which accounts are 

flpS^ hind,wi, s. f. The lan- 
guage of the Hindus in Hiudii- 
stan j)roper; i, e. from Bengal to 
the Punjab. 

To-ci^ hin,di, a. Belonging to 

W^ liin,di, s. f. The language 
of the Hindus in Hindustan pro- 
fu^^^ft hin,duni, s. f. -i A 

uf^ hin,uu, s. m. j Hindu, 

a per-^im of the Brahmanical re- 





f^^>HT??rr, <i. r>elong- 
iug to llimiits, of Iliii'lu fa^lion 
or s(_vk'. 
f^?^1TWl7» liImlunlKui, f. m. 
In<li;i, the rc^iilcnoo of lliinlus. 

frfjfF hin),mat, s.f. Sjiirit, cour- 
age, braven.', resolution, [lUrjKisc, 

' inclination, generosity. 

mJJ-TH^ hini,niati, a. Spirited, reso- 
lute, courageous, brave, generous. 

fvTcrr^ liiya^un, > s. m. DoM- 

njCTT^ liiyawj / nes^i, courage, 

fvJdH liirs, s. f. Covetou«ne;5, 
grcodines.s, avidity, avarice, am- 

fo'dWr^ iiir,san, f. \ a. Greedy, 

frrFpf^ ltir,si, m. ) avaricio'is, 
covetous, ambitious, 

fvIJtf liirkh, J. m. Anger, indiu'- 
nation, grief, sorrow. 

fxnj'y?^ Iiir,khnu, /. ■> a. Ir.dig- 

fb'3'>4^ hir,klu', in. J nant, an- 
gry, grieved, sorry. 

fvjd-c:r iiir,d;i, .?. in. Heart, l>reait, 
mind, soul, life, 

frra^T^T hir,na, r. ?i. To be plun- 
dered, to bo taken away; i. q. 

fTTcTTJf liir,na, r. a. To jjlunder, 
to take away; i. q. vra"?^!. 

(vFfS^WT hil,kan:i, r. n. To be 
shaken; to coiue constantly un- 
called; fb"?^^ "Wr^^T, to walk 
with a waddling motion. 

fvJW^t^TiT hiikilriUa, j r. a. 

fu^^g"?*! liilkor,na, J To call 
out, to shout, to set on a dog, to a- 
gitate, to disturb; i. q. "0 « >! i d - 

f^JW tTW hill Jul!, f.f. Shaking 
together, moving about. 

f^WcNI hill|na, r. n. To shake, 
to be moved; fb'3??rr tT«.c^I, to 
be shaken together, to bo moved 

f\R^;^T hil,na, t?. ft. To form a 

habit, to become familiar, tobo- 
coiro tame. ( as a wild animal; ) 
fbr? til?5 rPS^f, to mingle, to be- 
come mingled; to gain assurance 
and familiarity. 

fOMlG^T hili,un:i, r. a. To 
.-hake, to move, to familiarize, to 
tame; fu^r^^^T tT?5i€5^t, to 
shake together, to move about. 

fvT^rvJflio^ hirhiri,una, r. n. 
To laugh, to mock. Also fvl^- 

frr^fyr^TZr Idrhirat, s. m. Laugh- 
ter, riiii"-ule. 
frrS'? l.ij.ik, s.f. The stone of 

fruit; the name of a tree. 
fjf^^^T hirk,ni, r. n. To stand 

eret-t, ( membrum virile.) 
tvJf(::<Tio c^l hirka,uni, r. a. Cau- 
sal of tOrfi^c^r. 
frr^TJt, r. n. i. q. fb^T?^T. 
tTrH"g?r hir.bas S.f. Cupidity, 
avidity, avarice, covetou^ness, 
.ambition: c. w. cZU'TJ^. 
t «j' rt" y rf^ hir,basi, a. Covetous, 

avaricious, ambitious. 
Csi^'Q hira|U, a. Standing erect, 

C uK-mbrum virile.) 
fO?}iS^I hir.i,-iuia, r, a. Cau- 
sal of frr^ST, q. V. 
Tjt hi, > An em[ihatic particle. 
TjV hin, J Self, very, even, in- 
deed, truly; as, l^xft or ^^1% I 
TTHht hi,an, s. m. Heart, breast, 

mind, soul, life. 
"CrlTr h.li5, .<:./. The name of a 

ifVU" hih, *./. A side rail of a 

TlV "vfl"' vd<M liiu hin kar,na, r. n. 

To laugh. 
TtV? hik, .». /. The foul odor 
of spirits; disgust; sickness of 
the stomach; TT^^ rHT^f?ft or 
UT?^, to have a strong, offen- 
sive smell. 

vfV*7T^T hinjgui, r. n. To bray, 

( as an as*. ) 
Tjt^ funfTtT hij, piij, s. m. A 

secrc', a mystery. 
TftrT fuwrrf hij, piij, a. Good 

and bad. 

vI^tT'3'1 I'iJiFJ' *■ '"• -^ hermaph- 
rodite, an unmatdy peison. 

Tf>^ hi'n, X $.f. Do- 

vf^^H hi|na(, ^ ticiency, a- 

vft^FT^ hinti,!, ) batement, 

vjl^rr hi,ni, a. Detlcient, des- 
titute, Mcak. 

vfl?ff Wi^ hi,ni s;i,mi, i. m. A 
weak, feeble, emaciated person. 

■U^H ^'1K him, kl'm, . s. f. 

TftH >/^H him, kiu'm, J The ups 
and downs of li.*v, all conditions; 

■vJTTiTt hi,y;in, ,f. tn. Heart, breast, 
mind, life, s'.iul. 

vfl^ hI|yo, t;,/ir. A word u<oJ 
to call butlidoes. 

vftgr hi,r.i, J. i/j. A diamond. 

vfl^rKTJ hi.ra:in!i, .^ t/i. A kind 
of paroquet. 

vIT?5 hil, s.f. I'.xcuse, pretenw, 
stratagem, trick: h'ss, forfeiture, 
di>comfitu-e: Tjhrf "SUTi^rHT, 
"ih^ ^r^'tnrr ani ifTT^'twt, to 
acknowledge all lo.-t, to give up 
a dispute, to submit. 
Tjt?5TI=fT3' hilhujjat, S.f. Tro- 
tences, subterfuge.;, evasions. 

vnfJT hi, 1.1, f. 171. Occupation, 
work, employment ; stratagem, 
trick, pretence, excuse; •S\i^l 
Qf^~?iT, to remedy ; to work. 
■;jl55T ^lfl?5r hi,li wasi,l.i, s. m. 
Employment and protection ; one 
by whose aid cmph.nTncnt is ob- 
tained; whatever aids one in get- 
ting employment. 
■^>Vif hu.iu, s. f. The crying of 
a new born infant; TpKT "UWT 
^■g^TfT, to cry; (spoken of a new 
born infant. ) 





Tpnn^ liuin, *. m. An ani- 
mal, a l>«\i'*t. 
Xm<'^ liiiil, t. m. Condition, 

cinir.nstanoo, stdto, account. 
;p>(T35T lai.I.Ii, .<:. ».i. Ciiarge, 
oaro, custoily; vJTKi'55' o<d7>r, to 
conunit, to t-ntnist, to iK-livor. 
■gf%" 1'",'. »"^''"- IlissI (nseJ to 

set on a ilo^. ) 
TJJT '>"*^ iH^er. ITissI (used to 
make a camel kneel ; ) TJfT TJfl" 
gjJST, to make a camel kneel. 
^H tIT^T hiiss, ji,ni, I r. n. To 
^H^T liu*>|ni, J be fa- 

tigued, to be i^igored. 
■grr?? hUjSan, s. m. TJoauty. 
"nrf^ liu#,.<ar, J. m. Sultrincs?. 
^4HS<sr hu5,«arna, r. n. To I>e 

tired; to be a coward. 
■?H?(T'^^r lnisri,uin, j r. flf. 

TJHf^S^f liusa,uiii, J To tire, 

to fatig^ac, to weary. 
Ofii^N liu<;iri| *. m. Sensation, 
sense; courage, prejencc of mind. 
■gfjTWTo liu>, or. Attentive, 
cautious, careail, clever, intelli- 
Tjffinrr^ lakMi.ri, s. f. Care- 
fulness, attention, prudence, cau- 
tion, intLllirrenoe, clevcrne5>. 
■»I? liukk, s./. A piercing pain 
in the side or breast; a stitrli; 
c. w. ^g^'V. 
"U?^ litika,i, s. m. A ^rcat 

^17<^r, s. m. A syrinee; 

a clyster, an injcetiun. 
"yTmj Iiu,kam, s. m. An order, a 
decree, a conunand, permisiio.i ; 
■5Jv W nV tlc^vr or ^ yUWt, to 
die, ( a term u,ed by Silht. ) 
^■J^r bukji, /. m. A small 

pip«', a tuliacco pipe. 
77^"> liuk.ri, *./. A small pipe 

with a very short stem. 
V5T liuk,ki, s. m. A tobacco 

XJ7^ huk,ki, s.f. A small tobacco 

"vIJT hugg, *./. Uproar, noise, 
rumor, report, clamor; c. w. 

'^I^T3■T iiungc:a|ra, s. ««. Aftlrma- 
tion, a>sent, yes; "q'TITFT ^^r 
or ■^r^^T, to say yes, to assent. 

"vfTf hujj, s.f. A thrust, (with 
a pointed instrument or stick,) 
a stab, an assault; TJtT ifT^Tft or 
?yr«^, to pierce, to punch, to 

"UtRT huj,k;i, s. m. A .sudden 
motion, a shaking, a jolt, a shock ; 

c. w. 753i?rr. 

■^tI'3' hujjat, J. /. Argument, 
proof, reason, disputation, wrang- 

■vJn^H^ hujjatnn, S. f. -^ A 

vJtT?"i" luij.jati, .«. m. J dispu- 
ter, a wrangler, a reasoner. 

"or|-«ir luij,d-i, .y. m. Cleans, pow- 
er, ability, skdl; TJtI^T %i^^T 
or t^^TTSr, to consider one's 
ability for any particular work. 

"^Z hiitt, s. m. Sultriness; c. w. 

si do' liutt,n.i, r. a. To shut 

up, to check. 
irs l>ii<!']j '"• /• A large tooth, 

an extra tooth. 
\J517 liu.dak, s.f. Expecting; 

habit, custom. Usage; c. w. 3^- 

^5J>'cN^ hu(l,kani, s.f. A pros- 

■q-^^t hundjwi, s.f. A draft, 
a check, a bill of exchange. 

"*I3'f€^ hundUjUn, s. m. Dis- 
count on a draft, exchange. 

■■J sJ ! ^ • rf r hun(];ibii:t,ra, s. ni. Con- 
tract for transportation of goo<ls, 
including the jtaymer.t of duties, 
without extra cxpeii'^es. 

vfi3'Ki^?t hunilia, un, *. ni. 
Discount on a b'dl of cxchanirc. 

"^^ hun.iji, *./. A draft, a bill 

of exchange. 
■^3^^I?5 hundiw;il, j s. m. A 
^5^^f?5r bundiw;i,l;i, j banker. 
TJB' hun|(]u, s. in. A ram, a he goat. 
TT^ bun, aJ. Now. 

TJ"5et liii,ni, 

_^ii. , ' ^ ad. Just now. 

^^ hu,ne, J 

\ aJ. Just 

■<I3' liutt, s.f. Excuse, denial, 

refu>al; c. w. a7?75^. 
TTS' hutt, ad. Nay. 
"q"^ hut,thu, s. HI. A fit of 
coughing produced by the intro- 
duction of a foreign subst.ance 
into the windjiipe; TJ^ WT^^a, 
to cough incessantly. 
"^jr^^T ]iun|di;in, prcs. part. 
Being; -^rVwi Kt%?>if, al- 
though, notwithstanding. 
71^ hun,di, prep. In the place 

of, instead of. 
"^^ hun,de, prcs. part. Being; 
^^ IT^, although, notwith- 
<I-<ivi-ci l.udhud, s.'m. The name 

of a bird; ( lioopoe. ) 
■^I^? lHi,dar or liudr, ^?. in. !Mind, 

design, will; self. 
sTSr hud,d:i, s. m. Commission, 
engagement, occupation, business, 
olliee, post, cliargo, rank; 'vi-^f i 
ofS^Tw^T, to give in charge; to 
give employment. 
"vJ-Sni'id huddediir, s. m. An of- 
ficer, a commissioner, one who 
has employiucnt, one who holds 
a charge. 
-qrj hundh, s. f. The tist, a 
blow with the fist; c. w. tfT^ 
and VT3-^. 
TI77 J hunn, s. m. The name of 
Tr<^ / a particular gold coin; 

abundance, wealth. 
"^TTJ hu,Tiar, s. m. Art, skill, 

^/><A liu,nari, s. ni. An arti- 
san, a skillful person. 





vTW • liul.b, 8. f. Love, aflTu'Ction, 
desire, sjiirlt. 

TJ-yn TTT^a liu,l.a>jj,iia, •, v. n. 

siyHc\l hiif),asni, J To fer- 

ment, to Jiave a La<l srncll, to rot, 
to putrefy, to spoil ; i. «j. ^■gpf- 

siyUfi*^ liuf),sa!i, *. /. Spring- 
ing out of water; c. w. WT^^H' 
an<l »^. 

vl^siy^ liuJfhuWjU, s. m. Pleas- 
ure, joy. 

"TS^T hubl>,na, v. n. To bo en- 
terprizing^, to be daring; to trust, 
tohojK?, tobo confulent, to boast; 
■^ "^^ fk^Til or TJ^ ih"^7r^, 
to move about witli groat jjlcas- 
ure auJ sprigluliness. 

■g^^ hul)ab, s. m. A bubble. 

siyiO liub,ki, *./. llieeough; 
springing up; c. vr. WT'^^t and 

"^^ Hnj ^^ hub,bhe sill lai,no, 
r. n. To sob; i. q. ^3" H^TJ 

tJTJ'lTTJT^ huuimliliumlia|U, s. m. 

Excessive joy, plea.sure; hope; 

ambition; abuudauco. 
TIJ hurr, s.f. A sound jtrodueed 

by flying ; i. q. 3'3'- 
'I^HtT liur|inaj, s. m. The name 

of a red earth. 
;i7K^ hiir,maji, a. Of the eol- 

or of hurmaj. 
"vTWB' hur,inat, s. /. Dignity, 

bono.-, elia.-tity, character. 
TT^Tf^^T^T hurmatwa,la, s. m. 

A resj^eetable person. 
113X5^ liur,niati, s.f. Honor, 

respectability, dignity. 
TJFT lmr,r.i, a. hi. Dispersion, 

(of an army. ) 
■«3« hiill, s.f, A sliooting pain 

in the head or eye; throwing 

up a ball; -^55 ^?a, to tlirow 

I hummh, s. m. Sultriness. 

up a ball; "ri^ ^^, catching 
a ball a-* if falls; c. w. ^-^^t. 

'TJ^'Ti'^ huljliul, f.f. The name 
of a i)l.itit. 

TI?^;T7ig'7rT,n.i, r. a. T.. s..t 
on (a '1')^, ) to instigate; i. q. 
TJTSingAT and txr?57T^77T. 

TI'?^? hul,lar, s. m. ^ Dispersing 

TJTjgl hul,lari, s.f. ) money 

in abundance. 

•^??F^ hul,lar, *. m. Alarm, tu- 
mult, uproar, commotion; o. w. 

■vfj^WKTa" hullarrair, s. m. A 

■gy^H hulas, 5. /. Snutl"; alac- 
rity, joy, gladness. 

■^(RfTTr hull, si, s. m. Joy, glad- 
ms-, pleasure; ambitioii, sjiirit. 

"UJjrjT hula,ra, s. m. Swinging 
with a lung sweep; shaking the 
head ; c. w. ^PCT and ^?!a. 

■g^7 liurk, s.f. liabit, custuni, 

•,na, . 
nirb^iii, J 

"^''S^^T hiirl>|ii'i, j up,locuu- 
fuie in a cage. 

TT^^ns^ liurwiii, s.f. Confin- 
ing in a cage. . 

~f|<^l'§^ hupva,i!na, -j v. a. 

vT^T^^T huri|Un:i, ) To cause 
to be shut up or confined in a cage. 

■\T hit, s. m. God. 

^ lu'i, inter. Oh! 

"vf hun, inter. Ye I verv well I 
don't ! you sir I go I do this ! 
( the meaning being gatiiered 
from the tone of the voice, motion 
of the hand, or direction of the 
eye. ) 

Tjn" bus, s. f. Ilnvy, malice; 
emulation, ambition; sorrow; c. 
w. '^'37^ and V^. 

"T^Fl hu^h, s. m. A wild beast. 

^rT huns, s.f. Envy, malice; 
emulatiou, ajiibition; sorrow; i. q. 

TJ TrTT hu hawi^ j t. f. Pomp, 
■q "UT lni hi, / pageantry, 

^ TJT hun Iiin, .;\n attirmative 

TT^T hubahu, O'l. Quite, jH.r- 

fe<;tly, exactly. 
TTyf huk, *. /. A -harp cutting 

pain, a stiti-h, a twitrh; crying 

out with pain; c. w. ^Z^^t and 

;t?T hv.niT's, s.f. GroanincT from 
pain ; c. w. V^i. 

TTJreCT liunggjiii, r. n. To groan 
or roar from j>ain. 

U3TT hung,i:a, jr. m. Groaning 
from pain; c. w. M"^- 

T]W bur, s.f. A black eyed nymph 
in tlie Muhammadan paradise. 

■qg-T hu.ii, *. j/i. The ti-t; T^ji 
VfT?7>f. to strike with the fiit; 
"U"?! ^^^:5^r, to double the fi;t. 

TJ35 hul, s.f. A tliruft, a s-tab, 
an atta.-k; TT^ xJTTT'f^'^ "r 
Wr?7f^, to thruit, to stab, to 
pierce, to goad. 

vTT^^T hu,lan'k, V. a. To goad, 
to thru>t, to pu>!i. 

■q--^ liurh, s.f. Obstinacy, stu- 
pidity, attemj.tiug a thing Wyoud 
one's ability; c. w. V'-'J'^- 

•srgjflB" hurhjiii-ir, s. m. A stu- 
pid man, a fool, one who attempts 
what is bcynntl his ability. 

Tj^KT^t hiirhma,ri, • s.f. Stu- 

^7?^^^ hurhwi,in, / I'idity, 

attempting what is beyond ones 
ability, acting foolishly; c. ,w. 

^ he, inter. 1 oh ! 

U^ hcnli, s.f. Pride. 

U^ lunh, int.jr. What. ! oh! why 
so I is it so ! 

^ vJ;if lulir, s.f. A crowd, a com- 
pany, a !.crd; i. q. ^g. 

5-;jT he.hd, *. m. The desire 
of a female bulTuJo for the male. 

575T 6^ 




^ hok, s. f. A j.rol)!!?'--! sound 
of til-' voi.o ill >ingiiig; c. w. 

5-3-3, a. C'oiu'oiteil, i>roml, 
arrogant, prosuiiiiitiioiis. 

g^r3> hc'k.ri', *./• ^*''''^^' *^^"' 
ceit; c. w. 3/d<s~l. 

^-g'tf;^ ln-L-li, j'celi, *. m. Fraud, 
conspiracy, anibusliment. 

5tT hij, s. m. Blaiidislinient, 
coquetry, fondling, fiirs, vanity, 
haughtiness; c. w. a?d <%T. 

^tTT^ h.-j,l;i, u. Dear, darling. 

^"3 hoth, O'l. Below, down. 

^7S heth, prci>. Under, W-low, 
beneath ; ^ "^^^r, to fall, to bo 

U^ ^^^ lieth up.j.ur, ad. Up 
side i.lo\r7i, top>y tiirvy. 

^ (iw r hitli,l:i, a. WJiat is under, 
the unch-rMnist. 

^'S'f he,thi, a. Of inferior rank or 
dignity; 'U^vTecr, to l>e subject- 
ed, to succumb, to l>e overcome, 

5"^"4?^ hcth;ipn,na, *. m. In- 
feriority in rank and standing. 

53" liei, s. 11 . Love, aflcctiou. 

^"3 bet, prep. Tor the sake of, 
on account of. 

vIV'cT her,w,i, s. m. The renieni- 
brance of an absent friend, grief 
caused by tlie separation of a 
friend or j^anntr^, (sp<»ken of 
children; )vrH^ ii^^lvT, to grieve 
for an abseiU friend. 

vTarT he,ni, s. m. A song sung 
by .she|>herds with lengthenod 
notes; vTg^ ^^, to sing with 
lengtliened notes. 

vr?5 hel, s. )/i. ^len.brum virile. 

"vi « vr?5 vl^r hel, nicl, ho,nii, r. n. 
To mingle, to l>e mixed. 

vJTJT lu'ija, s. m. A skunk. 

^fST ^%" he,U o,c, inter. Calling 
out in time of danger; as, oh! 
helj)I ( an exclamation used 
by sLeplierds to frighten away 

wolves and other beasts of prey, 
jirobably because such animals are 
said to be afraid of skunks. ) 

^■?rr lie,l.ia, *./. pi. Attacks, in- 
vasions; multitudes. 

^g herh, s.f. A herd of cattle, 
a multitu'le, a crowd of people, a 
company; ( commonly used in 
the plural. ) 

vT^r lu-irt, s. m. Chase, hunting-, 
prey; ^"^r ^?55rr, to hunt; ^"^ 
TTt^r, to go a hunting. 

vi ?0 l'(?trb ^- Pertaining to the 

TTWt' he,ri, s. in. A sportsman. 

hai, r. n. ( 3rd pers. sing, 
from TJX. ) Is. 

\t ha in, r. n. ( 2nd i>crs. sing, 
from ;jf. ) Art. 

rf bain, ad. What ? 

^H hais, r. n. ( 3rd pers. sing, 
from TIT. ) Was. 

■o^JT?* liai,'-an, v. n. ( 'ird pers. pi. 
from TJT. ) Were. 

"Cfyft hai|Si, v. n. ( 3rd pers. sing, 
from IJX. ) Was. 

Tn7?5 ha'ng.kal, g.f. A necklace, 
a string of ornaments round a 
Imr^es neck. 

oJTT Iiai,g.i, V. n. ( 3rd pers. sing, 
from v)T. ) Is. 

Tj^f haija, .». »i. Cholera, chole- 
ra morbus; o"^T ^ rlT^T and ^- 
^T, a su<lden tlowing of bile. 

TJ^g" hai^dar, s. m. One of ^?jV 

vT^^t haijdari, s. vi. A fuUower 

of .1?!. 

o <r?t hai,<lari, a. Pertaining to 
Huilar; very great. 

vTA hain, r.n. (3rd pers. \A. from 
■;jT. ) A .-e. 

^'33 liai,rat, s. J. Stupor, per- 
turbation of mind, astonishment, 

■U"?!?^ hairan, a. Astonished, a- 
ma/.ed, confounded. 


^TTTnf^, *./. Amaze- 
ment, astonishment, wonder, sur- 

tJ ho, r. n. ( 2nd |>ers. pi. from 
;jt. } Are. 

'^'Wf^J^T hoa,uui, r. n. To go 
and return; to be done, to be- per- 

^fVwT ho.ia, r. k. part. ( from 
^^T. ) Became. 

^■^ hO|i, *. /. Whatever took 
place or ha{)pened. 

^^ ho,u, r. n. ( from t)ol. ) 
Be, may bo, will >»e. 

^IT hos, V. n. ( 3rd j.ers. sing, from 
^SCT. ) ^Vas. 

^Tf hos, s. f. Sense, understand- 
ing; ^H "H^r^^ft, to cme to 
one's senses; ^H Wd<0, to take 

^ ITiTSn^ lio sakkjUa, v. n. To 
be possible. 

^PS^ ho,san, r. «. ( .3rd pers. j»l. 
from Tr^CT. ) \\\\\ be. 

^HT lio,san, r. n. ( 1st pors. 
sing, from ^^T. ) Will be. 

^TT^ ho,si, c. n. ( 3rd j)er5. sing, 
from ^^T.) Will l>e; ( provijiciul. ) 

^iff ln>,>in, r. H. ( 2nd pers. sing. 

from ^^T. ) Will bo; ( provincial. ) 

^^ ho,so, r. n. ( 2nd {K-rs. pi. 

from VTtM. ) ^Vill bv. 
^^T ho, ha, /. m. Motion, sha- 
king; c. w. IS^JTT^T. 
'^oj'r ho,ki, s. m. Pioclamatiop, 
jmblic cryirig, publication ; c. w. 
^5^r, and 5d<M. 

vloT ho,ke, inJ'.'f. i^^irt. ( from 
tlcivl. ) Being, having become. 

vJtfT ho,kha, a. Weak, unsteady, 
unsettled, without character, with- 
out weight or wortfi ; ^X M^T, 
to lose one's character, to Ixj 

vTaj hO|gu, r. n. (3nJ pers. fut. 
from "O^^T. ) Will, would, mav, 
might be. 



^ ^^ 


^ ^o7?^T lio (•hiikk|ii.i, r. 11. To I'C 

^^^i^T li(.()ilij»ii,n:i, f. m. Stu- 
pidity," alisurdity; lightness. 

tJ^r liOjChlia, a. Li'.'lit, trifling, 
soiiseloss, .stupid, aljsurd, moan. 

^ "Hi'i^r li<tja,ii.i, r. n. To become, 
to take place, to happen. 

vf3 honth, s. tn. The lip. 

vl<^ hun, s. m. Being, existence. 

^cv.\jid hon|li;ir, a. Tossilile, fea- 
silile, what is to happen. 

^O' ho,na, r. n. To he, to he- 
come, to come to pass. 

\)oi ho,na, a. Possible, practi- 

tJ^rt ho,ni, s.f. Occurrence, cox- 
ing to pass, something that is 
to be. 

^3" hot, 5. m. A frieml. 

^3" hot, pnyn. pi. Tlicy. " 

^3T hOjtao, pron. ( obi. of tl3". ) 
Their, (honi. 

vh? bond, s.f. Being, existence. 

^^ honi, s. 1/1. A burnt offer- 

^CTT ho,yS, s. in. Being, existence, 
production, crop. 

tJ^ hor, pron. Other, more. 

^TS hor, ad. More, besides. 

^^ hor, conj. And. 

tJ d fvJO-i hora,hin:i, r. Ji. To 
continue to be, to become and 

^?^?^ hor, the, 

^d-^'S hor,dar, 

XSdMd hor,dhar, 

"Od ftT hor,n;in, pron. ( obi. pi. 
of ^. ) Others, to others. 

Vjd aY hor,nin, pron. ( 
of ^r^. ) Others. 

^3T ho,riin, ( obi, pi. <if trg'. ) 
Others. This •word is a suffix 
of respect following both nouns 
and pronouns, mcaiiing some- 
thing like, llis excellency, Your 
honor, Lc. 

ad. Else- 

^"i^ hri^ri, *./. The name of a 
Hindu f.stival. S.:e^T^. 

^gt" ]iO|rin, pron. ( instr. j<l. of 
?rg-. ) Others. See tT^t. 

tJ^ ^oT ho,ro tor, ad. Otherwise, 
in some otlx-r way. 

9~rV ho,li, f.f. The name of a 
Hindu festival, which w-turs at 
the a[>proach of the vernal equi- 
nox ; the song which is sung dur- 
in<r the festival. 

^ ^^T ho, lai,n;i, r. n. To be, to 
become, to be comjdete<l. 

ttfJT ho,l;tn, /./. pi. Half ripe 
pulse jiarched in the j>od. 

tt^^r hor,na, r. n. To check, to 
rcsistj to stop, to put back. 

^ hau, t.f. Avidity, avarice, 
ambition, covetousness. 

^ haun, pron. I. 

^ haun, s.f. Pride, egotism. 

Stt haun^, s.f. Envy. 

^'fl?.5T hauns,li, 5. m. Capacity, 
and'ition, spirit, desire, resolu- 

iJ'a^cM haungk,na, r. n. To pant, 
to piifT and blow, to breathe with 

^'a/c^l haungk,ni, s.f. Panting, 
dillicult resj)irati"n, asthma; 
"^'c^cSt '^■^TJt, to pant, to I'reathe 
with ditTictdty. 

9^ hauj, J s. in. A pond, a 

^^ hand, j tank, a vat, a reser- 
voir, the basin of a fountain. 

9^T hau, da, t. m. The seat for 
the rider ou the back of an ele- 

^^ liaul, t.m. Fear, terror; c. w. 

^9^T hau,la, a. Light, gentle, 

^T^ hau,lin, 

Xr^ hnuje, j softly, 

^T^ ^^ hau,le, J slowly, 

in, ■] ad. 

i.iU|lin haUjli'ii, { Gently, 

^■^ ka,i, I pron. Some, 

g-^^ ka,iku, J several. 
'3%'S kau<l, *. t)j. A large shell. 
?^^ kau.da, s.m. A large shell; 

( a tortoise is sometimes so called; ) 

^^?^ 3^, cfpial to a <-owry in 

wei-ht, little. 
o7^t%iHT?5T kaudia,la, s. m. A 

kind of snake covered with spots. 
^r^t%>WTf5T kau(lia,la, a. Hav- 
ing small shells attached. 
o7^^'t kau,t)i, *. /. A shell, a 

conch, a cowry, ( the smallest 

piece of Indian currency. ) 
^^■^^WT kau,(li.i. s. in. A kind 

of snake; i. q. IT^tVwTT^T. 
'SrQ^'nU kau,dii, a. Worth a 

c7'@^ kauii, j^ron. Who.' what .' 

^r^3^ kau,tak, s. in. Behavior, 

deeds, acts. 
u^H kautli, jjron. What day of 

the month? 
^^tjT kau.tlui, J pron. \\niat 
^^Q*^ kau.thi, J day of the 

month ? huw many ? what ? 
c7^^ kaupli, 5. m. Fear. 
c7'@3' kaur, s.m. The title of a 

prince, the younger son of a king; 

i. q. « ■^d. 
Q^dl kau,ra, a. Having yellow 


eyes; i. q. c^di. 

^Qd^ kau,ri, 5. /. A small water 

Sr^?5 kaul, s. m. A word, a 
promise, a :rovenant; a metallic 
cup; the name of a lluwer. 

clQ^ kaujri, j. m. A square pil- 
lar, a short wall, tlie part of a wall 
between two doors near each 

?^?^ kau,U, s.f. Encircling in 
the arms, enfolding iu the arms. 





arf^ kaur, ) '•/• 

y^af^S^ kaurgan,.lal, / Tlie 
naiiio of a bitti-r licrb. 

^rQ^3^ kaiirat.taii, s. /. Bit- 

^^I '..aiiifa, a. Bitter. 

^ ka,i1, .<^. /. An olive tree. 

ar#>KT ka,u:i, .T. rn. A crew. 

STH kas, s. vi. I'ever; verdigris, 
rust; force, .^crengtli, power; tlie 
Lark of tlio kihir and other trees 
used for distilling sjiirits, and for 
tanning leather, the coloring mat- 
ter in lork, the decoction of a col- 
oring sub>tance; a touchstone; 
aTJT WT^?^T, to have fever come 
on; ^TH ^^"RTTr, to become rus- 
ty, to bo disengaged, ( rust; ) 7TT 
VI S cNT- to aj-ply force. 

grr kas, s. f. The cord of scales, 
of a kite, &c. ; a scratch made 
on metal by way of assaying it; 
reduction, defu-icncy; scoria, dro;s. 

^T? kr.'^s, s.f. Tightness. 

STfT kans, s. in. 'Ihonameofa 
Hindu king, the maternal uncle 
of Krishnd. 

m\i, kasf, s. m. Pain, affliction, 
distress, nii>ery; difhculty; de- 
sign; "STtJ'Z M'T'^'^CT, to sutler af- 

^TTZT^'t kas.tatii, s. /. Pain, af- 
fliction, diitress, penury, dith- 

■^H^T kass,na, r. a. To tight- 
en, to tie. 

^TT^rr kas,ii;i, r. n. To become 
impregnated with a metallic 
virtue ; to be deficient. 

^3V[3 kast, *. TJi. Intention, de- 
sire, design. 

VTT^'^l kastU|r:i, s. m. The name 
of a bird. 

yW^</^ kastu,ri, s.f. ^lusk. 
aTPPS' ka,sad, s. m. Desire, design. 

o<*HV^ kasap.pan, *. tn. Tlic buai- 
nc33 of a butcher; cruelty. 

ZTfT^ ka,sab, *. m. Trade, profes- 
sion, gain, acquirement. 

^W^^ kas,ban, s.f. A prostitute. 

^JTTgr ka^jbi, s. vi. A large town. 

^TTW^F^ kasb:;,tan, s.f, ^ A 

ywyts"^ kasba.ti, s. m. J treacher- 
ous, worthless person, a meddle- 
some quarrelsome person, a wrang- 
ler, an impostor, a cheat. 

■o7Hy^ ka>,bi, s. m. An artisan. 

■grra^ ka<,b:, s.f. A prostitute. 

grrW ka,sam, s.f. An oath ; ■STfTW 
g^Tjt or V:(T^, to swear; ■giT^ 
^5^ or vn^5^, to adjure. 

■gflTHT^T kasy;i|ni, a. Ashamed, 
abashed, modest, bashful; aTJTCTT- 
§: vT^r, to be ashamed, to be a- 
bashed. " 

gil? ka,sar, s.f. Deficiency, de- 
fect, want, fault. 

yHJIUT kasra.dhi, a. Defective, 
■wanting, faulty. 

oHRTt kas,ri, v"f. m. One who com- 
mits a fault. 

c?H<c^^ kaswa,!, s.f. Tighten- 
ing; the price of tightening. 

giT^i€?rT kasw-aiuni, r. a. To 
cause to be tightened, to cause 
to l>c bound. 

ir?TT kas, .-a, s. m. A cup. 

■STRJ ka.san, s. f pi. The cords 
of scales; the arms ; white flakes of 
clouds aj'pearing on a red evening 
sky; c. w. f7fg«At»>rr and 

\^«5'>in"; grrr ^^Tftrxt, to 

entangh; the arms of an oiiponont 

in wrestling. 
oTITft^^ kasa,in, s.f. A butch- 
er's wife. 
grfT^ kasa,i, s. rn. A V>utcher. 
grn^ kasa,u, 5. m. \ Tighten- 
-^TPT'^Z kas:i,ut, 5./. J ing, 

drawing, attraction, the decoction 

of a coloring substance. 
^7T^€5^ kasAjUna, r. a. To cause 

to be tightened, to cause to be 

tied or bound. 

^TfTT kavir, s. m. A beard of 
wlieat, barley, &c. 

g'fTI??:, *. m. Vexation, 
distress, affliction, grief, sickness; 
g'flT^r g'^'TTT, to distress, to af- 
flict, to tea7.e. 

g^i^^i kasa.wat, s.f Tighten- 
iiiir, drawing; i. q. oTTT^^Zr. 

ynf-cJI kasan,da, s. vi. An in- 

cff^pWT ka,sia, a. Too little, de- 

g'tHWT^^r kasia,una, r. n. To 
have a metallic taste, to be im- 
pregnated with metal. 
gfjTWT^^a kasi:i,uni, v. a. To 

aftTr>HTc^T kasia,na, a. Ashamed, 
abashed, modest, bashful; oTfjT- 
TH'^ vT^r, to bo asliamed, to be 

oTjf^H kasis, 5. in . Coj'peras, sul- 
phate of iron; aTjftTT ^ZT^, to 
hold the breath in silence. 

oTjf^^ST kasi'jda, *. in. Embroi- 
dery, figuring muslin with a 

aTlft^r kasi,r;i, s. w. Half a pice. 

aHTH kasut, 5. r;;. Derangement, 
entanglement, crookedness. 

■g7T3T ka^Ujta, a. Deranged, en- 
tangled, out of line, crooked. 

«rjT7 kasiir, .t. in. A fault; the 
name of a city. 

VJ^g-g'rg- kasurbir, \ s. m. 

gTJ^^ig" kasurwar, J One that 
is faulty. 

"Srfp^rHl kasiyia, s. tn. An in- 
habitant of Kasiir. 

g^g" kaser, s.f. The name of 
a grass; dust mixed with grass. 
Also cTTTl?. 

■g^rg^T kaso,ra, s. vi. A brazier, 
a pewteror. 

5W77T kasai,ji. o. Astringent 

o/fldi kaso,ti, s. m. A strip 
of cloth worn between the legs. 



<VI vJ5 



aT^TC^ knsn tf, *. /. Dim. of kasotd. 
oiTldH kit'-aUiti, *./. A t<>uch.>t<jao 

ustil for a-s>aying gold. 
•nnTT k:ili,v;'i, f. m. Calamity, 

wailiiiir; i. q. aTRTCIT. 
ojvJi ka,lii, J. i/t. A Mord, a bay- 
ing, an order. 
STvTr kalia, *. /". Noi>o, rumor. 
aTU^T^ kalia.I, *. /. A strip of 

cloth worn between the lours. 
VvjrSc^i kaha,uiia, v. a. Toc.uisp 
to bo said or spoken, to be called 
or narneil. 
aTvJT'oS' kalia,ut, s.f. A saying, 

a maxim, a proverb, a j>arabIo. 
aTvJTJor kahakar, a. Obeilit-nt. 
a?\TT5; kalian, t. m. A story, a 

fable, a proverb. 
SrvTTeff kaha,ni, s.f. A story, a 
fable, an idle tale; a marriage en- 
gagement; one betrothed. 
3rUT3" kahir, s. m. A bearer, 

the name of a caste. 
5TrTg"7ft kaJiar,ni, s.f. A iViaalo 

TXrrg^ kahi.ri, s.f. Anger; the 

business of a kalai): 
afuTWr ka.hia. r. a. ( 3rd pers. sing, 
from 'Sr.'lJ^T. ) Said ; i. q. tVuT. 
3rf';r*rrT ka|hiA, ^. m. A s;iying, 

a word, an order. 
aTrvT^fT ka,hios, A compound 
phras<^', e«juivalent to Qjj ^ 1^- 
TTf, he said, or ^H ^ iWUr, he 
said to him. 
arft"3i?5 ka.higal, s.f. Tlaster 
lua^Ie of mud and straw or chall"; 
C. w. ^3 s"t. 
^fb^r ka.liini, r. a. To say, to 

tell, to call, to name, 
offu?^ ^^T kahin;I,un;i, r. a. To 
cause to bo said or told, to cause 
to be called or named. 
cTuT? ka,hit, r. a. ( 3rd jiers. 

sing. ) Says, tells. 
^fxTJ ka,hit, s. in. A scarcity, 
a famine. 

arfV? ka,liir, t. m. Wrath, anger; 

oj>pre<sion, a calamity. 
^frr^T ka.hiri, a. Tiiin, spare, 

po<)r, lean, fine; single. 
arfvJHI^'^r kahili, uai, r. a. To 
eause to be said or told, to l>e 
called or named; ^tTTMT ^tT^, 
to send word, to send and toll. 
■3rf\r2" ka.hind, s. vi. A rustic, 

a wild fellow, a blockhead. 
irfv^STT^rT l--ahindpu,n:i, s. hi. \ 
■Srtll^^r-gfV k.iliind\vi,in, s.f. J 

Slupi<lity, rusticity, wildness. 
aTvft k.i,hi, s.f. A hoe, a small 

^rf^ ka,h!, s.f. Forage ; c. w. STT?^. 
^T kaho, pron. Of what sort I* 

Al>o f?^. 
a70 i?J kaliekar, a. Obtilient. 
sT i7 ( O d ' kuUa,hiii, *. in. The al- 

aT^g" kuk.kar, f. m. Fro>t, snow, 

ice; c. w. O^T. 
WJti katjL'.kar, j t. f. A 

3^^ k.n.K-,kar!, ) noduleof lime- 
stone, gravel ; a round stone or 
pebble plaecd in a jiipe under the 
3?3^^ kakreJi,'o. Of a ehocolate 

^7^ kak.'^af, s. j;j. The name 
of a caste of K^h.ittris; the name 
of .in animal. 
■3"7W kak.kar, s. f. The name 
of a tree; the second growth of 
the tobacco plant. 
^7IT tTTTft kak.kxar, *•/. 

A kind of drug, ( meilicinal.) 
^If^t kak.kari, s.f. A kind of 

aja^fi** kakrail, .*./. The skin of 

the kali.'ir. 
^^ kak,ki, a. Of a brown color, 
having light or brown hair, of a 
brown complexion. 
"shfi kak,ka, s. m. The name of 
the letter ?, 

n. J A bog- 


aT'? ;<i kakau.ra, f. m. The name 
of a veiretable whicli grows on a 
oTM kakkh, s. in. Grass cut up 

by the roots, a stalk of grass, 
ifdif^. kang,gan, g. in. An or- 
nament worn on tlie wri-ts by 
men and women. 
g^Trea kang,gan:i, *. in. A par- 
ticolored thread tied round the 
right wrist of a bridegroom or 
g^eft kan2r,gani, 5./. A small 
ornament worn on the wrists by 
men and women; a kind of grain. 
^3T^^ kanggror, s. J. The back- 
bone, the spine, 
a^rw kauggal, a. Poor, indi- 
^^IM kaiigfral, s. m. ^ A 

3^?Tl?^^ kangga,lani,. 

cf?T«W<?^ kangga,lan!, a. 

"^TiTf^^i^X kangL-alpUjiia, f. m. 

iViverty, indigence, 
sfor^ft kang,guni, s.f. A kind 

of grain. 
^f^J^T kanggu,ri, 5. m. A j'ar- 

a]iet, a battlement, a turret. 
g^T^S^a" kangiiuredar, a. Hav- 
ing a parapet, tfcc. 
gnifT kang,gha, f. m. A large 
coud) use<l by SilLs; ^WT *97rr. 
to comb; to beat. 
^WTf57fT ', r. a. To 

rinse, ( a vessel. ) 
^TiJY kayg.glii, .'. /. A comb; 
^•aft ^gTi^, ^7ft or ^HT^, 
to dress with a comb, to comb. 
ej'^c^ knn ngan, s. m. A bracelet; 

i. q. SRI5C, q. V. 
g^^^ kaD,n-ani, e. f. A small 
bracelet; a kind of grain; i. q. 

•^^ kachch, *. m. Glass; rawness. 
o^ Tj fvI d"^ kaciia,hiri, s.f. A coorf. 





^rst^ kacl.kol, .^ m. A di^li 
uhmI 1>v clcvotoos to colk'Ot tlioir 
offcrinirs in, I'ciiig l.alf of tlie s^hell 
of a cocoa nut. 

^-gvnf kachkliiii!, a. Taw; false, 

■^ \i/ : kany.ohaii, s. m. GoUl: a 
caste of people wlioso females arc 
dancers ami prostitutes, a uiau 
of til is caste. 

g-gTjf- kaclina.u, s. m. Prosti- 
tution; i. q. oJ""rid§ . 

^ xJA l d kaclinar, s.f. The rainc 
of a tree, tlie llower of wliicli is 
eaten as a vegetable. 

^■d/»t kany,e1iani, s.f. A female 
kani/chan, a dancing girl, a strum- 

ygw^r kachclipu,n;i, s. m. Piaw- 
ncss, greenness, simplicity, stujild- 

af^ "^^ kaclicli, bachcli, s. m. 
Little cliililren. 

^•dd 37'^37r ka,cliar ka,c])ar, J. »«. 
Tlie s'.und caused by eating raw 
vegetables; c. w. oTdAl. 

'Jri^ \ kacli.ra, s. m. An unripe 

y-ddl'TT kaclir:i|dli.i, ^ 

3^ rd d I '-1 1 ^fY"*in kaclira,dlialio,I.i, j 
cf. rtaw; iiiipiTfcct. 

y^<A knell, ri, .f. /. The name of 
a fruit, a kind of vegetable. 

■?^ WvT karli la.liu, \ s. in. 

7^ ^TJ kai-h !o,Iiu, ) P.hiody 
ichor dijiharged along with puru- 
lent matter. 

'3'^ karli <hi, a. Piaw, unripe ; 
inferior, imperfect ; premature, 
(birth; ) built of sun dried bricks, 
not bakoil nor burnt; silly, inex- 
perienced, friLse. 

a'^3'?5 kach:i|lii, g. m. The name 
of an escuknt root. 

TfVnn^ kachii,!, g. f. Raw- 
neis, unri[>cne5s, imperfection, 
crudity, indigestion; surfeit. 

?fVwnr2: kacllii,hn^.^ s.f. The 
arf^WniT* kaclii;t,lian, > siiiuil uf 
oiri%Wrtr kachi;iudli, / rawnc.-s; 

o?\/^U^ kaclii'|Chi, s.f. Gnashing 

the teeth, gritting the teeth; c. w. 

3r^7 kachiir, s. m. Tlic iiarao 
of a drug. 

^^d"t kaehau,ri, g. f. A di.-h . 
made of wheat bread and pulse. 

"SC^ kachehh, s. f. The armpit ; 
embrace; breeches or drawers 
reaching to the knees; sf^ "^tTT- 
6(5lwt, to beat the cl!»ows a- 
galnst the sides as indicative of 
intense pleasure; aTg" HT^TTT, to 
conceal under the arm, to take up 
under the arm. 

3'g' kacluhh, s. m, Measuring 
land; ^^ UT#^rr or ^^ITT, to 
n^casure, ( land. ) 

y ^ fo d I kachlia|lura, s. m. Breeches. 

^^<?^T kachchh|na, v. a. To meas- 
ure, ( especially land, ) to esti- 
mate the produce of land. 

'T^rS^'^ kachhni,})', s.f. Aboil 
or bubo under the arm. 

o?^<^' vTT kachliw;i,h:i, g. m. A 
tribe of R(ijj>iiis claiming descent 
from lius the son of I!amchandar ; 
one who measures land. 

o7gT kach|Chh;i, *. m. The fore 
and aft of certain boats which are 
elevated for passengers to sit on. 

^^ I Vi'l kachh;i,i, 5./. Ajipraising a 
croj*; the jirice of ajipraisement. 

oTgT^'^^T kachhi|U:Ki, r. a. To 
cause ( land ) to be measured, or 
( a crop ) to bo estimatcil. 

srg" ka,chhu, j prcn. Some, 

^rS ka,cl:hii, J any, 

■37^ ka<h,cliliu, J s. m. A tur- 

3"^^KT ka,cliliui, j tie, a tortoise. 

o/^il kaclihO|ti, s. in. j A cloth 

o/'Szf' kacliho,ti, *. /. / ■worn 
about the loins. 

^^^ kaj. f. f. Crookedness; de- 
fect, deformity; irregularity in 
ca'-te; c. w. V" TiT^rt. 

^n7 l^aiiyj, s.f. Grace, beauty; the 
slough of a snake; if^ "^^^^ <'P 
?5rgT^, to appear in fre>h beaii- 
tv, ( as a boy or girl on reaching 
the acre of puberty;) to ])utofr 
the skin, ( a snake; ) to dis- 

^ffl' kaiiyi, a. Parren, (a woman. ) 

aJ-rfvT ^ kaja,!, s. f. The snafHo 
bit of a liridle. 

'S'rr^r kaij|iia, r. a. To cover, 
to conceal, 

"STiRi^T kajiyi, *. in. A quarrel, 
a dispute. 

^^fTcT kanyjnr, 5. «'. A class of 
peojile who wander ubout, nianu- 
fucturing and selling sirU mats, 
baskets, &e., whoso females arc 
prostitutes, a man of this class; 

^frf^'^ kanvira,u, ^ s.m. 

^YfT'i^ kanyjarpu,na, / Pros- 

cTTTaTt' kanyjari, s. f. A prosti- 
tute, a strumjjet. 

Sr^c5 '^^ijj^lj \ *• »■''• Lamp- 

■J-H«! kaj,l:l, ] black with 

^hlch the eyelids are painted. 

aTTT??^, 5./. The name of 
a compound purgative niedieine. 

^Tnf^'i'g^ kajli,ban, s. m. The 
name of a furc;t where elephants 

y -riW^ kanyjali, s.f. The skin 
of a snake. 

■STrr^^t kajlo^thi, s.f. A pot in 
which l;nnpl>!ack is kept. 

oTrrr k:ij;i, j. /. The completion 
of life, <leath, fate; saying j'raycrs 
after the proper time; the ofKco 
of a QiUi. 

g^^T k;inyj:i, a. Blue eyed. 

^TtTT'? k:ij;tk, s. m. A robber, a 
desperado; a glutton. 




^fTfcTM^T kajtkpii,ni, s. m. 1 
^^Ti^'t kaj;i,ki, t.f. / 

Ilobbcrv, tlie business of a rob- 
b<T; gluttony. 
Snur^ kaja,wa, t. m. A frame- 
work fixture on the sides of a 

camel to carry freight or jiassen- 

gers in, a camel's saiMle. 
aff^nrr kajia, s.f. The oftice of 

a civil and religious judge, ( Mu- 

hammadan. ) 
orl^wrt%:c^ kajia, in, N *./. The 
o^f^wr^ kajiiin, > wife ofa 

SrfVrWT^ kajIaiHi, ' judge. 
5^f^ kanyji, 3./. The name of 

a jungle in the Jidri D(xih. 
ePFT";R kanyjus, s. m. x A 

eTvfH^ kanyju,san, *./. C nii- 
sf^TTT^t kanyju,sani, s.f. ^ scr, 

a niggard. 
^fT'H^^T kanyjU5pu,na, s. v\. •^ 
Snrjf^, s.f. J 

Parsimoniou?no3s, stinginess. 
oT^ kat, s.m.f. The loin. 
af^ ^^tj *• '"• A black coloring 

substance, pitch. 
'<7d\i^ kata,i, a. Of tlie color of 

pitch ; dvfd with feat. 
oTifvJ rft ka(a,liir.i, s. tn. A curved 

framework over a door; a liLur, 

a market. 
oTi? ka,tak, 5. in. A multitude, 

an army ; a band of robbers. 
oCZ^ kan,tak, s. m. A thorn; a 

bad man, a mean enemy. 
g^ZT? kan,tak, a. Cautious. 
"SZ^f katt,na, r. a. To cut, 

to bite, to sting; to pass ( time; ) 

^ZTMT^T, to cut, to bite, to sting. 
q73"^ katt,ni, j. /. Spending 

time; a section of a cocoa nut shell 

used as a ladle. 
<Jifi kat,tar, *. n». A biter, 

( horse. ) 
aTZ^^ katwa,i, s./. Cutting; 

compensation for cutting. 
oTJ^r^^r katwa,uni, r. a. To 

rause to be cut or bitten, !cc. 

Ji^J kat.ri, *. m. A market; 
a section of a city; a young male 

"ST^s't kat.ri, *. /. 1 A young 

^^r kafta. s. m. / buflalo. 

■y^r^ kati.i, t.f. Cutting; com- 
pensation for cutting. 

"^Z^^ kati.u, s. in. Cutting, 
a kind of flowering on cloth. 

SrZTT^^r kati,unA, v. a. To cause 
to be cut, bitten, or stung, tS:c. 

^T^r^ katA,u, a. Fit to be cut. 

"STZTiaT katar, s. m. A dagger. 

^r3T37 kati,ra, s. m. A large dag- 
ger; the name ofa plant, a tliistle 
( usetl medicinally; ) the name of 
a bird. 

^ZTT^"^ kata,ri, /, /. A small dag- 

aTJTg^WT kafi,ria, s. m. A kind 
of silk cloth witli stripes in the 
form of daggers. 

^r2T^3 kati,wan, ■ s. in. A kind 
of flowering on cloth. 

^2ft kat,ti, s.f. A young female 

•^rZ^'^J k.-iti,U, a. Active, brave; 
sharp, keen, -( a sword. ) 

^5" l^^t,t"» '• "•• -^ young male 
buflalo ; one who cuts or bites ; 
^^ "^W, the calves of cows and 
buflaloes together. 

^^rH^ ka,tua, *. m. A bedbug. 

^^"JXT a. Sharp, keen; 

^^?5T, a. i.q. 'T^^^T. 

■^^^ kato<.-]i, s. VI. The name 
of that branch of the ancient roy- 
al family of Kangrd, to which 
Raja Sirtsdrcharvi l>elongetl; the 
stalk of a family. 

'^^■i'd'iTi katordan, *. m. A kind 
of metallic cup; the case ofa brass 

"oT^m kato.rd, t. m. A metaUic 
cup or goblet. 

^^^ kato,ri, s.f. A small me- 
tallic CU]>. 

"JZ katfh, s. m. (lathering to- 
gether, collection, union. 

^f3' kanth, *. t/i. The wind|>i|K?, the 
tliroat, tho larynx, tlm protul>er- 
ance on the windpipe; ^.^'Jtttt^ 
to commit to memory ; ^^ ^5537, 
to speak from the tliroat, ( as a 
dying man. ) 

oTS^ ka,thau, a. Diflicult, pain- 
ful, troublesome, hard, ^6'^ 
VT;, hardhearted, stouthearted. 

aj<4<*"f" kathna,u, j s.f. Dif- 

WS^^'Z^ kathni,!, 3 ficulty, 

hardness ; hardhcartedness, stout- 

ol6^ ka^tlian, a. DIthcult, hard, 
troublesome, painful. 

'^KTTS'''^ kathanta,!, ^ *. /. 

a7<5Al^ katlin.i,!. 3 Hard- 

ness, difliculty; hardhcartedness, 

o73'srr katli,ra, s. m. A wooden 
trough, tub or tray. 

oTS'^ kathji', s.f. A small woi>l- 
en trough, tub or tr.ay. 

■y^r kat.tha, a. United, not sep- 
arate, together. 

^r katjtiia, aJ. All together, 
at once. 

^^r kin,tha, s. m. A rosary made 
of large beads of gold, silver, 
crystal or onyx. 

37f^ kan,thi, s. f. A short neck- 
lace of small beads. 

S^^H" kathor, a. Hard, solid; 
severe, relentless, cruel, callous. 

^r^5T^ kathorta,!, s.f. Hard- 
nes.s, solidity ; severity, cruelty, 

g^ kaud, *. /. Tuzz, the downv 
substance on plants, pubescence. 

^37 kan.da, s. m. A thorn; a 
small scale, a box of small scalci 
to weigh gold or silver in; a swell- 
ing in the throat; c. w. v^^ 





sf^mrw, s. m. The 
bit of a bri-lle; 3!rt%WTS5 ^g^, 
to chew the Mt, to be in a rage. 

g^(%>lfr?5r kan<lia,la, *. m. A 
species of prickly tree, a tliorn 
bush, a kind of thistle; the bit of 
a bridle. 

^fS'WTf^T kan«lia,U, a. Bearing 

^iwwr^ kan<lia,li, s.f. A vine 
bearing a yellow berry; i. q. 

5^^ kan.di, s.f. Small scales, 
a box of small scales; ^^ ^i'^- 
TiT or :f^T^f?cr, to weigii. 

g -t^i^ r ka(ldh,na, v. a. To cast 
out, to exclude, to expel, to take 
out, to draw out, to eradicate, to 
clear out, ( the grass and weeds 
from a field of corn. ) 

^-(^^it ka'.»dh,!i, s.f. See ^7%??^. 

sf^f kan|<]h;i, s. m. Shore, mar- 
gin, bank, side. 

y "d ' Vi^ kadha,?, s.f. The weeds, 
&c., cleared out of a field ; c^"/"- 
pensation for taking out, clea- 
ring, &c. 

oT^r^^pa ka(lha,una, v. a. ( causal 
of ar^?a. ) To cause to be taken 
out, &-■, Also vi^T-^^T. 

^^ kan,dhi, s.f. Territory bor- 
dering on a mountain. 

c^-^mI kai),(]huli, .f.f A neck- 
lace worn by a child, and some- 
times by women also. 

^^ kail, s.m. A mote, a particle; 
valuing or aj.praising a field ; j)Ow- 
cr, strength, vigor, spirit; ^5^ 
<yd<M or MT^p;t, to value or ap- 
prai-e a fidd. 

^^TTf kant, s.f. A slight fever. 

o'tf'fl kan«o, s.f. Information; 
5?rH" cf^iT^, to get information, 
to spy. 

37gr^T kan,h;i, ^ t. m. An 

5^T^ kau^han, J insect with 
very long legs, a spider. 

ST^r? ka,nak, f.f AHieat. 
«^l, s. m. The cords at- 
tached to scales. 
7^> ka,ni', *. /. The dust and 
refuse of rice when it is cleanini; 
bran; a drop of rain; the sparkling 
of a diamond or other crems. 
o/ <^\i' kano^i, g. m. An officer 
appointed by government to value 
a croj>. 
eT^"^ kanod, s. f. A sense of need 
or depen<lenee, ditlldence, bash- 
fulness, shame; obse^juiousness. 
or%^ kano,<3a, a. Having a sense 
of dependence, diffident, ba.shful, 
standing in awe, afraid to meet 
another; obsequious. 
"^^^S kanaud, s. f. A sense of 
need or de{>endence, ditTidcnce, 
bashfulness, shame; obsequious- 
^^5^ kanau,da, a. i. q. aC^^X. 
^3" katt, *. m. Cutting the nib 

of a pen ; c. w. Wl^iJI. 
^S"^ kat,tak, /. m. The name 
of the seventh Hindu month, be- 
ginning in September. 
^F^T, V. a. To spin, 
^rj^, s.f. A basket to 

hold cotton in, a distaff. 
33^ kat,tar, *./. A narrow strip 

of cloth. 
■ST^^TJT ka,tarna, p. a. To shear, 
to cut, to clip, ( with scissors, ) to 
cut out, to pare. 
irS'3~3!?t ka,tarni, s. f. Scissors, 

^F^^^^" ka,tarbe,unt, t.f. Cut- 
ting out; me<litation, consultation, 
^3'3^T kat,ri, s. m. A drop of 
water, or other liquid ; j)arings, 
^r?^T^ katni,!, *./. Trice paid 

for cutting out; cutting. 
^r3^re^ katri,f, ad. Sideways, 
at the side. 

arS'FT^^rr katrd.uni, v. n. To 
leave the road and take a by path; 
to hide the eyes; to cut one's so- 
ciety, to go another way in order 

to avoid a person. 
^3'3^r^^7 katra,una, v. a. To 

cause to shear, clip or trim, ( with 

scissors. ) 
5^5^13 katrit, s. f. Drops, in 

drops, ( as rain. ) 
o/^w katl, s. f. Killing, slaugh- 
ter; c. w. "Sf^TT^. 
a?3'^l kat,l;i, *. m. A piece, a 

cutting, a fragment; a jtiece of 

Q/^«fW kathim, s. f. Killing, 

'33'^^'2^ katw<i,i, s.f. Spinning; 

compensation for spinning. 
■3'3'^T^^I katwa,una, r. a. To 

cause to be spun, 
^?3T ka,tt, s.f. Cutting out 

clotlies; cut, fashion, shape; 

determining; c. w. IC^T^X. 
^f3T katjta, s.m. A small scimitar. 
ar3"T^ kata,j, s. f. Spinning; 

wages paid for spinning. 
^rJiSc^i kata,una, v. a. To cause 

to be spun, 
oTSTTJr katan, *. m. Fine linen. 
"53^7? katan, a. Many. 
?FT^ katab, s. f. A book. 
^TSrg^ kata.ban, *./. a A 

oTFi^, s. m. \ reader, 
oTSrgt'WT kata,bia, s.m. J a per- 
son of letters, an owner of books. 
^rST^ kat^jbi, a. Belonging to 

a book. 
o<:J'd katar, s.f. A line, a string, 

a row, a series. 
^^TT kati,ni, s. m. The name 

of a gum, 
gr^-^ kateb, /./. A book, 
^r§'H^ katCibau, s.f. % A 
^3'^, s. m, V pcr^ 

^f-^'^Wr kate,bii, *. m, ) soa 

of letters, an owner of booka. 





3?5y^ k.ite,bi, a. r<l<->nginar to 

a book. 
aTFaiWT katayg,garit, *. m. A 

^^ kath, *./. A story, n ta'.r, 
a narrative, a fal>lo; "3^ =<vJ '<i>.1, 
a fable; a marriage fnga'j:cnicnt. 
^•q" katth, ». /. An astringent 
vegetable extract which is catiii 
with betel leaf. 
^^ kanth, s. m. A Imsband. 
a?Ma? ka,thak, 5. m, A stnry tol- 
ler, a rehearser of what is written 
in the shasters. 
aT^c^T kath,ni, v. a. To toll, to 
say, to relate, to narrate; sTBT^T 
;KW^rr, to say, to toll, to compose. 
STVfi^ W^^*^ kath.iii math,ni, s.f. 

A fable, a made up story. 
oTWT ka,tha, s. f. A story, a nar- 
rative, a fable; ^T^T -JXT^^, a 
fable; a marriage engagcuiont. 
^^ kat,thu, s. fit. An astringent 
vegetable extract wliich is eaten 
with betel loaf. 
ef^ kan,tha, s. m. A husband. 
^^ kat,thi, s.f. A clotli used by 
shoemakers for wetting leather. 
"SnS kad, aJ. When? 
"^^ kadd, s. m. Stature. 
5^ kund, s. m. A sui»erior kind 
of sugar candy made in Cashmere 
and Persia. 
? .r?g ' kad,ku, ad When? about 

what time? 
<^*cfK ka,dam, s. in. A pace, a 

stop, a foot; the name of a tree. 
Qj"dd k.i,<lar, s.m.f. Wurtli, value, 

^r-^HT kand,ra, *./. An artificial 
or natural cavern, a chasm in a 
^^f5I kan<l,hi, s. trt. A gold 

or silver tliroad. 
'Sr^'J^ kad, If, *. m. A plantain. 
aTCrf^H kad;ichitt, ad. Some- 
times, ever, jKjrhaps. 

"^^T-JTT kadd:Ibar, j a. Of 
cf^T^S" kaddiwar, / large sta- 

itMc, tall, gigantic. 

■3^t k.i,'li, \ a'l. Ever, "-omo- 

■7^7 ka,dln, ) tim.-s; ^T^'r 17^1, 

sometime.'*, occasionally, rarely, 


^^ kaiijdi', a. Made of sugar, 

( \ inogar, tSL^c. ) 
^^\ kan,di. *./. A root. 
17^'tH kadim, s. w. Ancient time. 
T^^tlf ka<liin, j «. Old, an- 
IT^^lpt kaili,inf, J ciont. 
5^^t55 kaiidil, S.f. A candle, a 

lantern, a shade for a lamp. 
^F5" kad,ilu, s. m. A vegetable 
somothiug likea gourd, a pump- 
kin, etc.; ■?'^ iFTT"^, 1 dun't know, 
and di-n't care. 
■?=^ ^;^r kad.dii da,na, s. m. 
(litrn^Ily, the srcd vi the kaJJa.) 
The tapeworm. 
IP^TTS- kadii,rat, s.f. Fuulnoss, 

^^^ kandu,ri, s.f. A fruit rc- 
soiid.iirig the blackberry; a feast 
held by !^[u^allIlan wotiicn in 
honor of FiUlinn Muhainmad's 
daughter; ^^^37 ^^, to give 
f(.C)d, in F'.Uona's name, tu girls at 
the cunniiencemerit of this feast. 
■7=^ ka,ile, ad. Ever, sometimes; 

^% 1?=^; i. q. ^T?^ oTS^. 
3r^3* k.i,dcku, wl. Ever, sometimes. 
ai'^'zJ cfkT kadok,na, a. For a long 

^7^ ka,d..n, ad. When? 
oT^^ ka,donku, ad. About what 

time ? 
^TT kandh, s.f. A wall. 
a~crT kan,dha, f. in. The shoul- 
der; ^nrr ^^T, to take on the 
shuuldei, to carry; (spoken partic- 
ularly cf carrying a corpse to its 
burning or burial place. ) 
or^55>^ kandlio,la, s. m. A tat- 1 
tered quilt; a kind of squash. 

JT: ^ knnn, f. in. Tiie oar; ^JTT 

^77/ i^TiJ ^^W t:?^T, f. be 

entirely inncxent; ZtTii T^Tpf 

or "^Tif "^T^Tf, >p<,akihg to any 

one privately, whispering. 

UTm / kans, s. rn. The name 

Sfj? ^ of a Hindu King, the 
nintornal uncle of A'n'i/iru/. 

■TTJZt^HT kanlia,ri, s. m. One of 
tin- names (A Ki'inh; the name of 
a caste. 

^^f ) k;inn,li;I, ^. );i. The shoulder; 

^^rj" ^r or -SZX ^■^1, to lift 
up and place on the shoulder; 
i. q. ■^^1. 

o^^T^T kaid»i',r;i. s. m. ^ The 

^^^7 kanhoiri, 3. f. ) shonldir. 

oH^^^^HT kanka,uri, s. m. A 
kin<l of small ]>aper kite. 

aTTJ^Z^T kanka,t:i, a. llaNing the 
ears cropped. 

UTi'^y kai),nak;'in, s.f. pi. Girls. 

■^TiMyTTt kankliaju,ra, s. rn. A 

^!~??VZr^ kanpa|fi, s.f. The tom- 
j.le ( of the face; ) a woman. 

^7>T7TT kann,ya, s.f. A girl, a 
daughter, a virgin; i. q. ^tT^TKT. 

c7ST J kan,na, s.m. The letter T, 

^<^T j which, according to the 

Gurmukhi alphabet, is arranged 
among the lajs or diacritical 
points; the curves on the upj'Or 
edge of the quarters of a shoe; the 
two obtuse angles of a kite. 

^77^1373 kani,gat, *./. A reli- 
gious ceremony performed daily 
by the Hindus during the dark 
half of the month Assii, in honor 
of deceased ancestors: i. q. TTTHT. 

^^^i^3 kanat, s. f. The wall of a 

'SfTi'iSV kaiKi.tare, s. vi. yl The 
ears of a horse, ass, mule, &c. 

SfTfTT kanar, s.f A disease in 

5r7>T3'T kani.ra, *. m. Side, bor- 





tier, innrijin, boundary; jTTvTg'T 
5^77T or UTirg- tr^T ur ^ ri:- 
e^r. to cro a>i<lo, to avoid one, to 
retire, to witiidravr. 

TT^rg^ k:ini,ri,, s. f. Gold or 
silver laee. 

^n^TJS kundl, s.f. A nioasuro 
of land equal to the eighth part of 
a gh'i>n(i>nj. 

^rfkwr^err kani:i,uni, r. »i. To 
slink away with shame; to go in 
a l.y-path so as to avoid one. 

"^^^i^^ kan,iiiin, s.f. A girl, 
adauL'htor, a virgin; i. q. ■?7J'!7fr. 

7f?>wr^t<^ kannimdln, s. m. 
Dowry, giving a girl in marri- 

sfkwKrS' kanniinpat, s. in. A 

■JTJV kan,ni, s.f. A border, a 
niarijin, a side; the two obtii^r 
anudes of a kite; "^7^ "S^oTi^, 
to ab-tain, t<> refrain, to turn 
asid.o; "^i^t ^"^'^, to give a lilt 
to a kite. 

^TTff kan,nin, ad. By the ear-, 
throw _:li the eats. 

'?;^3'T"'=fH'i" kannirakh,in'in, •, s. m. 

■aTftU'iy^i' kainiirakh.wan, / A 
kind of elnth i-uUed K'hes. 

J 7it*^, s.f. Tlie small 
projection whicii rises in front of 
the human oar. 

srS7> kuniuii 5. VI. Law, regu- 
lation, canon; the name of a mu- 
sical instrument. 

7^3T kaue,th:i, a. The young- 
er (of children. ) 

aT^T^ kane,il.i, •, s. m. A hard 

H7i^ kane,du, / swelling be- 
hind the cars. 

^^gr kaiier, j s.f. Tlic name of 

q7A?5 kaiul, / a flower, which 
is ottere<l to the dewtiis, also the 
plant on which it grows. 

e<^:f kanait, *. m. A Hindu 
tribe of liiifpiits; ( an inferior 

oa<te jiroduced by tiie marriage 
of a Hi'ij/hit widow;) a man of 
this caste. 

or?533^ kanaijtani, s.f. A fe- 
male fCaiKiit. 

iT^g" katio(l, s. f. A sense of 
want, a feeling of depemlence or 
obUgation, dithdence, ba.Nhfulness, 

■3r^'3'f kano,d:i, a. Xcedy, :n 
want, having a sense of depen- 
dence, ditlident, bashful, obse- 

•3^5§^ kano,tare, s. vi. pL Tlio 
ears of a horse, ass, mule, &.C.; i. q. 

VTT^ kanauij, S.f. A sense of 
want, a feeling of dependence, dif- 
fidence, bashfulness, obsequious- 

'Sfi'?^ kanau,d;i, a. Needy, in 
want, having a sense of depen- 
dence, bashful, diihdent, standing 
in uwe, obse piious. 

-^^ST kanau.tare, s. m. pi. The 
ears of a horse, ass, mule, 5:e. ; 
i. q. 'S[7^''<3'^' 

^^'-fZ: k,i|pat, s. m. Fraud, hy- 
pocri>y, insincerity, deceit, trick, 

•srvj^ kap,t:in, /. An insincere 
deceitful person, a hypocrite; 
false, hollow hearted, malicious. 

'UMZ^'^Y^ kaiiatta,!', s.f. Fraud, 
deceit, hypocrisy. 

^VZft kap,ti, m. An insincere 
deceitful person, a hy[MX>rite; 
false, hollow hearted, malicious. 

•^V"^ kapp,n:i, r. a. To cut, to kill. 

aTMrTT kajiatita, a. Dishonorable, 

3V^ l''q\P'T' *• '"• <-"loth. 

^V^q^ kapardha.ri, s.f. Making 
a j>ile of cloths; c. w. '^3'7ft. 

^rU;j[x;[?f ka.pardliur, \ s.f Du^t 

■SrU'S'TT^ ka,i)nrdhui, ^ beaten 

out of cloth; a kind of gauze. 


"SrW^T kap.pra, .f. 1)1. C'lotli, clothes. 
•SrU^rTJ kaprhan, \ s. /. 

■Sr^f^rMlTTT; kapriiiiban, ^ Tlie smell 
3^Wt%■»>1T^ kapri.indh, ^ of burnt 

^U^"t kap.pri, a. f. Ilequiring 
clotlu's, arrived at the age of ma- 
^y^ kap.pre, s. in. pi. !Mcn- 

ses; c. w. >Kr^%. 
^M'^-gft kapro,fi, J s.f. A few 
■STV^Sft kaprau,fi, J folds of 

5 '^Ttr kaprindh, s.f. The smell 

of l)urnt clotli. 
^TVTvT ka].:ih| s.f. Haw cotton, 

tlie cotton plant. Also cfVTTJ. 
i?"M"I^ kaj.'iilie, a. Made of cot- 
ton. Also ■STM'T^. 
"ST-TTZ kaj»'it, ^ s. m. The skull, 
^^^c^ kap:il, j the head, the 

forehead ; fate. 
■^■WTcCS fV?RT kapal, kir.ya, s. f. 
A ceremony among Hindus, by 
wliich, wlicn a corpse is burnt, 
the nearest relation breaks the 
skull, in order to allow the tenth 
sdus to escape, nine being su[iposed 
to have departed at the time of 
17Lft?7 kapin, .*. /. A narrow 
strip of cloth wfirn about the 
loins. Also ^wl??. 
^p^'S' kaput, s. IV. An unwor- 
thy son ; properly ^'V3'. 
^V^ kapuTi s. m. Camphor, 
(connnoidy called mnsk hapiir;) 
a yellow substance of which ro- 
saries are sometimes made, espe- 
cially those whicli are worn on 
the wrist. 
aT^BolKn^ kapnrkach|ri, n.f. Tlie 

name of a medicine. 
oT^J "'h^tttt kapitr, dhur,ya, s. t/i. 

A kTiid of silk cloth. 
■STf^ kapU|ri, a. Ofa pale yel- 
low color; of the color of Lupur. 





TS" l^-'f, .*./. I'o.uii, iVotli, s( iiiii; 

I'lll<"_MIl. I''>U«.'I|. 

aT^oTta" kitVir, ;. m. A skiinmt-r. 

^^^ kiiM-linn, J , , , 

_^ . <. J. m. A s!;rouiJ. 

aTS"?? k.i.t.ill, J 

aTcTTiriH^I kafri;i,un.i, r. <i. To 

s-hr-'u.l, to propare for burial, 
y <o ft^ kaf'm', *. y. A kin«l of 
dresc? \r^>rn h\ faqirs re<ei)il>Iiiig 
a shroiul. 
<a(ts aI^^TT kafm'r,na, r. <i. To 

cn^liroml, to i.lirou(l. 
oTg^t^T? kaf.i,it, s.f. Sulilciency, 
I'lonty, 5urjilii<, thrift, eoonomy, 
fnipdity; "T^rfV? Sr3"<^, to 
tf>>no:nizc, to savo. 
*r^r*E3?v k.ifj,ltaiji, s.f. I A 

?g"ff%3''^ kafi,iti, t. m. j thrif- 
ty. tiv>nonii(*al person. 
aTSf kal», s. m. A poct, an au- 
oT^ kal'tt, ^. j;j. Crookediioss, ]k-v- 

vei>c'U05s, oWtinary, pertinacity. 

oT^fr kn,1iaj. *./. Costivonos', 

coa?tip;itiou of the bowtls; ST^tT 

ofdftr, to take possession, to pos- 

sc'?s ( the soul. ) 

aTS^i^ kihji, s. m. A iiingre, a 

bamile, a liilt; seizing, j)0*?cs.sion; 

sT^tT TiJTT^, to take po^?o^?ion 

of, to posso-ss. 

aT^rf^ kahji, . s.f. Con- 

aT^T^V^H?, ^ stipation of 

3rg=iV^ kabjit, ^ the boveL-, 

"STW? kaba<)tl, j s.J. The iia-no 
3r?^ k:iba«l,ili, / of a j>Iay a- 

niontr Niys. 
Sf^^TT kanibjiu. c. u. To shake, 

to trcinblo. 
^■gr^t kaiiib,rif, s.f. Trciiililing; 

c. ■«•. i^^f?d and ■g^TT^. 
yy^l kabjtd, s. J. I*<xtry, a 
p<jcni, any thing tiiatis conip<>>eil. 
aT^V^^vT, s. m. Ter- 
vcr*<>nes.s obstinaey, pcrtii:acity, 

TTSJ k.i,bar, s.f. A grave, a t' 'tub. 
37H77r?r?» kaliara-tan, j s. in. 

'Zr^l'i^^^7i,/ Agravc- 

yar<K a burial ground. 
■^^gjT kab^ri, a. Of a grey co- 

I'T, of a dirty wliite, varii-gatod, 

liaving grey eyef'. 
T^'^fTSr?; kabari-tan, i. q. ST^- 

^^Tt kab,ri, s. /. A kind of 
b.iinlK.>o stick of a grey coK>r. 
j "^B?^ kain,ba!, .». »n. j A l>laii- 
, "e^ y >ii kaii),b!i, s./. j kct. 

^^£^s"^n^3• kabli,at, ^ s.f. Abil- 
[ '3-H?='+F kablitj J ity, skill, 

titneis, sutiicienoy, capacit,". 
^gi kabjb.i, tj. Pertinacious, insist- 
ing, obstinate, perverse, crooked. 
^T^i^JF kabi.hat, s. f. Villainy, 
dishonesty, baseness, deformity, 
yvji v'i?f^ kaba^liatan, s.f. j A 
aT^^Tr^t kaba,liati, s. m. ) vile 

p-. ["S-.M!. 

cTS'^r kaba,da, j. in. A small bow. 
c^yiy kai«;ib, s. m. A roast, roast- 
ed meat; ^T^fg tT'^Tr, to be i-i.a>t- 

cd; to be enraged; aT^l'^ '^^TiT, 

to roast. 
■3^7-gxJ^ kabab|clii, .<r. /. The 

name of a medicine. 
irg'T'grJ'tTft kababchi,n>, s.f. A 

kir.d of popper, cubeb. 
eT^'^^ kabU|l)an, s.f. A woman 

wlio roasts. 
:jHT'Hf kab;i,bi', a. Fit to be roasted. 
■5~sr^ kaba,bi, \ s. m. A 

"zT^T^^rKT kab;'i|bia, j roaster. 
c?t^ ka,bi, s. tr. A poet; a ]>un- 

dit; the jdanet Venus. 
■3't%3' kabitt, .^ m. A sort of 

verve, ]K>etry. 
aTTHFT ka,bit.i, .*./. Poetry, a poem. 
aJ'y'JI^ kabi,>ar, s. m. A poi-t, 

a superior poet, an author. 
^T^UT^*^ kabijsan', *. /. Poefrv', 


T^J kabfr, t.J. A term of a- 
bu-e UM'd in the i/y/),-!.-. w.^fg-. 
5rt and ^^Tt. 
■srgt^ kabir, t. in. The name of 

a faijir. 

^^3■ "^jft kabir ban,M, . 

■S^^'J ^H*>KT kabir baun,Mi, / 

^■. 7/1. One of the descendants of 


^rg'tj^^.-g- kabildar, s. m. A inar- 

rii^l man, a man with a familv. 
irg'tK^r^rt kabild;i,ri, s.f. The 

ha\ ing a family. 
aT^t^i^T kal'ijla, s. ir. A wife, a 

family; the name of a medicine. 
3^t55r kaml^i|l;i, v<^. w. The name 

of a medicine. 
■3r"^«T!^'^ kabulwi.i, s.f Ac- 
cepting, accepiauoe, acknowledge- 
oTWrr^l^oT kabulwa,uii:I, r. a. 
To eause to be accepted, tocausc- 
to be acknowledged, to cause to 
be received. 
■3"^\jV kabU|iIii, -, s. m. A 
?^gtWT kabLY'hKi, / despot, a ty- 
rant; a shrewd, clever man. 
aT^FT kabu,tar, 5. );/. ) A [)i- 
=?"^?Ft kabu,tari, s. f. j gcon. 
■5r^^5 kabill, s. m. Agreement, 
acceptance, ackncwled£ii.iiient; If- 
"Wlf5 JT^Fj beautiful, handsome; 
e. w. '&^r, TTJTiT, and M^r. 
a< ^ -Mei^i kabiil,ani, r. a. To ac- 
cept; to aknowledgo- 
^■^51^^ kaliiijli, s.f C^'iHa and 

rice cooked together. 
^r%?5r kambe,li, .<r. m. \ slaiigji- 

tered cow or ox. 
^H l^ani, a. Deficient, less, little, 

few, rare. 
^TK kam, aJ. Parely, seKlom. 
^fjl ^ kamm, s. m. Work, 
STH J business; -^ xR^T^^^Jt or 

■§^l«rT, to carry on business. 
^^^TTiT kamm kij, *. r. Work, 





•yjf or^W^"F5f^ kaiuin, chal:i,u, 
a. lit for U'^c, lit lor .luy work, 
passable, an.s\veriiiir one's purpose; 
ablo to carry on l'usine>s. 

iiVrf^^^ kainui, chal.i,i1, t. m. 
An inilti>triotis man. 

^-jf-g^ kain.clii, *./. A horsewhip, 
a bamboo or otluT ela^tie twi^'. 

3fj^g- kamiuehor, *. m. One tliat 
is iiiiwiliiiig to work, one wlio 
skulks away from his work. 

oTH^^ kaiiijor, a. AVeak, with- 
out strength. 

^n^^^rt kaiiijO|ri, s.f. "Weakness. 

a73^'?^ kaiii,ti, S.f. Detk-iency. 

3W"5^T kainb,nri, r. n. To shake, 
to rrciuble. 

7HW^^ kainb,ni, s.f. Trembling-; 

c. w. *Kre^"t and ■g'^TVt. 

57fg^ kain.bal, s. m. ^ 

(. A blanket. 
ST'M"?.^^ kain.bli, s.f. J 

sJJ^^gi^Sn' kaniba^un I, r. a. To 
cau>e to be shaken, to cau?e to 

3?7f^t55T kanibi,l:i, s. nt. A kind 
of medicine. 

3^W^T5r kambOili, s. m. A slaugh- 
tered cow or ox. 

aiT^T kaiiiiyAn, s.f. The name 
of an herb, 

STH^ ka,niar, *. /. The waist, 
the loins; 3^WH TJT^ or "3^;^^, 
to gird the loins, to make ready ; 
to rrsolvc. 

aTJ-rTSlT kauiarkass, t. m. A kind 
of gum, generally eaten by women, 
as strengthening to the loins. 

^T-rg"7TTT kamarka,-i, s.v>. Girding 
the loins; ^W^ITJTT yj/il or?5T- 
■^^T, to bo ready, ( for a journey. ) 

^V^J~Z kamarkut, s. m. An 
exterior eity wall built for de- 

5TT?M kam,rakh, ••./. Cambrie, 

^W^MtHT kamarkhi,.s.i, s. wi. A 
fKJueh, a p.xket. 

3^>f9r"3^=2' kamarband, s. ni. A 
girdle, a waistl'and. 

'. kammal, 5. wi. A blanket. 

51-r?5'^ kaiiijli, a. 3Iad, foolish, 

=rW?^t kain,Tuaji, a. ilade of 

■?3-rR^ ( kammali, s. /. A 

^Hf^' ^ blanket. 

a?"W^f^^T kamwijUni, v. a. To 
cause to gain; to eausc to shake. 

STJ-fngft kam;t,i, s. f. Earnings, 
gain, wurk, j)erformance; Q?3-fT^ 
'cj. d <V^, to earn, to gain, to de- 

oTK^'^^Z^ kamtikhat,fl, s.f. Earn- 
ings, gain. 

^?^t^^r kam.i|Un:i, v. a. To earn, 
to gain, to work, to perform. 

■3Tfi'^ kami,ii, *. m. A laborer, 
a gainer. 

oy'HT^ kam.i|U, a. Laborious, 

o[MX'^ kam ich, s. m. The bow 
of a l?ddle. 

errirg" kamaeh, s.f. The name 
of a tune. 

oTHTSt kaiu:i|tlii, .'. /. Annihila- 
tion; beating; ^>fT^ ar3"7ft, to 
beat, to strike. 

o?3-fl^ kamiu, s. f. A bow; 
authority, jurisdiction; i. q. '^- 

s7W'?vxft kamanichi, s. m. A 

■3T-{l^ kamiiUi, s.f. The .-pring 
of a carriage; a .-ling. 

iTHT?^ kam i,ni, a. Bent, form- 
ed like a Ixr.v. 

^H^^ kaiiiad. s. m. ^ A crop 

Q?J-rT^ kama di, s.f. J of sugar 
cane, a raiser of sugar cane, sugar 

^^TTT-T kam;im, s. in. Oetupation, 
trade, profession, custom, habit, 
• [>raetioe ; i. ij. firJ-nJ-T- 

^W'JT^I^" k:im:imilir, s. m. A 
trade-man, one who has an occu- 
pation or profession; an artificer. 

^HT>r^ig?ft kan)am.lar,ni, s. f. 
Tlie ^^ ife of a K<imaui<ldr. 

^WTK^erTt kamamda,ri, s.f. Oc- 
cupation, trade, business. 

■STHT?^ kama,ri, /. /. A virgin ; 
i. (\. ^^Tjt. 

^n^T35 kaiiial, s. w. Perlection, 

■5WT"35 kamal, a. Perfect, com- 

^^fT?5 kamal, ail. Utmost, highly. 

^Wr?5t3' kam:ilit, s.f. rerfec- 
tion, completion. 

oTK^ kaiUii, s.f. Deficiency, loss, 

aTJ-H'^ kamin, a. Defective, mean, 
of low caste or rank, menial, 

oTK^^ kamin, j *. m. 

■STJ-ft^ 'STT ^ kamiu k:in,du, / An 
abject, a menial, people of low 

aTJ-n^T^T kami'ni)U,na, s. m. 
^Meanness, baseness, low rank, 
menial condition. 

■37i'<^cVl" kauii'inani, s.f. A wo- 
man of low biith, a menial. 

cTJ-rl'TvV"?^^ kaminpu,ni, s. m. i. q. 

a7>ft7JT kami|iia, a. !Meau, base, 
aT)jeet, low. 

^nfW^^r kamui,una', v. a. To 
cause to bo earnc<l; to cause to be 

"ol^rs kamut, s. m. An ignoble, 
mean, worthless person, a man of 
base origin, an illegitimate per- 

inr^ kame,tlii, /. /. lieating; 

oTJrMT kame,la, 5. in. i. q. oTH- 

oTHH" kamait, 5. \n. A bay color- 
ed horte; i. q. ^^t'?. 





sTP't^ k.-imo<lh, *. /. Till- n;mio 
of :i niu^iral mo'lc. 

"^H^ kaiHarnl, f. m. A rope la<I- 

«7ar k;ir, *. m. A li:in<l; ta- ; "STF 
^r^r, to j»ay tax. 

73" kar, /./. Dandrufl'. 

airaTTr'^ kar.-In, s. m, A fanner, 
a cultivat'-r. 

sTUTTT^t kar>.i,ni, s. f. Farming, 

aT^WTT^ karsa,nani, .^ /. A 
farmer's wifo or ilauirlitcr. 

"STUrn kar,lii.. .«. m. A canu'L 

aTTSr kark, s.y. Pain in tlic joints, 
or -where a hurt lias l:K?en re- 
ceived; c. w. "^or^, ^^, and 

"^ iTF =^d<ST kar, kar, kar,na, v. n. 
To rrauncli, to make tlie n<>i>.e 
cau^cil by eating sugar candy, kc. 

eTycT kar,ke, prep. By reasou of, 
by means of, on account of, witli; 
( 0. w. the nam. and all. ) 

^d u^i karkau,na, 5. m. A talk- 
ative person; chattering. 

Q^d'ji ka,rangg, s. tn. A skeleton ; 
a very lean person; a carcass. 

ZT^yJ karj, s. m. A debt, a loan; 
or3'=rT "^FTdT ^^r or 3? ^o^ to 
pay a debt; ^JtT '^^r, to lend; 
oT^vT «^T, to borrow. 

^r7^fr=?rt%:?, s.f. -. 

7or^=F?r^ karjdi,!, j. m. [• 

ora'rf^r^ karjdir, .<?. m. f. J 

A debtor. 

aTTrPSTg^ karjila,ri, s.f. Indebt- 

i^d-rii karja, s. m. A debt. 

5?«J-HTf^-^ karji.iii, s./. j Adebt- 

a/d-rir^ karji,!, a. ni. / or. 

o/dc^^ kar,ni, jf.y. Doing, ardon, 
deed, business, work; a mason's 

oidz}"^ kar,tab, ^ *. m. An art, 

ZrS'S'^ kartabbj j a dcctl, bu>i- 
ness; skill, art. 

■jg'FT kar,ti, *. m. Doer, maker, 
author, creator, agent. 

■?33rr kar.ti, s.f. Strencrtli, pow- 
er, courage. 

"JaHrg- kart ir, x. m. A creator, an 
author, a <kier, a maker; ( a title 
of fJ > 1. ) 

^JFral k:irti,rl, s.f. The work 
of creating, creation. 

^ra'B'F kartiit, *./. Action, bu-i- 
nes«, deed, a muniticent act. 

-^^^ kard, s.f. A knit'e, the blade 
of wliieh remains fixed. 

W^^T^^ kar.dani, s.f. A. deed, 
an af't, work, business. 

■Sr^7>^^ karnj.hul, s. m. A kind 
of earring. 

aT^'T^T kar,n:i, v. a. To do, to 
etYect, to make, to create, to per- 
form; to marry, ( especially a wi- 
dow. ) 

zJfJ'^T kariUi, .". 111. The name of 
a tre<', abo its flower. 

^6^, s.f. An action, a 
deed, business; ZT^T^ 'B^'^Tpt, to 
receive the recompense of one's 


yy-yS" karbatt, v'. m. Self sae- 
rifiee with a view to obtain salva- 
tion; a kiml of saw. 

ilc/yj^T karliali, 5./. The name 
of the field where Tlu.raln, the son 
of Afi, was killed; the lan^l of 

"T^^HT^ karliali, f, s.m.f. A 
resident of Karhahi, one who has 
licen in fC<irhnJd. 

a/"dyf^r kar,bnrh.i, a. Half black 
and half whire. 

ir3"g'^'^ kar,barhi, s. f. Beard 
with black and white hair inter- 

"Smi ka,ram, *. vi. An action, 
a deed; destiny, fate, fortune; a 
s]\Tce of two steps or three cubits ; 
qTSV ^31^, to receive according 
to one's deeds or fate. 

•5r3>rU^^ karamhin, a. Unfor- 
tunate, ill fated. 
irgXT7?5T karauikal,!!, t. m. A 

kind of cabbage. . 
T^J-nrr^T karamkittid, *. m. The 

part of religion whirii relates to 

ITJTr^ kar, man, s.f. j A 

■STHJ-f^ kar,mi, *. tn. \ doer, a 

performer of deeds; a fortunate 

■ET^?? karl. s. f. Sej.aration of 

two wor<ls in sound, sej)araiion of 

two wires in sound. 
^^T^KS-A' karla,un.i, r. ». To 

cry out; to weep; i. (\. cT^??'^- 

U'3^'^'^ kar,lain:i, r. a. To do, to 
perform, to mako; to marry a wid- 
ow; (t!ii» ciu-tom ]'revaib only 
among ^luhammadans, and the in- 
ferior castes of Hindus; tiie cere- 
mony is trivial, and is not dignified 
with tlie name of marring.-. ) 

'j<ir^\ kar,w;I. .c m. An earthen 
vessel with a spout like a teapot. 

y d '^ T v^ t karw:i,i, s.f. Making; 
compensation for making or d<> 
i'lcr a thing. 

■^'gy'T'^^rr karwluni. r. n. ( cau- 
.-al of c^dAl. } To cause to be 
done, ma<le, itc. 

"ST?^?^ ka^\^ in, s. m. A lamol 
driver; a caravan; a tax grahercr. 

t>'d'£ I' A gcl karwa.r.nni, s.f. Tlie 
wife of a camel driver. 

Tg^TTft karwa,ni, s. f. Camel 

t^d ?{ ka,rnr, s. m. The see<l of 
tl'.e IvsumhJid. 

c^-Jri^ i kararjhot, s. m. A very 
tall fat person. 

■^^3^ ITo'^ ^^TTi ka,rarka,rarkar,- 
na, r. a. To grind the teeth; 
to break bones, to make a no'is** 
as of V>reaking bonc*. 

■3^'3"9^^ kararbarh.ra, a. Grey, 





1.1;ic-k an<l white niixf.!, having a 

cjrcv bear'.!.- 
•^■^ 'var.ra, c. Ilanl, sc-vcro. 
■y^^T^'t karri, i, #./. Hardness, 

Tgrf^Wrkara,:!, /. rn. Ilcnt, liire. 
zr^J-^ kari.i, s. f. flaking; 

price of making, doing, Lc. 
i77r@?CT kar.i,uni, r. a- (cau-alof 

3?^^r. ) To cause io be done, 

made, &c. 
yjlU" karili, /• m. A board 

used for levelling ground, drawn 

bv men or oxeti. 
zr^\XP^T kariri,Da, r. n. To sigh, 

to groan. 
■?7T;J3" kari.hal, f. f. Abomin- 
ating, aboiniriation, disgust ; c. w. 

WT^5^ and irr^i^- 
T^WTF, .'./. A n:'"- 

cl'S a wijndcr. a ^ign. 
aToriWf?^ k:ir.iuji,t;in, s. f. j 
ar7iJfT3l' kariTi.i,ii, f. m. / 

A worker of miraek*, a wotuk-r 

ararcn k;.r;i.ya. /. m. Kent, liire; 

i. i\. ^Jlt'krKT. 
irai^, .». i.i. Proini-o, ncrec- 

ment, eovt-nar.t; finaness of mind, 

aTFT^T kariri, a. Hard, .-titi"; 

^I^WIXIT; karii.lian, j t.J. A 
H^^ir^TTi, kariin.Ui, j metallic 

flavor; the m:;«.-11 of a cainel; dis- 

oTra'WiAl karii,n:i, ?. m. A ecn- 

oral term giv.-n to certain |'roduc- 

tions solcl chi'.r'.y by the yx;>(.w/r»», ginger, turmeric, &c. ; 

sj>ice9 in general. 
fsTHTT kri-,han, j /. ni. Xamos 
f^FCTTT kridi,ni, / of a Hindu 

I3^1TKT kri>_mi, /. m. Grer-^nes?, 

\3\y^ krlg,gar, x. wi. A workman. 

tVSrgTT krig.garan, s. f. A female 
workman; the wife of a workman. 

fL'lTd^ krig,gari, s.f. Workmr.nship. 

'?ro=S^r karin,da, s. vi. A man 
who «loed work for another, an 
operative, an agent, an ofKeer, one 
who cultivates land belonging to 
another, a renter. 

^g^^ karir, s. m. The name of 
a tree, a kind of wood. 

^T?^^ karir, ?./. Gnashing. 

y^-HfT'-f^f karunyjari)u,na, s. m. 
Tlie business of a vegetable seller. 

3^rlf(r karunyjii-a, .f. m. > A 

^^^ karunyjjf, s.f. j per- 
son who sells vegetables. 

aTHT^^ karu,nan, s. f. j A mi- 

^Y<^ karu,ni, 5. m. / ser. 

■3?"3'?T karU|ra, 5. m. Vrine. 

»r^^r kari-,li, .<r. m. The name 
'fa bitter vegetable that grows 
< ;i a vine. 

^5" fT kare,wa, s. vi. The mar- 
ri.:ge of a wi<Iow, 

^^■gT kareii-A, x. m. The tartar that 
is fi rmed on teeth ; e. w. 3^^T. 

^TvJ naroh, , s. m. Akos; 

^TT kro!., J ( a measure of dis- 
tance, being dlllerent in difierent 
places. A k.rrhchci los ought to be 
20 to yards; l)ut in most places 
it soems to be more than this; ) 

I. q. 


•g^q^^ karo,(lhan, /. j 
^§^t karOjdhi, m. J 



■Sr^Tft kai-0|hi. s. f. A disease 

in tlio feet produced by cold. 
^T^T? karodh, s. m. Anger, wrath, 

p;i>>iii>n, rage. 
■^T^^ karo,(lhan, /. j a. Angry, 

•^r^y karop, s. in. Anger, wrath. 
■^^U^ karo,pan, /. \ a. An- 

7^U1|I?^ karopmin, m. f.V gry, cn- 
^r^vft karo,pi, m. ■' raged, 

"J^T^^X karo,lan;i, ^ e. a. To 
^ToTR'ST, / poke, to 


feel with a stick, to dig uj) with 
any small instrun.ent. 
■Sr^T^ karor, a. A crore, ( be- 
ing 100 lakhs, or ten millions. ) 
3?^§^T karo.ra, *. no An over- 
seer, an inspector, a chief oillcer, 
a tax gatherer. 
■3r§"^ karo,ri, f. m. A man of 

a crore, a millionaire. 
^3"fftM"?t karor,inpa,ti, f.m. A 
possessor of crores, a man of un- 
bounded wealth. 
^rS'^TT karaun|<li, s.m. The name 
of a fruit, also of the tree on 
which it grows. 
oTW kal, s.f. Amaeliine; art, trick; 
mutiny; ease, tramiuillity, peace, 
rest; c. w. Wt€^ and V^, 
when used in the sense of ease; 
■??5 tI^IT^^, to raise a mutiny 
or quarrel, 
^f^ kail, ad. Yesterday, to mor- 
row. Also 37"55. 
oTR^ kala,i, s. f. Tin; white 

lime; i. q. c?^!', 
qTRTT kals, s. m. An earthen 
water vessel usetl in Hindu wor- 
ship; the spire of a temple, a dome, 
a ])innaele, the peaked top of a 
kind of sedan used by ladies at 
^Tf^filTt kalsi,ri, s.f. A subject. 
^TOHt ka!,si', s.f. A small pin- 

uaelc or spire. 
■?"f5 kallh, ml. Yesterday ; to mor- 
ary^tvToT kalahi|na, s. m.^Atrou- 
^7^t^c5^ kaialii,ni, s.f. J ble- 

some, quarrelsome, person. 
oJW:/W> oj 'd <M kalkal kar,na, r. tu 
To wrangle, t<> quarrel, to recrim- 
^^S^U' kallklK'r, s. m. An 
unsocial>le, selfish person, one 
who lives alone, an envious wretch. 
^f?5V5rt kallkhu,rf, s.f. Churlish- 
ness, sordidness, eeltishness. 





i7753TT k;il,'_.t, s. vt. Tlic iiaiiio 
of a flower, ( tli<.' jiriiioe's fratlicr 
or ooxfoiiil.. ) 
STOTTT frfvl kal,gi sinli, j s. rn. 
3?75?TTfPu/ iingli, / Oiio 
tliat is l>aM, one that is trou- 
bled by a morbid falling utVof the 
liair, ( tbo term being used irojii- 
cally. ) 
755^ I<:>l,gi, s.f. A feather worn 
in a eap or turban, a cro^t, a 
«rf5rft3'T ka[|i,bhi, a. Ill omened. 
arWTpr kaljugg s. m. The 
fourth age of the Hindus., ( the iron 
ago, whieh is now eurrent. ) 
a/WTldn, a. Belonging 

to the iron age. 
SrJ5^?I?y kalio,gan, > s.f. A 
or?5%^^ kaljo,!.'an!. J siij)- 

posod invisible beinir, who moves 
round the earth onoe a nioiith, in 
the direction towards whom, at 
given times, it is unfortunate to 
commence a journey. 
573^13" kaMar, a. Matlo with 
laachjnery, stamped, ( a ru{>ee, or 
gold niohur. ) 
qTHTTT ka|,na, r. a. To know, 
to understand, to learn, to per- 
ceive. Also "S^fS '=fTT^r. 
oT^vf ka,lnp, .?. in. Painting or 
dyeing the nails and tl'.c beard, 
the dye used for the purpose; i. <j. 

Qr?5V^T ka,lapiii, v. n. To be 
grieveil, to be atlllcted, to be tor- 

«?5vrr^^r ka]p;i,uui, V. a. To 
grieve, to atlliet, to torment. 

o<W(S ka,laf, s. m. Painting or 
staining the nail>, hair or beard, 
the dye used fi>r the purpose; 
0. w. "STdTiT and ?5T^?\T. 

a?'?T'3[F kalbiit, s. in. A mould, 
a form; an image; a shoemaker's 
last, a shoe stretcher. 

??5-^3^ kan.u,ti, a. Ma.le wit\\ 
a mould or form; arclu-d; as, k-jl- 
biiti JartcaJJd, an arched d«<or; 
(because an arch is built on a 
temjiorary form, erected for the 
jiurpose. ) 
a7?5W ka,lam, s.f. A pen; a graft, 
cuttings of trees for planting; a 
wedge; a reddish wood of which 
combs are made; Wf^if 3?T?^b 
to graft ; ??5>r ?5l6^'^, to prune, 
to cut for grafting or planting. 
7f5J^T^ kalamka,rf, s.f. Work- 
^T^WWlQciVT kalmali,un i, r. 7J. 
To be in distress, to be in a 
fainting state, to fulget, to 
a755HT kal,ma, s. m. A word, 
(especially tiie word of God:) 
the Muliaiiunadan creed "Lit ilaJfi 
iVaV.ii ho, ?li(!cimi)ij'lurrasiil ul- 
7^:57/^ kaliUif, a. Written. 
al^H^ kaliUii, s. m. .Saltpetre. 
7?5t;TT kal.yu, s. in. .Meat, tlesh. 
a7?5^T^ kalyan, s. m. A pipe, 

a hu'jqd. 
a^^r?; kallvan, s.f. Wcltare, 
liaj>piness; the name of a tune or 
^?59' k.d,lar, *./. Earren soil, 
ground saturated with saltpetre, 
or any other salt. 
a??5T ka^li, \ s.f. Machine; art, 
V Wi kaja, / trick; calamity; mu- 
tiny, insurrection, slaughter; the 
goddess of mutiny; afJSt '=H^^- 
^O', to teaze, to rail at; to raise a 
disturbance, to excite a mutiny or 
=7«r kal,la, s. vi. The head, the 

or?5T kal,la, a. Alone. 
^?=5n^ kaliji, s.f. The wrist. 
^?^^^T kala,un;i, v. a. To 
winnow, to clean grain. 

??5t€^T kali,iu,ia, r. n. T.^ 

weep, to lament. 
7W^ kal.i,unt, f. tn. A sort 

of musiei;in. 
72^T^'3^1 kali.untnf, s.f \ female 

muM.ian, the wjte ..fa hiluunf. 
IfWi'^t'srw^ kaUiuiiia.ui, ^,./ 

The daughter of a lnhhint. 
^r^^'^3 kalabat.tu, s. in. Guld 

or silver threa'l. 
5^t;^- kakim, s.f. Speech, word, 

^v^?5 kalil, ,. m. A distiller, a 
seller of ardent spirits; tlie name 
of a caste, a j.erjon of this caste. 
7??^?^ kalajan, 
7?5'55^ kalaji, 
^^r^~3' kal;i,want, ;. rn. A sort 

of mu>ic!an: i. i-. ayjTI^^-. 
^W^ kal:i,w.i, j. i... K.; irelin- 

M-ith the arms. 
vfejWT?* kalian, 

a /("Y'/i/. 
1?tj5>>r77 kalliin. 

^ s. f A fe- 
j niale lahif. 

s. in. 

A i-ipe, 


/•• Pi 

A carpet: 

stability; i. rj. U/fe>Hl3". 

?1J5vrT9T kaliha,ri, a. I'ruubli- 
some, ijuarrelsome. 

■JtfJvTT^r kalih.i,ra, s. in. A new- 
ly tlotlgetl bird. 

5?5t ka,l:, s.f. Tin : white lime; 
a pipe, a /noj-j<i made of brass; a 
bud: new feathers. 

^71FJV=rr kalijcha, s. m. 
i. q. TT^ft^T. 

VW^I ) of a loyal. 

"S^Ji kales, s. m. Pain, trouble, 

distress, affliction, torment. 
yJ^MT kale,J;i,| .<^. j;i. The liver: 
o7^tIT kale.ja,] forbearance, pa- 
^^tT^ kaleji, s.f. The liver. 
3?^3" kalor, s.f. A heifer. 


a. r.lack. 





5^35 kalnl, a. HI. Wantonnos?, 

friskincs.-*. s^poi t ; c. w. ■3^;^^ 
^•^ kalangk, s. m. Fault, Meni- 

ish, stigma, reproach, scamlal. 

^7?hr^ kalane.kan, /. ^ a. Staiu- 

ZC^-3^, m. 3 oJ,liav- 

ing a blomiih, stigmatized, lying 

uu'ler roproaoli. 

T^ jjji T ka.langgd, ;. i». A crc<t, 

a crop, a roinlt, (of a cock,) a 

tuft of hair on the top of the liea<l. 

irf5^TflTTr ka,langc:;i.*inh, |^ v^ m. 

V KJ irtTT'w ka,Iangg;isingh,j One 

who has scald head, one wlio 

has lost his hair by this disease, 

or is otherwise bald; ( spoken 

ironically. ) 

5«di^ ka,lancri:i, s.f. A crest, 

&.\; i. fi H^^J. 
J^'^^ kalan/lar, .?. 7)i. A kind 
of monk who deserts homo and 
friends, and travels about with 
shavfu head and lieard. 
a^W-ci-d^ ka]an,dari, a. Pert;Jn- 

inir to Idlmilni: 
"SrW^T^ ka'ar.,dri, s.f. A klml 

of tcnr. 

g'^T kan,war, s. ni. A son. a 

boy, a child; c,-pecially the son of 

a king. 

V<c*5 ka|W;tl, s .», t/t. The name 

3^75 kaUiWal, j of a llower, 

tlio h.tu-. 
9'^io'^^T kani\v;irpn,ni, f, m. 

Till' luimarricd >tate, virginitv. 
^erg^T kanw;i|ri, s. vi. j A per- 
cT^tcTt kanwa^rf, s.f. j son 

who is not yet married. 
Q<^|« kawiil, s. VI. A kind of 

musician, a singer, 
■^r^ry^v-^r ka\\a!pn,ni, s. m. > 
7^r?5t, s.f. j 

The business of a katciil. 
^^1^ kawi,li, a. Pertaining 
to a kfitciil. 

■^^r^, j 

-T=rT^r I , . \ s. m. A door. 
^^T^f ka\\d,ri, / 

?s=ljO kaw;i,ri, 8. f. A window, 
a iloor. 

U\^ ka,wi, s. M. A poet; i. q. 
^3(\^S^ and ■srq^fT^. 

3?'t%'5r ka,wit;i, 5./. Poetry, a 

^fVsn^'^ kaw;t>.,i, .<:./. Poetry, 
the science of poetry. 

■?rf J^^Tj *• »"• Flowing, ( as 
blood after bringing forth young, 
(S:c.; ) the breaking of a fastening; 
c. w. 5^3^ r. 

^J^'gr^ ^^T karbaiinh, janA, v. )U 
To bo congealed, to be fasten- 

•yg karh, s. m. r>oIling or warm- 
ing, ( milk. ) 

"Sr^fTTT karh,na, v. n. To be boil- 
ed, to boil, to be warmed. 

■3^1-^ karluiif, s.f. r>oiling, 
warming, compensation for boil- 
ing or warming. 

■Sr^T^^T karlKijUna, r. a. To 
buil, to heat. 

■3"^ kar,hi, s.f. CJruel, ( prepar- 
ed in a variety of ways. ) 

a?'3? karak, s.f. Thunder, a crash, 
a crack, a peal, the report of a 

aT^lTc^ kajakna, r. ix. To crack, 
to peal, to thunder. 

a^f^a/f kar,ka, s. m. A thunder- 
ing sound of the voice, a song of 

^"^irT^^n" kark;i,una, v. a. To 
cause to crack, or peal, to give a 
sudden sound, &c. 

=7^^ karcidi, ^ s. m. An iron 

■JT'^'g'T kar,chlui, J spoon, a skim- 

a?^^ kar,chhi, s.f. A skimmer, 
a small iron spoon. 

aT"^? l^art, s.f. A leather strap 
or thong; a bedstead with a ka- 
thi-r bottom. 

^^7>T kaf^na, r. a. To bind, to 
fetter, to tie. 

VW^^ ^^^flT, 
*. iji. The sound of a horse's 
fitt ; c. w. WJTiT. 

"S'^^HT^yZ karbarit, s. m. The 
>ound of a horse's {cat. 

•^r^^mZ karwi,hat, s. f. Bit- 

■3^7 ka,ra, s. in. A ring, a brace- 

5«^l"?f^ kar;i,i, s.f. Hardness, 
stillness; the price of binding, or 

■sr^T^^T kar;i,un;i, r.a. To cause 
to letter or bind. 

■Sf'^TU' karih, ^ S.m. 

3'^TJ'UBTrT^ kanih parsid, ) A 
kind of sweetmeat made of tlour, 
sugar and <//(i. 

3alvJT kara,ha.. 5. m. A ladlo-shap- 
cil iron Injiler used by confec- 

5 rf I ot karijii, 5. /. (dim. of 
> ^i vjf. ) A frying pan. 

■g^r^S" ka,rakar, 5, m. Succes- 
sive crashes. 

a? ^131 karu,ki, ,?. ni. The crash 
made by break uig any thing. 

>rt%>KT?$T, s. ni. The 
bit of a bridle; ^t%»>{T^ xS'^^, 
to bite the bits, to bo angry. 

^■tTnf^ karik ki, s. f. A noose, 
a halter; i. .j. ^t^^- 

■7^ I<;»iri, s.f. A rafter; a ring; 
a manacle. 

7^ l^aju, t. m. A medicine given 
to horses. 

STtVwt ka,i:in, *. /. The hu- 
man body, person, appearance. 

■5Tt%K kan,i?, s.f. Hatred, ma- 
Tuv, quarrel; c. w. oRivt and 

7Tt%Tn ka,ij:i, s. ni. A bridle 

u;«.-<l by grooms when cleaning a 


3TtVw ka,ith, \ s. ni. The 

■yit^q' kiijjith, J name of a caste 

of Hindus, a wan of this caste. 


77 JJ 



aTrfEtc^^ ktn.iftirii, 
yrf^g^'TTrT^'^ kiitli\;i,ni, 
'S^f^^T^J^r^\ kinitliv;i,ni, 
oTtfV^WWT^ kiitliii,iii, 
Qrr%f%nfl^t k;tnithi.i,n;, 

3./. A ft,'iii:ile Kdith. 
^^Tfz^^ ka.itlif, ^ a. Portain- 
cfffVcft k;in|itlii, J iiig t'j the A'(j- 

i7A caste. 
^fVs"?? ki,i|.lia!, J 5. m. The 
a< i fvi. -s f^ kaiJiiplKiI, J name of 

a fruit, ( used niedieinallv. ) 
crrf%>r k;i,iiii, a. Finn, establish- 

e<l, duralile. 
oTTf^Wt kijiiDi, s. f. Fineness, 

o^lTviW kd,il, rt. Confuted, con- 
aTTE^ k,i,i, j^ron. Any, some, se- 
oTT^ k.i,un, 5. m. A c^o^v. 
oH^^ l^i,ur, .«. /. Hatred, hos- 
tility, malignity, envy; a nan^.o 
given to cross cattle. 
^l6f{<sr ka,urna, v. ?!. To l>e 

malignant, to be eross. 
oTTJT k;is, jyron. ( obi. ease of oft. ) 
Which? what.' ^^HSor^JT 
?5T^, \Yhy ? 
VI7TV ki,sak, 5. j». A spoon. 
qHIT^ l<a>t, .<r. t/i. A messenger, 

a courier, a postman. 
a7T3T2rV^T ka>fpU|na, v<r. m. \ 
■S^KZ^ kis,t;, .c./. J 

The business of a <'ourior. 
oHTRrl" k is, 111, 5. /. The name 
of a nip<licinal j>lant, endive; a 
l)luish color. 
aTTTT"^ kas,bi, s. m. A weaver. 
oTTJTT kas,si, .T. t/;. A cup. 
aTTjf^ ka,;<i, pron. ( obi. case of 

o?T^. ) St^me, any. 
^fjf^ k:in,si, S.J. A kind of metal, 

aTTTJ ka,su, pron. Some, any; tlie 
name of a nian. 

7T^ ka,*'^ prr>n. ( obi. case of 
I a7■^^^ ) Some, any. 

o7nj kih, priMi. ( obi. ca'^e of ^. ) 

Wliat.' Vnj "^y why.' 
a/i vJ k ah, s. r;j. Straw, grass, a 

kind of reed. 
aHTJ?? k;i,han, s. vi. A prie.-t. 
yivJTJsTT kah,nara, s. tn. The 

name of a nuisical mode. 
oTl vJMI kah,ya, s. m. Event, ac- 
cident, occurrence, misfortune; 
i. q. '?vJCtT. 
arfvTfST kaina, a. Hasty, quick, 

^ru-fjl kill, If, s.f. na>te. 
^i>JS<sT k;ili,rana, v. a. To warm, 

to biiil, ( milk, kc. ) 
^IsJ^r kih,ra, s. m. A decoc- 
aTrrft k:i,l!i, .?. f. A reed or coarse 
gras5, the root of Avhich is called 
y[7((M; the name of a medicine. 
cTT"^ ki,hu, s. in. The name of 

a tliiwcr, ( used medicinally. ) 
^HTI ki|hu, pron. Any, some, 
^r^^ k;ik,r.i. s. in. Hail, a hail 
stone, cold; a yellow leaf of a 
aTnrr k;i,ka, s. m. An elder bro- 
ther; a slave belonging to one's 
father; a little child. 
■51 ^ ■3"3'7>T kan kan kar,n;i, v.n. 

To chatter, to caw. 
^riff, s.f. A little girl; 

the pupil of the eye. 
■j\i\ kiir, ,«. m. A crow. 
"5T3T, v'. f. A pen; a wave, 

a l>illow; c. w. '^5?Ju. 
■S'lairT ka,gai. f. m. Paper. 
V 1JIt[^ ka,gaji, *. ni. A paper- 
maker; a writer; a cas^o made of 
■STJTri'^ ka,gaji, a. Made of pa- 

P'^r; thin, tine. 
aTTTr^t ka,L'aji, *• /. A plaster 

tor a wound. 
aJT^ST kijgat, s, in. Paper. 

7r7T3-t k;i,L:atI, s. m. A paperma- 
ker, a writer; a casemad'- of pai^r. 

7T7r?t ki,cratf, a. Ma.Ie of pa- 
per; tliin, line. 

I?T^t ki.gati, s. /. A pla,:er 
for a wound. 

^nr? ka,gad, I. „j. P.-ipor. 

^nr^r kang^gri, ,^ „i. \ y.,u!;- 
crow; the name of a f..rt, t-jwn 
and district in the hills. 

^Jl^'t kang,gri, s.f. A sn.all 

7T?T^ kang.gre, s. m. pi. Yoim"'; the name of a {.lav. ja 
which boys draw lines with char- 
coal on stones in two ditlerent 

i?T?TT ki/ri, s. in. A crow. 

sTT'g' -kach, a. Ilaw; ( u,-cd m 
poetry. ) 

iTra' k;Ii-h, s. m. Glass; ( uso<l 
in poetry. 

^■^ k.inyi-h, s. f. 'l]f anus; 

and iWjc^ V^r, to have prolap- 
sus aiii. 

^PcTH'T k.i<-li,ri, .P. m. Grcn In- 
dian corn with the stalk cut for 

'3'T% kiiidi/l'.u, s. VI. A knifo. 

oTt^ kachh, s. f. Mcasurtmciu 
of a field. 

irt^ k:inychh, s. f. r.recches; 
See aJIvJ. 

71^7:5 ka,chha|. s.f. The shore 
of a river. 

"^■T^ ka,elihu, s.m. Onewhomen?- 
urcs a field, or estimates a crop. 

a^r^ kaj, .<f. m. Business, work, 
occupation, aflair, a wedding. 

sTT^ft kij.ji, s.m. Busy, employed. 

aTTril' k;iji, *. m. A Musalman 
judge or interpreter of the law. 

oi i-rO kinyji', s.f. An acid liquor 
made by i)utting a jireparation of 
chnna, kc. in water or buttermilk, 
and letting it ferment. 





•sr(Z l^^t' '•/• A cut, an incision; 
pain in the bolly ; execution; ^r-^ 
^Z^f to cut, to tle<luct; ^TZ' 
"STST^f to i»ro<lucc an etl"ect, to do 
^rr2r37-fT3^ katkasur, /. w. Reduc- 
^rr^r kanta, s. m. A hook ; a 

513' ka,to, s. /. A squirrel. 
•STZ katli, *. m. Wood, timber; 
a p-ilr of stocks; a -wocKlen scab- 
? f aMi<^iW k;ttliyav\-ar, *. m. The 

name of a country. 
yr a ^ T kathja, *. m. An oM 
saddle without leather to cover 
it ; a -wooden tray. 
573~3^ kathji, s.f. A tniall wood- 
en tray. 
sriz^ katjtha, a. Hard, strong, 
steadfast, stiff, having a harsh co- 
lor; wooden, 
^r^ kat^tlia, s. m. A hard spe- 
cies cf sugar cane, inferior io i>ond; 
a cloth dyed with red colored 
wood called inajith. 
"^VS^ k:it,thi, S.f. A saddle; forni, 
bliape, appearance, Ixxly, person. 
oTtif^WT ka,t!iii, s. m. The name 
of a wild and lawless tribe, living 
in the desert parts of the Bdri 
qT^ kat,t!iu, s. m. A hog. 
^T^ katjtlm, a. Strong, hard, 

rough, harsh. 
Qjisj kanil, s. m. A section, a 

part, a division of a book. 
o?r^ kidh, *. /. Casting out, 
drawing out, cleaning, ( a well; ) 
the beam of a carriage, a yoke. 
oH^T ka,dl)!i, 9. m. A large 

black ant. 
^rres k5n, *. f. Defect, blenii>h, 

imperfection, crookedness. 
an^TJJirrP:^ kitinmkiu, t.f. Com- 
forting mourners. 

oTT^T ki,na, a. One eyed; de- 
fective in some member, 
^r^ ka,nu, s. m. A suneyor, 
an ofhcer appointed by Govern- 
ment to appraise a field of corn. 
oTT'? kat, s.f. A goldsmith's or 

blacksmith's shears; spinning. 
ZrS" kaf, pron. ( for f^JT- ) Wliat? 
afrsif ka,tak, s. m. The name 
of the seveutli rao. ih; ([>oeti- 
cal. ) 
ofJSW^ ka,taki, a. Belonging to 
the month Kdtak, ( used particu- 
larly in reference to the fruits of 
the earth. ) 
•STTB^ ka,tab, s. m. A writer. 
TTS^ ka.tabi, s. f. The busi- 
ness of a writer. 
qTTFF ka,tar, s.f. A very small 

j)iece of cloth. 
OTS^ k;i,ti, s. f. Scissors, such 
as goldsmiths and blacksmiths 
use; a spinner. 
oTT^^e^ ka,dar, a. Potent, almighty, 

capable, skillful. 
o^ixidT kad,ra, ^. m. A long 

c^ i-et kan,di, s. f. Side, part, 
margin, shore; olT-^ ?53T^T, to 
be engaged on one side, to take 
one's part, to be attache<l to a 
side; ^rn?t ?5T^5CT, to put on 
the si<le of any tiling, to engage 
on one side. 
aTTTf kan, s. wj. A measure of 

three feet. 
aTHS kanh, s. m. One of the uftuies 

oi Krishna. 
c^i<M ki,na, s. m. A reed. 
oTfTJi, t.f. An arrow; side, 
margin; b/i<Cl >{ I d <vt, to shoot 
an r.rrow. 
oTT*^ TTOWT ka,n» rakh,min, \ 
^rnvr 3"Ttf^ ka,ni rikh,wan, y 
s. rn. A kind of woolen or cot- 
ton cloth, a blanket with a red 

^ri^^ kanugo, /. m. An officer 
who keeps an account of the ten- 
ures by which lauds are held ; 

gr^llf^^ kinugOjin, /./. The 
wil'e of a Kamijo. 

o^ I <S dl V^l kanugo,f, g. f. The 
business of a Ktinugo. 

3^ I A d I r^^ kanugo,ni, s. f The 
wife of a Kdnu'jo. 

VIA A kanuji, t. m. Kule, law, 
regulation, canon; a musical in- 

'a[T^r3 ka,tar, s. m. An infidel. 

oH^ l^'^ifij *•/• A particular kind 
of song. 

aTl'^' kab, s. m. A dish. 

aTrg? ka,bak, s.f. A pigeon house. 

Q?Tg^ ka,bal, a. Able, strong. 

>rr-g?ft3- kriblft, t. f. Ability, 
power, strength. 

^r"qi7" kli,buk, s. f. A pigeon 

gr^ ka,bu, s. m. Opportunity, 

oTTJf kau), s. m. Desire, love, 
lust; the god of love. 

oTTK^ ka,nian, *. m. Hocus po- 
cus, juggling; the jugglery per- 
formed by women at the time of 
marriage, by which it is supposed 
the bridegroom is affected, and 
ensqared in the bride's love. 

3m-r^^ kiimdeu, \ s. vi. Lust; 

7n-r=^^ kamdev, ) the god of 

Vl^T^^Tf kamdhan, \ s. m. A 

a?T>nT<^ kamdhain, / fabled cow, 
the possession of which secured 
the i>ossessor any thing he might 

c7T>f7>T kam,na, *./. Sensual de- 
sire, wish, or [lurjiose; sometimes 
also apiilI<Hi to hunger. 

•STfJ-f^V kaniini, s.f. A beauti- 
ful woman. 

W^jfX k£m ma, s. m. A laborer. 





"Sniv^ ki.niini, *. /. A l>cauti- 
fiil wninan, 

aTTwV ka,rn!, a. Busy, lal^orlous; 
'ustful, liM'Iinous. 

yrifaT ka,iiiuk, s. m. A lascivious 

oTTCT kity, »./. The human l>o<ly. 

allV\:J k;t,yak, a. BcKlily, fleshly, 
in the body. 

^rrora75 kayaphal, s. m. The 
naujo of a meuieine. 

oTTOfT ka,ya, *./. Deo<l, act; the 
bo<ly, person, appearance. 

oTrPTt k;i,yan, s.f. The hody, 

oTTtJlT ka,yan, a. Cautious. 

^ToT kir, s. m. Business, work, 
affair, action. 

o? tg ¥ T?;^T? kirkhiudar, *. ffi. 
A man of business. 

o ?l d t fTTTT karkhri,na, s. wi. A 

•<gigT ^ kli.raj, s. m. Business, 
work, aOair, cause, ohject. 

ofldcy ka,ran, s. m. Cause, reason, 
occasion, account, motive, prin- 

o<ld 3H kartus, s. m. A car- 

SnTJT ka,ran, s. m. Cause, ac- 
count, reason, occasion, motive, 

^TTK^T ka,ramna, r. a. Tq prom- 
ise, to covenant, to intcn<l, to 
purpose, to design, to wi^h; oH- 
U^r?", designedly. 

■snr^ ka,ra, s. m. Evil doing; 
action, business. 

Q ;» d<J| f ka,raiigga, ». m. The 
frame work of a thatched roof; a 
vessel made of raw hide for hold- 
ing oil, &c. 

oTTg^ ka,rJ, s. m. A worker, a 

^^ ka,ri, *./. Ecmetly. 

'S[T6\ ka,ri, a. Efteetual; mor- 

"ST^VjT? kirfgnr, t. m. A work- 
man, an artisan, a doer. 

c7rg^JId/i,t k;irigar,ni, s.f. The wife 
of a Idrijar; a doer, an artisan. 

oTr^t^r?^ kariga,ri, *. /. Work- 

i^ 1 d J^ kirehat,tha, *. m. An 
evil doer, one who perpetrates a 
wicked action. 

sTT^ ka,run, *. m. A person sup- 
posed to be the same as Korah, 
whom the Muhaniinadans de«cril>e 
as the cousin of !Moses. On ac- 
count of his riches and avarice, 
his name is applied proverbially 
to all misers. 

aTTfJ k;il, s. m. Time, age, season; 
death ; arr^^fn-TT, the time of death. 

'dflcf^S kil, s. m. Famine, dearth, 
drought ; «rTH*TWT, a season of 

^ I H *KfiT>MT3^ kalanggii,ri, s.f. 

'STJffjTarl' k;ilsi,ri, s.f. {lit.o^a. 
Mtck head. ) The world. 

■31 W J ka,|ak, s.f. Blackness. 

oTTf^^TT kal|ka, *./. A name of 
Devi the llindu goddess. 

"TTHtT^^ kSIji,bha, a. Of a 
black tongue. 

yWrO^T kalji,bha, s. m. Ono 
whose curses are verified. 

sJTf^^l^ k:tlmu,haD> tn. Black 
mouthed, ( a term of reproach; ) 
one who breaks off all connection 
with another. 

^T^TTfr kal,ya, s. m. A black man. 

V l fi^l ka,la, a. Black, of a dark 

■37351 ki,la, s. m. A thief; a black 
snake, any snake. 

yiK^^^Tf kah'i>os, *. m. A kind 
of faqir who wears a coat of vari- 
ous colors. 

•STTFS, t. m. A black man ; 
a black dog. 

o?l<^T kijwd, s. rn. A necessary, a 

privy; a brisk pait; Vn^ ^^T, 
to move a lior^e ^m^rtly; lll^i 
H Id <M, to take a walk ai a brisk 
gait ; ^r^ iRT^a, to go to stool, 
to ease one's self. 

^ffi^AT ktrh.Tia, r. a. To hoil, 
to decoct. 

y if^I kir,h;i, s. tn. Decoction. 

oH'S'^W kar, kar, f.f. Tlie=ovmd 
produced hy breaking wood, also 
by the pacing of a horse; grinding 
the teeth. 

fV*>iT kia, inter. ( genitive case 
joined to the vocative, er|uivalent 
to 62TKT. ) O: of; as, Sh-irfi hid, 
01 son of S'linrfii. 

fVnfr kia, pron. What ? 

fV*H7 kia, a//. Whether or not? 
( sicrn of a question. ) 

fspwt kiln, ( fur tlio genitive par- 
ticle f^rwf. ) Of tlie people of; 
as, fzTf K«^ ^7?T^ fi7>WT 
557 TtWT ^, this nian is tlie 
slave of the people, ( or sons, ) of 
Mr. such a one. 

f^mrrrr ki i,r:i, .*. m. ^ A gar- 

fVwrg^ kii.ri, s.f. ) don 

bed; a fr;;nie. 

firnr^l kii.ri, s.f. The jaw; 
the back of the head, the nape 
of the neck. 

fVnn^ kii,ri, aJ. Behind, after. 

fg^ ki,un, 1 ad. Wliy? how is 

f?^ kin,u, J it? what say you? 

fif^g" kin.iikar, aJ. Ib'w? 

fg^^fir kin,uki, conj. Because, 
since, for. 

firH kis, pron. ( obi. case of^^. ) 
■\Miich ? whom ? what ? 

firJT kis, *./. Enmity. 

fim ^^^ kis,, conj. ^^^ly ? 
wherefore ? 

f V» W ki,san, J. t71. Krishna. 

f l?H<M ^:JId kis,na utar, s. in. The 
reputed incarnation o^ ICrishnd. 

folHHJ kis,bat, t- /. A barber's 





ihtJVr kis,inat, t.f. I'ato, iles- 

fTflfim kis.niis, s. /. A kind 

of raisins. 
fVHtJ^H^ kis.misi, fl. Made .of 

fimcn^^TT kisya,unX, r. «. To 

fi7T[cn^a kl?ya,na, a. r.a?lifiil. 
fjjjl, s. tn. A f;ible, a 

story; a quarrel, a dispute. 
fyJTT ^5rT kis,sa ko,ta, a<I. In 

f^l ^ lcy kisin, y. in. A farmer, 

a liu>1>audman. 
fVjTT^'^ kis;I,ni, s. /. Hu-sbandry. 
fyiO ki,>i, J j^ror. ( obi. case 
firK ki,se, j of ^^. ) Any, 

fVxi kill, /'/-on. 'NVlio? whom? 

which? wliat? 
f^TI^^ kih,ra, pron. "Who? wliith ? 

finn ki,h:i, s. m. A saying, a 

thinr sjioken. 
fy 01 ki,lii,. r. a. ( past tense of 

■srftr^. ) Said. 

fTTJT ki|li:i, ad. IIow? 

i^nJT ki,ha, a. Of what sort? 

faJOItJ' ki^haku, ad. About in 

wliat way? 
ftvTT^ kijhaku, a. Of about what 

fV^rfTTTIT ki,hiji,ha, a. Of what 

sort ? 
fVjy kikjkar, j *./. The 

fif'T^t kik,kari, j name of a 

tree, tin.- Babul. 
fsffirmr^^p^ kikia.uua, r. n. To 

scream, to shriek. 

fif^g- kik,kur, ) 7 TT » 

f~- ~ 1 •, , - 't od. How? 

rST^ kik,kun, J 

fei<J| kingt,', *. m. A mu.sifal in- 

fgWr kiniTigara, ' ». m. A para- 
pet, a battlement, a turret. 

lif^r?'^ kinc,gari, *,/. -A sort of 

fifldle; a figure constituting the 
bortler of a parn.ent in imitation 
of tilt? indented parapet of a fort. 

fif^T^t^fF kinggan'dar, a. Hav- 
ing a k'uigari border, ( cloth. ) 

fir^t3"gT^55:T kicliUi.dKi|Un:i, ^ 

fijufirf%»KT^^a kichkiehia.uni, ) 
v. n. To gnash the teeth, to I'O 
in a rage. 

fa^^Jd'SJ' ki,eharku, aJ. About 
how long? 

fj^^" fV=erF o?d<M ki,char i)i,char 
kar,na, r. n. To chatter, to make 
a noise. 

fir^^flre^r^^T kInkin:t|Una, r. n. 
To ruin moderately, to sprinkle. 

fk'^fs'^'Z^ kinkinit, s. m. Sj'rink- 

fsT^rST kin,na, r. n. To rain mod- 
erately, to sprinkle. 

fir^rJn'^T'^^T kiumana,una, r. n. 
To rain in sparse drops. 

fi<cM-f^r^ kirimanat, s. m. Rain- 
ing in sparse drops. 

fir^T^5^ kini.una, r. n. To rain 
in sparse drops. 

fir^ kijiii, s. f. A drop of rain. 

fi?F kit, J pron. ( for fjj\ 

i^S kitt, J from ^5^.) "\MiicIi ? 
what ? 

fW kitt, ad. Where? 

i^TSTi^ kit.nawao, a. '\^^lat in 

fol'd^'^ kit,nawin, a. What day 
of the month? 

fo<rJ<M kit,na, pron. Many, seve- 
ral; how many? how much? 

fkrSTir^ kit,naku, pron. About 
how many? about how much? 

foTFT ki,tA, s.m. A portion of land. 

nrST kit,ta, *. m. Business, oc- 
cupation, work. 

TaJ3^ ki,ti, ad. Somewhere. 

f3?3^ ki.ti, ) pron. ( for fi^fft 

ihs" ki,te, ) from ^Igft. ) Some, 

Q5 ki,te, ad. Somewhere. 

fir^ f53* ki,te ki|te, ad. In some 

f?^ kit, the, a I. Where? 
f?^^ kit.theku, ad. About in 

what place? 
l37^rg"T kida,r:i, s. m. The name 

of a tune sung at night. 
firl^^TT kid,<liii, od. On what 

day ? i. q. fljF tV?7. 
rjqS' kid,dlior, ad. Whither i 

where ? 
f^^Tj^y kidh,ri, -v ofl. Somc- 
fiytigt' kidli^riij, V where, in some 
fs^tf^ kid h, re, ' direction. 
i^7i kin, pron. ( instr. sing, of 

^^.) Who ? 
iTT^r kin, hail, pron. ( obi. plur. 

of ?f^. ) Whom ? 
nj'f^'Y kin,hin, ^>ron. ( instr. plur. 

of?r^. ) Who? 
fir?^T^ kinam, s. m. -S't'e feTTTH 

f57TT37 kin;i,ra, 5. nt. Side, shore, 
bank, border, limit, edge, margin; 
hem ; fzi7;jjl ITUTTS, to abstaii^ to 
refrain; fi??;T^ tr^T, to retire, to 
Avithdraw; firTTr^" afJTTT, to j.ut 

fkT^T^ kiii;i,n', .<^. /. Gold or 
silver lace. 

i^TT^ ki|ni, \ j^ron. (instr. sing. 

fir^ ki,ne, ) of ^^ for f^TFTt 
7?. ) Some one, any one. 

V^^T ki,n<in, pron. ( obi, [dur. 
of ^^. ) Whom ? 

Q A^ ki,nin, ^>ro7j. ( instr. plur. 
of ^^. ) Who ■? 

firwg ^ kimb, s. m. The name 

rST'g^ / of a fruit; i. e. a large 
sour orange. 

firifrH kimam, s. m. Trade, pro- 
fession, emjiloyment, occuj)ation, 
practice, habit. 

fV>rf>I=^T3" kimamdar, s.m.f One 
engaged in business, an artiticcr. 

fiwTW^iaV kimimda,ri, »./. Lu- 
siness, occupation, trade. 






fvii^ ki.tuin, ) 

^ ^. \ a<i. In 50UIC W3V. 

ToTW Ki,iii.n, ) 

fa^crrgr kiva,ri, .f. m. A 

dcn bed. 
firW>d"t ki^i.ri, «. /, A small 

ganloii l)e<l. 
fifCTlW^ l<'>a,ri, *./. Tliojaw; 
the back of the head, the nai>o of 
the neck. 
fs(V{V^ \i\\k^r'\, aJ. Lehind, after. 
Q^ Jit kirh,kafi, s. f. The 
I'leiades; a jewel in a nose- 
fsm? fj|<?C/>t ki,ras, r. a. 

To make gain of little things, 
f^d W«5 kir sail, i.f. A woman 

>vho makes gain of little things, 
flTS'Hr^ kirsan, s. m. A hus- 
bandman ; i. q. 'SniT^. 
fi?9JTT5ft kiis;i,ni, s. f. Husband- 
ry, farnnng. 
fV^'JirTTJ^ft klis:i,nani', s. f. A 

farmer's wife; i. q. Sf^H^JT^. 
fifaTFJt kir,si, *, m. A man who 

makes gain of little things. 
fV^? ki|rak, s. f. Disgust, .il)- 
iiorrenve, abomination, nausea; 
fsRH >MTw?f) or o7?:^t, to Ih? 
disgusteil, to Iiavc the stomach 
turned, to abominate, 
fljd Jdl kir,kara, a. Gritty, san- 
faf?17^T kir,kani, 5. ttj. -^ Grit- 
fk'3'3^ kir,kari, g.f. \ tingof 
Qda/H kir|kal, s.f. J saud 

under the teeth. 
fsTorfar? aTo ^T kirkir kar,na, r. n. 
To be full of wealth, ( applied to 
a house. ) 
firS'^ kiieh, *. /. A splinter, 
a piece of bone ; a sword, ( espe- 
cially a straight one to thrust 
with. ) 
fsra?^ ki,ran, /. f. A ray of 

light, a sun or moon beam. 
lirS'S ki,iat, *. /. Work, business, 
occupation; Qy 5 ^fFTJt, to work. 

fjTSrv^ ki,rat?han, s. »>«./. An 
ungrat<fiil jicrson; a short siaht- 
e<I and iinprudtnt por-on, 
fsrgyuiP^ ki,ratghan, a. Un- 

crnitiful, forgetful of favors. 
fV?5t kir,tf, *. m. A worker, 

:m\ industrious person. 
t'7¥7» ki,ran, s.f. Tlie sun beams, 

the rays of the sun, moon, &c. 
Qd <%T kir,n;i, v. 11. To be poured 
or east, ( as sand, ) to full into 
the ground, ( as seed. ) 
tira'MT kir,pi, s.f. Favor, kind- 
ness, grace; fwVT ydX^, to 
show mercy or kindness. 
fyjVTT tT^vrtT; kirip.i nidhSn, s. m. 
An ocean of grace, (a title of 
nryvnrs klrpil, a. Gracious, 

tlT^W kirm, s. m. A worm, tlio 

I a c? iT^ kirm,clii, a. Crimson 

t^?J^rr kir,maj, s. m. Crimson 

liid ify^ kir,maji, a. Crimson co- 
lore- 1. 
t > d n I kir,ya, s. in. Deed, ac- 
tion, an act; obsequies. 
tV?^t kir,ya, s.f. An oath. 
tl; d Of I vf^ kiryapad, s. m. A 

verb, active or neuter. 
t^^^yr kir,la, s. m. An out door 

fWd'Rt kir,l], s.f. A house li- 
fiTo^ ki,r3r, s.f. Enmity, hatred. 
QdriA ki,rarne, *. or. To grind, 

( the teeth, ) to gnash. 
taTTT^^T kira,un:i, v. a. To "pour 
down, to cast ( seed into the 
ground. ) 
fV» kill, /. m. A small nail, a 
poc, a tack; a j)imple; fir?F 
t<S^fi^, to break out, (as pim- 

fifj5!?xT killli,ani, r. n. To strain 
at stool; to strain at lifting « 
bunU-n; to obstruct. 
f^TiJf^^^T kilhi,un.t, r. a. To 
cause to strain at stool; to cause 
to obstruct. 
fi?l?57 ki.lak, s.f. A reed of 

which jiens are made, a pen. 
firJ53?T^t kilki,rr, s.f. Calling; 
the chattering of a monkey, <,uar- 
ling; tlT^^rgt WTo7J>, to chat- 
ter, to snarl, to call. 
fi?55?^T kili,n;i, r. a. To fasten 
with nails; to charm ( a snake. ) 
fir?5T, s. m. A.fort. 
fsWT kil|K, X. m. A large wood- 
en pail. 
firRt, s.f. A smali fort, a 

fiJWt kil.i;, s.f. A small pail. 
ta?<ct ki,\vin, ^ a/. Somehow, 
15^ ki,wen, ) in some way; 

taT^ ?vT ta?^, somehow or other. 
t^r?r kir, s.f. I'nmity, hatred, 
strife; fsTW "S^V^, to entertain 
f=^Si/ ?(f^ c5T kirkarl,una, j r. h. 
fV^tV^€?Ct kirkiri.uni, / To 

umrmur, to speak angrily. 
fi?^ l<-i,ra, s. in. A matted screen 
made of straw or brubed sugar 
fVwt ki.ri, s.f. Dim. vfQ^K 
oft ki, pron. What ? oft tT^S^- 
W, what can Ave know ? ]verhaj>s, 
oft ki, Oil. Whether or not? 

( sign of a questioii. ) 
^^ ki,un, J 
oT*^ ki,un, J 

^^^r: ki,kau, s. VI. The name 
of a tribe remarkable for na- 
kedness and remaining starved, 
ugly, stunted and miserable look- 
"^f^Tdi king.garf, *. /. A figure 
constituting the border of a gar- 





mont like tlie indented i-arapot of 
a fort. 

TYanTt^r? kinggaridiir, a. Hav- 
ing a hitjjjari border, ( cloth. ) 

yt^r ki.ta, r. a. ( past tense of 
a/dA T. ) Did, done. 

T^TTWT^ kinkliiib, 5. m. Silk 
worked with gold and silver flow- 
ers, brocade. 

^fh^T ki,na, s. m. JNIalice, sj^ite, 

af^j^r kf,na, ^ V. a. ( for Lttd 

cft^ ki,no, j in poetry. ) Did. 

^ft^ftfrg kiinkhib, v^ m. i. q. 

^tWf ki,niat, s./. Price, value. 
5^fj-l3t ki,niaci, a. High jiriced, 

dear, precious. 
of^K^ kini,yan, s.f. Alchyniy, 

^^fTHTTrg' kiniyungar, s. m. An 

alchyniist. a clienn'st. 
aT^H (/iij(?^ kiniy;ingar,ni', 5. /. 
Tlie wife of an alcliyniist; a fe- 
male ehenilst. 
^ftHMl'jrjt kfinyiinga,ri, s.f. The 

business of an alcliyniist. 
afUrr kijni, s. m. Mince; ^\yi 

aToTTTT, to iLinee. ( meat. ) 
oft^ kir, a. Poor. 
aftF kir, t. m. A beggar, 
^ftg-? kf.rat, s.f. Deed, fume, no- 
tice; dancing. 
^d^'^'>THt ki,rataiiian, f, m. 2'?. 

Dancing b<iys. 
o7^F?7 kir,ne, s. m. pi. Artifi- 
cial mourning and weeping at fu- 
nerals; -^Yd^ VT^-^, to lament, 
to mourn over the dead. 
oH^ kil, t. m. A nail, a stakc,a peg. 
afh?3:T ki.lanu, r. a. i. q. f j '^ rfKl. 
SnwT kil,li, s. m. A wooden pin, 

peg or stake. 
"SttZ^, s.f. A small wooden 

pin, peg or stake. 
«^ ki,Io, t. f. A kind of sweet- 

af'^T kiji, J. TJi. A worm, a rep- 
tile, a snake, a grub, an insect, 
a largo aat. 

T^ ki,!-:, s.f. An ant. 

^■3" Wa ^ kije makau,re, 5. m. 
/>/. Lis-x^ts, big ants. 

^ ku, aV. AWut; ( sutlixed to ad- 
jectives of number and quantity. ) 

eTWVJ kuir, Virginity; used 
only in compi^sition ; as, zr*VTJ 
3acM. to deprive of virginity 
cither legrJIy or otherwise, to 

^T>r'3"U?T kuirpu,ui, ^ s. j?j. 

^TWT^^Vc^T kunirpUiUi, J Tir- 

3">H'3T ki:i,ra, ^ f. m. An uu- 

^»HTTr kutti.ri, J married man. 

g"WTTt ki;i,ri, j 
- -V , - . > «•/• A virgin. 

^JT kus, /•. /. Vulva; e. w. jfgr- 
'^'^ ar.-i HT31^; (language of 
h'w aluso. ) 

3Tr kus, $.m. The name of a grass. 

5"War kii,>2k. f. ni, A heap, a col- 
Kx-tir.n, a stack; ^JT3" ?=F3T tT^T 
or KTy^rr, to bo gatherc-"! into a 
hoajs aTfT? ?5T"o^rr, to gather 
into a heap. 

?"FrS'^7 kus,kan,i, r. n. To 
speak, lo utter a word. 

e^Wiiw kusa.kal, <j. Ugly, deform- 
cil, ill sLaj*-]. 

^ff^r kusarg", J. m. "Want of a- 
grocment, want of liamiony, in- 

e^HH kujang-g, *. n. Bad companv. 

clhi?> kusang,gi', y. m. A bad 

J'fTEr ku?t. *. m. Leprosy. 

3"JT3^ kus.taa, s.f \ 
" _-. , / " ^ A lci)er. 

^JTZTi k^ivti, t. VI, J '■ 

?Jrj kuKitt, *. n. Falsehood, 

sin, unrighteousness. 
afR3^ k'j-at,t2n, j. /. An un- 

Tightojus woman. 
^JTT?^ ku^,ti, a. Weak; killed. 

^IT3T kus,t-i, J. m. Medicine 
prepared by burning; ( as mer- 
cury, &c. ) 
^1^5^ kusatjti, jr. m. An unright- 
eous man, a sinner. 
5^Tr?^ kuSjti, *./. I'oxing, wrest- 
ling, fighting. 
^nS^'^T^T kustilKij, s. m. A 

boxer, a wrestler. 
^1755 kujsal, 5. /. Prosperity, 

health, j»eace, welfare. 
^TT^"^ kusatii, s. m. Evil associa- 
tion, bad company. 
57TTg^ kus;i,than, s.f. ) A bad 
^Tff^'^ kus;i,tlil, s. m. J com- 
37TT^ kus;id, ) a. Wide, 

anFH^i kus-i,di, * expanded, open. 
^H^'^T kusi,ba, s. m. A hand- 
kerchief worn round the Lead, 
( chiefly by women. ) 
5^W=S" ku>i,mad, .?, /. Flatten.-. 
a[WV^^ kusa,niadau, s.f. ) 
^WV^ kusa,madi, s. m. J 

A flatterer. 
^TTT?? kusal, a. (Had, in a hajipj 

state; (pro]>crly khush hoi. ) 
^Tf^W kusil, a. Of a bad dispo- 

.«ition, ill natured; shameless. 
5Tf^f53'T^ kusilta,!, s.f. A bad 
disposition, ill nature; shumeloss- 
afjrnfi^ kusuad, *./. Insipid, 

^TTTT^J ku>U|huna, a. Ugly. 
^773" ku-ubli, a. Unlucky, unfor- 
tunate, inauspicious; disagreeable. 
?7TH kusumh, "j s. m. 

^TTW^" kusumbh, The Indian 

^TTJfS'T kusum,bhd, saflVon, u- 
^H3^ kusum,bha, J soil for dye- 
ing red. Also aTF^i. 
UT^ kus,>n, s. m. One who liolds 
commerce with strumpets; ( an 
epithet of abuse. ) 
^7J3" kusilt, s. m. Want of ar- 
rangement, disorder. 





^JT^r k'i-i;,t i, <7. l'ii.Trr;iriq'«'il, 

nut of '.niiT. 
^^ kiiSj'o, f.f. A 5tiuii:|)ft. 

a wonmn \vl)n lioMs' illicit intiT- 

conrsc ^vitll men; ( n l-jv- ;:!ni¥ivo 

tf-rni. ) 
e^ vJTii kulij.i, a. I>ffortivo, v.nn- 

liiig in a ii»eni1><.'r, as au oyo, a 

^O'JkT kuli,n i, r. a. To kill, to 

y vJlVi"^ kuli:i,i, .f. /. Killiiii:: rc- 

warJ for killin!,'. 
?\JlSc^r kiili,i, r. rt. To 

cause to Ik.' killoil. 
d vjirii kuliiijjsi, .?. {;!. A log. a 

i^vj irt kul;;iii, f. i)». Tlie luimp 
of a c^uiel, tl-.e luimp of a loitaiu 
class of cattle, 
c^ I ?f I kuhi,r.L f. hi. Aii axe. 
^U I fi"^ ki:!Ki|ri, ?. /. .\ ^iuall 

y vi^a, *. /". Fine rain or 

nii^t; ciifiieulry. 
e^vjcSI kujhuni. r. a. To kill, fo 

c/sl<^ ku,i,'.ir, »f. i;i. Bloom, tiie 
floivcr of the mauco: ^■^5' WT- 
•^oT. M^rr oi- M<J!r^i, :o '>loo!i^.. 
( the mansro. ) 
st^d kii,ln;r, s. f. Fog. uu-i ; ^X^ 

V^rt, to ri<e, ( fog. ) 
5^^ ku,liuli:, .*. ni. An oil 

^^"^ k'i,Vi\ir, y. J.i. Leprosy. 

^TT^;^ kUjliuran, s. /. \ . 

oT^^T ku.liura. f. m. > , 
" -^ 1 . 1 leper. 

5^0?^' ku,luir:. f. m. J 

5^ kujliun, 2''*on- ■^^}'.- soiuo. 

any thing, something. 
e(woi^ kukann, .?. »i. An evil 

Ja^dJi^ kukar,ni3n. f./. . An 
a;ar?3-rt kukar,:ui. s. vi. •' evil 

oi={a kuk,kur. f. m. A cock. 

^^ ?l kuk,kur, a. IT-ary. gray 

^^ff'"V^ kukkurr]ilii.l,<li, .«./". 

'J lie nauio of a medicinal plant. 
^r^'^T ku,kuri, jr. m. Jleinp. 
^^^t ku,kurf, .♦. /. A hen. 
S^sTTl" kukurung|g;i, f. /. A 

^ kukkh, s. f. The ^vonih: the 
ahd'M'i.ri: the .•'ido of the belly ; 
^ 3^7ft, to till tiie liclly, to 
be satisfied; to be big v.irh 
^^^T kung,gari, a. Able-bodied, 

robu«t, atldetic, stour. 
zTST^ kuug,gi, s.f. Un-t iu vrheat. 
=7 dl f( /> ■; ki]ng,gurni, r. n. To be 

shnink, to be ilrawn in. 
^3r k',ing,;.'ii, ,<r. m. Tlic name of 
a very line, juire coni])o?ition, of a 
red color, made of uvilti. u?etl by 
woHieri to ornament their fore- 
^^ kiieh, s.f. The breast of a 

^^ kuehcli, s. TTt. A weaver's 

S^tJtTT kuchajji, a. Foolish, stupid. 
3"^d^T kueh,ni-, a. Broken to 

I'ieces, divided, bruised. 
iJ'-d^tc^ kuehal|l;!n, f. );i. Bad con- 
?^f^7rr ku,<, lialni, r. a. To 

bruise, to crush, 
d "dMi kueh,l;i, s. in. Tlie name 

t'f a medicine, the vomio nut. 
zj-o\Wi kuchil, s.f. Bad con- 
duct, misbehavior. 
^^T?F kuchal, a. Of bad con- 
#xfl' kucl!,chi, J?./. A small brush, 
a whitewash brush; a pile of sev- 
en cakes : jf^t c d a1, to cleanse, 
to whitewash; to distribute Liicli- 
chis of cakes among ones own 
family: ^7^ 3-fl57ft, to cleanse, 
to whitewash. 

^^T5T kurhai.l i, a. Dirty, fihhv, 

.•'oiled, ( clorhcs. ) 
^^ kuehh, pron. Any, jonio, any 

thing, somethins'. a little. 
Zr^ kuehehli, s. f. A corner, a 

nook, a hiding place. 
cTg^ kuehh, ku, ^'roJi. AIx>ut a 

"Sr^^ kuchjchhar, j f. vx. f. Tiie 
't%'^ kueh,ciihur, J haunch, the 
bosi.m, the lap: ^^^ ^^, to 
seat (a chihl ) on one's haunch, 
to take into the arms, to cm- 
^rf kunyi, s. m. A comer; 

i. 'i- o'rldi TTT. 
^Tf^r kunyi, k.'i, f- rn. A cord or 
strap on th<- hinder part of a 
saddle, 1 y which a portmanteau 
or otiier article? is lashed on; 
cT-rt^ ^!TT^5=cT. to la«h a thinjon 
behind tlio saiMIe. 
^rfitTT'' kunyjg.-isi, .r. j;t. \ 
private plice, a «ecret j>laec; '•'in- 
ter nos." 
y rf?i; knjjit, 5. m. A small earth- 
en pot. 
^^ kulj-i, ^. m. An earthen 

vessel, a wafer pot. 
^rfiF ku'Tf, a. Of a different 

caste, of a low caste. 
W^ kujji, s. f. A sm.all earthen 

water pot; ( less than a hfjitt. ) 
^^ kunyjf, s.f. A key. 
'3~^ ktijh, pron. Some, any. sonie- 

thing. ary thine:, a little. 
^3" kutt. .<r. f. A beating; ^^ 

VT^*^ or V5^. to be be.Tten. " 
^ ki;tf, .<r. 7??. A kind of com- 

poun<l mefrd. 
g-jT^ kutki. s.f. A gnat: the 
name of a plant used medicin- 
y ic^V^rr kntanpu,n:i, .<:. >?J. Baw- 
dry, pimping. 
y ic^i ktit,na, s. in. A procurer, 
a bawd. 





^^a IcuUnJ, r. a. To K-at, to 

g^^ kut,ni, ^'-Z- A i.rocurcss, 

^ ^rz: kutt, i-liat, 5./. r.catine: 
:i)i"l liriiiiin?. 

q^-g kutain]., .<^. iJJ. Family, <fcc. 

^^TOTT kut,y:i, s./. Ac..tta,-o,aliiu. 

g^;r^ kutu,i, 5./. r.oatiiig; 
the price of beatino-. 

3-3T^^T kufa,uni, r. a. To rau<o 
to Iteat, to cause to be 1>L-atfii. 

g-^^C'^r, *. ?«. ]!a\v- 
dry; i. «i- ^T^^^T^^- 

Zri^ kutuinb, .<f. VI. Family, re- 
lation, tribe, kin. 

^^'t, s. m. One Avbo 
ha* a large luinily. 

^5^- kiituniui, s. 1/?. Family; 
i. q. lf<iti- 

Sr^jft kutui.iiiiii, s. m. i. q. 3"^^i. 

?^ knUh, s.f. The name cf 
a uiodieino. 

^<i«A" k»ittli,ni, r. <7. To kill; 
aho c*. n. to bi* killcl. 

^:?:V^ ki:tlui,li, s. f. A gold- 
smith's ciuciblL-; 3"3i??t JTr?5?ft,. 
t'> Jtut a cnuililc into the tire to 
melt tin; ii.ftal ill it; ( met. ) to 
destroy utterly; g^IfjTt vrr^OT, 
to fill into a cruciblo; S^Tip^ V 
fTfTc^TTr. tol-elMund I'lire, to bo 
tried or oxuniineil, to j>a«s through 
the fiirnaee, to be experieneod. 
^^ kiiiid, s. rn. A spring, a pond, 
a lake, an abyss; a large earthen 
ei_irj kndar, a. Fearless. 
eiij« kun,<jal, s. m. A circle, a 
curl, an oar ring; an iron ring 
on an o\'s nock by which he is 
secured against thieves. 
HS^ knn,dali, *. /. A ring, a curl, 

a coil; a kind of Hindi poetry, 
^3T kiiii,di, s. m. An iron sta- 
ple; a drag consisting of hooks to 
fiih uji any thing lu>t in water; 

an iron instrument with whioli 
elcfiliants arc driven; a master 
over men to keep them in order. 

^S'T^^T kiinij;i,nni, r. a. To 
cause to be eaten. 

^S'Tf?'' l^"n<]M i> ^- "'• A large 
earthen pot used fur kueading 
(lour in, an earthen pan or basin. 

^r^ kun,.]i, ,<r. /, A fish hook; an 
ii un ring set in a wooden frame, 
a chain to fasten a door, 

^^ kvindli, J'J./. An ignorant, 
stupid pei>on, one without art or 
skill; stupid, icrnoiant. 

3-dy kudhal>| ) a. Ill sha- 

g^g7, ' ped, ugly, 
awkward, ill mannerpd; ( nu'^ ) 

U-^JJ kudhungg, j a. Ill bred, 

S;^#3TT kudliang.g:i,j ill manner- 
ed, lUK-ducated. 

JTTJv^f?! kiiu,kuna, v. a. To throw 
a single grain into the mouth. 

^5^r kuu.kti, s. m. Presents, 
( or what is left of footl presente<l 
to great men, k>:., ) given to de- 
pendents; sacre<l relies. 

^3'7 kiit,tnk, •, s. m. A siiort 

^^r kut,k t, ] stick with 

whiih ih'iu'j is triturateil. 

^FH'^^T kuttiiu,n;i, s. m. Dog- 
gi.-hnes-;, caninity, meanness. 

3"3'37rT kU|tarn;i, v. a. To cut 
v.itli the te.-th. 

^3^T ku,tar;i, ^^ m. Chopped, 
( fodder, straw, &e. ) 

(Jdd^'^^T kutra,un i, r. a. To 
cau»e lo cut with a scythe, to 
cau-e to cut vsith the teeth, 

<JS^ l^ittiri, s.f. An insect 
like a gnat; a bitch, 

^3"T kut,t;i, s. m. A dog. 

^^B'faT kutir, s. m. The state of 
being out of time, or out of beat. 

cT^rr knt ir, ^ s. m. One who 
cTSrgx kut;i|r:i. -* beats, sings or 
idavs out of time. 

^-^t kut.ti, s.f. A biteh. 

333TW'' kutun-jrgri, J. vi. ^ . 

3-f3T^> kutilng.grf, s.f. , ^^^^^^_ 

<J 5dT kutii.ri, *. f7». 1 

^3^ kutii.ri, s.f. J 

^^ kund, a. IMunt ; slow, ob- 
tuse, dull, stupid. 

?-cf<iV kuUidan, g. w Fine gold, 

^^^T kuddiU i, r. n. To leap, 
to spring,' to jump, to leap for 
joy; to rise uj); ^^S^r ■gTFT, a 
scai)e-goat, a goat olfered at a 
shrine, but not sacrificed. 

Sn^TT kuiiiflan, s. m. Fine gold, 

cT^ST^T kudwai,y;i, s. m, A lea- 
jicr, a juniper. 

^^r kun,dii, 5, m. A block; tlio 
stock of a gun; a gore; the wing 
of a I'ird. 

^■^r^^ kud:i,i, s.f. Leaping. 

3"=S^T^^^ kudi,uni, r, a. To 
cau^e to leap. 

hl~-^iQ' kuda,u, a. Capable of 

cnSTiaTc^ kud.i,kal, 7 5. nz. Ajuni- 

oT'^ru'^ kuda.kar, J per, a leapcr. 

^^i?5 ku'lil, jl s. m. A grub- 

3":cT'?^T kud;i,!;i,3 bing Loe, a 

pick axe, a mattock, 

^^"t kun,di, s.f r><?ating, the 
jiroeess of smoothing clothes, af- 
ter washing; U^ a??7rr, to beat 
and smooth clothes; ^^"^ ITT?^, 
to beat. 

grnrw kudharm, 5. vi. Unright- 

S^UJi^ kudh;ir,man. /. ) An 

^■cr^Vft ku>lhar,uu', }?i. ' un- 
righteous jierson; unrighteous, 

5"''73^W^ kudhar,iiii, s.f. Unright- 

3^0777 kudluin, s. in. That 'which 
is not right or lawful, something 
forl»id<len or unclean. 

uyi^ kiiiiiUan, s. m. Fine goM. 

^77'gr kuiiilKi, s. in. Kin<lred, 
tribe, family, ca^te, brotherho<>d. 





51^175 kimal, s. in. An oartlion 
vessel iii wliicli flilur i-5 knc.uiid. 
STT^TfjT kiiri'i,!*, s. Til. An eartli- 

fii jiao or basin. 
ST7T?5t kurii,ji, f.f. A small earth- 
en pan or ba&in. 
il^^J kunit, *./. Kvil inten- 
tion, bad design. 
^7*13 kunit, \ a. IFaving a bad 
afTft^T kuni,ta, ji <lo>ign. 
^7\ kun,nu, s. rn. A Leap, a pile; 
^7i ?5T^?CT, to lieaj) uj), to col- 
lect into a heap. 
^V kujif), s. m. A stack of chati"; 

7V "^TS^U, to stack chat!"." 
?v"3" kupatt, s. /. Infamy, dis- 
grace; ^UF Vd<0, to defame, to 
«V3^ kupat.tau, j. m. A bad 

ferry, bridge, ford or wharf. 
^UST kupat.tii, rn. ) a. Disgra- 
cTV^^ kupat.ti, f.} ced, infamou?. 
epJ^ kijpatth, s. m. Uusuitable 

food; deviation, aberration. 
5vr kupipi, s. m. A large 

vessel made .of raw hide. 
wT-rrrr kupah, s. /. The cotton 

plant, raw cotton. 
a'VTUl knpa,h<i, s.m. Cotton cloth. 
^T^TTTT kupa,h:'i, a. Made of cotton. 
3lV^ kupi,u, s. in. An unwor- 
thy father. 
cTW^ kup.jii, f./. A small vessel 
made of raw lijde; ^y) \iii{ ^TcT- 
77T, to cover with raw liide. 
5Vt^ kuptn, s.f. A strip of cloth 
worn l>etween the legs barely largo 
enough to conceal the jirivities. 
eP£3' kui>utt, ) t. m. A worth- 
^■^3" kupiit, J less son. 
epS" kuph, s.f. Tribe, casto, fami- 
ly, brotherhood, 
y^" kujth, a. Alike, equal, resem- 
5"S^ kufr, *. m. Blasphemy; 

ef(^d "ST^n^, to blaspheme, 
e/'adt kuf,ri, t. m. A blasjihcmer. 

e7(S^ W kuphal, g. m. Tiad fruit; 

tlie reward of sin, retribution. 
^S^^ft kuphcitf, s. f. Contrariety; 

c. w. Veft. 
^^ kubh, ) /. m. A hump 

5Tgfl[T kubja, ) on tlie back, a 
cr^okwl back; ^g V^CT, to have 
a crooked back. 
^^^T kubjl, a. Crooked backed. 
d Hi kubjba, a. Hump backe<l; 
^"^ ^?rr, to have a hump baclc. 
^^T^ kul)h;i,u, s. m. Disadvan- 
tage; more or less than the estab- 
lished rate. 
?^T3T kulihag, t. m. 

ZTB^"^^ kub]i;i,gan, /. 
S^TTTT kubh.i,g.i, m. 
a" :^ 13ft kubhi^gi, m. 

person; unfortunate. 
'^ITU'iJ 1 kumh;ir, s. m. 
'3^\U / ter; a worm with a 
great many feet that comes out of 
the ground in the rainy season. 
o^VTJTj) J kumha,ri, s. /. A pot- 
3>fT3^ J tcr's wif'.* or daughter. 

5^3-r^r^ kum,makaii, s.f. \ A hel- 

^I-TSm kuiii|n)aki, s. m. ' p<--r. 

"^VzTyi kum,kuui;i, t.m. An ex- 
ceedingly thin bottle made of 
sealing wax and used to hold a 
red coloring matter, which the 
Hindus tlirow, bottle and all, at 
each other, at the time of the hoJi. 

^~3-f?ra' kumagigar, s. nu One 
who manufactures bows. 

3>f3" kumat, s. m. A bad form of 

S.f. A weak un- 

Ead luck, 

) -'" 

> unfor- 
^ tunate 

A i^^A- 

( kum,niak, s.f. Help. 

a. Of a Aveak un- 

?T-rF kumatt 

^TT? kumatt, 

^3" -i kumbh, s. m. An eartht-n 
^^ra" j water vessel; the sign 

Af^uarius; an elephant's forehead ; 

Sr3- ^i r[Wt, the 12th year fair 

at Hardwar. 

^^^ l^ kuiii,bha!. t.f. The 

SX^?^ J cavity in the earth in 

which a weaver's treadles are pla- 

ce<l; a dungeon. 

^^f^ ) kum,bhi, s. J. One of 

gX3^ i the departments of hell; 

^^ ^r ^?5T, the Gtii year fair 
at Hardwar. 
gi^j^T^^ kuinli,uni, v. n. To 

g^T 1 kum,mi, s. m. A species 
^J-TT ) of sea monster. 
3Trr^ ku!iii,i, s.f. Earnings, 

gain; work, perforinance. 
3TfT^^T kumi,un;i, c. a. To earn, 

to gain; to work, to perform. 
^T-fT^ kum;i|thi, s.f. IJcatiug; 

annihilation; afJ^TZ^ ?T?ft, to 

beat, to strike; to annihilate. 
3T-fT^ kuman, s.f. A bow; au- 
thority, jurisdiction. 
^Ti^y'^S kuiiuid, s. m. ) A sugar 
^TiT^ kumi,di, s.f. ^ cane 

fichl, sugar cane; i. q. Qn-TT^j >S;c. 
g'^TF kuuKir, s. m. Dice, game; 

a boy, a youth. .cUso tlTK^j 

and ^WW. 
571^T?3T kuma,rag, s. m. An evil way. 
^>rTF^ kum:i,rjg, a. Out of the 

right way. 
3>rT3-gTTr kumirbiij, s. in. A 

card player; ( met. ) subtle. 
3H"ra""gTTl^ kumarbaji, s.f. Card 

j'laying; (met.) cunning, subtlety. 
^TiTU^ kum:i,ii, s.f. A girl, a 

virgin; i. q. S^KT?", «S:c. 
3Tf7 -i kum.nuik, s.f. Uelp ; i. q. 

37fH kumut, s. ni. A worthless 

son; a bastard, 
q^r^ kume.thi, s. f. Beating; 

annihilation; L q. 5^fT<ft; c. w. 

37^3" knmait, a. Bay; ( applied 
to horses. ) 

" ne->c vr ThiWtau silvorciii :i?.«.mt 
- equal in value to the fourth 
of a rupee. 

3^H l<i"-a5, «. OT. In>ii.i.llty; 
ili>nrtectiou, uufrieiKlly fofliug. 

ST^TI kuras, a. Insipitl, having a 
bad taste. 

g^jfY, *./. A chair; a sto- 
ry of a house: a generation, 

ZTd"^, Asiuall thatch- 
cil house, a cottage. 

3^7 kurk, s.f. Confistation. 

STS^, s.f. Confiicating; 
c. w. ^5Ct ami "STS'Ti^- 

^^^1 kur,kun:i, r. o. To 
crauiicl), ( as salt or -sugar candy 
between the teetli. ) 

g^g-gl kur.kuri, *./. A slight 
j.ain in the bowels; c. w. ^cM. 

??3T kur,ta, i. vi. A loose gar- 
ment like a ihirt, reaching to the 
hips or knees, and wuin over the 
trowsers, a kind of tunic, a wai>t- 
coat, a jacket. 

g^5i kur,ti, s.f. A kind of 
waistcoat or o\er shirt for women 
reaching to the hips or knees ; a 

cTT^ kurb, s. m. Propinquity, 
relationshiji; honor. 

S^'gi?; kurbiii, 5. m. A sacri- 
lico; the le.itlicr string of a bow; 
3^'^^ tJ^T, to be sacrificed, to 
be devoted. 

5?'Hri<^ kur1>:i|tii, s.f. A sacri- 
fice; 3;g-gT77t ITJ-^I, to kill an 
animal in sacrifice; eTcf^n^^ ^- 
^t, to sacritice. 

^'dM kurl, *• m. The name of 
.T. bird. 

5(J«f kur,li, t. m. Itinsing tlie 
mouth, gargling; ( this terra is 
used generally by ALiUis. ) 

eJd«i<3<:5l kurla,uni'i, r. n. To 
weep, to shriek, to cry, 

e/dMlZ' kurlit, t. m. A shriek, 

a cry, lamentation, the voice of 

^^■(^, s.f. Rinsing the 
mouth, gargling. 

S'aTTS" kurlu, *. m. Kinsing the 
mouth; ( provincial. ) 

Sr^nj kurih, s. m. A bad road, 
an evil way, evil doing; Vd ivJ 
5?d/> i, to act contrary to custom; 
3^t;j ^T5ST, to go in an evil way, 
to act perversely; ^TXJ V"^t, to 
fall into evil habits, to go into a 
batl way. 

^r^r^T kuri.ha, *. m. One who 
errs, one who is dissolute and 

3-?T^ kurijii, *./. Error, wan- 

3^17^ kurin, s. i)i. The 

5rg-T?5 kur;i!, f. vi. An earthen 
well bueket. 

g-^Tj^V^r kur:trpu,n:i, s. vi. Hard- 
ness, stitlhe-is. 

3^T"3r kur i.r.i, a. Hard, stifl'; 
jiast the prime of life. 

sr^*^^ l^urij, f.f. 3Ioulting, (of 
birds;) yd'^-ri "T^Tf^, to moult, 
(birds;) 3^"tTr MTc^, to come 
to mature age. 

^fj kurit, s. f. A bad custom 
or habit, misconduct. 

Zrj 3"3" ku,rn ku,ru, s. m. Call- 
ing of a c«ilt; c. w. Sid fit. 

zr?^ ■ kunip, a. Ill formed, ill 
sh.ijK'd, Ugly. 

STF^^T, r. a. To poke, 
to feel about with a stick, &c. 

Sr§^3:r^ kurcl,ni, s. /, A tire 

STVH kurais, *. m. A tribe of 
^luliauunad's caste. 

3^Frar kurai.san, /. ) a. Be- 

gr^jft kurai,si, m. J longing to 
the trilje called Kitrait. 

■3^1\ kurai.i'.'g, *. »«• A deer. 

zri'Sl kuraugg, a. Of a bad co- 




3^7T ^^T kurangg, a. 
Having eyes like a deer. 

3^^ ku.rund, s. m. Corundum 

3-?5 kul, jr. /. Family, race, poiVi- 
gree, an«.fstry, relation, genera- 

3"^ kul, *. m. Keading certain 
portions of tlie Qnrdn which be- 
gin at the word QuJ; c, w. a<d<S' 
and M"^^: (a ceremony practice^l 
anion;; Musalmans on the third 
day after tl.e <le;tth oi any per- 
son. ) 

jfw kull, aJ. Altogether, entiro- 


■^^, i. /. A fire 
poker; i. q "e^d <>irVi. 

3^5? kull.lui, s. m. The hip, 
tlie butt«>cks, the luins. 

g-55T-^ kulhi.ri, s. m. An 

g-j5r^'\ kulha.ri, *./. A small axe; 
a su^rar h'iu~e and press. 

y »i>3 ?5t kulku.Un, ad. -Vlto- 

g-^^-g-T kul,elia, s. m. A bl>cuit. 

g-ji^^ kiil;icli,clih;iu, f. t?i. A 
bad sign, an ill onii-n. 

■3^,-^7^\ kuhiclichh.ul, j. m. An 
ill omened person, an evil doer. 

3-?^rr kulaij, u. Shameless. 

3-?^^H3" kuhijjar, a. Ill flavored. 

3"?^^^ kulajja, a. Shameless, im- 

3; >t jf kulatt, »./. Bad habits, 
bad dispo>ilion. 

U^^T3-J kulca.rak, *. m.f. One 
who procures fame and reputa- 
tion for his ancestors in this world, 
and secures their salvation for 
the world to come; a youth who 
is a erc'lit to his family. 

c^«.j T^7? kulti.ran, f.f. A place 
of pilgrimage in the Panjdb; a 
female who is a credit to her 

100 375-^ ^T^^^FJ 7?7fT 



575^ kultlu 5. »n. J A kind 

STJjg*^ kiil.thi, f./. / f>f [iiilv. 
3T€^ kuI.iW.l, a. rinvilliiii: to 

carry ;i l<.a<l, ( an animal. ) 
3'HU^'H kulilliann, Aiu.ts- rcliiri'Hi, family rito--. 

i^ii^ kulaiui, a. Ill luriiK'<l, <le- 
fonneil; stu]>i«l. 

eJ?57JIH kulii;i-<, s. in. The ex- 
tinction of a family; total do- 
cT^^TTB^ kiiln;t|ri, s.f. A woman 
of a irixxl family. 

5^t^^*>n^ kiilnin,tli;i, s.f. Fam- 
ily dijtrraoe. 

5^?V3r kiilpat, s./. Family rep- 

S^M^? kuljiat, s. m. Tlie master 
of a family, tlio most worthy jier- 
son of a family. 

g^V^ kul]»atf,ri, s.f. A g*.'nca- 
logioal table. 

5^5Vr?nr kuli.a.lak, ^. m.f. One 
^vllo jiroviiK-s for liis family. 

575Vr*^ kul|';i,li, s.f. A cliasto 
woman who preserves the reputa- 
tion of her family. 

5^rti^ kulj'iij, *. m. The fam- 
ily priest. 

g^icVTr? kulj-ujak, j. m. One 
who b attentive to family rites; 
a family priest. 

a«(^ kulph, .*. m. A lock. 

g^y^t kul,i>hi, s.f. An iron stem 
of a pipe: a cup with a cover. 

g-^^/t kill, phi o. Dark brown. 

g^FTg^^TF kulphiilar, a. Having 
an iron stem, ( a pipe, &c. ) 

SfRy^i'Sc^i kulbahi,unii, v.n. To 
flutter, to try to extricate itself, 
( an insect, ) from ud or water; 
to itch, to fidget, to writhe, ( as a 
•worm; ) to rumble, ( the bowels. ) 

' J^ ' ti^ ^'^Z: kulbali.hat, s.f. ^ 

g K^H ' ti. kulbalut, *. m. J 

Fluttering; venuicuiar motion. 

CfT^ «4«j1W ^r^^VT kul.bul kul,- 

biil k;ir,iii. r. )i. To fliittir. 
^fj'^^Sr^- kiilhiilit, s. III. Flut- 

trrin!.', i:c'. 
JTTStiT?' kuhhitt, ^ .".111. A fam- 
^~?5t>f5 kiilniit,tar,-' ily frivnd. 

^^53" kuMar, j .«. t;i. A sweut- 
^^'d kul,lur, ) meat, ^7 seed 

beaten up with .'-ugar. Iti'^tMti-n 

bv Hindus on the fourth day of 

«55^H kulwant, s. m.f. j A por- 
3"?7#3^ kuhvan,ti, f . /. J "on 

of good family. 
^TWri^ kulanVifan, .f. m. The 

root of ^)<(«. 
3-?yT kid, It, s. m. The hip, the 

buttoi-k*: ( jiropi-rly ^"fSf- ) 
"^^X ku,li, s.f. A woman of 

good family. 
^^T kul,l:i, a. White. ( applicable 

to li(.r<''<. ) 
ST^T'sri' tll'^^r kula,taregi.uli,n:i.| 
STMTS' ?!JI-^T kul:i,te Iagg,u;i, ' 

r. n. To have bad liabits, to 

]irai-ti-e evil. 
cTtfTri^ kulinyjan. f. t/j. The 

root ut' jkin; i. q. ^frj-rlr^. 
oTl^ kU|li, ^. m. A porter, a 

laborer, a cooley. 
S^cFrt kul,li, s. /. A cottage, a 

hovel, a lodge. 
5r«3T kulangg, .«. j;i. The 

of a bird. 
^■f^Tlcl^T ku,Uinyjni, r. a. To 

draw water out of a well, cistern, 

3?i.^T-^"t kulunyja,!, s.f. Draw- 
ing water; compensation for draw- 
ing water. 
er5^^ri''^'5l kuUniyji|Un\, r. a. To 

cause to draw water out of a well, 

cistern, kc. 
^^ kur, s.f. The lid of a churn: 

grief, vexation, pining, envy; a 

sound made to drive away fowls, 
"3^ kurh, s.f. An enclosure for 


=^ f3-ri'i\f kiirlija,!) i, r. n. To 
st'H.p with a-e. 

e/ ^ Ai kurliiia, r. n. To pine 
to ciivy, to lifconie emafiatcd 
through gri' f, to >toop witii ;ioo. 

eia^'o^i kurii;i,iin.i, r. a. To 
c■:lu^e to piiic aw.'iv. 

o^T kii.rak, s.f. The «-lui kin"' 
of a sitting hen; a chuking hf.n. 

grf?"^! kii.rakna, r. n. To cluck, 
( as a hen. ) 

^"31;^ ku rakni, r. «. Tociauuoli, 
( as salt or sugar camly between 
the teeth. ) 

^"S^^Tt^i^T kiifkura,un;i, v. n. 
To cluck, ( a'^ a lu-n; ) to niiu"- 
nnir, to >peak angrily. 

^^F kiiratt, s. m. f. \ JJittcr- 

S^'^F^ kurat,tai,i, s.f' niss. 

a j^i I kur,t.'i, Atiiiiie, a kind 
of >Iiirt reaehinj^ to the hips worn 
over the trow.-ers, a waistcoat. 

^a^i kur,ti. .'. f. A kind of 
waistcoat or short gown worn by 
women: a mans coat (F.uropean) 
is also ?o called. 

a'riAl kiir,ii.i, r. it. To pine, to 
I".' emaciated ; to --toop with age. 

a ^Jl ku,r;'m, 5. j;i.[ion by 
marriage; the style of addres? 
used by the fathers of a bride and 
f>ridegrou!n towards lach other; 
the relationship between these 
parties; a child's father-in-law. 

^r^V. J ?i 1 o"t kuramkara,Iii, s.f. A 
dish prepareil to be eaten on oc- 
casion of the first meeting of the 
parents of a bride and bridegroom, 
and in which other persons are 
not allowed to participate. 

^^^•^ kuram,ni, s.f. The mu- 
tual relationship of two women 
whose children are united to each 
other by marriage, the wife of 
a K'tiravu a child's mother-in-law. 

3-^71? kurmatt, s. m. lielatiou- 
ship by marriage. 





2-=firr^ kurniii, f.f. r.ctroth- 

nieiit: S-3 HT^'^ ToTf t, f. l.cJr-ah. 

Sr^TfT^TTt kwrTiiurli.i.ii, u-V. -\l- 

tcr tho niaKticr of kunxm. iiiriot'- 

al>Iv to its u^ajros or i.'U>tMiiis. 

3-f^^ ki:rik,ki, f./. A not, 

enian;;IcU;ont, liitHouhy; jiowor, 

control; ST^Tt 1%^ WT^^T, 

to be (.Ta:L:lit ia a net, to fall 

into a (littjoulty, to come into 

one's p-jKcr. 

5^ ku,ri, !.f. X gill, a ilaugli- 

ter, a virgin. 
5-3- ku,ro. «/if<"r. O girl, O dangli- 
tt-r. O \iririu: O such a one; a 
soi;n<l ma-le to drive away fowls. 
STlfT ku :i, f. in. A well, a pit. 
^~^ kii,i. i. J. A small well, 
i; OcV ku,l.r;n, s. f. A grain pit. 
ST?^, *./. The elbow. 
Q' vi<^ ku^iii. } s. »J. A small 
ZT^TTi ki:ii,iii,J viasluil:, ( kathor 

Utrlo: } ( vid. ) tho belly. 
o\jJ; kui.l, .*./. A small canal. 
?Tft kujii, t. f. A bird of jney. 
SX^J kc,;.ti!, s. f. A small canal. 
«Tr ki:,itt:n.-j y ro»J. S<inK', any, 
"oTI kunb, ^ >«>mething, any thing, 
^ ki-nhu.* a l::t!c. 
J"? ki?^, f./. A shriek, a cry, 

loU'l wvvt i;;:^. 
5" ^ 'vo^Trr ki'n, kiln, kar,n'i, r. »i. 

To whrno, (as a I'lip. ) 
^"?^ kukni, •^ r. n. To 

e/ -J 3-f^'St kukuiir, ni, / woej> 

alouJ, to ery, to shriek. 
3^ kueh, t. vu Marching; a 
goM-mitb's brush; 3^ ir?<^T, to 
marcii; to <';ie. 
s^TJO.! kueh,ni, r. a. To scour, 

to nib, to c!e.;ase. 
aTBT ku.eha, x. m. A street, a 
line, (of a city; ) a bru>h, a bun- 
dle of straw, a faggot ; g"^rT WT3"- 
;KT, tobru<Ii, to cleanse; 3"gT?F5T- 
€<^r, to aj-ply a faggot, to kin- 
dle, to bum. 

^^ kiT,cIii, s.f. A small brush, 
a white\v,i-h bru>li: ST^ft ^^;^'t 
or 1^'.-37?(, to brush, to cleanse, to 

^^^ kilcheban,.li, s.f. A 
large gate for closing a street. 

^tT kilnyj, s. f. A large a>h- 
colored water bird. 

^rfST l^'^"yj,r^ '''• »^- A vege- 
table huckster; an impertinent, 
talkative, shainelcss person. 

^^T kitji, s. m. An earthen 
water pot, an earthen cup in Avhieh 
sugar candy is ciystalli/ed, a cup 
of sugar candy. 

^^ kilji, s.f. An earthen wa- 
ter ]>ot with a spout. 

^rftTT^ ki'ijigar, .^ rn. A potter. 

32: kxuit, s.f. A corner, side, 

3"3^T kiin.l,n;i, r. (7. To eat. 

=1^1 ki1U|d;i, s. m. A largo earth- 
en jtan, a large flat stono vessel. 

^^T^^r kiliKla, mi.i, r. a. To 
cause to be eaten. 

^^t kun,(li, s.f. A small earth- 
en j'an, a Hat stone vessel. 

Sr^ kiiu, 5. f. J 
- , / , * }. A corner. 

U^\ kn,ni, s. m. / 

^^T ku^na, V. n. To speak, to say. 

^73" kut, s. m. Food, aliment, 
sub-<istencc, livelihood. 

c[3^ kU|ti, s.f. A box of grapes. 

^■■g?^ kimi,bal, J s.f. A young 

^WH kiynal, J shoot, a bud, 
an uid>lowii (lowt.>r. 

^?5 ku,mal, a. Soft, tender, 

37TW5'T'?f^ kumalta,!, s.f. Soft- 
ness, tenderness, mildness. 

^W?5t kti,mali. .<?. /. A young 
shoot, a bud, an unblown flower; 
the tip of the nose. 

^dT ^^ TBTT! kiir, kur, kar,n:I, 
r. a. To call a j>up. 

zn^ kulh, s.f A brook, a rivu- 
let, a canal ; i. q. ay «. 

^r?^T kn.Il. 1 n. Soft, t<ndcr, 

^f^T kun,l.t, J mild. 

cTW knr, *. vi. A lie, falx-hood; 
^^ ^^5^T, to lii.'. 

3^T ku,ri, .». VI. Dust rai'*o<l by 
s\\e«'ping, swtiping<, dirt, nd)- 
bisli ; S^r-^-jn? or SZ^l, sweep- 
ings, rubbish, litter. 

^^r ku,ra, a. ral.-e, lying. 

■5" ke, coil). Or. 

cT ke, jmrtich'. Ol*. 

clQ^i ke,ura, f. v^. The name 
of a flower. 

oTJT kes, s. vu Hair of the head; 
^IT vr§' ?B^, to wash tho hair. 

■3"^^ kc,sar, *. vi. Satlion. 

^TTg-TJIT ke,saryi, > a. Saft- 

c7TTf5't?TT kev;i^riyl, J ron colored, 

cTFTbI" kc,sari, a. Of the color of 

^TTT^jf^ ko.^, s.f. Tear- 
ing each other's liair, luutual 

^TrnrioTt kc-idhi,ri, s. m. One 
Avho has hair on his head, one who 
never has lunl hl^ hair shaven. 

c7fj ke,su, s. m. Tlic (lower of 
tho tree (//.<.'.(■; ^IJ ^??^, to 
come forth, (blo-souis of dluik; ) 
to be feart'ul. 

^vJJ ke,har, s. ra. A lion. 

eTvT^Tfi' ke,hanu', s.f. A lioness. 

'^TJ'd'i ke,hari, a. Of a lion, like 
a lion. 

U^ ked, J a. riow much? how 

^^T ke|di. j large ? how long? 

"STSTT ke.diku, a. About how 
large? «S:c. 

"^3^ ke,taki, *, /. The name 
of a tree; also of its flower. 

^3-?ft ke.tali, s. f. A kettle. 

cTaTVT ker,ni, r. a. To i)our, to 
scatter, to sj>rea<l. 

cTcTr ke,ra, s. m. A kind of salt 
unfit to bo eaten. 

HT^ tt>,li, s.m. , A plantain. 





y 5{ ke,lon, J. /. A sjK.iifs of fir. 
cT^? kc, war, *./. A vcllowi'rh 

wixxl of wlikli fomJi-t are mu'lo. 
eT^W k«-,"al, ad. OiiJy, uitTcly. 
^^^r ki'w^rl, f. m. The name 

of a flywtr. 
^ kai, * y. A'oiiiit, vouiitiuL'; ^ 

'KTt'^^ (>r "SrS"^. to vuiiiit. 
^ k;u, yron. IImnv many? 
^HT kai,. -A, a<l. How? 
^JTT kai.Ni, a. "Wliat sort of ? 
oTvf^n kaili,ni, s, in. A sjiider. 
«rS^ kainy,(']ian, s. m. A fa>te 
of pco{>lv wliose females are dan- 
cers and prr.>titut05. 
3x}«%l kainy,ciia!ii, /. /. A dan- 
cing' girl, a pru>tituto. 
^^ kiiny,clii, *./. Shears, scis- 
sors; a pair of rafters including 
the uniting brace. 
^^T kain,tlii, s. in. A uc<klace of 

cfTT-{?vr kaindlipiini, /. m. ) 
ffrr^T^'r' kaindhwiin, /. /. / 

§?T kai,ri, a. Having yclloTv- 

i-h eyes. 
^J^T kai,|t, a. Gr<-y ; ( aj-jdicable 

t'j hnr>es and cattle. ) 
^ ko, pron. Any, some, any 

IhxIv, some br-dy. 
^■'I'r ko,a, s. m. The comer of 
the eye next the no.>e; tlie eye of 
sugar cane, ie. 
^tV^, s.f. The name of 

a small black bird. 
5"t%-?5r ko,ili, s. m. Charcoal. 
? Vi' ^"i'' ( pron. Any, some, 
«"^ K'^"j ^'^y boily, some 


Mrf kos, s. m. Tiie cuS" of a 
sleeve; ^^ ?5iScNi, to add a 
I'iece to the end of a sleeve, 
large beads made of gold, >ilver, | WT^^ ko>|iu, v. a. To curse, to 
crystal, the earth of Karhala, or 
tnlsi vriMiX; i. q. ^S^r. 

5' 6' kairi,thi, s.f. A small rotary 

of the samo inateri;d as kant/iii. 
^^ kaid. a. llow large ? how 

much ? Iio\v long ? 
3i5V kaidjku, a. About how 
much ? alx»ut how large ? about 
how long f 
ot^T kai, da, a. How large ? how- 
much ? how long ? 
3 a'^i . k;ii|(liku, a. Abouc how 

large ? ,fcc. 
^^ kaid, s.f. Im[irisonment, cap- 
tivity ; "3^ vJ^', to be imprisoned, 
to be taken captive, to be taken 
prisoner; ^^ T^T^T, to imprison, 
to capture, to make prisoner. 
■5-cf yTTTT kaidkh:i,ria, *. vi. A 

V'-dc^' kai,<lan, s.f. ) A jirison- 
3<^ kai,di, s. m. •' cr, a caj)- 

^T? kaindh, a. Sttipid, foolish, 

utter maie<lictions upon. 
?H^T koS|n.i, s. VI. Cur^inL'. 
anrr koS|^i, a. Lukowann: hav- 
ing little beard. 
WTT koh, s. m. A large leather 
vessel for drawing water from a 
well ; a los. The common kachchd 
loh is professcJly i.'<i4<) yards, 
less than 1^ miles; but in reality 
it seems ui most places to be near- 
er a mile and a half. 
3Tr?ft kohiiii, s.f. The elbow. 
?^? kojmr, s. m. A fog, a mist; 
the tlower of the mango tree, 
moth, mash, mi/ft'7, &c. 
^TT^ ko,hur, s. m. Leprosy. 

^ <j ?i<s ko.huran, s.fl 

v_ - (A lei'or. 

?"TJ^t kO|hiiri, s. m. J 

^^ kok, s. f. The name of a 
book; scientia modorum di verso- 
rum coeuncli, a quodam Kok Pan- 
dit explicata; undo nomen; bast- 
ing, a tack- 

^ J«T kok, la, *. m. The name 
of an ornament worn in the car. 

^■??T kok.ll, ) *./. Tlio name 
5"--/«T- k..k,lin,J of a sweet 

•incinir bird. 
aT^^ kuk,ru, s. VI. A hard grain 
of moth, vidsh aiid nuhiff which 
cannot be rendered soft by b<jil- 
^^T ko,k:i, *. m. A very small 
nail; a fo-ter brother; a nurse's 
cliild; the name of a [landit. 
T^ ko,ki, s.f. The circular 
S7»ace embraced by uniting the 
ends of the thumbs and two fore 
fingers; ^^ f^^ >WT^^, to 
l>e embraced in the I'.di. 
^^ kO|ko, /. m. f. A crow; a 

^T^ kokh, s.f The womb, the 

9'"tr3^ kokhband, a. Barren. 
^^^T^ kochbin, s. VI. A coach- 
man, ( corruption of English. ) 
^•dy I Ar^"^ kocliba,nani, s.f A 

c^ai'liman's wife, 
c? "d y 1 <srt kochba,i!i, s.f A coacU- 

man's business, 
^•d-c 'A kochwan, s. tn. A coach- 
af'-^i kojjia, a. Defective in a 
member, (as lame, blind, «S:c.; ) 
i. cj. J vjril. 
^~^ kot, s. m. A fort, ^ (...jtlo; 

the wall of a city. 
^^ krt, a. Much, many. 
?<i.n<id6t^ kotkir,li, s. f. A 
hou«e lizard; ( improperly WTT^- 

5i' ko,ti, s. m. A kind of dijh 
u=e^l by Muhammadans in the J/u- 

?6?fl koth,ra, s. m. A very 
small house. 

^<i?n koth.rf, *./. A room. 

^TTT ko,th:i, t. m. A house. 

5^ ko,thi, s.f. A house: a trea- 
sun.-, a granary; a house licensed 
under the Sikh government for the 



tff" V^^JTJT 


occasional pr.-i<*titntioii of mirrio<l 
AvoiiT^n; a nipl-oar.! or fl-.sct. 

^r ko,.l:i, a. r.ont, luMt fnr- 
w;ir.l. .«too|.inj:: ^vf ^'^^'j t"^ 
no.l. to ho l.ent dnuinvanls to 
stoop, to Low; S^^r 7?7fT, to 
bonil «\vanl. 

5-^ koij, s.f. I A corner; i. 

5^a, ^. ».'!.' <i. ^^T. 

^■j^ ko.tiil, s. m. A liorsc or 
elephant le<l in the retinue of a 
great man. 

^JT ko.ti, a. Short, little, flo- 
fieient: ^FT W^JT or TJ^H, 
improvl.lent. thoncrhtless short 
siehtM: ^3- TT^-^^f^ nn tT'^^. 
to irinl one's self quickly for bat- 

^^, n. Short. 

^:E^ ko..H, Jf. VI. A very small 
grain; S^^f :??:5^r, to crind to 

5^rkop, /r. m. Wrath, anger, rage, 


^\r^:7: kopmin, \ <i. Angr^•, 

^\^ ko.pi, ^ v-roth, pa>- 


^uV?;, .«./. A narrow strip 
of cloth worn between the legs. 

^HT ko^bi, s. m. A wooden or 
iron instrument uso-l for beating 

^ kom, s.f. A tribe, a nation, 
a sect, a caste. 

^WT5 ko,mal, n. Tender, soft, 

^^^T^3-r ko,malt'i, ( f.f. Tcn- 

5~Wf5"7T'^ konialta,i, ^ dernc«s, 
softness, niildno>s. 

?'c=rr5 ko^val, s.f. The name of 
a <mall black binl; i. q. ^f%^. 

^CT'^r ko,yali, s. tu. Charcoal; 
i. q. 5"f\i«r. 

oT? kor, *./. Edge, marein, bor- 
der, side; a little rai;5cd skin on 
the margin of the nail, a hang- 
nail; tape; a range, a line. 

^3" kor, yron. Wlio. whicli; ( um.hI 

heyon'l tlie J hiam. ) 
^?7>r kor.tii. r. a. To cx«-avate, 

to dig, to cut. 
^'J^r ko,rar;t, s. m. A whip, a 

^^r kc>,rd, s. ni. Snow, ice; a 

man who stands aloof from every 

^37 kO|ra, a. Unwashe<l, un- 
bleached, perfectly new; untouch- 
ed, blank. 
^gY ko,ri, ( a suffix compounde<l 

with fv'lf, *!• V. ) From. 
^f5 kol, s. m. r.amb<x» or other 

wood laid over rr.ftcrs to supfwrt 

a thatch. 
^55 kol, prep. Near, by, with, 

bv the hand of, by means of. 
1^1^ kolhar, s. f. An oil fac- 
tory; i. q. 3~P5rg". 
5^, s. m. An oil press, 

a siigar press. 
^^ ^f5 lio.lo kol, prep. o,h 

Near, near each other, side by 

5-^ ko,lon, prep. From, from 

the presence of, against, in com- 

jiarison with, by. 
^f^l^T^T^l, \ s.f. A 
^fjt^^, 3 kind 

of lizard. 
^-^Hi", s. m. Family, 

tribe, kin, caste. 
^^ koji, s. m. A whip,, a 

tr^^ kaun,sal, *. /. Council, 

^H^'1»HT kau>,lii, -, s. m. A 
^5Tr75^*WT kaun^.li.i, j counsellor. 
^^ kauch, \ 
?f>J kaunych, ■' 
^^ kau<l, s.m. A large sliell, 

( used as money; ) i. q. w"^"?- 
?(^-r kau,«la, *■ m- A tortoise. 
^fVrKTTrr, s. m. A 
s^) jtted snake. 


/. in. A ci^iucli. 

^^t kaii.di, t. f. A small shell, 
( u-.-d as money,) a cowrie, money. 

^^'^W kau,(ji;i, *. m. A sjX)t- 
ted snake; a slave bought for a 
cowrie, or for a mere song. 

?n^ kaun, p,on. Who.' which? 
what ? 

^F^ kau,tak, \^ s. m. Deeds, 

■Sr317 kauii,tak,-' conduet, beha- 

^'^ kaund, /. "What day of the 
month ? 

&r:^ kau,da, t. m. An arm, the 

^3" kaur, s. m. A b()y, a son, 
a child; the son of a raja; i. q. 

^STT kau,ra, s. m. A largo wa- 
ter )>ot. 

?r?t kau,rl, *./. A small water pot. 

^55 kaul, s. n. A promise, an en- 
gagement, a covenant, a word; a 
kind of brass bowl; the name of a 

^f5T, s. in. The corner of 
a door, or of a room. 

^J^ kau,li, s.f. Embrace, gia?}> 
of the arms, armful. 

^■?{3t:?J5 kaurgan,dal, s./. The 
name of a bitter herb. 

^T^y^ kauratjtan, s.f. Bittorness, 

^^ kau,ra, a. Bitter. 

tr^¥^3T kha,irog, .*. tn. rulmo- 
nary consumption; an enemy who 
accomplishes his work of destruc- 
I tion by a .■>Iuv process. 

vr^ khau, s. m. A glutton; de- 
struction, annihilation; iiarn), loss; 
fear, <langer. 

V(^ T^^ oTUTn kha|Un kha,un 
kar,n:i, r. n. To cough inces- 





tfJT k)ia*, *. /. TIio root of tlic 

Te(i<\ call*,-*! hihi, tiscil f<ir making 

tattif; the naino of a tiil>e of roli- 

bcrs who live north west of Lihor. 

VW«^7T klia-,k!ia*, .'./. 1 lie f>opj.y- 

■yJT^jft khas,kh;.M, a. Cut very 
sliorf, ( hair or heard; i. e. no 
longer .i.ail the diameter of tlic 
po':._, seed; > ". iv. aT?^. 
>iTT^T khass,iia, r. a. To snateh, 
to seize, to take l>y force, to take 
ofT, to deprive of. 
trJTJT kha,saiu, s. m. A husband, 

a master, an o\rner. 
tfTT^" kha,sar, s. f. Attrition, fric- 
tion, rubbing: vroy VH3" i?c/ AT, 
to produce tlio sound caused by 
rubbing, to rub; trFrg" ?^?ft, to 
be rubbed, to be separated, ( as 
the skin from tlie flesh. ) 
■tfHcTTJr kha,sarna, v. n. To rub, 

to fret. 
>nT9^T khas,ra, s. m. A sort of 
smalljxix; appraisement of a cro[), 
the book in which appraisements 
.ire recorded; VTT3^T •yS'Trr, t<> ap- 
praise a crop: MH^i ItTvT^T^t, to 
come out or apj)ear, ( the small- 
pox. ) 
>rjft khas,si, s. m. A eunuch, 
a gelding, a castrated animal, 
( particularly a goat ; ) c. w. Zfti'^L 
tfrft;!? khasi,hat, s.f. Nature, 

M^ET^T khasot,nA, r.a. To snatch, 
to ]»ull out, to strip oft", to era- 
dicate, to scratch, to tear. 
•kTOT tnr^ kha,ha kha.lii, 5./. Mu- 
tual enmity. 
^iilT kha,hi, s. f. Piubbing the 
body against any thing, ( as cat- 
"tle; ) enmity; vf^'Sr^^'t, to hate. 
vfvJcS' kha,hina, i'. n. To rub 
the body against any thing, ( as 
cattle; ) to be in a state of enmi- 
ty; c. w. TJTfJ; as, clF5T^ ^ 

7r<c^ ■yfri^r; vTitwT ^^nrr, 

to rub one's self against another. 
tffrrg^TfT kha|liibarna, r. jj. To 

«tru'_"_'Ie, to wrangle. 
vfvJVfT klia,hirii, s. tn. I'ursuing, 
pursuit, following, perseverance; 
Vfrr^r ^^^r, to leave oft' pur- 
suit; MfriW V^T, to pursue, to 
follow, to I'ress, to urge. 
M^T^ khakjkhar, s. tn, A wasp's 

tpyg" ViTJ^r khak.kliar kh;ih,da, 

a. ^itrongly pockmarked, ugly. 
■k^V^:^ kh.ikhwar, } s. m. The 
Vftr^r^ khakhwaipi, J jawbone. 
■<Jtf r khak,kha. s. m. The name 

of the Utter tf. 
WT^ khakh^r, ) s. m. A 
tftfrg' kli.'inakluir, •' slight cough, 
cleari!icr tlie throat, expectoration, 
phlffrm ; i. <|. \ru(r^. 
^TtfTg-TTT kliakli:'ir,ni. ) r. v. 
VtfT^?rr, ^ To 
coucrh slicrhtly, to expootonit', 
to clfar the throat. 
■fcf5T7r kha.can, s. f. The funda- 
ment, podox: V7r7> V'tT^, to 
commit sodomv. 
WT kliaL'.gi. a.m. Tlieleafofa 

medi'-inal plant, called ijlilcn<ir. 
yfxq khnnggh, s.f. Cough ; c. w. 

VU/^VT, r. n. To 

yfXtfj khang:.'1inr, s. rr. A mass 

of fu«ed bricks, a burnt substance, 

a hard mass, a rock; trofg' "^^ 

Tfr^u, to become hard like a 

vrargrt' khanjrgh,n, s.f. A small 

mass of fused bricks. 
■VTunr khangghar, s. m. A slight 

cough, hawking, clearing the 

throat, expectoration, phlegm. 
■*r^id/>J khangghar,na, r. n. To 

cough, to liawk, to clear the 

throat, to expectorate. 

>ru/r-jc5, ... m. l\\u%hr^ 

a vc-sd, cleansln?. 
VTi/.17?Tr klianc'uh', r. a. To 

rinse, ( aves>..'l, ) to cleanse; i. q. 

•fcfu-'^T^I khangc:Iiur,na, r. u. To 

cough, to hawk, to expectorate. 
■tf^ kliaehch, s. •'•./. \ por>;on 
of bad character; a fornicator or 
VxJ khachch, *./. Trouble, vexa- 
tion, annoyance; V^ v^Tft, fo 
give troulile. 
"tf^J7 khafh,cliar, s.m.f. A mule, 
■y^rgr klia,(h:ir, \ g_ ^_ 

tf^J?^ kliatlira,u, I >ruli<l,, 

vrg^y^" klia'har[.a,iin. Tnc^^ob- 
V\J^'/^T khacIiarpU|na. J stinaev, 

pcrverseness, wickedness. 
■yg^T khach.ra, a. Mulisli, p.-r- 

vorse, wifke<l. 
tf^-jr khac!i,r'i. .?. m. A mi'h.-. 
^T^^-^ khachri,!, .<•. y. M,,]!,),. 

ne«s, p'Tvcr<ene-<, wickedness. 
■yxTTt khach.ri, s.f. A .<<he nui].'. 
Vf-g-f kha.dian, /. Wicked; a 

tf tTTJ khaiiyj'an, s. m. A kind 

of bird, a wairtail, 
VtTT khany.jnr, s. m. A dacrger. 
VaToTt klianyjari, s. f. A small 
tamT>onrine. a tiinbrel ; a bracelet; 
a kind of silk cloth. 
tl=rT?5 khaj.jal, a. Ashame<l, dis- 
tressed, wretched, forlorn, ruined; 
Vv?5 ir37^, to ruin, to make 
tr>r5r khnii'r, s.f. A date, the date 
tree, tlie palm ; a kind of sweet- 
y^'tri^ khaju.ri, a. Made of the 

date, or of the palm leaf, 
■tfSTTt' khaju.ri, s.f. An orna- 
ment worn in the nose, 
vrgr khat, s.f. Tlie name of a 

musical mode. 
yfZ khat, a. Six. 





^Z l-.l>:itt. ••• /• -^ bc<L<foa.l; 
a lot of jtro«onts given to a bri'lo 
bv licr parents; gain, profit, iii- 

\f3-7 kha,tak, *. /. Poubt, ap- 
prehension; the sound of foot- 

V37^a kha.taknl, r. »?. To 
wrangle, to l)0 a cause of annoy- 
ance, to be a source of anxiety, 
to rankle, to pierce, ( as a thorn. ) 

•^fZ^^ k]iat,ka, s. tn. Doubt, 
apprehension, fear, danger. 

V317"T^"^ khatka|Un:i, r. a. To 
knock, to tliuinp. 

VZ^KT kiial t,ni, v. a. To earn, 
to gain, to acfjuire. 

yfZ V2" khaft, ].a(t, f. f. Enmi- 
ty, wrangling, fjuarrolling, con- 

yfZ"^ kliat,tar, a. f. A cow tlint 
kit-k* and refuse* to give milk. 

VZ^T^^ kli.'it\v:J,un:i, r. a. To 
cause to earn or acquire. 

W3T khat.ta, (i. Suur, acid. 

■kfZrr^ l:ha{i,i, s. /. Ari.liry; 
green mangoes cut and dried. 

^TETT'^i-M klinti,uni. r. a. To 
cause to earn, to cause to ac- 

VfJT^ kliatiiU, s. m. One who 
f.'iM'ses another to g-.iin. 

Vi7Tr kliafas, f.f. Acidity, a 
sour taste. 

>fZ:T vrz^ klia.ll pa^ti, f.f. T.n- 
niity, ill will, contention. 

Mfzrmr^ khati'i.i, s.f. Acidi- 
ty; green mangoes cut and dri- 

Vfz-»WTTT7: khnti;;,han, > s. f. 

vfziTwm khatiandli, ( A sour 

VfT>KT7? khafiinh, - smcll-I 

W^ kliaf,ti, s. f. Earning?," 
pnin; a kin<l of small orange; 
^C^ ^~Wrzt, earnings, gain. 

vr^ l<hat,ti, a.f. Yellow (broad- 

'^Z^ kl);ifik, s. m. A cn«te that 

woiks in leather, a tann«T. 
yf^ kh;il,<u, s. m. An earner, 

a gainer. 
yf^ kli.KJd, g. f. A cavern, a 
pit, a cave, a gorge, a ravine, a 
lutllow ; a stream running through 
a ravine. 
V^ k!inn<1, $. m. Side, qtiartor, 
region, apartment, |>art, j>iece, 
one of the nine sections of the 
world, (as reckoneil by the Hin- 
V'g' khand, s. f. Sugar, ( unre- 
fined. ) 
^f^^ klinn,dan, .<t. m. r.reakiiig, 
thwarting, rescinding, refutincr. 
cutting to pieces. 
V^jr^i khan(1,ni, v. a. To refute, 

to break, to cut to pieces. 
Vf^3" khari.dat, s. f. Interruption: 

c. w. fr^ift or 3?cT7fl'. 
yS"^ khan, (1 J. .<f. in. A tvro e<lecd 
sword, a broad straight sword; 
a two cdgoil dacrcrer sometimes 
worn on the head hy Ala'is. 
^"^^^^ khand,i,iin;i. r. a. To 
scatter, to dis[>crse, to pour down, 
to spread abroad. 
\i'-^ khail,-li, s. f. A hole in the 
ground Avhere a weaver puts his 
fcot when sitting' at the loom. 
vr:^ khan.dl. s. f. A section of 
an elc- hant's tusk, a rough piec:; 
of i\'ory. 
Vf khan,d«i, s.rr. A liarelipped 

person; a kind of grass. 
*r^^ khmi/lhar, s. m. Stony 
worthless land, the stony bed of 
a stream or torrent; a ])lace of 
ruins, a dilapldateil house or 
V?^ khnn, s. tn. The space in 
a ceiling between two beams ; a 
room in a house. 
>fr?r khan, ad. Sometimes. 
VF khat, t. tn. A letter; hand 

wrltintr; a cut or scratch; a line, 
a stroke; a regidar line of a beard 
or mu^taihoes made by trinmiing 
or pulling out the stray Iiair»: the 
nestling place of a hare; tf? ^?- 
^T, to draw a line; to trim the 
liair .about the fnco, to >havc the 
beard otV from certain j>arts of 
the face; to produce ellect; MB" 
■^^I^^T^, to trim the hair about 
tlie face, to .-have the beard. 
■yF"^3' "M^fgH" kii;it,bat khat, bat, 
5. vt. The boiling of a thick sub- 
stance like paste; i. q. >^-cfy-cf 
Vf^S^^ ; c. w. ^J7;J or U aT^CT. 
V3^T khat,ra, s. m. Danger, fear; 
necessity, ( for going to stool, ) 
stool; MFF" ^'5^T, to go to stool. 
V(5^T^, *. /. A wo- 
man of the Khaitri caste, 
tf^t, s. m. The second 
of the four great castes of Uin- 
tr3^3"T khatrc.tri, s. ni.) Chil- 

'^'3^Z^ kliatre,ti, 5./.J drenofa 

tf37 kha.ti, or khata, s. m. f. 

I'aulf, crime, error, mistake. 
yiSJ kluat.ta, s. m. The part of 
a bow, ( ^idcl, ) from which the 
ball is shot; a granary. 
VS'i'sft khaia,i, ,<r. /. A medi- 
cine: a kind of biscuit. 
VFT^ khat-ib, s. vi. Title, appel- 
>f ^ir khan,.lak, *./. A ditch. 
M:^^^ M-d5^-d khad,bad khad.bad, 
s. m. The I'oiling of a thick 
substance like paste; i. q. M?'gF 

V^^ kiiadjdar, s. m. A very 
coarse kind of cotton cloth. 

Vf^^ khan,da, a. Of low stat- 
ure, under size, low, jneon, despi- 

vf^l t.h5::,di, t. m. A small 





>f-^ khari,.}i, .»./. A Hnall Litcii. 
V^W khmlrr, .c. /. Piir*uit; 

»f$-3'?7T klia.i.T.ii.l, r. .z. To 

pursue, to i";i>t out. to e.\i>(.l. 
V^^ klir.vlojii, s. m. A pur- 
suer, an exjiullor. 
VtTT k!)an,dli i, s. m. A licnl 
of buflaloes; a crow.l, a nuilti- 
yfTi kliauM, s. in. A divi-ion. a 

part, a half. 
*r?5T khan,na, a. llalf. 
\f7>J khan,ni, ^?. »i. A caste 
among Hindus, a man of this 
\f7i^ khan,n.iku, a. About Iialf: 

a little. 
vf^ khaii,ui, s.f. An ordeal l<y 
a hot Iron or hot oil, an orJenl 
of fire, taken into the hands, to 
prove ones innocence orgruiU: a 
female of the K/fvinn ca?ce. 
VTVtJMT kha,n.;iii, .f. /. A maid 

servant, a female slave. 
■yJ^vT^r khaniili,ni, r. h. To itch. 
V(\4" kliap, .f. in. Fretting'. 
\rw khapp, s. f. Contention, 
quarrel, dispute, contest; Wf , 
af??^, to contend, to quarrel, to I 
dispute, to contest. { 

>rUc^ khnpipan, .». /. A quar- j 
relsome woniaii. j 

VM^T khap,ni, r. n. To l>c a 
partaker of one's sutfering?, to sym- 
pathize; to he dried up, to be de- , 
stroyed, to be expended or made : 
away with. j 

*fW3" kh.a,pat, *. /. Insanity; 

vendue, sale; being expendcl. 
v^'Uf^ khap,par, s. vx. A chnJing 
dish; half a watermelon; a vessel 1 
resembling a cup, usetl by faqirs, 
in which they receive alms; a 
mouth; ( spoken figuratively of a 
deota. ) I 

^fWgr khapiT-i, *. ijj. An insect 

tliat iiife-ts whiat; the point of a 
broad arrow. 
\jvrg^ klia|>,ri, *. /. ( dim. of 

VU?I. ) 
VfU^^ khaprail, *. f. A tile. 
VM^r^^f kha|i\v;i,U!ri, v. a. To 

cause to be expendeil. 
\f^J khap.pi, *. trt. A cavity in 
a wall, hill, &c. ; a narrow passage 
in a hill. 
>:fvrf^ khapi,u, s. rn. Expense; 

-Vile, vendue. 
Wi^?CT khapi.uni, r. a. To 
dry up. to destroy, to make away 
with, to expend; to annoy beyond 
\f vrt khapipi, s. m. A qiiarrel- 

some man. 
y (^dHA' kha'>h:z:in, s. in. Tal- 

pitntion of the heart. 
\f^^ khaph,vri. s.f. Anger, 

racre, displeasure. 
\rc"3" khapiit, s. m. Madness, 

insanity, anirer. 
vr^3^ klianh.tan. s.f. An in- 

satio or enrage<l woman. 
y-g3V^T k:ia'.htpu,na, .♦. m. 

^[adness, ins,anity. 
trS"?^ khaj.h.ti, s. m. An insane 
or onragcvl man; ^ (S 'i'^ \3'tvT, to 
- be mad; vi^^3^ 73^?Jr, •g=^€^r 

or "g^TT $"^, to make mad. 
VgT kha,phi, a. Angry. 
y-^T kh.%pha, .*. m. Strangling; 

V^r TS^'o^, to strangle. 
•tfSP^ khabjChu, *. tji. A loft 
handed person, one who wears 
his shawl thrown over the right 
shoulder, one who eats, writes, 
&c., with the loft hand. 
y^m kha,bar, s.f. Hei>ort, news, 
intelligence, care, notice; 'kfg? 
aTT??^ or ^^, to apprize, to in- 
form; >fgg" ^^, to inquire in- 
to, to t.iko care of; to tike re- 
venge. I 
■*rg3rHT3' khabarsar, s. /. N'ews, ' 

information; care, noti'V. c. ir. 

"^WJ^J"^ khabar.lir, a. Cau- 
tious, careful. 
^"^T^^W khabanlir, i;uVr. Take 

i-are, beware. 
yi^T=^ khabjol. ;f. m. Gro-^s: 

( the best kind. ) 
vfgr khab,b;i, a. Lcl":, Wor-iD!; 

to the left hand, 
^^-ghr khabis. tn. ( a. Fil- 

Vg^5^ khabi>,D;. /. i thy, vjK-. 

wicked, malignant, 
tf'gt^, t. i?i. Leaven, 
tf 'a^3T khanibi,r.i, m. ^ a. Leav- 
tf'^arl khambi,rj, m./.' cncd, fer- 
>r^?5 khabil, j. tn. A wooden 
instrument use^i by shoemakers 
for cleaning leather. 
\^3" khabbh, s. '.'. A cavity in a wall. 

hill, &c.; c. w. v?rr; i. «i. VVfT. 
V^" khambh, f. tr. A teatLor. 

a wing; a \voo<len prvp. 
tr^r^ khab,bhaii, t. f. > A 

>d3'3't khabh.r.i, a. n. - sw^rd 
\f^^t khabh.n, s.f. ^ tf au 

inferior quality. 
tf'ST khain,bh.t, f. >;». A woii^Ion 

y^^ khab,bhi, *./. A rope ;ied 
round the under jaw, (of a horse, 
Sic.) as a substitute tor a bridle; 
^"W^ ^~^, t'-'' tie a n>i>e round, 
the under jaw. 
yfl^ kham, s. in, A bond; V>f 
^"S^r or W'd AT, to pat the arms 
previous to wrestling by way ot 
boasting and challenging: VW m 
^rcvT or Ve^T, fo be bent. 
\rirS khambh, s. rr.. A feather. 

a wing; a prop. 
VK3T kham,bhi, t. n. A prop, 

a post, a pillar, a suppc'rt. 
y^rto khamir, ,f. w. Leaven. 
^f^d^T khami,ra, m. - a. Leaveu- 
yCH^'J^ khami,ri, vi.f. } eJ- 



V H>yw2" 


y-? kliar, f. w. An a?s; a mis- 
creant; a stiipi'l per--on. 

tf77 kha.rak, .»./. A stick uscl 
hy weavers. 

xf^j-( khar.ka, s. in. A broom. 

xi-j\r7r khar.kliani, s.m. A curry- 

^nprdi khar.kliar;, y. /. An itch- 
in? in the throat; V3~^B^ WT- 
^eit or WJl^v^, to congh. 

V^:g kharch, s. m. Expense, 
cxpeiuliture, subsistence money. 

tf^^Sf^T kh:uvli,ni, V. a. To ex- 
pend, to spend. 

V^igr kliar,dr.i, J. m. Expense, 
costs, ( in a law suit. ) 

>r3-^3T^^T kliarclii,uua, r. a. To 
cause to expend. 

\R-=3^ kliar,clii, s. f. The hire of a 
prostitute; provision for a journey. 

Vg^ kli-uj, s. f. T!ic bass in 

\rj rfT?rr khar, j i,ni, r. n. To 
separate or fall olV, ( as plaster; ) 
to diminish in bulk by solution, 
( as a lump of salt in water. ) 

W-gT^'j:^! kh;ir,dha!i, a. Ilougli. 

M3"7> tra^ kiiarn, kharn, t. in. 
The smooth and unobstructed mo- 
tion of a wlieeled carriage: also 
the sound of sucli motion, 

VS'TTT kliar,na, r. n. To fall or 
peel ofl"; to be diminislied in bulk 
by solution, ( as a lump of salt in 
wat<T, ) to waste away. 

\r3'^ kliarb, a. One hundred arhs, 
espial to lUt;,U'Xt,000,000. 

VTfy-d<Sr kliarlid,n£, a. Wicked. 

vfT^^T kharbuji, s. m. A 

V?^ klia,ral, *. m, Tlie name 
of a race of savages in the southern 
part of the L'acltmi Dwb; a mor- 
tar, a stone on which drugs are 
ground; tr3?5 T^TiTT, to grind 

V^TT kharhjwa, a. Rough. 


i grind- 
er, a 

V^^ khaiTar, s. in, A blanket 
or tdt formeil into a great basin 
on tlie top of a cart for carrying 
chatr, Lc, 

Vf^ kha,ra, a. Pure, good, gen- 

■tf?Tl%3 khar;i,it, s. /. Alms, 

y"JT%:Jc^ khari.itan, s. J. > 

^TU'TtVsrt khara,iti, s. m. / 
A beggar, one who lives on charity. 

vrgrJT kharas, 5. w. A largo mill- 
stone turned by oxen. 

*fFTTI3 khara,san, «./. . A 

y^rjft khari,>i, 5. m. 

vrFT;fh>fr kliar;i|s(i, s. m. ; cr, a 

tfTT?, s.f. Alms. 

y^T^S" kharad, .^. in. A turn- 
ing lathe; iTJT^ '3^77r or ^r^- 
77r, and ><3"T^ ^r^T^T, to turn a 
piece of wood on a lathe; to make 
smooth; also met. to polish and 
adorn the mind and manners. 

*r?T^?:v khara,dan, *. /. The 
wife of a turner. 

>f^T::5^T kharad^ni, f. a. To 
turn wooil on a lathe. 

tf^T^t khara.df, ) s. m. A 

V3-T:e^rHT khani,di;i,J turner. 

VTFT^ khariib, a. Bad, dcprav- 
C'l, ruined, waste, spoiled. 

Mdiy t5 khar.ibat, s. tn./. A 
tavern; a brothel. 

^cTrgr?"^ khar;iba,tf, s. m. A 
haunter of taverns and brothels, 
a rake, a debauchee, a bad man. 

tfjr"gt, s.f. iJadness, 
depravity, desolation, ruin, mis- 
cliief ; vf^l"sO ^T^T^, to do evil, to 
cause quarrels, to excite mutiny. 

VtVwr^ kharia,!, s.f. Purcncss, 
genuineness, cxcclldnoe, goodness. 

yfirPTS kharist, *. /. The itch. 

^fkwT^ kharlsjtan, $ f. ) One 

^rf^TT^ kharis,ti, s. m. J who 
has the itch. 

VfcTY^ kharinilh, s. in. A scab. 
V?^?r kharl,ta, *. m. A purse, 
a packet, a bag, a mail; i. q. Vf5^- 

M?^^ kharid, s.f. The price 
of a thing; buyin;;. 

yg^^^T kharid, na, t. a. To 

V^^ kharijdu, *. m. A purcha- 

Vf f^ kharundli, s. m. A nail, 
a claw ; Vff^ WTT?7T, to scratch, 
to flay Avith the nail. 

Vfa^^T kharun(lh|nd, f. a. To 
scratch with the nail. 

\i"3^ kharud, s. in. Disturbance, 

trS'^^ kharoch,ni, c. a. To 

y^^^ kharot, s. m. A -white 

y^^"3^T kharot, n a, s. m. A wood- 
en instrument used for twisting 

\/?5 khall, s. f. Skin, hide; a 

tf f5 khal, s. f. Oil cake. 

"'^fS^ khalh.du, s. m. Commo- 
tio!!, tumult, alarm. 

tf?57? klial,kat, s. /. Creature, 
creation, world, people; i.q.fV??- 

y^?5^"T khall, n;i, s. m. Family, 
a race or tribe of people. 

tf?73T khal,ta, s. m. A loose 
garment ; i. q. tV?5^. 

if^'q khal|dhu, s. in. Commo- 
tion, tumult, alarm; tf "R^ >r^T- 
^SfT or UT^^a, to raise a com- 
motion or tumult. 

^f^f^fS khal,bal, s.f. Pain in the 
bowels -with rumbling; commo- 
M ^^jv^ T^^T khalhbalaiUna, v. n. 
To have pain and rumbling; to 
^ Wy^Si'i khallibajat, s. m. A 






strong desire to go to stool ; c. w. 

V-Rrg?5^ klialli.I.ali', *. /, Com- 
motion, tumult, haste. 
*5l «« klia,lal, s. m. Disturbance, 
j>reju<]ic'e, damage, injury, inter- 
ruption, confu.-ion, ruin, liiatu?. 
>rw^ khal,lar, s. m. A ilrj- hi.le 

or skin. 
V^^ klial,ri, s. /. Skin; tlie 

*r?5"3' klial,ru, t. m. A small skin 
or hide; a bag made of the dried 
hide of an animal. 
»rWT khal,li, s.m. A shoe; looso- 
ness of skin ; tr?5r m" -riic^i, to 
be loosened ; y ?5T JfT^T^Tj to beat 
?vitli a shoe. 
*f Wr^I kli;d;i,wi, s. m. One who 

amuses a child; i. q. fV wr<^T. 
*ff75»HTF7»T khalhiar,iii, r. a. 
To cause to stop or stand fa^t; 
i. q. wfemi^T^r. 
vr^ kha, ji, s. f. Oil cake. 
*r?5tFr khali,ti, s. in. A purse, 
a bag, a j)aeket, a royal letter; i. q. 
y^rt'^rg khalidar, s. m. A pur- 
y^fhsrart klialida,rf, t.f. Buying, 
y^^rr khalo,ua, r. n. ( past «^. 
ST; also regular.) To stand, to 
stop, to be erectt<l, to be fLsed ; 
i. q. >d^^. 
'd'St^l khalau,na, s. m. A toy, 

a plaything. 
V^CTT khaway,ya, s. m. An 

M^T kha,w£, s. w». The shoul- 
der, the part of the arm near the 
shoulder; V^^ VTSTTi, to strike 
with the shoulder, 
vr^ kha,wi, s.f. A kind of gross. 
*f%'crr khawai,ya, s. m. An eater. 
V^ khar, s.f. Straw. 
\r3^q^ kharsukk, a. Dead, dried 
up, ( a tree or underbrush. ) 

vf^^ khaPird:, *. in. The sound 

protJuced by knocking, rattling, 

ie., the sound of fuotstejis, noi.-e, 

u|)roar, clamor. 
tr^ir?T khar,akna, r. «. To give 

a sound of rattling, &c. 
*i"3^r kliar,ki, t. m. Noise, Lq. 

i. q. ^^T7. 
V^inScfvT kliarka,una, t. a. To 

make a noi^^e upon any thing, to 

thump, to knock. 
^'^TTt khar,nl, r. a. To take 

a\vay, to carry olf. 
M f(<Sl khar,na, c. n. To stop, 

to stand. 
^d'^^.^^U kharpanych, s.f. A 

piece of split bamboo or wood. 
Vf rfy^l kliar,bara, a. Ilougli, 

uneven; i. q. M^'^TJST. 
y rfyrt^i kiiar|barat, s. hi. A 

sound of trampling, i:c. i. q. ??[- 

V^lTrrtifZft kliar|\imit."ti, s.f. 

>:r'^T k]ia,r.'i, a. Standing, straight, 

perpendicular, erect. 
if^T^ khari,un, s. /. A wooden 

sandal fastened ou with thongs. 
vf^TW kharai),. a. Arrived at the 

age of puberty, ( a she goat. ) 
V^ kha,ri, s.f. Chalk. 
V^ ^^rr kha,ro ho,na, ^ r. n. To 
tr^^T kharo,n..i, -J stand 

up, to be erect, to be Gxed, to 

yf kJian, s. m. ( Ut. lord. ) A title 

common among the Pathans. 
vf khan, c<mj. ( a suffix to verbs. ) 

Then, indeed; ( provincial. ) 
yTfV»HT kha,ia, s. m. A testi- 
tflf\j?5, /./. A female 

friend, a whore. 
^J-Z^ k]ia,i, *./. A ditch, a cir- 

cumvallation, a trench round a 

town or fort ; eating. 
\r( Qr^ T klia.una, r. a. To cat. 

^T^ khi.u, g. m. A glutton; 
^T^ fVF, one whose frien.iihip 
dipcnds on his being well f,.-d, 
^TlTf khis, a. Own, j.artieular, 

private; excellent. 
tTTH khis, aJ. Particularly, es- 
vrrH'Tt kh.t.«,ki, a. Intimate; no- 
ble, excellent. 
tfTTT^T khas,ni, ) r. n. To 

ytjT^T khans, na, J cough. 
yiHT kha, si, a. Pure, noble, goo<l, 

excellc^nt, elegant. 
ynrjTT kiii~,vi, t. rn. A kind 
of fine muslin; fixxl of a superior 
quality, dainties. 
vrfT^ kIiin,M', s. f. Cougli. 
y^rre vgr^r khihd, khurik, t.f. 
Food, daily foo<l, victuals, eat- 
>rr5" klrik, s. f. Earth, dust, 

tfTT^^r kiiiktiyli, t. m. A 
butt of earth, a mark to ihoot 
tn^T klrt,ki, t. m. A pla.n, a 

sketch, a draft, an outline. 
"fcfnft khi,ki, a. Karthy, made 
of du--t, du.-ty, earthen; vmft 
»Ht"gT, an addled egg, a wind egg, 
an f'^^ fruin which notliing can 
be hatched ; ( also met. a term of 
reproach, denoting illegitimacy; ) 
VTTT^ "^^ST, a mortal; ^T?^ =§"vr, 
flesh which is of dust, viz. the 
mortal body. 
tmr khakh, s.f. The chc<k. 
\rrUT khany,chi, s. m. A hen 
house, a hencoc>p; a pannier, a 
basket, a tray. 
t^rg^ khiny.chi, *./. A sugar 

*rr^ khaj, t. f. Itch, itcliirg; 
>nTr WT^^, to itch ; ^TtT ^T?- 
75I, to itch, to scratch. 
VT%T kliijji, *. m. Victuals, 
food, eatables. 





trfy kl.iint, a. Experionce«l, 
knowing ; unwilling' to bo .i<lvif<.-.i, 
iinvieliling, irulcpendcnt, hc-aJ- 
strong-, rel>clliou5,, 
yi^ klia<], *./• An excavation, 

a hollow. 
trfS'T klian,']a, s. m. A two 
edged svrord, a broad straight 
sword; a two edged dagger worn 
sometimes by Akalis. 
irra" kha,du, s. nj. A hill goat, 
trr^ khSn, s.f. A mine. 
yr^TJTT khauhu,ra, ». m. A 

trr^T kill, III, r. a. To eat: to get, 
to suffer, to endure, to undergo, 
^fr^a kli3,na, s. m. Food, victuals, 

vrr^ kluit, s. m. A pit; manure. 
>iT3^ kha,tar, g. f. Sake, re- 
gard, consideration. 
>rr3T khi.tar, f'T''^^- For the 

."■nke of. 
trrjo'^KT kh.itaria,ina, s.f. Corn- 
fort, satisfaction, a-iuran<-e, cn- 
tn^^^^r^t khatardi.rl, t.f. Com- 
fort, s;iti-fa<tion, kiml treatment; 
>rr3^^ru"f ?F7f>, to treat kindly. 
tn^T kh tt.ta, s. 111. A pit, a grain 

jiit ; daily account, a waste b<:'<.k. 

*rn?¥ kli i^dar, s. m. The low 

land on the margin of a river 

which is occasionally overllow<.-<l. 

trrq- kh'idh, !. f. Food; ^THT 

V3~n7, food, victuals. 
WT^ khan, x. nj. Lord, j.rince; 
( a title tised chiefly by Pathans. ) 
^^'ITTT khi,nii, *. m. A house, 
a shop; the space in a cf-iling 
between two beams; ^iMiX vrgrg 
vl<^f, the dying of a wile; ( also 
language of abuse; a5, ^ tTT?^ 

^^■^-^ : ) 

*fr7d khi.n', i.f. ThcotSceof 


\i l<0 kha,ni, a. I)umc>tic, raised 
or moulttil at hunie, (a hawk or 
other bird u?ed in hunting. ) 
yn^ khtb, t. m. Adream;^fTg 

THT'^^n', to dream. 
Vrg^ kliab,ru, s. m. A news- 
tnji kliini, a. IJaw, unripe, vain, 
crude, of unbaked earth; yiK 
W17n, to stop the n^outh of any 
thing, (as a l>ottIe. ) 
tTTift kha,mi, s. f. Eawness, 

crudeness, inexperience, loss. 
VTT^ kha,yi, s. vi. A testicle. 
Wj kliar, s.f. An alkali, pot- 
ash, any thing used for cleansing 
like soap; a spur, a cock's spur; 
jealousy, en>y, hatred, heart 
burning; VTT^ W3'^, to hate; 
wrg- >d'T5ft, to be jealous. 
\JT57> khi^ran, s.f. A jealous 

y !d<M khar,na, t. a. To scale off, 
( as lime from a wall, ) to cause 
to melt or waste away, ( as salt 
in water. ) 
i^S'^T khar,wa, s. m. A kind of 
coarse red cotton cloth; soreness 
between the toes caused by keep- 
ing the feet wet. 
MTTT kht,ri, a. Salt, brackish, 

( as water. ) 
^ngr kha,ra', s. m. A colony; 
c. w. >Kr^?n'; a largo basket 
made of reeds used at weddings; 
^n^ -df^Ai, to set on the lluiru; 
( a marriage ceremony. ) 
■MT^"^ khi.rf, t.f. A small basket 
made of rec'<is, used at we<ldings; 
the basket attached underneath a 
native gany, for holding baggage; 
any basket n.ade of reeils. 
^rrsft kha,rl, *. in. An enemy, 

a jealous man. 
VTW kliil, *. m. A spot, a mole. 
VT^ klii], f.f. A drain, an a- 
queduet, a gutter, an inlet, a 

groove; the hollow along the '■iiine 

of a fit man or horse. 
yr^^TF khildar, a. Spotted, 

stnakfd, grooved. 
yi^WVlPS) khaliiiakiiu,li, a. Emp- 
ty, empty hande<l. 
MT?i5> khi,li, a. Em[»ty. 
yrc^ kh;I,li, s.f. ( <lim. of ^TTH- ) 

An a'pieduct, a drain, «S:c. 
VT35f kh:i,lan, S.f. An aunt, a 

mother's sister. 
W~r^ kha,wi, s. m. A salt mine. 
Vfl^ khar, s.f. The level coun- 
try at the foot of a mountain. 
VT^T kht,ra, s. m. j The habit- 
yT"^ khiji, s. f. } ation of 

a Hindu devotee. 
VT^ kiii.ri, s.f. A creek, an 

inlet, a deep water course. 
tfT^" kha,ru, s. in. One who lives 

near the foot of a mountain; a 

hill goat; i. q. ^Tf^. 
fV^KlTTS" klii.i,nat, s.f. Perfidy, 

treaciiery, embezzlement. 
fVJKT?? khldl, s. in. Thought, 

imagination, fancy. 
fVn{T?5^ khia,li, a. Fanciful, 

fV^T^SiT kliisk,na, v. n. To move 

away, to slip away, to depart, to 

fkn^S khis,kat, s.f. A four 

cornered piece set between the 

legs of jxijumas. 
f^WcfcTH tti^r khiskan,tatn ho,na, 

r. n. To dejiart, to run away. 
tVjT^ri^^vT khibka,una, r, a. To 

cause to remove, to take off, to 

shove out of the way. 
fVfVn<T€5CT khikhi-t.una, v. n. To 

grin, to be abashed, to slink away. 
fyfH kliingg, s. m. A stringe<l in- 
strument played with the fingers, 

a kind of guitar; proj)erly f^^T. 
fVjT khingg, a. White, bnt not 

I>erfectly so, of a dirty white, 

grayish; ( a color of horses. ) 





fV^TT kliin2r,i;i, in. Stout, able bo- 
<lie'I, viiroroui; an atlil<jtic down. 
fVg" khiclidi, t. /. I'lilling, 
drawing^, dragging; scanity ; fV^ 
WP^'^, juilling ami liaiiliiig. 
fV^^r klii(lic!i,ni, r.a. Toilrau', 
to stretch; to buil<l, (as a wall.) 
fV^a^r^t khi<!n\;i|i, s. f. Draw- 
ing; conjitcn>ati'>n for drawing. 
fVrT^r^^cr kirKliw;i|iin;'i, r. a. 

To cause to be drawn, &,c. 
fV-dvf khich,cljar, *. m. lUce and 

ddl cooketl together. 
fVo'^ khicli,ri, s. f. Piice and 
J<tZ cooked together; any mixture 
of things. 
fV^re^ khi<.hi,i, s.f. Pulling; 

the price of pulling, Lc. 
tV^r^ khicha,u, s. m. Pulling, 

1>r9T^^^ khicha,uni, r. a. To 

cause to be pulled, &c. 
fV^FT khinyj, s.f. Drawing, drag- 
ging, pulling; f>r^ Wjf^ST, drag- 
ging and hauling; i. q. tfTT. 
fViT^T khinyj, na, r. a. To draw, 

to pull, to attract, to stretch. 
fVoT^r^ khinyj wa,i, .*./. Draw- 
ing; compensation for drawing. 
f*r=rT^I^c5r khiuyjwa,uni, r. a. 

To cause to be drawn, 
f^rfl^ khiuyja,!, s.f. Draw- 
ing; compensation for drawing. 
fVrn'^^T khinyja, una, r. a. To 

cause to be drawn. 
fV^ khijh, s.f. Vexing, tcazing, 

fV^ciVT khijh,ni, r. n. To be 

vexed, to be teazed, to fret. 
^^<c l6c5r khijhw;i,una, p. a. 

To cause to bo vexed. 
iV^T^^rr khijh;i,uni, v. a. To 

vex, to tcaze, to molest. 

i\rz khitt, s.f. Painning, speed; 

i^rz XTT^ »rr rTT^T, to come 

quickly; f^TZ: H rg T^, to run fast. 

fyrS^J khind,ni, r. n. To be 

scatt<-red, to bo dis]ier;<od, to be 
dishevelled; tV^ TfZ tTT^t, to 
go to pieces, to be scattered, to 
bo dispersed. 
fV^TP" "^ZVJ khiii(l|inin phuft,-, o. Sc;ittcred, di>i>ersed. 
fV^r^'^ khid;i,i, 5. /. The re- 
ward given to one for teaching a 
child to play and entertaining it, 
compensation for amusing a child. 
fV'S'T^cI^r khida,un.I, r. a. To 

cause to play. 
fV^T^^a khiiKJaiUua, v.c. To 

scatter, to disj'erse, to dishevel. 
fVs'T^ khidar, m.f. ^ A 

fVjrg-^ khi(l.iran, /. > playir, 
tV'5'rgt khida,ri, m. J a play- 
ful i)erson, a gallant ; amorous. 
fV'gT^T khidi,wa, s. m. « One 
fV'^^t khi(l:l,wi, s.f. ] Avho 
tearhes children to play, and en- 
tertains thorn, a child's nurse. 
fV«5 kliin, s.f. Tartar on the 
teeth, the dirt that collect-, on 
any article in use; c. w. tTW^. 
ik^ fV^ft khi,ni khi,in', a. Scat- 
tered, dispersed; fVc5^ fV^ttT- 
^T, to be scattered, to be disper- 
sed; fV^"^ ikvS^ ^gTTT, or -ST? 
^^7, to scatter, to disperse. 
tVyl khit,ti, s. f. A thorn, a 
bush, a hedge; a cluster of stars; 
( in this sense used oidy in the plu- 
ral; ) ftr?t % ^?ft, to hedge up, 
to shut; fVF> t%-^ vr^ f ^737, 
to burn a person among tliorus. 
f?/^ khin,tha, s. m. A patched 

quilt worn by ascetics, 
ttf^ khi<l,du, J. m. ^ A ball, 

fV^ khid,do, s.m.f, ) a play ball. 
i\fV( khiridh, s. f. \ Very 

ivtr^T khindhja, s.m. > thick bed- 
fifTJ^ khindhji, s.f. ^ ding, 
ftf^ W khindhOjIi, s.m. A tat- 
tered quilt; a kind of squash. 
fV^ ^ khin,nu, s. nu A baJ), a 
f^ ) play ball. 

fkMf khi,m;i, t.f Pardon, for- 
giveness, absolution, patient en- 
durance; tVwT 5^75^, to pardon, 
to bear an insult or injury week- 

fWzT^r khiit,ni, r. n. Tu be 
well acquainted with the law*, 
occu[.ation3 and customs cf the 

fW77 khi.ran, s. f A jrill of 
the vuice in singing; c. w. ^^. 

f'^^T^t, s.f The name 
cf a fruit tree. 

tVf?^ k]ii,rin(lh, s.iu. A scab; 
c. w. WT tTT^T and Qj f a< ^. 

i^H^ khil!, s.f. A kind of ].arch- 
e»l rice, &e. 

fV??7T khil,las, s.f Disturbance, 
putting a stop to, iuterrupti'.-n; 
trouble, di>trcss, solicitude. 

f^^S, *./. A dross, a 
robe of honor with whioli prinevs 
confer dignity on sul-jvcts; one 
of the four humors of the liuiuau 
body, ( among Muh:immadaii3 
reckoned four, among Hindus 
five; ) ttf i^-y :^pft or 31^^^, 
to invest with a robe of Iiono:-. 

t^KFT k!jil,ti, s. j)j. A loose 
dre>s worn by Afjthis and Kash- 
■ rnirts. 

tV J^o" tTT^TT khil,lar ji,ni, ) r. «. 

fwKd 7»T khil,larn:i, / To 

be scariered, to be dispersed, to 
bo di^h.evelled. 

tV«<^ry;*> kliilw;i,i, s. f The 
pay of a child's nurse, compensa- 
tion for teaching to play; the 
price of victualling. 

Ui'?5^'o<5^T kliilwi|UrLi, r. a. To 
cause to play; to cause to eat; 
(both through the agency of a 
third party. ) 

fV7=5I^ khili,i, s. f. Comi>en- 
sation for teaching to play; price 
of victualling. 

fvfZFn^'^T khiUjUna, r. a. To 





cause to play ; to cau*e to cat, to 

fVsF^TF kliilir, s. m.f- A player. 

fV^TF, ( t.f. A 

fVffSr^TV khila,ran, ^ playful girl; 
an a<lulteress, a strumpet, a whore. 

fV?5T377T kliilir,na, r. a. To 
scatter, to dislievel. 

tV?5r?'^ kliili,ri, m. Skillful in 
playing, a playful man or boy; au 

fV?5T^r kliili,wa, s. m.) One 

tVfFr^ kliila,wi, s.f. ■ whoa- 
inuses a cliild, one ■who teaches 
cliildren to play, and entertains 
them, a child's nurse. 

fV?5^ kliil,li, s.f. Laughing, ridicule. 

fV?ft"gr^ khillibaj, s. in./. A 
lauglier, one who ridicules. 

fV^ f%^T7^t khil.Io diw;i,ni, ) 

fV^ ^>KT7ft khil,lo dua,ni, J 
J. rica^ant, liumorous, fuiuiy, 
p<hiyful ; an insanu woii'ian. 

fV%^ khilaUiUii, f. j;}. A play- 
thii fj, a toy. 

tV^7 khirk, \^ s. t;i. A single 

fV^irr kliifiki,^ leaved di^or, a 
winduw, a gate. 

fV^^ft,ki, s. /. A small 
door or window ; fV^lft ^3ivt 
or WT'^^, to shut the door or 

^pnf^^rg- khirkidir, a. Made 
with windows, (a house;) folded 
in a particular way, (a turban. ) 

^W^^^T^^TT kiiirkhani.uni, r. n. 
To laugh. 

T^'S^y^rj khirk'ianit, s.m. Laugh- 

fM^tV^T^=7T khirkhira.una, r. n. 
To laugii. 

ftf^lV^Tz: khirkhirat, t.m. Laugh- 

fV^Tjr, r. n. To bloom, 
to blow, ( as a flower; ) to bur<t 
open, ( as a melon: ) to bo de- 
lighted, to laugh. 

fV^T^ khira,u, s. m. The ex- 
panding of a flower, blooming; 

tV^rQr^T khira,unt, t. a. To 
cause to bloom; to delight. 

>f^ khis, S.J. Loss; a grin; a 
shrug; milk giviii by a cow just 
after calving; v'^JT ^^ or V^T, 
to bo s]toiled, to be diminished, 
to go otV, to be lost. 

Vf^?TT khi,s!i, *. m. A pocket; a 
rubber, ( used in baths; ) >i\W 
oT^^r, to rub the body all over in 
bathing with a rubber. 

\rh^>d-rg khinkhab, s.m.f. Silk 
•worked with gold and silver flow- 
ers, brocade. 

■kfl'Sr khir, s. f. Rice boiled with 

>i^\ khi,ra, s. ni. A cucum- 
ber; a young animal not yet hav- 
ing the teeth wliich come at a 
certain age, and by which the age 
is ascertained; ( spoken of cattle. ) 

>{\^ khi,ri, s. f. An udder, a 
cow's bag. 

vrt^T khi,wa, a. Drunk; lustful, 
wanton, proud. 

yt^TV^^ khtwapu,na, .». m. 
Drunkenness, the state of intoxi- 
cation; lust. 

VrKT^^a khu:i,una, v. a. To 
feed, to cause to eat. 

■tfTHTJT khufis, s. f. A female 
attendant on the great. 

VTHT^'t khu;i,si, s.f. The jdace 
where one sits behind a great 
man upon an elephant, the ser- 
vant's st-at upon the hawld. 

tpKlTITiT khuah,na, s. m. A 
])lace from whi<h earth Is dug up, 
the cavity formed by such dig- 
ging; the cavity of the eye. 

■yW'F kiiu;ir, n. Poor, distressed, 
wretchetl; ruined; contemptible. 

VyMl3> khui,ri, s.f. Wretched- 
ness, distress, ruin; baseness. 

^^■nnWcST khua,laii:i, ( r. a. To 

■ywr^TSTT kliui|,ni, ■' feed, tO 
cr»use to eat. 

VTT khus, a. Glad. j.\vftd, de- 
lighted, pleased; "VfJT gtTT^r, to 
live in a plea^ant state, to live in 
pleasure, to lead a jirufligate life. 

M^T^tvJ^l khusr.i,hiua, 5. m. A 
man who wanders about and 
spends his life in folly and sensu- 

■kfH^tTJ^JTT khusra,hina, *. jti. ) 

■ifJTJtxi^S^ khusra, hiui, s.f. * 
A cant term used by Sikhs to 
denote a small pony. 

■y H J TvJ cfO khusra,hini, s. f. A 
wanton girl; a pair of breeches. 

■yTT"? khusk, (7. Dry, withered. 

•kfrr?^ khus,ki, s.f. Dryness, 
dry land. 

V"fl^T khusS|n:i, r. n. To be 
taken away by force, to be snatch- 
ed; to be weak, and have a sense 
of fainting, ( the heart. ) 

■«TI^ khus, ye, 5. «i. />?. The 

■«TI? V-JTa" khu,iar khu,sar, s.f. 
The clattering sound produced by 
a person walking with old tatter- 
ed shoes ; ( used only with o<dAl.) 

tTfnJT khus,ra, s. m. A eunuch, \ 
hermaphrodite; ( a class that spend 
their time in dancing and singing. ) 

VPI^T^^^T khusri,i:na, r. a. To 
clatter the shoes In walking. 

>f JT^ 'e'g"^ k]nis,sar, a. 
Not nicely made. See M"?!^ ^^;<. 

V Hl6<5T khusi.una, r. a. To 
cause to be seize<l and taken away 
by force ; ( more fre<iuently VTH- 

"MT^'W^ khusa.mad, s.f. Flat- 

MTTfW^^ kiiusi,m.adan, s.f. 1 

VHTW^?"^ khusaiUiadi, s. nj. ■' 
A flatterer. 

•*rjft khu,si, *. /. Gladness, 





V^T \mi 

joy, fleliu'lit, li,'i[tpin<:->s pleasure, 
Vjft khu,--!, <j. G]a<l, joyful, 

happy, pleased. 
yfTT^ =^"?^ khus.sur <lub,l)ur, a. 

2sot nicely made; ( spoken onlv 

of articles made of cloth, paper, 

or other light material. ) 
VjTirM kliusot,ui, r. a. To 

tear of}', to scratch, to snatch, to 

take otf by force. 
VvjcNr kluih,ni, r. a. To seize, 

to .snatch, to take forcihly. Also 

vrrr^t khuha,;, s. f. Forcible 
abstraction of any thing, depriva- 
tion; ( used only with VT^ft; as, 
^75 ^"Crngrt ^rtrr^, hesuticred 
deprivation, tc. ) 
VvliocisT kliuhUiUni, r. a. To 
cause to be seized, to cause to be 
takcQ forcibly. 
^ vji<sr kliuha,n;i, s. tn. A cavity 
fonuod in the ground by digging 
out earth for bricks, plaster. Sec; 
the socket of the eye ball. 
^ sie^i khu,huua, V. a. To seize, 

to snatch, to take forcibly. 
>i sj d fi ! khUjhurara, a. Eough, 

^■^y^cyr kiui,hulani, v. a. To 
open, to loose, to loosen, to untie, 
to disclose, to uncover, to explain, 
to disengage, to set sail or un- 
moor, ( a ship. ) 
*ni^ khu,luirn, s. m. A plun- 
derer, one who seizes and takes a 
thing forcibly. 
V>f^ khukh,iii, ) s.f. A kind 
^r^TTH' khu,khuni,J of sword used 

by the GorUids. 
yfvm khuug,gh;i, s. m. A stake, a 
stump, a broken limb of a tree, ic. 
>f^ khuchch, s. f. The hollow 

of the knee. 
^"^ khuchch, t.f. A strict in- 
quire-, a thorough investigation ; 
c. w. "STdTi^. Also ^r^. 

>fr3tsi khuchch, ni, r. a. To 
cojiulate with. 

VxJ'yi^T khuchbiji s. m. A strict 

^^^I^^ khuchbiji, s.f. Strict 

^f^^T^^ kliuchw.i,i, s.f. Cop- 
ulation; the sura given to procure 
it, coni]>ensation for copulating. 

M^"c l€<ivf khuchwijUni, r. a. 
Causal ofv''^^a; ( generally used 
as language of abuse. ) 

V-g-T^ khurhi,i, s.f. i. q. V^- 

^T^i'^^rr khuchi|Un t, r. a. i. q. 

^^^r khunyjh n i, r. n. To 
err, to mis*, to mistake. 

Y^r^ khunjlii.i, *./. Deceiv- 
ing, playing a trick; ( use<l only 
with VT^ and $"^. ) 

>/^T^^rr khunyjh;!, uai, r. a. To 
cau^o to err, to cause to miss. 

vf 2" khutt, 5. »)j. A hoe. 

>fZ-?r khut,ki, f. m. Doubt, 

^Z^T, ) To be Itn- 

ished, to be done, to come io an 
end ; to be diminiihed. -Uso T^^"- 

>f2r7 khu,f,i.r, ) a. Cruel, hard 

VZ^ khu,t;ir, J hearted. 

^rZTT k!uit,(u, 5'. m. A testicle. 

^f^T'^^T k!iuti,uni, r. a. To bring 
to an end, tocoinplete; to diminish. 

V'fV'XTSft khutii.i, s.f. Lupu- 
rity, &c. Scr) -Q-flrw^t. 

vzft khut.ti, *./. A small hoe. 

yrs khudd, *./. A hole, ( as of 
a snake or rat, &c.;) an aperture 
in a wall for the emission of water, 
<S:c.; the space from which a tooth 
has fallen out or been extracted. 

v/^ khuud, s. m. A stumj>, a 
peg, a nail, a tent j»in, a tenter, 
( made of wood. ) 

khu.l,!i, ) , 

khuij,di, J pigeu 


pigeon house, 

Y^THT khu.l,!i, 

W^T khuij.di 
a hen house. 

>f:?T khun,di, *. m. A wooden 
pin, a tent pin, Lc; i. q. t/^. 

W"^ khud,.li, s.f. The sj.accsin a 
privy between the partitions. 

V^ kliun()h, t. m.f. A root, a 
stump; an old man or woman. 

>f^^r klui(jli,ri, ) t. m. An 

>#^r khud,.)lii, J old man; (a 
sufiix to -^^^ or -g^^T; as, 
-^=5-^1 V^^^T or "^T V^T. ) 

^-^ k]iun,(]Iii, a. DuU, not 
sharp; stuiiiil. 

Vc^K khuns, s.f. Animosity, 
spite, rancor, envy, malice; emula- 
tion ; c. w. 3<d<st and Vt^. 

^^'R^'3' khun.-khor, vi.f. A 
spiteful person, one who bears a 
grudge; sjiiteful, jealous, envious, 
irritalile, pas>ionate. 

V^T{^ kiiuni-nn, y. /. An en- 
vious, spiteful woman. 

^cXJ^?rr khun-,nu, r. n. To be 
angry, to bo spiteful, to bo envi- 
ous, to be jealous. 

V^cjff kliun,si, tn. An irritable, 
jiasjionate man, one full of ani- 
mosity; envious, jealous. 
W"^?*!, v. a. To dig, to ex- 
cavate, to carve, to engrave, to cut. 
V 3" kliutt, s. f. Hollowness of 
the eyes, a sunken state of the 
eyes; depression in the flesh of 
any j>art of the body ; also depres- 
sion inawall,tlie earth, i:c.;c. w. 

>S^i^ khut,ti, s.f. A hole made 
in the ground by boys in plnying 
■with cowries, &c. 

>rW^T, r. «. To fall 
out, to be shed, to be torn out, 
to be plucked, to be stripped ofl', 
( as hair, feathers, k.c. ; ) to I e be- 
reft and in a miserable pliglit. 

^^vqrr kluit,th;i putjthi, a. Strip- 





pc<l, bereft, in a mIsoraMe state. 

>f:^ kliu.l, p<on. Self. 
VzZ^r kliu.l, na, r. n. To be dug 
or en gravel- 

W-:e^r^ khudwi.f, s. /. Com- 
pcusation for digging, engraving, 
fcc; causing to be engraved, kc. 

V^^^-^a kIuid\Ta,uu;i, r. a. To 
cau?e to dig, engrave, &.c. 

tr^ klmdi, s. m. God. 

\f^'i-Z^ kbudi.i, s.f. Divinity, 
the Godlicad, providence; the 

y-^T-^ khudi,!, a. Divine. 

y'Jer^ khudi,!, s.f. Compen- 
sation for tligging, ke. ; engrav- 
ing, digging, &.C. 

y^5T^^T k}iuda,una, r. a. To 
cauiO to bo dug, engraved, ^e. 

*f^, A ball. 

VTT3" kuun,dhar, s.f. A rough 
path; a hollow, a shallow ravine, 
a cave; any thing recondite, the 
particulars t»f a story. 

■»ffq-*WT khud,dhli, s.f. Hunger; 
c. w. ffjlc^t. 

^ftTT'Mi^iiS' khud,dhiasant, s.f. 

^ff^T^RTS" khud,dhias:Int, a. Sa- 
tiifviiig, ( f-xj.l. ) 

^fsr? khunik, s. m. The quin- 
sy, a jore throat. 

V'g khuinb, *./. A mushroom. 

^■g khuMib, s. m. A kettle in 
whit-h clothes are boiled. 

^"W^ khuuibar, s. m. ^ Drow- 

Y^'dl kliumbi,ri, s. f. J siness, 
intoxication, a turning of the 
head, distraction of mind, the 
miserable state of mind and body 
following a debauch; a headache. 

Y^ khum,bi, a. Boikd and 
washc-d, ( clothes, ) cleansed by 
^boiling, bleached. 

V35f khub,},han, s.f. Mire, a 
slough, a miry ditch. 

^TF?^ k!iubh,ui, r. n. To pen- 

etrate, to pierce, to sink into; to 
atl'i.'ct, to make an impression. 

Y^r^^a khubha,uiia, v. a. To 
cause to penetrate, pierce or sink 

V3^ khul»,bhuii, s.f. Mire, 
a slough, a miry ditch, 

*1 2(«^i khub|l.hui_i:i, F. n. To pen- 
etrate, to sink into, &c. i. q. 

■*fjf khunmi, ^ s. m. A kt-ttle 
vflCg khumb, J in which clothes 

are boiled, 
^f^rg khumb, s. f. A mushroom. 
>f>raT^ khumbar, s. vi. \ Drow- 
Y^fWrrt kliumb.i|ri, s.f.} siness, 

intoxication, a turning of the 

head, mental distraction, a head 

ache; c. w, >MT^^vT and nrr-^?^. 
>firgt khum,bi, a. Boiled and 

washed, ( clotlies. ) 
^O^JT khum,ra, s. m. ) The 

^KB^ khuni,ri, s.f. ' mixed 

young of a white pigeon and a 

dove; a turtle dove, 
vf^fra" khumar, s. m. ) Drowsiness, 
y^fTgl kluuiia,n, s.f.J &c. i. q. 

'^W3^ and v/g7Ft. 
VF kliur, s. m. The divided hoof 

of animals of the cow kiml. 
>f?7 khurk, s.f. Itch, itching. 
*1 da^c^T khurk, na, v. a. To scratch 

or ml) in order to allay itching. 
M^H^'SriGcM khurk;i,una, v. a. To 

cause to itch, to cause to scratch. 
>r?"^TT klmrkhoj, s. m. A ves- 
tige, a trace, the mark of a hoof, 

the track of a foot. 
>f?3TTXr khurgih, ) s. f. The 
V33I khur,go, ) treading of 

wheat, (tc. by oxen to separate 

the grain from the chaft'. 
V?"^^ khur,chan, ». /. What 

adheres to a dinner pot in cooking, 

pot scrajiings. 
M^^^T khuich,ni, r. a. To 

scrape, ( a pot, kc. ) 

tf^'gr^t^T khurch.i,una, r. a. 
To cause to be scrape<l. 

^F^^ khurch,rji, *. /. A pot 
scraper, a scoop. 

^TSnfft khurji, s.f. Saddlebags 
for a liorse or mule. 

vfFT^T khur,na, r. n. To Xm dis- 
solved, to melt. 

VFVl khur,iia, s. m. An instrument 
for cutting up grass by the roots. 

>r3V^ khur,pi, s.f. A small in- 
strument for cutting up grass by 
the roots, a scraper. 

■y"5^?vt khuTili, s. f. A manger. 

>rg^T khur,ra, s. ira. A divided 
hoof, a foot, ( of a cow, goat, 
&c.;) i. q. V?^. 

■t^?! khu,ri, s. m. A footstep, the 
track of a foot ; also the foot itself. 

>f3"T^^r khura.uua, f. a. To 
cause to be dissolved, to dissolve, 
to molt. 

tfTT^'^T khuri,urii, *. m. The 
foot and lower leg bone of an ani- 
mal as sold in the shambles. 

■ir?T7 khunik, s.f. Food. 

VFT^ khura,ki, a. Eatable, suit- 
aide lor foo-l. 

>r5TZ kliuraut, a. Yerv old. 

Also yf^r. 

tfH^r^ kliura.te, s. m. pi. ^uo- 
ring; c. w. WT?^; i. q, tLr^T^, 

Vg*^ khu,rf, s.f. A small hoof, 
one of the divi:?ions of a cloven 
hoof; the horny substance which 
grows behind the hoof of a cow, 
(tc, corre^i)onding with the fet- 
lock of a horse; the heel of a shoo. 

"yfTS khu.rund, ) *. m. The 

V^^ khu,rund:i, J foot of a cow, 
goat or sheep. 

■*r3^ khu,rundh, ) *. wi. S<ratch- 

V^^ khuriindh, J ing with 

the nail-, the marks produced by 
scratching; scab; c. w. J-T'd AT. 

"^^p^ kliurud, s. m. Mutiny, 
insurrection, uproar, disturbance. 





luUii, (lullh,' Loosc- 

V^ yfTjft kliii,rc klian,si, inter. 
An exflaiiiatioii uscl l-y motlicrs 
and nurses todiildroii, when they 
cough much; q. tl. "go away 
cough I " 
»rf5 khullh, 
*f^ H75 khi 

ness, openness, freeiloni, liberty, 
^^^T khullh, ni, v. n. To open, 
to bo opened, to be loosed. Also 

^fl^T khMlI,h.i, a. Open, spucion?, 

freo, unbound. 
WTf^r^ khulha,!, s.f. Compensa- 
tion fur opening any thing. 
■*l"f5^^"^ khullKi,un:i, r. a. To 
cause to bo opened, to cause to 
be loosened, 
vffijr "TTpr kiuill,ha dull.lui, a. 
At large, free, at liberty, having 
no anxiety. 
Y?5a7^r khul,kanu, r. n. To 

cough slightly. 
yrs^ khul.kl, s. /. A slight 

V«5^, a. Good tem- 
pered, civil, jiolite, well behaved. 
VHM"f5T khul.khuli, a. Open, 
loose, not tight, ( as a shoe; ) 
empty, vacant, hollow. 
^W5CT khull,ni, r. a. To Hay, 

to skin. 
tf^T'Erl' kluiLi,f, s.f. Compensa- 
tion for feeding; the price of fare. 
^ff^lScST khiila|Una, r. a. To 

feed; to make eat. 
V^lS-^T khuwa,uuA, r. a. To 
cause to cat, to feed; i. q. tf^T^- 

^fgirgrjl khurklxin,kii, s. m. 

A dandy, a boaster, a lecherous 

pci-son, a rake. 
V7J khiili, s. m. A well. 
V\]cy khu,han, s. f. A well, a 

I»lt, a mine; a heap. 
VvTT khu,ha, s. hi. A well. 

Vfxft khu,hi, t. f. A small 

>rrr^ khu.hun, $.f. A well, &c. ; 
i. ([. >fvr^. 
I V? khilk, s. m. A hog. 

tptT khunyj, t.f. ) A cor- 

Vrfi khuiiyja, s. m. J nor, an an- 
V3" khunt. *•/• A corner, an 

angle; a si<ie, a cjuarter. 
V3T khun,ta, *. m. A stake, a 

tent pin, a peg; protection. 

W^ft khun,ti, f.f. A small peg 

or stake, a peg; 'tj^ 3^ cT ?( <Vt, to 

tune a stringed instrament; to 

turn or divert any one from a 


V^ khiui, s.f. Want, deficiency. 

V^T kln1|n:i, ) I'^^P- Without, 

W^ khu.non, J f<jr want of, in 

the absence of. 
vj^ IJiiul, s.f. Green barley or 

wheat cut for horse fee<l. 
^TTi kliun, s. m. Blood; niurJer, 

V77c?r khiyian, s.f. ) A mur- 
y^i kliij,ni, s. m. i dcrer. 
^^^r khe,iin:i, r. a.' To row, 

to propel a Wit ■with oars. 
M^H khes, s. m. A kind of cloth, 

a bhawl of this material, 
•^pf^ khe,si, s.f. A smalHAe* 

^rf^ khe,si, a. Like Ihes, made 

of khes. 
MU kheh, s.f. Ashes, ordure, 
rubbidi, ruins; ^fXI ^'ST^^rt, to 
do evil; '^nj gi<scsl. to be very 
poor, to be reduce<l to the last 
extremity, to wander in search of 
fo<)d, and not be able to find it. 
M";Pf>Krg^ kliohkliui,ri, *. /. Ex- 
treme jioverty. 
^MT? khe,khan, *. m. Pretence, 
trick; (used commonly in the 
j.lural, W^. ) 
^-^ar^ khe.cha!, s.f. Trouble, 

teazing, vexation, weariness; ^. 
^?5 ^J^Tft, to tcaze, to trouble, 
to bother. 
^F5 ^H khe.chal khab.bhal, 
*./. TrouV/lc, vexation, distress. 
^fl khenyj, *. /. Pulling, draw- 
ing, attraction. 
^W" khenyj u, s. m. One who 

pulls or draws. 
^rs, s.f. Play, sport. 
'^'S khon'l, s.f. Spreading, sc-at- 

^^^a khed|ni, v. n. To play, 

to sport. 
tr? khet, s. m. A field under 
cultivation; a l>attle field; ^3" 
^v^T or M?cr, tlie occurrence of 
a great slaughter in battle; ^3" 
tji o^r, t') plow down a crop. 
McTaT kln'|tar, s. W. A field un- 
der cultivation, 
^^^V? khe,tarpat, ^ s. m. The 
^3Wt%" kl;e,tarpa,ti, > o'.vner of 
V3?U3rt khe,tarpa,ti,^ a culti- 
vated field, a landlord. 
^r^^3U khc.tarbhum, 


s. /. 

^r3~3 f khe.tar bhon, / Land fie 
for cultivation, arable sf)il. 

yf3^ khe.ti, s.f. Agriculture, 
cultivation, a cultivated field, a 
crop; ^S^ oRT^, to cultivate 

X^ V ^ khe,ti pat,ti, *./. Cul- 
tivation, agriculture, husbandry, 
a crop. 

V^ khed, s.f. Pursuit. 

V^Sn khed,ni, r. a. To cause 
to pursue, to persecute, to expel.* 

^^r khe,da, J s. m. A pur- 

^^ khe,du, -' suer, a persecu- 
tor, an expellcr. 

^TT khodh, s. m. Pain, grief, sor- 
row; annihilation. 

X^ khc,nu, s. m, A ball, ( for 
playing, ) 

VM" khep, *. /. A trip, the gootls 
carried in a single trip, a batch; 





^V '3^'!^ or ?5=5^, to make 
out a batcli, and get it loaded for 

9v^ khc.par, /. m. A cake of 
xnud dried in the sun, a cake of 
plaster scaling from a wall, paint 
ic. drying and scaling off. 

^-VTS^ khepifi, *. /. A small 
cake of dried mud or plaster; c. 
■ff. ■@3d?Ci' or «3"r3<^. 

VWT khe.nia, /. m. A tent. 

^^ khe,ri, s. m. The dust of 
rock salt. 

^ %^ kl"e,r\m bc,run, a. Scat- 
tered ; ^j ^ tr?:^, to be scatter- 
ed; ^f ^ T^TTT, to scatter. 

^?5 klitl, «./. Play, sport. 

^tWvl khel,na, v. n. To play, 
to sport. 

^«c5T klicl,ni, s. m. A play- 

VJ5^T klie,lura, s.m. Play, sport. 

>f^lf klie,wak, s. m. A boat- 
man, a rower. 

V^t^T khe«-,na, v. a. To row, to 
proi>«l a boat with oars. 

*f^ khe,wa, *. m. A boatman; 
the cargo of a boat; also the same 
as ^. 

K^ khe,ri, *. m. A village, 
a town ; a village in ruins. 

Xsf^ khe,ri, t.f. A hard kind 
of iron. 

XU khaili, *. /. Rubbing the 
shoulder; emulation, envy, opposi- 
tion, rivalry. 

VvJc^t kliaih,na, r. a. To rub 
the shoulder against any thing ; 
to envy, to rival, to emulate, to 

VrrS'T khaihja, t. m. Follow- 
ing, pursuit, hanging on; ^T^T 
^Ci^'i to leave off following, to 
give up the chase; VTT^ ^^U, 
to follow, to pursue, to hang on. 

^ khainych, t. /. Pulling, 
drawing, attraction. 

tf? khair, *. /. Welfare; alms; 
also the name of a tree that grows 
in the hills. 

•^ khair, ad. "Well. 

WH?7T, t.f. Wel- 
fare, health, prosperity. 

V3^ khai,ra, a. Brown, (applieil 
to cattle. ) 

VoTTfVs" khair4,it, *. /. Alms. 

qy kliai,ru, *. in. The name 
of a plant ; the name of a man. 

^ kho, *. /. Disposition, tem- 
per, habit. 

t3"WT kho,4, s. m. Milk boiled 
till it becomes thick. 

T^iV^ kho, id, *. /. Green wheat 
or barley fed to horses. 

^^ kho.u, *. m. A loser. 

VfTT kho3,sa, *. m. One who 
has no beard except on the chin, 
a man without a beard, one whose 
hair has fallen out. Also V^r. 

T^TT khoh, /. /. A hole, a cav- 
ern, a pit, a ditch, a ravine; faint- 
ness arising from hunger, a sense 
of emptiness in the stomach; "HTJ 
M"^, to be faint with hunger. 

tfvJ^T khulijui, V. a. To seize 
and take away by force. 

VTITWT khoh,rara, a. Rougli. 

^TJ^ khoh,ru, s. m. A plunder- 
er, a robber, a highwayman; i. q. 
T&TJ and VTJ^. 

Vvft kho,hi, s. f. Faintness ari- 
sing from hunger; c. w. V^ft. 

^\J kho,htj, s. m. A plunderer, 
one who seizes and takes by force, 
a robber. 

t3^7^ khokh,ni, s. f. A kind 
of Gorkhd sword; i. q. T9">r3^. 

^"*rg" kho,khar, t. m. A caste 
of Muhamniadan Jafs. 

Wttt khokh,ra, a. Empty, open, 
hollow, porous, excavated; broken, 
( as an earthen vessel. ) 

^>rft khokh.ri, t. /. A kind 
of cutlass; L q. ^Q^TTft. 


^V^^^ khokh,la, a. Open, po- 
rous, hollow, empty. 

^>rar kho.khur, *. m. The name 
of a caste; i. q. ^^rg". 

^^ khonych, *. /, A cut or 
rent, a scratch, a tear, ( by any 
thing sharp, as a thorn, &c.; ) c. 
w. ■H'r^^, nu TTrert and WJItlC^. 

tQ^^ k]iocli,ru, a. Wdl aci^uaint- 
cd, familiar, knowing. 

^9^ khoj, *. m. Search, inquiry, 
seeking, trace, mark. 

T^'rrek khojan, s. /. A female 
inquirer, seeker or investigator. 

T^rJ^T khoj, n a, v. a. To seek, 
to search, to inquire. 

^iT^r^ khojdar, s. m. One who 
does not fast. 

i9"Tn khojja, .♦. m. One who does 
not fast; also absence of fasting, 
omitting to fast. 

•^^tTI khoja, s. m. A eunuch; 
a Musalnian shoe merchant. 

TS'rft klioji, jf. m. A title of 
honor given to Kashmiris. 

^yft kliojji, s. m. A seeker, 
an inquirer. 

^^ khot, s. tn. A vice, a fault, 
a blcmisli, a defect, alloy, impuri- 
ty; revenge. 

^jrr kho,ta, a. Faulty, impure, 
adulterated, vitiated, counterfeit, 

^izma^^ khotia.i, s. f. Impu- 
rity, adulteration, faultiuess, per- 
fidy; i. q. vfejMT^l. 

t5~5?J kho,ni, r. a. To lose, to 
waste, to part with, to get rid of. 

vr3T kho,ta, s. m. An ass; also 
the name of a large red and 
white worm. 

^Q^*^ kho.ti, s.f. A she ass. 

^•rfcM, v. a. To dig. 

T^^^r kho.da, t. m. One who ha3 
no beard except on the chin, 
a man without a beard; i. q. ^"HT. 

\t^ kho.di, s. /. A tuft of 



^n^ 777?> 


beard on the chin, tlicro being' 
none elsewhere. 
^vy klio.par, t. m. A skull. 
T^Var khoj),ri, $. m. Tlie ker- 
nel of the cocoanut. 
^Vf^'^ khop.ri, s.f. A jkull. 
tJmt, /. m. The kernel 
of the cocoanut; a concave piece 
of leather put over the eyes of 
an ox to blind him when he is em- 
ployed in turning an oil mill, &c. 
V^^ khom,bar, $. m. The face; 
(not used in speaking courteously.) 
sSr^n" khobh,ni, r. a. To pierce, 

to thrust, to bore, to wound. 
VST khOjbha, s. m. ^Marshy ground, 

a bog; i. q. V^?^. 
^Tf^^ kIiom,bar, ) s.m. The face; 
t5"K^ kho,niur, ) i. q. T3"*g"^. 
^^ khor, *. /. The refuse of 
grass fed to cattle, horses, «S;c. ; 
enmity, hatred. 
V^^T khor,nu, r. a. To dissolve, 

to melt, ( as salt. ) 
V^T kho,ra, a. Empty; without 
a kernel; without brains, ( spoken 
not of an idiot, but of one whose 
brain has been weakened by any 
distracting cause;) bereft of hair, 
( as the eyelids; ) unsound, ( as 
a cracked piece of earthen ware; ) 
(in compos. ) eating, an cater. 
^T^T^ khoraba,u, s. m. An 
inflammation of the eyelid which 
causes a falling out of the hair. 
V^ khOjfi, t. m. An enemy. 
^^ kho,ri, f.f. The dry leaves 

of the sugar cane. 
V?5 khol, *. m. A case, a sheath, 

a hollow, a cavitv. 
^"K^ kholh,nd, r. a. To open, 
to loose, to express. Sco VTJ??- 

VWT, a. Old. 

V?5T khojli, t. VI. Fiuin, waste, 

desolation, a dilapidated building, 

a house without a roof. 

^-?5l kho.ll, /. /. Cattle, ( in- 
cluding the bud'alo. ) 
^^ khor, i./. A hollow, a cavity 
in any thing, the body, (spoken of 
as the habitation of the soul; ) 
enmity, revenge. 
T9^"t kho,ri, t.f. The quadran- 
gular figure in certain kinds of 
cloth, ( as plaids, &c.; ) the loads 
of camels, or asses, &c., ( generally 
so called when taken oft'and piled 
together. ) 
V^'t^^r^ khorid^r, a. JIade with 

quadrangular figures, ( cloth. ) 
^ khau, ) s. in. A glutton; 

v^ khau,u, ) destruction, loss, 

harm, danger. 

vr^7 khauny,cha, s. m. A her 

house, a hen coop, a pannier, a 

basket, a tray; a kind of shovel 

or scraper u«ed by confectioners. 

Vf^wa, r. n. To talk 

much, to prate; to chide, to teaze, 

to dispute, to quarrel. 

vrg^ kliauph or kliauf, s. m. Fear; 

^ ^ ^T^T, to be afraid ; i. q. ^^. 
vr^" khau,rii, s.m. The rage of 
a bull, as shown by his pawing 
and tearing up the ground with 
his horns, the fighting of bulb, 
boisterous altercation, quarrel- 
ling; e. w. VT^^r and W\3i^c5T. 
MWOT khau,lani, v. n. To boil, 
to be enraged, to be agitated by 
any passion, to be in a deep study, 
to be anxious. 
V55T khau,14, a. Old, empty. 
*r?^ khau, la, s. m. An old shoe. 
yf^, s. /. A buOalc; 

J- q 

. V^t. 


3T'?:t srg^TTt ga,i, r. a. To 
overlook, to pass over, ( a fault. ) 

TT^ gnun, i. m. Purpose, inten- 
tion, design, meaning, will; ~^ 
^Z'^TT, to fulfd a purpose. 

3T^"\/t gawtiy,chi, *. / Showing 
one's self for a moment, and then 
suddenly disappearing, absence; 
c. w. wr^PV^ and WT^?^^. 

?T€^5r gaur, t. / Attendance 
on, attention to, thought, consid- 
eration, meditation, reflection; 
TT^S" ^7ir?ft, to think about, to 
attend to. 

^Qlr{T gaurji, ^ s. m.f. A Hin- 
3r@?I gau,ni, / du ceremony 

;aurja, ^ s. m.J 
iu,ni, J du 
in the worship of Pdrbtiti, which 
consists in planting barley in aa 
earthen vessel and watering it 
till it has sprung up, and thca 
throwing it into a pool. 

^r^JT, a. Thoughtful, 
serious, meditative. 

m'%^ g:'u,rl, s.f. The name of 
a musical mode sung toward eve- 
ning; a name oi Pilrbali. 

31^3 g'tiiF) i-tn.f. The name of 
a musical mode sutig at midday; 
a caste of Brahmans derived from 
the couiitry cf Gaur. 

5T^ g^/h s.f. A cow; a raeek 

dl^-dr?^ gaiidin, s. m. The gift 
of a cow. 

717? gas, s. m. Fainting; 3TH 
y I<5', to faint. 

'<i\H:f g^st, s. m. Surrounding, 
going round, ( especially of guarda 
patroling, ) walk, walking, a 
watch; c. w. aT^TH and ]-{rd A'. 

3TTf?t gas,ti, /. A woman who 
gads about, a woman of bad char- 
acter; wicked. 

afflT gas,sa, *. m. A lump of 

i\^\) ga,si, *./. Fainting; c. w. 
"Wr'^^'Y and ^hc^. 

aWFTJTflT gastang.gar, 4. m, A 
coarse rustic, a clown. 




gy^f^fJTTJ^ casting, earn I, *. /. 

A rustic, clo\mish woman. 
jnT3T7If gastang.garu, *. m. A 

rustic, a clown; i. q. HUTFT?!?. 
ann ga,lii, *. m. Taking a thing 
forciWv as compensation for what 
13 due, seizing and holding under 
restraint persona or property be- 
longing to a debtor, in order to 
compel payment; c. w. ^d aI. 
anrr gaha, s. m. Tliresliing, 

treading out grain. 
j|OiVf? t gaha,i, *./. Threshing, tread- 
int: out corn; wages for threshing. 
3rcn^ gahi,u, s. m. Threshing; 

i. q. 3TvrT. 
TTvp S'^ ^ gnlia.una, t. a. To cause 
to be trodden with oxen, to thresh 
with oxen. 
?Ttxr g^ihi, *./. The handle or 
hilt of a sword, a handle, a clutch. 
3Tfb^ g:»|l''n> »• *"• Seizure, 
laving hold of; an eclipse; i. q. 
31 fo c5 ; c. w. wdicivi. 
JllTI^T ga,hirii, r. a. To take, 
to seize, to lay hold of, to grasp, 
^rfrr^vr ga.hini, *. f7i. Jewels, 

ornamcnts^; a pawn, a pledge. 
TTfrrK'^TtTW g;i,hinuga,him,) s.f. 
Trfvri-^JIl^W ga.himoga,hiui,> A 

'ilQa ga,hir, s. f. Dust, dark- 
ness, cloudiness, haziness. 
JlfodT gahi,ri, a. Dark, dusty; 
deep, of a deep color, roiled, tur- 
bid, muddy, misty, hazy; infla- 
med, ( as the eyes or the mind. ) 
TPvJdiS' gahlri,u, s. m. Depth, 
deepness; roundness; darkness, 
Tfrrarr^^a' gahira,uni, v. n. To be- 
come deepand muddy; to be dusty. 
TW^ gakjkhar, *. m. The name 
of a subordinate caste of Hajpiits. 
*^ g^ngg, t. m.f. The river Ganges. 
^?r7T gagan, *. m. The sky, 
the firmament, the heavens. 

<>ld|<M ^>rwr ca,gan dima.mi, /. 
m. ( lit. tlie drun: of the heav- 
ens. ) Thunder. 
dNif(<% gagjan, 5. /. A low caste 
of Musalmins, a le^^her. 

^nrS^H^rr gagarpu,ni, t. m. The 
business of a loocher. 

?RTWr gag, ra, #. m. > A low 

7I3T^ gag,r», «•/. J caste of 
Musalmins, a leeoher. 

3RrW^{^^ gagropuni, s.m. The 
business of a leevher. 

srin gagig-i, f. n. The name 
of the letter 3T. 

3r3TT gangjga, s.a.f. The river 

3T3n tTJ-TT*^ jam,ni, a. 
( lit. Ganges and Jicmi. ) Silver 
and gik on the saiue article, com- 
mingled in such a w.iy that both 
appear distinct, a like mixture of 
other metals; mLs•:^i orcompound- 
e<l of two ditTfren: diings. 

3?3rT T=i?? gang,gaji], s.m. Gan- 
ges water. 

3Tgi7 ^flRFirt Ja,li, s.f. An 
oath by Ganges water; a vessel 
holding Ganges water. 

BTgn tT'HIT jit,ri, s. f. 
Pilgrimage to the Ganges. 

^rfan -riiji^ jit,ri, *. m. A 
pilgrim to the Gorges. 

HToTT yt? gnng,gi tir, s. m. The 
bank of the Gai:g«s. 

BHTT 7rt? nir, s. m. Gan- 
ges water. 

3T?TT vrg" pir, ad. Ee- 
yond the Ganges. 

3r?n "^nr gang,gi bis, J. m. Liv- 
ing on the banks of the Ganges. 

af^Tf^MR^ li,si, s.m. One 
who lives on tl»e ba^ks of the 
Ganges, a pilgriru to the Ganges. 

Ti3r gag.pu, *. tn. A kind of cake. 

31^3^ ganpgau,ti, s.f. A kind of 
earth obtained f.-om the Ganges 
used for marking the forehead. 

3f^ gachch, *. m. Cement, mor- 
tar made with lime, plaster, old 
mortar, mud; a bite; ?T^ a<d ai 
or ?^^^T, to plaster, to cause 
to adhere, to attach, to stuft" to- 
gether, to fill, ( canvass with em- 
broiderj-, Sec.;) 3rf^ ^^T, to bo 
drunk; arsj UrdTTT, to bite. 

3f ^ V^ gachch, pachch, a. Com- 
ing together confusedly, (as a 
mob, ) crowded, stufl'ed together, 
close, thick. 

^nr gaj, s. m. An elephant; a 
yard, a yard stick, a ramrod ; 3nT 
Q/d<ST or 9^77T, to measure, 
(cloth;) to clean a gun or tho 
stem of a huqqd. 

3T^ g'inyjj *• "'• -A. heap, a 
treasure, a granary; a market; a 
disease in the head by which the 
hair comes out, scald head. 

?I-riJW<^ g^^jgaiDiani, s. f A 
woman who walks like an ele- 
phant with a stately stop. 

ai-riaiTTT gajgiih, s. f. A fly brush 
or whisk made of tho tail of the 
Thibetan ox, or other animal. 

3lTl"dl« gajchal, s.f. The gait 
f>f an elephant, a lubberly gait. 

arrT^T gaj jani, c. «. To roar, 
to thunder; i. q. 3r?iRgj. 

arrTSTTf gajdin, s. m. The gift 

of an elephant. 

3ra5^3" gJ^'^lant, ) 

'^ ■^ ' ( J. m. Ivory. 
31 ri^^ gajdand, / 

TtT^B" gnjpat, ^ s. m. The 

3T^V% gajpa.ti, J owner of an ele- 
phant; a lu'ijii. 

^TfTvnTFJ gajpil, *. m. The keep- 
er of an elephant. 

3l-ri<^r ganyjjfi, /. m. A pack 
of cards, a game of cards. 

3|-Hy gajab, s. m. Anger, wrath; 
calamity; a wonderful act; 31^"^ 
5^7;t or Xigivr, to inflict judg- 
ment; to persecute, to injure; tu 
perform a great feat. 





JI^HT gajalti, t. m. A great 
transgressor, one who perpetratca 
extraordinary crimes; one Mho 
perforins wonderful feats. 
3mrV>3^ gajmo,ti, ». m. A large 
pearl fabled to come out of the 
head of the white ele[> 
«»|'ridi gai,ra, s. tn. An ornaraent 
worn on tho wrist made of gold, 
silver, &c., or of flowers. 
^IrldT^ gajrij, J. m. The king 
of elephants, ( fabled among the 
Hindus;) a first rate elephant, a 
Terj' fine large elephant. 
3lTld »i gajre,li, *. w. A dish 

ZDude of carrots. 
7TW gaji, s. m. Begging; anTr 

or3~?7r, to beg. 
«It1i ganyji, a. Having scald 
head, having k>3t the hair in con- 
sequence of it, bald. 
<l n 1 ViH gaja,i, u f. A bracelet, 
a bracelet made of lac; i. q. ?T^TTr. 
31^'6<^i gajii.uni, r. a. To cause 
to roar, to cause to thunder; to ad- 
vance greatly, to exalt a person. 
31 -rO paji, t. f. A coarse kind of 

cotton cloth. 
TIT gatr, t. m. A collection of 
people; a cluster; a tassel; 3T^ 
'^^r^^, to be crowded closely to- 
ar^vfz' gatt, patt, a. Coming to- 
gether confusedly, crowded, close, 
JIZTT g^tit^' '• "•• ■^ stopi^er, a 
cork, a plug; the part of a huqqd 
which fits into the top of the 
stand; TTZTt "^TS^CT, to adjust the 
gattd of a pii>e. 
TVS 6^tt^» t. m. A piece, ajatch.a 
joining, a splicing; c. w. tSi^^T. 
zi'S gatth, t.J. A knot; a bundle 
of money; the root of turmeric, 
&c.; a clove of garlic; a knot- 
ted thread used to announce the 
date of a wedding; fixing the day 

for a wedding ; afj "5 t^C^, to knot; 
af3 'ST^'K^, to pick a |)Ocket; 
3T5 Vi^^'t, to fix the day for a 
Hz "SZ gatth ka(t, *. m./. 
WS oTZ^'JTl gatli kat,ya, s. m. 
"SVS oT^T gath ka,ti., s. m. 
3T3 sTTJ gath kat,ru, *. vi. 

A pick pocket. 
J|<icM gath,na, r. n. To be join- 
ed together, to become compact 
and firm, (the joints or flesh of a 
man, horse, &c., ) to be tied, to be 
united in the bonds of friendship ; 
to collude; to have an engage- 
ment with another for illicit inter- 
course, to have such intercourse; 
to become rich. 

3T3?ST gatth,na, r. a. To tie, to 
twist together, to join, to stitch, 
to mend. 

313^ ga(tli,ni, s. f. Joining; 
713^ 3T?>t, to join, to splice, 
to make friends; ?f3^"t ?5T^^'>, 
to join threads, ( as weavers do. ) 

WS ?V gatth, tupp, s. m. Tying, 
stitching, metiding; c. w. o< d <% ' ; 
also met. "^TS "S"^ ZRT^r, to get 
on as one can,, to live from hand 
to mouth. 

3T3rcrr gath,ya, s. m. Stiffness 
and pain in the joints; a j)ilferer. 

313'CTT'gi^ gathyaba.u, s.m. Stiff- 
ness and pain in the joints, rheum- 

TrS"?5 gat.thaj, a. Knotty ; tem- 
porary, not real. 

3T3<^iV.l gathwa,!, t. f. The 
price of mending, joining, &c. 

3T3^'6c5T gathwa,una, r. a. To 
cause to be joined, or mended. 

3I6?r gat,thar, *. m. A large 
bundle, a bale. 

3T3^^ gath,rl, *. /. A bundle, 
a parcel, a jKxket, ( when filled;) 
the total of any thing, amount. 

3131 gat,tha, t. m. A bundle 

( of grass, fuel, &c., ) a package; 
an onion. 

3T3i^ gatlii,i, «./. Compensa- 
tion for joining, mending, ic. 

3T3i^r^i gafhiiiUni, r. a. To 
attach, to tie, to join; to cause 
to be joined. 

3T3^ gatthi, s.f. A clove of garlic, 
a piece of a root, ( as gliit»er, 
turmeric, kc. ) 

TT^'^J gathi,li, a. Knotty, having 
joints as the bamboo, compact, 
firm, solid, adhering, closely at- 

3T^ gadd, *. /. A cart. 

af^" gaud, *. m. A circular frame 
■work on which the wall of a 
well is built, a well curb; the cir- 
cle enclosing mill stones to keep 
the meal from being scattered, 
the circular vessel or tray in which 
pur is poured to cool. 

S l gg vT gad,ni, t. n. To be set, 
to be firmly fixed, to be rendered 
firm; to be drawn down, to be 

afs^T gadd,ni, r. c. To fix, to 
set, to plant, to bury, to drive 

a f jOi i gan<l,ya, s. m. A sodomite. 

rrS ^3" gadd, wadd, a. Poured 
together, confused, promiscuous. 

WSr^ gadi^^-a, *• "»• -A- drinking 
vessel made of brass, glass, &c. 

3T3^f^ gadwa,j, s. m. A ser- 
vant in {H;rsoual attendance who 
hands his master the gadwd to 
drink out of, and renders a va- 
riety of services; ( commonly "STS- 

Jl d^^'V^"^ gadwa,!, s. f. Com- 
pensation for fixing, setting, &c. 

a isJ-^'GcM g3dwa,unl, r. a. To 
cause to be set, fixed, buried, &c. 

TT^^ gail,wi, s.f. (dim. ofar?- 
^. ) A small drinking vessel made 
of brass, &c. 





3T?T gn.],<la, '• w. A large cart. 

rfgi gan/la, «• »»• A J'tring uith 
knots, worn on the neck, &c., as 
a chann; tl>e tinsel and embroi- 
dery worked on shoes; the num- 
ber four; ( generally spoken of 
money, as four cowries, four pice. ) 

TTST^e^ gads, 11 nil, r. o. To 
drive in, to bury, to set, to fix; to 
cause to be set, buried, &c. 

zr^Tfn gan'l'i.s^ t- »'»• ^ sort of 
axe, a pole axe. 

37^ gad.di, s. /- A cart; a ream 
of paper; also a bundle contain- 
ing half a ream. 

3f"^'gT7^ ga<l<liban, J s. m. A 

■3\-^'^7i ga(l(li«"an, ■' cartnian, a 

31 ^fi y A r gailfr,n:i, s.m. Agocart. 

37%"?'^ gan(le,ri, s.f. A segment or 
cutting of sugar cane; the spaces 
between the ties sometimes made 
in a roll of cloth before dyeing. 

dj 5 d't^ST^" gander idar, a. Dyed 
clouded by knotting, ( yam, cloth, 

'^rr3~nn gaado,a, s. m. An earth 

^r^ gandh, *. m. A piece, 
a patch, a splice; 31^ T^x'Qi^, to 
patch, to splice. 

3?^ gandh, s.f, A knot; a knot 
in the corner of a shawl in which 
money is bound up;3f:ig' '^T^^, 
to knot a thread, to apj.oint a 
day for a wedding, &c.; ht^ §1FT- 
^, tosend a knottetl thread to the 
guests expectc-d at a we<lding to 
intimate the time of the cereinonv; 
in like manner to announce a fair 
or other assembly; ( a practice 
of/orprt. ) 

^■rZ'^f gandh, iia, r. a. To join 
by tying, to patch, to splice. 

^^ ?M" gan.lh, tupp, s. m. Patch- 
ing, mending; af^ -jv "Sr^TTr or 
^^T^^a, to patch, to splice. 

ar^^T^ gan<lh\v;i,f, s. /. Tlie 
act of tying, patching, &.€.; com- 
pensation for the snnne. 

^i<"cTSr^I gandhwi,uni, v. a. To 
cause to be joined, patched, ttc. 

3r^7 gan,<lli:i, s. m. An onion. 

''^T'^ gandha,!, t. /. Conijien- 
sation for mending, patching, <S:c. 

3T-(^l^c!rr gandha,uni, r. a. To 
cause to be joined, tieil or pieced. 

3r^ gau^dhi, s. f. Any small root 
useil medicinally, or as a sj>ice ; a 
head of garlic, a clove of garlic. 

?T^ gan, *. m. A trooj*, a multi- 
tude, a class, a flock, a tribe; a 
body of Shiv's attendants; a kind 
of angels; an elephant. 

^ic^'-ff? gan,pati, *. in. A name 
of Gaficsh or Caws. 

TT^TT gancs, s. m. A Hindu deity, 
represented with an elephant's 
head, supposed to be the son of 
S/iiv; an elephant. 

HTS" gat, *./. Ap|X'arance, state, 
manner, motion; salvation; a 
form of dancing; the stroke of a 
drummer, style «f playing, (on 
a drum;) Tf? ^?^, to be saved; 
WTJ ofd<^, to save, to procure 
the salvation of a decease<l rela- 
tion by meritorious works; to kill, 
( here, and thus save hereafter, 
meaning that one who kills a good 
man sends him straight to heav- 
en; ) 3T? <S"dr5"t, to dance with- 
out singing; WJ i^^, to riance 
without singing; to obtain salva- 
tion by self-immolation. 

ai J?r gatjka, t. m. A wooden 
sword used in fencing; ^TBTSn ^~^- 
5rr, to fence. 

^■JaTTg" gatkar, ) t. m. A i)layer 

argr^rrgt gatka,ri, •' on a musical 
instrument of the drum kind, as a 
tambourine, &e. ; a dancer. 

TTJUn^ gatka,n, t. f. The bu- 
siness of a gatkdr. 

3I55l^/b«7 gatka,ria, s. m. i. i\. 

JT^F^^J'-rf gat,kebaj, t. m. A 

TTB^'^tTTt gatkebiji, *./. Fen- 

3Ihf(*-5T gatt,li, s. w. A lump 
of clotted l>lood; 313^ ^^T^, to 
cut to pieces, to kill, to slaugh- 

3TfF ga,ti, s.f. State, condition; 
salvation, &c. ; i. q. 313", Q- v. 

3r3^WT ga,tia, s. m. A player 
on a tambourine or drum. 

TT^ gadd, s. m. A blister; 3f^ 
^^^rr, to rise, ( a blister; ) 3FS 
^^^^T or '-df^iGs^T, to raise a 
blister; 31^ ^^^5^, to apply a 

Bp? gand, s. m. Stink, filth, 
dirt, ordure; 3?:^ fVwty Al, 
( /i7. to scatter about filth, ) to 
make one's self infamous by ba'l 
conduct; 3?:^ "^a^cSi, to use fil- 
tliy language. 

3T:57JT gad, ha, s. m. An ass; i. 
q. 3TTTT. 

HT^^vrt gad, hi, t. f. A she ass; 
i. q. 3rcft. 

op^^rr ga<l,ka, 5. T?i. A wooden 
sword used in fencing; a mace, a 

yi'-cf^t gan, dak), 1 *./. Filth, 

d?.^jft gan,dagi, > ordure, 


Sl-^r^ gad, dan, 8. f. A female 
of the GaJdi caste. 

ar^^rr^n gandpu,na, *. rru Filthy 
language, vile conduct, uncleau- 
ness, (ilthiness. 

3i;?J gad,dnr, ) a. Half 

dI-Tf<Jf gad,dara, ■' ripe, ( fruit. ) 

3I-^dr gad,ra, a. Of various 
colors, ( horses, cattle, &c. ) 

J? -eft gan, da, a. Stinking, fd- 

3f<itj^-»iT gan,dabaroja, ». m. 






s. m. An a:>?. 

The gum tliat exudes from the 
I)in© tree. 
JTcft gad,di, /./, A cushion, a 
pad, a seat, a thrune; a pad uso<l 
at the time of the menses; aca3te 
of Hindu shcphertls. 
Jl-^-d gadud, s.f. A hard lump 
formed in the fleah, a glandular 
swelling; a worthless fellow. 
31^=5? cS gadUjdan, t. f. ) A per- 
i\^'rp( gadu,dj, X. m. J son 
who has a glandular swelling; a 
worthless person, one of seditious 
31^»r gadOjla, t. m. A thick quilt 

or mattress stutl"btl with cotton. 
31% gad, do, 
3f% gad,doB, 
3f% tfoTaft gad,doa khur,ki, s.f. 
Asses' rubbing their sides togeth- 
er, rubbing t'^eether like as5e<; 
rendering mutual favors, doing a 
favor with the hope of getting as 
much again, showing kin<ine5s 
from selfish motivc-s; c. w. ci<<j<%T. 
a^ =Sr^T gad,don da,ni, ) *. m. 
31% TTI^CT gad,don dhi,ni, ' A 

kind of boil oa ihe back- 
arcf gaudh, t.f. Odor, smell, 

perfume, flavor. 
anTHTcT gandh,s4r, ;./. A kind 

of brimstone, 
arqr? gan,dbak, t. C Brimstone. 
"imjM gandliarb^ /. wi. A celes- 
tial musician, a sort of demigoils 
supjwsed to inhabit In-Jras heav- 
rfqjl^ gandh^r.ij, *. m. The 

name of a sweet smelling tlower. 
afnfST gandli,li, a. Turbid, mud- 
dy, defded; cool, ( sp«jken of 
friendship, ) 
3rq'(F5i^3rr gandlila,una, r. n. To 

be turbid, to be defiled. 
ai^ gad.ha, /. m. An ass. 
3?Qld gandhar, *. w. The third 
vote in. the octave. 

^rjvs gandhir, ) a. Large, 
"ilwirt gandlial, * cxteiisivc. 
jrnft gad, hi, t.f. A she as^ 
3Itf^ gadjdbi, t.f. The seat of 
the driver of an ox, in an oil 
press, &c. 
3rcft gan,dlii, », m. A seller of 

essences. ^Uso TTTcft, 

aiiftiSiS^ gandliijlan, s.f. \ Tlie 

^^7^757 gandhijla, t. m. > name 

of a very low caste, a sort of 


<*jy<*^a?i gandhuljkan, t.f. Twi- 

317? gann, t. m. A segment or 
cutting of a large fisli or snake; 
a crease or wrinkle of fat in the 
^ns": gan,na, s. m. Sugar cane. 
<ji <0 gan,ni, s.f. A small j>Iere 
of fish, (tc; a small wrinkle in 
the fli'sh of the abdomen; an en- 
larged eyelash ; 3?;^ ^TcTt ^^"^j 
a swelling of the eyelash, 
afv gapp, 
3TV 7TWV gr^I'I^ S'irapp, 

vain boasting; 3TV XTS'TTt, to 
3rwir «"^T ga^pak lai,iia, r. a. 
To make away with, to take away, 
to swallow up, ( as property. ) 
3TV?? g^Pd''"^"?' '-/• I , 

1 ../. 

) Mlctalk, 

A boaster. 

3ivt gai'ipi, *. m 

i\ri { gapipha, *. m. A mouthful, 
a morsel, a portion, a share, a 
present; i\<i I %e^r, to give a por- 
tion; 3fg7?^MldSI', tobeacquir- 
e<l without labor; 3T^ F5T^5^, 
to eat a morsel ; 3T% W i ^ A T, to 
eat or consume what belongs to 

3T'g^^ g^i^^jj t. n. ( corruption 
of airiy. ) Anger, wrath; a 
judgment, a calamity. 

3f3' gabbh, *. m. A ffrtus, preg- 
nancy; WB ¥^ M'cJI, to sutler 

3r3c^ gab,bhan, a. Pregnant, 

(applied to animals. ) 
W3~^ gabh,ru, t. m. A youn" 

man, a younir lanband. 
31 ^JZ* galibrut, 

galibrut, "S 
gabhre.ti, | 

t. m. A 

young man. 

The second 

31373-1 g 

^TWB'^ gablircl, 

3I=j55jr gabhre^da, 

Jld"^i" gabhrt-t, 

3T3^rz-T gablirr.,ta, 

3ld»f gabh,Li, a 

of three, in the middle place, 

3137 gabjbha, /, m. Tlie midsx. 

W3^ gambhir, *. m. A dt-eply 
seated ulcer, 

313^ gambiiir, a. Grave, s<jbcr, 
sedate, thoughtful. 

W3^'33^'^ ga!iibliirt-i,I, s.f. (Jrav- 
ity, sedatene^, thoughtfulncss. 

3^ gub.biie, cul. In. the midst. 

3W^^ giiuirhoji, s.f. A tliick 
skin or scab; a knot in cloth. 

3TW gam, *. in. Sorrow, grief, 
anxiety; mildew, mustinoss; 3rH 
aTTTTT, to grieve, to be sorr\ ; 3TH 
Vfr^rr, lo emUirt'*, to bo patient, 
to let pa.s5, (a fault;) to grieve, 
to besorrv; to be miidewe<l, io ba 
musty, to be decavcJ.. 

3T>rT[T gamja, *. m. Noise, vain 
talk';c. w. XT^TTT. 

"SVITJ gam, mat, t. f. Meeting, 

agreement, friendship. 
371^33 gaiu,matan, s.f.\^ A friend, 

1XV3^ gam,matl, t. m. •' a com- 
panion, an acquaintance. 

3TJ475 ga,man, s. m. Going, 
walking; sexual intercourse. 

3I'H3^3' gambhir, t. m. An 

ulcer ; i, q, 3r3T7, 

3TK3^ gambhir, a. Grave, deep, 

sedate, serious, thoughtful, meek, 

3TV3^T37 gambhir, ta, ) *•/• 

W^^'S'''^ gambhirt.i|i, /Seriuus- 

ness, gravity. 
3T>ff7 gamrur, a. Proud^ 


3!j *n 



jj^f^-^ gamru.ri, s. /. Pride. 

3T>ft g3,mi, »./• Sorrow, grief, 

3Tt^T ga,yii, \ *• /• A 

TH^n^"^ ga.yaji, ^ famous place 
of nilgrimage. 

JTCTTT^ gayan, ) s. m. Knowl- 

jC^T?^ gyau, J e<lgo, especially 
divine knowledge. 

jprTTjfff^ gjan, in.dri', *. /. 
Tlje senses. 

?t^7^5C gya,nan, /.) A know- 

jPiTTjt gya.iii, m. J ing one, a 
sage, one possessed of divine 
knowledge; intelligent, Mise, judi- 

?[ jj^;A. T garas,ui, t. a. To catch, 
to find, to hold, to get one in- 
to trouhlo by pressing a claim 
which cannot easily be wet; to 

TTUl^ grajian, s. m. An eclipse; 
aivJ A '?3'<^T, to accept, to receive; 
toli' seize, to catch. 

3T^iTTlVT, (/^/. r. 
n. To be eclijtse-struck; i. e. 
defornjed by the influence of an 
eclipse, while yet in the womb; 
( an event which is su ['posed to 
result from the f>arents being en- 
gaged in any tiling but worbliij", 
during an eclipse; ) Tl^fTJWr ^- 
fViKT, ecrn>30-.'«truck. 

^rfb" gra,lii, s. m. A planet, ap- 
plied also to the sun and moon. 

srfvTc^ gra,liiii, t. m. An eclijisc; 
c. w. «^ic5r. 

TTT^TTT gar,gari, a. Coarse, thick, 
( doth, &c. ) 

?r?>T gai^ajj *•/. DtJ'ign, view, 
wish, intention, business; mean- 
ing, need, occasion, use, want, in- 
tcrcstedness, selfishness. 

Sid-rf g^i^aj, aJ. In short, in a 

"^id-rt'j^i ga,rajnii, v^ n. To thun- 
der, to roar; in the former sense, 

c. w. "g%f5; as, "^^^ 3i«J^^f r 
^, it thunders. 

TR YTT^a gar,, r. »i. To 
mould, to rot, to decay, to spoil, 
to become good for nothing. 

TraTrft garji, a. Selfish. 

?T^^ gard, *. /. Dust. 

7T?^H gar,<Ias, s. /. "Whirl, vi- 
cissitude, revolution. 

TTF^c^ gar.dan, ) , ,^, , 

t t.f. The neck. 
31d-dA gar.dan, / 

■3U^^ gar,daui', s. f. A horse's 
blanket or cloth reaching from 
the head to the tail. 

Tra'^r gar,da, s. m. Dust; the 
dust or powder of chars. 

^TH^rTT? g:irdi,nak, s.f. A sock- 
et in which a door turns as on a 
hinge; the handle by which the 
cloth beam of a loom is turned. 

9|d<M gar,na, *. m. A kind of 
thorn tree. 

?r?77T gar,na, r. n. To mould, 
to rot, to decay, to spoil. 

?r^<^i^5^ garnidli,na, \ v.n. 

^TJAI^ rfTi^rr garna,dhe ja ui,^ To 
be born with a natural defect 
from the supposed influence of an 

J| (ffiH garb, s. m. Pride, vanity, 
arrogance; WB^ 5^7?T, to be 
proud, to make one's self great. 



TTF^^ gar.ban, /. 

?r3"E[^?t garl),wati, /. 

TT^^^^ garbwan,ti, /. 

TR-gt gar,bi, n». 
son; proud, arrogant. 

'3T3~3 garbli, #. m. A fu?tus, the 
womb, pregnancy. 

<iidsi<t^ gar,bhan, '\ a.f. 

7r3'3^ gar,bhani, I Prcg- 

1T3^^3' garbhwani, f nant , 

TrarS^^y^ garbhwaii,ti, j ( ap- 
plied to women; for the female 
of the lower animals W3^ is 
used ; q. v. ) 
i\dj^ gar,bhi, »./, A kind of 

gingham, a cloth made of cotton 

and silk. 
TTTW ganii, a. Warui, hot. 
?r?>|r^ garma,!, s.f. Heat, 

TTTK^ gar,mi, t.f. Heat; sweat; 

venereal disease. 
3T3f?5 ga,ral, *. m. Poison, the 

venom of serpents. 
'i[d ^ g<''('"ar, *. m. The name of 

a bird; a constellation. 
^g^ffT^Tf gararpaurjgkh, *. m. ^ 
cITT^^^iVsO' gara|-paungkh,ni, t./.j 

The name of a bird; i. q. ^r^TH"^. 
'Hd'til gar,ra, a. Of a red and 

white color intermixed, ( a horse, 

ox, bird, &e. ) 

3r3T ga,ra, «. m. A heap. 

W3r garan, ^ 

_. / K g. m. A vdlage. 

TrrJTW gara,un,J 

^grn garas, ^ s. m. Food scoop- 
TTcTTTr glwah, / eii up with the 
fingers and thus conveyed to the 
mouth, a mouthful, a morsel. 
TTcTTcrr gara.yan, /. m. A villager. 
W3TTf gara,ra, s. m. A sack, 
(for holding the walls of a tent, 
&c.;) rinsing the mouth, garg- 
ling; Trar^T o/dAI, to gargle> to 
rinse the mouth. 
TT^T^^Ta" gara,redar, g. m. Trow- 

scrs with loose legs. 
ITTfl^ g'-^rar, g.m.f.^ A 

^TB'T"37> garajan, g. /. > drunk- 
ST?!^"^ gara.ri, *. m. ^ ard, one 

much addicted to intoxication. 
3T1%K^t garis,na, ^ v. a. To seize, 
fnTH^ gri^D^j / to catch, to 

"^fkfiS Christ, J *. «i. The mar- 
firR3^ grist, j ried state, the hav- 
ing a family, cohabitation, the con- 
dition of a secular, ( not a monk, ) 
^f^JT3^ garis.tan, j a.f. A mar- 
^riT5^ gris^tan, J ried wo« 

man, a woman tliat luu a family, 
a respectable woman^ 


7I?5 ^W 



t. m. A inar- 

filfT?^ g'■i^tl, / ricJ man, 

ri>,ti, J 
a man tliat lias a family, a liouso- 
holdcr, a secular, ( not a monk. ) 
TT?^ ?•">,»■•> »•"/. The kernel of a 
eocoanut, the kernel of a wal- 
^ra'Vg gan'b, a. Poor; gentle, 

?Rrt"g?ft gari,baai, s. f. A poor 
woman; a meek and gentle female. 
^ToTt^ gari,bi, t. f. Poverty; 

gentleness, meekness, 
ar^ granth, j *. n. A bock ; the 
^r?^ garanth, / nameof the two 
sacreil books of the Sikhs, by them 
called Granth Sdltib. These arc 
first, tlie ,Yd Granth, written by 
Nanak and others, and compiled 
by Gurii Arjan; second, the Paj- 
icj'w Piitsdhidd Gnmth, which has 
reference to Gurii Gobiud Siri^/h. 
allocs gran,t]iari, \ s.f. The wife 
W^^ gar 

3T^ craiLthi, ^ s. m. One whoso 
3Id t(i £:aran,thi, ( business it is 

an,tiiari, \ 

raUitlian, f of a Granthi. 
ii,tlii, \ 
ran,thi, ) 
to read and expound tlie Granth; 
(many Granthis however are 
mere readers, being unable to ex- 
pound. ) 
3rw gall, s. f. A word; a thing; 
3R5 37TJ ^, and 3TW "sft, in 
^TR gal, X. T?j. The neck, the 
throat; 3r?5 ^"^rr, to hang upon 
the neck of any one, to persist 
in a demand. 
"if^ gallh, s. f. The cheek. 
3rrj5^ gall, hi, s. f. The side of a 

shoo along the fore quarter. 
<Ji ft» gall,hii, s. m. A man with 

fat cheeks. 

7r?5 oTW gall, kath, ^ s. j. Con- 

3r?5 ^^ gall ka,tha,/ versation. 

^f5 ^^ gal, khol, s. m. A rope 

round the neck of an animal, a 

throat halter. 

^?5^?5 gal, gal, t.f. A 'pc^ics of 
I lime or lemon, a citron. 
I 7T?53f^7 gajgan.dlui, «. rw. A 
stile, a passage tlirough a he<lgo 
I or wall. 

aiT^farar^ galgit.ti, s. f. Putting a 
shawl over the shoulders and close 
round the neck; c. w. l^ryst. 

thing drawn so tight .iround the 
neck as to choke; the sensation of 
TR'a)-^ galgho.til, a. Choky; 
( spoken of that by eating which 
the sensation of choking is pro- 
duced. ) 
51?5<2a gal.iia, 5. in. An earthen 

vossel with a wide mouth. 
3r3^3" gal,lat, a. Not right, Mrong, 

^■RF^"^, s. f. The 
throat latch of a bridle; ( also a 
part of the headstall; ) the tie of a 
chaplati, &c. at the neck. 
3I«S5AT gal,na, r. n. To melt, to 
dissolve, to become soft; to rot, 
to waste away. Also ?T?S -rficNT. 
3TO W3 gall, bat, s.f. Conver- 
^IfS^I"^ galwiji, s. /. Melting; 

Avages paid for melting, kc. 
3|«!<^i€^ galwa,una, r. a. To 
cause to be melted, to cause to 
be dissolved, &c. 
^f?5T, t. m. A herd, (of 
horses, camels, asses, &c.;) grain. 
3T55T ga,;a, t. m. The throat; 
the neck; a passage through a 
hc<lge; hail; 3THT Wic^i, to 
choke, to throttle, to sutTocate, to 
kill by stopping the breath, 
'THf^'t gal^i'j *•/• kicking; 

wages paid for melting, &c. 
ar^^ g^la,u, /, m. Melting, 

^irt'^^T gala,una, c. a. To 
melt, to dissolve. 

3r??Tir^ g.ili,kar, *. m, A talka- 

tive person. 
?R5T^ galaj.!., s. m. A cover, 

a case, a sheatli. 
^Ryr^*^ gala.phi, a. Ifavino- a 
cover or coating; (spoken parti- 
cularly of a iiuid wall with an out- 
er surface of kiln-burnt brick;) 
flabby, (the eyelids.) 
TR^T-^^ galiband, $. m. A 
neck band, a neck cloth, a cravat. 
Tr?5T^f gaja.wan, t. m. A neck 

halter for cattle. 
W^ ga,li, s.f. A hole, a perfora- 
tion, a leak ; a narrow street, a lane. 
TrtstxJt galijchi, t. m. A rug, a 

carpet, tapestry. 
3n?'^W galim, s. m. An adver- 
sary, an enemy. 
31^ ga.le, t. m. 2'L Hail itoncs; 

i. q. ^. 
?r<?^^ gaway,y:i, f. m. A singer. 
^r^T"^Pvr gawa,un;i, r, a. To 

cause to sing; to lose, to waste. 
?rsi^ gaw.ijU, 3. m. A squan- 

• lerer, a loser, 
^T^rg" gaw;ir, s. m. "j A 

<iii^id ganwir, f. m. I coun- 

?r^?77^ gawar,in', *./. j try 
yi <^ I c) <^ ganwar,ni, s.f. j resi- 
dent, a clown, an ignorant per- 
son, a rustic. 
^r^rg'UPrr gawarpu,na, ) $. m. 
ar^rg^f^T ganwirpu,ni,) Clown- 

ishness, ignorance, rusticity. 
3T<^l</V gawiiTi, 1 a. Rus- 
3T%T3^ ganwa,ri, I tic, of or bo- 
?r^"f gaw;i,ru, [ longing to 

af^T'j" ganwi, 

the countr}', 

( or villages, ) pertaining to a 
clown, rude. 

3r%"crr gawai.ya, s. m. A singer. 

y|<^ i-cj gawandh, *. m. Xeigh- 
borhood, vicinity, 

^T^"^^ gawan,dhan, J./. ) A 

31"^+^ gawau,dlii, s. m. ^ neigh- 





gr^ gar, *. m. A large boil with 
liarJncssan.iinriammation, an ab- 
scess; c.w. ^63^1 and tl^TfiJ^f. 

arg garh, *. m. A fort, a castle; 
TT^ VT^?a, to build a fort ; to 
copulate with, (spoken of cat- 

3rg7 gar.hak, *./. Thundering, 
roaring, rumbling, loud speaking, 
any loud noise. 

g|- ^^(5 T gar.hakua, r. ». To thun- 
der, to roar, to speak loud, to niako 
a loud noise. 

■jj-^^ garh,k:i, *. m. Thunder- 
in?, roaring, loud speaking. 

3 1 fj ?i^^T garlika,un;i, r. a. To 
cause to roar, &c. 

37^7 gnrh.ku, *. vt. One who 
speaks loud, a thunderor, one 
that roars. 

J l fjA 'T garh,n.i, r. a. To copu- 
late with, (spoken of the bull 
and liiale butV;ili>. ) 

JIfjij g' trarh^bar, s.f. The sound 
of boiling water; rumbling of the 
bowils; 0. >v. JJTi^. 

TT^-g^lXrj garhbar-I.hat, s.f. . 

yif^y^fr^- garhburat, s. m. ) 
The sound of boiling water; rum- 
bling of the bowels; alarm, fright, 
confusion, bustle. 

TT^T ear,hi, *. m. A pit, a 
ditch, any deep [dace, a chasm, an 

W^^ garhi,i', s.f. Wages paid 
for the copulation of liuflaloes, to 
the man in charge of them, who 
is called miih't. 

TT^T^ garhi,u, /. m. Copu- 
lation of cattle. 

"<'lt3i€^ garh I, un I, r. o. To 
bring a cow or female buflaio to 
the bull; ( cau<al of aifjA T. ) 

^Ifjwr garhi,ka, /. m. I^ud 

speaking, thut;dering, roaring. 

T^V garhip, ,./. Puberty, 

(spoken of buflaloes and cows.) 

Trg^ gar.hl, t.f. A small fort, a 

TTW^r^ S-TS^iJi '• '"• Noise caused 
by the boating of drums, the roll- 
ing of carriage wheels, the fall- 
h)g of hail stones, &.c., confused 
noise, clamor, thunder; c. w. V- 

^l?Jdi tfl g^Fa''*J.j'> *• "*• One 
that makes a clamor and uproar. 

il^di ^i^r gargarat, s.m. A rum- 
bling noise, confusion, fright, bus- 
* tie. 

3lS Ti WW^ garachch, garaehih, 
s. m. The noise made by a person 
walking in mud and water; the 
noise made by champing food; 
c. w. ^37iT and ^T^a. 

3r^vr garaj^p, .». m. The noise 
made by champing f(jod, or by 
thrusting any thing in, (as food 
into the moiiih, &c. ;) rapidity; 
7T^V5r3"cr, without resistance or 
opposition; immediately; ?r^V 
o?d^ 'tTT "^^TTT, to enter without 
rosistunce, to enter immediately. 

TUTM" JTS'V garapp, sarapp, s.f. 
Boasting, telling marvellous tales 
about one's self; c. w. Ifrg^TTl". 

^r^^tf gafpangkh^ j. m. 

?r^W?ft garpangkh,ni, s.f. 

ITWQ^ gar paungkh, s. m. 

Trav^^^ g^rr''>"oskh,n>, s.f, 

A bird fumed among the Hindus: 
called also ?Iah<iniJ '14 fjhord. 

?r^^'^ TfrfT jhanyja, 
*. m. Uncertainty, speaking at 
random; wrangling, dis-puting, 

TT^r ga,r;i, a. Very cold, ( wa- 
ter. ) 

TT^ g;i,r*> '• "•• Hail, a hail stone; 
( used chiefly in the plural. ) 

"JlSsJT garum,bha, t. w. Green 
mangoes cooked with ff%ir and ghi 
in a particular way; (j>roj>erly 


TtW^T gtiraun,da, *. m. A kind 
of sweetmeat; (proj>i*riy ^T^f^T. ) 

«- ^ ..(*•!• A cow. 

7rT% g-i,i,> ■^ 

TTlfV^ ?-i,'k, *. m.f. A singer. 

TTrtV^ gi,itri, *. /. The name 
of a viantar, a prayer rcpeate<l by 
lirahmans with the rosary. 

"J| I fvi. <S sii'n> *• /• A female 

TnfvSWi ga,ila, t. m. Great 
gain, great advantage, profit, use. 

3riVi^ g^i>0, *•/. A cow; i. q. 
?]T and "^TlVZ- 

iUH g--in>, $.f A mode of sing- 

3TI7TT, *. m. Great gain; 
opiKtrtunity, occasion; c. w. W3T- 
fyt and MlSc^r. 

^rnj gih, *. in. Threshing grain 
with oxen ; Tfl \I VT'3<^I, to thresh 
witli oxen. 

?nvJa? gi,hak, t. m. ^ A pur- 

dllvJi^cN^ gi,hakni, t.f. ' cha- 
ser, a seeker. 

TTivnfi" ci,haki, *./. Purchasing, 

TTTTI^ gi.han, /./. A ford, ford- 
ing: TrTvT^ ^i'W^T, io ford. 

tlllvJcfcr, r. a. To thresh, 
to tread out, to tread under foot; 
to travel about in (a country;) 
to try, to prove. 

f[\xr€\ gah,di, s. f. The seat 
occupiotl by a driver of oxen, 
when drawing water from a well, 
turning a sugar mill, ic. 

^rtviyr^ g\h,bf, s. m. A large 
species of lizard that has a habit 
of infbting its cheeks; spokca 
also of a man whose face is fat 
and puffy; also i. q. Jtivl»T. 

3ii;jM( gihjli, *. m. A bunch 
of cotton, (as it bursts from the 
pod, or comes loose and light 
from the band of the cleaner. ) 

TTTXr^ S"\''*r> '• "*• -^ coUcc- 





tion of people, a crowd, a mass, 
thickness; WTJlf ^^T and fjf^- 
5^, the coming togt-thcr of a 
crowd. " 
^lvJ?{l g^ih,ri, a. Thick. 
JrTvTST galiifi, ». m. A sort of 

thick cloth. 
Jlivii ga,ha, », m. Detaining the 
person or propc-rty of any one, on 
account of a debt due from a third 
party ; c. w. ST^TTT. 
Tnft ga,hi, t. f. Threshing, &c. ; 

L q. WsTTZ^. 
?IT\J" g-i,hu, s. m. One that 
treads out grain -svith oxen; one 
that seizes. 
^nv^T g£kh,na, r. a. To bear, 
to suffer, to experience, to try, to 
examine, to become used to. 
Jlidid gi.gar, s.f. A metallic 

water vessel, 
JJMId*^ ga,gari, s.f. A small 

water vessel made of metal. 
?|IJi«il gag,la, s. m. A kind of 

<»rnrW^ ga,garl, s.f. A kind of 

vegetable, an esculent root. 
Trry) ga,chi, g./. Biting, a bite, 
taking a portion of a thing bj 
biting; c. w. eJd/0, HT3~?7t and 

TII'H'J g^ja^i"> *•/• A carrot. 

Sir-Hi gdnyji, s. m. A prepara- 
tion of hemp smoked like tobacco 
and producing intoxication. 

Instrumental music; i.e. of sever- 
al instruments together. 

J|lif^ gi^i, r. m. A brave man, 
one who fights agninst infidels; 
^TRT^ V^^, a horse. 

ail^'l gi,ta, a. Short and thick, 

^lit gatit*! '• •"• '^'^® throat, 
the neck. 

TTTZT^ g^,ti, s.f. A pebble. 

Trrg" gand, /. /. The anus; THT 

IJTTT^, to commit sodomy ; 3TT5 
WTT^c?^, to act the catamite. 
"Sjilg g>in,du, /. m. A so<Jomite, 

a catamite. 
3|T V cpin.clo, ». /. A female 

<j|i-(ji gan,dha, ». m. One who 
patches or splices, (a shoe;) a 
'3Tr3"3J git,Ti, s.m. A sword belt. 
3713^"^ git J), t.f. The name 
of a mantar, a 5.'icred verse frum 
the Vedi recited mentally. 
3IIrf gad, *./. Sediment. 
3Tr^ gi.dij *■ f- A seat, a throne; 

i. q. 37^ or JTTTT^'^. 
Sfi'-le^ gan,dhan, s.f. The wife 

of a perfume seller. 
«rrn:f^ gi/lhi, x. /. The scat occu- 
pied by the ox driver of a well, 
sugar mill, &c.; i. q. JnorrT. 
^rnTt gan,Jhi, s. m. One who 

sells essences and perfumes. 
JIIAI gan,na, *. m. The wrist: 
a painful swellins: or sprain of 
the wrist; ^1 Al vcH, the occur- 
ring of a sprain, <fcc., in the wrist; 
3ll?>l ^^TS^rr, to fasten a red 
thread round the wrist at mar- 
d|i(S» g^,fal, a. Careless, indif- 
ferent, negligent. 
<31l(^ Wi gaf,Ia, X. m. A caravan; 

J|l^«^ ga.fali, t.f. Careless- 
ness, negligence. 

JMy rJJI Q "HI gibargaunyja, j. m. 
Yague random speaking, indefin- 
ite unmeaning language. 

31 [ =J gabh, t. m. Pregnancy, a 

3|i =J«^ ca,bhaui, /. Pregnant; 
one that is pregnant, 

THK g^m, i. m. A horse's pace, 

3rrwg^ gim,chl, s.f. The slen- 
der J art of a horse's leg from tlie 
ankle upwards. 

7ITT?r3" ga.yak, s. m. f. A singer. 
TTTOT^^ ga,yatri, /./. A Brah- 

niaiiical mantar; i. q. Trrgr?"^. 
ITT^T?? ga.yan, *. /. A f..male 

'TT? gar, /./. A cavern, a cave, a 

TfTTT gi,ri, *. m. Mud used 
for mortar, i)otter's clay knead- 
3Trf5 g:il, s. m. Melting. 
TfTc^ gal, s. f. Abuse, vitupera- 
tion; TTrj^ 3^?^, to abuse; 
?ITf5 ^^~f^, to receive or suffer 
«|i «>r gal,ha, s. m. Cotton cleans- 
ed from the particles of the leaf, 
which are frequently mixed wiih 
it; i. q. di 1 vJ<Kl. 
^i»c^i ga,lana, j r. a. To melt, 
<i|i«<M gain a, j to dissolve; 

to destroy, to annihilate. 
<TT35^c?T ga,lary,i. % t.rru 

717^5^ S^,hiri> f ^ talkative 

d|ifr53 g;'i|larn, -J person. 

^R^T gi,li, X. m. A mouthful 
for an animal, what is taken at a 
snatch; a calamity, a judgment. 
^IFTT JTTft ga,la sa,h!, > *./• A 
<J|lfi! F^ g-'^il* sn,df, / calam- 
ity, a judgment. 
3Il(Si^ g^l'j '•/• Abuse. 
3TT^ gijlu, X. 171. A melter; a 

TTT^ g^i^'i. o- Belonging to the 

cow; as, TP^ ^rj, cow's milk. 
3ITf^ g-^rh, X. m. Thickness, a 

collection, a crowd, a mass. 
TTlf^t g^r,l>^» a. Thick. 
dllf^T gir.ha, X. v\. A thick kind 

of cotton cloth. 
TVr^ g^r,hi, s. f. A kind of 
cloth, ( the same as dhoti; ) also 
the name of an esculent root; i. q. 

TVr^ ziji, a. Of deteriorated 
caste; shameless. , 





f^rwr?^ gian, *. m. Knowleilgc, 
intelligence, especially the knowl- 
eili^e of GckI. 

fipWTT^Ttg- giankan<l, «. tn. /. 
The part of religion which relates 
to kno\vle<lge. 

fipKTTr^v gi;t,nan, s. /. ^ One 

fipKTTT^', *. m. / that is 
possessed of knowledge, especially 
with reference to the things of 

f^pWTTvT gia,rah, a. Eleven. 

fipKT^^ glarh.wan, ^ a. 

fipWrgfy^r gia,rahiwan, ) The 

f^ri>rr3T gia,ran, a. Eleven. 

fjTxJ^ glcli,chi, *. /. The nape 
of the neck; fi?^ fuw if? Xj- 
gft, to be stiipi<l and foolish; (an 
expression used with reference to 
women. ) 

fjl^fjlfll gij.gij.^, a. Raw, im- 
perft-ctly cooked, rare. 

0\ -H fjTTTTZr giisiji^ti ' '"• Rai- 

fifW gij^. '•/• Focd, aliment, 
provisions; diet. 

f^T^T gijja, a. Raw, imf>erfectly 

ftr^ ^TT^T gijili, JH,na, j c. n. To 

HT'^cvi gijjh,ni, / form a 

habit, to become accustomed, to 
be tamed. 

iwV%^:J gijlia,una, r. a. To 
habituate, to tame. 

f'i\i^ gH.tak, #./. The stone 
of any kind of fniit. 

^i<^^?0 git.kafi, t.f. A particu- 
lar sound in singing, quavering, 

^'"i^cM, a. Of small 
stature, dwarfish. 

f^Z^ git,ta, «. m. T}ie ankle 
bone; a cloth \>ound round a pipe 
stem at the point of junction with 
the stand; fVf^ "^^r^a, to adjust 
the ffittd of a pipe. 

fhz^ gl,ti, *./. A pebble, a gr.av- 

el stono, a bit of stone, 
firs tritth, s.f. A span, nine inches; 

OrSSf. fwST "WS, about a sjian. 
fjtaK <^yWT gitlimu,tliia, *. m. A 


faf^" git,t>»> ^•'"- ) I 1 ,r 
^-^ V A dwarf. 

y^ g\tJ.\\o, i.J. j 

fd|;^cNi gi(l,na, e. n. To fall; 
fir? V^rr, to fall down. 

fj l^l^^ T gicla,uiia, r. a. To cause 
to fall, to throw down. 

fi \ rtS3T 3 gintkar, *. m. An 
astrologer, an arithmetician. 

Oig j WlJl ' gintka,ra, .♦. m. Rules 
of arithmetic. 

f?r^3^rTTt giiitka,ri, *./. Reck- 

f?T^e3"3T^ giiitka,ri, ^ a. 

f3r^C3^T^^T giritka,rida,/ High- 
ly esteemed, distinguished, cele- 

ihr^S^ gin,ti, s.f. Number, reck- 
oning, account, muster; fir^^ 
^^, to become anxious; fir^^ 
furtd^, number and measure. 

fdlt^Ai gin,na, p. a. To count, 
to compute, to reckon; f«iccv<M 
fWcfvAl, to number and measure. 

Olcfvl^'^rr gina,una, r. a. To 
cause to compute or number. 

fipcr gidd, t.f. Matter formed 
in the eye; c. w. 'nrr'^'^rt. 

fii^i^ gid.dar, f.m. ^ A jackal; 

arHT, altercation, disputation with- 
out foundation. 

filTr giddh, s.f. A vulture. 

fdiyr gid.dlia, $. m. A kind of 
dance; fTTOTT MlGiJil, to dance a 
jig, to jump. 

f?nn tlfVwT gidjdha ho, la, a. 
Tamed, accustomed. 

fdid W? girast, ) s. m. House- 

fjIJ vJW"? girhast, i hold. 

fjJd vJ' gir,ha, *./. A knot; the six- 
teenth part of a yard; i. q. fil^l. 

fJrdvJIM" girluip, /./. Puberty; 
(spoken of sht^p. ) 

finr^ gird, aJ. Round al»out. 

1%?^ gird, *. m. A round, a cir- 
cuit, i-ircunifcrcn<-e. 

flra'^e^ gir/laui, *. /. Turn- 
ing one's self r»un<l and round; 
di7.r,iness;fir3"=^cSt l^cjft, to turn 
round, to dance ruuiid. 

flld.dT glr,di, t. m. A circumfer- 
ence; the circle of kair round the 
head when the crown is shaven. 

r<)|d-5 gir,de, prep. Around, 
about, in the %icinity of; G}fi^ 
^cfki, to be engaged in ( some 
business;) to l>e attendant upon 
any one In the hope of some 

f^Td^l gir,nii, r. a. To fall; 
fwu ^^rr and V^?rr, to fall down. 

far^^r^ girw4,i, *./. Wages 
paid for throwing do%vn. 

t^ra^i'^^vT girwi,una, r. a. To 
cause to fall. 

f?r¥^ gir.wi, s.f. A ple-igc, 
a pawn; fk^^ V^^^T and "T^T- 
en', to pawn; fwu'^ V^TT, to be 

iW3T gi,r<'i, s. f. A knot; the 
sixteenth part of a yard; i. q. 

f^raT^ girijun, *. m. A village. 

f^rai'^^rr gira,una, r. a. To 
throw down, to cause to fall. 

firs'i^ girri,u, a. Ready to 

(w^l^ girijU, X. m. One that 
throws down. 

fJlf^ gi,ri, t. m. A mountain; 
a title of a class of Hindu faqirs. 

frrfVHc^l gi"^,9^ f'O. To catch, 
to sei/.e. 

firfVwcNT, r. n. To be 


fjlfdUd gl.ridhar, n 

,<- ^-5 . . ,, - / '• "»• ■A' name 

RTTr/ma' gindliar > e z- • i ' 
^ ^ ^ \ of Aruftrw. 

fJlQ'-IIcf T giridliiiri,' 

. 132 



31 an 


TTTTt gi,ri, *. /. 1 

frr^ gi,ru, t.v\. } of 

The kernel 
)f a cocoa- 
nuf, almond, &o. 
f*l» gill, *./. Moisture, damp- 
ness, frcslincss; ( tnet. ) pros[)erity, 
a good name; fif?5 ^rpHT^??d, to 
lose moisture, to dry; to lose 
one's prosperity, to lose a good 

iW^SZ gillit, 5. /. A hard lump 
in thft flesh; the core of a boil; a 
protubcrant^o; a lump in dough, 

fk^Z^ g'll'.t', i- /■ A small 
lump or i)rotuberance, &;c. See 

Ni «)^ gill, bar, s. m. Goitre. 
f^fjJW^S' gillharpatt, *. m. A 
leaf resembling tobacco used me- 
dicinally for curing goitre, 
1^1 (Off r gilh,ri, s. m. One wlio 

has goitre. 
fd|«H gilni, J. /, A woolen 

i^/wT gi,li, *. m. Complaint, 

lamentation; reproof, blame. 
fifjJT giljli,. a. Moist, damp. 
f^I»'63 gil-i,ut, J./. ^loiituro, 

f^TfJT^^r gila,uU, *. m. ^lois- 

f^T^^r^^^T gIrgarH,una,1 r. w, 
fsr^f^^T'^c^ girgira,uari, -> To 
b<?scech, to i)ii])lore er.rnct-tly and 
fir^Tvr gir,na, r. n. To fall. 
f%^^^T giri.un:?, r. a. To 

cause to fall. 
TfV^T gi,chi, *. m. A dish made 

of a root called arabi. 
3fi<5^ ?'it'> '• /• A pebble, a 

bit of stone; i. q. fifsfl'. 
^{\s g>t, *. m. A hymn, a 

aO^T g',ta, /./. The name of 
»i poem, ( in Sfnistri or Gurmu- 

guich ji,ni, ) t. n. 
iacli,ni, J To 

guar, s. m. ) A coun- 
^ guar,ni, *./. ' try per- 

s. / A 

srwT^i^T guac 
be lost. 


son, a clown. 
apHTT?" guan(lh, /. m. 

hood, vicinity. 
3P>ft^^ guan,dhan, 

female neighbor. 
apwt^^ guaadh,nf, ». /. A 

disorder of the eye. 
apHT^lfWT guandhmat,tha, *. ni. 

apHT^ guan,dhi, *. hi. A neighbor. 
^'I^3'3^ gus.tari, ) s. /. Some- 
arrrJW^ . gus.tarl, ' thing given to 
a child to eat soon after its birth; 
c. w. $^^. 
3!Tr3'T7 gustak, a. Arrogant, 
haughty, presumptuous, uncivil, 
cruel, rude. 
arnFrsft gusfi.kf, /./. Arro- 
gance, presumption, incivility, 
rudeness, cruelty. 
^1R75 gusl, s. VI. Bathing, a bath, 
making ceremonially clean ; St JT^ 
-c -rM, to wash a dead body. 
3rTr^<^T gu,salna, r. n. To do 
that which makes bathing rcqiiis- 
ite; (spoken of coition; ) ^7Tt55- 
Wi tT%WT, in need of kitliing. 
afrrr guSjSa, «. m. Anger. 
3nTTl%^ gu5a,in, x. /. A fe- 
male devotee. 
3nn^ guia,in, t. m. 

tee; a master, 
af^ gu5,.«e, a. Angry 
aTFr?^ gusail, m. 
■3i&?^5^ gusai,lan, /. 
■afTH «r gusai,la, m. 
■?1^105^ gusa},li, /. 

given to anger. 
arvTtT gu,haj, I./. Looseness or ful- 
ness in clothing; a pocket; the act 
of braiding, kneading, &,c.; a mode 
of proof; viz. i. q. \lm ulr/aqin. 

A devo- 

ful, pas- 

am^T guhja, X. m. A child's 

ar^T gu,ha, s. m. A lump of 
cowdung, a drle<l cake of the 
same ; ( properly Vtor. ) 
^TTjrTT g\ilia,ra, t. m. A stack 
of drie<l cowdung; a kind of wild 
pulse which is eaten in times of 
great scarcity. 
srvnFT?:^^ guh.lrajj, t.f. Throw- 
ing cowdung on each other, &c.; 
3ITn^T-3C5> ^?c^^ or ^?^f?c>, (o 
play with cowdung; (a ceremony 
practiced both by Hindus and ifu- 
salmans in times of drought to 
procure rain. 
■JTTft^T guh),!-!, f. m. A stack 

of dried cowdung. 
"Srq gU|hu, s.f. A kind of lizard 
of a large size, the skin of which 
is used for making sword scab- 
^^^ gu,huri, a. Acquainted 

3rn?7T gu,liuli, s. in. A vessel 
made of cowdung, whkh when 
dry is coated with a preparation 
of earth; (used for holding meal, 
ajvJMft gu,huli, 

"SV^l^ gu,hura, 
carded cotton. 
I'^W'^ gUilii'F'* '•/• I^i™- of ju- 

^T vJdT guhu,ra, s. m. A stack 

of dried cowdung, 
arvTTTl^'^ guhanyjani, ") t. /. 
arrjl^i^^fV guhanyjliani, I A sty 
3!TJT'5^ guhan.dani, j in the 
3t"Ur^5f^ guhan,dhani, j eye. 
3I3r^W gugril, t. m.f. "j A 

t. f. A small 
$. m. A ball i.f 

an3r=ft^ trusff 
arJifiW gngrail 

li, x./. bel- 
X. m.J. J lie-d 


X. fTj." A famous 





faqi'r saiil to ha\ol>con transform- 
ed into a serpent, ami to liave gone 
into tlic cartli. He is revered and 
worsln>l>ed by iMuhammadans, 
as well aa Hindus, and espe- 
cially by people of the Mehtar 
^3n giing|<r;i, a. Dumb. 
af^IfS guSi=ui» '•"*• A kind of gum 
used for incense; 'jpTc? ^ "rilO-l, 
to be wasted, to be destroyed, to 
be used up, to be finished, to be 
brouglit to nought, to bo lost; 
to be melted; to cease from mov- 
incr; to be immovable. 
^3T^ gug,guli, s.f. Tlie name 
of a disease -svliich destroys the 
interior of the nose ; c. w. "^TT^. 
31*^ guch,clii, s.f. Diving; be- 
ing out of siglit oral'scnt, stroll- 
ing away; arg^ Hid<s1, to dive; 
3f^ WT^cT^i to stroll aM-ay, to 
])lay truant, 
arg^-if^l guchclihmaguch,flilia, 
s. m. Mutual clcncliing of wrest- 
lers, embracing of friends. 
af^ guc]i,chha, s. m. A cluster, 
a bunch, ( of fruit, ) several pods 
united togetiier, a string of cloves, 
&.C., used aa an ear ring; ^jfgT 
vj^rr, to bo clenched, (as wrest- 
lers, ) to end>race, (as friends;) 
to be drawn in, ( as by severe 
pain. ) 
af^ guch,cldii, s. /. A bar- 
ber's case of tools. 
3FfR gujar, s.f. A living, live- 
lihood, sj.ending life. 
^IifT? gujjar, g. m. A caste of 
people who sell milk, ( both Hin- 
dus and Musalmins. ) 
^■Hdi« gnjrdn, s.f. Living, 
livelihood, employment, passing 
the time ; q-Hdil^ ^TSTi^, to spend 
life, to pass time. 
T»nTf5 gujri!, 3- /. A habita- 
tion of Gujjurt, 

apfTcTt g^>j,ri, s.f. A female Guj- 

STrf^^vTST, t. m. A 

dwelling place of Gvjjars. 
3rfr3^3^T gujrotja, s. m. 

arffT^T gujre,ta, s. m. 

3rW3^ S"jrf,ti, s.f. 

A young Gujjar, the child of a 

3i-r1irviJT gunyja,is, s.f. Capa- 
city, containing, holding, room ; 

arrTT^^ gun3Ja,una, v. a. To 
cause to roar. 

ar'tft' gunyji, s. f. A skein of 
gold or silver thread. 

afiT^ giijjur, s. m. A caste of 
people Avho sell milk; i. rj, aTTTg". 

af'^ gujjh, s.f. Secrecy; a bribe; 
a hole in a spuming wheel; 3T^ 
yr^ or ^^, to take a bribe. 

^'■C^T gujjh, nu, V. n. To be 
kneaded; to bo braided. 

^^ &'"jjl'^j «• Secret, conceal- 

^PfT'^ gujhii,!, s.f. Compensa- 
tion fur kneading or braiding; 
braiding; kneading. 

3r?T^^T gujha,unu, r. a. To 
cause to be kneaded, or braid- 

3f% 3f^ g^ijjbe guj jhc, aJ. Se- 

3727 gutt, s. m. Any thing round ; 
a whule cocoanut. 

arjlf gUjtak, s.f. The souml 
made by a pigeon, cooing; chuck- 
ling, smiling, laughing in the 

'dii^^f gu,taknii, v. n. To coo, 
( a pigeon ; ) to chuckle, to smile, 
to laugh in the sleeve. 

^li^I gut,ka, s. m. A small 

book; a kind of written manlar, 

which being placed in the mouth, 

is supposed to enable its posses- 


■*l6dT gut,r.i, ) a. Koi 
di^rfl gut.rii, / broad 

sor to fly away, or become invi- 

a. Kound, as 
as long, 
short and thick, 

"iii gut,ti, s. m. A wooden in- 
strument used by shoemakers to 
polish the edge of the soles of 

^rfiVi gU|tika, *. m. i. q. ^RT- 
^, q. V. 

313^ ffutif' *•/• A small bundle 
of tobacco leaves. 

af^ gntit"* o. Drunk. 

3r3" gi'tt''' *• /• A corner; af^ 
■^cT^i", to tie in a corner. 

3f?^, p. a. To twist. 

3r^Rt gut]),Ii, s. f. The stone 
of any fruit. 

-Ji6i\0 gutha,i, s.f. The price 
of twisting. 

3I^'^?rr gutha,una, v. a. To 
caa<o to be twisted, (a rope, kc.) 

^liQ' gunila,d, s. tn. Lascivious- 
ness, lewdness. 

af^jdijjT-e^ gu(ldgud;i,i, s.f. Hoe- 
ing, ( a field of corn. ) 

afST^T gu'ld,n;i, v. a. To weed 
and hoe, (a field of corn, a gar- 
den, &c.;) to beat, to pelt, to dig 
and bruise. 

"T^^t^T gundpu,na, s. m. Las- 
civiousuess, lewdness. 

afgr gu«l,da, s. m. An efllg}-, 
an image of a man, ( made of 
cloth or rags;) 3T^T '^?J«5Tj to 
jnit up an effigy of any one, in 
order to give him a bad name. 

3131 gun, da, a. Lascivious, 

ar^r^ gu'l^V', t. f. Hoeing, 
digging; beating; compensation 
for hoeing, &c. 

T^T^^rr gu(la,uu!i, V. a. To 
cause to be hoed. 

dlsJi'e' guddjwa, *. »n. A hoer, 
a wceder. 





iy^ g<i<li<li, t.j. An imago, a 
doll; a till.., cmnciatcil f<jii)ale; a 
four corncrcil kite. 
3J5J gun, t. m. Virtue, rjuniity, 
attribute, merit, skill; cTTf^O' =S^ 
3rcr?5^, ( 7j7. a bag full of vir- 
tues ; ) a person who possesses all 
good qualities, one who knows 
every thing. 
di*ik"<JII via? gunga,hak, ». m. One 
that discovers and appreciates 
good f[ualitics, a i>atron of learn- 
^\r*s d[^ gun,guu, s. m. Speaking 

through the uose. 
ai^ar^T guu.guni, a. In the 
habit of speaking through the 
uosc; lukewarm, (water, Sec.) 
a^c^dlc^lGc^l gunguna,una, v. n. 

To speak through the nose, 
aj^^^rrj; gungunat, s. m. The 
sound produced by sj)eakiiig 
through the uosc. 
^jgr^T^ guUigunf, s./. A dis- 
ease by which the interior of the 
nose is destroyed ; i. q. ^T^fSi- 
ai^TTT gun,na, r. a. To count, 

to reckon, to calculate. 
aj^l^T"^ gunman, n o. Skill- 
^^ts gun want, > ful, intelli- 
ajc^^lA gunwan, ^ gont, ac- 
complished; having estimable qua- 
lities, virtuous. 
ar^O' gu,na, s. m. A lot, a por- 
tion; a kind of sweetmeat; a piece 
of leather at the heel of a shoe; 
also ( in eomp. ) fold; a-«, f^Q 
315^, a hundred fold; 31^ Ml^^> 
to cast lots. 
ajl^J^t'i^iy gunakar, m. f. Skill- 
ful, dexterous; a person of ta- 
lents; one who is skilled in the 
rule of three, 
aiijii^ijr gunAka,ra, s. in. •> The 
ar^rnrigt guuikri,ri, t./. / rule 
of three in arithmetic; (as used 
in India. ) 

aj^ ?"iy'> "*• /• Skillful, dex- 
terous; a ma.-ter, ( or mistress, ) of 
an art, a jierson of talents. 

afgr gutt, t. f. A woman's hair 
plalte<l and hanging down the 

rilS'iiJlQ(f:T gutgutl,una, p. a. 
To tickle. 

arj^Tjt gut,guti, s.f. Tickling, 
titillation. Also '•il-i^^^pt. 

3^57^ guta,wa, *. m, A mess 
for cattle made of cut straw or 
chaff, oil-cake, meal, water, &o. 

arw^CT guth,na, r. «. To be 
firm and compact, ( the flesh of 
a strong man, or other animal ; ) 
to be tightly plalto^l, (hair;) to be 
closely strung, (beads.) 

artiMT guth,la, s. m. A bag, a 

ditiMt guth,li, s.f. A small bag 
or purse, a pocket. 

aH^^f guth.wan, a. Plaited, 
strung together; lirm, comi)act. 

dit^lQc^T gutha,una, p. a. To 
cause to be closely strung, (beads. ) 

3p^ gud, s.f. Tlie anus, 

apS' gudd, 5. m.f. Tulp, kernel, 

aps^p^ guilguiii, a. Soft, (as 
a quilt, &e., ) plump. 

dT^Ji-^l Vi^ gudgudi,i, s.f. Soft- 
ness, plumpness; tickling. 

apgapST^^^ gudgudd,uua, p. a. 
To tickle, to titillate; to press 
with the legs, (the horse on 
which one is riding. ) 

ar^^T^ruiC gudgx 

di-d=»i-^l3" gu-. 

Tickling, the sensation produced 
by tickling; softness. 

ar^aTT^ gud,gudi, s. f. Tick- 
ling, a sense of tickling; i. q. ^3- 

Ji-^c^f gund,na, r. a. To plait, 
(hcfir, &c.;) md. to work into a 
plot, to scheme. 

gudguda,ha^, s.f. } 
gud gud at, s. m. * 

ar^e^T gund|na, t. m. A plot, 

a scheme. 
arxTWr gud,mi, t. m. A coarse, 

thick kind of woolen clotli. 
ai-cf-c^ gund,win, a. I'laited. 
ape^ gud.ri, s. VI. ) A quilt; 
31=2^ gud,ri, s.f. ' a garment 

made of variegated patches worn 

by mendicants; a bundle of old 

3p2T gu,da, s.f. The anus, 
af^r gud,di, s. vt. ilarrow, 

kernel, pulp. 
ar^fi\it gunda,i, s.f. Plaiting; 

conijten.satioii for the same. 
ai^r^^T gunda,una, r. a. To 

cause to be plaited, 
af^"^ gud,dur, s. m. Old and 

patched garments, a buu<.Ue of old 

clothes, tatters. 
afcrT gudjdhi, part. def. Kucade<J. 
artT'J^JTr gudhu,!ukan,> s.f. 

arxifj^ gundliu.lakaij,) Twilight, 
afj^^n" ) gunnh,i,i;i, v. a. To knead, 
arr^i^T } to braid; afj^ ^^, to 

be kneaded; to be covered Jwith 

apsT^ gviiiha,!, s.f. Kneading; 

the wages of kneading. 
arj^^^T gunhaiUna, r. a. To 

causo to be kneaded. 
J T AIO gunih, *. m. Sin, crime, 

dl[<MvJ JliU" gunaligar, ». ni. A 

sinner, a criminal, an oflender. 
dlAI vl^ng'Y guuahg.i.ri, s.f. Sin- 
fulness; a tiue, a jKnalty, a for- 
dlAlvJc^ guna,han, s.f. A ?lnful 

d£ < s i vA guna,hf, s. in. A sinner, 

a criminal, an offender. 
apTTTTTj gunagar, /. m. i. q- 

gfvf gupp, ) a. Silent. 

afvr^M' gupPi ehupp, ■J Also ad. 

iilently ; ( properly ^V^TV- ) 





arvF g"r*» ^' Concealed, hid- 
den, secret, 
gp/^ gupiti, .»•/. A sword cano. 

^ ^ ' ' > ai. Secrctlv. 

arrr gii,I'l'^> '•/• A cave, a cav- 
ern; a facjir's hut. 

ar^T gUjbar, s. m. Pride, cn\y, 
spite, hatred; c. w, "gvf^a. Also 

a^gg^ gid>,ri, ni. Proud, liaugli- 
ty, sj>iteful, cnriou?; a proud, 
haughty person. 

si^il^TZ gubbhgubhaf, f. vi. 
Pride, hawglitiness, scorn, hatred, 
ill humor, ambitious purpose. 

g?T, J gumm, t. m. A colloc- 

3fw i tion, ( of men or things. ) 

api 1 gumni, a. Lost, missing, 

arU / concealed. 

JTU TTH gumm, summ, a. Silent. 

TW fiW gumm, summ, j. m. Silence. 

af^frT J gum,maj, 5. m. A 

^Krf J dome, a turret, a cupda, 
a tower, a vault, a temple sur- 
mounted by a dome. 

afWrt-cfid J gummajdar, a. 

^Vfrl^^r? J Having a dome. 

arHrTt gumji, s.f. A small dome. 

31^3 J gum, mat, s. m. A dome, 

^VZ j a tower, .i bastion. 

aiKzf^ g"init'> *•/• A small dome. 

TMZr^T^T gumti,la, a. Having a 

IT-rgrT gum,baj, s. m. A dome. 

3rW7 gu,mar, g. m. Pride, envy, 
hatred, spite, malice. 

'TWT J glim, ma, ». m. A col- 

^>rT J lection, ( of men or things. ) 

^THT^^^T gumi,uni, v. a. To lose, 
to waste. 

TWTT;, g. m. Fancy, 
suspicion; pride, liautcur. 

THr?r^ guma,naa, /. i Ono who 

TKTTrt, m. J conjec- 
tures or suspects; a proud person; 
proud, suspicious, fnnciful. 

TW^ f gum, mi, s. f. A boil 

3]>ft j risincr up from the surface 

of the body like a tower; o. w. 

319" gur, X. f7i, A teacher, a lead- 
er in religion, a master; a rule, 
( in arithmetic. ) 

ild^JT, gur,gura, a. Picli, wealthy. 

31^31?^ gurguri, s.f. A small Ah'/- 
q<i made of metal ; i. q. ^T^^T^- 

STg^^^ToTT gurdwa,rii, *. m. The 
place of a Guru. 

"iid-cfr gur,da, *.»?«. The kidney; 
( m^-f. ) high spirit, courage. 

yid=y>MT3T gurdua,i-a, s. m. A 
Gurus place; i. q. 31^:^^737. 

3Id^5T gurbut,ta, s. m. A fist, 
a blow. 

3rg3T^ gurbhi,!, s. in. A fellow 
disciple; ( viz. of the same Guni. ) 

3R'JfS'T gurma,ta, 5. m. Consul- 

3rHiry g'urimukh, s. vx. A good 
jiious man. 

3r3"Jftrt gur,mukhi, a. Spoken 
by a Guru, proceeding from the 
mouth of a Guru. 

3ig-}f\f^ gur,mukhi, j. m. The 
name given to the character in 
which the Panjabl language is 
written; ( supposed to have been 
forme<l by Gurii Kdnak from the 
Dcv Xthari. ) 

313^^7^ gurwar, s. m. Guni's 
day, the day on which one is ini- 
tiateil as a disciple; i. e. Friday. 

3rt^WTt%^ guria,iu, s. f. The 
wife of a Guru. 

srf^wnT^ guria,san, s. m. The 
place where a Gurti sits. 

3rf3WT^ gurii,ni, s.f. The wife 
of a Guru, a female Guru. 

srj" gu,ru, *. m. A religious teach- 
er, a spiritual guide, a mx^^tcr 
of an art; srj WZT^ a great 

3rw gul, t. m. The burnt part 

of a candle wick; the ashes of a 
pipe: also a preparation used as 
fuel for a pij-e; a block with which 
children jday, a kind of sky ball; 
3rW Jii^r or y:fd AT, to snutr 
a candle; to speak with eloquence; 
3T?5 oT^Tif, to extinguish a candle ; 
3r?5 m ^ Ai, to snuff a candle 
or lamp; to empty a j)ipe; 3p55 
^cM or Mi^c^l, to cauteriz.e, 
to blister by burning. 

3f3y gull, s. m. A corn cob. 

af {531 gull]i,ni, *. »i. Sugar and 
gJii niixetl with tlie flour of roasted 
rice; (eaten by Hindus at the fes- 
tival oi BascHi, and at weddings. ) 

3r?F5fvr3T gula,hini, s. m. A vag- 

31«>fb3^ gula,hiri, s.f. A squirrel; 
a female vagabond. 

3r?51^^T gul,kaua, j ». a. To 

STR?^^ gull^i'iij j g"lp> to eat; 
3n^ 3rJ53?" ^fT"5n, to eat greedily 
without masticating. 

3r553^ gulkand, 5. vi. Roses 
and sugar, a conserve of roses; 
( used medicinally. ) 

3r?53r?5T gul,gula, s. m. A sweet 
cake fried in oil, a fritter; a ru- 

3rW5fc5j gu]jh,n i, I", n. To be 
tangled, ( as thread. ) 

3r«.^iH gultras, s. m. Snuffers. 

ar^^TT? guldin, s.m. A snuff dish. 

■^IWy-dA" gulba,dan, *. m. Stri- 
ped silk cloth. 

3Tm^ gulamm, 

3r^HH^T gulammpu, 
vitude, slavery. 

3f?5^ gul,lar, s.f. A sycamore 

ar^T gul, la, *. m. A thick 
piece of an elephant's tusk, from 
four to seven inches long, from 
which rings are cut, to be worn 
on the arm by women; the stick 
extending across the top of a 

nm, ) s. rn. 

gulammpu n;i, J Ser- 





well bucket, to wliich the rope 

is .'ittaclie<l; a corn cob. 

3T7^'^ ^!'S'> »•/• \ riOun<l- 

3rHT^ gii!;i,u, s. m. * noss. 

Tf^TTTTg" gulairir, «. m. TIio 

flower of a pomegranate; the color 

of that flower. 

aDKTTTrTt gu]ana,ri, a. Having tlie 

color of the pomegranate blossom. 

apF^T'^ gulab, J. HI. liosewator, 

a rose. 
3rWiy-tfl«^'V gnlibaii,ni, s.f. A 

rosewater vessel. 

3r55rgfFr gulabin*', s. /. Tlic 

name of a plant; the marvel of 

Peni; (properly 3r?5>H'^JT. ) 

ar^iyiW^ gulaba,si, s. f. A 

smaller species of the manel of 

Peru; also ti'ocolor of that flower. 

3TMiy^ guliibi, a. Having tlic 

color of a rose. 
ar^^TT^ gula,bi, s. f. A vessel 

to liokl rosewater. 
3r75W giilam, *. m. A slave. 
3I«t^ gula,mi, y. /. Slavery, 


3TMIM gvilal, s. m. ) A red 

ai«i«^ gi'la,li, 5./. J powder 

thrown by Hindus on each other 

at the Holi festival. 

aifS^ o"ti'» *• /• The heart of 

a tree, heart woo<l. 
sfyft gul,l', *•/• A small ear of 
Indian corn with little grains; a 
small block useil in playing; ( dim. 
of <»iw*; ) a small thick bread. 
afw^ "^^T gul,U dan, da, t. m. The 
game called tipcat, or skj- ball. 
3r?5^ gUjlunyjli, s. f. Knottiness, 
a twist in thread, entanglement; 
( spoken of a skein of thread, or 
a coil of rope; ) also ( met. ) per- 
plexity, intricacy, difficulty. 
JlJ5« gulol, s.f. A pellet bow. 
aiJi«Tj^ gulel.chan, s.f. ^ One 
^WMxjt gulel,chi, X. m. J who 
uses the ffxdd. 

31^*41 giile,li, *. m. The earth- 
en ball which is shot with the^u- 
lel, a pellet. 
ar^ gult>, s. f. A kind of medi- 
cine, a bitter root used a.? a febri- 
fuge. Also yi7o. 
^r^'^J^ gula,chau, s. m. The 
name of a substance sometimes 
found in the gall bla<lder of the 
cow, which is used medicinally. 
^r^^TT gu!0|ta, s. m. A broach 
of yarn, a spool; conglomerated 
fiuces producing constipation. 
3rw gur> ^' ">• Inspissated juice 

of the sugar cane, coarse sugar. 
^Ifjit gurh,ti, s.f. A medicine 

given to new born infants, 
^i r1 '^i ff I ^ c^ ! gurgur.i|Una, r. n. 
To murmur, to mutter; to rum- 
ble, ( the bowels. ) 
^r^^T3^ guriguri, t, f. A small 
kind oninqqa, with abuttle-shap- 
cd stai:d. 
sr^D" gur,i,ku, ."T. m. A prepa- 
ration of tobacco and niola-sos. 
3r^M J gurumni, s. m. The 
ar^TT / si)la>liing sound of a heavy 
stone falling into water; the sound 
of cannon or musketry. 
3I"^>f3T ) gurum,bha, s. m. 
3r337 J Green mangoes cooked 
with sugar, or gur. 

arrj irunh, ^ ^ , 

" ^ " ,' \ s. m. Ordure, 
arg; gU|hun, / 

arrS' ="i''ur» *• '"• Deepness in 
color; depth of meaning; strength 
of friendship. 

aTiFT gunjij *•/• -^" echo, a rum- 
bling noise, roaring, buzzing, re- 
sounding, humming. 

sTtI^T gunyjiiii, r. n. To roar, 
to resound, to echo, to hum, to 
buzz, to growl. 

^i-ril^iM gunyja,una, r. a. To cause 
to roar, to cause to resound, &c. 

3T2r gunt, s. m. ^ A hill 

^16^ g^nt,ni, *./. ; pony. 

3J^ giln, > s.f. A haircloth 
ar^c gunn, / or hemp sack u^..l 
for loading asses, oxen and mules. 
3J^ giiud, s. m. Gum. 
3r^^ g<ind,ni, s.f. The name 
of a tree bearing a small red ber- 
ry full of a glutinous juice; alio 
of its fruit. 
ar^ST gun,da, s. m. A thin doujrh 
or pap made of chayid, and fcl to 
birds; ap^r ^ ^^T, to be repla- 
ced to the state of^w'n^W; (spoken 
of one who is in love, and grcatlv 
overpowered. ) 
aj^TT gu,na, s. m. A kind of var- 
nish or coloring matter used f-^r 
producing an imitation of gilt, 
arg g"rh, s. VI. - Deep- 

3r^3T gurli,ta, s.f. ( ncss in 

<^1 1^ 5 T^ gurhtd,!, s.f. ) color; 
strength of friend^liip; i. q. aj^^j^. 
ar^ gur|li.i, cj. Deep, ( spokon of 
color; ) strong, ( spoken of friend- 
ship. ) 
^tarw ge,gain, *. /. Ginghao:; 

( corrupted from the English. ) 

3t3T?5T geg|l;i, m. ^ Slovenly 

^jdTMt g'\ir|li, /. J in manner 

and speech, slothful; a sloven, 

a slattern, a trollop. 

Tt^l go,da, *. m. A stick used 

by boys in a certain game. 
7t^ ?•-",•]>> »• /• Diuiinutive of 
gc'Jd; ^t^rnj vr^^'nn, to play 
the game of gcli. 
if=? gend, *. /. A ball. 
irS"T gen.da, *. m. A marigold; 
also a term applied to a small 
ff^ gen,di, s. /. Fem. of ^t-n- 

dd; ( viz. as applied to a dog.) 
gtT^ gor.wi, a. Reddish, orange 

coloretl, of the color of </erii. 
^tr^ gor.wi, s. m. Cloth dyed 

with gerii, ( worn by faqirs. ) 
itf( ge,ri, s.f. I A kind of earth 
ft^ gc,ru, s. m. / or ochre of a 




reJdi-'h orange color; (when the 
color is somewhat light, it is 

called geri, otherwise geru. ) 
oi gcrii 

irerui, a. Of the color 

^^57T gel.ra, *. m. x 

5f55g^ gcl.ri, s.f. > and thiek 

A short 
J niece of 


^t^ gc,li', s.f. 

It^ ger, /. m. A turn, a round, 

a course, a circuit. 
5tW^T ger,na, r. a. To turn, to 

cause to revolve, ( a wheel, kc. ) 
ff^ ?<>ir'i> '• "»• ■'^ turn, a round, 

a course, a circuit ; 5t^ ^^TT, 

^fr^oT or 551^5^, to go a round, 

to make a circuit, to fulfill a 

TTS'T g,-iiii,(]S, s. m. J A rhino- 
A species 

Z\^ =<i',P'» ^- f- J 

cattle; a <l\varf. 

3Tg g'lio, s. m. Loncealment. 

TT^ gaib, a. Concealed, hidden, 

invisiUc, mysterious. 
^ ., ' 

3rg^ irai.ban, f.f. 
<s . , . ' 

3TgT g.'ii,l)i, s. VI 

JIW^ g^i.hi, 5^. m 

not known; one who works won- 
ders by secret means. 

71? gair, (I. Other, f rpcign, strancro. 

3T?? gai.rat, s. f. Modoty, a 
nice sense of honor, jealousy ; tt- 
?? 797ft f.r vrief^, to be joalou?. 

3T?ft gain,di, s.f. \ 

of small 

/. \ une 

;. > whoso pa- 
-' rentage is 



7V3'S'^ gai.ratan, /. ■> 

?r33'T gni.ratt, m. j dcst, hav- 
ing a nice sense of honor, jea- 

3ra gail, *. /. Accompanvincr, 
following; ?rw ^^€^"t, to get 
rid of company. 

?IW gail, prep. With, along with; 

1?5^rfn?^ gailguji.ri, *. /. Get- 
ting rid of company. 

^ ?o, i.f A. house mason's scafluM ; 

kneading; pressing and working 
with the liand«, (cotton. ) 

itf\r^ g'\in, /./. A kind of cow, 
the nxl'j'in. 

itfvjdl c'''i''"-^» '• "'• -^ suburb, 
the vicinity of a town. 

3tjT3* gost, *.y. Friendship, as- 
sociation, company, connection, 
conspiracy, a j>lot. 

^HZr?C ^'C.<,tan, s.f. ^ An 

itJTzft gosti, 5. 771. J associ- 
ate, a friend. 

^WS gost, s. m. Flesh, meat. 

^HF^^ g05tkho,ra, /. in. A 
llesh eater; a corroding sore. 

HtfTT go,si, s. m. A comer, a 
private pdace, a place of retire- 
ment; the end of a bow. 

ttflT goSjii, s. ra. Anger. 

itTTTHT g">a,!i, 5.771. A cowhouse. 

itir goh, s. f. A large kind of 

^tTIETr goli.ta, s. m. Dried cow- 
dung in its natural state. 

^TI'STi goh,ran, /. > a. Ac- 

Btrra't goIi,n', m. / quaintod, 
living in an adjacent district. 

^TJ?yr goh,Ia, s. m. A vessel 
made of earth and cowdung, and 
not kilnburnt. 

^TJ^T goh,ru, s. m. A ball or 
l>unch of carded cotton. 

ttrrr go,hi, s. m. Cowdung, 
(fresh or dry;) a stretcher set 
in the mouth of a large well buck- 
et ; ^Trr "^r^; i. q. grcTT gry?!'. 

tt^T go,k;i, a. Ik-longing to the 
cow, of the cow kind, (exclusive 
of the buffalo. ) 

^7*t go,ki, *./. Colored leather; 
( cow's only. ) 

W^'S gokh,ru, t. m. The name 
of a plant covered with jirickles; 
an ornament worn in the ear. 

BhfS" gokh,ru, s. m. An orna- 
ment worn on the wrist, bein" 
a ring with a ridged back. 


^H^ c'^iCar, s. f. A fat U-lly. 

^TT^TT^H g-'gaj-gancs, *. m. f. 
A fat Ullied person; (spoken in 
derision. ) 

7t3r=fhX7 go^garii, s. m. A cor- 
pulent man. 

thr^ c:o,gur> *•/• A big belly; 
i. q. 5ldl;t. 

it^gt gorh,ra, a. Suitable, fit; 
belonging or pertaining to, depen- 
ding on. 

^=rft gojf, a. Having a large 
proportion of barley mixed with 
it, ( wheat. ) 

^^ gojh, s.f. Kneading, braid- 
ing; gathers, (in sewing.) 

5t^i gojhi, s. m. A pocket, 
(in a child's dress.) 

^U got, *./. The hem or bor- 
der of a garment; ( so called 
when a separate strip of cloth is 
sewed on, made to extend on 
borh sides;) a checker, (viz. of 
a checker board;) a si)ool. 

^t^rr gOjti, s. m. Gold or silver 

^^3" goth, s.f. The hem or border 
of a garment; also a particular 
position in sitting ; 3t3 WT^^, to 
hem a garment, or put on a bor- 
der; ^Z >{TH^ y<i«^T, to sit 
crosslegged with a shawl ticil 
round the back and knees. 

^?^T goth,na, r. a. To unite 
by twiiting', to S[>lice. 

it"3^T go'liiia, r. a. To hoc, 
to dig, to loosen the earth about 
the roots of a jilant; tc beat and 

its^ o"^,'] '> *• »"• The knee; 
t^S■T H7g<^T, to push with the 
knee; 5t~=rr ^T?^ -dfjAr, to rise 
late; (spok<'n of the moon on the 
fourteenth night. ) 

5)"^ go,dI, s. f. KtTort, lalx>r, 
diligence; "dl'^J^ ydvO, to labor 
harvl, to make a strenuous efl'ort; 





5)^ «r^?ft or 5rg^ 55r^ 3^- 
^, toapjtly one's self to any busi- 
ness with great earnestness. 

ft^ gO|ii;i, r. a. To moisten 
and mix with the fingers or hand, 
to knead; to press or work with 
the hands, (cotton.) 

ftS got, s.f. Lineage, pedigree, 
caste, tribe, family; 3^3" ^^"^j to 
draw, ( a kite, ) downwards. 

^tS 577rj5T got kunii,]a, s. m. 
The eating togother of persons of 
the same caste on the bringing 
home of a bride. 

st^T gOjti, s. m. Immersion, dij>- 
ping, diving; 3t3T ^^^T, to bo 
dipped, (cloth,) to be immersed; 
^TJl ^^n', to dip; its-T H"!?;^, 
to go under the water, to imnierso 
one's self, to dive; St^-T (i^Qi^T, 
to dip, ( cloth, ) to immerse ont's 

at^ gOfii, s. m. One of the same 
tribe or family. 

dlt|(j^7>T go.thalna, r. a. To roll 
in the dirt, to smear, to dirty, to 

5^^ god, s.f. The bosom. 

3t':2^gft gond,ni, s.f. The name 
of a tree; also of its fruit; i. q. 

f^EX gon.da, s. ni. i. q. 37^^. 
Sl^j^r godja, s. m. A quilr, 

cspeciaDy such as is worn by ya- 

Sl-cf^*^ god,ri, s. f. A small 

7l"5g^ o'^*-^^' '•/• ^^^^ bosom, tlie lap. 
I^WT^ gf>r^J, \ s. m. A 

iWiWi/ gopa.lak, ) cowherd; a 

name of ICrishnd. 
3^V^T gop.ya, s. m. A sling. 
^Hf^ go,pi, s. f. A milkmaid; 

( spoken of the milkmaids witli 

-ffhom Kruhmi sported. ) 
Sh^WT go,pia, *. m. A sling. 
^tW^ go,bar, t. tn. Fresh cowdung. 

itgjJl^K gobarganes, t. i«. A 
fat bellied man, a lubber; ( spo- 
ken in derision. ) 

dli^d^ gOjbari, s.f. Plaster made 
of cowdung and earth; ?l"gT^'Sr3'- 
7^ antl 5 dA^, to plaster with 

I^S" gobh, t. m. Pith ; a bud, a 
young shoot. 

ft3^ go,bhi, s. f. Cabbage. 

?^ gO|bhu, a. Simple, artless. 

itlfr ^^ go,ma luu, *. m, A kind 
of salt found in Ifari'Ii. 

cHufdi go,yara, s. vi. The sub- 
urbs of a town ; i. q. Tlf^idT. 

itrtr^ gor.khan, s.f. \ The 

SV^VT gor,khi, s. m. > name 

Itg'vYnJT gor,khii, s. m. •J of a 
race of people in the Ni^nil hills. 

itrr go,ni, a. White; ( sjioken 
of men; ) of a jiale red color; 
(spoken of cattle. ) 

3t31 go.ra, s. tn. A name given 
to Europeans of low rank. 

3^ gi">,r", *• "i. Cattle; ( exclusive 
of the bufl'alo. ) 

d\tix)Ki\ goro,chan, 5. tn. A kind 

of me<li(;ine; i. q. <>io5rdO. 
^?? col, a. Round. 
Itl5 g>)l, s. m. A drove of cattle. 
It?57 gOjlak, s.f. A secret recep- 
tacle for money, a moneybox with 
a small aperture in the liil, a till. 
it^^^T gol,ta, J *./. PiOund- 
5l(Hj3Tlj^ ?olta,f, ) ness. 

ff^jcjj?^ golmol, 1 

^ , ^ K a. Kound. 

3Tf^V golrup, J 

fr^ g'\]'^, s- *n- A ball, a globe, 

a bullet. 

3t?5^ gol.l.i, *. J7J. ) , , 
^- -. , > -A. slave. 

3T55T, s.f. ) 

Jl^fS^ gO|li, s.f. A small ball, shot. 

it^ gor, s. m. Enmity, revenge; 
3tW 3^^ or ^^, to take re- 

it^ gor, hi, t.f. A bunch of 
carded cotton. i 

I A sel- 
I tish jicr- 
son ; sel- 

3T gauD, /. m. Purpose, intention, 

design, will; i. q. 3?^'. 
3nf^ gaungir, m.f. 
^RIT?^ gaungi,ran, /, 
7T?f^7ft gaungir,ni, /. 
7r?Ti3T rauni:i,ra, m. 
zr^ gauny.chi, s.f. Vaiiisliing, 

disappearing, leavhig ofV, tc.; i. q. 

3m gauQs, s. m. A title given to 
Muhammadan devotees, who are 
suppose<l to have great sanctity. 
3TH gau{is, a. Good, blessed, 

richteous, favored of God. 
TlXT cauh, s. m. PerseveranO'\ 
3r3TT, s. m. L proar, clani- 

or, noise. 
STTTT-grt gaug,i,i, s. VI. One who 
makes an uproar, a nolsv person. 
T^^HFTt gauja\va,hiiij, t. f. 
A Hindu ceremony pcrforme»l in 
behalf of a deceascil relative, 
^\liioh consists in feeiling two 
soers of gram to a cow, on the 
anniversary of iiis death. This is 
continued for three year?, and 
then gives way to the ceri-mony 
callc-<l trudh; i. q. 31"^ ^TT^?^?;*^. 
gau,n>', S.J. A shdc: 3T?^'^ 
JfTTPO, to beat with a shoe. 
3T?^KTar gaunimir, s. vi. A caste 
of peojde whose women, wander- 
ing away from home, pretend to 
be widows, and having induced 
persons of wealth to marry them, 
watch their opportunity to seize 
and carr}' off valuable property; 
a man of this caste. 
3T^Hfr?<^ gaunimar,ni', s.f. A 

female of the Gaiwimdr caste. 
3l^iA gaudan, s. m. The gift 

of a cow. Also 7T§ -d'<S". 
3T3T gau,r§, a. Patient, forbear- 
7TTT gau,ra, \ s.f. One of 

7['3^ gaUiTi, ) the names of Pdr- 





"sTd) gau.ri, /. /. The name of 

a tune sung at sunset. 
373^7737? gaiirisang.kar, s. m. A 

name of Miiln'tdev. 
7?^ p-iif' '• ^' '^^^ name of a 

caste of liralmiaus that had their 

origin in the country of Gaur. 


W^ gliaun, s. m. Grinding; sul- 
triness; u/^ 3r777T, to grind; 
Uf^ MT^^vT, to grind or triturate 
for a long time; Uf^ V^r, to be 
dusty, ( the atmo>i'herc, ) to be 

Ti|<?r5l ghati,n:t, ^ r. a. To 

Uf^^TT gh:uiii,n.'i, / grind in a 
mortar or on a .«tone, to triturate, 
to rub. 

"or^PCT ghaUiUi, J r. M. Togo 

ui^^r ghnun,n;i, ) about, to be- 
conif familiar witli a i)lace or peo- 
ple by long residence, to reside 
with a view to such acquaintance. 

W??^ ghas n^, r. a. To rub, to 
grind, to wear away by fric- 

tVTT^T ghas.ij-i, r. n. To be rub- 
bed, to be tritvirated, to wear 
away by frictiuu, 

WTTH^^ gliasmia, s. m. Uproar, 
noise, clamor, tumult, turning up- 
side down; battle, engagement; 
i. q. tiomrc!^. 

Wflijj^T ghasmai.Ui, a. A little 
dirty, soiled. 

Wn? gha,s-ir, t. f. Gentle fric- 
tion, rubbing, touching, a scratch, 
a mark made by friction. 

WrnJTTT glia,sarna, r. a. To rub, 
to rub gently, to touch in passing. 

^^f^^ W7T3- gha,sar ma.sar, t. f. 
D'-lay, dallying, loitering; c. w. 

WTT^'ScST ghasrijUna, r. a. To 

cause to rub gently; to drag. 
^H»3«M ghaslad(],na, r. a. To 

make dirty, (a cluth, ) by rubbing 

it in the dust. 
WHH HTTH gha|Sal nia,sal, s. m. 

WTT^TTJY ghusw:i,i', s.f. Wages 

for grinding or rubbinir, 
W*H<c'^<^T ghaswa,una, r. a. To 

cause to be rubbetl or ground. 
■UI7JT, .?. m. Rubbing, 

friction; W^ -g-gTrr, to perform 

any thing with great haste; WHr 

HTF^T or ^RFt^r^i, to rub with 

great force. 
WTTT^ ghasi,!, s. f. The act 

of rubbing; compensation for rub- 
uijrr^ ghasijU, t. m. Friction; 

a mark made by rubbing. 
'iW^^T ghasi.unu, r. a. To 

rub, to triturate, to irrind. 
WTTT^ g])as;i,u, a. Susceptible 

of b.jing worn away by friction. 
u^fT^^ gliasa,u, i. m. f. One who 

wf^TWr??; ghasia.ran, s. f. A 

female grass cutter, the wife of 

a grass cutter. 
UffjpwTaTT gha.-ia,rl, s. m. A 

grass cutter. 
wfjTWT^'^ ghasia.ri, s.f. A female 

grass cutter, the wife of a grass 

Wfftz: ghasit, t. j. Dragging; a 

mark made by any thing dragged. 
Wfl'^Z^Ci, v. a. To drag. 
^ifTdzr^T^"^ ghasitwi^i, $.J. Com- 

l>en-ation for dragging. 
WrftZT^^^ ghasitwa.una, r. a. 

To cause to be dragired. 
Ufjj gbas,su, t. m. Perverseness, 

wilfulness, r • jligence; viflj ol'S- 

TTT, WS ^frrc:' or Kt^TTT, to be 

perverse, to be wilfully careless 
. and negligent. 

uJjJTfT^ ghassumar, a. Perverse, 
wilfully negligent. 

WhTjT ghasaijli, a. Susceptible 
of being worn away by friction; 

WJTfST ghasai,lu, a. Dirty. 

ur?i ghagg, t. m. f. A hole, a 
hollow, a cavity, a cavern caused 
by water, &c. Also u/ttt j)!. the 
palate; WJIT "^fb" Tfr^^KT, ^^ 
W^n{r or fn^ ^l^-*UT, to 
become hoarse. 

■aJlT?T ghag.gar.i, s. m. A petti- 

WJT^ ghagigari, s.f. A child's 

tifgr§"??r ghagrel, s. f. A woman 
who wears a petticoat; also a wo- 
man who is not a prostitute. 

W3TT ghag,gi, a. Hoarse, hol- 

W7TI ghagiga, s. m. The name 
of the letter W. 

"oii] I d ghanggar, s. m. A slight 

■ufTTTJTJT ghanggar,na, r. n. To 
cough slightly. 

■UM^TT^^r ghanirga|lana, \ v. a. 

W^n^Tn ghanggal,nS, ) To 
rinse. Also WaTTH fwi^'. 

War^T ghanggUjta, s. m. A 
plaything consisting of a round 
thick piece of leather, with the 
circumference cut in notches and 
made to revolve on a cord. 

W3Tg"^T glianggur,n;i, r. n. To 
cough slightly, to clear the throat. 

W^ W^ "?TST ghachch, ghachch, 
kar,n£, r. n. To make a noise 
like that caused by walking in 
mud and water; to speak fast 
and iu'listinctly. 

WBTM^ ghachapich, /. m. f. 
Rushing and crowding together. 

Uf^- ghat, s. m. The heart, the 
mind, the soul, thought; also aa 
earthen water vessel. 





rxfz: ghat, *./. ri.iu.l*: u/j-Wr^'^ 
or ^^A^, coll-vtincr of rliui'ls. 

XxrZ" ch:i[t, a. Dcfuiont, few, loss; 
Uf2^ ^xj, less or more. 

vifjr trli.itt, a</. In a small meas- 
ure, little, seldom. 

Uf2r^T gl»at,ai, r. n. To be di- 

u/<i.<^lvJI ghat\v:i,lii, s. in. One 
who gives liglit weight. 

W^T gli.i,t5, s.f. Clouds; i. q.WZ:. 

W3T ghat.t-i* ^- "»• I^"*t 5 ^^ "^^ 
lirzrT vr^ea, (mt-f. ) to injure 
the reputation, (of one's self or 
one's parents, ) by ill eonduct. 

ufer glian,ta, s. m. A metallic 
plate for striking the hour, a gong ; 
an hour; membruni virilo, (used 
as a term of abu*e: ) a soamp. 

VTZ^'% gliati,u, s. m. Diminution. 

W2:t#^T gh;Ui,unt, r. a. To 

uf^fgrv ghatltop, s. m. Ovoi^liad- 
owiiig clouds; the olotli thrown 
over a carriage. j'(f?i-» or elephant's 
trappings as a protection from the 
dust ; a kind of tent. 

"Ur^3^ ghant il, s. m. One who 
ha* a gong struck before him, as 
he goes. Also a vain, pompous 
character, a scan\p. 

WZH, *./■ Deficiency. 

■ufeft glian,tf, s. /. A small 
bell, a small gong. 

xifSl ghat,th.i, *. i?i. A hard 
place on the palm of the hand, tic. 
produceil by attrition. 

vrs ghand, s. T?i. The protu- 
berance on the front of a man's 
throat,'s apple; a v.orthless 
fellow, a rake. 

vrgT ghan,di, s. in. The name 
of a nuijical instrument said to at- 
tract deer by its sound; WFT vT- 
^r, a mo<le of hunting witli the 
use of tlie ^/i(in'./i/, viz. to call deer 
&0. together; (fableiUo liavebeen 

f.irmorl}- practiced;) nee<llc«s or 
unreasonable trouble. 

ufgT^ ghadi.i, /. /. Compen- 
sation fur taking out any thing; 
the clearings uf a field. 

u:^^^I ghadi,una, r. a. To 
cau<o to be cast out, expelled, 
t.aken or drawn out. 

MT^ glian,di, s.f. A<lam's apple, 
the bony protuberance on the 
front of the throat; a disease of 
the throat ; W?^ ^'5'^, to rub tlie 
throat for this disease; uf?"* V^"^, 
to swell with pain, ( the throat. ) 

W^ ghan, s. m. A blacksmith's 
sledge; a hole made inthegrouml 
in children's play, a quadrangu- 
lar compartment of any figure; 
a bunch of the i.lantain fruit. 

W5rgi?=5 ghancliul, s. f. The 
name of a play among children. 

■ai^r gha,ni, a. Thick, close; 
numerous, much, many. 

WS'^rr ghattiUi, r. a. To throw. 
to cast, to pour, to drop, to jnit in. 

xy-Sj^r ghandOjla, f. in. A tat- 
tered quilt. 

MT?^ ghan, 5. t?j. Clouds; yifTi 
3T3'Tr^r, to tliunder. 

vy?; T{^TV ghan syim, ^ *. m. 

"OIT; fjTWTH gb^n siam, ^ A dark 
cloud; a name of A'w^mi. 

W<^WF ghanghor, s.f. Thunder, 
loud noise, roaring. 

U|?f CTT ghanay,y;i, s. m. A name 
of fCrisIiiui; u caste of Hindus. 

WTT^T ghane,ri, a. Much, many, 

Uf^^'^ ghane,ri, s. f. The 

xyvrwW ghapp, ghapp, s.f. Speak- 
ing indistinctly on account of the 
loss of teeth; c. w. ^TJTTr. 

UfgTr§^ ghalri.uni, v. n. To 
be troubled, to be confuse*.!, to 
be confounded; tiT^TT '^^Tf, to 
trouble, to confound. 


v^•^Tr:JZ diabrijiat. s.f.l Trou 
urg^rZ ghatirit, 5. f»i. 

WlfTfT gham,?i, s. rn. A mark, 

a st.ain, a scar, a brand; c. w. 

"^ ^Tcf^T or WJf^T. 
WWfTT^ gliamsin, s. in. Tumult, 

battle, a close engagement of com- 

ujj^ u^ ghamm, ghamm, t.m.f. 

Stamping, trampling; c. w. "3^. 

TiT and >fTg77T. 
uni^ ghamand, s. m. Pride; 

hope, truit. 
UiK^ ghaman,di, a. Proud. 
>i4WTf5 ghamrol, *. r?i. Coming 

toirether pell-mell, a crowd, a 

tumult; a fault, an error. 
urK^?f^ ghamro.ri, *. /. A skin 

or scab; a knot in cloth; i. q. 


vir^ff gliainan, ^ s.m. Aland 

xi/jfT^ ghami.un, > measure, 

ur>jt^ glianian,un,^ contain- 

ing eiglit kanuls. 

vyjftvvH" ghamagham, s.f. The 
sound made by the successive al- 
ternate strokes of t^vo pestles go- 
ing in the same mortar, for beating 
out rice, tc, any sound. 

vujfrufK ghamagham, a</. Suc- 
cessively, continuously, at once; 

U|JT «:har, j. m. A house; a home, 
a family; a place, a case ( for a ra- 
zor, knife, kc; ) a compartment of 
any figure, or of a box, drawer, &.c. 

WT?^5ST ghn,rakJA,na, ^ r. n. 

W?17^T gh3,rakn.i, ^ To be 

out of breath, to pant, to be over- 
come, to be cast, to succumb. 

Ti|orTr#?^T gharka,una, r. a. To 
put out of breath, to overcome, 
to prevail against one. 
W3" TffW glifir j:unm, m. f A 
house born slave; house born; 
( spoken also of the lower animals. ) 





O^g-gra' crharl-ir, s. m. A fumi- 

Iv, househoM goods. 
yH-5cX37: crharbi.ran; s.f. The 

luiitrcss of a tamily or liouse. 
tVTgi"?'^ gharbi,ri, s. m. A man 

witli a family, the master of the 

njT^ gharl, s. v\. A cavity in 

the ground formal by tlio rusli- 

ing of water, a cliink, aclia-^m; 

c. w. ^ "-HlcNT. 
WTTof^^T gliarli.uui, r. «. To 

become suft and in a favorable 

way for liealing, (a wound;) to 

W?^ gha,rar, s. m. A mixture 

of grass and moth fed to horses ; 

butter mix-ed with buttermilk, 

( not yet fully separated. ) 

mill turned, by water power. 

W^rjcS ghari,tan, s.f. A mil- 
ler's wife. 

WJTj^WT gl'.ara.ti.i, v^. m. A miller. 

WJ'^^t ghari,ui, ^ y. m. A 

WoTT^T gl.ari,n\J family or tribe, 
a family of high .'■landing. 

Uf?TlRT, t. m. A kak 
in the roof of a house, where the 
water courses down the wall; the 
stream thus ru^hincr; a gulley; a 
stream of blood flowing from a 
wound ; i. q. UfT??. 

W^JTY S'»^r"r',''"0 «• Made 

■O/^TT gharo,gii, I in one's own 
WT"f gharo,thu, j house, home 
W^'5" gharo,ru, j nia<le, domc-s- 

tic; ( spoken only of cloth.) 
W^TTT gharor,nJ, r. a. To 

scrape, to clean, to scratch, to 

rub and scrub. 
W^^ gharo.ri, /./. The scra- 
■ pings of a pot or dc'jchi. 
tC-K^^l g!iall,ni, r. a. To send. 
lV35rf7T ghali,u;/i, r. a. ' To 

cau»c to be sent. 
«/fe>Hr^, s. /. Firm- 

ness, stability, standing fast; i. q. 

wfe>HiU7?T ghaliar,n:i, c. a. To 
cause to stop or stand fast; i. q. 

W?5~>i|rFT ghallui:hi,r:i, s. m. 
Great destruction, luss of life, 

tir3"3" ghart, s. /. Tlie form and 
fa.sliion of jewels and other metallic 
work, the workmanship of a jewel- 
ler, brazier, blacksmith, &c. 

W^l^r ghai-iiKi, r. a. To malleate, 
to manufacture jewels and metal- 
lic vessels, to smooth and reduce 
to shape, by cutting, planing and 
hammering, to fashion. 

u/^#rft gharwanyji, 5. /. A 
water stand. 

W^^I^ gharwa.i, ^ 5./. The 

uf^^i^^ gharwijun, j wages 

of a jeweller, &C. 

ur^^^^T gliarwi|Uni, r. n. To 
cause to be maiiufactured, (jewels 
or other things made of metal, ) 

W^T gha,ra, s. m. A large earth- 
en vessel, with a small mouth. 

Tij-^T-^ ghari,i, ) s. f. The 

WfflQ'^: ghar.i|Un,' wages of a 
jeweller, or smith, &c. 

WWT^^T ghar.i,uin, v. a. To cause 
io bo manufactured, (jewels, 6:c. ) 

U4i%rr{T Wt%»fr gha.rii mar,hi;i,| 

wfkWT K'^'WT gha,ri:i mur,lii;i, ' 
ad. With reference to shape, 
dress and every thing, altogether, 
entirely, exactly, completely; as, 

^a^ITT ^, Juhn is exactly like 

wf^nTT<F5 gharial, i. f. Firm- 
ness, stability, strength. 

•urfk>rfiW ' gharial, s. m. A gong, 
a time piece, a watch, a clock. 

Uff%>HT^^ gliaria.lan, s. f. The 
wit'eof one who strikes the hour; 
a female gong striker. 
J J 

lift'knfT75> ghari:i,li, | s. m. 

•Uir%>MT?5'bKT ghari', j One 
who-e business it is to strike the 

■uf^ pha,ri, s. f. An hour of 24: 
nunutes; a brass vessel used for 
measuring time, which has a hole 
in the bottom, through which, 
when the vessel is placed on water, 
it fills and sinks in an hour's time, 
that is, in twenty four nunutes; 
a watch, a clock ; a kind of fire 
work; an earthen vessel smaller 
than a f/hara. 

■u/sT"^ gharaunych, 9. m. 

Wfi^T gharaunyiCha, s. tn. 

■u^W'^ gharauny,chi, 5./. 

■UT^Tf^ gharaunyji, s.f. 
A water stand; i. q. "ur^^^. 

U|f gha, s. m. Grass; a sore, 
a wi'iund. 

■unfV?^ ghii,il, a. Wounded; 
pained at heart. 

UfT^ gl'^iij ^- »'• A grass cutter. 

•un^*^ gli^V', s.f. A feint, pre- 
tence, stratagem, decoy; spying, 
ambush, opportunity; c. w. 52"^ 
and ?5T^^. 

iin^ ghu,u, s. m. A sore, a 
wound; i. q. "UXT. 

WT^g^ gha,ul, I s.f. Ro- 

■urf"§J5 ghaUiUl, J laxation, lan- 
guor, la/iness, negligence, tardi- 
nc'is, delay, dilatorincss; c. w. 

WT^iFa^ gh:i,ulan, /, 

^^^i?J gh:in,ulan, f. 

WT^?5t gha,uii, m. 

"urr^^ gliun,uli, m. 

■ufl'^R'^nfT gh:i,ulia, m. 

>vf^5^t»KT ghan,ul'a, m. 

Lazy, ililatory, negligent; a lazy, 
slothful, tardy per-on. 

•vvi^ufV gha,ughapp, m.f. Deep, 
(as a river, or well; ) swallow- 
ing up every thing, greedy; a 
person who devours every tliini; 





that comes to li.m'l, witliout 
sharing It with otlicrs; a spend- 
thrift. ,. 
"urrjT ghas, ».y. Friction, tritura- 
tion, the wearing away of any 
thing hy friction, an inijires«ion 
made on the uiind, the influence 
of example ; c. w. yj<vt, V^t and 

WnT?5 HTTTfJ ghi.sal ma, sal, s.f. 
Prevarication, shullling; want of 
exactness, disregard of accuracy 
and trutli; c. w. aT?^. 

■unrf ghasjsa, s. in. A strap con- 
nected with a saddle; friction, rub- 
bing, abrasion. 

II^TtO' gha<,si, s. f. Friction, the 
wearing away of any thing by 
friction, a mark, an impression 
made on the mind, the infhienoe 
of example; c. w. vfT-@^, V^v"^ 
and 65i0c^t. 

WTTT, s. m. Grass. Also 

■UilOe^ glii,han, s.f. A female 
grass cutter. 

WTO" V3T ghah pat|ta, s. vi. 
Grass and leaves, fodder. 

Wnft gha,hi, s, m. A grass cut- 

"^UT^ Vr?^ ghi.hi pa.ti, s. m. A 
man who brings grass and leaves 
for cattle. 

"QTUl ghag, o. Aged, experienced, 
wise, cunning, shrewd. 

WT3n gha,gi, s. m. Shrewdness, 
cunningness, deceit, fraud. 

xirritvJTTr ghagelKi,ra, s. m. A man 
of experience, a shrewd fellow, 
a fraudulent person, a cheat, 
a rogue. 

•UflW ghagh, a. Aged, experi- 
enced, wise, cunning, shrewd. 

^T27 ghat, ». m. A landing 
place for boats, a quay, a wharf, 
a ford; a bathing place in a 
«treaui; a i>lace in a stream where 

washennen wash their clothes; a 
gorge througli whicli a stream 
passes; deficiency, loss; a oolh.-c- 
tion of gold and silver for jt-wel- 
lers' purposes; tlic form and sliape 
of jewels, kQ., the workmanship 
of a jeweller, brazier, blacksinith, 
wrj", s.f. Pioasted barley. 
UiT3'T glKt,ta, ) *. m. Dimi- 
WTZrr glKit|ta, ^ nut ion, loss; a 
l>assagc through a hedge, a moun- 
tain; uirZTT wr^-^T ov^^^J, 
to sutlVr a luss; WT^T S^T^, to 
make up a loss. 
Tinzf^ ghat,t», S.f. A low moun- 
tain jtcak or hill, a declivity of 
a mountain or hill; a thick kind 
of cotton clotl), inferior to li'tftd; 
( called also 311 ^t and ^^. ) 
U|I3T gha.tha, .<f. m. A blister; 

c. w. V^TT; i. q. UfST. 
ii(T^ ghan, s. rn. A large mass or 
quantity of any thing pre{>ared at 
once; the quantity of grain tlirown 
at once into a mill ; material; (as in a 
factory ; ) abundance, profuseness; 
a profusion of blood shed in battle, 
great slaughter; c. w. ^°{d<sr, 
VT^^ and flf^^. 
UfTclfl gha,ni, s.f. Mortar, plaster ; 
a mass or quantity of any tiling; 
the process of beating oiT the 
husk of rice in a large mortar, 
the quantity of rice put into a 
mortar at once, the quantity of 
seed put into an oil press at one 
time; a mode of dancing, 
WTF ghat, *./. Mode, manner; 
ambush, lying in wait, waiting 
for opportunity; occasion; c. w. 

tt/TF gliat, s. m. Murder, slaugh- 
ter; c. w. ^givr. 
WT3"? giui.tak, t.m. A murderer, 
Wrs"^ gha,tan, t. f. ) A mur- 
) derer; 

WT^t gha,ti, s. 


who lies in wait id deceive or en- 

WTVr gha,pa, t. m. A crack; 
defieifucy, loss; Wrvrr KT^TTTT, 
to plunder, to gain by fraud or 

^yjAI gha,barna, r. n. To 
be troubled, to be perpkxed, to 
be confused. 

tin-g^T ghab,r.i, a. Troubled, 
confused, confound'.-d. 

WTt;i?5 gha.yal, a. Wounded; 
jiained at heart. 

WT^" guar, .<•. /. A gutter formed 
by a current of water; a pungent 
smell : giddiness; a mist; dust. 

WT?5^ gha,]ani, ) v. a. To pass 

WT^RTH" ghil,nri, / or spend, 
( time; ) to melt. 

WT"R ff?5 glial, mel, t. m. Fnion, 
agreement, reconciliation; mix- 
ture, a jumble, confusion, tloubt, 
dcci.-ptlon, delusion. 

ud^ ghaw, s. J)?. A wound, a 
sore; I. q. WT^. 

urr^ ghftr, s. m. The form and 
shape of jewels, or other metallic 
work; the workmanship of a jewel- 
ler, brazier, &c.; the level coun- 
try at the f<x>t of a mountain; 
( also in this sense, 'tfrS'. ) 

■ufT'3' gha,ru, s. m. A worker 
in metals, wood, kc, an artificer, 
a maker; one who has a good use 
of language. 
fum^TTT ghi,sarna, r. n. To 
sllj., to slide, to creep, to re- 
furg" fv^ ghichch, pichch, ^ a- 

f^^ fir^ ghichch, michch, ' Mixed 
up, tiiick, muddy, confused, indis- 
tinct; fuf^ f^x! tr^rr, to be con- 
fused in mind, &c.; fuf^ fif^ 
^"55^7, to speak Indistinctly; 
f^--^ fif^ fe>f^T. to write 
indistinctly or illegibly. 
1^27^ ghit,ti, s.f. The neck. 





fiif^ ch'm, f. f. Detestation, 

ablioncDce, alK>niInatIon. 
fw^rr^^rr eliini.unl, r. n. To 
have a feeling of abhorrence, to 
bo clii^gusteil. 
fiij ^ lvJ ^I T ghinili,<-la, J a. Aboni- 
fui^atlT gliina,dlia, -' inable, 

loathsome, abhorreil, disgusting. 
fuiijr ghid,<la, fKist fart, (from 

fuh^^a, ) Took, sut!Vre<l. 
fmTT^T ghin,nana, r. a. To take, 

to suffer; Xo i»ut in. 
fun^^^ gl>ina,una, r. a. To 
cause to be taken or suffered; to 
cause to be put in, 
fWT^ g^'if.t'j ^- J- Tlienock; 

i. q. fu-'z^. 
furg"27T ghir,r,a, r. n. To be sur- 
rounded; to turn round or swim, 
(the hea-I:) to be faint, (the 
heart. ) 
fura"31^T giii,rarna, <:/'/. r. To cut 
fearlessly; ( used only In the par- 
ticipial form: as, fVg-"^^ ^^g^T, 
to cut clean oiT at once. ) 
furg^T ghijura, s. m. A stroke, 

a blow; c. vr. ^cfcSl. 
V?i ghf, y. m. Clarified butter. 

Also uf^. 
W^WT gh!,a, f. m. A large vege- 
table of the squash kind. 
■Uft^MT ghl.ig, f./.r-L r.ubbiiig 
one's body against that of ano- 
ther person, or agaii:st a tree, 
wall, tc; rubbing f.^rcibly, work- 
ing together, (as tobacco with, 
molasses, Lc.) kneading; c. vr. 
f^'^wf and ^^trKT. 
o?Vrr ghis, s. f. A mammoth rat. 
WV?T77 ghj,san, a. Stuj>id, sor- 
did, slothful, indiflVrcnt. 
WhrWT^ ghismar, s. m. A rat 
traj., an instrument for killing or 
catching rats. 
Whd, i.f. r.ubbingthc 
podcx on the ground; c. w. 3R- 

snuiSiVa, ) s. m. 
ni su, i An 

"Uf^UT ghijian, Paibbing, 

&c. ; i. q. wtTHT. 

vyV^^T^ ghikawar, ) s. /. A 

■*ift^»KT3r ghikuir, i plant with 

a long, thick, mucilaginous leaf 

used niediciiially, a sj»ecies of aloe. 

wttJTT ghf,Ya, s. m. A large kind 

of squash; i. q. Uft*tfT. 
«fTT^r glni-;,na, r. n. To enter, 

to go in, to penetrate. 
"UlH^r ghuss^ui, r. n. To err, 
to mistake, to miss; to slip from 
the mind. 
■OfTRfTT^JTr ghusmuSiVa, 
"UpfTrnr ghuMin 

indolent person who hangs about 
homo doing nothing, or who spon- 
ges on his neighbors. 
■UTfra" inr? "S^Trt ghu,sar mu.sar 
kar,na, r. n. To whisper, to 
speak in an tinder tone. 
■UTTT^ ^nST ghu.sar .ia,na, j t?. n. 
•ufH^TTr ghu,s-)rna, / To 

enter, to penetrate, to be stuffed In, 
to be crammed in, to be pushcl in. 
"UfHW gluts, ru, s. m. One wlio 
enters; one who sits all the time 
idle at home with females and 
does not go out of the house nor 
keep compiny with his own sex. 
"UfffTIST^ ghusa,!, s.f. Dece[.tion, 

trick ; c. av. tn^ft and ^c^. 
WhiQ^T ghuia,una, v. a. To cause 
to enter, to cause to bcjmt in; to 
cause to err, to cause to be de- 
■Uf^^ ghusunn, t. m. A fist with the 
knuckles foremost; c. w. >|U<si. 
■uf^^r?>T g]iu«i'r,nri, V. a. To 
force in, to thrust in, to stuff" in. 
■uf^^ ghuseju, s. m. One who 

forces or thrusts in. 
■"I^T^*^ ghunggjChi, s.f. A small 
re<l and black seed, which is equal 
to the ^ part of a nuUha; ( abo call- 
ed ratti and lalari. ) 
■ufTTJ' ghung,gat, s. m. A vail 

drawn over the face; concealing 
the face with a shawl or other gar- 
ment; sholt'T, defence, jirotcc- 
tion ; c. w. ?^^7 and ^3 Al. 

"UfTT^ct ghungiCani, s.f. CI rain of 
any kind bfiiled whole; (common- 
ly used in the ]>lural.) 

"Uf^TTTJS ghunggral, s.f. A string 
of bells attaeht-d to the necks of 
oxen, &.C. 

"vif?TTT?5T ghunggra,la, > g. m. 

■»if?Tt3"VKT?5T ghunggnM,I;i, / An 
animal wearing a string of bells; 
an ankle ornament having belLs 
attache<l to it. 

"UfTTf" ghungjgaiTj, s. m. A small 
bell, such as are attached to car- 
riages, and the necks of oxen. 

MlTft, *. /. A dove. 

W^r? ghung,guru, s.m. i.q. "UfaTf. 

"upr, s. m. A dove; 
■u7^ ^^T, to be dumb and stupid; 

Tii^r 73'7JT or "ErecT ^gv'r, to 

make stupiil and dumb. 
■uj"^"5rt ghun.ngani, 5./. Grain of 
anv kind boikxl whole; i. q. "Uf?]"- 

11?^ K"^ gliuchch. muchcli, m. Te- 
r}' fat ; confused, run together, uni- 
ted ; one who«e nose and eyes on ac- 
count of fatness are indistinct, one 
who've face is not plainly marked. 

■u^ ghutt, f. m. A swallow, what 
may be swallowe<I at once, a 
draught; 'Uf^'T ^zft tfT^O', to cat 
and drink alternately, viz. to 
drink with every mouthful of food. 

ufZ^T ghutt.ui, r. a. To press, to 
p>ress down, to squeeze, to choke. 

"Uf^n^ ghuta,i, s.f. Compen- 
sation for [>oHshIng, &c. 

■ufZrr^^rr ghuta,una, r. a. To 
cause to bo pressed or choke<I; to 
cause to be rubbed and jjollshcd, 
(as paper;) to cause to be bruised 
or ground in a mortar, (as Ihang. ) 

■ufZTcT ghutar, *./. A kind of bird. 



IW^ ^T^T 


to children; ^T^W iMi^j iiic<lRine 
given to newly born infants. 

v}^ ghurnl, s. m. A vail drawn 
over the face; conccaliii!^ tlie 
face Mith a shawl or other gar- 
ment ; c. w. ^^^T. 

v^ ghun,(]i, s.f. A button, a 
knot; ( tret. ) a chock or break in 
frienJjhiit; c. w. M" rlicM- 

•u^- gJuin.clu, s. m. A colorc-U 
shawl, figured with gold or silver, 
worn by women. 

Uf^ glum, s. m. A worm that 
infests wood ; also the dust made 
bv this worm in eating wood; 
c. w. ?53T oTT^^. 

"Uf^ra^r ghunah,d:i, a. Worm 
eaten, (as wood. ) 

iM^JCfCr^r ghun:ih,di, ^ s. m. 

■u[^r:^f ghunan,d.i, > A worm 

■Uj^im ghuui,dh;i, ^ which is 
supposed to infest tie teeth and 
cause tooth ache. 

"Uf^crxTr gluina,dh:i, ) a. ^\'orm 


"Uf^crxTr ghuna,dh:i, ) a. W 

U[^I-cft ghuni,dhi, ^ eaten, 
wood. ) 

"UiS" K? ghutt,mutt, a. Filled 

• with matter, blear, clogged, half 

closed, (the eyes;) obscwre and 

indistinct from fatness, (the face. ) 

v^g^r ghutth,n.i, c. n. To make 
a mistake, to err, to miss, to blun- 
der; to slip from the minil; i. q. 

■ufgfT ghut,th;v. a. In error, wrong, 

■UJ^l^ ghutha,!, s.f. Deception, 
error, mistake; WT^K^ =^^'^, to 
deceive; "uf^TT^ VT^O', to bo de- 

■Ufgi^^^T ghuthi,uni, r. a. To 
cause to err, to cause to blunder, 
to cause to bo forgotten, to cause 
to forget. 

UfW ghut,thu, s. m. One who 
errs, a bUui'lerer. 

"Uiv gluipp, a. Dark. 
MH}^ ghuniapd, t. m. Pride; 
gathering together of clouds; 

Wl^^WcH' ghunuuan2:he,ri, j s.f. 
WJ-f"?^^^ ghummanwa,ni,/ A 

i:ifK3T ghuinni|na, r. n. To go a- 
round, to turn, to roll; to miss 
the road, to get lost. 
ii[>fg^ ghum,bar, . 5. m. Mov- 
'»iV3' ghum,mar, ( ing in a cir- 
■u|k^ ghum,niar, ) cle, a circu- 
lar dance ; a whirlpool ; c. w. V"^. 

A whirlpool. 
iifKT ghuraan, s. in. A land 

measure equal to eight kaiuils. 
■UfHT"^ ghiuiia,!, \ s. /. Pvov- 

ghummarghor, s. m. ) 
ghumuiargho,rf, s. f. J 

gluuiia|i, \ 
humi,in, ) 

■^MWT'^' ghumi,in, f olution, 

turning round; self-consecration, 

■u{>fT^ gliuui.i,un, s. in. A land 
measure; i. q. WKT, WH'T'^ and 

'UiKT'^^T ghumi|Uni, r. a. To 
turn, to cau;e to wheel about, to 
roll; to consecrate or devote one's 

TifKr^"^ ghuma,ni, s.f. A sling. 

■Ufurg" ghumar, s. m. The name 
of a caste, a man of this caste, a 
potter; the name of a small rep- 
tile or insect, a mud wasp; i. q. 

■UfWT^"^ ghuma,ri, s.f. A female 

of the ghitmdr caste. 
■UfKi'Tt' ghum;i,r), ^ a. Of, like, 
■Ufin"? ghuma,ru, j or belonging 

to a potter, or the potter class, 

( dress, language, &c. ) 
WKTTS ghumal, .*. /. A hole in 

the ground in which weavers put 

their ^Qct when sitting at the loom ; 

also a kind of cblld's play, 
■urvft ^TT^ ghuni,mi j i,n i, r. n. 

To be devoted by a fonnal act to 
the interests of another. 

"Uf K? ghum,mur, s. m. Movin" 
in a circle, a circular dance; a 
whiil[">ol; c. w. Tj'^r. 

•ufi^r ghume,fa, s. m. Turn- 
ing lori/.ontally as on a pivot; 
the swinging of two persoas a- 
round each other, the hands bein" 
united, and the feet propped, those 
of the one agaln>t those of the 
other; c. w. -5 cm, ^^a, and 

■Ui^"5^T ghurk,ni, r. a. To fro-^n 
at, to scold, to threaten, to brow- 
beat, to rei>rimand. 

■u^^ift, s. f. A threat, 
a rcjiriuiand, a sculding, a brow- 
beating; c. w. ^^ . 

W?^T ghui-,n.t, f. n. To be col- 
lected or gathered, (as clouds. ) 

■^if^i^r ghur,ii:i, s. m. The d-.r. 
of a wild rtuimal, a cave. 

ur5^r3:r ghurra,ti, s.m. Snoring; 
(coium'iuly used in the plural; ) 
^if?^;^ Wd^, to snore. 

"U{?$7kT g]iul,i;.i, v.n. Tube mixed 
and di^5oIved, to molt, as salt, 
sufrar, Lc; (not spoken of metals; ) 
to wrestle, to quarrel, to fight. 

Tlfj^TT^^ ghula,i, s. f. Cumpen- 
sati'.m for wrestling; compensa- 
tion for dissolving, kc; wrestling: 

■UffS^^^ gl«">'la,una, V. a. To cause 
to wrestle, to set to fighting; to 
cause to bo melted or dissolve<l, 
( salt, sugar, iS:c. ) 

■uf^i^' ghulit, «»•/. Given to 
wrestling or boxing, fond of wrest- 
ling; quarrelsome; a wrestler, a 
combatant; i. q. W?5. 
! ■ULr?5T^<jr ghul:\,wat, 's. f. Wrest- 
ling, fighting; mode or manner 
of wrestling; melting. 

■uf^ gliur* *• '"• {in cotnpos.) 
A horse; as, 'UfS^^, &0. 





Mf- ^jH r ^ cliur<i,la, s.j. A lioriC 

■"li^ ^^ ■SrgT^T ghiir, gliur,, 

c. «, To niurnuir; to snarl. 
u j - ^x3^ gliurchar,lia, *. m. A 

n:ount(Hl son-ant, a trooi>cr. 
ti^^$~3' ghurdaur, »./. A race 

course, horse racing. 
tt j^A Ti?:; churi!.il, i. f. Horse 

■Uf^^fXT?? glmrba,liil, s. f. A 

carrlairc drawn by horses. 
tq^y^^lScVf ghurbari,uuS, r. n. 
To murmur, to dispute, to quar- 
uf^^g-^Tg; gliurbarat, s. m. Mur- 
muring, ilisputing, bickering. 
uf^X^ ur^-q^ 7F77T ghur.bur j 
ghi:r,bi:r kar,ni, V 

■Uf3"^T#^ ghurbura,una, ) 
r. «. To muruiur, to dispute, 
to quarrel, to snarl, (as do2:s, ) 
•Hi^^^TT: ghurburit, s. rn. Mur- 
muring, di>puting, bickering. 
■Uf^TiO giiura,nii, s.m. Athatcli- 

er, a maker of lattice work. 

■upKT g]iu,an,|^ s.m. The name 

■u|»>ftgliun,an,/ of an iuicct found 

in muddy places, and used as a 

bait for birds. 

•ufJT glius, ) t.f. A large spc- 

ypr ghuns, / cies of rat; a bribe; 

^JpT ^n=<^ or ^^, to take a 

bribe; vpf ^^"^^ to give a bribe. 

ti{HT ghu<,si, s. m. Pudendum 

W?ft, s.f. dim. of -UfJTT. 
^ ghiik-, aJ. Sound, fast; (ai>- 
plicd only to deep; as, ^ "U^ 
H3^ fvnfr w, I wa3 very sound 
asleep. ) 
^5CT, ) r. n. To 

'^ITTl ghu,karua,/ bo i>robper- 
ous, to succeed; -uffVrKT tl%- 
'HT, prosperous, successful. 
^»f77T ghu,karan, i./ Prosperi- 
ty, great success. 

■uj' "ui ghun, ghiin, ;. m. The 
whiz of a spinning wheel. 

'U{3T ghn.thi, ) a. Ill designing, 

■Uf^T ghiyia, ' malicious, bad. 

■Uf3' ghur, s. m. The interior 
part of a chhalli or skein of 
thread, so calk-d only when it has 
been tangled by pulling out; c. w. 
f777f57>Tandf773r?5V5^r; (met.) 
■ufoT fTfaff? ^^, to become 
suddenly reduced, either in flesh, 
or in worldly goods, 

■u{? ghur, 5. /. A frown, look- 
ing angriJv, scolding; c. w. ^- 

"U^JTTT ghur,na, v. a. To frown 
upon, to scold, to rebuke; to 
look lustfvilly at, (a woman.) 

"0^ Shu,ri, s. f. A frown, a 
threatening ; c. w. ^^"^ and ^^^- 
eft or ^ET^ct. 

Uf^ cl't',i, s. m. One who sells (^//cie; 
the name of a caste oi Khattris. 

W^ glie,\i, s. m. Clarified butter, 

«|^ ghe,ur, s. m. A sweet- 
meat made of flour, yhi and su- 
gar; a kind ofjalcbi. 

Wf f5^ gl'0,uli, s. /. A cow 
that gives rich milk; viz. whose 
milk yields much fjhi. 

WH WTaTT^ ghes mar,tn', r. «. 
To neglect duty through false 
pretences, to act perversely. 

uhT?5 glio,sal, s. /. Pervcrse- 
ness, obstinacy, crooked conduct, 
a neglect of duty through false 
pretences; c. w. "Efit^Tt and ifrg-- 

uhR5T, a. Of a crooked 

disposition, perverse. 
^3f^\^^ glatalpan.thi, . 

UfF75V^'^nrr,thia, / 

t. m. A man who has no religious 

guide, a bad man. 
uf5wr, s. m. A kind of 

shoe or slipper. 

uj-g- gher, 5. m. Circumference, 
border, enclosure. 

u^g- ghcr, u. liound, surrounding, 
enclosing, loose, (as a robe,) full. 

UfT^T, r. a. To sur- 
round, to besiege, to invest. Also 

WaTft gher,ni, s.f. Dizziness, 
giddiness; the handle of a spin- 
ning wheel. 

Ufg- ^^ gh<?r| V^^^^t *• *"• ^'''"" 
cundocution, going round a sub- 
ject for the purpose of mystifying, 
prevarication, deceit, fraud. Also 
^ ^ and ^ ^. 

uf?T ghe,ri, s. vi. A circle, cir- 
cumference, border, enclosure, a 
siege, a blockade; iMTT Vi^^T, 
to lay siege to, to besiege. 

W^^ ghe,war, s. m. A kind of 
sweetmeat; i. q. ur^H". 

"iJ^TRS gho,san, s.f. A female 
of the Ghosi caste; a milk wo- 

^T{1 gho^,sa, s. »?i. i. q. '"{HT. 

^1^ gho,si', s. m. The name of 
a caste of people who sell milk, a 
man of this caste, a cowherd or 

vf\r ghokh, s.f. Search, inqui- 
ry, spying, ascertaining, certain 
knowleilge; c, w. TV^ft. 

■fij^':(^ ghO|khan, t.f. A female 
inquirer, a seeker ; an eavesdrop- 

■uJV^T ghokh, ni, v. a. To search, 
to seek, to spy, to ascertain. 

■Sftft glio,khi, s. m. An inqui- 
rer, a seeker, an emissary, a spy. 

■fifar^ gho, gar, ) s. m. A bug- 

^1W gl'*5|gur, J bear, a scare- 
crow; a corpulent person, a pot 

^l^fVl^WT ghochbid,dia, s.f. 
Unnecessary and superfluous at- 
tention to any matter, examining 
a thing with a view to find faults, 





thouL'li there bo ni>no, liyporcri- 
ticalnoss; c. w. ^[JTi^. 
^t^^l ghocli.ui, r. t». To make 
suift-rtluous examination, to be 
^t27 gliot, t. /. Grintliup, bruis- 
ing; j.olish, ploss, (as of paper, 
cloth, &.C.;) pressure. 
^^Z^T chot,uI, no. To crin.l, 
to bruise, to rub, to smooth, to 
polish, to shavo closely. 
^iZ"5JT ghot,ni, s. «». A short 
stick with which hha»j is bruised; 
the instrument witii wliicli a pol- 
ish or gloss is given to paper, Sac. 
oi^T g"ho,(:i, s. VI. The instru- 
ment with which a polish or gloss 
is givou to paper, kc; c. w. §^- 
TTT or W»d<M. 
v^l v^rz\ gho,ta glia,h', s. /. 
Smoothing, poli?lung; taking off 
the beard. 
u}^ ghOjtu, s.m. A polijlier, .Sci.-. ; 
one who bruises, (as bhauj in a 
mortar; ) a sense of choking; ( in 
comp.) that which chokes, a choker 
W^5^35J ghotegar, f. m. 
nj-^^gj^'^, s. /. ^ j 

^QT^t^Tf ghon,mon, j a. Ilaving 
xiJ^r gl!on,ni, / the whole 

ht\a<l shaved, wholly shaved, ( the 
head. ) 
uJtj- ^5:t gho]>, de,u£, V. a. To 
thrust, to plunge, ( as a spear or 
dagger. ) 
uNt g1iop,p;i, s. m. A kind of 
circular tent. 
uj^ ghor, a. Dark, filthy, horrible; 
^? TiTiT, dark, dismal hell, hell. 
iilT ghor, s. m. Dirt ; ^? HT^c^T, 

to live in a filthy state. 
iir?77 gho.ran, *./. } A filtiiy 
■fij^t gho.ri, g. m. ' person, cue 

who wears defilal garments. ' 
^S ghol, g. m. Wrestling, con- 
tention, altercation, combat. 

I I'Ol- 

WfyufKT^ gh'jl ghum:i,i, g.f. 
Const-cration, self dedication, a 
pn.-mi«e of self sacrifice to the 
interests of another with a partic- 
ular ceremony; (an expression 
of nlVeotion. ) 
u^«c^i gho,lan:i, ^ c. a. To 
■^SIT^ gh<->l,n:i, j mix, to stir, 

to dissolve. 
■^fSW^H gholmathol, g. m. 
Wrestling, quarrelling, alterca- 
■uj^t gho,li, s. m. A large strong 

■iilTFS^ gho,li, s. /. Consecration, 
dedicating or sacrificing one's 
self, (professedly,) as a mark of 
affection to the interest of an- 
other : c. w. ^Tc5T. 
■^55 gh0|lu, s. 771. A wrestler, a 
c<>nibatant, a quarrelsome person. 
^J^^^HT gho,lua, 5. VI. A mix- 
ture of solids in water; ( as, flour, 
&c.; si>oken when it has become 
too thin;) c. w. ajj^r. 
W^^^ gliorchar,l' i, s. m. A 
mounted servant, a trooper; i. q. 

u}-j(5 jf ghordaur, s. /. Horse 
racing, a race courso. 

ul~3"M«It ghorpalaa, s. m. A 
kind of saddle made of cloth; a 
play among boys in which they 
use one another, or the branches 
of trees, as horses; c. w. ti 5501. 

t^^T gho,ri, s. m. A hoi-se. 

ui^"^ gho,n', g.f. A mare; the 
bridge over which the strings of 
a violin are stretchetl ; the macliine 
used in making vermicelli ; an in- 
strument used in connection with 

W ghaun, g. m. A collection of 

clouds; sultriness; grinding; uf 

• gJdAl , to grind ;'^i4 VI ^?:vT, to 

grind or triturate for a long 

time; W ^^r, to be dusty, ( the 

sky,} to be sultry; to be collect- 
ed, ( d juds. ) 
JjLf^a ghau,ni, ) r. a. To mash, 
■uf^rr ghaun, ni, ) to grind, to j.ul- 

verize. ^VJso W^OT, 
jw^l ghau.ui, ) r. ». To go 
Uf^n ghauri,n:I, ) about, to be- 
come familiar, to reside long in a 
place; to gather, (as clouds;) 
uifVnrr trfVwT, . tamed. Well 
acquainted with, having llve^l a 
long time in, (some nation or coun- 
try ; ) experienced, skillful ; gathcr- 
ev.1, ( clouds. ) 

^^ ng.i.Ug i, g- m. The name of 
the letter '^, ( It begins no word 
in the language.) 

xJ'^^i-rTft chauan,ni, s.f. A four 

anna j>Iecc. 
xJ"^ir^ chau.kar, a. Agreeable, 

suitable; well done. 
^^ITS^ chau,kan, s.f. Four ]»ic- 

cos of cloth, ( of the same kind. ) 
^^(ttS^ chaugird, l>^cp. ad. 

Piound about, all around, about, 

^■^^T^a chau,guna, j a. Foiu"« 
^<§^a chau,ni, / fold. 

^6c^r chau,ti;i, s. m. A herd, a 

collection of cattle. 
^'^^'3^ chaunt,ri, 1 s. m. An 
y^-JJ chaun.ti, ) ele\-ated 

place for sitting made of bricks 

or earth. 
^^3^ chau.ti, a. Thirty four. 
■^4^ chauth, *./. The fourth 





■^^ flmuth, aJ. Four (hys ago, 
ftnir Jays hence. 

^^-^ dian.tlia, a. Fourth. 

^f-g chaur, ». m. f. The tail 
of tho Tliibctan cow, used as .1 
fivhrujh, and as an ornament; 
tho tail of a horse, cow, lion, &e. ; 
( so called, when the animal ele- 
vates it in running, &e. ) 

^^g-T chau.ra, *. m. A man who 
has a large hca\-j beard and gray 
with ago. 

^^^T chau,ra, a. Having a 
white heavy tail somewhat like 
the TJiibttan cow; (spoken of 

^%i\ chau,ri, s. f. Tlie tail of 
tlie Thibetan cow used as a fly- 
brash, &e.; a horse tail, (similar- 
ly used.) 

■^%^ chaur, ^ a, 

^o^'^VZ: cliaurfhapntf, VDeso- 

^''^^'^TTT^a cliaurelia,n;inl,) late, 
dL';tro;.-cd, bereft, having no 
children, stript of every thing; 
c. w. ^c=!rr, 7T?JT an<l yTT^T. 

^^^T cliriu,ra, a. Wide, broad. 

^^^ chau,rii, *. m. A destroyer, 
( of one's own i)roperty, ) a dcso- 
lator, ( of one's own house. ) 

^§ cha,u, s. m. The colter of 
a plough, (botli the iron point, 
and the piece of wood to wliich 
it is attached.) 

'S'J? chas, t.J. Sharpness, keen- 
ness, an e^igc; beauty, taste, 

^TT? cha,sak, t. f. A sharp 
pain, throl^bing, ache. 

UHTS:! cha,5akni, r. n. To ache, 
i<> tlirob. 

MH-Jf chasjka, s. m. Relish, 
taste, predilection, an ardcut de- 
sire, love. 

^TT^T^ cha.kebaj, m./. Vo- 
iiiptuous, sensual; one who livci 
to gratify the appetites, a person 

of sensual habit", an epicure, a 

■grnr^Trft cliaskebuji, a. f. Sen- 
suality, epicurism, voluptuousness, 

^H^T^ cliasdir, a. Sharp, keen; 
beautiful, bright, showy, tasteful. 

^TTH cha.sam, s. /. The eye. 

^HKT chas^niu, s. m. A spring, 
a fountain ; i. q. ^HWT. 

^rripe'Tar chasmcdar, a. Ilaving a 
springing fountain or fountains. 

xJvJi cha,h:i, s. m. The lower 
stratum of a mud roof, wliich may 
be either mud or bricks; c. w. 

^frr^^T cha,hlknri, v. n. To 
sing or speak in a pleasing style 
like a niglitingule; to make a 
noise like a chahikd, 

^fbirr cha,hik;t, s. m. A kind 
of firework. 

^fvT'^TrT^^ clialii*.halia,uni, t. n. 
To sing as a l>ird, to warble. 

'^frjxfTn'Z, s. m. 
The singing of birds, warbling. 

^frr?? ^fXTJ^ cha|lill ba,hll, ^ 

vrfriM Viri^ elia,hil ma.hll, / 
s.f. Jollity, merriment, cheerful- 
ness, mirth. 

^ clia.hun, 1 a. All four; 

^TJ cha,hun, J ^^ ^ifY, in the 
four quarter^ of tlie worM, in all 
directions; ^TTJ ^^'T^l^r^', (lit. 
the punishment of four thieves,) 
a severe punlshinent, a heavy 
calamity; ^TJ l%FrT, the four 
quarters or countries of the world ; 
xTvJ #?, all four sides. 

■^^ clia,he, s. m, ph The eyes; 
(spoken of a hawk, the eyes of 
which are artificially closed on its 
first being cauglit, until it has 
become somewhat tamed.) It is 
also applied metaphorically to tlie 
eyes of the understanding; ^^ 
>l «)^, the removing of the cover- 
ing, kc, from the eyes; obtain- 

ing increase of knowledge; also 
the casting otV of all mo<k-ty 
and shame. 

xf? chakk, s. m. A frame on 
which the wall of a well is built; 
a potter's wheel; a large vessel in 
which the inspissated juice of the 
sugar cane is poured to cool; the 
land of a village; a quarttr of 
tho world; a bite; "^a"? y<*j"jfvt, to 
measure out a piece of land, ( to 
be given to some one, ) and set up 
marks around it; ^7 ^iy<^i, to 

x73?^T|:5 chakcha}, s.f. An in- 
stigator of evil, an evil doer; a 
vicious and mutinous woman. 

^;ii7'^Md chakcluin,dliar, -t s. f. A 

^aj^ug" cliakchun,dhar, j kind 
of mole, a muskrat; a kind of 

^ITZft chak,ti, s.f. A circular 
jdoce of leatlier or wood on which 
tobacco, ice, is prejiared; a mass 
of prepared tobacco in the shape 
of a cheese; a round cake of snap. 

^■y^TT chakk,nii, v, a. Tolil't; 
to undertake, to begin to do ; '^IT 
HTFTTT, to take up and throw, to 
lift up and throw down, ( as in 
wrestling. ) 

Tjc^AI-dgr chaknachur, a. In 
scraps, in pieces, reduced to a- 
toms; broken to pieces; c. w. vJ"- 
cTT and '5'3'^T. 

^cnrK? chak,mak, t.f, A Hint ; 
i. q. ■gV>fV. 

•da/J cha,kar, -^ t. m. A ring, 

•xJvd chak,kar, / a circle, a cir- 
cular course; a sharp edged iron 
or steel discus carried on the head 
by Aliilis, and used as a weapon; 
^•7? ViT WT-g^r, or Vlfg^r, 
to arrive at a place by a circui- 
tous route; ^TB" =^^T, to cause 
to move round; "g?? ^fl^T^T, to 
make a circuit. 





r3J6 W^*^ cliakriipa,ti, *. m. An 
eriijKTor, a univc-rsal sovereign. 

^T^^CfT diakar.yi, t. m. One 
who docs servile work, one who 
has cnii»loyment as a i-ervant. 

^ITF^T cha.karya, s.m. A disputer, 
a quarrcLonie person; a servant. 

r3J'6'i'3^ chakarwa,ti, s. in. An 
cujperor, a universal sovereign. 

ya7y>^75 chakra.ul, *. /. A 
disease in horses' feet. 

xJaJgrt eha|kari, s. /. Dispu- 
tation, debating; quarrelling; the 
tail of the diimba sheep; a small 
ring or discus; tJ J<ft W3'?f^, to 
dispute; \3 V '6^ ^T^eTt, or Z^ 
%6fi^, to begin a disputation. 

^giT^^WT chak,rl:i, s. m. A dis- 
puter; one who works as a servant. 

xJajWT chak|li, a. Wide, broad, round. 

^ja^WT chak,l:i, s. »n. A drop 
of liquor; a kind of silk cloth; an 
open square in a city; a district; 
a brothel, a street infested with 
houses of ill fame; a board or stone 
on which dough is rolled. 

TJi??5I^ chaUa,i, s. f. Width, 

^5«1 chak,li, ) s.f. Pioundnes^; 

^7^5^ caakk,li,* a small board 
or stone on which dough is rolled; 
the root of a tree taken \i\> witli 
a round ma^s of earth. 

ya;fi^=2T7 chaklidir, a. Round 
and herd, ( spoken of a boil. ) 

^IT^TTfT ehakway,ya, s. m. One 
who takes up and carrit?s away any 
thing; one capable of carr^■lng a 
heavy load, a strong man. 

■"da?^T chakjWa, s. m. A kind of 
water bird famed in llltidi poetry. 

^Taf^r^ chakwa,!, *./. Com- 
pensation for lifting or raising. 

y J^T^«^T chakwa,una, r. a. To 
cause to be lifted. 

^o<V^ chak,wi, s. /. The fem.alt 
of the cAaiica. 

5^177 chak,ka, $. m. Coagulated 

milk, thick sour milk. 
y vl chak,ka, a. Thick, well 

^VT^ chaka,!, t. /. Compen- 
sation for lifting or raising, 
y 3?l9c^T chaka,una, V. a. To 

cause to be liftc-d. 
^vT?^ chakkan, a. Very thick, 

thick; i. q. f^TT??. 
yyigi chaka,r>i, /. n. A kin<l 

of fiddle; a young buck, a male 

x5^iJ^ chaka.ri, s. f. A young 

d'>o, a female fawn. 
■^ift chakjki, f.f. A hand flour 

mill; a cake of any thing such as 

soap, refine<I sugar, &c.; the tail 

of the dumhc: or fat tailed sheep; a 

5rincrleroot of the zamhikand, ifcc. 
VJ J<»i cha,kuH, S. VI. A drop 

of liquor; a kind of silk cloth. 
VJ'WT cha,kula, a. Wide, broad, 

round; i. q. x}i< w. 
xj ^ ft ^ c)ia,kuli, s.f. Tioundness, 

Lc; i. q. x5 ^ «^. 
^^ chak^ku, s. m. A knife the 

blade of which shuts into the 

handle, a penknife. 
Vj^^l chak0|tra, s. m. The name 

of a large fruit of the citron kind, 

the shaddock. 
xJ^d chakor, s. m. The name 

of a bird. 
^^3 chakor, a. Having four 

e<'iual sides, square. 
■:^\^^T, r. a. To taste, 
^VW"? chakh,mak, ) *./. A 

^V^pr chakli.makli, * flint, 
g^ f^m chakhway,ya, s. n». One 

who tastes, one who eats well, 

a hearty eater. 
^VT^ chaklia,i, s.f. Tasting; 

( commonly used in the plural. ) 
•^\l \Qr*,\ chakha,una, r. a. To 

cause to be tasted. 
^>rP5>rt chakhachu,khi, s.f. Dl-i 

cord, quarrolliiiL'; c. w. ^^. ^g-. 
7ft and WjH tJTs^. 

^"^ chak,kLI, /. /. A ta^te; 
^V^ ^5^ or ?5r-^^'t, to give a 
taste; to teach a hawk to hunt V.y 
giving him a taste of blood or of 
flesh ; to tame. 

^vr cha.khe, ^ inter. Go! 

^M" v)" clia,klie ho, ) a-.vay ! 

begone I avaunt I 

•g>^3pt cliakliau,ti, s.f. Tastin^ 
food; ^s^^rHT "STg-TftrHT, to 
taste; to eat delicacies. 

^?r changg, *. m. The name 
of a mu-^ical instrument. 

yjf?! chagat,ta, s. m. A title 
of the 3/M^aZ dynasty of Delhi; 
also a man of fine portly ap[>ear- 
ance and bearing. 

y Jlf-i cha,gal, s.f. Tlic leavings 
of a meal ; ( used as a term of con- 

iJlTfS chang,gal, s. m. A paw; 
the hollow of the hand; VUci 
3^ WT^rr, a handful of flour, 
( or as some, ) a double handful. 

TgTTf^^Z' chagalchatt, s. n. /. 
One who cats the leavings of 
every one; {met.) a. per.-on of low, 
mean disytosition. 

yjli^ TTT chaigalna, r. a. To 
defile food or drink, as a dog or 
a child, by eating of it, thereby 
making the remainder unclean. 

y^I W-^i^^T chagalwa,uni, ) r. a. 

yii\wQ<i^\ chagla,una, * To 

cau-e to be defiled. 

"^^ changigar, s. m. The name 
of a low caste; a man of thb caste. 

^^T^TJ^ changigarni, > s. f 

^^rf^^KT^ changgaria,ni,V A 

VJI?ft changigarf, ^ Io- 

nian of the C](anO'J^tT caste. 

^^T changiga, a. Good, excel- 
lent, pleasant, fortunate, favora- 
ble, healthy, well. 

^JII chang,ga, ad. Well. 





^f5rnfr^^ clianggla.i, t.f. GrxxJ- 

ncss, excellence. 
^flFpKTTr clianggia.ra, *. m. A 

kiii.l of bird; a >park. 
1^fir»WT"^T clianL:gi.i,ri, s. m. A 

spark. Al>o i^tWWr^. 
^jtJ changger, s.f. A shallow 

l.a-skct made of bamboo. 
^^3Z^ cliaugger,t;i, s. m. ( dim. 
of "^TTJ. ) A small sliallow bas- 
ket made of bamboo. 
^it^Zf clianggor.hi, a. Good, 

excellent, well. 
igitTT changge,ra, a. Good, of 
a good (juality, of an excellent 
>gtJW cliany,clial, a. Restless, 

active, clever; playful, wanton. 
^'^7^^'Z^ clianyclialtiij', s.f. \ 
^^^H^T chanyeliali>u,n I, s. m. > 
B'^?5T'^ clianycliaLi,i, s.f. * 
liestlessness, activity, cleverness; 
I»layfidness, wantonness. 
Tdx}' cliaeli,clu, s. m. The name 

of the letter ^. 
^rf chaj', ;. m. Wisilom, intel- 
ligence, discretion, sense; condi- 
tion, state. 
"^•l^ ehanyjf, s. f. A kind of 
red spotted vail worn by women. 
^Z fhat, s. /. Excoriation, a 
hurt or sore wliich exhibits the 
raw flesh. 
^dZ cliatt, jr. m. Licking, ma- 
king dean work, ( as with a lick;) 
^3Z \^5vT, to be fini;?hed, to die, 
to be destroyed; igZ" 'SRTTT, to 
use up; to take all ( the beard) 
off; to destroy. 
^ chatt, ad. Quickly. 
^nr clia,tak, *./. Brilh'ancy, 
beauty, (of color;) predilection, 
taste, longing; a split, a crackling 
noise, a crash; di-^cord, dijagree- 
ment; i. q. ^z^. 
^T7 cha,t.'ik, a. Ilrilliant, beau- 
tiful; (spoken of colors. ) 

rii,^ "H'l^r cha,fnk j5|ni, I P. H. 

^i JdM cha|taknu, / To be 

separated, to bo split, to be rent, 
to crack, to burst out, to make a 
crackling noi-e; to be resplendent ; 
to }^ 'liiplea-sed, to be out of hu- 
mor, to go away in a pet. 
^^v3T cliatak,ni, s. m. A slap, 

a blow, a box- 
x><i.onQriKi thatka,un;i, v. a. To 
cause to crack, to cause to make 
a crackling noise; to snap, (the 
fingers; ) to smack, ( tlic lips ; ) to 
sf>lit; to rend, to sejiarate, to cause 
to go off; to irritate, to excite to 
quarrelling. Also \52.~i?T ^^7. 
yiWI^JAl chafkar,na, v. a. To 
make a clicking sound with the 
tongue, by way of exciting a 
horse, &c.; i. q. fi -d ^ Tg~7>T. 
^iWldl eli?.tka,ri, s. f. A click- 
ing sound made with the tongue; 
c. w, UTTTTI'. 
yia/^Ml, a. Sj>lendid, 
( in color; ) elegant, spruce; delici- 
■^"3V?rr cha takhuii, v. n. To 
burst out, to crackle, &c.; i. q. 
^Z^'jrr cliritakh,na, s. »J. A slaji; 

i- <l- xJd vr5l. 
^TV7"^;?rr chatklia,una, r. a. To 
c-ause to crack, Lc; i. q. -dia^r- 
^^n-. Al-o gz^T ^57T. 
'di.r^l chaft,na, r. a. To lick, 

to lap. 
^^^TfTTvT chatnasinh, s. m. \ 
^^r^ofjT'u^ chatnasing,ghu, s.m. > 
rJic^t chat,in', s.f. J 

A mixture of hot condiments used 
as a sauce; -dicVt^ xJ" nFfT^T, to 
disapi»ear quickly, to be swallowed 
up, as any thing savory is swal- 
xJdt^ chat,ni, t. f. Medieine 
prej-arol in the form of a thick 
mixture like a syrup. 


^Z ^Z chatt, patt, ad. Quick- 
ly, hastily, immediately. 
"^ZVZ^T chat[iat,ya, a. Ilav- 
ing stripes cf diU'crent colors, (as 
a tent;) quick, active, urgent, 
uinvilliiig to wait. 
^arjyZTT^^ chat p:tt;i, una, r. n. 
To be [lerturliatcd, to be confus- 
igzrvZlTJZr chatpata,hat, *. /. 

Haste, perturbation. 
gTTVZTT cliatpa,f:i, a. Quick; 

delicious; striped. 
■jgrVZrt chatpa,tl, s.f. Haste, 

perturbation; c. w. W7r^\ 
^Z"<-rZ^>KT chatpa|tia, a. Hav- 
ing stripes of dilllrcnt colors; 
quick, &c.; i. q. 'g^VZrCTT. 
^Zl^ vfcM eliat,tam ho,na, v. n. 
To bo dean used up, to be finish- 
ed, to be destroyed, to die. 
^ZV ^d'^"^ chat, tarn kar,n:i, i*. a. 
To lick up, to make clean work 
of a thing; to flni^h; to shave all 
( the beard ) off; to destroy. 
"ddtgi^^T chatwa,un:i, r. a. To 
cause to bo licked, ( as a soro by 
a dog. ) 
iaiTT^ cha(l,f, s.f Licking; 
a mat made of grass, ru>he3, 
'S^T'^^ chata,una, r. a. To 
cause to be licked; to waste, (mo- 
ney ; ) to make eat. 
\j(ilaf cliat;ik, s. m. A woulid, 

a scar, a mark.. 
■sgiiVi chata,ka, j s. m. A 
•diltfT chati,kha, / smack, a 
splash, a crash, an explosion; also 
the sound caused by these. 
vJi'M^rg" cliat;tkhcd;ir, a. De- 
^dZ^ ohat,ti, s. f. A fine, a for- 
feit, a penalty; B^ ^^ or 
3^^, to i)ay a fine; riZ^ '^^- 
eft, to be fined; ^jft «lQ<i^, to 
impose a fine. 






^3^ ■yv^ft f hatti ciiai.nt.ti, I./." 
^^t ^W>3t cliafiti cliaj>i,ri, s. f. 
rJ^ ^^T clia(,ti clii',ri, s. m. 
xfzft ^"^^Y cliaf.h' i)ii',ri, .«./. 

A fine, a penalty. 

^^ cliaf,h'i, «. m. A great oatcr, 

one who is g<io«l for nothing 

but to cat ; one wlio spends all lie 

can got. 

xJ^d diator, s. vi.f. \ One 

TJ^dJ chafo,ri, s. m. > -vvho is 

^"^grt cliato,n', *. /. ) fund of 

delicacies, .ti cjiicure. 
^S" diatfli, r./. The ceremony 
of feeding Erahnians and otlurs 
on special occasions, as on the 
consecration of a well or tank, to 
expiate the guilt sujiposed to 
have been acquired by killing 
insects in the process of digging 
it; c. w. •3'd7^. 
^3T chat, til 1, s. vi. A watering 
trough for cattle, ic; the name 
of a minor caste of ,Tats. 
^^ cliat|(lin, *. m. A mortar; 
the hollowed centre of a whirl- 
pool; a IioUowlkI mortar of wood 
or earth covered with a skin and 
used as a drum. 
^■g^T clian'],n-.i, v. a. To shaip- 
cn, ( a hoe, share, kc, ) by ham- 
mering; to sharpen one's intel- 
lect, to educate. 
^■^^'^ ehandwi|i, s.f. The 
cost of sharjioning a hoe or share, 
^^^r"^5rr clianilw,i,uu;i, v. a. To 
cause to be sharpened by ham- 
yJ'S^ cha(1,il;i, s. m. The groin; 
^^ TTr^ ^TF ^^r, to bring the 
neck down to the groin, as in 
wrestling; to subdue, to bring 
^sTT^fY chaniU'i,!, s.f. The cost 
of sliarjH-ning a share, hoe, &c.; 

I q. w^i^X 

vJjr^?rr chanda,un.i, r. a. To 

cause to be sharpened by liani- 


vijJiM chandtl, s. m.f. j A 

^^I?5?0" chanda,lani, *./• J ^^^> 

mean j>or>on, one of low caste, 

an outca-t, a merciless wretch. 

^f%WT^5a chadia|Uni, r. a. To 

bring the neck down to the groin, 

to throw, (as in wrestling;) to 

subline, to bring completely under. 

^f%^l'^^T ehan(lii,un;i, r. a. 

i. q. ^TT^^ 
^^ chan,di, s.f. A name of the 
Hindu T>cri Durgd; insolence; 
^^"t ^rU7>^. to be insolent. 
^^J5 chan ]i>l, s. m. A swinging 
cradle in wliieh an image of the 
infant Krislnui is phioeil at the 
celebration of his birth; a kind of 
litter in which satis are carried 
to the funeral pile to be burned. 
^♦JT chad,«]ha, 5. m. The name 

of a caste of Jjfs. 
^^ ehan, s. m. A kind of sugar- 
g"3CT cha,ni, s. m. A- kind of 

pulse, gram; called also cJiohi. 
^3^VS^ chanl^thi, s.f. A small 

])iece of sandal wood, 
y?? cha,tar, a. Cunning, dex- 
terous, ingenious, clever, shrewd, 
^T^3^ cha,tart;t, j *./. Cun- 
yjdFT^ chatart;i,i, J uing. 

cleverness, shrewdness, expert- 
x}3d7ft clia|tarni, /. A woman 
of superior abilities, a woman 
next to the PaJmani; clever, in- 
genious, shrewd. 
r3:Jjr cha,tar;i, a. Clever, &c.; 

i. q. ^FoT. 
^?9T^ chatari,!, s. f. Clever- 
ness, kc; I. (]. yjT3T^^. 
^JXgfl^T chatir^nii, r. a. To remind; 
i. q. f%TTT?7r. 

xm c)ia,tur, a. Clever, fi:c.; i, q^ 

^3"?T chate.ri, t. m. A painter 
of jiictures; one who works fig- 
ures in metals, an engraver; i. n. 

ri ifi chatann, a. Rational, in- 
telligent, having, uuderstandine, 
in possession of the senses, cau- 
tious, wide awake, aware, aequain- 
ted; i. q. %37i. 

^^ cliand, s. 171. The uvxin; 
a term of endearment in address- 
ing children; the sulllx to some 
Hindu names ; as, Aiulr Chand, S:c. 

^^^ WT ciianda,ui, s. m. A 
circular piece of eloth set in the 
upper part of a cap or Lat; a small 
round cake made of malJii, kc, 
for children; a colored awuing 
stretched with the Granth or Qu- 
ran over a bride or bridegroom 
in the ceremony of «i<j>r< at we-l- 
dings; any small rvnind piece of 
cloth, matting, metallic plate, ic; 
i. q. €=^»HT. 

^^^rf^jT^ t-liandgra,hia, s.m. Aa 
eclipse of the moon. 

^^7>vITF chandanhir, t. m. A 
costly kind of necklace, made of 
gold, kc. 

^^J cliad,dar, f. /. A shawl, 
(either of cotton or wool;) i. q. 

^^g" chan,dar, j. vi. The moon. 
^^■^M^ chandrap,pan,\ s. m. 
^B^^'^-i^ ehandrapipun, I IMisfor- 
^^?H^T chandarpu,ui,J tune, ill 

fate, misery, wretchedness. 
^^^^J^ chandarban,si, s. m. A 

descendant of the moon, one oi 

the lunar race. 
"«-«Jc)3"f7f chandarbhan, a. lU 

fated, wretched; also a j-roptT 

^^a^WT clian,darmd, s. m. The 






^^giftr^ chan<larnui,klii, a. M<x»n- 
faee^l, beautiful. 

^^jT chaii,.lara, *. m. A wliit- 
low ; a cuM iu llie liea-1. 

^JT chaii.Jard, a. Unfortunate, 
ill fatcil, niiscraMe, wrotclic*.!, 
un.lone; ^^^^ ^T, [the son] of 
a wrctclicil woman ; ( laiiguag-o of 
abuse. ) 

^:er, s. m. The uj-i-er 
side of a quilt; tlie moon; ji 
collection, a subscription for 
charitable puri>oscs; ^^r 5^7>r, 
to make a collection. 

^^ chan.di, s.f. Counting, 
iiumbt-ring. ( Dopari dialect. ) 

^^wr clian/liii, v». m. A round 
picve of cloth, mat, metal, &c.; 
i. q. #^f->Hr. 

^^g^ chande,n', ^ s. J. A name 

^^fSt, J given to a 
fine kind of turban, being the 
name of the place where it is 

^^TWr chando,a, s. in. i. q. ^5=^- 

^7>^ chan,na!i, s. m. Sandal 
wood; the tihd- made of this wood ; 
logwood; 'STv^fg^^ or '^, tlie 
sanilal tree, the wood vi' whlrh 
ground fine is used for tlie /(7<i^- 
or mark n.ade by Hindus in tlie 

r^<StfvvJi^ channanliir, s. in. A 
costly kind of necklace; i. q. xJ- 

^T*?^"^? fhauuanbur, s. »/i. Saw- 
dust of the sandal wood used witii 

^^T chan,ni, s. in. The gable 
end of a house. 

=3771? chanir, s. /. The name 
of a tree fuund in Ku-hm'ir, the 
wood of which is very valuable; 
( used for gunstocks, Lc. ) 

^V7^ cha].,kan, s.f. A kind 
of coat. 

xT^^X cliai.,ti, a. Flattened, 
comprcsscl, shallow. 

g'vrsft chap,fi, s.f. Constupra- 
tionis instrunientum quo mulicrcs 
libidino?;o utuntur; ^V^ ?5W- 
Tji, uii, (duo mullcres inter se.) 

^V?v chapipau, s. m. The cov- 
er of an earthen vessel; (made 
likewise of earth. ) 

^M^T, r. n. To be 
vexed, to be irritated, to become 

■^M^lO^, s. f. (dim. of 
^V^. ) The cover of an earthen 
vessel with a small mouth, as a 
jar, ffJuira, Sec; the knee-pan. 

gVH" ^V? cha,par cha.par, s. m. 
The noise made \>y a dog in eating 
or lapping; prating, chattering; 
c. w. ^^TiT. 

ijvra chajal, a. Wanton, rest- 
less, volatile, playful, lluent in 

^mcSrr^ chaj\ilt.i,i, s. f. Wan- 
t'lnncs-, playt'uluess, volatility of 
speech and l>ehavior. 

^Ml^T (, s.f. Lightning; 
a restless Woman. 

^vrd^TTJi^r^'mr chap.irkanu,tia, ^ 

v3'y^5?J'TF''>HT chapaikana,tia, \ 
s. in. A knave, a scoundrel, a 

g"M"^ ^V^ cha.par clia,par, s. in. 
Laj.jatig, i;c.; i. q. xJV^" xfM^. 

^V^T chai',rA, s.m. A kind of 
lac or resin. 

>JM^T^ cliaj^nis, s.f. A metal- 
lic jilato with an inscription on it, 
worn on the breast by certain 
functionaries, as a badge of ollicc. 

^■"^^^H^ chapr.i,san, s. m. The 
wife of a chaprasi. 

'^iJM-^i;^ il;.q.ri,si, ^ s. f. 

^^^^if^WT chapr;i,sii,J Any one 
having on a chapnis, a messenger or 
other servant who is in the habit 
of wearing a chopnis. 

^vff cl'.ap.p.i, s. m. An oar; 
the breadth of f.ur finger*; 'STMr 
ifr^AT or T^xQ^I, to row; (spo- 
ken especially of a long oar usoil in 
water too d«.-op for the bottom to 
be reachc<l with jK>Ics;) ^vr3~§^, 
about four fingers' breadth: any 
thing e<iual to four lingers in 
length, breadth or height; a small 

^VT^enr chaja,una, r. a. To 
vex, to irritate, to di-pleasc. 

^VT"?^ chap:i,ti, s. f. BrfA-l 
made thin in the form of a cake, 
the common bread of India. 

^U~z: chaj-et, f.f. ^ A >lap, 

^WZTI chaj>e,ti, s. vi. > a flap, a 

53"U-g', s.f. ) blow. 

^\}-"3"7rr, r. a. To 
slap; to throw with tlie hand, (as 
mud against a wail.) 

^^J-^ chapoji, s. in. A slap, 
a blow; c. w. KJ977T. 

^3~i?"55 chaj'aul, 5 j?i. A sudden 
irruption of an enemy, or maraud- 
ing party; ^^^ VT^^Tt, to 
pounce uj'On a {-lace unawares. 

^^^T ehabbiiii. r. rt. To champ, 
to grind between the teeth, to 
craunch, to chew any thing dry 
and hard, (as parched com, sugar 
candy, &.c. ) 

^^J5 cham,bal, *./. A cutane- 
ous disease, a kind of itcli. 

'©■gr chaniibS, s.m. A kind of flow- 
er; also the name of a city in the 

^■gr cham,ba, a. Having largo 
white spots on a brown or sorrel 
ground, and white feet, ( a horse.) 

^ergt^ chaba,i, s.f. Chewing 
parched grain. 

xf^f^OT chabaiUni, r. a. To 
cau>e to be chewed dry, kc. See 

"^W^ chabi^u, m. One who- 
chews grain, &.C. 





^3^\^ flia1'ii,u, m./. Capable of 
cliowing-, (tet-tli;) fit to Ijccliew- 
ci], (corn, Sec.;) one •who chews, 

^rgt^ rliabi,n i, s. m. Somo- 
thlnt' to be fhcweJ ami eaten be- 
tween meals, (as parchetl grain. ) 

rJ^H<?T chab«,tar.i, f. m. An 
earthen or ma'-on-work platform 
to sit on; a police offioe; a custom 

^^55^ chanibo,li, s.f. A •white 
flower, a species of jessamine. 

Td^iMc^l cliabOjlana, j c. a. To 

y^R^f chabol,ni, / •work 

about in the mouth, ( as footl in 
the process of mastication. ) 

xJdi? cha,bhak, s. /. A prick- 
ing pain in the eye or other ten- 
der part ; c. w. Wld<0. Also ^- 

xJ^iWi chablio,Li, y. »)i. A stroke 
or hurt in the eye: rj5»T ^T^- 
77T, to perform a ceremony by 
which a hurt is supjioseil to bo 
remo\ed from the eye. Also 

5^>r J chamm, .«. rn. Skin, hi'Ie, 

^^ 3 leather. 

gXaf eha,mak, s.f. Shining, 

splendor, brightness, glitter. 
^U>|'3jc^l cha,iuakni, r. n. To 
shine, to glitter; to prosper; to be 
angry; ^Tf? Giic^T, to spring 
up with rage or alarm; to be kin- 
dled, ( fire. ) 

^T-ryi^eivT chamka,una, v. a. To 
cause to shine, to make glitter; to 
polish, to smooth; to excite, to 

^^31 A' chamka,hat, s.f. 

^7|37T2r chamkat, s. m. 

^TiaTigT chamka,rri, s. m. 
Glitter, splen<lor. 

^7fO|-<f ?( chamgidjdar, *. m. •n 

^xf^T^e^*^ chauigid.ri, s. f. ^ 

^nf^^W^ chamgid,dari, s.f. ) 
A bat. 

chamniach, n 

, f s- »t. A 

tliain,nia( li, > 

cIiain|Clia, J 

tJJ-T^ cham,niach, 

xrWM~3?5l chanipka.H, *./. (W. 
a bud of the chamjni.) A trinket 
•worn on tlie neck. 
'UiTM'B ^^T cham,pat ho,ni, c. n. 
To vanish, to depart, to run a- 
^l-rvrr chani,pa, s. m. The name 

of a flower. 
^T-TWr??^ champ:ika,li, s.f. An 
ornament worn round tie neck; 
i. fj. g>rV5^. 
^T^^?5 cham,bal, s.f. The name 

of a cutaneous disease. 

'gX'gr cham,bi, s. f. The name 

of a flower; (i. q. ^TfVT;) also of 

a city in the hills. 

iST-fgr cliam,b;i, a. Ilaving large 

whitfc sj'ots, (a horse;) i. q. ^^T. 

=971^1=5^ chaiiiiie,li, s.f. A s{)e- 

cios of jessamine; i. q. ^^?5^. 
^Of^TF ehamyar, 5. m. The name 

of a low custe; i. q. '^'timfTF. 
^3fW^'!'3^ chamyiiri, s. f. A fe- 
male Chamr/dr. 
parrs' cha,mar, s. m. The Thi- 
betan cow's tail used as a fly- 
brush; i. q. ^^7 and y>^d. 
^KHJT clianiiras, s. m. A sore 
on the foot caused by the galling 
of a tight shoe. 
■g7fU"Vf cham,rakh, s.f. A part 
of the apparatus of a spinning 
wheel; leather trowsers; a thin, 
lean woman. 
^>ffd Jl chamrik,ka, a. Made 
by a Chamiar; of or belonging to 
a Chamuir. 

i. q. ^"^H- 

^3-ff5T'€^ chanda,una, r. a. To 
fondle, (a child, &e. ;) to render 
insolent; to ]>rovoke, to excite feel- 
ings of hostility, to encourage a 

g^?5 1 cham^mal, s. f. The 
^>{F5 J name of a cutaneous disease; 

quarrel between persons; to make 

a feint of rctreatiug, ( an army, ) 

with a view todrawon thecncinv. 

^V.K'TT^|mariia, x.a. To stick 

t'., to adhere to; i. q. f^K'ai^. 
^X^T chain, ra, s. m. j Skin, 
gXW^ cham.n, *. /. / k-athcr, 

^HI3" chanuir, s. m. Tlie name 

of a low caste; i. q. ^fjpxrg-. 

^H'^'^ZTS^r cham:trl»at|na, j s. m. 

^rXTB^Z^T cliamarvat,n;i,j The 

name of a plant, the seed of which 

has an aromatic smell. 

gi-n^'Y c]iama,ri, s.f. A female 

^filWrg" chamiar, f. in. The 

name of a low caste. 
^fwWTg^ chamii,r), s.f. A fe- 
male Cha7.uir. 
^X ri<Vl cliamer,ni, r. a. To cause 

to adhere, &c.; i. q. fVJrs<^. 
^i^T chamo,tu, s. m. \ Apiece 
^^'^ chauio^ti, s.f. ] of leather, 
the leather put on the leg of a 
felon to protect it from the irons; 
the bit of leather used to keep 
the flint of a gun firm in the cock. 
^7 char, 5. m. Pasturing, gra- 
zing, feeding; c. w. "qTSTH. 
yjH clia,r3s, s. f. A i^repara- 

tion oi bhang smoked in ^Lhuqqii. 
"^TST^ cha,ras, s. m. A well buck- 
et made of leather and drawn by 
oxen ; i. q. ^^7T- 
xJd^i char,5a, s. m. A cow or 

bufialo's liide; i. q. M^H'- 
ijgif^ char,si, s. m. A smoker 

of charas. 

^ charh, *./. A trench dug 

in the ground, and used as a fire 

place, when large dinners are to 

be cooked and several pots are to 

be set on at one time; i. q. ^Jd- 

VjtJv} cha,rah, ^ s. m. Fodder, 

•■ d g;jl char,ha, j food for cattle, 

( whether stored or in the field.) 





g^rfY char.hi, *./. Tlio stalk and 
leaves oi jw'tr. 

TJdola^'Ji;* oharliikangigar, x./. 
A kind of charhi the stalk of 
^vliich U not sweet. 

y^U^57 charhitor, ». /. A sweet 
kind of charhi the stalk of whieli 
is frc<^iuently chewed. 

g^vf^Z: cliarlift, s./. A rent in a 
garment, &e., caused by its catch- 
ing on something; i. q. ^oPt^ or 

g^Tj cliar,hu, j. m. A fire place 
for a deg or large pot, made by dig- 
ging a hole in the ground, much 
larger than an ordinary chidlhd. 
y 5 y <i I charka,ta, s. m. An ele- 
phant's keeper, one who cuts for- 
age for an elephant. 
y?yc?T cha,rakna, r. n. To make 
a creaking noise, (as a bedstead.) 
"^^"^ oliarkh, g. m. A windlass; 
a grindstone; a turner's lathe, 
a brazier's lathe; ^r^\r ^f^iST, 
to be turned or polished; g^tf 
y ir3«M, to turn, to poli-h ; to 
make active; 'Q'JV =^<?a, to turn 
round; to melt, (metals. ) 
yr^I c]iar,khu, *. »». A spin- 
ning wheel; also, (as a terra of 
ridicule, ) the bodily frame. 
y?>rt char,khi, tf. A small 
sj.inning wlieol; the wheel or 
block ou which the rope of a well 
turns; a kind of fireworks. 
^^>rt cliur.klii, a. Having or 
abounding in charlhis, dependent 
on wells for irrigation, (a country.) 
^TTT oharg, s. m. A kind of 

hawk, a bird of [irey. 
^^^r?5 charh,g:d, s. m. A deep 
ivound or sore; i. q. ^^Wf5; c. 


^?7iS7 charguiinx, m. | 
^^Tnrt, /. J 

^?3T^?rr chargai,?!-!, m 
^J^ft^ chargaiiii. 


ler, a j 

terer, a prater; tilkative, loqua- 

xTTOf?^ chrtr.ghal, t. m. A deep 
wound or sore; i. q. xJ J^IK. 

x}<i ^3" zTSTTT char, char kar,n:i, 
V. n. To prate, to chatter, to 
bable, to talk much and to little 
purpose, to speak insolently. Also 

^W^I char.clia, s.f. Talking 
over an event, mention, discourse, 

xJdrf cha,raj or charj, *. m. A 
l>rodigy, wonder, astonishment; 
an extraordinary evil, a great 

'Q^ Miri^J char, j t,ua, v. a. To 
enter, to go tlirough, to affect, ( as 
sickness theWly, instruction or 
aflliction the mind, <S:c.) 

xSd-ri^r charjug, s. m. The four 

xT?^ chani, s. in. A foot. 

'^^t:^'^ charnsoiva, »./. De- 
votion to a pirii, waiting on and 
serving him. 

^?3T char,na, s. m. Any thing 
for cattle to eat out of, as a 
blanket su.=j>en<led by the four 
corners, a trough, a manger; half 
trowsoi'5, breeches. 

^3d<M cliar,iia, v.n. To graze, to 
feed, to j>a-ture; to sjiread, (as 
oil, &:c., in cloth;) to snap or miss 
fire, (a gun.) Also ^f^ rPS^. 

^^l^THS' char,namat, s. m. The 
water with which the feet of an 
idol have been wa->-hed. 

^^^t char,ni, s.f. (dim. of 
ydAl.) Any thing for cattle to 
cat out of, a manger. 

^^V^T char,para, a. Highly 

seasone<l, well flavored, hot with 

pej>per; smart in conversation, 


^B^di vJi c'harpara,hat, s.f. \ 

^cJy^TZT charparat, t. m. / 


Good flavor, high seasoning; 
smartness, pertne«3. 
y^Vof^TKT char,parii, m. j A 

yrua^ char,iiari, /. j smart 

pert j)",'rson, a great talker, a chat- 
terer; active, pert, smart, fluent, 
y^"g charl), a. Fat, good, excellent; 
overcoming, overpowering, victo- 
rious, predominant; e. w.^^JCT. 
ydf^«T charbil,la, $. m. One 
■who begs food from door to door; 
a chatterer. 
y^tft char,bi, s.f. Fat, grease. 
yH^g^I? cliarbodar, s. m. An 

hostler, a groom. 
^^3^%^y^T^ cliarbedar,ni, s.f. 

The wife of a groom. 
^Td^^l^t cluu-beda.ri, s.f. The 

business of a groom, 
y^^"^ cliarwa,i, s. f. The wa- 
ges of a herdsman or shepherd. 
y^^T^'^T charwa.uiii, v. a. To 

cause to be j)astured. 
^■g^^'Crr charw;i,li:i, s. m. A 

herdsman, a shepherd. 
^^^TTjt charwa,hi, s.f. A shep- 
herdess, the wife of a shejdierdor 
herdsman; the business of a shej>- 
herd or cowherd. 
"diJ^IiSiJll charwal,gi, y. /. The 
business of a cowherd or shep- 
herd ; the wages of a shepherd or 
-a d <^ I WT charwa.lli, 

cowherd, a shepherd. 
yrg^^e^U^ charwedar, 

y'd^-^ld X^ charwedar,ni, *./. 

The wife of a groom. 
^^t^^TTSre^T charwedar- ■. The 
pu,na, s. tn. > bu- 

y^%*<f Id"^ cliarweda,ri, s.f.^ si- 

ness of a groom. 
y?T^ cliara,!, s.f. Pasturing, 
feeding; the wages of a shepherd 
or cowherd. 

s. m. A 
s. in. A 





r charok,na, ) a. Old, 
cliaro,ki, ) ancient, of 

^JT^^ char4,un, t. /. The 
wai'^-s of a .-lnj-licrJ or cowlierd. 

•yjlC'J' cKari.urii, r. a. To 
fce<J, to jiaaturc. 

rtd laj charik, x. m. A cowlicr-l 
or slicplierJ. 

ritiiJl diara^', s. m. A lamp. 

xTJTlfi, *,/. The otlor- 
ings made to the keeper of a 
shrine to enable him to keep 
lamps burriing: ferriage. 

x>d i-c charand, /,/. Pasture. 

^fV^ charji,tar, j. m. Behav- 
ior, disf^?iiion, nature, manner, 
custom, talent; deeeitful conduct, 
tricks of juL'glers, enigmatical and 
deceitful lang-uai'c; c. \r. '??<^r 
tJ'^ Wc5f charok,na, 

olden time, of a former aye; i. q. 

t%'ar3r5vT and l%anrr. 

X) «>r ^ cha],hi, jr. m. A place 
^^vTT ^ where dirty water i-i 

thrown, a sink. 
rT??^^ chaleha,klie, inter. Go! 

begone ! 
^5?^ cha.lan, s. m. Conduct, 
behavior, custom, ceremony; the 
currency of coin. 
^f5?CT chali,nA, r. it. To move, 
to go, to proceed, to walk, to ^o 
off, to pa5«, (as coin; ) to be dis- 
charged, ( as a gun ; ) to blow, to 
flow; to behave; to sail; to work, 
to aniwer; to succeed; to avail; to 
last, to serve ; to fly, ( an arrow ; ) to 
have a diarrhea. Also ^25 V^a. 
^g^^B" chahnt, s. /. Passing, 

currency, being in force. 
^f5 ^^ chal, dal, *. m. A 

moving army. 
ri^if* ch3,Lin, *. in. Conduct, 
behavior, custom, ceremony; the 
currency of coin. 
^5577T ciial,ni, r. n. To spoil, to 
rot, to devay, (as fruit; } yfHWT 
X)l\j.*HT, s{»oL1(.mJ, decayed, rotten. 

y«At thai, III, a. Current, pisi- 

aMe, (coin. ) 
^^ fk^3T5 chal, bijChal, s. j. 
Discord, separation; the sj»oil!ng 
of a work. 
gi5FT§ chali.u, t. m. Movin^r, 
movement; the firing of a gun; 
activity of trade; a kind of dish. 
g'?5i^c?T chalt,uni, v. a. (caudal 
of ^;5^r. ) To cause to move, 
xJWi^" chal;i,u, a. Fit for tem- 

I>orary use. 
g'JTT? cliahtk, a. Active, hard 
working, alert, clever, i.ngenious, 
dexterous, expert, nimble, fleet, 
swift. ■ 
^^V3\ cliali,ki, i.f. Activity, 
alertness, nitnbleuess, celerity, 
dexterity, agility, fleetness, clev- 
erness, ingenuity. 
^J^T gr? c]Ki,ii dial, > i.f. 

^?5T g?5t cha,li, J Contin- 
ual going, incei-ant moving, 
tlie unceasing ravages of death in 
the time of a pe-tilence; prei-ara- 
tion for a journey. 
gT5r^r ll-^7i\ or 73" tTT^T chali- 
ni kar,ni or kur j i, ni, r. n. To 
^V)^Ti chalin, *. vx. A dispatch; 
\J?5T7? 'SfWTif, to cause to go, to 
send, to dispatch. 
^fjFJ^ chalit,tar, s. m. Behav- 
ior, disposition ; deceitful con- 
duct, the tricks of juggler*, enig- 
matical and deceitful language; 

i. 4. gfi"^. 

5gr?^:3;77 chalitt,ran, s. f. 

^f?557ft chaliit,raui, /./. 

^f^r3J chal it, ra, /. in. 

■rify.:(\ chalit,ri, s. m.f. 

One who makes false pretences, 
or who deals in false and enig- 
matical laiiguace, one who plays 
tricks to conceal his or her bad 


^yftyTJTT rhali«,mari, -v a. The 
g"55fFrTT clia!is,wan, j fortietli; 
^T^TifT chahli.tiiin, (. i. e. ilie 
yTR/'TT^ clialili,win, fortieth 

^R^Ur chali.hi, J day af- 

ter the death of any one, when the 
Muhammadans feed/j//?ri, itc. 
^^3" chan,war, s. in. A flvbrush 
made of tlie tail of the Thibetan 
cow; i. fj. ■^^3. 
y<^lr^t chawi.ti, x. /. (dim. of 
%.) A small stick or splinter burn- 
ing at one end ; a brand burned 
at one end and <iucnchcd; (md.) 
the fire of discord, irritating or 
exciting language; y^3^ ?^§- 
^"^j to apply a burning brand to 
any tiling; to excite tlic passions of 
any one by irritating language. 
\J<^'1 chaV|Vi, a. Twenty four. 
^^ char, s.f. A little raised 
skin on the margin cf tlie finger 
nail, a hangnail; c. w. ■g^~^*t; 
! i. '[. f%^. 

! xfffH cliaii-a^, s.f. A prcpara- 
i tion of fJiov'j ^j,j..i, ig smoketl 

i for its intoxicating qualities. 
' g~37f cha,ra«, /. in. A leather 
Well bui kct drawn by oxen. 
^rtfl'J'" char,sau, i.f. A woman 

■who smokes charas. 
g~3Trr cliar,'-:!, t.m. The hide of 

a cow or bufTalo; i. o. yjTTT. 
y ?{Wiyy cliar.sibliar, s. m. A 

hideful, a bucketful, 
•dffli^ char,<i, s. m. A smoker 

o{ charas; i. q. "^^JU- 
rifiJ charht, s. f. Going up, as- 
ccndina:; going from one place to 
another, starting, setting out on a 
journey, the movement of an ar- 
my, an invasion; mounting a 
hcrse, &.C., riding, mode of ri- 
ding; a religious oflering. 
^^F^ cliarh,ti, s.f. Bising, j-ro- 
motion; mounting, riding, mode of 



^T^ ^Tgc 

^^77T, r. n. To ascend, 
to climb, to ri'ic, to mount; to be 
oflorcd in saoritjco; to die. 

^^^njT cliarlj\vayiyi, s. m. One 
that a^cendi; a rider. 

gr^Y^ c!iar!ii,{, s.f. An accliv- 
ity; an inva-iion; comf)en.<ation 
for ralsincr any thing. 

^W^ cliarhi,u, s. m. Ri-ing, 
overf]o>ving, (a5 of a river;) as- 
cent, acclivity. 

>?f^l^^T charlia,uni, r. a. To 
lift, to raise, to cause to as- 
cend; to cause to ride; to offer in 
•dri>^ charlii,it, a. About to 
rise, (as the moon;) fit for riding, 
(a liorse, £:c. ; ) fit to bo raised, 

fas •water. ) 
,_> . , , . 
yj^S cli.'irhait, n s. m. A niount- 

g"f^F cliarliaint, V ed servant, 

S^3T cliarhai.ta,'' a trooper. 

^^ ^T^ ^7^;^T cliar, char, kar,n:i, 

r. ?i. To speak raj)idly and in-o- 

lentl} . Also ^^ ^^ 173^ ^77- 

■da'ScM chara,imi, r. a. To 

vc-x, to toaze; i. q. i^r^'^'f^. 
^S^IjO charung.gari, s. f. A 

yiung .'•|>rirro\v. 
^T^ =3rr^'f vha.m ch;i,in, nd. 

With great jk-asure, cheerfully, 

^cTT^ chi,u, t. m. Desire, eacrer- 

ness, taste, pleasure ; i. q. igr^. 
^^^ cha,una, r. a. To rai:>e, 

to lift, 
^rf^ cha.utl.i, in. A kind of 

fever which comes or attacks on 

the fourth day; the fourth. 
9^f J? fha.ul, ,. „,. p^iee, (as it 

is sold in the market. ) 
^Tf^ chi.ur, ,. /. Insolence, 

"Dpcrtinence, impudence, 
xrm chis, ,./. Syrup. 
^fIT^> chisni, ,./ A kind of 

"^Tup, flavor, relish, a mixture of 

sweet and sour; a vessel in which 
syrujt is jirejiared. 
^rxr ch;ih, s. /. Desire, wish, 
love, avidity, appetite, hunger, 
liking; tea. 
^rXT? elui,hak, m.f. AtToctionato; 

one that desires, a lover. 
TiTvTcM chill, nTi, v. a. To desire, 
to love, to wish, to like, to choose, 
to demand, to ask, to ^vant, 
to need, to require, to i>ray, to 
attemjit, to be on the point of 
doing a thing. 
^nj3" cli:i,hat, s.f. Desire, will, 

wishing, liking, love, 
^nj;^ chah,ni, s. /. Desire, 

wish, love. 
^fvTKTTT chalinuiu, m.f. Desirous; 

a lover, 
^ncr^ cliahiye, a. dcf. v. 3rJ. 
pers. ( from ^rU3T, ) De-irable, 
necessary, proper; also used iiii- 
jiersonally; as, it is necessary, it 
ought to be. 
^iTTs'trHT clrihiliri, ?. m. The 
year '40; especially the year 
1840 o{ 7Jil:arm(ijit, famous for a 
'3'lvrW^i' cluilir ii.i, v.a. To raise, 
to cause to mount or ascend, to 
set on ; to otfor in sacrifice. 
^iTjl^T cha.hidi, a. Desirable, 

proper, necessary. 
^r"U* ehihe, conj. Kither, or. 
gr"? thik, s. m. A slit in a 
garment; a boor; tho name of a 
caste of Jots. 
\jr"3' chik, a. Insolent. 
^rjJT chak,su, s. m. The name 
of a medicine generally used for 
sore eyes, 
^r^'g-^^ chakchuband, a. Heal- 
thy and vigorous, of buoyant 
spirits; cautious. 
^r^M^T chakpu,ni, s. m. In- 

solenee, im{)ertinence. 
^r^?? cha,kar, s. in./. A servant. 

xTHrjY chfik,ri, *. /. Service, 

^r^c^ clKik,lf, t. /. A fiat, circu- 
lar piece of wood or fiesli. 

^r7 chii,ku, s. m. A penkiiifo, a 

^Ttf^y y-ri chakhchuban«l, a. Heal- 
th v and vigorous, of buoyant 
spirits; cautious. 

^7T changg, f s. /. A cry, 

yidlJ chang,gar, ) a shriek; c. 

w. W'^7?t' 
gr^r cha,cliu, s. tn. A father's 
younger brother; (children a'so 
sometimes address their father by 
this term. ) 
^[^t ch;i,clii, S.f. Tiie wife of 

a father's younger brother, 
^r^- chit, ». f. Taste, relish, 
zest, fondness, predilection, long- 
ing; a sense of gnawing, ( spo- 
ken of the stomach, ) a sensation 
of hunger; a Uicss for cattle made 
of «'/«, salt and water; ^VZ 
Wl€<^"^, to give one a ta<te for a 
thing; to tame; ^T^ ?55revT, to 
acquire a taste for a thing, to be- 
come habituated to a thing, to be 
^^^ chit.ri, S. tJl. \ A dis- 
^r^T^t chit,r:, s.f. \ ciple, 

a learner. 
i^T^TT chat,ti, s. m. A largo 

earthen vessel. 

^r ^T^^'^T ehi ti,loni, j r. a. 

^r ZTf57>T ehi tal,na, \ ( lit. to 

take up and remove. ) To defer 

an applicant to a future day, to put 

oft" with promises, to divert from 

an cibject of pursuit. 

5 rzft chat,(i, *./. An earthen churn. 

^T^xT? chinchakk, aJ. Unne- 

cessarjly, uselessly. 
^1^ "31^ chin, bhin, s.f. The 
;igns of life and activity in a place; 
tho noise of a city, the din of 
business, prori)erity of a place. 





^T3"3" cl)a,tir, a. Clcvor, OUD' 
ning, wise, knosTin!r, prudent, sa- 
gacious, slircwd, expert; i. q 

^^^IJTZ^ cliatnrti,!, $. f. 
^f3r3V^l cliitnrj),i,ni, s. m. 
^i5d^I^T cl)aiaqni|n;i, s. m. 
^^T3^ clii,tari, s.f. 

Cleverness, prudence, sn^city, 
shrewdness, cxportncss, cunning. 
^rF3" clid,tur, a. Clever, &c.; 

i. q. ^T3^3". 
^r^J3~!'€^ ch;iturta,i, s.f. 
^r-?^x/c:^T chiturpa,n:i, /. m, 
9T5"T4"^^ cliiturpu,u!i, j. pj 
xTTB^t chi,turi, s. f. 

Cleverness, &o. ; i. q. gT33'3rT-^, 
^i«d(iCV cli£n,darii, s. /. Jloon- 
liglit, liglit; a canopy supported 
by four poles, 
•dirfd clid,dar, s.f. A sheet, a 
sha^vl ; a cascade, an inclined plane 
for a sheet of water to pass over. 
^i<dr ch;\,dari, s. m. A sheet, 
a shawl; (araong the Silhs.) tlic 
ceremony of marrying a widow to 
a brother or other relative of the 
deceasci^l husband, which consists 
in having a single sheet spread 
over the contracting parties by 
the ofliciating jranthi. 
'3'1-cft chan,di, s.f. Silver. 
^ =^^T cha,de,na, v. a. To give, 

to take up and give. 
^rjT?: clui,nan, *. m. Light. 
^3irt«SNi cha,nani, 5. m. Moon- 
light, light, 
^rj^?^ chi,naui, s.f, Moonlight; 

an awning; a disease of horses. 

^rST chin,ni, \ s. m. The 

^rjTT ch^na, / scale of a fish. 

^fv chiinp, t.f. The lock of a 

gun; a gore in a garment, under 

the arm, shaped like an inverted 

flask; ^3TV ^^^^^j to cock a 


grtr^T chaj^,n:i, r. a. To 5quo<^zo 

and pre?-* tlie limb?, to sham[>oc. 
^rvfW chajiar, t. vi. A tlakcof 
mud drid and separated by the 
sun; a cover for a vessel made 
of mud, fjohor, &:c., and sundri- 
ed ; ( spoken especially of that of 
an earthen bin in which grain 'n 
ke|>t; ) a fat deformed person. 
^TV^^f57 c1i;iparchulUii, *. m. 
A cover fur a fire place; an unin- 
formed man, a fat and deformed 
^rv^ chi,pari, t.f. (dim. of 
^^^^.) A scale of dried mud, <S:c. 
^nvt cha,pf, s. f. Squeezing 
and pressing the limbs, shamfKH 
ing; c. w. "SW^. 
^rg cliab, s. f. Chewing; any thing 
to chew dry, (as parched grain. ) 
^r^ ch.i,bu, a. Pit to be chew- 
ed, (grain.) 
?3T 3T chin, bhin, s.f. The coa- 
fused noise of human voices, ic, 
as in a city in the day time; i. q. 

^TW chim, s. m. Leather; (not 
ordinarily usetl, except in com- 
position and in poetn,-;) i3'l>r "^ 
:STM, leather money, (once cur- 
rent ;) ^IW ^ ^TK g^^^^, to 
prafticc oppression. 

Ur^fg'fW? chamcharikk, s.f. A 

^ri{%il^M chamdabuddh, a. 
Having a good mind, capable of 
learning, iniclligcnt. 

^WfS cha,mal, j s.f. Inso- 

^TK^*^ chaimali, ) lence, auda- 
city, imj^rtineuce, rudeness. 

^l>ffi"^l cha,malna, r. n. To 
be insolent ; ^TiffewT ^t%>UT, 
insolent, audacious. ^Vlso ^Tj-fJ5 

^rcT chay, i. m. Desire, wish, 

pleasure, taste; i. q. ^TH. 
^TTF char, a. Pour. 

^T^^WTJVt chirdua,!!, /. f ^ 
wall on the fuur sides of any 
tliinj:, four walls. 

«id<M char,na, r. a. To feed 
to pasture, (cattle, horses, S:c.) 

^fjyi J charlak, 1 s. m. A 

grg-^T^ ch£rbig, ) Kashmiri 

shawl the groundwork of which 
is divided into four squares; the 
name of a place in AfjanhUin. 

•d'dyi-H chirl.aj, a. Active, en- 
terprizing, intelligent, prudent. 

^r^-gTrft chirbi ji, s. f. Activ- 
ity, intelligence, prudence. 

grgFrft churbhuji, a. Uavin" 
four arms, ( Vishnii.) 

^roTKW^ charmu.khi, a. Up. v. 
ing four faces, {Brahma.) 

^r?^T cl!ir,wa, s. m. A small 

^TUi cha,rC, s. m. Fodder for 

cattle; help, support, roKic«ly, 

power, ability. 

^r^, . 

^ , . s a. All four. 

^TT iha,ro, J 

^v^ ^ chi,ro or, ad. On all 
sides, on all fnur sides. 

^qT"^^ chi,roban,nen, cuJ. {U*. 
on all four boundaries. ) Ah'> 
gether, completely, entirely. 

giW chil, s.f. ^Movement, pace, 
step, gait; conduct, habit. 

^"Sf^'KT eli.i!,hi':t, s. m. TLo 
year '40; i. q. ^r;rc^>KT. 

^^ ^T^ chal, (Ihal, \ s.f. 

^T?5 ^T?5 chil, w;il, J Gait, 

motion; manners, behavior, breed- 
ing, puliteness. 

^r55T cha,hi, a. m. Going, move- 
ment, departure; conduct, habit; 
a man of diabolical disposition; 
^TH rTT^a, to so to viiit the 
shrine of some saint. 

^-^ cIkIjH, s.f. Conduct, hab- 
it; a woman of diabolical dis- 

'gT^ chi,li, a. Forty. 





grk, *. m. A £rocr; 

^k ^5 ^r^fr, to fliv; ^r?f 77 

^5CT, to put to flight : '^% ^TT 

^r^ T. to overcome. 
^r^^CT clii,laini, c. a. To take 

up, to take away, 
^r^ cluiw, t. m. The same as 

gi€; ^f^ ^T5<V, for the sake 

of pleasures. 
^ l ^ql fhi«-,tha, o. Quartan, 

(fever. ) 
^^^ clii.wnr, 1 *. »«• riioo 
gT^5? ohi.wal, ) separated 

from the husk; i. q. ^^Q 65- 
grs" chir, *. m. A woo<len in- 
strument use<l In- shoemakers for 

stretching a shoe that may be too 

\j l ^«S T, r. a. To cause 

to mount or ascend; to offer up; 

to set on, (as a vessel on the tire.) 
grg, s. tn. A riJer; 

one that raises a thing ; an ofterer 

of sacrifice, ie. 
•f%Tr3- cliist, s. m. A sect of 

Muhamma'lan faiprt. 
(%lf3^ cliis,ti, .«. ni. A man of 

the Oiht sect. 
f^gHf cliissi, a. Handsome, 

beautiful,, fine, 
fxj vj A chi.han, •j 

t%Tr?v ^v^" clii,han clink, kar, / 

*. in. A mark, a spot, a stain, a 

scar, a sit:)!, a symbol, a token by 

which any tiling is known, feature, 

frjvJ^JTkT chi,linrn:t, r. a. To 

join together two layers of leather 

with j>a5tc, as in making shoes. 
f%Tr ^^<M chi,lie cliarh,na, r. n. 

To W obstinate, to persist. 
1^3 V chik, t. f. A kind of screen 

or curtain made of split bamboos. 
Vr3UtiS\ chik,na, a. Oily, greasy, 

smooth; f%?5^ flr^, a kind of 

clay; fV^^t ^7^'>, a species of 

betel nut. Al'.o vjl c ^c^ t. 

fV^^T cliik,ni, r. n. To leak, 
fgir^rgft chikna,!, | *./. Oil, 
t%J:MvJ<r chikna.hat,/ fat, grease. 
fyi<A" chi,kan, *. m. Flowering 

on cloth or plaster, embroidery. 
f%n?7rr, a. Fat, oily, grea- 
sy; i. q. f\j j^c^I. 
f4^;A chik.knr, s. m.f. A sloth- 
ful, slovenly person. 
fV?^ chik, kar, | 

f^^^ "^TSU chik.kar eLab,bhar, j 

s. w«. Mud. 
f%l?^ chi.kari, $./. Thin mud; 

a kind of wood of which combs 

are made. 
fVsT chi|k:i, s.f. A bier, a fu- 
neral pile, a pyre. 
r^a?i6cNl chika,uua, r. a. To 

cause to cry out or shriek, to 

cause to wail; i. q. ^iTT^c^. 

Also to drop, ( any liqui'l. ) 
f^3T7^ chikkan, a. Thick, of a 

thick consistence; (spoken ofiiu- 

f^l?ljl chik:i,ra, s. m. A kind 

of fiddle; noise, uproar; a fawn. 
f%vn chi.kha, .*. /. A bier, a 

funeral pile, a pyre; i. q. t%?r. 
tiSJlt?Tif(r chinggy.i,r.i, s. in. A 

f^JTT chigjga, a. Fat and flat; 

( applied to the human face and 

body;) i. q. f^WT. * 
fBfirWT-^T ciiinggi:i,ri, s. m. ^ 
f^lilWT^'V chinggii.ri, *./. J 

A spark. 
fV^ifT chig,ghi, a. Fat and flat. 
■f^Ufrar chingghar, s.f. A scream, 

a screech. 
f^WTHT^T cliingghar,na, v. n. To 

scream, to screech. 
f^-dMT^^^T chichli,uua, t. n. To 

cry out, to scream, to shriek. 
f^f^J^ chich,ch:ir, s. m. A tick ; 

a man that is not easily shaken 

fVxfrf^ chich,ri, »./. A small 

tick; a woman who makes herself 

a fKSt by hanging on where she 

is nut welcome. 
f^^T^ chinyjari, ». /• The be- 
ginning of strife; f^rl^ s f}^', 

to Wgiu a quarrel. 
f^T chit, X. /. A strip of cloth, 

a rag, a scrap. 
fV^T? chi,tak, s.f. Dirtiness, 

f-di^ tTT^T chi.tak, ^ r. n. 
f%3;^r^T chi,takni, / To 

become dirty, ( the head. ) 
frJi^'i^T chit,kan:i, $. m. A spot, 

a sjKck, a blot ; ( used commonly 

in the plural. ) 
fVs'S^ chit,kani, *./. A bolt. 
f^^v'sA chitka,ri, s.f. Urging 

on cattle by the clicking noise 

made in drawing the tongue from 

the f«alate. 
f-^ZJ chitjti, m. \Miite, fair; a 

f^Z^ ''hit.ti* *•/• The female 

of the bird called hil or surlh; a 

sweetheart, ( in a bad sense. ) 
IVST chit.tha, s. m. An accouid, 

a memorandum of money paid ; 

wages, esfxx'ially of state servants; 

a long letter; fV^TT "S^TTf, to 

pay sen ants* wages, to pay a bill. 
fxJ3^ chit,thi, s.f. A letter, a 

f^f^ chiddli, s. m.f. A person 

of small stature, 
fd^^^rr chi,iiakna, v. n. To 

s(K>ak loud. 
f^cfiJI chi.nag, s. f. A spark; 

prickly heat; ardor urinaj; c. w. 

^e^, ^^ and HT3^\ 
fV^^^ chi.uagi, *. /. A kind 

of partridge; a spark; an active 

f^-^S" chiot, J »./. Laying 

fV^rft cliin,ti,/ bricks, mason- 
work, piling up any thing in an 

ordt-rly manner; plaiting cloth. 





fxi'iv Ai cliiti|ni, r. a. To nr- 
raii^n, to jiilc up, to lay, (hruk.s;) 
to ]>Wit, (clotli.) 
f^"*?!^ <liini,i, s./. Laying 
bricks, arranging, <S:c.; mode or 
manner of arrangin:r, tc. ; cotu- 
pcnsatlon for briok laying, ic. 

f^^iWZT cliiui|nt, s.f. Arrang- 
ing, piling, brick laying, jdaiting, 
&c.; mode or iiianiicr of plaiting, 
piling, (te. 

t%^f«f?^r clii;il,u:i:i, r. a. To 
cause to be plaited; to cause to 
be piled or built np. 

f%^t fdi-^ irST^r 1 r. a. To 
clii,ni chi,iii, I break 

i^3^ f%50- ^3" :^^r j in j-ie- 
cliijiii clii,ni kar do,ni. J cos. 

chi,a«olii,ni lio j:i|n;i, To be 

f%^t fvei> tr^r broken 

crii,ni clii.ui lio^ni, J to pie- 
ces, to go to piece*. 
f^F chitt, s. m. The mind, the 
heart, memory; a painting; fg^ 
aCJTn, to remember. 
1^3" chitt, a. Lying on the 

back with the face up. 
1^3" chitt, s.f. A cowrie worn 

on the back, so as to lie flat. 
f%?irg7T c!iitkab,r.i, a. Spot- 
ted, speckled. 
f^F^vT chitt, n.i, v.a. To apply co- 
lors, (tea wall, c^c; ) to ornament 
with picture?, to work figures 
( in metals, &e. ) 
iwST: chitann, a. Iwational, rea- 
sonable, In possession of the sen- 
ses, cautiou3, wide awake, aware; 
1. q. ^37*. 
t%3'Jf^T chi,t3mn.\, r. a. To 
remember, to consiiler, to think 
of, to cogitate, to determine. 
f%37^T clii,tamn;i or chit,man.i, ) 
f%3}-r^ ohi,tamni or cl)it|marif, ' 
t. f. Consideration, thought, 

fV5W3T?5^ chittinat.-i,U or chit- 
taiiiti,!i, a. Tainted or stained 
with divers colons variegated, 
many colored; spotted. 

t\J37Tg" chittarkir, s.m. A paint- 
er of pictures, an engra\er, one 
who docs ornamental carving in 

tV^"?!^ chittark:ir, a. Ornament- 
ed with painted figures, ( as a 
wall. ) 

f^^^f^ chlttarka.rf, s.f. PIo- 
ture painting, ornamental carving, 

f^'J^TTT fhlt.tarna, v. a. To 
paint pictures, to work figures in 
I metals, «S;e. 

iliS^T;^ chi,tarni, j s.f. Tlie 
txJ'5*^'^ cliitar,ni, j second of 
four classes into whicli the Hin- 
dus divide women, according to 
their cliaracteristlcs of beauty. 
f%??5r chit, hi, a. Speckled, spot- 
fVs^^"^ chit,wain', s.f. Con- 
sideration, thought, cogitation; 
i. q. t%5K^; c. w. T^^t 
1^33"^ chi,tar, ) s. m. The but- 
ftf?^ chit.tar, -J tock. 
f%3'^"^>HT ehit,ri;ig, s. /. 2'1 Tlio 

buttocks of a child. 
f\J3'f chlt|ti, s. m. A kind of 
medicine, a species of charditd; a 
fV?i€?^T chit;i,un;i, ) r. a. To 
Rr5'i^??>T cliitar,na, J remind, 
to make known, to warn, to ap- 
prise, to advise. 
t\/5^ chit,ti, s.f. A small cow- 
rie, tiie back of which lias been 
bruken or worn, so that it will 
lie with the face up, (used in 
play ;) a spot. 
f%^TT chitejra, s. m. A j)Ic- 
ture painter, an engraver, one 
•who works figures on metals^ &c.; 
i. q. ^S"!. 

HJ^e^T chitth.n'i, p. a. To 

crush, to grind, to chew. 
t%^T^^r chith.I,iini, r. a. To 
cau^e to be crushed, ground, kc. 
flf^r chid.di, s. m. A lac ball 

witli which children jiiav. 
f^TtVcr chindh, mindh, j ^ 

T\J<^ UiJS chiniili, miiHih, / P^uq 
togetiier, confu^c-l, obscure, not 
clear ; c. w. V^TiX. 
f^TTB-T chin.ti, s.f. Thought, 
reflection, solicitude, anxictv 
concern ; i. q. f^^r. 
f%7^T3- chinar, s.f. The name 
of a tree, the wood of which is 
higlily esteemed, and used for 
gun stocks, 
fV7>T3^ ciiiii;i,ri, a. Made of 

china r ; of a chhuir color. 
f%y clii[>, s.f. Obstinacy, in- 
sisting, vexation, teazipcr. abn-h- 
nient, imitation; f%V ^f^lQ'jt 
and -c? cVt, to make obstinate, t<j 
teaze ; f%'-r ^TT^t, to be obstin- 
ate, to feel olxtinate. 
f^W^ chi,pak, f. /. Sticking, 

f%M'7'?CT chi,pakrii, r. n. To 

stick, to adhere. 
t%'-n7"r^^ chipkijUni, v. a. To 
cause to adhere, to make to 
f%Vl^'-r chip|Chip, ^. m. Adhe- 
sion, coherence; c. w. tli\i and 

f%vf^3VT3' chipchipat, s. nx. 

Adhesiveness, glutlnousness. 
fg'Mitfvl chi.pattia, r. n. To 

stick, to adhere, to be united, to 

be joined. 
t%W^T chlp,ni, V. n. To be 

abashed, to be vexed, to be irri- 
f^vr^T --hippina, v.a. To join, 

to piece; to stamp cloth. 
f^M"^ chlppiDii, r. «. To stick 






f%vr37 cliipji. ft- H-ivinpr the 
eves fillc-il witli matter, blear- 
{^\^^ chipju, m. A blearoye<l 
man, a man wliusc eyes arc clog- 
ged with matter; (i^j>okcn con- 
temptuously. ) 
f%VT^^T cliii)i.iini, r. a. To 

vex, to irritate, to toazc. 
f^\^, s.f. An oval sha- 
ped dijh, uiually made of wood, 
used h\ fa-jirs. 
fgxt^ chip^r, s.f. A slap, a 

blow with the hand. 
^^ chihb, s. m. A bruise, an 
indentation, ( in a metallic ves- 
fdy^TTT chirn.banu, t. n. To 
adhere to, to hang on, to cleave 
to, to stick to; to o'iiulate. Abo 

f^g^T^^T ehiml)ri,uni, r. a. 

T'j cau-H' to ?tick to, i:e. 
fV^r chil',l>i, a. Indented, 

bruised, (a metallic vessel.) 
f^'3'^ chib.bliar, .». m. A small 

wild fruit growing on a vino ; a 

deformed person. 
f%Jf3T c]ii'ii,t;i, s. m. Tongs. 
f%^ra"3^7>r ehiin,l>arni, r. n. To 

eliiiib up, to stick to, Lc; i. ([. 

t%WgWf^=5r chiml>ri,uni, r. a. 

To eauio to adln-re, Lc. 
f^^r^TTT eliim,;iiani t, r. «. Tu 

adhere, to stick to, Lc; i. (j. t%>r- 

fWiT^TiT eliiiner,n:i, v. a. To cause 
to adiiere, kc. Also ^Jf^TfT. 

f%er chir, *. m. Sj-ace of time, a 
long time ; f^g- ^t^^tt, to delay, 
to spend along time; f^ WJT^CT, 
to be spent, (a long time. ) 

T^T? chi,rak, t.f. Excrement 
voided in small fpiuntitie*, mucus, 

%T?^a chi,rakni, r. n. To void 

by stool very little at a time; to 
make a creaking noise as an old 

f^JaTTM chirk il, s. m. A long 

f%"ar;^T cliir,ni, r. ti. To bo slit, 

to be torn, to be rent, to be saw- 
■RfJ^I^ chirwa,!, s.f. Sawing, 

tearing, cutting; compensation for 

sawing, tearing, slitting, &;e. 
fS'^^^r^^T chirw;'.,un:i, r. a. To 

cause to be slit or rent, to cause 

to bo sawed, (boards, &c.) 
f^a^T'^ chira,i, s.f. The price 

of splitting, of sawing timber, 

f%?T«^r chini,uii;i, r. a. To 

cause to be slit or rent, to cause 

to be sawed, (timber.) 
fg?i5T chini.ka, | a. Of 

1% J i/c^l chirok,na, J old time, 

of long duration, reiiuiring a long 

tV^'TT^ chiraunyji, s.f. A kind 

of meilicine. 
fV?5 chil, s. f. A largo flat 

f%75^ chi|lak, x.f. Shining, 

brightness, glitter, polish. 
RfJ^iT^I chijlakna, r. n. To 

shine, to glitter. 
fV^'STT^^r chilka,un;i, v. a. To 

cause to shine, to polish. 
fV^J^lTT chilk.i,ra, s. m. Bright- 
ness, glitter, puli-h. 
fs^-fi Hi. A kind of 

2^'i)iak shahi rupee; ( of a purer 

metal than the original I^'dnak 

shahi rupee. ) 
njt5?"^<^r chilkor,na, r. jj. To 

shine, to rise, (the sun.) 
f%f5dl "HI chilgoJ;i, s. m. A kind 

of fruit, usi'd medicinally and 

considered strengthening. 
fVw^r chi.lam, s.f. The bowl 

of a i>ipe; a pipeful of tobacco; 

j the large earthen stand of a cer- 
tain kind of hwj'jd. 

f%TrKxft chi.lamchf, /./. A 
brass basin used for wasiiing the 
hamls and face. 

fVj5T chi,hi, /. tn. A period 
of forty days obsorvetl for certain 
religious purposes by !Musalm5ns; 
forty days after child birth ; fVfSf 
i/dAI, fx}% ^^ or %S?vT, to 
sjx'nd forty days in fasting, read- 
ing some verses of the Quran, 
&c., in some private room or place, 
and sometimes in an unfrequent- 
ed forest; fv^r "^J^^T, io ap- 
f>oint a period of forty days for 
a religious observance; i. <[. 

f\j7^ chi]|U, s. VI. The string 
of a bow; f^i5T "iJ^l^^T, to 
draw a bow. 

f^r?5t chil,li, <f. /. A pony or mule 
load of grass, &c. 

f\d« ^"^ ?3'7rr chi,lun chi.lun 
kar,ni, r. n. To throl>; to bo 
noisy, to chatter without inter- 
mission, as chickens in the ab- 
sence of the hen. 

■Rj^ chiP; s.f. Vexation; a hang- 

frT^ 1%^ ■^^TTI chir, oliir, kar,ni, ) 

fVw1%^T^?^T chirchiri.una, / 

r. n. To prate, to chatter ; to sput- 
ter, (meat in roasting.) 

t%'3't%'3T^ chircliirat, s. m. Pra- 
t'ng, chattering; the sound of 
wood burning. 

f%^7rr cliir,n:i, r. n. To be teaz- 
cd, to be vexed. 

f%^Wa^^" chirmarat, s. m. A 
smarting pain, acrimony, smart- 

fV^tK^T^^T chlrniira,und, r. h. 
To smart. 

fkr^^J cliir,w.i, s. m. A prepa- 
ration of rice; viz. rice soaked, 
parched, and beaten in a mortar; 


■^ty Q J I i I 



' V spark. 

( the word is commonly use<l in 
the jilural.) 
f%r37 chi.ra, *. m. A male 


fxJrfl^^ ch!ri,iini, r. a. To 
tcaze, to vex. 

fVfkWvJA" chiriahn, 1 #. /. The 

f%f%»wrq cliiriuKlh, .J snicll 

of burnt leather, of an extin- 
guished lamp, of stinkiiifj oil, 

f^fH chi.n, s.f. A female spar- 

f%^HT3r chlnmar, t. m. A 
sparrow catcher, a bird catcher. 


f^fkfsPKrsf^ chiringgii.ri 

fyfj^afl' chiring,gi, 

^TMT ^^T chi,an bo,rI, j a, Un- 

^wt ^^ clun,ar_i bo,ra,j even, 
(as thread;) ill shaped, imper- 

^^ ^V^ yg<»;i chi,un chf,un 
kar,ni, r. n. To peep as a young 
chick or bird, 

y^W chis, *.y. Throbbing of a 
sore, a sharp pain; c. vr. ^^^, 
vT^, VT?^ and VT37?t. 

^^TM chilli or chi,hal, s.f. The 
name of a bird of prey, a kite; 
the pine tree, pine wood. 

^ vj^ chihr, or chi,har, *. /. 
Gluten, gumminess, clamminos«, 
stickiness; closeness, churlishness, 
sordidncss, avariciousness; the 
pine tree. 

g^TT^-T chih,ra, m. ) Glutin- 

jglTJfj'Y chih.ri, /. J ous, gum- 
my, tenacious, avariciou?; a mi- 

r3\yj\ '^Z chi,ha batt., s. m. Cry- 
ing, weeping, lamentation; e. w. 

^f^ chik, s.f. A scream, a yhriek, 
a cry; c. w. V^ and JIT^TT^. 

^^ fy'vJi^T ohik chih^ifi, /. m. I 
Weeping, crying. 

rf^:Jr^l, r. n. To cry 
out, to scream, to wail; i. q. 

^'{^i^^r chika,una, r. a. To 

cause to cry and wail, to cause to 

scream; i. cj. HJ^T^^T, 
xi^e/c^ T chi,kuna, a. Oily, greasy; 

g>tr chikh, t. /. A shriek, a 

scream, wailing; c. w. vcM and 

^yf^J chikh, ni, r. n. To scream, 

to shriek, to wail ; i. q. ^aTc^T. 
rJ^yft chi.khS, w. j Thin and 
xft\r^ chl.khi, /. / loan; shrill, 

having a shrill voice; a person 

with a shrill voice, 
^uj chigh, *./. A mark made 

on the llesh by a tightly boujid 

cord; c. w. m" flTgft. 
y^gr chi|Ciili, s. in. A woman's 

breast; vulva. 
^Itft chi,chi, s. /. The little 

finger, tlie little toe. 
^ ^ a/d AT chin, chin, kar,n;i, 

r. n. To scream, to squeal, to 

screech, to make a sluill noise; to 

kill by degrees, 
^rf oliij, s.f. A thing, 
^"t^ -Q-PS fhfj, bast, ^ s f. 
g'trT ^TTT tliij, bas.tu, ( Things, 
^^ ^TTT chij, was,tu, ^ chattels, 

5g>^ chi,jo, s.f. A thing; (used 

only in speaking to children.) 
g^ ehincl, s.f. The quantity 

of water, or other liquid, drunk 

without taking breath, the act 

of drinking that quantity. 
5^^ chin, s.f. A plait, a fold 

in a garment. 
^^ chi,na, t. trt. A kind of 

yl^I chi.ta, s. m. Urine; a leop- 

ar<l ; ^"37 ^^T^<?rT, '^wr'^^r^, 

S'^r^^rr and f3T=[T^^T, to pass 

^"^g^STTT chi.thaina, v. a To tread 
und'T foot, to trample down, to 
bruise, to crush. 

^tg^ chith.ra, *. m. A rag, a 
tattered garment. 

^TTr, a. A light cheat- 
nut sorrel; (applied to horses and 

\j1<0 chi,ni, t. f. Sugar; porce- 
lain, crockery ware. 

^"t<vt chi,ijr, a. Pertaining to 

g^y cliip, i.f. Glue, gluten, any 
viscous substance, a<li.csivcness 
or viscosity; a mixture of oil with 
the juice of har or thohar, used 
for catching birds. 

g^ Vf¥ chi'o, pin, s.f. The queru- 
lous notes of a bird that has been 
caught; [met.) coniplairit, discon- 
tent; xjt' M^ a?^?^, to complain, 
to be dissatisfied, to make excu- 
ses, to refuse assent. 

^Vf5T ch', a. Sticky, glu- 
tinous, viscous. 

^"tV^ chijiar, t. tn. A glutin- 
ous or adhesive substance, a haug- 
cr on; a miser. 

^Vg- chir, f. m.f. A siit, a rent; 
a sharp pain. 

^"ST; chi.ran, *. /. A handful, 
(of vegetables.) 

VtyAi ch.'r,na, t. a. To rend, 
to rip up, to slit, to split, to 
divide longitudinally with a saw, 
&c. ; to lance, (a swelling.) 

5^7ft, *./. A handful, 
(of vegetables;) a division, (of 

U^g- VT^ chir, par, s.f. Splitting 
and tearing. Also "^J '^^'S- 

^'^g- chi.ra, t. m. A turban of 
variegated colors; a rent, a rip, 
a cut, a slit; ^3T ^e^a, to open 
by lancing, ( a boil or otlier swell- 
^"^g-T^ chiri.i, s.f Compensation 





for savin? Imnnls lancing Inn]", 

ice. ; i. q. tV^T^. 

^3> tlii.ri, s./. A letter, nn C'l-istlo. 

:^ rlii,ri1, s. «». A skoiii of 

tliroad; one ulio rends, tcara, 

or saws. 

gte fliil, J *. /. Tho pine 

xf^J5 ell nil, j tree, j.ino wood; 

a kite; i. <i. xf^TI??. 
^Vg ohirli, 5./. Cllutinousno>>, 
adl!C*iv;.'ness; tli? pine tree, )>iiie 
wood ; close!iOis, cliurlislmess; i. q. 

^l;-^r c-liir|ii:i, m. ^ Gummy, 
xft^ c-In'r,hi, /. ) gliitiiioiis, 

tenacious; a luisor. 
^W'^E^ cliiii,!, J./. Comi)on«a- 
tion fur milking'; tlic ■waces for 
drupiiing, drippiii^r or diitillin^'; 
tlio wages of a porter. 
^WT^^T cliui.unt, V. a. To 
cause to drop or drip; to distil; 
to draw off; to niillc;to cause to 
raiso or lift a burden, to lielp one 
to rft a load. 
^sTHTFt clu!:i,ti, s.f. (dim. of ^.) 
A splinter or small i>tirk liurnt at 
one end, a brand, (whether ))urn- 
ing or extinguished;) ^JKT"^ 
?^"^^'^, to ici'nite; i. q. ^3~^T3). 
^niT-^^t chu:i,ri, s. /. A pole, 
a baml>oo used for raising,' a load 
to be deposited on tho back of a 
beast of burden; a pole or bam- 
boo used for sailing a boat, a set- 
ting pole; e. w. ?5T^pft. 
^Jn^si^ chus,kari, s.f. A sij., 
^J^^W^nn chusjkaru, s. rn. A 

jil'f'CT, one who sips. 
'g'TTS" claist, a. Active, fleet, 

vigorous; ingenious; tight. 
^TTHt chus.ti, s.f. Vigor, activ- 
ity; ingenuity; tightness. 
^TTTfT chn>,mi, t. ni. A fountain; 

'• q- \iTmT. 
"^Wi^ chusi,i, J. /. Jji.eking, 
(fruit, i:c.) 

^W^^T rhu>i,nrii, r. a. To 

cau>e to suek, ( fruit, &.c.) 
^JTI? chu-*.ik, f. vu A sucker. 
^TJ^^J chuh|kaiii, v. n. To 

chirp, to peep, (as a chick or 

young bird.) 
^BTJ "^TJ ^zf7i\ chuh, chuh, kar,n;t, 

V. ?i. To be of a deep red; to 

chirp, to peep, (as a chick or 

j-oung bird. ) 
^TJi3"UTw"5vT cliuhchuli;i|UU.i, v.n. 

To chirp, to peep, to sing, to 

WkI'ST cliuhat,l;'i, s. u. A mar- 
ket square, a market where four 

roads meet. 
^vJ5 chuhat|tar, a. Seventy four. 
^vT^ETT chuharh^t.i, y. m. A well 

with four Persian wheels in it. 
y vjTTTHT eliuh:i-i,m;l, a. Having 

four stories (a house,) pertaining 

to the fourth story. 
i3vjl"5?r chuhliii ^f. ;/}. A caste of 

^TTT^t chuh i,nf, f. y. A kind 
of liqiii.r mi.\<-d with certain s]>i- 
cesj, drunk by women after child- 
birth; i. q. g-^xr^t. 
^■U^ chiijiub, s. f. A wound 
)nado by jiiereing, a perforation. 
'^■^^T chU|hubiKi, X. a. To 
pierce, to ].erforato; i. q. ^^^T. 
^TT?5 ehu,hul, s. vi. Laughing, 
merriment, jollity, fe.-ti\)ty, ioy. 
mirth, cheer; ridicule; c. m". STU"- 
^T]^.^ chu,hulan, /. jl Mvrry, 
^'H'y-J^ cliii|huli, in. 3 * jov- 
ou?; one who laughs or ridieuks. 
^TTff chu,hur, a. Very sour. 
^7 chukk, s. /. An ermr, a 
mistake, a miss; c. w. ^^'t; a 
crook in thd back, a stoop; a 
strain in the inins; c. w. V^. 
V^W^ eh.d..ri,i, ,. /. Wr,ri. 
ness, attention, circumspection, 
watchfulness, alertness, caution. 

'^"731 chukk, n I, r. a. To raise, 
to lit't up, to take up; toliui'^h; 
^ vT tTT^, to be lifted up. 
^iT^T tliukk,n:i, V. n. To miss, 
to I'orgit, to err; to slip or es- 
cape, ( from the memory ;) to bo 
adjii-ted, (the j^rieo of u thing;) to 
bo fini-hed. Also^l? rll^T. 
^IT^r-ef^ chukw;i,i, s. f. The 
price of rai>ing or lifting a thing; 
nii>ing, lit'ting up. 
'B^^IH^T eliukw:i,uti;i, V. a. To 
cause to be lifted; to cause to be 
a<ljusted, (the ]>rico of a thing.) 
^3"T chukjka, s.m. A kind of vege- 
table used as greens; i. q. ^aJT. 
^■JT-^ chuk;i,i, s.f. The price 

of raising a thing; raising. 
^71'^ ^vT chuk;i|Uivi, v. a. To 
cause to be raise*!; to make an 
end of, to kill; to pay; to settle, to 
decide, (a cause,) to adjust, (the 
price of a thing. ) 
^375 chukatli, s. f. The frame 
of any thing, consisting' of four 
pieces c>f timber, as of a door, a 
bedstead; (met.) tho bodily frame 
of a man, horse, &e.) 
^T^TZl ehuka,tlKi, s. vu The 
small of the back, the loins, (of a 
man, horse, &.c.) 
iJi^i^T chukaiWa, s. vx. The rent 
of a village or district, the price 
airreevl upon for any thing, fixed 
^^^T e]iukn,T_i:i, a. Quadrangular. 
■^^Tift chukau,ti, s. f. Tho sum 
agreed ujion as tho price of a 
thing. " 

^u* chukkh, s. f. A small piece of 
gohl, silver, copper, or otlur metal, 
^'srr^ ehukh;i,i', 5. /. I'urity, 
gooflne>s, genuineness, excellence; 
i. q. ^VT^'V. 
^^ t^^ chuk,kho bin,de, aJ. 
]'\ery .Miomcnt, constantly, incog-, 





"^^{yTt chukliilny.ji, a. Quad- 
ra [igiilar; i. fj. ^VtTT. 
^3T rliungg, *./. A small por- 
tion of any thiriir; a sanijilo; a 
company of men ; the part of a 
grist taken by the miller, kc. 
g^Tc^r cliu2r,iii, r. a. To pock, 
to pick up fu<jd with the Leak; to 
plait, ( cloth ; ) to cat, to graze; 
to select, to choose; to pick, 
(as cotton;) to rifle, to strip, (as a 
thief;) to pluck or pull out, (liair.) 
Also ^?r ^^T. 
yJI« dill, gal, s. VI. A backbiter, 

a telltale; a screechowl. 
^3T25^^ chugalkhcT, s. vi. A 

backbiter, a tattler. 
^i^dlWVTt chugalkho,ri, ^ s. f. 
^rarw^ chugili, ) Back- 

biting, tattling; ^TR^ Wl^^, to 
backbite, to tattle. 
^5r?5^V3" chuglikhor, s. m. A 

backbiter, a telltale. 
g^^TM^vg^ chuglikho,n', s./. Tat- 
tling, backbiting, 
^^r^^t chugwa,!, s. J. Com- 
pensation for pasturing cattle, or 
for feeding birds; compensation 
for culling, plucking out, picking 
up or pulling out any thing, (es- 
pecially hair.) 
y<Jl<c I'^OT chugwa,uni, r. a. To 
cause to be pxstureU ; to cause to 
bo picked up, (food l)y birds;) to 
cause to be plucked or pulled out, 
(as Jiair;) to cause to be selected 
or chosen; to cause to be picked, 
(as cotton;) to cause to be rifled or 
strii)ped, (as by thieves.) 
•g^^*^ chuga,i, s. f. Compen- 
sation for pasturing, feeding &c. 
See ^3IcM. 
^TIT'^^n' chuga,un6, r. a. To 
pasture, (cattle;) to feed, (birds;) 
to cause to be selected or chosen; 
to cause to bo picked, ( as cot- 
ton. ) 

^^TT^ chugan, g. m. An open plain. 
'gTTTTft chugi,ni, a. riaitc<l, 

(a huq<i{i stem. ) 
g*?T3'^ chugird, aJ. prep. Round 

alout, on the four sides. 
^ift, ^<r. f. A tax lov- 
ic-d on merchants by wcighmcu, 
being a handful of whatever is 
weighed, the handful of grain from 
a horse's feed taken by the sa'is, 
a small ])ortion of any thing. 
^W^vT chung,ghatia, r. a. To 

suck, (milk from the breast.) 
^W^T chugha,ri, s. m. A lio'ise 
with rooms, on the four sides of ;in 
open court ; a kind of cardamom 
with -four divisions. 
^vif(S:5 cluig,, a. Reamed 
out so as to be too light, (a rupee 
or other coin. ) 
^W~eft chuijggh:i,i, s. f. The 

wages of a wot nurse. 
^WTo^r chungghijUiKi, v. a. To 

^■^T chuch,el!;i, a. Elcareycd, 

sore, (the eyes. ) 
ig\jt chuch,chi, s. f. A woman's 

breast ; (properly ^l/t. ) 
Vg-dJ chueh,chur, a. Heavy and 

strong, robust, coarse. 
^tT chunyj, j. f. The bill or 
beak of a bird; any thing bill 
shaped; ^rf %"^^'^, 3^7f^ or 
HT^TiY, io peck. 
^^ZW^ chut, kali, s. m. A charm, 
an amulet ; a marvellous, incredible 
saying; any wonderful medicine; 
jtjeasantry, wit, humor. 
^ZTaTT chut,k.i, s. m. A large hand- 
ful, as much as can bo taken 
up with the hand and fingers 
extended ; ^ii<l 3^, a full hand- 
^Zlft, s. f. A small 
handful, as much as may bo ta- 
ken up with the thumb and fing- 
ers; a pineh of any thing, as 

I much as m.iy bo taken np with a 
I thumb and finger; a snap of the 
fingers; a pendant s>taetiu;es at- 
I taehed to a nose rirj; ^■i,S\ ■grTT- 
1 €5^"^, to snap the nr-g-n; ^^yt 

3^, a full handful. 
I ^Z"f5T chut, la, t. CI. A lock of 
hair hanging from the top of the 
head, a cue or l-^k of Lair worn 
^^ chui]>], *. /. Vulva. 
^F^T chund,ni, r. a. To Lit 
a mark with a _c»''-? or gun, or 
with cowries, «to. ; (c;rf.) to obtain 
an object without lal>or. 
^'Ji'^^I chun li.uai, r. a. To 

cause to be hit, (a niark. ) 
^^ chud,«lu, s. vi. {lit. of or 
belonging to c\uij.) A term of 
abuse or reproach, applied par- 
tieularly to a n^an who winks at 
immoralities on the of his 
wife. Al>o ^^. 
g^ ehud <lo, f. f. A whore; 

(a term of abu.M;-: '? i. <j. ■^^. 
^^3^ chunt, s.f. PIj.icing clothes; 

^^3't chua,tf, f. f. Plaiting; 

piling up; seKx-tiou. 
5^7rr chun,ni, r. a. To plait, 
(clothes;) to build up in layers, 
(as a mason;) to soloet, to choose; 
to pick, (as cotton;) to put in or- 
^^^f, a. Selected, 

Select, excellent. 
^^rr^Y chun;i,i, S.f. Plaiting; 
the price of plaiting, selecting, 
picking, &c. 
g^i^J" chunA,ut, s. f. Plait- 
ing clothes; the work of a brick- 
layer, piling up. 
V^T"^^^ chuna.uni, r. a. To 
cause to be ]>]a:teU; to cause to 
be built or pih-^1 up; to cause to 
be sejccted ; to cause to bo picked. 
5^3- chutt, *./. Vulva. 





x^^^ cliii.tar, t. vu Tlio buttock, 
^^t diu,tari'. s. f. (dim. of 

diutar.) A small buttock, the 

luittock of a cJiiM. 
g^-^trnr cliu,tarii, *. m. A 

man with huge buttocks, 
^igr cliutir, *. m. Four 

to'^ctlicr; cloth woven with four 

threads toorether; music having 

four boat-5 in a measure, sung to 

the stvlc of poetry called hahltt. 
g^rgr chut:i,ri, a. Of four 

threads, (doth;) belonging to ij-.c 

kind of tune called chutar. 
^?- chut.tu, s. m. A torm of 

reproach ; i. q. ^X- 
^5" chut, to, s.f. A whore. 
Sj m v f ^ chutlia,i, s.f. A fourth 

part, a quarter. 
^^7?5 chudak,kal, ^ *. m.f. 
5^3"^ chudak,kar, / A person 

given to venery. a lustful I'crson. 
g^ot cliuila,r!, s.f. A house 

wi-.h four doors, one on each side; 



^^"^.W- c]iudway,y:t, t. m. A 

man given to venorj', a liblJin- 

ous person. 
^^^T^t ciiudwa,!, s. f. The 

[.rice of prostitution. 
^^^^^5^1 cl.ud«-:i,unl, r. a. To 

cause to copulate; also i. q. =5-ei- 

§^T£r^ cliudi,!, s.f. The price 

of prostitution. 
^^T^^T chudijUtia, r. a. To 

aot the rake, to act lewdly. 
^r^T^, X. tTi. -J Cop- 
^=?TjTT chudijsl, t. m. [^ ula- 
'g'^errfT chudi.sf, *./. ) tion, 

^^rg- chudik, > m. f. 

?=^T^?5 chudl.kal, \ A person 
^<'i/;f chuda,kar, 3 given to 

vonory; lilfidinous. 
^"^•^ chudand, a Angry, roady 

to quarrel or fight; c. w tr^rr. 

^Ma/ chun|dhak, s.f. Starting; 

c. w. yiar^ and ?5r€c^^. 
^'TTit"^?^ chudliri.iri, s. f. The 

wife of a chaudhari, q. v. 
=^?TtVj .cliudlira,it, ^ s. f. 

^^H'TY^ chudhni.i, J The of- 

Sre and work of a chaudhari, 
'atrar^ cliudhr.i,ni, s. f. The 

wife of a chaudh'iri. 
^BfS chudhrat, s.f. ^ 

yydHT chudhrainiini'i, s. ni. / 

The business of a duudhau. 
^JST ^ chunn,ha, a. Elearoycd, 
^^T > having weak eyes, blink- 
^<%«jl ^ ing, seeing with the eyes 

half clo5c<l, dimsighted. 
"ti<Sd'^ chun,ri, s.f. A kind of 

red vail worn by woaicn. 
^77t J chun,ni, s.f. A child's 
^77^ / vail or shawl, a small vail. 
gM" chupp, s. f. Silence; ^V 

^r^TTT, to be still. 
^V chupp, a. Silent; #4" 3'fb'evr, 

to be or remain silent. 
^V chupp, jn/<?r. Hush ! 
gv'Td'^^^r chuppkari,ti, j a. Si- 
gyifl?! chupki,ti, J lent; 

perverse, refractory, restive, cross, 

obstinate, port. 
^V -a^c^ chupp, clian, 
^y ^JTU chupp, chap, 
gvr ^yr?T chupp, chupa^ta, 
^^ gvlsT chupp, chupi,ta, 

<i. ad. Silent; silently. 
^VZT cliupatt, ad. Suddenly; 

violently; gy^ rm f7S'?S57>r, 

to arrive suddenly. 
^MZ" chupntt, a. Lying flat; 

fallen on the l)ack; gV3" W37iT, 

to throw down violently on the 

back; to destroy. 
g'-f3^ chupat.ta, a. Having four 

leaves springing from the same 

point, four leaved, (a j)lant.) 
^rvr^iTJ^ chupra.i, s.f. Smear- 
ing, anointing; compensation for 

the same. 

^V^r^^T chuifiiUna, r. a. To 
cause to bo .smeared with oil or 
ghi, to cause to bo anointed. 

^VlfV'HT chupa,ii, s. m. A 

^VT^ chupa,i, s. f. A verse 
consisting of four feet; sucking, 
(sugar cane, mangoes, &c. ;) i. q. 

gUT^^T chupa,uii!i, t. a. To 

cause to suck, ( sugar cane, &c. ) 

i3M'T7 chupak, s. m. The peel 

of sugar cane which is sucked ; one 

who sucks sugar cane. 

^■^ffS chupha!, a. Having four 
corners, (as a brick;) iJ^IfS tTT 
V^T, to fall with the hands ex- 

^?^ chuiihe,re, ad. On all sides; 
i. q. ^^3^. 

^"g^T chubacli,cha, s. m. A 
small reservoir of mason work, 
commonly adjacent to a well. 
Also -f^^T. 

^■gtarT chub;'i,ri(, s. m. An upper 
story of a house with a flat roof. 

WB^ chu.bliak, s.f. i A pier- 

g^'^r Lhubli,k:i, s. m. / cing 

pain, a sudden pang. 

iJFaft chubli|ki, s. f. Immersion, 
a dip; a piercing pain; n kind of 
arabesque or ornamental work of 
goldsmiths, jewellers, bookbind- 
ers, Siv. 

^^c5T chubh,ni, r. n. To be 

stuck or thrust into, to pierce, to 

be pricked, pierced, goaded, or 


^;§'r^ chubha,!, s.f. Piercing, 

^^r^^r chubh;i,una, r. a. ( caus. 
of ^^^T, ) To pierce, to prick, 
to perforate, to puncture. 
^'3^ chub,blif, *. /. Immersion, 
a di[>, diving; c. w. KTJTft and 

•gK^f chumm,ni, r. a. To kiss. 





^Jf ) <'lnuii|Tiii, s. in. A 

9UT ^ kiss. 

^>fT<^5fr tliuii) i,iini, V. n. To 

cause to 1)0 kissed. 

gwrrrr iliuiin.s.'i, s. m. Tlic 

months included in tlie rainy 

sea-son, viz. Ildih, Satin, Jihddoti, 

and Assii; or from tlie middle of 

Juno to tlie middle of October; 

i. q. ^WJ^^. 

^KTvTT cluMDri li;i, ) g. m. Four 

gifTUT" flmmlJuiM, J months' 

pay; (properly ^HTTTr. ) 

^JfVcrr chiiimikh.y;;, ) a. Ifav- 

^KtfT chunnik,kha, / ing 

four nioutlis, faces, or sides; 

(spoken particularly of a lamp 

with fr)ur -wicks on opposite 

sides;) having four corners. 

girvfT chumuk,klKi, s. m. The 

name of a fort in the hills, 
'^a" chur, s. f. A firo phice made 
hy digging a hole in the ground; 
'3'^ ^^^Tt or UZ^, to make 
such a fire place; i. q. xlf^T!. 
^7JTF1 churas,ti, $. m. A place 
where two roads or streets cross 
each other. 
^3r cliurg, s. /. Chirping. 
^3^^^T ohur,iraii.i, r. ?i. To 
chirp, to sjx'ak as children do 
when beginning to talk. 
^^^^J chui-,cliur;i, s. m. A species 
of very small bird; a great talker. 
'3^'S' H^W cl!ii,rar nui,rar, a. 
"Withered, warped, bent, twisted. 
^T-@^T chur.ijun.i, v. a. To 
steal, to take away, to take captive. 
^dTT^^ chur;i,si, a. Eighty four; 
in Hindu mytludogA-, the 84, 00, 
000 (birvhs, to which sinful mor- 
tals arc doomed. ) 
^TlvTT cliur.i,li:i, $. m. Cross 
roads, the place wlierc two roads 
intersect each otlier. 
^T7i^ ohur;in,me, ) o. Nine- 
^??T^^ cliunin,win, i ty fuur. 

^?^ chnrancr-', *. in. TIm^ four 
limbs tied together; (a pnlimin- 
nry to th*.- cutting oil" of a goat's 
liead in .-acritice;) cutting otf the 
liead and t't.-et of an animal at one 
blow; cutting with such dex- 
terity as to prevent the escajtc of 
a bird that has been let go be- 
neath; c. w. ifj'^T and ^^r^TTT; 
also WiJ^ ■^ySvT, to injure one l>y 
^STtTT churanyj.i, a. Fifty four, 
^^r cludl,hi, s. m. A fireplace. 
jglr^^Tg- cliuliliir, Tlie 

owner of a fireplace, a baker. • 
^~^ chu!l,Iii, s.f. A small fireplace. 
=B7c:^?5 <lui,(lnd. s.f. 'J'he souiid 
proiluced by water drojijiiiig at 
intervals; (spoken of ob>truoted 
urine;) finttering, restlessness; 
^^^TJrKc^T chukliu]a,niu, r. n. 
To ihitter, to be restless, to be 
agitated, to spring nervously as 
one does when tickled. 
^?5^Kt ehul.chuli, s.f. Flutter- 
ing, restlessness, 
s???^??! chul.huli, 5, vi. A rest- 
less, nervous person, one whose 
whole frame is agitated. 
^r?5'g;?5T^'?:T cliull»uli,un;i, V. n. 
To tlucter, to be restless, «S:c, ; i. q. 

^^^'S=5T:^ chulbuIiL, f. m. Flut- 
tering, restlessness. 

'^■J^'^o'iWT ehureu,l::i. f. m. 
i. q. ^7;"^?5T. 

=B^T chu,Kl, 5.772. A handful; 
washing the mouth after eating, 
gargling; e. w. c^j «^T. 

^c?^ ihuli,!, s.f. A kind of 

^?5^ ehU|li, s.f. The hand so ar- 
ranged as to hold water ; a hand- 
ful ; Wt^ ^TFTrt, to gargle ; ^^^ 
Vt€^^ or VfT ■g'^^'t, to deilare a 
purpose of abitineuco from an)' 

thing, to avoid, to f r-ako, to re- 
sign; to d<vote or c-.'.;-<-crate- 
^'^ 3"^, a-i much a* a huiidful, 
a fidl rlmJi. 

g^ chur, t. f. Vulvr.. 

^^H ( churhaiiiin, g. ««. 

=B^TfH ^ Acting like a sweeper; 
foolish and shamefuJ conversation 
or conduct. 

^^T^ eluiri,!, i.f. ] 

j=L , . ^ I »> idtii. 

^^T^ clii!ru,u, s. m. J 

^^r€^T churl,uni, r. a. To 

=5^75 chur']-, s.f. \;a 
hog; a woman Avho h.o died in 
childbirth, or within twelve days ^ 
after parturition. 
^ chun, s.f. I'reaking wind; 
the peeping of young l>irds, chicks, 
^Wt chu,an, ^ s. in. A young 
^^HT chun,an, J melon, cucumber, 
pumpkin or other fiuit ot that 
^TT chus, t. m. Sucking. 
^IT^T <, r. a. To suck. 
^fTsO' cliusjii, s.f. A sucking 

!B7r?T chusji, s. m. Tiie hip, 
the runip, the frame work of the 
body; a skeleton: 'drTBT fTJc=55n", 
to be lean and weak; ^ITFT 
f7?3?f?5 THT^eCT, to be so thin 
that the bones all show. 
^Bvizft chuh.ti, s.f. ricking cot- 
ton to pieces with the lingers. 
^HT7 ehuhmir, s. ta. The 
name of a bird that preys on field 
mice; a mouse trap. 
^TT^r ehuh,ri, s. m. { The 

^fft' chiihji, s.f. J name of 
a very low caste, whose business 
is sweeping, «tc. 
^TJX chUjhi, s. ni. ) A rat, a 
iBTJ^ chu,h!, *. /. J mouse. 
^3> chu.handi, s.f. A pinch; 
i. q. 'B'^'t. 





^ clink, *./. Krror, MunJcr, 

mistake; i. q. ^^• 
^^a cliuk,nC, J *. VI. The 
gir?or iliuk,li, J lilp, the rump. 
g^T (•lii'i,ki, J. m. A kin-l of 

vegotaMo; i. q. =^171. 
gd|(^^, 5./. Any tliina: 
given to eliilJren to suck for a- 
^gr c!ii1|Cliii, s. m, A young 
one, an Infant; a ■woman's breast; 
(aii]>lical>le only Avlien unusually 
^gr cliun, clian, s. f. The souml 
niaile by children beginning to 
speak, the peeping of chickens; 
refusal, denial; c. w. y j st. 
^^ c!iu,clii, s. f. A young one, 

an infant; a woman's breast. 
'% % chun, clicn, *. m. The notes 
of a sparrow; any similar sound; 
c. w. ■snJ^T. 
BtT fhuji *• »«• A hawk under 
a year old, a hawk that has not yet 
^tIT .'■hiiji,. s. m. A young fowl 
or bird; a delicate, handsome man 
under t)ie age of twenty. 
^ chiind, i. f. Tearing ik-sh 
from bones with the teeth, prdl- 
ing to pieces, gnawing; sucking 
tlie breast without obtaining anv 
iiiilk; fleecing one who is poor 
■§5^' ehund,n.'i, r. a. To pull 
to pieces, to tear flesh from a 
bone with the teeth, to gnaw, to 
craunch bones, (as a dog;) to 
suck the breast w ithout obtaining 
any milk; to fleece dec who is 
J'oor already. 
^ cliiin,d.i, g,rn. A knot of hair 
on a person's head, hair braide.l 
on the top of tlie head ; tJio j.eak 
with wliich a turban is sonxtinies 
finished, (usually so worn in the 
I'anjub;) the comb of a cock. 

•J?jT^i^ chu;rli,uni, r. a. (cans, 
of ^^^T, ) To cause to bo pulled 
to iiiece<, Lq. 
^^ chuu.di, s. f. ( <lim. of 
^■^T- ) A small knot of hair on 
the head of a child, ic. 
^-f/t clnjn,(llii, s. J. rincliing, 
taking up the skin between the 
thumb and finger; =3'5l" "^TJT^ or 
^^^, to cut the ski:i stretclied 
with the finger and thumb. 
^3" chut, s.f. Vulva. 
^yCTT chut|y:i, s. m. A mean, spir- 
itless man, one who is inditleient 
to uncliastc conduct among the 
females of Ids family. 
^^ chu,thi, s.f. TliG pivot of a 
door hinge, the socket in which the 
pivot turns; also applied to both 
together; gg^ ^'Z^, to lift a 
door off its hinges. 
WT: chun, ;?. m. ^leal, bran; 

dust, fdings. 
^t; '3'7> chiin, bhun, s. m. Dran, 
any coarse remains from grinding 
wheat or other grain; [ynet.) jioor, 
coarse food. 
'?7>"f0' chn,nari, s.f. A kind of 
red vail worn by women; i. q. 
'rfAd^ ; a small rnby; i. q. ^Tft. 
^<M chu,ni, s. vi. Lime of a 

coarse quality. 
^rTfY chi1,ni, s.f. The dust and 
fragments of precious stones; the 
dust of bruised j.ulse. 
"^twiar^ chuniagund, s. in. 

A kind of gum. 
^<^?T^ chnnegachch, a. Ce- 
mented with lime. 
^V^T chup,ni. r. a. To suck, 

(sugar cane or fiuit.) 
•^Vi^e^T chup;i,una, r. a. To 
cau-e to l»e sucked, to cause to 
suck; i. q. ^XfT^^T. 
^ chur, *. m. I'ieccs, fragments; 
'^ tf^?a or ^ >TievT, tol>c bro- 
ken to pieces; to become tired. 

to Uo fagircd out; ^F v^TTT, :<> 
break to pieces. 

^?^ chu,mn, j /. m. A kini 

^^77 < hi'i,ran, / <.f tonic medi- 
cine given to promote digestion. 

^^T, v. a. To break 
into sm.'dl pieces, (bread,) t<> 
make the kind of f.^/^l called 
ch timid or ciiiiri. 

v^V^ chnr,iiia, s. m. A ui.»h 
consisting' of bread broken and 
mixcl up with ^hi and sugar. 

^r cliu.n'i, I t. r.i. 

^?T3^T chii,rabhu,ri, / Crumbs, 
I>lece-, fragments, lilitigs. 

w^t cliu,rf, *,/. A kind of fo'>J; 
i. q. =5B'WT; c. w. "ET^pft and ^r3- 

^?5 'hiil, s.f. The pivot part 

of a hinge, a tenon. 
^?5T cliu,]a, s. i;i. The hip l>one. 
=B^ ehur, ^ s. '.ii. A set of 

sg^ c! It',)- 1,1 bracelets exteiiding 

from the wrist up the forenrni. 
=g?fV elin,ri, s.f. A bracelet. 
^ elie, s. f. A sound used 

to call goats, 
^■^c^ cli':-,uji, s.f. A kind of 

silk cloth, 
^^TT^T che-,t;i, s. m.f. Enjoy- 
ment, pleasure; quarrel, contest; 

motion, exorcise, application, en- 

ileaM'r, sean-li; bodily functions. 
%1T^?»T ch'-,harnii, r. a. To join 

two pieces of leather with paste 

and hannnering;'i. q. f%vJ^7>T. 
%'^Tt che,«hak, s.f. Small j-kjx- 
0^ clie,che, *. /. A goat ; (sjr'jken 

by children only. ) 
^ ■i,zi che.iak, *. m. f. Love, 

taste, relish, fondness; c. w. 

^,T\f^ and ^Pi^%^, or M?I^ 

and -^A-%^. 
^TS' <het, s. in. The name of 

the first m'-nth In the civil y«'ar, 

betriniiing about the middiy of 



%f %■ -^UTTf 



■^"3"^^ clK't.ui, V. a. To rc- 
lufiuber, to tliiiik of, to reflect 
uj'Oii, to flclibcnito on, to dcter- 
iQiiK', to be aware- of. 

^^7 ciii'|tar, s. in. Tlio r.auic 
of the fir.Nt month in the civil year. 
Al,o called Chd. 

^3^ cho,ti, s. VI. IMemory, re- 
collection, inind, tliouL'lit, percep- 

^3^^ chetanii, a Intelligent, 
Jiaving understanding, rational, 
an are, cautious, acquainted; i. q. 

^Tj'cj;! chep,ni, r. a. To stick 

^~vf che,i>n, f. vi. The name of 
a very black bird remarkable for 
its power of imitating the sounds 
of other birds. It is called an 
nctor among birds. 
%^T che,ra, s. m. A disciple, a 

pupil: R servant, a slave. 
Q'o'Vi^ chcra.f, $./. Diaciple- 

shij'; scrvituilo, £:c. 

^T5T che,la, j s. m. 

%*?Fr \ifz^ chan,ti, J A 

diseij'lc, a pupil; a servant, a 


^■^T cho,\va, 5. m. A report, a 

^^ cher, s. /. Vexation, irri- 
tation; i. i[. W^- 
%"U"f5 "Srvrr5 chai,hal bai,hrd, s. /. 
Jollity, merriment, cheer, mirth, 
arausomcnt, entertainment; a col- 
lection of people, the splendor or 
beauty of any place caused by a 
collection of people. 
^'^H chainy,ch.d, a. Ficstless, 

fiCtive,. clever, playful, wanton. 
%^?5?T^^ chainyclialti.i, $. f. 
IiL'stk^sness, artivitv : v.antonneia. 
%^ c7?7»T cliain, chain, kar,na, v.ti. 
To prate,- to babble, to chatter, 
to cl.irp, to murir.ur, to grumb'c, 
;. squeak. 

^3" chair, J s. m. Tiic name 

%S'U chai,tar, J of tlio fir:t 

month of the civil year; i. <|. ^S". 

^^7* chaitann, a. Intelligent, 
having' understanding, rational, 
wide awake, aware, cautious, ac- 
quainted, in f>oss..-sbion of the sen- 
ses, attentive, animate, sentient; 
i. q. ^ST;. 

^7i chain, s.f. Peace, tranquillity, 
rest, ea^e, re[iose; %7T ^^1^5^ 
or aT^Tft", to repose, to live at 

^ cho, s. vu A creek, a rivulet; 
a stick of wood partially burnt. 

%WT cho,a, t. m. Water fall- 
ing in drops or a stream, ( as 
trickling down the side of a rock, 
or from a leaking roof, ) water 
oozing from an orifice; c. w. t-t- 

^mi '^=27? cho,a chan,dan, > *. m. 
■^>Kr ^^^ cho,a chan,nan,J A 
kind of perfume. 

%fV^ cHo,iD, t. /. Kefuse c( 
cotton, cotton with particles of 
the leaves of tlic plant mixed 
witli it; i. q. %^. 

^1^ cho,f, *./. A narrow pas- 
sage in the hills, a defile. 

^JTT clio,sa, a. Good, nice, fine, 

^FIT cho,sa, s. m. A file. 

^jft chO|>~i, s.f. A small file. 

%vr ^vT ^^^I choh, choh,, 
f . n. To peep, ( as the young of 
birds;) to dazzle with splendid 
hues, to have a brilliant color. 

%Tr^ chohl, s. m. Cheer, jolli- 
ty, nierriment, amusement; c. w. 
c^yTii; i. q. 'gvJc'5. 

%TrT ^=^<^ cho,lia chan,dan, (^ s. m. 

%TJT «B7r^ cho,lia chan,n3n,i A 
kind of perfume. 

^■^W cli0,hul, t. VI. Laughing, 
jollity, merriHiCnt, amusement, 
&.C.; i. q. S;^"^(M>. 

^T^K-gr^ chohulbij, *. m.f. 

^^37^ cliojiuhn, s.f. ' 

%TI?5"t cho.huli, s. m. ) 

A cheerful, merry, jovial )».t- 

%TX^ chOjliur, a. Very sour. 

%17 chok, s.f. A kind of medi- 
cine used fur curing the itch, ( es- 
pecially in camels;) stabbing, 
jiiercing, pricking. 

^7^ chukjUa, r. a. To pierce, 
to stab; to plant seeds by makin™' 
a little hole in the ground ; to 
I^rick, ( i>astry tc, ) before cook- 
ing it. 

%7? cho,kar, s.f. Lran; alter- 

^IToTt cho,ka,n', s. m. A reasoner, 
a disjiuter, a wrangler. 

^oTT chO|ki, s. m. A wound 
made by i)iercing ; a jierson em- 
ployed to weed afield; in the first 
sense c. w. ^^rr or "W^TtX. 

^Jja" cho,kur, *./. Bran; reason- 
ing, altercation, disputation; c, w. 
IT^T^; i. q. ^U'3. 

^^^ chOjkurf, s. m. A reason- 
er, a disputcr, a wrangler. 

^VfT cho,klui, a. Good, jmre, 
genuine, choice, fine. 

%>^T^ chokhI,f, s. f. Goodness, 
purity, genuineness, excelloiice ; 
i. q. ^>fr^'Y. 
^^ chog, s.f. The food given 
by birds to their young, the food 
of birds in general ; }>laiting; c. w. 

^311 chO|gi, 3. VI. A bng wool- 
en coat with long sleeves. 

^ilT chog,ga, *. m. Food for 
birds in general. 

^Z]) chong,gi, s.f. Toll, <S:c.; 
^■?ft 7o7f^, to take toll, to obtain 
profit ; i. q. ^^T[^. 
^xiT5f cliochjla, s. m. Coquetry, 
jilayfulucss, bhudishment, ende;ir- 
ing arts ard expressions, toyish- 





ncss; %%J^WT or ^^grF, 
a iiinii ^''io deals in Mnn<.li;h- 
ir,ont<; §^f% «?3', to j mctlco 

^^ cliOiClift, s. vu False ac- 
cuiation, suspicion, calumny. 

^yj choj, s. tn. Subtloness; 
Lcauty, luxury, pleasure, clclidit ; 
corjuctry, bhndiilimcnt. 

^tI5 cliojan, /. ^ Subtle; 

%^ •.■I»->,ji, "'• / beauti/ul, 
luxurious; one who lives in plea- 
sure; a coquette. 

%Z tl'*'4» '•/• -^ hlovs- a con- 
tusion, awounil, an injury, a hurt; 
an oriianient vorn on the crovrn 

of the hea'l by a chilJ; ^27 
yd<Vl orFJT'o^, to hurt, to give 
a llo-^-; ^Z VT5S"t, or ?^?r^ to 
get hurt, 

^JT ch'>,ti, s. n. ^ A summit; 

^Zft ch''',ti, f./. / a large kxkof 
hair on the crown ol'tLehoai.1, the 
top of the head. 

x^f cln>n.(lu, s. m. One who is 
cx[>ert in hittin:.' a mark; {net.) 
one who cats what bc-long-s to an- 
other; one who obtains an object 
without labor. 

•u5^ chon, s. f. Refuse of cotton. 

^5^ ch<ii], a. Gathered, pick- 
ed, soloeted, chosen. 

%3 chon, J r. o. To milk; 

%5^ cao,n;i, j to extract (milk) 
from a milky plant or tree. 

^^, t. n. To leak, to 
drop down. 

%3^T chot,na, a. Lisht, tri- 
fling, mean, contemptible. 

%^ ( h'.d, I. m. ( used only in 
conip. ) A fornicator ; as, &c5^^, 
a I'crpetrator of incest with a sis- 
ter; ( a term of abuse! ) 

•^-c:^', r. n. To have 
«cxual iiiturcourse, to copulate. 

'^^ • hfMlu, s. m. A man given 
to vonory. 

^vf chop, s. m. A kind of red 
cotton shawl with a silk ombroi- 
doreJ edge worn by women. 
^V^ tho,par, s. m. Grease, 

butter, Lc. 
^V^l^r chO|parni, v. a. To 
smear with oil, butter, &C., to a- 
%M^"t' cho,j)ari, a. Smeared 
with oil, (Sic, anointed, buttered, 
( bread. ) 
^^ chob, s./. A stick, a club; 
a mace; a pole, a tent pole; a 
%W^?<^ chobchi.n!, 5. /. A 

kind of medicine, China-root. 
^'^■^rir chobdar, s. tn. A mace 

^^'T5^ chobdar.nj, !./. Tlic 

wife of a mace bearer. 
^^T3^ chobd:i,ri, s. /. The 

business of a niacc bearer. 
^^3r chO|bar, m. % Fat and 

^"gT?fV cho,l>arni, /. > plump; 
%^^ cho,bari, /. ) a fat 

and plumi) person, 
^^r cho,ba, s. m. The name of 

a Hindii caste in Mathura. 
^^r chob,b;i, a. {in comp.) 
as, %%'gr, of two jioles, sujiport- 
ed by two poles; t%l? -%-gr, of 
one pole; i. c. a tent siij)ported 
by one pole. 
%^t cho.U, . 

^^ 1 11- )■ '^- •' ooden. 
^^ chob,bi, ) 

^§^ chobu, s.f. A perfuration, 
a hole made by piercing, a j junc- 
ture; i. q. "^'vjy. 

5.^<^i chobhiiiA, I', a. To pierce, 
to perforate, to make a hole, to 
prick, to puncture. 

^^S cho,bhar, s. f. A small 
perforation, a very small hvlo 
made by jaicking or piercing, a 
minute puncture. 

^^T cho,\)ha, s. m. Pricking, 
piercing, a perforation, a puncture; 

a dip, a diver, iuimer!?ion; a diih 
composed of cooked rice, ^/<? and 
sugar; the furnace of a >ugar 
factory; c. w. ^^TT and ?n^'- 

■^^ cho,b!iu, s. m. One that 
pricks or pierces. 

%? chor, $. m. f. \ 

%'3'ZrT chor,ta, s.m. > A thief. 

^TZ^ clior,ti, s.f. ^ 

%?> cho.ri, s.f. Tlioft; %3^ '^- 
^ or tIt^, to be stolen ; ^ijl 
^TJTi^, to steal; %jt^fTT^T, to go 
privately; to be stolen, (proper- 


^"J5T chuljhd, s. m. A dainty; 

( provincial. ) 
^cSviT^ cholheluir, s.m./. \ 
^cSv^TTT cholheha,ra, s. in. > 
^TjTTtaf^ cliolheha,ri, s.f. J 
A person who cats dainties stoal- 
^(?5T cho,la, s. m. A kind of coat. 
%'?5t cho,li', s.f. A short gown 
worn by women reaching only to 
the Avaiit, a waistcoat, a jacket; 
the body of a goivn, the upper 
part of a garment. 
^WTTt cliauan,ni, > s.f. A 
^>irr?ft chau.i,ui, j coin equal 
in value to four anna.'*, or a quar- 
ter of a rupee. 
^TT^ cbau,sar, j *. m. The 
x^fia" chaun,?ar, / name of a play, 
chess, a chessboard; ^yr?M"3^T, 
to play chess. 
^TTT chaUjia, m. "j 

^W Vff r chaun,sA pain,sa, m. I 
x?jft chau,si, /. f 

T^Jift Vfft chaun,si, pain, si, /. j 
a. Having four hundre<.l threads 
in the width, (a kind of cloth. ) 
^^ cliauh, s. m. A spot, a stain ; 

c. w. «7T^T. 
^^13^ chau,h;it, o. Sixty fuur. 
^vJ3"^ chau,hatwai), a. Sixty 





'^"Cr^r <li.iuli,t i, /. VI. TIk' 

^TliT clinr.!iat,<.i, *. »i. A place 
Tvhcre two 5tri-«ts or markets , 
cTos-i ea"-h otlier. 
%TJ;3! cli-.uliatitar, a. Seventy 
f.iir: i. <|. ^TT^. 
^vJ^-^ I chauiintitarwar), a. Sev- 
enty fiMirili. 
^TT^T chauliat.ira. s. m. The 
year '74. 

^vj i cliau,h;in, a. All four. 

^TT^ oliauli;iu, s. in. The name 
of a c.v<to of I^iijpiits, 

^^ chau,luin, o. Four; ^^ ^UJ 
^ "W^- a terrible lieating. 

^IT chauk, \ s. m. An open 

^IT chaun^'k, J square in a 

city, a j'lain : a square j'laee pre- 
pared ou the ground over whicti 
dtii is spread at ^veddings, dedi- 
cations, (fce. On the dti'i marks 
are made by a brahman or barlier 
to obtain tavorable oniens from 
the planet?, and tlieso marks are 
worsliipj'ed by the bride and bride- 
groom, or other parties concerned; 
a head ornament wornl>y ■women: 
^ir or ^^ "'fSTit, to prepare the 
c7iC!*i- or ch.iunQk at weddings, 

^^TT cliau.kas, a. Wary, cau- 
tious, prudent, careful, •watchful, 
active, attentive. 

^ITRT^ chaukasi,!, ^ s.f. At- 

%?r-'^ chau,kasf, / tention, 
carefulness, watchfulness, circum- 

^^5^ «haungk,n:i, v. n. To star- 
tle; to cry out, (as a pupj>y. ) 

*9a<^ chau,kar, .<r. m. The thread 
worn by Brahmans and Khat- 
tris; four strings. 

%T^ chaii,kar, a. Good, fine, 
right, excellent. 

Vit"^ ehau,kari, s.f. Abound, 
a leap; four webs of cloth all of 

the ^amc kind; ^^ ?ft "^S^T. or 
3"?7ft to leap, tobouiid: ^T^^'t 
VTU %;?r^r. to squat. 

^7^ chaunu'.kari. s.f. A'tund, 
a ka|i. the leaji of a <leer; ^7- 
W^ €3?iT or SJT^i, U> hap, to 
spring', t<> bound.; x) v ?jT 3^ 
nTT^O, to make a miscakulati'm 
in one's movements, to be out of 
one's reekiihincr, 10 be jerplex- 
ed, to be at a hiss, to lo?c one's 
presence of mind, ( King entan- 
gled in soiac ditlieuhy;) to forget 
how to leap; ^3^"^ K'd<0 or 
WT? %5^'^, to .-it ero>deggeil. 

^i^^ftwr chau,k.'iri;i, f. in. A 
bed the bottom of which i< wo- 
ven with a four strand cor\I. 

^v% c!iau,kare, <7. Good, right, 

^^r cuau,ki, s. m. The figure 
four (y;)a j'laee smcari^l with 
a mixture of cowdung and mud 
where Hindus eat. 

^"TT ehannL:,ki. i'. ri. A place 
smeared with a mixture of c-ow- 
dung and mud where Hindus eat; 
the act of smearing the place; 
destruction, ruin, spuliation; ^'^i 
=^^rr, to smear a place with 
cowdung; to deny, to refuse 
j.ayment; ^^ tV?575T or tH?a 
^T?^, to be destroyeil, to be 

^=.'3 chau.kath, t.J. A frame 
of a door. 

^^rS chaukath, s. f. A frame 
of a door, bcad^tead, .Lc. ; i. q. 

^ITTST «-hauk;i,th.i. y. tti. Form 
of the body, the frame work of 
the body; (applieable to things 
animate, except birds;) i. q. ^ifT- 

^a^t ehau,ki, j s. f. A ehair, a 

^sft, J seat, a kind of 

safe for keeping victuals in; a 

wat<h, a cruard, a police slativ-n; 
a pilgrimage to certain sacnd pla- 
ce?; pa-sing anight c-ii a jiilu'rim- 
age; ^'^'t ^g;^ or B'gTft, to 
hold a nni^ieal concert inthonre- 
senec of a great man, or Ik fure the 
Gr.mth, kc; ^^1 ^t5^, the sani- 
as^sftg^Tft; al-oto keep wateli 
or guanl; %^1 Vt^^T =^^1, 
to k'-ep watch or; ^^ift 

■^TTT^^ct, ■gxjr??^^, ■gs'i^^t or 

WS f57Jt. fo ]>Iai<;agi;ard, toseta 
wat.h : ^irt ZTi^^^Y or WJT^, to 
smuggle; ^p't ^375^, to sleep on 
the ground instead of a bed 
from religious motives, to fultll a 
pilgrimage without sloepi.i'_' on a 
bedstead, to keep vigils; i. 0. when 
a Company of [«il:.'ri!ns stop at a 
place on their way, those who 
intend joining them from the 
surrounding villages come in, and 
with them many of their friends, 
who keep watch through the night 
and return home the next n;orn- 
ing; to I'ay cn>tom. 

^r^^T ehauku,n.i, a. Four cornere<l, 

^5'? chaukor, a. Four siJcJ, 

%^<^T ehaukan,na, a. Akinned, 
startled, wary; '^g^H tT^f, to be 

^VZ: chau.khat, s.f. A frame 
of a door. 

^^"^, a. Good, tine, 
right, excellent; ( generally used 
in the plural form; as, ^^WO 
i. q. ^3^. 

^ry-^ chaukhur, s. m. ( lit. four 
hoofs. ) Cattle. 

%7rr chau.g.i, a. Having four 
teeth ; ( spoken of young eatlle. ) 

^^SUT: chaugan, s. m. A plain. 

^3TT7it ehaugani, a. Plaited, 
( a huqqd stem. ) 

%'f?r?^ chaugird, ad. prep. 





Kou!i.l :il>out, around, about, all 
^mJ^ cliaii?ir..le, a-L Round 

about, all around, 
^^rga chau.guna, a. Four fold. 
^u^T cbaugb:i,r.i, *. m. A bouse 
witb roo:ns on tbe four sides of 
an open court ; a kind of carda- 
mom witb four divisions. 
^gCT, *. m. A herd of 

the cow kiuil. 
^^T chau,ui, cu Pour fold, 
^ ^^ r cbaut,ri, \ s. m. A 

^3^rcli:iuii UrdS four cornered or 
^3-r cbaun.ti, ) square platform 
or tcr.-nce raiseil to sit on, a plat- 
form to sit on. 
^;3- cliautar, *. m. A measure 

in music equal to four boats. 
^3T7T cliaut, s. m. A kind of 
tbiu clutb; a mea.nire of four 
l»oats called ^f^3; i- q- '^^T^- 
^3'>^ iliaiitul, J. in. i. q. ^FT^. 
^^■tjjI, a. l\>rty four. 
%jt chau,ti, a. Thirty f;ur. 
^^ ciuutb, s. /. The fourth day 

paiit or future, 
^cf cbautb, a. The fourth 
past or future, the fourth of the 
%qT i-!iau,tlu, a. Fourth, re- 
turning on the fourtlt day, (fever;) 
i. q. ^if gx. 
^^Y^^ chautha,!, s.f. The 

fourth part, a quart^^r. 
^^flf cbau,da>, *. /. The four- 
teenth day of tbe crescent half of 
the moon. 
"^-cfcTt eliauda,ri, t.f. A house 
with foirr doors, one on each 
^^J chaudant, a. Angry, ready 

(o fight; i. q. '"9^^. 
^-^i\ chaudan,ti, *. /. Rage, 

readiness to fight. 
^^^ chaudand, a. Angry, ready 
to fi 'bt. 

^^^t ciiaudan,dl, s. /. Ragi-, 

readiness to fight, 
^^r chau,dan, a. Fourteen. 
^iirWT ehaudh,(iu, a. Fourteenth, 
■^cr^ cliau,dhar, s.f. The olHce 

of a chivulhari. 
^TT??ft chau,dliarni, ^ S.f. 

^T7Trt%^ ehaudliara,in, J The 
wife of a chauJhari. 

^q'SnT^F chaudliarijit, \ s.f. 

^q'a'T^ chauJhara.i, J The 
otboe of a cJiauJhari. 

^^3T^ cliaudhara, ni, t. f. The 
wife of a chauJhari. 

^cra-T3" chaudhrat, s. f. The 
otbee of a cJniuJliarl. 

^^jt chau,dhari, s. m. The 
lioad man of a village, or of a 
trade, the bead man in a nation, 
a Iiead man in the h'lzdr, &.o. 

xJMd^r chauilharam,ma, s. hi. 
Tlie business of a chawJliari. 

^Tj^t chaudh|W:in, a. Four- 

^'^a?3"r ehaunuk,rA, c. Four 

^V chaump, s.f. Wish, desire, 
strong inclination, the pleasure 
one has in doing a thing. 

^y^ chaupa,i, s.f. A kind of 
puetry consisting of four feet or 
four lines. 

^T-(fvJ?P? chaupa,hil, ) a. Four 

^wfvJT^" cliaui'a.hiliiJ sided; 

(spoken of tilings without life; 
as a bottle, a pillar, a stick, tim- 
ber, ttc. ) 

^V775^ chauinpka,li, s. f. A 
kind of necklace worn by wo- 

%UZ" cbau,pat, ) s. m. Dice, 

^VZ^ chaum.prit,-' a dice cloth, a 
game played with dice. 

^M'Z" chaupatt, aJ. Suddenly, 
violently, without provocation; 
^^7: f^;W^ =5^r5T, to throw down 
violently; ^vfZ" KTU'^t, to cast 


down with violence; to destroy. 
^MT: cliaupatt, a. FhU. 
^'-f3'lchaupat,tiJ a. P'our 

^M^?t chaupat,ti,-' leaved, ( a plant 

whose four leaves are arranged in 

a whor) around tlic stem;) i. q< 

^M3J and gv^t. 
^M"^! chaup,n;i, ) s.f. Desire, 
^^7^ chaump,na, J pleasure, 

love ; i. q. ^V. 
^14"^ chaum.par, *. m. Dice, 

a dice cloth, a game played with 

dice; i. q. ^V^. 
^'vfT cliaum,p:i, s. m, A kind 

of flower. 
^Vif^nff chaupujii, $. m. A 

^WT^jjt chaumpaka,li, *./. A 

kind of necklace, 
^trt cbauni,pi, s. m. One who 

has pleasure in doing any thing. 
^'^3" chaum,pur, s. m. A dice 

cloth; i. q. ^^VZ". 
^V'^WT chaumj)uria, s, m. A 

(lice player. 
^^^ chau,phal, } a. Having 
^^J5T chau,phal.i,' four folds; 

c. w. a['37iU 
^^rf:^ chauphal, a. Ilavlng the 

four sides entire, (as a brick;) 

lying on tLc back, falling on the 

back; flat; c. w. f%?T^f, f^ 

xi'^T and "W?^. 
^^^(^ chauphiir, a. Split or broken 

into four pieces; c. w. o/d<M, 
^^■cjr chaubach,cha, s. m. A 
reservoir of masonwork, usually 

adjacent to a well; (properly 

^fvI^^T, the young or son of a 

■well; ) i. q. Uy-cfl or g"g^^T. 
^■gr^'T chaubi,ra, s. m. An upper 

story of a house; i. q. ^"^T^T. 
^g^ chau,bi, a. Twenty four; 

i. q. ^^. 
^ytiT^t rliaubfs,wan, ) a. 

^^IvJ^T chaubih,witn, -J Twenty- 
fourth, the twenty fourth. 





^^d-HI cliauburj'i, a. Uaving 

four towers. 
%^FVr cliaii,niaui, a. HoMiiig 
four maunds, able to carry four 
maunds, selling at four niauiuls 
for a rupee, weighing four niaunds, 
%^HTTrT chauma,si, a. Weighing 

four miisltds. 

^mW chauina,sa, s. m. The 

rainy season embracing (he four 

months, Hdrh, Sdwau, IJ/iddon autl 

Assti; i. q. ^HTHT. 

^WTvTT chauni;i,hu, ) s. m. Four 

^TfTvrf cliaunia,l!an,^ months' 

pay ; i. q. SJifnjT and ^WTU^f. 

^iprTTrr chauiuukli,y:i, ) a. IFav- 

^JfVT chaunjuk,kha, •' ing 

four sides or faces; ( a lamp with 

four wicks on opposite sides ; ) 

(properly ^JpTT; ) i. q. '^Iftf- 

Wl and ^>pf T. 

^>ftf^ chauuiu,khi, a. On all 

four sides. 
^Jfy'^Wr chaumu,khia, a. Hav- 
ing four faces or sides; ( spoken 
of Brahma, and of a lamp with 
four wicks on opposite sides;) i. q. 

^? chaur, s. m. The (ail of a 
lion -when raised over the head; 
the tail of a Thibetan cow used as 
a flybrush; %^ ^rH7>T, to wave 
a flybrush over one's head. 

«9dH chau,ras, a. Square, f<mr 
sided ; many sided ; ( spoken of a 
gun whose bore is not round. ) 

^9TTTT chauraSjti, s. m. A 
cross road, a place where two 
streets cross each other. 

^d M I vO' chaursa,j, *. /. Square- 

^cTT chau,ra, *. »n. A man with 
a heavy gray beard. 

^TTJT ehauras, a. Square. 

^d 1 jfi chaura,si, o. Eigfity four; 

the 81, 00, 000 (births to which 
sinful mortals are doomed. ) 

^g'lvTT cliaur;i|li!i, /. m. A place 
wlicre two roads erors each other. 

^^TTHT ehauran,me, } a. 2sinety 

^J^7i^ elKuirin,wen,J fuur. 

^33T ehaurangg, /. m. i. q. ^y?T. 

^Ht^^T cliauranyjjwan, a. Fifty 

x)d Tif ehauranyja, a. Fifty four. 

^^^^^ chauinnyjh,wan, a. Fifty 

^55'3'T chaUjlnrri or chaul;i,ra, a. 
Coiisistiiig of four strings, ( a 
chaplet, beads, jx-arls, &c., ) made 
of fuur stratuh. 

^f5T . ehaU|la, s. m. A prepara- 
tion of rice; i. q. f%^TT. 

^<£\ ehau,vi, a. Twenty four. 

^^vTHT eliauvi!i,!!ia, ^ a. 

^^"^■^J^t e]iauvil),wln, ) Twenty 

^^ chaur, .<?. m. Destruction, 
desolation ; ^^ ^'w'ZT, comjiletely 
^^T chau,r;i, a. Wide, broad; 
^^ ^^T, to be widened, to be 
extended ; ^^ ^^rr, to be extend- 
ed ; to insist on or enlarge one's 
demands ; to insist upon. 

S^ ehaurv. '•/ ) ^vij(,,. 

^^T^ chaunijU, *. m. ) 

^^T^Srr chaura,i:na, r. a. To 
widen, to enlarge ; i. q. ^^t€^T. 

^^ chauju, /. m. A destroy- 
er, a waster. 

S^ chliau, s. m. Unsatisfied 
craving, wish or desire; c. w. 

S^A'I chhau,n5, t. m. A dwarf; 
a small elephant. 

^^?r clihaur, s. m. A white 
tliick sjieek in tlie eye; c. w. Vi^T. 

■gvH'S' ehhahiiru, /. m. Very thin 
j.oor buttermilk. 

■gtU^^T ihha.hina, r. n. To lie 
under a covert, to lie in ambush, 
to couch preparatory to spring- 
ing upon the prey ; i. q. g-^j^yr. 
Also ^fu" >TTg7;\ 

^xft cldiaihi, s.f. A hiding plaee, 
am])U.-!i, a, a ram part ; a 
narrow passage between two hills. 

■g^Q? ehhakk, s.f. Presents given 
to a bride by her maternal grand- 
parents; a present given to bards. 

^■J^T ehhakjiia, r. <t. To eat. 

"^"^T^T eli]iak,ria, r. n. To be 
satisfied, to be intoxicated, to bo 
asleep; ^^3^tXl ^TT, to be in a 
state of repose, to Vie asleep, to 
be hap]iy, to be full, to be in a 
state of inebriation. 

^^T'S' clih.ikikar, s. vi. Half a pice. 

■gr7"^T clihak,ri. .». m. A larcre 
ami capacious cart. 

^T?f^ el.liakji, s. /. A small 
two wheeled carriage on which 
only t^vo or three persons can sit; 
a kind of game played witli 
cowries; (in the la>t sense i. q. 

■^Wf chhak,ka, s. m. The figure 
six ( ^, ) the <iunntity reprocnt- 
ed by the figure six, a stanza of 
six lines; a term used in the game 
called duiiijtat and laitain. 

S'5T^ chhak;i,i, s.f. Fating. 

^sTT'^^ chhaka,una, r. a. To 
cause to be eaten. 

W^V^~nU chhak,kupa,vi3, *. tn. 
{lit. the figure C and 1. ) A term 
used in the game called chaupur; 
liWf '^^"*if^ STTTiT, to loiter; to 
play tricks. 

' ^j|«^ i vO ' chhanggwa,!, *./. Com- 
pensation for pruning, &c. 





^^r5<yT eliliancrgwu.nna, r. a. 
To cau«e to be iiriiiied or trlm- 
ijjccl, ( trcc3 or shnil's;) to cause 
to he killed. 
#7rT^ clilianggi,!, 3. f. Tru- 
niiiir; compensation for j-ruiiing'. 
^JU^^^ cliliarig.^!i|Urii, v- a. To 
cause to be pruned or trimmed; 
to cause to be killed. 
"^^JJ clilirjcli.chliani, *. m. The of a tree wliicli has a re<l 
and purjile tluwer called Lesii. 
^gT chhach|ClihS, s. m. The 
name of the letter ^. 
^^vJdT chhachhoh,ra, a. Tri- 
lling, puerile, airy, mean, eon- 
^tT chhajj, s. m. A winnow- 
ing instrument. 
^tTT clihajj i, *. m. The eaves 

of a hour>e, a cornice. 
"^rfT chhajji, m. Long and 
heavy, (beard;) a man with a 
lung and heavy beard, 
WZ dihat, s. /. The sixth day 

of the lu:iar month; i. q. 'g^. 
'^'t; chhatt, t. /. A bullock's sack; 

a shower. 
■gTT^C^Zl?^ chhat,katiphat,kan, 
*. n. Chad", &c., winnowed out 
of grain. 
SC<^~ chhat.tan, *. m. Ilcfuse 

of any thing winnowed. 
¥^^T chhat,iii, r. n. To be 
selected; to be copulated; to be 
^27^ chhatt, ua, v. a. To win- 
now, (grain ; ) to copulate, ( a bull 
with a cow;) to wash, ( clothes;) 
S^VwT ^fVwT, noted, di-^tin- 
guibhed, (for bad qualities,) la- 
scivious;^^ Tfr^a, to be copula- 
ted, (a cow with a bull.) 
6<t'S^i chhatway,ya, t. m. A 
winnower, a selectcr; a person 
who washes ( clothes ) by striking 
them against a stone or board. 

^^^T^ ch!i.-.(wa,i, *. /. Win- 
nowing; washing; the j>rice of 
winnowing or washing; a prcsi-nt 
given to the cowherd when a cow 
has been with a bull. 

^i<cl^c5I chhatwii,uni, r. a. 
To cause to bo winnowed; to 
cause to be washed, (clothes;) to 
cause to >>o t»k-cte<l ; to cause to be 
copulated; to cause to be cut; 
to cause to be trimmed, ( as the 
branches of a tree. ) 

^i?^' chhatwai,ya, f. m. A 
winnower; i. q. g"3^^T. 

g^T chlia|ta, s. m. A hand stick. 

g^r chhat.ti *. tn. Scattering, 
showering, sowing, (seed;) 'g37 
•5cM, to pour, to scatter, to sow, 
( seed, ) to disperse. 

g^'Sft chhati.i, t. f. The j»rice 
of winnowing or washing; i. q. 

^T^T^T^r chhataiUna, r. a. To 
cause to be winnowed; to cause 
to be washed; to criuse to bo cop- 
ulated; to cause to be selected. 

gzft chhati, s. f. A stick, a 
branch of a tree, a walking stick. 

g^T^ chhafingk, t. f. The 
sixteenth part of a seer, two 

^"Zrhft chhating.kl, /. /. A 
weight equal to the sixteenth 
part of a seer; a boat (M-pial to 
the sixteenth jiart of a ship. 

■^Z chhath, *./. The sixth day 
of the lunar month; i. q. 'g^. 

g^ chha,fhi, j. /. The sixth 
day after childbirth, being the 
day on which the mother leaves 
her private apartment; the sixth 
of the month. 

■^3^^ chhad(l|ni, r. a. To leave, 
to let alone, to forsake, to re- 
lease, to liberate. 

■^3^^T chhan(l,na, r. a. To 
clean by shaking, to winnow, to 

sift; to shake the duut, (out of a 
gariiient, carpet, &c,) 

^ Sc^T chhani|,ni, r. n. To vom- 
it, to disgorge. 

"S^y^^J^t ch!ia(ldcliha(ld,ru, r. U. 
To leave Gnally, to leave perma- 

'g^S^^'^T chhada,un.i, r. a. To 
release, to cause to be set at lib- 

^^af chha,nak, s.f. The sound 
of glass, &.C., the jingling of met- 
als, the ringing of a small bell; 
the clanking of fetters. 

gcfvyc^T chha,nakiid, v. n. To 
jingle, to ring, to tingle, to clink, 
to clank. 

g^TSrj-r^r? chha,nak ma,nak, t.f. 
Th.e same as '■&<^zi. 

^^TiTT^^T chlianki,una, r. a. 
To ring a bell, to rattle, (a chain, 
money. Sac.,) to jingle. 

^c^i^iZT chhankat, ^. i. m. Jing- 

gT?Cc7rg" chank:ir, / ling, ring- 
iuL'. kc. 

■g^CSpTT'^ chhankang,gan, j s. m. 

^?r?^W^ chhankaij,ngan, J A 
jingling ornament worn ou the 

g^T^T chhan,n:\, t. n. To bo 
sifted, to be winnowed, to be 
shaken out, (dust; ) to be strain- 
ed, ( as water, Lc. ; ) to become 
old and thin, (cloth, <S;e. ;) to Lc 
washed, (clotlies. ) 

g^T^tJiT chhatiway,yi, *. tn. A 
winnower, a sifter, &.<;. 

■g^T^f^ chhanwa,!, s.f. Sift- 
ing; the price of sifting, kc. 

g^^^^T chhanwa,uni, r. a. 
To cause to be sifte<l or washed, 
to cause dust to be shaken out, 
( of a thing. ) 

g^^'^CTT chhanwai,yi, *. m. A 

sifter; i. q. g^^TjTT. 
g^i^ chhaua,i, /./. Sifting; 
the j)rice of sifting, &c. 



SV7? ^S^T- 


^ryr^i^ ehliani.uui, r. a. To 
caii?o to be .sift<'J. 

S'l^nrr fliliani,k.i, *. in. A ring- 
ing or tingling iioi>e. 

■gj chhatt, *./. A roof, a ceil- 

^F^cr cliiiatt,rii, r. a. To roof; 
(ap[)licablo only to flat roofs.) 

grf<* chli.ijtar, j s. m. A large 

'^^'^ chat, tar, / umbrella, an 
awning over a king, religious 
tea;.'ner, or bridegroom. 

gy^^Tg*^ clihatardhi,ran, s. /. 
A queen. 

ST^^IcT)' cliliatarilht,ri, *. vi. 
A king, a prince. 

^3J1 clihat,tara, /. m. A ram. 

^3"?^ cliha|tarf, or chliat,ri, s./. 
A small umbrella; llic top of a 

^rTTt chhat,tar:, $./. A c\ro. 

W^ chhat,tri, s. m. The name 

of ;v caste, a Hindu Ri'ijptit. 

^3??"grTr cliliantalb.!!, a. Pio- 
' A- 

gui.-Ii, deceitful; i. q. ^B'JPJ'gT'^. 

SiT^i^'^ chhalwi,!, s. f. Eoof- 
ing; the price of roonng. 

■g3'^lo?\T chatu-.i,uiiii, r. a. To 
cause to be roofed. 

■^S"! c!ihat,ti, a. Having a roof, 

■g3T chhat,ti, *. m. A ram; a 
kind of wine. 

S'ST^'Sf^ chhata^i, s. f. Roofing; 
the price of rooting. 

'S'FI^^'' chhata,un i, r. a. To 
cause to be roofed. 

girt chhat,ti, a. Thirty six. 

^yt chhatjti, *./. A piece of 
red silk sent to announce the 
death of a person to his relations ; 
( practiced by some castes;) thir- 
ty six (tolas,) (one hundred 
and forty four pice in all, ) takeu 
at a wedding, from tlio parents 
of the bride and bridegroom 
and distributed to the reliirious 

teachers, barbers, £x;., of the rt- 
sj)ectivc families. 

W3^W cli!i;iti,s,i, /. m. A medi- 
cine containing thirty six ingre- 
dients; a great knave. 

^^tfft chliati,si, *./. A woman 
who is a great knave being ac- 
quainted with thirty six kinds of 
fraud, a great rogue. 

^^ chhaiid, *. m. ileasuro in 
music, measure of verses, metre; 
a kind of indecent poetry requir- 
ed from the bridcgro<:)m by the 
bride's female attendants or 
friends; trick, frau 1. 

W^^^"^^ chhandparband, ^ s. m. 

^^M^jf^ chhandparmand, j A 
measure in verso, metre; a kind 
of j>oetry not in common ui.e. 

^g^gPH chhandbij, *. m. A 
rogue, a deceiver. 

^^ -S^^ clihand, band, j s. m. 

^^ if^ chhaml, maud, J Deceit, 
trick, fraud. 

^^rjf chhadim, s, m. A ipirirter 
of a pice ; ( properly ■g"^?T>f.) 

^"=^2^ chlian,dan, s./. ^ A de- 

^^'t chhan,di, s. m. j ceiv- 
er, a rogue. 

W^ ) chhann, s.f. A thatched 

^7^ J roof. 

■g^^^T J chh:ui,ni, s. m. A metal- 

^??T J lie drinking vessel. 

^f7rg'3'^T3' chhanichjChharwar, 
s. m. Saturday. 

^y^ chhapa,!, s. /. A kind 
of poetry containing six lines. 

^yir?^'^ chlnp,kali, s. f. A house 

^M'^M'^??77T chhap, chhap, kar,na, 
r. n. To splash, to make a noise 
as by walking in water; (more 
properly SM'?^ ^V^ ^TT?? r. ) 

^M^TT chhap, lid, r. n. To be hid; 
to be printed. 

^y?; tl^rr chha,pan ho,ni, t. n. 
To be invisible. 

^yg-, /. m. A thatclied 

^y^trz: chhanarkhaft, /. f, x 

curtained bedstead. 
^y^gTjq- chhaj>parbis, ,. ,„ 

Tiiitched house< or huts. 
^y7"grH chhajqiarbix, a. Living 

under thatchetl roofs. 
W^U'i^ chhaparband, s. m. A 

•^Vaft chhap, rf, *./. A thatched hut. 
^y?5 ¥MT5 7?7f r chha,paj chha.pal 

kar,ni, r. n. To splash, &c.;i. q, 

^V^I'^ chhapwi.i, s. /. Cost 
of stamping or printing; sta;.".p- 
ing, printing. 

SV^^^^r chha|.\vA|Uri;i, r. n. 
To cause to be printed or .«:taii>.](- 
cd, &.C. 

■^M^ clthnpipar, s. m. A pond; 
a puddle. 

^wr^l ch!iap,pri, s.f. A suull 

W^^'Z^ chhap.i,!, s. /. Print ing, 
stamping; cost of printing er 

^Vr^^T c]ihap:i,un.i, r. a. To 
cause to bo printed or stainped. 

^Vf^r, s. m. The 
sound pro<-luced by >triking wa- 
ter; haste, moment. 

^Vrift chhapa,ki, s.f. A kind 
of eruptive disease somewhat sim- 
ilar to hives. 

^•g chhab, t./. Beauty, spltn- 
dor, brilliancy; shape, fashion, 
form, figure. 

^g^ chhab,bi, a. Twenty sijc. 

^"g^TTfi" chhabbis,wan, a. Twtu- 
ty sixth. 

^^35 chliabO, s. /. A place 
where water is dealt out gratuit- 

g-gt^T chhabi,la, a. Spruce,^ 
starched, foppish. 

^3" chhambh, j. m. A lake, a ponJ. 





g'K^ o!iIia,iiink, s. /. A stick, 
a t"-;- of a tree; walking witli a 
delicate step, Manili>hmcnt; ^W- 
•^j tfT^Ti^thi, to wliij> with twigs, 
to \f:d with rctls. 
g^J-riT?^ ililia,m;ikni, r. a. To 
frv: to <lraw, (a swonl;) (in this 
last s>nso used in the Dogar 
roniitry. ) 
^ir*<^^fi^ clihaniaknamo,li, s. f. 
A tht.riu- vine producing a yel- 
low ! erry. 
■g^fTyrcr^TT chlianiki|i!na, r. a. 

To caiHO to bo fried. 
■^^ ^TT cd'IT^ri chliam, cliliani, 

l>3,r.i>;U, r. n. To rain hard. 
^"B" eli'iambij, *. m. A lake, 

a T^ nd. 
^jiTTrif cliliny i,nanio, ^ a. 

H^r7i%^ clihaya^nawen, / Ninety 

eTT c:f:i.'ir,h.i, f. rrj. Kw arm of 

a rlviT. 
^?T c;!!:ar,r\, .?. ri. Small slint. 
^3'vl cIiiiariTi, i'. »/j. A fra- 

crr.nt .inig; i. rj. -g^jf^gr. 
6.-^ <•;;.'.;■.], *. m. Fraud; a jrho.^t 
or do:ii..n: ^zj -jt^tjt, to deceive, 
to j'liy tri>\s. 
elo cii'iid, i. -I. Tlicovenlow- 

ir.^ of wat'^r: hark. 
^vHS-'jr chha.jakn'i, ^. tr?. To 
rnke a r.oisj as of wat t niovin"- 
in a ve>5el or the bowels, to move 
and be agitated, ( the boweh, or 
W2tcrinavc-<sel;) to be spilt, (wa- j 
tor, k»;e ,} by such motion ; to ovi-r- 
C '.v, (' a river or creek. ) 
S7^~'-^~r clih.ilki.cni, c. a. To 

s;'iu. to cause to oveiflow, 
^^="^•771 chlirdehlia'.i li, s. m. 

A f..p; i. q. i^!7;3-g>5yr. 
S^5?5""U3'' chiialchliali^ui) I, r. n. 

To rit pte, to murmur. 
^•'^'5~^"'J" chliabhhal it, t. m. 
i^ippii.-ig, murmuring, jiuriin-. 

^Rf^'^^" ohha!chiii<l,dar, J s. m. 
"SVi"'^ chIia!ohhi.i,dar,J I'lot, 

S'^?jr ciiha]|n:i, r. a. To deceive, 

to cheat. 
^J^'JTT i-hhaj y;i, s. m. A deceiver, 

a cheat. 
^75r chhal|l;i, ^. f7i. A jtlain finger 

^HTEf> chhali.f, s. f. Fraud; 
¥f^^^"t VfT^t, to be deceived, 
to be cheated. 
^o5j€c?CT chhali,un\, r. a. To 
cause to be deceived or cheated. 
"ivTt c!dia],Ii, s. f. An oar of 
Indian corn; a broach of yarn; a 
swelling and hardness in the 
stomach wliich sometimes occurs 
after fever; a stitfiiess and sore- 
ness of the liiiibs; the risinc: in 
the tl-'sli produ.-ed by a blow; a 
"S^ chha.lf, a. Deceitful. 
^.^'^>HT clilia,!i:i, J. IT,. A- de- 
ceiver, a cheat. 
fe?3"t(JT el.h;i'ii_r.i, 5. t;i. A kind 

of fragrant drug; i. q. ^J^T'S'T. 
S'.'^f c]ihah^,d;i, s. m. A ghost, 

a demnii, a deceitful being. 
S'?5"iiri?r chliaLing^h^ua, r. jj. To 

skip, to jump, 
g^mr chlialinggh, f. f. A 
spring, a leap, a jimip: ^T^rof 
TffaTi't, t > leap, to skip, to jump. 
^^c=fT ciihaway,y:i, . s. m. A 
S%crT chha.vai,y.i, j thatcher. 
^^ chhar, s. mi. A bamboo or 
pole us.hI fur a spear, the pole part 
of a spear; a kind of me.lielne. 
'bPl dihar, .♦./. Kicking; ( a cow 

or butlalo; ) c. w. IfT^TCt. 
g^Tjr clihar,n:i, r. (t. To hull 
grain in a mortar; to copuiate; 
( ajtjilicalile to cows.) 
^■S"! cliha,ri, s. m. A bundle 

of ropo or string. 
g^r chha,r.i, a. ZIone, empty, 

without family or chattels, with- 
out company. 
S^i^'l chliari.i, *. /. Wages 
for hulling grain in a mortar; a 
sum given to the shepherd when 
a cow is found pregnant. 
^?fl^^T chharijUni, c. a. To 
cause grain to be hulled in amor- 
tar; to cauio ( cows ) to be copula- 
^^ ehhajf, s. f. A stick, a switch. 
^^'iJ5r ehharijli, *. in. An 01 

that kicks; a kind of medicine. 
g^^?ft cidiariji, s. /. A cow 

that is addicted to kicking. 
^T chli I, N 5. /. A 

^ chh;ln, > sha'le, a.>>hadow; 

S'it'^rHT clih.i,ii,5 the rellection of 
any object in a mirror or water, 
S:c.; i q. vj-S^l^r. 
^r^> chili, i, s. f. Ashes; dark 
spots on the face, or on a mirror; 
the spots seen on tho face of the 
moon ; c. w. V t^i^sC^. 
^^ cl.h i un, 

^i"^^jr3"r cliliinmil.:i,ra, j a. 
^ivTt^^T clihiniiriiri, / Um- 

brageous, bhaily. 
^Ixs^r ehhi,uni, v. a. To cover, 
to overshadow, to spread over, 
to roof, to thatch. 
Ig"''^^"^ clih,'i,uni, \ s. /. A 
S'f^TVt chiii,uni, ) cainji, a 

^:to5T cliha,>n:i, a. Iiesembling 

a siiaduw. 
^r€^I cli!i:i,ur:i, s. tn. A shade, " 

the place of a shadow or s-h;:de. 
■grU" chhih, s. /. Kuttcruilk, 

buttermilk mixed with yZi. 
^IvJ7>r chh ihiUi, a. 3Iean, spir- 
itless, slavish. 
^f3T clihingg, s. m. Twiga cut 

ofl" from a tree. 
^^5St cldi:ingg,ni, v. a. To prune, 

cl.hiun, . r CI J 

, , , / .'. A Sliado, 

ciilian|U, > 

, \ shadow.,un, -^ 





' to eiit off the twigs of a tree, to 
triri), to clip. 
S^?r55 chlii,gal, s. /. A leather 
water bag, a leather bottle with a 
spout to it. 
6'^iT chliinj.iri, \ t. m. A j»tr- 
ST^r oliliun,ngi, J son with six 
fingers, a pcrion with six fingers 
on each hand, or six toes on each 
^'S^i clili.u-lih|y.i, a. lm\mro, 

( brimstone. ) 
Stz: chhiut, f. /. Selection; 
cuttings, refuse, ( of cloth ; ) gTZ: 
ToT wS'ft', to soltvt, to separate 
the good fro:u the bad. 
gr^ ^27 chhinf, chhiuit, s.f. 1 
gliCN chli;in,tari, *. m. J 

Eefuse, (of cloth;) selection, 
separation of good from bad. 
^rz^r, ^ v. a. To 
6i<i'?:T cliliintnt. J select, to 
choose, to separate; to cut, to 
S'iji chhin.ti, i'. m. A tli<>ng 
or lash of an ox whip; ( a whip Las 
usually two; soiuctimes four.) 
gr^ chliid, a. Forsaken, aban- 
doned, wicked; (generally ap- 
plietl to a wickeil woman. ) 
€ 1$ cliliaiid, s.f. Vomit; (not 
used without pretixing the word 
^ i^ ; as, -^ v^ :g~f 3" . ) 
gr^ chhin, jf. m. Wheat bran. 
gr^^r cIiluQ,ni, r. a. To sift, 
to strain, to filter, to cull, to 
gr^Tft chlr.iti,n;, s.f. A sieve, 

a cullender. 
glcST chhi,ui, *. m. Scattering, 

sowing; c. w. =S"^r. ' 
giyr chhit.ti, s. m. An umbrel- 
la; a tiiatcli, a roof; (in the last 
sense a corruption of 3"; ) ^ 
kind of wine. 
grV^ chhit.ti, /./. The breast, 
the paps, the teats, the dugs. 

y l-er rhin,di, s. ni. A part, a 

portion, a share. 
g^Tf^r cliliin,lia, a. Mean; i. q. 

^n^r ciilian.ha, s.f. A slave, 
^TTv^r chh;i,iiani, r.a. To sift, 
to strain, to filter, to cull, tu 
choose, to select, 
■gr?^^ clih:i,natii, s.f. A sieve. 
gTM" clih ip, *. /. A gold or sil- 
ver ring worn on the finger; a 
seal, a stamp, an impression, 
^rv^r chli.ip,n.i, r. a. To print, 

to stamp, 
grur chhip,pi, .r. m. Printing, 
stamp, impression, edition; a 
thornbu^h, a hedge; ^:vr ^^T, 
to stop; ^rlfr c^^H^T, 
to print, to stamp; to hedge, to 
inclose with a hedge; ( used 
generally in the plural form. ) 
^I'g^'V chill bji, s.f. A small 

"^Wt chh.ib,b,i, s. in. A flat 
basket used for keening bread in, 
Sec. ; one scale, ( or side of a pair 
of scales.) 
^r'^ clihibjbu, s. m. A muzzle, 
a small basket ; ^rV ^^^l^T, to 
stop the mouth from S2)eaking, 
eating, ite., to muzzle. 
^rTJTT clihi,y.i, s.f. A sliade. 
■gr^j cliliir, s.f. Ashes. 
gT5"g^~'^T chharcliliabi la, s. in. 

A fop; 1. q. gsr or ■g'J? g^i?5"T. 
^o^m'-^, 5. /. 
Four walls, a wall on the four 
sides of any thing; ( properly ^:7- 
=5">in55^. ) 
gT?> chhi.ri, s. f. A mixture 
of asiies and water with which a 
crucible is coated on the inside 
to aid in purifying gold or sil- 
ver; C. w. "ifi^^. 
gTY chh:i,ru, ^ *• ^^ 

gi^;^ chharubi,u, ) The 

name of a disease, the tliru>h, a 

gT55 chli^!, *. /. Jumping, leap. 

»«'!?; g'foo WI5<%"1', to leap. 
gTjyr chh.i.U, s. in. Skin, a nil 

a blister; gr?ir tJ-^T, to bo gall- 

cil; gT?:5i tVjT^u, to be broken; 

g7?5r %XJ'7r, 10 oien, ( a blis- 
ter. ) 
gT?5> chlia,;;, s.f. The £ur?iD<» 

of waves, 
g-f^ clilun\v, s.f. A bhaJow, a 

sliaue; i. q. gT^. 
tF^Wfs^ cl.I.i.i.siith, a. Sixty six, 
1%»KT;^t clIiii.M". a. E:gl:tv sii. 
ikwi^JZ: c].hii,h;.t, a. Sixty- 
fg>vh3T dihiau^ni, a. Six fold, 
tgfi^ chhissi, a. Coniainino 

six hiuidred tiireads in the cluin, 

tiflV cl:h-s,>[, 5. /. A coarse 

kind of cl'.th having sL\ hundred 

threads i:i tlio chain. 
t%;jc5T c!:!il!i,nl, r. n. To 

burst, to be ilighily torn. 
fiJvJT'^^T clihiiia.uni, r. a. To 

cause to be slightly torn, (cloti, 

shoes, itc. ) 
t^? ciil:ikk, s. f. Sneezin::, a 

sneeze; c. w. 3#f''o<?*t. 


T^^^T chhikkni, c. n 

tgw^r, r. a. To 
smoke, (a pipe,) to draw in the 
smoke; to draw, to take, (j>roper- 

1%?C^r chhikwny.yi, . *. n. 
One who takes away, one who 
draws, one who ssaokes. 

t^T-p"^ chhik.ri, f. /. A sort 
of chess, played with sis or seven 
cowries; c. w. X'g'^ft or ^S^- 

fg^T chhik.k.i, s. m. A not- 
work or loop of strings or cords 
to hang any thing on; the strings 
of a baluiP^i. 





t^7T§^l, r. ti. To 

draw, to c.iu'e to 1)0 ilniwn; to 

cause to sncc7.c; to cause to 

smoke, ( a j.ii'o ;) to cause to be 

torn, ( clotn, sliocs, kc.) 
i^g-^ cLliik.kuIi', s.f. ^ Avery 
f^g; chluk.ku, s. m. J small 

f^T clihi?,gi, a. Having six 

teeth, ( cattle. ) 
f^^ l-^ r clilii.iriiut, a. Six foM. 
f^ai chiiinLTgli, s.f. A thin 

stick, a stick with a sharp 

f^^^ X c!ihi<-hh,r-^» *• '"• "^''^^ 

flabby, witliere«l skin of ol«.l age, 

the skinny parts of meat, the 

fg^TToT cliliichhob.ra, a. Light, 

trifling, puerile, r.iry, conteaipti- 

Me, Doan; i. q. e^vJd T. 
f^iT rfTc!:! chi.ijj., ^ r. h. 
fgTi^T clih;ii,rii, ) To be 

separated or waited, ( as niojiey ; ) 

to die, to bo diseotitiiuied; to be 

rent, to beoonio tattered. 
f%TT'^^?rr cldiij i,un I, r. a. To 

separati-, or waste, ( money ; ) to 

f^riT^ c!ili:ji,i', a. Suicoptible 

of being s'.'naratod, rent, £.'c. 
i^y^i^ chhiji,ii, J. ni. One who 

13 inclined to separate or w a-te 

money from the capital, a spend- 
f^^ clihlnyjh, s. f. Wrestling; 

c. w. Vi€?V^ and V^t. 
f^3-chliitt, a. Jiespattered, defiled, 

pollute'i, im[iure, depraved, bad. 
i^Z chh't% »./. The 

of mud and water, spattering, 

%3T chhi,ti, s. ni. A hand stick, 

a cane. 
fgZl cliliit,ti, g. m. Scattering, 

sprinklin;:;; fgJT ^P^T 

or VT^eCT, to scatter, to sj.riukle, 

( water See. ; ) f^Z^ "^p^t, to be 
scattered, to be spriiikh'd. 

fg^t chili, (i, s.f. A hand stick, 
a cane. 

fgZT? chhit ingk, f. f. The 
sixteenth part ofa seer, two oun- 
ces; i. q. ^i^\zi. 

fk^"^ fg^ ^c5T chlii,ni f.lihi,ni 
hO|ni, r. n. To go to j.iices, 
to go to atoms; fg^ f^'^Tt a^" 
$"^T, to reduce to small jdecos 
or atoms. 

f^3; chhit, tr, ^ s. m. Avery 

t%33" chhit,tar, \ old and worn 
out shoo. 

fg^^TTT chili, tariia, r. n. To 
bo scattered, to be spread. 

f%?3^T^^T cli!iitra,unt, r. a. To 
scatter, to spread; to beat Avith 
a !-lioe. 

fg'Fa'^'n^T cl.hit,, s.f. Small 
old shoes. 

1%"5'^I^?;rr chhitni.uni, r. a. 
To cause to be chamj)ooed by 
trer.diiig with the {a^-t. 

t%3'iTrRtWT chhitih,iii, t. m. 
1 he year '40. 

f%H'?^ chhit i, If, a. Forty six. 

1%g"T chhit, t'.i:i, a. Angry, sul- 
len; aslmmed, cor,fused; Tg"q' 
^?5T, to l>e a'^hanled. 

f%=??^'T clihid,ni, r, n. To bo 
pierced, to be bored. 

f^^7 chliid,dar, s. m. A hole, 
a perforation, a vacuity, a defect, 
a (law, ( n-.oral or pliy.-ical;) de- 
ception, fraud, hyjtocri^y. 

f^^gr clihid,ra, a. Porous; 
arranged at a distance, not close- 
ly set, (teeth;) fgTST tT^T, to bo 
not closely set or arranged, (teeth;) 
generally used in the plural. 
t%:5-^f^"t chhidwa,!, 5. /. Bo- 
ring; the price ofboring. 
t%^^t^^T chhidna,una, r. a. 
To cause to be perforated or 

fV?^^ clihidi,!, .♦./. Boring; 
tiie price of lioring. 

t%^f€5rr clihi(li,uni, r. a. To 
cause to be pierced, perforated or 

f^^'Y chhi.l,di, *. /. The refuse 
pa'ts of cotton; phlegm, mucus, 
the (hick viscid niatter secreted 
in the throat; in the last sense 
c. w. TWI^^ISY and^H^'Y. 

T§^ cliliin, s. f. A moment, an 
instant, the sixtieth part of a 
^/(fj/r; f^A 53", a moment, an 

\^7l fs?^ chhlun, bhinn, a. Cut 
up, destroyed, scattered. 

rgTiJ-TT^ clihinma,tar, s. vi.f. A 

t%77l? chhinar, \ g.f. A strum- 

Liiiiinar, \ 
chhinil, ) 

fg^<%i35 cliiiinll, J pet, a pros 

titute, a bad woman, a hnrlot, a 

fornicatress. The former word h 

used only in poetry. 
f^TJTTSV^r cliliiiia!pu,na, j 

f%7^:?5T clihiniiB, j 

s. in. "Whoredom, prostilut'on, 

fg^^TTst clihlp,kali, s.f. A house 

fgV^JT clili!p,n:i, r. J2. To be 

concealed, to be hid. 
fgVT'o clilii|>i,u, s.m. Concealing, 

liiding, secrecy. 
f%Vl^^ chhip.i,uni, r. a. To 

hide, to conceal. 
r^3" clihimlh, J s.f. A 

f^3"^ chhim.bhnr, J splinter; a 

bush of the twigs of which baskets 

are nsade. 
f%ifITft chhimi,hi, *. /, Six 

months; six months' pay. Also 

f%3'3'l chhir,k:i, s. m. A by path, 
a by way, a foot path, a track. 

f%^f%^T chhir,chhiri, m. Po- 
rous; a very thin kind of cloth, 
( as gauze ; ) i. q.. f^jf^T. ) 





s. VI. Skin, 
riri'l, bark, 

f^JJ chliiil, ) 

fg-=057 cliliiik, I 

f^^U diliil,lak, 

fgryy^yi dihil ka, 

f^352CT cliliill.n I, r. a. To i-crl, 

to pare, to bark, to <tri[» olFtlio 

riin], to skin, toi:aJl, to cut, (with 

a knife. ) 

f^JSF clihilt, > /./. A piece 

fg^RH, J of bkiii, lark or 

rind; a 3i>liuter or thorn in the 


f^55^, t. m. Bark, skin, 

rind; a rupee. 
fSc^r chili, li, s. m. Forty days 
after childliirth, %vhcn a grand 
purification takes place; the pe- 
riod of forty days. 
f%'J5TTB:'> chhili,i, s. f. rarlns-, 
peeling, bukinz; tiio price of 
peeling, barking, «S;?. 
fg^JSi'^^rT chhil.i,uni, r. a. To 
caui.0 to be peeled, jiared, barked, 
skinned, iSi:e. 
f%35;y cldiilir, \ t. m.f. A 
f%?5T3" chilli i,ri!, J young kid. 
fg-^H chhir,ha:n, f.f. Anger 
from a slight cause, frett'ulaess, 
vexation; c. w. WZ^^. 
fg-^^ft chhirh,mi. a. Irritable, 
irascii>le, fretful, easily provoked, 
fg'S'^^r, r. a. To 

f%'3^3rr^ chhirka/i, s. m. Sprink- 
f%"^^'^^ chhirl.'.uni, v. a. To 

cause to be sprinkled, 
f^^? chhirt, s.f. beginning, 
coniniencenient, cuniniencing; the 
prancing of a hor^e. 
fy-fjTjr chh:r,n;i, r. n. To be- 
gin, to enter, (upon a work,) to 
embark, ( in an enterprise; ) to go 
to pasture, (as a herd of cattle, 
or a flock of goats or i'leip;) to 
i}o\v, ( 33 blood ; ) to continue. 

K s.f. C.dic; 

I f^'^'i'Z^ chhiri,i', t. f. Pa^turin^^; 
I the wages of taking a herd or 
I fleck out to pasuure. 

fj3fo?5r chhij-A.uni, r. a. To 
cause to be mocked ; to cause to 
1)0 beirun, or to begin, &o. 
^ thlii, a. Six; ( ]>rovincial. ) 
g^i^ chl.i.o, -N intir. A word 
gl;j chliih, > used to incite 
^t^ clilii,ho, ^ cattle, or in- 
duce thoin to drink water; sonio- 
timcs it is used to drive thcni .a- 
way; an unmeaning cx|>rc?sion 
u<cd by washermen when bring- 
ing down the clothes upon the 
Avash board, 
^'^r chili, clilia, j *. m. A 

gt^oIT chhiclih,y:i, j kind of sauce 

made of mangoes, 
tj^^ cldn',chln5, s. m. Dry snot. 
g'PT cliiiif, 

^f^T ch!.in,di, A ii'do. 
^^^ clihini,ban, s.f. 11. e wife 

of a Cthhi.ld, .1 female of the 

Chhiinld caste. 
g^^r clihiiii|li-i, s. m. A caste; 

a washerman; a calico printer. 
"^nivz^ ehliu.iji, s.f. Touching; 

eWi^^r cLliu;i,uni, v. a. To 
cause to be touched. 

^■»MTPft chliui,n', i.f. Caudle. 

^JH.^cTr chliui.ri, s. m. The 
date tree; also its fruit. 

im^T cliliu!i,ir.i, r. a. To touch, 
io feci, to mcdulo wi:h; i. q. ^- 

sTTJ^T chhv.h.l.i, a. Active, spright- 
ly ; i. q. e'H'Jo^- 

SoTljf chliu;ii,i, s.f. Touch- 
ing; %TJ\'Z'^ -y ^1 or ^-^y to 
be tcuclu'd, to be influenced, to 
be got the better of, to be at fau'.t, 
to yield. 

eTTtoZT chliuhi.ut, s.f. Touch. 

^r€^ chliuhi,uni, V. a. To 

cau-e to be touched, to caujc to 
^nrgr chhulii,ra, t. m. A d:'.te; 

1. q. ■gTMr^T. 
■g^^r chilli, huni, r. o. To touch, 

to feel, to meddle with. 
^Tjg" chhii,liur, t.m. A boy, a lad. 
^'US'VPa, 5. m. 

liovi^iiness, littleness, a want of 

^vTgT chhu.hura, i. m. A boy, a 

%^i^''.i, a. Active, 

spriglitly; i. q. ^U'FST. 
e^ chhuchchh, *. m. Congealed 

mercury; (a state which aUiiy- 

mists suppose it to assume from 

the influence of a certain herb.) 
"^-gV^oTiJ cliliuclilik;ir,nj, J r.a. 
^^T^dT "iT chhuohhker,!; i, ) To 

drive amy contemptuouily; to 

set a dog on any thing. 
'g'5TJ3"4'^^ clihiK'Ii!iuhaiivi,n I, ■. 
'^J^'lJ-l^ST chhu<hliiiliiirpu,n I, j 

5. TTt. Boyishness, littleness, a 

wa:;t of spirit, meanness. 
W^l^' chhuchliii|liur.i, a. Boy- 

isli, puerile, little, spiritless, mean, 

trifling, airy, contemptible; i. q. 

e^=^J elil;iahhun,dar, j s.f 

^^TT7 ciihucliliua.uh:.r, J A moic, 
a mii>ktat. 

^Z" chluilt, J^rep. But, except, 
save, leaving, without, besides. 

^^vlT^ chhiitkd.ri, s. m. De- 
liverance, freedom, escape, discn- 

^33T cl.hult nri, v. n. To be 
freed, to Crcajic; c ccpuLtione 

#2^ chliut.tar, a.f. Forsaken, 
abandoned, ( by a husbai.d, ) 

^^WT^^ cldiutii.i, s.f. Little- 

f'2ft chhuf.ti, s.f. I>carc, di*- 





pcnni'-ion, freo'loin; c. w. ^€^ 
an. I f;'?^. 

' To caw -e to be rcleaic-'l; Q.rop- 

crly g-?^Tfer. ) 
^:g-Tig^r cliliu(]a,uni, r. a. To 
release, to separate, to deliver, 
to rul fri>!ii. 
^^r? H"^^ clilmnlc, iiuink, /./. 
The sounfl of frying fat; a rat- 
tling sournl. 
^ f^^t^ ^ tliliiiM.i-lilaini, f. m. A 

chiM's rattle. 
^^^Ts^Onft clilniti.eliliuniin, s. /. 

pi. Fetters. 
^ cliliutt, ad. "Without hin- 
drance; i. q. Wro'J. 
^-r^CT ciilm[',ni, r. n. To be hid, 

to be coijcealed. 
^Mi^i^T clihiiiii.una, r. a. To 

^■g ehhubb, J s. m. Abanda^rc; 
^•gr i-iihir.'.b.i,/ c. w. Ifl'S^T. 
^•g^ cli!ii;i',l'r', .<:./. A .'Tijiall ban- 
dage; c. \v. VT'^tjt or yi?fot. 
g7 chhiirr, i;<ftr. H.l'oiic ! (a 
word ii-i^d to drive away a eat;) 
^9 tt^At, to get away, to be- 
^T7 cldiiirk, s.f. ITaste, rapid- 
ity, «;ie-ii, fpilckness; ^1"? V'U- 
^ f^'J^ ^i^T, to go away 
quicklv, to go av."3y with ha-te 
or ra[ii';iiy. 
^TSn^^TTJt eldnirkphari,hl, s.f. 

A snare for birds, &c. 
^7 ^3^7 chhiirak, murak, e. f. 
Walking witli haste; c. w. jr?7ft. 
Also ipr? K?7. 
^r ehhii,ri, J. m. A large knife. 
^*t ehlui,ri, *./. A small knife. 
^ cldiu,re, infer. Begone! 

(said to a eat. ) 
?^7^7 elilm!k,ri.i, r. n. To 
be frightened; to overflow, to be 
«pUt ; to void urine. 

^fST'^^T ehhulk.iiUn i, r. a. To 

e?5^ft WHS^T chlniliki iiiutin t, ?*. n. 
To void urine eoj>iini'<!y tiirougli 

S'vI^T eldiuli^na, r. a. To toueli, 
to feel. 

WTJ3 eldiU|hat, s.f. Toiieh, enn- 
taniination; e. w. f57T?ct. 

E^t clihu,clilii, s. f. The part of 
a gnu stoc'; in whieli the ramrod 
is inserted. 

^Z' ehliut, s.f. Acting or speak- 
ing without re.-traint or consider- 
ation, running furiously; c. w. 

g^ ehhiui, s. f. Hoot; trace, 
track; jiosterity; a troop, forces, 
an army; f^ Jf^T€5S% to 
destroy utterly, to diiuini;h, to 
bring to an end. 

^3" ehhut, s. f. Toucli, contam- 
inatio!!, dctilemont; c. w. ?5JT- 

^77 ehliu:i, *. f. Hoot; traf-e, 
track; posterity ; a troop, forces, 
an army; diminution; g'TST vT^"^, 
to be dimlnisluMl; ^^ g-j ^^l', 
to diminisli, ^77 ^li'>'^^, to 
diminish, to bring to an end, to 
root up, to leave no trace or track, 
to annihihite. 

^■gg' ehlium,bar, s. »«. A rustic, 
a elown. 

eT chlie, a. Six. 

#-WT dilie.a, a. Six. Ti:is form 
is usi-d by shopkeepers when tliey 
weigh grain. 

%~^ chlie,i, Only six, all six. 

^§ chiie,o, a. All six. 

^^3" ehhe,ur, ;. f. A wooden 
frame built into a wall to give 
strength to it; ( provincial. ) 

^vJc^CT ehhch,i;i, r. n. To bo 
rent or torn. 

■^H chhek, s. m. A hole, a per- 
foration; e. w. ^^T. 

S S 

■g'y'^T clilifkiiii, r, a. To -plit, 
to tear, to rend ; to .-cparate, to 
bar, ( from ca-te, ) to cast oU'; to 
bore, to perforate. 
■g"7^<JTT chhe-kway,y I, /. trt. One 
tliat tears or rends, &c. ; (proper- 
ly f^^tHT. ) 
^U^ chhi'ikar, prrp. n<l. Af- 
ter, after wan Is, sub-e(piently, at 
^c7^?5t e]ihe,karl.i, m. Remain- 
ing-, last; the last one. 
^3"^! chlietini, -x V. a. To 
%'3'^'^T ehhe,tani:i, J beat; to 

ehampoo with the i'cft. 
%"3.^^^T ehheki.uui, r. a. To 
cause to be rei;t or torn, to cause 
to bo i>erforated ; ( [>roperIy f%- 
7T^^T. ) 
^tT elih'j, f. /. A bed, bed- 

<ling; e. w, fg^r^^. 
■g"^ ehhed, s. m. A hole, a 

jierf' -ration, 
"^^^r ihh'. \ni, f. a. 'I'o bore, 

to p(.Tfora!\ 
'g'^Ti't fhhcl,i:i, s.f. A shoe- 
maker's awl; 'jut in the Panjub, 
this instrumer.t is used only to 
cut leather, not to bore hole?, 
and its bkide is always tlut. 
■^gr ehher, s.f. A hole in the 
teeth; pasturing buf.'doesat nigiit; 
'g"3' ^lI^^r5^ to pasture butVa- 
loes especially at night; to 6\ 
^^nu, to become hollow, ( the 
^■f^T, chhe,l:i, s. m. > 
^?5i, s.f. ) 
"^^ ehher, s.f. The act of tcaz- 
ing, vexing, irritating; re-en- 
forcement; %^ cT^Tft, to teaze, 
to irritate. 
^^vfTTTt, s.f. Vexa- 
tion, irritation, teazing, stricture, 
animadversion ; c. \v, af^Ti^. 
^"^■^^T thher,n;i, r. a. To teaze, 
to worrv, to vex; to touch; to 





iancc .1 swelling or boil; to «pcak 
of, to 111* iition, to begin, to start 
a subject of c'onvcr:?ation; to 
drive out cattle to pasture; to 
make run, ( a horse. ) 

g"^ chlio,ru, s. m. One who 
drives cattle to jKisturc; one who 
teaze.1 or vexes. 

g- chhai, s. m. Murtality, frailty, 

^XJ^T chliaih,na, r. n. To lie 
under a covert, to lie in ambuih; 
i. q. gfvJ^^T. 

^eft chliai,ni, s.f. A chisel for 
cutting metals. 

§^ chhai, nc, s. m. pi. Cymbals; 
c. w. -g^Tif^. 

W??? chhaiu,tal, s. m. Trick, fraud. 

^F^WTtT chhaintalbfij, S. m. 
One who plays tricks, one skilled 
iu tricks, fi deceiver. 

^^ cliliail, I s. in. 

^?F5g'^?5T cldiailchhabi^hi, J A 

S'fJBTjr chliailtn,na, s. m. (lit. 
forty individuals. ) An iuvi,>Ible 
being sujtposed to move in a cir- 
cular orbit round the world, called 
by the Hindus, ^fijTft or ^7T- 
5^^; ( properly fu;i?T3'?r. ) 

^jj'gtirr chhailb.'.ng,ti, > s. ni. 

%-^^ chhai,li, J A 

fop, a beau. 

^TT^IfT cl.'ho]i,na, v. a. To touch, 
to feel, to meddle with. 

^vJd chho,har, j j, in. A 

^ vJ 3 T chh(>h,r;i, J boy, a lad. 

^rrrg^ chhuh,r:, s.m. A girl, a lass. 

^;jf5T chhi..h,la, a. Quick, hasty, 

^3?d H^T chhokarpUiUa, s. ni. 
Childhood; %^? M"?^, children's 

^3-3"T chhok,ra, s. m. A boy. 

Irsrat chhtk.rl, s.f. A girl, a lass. 

^U chhot, s. /. rvcml^sion, a 
certain i>crcentagc remitted on 

the payment of a loan whiih lia-s 
l>een held at interest; c. w. ^■^v. 

%'z:r chliot.ta, a. Little, small, 

^2rr^ chhot.1,1', s.f. Smallncs"^, 
littleness; i. q. ^ii\i!^. 

%1;t vHzrr chhot, ti mot^ti, a. 
Little and big, short and thick. 

^3" chhot, /./. Liipurity, de- 
filement ; ^F ^r^T^^, to remove 
supposed impurity or detilcment 
ft-om the eyes when sore, by pas- 
sing burning stra^v around the 

^J5r chho,li, s. m. A kind of 
pulse, gram. 

^TiftrHT chliO|lii, J s. m. Green 

^?5'»>fT chho Uii, / gram. 

■g" chhau, .♦, in. Unsati>tied long- 
ing, wish or desire; % "STi^, to 

have cue's desires trratlfied. 
*^ "... 

g^TJ chhauh, s. m. LyniLT lu wait; 

fear; doubt, susj-icion; ^nT HT7- 

79T or ?=5r@^T, to lie in ^ait, 

to lie concealed; gTT V^rr, to 

be fearful, to bo suspicious or 


g3T ch]iaun,t:i, s. vi. The sad- 
dle of an ass or mule; the thong 
of a cart whip; (properly sid'r.) 

g-^r chhau,da, s. m. The 
dle of an ass or mule. 

^;^T chhau,na, s. m. The young 
of any animal; a dwarf, any ani- 
mal of dwarfish stature. 

g^ chhaur, $. m. A white thick 
speck in the eye; c. w. V tTTi^T. 

^ jau, aJ. Until, till, tUl that 
time; ( poetical.) 

^1 J^"' I s.m. Barley. 

y\^ jaun, / 

fl^ jautj, conj. As; (poetical. ) 

tTH jai, *. m. Fa'iie, cel-Jjrity, 
reputation, character, a goo<l 
name; rW T37iT, to ceK'bmti.-, 
to spread one's fame; rTfT VfZPJT 
or ^3T, tu acquire t'.inie; ^TT 
%^i, to give a goo<l name. 

rrrr? ja-t, s. w. Pewter. 

rTf^S^ .i^'i^-i» '• '"• -^ handle; 
the tVaying of cloth, (in washing; ) 
irregidarity of color in dyeing; in 
the ['lural c. w. M" fl^^. 

yTTT?^ ja>,t!, a. Made of pewter. 

WTV? J^^-I'^'t, ) '• "•• ^^ l'*^r- 

=rm^% j.>.>pa,ti, } son ot great 
celebrity, a man of renown. 

r{T\^i^ j.iswant, a. Celebrated, 
famous, renowned. 

tTTTT^ jahi.i, s.f. rro-tituting, 
copulating; price ot prostitution. 

^^rcri^^T jahi, una, r. a. To 
cause to Le copulatc«.l, to cause 
to copulate, to ravl.-h. 

T^HJi^'^ i.ih-iji, s. VI. A sailor, a 

^EHITti'^ y.\\iiyh a. Eelongingto 
a ship. 

rTTITT? j.ihAn, s. in. The worM. 

^fb^l j-\bi?i, V. n. Cum mu- 
licre cu;ulari. Also TJrfu^T. 

T^tXJKS- ja,himat, .'. /• Disquiet- 
ude, pain, aiiliction, trouble, sick- 

^frfijKS'^C ja,hiniatiin, /. ^ 

^njlT?^ ja.himati, m. > 

^f^K3^c=?' jahlmatd, m. f. 
a. A!:licted, emaciated with dis- 
ease, sick. 

y^irj^ ja.hir, s.f Toison. 

nTlTT^T? ja.hiran, /. ^ Venom- 

^tTT^t ja,hirf, m. J ous, bit- 
ter, full of rage; a venomous, 
wrath fuIj>erson. 

^fb^lj^r ja.hirili, a. Toisonous. 

^ jak, S.f Doubt, suspens^ 
suspicion; obstruction; c. w. m 





^7 ^T^T jak, j^Vi i, 1^ «•• "• To 

T,17^T j:;k,na, J ^^ '" 

sujpoiise, to liositatf, to be 
thoiiglitl'iil an.l auxio'.ts, tobcsus- 
j.iciuiis, to slu-iiik. 

^7 -^7^^ i-'^K banuli.ui, c. n. 
To be frozen, to be liar.Jeno<.l, 
( water, tlour, &c. ) 

^7^ U7^ jak.kar, r-. n. 
To babble. 

^a^^^T j;i,karni, r. a. To bind, 
to tie, to fetter, to pinion, to 
tiirliten, to put in iron-s. 

^^■^^^ UT^^CT jakarbanJ, pi,u- 
ni, I', o. To make fast, to 
tiirhten, to bind well. 

5F?'3 HT^T^T jak,kar, v 

^"irW ?;5l€^ juk.kar li.nne, / 
c. n. To lie, to speak falsely, to 
speak vainly. 

^y{W^r^^l jakra.un I, r. a. To 
cause to be bound, &.c. 

^FR^'^WT jak, flan, $. f. j>l (lit. 
biiiiling?. ) Tossingi of ilie head, 
ai.d other motions made by a 
woman who is supposed to be iu- 
fluenccd and bound by some fai- 
ry; the music ii:ade use of to dis- 
pel that intluoiico; c. w. ^S"^- 
mi and JJ^T^^I rn't, 

'ff?' ■??■ jak.ko tak.ko, ^ s. /. 

tT^F?^ jak.kon tak,kon, J Anxie- 
ty, consideration, deliberation, 
hesitation, sui-pense. 

^M jakkh, s. m. A very huly 
man, a moit devout worshipper, 
a sort of demigod, 

^*f^r jakkh, rui, s.f. Modesty, 
calmncs*, contentment; TT^c^t 
Tfr^ki, to be ininio<le5t. 

nTMM ja,kliani, *. m. A wound; 
c. w. ^ yTI^ and ?5IT^T. 

^TWr^ jakh,iiKin, a./. Wounded. 

vr>f>{TAT, j s. m. 

'Tr^^fHnfiT^T jakhmii,ni, / Com- 
icnsation to a soldier fur a wound 
or the loas of a limb in battle. 

tTVK^ jak!i,mi, a. Wounded. 

^■v^TsTT jakhi,ra, s. m. C'ollee- 
tion of goods, store, treasure. 

^T?r j'l^'g. s. m. The world, the 
universe; a sacrifiee, a great feast 
given from religious motives to 
brahmans and to the poor; nf?T 
aTgTJ''', to make an ollering, to 
make a great feast, to feed the 
brahmans and poor, &c. 

tT?! jangg, s. m. Battle, war. 

=H^f=R3ir j'lgj-'ig^ij *• "'• I'rass tinsel. 

^tT^TRTl^ jag,jag:it, $.m. Splendor, 

"^TUF ja,gat. 

s. m. The world, 
the universe. 

yl^t's ja.gatl, 

TiJlH^ ja,guti, 

tT^F^ ja,gati, s. f. Tiie world, 
p>eople; a name of the great god- 

tRTB*^ ja,gati, a. Worldly, per- 
taining to the earth. 

^SHTTJ 7^^ j-i,.?an uuth, s. m. {lit. 
the lord of the world. ) The 
name of a famous idol. 

'rTJTH jang,gam, s. m. A cLiss 
of Hindu fa'p'rs who wear matted 
hair and ring a bell. 

TRTJi^TT^evT jagmag:i,unLi, r. n. 
To shine, to glitter. 

tRTK^TTZ: jagmaga,liat, | s.m. 

TRTJi^nZr jagmagit, J Glitter, 
splendor, glare, brightness. 

itT?T7 jagigar, w!./. One who 
is dundj, ( wholly or partially, ) 
and deficient in intellect; dumb 
and otherwise deficient, half wit- 
ted, idiotic. 

rnToFT jngra,ta, j *. in. Wateh- 

tRRIFT jagrr»,t;i, / ing all night, 
a vigil, a jiarty of girls for spin- 
ning, &.C., whicli continues all 
night, the night being spent in 
singing and dancing, 

5r3T?5 jangigal, s. m. A jungle, a 
forest, a desert, any uneullivated 
ground; TfTTTW or "F^T^ W^ or 

f%?37T, to go away to case one's 

•Fnifrr j;.ng,gali, t. m. i. f).^?TM; 

als«) the name of a ru^/ni. 
rTTT^ jangigali, a. Wild, uncul- 


tRT%^ jagwo,di, s.f. An altar. 

"f^T jn,gi, J 

is. J. 1 lace, room. 
TT5TT jag^gi, ) 

^r^n^ PS-\i, »•/• Awaking; 
wages for awaking. 

TRn€?:^T j.igi.una, r. a. To a- 
wake, to rouse. 

^r^TTF j.i^ir, s.f. Duty, custom; 
c. w. $"^ and «^t. 

fl?TT5yT7>T jagitkli.i,na, s. m. 
A customliouse. 

"■H^US'iN" jagijtan, s.f. ^ 

rHTT^t jagi,ti, *. m. > 

■•HJIirOwT jagi.tii, *. m. ^ 

A receiver of customs, a custom- 
house otiicer. 

'RJTT35 janggil, .<. )n. Rust, ver- 
digris; c. w. W^r^T. 

WTTlR^ janggi,li, a. Having the 
color of verdigris, green; rusted. 

'^aft jang^gij a. Military, war- 
like, relating to war, martial. 

'inf^ Jang gi, s. vi. A comba- 
tant, a warrior. 

TfTftg jagir, s.f. Land given by 
Government as a reward for servi- 
ces, or as a fee; a pension in the 
rent accruing on land ; i. q. =rrnnor. 

rnf^^'-^rar jagirulr, s. m. j 

^{jf^'3^^'37?( jagirdir,ni, t. f. ) 
Tlie holder of aj'T^iV. 

TnfVg^njt jagirdA,ri, s.f. The 
holding of a j-Jjir, the proceeds 
of aj'iy.V. 

tl?f^T^l, r. n. To sutler 
from indigesticin, (applied to 
persons;! to be racked with pain 
in the joints, i' applic-tl to horses;) 
y^ltf^nrt ?rr%nir, troulded with 
indiiri stion; raeked with pain in 
the joii:ts. Also ?T?f^f^*KT rtl^. 





Vij1<5.T jn^o.ti, s. ni. A rlmin of 
plaitc'l Jiair worn ]>y fu'jirs 
arniinil tlic loiiK. 
^Ui j.-ingdi, f. f. Tlie log; (pro- 

vinoiul. ) 
yj^ j'ifli, s. m. Parturition pain; 
(tliis word s not u->o<l l.y itself.) 
tTUoTT jacli,rii, V. n. To he exam- 
ined, to be trietl, to be provc<l, 
to be considered, to be estimated, 
to be guessed; (o be suspicious, to 
shrink; in tlie last sense; i.q.TrT>^T. 
>T^^CTT jachway,ya, s. vi. One 
who proves;, estimates, guesses, ttc. 
^xfT jaeh,cli.u_i, s. /. A lying- 
in woman. 
y^X'%Z jachijUt, s. f. Examin- 
ation, proof, estimation, gue>s. 
fr9"T^^f jacliu.uiKi, V. a. To 
cause to be proved or e.^timatcd. 
tTtT j'inyj, s. f. A wedding party. 
WflHT*^ j;ijiii:in, s. m. The client of 
a brahman ; a customer, a person on 
whoso custom brahmans, barbers, 
and some others, have a legal 
•claim. ^ '• The hereditary brahman, 
or barber, ic, of a village must be 
paid his fees whether you ch.oose to 
empl )v luiu or another person." ) 
?Trf*{T7r5v^ jajnK\,nani, s.f. The 
female client of a brahman, a fe- 
male jjj man. 
rRKT<Vt V^-TTJ jaima,ni pro,hat, 
*. tj». A herciiitary family j'ricst. 
YTflWTTjV V^TIS^ jajma,ni pro.liati, 
s.f. The office of hereditary 
family priest. 
^tTT jnjji, s. m. The name of 

the letter y{. 
^TrlTfe:?? jajii|il, > s. f. A 

5rtrt%55 janyja,ib J kind of largo 

nuisket, a swivel. 
>TTnf^l^^'> jaja.ilchi, ^ s. vi. 
■^ftTTt%55^ janyj.l,ilehl, A sol- 
'H-Hlfvi.J^I' jai.i,ilj, <licr who 

^^TtVjst janyjd^ili, J manages 
a swivel. 

I TTrJ^t^ jaiivjilj f. ui. Trouble, 
ditiicul(y, j>Iague, endiarrassment, 
perj>lexiry, entaiigleiiunt. 
Trfi^TT^^ J''".\i *,':>«. /• ) A mo- 
Wrf:5^'t janyjiji, j,j. J lestjr, 
a troubler, otic uli<i excites quar- 
rels ami makes dithcultios. 
y^.W^S^ jnj.iwanji. s.f. The 
name of a nwiu' sung at mid- 
rTTOa" janyiir, s. in. A chain. 
'fTTTt'? j-.iiiyjir, .^ /*. A silver 
or gold ciiaiii worn round the 
neck, both by males and females, 
as an (.•rnament. 
fTrn^T janyji,ri, s. ki. Connec- 
tion, chain, sucoos^ion, two tur- 
bans of ditlereut color twi-ted to- 
fftftFT^^^l janyiintbaii.di, s.f. 
Arraying, arragement of rank In 
the aniiv, o:c. : e. w. ITJT^. 
iH rHs^ j;inyji|r!, 5./. A chain 

necklace, a small chain. 
fTflt^^rU" janyjiridir, a. Wear- 
ing a chain; chain like. 
^ri'3^^3" jaiiyjiridir, s. m. f. 

A kind of cannon ball. 
"H ^ .{"uny, *. /". The company 
which attends a bridegroom at a 
ffZ' jat, s, f. Matted hair, as Morn 

^2r jatf, s. m. The name of a 
caste of farm;r?, (both Hindu 
and Muhammadan. ) 
t{2" tT^T jattjaj>,ph.i, s. m. Seiz- 
ing and throwing down by main 
force, as practiced by Jatts and 
other rough plain people who are 
unacquainted with the arts of 
wrestlers, seizing suddenly in 
wrestling, so as to preclude trick 
on the part of the opponent. 
^T3"gfvr^ jatba,hir, a. Ignorant, 

rude, clowni>h, coarse. 
'rT2:t%;%»KT ja(bid,dia, s.f. The 

ingenuity and deceit which char- 

aeteri/e .1 ids. 
^ZV5 jatali, *. /. Fabeh.Mjd, 

quibbling, a lie; r!^?? TJ>^, to 

quibble; Tizfw Vr-^Tit or ?5T- 

^^fV, to lie, to talk nonsense. 
y{Z^ W^'^niT jatali, ki.lii, ,. r,i. 

J'abricating false and nonsensical 

poetic sentences. 
^TZ-??^ .i'tal.hin, s.f. A liar. 
y^^Ti^W jatalln;i,nil5, *. .... A 

spurious writing, forgery; non- 
sensical composition. 
^TZr?5> ,i'i'.al,li, s. T?i. A liar, one 

who talks nonsense. 
•rid<^lTrW jatwa,liir, a. Ignorant, 

clo\vni-!i, rude, coarse. 
rf^^lvT^ jatw.Uid, ^ s. m. f. 
^ZTIT^ jatwadh, ] People 

of the ./..// caste. 
rfZTT jat I, s.f. Matted hair. 
■r[Zrmi^ ja(idlia,ri, a. Having 

n;atted hair. 
^St jatti, s.f. A female J.;//. 
=tT^"^»{t jatiyuij, s.f. pi. Short 

matted hair. 
^5^r jate^ta, s. m. \ The child 
r.^"Zft jate.t', s.f. J of^Jatt. 
ri^^3r^T jatiing^gara, *. m. A 

little child of a ./<'//; ( a term used 

contemptuously. ) 
iR^^r^rt jatha,ni, s.f. The wile 

of a husband's elder brother; I.q. 

TiZ3 j.';thutt, s. m. The son of 
a husband'.- elder brother; I. q. 

Tt^oTT jathe.r.i, s. m. An elder 
relation of one's husband, a hus- 
band's ancestor, ( applied particu- 
larly to one, who being deceased, 
is an object of worship. ) 

WS jand, *. tn. A specie.-* of forest 

frS:?^'^^ jandkan'r, *. m. A 
forest t)fja'_i(l. 

ri^ j^"?; !• "I. The n?nie of a 





wiI-1 aii'l lawK-?5 (ri^c dwc-lliiig in 
the crrcat wililcrnc^s in tlie snutli- 
ern part of the Uiiri D-xib anJ 
famous for |ilun<lerin2r; an iuluill- 
taiit of the uiMernc;?.?. 

Ti y^ ^r jan,ni, r. a. To l>car, to 
hrln^' forth. 

fny^T^l jan^^'V', s- /• The 
biisinc-s of a niiJwife; compen- 
sation for her services. 

^5^<j \Qti\\ jan'.vl,iini, r. a. To 
ilcliver, to bring to bed, to act 
the part of a niivlwifo for any one; 
to cause to be known, to inform. 

t^^r ja,nl, s. m. A peroon, an 

fl^'CV janfi,!, s.f. TliC same 
as r!^ <^ i \L^. 

tT^TI^^CT jnfja,una, v. a. To 
act tlie part of a midwife; to 
cause to bo known, to infonii. 

r{^^%^ jani,uiii, s.f. The news 
or report of one's being born; 
bringing forth, (a child;) a mld- 

tT^ v^r ja,ni ka.nii, \ s. m. 

tI^T vfclir ja,nt klia|n:i, \ Every 
jKTron, great and .^mall. 

rJ3u ja,nj, s.f. A female person. 

tl^w 7^ ia,ni ka, ui, ^ s. f. 

y\^ V^"t j;i,ni kha,ni, ) Every 
person, higli and low. 

tT^VT .i:m.-,[.i, s. m. The period 
of cliihil.irth, the condition of a 
lying-in wom;in. 

t[F jat, s.m. Celibacy; cohabiting 
with none except one's own hus- 
band or wife, chastity ; ^^ M^T^- 
75T, io practice celibacy. 
=»T7 jatt, s.f Hair, ( as of a goat. ) 
^T? jant, s. m. An animated l)c- 
ing, an insect, a worm; i. rj. 'FTB'. 

^B" H7 jat, sat, g. m. Chastity, 

y\37: ja.taii, s. m. Carefidno~% 
canu>tne.-,s, assiduity, roniedy, ef- 
fort, endeavor, arrangement. 

r\5^ ja,tani, a. Careful, ear- 
iie-t, assiduous. 

^5 i;'"|tr, s. m. A matliino in 
general, any iastrumont or ajipa- 
ratus; a dial, an obser\atory; a 
diagram of a mystical or astrolo- 
gical character; an amulet; ff^ 
Jf3!> j<'=oli"c> conjuring, enehant- 
ing by figures and incantations. 

tT^ jii'iitri, s. m. A conjurer, 
a juggler, a wizard. 

TT^t j;ui|tri, s.f. An instrument 
f(.>r drawing wire; an arithmetical 
figure used for multiplying any 
number; in thefirst sense the same 
as Tf^t or TT^t. 

rIF'c 3" jatwant, j a. Chaste, 

tI3''c'3T jatwan,t;i, j practicing ce- 

=fTFT^^T jata,uni, r. a. To 
remind, to Avarn, to iaforui. Al.>o 

ifT3T€c5T jat;i,ula, a. ITairy. 
tT3'T?5T, a. ITairy; (very 

seldom used. ) 
vT?^ ja,tl, ^ s. m.f. A 

=fT3>H?^ ja,tt sa,ti, ] cliastc 

person, one of conjugal fidelity, 

one who practices celibacy. 
■FTJ" j'lnitu, s. in. An animal, a 

sentient being, a creature. 
WS'^'i jataijlii, a. Hairy. 
iFI^T ja,t]i.i, conj. As, such as, 

according to. 
tTWT ja.thu, s. m. A band, a 

party, a gang, a crowd, a class, a 

^^^^3^^ jatli:i,ratli, a. True. 
rfqfTg^ jatha.ratli, ad. Truly, 

in fact, undoubtedly, exactly. 
=R^ j;id, Q'l. A^'hen, at the time 

when; y!^ ^^e, r[^ '^^, vi^ 

^^, 'ff^ ^=^, wiienevcr. 
^^ jadd, s. f Family, ancestors. 
tFT^ jaiid, ^ .?. »*i. A wire 

'tT=?3' j:iii,<, / midxliig ntaehine; 

a flour mill tuiiie'l by water. 

T T 

^^^T jan,dar.i, s.m. Apadlotk; 
'JT^^T $■ ^err, HTJAT or MT^- 
^T, to luck ; to stoi>. 

tT^^ jan,dri, s.f. A padlock; 
an instrument for drawing wire. 

tT^T jaH|di, 5, hi. A padlock; 
tT^r % =%^T, HI3"^ or T^r^- 
?^T, to lock; to sto[>. 

tT^TJ? jandal, m. An execu- 
tioner; one who skins or Hays; 
cruel, hard-hearted. 

=R^t ja,di, aJ. At that very time; 
(properly tT? vft. ) 

irf^ j'i<^,di, a. Pertaining to 
f imily or ancestors. 

w€^ j'liJio, ad. At tliat very 
time; ( properly tT^ Tpf. ) 

tT^ jau,di, s.f. A small lock; 
a machine for drawing wire. 

W^ W5T jan,di ad/lA, a. m. A 
kind of lathe with which carriage 
wheels, &c., arc dressed. 

^^^jfi jaduwan,sl, a. One of 
the race oi Jddo, of whom Krishn 
was one; i. fj. rfT^^jf^, 

tT^^TT jaddliiiia, V. a. To copu- 
late, to deflower; tT^^ '9'E^, de- 
flowered; (an abusive tenu. ) 

^trS' jadjdhar, 5. m. f. A de- 
flowered woman; the son of a de- 
flowered woman, a bastard; (an 
abusive term. ) 

T^^ jadjdho, s.f. An unchaste 
woman, an adulteress; t!^ ^ 
Ifljft', the aunt of an adulteress; 
( an abusive term. ) 

rHS' Jan, s. m. An individual, a 

t^t; \ jann, s. vi. Susi>icion, 

^7; y doubt; nf^ WlTTt, to be 
.suspicious, to bo doubtful. 

tT7»7 ja.naV, s. m. The father 
of SiUi the wile o( liutna ovUir. 

\\7i^X jan,k;i, | s. m. A 

TlTTyr jaii,klKi, ) hermaplirodite. 

TTTit?^! jan,nan.i, f. n. To be sus- 




T!^ Jf -n^i vIoT 

^7*37 pr.tnr, s. vi. A inafl.itio 
in gi'DLial; i. q. ^^; rl773J 
VTi'S'S, fonjiiriiig; i. 'j-W^U^. 

VIAci^ .i'",tri, 5. ni. Ajiiggli.T; 

i. q. ff sin 

flTV'J jan,tu, s. m. An a'.umal, n 
sentient being, aiiy being cnJuw- 
ed wiili niiinial life, jiartitulnrly 
of tlie lowest orders; i, q. 'vT^' 
or "iT^r. 
tTPTW j.i,iinm, J. m. Birth; riT^rf 
TJTg'ST or f^^T, to I>e born, to 
become incarnate. 
rr??WWHZ'Ji'^ jananiast.n-ii, 5. /. 

Tlie birth day ot Krishui. 
iiTTJKH^T?? janauihtliin, s. m. 

A birth jilace. 
rr^>!7T^'3'5T jananiiwirth, .'. 77J. 
A fortunate or well?j>ent life; re- 
joicing at tlic birth of a child. 
Yfi^K^^'t jananisa.khi, s. f. A 
biogn-ij-Jtv, ( partiuHilarly of .Y(/'- 
nak and tlie otlier Gin-us. ) 
WT^TlHi'-'^^ janaiujuairli, .^ ;;?. 
A fortunate or Avell^i'ent life; 
rejoicing at the birth of a ch!hl.* 
?r<^>{<3'l^ ja,namnj, v. n. To be 

Tn^l-n^^ST janauKl.i,i;i, .f. in. The 
author of life, the giver of life, 
one who provides food always or 
during the whole lite, (God;) a 
great beui factor. 
»T<^Kt^2^'WT jai:amdiha,ri, s. m. 

A birth day. 
?i7WV^ jananipatifii, s. f. A 

r^KifSJ jana-iibhar, aJ. In the 
course of a life time; in c-ne's 
Mhole life. 
tT^7|3H" janaiiibliuii), s. f. The 

place of one's nativity. 
•FTTW ?R7J ja.nani ma.ran, s. /. 

lilrth and death; eternal .leuth. 
fl7rHl€5^T janniA^nin, r. a. To 
act the i>art of a niiilwife, to as- 
sist ( a chihl ) in being born. 

ri<Si-rt'7 janamiii'lh, n-V. I'rotu 

rTTJi'^^vT j:iiii,n'il, r. a. Toatt 
the j>nrt of a ini'lwife, to deliver, 
to a.--i*t (a niorher) in bringing 
furtli, to a"-;i-t (a child) in hj- 
ing born; to cau<c to know, to 
warn, to inform. 

ViTi'^J janijUr, s. m. An ani- 
mal, a bird; (in the first sen-e 
rarely;) a blockhead; ^^T ^7JT- 
^5", an elephant. 

Ti^ITT jaiiili, s. m. A'.lultory, 

tTSIvI^T? janulikar, s. m.f. An 
adulterer, a fornicator, an adul- 
tere>«, a fornicatress. 

rT^i^^'o*^ janihka,ri, s. /. A- 
dnlt'.ry, fornicatiun. 

TITjrxr^ j:iii.i|iian, s.f. An adul- 
terers a fornicatress. 

=H7>'vft jan:i,hi, s. in. An adul- 
terer, a fornicator. 

^TJ:^ jan.Ij,I, s. m. A Iiier; 
i^Tji^n' ^ f^?>r, to pray over tlie 
dead, as Muhaiuniadans do. 

TiTi'F jan;'t, s. f. ih Genii; 
(l>roj/erly ffl^^iS' ; but this form 
is never used in the Panjubi 
language. ) 

=I7>T77"y7?>r janankh,i,n;i, s. m. 
Tlie f«-:r.ale apartments of a liouse. 

vT7rr7:^r??'5^ jananman,tri, 5. in. 
A man who is like a Moaian in 

rTTJTTrffT janin,ri, s. in. A man 
bereft of masculine powers, an ef- 
feminate person, a maa who talks 
like a woman. 

yT7TI?7T jan:i,ni, s.m.f. A female, 
a woman; a man of feminine 
character, a man who talks like a 

rJT^n^r jun.\,na, a. Of a woman, 
pertaining to a female. 

Tr?»:7ft Jan-i^ni, s.f. A woman, 
a female. 

A weJdin'' 

1 t. m. 

j One of a 


fi;^r^ jan.i,ni, a. Of a woman, 
( slioes, clothing, Li^. ) 

YTT^t j:in,iii, a. Ha^[>',Aon-i. 

rl.-Srfv jaiiun, S.f. Itiluug, burn- 
ing; i. <[. tT?v''?s; c. w. tr^. 

Tl^7>jauu!i, s. m. Insanity, pliren- 
sv. rniro. 

•H<S<S-\ jmi'iinan, /. ^ a. .^lud, 

fly?ft Jauu,ni, m. / fr.;ntio, 

=R^^ j:im-,\i, s. m. A string worn 
round the neck by U rah mans :xr\ti 

TiSs" Janet, s. /. 

vT^FS" jauo,tar, 

iR^F^ jane.tar, 

tT^F^ jai!e,tf, 

TO5^wr jane,t;d, 

flU jap, s. m. Silent repetition 
of the name of God, silent medi- 
tation, adi.»ration, counting the 
beads of a rosary. 

tTV^T jap,ni, r. a. To repOat, 
(the name of God, Lc.,) silently 
in adoration, to count, ( the beads 
of a rotary; ) to swallow. 

rlW FV Jap, ta]>, s. in. Auscore 
I vTVWTT^T japm:I,l.i, J./. A roia- 
1 i-y.^ 

i TJMlfe'^r lai.a.uni, r. a. To cause, 

I _ .11. 

1 ( the name of Cbid, ) to be re- 
peated in silent wor^liin, i:c. 

^UT^^r jappih\ta, s. m. A 
powerfully purgative nut; i. q- 

rPit Ja^pf, 1 s. m. One who 

yT'/^VKT Ja.pi'i, \ practices the wor- 
ship called ^;Vj>. 

tTV^ rv^ }'\\'i ta.pi, s. m. 
austere devotee. 

=H^ "^cS^vf Japph,, v.n. 
To be matted, (hair; ) i. (\- t?^ 
'^Z^'. Also =n'^ ^7S fl-Sn". 

=n^ Ht^^"^ ^^T Japph, muJ^MM'i'i, r. 71. To wrestle; to 






close upon an a<lvcr5:iry, to figlit 
rot:gIi aixl tunil'lo. 
^f ja,i.hi, s.f. Oj-i-rev^i-.n, vio- 
lence, ]iarJ;Iiii». 
^^r j:»r''',l'»' '*•/• I--n'^racinir, 
( ;i> iiKii 'lo iii wrestling;) c. w. 
vfT^^T and WrzjTjr. 
y^{ r^r ja.r.i kn,fi or jai^lii 
kaplii, s.f. Ilar.lship, at!licti"n, 
want; W^f r^r ^J^'t or -"onj^- 
7J>, to Miller liard>]ili., to get vn 
wall dilliculty, to load a wrctclnd 
=a^ jap,].].!', s. f. Eml.raciiicr, 
clent-hij)- ; c. w. ^M^^ and 
VI ^^. 
TT^Ur ji'',l'i. ^- '"• The fore- 
head : a magisterial eharactor, 
state, diiriiity, ma^riufieence, ma- 
jesty, hi-li rank and spirit, 
Wq^^'? jdihcdir, ^ s. w. 
Y5q^^:?2T»!icwi|l;i, J Anianuf 
rai:k an'l si>irit, a man with a 
noble furelieaJ. 
rl^? jil't. s. m. Confiscation; 
^^5" ^T.T, t'* I'O ccnfiscated, to 
be put under rc;traint; >^"g3"73'- 
^T, to conO-eate, to take posses- 
sion f>f, 10 seize, to put under 
Yrg3^ .i'''',f^ ^- f- C'nnfi-cation. 
fl^7 ,i:i,bar, a. Superior, excel- 
ling, iiKire. 
fi"5? jal',bar, a. Heavy, entail- 
ing bad luck; i. q. 'gflT. 
rr?3^oF jabardast, a. Strong, 

iMjWi.-rfuI, violent, ojipresiivo. 
fl"Er7^Fryt jabanla-.ti, s.f. Pow- 
er, stiength, foree, violence, op- 
^HcTJ^RS^, u<l For- 
cibly, by main .-trength. 
>^"9?^I~ j.ibbardin, s. rr. An 
(ju\vi} -^ t ) iJrultmans of the Vu- 
hnil cla<-', by persons suil'eriiig 
>f^v.:i- calaii.ity, ut.d-r tiie belief 
that the calaniitv v, ill be transfer- 

roil to the receiver. Set W^3- 

TTHj't ja.bari, /. /, Viulonee, 
ojipre^sion ; an oM wuinan. 

fl^T77 jabin, s.f. Tungue, lan- 
gr.ago, speech. 

r??TT<^t iabi,ni, a. Spoken, oral, 
traditioiuil, (not written.) 

ff'gi'g jab.ib, s. vu An-wer, reply; 
discharge, refusal; any tiling 
corresponding to another, a coun- 
terpart; vi"gr"q^ =^'^!rr, to answer; 
to discharge, to refuse; to be 
accountable for, to be responsible 
for; i. ([. TTfi'g. 

rigr^T jibi ri, s. in. J The jaw 

TT^Taft jab.tji, s.f. J bone. 

=H'^7> jaljun, a. Ill, unlucky, 
ba'l, wicked. 

tT^7 j:ibur, J s. m. f. The 

vT^7 jaaibur, j bo'^k of I'.-uhi.s. 

TfilU' janibur, s. m. Pineers. 

HiJ^\Jc!\ jainbur,eiian, s.f. One 
who fire? a jautbani, a jamhinxhi's 

fTH'^vrt jauibu.-iChi, 5. 77J, One 
wlio fires a j'jjiil'}i\i. 

H'S'^T jainbu,ra, s. m. A kind 
of gun niuunte-l on a camel. 

^fra^"^ jabu.n', > s. 711. A 

Tf^a^'HT j:ibu,M'i, J believer in 
the I'sahns. 

=RJ-r jajn, s. m. Jam, ( the angel 
of deatii. ) 

^j-r ^ jainni, s. m. Birth, 

i^j-f / one l>crn, ofispring, growtli. 

TIH7T3 j:indi,g;.f, s. m. X col- 
lection of people, a crowd. 

ri>fT^'t ^ janihi,!, /./. Yawn- 

^JIUT^l j ing; c. v,-. *}^n^^ and 

rf}{"^3" jaii,gl::;t, f. m. A crowd, 

.1 concoursi'. 
rTW^nJi Wl^"^;^ jamjani (i,un;i, 

r. n. To conic, to welcome. Also 

^TJ-''^ 1 j.ini|iu;in, /. m. Birth; 
or rennet used 

'fT^''^ 1 j.irii|iu;in, 
"fTW^ i sour curd 

to coagulate sweet milk; c. w. 

tTrf^T jaii),ni, r. n. To bo firm, to 
stand fast; to have confidence; 
(used commonly with h^' ; as, 
€;r ^ var 2^T w, he did not 
stand fast. ) 
^K^IvT J iamin,ni, r. n. To be 
HHc^T J born, to e.\i.-t, to grow; to 
bi thick or coagulated, to bo fro- 
zen: to be collected; to adhere, 
to stick. 
iR}{^3" janidi't, s. j)i. Jam, ( the 

angel of death. ) 
^RK^? janii'Ihar, .^. rj. A two 

cd'^ed dirk, a dagger. 
rflfTTT j;.ni,n.i, .^ m. /• The namo 

of a river. 
=HK"^=s'^V jambiulip, s. m. One 
of the seven parts of the world; 
tU-T'S'T jaiubiir, v'. )/i. Pincers, for- 
yW^o'^iS^ janibur,chan, s.f. The 

\\ i fe of a ja ux I n rcl( t. 
tTW^^xft ja:abur,chi, s. vi. One 

who tires :\JiVibiii\i. 
T^J^"^?! jaiubi^,Mi, s. VI. A kind 
of uun carried on a eaincl ; a young 
active lad. T!:is appellatioti ia 
given to a little boy of the ^f a Ju- 
^T>i^T?5, s. m. a caste of 
}?i.i'.piits natives of jinn?n«' a city 
in tlie hills 
riVfT j;i,in.i, J. /. Capital, st<X'k, 

wealth, <iuantity, sum. 
^TTTT .ia,ma, a. Collected; =fT>fT 

WdTiT, to collect, to sum up. 
riKtf%^ jami,!n, s. lii. Sour curd 
or rtiiiut used to coagulate milk; 
caraway seed; i. q. Tl^fif'^^ 
and '^ir^. 
flK''^^ jaiii.t,f, f. m. A son-in- 
law; i. i|. ri'^l'E^t; a midv.ifc'.s 
flKl"^ jani;i,u, s. m. A crowd, 





collection, accuniulatl"n, congola- 
tion, a<UicsIon, c^taUblirnont. 
»WT^ jaiiKi.ut, *./. Coa-uhi- 
tion, congelation, agglutination, 

yTW'^^T jainfiiUnt, r, a. To 
coagulate, to freeze, to cause to 
adhere; to cause to be born, to 
Jo the ^-ork of a midwife; to 
make finn, ( the feet ; ) to liavc 
confidence in. 

ftlfr^ jama.ii, a. Susceptible of 
being coagulated, congealable. 

tTKTST janidt, «./. A multitude, 
an assembly, a company, a class. 

iTKT^?7 j'iiiii,daru, j aJ. From 

rfwi-d ^ jaman,daru, J birth, by 

tTifPSTg" jamadir, *. m. A luil- 
itarj' ofticer next to SuheJui; a 
native oftioer at the head of an 
uncertain band. 

frHI=^^<^ jamudar,ni', s.f. TLo 
wife of a JamdJar. 

rlKT^T^'^ jamadi,ri, 5. /. The 
office of a Jamudui'. 

TTWTTfT jauUjim, s. m. Time, 

fTKTW janul, s. m. Beauty, 

tTWT^^ 2."! jamIlgo,ta, s. in. The 
name of a powerfully purgative 

ynU'^Z jam.i,wat, s. /. --Coagu- 
lation, congelation, agglutination, 
consolidation; fixedness; (s[ioken 
especially of the black coloring 
matter, mmi, applied to the inter- 
stices between the teeth. ) 

fTJf jam,mu, s. m. The name of a 
city in the hills; the name of a 
tree and its fruit ; ( called alio 
jdman;) (provincial.) 

tTSI jay, S-/- Victory, triuin]ih, 
advancement, glory; bravo I huz- 
za ! all hail ! i. q. rT- 

tTCIiR'Cl^g' jayjaykir, s.f. Ticjoi- 

cincr«, triunipl), exultation; rlCFT- 
Tf'SiTTor '3'37^, toluirza, to >hnut. 

flTJTqcT^S^ ,i;iyj''y'*^-i:i,t'.- ■»•/• '-l'"^" 
iiaiao <-'f a musical iiiodt', the name 
of a ri'ijni sung at iiiidnight; i. q. 

^c^^ffTol jaytii.ri, *./. Tlie 
name of a n/^/u' sung at evening. 
^tJI^ jay.yad, a. Strong, pow- 
erful, excellent. 
TlCTt%>KT Jay.dii, 1 s. f. A 

rH^^^, J form of salu- 
lation in the hills otVered to a king; 
a kind of hosanna to the Hindu 
go-Jdess, " Victory to Dcci." 
YTTJT^Tg" jaybir, \ aif. As often 
rrcT%3" jayber, J as: (sehlom used; 
the common torm is tT "^TU and 

rftJTWT^ jnynun, a. Victorious, 

fortunate, success ful. 
rRT jar, s. m. Gold, riches, wealth, 

money; rust; in the last sense 

c. w. ^nr^TT. 

fl?^ j:^r''', a- Yellow, sallow, 
pale, livid. 

■rid-ci jar,da, s. m. A kind of 
pahiu of a yello^v color; a gold 

tT^^I^"^ jardi.i, | s. f. Yollow- 

iR'3'^ jar,di, ' i>hncss, sal- 
lownes--;, paleness. 

TfH<^T jar,na, r. h. To suffer, to 
bear, ( with equanimity, ) to sus- 
tain; to burn. 

tTT^ jarb, s.f. A blow, confu- 
sion, a stamp, violence^, loss, ( on 
coin; ) c. w. RoTcjTt and ^T^^"^. 

Tr3"5^:rrm jarl>kii;i,n.i, s. m. A 

tTJ^T ja,ram, s. m. Eirth; yTBT^ 
trig J^' I and ^^T, to be born. 

ynW*i^Tri^, s.f. 
The birth day of K'rishnd; i. q. 

rl^J-f^T j;i|ramn:i, r. ti. To be 
born ; i. q. tT7>>f^T. 

^T7Hf=?XJl^T iaramdiha.ri, s. nu 
A birth day. 

rf^J^^^r jirwini, /. m. j \ 

m^r^ jarwi^Tii, S.J. / hu-go, 
powerful, ai:imate<I being. 

tT^T ja,ra, s. m. An atom, a 
particle, a small quantity. 

Yt?T ja,ri, a. Vi-ry little. 

y^^^^T jarl.una, r. a. To cause 
to sutler, to bear; to burn. 

JRH'ftircr jar.Uiiuih, s. m. The 
name of a fabled king, the fatber- 
in-law of A'niJ, said to have had 
a body half fleih and half iron. 

rra'TTJ jar.lli, s. m. A barbt-r; a 

itTTrcf^ jara,hi', s. f. The busi- 
nc>s of a barber; surgery. 

iJT^TT ja,raku, m. f. Very little; 
a very small quantity. 

tT^I^^T ja,rabar:i, 5. m. A cold 
in the head, a running at the 

rTJrS'g" jaribhar, s. m. The 
smallest quantity. 

fTH^ j:^iij '*•/• A wire of gold 
or silver; an atom, a particle, a 
small (quantity. 

Tra^WTTJT jarim.i,ua, s. rr. A 
fuie, a forfeit, a penalty. 

TfTg" jarur, ad. Certainly. 

rf^ jarur, s.f. Xeee-sity, nce«.l. 

:fTf¥ jarur, > a. Necessary, 

flyrt jaru,i-!', J unavoidable. 

rHo jal, s. m. Water. 

=rT?^KT jal, si, .f. m. An assem- 
bly for amusement. 

rl?5tr^ jalho,ri, > f. m- -^ 

fll^^^T jalhau.ra, J water ani- 
mal said to resemble man, a mer- 

^5?^3" jalchar, a. Aquatic, 
( birds, not ti.h. ) 

Tr7?rlJ5T jal.jala, s, in. An 
earthquake; (wet.) insurrcetloD, 

?1M-ri«T^^T jaljala.una, r. «• 





To (iii.-xlvo, to treniKIo; to Lc 

?T?rHJ=5"T2r jaljalif, ^. »«. Quaking; 

r^l .rv, pomp; iiulign;Uian. 
^^n? j;'li:»"t. *. in. A general 

toiiii lor all aniniatcl beings 

luhaMting the water, 
flxrj .i:ilt. s. /. Buruinc-, lient, 

ii2ll:inimat ion; jealousy. 

?T?53"^T jiltkho.ri, m C who is 
H?5?^5rr jaltkho.ri, /^ vexed 

in iiiin'I, an en\ioii?, jealous [-er- 

soii; envioii-s jealous. 
T???57T j:>ltranLrir, J. m. The 

nuiiical glasses, or liarmonlcou; 

plavin^r on gl.isses or China bowls 

In- rubbing the cilgos; a brass 

vessel in which water is put and 

the cilijres are beaten with two 

sticks; a wave on the suriuec of 

fi^y^Tft, s. vu One 

ulio [>lay5 on n j.iltraii-jj. 
tI5;?#T jaltur.'.ijgg, s. vi. The 

river I.nrsL-, hippopotamus. 
T^j ^'^ jal, thai, s. m. Ground 

covered ^^ ich water, water over- 

llov.Ing dry land, marshy ground. 
tTT;^ jald, a. Quick, ta>t, hasty. 
fl??^grr| jil'll-aj, s. m. An 

active person, one who moves 

TiT5^ jd/li', s.f. Haste, quick- 

TT^tTTg- jaldlr'ir, s.f. ^ A 

^T^trrgr jaldhi,r,i, s. m. 3 stream 

of water. 
•ri^i<v j-i,!an or jaln, s. f. Eurn- 
ing, passion, heat, jealousy, envy, 

rlM-M J a I, a I, J r. ». To 
tI7?7»T ja||n'i, J burn, to be 

kiii.ll.;d, to be intlamcd. 
^J^fTJK jalniiMU), t. f. The 

name of a drug that grows ic 


fI!?5M^r^\J jalparwili, s. m. Ca>t- 
ing a corpse into a river instead 
of burying or burnlnor it; drown- 
ing one's self; c. w. ^5^. 

rr?7'-rT7> jalpin, s. m. Drinking, 
( water,) a morsel of something 
to stay one's appetite, a light lun- 
cheon, eating, taking light food 
between meals; c. w. ajdAi and 

flJ7 ^T5 rlT^n" j;d bal j, r. n. 
To be burnt up or coniunset.1 with 
fire; to be angered, to be jea- 

TiTSfV'g jalbinil', 5. M. An over- 
flowing of water, a ll'»d, an in- 

rfT^WlJ^ j:il:.ii,i, .^. »»./. Flood, 
inundation: ( properly tT??KW, 
but nc' UM..d. ) 

TT5FH^tr ; '-nanukkh, ^ .<r. m. A 

TlJ^^fTTTT-^ i laiih.iu'i. ^ water a::i- 

rn5)-fT^^ .;ahna,nus, ' mal said 
to resemble a man in its nppcar- 
ance, a m'-rnian. 

TTT^Jf^gr ja iH!n,dar;i, s. m. A 
process in c' niistry. 

Tl55^'5Tr jalu ; ya. ) s. m. One 

rT^T^T jalwai ya, ) who burn?, 
one who is jealoxis. 

tT?5^I"^^T jalw;i,una, r. a. To 
cause to burn, to cau?o io light; 
to causo to make jealous. 

rR?5r^^T jalitnr.i, ) r. a. To 

TfJ^T^^Tf jahijuni, ' burn, 10 kin- 
dle, to light, to inflame; to make 

T^??!^ jallad, or jala'd, t. vi. An 
executioner; a cruel person, a 

flWl^^ jali,danJ, s.f. The wife 
of an executioner, a female exe- 

rl^SI^V^rr jal;tdpu,nu, s. m. ) 

fl«I-<it j'^l'i.di, S.f. ■' 

The business of an executioner; 
• cruelty. 

U U 

^t"55>HT ^fyS*V\ jaJLi ba, Hi. <i. 

Angry, jealous. 
YlJ5ttfi jali.khiij, S.f. The name 

of I''s wife. 
i7?55^ iaiiui, s. f. Itchi:icr, burn- 

fl^Ml j->l",pa, s. >!». i. q. T^?^^T. 
fl%^ j:deb, s. J!i. Retinue, suite, 

atteinlants, e'juipage. 
iFT^g j.del;, s. m. \ A kind of 
^TH^ft jal<'|bi, s.f^ sweetireat. 
Tlfs^ j;ilt',bi, a. Pertaining to 

.T retinue. 
y(iiV^, n s. m. Turn- 

l«r4T, n s. m. i.urn- 

IJ^^T jale,w;i, > ing, vexation, 

!^^r, wiin,.' jealousy, cri\y, 

pas>ion, sorrow. 

vl^ jalo, s. m. Pomp, glory, 

retlutie, C'luipago; i. (|. rlW. 
ri^'Tg- jaio.dhar, s. m. Dropsy. 
in^'CI37>, s.f.\ A 

fl^rtf^l jaliY'ihari, s. in. J drop- 

sical person. 

iFT^ jalau, s. m. Pomp, glory, 
pageantry, retinue. 

rl^3_r jawaf|tri', ) s.f. An aro- 

rr?5l jawa{,ti, ' niatio leaf used 
as ;. comliuient, niace. 

TFT^^Tfe:^ jawa,!!), s.f. Cara- 
way seed. 

il^IVi^ jawa,i, 5. m. A son-in- 
law. Also tT^T^ "sn^. 

tT^tTtT jaw;i|Sa, ) s. m. A j'rick- 

tT^THI jawati|Sa,-' ly busli. 

rl^vT^" ja\va,har, s. m. A jewel, 
a gem. 

tI'c 1 vjr jawa,lian, s. tn. A prick- 
ly plant which is generally burnt 
in ovens; sometimes it is use«l 
for making taftis when Lhas i? 
not to be had; i. q. TTWrxit. 

rl^TSTf? jawa,gal, a. Having a 
mixture of barley, ( wheat ; ) 1. q. 

^T^TTT jawiin, s. m. A young 

man, a youth. 
M^lA jawin, a. Young. 





^T^TTTt jaw.4,ni, »./. Youtli, tlio 
porirxl of youth. 

^^^ j'"i'>i *• »«• An answer; 
a discliarjro, a refuial; a fouiitcr- 
part; Yf^fg =^5^T, to rcjily; to dii- 
diarjro, to refuse; to be account- 
able for, to ]>Q responsible for. 

tT^rg TT^TW jawab, sawal, s. m. 
A cateclii:?Ing, a dialogue. 

yT^Ti^aiWT ja\vabna,nia, *. m. 
A written disoliarge; a written 
viadicutioa attached to the wind- 
ing sheet of a dccease^J Mu^alniiin, 
to be read by the angels who 
come to question him when he is 
in his grave. 

tT^TSr jawar, *. /. A coarse kind 
of grain, a kind of broomcorn; 
i. q. tTWI^". 

ii^rwT jwa,la, s. f. A name of 
Devi, the great Hindu goddess. 

T7^55rjftrt jwalaniu.khi, s. J. A 
place in the Panjah hills wlioro 
flame issues from the ground, sup- 
posed to be [\\o mouth of Dcti. 

TtT^^'?5^ jawanwdji, a. Hav- 
ing a mixture of bailey, (wheat;) 
i. q. '=fpHW??. 

tIW j'lr. \ s. f. X root, origin 

?T^ jarh,^ principle; matter, (as 
opposed to spirit. ) 

\\'^ M^ jarli, per, s. m. /. A tree 
witli the root entire, the entire 
tree with root and branches. 

^^ J{?5 jarl>i uiuji s. m.f. Eoot, 
stump, stock, a remnant of a fam- 
ily when the rest are all dead. 

'a^? 'y^^^\^i orjart, ) s.J. Join- 

^^■Sr^ j'T.t'. ' ingi unit- 

ing, fastening, setting, (as jewels, 
toeth, (tc.) 

tIW^T jar,na, v. a. To join, to 
cause to adhere, to fasten, to set, 
(as jewels, glass in a window, 
&e.;) to have sexual intorcoursc; 
to beat, ( with a shoe; ) to utter a 
„ord good or bad. 

tia^/t^ jnr,ya, g. m. A lewd 
p<Tsr>n, a paramour; a setter of 
jewels, &c. 

■ri a <c ' Vi^ j-ir^^i'j '•/• Tl'c price 
of setting jewels, gla/.Ing, itc. 

Tl"3'<^iG(iV* jarwa,una, v. a. To 
cause to be set, fastened, Lc; to 
cause sexual intercourse. 

ifr^Tfe"?: jari,in, ) s.f. Tlie 

rT^'"^ jara,!, ' price of set- 

ting jewels, glazing, ^tc. 

rfWr^ jara,u, s. m. The long 
hair which faq'trs wear on their 
]iea<ls; the mode of setting jewels. 

tT^t*<?t^ jar<i,una, r. a. To cause 
to be set, fastened, &C. 

rl^^ j'^r^i'^j ^' S*-"** studded 
■with jewels. 

rf^ ja,ri, i.f. The root of a 
medicinal plant; =tT^^ "^3% root 
and lierb; drug?. 

tTT j:i, s. f. Place, rank, diirnify. 

rf r ji, t. m. ( contr, of =art%>KT. ) 
A son. 

ifTT j in, ad. TThon, since. 

TiTt^TWT ji.ii, irrcn. past part. 
( from tT^<^T. ) Lorn. 

^nfVwT ja,ia, s. m. A son. 

iFpffewT TT^a ji.ia, r. 7i. 
To be gone; to be born. 

rri'!%^?5 ja,ipiial, s. m. A nut- 

vIT^ ji,i, s.f. A daugliter. 

rfi^ ji|U, s. m. One born, a 

Tir^S^ ja,una, v. a. To bring 
forth a child. 

tI'^^ j-i,"ni, r. n. To go; 
( poetical and provincial. ) 

^JT^ JV'**?' ^- ^^J' They will 
go; (used in some parts of the 
country instead of rlio^^. ) 

rfTpt j i.san, r. I will ^o. 

^ift ja,si', V. He, she, or it will 
go; i. q. ^rf-jfT, ^:-t-?n'. 

=RrJT ji,sen, c. Thou wilt go. 

flJ^ j^,so, X. You will go. 

yTTvT jail, r. \mptr. (from t^T^.) 

flTvr^, ». m. Tlie knee; 
i. q. W^. 

viivJd ji,l'-'ir, a. Apparent, 
obvious, dear, evident, manifest. 

iliTr^T ji.hara, ad. Apparently, 
openly, manifestly, cvidentlv. 

rTTU"?^ ji.hari, a. Apparent, 
evident, manifest, clear. 

Tiru^ ji.'i'T' *•/• ^ ^^ck tooth; 
i. q. ^TTJ^. 

W^ ja,hu, z. m. A lascivious 
person, a debauchee, a rake ; i. q. 

TfT^ftfTTTT ji!iuklia,na, *. m. 
Any house or jilace where adul- 
tery or fornication is committed, 
a brothel; i. q. xrrTJVTT^r. 

TfT^T jag, s. m. An acid sub- 
stance put into milk to coagvdate 
it ; acquired wealth ; c. w. Z^T^^. 

75T3] jig, s. f. Heing awake, 
Avakefulncss, watihing; e. w. 
mr^^ or V5^. 

flnT^t^F jiS'''j"t, *•/• A term 
ajipllcd to Devi at .Twilamukhi, 
because the flame which is her 
symbol burns night and day. 

tI'^^T j»?i'P> *■• "• To wake, 
to be awake, to watch. 

vn^TF ji.gat, s. f. ■\Vatcliing, 

flTTTJ? jig, rat, ^ s.f. The state 

WT\'33 jigratt, > of being a- 

=Rr3lj/V jagra.ti, ^ wake. 

tTTJIT^J jingg,l"> "'•/• "Wild, sav- 
age; an inhabitant of the wilder- 

flran jiiigSf t-f' Place, room, 
locality, stead. 

TTT3Tr, s. m. 'Watchirg, 
keeping a vigil; rTmr ^^T, to a- 
rouse, ( a hawk, (Sec. ) 

tTTa nJ jagir, J. /. Land given by 
Government as a reward for ser- 
vices, or a3 a fee, a pension in 





iho rent accruing on land. Also 

flT?f^^r7, s. m. i 

flT^ftsr^eTdT-i^t, s. /. J 
The lioMcr o{ a j'tjir. 

qT?ft^^Tg^ jas>rcla,ri, 5./. The 
liulding of aj-jfir, tlio proceeds 
of a j'iyir. 

fllir jisrigu, »• »"• O'lc wlio keeps 

gruf jinggli, s. f. The dugh, 
the leg; i. q. ??W. 

gfuftwr jang,ghii, s. m. Tight 
breechos; a diaper. 

^T^ j:ich, 5./. Trying, gucss- 
incr, a guess, an estimate, an ex- 

TfT^>r ji.cliak, s. m. An ex- 
aminer, a provcr, a solicitor, a 

tTT'S^T, v. a. To try, to 
jirove, to estimate, to guess, to 
consider, to solii-it, to want. 

tTT^HTTJ jit^hnian, s. m.J. ^ 

yT^ .iii,eh:1, S- m. ^ 

An examiner, a prover, one who 
estimates or guesses tlic -weight, 
value, &c., of a thing, one who 
solicits, a beggar. 

?TT^7 ji jak, s. r/i. A priest. 

?TTi^7^ j-ij;il<n», s.f. A priest- 

WItW j i jam, g. f. A carpet. 

^i"^ j^"}J^» ) *• *"• t)iic of 

flf?^ jaii,nyi, jf a wedding 


W^ jin, *. m. Going. 

rfT^ j in, t. imper. ( from yI^5C- 
TTT. ) Know. 

rll^fHfoT j:in-'ir, a<I. At the mo- 
ment of going; at the moment of 

fll^xHi? jinsar, a. Not per- 
manent, transient. 

•rtir^vJ Id jinhar, ^ a. Traiisito- 

WPIvTIT^T jliuhri,rll,j ry, tran- ' 

sient, able to go, ready to go, rea- 
dy to die, on the point of perish- 
in::', not capable of staying. 

TiTyjfF jankir, a. Knowing, 
ao(piainted, learned. 

vfr^^T^t j;inki,ri, s. /. Acquain- 
tanoe, knowledge. 

^TTc^af^U^ jin,kir, a. Knowing, 
acquainted, learned. 

nli^fT^T j:in,na, v. a. To know, 
to learn, to sujipose, to under- 

Tli5SM"gT^ jinpacldian, s. m. /. 
An acquaintance. 

rfT^ V5^T jan pai,n:i, r. n. To 
siem, to come to one's knowledge 
or understanding, to be known. 

rff^"^T3" janbujjli,ke, ad. {lit. 
knowing and understanding.) 
Wittingly, intentionally. 

rTTOT j.i,na, r. n. To go, to pass; 
(as an auxiliary,) to be; as, "W- 
fdnu W^f or ^^•IB' rrreCT, to be 
struck or beaten. All the active 
verbs are made passive by the 
help of this verb. 

irir^"^TTT5C janlj:in, a. Knowing, 

wise, omniscient. 

=?T;^'^^T ji.nidi, J 

_ -, .... > ad. As if. 
rtr^t^T ja,n;di, j 

Tfi^v ja,nii, s. i>i. /. One that 
knows, an acquaintance. 

tP^ V^fc!C jriiUU ijachhiinu, s.m. 
One that is well acquainted. 

tll^ j-^iOC, ad. As if, perhaps. 

tF^iB" j^t, s.f. Kature, caste, 
nation, tribe; yU3' 3'f^Wi'cSi, to 
pollute, to be polluted, to seduce, 
to be seduced, to corrupt, to be 

yTTF 7\^'3, safat, $. f. Caste 
and character, natural qualities, 
good pedigree combined witli 
good personal qualities. 

tTBT^^W j;itka,ram, t. m. The 
l)Ubincss of one's caste, the con- 
duct of one's caste. 

rrr^ VT3" jit, pit, «./. Caste 
and dignity, caste and lionor, 

W3 3TVh3 jit bhri.-t, i a- Fal- 

W3^'3KZ jat bhrlslit, ) Icn, 
debased, polluted, abominable, 
vicious, dissolute; rlT3"3TgTr3'tJ'- 
Sa, to be polluted; ^13" 3f^fl3 
^r^TJT, to pollute, to seduce. 

W3 3T3" jit, bhit, I *./. Caste 

W5 ST? jit| hhiint, J and kind, 

jfTTJ^T jat.ra, s f. rilgrimagc. 

W3^ jit,ri, s. m. A pilgrim. 

?TT3^ ^T^;W ja,tija,ram, a. Well 
born, noble, genuine. 

rff^ j:i,du, s. m. !Magic, witch- 
craft, enchantment, conjuring, 
juggling; w^ w^7;r, f^^TW^a 
or ^J5T^^r, to perform or prac- 
tice incantations. 

Tlf^ jan,du, a. Perishable. 

W'^^'l jadugar, s. m. A ma- 
gician, a master of the black art, 
a jutrglor, a conjurer. 

TlI^7T?7rt jadugar,ni, $./. A 
witch, a female juggler. 

vJT=^JT3'^ jaduga,ri, s.f. Magic, 
witchcraft, the black art, jug- 

rTT^ jan, s.f. Soul, life, sj)int, 
self; mind; a sweetheart; dear, 

W7i jan, s. m. Loss, damage; 
W7i ^ WW, to be lost, to bo de- 
stroyed; W7i o?ar7>T, to destroy, 
to damage. 

Wr^^l^T ja.nana, v. a. To know; 
( properly =fTT^7^r. ) 

TlT7J>fTB*^ jinnia,ri, s.f. Earnest 

fl;i;^^ir j-in,war, t. m. An animal, 
a bird; a blockhead; ^^T W7I- 
'^^j an elejihant; i. q. •H<Sl63". 

y\iA\ j;i,ni, a. lieloved, darling; 
as, tTTtO v^l^, a dear friend; 
mortal; as, WTii ^HWTT, a mor- 
tal eneniy. 


TrTT7 ^? 



One ^vlio 

?TTaV ji,ni, s. m. An .I'lnltoror, 
fP^ j»,""> *• wi. Tiio kucc; 

i. <i. WTI^. 
TfW jaj<, ». n». A dcvotit.'U vliidj 

consists In a silent repetition of 

the name of God anrl counting' 

the l>eu<]i on a roiary. 
frTV? jt.i'ak, s.m.f. 
flUft j;i,I'i, s. »«. 
^TXfinfr ju,i'Ia, ^. M. 

yTT^ ja,pe, . r. def. A word con- 
strued witli if^, like fPS^l^; a^, 
aft tTI^, wliat can one know ? 
frng' ji,^u, j. m. A Kalud po- 
ny, a pony; a Iicavy clumsy man; 
j. q. TJfT"^. 
flTjf jli'i, s. m. A jro'blot, a cup. 
*TTJ-r^ ja,man, s. f. Tlie name 

of a tree; also its fruit. 
tTIW-STtO jimda,ui, s.f. A kind 
of figured niublin; a Iea:lier box 
used for keeping- clotlies in. 
WVr^T^ jamdir, s. m. Tlic 
holder of a landed peiiiiou or 
Ccf; i. ([. jag'trddr. 
iRT^TS'T^'^ jliud;i,ri, s. f. Hold- 
ing a fief, the proceeds of njdjir. 
WMT* j.I,man, s. vi.f. A sure- 
ty, a security; rennet. 
ffTW^BTvI^cr ji,nian ti,Iiad, s.m.f. 
rUi^Tii ja,manl, s. f. 
Wi4T^ FTTJ^ jiiiUiani ta,luidi, s.f. 

Security, bail. 
WTfT ji,nii, s. m. A coat reach- 
ing down to tlie ankles. 
frrJi«S'd jimewar, s. »h. A sliaul 

figure*! all o\ cr. 
VII'/KjiS jay.i'lial, t. m. A nut- 

lueg; 1. ({. ri^'^. 
•nn/ti j'',y^> '• "I- A son, ofl- 

^iJT3 jir, 5. m. A fornicator, an 
adulterer, a wliorcmonger. Also 

W^ %3 jar, chor, s. m. An a- 

dultcrcr and thief; a man of h^oso 
tTT?? j^,rat, s.f. Vi-iting, i)il- 

WU77t jar,na, *. m. A fornica- 
tor, an adulterer. 
TiT?7ft jir,nf, s.f. An adultcr- 

e-?. Al.-o trrjTft. 
nTTUt j.i,ii, s.f. Adultery, fc-r- 
nicatiiin, whoredom; c. ^v. aJoT^'. 
Also i?fTgt. 
rlT?^ jil, s.f. The uianc of a 

horse; i. q. TJfTT?. 
rT^c^ jil; ^. '». A net. 
tIT3?^T jiiilana, j v. a. To burn, 
tFTI^RP^T, / to kindle. 
tTITSW j^i|l:uii, s. in. An oppres- 
sor, a tyrant. 
^iJTJft ji,l.ui;i, s.f. Opiircision, 

^I^T ji|li, s. in. A niche in a 
Avali; a Cdbwob; a kind of water 
moss green in color; a kind of 
grass whicli grows in the streams 
u-ed for purifyiiig sugar; a speck 
in the eye. 
Tf?^ ji||f, s. f. A small net; 

TfT^^^r ju,wan:i, x. n. To go; i. q. 

rfT^T; ( provincial. ) 
"^ <=?(<*it j:i war,ni, r. n. To 

T=IT ^T^7?T ji,war|na, r. a. To cause 

to enter. 
iRIff, i. in. A stalk of gram, 

^^ JT^'j ^•/' -'^ back tooth, a 

double tooth. 
rTTS'T ja,ni> ^- »'i- Pioot, origin, 
t^^ jinu, > ad. As, in what 
ffl^ jiun, J manner, in whatever 

ffl^ IF^ ji,un ti.un, ad. In 
whatever way, by all mean.s, in 
some way. 
fr(^ ji.iin, cj'i. As, a3 soon as. 
f^"^ far^ ji,un tJ,UD, ad. lu 

•whatever way, by all means, iu 
some way, in some way or other. 
i^THXTT jii.ku, s. m. A \ery 
little animated being, an animal- 
cule, an inject; a very tiny infant. 
fflnfner jii,di, a. ZMore, too 

f^WT^F jiA.fat, s.f. A feast, 
an entcrtai{iment, a banquet, iuvi- 
f™T^?^ ji.'i,f;itjn, e.f. I A 
frTHT^'^t ji i,:ati, s. in. j per- 
son invitfd to a feast, a guest. 
f^TTHT?? jii.rat, s. f. Pilgrim- 
age, viiiting. 
ffi»KT^3^ jia.ratf, s. in. f. A 

f^TH jis iron. (obi. of ^. ) 

Who, wi:!t.-h, that. 
f%H tlTTfi" jis ki,-!, j prc'?J, (obi. 
fiw :?# ji-i ki,se, J of%5^- 

■^T,) Whoever, wiiiche\er. 
i^.KS ji^t, J. m. I'ewter; i. q. 
rTITF; ev!.:i, (ia th'j game (kW or 
croi. ) 
f?IH3" ^rT7 jisr, tiugk, s.m. Even 

or odd. 
f^a^S^ ji-'it'j o. Made of pewter. 
fwfT?" jis, te, (?j7. by which.) 

That, in order tiiat. 
t%U- jih, yron. (obi. of ^.) Who, 

whicli, that. 
fflrvT jih, s. f. An edge, a border, 
(of a shoe; ) fflU^ ift^^rt, to sew 
the upper border of a shoe; IriO 
?5T'§^'t, to put on a border or 
f?T\]J5 ji.hal, s. m. Ignorance; 

fflXr?5"t jih,h', a. Ignorant; wrath- 
frivJ ?! A'l ii,harn;i, r. a. To beat. 
t%;r3lVt%WT jiharbid,dii, s.f. 

L<--ating, teaziiig. 
fviU?<i jih,r;i, pron. ^\^lO, which. 
f^vJ?(>S^T jilirijUna, r. a. To 
cause to be beaten. 





t?rn^r fircr^T jili.ri kil.jl, prou. 

■\Vlin<ncvcr, whirli?<"'»vor. 
f^T j;,Iii, o. SiK-li as. 
I^T ji.hi, conj.aL A?, vlicn; 
also an adjunct to adjectives 
jiieaniiig-, as i: were, rather, 
ffi^ ji.Iio, ad. A?. 
f^'37 jikk, *. /. Injnrlnar, de- 
ceiving, disajipointing; squoc/.- 
ini; and prcsslncr tlown; trf? 
^^ or c^T^-T^, to piit to 
ffl^Sn jikk, n I, r. <-?. To sriuoeze 
and press the liiiiLs an<l ruck the 
joint?, to clianij^oo. 
fVr?? ji'^^Tj s. m. ZMcntlon, rc- 
coHcction; piaise, fame, recital, 
relation; vepcatii!^ the Quran 
and reciting the praise and 
naiHCs of God. 
f^nTcT jikjknr, ^ ad. In wliat 
f^^ jik-jkiln, J nMv.ner, as. 
f%5T3" ivL-ar, f. );j. The liver; 
a very near relation; as, son, Lro- 
ther, (Tec, own. 
frT^raT ji,L'ari, s. m. Conrnco, 
.«]>int, resohition, endurance, pa- 
tience; c. w. v^^TJf; tr!^T"?"f?5T, 
n man who aet-s liuniMy and 
njcokly, tlioncdi lii-j prosperity or 
standing might cause Idin to 1k> 
conceited an<] overbearing. 
\t{i\d\ ji,!:'arf, a. belonging to 
the liver; dear, darling; as, son, 
hrotlier, c;c. 
f%JTrv?5ir> jig'ikal,gf, s. f. A 
heail ornament worn hy kings 
and noliles. 
r?r^ jichch, n. Troul'hd, ]>er- 
plcxcd, vorrii-d, i>c!turl)ed in 
mind; ffl-j tr^r, to ho tn.uhled, 
to lie worried, to ho at a lo^s, to 
ho fretted, to Ijo teazeJ and an- 
l.uycl; f^g- U^Tif, to i>-:\/.(y, to 
troiihle, t'j anger; tflxf Vi?^T, to 
bo tca/ed, to bo annoyed, to be 

troubled, toktiow not v.-hat to do; 
tfi^ ^t^Cr^T, to remain in a per- 
turbed and fretted state of mind, 
to bo at one's wit's end, to bo in 
a dilemma. 
f^UdT ji,charku, ad. About 

.IS long as. 
iw5 tx^ jiehch, pichch, a. Vex- 
ed, perturbed, annoyed; i. <\. 

t'-fTriK'ITi' jijnian, 5. >». i. q. '=tlTT- 
3fI7»; ( tliis fona is very seldom 
u-ed. ) 

friTT^fTTJpO' jijm;I|iiani, s.f. i. q. 

f^TTHTTft jijmi,iii, S.f. i. q. rfrl- 

fH^TTcjct j!(]ii,ni, y. /. Tho wife 
of a husband's elder brother; i. q. 

fVi^J jitluitt, .«'. m. The son of 

a husband's elder brcitlior. 
fii'ST jid,d:ij a. I.azy, sluggi-h, 
slow; uneven, kinked, (as thread, 
^3" jit, pi'on. i. q. filTI. 
*r\S jitf, S.f. Victory. 
tfiS'^T jittiiui, i". o. To over- 

ro;ne, to prevail. 
f%Fi^T jit,n;t, pron. As much as. 
tflr"?JTir jit,n:iku, pron. About 

as nui'h a?. 
IflFc^, i>ron. As many as, 

as much as. 
tHITTo^T ji[:«,uni, r. a. To cau-^c 

to be vict'iiious, to enable to gain 

a victory. 
f^ST^ jiti|"> 5.)?!. One that 

helps to gain a victory. 
f=r!TT jit, the, ad. "Where, in mIucIi 

tfl"q" tl;§" jit, the ki,t-^, ad. Wher- 
ever, in uiiatever place. 
fVi^ ty^" jit.tiie kit,tlie, (((/. Hero 

and there, every where, 
ffl^"^ jit.theku, ad. At about 

which or wliat phice, where. 

Y V 

ffl^ jid, 1^ s. f. Opposition. 

t^^ ji Id, j oontr.irivty, pcrv<-rso- 
ne<s; \h\^ 7o7J>, to pcr-^isf,' 
to persevere; tVl^ <fW^^?v'^. to 
make an ob.>tin;ite and perverse 

fn^ jind, s. J. Life, soul, 
spirit; strength; 1H^ WTcTTi^ to 
kill; to make a great efl'ort, to 
]iut forth great exertions. 

fv?=e'3TI<vt jlndaga,iii, ^ .''./. Life, 

■(^"^•ift jin.dagi, J life- 


Ifli^c^ ji'V^'^'.'- /• Obstinate, 
contrary; a jierver>j woman. 

t%^5;<^T jid,ni, r. n. To bo 
opposed, to be contrary, to bo at 
odds with one, to dlfier in opin- 

ffli%<^ jid.din, a/1, (contracted 
form of fVi?T f%7>. ) On what 
day, ^^hcn. 

f^^ jid.df, ^ m. Obstln- 

1ti=^i^UI ji,di;i, J ate, ccnirary, 
opposed; a perverse person. 

ftl^i^^CT jI'!.I,u;kI, v. a. To 
render contrary and jicrverso. 

f^^Tt{\ )In,dit;i, s. »7. fc. O 
dear I jny soul I 

f^^3" jid,dhar, ad. "Whither, 
\\hicli direction. 

ffltr^f f^TTsT ji|dharini ki,dharin, j 

t%^T tl?^^ ji,dharo ki,dhare, J 
ad. M'hilhersoevor. 

fflTT jlii, pron. ( i. q. f^fTTf 7?. ) 

ffl77 ^ jinn, .<;. m. A genius, 

m?? J one of the genii. 

t^?i7T jins, s.f. Genus, kind, 
sort, species, family, race; goods, 
merchandise, moveables; grain. 

fflTiTft jin,M', s. f. A heavy 
piece of ordnance. 

frl?rr jiiijli ill, prov. jd. ( obi. of 
^. ) A\'h< m, which, what. 

ffl^t' J ill, h in, pron. (i. q. f^<5T 
\ 7?.) Wlio. 





fir^ fV;^ jIn, kin, > pron. 

fk{7: ti?^ jiM, ki,m\ ) (i. q. 

f%Ti fV^ ^. ) \\ iio^oover. 
firTT^'t jinjiii, J *. /. A goni- 
ffl?^^ jii),iianf, ) u*, a spirit, a 

demon, one of tlio g<.iiii. 

fy{7;T3' jm;It, -j / , i r 

^. .. , / s. in. J. (pi. of 

^r^; .. , \ Trr?7. ) (..euu, 

rri <^: 13, -' ' 

r=flr^f ji,n.'in, yroti. pL (old. of 

%.) Wlioin, wliich, wliat. 
f%r?fV', ;irtin. ( i. <]. fV?>t 

^. ) Who. 
ffT^r ji.l'.i, J. m. SlaujFitorliig, 

sacrificing', killing; c. w. 'HrT?jr. 
f^WT J jiiUjina, f. m. Trust, 
fflTTT J diarg^s ol -ligation, suVyoc- 

tion, iluty, service; trTH" ^<7iT, 

to take on one's self any rcipoa- 

sibilit}-. AUo tf HI". 
fflHT^^T jlmi.uni, r. a. To 

cause to be eaten, to fecrl ; i. q. 

f^ifl"" jl.tuin, s.f. The carch; i. q. 

f^K^r^ jiiiudlr, } s. m. A 
f^^'f:^^? jimii.'Iir, ^ cultiva- 

tor, a farmer, a lauJIorJ, a lanJ- 
f?K^^rg-7f> jinii'rirni, I y. /. A 
f%Kf:^TB'7r<, j far- 

mer's wife or ilaiiglitcr, ic. 
ffiif^<'l3"T jiniiil;i.r.i, ( s. m. Ag- 
f%>ff:S'T?T jiii.inJ.i,ri,J riculture, 

the business of a farmer. 
ffl>f'^H> jimidi,rJ, ) j. /. Ag- 
f%>ff^rjt ji:iiindi,ri, J ricul- 

ture, the ownership of land. 
f^K^T; jiiiiin, *. /. The earth, 
soil, land, region, country; the 
ground of a picture; a floor; i. q. 

ft^f:^ jiya,d.i, a. ^rore. • 
(^■CTT^T jiyi,di, ad. More, too 

fw^^3" jiya,fat, s. /. A feast, 

an eutcrtainmcnt, a banquet. 

f^^'^F"? Jiyi,fatnii, t. f. ^ A 

tflTf.Gr?^ j yi.'ati, s. m. ji giiot, 

one i-ntertained at a foa^t. 
ffl-^rroF j'y.i.rat, .<•./. ri!-'rl:ii- 

•Tge; i. q. '^rgB'; c. w. T37i^. 
■^■JT 3^F=^ jiyiratau, s. f. •> A 
tflc^rUrTf jiy.i,rati, s. m. J pil- 

ffl^Tir jlr,hi, s. f. An inferen- 
tial triitli; objection, exception; 
ffl^TJt M^^TJ^, to catch a hint, 
to ferret out the truth on any 
subject, to learn liy inference; 
to object, to take exception. 
f^l-^ ji.rar, s. /. Obstinacy, 
perver^enL^s, opposition; irT?'^ 
oflT^, to bo obstinate; tiT5^'^ 
Kf^Tit, to say whan-vc-r one hap- 
pens to think, whether true or 
false, right or wrong. 
ffl7^1'r'j ^' Obstinate, per- 
tflTf ji,rt, s.f. i. q. TV^^TTT. 
fWFS jiiih, s.f. Sloth, slowness, 

t^rj57 jill,b:in, s.f. A bog, a 

t^""c5r jill,!ii, tn., lazy, 

slncrcrish; a sluggard. 
ffl'S jilau, s. m.f. Pomp, reti- 
ffl'S^Tir jilaiidir, f. m. A 

man of pomp and consequence. 
f^^^T jiw,na, r. n. To live; 

i. q. nf^^^r; (provincial.) 
f^^^cN vTT? jiwanhar, a. Living, 
animate, possessing the power of 
vitality; i. q. Tft^^TUT?. 
fVr^l€^r jiwa,un:i, r. a. To 
revive, to give lifo; to feed, to 
cause to cat. 
f ri^' .^g ST jiwa.lana, > r. a. To 
ffl^Tj:57rr ji\vil,n;i, / feed; to 

give life. 
rft ji, a J. Sir, yes. 
tO ji, s. m. Life, soul, self, spirit, 
mind, heart; the passions, the sen- 

sual appetites; an insect, an ani- 
malcule; a beloved friend, a dar- 
ling; rft vfTF^T, to be wearied 
out, to be dispirited; to be enam- 
ored; ^ W^Tih to diitroy 
lite; to curb the passions, to deny 
one's self, to keep the body un- 

if 'WT ji,.'i, infer, voc. O soul ! 
O my soul ! 

^*i»Mrif jiik, -s 3. in. A 

nf^^irra; jii.ku, / little animated 
being, an animalcule, an insect. 

T^nfTu/iS' jfigliit, s. in. Taking 
life without a proper warrant, 
whetlnr of man, beast, or insect; 
murd'^r; c. w. ■?J7>T. 

fltnnW'^^^ jiighi.ti', s. m. A 

destroyer of life, a murderer. 

iffi§ ji,u, :. in. Life, soul, self, 
sjiirit, heart, iiiind; an insect, an 
animalcule; a beloved friend, a 
darling; i. q. ^ and W^. 

rH^i^ j:',i;n, f. tit. Life, liveli- 

=rf^^i^\II? jinnhtr, a. Living, 
animate, posseisiug the power of 

o^^^^ 'SZ^ ji.un bu^tf, s.f. A 
bush fabled to have lite-giving 
properties: the plant of life; i. c. 
wheat and oitKr eatable grain; 
men who arc enslaved by their 
sensual a|'j'etite5 call their favor- 
ite source of gratification their 
j'nin li'iti; vliatever a man can- 
not refrain from is called his 
jinn hull. 

rf^^^cr jiuni, r. 71. To live. 

fl^^^r ji uri, >^ 171. Life, soul; 
a swcct'-.eart, a beloved; diminu- 
tive ofji. 

iR^#'^ ^t ji,un.le ji, acl. While 
life remains, during lifo time, 
while yet alive. 

■^flunF j, *. t?i. L'nwan-ant- 
ablo dcitructioD of life, murder. 





of li:V>, a murJorcr. 
tT^tTT j'ji. '• »"• A l.rotlier-in- 

law, a sister's liu^ban-l. 
tiW j''j'. *•/• A woman's l>r.\ist; 

(the language of a mother and 

Slicking clnld to each otiu r. ) 
nf'W jij"> f- '«• A worm, an 

T^f^ jir, s. f. Victor}-, winning; 

i. q. liTS' 
z^\jiT:7; jit m. in, x t.v:.f. A 
fl^3r^3- jitwant, I victor, a win- 
?i:3^^T7> jitw;In, J ncr. 

:jft3"'3" j sect; a or animal 

slcnucr and weak like an in?cct. 

^3 ji,{i^ f- '"• A victor, a 

cciifnn-Tor. a wiuucr; also the 

same as rl 3!- 

sft'? jiii'l, s.f. Tlie dirt of a 

well; tlio name of a city. 
tOtT jin, s. in. A jaddle; a kind 

of clot'i. 
sf^3" ji''h, s.f. Tlio tongue. 
^^T .ii,liii, a. Of a tongue; 
a-s 7l?=i ^f'^"!, of a I lack t.-ngue. 
ift^t ji,l'hi, J. /. A little or 
false tongue; a metallic case 
mounted on the end of a sword 
shcatli to protect it. 
TT^lfTcr jimir, A destroyer of 
life; one who cur]>s the passions, 
one who denies himsell'. 
fl^U^ j'.^n? ) *./• Py«pep- 
^a'TT ji.ran, J sy; i. <[. ^^^Ti. 
W3T ji,r;i, t. m. Cuii;iu seed; 

a smith's vice. 
>f^ ji,ri, *. /. A medicinal 

M^i^ jn, s.f. A very small IpcII 
tied to the leg of a hawk or 
other tamed bird by which to 
disco\ or the place of its lighting 
after it is made fly to catch any 
thing; the seventh note iu the 

octave; the wire of a nuisical in- 
rft^ jiw, s. m. Life, soul, heart ; a 
sweetheart, a darling; i. q. tU^. 
tOs^^T jiw,ni, r. n. To live. 
Tf^?g<^T ji.warn.i, r. )i. To bo 
lanu'ile mIicu one's advantages, 
natural or acquired, naturally 
teml to make him proud and 
ia>^^T jiw,rl. s. VI. I ife, soul, 
heart, mind; a sweetheart, a 
^f^^S" jiwant, a. Animate, hav- 
ing life. 
TpHS" jnir, s. m. Fever. 
'^fTWT'gft jui.i, 5.1)1. A son-in-law. 
STrwf^^vr jui.niii, r. a. To 
revive, to I'riiig to life; to cause 
to be yoked or harnessed. 
TrWTTJT jiii,hin, ,f. i;j. The 
name of a jilant of which tatUs 
are made. 
r^iU'lic^, a. Having bar- 
li-y mixed witli it in a small jwo- 
portion, (wheat.) If the quantity 
of barley is great it is called f/oji. 
TT>KTtT^ jn.i,diiar, s. vi. A lousy 

per -on. 
■H^xn^ j"'i"i ^' '"• ^^ youth, 

a rubu-t strong man; a soldier. 
^thttH' jua,ni, s. f. Youth, 

the period of youth. 
tT^HT? ju'ir, s. f. A kind of 

grain, a species of broomeorn. 
^WToVTTJT juirkh.i,n|j, s. m. 

A gaming house. 
^>MT7?J ju.i,ran, s.f. A female 

tTtwiU*^ Ji'iifi, s. rn. A gandder; 
the jilace where the cord passes 
over the bridge of a musical in- 
strument, a thread passed beneath 
the cords over the briJgc to 
improve the sound. 
^>>n^'^WT ju:i,ri:i, ». m. A 

TfW^^r, t- /• Flame; 
'Prmr?^r<ftft, a title of Peri, the 
name of a place in the ra)ij<tb hills, 
where flames is<.ue. supposed to be 
the mouth of /An; a volcano. 

yTITT j>is,si, .1. m. The body of 
fitluT Jnaii or bea^t. 

Hflr^ST ju^in,di, s. VI. A de- 

^vT'? juhar, s. /. A Uindu 
salutatitm, obeisance. 

?TTr5^r ju,huni, r. a. To examine, 
to try, to prove, to ascertain. 

>TTJ^ ju,hud, s. VI. Labor, exer- 
tion, eflbrt, austerity. 

?T~=?r'i i, a. Strong, pow- 
erful, heroic. 

'F'J'SKT ju,knrnl, r. n. To 
have the hands and feet drawn 
together. Also F~"3' W^. 

^cJr^f j-ikiui, s. VI. A cold. 
Al-o vrviif. 

yT^^W^^T jukli,tini, r. a. 
To api-iy leeches; TTlifTJflfV'HT 
or ^fSTWlfsmr tf^^KT, liav- 
ing had leeches applied, having 
leeches adhering, having imbibed 
leeches in dririking water. 

vTtljWig^r Juki i,ra, s. m. ^ A 

TTt^inrTo't jukia.rl, s.f. j leechcr. 

fTfcf^T jukh,nA, V. n. To bo 

H^T^t jukli:i,i, s.f. Wcigliing; 
the jiriee of weighing. 

qftfl^^r jukhauni, r. a. To 
cans :■ to be weighed. 

STvfTH jukhim, s. m. A cold; 
i. q. 'RirrH. 

?T3r jug, s. m. A coujile, a pair; 
a term used in the game of 
cJtansar, ( the opposite to blot; ) 
fT^ l^J^T, to be separated, ( the 
pair in the game chausar, ) to 
become separate; the falling out 
of friends ; W7[ ^"^Tn, to sejiarate ; 
to c.iuse fri<'nds to fall out. 

^^ J"co> *• "'• A period, es- 





IKifially f>no of tlio four croat 
j»cri<;(l-» rucDtionfil in (Ik> IFiii<lu 
Sliastors; Sit, Dicurpar, 'l',\i't, 
nn<\" Kal; W^ tTJT rl't, live f<.i- 
ovor ! live fmin age to age I 

WS\ Jtiiig'.'-, s. VI. A c<..]kction 
of Looks or ducuuieiits in one 

"ifTr? .i",C'at, c^. /. Arrnngrr- 
nient, manner, mode, skill, clever- 
ness, contrivance, art, .i<Mre--, 
dexterity, j>ru'Icnce, iii:ui;ic:i'- 
mcnt, economy; wit, riilicule. 
irony, a ]>un or douldo meaning; 
WSrS 7>T^ ^^^T, to live eco- 
nomically; 'RTTS't ^ozTtwr, to 
ridicule, to make sport. 

iTTrS'^ ji:,gatan, s. f. A wise, 
contriviiig, clover, economical 
Avouian, a gooil maungor. 

'jT?13'^^tT .iticratbaj, s. ui. f. A 
persf-n i^'ivcn to )'idi^:ulc, a \\\L 

contriving-, clover man, a crood 
manngcr, a man of skill and dex- 

PTSTT^'t .iiig,r.i, f. J. An orin- 
ment worn round the neck, 

W^7> jug.nii, s. m. Tlio firefly, 
the glowworm. 

?n7K ju,c:am, > m. Two, a 

flTTSc, ) pair, a couple, 

tfarj^T juni'igali, s. m. A yoke. 

^THci^ j"cSl'' ^- /■ Chewing 
the cud; c. w. ■?d7ft'. 

TfTTf^n^T juii,un.i, V. a. To 
vex, to annoy, to put one out of 
patience by an incessant prating. 

W^ j'l.iih, s. m. Battle, engage- 
ment, fighting; i. tj. TT"^^r; c. m". 

flpff^^T iuihi,urii, r. a. To 
cause to fight; to cau<e to 1»o 
killed in battle; i. (j. Tr^T^PvT. 

fjj: juft, s. m. A pair; a whole 

cocoa nut; ( each half of which is 

call'd tJnilhi: ) I. ([. ^\ a <-pan- 

c. ]; c. w, 'SrjTJT or VT"^^. 
vT^^T ji;t,ni, r. ?J. 'J'<> 1>e cn- 

tracrcd in dose combat; to be 

engaged in any work. 
Pi.5T .i"Ui'."' '^'- "■ To join, to 

unite, to spancel. 
?r^I^^T j'.iti, 11:1:1, V. a. To 

cause to bo engaged, (in some 

work. ) 
rT^T'Ss^r juih i|iini, -x V. n. To 
>T5fcTcK'T ju(h:i,lani, ji' make food 

impure by t.^king a small portion 

of it into the mouth. 
^5- jun 1, s. VI. A comjiany of 
fajii:-; a cla-s 

_ I'-"}'- 

riS jii't, f. 'n. A big shoe. 
iTF^rr jut.nt, r. n. To be join- 

cil. to be yoked or harnessed. 
TTFif^ .i'^'t,r!, s. f. A shoo of 

little or no value. 
PST jut.t.i, ."?./. A largo shoe. 
rrjT^ jui;i|i, s.f. Yoking. 
tT5'T"o?r.T iui.r,un-t, r. a. To 

cause to bo Juincd, to cause to bo 

yokoil or iianicssed. 
?Tt3"<r(T'35^T jutii,un.i, v. o. To 

beat with a shoe. 
PF^ jutjti, s.f. A slioe; H3^ 

IfT^Tft, to beat witli a shoe; 

iT? 1 »;nt c=iT^^*«t, to beat witli 

^^: Juidi, a. Separate, apart, 

di-tinet ; c. w. vT^T and ^g'T^. 

Ti^.'fe?fl" ju.Ii.igi, 1 s.f- Sep- 

tT^?T^ juda.i, i aration. 

T^Tj ju>uih, 5. VI. War, battle; 

WT c/UTiT, to fighi; "^ H"id Ai, 

to fight, to be successful in battle, 

to conqiur; w^ tK^^^ cN', to 

begin a battle, 

yi^; ) . 

'. lunn, s. m, lime. 
?T^T jU|iii, s. f?i. A cant word 

used in conversation without ar.v 
meaning, an cxphtive; ( /'.y'aKri 
and Janimi'i dialect. ) 

T^g- .jupj.h, s. hi. Ali.r.ttir.g ot the 
hair ; c. v> . ^ tI'^T or "^J^ rTT^n, 

>THT ju,m.'i, s. m. Frid ly. 

rTWT J iuni,m;'., *. m. Trust, 

ffUr J charge, responsibility. 

tTWif^TP^ junja,igi, s. f. A pres- 
ent given by school boys on Fri- 
day to their pre«-«'ptors, 

"vTW^^S^ jiiini,i, s.f. Yawnir.c. 

B^r VTR^S" jn,m I ma^'t, s.f. The 
great mosque where Musulnuns 
jiray on Friday. 

rT^U^iH i', s.f. Tluir-day. 

RJi'iJ^F'WT junier:i,tii, s. m. A 
person b'.ra on Thur^d.iy. 

Wd jur, 5. m. Fever; i, f\. ?7- 
3HT: strcngtli. 

r^tih^.Ti ) jurang, gas, s. r.r. A 

H^oT"?? / kind of medicine use- 
ful f-.r fevers of long standing 
ma-le by burnir.g certain metals. 

^rvS" ji:,iat, s.f. LoMuess- cour- 
age, l>ra\cry, femeriry, valor. 

ryj^rfT^X ji:r\..l,n.i, 5,1. .Stnjng, 
poweiiul; a h.rge powerful man. 
Abo >T7^^T. 

#51 jur.r.t, s. m. A hawk, a 
male falcon, 

Ti^TPTT jurt,t_i:i, !/i. Strong, i»<jw- 
erful; a huge powerful iiian, 

iT^5 j'.il, S. r.i. Deceit, cheating, 
fraud, a trick; c, w, VF^f ^^f 

yfys jiii!, s. VI. A tattered quilt; 
a co\ering f^r an elci>hant, bul- 
lock, kQ. 

PTi'OVtfvJ" ) jtil.hakni, r. n. To 

TTfSlT^I J weei> continually. 

tT^TvTT^ jullial, a. Angry, vexed; 
in a state of consternation; wea- 
ried, fagged out ; c. w. vJ<:\(. 

"iTRIZ^r julaknl, r. n. To 
creep, to crawl, to move like a 
worm or insect. 





^^ ^^F^ JMll, kan.ll.o,]!, ^ .'. VI. 
?7?!f fV^?5r jull, khindlio,l.i,V A 
P75 "uf^yjT iiill| gliaii-lojla, .J tat- 
tero'l f(iiilt. 

To ci't p as a worm, 
"prffrfj^f^ j'.iljiiltt, 5. m. Trciii- 

l. liner, crccj-inj. 
"tTSTc^vT jiill.i.'ti ^- "• Togo, to 

move, to dcjiart; {LahinJd tlia- 

k-rt. ) 

■»T?5^t jul, fi, t.f. The chain by 

which a door is fastened. 
^r^-S jul.fii, s. rn. A man M'ith 

qgq irl jidi-'ij, 5- VI. A knave, 

a deceiver, a cheat. 
^Jj^rfl^ julbi.Ji, s.f. Deceit, 

"PfTTW julai, s. VI. Tyranny, op- 

Wf5fH>Kl7iT julmli,nit, s.m. Tcn- 

ahy, Cue. 
•FTfJift .jul,mr, s. f. Tyranny, 

f^'^H^ jiditni, s. VI. A Tyrant, 

an oppressor. 
^?5^T j'il,y:i, f, m. A deceiver. 
sifTW^ jiil.lar, ^ s. tn. A 
VT?5^ ji'l,r'j ] large tattered 

^^ITJ julih, s. m. A weaver; 

( u«ed only in cumposition. ) 
R55TTJ7R1 jii!thga,ri, \ s. vi. 
^^t:J^J^ jidihpu,ni, ) The bu- 
siness of a weaver. 
W»ivjT juli,hu, s. m. A Muham- 

niadan weaver. 
W"?5T7jY j'd.i,hi, *. /. A female 

Muliammadan weaver. 
^?^"g jnlib, 3. m. Purging, a 

purgative medicine; tTTSI^ ^T?- 

7H, to take or give a purge; 

^^JT-g ^'^T, to give a purge; 

'^W^ ^"^T, to take a purge. 

>f?^T"gl', a. Purgative. 

«F?5t ju],li, s./. A small tatter- 
ed fjuilt. 

?T??^WT .iii,hi> f- vt. A deceiv- 
er, a cheat; i. q. TTKtHT. 

^^^ jul,lur, ^ *. VI. A 

yi^^y ju,]ur;t, j barge tattered 

^^r^ jii^^^i'', s. f. A species 
of broorncorn ; i. q. nflHTU". 

tT^TJTJ jii\Vii,ran, s.f. "j A 

tT^TH'^ ju\v;i|ri, s. vx. > L'am- 

rT?T3l»MI juw.i,ri.i, s. vx. ^ bh.-r. 

>T^ '^TTS^T jufiiV.^^' V. n. To be 
joined, to Ijc drawn together; to 
be assembled. 

P'S*^ jurn, s. vx. Joining. 

H^TiT jur,ni, v.n. To lie joined, 
to be drawn together, to be col- 
lected, to bo assenibled; to be 
made or gained, (as a means of 
living;) to be mended. 

tT^t^ ji'T-^ib ^' /• Joining; 
wages for uniting the part;* of a 

>7^To^T juri,un:i, I', a.. To 
cause to bo joined.. 

r^'^3 jiir"tt| •^■f- Junction, union. 

Tf|'^3' jurutt, a. Joined togeth- 
er, \inited together; c. w. ^ 

^ jii; inter. Sir ! lord ! master I 

( poetic. ) 
>f jiin, .•;./. A louse; "FT^wf ^tf- 

c^i^wt, to hunt lice; Wmf Ve^t- 

THT, to become lousy. 
yT^KT ju/i, s. VI. A die, a dice, a 

game, gambling; Wruj X^5^r, or 

V^U7;r, to gamble. 
rT'W:^' jnit, ^ j. m. A 
'»T%"g r[ jiiebij, ) gambler. 
fl[^"gra(t jiiebi^-i, s. f. Gam- 
' bling. 

tFHT juh, s.f. Pasture, unculti- 
vated hitid wiiere cattle graze. 
>r<r?^T juilii'.i.i. V- n. To fight, 

to be killed in battle. 

W '.V 

>T^T'@5?^T ji-jlii,nnl, V. a. To 
cau-e to fudit, to cause to bo 
killed in battle. 

Tjcf jnth, s.f. The leavings of a 

y^ZT ju.thi, o. Impure, ( as fo<-.d, 
frum being the leavings of some 
one; oravesxl, from having been 
eaten or diunk out of and not 
yet scoured. ) 

iT^i^^T jnfhi,uni, r. a. To 
detlie, (as food, by eating part 
of it; a vessel, by eating or drink- 
ing out of it; the mouth, by put- 
ting food into it. ) 

^T; jun, s. /. One of the S4, 00, 000 
birtlis or tran->inigration3 to 
whieh bad men are .'■ubject; ^7\ 
^?Tf?rt or ^'-dTv^, to pass through 
one of the periods of existence to 
whieh men are doomed. 

>T<^t, a. Pertaining to 
transmigration; ?WP?7t, free from 
transmigration; (an attribute of 

>T?5T jn,li, s. VI. A yoke; i. q. 

?TW<^T jiir,n 1, r. a. To bind, to 
tie, to tie up the hair in a knot, 
to fasten, to l.i^h on, to bind up 
the arms and feet; rT^ t[T^T, to 
be bound with a rope, to be tied, 
to bo fastened, to be drawn to-, 

flf^ ii\r'i, s.m. A knot of hair 
on the top of tl.e head or behind 
it; H^T oTg^T^T and "^^^a, to 
j>ut up the hair in a kntt; a large 

^^ J'Sr'j s.f. A small broom; 
a small knot of hair on tho top 
or back uf the head; a bundle of 
tobacco leaves; fate. 

W^ 3T^3T jn.ii i-anyjoi^'i s. m. 
Th«r nameofilie Hindu deity wlio 
jireiides over betrothments and 
marriages; accident, event, occur- 


HI? ^3"? 


rcncc, diancc, linj>, luck; con- 
junction, union. 

^ jf, conj. If. 

^Sf^f J0|Uni, r. fl. To cat. 

%'%^ jc^ur, s. m. Jewels, or- 
naments of silver, gold, kc 

w€^ je,ura, t. m. A conl, 
a rope. 

MWjT^ j^'i"P> s.f. A conl, a 

flxIi^T jeliifi, pron. "Wlio, wliicli, 
that, V hosocvcr, wliielisoL-ver; i. <\. 

^TTT je,lia, j)ro)i. Of what sort ; 
i. q. fwXTT. 

^^T jo,hii, aJ. As; i. q. ffpjr. 

^rrr ^";iT je,ha ko.ha, a. Of 
any sort. 

M vJI '3'UT jC|li:i ke,lia, ud. In 
any way, indiflerently. 

^^7 j'^'ikar, co»/. If. 

tTtT^T jejiva, s. in. Tribute, 

WS jcth, 5. VI. The name of 
the tliird niontli of the civil year 
beginning in the middle of May; 
a liusband's elder brother. 

tFT^T jet.thi, o. First-born, old- 
est, first produced, first in rank, 
dignity and merit; good, nice, 
fine, best. 

^ Jed. ^ . , 

^ / pron. As largo as, 

W^ je.d.i, } -^ 

<^ -i. . ,. \ '"^s long as. 

^^ je.di, J 

^3 jet, s.f. Yictorj-, conquest, 

^3 je,ti1, t. in. A victor, a win- 

^^ jeb, *./. A pocket; orna- 
ment, beauty; ^"g ^^'^, to ful- 
fil an engagement or promise ;^'g 
??T^^, to put a pocket in a 
garment; #g ^F^'Ti^, to pick a 

^^ ^F^T jeb kat.ri, ) s. m. 

^^ ^3^ job kat,ru, J A pick- 

%^ y-T, t.f. The I'laconta, t!ie 
after-birth, secundines; the navol 
strin'T of an animal toget'.icr witii 
the jvlacenta. 

^TJ j'T, a. Subject, under com- 
miiid; ^1 ^^r, to be overcome, 
^J "S'JJ^r, to overpower, to sub- 

%^'rf^^ jerband, s. vi. A mar- 

^^ jel, *./. A string or lino 
of caj>tivos chainctl together; a 
string of buckets passed over a 
Pi.-r^ian wheel. 

#^><T7JT jelkhi,na, s. m. A 

"^ jai, s.f. Victory, triumj)!!, pro- 
motion; fl fl ^n'TJT, to shout 
'•Victory I" to a deity; (a common 
practice among pilgrims.) 

fl- jai, inter. Bravo I huzza 1 

?I jai, pron. As many as. 

^W jai,^:t, O'l As; ( used only 
in poetry. ) 

fl7T?T j.iih,ui, r. ». To copulate. 
This orthography is now obso- 
lete; i. q. flfcj^r. 

^rq^ jaijku, 2^'*<^"' About as ma- 
ny as. 

?i^.7T^ jaijaik'ir, s. in.f. Rejoi- 
cing^, triumph, exultation. 

tTS" jaind, s. m.f. ^ A deform- 

^?-^'t jaind,ni, s.f.] ed per- 
son half deaf and dumb. 

\s jait, The name of a 

fl^ffTTt jaitsi.ri, s.f. The name 
of a rdgni. 

^fVwr jai.dia, | s.f. "Victo- 

fl%^r jaide,v;i, J ry to Dcci," a 
kind of hosauna, a form of salu- 
tation to a Hindu king in the 

^^ jail, t.f. Partiality; skirt, 
train, following; c. w. Vd<S". 

^ jo, pmn. "Who, which, that. 

% jo, co)iJ. If, since that. 

^ _•''''. I s.f. A wife. 

^Zt j<\i, pron. Who, which, 
that; ( emphatic. ) 

%H jos, 8. m. Boiling, ebulli- 
tion; racT"', pa-^sion, love, lust; 
c. w. WI^^T, ^^-^771, $^T and 
?7T^^; ( proj>erly %F[. ) 

^^l^^T jo?i,un;i, v. a. To boil. 

^Ffl j'^,^'> s. m. A fortune tel- 
ler, an astrologer. 

^jfr^l" josin,da, *. in. A de- 
coction; (properly ^Hr^^T.) 

%^^r juh,ni, v.a. To look at, 
to examine, to try, to ascertain; 
i. q. STTierr. 

^■?W J0|hur, s. m. A pund. 

y(TT jo,hii, t. m. One wlio exam- 
ines and ascertains a thing. 

^7 j"k, s. f. A kerh. 

^i7T^Tf5T jokinwa,!.!., s. in. j 

%17T^l^'t jokan.wi,!!, s. J. / 
A iLCchcr. 

^V^T jokh,n i, r. a. To weigh. 

%^I^ jokh L,i, s.f. Weighing; 
the price of weighing; (properly 

^>rr^^I jokh t,un:I, r. a. To 
cause to be weiglied; i. (pTTMr^- 

^>f jo.klui, s. in. A weighmaa. 

%%■ jo,khon, s. f. Danger, haz- 
ard, risk, a venture, a dangerous 
thing; (proitcrly ^^Ol. ) 

^^r jog, a. Fit, capable. 

^ jog, s. f. A yoke, ( of oxen. ) 

^IT jog, s. m. Junction, fitting, 
a fortunate moment, opportunity, 
occasion; a kind of austere devo- 
tion, intense meditation, (prac- 
ticed by a class of fcqirs called 
jo^is:) ^3T 5Wt€5JT, to prac- 
tice the devotions of jogis; rt^ 
trr^TJi, to assume the garb of a 

^3T^ jo.gan, s.f. A female^oyj. 
^?I^t ^j<'g,ni, J-/. A fabled 





class of spirits govortiing porlo'.ls 
of trood and ill luck. 

%ilT, s. m. Dregs, strain- 

^37T jog,gi, «■ Opportune, fit, 
proper, able, capable, a-lequato, 
apposite, applicable; %?! o^T 
or ^?T?n, to be fit, to be ade- 
quate, to be capable. 

^t, s. VI. A kind of ascetic 
cither Hindu or Musaliu in, 

^"^wr jo.gii, a- Like ajoji, 

^^ftwr jo,gia, s. m. The name 
of a color; the name oi ^ nijnl 
or musical mode. 

^77 jojan, s. m. A measure 
of distance; (ditTcrently reckoned 
at four and a lialf, five, and nine 
miles. ) 

^Z\ i^'lVy s. f. A fellow, a 
mate, one of a i>air, a match, 
a pair, a ccuplc; rtzf^ WH^trfTt, 
to set two men, ( cipial in bulk, ) 
to wrc-tling. 

^gn jo.i.ia, r, fl. To yoke; (pro- 

^rs jot, s.f. A lay of light; a 
yoke; cultivation. 

^STT jo,ta3, s. VI. Astronomy 
and astrology. 

TTHrft jo,tasi, jf. VI. An astron- 
omer and astrologer. 

•S^jc^i jot,nfi, r. u. To yoke, to 
harness, to plow. 

xTSTTi j->t,n'i, s.f. Light, 

Tf3T-n?k j itinin, a. Briglit, en- 

1^4.1 jo,tri, ) s. VI. One round 

tTBT jot,ta, J of a plow, a single 
plowing of a fieM. 

%Ft flf vf jo,ti srup, a. Uaving 
the appearance of light; (an attri- 
bute of God,) 
%^ j''»ilh, X. t7J, Labor, cflbrt, en- 
deavor, austerity; ^x^ ST^T^^T, 
to practice auatcrities; ^^ sa"- 

7;x, to labor hard, to endeavor, 
to practic' austerities. 

^qr jfijdli i, s. VI. A powerful 
man, a warrior, a hero, a brave 
fellow; an ascetic. 

^^7i jo, ban, s. m. Puberty, 
youth, the period of youth, the 
beauty and freshness of youth. 

■Ti'y<SH3^ jobanMiat,ti, ) a. Be- 

%^7r^3^ jobanwun tf, -' ing at 
the age of puberty, being in the 
prime and beauty of youth, mar- 
riageable, (a woman. ) 

^1-f jom, s. VI. Iloat, ebullition, 
passion, lust; c. w, vxr^^r, *jri 
fir^T or xJ"^7;t, 

^lit jo,mi, a. Passionate, lust- 

^3" jor, s. m. Strength, power, 
force, violence; ^^^ 'zJ'37>X, to prac- 
tice wrc>tling, tu try ones force; 
^3" 3^T^7>T or ?5I^ejr, to u;e vio- 
lence, to apply force, to e.xert. 

%UT ^u't jo,r.i jo,ri, aJ. r>y force, 
violently, furcibly, nolens vo- 

^^T^7 jor-iwar, a. Strong, pow- 

^^■T^rj"^ jor.iwa,n', s.f. Strength, 
power, energy, force, violence; 
c, w. g^Tit. 

^ar^T^ jonIwa,ri, ) ad. For- 

^srV jo,rI, J cibly, by 

force, violently, nolens vulens. 

rf^ jo,ri, s.f. Force, violence, 

^? jo,ru, s.f. A wife. 

yf^ jor, 5, VI. Junction, meet- 
ing, union, connection, a pair, a 
couple; %^ %^, to unite, to 
mend, to add sums together; %^ 
'3'3^, to fill small ciips, one with 
rice, milk, (tc, and the other with 
shorbft, and give tiieni to children, 
as a votive olVering, on the tenth 
of the Muharraii), for the life and 
safety of a child; ^ W^Ti^, 

to copulate; ^W 75t€3T, to 

^^AT j'^r,"i» ^- <^- Toj-'in, to 
mend, to i>atch; to add together, 
to reckon, to add up; to save 
and scrape together, ( for a liv- 
ing;) to fabricate, to cement, to 
tie, (as the hands. ) 

^•^T jo,r;i, s, vx. A couple, two 
associates, a man and woman as- 
sociated; counterfeiting gold or 
silver by inferior metals; a pair, 
a suit, a set, a pair of shoes. 

^^1 jo,ri', 5./. A pair, a pair 
of doors, a couple, tv.o associates, 
a man and woman associated, a 
double piece of best cloth. 

^^t^ra" joridar, s. m. /. An 
associate, one of a pair. 

^^ jo,ru, s. VI. A man wbo 
makes and saves money, one who 
gathers but does not spend; one 
who joins any thing together. 

^tT^T jaujji.i, I*. H. To be 
annoyed by much talking, to be 
displeased, to be tcazed, 

rl j;iun, s. m. Parley; i. q. rl'^. 

fl^ jaur, a. Two. 

^^T jauj.i, s. in. J A twjn; 

fl^*^ jau.ii, s.f. / (generally 
used in the plural. ) 

^^ jha,i, s.f. Parking; quar- 
relling; (generally used iu the 
plural;) c. w. ^^'^nfT. 

T@^T jhau,ni, v. 71. To wilt, to 

■^ooT jhaur, s.f. Itching; c. w. 
WrS^.t and ^Z^. 

^^^ jhaur, s.f. A spring, a 
pounce, a snatch; sounding all 
the strings of a musical instru- 
ment at once. 





sition, tnf.t<-; c. vr. W V^TT. 
^Tf^f j'''*''-' '.>'» !■• «• To rul>, to 

r.!noar, to anoint. 
^JTl"^t jll.^^i|i, s.f. Anointing; 

tlio prii'O of aiiuiiilintj. 
'JHf^^k'r jl".i^:Viii i, r. a. To 
cause to l>e sinearol, or anointed. 
^fvTH' ilia,]iir, Jt •liiiiLr; r. w. 

rH'^^K €zi^ an.l f ZT^'t. 
^If jlKik, 5./. Eiiiotiou, pas- 
sion; ^J"? •^Jg7V)■, to l>c ancry; 
^Ja? W''or<^> to niriko a fruitlosa 
effort, to act aliMinlly. 
^^ jliakk, s.f. ])oul«t, appre- 
hension, fear, restraint ; a du<t 
storm; ^7 ^ rfr^"^, to bo in 
doulit; ^7 \J^?ft, to a!-i>o, (a 
dust storm ; ) to be r.ngry. 
?f3%g" jliakjlior, a. IK'a\y and 
thick, (clouds;) deep, (intoxi- 
cation or sleep. ) 
^5%5t jhakjiio,ri, s.f. Si.ra:n- 

Mlng- and wrangling, snatching. 
:jlJc!^T, v. «. To be 
angrv, to be passionate; to chat- 
ter, to lament. 
35'5^n jhakk,n;i, r. n. To doubt, 
to fear, to hesitate, to shrink, 
to start back with horror or d.s- 
gust, to bo abashed, 
^^gt jhakk|ri, *. vi. An earth- 
en milking vessel with a wide 
:r^at jhakk.ii, y. /. A small 

milking vessel. 
•st^^ jhak.knr, ^ 

^c7W ^^T jliak,kar jho,l;i, > 

:^i7^ Tjf ^r jliak,kar jhuny, jha, ' 
s. VI. A squall, a storm, a tem- 
pest, a hurrioftne, 
'f^? jhangk;ir, s.f. Clinking, 
tinkling, ringing; screaming, a 
•s{-^ jhak,kf, a. Perverse, con- 
^^Sr jliakor, f.f. Cloudiness, 

Cathoring of chmd-j, (jilck clouds. 

^J"f^77r jli;ik"|^ii;i, r. a. To shake, 
(as milk in churning;) to stir, 
( li<jui"l ; ) to Work al>.>ut in water. 

^^ jhakh, t.f. Talking non- 
sense, pratin'^; falsehood; a vain 
en'ort; ^Jt/ 'S^T^-. to be angry; 
"^^ KT^Tft, to make a fruitless 
etl'ort, to say what i^ not true. 

:fy- jliakkh, s. m.f. n 

T>^W jhak,khar, s. m. [ 

^^a %H'' jliak.khar jhoji, f. m. ^ 
A s<juall, a storm; ^tf \J^7>T, to 
bvcoMio crazy; "x^r vj^?^'^, to 
arise, (a dust storm.) 

^«T^, a. Old, large, 
( horns of an elk, branches of trees 
without leaves, ^'cc. ) 
^?T jhagL', s.f. Foam, froth, 
scum; ^JT '^'5'^, to foam. 

^3T jhrtngg, s. m. f. AVooJs, a 
large cluster of trees. 

^jTT^or j' a, garni, r. n. To con- 
tend, to Avrangle, to ipiarrd, n 

^fTI'^T jhng,ri, .<f. m. Contention, 
wrangling, a dispute, a quarrel; 
^JJT^T vr#^r, to commence a 
quarrel, cve. 

^JI^i'^^I iliagr;i,uui, r. a. To 
caiise to quarrel or dispute. 

■s^lT^'^ jhagri,lu, J relsotno, 
contentious; a disputer, a wrang- 

^ir^T5^ jhagre|laii, s.f. A quar- 
reliome woman. 

^"JTT jhagga, s. m. A child's 
coat or frock. 

^"dlid<^r jhanggir,n:i, r. n. To 
scream, ( as a peacock, an ele- 
phant, <S:c., ) to screech. 

^31^ jhag,f;i, s.f. A small coat 
for a chihl. 

T^ jhang,gi, s.f. A large dus- 
ter of trees. 

■^^5?^ jha|gul:i, *. m. A single 

]or)«o garment like a s^birt worn 
by Kashmiris reaching from liic 
neck to the ankles. 
^tI^J^T jhnjakni. r. ji. To start 

baik witli tear, to shrink. 
^Jy^'^ToTJT jhnjkir,nd, r. a. ( caus. 
of '^nJ'^'i. ) To drive out, to 
keep otr. 
TrZT jhany jat, s. vx. A quarrel, 

a brawl, jicr|.h-.\ity. 
^yTS"^ Jhany, iatan, s.f. ^ A 

T-rTZft jliany,j;.ti, s. m. ^ quar- 

rebome person. 
'^y\'3 jhajjar, s.f. An enrthca 

waterpot with a narrow neck. 
^Ti?^ jhajjari, s.f. Diminutive 

of 5^g. 

^flr jhaj j.i, f.m. Tlie name of 

the letter ^; a long heavy beard. 

T^^ "f^^^^r jhanyjor,, x 

^^3^', t 

^^^T ^(?T jiianv jo,ra de^ni, ) 

r. a. To shake, to throw into 


5f3" jhatf, s. m. A sliort space 

of time, ha-te, a sudden attack, a 

snatch; '^Z oTSTJT, to make a 

sudden attack, to snatch; ^Z "^ 

iFir^T 0^73" I? S^i", to make lia;te. 

"^Z jhatt, ml. (Quickly, hastily, 

"^77^ jha.tak, jr. /. A suddctt 

shake, a toss, a throw, a jerk. 
^TT? fJ72:?:T j!ia,tak sitt,n:i, ^ r. a. 
^i^cST iha,takni, J To 

shake suddenly, to jerk, (clotb, 
srgrST^T jha,takn;i, r. n. To be- 
come lean. 
^ZITT jhat,k.t, s. m. A sudden shake, 
a jerk; cutting otTthe head of an 
animal at a stroke; ^i,^^ TRTi^, 
to decapitate at a stroke, (as a 
goat ollered in sacrifice;) ^i ^^ 
VW^\ or ?5To^T, to sliake, to 
T^Zrq- jhatt,.aku, s. m. A little- 
wliiie, a minute, a moment. 





:^^Tj- jli.i(f,ku, ad. In about a 


??■ j'l-'".!')' *•/• TliO hair on the 
ht.-ad of a new-born child; hair 
two or three indies long-; ^J 
^ST^TT^or ^^T*;!^, io shave the 
head of a ehiUl. 

^57 jhar),(l;i, *. m. A 5tanJan.l, 
a flag staff, an ensign. 

if^ jliari,(]l, t. f. A small Jlag. 

^"^y gr jiiaii']ii,la, .?. tn. One whoso 
hair is of a niodiiini length. 

3f^^??Ci§^T jlianjiiani,una, r. n. 
To feel the sensation of the limbs 
being asleep, to tinirle, to thrill. 

x^'XiA'l^i." jhanjhanit, s. m, A 
tingling sensation through the 
limb?, the sensation proJueeJ by 
applying colJ water to aching 

???7T^<?vT jhanii.i,uni, r. n. To 
tingle, to thrill; i. q. '^f^r^^T- 

3i<^l<i" j'laiKit, s. m. A tingling 
sensatioi,, Lc; i. q. ^J^v^^n^. 

;{c^(| jhane,thu, *. m. A leader 
in some particular play. 

^gr jliat,th:i, a. Lcs>,diminished, 
( sunshine, rain, the fi-rce of a 
fever, ) tired; c. w. ^^rr and 

HcJJTF jhankir, s.J. Jingling, 

^V jhapp, a. Quick. 
^V jhapp, ad. Immediately, 

quickly, suddenly. 
TWlT^a jha.jiakna, v. a. To wink; 

J- q. TW7^T. 
^Vift jliap,ki, *./, A wink. 
^V^, t.f. A spring, a 

pounce, a snatch: an assault, an 

attack; ^u^ Wig-Tft, to snatch; 

T^Z; ^^"), to attack. 
^MZ^r jha,patni, r. n. To 

spring or pounce upon, to snatch, 

to seize upon. 

^UJT jh;ipat,ta, s- VI. j Assault, 

^vrzft, s.f. ] scl- 
den attack, the spring of a tig'T, 
the pouncing down of a kite; 
"^^TT' W37i^, to snatch. 

^Vf^r jhapp|iri, f. a. To catch 
with both hands, ( as a ball,) to 
sei/e. AliO ^V «^T. 

^^^vr jhapijliap, J ad. Quick- 

'JUTT^ jliapajha,pi, J ly, hastily, 
ia a trice. 

^^ jhappli, s. f. A trice; the 
pouncing down of n bird upon its 
prey; "^^ "^V^, to be capsized, 
( a pa[>er kite in flying; ) ^^ 
}{T77ft', to dart down upon prey. 

^S^I jhaiipli,na, v. a. To catch, 
to seize; to fell; to swallow. Also 

■^g' jhabb, ad. Quickly; i. q, 

^■g jhamb, 5./. Wind and rain. 
^•^P^T jliab,kana, r. a. To 

wink; i. q. ^WU^T. 
^^r?fH^T jhabkljUiia, v. a. To 

cause to wink. 
^^■3^ jiiab,ki, s.f. A wink, 
^g^r jliambiiii, r. a. To shake, 

to brush, to clean, to trim, to 

cue otV; to throw down upon the 

ground. Also '^g fjH i c5T. 
^■g^ jhabbjde, ad. Quickly, 
^■gr jhab,b.'i, «. m, A tassel. 
^^ jhab.bu, s. in. A small tassel. 
^% jhab,bc, ad. Quickly. 
T^?5 jhaiiibel, S.f. ^ Dis- 

^^T5T jhaiiibe,l;i, s. tn. J turbance, 

trouble, distress. 
^K"? jha,mak, s. m. f. A wink, 

a twinkle, glitter. 
?W7^f jha.niakni, v.n. To glitter. 
TW^^H' jiia,niakn:i, r. a. To wink. 
^W^rr jliaiii,k;t, s. m. A wink; a 

Cold ; c. w. ?f?T^T. 
^^^i^^r jhaiiiki,uii.i, r. a. To 

make wink; to cause to glitter, 

( a jewel. ) 

X X 

^Wlft jhnm,ki, s.f. Winking; sleep. 

^^?K jiiamjham, a. (J litter- 
ing. ^hiniIlg, 

^}i'5^ J jham,man, s. m. The cov- 

?Ko" J er of a cart. 

^J-f^T jham,tia, t. M. To be 

^K5^T I jhamni,ni, r. a. To cut 

^H5^T / ofl'; to throw down on 
the grovwid. 

TrT^ J jhamb, s. f. A shower, 

^^ J wind and rain; c. w. >KT@- 

=?W^r?T , jhamb,n;i, r. a. To 

^^^f / smite down, to fell, to 
press down, to beat, to cut; to 
kill. Also T^r^ flRZr^f. 

^H^55 jhambel, t.f. 

^B?5 jhambel, s.f. 

^;-I^?5r jhambe,la, s. m. 

^^J^r, jhambo,l.i, s. m. 

Dispute, quarrel, wrangling, clam- 
or, noise, confusion, disturbance, 
distress, trouble. 

^VT17J. jhami.k.i, s. m. A glance; 
^Wr7T ?5^^?CT, to glance. 

^WT^H jham;ijliam, ad. Heav- 
ily, (as rain j)ouriug;) with 
great slaughter. 

^ir^ jhamel, s.f. '1. q. ^-^. 

353" =RT^T jhar, j i,ni, ^ r. «. In 

^d<sT jhar,ni, ) somno 

defluero, (semen virile.) 

^F?^r jliar,ni, s. m. A cullender; 
a grate- at a water passage, a jet. 

^d X^ jhar,ni, s.f. (dim. of 
^17>X. ) A small cullender, &c. 

^??5 ???5 »i33CT jha.ral jha.ral 
niut,na, r. »i. To void urine 
copiously through fear. 

^^T?5 jharaj, t.f. An excava- 
tion by the side of a river from 
which water is drawn up for ir- 
rigation; i. q. ^55T7. 

^T^ jharar, t.m. A split, a rent, 
a breach, ( in a garment ; ) disaf- 
fection ; c. w. x^ >!r^T or ^^5^•. 





TfiYt jlmrif, s. f. A scratcli; 

c. vr. WT^i^O". 
35^>^r jIiaro,klKi, ». m. An air 
hole, a rounJ win<l<i\v, a lattice. 
^^V^ jharO|klif, g.f. A small 

^55 jhall, t. m. ^Fa-lnoss, insan- 
ity, rage; c. w. ^^TTT; a thick- 
et, a jungle of reeds, a niarih, a 
bog; the motion or swinir of a 
fan or paydha ; ^55 V'^TTf, to 
fan, to pull a pankhd. 
^Ma? jlia.luk, r. /. SplonJ..r, 
glitter, refulgence; ^?:!F3r >rT3'?s't, 
to shine, to glitter. 
^f5:J5Vl jha,lakna, v.n. To shine, 

to glitter. 
?«yi jhaljka, s. m. Splendor, 

?55i?l5c?' jhalk!i,una, r. a. To 

cause to shine. 
^JSaf^ jhal,ki, s.f. Shining, bright- 
5?5 ??5 s^F W jhal, jhal, kar,na, v. n. 

To sliine. 
3|W5v jhal, Ian, s.f. A supporter, 
a prop, a stick suspended above 
to support a weaver's lay; a trans- 
verse beam over a Persian ■vvlieel 
in "vrhich one of the gudgeons 
'J?:?^^ jhall|na, r. a. To sutTer, to 
bear, to endure, to sup].ort; to 
pull, (a pankhd,) to move, (a tan.) 
^wr jhal,la, a. Outrageous, mad, 

JfWlvil jliala,i, s.f. The ^vnges 
of pulling a pankJui, Sec. ; pulling, 
?Kl6<i\T jhala.una, r. a. To 
cause (a pankhd) to be pulled, 
to cause ( a fan ) to be moved. 
sjMiy jhalar, s. m. f. An excava- 
tion by the side of a river, from 
which water is taken up for irri- 
gation; a contrivance for catch- 
ing fish -with a basket. 

^f?5WI ^rk>HT jhal.lii ho,iu, a. 

Cra/.ed, mad. 
^?5TIT jhalingg, \ aJ. In 
^^ftir jhalap'.'.L'c, ) the murn- 

iiig, to morrow morning. 
^^ jI'-T, s. m. Clouds over- 
sjireading the sky, lieavy rain; 
a ctTtaiu part of a padlock; a 
s[plii!t, ( of metal; ) beauty, cle- 
cance. delight, enjoyment; ^^ 
^5^r, to be cloudy. 
^^^T, r. n. To be 
broken or shaken off, to fall off, 
(as iVuit tVoin a tree;) to be dis- 
joined, (as limbs from the body;) to 
fall down, (fetters;) to be sounded, 
(a serenade;) to be poured down, 
(as grain;) to bo ejected, (seuun 
virile. ) 
^^^ jlia.raf, s.f. Contentii>n, 
sparring, fighting, ( as <»f cocks; ) 
a >priiiir. a pounce, a sudden at- 
tack ; c. w. ^^t. 
^?J'«:^T jlia.rat'iia, r. n. To spar, 
to I'ght, (as cocks, &c., ) to con- 
^Jrf-^'Vi^ jharfa,!, s.f. Cocktlght- 
ing, the fighting o( any birds, 
^S^^PH iliarfa,urii, v. a. To 
fight, (cocks or other birds, ) to 
cau>e to spar or contend, 
^^^f-^ jh:irfi,u, s. m. A 
fightinir cock or other bird, one 
that spars or contends. 
^^^T ■:^^^, .*. /. 
Sparring and fighting, ( of birds, ) 
falling upon one another. 
5{f<yd jharber, s. m. A kind 

of wild fruit. 
5£?iya^ jharbe,ri, s.f. A wild 

tree on v,hich jharber grows. 
^={<^IVi^ jharwi,!, *. /. Wages 
fur shaking down fruit, brushing 
clothes, &.C. 
^^^^Q^i jharwiiuna, c. a. To 
cause (fruit) to be picked or 

sliaken from a tree; to cause to 
be cleaned by shaking or brush- 
ing; to cause (defilement ) to be 

^^I^ Jliari,!, s.f. Ou'^.-t, inva- 
sion; a>cent; till? wages for sha- 
king fruit tVom a tree, l-rushirc: 
clothes, ic. 

^^T^i^T jliara,una, r. a. To 
cau«e to ascend or mount; to 
offer up; to cause to ]»e shaken, 
(fruit,) from a tree; to cause 
(cluthes) to be bru>]ied. 

^^T^ jliarak, ^ s. m. Ilajte, 

^[^I'?r jliani.ka, ) speed, hurry, a 
trice, a jerk; Jf^n7T ^^T^T^T, to 

:=r^T?^ jlinrijliar, (i-/. Ha«tily, 
ra[>idly, with-nit .-t"p. 

3f3"T^I jhari,w.i, s. tn. An oiV-r- 
incr, a j>rc.s.Tit; clothes sent to a 
bride by the people of the bridt- 
trroom before marria^je, 

3*^"^ jlia,ri, s.f. ri'ii(ini!'-d ra:r,; 
cuiitinnance, delay ;^?("t ^FT^^, 
to have a long continued rain; to 
keep up a frolic for several days; 
to keep up incessant labor for a 
length of ti'iie. 

:i^H jl'T'^'i "• '"• A long bcanl. 

^'■^, ) s.f. Shadow; 

^J'§?5T jhii,u|a, J *. ni. i^iiu- 
^i^c^ jliun,ul:i, / ness, misti- 
ness, obscure virion. 
z^T^t^T jha.ull, ^ a. Dim, ol>- 
Tr^?5i' jhin.nla, J scure ; Tl"^Tri 
(■d H 'i ^ i or t^H "^^T, to l)e seen 
^i Qyp t jt-.a.uli, J *./. A wink, 
ii\Qi^ jhan,uli, / a look, a glance, 
a sly wink, coquetry, ogling; Tf- 
^<5^ ^-^, to glance, to show 
tlie face for a moment and then 
conceal it, to coquette. 
T^^ jhi.u, s. m. A species of wil- 

jlii,in, J s.f. Shadow; 
jliin,iti, / I'recklci on tht 






J s. m. A 

) flatterer, a 

low of the stallcs of wliiVIi brooms 
.iml baskets are ni.i<le. 
^fjT^T jliins,nd, r. a. To whee- 
dle, to coax, to seduce, to de- 
^rFTT jIi^DiSd, s. m. Deception, 
fraud, wheedling^, coa-\ing, sedu- 
cing; c. w. ^^T. 
:5f^'aiTr jliansebaji 


:fTTJ jli:i,hu, s. vu 

^7 jliak, s.f. A peep, a glance, 

sliirlit ex[ioctation, waiting; ^rir- 

=^ S'fvr^r, to continue pooping; 

!JI? T^"^ or ^T^pft, to expect, 

to keep a look ouc. 

Jri?5fT jli:ik,iii, v. n. To peep, 

to i,'laiice, Ik) expect, to wait for. 
^^lIWf\'^X jlrikainjii i,ka, s. m. 

.Aliitual looking. 
J^'^T ilii,ki, s. in. Ab>ok, apeep; 
^r=J\ J^rgTfT or ??T^»:T, to look, 
to glame. 

^nyi^nfy jli.J.k/, s.f. A 

I'^ok, a p'Op, a mutual looking. 

^3T^ jliig,ru, s.m. A wrangler. 

Tf^rf jiifinvj, s. f. The sound of 
a musical instruiiicnt. 

3fTflg jhanyjar, s. f. An orna- 
ment witii bells worn by women 
on the feet. 

TTtIT jh.iny.j.i, t. m. A tempest, 
a quarr(.-l; ^jTfrT ^T^TTr, to quar- 
rel; ^TtTT ^^5^, to blow, ( a tem- 
pest. ) 

TTrftnfT jhunyjii, a. Quarrel- 

^TT jhanyjhrin, s. f. The sound 
of cymbals, rupees, and other me- 
tallic substances; c. w. 73'7kT. 

^T2-WTrz:T, . s.m. 
^ZVTTTt jlKUan)jhii,ti, J Mutual 
scuffling, fighting ami tfaring one 
another's hair; -sfJZVT^ tl^T, to 
scuHle, to fight and tear one an- 
other's hair. 

^■7W jhatjli, a. Having leaves 

and branches. 
^'3^ jhif.ti, *. m. The long 

bair of a woman. 
^Z-T fV^ jhi.t.I khin.di, } a. 
^'Zrr fV?55rt jiii.ti khill.rf, ^ Hav- 
ing the hair disheveled, (a wo- 
man. ) 
•^'<i.i IfTTt jh:i,t.i mun,ni, a. Hav- 
ing the hair of the head shavc(l 
off, ( a woman ; ) ( used as a term 
of al»use. ) 
^^rs jhanth, s. /. Hair about the 
privities; ^Tsf VTJi^rtwt, \rz 
fi^ieT'wf and ^Z^nii, in 
jiluck out the hair about the priv- 
ities; ^sf KTTcS'^Wr, to shave 
olT tliat hair. 
^i<ilWT jhan.tliii, s. m. A per- 
son having hair about the privities ; 
( abusive. ) 
^f^f^' jh;tu<],Ia, a. i. q. ■^fTZTJ^T. 
T^B" jhit, .?./. IVoping, a peep; 

^13' "^^7^, to peep. 
Ttyt jlii.ti, s.f. Peeping; :^T3=t 
vn-f^'t, KT^'T^l or 757^^, to 
jK-en, to stretch f irward to get a 
sight of any thing. 
^f^ jhimi-h, s.f. A matted shut- 
^r-g jhab, s.f. An earthen ves- 
sel with a broad mouth. 
TTaW^ jham.bari, s.f. An af- 
fectionate embrace; c. w. %^'^. 
fcgr jhi,bi, s. in. A tassel. 
iji'a' jhi,bu, s. VI. A muzzle for 

a horse or an ox; i. q. ^I'g". 
3fT>r?rt jha.mari', s.f. An atTec- 
tionate embrace, ( as of friends on 
meeting after a long separation; ) 
c. w. ^5rt. 
^fl^-JT jh;i,min, s. m. A pumice- 
stone, a hard earthen scraper or 
rubVjer, with a surface like a rasp, 
used for rubbing or rasi)ing the 
soles of the feet, and cleansing 
th'jin from impurities; i. q. ^T^t. 

'jrar jhri,r.i, s. m. A larire hole 
in the wail of a well occasional 
by the well-!)u<ket. 

J^T^ jha,ri, s.f, A small hole in 
the wall of a well occasioned by 
the well-bucket, &c.; c. w, "M" rp"- 


^rw jluil, ) s. f. Heat, (of 

Tf?5 jh-t!, J spices; ) forbearance; 
coating of nu'tals, as gilding and 
tinning; ?T75 ^?55ft, to take 
great pains to make provision for 
the comfort and enjoyment of 
any one; ^Tf? ^?st, to gild, to 
tin, to bronze, kc. 
=?T75^T jlia.lniKi, r. a. To suf- 
fer; to gild, to polish. 
^TJ5^ jhijlar, s.f. A fringe, a 

^ij^ jh;il,lu, a. Hclj'ing, keep- 
ing charge; ^i^ tT^tor'g^^f, 
to help, to give aid, to take charge 
of, to defend, to become defend- 
er of. 
^'TJ^T jhawjl'i, ^ s. m. Dim- 
Tr^?5T j!i.inw,l:i, \ ness, misti- 
ness, obscure vision; i. q. ^'@J5T 
or ^ET^f^r. 
^T^T^T jliaw.l.i, J a. Dim, 

Tr^?5T jhanw,lil, / ob<eure. 
T,-q^, X s. f. A 
-^^ jhanw.h', ) wink, a look, 

tc. ; i. q. ^-g^fl- or Tr€?5^. 
^^T .ili^,w:in, 1 s.m. Ajiumice- 
'■iJ^ jluin.wiln, \ stone, a piece 
of cinder or jwttcr's ware used 
for scraping the dirt oft' the soles 
of the feet; i. q. ^^r^fi. 
^T^ jhar, s. m. A thornbush; 
abundance, ( of the fruits of the 
earth;) in the last sense, c. w. ^^- 
7iT, a kind of firework; a purga- 
tive medicine; ^i^ ^^T, to take 
a purge. 
^'?(^7 jharkhancl, s. m. A bushy 

^T-ff^ jh:irjhamb, s.f. SweejK 



f%W^T f%^7> 


iug, briibliiniT, cleaii'^ing; rcprov- 
iri?; f. w. ^T??*'^. 

?;^^ jlixraii, f. 111. A (lusting 
tli^tli, a <Ii;licIot!i; sweepings. 

^ij^T^r jliir,n;i, i\ a. To sweep, 
to briisli, to shako otV; to rtprove; 
^r^ fffZ^T, to hru>li ( cloilies, ) 
to shake oUj (dust;) to trim 
trees; to clear out; ^T'^ ^?a, 
to take, to derive, to obtain, to 
take something ihrougli deceit. 

^frtiVgr^ jh iri.aehhir, f. /'. He- 
proving ; c. w. "^Ti^. 

^r^gi^ jhirklr, s-f. A thorn- 
Jiedgo; reproving. 

^r^T jliiir-i, s. m. A jungle; 
a purge, a stool, cxerement; 
liocus pocu-5, eonjurincr; search 
fjT a concealed olij'-ct; ^r^r af^- 
Tif, to coJijure; ^r^r ^i?:T, to 
conjure; to deceive one; to shake 
out one's clothes, to show any 
thing that may be concealed; 
=?rW ^5^T, to shake the clothes 
of another in search of something 
suppo'ied to be concealed; ^T^ 
iTT^r, to go to stool; ^r^ t%??rT, 
to ease ones self; ^IW ■^3"5Cr, to 
sit at stool. 

Jji^T ^UZTT jhaja jh.'ip,ti, s. m. 
Conjuring; a stool, excrement; 
searching a person. 

!?r^ jha,n', s. /. A small tliory- 

3^"^ jl>;i,r"' ^- "*• /• A broom; 
a stocl for striking tire; ^r^ =sr- 
5Cr or ^37^T to sweep; also ^T^ 
^J7>r, to destroy totally. 

^^■"q'Tjrj jh-iju buh.i,ru, s.m.f. 
A broom, sweeping. 

6fjft jhis,si, s. f. Shame: con- 
cealment; flight, rout; f?jft 
VT^ft, to be routed, to pass away, 
to disappear. 

f^^ jhikk, prq^. ad. Below, 
under, beneath. 

fr? jhikk, t. m. A low country. 

t?27?^r jliik|l,i, <i. Low, not hilly, 
of or beloritring to the plains. 

tV^^vfr, a-/. ]5cluw. 

fH^T^TH jiii(ii:i,'ir,iii, r. «. 'l> 
screech; i. q. t^^rg-?7T. 

t%TT7fyr jhijakni, i". n. To start 
back, to shrink, to be alarmeil, 
to sneak away with shame, to start 
or I'oggle, to feel the sensation of 
the limbs being asleep. 

f%TT?l^i3^T jhijka,uni, v. a. ( cau<. 
of fTFi"?5^T. ) To make shrink, 

f^=rnft ^IwO", to be alarmed; to 
be put to flight. 
f^gT^CT jliIik,M'i, t*. n. To de- 
tire anxiiJii>ly, to long for; i. q. 

f^l t%? ^37^T jiiir, jliir, kar,n i, 
V. II. To roar, (as falling water.) 

f%?t%?T jhirjhir'i, s. m. Ave- 
ry thin kit.d of cloth, gauze. 

1^35 jliill, s. in. Thorns, briers, 
bra:iibl.>, a hedge of thorns; f%?5 
t;^ T^g'3'75T, to stick to one 
like ])riers. 

t%55H?5 t%3fK?5 ^7771 jlii!,mal 

jliil.mal kar^n i, 
fk^A»^ f^Wt>i'?5 ?g7?T jhii,- 
iiiil jlii!,mil kar,n.i, 

f^55fK?5T'!§^T jhilmiLi,un:i, 
r. H. To sliine, to glitter. 

f%?^t'H^ j!iil|mili, s.f. A shut- 
ter, a Venetian blind. 

t^jft jhil|li, s.f. A thin skin, a 
pellicle; the placenta; the caul; 
f^?5^ ^TTJ^, to >kin, to flay. 

t%W7 jhirk or jhi,rak, ) 5. /. 

'frS'^T^ jlii,rak jhamb, J Rebuke, 
rebulV, threat. 

f=f^ir^T jhl,r.ikiiii, r. a. To snap, 
to rebuke, to threaten, to storm 
at, to jerk. 

firW^ t%-S^ jhir.ka jhir,ki, s.f. 
Continuous rebuke, rebulf, frown- 
ing, snappisliness, a jerk. 

tr^^"^ jl'ifi'^ij '• /• Hebuking, 
hutling; a rise in the market 
prices; r. w. yT^ft. 

t^^t jiii.ri, s.f. A grove, a tope 
of trees. 

^'^J jhi.ur, s. m. ) The name 

^'tg-gt jhi.uri, s.f. ) of a c;i3te, 
who catch lish, carry pcillit, &c. 

^'Z[^T jiiik,n i, r. >i. To grieve, 
to ]iini>, to lament, to think of 
any thing with surrow, to mourn. 

^yr jli'kh, (J. Poor, thin, lean, 
spare, meager. 

^ty ji;ikh, 5./. A very thin, p.x)r 
and lean thing; a thread; ^hf 
f^^t, thin like a thread, (a per- 
son, k^e. ) 

^■yS^r jh!k!ini, r. Ji. To grieve, 
to pine, to mourn, to lament; i. <|. 

■^'JTJ jh:n!,',gar, .«. m. The name 

of an in-cct, a cricket. 
:jY3Tr jliinu'i'-'i, s. m. The nanv? 

of a sn:all li-h, a shrimp. 
ift'^J jhinLr,gur, .<■. m. A cricket; 

i. n. 5jV3TU'. 
^fV^' jiiit, s.f A crack, a crevice. 
■^3 jhi,til, a. Squint-oyed. 
:=f>35 jhil, s.f A lake, a pond. 
^?5^T jhil,n;i, V. a. To take; 

( jirovincial. ) 
^^"^ jhijWar, s. m. ) The 
^^d^ jhi,wari, s.f j name 

of a caste, both Hindus and Mu- 

hammadans, who catch fish, birds, 

carry jn.'/aiV, ^i/«iJiy;>, tic; i. q- 

^^g- and sft^gt. 
Tm^'Z^ jhu;i,i, S.f. The price 

of grinding grain. 
^JTWT^^T jhua,una, c. a. To 

cause to be turned, (a millstone.) 
T^>pTf jhus,unis;i, s. rit. The 

morning or evening twilight. 
:^ jhuk, s. m. Stooping, b<3W- 

ing, bending. 
■^^J jhuk,n.J, r. n. To stoop, 

to bow, to bend, to nod. 





^rt5 j!uilvi,ii, ». »"■ 5 Stonp- 
5r^ri?er jliuki lit, .'. f. S in-, 

boinliii:::. l)owini', noMiii^'. 
^7r^^T jluika,un.i, r. a. To 

l.eiul, to bow, to cau-c to stoop. 
^JJT jliimg,gii, *. m. A lio'.i-o, 

a Iiut; an ox witli liorns curved 

forward and downward. 
^JTi^'^vT'' jliiinT,!,'i jiii,Iia. 5. w. 

A hou^c witli its oontont-s. 
^jft jhiini,gi, s. /. A cottage, 

a liut witli a tliatclied roof; a c-ow 

with liorns curved forward and 

^tT7?T^^T jlumyjli,uni, r. n. To 

be angry, to be peevisli, to bo 

fretful, to rage. 
^"tTJ^'Z" jluinj! it, s. m. Antror, 

^?yr jliut,n.i, r. «. To swing; 
nearly obsolete; i. <i. ^2^^r. 

j^ensation for swinging otio. 

^:j^i^?yT jliii(wi|Uni, r. a. To 
raii<c to be swung. 

^ZTT'^ jliut i,i, s. /. Compen- 
sation for swinging one. 

?ilGc?.T jliut i,uni, r. a. To 

?'2ft jliut.ti, s. /. Ila^te; a 
snatch, assault, sudden attai-k; 
'ti^t Wr^T^, to suateli ; ^^ft 1)3"- 
7^ or ?^l^^, to nirdcc haste. 

^'ii o-^vr iluithi,uiii, \ r. rt. 

^3I?5?^I jhuthilaui, ( To falsify, 

?Sf^.7Jl jhuth', ^ to give the 
lie to one, to prove false. 

^f3"7>n€^T jhufhi;i,und, v. a. 
To falsify, to j^rovc false, to make 
one confess; to acknowledge one's 
fault, to confess. 

^fz»Mr3 jhuthilr, a m. A liar. 

^>Hl3;^r jhuthiir.nS, r. a. 
To falsify, to prove false. 

T? jliinx], /. m. Sj.routs around 
the stump of a tree; a crowd, 
a swarm, a flock, a troop; a 

company of faqlrs; a >hawl or 
other garment drawn over the 
fafc by wo'.nen to c-ine.-d it ; 
c. w. y^Tl and "^T^T^t. 
^^ jh'.in.'li, s.f. Small sprouts 
around the stump of a tree. 

^Y .i''i"]i']n» "'• -'^ '"^'^ with- 
out cnuilation; a whoremastcr; 
impudent, wanton. 

•^^ jliud,do, s.f. A whore. 

^^ jluiii, s.f. A slight resem- 
blance, a low decrree of a thing; 
c. w. ^^. 

^:^i?cV jhunjliuni, .«•. /. The 
tingling sensation felt when a 
limb is adeep, trembling; ^<?"- 
^?ft Wi^'^O', to be in a rage, 
to be in a j-uission; to have in- 
termittent fever. 

^q"T jhutjlii, s. in. Vulva; 
^^T lirr^^T, to i-lay the whore, 
^^T irrS'Tir, to cohabit with a 
woman; (abu-ive terms.) 

■^^ j!iut,ihu, s. m. A man 
without emulation; a whoremas- 

^^ jhu:,tho, 5. f A whore; 
(an abu>ive term. ) 

^'^ jluniib, 5. 7n. A blanket fold- 
ed in a particular way to be 
worn ovlt tiie head; :5fg KiTSTTJ^, 
to cover one's self with a blaidcet 
or shawl, by folding one end of it 
over the head, the rest hanging 
like a cl...ak. 

?^ jhum,b', s.f. Diiuinuuve of 


■^H jhunim, s. m. The same as 
^g and ^H'g. 

^Majr jhuinjki, .?. m. A pen- 
dant ear ring. 

^>rg jhu-.ub, s. VI. Tliesameas 
^ and ?H. 

■^H?,i!iar, *. t71. A 
gatherirg, a crowd; the name of 
an ornament; moving in a circle 
with hands joined all round, 

Y Y 

( a j.lay; ) In the last sense c. w. 

vrr^^T and ^^r. 

^?7^r jhurk,ni, r. n. To de- 
sire earnestly, to look wishfully 
at, to long for; i. q. t^lTcT^r. 

^aft^^r jhurkijUn i, r. a. To 
cause one to long for a I'uiug, to 
excite an earnest desire. 

^3^r jhur,ni, v. n. To wither, 
to fade, to decay, to pine away 
with grief. 
j ^?W2r jiiur,mat, •> s. m. A 

^JJZ' jhur,mut, j crowd, an as- 
sembly; a cluster of trees, kc, 
moving round in a circle with 
all hands joined, (a play;) in the 
last sense c. w. vrTo^r and 

^TT^^T jhura,uni, r. a. To 
cause to wither and fade, to fill 
^vith grief. 

t^^^r jhure,wa, ^ s. *n. Grief, 

^^r jJ<ure,win, j care, pi- 


T7^ K?^ jli",rar rau.rar, a. 
AVithered, v.rinkled, twisted and 
■warped; i. q. «33r=f H^'^. 

T^^ jliur.ri, s. /. The wrinkles 
of old age. 

^^ jhull, 5. /. An ox blanket, 
a horse or elephant blanket. &c. 

T?5H^r jl»n,lasni, ^ r. a. 

■^HH =^'^T jhujas de,nu, / To 
scorch, to char, to singe; ^SH^ 
:^r, [ the son] of a scorched wo- 
man; (a term of abuse.) 

'^^T^i'Q^J jhulsv,\iiii, t. a. To 
cause to be scorched or charred, 

^?^17^vT jhul,kani, r. n. logo, 
to walk; to hang down, to slip 
down, to ]>uckLr or wrinkle., i^as 
il made clothes. ) 

^J^-^r, s.m. As much 
fuel as sutlices to be thrown into 
the tire at one time, burning; a 
sensation of hunger; in this last 
sense c. w. %?7^f and ^3T^r. 





^37^T jliu]l,iu, r. II. To swing, 
to Iio swuDc, (as a fan;) to blow, 
(as witnl ; ) to bo in a ra'^o. 
^JJJ"^ jliulii, t.f. Swinirin;'; 
blowing; compensation fur swiiig- 
inir, Mowin;,', &e. 
^^^^?:r jliuli,uai, r. a. To 
swincr, to caus.' tlie wind to blow, 
to fan. 
^pii4 jliuranini, .f. m. Actiti!,' IIKo 
a sweeper; foolish aii'l jliaini'Tul 
conduct; i. q. ^^Ifor^^U'W. 
^ jliun, *. /. Tiie liair about the 
privities; ^wf Vf TTev"^>Kf, ^^^- 
75b><r, x/z: riT3^1 »Ht or M"<!:^- 
Wt, to pull out the hair of the 
privities. This word is us^cd idio- 
matically to express the ability or 
inability of cne person to injure 
another; as, fi?n{l ^"^ >T3^>Kt 
^*Mt Ve: ?5#TrT ? can he i)UK-k 
out my jhiin ? i. e. lie can do mo 
no liarni; i.q. ^rsT. 
:?JIT jhiin;_',i,'i, 5. m. A contri- 
bution lovieil on the stores of 
shopkeepers; i. q, ^^r. 
:^rI^T jhrj,u;i, r. n. To fight; to 

be killed in battle; i.q. =tT:5^r, 
3|i<ivr jhut,na, r. n. To swing. 
^^r jhUjti, *. m. The bwccp of 
a swing or fan; a nod; self enjoy- 
ment withoiit rcstra'ut; taite. 
^7! jhi^th, *. HI. A lie, a false- 
^?fT jhn,tha, *. jn. A liar. 
■^<?t jhu.thi, a. False, imitation, 

not real. 
:^K^rr jhuniina, r. n. To move 
the head up and down, to wave; 
to gather, (as clouds; ) to hang 
ilown and move. 
^H '^W jlium, jhuui, f. m. The 

gathering of clouds. 
^KcT jhii,mar, s. in. The name 
of an ornameut hung on the fore- 
^<J ^1 jhur,n^, c. n. To grieve, 

to regret, to repine; to be pcni- 
ff'iit, to ri-jK-nt. 
^55^5"' jliul,n i, r. n. To move, 

to rock, to o>(.iliati', to vii>ritc. 
^l!75fT jliul,ni. 1 s. in. A cra- 
^55T jlalji, J die, a swing. 
^^r jlio,ri, s. m. E.\pIanation, 

^^^■gr jherehat|th i, 5. m. One 
who is well actjuainted with nar- 
ratives, a great talker. 
=?^^^ jliaiiiidi, s. in. An apj-el- 

lation gi\en to a king's fool. 
^^ jlr;dr, s. /. The itch, any 
itcliing sen-nation; c. w. ^^T^S^; 
i. q. T^, ^tVa" and '^^. 
^ffT jIio,s;i, 5. m. rulling and 
jpu>liing, rulil'ing, moving back- 
ward ainl forward; c. w. ^rg^T 
and H^t'Q^U 
%17 jhok, s.f. A swinging mo- 
tion, a nod, a jolt, a j)ufl'or gu?t; 
^oT WI^^, to becoino drow>v; 
^ ^fTdr?ft or ^^r^^t, to bend 
downwards; %3-t ^o'^wt, to bo 
drowsy, to nod. 
%i:5^r jhok,ni, r. a. To cast, to 
thnnv, (as fuel into a furnace,) 
to thrust forward, ( as men in bat- 
tle;) to let ofi"artillery ; to spend 
money, ( in bribes. ) 
%'E7r jho,k;I, s. m. •, One whose 
^■sft jho, ki, s.f. } business 
it is to feed a furnace or an oven, 
hence an epithet of contempt; 
contact, collision; a gust or cur- 
rent, (of wind; ) (the last mean- 
ing is masc. only. ) 
%H jhojj *• ">• The stomach, a 

pendulous belly. 
%rr'3', s. m. A man with 

a pendulous belly. 
^Z'W jho.tar, a. Very fat. 
%HrT jho,ta, *. m. A male 

buflalo; a fat stout man. 
^Z^ jho.ri, *. /. A young female 
bufl;do; a fat stout woman. 

^t^Z jho(. kutt, t. m. A ff.un-, a rustii% a brawny ath- 
li'.'ie person. 

%-3T, v.a. To turn, (a mill;) 
to begin, to commence, (a song. ) 

%3T jho,r;i, *. m. Care, grief, 
pining; i. q. ^J^t. 

%^5 jliol, f. in. Slackness, looso- 
iu>5, wrinkling, (as of ill made 
clothes. ) 

%?^ jhol, s.f. A brood, a birth. 

%?5?^T, ^ r. o. To 

%55 ^5rT jhol, lai,n;i, ; stir, (but- 
t< riniik, tic. ) 

%J5r jlioljlii, $. m. A kind of 
palsy supposed to be cau>L'd l>v a 
su'iden chill, a stroke of the wind; 
c. w. VTJ ^r^T and ^JJ W^r. 

%55r, s. m. A bag, a wal- 
let, a knapsack. 

%?5^ jho,h', s.f. An ascetic's wallet: 
a laji; a brood, a birth; %?3^ VT^- 
5^, to throw into tlie lap; to 
tlirow a child into one's lap to be 
adojtted; ^fj*^ V^T, to be thrown 
into one's lap to be adopted; to 
seek one's protection. 

%^ jbor, <j. Very sour. 

5j^T jhaU|rKt, j r. ;;. 'J"o with- 

^5^T jliaun,ni, ) er, to dry up, 
(the face;) to shrivel, to become 
lean and thin. Also if rTISa. 

^3^ jhaur, f./. An itching sen- 
sation, the itch; c. w. WT^?;^, 
^Z"^ and ^fHT^*^; i. q. ^F and 

^^ jhaur, s. /. Squ.ibbling, 

threatening; sounding all the 

strings of p musical instrument at 

once; ^^ ^3 »{T^<vT, to be 

suddenly attacked, sprung upon 

or assaulted. 

ijv^T jhaump,r:i, s. w. ] A 

'^v^"t jhauDip.ri, s.f. [ cot- 

"i^^ jhauniph.ra, *. m. j tage, a 

^'^^t jliaumi-hji, s. f. j thatcb- 

ed hut. 


Z'3 zrsi Z(^7;i 



^ nya,ny5, s. m. Tlie nam<> of 
the letter "5". It besins no word 
iu the language. 

^^g- taur, s. ni. The name of 
a vine or crcej^cr the leaves of 

which are very broad and Ion? 

and used for making umbrellas, 

&c.; the cocked tail of a lion, bull, 

ZTT^ faS|Snii, *. ni. Conjuring', 

hocus ])ocu3, a superstitious reme- 
dy; c. w. g^TJT and ^l^^vT. 
2Tig^ <a,«ar, .♦. m. A kind of 

coarse silk the produce of a par- 
ticular worm. 
:^T?T tali:i,k:t, s. m. Thrub- 

binir, b<atincr, jtulsrition; c. w. 

V^l ana l^d"^. 
zfT3 ta|Ii"lc, s./. Freshness, 

beauty, expanding of a flower, 

P:fu^7^T ta.hikn.i, . n. To be 

fre.->li, to be blowi, (■•open as a 

flower; to be deli_:.i' !. 
Zf^ Zirj ^^"^T ta,li; i.i,',' kar,n:i, 

c, ;i. To blow, to bl.^ som, to 

ZuJ^T ta|liini, s. vi. A branch 

of a tree. 
dUi^'t ta|lilni, s. f. A small 

branch of a trco, a twig. 
Z\TJ^ t^i''''> '• /• Service. 
zfliP^^ ta,hilan, s. /. A female 

Zirjips^j la.hilna, t. n. To 

promenade, to exercise one's self 

by walking backward and forward. 
Zf^^l fa,hila, *. m. A draught 

made of milk, (/hi, almouds, flour, 

&c., cooked together. 

'<^C\J55^'^'^J tahil,i,un:t, r. a. To 
exerciso, (a horse, a cliihl, &.c., ) 
by walking 1dm about. 
^frrJJWl ta,liilu.i, *. m. A ser- 
3vf^ t^i'"'» *•/• Looking at, fi.v- 
ing the eye on, soanh, searching, 
trace; c, w. 75."'^^t. 

Hrvftwi ta,liii, *. VI. A round 
Iiiece of earthen ware used in 
children's play, 

SrvJiTT lahiS,k;t, ) s. m. A stroke 

Zrtn7"T taliO|ki, J with the 

hand; a sound made by thieves as 
a signal to call the party together; 
in the latter sense c. w. ^e'^r. 

3"^?5r talio l.t, ^ s. m. A 

^9"?5T f;i]iau,l:i, ( stroke with the 
hand, a stroke with the knuckles; 
c. w. W^7i\ or ?5r€^T. 

'Z'if lakk, *. m. A settlement of 
thejiriceofa thing; c. w. oT^- 
77T; a cut, a gash, a cutting in 
a grain field; c. w. Wl^c!';!; Z'^ 
^^r^T, to strike a bargain, to 
settle the price of a thing; to 
put a mark on wood. 

"^U fakk, s.f. Continued look- 
ing, staring, fixed look, gaze; 
c. w. ^T'o^Ct. 

Z^fi'i'^ takh:il, s. j. A mint; 
a place where sciences are taught, 
a house of education, a place of 
trial or experiment, experin ent. 

2n7ITT?5 ^f "^FT taks:il, da kho.tA, 
a. Sjioiled in education. 

Zr7HT?5 ■giTJ^ t''^'^~'^!i l>ii,har, a. 
Uneducated, unjiolished, rude. 

ETaTTITc^ taksa,li, a. Pertaining 
to a mint; experienced, educated, 

S?HT?^'1»{T taksa,!ia, s. m. A 
mint ofliccr. 

"Z^ TTJ Qrar7>T t-'l^ ^'^^^1 l»'ar,na, 
r. n. To make a thun.jiing noise, 
or the noise of or hew- 

zfaT^TT (.ikk,nt, V. a. To thumj*, 
to strike, t<i tut. 

jfafeT tak.kar, /. /. .Shoving, 
pushing, sliou'derlng, knocking a- 
gainst, striking a blow, Imtting; 
equality; nuetirg, cntcrview; 
3?g- VTjr?r TJtfs ^^!>, to enter 
the lists against an antagonist of 
greatly sujjcrior force; 'Z'3'3 
^T^, to stumble, to be dashed 
against any thing, to meet with 
a loss or misfortune, ^v^" IXl"^- 
7ft, to knock against; 'Z'^^ ?5T- 
'%^, to butt ; ( met. on account 
of the suppliants striking their 
heads on the ground,) to pray; 
to curse. 

3^^3"7>r tak,karna, v. n. To meet, 
to have an interview, to come in- 
to collision, to butt, to fight, to 
rjuairel, to disj»ute. 

3^3" takar, *./. Staring, fixed 
look, gazo; c. w. J^f^^^; i. q. 
■i^; Z^g- ZT^gr ^v^r to stare, 
to gaze in amazement. 

Zlf^T^^T takra,uni, r. a. To 
cause concussion or collision, to 
cause to butt, to cause to fight 
or contend. 

Z^^T^ takw:i,i, s. f. The price 
of stitching, or cutting. 

^5?^!'^'^ tangkwa,i, s. f. The 
price of stitching. 

3^^i^^r takwa,una, r. a. To 
cause the price of a thing to be 
settled; to cause to be cut or 
gashed; to cause to be stitchc-d. 

^or^''@^T tangkwa,uni, v. a. To 
cause to be stitched, to cause to 
be joined. 

2r?T ta,ka, s. m. Two picc, a 
copper coin equal to two picc; in 
the plural it means also money in 
general; Z^ xTiT? ^'?5^T, to 
walk slowly, to take short steps; 
to act so as to be worth no more 
than a fakd, to be worthless. 





^r^f^t (angki.i, /. /. The j.rico 

of stitfliiiij; .stitrliinir. 
2^S^T tani:ki,iiiri, r. a. To 

rau^oto l»estitclic<l, joiit(.<l, weM- 

ttl, sol<Jere<l, L.C, 
'ifjwr^ takii,i, f. /, A wo- 
man of little worth, a woman 

worth two pice; a stnuupL-t. 
^■^T^r faki,ni, t. m. Soint-tlilng 

apl'oliiteil, a jionsion. 
Zr^WT la.kui, *. wj. A siiijill 

hatchet carried by Sikhs io cut 

fur themselves tooth hruslu-s; i. c. 

twiir* from trees; i. q. 3"nr*Ur. 
i^d takor, t. f. A kind of 

fomeiitntion; beating; c. w. i?d<0; 

Zr^a" ?^i#??f^, to beat a drum; 

to ridicule a person. 
ZTTJTjr t;dcor,iKi, r. a. To thump 

gently, to tap, to jog, to dun, to 

^^a'T fako,ra, f. r?. v*A tap, a 

ET^xft fakauny.chi, j. y. Wit, 
ridicule, a mysterious allusion, a 
wink, a no<l; dispute, dissent, dif- 
ference; C. w. ^T"^^^. 

TT^ 7P^ takh, takh, s. f. Knock- 
ing; ^-tfZTtf ^r^^, to knock. 

TPf^^ tiil:h,pl, f. j;i. The ankle 

"ZTl \'<^^^^"i -*•/• The log. 

^3I^T, f. m. A pole 
or line to hang clothes on. 

STS'iJjr tanggjiii, r. a. Io hang 
up, to suspend, to hang on a gal- 
lows; ^7T ^cT^rf, to hang up, to 
suspend; ^JT c^^T, to tuck up. 

3' J I rf't tanggji, s.f. The leg. 

^iri^t langgi,i, t.f. The Ava- 
ges of hanging, suspending, ic. 

^TT'Qc^T tanggi,uni, r. a. To 
cause to be su>]>endcd or hung. 

ii^IJ tatkar, /. /. AVitchery, 
a spell; c. w. wd(<^. 

iii^rsrt <atka,ri, r.J. A noise 
like the clucking of a lien, or 

that which is made to cxfite a 
horse; c. w, ^ftg'Tft. 
"ZZT^ tat tari, t.f. Tlie crown 
of the hea'l; baldl.oad, c. w. xf- 

iL'L'i^'^ taf\va,ni, t.f. A J'ony 

33r tat, ta, g. m. A tostitle. 

S^jr tan,ta, /. m. A quarrel, a 
contest, wrangling, altercation, a 

"Z^Z^ VAX^y ^-f- A shutter made 
of grasa, mats, roots, twigs, 
straw, or any thing of that kind. 

ZrZT^vJB^ tan'li,n', .»./. A sand- 

Z'^ taf,tu, s. in. A f>ony. 

"Z^ ^^3" tat,tu batcr, /. m. A 
kind of partridge of a small size; 
called also t%^3f^. 

^^$^T tadil ni, r. a. To open, 
to sj>rcad out, to stretch. 

«r3"T ta(],iji, J. m. A. small mat. 

3"^ToT tadyu'i, } f.m. Tiie 

Zrf^'n^T^T fa'li;i,ni,-' fiivlly. 


Z^ Z^ 173"7>r tan, tan,, 
r. n. To ring, to tingle. 

Zr^T i^^n'i, s. in. Peminre pu- 
denda; (a common term of abuse. ) 

J^r^T tana,na, s. m. A firefly. 

Z^^ tii.'.i'> ^- /• Diminutive of 

iAdr tan,ti, s.'m. A quarrel, 
a squabble, an altercation; i. q. 

Zr^l^a tani,na, s. rn. i. q. 

^cNlcNt , Z^I^T and zf^^KT^TT; 

( very seldom uacd.) 
Z^-^ ta.pak, *. /. Dropping, 

dripping, distilling; the sound 

of drojis falling; falling down, 

( fruit. ) 
TW^^TT {a,pakna, r. n. To drop, 

to flow, to distil; to fall down, to 

drop down, (as fruit.) 

^VsTf tap.V.i, *. m. A dr->p of 
rain, the falling of drops; the fall- 
in? of rii>e fruit from the tree, 
a windfall; a mischievous fellow, 
a boy of irregular habits, an il- 
legitimate chill, a wicked child. 

^XTSri^J^T tapkijUU i, v. a. To 
cause to drip or distil, &c. 

3^^"?! tap,ki, s.f. A woman or girl 
of wanton mis' hievous character. 

ZM^ 7r=d^ (-ilM'-'O naelijCharj, 
/. m. Leaping and dancing, flit- 
ting about from place to place. 

^V?a fapp,nfl, r. n. To leap, 
to jump, to skip, to spring, to 
pass over, to pass on. Abo 25v 

ZM V^r tapp,, r. ». To 
spring into one's station, (as 
passenger's leaping into a ferry 
boat, or as sohliers throwing 
themselves into position in battle, 
and standing firm;) to thrust 
one's self into other people's con- 
cerns, to meddle: to spring out of 
a boat on the bank, 

•Z^^l tap.pari, s. in. A tliatch, 
a hut. 

^Tvnfr ,tap,parj, s. f. A small 

Z^T tapil'^' ^- '"• "'^ ^''""^ ^'^ 
sonir, the name of a mode in mu- 
sic; the bound of a ball, &c., the 
distance that a ball bounds; ^VT 
VTPa, to bound, (a shot.) 
ZV^^'^ tapijUni, r. a. To 

cau»e to leap. 
Zryrf- tapa.u, a. Capable of 
being leapeil or skipped; able to 
make a horse, &e., leap or skip. 
ZV^-3 tapir, t. f. An exagger- 
ation, a lie; witchery, a spell; 
in the last sense c. w. 35^1^; 
2-vrT^ W^T^, to exaggerate, to lie. 
Z^W taj', *. VI. ^ Uopping, 
Z^n^, *./. i skipping, 
Zr^f^, s.f. ^ leaping, a 





bird, a lamb, &c.; ( the nii'Mle 
worJ h the one in common 
use. ) 

€h? ta'',^'^'', ) s.m. 

Z^J zftTJF ti,har, / A 

<rg?^T3" tabbanlar, *, ni. /. 
A man wlio has a wife and child- 
ren, the mother of children, a 
person mIio Iiaa a family. 

3yd -d ^ ta}.bardi,ri, s./. The 
married state, tlie condition of 
having a family. 

<tyd^T?5 tabbarwal, g. m. f. 
One who has a family. 

^Z^'3^ tab,bari, s. /. A wife. 

^Tf? J tai)i,mak, /. m. A large 

ST^"? ) drum, a large kettle drum; 
i. q. ^^and KTJ. 

'Zinf^ \ tam,maki, *. /. A small 

TW^ 3" drum, a small kettle drum. 

ZH'3lT( taniki|ri, s. m. A kind 
of tambourine; (now obsolete. ) 

^KlffoTt tamki,ri, *. /. A small 
nocJen or earthen drum for a 
child to rilay with, a small kind 
of tambourine, commonly called 

ZdT^ tark,na, r. 71. To prate, 
to babble. 

Z^7t€^7 tarkiiUni, r. a. To 
cat, to swallow. 

1^ (ar, J t.f. False boasting, 

^ tarr, / firating; c. w. I{r37it. 

^ ■^r^'Sr^TTT tar,(ar, kar,na, ^ v.n. 

ididT^^rr tartari,uni, / To 
prate, to babble, to speak snap- 
2^^ t^rur, t. f. False boast- 
ing, j.rating, nonsense, wrangling, 
prattling, tattling; c. w. KTF75>; 
J- q. 7:^. 
Zrwt ta.rar-d, a. Of a mijsed 

race, of an inferior quality, 
^^^^rr tarara,una, r. n. To 
prate, to wrangle, to exhibit a 
vicious disposition. 

^d^ ta,raru, a. "Worsted, over- 
come, weak, inferior, unable to 
hold out; t\iy; day after tJ; (pro- 
vincial. ) 

€?5 tall, s. m. A bell. 

3?5 rP^cr tal,, j v. n. To 

"SfST^r t'"^!!"^? ) remove, to 

go back, to depart, to disappear, 
to give way. 

<i'WT tal|la, s.m. A garment, clothes. 

^^T^ t'lla.u, s. m. Removing, 
a remove; a pretence; 3^T^ ■^^. 
77T, to put ofV, to shove aside, 

375^^5^! tali,un.t, r. a. To re- 
move, to put back, to cause to 
give way, to cause to disappear. 
Also 37:51 ^e^r. 

ZHRTf- tala,u, s. m. One who 
puts otV what is to be done, or 
shoves it aside. 

ZTfST^ taht.u, a. Capable of be- 
ing put otr, 

^t, s. f. A patch; a 
small piece of cloth; a small bell. 

2:1%^ ti,ir, s.f. J 

2^%7T, .. m. | ^ ^^"■^■• 

3r%5t ti,iri, s.f. A very small 
pony mare. 

ZTff tans, s, /. Trouble; i. q.ZTg-. 

^IvToT ta'.har, s. m. A loud voice, 
a loud call; a benediction for Sai- 
yad Ahmad, whose shrine is sixty 
kos from MuJfan; in the last sense 
c. w. ^ert; ZHTT^f l^fTSl^nfr, 
to shriek, to call aloud. 

Z:tTr^> tih,lf, s.f. AkindSf 
tree, (s/d'.tAam. ) 

Zhr tangk, *./. Stitching. 

TTTaf taugk, a. Uneven, odd. 

"i'a'cvi til^i?'^* I t?. a. To 

ZJiy^O' fdngk,na, J stitch, to join, 
to attach, to weld, to solder; to 
eat, (oi)ium;)in the last sense 
spoken in ridicule. 

Zrfsr^T tangk, na, t. m. The rarae 
of an instrument used by shoe- 


ZT^Tf (ak.ra, s. m. Meeting, 

coming to;:cther; concussion. 
"il=/7 t:ing,k!i, t. m. A stitch, 

solder, a weld. 
THlPt ti,ki, > *./. A patch, 
Zrf^t t ing,ki, j ( of cloth, land, 
&c. ; ) a piece, ( as of a molon cut 
out to show its quality; ) Zmft or 
Zrrsf^ «! Qri^, to patch. 
313" ta,ku, s. m. A disease of 
burtaloes ; a man who has an evil 
3TSr>HT t5,kua, s. 01. A kind 

of small hatchet. 
Z^'^ tanych, s.f. Trouble. 
373 tat, *. m.f. Sackcloth. 
Z^Z tat, *. /. A pod of gram. 
3Ii"t^T tfit|ka, s. tn. Clear sun- 
Srrz^r tan,ta, s. m. •, A great 
3Tit tai.i.tb s.f. J talker, a 

chatterer, chattering. 
i 1 5J i fa, dan, s.f. pi. The name 
of an ornament worn above the 
ZT^ tin<i, s.f. A multitude, a 

ZT^f t'^MiJ^j *• »•• -^ low caste 
that live in sirki huts; a venture 
of goods, the goods of a merchant ; 
a stalk of maize, h('>jrd, &c. 
Zrhs~f tan,dhii, s. m. A stalk 

of maize, bdjrd, &c. 
ETIV tap, s.f. A stroke with the 
forefeet of a horse, the sound of 
a horse's feet in travelling. 
ZTvreiF tipddr, a. Having the 
top turned over; (spoken of high 
boots worn by the Sikh cavalry. ) 
2TVT or ta,pa, t. m. A 
hen coop, being an inverted bas- 
Z^ tap,j>u or tiiipu, t. m. An 

island; the name of a play. 
ZTTnf ti,mdn, t. m. A tally; 

i. q. ZTWT- 
ZfMT ta,nuB, a. Few, some, 





vcrj' few, one Ihto aivl there; 
i. q. Z-l^T. 
Z^'Fi til, s./. A f.ilc of woo<l, 

a market wlierc wooJ, grass, &c., 
are suM. 
ZT^fS til, s. m. Evasion, jnit- 

ting aside, putting olT. 
2.TWcM t:i,lani, ^ r. a. To 
ZTTfS^^T t:i!,ii:i, / clioose, to seloet ; 

to remove, to put oft', to evade, 

to postftone, to prevaricate; to 

drive out of tLe way, to put asid(^, 

to prevent. 
ZTMU^Zc^ lajmatol, > s. m. 
3T?5>r2r?5T tdluiati",]^, J Evasion, 

jirevarication, puttincr oft', shuf- 

jr^T t;i,Ki, s. m. Evasion, shuf- 
fling; 2.IRT aTBirr, to put oil'. 
ETTJST "gifST tUiUi bi|la, S. r;l. 

Evasion, shuftling; ZH'J^T grf^T 

aTTJTT, to put oft". 
3"ii^i ti,wan, s. vi. A tally. 
<i.i<S I t5.,wan, o. A few, one hero 

and there, very few. 
2;i<^i 2ri^ ta|Wan t.l,wan, a. 

Few, very feAv. 
fST^^J^ tik,tlki, s.f. A thin;,' 

shapeil like T on whieh fa'prs 

lean to rest ; a wliippiiig post of 

the same shape. 
fZTaT^T tik|US, r. n. To stop, to 

rest, to remain, to be detained, 
to lodge, to stay, to tany. Also 

f^ajc5' tikk,n;'i, r. a. To ap- 
point to a plaee, to anoint a per- 
son to an otliee, to put a red mark 
of Sivulkiir on the forehead of a 
person as the sign of his king- 

Q,=}d^ tik,ri, ^ s.f. A por- 

fjaT^^ tikk,rr, / tion of land, a 
section of country; form of the 

fz^^ tik,kar, t. m. A thick cake 
or loaf of bread. 

ft^'ipt tik.ri. f. /. A portion 
of land, a sc-tion of country; 
firm of the countenance. 
fzJ^ tik,ki, s. m. A mark 
made by Hindus on the forehead, 
tomplt's, breast, &c., a? a sectarian 
distinction, or for ornament; a 
jewel hung ou the forehead; 
the present sent by a bride's pa- 
rents to the family of the bride- 
groom ; (a ceremony prevailing 
among //i;i'7i/'5;) a nwirk; the oldest 
son of a Hindu king, the heir 

firgT"^' tiki,u, s. m. Stability, 
permanence, staying. 

fjlTT-^^T tlkijUni, r. a. Tore- 
tain, to I'lx in any place, to j-lace, 
'to put, to stop, to billet, to lodge, 
to station. 

fz^-i^ tiki.u, '(7. Stable, hvsting, 

f^'ljtSlJT-^ tiktiki,u, s. m. Stay- 
incr in a place, dwelling. 

fz~3[\ tik,ki, S.J. A small cake, 
any small thing shaped like a 
cake; a wafer. 

fz^ tiijggli? **• /• -^^y litt^'i^ 

fz^?ld<ST tiehkar,ni, r. n. To 
urcro on an animaL 

f^rj^rg^ tiehki.ri, s. f. The 

noise made by drawing the 

tongue from tlie roof of the 

mouth to urge oa an animal; 

• c. w. Krg"7ft. 

^ZrS fj^ 7g<CT t^chch, ^ r. n. 

tieheh, kar,i 

■37^ t^-hch, s r. n. 

r,ni. [ To urge 

titk:ir,na, ^ on an an- 

fzZ^T3\ titka,n', t.f. The noise 
made by drawing the tongue 
from the roof of the mouth to 
urge on an animal; urging on; 
c. w. ifrg-?^. 

fZtZTKT-^^T titia.una, r. n. 
To cry, ( as an infant. ) 

fz(Z'0^'^'^^ fltii.rii, s. m. i. 

lireily; i. q. fetsrwr^rr. 
^ZZ^ tit.ti, *./. A matted shutter. 
fzZ^^^~^ tittichaur, s. f. Tiie 

de-truction, ( of a house,) ruin, 

bankruptcy ; 0. w. ^5!^ and flT^t. 
izz^T flt;ii,ya, *. j)i. A firefly, 

a lightiiingbug. 
fZ'S tidd, S.f. A locust. 
fi^ tind, s. f. An earthen 

bucket of a Persian well. 

tz^ U')i')^*» ^- "»• ^ grasshop- 
per, a locust. 
bi^sicM ridi,na, \ s. m. 

f2:f%rHT^ tidi.\,n:i, / A firefly, 
fi^t tid|d;, t.f. A cricket. 

fz^ t'9t"?"^' ) '• "'• T''<^ naiae 
12;^ tlii,don, / of a vegetable, 
t^^ tiinlh, s.f. Stift'uess, hauteur, 

T^vr tipp, s.f. A stain of any 
color applied by the finger. 

fz^'^ tip,i>a3, s. /. Arrange- 
ment, investigation; a piece, join- 
ing; fzMT{ ^A-^^, to appear 
as a friend. 

fZM\ tipii'i, s.f. A sign (fl) 
placed above the line as a sul>- 
stitute for n and in. 

fz^"^ tibjba, s. ni. A hillock, 
a hill, a small elevation, a heap 
of sand; a jiile of gold or silver 
leaves put up together; fi^WT 5^- 
5rr, to beat gold or silver into 

iz^\ tib,bi, .?. /. ( dim. of fz^'-. ) 
A small hill. 

f^F^c^T ti.bhakni, j t. n. 

^Z3 tTc!^ tibh,, > To go otT, 

f23-5:vT tibh,ni, ^ to slip a- 

way, to get out of the way of 
one whom we do not wish to see. 

fi^'^^T tibha,uu3, r. a. (caus. 
of tHTS^T. ) To put out of the 
way, (tc. 

fzVr^ ti.mak, s. f. Small drops 
of rain, drizzling. 





fzn^TT^^ tiin,kani, s. m. A spot. 
f^T^/lf^tT tini,kina, r. n. To 
fall in small drops, (rain;) to 
lighten, ( a cloud. ) 
f^rg^ijr H,rakni, or, r. n. 
To roll down, to slip down; to 
break wind. 
fErsr^nrtrr t'^kdlians, s.f. The 
cougliing and farting of a horse; 
pretending illness. 
fjT^Tlg-^ tirka,una, f. a. To 

luake (trowsers) slip down. 
tZ? tTT^ tir, ja,n;i, > r, n. 

iZJ^T tir,n.i, ( To fall 

tZW V^ tir, pai|Ui, -' irom a 
heiglit, to tumble, to slip down, 
to roll down; to give up an 
enterprise, to be overcome, to 
become discouraged, to lose 
fzroW t%T^ ^17:t ti.rar j.hi.rar, i'. h. To praio, to talk 
nonsense, to waste one's time 
witii v.ords. 
f^rnQ^l tiri|Una, r. a. (caus. 
oiftjTTi.) To make fall, tc. 
fj^^^T t!],M-i, s. m. Son, (used 
only in play ; ) a man who has no 
family but a -wifo. 
fzr^^ til,wi, ,. /. Daughter, 
( USL<1 only in play ; ) a woman 
who has no family but a husband. 
fj55T tii,15, s. nj. A hillock, 
a hill, a mound, a height; a quan- 
tity of grass or timber lashed to- 
gether, a rat't. 
JtH tis, *. /. The throbbing 
of a sore, a sharp shooting pain; 

z^-p ^z^, tr^t, ^e^, or 

lUn^, to throb; i. q. ^Yfj. 
ZtiT^l (, V. 11. To throb. 
ZT^fft ti,si, ,./. The top, the 

highest point (of a tree, ) the 

summit of a hill, a peak. 
^^ t'.ki, t. m. A note of 

explanation, a marginal note, a 

commeatary ; c. v., WT-g-^T. 

Z^Wt tiVb.chi, s. m. A <lial or 
any substitute for marking time, 
tiio hand of a watoh, ie.; an 
at'{)oiute<I time or plaoe; a u>ual 
time; a fixed pension; a mark 
stone; a tixed mark; jt^r tZT^T- 
"W^n", to appoint a time for any 
business, to appoint a rate, to fix 
a pension, &e. 

Brte (It, *. m. A thumb; a tes- 
ticle, the unripe fruit of the la- 
n>; a speck on the eye; speakin"' 

STTzr tit, a. Very sour. 

gfl""^*??*^ tin, tin^, r. n. 
To whine, to cry. 

<i^i'7T, s. m. Kicking up 
the heels, running, whinnowing, 
Izc, as a horse let loose; c. w. 

ZfHf tip, i.f. A band, a compa- 
ny, a troop; amount, a note of 
Iwnd; drawing a card; raising 
the voice in singing. 

zftv2Txr tip, hip, s.f. Ornament, 


Eftv •■^T^-^ tip dha,lani, r. a. To 
sj>end one's income. 

^^ t>,r"> *• »". The name of a 
dog of small stature. 

sft^T ti,ra, a. Squiut-cyed. 

57I^a tuh,nd, r. a. To feel 
about, to ascertain; i. q. 4 vIc^t. 

^XJT^T tuhi,i, s. f. Feeling 
about, hauilling, sounding one's 
views, taking the depth of wa- 

^vIT^'TT tuhi,uni, r. a. (caus. 
of ?"s^7. ) To cause to be felt 
or handled, to I>c sounded. 
^OcNT tu,huu;i, r. «. To feel a- 
bout, to ascertain, to sound one's 
intentions, to sound the depth of 
water; to touch. 
J"*!?^ tu,huul, *. /. A club, a 
stick, a pole, a staff, a depen- 

'<i v) ii I tu,hubi, s. m. A pond, 

a tank. 
T3" tuk, a. Little. 
^ tukk, $. tit. A piece, a bit 

f^f bread, a web in the eye; c, vr. 

^^■^T tukk,a>.i, r. a. To cut, to 

cut to pieces. 
ST^ngrt tukwiji, s.f. The price 

of cutting; cutting. 
TTT^^^r tukwa,una, r. a. To 

cause to be cut, or cut to pieces. 
Z^^i t"^'ir^> *• '"• -^ piece, ( of 

any thing, ) a bit of bread, 
^v j^t tuk,ri, s.f. A small piece, 

a portion, a division ; a flock of 

j'igeons, a tlock, a crowd. 
iiWiyH (uka.i, 5./. Cutting; the 

price of cutting. 
4Wi3c5r tuk:i,una, t. a. To 

cause to be cut; to cause to be 


^^■^ tuk,kur, s. m. A thick 

piece of bread. 
<iiit5i, t?. a. To stuff 
any thing under the waistband; to 

tuck up. 
5"g7 t''i<^'*^> "»• I^Iean, despica- 
ble, ungentlemanly; a rake, a 
^ tiitt, s.f. A fracture, break- 
ing, breach; a luisunderstamling 
or coolness between friends; 
barm, loss, deficiency; an omitted 
passage inserted in the margin. 
5ic5T tutt,na, r. n. To break, 
to be broken, to fail, to burst, to 
burst forth or rush upon one; 
5^ V^l, to fall down, to be 
broken, to fiJl upon, to ru^li in, 
to break in upon, to pour upon, 
(an eiicmy;) 52: V^^ to be 
reduced to i>overty; to occur, 
(deficiency;) 53 ^fvT^T, to be ~ 
distressed, to be weary, to be re- 
duced to j)Overty, to pine away; 
to be separateil. 




53"cjl fiit(ti,ni, r. n. To be 

plf.'as<'<l, to l>r> grntiln'*!, to bo kind. 

5^ t""?')' '• "*• -^ bandlo.-'s arm, 

lameness in the han<l, the bare 

trunk of a tree. 

<^T tun,(li, a. Wanting a liaml, 

lame in the liaiul ; ^^fMT 

^Tf^'fKT, to tic tlie hands l)o- 

hind the back. 

<f^"^T tuDdhgUa, V. a. To sow, 

to patch. 
^^T^ tundhri|i, s. /. Sewing, 
patching; the price of sewing or 
5^T^§;CT tundha,una, r. a. To 

cause to be sewed, or patched. 
?^7 ^^7 o7T?7T t"i?^^ t"i'.'>'^^ 
kar,na, v. n. To make a sound 
03 by beating a small bell. 
^^T?^ tu,nakna, v. a. To eat 
grain by throwing into the mouth 
a grain at a time. 
Z^ ^?: ^cT^T tun, (un, kar,n.i, ) 
3r5^5n'^^T (uuhina,una, ^ 

V. n. To sound a musical instru- 
ment gently. 
IJ^ctf tun.yan, s. m. A kind 
of parrot; a blunt, sloir, obtuse 
and stupid man, a weak minded 
5^ tumb, s.f. Feeling, touch- 
ing, shaking, rousing, exciting, 
prompting; a small piece of metal; 
^^3?5t tumUaljli', \ s. f. A 
<iy<d.iv0 tuinbtA,f, > jewel. 
^"ERrrsft tumbta,ki', •/ 
iySST turab,na, r. a. To touch, 
to shake, to rouse, to excite, to 
ZW^ tumba,i, s.f. Touching, 

shaking, rousing, &c. 
^■gr^^T tumba,una, r. a. To 
cause to be roused, excited, touch- 
ed, &<:. 
59 3^1 turk,na, c. n. To break 

5"3^?JT tur,na, v. n. To walk, to 
depart, to start, to go, to move, 
to procee<l, to go ofT, to pass, ( as 
coin ;) to sail, to work, to succeed, 
to avail. 

^S'l'ccM turi,una, r. a. (cans. 
o{' ??7rr. ) To impel, to set a 
going, to make to go or pass, 
to forward, to send, to dispatch, 
to make go. 

^?5 tull, s. m. Force, strength, 
a helping hand; c. w. ofdTiiT and 

^ tun, s.f. The sound of a 

5TT t"s, *./. A pungent, disa- 
greeable smell, ( as of mustard 
oil ; ) c. w. WTo^'t or Hi-dTi) ; 
^TTf fXc/M TfT?r^wt, to be an- 
noyed with a disagreeable, pui.- 
gent smell or taste. 

^FH' t",s^> *• ♦'J- A bud of the 
madar, or Avild cotton. 

^rft, s.f. A small bud of 
the wild cotton, &c. 

^J^ tut, s. f. A fracture, (See; 
i. q. •^. 

■<^it tiijti, s.f. The spout of a 
teapot, or any thing of that sort; 
the mouth piece of a huqqd; a fi- 
brous thread obtiined from a para- 
site of the her used for ^^Tapping 
gunstocks, &:c., either for strength 
or ornament. 

5^1 td,na, s. m. Magic, en- 
chantment, a charm. 

7^^ tumb, s.f. A small piece 
of metal; ajewel; a piece of flesh, 
( as heart, liver, head and feet, 

^?5 tul, s.f. Drowsiness, nod- 
ding, dosing, ( caused by the use 
of opium ; ) c. w. W:0ciCl. 

^(McJi' tu,lana, r. n. To be 
drowsy, to nod, to dose. 

^^ tek, *./. A prop, supix)rt, 
defence, rest, staying; ^^ WT^- 

^, to stay; 5^ 3Sf5s^, to make 
stable, to make firm. 
^^ t(",kan, s.f. A bundle of 

^^5f t<'i^''^y> '• »"• /• A prop, 
a support. 

^irgU tek|iu, r. a. To rest, to 

place, to suj)port, to prop. 
^zrgT tok,ra, s. m. A rock, a 
height, a high ground, a rising 

^^'3^ t/-'^y\, s. f. Diminutive 
of ^H-T. 

^"arigT tongg.ra, s. m. ) An 

^k^l tongLr,rl, s.f. i ilkgi- 
timatc child, a bastard; a wicked 

^"^T te,ti, *. m. Opposition, 
collision, conflict; c. w. ^^T. 

^^m^ t^it"^» *• ♦"• -A- protu- 
berance especially in the eye, a 
speck on the eye. 

^^ \Qi\\\, s. f. Crookedness, 
jK-rverscness, obstinacy. 

^=gT tctl,la, a. Crooked, per- 
verse, obstinate. 

S^^^f^ tfi^T touitcm,ke k!ii,n3, 
r. a. To sop and eat. 

^W^T tem,na, v. a. To put, (a 
bit of bread, &c., ) into a liquid 
without immersing it, so as to 
moisten the surface only; dW- 
^W^ ?5T^'^rr, to sop. 

^3" ter, s.f. Lengthening out; 
c. w. W(^^. 

^gTJT tcr,na, r. a. To hang 
down the lip, to pout; to let slip 
down ; to discourage. 

^^T to,wa, *. fTi. The record 
of one's birth from which his for- 
tune is to be calculated ; a prog- 
nostication, a foretoken, previous 

Z" tain, 3. f. Stiflness, pride, 
a sound, a twang. 

ZTT^ tai,hak, s. f. Freshness, 
cheerfulness, blooming. 





^J3j^^ T taijhakna, r. n. To 
bloom, to blow, ( a flower, ) to 
revive, to become frosli, to be 
invigorated, to be cheerful. 

jrjT taingk:i, /, tn. The name 
of tlie letter ZT. 

"a' ^' . . , ^ 

Z ZT ^rSTif tain, tain, kar,na, v. n. 

To cry, to make an inarticulate 
sound, to speak nonsensically, to 
make a noise. 
^»fT to, a, s. m. An excavation, 
a cavity, a hollow, a pit, an in- 
dentation, an abyss. 
20cSr toh,na, v. a. To feel about, 
to feel, to examine by feeling, to 
seek for, to find out; i. q. ^oc^i. 
^jgTt toli,ni, *. /. A staff, a cane; 

i. q. 5"vjyrt. 
^;jl ZTiTjt aTTTrt to,lia ti,lii, kar,ni, 

r. n. To feel about. 
^aT tok, ff.y. Hindrance, ob- 
struction, prevention; the influ- 
ence of an evil eye; a cut or rent, 
( in cloth. ) 
^ Z^H tok, (dk, s. J. Hind- 
rance, obstruction. 
'Zu'iSJ t'}\i^ni^ r. a. To hinder, to 
obstruct, to prevent, to challenge, 
to interrogate; to look at with 
an evil eye. 
^?T tok,ra, t. tn. A basket, 
^v^"^ tok,ri, s.f, A small basket. 
^7T 3T?> to,ka fri.kf, s.f. Hin- 
drance, obstruction. 
^ tot, *. /. A loss, prostration 
of strength, enervation, a scarcity, 
tz^J tot.U, s. m. A kind of 
fireworks; hocus pocus, a charm or 
incantation for removing disease. 
^<i><i to,tar, t. m. 
<fC^\ tOjtara, s. m. 
^tzii to.tari, »./, 
^^^ t'^tit^j »• »"• Loss, deficien- 
cy, scarcity, want, enervation, 
languor; a piece of rope; a can- 
dle's end. 

Tlie crown 
of the head. 

^2rt t'"'t.('» '• /• Tlic space be- 
tween the joir.ts of sugar cane, or 
^5' to,di, s. m. A young male 

^^^ \o^A\, s.f. A young female 
camel; a mode in music sung in 
the morning, 
^c^r to,na, s. m. Magic, enchant- 
ment, an incr.ntation. 
^V top, *. m. A kind of cap. 
^^ top,pa, 5. m. A grain meas- 
ure containing about two seers; 
but in some places it ditVcrs. 
^Vt topipi, s.f. A cap, a hat; 

the bowl of a liuqqd. 
^V^^3tT toppipos, s. m. One who 
wears a cap or hat; 'Sw^^lHT, 
Mugajs and Europeans. 
^^ tonijbu, s. m. A note, a small 
letter, an order, a draft; ^"^aT?- 
7n, to give an order in writing; 
^^ ■■rid«M, to pay a I'ill. 
^'^ I to, bill, s. m. An unwalled 
tank, a pond, a pool; i. q. ^TjgT. 
^7 tor, s.f. [Movement, mo- 
tion, gait. 
^d<M tor,n:i, v. a. To cause to 

go, to dispatch, to dismiss. 
^^ to,ra, s. m. Striking a ball 

■with a bat ; talking nonsense. 

^^ to], s. f. Feeling, searching, 

search; ^^75 H~r?5, feeling about, 

looking for, searching. 

^WfcSl to,lana, \ v. a. To feel 

^<Si<sl to],n:i, ) about, to search, 

to seek. 
^?5T to,la, •> F. VI. A quarter or 
^Wr tol,la, J particular I'art of 
a town; a crowd, a company, a 
band, a class. 
^?ft tO|li, J s.f. A company, 
^^ tol,li, / a society, a crowd, 

a multitude. 
^^ taungk, a. Odd, uneven; 

i. q. Zt^. 
do^t^i taungk, na, c. n. To make 


^ a noise, to cry, to wail, to bark' 
to prate. 

5cM taii,na, a. Deaf. 

^2^r jfT3'"?rr tau,a4 mar,ua, v. a. 
To weigh falsely by pressing the 
scale either up or down. 

^5r taur, s. m. The name of a 
vine, the leaves of which are very 
long and broad used for native 
umbrellas, &;c.; the cocked tail of 
a horse, lion, kc; i. q. <iQ?. 

^^g- tliaur, s. f. A place, a re- 
'. , ' . ^ 
sidcuce; i. q. ZoT- 

■<JH^r thas,n:i, r. n. To be stuff- 
ed, to be crammed, to be forced 
in, (as a cork into a bottle,) to 
be crowded, 
sfu"? tiia|hik, *. /. A knock, a 

blow; c. w. JS^TSft. 
zirni^'i tlia.hikni, t'. n. To 
stumble, to be knocked, to receive 
a blow, ( a glass or vessel. ) 
sfTToT^r tha,hirn;i, r. n. To 
stop, to be fixed, to stay, to re- 
main; to be fixed on, to be con- 
cluded, to be eettlod, to be deter- 
mined, to be proved. 
zfrrU'i'^ fhahira,u, s. tn. Set- 
tlement, fixture, permanence, ap- 
propriation, proof. 
zfrr^'^'^J tliahlra,un.'i, r. a. To 
stop, to fix, to determine, to ap- 
propriate, to settle, to appoint, to 
ascertain, to demonstrate, to as- 
ST? Sir oTST^y thak, thak, kar,n3, 
r. n. To make a sound as of hard 
work, to click, to make ft thump- 
ing noise. 
■<i^Tc^T thaka,ria, *. m. Place, 
place of residence, station, limit, 
fixing; (properly f^^rr^a.) 


66-31 ^fi^^ 



3^?rfV^ tlukiira,in, s. /. A 
iViiiale divinity or idol; an h^n- 
orablo woman. 

35^T^t thakuni,!, *./. The rank 
of a TfiuLur, divinity, cliicf->!iii», 
lordship, mastership; violence, 

<r?T t''''^S'» '• ♦"• A robber, an 
assassin wlio inveigles liis victim 
and kills him for liis raoney or 
other property, a chout. 

<5S|«M, r. a. To cheat, 
fo deceive, to inveigle, to steal, 
( one's heart. ) 

<i3lc^T thacTin.i, s. m. ^ A clioat, 

6^\^ thag^ni, s. f. ^ a de- 
ceiver; a lover, a sweetheart, 
depriving of son^-c, captivating, 
(the heart;) one ■who steals, 
( one's heart. ) 

3?T^riTt t-iagbiji, s. J. Decep- 
tion, fraU'l, cheatiiiir, robbery, 

3^f^f^WT tliagbid,dl.i, s.f. The 
art and cunning oi thags, fraudu- 
lent dexterity. 

^JTCfr thag,yi, s. m. A deceiv- 
er, a cheat. 

Z^'r^ t^'^i'','* s-f- Jobbery, 
theft, cheating; 3^I^'> VI^'^, to 
bo cheated. 

3?rr'§-^a tliagljUni, r. a. To 
cheat, to deceive. 

'Sif\ tha,gi, s.f. rtobbiTV, cheat- 
ing; "S^ "WT^, to cheat. 

S'iftTKT tha,giit, s. m. A clieat, a 

66 thatli, s. m. Glory, dignity, 
pomp, state, a throng, a crowd; 
agreement between two or more 
musical instruments, chiming; a 
pier of a bridge. 

<5<5csi fhuth,na, v. a. To tlx, to 

66-3\Q'5^ tuathr.t,una, ) r. «. 

<i<i^I^rc5l thathri, ja,ua, ^ Tol>o 
chilled, t<> be stiftened with cold, 
to be cram])ed, to bo palsied, to 

bo hardened, (a-* (I'd with CoM 
water wlicn half cooked. ) 

■?P?r that.tha, s. m. Fun, sport, 
ridicule, joting, a joke; 3^r 
yj<^r or KTU"*^!", to jest, to de- 
ride, to ridicule. 

'zfkrHTJ tliafhiir, 7 s. m. A 

2rfe>K:?r tliatliii.r.i, / brazier. 

Z^gTrf tliattliebaj, s. in. f. A 
jester, a humorous person, a fun- 
ny fellow. 

S'^yiH^ thattheblji, s.f. Je~t- 
iiig, making sport. 

3^55^ tliaflio,li, s.f. Laughing, 
ridicule, fun, sport, joking; i>ro- 
fixed by ^^*^, as, ^?5t ^JPO, 
signifies reproaching, blaming; 
^?5t ■<i'3«t HT?7J^, to reproach, 
to blame. 

ZW^ thad,di, s. m. The beak of 
a paper kite; a land mark, a 
boundary piilar. 

5^ tharidh, s.f. Cold, coldness; 
re;t, comt'jrt; in the last sense 
c. w. v^ yTT?0. 

5=3^ tlian|(lliak, s.f. Coldness; 
re-t, comfort. 

§^r than,«llii, a. Cold, cool, 
of a cool temper; extinguished, 
(a Iamp;)5'%7rrvr3r5'^, to ga<p, 
to sigh; c. w. ^^T and 7^<^T. 

%t%rKT"^ than._lliii,i, $. f. Any 
cojling medicine; an infusion of 

^~^ tlian,<l]u', 5./. Tlic smallpox. 

S^ than,dhf, a. Cold, cool. 

Z'^^Wf thaitiakru, v. 7i. To 
jingle, to tinkle, to clink, ( as a 
metallic vessel. } 

6rc^^T than,ni, r. n. To resolve, 
to iutend. 

Z^TT thaaa,ki, s. m. Jingling, 
tinkling, clinking. 

3M^r thapp,na, v. a. To strike, 
to beat ; to stamp, to print ; to 
cover; to emboss metallic orna- 
ments; to shut a book. 

ZV t''^i'd'^» '• ^'»- A die, a stamp. 

Z^l^ thapa,i, *. /. Emboss- 
ing of ornament?; the price of 
stamj)ing; calico printing; beat- 
ing; price of boating, (cloth;) 
price of shutting, (a book.) 

3MT^?rr thapijuni, r. a. To 
cau-so to be struck, sumped, print- 
ed or Covered. 

Zl thur, s. m.f. Coldness, chilli- 
ness, numbness, frost, snow ; c. w. 
V^T or V^tT. 

ZJT[ tiia,rak or thark, s. m. Hab- 
it; a vain desire. 

ZJur^ (lia,rakiii, r. n. To de- 
sire what is imj>roj)er and im- 
possible to obtain; to bo sliaken 
or moved, to be agitated. 

6dsf^ thar,ki, s. m. The slave 
of habit, one who has vain de- 

Z^t: tha,ran, s.f. Cold, chilli- 
ness, numbness. 

Z^TiT thar,ni, v. n. To be chilled, 
to be benumbed with cold, to 
be congealed, to bo motionles-!. 
Also Z^ rfT^a. 

S'i'i"^^ iliari,uni, v. a. To 
make cold, to chill; to stop, to 
check, to hinder; to appoint, to 
citaltlish, to fix; (properly 3Ujdi- 
^^r for all except the first two 
meanings. ) 

'dTS thallh, *./. Stoi>page, ob- 
struction; c. w. VfT ^^t and 
V =FfT^'^ or ^r^"^. 

3T thin, s.f. The sound of a 
gun; place; (provincial. ) 

Zfn thins, s. f. Slowness; 
stateline?s, dignity, glory. 

ii^^l thi05,na, r. a. To cram, 
to fill, to ram, to thrust forcibly, 
to strike. 

3ITJ^t tli.ib.ehi, s.f. Sitting 
astride; 3T ' %^, to ride on 
each other's backs as boys in pby. 

3"nr? thi,har, s.f. Place. 



<5?on% =RT^T 


3T17 tliak, J./. Provontlon, liinil- 

rance, prohibition. 
^•T^ga, ^ r. a. To 

to prevent, to prohibit, to repel, 
to put back, to interrupt. 

^nrg- tha.kar, s. m. The Divin- 
ity; an idol; a respectable man. 

3Tir7^^TgrT or ^^rH^r^^ tha.kar 
rl\vri,ri or dui,ri, t. m. An 
idol temple. 

jHToT tlia,kur, $, in. The Divin- 
ity; an idol; a ros[>octablc man. 

;cr?g^^I3"T or ^^WT^T tha.kur 
dw:i,ra or dua,ra, s. in. An 
idol teiuiile. 

Zrs th'itli, s. in. Equipage, 
pomp, glory, state, show, digni- 
ty; the frame of a thatched roof, 
that on wliich the straw is laid; 
arrangement, adjustment. 

S^S tli:it)), *./. A wave, a high 
wave; generally used in the plu- 
ral ilrm; c. w. ^^^^^7^. 

^^T th.t,(lha, a. Erect, stand- 
ing, strong. 

3T5;75T tlKin,na, v. n. To re- 
solve, to determine, to purpose; 

i. q. ZTTi^T. 

31^ thd.n.i, s. tn. A police sta- 
tion, a police otlice, a body of 

31^^T3 thancdar, *. m. The 
chief olliccr of police, a magis- 

3l%^rg7ft thanedar,ni, s. /. The 
wif(r (.f a t!tti>i<;Jdi\ 

ZT^^iii flianeda.ri, s.f. The 
ofTice of a thdneJiir. 

^^^^ftg" fliiuciiiir, s. m. A chief 
of police; ^r^W^U- tT "^^^t, to 
revolt, -to become independent. 

d'rtcivT,n'i, v. n. To re- 
solve, to determine, to purpose. 

^^3■ %»?a thar. de,na, j t. a. To 

3T57>r thar,na, J uiake 

cool, to congeal, to coagulate ; 

to confound, to put to silence by 
f3H tliis>, s. f. Sound, (as of 

a musket flashing in the pan.) 
f^'H? tliisk or thi,-iak, s./. Coast- 
ing; t%IT17 VTJT^, to boa^t. 
fSHT?^ tais,kari, s. f. Tun, 

sport, ridicule, je.^t. 
fZTHfJ^T thi.salnA, r. n. To slip, 

to slide; ( properly f^FT^J^T. ) 
f<7vJ^c!vT thihl,na, v. a. To plunge, 

to thrust into water, to thrust; 

i. q. §"U'f5^T, 
f^^rgrr thik!i,na, s. m. Place, 

station, residence, limit, fixing, 
fy^^ thingg|na, a. Of a small 

stature, dwarfish. 
fz'S thitth, a. Bad, dishonored, 

infamous; c. w, ^5!vT and Zf'BTif. 
fk^"?^r think,na, V. n. To cry, 

to sob. 
(z^^TiT thipiparna, r. «. . To 

f^VU'T^l thipri,!, I S.f, The 
fsV?!-^^ thipra,un, J wages 

for copulating. 
f3"^-r?T#^T thipri, ui.i.i, V. a. To 

cause to be co])ulated. 
f3"gr thil^.ba, a. Clump-footed, 

having crooked feet; turned 

down at the heel, ( a shoe. ) 
fz-eS thillh, f. f. Stoppage, 

oh-tni<tion; fSTS MT@^, to 

j.ut a stop to, to stop, to obstruct; 

\ZT5 "M^"^, to bo stopped, to be 

fsfS^T thillli,ni, i\n. To plunge, 

( into w;iter. ) 
^ff thin, s.f. The sound of a 

gini, or any similar sound. 
Z^TIV thihm, s.f. A clod; i. q. 

S>H and ^Iw. 
3^vn^T thihiUia, s. ?■(. A clod; 

i. q. Z^HX and ^l^r. 
3^7 thik, a. Exact, even, ac- 
curate, complete, just, fit, proper, 
• reasonable, true, regular, right. 

3^ Z^K thik, th:iK, a. Very 
exact, fit, proper, perfectly accu- 

^hrHH^ir fhi,kam thik, ad. 
Exactly, accurately, rightly, pro- 
perly, truly. 

Z^'S thi.kar, i s. m. A piece 

cO^cTT thik,ra, J of an earthen 

^hraY tliik,ri, *. /. A small 
fragment of an earthen or metallic 

Z^in, s. in. A small 
stick, a club; a tool, ( jienis; ) i. q. 

Zi Z^ 'J'STi^ tlun, th in, kar,na, n 

Z^ Z^ ^SRT^ tliin, thiD, kar,ni, ^ 

Sff Zi ^^T^i^ th:n, thin, la,uii!, ^ 
V. a. To fire a gun, to make a 
similar sound to that of firing a 

3^V tliip, 3. f. A firepot ; a 
kind of lamp. 

3^H tln'inh, s.f. A clod; i. q. 

^TF thuss, s.f. A noise as of 
llashing powder, a contemptible 
sound, the sound of breaking 
wind but not aloud. 

5JT7c5T thus,l<an'i, v. n. To 
weep but not aloud. 

<^Vr^ thus,ki, 5. /. Breaking 
wind but not aloud. 

JfJTT^^ thusa,upa, r. a. To 
cause to be stuffed or crammed, 
to cause to be rammed; to cause 
to eat. 

^vT 5TJ i??7»T thuh, thuh, kar,na, 
r. »i. To excite rams to fight. 

y? thuk, s.f. Honor. 

<53f thukk, s.f. Union, agree- 
ment, coming together, a crowd, 
a. multitude, an assemldy. 

^?1^ ttnikra.i, s.f. The same 
as Z^^VZ^. 

^ajyt^ Mf^T t!iukra,e ja,ua, r. »i. 
To stumble, to stump the toes." 





5JJT^^J fliiil.rii.tiii I. r. a. To 
kick or strike with tlio t'lc*, to 
cause to stdiuM''. 
57^1'^ tluikw;i,i, s. /. Tlie 
price of hainna'rliig or driving'; 
55?^''^^T t!mk\v:i|Vini, r. rr. To 
cause to .^j'it; to rauso to \>c 
knocked, Imrnnierod or driven; to 
cause to cojHilate. 
^a/iyT) thuk;i,i, s.f. Spitting; 
hainnicring; the price of sjdtting, 
hammering or driving. 
^ITT^^T tliuka,uni, r. a. To 
cause to spit ; to cause to be knock- 
ed, hammered or driven; to cause 
to cojiulate. 
53TT thug,g:i. a. Weak minded, 
idiotic, stupid; liaving an inilis- 
tinct utterance, as, ^^tt 53T, -i 
parrot that cannot he taught to 
^-g"! thud.d.i, ». VI. The beak 

of a paper kite. 
Z^^ thu,nak, s.f. A suppress- 
ed cry, I 
3c^y5^r thUjUakua, r. n. To ' 
cry with a suppressed voice, to 
sob. I 
5^r thu,ti5, .^ m. Pretence, pre- | 
text, ajiology, excuse, evasion, I 
contrivance; c. w. ^^r and . 
^V^a. I 
5>f5rr J thummh,n;i, v*'. hi. A sup- j 
5>f5^ J port, any thing to rest j 
upon ; c. w. :^^T and ^T-Q^. j 
^jrsf SXaT tlium,mak thu!n,mak, I 
s.f. A peculiar graceful gait. ; 
^3(^1 thum,niakn.i, r. n. To 

walk gracefully. ^ 

5>r5T thum,ki, s. in. A mode • 
of walking or dancing graceful- 
ly- i 
37T 5>r ^3?^T thum, thum, cliall,- j 

iii, r. n. To walk with a , 
graceful easy air. Also 5V 5>r ,' 

I ^V3^ thum.ri, s. f. A kind of 
57 5? ^^TTT thur, thur, kar,na, 

c. n. To shiver with cold. 
5"^T thull.lid, a. Coarse, (cloth.) 
575T thu,l.i, s. m. A body of 

men, a party, one's retinue. 
(J^r^l thus,n;i, V. a. To stufl", 

to cram, to ram; to eat. 
^vTT thu,han, s. m. A scorpion. 
;|ti^T thungg|na, r. a. To peek 
at, to pick seeds out of a pod or 
husk, or throw a single grain 
into the mouth at once. 
57TT thiing,ga, s. m. Striking 
with a beak, pecking; one who 
picks seeds or grain out of a pod, 
or who throws one grain into the 
mouth at once; c. w. KT^TH. 
^r thii,tha. ?. w. An earthen cup. 
53^ tlui,fln', *'. /. A small earth- 
en cup; a dram of spirits; the 
half of a cocoanut. 
gvJiMi gT tliehl,ni, r. a. To 
cast or thrust into the water, «S:c. 
to cause to plunge, to cause to 
%1[T tho,ka', s. m. Hire, fare, 
fixed price, work done by con- 
tract, a job, a task; a particidar 
mode of beating a drum, 
5^ the,ki, s. f. A kind ot 

bamboo granary. 
^^T t]ieng,ga, s. m. A small 
stick or club; penis; '3^ "^tT^, 
to beat sticks together; to be 
spoiled, ( work ; ) i. q. <4^"d| i. 
37? theth, a. Ture, unmixed, 

(language. ) 
%^ i\\(^,!^i, s- tn. A blow, a 
stumble, a tripping of the feet, a 
stumbling block; ^^T VTT^T, to 
trip or stumble; 3^T V^7^ or 
^r^^a, to inflict an injury. 
5 tliain, #./. The report of a gun. 
^HT, *. m. The thumb 
presented in token of denial. 

^"ST^r thok,n i, r. a. To boat, 
to strike, to hammer, to drive, 
( as a stake. ) 
^17ar tho,kar, i.f. A blow, a 
stroke, a kick, tripping or stri- 
king the foot against any thing; 
a stumbling block; the goKl or 
silver on the end of a sword; 
Ssj yn^f^, to trip, to stumble, 
to meet with a misfortune; ^5? 
WT^Tit or 55T^^, to kick, to 
inflict an injury. 
^^T . tho.ka, s. m. A carpenter; 
^^ fiTtf, the carpenter caste 
among S'ilfis. 
^^l~3;j tho,kur, t. f. i. q. "Sa/d. 
^3 thoth, a. Ignorant, unskill- 
ful, unlearned, stupid. 
^> tho.di, J./. The chin, 
^gwr thor,n;i, r. a. To strike 
the forehead with the tiugers as 
indicative of ill fate, to rap on a 
vessel to test its souu'inoss, or 
on a melon to determine whether 
it is rii'c; to peep an egg. 
Z^ tliaur, *•./. A place, a resi- 
dence; i. q. 7^7. 

S"^, s. m. A kind of 

S'^H <kiu]» '*• / Form, shape, 

manner, method, mode. 
'S^'^^^^ dau,lana, 1 r. a. To 
S-^T577T daul,na, J form, to fa.-b- 

ion, to shape. 
^f5T dau,li, s. m. The nppor 

part of the arm, the shoulder; a 

species of fish. 
^-^ daun, s. m. Burning, the 

burning of a jungle; indignation, 

thirst; c. w. ^srr^T. 

STTT tlas, '• /• Tb<^ -*"°= °^ 
a pair of scales, hahcnji, &c. 







577 (]a«, *. m. The I'ito of a 

roptile, a sting. 
STTtT^T dx^, ji,n!i,( r. a 
^Tf^rc (Ias,n:i, J sting, 

bito, ( as a reptile. ) 
^TP^^rr da5a,uni, r. a. 
cause to be stung or bitten. 
gXTT <la,lia, ^^ «'• A stiek fasten- 
ed to tlic necks of cattle to keep 
them from running away. 
^ v jr Vjf t (lalia,!, s. f. Compensa- 
tion for watering horses, Lc, or 
for spreading betls. 
S^^^TT dalia|Una, v. a. (caus. 
of ^iVJc^T. ) To cause a beil to 
be spread ; to cause a liorse, cow, 
butValo, (ic., to be watereil; to 
cause one to be engaged in any 
kind of business, especially what 
is ditli-'ult; ( in the last sense cans, 
of ^fb-cia. ) 
i^rvJcS' d iiliina, r. n. To be oc- 
cupied, to be deeply engaged, to 
be zealous in any work ; to begin 
to wrc-tlc; to be spread, ( as a 
bed. ) Also ^frr V^T. 
^J dakk, t.f. Hindrance, ob- 
struction; ■^'7 =^^T, to liindor. 
?"i7 «hikk, s. fn. A piece of a 

raddi,>h, kc. 
"S"? <l:in'_'k, 5. nj. The sting of a 
vi.'iioniuus insoc^ or reptile; "^IT 
W'TTrr or -^T^^T, to sting. 
^7 g^ d.ik, d;)k, a. Full to the 
brim; sT? ?7 T"??*!, to overtlow; 
to have a severe headache. 
'S'V^^T drikk|na, r. a. To hind- 
er, to obstruct, to check, to pre- 
?7Tr «lak,kar<i, s. m. A piece of 

any thing. 
^TTFT (l:ik,karri, a. Rude, pre- 
sumptuous, iiiipudect, wicked. 
Sa^rfT^^a dakri,una, r. a. To 
belch, to rift on account of acidi- 
ty from indigestion; to voaiit; to 

"S^T dak,k;i, s. >n. A bit of 
straw, rubbi'^h; hindrance, a stop- 
per, a plug; a branch of the palm 
tree, prickly pear, tjcc; protection; 
■^TT "S^ti^i, to plug, to stop up, 
to shut up, to hinder. 

"S^STT <lang,k:i, s. m. A double 
drum, a kettle drum; a kind of 
poetry among ^rusalni Ins; c. w. 
^Trr€?a and jyr^T. 

5irT^ dak;i,nu, if. m. The fruit 
of the >Ijk tree. 

3J7I9 dakar, s. in. Belching, 

^TTaTTTT dakar,na, r. n. To bolcli; 
to boast. 

■^^%#>^^ (Iak,kedo,lokha,ne, 
r. n. To wave, to be restless, to 
be unsettled, to wander about 
without any dependence. 

'^^'J (lakaut, ^ s, m. A caste 

•g^rs" daknunt, / of Crahmans 
who consider themselves able to 
bear the calamity of the jahbar- 
(lihi, and therefore do not hesitate 
to receive it. Sec iiyy^TTr. 

^^5^ <lakaut,ni, •, s.f. A 

'S' v'i c^n (lakauntitii, j female Pa- 

rpwr. dak,kh:t, 5. m. A bit of 
straw or gra^s, rubbish; a branch 
of the prickly pear, palm tree, 
(tc.; i. q. "g^aJT; a stretcher used 
to krep open the mouth of a leath- 
er Well-bucket. 

'S'JT (lag, a. Formless, shapeless; 
sin, pie, clownish. 

"W^ (lang, s. m. A sting; a time; 
•SIX %V^7TT, to show friendship 
externally while the heart is full 
of enmity, to endeavor to satisfy 
one with flattering words; "SIX 
Kr^TITT or ^i^^?rr, tu sting; -il\ 
?5^un^^r, to pass a time, to com- 
plete a period. 

^S^^JH^^r (lagdagi,uni, r. n. To 
■shake, to waver, to be restless 
. 15 B B 

and unscttle<l, to Vh? tosse<l about. 

■^JT^r dangg,ui, v. a. Testing. 

■3'?rK3T dag,mag, a. Unsteady, 
tottering, shaking, shivering, (juiv- 
ering, rippling. 

S^JIXJIiSf^'r dagmagi,una, v. n. To 
shake, to shiver, to totter, to wa- 
ver, tu ripple, to tlarc, (as a blaze. ) 

'3'3T(M^T3" (ligmagat, s. m. Shiv- 
ering, tottering, wavering, rip- 
pling, flaring. 

■g^ra" (la.gar, s. m. A path, a 
road, a highway. 

"^^cT dang,gar, s. m. Cattle; a 
stupid, simjde man. 

■5^^T"^^T daoggwa,uni, r. n. 
To cause to bo stung. 

■g^^TT da|ga, s. m. A drumstick; 
¥TT WT^TTT or «F5r@^r, to beat 
a drum, tambourine, <S:c. 

"S'TTr, s. m. Any jirepa- 
ration applied to cloth, kc, pre- 
vious to coloring it; a platform 
of stone with earth in the centre. 

■g'Tll' dagigi, s.f. A bundle of 
things carried on tlie shoulder; 
c. w. sg^^'t and ?5T^^'>. 

■#5^?t danggo,ri, 5./. A small 
statTor club. 

"SZ^ Mi^T dat,ke khi,ni, r. a. 
to eat to satiety. 

"sfic^r dat|na, r. n. To stop, to 
stand still, to stand firm. Also 

^Z^T datjta, s. m. A stopper, a 
plug, a cork; an obtru'ler. 

•gf^JT <lat,t3, «. Fat, strong, ath- 
letic; stupid. 

^355 dat,thal, s. m. The hull 
of gram. 

"^"S daild, s.f. A she frog. 

"3^ •kind, J. m. Vuxu^hwcnt, a 
fine ; the name of an ornament 
worn round the arm above the el- 
bow; the arm above the elbow; 
a kind of exercise in which the 
hands are placed ou the ground, 





an<l the brrast Uroujlit .nlinost in- 
to contact with tlio earth; "S^ 
y-T^S? or iJrtS, to porf'inn tho 
above . exerciso; "3^ 'd t^l or 
ad Ai, to pay a fine. 

"F^ <)'ini), *. /. A cry, a nfijso; 
-ff-^ VT^^"> or -^g- M7 •^3^r, to 
cry out ; "3^ l-f^T^^, to make 
a noise, to cry out. 

■^^CTT dan(l,ya, *. m. A collec- 
tor of market duties. 

■^'3'9T <la(),(]ar;i, a. Partially ripe. 

■^^r dad da, s. m. Tho name 
of the letter ^; tho outer sliell of 

■^^T dan, da, s. m. A stick, a 
stafT, a club, a th'ck post, a flag- 
statT; a kind of faqir ■whose head 
acd feet are naked; '3%>ri7} one 
who is in the habit of beating witli 
a stick. 

"3^1 ^TJJ dan|d;i tho,liar, .». «?./. 
The name of a prickly plant. 

'Sfkw^'^^T dadii,un;'i, v. n. To 
cry with fear, to bo alarmed, to 
be frightened. 

^^ da'i.di. s. f. A quiver. 

"Ssf^ t]^'.i|<J'> s. J. A Iiandle; 
the beam of a pair of scales ; penis ; 
tho name of an ornament worn 
in the car; a strait path; the hoop 
of a signet ring. 

aSaflWT dan,dia, s. m. i. q. 

^^KTS" dandimar, 5. m. f. One 
who gives light weight; a whore- 

■^^ 4''**li<]"» *• '"• •^ frog; i. q. 

■^^3' daudaut, s. f. A Hindu 
salutation, obeisance. 

"^Ti danu, s. m. Penalty, punish- 
ment, a fine; "3^ -ccjvi or iJd<M, 
to pay a fine; "^7* Wi%^, to 
punish, to fine. 

"STi^l dan,nan<i, r. a. To fine, 
to punish. 

dapha,lan, *./. j One 
(laphijli, *. m. > who 
rr daplKi,lii, s. m. ^ I'lays 

^\r€ da,pat, s. j. Running, 
L'alloping; rebuke. 

^UZ'^T ch,patna, r. n. To run, 
to gallop; to rebuke; 'SrV^ §"c^^, 
to make (a horse ) run; to re- 

■?^ dapph or daiT, s. f. A tam- 

^Vcl^T dapph, na, r. a. To cat 
or drink to excess, to gorman- 

^'^TS^ daplijla, *. m. A sort of 

^^f5t (l:ip!i,H, s.f. Diminutive 
of^^?^; -^-^"^ ^y^'^, to be 
di>graccd by quarrelling or dis- 

^^TO^ dapha.lan, *./. ^ One 

^^Tf5^ (la 

on a tambourine. 

•g^g (labb, s. VI. A spot, a mark; 
^■g ^ =RT^T, or ^g ^fb' T^C^T, 
to become spotted. 

"S^g (labb, s.f. A brace, a fasten- 
ing, a bonil, a girdle, a kind of 
pocket ; "S^ "3^?S3^, to tie a thing 
up in one's giri,lle, to tie up one's 

^g 7^"gT dabb, karab,bi^ a. 
Spotted, particolored, black and 

^ig^jyS^f dab<laba,uni, r. n. 
To fill with tears, ( the eye. ) 

■^^ (lab,ba, a. Spotted, speck- 
led, black and white, variegated; 
■^g'T 5-ff, a kind of cloth black 
and white. 

■^■gr <lab,bi, s. m. A small box; 
a bookshelf; a leather oil vessel 
with a large mouth. 

"^^ <lab,bi, s.f. A verj' small 
bux, a casket in which gems are 
deposited; a spotted bitch. 

■^■g (lab,bi1, s. m. A spotted 

^^^a «)abo,na, r. a. To dip, 

to immerse, to cause to sink, to 
drown; to ruin. 

^%f^»HT (labojii, s. m. One 
who dlv(.'s, as in excavating a 
well, or who dives iiito the ocean 
for pearls. 

-^"3 (latnbh, $. m. A brand, a 
burn; "^^ ^V^^, to smear with 
oil; (^met.) to show friendship 
externally while the lieart is full 
of enmity; 'S'3 =^^f, to burn, t<> 
light, to kindle, to inflame to 
brand, -ir3 ?5T-^^, to burn, to 
lirand, to kindle, to stigmatize; 
i. q. ^'H- 

■jTsTiTr (, s. m. Fresh water 
drawn from a well; a kin<l ofdi;*- 
ease in Avhicli the eyes arc full of 
water; doubt, suspicion. 

■^aT^r (lamblrni, v. a. To burn, 
to }»rand, to light, to kindle, to 
inflame, to stigmatize. 

•33^T (buiibh,ri, y. T71. A kind 
of fish. 

•^>J J rl:imiidi, .*. m. A burn, 

■37J y a brand; "TH '^'^^ *"' 
burn, t'. brand; ^ -^-%^, to 
burn, to brand, to defame, to 
taunt, to reproach. 

■^>f^ J (, r, »». T> 

^>j^a / burn, to brand, to taunt, to 

■S^^\^-^ (lanvik, s. m. Brain; pride. 

sTJ dir, t. m. Fear, terror, a- 

5{d Al, r. n. To fear, 
to be alarmed. 

■ gjdSiJtJv T, i. r?2. A 

•^•^Tj{\ darway.ya, | a. Fear- 

^^I^T darwai.ya, J ful, cow- 
ardly, timid. 

STSTTii^T (lara.una, a. Frightful, 
dreadful, terrifying, tremendous. 

^^r^^T (lant.una, r. a. To 
make afraid, to alarm, to fright- 


^%T JfY^T 



^grr^ dari.n, a. Terrible, formi- 

^7nr 'l.irak, -i a. Timid, 

^JI??? <lari,kal, > cowardly, foar- 

sfgrsri dara,kd, -^ ful. 

^3^1^ dani,wa, s. m. Fear, an 
instrument of terror. 

■g^-^ (larek, *./. The name of 
a tree; i. q. %'^ and W^. 

•gW da,ru, *. m. A timid per- 
son, a coward. 

^?5 dall, 5./. A billow, a wave. 

"STS^ ilal.liak, «,/. Glitter. 

^"fiTJ^f dal,liakna, v. n. To glit- 
ter, to shine, (as a pearl.) 

■g-J57T d:ilh|ki, s. rn. A disease 
in which the eyes continue filled 
with water. 

^■J57t€^t (la!hk;i,un:i, r. a. To 
cause to glitter, ( a jtcarl. ) 

■^HT ']a,]'i> s. tn. A large lump, 
a clod. 

U55^ 'd^il'> *•/• A small lump; 
betel nut. 

■?Tf%c5 d-V". s. m.f. A witch, 
a wizard. 

'S^^^^ «}i,ul.i, s. m. A gold or 

silver washer; (properly -^yQt^i. ) 

■gTTTT (las^sa, s. m. Calf's dung. 

^ru dill, g. f. Knvy, malice, 
spite; spreading. 

5JlvI<\T «lih,na, v. a. To spread, 
(a bed;) to water a horse, Lc; 
to engage a person in business of 
any kind; ^PU ^^r, to get a 
person engaged in any business, 
especially what is diflicult; i, q. 

STTT di.h-i, g. m. A stick fasten- 
ed to the necks of cattle to keep 
them from running awav; i. q. 

ifr^^ii^ da,huni, r. a. The '.-ame 

as jJl^jcM. 
FT^ dik, I t.f. A relay of 
■ffT? dangk, / horses, palLi bear- 
ers, &c., a mail, a post ofiicc. 

^T? dingk, s. in. Foil or pa- 
per under precious stones in pre- 
paring some kind« of jewels. 

'S'l'?^ di,kan, s.f. A witch. 

"SW^l dikjUi, c. n. To vomit. 

5rr3^"t «l.Ik,ni, s,f. Vomiting; 
a witch; in the former sense c. w. 
Wr€^ or ?55J1^. 

■grayTTIT dik,ya, j s. m. A 

^TaTCTT dangk,ya, J post man; 
i. q. ^rji-tur. 

"^nn di,kar, s.f. Any fertile 
clayey ground where water col- 

arnri da,ka, J s. m. Robbe- 

■g'nrr dingkii, / ry, plunder, an 
attack by robbers, the collection 
of plunderers; c. w. "LTSU^. 

^fsft di,kf, s. f. Vomiting; 
c. w. IKT^^ and 7511^. 

"g'HT^WT di,kiu, 5,1)1. A post man. 

^7 di,ku, \ s. m. A rob- 

"^r^ ding,ku, ) ber. 

^JT «lingg, s.f. A stick carri- 
ed in the hand, a staff, a club ; 
S'riT WToT*^, to cane. 

•grTToT dijgar, s.f. A long grain- 
ed wheat. 

^^? (]ing,garu, s. m. A man 
of little sense, a stupid, foolish 
fellow, one who lives all the time 
among cattle. 

^l^ d i,chi, s. f. A she camel, 

^r27 dit, s. m. A stoj>per, a cork; 
■STET >5«ivT, to stoji u]). 

■gr^^r <lit,n.i, r. a. To check, 
to hinder, to stop up. 

^l'3" did, s.f. A shriek, a cry; 
^¥ f^^TR tTT^l or KT?7ft, to 

■3rt"3" <lind, s.f. Forest, a line, 
a stick; an oar; distance. 

■^T^T (laniflA, s. VI. A landmark, 
a road. 

Wf^J Ift'^ d'tPidi rain, da, s. m. 
A hindniark, limit, boundary; 

•^f"?^ din,d'> > 

■g^"^ in'-i^ dAn,(li manyjhi, ) 

s. m. A boatman, 
■gi^ «lidh, *. /• Firmness of 

•^l^^ <]i,']\ii, a. Strong, tirm, 

^I>n sT W tUmandul, s. m. A 

wanderer; i. q. 'g'r^T%??. 
•^rnt^35 ilamindol, a. Destitute, 

forlorn ; i. q. '3T^%W. 
^rg- dar, s. f. The line of 

birds in Hight ; a flock. 
2fIc7<SI «)ar,na, r. a. To throw, 

to cast. 
■^r^ <lil, *./. Vomiting; c. w. 

^r?5 dil, s. f. A branch, a 

^rj^T da,lA, f. m. A large branch. 

■g'T?^ d-i,^i> »•/• A branch, a 
bough, a twig; a basket of fruit 
or vegetables, ( especially when 
brought by the gardener as a pres- 
ent, ) a present offero'i to a great 
man on any occasion. 

■grr^O da, If, s.f. The same as 
'3'r'?5^; also smallpox. 

■gr^i^jS diwandol, *. m. A 

^T^f^j:? dawanJol, a. Desti- 
tute, forlorn. 

f%TTZ' d!>t, s.f.' Sight, looking, 

f%lJT^ »lika,nu, j. tiu The 
fruit of the fiek tree. 

i^HT dingg, s. VI. Crookedness, 
a crook, a warp; i. q. fV?r. 

f%7r^T, r. f». To fall, 
to drop; to lie on the back in 

fa 411 dingiga, a. Crooked, 

f%Wr"@'?rr <]igi,uni, v. a. To cause 
to fall, to throw down; to over- 
turn, to abase. 

fV^ dioggh, t. /. A foot, a 





.'to|>, .1 pice; fi^ vr^^'t, H^pct 

or 3^^, t'j <^uil•kcn one's stcp<i; 

i. q. f5tw. 
fV^ 'l''Jti!?> '• w- Crooko'lnc-s 

a crook. 
fV^ «liD,nc'a, a. Crookcil, warp- 

fV? •I'nvjl'j «•/. Tlio stomacli, 
the belly; fV<f Sra^" *^T5;t, to 
eat a bellyful. 

rVy «lit(li, a. Seen. 

eCT. ) Soon ; fV3T tr%-»WT, seen ; 
fl5"3T srfRTHT, seen and exaniin- 

f?rS[t%^ <lib,<lil'i, *. /. A kind 

of small tambouiino. 
f^W <li1>,l.a, s. m. A larg-c 

round box; a bookshelf. 
fV'^V di'',bi, s. f. A small round 

^■3" dik, S.J. Drinking witli- 

out taking breath; c. •w. 7^^- 

if^F? <U!, 5. tn. Stature. 

S^tfJI di,li, y. f//. A rush, a 

■^TT (iuss *. /. Glory, dignity, 
beauty of i^hape or f :'rm. 

■?Tr3"^T <)u5,kan-i, r. n. To 
sob, to snilV. 

"3^55^7 dujliulpi, r. a. To 
pour out, to shed. 

"3^ dukk, s. f/j. A blow. 

■?'?IT^'^ •'u?,']iig'> ^' /• A tam- 

'g'JiSCT dungg,ni, r. a. To strip, 
to collect heads or ears of corn. 

■^TT^i^ dunggw.i,!, t. f. Col- 
lecting grain, liarvesting, &.C.; 
compensation for the same. 

■yJT^^^ICT dunggiTa,uria, v. a. 
To cau*c ( grain ) to be gathcr- 

"^^f^ dun7ga,i, t.f. Colloct- 
iog grain, harvesting, ttc; com- 
peiiiation for the same. 

■^7Tt5''5T 'Jiini'i'iiUni, r. a. To 
cause ( grain ) to be gathered. 

^u;:-^ <}ungglii,i, »,/. 

^•ulfJ?: dung^'han, t. m. 

^fWWT^t <lungg}iii,i, s./. 
r)>[it!i, deepness. 

■^^^T dun,n::aaa, v. a. To 
strip, to collect heads or cars of 

•§^^ 'bid.j, s.f. A hole, the hole 
of a mouse, &c. 

■^^ di"?']. *• "i- A headless 
body; the trunk of a tree with- 
out the top and l>ranclics. 

■^^f diid,<li, a. Having crook- 
ed {ovt, clump-footed. 

■^^ du)>b, s. m. A dip, a dive, 
immersion, sinking. 

^•g? W3ir 5'T?7r du.bak .lu,bak 
kar,iia, v. n. To go up and 

"Hy i/l dubjki, s.f. A dip, a dive. 

jJVqtNT dub1),n:i, r. H. To dive, 
to be dipped, to bo immersed, to 
sink; to set, (the sun; ) to be ab- 
sorbed, ( in business; ) to be ru- 

"J^;^ <_Iubi|U, *. m. A dip, a 
dive, immersion. 

■^^T^^O' dub.a,una, c. a. To 
cau-e to sink, to immerse; to de- 
ino!i-h, to ruin. 

"3^'^ d!il.a,u, a. Deep enough 
to be immersed in standing erect, 
over the head, verv- deep; on the 
p<"iint of being immersed; that 
will sink; (i. e. any thing heavi- 
er than •vrater;) i. q. %'^. 
■§^T^ duba,u, .». m. An im- 

merser, a dipper. 

■g"^?5^»KT dubO|lia, s. m. A diver. 

Y'^ dumbh, s. m. A lake, a pond. 

5f^57 ^^=1 du,bhakdu,bhak, $.m. 

Glitter, glittering; going up and 

down; c. w. 3d«Si. 

5f ^a/T dubh,ka, s. tn. Water 
drawn fresh from a wcU. 

a. To 

■?3'7^ (, t.f. A dip, a 

■^}J 1 (himmh, s. m. A deep place 

■^j in a stream, a lake, a pond. 

S {Ji.r^r .lillli,u:i, r. n. To be 
poured out, to be shed. 

"W ^^tQ'^t duliiwa,und, s 

nsr-g-^ (lulhi.uni, J 
to be poureil out. 

^«c^r ilulljui, r. n. To move, 
to shako or be shaken; to roam, 
to ramble, to bo uii'^teady or un- 
settled; "Fyur trt%wr and 'ffe- 
WT ^tVwT, une''tabli>hed, hav- 
ing no settL'd residence or rcstin? 

"S'J^S.'^^T «lul.i,una, v. a. To i-hake, 
to move. 

•^TT <lu*j s- /• Stink, a strong 
pungc.nt smell, (as of rancid oil;) 
c, w. tav^"^, and in the jdural 
v.ith t?717?5 tIT^'ItHT; i. q. ^. 

•j^ur dini^gh, s. m. Depth, dec[»- 

irurg' diing.ghar, r. ni. Path, 
rc'iid, way. 

■fuil (Ji1ng,gli:i, a. Deep. 

•ffunwz^ 'bingghiiii, s.f. De;itl:. 

-^^ .!u(!h, a. One and a half. 

Y^^ diV]''^> o- Uaving half 
as much more added, one halt" 

f^'^ tT^Tv*^ du.dhi, r. rt. 
To add one half to a thing; to 
take fifty per cent, interest. 

•fTiT dU|n;i, J. m. Leaves fold- 
ed up to hold sweetmeats and 
small groceries. 

f^ dum, J. m. The name of a 
caste of Muhammadan musicians 
an<l bards. 

Y^TS'JT^T dumdra,wa, s. m. A. 
false alarm. 

•^^f^T dimi,na, t. m. A species 
of bee ; the name of a caste whose 
business is basket-making. 


^z^ ^sCV 


■=r^7r (, s. m. A c.isto 
wIjosc business is to niuke sjilit 
lia-kcrs; a kind of l>eo. 

■=r>r^'^ <!ii"',»'> *•/• A female P;/'m. 

•jTTlS" <linn,no, s. in. f. A person 

of t!.c Vi'imrtti ca-to. 
"sTJi'^T drill, r:i, v'. >;i. A youth of 
the Thim ca^-te; (a \TorJ of con- 
tomi-t. ) 

%^^ 'lc,u.lli, s.f, Iiicirasiiifj 
one half; cxfiggerating for the 
purjiose of exciting on'/s anger; 
the under strings of a musical in- 
strument, being an octavo higli- 
er than the njipor ones; in the 
second sen-e e. w. ^f^pft^. 

%€'=?T i]e,udh.i, a. One half 
nioro than it was, having half as 
r;iich more a<lded. 

%'^^T de,udh;i, s. in. Any tiling 
used as a means of increasing 
courage in training a wrestler, 
or (igliting bird. 

tf-^S^ de,udhi, s.f. A tl.rc.h- 
hoM, .in entry. 

'S'yii-r '|tli,mu, X. m. A yellow liornet. 

%U <]>■]<, s.f. The nan-.e of a tree. 

^IpyT d', r. a. Tu cause 
to fall, to throw down. 

%^ dcdii, a. One and a half; 

%~^ VT^, tlirro eighths ;^^3r3', 

a kind of dance. 

■gir dein,bhii, •> 

-. ' ', , , f s. m. A vcl- 

■g'W <lerii,liu, > , , 

- - » , , , \ low hornet. 

■^rnJ <.U'm|Iiun, '' 

ITcrT «)e,r;i, .?. m. A tent, a 
dwelling, a canip, an e<piij>age. 

"^T^t ildfll, s. m. The eyeball; 
the fruit of the larir. 

'S'vJ^T (laili,ni, r.ti. TobLeomo 
engaged in any iiu>incss, to be 
occupied, to be zealous in work; 
i. q. "sfyT^. 

'S'^'3 yT^T, ^ r. ii. 

^■g^TrT daiMi,b:irn:i, J To 

be surprised, to be astonished.. t(» 
be filled with consternation. 

%*KT (Id,:!, f. m. A large wed- 

en spoon. 
%^ dO|i, s.f. A small wooden spnon. 
^TT^r^^T i!i>.i.iiln I, r. a. To pnur, 

to shed; i. <{. ^ vj«civT. 
^?T dOjk.i, s. m. A stop, lin- 

drance; milk remaining in a cow's 

teats after milking her; ^7T c-J"7 

U'fu^^T, not to return without 

some obstruetion or reproach. 
%3ig" do, gar, s. nt. The name of 

a caste; the name of the coutitry 

tibout Jiimmii. 
%W3f doL:,r:i, .». m. \ A na- 
^TTd'Tft do,i:'arni. s. f. > tivo of 
^TTB^ dt"»g,ri, s. f. ^ (%'"*• 

%irTt dog.rl, a. Of or jicrtain- 

ing to Vor/ar. 
^^T dOjgi, s. »i. The name of 

an ear ornament worn by girls; 

(generally used in tlie plural. ) 
^3IT «long,ga, y. m. A deep vessel, 

a deep boat. 
^3^"^ <long,'_'i', s.f. A small boat. 
%^lfT d"ng,i:lii, s. in. i, q. ^3TT. 
aru/> (loiiLr.glii, s.f. A small boat. 
^■g dob, 5. VI. A dip, a dive,a plunge. 
^gcJCr dob n:i, v. a. To dip, to 

immerse, to submerge, to cause to 

sink ; to ruin. 
%^T dobba, J s. m. 

^gr Ttirr (lob^ld, sok,k:i, J A 

calamity, ruin, destruction. 
%^ do,bu, a. Deei> enougli to 

bo immersed in standing erect, 

overhead, very deep. 
%"g" iloibu. F.m. An ii:'.!iierser, one 

who siid<s (any thing) under water. 
%j-f^T,ra, s. m. A young musi- 
cian or lard ; (a word of ccntempt.) 
%■? ijor, s.f. A rope, a string, a thread. 
%?T i]o,r,(, s. :». A line, a cord, 

a thread, a string; an ornament 

worn by the I'rido at weddings; 

a ladle; ^IT =%^T, to pour fat, 

kc, on food. 
^3^ d"'i'"i, s. f. A string, a cord, 

c c c 

a rope; on ornament worn by the 

bride at a wod<ling ; liope. 
^dTtiWT do,ri;i, f. in. Striped 

cotton cloth; a «log keeper. 
%^ dol, s. VI. A well-bucket. 
^fV dol, .<:. f. Moviiig. shaking, 

roving, rambling; c. w. V^. 
^?c^ dol^dii, s. f. A small 

well-bueket, a leather mug. 
^JT^T <lol|n;i, .<r. nj. A mug, 

a small well-bucket. 
%;?5^T dol,n;'i, r. ii. To move, 

to .sliake, to be shaken, to rove, to 

randile, to roam. 
V55T (1o,li, J .«•. J7I. A kind 
^J^T do,!:i, J of sedan or litter. 
%5ft do^ii, J s. f. A small 
^^ <}0|ji, J sedan or litter. 
%^ d:iiin, s. T71. Burning, the 

burning of a jungle; indignation; 

thirst ; c. w. ?5JlcSl. 
^^ST (laun,di, s. m. A kind of 

small boat, 
^^'t d:iun,<Ii, s.f. -V very snuiU 

lioat; a proclamation; %3t tV^T- 

5^ or faUT^, to be proch.imed; 

^^ tvzrr^^Ot, ^?ft, or t%37- 

'@^, to proclaim. 
^ ■^ zTST^T daun, daun, kar,na, 

r. a. To beat a drum, to pub- 

li-li by luat <.>f drum; to disgrace 

by publishing one's crimes with 

the beat of a drum. 
^^ (1aU|ru, .i^. T3I. A kind of 

%"3^ (b.ul, J s.f. M'xio, man- 
^!v5 <laul, j ner, mctl.oil. shape. 
^IjTc^T (]aU|lan i, j r. a. To form, 
^■c^T^T daul,ni, j Vj -hapo. 
^^T •ji'i'i! '> s. m. A kind of 

fish ; tlie arm above tiio elbow. 

"^^S^ ^^ dha.i de,ni, r. n. To fall, 

01 R 




to .«it iM-firL' any one nii'l o'lstin- 
atcly rcfiiiC to Jcive hy way of 
cxtortini' corn[>liaiM-o with sotiio 
deniatnl, to f'lne an iii\ itatinri liy 
reuiainiiiir till diniuT is biuiiglit 
in; (generally u>(.-(.l in tlic plural 
form. ) 
^5^?^r (Viiaii,guni, j a. Two 
^i£7T »}';nu,ni, J ami a half 


^■^JKT (llia,u.i, s. m. A kind 'A 

tloulilc |>ice. 
^UT^t <l!i.i!u,i, .9. /. rallincr, 
ilila|)i<lati'>u, fallinu' on the baric 
in wrestling; ^CTl^t tfTg:^'^, to 
bo thrown <lo\vn. 
^vTr^^T (l!iahi,uni, r. a. To 
cau-o to throw ilown, to cause to 
fall, to overthrow, to bring to 
^fu^T »ll;a,hin i, v. u. To fall 
down; to go to ruin, to be d^niol- 
iiheil; ^37 tftV^KT", fallen; in a 
ruineJ state. 
^7 <]hak, »<r. m. A cover, a lid; 

( used in composition. ) 
^5" tlh.ikk, s. m. The nau'e of 
a district in the Panjdb; the 
name of a tree tlio llower of whicli 
is quite re^l. 
^3" dlnkk, ,f. f. A hostage, 

(either male ur female.) 
^1?^T dliakjUi, r. a. To cover, 

to shut, to conceal, to hide. j 

^75rT dhak,ui, s. m. A cover, 

a lid. 
^3^ <lhak,ni, /. /. A small cov- 
er, a lid. 
^aT Wv^T dha\k, niakauja, s. m. 

A large ant. 
"io i? <c ' Vi^ dhakwa,!, s. /. Cover- 
ing; comjK'nsatiou for covering. 
^T^T^^r d!.ak\va,una, c. a. 
( cans, of ^"7^T. ) To cause to 
Im covered, i:e. 
^■37 dh.ikika, s. m. A passage 
between two hills. 

^JJ^ «liiaki,i, f./. Covering; 
I c>:npensation f >r e^'vering, Ceo. 

^Jf^^J dh.ik.i.uni, r. a. (can*. 
I of ^I7^T. ) To cau^c to be eov- 

^373" diiak ir, j f. m. 
^^TJ diiangkir, j lation, boasting, 
I l>ride; ^-JTJ lIToTTT, to 

! ^jrg-TT dliaki.ran, *./. ") 

; ^3T37? t.!hangki,ran, s.f. 
^ytsT^ <I!iaki|ri, j. j;i. 
'^irrgt (l'iangki,i-i, s. tr.. 

A boa-ter. 
^?t dhak,ki, *. /. A narrow 
passage between two hills; a jun- 
gle of ij/ialk trees. 
:g^rj dhakunyj, s. r:. The bend 
of a river, a crovk in a piece of 
^Jl (ihangg, s. VI. Ilel:a\ior, 
conduct, mode, mauncr, metliod, 
^Jl'^V, r. a. To h">p- 
]>le, to tie a horse's feet, or head 
and feet togi'ther to prevent him 
from running away when let out 
to j-asture; to cohabit with' a wo- 
^3T ^3T dhangg, wr-ngg, ^^ m. 
Mude, manner, method, bel.avi- 
or, conduct. 
^JTT <lliag,g:i, .^ i/i. A small si- 

zeil ox. 
^JIT <}lian^,g:<., ^^. t'l. A crooked 
word or action, something fac- 
titious on which reliance cannot 
be I'laced, a fabri^-ation ; ^7t 
^tQ'^, to fabricate a story, to 
sj»eak or act in a crooked man- 
^ail dhagigi, s.f. A small sized 

^^J dha,char, s. m. Way, mode, 

manner; trick, 
^^g^ dha.charan, s.f. 1 A skill- 
^^^-3) <lha,chari, *. m. / ful 

person, an artful, tricky person. 

) (jhaun, .». /. A punJ, a 
J lake, any cxcav.-itiun filled 

^JT <j laf f i, (1. lb avy, str.ifc-, 
athletic; tyrannical, overbearing:. 

^err (I''i, .-r. T7i. A bull. 

^"?r dhatfli, (J. ru!l, thick. 

■^ZT <lli;.t,thi, a. Falh-n. 

^^ '|'':i'! |. s.f. A ta'iib (uriiu-; 
^'¥ "^fl^^ to sound the taiii- 
bourine; ^"S' "^tTTo^, to j.Iay 
on tlic tambourine. 

^^r <)lia«l,<c i, s. m. The nanK 
of the letter ^. 

^%JT d:iand',ra, s. hi. A pub- 
lic j>roclaiiiati'.>n, a ]irocla:nati->:: 
a<-couiii;',iiIcd by bi'ating a dru-u; 
^S^JT =^?NT ur ^o7>T, to pr..- 
daim; ^"SJT t^^TTT, to be pr'>- 

=^^J*»iT t]han<].>|ru, s. in. A 

with water. 

^vf^r «lhapp,ni, r. a. To cover, 
to shut in,, to Conceal. AUo^^T. 

^^ dhab, t. VI. Sliape, funn, 
manner, behavior, mode, fasliion, 
style, way, custom, habit; dexteri- 
ty, skill, address, art; po-ition: 
^^ >H7 ^l^TT, t" liave skill, 
ner, way; ^g tfrU" tr?:T, to bo 
exact, to be in a proper mtrle, 
way cr pesition; ^g V' tTT^, 
to be r.ccustonicd, to form man- 
ners or habits; to be in the liabit of. 

^■gr (^.'lu b'l, s. m. Habit, cus- 
tom; :?gT^^7, to bo in the habi: 
of, to f'rm maimers or habits. 

^g^TKf d!ia,bii, s. ni. A skill- 
ful [cison. 

^JfSTT dh:.mak,k.i, s. vu A thump, 
a noi--e, a sound of drums. 

^Tf?'?"^ <lhamk!,ri, f.f. A small 
round wooden or earthen drum 
used in children's phiy. 

^f5? daa.lak, s. /. Rolling, 
slipping down; twinkling. 

^^^gCT, r. n. To- 





jlip .!.'\v!i, to r'll; to lo prunvil 
• •lit, t» spiil; to twinkle. 
^?57io »l'i;ilki,U, s. VI. Iiolliiie. 
<Iip»<in^ ('.own; jioiirii:^; twink- 
lii!^: looseness. 
^S'^T^^T «ni:riki,\in:t, r. a. 
(cau-. <i' ^J^v^T. ) To roll or 
>liJe down, (S:c. 
=^>57^r <liiaj.ii.i, r. Ji. To be cast, 
to bo I'ouieil out, (as wine iiito a 
cup,) to spill; to rull; to deelino 
(as the sun or Uay;) to inelt, 
(as snow, or metal;) to be re- 
duced, (as tlie days of life;) to 
be softened or appeased : to be iui- 
^RST-et d!;a!wii, s. /. VvUT- 
inj cut, mehiiig; the ])ric'e of 
pouring out, melting metals, &c. 
^S^'^^r diialwi,uui, r. a. To 
cause to be cast, to cau-e to be 
lueitcd, to caujo to bo puured 
out: to cause to be imported, to 
(.•ause to make sluping. 
'??5"Z^ di'a'ii.f, J c.f. The 
^J^o3 il!:.i'i,iin, j price of cast- 
ing, pouriii;:. luc-lting', <S:c. 
^5^'"^^I d'iril i,una, r. «. To cause 
to bo cast, to cause to bo melted, 
to e.iuse to be i)0urcd out, &c. 
r^^'J dhaluiiit, s. in. An 
sorvatit in tlie train of a croat 
man; a cor.jtalle, a targetccr. 
^T'lEf^ dhawi,i, ,.y. Demolisli- 

i;ig; the j.rioe of demoli.-hing. 
^f'^^T <]Iiawi|Uni, r. a. To 
cause to be carried; to cauae to 
bo thrown 
^r drill, s. f. Falling, deinolidun, 
do>truetiun, ruin; >ighing; ^r 
tfe^T or $^^, to throw <lown, 
to demolish, to raze; ^f KfS'JM or 
w^r, to tlirow a person down in 
wrestling; ^^t J^rg7«J>, to sigh; 
i. q. ^fTJ. 
^'-f^TMI dl.,I,ii, ,. ui. Tiio bank 
of a river; i. q. ^TTH. 

=^r%>Kr dhvi, a. Two and a 
half fold; (an arithmetical term. } 
^r^ft dii.i.i, a. Two and a half. 
^rr^ illil^lxj, s. in. A kind of 

^r^r <!hi|(n, a. For two and 

a half. 
^'^"^wr dli:i,fi, s. m. A weight 
equal to two and a half seers; 
.1 calamity of two and a half 
^r-e^JHT .Ih.'i.Ki, a. Of two and a 

=5".'^ yic?^ (llri.j kh:i,ni', r. n. 
To be overcome or thrown down 
in wrestling ; ( i>roi)erly ^JT"^ 
>^Tc5>. ) 
^r^tar^T (]hiigU|ni, a. Two 

and a half fold. 
^^•■"^^r dhi.uni, V. a. To throw 

down, to domoli.-h, to raze. 
T?rH5^T dii.i-i,n:i, ,c. m. A support, 

^ITT dh.ih, s. f. F:illing, denio- 
liriori, destruction, ruin; sighing; 
^ivT ^rigivt', to cry, to groan, to 
mako a noise; i. q. XTT^- i^r^H^. 
=g".T!^r (jhi'ih^ni, r. a. To throw- 
down, to overthrow, to demolish; 
to tlirow a person down in wrest- j 
lit!-,'; ^TTT ilRZtm^ or %^r, to i 
throw down, to overthrow, to ' 
demolish, to raze; ^iTTWr^T^r, to , 
throw in v.Tc.stling. Also ^llj \ 

^iTir (lhi,h:i, f.m. The b.irik of a 
river, the liigh ground \\liieh lias 
not been overflomi by t!ie cur- 
rent of a river. 

^r-? (jluik, s.f. The side, the 
hip; ^^"SrVrfFTft, to walk roquet-;^;^ ^eCT, ^rg-^i or 
«^T, to seat a child on tiie hij). 
^TJT^T ' <_]hi,gun;i, a. Two and 
a half fold. 

"^^ •?''"-i?,SU> ) ». m. A 
■t?i<n»>fT dinggui,' crook used 

for pulling down the branches of 

^^ <lh;inych, j s. m. A frame, 
^r^T d!iaiiy,ch:i, j a plan. 

^rZTT d!ri,ti, j s. in. A hatid- 

^r3T dhi.flii, ^ kerchief tiid over 

the turban and ears ; c. w. "H'JS- 

^I^^T dhl.das S- f- Firmnesa 
of nund, confidence, aniinatior, 
v!^^ <]hi,dan, s. f. A kind 

of musician, a singer. 
^rgr (lli:in,<l:i, s. VI. Abidl, anox. 
^rg-f diiin.cU, a. Stupid, fool- 
^("^ dl'Vli'j S. VI. A kind of 

murician, a singer. 

^f'^ <lli,in,c]i, s.f. A cow; a class, 

a crowd, an asscnddy; i. q. ^Tgu. 

^rf (lhi,(li1, s. m. A point of 

the compass south of west, a wind 

blowing from that direction; a 

species of niglitingalc, the maind. 

^ ^T cTJc^r dhin, dhin, kar,na, 

i". «. To whistle, ( as wind 

through an empty vessel:) to sing, 

(as a singing in tlie head.) 

^r^ (lh.i,(llii, s. m. The same as 

^r^yi (1111,111, V. a. To tlirow 
down, to overthrow; i. q. ^rTJ^r 
or ^f@5^r. 
^^ dhi,ni, 5./. A coll 'ction ' 
of peojile; ^r^t ifTJ-fT^^ or ^f- 
■f-^, to sit together; :g^r^> 
"^f^^"^, to assemble; ^r^'* -^7;. 
evt, to disperse a crowd; to jier-- 
form a certain play. 

^i"g flhib, s. f. An un walled 
tank or pond, a natural pool, a 
lake, a deep depression in the 

^'W^r (liii,man:i, j a. At the 

^rxcict (]hi,mani, J rate of two 
and a half maunds for a ruj-te. 

^r^f dh;i,man, s. in. A kind 





of sIkII ; an cnrtlKii lull u?f<l in 
pl.-iy; a tally. 

^17^ illial, t.f. A sl.Iel'], pro- 

^TO 3" J!F^T7, '.Uir*!, tfilwar, (^7.) 
Shic-l'l ami sworil ;( n/-/. ) an an- 
imal with one liorn erect an<l t!ie 
other bent downuanl. 

^.'?5 «]haj, s.f. Inclination, f-lope, 
declivity; usage, custom, fa>liIon, 
currency; an installment of re- 
venue; import ; diminution ot' met- 
al in melting. 

^r?i5^r dlirijlani, r. o. To molt; 
to decline; to ofl'cr stor(\<; for sale 
where encamped, (merchants. ) 

^"C^^^T (Iliil|ii;i, J. in. A kind 
of stone used for magical purpi)- 
ses; a gold or silver ornament 
worn sometimes as au a.::'det. 

^.'?57rr dhil,n;i, r. a. To melt, 
&c.; J. q. ^r^^. 

^ffiJ-TTTir dliihiKin, s. in. A de- 
clivity, a slope; one of an ea>y 
and oldiging disposition. 

^T^::5>ft dhal,man, ■> a. Inclining, 

^Fi^t <]l''i!,^v.''in, ) sloj-ing; 

cast, (metal. ) 

^rj^ ']'';M"> ^' 'Sloping. 

^Tf5 dhaiju, s. VI. A caster of 

^I^T dh:i,w;Jn, s. tn. A kind 
of shell; an earthen hall u-ed in 
play; a tally. 

Us<H dhig, prep. Xear, by, witli. 

f%3T dhig, !. f. A mountain, a hill, 
a liigh j>lace. 

f^3T3' <lhing,gar, s. vi. A thorn- 
bu>h. Also (twS. 

f^^g^ dliing,garf, s.f. A small 
thornbush; surety; calamity, curse. 

f%r3TT3T <ihig;i,ri, *, m. The high 
bank cC a river, a high place, a 
crumbling precipice. 

\rc6 dhitli, s. /. Firmness of 
mind; f^^ "9^/5^, to be encour- 
aged, to be resolute. 

f%3l^ <ll,!flii,i, t. f. Forward- 
ness, inipu len<e, petulame, pre- 

fV^ •]"'''']')> '• "•• 'T''^' 1'elly, 
tlie woud>; f%'3' ^ W'^'^ or tT- 
^r, to be pregnant. 

fV'S'fS 'jl'i'l, ');'!. «- Having a 
large belly. 

f%V^ dl.i.l,di, s.f. A small 
bellv; a bulge or elevation in the 
fiire part of a turban. 

fV'^'^r^' dhiddidiir, a. Hav- 
ing a bulge or elevation; counter- 
feit, (money. ) 

{^7i^ dhin,n.'.ri, s. m. The 
name of an inferior kind of rice. 

f%H"t%K^ <]I:Im,dhimi', s.f. A 
kind of taM.bourinc. 

iri'rj'^ dhi,rak, s.f. A violent purging. 

f%?55 dhill, s.f. Lateness, delay, 
laziricss, inattention, looseness, 
remis-ness; c. w. ^"5^ and 3?^. 

i^J^.TT^r dhi.Iakni, r. 72. To 
lie f»ourod out, to sjiill; to roll, to 
slip down, to hang down. 

ih^'u^^Wf «lui!ki,uui, r. n. To 
pour out, to spill; to roll, to sli[> 

fV?5Vra dhillmntth, s.f. Do- 
lay, latene-is, tardinc-s, laziness. 

f^cfT?r «!hinar, a. Lazy. 

f^^r, o. Loose, not tiglit, 
lazy, reuii-s, inattentive, late. 

■f%^ dlii,\va, f. m. Pretext, 
I)rotence; f%^r ttht^t, to n.ake 


A stk 

^TH dlii,hu, / a rod. 

^'3T «lhing-g, t. m. The name 
of a binl, a species of heron. 

ts"''*:?^ dhiD'.'.guIi, s. f. A Well- 
bucket attached to a pole which 
works on the lever principle; a 
mode of cutting cloth rcctilinear- 
ly by which one third is taken 
from the length and ad Jed to the 

ri^'Z dh.'lh, ti. Forward, Impu- 
d<'nt, j-re-umptuiius, jk rt. 

^"^S^'^> <lhitlav.l,i, ^ s.f. For- 

^*'Z'^''Z'( <lliifhwi,in, j svard- 

ne-s, impudence, pertness. 

^''S' dhi,tlia, or. Forwar'l, ini- 
]pud..'iit, pert. 

^t>r <Iliiiii, s.f. > A lump (f 

^!j^r d!/i,iii t, f, >;i. / earth, a clod. 

=^nfT^'r (Ihui.i, s.f. Carrying 
or convoying a burden; conijiou- 
satiori f«<r the same. 

TWr^^r, r. a. To 
cause to be carried or conveyed. 

=^7^r <lhuk,n:i, r. n. To ap- 
proach, to arrive. 

^'3'^'% <lhuki,u, s. m. Arrival, 

=5~?T^^r (lliukijUi) i, c. a. To 
causo to arrive or approach. 

'^^Tf? dhunggir, s. hi. Smoking a 
milk Vessel with the fumes of yAi'; 
^TTTU" :^^I or FS'i-^eJT, to SUiokc 
a milk \essel; ( pn.ipcrly T3 Jiij. ) 

^Jir??;! .)hunggar,n.i, r. a. To 
smoke a milk vessel with the 
fumes off/hi; (properly tTTT'^T^T.) 

'^'U^' dhuchjchar, s. f. Opposi- 
tion, altercation; argument. 

^i" dhutt, s. ni. The huir.p on 
the backs of certain cattle. 

^^^3" <lhun,ilar, s. in. The back- 
bone, the loins. 

of^gt dhun,dari, s.f. T!ie lack- 
bone; prolap>us ani. 

'^ST'Eft dhundi,i, s.f. Socking, 
searching; pay for the same. 

'#3T^5fr (lhui;<l;i|Uui, r. a. To 
cau-o to be searched or sought. 

^?T"i^55T «lhuDdi,uli, J *. m. 

W^l^ dhundi,u, / A seeker, 

a searcher. 

'^TJ^ «_lliun,naDl, ,•. /. The back- 
bone, &.C.; 1. q. '-(gid^. 

'S'^^cyt <lhurk,ui, ) s.f. Vio- 

■=^■3^"^, } lent purging; 
c. w. v>??^ and 6,2"^. 




=^?a7^T .Ihu.lakni, r. u. To bo 
incUiicd, to roll tlonn, to roll; to 
lie (1 nvn ; to <Ue. 
^f^T^^T tlhiilk:i|Una, r. a. To 
roll down, to roll, ( .1 stone, &c.; ) 
to luake lie down; to kill, 
sgfj;^! <l!iul,n:i, v. n. To in- 
cline, to attend to. 

f fJ'Jf?^ »r3^7> (llii'l.uiul akin, 
s. m.f. A person of indecision 
of character, a fickle minded per- 

^^f^^rs^ dlm!\v:i,i, s. f. Car- 
rviny^ or convcyini:, (a burden;) 
coaij'ens.ition for the bnme. 

^g-fj^T^^T <lliulw;i,un:i, V. a. 
To cauio to carry or convey a bur- 
Jen ; to cause ( a burden ) to bo 
carried or conveyed. 

^S^"^^ dluila,!, s. f. Conijien- 
sation for carrying or con\ey- 

^?5T-^3;vT dhul i,unil, r. a. To 
cause to carry or convey, ( a bur- 
den;) tT cause to be inclined, (the 

^ d'.iun, s.f. Breaking wind. 

5^»MT <l!u'i,i, s. ju. 1 Tliebut- 

^•^ d;.u,i, s.f. I tock, the 

s^vir d';i1|lri, s. m. j anu5, tlie 

^;jt dhu.i, ."./. J b:iek. 

=^?, s.f. Search, seek- 

'"i'"' ^^ ^f'3', i-earch, seeking. 

a thorough searcli. 
=^^3tT dhun<l,na, r. a. To seek, 

to search, to look for. 
=f^ 'jl'iHidh, s.f. Search, etc.; 

i. ([. ■#^. 
^■^5?^r (itiundli|n;i, t. a. i. <j. 

^IJ (, t. m. A kind of 

child's play; (used generally in 

the filural; ) c. w. ^^T^. 
%ir9-rj5 dhek,, ,./ Wicked, 

lascivious conduct. 
tS^M"^! ()hckj.u,ul, /. m. Ra- 


Q J y^^ (lliekb.'ijud, l^ t. VI. A 
%T^rT=2r (Ihekwajud, J wicked, 

lascivious person. 
%3?T d!ie,k:i, s. m. Actio in ron- 

grcisu cum nialiere; c. w. ^TST^T 

and ?5Tl§-^r. 
%1IJ <]lie,ka, a. I]>rn by sexual 

intercourse; wicked, lascivious; 

( an .ibusivo term. ) 
^'S dhefii, s. m. Forw.ardness, 

presuniptuousness, p.ortnt^ss, impu- 
^Z dhitli, } a. Forwanl, pre- 
%Sr <llie,tha,' sumj>tuous, impu- 
dent, pert. 
■^■3' diied, s. m. TTie name of 

a tribe of workers in leather; a 

^■^ (lhe,du, s. WJ. An earring, 
^g^ dher, s. m. A heap, a pile, 

a quantity, abundance, gratuity. 
^^^ dher, a. Mariv, a great 

many, much, 
^g^r (IhCiri, f. m. A wooden 

iri-trument fur twisting yarn. 
%J7^ (]her,ni, s.f. The handle 

of a cotton mill, a n^-l round 

which carded cotton is rolled. 
ig^T 'lhe,ri, s. f. A licap, a 

small j>ilo; a share. 
T^y diie,ru, f. in. A name; an 

instrument for twisting yarn. 
^2=?r (!!ie|l;t, *•. m. A lumj> of 

clay, a clod, a lump; ^^Jf ^^, 

the second day after tin," ajipear- 

ance of the new moon. 
^ dhnin, s. f. The suund pro- 

^ dueed bv breaking wind. 

^ rTf^vT dliai, 'yx^nl, \^ v. n. To 

'%^\ «l!iai,ni, J f;.il down, 

to go 10 ruii!, to bo dc;;:oli;hed; 

to fall down on the baek, (in 

wrestling;) ^ -^ ^"^^ and ^ 

M^T, to fall down, to go to ruin, 

to Ik? demoli-he<J; to fall on the 

ba<k, ( in wrestling. ) 

^fjT (lliai,Ii, a. Lazy, not active, 

loose, inattentive, willinc,' torelin- 
<iuish a fpiarrcl; %^ ^5^r, to be 
lazy, to be overcome, to be will- 
ing to give up a «juarrel, to 
cease entertaining enmity. 

^ ilho, s. m.f. I. q %^. 

^WT dho,a, *. VI. Fruits and 
flowtrs presented by inferiors on 
festival days, 

^■'Eft dho,i, s.f. j\ pjiroach, en- 
trance, admittance, access; inter- 
ference, intrusion; c. w. fHH^- 

^TT dhf.h, s. VI. f. An appoint- 
ment for two litigants to meet at 
a certain place to have their cause 
adjudicated; aj'proach; a suj>i)ort, 
rest ; ^TJ Tir^T, to go to the 
place ajipointed for two litigants 
to have their cause adjudicated. 

■2 vJicNT «lhjh,na, r. a. To bring 
near, to cau«c to approach; to 
shut, ( the door, Lc. ) 

^3X dhongg, t. vx, Jlimicry, 
di-guise, counterfeit dress, decep- 

^?ft «long,gi, s. m. A raimic, 
a play actor. 

^^r dhO|di, s. m. A kind of 
shell used by boys in play; calum- 
ny, false imputation, accusation; 
in the latter sense c. w. '^V^T 
or vg^r. 

^^r dhOiUi, V. a. To carry, ( a 
burden; ) to cause to apj^roach, 
to make go near; to shut, (the 
door, (tc. ) 

^<J (jhor, s. m. Cattle; a fool- 
ish or stuj)id person. 

^a^T dho,ra, s. m. An insect 
tliat infests grain; c. w. ?9^c5T. 

^55 <jhol, s. m. A drum; the 
upriL,dit cogwheel of a Persian 
wheel; a beloved; (in the last 
sense used in poetry. ) 

^R <]hoj, s.f. Inclination, .slope. 

^T??37 (liiOjlak, J t.f. A small 

^fJ'cft <jho,laki, J drum. 




^K5^ <nioI,ki', s. m. 
^WiT^WT <lliol,kii, s. m. 
^?5^'>WT <]iiol,fliii, *. m, 
^W5^ ')lio,lan, /./. 

A 'IruiDinor. 
%T55T (llio.Ian, *, m. A bolov.-.l; 

(l>ootic. ) 
^^wcM <Ilio,]anl, % u, a. To 
^■(FSJ^T illiojjii, J incline or 

•Irrov, (towanls ono. ) 
%"?^K7r (l!iol<lIiamak,ka, j, pi. 
Iloatinc,' a drum and other mu- 
sical instrunifiit-i. 
%7yT <iJiO|].i, s. m. A bov. 
%^'t 'I'lo,!/, s.f. A gill. 
■^fS'', s, m. A drummer. ' 
%"f5^WT diio,l!a, s. m. A drum- 
mer, O drummer. 
=33?T dhaunar^ki, s. in. A nap; 
%^ WT^^T or ^^rr, to i.leep a 
little Avhile, to get a nap. 
^^^T (lhau,gun:i, a. Two and 

a half fold. 
^^r dliaunvichu, a. Four and 

a half. 
^3:T dhau,na, a. Two and a 

<!vi«^T n;i,ni, 5. m. The name 
of the ktter 5^. It begins no 
word in the language. 

3Tf^75T3" tainat, s. m. Appoint- 
ment, ( of an ofiicer. ) 

HvOvsi'/t taina,tf, s. /. The 
business appointed one, tour of 

F"©^ t-juu, s. f. A mas3 of 
kneaded flour. 

5^9" taiir, s. m. Mode, man- 
ner, conduct. 
3'^~3 'E'Q'S taiir, bhaur, d. Con- 
fused, agliast ; c. w. fV? ^fl'^T. 
HTf^T tas,l,i, s. m. A large 

rosary, ( Muhammadan. ) 
3T7"gft fas,bf, s. f. A rotary, 

( ^Midiamiiiailan. ) 
3Tf"g'tU' ta^bir, s. f. A picture, 

an image. 
3'JTJ-r'^ tasma,!, s. f. Fiice and 
milL boiled together, rice boiled 
in the juice of tlie sugarcane. 
SrWJfT ta.-,ma, s. m. A leather 

straj), a thong. 
FJ^^rr tas,li, s. m. A copper 

or brass basin. 
3"H55T, s.f. Comf.rt. 
STrJ^"^ ta>,li, 5./. A small brass 

or coj>pcr ba.-iii. 
3TTKt tasal,ll, s. f. Comfort, 

STf^H tailim, s.f. Making a 

FTTT^Sr taswir, s. f. A iiicture, 

an imago. 
Ffft? ta;ir, s. f. InBucnee, 

impression, clToct. 
B'fJ ta.sil, ^ s. VI. Two fingers' 
'S'n tas^su, / breadth, an inch. 
3"^?3" taha.rat, *. /. rurifua- 
tion, cleansing, ablution; STTTcTF 
?5<vt', to perform an al>lution, 
e<pccially a local ablution after 
attending to a call of nature. 
3"fb" ta,hi, s. /. A fuld, (in 
cloth; ) 3-fTJ ^^Tft, iRWT^^'t or 
??t#5^, to fold up. 
rsfv/H TTtTHT ta,his na,hi?, s. m. 
Annihilation, destruction, ruin; 
St^TT T^frm tr fnea, to be de- 
nfvJ Jo.1 ta,hiknu, r. n. To be 

ahirme 1, to be frightenetl. 
FfrrMTTTT tahikha,na, s. m. A 
lower story, a room underground, 
a cellar, a vault. 

?i\T %~?( ta.hl tor, *. m. Very 

hea\y rain; rich, heasy jiastr}'. 
3ixiU^ taliimarid, s. m. A cloth 

tii'd loosely round the loins. 
Ful^ tahir, a. Full and stout. 
3^1 ta|]iu, a. Follo\\ing, pur- 
suing; 3^ trerr, to follow, to 
3^ tak, aJ. Till, uj. to. 
Fa? takk, s. m. A measure for 
grain, fuel, Sec, containing some- 
times twenty seers; large scales; 
F7 ^^7^, to be Weighed; ^j 
^Q^l'^^vT, to weigh. 
F? takk, *. /. Sight; guess. 
FTff^J tak>ir, s.f. Fault, error, 

FTtT^^^'oT tak?irw:ir, a. Faulty, 

blameworthy, criminal. 

3?ff^3t taksf,ri, s. m. f. One 

who has committed a fault, a 


FT^T takk,ni, r. a. To see, to 

look, to gaze; to expect; to guess. 

F^ ^3?- takk, takk, aJ. T.y 

Sl[V\l tak,ya, .?. m. A plHow, 
a dependence; the dwelling place 
of a Mu<alm in/(i';i'r. 
55^T :?Tt^o'T tak,ylidi,iri, s. m. 
Tiie residence of a Musalnun 
S=l'<JT3 takriir, s. m.f. Dispute; 

3"5^T3^ takra,ri, s. vi. A dispu- 
tatious person. 
S^TrtT t;ik,ra, a. Strong, firm, 

daring, brave. 
SV^ takk,ri, s.f. Scales. 
3irr^^rr taka.una, r. a. To 
cause to see or look; to expect, to 
spy out with a view to steal- 
3^rr?iT tak;i,l:tn, s.f. Evening. 
ysfhr takik, s. m. Investiga- 
tion, inquiry; "3 ^^ o/d aI, to 
ascertain, to investigate, to verify. 





gif^? takik, a. Antlicnti'', as- 

3'^^ takik, a</. Truly, iri'loctl. 
3"3ft7T^ taki,ni', ?./. A small j>ill->w. 
??f?T takjkiilt, *. m. A sjiin- 

«i!e; the shaft of a wheel. 
Fi'JS^ tiik.kiilj, s.f. A slender 

^vrift-sr taklisi'r, s.f. A fault, 

an error, a oriine. 
S^fjfV^Tg- takhsiruir, a. Faul- 
ty, blaniewortliy, 
ywrf^T^ takhji,ri, s. m. f. A 
person who lias committeJ a fault, 
a crnuinak 
Strj takht, s. m. A tlirono. 
3^F^H takhtpor., s. m. The 

covering of a throne, a throne. 

3VFT takh,tLi, s. in. A board, 

a jilank, a shelf; a door; a sheet 

of paper; a, cardial Led. 

3^5^ takh,ti, ,c./. A small hoard 

used for writing' on, a slate; the 

size of a book ; ( as, 4 to. Svo. to. ) 

3^ff- -i^ ba:i,di, s. f. 

Wainioot, boarding. 
y*rr^ takh;in, f. m. A carj'cn- 

3"*n^ takli.i|ni, s. f. A oarpon- 

tor's wife. 
TVT5O takl,'i,ni, a. Pertaining 

to a carpenter. 
S'ar tagg, $. m. A portion of 
laud, a piece, a uiuVpie mass; a 
string worn on tho shoulder by 
certain castes of Hindus, called 
^hojancti; religion, sect. 
HTT tangg, a. Tight, strait. iie<l, 
narrow, confined, di3tre^sod, 
pinched, in want. 
3^ tangg, s.m. A girth; 3^ 

??^rr, to take in, to contract. 
^Ht, s.f. Poverty, 

3""^' <•■>&,>?». P. M. To persevere, 
to bo steadfast, not to fail or bo 
overcome, to holtl out. 

#3T^T tagg,ni, t. a. To sew up, 

( a wound. ) 
F^^T tangg n J, r. a. Used with 
^?r?;T; as, li■S\•^^ 33T5:rT, to beg. 
B"?!^ tang.gar, s. m. A net in 

which chall" ^Ic., is carried. 
??T^"> tang.irari, s.f. A small not 

to carry chatt", v^e., in. 
F^n taggfi, y. t;i. An amulet 
hung around the neek. Al>o 
FJIiW^iyr tngijUn I, r. a. To cnu-c 
to persev ?, to cause to liold out ; 
to cause to sev.-up, (a woinid. ) 
FHTT:?r tag;', s.f Dunning, 
urging, oxaeting, in^.porfunlty, 
di<]>ute, diiiiouhy; deposit, any 
thing in the keeping of another. 
3?TT7 tagar, f. m. A tul), a 
bueket, a trough, a platter ; a mor- 
tar bed. 
F^TT^rt taga,ri, .c. /. A small tub, 

trough or bueket. 
??ft, s. f. Poverty, strait, 
(litlieulty; r??ft "^Z^. to {.ass 
through a perled of iK.vertv. 
3?t1 T^flt' tur,-i, s.f. 

37^^ tagid, s.f. I'rgoncy, Im- 
portunity, onjnlning; 3d"?H^ 
^^Tft, to urge, to onj-iln. 
"S^^J tneh,ehhari i, r. a. To hew. 
^S^i-c^n tacbhwa,uni, r. a. 
(cans. of^g^T. ) To cause to 
be hewn. 
3^ taj, 3. m. Forsakincr, relin- 
rpuMiing, de>ertion; the l^ay tree 
or its bark; 3t? VF, tho leaf of 
the bay tree used as a medicine 
and as a condiment in food, 
3rI^T taj,n:i, t. a. To leave, 
to aband.-n, to desert, to resign, 
to gi\e up. 
3rl^T-g5^T taj w a, una, r, a. Dou- 
ble causal of Hri^TT. 
3r|T^5^T tai:i,una, v. a. To 
cause to be abaudoned. 

?^ tail, /. m. i. <{. 31^. 
3^7^ tati,ni, r. a. To pull, to 
draw, to stretch, to tighten; to 
reel, (a warp of yarn;) to ap- 
))ly force; 3^^ '^T^T or fT^T, 
to make one's way by force; 3^- 
3?^ rn^r, to make one's way by 
3c!rT ta,n i, s. ni. The side of 
the l>elly; (generally used in the 
plural ; ) 3^ ^^ tTT^", to have a 
j)aiu in the side, ( such as is caus- 
ed by running or coughing. 
3^T^ tana,i, s.f. Stretching 
tightening; reeling; compensation 
for the same. 
35fT§ tan:i,u, s. ni. Pulling, 

stretching; reeling. 
3"?^^ tanfi,iin, ^ s.f. A tent 
3^T^ tanun,u, / rope, tho two 
strings which are attached imme- 
diately to a kite, a kite string. 
3^l^<i. tan;i,ut, s.f. Pulling, 

stretching; reeling, 
F^T^^T tan;i,un:i, r. a. To cause 

to pull, stretch, tighten, &c. 
3^T;^r tanl,m:in, ^ s.f. (pi. 
3«SCr?t tani.wrin, /of3^T^', ) 

Tent ropes, &:c. 
3'^ t^^^u s-f' The strings or 

tape of a garment. 
3^ ta,iiu, s. m. Force, strength, 

j>ower; i. q. 3T^. Also 3i5, 
3"3 tatt, s. VI. An element, a 
principle, essence, ;■. knowledge 
of God. 
33 tatt, a. True, Tudd. 
33>WT^ tatt. Id, o. Kl uicntary. 
3^3n<T:3 tattad, wL Peginning 

with the elements. 
33tTJ'3^T tata|hir:i, s. •?». A large 
earthen pot used for hoiling wa- 
33^1W tattkal, aJ. At all, never, 
3"^ tan, tar, s. r». '1 he name of 

a Hindu s.icred book; a charm. 
3c0 tan,tri, s. m. A musician. 





FFw'tj tntln'r, 5./. D.-Ii'lHTati-.n, 
ouritrivaiice, r'\:riiliiti<'ii, .irraiiu''.'- 

SS^'Ti^ tatl.f.raii, s./. 


3?^^jt tntl)i,ri, ». ni. / on- 

trivLT, one skilled in tk-usin^^. 
FFT tnt,ti, f. T>j. The name of 

the h'tt' r F- 
"^31 tat,ta, a. '\V;iri)i, li<-»t. 
3^ tntth, s. m. i. fj. 35. 
3^ t.ittli, o. True, riirht. 
F^ t:\'\, rt</. Tlion. 
?^ turi'l, f. in. A tlirial. 
?^ taiul, 5./. The strinrr of a 

inu>ii'al instrument, catcrut. 

3^ FTev'V taii.l,, t. f. Tl.o 

cliain of a piece of cloth, or a 

tliread of the same. 

3"^Txff tail;i,]iin, ^ a J. cc^nj. 

3^> ta,ai, / Then, r.t 

tlint very timo, tli-^refore. 
3^ ta>1,'li, s. f. Force, oppres- 
sion, violence; c. w. "JJT^t. 
3^ tan,<lf, s.f. Catgut, a hal- 
ter u^e'l l>y /.'"7'7J. a snare. 
3^ ta,<lin, o I. conj. At that 

very time; ilieref.>re. 
H^^Tt taniliii-.i, .<?. dj. A coM 

or <ilvor ornani'-nt for the neok. 
3^^ t.iiuli.rl, s. f. A sraall 

ornament for the neik. 
T^^WT tnii,ilui. f. m. A famous 
water animal of enormous strer.^rth 
whicli cannot no\r bo ideiu"n u, 
calleil in San-krit '7r(j7/; the lincTiuI 
eoril ; the corl whii-h unites the 
prepuce to the clans of the 
^^^ tamlur, t. m. An even. 
3-^S^ tanilu,ri, a. EakcJ in an 

3^^^ tan-liy 1', :. f. The name 
of a cclebrateil woman who first 
baked bread in an oven. 
3^ ta,ile, n<l. cC'hJ. At that 

very time; therefore. 
3x? tn,d-n, aJ. Then. 

H^JT'J^r taiidi't ijii.'i, «. Thill, 
(<, .S:.-.;) i, e. with the tliieads 
far apart. 

F^Ff^T tandoti.ui, a I. Total- 
ly, entirely, great and small. 

"STi tan, s. m. Tiie body. 

3-?^ tan, O'l. Exa-tly. 

FTJ^^TTT tankli.ih, s.f. Wages, 
u fine among the Sikhs. 

FTP^ITT^r t:inkhili,yi, J s. m. 

FTftffcf'Vr tankhi,hii,j One sent 
to j>i<xiire money to ['ay wage>. 

37i3^ tan, tar, s. in. Tlie name 
of certain Hindu books; a medi- 
cament, a ehann, an enchantment, 

3^z[^ tan, tri, s. m. An en- 
ehaiitiT, a iharmcr; a musician. 

3 7S:3T ^ tann,ra, a. Swelled in 

F?7?T J a high deirree. 

31^r?5 tan'il, \ s. tn. 

F^f^ n<^^-^ tani!, Jiuuiil,) T!ie 
mounting at the ujiper end of a 

3^ ta,nu, O'L ll.xuctly. 

3M tap, 5. in. A kind of devo- 
tion connected with austerities, 
prayer; fever; i>ro?perity; the 
force of authority. 

FWH tajias, • s. f. Ibirning; 
c. w. V^, 

F*^"fT^ tapa-,san, s. f. A woman 
who jiraetiees the devotion called 

FVtJTWT, s.f. Austere 

FUlO, ^f. tn. One wlio 
practices the devotion calleil tap. 

FV^ tap,ni, r. n. To burn, 
to warm one's self; to be angry; 
to practice austerities. 

FVF ta,pat, s.f. Burning; c. w. 

3^3"^ tap, tap, i. m. f. Drop- 
ping, ( as water. ) 

FV^ tai>,par, s. m. Sackcloth. 

FWI, *. m. A revenue 
district, a collector;hip, a district. 

?Vr^t tap»,i, ,./. Heating; 
compensatiua for lieating; endem- 
ic fever; a three leg_"'d stool; in 
the la-t sen^e i. q. fF'-fi^t. 

FMT^^rr tapi,unu, r. a. To heat, 
to intlame. 

FVr?5t tap:i,h', s.f. An endem- 
ic fever. 

3^ ta,[.i, . s. m. One who 

FVb>fr ta,pii, J performs the 

Worship called tap. 

3^J tafik, s. f. The divine 
favor; worldly prosperity, (view- 
ed as a gift of God; ) ( properlv 
§^^7. ) 

Fa? ta,bak, s. m. A cover, a 
]'!ate, a leaf, a di;h; the story of 
a house. 

F^irr tab,ki, s. T/!. The lid of 
a book; strata. 

Fg^ tamlvhi, s.f. Small 
tt'ovsers witii wide legs. 

SH-i ta,bar, .?. m. A broad axe. 

F"5?5 tam,bal, s. f. IJurning 

3~g?5T tab,U, t. m. A sm.all 

F'^T tani,bi, s. m. Wide lcgg'?<l 

3W^ t.,'>i,i, s.f. Destruction, 
ruin, c ;nsternation. 

F^->r tabikh, s. m. A l.-i.-go 

Fg:v/>rKT tabi,khii, y. m. A 
ilu«,il!n:in cook or confectitmer. 

F^^S^'cT tib:irlkii, s.f. History. 

F"gt taiii,bi, s.f. Small panta- 

F^HF tabi,at, s.f. Di-position, 

tempera;nent, state of health. 
Srg^Tf t:;b'j, *. m. An amulet 
worn bv Muhammadans and Uin- 
F^**F tubit, s.m.f. An amulet; 

dIspositi<>n, temperament. 
F^'^F'^*J-rT tabi.tii, s. vi. One 
who writes amulets. 



3^^r rra^er wrw 

3g>tT3' t.i'.i'.yat, ^./. DUposi- | 
tiuri, tcinporamoiit, state of health, i 

5^ tatn,l»u, 3. Hi. A tent. i 

■i-ETJ tarul>iir, *. m. A ilrum. j 

?H?\J^ tanil»ur,dian, 5,/. A 
«lruuinioi''b wile. 

73^xft taiiil'iir.ilii, s. m. A 

^^gi taiiil»u,ri, s. m. A guitar. 

'i'^U^ tatnl»e,s:ir, s. m. Calx or 
scori.T of copper. 

3^351 tabe,ll, .?. m. A stable 
for horse^j or imtloj. 

?l"2ft taiiiliO|ti, s. /'. A small tent. 

3^^ taiubol, 5. iH.. A we<lding 
present; betel leaf. 

"S^^"^ tambo.lan, s. /. The 
wife of .1 seller of betel leaf. 

^^J5^ tambo,li', s.f. A seller of 
betel leaf. 

331f^T tal',liakn.i, r. n. To be 

S'^V'i'^'^l talli'h..i,ini'i, r. a. To 

33"^ taiii,bliar, .^. m. A leather 
whip, a f.lionir; S^^ ^^^ or 
W^???, to whip, to la:>h; ^3"^ 
^"^ Wrsr ^T^Ti^, to whip; 3^^r 
^'t WT3 ••tiTeJt, to be whippe.1. 

HKTfiT tan;:is,sak, j. m. Note 
of hanil, ^ bon<l, a reeeipt. 

3Tf7 ta,niak, ;. /. An-er, pas- 

S'Wsr^rr ta,iiiakM i, r. n. To be 

HT^^^r taiiian.y.i, t. m. A goM- 
en ornament worn on the neek. 

FWFWT"^^T taintani:l,un;i, r. ». 
To be angry. 

3V7»^X tanian|(lri, s. m. A 
pistol; B'WT^^T i::?-^! or V^'^- 
TTT, to slio«n with a pistol. 

FWgr tani,b-l, s. m. Pantaloons 
witli very wide legs. 

FWg^ tam,bi, s.f. Small pan- 
taloons witli louse legs. 

3rw^ taDi,bu, t. m. A tent. 

FWSr? tainbiir, *. m. A drum. 

F^fH?^^ tainbur,ehan, s. /. A 
druiMiner's wite. 

37T^\J^'>ur,e]ii, s. m. A 

3'W"Sr?T tambn'.ri. 5. m. A Lruitar. 

FH^-jrt taiHbu,ti, 5./. A small 

3'H^?5' tambol, s. ni. A wed- 
ding present; a betel leaf. 

3*^3^ tam,bliar, .<f. m. A kind 
of whii> fur whipping criminals; 
3>r3W^ ^^"^ ^^3" MT^^ to be 
beaten witii tliongs. 

3"KT ta.nui, j. /. Cuvefuiisiiess. 

3>rTraf<^ tam.isbin, s. m. f. A 
seer of sights, a S2)ectatur; an epi- 
cure, a rake, a whoremaster, a 

FMrTTg^TTt tauiasbi,ni, s. /. 
Whoredom, libertinism. 

yj-fTJTr tam.i,3i, v'. m. A siglit, 
a show, a s[ieotaele; fun. 

olfT^ tarn i, kit, ) s. tn. To- 

B'Kt^ tama,khu,J baeco. 

3"^^I^i"T tama,ch.i, i?. rn. A slap; 
a pistol ; c. w. irr^T^T. 

'SV^'H tauuim, a. All, entire, 
the whole; FK^H vTS^t, to be 
completed, to be finished, to come 
to au end; S'Hr*^ "^^Ti^, to com- 
plete, to finish. 

?>^5F tammol, s. m. A wedding 
jiresent; betel leaf; i. q. FH^fS- 

3^ tar, a. \\\t; 3 J ^37>T, 
to wet; S'3 '^^'^J> to keep wet. 

317 'tar, s.f. A kind of cucum- 

S^JJ tars, *. i)t. Pity; alarm, 
fear, terror; 3^f{ vg"?rr, to i)ity ; 
to fear; 3'?H ^r'5T, to pity. 

3"3'J7'?CT ta,raoni, r. n. To de- 
sire a thing anxiously, to long 
for, to thirst. 

3^W^^^ tarsa,iini, r. a. To 
torture, to torment, to alllict, 
tu tantalize. 



3JJT55 tarsul, t. m. A tripud, 
a tritlent, ( the weapiHi borne by 

3J^ t:ir,snn, al. The tliird day 
either pa-t or future. 

3"J7 tark, s. f. Deserting, aban- 
donin'jT. leaving. 

3'g"? ta,rak, s. m. The name of 
a shaster, (logic;) in logic a prop- 
osition; objection; the hyena. 

3^^rf tar,kas, s. t/J. A quiver. 

'3^'3^'f ta,rakni, I r. «. To 

SJj^f tarakk,ni, J ferment, to 
rut, to be putrid, to stink. 

S'^iJT'^^I tark.i|U[ii, r. a. To 
cause to ferment, rot, &;e. 

3'3'7r5rt tarka,r;, .?. /. 

esculent velvet able. 
F'g^^TJSt tark.ijlin, s. /. 

3"33ft' tarJJ, a. Compounded, 
made up of many parts. 

3'i^ tarak,ki, s.f. Increase, 
progress, promotion. 

S'^^T'^ tarkhin, s. m. A carpen- 
ter; i. q. B't^T^. 

33"trl^'> tarkha,nf, s. f. The 
wife of a carpenter. 

B^^T^*^ t:irkhi,ni, a. Pertain- 
ing to carpenters. 

S'H'Jr tarangg, s. in. A rip^de 
oil the surface of water, a wave: 
au emotion, a thought, ti fancy. 

3*3 ^H tar,gas, s. m. A quiver. 

3'3'S' tarchh, s.f. Restlessness, 
agony; i. q. 3^'S- 

33TrJ-rr tarjam.i. j^ s. m. A ■ 

3'3>TJ-r'' tarjum.i, -l translation. 

3^Z^ tarat|ti, .<•. /. A screen, a 
matted shutter; 31Z^ ^^ vT^"^, 
to be entirely destroyed, to be 
totally annilwlated; 33"2ft %^ 
o7?7J^, to annihilate totally. 

F33'37ror^ tartarki.ri, s.f. Any 
esculent vegetable. 

3'3^T 3^=5T KT?5 tar,dii tar.da 
m:il, s. m. Valuable goods. 


3n^ smn 


"S^Tif tar,na, r. n. To swim, to 

HF^ ta,raf, *./. Si-k-, fju.irt<,T, 

36tS ta,raf, />re;». Toward*. 
3^^=^ I J tarafJilr, $. m. f. One 

that is partial, a i»arti/..'in. 
3"3r^=Sfc/t tararda,rr, *. /. J'arti- 

ality, partizansliip. 
S^'c^ tarfain, $. m.f. Both 
sides, both i>artios; a third j>er;ou, 
a stranger; the rod with wliich a 
gun is ^ijied out. 
•Jjy tarb, *./. Wire, (of a fiddle, 

3?'!^ tarbtjj, s. m. A watcr- 

"STSJ^ tar,la, *. m. Useless en- 
deavors, supplications, beseeching; 
yd»I 3jy^T or «^T, to supplicate 
earnestly, to bcseef^h; to seek 
useless means of escape. 
3"3^^T?n tarwar,y;i, s. m. One 
•ndio wields the sword well, a 
brave person. 
3'U^T^ tiirwcir, s.f. A sword; 

i. q. FJT^Tg-. 
FT^rguTT tarwar.ya, s. vi. One 
skilled in handling the sword, a 
brave person. I 

3^^*^ ta,ran, s.f. Tlio name of i 

an esculent root. 
3^T ta,ra, 7 *. /. Mode, 

33T ta,i-iD, J manner, way. 
^^T'^ tara,i, s.f. A marsh, a 
meadow; causing to swim, teach- 
ing to swun, floating; compen- 
sation for floriiing, or teaching to 
•^d iH taris, ) s. m. Great alarm, 
3?TXr tarih, J astonishment, 

consternation, (as wheu death 
threatens. ) 
S4\yi rJdl vJ tarah, tarah, inter. 
Mercy ! mercy ! 3310" ijy ivJ 
a(d Ai, to call for mercy, to in- 
voke i»rotectiou. 

) s.f. A 

i strincr tiei 

FS^Tir^l tar.'i.gari, 
33'T3Tt tari,i:i', ^ string tied 

round the wai'^t to support the 
cloth worn in bathing. 
3^1>T tarajii, *. m. Scale?, a 

yd lA^T tai-in,na, v. a. To re- 
proach, to upbraid, to revile, to 
find fault unjustly, to sjiurn. Abo 
3yi/; fifsr^^rr and ^^. 
37T7^^ taiiniwen, a. !Niuety 

39"!^ taniji-hu or tara,fu, t. m. 

A third person, a stranger. 
33T^'^*>rr tara,bian, s.f. A kind 
of j>rayer performed during the 
mouth of liamzdn. 
3?r3'T tara,ru, s. m. 
expetlition; 3?T\ ' 
move at full speed. 
3fivrTl%>KT tarilii,la; 

f^¥T trik,kha, a. Quick, active, 

f^>f3 trli>t 

3Tt ta,ri, s.f. The oily sub- 
stance floating on soup or other 
liquid; freshness, dampness; the 
I>istil and stamens of a flower; a 
passage by Avater. 
3d\^ tan'k, s. m. Date, day 

of the month. 
3F'V7T tari,ka, s. m. Way, path; 

manner, mode; religion, sect. 
3d^:i tarit, s. m. The oily sub- 
stance floating on soup. 
^^3^3 tri',mat, s.f. Woman. 
^V^T trup,na, r. a. To sew, 

to stitch; i. q. ■^J^^:x. 
37J treh, s.f. Thirst. 
aLvT^T tre,liat, a. Si.xty three. 
3[^2rr tre,hata, s. m. The year 

2l3T tre,ta. *. m. The name of 
the second Hindu age, the silver 

S'^TfT, to 

i. Tliirs- 

s.f. Satisfaction, 


57 trer, r. f. A crack, a crev- 
ice; i. q. 3F^. 
:5^ tre,ru, *. m. A kind of su- 

car cane; i. n. 3^. 
■3J^ frcj, s.f. Dew. Also §-f5. 
dd^ trer, s. f. A crack, a 

3f^T trc,ri, s. m. A stream 
of hot w.'it<r poured on the body; 
c. w. ^^n". 
S~Rf ^ talhe.flu, *. vi. One 
ST^vTf J that is under obligation, 
a debtor; an inferior, one rvho is 
subject to the command of an- 
375ir ta,lak, ad. To. till. 
3^=r?^rT ta,lakn;i, t. n. To de- 
sire anxiously, to long for, to 
3?r?T taljlaka, s. m. Landed 

365WT^"^ talka,una, r. a To 
cause to long, to tantali/e; to 
make thirsty. 
3?5>f ia,lakh, a. I!itter, hot. 
3?=5"WT^ talkl.i.i, ^ s.f. Bit' 
3^Mt tal.khi, | terness, 

heat, wrath. 
3?F^r talangg, *./. The name 

of a musical mode. 
3W3ir taking, gii, /. m. A nnine 
given to sepoys and others from 
3?5'^J' talchaft, a. Extravagant, 

da^i' tal,chhat, t.f. Dregs, 
scum, ofl'.il, refuse, sediment, leav- 
36i<Sl ta!,!:i, r. a. To fry. Al- 
so 3?5 ^■^^. 
375y'^" talpatt, /. m. Digging 
up by the roc't, subverting; a 
floor cloth. 
37^3 talpart, a. Ruined, de- 
3?5V2'^^rr talpattj)U,Da, ». m. 




5751/^^ talp.', *. m. One tlial 
turns things up sMe down, .1 --ul'- 
vertor; an inventor. 
FfSV^ taj.pati, f.f. A^o 
cloth spread under a rug or otlicr 
floor cloth; a small for IkI-I- 
ing bullets; (properly >K?2V3^. } 
3 My ta,lab, s.f. Pay, salary, 

375i^WZ talmalat, f.f. Tal- 
pitation, restlessness, dLtress, 
3r?5>f75T^^T talniala,uni, t. n. 
To flutter, to palpitate, to flounce, 
to be agitated, to writhe, to jump), 
to spring, ( the heart. ) 
FfSlfR^ tal,niali, s.f. Flutter- 
ing, palpitation, writhing, dis- 
tress; c. w. ?5^^'i. 
S'WMr talay.yu, s.f. A small 

pond or tank. 
SW^^v^T talwar.ya, s. m. One 

who handle-5 the sword well. 
3"??^^^ talw;t,i, t.f. Frying; 

coTi.pensation for frying. 
rr?5T tal,l.i, s. in. Low ground, 
that part of a plain which is con- 
tiguous to a mountfiin. 
?^T ta,!a, s. m. Tlie sole of a 

3f5^ taji,.', s. /. Frj-ing; 

comjiensatiou for fryinir. 
Ff^'^^TT tali,un!i, v. a. To cause 

to be fried. 
SWTJ talis, s.f. Search. 
S^J^t, s.f. Search, ex- 
amination; c. w. ?J^. 
HWr? tal.ik, s.f. Divorce, sep- 
aration; abstinence; j.rohibition; 
c. w, ^^t. 
^«i7^ talijkan, s.f. A woman 

that has been divorced. 
cJMiVi^n-, c. n. To di- 
3Wnj), s, m. A man who 
is divorce<l, one wortliy of being 
abandoned, a rogue. 

BT^T^ tala,w.i, *. m. Kiglit 
watching, going round on patrol ; 
r. w. ^^CT and ^d<Sf. 

Ffe;!!?! talihi,ni, s. »n. A 
rope, a head halter; i. q. TB'Rvn- 

•3^ ta,li, f.f. Tiio bottom of 
any thing, the .-ole of a shoo, the 
sole of the foot, the palm of the 
hand; the foot of a mountain; 
jtlastering; 375^ ^^ or ^^^, 
to plaster. 
3J^yHf ta,lui, s. m. The sole of 

the foot. 
37^>uf talu,an, ^ s. m. Swect- 
F?i"'Mt talun,:in, ) meats. 
Sl^^ talu,ni, s.f. An earthen 

oil vessel. 
3^ talo, s. m. The lower regions, 

the infernal regions, hades. 
3^if^ tulomach,chhi, s.f. Kost- 

lessness, agony, writhing. 
3"^'^r talauny,eha, s. m. A 
coarse kind of sugar saturated 
with molasses. 
zi'iU ta,wak, s. m. A collar, 
an iron yoke worn by convicts; 
i. q. 3^7. 
3r^sr^ tawak,kal, s. m. Trust 

in God, reliance. 
3r^^?5^ tawakjkali, s. m. f. One 

who trusts in God. 

S^^^'T tawak,ka, s. m. Hope, 

expectation, trust, reliance, desire. 

S'^rFT tawajji'i, j s. f. 

3'^t%WT tawajjia, J Attention, 

kindness, compliments. 
3^ir ta,war, t. f. A kind of 
broad axe which is hollow in the 
3^T ta,w;i. s. m. A grid<lle, a 
thin plate of iron convex on the 
upper side on which bread is 
3^1"^^ taw.i,i, s.f. Consterna- 
tion, ruin, destruction; c. w. ^^ 
and f%^ nfT r[T^T or ^eja. 

3^T^pa tawi,un;I, r. a. To 

heat, (metal, an oven, &c. ) 
3^TTrT tawij:'i, t. f. Iluiiiillty, 
attention, pret.-nded kindncs'J, 
cuipty Compliments. 
3^ ta,wi, s.f. A large grid- 
dle, a large frying pan or boiler. 
3^^ tawil, s.f. A reel. 
3#195T, s. m. A stable 

for horses or mules. 
3^7?!vT ta,rakna, r. a. To 
season fo<xl by pouring on it 
Ifoiling fat and condiments. 
F^^^T ta,rakn:i, r. n. To split, 
to crack, to burst, to make a 
cracking noise, ( as grain. ) 
3-^l^T tar.ka, s. m. The dawn 
of day; a crackling noise produ- 
cc<l by throwing any thing moist 
into boiling fat; boiling ^/a' with 
condiments for seasoning food, 
ypf^ tar,ke, ad. Early in tlio 

3~3'g' tanhli, s.f. Restlessness, 
writhing, agony, pain in the 
limb-; c. w. T^li\'^. 
3"^3'^T"^^T tartaKi,un-i, i*. n. 
To crackle, to patter, to crack 
oi>en, ( as grain. ) 
'^^'SH'^Z tartariCt, s.f. A crack- 
ling pattering noise. 
3'?[77T tar,na, r. n. To be pull- 
ed and stretched, to bo tighten- 
ed; to be warmed or boiled, (oil 
orp/ii;)to comb cotton; to bo 
cooi)ed, ( as fowls. ) 
3^^ ta,raph, s.f. Palpitation, 

^^^?n" ta|raphn:i, v. n. To 
flutter, to palpitate, to bo agita- 
ted, to writhe, to wriggle, to toss; 
to bo very desirous about any 
rJ ft <S ?( T"^pa tarphara,unH, v. n. 

To fliittir, to palj)itate. 
F^^^T'^^T tarjiliaruiuni, v. a. 
To cause to flutter. 


3'^^t ^eTt 



3^^'^^ tarplinr/if, f. m. Fhit- 

tcrifi?, p.iljiitatiori. 
3'^~5T^^r t.irpli.i,iini, r. a. To put 
into a stat« of a'_'if.iti'>i), to cause 
to jKiliiifate or lliitteT, to uiako 
S^T^^Z tarpli ir, s. m. Talpita- 

tion, writhincr. 
F^^?!fT tari.Iii,Ii, s. m. One 

wlio palpitat'.'S, a lltittorcr. 
;5ai6cM t:ir;i,urii, r. n. To 
be inclined, to loner, to bo turn- 
ed towards an obj'.'ct, to press 
FWr^T tar:i,ki, ^ s. m. Tlie 
F^iyr tar.i,klii, ) sound of wood 
breaking:, breaking, cracking:; 
c. w. \n ^T5^;; ])o\verful stai- 
shiiie, intense heat of the sun, 
c. w, ?5?r^r. 
F^f^T^ tari,c:ari, , s. f. k 
3^Idft tar.', ) .'•trina: ti<'<l 
round tlie waist to <iip[.ort the 
cloth worn wlien batliing; 3"3"T?ft 
^W tHPr^>, to lo-e a place or 
•station; to be inunode^t. 
Ft%^tr?Tr^T tariiiirg:, hoja,n;i, 

I*, n. To bo ancrry. 
3^ ti, aJ. Indeed, truly. 
3^ tin, ad. Then. 
FT tin, couj. Tliaf, so that. 
3lfV»fr ta,i:i, 5. ni. Uncle, a 

father's ohler l>roiher. 
5T^ t.t.f, J./. Aunt, the wife 

of a fatlier's older brother. 
FT^* ti.'o, prep. To, even to. 
3"T^ ta.,u, s. m. Heat of the sun 
or fire; power; a sheet of paper; 
speeil, liable, pursuit, >n-ginjr; beat- 
ing down in the price of a tiiin<;; 
FT^ VI^^TT, t.) ].ress, to urge, 
to be importunate, to bo hot in 
3r^^T t.i.uni, r. a. To try, to 
examine, to assay, to prove; to 
boat, ( metals, or an oven. ) 
3T^^1 ^§:c^ ti.uai de,ni, r. a. 

: To ap[«ly warm leave-* or make 
I any narm application to a sore 
\ or lirui-e. 

FT-^^T t i,nr.i, t. m. An earth- 
en ookinu' pi">t, a p')t with abroad 
m^'iith u^<-d for water. 

^3^^^ t.i,nri, .'. /. A small earth- 
en pot; a clap of the hands; 
Hf^pft "aYTT^5?ct, to dap the 
hands; 3T^^'t J-ri^Tft, to clap the 
hands l>cliind a person in token of 
his disgrace. 

3"iTf tis, !. m. A large metal- 
lic plate; brocade; cards, a game 
at cards; e. w. ^^~?:r. 

F^Tir t;i,sa, s. m. A large me- 
tallic plate; a kind ot' drum. 

5rrjft t i,>i, f. in. A small plate 
of bell metal. 

FT ^?5Ti?^ ^tr^irr ti, 
dekhitia, v. a. To try, to prove, 
to [I'st, to examine, to assay. 

3rivl tall, pron. ll!:ii, her, it, 

FTTT^vT r.ili|n:i, V. a. To drive 
away, to put away, to cast out, to 
expel, to push back. Also FTU" 

3\T3^ tih.ri, s. /. A dish con- 
sisting of rice. 

3'TTJ|' t:lh,rn, 5. m. A blanket 
*pr''ad undur a saddle. 

3\Tfi ti,hin, conj. Therefore. 

Hnj t:i|hu, pron. That. 

3'T'^ tajiii, a. Desirous ; reject- 
ed; irresolute. 

Fr? tak, *. /. Looking for, ex- 
pectation, loL>king at; i. q. "F?. 

3T7 tak, J s. m. A recess in a 

rrnr tingk, / wall. 

Hi? tangk, a. Uneven, odd ; 
i. <i. Zrr? and ^3". 

3rr?5 ti.kat, s. f. Strength, 
power, ability. 

■3^ ti,ki, ^ *./. A wln- 

FT^t tiijg,kl, j dow, a small 

yniF t.i,-at, ,. /. .<^trongtli, 
power, ability. 

3TITr, *. m. A tlireafl. 

FTTrr ting,ei, 5. nj. A small 
tw(j w heel<-<l carriage on which 
only one person can sit; i. q. ^^. 
'^; the body and tongue of a 
cart with'>ut the wheels. 

THif tanggh, *./. Desire, inclin- 
ation, drawing, atlection. 

3tuj-^77T tang.gharni. r. n. To 
bend, to be inelineil, to be turn- 
ed towards an object, to long, to 

3\y\ t ij, f. m. A cr<">wn. 

Flilf tiji; <J- F^e^h. 

FTrft faji, f.r,\.f. An Arab horse, 
mare, dog or bitch. 

F'rftWT t.ijii, .». m. "A gaudy 
structure, light enough to be car- 
ried, made by Muhanniiadans 
during the ^, intended 
to represent the tomb of llisnn 
;«nd Una in. 

ST^ tin. 5. J;i. Power, strength. 

Fi^TTT tin,]; t, r. a. To pull, to 
streti-h, to spread out. 

3"r^T ti,ni, y. m. A weaver's 
warp; ^l^^SW^^, to >tretcli out 
the war]>. 

3"!r5T ^r^T ti,nibi,ni, t. vi. 
Tiie warp and woof. 

37=?t, t. f. A weaver's- 
wMp; a long strip^^^i blanket; a 
knit drawing string for the waist 
of pantaloons made of silk; FT^i 
F?^*^; to stretch out the warp. 

3TH tint, 5. /. Catgut, the 
string of a musical instrument. 

STFM'a^fl titparj, t. m. The 
jspprehensioa o( an implied wish 
or thought; necl. 

FTjr tin,ti, f. m. A train, a 
sv>ries; c. w. "^T^^F and T^TT^- 

3-iA tin, *. /. A tone in mu- 
sic, sounding; 3^7; KTT<^ o' 
^eft, to sound. 





^rjTT KT77>T, r. a, 

To rei'roatli, to taunt. 
37V tiip, Jf. »»• IVver; c. w. 

wrg-^JT or g-^TTT. 
FfV^ ti.i'an, *. /. A woman 

w]io liai fevcT. 
FTV^T t;i[',na, r. 7i. To warm 

one's selt". 
yaft ti,iii', .?. «?. One wlio has 

fever; c. w. V5^t. 

5rnj3"T t:i{>Ii,t.i, .?. HI. Wi'-io silk doth. 

F^g", s.f. rtarinor, cniluraneo, 

patience; heat, splomliT; a stout 

and healthy state of the bo<ly, 

a fresh appearance; 3"^"g ?7"S^ 

vTr^"^ or ^^, to lie r.Me toKar. 

3"rg^ tim,l'ar, 5. m. A live 

branil; e. w. ^Tc^ai. 
yfg'ST tam,l-ar.i, s. vi. A coppi,T 
C'.'iurei.l gem of inlVrior vahie; a 
copper ve«;e] with a witK- moutli; 
money given in connection wiih 
certain rites to th^:- barber's wife on 
tiie fourth day after r'le decease of 
the master of a farnily. 
?fgT ^, .?. m. Coi>- 
FiW^T I per; meat I'vd to hawks 

that are kfjit lor hauting. 
3^3-f^T taniiri, y. tn. A copper 

coloreil g'.m of inferiur \ahie. 
FTifJTa- ta;no,s'ir, *. };j. Calx, 

SL-"ri;i" of copju-r. 
5Tar fir, s. VI. r..-ating time, 

elajiping the hands; i. 4. 3T1FF. 
FT? tir, s.f. A thread, a wire, 
the string of a musical instru- 
ment; uninterrui>ted continuance; 
3^3" "^rp^l, to Sound with an 
even Continuous tone, to be of 
one mind; -^fj "gj^ i;^:^, to 
continue in tiie same state, to be 
of one mind, to conspire together; 
BTTg ^ij^, tu be >lfar, to be cost- 
ly; ^rj ?5T-^5r>, to make di-ar. 
zTTSJ ti,rak, g. vi. A f-.rsaker of 

the world, an ancliorite; a .sivior. 
Fl?^Tr tirkas, ». m. A wire drawer. 

3':«J7H> t;irka,si, *. /. Wire 

drawing; a kind of swing. 
i?;dAT tar,n;'i, r. a. To cause to 
swim; to pay the taxes <if a vil- 
lage, to pay atlcbt; to exempt, 
to rid, to free from farther 
transmigration; to conduct safely 
across a stream, to convey safely 
over the gulf that si-parates this 
world from heaven, to save. 
3T3T ta.ra, s. ;)). A star. 
3^^■T«-ft;JT t;u"tiiii,r:i, 5. vt. The 
name of a plant from the seed oi 
which oil is expressed, used also as 
3T2" ti,rii, s. m. A swimmer; a 

3755, s. m. A tank, ai)ond; 
boating time, a beat, a chime, a" 
measure in music; clapping the 
Lands; FT?? =^^T, to beat time, 
377? 2=5T^^T, to dig a tank. 
3r??T tl,].i, s. u. A luck, 
3rT?5^ ti,li, s.f. A key; clap- 
ping tiie hands; (in the latter 
sense connected Vv-ith singing. ) 
ST?? ti,lu, J s. m. The 

3Tr^WT t;i,hu'i, j crown of the i 
head, the palate; presents of mo- ! 
ney made at the time of the birtli I 
of a child by the friends of the 
lamilv for the benefit of the Jai. '. 
3T^, 5. VI. The palm tree. ! 
31^, g. /. Understanding, 1 
seeing, sight ; a cock's spur; chast- ^ 
cning; 37^ KT^Tft, to spur; 
3T3 ?V??cl, to watch, to guess; ' 
3'^ f^t^^"^, to spur, to look ; 
steadilv without winkinir. 
:Ji?(«sT,iia, v. n. Jo liown. ; 
rJ'a Ai tar.nd, v. a. To punish, 
to a<]monish, to reprove, to chas- 
ten; to understand, to compre- 
hend, to conceive, to guess, to 
observe; to coop, (fowls.) 
FT-^-gr^ turbij, a. Intelligent, 
quick of apprehension. 

FT'^^rTO' t;irb;iji, S.f. Qn'wli- 
ness of apprehep^i'Mi. 

3TWT ti,ri, s. in. Th>,> wocdcn 
instrument u<'d for striking the 
cord of a cotton carder; a piece 
of bamboo tied to a tn-'- with a 
string attached by which it is 
made to beat agaiu't a liml) ti> 
scare away birds from a garden, c'ce. 

3T^ ti,ri, s.f. The juice of 
the palm tree, toddy; the hilt of 
a dairrrer; sitting crosslegcrcd; 
clapping the hands; HT"^ JJT^'yt, 
tosit crosslegged; to clap, to hoot. 

f3 ti, a. Three; Tused only in 'Com- 
position; as, t3^P?\T, tliree fold.) 

tF'WTTT tiag, s. VI. Fi.rsaking, 
leaving, abandoning, abdicating. 

f3»>r?T5rT tiig.i.ia, r. a. To 
leave, to forsake, to abanvlon, to 
abdicate, to desert, to divorce. 


f3WT3TV^ ti.igp:it,fri, 5. /. A 

bill of divorcement. 
fVnfrnft ti:i,gi, s. m. Olio who 

relinquishes, divorces, i^c. 
fintng' tiar, a. Eeady, prepared, com- 
plete, fuiished; ripe; plump and fat. 
f3WTg'^ tii.ri, s.f. Readiness, prej>- 

aration, preparing for a journey. 
fk^^ ti,uidi, rt. Three. 
f3H lis i'''0''!- ( y^l* <>!' ^- ) ii'-"» 

she, it, that. 
t3H tiv, s.f. Thir-t. 
t3W<^T t;s,nd, s.f. Tiiirst, desiro. 
fjf^TiT tis.n.i, 5. m. Temptation; 

fSTlFTF ti^rat, ^ s.m.f. A 
f3H?it%3 ti-ri,it. J third person, 

an umpire; a third time. 
fsn till, a. ( obi. f3Trt. ) Three. 
fsTJ tih, s. m. Love, desire. 
t3Tr till, s.f. Thirst. 
fVv?5 tihatjiar, a. Seventy three. 
f3"C3Kt,, -x a. The 
f3TI'3;^f tihat,tarwin, j seven- 

tv third. 



fsS'^ f^FJ 


f3";7'3;rtiK.if,tri. s.m. Tlio y.;ir '7:^. 
fdJr} ti,li:ir, s. /. A tliir<l tiiiif, 

a tri|»li(Mti'>ii; i. (|. s'Tjgr. 
• HTT'TJ-f ti,h:iram, a. Tliri-t- tiim.-.. 
fF^Srr tilr.ri, a. I'mM. 
rS'vra'ro tilir.i,ii, s. m. ^ 'I'rip- 
fFTJU'Ii^J tilir.i,i;t, 5./.J liratioii. 
f^vT?'^'?!" tilir.i.iiiM, V. n. 'J'" 

trijilirato, to trelilo. 
T5"vn ti,!i i, ^')Y./j. Such as tlirU. 
iVvTr ti,!ii, co/j;. dc/. So, tlms, tiifii. 
fFXTT tilii, ) 

f3Trrr%-n{r tilii.i.i, a. T!iir>t\-. 
fsrrr.E:? til-:i,it, s. m. f. > A 

f3"^n%?Pe tili.t.itari, .f. /. ( thirl 
f^rvTir^'?^ tili;'i,iti, s. 11U ) per- 
son, an umpire. 
f^UT^ tiii:i,i, s.f. Athinlpnrt. 
f^TJ-i-^^ tih.i,i, a. ( fein. of Tf- 

;jr%mT. ) Thirjty. 
%Xri^F tilr.i.ut, s. m, A third 

p-^r<on ; (sohloni u^ed. ) 
f?Trf^55r tliii.ul i, s. m. Tlirco pnrtsof y/;i, «u^.ir and !1 mr. 
firUTFHr, , a. TI.iv- 
THvTTJT^r tihiSjWaij, j lug throo 

stories, ( .1 hotise, ) portaiiiiiv^' to 

the t!;ird story. 
fkUT?, s. VI. f. A third 

fyU'rg' tiiiir, s. m. A lioliday, 

a festival; tliat Mliioh is sont to a 

belrotlit'd hriilo ou a lioliday by 

her faih(.r-in-hiu-. 
tSTrrj' tih:'i,n', *. m. Oue who 

keeps holiday. 
iSTITTt tih.iiri, a. Pertaining 

to a lioliday. 
rFaf tihk, 5 m. The huinan l>o- 

dy fmni the waist down; the 

wai>t, the loins. 
T3'a?T tik^ki, s. vi. A small jiiive 

of llesh. 
t%T?CT, J a. Three 
f^^^^na tiku.nii, / eonieredjtri- 


fVq" tik|krn, a<l. In thnt manner, so. 

tV'^R tik,kha!. *./. A daii.'h- j 
tor born after three suns. 

t'3'v^r tik,klii, a. S'.iarji; active, 

t;?>r^'^ tik,khiini, s. in. A bit 
<'f >traw; i. rj. 3^3^. 

T?"y"e5 tik khul, . s. m. A sun 
born after thn-e daughters. 

tFT^T ti,'_Min:i, \ a. Three 

tVgT3T t i -', gii n i, ] 1". 'M . 

t'^W^ tiu'ighar, s.f. Three wa- 
ter pots one on top of the other. 

fVufsTiT ting,gharna, r. n. To 
be inclined, to long, to be intent, 
to l«e turned towards an object. 

tF"^RT tig.ghuri, s. t/J. 1 A 

iB^iii^'t tig.g'inri, s.f. J young 
ox Yoke I witii two older ones to 
be trait'C'l. 

tV'JT t!,e!:ar, \ col. 

tV'i^t r> ti, char in nun, > That 

tlft^JT ti.chir, ^ long, 

up to tliat time. 

f?rV?^ ti|e!.irku, al. About 
that time. 

VSy\ tinyi, s.f. A strip of cloth. 

tVr.'? tiuy.jan. .'./. A party of 
women or girls for si>itHung, sew- 
ing, knittirig, i:e. 

1551: tin, s.m. A small bitof gra-s, 
a uiote; a speck iu liie eye; tF^ 
■V Tl'^t, to get a mote into the 
eye; T'> have a speck oii the eyeball. 

f?^'=7T5:5 tliik-'il, ^ .^. m. A 

t%^2"^ t''Ti \ famine of 

t535"HT tiato,r:i, ^ griss. 

tV^l" tiyi' ''• "*• ^ saiall piece 
of silver or gold loaf. 

^33 tit, pron. That. 

fVyTJ^ tit,n;i, pro?i. So many, 
so nuieli. 

tVs^ tit. tar, *. m. A partridge. 

f?3r? v/^"> tit.tar kham.bhi, *. /. 
Light lleecy clouds lying iu 
St real <. 
f^S^tgF"? ti, tar Li, tar, a. Dis- 

per>ed, scnttered; c. w. '^^ ^g^, 

t:i?:T r.nd 73" $^t. 
fVFH"^ ti,tari, s.f. A hen partri.igo. 
tYFT^it tlta,li, a. Forty three. 
f33':iR5^'irr titil,hli, t. m. The 

year '}.'). 
VS^ tith, *./. Date, the day of 

the month, ( lunar. ) 
fV^'S ad. Tiicre. 
tV^ tit.tlion, thl. Thence. 
t3^3'T tida.ri, *. m. A house 

with three doors. 
fV^cat tida.ri, f./. A house with 

tiiree small dours. 
fVt%7> tid.din, cL (for fsTI 

1=3?7. ) On that day. 
tV^^" tid,ilhar, ^ aJ. In that 
tsTTT tidhare, J direction. 
tS^^.^r tidha,r.i, 0. Having three 

edges, streams or currents. 
fsT^ J tiMi, <j. Three: frs 
f?^ J §"01 ^ ri:3r or t^I, to be 

di^pcr-ed or scattered; t3'?5 37T 

■J J ^^r, to scatter, to disperse. 
tFTjT tin,, iiroiu (obi. pi. 

of IT. ) They, those, 
f^'j^f iiu,hn, jTon. (pi. irl^tr. 

of ^. ) They, those. 
tSTlf t;n,nin, a. For three pice, 

f'.r tltrce rupves, tS:c. 
r??;"^' tiri,i;i|i. > 
fo^ tin, no, J 
fs^M- tipp, s.f ^