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Full text of "A dictionary of the principal languages spoken in the Bengal presidency, viz. English, Bángálí, and Hindústání. In the roman character;"

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7^^-7^ y^r/^r^^^^ 



V i 



7^^-7^ /^r^/^ar^sO^^ 



\ z 

... V 








English, Bangali, and Hindustani. 




Printed by G. Woollaston, Commercial Press, 9, Cossitollah. 


t R E F A C fi. D ; 

In order to convey a correct idea of the nature of this work, it is neces- 
sary to explain the motives which led to its being undertaken. The English 
language has for some time past begun to be appreciated as it deserves to 
be, by the Natives of India. It is rapidly becoming the language of liberal 
education. It is cultivated in the numerous Seminaries which have been 
established at the principal stations of the Bengal and Agra Presidencies, 
and the persons are not few who study it at their own homes independently 
of any Seminary. 

At this turn of the national taste, the essential aid which a Dictionary 
affords in the acquisition of a new language was almost entirely wanting. 
Those whicli were procurable had been prepared for the use, not of the Na- 
tive, but of the European student. Their excessive cost placed them beyond 
the reach of any except the most wealthy, and the interpretation given by 
them in the Native language was generally confined to the nearest corres- 
ponding word, Avithout any detailed explanation. 

Under these circumstances, it appeared to mo that I could not confer a 
greater benefit on my countrymen than by giving them an English Dictionary 
intended expressly for themselves. It has bten made cheap in order that it 
may be accessible to all who learn English. The explanations in the Native 
languages of the English words have been prepared in the manner best cal- 
culated to render European ideas intelligible to a Native of India ; and in 
order that the work may be equally useful in every part of India in which 
thp Bangali or Hindustani language is spoken, the Native part of it has been 
rendered complete in both those languages. 

But although primarily intended for the use of the Natives, this Dictionary 
will not be without its advantage to Europeans. Even to them it supplies a 
place which is not exactly occupied by any existing work. It explains, both 
in Bangali and Hindustani, tlie various terms connected with European litera- 
ture, science, religion, civil and military affairs, &c. &c. in some detail, and 
in a manner suited to Native associations and habits of thinking ; and it there- 
fore cannot fail to be an useful manual to every European who has frequent 
intercourse with the Natives. 

It will be proper to add a few words on the mode in which the work has 
been prepared. I undertook the compilation in the hope of finding -^11 the 
necessary materials in the existing Lexicons. I accordingly obtained all the 
Bangali and Hindustani Dictionaries procurable ; but after I had com- 
menced upon the work, I soon discovered that I was far from having all the 
materials required to complete my intended publication. In the letter .a alone 
I found that there were about 650 words more in my text than I could find In 


any existing HindfistSni Dictionary.* In this dilemma I sought the assist- 
ance of competent individuals. In the Hindustani part of the work, Maulavi 
Zainuddin Hussain and several other Gentlemen gave me their ready aid. 
In the BAngdli, the materials 1 had colUcted were not insufficient, but as the 
plan of my Work was different from that of the existing imblications, I ob- 
tained the valuable assistance of the Rev. W. Morton, and my friend Babii 
TAra Chdnd Chakrabati. In carrying the work through the Press I have 
been assisted throughout by Bdbu Shydni/icharan Sarkar. 

My text book was Corrall's edition of Johnson's Dictionary, but I have 
added many useful, and omitted many obsolete and uncommon Mords ; and 
when the delinitions appeared not to be sufficiently comprehensive, I 
availed myself of the assistance of Todd's Johnson and Smart's Walker's 
Dictionaries to improve them. As I did all this after the sheets had passed 
through the hands of the Gentlemen abovementioned, I am alone responsible 
for the imperfections of the work. P. S. D'ROZARIO. 

• Manj of these are words not in common use, but others, of which the following 
are instances, are in daily use : — Acerbity, Aeronaut, Afliliation, Affusion, Aisle, Altera- 
tive, Ambient, Ambit, Anglicism, Antemeridian, Arcade, Arcauura, Atlantic, Attic, 
Autocrat, &c. &c. 



a. for .... Adjective. 

ad Adverb. 

c Conjunction. 

int Interjection. 

pa Participle. 

pr I^reposition. 

* Substantive. 

spl Substantive Plural. 

pro Pronoun. 

V Verb. 

va Verb Active. 

vn Verb Neuter. 

d» for .... deo7i. 

h haon. 

J. .. »•••••«. jaoii. 
k karan* 



l. ... 

r, • " 

I a on. 


b, w. 
d. . 
d. w. 
li. . 


bandne wala or wali, 


dene waU or wali. 


h. j ho jiina. 

h. w hone wala or wali. 

} .jana. 

J. w jane wala or wali. 

k. ..^ karud- 

k. d kardend. 

k- Ji kiya hua; 

1^' S" kiyagaya. 

•^- ^^ kanie wala or wa!i. 

1' rnkhna, 

r- ^v rakhne wala or waii 

1 len^. 

!• w lene w^la or wali. 

w. g waghaira. 






n. Gutturals, 







chh ; 



n. Palatines, 










n. Linguals, or Cerebrals, 











n. Dentals, 










m. Labials, 







































^ f 


















^ ^ 











f ,. 


















oq C 






^ ^ 


























k ^ 













































































































eternel (Fr.) ^ 
boer/mav© F 







6 lit 







just > 
hoij S 





watwa prakaran 
d h an uk 
way a 11 

khy ay. 





Of the last two orders of letters, h ranks with the gutturals; 
y and sh with the palatines ; r and sh with the Unguals ; 1 and s with 
the dentals; and v with the labials. 

Table of Anomalies BcingaU; 


Proper sound. 




Anomalous sound. 





Proper sound. 

Anomalous sound. 










• In Bang6,li, the ''5^ is generally sounded like short o in English; but when 
prefixed to words to express a negative, it is pronounced like a in fall, and 
often in the middle of a word like u but. 



B Bh 

P Ph T Th 

T Th 

S J Jh 

Ch Chh 




b bh 

p ph t th 

t th 

s j jh 

ch chh 




M 4J 

V •*^, ^ "^^ 

C> <4^' 

^ ^ -4^ 

' d "^^ 




Dh D 

Dh Z R R 


Z Zh s 

Sh s z 




dh d 

dh z r r 


z zh s 

sh s z 




uJ-5 3 

«3 i ^ 3 


U* L/» C^ J* 



Gh F 

Q K Kh G 


L M N 

N V W 




gli f 

q k kh g 


1 m n 

n V w 




t - 

3 ^ ^ J' J 

\^ ^ <J 

^ J J 





a d i i 

u u 

e ai 


1 t i ^, 

t J 

^ V 
















































































































































































eternel (Fr.) 








Lit ^4 





















































g/iostly, g^Lvgle 




















































, namdz 












Note I.— In the scheme j* and ^ 

are represented by h, 


by t, and . j 
Note 2.— Bl 

1, chh, dh, dh, jh, kl 

l», ph, rh 

, th, th, are aspirated 1< 





N. B. — The English word with its meaning is placed first— the meaning in Bdng&li is next i»- 
terted-and last of all the meaning in Hindustani. — To separate each language as distinctly a$ 
possible, the meaning in Bdngdli is inserted in Italics. 

The dots within the crotchets [....] each standing for a syllable, lead to the particular part where 
the sound varies from the spelling, without a repetition of the word at^nglh-Abal'iexxAte, 
[.ale yen.] When the dots are used without any part of the word, they show^he number of syllO' 
hies in which the tvord ought to be pronounced, which is often doubtful. 

The asterisks placed at the begintiing of ivords show that they follow the same rale as that imme- 
diately before them ; being generally the same word in different parts of jpeecA— Actual, [.tshu.] 
•Actually, •Actualness. 

The double accent at the end of some verbs is only to show that in the participle the consonant 
is to be doubled— Ah6''t, Ahetting. 

A, an article set before nouns of the singular number, as a boy, a dog. When placed before 
a word beginning with a vowel or silent h. it is changed into an, as an earl, an hour. It 
is placed before a participle, or participial noun, as a riding. It also denotes proportion, as 
a year. It is sometimes used as an abbreviation of the Latin word artium, as A. M. artium 
ma:^ister ; A. D. anno domini~A, bnrna ek bachandnta shabder piirbe stkdpita. hay, jathd 
a boy, a dog. Ebang siuarAdi shabder bd anuchchdrita (h) harner agre sthita hade an ha^, 
^at/in an earl, an hour, Ihd kridanta saugydr bd kriyd hdchak shabder pur he sthita hay, 
jaf/ui a riding. Ehang kdl ninlpan sankhyd hdchak-o hay, jathd a. year. Ebang kakhana 
$ankhyepdrthebebahnrjyahay,jathd Latin bdkyer sanket, A. M. artium magister; A. D. 
anno domini — A, harf ya tanicir hai, wahid ismoij ke age ra'<ha jatd hai, jaisa ki a boy, a dog. 
Jiswaqt ki lafz shuru hoga sAih harf-i-iilat se yd sAlh sakin (h) ke, a ki jagah men aa laya 
jaega, jaisa an eirZ, an hour. Ism-i-fail ya fadi ism ke age bhi rakha jata hai, jaisa ki a 
riding. Yih Tadad bhi batata hai, jaisa ki a year. Aurkabhi kabhi ikhtisar ke waste- isliamal 
kiya jut^ hai, jaisa Ldtin lafz ka isliara, A. M. artium fnagister ; A. D, anno domini, 
Aba'ck, uf/. backwards,—paschdd,dige,paschdt—p\c\\h\i taraf, pichhe [t^j 

Ab'acot, s. an ancient kind of crown — ek prakdr prdchinrdjmakut — ekta^urkd qadirai bddshahi 
Ab'acus, s. 2. counting table — ganandr takti—\\\s^d.b kA takhta 

Aba'ft, or !- 't, rd. towards the stern from the ship's head— ja/iajer agra bhdg haltehdlir dige — 

jahaz ke fih f-h oichhware, yane samne se patwar ki taraf fka nish^a 

Abai'sancCf i abow, a mark of respect — prandm, swipakarshabodhak bydpdr — kornish, t^zim 

AbaHenate, va. \^,aLe-yen.\ to make over to another — dpan drabya anya ke dan k. — apni chiz 

diisre ko dend 
Aban'don,tja. to desert, forsake, resign — chhdran, paritydg k. tydg /c— chhorni, tarkk, 
Aban'doned, pa. a. [. .] deserted, given up—iyakta, parityakta—chhor^ hda,tark kiya hiU 
Aban'donment, s. the act of forsaking— tj/d^—tark [beqadr fc, 

Aba'se, va. to humble, bring low, depress— 7/imna k- nich k. apakrishta k. — ghatana, zalil k. 
Aba'sed, pa. [..] depressed — apakrislatd prdpta — beqadr kiya gaya, halka, khafif 
Aba^sement, s. the state of being brought low— nimn(t6ast/iri— beqadri ki halat 
Aba'sh, va. to make ashamed, to confuse — lajjit k. aprustut k. — sharminda k. ghabrdd. 
Abash'ment,s. great shame or confusion— ati/anta lajjd hdapratibhatd—ha.ii sharm yA ghabrfiha? 
Aba'te, va, to lessen, to lower in price — nyun k. mulya Idghab k. — ghaidna, qimat kam k. 
Aba'tement, s. the act of lessening, the quantity abated — nyiin kard, je angsha rhds kardjdy 

— ghatao, kami- 
Abb, s. the yarn on a weaver's warp— pan'j/ran suira— bharni 
Ab'ba, s. father, a scripture word signifying father— pita — bap 

Ab'bacy, s. the rights, possessions, privileges, and immunities of an abbot — mathddkyaker 

adhikdr hd swatwa — khanqdh kemutawalli ke huqiiq [sardarni 

Ab'bess, s, the governess of a nunnery— stridig-er mother /cartrt— auratOQ ki khanqah ki 

Ab'bey, s. residence for religious persons, whether men or woaien—maih, dharmashdld — iman- 

dar mardon ya auratoa k4 makan, kh^inqah 
Abbot,s- the chief of a convent of men~mathddhy dkhy a— khknq&h kasardar, raahanth 
Abbre'viate, va, to abridge, to shorten^san/c/iyep k. alpa k, — ikhtisdr k. katn k. 

ABB (2). ABN 

Abbrevia'tidny ^f'the act'^ ^hvf■4^iriff-r■sankhyep /c«r4— ikhtisAr 

Abbreyia'tor, s. one wno shortens'or aTjridges — sankhyep kdrak—ikhtis^r karnew^U 

Abbre'v.iavuhes <;. f'.',. . :tcW(jJ a mark vise(\ for shortening ; compendium or abridgment— ian"-- 

khy/ipf;liiiJi(t;jhiir{Jiy'0p'-^i^i\\hfir')Lf ijiisftdni ; khuldsa [se istifd k. 

Ab'dicate, i?a. to resign an office,' lo feivb* up— ^arma bd pad tydg k. tydg k.—kita yidarje 
Abdica'tion, s. resignation, act of giving \ip—padatydg, tydg fcarra— darje ko tark k. 
Ab'dicaiive, a. that which implies abdication — padatydgdrthak — istifi se jo nisbat rakhtfi hai 
Ab'ditive, a. that has the power or quality of hiding— /^ufcaii/a rdkhe bdrdkhitepdreje — poshida 

Ab'domen, s. the lower part of the belly — talpet—ipern, naf ke niche 
Abdom'inal, a. relating to the abdomen — talpet sambandhiya — talpetf, shikami 
Abdom'inous, s. paunch-bellied, unwieldy— 6/iuure, 7iada^e/a— tonddla, moiashikami 
Abdu'ce, va. to separate, to draw away— prit/iafc k. sthdndntare dkarshan k. — jndi, k. alag 

Abdu'cent, a. drawing or pulling back— pratya/cars/jafe— pichhe se khainchnewdla 
Abduc'tion, s. the act ofseparating or drawing— prit/iafc kard bd sthdndntare dkarshan — juda 

karna ya alag khainchna 
Abduc'tor, s. any muscle that contracts— atars/mfc mdngshapeshi^]ihinchne'wA]i nas 
Abeceda'rain, s. a teacher of the alphabet— 6ar?iamaia s/ii/c/i2/a/c— miyaiiji 
Abece'dary, a. belonging to the alphabet— 6arna77ia/asa7n&and^n/a—hurdfse nisbat rakhnewdld 
Abe'd, ad. in bed, on the bed — shnjydy, s/i^/jyopari— bichhaune par 
A'bele-tree, s. a kind of white poplar— 6/'i/c)^2/" bishesk—ek qism ka darakht 
Aber'rance, s. a dj^ation from the right wdiy—bipathe gaman—he\a.\\yk badrdh jAnd 
Aber'rant, a. wandering from the rig-ht vfdiy'—hipath gdmi—sidhi rah se bdhar honewdld 
Aberra'tion, s. the act of deviating— ftipaf/ie |-a/na?i— badrahi ya gumrahl [d. targhib d. 

Abe't, va, to aid, enconrdige, set on— sdhajyak, sdhas d:in, prabrittljanmdna — madad k. himraat 
Abet'ment, s. act of abetting, or encouraging— sa/iajya—targhib 

Abet'tor, s. he that abets, an accomplice— s/ia/ja/cwi, kukarmer sangi — madadgdr, hamjurm 
Abey'ance, s. in law, goods in reversion but not in possession— s?nriti shp,stre updd/ii sthagit — 

mal jo d6sre ke bad milega 
Abgrega'tion, s. sepacation from the flock— paZ bdjhdnk haite pdrthakya—rewdir yd ghol se judal 
Abho'r, va. to detest, loathe, abominate— g-Ztririri k. abagydn k. — ghin k. nafrat k. karahiyat k. 
Abhor'rence, s. aversion, great hatred — abagydtj, atishay ghrind—ndihdit, karahiyat 
Abhor'rent, a. struck with abhorrence, odious ; contrary to, inconsistent with — ghrindjukta, 

ghrindrha; biparit, biruddha—gh'm kiyd hua, karahati ; barkhilaf, ndrauwdfiq 
Abi'de, vn. to dwell in a place, to attend- Ws k. ttpost/iit t/ia/can— ek jagah rahnd, hdzir rahnd, 

intizdrrnea rahnd 
Abject, a. mean, base, vile, contemptible— nic/i, fc/iyu<ira, adham, ^/i rinrir/ia— zalil, kamina, 

khardb, ndchiz janne ke qabil \dhimatd—d'\[ ki kaminagi, zillat, i^bardbi 

Ab'jectness, s. meanness of mind, servility, baseness— maner khyudratd, nich byubahdr, o- 
Ab'jeclly, ad. in an abject manner, mQa.a\y^adhamrupe, ntchatdpurbak — khardbi se, kamina 

tarah se [isliaddd, tdqat 

Abil'ity, s. power, skill,, capacity, qualification— sad/jya, niptinatd, pdrngatd, khyamatd — 
Abintest'ate, s, the heir of an intestate person — marankdle ddnpatra-ndkariydchhenjini tdnhdr 

ttttamd/iifcrtri- waris-i-bewaslyat 
Ab'jugate, va. to set free, to unyoke— mukta k.joydli khuliyd d. — khalds k. dzdd k. 
Abjura'tion, s. the act of abjuring, a renouncing on Odiih—anyathd, shapath dward tydg — 

munkir bond, qasara par tark 
Abju're, va. to retract, or recant solemnly, to renounce an opinion ; forsake the, realm — 

purbakritabishayke shapath dwdrd rahit k. mat parity dg k. deshtydg ^.— qasam- p^r inhirdf 

k. r>di badalna ; mulkchhorna 
Ablac'tate, va. to wean from tiie breast — stan tydg kardna — dudh chhurdnd 
Ablacta'tion, s. weaning; a method oigva^Xias—'Stanatydg^kalam karibdr ekriti — dudh 

chhurdnd ; qalam karne kd ek taur 
Ablaquea'tion, s. opening the ground round the roots of trees to admit air or water — 

bdyu bdjal prebeshdrthe brikhyer mill nikcilnstha mritikd dlgd k. — thdla bandi, ydne hawd 

yd pdni ke pahunchne ke waste darakht ke gird khodnd 
Abla'tion, s. the act of taking away — laon, laiydjdon — lend, lejand 
Ab'lative, a. that which takes away ; last case of Latin nouns — laiyd jdyje; Ldtin bhdshdr 

shesh kdrak, arthdt npdddn — jo le jde ; Ldtin zabdn ki dkhir halat, ydne hdlat-i-mafdliyat 
A'ble, a. capable to petfoim, skilful— joj7/a, pdrag — Idiq, qdbil 

Able-bod ied, a. strong of body, powerful— 6aia6at sharir, balabdn — zorawar tan, zormand 
Ablegate, ua. to send abroad on some public business ; to send away — dur deshe kdrjye pre- 

ran k. diire pdlhdna — ddr mulk men kana ko bhejnd ; dur bhejnd 
A'bleness, s.'strength of mind or body — maner bd sharirer shakti—zihn yd tan ki quwat 
Ab'lepsy, s. want of sigbt, unadvisedness— dris/i/i/iznatri, aparamarsAata- ndbinai, beihtiyati 
Ab'ligate, va. to bind or tie up hom—handhan bd baddha /e.— bajidhnd yd bandk. 
Ab locate, va. to let out to h'ne—bhdrd d. — kirdya d, ,[''^lj^*'i ^^J 

Abluent, a. having the power of "cleansing— d/ioufa karane samartha — dhone ki tdqat jo 
Ablu'tion, s. act of cleansing, purification — dhauta kard, pabitratd — ghusi, ashndn 
Ab'negate, va. to deny, renounce, reject— asioi/car k, tydg k. — inkdr k, tark k. chhoynd 
Abnegation, s. denial, renunciation— asu)i|fdr, tydg—inkir, tark 

ABN (3) ABS 

Abnor'mous, o. misehapea, vast, huge-^/cudafear, brUiat^ prakdnda — badshakl, bara, azim 
Aboard, ad. in, or ou board a sh'ip—jdhdjer maddhe bd wpcre— jahaz mea ya jahiz par 
Abo'de, s. a habitation, a dwelling place— niftas, abasthiti stAan— makan, rahne ki jagah 
Abo'deraent, s. a secret anticipation; omen — bhdbi bishyak gydn ; •purbalakhyan — poshidagi men 

6ge qai4s k. ; shi'gun 
Abol'ish, va. to repeal, to make void— ra/jit bd lop k. uthiyd d. — rad y^mauquf k. uth& d. 
Abol'ishable, a. that which may be abolished — rahitkaribar jogya — rad yd mauqufi )c(e qabil 
Aboli'tion, s. the act of abolishing— it.fftana, /op— mauqiifi, inhid^m 

Abom'inable, a. detestable, hateful, unclean— gftrinar/ja, garhaniya, apafeifm— makruh, napik 
Abom'inableness, s. hatefulness, odiousness — ghrindrhatd, garhaniyatwa — karahiyat, nap^ki 
Abom'inably, acZ. extremely, exceedingly, in the ill sense— ari gar/ian?2/<* bd apakrishtatd riipe 

— nihayat, karih , [hiyat k. nachiz j^nna 

Abom'inate, va. to abhor, detest, hate— ff^rma k. nyakkdr k. ashraddhd k.-r-^hin k. kara- 

. Abomina'tion, s. detestation, hatred, pollution, or defilement — ghrind, nyakkdr, bhrashtatd bd 

ashuddhatd—did&wdit, karahiyat, khar^bi ya napaki 
Abori'gines, s. [. .ridge-e-nez] the primitive or original inhabitants of a country — kona desher 

ddi /o/c— kisi mulk ke bunyadi ya asl rahnewale [paida 

Abortion, s. a miscarriage, untimely birth— ^-arft/mpat, akdle jan,ma— pet girn4, bewaqt 
Abor'tive, a. untimely, premature — akdlaja, asdmayik, nishphal — bewaqt, z4ya, befdida 
Abo've, pr. higher in place, more in quantity— arf. the regionsof heaven — urddhe, adhik^^d. 

dkdshe — upar, ziyAda — ad. alam-i-bala 
Above'board, ad. without any trick, fairly— c/irttun'6j/atire/cg,sara/ata pilriafe—aldniya, dshk^r^ 
Abou'nd, vn. to have in great plenty— paripfirna h. — kasratse h. mam^jr h. 
About, pr. round, encircling, near to, engaged in, relating to, — ad, every yvaLy—chatushparshwe^ 

gheriya, nikate,Tujukta,hishayak--ad. prati dige— chiton taraf, gird-a-gird, nazdik, mashghul, 

nisbatddr,— arf. hartaraf . 

Abracadab'ra, s. a superstitious charm — tufc— jadii [ — ragarna, ghis ddlna 

Abra'de, va. to waste by degrees, to rub off—kramc-kramekhyay k. ghashiyd bnpuuchhiyd pfielan 
Abra'sion, s. the act of rubbing off — ghashiyd bd punchiyd pheld — ragar, ghisao 
i^bre'ast, ad. close together, side by side— nikatd-nikati, pdshd-pdshi — hamkin^r 
Abrid'ge, va. to contract, to shorten, to ixpress the same sense in few^gr words — sankoch k. 

sankhyep k. ekiartha ke piirbdpekhyd alpa kathdy fiyakta A:.— ikhtisfi,r k. kam k. eki mdni tliofi 

bat mcQ bayan k. 
Abridg'ment, s. a summary, any larger work contracted into a smaller conapas? — chumbak, 

sankhyipta §Ta«t/ia— -ikhtisar, kisi bari kitab ka khuJ^sa 
Abro'ach, ad. in a situation ready to yield the liquor contained — draba drabya nirgata karite 

prastuta — araq dene ke wdste taiyar 
Abro'ad, ad. without doors, in foreign countries, widely scattered — hdJiire, paradeshe, meld 

— bdhar, gliair mulk mea, phailaya huA 
Ab'rogate, va. to disannul, to abolish — anyathd k. rahit k. — rad k. mauqiif k. 
Abroga'tion, s. act of disannulling — anyathd, bd rahit fcam— rad, mauqiif [nashebfaraz, bemel 
Abru'pt, a. sudden, rough, unconnected — akasmdt, asamdn bd uchcha nicha, ajukta — achanak. 
Abruptly, ad. unseasonably, hz.sti\y—ashamaye,jhaliti — bemauqa, ek5,ek 
Abrupt'ness, s. an abrupt manner, suddenness— j/ifli/^t6/id6, dchambitatwa — jaldi, beimtiy^zi 
Ab'scess, s. a tumour containing matter — phord — phora, dummal 
Absci'nd, va. to cut ofi'—kdtiyd phelan — kat dalnd . . , ' 

Abscis'sa, s. that part of the diameter of a conic section, which i^ intercepted between the 

vertex and a semi-ordinate — khyetra parimdn bidydr ixikhdr angsha bishesh — ri6.zi ilm ki 

shakl kd koi hissa 
Abscis'sion, s. act of cutting or lopping off—kdtiyd bd chkdQtiyd pheld — kdt ya tardshddind 
Absco'nd, vn. to hide one's self— gupta h. — ruposh h. 
Absco'nder, s. the person who absconds— paid^a/c;—gh aib, bh^gnewaia. 
Ab'sence, s. being absent ; inattention — ahartamdnatd ; a»iajio;o<r— ghairhazri ; ghafilf 
Ab'sent, a. not present ; inattentive — ahartamdn ; amanojogi — ghairhazir ; ghafil 
Ab'sent, vn. to keep away, to withdraw— upast/itt nd h. sthdndntar h. — ghairhazir h. kindre h. 
Absente'e, s. one who is absent from his employment, station, or country— je swakarme, bd 

sthdne, bd deshe upasthit nd thdke — apne kkvn, ya jagae, ya mulk se ghairhazir jo rahe 
Absin'thiated, pa. impregnated with bitter — tikta may — karwai se piira hud 
Absi'st, vn. to cease or leave off—khydnta h. bd tydgk. — bazrahnd yd. chhorna 
Absol've, va. to set free, to acquit, to pardon — mukta k. khyamd k. — azad k. khalds k. mudf.k. 
Ab'solute, a. complete, not relative, arbitrary, without any restriction— sampurrea, swatantra, 

shechchhdchdri, a/>ddftita— mutlaq, kulmukhtar, beqaid 
Ab'solutely, ad. peremptorily, positively — nishchay riipe, nitdnta — mutlaqan, albatta 
Absalu'tion, s. acquittal, the remission of sins, or penance by a priest — mukti, dharmddhyakhyer 

dwdrd pdpmochan — khalasi, padri ke wasile se gunah ka mudf h. 
Absolu'tory, a. that which absolves or ?Lcqmis—muktakdri — khalas ya mudf karnewala 
Ab'sonant, a. contrary to reason, absurd— j«fcti6iru.d(i/wi, asangata — aqlke khilaf, bejd 
Ab'sonate, va. to shun, avoid, detest — tydg k. parity dg k. tuchchha k. — ihtirdz k. kardhiyat k. 
Abso'rb, va. to suck up, to swallow up — shuahiyd laon, grds i-^jazb k. nigalfla 
Absorb 'ent, s. a medicine that draws away superfluous moisture in thebody-^sf!arirerras»^os/ia?c 

a«s/iad/i— ydbis dawa jo jism ki rutnbat ko jasb kare 
Abso'rpt, pa. swallowed \xp—grasta bd s^s/i/ca— nigald huA, jjkzb k. g. 

ABS ( 4 ) A CC 

Abso'rption, s. the act of swallowing w^—grds karn bd shushiyd faoa— nigalnd, soltnd 
Abstain, vn. to forbear, to refrain from— khydnta h. nibrita h.—h&z rahnA, parbez k. 
Abstemious, «. temperate, abstinent, sober — parimitdchdri, parimitdhdri, biratishil — 

muatadil, kamkhor, parhezgAr . . , . ' [paihezg6ri se 

Abstemiously, ad. temperately, soherly —parimitdchdr purbak, shishtdchdr purbak—idAidkl se, 
Abste'miousness, 5. sobriety, temperance— parnnifrfr/iarart—iatidil, parhezgdri 
Absten'tion, s. the act of holding off—khyanti—hkz rakhnA 

Abste'rge, va. to cleanse, to wipe off—parishkdr k. muchhiyd pfte/an— sdf k. puachhdAlnd 
Abster'gent, a. having a cleansing quality— pa ris/i/car kdri gun bishishta — sdf karnewila 
Abster'sion, s. the act of cleansing— oaris/i/irtr kard — safAi 

Abster'sive, a. that has the quality of cleansing— jKiris/ifcaV kdri gun bishishta—s^f karnewala 
Ab'stinenre, 5. a refraining from, temperance — khyanti, parimitdchdr—hAz ralin6, iatid41 
Abstra'ct, va. to separate ideas, to abridge— manete bishay bhed k, sdrdrtha grahan bd sangkhyep 

fc.— intikhabk. ikhtisar k. . , , 

Ab'stract, s. an abridgment, an epitome— san^fc^ yep— ikhtisar 
Abstra'cted, pa. separated, refined, abstruse— prit/tafc krita, shuddha bd nirmal krita, gurha bd 

rfur«/ia-juddk.g.mughlaq ., , , ,, ,, ;,., 

Abstract'edly, ad. simply, separately — kebal, pnthak rupe — khulasa se, alahida se 
Abstrac'tion, s. the act of abstracting— prit/iai /cam— judai • 

Abstrac'tive, a. having the quality to abstract — prithak karan shakti hishishta~i\idk karne ke qkhil 
Abstrac'tly, ad. absolutely, simply — swatantra rupe, kebal — mutlaqah, khulasa tarah se 
Abstru'se, a. hidden, obscure, difficult — aprakdshya, gurha, kathin — poshida, mughlaq, mushkH 
Abstru'sely, ad. obscurely, not obviously — aprakdshya rupe, aspashia rupe — mughlaq tarah se, 

n&zahir tarah se 
Abstru'seness. s. difficulty, obscurity — kathinatd, apas/i<ata— ashkil, mughlaqi 
Absu'me, va. to waste gradually — krame krame khyay k. — ihista ahista nest k. 
Absurd, a. unreasonable, inconsistent~JMhi6irudd/ia, asangata — khiiaf-i-aql, bej.i, ndmaqui 
Absurd'ity, s. not agreeable to reason, foWy—juktibiruddhatd, agyantd—'he}^i, bewuqiifi [se 
Absurdly, ad. improperly, foolishly — ajathdrtha rupe, abibechand piirbak — bewajibise,diwanag* 
Abundance, s. great plenty, exuberance— prac/iwi/i/a, hdhulya—ziAdditi, kasrat 
Abun'dant, a. plentiful, exuberant — adhik, bistar — ziyada, beshumdr 
Abun'dantlv, ad. in plenty, amply, liberal ly->-prac/i?ir riipe, bdhulya rupe — zi^dati se, kasrat 

se, bahutsft , . . [§^'' ^' ^^^^^ ^- badsuluki k. 

Abu'se, va. to revile, to impose on, ill use — katukti k. gdli d. prabanchand k. ku-byabahdr k. — • 
Abu'ser, a. he that uses ill, or reproaches — ku-byabahdrak, tiraskdrak — gali deneWala, malamat 

kamewftla [nuqsdn karnewAla, fareb denewdli 

Abusive, a. offensive, injurious, deceitful — katu bddushya, apakdri,prabanchak — badzabftn, 
Abu'sively, ad. rudely,reproachfully — diishya bdhaturiipe,tiraskdrpurbak — sakhtise, malamatse 
j\tu"t, vn. to bound or border upon, to meet — kona sthdne anta pdon, sammilita h. — mulhiq 

h. mel ya sh&mil h. _ [se mutassil 

Abutment, s. that which joins to, or borders upon another object — anyete simd pdyjdhd — dusre 
Aby'sm, Aby'ss, s. a fathomless gulf or pit, hell — atalashparsha khdt, narak — beintihi ghar, 

dozakh [hai 

Academ'ical, a. belonging to an academy — hidydlay sambandh/ya — .madrase se jo nisbat raktd 
Acade'mian, Academic, Academician, Aead'emist, s. a student at an academy — bidydlayer 

paruyd — madrase kd tdlibulilm 
Acad'emy, s. a school where the arts and sciences are taught, an university — gydn shilpa 

bidyd abhydshasthdn, chaupdri — ^madrasa ^ 

Acanth'us, s. the herb bear s foot — hdkuch ^an?^— harjurd 
Acatalec'tic, s. a verse exactly perfect, having the complete number of syllables— parfsompurna 

shlok — purd misrd jis ke kAmil lafz hain 
Acatalep'tic, a. incomprehensible — bodher agamya—d!iryA.hke bahar 
Acce'de, vn. to comply with or subscribe to a treaty, to agree to — kona ekrdre sammata h. bd 

shdkhyar k. sammati d. — raann^, qabul k. 
Accelerate, va. to quicken, to hasten — drutagati k. tward k. shighra k.-—cha.\6.nA, jaldi kar&nil 
Accel erated,pn. quickened, hastened — drutagatikrita, shighri krita, tward ^rito —jald kiyd hua, 

shitdbl kiyd hnA 
Accel era'tion, s. a quickening, hastening — drutagati kard, tward fcam— -jaldi, shitd/bi 
Acce'nd, va. to kindle, tp set on f\re—jivdlan, agni /ag-oon— jaUna, dg lagana 
Accen'sion, s. the state.of being kindled— jwalitdbasthd~i&\i\e ki halat 
Ac'cent, 5. manner of pronounciation, a mark to direct the modulation of the voice-r- 

uchchdraner dhdrd, uchchdran chinha — talaffuz kiqiiida, talaffuz ke faraq ki nishani 
Acoent'uate, va. [. .tshu.'\ to place an accent properly — prakrita rupe uchchdran chinha k.— 

sihhat se talaffuz k^ nish^n d. [talaffuz kA nish^n d. 

* Accentuation, s. due placing of the accent — prakrita riipe uchchdran chiuha kard — silihat se 
Acce'pt, va. to receive, to take, to admit- -^ra/ian k. swikdr /c.— lena, qabul k. 
Ac'ceptable, a. agreeable, seasonable — manoram, upajukta kdlekrita—dilchdtsp, barwaqt 
Ac'ceptably, ad. in an acceptable manner — manoram rtipe — marzi ke mutdbiq 
Accept ance, s. reception with approbation — dllhdd purbak grahan — khushi se lena y^ qabiil k. 
Accepta'tion, s. good reception, the received meaning of a word— dllhdd purbak grahan, bdkyer 

chalitdrtha — khatird^ri se pesh dn^, lafz ki murawwaj mani 
Accepter, s. the person who accepts — grdhak, swikdrak — lenew^l^, qabul karnewdLi 

ACC (5) ACC 

Acceptila'tion, s. remission of a debt by an acquittance from a creditor — ■patrer dwdrd rin 

haite mukti — fArighkhatti ke wasile se qarz se izi.d bona 
Acce'ss, s. admission to a place or person — kona sthdne prebesh karite bd loker nikatjdite pdod — 

rasfii, guzar, pabuijch 
Ac'cessary, s. an abettor, an acqomplice — sahakdri, anus/iojig't— madadgar, sbarik, s^thi [sake 
AcceS'sible, a. that which, may be approached— .ja/ja*- nikatharti haite pdrd jay— }iske nazdik ji, 
Acces'sion, s. addition, arriving at — briddbi, panhuchhanabd prdpta h. rdjdr singhdsane pratham- 

drohan — bharli, paliunchn^, julus 
Ac'cessory, a. additional, superadded — s. an accomplice, not a principal — adhik^ upari — s, 

sangi—ziid^ fazil— s. hamrih 
Ac'cidence, s. a little book containing the first rudiments of grammar — bydkaraner ddi prakaraner 

grantha — pahle qdide ki kitab, sarf 
Ac'cident, s. property or quality of a word or being, separable from it, at least in thought ; 

casualty, unforeseen event — bdkyer bd bishayer gun ; jdhd hatdt bd akasmdt hay'—ldih ki 

kh^siyat ; ittifaq, hadisa, amr-i-khilafqaias 
Accident'al, a. casual, fortuitous— a/casjraaf, daibdt — ittifdqi, nftgahani 
Accident' ally, ad. casually, fortuitously — akasmdt, dai6at —ittif&qan 
Accip'ient, s. a receiver — grdhak, ddhdr — lenewala 

Acci'te, va. to call for or upon, to summon — ddkan, taldp k. — bulind, -talab k. 
Accla'im, Acclama'tion, s. a shout of applause, praise, exultation — dhanyabdd, prashangsd, 

uUds—shAhAshi, tdrif, khushi 
Accliv'ity, s. the ascent of a hill —parbater kramasha uchchatd — pahir ki charhai 
Acclo'y, ra. to cloy, to satiate, surfeit — aparimita rupe dhdr k. aoihik bhojan hetu pirita h. — 

ser h. ajiran h. y^ne ziyida khikar bimdr h. * 

Acco'il, va. to crowd, to bustle about— i/iir k. kalarab k. — bhir k. shor sh'4r k. 
Accom'modable, a. that which may be fitted — npajukta hay jdhd — muwafiq howe jo 
Accom'modate, va. to supply, reconcile — sdhdjya k.mildna — khabargiri k. mandna 
Accommoda'tion, s. composition of a disagreement ; provision of conveniences — birodh bhanjan 

k. prayojanopjukta drabyad. — ranj ka rafa h. asbab baham pahunchdna 
Accom'panied, pa, [....] attended by — sahit — hamrahi kiyii gayd 
Accom'paniment, s. something added to another; harmonious union of pditts—sayige jdy bd 

stngjukta hay jdhd ; shundar rtipe milan — shdmil ; khush mel * 
Accora'pany, va. to join, to associate with — sange jdon, sanga k. — hamrdh h. 
Accom'plice, s. a partner, an associate — angshi, sangi — sharik, hamjurm.sijhi 
Accom'plish, va. to complete, to obtain ; to adorn the body, to improve the mind — sampurna bd 

sampanna k. prdpta h. anga shajjd k. buddhi mdrjit k. — p6rd ya tam^m k. hdsil k. yA kamAnfi ; 

jism drasta k. zihn ko tez k. 
Accom'plished, pa.a. completed; elegant — sdnga ; uttam—tdcm^m; bakam^l 
Accomplishment, s. completion, full performance, elegance, ornament of mind — sampurna, 

nishpanna, uttamta,giin bd nipunatd—ihnmAin,q6ih[\iydit, fazilat 
Acco'mpt, s. [.count^ an account, a reckoning — hisdb ganand — his^b, shumar 
* Accompt'ant, s. a calculator, a computer — hisdbi, muharir — hisabi, ginnew£!ii 
Acco'rd,^^ to adjust, unite, agree with — milk, jog k. aikya k. mildna — rafa y a bandobastk. 

shAmil k. mel y4 muafaqat k. 
Acco'rd, s. ft'compact, harmony, union — sandhi, aikya, summati—mel, ittifaq, rizamandi 
Accotd'ance, s. agreement, conformity — sammati, mil — rizamandi, mel, muafaqat 
Accori'ant, a. willing, consenting — sammata — rdzi, muafiq 

Accord'ing, pa. agreeably to, in proportion — anujydi, anushdre — muwafiq, mutdbiq 
Accord'ingly, ad. agreeably, conformably — anujydi, tadrupe — mut^biq, us muwafiq 
Acco'st, vu. to address, to salute — sambhdshk. namaskdrk. — mukhdtib h. saldm k. 
Accost' able, a, easy of access, familiar— ja/irir nifca/ amdydse jdite pdrd jdy, pra>ia7/i— sab ko 

b^ryab karnewald, mihrb&n, dostd^r. 
Accoucheu'r, s. [. .share] a man midwife — preasab kdrak purush — mard ddyd. 
Acco'unt, va. to compute, to esteem, to answer for, to assign to, to give an account — ganand k. 

mdnany nishd k. kona rin kdhdra upar phelan, lekhd d. — shumar k. jaw^bdihi k. bi?ab deni 
Acco'unt, s. a computation, examination, narration, dignity, rank, estimation— ft isaft lekhd 

bibaran, pad, sambhram, bibecnand — his^b, shumlr, baian, darja, martaba, tawdzu 
Accountable, a. subject to an account — ddyi—jdLwkhdih, muhasibahdar 
Account'ed, pa. valued, reckoned, esteemed — ddrita, ganita, manJta— tashkhis kiy^ gayd, 

liisab kiyfi. gayd, rnana gayd 
Accou'ple, va. to join or link together— saw^-jo^ bd ekatra k. — shamil y^ ekkatthd k. 
Accoutre, va. [. .tur] to dress, to equip— paridhdn k. sajjd k. — posh^k pahinnd, s^jni 
*Accou'trement, s. equipage, trappings — sajjd bd sharanjdm, bhushan — saz yA asb^b, zewar 
Accre'tion, s. the act of growing to another— arat/ete sangjog dwrdrd briddhi pdon — dusri 

chiz se shamil hokebarhjAna [shamil howe 

Accre'tive, a. that which by growth is added — briddhi dwdrd sangjukta hay jdhd — barhne se jo 
Accrue, vn. to rise by profit, to be added to — Ldhher dwdrd briddhi h. utpannu h. sammilita /».=- 
h^sil h. shamil h. [dhdrd—khAne \e waqt takiya ke qadim dastur 

Acpuba'tion, s. the ancient posture of leaning at meals — bhojan kdle helin deoner prdchin 
Accu'mulate,^a. to pile up, to heap together — kdnri k. rdshi k. — dheri k. jama k. 
Accumula'tion, s. a heaping up, a heap— punja, rdshi — dheri, tuda 

Accumulative, a. that which increases — bardhanshil—h?Lihnew^\& [w6U 

Accumulator, s. a gatherer or heaper together— ra«/ii 6a ekatra kdrak — dheri .yd jamfi karne- 

ACC (6) ACQ 

Accuracy, s. exactness, nicety, correctness— jfatWrt/iata bd abailakhyanyaySiikhymatd, shuddha- 
td—sihhai, thik h. 

Ac'curate, a. very exact, done with care— prafcrita, shuddha, shdbdhdne krita— thik, sahi 

Ac'curately, ad. without error, nicely — shuddha rupe, shukhyma rripe — thik, sihat se 

Ac'curateness, s. exactness, nicety, correctness— t/at/wirt/iata, sukhymatd, shUddhatd— 
sihat, diqqat, beghalti 

Accur'se, va. to doom U) destruction— a&?iisfcap d. — Unat d. 

Accurs'ed, pa. a. that which is doomed to misery, execrable, hateful, detestable — abhishapta, 
jaghativa, heya, ghrindrha — malun, karahiyat kiya gayd [gundhgar 

Accu'salue, a. that may be censured, culpable — nmddniya, dushya — badndmi ke qabil. 

Accusation, 5. charge, impeachment— apafead, dosh d . — nalish, dokh 

Accu'sative, a. fourth case of a Latin noun — Ldtiiii bhdshdr chaturtha bd karma kdrak — L.^tin 
zaban ki chauthi hdlat, maful 

Accuse, ta. to charge with a crime, to blame, to censure, to impeach— ropaftad d. nindd k. 
dosh d. ndlish k. bd ddbi dnan — nalish k. dokhna [fariadi, muhtasib' 

Accu'ser, s. one who prefers a complaint against, another, a censor— /arz'adz, d?fs/iafe—rauddai, 

Accus'tom, va. to make familiar by use, to inure — abhydsh k. — muh^vara k. rabt k. 

Accus'tomable, a. habitual, customary — byabahdrjya, chalit, abhyasta — raamuli 

Accus'tomably, Accus'tomarily, ad. usually, customarily, long practised — sachardehdr, 

rityanujdyi — aksar, muh^vare ke mut^biq, riwdj ke mutabiq 
Accus'tomary, o. common, usually done — sachardehdr, by abahdrik — aksar, mutabiq-i-riw6j 
Accus'tomed, pa. a. frequent, usual — bdrambdr, prachalit bd dhdrdinat — dafatan, riwaj y^ 
dastur ke mutabiq [p^se ka ekkl, nachiz 

Ace, unit on cards or dice, a trifle— tascr bd pdshdr ek photd,atyalpadrabya,kauikd — tas ya 
Aceph'alous, a. without a head — mastakhin — besir [karwa, dushwir 

Acerb, a. acid, rough, bitter, severe — iak, karkkash, tikta bd kafu, fca/^i»— kha|t6, sakht, 
Acerb'ate, va. to make bitter or sour — tikta bd amla k. — karwd ya khatta k. 
Acerb'ity, s. a sour taste, severity of temper— am /as «;rtd, katuswabhdb—iixtshi, karw4 miz4j 
Acer'vate, va. to heap together — rdshi fc.— dheri k. 

Acerva'tion, s. the act of heaping together -kduri bd rdshi k. — tuda ya dheri k. 
Aces'cent, a. tending to sourness, or acidity — amli bhabanshil — mail bi turshi 
Ace'tose, Ace'tous, a having a sour quality — takbat — khattasa 
Ache, s. [ake] a continued pain— fcedna— dard 
*Ache, vn. to be in continued pain — byathita h. — dardraand h. 
Achie've, va. [.ts^eve] to perform, to obtain — karan, pdon — karn^, pana 
•Achievement, s. a deed, a performance, the escutcheons, or ensigns armorial — karma, kdrjya, 

bangsha marjydddr chinha — kar-i-buzurg, kh^nadan ke martabe ki alamat 
*Achie'ver, s. he who performs his intentions — swdbhildsh siddha /cam/e— matlab hasil karnew^U 
A'chor, s. \_.kor] a species of the herpes — dad bishesh~ek raqamki khujli 
A'cid, a. sour, sharp, biting — tak, tikhyna — khattd, tursh 

Acid'ity, A'cidness, s. sharpness, sourness — tikhynutd, amlatd — turshi, khattai. 
Acid'ulae, s. medicinal springs impregnated with certain sharp particles — amla bhhista aushadhiya 

jaler unui bishesh — ilaj ke pdni ka chashniddr chashma 
Acid'ulate, va. to make sour in a degree — ishad amtarasdkta k. — thor^sa khatt^ k. [mann4 

Acknowledge, va. to confess, to be grateful— swifcar k. prdptopokdr swikdr k. — iqrar k. ihsdn 
Ackno'wledging, a. grateful — prdptopokdr sioikdr kareje — mashkur 

Ackno'wledgment, s. confession, gratitude — angikdr, prdptopokdr s/iw)i'fc(ir— iqrar, shukrguziri 
Ac' me, s. the height or crisis of any thing— pranta bd shimd — kisi chiz ki auj ya kamftl 
Acolothist, s. a servitor in the Roman Catholic Church — Rumiy dharmushdldstha pad dhdri 

bishesh — Rumi khanaqah kd khitdbdar 
Ac'onite, s. wolf's bane, poison — batsandbh brikhya,bish — kuchle kd. darakht, zahr 
A'corn, s. the seed or fruit of the oak— c/iafcmri brikhyer bij bd phal — ok darakht kd tukhm yd 

mewa, balut 
Acoustics, s. theory of sounds, medicines or instruments used to assist the hearing — sraban- 

bishdyak bidyd, sraboHopokdri aushadh bdjantra — dwaz ka ilm, sunne kd ildj yd ali 
Acqua'int, va. to inform, to make known — gydnta k.jdndna — wdqif k. dgdh k. 
Acquaintance, s. familiarity, fellowship, a person with whom we associate — gydn,paricAay,pra' 
nay, sahabdsjdnbit, son^i— waqafiyat.dosti, hamrdhi, jiskesath musahihat ki jde, ydne ashnd 
Acqua'inted, pg,. a.'familiar, well known to — parichita, gydnta — wdqif, mahrara 
Acque'st, or Acqui'st, ,s. a thing gained — Idbdha drabya — hdsil kid gayd 
Acquie'sce, vn. \.kwe-ess^ to yield, comply — sammata h. — razi h. qabul k. 
Acquies'cence, s. compliance, consent — sammuti — rizamandi 

Acqui'rable, a. that may be had, or attained — prdpaniya bd updrjaniya — ^pdne kelaiq, muyassar 
Acqui're, va. to gain by industry — updrjan k. — kamana, hdsil k. 
Acqui'rement, s. that which' is gained — updrjita drabya— jo kamdyd gayd 
Acquisi'tion, $. the act of gaining, the advaatage gained, acquirement — v/pdrjan. Idbh, labdha 

drabya — tahsll, karadi, nafa 
Acquis'tive, a. that which is gained — updrjita— jo kamdyd jdtd hai [farighatti d. 

AcquV't, va. to discharge, set free, absolve — mukta k. nistdr k.— begundh thardnd, dSad k. 
Acquit' ment, s. the act of acquitting — miikti — kbaldsi yd rihdi 
Acquit' tal, s. deliverance from an offence — dosh haite mukti — gundh se khaldsi 
Acquil'lance, s. a dbcharge in writing for a debt— rin haite mukti patrcz— qarz ki fdrighkhafcti 

A C R ( "^ ) A» » 

A'cre, s. [.kur] a portion of land containing 40 perhces in length and four in breadth, or 4840 

.square yards — bhumi pariman bishesh, arthhdt 440 hasta dirgha ebang 44 hasta prasta — zamin 

ka taidad, y4ne 440 tul aur 44 hftth arz 
A'crid, a. having a hot biting taste, bitter — J(utu,jh'il, tikta — charpar^, lez, karw^ 
Acrimo'nious, a. sharp, corrosive — katu, tikhyna — karw4, sakht 
A'crimony, s. sharpness, corrosiveness, severity of temper or language — Hkhynatd, katutd, 

ugraswabhdb bdJcatukathd — tezi, karwfti, mizdj y£ zaban ki sakhti 
A'critude, A'crity, s. an acrid taste, a biting heat on the palate — katu swdd — karw^ maza [d^r. 
Acroamat'cal, a. pertaining to deep learning — giirha bidyd bishayak—ziy^da ilm se nisbat- 
Acron'ical, a. a term of astronomy applied to stars when they appear abave or sink below the 

horizon at the time of sun SQtsurjydstagata samaye tdrdr uday bd asta haon — Aftdb ghurub • 

hone ke waqt sitftre kd tul6 y4 ghurdb bond 
Acr'oss, ad. athwart, laid over any thing— rirpar bd drd-dri, mdjdmdji — kji, warpSr 
Acro'stic, s. a poem in which the name of the person or thing described is found on joining the 

first letters of every line— je kdbyer pratyek chraner ddyakhyar sangraha karile ai kabitdy 

barnita byaktir bd bastur ndm /lay— muamma, y4ne jo shir ke bar misre ke pahla harf 

jamdne se bay^n kie hue shaklis y4 chiz kd nam z^hir howe [— karna, anjiim k. — va. naql k. 
Act,i; do, to perform, — va. to imitate— fcaran, — va. anurup k. bd anyamurtidharan, sangsdjan 
Act, s. a deed, an exploit; a part in a play — karma, brihat bd adbhiU kaijyd • jdtrdr bd ndtaker 

efc ang-s/ia— 'kAm, buzurg y4 tijjub k4m ; naqlb^zi ka ek hissa 
Action, s. opposite to rest; gesture in speaking ; a deed ; a battle ; a lawsuit— ferit/a, cheshtd 

kathd kahaneanga bhanga ; kdrjya ; juddha; abhijog makaddamd — kam ; guftogii men jism ki 

harakat ; amal ; larai ; muqaddama [ke qabjl 

A'ctionable, a. that which is punishable by law — dandaniya — share ke mutdbiq sazfi ya jarim^ae 
Ac'tionary, s. a holder of public stock — sarkdri not mfc/iejc— sarkari not ka rakhnewal4 
Active, ad. nimble, agile, quick, busy — chdldk, udjcgi, druta, fci/asia— ch^ldk, chust 
Act'ively, ad. nimbly, briskly, quickly—rtrfjog^pttriafc, dr-uta rupe, twardpurbak, chatura^td rup« 

— chilaki se, jaldi se, shitdW se 
Act'iveness, Act'ivity, s. nimbleness — udjogitwa, tward — ch^lakx 

Act'or, s. one that performs, a stage player— frartri,jrttra fcarafc— karnewala, naqq^l, bhdnd 
Actress, s. a female stage player— jatrafcarmi—bh^nmati 

Act'ual, a. [.ts/iu.] really in act, certain — prakrita, nishchay — sachch^, haqiqf, muqarrar, thik 
Act'ually, ad. in act, in effect, really— jot/wirt/ia rtipe, nischay riipe — filhaqiqat, yaqln se 
Act'ualness, s. the quality of being actual — nishchayatwa — yaqini yd haqiqat 
Act'uary, s. a register, or clerk of a court — dddlater muharir bd witns/u— ad^Iat kd munshi 

yi muharrir [sarkftnd 

A ct'uate, a;o. to put into action, to move — laodna bd prabriti janmnna, cfe«/ana— harakat d. 
Act'uate, a. Act'uated, pa. put into action — cfea^ita— harakat diya huA 
Ac'uate, va. to make sharp, to point — tikhyna k. huljukta k. — tez karnd, nesh k. 
Ac'uleate, a. having a sting or sharp point — hul-jukta, chhuuchdla — neshddr [nesh, zihn kf ten 
Acu'men, s. sharp point, quickness or sharpness of intellect — tikhyndgrajmddhir tikhynatd — tez- 
Acu'minated, pa. ending in a sharp point — tikhyndgra — nokd^r [zahin 

Ac'ute, a. sharp, keen, subtle, ingenious — tikhyiia, prakhar, dhurta, buddhimdn — 'tez, tezfahm 
Acu'te, 5. an accent marked thus (') to show when the voice ought to be raised — dirgha 

ibchchdran chinha (') — jahaa daraz talaflfuz howe us jage yihi nishani (') rahtihai 
Ac'utely, ad. sharply, keenly, ingeniously — tikhynatd ^purbak, chuturatd ' purbak-^tezi se, 

tezfahmi se 
Acu'teness, s. sharpness, subtleness — tikhynatd, chaturatd—iezi, chaturdi 
Adac'ted, pa. a. driven hy force— bala dwdrd chdlita — zor yd zulm se hdakd hud 
Ad'age, s. a maxim, a common saying — upatnd, parampard chalita kathd — masal, rdij bfit 
Ada'gio, s. in music, a term for slow time — swarer bd bddyer laghutd — awdz yd bdje ki su'b'kf 
Ad'amant, s. a diamond, a loadstone — hirak, chumbak pdthar — bird, miqndtis 
Adaraant'ean, a. very hard, impenetrable — ati kathin, abhedya — bara sakht, beguzar 
Adaman'tine, a. made of adamant, hard — hird bd chumbak nirmiia, kathin — almas ydmiqndtfs 

se bandyd had, sakht [ke mutabiq k. 

Ad'apt, va. to fit, to suit, to proportion— jfog-i/a k. upajnkta fc.— muwdfiq k. mundsib k. anddze 
Adapt'ation, s. the act of fitting — upajukta k. — mundsib k. yd rauwdfiq k. 
Add, V. to join to, increase, number up— ^og k. briddhik. thik d. — shdrail k. ziydda k. nrfzda d. 
Adde'cimate, va. to tak* or value tithes— dashamdngsha laon bd nirHpank. — daswda hisse kt> 

lend yd tashkhis k. 
Adde'em, va. to esteem, to account, to award — mdnan, pratiphal deon— jdnnd, muasifi k. 
Adder, s. poisonous serpent — bishdlasarpa — zahrddr sdijp 

Adder's-grass, s. the name of a plant — trina bishesh — ekraqam ki ghds kd ndm 
Adder's-tongue, s. the name of an herb — trina bishesh — ek raqam ki nabdt 
Ad'dible, a. that which may be added — sang^ojaniya — mizdn dene ke Idiq 
Ad'dice, Adze, s. a cooper's tool, an Sixe—bdish, fcwra/i— basuld, kulhari 
Addi'ct, va. to devote, to dedicate — rata k. — mdil k. fidd k. 
Addict'ed, pa. a. devoted to, fond oi—anurakta , asAa/cta— mutawajjih, dsbiq 
Addi'tarnent, s. the thing added, addition — milita bd jukta haiydchhe jdhd, tangyo-g~~J9 

chiz shdmil hdi hai, paiwand 
Addi'tion, s. an adding to ; a rule for adding sums together— jo^T bdbriddhi k. thik dibm- bd terixer 

dhdrd — mizdn, shumdr karne kd qdida 

ADD ( 8 ) ADM 

Additional, a. that which is added— sangjukia, adhik—iiida. 

Ad'dle, a. barren, empty, usually applied to such eggs as are rotten— s. dry lees— ap/iaW, 
shunya, eshabdavrdy p-ichn dimer bisheshau rupe prayog hays, skushka sitd bd ^ad— ganda 
— s, khushk taicnhat ^ 

Ad'dle-pated, a. empty-headed, wedik—buddhi sunya, fc/ii/t«— gandamaghz, beaql, ahmaq 
Address, t'u. to speak or apply to, to direct to, to prepare one's self for any action— fcfi/irtm 
prati hdkya prayog bd nibedan k. thikdnd d. kona karmdrthe dpandke prastut k. — mutakallim 
h. chilthi Jia sarnama likhna, kisi kdm ke waste apne tain taiyar k. ^ 
Address, s. a petition, direction, skill, dexterity, mode of behaviour — nibedan bd prashangsd 
patra, thikdnd, uaipdnya, chdldki, dcharaner dhdrd — arzi, chitthi k& sarnama, hunar, chal&ki, 
ch^l k^ taur - 

Addu'ce, va. to bring in, allege, assign — dnayan k. pramdn bd kdrnn darshdnn — I6n6, batl6nS 
Addu'cent, s. any muscle that gontracts — dkarshak mdngshpeshi—khU\chuQw&\iL patha 
Addu'lce, va, to sweeten, to make pi easant — mishta k. dlhddjanak k. — shiriu k.khush k. 
Ademp'tion, s. taking away, privation — haran, chyuta bd rnhit knran — •uthalenS, adam 
Adenog'raphy, 6. a treatise of glands— maH^s/ia granthi bishaynk bid yd — ilm-i-ghududi 
Ad'ept, s. an artist, one well versed in an art — shilpi, kona byabasdye bd bidydy nipun je—hnnZTf 

mand, kisi fan kd q^mil , 

Ad'equate, a. proportionate, equal Xo—tulya, jogya, «pajufcta— mudfiq, Uiq, kdfi 
Adequately, ad. in exact proportion, duly — tulya riipe, upajukta rupe — and^ze se, w<liibi se 
Ad'equateness, s. equality, exact proportion — tulyatd, upn.juktntd — liyaqat, muafaqat 
Adfec'ted, a. compounded or affected— sang;;ufcfa,jarita— mil a hua, 

Adhe're, vn. to stick close to, to take part with, to remain fixed to any opinion — sanglagna k. 
Idgyid thdkan,pakhye h. kona mate nishtha bd drirha thdkan — chipaknd, tarafdari k.kisimatlab 
men rahnsi 
Adhe'rence, s. attachment, tenacity — sanglagnatd, nishthatd,ldgiyd thdkd — taalluq, rafdqat, istiqMl 
Adhe'rent, a. united with, sticking to — sanglagna, abalambi—melnew^l^, lagnew^ld 
Adhe'rent, Adherer, s. a follower, partisan — anugdmi, daldkranta — dimangir, mutawassil 
Adhe^sion, s. the act of sticking to something— sang;u/cia bd Idgiyd t/iafcan— paiwastagi 
Adhe'sive, a. sticking, tenacious — sanglagnashit, dtdla — lagnewala, lasdar [Idni 

Adhib'it, va. to apply to, to make use o{—Ldgdna, byabahdr fc.— -lagana, istiamdl k. yd kdm mea 
Adhibi'tion, s. application, use — Idgdna, byabahdr k. — lagand, istiamdl k. 
Adja'cency, s. a state of being near or close to— naii!ca<ya— nazchki, qurb 
Adja'cent, a. lying close to, bordering upon — nikatbarti, — muttasil, nazdik 
Adioph'orous, a. neutral, indifferent — apakhyapdti, uddshin — na idhar na udhar, beparwd 
Adiiph'ory, s. neutrality, indifference — apakhyapdt, uddshinatwa — beparwdi 
Adje'ct^ va. to add to, to put to— jog- fc.— shdmil k. bharti k. 
Adjec'tion, s. the act of adjecting or adding— sane/og'—shamil ya bharti 
Adjecti'tious, a. thrown in, added— -jwfcta — ddld niia, mela hud 
Ad'jective, a. a word added to a noun to denote its quality, as good, bad, &cc.—bishesha7i bd 

guna bkchak sabda, jathd, bhdla, manda, ityadi — sifat,jaisd, bhaid, burd, waghaird 
Adieu', ad. farewell — subha bd mangal hank — khuda hdfiz 
Adjo'in, va. to join to, to unite or put to— ;og- k. ekatra k. — milana, ekattha k. 
Adjoin'ing, pa. being close to, near to— pdrshwastha, nikatbarti — lagd hnd, muttasil 
Adjou'rn, va. to put off, to defer — a7iya samay parjyanta sthagit rafc/ian— multavi rakhnd 
Adjourn'ment, s. putting off to another time — anya samay parjyanta sthagit rdkhan—dmr waq 

par mauquf rakhna, titil 
Ad'ipose, Ad'ipous, a. fat, greasy — sthul kdy, charbimay — motd, charbidar 
A'dit, s. a passage under ground for miners— S7/rang-a—nidrioii kl surang 
Adju'dge, va. to decree, to pass sentence— doshddosh sthir k. bichdr nishpanna k. — faisal k. 

tahqikdt karke hukm d. 
Adju'dicate, va. to determine by law — shdstrdnusdre bichdmishpanna k. — share ke mudfiq faisal k. 
Ad'jugate, va. to yoke or couple to— joydlite jotan, jog fc.— jde raeu jotna, jornd [chiz 

Ad'junct, s. something adherent to another— ani/er sahit sangjukta drofeya— dusri ki sath lagi hui 
Adjun'ction, s. act of joining, thing joined— sa/tgyoo^, sangjukta bastu—ilh&q, mulhaq [khiland 
Adjur'ation, s. solemn proposing of an oath to another — a7iya ke dibya feoraraa— diisre ko qasam 
Adjure, va. to tender or impose an oath to be taken by another, pi'escribing the form — anyake 

sapath kardna, dibyer dhdrd bidhdn karan — drisre ko qasam khildnd, qasm ka taur batldna 
Adjust, va to regulate, to put in order, to settle— t/jtfc karan,niyam bd shrinkhald purbak rdkhan, 

mitdna, nishpatti k. — tartibk. rafd k. 
Adjutant, s. a military officer— sainydddhyaky a &is/iesA— lashkar kd sardar [k. rdzi h. 

Adjute, va. to assist, to aid, to concur— sri/iajya h. sahakaritd k. sammata h. — maddadk .pushti 
Adjutor, s. a helper, an assistant— srt/iaji/a kdriy sa/iafcari— pushti karnewdla, maddadgdr 
Ad'juvate, va. to help, to forward— sa/iaji/a fc.-r-maddad k. dastgiri yd khabargiri k. 
Admedsurement, s. the act of measuring — mdp bd parimdn Ararnre— paimdish 
Admin'ister, va. to act as an agent, to supply — kdrjya nirbdha karan, dean bdjogdna bd sdhdjya 

fc.— sarinjidm k. kdrguzdri k. sarbardh k. 
Administrdtion, s. act of administering — karmanirbdha k. — kdrguzari 

Administrator, s. one who manages the affairs of a person dying without a wiW—ddnpatra 
byatireke mrita byaktir kdrjya nirbdhak—waLsi^ ydne, jo shakhs behibdh mutawaffa ke 
imldk kd sarinjdm kare 

ADM ( 9 ) 

A D V 

Administra'trix, s. a woman who zdmmisters—piirbokta nip kdrjya nirbdha fcari/it— wasiyah 

J6ne, jo aurat behibbfih mutawafFa ke imlAk VA sarinjdm kare 
'mirable, be admired, good, r9.Te—prashangsnniya^ uttam, adbhut—^iih, nadir, kyd khub 
Ad'mirably, ad. wonderfully, excellently— os/ic/ia?-jt/a rupe, utkrishia r7ijje— ajab tarah se, 

kh^ssf tarab se 
Ad'miral, s. the chief commander of a Geet—juddha jdhdj sarmther addhyakhya—SLmlrulhah^T 
Ad'miralship, s. an office of an admiral— judd/jaja^aj samuheraddhyakhyatd—dimiv\x\hdhdir]i.i 

khidmat • ^ 

Admiralty, s. the supreme office for the superintendence of naval affairs— jwdd/ia jdhdjiya 

karma nirbhdher pradhdn kdchhdri—jdingi jahazoQ ke kAm ki sadar kachahri 
Adraiia'tion, s. act of admiring, wonder — prasangshd, dscharjy aghdn— ^jih jinwi,, taajjub 
Admi're, va. to be surprized at, to esteexn—chamatkrita h. shreshta ghdn fc.— taajjub h. qadr k. 
Admi rer, s. one that admires, a lover — dscharjya gydn kare je bd prasangshak, premi— nadir janne 
w. Sshiq [£ne dene y a manzur karne ke qi, bil 

•^^"ijs sible, a. that which maybe admhied—preheshka-itedibir hd swikdr jogya, grdjhya — 
Admis'sion, s. the act of admitting, the allowing of a position not fully proved— prebeshkdvite d. 

sandigdha &ishay swikdr k.~Ane dena, ghairsabit chiz ko manzur k. 
Admi"t, va. to grant entrance, to allow an argument, or position— pre&es/i karite d. bdkya hd 
^^^^(jif grdjhya bd swikdr fc.— ine d. bdt ya dalil ko qabul k. [qabul karne ke q^bil 

Admit table, a. that which may be admitted— pra6es/i karite dibdr bd swikdr jogya— Ane dene ya 
Admittance, s. the act of admitting, custom— prebesh karite d. bd swikdr, chalan—Ane dena, 

baryabk. rasm 
Admi'x, va. to mingle, to mix v/ith—mishrita k. mi^ana— shamil k. milana [shamuliyat 

;^^"^'^'tion, 5. [. .tshun] the uniting or blending one body with another— mis/irita /c.— ekkatth^i, 

Admix'ture, 5. the substance of bodies mixed— mis/mta bastu —mMo, imtizAj 
Admonish, m. to advise, reprove, caution— wpades/i d. anwjojg" fc. satarka fc.— nasihat k. saUh 
d. samjhdnd . [wala, nasih 

Admon'isher, s. an adviser, a reprover— swpammarsfta ddyak, anujog fcarafc— salah dene 
Admonition, s. advice, counsel, Tepvooi—supardmarsha,upadesh, anujog — nasiliat, salah 
Admon itory, a. admonishing,warning gently— wpades/iafc, prabodhbd c/ieta?taja«afc— nasihatdraez, 

agah k. w. 

Ado', s. trouble, confusion, bustle, tumult— fcas/i/a, golajog, katarab, gol—ta.zdiya., shorsh^r, 

bhir,shor [shabab 

Adoles'cence, s. the flower or prime of youth— jau6ana6ast/irt~jawdni ki halat, ay4m-i-bulughat. 

Ado pt, va. to take a son or daughter by choice, who was not so by birth, to embrace any 

particular method or vadLnaet—pushya putra bd putri laon, kona bishes mat bd dhdrd grahan fc. 

~""}»^tabanna ko ikhtiydr k. amal men lana 

Adop tion, s. the act of adopting or state of adopting — pushya putra bd putri bd kona bishesh mat 

6a d/ifira graAara- mutubanna k. ikhtiyar k. 
Ado rable, a. vvorthy of adoration, divine— pujanit/a, zsu^ani/a- parastish ke qibil 
Ador aiion,s. divine worth, homage— p?tjrt bd archchand, marjyddd — ibadat, bandagi, parastish 
Ado're, va. to worship, to honour highly— pwja fc. ati marjyddd fc.— pujna, mukarram janna 
Ado'rn, va. to dress, decorate, embellish— sajja fc. sdjdon, sobhit fc.— aiaish d. zebaish k. 
AdcM-n'ment, 5. ornament, embellishment— a6/iara/i bd bhiishan, sobhd—irAhh, zebaish 
"^^o wn, pa. down, towards the ground— ntc/ie, mr itikdpr ati— niche , zamin ki taraf [garddn 
Adn'ft, ad. floating at random— ashrenkhald rupe bd aniyame bhdsamdn — beqabu bahta hM, sar- 
Adro it, a. active, skilful, dexterous— c/ta/afc, gunabdn, nip?<n— ch&lak, hunarroand, dastk^r 
Adroit'ly, ad. dexterously, nimbly, skilfully— nipiiuatd bd chdldki pMrtefc— dastk^ri se, chaUki 

se, hunarmandi se" 
^^'■y.'j. «• thirsty, desirous of drink, athirst— tris/jna««;ita— py^sd, tishnd . [muster 

Adscititious, a. [.se-tish-us] borrowed, didd'ed— any atra haite grahita, upari bdadhik—eiTiyuti, 
Adva nee, va. to bring forward, to raise to preferment, to improve, to propose, to pay before hand 
—agrednayan bd briddhi k.pada briddhi fc. uttam fc. prastdb h.agre tdkdd.—^ge barhdnd, ohde 
meu barhana, bihtar k. izhar k. peshagi d. ' [bihtari 

Ad va rice, s. a progression, an improvement— fcramas/ioftridd/if, gydne briddhi— \)diih.a.o, ziyadati, 
Advan'ced, pa. forwarded, asserted— feard/iita, kathita—Age barha hiid, kaha gayd 
Advance'ment, s. preferment, progression — bishaye bd kdrjye barddhan,kramashobriddhi—t^ra.q(ii^ 
Advantage, va. to benefit, to promote— /a6/i fc. upakdr fc.— nafa k. faida k. 
Advanta'geous, a. [. . .jus'] of advantage, profitable, useful— /a6ftajanofc, phaladdyak, upakdri— 

faidamand, mufid " 

■*Advauta'geously, ad. conveniently, profitably, opportunely— sit6/iitamate, Idbhjanak rupe— 

mufid ki tarah se, faidamandi se 
*Advanta'geousnesSj s. profitableness, usefulness — labhyatd, npakdritd — nafa, faida 
Adve'ne, vn. to be superadded io—sangjukta /i.— muzaf h. raazid h. 

Adve'nient, a. superadded — sangjukta — muzaf, mazid c n\ • ■• 

Ad'vent, s. a coming ; the time appointed as a preparation for the celebration of Christ s na- 
tivity, being 4 weeks before Christmas— agama/u Khrister sangsdrdgaman smarak parba 
tahdr kdl Khrishter janma dibaser pur be chdrisaptnha—MdiSih ki toz-i-paidaish ki tayyari ke 
wftste ch6r hafte jo muqaxrar haiii . i' 

Advent'ine, Adventitious, Adveut'ive, a. accidental, casual ; additional, supervenient— rfottot, 
haldt, adhik, fttirti— nagahdni, ittifaqi, zaid, fazil 

ADV ( 10 ) AER 

Advent'ure, s. [. .tshure} an accident ; a chance, an event of which we have no direction-r 

daihaghatand, adrishtddhin kdrjya—'ittif&q, m&jari, qismatdzmai 
•Advent'ure, vn. to try the chance— cdris/i^e bhar k. — qismatdzmai k. 
•Advent'urer, s. an unsettled person ; one who hazards or risks any chance— itastafo bhraman kdri; 

adrishte nirbharkdrak—mntdiiAshi ; qismatdzma [diler 

•Advent'uresome, a. hazardous, daring — adrhhlddhin karme vrabeshshil, sdhasik — khataj'n&lr, 
•Advent'urous, a. inclined to adventures and consequently, bold, daring, courageous — dpadjukti 

hd bhayankar kArje prebeshi, sa/iasife— sdhib-i-himmat, jdnbdz [bazi se 

♦Adventurously, ad. boldly, hazardously — sdhaspurbak, nirhhaypurbak — himmat se, jin- 
Ad'verb, s. in grammar, a word joined to a verb or adjective, to denote the mauer, time, &c., of 

an action — kriydr bisheslian, abyayasabda~zdiT(, ydne lafz jo fial yk sifat ko zamane ya taur- 

ke batdne ke waste lagdyftj^td hai [rakhtS hai 

Adverb'ial, a. that which relates to didiverhs—kriydbisheshan sambandhiya—zdj'f se jo nisbat 
Adverb ially, ad. in the manner of an adverb,— fcrit/r£r besheshan riipe — zarf ke taur par 
Adversa'ria, s. a common-place book-^s^ marakg^rantfta, c/ionta— bayaz 
Ad'versary, s. an antagonist, enemy, foe — bipakhya, satru — mukhdlif, dushman 
Ad' verse, a. contrary; calamitous— t;i.^a; dpadjanak — khil^f; Afatzd [^e, badnaslbf se 

Ad'versely, ad. oppositely; unfortunately — biruddha rtipe, bipatti bd durddrista p«r6afc~khilfifii 
Adver'sity, s. misery, distress, affliction — duhkha, klesh, dpad — kambakhti, badt^lai, taklif 
Adve'rt, vn. to attend to, to heed, to regard — manojogi h. sdbadhdn h. ddar k. — mutawajjih h. 

lih&z k. ' 

Advert'ence, Advert'ency, s, attention to — manojog — tawajjuh, khay^l 
Adverti'se, va. to inform, to give public notice — gydnta k. prakdsh kf — w&qif k. ishtihftr k. 
Advertisement, s. intelligence, information, admonition, notice in a public paper — istdhdr, 

samdchdr, bigyndpan — khabar, ittila, ishtihir 
Advertiser, s. one who gives information—sar/iacMr^ynapafc — ittild k. w. 
Adverti'sing, pa. giving notice— samacftar deod — ittiUdihl, ishtih&r 

Adves'perate, vn. to draw towards evening — dindhasdn, h. — shSm kd qarlb h. [khabar 

Advi'ce, s. counsel, instruction, intelligence — pardmarsha, upadesh, sambdd—saMh, nasihat, 
Advi'se, va. to counsel, consult, inform — pardmarsha d. mantrand k. sambdd d. — nasihat d. 

mashwarat k. khabar d. [samajke, janke, khabarddri se 

Advi'sedly, ad. deliberately, prudently— pam/nars/iapttrftafc, sd/bdhdnatd purbak — d&nSi se, 
Advi'ser, s. one who advises ; a connseWeT—juktiddtd, pardmarsha ddyak—sa.\6,h d. w. mushir 
Adula'tion, s. [ad-ju. .] high compliment, flattery — atyanta bd mithyd prashangsd — khushflmad, 

*Ad'ulator, 5. a parasite, a flatterer, — stnbak, mithyd prashangsd kdri — khushimadgo, mutamalliq 
•Ad'ulatory, a flattering, fawning — mithyd prashangsd kdri, staftafc— khushamadi 
Adu'Jt, s. a person arrived at maturity — manusyatwa prdpta je — b^ligh 
Adult'erate, Adult'erated, pa. corrupted with some baser ingredients, debased— fcona apakrishfa 

drabya sangjoge ashuddha kr.jaghanya kr. — nftqis chizoa se ^mezish k. g. beqadar k. g. 
Adultera'tion„s. act of corrupting or debasing ; state of being contaminated — apakrista 

drabya sangjoge ashuddha bd jaghanya k. ashuddhdbasthd — naqis chizoa se draezish k. najis 

hoj^ne ki halat 
Adult'erer, s. the person guilty of adultery — byabhichdrak — zinakar, f^jir 
Adult'eress, s. the woman guilty of adultery— 6!/a6/iicfeannt — Zv4,ni4, fdjira, fihisha 
Aduli'erous, a. gn\\tyoia.dn\teTy—byabhichdrdoshbishishta — zindkar 
Adult'ery, s. violating the marriage bed — -byabhichdr — zindkari 

Adum'brate, va. to shadow out faintly — ishad sadrisha abayabdnkan — halkisi taswir khaiachnd 
Adumbra'tion, 5. giving a slight and imperfect representation — -ishad sadrisha abayab drj,kan— 

halkisi taswirkhaiuchnd rekkatthdl 

Aduna'tion, s. the state of being united; being joined— sammih'ta bkdb,sammilan — snamdliyat, 
Adun'city, s. crookedness, a bend inwards — bakratd, antardige bdujk — tejai, kaji 
Ad'vocate, s. a pleader ; an intercessor ; one who defends the cause of another — ukil, pardrtht- 

prdrthand kdri, anyer pakhya haiyd bihdd kare je — wakil, jo kisi ki taraf boltd hai 
Advoca'tion, s. the act of pleading — ukiler kdrjya bd kahdro pakhye balan — wakdlat, kisi kl 

taraf bolnd 
Advowe'e, s. he that possesses the right of advowson, or presentation — dharma sambandhiya 

brittite niyoger khyamatd dchhejdhdr — wuh shakhs ki jis kopddri muqarrar karnekd iktiyar 

hai [— pddri mukarrar karne ki ikhtiyar 

Advow'son, s. a right to present to a benefice — dharma sambandhiya brittite niyoger khyamatd 
Adu're, va. to burn up — ddha fc.— jaldnfi. 

Adu'st, Adu'sted, a. burnt up, scorched — dagdha, jhalsdna — ^jala hud, sokhta 
Adust'ible, a. that which may be burnt up — dnhaniya — jalne ke laic}, sokhtani 
Adust ion, s. act of burning, or drying— dagd/ia bd shushka haon — jalnd, sukhnd 
Ae'rial, a. [a-e. .] belonging to the air; high; — bdyubishayak, uchcha — hawdi, dsmdnl, buland 
A'erie, s. [e-re] a nest of eagles, or birds of prey — shyen 6«t bdj pakhyir bdsd—r\xq^h ki. ghoasld 
Aerology, s. la-ur. . .] the theory of the air — bdyubidyd — ilm-i-hawd [shugun lend 

*A'eromancy, s. the art of divining by the air — bdudwird ganand bdnirnaykaran — -hawd se 
*Aerom'etry, s. the art of measuring the air — bdyu taut bdparimdn bidyd — hawdjmapne kd ilm 
*A'eronaut, s. one who sails thro' the air — bdyu madhye diyd gati kareje — hawaro, hawd par 

*Aeros'copy, s. the observation of the air — bdyu nirnay k. — hawd ko mulahizd yd ghaur k. 
*A€rosta'tion, s. the science of weighing air — bdyuparimdn bidyd — hawd tolne kd ilm 

APA ( 11 ) ^^^ 

Ah'r, ad. remotely, from a great distance— dure, ati diirhaite — dnr, bahut tafftwat se 
Afe'ard, a. afraid, terrified — 'bhita, shankdnwita—^AdiT^ hui, khaufn^k 
Affabil'ity, s. courteousness, condescension — shishtdchdr, namratd — shafaqqat, naw4zish 
Affable, a. easy of manners, benign, mild"Su6/ia6j/a,s«s/it7, komaldntakkaran — b&miurrawwat, 

halira, mihrb&n 
Af'fableness, s. civility, condescension — shilatd, shishtdchdr^ 7wmrat4— murawwat, ashfik 
Affably, ad, courteously, kindly, civilly — shishtdchdr bdanugrahabdkomalaid pHrbak — muraw- 

wat se, aslif^q se 
AfFa'ir, s. business, concern, transaction — Kdrlya, bishay, byiipdr — kam, mu^mila, muqdddama 
Affe'ct, s. affection, sensation, quality — anurdg,gydn, chetaiid, gun — asar, t-lsir, khilssiyat 
Affe'ct, va. to influence the passions; to make a show of something — mane bichalit bd hydkul 
k. chhal k. — t^sir k. targhib k. tahris d. z^hinJdri k. [ghamgin, wazadar, dimfighi 

Atfeci'ed, pa. a. moved, afflicted, conceited— .fticftah'to, drta bd khedita, abhimani — asar k. g. 
Atfocta lion, s. an artiticial appearance — chhal—wdiza. badalSi, ijdd k. 
Affeci'edly, ad. conceitedly, hypocritically— at?7ui6/»mn7i p7tr6rtfc, chhal bd kalpanikatd piirbak 

— iihudbini se, nazukmiziji se s 

Affect' edaess, s. silly pride, conceit — abhimdn — ndzuki, n^zukmiz^ji 
Affec'ting, pa. movingj imitating— t/ied yawafe, cfe/^oifear^— riqqatangez, naql kart^ hua 
Atfec'tion, s. love, kindness — prem, sneha, anugraha — mahabbat, mihirbdni 
Aftcjc'tionate, a. full of affection — snehashil — shafiq 

Ati'ec'tiouately, ad. in an affectionate manner — sneha bd prem bd dayd piirbak — shafaqqat se 
Affect'ive, a. that which affects, moving — mane bichalit kdrak, sneha bd khed j'anafe— mutaassir, 

r:qqatangez, . 
Affiance, s. a marriage contract, reliance, hope, confidence, generally in a religiousi sense-^ 
bibihdrtha nirbandha, pratyay, bharasd, bishwdsh — nisbat, mangni, iatibftr, ummed, 
Affi'ance, va. to betroth, to bind by promise — bibdhdrtha nirbandha k. angikdr dwdrd baddha k. 

— ^nisijat k. mangni k. muqayyad ba iqrdr k. 
Affidavit, s. a deposition on oath — shapath patra — baydn bd qasm 

Affi'ed, pa. a. pined by contract — nirbandhadwdrd sangjukta—qA\i\ kA bandhd hud, nisbat k. g. 
Affilia'tion s. the adoption of a son— poshyaputr a karan — farzandi men len^, mutabann^ k. 
Af'finage, s. the act ot refining metals— d/tatu khdti karan — dhlt ko khdlis k. 
Affi'ned, a. related to another — samparkdnwita — rishtadSr ' 
Afiin'ity, s. relation by marriage opposed to consanguinity ; resemblance to— bibdhadtodrd sam'^ 

parka, kutambitd samparka ; sadrisya— rishtadari ; misdl 
Atfi'rm, va, to declare, to tell confidently — prukdshk. bd drirha rupe kahan — zdhir k. iqrdr k. 
Afiirm'able, a. that may be affirmed, true — drirharupe kaihitabya, jathdrtha — iqrSr ke qdbil 
sachchd . . , [izhdr 

Affirma'tion, s. confirmation, declaration — vramdn, prachdrit bd nishchit bdkya — iqrfir, isbat, 
Afiirm'ative, a. that affirms or declares — pramdn kdri, nishchny kdri — muqirr, muzhir 
Affirmatively, ad. positively, absolutely — nishchit ntpg— iqb&l se, i&iirfif se, yaqin se 
Affix', va. to unite, to subjoin— jog'fcoran — lag^n^, miland 
Affla'tion, s. the act of breathing upon — nishwdsh phelan—khi chfz par dam k. 
Affli'ctj va. to grieve, trouble, torment— dufc/ta d. pird d. — satl^n^, taklff d. 
Afflic'tlon, s. sorrow, calamity, misery — duhkha, bip'ad — ranj, dfat, aziyat 
Afflic'tive, a, painful, tormenting — duhkha bdjantrand ddyak — miizi, ranj d. w. 
Affluence, s. riches, plenty, abundance — dhanabdhulya, samndd/jatd— dsndagi, fardghat 
Affluent, a. wealthy — dhani — asudahdl, mutamavvif 
Afflu'x, Afflux'ion, s. the act of flowing— fcaftan—bahnd, jdrfh. 
Affo'rd, va. to yield, or produce ; to grant ; to be able to bear certain expenses— wtpndan ; deon ; 

bydye samartha h. — dend ; gunjaish rakhnd ; kharch kar sakna 
Aftra nchise, va. to make free — mukta k. — dzad k. 

Affra'y, va. to strike vvith fear, to terrify — bhay bd sankdjanmdna — dardnd, dahshat d. 
Affray, s, a quarrel, disturbance, tumult — bibdd, hangdni, golmdl — qaziya, hangdma 
Affri'ght, va, to alarm, confuse, terrify — bhay janmdna, trasta k, bhita fe.— dardnd, dahshat d. 

kliaufnak k. 
Affri'ght, Affright'ment s. terror, fear— sanferi, bhay—ddiT, dahshat 
Affio'nt, va, to insult, to provoke, to offend— apamarifc! rdgdna, atushta fc.— beizzat k. chhernd, 

bezdr k. 
Affro'nt, s. outrage, insult, disgrace— daumtmya, apamdn, amarjyddd—jdS&, khiffat, zillat 
Affront'ive, a. causing affront— apamdn janaAr— khaf'if kaidne wdld [pdni ki tarah rezisV d. 
Affu'se, va. to pour one thing on another — ek drabya anya drahyer upar dhdlan — kisi chiz par 
Affu'sion, s. the act of a ffusing—d/m ian — rezish [nisbat k, iatibdr k. iatimdd k. 

Affy' va. to betroth, to trust in," to confide— 6^6rt/^a sambandha k. pratyay k. bishwdsh fc,— 
Afie'ld, ad. to or in the Held— khyetrete bd khyetra madhye—khQt ko, yd khet mea 
Aflo'at, ad. borne up by the vvater— 6/iasamdni/i"fce— panipar tirtd had 
Afoo't, ad. on foot, in action, in motion — pada breje, kdi-jya bd gamane ndyata — paidal, ptyd- 

dapd, barpd, jari 
Afore, pr. before, sooner in time — dgre, ptirbe—age, qabl 
Afo'rehand, ad. by previous provision — purbe — dge 
Afo'resaid, a* said before, named befort — pnrbokta — sdbiqulzikr, mazkur 
Afra id, ha. a. struck wUh fear, terrified— 6/iita*, shankdnwitn — dara hud, khdif, dahshatzada. 

APR (12) AGO 

Afre'sh, ad. atww, over again, once more — nutan, drbdr, punar Mr— sarinau, naye sire se, 

phir, dusrd martaba 
After, pr. beKind~ad. following another, in pursuit of , inimitation of, in succeeding time— pas/t- 

chdt — ad.pdchhepdchhe, anusandhdne, anuriipe, pare— -pichhe — at/. b6d, pairavi mea, 6inda 
Afterbirth, n.s. the membrane in which the birth was involved, which is brought away after 

— jardu phul — gabhelan, jer 
Aftermath, s. the second crop of grass— g"feas«r dwitiya phasal — ghds ki dusri fasl 
Afternoo'n, s. time from noon to evening — dui prahardbadhi sandhydparjyanta, apardnha — 

dopahar se sh6m tak {aurat ko dard hot a hai 

Af terpains, 5. pains after child birth — prasabdnantar byathd — larke ke paida hone ke bad jo 
Afteithought, s. reflections formed after the act — kdrjydntare bibechand, gatdnusrichand — 

pichche samajhn^, kfim ke bad fikr k. 
Afterwards, ad. in succeeding time— pare— b^d is ke, is ke piche, dinda [sarddr 

A'ga, s. a Turkish military officer of rank — Turkiya syainyadhyakhya bishesh—'Rnm ki fouj k^ 
Aga'in, ad. a second time, once more, moreover — dwitiabdr,punarbdr, tadbhinna—phiv, 

dobdrah, aUwa 
Aga'inst, pr. in contradiction to, in opposition to, to the hurt of another — biruddhe, bipakhye 

pratikule—^hMi, barkhil&fi mea, zarrarkhwdhi mea 
Agape, ad. staring eagerly, or with surprise— /la kariyd chdhiyd—hdiiT^n, mutahhayyar 
Aga'st, or Agha'st, a. struck with terror, frightened, staring vvith dLtaaiiQment—sankdjukta, 

bhnydnwita, bismaydpanna — haibatzada, dahshatndk, hairan [sang-i-sulem^ni 

Ag'ate, s. the lowest sort of precious stone — sangisma, arthdt khyiidra ratnabishesh — yashb, 
Ag'aty, a. partaking of the nature of agate — sangisma d/iarmafc— yashb ki khassiyat rakhnewala 
Age, s. any period of time, generation of men, a hundred years, maturity, decline of life — 

kni bdjug, bayaSfprushdnukram, ekshat batsar, manushyatwa, pripakwatwa, briddhakdl^- 

zam^na, umr, pusht, ek sau baras, buldghat, burhdp^ ^ » 

A'ged, a. advanced in years, old, ancient— feriddfea, purdtan, prdchin — buddha, pur^na, qadim 
A'gency, s. action ; managing another's affairs— fcartritira ; gomastaViri— ka'rparddzi 5 mukhtar- 

A'gent, s. a deputy, a factor— pratinidhi, ndyeb gomnstd—wsikil, ndib, gumishta [jani 

Aggela'tion, s. concretion oi ice— j a ler jamdt arthdt baraph haon — p^ni jamjdnii, ydne baraf ho 
Aggenera'tion, s. a growing to another body — anyer gdtre bardhan — dusre jism par baihna 
Agglomerate, va. to gather up in a h^iU—bartwuldkriti fc.— gole ki tarah lipetn^ 
Agglu'tinate, va. to unite together— ;/ora?i bd sangjog k. — saresh se jornd,' jamana 
Agglutina'tion, s. union, cohesion— sang jog, jar iyd dharan — saresh sejorn6, jamana 
Aggrandize, va. to enlarge, to exalt, to advance in power, honour, or rank — bdrdna, unnata k. 
sakti bd sambhram kimbd pad bridhi fc.— barhand, sarfaraz k. huktimat y^ hurmat yd qadar 
ki taraqqi k. . • 

Aggrandizement, s. being exalted or preferred— unnati—taraqjqi, sarfardzi 
Ag gravate, va. to make worse, to provoke— dos/i6fir<iMa,ragona — badtar fc. chheyni 
Aggrava'tion, s. exciting to anger — rdgdna — chhe? 

Ag'gregate, a. framed by the collection of sundry parts into one body or mass — ekattrikrita 
— majmiia, ydne bahut hissoa ke jama hone se murattab k. g. [ — majmua, jama 

Ag'gregate, s. the collected sum of various quantities, the sum total of an account— efcura, 7not 
Aggregate, va. to add or heap together — ekatra bd ekun bdrdshi k. — ^jama k. dheri k. 
Aggrega'tion, s. the state of being collected — ekattrikrita bd rdshikrita — ijmdi, ekkatthdi 
Aggress, va. to assault or injure first— prat/iawe dkraman bd hdni karan — pahld hamla y4 

nuqsdn k. ' 

Aggres'sion, s. the commencing a qmnel—birodh drambha fc.— pahld hamla [nifisdd 

, Aggress' or, s. one who fiist assaults another— prat/iawafcmwaH /carz— pahla hamla k. w. bd- 
Aggrie'vance, s. hardship, injury — klesh, duhkha, hdni — zulm, jabr, sakhti 
Aggri'eve, va. to vex, to injure, to harass — birakta fc. duhkha d. hdni fc. tyakta fc. — zulm k, 

nuqsdn pahuachdna, ranj d. 
Aggrie'ved, pa. [..] afflicted, injured— dtt/ifc/tita, klesh prdpta — mazlura, mutaazzi 
Aggro'up, va, to bring together into one view— anefc murti ekatra fcara/i— shakloa ko jama k; 
A'gile, a. [nj-it] nimble, active, Ughi—chanchal, udjogi, c/ia/afc— chust, chalak, jaldbaz 
*A'gileness, s. quickness, activity, nimbleness— drutatiya, udjogitd,chanchalatwa — chusti, chdldki 
*Agil'ity, s. activity, speed, readiness — udjogitd, drutatd, satwaratd—chusti, chdldki 
Agist, va. to let cattle feed in pasture grounds at so much per week — nirupit mulya laiyd 
' pashu charite d. — thike par janwaroa ko charhne d. ' ffikr k. 

Agitate, va. to shake; revolve in the mind— /a'rare; mane dlochand k. — hildna; jumbish d. 
Agita'tion, s. the act of shaking anything, violent motion, perturbation of the mind, contro- 
versial examination — ldran,dndolan, asthiratwa, bydkulatwa, bdddnubdd bd o/oc/iana—j um- 
bish, harakat, ghabrdhat, beqardri, mubdhisa, radobadal 
A'gitative,a. having the power to agitate^-o/aranafc/it/am,a7i<ioian«fci2/am — hilnewdld,mutaharrik 
Agea'tion, s. descent from the same father— g-ynntit«)a bd ek pitri frarag-s/iejo/ima— hamjaddi 

h. yane ek ddde ke aulad h. 
Agni'tion, s. an acknowledgment — swikdr — iqbdl 
Agni'ze, va. to confess, to acknowledge — swikdr fc. — mdnnd, iqrdr k. 
Ago', ad. in time past ; as long ago— purfte, jathd bahukdlpurbe—kge, peshtar^ sdbiq 
Ago^g, ad. in a state of longing — dkdnkhd bishishta rilpe — ishtiydqse, arzdmandi se 
Ago'iQg, pa, a, in action^ moving— ^ati bishishtm^chalti hud 

AGO ( 13 ) A L C 

Agonist'es, s. a prize fighter, a gladiator— fta/imfcAiyojuddia kareje, astra hrirak — pattebaz, 

shart par larnewalfi, jo shakhs tamasha dikhlane ke waste lart^ hai 
Ag'onize, vn. to be in extreme pzin—jantrand ydon — nih^yat dard pdna, bahut dukhna 
Ag'ony.s. pangs of death, anguish — mrittyu jantrand, jantrand bd atyantabyathd—Bdizi,^iAh 

Agra'rian, a. relating to fields or grounds — khyetra bd bhumibishayqk — khet kd, ^a zamfni 
Agre'e, v. to accord, to concur, to settle — milan, sammata h. bd swikdr k. sthir karan — mutta- 

fiq h. razi h. qabul k. bandobast k. - 

Agreeable, a. pleasing ; conformable to — dlhdd jaiiak bd manor aiijak ; mata bd sammata^- 

dilpasahd ; muwdfiq 
Agree'al: leness, s. the quality of pleasing — manoranjakatd — khubi, pasandidagi 
Agree 'abl y, «(/. pleasingly ; consistently — manoranja.n piirbak, anusare— pasandida tarah se, 

baraiijib, muafiq [zaraandi se muqarrar k. g. mahud 

Agre'eJ, pa. a. settled by mutual consent — ubhayer sammati piirbak nirdhdrjya—tz.rdiisdn ki ri 
Agree'nient,s. concord, compact, bargain — mil,nirbandha, ekrdr,chukti — ittitaq, qardr, ahd, bai 
Ag'riculiure, s. [. . .tshure] tillage, husbandry— /cr«s/iifc«rwja—ziraat, kishtkarl 
*A^ricult'urist. s. a husbandman, a farmer— A:m7iafc, bhuini dbdd kartd — kis4n, kishtkar 
Ag rimony, s. a name for the plant liverwort — bishesh brikhyer rmm— ghdfis 
Agro'und, ad. run ashore, stranded — chardy bd bhumite thekiyd baddha—kinStre lagahnd,zamiQ 

par tahara hiiA 
A'gue, s. an intermitting fever, with cold fi is— fcampa jirar—tap-i-larzah 

Ah, int. denoting contempt or pity — chhi, hay, dhd — ^^chhi, chhichhi, tauba, half, afsos, hii, Sh 
Aha, int. a word intimating triumph and contempt — bdhbd, hdy hay, chhi, chhichhi— wi\i 

wah, shahbdsh, tauba, chhichhi .... . . [ya besabari se 

Ahead ad. furthest on, precipitantiy — agre, ghdrgicnjiyi bd utald bd prarmtta rupe — dge, jaldi 
Aid, va. to suecour, to relieve — sdhdjya k. updk'dr k. — kumuk k. dastgiri k. [dastgiri 

Aid, Aid'ance, s. help, support, assistance — sdhajya, upakdr, sahakdritd—knmdk, madad, 
A'idant, A iding, a. helping, assisting— srt^ajya kdri, upakdri — madadgir, yawar 
Aid-de-ca'mp, s. [. .kawri'r] a military officer attendant on a general, to convey orders, &C. — 

pradkdii sendpatir sdhdjya kdrak bd dgydn bdhak — fauj ke sardar ka musdhib 
A'idless, a. friendless, unsupported — nihsahdy, sdhdjya rahit — bemadad 
Ail, V. tu be in pain, or suffer sickness — byathita h. pirit h. — m^nda h. kasalmand h. 
A'iling, pa. a. disordered, unhealthy— asitst/ia, ro^g-i— manda, kasalmand 
Ai'hnent, s. pain, disease, affliction— ftedraa, rog, feiesfe— azar, bimari, taklif 
Aim, s. direction, endeavour, design — sandhdn bd tdk, ch^shtd, manastha — shast, koshish, matlab 
Aim, V. to direct towards a mark, to g\iess--lakhya k. anumdn k. — shast bajidhnd, qaids k. 
Air, s. the element in which we breathe ; a tune or melody j the mien of a person— iayu, swar, 

chali bd dkdr bd dhap — haw§,, dhang, ilhdn; waza, ravish 
Air, i;a. to expose to the air, to dry — bdtdse rakhan bd bdtnsldgdna, stikdna — hawd d. sukhdni 
A'irily, ad. gaily, merrily— spi^itrti bddmod piiroafc— khushmizaji se [ddri ; khushmizaji 

A'iriness, s. exposure to the air ; gaiety — bdtds Ldgite pdy ematabasthd ; dmod bd sphurti — haw^- 
A'iring, s. a jaunt or short excursion to enjoy the ddr—bdyu sebandrtha bhraman — sair, hawdkhori 
A'irJess, a wanting air, close — nirbdt, gumrit — behawa, garam,,harr, khamas 
A'ir-pump, s. a machine by whicli tlie air is drawn out of certain vessels — bdyu, prakhyepapak 

&a/— hawa ke nik^lne ki kal - , ^ 

A'iry, a. belonging to the air; gay, sprightly — bdyu sambandhiya ; dmodi bd sphurti jukta-^ 

hawai, hawddar ; khushmizdj, shauqin 
Aisle, s. [iLe'\ a walk in a church — grijdgharer madhye path — girje meii ka rasta 
Ait, s. a small island in a nvQX—'nadistha khyudra dwip — nadi ka chota tapu [habih, muifiq 
Aki'n. a. related to ; resembling ; alike — samparkiya ; sadrisha ; tulya — 'qdnb ; rishtahdar ; mus- 
Al'abaster, s. a species of soft white n^arble— fcoma/ shukla prastar bishesh —ladiTm sufed marmar 
Alac'rity, s. willingness, readiness, briskness— aittsufcya, udyam, sphtirti—i9,\\q, dildihi, 

A-la-mo'de, ad. according to the fashion — rityanujdyi — riwdj ke mutabiq 
Ala'rm, va. to call to arms ; to svLrprise—juddhydrthe prastut haite balqn,bi&mayd panna k. bd trds 

j«/tmana— jang keliye khabardar k. darand [khabar; achanak dar 

Ala'rm, s. a notice of danger ; sudden terror— asaran^ bipad gydnpan ; akasmdt bhay — afat ki 
Alarming, pa. frightful, giving alarm — bhaydnak, sankdjanak — dahshatn&k 
Ala'rampost, s. the spot to which each regiment is to repair in case of alarm— 61/iatii samaye, 

sanket karile sainya upasthit haoner niriipit st/ian— afat ke waqt fauj ke jama hone ki 

muayyan J3igah . u ' i " 

Ala'rura, s. a clock ; an alarm heW—satarkakdrak ghari ; bipadgydnpak ghantd—sh^xi ; ghanti 

ki khabardar karne ke waste afat ke waqt bajta hai 
Ala's, Alack, int. denoting pity or griei— dhd! hdy hdy ! — h4i! wai ! afsos ! haif ! 
Alb, s. a priest's sntpVice—dharmddhyakhyader bastra bishesh — jubba, khirka 
Albe'it, ad. although, notwithstanding— jadj/apio, tathdpi — agarchih, taubhl 
Arbion, s. the ancient name of Britain — Inglander prdchin nam— Inglist^n kd qadim ndm 
Alca'id, s. the name of a civil officer in Spain— 6'pond€s/ier bichdrddhyakhya — alqaid Spen ke 

.mulk ki qazi , [kiraiyai, ras^yani 

Alchym'ical, a. [.fcim..] relating to alchymy — kimiyd bd dhdtu paribartan bidyd bishayak — 
•Al'chymist, s. a professor of ilchytay—kimiydgar bd dMtuparibartan hidydgyaa — kiaaiyigar, 

muhawwis, rasayani 

ALC (14) ALK 

•Al'chymy, s. the more sublime and occult part of chymistry which proposed for its object 

the transmutation of metals — kimiyd bd dhdtuparibartan bidyd—kiraiy^ yi. dhatbadalne kafaa 

Al'cohol, s. an Arabick term used by chymists for a high rectified dephegmated spirit of wine or 

for any thing reduced into an impalpable powder — madya sdr, sukhyan gunrd — kuhal 
Al'coran, s. the book of the Mahometan precepts, and credenda — korda^aXqurAn, Musal- 

mftnon ke mizhab ki kit^b [khilwatgfth 

Alco've, s. a recess in gardens or pleasure grounds — upnbayiastha nibhrita sthdn — alqubba, 
Al'der, s. a tree resembling the hazel — brikhya bishesh — ek qism ki darakht 
Alderman, s. an incoporated magistrate — nagardddhyakhya — Inglistfin keshaharon ki. hakim ^ 
Ale, s. a liquid made by infusing malt and hops in hoi; water — jabete idrmita madya bishesh — bir 

shardb kl qism 
A'leconner, s. an officer whose duty is to oblige publicans to use just measures — madyer parimdn 

niriipindrtha pad. dhdri bishesh — ek ohdahdar jis ko sharftb ke paiminou ki ilzraiish supurd hai 
Al'egai-, s. sour ale — amlibhnta el ndmak madya — kbatti el sharib 

A'lehoof, s. ground-ivy — brikhya bishesh — ishqpeche ki qism [d6kan 

A'lehouse, s. a house where malt liquor is sold — el ndmak madya bikray ghar—%\ sharib ki 
Alem'bic, s. a vessel used in dx?,\\\\\ag—choudyibdr pdtra — bhabki 
Ale'rt, a. watchful, vigilant, brisk, nimble — satarka^udjogi, chdldk — kbabardar, hoshyir 

Alert'ness, s. sprightliness, briskness — satarkatd, chdldki — hoshyiri, chaliki [kl misri 

Alexan'drine, s. a verse of twelve syllables — dwddashdkhyare kabitdr chhanda — b^rah hijje 
Alexiphar'mic, Alexiter'ic, a. that whicli acts as an antidote to poison, or infection — bishndshak 

bd byddhi nibdrak — tiryak, daw4 ki jo zahr aur bimiri ko radd kartd hai 
Al'gebra, s. a peculiar kind of arithmetic — bijganita — aljabar, jabar-o-muqibala, abiktganit 
Algebra'ic, Algebraical, a. pertaining to algebra — bijganita sambandhiya — jabar-o-muqdbale 

se jo nisbat rakhtd hai 
Algebra'ist. s. one well versed in algebra — &(/§ranua6erta— jabar-o-muqabale kl kafnil 
Al'gid, a. cold, extremely cold — shital, atisayshital — thandl, bahut thandl 
Algid'ity, Al'gor, s. chilness, coldness— sfeita/a;ta—thand, jarl, sardl 
Algorithm, s. the science of numbers — ankabidy. i—his^h kd, ilm 

Alguazi'l, s. a Spanish bailiff or constable — Spdndesher kotoydl — Spen ke mulk ka kotwil 
A'lias, ad. otherwise — s. in law, a writ — athabd—s. (in law) hukumndmd bishesh — nahiato, — s. 

urf (share men^ asami ke pakarne kl hukmnlma 
Al'ibi, s. elsewhere. The plea of a person who to prove himself innocent, alleges that at the time 

stated in the accusation, he was at some place remote from where the act was said to have 

been committed— any atr a, doshkaribdr kale ami anyatra childm, emat bdkyt dwdrd uttar-^ 

dusri jage men, qusur ki ja se ghairhazirf 
Al'ible, a. nutritive, nourishing— pus/i.h'fcar, poskak — muqavvi, tlqatbakhsh 
Al'ien, s. [ale-yeii] a foreigner, a stranger— 6idesAt, bhinna bd upari — pardesi, ajnabi 
*Arienable, a. that may be transferred — jdhdte swaswatwa tydgdnantar anyer swdtwd janmdiie 

pdra jrti/— diisre ke hawale karne ke laiq 
*Arienate, va. to transfer to another ; to withdraw the affection — swaswatwa tydgdnantar anyer 

swatwa janmdna ; sneher nibriti /c.—disre ko hawala k. beglna kar dena [munh 

*Al ienate, a. estranged or withdrawn from — bhinnikrita, tyakta, nibarta — muuh phirl hul,terl 
*Aliena'tion, s. the act of transferring ; change of affection ; mental derangement — paraswatwa 

janmana bd anya ke deon ; sneher anyathd ; gydnner badkahyanya — hawlla ; tafwiz ; beganagi, 

mublinat j diwlnagi 
Ali'ght, vn. to descend, to come down, to dismount— naman, uttirnah. — ^utarna, farod h. 
Ali'ke, ad. with resemblance, equally— sudris/ia, stmin — mushabih, mutabiq, eksaa 
Al'iment, s. [ai-ie.] food, nourishment — khddya, dhdr — khlnl, khordk, qut 
*Aliment'al, a. nourishing, nutritive— pos/jafe — muqavvi, tlqatbakhsh 

*Aliment'ary, a. that which belongs to aliment — khddya sambandhiya— kh^neki, mnqa.v\i 
Alimo'nous, a. that which nourhhes—pushtikar — muqavvi, tlqatbakhsh 
Al'imony, s. that part of an estate appropriated to support a wife, when separated from her 

husband, unless criminally so— nirddoshi strir swdmi kaite bhinna haon kdlin tdhdr bharan 

foshandrthe swdmir datta dhan — ^mahr 
iquant, a. any portion of a given number, which multiplied or diversified in any possible 
manner, will still make more or less than that given number exactly, as 3 is an aliquant of 
10, thrice 3 being 9, four times 3 m iking 12 — kona anker asamdngsha, ) dasher asamdngsa 
tin hay ; tin ke tin diyd pur He nay hay, chdri dlydpurile bdru hay ; kona krame thik dashhaynd 
— kisi adld kl ek adad, jisko agar kisi tarah zarb de, tau bhi Idld raazkur se yl ziylda howe, 
yl kam howe ; jaisa, das ka tin ek hissah hai ; agar tin men zarb de, to nau boa ; agar 
chlrmen zarb de, to blrah hon ; kisi tarah das pare nlhijj ho sakeu > is waste tin das k4 
aliquant hai 

Al'iquot, rt. any portion of a given number which being mutiplied, will amount to that given 
number exactly — kona anker samdngshi-jeman dasher samdngsha dui hay-dui ke pdnch gun 
\arile thik dash /mi/— kisi Idld kl koi adad jisko agar zarb de thik wuhi Idld ho ^dwe 

Ali've, a. not dead, active, sprightly— jx6ante, nirdlasya, satarka, sphurtijukta — ^jitl, zinda, 
chlllk, shokh [kl gallnewlla, araq 

Al'kahest, s. an universal dissolvent, a liquor — sarba drahja drdbrk, dmba drabya — sab chiz 

Al'kali. s. the fixed salt of any body— i/ior— khar, sajji 

ALK (15) ALL 

Al'kaline, a. having the quality of alkali— fcWrd/iarmafe — khArl 

Alkal'izate, va. to make alkaline — khdribhiita fc.— kh^ri k. 

Al'kanet, s, the name of a plant — bishes brikhyer nam — alqana, y&neek qism kh chhotS darakht 

Alker'mes, s. [•••] a confection made of the berry called kermes — karmes phaler mora 6/ta-^kar- 

masi phal k6 murabba 
All, a. the whole number or quantity, every one — sarba, tdbat — sab, kul, tamAm, harek 
Alla'y, va. to temper one metal with another for coining ; to compose, to pacify — mudrd nir' 

mdndrthe khddi mishrita Karan ; sthir k. sdnta k. — rupiya ban^ne ke wiste ek dhdt ko dusre 

dhfit se imtiz&j d. taskin d. thandhA k. 
Alla'y, s- any baser metal mixed with a supeiior kind to harden it, any thing which being added 

lessens the value of that with which it is mingled — khddi, je drabya atiyer sahit rmshrane 

tdhdr gun bd miilya rhds 4are— khardb dh^t ki jiske rail4ne se khalis dh^t sakht ho jdta. hai, 

wuh chiz jis ke miine se dusri chiz n&qis ho jAti hal 
Ailecta'tion, s. on alluring, an enticiag—phusldna, bhuldna — dam d. phusldnA 
AUega'tion, s. an affirmation, excuse, plea— nts/ic/iat/ bdkya, bdhdnd, ojar — iqii.r, bah^na, hujjat 
Alle'ge, va. {.ledge] to declare, to maintain, to plead — drirha rupe kathan, praurhi k. ojar k. — 

iqrftr k. hujjat k. 
*Alle'geable, a. that which may he alleged — drirhartipe kathaniya — zahir karne ke qabil 
*Alle'giance, s. [. .ja/tse] the duty of a subject — rdjbashibhutatwa — fidwiyat, farmdnbardari, 
*AIle' giant, a. loyal, conformable to allegiance — rdjbaskibhuta, rdjbashibhutatwdnujdyi—mnti, 

muuq&d, farmdnbarddr 
Allegor'ical, a. in the form of an allegory — rupak bddropita — mustaar, tamsili 
Al'legory, s. a figurative manner of speech, by which instruction or informatioa is meant to be 

conveyed — rupak bdkya, jdhdr dwdrd shikhyd kimbd gydn deoyd jriy —istiira, majaz, 
AUe'gro, s. a sprightly motion of music — druta bddya — l>4je ki shitabi 
AUema'nde, s. a dance well known in Germany— Jrtrmani deshiya nritya bishesh — AUemdn ke 

mulk ki. nfich 
Alie'viate, va. to ease, to soften — upa&ham k, naram fc.— kara k. takhfif d. 
Allevia'tion, 5. that by which any pain is diminished, or jny fault extenuated— ja^ar dwdrd 

virdr upasham bd dosher rhds hay — takhfif, wuh chiz jis se bim4ri ghat j4we ydqusur ki ri^yat 

Al'ley, s, any narrow passage, or walk — suztripatft bd gali — gali, kucha 

AUi'ance, s. relation by marriage, or kindred ; a league or contract with foreign powers; simi- 
larity of qualities — samhandha, katumbitd, gydnti samparka; bhinna deshiyardjdr sahit sandhi ; 
guner s^idnsftya— rishtadari ; ahd-o-paim&n, qaul-o-qar^r ; harakh^ssiyyat 
Al'lies, s. states who hava entered into a league for their .mutual defence— je rajdrd paraspar 

rakhydrthe sandhi kaHydchhe — sarddr jinhoQ ne bilham madad k4 iqrar kiya 

Alligation, s. the act of tying together ; that rule of arithmetic which teaches to adjust the 

price of articles compounded of ingredients of different value — ekatra baddha k. ganand 

bishesh — ekkattha b&adnd, hisAbkd wuh q4ida jis se murakkab chizon ki qimat malum hoti hai 

Alligator, s. a crocodile, a kind of pear — kumbhir, phal bishesh — magar, nihang, kumhir, ek 

qism ki n^shpati 
AUi'sion, s. the act of striking together — paraspar dghdtk. — do chizon ko bahara thoaknd 
Allitera'tion, s. the beginning two or more words with the same letter — anek sabderddyakhyar 

tulya bd ek haon, anuprds — lafzon k4 ek harf se shuruh k. 
Alloca'tion, s. act of placing or adding to — rdkhan,sangjog k.— rakhni y^ shamil k. [guftogd k. 
Allocu'tion, s. the act of speaking to another— ani/er sahit kathopkathan — dusre ke sdth 
Allo'dial, Allo'dian, a. independent, held without acknowledgment of superiority — anadhin, 
anadhin bd swatantra rupe adhi kr.—zdiiainki siidLt,ki ina.l\kindLtdLSdivr\i( men ho, aur us ki 
iwaz meu kisi ki tdbiddri Idzim na ho, maurusi 
Allo'nge, s. in fencing, a pass or thrust — astra krird kale astrdghdt — hul, bhoflk 
Allo't, va. to parcel out, to distribute, gT9.nt~+bkdg kariyd bd bdtiHyd d. — taqsim k. hissa 

lagind, batwir^ k . 
AUot'ment, s. the part given to any one — bakhrd bd an^ha — hissa 

Allo'w,yi;a. to admit or acknowledge any position, to permit, yield, or grant, to make an abate- 
ment in selling — swikdrk, anumatik. karite bd haite d. deou, bikraye mulya nyun k. — raannfi, 
rawd rakhnS, qabiil k. bechne men taklifif k. 
AUow'able, a. that may be permitted, lawful — swikdr jogya, anumatijogya, nydjya — raw^, j4iz 
Allow'ance, s. indulgence, pension, sanction, licence, a rate or appointment for any use, a 
deduction — reydit, betan bd britti, anugydn, 7iirupit mulya bd bishay, bad — ridyat, tankhw^h, 
jjdzat, bar6t, minhfii [kami 

Alloy, s. a baser metal in coins, diminution — khddi, nyunatd — rupaie mea mil^ kharab dh^t, 
Allu'de, va. to hint at, to insinuate, refer to — lakhya k. iagite kahan, lakya kariyd kahan—imi 

k. ramz k. daldlat k. 
Allu'rainate, va. to decorate or adorn — sobhitk. — zinat d. drdish k. fwarghalinil, phusldnd 

Allure, «a. to entice, to decoy, to wheedle — lobh darshdon, phdnde phelan, 6feu/ana— farebd. 
Allu' re, s. something set up to entice birds— paHyir lobhjanak bastu, phdud bd chdr — tuama, 

ch&ra jo chiiiyoQ ko pakarne ke wdste rakhte huiu 
Allu'rement, s. enticement, temptation — lobh darshdna — Idlach, targhib 
Allu'sioUj s. a reference, hint, implication — lakhya k. sanketdbhdsh — imd, ramz 
Allu^sive, a. hinting at something — sanket kdri — kisi chiz ki taraf imi. k. w. 
Ally', va. to unite by friendship or kindred— 6 fn^ftuta bd kutumbitd dwdrd mildna—dosti 
kar4n&, rishta kar6Q& 

ALL ( 16 ) AMA 

Ally', s. a friend, a confederate, a relation — bandhu, sakhd, kutumha — dost, rafiq, rishtaddr 

Al'manac, s. an annual calendar — p&njjfea — ^jantribahi, taqwim, patra 

Al'mandine, s. a kind of inferior ruby— mawi bishesh — Idl ki qism-i-doyam 

A Imi'ghty, a. of unlimited power, omnipotent— s. the Divine Being; God — sarba .saktimdn 

— s. Purameswar — q^dir-i-mutlaq— s. Haqqtadla, Parameswar 
A Im'ond, 5. the fruit of the almond-tree — bdddm — b^ddin 

Alm'ondsof the throat, improperly called almonds of the ears, are two small glands on the 
sides of the basis of the iongne—jibha miiier ubhaff pdrshwastlia khyudra mdngsha granthi 
— zaban ki jar men jo donoii taraf gosht hot^ hai 
Alm'oner, s. the officer of a princi employed in the distribution of diarity— mj nijukta ddni' 

dhyakhi/a—he\a.ha.Td§kV, khaiidt ka muhtamim 
Alra'onry, s. the place where alms are given — ddnshdld — khairatkhAna, langarkhSna 
Almo'st, ad. nearly, near, well nigh— prnz/, nikat — qarib, anqarib, nazdiktar 
Alms, s. any thing giveo to relieve the pooi—bhikhyd bd dan— khair^t, bhikh, ddn 
Alms'houses, s. houses built gratuitously for the jioor—ddnbdli bd daridra pratipdlanshdld — 

gharibkhana, muflison ke muft rahne ke WvHste mak^a 
Al'oes, s. a medicinal gum extracted from a tree of that name; there are two kinds, thebest 
called suoQotrine aloes ; the inferior, horse aloes— musabbar, aguru, bd ghratakumdri^—elwa., 
Aloet'ic, Aloet'ical, a. consisting of aloes— 'agurubishisht a — musabbarl 
Alo'ft, ad. on high, in the air, above — urddhe, shunye, upare — upar, alam-i-bala par, b^Il 
Al'ogy.s. absurdity, unreasonableness — abibeckakatd, anydyatwa, jukti biruddiiatwa—kh[la.^'i- 

aqlf, bejai 
Alo'ne, a. without company, solitary, only— efcri/cf, fcefta/— akeld, tanhd, jarlda, sirf 
Alo'ng, ad. in company, forward, throughout— sa/«t, agre, tdbat bydpiyd~3Si,th yd harardh, dge 
Aloo'f, ad. at a distance — diire—ddv, tafawat par 

Alo'pecy, s. the falling oil" of the hair — kesh uthiydjdon — bdlon kd jharjand 
Aloud, ad. loudly, with much noise — chenchiyd, uchchaiJisware — chillake, buland awaz se 
Al'pha, s. the first letter in the Greek alphabet, it is therefore used to signify, the first or high" 
est~ Grik bhdshdy barna malar prathamdkhyar, ataeb eshabde pratham bd atipradhdn 
bujhdy—Ynn^m zaban ka pahla har ki avval aur afzalko. mini bhi rakhta hai 
Al'phabet, s. the letters of any language — barnamdldbd akhyar maid — hurdf-i-tahajji, alifbe 
Alphabeti'cal, a. according to the order of the alphabet — barna kramdnujdyi — hardf-i-tahajj i ke 

q^ide se * 

Already, ad. now, at this time, or at time past — eikhyane, samprati, ikdr purbe — abhi, pahle ; 
\^h-\-chukd jab mdziko lagate haia, already ke mani rakhtd hai, jaisa, main karchukd, I have 
already done it 
Also, ad. likewise, in the same manner — 0, dro, ebang, tadrupe — bhI, aur, usmutabiq 
Al'tar, s. a place for divine offerings or communion — jagyan bediy khrishtiydn dharmma shdldy 
iswariya bhoj sthdpnner sthdn — qurbangah ' - [sanwarna, islah d. 

Al'ter, r. to change, to reform, to vary — rupdntar k. sudhrdna, badal k. — badal k. taghir k. 
Al'terable, a. that which may be changed — nipantar/caraniya— -badal ue ke qdbil 
Al'terant, a. that which produces a change — nlpdntar kdrak — badalnewala, mubaddil 
Altera'tion, s. the act of altering or changing, the change made — rupintar bd anyathd k. 

rupdntar bd bailakhyanya-^-izhdil, taghir 
Alte rative, a. medicines called alterative are such as imperceptibly improve the constitution 
from sickness to health — prakdrdntar kdri, arthdt je atishadh asustha sharir ke alpe alpe 
sustlia kariyd to/e— mizaj ki badalnewdli dawa, yane jo dawa ki jism kb biraari ki halat se 
batadrij sihat ko pahunchiwe [jhagr4 

Alterca'tion, s. debate, controversy, wrangle — bdddnubdd, bitandd,. bdgjuddha — taqr^r, bahs, 
Alter'nate, a, by turns, one after another — eker par ek — ek ke bad di'isra [biri 

Alter'nately, ad. by turns, mutually— e/cer par ek ei krame, paraspar — naubatbanaubat, bari- 
Alterna'tion, s. reciprocal succession — eker par ek eikram — pherphar, adalbadal 
Alternative, s. the choice given of one of two things, so that if one is rejected the other must 
be taken— jefc/iane dui bastur maddhe ek ke tydg karile anyake abashyai grahan karite haibek; 
updy-~do chizoii se ek chiz ko lach^ri se ikhtiyar k. 
AltJio'ugh, ad. notwithstanding, however — jadyapio, sejdhdhauk — agarchi, harchandki, bawa- 
j6de ki, sAth iske ■ . {.^^ 'lin 

Altim'etty, s. the art of measuring heights — uchchatd parimdn bidyd- — buland jagah ke ndpne 
Altis'onant, a. high sounding, pompous — uchchaihshabdakdri, jdnkala — bulandawazi, maghrur 
Al'titude, s. height of a place ; elevation of a heavenly body above the horizon — uchchatwa ; 
udayasthal haite grahddir uchchatwa — bulandi, uachai ; ufak par bulandi ^ [ujichd 

Alto', s. the upper or countertenor — a. high — bddyeruchchaswar — a. uchcha — b4jeka charhdo — a. 
Altoge'ther, ad. completely, entirely — sampurna rupe, sarba prakdre — mutlaq, mahz, nir^ 
Al'um, s. a mineial salt of an acid taste — phatkiri — phitkari 
Alu'minous, a. consisting of alum— p/ia//ci7-i bishishta — phitkariamez 
Al'ways, ad. perpetually, constantly — sarbadd — haraesha, harwaqt 

Amia.bili'ty, s.^loveliness, power of pleasing — manoramatd,manoharatwa — naahbubiyat, pydr^pan 
Ama'in, ad. with vehemence, fiercely — bege, ugratd pyirbak—zor se, betahasha, tundi se 
Amalgam, s. a mixture of metals — mishnta dhdtu — mila hud dhat 
Amal'gamate, va. to mix or unite m^t9.h— dhdtu mishrita fc.— dhdtou ko dmez k. 
Amaud', v. to send away, to TQmoye-^itdihdiyd d, sardna—ek taraf bhejn4, dur k. 

AM A ( 17 ) A ME 

Amanda'tion, s. the act of sending aiway—pdihdiyd deon—ek taraf bhejn^ 

Artranuen'sis, s. clerk or secretary, who writes what another dictdites—cinya jdhd halie tdhd 

lekhak—dasre ki taqrir k& muharrir 
Ata'aranth, s.the name of aplant : in poetry, an imaginary flower that never fades — natiyd shdk, 

(in poetry) — mldni rahit j>us/tpa— kal^hfi, t6j-i-khunis ; gul-i-bekhizan, amritphul 
Amaranth'ine, a. consisting of amaranths — natiydshdk bishishla, mldni rahit pushpa bishishta— 

kalghi - :f • r t 

Amar^itude, Amar'uleace, s. bitterness— tifcf a twa—karwfthat, talkhi. 

Amas'ment, s. an accumulation, a heap — ekatribhuta drabya^ punja — farahami, gathri, dher 

Ama'-ss, va. to collect together, to heap up — ekatrak. sanchuy k. rdshi fc.— farihani k. jama k. 

dher k. 
Am'ateur, s. [..tare] a lover of any paiticular art or science; not a professor — kona shilpa 

karma bd bidyd priya — kisi fann kft shSiq 
Amatory, a. relating to or causing love — priti bishayak bdjanak — ishqi 

Amauro'sis, a. dimness of sight occasioning the appearance of flies or dust floating, before the 

eyes — khyin drishti — tewar, tirmira [ — bhachkin^, haii^n k. 

Ama'ze, va. to surprise, astonish, to confuse — bistnaydpanna k. chamatkrita k. hatabuddhi k. 

' Ama'ze, s. astonishment, confusion — bismay — ghabrahat 

Amazement, s. confused apprehension 5 fear; wonder at any event; admiration — bismay; 

bhqy , adbhutgydn; ashcharjya feorf/i— ghabrahat ; sar^simagi, haul; taajub 
Ama'zing, pa. a. wonderful, astonishing — adbhut, dslicharjya — achambh^, ajib 
Amazingly, ad, astonishingly, wonderfully — dscharjyarupe — ajibtarahse 
Ara'azon, s. the Amazons were a race of women famous for valour ; a virago — ehjdtiya''s'trilGh 
jdhdrd biratwa prajukta prasiddha chhila ; bikrami — wuh auratea ki jin ko shair dileri ke sath 
baiftn karte haiii ; mardmanish , ' 

Amba'ges, s. circumlocution; tediousnes3~o-/iur4 pherd bd penchdo kathd; srdnti bd birakti 

jankatwa — gol y^ pechida kalam ; tawil kalam ^ 

Ambass'ador, s. a person sent as the representative of a prince or state on any public business 
- to a foreign country— anya rdjdr nikate prerita raja pratinidhi—e\c\n felchi ki joru 

Ambass'adress, s. the lady of an ambassador — anya rdjnr nikale prerita raja pratiaidhir stri — 
Am'bassage, Am'bassade, s. the business of an ambassador — anya rdjar nikate je kdrjye rdja 
pratinidhi prerita hay — elctiigiri . ' [kahruha 

Am^ber, s. a yellow transparent gum— /jorirfm barna swachchha gavd, drabd, chandarus— 
Ara'bergris, s. [. .grese'\ a fragrant drug— stti-and/ii anshadh bishesh, ambar — arabar 
'Ambidex'ter, s. a person that can use both hands alike ; a knave who plays on both sides— 
sabyasdchi bd dui hdtke samdn fupe byabahdr karite pure je ; dothakd bd banchandrtha ubhay 
pakhya g-m/ti— dohdththa, dodasti ; aisa farebi jo tarafain ka sharik rahta hai 
Ambidex'trous, a. double dealing, ^QCtiiinX— dothakd, pj-afea^jc/ia/c— janibain se sazish r. w. 

daghab^z, makk^r 
Ambient, a. compassing ; surrounding, particularly applied to the air which surrounds all 
bodies — paribeshtuk, eshabda bishesh rupe bdtdser prati prayogkard jay kenandbdtds sakal bastu 
ke beshtan kariyd thdke — ghernewdla, gird k. w. khususan hawa ko ambient kahte haiy, is wiste 
, ki sab chizou ko gherti hai 

Ambifa'rious, a. having a double meaning — dwyarthak—i\xmim\vi, domani » 

Ambigu'ity, s. obscurity of words, double meaning, uncertainty of signification — arther aspash' 

tatd, dwartha, arther sandigdhatwa — pechidagi, muzabzab mani, ibhdm, domani 
Ambiguous, a. doubtful, mysterious — sandehajanak, ghor, aspashta — mashkuk, pechdar, 

Ambiguously, ad. in a doubtful manner — aspashta rupe— pech se, ibhdm se 
Ambig'uousness, s. uncertainty of meaning — arther anishchay at wa — ghairmuqarrar mani, ibhdm 
Ambii'oquy, s. use of doubtful expressions — aspashtdrtha bdkya 6t/afea/iar— pechdar bdt kahna 
Ambit, *. the line that encompasses or encircles any thing — beshtan rekhd, ber — halqa, ddira 
Ambi'tion, s. an earnest desire of preferment, honour, or power ; great pride — sambhram bd 
uchchapad bd prabhdb dkdnkhyd ; dambha — hurmat ya dli martabaya hukdmat ki arzu, daiya ; 
takabbur [mutakabbir, dimaghi 

Ambi'tious, a. aspiring, pro\X(i,]y!dn—gaurabdkdnkhyita, rfam6/ii/c— sahib-i-daiya, hausilamand, 
Am'ble, vn. to move easily, to walk daintily and aflPectedly — sahaj rupe chalan, ndnd bidlia thdt 

bd bhangi kariyd c/ttt/an— yargha chalnd, dsdni y^ suhdliyat ya nazdkat se chalna 
Ambrosia, s. the name of a plant; any thing eminently pleasing to the smell or taste— brikhya 
bishesh ; atishay sugandhi bd suswddu drahya bishesh — parjatj tuba, amritphul, koi chiz j,o 
siingne men yk maze mea bahut pasandida hai 
Ambrosial, a. possessing ihe qualities of ambrosia,, fragrant, delicious — sugandhi, suswddu — 

khushbud&r, mazadar 
Ambula'tion,s. the act of walking — berdna — paidal chalna 

Ambusca'de, Arabusca'do, Am'bush, s. a private post in which men lie to surprise an enemy — 
satrur apekhydy Itikkdiyd thdkibdr sthdn — kamingah, gh4t ki jagah [asbab. 

Am el, s. the matter used for enamelling— je drahya dwdrd mindrhdj kard jdy — minak.ari ka 
Amen, ad. may it be so ; verily — ei mata hauk ; satya — S.min, aisd ho ^ 
Amenable, a. responsible, answerable to — ddyi, adkin — zeramal, jawabdih 
Ame'nance, s. conduct, behaviour, mien— ac/iaru«, byabahdr, chdli bd dkdr — chal, kirdar, taur 
Ame nde honorable, s: (Fr.)st. gentlemanly apology— 6/iadra/oiter nydy truli swikdr — uzr chdhna 
Ame'nd, v. to reform, grow better, correct — sudhrdna, siran — durust k. shayista k. 


AME (18) ANA 

Amendment, s. a reformation of life ; a change for the better ; recovery of health — ku ritighu- 
chiya suriti haod; manda ghuchchiyd hhalahaod ; «roji/a— durusti ; atwdr ko durust k. sihhat 
p^nd . [— jazd, badla 

Amends, s. recompence, satisfaction — pluil, badal, dosh shodhandrthe krita bd prati dattajdhd 
Amen'ity, s. pleasantness of situation— st/ia/ier rami/a<»f— jagah ki farhat 
Amer'ce, va. to punish by fine or penalty— rf/ia?ia danda dwdrd shisti rf.— jarim^ne sesazd <i. 
Amer'ceraent, s. pecuniary fine or penalty —d7ia?zii rfartc/a— jarimana 
Am'ethyst, s. a precious stone of a violet colour — mani bishesh — ydqut 

A'miable, a. lovely, pleasing, charming — pritijatiak, sundar, jnanoram— hardilaziz, ^mpasand 
A'miableness, s. agreeableness, loveliness— rawyaM, saundarjya, pritijanakatwa—imqhnViydit, 

khiibi, pasandidagi 
Am'icable, a. friendly, kind, obligin-;; — pritishil, hitaishi—do-^t6Ar, khairkhwdh 
Ara'icably, ad. in a friendly way — pranaypiirbak — dosti se, kliairkhwahi se 
Am'ice, s. the undermost part of a priest's shoulder-cloth, or alb — dhairnddhyakhyer uttdriya 

bastrer adhobhdg — pddri ke jubbe ke niche ka hissa 
Ami'd, Ami'dst, ad. in the middle, amongst— madrffte, abhyantare—hich, darmiydn 
Ami'ss, ad. faultily, criminally, wrong —manda rupe, dushyarupe, anydyrupe, aprakrita rupe 

— buri tarah se, khatA ke sath 
Arai'ssion, s. loss, deprivation, dismission — khyati, hdni, padachyiiti — nuqsan, bartarafi 
Ami't, v«. to lose, to drop, to dismiss— /iam«a, pheliydj. karma chyuta k. — kho d. gum k. 

Amity, s. friendship, love, harmony — bandhutd, priti, mii— dosti, ishq, mel 
Ammb'niac, s. the name of an Indian gum— g-oud bishesh, laban bishesh — naushadar 
Ammuni'tion, s. military stores— judrfW samagri— jang ka saman, jangi asb&b 
Am'nesty, s. an act of general pardon — khyamd patra— muafin&ma, tasallinlma 
Amo'ng, Amo'ngst, pr, mingled with — madhye—hich, darmiyah [ashiq 

Amorist, Amoro'so, s. a gallant, a lover — upapati, dsakta bd anuragi purush — husnparast, 
Ara'orous, a. disposed to love, enamoured— prcms/ii/, dsakta — ashiqmizlj, ishqb^z 
Amorously, ad. lovingly, fondly, kindly— dsaktipurbak, priti purbak—a.slnqaaa., piydr se, 

mihirbdni se 
Amo'n, a. dull, dejected, spiritless— sp/i?irti rahit, bimarsha, nirjib—snst, ghamghin, murdadil 
Amo'tion, s. the act of putting away— rf?tr bd sthdndntar karan—ek taraf k. [barhna 

Amo'unt, vn. to rise in value, to increase— mot, bd jumuL k. briddhi k. — tadad ko pahuuchnd, 
Amo'unt, s. the sum total, whole, result— mo<, fatat— jama, hamagi, tadad 
Am 'our, s. an affair of gallantry, an intrigue — upapatisankrdnta bishay, byabhichdrghq.tit 

bydpdr — ishq bazi, ySri, dshn^i 

Amphib'ious, a. that which partakes of two natures, so as to live in air or water — dwidharmak, 

arthdt jale-o-bdyute samabhdbe jibdhdranshakta-—doansun, ydne, jo janwar ki iatiddl se 

kabhi hawd mea kabhi pani mea zindagi karta hai [ y4 mashkuk man! ki guftogii 

Amphibol'ogy, s. discourse of uncertain meaning — aspashtdrthakkathopkathan — ghairmuayyan 

Amphib'olous, a. tossed about; doubtful — itastato utkhyipta ; anishchit bd sdndigdha — idhar 

udhar d4lA hiia ; mashkuk 

Amphis'cii, s. l..ce:i] those people who inhabit the torrid zone, whose shadows fall both 

ways — ek ayane eh dige anya ayane anya dige chhdydpareje deshe taddeshiya lok — mantaqa- 

i-mahruqa ke bashinde jinkfi sdya do taraf rahti hai 

Amphithe atre, s. a building in a circular or oval form for public amusements— feaufwfc 

darshandrtha goLbdbdddTjier dkriti ghar-~khdiSS'0-i.ta ke tamdsha dekhne ke wdste go] yd 

badam ki siirat k6 makdn [sakhi, data 

Am'ple, a. large, wide, liberal, diffusive — brihat, prashasta, prachur, bistrita — bara, chaura, 

Am'pleness, s. largeness, extent, liberality — brihatwa, prasastatd, prachur jya—bdiiki, chaurai, 

Am'pliate, va. to enlarge, to extend— ftamna, prasasta k. bistirna k.— barhana, kushada k. 
Ampliation, s. difFuseness, enlargement — bistdn, prasastatd, 6rid<i/ii— kushadagi, barhti 
Amplificate, va. to enlarge, (o spread out — bistdr k. — barliaua, phailana 
Amplifica'tion, s. enlargement, extension — briddhi, bistdratwa — barhao, phaildo 
Amplify, va. to enlarge, to exaggerate— ftarnna — barhdnd, chanddarchand k. 
Am'plitude, y. extent, largeness, capacity— fcistar, brihatwa, khyamatd — phailao, barhao, taqat 
Am'ply, ad. largely, liberally, copiously — prasasta rupe, bdhulya rupe, prachur rupe — bahutat 

se, kasrat se, afrdt se 
Am'putate, cut off a limb — angachhedan k. — azo ko k.4t dllna yd qalam k. 
Amputation, s. the act of cutting off a limb— angachhedan— dizo ko katdalna [mdduli—tSLwiz 
Am'ulet, s, an appendant remedy or preventive, always worn about the person — kabaj, bd 
Amuse, va. to entertain, to divert — dmadjanmdna — bahUnd, tafrih d. ' 

Amusement, s. a pastime or entertainment— a/noci, fc/ie/a— bahlao, farhat, tamdsha, khel 
Amu'sing, pa. entertaining, pleasing — dmodjajiak — dilchasp, farhatangez 

Amyg'dalate, a. made of almonds — bdddm nirmita—hiidim se bana hud [barabari se 

A'na, ad, in the same quantity, equally — samdndngshe bd tulya parimdne — -bardbar hisse mea, 
Anabap'tist, s. one of a religious sect who assert that baptism is improper till the person is of an 
age to answer for himself— ejfc bishesh dharma matdbuLanbi, tdnhdnder ei mat je, je-pav' 
jyanta dpanhitdhit bodh karite pare enn/t,t bayas nd hay tdbat jaLe marjaii riip khristdn 
dharmdbuUimban sangaskdr tdhd kartabya kahe — ek mazUab ke log jo kahte haia ici jab tak 
ki ddmi apnd nekobad aa sarnjhe, us ka mazhab m«a idad, duruat uahia 

ANA ( 19 ) A N E 

Anacarap' tic, a. any thing reflected, B.n echo--pratibiThbita, pratibimba bd pratidhwani jaiiak 
— wuh chiz jis ki s6rat baraks zjihir ho, gunj * [dunya 

Anac'horete, Anac'horite, s. a hermit — b'inaprastha bd sangsrirft/agi— •goshanashin, tarikud- 
Anac'hronism, s. an error in computing the time of any great event— kdl nirtipane bhram — 
tdrikh kl ghalatl ^bidyd — baraks roshani jAne ka fann 

Anacla'tics, s. the science or doctrine of refracted lights or vision— izptir bakragati bishayah 
Anacreontic, a. any thing having a relation to the ancient poet Anacreon — A'tidkrin nclmak 

prachin kabi sambandhii/a—Ankkrin sh^ir se nisbat r. w. 

Anadiplo'sis, s. reduplication, a figure in rhetoric, a repetition— dujitwo 6« digun k. bdkyer 

alankdr bishesh, punarukti — dohrao, ilm-i-fas^hat k^ ek qiida, taqiAr [rakht^ hai 

Anagoget'ical, rt. religiously mysterious — atyantaguhjya bd nig-rlr— jo jazba-i-im^ni se taaluq 

An'agram, s. a transposition of the letters of a sentence or a word, so as to form other words — 

ek pad ke anya pad karibdr nimitte tdhdr akhyar ultd pultd karan—ek lafz ya fiqre ko 

nninharif karnA aur lafzou ke ban^ne ke w^ste, tahrif, qalb [kd, muntakhab 

An'alect, s. fragments collected from authors— na 7id grantha haite sangr ah a ^bihnt kitdboii 

Analeptic, a. restorative, strengthening — pushtikdri — muqavvi [qarina 

Analogy, s. resemblance, similarity of one thing to another— sacfm/ii/a, ai/cy/i — mushfi.'bahat, 

Anal'ysis, s. a separation of any compound body into the parts of which it is formed, the chymi- 

cal reduction of metals, niinerals, &c. to their original principles — kana mishrita drabya 

haite pmtyek drabyake prithak karan, dhdtu bd prastarddi drabya haite tdhdder mill paddrtha 

nirgata fc.— murakkab chizoQ ko judA jud^ k. daw4 ki t^sfr se dhdt, paththar, w. g. asl par 

q^im k. tafriq, tashrih 

Analy'tic, a. belonging to an analysis— prft/iafc karan bishayak-r-t^friqi, ta-shrihi 

An'alyze, va. to resolve into first principles ; to reduce to its primitive parts — mul paddrtha 

nirgata k. prithak k, — asl par qdira k. tafriq k. tashrih k. 
Anamorpho'sis, s. a perspective projection, so made, that in one point of view an object shall 
appear deformed, and in another an exact representation-^emat chitra karan je ek dighaite 
darshan karile kaddkdr dr anya dighaite dekhile prakritdkdr dekhdy — ^jo taswir ki ek taraf 
se bad shakal aur dnsri taraf se durust shakal dikhldi de 
Aua'nas, s. the pine apjjle — dudras — anann^s 

Anaph'ora, s. in rhetoric, when several clauses of a sentence are begun with the same word — 
bikyer alankdr bishesh, arthdt bdkyer prithak prithak ddite ek shabda d.— ilm-i-fasdhat ki 

• rd se, ek fiqre ke kai hisson k^ ek lafz se shurii h. mussajja 

An'arch, s. [.arfcj an author of confusion — ulatpdlat bd golmdl kdrak — badamali k. w. ghadddr 
•Anarchy, s. a want of government, disorder, confusion, chaos, tumult — a,rdjakatd, asrinkhald, 

ulatpdlat, golmdl, huhthul — badamali, ghadr, halchal, andher, hangama 
Anasarc'a, s. a kind of dropsy — shoth — istisqa-i-zaqqi, jalandhar 
Anastomo'sis, s. the inosculation of vessels — shird sa;id/«'— ragoa ka mel 
Anas'trophe, s. [.. ./e] a figure whereby words that should have preceded are postponed — 

bdkyer agre ie shabda dbashyak tdhdke pashchdte sthdpan k. — muqaddam ko muakhkhar k. 

yane awal lafzou \g akhir mea Und 
Anath'ema, s. an ecclesiastical curse — shdstrdnujdyi ahhisdp — mazhab ke mu&fiq Idnat 
Anathem'atize, va. to pronounce accursed by ecclesiastical authority — shdstrdnujdyi sdp d. — 

mazhab ke baraujib tanat k. [w^qifk^r, tashrihdsLn 

Anatomist, s. one skilled in anatomy — shurir byabachhed bidyigyan — jism ki haqiqat k>i 
Anat'omy, s. the art of dissecting any animal body to discover exactly it^ structure — .^harir 

byahachhed bidyd — ilm-i-tashrih, vAne, jism ki tarkib ke dary^ft karne ka fann 
An'cestors, s. predecessors, forefathers — purbapurush, pitrt/ofe —d^dapard^da, abdajdad 
Ancestry, s. lineage, descent, birth— few/, ^artgs/ia, g-otra— gharana, khanadan 
Anch'or, s. an iron instrument, which, being fixed in the ground by means of the cable, keeps 

a ship from driving — nangar — langar 
Anch'or, v, to drop the anchor, to fix oxi— nangar phelan, baddha k. — langar dalna 
Anch'orage, s. ground for anchoring in ; a duty paid for leave to anchor — nangar karibdr sthdn ; 

nangarer mdshul — langarg^h ; langargah kd mahsul ^ ^ [t^rikuddunya 

Anch'oret, Anch'ortte, s. see Anachorete — bdnaprastha bd singsdr tdydgi — goshanashin, 
Ancho'vy, s. a small sea ^sh—samiidriya khyudra matsa bisliesh — samundar ki ek qism ki chlioti 

A'ncienl, a. [ane-tshent^ old, of old time — prachin, purbakalin — qadirh, derina^ 
*A'ncient, s. the bearer of a flag, an ens'i^n-^patdkd bdhan kartd, nisftrt/j— nishanbardar, jhand£ 
•An'ciently, ad. in old times, formerly — purbakdle, purbe—^^e, pahle, qadimulaya!.i 

• Ancientry, s. dignity of birth, ancient lineage — bangsher prdchinatwa, prdchin 6{/«g-*/ja— kh^na- 

ddn ki qadamat, qadimi nasal 

• A'ncients, s. men who lived in old times — purbak&lin je lokerd cfeTiik- purine, mutaqaddimin 
And, c. the particle by which sentences or terms are joined — ebang, dr — aur, o 

Andan'te, ad. in music, distinct, exact— spas^a, prithak prithak, thik — khula hua, thik 
And'iron, s. irons fixt to the end of a fire-grate, on which the spit turns— ^/tftZ^JT'tr hdtal jdhdte 

shifcg/mray— qulaba l . u^ ^ r - 

Andro'ginal, a. partaking of both sexes — /itjm— mukhannas [qissah, kahani, afsana, naql 

An'ecdote, s. a biographical incident — kona manushyer kona ek karma bd bishayer brittdnta — 
Anem'one, s. [. .o-ne] the wind dower— pushpa 6is/jes/i— shaqaiq-i-nuamitni 
An'enrism, s. {ayi-u.'] a disease of an artery, by which it becomes dilated— ra/cta prabdhak ndrir 

atishay sphiti bd bistdr—ek bimaii jis se rag philjdti haia 

A N E ( 20 ) ANN 

Ane'w, ad. over again, repeatedly— pwnirHr—phir, sarinau, naye sir se ^ [terJiberi 

Anfractuous, a. intrictte, winding— /je«c/ia/a, anek bank jukta, g/iurawiya— pechida.'kajma, 
A'ngel, s. a celestial spirit; a gold coin worth abeut 10s. — swargiya dut ; pdnch tdkdmulyak 

swarnamudrd bishesh — firishta ; p6j2ch riipai ki ashrafi 
Angerica,s. the name of a plant— 6ri^/tya bishesh — ek qisra kA biita 
Angel'ical, Angelic, a. heavenly, like angels— swar^iy^ d^tbat — .farishtakho 
An'ger, s. resentment, rage ; pain of a sore-^krodh, ushmd, ghdyer byathd — ghussa, khafagi ; 

zakhm k^ dard 
An'ger, va. to provoke, to enr,age — krodh janmdna, rdgdna — khaffi k. khijdn^ 
Angi'na, s. a disorder called the quinsy — kanthd rog-— khundq 

Angiog'raphy, s. a description of vessels in the human body ; the nerves, arteries, &c.— narz 
7dniay—yism ke rag reshepathe ka baiin [zawiya ; bansi 

An'gle, s. a point where two lines meet ; an instrument to take fish — kond hanrsi — kona, gosha, 
An'gle, vn. to fish with a fishing rod — chhiper dwdrd matsya dharan — bansi lagdna 
Anglicism, s. an English idiom or expression — Inglandiya bkdsdy bdkya prayoger riti — 
Angrezi zabdn ka muhdwara [jalta hd^ 

An'gry, a, provoked, enraged, 'm^dimed—krodhdnwita,jwdldbd bednd jukta — ghusse, khaf4, 
An'guish, s. excessive pain of mind or body — atishay minas bd shdririk pird — az4b, aziyat, dil 

ya jism kA nihayat dard 
An'gular, a. having corners or angles — konbishishia — koneddr, goshed^r 
Anhela'tion, s. the act of panting— ^anpa/ia — hampna, dam k. 
Animadver'sion, s. remark, reproof, blame, censure — dosh darshdna, anujog, nindd — sarzanish, 

tambih, chashmnuniili, mal^mat 
Animadvert, va. to remark or criticise, to reprove — dosh darshdna, anujog k. — zajr k, tarablh k. 

chashmnun\di k. malamat k. 

An'imal, s. a body endued with life, motion, and sense — a, not spiritual— ^■a«tu,^'t6— a. pashubdt 

bd bdjhendriyabishayak—ydnvtaiT, haiw^n — a. haiwdni [nlar? 

Animal'cule, s. a very small animal — khyudra kit — bahut chotd jdnwar, kire makore, haslirat- 

An'imate, va. to quicken, to give life to— sachetan k. jib d. autsukya janmdna— ydknii, zinda 

k. ji d. . ., • 

An'imate, a. living, possessing Xxie—jibita, jib bishishta — zinda, jand4r 
An'imated, j)a, lively, brisk, vigorous — sajib, autsukyajukta, satej — zinda, ch^l4k, qavi 
Auima'tion, s. the act of animating, the state of being enlivened — sajib bd sachetan k. autsukya 

— ^jil^nil, jAndari, chdlaki,ji 
An'imative, a. tending to animate, brisk— jiban bd chaitanya ddyak, sotc/— janbaklish, zindadil 
Animosity, s. aversion, hatred, malignity — dwesh, bairitd — khusdmat, ad^wat 
Anise, s. a species of parsley— tjzm—anisun, saunf 
Ank'er, s. liquid measure — drabadrabyer parimdn bishesh — araq ka nap 
An'kle, s. the joint between the foot and leg — gulpha — takhna 
An'nalist, s. a writer of annals — bibaranrackak — muwarrikh, tawarikh ka musannif 
An'nals, s. histories digested into years — biharan bd updkhyan — tawftrikli 
An'nals, s. first fruits, annual masses — prathamphal, Rurmiya girjdy ek bursa bydpiydje dra- 

dhaii I hare — pahla phal, naubar ; Rumi tarike ke saliyane ki niy^z 
Anne'al, va. [.jicie] to heat glass, or any thing, so as to give it the true temper — kd>ich bd kona 

drahya ke kafhiyi karandrtha tdt d,— shisha ya aur kisi chiz ko sakht karne ke w^ste tao d. 
Anne'x, va. to unite, to join, to connect- jog k. — lagan^, jornA, paiwand k. 
An'nex, s. the thing subjoined or annexed— sangyw^ta—jori hdi chiz 
Annihilate, va. to annul, to destroy — lop k.bindshk. — metn^, nabtid k. 
Annihila'tion, s. the actof destroying— WrtfisA — adam, fani, nas 
Anniver'sary, s. an annual or yearly festival or commemoration— a. annual — hirsliabriddhir 

dinjdhdkeparbarupepratipdlan kardjdy—a. bdrshik — barsi, roz-i-sal — a. harsala 
An'no Dom'ini, s. in the year of our hord—Ishtikhrishter s/ia/ce— -Hazrat Isa ke sinn men 
Annota'tion, s. an explanation, a note— h'^a— tafsir, sharah 
An'notator, s. a commentator, a critic — tikdkar—mvLtdLSsir 

Anno'unce, va. to publish, to proclaim — prakdsh k. ghoshand k. — zahir k. ishtih^r k. 
Anno'y, va. to injure, to molest, to vex — duhkha d. utpdt k. birakta k. — khijan^ 
Annoy'ance, s. thatwhich hurts or annoys — duhkha, utpdt — dukh, taklif, tasdi [ranjdih 

Annoy'er.s. one who injures or molests— tfii/i/cki dey bi utpdt bd birakta hare je~khijane w. 
An'nual, a. that which comes once a-year— 6ars/iifc — harsAla 

Annually, ad. year by year, yearly— proti fc.ttsar-salbasal, hars^l ^ 

Annu'itant, s. one who has an dinn\iiiy—jdbat jihandrthe birshik britti bhogi — saliy^nad^r 
Annu'ity, s. a yearly allowance for life— jd6at jibandrthe bdrshik 6ritti— zindagl taksaliy^na 
Annu"l, va. to abrogate, to repeal — lop k. uthiyd d. rahit k. — radd k. mauquf k. 

mansukh k. 
An'nular, a. having the form of a ring — anguriyak dkdr — chhal^sd, chhale ki tarah 
An'nulet, s. a little ring — khyudra anguriyak — chhota chhalil, chhoti anguthi 
Annu'merate, va. to add to, to include— jog k. bhukta k. — shamil k. bharti k. 
Annumera'tion, s. addition to a nnmher—piirba sankhydr sahitjog k.—hi.d, bhartt 
Annun'ciate, va. [. .s/*.] to bring tidings— sarag/)dd dnan— khabar lana 

•Annuncia'tion-day, s. the day celebrated by the church in commemoration of the angel's salu- 
tation of the Virgin Mary, being the 25th March — bdrshik jmrbabishesh : March mdser 
panchabingshati dibas, ai dibase ek swargiya dut Ishu Khrishtt^' janmabdrtd Mariamke gyduta 

UNO (21) ANT 

kariyd chhilen— M&vchmdihiueki pachiswfn t6riBk kifarishte neusi tftrikh koHazrat Isd ke 

paida hone ki khabar Hazrat Mariam ko di thi 
An'odyne, a. mitigating pain, assuaging — byathopashama kdri, nirastakdrak — dard ko kam k. 

w. taskin d. w. 
Ano'int, va. to rub with oil ; to consecrate— faif mdkhdna ; abhishek k. — tili. k. tel lagdn^ ; sir 

par tel lagikar makhsns k. [qdida 

Anom'alism, Anom'aly, s. irregularity — byabsthd bd niyam 6a/iir6AM<ait.— bedastur, khildf-i- 
Anoa'ymous, a. without a name, unknown — ndtnhin bd nirndm — ben^m, gumndm 
Ano'ther, a. not the same ; one more— anya ;' ar«/f— diisra ; aurek [k. hall k. 

An'swer va. to reply to; to resolve — uttar d. sandeha bhanjan bdkathindrthaprishld1c'.''—}a.wAb 
Answer, s. a reply, a confutation, a solution — uttar, khandan bd parihdr, sandeha bhanjan bd 

kalkindrtha spashta fc.— jaw^b, jawftb-i-mAqul, inkishftf 
Answerable, a. that to which a reply may be made ; obliged to give an account — uttar jogt/a ; 

rfayi— na'umkinuljawdb; jaw^bdih, zimmawlr 
Ant, s. an emmet, a pismire, a small provident insect — pipilikd — cheuut4., mor 
Antag'onist, s. an opponent, an adversary — bipakhya, prati6«di— harif, muqabil, mukhdlif 
Antarc'tic, a. relating to the southern pole — prithibir dakhyin kendra sambandhiya — janfibiqutb 

kfl nisbatddr 
Ante, a Latin praticle signifying before — Latin bhdshdr abyay sabda, ihdr artha purbe bd agre 

—Latin zabdn kd zarf jo dge ki mdni rakhtS. hai 
Antece'de, vn. to go before, to precede — agragdmih. purbabarti h. — iige jana 
Antece'dence, s. the actpf going befoTe^agrgaman bdpiirbe /t.— fige jAnd, qabi li. 
Antece^dent, a. going before, preceding — agra garni, purba gata—k%Q j. w. peshrau 
Antece'dent, s. that which goes before; the noun to which the relative is subjoined— pur&eAay 

bd agre kare je ; je shabder par jini,jdhd, ttyadi shabda deod jdy — k^Q '}. w. muqaddam 

ydne mutaalaq mausill ka 
An techamber, s. the chamber adjoining, or leading to the principal apartment — darddldn 

— jilau khdna, bdhar ka kamrd 
Antedate, ya. to date before the real time— prirhakir tdrikh d.—ige ki tdrik ddlnd 
Antediluvian, a. existing before the deluge — '^uher samayeje jatapldban hay tdhdr purber— 

Hazrat N6h ke tiifan ke dge kd 
Antelope, >•. a kind of goat with curled or wreathed horn— fcaisar— hiran 
Antemeridi'an, s. before noon, mornmg— pur ban ha — dopahar ke dge 
Antemun'dane, a. that which was before the creation of the world ; eternal— prit/iifti shrishtir 

P«r6e;— jahan ke paidd hone ke age kd 
An'tepast, s. foretaste— p«r6er swdddnubhab—^ge kk maza 

Antepenult', s. the last syllable but two in any word, as te in antepenult— s 7 &rfrt«*aA:j(ar dwaer 
purbdkhyar—Akh'ir se maqabl tisri hijje [ausfetfci/i —tashannujkidawa 

Antepilep'tic, s. a medical preparation against convulsions— mrigt bd murchhd bdyunibdrak 
Anterior, a. going before, prior to—piirbe, n^^e— pesbrau, qabl [peshi 

Anterior'ity, s. priority in time or silxidition— pur habifr tit wa, agrahartitwa — waqt yd jagah ki 
Anth'emj^. a holy song or divine hymn—ishwarbishayak ^-an— ildhi git , 
Anthol'ogy, s. a collection of flowers, poems, or devotions — pushper bdkabitdr bd ishwarastaber 

sangraha — guldasta, phulou ka guchha, majmuulashdr 
Anthropoph'agi, s. cannibals, eaters of human tie>h—rdkhyas—Ta.chhis, ddamkhor 
An'tic, a. whimsical, odd, ridiculously wild — hdsyajanak, dnkhd, bhdnrernydy — maskhardna, 

zataliana, tarangi, bandarchdl 
An'tic, s. a buffoon, he that uses antics— ftMnr, nakali — mashkara, bhdnd, naqqdl 
An'tichrist, s. an adversary to Cbxhi'-Khrishter bipakhya— HazTdit Isa kd mukhdlif, dajjal 
Antichris'tian, a. opposite t6 Chnsiidinity—Khrishtdn mater biruddhdchdri — Isawi mazhab kd 

Anti'cipate, va. to foretaste, to take something sooner than another so as to prevent him that 

comes Siher— purbe dswdddnubhab k. anyer purbe grahan dwdrd anyer nibdran k. — pahle 

mazachaknd, peshdastik. sabqat k. [peshdasti, peshqadami, sabqat 

Anticipation, s. the act of taking up something before its time— niyamita kdldprdpte grahan— 
Antic' ly, ad. droUy, with odd gestures— rart^pttrbafc, bhdnrer bhangi pMr6afc-~khushtabai se, 

tamaskhur se 
Anticli'max, s. a sentence in which the last part is lower than the first— je bdkyer pnrb4 
apekhyd shesh bhdge Idghabdrtha bdchakhau—fiqrd, ki jis ke dkhir meji mdm ki takhtif pdi 
jae, masalan /azi/ thd, khwdnda thd, lelcin kuchjdntd thd ruu^ve 

Anticouvul'sive, a. good against convulsions— /c/ieac/irtni rog ndshak -lashannuj ki dawd Lknahfy 
Anticourt'ier, s. one that opposes the court — rdj sabhdsader biruddhdchdri—^ kd mu- 
Antido'tal, a. that which counteracts poison— 6ts/i ndsAa/c— tiriyaqi, zahrmuhrai 
Antidote, s. a medicine to expel poison — bish ndshak aushad—tiriy&q, zahrmuhra 
Antife'brile, a. good against fevers— ji/;arag/i?ja — tap ki dawa ^,,,1 l tu-up 
Antimonarch'ical, a. against monarchy — ekddhipatyer biruddha — bddshdhat ke knildt 
Antimo'nial, a. made of antimony — surmdnirmi ta — surme se banajd hud [surma 

An timony, s. a mineral substance, which destroys all metals fused with it but gold— surma— 
Antino'mians, s. a religious sect who prefer mere faith to practical morality— «fc buhesh dharmd- 

krdnta lok jahdrd kebal Parameshware dsthdnxvita hay kintu satkamer adar karena—yfixli 

fariq jo tawakkul ko aziz rakhtd hai aur nek atwdroa ko kam lihdz kartd hai 

ANT ( 22 ) APA 

An'tiuomy, s. contradiction between two laws, or two clauses in the same \a.w~dui hyahasthdr 

birodh,b(i ek byaikisthdr madhye dui stkaler birodh—do ^inoQ meny^ ek din Ice do hissoii men 

barkhil&fi . _ [mukhalif 

Antipathet'cal, a. having a natural contrariety to any thing— swabhdbata biruddha~^^^i\i 

Antip'athy,s. a natural hatred, aversion, or dislike to any thmg—dwesh, ghrind, /)im^tt— nafrat, 

kardhiyat [Khudd ki tdrif ki git 

Anti'phone^ s. [.. .7jg] a hymn of praise — Ishwarer stutibishayak gdn — manqabat, mundqib, 

Antiph'rasis, s. the use of words in a sense opposite to their proper meaning — biparitdrthe kona 

shabda byabahdr fc.— asl mdni ke khildf lafz kd istiamal k. , 

Anlip'odal, a. relating to the antipodes— p>-it/ii6tr biparit pdrshwastha lok sambandhiya — dunyd 

ke us taraf ke rahnewdloa se jo taaluk rakhtd hai 

Antip'odes, s. [.. .de:^ those people, who, living exactly on the opposite part of the globe, hava 

their feet pointed against oiirs—jdhdrd prithibir biparit pdrshwe bd$ karta dmddger pdyerdii^e 

yd kariyd thdke--}o log ki dunyd ke kure ke us taraf rahtehaia aur un ka pdaw hamare paaw 

ke sdmne hotd hai [Rum ke sarddr padri ki mukhalif 

An'tipope, s. one that usurps the popedom — Romiya niahd dharmddhakhayer paddharankcirtd — 

Antiqua'iian, An'tiquary, s. one who studies antiquity ; a collector of ancient things— ptirfta- 

knlinbishay aiiusandhdn kartd, purakdliyi drabya sangraha kartd — jo salaf kd hdl darydft 

karne meu masrif rahtd hai, purine chizop kd jama k. w. 

An'tiquate, va. to make obsolete — abyabahdrjya bi aprachalit k. — berawdj k.d. [wazai 

Anti'que,«a. [.fcefc] ancient, old fashioned — prdchin, purdtan prakdrer — qadim, purdna, qadim- 

*Anti'que, s. a piece of antiquity, a relic— pur6a/ca/i» dratya—ssAd-i ^i chiz, sdbiq zamdne ki 

Anti'quity, s. time past, long ago, ancientness, the people of old times — piirbakdl, prdchinatwa, 
purbakdter lok — pahla waqt, sdbiq zamdn, salaf, aydm-i-mdzi, qaddmat, qadim log 
Antis'cii, s. [. .ce-i] people who live under the same meridian of latitude, but different sides of 
the equator, equally distant, the one to the north, the other to the south ; they therefore have 
noon and midnight at the same' time ; but while the one ha^ 'summer, the other has winter— 
bishub rekhdr utradakhyin uhhay pdrshwe samdn dure sama stitre sthita lok, se dui sthnne ek 
kdleimadhydnha ebang arddha rdtahay, kintu thdreksthdncjakhan grishma takhan anya sthale 
shit hay — khatt-i-istiwa ke jdnibain ke rahnewdle, jo janub aur shimdl men barabari se rahte 
haiii,aisakidopaharaur adhlrdt dononjagah menekwaqt hold hai, lekin jabki ek jagah garmi 
kd mausim hota hai dusri men sardi kd mausim hotd hai 
Antiscorbu'tic, a. good against the scurvy — skarbi ndme labanaja rog ndshak — kharish ki dawa 
Antisep'tic, s. a medicine to prevent putrefaction — pachd nibdran kare je <xits/iai/i— saran ki 

dafa k. w. dawd 
Antis'trophe, s. [.../e] in an ode sung in parts, the second stanza of every three— 
bhdg bhdg kariyd gdy je gdn tdhdr kabitdtrayer madhye dwtiya, kabitd — ghazal jo shiar ba 
shiar qataba qatagay; jdti hai, us ke har qate ke bdd dusrd qata 
Antith'esis, s. opposition of word or sentences, contrast — pader bdbdkyer baiparitwa, baiparitwa 

— batoiiydjumlon kd muAraza, muqabila 
Antitrinita'iian, s. on who denies the doctrine of the Christian Trinity— :je mate Ishwarke 
triby 'ktydtmak kahe tdhdr amdnyakdri — taslis kd inkar k. w. [chiz ki ji? ki naql ki jae 

An'tiiype, s. that which is resembled or shadowed out by the type — ddarsha, ddrshldnta — wuh 
Autity'pical, a. that which explains the type — pratimiirtir gydnpak—ndiq} kA izhdr k. w. • 
Ant'ler, s. the branch of a stag's horn — mriger shririga sdkhd — hiran ke sing ke shakhea 
Antoe'ci, s. [.fee.] tho-^e inhabitants of the globe who live under the same longitude and lati- 
tude, but in different heuiispheres— prit^iirir ^Cttar ebang dakhyin pdrshwe bishub rekhdr 
unuprasthngdmi rekhdte bishub rekkd haite sama parimdn dilra sthdnbdsimanushya — jo log ki 
khatt-i-istiwa ke jAnibain meii lambai aur chaurai ke r6 se baribar fdsile par rahte haiu 
Antonoma'sia, s. [. . . .zhe-a] a form of speech, in which instead of a proper name, the dignity 
is used, as a king is called his majesty — bdkyer alankdr bishesh, arthdt kona byaktir ndm- 
paribarte tdhdr gun bd mar jyddd bodhak sabda likhan, jathd rdjd sangyan sabda paribarte 
tat prabhdb bd tat shrijukta sangydn byabahdr hay — ek muhavara hai ki ndm ki jagah men 
tazim ka lafz bolie hain, jaisd ki badshdh ke nkm ki jagah hazrat kahte haia 
An'tre,s. [.tur] a cave, a den, a cavern— ^-arta, gahbar guha — ghdr, khoh 
An'vil, s. an iron block which smiths use— nei — nihdi, sindan 
Anxiety, {^ang-zi..} Anx'iousness, s. \angk-shus.^ perplexity, solicitude about any future event, 

depression of spirits— ttdfteg', utkantjiitatwa, c/li7^ta— andesha, turaddud, fikr, uddsi 
*Anx'ious, a. solicitous, much concerned — utkanthit; bhdbit, udbigna — fikrmand, mutaraddid 
Any, a. every, either, whosoever— jefce/ia, keha, kona, jekona — koi, harek, jokoi 
Ao'nian Mount, s. the fabled residence of the muses, the hill Parnassus — kdbyer adhishtkdtri 
debtdder bdsasthdn rupe bar7iita Pdrndsas ndmak parbat — Parnassas, Yunin ka paliar jaiida 
mashiir karte the, ki nau, deotidn ki jin ko ilm-i-shdiri w. g. men qudrat thi, rahti thi 
A'orist, a. indefinite, indeterminate — anishchit — bemuqarrar, ghair muayyan 
Aor'ta, s. the great artery which rises immediately out of the left ventricle of the heart — rhit 
pinder bdm kosh haite nirgataje rakta prabdhak brihatndri—w\ih rag jo dil ki bdia taraf 
se nikli hai 
Apa'ce, ad. quickly, speedily, with haste — sighra, tuvstray— jaldi, shitdbi 

Apa'rt, ad. separately, privately, at a distance — prithak, chhdrd, guptartipe, diire — alag, poshi- 

dagi men, d6r yd tafdwat par [kamrd 

Apart'ment, s. a part of a house, a room— 6a/tr ekdngsha arthdt m,ahal, ghar, /cu.fari— kothrj. 

A P A ( ^3 ) A P P 

Ap'athy, s. a want of seasibility, coldness, indolence, exemption from pdmsionsdrhinatwa, 

finanojgitd, kuremi, anudyamatd bd anddsya—hepdLTw&i, kahili, ghaflat, tajdhul, murdadili 
Ape, s. a kind of monkey, a mimxc—bdnar bishesh, 6/inur— bandar, bhAnd 
Ape, va. to imitate ludicrously, to mimic — bdnarer nydy bhangi k. bhengdna — bandar kl tarah 

banind, naql k. ' [akhyam, felieda/c— kholnewaI&, raulaiyyin 

Ape'rient, a. that which has the quality of opening, medicines gently purgative — khulari' 
Aper'tion, s. an opening, a passage, a gap— ^jft^ufc, path, rand/i?-a— chhed, Stirikh 
A'perture, s. [. .tshure'] an open place, a g^p—randhra, phdnk — chhed, sdrSkh 
Apet'alous, a. having no petals— pafcri/tin — bepajikhri 
A'pey, s. the tip or point of a thing— <iig-<f — kisi chiz ki ndlc yd sir 
Aphe'lion or Aphe'liura, s. that part' of a planet's orbit which is the most remote point from 

the sun — grahagaman patherje angsha siirjya haite anydngsha apekhyd ati dur — saiydre k4 

ddira jo suraj se ziyftda dur hai 
Aph'orism, s. a maxim, precept, general rule — sutra, bidhi — masla, maqfila, qdida, naslhat ki bat 
A'piary, s. a place where bees are kept— mudhu makhyikd rakhyan st/ifiu— shahd ki makkhl kf 

rakhne kA makdn 
Apie'ce, ad, to each one share, for ea,eh — pratyek bhdge, pratyek ke — ekek ko, harek ko 
A'pish, a. foppish, silly, insignificant— 6anar swabhdb, miirkha, tuc/icAfta— bandar ke mdnind, 

nftddn, nichiz 
Apoc'alypse, s. a revelation, the last book in the sacred CdiXiOn—dptabachan, daibabdni, Kkrish' 

tdn dharnia pustaker sheshgrantka — wahi, ilham, Injil ki akhir jild 
Apocalyp'tical, a. containing revelation— ^aftafe dptabdkya thdke — ilhimi 
Apoc' cope, s, [o-pofc-o-p«] a figure in grammar, when the last letter or syllable of a word is 

taken away— s/fafcder antdkhyarer ^op— hazf, ydne kisi lafz k4 akhir barf kam h. j. 
Apocrypha, s. books whose authors are not certainly known adjoined to the bible — Khrishtdn 

dharma granther sdhit thdke agydnta grantha kartdr je aprdmdnya grantha — kai kilabeii jo 

Baibalke sdth hamjild hoti halij aur unk musannif ke taaiyun hone men shakk hai 
Apoc'ryphal, a. not canonical, uncertain — ashdstra, aprdmdnya — beshara, shakki 
Apoc'ryphally, ad. uncertainly, doubtfully — atiirddhdrit rupe, aprdmdnya bd apramdn rupe 

— fcetaaiyyuni se, shakk se 
Apodic'tical, a. evident, demonstrative — spashta, pramdn siddha—za.hiT , sdbit 
Apogee, 5. that point in the heavens in which the sun or any planet is at its greatest possible 

distance from the earth during its revolution — dkdshe swagaman pradakhyin kale prithibi 

mundal haite shiirjer bd griher sarbdpekhyd durasthdn—Asmi.n ki wuh jagah ki jahaji 

se ifi6b aur saiylre zamiti ki gardish se ziyftda dur hain [uzr k. w. 

Apploget'ical, a. defending, execusing — dosher heta darshak, truti swikdrdrthak—mntd^dizzir, 
Apol'ogize, va. to plead for, to excuse— das/ier hetu darshdna, truti swikdr k. — uzr k. 
Apologue, s. r. Jog] fable, story contrived to teach some moral tr\iih—nitibodhak upakathd — 

masal, kahawat 
Apology, s. a defence, an excuse — dosher hetu darshdna, truiiswikdr~~\xzr 
Apophthegm, s. [.o-them] a remarkable saying— uttaftto/cti—qaul-i-mash6r, kalAm-i-maqbiil 
Apoplec'tic, a. relating to an apoplexy— 6ts/if's/i mrigi rog sambandhiya — saktaddr 
Ap'oplexy, s. a sudden deprivation of all sense and motion by a disease— je roge akasmit gydn 

gatishakti rahit hay, mrigi rog bishesh — sakta 

Apos'tacy, s. a departure from tlie religion before professed, dereliction— su;a(i/iarma tydg k. — 

"apne mazhab ko tark k. [k. w. 

Apostate, s. one who renounces his religion — swadharmatydgi — murtadd, apne din se inkdr 

Apos'tatize, vn. to change one's religion, to forsake one's principles— tid/iarmi h. swamatatydgi 

/t.— -murtadd h. apne din ko tark k. 
Apos'tle,s. a person sent to preach the gospel, particularly those despatched by our Saviour 

for that purpose — Khrishtdn dharma prachdrdrthe prerita byakti, bisheshahta sei karme 

jdhdrd Isu Khriihter dwdrd prerita haiydchhiia — havv5.ri, wuh log jin ko Hazrat Isd ne Injil 

ki tdlim ke wdste bhejd 
Apostrophe, s. [.. .fe] in grammar, a mark thus ( ' ) signifying the contraction of any word, as 

can't, for cannot; a sudden turn in a discourse — shabda sankhyper chiriha (') jathd 

cannot sabd ke sankhyep kariyd can't likhe, ek bishaye bdkya kahata hatnt anya bishayer 

kathd upasthit &.— lafz ke ikhtisftr ki aisi nishdni (') ki jaisfi, cannot ko can't likhte haia ; 

zabin pherni '[prastut kartd — dawdfarosh 

Apoth'ecary, s. a person whose business is to prepare medicines for sale — bikraydrthe aushadh 
Ap'othem, s. see Apophthegm — apoppthegm sabda deWia— aizan apophthegm 
Apothe'osis, s. the consecrating or deifying any person after dedit\i—mai andnantar manushyalce 

debtd rupe ganya k. — 4dmi ko b^d marne ke deotd rauqarrar k. 
Ap'ozem, s. a decoction or infusion of herbs— fcu^atA bd pauc/tan— joshanda [haibat dikhldud 
Appai, va. to fright, to daunt, to terrify — bhay dekhdna, trdsjukta fc.— dardnd, dhamkdnd. 
Appanage, s. lands set apart by princes for the maintenance of their younger children— rajar 

kanishia santdn pratipdlan janye niriipit 6/iu/nt— bddshAh ki chhoti auldd kl maish ke 

waste jo zamin muqarrar hai 
Appara'tus, s. any tools, furniture or neccessary instruments for any trade, &c. — jantra, astra- 

shostra, sdj,saranjdm — sdz, sdmAn, sarinjdm, dldt, asb^b 
Apparel, s. dress, clothing, vestments— paric/i/iad, kdp(f,r, poshdk—llh&s, kapr^, poshdk 
Appar'el, va. to dress, to deck, to cover — Ifdpar pardna, beshbinyds k. dchchhddit &.— poshdk 
pahinai, zeb d. dh^aknfi 

•APP ( 24 ) 


Appa'rent, a. plain, evident, certain— ftyafcta, pratyakhya, spashja, nishchay-^z^h'n, huwaida, 

sarfh, yaqia • [deklme meii 

Appa'rently, arf. evidently, visibly, openly —pratakhya^rupe, spashla rupe — z^hiia, saiihan 

Appari'tion, s. apr^earaace, a spectre — dkdr, chhdyd, hkiit — suiat, blidt, palit, palld 

Apparitor, s. a low ecclesistical officer — dharmasankrdnta dddlate nichapadastha tryakti — 

Is^i ibadatgah ka chhota mujawir [baramad k. nAlish k. ilzAm d. gila k, 

Appe^ach, va. to impeach, to censure, to reproach, to accuse — abhijog k. dosh d. apabdd k,~ 

Appe'achraent, 5. an accusation, a charge — abhijog, apabdd—wkV\^\\, barfiraad 

Appe'al, .s. removal of a cause from a lower to a higher court— c/i/io/o dddlater bichdre atuskla 

haiyd bara dddlate bichdr prdrthand — appil, yane ohhoti adalat se naraz hokar bari atlal'at 

meu iqsif ch^hnd [appil k. yaae diisre se insaf chahna, miisanud k. 

Appe'al, D7t. to refer to another as judge— oraj/a bichir kartdr nikaLe bichdr prdrthand k. 

Appe'ar, va. to become visible, to be insight, to be evideat—pratakhya h. drishta h. spuskla h. 

— nazar^n^, dikhla. d. zahir h. 
Appearance, s. the act of coming into sight; semblance, not reality; show, probability — 
drishta h. dkdr, bdjhyabhdb bd bahirdarshan, sambhaband—zuhdr ; zahirdari, numaish 
sural, shakl, ihtimai 
Appea'se, ra. to pacify, to calm, to reconcile, to put in a state of peace— s^a»ta k. sthir k. 

nirast'i k. — taskin d. thanda k. mananfi. 
Appeasement, s. the state of "being at peace — shdnti, susthiratd — tashaffi, tasalli, taskin 
Appel'lant, i. a challenger at arms; one who appeals to a superior couitsAatruke juddhe 

dhbdnkdri i punar bichdr prdthak-Adskx chahne w. jangjo ; appil k. w. musanna k. w. 
Appellation, s. a name, title, term — ndm, up id/it— ism, laqab, nam 

Appellative, s. names for a whole rank of beings are called appellatives— jati bdchak shabda-^ 
ism-i-jihs, jais^, insdn, shakar, w. g. [khw^hi ka 

Appel'latory,^. containing an appeal— pitnar66ic/iar prdrthandrthak—a.ppili, mukarrar d^d 
Append, va. to hang or join to, to add to-'latkdna,jog /c.— latkana, joi;na, lagaaa 
Append age, s. something added — anyete jukta kona dm^a— paiwand, ilAqa, mulhaq 
Appendant, s. an adventitious pdiit—dnushangik paddrtha—Avizi chiz 
Appendant, Appended, a. hanging to, annexed, belonging to, concomitant — latkdna, jukta, 

sambandhiya, djmshangik—lditk^ hu&, lahiq, taalluq, hamrah 
Append'icate, va. to join to, to append— sajigjo^ /c.— paiwand k. ilhaq k. [takmlla 

Append'ix, s. supplement, addition made — nyilnatd purak angsha, &angjuktdngsha — tatimma, 
Apperta'in, vn. to belong to^arshan, sambandha rdkhan — laga r. daqa rakhna, taaluq rakhna ' 
Apper'tinent, a. belonging or relating to — sambandhiya — mutaalliq, qisbatdar 
Ap petence, s. sensual desire — shdririksukhibkildsh—s,\\dL\iw^\.^ 
Appetibil'ity, s. the state of being desirable — 6ancManfi/otu>a— arzukijane ki hai^t 
Ap'petibie, a. engaging, desirable-r6ftncA/*aHt2/a — arzd Ke qabil, dilchasp 
Ap'petite, s. hunger, earnest desire of pleasure, violent longing— .fcAj/udAt, shdririk skukhechhd, 

ati&hay ichhd — bhukh, raghbat, kwahish 
Applau'd, va. to extol, praise, commend — dkanyabdd k. prash^ngsd k, sukhydt k. — ftfrin k. 

sar^hna, t^rif k. 
Applau se, s. approbation, praise— pz-asAawg-sa, sukhydti — ^afrin, tarif 

Ap'ple, s. a common fruit ; pupil of the eye — shebphal bd dtd ; nayantdr^-^seh; dnkh ki putli 
Applicable, a. suitable, proper, ^t—jogya, upajukta, saiigata — I4iq, munasib, qabil 
Application, 5. the act of applying, intense study, great industry, the act of applying to any 
person as a petitioner — Ldgdna, manonibesh, parishrain, prdrthand bd darkhdst — lagao, 
shughl, tandihi, darkhwast 
Ap'plicative, a. relating to application — Idgite pare, sangata, manonibesh bd parisram hdprdr- 

thand sambandhiya — lagao yd tandihi ya darkhwast se jo nisbat rakhta hai 
Appli'er, Ap'plicant, s. a student, one who applies, a petitioner — Idgdy je, manonibeshi, pari- 

sramkdri, prdrthak—hgAne w. shughl k. w. darkhwast k. w. 
Apply, V. to put one thing to another; to study ; to address to; to suit, to agree — ldgdna, 
manonibesh k. prdrthand k. jogya b'l sangata h. — lagin^, shughi k. darkhwast k. sazawar b. 
munasib h. ^ . [qarrar k. 

Appo'int, va. to determine, to name to an office — ninipank. bd nijukta fe.— thahrana, mu- 
Appoint'ed. pa. settled, agreed on, chosen — reirf<pjta,7iyu/cra— muqarrar k. g. mahiid, chund hufi 
Appoint'ment, s. a stipulation, salary, post— wii/off, nirnpit mulya,pad — wada, mushahara, uhda 
Apportion, va. to divide into just p^rts—jathdrthi, rupe bibhdg k. — wajibi se taqsim k. 
Appose, va. to question, examine, pmzlQ—jigydtisdk. parikhyd k. hd manojog kariyd dekhan — 

saw^l k. imtihan lena, mat k. 
Apposite, a. suitable, fit, well adapted to— jogya, upajukta — Uiq, muwafiq, thik 
Appositely, ad. suitably, fitly, timely— jo^ya rupe, upajukta rape, «pjufctafcfl/«— muwAfaqat 
se, liyaqat se, barwaqt [mil h. 

Apposi tion, 6. addition of new matter— mitan bishayer bd drabyer sanjog—ndiyi chiz ka shl- 
Appra'ise, va, to value goods for sdAe—miilya sthir k.jdchdi k. — mol mukarrar k. tashkhis k. 
Appraisement, s. the act of valuing — mulya nirupan — tashkliis 

Appra'iser, s. one who values or appraises — mrdya nirnpalc, jdchanddr — mushakhkhis, muqim 
Apprehe'nd, va. to seize on, to arrest ; to compreliend or understand ; to fear — dharan, gereftdr 

k.bojhan; bhayk. — pakarna, giriftdr k. sainajhna ; darna 
Apprehen'sion, «.fear ;conceptioQ ; seizure— b/iay; bodh; dharan— da.T; samajh; gariftari [fahm 
Apprehensive, u. fearful, perceptive— 6/*«yju/c(a, bodhakhyam 6a 6o(iAfcari— dahshatadk, tea 

APP (25) ARB 

Apprent'ice, s. one bound by covenant to a tradesman or artificer, who engages to instruct him 

fully in his art or mystery— kono bj/abasdyi bd skilpirnikate tdhdr byahasdy bd bidydskikhydr- 

tke je byakti niyampatra dwdrd baddha hay, skil-pabidyd shikhe je bd shikyd ?ia6ts— shag:ird 

kisi k^rigar yi saudagar kS, ki jo miild-i-mdhuda tak hunar yd peshe ke sikhne ke wdste ustdd 

ke p4s k&rguz&rrahe 
Apprent'iceship, s. the term limited for the service of an apprentice— fcyafcasrfy bd shilpa bidyd 

shikhydr niyamit kdl — apprentis ki kSrguzari ki muayyan muddat [jlnnd, qadr k. 

Appte'ciate, Da. [..sAe.] to estimate, to value — kona bishnyer midya bd gun bodh k. — aziz 
Appn'ze, va. to inform, to acquaint — gydijta fc.— w&qif k. khabar d. 
Appri'zed, pa. [. .} informed, instructed — gydnpita — wdqif k. g. muttala 
Appro'ach, s. the act of drawing near to — nikat barti h. — dmad, nazdik 4nd 
Appro' ach, va. to draw or bring near to — nikaiejdon bd nikate a;ian— nazdik dna yd lind 
Approbation, s. the act of approving — bhdla gydn bd grdjhya hd pasanda k. — pasand k. 
A pp ro' priate, ra. to set apart, consign to any particular use— fcona bishesh karjydrtke bhinna 

kariydrdkhan, kona biskeshkdrjye bdbishaye iagrfna— makhsusk. kisi kamke waste muqarrar k. 
Appropriation, s. the application of something to a particular use or purpose — kona bishesk 

kdrjye bd bishaye Idgdna— kisi chiz ko kisi kim ke wkste khdss k. tashakhkhus, taqarrur 
Appro'vable, a. meriting approbation — grdjhya bd anttrag-rtrAa— pasand karne ke qabil * 
Appro'val, Approve'ment, s. approbation— sammati bd tusA.^i— qafctil, manzuri 
Appro've, va. to like or allow of; to commend, to be pleased v/W-h— bhdla gydn bd grdjhya bd 

pasand k. anurdg k. santushta h. — pasand k. qabtil k. tirif k. masrflr h. [mumtalian 

Approv'ed, pa. [. .] liked, tried, examined — manonita,parikhyita, bibechita — pasandida, azmuda, 
A pprox'imate, a. to come near — nikatbarti A.-^nazdik j. qarib h. 
Approximation, s. approach to any thing — nikal bartan — nazdik jana 
Appu'lse, 5. the act of striking against — dhdkkd, iAes— takkar, zarb 
Appur'tenance, s. that which appertains to something else— sarjgjufcta bishay, dsbdb bd duldt — 

jo chiz ki dusri chlz ke mutaaliq hai 
A'pricot, A'pricock, s.a wall {tnit—phal 6is/ies/i— khnbani 
A'pril, s. the fourth month of the ye^r—Inglandiya batsarer chuturtha mash, arthdt Chaitrer 

sheshdrdha o Baishdkher prathamdrdha—Angrezi sdl k& chauthd mahind, ydne Chait 

kd dkhir ddhd aur Baisdkh kd pahld ddhd, rablussdnl 
A'pron, s. [a-purn'] a part of dress ; that which covers the touch hole of a cannon to keep off 

the wet — anya bastrer dchhdduk rupe je bdstra ke sammukhepare — tahband 
Apt, a. fit, ready, quick, qualified, inclined — upajukta, jogya, satwar^ prakhar, karanshil bd 

haonshil-^, taiydr, chdldk, qdbil, mdil 
Ap'titude, s. fitness, teadQncy, disposition— 'jogyatwa,v.pawgit4, bhdb,swabhdb — qdbiliyat, mail, 

sallqa [jprakharatdpfirbak — mdqdliyat se, saliqe se, zihdnat se 

Apt^ly, ad. properly, justly, readily, acutely — upajukta rupe, jathdrtha riipe, twardpurbak, 
Apt'ness, s. quickness of apprehension ; fitness, readiness, tendency, suitableness — buddhlr 

prakharatd ; jagyatwa, satwaratd, upajagitd, upajuktatwa—tezisLhi.mi ; Hydqat, taiydrl, mail, 

raghbat, qdbiliyat-^ [aushadh bishesh— tez^b 

Aquafor'tis, s. a corrosive liquor made by distilling nitre with calcmed vitriol— ;/iorajaf a 
Aquat'ic, a. growing or living in the water— -jaiaja bd jalachar—ibi, darydi, jalchar 
Aqueduct, s. a conveyance made for carrying water from one place to another — nardamd, 

payanaia— nahar 
A'queous, a. watery, like water, thin—j alabat, jaluyd — dbi, pdnisd 
A'quiline, a. resembling an eagle ; applied to the nose, curved — utkrosh pakhyir naydy ; esabda 

iidsikdr bisheskan haiyd utkrosh pakhyir thonter nydy bdnkd Jidk bujhdy—uqAbsi. ; ndk ko 

]ahaquilain kahte haiu, khamddr ke nidni murdd hai, ydne uqdb ke chojich ki mdnind 
Ar'abic, s. the language of the Arabians— ilra66i bhdshd — Arabi zabdn 
Ar'able, a. fit for tillage or ploughing— c/ias/iopaj«/cta — khet ke Idiq, zirdat ke Idiq 
Ara'neous, a. resembling a cohweh—mdkarsdr jdler nyaj/— makri ke jdle ki mdnind 
Aration, Ar'ature, s. the act of ploughing— c/iasftan— hai chaldnd 
Ar'atory o. that which contributes to tillage — chdshkarmer upakdri — jotne kd madadgdr 
Ar'balat, A'rbalist, s. a cross bow — kaldhanuh—%h\x\e\ 

Ar'biter, s. an umpire to settle a disp\ite~-madhyashtha, sdlis — sdlis, munsif [ikhtiydr 

Arbit'raraent, s. decision, will, choice— nis/ipattf, ichchhd, manonitatwa — munsifi, marzi, 
Ar'bitrarily, ad. absolutely, without control — swechchhdnusdre, abddkitarupe—33iTkhadise, 
apne ikhtiydr se [zulm 

Ar'bitrariness, s. tyranny, despotism — swechchhdchdritwa,niyameranadhinatwi — sarkhudi, 
Ar'bitrary, a. absolute, despotic, unlimited —swechchhdchdri, niyame'- aftarf/it/i— sarkhud, raut- 

Arbitrate, va. to decide, determine, judge— sa/tst fc. bichdr nishpatti fc.— salisi k. munsifi k. 
Arbitration, s. the decision of a cause ; the termination of any dispute by persc^ns mutually 

chosen by the parties — ubliay pakhyer fndnita madhyasther dwdrd bibdd nishpatti. — tarafain 
■ ke sdlisoase qaziye kd infisd4 pand 

Ar^bitrator, 5. an umpire, a judge, a Tpresident—madhyastha, sdlis — sdlis, munsif [w. shajri 

Ar'borary, o. of or belonging to trees — brikhyer bd brikhya sambandhiya — darkhtoa se nisbat r. 
Arbo'reous, a. belonging to iTees—brikhya sambandhiya— -daiTdikhtou se nisbat r. w. shajri 
Ar'boret, s. a small tree or s\iv\ib—khyudra brikhya bd gulma — chhotd darakht, jhar, bdta 
Ar'borist,- s. a naturalist who studies trees — brikhya bidydy pow^it— darakhtoa kd ilm r. w. 


A R B • ( 26 ) A R G 

Ar'bour, s. a seat shaded with trees, a bower — b-ikhyer dwdrd dbrita sthdn, fcunja.T--darakh< ' 

ton ke sdye ki nastgah, kunj 
Afbuscle, s. any small tree or shrub — khyudrahrihhya bd ^ulma — chhoti darakht,jhar, b6tS 
Ar'bute, s. the strawberry tree — brikhya bishesh—ek qism kadarakbt 
Arca'de, s. a walk arched over — khitdn dwdrd dbrita patft— -mihr^bdAr rdh 
Arca'nura, s. a mystery, a secret, a nostrum — giirha bd gupta bishayy aprakdshit aushadh, 

totkd — bhed, r6,z, latkd 
Arch, Arc, s. a part of a circle ; the sky or vault of heaven — goldkdrer ang$haydkdsher goldkriti, 

dhanuker dkriti, khildn — diirekd hissa; mihr^b.asman kadaur 
Arch, a. chief ; mirthful, waggish, lively'— prarffean ; hdsya, parihds kdri, maskard, dmodi — 

sarddr, zarif, thathebdz, khushtaba 
Arch, va. to build or cover with arches— fc/iiian k. — mihrdb ban£n^ 
Archa'na:el,s. [ark. .Ja chief angel, a plant — swargiya pradhdn dut, brikhya bishesk — muqarrab 

fai ishta ; bdte ki qism 
^Archangel'ic, a. belonging to arc hangels— siwarger pradhdn diit sambandiya — muqarrab 

farishtoii se jo ilAqa rakhta hai . 

Archhish'op, s. the principal of the bishops — mahd d/iarmddhyakhifa — mujtahidou kd sardilr 
Archde'acon, s. a bishop's deputy — dhannddhyakhyerndyeb—muliiXiidi. kfi ndib 
Archdeaconry, Archde'aconship, s. the office or jurisdiction of an archdeacon— d/iarm4 

dhyakhyer ndyeber karma bd adhikdr — mnjtahid ke naib ki khidmat 
Archduch'ess, s. the wife of an archduke — jubardj patni — amir-i-Azam ki begam 
Archdu'ke, s. a sovereign prince, grand dnke— jubardj — amir-i-dzam 
Arch'ed, pa. vaulted, formed like an z.vch-^khildn kard, khddndkdre a/rwiia— mihrabddr 
Arch'er, s. one who shoots with a bow — dhanurdhar — tirandaz, kamdndir 
Arch'ery, s. the art of using a how^dhanurbidyd — tiranddzi 
Ar'chfetypal, a, [.fee. .] original — ni'&br^u.rti bd ddarsha shambandhiya — asali 
*Ar'chetype, s. the original, of which any pattern is made — mulmurti bd ddarsha jdhd haite 
pratimurti bd anurup hay — wuh chiz ki jis se dusri chiz naql ki jae [raujtahid se nisbat r. w. 
•^Archiepis'copal, a. belonging to an archbishop — mahd dharmddhyakhya sambandhiya-^sdLrdAr 
♦Archipel'agOjS. any sea which abounds with small islands — anek khyudra khyudva dwip bishishta 

samudra, samudrastha upadwip samiiha — bahut tdpudardaryd 
*Ar'chitect, s. a professor of the art of building ; a surveyor, a designer— fn'Mdi nirmdn 

bidyd^yan bd nirmdn kartd, dhduchd bi nakshd kdrak — miamdf, imdrat k.i naqshsaz 
*Ar'chitective, a. that performs the work of architecture— ^rantfeare kdrjya sampddak — mia- 

*Ar'chitecture, s. [.. .tshure'\ the science of building — sfrihddi nirmdn feidya— miamari kd ilm 
*Ar'chitrave, s, the main beam of a building, ornamental part of a pillar — drkit bd pari, thdmer 

mdthldr adhobhdg jdhdte nakshd kdtd — shahtir, gola, sit6n ki naqshadar jdnib 
Af'chives, s. [.kivz] records; the place where records or ancient writings are kept— prdchinkdlin 
grantha bd kdgachpatra ; ,je sthdne prdchin kdliu grantha bd kdgach patra rdkhdjdy — 
qadimi kdghaz ; qadim daftarkhdna 
Archprel'ate, s. a leading or chief prelate — pradhdn dharrnddhakhya—imim 
Archpres'byter, s. a chief presbyter — pradhdn jdjak-^imi.m 

Arc'tic, a. northern, towards thdl north — uttar kendriya, uttardige — shimdli, fittar ki taraf 
Arc'tic circle, s. that circle at which the northern frigid zone commences— wttardig-e prithibir 
shitapradhdn desher. drambha hay je stJidn /laite-— ddira jahdn se ki mintaqa-i-jnabnida 
shuru hold hai 
Arc'uaie, va. to bend like an arch — dhanukbat bakra k — mihrab ki manind khamd. 
Arena' tion, s. an arching, an incurvation — dhanukdkriti — mihritb ki shakl [dildihf 

Ar'dency, Ar'dentness, s. eagerness, zeal, heat — byagratd, utsdha, uttdp — garmi, shauq, 
Ar'dent, a. hot, zealous, affectionate, fierce — uttdptay utsuk, byagra, sneha. bishishta, prachunda 

— shdiq, shafiq, tund > . 

Ar'dently, ad. eagerly, affectionately, fervently, zealously — •bydgratd purbak, sneha piirbak, 

utsdha purbak — bahut shauq se, raahabbat se, sargarmi se, arzu se 
Ar'dour, s. [.dur] warmth, warm affection, fervency-^itttap, atyanta sneha bd anurdg, byagratd 

— shauq. kamdl mahabbat, sargarmi 
Ar'duous, a. [^.)u-us'\ difficult, laborious— fcaf/t^n, ditsAfcar— mUshkil, sakht, raihnattalab 
Are, the plural of the presen,t tense of the verb to be — haon kridr bartamdn bahabachan 

shabdajathd hay, hao, hai — be ka zamAaa-i-hal ki jama, jaisd ki we are, ye are, they are 
A'rea. s. [...j the surface contained betwegn any lines or boundaries; an open space' before a 

building — rekhddway bd simddaway madhya barti sthdn ; uthan — sahn ; sahat 
Arefac'tion, s. the state of growing dry — shushka haondhasthd — siikhne ki hdlat 
Arena'cious, Areno'se, a. sandy, full of sand— ftaiiya, bdlukd way— retilA, bhfir 
Arg-ent, a. silvery, white, shining, like silver — rtipdr, shubhra, rupdr nydy ujjai— ouqrai, 

sufed, chandisd darakhshan 
Ar'gil, s. potters' cl^y, fat, soft earth of which vessels are Tc\z.Ae—-kitmbhakarer kdrjyopjukta. 
mrittikd, ghat ityddi gathanopajukca chikkan mrittikd — kumhdr ka chahld, bartan bandne 
ki mitti 
Arenaceous, [...sfeus] a. consisting of clay — chikhan mrittikdr-^chikni mini ki, fkd namak 
Ar gol, s., the tartar or salt from wine lee.«— /nidirar tatdnite jdta /a^a«— shardb ki talchhat 
Argosy, s. a large merchant ship — bdnijyer brihat jdhdj — sauddgari ki. bard jahdz 
Ar gue, va. to reason, to dispute, to debate— tar&a k. bddinubdd &.— hujjat k. takrdr k. bahs k. 

ARC' ( 27 ) ^. A U R 

Ar'gument, s. a controversy, reason alleged to induce belief, the subtect of any discourse or 
writin£? — bdddnubdd, ukta pramdn hd kdran, hdkya hd lekhdr phalitdrtha—bdihs, dalil, guf- 
togi'i yk lahrir kfi mazmiin 
Ar?nment'al, a. belonging to zvi^ument— bdddnubdd sambandiiya — bahsl 
Areumenta'tion^ s. the act of reasoning — tarkak — tabahhus 

Ari?iriientative, a. replete with argument, disputations, disposed to cotkiroversy-^tarkete bd 

jtiktite parif'trnn , bdddnubdd kdri, bdddnubddechchhuk — kdmil, hujjatojj se bhari liM, huijati 

tak'i^-i, mubahisf [biink 

ArTu''e, <'• *^nbtle, witty, sharp, shrill — ■shath, chatiir, prnkhar^ tikhna — chaturd, tezfahm, 

A'rianisdi, s. the doctrine of Arius, who asserted that Christ was not equal with the Father, 

nor even divine; but the first and greatest of created beings — Ariaser mat, tdtihdr mat ei, je 

Khrista Parameshwarer tnlya nahen, eban^ Parameshwarer d/iarmao tdnkate ndi, kintu jib 

srishtir madhye tint ddi o sres/j.^a— Arias kA mazhab. ki jis k^ yih qaul hai, ki Hazrat Isil na 

Khuda na Khuda ke barabar hai, lekin makhldq ka avval aur afzal hai 

A'rid, a. dry, parched np-r-shuska — khushk, sdkha [khushki ; ibddat meji berujui 

Arid'ity, s. dryness ; insensibility in devotion — shushkatwa ; updsand bishaye chitter kdthinya — 

A'ries, s. the ram, a sign of the zodiac — meshrdshi — mendha, buii-i-haml, mesh, mekh [se 

Ari'ght, ad. rightly, without mistake — -jathdrtha rtipe, thik, nirbhram purbak — rasti se, •ihSat 

Ari'se, vn. to rise up, to mount up — uthan — uthna, charhna 

Aristroc'racy, s. a form of government which lodges the supreme power in the nobles, the 
body of the nobles — marjydddbanta bd omrdo loksamuher ddhipatya, marjydddbanta bd omrdo 
lok samiika—v/nh hukuraat ki jis ko umrao muttafiq hoke karte haiti, 'ami umran 
Aristocrat'ical, a. relating to —mrrfydddbanta hd omrdo cok samuher ddhipatya 
sambandhiya bdmarjydddbav.ta lok sambandhiya — umr^i hukumat se,yS, umrdousenisbatr. w. 
Aiith'metic, s. the science of computation — anka bidyds'iykq, hisab, ga'nit 
Arithmfet'ical, a. according to the rule or method or arithmetic — anka bidydr niyamdnujdyi 
— siyaq ke qaide ke mutdbiq Fsiy&qdan 

Arithemeti'cian, s. one who professes the knowledge of arithmetic — ankabid ydgyaU:--hhAhda.n, 
Ark, s. a vessel to swim upon the water, usually applied to that in which Noan was preserved 
from the deluge ; the repository of the covenant of God with the Jews •, a chest — naukd, 
hishesh riipe sei naukd ke bujhdy jd/idtejcla pralay samaye Nuh rakhyrl pdiyd chhilen ; je sin- 
duke Ihudird hwarerniyam patra rdkhita ; sindw/c— kishti, khusds Ndh ki kishti; tAbiit-i-sakiua 
yane wuh tabui ki jis men Kbudd kft farm^n Yahudion ke yahan rahta th^ ; sanduq 
Arm, s. the limb which reaches from the hand to the shoulder ; a branch of a tree ; an inlet of 
the sea — bdhu ; brikhyer ddl ; samudrer khdri bd /c/irt/— shaae se kal4i tak ; darakht ki sh^kh ; 
saraundar ka sota 
Arm, V. to provide with or take up^arm s—sashastra k. bd h. — musallah k. rausallah h. 
Arma'da. s. a large fleet of shbs of* vv'xx—juddha jdhdj samiika — jangi jahdzoa ki bari bahr 
Armadil'lo, s. a small animal like a hog— shukardkdr khyudra jantu bishesh—chhota, janwar siiar 
ki raushiibih [rfar— jang ke waste arasta ki gayi fauj ; silahkh^ua 

Arma'ment, s, a force equipped for war ; b. store hanse—juddhdrtha sasnjjd ; sainydst'ra b/idn- 
Arjniriary, a. resembling a bracelet— piraicAa prabhiti hastdhharaner nydy — pahuuchi ki 

manind i j r r n 

A rrain'ianism, s. a doctrine so called from its founder Armioias, who contended for free wdl 

and universal redemption — Arininiy user mat bd dharma, tdnkdr mat ei, je manushyer jdM 

ichchhd tdhdi karite pdre, dr parukdle sakaleri nistdr haibek — Arminiyas ka mazhab ki jis 

ke naz lik sabit hai ki insan ko apne jaral afal par ikhtiyar hai, aur 6qabat mea sab rihai 

pawenge . [zormand, diler, mardani 

Armip'otent, a. mighty in war, brave, hold— juddhe pardkrdnta, sdhasi bikrami—j^ng kA 
Arm'istice, s. [. .stis] a short cessation of arras— fct/ic/itt kdl juddha nibritti /t.— janibain ki 

rizamandi se thore din lar&i ka nHikttil h. fdar ka chhotd sotA.; bizuband 

Arm'let, s. a small arm of the sea ; a bracelet— sizwutfrgr chhota, khdri bd khdl , 6(;«/a— samun- 
Armo' rial, a. belonging to the arms or escutcheons of a family— -teng-s/ta marjydddr chinha 

sambadhiya — khanadan ke nishan se jo nisbat rakhtft hai 
Arm'ory, s. a place in which arms are deposited for use ; ensigns armorial — astrdgdr j hdngsha 

marj y add suchak chinha — silahkhana ; khanadan ki alamat » ^ ^ • - • u 

Armour, Arm'or s. defensive arms to cover and defend the body — kdbach bd sdnj oyd— z\ra.h, 

jaushan . • . -ku - , [^f°;^» 

Armourer, s. one who makes or sells arms— astra nir mdn bd bikray kdrak — silahsaz, hathyar- 
Arms, s. warlike weapons; war in general ; ensigns armorial— jwdrf/j/istra; juddha; bangsna 

marjyddd suchak chinha — larii ka hathyar ; jang ; khanadan ki alamat j j ^ j^ 

Ar'my, s. a large body of armed men— saj«ya—lashkar, fauj , Lkhushbudar 

Aromat'ic, Aromat'icaJ, a. spicy, fragrant— sitga/id/ii drabyajukta, sugandhajukta — raasaladar, 
Arom'atize, va. to scent, to perfume— sttg-a/ici/u k. sabisjukta k. — khustibu k. muattar k. 
Aro'und, ad. pr. about, encompassing — chat'urdige, besktan rupe—asp^s, girdagirdj, hartaraf^ 
Aro'use, WT. to awake, to raise up, to excite— j^igr<i/^a, uthdna, chiydna^a.^kti&, bedar k. uthana, 

Aro'w,aci. in a row, in a straight line— si^reni krame,pankti p7fr/;a/c— safbandi se, qatarbandi se 
Aro'ynt, ad. begone, depart, go away — jdojdo, durhao—jAo, tafawat ho jAo 
Ar'quebuse, s. [. .bus] a hand-gun, a fusee — khyudra bd hat 6anditfc— qarabin 
Arra'ck,s. a spirit procured by distillation froni the palm tree, rice, Sic,—td.l bd tandidddite 
/^at/ je modt/a— araq, yane tiiri, sendhi, w. g. 


( 28 ) 'ASA 

Arra'ign, va, to indict, to chaTgc, to accuse— a&ftyo? k. ndlish k. apahdd fc.— u^lish k. 
Arra'ignmeat, s.theactofaccusin?, acharge— <x6Aijf)g, apaMd— ndhsh . - ,, , 

Arra'nee va. to set ia order or place— feramfinusire bd srinkkaldpiirbak bd bili kariija rdkhan, 
&ando6astfl fc.— tartib d. saawirni .,,,.. ^ , ,. [ftastu— tartib intizdtn 

Arra'ngement, s. the act of putting m order — srinkhzldpiirbaK stnapan, hili, byaoastfia, bando- 
Arrant a. very bad, notorious— atmanda bd atijaghanya, atibdd dusA^a— mahz bad 
Ar'ras s. rich tapesiry or hangings — ndnd mnrti chitrita bastra jdhd shobhdr nimitte deydle 
Mrt^^ni jay— naqshonig4r ki kapra kijo mak&a ki zebiish ke waste diwdrou msn lag^te 

Arra'y.'s. order of battle ; dress — sainyer shreni bd bydha ; besh bi sajjd — safir^i ; poshdk 
Arra'y, va. to put in order, to deck, to dr QS3^shrenipurbak sthdpan, bhushit k. sajjita k.—- 

intizkm d. zebft k. poshik pahinnfi _ [hisab ki bftqi 

Arre'ar, Arre'arage, s. that part of an account which remains unpaid, thoughdue— &«'^ey'^— 
Arre'st 'ua. to seize on, to obstruct — s. a le^al caotion or seizue of the person — dharan bd 

grephtdr k. dtak k. — s. bysbasthdnusdre grephtdr k. — pakajn^, rokn^ — s. share ke mu&fiq 

giriftari , . , 

Arre't.s. the decision of a sovereign court — shrcshta bichdrasthale bichdrdntar je dgydn hay — 

sadr adAlat ki infisil 
Arrie're, s. the rear of an armyf— sami/er pishchdt bhd^ — lashkar kl pichhari, chaniUwal 
Arri'val, s. the act of coming to a place — panhuchhana — pahuiich, imad, rasid 
Arri've, mi. to come to a place, to reach to — -paii/iuc/iarta— pahuachnfi,.ana, dakhil h. 
Ar'rogance, s. great pride, presumption — garba, spardhd — •ghamancl, ghurur, gustakhi [tikh 
Ar'rogant, s. very proud, presumptuou'' — garbita, spardhdnwita — maghrur, mutakabbir, gus- 
Ar'rogantiy, ad. haughtily, saucily, proudly — garbapurbak, spardhdpurbak, ahankdrpurbak — 

ghamand se, gustakhi se, takabbur se 
Ar'rogate, Va- to exhibit unjust claims prompted only by pride; to assume, boast — dhankdr 

piirbak ajathdrtha ddoyd k. garba k. ahankdr A:.— ghurdr se nahaq dawa k. apne tain 

buzurg jinnd, fakhr k. ^ 

Ar'row, s. a pointed weapon shot from a bow— ttr, ban, shar — tir 
Ar'seoal, s. a repository or magazine for all kinds of military stores— judd/iya drabydgdr — 

larii ke har qism ke sarinjim ki makin, magazin, topkhina [sankhyi 

Ar'senic, s. [^arse-nik] a poisonous mineral — sambalkhydr, haritdl, manahshild — sambulkhir, 
Ar'son, s. the crime of house burning— ^ri/ixdaAajrnp aparddh — ;lg lagane ka gundh 
Art, s. science, skill, dexterity, device, cunning, trade — bidyd, pinditwa, dakhyatd, koushal, 

dhiirtatd, shilpa bd byabasdy — ilm, hunar, mahirat, hikmat, fann 
Ar'tery, s. a canal or tube which conveys the blood from the heart to all parts of the body — 

je ndrir dwdrd rhitpinda haite tdbat sharire raktfi bydpe — shiryia, ydne wuh rag ki jis se khun 

tamimjisra men pahuQchtihai (Ubasi 

Art'ful, o. cunning, dexterous, artificial— d^urta, dakhya, kritrim bd feaZpif— aiyara, cnA.lak, 
Art'fully, ad, cunningly, slily, with art — dhurtatd purbak, shathatd piirbak, dakhyatd bdkaushal 

piirbak — chhal se, siyinpan se, fann fareb se [jhanakbidi, iza ke bandishoa se nisbat't. w. 
Arthrit'ic, a. gouty, relating to the Joints— iiirog- sambandhiya, granthi sambandkiya — niqrisi, 
Ar'tichoke, s. an esculent plant or root— khddya brikhya bi miU biskesh, hdtickdk—ek qism ki 

Ar'ticle, s. one of the parts of speech ; a condition of a covenant ; a stipulation ; a clause or 

item, a distinct but undefined thing— bisheshan pad ; sandhi bd niyam patrer madhye ek 

niyam nirbaiidha ; ek dafd bd bishay ; kona sdmagri — harf-i-tarif aur harf-i-tanklr ; ahd-o- 

pairaAn ka ek qalam ; shart ; fiqra yd dafa ; milum chiz lekin ghairmausuf 
Ar'ticle, v. to settle the conditions of any agreement, to covenant wlth-^sandhi sthir k. kdhdra 

sahit niyam bd kardr k. — ahdname ke shartoa ko muqarrar k. ahd-o-pairaan k. 
Aitic'ulate, v. to pronounce distinctly — spashtochchdran k. — sif talafFuz k. 
Artic'ulately, ad. distinctly, clearly — spashtochchdran purbak — ada-i-makhraj se, safdi se 
Articulation, s. a joint or knot ; the act of forming words— ormftt/it bd gdnit ; bdkyasphiirti 

karan—girzh giath ; makhraj [fareb'; fann vi pesha 

Art'ifice, s. trick, fraud ; art or trade — chhal, prabanchand ; shilpakarma bd byabasdy hila 

Artiricer, s. an artist or manufacturer — shilpakdr — kdrigar , ' 

Artifi'cial, a. made by art, not natural — kritrim — bandyi hfii, sdkhta 

Artil'lery, s. weapons of war, chiefly cannon, mortars, and their appendages, the men who 

manage them— juddhdstr a, bisheshatakdmdnddi, golanddj — silih-i-jang, khusAsan topea, bam 

aur un ke lawizim ; golandftz 
Artil'lery Company, s. a voluntary association of the citizens in London, who are trained up 

in military exercises—L'^niian nagarastha loker ek dat jdhdrd swechchhd purbak jiiddha 

bidyd shikhyd fcare— Latjdan ke bishindoa ki jamaat ki jis raea log khushi se ikar sipdhgari 

ke qawiid sikhte hain 
Art^isan, s. an artist, an inferior tradesman— sfei/j>i, khyudra byabasdyi—kirlgdiT 
Art'ist, s. a professor of an art, a skilful man— fcoMa shilpkarme pandit, hunari—kisi fann ki 

, ustid, hunarmand " r^^,. 

Art'less, a. without art or fraud, honest— fcaus/iaZ rahit, akapat, sarat—siddL, bhol&, diyfinat- 
Artlessly, ad. without art, naturally— afctfpo.^ya piirbak, swdbhdbih rupe— safii se, tablyat se, 

As, c. in the same manner, because— j«nian, jehem—jdihi, kyiiaki 
Asafoet ida,5. a gum of an offensive sm^ll— kins— Mur. anedza 

A S B ( 29 ) ASS 

Asbest'os, s. a kind of fossil which may be split ipto threads and filaments, and which cannot 

be consumed by fi^e — ek prakdr piithar jdhdkekhanda kariU siitar nydy hay , ebang dgune 

dagdha hay nd — elc qism k^ paththar jo khiQchne se sfxt ki tarah tukre tukre ho sakta hai, aur 

kg se jal nabiQ saktii hai 
Asce'nd, r. to mount, to rise, to move higher^ to advance in excellence — drohan k. uthan, 

urdhagata h. uttarottar uttamatd prdpta h. — charho^, uthna, bulandtar h. neki racQ 

kSrail h. 
Ascen'dant, s. height, elevation, superior influence — a. predominant, superior, overpowering — 

uchckatd, unnati, prddurbhdh, prablv&twa—a^ pradhdn, praiai— bulandl, fauqiyat, ghalaba — 

a. eh&lib, aula, zabardast 
Ascend'ency, s. influence, superiority— praftWtiua, pradhdriatd — ghalaba, fauqiyat 
Ascen'sion, s. the act of ascending or rising — drohan bd urdha gaman — charnd yd uthn4 
Ascen'sLon-day, s. a festival ten days before Whitsuntide, in commemoration of our Saviour's 

ascension into heaven — 'Isu Khrishter swargdrohan dibas — Hazrat I's4 ke 6.smAn par jfine 

ka din [— pahar ki charhdi, tiU 

Asce'nt,*s. rise, the rising of a hill, an eminence — urdhagati, parbater uchchatd, uchcha sthdn 
Ascerta'in, va. to make certain, to gain certain knowledge — nishchay k. nishchaykariyd jdnan 

— tahqiq k. skhit k. 
Ascerta inment, s. a fixed rule or standard— niyam, nishchay — tahqiq, isbat 
Ascet'ic^ s. a hermit, a devout person — a. employed in devout exercises — sanydsi — a, 

tapasydyenibishta — tapasi, abid — a. sakht iba dat mea masruf 
Asciti'tious, a. supplemental ; additional — sangrukta ; adhik — ftriyati ; fizil 
Ascri'be, va. to attribute to,to impute to — koaa gun bd kdrjya kdhdro baliyd gydn karan, sangata 

k. Idgdna, ghaidna — lagfini, tahranfi,, nisbat k. 
-sh, s. a well known tree so c 

Ash, s. a well known tree so called — brikhay bishesh—ek qism ki wildyati darakht 
Asha'med, «.[..] abashed, confounded — lajjita, aprastuta — shaiminda, ghabraya htift 
Ash'es, s. the dust of any thing burnt, as of wood, coals, 6cc. — chhdi bd bhasma, chitdrbhasma 

bd mritadeher raja— rdkh, khikistar 
Asho're, ad. on shore, on the land— ta<e, ddngdy — kinire par, khushki par 
A%\\-Wednesday, s. the first day of Lent — Khrishtdnder mate ckallish din upabds brater 

pratham din — Isalou ke chille ki pahli din 
Ash'y, o. pale, a whitish grey, like ash colour — pdngdsiyd, pdnstiydbarna — syihsufed, 

khdkistari, yane ash darakht ke rang kl manind 
Asi[de, ad. to one side, apart from the rest — ek pdrshwe, dalchhdriyd — ek tarf, alag 
As'inary, Asinine, a. belonging to an ass — gardhabh sambandhiy'a — gadhe se nisbat r. w. 
Ask, ra. to make request, petition, to seek, to inquire, s»t a price on — chdhan, jachingd k. 

aausandhdii k.jigydnsd k. mulya chdhan — chahni, mingna, tdlish k. puchhni, dam lagani 
Aska'nce, Ask'ant, ad. obliquely, on one side— terc/ia rupe, ek pdrshwe — tirchhii se, ek taraf 
Aslc'er, s. an inquirer j an eft, a water nQyii—jigydnsak ; jethi, jalakif bishesh^puchhae w. 

p4ni ki bdrnhni [nazar se, ghamand sa 

Aske'w, «d. with a wry look, contemptuously — bakradrishtite, tdchchhalya purbak — tirchhi 
Asla'nt, ad. obliquely, on one side— terc/t(i rape, ek pdrshwe — tirchhai se, ek tarf 
Asle'ep, ad. sleeping, at re^t — nidrdgata, blsrdmgata — soti hua, dram meij 
Aslo'pe, ad. obliquely, with declivity — terchd rupe, garaniya bhdbe — dh4lu, dhil se 
Asp, s. a very venomous serpent ; a tree— fen/sarpa ; brikhya 6is/ies/t— bilishtiya siup, afai ; ek 

qism ka darakht 
Aspar'agus, s. an esculent root — khddiya mul bishesh — ek qism ki tarkdri fshakl, haiat, manzar 
As'pect, s. loo<, air, appaarance, view — drishti, miikher bhdb, dhap, dkdr, darshan — sural, 
Asp^en, s. a kind of poplar tree, the leaves of which always tremble — ek prakdr brikhya jdhdr 

pdtd sarbada kdspite thdke — chinar ki ek qism jis ke patte hamesha hili karte haia 
Asperate, va. to raalce rough or uneven — karkkask bd uchchanicha k. — rdkha yi nihamwir k. 
Asperity, s. roughness, harshness of speech — karkashatd, uchchanichatd, bdkyer rnrliatd,^ 

r6khai, durusnti, tolne ki sakhti 
Asperse, va. to slaader, to censure — gldni k. apabdd k. — tuhmat lagini, dokhni 
Asper'sion, s. a sprinkling ; censure, calumny — chhitdna ; apabdd, nindd — chhirkao ; dokh, 

tuhmat, buhtin , 

Asphaltic, a. gummy, bituminous— af/ia/j*, metiyd telbishishta—ldisdSLr mitti ke tel ka, nafti 
As^phodel, s. a kind of plant, a day lily— eA; jdti shaushan bd padma pits/ipa— sosan ki qism 
As pic, s. a very venomous serpent— fcfl/A-arpa—bilishtiya siap, afai 

As' pirate, va. to pronounce fully or sXxon^-^irghashwdse uchchdrn fc.— shiddat se talafFut k. 
Aspira'tion, s. an ardent wish or desire ; the act of pronouncing with full breath— arisftay 

dkdnkhyd ; dirghashwdshe uchchdran fc.— kamil irzu ; shiddat se talaflfuz k. 
Aspi're, vn. to desire eagerly ; aim at what is lofty or diflicult— atisay dkdnkhyd jukta h. uchcha 

bd kalhin bishaye cheshld k.—tik rakhna ; buland ya mushkil par koshish k. 
Asqui nt, ad. obliquely, not in the straight line of vision— /emc/iafc%e— tirchhi nazar se 
Ass, s. an animal of burden ; a stupid ieilow—gardhab ; murha bd 6oAki— gadhi ; ahmaq 
Assa il, va. to attack in a hostile manner; to attack: with argument— s/wztrunlpe chardo k, 

bdkyadwdrd dghdtk. — hamla k. mubahisa k. 
Assa'ilaut, s. one who attacks or invades— c/iama bd dkraman fcarr— hamla yd charhai k. w. 
Assassin, Assass'inator, s. a secret murderer— c/i/ia/ bd pratdrand piirbak narahantdr—^hiti, 

Assass'inate, va. to murder by sQcret assault— ^Aftai bd pratdrand purbak mcunmhya badh k.— 
nigahinS wir se qatl k. 

A S fi ( 30 ) AST 

Assau 'It, s. attack, Storm of a fort, a blow, or attempt to strike — gar chardo, l^al purbak gare 

prabesh,mdrpit, daag-a— hamla, qile par halla, mdrpit 
Assau'lt, va. to attack, toinvade— c^arfflo &. dkraman k. — hamla k. tdkht k. 
Assa'y s. trial, examination, attempt — va. to try as metals — -parikhyi, cheshtd—va.dhdtu, 

■parikhyd fc.— fizmaish, imtihAn, koshish — va. dhAtoa ko kasn^ 
Assay'er.s. one who assays metals, &c. — dhdtii ityddir parikhyd kdrak — dh4t w. g. j^uchne w. 
Assem'blage, s. a collection of things — samuha — ^jama, ijtim^, hujum 
Assem'ble, v. to meet or call together — ekatra h. hi k. — faraham h. yA k. 
Assem'bly, s. a company assembled, a ball — sabhd, mandaii, ndcher mijLis — mnjii-;, inahfil 
Asse'nt, vn- to agree to, to yield— s. consent — sammata h. iwikdr k. — s. samm.iti — qabdl k. 

manixa — 5. rizdnandi • [ — bolnS., iqrar k. dawA k,. 

Asse'rt va. to affirm, to nyiintain, to claim — drirharupe kaham, praurhi k. rakhyd k. ddoyd k. 
Asser'tion, s. a positive affirmation — nishchay bikya, praurhi — -iqrar 
Asse'ss t)a. to tax, to value for the purpose ot l^.x\x^g—karhlAdua; kar hasdibdr niinitte mulya 

sthir k.—khiik} 1. jarnabandi k. khiraj ke baith^ne ke wdste tashkhis k. ' 
Assess'ment, s. the act of assessing, atax— l-arfoasa/ia, fear— jarnabandi, kliirdj 
Ass'ets, s. effects of a deceased or, insolvent person — mrityi bd deuie Zo/cer dftan— fmurda yi* 

diw^liya shakhs kl amldk, maujiidat 
Assevera'tion, s. a solemn protestation— drir/ia bikya hi shapath piirbak kntk(in—^<fayuqriT 
Ass' head, s. a dance, a blockhead— wurfc/i«,nJr6od^ — gadhdsir, nddin, ahmaq 
Assidu'ity, s. diligence, close application — parishram, mawojog-— mihnat, mashaqqat 
Assi i'jous, s. [..jw.] constant in application— paris/iramf, manajogi — mihnati, masrdf 
Asai gn, vn. to appoint; to make over a right to another — niriipan k. nijukta k. eksr satwa. anyak'e 

d. — tahr^na, kisi chiz ko kisi shakhs yi, kisi kam ke wfiste muqarrar k. raakhsus k. barat k. 
Assi'gnable, a. that may be transferred — anyete praddndrka — dusre ke haw ale karne ke qabii 
Assignation, s. an appointment to meet — sdkydt haonnrthe nirdhdran—mulkq^t ka iqr^r 
Assigne'e, s. [as-se-ne] one who is deputed to do any thing on behalf of others — pratinidhi 

riipe nijukta byakti, ndyeb — ^jo shakhs ki aur logoa ki taraf se kisi kam ke sarioj^m ke 

waste muqarrar hai, naib ftaqarrur, barit, tankhw^h 

Assi'gnment, s. an appointment, a transfer — nirupan, niyog, eker swata anyete arpah — 
Assim'ilate, va. to convert to the same nature or use with another thing ; to bring to a likeness 

or resemUance— samflki^rnii k. sadrisha k. — eksdn k. barlbar k. mviw!lfiq k. 
Assi'st, va. to help, to succour, to aid. — upakdr k. dnuk'dlya k. sdhctjya k. — madid k. dast- 

giri k. him4yat k. [kumak, dastgiri, pushtt 

Assi'stance, 5. help, aid, relief, support — upakdr, sihdjya, dmihilyati, sahdyatd — madad, 
Assi'ze, s. court of justice; an order respecting the price, weight, &c. of sundry commodities— 

bickdra sthdn ; drabyer mulya parimdnddi bishayak ni^/ani— addlat ; nirkh 
Asso ciate, va. [..s/ie.J to unite, to join with — sanjog k. mil k. — suhbat k. muttafiq h. 
*Asso'ciate, s. a partner, companion, or sharer — angshi,sangi, hhdgi — sharik, hamrdh 
*Asso'ciation, s. an entering into an agreement with others, in order to perform some act ; a 

confederacy, a partnership — koiia hdrjydrthe c^neke mil karan bd d%lbd>j,dhan ; jog bd e/c- 

6d/cyata— ahd-o-JJaimftn ;musharakat, sharakat 
Asso'rt, va. to range in order, to cldi^s—kramdnusdre sijdna, bdchhan bdkramdnusdre bdchhiyd 

prithak prithak k, — tartib d. tafriq k. 
Assortment, s. distribution into sorts; variety — krampnrbak prithak prithak rape sijina, 

prithak prithak kard • ndnd prakdr drabya — tafriq, tartib; anwa chizoji k^muntakhab 
Assua'ge, va, [.siraje] to soften, to ease, to pacify — rhds hi naram k. upasham^. bd shdnta 

fe.— takhfifd. aram d. tbandha k. [taskinbakhsh chiz 

*Assua'gement, s. what mitigates or softens — upaslmm hd rJuis kdrak — takhfif k. w. chiz,. 
*Assua'ger, who pacifies orappea'ses — shamatd bdrhds kdrak — thandha k. w. taskin d. w. 
*Assua'sive, a. soheniag, mmgading, mild— rhds bdshamatd kdri, &wdsthyajanak — narm k. w. 

takhfif k. w. halim 
Assub'jugate, va. to subject to — hashibhuta k. — tabidar k. 

Assu'etude, s. [.swe.] accustomance, custom — byabahdr, abhyds, riti — adat, dastdr 
Assu'rrte, va. to take what is not just nor natural, to claim with proof, to arrogate — anyiy purbak 

grahan k. parfidharma grahan bd anya murti dharan, pramdn byatirekedioyu k. — nahaq lena, 

n4haq ddwd k. shekhi k. farz k. 
Assu'ming, pa. a. arrogant, haughty— a Wimrini, garbita — dim^ghi, maghriir 
Assumpsit, s. a voluntary promise made by word, whereby a man taketh upon him to perform 

or pay any thing to another — kona- karma Icarite bd kona simagri dite bdkyer dwdrd swech- 

chhd purbak angikdr — kar ae ya dene ka iqr^r 
Assurnp'tion, s. the aQt of taking the thing supposed ; a postulate-^pramrin byatireke grahan ; 

anumita bishay, pramdn rahk anubhab — kisi chiz ko farz k. farz ki gayi chiz 
Assump'tive, a. that which is assujued — pramdn byatireke grihita bd anumita — farzi 
Assu'rance, s. confidence; certainty ; want of modesty ; asecurity against loss— pr«tT/ni/, bharasd ; 

nishchayatwa ; Lajjdrdhitifa ; bimd — iatih^r ; yaqin ; besharmi; qauliqrar; bima 
Assu're, i)o. to assert positively, to secure— Hw/ic/wyupe kahan, bharasd d. nirbighna k.— 

iqr^r k. yaqin karand, mazbut k. 
As'terisk, s. a little star (* ) signifying thatsome words or letters are wanting to complete the 

sentence, or serving as ret erence to a note at the bottom of the page, or in the margin — ei 

chinher (*) nam— aise ('*) nishan kft n4m ki lafz yu barfou ke kam hone par dalalat 

karta hai y4 hSshiye ki turaf ishara kartA hai 

AST (31) ATT 

As'terism, s. a constellation of fixed stars— ac/ta^ tdrtl sAmitha, rushi nahhyatra — sawAbit 

sit^ron kijamftat 
Astern, ad. in the hinder part of a ship— jdhajer ■pashckdd 6/tag«— jahdz ke pichhe 
Asth'ma, s. [] a diseas* of the lungs — shwds kdsh, hdnpiini kdsh^&txk, dama, ziqunnafs 
*Asthmatic, Asthmat'ical, a. troubled with an Asthmdishwds-kdshgrastha — s^aki, ziqunnafas ' 
Aston'ish, va. to amaze, to confound — dshcharjydnwita k. bismaydpanna h. — taajjub men 

d^InA, hairan k. 
Astonishment, s. amazement, surprize — dshckarjya gydn, bismay — taajub, tahaiyur [zinat 

As'tragal, s. an ornament in architecture — shobhdrthe grihddir gathan 6is/(es/i— imirat ki ek 
As'tral, c. relating to the stars, light — tdrd sambandh{ya, njjwal — sil^ron se nisbat r. w. 

Astra'y, ad. out of the right way, wrong— -6jpat//e, path bahirbhutarupe^f;\xmT&h bhuld.bhatk^, 
Astric'tion, s. the act of contracting parts — sanJcoch, dnti^qahz, samet [pdaw phailake 

Astri'de, ad. across, with legs open as on a horse — ghordy chardrmaia pd phduk kariyd — ara, 
Astri'nge, va. to draw together, to hind— sankuchita k. baddha k.—s^mQlu^, sakom^, qabz k. 
Astrin'gent, a. binding, contracting — baddha kdri — q^biz, sametne w. [ka ilm 

Astrog'raphy, s. the art of describing stars — nakhyatra nirnay bidyd — sitaroQ ke baydn karne 
As'trolabe, s. an instrument used to take the altitude of the sun or stars, at sea — siirjya bd 

nakhyatrer uchchatwa nirHpakjantra jdhd samudre byabuhdrjya Jiay — usturldb, y^ne dftab 

aur sititroaki bulandi m^ldm karne ki kl& 
Astrol'oger, s. one who pretends to foretel events by the aspects, &c. of the stars — jyotir 

ganak, daibagyan betta, jdn — munajjim, nujiimi, jotishi , 

Astrology.-s. the science of foretelling events by the stars, planets, icc—jyotisherphalddi 

ganand bidyd — ilm-i-nujdm, nujum 
Astronom'ical, a. belonging to astronomy— jyotir bidyd sambandhiya — hayati 
Astron'omy, s. a science that teaches the knowledge of the heavenly bodies, their magnitudes, 

motions, distances, &c. — jyotir bidyd — ilm-i-hayat, hayat, ydne wuh ilm ki jis se Ismin ki 

mutaalaqdtkft miqddr, harakat, fdsila, w. g. m^lum hotii hai 
As'tro-theoi'ogy, s. divinity formed on the observation of the celestial bodies — nakhyatrddi 

darshan dwdrd Jskwar niriipan 6irfyrt— ilm-i-fiqe ki wuh qism ki jis ke banane par ^sm^n ke 

mushdhide ne dalalat ki 
Astute, a. shrewd, penetrating— cftatur, prakhar, prabeshshtl — siyfi,na, surtd, tezfahm 
Asu'nder, ad. separately, in two parts — bhinna,^rithak, duiangshe — ^juda, alag 
Asy'lurn, s. a refuge, a place of protection — dshray, rakhyd «t/ion— panAh, saran, hifazat,ki jagah 
A'theism, s. the disbelief of a God— nastikat<i —dahriydpan, ydne Khuda par iman na Idn^ 
A'theist, s. one who disbelieves the existence of a God — «asti/c— dahriyi, mulhid, n&stik 
Atheist'ical, a. belonging to atheism, impious — ndstikati^, sambadhiya, pdshanda—ddihriyii, 

mulhid, fasiq 
Athir'st, ad. dry, thirsty, in want of drink — trishndrta, pipdsi t—tishnH., piyAsa 
Athlet'ic, a. strong, lusty, bony, vigorous — sabal, rhishta pushla, shakta, balabdn — zorraand, 

qavi, balwant, pahlawdn 
Athwa'rt, ad. across, wrong — dfddri riipe, biparit rupe — 6.rA, bendi, harkKildf 
Atilt', ad. raised forward as if to thrust — astrabiddha karite unmukh bhdbe artkdt sammukhe 

heiiyd bd kdit'haiyd — bhoukne ke waste mustaid, paintare par 
Atlan'tic, s. the ocean between Africa and America — Afrikd o America ei dui desher maddhya 

sthita samudra — Bahar-i-zulmAt, yfine jo ddryd mulk-i-Afrik^ aur mulk-i-Amerika 

ke bich men hai , 

At'las,s. a collection of maps; rich silk — ndnddesher nakshdr bahi, uttem patta bastra bishesh 

— muikoa ke naqshon ^^ kit^b ; atias, yane reshmi kapre ki ek qism 
At'mosphere, s. the air that encompasses the solid earth on all sides— je bdyu prithibike besktan 

kariyd dchhe, dkdsh — zamin ke gird ki hawa . [reza 

At*om, At'omy, s. an extreme small particle — paramdnu, renu — zarra, y^ne nihayat chhotd 
Atom'ical, a. consisting of atoms, minute — paramdnu bishishla, sukhyma—rezo^ ka band h<ia, 

zarrasa, nanna 
At'omisby s. one who maintains the doctrine of the atomical philosophy— paramana haite jagat 

srishti haiydchhe ei matabddi — jo shakhs ki is qaul kd qail hai, ki zamin aur asmdn be hukm 

Khud^ ke ittif&qan, zarroa ke jama hone se bane haia 
Ato'ne, V. to expiate by sacrifices, make satisfaction or be equivalent — aparddk mockan ha-g 

■jat dwdrd tat karma k. aparddher bd khyatir paribarte tulya k. prdyashehitta k. — muttafiq k. 

manani, kafdra k, prAshchit y4 parachit k. iwaz d. 
Ato'nement, s. satisfaction ; expiation, recoQcilidition.— aparddk mochandrthe bd khyatir pari- 
barte je kdrjya kardjdy, prdyashehitta, punarmil — ittifaq, riz&mandi, kafira, prdshchit, iwaz 
Atrabila'rian. Atrabila'rious, a. melancholy — bimarsha, bishanna—ndsiS, afsurda 
Atrament'al. Atrament'ous, a. inky, black — krishna barna, kdla — siydh,sawdd 
Atro'cious, a. [..sAms] very wicked, heinous— ati dushta, ati ^MracWr— nihdyat sharir, bahut 

♦Atro'ciously, ad. very wickedly, hQinouslj—atidushtatd bd durbrictatd }7iZr6aA:— bahut 

shaidrat se 
Atro'city, s. horrible wickedness — atyanta dushkritatwa—hzi^ gundh, mah& p^p 
At'rophy, s. a disease in which what is taken for food cannot act as nourishment— je roge dhdr 

dwdrd sharirer pushti hay nd, kkyay rog—ek blmdri ki jis meu kh^nfi quvvat nahfg detS 

hai,sukh&, sukhchhari, juulbaqar 

ATT ( 32 ) AUD 

Atta'ch, va. to seize or lay hold on ; to win or gain over ; to fix to one's interest — dharan, dtah 

k. anuraktak. swafakhyak. anugata k. — pakarnd ; girwidak; m^il k. 
Attach nient, s. the taking of a person or goods by legal process in a civil suit ; adherence, 

fidelity, regard — dd4l^ter dgyaiidnusire kdhdke grepktdr k. bdjinis patra dtak k. dnugatya ; 

nishihatd, anurdg, sTw/ia— addlat ke q^niin se kisi shakhs ya xakl ko garittar k. girvidagi, 

waffi, hhaz 
Atta'cif, s. an- assault, an onset — chardo, upare paran — hamla, t^kht, yurish 
Atta'ck, va. to assault, to invade ; impugn in any manner — chardo k. akraman k. doshdropan 

fc.-j-haraia k. takht k. aib pakarnii [baham pahuucbani 

Atta'in, v. to come to or reach by efforts— jatna dwdrd prdpta h. bd pauhachhana — h6sil k. 
Attain able, a. that which may be attained — prapaniya — yiittani, muyassar 
Attain'der, s. the act of attainting in law ; taint, disgrace — guru apnrddh janya dddlater 

dgydud dwdrd bukaye anadhikdrt karan, kalanka — adalat ke hukm se kh^rijunnasab k. dagh, 

aib, ruswJli [wasf 

Attain'ment, s. a thing attained, a quality— Zaftft, pardpta bishay, gun — husul, pdyi hni chiz, 
Atta'int, va. to dishonour, to corrupt, to corrupt tiie blood of a traitor, so that he cannot inherit 

estate — amarjyddd k. sakalankak. guru /iparddh janya erupe doshi karan jdhdte bishaye 

adhikdr thdlcend-^B.ih laganA, ruswa k. fasidk. nimakharamki nasal ko aisa khat&war tahrana 

ki wuh tarka nahin pa sake 
Attemp'er, Attemp'erate, va. to mingle, to soften, to mixin just proportions — miskritak^naram 

k. jtarimit rupe ek drabya anya drabyer sahit mishrita k. — miUnd, narm k. muafiq k. im- 

tizaj d. [k. koshish k. qasd k. 

Atte'mpt, va. to try, to endeavour, to essay — cheshtd k. parikhyd k.udjog k. upakram k. — azmaish 
Atte'nd, V. to wait; to listed ; to accompany— upastfeit thdkan ; manojog k. iangejdon — h^zir 

rahnd; khiy^lk. hamrdhi k. [hdzirbashi 

Attend' ance, s. the act of waiting on another — upasthit thdkan, pdrishadatwa, parichdrjya — 
Attend'ant, s. one who attends another — a. accompanying— pariaAad, parichdrak — a. sangi 

— hlzirbish, hamrahrik^b, khidmatgar — a. harar^h [mudar^ 

Atten'tion, s. the act of attending, act of civility — manojog, samddar — dhy^n, khiyfil, tawazu. 
Attentive, a. heedful, regardful, ' intent — satarka, manojogi,dbislita — hoshydr, muiawajjili, 

Atlen'uant, a. making thin, or slender— pataW fcaH— patl& k. w. mulattif 
Atten'uate, u«. to make thin or slender. — pdtald-k. — patla k. raqiq k. 
Atte'st, va. to bear witness of, to call to witness — sdkhyi h. prandn k. sdkhyi haondrthe 

ddkan — sahih k. gawahi d. istishhdd k. [gawihi 

Attesta'tion, s. testimony, witness, evidence — pramdn, sdkhya — shahadat, tashih, tasdiq, 
At' tic, a. fine, elegant, just, fclevated*— sitnciar, uttam, jathdrtha, uchcha — kh^ssa, khushnuma, 

kh^b, mumtaz 
Atti're, s. clothes, dress, habits; a stag's horns — paridheya bastra, poshdk, besh ; mriga sringa — 

kapr4, poshAk, libds ; hiran ki sing 
Atti're, dress, to habit, to array — bastrdnwita k. beshjukta k. sijana— pahinnd, malbdsk. 
At'titude, s. posture, gesture, action— s/iarirer bhdb bd bhangi — taur, tarah, andaz 
Aitor'ney, s. one who is deputed to act and be responsible for another, particularly in affairs 

of law — pratinidhi, ukil — wakil [farefta k. 

Attra'ct, va. to draw, to allure, to entice — dkarshan k. lobher dwdrd dkarshan k. — khiflchna. 
Attraction, s. the power of drawing — dkarshan—kinchko, kashish 

Attract ive, a. inviting, alluring, enticing— a/cars/ia/c, lobhjanak — khiuchne w. dilbar, dilruba 
Attributable, a. that which may be ascribed or imputed — kdhdra gun bd kdrjya balid ganya 

— mundsabat ke laiq 
At'tribute, $. property, inherent quality— g-uw, dharma—wa.s{, sifat, khassiyat [nisbat fc, 

Attrib'ule, fo. to impute or ascribe to — kdhdra gun bd kdrjya baliyd ganya k, — thahr^ni, 
Attri'tion, s. the act of rubbing, grief for sia—gharshan, paper nimittak /c/ieS— ragar, ghisao ; 

nadamat [khushiwazk. 

Attune, t>a. to tune, to mak6 musical — swar bishishta k, surhdridhan, sur mildna — sur mildna, 
Ava'il, va. to profit, to promote, to assist — Idbk k. sdhdjya k. upakdr k. — kamana, faida 

k. madad k. 
Avail able, a. profitable, advantageous, valid — Idbh ddyak, upakdri — faidamand 
Avant'-guard, s. the van or front of an army— saini/er agra daL—kgkii ki fauj, hardwal 
Avant'-courier, s. one dispatched to notify the approach of the rest.; a herald — panhuchhana, 

sambdd debar hdran jdhdkeagre preran kardjdy, dut — qasid jo amad ke khabar dene ke waste 

dge bheja J4t4 hai, elchi 
Avarice, s. covelousness, niggardliness— /o6/t, fcripanata- hirs, lalach, bukhl 
Avaricious, a. covetous, greedy, mean— /o/>/«, Idlachi, kripan — lalachi, bakhil, tdmi, khasis 
Ava'st, ad. cease, hold, stop — kkyanta-hao, nirasta-hai),sthakit-hao — bas kdro, bas bas 
Ava'unt, int. get away, begone ; word of abhorrence— dur-diir, dnr-hao; tuchchhdrthak 

sabda—dat ho, gumho; nafrat ki b^t 
Au burn, a. brown of a fine tan colour— /ca«a bd pdndu barna — gandumrang, maigua, bh(ir^ 
Auc'tion, s. a public sale of goods by bidding— nil dm — nilara 
Auctione er, s. the manager of an auction — nilim /ca?-i:«— nilam k. w. 
Aucupa tiou, s. the act of bird-catching— pa/c/itU/tarou—cmnyou k4 pakarna 
Auda cious, a. impudent, daring, bold, saucy — nirLajja nirbkay, sdkasliik, pragalbha, aihishta 

— gust^kh, nidar, bebak, sinazor, beadab 

A L' D ( 33 ) AUR 

Auda'cionsness, Auda'city, 5. boldness, impudence, rsishnt^s—nirbhayati, nirlajjatwa, dhrish- 

tatd — sinazori, beadabi, bebftkf 
Aud'ible, a. that may be distinctly heard — srotabya — sunndi dene ke q^bil, biilaud, uuchd 
Aud'ience, «. [.jenae] hearers ; an interview — srotdgan ; sa/c^at—sunnewale, ahl-i-ijmfi; 

Audit, s. a final account — v. to ta'<e a final account, to examine, to scrutinize — shesh hishdb 

— V. shesh hishdb k. manojog kariyd dekhitn, anusandkdn fc.— '•hisab kl tishlh— v. hisfib i. 

samajhn^, tahqlq k. [ne w. hisab ka sahih k. w. 

Au'ditor, s. a hearer, an examiner of accounts— srotfi, hisdber tathydtathya bichdr fcin'— sun- 
Au'ditory, s. an assembly of hearers; a place where lectures, &c. are heard — srotd manduli ; 

upadesh ddibikya srabaner sthdn — sunnewAlou ki jamiat; dars ki jagah [saz4 d. 

Ave'nge, va. to revenge, to punish— pratip/ia^ d. danda bi shdsti d.— badla 1. intiqim 1. 
Av'euue, s. an alley or walk between trees leading lo a house— sunri path, griha prabeshdrtke 

hrikhya dchchhidita pat/i— ravisli, kothi ki jdneki s&yadfir sarak ' [zfthir k. 

Aver", va. to affirm, to assert, to declare— nis/icAay r?tpe ka/ian, prakdsh k. — kahnd, iqrar k. 
Av'erage, s. the mean, or mediuni of any given quantities — gar, hdrdhdri, har dar — ausat 
Aver'ment.s. establishment by evidence — pramdn dwdrd sangsthdpan—ga.wa.hi se subut 
Aver'nat, s. a sort of grape— tir4/t/ii/rt bishesk — ek qism kd angur [dushman, ndraz 

Ave'rse, a. contrary to, hating, disinclined — pratikul,dweshi, anichchhuk, asammata—mu khdlif, 
Aver'sion, s. hatred, dislike, antipathy — dwesh, anichchhd, g-Zirina— dushmanl, ijtinab, nafrat 
Ave'rt,t?a. to turn aside, to keepofF — ek pdrshwa k. durk. nibdran k. — dafa k. diir k. bdzrakhnd, 
Aug'er, .s. a carpenter's tool to bore hole with — turpun, ohramar — barmd 
Aught, pro. ^awt] any thing — kona drubya bd bishay — kuchh 
Augme'nt, va. to increase, to add, to enlarge — Mmna— barhani, ziydda k. 
Augmentation, s. the act of increasing— irjdd/ii—ziyddati, barhti, aP^dish 
Aug'ur, s. a soothsayer or diviner — v. to guess, to conjecture by signs — ganak, lakhyan dv)dr<i 

bhabishyadhishay baktd — v. anumdn k, lakhyan dwdrd anubhab k. — shugdniya — i;. qiyds k. 

dsaroa se darydft k. 
Aug'ury, s. ttie foretelling events to come by the flight, feeding, &c. of birds — pakkyi uran it- 

yddi lakhyan dwdrd bhdbi bishay kathan — parindoa ki harakatoa se dinde ke hdl ko tamiz k. 

falkuohai, shugunsdzi [ya, pabitra bd dhdrmik — dlishan, wdldmartabat, Elijah, muqaddas 
Augu'st, a. noWe, grand, magnificent, holy — mahimdnwita, mahat, mahdpratdpdnwita, atimdn- 
Au'gust, s. the eighth month in the year— /'uropit/a batsarer ashtam mds, arthdt Srdbaner shesh' 

drdha o Bhddrer prathamirdha — AngrezI sal kd aihwaii mahind, ydne Savvan ka dkhir ddha 

aur i3hddoa k& pahla adha, shabdn, shab-i-bar&t 
A'viary, $. a place inclosed to keep birds — pakhyi s/irtZfi— chiriydkh^na, qfishkhana 
Avid'ity, s. greediness, eagerness, anxiousness— Zoi>/i, atishay dkdnkhyd—tdima., shauq, drzii 
Aul'ic, a. belonging to a royal court — rdjbichdrgriha sambandhiya — aiwdnl, badshdhi addlat 

kd mutaalliq [ — Frasisi radp, sawd gaz 

lAuln, s. (awn) a French measure, an ell — Phrdnsadeshe byabahdrjya parimdn bishesh, saoydgaj 
Aunt, s. a father's or mother's sister, also uncle's wife — pisi, mdmi,jetdi, khuri, mami—phuphi, 

khila, chachi, mumani 
Av'ocate, va. to call ofFor away^ — konakdrjya haite ddkiyd Iron — bula le jdnd 
Avoc*Si'tion, s. calling away, business that calls — konakdrjya haite ddkiyd laon, karma, kdrjya — 

buldhat, shughl, kdm 
Avo'id, V. to shun, to escape, to letirQ^konabishay haite antare bd khydnta thdkan, sariyd bd 

paldiydjdodie utpdthaite bdijchan, erdna,antarejdon biprasthdn k. — parhez k, bachna, ek 

taraf jdnd, hat jdnd 
Avoirdupois, s. [ov^er-du-pois] a weight most commonly in use, containing liS ounces to the 

pound ; in proportion to a pound iroy, as 17 to li^atyantaprachalit parimdn bishesh tihdr. 

ek paunde arthdt ardha sere shoki auns hay — ek bat jo Inghstan meu aksar murawwaj hai, 

jis ke ba miijib sola auns ek paund, ydne ddhser ke bote haia, aur is kd paund, paund 

Troy se yih nisbat rakhtd hai, jaisd chaudah se satiah 
Avola'tion, s. the act of flying away— urit/ajaon — urjdna 
Avouch, va. to assert, to affirm, to justify — s. declaration, evidence — kahan, nishchay rupe 

kahan, pramdn d. bd nirdoshatd sthdpan k.—s. prakdshmdn bdkya, pramdn bh sdkhya — 

kahnd, iqrir k. dalil d. — s. izhar, gawalii [angikdr k. — zdhir k. iqrdr k. qabul k. 

Avo'w, va. to declare, to assert, to acknowledge— pra^tas/t kariyd kahan, nishchay rupe kahan, 
Avow'al, s. a positive or open declaration — nishchay bd prakdshmdn bdkya — saf iqrdr, izhdr 
Aure'lia, s. a term used for the first change of a maggot before it becomes a fly ; chrysalis — kiier 

pratham rup paribartan; gutipokd — kirmak ka pahla taghaiyur jab tak ki makkhi na ho, 

resham ka kira, badama 
Au'ricle, s. the external ear ; two appendages of the heart covering its two ventricles — kdner 

pdtd, rhidayer rakta kosh — kdn ka glrda, dil ke khdooa ke parde 
Auricula, s. a very beautiful flower — ati sundar pushpa bisliesh — ek bahut khdbsurat ph6l 
Auric'ular, a. within hearing, told in secret — srabansidhya, karna gocAar, kdne kdne bdgopane^ 

kathita—sunne ke qdbil, goshzad, kdn mea, ydne ahistagi se kahd gayd 
Auriferous, a. that which produces gold — swamotpadak—soaa, paida k. w. zarkhez [subh 

Auro'ra, s. poetically, the morning— (fcadye byabaharjya shabda) arunoday, pra t «/ us A— fajr, 
Auro'ra Borea'lis, s, a luminous meteor, frequently visible in the northern hemisphere, gene- 
rally called northern lights— pritAt6ir uttar bhdge dkdshe je dlok madhye madhye drishta 

hay ; d^ea— shihdb ki qutb'i-shiindli ki taraf aksar dikhldi detd hai 


A us (34) AYE 

Adspicate, va. to foreshew ; to begin a business — pwrbapradarshan k. kdrjya drambha fc.— 
palile sejat^ d. shurii k. ^ [himdyat. iqb^I 

Au'spice, s. an omen ; protection, influence — lakhynn ; dshray hd prasdd, prabhdh—shugiin, faJ; 
Auspi'cious, a. prosperous, fortunate, favorable, happy — saubfidgyabdn, mangaLddyak, pra- 
sanna, su6/ia— nekbakht, bakhtyar, shAdmdn [kara 

Auste're, a. severe, rigid, harsh, stern— ^a</ii», kathor, karkash, kafu — sakht, durusht, tund, 
Aiister'ity, s. severity, mortified life, roughness— /c«//iinat4 bd skaktdi, kalhorbyabahdr bd ta- 

pasyd, karkashatwa — sakhtl, parhezgari, riy^zat, kliushunat 
Au'stral, «t. tendiaa; to the south — dakhyindbhimuhhi — dakhan ki taraf mfiil [asl, sAbit 

Authent'ic, a. genuine, original, proveable— jat/iart/ia bd akritrim, dsal, pramdnsiddha — sahih. 
Authenticate, va. to establish by proof— jjrama /i k. sdbhyasta fc.— sahih k. sabit pahuiich^nd 
Aulhenti'city, s. genuineness, Tealhy—jathdrthatd, akritrimatd, prdmdnya — sihhat, sachai 
Au thor, s. the first beginner of a thing ; the writer of a hook— prathamdrambha kartd bd tnul 

kartd ; grantha fcarta— bani, y4ne kisichiz kA shurii k.w. musannif, ydne kitab kd banane w. 
Author itative, a. havmg authority — kartritwahishishla, shdsansuchak, prdmanik — b^hakiimat, 

muatabar , 

Authority, s. legal povirgr, influence, rule — byabasthdnajdyi khyamatd, kartritwfi bd prabhutwa^ 
shdsan — share ke mutibiq taqat, ddb, hakumat fijazat d. mubih k. jaiz rakhna 

Authorize, va. to give authority, to justify — khyamatd bd anumati d. jdthdrtha sdbhyasta fc.— 
Auto'cracy, s. independent power — samyak ddhipatya — khudhakimi 
Autocrat, s. absolute ruler— samt/afc adhipati — sarkhud, h4kim-i-mutlaquUnan 
Autog'raphy, s. an original writing — swahastdkhyar — khass hath k^ likhd hud 
Autom'aton, s. a self-moving machine— sw;aT/ang- chaleje kal — koi &\A ki jo dp se harakat kare 
Autora'atous, a. having the power of self-motion — swayang chalunshil — khudro, dp se harakat 
k. w. [mushdhada 

Autop'sj', s. ocular 'demonstration— pratafcftya praman— djikh ke dekhne se sdbif k. raudyana, 
Autop'tical, a. perceived by one's own eyes — swachakhyedrishta — apni dnkh se dekha gayd 
Au'tumn, s. [.turn] third season of the year — sharat kdl — khizdn, kharif, patjhar 
Autum'nal, a. belonging to autumn — sharatkdl sambandhiya — khizani, kharifi 
Avul'sion, s. pulling one thing from another— efc drabya anya haite tdniyd loon — khlfich 1. 
Auxil'iary, a. helping, aiding, assisting — sahakdri, upakdri — madadgar, muavin 
Auxiliaries, s. troops called upon, in virtue of a treaty, to assist another nation, &c, — sandhi 
prajnkta bhinna deshiya rdjdr sahakdri sainya — begani fauj jo ahad-o-paiman ki ru se 
kuniak ke waste talab ki jde, kumiaki fauj 
Awa'it, va. to expect, to wait for— asW kariyd thdkan, apekhyd k. — muntazir r. rdh dekhnd 
Awa'ke, v. to rouse from sleep, to put into new action— a. not sleeping, without sleep—jdgrata 
k.nuian kdrjye prabritta k. — a. anidrita, jagrat — ^jagand, bedar k. hoshydr k. — a. jagd hud, 
Awa'rd, v. to adjudge, to assign by sentence — bichdr purbak sthir k. bichdrdnantar jdhdke 

jdhd arshetdhdr prati tdhd bidhdn k. — insdf ki ru se d. infisdl se d. 
Awa'rd, s. a sentence, a determination — bichdrdnantar dg^dji, bd siddhdnta — faisala 
Aware, a. vigilant, apprised before— safarfca, agre abagata — khabarddr, hoshydr, wdqif, 

Away, ad. at a distance ; let us go, begone— dure, stMndntare ; chala dmrdjdi,jdo, dur hao-^ 

diir, tafdwat par; ham chalen, jao, farq ho 
Awe, s. fear mingled with reverence, dread — sraddhd bd bhakti pxirbak bhay, fcAay— dar, dah- 

shat, tdzim, ruab 
Awful, a. striking awe, terrible — sraddhd purbak bhayjanak, bhayankar — tarsndk, haulndk 
Aw'fuiness, s. quality of striking with awe — sraddhd purbak bhay janakatd^ bhayankaratd — 

haibatndki, haulndkl 
Awha'pe, va. to strike, to confound — dghdt k. hatabuddhi k, — mdrnd, ghabra d. 
Awhile, ad. for some space of time— fcic/t/itt/cai— thora arsa, chand muddat 
Awk'ward, a. clumsy, unhandy, ungraceful —asabhya, apatu, iadarjj/a— andri,ndqdbil, badstirat 
Awl, s. a sharp instrument to make holes — turpun bis}iesh—h\xik\:\, darosh 
Awme, s. a Dutch measure answering to whatm England is called a tierce, qfr one-seventh o£ 
an English ton — HaLanda deshiya parimdn bisheshjdhd Inglanda desher liars ndmak parimdner 
tulya bd Ingrdji ek taner sdt angsher ek angsha hay — ^mulk-i-H41and kd ek paimdna, 
mutabiq us pairadne ke ki jis ko luglistdn mea tirs kahte haiu, ydne ia« kdsatwdu hissa 
Awn'intj, s. any covering to keep off the heat or wet — chdndoyd, chdndni, chhatri — shdmiydna, 

sdyabdn.namgira v 

Awo'ke, the preterite from awake — (Awake) kriydr bhutkdl bdchak shabda-r-awake ki raazi 

ydne jag-a [terdhi se, ndharawdri se - 

Awry', ad. obliquely, asquint, unevenly — terchd rnpe, bakra bhdbe, asaindn rupe— tirchhdi se. 
Axe, s. an instrument used to chop wood — kurdli bd bdish — kulhari, tabar 
Ax'iom, 8. {ak-shum] a self-evident proposition or truth — swatah siddha bdkya — qaul ki zdhiri 

saddqat rakhtd hai, badiha 
Ax'is, s. a real or imaginary line which passes directly through the centre of any thing that 
revolves on it — bastur madhyagata danda bd kaipita rekhd jdhdr upare se bastu ghure, dl— 
khatt-i-mudyam yd khaydli kisi chiz ke bich men ki jis ke upar chakkar phirta hai, dhuri, 
Ax'le, Ax'letree, 5. a shaft on which carriage wheels turn — gdrir chdkdr rif— chakkar kt dhuri 
Ay, or Aye, ad. yes, used to affirm the truth— /ia«, 6a/e— hau, ^re-bale^ achchhd 

AYE ( 35 ) B A I 

Aye, ad. always, for ever, once raore—sarbadd, sadd, puwariir— hamesha, hamwdra, sadd, 
phir, dusrf bSr 

Az'imuth, 5. the azimuth of the sun or any star is an arch between the meridian of the place 
and any given vertical line ; an astronomical instrument — surjya bd nakhyatra sthal nish- 
chaykdri kalpita chakra bishesh, jyotish ganandrthe jantra bishesh — ek khiylli khatt sitiroa 
ka ki jis ko darmiy^n tam5.m zamin aur. dsm^n ke dftir faiz kareu, aur us ke zarie se har 
ek ko do hisse meu munqasim janea, alsaraat; alsaraat daryiift karne kd aid [asmilni 

A'zure, s. {.2/iure] light or faint blue ; sky coloured — alpanil barna; dkdsk barna*-^ni\gnn ; 


B, The second letter in the alphabet — Roman barnamdldr dwitiydkhyar—Romsin huruf-i- 

tahajji k& dnsrd harf ^ [mimiyani 

Ba'a, vrt. to bleator cry like a sheep — mesh bat rah bd bhyd bhyd shabda fc.— bheubhiy4n&, 

Ba'al, s. aCanaanitish [dol—Kdndn desher pratimd Hs/icsfe— Kan&anioa kk but, Bali 

•Bab'ble, vn. to talk idly, to tell secrets— anarr/iafc bikya bydy k. gupta bishay prakdsh fc.— • 

bakn^, raz bej^ z&hir k. [bakki 

Bab'bler, s. an idle tal'.cative person, a prattler — anarthak bdkyabddi, 6ar-6ar]/a— behudago, 
Babe, Ba'by, s. a young child — dugdhaposhya bdlak, shishu~-ldiTk&, bachcha 
Baboo'n, s. a large species of monkey — ekjdtiya bara bdnar, hanumdn — langur 
Bac'cated, a. beset with pearls, having berries— mii/ctate khackita, ddHdjukta-^motioii se mu- 

rassa ; df^naddr 
Baccliana'lian, s. a drunken riotous person— mafa/ — raatwalA, mast [ke shor 

Bac'chvnals, s. drunken riots or revels — mdtdtiyd gol bd utsab — rindoa keghulghule,badmastoa 
Bach'elor, s. an unmarried man ; one who takes his first degree at the university; a knight 

of the lowest order — abibdkita purush ; hidydUyer pratham upidhi prnpta byakci ; naif 

san^ak paddbhishikta byaktider madhye kanishtha pad jdhdr — mujarrad, n^katkhudi, 

anbyah^; lnglist4n ke raadrisoa ke niche darje ka talibulilmj niche darjckd murataz 

Back, s. the hinder part of a thing — prishtha, paschdt bhdg — pith, pusht 
Back, W. to mount ahorse; to second, to justify, to strengthen, to maintain — prishthdrokan 

k.sdhdjy I k. pakhya h. poshT.katd k. sabal k. rakhydk. — saw^r h. pushti k. pairavi k. ustuwdr 

k. taqwiyat d. [ghammiizi k. 

Back'bite, va. to slander an absent person— asdkhydte apabid k. — chughulkhori k. ghlbat k. 
Back'biter, s. one who slanders secretly — parakhydpabddi — chughulkhor, ghammaz, ghibatgo 
Back'ed.p'i. [.] seconded, supported; mounted — sdkdjya prdpta, abalamban prdpta ; drurhd 

-^pushti k.g. imd^d k. g. sawdr 
Backgam'mon, s. a game with dice and tables — pdshd kheld — nard, takhta nard 
Backsli'der, s. an apostate— pas/ici'iat digepichhiiydpareje,pichhdyje,dharm^chyuta lok — 

piche phisalne w. munkir, mulhid [ke pichi ki rasian 

Back'stays, s. ropes which keep the masts from pitching forward — mdstul bdndhd dari — mastiil 
Back'sword, s. a sword with one sharp edge — sk dhdr jiikta taloydr — ekrukhi talw^r 
Back'vfrard, a. unwilling, dull, sluggish — alas, dhild — r6gardan, kashida, sust [susti se 

Back'wardly, ad. unwillingly, sluggishly — anichchhd piirbak, dlasya purbak — narizdmandi se, 
Ba'con, s. the flesh of hog, salted and dried — labandkta shushka shukar mingsha — suar ki 

khushk namkin gosht 
Bad, a. ill, wicked, hurtful, vicious, sick— niduda, dushta, ahita kdri, kusJiil, jpirita — bad, burS, 

sharir, muzir, bimSp ^ * ^ {diyd 

Bad, or Bade, pret, of to bid— [iid] kriyd pader atita kdl suchak shabda — hid ki mdzi yane hukm 
Badge, s. a mark or token of dmiaction—koiiabishay gydnpak bd kdrjyasiichak chinha, 

chdprds—mshAa., aldmat, chaprds 
Badg'er, s; an animal resembling a hog and dog ; a man who buys and sells corn — shukar o 

kukkurdkdr jantu bishesh ; shasyer phariyd — ek janwar ka nam ki suar aur kutte ki mdnind 

hai, shugiir ; ghallafarosh 
Baffle, va. to elude, deceive, to confound — byartha k. bhdurdna, chhinna bhinna bd landa 

bhanda k. uprastut k. — raigSn d. zaya k'. fareb d. ghabr^ d. [y^^U lewi, aia 

Bag, 5. a sack, a purse; an udder — thaild,bagli; pashiirpdldn bd bdiif — thaili, kisa; hami- 
Bagate'lle, s, [..tei] a trifle — tuchchha bd khyudr a bishay — nachiz 
Bag'gage, s. the luggage of an army ; clothing, &c. carried on a journey ; a worthless womaa 

-^sainyer drabyddi ; path chalaner drabyddi; ati sdmdnyd stri — lashkar ya safar ka sSaodn ; 

behaya, fAsiqa, fajira - [6es/iyaia7/— hamradm ; kasbikhdna 

Bagn'io, s. Iban-yn] a house for warm bathing ; house of ill fame— Ms/i«a jater sndndgdr ; 
Bag' pipe, s. a Scotch musical iasivnment^Skatland deshiya sdndi bishesh — Skatland ke mulk 

k^ ek phunkne kS b&j^ 
Bail, s. surety given for another's appearance — hdjir^ jdmini — hazirz^mini 
Ball, va. to give bail, to admit to bail— jdmiw d. jdmin hadn — zamini d. zaradnat qubul k. 
Ba'ilable, a. that may be set a,t liberty by bail— jami/ii iaoMJ(;g-i/a — laiq zaniini ke 
Ba'ilifF, s. an officer who puts in force an arrest; aland steward; a magistrate — kdchhdrir 

hukume gerephtdr kave je, sdrjan ; jaminddrir gomdstd bishesh ; daudamyak bishesh-^gdirii- 

tAri ka uhdadar ; zamindari ka muhtamim ; ek qism k4 nazir 
Bailiwick, s. the jurisdiction of a bailiff— Behp/ier atZ/ii/crtr — Belif kd iUqa 
Bait, s. a temptation ; a refreshment — chdr bd lobhjanak bishay ; shrdnti dur karandrthe dhdr 

— ch4ra, tuama, tama, Idlach ; nashtd 

BAI ( 36 ) BAN 

Bait, «. to bait the hook in anjcUng; to take refreshment on a journey ; to set dogs upon— 

barshite top d. patha shrdnti durkarandrthe dhdr k. kukkur neliyd d. — chAra rakhn& ; safar 

menndshtik. kutton ko hulkirnft 
Baize, s. a coarse kind of nappy cloth — moid bandt otsh«/i— pattti 
Bake, v. to harden by fire ; to dress victuals in an oven—agni dwdrd skakta k. tufidure 

pdk fc.— 4g se ftakht k. pakini 
Bal'ance, s. a pair of scales ; the difference of an account ; the beating part of ; a con- 
stellation— nifcti, tardju ; bdnki,kaiphiyat ; gharirje ansha dwdrd shabda hay ; tidd rd$hi — 

tardzil, mlz<in; b&qi, baqayd ; ghari kd purza io khat khat chaltd hai ; burj-i-mizin 
Bal'ance, v. to counterpoise ; to fluctuate — tardju samdnk. anyer sahit bhdretulya h. dwidhd 

bd sangshay /c.— pasang k. bardbar k. waswas k- 
Balco'ny, s. a small g^Ueiy of wood or stone on the outside of a house — bdrdndd-^h&li, khdna 
Bald, a. without hair ; inelegant, unadorned— fees/i/it/i 6rt tdkpard^ leva; kadarjya, anatan' 

krita—^, chandla, kal ; badnum^, nizeba 
Bal'derdash, s. a rude mixture; confused or illiterate discourse— oftj/a&ast/ia pfirbak mishrita 

drabya ; abyabasthit bikya— m\\AO; behudagoi [nang;dpan 

Bald'ness, s. want of hair ; nakedness — keshhinatd, tdk ; andbritatd, nagnatd—gSiTi], cliandlai ; 
Bal'dric, s. a girdle, a belt; the lod'idiC—katibandhan; rdshichtkra—peti ; mintaqa-ul-buruj, 

lagan mandal 
Bale, s. goods packed for carriage ; misery — gdnit, bastd ; duhkha — gathar, moth ; pareshani 
Ba'leful, a. sorrowful, sad, full of mischief — duhkhagrasta, shokdnwita, duhkhaddyak, mandakdri 

— pareshdn,ghamgiii, badbakht 
Balk, s. [bauk] disappointment; a beam or rafter; a ridge of unploughed land — nirdsh ; 

dfkdtd bd barogd ; bhiimir dli—yksy nkximmedi; shahtir ya kafi ; banjar zamin ki qata 
*Balk, Baulk, v. to disappoint ; miss oi—^iirdsh k. chhdriyd jdon — mahriim k. nftummed k. 

mdy6s h. 
Ball, s. any thing round ; a globe ; an entertainment of ddiQc'ms—hartulnkriti drabya ; 

gdld ; nritya krird — goU ; kura ; nich 
Bal'lad, s. a comrnon or trifling song— s/fm^irat/o ^an — mashiir ydsalisgit 
Bal'last, $. weight placed in the bottom of a ship, or any other body, to prevent its oversetting 

— V. to keep any thing sied.dy '-jdhdjddisthir rdkhibdr janye tdhdr taldy dey je kona bhivi 

drabya — v. sthir rdkhan — sanginchiz jo jahiz w. g. ke taht meji sidhd rahne kew^te rakhte 

hai'a— t;. qiim rakhnd. 
Bal'let, s. a dance— nrift/a bishesk — naqlfimez n4ch 
Ballo'on, s. a large vessel used in chemistry ; a ball on the top of a pillar ; a globe made of 

silk &c. which, being inflated wdth gas, rises into the air— fcimiya kdrjye byabahdrjya shodhan 

pdtra ', stambher vpare nirmita gold ; reshamddite nirmita goldkdr bastu jdhdte bdyu purile 

dkdshevlhe — kimiyii kim k£ mustamal bartan; kalas ; reshmi kapye w. g. ki baui hui 

gol chiz ki jis mea thofi hawd bharke urfite haiu, ghubira 
Bal'lot, s. a ball or ticket used in giving votes privately — va. to choose by ballot — kona karrne 

lok sthir karibdr janye gopane dpan dpan abhiprdy gydnpak guli bd lipi — va. gojuine guli 

bd lipi dwdrd lok sthir k. — qur4, yine wuh chiz ki jis ke poshida rakhne se logoQ .;o mu- 

qarrar karn<t murdd hai — va. quri rakhnd 
Balm, s. the name of a plant— va. to sooth— Hyudra brikhya bishesk — va. upasham k. susthir 

k. — balsSn, biidrangboya — va. narm k. muldim k. 
Balm'y, a. having the qualities of balm ; soothing, sweet; fragrant, odoriferous — Bdm brikhyer 

gunbishishta ; susthir kdrak, mishta; su^andfei— balsdn ki mftnind; narm k. w. mitlia ; 

Bal'neary, s. a bathing room, hzih—sndndgdr — ghuslkhdna [balsdn 

Bal'sam, s. an ointment, a shrub — pralep,malam, khyudra in'fcfeya 6is/tesfe— raugan-i-oalsan, 
Balsam'ic, a. mitigating, softening, healing — upasham kdrak, s lodsthy a janak — balsani, taakia^ 

d. w. naram k. w, dram d. w. 
Baluster, s. a small pillar or column — khyudra stambha, pilpd — chhotAsit6n yi. kharabA 
Bal'ustrade, s. a row of small pillars — khyudra stambha shreni, garddiyd—kdA^\ix§i, kathghard 
Bamboo', s. an Indian cane, or measure — bdnsh — b^ns [bahkdnfi, mughdlata d. fareb d. 

Bamboo'zle, va. to trick, deceive, to cheat— '^/wAiana, chdturi k. prabanchand /c.— bhul^ni. 
Ban, s. a public notice ;a curse, interdiction — ghoshand; shdnp, nishedii — ishtihdr; linat, man- 

hdi ki rozmarie mea mandi bolte haiy 
Bana'na-tree, s. a kind of plantain— fcodn'/z bishesh — kelfi. [jamaat 

Band, s. a bandage or tie ; a company— feandAan ; dal, sampraddy — band, patii; garoh, tiifa, 
Band'age, s. a fillet ; a roller for a wound-^bandhnn ; pati — band ; patti 
Band'box, s. a thin slight box — chhola hdlki sinduk — ek qisra kd patla sanduqcjva 
Ban'delet,s. in architecture, a flat moulding— fei.^—imdrat mea patti ki surat k^ naqsh 
Bandit' li, s. outlaws, robbers, plunderers — ddkditer dial, dasyu, luterd — rahzanoa y^ dakaitoa 

k6 garoh, latere, qazzdq 
Bandole'ers, s. Bmall wooden cases, each of them containing powder that is a sufficient charge 

for a musket — bdruder dibd bd toshddn — toshdin 
Ban'dy,va. to toss to and fro, to give and take reciprocally; to contend at a game — e dig a dig 

phelan, lard chdrdd. adalbadalk. krirdte juddha k, — idhar udhar pheaknd, dpas men 

mutawitir leni. dend ; khel mea larnd 
Ban'dy, a. crooked— s. a crooked stick — bakra—s. hakra jashli — terd — s. terhfichob 
Bandy-legged, a. [...J having crooked legs— ^ofcraprtdaiis^isA.^a— kajpd, kajsaq 

BAN . ( 37 ) EAR 

Bane, s. mischief, ruin, poison^-t;. to poisoa — apakdr, ndsh, bish — v. bish khdoydna'^n\xqsi.a^ 

kharabi, zahr — v. zahr khilan^ 
Ba'neful, <i. poisonous, hnTlful—bishjiikta, apakdrak — zahrd^r, muzirr 

Bans;, s. a blow, a thump— v. to beat— /ciZ, chdpar — v. m«ran— thappar, tamdncha — v. mdrnfi 
Baa'ish, va. to send or drive to exile— t/ur kariyd d. deshbahirhhilta fc.— dur k. d. jaldwatan k. 

'des nikdld d. • . 

Ban'ishment, s. transportation, exWe—deshdntar k. deshtydg — ^jaldwatan, desnikdla 
Bank, s. the side of a rivor ; a little hill; a shoal in the sea; a repository where money is 

occasionally lodged-^wadtr tir ; i)keri bd yul ; samndrer chard ; beneti bd rokarer kuti — - 

darya kd kindra ; chhoid pahar ; samundar k^ char ; sarrafkliana, bank 
Bank-note or bill, s. a note for money in the bank — kutite sthdpita tdkdr chiti, not — lot, bank- 
lot ; y^ne bank ke rupaioQ ki tip 
Banker, s. one who receives money in trust — roknri heniyd hd kutiwdld, podddr — sarraf 
Bank'rupt, s. one who being unable to satisfy his creditors, surrenders his effects — deuliyd — 

Bankruptcy, s. the state of a bankrupt — deuliyd ahasthd — dewdla 
Ban'ner, s. a military standard or ({ag—juddha patdkd, dhwajd — ^jhand^, nishin, alam 
Ban'neret, s. a knight created in the field of battle— :;e byakti juddhasihale nait name marjyddd 

pad prdpta hay— jo shakhs larai ke raaidan mea mumtdz saw^rou niea bhsrii ho 
Bannia'n, s. a light undress, a morning gown — dn^rfikhd, jdmd — qamis, kurt^, pair^han 
Ban'nock, s. a loaf or cake of oatmeal— o.< ndmakjaber rnti bd pishtak — chapAti, phulka 
Ban'quet, s. a grand entertainment of feasting— ^/t<y—ziyAfat, diwat [dAr machhli 

Ban'sticle. s. a very small prickly fish — kdntdjukta khyudra matsya bishesh — ek qism ki k^atd- 
Ban'ter, va. to rally, play upon, ridicule, jeer — kautuk k. bydnga k. parihds k.- bidrub k. — 

haiisi k. cherna, maskhara bananft, thatha k. 
Bant'ling, s. a very young child, an infant— afi chhota chheliyd, sfeis^u— bachcha 
Bap'tism. s. an ordinance by which a person is initiated into Christ's visible church — Khrish- 

tiydn dharmibalambandrthak saugskdr — wuh rasm ki jis se koi I'sawi mazhab mea dikhil 

hbt& hai, istibfigh 
Baptis'mal , a. relating to baptism — Khrishtiydn dharmabutambandrthak san^skdr sambandhiya'— 

istibdghi [fcarta— istibagh d. w. 

Bap'tist, Bapti'zer.s. one who christens — Khrishtiydn dharmdbalambaner satigaskdr kavdy je 
Bap'tistory, s. a font, or place for baptizing at— je ;)ala kunde bd je sthdne Khrishlidn dharmd- 

balambansangaskdr fcare— istib^gh ka hauz yd jagah 
Bar", V. to secure, or fasten any thing with a bar; to hinder or obstruct — hurkdr dwdrd baddha 

k. rodh k. bd dlak k. — bend^ lagana ; roktiS, sadd k. 
Bar, s. a long piece of wood or iron ; the place assigned for lawyers to plead, a partition at 

which owminals are placed during trial ; a shallow at the entrance of a harbour ; a hinder- 

ance ; a small room in a tavern — hurkd bd garddi; dddlate ukilder bnddaubdddrtha nirupita 

sthdu ; hichdr kdleje sthdne doshi lokdigke ddijr kardy ; nangarhdrir bd mahandy sthita chard 

bddhipi; pratibandhak ; sardiyer maddhe chhota ghar — lakri ya lohe ki lAlhi ; ad^lat mea 

wakiloa ke jawab-o-sawal karne ki jagah aur zertajwizou ki jagah ; bandar y& daryd ke 

muh&ne k^ uthUo ; atkao ; musafirkh^ne kd chhotd karma. 
Barb, s. a Barbary horse ; a beard ; the points which stand backward in'an arrow or fishing- 
hook — Bdrbdri deshiyaashwa ; ddri ; tirer bd bariir bakra p/ia/a— Barbar ke mulk k4 ghorft ; 

darhi ; tir ya machhli ke k^nte k& phire hue rukh 
Barb, va. to furnish horses with armour ; to shave the beard ; to point an arrow — ashwa ke 

sajjita k. ddri khauri k. tirer phalite hid d. — ghore ko sajanS; hajamat k. tir ko khardar 

Barb'acan, s. a fortification before the walls of a town, an opening in the wall for guns — 

nagarsr sammukhastha durga bd bui'uj, prdchirer chhidra jdhdr bhitar diyd gold chdldnajdy 

— marhalabandi, yane shaharpandh ke bahar ki garhi ; raud, yane diwur meu banduq marne 

ki snrikh 
Barba'rian, s.' a rude unciyilized person, a savage, a person without pity — aSabhya byakti, 

janp-li lok, choydr, nirday byakti — ^.jangli, wahshi, j6hil, berahm 
Barbar'ic, a. foreign, T\xde—bhinna deshiya, asabhya, gonydr — begana, gaawaru, jangli 
Barb'arism, s. ignorance, inhumanity ; an uncouth manner of speaking or writing — agydnatd, 

nirdayatd ; ashuddha bd apar bhdshd bd rachand — wahshat, jihtilat, berahm ; betaur guftogd 

yd nawisht 
Barbar'ity, s. inhumanity, cruelty — nirdayatd, nishhturatd — berahmi 
Barb'arous, a. rude, uncivilized, ignorant, inhuman, cruel; unacquainted with arta—godUr, 

asabhya, murkka, nirday, nishthur; shilpi bidydy a?ia6/iig-2ia—, wahshi,jfthil,berahm, 
Barb'ed, pa. [.] furnished with armour ;■ bearded or jagged with hooL-s — sasajjita ; hul bd duhrd 

jufcta— ^jaushandir, khirdar, aakridAr 
Barb'el, s. a large fish ; superfluous fleshy knots growing in the mouth of a horse — hrihat 
. matsya bishesh ; ashwa mukhamaddhe bardhita tndngsa bishesh — ek- qism ki bari machhli ; 

giiore ke muah ki bimdri ki gUthli 
Barb'er, s. one whose trade is to shave— nopit — nii, hajjim, bdrbar [kd darakht 

Bar'berry-tree. s. the name of a prickly shrub— fca«Ja/c jukta khyudra brikhya bishesh — yarishk 
Bard, s. a poet— ta6i, bhdt — shdlr, bhdt [muflis, dubla, s&da 

Bure, a. naked, poor, lean, unadorned — ulanga, andbrita, daridra, krisha, abhiishita — naugi, 

BAR, (38) BAR 

Ba'refaced, a. f . . ] shameless, impudent-— nir/aJ7«—behay4, gustakh 

Ba'rely, ad. nakedly ; openly; merely — ulanga riipe ; andbnta riipe ; kehal m(£ira— barhanagl 

se ; lAhhfi ; sirf, faqat 
Bar'gain, s. a coQtract or agreement ; a thing bous^ht or sold; stipulation— c/iufefi knta bd 

bikrita drbay ; niyam bd nirbandha-^dihd, q^nViqviT ; kharid farokht ; kharidi chiz, beachi 
hiii chlz'; shart 
Bar'gain, vn. to make a contract for 'the sale or purchase of any thing— kraydr the bd hi- 

kraydrthe chukti k. — raol lend yd beuchni 
Barge, s. a large boat for pleasure or trade— ftajfi* sebandrthe bd bdnijydrthe brihannaukd, 

bajrd, bhar — sair yd sauddgari ki bari kishti, bajrd 
Baril'la, s. potashes used in making glass— fc(?ac/i nirmdndrthe byabaKdrjya fc\yar— shisba 

bandnekdkhdr [chotajahaz 

Bark, s. the rind of a tree ; a small s\np~^gdchher chhdl ; khyiidra jafeaj— darakht ki chhdl ; 
Bark, v. to make a noise like a dog or wolf, to clamour at ; to strip trees of their bark — kukkw 

bd kenduyd bdgher nydy rah k. tarjan garjan k. gdchher chhdl fc/iasrt«a— bhauuknd ; 

darakhtoa ki chhdl chhilnd [ghaughd k. w. 

Bark'er, s. one that clamours, a snarler — tarjan garjan kdrak, khea,ki byakti — shor k. w. 
Bar'ley, s. corn used in making beer — jab — jau ' 

Bar'Iey-corn,s. a grain of barley, in measurement the thirds part of an inch— yaier dana ; 

buruler tritiydngsa—)a.\i kd ddua ; jau bhar, ydne inch kdtisrd hissa 
Barm, s. yeast, used to make drink ferment — madyer phend, maf — khamir 
Barn, s. a storehouse for corn, Scc—i^old ^/lar— Ichirman, ambdr, khaliydn, bhusela 
Barn'acle, s. a kind of shell-fish which adheres to wood, &c. in the water; a bird like a 

goose ; an iron instrument to hold a horse by the nose during an operation of farriery—. 

sdmukbd gugli hishesh jdhdjala madhye kdshthdditeldgiyd thdke ; hangsernydy pdkhi bishesh ; 

ashwer ndsikd dkramandrthe lauhdr diikrd bishesh — 'Ss^ldpoka ydne nam macUhli ka ki pdni 

mea lakri w. g. par lagti hai ; hd^s ke mushdbih ek chiriya ; ek lohe ka dlakijis vvaqt 

ghore kd ildj karte haiu, to us did se ghore ke nathnea pakajpte haia 
Barom'eter, s. an instrument to measure the weight of, and variations in, the atmosphere, in 

order chiefly to determine the change of the weather — bdyur gurutwd bd Laghutwa gydnpak 

jantra bishesh—ek did ki jis se wazn aur taghir o tabdil hawd kd, aur pdni barasae yd na 

fiarasneka hdl malum karte haiu 
Baromet'rical, a. relating to a barometer— i'lywr gurutwa laghutwa gydnpak jantra sambandhiya 

— hawd ke wazn daryaft karne ke die se jo nisbat rakhta hai 
Bar'on, s. a rank in nobility next to a viscount ; two sirloins of beef — Ingland deshe Vicaunt 

ndmak sambhram suohak upadhir par je npddhi; ubhay pdrshwiya panjar suddha gomdngsa — 

Inglistdn ke khitdbdaroa ka darja jo Vaikaunt ke darje ke bad hai ; gai ke donon puttiioa 

kd gosht 
Bar'oness, s. a baron's lady — B Iran ndmak up%dhi bishi&hla hyatir stri — Baron ki jorii 
Baronet, s. the lowest title that is hereditary, next in rank to a baron — Inglanda deshe je- 

sakal sambhram suchak upddhite putrddir adhikdr hay tdhdr sarba kanishtha upddhi, arthdt 

Bdran ndmak upddhir par je upddhi — Inglistdn ke mauriisl khitdbddroa kd nlchd darja jo 

Baron ke darje ke bdd hai 
Bar'ony, s. the lordship whence a baron derives his title— je adhikdrer nam Bdran padastha 

byaktir upddhi hay —■wnh maqdm ki jis ke ndm par Baron mukhdtab hota hai 
Bar'oscope, s. [...] an instrument to shew the weight of the atmosphere — bdyur gurutwa 

gydnpak jantra bishesh — hawd ke wazn daryaft karne ka did, ydne baromiter [pattu. 

Bar'racan, 5. a strong thic'c |find of camlet — ek prakdr mold bandt — -ek qism kd mold mazbiit 
Bar'rack, s. a building to quarter soldiers in — sainya shdld — sipdhikhdna, bdrak 
Bar'rator, s. an encourager of law-suits; a wrangler — makaddamdte aatsukhya janmdy je ; 

kfilahakdri — ddwonki targhib d. w. bahs k. w. jhagralu 
Bar'ratry, s. foul practice in law ; a fraud committed by seamen on merchants' goods— ma- 

kiddamd bishaye chhal hi prahnichand ; bdnijya kdri taker drabya bishaye jdhdji lok katrik 

kona prabanchand — addlat kd fareb ; sauddgarl mdl kd jo malldh log ghaban karte haia 
Bar'rel, s. a round wooden vessel ; the hollow tube of a gun ; a cylinder— pipa ; bqnduker 

chuugi -^ nail — plpd; banduq ki ndl ; nali 
Bar ren, o. unfruitful, not prolific, sterile, unmeaning, uninventive, dull — aphald, rdaddfi 

bandhydy maru,anarthak, aprakhar,nistej, medd — shor, kallar, bdajh,beradni, kamzihn, sust 
Bar'renness, s. sterility, want of invention— a/)/ia/afc«ttu>a, bandhydttva, budhiraprakharatd — 

shoriyat, bdujhpan, kamzihni 
Barrica'de, wa. to secure a place, to fortify — pathdbarodh k. gar-bandi k. — kiichabandi k. 

qalabandi k. dr k. 
Bar'ricade, Barrica'do, s. a fortification, an obstruction, a bar to prevent admittance — garbandi, 

abarodh, dtak — qalabandi, ar, sadd 
Bar'rier, s. [.re-ur] a boundary, a defence, a bar to mark the limits of a place — sim,dnd, herd, 

dtak, simdndr ohinha — sarhadd, dr, pandh, haddbandl 
Baj'rister, a. a pleader at the bar, an advocate— ac/a/ate kdhdra pakhya haiyd bdddnubdd kare 

je, add later ukil — addlat kd wakil 
Bar* row, s. a small hand carriage to convey fruit, herbs, &c. ; a small mound of earth under 

which bodies were anciently deposited; a ho^r-~hdtgdri,arthit chhota gdrijdhd hdter dwdrd 
■' thdldnajay; prdchin kdliya kabardhipi ; shiikur — admi ke khiachne kl chhoti gdri ; mitti 

k& tijd jis ko qadimi log qabr ki jagah bandte the ; suar 

BAR ( 39 ) »A T 

Bar'ter, va. to giv« any thing ift exchange — dddnpraddn bd mdrjd k. — mubftdala k. 

Barter, s. the act or practice of trafficking — dddnpraddn bd mdrjd — mubidala 

Base, s. the foundation of any thing ; a rustic play— m«/, gord ; eh prakdr chdshdriyd kheld-^ 

bunydd ; ek gawaiiri khel 
Base, rt. vile, mean, low ; metal below the standard ; in music, deep, grave — heya, antyaj, 

adjnm; khddi bishishta bd khontd ; sur bishaye gambhir — p^ji, kamlna, d6n ; khont^ ; ilm-i- 

milsiki meu bhftri awaz y&ne bam [kamfnagi ; kamasalat 

Base ness, s. vileness, meanness ; bastardy — adhamatwa, nichatwa ; j^rjafttvx— -pajipan, 
Basha'w, s. a Turkish viceroy ; a proud imperious person — Turk deshiya rdjdr pratinidhi. ; 

garbbita lok — p^sh^h, y^ne Rum ke sultan ka subadar; maghrur shakhs 
Bash'ful, a. wanting confidence, modest, shamefaced — Idjuk, mufc/icftom— sharmgin,hayad4r 
Ba'sil, s. the name of a plant ; the edge of a joiner's tool ; a kind of leather— fc(f/o tulasi bd 

babul; chhutdrer astrer dhdr ; charma bishesh — kali tulsi ; barhi ke hathiyar k< dhdTj 

ek qism ka chamrd 
Ba'sil, va. to grind the edge of a tool — astre sdn d. — hathiydr ko sdn d. 
Basil'icon, s. a kind of ointment- f)ra/ffpaiisAad/i bd malam bishesh — lep kf ek qism 
Bas'ilisk, s. a kind of serpent, a cockatrice, said to kill by looking ; a piece of ordnance — sar-pa 

bishesh jdhdr drishtipdte prdner ndsh hay, ei riip loke kahiyd thdke ; kdmdn 6w/iesA— ek qism k<S 

saflp jis ko kahte haiu ki dekhne se m6r daltd hai ; top ki ek qism 
Ba'sin, Ba'son, s. a small vessel to hold water ; a dock where ships may floatt in safety ; a small 

pond — bail, bngund ; jdhdjer gudi ; khyudra pushkarini — bisan, bartan ; kund ki jahau 

jahaz hifazat se thahar sakt^ hai ; chhoia talab 
Basis, s. foundation, support— g-om, mw^—buny^d, jar [khSnS, t^pni 

Bask, V, to he in the heat of the sun, or fire — agni pohdna bd raudra tdp laon bd tdtan — dhup 
Bas'ket, s. a vessel made of twigs or rushes— j/iuri, chupri, ddld — tokrd, tokri 
Bass, s. matting, a. (base) in music, grave, deep— mftdwV, pdii — a. (sur bishaye) gambhir bd 

bhdri — bofiya, chatdl — a. ilm-i-rausiqi mea gambhir yd bhdri iwaz, bam 
Bas'set, s. a game at cards — tds kheld bishesh— tis ki ek bizi 
Bassoo'n, s. a musical wind instrument — sdndi bishesh — ek taur ki shahnai 
Bass-relief, or Basso-relievo, s. sculpture, the figures of which do not stand out from the 

ground in their full propovtion—pdtharddite khodd murti jdhdr anga sakal sampurna rnpe 

uchcha nd hay — wuh sangtarftshi ki jis ki shakloa kd ek rukh mdlumho [uzzina 

Bas'tard, s. a child born out of wedlock— jiara;a santdn, bijanmd—hzTixm&ddi, hardmi, walad- 
Bas'tardize, v, to declare acbild illegitimate ; to be get a bastard — kona byaktike jdraja nishchay 

h.jdraja santdnotj>anna fc.— kisi ko hararai thahrani; harami ko paidfi k. 
Baste, va, to beat with a stick ; to drip butter j to sew slightly — ihengdna ; alpa alpa kariyd 

ghritdkta k. bara bara tdnk kariyd sheldi k. — lakri se mlrnd ; chuparna ; halki silai k. 
Bas'tile, $. [,teeC\ formerly a state prison in France ; it is now destroyed — Phrdnsa desher ek 

pradhdn hirdgarer ndm, ekhyane tdhd nai— ek qaidkhAna Frasis ke mulk k4 ki jis men 

badshAhi qus5rw6r rahte the, aur ab munhadim hai 
Bastina'de, bastinado, va. to^punish a person by striking the soles of his feet with a cudgel — 

pder taldy lagur dwdrd prahdr karata shdsti d. — taluoa meulakrian marke sazd d. 
Bas'tion, s. a large mass of earth standing from a rampart; a bulwark, a fortress — murchnbandi ; 

gar, durga— burj ; damdama, qala [sarangi 

Bass-viol, s. [6ase] a fiddle for the base — gambhir bd khdd surjuktasdrinddbd beydld — bamdar 
Bat, s. a flattened club to strike a ball with ; an animal resembling a mouse, which flies with 

membranes distended like wings — goldmdribdr cheptd Idthi ; chdmchikd, 6ad«r— chaugan ; 

chamgidar, khafFish, shabpara [yoii ko pa!varn4 

Bat-fowling, s. bird-catching in the night time— rdtri kale pakkyi dharan — rat meu jal se chiri- 
Batch, s. a quantity of any thing baked at one time ; any quantity made at once— e/catre bd je 

kona drabya samuh ek bdre pakwa hay bd ek bdre nirmita hay — chizea eksdth pakhi y& 

bani hiii [qimat ko kara k. 

Bate, V. to lessen, to remit,to lower a price— «yun fc. reydt k. mulya nyun k. — ghatand, chorna, 
Bath, s. a place to bathe in; a measure — sndndgdr ; pramdn bishesh— h^mm^m, ghuslkhana, 

saqaba ; ek paimana [ghusl k. hammam k. bhigona, narm k. 

Bathe, va. to wash in a bath; to soak, to soften — sndji k. dhaut k. bhijdna, naram k. — nah^na. 
Bathos, s. a Greek term literally meaning depth, satirically used to express the reverse of sub- 
limity in style — e sabda Grik bhdsd haite dise, ehdr prakrita artha gahhiratd, kintu bydiga 

bhdbebdkya rachand bishaye gdmbhirjyer biparit bujhdy—Ynn^ni lafz kijis ki'asl mdni hai 

nichdi aur nazra ydnasarki buri ibdrat par hansi seyih nam rakhte hain 
Bat'let.s. a square wooden instrument used for bQdiiing Vmtn—kdpar kuadi karibdr mudgar— 

kundigar ka mugdar 
Batoo'n, s. astaflT or club ; a truncheon borne by a marshal in an army — danda bd lagUr } 

ienddhydkhyer pad chinha suchak dsd Idthi — chob, ds4 j fauj ke vndrshal, y^ne bare sardar 'k4 

uhde ki chob 
Battalia, s. [^.tale-yd] the order of battle— san^-g-mmarf/ig sainya shreni, byiiha—Sdifht^i 
Battalion, s. (. .yunj a body of foot soldiers, in number from 500 to 800 men ; a division of an 

SLimy—paddtik sainyer ek dal jdhdte pdnch shdt abadhi df. shat parjyanta thdke ; pallan-' 

sipfthioji ka garoh paach sau se k\\i sau tak ; paltan ; fauj ki ek hissa [miqdar 

Bat'ten^ s. a narrow board ; a scantling — alpaprastha taktd^ bdtd, chh* — kamarz takhta ; andftza, 
Bat'ten, V. to fatten, to fertilize ; to grow hi—pushiak, urbard k, motd h.—moti^ k. khet ko 

zarkhezk*mot&h. j. 

BAT ( 40 ) BLA 

Bat'ter, 5. a mixture of flour, eggs, mil If, &c. — v. to beat, b at Aown—mnydA, dimhi, dit^- 

dhd(^i misrit drabya—v. mdran, dghdt dwdrd bhdngiyd ■pkeLan—kii,, andA, diidh w. g. k4 milao 

— ». m^rna, dhdna, girfi, d. 
Bat'tering-rain.s. a military engine, formerly used to batter down walls, having a head re- 
sembling a ram's — mesher mastaker riyiy azra t)ishisht,i ek kal jdhd .de^dl bhdn^ibir nimitta 
. pilrba kdliu juddhe byabahnrjyachhila,ahenki kcU — ekjangi 41^ ki jis k^ sira meadhe ke 

sir ki tarah hotd tha aur us se s^biq ke log hrii men diwar gir^te the 
Battery, s. raised work on which cannons aie raouaied ; in law, a violent assault— uc/icAt 

krita sthdujdhdr upar kimin chardiyd rdkhdjdy, murchd ; atishay dghdt — morcha, damda- 

ma ; mSrpIt ' 

Bat tie, s. a fight between fleets or armies— juddfea, ran — layai, jang 

Bat' tie- array, s. a form or order of battle— 6^M/ia "purhak sthiti mi juddha shrinkhatds^f&Tfil 
Bat^tleaxe, s. a weapon like an axe ; a hiW—juddhastra; kuthdr, tdrtgi — tabar, tabarzin 
Bat' tledoor, s. a flat instrument used to strike shuttlecocks with — bdntul kheiate byabahdrjya 

danda bishesh — chaugan ki tarah chiz ki jis se pardir gend urdte hain 
Bat'tlement, s. a'wall indented on tiie top of buildings — griher upare grathita kkdai kdld 

pr6c/ur— fasil, tlrbandi, kangdra [pai*s4 

Baube'e, s. in Scotland a half penny — Skatlanda desher paysd bishesh — Skatland ke mulk k^ 
Bav^in, s. a bundle of small wood, a faggot-^fcct".ier(£<i— lakriou ka gatiha 
Bau'ble, s. a trifle, a trinket, a plaything — tuchchha paddrtha, sdmdnya bishay, alpa mulyak 

hd phangmdai drabya, kheiand — adhna chiz, halka gahna, khilauna 
Bawl, V. to speak loud, to call out, cry out — chenchiyd balan^ chenchiyd ddkan, chitkir shabda k. 

— zor se bolnd, puklrnd, chilldnS 
Baw'rel, s. a kind of hawk — skyan pakhyi bishesh — ek qism kd bdz 
Bay, s. an opening into the land where the water is shut in on all sides except at the entrance ; 

a tree — a, chesnufc colour — samudrer ghol, arthdt samudrer je angsher ek mukh bhinna sakal 

dig band a ; ddrchini jdtiya brikya bishesh — a. kaid ba pdlkildrang jukta — samundar kd ek 

hissa ki jis ke do yft tin taraf zamin hai, kol, khalij ; darakht ki ck qism — a. kumait 
Bay, V. to bark as a dog j to surrouai — kukkur bat vab k, beshtan k, — bhaun cna ; gherna ya 

gird k. [laban — pangd namak 

Bay-salt, s. salt made from sea water exposed to the sun, so named from its colour — saindhab 
Bay'onet, s. a dagger fixed to a musket — sanjiu — sangin [ya sihra 

Bays, s. an honorary crown or garland — mirjydd'irthak mukut bipushpahdr — sarfarlzi kd taj 
Baza ar, s. constant -market; a covered market place — bdjdr — bazar 
Bdel'lium, s, [deZ-^um] an aromatic gum — guggui — gugal, muql 
Be, vn. to have existence, to exist — haon, thdkan — bona, rahna 

Beach, s. the sea shore, the strand, the coast — samudra tir, kuL, tat — samundar kakinara, sahil 
Beacon, s. an eminence where signs are made — uchcha sthdn jekhiii haite sanket dwdrd kona 

bishay jdadnajdy — buland jagali jahaa se patton ke sath khabar dete haia 
Bead, s. a small ball, with which necA-laces are made— wi^ar gutikd — mala kn d4na 
Be'adle, s. an inferior officer in a parish, university, or trading company — Inglanda -desher ek 

prakdr peyddd — sarhang, piyAda f ke shikar ka chhola kuitd 

Be'agle, s. a small hound to hunt \ia.rei —khargosh shikdri khyiidra hukkur bishesh — khargosb 
Beak, s. the bill of a bird ; a promontory — chauchu, samudrer lenkn — chonch, rainqdr, pahar ki 

chonti [piyala 

Becker, s. a cup with a spout formed like the beakof abird— iftoyt(iyi/'i pinpdtra — thojithiddr 
Beam, s. the principal piece of timber which supports a building; the balance of a pair of 

scales ; a ray of light ; the pole of a chariot ; the horn of a stag — karikdt ; ddari ; kiran j 

gdrir sammukh danda bd bom ; mrigasringa — shah tir, gold ; tarazii ki jandi j kirn, shua, 

partau ; gari kdju^,; hiran ka sing 
Beam, vn, to emit rays or beams — kirari nirgata k. — partau dalnd 
Bean, s. a well-known kind of pnhe—barbati bishesh, shim — lobiya, sem 
Bear, s. a rough, savage animal ; a rude unpolished man ; the name of two constellations, called 

the greater and less bear ; in the tail of the less bear is the pole star — bhalltik ; asabhya byakti ; 

dui nakhyatra ganer ndm, arthdt eker ndm brihat bhalliik dreker ndm khyudra bhalluk, at 

khyudra ohaiiuker antim bhdge dhrubatdrdr sthdn — richh, bhal, khirs ; do sitaroji ki jamaat 

ke nam, yane dubb-i-akbar, bara richh, aur dubb-i-asghar, chot4 richh, aur dubb-i-asghar ke 

dumbdlemeiishim&l kdqutabtdra hai 
Bear, v. (0 carry a load, to support, to keep from falling ; to endure ; topress ; to be fruitful — 

bahun, bhdr grahan k. dhdran k. sajhya k, chdpiyd dharan } phala banta h, utpatti bd prasab k. 

— le jana, barddsht k. na girne d. taliammul k. zor d. phalna, janna 
Beard, s. hair which grows on the chin and lips ; the barb of an arrow or hook — ddri, gonp j 

titer bd barsir beukdna /lu/— darhi, rish ; tir yd kaute ki phiri hui liok 
Beardless, a. having no beard j youthful— o-o«p bd ddri hin, mdkundd j alpa ftayasi— berisha, 

amrad, gabhru ; jawan " [kahdr 

Bearer, s. a carrier of any thing, a anppoTter—bdhak, kdhdr, dhirak—'hkmW, hamrndl, mntiyi. 
Beargarden, «. any place of X\xax\x\l—goLmdLer sthdn —richh larane ki jagah, shor ki jagah 
Bearing, s. the situation of any place, both as to distance and direction— et sthdner sahit anya 

sthdner dik diiratwa bishaye sambandha bhdb — rukh, taraf, simt 
Beast, s, an irrational animal ; a brutal man— pas/iu; murh bd nirday byakti— hdiw^n, janwar, 

daw^b, pasu ; haiwdn ^dmi ' [wdnsd, ganda, ndpdic 

Be'astly, a. brutish, nasty, filthy, ohscenQ—pashubat, nongrd, aparishkdt, ghrindrha—tiai^ 

B E A ( 41 ) E E F 

Beat, V. to strike ; to conquer ; to throb— roaraw, pitan;jay k. dhuk dhuk fc.— mfirnd, pitnS ; 

fatah k. dil w. g. kd harakat k. ' 

feeatif'i ', Beatifical, a. blissful, makins; happy or blessed, belonging to the hdippj— par am sukha 

ddyak, sftfarg-jyo— farhatbakhsh, rdhatrafza, bihishti [ ki mudAklialat ' 

B'eatitica'tion, s. admission to heavenly honors-— swargiya loker madhye graJtan karan — bihisht 
Beat'itV, V. to bless with celestial enjovment — swargabliog prdptakardna—hihhht mea d^khil k. 
Beat'ins;. s. striking repeatedly — mdri, prahdr — marpit, zad-o-kob 

Beat'itude, s. blessedness, happiness, felicity— paraw sufc/ia— bihisht ki khushf, bari ashrat 
Beau, s- r6rt] a fop, a man of dres'? — phulbdbu, khoshpoihdki byakti — bankft, wazad^r 
Beaumo nde, s. {^bo-mond} the fashionable world — bdbu lok bd khoshpvihaki Lok sakal — ^jolog 

'ki apni waza awara se knass j^nte haijj, khushposhdk khuddra nafis log 
Be'aver, s. an animal, otherwise named tils' castor, amphibious, and remarkable for his art in 

building his habitation ; a hat made of its fur ; the part of a helmet which covers the face — 

udbirdl bishesh, ihdr ek nam kestar, e junta kakhana jale kakh ana sthate thdke, dr dpindr 

thakibdr char ati dshcharjya rupe nirmiri ka,re ; bibarer Lome nirmita tupi ; tnparer snmmukh 

her — ek jdnwar ndbiI4o ki siiratkd, ki jo kabhi tari raeaaurkabhj khushkimeij raht^i hai, aur 

apne ghar ke banilne ke hunar men mashhur hai, aur us ko castor bhi kahte hain; topf ki jo 

ftfyewke post kibanti hai ; k hod kijhil mil [sdrat, p^kiza, hasin 

Beau'teous, [6u-tsAe-us] Beau'tiful, /T. fair, eleeant, lovely-^sus/iri, sundar,manohar—k\\th- 
Beau'tifully, ad. in a beautiful manner— sitnrfarr«pe — hasini se, achclihi tarah se 
Beau'tify, va. to adorn, to embellish— s/ifl6/itia k. nlankdr hishishta k. — ardsta k. zeb d. 
Beau-'ty, 5. that assemblage of graces which pleases the eye ; a beautiful person — saundarjya, 

shobhd, shri ; shrijukta byakti — khi'ibi, khiibsiirati, naz.ikat ; khubsurat shakhs, parizrld 
Becafi'co, s. a small bird, the fig-eater— urumbar khddak pakhyi bishesh— ek qism k^ chliota 

chijiy6, anjirkhwar ^ ^ [lihiz^, kytinkar, kyiinlci 

Beca'use, c. that is, by cause, for this reison — kenand, jehetu, kdran — zira ki, is waste, is liye, 
Beca'lm, va. to still, to quiet the mind — beg rahit k. nirbnt k. susthir /c.— taskin d. 
Beca'me, the preterite of become — become ditdtur atita kdl bdchak pad, haila arthdt — become ka 

mazi, y.^ne ho gay.4 
Beck, s. a sign with the hand or head — ingit, thdr, isam— imd, ish^ra 
Beck'on, vn. to make a sign without words-r-irao-it k. isdrd k. — irafi. k. ishdra k. 
Beco'me, v. to be fit, to be suitable to the person ; to enter into some sta.te—upajukta k, shobhd 

pnon bd mdndna ; kona abasthd prdpta h. — mud,fiq h. jism ke laiq h. kuch hojAnfi. 
Becom'ing, ^.suitable to, graceful— «/>4;iJci«, sandar, shohhdjanak—\, shayista, kbushnumd 
Becom'ingness, s. suitableness, propriety — upajuktatd, shobhd bishishtatwa, saundarjya — liyfiqat, 

shayistagi, khushnumdi . 

Bed, s. a place to sleep on ; a division in a garden in which seeds are sown ; the channel of 

a river ; a stratum — shajyd ; hds^dnerje je sthdne bij bapan kard jdy, hd bdgdner ek ek keydri ; 

nadir sroter path ; tabak — bichhauna, bistar ; kiyari, chaman, khiy^ban ; tah-i-darya ;tabqa, 

Bed", va. to put to or kito bed, to sleep ; plant in earth — shajydgata fc. slmyan k. mrittikdte 

ropan k. — bichhaune par litana, sona ; bona, zamin mejj lagdni 
Bedab'ble, va. to besprinkle, to wet — chhitdna, bhijdna — chhite d. bhigon4. 
Bedag'gle, Bedrag'gle, va. to trail in the dirt — kdddy lotdna hd ghensrdna —k{c\\z.r meii ghisl^n^ 
Beda'wb, va. to dawb, to besmear — lepan, mdkhan—6.\n.ddi k. lepnd 

Be.d'dmg, s. the materials belonging to a bed — shayydr bdstrddi drabya — bichhaune ke lawizim 
Bede'ck.ra, to deck, to adorn, to embellish — bhushita k. sdjdna, alankdr bishiia /c.— sajana, 

ardish d. 
Bede'w, va. to moisten gently as with dew — shishirdkta k. alpa bhijdna — namnak k. tar k. 
Bede-house, s. an hospital or alms-bouse — chikitsdlay bd ddnbdri — shif^khslna, khaiiatkhdna 
Bed'lam, s. an hospital for lunatics — pdgakr chikitsdlw/, pdgldgdrad—ma.}ai\ao\i, k^ shifil-, pdgalkhdna 
Bedlamite, s. a madman or noisy person — pdgal, khyepd—diw^m, majnun, shoridahAl 
Bed'rid, a. confined to the bed by violent sickness or extreme old age— pfra bd bdrdhakya 

prdpta shajydgata — zaif yd bimar jo bistar se na uth sake, sahib-i-farash 
Bed'stead, s. the frame which supports a bed — khaftta, pdlanga — palang, chdrpdi, khat 
Bee, s. an insect which procjuces honey — madhu makhyikd, bhramar — maumakkhi, shahd ki 

makkhi, nahl . 

Beech, s. the name of a large tree — bhurja jdtiya hrikhya bishesh — ek qism kd darakht 
Beech'en, a. consisting of the wood of beech — bhurja kdshther — bich darakht ki lakri ka 
Beef, s. the 6e3h of an ox, bull, or cow — gomdngsa — gae ya sdnd yd khassi bail Vk gosht 
Beefeater, s. a yeoman of the guard — gomdngsa bhakhyak ; chaukir adhyakhya bishesh — gae ke 

gosht kd khane w. Inglistan ke bddshah ki khass chauki ka sipahi 
Beer, s. a liquor made of malt dLndhops—ankuritajabaja madya — boza, ydne ek qism ki sharfib' 
Beet, s. the name of a garden plant— pa/ahg- shdk — chuqandar 
Beetle, s. an insect; a large heavy mallet— ir"6urepofca ; 6cJ/iat/»Md^ar— gubraunda, gubrila ; 

bara bhdri mogra ' 

Beeves, s. black cattle, oxen— go-ndi jantur pdl—goin, mawashi 

Befa'll, vn. to happen, to come to pass— 5- Aa Jan, upasthit haon — nazilh. wfiqi h. parna 
Befi"t, va. to be suitable to, to become — upajukta h. khdtan—mnw^fiq h. mundsib h. 
Befo're, pr. further, onward, not behind, in the presence of; prior to, sooner — agre, sammukhe, 

samakhyt ; prathame, purbe—ige, peshtar, sdmne ; pahle, maqabl 


BEP ( 42 ) 


Befo'rehand, ad. before in thing, time or place— prat/wme, piirbbe, afr«— pahle, peshtar, Sge 
Befoul, va. to soil, to dirty, to make (onl—aparishkdr k. mayld /:.— maiU k. palid k. n^pi^k k. 
Befrie'nd, va. to favour, to be kind to — anukul k. sakdyaid k. anugraha fc. — dastgiri k. suluk k. 
mihrbdnl k. [chShnd, ^rzii k. 

Beg", V. to ask alms, entreat, petition — hhikhyd k. jdchingd k. prdrthand fc.— bJiikh mangnd, 
Bege"t, va. to generate, to produce— jannuxHa, utpanna fc.— paida k, tawallud k. muwallad k. 
Beg'gar, s. one who lives by begging— 6/«fcftyufc — gadd, faqir, bhikhiri 
Beggarly, a. in want, stingy — ad. meanly — daridra, kripan — ad, nikrishfa riipe — muflis, kangdl, 

balchil — ad. paji tarah se . 

Beg'ccary, s. great want, indigence, poverty — daridrati, dainyatd — benawii, faqiri, ni^uflisl 
Begi' n, V. to enter upon, to commence — praharta h. dramhha k. hd h. — shuru k. ibtida k. 
Begin'ning, s. the first original or cause, the first part, the rudiments or first grounds — ddi 
drambha, prathnmdngsha, mill, sutra — ibtida, ^ghaz, shurii, sabab, jar, bunyad 

Begi'rd, va. to gird, bind round, shut up — beshtun k. kamar beshtan k. patijardna, baddha k. 

kamr bAndhn^, lapetn^, band k. ' * , 

Begone, int. get away! go hence ! — dur hao, chaliydjdo — -dur ho, chale jAo [k.?g. mauliid 

Beg'ot, Begot'ten, pa. pass.oi to beget— jdta bdutpddita — beget ka mazi.yane jandy^ gayd, paid4 
Begri'me, va. to soil, to dirty with soot — mayld k. kdla k, — raaila k. siyahf^m k. 
Begui'Ie, va. to cheat, to impose on, to amuse, to deceive pleasingly — pratdrand k. bkogd d. 

bhuldna, kdl haran k. — fareb d. bahkana, dam d. warghallna 
Begu'n, pa. pass, of to begin — drabdha — shuru kiya gaya [j&nib, taraf 

Beha'lf, s. favour, support, vindication — pakhya, je kdran, janyn — wasta, khdtir, liye, haqq. 
Behave, vn. to act, to coa^\\c\.—byabahdr /c.— chalna, ravia ikhtiyar k. suliik k. 
Beha'viour, s. conduct, course of life — dcharan, byahahdi — waza, taur, tariq, chalan, raviya 
Behe'ad, va. to kill by cutting off the head — mastakclihed k. — sir katna, gardan niarna 
Behe'ld, pa. pass, from to behold — abalokita, drishta — behold kA mazi, yAne dekhd gay4 
Behemoth, s. the river horse ; hippopotamus — nadichar ghotak — daryai ghord 
Beh'est, s. a command, Pifder, precept— a^yan, ddesh, upadesh — hukm, amr, naslhat 
Behi'nd, pr. at the back of another, following another, inferior to another — pashchdt, pdchhe, 
pare, nithe — pichhe, aqab meii, mabad, bad [baqdya se 

Behi'ndhand, ad. late in time, in arrears— fci/am&e, bdki hd khdla paran pilrbak — der se ; 
Beho'ld, va. to look upon, to view, to see— int. see ! loi—abalokan k. drishii k. dekhan — int. 

dekha — nigah k. nazar k. dekhna — int. dekho 
Behold'en, pa. a. obliged in gratitude — prnpta npakdr dwdrd baddha — raamnun, ihsdnraand 
Behoof, s. profit, advantage — labhya, phal — nafa, f^ida 

Behoo've, Beho've, vn. to befit, to become— -jo^ya /*. wpajufcta //. — muw^fiqh. mun.^sib h. 
Be'ing, s. existence ; a particular state or condition ; the person existing — bartan, sthiti ; 

abasthd ; sattd, prdni — hasti, wujdd ; h^lat, ahwal; j^nd^r, mutanaffis 
Bela'bour, va. to beat soundly, to thump — baledghdtk. ghusd mdran — kiitna, ghunsa mama 
Bela'led, a. too late, benighted — gaunibhiita^ rdtri'grasta — der k. g. shabrasida 
Bela'y, va. to way lay, to fasten a rope— paf^ dgldna ; rajju bdndhan—r&h rokn^; rassi 

Belch, vn. to eject wind from the stomach— dfe«fc«r tolan — dhak^rna, rlhakdr lenit 
Bel'dam, s. a hag, a scolding woman— 'fcarripa 6ri(id/ia stri,kundali — lar^nkA jagr&Id bufhiy^ 
Belea'guer, va. to besiege, to block up — beshtan k. nbarodh fc.— muhdsara k. gherna 
Bel'fry, s. a place where bells hang — gkantd ghar — ghantaghar 

Beli'e, va, to give the lie, to slander, to calumniate, to give a false representation of any thing 
— mithyd k. mithyd gldni k. mithyd kalanka k. kalpita riip dhdran bd nakal k. — ^jhdtha k. 
jhuthland ; badgoi k. ghibat k. barkhilaf bayan k. 
Belie'f, s. persuasion, opinion; creed or form containing the articles of faith — bishwds, mat, 

dharma — bawar, iatib^r, yaqin ; iman, aqida, aqidat ki kalam 
Believe, v. to credit, to trust, to think true— praiyay k. bishwds k. satya gydn k. — miunfi, 

bawar k. yaqin k. imSn lana 
Belie' ver, 5. one that believes or crtdits—pratyay bd bishwds kartd — bawar k. w. yaqin k. w. 
Beli'ke, ad. probably, perhaps, likely — hayto, haite pare, bujhi — shayad, chdhiye 
Belh s, a hollow sounding vessel — ghantd — ^hanta 

Belle, s. [bel] a gay, dressy young woman — subeshd rasi/t ju6ati— banki, albeli.'rangni 
Belles-Let'tres, s. [bel-la-tur] polite literature— a/anfcar bidyd—i\m-o-h\nidiT, fazl-o-balaghat 
Belligerent, a. engaged in wa.r—juddha kdri — jang k. w. mujadil 
Bell-metal, s. a mixture of copper, tin, zinc and antirhony — kdnsd — kajisa, roin 
Bel'low, vn. to roar like a bull, or the sea; to clamour, to vociferate — shdnrer mata ddkan, 
samudrabat briliat shahda k. garjan k. gdtt gdn shabda k. gabhir shabdu' k.~^hddl ya su- 
mandar ke manind shor k. shor k. chill&nd , 

Bel'lows, s. an instrument to blow the fire— dAamW bdjdntd — dhaufiknl 
Bel'ly, s. that part of the body containing the entrails— ut/ar— pet, shikam 
Bel'man, s. he who proclaims any thing by ringing his bell — ghantd dwdrd dhenrrd dey je — 

ek uhdad^r ki jo gali kuche meu ghanta bajdke ishtihar deta hai 
Belo'ng, vn. to appertain to, to be the property of — kdkdra sambandhiya h. kdhdra adhikdr 

bd bastu h. — mutaalliq h. milk h. 
Beloved, a. [..] lovely, dear to, valued much— priya— piyArd, mahbdb, mashuq, aziz 
Below ad. lower in place, inferior— nic/ie, a<i/io77»— niche, tale, kamtar 
Belt, s. a girdle, a sash, a cincture— ^a/nar6anc^, patuk(i,gher ifd 6er— kamarband, patki, daw41 

BEL ( 43 ) t E S 

Bel'wether, s. a sheep which leads the flock with a bell on liis neck—'pdler agragnmi gkanfri- 

dhdri mes/i— ghatitadar bher, ki jis kepiche bheroa k4 rewar chalta hai 
Bemi're, va. to soil, to daub with m\XQ—kardam dwdrd aparishkdr h. kndd mnkhan — kichar 

se maila k. bhar d^iuA 
Bemo'an, va. to lament, to bewail — shokk. bildp k.^w^w^ila. k. roni, ndla k. 
Bench, s. a seat; a judge's seat ; iustices—uchcha o dirgha kdshthdsan- hichdrdshan ; bichdr 

/— baitline ka pajaddr takhta ; Jaj ki nashist kd takhta ; Jajou kA darja 
Bencher, s. a senior in the inns of court — smriti bidydlayer pradhdn chhdtra, ukil bishesh— 

shariyat ke raadrise ke avval darje ki. sh^gird 
Bead, va. to crook, to bow ; to subdue — bnkra k. noydna ; kJiarha /&. — terh^ k. kham k. fatih k. 
Bend'abie, a. that which may be incurvated — noydniya, bakra karan sddhya — texhe hone ke 

- q^bil 

Bene'aih, pr. under, lower in place or excellence ; unworthy of— toie, sthdne bd gunete niche ; 
n'jozya — niche, jagah yd khassiyat raeii niche ; nalaiq 

Benedict'ine, s. a monk of that order, named after its founder St. Benedict — Senta Benedekta 

ndmak sannydsir matdbalambi sannydsi — us firqe kd, dbid ki jis ko plr Benedikt ne banaya 
Benedic'tion, s. a blessing; an acknowledsjement for blessing received — dskirbdd; upakir 

' swikdr bdkya-^dua., a.sU, ashirbdd ; shukr 
Benefac'tion, s. a charitable gift, a benefit — dan, upakdr — khairdt, ihsdn 
Benefac'tor, Benefac'tress, s. a man or-woman who does acts of kindness, a contributor to 

some public charity or religious foundation— upafc^r kartd bd upakdr kartri, sahdy — ihsaa 

karnewalft ya karnewdli, mukhaiyar, wdqif yane waq? k. w. [ihsda 

Beu'efice. s. a church living, a benefit — dharma shikhyaker britti, upikdr — ^pddri ki khidmat, 
Beiief'icence, s. generosity, active goodness — ddnshilatd, paropakdrakatd — faiyazi, nekkdil 
Beneficent, a. kind, obliging, doing good — ddtd, daydlu, paropakdri — faiyaz, mihrbdn, nekkdr 
Beiieh'cial, a. advantageous, useful — phaladdyak, vpakdri — mufid, sudmand [w. 

Beneti 'clary, s. one who hf)lds a benefice— dharma shdtdr britti bhogi — palri ki khidmat raknne 
Ben'efit, s. kindness, advantage, use — upakdr, ldbh,hit — mihrbdni, fdida [faiydzi 

Benev'olence, s. di-:positipn to good ; charity— /?itec/jc/i/ia; ddn, dayd,shilatd-^nek?indeshi-i 
Ben'ev'olent, a. kind, good, affectionate— /jitec/it-Mufc, sushil, daydshil — khairandesh, sawab- 

andesh, mihrban 
Beni'ghted, pa. overtaken by the night ; involved in darkness or ignorance — rdtri grasta; 

andhakire dchchhanna, afydndndhakdre magna — shabrasida ; tdriki yd jahalat men giriftar 
Beni'gn, a. {.nine] kind, genarou?, wholesome— rfa^a/t*, fcripafta/i ; hitlcdri — mihrbdn, karlni ; 

kh.'me mea mutid 
Bnnig'uity, s. graciousness, kindness— fcripre, anugraha — karm, mihrhani 
Ben'ison, s. a blessing, a benediction — bar, dshirbad — danld, dud 
B?nt, s. the state of being bent; declivity; inclination, disposition, fixed purpose — ad. crooked 

— bakrabhab ; nicker diger dhdl ; jhonk, ichchhd bd prabritti, mdner nishchayatwa — ad. bdnkd 

— kham hone ki halat ; utar; ruju, tawajjuh, qasd, iidda — ad. kham [behiss k. sakit k. 

Benu'mb, va. to make torpid, to stupify — abash k. sdrhin k. drashUi bd apandarakit k. — sun k. 
Ben'zoin, s. a medicinal kind of resin, vulgarly called benjamin— kundam, labdn — lobdn 
Beque'ath,ua. to give by will, to leave— marare prdk kdle niyampatrer dwdrd ddn k. — de marnd, 

wasiyat se hiba k. [ki hibaname ki rii se di jde 

Bequest, s. something left by wiU-^maran prdk kale niyampatrer dwdrd datta dhan — koi chiz 
Bereave, va. to deprive of; to take away— capita bd hin k. kdriyd laon — chhin len^, le lend 
Ber'gamot, s. a kind of pear: an essence or perfume— p/ioi bishesh, dtar bishesh— ek qisra ki 

nashpati, atr ya khushbo 
Ber'gmote, s. a court held to determine matters relating to mines and miners — khdni ghatita 

bishayer ddatat-^ek adalat ki jo rauqarrar hai .wdste kanoa aur kdnwdlon ke muqaddamat ke 
Ber'lin, s. a coach of a particular construction, first used at Berlin — ekprakdr gdri jd/td pra- 

thamata Bartin ndtnak nagare byabahdrjya hay — ek qism ki gari jo shahar-i-Barlin mea ijad 

Ber'nardines, s. an oider of monks, so named from their founder St. Bernard — Senta Barndrda 

ndmak sannydsir matdbalambi sannydsi — abidon kd ek firqa ki jis ko pir Barnard ne banaya 
Ber'ry, s. a small fruit of several kinds— fc/iyudro phal — ddne ki siirat kdphal 
Ber'yl, s. a precious stone of greenish cast— mawi bishesh bd 6eruj— firoza [ajizi k. istida k. 

• Bese'ech, va. to beg, to intreat, to implore— pmrt/w/ta k. ininati k. jdchingd k.—ihims.s k. 
Bese'em, u^t. to become, to befit — -mdndna, upajukt h. — munasib h. lalq h. 
Bese"t, va. to surround, to harass — beshtan k. uttyakta bd birakta k. — ghernd, diqq k. 
Beslire'w, v. to curse, to happen ill to— abhishdnp d. amangal prdrthand k. amangal ghatan — 

kosna, bad dud k. hadisa pesh dna 
Besi'de, Besi'des, pr. at the side, over and above — pdrskwe; adhikanta, byatireke, etadbhi^ina— 

kinare, nazdik, aldwa, siwd 
Besie'ge, va. to beleaguer, to lay siege to— beshtan k. rodh k. — gher 1. mundsara k. [k.lrida 
Besme'ar, va. to soil, to daub or smear over — mayld k. lepan, mdkhdna, jubi'iyd d. — maiI4 k. 
Besmu't, va. to blacken with smut — dhuma dwdrd mayld ^c— kdjal se aluda k. 
Be'som, s. a broom to sweep with — khengrd—jh§.t6., buharu [shdr k. madhosli k. 

Be3o"t, va. to infatuate, stupify with liquor— maita k. gydn rahit k. bihbhol k. — behkhud k. sar- 
Bespan'gle, va. to decorate\es-~chakmakiyddrabyadwdrd bhOshit fc.— afshdn k. abri k. 
Bespat' ter, va. to soil with water and dirt, to slander, to asperse with reproach— jaf o kddd chhit- 

kiydd, apabdd k.kalarika fe.— chhite dalnd ; tuhmat d. aib lagdnd 

BES (44) BID 

Bespe'ak, va. to speaV for beforehand ; to order, to speaV to, address ; to betoken — agre kahiyd 

rnkhrtti,pharmdishd. kdhdra ■prati bdkyakahan ; dekhdna bd prakdsh k. — kah rakhn^,, far- 

m<lish kar d. mutakalllm h. daldlat k. [cUIna, dliabba diln^l, abu k. 

Bespo't, uo. to maik with spots, to variegate — bindu bindu chlnha jukta k. chi'tra k. — dagb 
Besprin'kle, va. to sprinkle over, to moisten — chhitdna, bhijdona — chhirakn^, bhigon^, 
Best, a. most good, most preferable — atyuttam, sarbasreshta — achchhe se achchha, §ab se 

Bes' lial, a. Ibes-tshe.l like a beast, hT[xt\3h—pashubat,jaghanya — haiwdnsirat, wahshi 
Besti'r, va, to move quickly, to hasten — shighragati bishiskta k. sativarh.shighra /c— hoshyar 

k. chaldk k. . 

BestoV, va. to apply, to confer upon — Idgdna, deon — laganfi, dend, at& k. 
Bestrew, va. to strew or scatter about— chhitdna bd chJiardna — phail&na, muntashir k. 
Bestri'de, va. to getacrossany thing— pa p/iawt kariydddardna bdvharaa; dingiydjdon — charh 

baithnA, sawdr h. •' 

Bet", s. a wager— w. to lay a vva^er — pan b'i biji — u. bdji ra'/c/j a n—shart — v. shart badnd 
Beta'ke, va. to take, to have recourse to — laon, dsray A:.— lena, mutawajjih h. masriif h. 
Bethi'uk, vn. to recollect, to reflect — smaran k. mane k. briyechand k. — y4d k. malum k. bujhni 
Beti''de, vn. to happen, to befall, to come — ghatan, dsiyd paran, upasthith. — aparnd, 4a& 
Beti'mes, ad. early, soon, seasonably— saA;a/e, shighra, upajukta samai/e— sawere, tarwaqt, 

Be'tle, $. an Indian plant— ))an — pan, tambol 

Beto'ken, va. to signify, to foreshow— defc/iari/i, hd byakta k. piirbe hyakta k. — batldhd, dalAlat k. 
Bet'ony, s. the name of a plant — khyudra brikhya bishesh — ek qism ka buta 
Betra'y, va. to deliver up treacherously ; to divulge a secret-^bishwdsghdt piirbak shatruhaste 

arpan k. gopaniya bishay byakta k. — daghabizi se sompn^ ; pardadari k. 
Betro'th, va. to give or receive a contract of marriage ; to affiance — bibdher sambandha dhdrjya 

k. — manstib k. nisbat ya mangni k. . faclichhd, bihtar 

Bet'ter, a. superior, improved, more good — duiermddhye bhdla, bhadratar, sreshlatar — dusre se 
Betwe'en, Betwi'xt, pr. in the middle — madhye—hich, darmiyan 

Bev'el, s. in masonry, a kind of square rule— raj mistrir mitdm, bd paid — ek murabba ndp 
Bev'erage, s. drink, liquor to be drunk — peya drabya, pdnd, ?>iar/t/a— sharbat, shurb, shardb 
Bev'y, s. a flock of birds j a company— pafc/iir jhdnk, pdl, ganasamuha—chiriyori ka jhund j 

garoh, ghol 
Bewa'il, va. to bemoan, to lament — shok k. rodan k. bildp k. — rond, nala k. ' 

Bewa're, vn. to be cautious, to take care of — satarka h. sdbdhdn h. — hoshyar h. khabarddr h. 
Bewil'der, va. to mislead, to puzzle— pat/i bhuldna, dhdndd Idgdna, bhrdntijanmdaa, peufihe 

phelan~h\\n\knk, gumrdh k. ghabra d. 
Bewi'tch, va. to injure by witchcraft, to charm, to fascinate, to please irresistibly — ddin khdon, 

bd gun k. mohit k. bash k. mugdha k. — jAdii k. farefta k. girwida k. 
Bewra'y, va. to disclose perfidiously, to heirH.y—bishwdsghdt purbak prakdsh k, bishwds^hdt k. 

. — pardadari k. bewafai k. [ddr. Beg 

Bey, s. a Turkish governor, or viceroy — Turakdeshddhipatir ndyeb-' Rum ke sultan ka suba- 
Beyo'nd, pr. on the further side, out of reach — age, pare, odige, atita, bdhir — pare, udhar, 

ustaraf, -maqdur se bahar [khachita /iai/-— angdthi ke nagine kk khina 

Bez'el, Bez'il, s. that part of a ring' in which the stone is ^yiod—anguriyaker je sthdne mani 
Bez'oar, s. a medicinal stone, anti-poisonous — bishpdthar — pazahar, zaharmuhra 
Bezoar'dic, a. compounded with bezoar — bishpithar ^is/iis/iia— zaharmuhra^mez 
Bian'gulous, a. having two corners or angles — duikond — dogosha, dozawiya 
Bi'as, s. inclination, bent ; weight on one side — maner tdn, pakhyapdt, 'ihonk — ruju, mail, 

kashish ; jhukfio ' [—mail k. righib k. 

Bi'as, va. to prepossess, to incline partially — kona dige laoydna bdjhoiikdna, pakhyapdt janmdna 
Bib, s. infant's breast cloth — bdlaker buk dhdkd kdpar — bachchou ki peti ya sinaband 
Biba'cious, a. addicted to drinking — pane rata — pine kl adat rakhne w. 
Bib'ber, s. a tippler, a toper, a sot — madyapdyi, mdtdl — nashab^z, sharabi 
Bi'ble, s. the sacred volume in which are contained the revelations of God— d/iarma pustak — 

kit^b-i-muqaddas ki jis mea Khuda ka farm^n likha gayi hai [mutaalliq 

Bib'lical, a. relating to the bible or divinity — dkarma pustak sambayidhiya—Baih^l ya fiqe kd 
Bib'liographer, s. a man skilled in the knowledge of hooks—grantha bishaye bigyiip, — kitabou 

kd jinne w. " 

Biblio'mania, s. the rage of possessing scarce or curious books; book-madness— prac/u'n bd 

durlhah grantha prdpane bydgratd, bale bdyu—kMbo\2 ki trirs, qadimi ya nadir kitabou kf 

Bibli'opolist, s. a hookseWet— grantha bikray kartd — kitabfarosh 
Bibulous, n. that is apt to imbibe, spongy— j'af shoshanakhyam, phonprd—jizih, abkash, abr- 

i-murde ki manind, halkfi pulka 
Bicap'sular, a. ['. .shii.'\ a plant whose seed pouch is divided into two parts— dui khandajukta 

bijkosh dhdri emat brikhya— koi bnik ki jis ke blj kd ghar do hisse mea hai 
Bice, s. a blue colour used in painting— cAitra kdrjye byabahdr'iya nili rang — taswir khiachne 

kk ek nau kd nild rang [mu^niile mea ranjish k. chherchar k. 

Bick'er,i)«. to dispute about trifles, to wraag-le— tticAcWta bishaye bibddk. jhagrd /c".— adna 
Bid", v. to command ; to offer a pricQ—dgydn h. dar ddkan—\i\xkm k. mol k. 
Bid'den, pa. invited, comimanded— a^wta, nimantriLa,ddishia—^aiVidX k. g. hukm k. g. 

BID ( 45, ) B 1 P 

Bid'der, s. he who offers or proposes a price— je byakti dar ddke bd mulya dite chdhe — 

qimat k.w. mushtari 
Bid'ding, s)a corrMnand, order, charge — dgydn, ddesh — hukm, irsHAd [tahammul k. 

Bide, V. to dwell, to continue, to endure— 6rts k, thdkan, sajAya k. — sukuoat k. rahni 
Bident'al, a. having two teeth — dui ddtita bishisht a— dodantk 
Bi'ding, s. an abode, residence, stop, stay— 6nsast/ian, 6«s, sthiti — maskan, rahne kit mak^n, 

istiqAmat, qiyfirn 
Biennial, a. continuing two years, lUippening once in two years— dui batsar sthdyijdhd, dui 

balsare hay — do s^l tak rahne w. do baras men hone w. 
Bier, s. [beer\ a carriage on which the dead are borne to the grave — kabarasthdne shab laiyd 

j'iibdr 6a/ja7i— janaza, t^but ^ [dugdha—pyiisi 

Bie'siiogs, s. the first milk after ca.Wmg—prasahrinantar garur je dudh pratham hay, gettjd 
Bifa'rious, a. two fold, double, doubtful — dwigtin, dohdrd, dwarthak — dochand, dohrA, mubham, 
Bi'ferous, a. bearin,^ fruit twice a year — do-phald — dofasla [kha 

Bifid, Bifidated, a. divided into two — duihhdge bibhakta — do hissoQ men taqsim k. g. dosh^- 
Big, a. large, great, swoln, pregnant — brira, brihat, sthul, sphita, garbhini — bara, azim, mold, 

h^mila [do jord rakhne kA gun^h 

Big'amy, s. the crime of having two wives at once — ek bdre dui stri bibdha janya aparddh — ■ 
Big^gin, s. a kind of cap for a child — bnlaker tupi — larkoa k' topi 
Big'oi, s. one unduly devoted to a party, a zealot — abibechand purbak kona mate hydgra bd 

pakhyapdti je, gourd — ^jo shakhs ki kisi tariqe ki shiddat se pairavi kartd hai, mulaasib, hathi 
Big otry, s. blind zeal, superstition — gonrdmi, bibechand rahit sraddhd bd pakhyapdt — taasub, 

hath, pachh, jihl-murakkab 
Bil'ander, s. a smaH vessel, broad and flat, used for the carriage of goods — naukd bishesh, sdmigri 
' bahandrthe chdtdla shhota jdhdj — ek chhoti chauri hamwar kishti ki jis men asbab Udte 

haiu [surat k^ surkh mewa 

Bil'berries, s. small purple-coloured berries — raktabarna khyudra phaL bishesh — ek d4ne ki 
Bil'boes, s. a sort of stocks on board a sh\p—jdhdje thdkeje hdri kdt — jahaz mea qaid karne ka 

Bile, s. a thick bitter liquor collected in the gall bladder ; a painful swelling — pitta ; phord— 

pit, safra, zahra, zard^b ; phora, dummal 
Bilge, s. the breadth of a ship's hotiom—j dhdjer taldr chaurdi, jdhdjer dakrd — ^jahaz ke tahti 

ki wusat • 

Bi'liary, a, [^.ya-re'] belonging to-the hWe—pitta sambandkiya — pit ya safre se mutaalliq 
Bil'iugsgate, s. a fish market; foul language — mdchher bdjdr;kadukti, pachdl — machhli ka bazdr, 

gall, dushnim ' [garmmizaji 

Bilious, a. [.j/Ms] full of bile, choleric — pittamay, pittaprddhdnak, rdgi — safr^wi, zardabi. 
Bilk, va. to ctieat, to over reach, to defraud — prabanchand k. tkakdna, chdtUri k. — dagh6.b6zi 

k. fareb k. thagnd 
Bill, s. the beak of a bird ; a hooked instrument for cutting ; exhibition of charges; an act of 

parliament ; an advertisement— c^ncfea; dd ; piond tdkdr hisdb ; Inglander Pdrlimenta dwdrd 

rachita niyam ; ghoshandpatra — chonch ; minqar^ dao ; nipai lene ki dastSwez ; Inglistdn 

ke hakimon ka qanun ; ishtihdr [place — hundi — hundi, hundavi 

Bill of exchange, s. a note which authorizes the bearer to demand a sum of money at a certain 
Bill of parcels, s. an account delivered by the seller to the buyer of goods — bikray patra, jdhd 

kraykartdke bikray kurtd dey — bijak, sy^h^ 
Bill, V. to caress, kiss, fondle ; to publish — thont Idgd Idgi k. chumban k. sohdgk. prakdsh k. 

— dana badalna, piyar k. bosa lena ; mashiir k. [ruqqa ; chailA,. kunda 

Biliet, s. a small letter ; log of wood— #/i/io<a patra ; kdlher kunddbd g-«i/ri— chhoti chitthi, 
Bil'let, va. to quarter soldiers — sainyer bdsdr bili k. — sipahioii ko chand roz rahne ke waste 

gharoa men taqsim k. " . ^ 

Billet-doux, s. [da-doo'] a short love-letter — premer potra^-^shiqana ruqqa 
Biliiards, s. [.yurdz] a game with balls and, sticks— e/i/aZ kheid bishesh — gend aur chaugAn ki 

bAzi ki jo mez ke irpar kheli jati hai 
Bil low, s. a large hollow rolling wave — baradheu — bari mauj, bap lahar [kothii 

Bin, s. a repository for wine, corn, &c. — rnadya o shasyddir 6/ia«drtr— sharab, dane w. g. ki 
Bin'ary, a. double ; com-posed of two — dohdrd, jord, dui bastute nirmita — dohra, do chiz se bana- 

yd htii 
Bind, V. to confine with bonds, to oblige by stipulation ; to make costive — bdndhan, sandhi bd 

niyamdwdrd haddka k. koshla baddhak. — bandhna; shart sebandhna; munqabiz k.bandhej k. 
Bin<i, s. a stalk of hops— feap ndmak khyudra brikhyer <ia>j<rt— hap darakUtka tana 
jBind'ing, s. a fastening ; cover of books, a "bandage — bandhan ; pustaker maldt, pati — band ; 

jildbandi ; patti [durbin — dochashmi durbin 

Bin'ocle, s. a telescope with'two tubes, so that an object may be seen with both eyes — dui nalir 
Binoc'ular, a. having two eyes — dui ch&kkyu bishishta — doaakha, dochashma 
Biog'rapher, s. a writer of persons' lives — manushyer kirti bdcharitra barnan kartd — ek shakhs 

ka muwarrikh [ki tawarikh 

Biog'raphy, s. a history or writing of lives — manushyer charitra barnand bd updkhydn—eidmi 
Bi'parous, a. bringing forth two at a birth — ek bdre dui santdn prasab kdre je, dui bd jatnak 

^rashutd—ek dafameii do bachchou ko rautawallid k. w. 
Bi partite, a. divided or cleft into two equal parts — dui iamdn angsha bishishfa — do hisson meu 

barabar taqsim k. g. 

B I P ( 46 ) B L A 

riparti'tion, s. the act of dividing in two — dui bkfig Won— do hissoii mes taqsfm [Mmi 

1)1 ptl, s, an animal having only two feet, a human being— dui padjantu, manushya — dopaya, 
iiiped'al, a. having two feet — duipad bishishta—dopAya. 
IJipen'nated, a. having two wings — pakhyadwny hishuhia — dobazu 

Bipet'alous,a. consisting of two flower leaves — dmdal bd dui pdkri jftfctrt^ lopaiikhri d^r [chhari 
Birch, s. the name of a tree; a rod—brikhya bishesh ; jashti—ek qism ka darakiil; sljakhdfir 
Bird, s. a name applied to all fowls— paWi/t—pakheni, murgh, chiriya, parinda [— Usa 

Bird'limo, s. a glutinous substance used to entangle the fee* of small birds— pdkhi dhariodr did 
Bir'ganJer, .s. a fowl of the goose kind — hangsa bishesh— hdLUS ki ek qism 

Birth, s. the act of coming into life; lineage ; extraction ; rank inherited by descent— janm/i; 
kill; bangshn ; bangsha marjyddd — paid^ish. tawallud, vviladat, janam ; g har^na, khana- 
din j nasab, nasi, asl ; ab^i martaba [jeswatwabdadhikdrhay—'irs, haqq-i-wildda 

Birth'nght, s. the rights and privileges to which a person is horn— paitrikddhikdr, jamna dwdrd 
Birth'wort, 5. the naiue of a plant— 6ri/c/iya 6is/ifis/t— prawand, yritie biite ki ek qism 
Biscuit, 6, [.(at] a kind of hard flat bread — shakta chukti ruti — nankhatai 

Bise'ct, va. to divide into two equal parts — sumdn dui khanda /c.— barabar,do hisse k. dotukrek. 
Bish'op, s. one of the head order of the clergy who has the charge of a diocese ; a liquor com- 
posed of oranges, wine, sugar, &c. — pradhdn dharmddhyakya ; kamidr ras madya chini 
ityddl mishrita pdiiiya drabya — padriouka peshw^, mujlahid, imim ; naringi sHarSb aur 
shakar ka murakkab araq [k4taaluqa 

Bish'opric, s. [.op-»'Jfc] the diocese of a bishop— prarf/ia/i dharmidhyakkyddhikdr — mujtahid 
Bis'muth, s. a hard, white, brittle mineral— d/ititu bishesh— -phnl dliat 

Bissex'tile, s. [] leap year; every fourth year in which the day, arising from six odd hours 
in each year, is intercalated — tin tin batsar antar je batsare tinatrish dibuse Phebyitdrimds 
puma hay — chunki Angrezi his^b se baras ke tin sau painsath din aur ehlia sdat hote hain, 
char baras ke bad un saaton k6. ek din hot^ hai, aur us din ko Fabrueri mahine mea lagate ; 
lahaza us sal ko, kijis raea Fabrueri raahina athais se untis din ka ho jata hai, Bissextail 
kahte haia 
Bis'son, a. blind, deprived of sight — andha, drishtikin — andhlii, ndbin^ [chhuri 

Bis'toury, s. a chirurgical incision knife — astra cKikitsdte byabahdrjya chhurikd bishesh— ];xrrAhi 
Bisul'cous, a. cloven-footed — bibhakta khur bishishta — khuridar, sumdarida 
Bit, S. the iron mouth-piece of a bridle; a small piece of any thing; a Spanish silver coin, 
value seven pence half penny — kajayi bdldgdm; tukrd ; Speii deskiya pinch and miilyer 
riipya mudrd — lag^m, dahana, qaizai ; tukra, zarra, purza ; Spen ke mulk ka panch aue ki 
riipai . [fareb, chhal 

Bite, s. act of biting, a Irlck—'dangshan, kdmar ; thcigdmi , prabanchand — kat, burrish, chabao; 
Bite, va, to separate or pierce with the teeth ; to cut, to pain ; to cheat, to trick— k'imrdna, 
kdtan,pirdd. thagdna,prabanchandk. — dant se kitna, kat khand, chabdna ; katna, dukh 
d. chhaliiS, fareb k. 
Bitt'acle, s.' a frame of timber in the steerage, where the compass is placed— ja/ifijer pashchdd 
dige kdshtha nirmita stkin jdhdte kanipds ndmak j antra rdkhijny — lakri ka khana jahdz kc 
piche ki taraf jis meii kampas rakhte haia 
Bit'ter, a. of a hot, acrid, and biting taste ; sharp, cruel, severe, keen, satirical — tikta, katu ; 
tikhyna, nirduy, kathin, pirdddyak, tiraskirak — karwa, talkh, khattd ; tei, berahm, sakhl, 
tezfahm, tazngo 
B it'tern, s. a bird of the heron kind — krannchapakhyi ftis/icsfe- chamar bagla, butim^r 
Bit'terness, s. a bitter taste; malice; gfief— tifctatri ; dwesk ; 5/iot— karwahat, talkhi ; bughz^ 

kina ; gham 
Bitu'meu, s. a fat, unctuous matter— metiyi tail — raitiya tel, nafta, qafrulyahud 
Bitu'minous, a. compounded of or like bitumen— m«.%« tail bishishta bd meliyd tail bat — 
mitiya tel sa, nafti i — fauj ki maidan meu shabbashi 

Biv'ouac, s. a guard performed at night by the whole army'— -frtfiat sainya kartrik rdtri chauki 
Bi zantine, s. a piece of gold, valued at \5L. — der shata Idkd mulyak sivarna mudrd bishesh— 
der sau rnpai ka sone ka qur^za [chukli k, — pardadari k. raz ko fash k. bakna, aibgoi k. 
Blab", V. to tell a secret, to tattle, to tell tales — gupta kathd byakta k. bar bar kariyd bakan 
Black, a. dark, cloudy, mournful, wicked — kdla, krisna barna, shokjanak, ku — kal^, siyah, 
ghamgin, sharir [^kdla bastra — habshi ; kala rang ; matimi libas 

Black, 5. a negro ; tlie dark colour ; mourning— ftafo/ti, krishna barna ; mrityur shok siichak 
Blacken, va. to make black ; to defame — kdla k. kalankajukta k. — kila k. aib lagana 
Blackguard, s. a mean fellow, a spoundrel— at^antaja, pdji — luchcha, shuhda, badmaash 
Black rod, s. the usher belonging to the Order otthe Garter; he is usher of parliament— Gartar 
ndmak tipddhi jukta byaktider madhye jini krisknaburna jashti dhdran karen, sei byakti 
Inglander Parlimenter dsd barddr hayen — Gartar ke darjewaloa ka siyih iisa rakhnewala 
aur yihi shakhs P^rliment ka (ki Inglist^n ki bari kaunsil hai,) bhi asdbardar hota hai 
Blacksmith, s. a smith who works in iron — karmakdr bd Lauhakdr — loh^r, ahangar, hadddd 
Blad'der, s. a vessel containing some liquid in the body ; as urine, bile, 6cc.^harirer antar- 
astha thalir nydy ddhdr jdhdte miitra pittyddi thdke, phoknd, putkd,—~jism k^ abdan ki 
jis lueu peshilb, pit w, g. raht^ hai, masana, phukna, pittA 
Blade, i. the spire of grass before it seeds j the green shoots of corn; the sharp or dutting part 
of an instrument; a gay man — ghdserpdtd; astrer phald bd pdtd ; satej byakti — ghls y^ 
. anAj ke bate k^ patt4 ; hatyar ki bar ; bankd [phunsi, qura, puaphola 

B|ain",'5. a pustule, an ulcer, a bile, a blister — phushkuri ; ghi, sphotak, phoshkd — phora. 
Blame, i. imputation.of a fault, ofFonce — nindd, dosk, apirddh -dokh, iizam, inazaramat, guuaii 

B L A ( 47 ) B L I 

Blame, va. to censufe, to reproach — nindd k.dosh d. — dokhnft, ilzdm d. tnaUmat k. sarzanish k. 
Bla'meable, tt. deserving censure, culpable — ninddniya, duskya — mulzim, qusT\rwS,r 
Bla'meless, a. innocent, guiltless, upright— «ir<ios/if, niraparddhi, khdti — bequsur, begun&b, 

bari, mubarrd 
Blanch, t). to whiten ; to peel almond ; to evade— sada fc. bdddmer chhdl khashdna; Mas- 

rdan — sufed k. bddSnn ka chhilkd ut^rnd; ti.\n& 
Bland, a. soft, mild, gentle — komal, mridu, dhir — narm, mulaim, halim, drmida [phusldnft 

Blaud'ish, va. to soften, to wheedle — naram k. mishta kathdr dwdrd bhuldnn, — mulaim k. 
Bland'ishment, s. soft speeches, flattery — mishta hdkya, stuti — mithi bdten, n&z, khush.imad 
Blank, s. void space ; unwritten paper; a disappointment — shunya sthdn ; alikhit kdgaj ; 

nairdshya — khahjagah ; sSda kighaz ; naummedi 
Blank, a. white, unwritten ; dull— sada, alikhit ; utsdharahit — sufed, belikhd, sad^ ; ahmaq 
Blank-v^rse, s. verse without rhyme — mitrdkhyar hinkabitd — nazam beqifiya o radif 
Blank'et, s. a woollen cover for a bed — kamhal, lui — kammal, kamli, gilim [kufr k. 

Blasphe'me, va. to speak in terms of impious irreverence of God — Ishioar nindd k. — kalAm-i- 
Blas'phemous, a. impiously irreverent with regard to God — Ishwar nindak — k&firi, ilhddi 
Blas'phemously, ad. impiously, irreverently — Ishwar nindd piirbak — kufrgoi se, kufrat se 
Blas'phemy, s. indignity offered to Go'd—Ishwar 7iindrt— kalma-i-kufr, kufrgoi 
Blast, s. a gust of wind ;• the sound made by a wind instrument ; a blight which damages trees, 

corn, &c. — hdtdsey' jhdjitd bdyudwdrd bddya hay jejantrer tdhdrshabda ; brikhya o shasyddi 

ndshak uj)adrdb—ihQk?L, ilidikoi^ ; phuakneke bdjeki. dwdz; gheru^ ki jis se an^j, darakht w. 

g. zfiya bote hain [murjhdna, jhulasnd 

Blast, va. to injure, to wither, to blight — nashta k. shukiyd phelan, jhalsiyd phelan — nuqsan k. 
Bla'tant, a. bellowing as a calf ; noisy — bdchhurer nydy shabdakdri ; uchchashabda kdri — 

bachere ki tarah hinhiu^ti hM, shordar 
Blaze, s. the light of a flame ; a white mark on a horse's forehead ; publication — dipti ; ghordr 

kapdler sddd ddg; pra/cflsft— bhabiika, 8hu6,la, lukd ; ghore ki peshani ksi kasVqa ; izhar 
Blaze, V. to flame, to publish -jtra/au, diptimdn h. prakdsh k. — dhadhakn^, bharaknii 

mushtiil h. ishtihdr k. ^ [ddn ki alamat ki ilm 

Bla'zon, Bla'zonry, s. the art of heraldry — bangsha marjydddr chinha bishayak bidyd — khdn- 
Bla'zon, i;a. to explain figures on ensigns armorial; to deck, to embellish; to make public; 

to celebrate — bangsha marjydddr chinha sakaler artha k. shobhita k. bhushita k, byaktak. 

gunprakdsh fc.— khAndin ke nishdnon ko bayin k. zeb d. drdishk. ishtihdr k. tarif k. 
Bleach, v. to whiten, to grow white— sacia k. bd h. — nikharna, sufed k. sufed h. 
Ble 'ached pa. [,] whitened, made white— -shukla fcrit/— nikhara gaya; sufed k. g. 
Bleak, a. cold, chilly; pale: — s. a fish — shit al, him, pdngdsh barna — s. matsya bishesh~h Arid, 

sard, thandh^; zard, pild — s. ek qism ki machhli ^ [andhera 

Blear, o. watery, dim, weak, obscure— ja/ui/a, jhdpsd, ghor, ^/lyin— chundhU,^ ishobi, kambin ; 
Blear'eyed, a. having sore inflamed eyes— ghoid chokhu bishishta, netra rogi — chundhli 

chipr^, ^shobi 
Bleat, vn. to cry like a sheep — meshbat shabda k. — bhejibhiydn^ 

Bleed, v. to lose blood ; to let \)\ood—rakta mokhyan k. rakta khyaran—\o\i(\ d. fasd kholnd 
Blem'ish,s. a spot or stain ; a deformity — ddg kalnnka-; khunt — dagh, kalank, aib; qubh 
Blem'ish, va. to defame j to injnre—kalanka jukta k. khuTit pardna — daghi k. aib lagini; 

nuqsin k. , ^ ^ 

Blench, i;?i. to shrink or fly off ; to obstruct — sankuchit'h. pschhiydparan, bharkdna ; dtakk, 

— hatn6, ijtinab k. rokni 
Blend, vo. to mix, to mingle— Trais/irtta k. — mildnd, amez k. makhlut k. 
Bless, va. to wish happiness to another, to give success to, make happy — mangal prdrthand k» 

dshirbdd, k. mangal k. sufc/ii fe.— kisi ke waste barakat chahna, dud d. mubarak k.khujistak. 
Blessed, Blest, pa. happy, tasting felicity— /ca/yan;u?(ta, param sukha prapta— khushhdl, 

mubdrak, bakhtyar, bihishti, baikuntbdshi ^ • , • C"^^™*^ 

Bless'ings. a good wish, divine favour — dshirbdd, kalydn, ishwarer feripa— du4-i-khair, barakat^ 
Blight, s. a mildew— va. to blast ; to hinder from fertility ; to spoil— 6rifc/iwer rog bisheshjad- 

dwdrd Agra, chitd, bd bhuo kay—va. shushka k. bd jhalsiyd phelan, nishphal k. nashta k. — 

genU, arqan— va. jhulas d. kumhMnd, raurjhdna, pazhmurda k. bardar na hone d. khardb k. 
Blind, a. deprived of sight, dark, obscure — andha, andhakdr, ghot — andhi, kor, ndbind, an- 

dherd, tarik 
Blind, s, any thing which is placed to intercept the sight ; a false pretence— dris/i^a rodhak 

bastu ; drdl, chhal—wnh chiz ki jis se nazar roke, parda, andhyiri, chilman ; bahdna, 

hila ' ' [kori, ndbinai; jahl.jahAlat 

Blind'ness, s. a want of sight, ignorance — andhatd, agyantd, murfc/iata— andhlapan, andhldi, 
Blind'fold, a. having the eyes covered— c?iaA./iu mudritd, chakhyu dchchhddita—iji^hmundA, 

chashmbasta . [zahrddr saup 

Blind-worm, s. a small venomous viper — biskdla khyudra sarpa bishesh — ek qism kS chhotd 
Blink, vn. to wink; to see obscurely— cAafcAi/u tipa^i, chakhyu mitmit k. jhdpsd jhdpsd dekhan 

— dnkh michmichdnd, jaldipalakmdrnA; kamdekhnl ^ fkambasdrat 

Blink'ard, *. one who has weak eyes—mitmitd bd khyin drishli jdhdr — chuadhla, dhundld. 
Bliss, s. the highest degree of happiness; happiness of blessed souls; great joy — param 

sukha-y sargiya sukha; param dnanda — khushi ki nihdyat martaba ; bihisht ki khushi ; 

Mji khushi [— farhatndk, farahbakhsh, dijkushd 

Bliss'ful, a, full of joy, happy in the highest degree— ^aranj sukhi, param dnandit, alhddit 

"B £' I ( • 48 ) B L U 

Blis'ter, *. a watery rising in the skin ; a plaster — phoskd, phoskd janak malam — phapolA, 

chhfil^, dbilaj daw6 fibilaangez, plastar, chittd 
Blis'ter, v. to apply a blister ; rise in bhsters—phoskd janak malam Idgdon ; phoshd rtijpe pJm- 

liyd uthan — pidstar lagind, dawa dbilaangez blndhni ; (Ibila'parn^ 
Blithe, Blith'some, a. gay, merry, sprightly — praphulla, sahdsyabadan, kaisha bishishta, dmude 

— khushdil, kushftdapeshini, khushtaba, hansraukh [rana 

Bloat, vl to swell ; to grow puffy — sphita h. phulan, p/ianpa«— phuldnft ; phul j. suj j. bhabh- 
Bloat'edness, s. tnrgidness, swelling^— spAjfj, phuld — bhabhardhat, sujan, farbalii, motapA 
Blocic, s. a large heavy piece of wood or stone; a stupi I fellow; a pulley — ^unri kishtha, 

kundd, pdtharer bara than bd chdp ; murha bd agydn byakti ; kapikal — lakrf yd paththar ka. 

bard bhsiri tukra, kimda, chatdn ; ahmaq'; rassi khincline ka pliiikiddr kunda, chakmundrl 
Block, ^!7^. to shut up, to enclose — baddha k.ruddhak. beshtan k. — band k. ghernd 
Blocka'de, s. a siege cairied on by shutting up the place — va. to shut up by obstruction — sainya 

dwdrd path rodh purbak beslan—va. pathruddha k. — muhdsare ke tarlke kl nd'<abandl — va. 

rdh rok lend 
Block'head, s. a stupid person, a diince — murkha, bd nirbodh—he\vuq6.f, ahmaq [se achchhd tin 
Block'tin, s. unadulterated tin ; the best tin — nibhdnj rang — khdlis tin, arziz-i-kndlis ; achchhe 
Blood, s. the red fluid that circulates through the body; kindred, lineage; a rake — raktay 

bangsha, gotra ; lampat byakti— \o\ix\,'k\i<ix\. ; khdnddn, nasi ; bdnkd, rind 
Blood'hound- s. a hound that foljows by the scent and seizes with great fierceness — ddlkukkur 

bishesh, arthdtje kukur ghrdn dwdrd jdiyd atyanta bale shikdr kare-^ek kutte ki qisra kijo 

snngne se khoj lagdtd hai aur bahut zor se pakar letd hai 
Blood'shed, s. the shedding of blood, slaughter — rakta pdi , hatyd—khnnreii, qatl 
Blood^shot, a. filled with blood, red — rakta pxirna, rakta barna — khundluda, surkh, Idl 
Blood'y, a. stained with blood ; sanguinary — raktdkta, raktamay ; atinirday, khune — 

khdndluda, purlchun, loh{ibhara ; khtini 
Bloom, s. the blossom or flower of a tree ; the prime of life, a native flush on the cheek ; the 

blue that appears on some fruit — phul, mukul ; j lubandbasthd ; gdler Idl rang ; kona kmia 

phalete drishtahayje nila rang — darakht ka phul; naujawdnl, shabdb, bahdr ; gdloQ'ki 

surkhl ; haikd dbi rang jo bdze raewe par hota hai 
Bloom, Blos'som, va, to produce h\oi&oins—pushpahati bd mukulita h. — raaulnd, phulnd, 

khilnxl, shigufta h. [— mauldyd htia, sarsabz, bahdrdar; naujavan 

Bloom'ing, Bloom'y, a. flowery ; youthful — haul bd pushpa bishishta ; jaabandbasthd prdptd 
Bloss'om, s. the flowers of trees or plants— pusApa bd mukul — darakht yd bute kd phul, maul, 

baur [chhit— v. bhar d. dagh fagdnd, aib lagand 

Blot," s. a blur, a spot — w. to di-sgrace, to stain — ddg, kalanka—Vi kalanka jukta k. — dagh, 
Blotch, s. a pimple or pustule on the skin — phuskuri bd duchil — dadora, chat 
Blow, s. a stroke ; a gale of wind ; the act of a fly by which he lodges eggs in meat — dghdt, ghd, 

chot ; bdtdser jhdptd ; mdngsete mdchkir dim pdran—chot, war, zarb; jhakar, jhokd j sdi 

yane goshtmea makhkhl kd kire ddlnd 
Blow, V. to pant or breatlie hard ; to put forth flowers; to drive by the force of wind — phun 

d. h'inpdna ; hdyn dwdrd chdldna — phdnkna, hanpnd ; khilnd ; hawd ke zor se chaland 
BloWze, s. a ruddy fat faced woman, a slattern^-pits/iia mukha bishishta stri, dhuma putni, 

kutsitdstri — yalshal khingi aurat, tantosh ki aurat, phiihar aurat 
Blowz'y, a. sunburnt, ruddy-faced— raitdrete dagdha, rdngd mukho—dhnp se jhaualdyd hud, 

surkhru [ki charbi 

Blub'ber, s. the fat of a whale, &c. — Hoel ndmak brihatmatsyddir tail — hut w. g. machhli 
Blub'ber, u. to swell the cheeks with weeping — kdndiyd mukhphuldna — rone meumunh phu- 

Idnd [soat^ 

Bludgeon, s. a short thick stick used as an offensive weapon-*-gada, lathi, fcfeg.%rf— dandd. 
Blue, a. sky-coloured — nil barna— ni\&, nilgun, kabfidi, dsmdni 
Blue'ness, s. the quality of being blue— m'/afu;a— nildi, kabddiyat 
Bluff, a. stern, blustering, fierce; big — kathin, garjankdri, bhaydnak ; bara moid — sakht, 

~durusht, tund ; bard 
Bluu^der, s. a mistake, a gross oversight — bhul, ckuk — dhokd, bhul, chiik 
Blun'der, tin. to mistake grossly; to err — ati bhrdnta h. bhulan — dhokd khdnd, bhtilnd, 

ch6knd - [bare munh ki chhoti banduq 

Blun'derbusB, s. a short gun with a large bore — bara niukh bishishta khudra banduk — ek 
Blunt, a. dull, rough, unpolite, abrupt — bhontd, niotd, karkash, asabhya, mura — muthrd, 

kund, kundzihan, badlihdz, beimtiydj; 
Blunt, va. to dull the edge or point — bhontd k. dhdrmold k. — muthrd k. kund k. bdr raarnd 
Blunt' ly, arf. rudely, plainly, roughly — asabhya rupe,.mura rtlpe, karkash r«pe— ^bemurdwat 

se, sakhti se ■ ' [beimtiydzf 

Blunt' ness, s. a want of edge; rudeness — atikhynatd, muratd, asabhyatd^muthr^i, kundi ; 
Blur," s. a spot, imperfection— va. to stain — ddg, khunt—va. ddg Idgdna—d^gh , aib — va. dagh 

lagdnd [kah baithnd, bemahdbd bolnd 

Blurt, va. to speak heedlessly— /lairft baliyd phelan, bibecHand ndkariyd ia/tare— betaammul 
Blush, V. to redden in the face through shame —^ajjla jan^/e ishad rakta badan k. lajjit 

A.— sharm se chihre kd tamtamdna, khajil h. 
Blush, s. a reddish colour on the cheeks raised by shame ; red or purple colour ; sudden ap- 
pearance— Zajja projufcta mukher rakta barna, rakta barna; hatdt prakdsh ^,— sharm se 

chihre ki taratamihat ; surkh rang ; ndgdh zdhir h. 

B L tl ( 49 ) E L 

Blua'ter, vn, to roar, to hector, to swagger— g'arjan k. dantbha k. garba k, — ghurrish k. l&fzani 

k. khudfaroshi k. takabburk. 
Blus'terer, $. a noisy person, a swaggerer — gariankdri, damftfeifc— lAfzan, lantardni 
Blus'trous, a. noisy, tumultuous, h^v^h—dhumdh'imkdri, gar)ankAri — ahori, dhumddmf, tund 
Boar, 5. the male of swine ; a high tide— pawg^ifeufcar ; ban — narsiiar, khuk ; hummi, b4n, 

Boar I, "«. a flat piece of wood ; a table at which a council or court is held — taktd bii pdtd ; 

je rnejer chnturdize mantrigan bd bickdrkartdrd 6oise«— takhta, p4t, pattrd ; mez ki jis ke gird 

ahal-i-maalahat v4adilat ijlis karea 
Board, V. to pave wit'i boards ; to enter a ship by force ; to pay for lodifin? and eating — taktd 

bichhirir ; hil pnrbikjdhdje iithan ; tdkd diyd anyer ghare has o dhdr k. — p^tn^, takhte 

bichhitiA; dasrejahaz men zabardastiseghusjind; diisre ke ghar men khine rahne ki 

kharch muqarrar karke sukuuat k. 
Board'er, s. on^n who pays to diet with another — muli/a diyd anyer ghare khdy j«— diisre ke 

ghar tneQ jo kli^ne pine rahne k^ thfki karke rahtd hai 
Boirdwa'ges, s. an allowance for vicia^U—bhojandrthak mulyrt, khordki — khorakl ke ddrii 
Boar'isli.a. brutish, rude, rough, cruel — shukarermata, godnriyd, asabhya, nhhthur — siiar ke 

mininJ, atigarh, ndtar^shida, nimuliim, berahm [ba|&f 

Boast, s. a proud speech, a brag — dambht, bardi — 15,fzani, tafdkhur, khudfaroshi, khudsarai, 
Boast, V. to brag, to glory in, to exult— dam6fta fc. ahank&r k. bardi k. — fakhar k. l&fzani k. 

khudsarii k. umang k. fkhudfarosh, khudsard, akajbdz 

Boaster,*, a braggart, a puffer, a swaggerer— dojni/wn&arfrt, bardi bdjdnk kare je — Idfzan, 
Bo'astful.a. proud, haughty, v^.in—ddmbhik, darpashil,jeiil<o~-dimigh\, raaghriir, mutakabbir 
Boast'ingiy, ad. ostentatiously, vainly— ciarpa j^uriafe, jViafc puria^ —Idfzaoi se, lintar^nise, 

shekhf se 
Boat, s. a small vessel used on rivers, &c. — naukd, dingi, pdnsi — nao. kishti, hot [mallah 

Boatman, s. a manager of a boat — ndbik, ddnri, miji — naow^ld, ddndi, mflnjhi, kishtib^n, 
Boat'swain, s. {bo-sn'\ an officer who superintends a ship's rigging, &c. and overlooks the 

sailors in their sundry duties— ia/irijer karmakdri bishesh, arthdt rashd rashi rdkhe ebang 

khdldsider karma kdrjya dekhe je — sarhang, yinejahaz ka ek uhdaddr ki jo mallahoii se 

k&m leta hai our rassioQ ki khabarglri karti hat 
Bob,' V. to beat, to cheat, to dangle — mdran, jbagdna, heldna, doldna — mama, fareb d. hildni 
Bobbin, s. a small pin of wood with a notch to wind the thread about when women weave 

lace— j'i/t bunibdr janye suta jardibdr ua/i— phirki ki jis par j4li banane kd sut 

lapette baig 
Bob'tailed, a. [..] having the tail cut short — lejkdtd bd iesriya— landurd, bdnda 
Bode, va. to foreshew, portend— 6fta6i bishay prakdsh bd gydjipan ^.— shugun d. dalalat k. 
Bo'dement, s. an omen, a foreboding— ia^/ij/an, bhdbi bishayah chinha — shugiin, fi\, dalil 
Bod'ice, s. a sort of stays for women — kdnchuii — angiya, mahram [uirangkir; nihaui ; p4k 
Bod'iless, a. without a body ; spiritual ; pure — nissharir, nirdkdr ; dtmdmay ; pabitra — bejisaj, 
Bod^ily, a. relating to the body — sharirik — ^jismani, badani 

Bod'kin, s. an instrument to draw thread through a loop—suchi bishesh — chhoQchhi, siiii 
Body, s. the material substance of an animal ; a person ; a collective mass; a corporation 

sharir\ drabya, byakti ; pinda,punja; dal — badan,jism, tan, deh, sarir ; shakbs; kisi chiz 

kk wajiid ; firqa 
Bod'yclothes, s. clothing for horses — ashvfaparichhad — ghore ki gardani 
Bog, s. a marsh, a fen or morass, a swamp— jai/s6i soatd bhumi, pankamay bd daldaliyd bhiimi 

— daldal, andan, dhasau 
Bog'gle, vn. to hesitate, to waver— tftoiamata khdon, sandeka k. sangshay fc.— thithaknfi, 

jhajhaknd, pasopesh k. wasw4s k. 
Boggier, s. a doubter, a timorous man — sandehakartd, bhiru — chauakel, khaufnak, darpokn4 
Bohe'a, 5. a tea more astringent than green — chd bishesh jd/ii sabuj chd apgkkyd adliik katu, 

huy'—chi. ki qism jo sabz chi se ziylda q^biz hai 
Boil, V. to be agitated by heat; to dress by putting into boiling water— tat dwdrdphulan, 

siddha, fc.— khaulni, josh khana, ubalnl ; ubalna, josh d. 
Boiled, pa. [.] dressed in boiling water — siddha, pakwa—ab^l6, hUa., josh k. g. 
Boi'ler, s. a vessel for boiling water, &c. — siddha karibir kard, hdtiri—-deg, khum, kardh 
Boisterous, a. loud, furious, slotcay— atibrihat sabdakdri,' pracha'nda, jharjukta— zor shot 

k. w. shadid, tund ' [zor shor se 

Bois'terously, ad. furiously ; very loudly— pracAania r?ipe ; atishay shabda purAofe— shiddat se. 
Bold, a. brave, stout, daring, impudent,— s/ia/iasi, bharsdjukta, nirbhay, niriajja— bahfidur, 

mazbdt, nidar, behayi [hausila d. 

Bold'en, ua. to make bold or confident— sa/ias bd bharasd jukta /r.— himmat bandhdni, 
Bold^ly, ad. in a bold manner, bravely— sa/ias purhak, nirbhay nipe— dilerana, mardana 
Bold'ness, s. courage, impudence, confidence — sdhas, nirbhayatwa, nirlujjatd, bharasd — dileri, 

bab&duri ; besharmi, gustdkhi ; taqwiyat, istiql4l 
Bole, s. an earth, a corn measure of six bushels — mritikd bishesh ; shasyer parimdn bishesh — 

gil-i-armani, multdni matti ; chdr man batis ser ka ghalle ki pairaana 
Boll, s. a pod, a seed vessel—bijadhdr—tukhm ka khana [paidd b. 

Boll, vn. to seed or form into a seed vessel— /^?j bd bijddhdr A.— tukhm yd tukhm ke khanoa k.i 
Bo'ist«r. $. a Urge pillow; a long cushion— 6ara bdlishi lambd 6«/wi^— baji takiya; Iambi 



B O'L ( 50 ) B O O 

Bolster, ra. to support with a bolster; to prop— bilish diyd uchcka k. .bdlish d. thekd d. — 

takiya lagdni ; theuki lagdnA [pntk 

Bolt, s. the bar of a door ; a-thunrlerbolt— fc^it/, hurkd ; bajra—hnrkk, billi, bendfi ; gij, bajar. 
Bolt. u. to fasten ; to sift; to rush out — hhil d. hurkd d. chdlan ; bege bdhir h.—hQtidS. 

laiTftni, band k. chh^nnA ; jaat karke nikaln^ 
BoU'cr, s. 9, sieve to separate meal from bran — chdlani—chilni, ghirb.^1 [qism ki mini 

Bo'lus, $. a large pill ; a kind of earth— oMsfead/ier guli ; mritikd bishesh—dzyfi. ki barl goli ; ek 
Bomb, s. a globe of iron containing combustibles, &c. to be discharged from a mortar— p't^fj- 

bdr nimiita bdrudddi bhard gold — ghub^re k^, ydne phatnew4U golft [sharftb k& pipd 

Bom'bard, s. a great gun ; a barrel for wine— bara kdmdn, shardber ■piupd — ghub^re ki top, 
Bomba'rd, va. to attack with bombs— 60m ndmak ^old mara«— ghubftra chalftnA [golandfiz 
Bombardier, s. [..deer'] a bomb engineer— 6owi ndmak gold chdlankartd-^^hMhAre ki, 
Bombard'ment, s. an attack with bombs— 6oni ndmak gold chdlan dwdrd chardo fc.— ghub&re 

ke gole markar nargh6 k. 
Bombasi'n, s. slight black silken stnff—kdlabarna reshnmi kdpar — siy&h atlas 
Bomba'st, a. high sounding— s. fustian — artkahin barabaru bdkya bishishfa-'S. anarthak bara 

Mra i'l/ci/a, prafcand/ia— mubdlaghadmez — s. mubdlagha 
Bombula'tion, s. a great sound, a hum — bara shabda, g-uri gun shabda — bara awfiz, bhanak 
Bomb'ketch, s. a ship for homha— bom ndmak golur jdhdj— ki top kdjahaz 
Bonas'us, s. a kind of buffalo — m,ahish bishesh — ek qism ki bhaifls 
Bond, s. cords or chains with which any one is bound ; cause of union ,^ link of connection ; any 

written obligation — rajju, sikal ityddi jdhdr dwdrd kdhdke baddha kardjay ; ban d Hani ; 

ekrdrndmd, khat, nirbandhapatra — band, zanjir ya rassi ki jis se koi b4adiia jdwe; rishta, 

silsila; tamassuk,dastawez 
Bond, a. in a servile state ; enslaved, captive — ddsatwabhdbe ; ddsatwuprdpta, baddha — ghulamX 

ki hc-llat men ; ghuUrak. g. gariftar, qaid 
Bond'age, s, captivity, slavery, imprisonment— fiandjtua, ddsatwa, kdrdgdre baddha fe.— 

asiri, habs, ghulAmi, qaid 
Bond'man, Bondmaid, s. a male or female slave— fcrt'fa dd$ bd dasi— ghuUm, barda ; kanfz^ 

Bonds' man, s. one bound for another— j^min — z4min, kafil 
Bone, s. the most solid part of the body — asthi bd hdr — haddi, ustukhwdn 
Bo'nelace, s. a coarse kind of lace; flaxen lace — motdjdli bastra bishesh, shaner ja/i^-.ek qism 

ki moii jdii, san ki jdli ^ 

Bone'less, a. having no bones ; tender — asthihin ; naram — behaddl; narm 
Bon'fire, s. a fire made for triumph — jay janya /utsabete uddipta ag-ni— ek aUo ki jis ko 

wilAyat men fatih w. g. ki khushi men karte haia 
Bon'net, s. a covering for the head, a cap — tupi bishesh — topi, kuUh 
Bon'nily, ad, prettily, gaily, handsomely — sundarrupe, dlhadpurbak, paripdtirupe—khnH 

se. khushi se, achchhi tarah se 
Bon'ny, a. handsome, beautiful, merry, gay— isuradar, sushri, alhddita,praphulla—hdisin, 

khiibs^rat, khushtaba, bashshSsh 
Bo'num mag'num, s. a great plum — phal bishesh-— hsiia. dlii 

Bo'ny, a. strong, stout, full of bone — shakta,ma)but, asthimay — qavi, mazbdt. haddidl,r 
Boo'by, s. a dull stupid fellow ; a large bird— mfirfc/ia bd bokd ; pakhyi iisAesi-^ahraaq ; ek 

qism ki bari chiriyd 
Book, s. a volume in which we read or write ; a particular part or division of a work — grantha, 

pustak, hai, khdtd ; granther angsAa— parhne y& likhne ki kitib ; kit^b k4b4b 
Book' binder, s. one who binds books— je/dg'ar — jildgar, sahhdf [feart— kitdbdost, ilmdost 

Book'ish, a. much given to reading, studious — niyata pustake nibishfa, niyata skdstra chintd' 
Book'keeper, 5. one who keeps accounts— Awafii, muhuri — hisdb likhne w. (jokh4 

Book'keeping, s. the art of keeping accounts— /itsaWftidya, muhurigiri — hisab kit^b, lekhii 
Book'mate, s. a school-fellow — satirtha, samadhydyi — hamdars, hamsabak 
Book'seller, s. a vender of books by profession —pastafc 6iA:rer^— kitabfarosh 
Bookworm, s. a mite ; a close student — pustaker kit ; granthake utyanta anushilan karg je— 

kitdb ka kir^ ; kitiboQ k6, shAiq 
Boom, s. a spar to extend a sail ; a chain or cable across a river ; the distant sound of cannon 

pdli histdr karihdr dkuji ; nadir ubhay tir prdptashikal bd rajju; durastha kdminer shabda 

badb^n latk^ne ki lakri ; daryd ke arz ki zanjir yd rassi ; top ki dankdr [ata, indm ; dud 
Boon, s. a gift, a present, a grant; a prayer — ddn, bakshish, bar ddn ; prdrthand — bakhshish. 
Boon, a. gay, merry, pleasant, cheerful — dinodi, dlhdddnwita, sad-itta/uia— khushmizaj, zin- 

dadil, khushtabiyat ^ [wahshi, angarh 

Boor, s. a clown, a lout, a rude man— cftasia, murha, asahhyabyakti — gaawdr, dahqani, 
Boor'ish, a. rustic, clownish, rude — chdshdriyd, ashabhya — gajiwaru, ndtar&shida, betaraiz '» 
Boor'ishuess, 5. coarseness of manners— asa6/ii/a(rt—gaiiwarapan, betamizi [ki jagah 

Boose, s. a stall for a cow or ox to feed in—garar jdber gdmld bishesh — gdi yd ke bdnjjhne 
Boot, V. to profit, to gain ; to put on boots— /46A k.phaladdyakk. chamra Tnojd paran^lnhaif 

fdida pdna ; mbze pahinnd 
Boot, s, profit, advantage, booty ; the space between the coachman and the coach ; covering 

for the legs — ldbh,prdpti, lutkard drabya; sdrathi abudhi hdodd parjyanto. idmadhyasthdn, 
4^r»iti mojrt— nafa, faid4, liit; koch (ydne wiiayati gdri) aur kochwan ke baidme ki. 

jagah ke darmiydn kd fd»ila ; moza, bdt 

BOO C 51 3 BOU 

Booth, s. a stall or tent erected in a hit--haierckh(Und, jlioprd bd tora^— mele yd peath ke 

dukdnd^rofl kd sdyaban .. . ' 

Boot'less, a. useless, unavailing, vain — anarthak, nishphal — befaida, akdrath, behdsil 
Boot'y. «• plunder, pillage, spoil — Lut kira drabya, aparhita drabya — Itii 
Bora'chio, A', [.rat-tsho] a drunkard; a leathera bottle— ni'ifa/ ; charma botal, arthit kupi — 

matwdia ; kuppl [kriti brikhya bishesh — halwdn ki rainind ek buld 

Bora'mez, s. the vegetable lamb, generally known by the name of Agnus Scythicus— mesA'i- 
Bo'rax, s. an artificial salt, prepared Irom sal ammoniac, nitre, calcined tartar, sea salt, and 

alum, dissolved in wine — sohdgd — sohiga, tinker, bauraq, jawdkhar 
Border, s. an edging ; a side, a boundary— d/iar, kinird, pdr ; ter, simd, prdntabhdg — kindra j 

hdshiya; taraf, hadd, sarhadd * 

Bor'derer, s. an inhabitant near the borders— siwa hdsi — sarhadd Vk rahnewdla 
Bore, s. the hollow of a gun ; a swelling tide— 6an(iu/cer phukar ; hdn — banddq kl rauhri, bandilq 

ki bhitar ki pahnai; bAn, liurarad (bedhna, bannand 

Bore, va. to make a hole, to pierce— c/i/ii<ira k. phuhar k. bedhan, p/iomra— sdrakh k. chhednd, 
Boreal, a. northern, tending to the nonh—uttariya, uttar dikastlia, uttardbhimukhi — uttarla, 

shimdli, uttar ki taraf mail 
Bo'reas, 5. the north wind — uttariya hdtds — uttar ki hawd, bdd-i-shimal 
Bore'e, s. a French dance — Frdsisi nritya bishesh-^ek qism kd Frdnsisi ndch 
Borer, i. a gimblet ; one who bores — turpun-, chhidrakdrak — barmd, minqab ; clihedne w. 
Born, pa. brought into the world— jita bd janita—]dt.nk, paidd, zdidd, zdda, zd 
Borne, pa. carried, brought, supported— ia/iita, chalita, dhrita — liyd gayd, layd gaya, ulhdyd 

gayd, bardasht k. g, 
Bor'ougli, s. l^bur-ro] a corporation town — Iti^landa desheremat prddish je sekhdnkdr lokdig^r 

r4;<^flt«a 6is/ies/i /cfej/mafa t/iafce— shahrjahan bddshdh ki ijazat se panch intizdm ke wdste 

maslahat kareu ^ [1. udhdrl. 

Bor'row^ va. to ask a loan; take on credit — rin k. dhdr k. karja k. — mdng I. bd dnyat l.qarz. 
Bor'rower, s. one who borrows from another — rini, adhantarna, karja lay je, khdtak — qarz- 

khwdh, qarzddr, mangtd, mustair . . 

Bos'cage, s. a wood, a grove — aranya, ban, jangal-r^\a.tigail, ban, darakhtistdn 
Bosk'y. «• vfOodY—nranyamay, banuyd, jangaUyd—ya.ngddi 

Bos'om, s. the breast; fhe heart; the seat of tenderness— /^^ooies^, rhiday ; antah- 
. karan — chhdti, sina ; dil ; mahabbat ki jagah 

Bos'om, va. to enclose in the bosom — dlingi^n bd kole k, — chhdti men nkhad 
Bass, s. a stud, a knob, a raised work— /co«a pitra bi alankdrete je bkdg uehcha bd sphita 

kay,jardokdjer butd bdphuL — gulmekh, phul, qubah 
Botanic,' Botan'ical, a. pertaining to botany or ttie description of plants — brikhya bishayak 

bidyi sambandhiya — nabdti, bdtoa ke ilra kd mutaalbq [kd karail 

Bol'anist, J. a person skilled in herbs— brikhya bishayak bidydy pandit bd mdli — biUou ke ilm 
Bot'any, s. branch of natural history which treats ot plants— ^ri/c/tya bishayak bidyd — butofl 

kd ilm, ilm-irDabdt 
Botch, v.- an ulcerous swelling— 6rana, y/iom— ddgh, chat, phord, muhdsd [bemohka jor lagdnd 
Botch, va. to mend clumsily, to patch — kutsit rupe sdran, tali d. — burl tarah se marammat k. 
iiotch'er,s. one who mends old clothes— pumiau bastra sdreje — rafugar 
Both, a. the two, of two — abhay, dui—dono, hardo 
Bot'tle, s. a vessel with a narrow mouth to contain liquids — kdnch nirmita sankirnagalajukta 

pdtra, botol, shishi — araq rakhne kd chhote muuh kd bartan, qardba, shisha, gulabi, bottal 
Bottom, s. the lowest part of any thing; a valley; the foundation— taia ; dai parbater 

madhya stiuta bhiimi, mill — tald, tali, pendd, pendi, tab, taht, pdm ; nichan, darra, do pa- 

hdrori kedanniydnki jagah ; bunydd [tab, agam 

Bottomless, a. unfathomable, without bottom — atalasparsha, athdyi, tald hin, gord rahit — be- 
Bot'toniry, s. money borrowed on the pledge of a ship— jVi/i'ij 6an<i/iu/< rdkhiydje tdk'd karja 

/camjrti/— jahdz kiraaliyat par jo rupaiqarz liyd jdtd hai 
Bond, s. an i»sect wliich breeds in malt— /ci/ bishesh— ek qism kd kifd 
• Bough, s. an armof a tree, a branch— s/ia/c/ta, (LdL — shdkh, ddl, ddh 
Bought, prct. of to buy — s. a knoty a Hexure — buy dhutur aiitakdl bdchak shabda, arthdt krita, 

kinita — s. gdnti, bank bd mor—buy kd mdzi, yane kharida, mol liyd gayd— s. gduth, lachak 

Bougie', s. a wax-taper ; an instrument —moHiAi^ti ; astra bishesh — mom ki batti ; jarrdtii bdtti 

Bounce, vii. to leap, to spring ; to bully — Idphiyd paran, Idphiyd uthan, thikriyi Uihan, dspkd- 

. Ian k. darpak. — kudke chalna, lapakna, jnapakkar chalna ; dharakdud • - 

Bouncer, s. a boaster, a bully — darpakiri, ddmbhik,dsphdLan kare bd bhay darshdy je—\9.iZ(ii.n, 

kliudfarosh, shorpusht 
Bound, Boundary, s. a limit, a mark, an end— siwa, o«tu— hadd, sarhadd, intiha 
Bound, V. to jump, spring, tly back; to limit — Lampha miran, thikriyd uthan bd paran, ulhdyd 

dsiyd paran, uchkaliyd ulhan bd para.i, simanirupan k. — kiidaa, jdst k. tappd khana, 

uchhalnd ; hadd bdndhud ^ : ' . 

Bound, a. destined for, going to — baddhita, kona sthdne gamyam,dn~-&um, qdsid, kahi'a 

janewdld [^hd, bepayan, beqaid 
Boundless, u. unlimited, infinite, unconfined— osma, ananta, anirdiihla,^p<ir — behadd, bein- 
Bound'stone, s. a stone to play with — khetibdr prastar bishesh — khelneikd paththai 
Bount'eous, (.tshe-usj Bountiful, a. liberal, generous— da/is/ii/, baidnya, saddshay , kripdlu—- 
sakhi, faiydz, mukhaiyar 

BOU ( 52 ) BRA 

♦Bounteously, Bount'ifulljr.aci. liberally— dcifrttifa puriafe, praciiirritpe— faiyfizi se, sakhiwat 

se, dil kholke 
Boun'ty, s. generosity, munificence—tiatrjtwa, ddn^hiz, bakhshish 
Bourgeon, vn. Ihur-jun] to sprout, to bud, to shoot into branches — manjaTan, kuuri chhdran, 

g-ajana— panapn^, kali khilnd, shdkh phiitnA '[nadi, nal4 

Bourn, s. a bound, limit ; brook ; torrent— simrf, anta ; khyudra nadi ; srot— hadd, intihft ; 
Bouse, or Boose, vn. to drink to excess — atishay pdn k. — betiiddd pln^ [wdli 

Bous'y, a. muddled witli liquor, drunk — madya pane matta, mdtdi — nashe men ^y^ h(i&, mat- 
Bout, 5. a turn ; as much ot an action as is performed at one time without interruption — 

khyep, kram, bdr, dafd — bdr, ber, dafa [lagdnewild, fitiiriya, mufsid 

Bou'tefcu,s. an incendiary ; a disturber— ^i/ia(i<ifeafc, je agni Idgdy bd birodh jawwiy— ag 
Bow, s. an inclination of the body in token of respect; an instrument to shoot arrows; a knot 

made with a ribbon — marjydddrthe mustak hent karan, namaskdr ; dhanuk • phitdr phut 

bd /jAaiii— kornish, taslim ; kam&n, qaus, dhanuk : kapre ke band k& phtil 
Bow, V. to bend ; to stoop — mdthd hent k. namaskdr k. h$ut h. nata k.jhoakiyd paran — morni, 

jhukdna, lachani ; jhukni 
Bow'eliess, a. cruel, unfeeling, merciless— ntraay, ms/tf^ur— berahm, beriqqat, sangdil 
Bowels, s. the intestinal parts of the body ; compassion, tenderness — dnt, ndri bhujiri, antar ; 

datfi, sn«/ia— antariydji, ^nteu, roda, am6 ; rahm, riqqat 
Bow er, 5. an arbour in a garden ; an anchor — brikhyete ebnng latdte dbrita sthdn, bdrdsat, 

kunja ; na«^ar— wuh gopha ki jis ko darakhtoji ki lahniau b&ham b^ndhkar bau^te haiu, 

kunj ; langar [kunjdar, sdyadi^r 

Bow'ery, a. full of bowers, shady — kunja bishishta, brikhyer bd latdr dwdrd achchhddUa-r 
Bowl, s. a hollow cup or glass ; a round mass which may be rolled along the ground— 6'itii 

katord, piydld ; bhdntd — tasht, tas, jim, b^diya ; gol chiz ki jis ko zamin pardhulk&te haia 
Bowl. V. to "play at bowls; to roll, to trundle— Moa.^a khelan, gariyd d. — gole se khelnd, 

dhulkinS, lurkhani 
Bo'wlegged, a. (..) having crooked legs — bakrapdd bishishta — kajp^, khamidasaq 
Bowl'er, s. one who bowls, or plays at howls— bhdntd khetd fcarejc— gole se khelne w. 
Bow'line, s. the name of a ship's rope— ja/ifyer dari bishesher nam — ^jahaz ki ek rassi kii ndm 
Bowl'ing-green, s. a level green for ho'wleTs—bhdntd kheiibdr math — gole kiielne kh maidan 
Bow'man, s. an archer ; shooter with bows — dTia/mrd/tar— karaand&r,<lhanukdhar, kamnait 
Bow'sprit, s. the mast that projects in a sloping direction frotn a ship's head—jdhdjeragrabhage 

bdiilid kariyd deoydjdyje mdstul — jahdz ke dge kd shahtir, sabdhara 
Bow'string, s. the string used for a bow — dhanuker cft^i/a— chilld, zih, kamdn k& charh4o 
Bow'yer, s. an archer ; a maker of hoyvs—dhanurdhar ; dhanuk nirmdnkartd-^kzmknd^r ; 

Box, s. a case made of wood ; a blow — sinduk bdiskdtar ; kil, cliar — sanddq ; thappar,tam4ch!i 
Box, va. to strike ; to pack in a hox— kil mdran, nharmdran ; sinduke puran bd baddha k. — 

ghiisd marn^, tam^cha m^nE ; sanduq meu band k. 
Boxer, s. one who fights with the fist — ghusdr lardi fearejc—ghusa marne w. mushtzan 
Boy, s. a male child, a youth— c/i/ie%a, bdlak — chhokrfi, larki, bilak 

Boy'ish, a. childish, simple— M/afcer «yay, chhepld — larke ki rn^nind, chiballi [khel 

Boy'ishness, Boy'ism, s. childishness, play — bdlakatwa, chhelydmi, kheld — larakpan, tiHagi, 
Brab'ble, s. a clamour, a broil — vn. to contest— /ca/ara6, kalaha—vn. kalaha ^.— shorshar, 

qaziya — vn. qaziya k. 
Brace, s. a bandage ; a pair-— bandhan ; jom— band, bandhin, patti, kasnd ; jori, juft, zauj 
Brace, va. to bind, to tighten — bdndhan, fcas/ian— bandhn^, kasni 

Bra'ced, pa. [.] made tight — bdudkd, kashd — kasl hdi [pahunchi 

Bra'celet,s. an ornament for the wtisls—kantdbharan, paitjchd kankan ityddi — chnri, kangan, 
Bra'cer, s. a bandage ; any thing that tightens— iandon, bdndhani; tan bd baddha kariyd rdkhe 

ja/ia— patti, bandhftn 
Bra'chial, a. Ibreak-yal] belonging to the arm — bdhu sambandhiya—h&zn k4 mutaalliq 
Brachyg'raphy, s. [bra-kig-gra.] the art or piactice of writing in a short compass— santftyepe 

Likkan fcic/y^^'^uiihtasarnavisi \k. — darar, shaq— ua. namkin k. 

Brach, s. a breach, a crack— D«t. io%i[i—bkagna sthdn, bichchlied, phduky phitdl — va. saCiban 
Bracket, s. a small support made of wood—Zco/ia drabya rakhydrthe kdter gonj bishesk—hk^i 

kl thekan 
Brack'ish, a. saltish, like sea water— Zonri — kh&rk, lon&, shor 
Brad, s. a thin sort of nails used in floors— fafefar mejete mdribdr nimitta ek prakdr prek-^]oht 

ki mekh ki ek qism ki jis se gharon ki takhtabandi karte haia [ke khel ki ek tarah 

Brag, s. a boast; a game at cards— 6ar«i, aftari/car ; tds khetd bisheshshekhi ki. kaldin ; ika 
Brag," vn. to boast, to swagger, to pnS—bardi k. ahankdr A:.— Ufzani k. kallazani k. muba- 

laghese t^rif k. 
Braggado'cio, s. [...she-o] a boaster, a swaggerer— ftanti 6a aAanfcar fcarej«—lafzan, kallazan 
Brag gart, Brag'ger, s. a vain puffing fellow— 6arai bd jdnk fcare je— khudfarosh, khudsarA s 
Braid va. to weave together, to plu—bunan, beni k. chunat, fc.— gundhnd, bun nit '{ 

Braid, s. a sort of lace ; a knot or complication of something woven together— pfeita bdjdli 

btshesh ; beni, gdtdt—ek qism ki j41i ; gundhan, mendi [j<ihiz kd b^dban lapeiA jSta hai 
Brails, s. ropes used to draw up a ship's sails— jft/i<f;cr pdlijardibdr dari— rassi^a ki jin se 
Jirain, s. the collection of vessels and organs within the skull, from which sense and motion 

arise; sense, understanding-wos-oj; buddhi, gydn-uidighi, hhe.)^, dimAsh i hosh, fahn> 

BRA ( 63 ) B R E 

Brain, v. to kill by beating out the brains— m^f^^y mdriyd magaj hihir k. — maghz nik&ln4 
Brain'less, a. silly, foolish, thoughtless — hdb.i, niroodfe— bernaghz, subukadr, bhold, sfidi 
Brain'pan, s. the skull containing the brains — mithdr kkuli-^khopri, k4sa [wahmi, waswfisi 
Brain'sick, a. diseased in the understanding— mit/i(i pdgld, astkir buddhi bishishta—mdiinfin, 
Brait, s. a rough unpolished diamond— acAifc/M«i krita ftfmfc— aiaS. hird ki jo kdt& tarfishi 

jil& nahin kiy^ gayi 
Brake, 5. a thicket of brambles ; an instrumeut for dressing flax; a kneading trough— fccfa f<£- 

ban ; shan duchrdibdr kdntd ; maydd chhdnibdr i^fefuytf— khird&rjh&roa k& jangal; san taiyir 

karneka A14-; itft gandhne k4 kathri 
Bra'ky, a. prickly, thoFny — kantak feis/iisA^/z— khdrdir, purkhdr 
Brara'ble, s. a prickly or thorny bush — kdntd jhdr — kh&rddr jhdri 
Bra'min, s. a Hindu priest~6ram/ian — brdhman 
Bran, s. the husks of ground corn— Wj<ts/ii— chokar, kan 

Branch, s. a bough, a shoot; offspring — ddl, shdkhd ; santati — ddli, dAl, shfikh ; nasltS^uUd 
Branch, v. to spread in branches-^rfri/ cfihatriyd paran — shikhea nikAln^ ■'■ 

Brand, va. to mark with hot iron— tapta lauhar dwdrd ddg d.— garam lohese dAgh k. dA^hnA 
Brand, s. a mark of infamy ; a lighted stick — apamdner chinha ; kalanka, jwalanta kdshtJui — 

ddgh, harf, kalank; sokhta lukti, \6k& 
Brand'ed, pa. burnt with iron ; disgraced — lauha dwdrd dagdha ; apatndnita, kalanka jukta-^ 

lohe se digh d. g. behurmat k. g. 
Brand'ish, va. to wave, or shake, or flourish as a weapon — astra khelan bdphirdna bd ghu* 

r<fna— hathyc^r hilani y& phirAnd 
Brand'ling, 5. a small worm, the dew vrorm—ketichuyd, himpokd-^k&athwi, gensA 
Bran'dy, s. a strong distilled liquor — madya bishesh—ek qism ki shardb 
Bran'gle, s. a quarrel, a dispute, a wrangle— W& -id, birodh, jhakri -qnm, qaziya, jhagrd 
Brank, s. a sort of grain called buck wheat— s/iasi/a bishesh — ek qism ki anaj 
Bran'ny, a. consisting of bran ; dry— bhuski may ; s/jus/i/ca— chokardmez, khushk 
Bra'sier, s. [.?A«rJ one who works in brass — kdnsdri—kzserA, ihathera 
Brasi'l, s, an American wood for dying red — bakam Hsfe^/ia— baqam 
Brass, $. a yellow metal made by mixing copper and lapis calaminaris; impudence— ptttai ; 

tiirlajjatd—piti.], birinj ; besharmi 
Brass'y, a. hard as brass ; made of brass ; bold — pittaUrnydy shakta ; pittal nirmita ; nirlajja 

— pital ke raanindsakht; pital se banSyd gaya, birinji, pitalsd; gustikh, besharm [chhokri 
Brat, s. a child, by way of contempt— /iet/7tu)a W/iafcs/iaWa, c/i/iour^, cfreHg-r-i— tifl, laundi, 
Brava'do, s. a brag — garba, bardi, mdlsdt, bhaypradarshan—dh^vnki, dardo, takhwif 
Brave, a. courageous, gallant, noble; excellent — sdhasi, bdkddur ; uttam— bahddur, diler, 

marddna ; khdssa, tubfa 
Brave, vn. to challenge, to defy, to hector — shatruke juddhe dkbdn k. tuchehha k.-^hiH 

mangod, dukheQ mildnd, samnd k, muqdbi! h. 
Bra^vely, ad. gallantly, nobly, generously, excellently — sd has purl ak, biratwa purbak, dUrittoa 

rupe, utfam rttp«— dileri se,3awdamardi se, sakhawat se ; khdssi tarah ?e 
Bra'very, s. courage, heroism, magnanimity ; splendour — sdhas, hiratwa ; uttamatd ; jdrj^ 

jainak — bahdduri, dileri, himmat, jawdumardi ; tumtardq, shdnshaukat 
Bra'vo, s. one who murders for hire ; an exclamation expressive of approbation— ;;c betan laiifd 
,. manushya badh kare ; skabask—wnh shakhs ki jo kisi se kuch lekar ddsre ko mar ddlt4 hai ; 

shabdsh, ^(rin, marhaba ' 
Brav'ura, s. {7fa/.] applied to such songs as require great vocal ability in the singer— g'/in 

bishesh — mushkii git 
Brawl, vn. to quarrel, to speak loudly— j/«afcr« k. cheiichdna—]ha.%Ta. k. shorshdr k. [dangai 
brawl'er, s. a wrangler, a quarrelsome i^rsoa—jhakrdtiyi, fcunda^tt/a— jhagrdld, larakd, 
Brawn, s. the fleshy or musculous parts of the body— s/ian'rer je anga shuddha mdngsa 9 

mdngsapeshite nirmita /lay— badan kd wuh juz ki jis meij bilkul gosht aur pathd hai 
Brawn'iness, s. strength, robustness— 6a/, shakti — zor, quvvat 
Brawny, a. fleshy, strong, muscular — mdshdla, 6akMn— hurmushtd, motd, tdza, khingd, 

kungrd, taiyar 
Bny, s. the noise of an ass, harsh cry-^gddhdr ddk, kathor s/w6da— reuk, kard dwdz 
Bray, v. to bruise or pound in a mortar; to bray like an ass, to make a harsh noise— Aim<£n» 

distdy chiirna k. gddhdr nydy ddkan, kathor sabda k. — okhli yd hdwandaste meu kutnd ; 

reakna, kard dwdz k. 
Bra'yer, s. one that brays like an ass; with printers, an instrument to stir \ip ink—gardhab 

but rab kdrak ; chlyipdrkdlir ghotnd—TenknQ w. chhdpdkhdnewdloakd siydhi gholuekddl4 
Braze, va. to cover or solder with brass — pittal mandit k. pityiler jhdli d.— pital se mandna 
ydjornd [sliaram, gustdkh 

Bra'zen, a. made of brass; impudent, bold — vittal 7iirmita ; nirlajjt, nirbkay— birinji; be- 
Bra'zenface, s. a bold, impudent person— ttirZ tj'ja byakti — besharam, gustakh [gustdkhi 

Bra'zenness, s. appearing like brass, iaipndQticQ—pittalbatdkriti ; nirlajjatd — jfital sd,besharami. 
Breach, s. an opening, a gap; a quarrel, violation — phdiik, bichhed; jhagrd, bigdr, bhanga 

bd ulUmghan — darar, phatan, shigdf; rakhna, qaziya 
Bread, s. food made of ground corn ; support — ruti ; jibanopdy — roti ; khdnd, rizk, khorisb 
Bread' c«rn, s. corn of which bread is made— je shiasyete tuH hay, gom ityddi—koi aoaj jis 

se roti banti hai 
Breadth, s, the measure from side to aide— prasr^a — chaurdi, arz, pahn&i, pdt 

BKE ( 54 ) BRI 

Break, V. to part or burst by violence, to tame, to train to obedience ; to become bankrupt, 

to fall out ; to discard from office — bhdngan, bashibhuta k. deuiiyi h. pranaybhanga k. 

padachy itta k.—totni, p\\oin& ; rlra k. sadhlnA, shdista k. dew4l4 nikiln^ j mukhilif h.}i 

inizdl k. ; 

Break, s. an opening, a breach, a failure — pM^k, bichked, deulii/d—tiit, phut, rakbna,dew414 
Break'ers, s. waves which break violently over points of sunk rocks or sand banks — samudrns' 

tha chardr bd pdshdner wpar je dheu i/irt/i^e— -maujefi ki jo patthar ya retl par takkar. 

khftti hai 
Breakfast, s. the first meal — vn. to eat the first meal in the day — diner madkye prntham bho- 

jan~vn. diner nuidhye prat ham bhojan A:.-»-h4zir), nashti, nahdri— wt. hazri kh&nk 
Bream, s. the name of a fish— r. to burn filth from a ship's bottom — matsya bishesh—v. jdhdjer 

taldr maid pordna — ek qism ki machhli — v. jah^z ke tale ka mail 
Breast, s. that part of the body which contains the heart and lungs; the bosom; the consci- 
ence; the heart— 6ufc; sthan, chitta, antahkaran — chhdti ; sina, dil 
Breast-high, a. a^ high as the breast— 6ufcparjt/a«taMc/icAa— ch had tak, chh4ti-cIihAri 
Breast 'knot, s. ribbons worn on the breast — bukbanda p/ijtad»- p/mi— kapre ka phul ki jis 

ko sine par lag6te haift [b^ndhtehaiQ 

Breastplate, s. armour for the breast — bukp%ld—]ohe ki takhti ki jis ko larai ke waqt sine par 
Breast'work, $. a g«ard raised breast-Jiigh — bakhyadesh samdn uchcha garer deydi — sine tak 

liachd morcha 
Breath, s. air drawn in and discharged by the lungs; life; moving air; an instant — nishwds 

praskwds,prdn ; bdyii ; fc/ij/an— dam, saus, ruh ; j4n ; hawS ; lahza, lahma 
Breathe, v, to draw breath ; to live ; to take breath or rest^-nishwds phelan ; hdnchan ; bisrdm 

fc.— dam 1. jin4, zinda rahni ; thahar ke dam 1. [dam 1. krzu; lAtil, muhlat 

Breathing, s. respiration, aspiration, respite—nfs/iwas tyd^ ; prdrthand-j^bishrdm — tanafFus, 
Breath'less, a. out of breath, dea.d—shwus rnhit, nirjib ; mrita — bedam, bejan, murda 
Breeches, the lower part of the body behind; the hinder part of a gun, bcc.—pdchhd ; 

bandukddir pashchdd bhdg — chutai ; bandi'iq ki kothi 
Breech'es.s.partof araan's apparel — pdjimd bishesh — ghutannft, yAneghutnoatak k4. p&ij.4ma 
Breed, v. to generate, to multiply, raise or bring up — utpatti k. suntdn utpatti k. bansha brid- 

dhi k. pratipdlan k. ianina— jandnd, bachche 1. nasi barh^nd, pilni, barhnd 
Breed, 5. a cast, kind, race, offspring — jdti, kul, bangsa^-'zi.t, qism, khdnddn, nasi, aulid 
Breeding, s. education, manners; nurture — shikhyd, riti ; pratipdlan — tarbiyat, tilim, taur, 

chalan ; parwarish 
Breeze, s. a gentle gale ; a stinging fly — manda manda bdtds ; hul bishishta makhyikd—dhimi 

hawil, raulaim haw^ ; neshdAr makkhi 
Bree'zy, a. fanned with gentle gates, cool — manda manda bdtdsete sital kr. shitc^l — mul&irn 

hawd se thaneU k. g. thanda 
Bret, s. a fish of the turbot kind — matsya bishesh— ek qism ki machhli 
Breth'ren, s. the plural of brother — bhrdtdrd — brother ki jama, bh&ioa, bh4,I birddari 
Breve, s. a note in music ; ^ sximmous— surer bd idler parimdpak chihna bishesh} talab chithi 

— b^je ki ek sur ; talabchitthi 
Bre'vet, s. appointment and rank in the army, above the specific appointment for which pay 

is received; a captain, being made major by brevet, enjoys the pay only of the former bufe 

the honour and privileges of the latter station— sainyer pad bishesh, jdhdte sei pader sam- 

bhram prdpti hay kiiitu tdhd haite nicha pader betan pdoydjdy,jeman ek kdptdn jadi brebet 

mejar han, tabe tini mejar pader kebal sambhram. prdpta han, dr kdptdni pader betan prt« — 

fauj ke afsarou ka us nau k& martaba ki jiski tankhwakna paeu; jaisa ki kaptan brevet se 

mejar ho jati hai, aur tankwAk kaptinhi ki pfiti hai 
Bre'viary, s. [.ya.] the book containing the daily service of the Church of 'Rome—Rumiya 

dhoi-mddhakhyer pnaxi dibaser prarthandr grantha — Rami p^dri ki wird wazife ki kitib 
Breviat, j. a short compendium — sangkhyep, chumbak — mukhtasar, muntakhab 
Brevie'r, s. a small kind of printing-letter — chhnpdr kkyxuira akhyar bisliesh—'ek qism ke 
:;chhote chhapne ke haruf 

Brev'ity, Briefness, s. conciseness, shortness— sang-fc/ii/epatiua, alpatd — ikhtisar, ijraal 
Brew, V. to make liquors by mixing several ingredients ; to conlnv&'—madya prastut k, phikir 

k.udydg A;.— murakkatb chizou ki sharab bananil ; mansuba bAndhna, tadblr k. 
Brew'.er, s, one who brews ; one who contrives — madya pdkkartd; kona phikir bd udydg kdri 

— bozagar ; mansuba k. v^. 
Brew'house, s. a place appreciated to brewing — madya pdker griha — boza bandne ka ghar 
Brevvi's, s. bread lightly boiled in pottage— j/io/e siddha kard ru.ii— shorbe ki josh ki gayi roti 
Bribe, s. a gift to pervert the judgment — ghush, utkoch — rishwat, ghus, muuhbhari 
Bribe, va. to gain or corrupt by gifts — ghush d. utkoch dwdrd mukh baddha k. — rishwat d. 
Bri'bery, s. the act or crime of taking or giving hixhea— ghush d. bd itien— riahwatkhori yi 

Brick, 5. a piece of moulded burnt clay— 1< bd ishtak—m\, khisht 
Brickbat, s. a broken piece of a brick— fc/ioya — int ka lukri, rora 
Bfick'dust, s. dust made by pounding hncks—suraki — siirkhi 

Brick kiln, s. [./ct/J a kiln for burning bricks in — it pordibdr bhdti bd paw— pazawi, pajiwA 
Bricklayer, s. a brick mason — rajmisTti—rAz, rij, miarnir 

Bri'dal, a. relating to marriage, nuptial — bibdha samba7idhiya—hyih. shadi kft mutaaliq 
Bride, s. a newly married woman — kanyd, athabi niitan bibahitd stri — dulhan, aru*, bani 

BJII ( 55 ) B R I 

Bri'de-cake, s. cake distributed at a wedding — bibdher mithdi^rai^hi roti jo ahl-i-Inglist&a ki 

fih&di men taqsim ki j^ti hai 
Uii'degroom, s. a newly married man — bar, bd niitan bibahitd -purush — dfilhi, naushah, bani 
Bri'Hemaid, s, a woman who attends the bride at the marriage ceremony — bibdka samye kanydr 

..■pdrishd stri, kanyd jdtri stri — aurat ki jo sh^di ke waqt dulhan ke silhi hoti hai 
Bridewell, a house of correction — kdrdgdr, bd harin hdri — wuh qaidkhina jahdii qaidiou ko , 
^ nekamal ki tilira dete liaia 
Bridge, s. a building over water, for the convenience of passing ; the upper, part of the nose ; 

supporter of the strings to a violin — sdnko, jtul, setu ; ndsikdr uddhd hhdir ; beydldr tdr bdri- 

dhibdr kdter thesh — pul ; baQii ; jaw^ri, y^ne wuh lakii ki jis ke iipar sAvvagi ke t6r rahte 

Bri'dle, 5. an instrument to restrain a horse — //ig-am— lagim 
Bri'dle, v. to restrain, to guide, to check: — shdsan k. damane rdkhan, chdldna, nibdrati k. — lagdm 

d. rokn^, r^h par lag^nd, has k. 
Bri'dle-hand, s. the hand which holds the bridle— je 7iaf« Idgdm dhare — bAg pakarneki h6th 
Brief, s. an epitome; short extract; letters patent for charitable collection — a. short — saresr- 

khi/ep, chumhak ; dan sangrhdrthak dgydnpatra bd "piroydnd — a. sangkhyep, alpa — 'ijm&l, 

ikhli^ar, intikh^b ; khairat mingne kd ijizatnama — a. mukhtasar, mujmal, kotih 
Briefness, s. conciseness, shortness — sangkhyepatwa. 'Ipatwa — ikhti?4r, ijmAl, kot5,hi 
Brie'fly.^rf. concisely, shortly, in few words — sangkhepe, aipe, chumbake — ikhtis^r se, algha- 

raz, filjumla, hftsil-i-kal<im • , 

Bri'er.s. a prickly bush, a species of rose tre'^-^kan^ak bHkhya bishesh, ekjdtiya goldp — ek 

guldb ki qism kfi kfiatedar darakht, sadd gulAb 
Bri'ery, a. full of briers, rough, prickly — shyd kul kdntdmay, ktmtak bishisla, kdijtd bhard-^ 

khirdir darakhtifj se bhari hn^, khurkhurA 
Bri'gade, s. a division offerees ; a body of men consisting of several squadrons of hopse or batta- 
lions of foot — sainyer bishesh bhag bd dal — fauj k& hissa ki jis merj itne rasdle yd paltanea 

hoti liaiQ, kampii 
Biigade-raajor, s, an assistant to a brigadier — brigddir ndmak sainyd dhyakhyer sahakdri—" 

brigadir yane kampu ke sard^r k^ madadg^r 
Brigadie'r-general,s. an officer who commands a brigade of horse or foot in an army next in 

order below a major-general — mejar genereler niche je sainyddhyakhya — wuh afsar ki jo 

saw4r y^ piyidoQ ke kampii kd sardsir hot^ hai aur darje men mejar jenarel ke niche hotfi. 

Briga'nd, s. a thief, freebooter, plunderer — chor, Hdkdit, Zu^eM— rahzan, cjazz&q, Idtefd 
Biig'antine, s. small vessel ; a coat of mail — khijudrajdhdj ; sdnyoyd — chhotd jahdz; zira, 

chaiaina, jhilm 
Briglit, (T. shining, clear; witty; famous, illustrious — ujjal bd diptimdn, parishkdr ; bidydte 

bd buddhite diptimdn ; khydtyd panna — raushan, saf, ujli ; tczfahm, zaki ; ndmi, nftmwar 
Brighten, ii. to polish, to make bright — ujjal'k. deptimdn k. jasete diptimdn k. — raushan k. 

jil4 k. jhalkdna, chamk4ni f ki, tezi ; raushani, chamak 

Bright' ness, s. acuteness, wit ; bright state — tikhynatd, prakharatd ; ujjalatd — tezfahmi, ch4l4- 
Bril'liancy, s. lustre, splendour. — kdnti — raushani, lamd, shui^, raunstq 
Bril'liant, a. sparkling — s. a fine diamond — tejamay, kdnti bishishta — s. atishay kdnti jukta 

Aim— chamkild, iht&hi — s. ek raushan hird 
Brim, s. the edge; lip; bank of a fountain — kdnd ; dhdr ; tir — kindra, lab 
Brim'mer, s. a glass full to the brim — paripiirna pdtra — labrez piyslia 

Brim'stone, s. a yellow mineral ; sulphur — gandhak — eandhak, gogird [kabrd, ablaq, laharddr 
Brind'ed, or Brin'dled, a. streaked, spotted — dord kdld, brindu brindu ddgjukta — chitlfi, 
Brine, s. dissolved salt; the sea; tears — labaii mishrita jal ; saniudra ; ashru — khdri pfini ; 

dbshor; dnsu [r4zi k. 

Bring, va. to fetch, conduct, prevail on — dTian, laiyd '^,disan, laoydna — Iin4,le ina, k. 
Bri'nish, Bri'ny, a. saltish, like brine — land — khar4, namkin, shor 

Brink, s. the edge of a place, or precipice — dhdr, kdnd, t^r — kinira, kar^rd [tez 

Brisk, a. quick, lively,' strong, active — satwar, satej, balabdn, chdldk — chust, chll4k, qavi, 
Brisk'et, s. the breast of an animal — pashnr bakhyades — janwar kk sina [chustl se 

Brisk^ly, ad. actively, quickly, nimbly — chdtdki purbak, tward purbak — ch&laki se, jaldi se, 
Brisk'ness, s. liveliness, quickness, gaiety — chdLdki, tward, sphurti — chusti, chdUki, khushmi- 

Bris'tle, s. the hair on a swine's back— 5/i«fca?-er prishther Zom-— siiar ki pith Vk h&l 
Bris'tle, vn. to stand erect as bristles — shukarer lomer nyay lorn khdrd h. — siiar ke hH kl 

mdnind khard h. pli,urahri 1. 
Bristly, n. set with bristles, rough, angry— sAufcarer lomete ghana rupe khachit, asamdn, krodhd' 

nioita — khare huesakht b^lonse bhar^ h(ia, khurkhurA, ghussenak 
Biis'tolstone, s. a kind of soft diamond — hird bishesh — ek qism ka bird 

Brit, s. the name of a fish — matsya bishesh — ek qism ki machhli k4 nim [ndm 

Britain, s. an ancient name for England — Inglanda desher prdchin ndm — Inglist'ia k& qadimi 
Brii'ish, a. belonging to, or made in, Britain — Briln daher, Britn deshe niiinita — laglistfiai, 

Inglistia ka s&khta 
Brit'on, s. a native of Great Britain — Britndeshiya lok bd Ira^raj— Inglistdni <ldmi, Angrez 
Brit'tle, a. apt to break, weak, frail — bhanjanshil, marmariyd, thunkd, thuskd, asa/cta— nizuk, 
bdrik, patU, tunak 

BRI (56) BRU 

Brit'tleneis, s. aptness to break, tenderness — bhanjanshilatwa, kampohti — ndzukf, b&riki 
Brize, s. the gad fly — ddijs—dkas [kholna ; kah d. z6hir k. 

Broacii, va. to tap a vessel ; to give out — piupdte chkidra k. byakta bn ukti k. — pipe ko silnS, 
Bro'ached, pa. [.] tapped, pierced; uttered — chhidra kard,biddha; ukta—suT&kh k. g. kholft p. 
kahd g. zahir k. g. ' [zdhir k. w. sikh 

Bio'acher, s. a teller of a thing ; a spit— byakta kartd, ukti kartd; shik bd shaldkd — kahne w. 
Broad, a, wide, extended; vulgar, coarse — chaurd, prashasta ; itar, jatsdmdnya, kadarjya, 

kutsU, sthtil — chaiifd, ariz, kushdda ; karaina, ganda 
BroHfiVIotli, s. a fini' kind of woollen cloth — bandt — bandt 
Broad'ntiss, 5. breadth, extent from side to side ; coarseness, fulsomeness — chaurdi, usdro ; 

t>thHuitd,ja^hanyatn. — chaur5.i, arz, pahndf, chakl6.i, bar ; kAminagi, gandagi 
BioadVide, s. the side of a ship ; a discharge of all the guns from one side of a ship at once ; a 
l.irj;e single slieet of paper — jdkdjer pdrshwa ; jdhdjer ek parshwa haite prakhyipta toper eh 
bdicdeur; ek td barakdgaz — jah6z kd ek pahld; jahdz keek pahlii ki topoQ kd ek b&rgi 
ciitiiiuiii; kdgha?? kdbara ek takhta 
Broad sword, s. a sword with a broad blade — chaurd talodr — chaurd talw^r, tegha 
iiroVrtde, s. a kind of fine Howered silk — swarner bd rupyer gotdte bdpushpete alankrita bastra 

buiiesh, buldddr bastra, kimkhdb — kimkhwdb 
Bro'c;ti?e, s. profit gained by promoting bargains; dealing in old things ; hire — ddldli ; purdtan 

drajyer byabasdy ; betan — daldl ki dasturi ; purdni chizoji fci saudAgari ; kirftya 
Brock, s. a badger — bhalluk jdtiya khyudra jantu bishesh — ek qism k&larnewalk chhotd chau- 
piyajftnwar [surkh haran 

Brocket, s. a red deer two years old — duibarshiya rdngd hariii bishesh — do baras ki umr k& 
Broc'oli, s. a species of cabbage — kapi shdk bishesh — ek qism ki kobi 
Brogue, s. a kind of shoe; corrupt dialect — charma pddukd bishesh; ashuddHia bdkya bd bhd- 

shd — jute ki ek qism ; burd muhiwara yd talaffuz 
Broil, s. a disturbance, tumult, quarrel — gandagol, kalaha^ jhakrd — qissa, qaziya, mdrkutdi, 

kushtam kushta 
Broil, V. to roast on the fire, to be hot — jtoalanta angdrer upar rdkhiyd pordna, garam h. — • 

bhiinna, kabdb k. garm b. 
Bro'ken, pa. destroyed, shivered, reduced — bhagna, bhdngd — tutd, phdtd, khasta, shikasta 
Bro ker, s. one who does business for others — ddldl — dalal 

Bronch'ial, a. ^.ke.] belonging to the throat — kaniha bishayak, gala deshiya — gale se mutaalliq 
Bron'chocele, s. [.ko-seW] a tumour of that part of the aspera arteria, called the bronchos ; 

generally called the Derby neck — gandumdld tis/ies/i— gheaghd, khundq 
Bronze, s. brass, brass colour; a medal — pittal, pittal barna ; prdchin mudrd bd marjyddd 

suchak mudrd — pital, pltal kd rang ; tamghd 
Brooch, s. [brotsh'l a jewel, an ornament of jewels— aianfc«r — gahnd, zewar, dhuk dhuki 
Brood, s. offspring ; production ; the number of chickens hatched at once— santaa, bdchchd ; 
utpanna drabya; eke bare jata kukkurd shdbak utpannahay — bachcha; paidd hi'ii chiz ; jhol 
Brood, V. to sit on eggs ; to watch anxiously— liimfte tdp d. ati sdbdhdn purbak kona kichhu 

rakhydk. — sewnd; taraddud k. fiqr k. 
Brook, s. a little riwer, a rivulet — khyudra srot bd fc/iari— nadi, nahar 
Brook, V. to endure, to bear, to suffer — sajhya k. — barddsht k. burdb^ri k. tahammul k. 
Broom, s. a shrub ; a besom to sweep vfith— khyudra brikhya bishesh ; jhdatd — ek qism 

ku buta ; jharti, baihni, buhdri 
Broom y, a. full of or like broom — brum ndmak brikhyamay bd tdhdr nydy, jhdnidrnydy 

—brum bute se bhara hud yd brum ke mdnind, jhdru sd 
Broth, s. liquor in which flesh is boiled— man ?sa siddha hayjejale,jhol — shorbd 
Brothel, s. a house of lewd entertainment— ies/iyi^ay—kasbikhdna, khardbdtkhdna 
Bro'ther, s. a male born of the same parents— Wufi—bhai, biradar 
Bro'therhood, s. union, society, class— aifcya, barga, samdj, ek byabasdyi lok samiiha — birddari, 

egdnagat, apnayat, firqa, fariq 
Bro'therly, a. likel)rothers, very (oad—bhdirmuta, 5Jig/mfcan— birddardna, bhdj sa 
Brow, 5. the arch of hair over the eye; the forehead; edge of a place— 6/ir« ; kapdl ; kona 

sthdner dhdr — abru, bhaua ; m4thd, peshdni ; kindra 
Brow'beat, va. to bear down, to humble, to depress with stern looks or angry words— daij/an, 
chakhyu rangdna bd dhamkdna dwdrd damati /c.— dabdnd, dabkdnd.diikhea dikhldnd,dhamkan& 
Brown, s. the name of a colour compounded of black and any other colour— fca^a bd mdtiyd 

rang — gandumi rang, gandum gun, gehudu rang, bhurd rang 
Brownish, a. inclined to brown— i.s/ifif mdtiyd bd katd barna— m&il ba gandura gun 
Brownstud'y, s. gloomy meditation ; study in which we direct our thoughts to no certam poiot — 

bimanaska bhdbe atyanta chintd bd 6/ta6ana— sanndtd, dlam-i-ghaflat, khudfaramoshi 
Browse, s. underwood ; sprouts of trees— j/io?>, janga/ ; gdchher pallab—jhixi, p&l6. ; darakh- 

toa ke karileu 
Browse, vn. to feed on browse, to feed— cZa/ pdld dhdr k. bhakyan k. charan — charnd, chugnd 
Bruise, va. to hurt with blows, to cxws\\—dghdt dwdrd thentldna bd chheuchan—kuch&la^, 

kuchld k. pisnd, dalnd 1 i,tu u 

Bruise, s. a hurt frorn a blow, a contusion— c/io/, chhar, kdlshird, feftyata— kuchlahat, chot 
Bru'ismg, «. the art of boxing; a crushing— mus/i^ig-/wf; c/ihenchan, t/ienf/(inu— ghdsido, 
•^hilsan ghdsa, mushtzani ; dalao, pisdo [t^. mashiir k. shuhrat urdnd.zdhir k. 

Bruit, 3. lbroot\ a report— v. to noise about— janaraS— v. got bdprakdsh fc.— afwdh, shuUrat— 

ftau ( 57 ) BUL 

B;-u'itiaI, a. bf^longrng: to winter— sAa7&aIer— sarm&l, zamistdnf 

Bnme'tte. s. [6roo-ffet] a woman with a brown complexion — ishat gaur ftarna sfn— s^nwli 

aurat, sahza ran? kl aurat [/.arb, chot 

•Brtirvt, i-. a shock, violertcs, blow, stroke — dkdkkd, d^hdt,- jhonk, be<^--dhBkkA, sadina, zor, 
-Brush, s. an inHtnirnont made of bristles set in wood used to clean an) thing ; a rude assault — ■ 
' lorn nirmifa marjani bi knnchi hd tuli i dkraman, c/jarao— bandt w. ^?. sif karne ki chiz ki 

lakrf par bSi i^'ndkartni ^rkartehaiu.fenuchi, brash; hamla,yiirish 
Brush, 17. to r;i'> wirh a bru«h, strike slightly — kunchi dwdrd jhdran bd parishkir W buldna-^ 

k(inrhi ni<ir:ia, brash se s.4fk. ^hista milrnfi. halp;e mSrnd 
Brush'wood, s. rough, shrubby thickets — chhota chhotajhop bd jangal — ^jhftri, jhdr,^ jhdrbfitd 
Bru'tal.a. sivaiff'.cru"!. i'lhuraan, churlish — pashubat, asabhya, nirday, nishthiir, kalhor — 

haiwftni, wahshi, sansj'bl, berahm, talkhmizAj 
Brn«.»)'ity, >•. savas^ene^s, inhumanity — paskutwa, asorbkyatwn , nish Ihratwa — haiwiniyat,berkhmi 
Bru'-ftt-z-, );, to m a 'ce savage or br^ital — p'ishubat k. nirday k. — haiwansirat k. bahiimkho k. ^ 
Bra'callv, 'td. churlishly, iahnmBialy—kathoratd purbak, nirday ru^e— haiwdniyat se, durushti 

se l)er.thnfl se 
BrU^*', s: a creature without reason — pashu — haiw^n, j^nwar 
Br.Jt-', «. senseless, savage, fierce, wild — agydn, asabhyu, miirkha, nitday — beaql, wahshi, 

bf^-nbtn. iangali / . 

Brti'tinh, a. resembling a beast; unpolite— pasAa&at, asWs^/a— haiwdnslrat ; bemurtiwat 
Bryony, s. ?he ni'T)C of a plant— 6rifc^<ya bishesh — fashira, bimbd 
Bub, r. strjni? nriU Hquor ; any strong liquor — jab janitu atyanta mddak madya ; atyanta 

mddak kjiia mtdyi — bahut nashedar boza ; koi khumdrddr shar^b 
Bubble, s. a water bladder; anything wanting solidity, an empty project — hudbud ; Aidr 

btstu,bhiiyib'tph.i>nkir ftyipar-^habab, bulbula; kol beasl chiz, khiy^l-i-khdm, behdda 

BuL-'aniers, s. pirates in America — Amerikd deshhja bambeliyd — Amerikakl taraf ke daryai chor 
Buc'<, s. water to wash clothes; the male of rabbits, deer, &cc. — hastra dhaut hay je jule ; 

khargoihoharinityidijanturpurushjdti—k^pTQ dhone k^ p&nl ; khargosh, hiran, w. g. 

janwaroa kdnar 
Buck'beau. s. a plant ; a tort of trefoil — brikhya 6is^es^— itiifal ki qism fdolchl 

Buck'et,s. a vesssltT draw up water in— ja/ tu/ii'ir fcrfsAf/iaprttra, bdtdi — dol, dalv, dolcha, 
Btfc'kle.s. a fastening— y. to fasten with a buckle ; to engage — dnkrd bd bfindha—v. dnkrdr 
'■^^dwdri handha k. nata h. prabrita h. — chaprds, baksiid — v. baksud lagdnd, baksue se kasna ; 

mutawajjih h. kamrbandi k. [dastgiri k. 

Buck'ler, s. a shield— y^. to defend, support — dhdl—va. rakhyd ?£.— dh41, sipar — va, bachdad. 
Buckram, s. cloth stifFdaed with gvim.--kalap deoyd kdpar — kalapddr kaprd 
Buck'skin, s. leather made of buck's skin — mrigacharma — haran kd chamra 
Buck'thorn, s. a thorn, a prickly bush — kantak jnkta brikhya bishesh — ek qism led khdrddr b6td 
Bucol'ics, s. pastoral songs, rural dialogues— ra/c/iaZ kdrjya bishayak git — gaQwdroa ki git, 
"'•chaupdni [ghuncha 

Bud, s. the first shoot of a plant, a gernj — kuari, mvkul, kal, atikur — konpal, kali, shigufa. 
Bud", V. to put forth buds ; graft— o-a/aua, manjaran, maulan, kaldna ; kalam k. — kaliydnd, 

koiipal phutnd ; paiwand lagdnd, qalam lagdnd 
Budge, vn. to stir, to go, to move off — luran, chalan,saran — hatnd, talnd, saraknd 
Budg'et, s. a bag^ a pouch, store— t^a/7i, 6a^/f, punji— thaili, kisa, punji 
Buff, s. leather made of a buffalo's skin ; colour resembling yellow ; a mditary co%t—mahishe)' 

channel ; ishat pit birna; sendr bastra bd kurti bishesh — bhaiiis kd chamrd ; iard rang kl 

ek qism ; sipdhi ki kuit: 
Buff, Buffet, r-l, to box, to beat, to strike— 'feusa bd char bd kid miran, dgkdt k. miran— 

mukki mdrud, ghu^ nidrni, thou'vnd 
Buffalo, 5. an animalof the ox knid—mahish — ^bhaiusd, bhaiQa 
Buffet, s, a blow with the fist, a stroke; a kind of cupboard to hold China— Hi, ghusd, tkdbrd, 

char, dghdt ; Chiner bdsan rakhibdr tdk — mukki, thappar, taradcha ; Chin ke tdsan rakhne 

kd' tdq yd almdri 
Buffoo'n, s, anarch fellow ; a low jester — maskdrd, bhdnr, nakali — maskhara, b^dnd 
Buffoon'ery, s. low jests, mimicry — nichbydnga, bhdnrdmi, maskdrdmi — raaskhardpan, naqqdli 
Bug, s. a disagreeable insect bred in beds— chhdrpokn — khatmal 
Bug'bear, a. a frightful object ; a false tenot—s^iikd janak bishay, mithyd bhay — haulndk chlj, 

waswds ki chiz, ydne ki jis se ddmi ndhaqq dare 
Bu'gle, s. a small bead of glass ; a plant — kdncher ddnd ; khyudra brikhya bishesh—shishQ kd 

ddna, mankd ; ek qism ki bfiti , 

Bu'glehorn, s. a hunting horn—shikdrehdjdibdr shingd—shikAr ki nafiri, karndi 
Build, V. to raise a building ; to depend on— grika nirmdn k. nirbhar fc.— tdmir k. imdrat biand- 

nd ; iatimad k; bharosd k. ummed r. 
Builder, s. one who builds tiouses— gri/ju nirmdn kartd, rdjmistri — miamdr, tdz 
Build'ing, s. an edifice or fabric built — kothd, imdrat, griha— im^rait [mdnind 

Bulb, s. a round root, such as tulips, &c. — ?ol mul, geuro, gdnit—giixth, girah, piydz w. g. ke 
Bulb'ous, a. having round he^ds—gduitjukta — girahddV, gathild 
Bulge, vn. to let in water ; to jut o\xt—naukd dditejai uthan, phuliyduthan, bdhir haiyd pUran 

— jahdz kk pdni se bhar juna ; bahar ko jhuk jdnd, bahiri taraf sarak parnd 
Bu'limy, ». an enormous appetite^-aus/tay fcAyjtd/itt— hauki, ydne anddzese ziydda bhtikh 


B U L ( 58 ) BUR 

Bulk, s. magnitude, size ; the mass — ithulatwa, brihat parimdn; adhiknngsha — motdf, barSi; 

kisi chiz kA ziyada hissa ^ [men, k4 takhtoji k& parda 

Biilk'head, s. a partition made in a f,h\p—jdhnjer madhye kdsther lyahadh.dn—]3.hAz ke bich 
Bulk'iness, s. greatness of stature, or siie—sthulatwa, hrihatwa — mot^pfi,, tanAwari, jasamat 
Bulk'y, a. lusty, large, heavy, of great size — sthul, brihat, bhdri, prakdnia — motd, bard, bhdrl, 

Bull, s. thf male of cattle ; an edict of the Pope ; a blunder; a sign of the zodiac — briska, 

shdiir, '^riyd ;■ Rvmer sarbapradhdn dharmddhyakhyer dgydnpatra ; bhul, chuk ; brisha-- 

rdshi—^ndu bail, bijar, sdnd ; Rdm ke bare pddri kA hukmnima; ghalat, ikhtilaf ; burj-i- 

saur, yfine asmAni bara burjoa ka ek burj 
Bul'lace, s. a wild sour plum— cfc jjrakdrjan^aliyd hul — jangall khatt^l 4l<i 
BuH'baiting, s. a fight of dogs with a bull— sAawr o kukkurer /fltrai— bail aur kutton ki 
BuU'dog, s. a strong dog of great courage used in baiting the h\x\{—atibaiabdn sdhashi 

kukkur jdhdke shdnrer sahit lardna jdy—ek qisra kd qavi jurratddr kuttd jiskosdadse 

lardte haia 
Bull'et, s. a round ball of lead or iron — laiiher bd shhhdr guli — lobe yd. shishe ki goH 
■Bul'letin, s. an official account of public news — rdj dgydny prachdrit samdehdr patra — hukm 

ke mudfiq kisi khabar ka ishtihar 
Buirhead. s. a heavy stupid fellow ; a fish— 6ofe i bdnirbod\byakti i matsya bishesh — aKmaq, 

behuda ; ek qism ki machhli 
Bull'ion, s.\^.yun^ gold or silver in the mass— swarwcr bd rupdr thdn — sonachandni, zar-o-slm 
Bulli'tion, s. the act or state of hoWing—siddh'A k. tagbag kariyd phuiari — ubdl, josh 
Bull'ock, s. an ox ^ a castrated .bull — duriyd ^aru, halad, ddmrd — bail 
Bully, s. a very noisy, quarrelsome parson— kundalyd,jhagrdliyd — goladang, dangai 
BullVi ^. to hector, to swagger, to be noisy — dkamkdna, dambha k. ddmbhik bdkya kdhan — 

dhamkana, shekhi k. ghurrish k. [qism 

Biil'rush, s. a large rush growing by rivers — kashdr, sharbrikhya bishesh — ndgar mothe ki bad 
Bul'wark, s. a fortification, a defence— gar, durga, btiruj — marhala, burj [piydda 

Buraba'iiiff, 5. a bailiff of the lowest kind — khyudradanda ndyak, dddlater peyddd — addlat k& 
Bum'boat, s. a small boat in which fruit, &c. are carried on shipboard for sale — jdhdje phalddi 

hikraydrthe f/irjfi-i— jahazwdloa ke pds mewa w. g. bechne ki chhoti kishti [tamdacha 

Bump, s. a swelling, a blow, a thnmp—phuld ; kil, thdbrd — warm, siijan ; mukki, thappar, 
Bump'er, s. a glass full of liquor to the hnm—madirdt'e paripwrna pdtra — labrez piydla, 

mulabbab piydla [dihqdni 

Bump'kin, s. a clown, a lout, a rustic — murha, ashabhya,dndri, gondr — gauwar, betamiz, 
Bun, s. a small kind of light cake — khyudra pishtak bishesh— ek qism ka chqta mithi kulcha 
Bunch, s. a cluster, knot, hard lump — kdndhi, chhard, stabak, thaluyd, guchchhd, thobd, pinda 

— guchchha, khosha, gdnth, dala , 

Bunch'y, «. glowing in, or full of bunches— feaud/a' bishishta, thobd jukta, guchchhd jukta — 

guchciihedar, khosheddr ' [puIiodil,buqcha 

Bun'dle, s. parcel of things bound to,5:ether — dti,pulindd,gdjitri,puntali,bochkd — gathfi, basta, 
Bun'dle, t;a. to tie up, to put up together — bdndhau, puLindd, k. ekatra kariyd bdi±dhan — 

gathri k. ikatthd bdndna 
Bung, s. a stopper for a barrel — pinpdr chhipi — dhdt, dhathd, muhra 
Bun'gle, V. to perform any thing clumsily — dndrir nydy bd kadarjya rupe. fc. — buri tarah k. 

khardb k. bigdrna ^ gayd 

Bun'gled, j^a. [..] done in a clumsy manner — kadarjya rupe krita — buri tarah k. g. bigdrd 
Bung'ler, s. a clumsy awkward workman — apatu byakti, dndri — nadzmudakdr, khdmkdid, 

naudmoz ,, * 

Bunt'er, 5. a mean, dirty, vulgar wormn—nich, jaghanya str{— phuhar, kasif, badsaliqa aurat 
Bunt'ing, s. a thin woollen cloth ; the stuff of which a ship's colours |je made; a bird— cfc 

prakdr pashumi pdtld kdpar, je kdpafe jdhdjer nishdn hay ; pakhyi bishesh — ek qism kd 

pashrai barik kapia ; wuh kaprd ki jis se jahaz kd nishan bandya jaid hai ; ek qism ki 

Buoy, s. a large body of wood or cork fastened with a rope to an anchor where it 

lies, or to mark shoals, sunk rocks, &cc.— jdhdjer nangarer sange bdndhd thdke je kdshtha 

nirmita brihat jdldr mata bastu, nangarer phdtnd, bayd — kunda ki jis ko daryd mea langar 

se qdim karte haiu ta ki us se kami ziyadati pani ki mdlum ho 
Buoy, V. to keep afloat, uphold, support — bhdsumdn rdkhan, iirdhe tulan, patan haite nd deon, 

dhdran k. — tirdnd, thamb I. nibdhnd 
Buoy^ancy, s. the quality of floating — hhdsamdnatwa — tirdo, bhasdo [Idiq ; halkd 

Buoy'ant, q. that which will not sink, light — bhdsiyd uthan dharmak ; laghu, hdlki — time ke 
Buoy'ed, pa. [.] kept from sinking, supported — bhdsita, wtfo/ita— tirdyd g. thdmb Hyd g. 
Bur, s. the prickly head of the h\xr dock— Bar dak 7idmak kaiiLak brikhyer kanfakjukta shis — 

ek qism ke kharddr darakbl kd phunang 
Burbot, s. a fish full of prickles— /(;cn<afc;i(/c<a matsya bishesh— ek qisra ki kdnteddr machhli 
Bur'den, s. a load ; birth ; uneasiness — bhdr, bojhd, chdp ; prasab ; hashla — bojh, bdr ; haml ; 

ranj, diqqat [zerbdr k. zulra k. 

Bur'den, va. to load, incumber, oppress— 6oj/iai k: chdpdna, kashta d. — bojh ladnd yd rakhna, 
Bur'densome, a. heavy, severe, grievous— 6/iari, diirhaha, dukhaddyak— hhiri, sakht, dushwdr 
Bur'dock, s. a broad leaved prickly plant — prashastapatra jukta kantak brikhya bishesh — ek 

qisra kd kharddr chaure patte kd bdtd 

BUR (59) BUS 

Bureau', s. [.ro] a chest of dtawers with awritiag desk — likhibdr dlmdri 6is/iesfe— alradrl ki 

jis men likhne ka takhta lagd ho 
Burg'age, s. a tenure proper to cities aad towns whereby land is held for a quit Tcn\.— lnglanda 
desher nagarddite bhumir ijdrd bishesh jdhdte bhnmirkar 7iishchit thdke — zatnin ke qabze ki 
ek tarah ki shahr ke log zar-i-muqarrari par rakhte haiii 
Burgarao't, s. a species of pear ; a perfume — ek prakir iidspdti phai i sugandhi drabya hisliesh 

— nashp^ti ki ek qism ; ek khushbii [ek qadimi waza , 

Bur'gauet, s. an ancient kind of helmet— pwrfia kdtejuddke byabahdrjya tupi bishesh — khod ki 
Burgeo'is, s. { .joice} a citizen ; a particular size of printing letter — na^^arbdsi; chhdpdr akhyar 

bishesh — shahri ; chhdpe ke harf ki ek qisra 
Bur'gess, s. a citizen; a representative of a corporate town — nagarbisi ; nagarastha loker 
pratinidhi haiyd jini Inglanda desher Pdrlimant ndmak sabhdte 6aise«-^shahri ; shahr ke 
basliindou kS wakil ki jo Inglistan ke kaunsil mea dakhil rahi^ hai 
Burgh, s. [burg] a town with a corporation, a borough — ematnagar je sekhdnkdr lokdiger rdj 
datta bishesh khyainatd thdke — wuh shahar ki jis men badshah ki ijazat se wahaii rais 
jama hokar intiz<lm ki maslahat karte hairj 
Burg'her, s. one who has a right to the privileges of a burgh— nagarer sdmdjik lok, arthdt na- 
garastha le sakaL loker rdjdatta hishah khyain.itd thdke tdhdder madhye ek jan — un shakhsoa 
k^ sharik ki jin ko apne shahar ke intizaai vkarne ki ijftzat hai 
Bur'glary,'s. the crime of housebreaking by liight, or breaking in with intent to steal— cfturi 
karibdr nimitte rdtri kdU ghar bhdngiyd prabesh k. sind d. — r^t ko chori ke irdde se ghar 
mea ghus jand, naqabzani ' [h^kim 

Bur'gomaster, s. one employed in the government of a city — nagarddh^akkya — shaiiar ki. 
Bu'rial, s. [6er-re,j the act of interring the dead — gor d. samadAi —dafan, tadfin 
Buri'ne, s. [jin] a tool for engraving, a graver — khodkdri kdrjya karibdr astra — naqshkaui 
ka ala • [mazakh 

Burlesque, s. ^Jesk] ludicrous language, a jest — parikds, bidrup, tkdltd — thathi, khilld, 
*Burle'sque, va. to ridicule, to lampoon — parihds k. byanga k. — tiiaiha k. mazakh k. 
*Burle'sque, a. merry, jocular, droll, laughable — parihds bishishta, hdsya janak — hansiaraez, 
tamaskUur^na, z^irifaaa [naql 

Burlet'ta, s. a ludicrous musical farce— efc prakdr parihds ghatita jdttrd—ek tamaskhur^mez 
Burly, a. blustering, falsely great, swoln — tarjan garjan kdri, sthuU:dy, brihat, sphita, moid 

— shekhibdz, lantarftni, motallS, 
Burn, V. to consume by tire, to be inflamed — dd/ta k, pordna, jwdldna, dagdha k. puran, 

jwalan — ^jalana, jaln4 
Burn, s. a hurt or wound caused by fire — agni dwird krita Jchyata, pord ghd — jalne ka zakhm 
Burnet, s. the name of a plant — brikhya bishesh— \i(i\Q ki ek qism 
Burn'ing, s. state of inflammation— jifa/an, jwdld, ddha — jalan, soz, sozish 
Burnish, v. to polish, to make bright — mdrjan k. ujjwala k. jelld k, chakchakiyd k. — chara 

k^na, jhalkana, jila d. saiqal k. 
Burnisher, s. an instrument used for burnishing ; a person that burnishes or polishes— je/Za 

karibdr astra ; mdrjan bdujywal kareje — saiqal icarne k4 aid ; saiqalgar, jilasaz 
Burr, s. the lobe or lap of the ear— /caner pdtd — kan ki lauh, biuagosh 
Bur'rei, s. a sort of pear; an insect ; a bee — ek prakdr ndsp<iti phal ; kit hshesh ; maitmdchhi — 

ek qism ki nashpati ; ek qism ka kira ; mumakkhi 
Bar'relshot, s. a sort of case shot filled with small bullets, nails, stones, pieces of old iron &c. 
— gold bishesh, jdhdte chhola chhota guli, prek, pdthar, lauha khanda ityddi pord thdke — ek 
qism ka top ka gola ki jis ke jauf men goliaa, kilea, paththar, lohe ke purze w. g. bharte haia 
Bur'row, vn. to make holes, to miae—garta k. suranga k. — bil banana, surakh k. kan khodn^ 
Bur'row, s. a corporate town ; a rabbit hole — emat nagar je sekhdnkdr lok diger rdjdatta 
bishesh khyaynatd thdke ; bildti khargosher garta—wxih shd.\xdLt kxjis ke raisoa ko us ke in 
tizam ki maslahat mea ijazat hai ; wildyati khargosh kd bil 
Buis'ar, s. the treasurer of a college — bidydlayer dhanddhyakhya — madrase ka khazanchi 
Burse, s. an exchange where merchants meet— je sthdne mahdjan lok ekatra hay — saudAgaroa 
ke ikattha hone ki jagah [chataknd, taraqna 

Burst, u. to break asunder, to fty open— phdtaii, bhagna h. phictan — phutna, phatnd, tutnd, 
Burst, s. a sudden breaking, an eruption— a/casm-it bhdngan, phdian, phutan—phu\, idt, jhaiap, 
Burst'ness, s. a rupture, a tumour— pA^f /an, phuian, bhangan, spholak, brana — tut, phiit, 

bddkhdya, warm, st'ijan 
Burst wort, s. an herb good against ruptures — brikhya bishesh jdhd braner aushadh Aay— bdd- 
khaye ki ilaj ki bu^i. [ranj.diqqat 

Bur'then, s. load ; birth; uneasiness — hojhd, bhdr, chdp ; prasab ; kashta — bhoj, bar; haml ;. 
Burt, s. a flat fish of the turbot kind— /natsya bishesh— -Qk qism ki machhli 
Bur'y. va. [6er.] to put into a grave, to hide— gop d. samddhi d. putan, dkdkan — gdrnd, 

dafan k. madfdn k. .chhipaud 
Bush, s. a thick shrub, a bough— j/iop, jhdr ; da/— jhar, jhdri ; shdkh 

Bush'el, s. a dry measure containuig four pecks — batrish sever parimdn bishesh — batis ser kd 
paimdna [shdkheadar 

Bush'y, a. thick, full of small branches, &cc.—nibir, jhdnpdla, jhdrdla—jha.rdAr, ghand ; 
Bu'sily, ad. [biz ..] with hurry; very dkCliyeiy—byastatd purbak, tward purbak — mashaqqat se, 
tezi se, chaldki se [pesha, matlab, mudmala 

*Bus'iness, s. an employment, trade, affair — kdrjya, karma, byabasdy, bydpdr, bishay — kdm, 

* tj s ( CO ) B ir R 

Busk, s. a piece of whalebone, or steel, worn by women in their stays — striloker faridheya 

timimatsijer hdrer bd hpnter pa/fi— ispdt jfi. hut machhli ki haddi ki takhtl ki jis ko wilAyati 

auiatea sinaband mea lag^ti haia 

Busk'in s. a kind of halt boot, a high shoe worn by the ancient actors in tras^edy — charmer 

chhota mojd, 'piirha kdlejdtrdte paridheya pddukd bishesh — nisf moza, ek qism k^ pashn^dSr 

jiitA ki jis ko pahinke naqqal dahshatndk batoa ki naql karte the [hue 

Busk'ined, a. [..] dressed in buskins — baskiti ndmak mojd bd jxUa -para — pishnailar jutS paliine 

Bliss, s. 3 etna II vessel, a fishin? boat ; a V.\i%— chhota naukd, mdchhuyd qingi ; chuma—wzchh" 

li ke shikfii kl kishti ; chumd, bosa 
Bust, s. a half statue — masaiakdbadhi buk parjyanta manushyer milrti — nisfqimnt ki libat 
Bust'ard, s. a large bird of the turkey kind — ban peru—peiix ki qism kl er< jhuwM , kagJar 
Bus'tle. s. [5?/i-i^J a hurry, a great stir — hyastatd, dauvddauri, dhum dhdm, kulh.ili, hurdmuri 
— harjinaij, kalbali, bhirbhar, dhumdham [dawadawiso k. daurtUiap k. 

*Bus tie, i'«. to be busy, to hurry, to stir — byasta h. tdrdtdri k. duurddauri <<.— tagodau k. 
•Bust'ler, s. an active person, a busy body — byastatd piirbiak kurma kaieje, chha'.phuihjd, dhum 

dhdm kariyd berdy je — ctiatpatiyi, klnikaji, harblbi 
Bus'y, a. [6/2-2«] employed, active, ofScious— fcarme nihishta, byasta, chulbulyd, pirddhikdr 

chnrchak — mashghiil, masrut, sargarm, barjamaujiid 
•Bus'ybody, s. a meddling officious ^^QXson~-par'idhikdr charchak, purer kirjye h'^tdeyje — 
hardegl chamcha, bar jk maujud [ — sivv4, ghair, juz, magai, illa.balKi, o le.'dn, lekia 

But, c. except, nevertlieJess, however, Sec. — byatirikta, bind, nahile, tuth ipi, hintu, parantu 
But, s. a boundary, liiiit, end of a thing— siwi'i, anta — liadd, sarhadd, iutiaa 
Butcii'er, s. one who kills aomials to sell— fcas ii— qass^.b, qasai 

Butcher, oa. to kill, to slay, to murder — badh k. hatyd /c.— qatl k. khun k. haUk k, 
Butcli'ered, pa. [..] killed, murderei— /lata— halak k. r. q;itl k. g. khun k. g. 
Butch'eily, a. cruel, bloody, Darbarous, btntal—nirday, k iuniy i, nhhJiur -herahm, khuni 
sangdil, khiinkhwdr [sangdili ; qassibkhana 

Butchery, «. murder, cruelty; a slaughter-house-^^ad/i, nishihuritd ; kaiH khdnd — qatl, 
Bat'ler, 5. one who is entrusted vrith a gentleman's liquors and plate; an upper servant — 
tnadya o rupir drabyddir bhdnddri, khdnsdmd — sharab aur ch^ndi ke asbab ka muhtamira, 
mirsdman _ [kare — mihrab kd pushta 

But ment, s. the support of an arch — khildner je angsha dui pdrshcer Mtir vpare virbkar 
Butt, s. a mark ; object of ridicule ; a vessel made to contaia 125 gallons — lukhyu ; parihmer 
btihay ; 6rtra j)?/)'!— hadaf, nishana ; tir-i-mizah ka hadaf, bansne na sabab ; Cv pipa ki jis 
mefl tin .sau ctihahattar ser samilte haia [takkar mdrnd 

Bult, z)a. to stri'-e with the bead like a ram, &c. — dhusdna, gutdna, dhui mi) an — talcfdaa, 
But'tc-r, s. an unctuous food made from cream — mdkhun, nabanita — makhan, maska 
But'ter, va. to moisten with butter — mikhan mikkina —makhan lagana, maalian se cliuparna 
But'ierflower, s. a bright yellow May flower— pit burner pushpa bisheih—bjiiiit ke mausuu ki 

zafirdni phiil 
But'teifly, s. a beautiful winged insect — prajdpati—titd, tutli 

But'teris, s. a farrier's paring ms\.T{iment—ldtjandir astra 6is/iesft— suratarish [ghol 

But'termilk, s. the whey of churned cream — g/iol, takra, mdthd — chhachh, mathii, dogh, 
But'terpunip, s. a fowl; the bittern — oak bishesh — ek qism ka cniriya, chamarbagU 
But'tcrtooth, s. a large broad foretooth — sammukher bara dd>it—saimue ka bar-i datit 
But'tery, «. a place where provisions are kept — khddya sdmugrir bhdnddr — bhaadar, modikhd- 

na, niamatkhana 
But'tock, 5. the thick part of the thigh-rnitantSa, pdchhd — chutar, surln 

But'ton, ta. to fasten with buttons— g-/iun<i Idgdna.botdmdiyd baddhak.—sh\ini.i d, (ukma lagdni 
Button, 5. a knob or ball used for the fastening of clothes ; bud of a plant — ghuuti, mudd, 

puu/iy« ; /funri— ghundi, tukma ; kalf, shigdfa 
Buttonhole, s. a' hole to fasten a button — ghun[i ghard — ghundl ki phanda, tukme kd halqa 
Bul'tress, s. a prop, shore, support— posta, theko — pushta [A-hushtaba 

Buxom, a. lively, brisk, gay, jolly— 5p/mrfyu/cta, rasik, dmodi — zindadil, shoku, rangila, 
Bux'omness, s. wantonness, amorousness — rasikitd, pre/ra— khushtabai, shoklu, ranglni 
Buy, va. to pay a price for, to treat for— kray k. jienan~mo\ I. bai k. kharidna ; moUol k, 
Buy'er, s. one who buys, a purchaser — keneje, kretd-^mol I. w. kharidar, musiiari 
Buzz, s, a wiiisper, humming, low talk — phus phus, bhanbhan, gurigun, ^u/nriMa— phus phus&< 

hat, bhin bhinaha*, haUe ki boli 
Buzz, yft. to hum like bees; to whisper or spread secretly ~r bhanbhan k. phus phus k. kdng 
kdne kahiyd byakta fc.— bhiu bhinand, phus phusAna ; sargoshi k. Kanaptiiis.' k. [nadin 
B'uzz'ard, s. a hawk; dunce, blockhead— s/ij/CM paknyi bishesh ; murha, hokd — baz ; ahmaq, 
Buzz'er, s. a secret whisperer — phus phus kariyd berdy je, gopaue chupe chupebuliyi berdy je-^, 
pirns phusahat k. w. kdaaphdsi k. w. [ahisia boU.^ 

Buzzing, s. humming noise, iow t^lk— bhanbhan shabda, chupe chupe kathi — bhiu bhindh&t. 
By, pr. denotmg tlie agent, way, means, near — kartrik, dwdrd, diyd, prajukta, nikaie — se, ba, 

ke sabab, ke fdis, nazdlk 
By-and-by', ad. in a short time, presently— feirac/jit pare — thori der ke bdd 
By-law, s. private ruhis or orders in a society— fcoaa samdj bd sampraddyer lok dpndder madhyt 

je niyam nirbaddha kare — kisi firqe ka dpas niea muqarrar k.g. q4ida 
By-paiii, s. a private or obscure patli — chord gali, gupta path — pagiandi, j&da, alag r4li 
by-room, s. a retired, private room— nirja/i|-Aor —khalvvaLkli£na 

BYS ( 61 ) * . CAI, 

By-'^latJ Iftr, s. a looker on—'nikate ddufdiyd dekhe je— ^ Ithayd h. w. 
By-stieet, s. a private or obscure street— g-a/i, guptaputh~gB.\i, kiicha 
By -word, s. a cant word—kathdr hatha, upabeser /cait/»i— kahdwat, mai>al 


C, The third letter of the alphabet ; it is used as an abbreviation of the Latin word centum, a 

hnadred-^ Barnamdldr tritiydkhyar ; sangkhyepe ek shatabodak hay—An^TQzi kJi tisra harf; 

Litin zabaa meu ikhtis^r ke wAste sau ki raqam ki jagah yihi likhte haia 
Cab.s. a Jewish measure of about three pials—Yahtidtya parimdn bhhenh, pray der ser haibe— 

Vah.xdi paimdna ki us raeii qarib derh ser ke saraita hai - " 

Cabal, s, an intrigue, private junto— feuwirttro/ia, aneker guptabid — bandish, s&zish, wuh 

jara&at ki jo khalwat mea fasSd kft niushwara Varti hai 
Caha 1, Cabala, s. the Jewisli traditions and secret science — Yahitdi loher parampardgata 

itikds iumuha, eonng ^uptabidyd — Ydhiidioa ke riw^y^t aur poshida ilm 
Caba' 1 vn. to intrigue privately, to plot — kumantrand k. kukalpnnd fc".— bandish k. 

s^z ishk. [Yahudion ke riwdyat ksi /tlim 

Cab'alist, s. one skilled in Jevk'ish traditions— Fo/jwdtder guptabidydbettd, tadrittgyan — 
Cabalijt ical, a. mysterious, secret— gUrlidrtha, aprakdsh, gupta — baidulfalim, poshida [tarf 
Cabai'ler, s. an intriguer, a plotter — kwrnantri, kukalpand kdri — bandish k. w. sazish k. w. muf- 
Cabal'liue, s. a coarse kind of aloes, used by farriers to physic cattle — ashwddir bhedak drabya 

bishesh, ekprakdr aushadh — musabbar ki dusrl qism 
Cab'bage, s, [.bidgej a well known vegetable — kobi — kobi 
•Cabbage, i;«. to steal in cutting clotues — darjir mataparer kdpar khdnik kdliyd laon — 1capr4 

qata men ctiuraaa, katarbyoiit k. ' [wamra, jhompra 

Cab^in, s. anaparmientin a ship ; a cottage— jaftajer ek kuthari, kunriyd g/,ar— jahdz iia 
Cab'inet, s. a set of drawers; a room in which state consultations are held— 6«.^(ra ratnddi 

rdkliiaar bahugrihamay sinduk, dlmdri ; rdjsabhdr griha—alm&ri ; wuh kamid ki jis Hiea 

h4«.im bdham muh kl mashwarat kareu ~ 

Ca'ble, s, a rope to hold a ship at anchor—jdhdjer kdchhi kimbd dard — langar ki. rassil 
Cachec'tical, a. {.kek..\ of a bad habit of bo iy — khyayrogbi&kishta, sadd asusthx — beiatiddli 
Cachet, s. [.s/ia] a seal, a private state letter — mokar, gopamya rdjpatra—mnhv, makhfi 

badshahi hu^ininama [tabiyat, abiar sarislit 

Cachexy, s. [/ca/f-/ce/c-se] a disordered habit of body— sA.aririfc diihswabhdb, sudd rogi — nasaz 
Cackle, vn. to make a noise like a hen, &cc. —kukkuier nyiy dkwani fc. khik khikshabda k.— 

Caciiochymy, s. [.Vo-fcj'm.] a depravation of the humours from a sound state — raktapittddi 

bikdr,^ dhdtubhed — akhlAt ka Idsid honA 
Cacode'mon, s. an evil spirit, a demon — mandabhutdtmd, pretpishdckddi — rsikhhas, ifrit, deo 
Cacog'raphy, s. bad spelling— ftarna^myfser dosh, bdndae akhyarabhram — imle ki ghaiati > 
Cardav'erous, a. like a dead body — mritadehabat, jnardr nydy — murdawar, zard 
Cad'bate, s. a worm, good bait for trout — bishesh matsya dharandrthuchir, kii bishesh— gQusi, 
Cad'dis, s. a kind of tape ; a worm—pkitd bishesh, kii bishesh — fite ki ek qism j kiia 
Cade, a. tame, soft, tender, delicate — poshd, komat, namra — hil6, narm, nazuk [lahja 

Ca'dence, s. a fall of the voice, a sound— su?«rrtnta, chhanda, swar — awdz ka ut^r, lai, iahu, 
Cade't, s. a volunteer, a younger brother — sainyer kdrje shikhyd nubishje ; anuja, kanishca bhrd- 

t'f— ummedw^r, chhota bh^i 
Ca'dew, s. the straw worm ; an Irish mantle — ghdspokd, trinaja kit bishesh ; jdnidbat bastra 

bishesh— ek kird ki jo'bich&li meii pdya j4t4 hai i ek labada ki jis ko Airland ke jazire ke b4- 

shinde pahinte liaiu 
Cadi, s. a chief magistrate among the Turks — Turk deshiya bichdrkartd, kdji — Q4zi 
Cadu'eeus, s. Mercury's wand or snaky staff— deddiiter sarpajukta danda bishesh — simp 

lipti h6i chh^ri, ki Farangistan ke qadim log bayan karte the ki Markari ke hatu meu rahtl 

thl, aur Markari ko ^sman kd harkara mashhur karte the [khaftan, Irdn ki poshish 

Cat tan, s. a kind of habit, Persian garment — Pdraswadeshiya paridheya bastra bishesh — 
Cag, s. a small barrel, or ca?k — khyudra pipd 6is/ies/i— chhota pipa 
Cage, s. a place of confinemeht for birds, 6cc. — pinjar, khdnchd — qafs, pinjrd 
Cajo ie, va. to deceive, to flatter, to beguile — banchita k. bkuLdna, phusaidna — phuslina, dam 

d. khushdmad k. fareb d. - [tnadgo, larebi 

Cajo ler, s. a deceiver, flatterer, parasite — prabanchak, shafh, chdtubddi — dambaz, khusha- 
Caisso'n,Caissoo'n, s. a chest of bombs or powder ; hollow fabric of timber— ^uti kimbd hdruder 

sinduk, kdshtha nirmita ddhdr bishash — ghubire ki goli ya baidt ka sanddq ; lakri ki 

khokhli imarat . [kafir, muzi 

Cait'itf, s. a base fellow, a wretch, a knave— ad^am Itk^ hital, iftafc— hardmzdda, niarddd. 
Cake, s. a small loaf— va. to harden, unite — pishtak, mithdi — va, shakta k. drirlia k. — nankha- 

tai, kulicha, girda— ua. sakht k. sukhilna, jamand 
Calainanc o, s. kind of woollen stuff— mesher Lomer bastra bishesh — banat ki ek qism 
Calamine, 5. an ore of zinc — kdchd dastd — kachchS, dasta 

Calam itous, d. distressing, nnfovinndite—duhkhaddyak, bighalita — paresh^n, tang, kambakht 
Calami'ty, s. misfortune, disaster — bipad, dulikhn, bighatan — afat, bal6, mus.bat 
Cal'amus, s. a kindi)f sweet scented wood — sugandhi kdshiha 6is/igsfe— gauigachh, qasbuzzarir 
Cala sh, s. an open carriage; a head-dress — ralh bishesh, chhit hin ghordr gdfi, mastakd* 

bharan bishesh — vipar se khuli hui g&fi ; sir ke kapre ki ek qism 

CAL ( 62 ) CAL 

Calcareous, a. having the nature and properties of lira© — zhunimay, chunotpddakd mrittikd-^ 

iihaksifat, chtinagun 
Calcina'tion.s. the act of pulverizing by &rQ—khardna,agru diyi churna fcam— jalikar 

reza k. . 

Calci'ne, va. to burn to a powder— kharnna, agniddha dwdrd chiirnakaran — kh^kistark. r&kh k. 
Calcog'raphy, s. the art of engraving on brass— pitia/e mudrddi ankana bidyd—pitdii par naqsh 

karne kfi hunar ^, [andiza k. 

Cal'culate, wa. to compute, toreckon — ganand k. lekhdjokd fc.— hisab k. ginnd, jiinchnS, 
Calcula'uon, s. a computation, reckoning — lekhdjokd, ganand sangkhyd — hisab, ginii, andaza, 

Cal'culator, s. a computer, a reckoner — sankhyak, ganak — muh'^sjb, hisabdan [paththarilA 
Calculous, a. stony, gravelly, gritty— ^arafcar bd prastarmay, karkariyd — kankriLi, kirkiri, 
Cal dron, s. \_kawL'\ a large kettle or boiler — catdha, brikat hdnri bishesh—Aeg, handa 
Caledo'aian, s. a native ot Scotland— SjtaHaWa ies/ui/d— Skatland ke mulk kA rahne w. 
Calefac'tory, a. tending to warm— us/irtaferara/c, uttdpak — garmtasir, garm k.. w. 
Cal'efy, V. to make w.irm— utiapfa fc. tairi/ia— garm k. tapnA 

Cafendar, s. an almanac,, a register of the yndLr—paujlkd, piiuji— jantribahi, taqwim, pattrd 
Cal'ender, va. to glaze linen, to smooth — bishesk kaler dwdrd kdpar gharshan—canhTa. k . kundi 

k. chikndn^ ^ . , . [fcarne ka dla 

Cal'ejider, s. a hot press, engine to calender — chdpibir kal, kdparddi gharshaner kal-^knndi 
Cal 'enderei, s. the person who calenders — kdparer gho.iiaakdrak — muhrasaz, kundigar 
Cal'ends, s. the first day of every month — pn/Ltiindser pratham din — mahine kd pahlA din, 

ghurra, j^arba 
Cal'entuie, s. [..tshure'] a burning fever, Incident to sailors in hot countries— jwarrog- bishesh 

— tap-i-hArr ki jo garm mulkon men mullah logon ko ho j^ti hai [bachhiyi 

Calf, s. thick part of the leg y young of Si cow —piyer dim ; gobatsa — pinili, saq ; bachhra, 
Cai'iber, s. the bore of fire-arms— iaMciufcaciir naiir chhidra, tatparimiu— top, hdinddq w. g. 

ki muhri [t^r sdti ; Inglistan mejj, safed siiti 

Cal'ico, s. printed cotton cloth ; in England, white cotton cioth — chkil, kdpar — chhit, qalam- 
Cal'id, a. very hot, burning, scorching— «s/i7io, atigrishma—hdihut garm, muhriq, soziada 

Calidity, Cal'idness, s. intense or great heat— us/iwia, atish'y tap — bahut garmf, tapish 
Caliga'tion, s. darkness, dimness, obscurity— aud/ta/car, g-^;??-— andherd, t^rikl, dhund 
Cali'ginous, a. [./idje..] obscure, dark, dxm—andhakdrmay , ghor — andhera, tarik, dhundhlcl 
Cal'igraphy, s. beautiful writing — sundar iefc/ia— khushnavisi 
Ca'liph, s. a title of the successors of Mahomet among the Saracens — Mahammadiya loker 

abhishiktardjd eba7ig pradhdnjdjak — khalifa 
Cal'iver, 5. a hand gun, an arquebuse — khyudra banditk — banduq ^ [phdl ki kator 

Ca'lix, s. a cup; a word used in botany^ — bdti ; tadikriti phuler hi-intasiha patra— piy^la, 
Calk, tin. [kawk^ to fill up the seams of a ship — naukd gdon, kdldpdti k. — gabna, kdlitpatti k. 

d'ahaz ki darzeji san se band k. 
alk'er, $. one who stops a ship's seams — gdonddr, kdldpdti — g^bne w. kalapatiy^ 
Call, va. to name, to m^'ite, to summon — ndm d. bd rdkhzn, ddkan, dhbdn k. — nam rakhnS, 
bulana, talab k. [a/i6(m— buldwa, talab, darkhwast 

Call, s. a vocal address of summon* or invitation, a demand — igydn, ddk, ndmachchdran, 
Cal'lat, Cal'let, s. a trull, worthless woman — beshyd, bar an gaud— ma.lza.di, ndqis aurat 
Callid'ity, Cal'lidness, s. craftiness, art — dhiirtatd, khaiitd — makr, hilasazi 
Call'ing, s. an employment, trade, hc.—hyabasd, bishuy karma-, bydpdr — pesha, byoh^r, hirfa 
Cal'lipers, s. compasses vyith bowed shanks — bdiikd kampds 6is/ies/i— khamdar parkar 
Callosity, s. a corneous or bony hardness, a hard tumor — bedandrahit sphita mdngsa, kard— 
sing ya hadJi ki manind sakhti, dhatha, ghatha ^ ^ [beparwa, natars 

Cal'lous, a. hardened, brawny, insensible — kardpard, kalhin, nirday — sakht, ghatilA, bedard, 
Cal'lousness, s. hardness, insensibility — abyatkaniyatwa, asdnatwa, karkushatd — sakhti, sang- 

dili, bedaidi, nAiarsI 
Cal' low,, a. wanting feathers, unfledged— g-oi»Wi, ajdlapakhyi—hep^r, liind^ munda 
Calm, va. to quiet, appease, pacify— t/iamana, s/ict/ita bd sthir k. 7»ii(ina-r-dilasa d. tasalll k, 

taskin d. dhlraj d. 
Calm, s. stillness, quiet, serenity — sthiratd,shamatd, nirbdt, shubhitd — sukun,isSish,iCrdm,r4hat 
Calm, a. unruffled, undisturbed, easy — susthir, skdnta, khydnta — sun34n,sakia, dhlma 
Calmly, uti. quietly, coolly, without passion — swachchhande , dhire, akrodke—dhira.j se, taam- 
mul se, beghazabi se [tahammul, sazawar taba, sanjida mizaj 

Calm'ness, s. tranquillity, freedom from passion — dhairjya, shanti, kdma krodhddihinatd-— 
Cal'omel, i. mercury six times sublimed — shodhita pdrd bhasma—chhdi martaba khalis k. g. pard 
Calor'ic, s. a term denoting heat — swabhdbikushnatd, uttdper ruu/fcamn— garmf, hararat 
Calorific, a. healing, causing heat — uttdpjanak, ushmdkdrak — garm k. w. miiiaharrir 
Calo'tte, s. [.io(] a cap or coif — mantaknckchhddaner tupi bisheah — topi, orhni, mejar , 
Cal'trop, s. an instrument of war with three spikes, thrown on the ground to annoy the ene- 
mies' horse ; a plant — trishuldkriti juddhdstra bishesh, chdrd bishesh — gokhru } nabdt ki 
ek qism 
Cal'vary, s. the name of the mount on which Christ was crucified — Khrishta shuldrpita hailen 

je parbate tdhdri ndm — us pahar kd ndm kijis par Hazrat I'si taslib k. g. 
Calve, vn. to bring forth a calf— 6i?/awa, gobatsa prasab /c— bachhre ko jannii 

CAIi (63), CAN 

Cal'vinlsm, s. the doctrine of predestination, &c. taught by Calvin — sarbajaner yrdrahdha 

bishaye Kalbin ndmak dharmopadeshuker mit — Pir Kalvin k4 tariqakjjis kfi yih qaul hai 

ki azal men bahisliti aurdozakhi tafrlq kiye gaye haia 
Cal'vinist, s. a follower of Calvin — purbokta matdbatambi— Pir Kalvin TcA muatiqid 
Calum'niate. va. to accause falsely, to revile — mithydpahdd k. nindd k. — tuhmat laganS., ilzfim 

d. badn4mi k. 
Calum'niator, s. a. {Use aicc\iser,s\^.nderer— mitkydpabddak, nindak — muftari, tiifAnf, tuhmat 

lag^ne w. . ^ , • [hilm ; biihtfia 

Cal'umny, s. slander, aspersion, false charge — niridd, kutsd, mithydrop— tuhmat, iftuH., itti- 
Calx, J. any thin? that is rendered reducible to powder by burning — pord chiinidir bhasma — 

wuh chizki jo Ag sejalkar q^bil reze hone ke ho gayi hai 
Cal'ycle, s. (.e-kL) a small bud of a plant — k/iyudra mukul bd kalikd — bute ki chhoti kali 
Cam'aieu, s. (..yoo) a stone with various fipjures and representations of landscapes formed by 

nature — swdbhdbik ndndbidh barna bishiihia prastar bishesh — ek nau kS. paththar ki jis par 

kai ek qudrati naq^he hote haij^ 
Cam'bering, a, rising like an arch — bakra, khildn tulya, hibjabnt — mihr^bsa xith& hfi^ 
Ca'mbiick, s. a kind of fine linen so called from Cambrey where it was principally made— 

Bildti shane nirmita uitam sddd kdpar bishesh — mahin san ke kapre ki ek qisra ki jis kl ibtidS 
~ Kambre shahar se hai 

Cam'el, s. a large animal common in the East — ut, ushtra — ■liut, shutur 
Cam'eo, s. a picture of only one colour; a small stone or composition %vhereon figures are— 

ek rane'et chhabi, ndndbidhn nakshdjukta -prastar bishesh — eki rang Id taswir; ek chhoti asall 

y^ bandyi hud paththar ki jis par naqsh kiya gaya hai 
Cam'era-obscura, s. an optical machine used in a darkened chamber, so that the light coming. 

only through a double convex glass, objects exposed today light and opposite to the glass 

4re represented inverted upon any white matter placed opposite to the glass — drishti bidyd 

sdmbandkiya kal bishesh, tdhdte ubhay dale knrma prishthdkriti ek khdn kdnch dchhe, 

ebmg surjer kiran tdhd diyd jwaUile drishta bantu sakal uitd haiyd dekhd jdy — ilm-i>man&- 

zare aur ma.rdye kd ekAinaddr ^id ki jis ko tan'k kamre mea raushani ke muqdbil rakhte 

haia, to us men misl taswir ke bdhir ki chizou ka aks zdhir hotd hai 
Cam'let, s. a stufFmade of woo! and silk — mishrita mesher lome ebang patte nirmita bastra 

bishesh — un resham ki. raila hua kaprd 
Cam'omile, s. a fine physi^cal herb — aushadhiya pushpa bishesh — bfib^ina 
Ca'moys, a. flat, level, only used of the . nose— nafctAe6ara, khdnda — chapt^ 
Camp, s. the tents placed by armies when they keep the field — send ganer tdmbu shreni— 

lashkar ke khare hue dere, urdu, lashkar 
Campa'ign, s. (.pane) "a large level tract of ground; the time for which an army keep the 

field, without entering into quarters— sam<£/i bhumir ek brihat khamla, sainyerd jata ]pdl 

ranabhumite bds bd juddha /tare— zarain ka ek bar^ hamw4r qata; wuh muddat ki jab tak 

lashkar apne maqara se muhimm par rahe 
*Campa'igner, s. an old expeiienced soldier — briddha send lok, lardk — jangAzmdda sipShi 
Campes'tral, a. growing in the fields, virild — mdtkotpanna, prdntaraja, 6a/iaj a— maidla k& 

ligne w. jangali 
Cam'phor, Cam'phire, s. a white gum — karpilr — kAfur, kapiir 
Cara'phorate. a. impregnated with comphor — karpuriya, karpiirjukta — kafiirAmez 
Can, vn. to be able to — s. a vessel or cap— pdran, samartha h. shukta h. — s. bdti, khyudra pan' 

pdtra — sakna— s. qaraba, piydla _ limine haia 

Cana'ille, s. (".iia/e/ the lowest of the people — itar lok, nich lok — jami khaldiq se jo log ka- 
Cana'l, s. a water course, a duct — nal,jul.i, prandli, ndld — nahr 
Cana'1-coal, s. very fine kind of coAi—pdihariya kayld bishesh — kol patthar (jis ko paththar 

k& koilakahte haia) ki ek umda qism [band hai, 

Canalic'ulated, n. made like a pipe or gatter—ndldkriti, jiilibat — nal yd muhri ki mdnind 
Cana'ries, s. a cluster of islands, in the Atlantic ocea.n, near the Barbary coiLSt—Aphrilfd 

mahddwiper uttar paschim diger nikaiabirti kayek upadwip, tdhdrndm — ^jazirou ki ijmd ki 

bahar-i-zulmdt mea mulk-i-Barbari ke nazdik hai 
Cana'ry, s. awinebiought from the Canaries now called sack — va. to dance, to frolic— 

Kdneri ndmak upadvSip thekednitamadyu hishesh~va. ndchan, parihds k. — Kaneri ke jazlroa 

ki shardb jis ko ab sak kahte haia— t^a. nachna, khelna, sbokhik. 
Cana'ry-bird, s. an excellent singing bird which came originally from the Canary islands — 

Kdnari desher pakhyi hi&heih—ok bahut khdb bolne wdli chiriyd ki jo ibtidd mea Kaneri ke 

jazirou se ai thi 
Can"cel, va. to cross a writing, to obliterate, make void — lekhane kdtan, lop k. byartha—khditt 

khiachna, mahv k. raita d. mansdkh k. radd k. 
Can'cellated, a. marked with lines crossing each other — kdlhgrd, drgherd. kdshtha baddhadrdl 

bishesh — chdrkhana, jalddr ' s6kh k. g. 

Can'celled, p^. [..] blotted out, erased, annulled— ittpfa, kdtd — mitdyd g. mahvk. g. man- 
Can'cer, s. a crab-fish ; one of the twelve signs of the zodiac ; a virulent sore — /can/cam, 

karkat rdshi, atihisphot, ghurghureghd — kelira, sartan ; burj-i-sartan; bhakandar, bandar- 

Can'cerate, vn. to grow cancerous— ^/tur^/iurg gkdr nydy ndli h. puujbi-iddhi h. — bhakandar 

kd rogi h. 
Can'cerous, a. inclining to, or like a cancer— ^Aurg/ti<rg g/irt6at—bhakandarsd 

CAN ( 64 ) C A ?^ 

•Can'crine, a. having the qualities of a C^hh-^karkatiya, karhit gunubnt karhasa dhdrmik 

— sartftnsifat. kekraguni , ^ fmunavvnr, ra"^H n 

Ciin'dent, a. glowini? with heat, bright— 7/ttopfa,J<iii/;a^t/jmau, jw/i/'irafa, rhdipyamdn—tHhAn , 
Candes'cent, a. growing white or old, hoSiTy—kiuchit pdkd chut prdpt •■ , 6ura— safed y6 burlhfi 

h. w. sufedsir 
Can'did, a. white, fair, open, honest — shubkra, sural, niskapat—snfed, s&f. sachchA, sidiq 
Can'didate, s. one who sues or is proposed for an office — paddnweshi, karmaprdrthnk — um- 
. roedwfir, tdlib [se, sdfdiHse 

Oan'didly, ad. uprightly, fairly, openly — nishkapah't'ipe, sdralyapvrbak — sachchif se, sadAqat 
Can'dify, va. to make white — shukla k. parishkrita k. — safed k. batti. shama 

CanMle, s. a light made of tallow, wax. &c. — mom kimbd cbarhir hdti — mom vA ch-irbl ki 
Can'dlemas, s. the feast of the Purification of the blessed Virgirf M.z.rv-~Kriskter md Mdriyd 

kumdrir prasab shaUcha parb^din—Bihi Mariyam ke child nahdne kd din 
Can'dlestick, s. an instrument to hold candles — mondiir birtyddhdr — shantiadSn 
Can'dour, s. (.dur) openness of heart, fairness, franknW— sara/6/ia6, nishkdpatya — safdi, 

pdfdilf, rdstbftzi,saddqat 
Can'dy, va. to cons^^rve with suyar, congeal — vtishtdnnddir ckdp k. pkalddi rase pJielan—' 

pdknd, kand ke qiwam men rakhnd, murabba bandnd 
Cane, s, a kind of strong reed of which walking stafF-i are made ; a reed from which sUg'tr is 

extracte 1— V. n. to beat with a cane— cMarf, betra, hiker danda ; ikhyu—v. a. betrdghdt fc.^ 

—bed, chhari ; tikh, gannd — v. a. bed mdrnd 
Canic'ular,a. bclong'ng to the dog-star; hot^-'Suhaila tdrd sambandhiya ; atyushna — suhail kd 

mutaaliq; garam, hdrr [ki klids-ivat r. w. 

Cani ne, a. having the properties of a dog— feufefeur gunn bishishta, kukkurbat—knu& A, kutte 
Can'ister, s. a small basket or vessel — chdpdtd rdkhibdr dibd, kauid — san'lukcha, dablid 
Cank'er, s. a worm; that pteysupon and destroys fruits; eating sore — khynykit hisJiesk, jdhd 

phnler maddhe jrebeah kuriyd bhitar haite khdiyd )dy ; khyiy ghd—ek kird ki jo mewe ko 

andar se khdletd hai ; bandar ghdo, bhakandar [— va. khA 1. najis k. 

Cank'er, vn. to grow corrupt — va. corrode, pollute — <rhdr pichnn — va. khyu.k. na$hta U. — sarnd 
Cank'erworm, s. a worm that destroys fruits — phalddi khyay .kiri kit bmhesA, shiid pokd— 

ek kird ki jo andar se mewe ko khd letd hai 
Cannibal,s. a human being that eats human flesh — mdnab mdngsa bhakhyak, nara bhuk, 

pishnchbat maniis/ia— adamkhor ddmi 
Can'non, s. a great gun for cannonading— 6ri/itt guli khyepak agnyastra bishesh, kd/ndn — top 
Cannona'de, va. to batter with canon — puiinah punah kdmdn k. — topeu mdrnd, golanddzi k. 
Cannonie'r, s. one who manages cannon— top kdrak send — topchi, golanddz 
Cannot a. word compounded of crn and not, denoting inability — )iipiran~-nn. sakna 
Canoe', s. a boat made by cutting the trunk of a tree into a hollow vessel— oAaiti naukd, dongd 

— dongd 
Can 'on, s. a rule, a law ; the book of holy scripture; a dignitary of the Christian church — 

niyam, bidhi ; sarba pratita dharma grantha samiiha; dharmashdld sthita jdjak byakti-^ 

qdnnn, din ; Baibal ydne aqdid ki kiidb ; ek pddri ki qism - [^e mudfiq 

Canon'ical, a. scriptural, ecclesiastical — shdstrdnujdyi, dharma byabasthd siddka — din ke qaide 
Canon'ically, ad. agreeably to the cdi.nons—shdstrdiiu^(ire, bidkimate — qdide k« mnafiq 
Canoh'icals, s. established dress of the clergy — purokitddir upujukta pjriclihad—pA]rion kd 

muqarrarl libds [din ke qawdid kd jdnne w. 

Can'onist, s. a man versed in the ecclesiastical laws— 67/a&test/i<£ bettd, hidkiskdstra bettd—hqih, 
Canoniza'tion, s. the act of declaring any man a saint— fcona mdnush ke siddka purush madkye 

sarigstkdpita k.—kisi ko v/a\i q3.rAr d. [ [uhda 

Can'onry, Can'onship, s, benefice of a czaoQ—dkdrmashildy sthiyi jdjaker pad—p&dri kd'ek 
Can'opy, s. cloth of state spread over the head ; a tester — va. to, cover with the canopy — 

rd)dchckhddan, chindrdtap bishesh; pdlanger dkdkana bastro. bishesh — va. einad bastra diyd 

dehchhddan fc.— sdyabdn, chatr, shdmiyana; palang ki chhatgiri — va. sdyabdn chhdnnd 
Cano'rous, a. rnusical, tuneful — uttamswara bishishta, uchchaihswari — khushawaz, shirinlahan 
Cant, s. a particular form of speaking peculiar to some certain class or body of men; a whining 

pretension to goodness in formal and affected terms— fcona lakerder bhashd hishesh, dharma. 

bishaye kaushal bd baktitd — kisi firqe ki khdss boll ; din ki bdtou men charbzabdni aur ziyddagoi 
Cant, va. to use formal or affected terms ; to wheedle, to flitter, to toss— 6afcye bash k, 

phusaldna ; nihkhyep^lc, — charbzabdni aur ziadagoi k. phusldnd, dam d. khushdmad k. 

upar phenknd [qism 

Canta'ta, s. an air ; a grave piece of music— ?ft bishesh, gabhira g-<in— ek gambhir rdg ki 

Canta'tion, s. the act of singing — gdon, gitgdhan—gs.aA 

Can'ter. s. a moderate gallop ; a hypocrite— asAu^er m/ufag-ati , t hak, kdlpanik-^poyi., chATta.s\; 

nydkdr, zdhird zdhid 
Canthar'ides s. (..••) Spanish flies used to raise blisters— ^Mmariv/J pokd, makhyikd bishesh 

jdhd te-ieskar karandrthe malame Idgdnd joy— zardrih, bindli, yane makhkhi ki ek qism ki jo 
tezi ke waste pldstar men mildte haio 
Can'thus, s. the corner of the eye—chahhyur feon— koya, gosha-i-chashm 
> Can tide, s. song of Solomon, pious sous—Salatnaner krito dharma git, dharmahhhiyak 
sangtt— Sulemdn kd bandyd hud raanqabat [tui rd tukrd kitnd 

Cantle, va. to cut, into pieces or parts— /cAanrfa khandak. khyudrakhyudra kariyd 'kdtan-^ 
Can tie, Cant'let, «. a piece, a fragment— /wfcam, khandd, ekkhdni—tukri, para, purza 

CAN ( 65 ) CAP 

Cant'o, s. part of a poem, section, division— /cft^»?/cr khanda, kabitdr ek bhdg—n^7.m ka- bah, 

fasal, qatri, kiiand [khail, qaum 

Canton, s. a diviaion of a country; a clan — desker any^sha, fpargann; dal—ziVA, pargana ; 
Cant'on, Cant'onize, va. to divide land— t/esA na^arddi bibhdg — zilabandi k. mulk ko taqsim k. 
Can'vass, s. a coarse stiff cloth ; a soliciting— .<«/ fcrtpar, slianer hastra i nibedan, ddddsh — 

wiUyati t6t, kirmiz ; darkhast, iltiinAi - 

Can'vass, va. to sift, to examine, to <lebate. to solicit votes — hitarla hd blbechnd k. dndolan h. 

koua kanndrtha sammati prdtluuid t.— chlianna, jinchnd, bahasnd ; logon se uhde ke takar- 

vur k.e wiste iltimas k. 
Caa'zonet,-s. a short song or HT—sungkhyi'plfi git hi gdn, lappd—ek chho'd git yi sarod 
Cap, i'. a covering for the head — siracAcMai/(i7i, .^upi — topi, kul^h 
Cap," va. to cover the head or top ; to name alternately in contest— mastak dchchhddan k. 

mdtkd dhdkan : shlok kdld kdli k. — sir ko dhdmpna ; mub^hise meu ashar ya fiqie parlinA 
Cap-a-pie, (. .pe) from head to ioot—dmastakpdd, angapratyangaslr se paijw tak, sarap^ 
Ctipabil'ity, s. capoicity, fitness, adequatcness— prt/Wcata, khyamatd, jog^j/ata— qdbiliyat, liyaqat, 

Capable, a. equal to, qualified— pira^, upajukta — qAbil, Idiq 

Capa'cious.a. wide, large, va»t — vrashaita, hrihat — chaura, kuslidda, farakh, wasi [kush^dagf 
Capa'ciousness, s. largeness, widtii, space — prashfistatd, por/sa?*— chaurdi, chaklai, wasat, 
Capa'citate, va. to enable, qualify, mike int—pdrag k, bishesh kanndrtha upajukta /c.— qabii k. 

liyaqatd. samarthi banana, niaqdur bakhshna 
Capa'city, i. tiie power of holding or containing any thing; ability, sense ; condition, state 

— idrndi; kfiijamatd, buddhi : pad, dashd, parimdn — saraao, gunjaish, samdl ; isliadad 

qabiliyat, fabm, zihn; hdlat, darja [Ardish ki jhiil 

Capar'ison, s. a superb dress, for a horse — ^hatakdbharan, ashwer vttam parichhad—gliote ke 
Capar'ison, va. to dress pompously — besli bhtishd k. — zeb-o-zinat ka kapya pahiniina 
Cape, s. headland, or promontory ; the neck-piece to a coat— a*}tart'p ," gribd;/ Idge je bastra 

/c/m/tf/a— zamin kA nokdar qata ki jo ek taraf se darya meu hail hota hai j kurtl ka gareban 
Ca'per, s. a leap, a jump ; a berry, a pickle — hmpha,jkampa ; kht/udn p'<al, dchdr bishesh — 

bakarkiid, uchhdl ; darakht ka dAna, Achar ki qism 
Caper, va. to dauje frolicksomely, to ir'nk—tamphan, nHya k. kuiidan—kndna,, uchhalna 
tia'per-bush, s. a plant whicli grows ui the south of France, tlie budi of which are pickled 

for eating — Phrdns desher dakhyin dikejdta brikhya bishesh tdhdr phal diyd ek prakdr dchdr 

/cr;re— ek jhar ki jo Fiausisi mulk ke juniib ki taraf paidd hoia hai aur us ke phal kd achar 

baudte haiu ... 

Ca'pering, pa. skipping, jumping about — phdndan, ullamphan — kiidtd hua, uchhalta hiid 
Caph, s. a liquid measure of five wine pints— ja/ac/i»- p«rtmn»i /»/A/ies/*, pro'y drdi ser habe—ek 

paimdna ki jis meii qarib arh^i ser pani w. g. samdtd hai 
Ca'pias, s. a writ for ttie seizure of the person — dead deouer saugati nd thdifdte dsdmi dhara^ 

ndrtha paira — garifldri ka hukmnama 
Capillary, a. small, minute, like a \\A\T—atisxikhijma, chuler nydy — balsa, barik, mihin 
Capital, a. relating to the head ; criminal in the highest degree so as to touch life ; chief, 

principal — mastakiya ; atidandaniya, prune dandaniya ; pradhdn — sirka mutaaliq ; aisd shani 

ki qdbil-i-qatal; azim, kalan > 

Cap'iial, s. a principal sum, stock; a large letter, upper part rf a pillar; chief city— »mZ- 

dhan , kona kona shabder prathamejebara akhyar ; stambher mnthdl ; rdjdhdni — jama, piinji, 

sarmaya, bizdat ; qalami yd chliape kd bard haraf ; situn ke sir ki kagar; ddrulkhildfat 
Capita'tion, s. numeration by heads — kar laondrthe ndm dhariyd loksamuha ganand k.~-^ 

Cap'itol, s. a splendid castle and temple at Rome — Rilm mahdnagarer prasiddha durga ehang 

tarimadhyasthita deba mandir — purane Riim kd ek ustuwdr qila aur butkhdna 
Capitular, s. (.pitsh..) a body of statutes divided into chapters; member of a chapter — 

byubusthd saiigra/in, bis/iesh dharmasabhdr saiA^stAa— qanixn ki kitdb ki jude jude bab 

mea muuqasim ho ; pddriou ke madrase kd ek pddri 
•Capit'ulate, t/i. to draw up any thing in heads or articles; to vieid or surrender on certain 

stipulations — daphdwdri icariyd kmia kdgaj taydr k. shatrur sanit bishesh niyam kariyd dur- 

gddi sthdn tydg bd samarpan k. — ek kaghaz ko bd dafadt taydr k. shartou par muti h. yd 

qile ko somhud 

Capitula'tion, s. terms, conditions; tha surrendering of a town upon ceftain terms — niyam 

krame durgddi tydg kard, niyam, chukti — qaul-qarar, ahdopaimdu ; shahar yd qile ki shar- 

toji ke sdth taslim 
Capon, s. a castrated cock — muihka chhinna kukhit — khassi murgh 
Capr'ice, s. [.prece] freak, fancy, whim ; sudden change of humour — anartha manorath ; dkhut 

— wahm, khdm kiiiydli ; bulhawasi, ochJidpan, talawwunmizaji [ochha, anokh^ 

Capri'cious, a. whimsical, fanciful, odd — dkhuli, chanchal, arf6/iMt — bulhavvas, talawwuntaba, 
Cap'ricorn, a. a sign of the zodiac, the goat, the winter solstice — makar rdshi; uiakliyikd — 

burj-i-jadi, makar, rdsuljadi, dakhnden suraj 
Cap'stan, Cap stern, s. an engine to dr;iw up great weights, as anchors, &£. — mahd bhd, 

dkarshandrtha jdhdjastha brihat charki bishesh — ek charkh ki jis se langar w. g. bhdri chizen 

khiuch lete hain, jarr-i-sakil 
Capsular, [.shu.] Cap' sulary, u. hollow like a chest^sinduker liydy khol bishishla,koshbat 
- sandiiq ki tarah jaufddr 



i 66 ) CAK 

•Cap'sxilate, Cap'sulated, a. inclosed as in d^ hox^-koshasthita, sinduker nrjdy baddha kard 

— aisA band jaifea sanduq inea 
Cap'tain, s. a chief commanden the commander of a ship of war, of a troop of horse, or com- 
pany of loot— naukndhyakhya i senddaler jiradhdn /olc— sardir ; jangi jahdz hi. ndkhuda ; 

ris<iladi.r, snbad^r, kapian 
Capia'lion, i. the practice of catching favour or applause, courtinf flattery— parfec anuran- 

jana 6it/t/rf— kh6tirjoi, raz4talabl, khushfimad 
Cap'tivate, va. to subdue, to charm — baskk. mohit k. — phaijsin^i, moh 1. farefta k. 
Captive, 4. one taken in war, a slave— jtt'i<i//i« labdha, shatrngraitu, handi, d<is — lardi kd 

gariftir, asir, qaidi, banda, ghulam 
Captivity, s. subjection by the fate of war, bondage, slavery — 4<isatica, baskibhUtatd, arOtaste 

j)utan — qaid, girift^ri, asiri, bandagi, ghul&mi 
Cap'tiously, ad. in a peevish manner — agratd rtipe— chirchii^i se, tunuk mizdji se frfthat 

Capticusnes**, s. disposition to find fault — u^ratd, chhillitua — kaj bahsi, nuktachini, chircbi" 
Cap liun, s. the act of taking any person—i^raAun kard, dkaran — giiiftirl, mdkhrtzi 
Cap'tious, a. (.shus) snarling, peevish, cross— c/jA<iia^m/?flfc, ugra — jhagr^lu, hujjati, takrfirl, 

Cap'tor, s. one who takes jmzes or prisoners — jayi haiyd dhdrnn kare kimhd lut kare je 

— pakarne w. wuh shakhs ki 30 lar^i mea Ifit y^ dushraan ke ftdmi ko pakaf lAe 
Cap'ture, s. (.tshure) the act of taking a prize ; a prize— /u/ita 6a«tu, dhrita jdhdjddi, luter 

dhan, liiikard — pakar, girift; lut, yaf,hma, ghanimut 
Capture, va. to take as a prize in war— juddha kale lutiyd /aort— yaghnid 1. Int 1. [hne 

Capu'ched, a. [..] covered as with a hood — dchchhddita, fiipibishishta — s(4yad4r ofhni orhe 
Capuchi'n, «.[. .s/icch] a friar; a woman's cloak — ek prakdr khrishtiya saviydsi ; itrilokder 

•paridheya bastra bishesh — ek qism kd pidri ; aurat kd labada 
Car, s. a cart, a chariot; Charles's wain— ^art bisheih, rath -ySaptarshi ndmah tdid punja—gkri, 

ratii, ghofbahal ; dubb-i-akbar, saptiikh, garddnak 
Car'ac, s. a Spanish galleon, a large ship— Sp«Hd«Aer jdhdj, brihat juhdj bishesh — Spen ke 

jahdz, baia jahdz 
Car'at, s. a weight of four grains— raf7ia tulandrtha parimdn bisheih, prdy char latti—chAt 

c'hdwal ka wazn 
Caravan, s. a body of travelling merchants or pilgrims ; a large carriage — byabasdyi bd 

jdtri bd pathik samiiha ; brihat gdri — kdrwdn, qdfila ; bari edri 
Caravan'sary, s a public building erected for the convenience of eastern travellers, where they 

may repose, &c. — sardi, pathikdshray — sarai, musdfirkhdna 
Car'avel, Cai'vel, s. a light old fashioned ship — prdchin kale byabakdx'Ua kdlki Jdhdj bishesh — 

qadim larab kd balka iahdz 
Caraway, s. a plant producing warm seed used in medicine and confectionery— s^ifl/upftrir 

nydy khyudra bij bishesh — karwiyd, djmod 
Car'bme, Car'abine, s. a small musket— c/i/io?a hdthanduk 6Js/»«»ft— qaidbfn [sawdr 

Carbini'er, Carabini'er, s. a light horseman — hdt baiedvkdkdri ashwdrurha send — subuksildh 
Carbiua'de, va. to cut or hack and prepare meat for broiling or iryia^— bhdjandrtha mdngsa 

/cata/i— gosht kokdi kiitke bhiinne ke laiq banand 
Carbuncle, s. a precious stone ; a red pimple— mawi bd mdnik bishtsk ; raktimd barnu brana 

kimhd spholak — Idl-i-shabchardgh ; rauQh i)ar ka garmiddna, muhdsd 
Car'cass, s. the dead body of an animal ; a bomb— sfeaft, mdrd, mrita sharir ; astra hkard gold 

— Idsh, murda, maiyit, loth ; gh«bare kd gold, bam 
Card, s. a complimentary note; a pamled paper used for games j the paper on which the 

points of the compass are marked; the instrument witti which wool is c ovnht A— binny 

patra; khelibdr tds . kampdser digankinta kdgaj bishe-ih; kdpisadi piujandttra — saldra kd 

vucjqa i khelne kd tds; qutabnumd kd kdghaz ki jis parsharq aur gharb aur junfib aur 

shimtiil ki taraf nishdn ki jdli haiu ; danddnedar dla ki jisse un sdf karte haia 
Card, r. to comb wool ; to play at cards— piuja/i ; tds k/ield k. — dhunnd, dhunaknd, tdmnd, 

blclnirna ; tds khelnd 
Car'damums, 4. medicinal seeds — eldchi — ilaechi, qdquU 
Car'diac, a. cordial, strengthening, cheering — rhidrogdurkdri, tejaskar, paushtik—-m\iqaLV\i, 

pusht, mufarrih 
Cardinal, a. principal, chief, eminent— jwad/idtt, shreshta, sarbottam-^^LZzm, akbar, avval 
Car'diual, s. a dignitary of the Roman Catholic church; a woman's clod^—Rumiya pdpdr 

adjiin pradhdri dharmddhyakhya bishesh ; striloker uttariya bustra bishesh—R&mi firqe ke 

nasrdnioii kd mujtahid ; aurat kd labdda 
Cardinal-points, s. east, west, north, soulh^pur6«, paschim, uttar, dakhyin, ei chdri dig — 

dise, ydne parab, pachchhim, uttar, daklian * 
Car'dinal-virtues, s. prudence, temperance, justice, {ortiiMde—sdhadhdnatd, indriyadaman, 

jdthdrthya, sdhas, ei chdri gun, pradhaua sadbhdb—ch^T khdbian ki jo sab khubiou se did 

haiu, ihuydt, parhezgdri, insdf, himmat 
Care, s. solicitude, anxiety; charge— c/antrt, udbeg, rakhyandpekhyana bhdr — fikr, andesha, 
taraddud, chintd ; hawdia, hifdzat, ihtinrdm [k. andeshndk h. 

Care, vn. to be affected with, to be anxious — utkanthita h, b/tdbatidjukta h. udbigna A.— fikr 
Care'en, va. to calk, to stap leaks— rmu/cag-aon, kdldpdti /c.— gdbnd, darz band k. 
Career, s. a course, race, swift nioiion— daur, drura^ofi— daur, sarpat, khea 

CAR (67) CAR 

Care'ful, «. full of concern, diligent, anxious — bhdband juktAt satarka, utkanthit—khah^vd^^, 

hoshyar, roihnati, fiqrmand [n^ki, fiqrmandl 

Ca'refulness, s. vigilance, anxiety, great care— sdtarfcata, vtkaHthdfeheshfd — hoshyftri, ladesh- 
Ca'ieless, a. negligent, heedless, unmindful — amanojogt, Hischinta — ?h4tii. bekhabar, h«iluiy<Lt 
Ca'relessness, s. heedleissness, inattention — amauo')o^, a/nst/a— ghfitili, ghaflat, beihliy^ti 
Care'ss, va. to fondle, to treat with kindness — batsaUja k. atyanta STieha pra^dsh /c. sohdg k. 

— pyAr k. nawdzish k. shafqat k. 
Ca'ret, s. a mark in wriiins:, thus (a) to denote that somethinir written above, or in the margin, 

is wantini? tocomplete the sen-^e — ei rkinhete(\) kona akhyar kinibd pud lop gydn Aui/ dr lupta 

je se upare kimhd ek pdrshwe Ukhd dchhe eihodh hay—(\) is shakal kA nishdn ki jo alf^z ki 

kaini batlaid hai aur dpar ki ibdrat yd hashie ke m&ni par daldlat karld hai [bojh 

Car'go, s. a ship's lading, freii^ht, great load— Maufear bojhdi, bara bo'ihd — jahdz kf bhartf , bafd 
Caricatu're, s. ( . . .tshure)^ ludicrous, droll likeness — hd$yajanukapamurti,sang,bikriiydbayab- 

ddijukta chhnbi—khi ki swAng ke taur par tasvvlr 
Ca'ries, Cario'sity, s. (ka-re-iz) rottenness — asthir gnlita bhib — bosldagi 
Ca'rious, a. rotten, decayed, pwlnfietX —galitdsthi^ jirna, asdr — bosida, sard 
Cark, s. care, anxiety — vn. to be anxious— c/i£nt<t, udbeg — v. n. bkdbit h. utkantkit A.— fikr, 

andesha — i;. n. mutaraddid h. m utafakkir h. 
Cark'ing, ya. a. distressing, perplexing— /c^es/ya«afc, duhkhaddyi—mnfihkW, dushwdr 
Caile, s. a mean, rude man, a clown, churl — chdshdiak, murh, OMbhya — gauw&r, pdji, 

dhith admi, dihqani 
Catlings, s. timbers lying fore and aft in a ship — niaukdy lambdlambi patita kd.h samuha^- 

we kariydii ki jo jahaz ke till men nasab hoti haifl 
Car'man, s. one who drives or keeps carts— jf^Voyri/i, sarat/it— gdflbin, bahalwan 
Car'melite, s. a begging friar; a pear — Khrishiiya bhikkyuk sannydsi hishesk ; ndspdti phnl 

bishesh — faqir; ekqism ki ndshpati [w. bddbur, bh^ohartd 

Carminative, a. that which expels wind — bdyureeltak, bdyundshak awsAarfA— bawa nikdlne 
Car'naine, s. a bright red or crimson colour — rakcabarna — ek nihdyat surkh rang, ahmar 
Car'nage, s. slaugliter, havoc, devastation — kdtdkUi,nipdt — qati, qitdl, khdnrezi, tabdhf 
Car'nal, u. fleshy, lustful, sansuaX—mdngsdla, kimuk, indriybash — ^jismdnl, nafsdni, kdmf, 

shahvatparast, rasiyd 
Carnally, ad. according to the flesh— s/ianVi/c bhdbe, kdmabhdbe — shahvat se, nafsdniyat se 
Carna'tion, s, a flesh colour; a fine flower — ishadraktabarna ; push pa bishesh — gulndrirang; 
. .gftlndr 

Car neous, Car'nous.a. fle'^liy, plump, fa.t~mings<ila, sthulakdy, motd, pushta — mo{d, farba 
Car'nival, s. the .feast held in Roman Catholic countries before [ein-^Kkrisht iya mahopibdser 

purbdiihik utsab bishesk — e'< jashn ki jo Roman kdtnolic ke mazliabwdlou ke bich meu 

rozoji ke dinoase pahle harsdl muqarrar hai 
Carniv'orous, a. flesh eating, that of which flesh li the proper food — mdngsabhuk, palal- 

khddak, krabya. bhoji — goshtkhor, mdsadhdri 
Carnos'ity, s. a fleshy excrescence — mdngsapinda, db, galaganda — massa, zaid gosht 
Car'ol,s. a song of exultation orpTdiise—dlkddergia,jay<%gdn,saakirtan^ staba git — khushi 

Car'ol, «a. to sing, to praise, to celebrate— if/»r£t/er feri stabs uchauer gdyi k. sankirtan, jaya- 

bddiiii ; stiiba pith k. — gdnd bajdnd, tdrif gdna, hamd k. 
Carousal, s. a teast, festival, diinking-bout — purab, utsab, sdnande mafii/wpa/i—shAdi, jashn, 

ziyafat, maikashi, shardb khori [pind, dabosnd 

Caro'^use, vn. to drink hard, to tope — atirikta madyn pdn k. dnande pdn /c— kasrat se shardb 
Carp, V. to censure, to cavil — s. a fisii — dosh grahan, chkal grah(in,dpatti k.-^s. matsya bishesk 

— aibgirl k. khurdagiri k. kajbahsi k. ulajhnd— s. in,icl»hii ki ek qism 
Carpenter, s. an arliticer in wood, a builder — siitrudfiar, barui, chhutdr, takhyak — barhai 

khati, najjdr 
Car'pet, s. a covering for a floor or table— s/iatara7tc/ii, dulichd, bichhdndy Astaran — farsh, 

qdlin, dari, shatranji, mez kd farsh 
Car'riage, s. (kar-ridje) the act ot carrying or transporting ; vehicle, that in which any thiiig 

is carried ; behaviour, manners— 6a/ian kriyd, chdlan ; gdri, jdn, rath ; gati, dchdr, chdli 

— barbardari, sawdri ; gaihi, rath, bahal w, g. chdl, tank, tarz, rawiya 
Car'rier, s. one who carries ; a sort of pigeon said to be used a-s carriers— Wftafc, dhdurt, 

moliyd; samichdrddtd kupot bishesh — moihiya, barbardar, hammal ; kabiitarou ki ekqism 

ki jis ka wasf chitti pahunchane ki hai 
Car'rion, s. any flesh not fit for food — akhddya mingsa, abhakhya-^wxxk gosht ki khdne ke 

Idiq na ho, niurddr, makrdh 
Car rot, s. a common garden root — bhaUhyaniya shdk bd mul bishesh, gdjar — gdjar 
Car'roty, a. red-haired, very red — gdjarbat pingalbarna kesh, raktabarna — lalbdl rakhne w. 

bahutldl ^ 

Car'ry, v. o convey, bear ; gain ; behave— 6ci/ia», chdldna, sahan, prdpan, dchdr byabahdr k. — 

lejdnd, dhond ; jitnd ; chdl chalnd, raviya rakhnd ("— chhakja, larhi — va. Iddna, dhona, lejand 
Cart, s. a carriage for luggage— ua. to carry — gdri, skakat, ckhakar i-~va. gdrikariyd laiyd jdon 
Carte-blaoche, s. ( kart-btansh ) Ft. a blank paper to be filled with conditions entirely at the 
, option of the person to whom it is sent — swdkhyar jukta alikhita patra, grdhaker ichchkd 

mite likhitabya swdkhyarita patra— ek sdda kdghaz kijo is matlab se kisi ke pi* bhejd jdti 

hai ki wuh apnd khdtirkwdh mazmua likhe 

CAR (68) c^s 

Carte'l, s. an agreement between nations at war, relative to exchange of prisoners— jwd/ia 

sainay ubhayj/akhifiya juddhe labdha byaktir uddhdrdrtlia S'lndhi, tadbishayuk viyam putra 

6/s/i«i7i— ekalid-o-paimAnki jo do fariqoa ki mukhfilifat ke darmiydu meu garifldrou ke 

vCApas karne men qariirpiitA hai 
Carter, s. one who drives a cart — giironn, sdrathi, gdri chdldy bd hdnk^je — gilriwdn 
Cr^rt'ilage, s. a smooth and solid body softer than a bone but harder than a ligament— wpa asthi, 

karkuri /i-ir— kurkuri haddi, chabni haddi ^ [ban4 haft 

Cartila'ginous, a. consisting of cartilages— upajji/ti/niy, kurkuri hdrbat — chabni liad'li ka 
Cartoo'n, s. a painting on large paper— pa.^, chitra, chitrita patra— bare k^lghaz par ki ta>«wir 
Carto'uch, s. ( itootsh) a case to hold balls— fcamaner gulikosh, tad ddhdr bishesh, tosdan — 

tosd^li, Pingrft 
Cart'ridge, s. a paper case to hold Tpower—bdruder fo/a— k^rtds, ^oiitd 
Cart'ridge-box, $. a box containing cartridges — totdr (libd, toUidhdr, tosdan — [tosdAn 
Cart'wrif lit, s. a maker or seller of carts — gdrinirnidnkartd, gdrikar — gfirl banftne yd bechne w 
Carve, va. to cut wood, stone, or meat — kdslha bd prastar bd mdugsa kdtan bd chhedan 

— lakri paththar gosht tardshnft 
Cary'ing-, s. sculpture, figures carved— -Wmsfear, khodita mxirtyddi — naqqftshi, sangtarftsh, 

nnq>honigdr [chftdari 

Casca'de, s. a cataract, a waterfall— parftater jalaprcbdha, ikor, nirjhar — ^jharnd, ftbshar, 
Case, s. a covering, sheath ; a state of things; a variation of nonm—dchchliddan, ddhdr, 

khdp, kosh, dibd ; dashd, abasthd i fcarafc— ghil&f, niyam ; hftl, haqiqat, r^dftd ; ismoQ ki h6lat 
Case, va. to put in a case or cover ; to strip off; to contrive representations of facts — dchclihd- 

ditak.dbritak.khdp d. chhoian, chhdlddi tolan i bishesh brittdnta kaipand k. — ghilftf k. 

dhftmpna, mandhnd ; nanga k. besatar k. kisi muqaddame ke wujuhat durust k. 
Ca'seharden, va. to harden on the ontside^bdjhydiigiha shakta ba drirha Jt.— kisi chizki 

bdhari taraf ko sakht k. 
Ca'semate, s. a kind of vault or arch of a stone — khildn gha) bishesh — mihrdb ki ek tarah 
Ca'seknife, s. a large kitchen or table knife — randhan shdldr bd mejet brihat chhurikd-^hA- 

Avarchikhane yd mez ki bari chhuri [jharokhd 

Ca'sement, s. a window opening upon hinges — hdmkal bishishta khirki bd jandld — khirki, 
Cash, s. any money, properly ready money — mudrd^ tdkd, rok (dkd^—pais^, naqd, rokar 
Cashi'er, s. a cash-keeper — va, to discard — rokariyd, koshddkydkhyn', tahbildar—va. karmachyuta 

karan \ mdnkdliyd d. chhdrdiyd d. — khazdnchi, fotadar, tahwildar ; bartaraf k. maziil k. 
Cashoo', s. the gum of an East' Indian tree — bishesh brikhyer «irt— ek Hindustan ke durakht 

ki gond 
Cask, Casque, s. a helmet, a head-piece — juddha makut, top — khod 
Cask, s. a barrel, a wooden vessel — kdshlher madyddhdv himesh. pipi—pipH, iun.c; 
Cask'et, s. a small box, or chest— fc/iemi, guhandr sinduk bd dibd — dibbd, sanddkt^ha, durjak 

muqawd . , . ^^^^^^ ^' 

Cass, Cass'ate, va. to annul, to make void— anyat/ut k.rahit k. lop k. nirarthuk k. — radd k 
Cassia, s. a very fragrant aromatic spice— ddrachini bishesh, sondli — taj, salikha, tejpdt, 

aroaltas, magiiz-i-faids 
Cassock, s. the long under garment of a priest— ;aj«fcer piricltchhad 6isA(?s/«— jubba, khirqa 
Cast, s. the act of casting or throwing; a squint; a mould, a form; a shade or tendency 

to any colour— fcAj/ep, prnkhyep, phelankriyd, utkhyep ; dradrishli, pilak i chhdnch ; kona 

ranger ishatdhhd—phea^, aiidakiit ; kajbini, tirchhi nazar ; naqslia, nainuna ; rang k4 ab 
Cast, t'. to throw ; to decide against a person ; to model, contrive — prakhyep k. pheliyd deon ; 

doshi k. chhdnche irarmi,k{iipandk.—phenkn^, ddlnd, jhojiknd, girdaa ; kisi ke barkhiUf 

insaf k. tarah dalna, tarkib lagan^, tikr k. 
Castanet, s. sma,"l I shells of ivory or hard wood, which dancers rattle in their hands— narfafecr 

ihnmjhumi hdkhyudra karatdU bishesh— chdikhchaki 
Cast'away, s. an abandoned or lost panon—tejya, nikarmd—gnyA guzrd, nikamma, ntilAqi 
Cas'tellany, s. the lordship of\.ie*—diir:^ddhikdrer pad, garer adhyakhyatd — qiladari 
Cas'tellated, a. built like a castle — gar bd durgar nydy garita—qWe ke mdnind band hiia 
Cas'tigate, va. to chastise, to punish, to beat — shdsan, daman, nigraha k. mrjjrtn— saza d* 

Castiga'tion, s. punishment) discipline — shdjd, 7iigraha, shdstii danda, prahdr — saza, tazir 
Cast'ing-nei, s. a net thro%vn by the hdiiul—khyepld jiU-^U&lh. se pheiiKue ka jal 
Cas'tle, s. a fortified house— rfur^a, gar.rdjgriha—qW^., kot, garhi 
Castle in the air— ftn't/iafca/prina -khdmKhiydIi, khiydlbandi 
Castor, s. the name of a star ; the beaver— taVi bishesh, udbirdl bishesh — ek sitare ka ndm j 

udbildo ki ek qism jis ko angrezi meu bivar kahte haiu 
Castramenta'tion, 5. the art or practice of encamping— sW/^ra sangsthdpan bidyi, chhduni 

karaner riti — lashgargdh ustuwdr karne kd kdm 
Cas'trate, va. to^ehi—mushkha chhedan, kosh khashdn a— kh?L'i\ k. dkhta k. badluya k. khoja k. 
Castra'tion, s. the act of gelding — mushka chhedan kriyd, kosh chhedan — khasi k. khoja k. 
Cas'ual, a. (kuzh..) accidental, uncertain— afcasmat hay je, halhdt -upristhit, daibaghatit, 

anishchit, dkasmik, daibi, daibddhin — ittifdqi, ndgahdni, drizi, ghairmuqarrar 
*Cas'ualty, s. an accident, chance — dai bag hat and, daibi, hatkdt upasthit — uftdd, iriza 
■*Cas'uist, s. one that studies and settles cases of conscience — doshddosh bishayuk sandeha bhan- 
* \iakge ; fad{(/ia/ija«6eaa— daqiqaras, raasdilddn, faqih [masdilddni, faqdhat 

*Ca8'uistry, s. the skill or practice ot a casuit — doshddosh bishayik sandeha bhanjana bidyd — 

CAT ( 69 ) CAT 

Cat> s. a domestic animal ; a whip— feira/, mdrjdr ; kashd, knrd—hWVi, bilKo ; koiA. t/iziy^m 
Catachres'tical, a. (..kres..) far-fetched, forced — hailakhyanyay asangata—{)a.idaUdL\im, diq- 

Cai'aelysm, s. a delude, an inundation — jalaptdban, bmyd—s^i), gail>4b 
Caracomhs, s. a cave, Riotto, or subterraneous place for burial of the dead — s/j'i6 r/ikhih'ir 

pitdl ghar, rnrittikdr bhitare samddhi sthdn — murdoii ke rakhn<> kntahklifina [mutaaliq 

Catacaus'tic, a. relating to reflected sounds— pratid/tirarti bishayuk, taUambandhiyn — aiunj kii 
Cat'alogue, s. enumeration of particuiarrs, a list, a reeiister ot tluugs one by one — nirghanta, 

hishesh pitra, s/icAipatra— fihrist, siyiihA [ineu gharq hai. opchi 

Cat'aphract, s. a hors'^man in complete armour — sdsnjii, ashwdrurha—s<iwiir ki jo sarApit loha 
Cat'aplasui, s. a poultice — pralep bishesh, piknjanak lepan piUi — luhdi 
Cat'apult, s, an encjine to throw stones — prastur prekhyepirtha jantrn bishesh — paththar 

phenk-ne ka ^\k, manjanik [ — barA jliarnd ; jAld, phulli 

Cat'aract, s. a large waterfall ; disorder in t)je eye—nirjhar, jhord ; chakhyur chhcini bd m'surd 
Cata'rrh, s. a defluxioa fram the nose — kiph, shleshmd, .^/triHt/t — nazla, zukftm, sardi, n^k ka 

Gatarrh'al, fl. pertaining to catarrh, or mcreased secretion of mucus— fcip/i bd thdndi samban • 

. dhiya, shleshmd bishayak — zukumi, rezishi 
Catas'trophe, s. \ . .tro-fe'] final event, conclusion, calamity, disaster— s/ies//, adrishfa phal, anek 

brittdnter shesh brittdfita, bipad, durdashd, durgati — ^qibat, anjamkAr, badanj;ini, <ifat 
Cat'cal, s. a small sq\ieaking instrument — -bddya jintra bishesh ; hdim — b6nsri 
Catch, V. to stop, lay hold on ; ensnare; please — rahitk, haste dharan, erahan, dlkdna ; jdle 

kimbd phdnde dharan bd baddha k. phusaldna ; mohan — pakainl, pakarlenft ; phajisAn^ ; 

Catch, s. act of seizing ; a snatch ; a song: sung in succession where one catches it from another 

-^dharan ha grahan kavd,dkard, dnkafi; chhiniyd Laoyd ; sangtt bishesh — palcar. qabz, girift, 

chhin lenS ; giiki jo ek dusre ke munli se leke gavA j^tA hai f y5, hawdse lagne vv. 

Catch'ing, pi. a. infectious, apt to catch— spars/jakramafc, chhonydtiyi ; sanchdrak — chhut 
Catch'poU, s. a hdciW^—dharandrtha pdik /ns/ies/t— addlat kd piyada 
Catch'up, Cat'sup, s. a liquor extracted from mushrooms— c/i/tatci irrikhya nirmita kdshandi 

bishesh — zamin ke phulon k^ ras [saw4l-o-jawdb kd 

Catechet'ical, a. consistini?; in questions and answers — prashnottar bishishla, jrrashnottariya — 
Cat'echise, va. to instruct by asking questions and correcting the answers ; to question — 

prashnottar kram6 shikhyd d. ^tgi/^usan— sawdl-o-jawdb karke sikhl&ni ; saw&l k. 
Catechism, s. a form of instruction by questions and answers ; an elementary book consisting 

of questions and answers — prashnottar bishishta shikhydr pustak ; bdlaker prashnottarer pus- 

f«/c— ek sikhlane ki tarah ki jo jaw^b-o-sawAl ke zariye se amal men Idte luiiu ; saw4l-o- 

jaw^b kilarkou ki kitab 
Cat'echist, s. one who catechises— pr<7s/ino«tar krame npadeshak bd dharinashikhyak, prashnot- 
tar dwdrd sliikhyci guru — sawal-o-jawAb ke zariye se jo tAlim kdrtfi. hai 
Catechu'men, s.[. .ka.] one who receives instruction by catechising ; one in the first rudiments 

of Christianity — prashnottar dwdrd shikhyd pdy je ; dharma shishya — jo shakhs ki jawS,b-o- 

saw^.l ke silth tJilim pk\.k liai ; I'savvi din ke aq&id kd mubtadi 
Categorical, a. absolute, positive, express— spastw, parishkdr, satantrafSwddhiti—^sidhi.s^C, 

belag^o, qatai, mutlaq [— nau, jing, darja, qism 

Cat'egory, s. a class, rank, order of ideas — tara, paddrtha, pad, hitrga, hastur bd mdnuser kram 
Catena'rian, a. belonging to a chain— s?ii/ca/ samhatidhiya —z in] it ka muta illiq 
Catena'tion, s. connection by links, chains— s/it.ta/a, sambandha, s/ii/ca/— zanjirbandf, silsila, 

rishta, ilaqa, lag6o 
Ca'ter, vn. to provide food— a/i^r nirbdha^k. bhakhya drabya nyojan k. — khAne kasarinjam k. 
Ca'ter, Ca'terer, s. one who provides food — khddya drabya jotak, dhdr nirbdhak, parichdrak — 

khiine kk sarinjdm k. \v. 
Ca'teress, s. a woman who provides food — khddya drabya sangraha kdrini stri, parichdrikd — 

kh^ne kd sarinj^m karnew41i * ■ [jhdnjha 

Caterpillar, s. the larva or worm state of insects— s/iayya pokd, guli pokd, kantaJd kit — kira, 
Cat'erwaul, on. to cry as a cat— ftiVi/cr mla miu shabda k. tad'jatdkwani k. — myuu myuji k. 

Cales, s. cakes, dainties, viands, nice food — mishtdnna, mithdi, sukhddya uttam hhog^~m\xvdi- 

ghan klidnd, laziz tadm, nidmat 
Catgut, s. intestines dried and twisted for strings— ^imt—tdnt, roda 

Cathar'tic, a. purging-, cleansing the bowels — bhedak nushadh , rechak drabya — ^jullabi, mushil 
Cathe'dral, s. the principal church in a diocese— jeiar praci/iaa i/i^ja/ai/ay—ek zile ka bard 

Cathe'dral, a. episcopal, antique, venerable — pradhdn diidrrnddhyakhyer samhandhiya, prd- 

chin, gurutara — mujtaliidi, qadim, buzurg i 

Cath'olic, a. universal, liberal —sfirfcafe/itfumifc, sdrbatrik, sddhdran, sarbagrdjhya ; apakhya- 

pdti, anadhin — dm, kull, dzdd taba, beqadd-o-qdvish [davva 

Cathol'icon, s. a universal medicine— sirfta rog ndshak aushadh hishesh— ^ek sab bimdriyou ki 
Cat'ling, s. a surgeon's knife; fiddle-strings— .istfa baidyer chhurikd ; shdrinddr tdr — jarrah ki 

chhuri; sdrangi ke tdr - 

Catop'iricaV, a. relating to reflected vision — pratibimba sambandhiya, praticMidyd bidyd iisA- 

ayofc— mdkus nazar se ildqa rakhne w. . • 

CAT ( 70 ) C E JL 

Cat'lle, s. beasts of pasture, an'mciU of the bovlae kiriJ — gomtikddii chatushpad, pdliya pashit 
— mavvdshi, goni. j^e i^oni, diingar, dhor [parA 

Cavalca'Ue, s. a procession on horseback — ashwdriirha shreni bd samiika — ■?aw4r{, sawAionkii 
Cavali'e'-, s. a horseman, a kuight — likwdrohi, ghord chard, turangasddi — savvA,r, ghurchafhfi, 
momlaz sawiir [hah^diir, diler, giisfitkh 

Cavali'er, a. brave, warlike, haiitjhty — pardktami, sdhasi, lardk, s^ijoddhd, ddmhhik, garhi — 
Cavali'erly, ad. haughtilj', arrogantly — garbita rtipe, damblia krame, ugra hhd be— ghnrdr se, 

taicabbur se 
Cav'alry, s. military troops on horse-* — ashwirurhA sainyi dal bd samxiha — <»awdr, turksawAr, 
Cava'aion, s. llie holIo\via<r or un:lerdig:5ingof the eartli for cellaraije — ptta/ arthit mail ghar 

nirmdiidrtha mrlttikd khauaii bd garta k. — tahkhdna banane ke wislezamin k4 khodnd 
Cau'dle, s. a mixture 01 wine and other ingredients given to women in cliildbed and sick per- 
sons— «a6a prniutifc'ir p;jt/?t/'i iis/jes/i, kdoj/d — ar.hhwdai, sathord, harira [gupha, kahdf 
Cave, s. a den, a hollow place in the ea.\ih—gahwar, garta, kukar, guhd—khoh, ghdr, 
Ca'veat, s. [...] a process in law to stop proceedings — bddhd, uishedk dgt/dji patra — addlat ki 
hukin ki ji-t se nibakdri multavi hoti hai « [ghdr 
Cav'ern, s. a large cave, a hollow place in the earth — brihat gahioar, parhater phukar — khoh, 
Cav'erned, [..] Cav'emous, a. full of caverns; hollow, excavated ; lodged in a cavern— 
gahwar bishishfa, phukaramay , garta iisf— ghdrddr; khoh ki tarah khudd hud ; khoh mea 
rahne w. Imukhas bishesh — puzi.patta, muhra 
Caves'son, s. in horsemanship, a sort of noseband for a horse — askwy.tidsikd rodhak puli bd 
Caaf, s. a chest with holes to keep Hsh in — rnatsya jibdna chhidramay sinduk bishesh — 

niachhli rakhne kd siirdkhdar sanduq 
Cavia're, s. [.veer] the spawn of sturi^eon pickled— iis/iesfe matsyer dimbamay dchdr bishesh—' 

ek wilayati machhli ke anion kd dchdr 
Cavil, Drt. to find fault without good rea-son — nirarthak doih grahan, mithydpntti fc.— tiukta- 

chini k. harfgiri k. ndhaqq ail) pakarnd 

Cav'iller, s. one who raises captious objections — mithydpatti kdrah, bdkya biUindak, kt&hta 

^a/prt«a fcari -harfgir, nuktachin, aibjo [ghdr, jauf 

Cav'ity, s. a hollow place, a cavern— o-a/iu;ar, garta, chhidra, kuhar, giihd — gariia, gnphd, 

Cauk, s. a coarse kind of spar found in mines — akariya dhdtu bishesh — ek billaur kd ndqisqism 

ki jo bdz kdiioa raeu pdydjdtd hai 
Caul, s. the net lu whicli women enclose their hair ; a membrane covering the lower part of 
tlje bowels — slrilokerjdlahat keshdhharan, antrdpldbak, iidri kosh—w\xh jdli ki jis men auratea 
bdloa ko ban.ihti haiji; ek chhoti jdli ; pet kd parda, pet'kljhilU 
Caui'iflower, s, a species uf cabbage — pliidkapi skak—phdlkohi, karamkalla 
Caus al, a. relating to, or implying causes— tira/t s^Mnbundhiya, naiinittik, hetubishishta bd 

dursa'f — musabbib, yane sabab kd mutaalliq yd sabab batldne w. 
Cause, s. that which produces or effect'; anything, reason, motive; a suit in law; ground or 
principle of action— fcirun, hstii, nimitta, prayo]an, miV, abhiprdy, ddddsh i abhijdg ; dmul— 
waja, wasta ; muqaddania, mud nala ; azam, peshnihud 
Cause, va. to eifcict as an agent; t^ make to exist— fcura/ta, jaiimdna, gha^dna, titpddan — 

karnd, kardna, nikdlna, jad k. qdim k. paida k. 
Causeless, a. having no jmt reason; or'\^\ndi\~*ikdran, anartkak, swayambhuta, hetubi/iin — 

besabab, ndhaqq, bilia wasta ; asli, bunyddi 
Cau'sey, Cause'way, s. a raised way over w?X ground — bdridhd path, rdjpath, uchchikrita 

gumdruigamnnaer path— nnchi safak ki jo sailabe ke sabab se baiiddete hain 
Caus tic, s. a burning or corroding application— ju;ft/rtjufcta pralep, ddhak, dkdtumay aushadh— 

inuqarrih, muhriq tezdb 
Caul'elous, a. cunning, crafty— satarAra, dhiirta, sachetan, sdbadhdn— hoshy at ^ hilabdz, 

Cauterize, va. to burn or sear with a hot iron, Sec. — uttapta lauha dwird mdngsi pordna 
tejabiihiihla Ichyaykdridrabya diydpordnabd dagdha k. dag <i.— ddgh d, gul d. jaldnd, 
chhaka d. 
Cautery, s. a burning or sealing morbid flesh, with a hot iron or caustic medicine— wtfopfa 
lauha bdje kona te'iamay drabya dwdrd mdngsa pordna bd khddan, tatkriyd — ddgh, gul 
yane murddr gosht ko garain lolie se yd tezdb se jaldnd 
Cau'tion, s. provident care ; warning— 5ifar/«afa, sdbadhdnatd, chaitanya, c/iefajia— huzm, 

ihtiyat, hosnydri; oasiliat 
Cau'tion, va. to warn, advise against, admonish— c/ief«na. samdchdr d, satarka k.pardmarsha, 

(i.— dgdh k. khabardar k. hoshydr k. jatdnd 
Cau'tionary, a. contamiug caution ; given as a pledge— 6od/iafc, sdbadhdnakdri, chaitanyajanak ; 

bandhak bd pana snarup — uasihatdmez ; girwi kiyd gayd 
Cau'tious, a. watchful against danger, w^ry—chaukash, satarka, sdbudhdn—lioshy^T , khabar- 
dar, chaukas [ihiiyat se 
Cau]tiously, ad. prudently, Wdin\y—sdbdhdnatdpurbak, satirfcg— khabarddri se, hoshydri se, 
Cau'tiousness, s. care to avoid danger, prudence — satarkatd, sdbudhdnati, duradarshitd, 

chaukashdi ; chaturatd — khabarddri, hoihydri, ihtiydt 
Caw, vn. to cry as a rook or crow— hiker kd kd shabda /f.— kdij kdu k. kavve ki mdnind bolnd 
(^ease, vn. to leave off, desist ; to fail, to be extinct ; to rest— thdkan, kydnta h. rahita h. ghdtan, 
shesk h. nirbdn h. stbakit h. hi^Artim /«.—bdi rahnd, chhorni, dasibarddr h. ho chuknd, jdtd 
rahnd, tamdm h. fardjbat k.. 

CEA N ( 71 ) CEN 

Ce'aseless, a. never ceasing, endless — mroMiar, abirata, anabarata, ashesh, abishrdnta—Minh' 

hi, daimi, mudAmi 
Ce'city, s. blindness, loss or want of sight — andhtd, drishti hd darshanshakti hir,atd—zndh]ii 

andhlfipan, ndbin^i ^ [sanaubW ki ek bayi qism 

Ce'dar, s. a genus ol evergreen trees— fcrtfc/tyo biskesh, jdhdr pntd chirakdl sabvj harna thdke-^^ 
Cede, va. to yield, give up, surrender — sudd/iikdr tydg k. shutru kurtrik pardjita haiyd 

swikdr k. — de d^lnA, haw^le k. 
Ceil, va. to overly or cover the inner roof of a building — kdshihddi diyd chhdter bhitara dig 

dhdkan bd dchchhddank. — chliatks andar se banftnft 
Ce'iling, 5. theinnei rool,&c. — chhdter bhita^- dig bd aniardng&ha — bhltari taraf ki chhat 
Cel'ature, s. {.Ashure] tlie art ol engraving—fc/foJafcari karma hd bidyd, mudrdnkanddi bidyd — 

naqq&sUi yk mulirkani 
Cti'ebrate, va. to praise, to make famous; to distinguish by solemn rites ; to mention in a set 

or solemn manner whether of joy or sonow—prashangsd k. sankirtan, prasiddha k. pratish' 

thd k. samnroha ptirbnk kona bishayer dlhdd bd khed prakds k. — sardhua, tirf k. niashhiir 

k. mdnnii, i^zim k. kisl bat kl shridi yd ghami kd ialan k. 
Celebra'tion,* s. solemn performance; solemn remembrance ; praitje ; rpnown— fcona bisfiesk 

vddeshe muJiottab/idi karma k. bidhiniate praSarigsd korati, nam sujtgkirtan, prntuhthd ; 

jashabarnun—ihTZt yd ruab ke sath amal men land ; tdzim, sbadi yd ghami kd ialdn ; tdrif; 

Celeb'rious, a. famous, renowned— jas/jo^uji, sttkhydtn, khydtydpanna—nkmv/dt.T, ndmddr 
Celeb'rity, s. fame, renown — jai,h,sukhydti, kirti — namwari, sliuhrat [^ujlat 

Celer'ity, s. swiftness, speed, velocity — beg gad, drutugaman, shighragati, beg — chustl, shitabi, 
Cel'eryji. a piaut used as asalad— sftafc bishesh — ajwaeu khuidsdni 
Celes'tial, [..ts/ut/] a. heavenly — s. an inhabitant of heaven— a. swargiya — s. sawrganibdsi , 

swargastna drabya — a. bihishti, jannati — s. bihisht kdrahne w. 
Celi'bacy, Celibate, s. single life, unmarried state — abibdha, strxsangsargatydg, anilrhdhasthd 

— m ujarradi, nakatkhudai ki halat 
Cell, u. a small cavity or room ; a little bag or bladder in animals or plants — garta, gahwar, 

khyudra kuthari ; kosh — khoh, kothri, hujra ; jdnwaroa yd butoa ki araq rakhne ki jagah 
Cel'lar, s. a plate underground where liquors or stores are deposited — madyddi rdkhibdr mdif 

ghar — tahkhdna ki jis men sharab w. g. rakhte haia 
Cel'larage, s. the part of the building which makes the cellars — mdii ghard ; anektdld gharer 

taldtaLer sthdn--kisi imdrat ki tahkhdna 
Cell'ular, a. consisting of little cells or ca.\it\e&-^ suhhymfLgartamay, vmdhukoshbat khyudra 

koshbishi)ihla--kha.aaid3Lr, khdna khdna 
Cem'ent, s. the matter with which two bodies are made to cohere, as mortar or e.\ue—kardr, 

granthaner mashdid, kdi, lei, dtd, ityddi, sanglagnn kdri drabya — wuh chiz. ki jis se do 
^ chi/wou ko bahara jojie haiji, jaisd saresh gach w. g. paiwand, jor 
Ceme'ut, va. to unite by means of something interposed — purhchta je kona drabya diyd 

sangUgna k.juriyd d. mitdiyd sangjog k. — chiptana, jornd, paiwand k. 
Cemetery, s. a placu where tile dead are deposited — samddhisthdn, shabdrpani nimitia bhii' 

miathai — goiistdn, maqbara, rauza 
Cenotaph, s. a monument for one buried elsewhere— 6/iinraorfesJie mritn byaktir smarandrtha 

mandir ba stavibha iiyudi ; ^habndi tahdte shabder ei artha — rauza ki jis ko faqat yadgdrj 

ke waste bande hain aui us meu koi dafan na ho 
Cen'ser, ^. the vessel in which incense is hwrni—ahupaddnt gandha drabya jwaldibdr agnyd- 

d/iar— lakhlaklid, bakhuiddn, dhupdan 
Censor, s. an orficer of Rome wlio had the power of correcting manners; one who is 
given to censure— ^Mriai-rf/i'/i Ruiuiyaier kvniti shdsandrthe sthdpita ititigvan rdjkarmakdrt 

byakti bisheth; dosh p radar ihak—puidne Rnm kd ek uhdaddr ki jo hhalq ke atwar durust 

karne ki khidmat lakhtd thd, muhtasib ; aibjo, nukhtachin [khidmat 'hd muiaaliq 

Censo'rian, a. belonging to a censor— piirbokta kunitishdstd sambaudhiya—muhi^s'ih ki 
Censo rious, a. adaicitU to censure, severe, full of invective— rnnt/a/c, bhartsandkdri, para- 

doshada, apubddak, tokak—a.ih'}o, harfgir, nukhtachin 
Censurable, a. deserving of censure, blamable— dris/jaraiya, ninddniya, shdsaniya — ilzdm ke 

Uiq, malumat ke qabil 
Cen'sure, 5. blame, reprimand,—doshkathan, nindd, bhartsand, ktitsd, garhd— 

iljdm, maldmat, dokh , [dokhnd 

Cen'sure, va. to blame, find fault with— nindd k. bharUan, tdran, dosh kahan—UzAm d. 
Censurer, s. he that blames— ninda/caVt, bhartsandkdrak, dosh kathak-' ihim d. w. dokhne 

w. mulzim 
Cent, 5. (a hundred) a copper-coin of the United States, equal in value to the hundreth part 

of a dollar— e/c sata ; dmerikd desher rvj)ya miidrdr shatataindngsha, se pray ek payasd haibe 
—sau, saikrd; Amenka ke mulk kd paisd ki jo ddlar ke sau mejj kd ek hissa hai 
Cent aur, s. a poetical being half man half horse— prac/iiw kdbya shdstre prasiddha nard- 

shwa murttimdtt jantu bishesh, arthdt se (trdhaghotak ardhamanashyikdre khyita—qdmtyirai 

ydne ek khiydli janwar ki jis ko shdiroa ne adhdnisau ddha ghora qarar diyd hai 
Centenary, 5. the number of a hundred— e/c shut, s/iat^;t~sau "tak ka shumdr, sadi 
Centes'imal, a. the hmidredth— shatatamdngsha, shutabhiger ek 6Art'^— sauwaii 
CJ«atif idous, a. divided into a hundred pdim—ihatdngshikrita, shatdngshibhuta, shatabhdg— 

)sau hissou meu taqsim k. g. 

C E N ( 73 ) C E 8 

Centifo'lions, a. having an hundred leaves — shatapatrak, shatapatri, shataddlbishishtas^n 

patte rakhne w. sadbarga 
Cent'ipede, 5. an insect having a hundred feet — bichhd, brishchik, shatapadi pofca— kankhajAra 
Cent'o, s. a composition formed by joining scraps from other authors — nund granther sdra 

sangraha-^wah ibiirat ki jis ko aur kitabou se fiqre le lekar banite haiu 
Cent'ral,a. relating to the centre ; place in the ceutre or middlQ—madhyastltala sambandhiya, 

madhya, madhyasthita, madhyabarti—ddLvmiyani, bichoabich, mutawassit 
Cen'tre, s, (-t^r) the middle, that wKich is equally distant from all extremities— madhy ft, 
mdjh,mdjhkh4n,mdjhdr,chakra madhyasthal—ddirmiyi^n, markaz ; wdsat yane wuh jagah 
ki JO har chah&r taraf se barabar fdiile par hai 
•Cen'tre, va, to fix as on a centre, to collect to a point— un. to rest on a central point ; to be 
collected to a point — samandbhi k. madhyabarti k. — vii. madhye sthagit h. ek sthdne sthiii h. 
— markaz par qdiin k. ek j4 jama k. — vn. darmiyAn raeu tliaharna ; ek ja inujtaiua \i. 
Cen'tric, a. placed in the centre— madhyasthita, madhyabarti — bichou bich, mutawassit 
Centrifugal, a. having the quality, acquired by bodies in motion, of receding from tl»e centre 
— chakragamanabege madkyasthalatydg karanashil, madhyasthaldpakarshita , madhyatydgi ; 
madhydpajigamishu — markaz se bh&gne w. ki jaise ghuranew^ii chlz ko quvvat-i-fdsila hasil 
hotf hai 
Centripetal, a. having a tendency to tiie centre — madhydkarshita ; madhydbhigdmi — 

markaz ki taraf mdil 
Cen'tuple, a. an hundred fold— sAata^un— saugiind, sauhisse, sadchand 
Centu'riate, va. to divide into hundreds — shata shata bhdg k. shata shata kariyd angsha k. — 

sau sau karke b^utni 

Centu'riator, s. a name applied to historians who distinguish time by centuries — ek ek shat 

batsarer bibaraiikareje itihds bdchak — Nvuh muwarrikh ki jo zam&neko sau sau baras meu 

tafriq karte hain 

Centu'rion, s. a military officer among the Romans who commanded 100 men— e/c shat Rumiya 

sendpati, shata saiiiyddhykhy a— Kiim k4 afsar ki jis ke sau jawan tabidiir the [sadi 

Cent'ury, s. [.ts/wt.] the period of a hundred years— efc s/iat batsarer parimdn kdl — sau baras, 

Cephal'ic, a. belonging to the hezd—mastak samhandhiya — sir ke mutaalliq [s4mp 

Ceras'tes, s. [...] a horned serpent — itihdse khydta shringa bishishta sarpa hishesh — ek singdar 

Ce'rate, s. an ointment of wax and oil — khyata rager aushadhi bishesh, taitdkta momer pralep — 

marham, momraughan 
Cere, va. to cover or smear with wax — motndkta k. nibrn mdkhdna, mom iepaji— mom lag5,na 
Ce'recloth, Ce'reraent, s. clotii dipped in melted wdiX—momdkta kdpar, shab jardnar mom- 

dhdl, momjama — momi kaprfi, raomjaraa 
Ceremo'nial, Ceremo'nious, a. consisting of outward rites ; attentive to outward rites and old 
forms, formal — bishishta, byabahdrik, dhdrdbdhik ; shishidchdri, deshdchdri, parampard ri- 
ty dnusdrik— zAhiri tariqon lid mutaaliq ; zdhiri tariq aur rasmiyat ka mdii, takallufmiz'tj 
Ceremonial, Cer'emony, s. external form in religion ; forms of civility ; outward forms of state 
— dhdrdbahikriti, deshdchdr, shishtdchdr ; dnhikddi dharmM karma, bdhjya kriyd kram — din 
k& zihiri tariqa ; takallufat, rasm-i-muddrd ; shdn-o-shaukal 
Cer'tain, a. sure, unquestionable, settled; such as " a certain man told me this" — nishchit, 

sthir, nirmita, nihsandeha, amuk, bishesh — -yaq^n, beshaqq, muqarrar ; fulati 
Cer'tainly, ad. without doubt — abashya, nihsandehe,nitdnta,rmhchnyrnpe — heshaqq, muqarrar 
Certainty, Cer'titude, s, exemption from doubt or failure ; that which is real and tixed — nish- 
chaygydn, sthirbodh, nirnay, tthikdnd, inhsandehatwa, prakritdrtha, satyatd, jathdrthuta 
— yaqin, tahqiq, taqarrur, taaiyun ; wuh chiz ki jo sach yd muqarrar hai 
Certificate, s. a writing to attest some fact — nidarshanlipi, nirnaypaira, ubhigydnpatra — 
wasiqa, dastdwez, sanad [agdh k. 

Cer'tify, va. to give certain information oi'—nischay gydnpan, jdndna, gydnta k. — muttali k. 
Certiorari, s. [scr-sAe-o-j-a-rJ] a writ issued from the Court of Chancery to call up the re- 
cords of a cause therein depending — nidarshan patrdnayndrtha viahdhichdvkartdr dhbd- 
i\aupatra—ek parwana kijo Landan ki Chansari ki adalatse muqaddame ki misal ke talab 
kewdstejdri hotel hai - [nisbat rakhne w. 

Cervi'cal, a. belonging to the neck—kanthabd gribd sambandhiya, ghdrer, kunthi, — galese 
Ceru'lean, Ceru'leous, a. blue, sky coloured— afcas/itor/fa, ts/ia<:7it'/6ar7m— asmdnirang, 

dbi, nilgiin 
Cerulif'ic, a. producing a blue colour — dkashbat barna janak, ishadnii barnotpddak—uili 

rang paida k. w. 
Ceru'men, s. the wax of the enr—knrnamnl, kdner m/iyld — kan ka mail 
Ce'ruse, s. white lead — dhatu hishesh, sincct sisdr chilma bd gunrd, sapedd — safeda 
Cesa'rian, a. (.za..) relating to the operation of cutting a child out of t\iQwomh—santdn prasab 

haite ndpdrdu kdtiyd nirgata karan tadbl'ihaya — pet chak karke larke nikalne ka mutaalliq 
Cess, s. a levy made upon the inhabitants of a place rated according to their property — prati 
juuer sampatli bd hibhab anusdre sthdpita kar bd mdthat, nirupitdnka, nagarbdsi ek ek 
loker deya raj/tar — bdch, damdsdhi, hissarasad 
Cessa'tion, *•. stop, rest, pause ; end of action — c/uihek, birati, nibritti, khdnta, biskrdm, 

karma tydg, shesh — tawaqquf, muhlat ; fardghat, mauqnfi, 
Ces'ible, $. liable to give way, y\e\^!i\n^—khydntabyu, paldyan bd «v«ja»i«.s/ii/— dabuewdia 
Cess 'ion, s. a giving up, a yielding, axirrendci—padddiiy'dg, ckh-iriyd d. rakhyaiie asamartha 
haiyd arpan , paldyan — hawdia, de dalna 

C E S ( 73 ) C H A 

Ces'lus, s. the girdle of Venus— S/ittfrrt debir katibanhan-^hoH falakki patk^ 

Cela'ceous, a. (..shus)of the whale kind — makar matsyabat, shushakddi jalajantubdchak — 

htitmachhli ki qism kA 

Cbate, va. to warm with rubbing ; to make angry — vn. to rage, fret, fume, rsive—gharshan dwdrd 

uttapta k. rdg janmdna, roshdna — vn. ugra h. rdgdnwita h. — malke garm k. mulish se garm k. 

khata k.— i;u. klusiyan^, gliusse h.khashmndk h. . [josh 

Chafe, s. heat excited, irritation, passion — uttdp, ushmd, rdg, krodh — garmi, chher, khafagf, 

Chaff, s. the Imslcs or dry calyxes of corn and grasses — dlidnyddir kkesd, tu^h, bhushi—hhilsi, 

phokar, sufl 
ChafF'er, v. to treat about a bargain, to haggle — krayhikray karane ghengdna bd kachdl k. 
bhdok. — lenden men takr^r k. jhagarnA [takr^rk. w. 

Chaffered, s. oae whotreits about buying— 'cac/ia/ kariyd kray kareje, bhao kdri — mol leae men 
ChafPinch, s. a small hiTd—khyudra pakhyi bishesh—ek qism ki chhoti chiriyd 
Chaffy, a. lilte chaff; tuii of chaff; light— tus/ji 6a f, tushamay, bhuski bishishla ; laghu, asdr— 
bhusi ki manind, bhusi se bharA hua ; halkd, subuk [dtishdan 

Chafingdish, s. a dish for hot coals— tapta/tg'ara pdtra, dngathd, dkuni — angethi, majniar, 
Chagrin, s. (sha- green) \\\ humour, vexation — bairakti, ugratd, ishadrdg, manaudp, asantosh— 

barham, ranjidagi, Azurdagi 

•Chagrin, v J. to vex, to mortify — khdpd k. dshdbkrashlak, asantosh janmdna, birakta bd 

bishiiunu k. — barham k. dzurda k. maghmura k . [maghmdm 

•Chagri'ned, pa:{..) vexed, mortifiecl— 6/tusAia, birakta, rushta, maiiastdpita—kzmddL, ranjida, 

Chain, s. a series of links fastened one within another— s/irj/ifc/m/, shikal, beri,nigar—zdiU]ir, 

silsila, s^nkar , 
Chain, ya. to fasten with a chain— sAifcai baddhak. shrinkkalbandhan, beri diyd bdudhan — 

zanjir se b4ndhn£ 
Cha'inshot, s. bullets fastened by a chain — shrinkhalabaddha gold — zanjiri goli 
Chair, s. a moveable seat — kdshthamay dsan bishesh, kederd, mechyd, chauki — kursi, chauki 
Chai'rman, s. a presiding officer in a meeting — sabhdpatt, prdmdnik 6j/afcfi^majlis ki 

sarkarda, mirmajlis 
Chaise, s. a travelling carriage— rg'oriferf ratfe bishesh — g6ri, ghurbafhal 
Chalcog'raphy, s. (kal-kog..) engraving on brass — pittal khodau bidyd, pittalkdtd, shilpa' 

karer bidyd bd karma — pital ki naqqfi.shi 

Chal'dron.s. (tsha-drun) a measure containing 36bushels of codAs—angdrer parimdn bishcshtdhd 

dtdish min bnttris sher haibe—ek paththar ke koile ka paimana ki jis men athdis man battis 

ser samite haiu [— -pende dir piyila 

Chalice, s. a cup standing on a foot, a coramunioa cup— fc^wm told peydtd, bdti bishesh 

Chalk, s. a white calcarious earth— sfeuit/a mrittikd bishesh i khari mdii,. shild dhdtu — khari 

Chalk, va. to mark with chalk — Mart diyd ankan, dnkkdtan — khari mitd se nishdn k. 
Chalk'cutter, s. one who digs chalk— fc/iart fcAanafe, khari mdti kkanankartd — khari mitt x kS 

khodne w. 
Chalky, a. consisting of, or impregnated with chalk— WorJmay, kharimdiibishishta ; kharimi- 

shrita — khari mitti ki bani huij khari matti ka dsir rakhne w. 
Challenge, va. to call to a contest ; to accuse ; to object to a jury or jurors ; to claim as due— 
' juddhedhhdn k. dpattik.doshdrop k. bichjirdrtha anupajukta bodh k. mamakdr k. nijaswa 
kahan — larii mdngnd, muqibala chihna ; iizim d. 4id k. panch ya paach ke ddmioij ki 
inkir k. diwa k. 
Chal lenge, s. a summons to combat ; a demand of something as due ; exception to a 
jury or juror — dspardhd, juddhe dhbdn, nijaswaprdrthand i juri agrdjha k. — ^jangjoi,mubazara- 
talabi ; diwa ; panch ya panch ke idmion ka inkir 
Chalyb'eate.fl. (ka. . .) impregnated with iron — lauhagun bishishta — lohe ki asar rakhne w. 
Cham, s. ('fca/n) the sovereign of Tartary — Tdrtariyd desher adhipati bdrdjd — Turin ke mulk 

ki badshih, yane khin 
Chamade, s. (sha.) the beat of the drum which declares a surrender— ^"urfi^ samarpanuchak 

jay dhdker bddya — tambur ki iwiz ki jis-se shikastwile zinhir chihte haifl 
Chamber, s. an apartment in a house ; any cavity or hollow, the lower part of a gun where the 
charge is lodged — dgdr, griha, kuthari, ghar ; kosh, garta ; agnyastrer guli bdrut ; 
g-Aara— -kamri, kothri, hujraj koi khili jagah ; banduq ki kothi 
Chamber'lain, s. an oificer in the British king's household — Britandeser rdj griarakhyak — 

Inglistan ke pidshih ke daulatkhane ka uhdadir 
Chambermaid, s. a female servant who has the care of bedchambers — shayandgdrer karma 

kdrini, parichdrikd—ek khidima ki jis ke khibgih ki khidmat mutaalliq ho 
Cham'blet, va. (kam.) to variegate ; to streak — chitrabichitra k. ndnd ranger rekhd diyd 

chitrita k. — lahriya k. lahardir k. 
Chame'lion, s. (ka. . .) a species of lizard, whose colour changes with his position to the light 

— girgitit bahurupa name khydta kdnklds feis/»e«A— girgit 

Cham'fer.s. the fluting in a column — granthita stamblier bahirdiger ndldbat hhol bd nimna 

jsthdnsitdn ke lipar ke sidhe sidhekhatt [bakri, buz-i-kohi 

Cham'ois, s. (sham-me) an animal of the goat Vind—yarbatiya chhdgalbatjantu bishesh — pahiri 

Champ, va. to bite with a frequent action of the teeth — charban, danta gharshane muk- 

hajantran, arthdt mukhas kdmardna — chabni, chabani 
Champaign, «. (tj/iam J a ilatopen coMntsy—mdtk, samdn bhUmi, khyetra 6/mn»i— maidin 


C H A ( 74 ) C H A 

Champa'ign, s. ('s^imj a kind of wine — madird bishesh—ek qi9m ki shdivih 

Chsiminga'on, s.(sham-pin-yun) a small kind of mnshroom—khyudra chhntd hrikhya bisheh, 

kourak — zamin ke pbul ki cbhoti qism 
Champion, s. a man who undertakes a cause in single combat ; a hero, a stont warrior — bir, 
jodJM, shiir, maUnjoddhii, mdl, mahdbalabdn—ek pahlawdn ki jis ke akele larne par koi 
kam mashrnt hota hai ; pahiawfin, dilawar, sdr * 

Chance, s. fortune ; accident ; possibility of any occurrence — hhdsya, adrishta, kapdl, dai- 
bughatand,halhdt bd akasmdt ghaland, samhhaband, gatik — qismai, nasib; ittif^q, uft<id, 
Chancel, s. the eastern part of a t?hurch in which the altar is pUced—dharmabhoidrtha 
mancha bishishta bhajandiayer purba dik griha — giije ki shaiqi taraf ki jis men wuh mez 
raliti hai ki jis par Hazrat IsA ke taslib ke ynd mea roti klidte aur shar^b pite haiij 
Chan'cellor, s. the highest judc^n- of the English law ; aliigh officer — makdbichdrkartd — Inglistdn 

ke sardar jaj ; ek bariuhdadar 
Chan'cellor of the Exchequer, s. the Minister at the head of the department of revenue 
and finance iri England— /«p-/am/er dmddnio kJiaracher pradhdn rdjkannakdri — Inglistan ki 
wuh kAmdar ki jis ke dmadani aur kharch supurd haiii 
Chan'cery, s. an English court of equity — mahdbichdrkaruna sthal bd sabhd se purbokta makd 
bichdrkartdr adhikdr — Itiglistdn ki wuh addlat ki jis ki. jaj ain ke paibaud nahuj hai, balki jis 
tarah insdf ho saktdhai wuh surat amal men 14ta hai, aur us ka jaj Lord Cliancellor kahlate 
bain . 

Can'cre, s. (shangk-ur) an ulcer, a bad sore — ndli ghd,'dushtakhyat — t£nki, chat 
Chandelier, s. a frame with branches for cd.ndles^dipddhir bishesh, b'Hir jhdr bd guchchki ; 
dipabrikhya — battioa ka jhar , •[ — 'battisaz, batiitatosb 

Chand'ler, s, one who makes, ordeals in candles — hartikinlrmdyak, bd bikretd, b'Uibyj.hasdyi 
Change, va. to put one thing in the place of another ; to alter, to make other than it wa.— ivi. to 
undergo change — parihartan, «ker paribarte nnya d.hiniinayk.anyatkdk. — vn. absthdntar bd 
sthdmntar h. parindm h, — tabdil k. badlana, adla badli k. taghir k.—vu. badal jana, 
mutaghaiyar h. 
Chang-e, s. alteration ; small money ; an exchange where merchants meet — parinim, bnilak' 
hyanya, gundntar, abasthdntar, avythd, paribartan, binimay ; mudrd ; bhdngdni bdnijya sthdn 
— tabdil, taghaiyur ; paisa kauri ; guzri ki jaiidn saudagar log jama bote haia 
Cha'ngeabie, Cha'ngeful, a. inconstant, fickle — chanchai, asLkir, khyinik, asthdyi — muta- 

layvin, rangbarangi, mutaghaiyar, talavvuntaba. lahri ' 

Cha'ngeling, s. a child changed ; an idiot ; a fickle person — sivnsantdn diyd je anya santdn 
rakhd giydchhe, paribartita santdn ; pdgal ; chanchai lok — badld larkA, iwazi ; p^gal ; talav- 
vuntaba, lahri 
Chan'nel, s. the hollow bed of running waters ; a strait or narrow sea between two countries — 
jaler handli,juli ; dui desher madhyabarii nadi — darya ya nale ki zamin ki jis ke upar p.4ai 
bahta hai ; do mulkoii ke darmiyan ka chhotd darya 
Chant, s. song, melody — gdn, git — sarod, naghma 

Chant, va. to sing in a particular manner— sur hariyd gdn karan — ilhin se parhna 
Chanter, s. a singer — gdyak, sur kariyd pare je—i\hsin se parhne w. gane ki tdrah parhne w. 
Chanl'icleer, s. a name given to the cock fiom the clearness and loudness of uis crow — kukkitty 

spashta gdyak — saf awaz se bolne w. yane murgh 
Chant'ress, s. a female singer— gdyikd, gdyaki stri— gdnewali 
Chant'ry, s. a chapel to sing mass in— dharmagit gdiyd I'shwam bhajandrtha mandirer prithak 

sthdn bishesh — murdon ke haqq men dua mangne ka chhou^ girja 
Cha'os, s. (ka-os) the ma-s of matter supposed to have been in confusion before it was divided by 
the creation into its proper classesand elements; confusion ; irregular mixtnre—srishtyirambher 
purbakdie jalasthalddir mishrita bhib; g-o/wa/— alam-i-haiyulani, ydne wuh hdlat ki jis meg 
Afridagar ne kisi chiz ko inlizdm na bakhsha tha; darhami barhamj, garbar ; koi betartib 
Chao'tic, a. resembling chaos ; coninsed—abyabasthita, miihrita, akra,mdgata—\\ii\y(i\i.m,hed' 

hanga, darham barham, garbar 
Chap, s. a cleft ; a crack in the flesh ; a jaw ; a \edik—phdtd, phukar, phdk ; mdngser chv> ; 

kas ; chanchu — darar, darz j gosht ki phatan ; jabrd, kalia ; chouch, minqar 
Chap," va. tobreak into hiatus or gapings — phdtdna, chatdna, phdk &.— tarqaaa,darkana, pharna, 

chirni, « 

Chape, s. a thin plate at the point of a scabbard ; catch of a buckle— «*/ khdper agrabaddha 

rupyddi, jutddir dhdtumay bandhanir khil — koihi, tahnal ; baksiie ka kanta 
Chap el, 5. a place of worship, a church— s(a6a/at/, Tshwara hhajandluy — ibadatkh^na, mdbad 
Chap'elry, s. the district of a chapel-^6?tajawa/a^ sambandhiya bhiimi, tadadhikdr — ibadatkhane 

ka iUqa 
Chaper6n, s. (shap-ur-oon) a kind of hood or cap worn by the knights of the garter — ashivdrurha 
sdmpraddyik sendr tupi bishesh— e;i.rVdv ke darjevvaJoij ki ek topi [latkd liiia, udas 

Chap' fallen, a. having the mouth jshrunk, cast down— mnkhbasd, chiipkard, maiinmukh—muuh 
Chaipi'ter, s. the capital of a column — stambhermdihd, miihald — sitiia kichoiifi 
Chap'lain, s.-a minister who attends a private family, a charitable institution or a division of the 
army or navy — bhajandiayer adhikdr prdpta purohit, sendgan kimbd jahdjiya daler dhaimo- 
padesh drtha nijukta purohit— pMti ki jo kisi khand^a k& ya khairatkh^ne ki. yi fauj ktt 
y^ jangl jalfiaz kd mutaliq hai 

C H A ( 75 ) C H A 

Chap'lw, a. without flesh about th« mouth — shushkamnkh, mukhemdngsa iidijdhdr — khushkrd, 

yHiif^ wuh shakhs ki jis ke muQfi men kam gosht hai 
Chatj'let, s. a garland or wreath to "be vrorn about the head , a string of beads used to keep aa 

ac.'ount oTdc'votio'ial expressions ; a little inouldini; carved into roundheads, pearls or olives 

—pishpamild, ^arbhakjapamdld—mhi-^ ; tasbih, m6l4 ; i^ulk^rbki ek qisin 
Ch) I) iiiau, s. a cheapenar ; he as a purchaser— fcya.6asrti/i lok, kretdhikretd, kcnaniyd 

— kliartdfir, mushtari 
Cha(P ped, Chapt. pi. pans, cleft, cracked— p/i/i.^a, chald, phdk — tarkida, phata hu4 
Chap'ter, s. the division of a book ; an assenbiy of the clergy of a cathedral or collegiate church 

—adhydy, parba ; dharmidhyakhya sampraddy ~-h^b, tasl ; bare girje ke mutaaliq padriou kd 

Char, s. (Uhar) a fish found only in Windermeer in Lancashire ; work done by the day ; a 

single jo!) or Uax—matsya bishesh ; din majuri ; ek kurma—mAQhhM ki ek qism kijo sirf 

VVindarinir , i jiul meji, Lankashir ke zile meii, paida hoti hai ; rozdan ki mihnai; ek kim 
Char, V. to burn wood to a black cinder; to wor< at other's houses by the day witiiout being a 

hired servant— /e:isAi/tr/ pordiyd kayld k.din maju7-i k. — koela ban^nd ; rozdari par mihnat k. 
Char'acter, s, (kar..) a mark, letter ; personal qualities ; reput^ion ; a person — dnnJia, akhyar, 
. gundguH ; khydti > byakti—nii\\kii, harf ; jauhar, sifat, khdssiyat, khaslat ; nim, iatabdr ; 

shakhsiyat / 

Characteris'tic, a. that which marks the peculiar properties of any person or thing— swaWiafii'/c 

gunisuchak, sa)hhdbm>Uak—kisi sli.ikh-J yA ch^z ki khassiyat zahir k. w. 
Charac'terize, va. to describe the peculiar qualities of any person or thing — gundgnn byakta k. 

doshddosh byikhya k. guna hanmn—^i^i admi yachiz ki khdssiyat bayan k. 
Char'coal, s. coal of wood from which volatile matter is expelled by fire— /cat//d, angdr — 

koela, ankisiu 
Charge, va. to entrust ; to impute as a debt ; to accuse load, to enjoin ; to load a gun with 

powder and bullets ; to dttac.c — pratyay kariyd samarpaii k. dead thdordna ; dosh d. dgydn 

k. bandiikt bdrud o giUt bkarau , dKrainaii /c.— hawila k. thahrdaa, lagdna, zimma k. mulzam 

k. qusdrwdr tharana ; taicid k. laqiiyud k. banlaq ko bharnd ; hamla k. yiirish k. 
Charge, j. care, custody ; precept, command ; commission, trust conferred ; accusation, 

imputation ; expense, cost ; onset ; the quantity of powder and ball put into a gun — 

jimmd ; dgydn ; bhdr ; apabnd; kharach i dkraman ; ek bdre jdt<i guli o bdrud banduke 

6/iara jay— hawala,tafwiz j takid, taqaiyud; araanat, khidma^ j. dokh, ilzam: kharch, lagat ; 

hamla; goli bardt ka ek mutad 
Chargeable, a. expensive, costly ; imputable as a debt or crime ; subject to charge or accusation 

— atibyayasddhya, bahumuiya ; draponiya ; diUkauiya upaj ukta ~q\ma.ti, beshbaha ; 

zimma kar dene ke laiq ; ziramawar, sazawar [tasht ; hamle kd ghoni 

Char'ger, s. a large disli ; a horse for attack— f/iaiaferitt pdtra bishesh , joddhdr ushoa—qili, 
Cha'riuess, s. caution, nicely, scrupulousness — saiarkata, sukhymu ckeshtd, kdrpanya — ihtiyat, 

lawahhum, waswas ♦ 

Char'iot.s. a wheel carriage of pleasure or state ; a car in which men of arms were anciently 

placed — chdri cliakra bishishca r itli bd gdri 6is/ies/i— ghurbahal, rath; araba ki jis mea 

qadimi log sawar hoke larte the ^ ^ [kochbdu 

Charioie'er, 5. llie driver of a ciiariot — jirwin, kochbin, rathi, sdrthi — gariban, rathban, 
Charitable.u. kind in giving alms, liberal to the poor ; kind in judging of others ; disposed to 

tenderness, beuevolent — d inashil, ddne akdtar , daydiu — mukhaiyar, faiyiiz, sakhl, dataj safdil, 
. neKiIuat, khataposh, ahal-i-dil 
Charity,*, benevolence, universal love; liberality to the poor, alms ; candor — dayd, parahit' 

echchhti; drtfta&«ia?-an— khairandeshi, khalaiq ki khairkhwahi, faiyazi, khairdt ; bebughz 
Chark, va. to burn wood to a black cinder — kisntha pordiyd kayaid k. — koela banana 
Char'latan, s. (jj/utr..) iiq'iack, a mountebank, an eiapinck— /trtturtj/i chikitn^i/c, prabanchak 

feaidi/a— jhiifa tabib, ihagbidya hakim [jahil 

Charlatani'cal.a. quae cish, ignorant — hdturiyi, ahodh, bheshaj — thagbidya k. w. hirzagar, 
Charles's Wain, s. the northern consiellation, called Ursa Major, or the Great Bear — saptarski 

ndinak sapta tdrd, chitrashikhanlinah — dubb-i-akbar, saptarikh 
Charlock, s. weed growing among tbe corn with a yellow flower — shasya khyetraja shdk bishesh — 

ek pile pUul ka but4 ki jo anaj 'ce khetoQ men paida hold hai 
Charm, vu. to subdue by some secret power, to subdue the mind by pleasure, to bewitch, to 

erichanl—jdda k. mohauj mugdhak.miydbaddha k. bhiddna — jada k. fare f la k. moh lena, 
•Charm, s. magic power, spell, enchantment,; something that pleases irresistibly — mdyibidydt 

mantra, jddu, gungydn—']H.d(i, sitir, afsun , farefta karne ki khAssiyai [manmoiian 

Charmer, s. one who enchants or dtiligiits—^ mdy.ibi, kuhaki, ma/jK/wr— jadagar, sahir, dilbar, 
Charm'ing, pa. a. very pleasing, delighliul — tttisundar, minohar, c/tara— dilruba, dilchasp 
Char' nel house, s. the place under churches where the bones of the dead are deposited— /namr 

asthyarpana&thdn—g\T]0]x ka tahkhana ki jis men murdou ki bosida haddidri rakhte haiu 
Chart, s. a delineation or map of coasts for the use of sailors— na(ii iirastha deshddirpcit— 

daryd ke kindre kk naqsha 
Charter, s. any writing bestowing privileges or tights— nidarshanpatra, rdjdgydnpatra, 

ddnpatra — sanad 
Chart ered, a. (. .) invested with privileges by charter, privileged — rdjdgydnrpita, nidtrshan 

patra pramdne upabhogi-sun^d ki ru sk ikhtiyar rakhne w. 

C H A ( 76 ) CHE 

Charter-party, s. a writing by which a ship is liireA—naukdr bhdrdbuhayak niyampatra — jahiz 

ke kiriye kd iqrdmfima 
Char'woman, s. a woman hired by the day — thikd strilok, diba$ikhetangrdhini—wnh aurat 

ki jo ek roz ki ujrat par kftm karti hal 
Cha'ry, a. careful, cautious, frugal— s»tarfca, sdbadhdn, parimita— hoshyAr, khabardar, kifayati 
Chase, va. to hunt, to pursue, to drive — mrigayd k. dharite gaman, tnrnna — shikar k. khedn^, 

pichhd k. taaqub k. hiinkn^, bhag^ni 
Chase, $. hunting ; pursuit of any thing; open ground stored with such beasts as are hunted; the 
whole length of a gun taken inside ; a printer's frame— wri^ai/a ; anudhdban ; shikdrasthat ; 
banduker nalier lambdi ; chhdpnkarer mudrddhdi-shWkr ; taaqub, pairavi ; shikar£;4h, 
ramna ; banduqki bhitar ke andaz se darftzi ; chhape ke huruf ko bdintizAm rakhne k^ 41a 
Chasm, s. (kasm) a cleft, gap, opening — phdk, phukar chhidm — darz, darar, shigdf 
Chass'y, s. a window frame ; a fastening— Hir/cir chaukdth, fea»d/jan— khirkid^r daiwdza ;* 

Chaste, a. undefiled, pure, true to marriage vows — sddhu, sati, paraddrbimukh, patibratd — p^- 

kiza, afifa, p6k 
Cha'sten, Chast'ise, va. to correct, punish -s/i<tsan, danda k. taran— tambih k. tddib k. gosh- 

mdli k. - ■ " 

Chastisement, s. (.tiz.) correction, punishment— s/iasti, danda — tddib, tazfr, goshmali 
Chastity, Chas'teness, s. purity of body, or of language— ao^aMt'c/mr, satitwu, shuddhatd — 

iffat, pdkdamani, p&klzagi, shustagi 
Chat," vn. to talk familiarly, to prattle — dldp k. gappci sappa k. — betakalluf guftogu k. gap k. 
Chat, s. familiar talk, free conversation — kathopkathan, gappa sappa, kaihdbdrtd — betakal-, 

I uf guftogu, gap 
Chat'ellany, s. the district under the dominion of a castle —durgddhikdrer antargata bhuml — 

qile ka taalluqa 
Chat' tel, s. any moveable possession — asthdbar dhan, sdmagri — mal-i-manqula, mftl, p6nji 
Chat'ter, vn. to make a noise like a maina ; to talk idly or CdLteiessly—pakhyibatshabda k. bakan 

— chirchirdn^, teatda k. barbardna, baknd 
Chav'ender, Chev'in, s. the chub, a fish — matsyabishesh—ek qism ki machhli 
Chaw, va. to champ between the teeth— c^ardan, chibdna — chiJbnd, chabdnd 
Chaw'dron,s. entrails — antra, ndribhuiiri — datea 
Cheap, a. low in price, common ; of little worth— s/iasta, sumulya; sddkdran-^sasta, mandi, 

arzdn ; kambah^, beqadar 
Cheapen, va. to bid for any thing, to lessen the pj-ice ol—mulya k.mulya ghdtdna— mo] k. 

qimat k. qimat ghatdnd ■ 

Che'apness, s. lowness of price— sumuij/atira, sulabhatd — arz&nl, sastdi, kamqimati 
Cheat, s.afraud, atrick, imposture; a personguilty offraud— c/irituri, pratdrand; Uiag, praban- 

clmk,juydchor — fareb, dagha, chhal, makr ; daghdbdz, farebi, makkar 
Cheat, va. to defraud in a bargain, to deceive— prataran a k. p rabanchhan— thdiguA, daghabdzi 

k. fareb d. chhalni 
Check, V. to repress, curb ; chide ; control by a counter reckoning — shdsan, nigraha k. daman 

— roknd, zabt k. dantnd ; mut6biq k. rauqdbale se jdnchn^ 
Check, s. stop, restraint ; order on a b^.nk.—bddhd, pratirodk ; tdkdr chili — rok, zabt ; tip 
Check'er, Che'quer, va. to variegate or diversify in the manner of a chess board— satuj-a/is/uV 
ndy chitrabichUra k. ndndprakdr fc,— shatranj ki bisit ki manind baniua, ablaq k. chitta k. 
dorangi, k. 
Cheek, s. the side of the face below the eye^gandadesh, gdl—g&\, rukhsJtr, ariz, izar 
Cheektooth, s. the hinder tooth or tusk — kaner ddnt, brihaddanta — darh 

Cheer, s. mirth, a state of gladness ; shout of joy : provisions served at a feast— o//iatf, harsha ; 

ulidsadhwani ; utsaber khddya drabyddi—musdiTTZt, khurrami ; khushi ki pukar ; mihmani 

k6 sarinjlra . 

Cheer, va. to incite ; encourage ; to comfort ; gladden— v?«. to grow gay — udjukta k. sdntandk, 

dlhdditk. — vn.hrishtachittah. — ihdrasd. hiinmatbandhan4;tasaili k. khuskk. — vn. khush h.j. 

Cheer'er, s. a person or thing that cheers— a«and(tja«ffJc, Uishtiknr — dhiras d. w. khush k. w. 

Cheer'ful, a. gay, full of life, full of mirth — raiik, praphulla chitta, rhiskla — khush, khandarii, 

Clieer'fulness, s. liveliness, gayety ; readiness — dhldd,dmod, autjwfeya— khushmiz5,ji, khandanii ; 

zauq ' . 

Cheei'less.'o. comfortless, dreary, gloomy — nirdnanda, udds — udiis, suna, laqq-o-daqq 
Cheer'ly, Cheer'y, a. gay, mirthful, lively — uUds^ta, rasik, hriihtaman — khandaru, zindadil, 

Clieese, s. a kind of food made by pressing the curd of coagulated milk and suffering the mass 

to dry — shushka snlabana chhdnd, panir — panir 
Cheese'cake, s. a cake made of soft curds, sugar and butter— sacftf/jt makkan chhdndr pish' 

tak bishesh — ek raiihdi ki jis kophate hue diid aur shakar aur makkhan se banate haia 
Cheese'monger, s. one who sells cheese — panir bikretd — panirfarosh 
Cheese'press, s. the press in which the curds are pressed in making cheese — panir chdpibdr 

kal fcajahtro— panir ban6ne ka shikanja 
Cheese'vat, s. the wooden case in which the curds are confined when they are pressed into 

cheese— panirer chhdTich — panir k^sfiflcha 
Che'iy, «. [fc«.J the claw of a shell fish— iawA,r<iciir thang bd pad— keakre ki pdaw 

CHE ( 77 3 CHI 

Che'nff, s. the high priest of the temple of Meca-'Makkdr . pradhdn puroAit— Male ke ke 

khadiruoa kfi sarddr, Sharif 

Cher'ish, va. to support and forward with encouragement, help and protection, to nurture 

—yoshawpdlan, pratipilank.—pA\nA., sewft k. khabargiri k. [murabbf, hdmi 

Cher'isher, s. one who cherishes or encourages — pratipdiak, poshak, bharasd dcyak — pilne w. 

Cherry, ,t. a fruitof many varieties— p/fa/ bd brikhya bishesk—A\nhix\\i, nashddna 

Cher'ry-cheeked, a. having ruddy cheeks-^ishadraktimabarna gandadesh jdhdr, suhndan^ 

sundar — Ularukh, gulizar * [j^ri \,h\ 

Chert, s. flint in strata— a^ntprastt/r bishesh — chaqmSq ki jo kfin men takhti ke taui \)ki 

Cherub, s. a celestial spirit which in the hierarchy is placed next in order to the seraphim 

—gandharba, marpya gan bishesh— ksiTnibi, ydne us darje kd farishta ki jo martabe mea 

Israfjl ke bad hai ^ _ ' [sambandhiya — iiiightasirat 

Cheru'bic, Cherubin'ical, a. angelick, relating to the cherubim — swargiya, I'shwariya dut 

Cher'up, vn. to chirp, to use a cheerful voice — kichmichdna,pakhyi shdbaker shabda k . suskrdbya 

dhwani k. — chirchiiana ; chuiichua k. khushiiimez awdz k. 
Ches'nut, Chestnut, s. a sort of fruit — phal bishesh— ek qism ka mewa 
Chess, s. a nice and abstruse game in which two sets otmen are moved in opposition to each 

other — shatarancha — shatranj 
Chess'apple, s. a species of wild service — kfiyudra brikhya bishesh — b6te ki ek qism 
Chess'board, s. the board on which the game of chess is played — shatarancher ciihak bd pdti 

bishesh — shatranj ki basat 
Chess'om, s. mellow earth — dthdla nidfi, drdra mrittikd — namdAr mitti 

Chest, s. a large box ; the trunk of the body or cavity from the shoulders to the heUy —sinduk ; 

bakhyasthul, buk — sanduq ; chhAti [shahsawdr, pahlawan 

Chevali'er, s. \shev-a-leer\ a horseman, a gallant strong man— asfewnrur/ia se>/a, 6n- — sawAr, 

Chevaux-de-Fn'se, s. \b1iev-o-de-freeze\ a military fence composed of a piece of timber, 

traversed with wooden spikes pointed with iron, five or six feet long, used ia defending a 

passage, stopping a breach, or making a retrenchment to stop c^\z\v<j —ashwdr{irha suiiiyer ' 

gamaarodhdrthe kdshtha nirmita drdl iii/ics/i— ek jangi chaushdkha al6 jis ko fauj rokne ke 

waste zamin parrakhte haiji [chab bhi kahte haiu 

Chev'en s. a river fish, the same with chub — nadir matsy a bishesh — nadi ki machhlijisko 

Chev'eril, s. a kid ; kid leather — aja shdbak, ajacharma — bakrl kd bachcha aur us kfi chamrd 

Chew, V. to grind with the teeth, to masticate ; to meditate or ruminate in the Ihougljts— 

chc^rban, maner madhye bibechand fc.— chdbna, chabfina, kuchalna ; jfinchnfi, ghaur k. 
Cbica'ne, [s/ie.] Chicanery, s. the art of protracting a contest by petty objection and artifice ; 
artifice in geueral'-c/i/ia/, tdlmatdl, dpatti, mithyd praurfti— laitoldl, tdlmatol, hiiahawAla, 
chaliar roakar ' [chuza 

Chick, Chick'en.s. the young of ^ovih—kukkutddir chhd, pakhyi s/ta6afc— -murgh ka bachcha, 
Chick'enhearted, a. cowardly, fearful — hhiru, meyemukha, asd'hasi — buzdil, darpokna 
Chide, V. to reprove, to correct with words, to blame, to reproach— 6/iartsan, nindd k, anujog 
/c— zajar k. jhirakna, dantua, dokhna, taubikh k. [taubikh 

Chi' ding, pa. reproving, rebuking, scolding — bhartsand, dhamak, durbdkya — zajar, jhirak. 
Chief, a. highest in office, principal— s/ires/i^Aa, pradhdn, agraganya — sarkarda, sardfir, afsar 
ChiePless, o. having no leader — kartdhiu, andth — besarddr [avvalan, aksar 

Chiefly, ad. principally, eminently, more than common— bisheshatah, adhikanta — khususan. 
Chieftain, s. a leader, a commander— aijragamz, adhipa, prad /ia»—sardar, sarkhail 
Chil'blain, «. a sore caused by cold — himaja sphoLak bd khyata bishesh — biwai 
Child, s. a very young person, a son or daughter — shhhulok, santdn, santati — bachcha, bfilak, 

tifl, betd beti, farzand ^ 

Chi'ldbearing, s. the act of producing children — garbhatydg, prasab kriyd — janndi, z&ida'gi 
Chil'dbed, Chi'ldbirth, s. the state of a woman bearing a child ; travail, labour— prasai daskd, 

sutikdbasthd, prasabbedand — ^janne kihilat, wazahamal, dard-i-iih 
Chil'dermas-day, s. the day of the week, throughout the year, answering to the day on which 
the feast of the Holy Innocents is solemnhed—purbakdlin stiishu ganer hatyd hailu je 
dibase sambatsarer madhye pratishaptdher se dibas — hafte kd wuh din ki jiS men Yalmdi 
padshfih ne ilazrat Isa ke shubhe meu larkop ko qatal kiyatha 
Chi'ldhood, s. the state of "children from the time of their birth to puberty— s/iisftufe«/, bdlyd- 

6ost /la— I arakpan, tufuliyat, yane wuh hdlat kijo wiladat se li bulughat rahti hai 
Chi'ldish, a. having the qualities of child ; trifling, simple — bdiak dhartnak, chhepld, sural-—' 
tiflmizaj, larke kk sa, laikpan, chhuluhia [larakpan se 

Chi'ldishly, ad. in a childish trftling way, like a child — bdlakatioa rupe, chhdoldmirnpe—tiMna., 
Childishness, s. puerility, state of a child-^bdlakatd, chhdoldmi — larakpan, tiflmizdji, 
chulbulahat [farzand, niputa ' 

Chi'ildless, a. having no child — aputraJc,anapatya, bandhyd, nisshantdn — beaulad, lawalad, be- 
ChiJ'dren,s. pi. of child, descendants— santansantati, ehhelydpilyd—c/taild ki jama, yane larke- 

bale, ayfilatfal, aulad, bani 
Chil'iad, s. [kil..] a collection or sum containing a thousand — ek sahasriya — bazari 
*Chiliae'dron, s. a figure of a thousand sides — sahasra kondhishishUi — hazar pahlii ka shakal 
•Chiliarch, s. [..orfcj a commander of a thousand men — ek sahasra sendrpati — hazdr sipdhioukd 
sardar - [thandhd, sard, khunuk, bdrid, sild, sardizada 

Chill, o. that which is cold to the touch, having the sensation of cold— i/iiiai, shitdrtwa— 
Chill, va. to make cold — snigdha k. Mmdkunf/iita L-.— thandha k. siraaa 

CHI ( 78 ) C H o 

Chilliness, Chil'ness, s. coldness— jar, skaftya, himatd — sardl, thandh, si! 
Chilly, a. Somewhat co\d—himdrta, shite /«iwpama?t— thandhisa, sardizada 
Chi'mar, s. [si-mar] part of a bishop's vestniQni—mahddh'irinddhyal^iyer bastrdmrsha bisliesh — 
mujtahidke jubbe kdek hissa [gaathou ki t^lmel, kdk 

Chime, s. a consoaance of sounds or of bells— awefc 6ad?/er 6a ghanldr iabder samatdi ~\)^')e ya 
Ciiime, VH. to sound in consonance — samatdl h. — ektal h. hamahang h. 

Chime'ra, s. [fee..] a vain idle fancy — amiilak kalpand, asambhab chintd — wahm, khamkhaydl 
*diin»er'ical, a. imaginary, fanciful — asambhab kalpaiiiya, mithyd, asdr — .wahmi, khayali 
Chim', s. toll for passing through a forest — ban fath diyd gamaiidgamaner kar — jangal 

ki rftii se ^ne jAne ka rnahsul 
Chim'ney, s. the passage through which the smoke ascends frorn the fire in the house ; the 
turret raised above the roof of the house for conveyance of the smoke ; the fire-place— pafc'* 
gharer dhumdrandhrn, dhumi nirgamaner nali ; a^tt/ter a/ig-il/Ki— dhiUa nikalne kisur^kh, 
dudkash ;dhua!i nikalueka minara ; angethi 
Chim'ney piece, s. aa ornamental frame of wood or stone that is set round fire-places— 7« 
prastar bd kdshtha sobhdrthe agni pdtra beshthita thake—ldkri yd paththar ke takhte ki jin ko 
ziaat ke waste angethi ke gird lagate haia 
Chin, s. the part of tlie face beneath the under Vip—c'iibuh, dari— thudli. thophi, zana';h 
Chi'na, s.the country so called ; a fine species of earthen ware made in China — Chin desh ; 

Chin desher shahhrtt mrittikd bi»hesh nirmita bdsanddi —Chin ; Chiui bartan 
Chin'cough, «. a violent and convulsive cough to which children are subject— fea/a/tcr ghar- 

ghariyd kdsh — larkoij ki shiddat ki khaiisi 
Chine, s. the part of tl»e back in which the spine or back bone is found — prishiher ddnrdv 

ubhay pdrshwer mdnssa — rah ke donoji taraf ka gosht 
Chink, s. a small aperture longwise- fe/ii/uciru chhidra, phdk — d^rz, shigaf, dar^r 
Chink'y, a. full of cuinks, gaping, opening into narrow clefts — bahuchhidrajukta, aneJcphdk 

bishiskta — dai zdar, shigafta, txrkida 
Chintz, s. coiion cloth printed with colours — chhif. kdpar, rang chhdpd bastra — chhit 
Chip," va. to cut into small pieces ; to diminish by cutting away a little at a time — khanda 
khanda k.kuchana,alpe aipe kdiiydnirmiiik. — tukra tuiia k. para para k. chliipti utdrna, 
waraq tardshna 
Chip, Ctiip'ping, s. a fragment cut ofF-k/ianrZa, tiic/ii— chhipti, tardsha 
Chirog'rapher, .v [ki. . .J a writer — tekhak, lipikar — likhne w. muharrir 
*Chirug'rdphy, s. the art of writing — hasta lipi, lekhanbidyd — likhae ka ilm 
♦Chiromancer, s. one that foretells future events by inspecting the hand— jaji, hdtganak—sdimn' 

driki, yane jo shakhs ki jo hath ki aldmat dekhkarqismat ka hal zahir karta hai 
•Chi'romancy, s.the art of foretelling events of life by inspecting the ha.nd~ganan bdsdmudrik 

bidyd—s-dmndnk, yane hath ki alamat dekhkar qismat ka hal zdhir karne ka ilm 
Chirp, vn. to ma'ce toe noise of small birds— kichmickdna, pakhyibat rab k. — churagna, chun,- 

chaii k. chirchiraaa 
Chirp, s. the voice of birds or insects— pfflfc/iyi /ci^adir rab bd ddk — chiriyon ya kiroa ki dwaz 
Chirur'geon, s. (fci...) one that cures ailments, not by internal medicines, but outward applica- 
tions— nstrac/ii/citsix/c, astrabaidya — jarr&h 
Ghi'ur'gicul, a. relating to ^Mrgeiy—astrachikitsdbidyd samhandhiya, tadhishayak—]^xik\i{ 
Chis'fc!,s. an instrument with which wood or stone is pared away— iiia/i, antradharer astra 

bishesh — idkhdn', nihini, chheni, tanki 
Chii, s. a child, a baby ; the shoot of corn from the end of the grain — bdlak, bdiikd ; ankur, 

manjari — bachcha, tiri ; rakhe hue danoa kk killd 
Chit'chat,s. prattle, fainiiicirtalk — gappa sappa,paraspur dldp — gapshap, batch.t, bolchdl 
Chit'terlitigs, s. the guts ; the 1 owels — antra, ndribhuuri— knteti, roda. 

Chiv'ahy, s. (stchiv..) the military dignity of knighthopU ; the qualificatioas of a kiiight, aS' 
valour, dexterity in arms. Sec. — ashwdrurha joddhripad,jathd, bdhddr ityddi — mumtaz sawdr 
kd darja ; mumtdz sawar ka hunar ausaf, jaisa ki kartab, bahaduri w. g. 
Chivts, s.{t&hivz) the threads or filanients lising in flowers with seeds at the end— push- 

per mrindl bd keshar—phUi ke darmiyan ki Iambi pattiyau 
Choc'olate, s. a paste or cake made by grinding the kernel of the cocoanut with other 
substances, to be dissolved in hot water and drunk— p?iai bishaher shdtjspislitak, taddrabyer 
jhol—wah chiz ki jo nariyal ki gari ko aur chizon ke sath tarkib deke banate haiu aur us ko 
garam pdniraen gholke pite haia 
Choice, s. the act of choosing ; the power of choosing ; election, care in choosing ; the thing 
chosen ; the best part of anything that is more properly tlie object of choice ; several things 
proposed at once as objects of choice — nirbdehan; pasanda kanbdrkhyamata ■ manonita karibdr 
sajdhdnatd.. ahhishta drabya ■ kana bastur uttam bkdg jdhd pasanda karibdr jogya ; 
mananitdrthe uvasthita drabya — chunawat, intikhab ; chun lene ka ikhtiyar ; chunne 
ki ihtiyat ; chuni gayi cliiz ; kisi chiz ka bihtar hissa ki jo chunue ke laiq ho ; kai ek 
chfzea ki jo chunne ke waste pesh ki jati haia 
Choice, a. select, of great value ; chary, frugal ; careful in choosing — utkrishia, bahv,mulya ;. 

niyamit, sdbdhdn — khdssa, beshqiinat ; kifayati ; musliivilpasand 
Choice'ness, s. nicety ; particular value — uttamatd , bahumulyatd — nafasat ; tuhfagi 
Chpir, s. [^utjc] an assembly or band of singers ; the part ot the church where the choristers 
or singers are placed— ^ai/a&da/ bd sampraddy ; dharmashdldte gdyakganer sthdn — ginewalojt 
iiitiiii; giije kiwubjagah ki jahda ganew&U baiihtejliaiu 

c H ( 79 ) , c H n 

Choke, va. to kill by stopping the passage of respiration,; to stop up, to obstruct, to 

block up a passage — gala tipan, shivds baddha k. abarodh k. — gal4 ghontna, galsi dabdnA; 

band k. teghA k. [kd ri'uK 

Choke, s. internal part of an artichoke — bishesh pushper khdibdr skdns—dnichok tark&ri 
Cho'kepear, 5. a rough, harsh, unpalatable pear; any aspersion or sarcasm by which another 

is put to silence— atikuswddu phai bishesh, ninittarkdri bidriip bdkya — ek qism ki taikh 

bemaza nashpfiti ; aisd tdna ki jis ki naddmat se ddmi chup ho jAe 
Chol'er, s. [feo/.J the bile; the humour which by its superabundance is snpposed to p^pduce 

irrascibility; anger, rage— pi7t(/;/c/wiA, usAma— pit, saOa; wuh khilt ki jis ke ghalaydn se ghussa 

ziydda hold hai ; khafagi, tezi [kliastimgin v 

Chol'eric, a. full of choler, passionate— /frod/?ii/iTi, y.gra, rng-a/a-^safrAwi, ghussandk, 
Cho'lera-Morbus, s. a sudden overflowing of the bile, discharged both upwards and down- 
wards — old nthd jog'-- -haiza, wabd [chunud 
Choose, Chuse, v. to select, to pick out — chuvan, nirbiahan, hdchhiyd laon — pasand k. 
Chop,"t;a. to cut with a quick blow ; to cut into small piece^ ; to break into chinks; to give one 

thing for another ; to put one tiling in the place of another— efc kope chhed k. kuii kuti 

kariyd kdlan : phdtan ; ek bustu diijd anya bastuke laon ; par i bar tan— ek cho^ se kdtud, qalam 

k. tukrd lukra k. pharna. ; muawaza k. tabdil k. badalnA 
Chop, s. a small piece of meat — mdngsa khanda— gosht k4 lothfa 
■Cbophouse, s. a house where provisions are sold ready dreased—hhdtiydrd ghar, bhojan- 

shdld, pdk shdld — wuh ghar iii jis men pakka gosht bikt4 hai, nanbhai kd dot<an 
Chop in, s. the Scotch quart, in wine measure — mddak drabyer panmdn 6i.s/(es/i— Skdtland 

ke mulk ki sharab ki paimaish ' [tarbih, moid, tiudurust, tiiza 

Chop' ping, a. large, lusty, healthy, jolly — mdngsdla, hrishidpaushta, shustJia, nhhpir — 
Chop'pingj s. a sort of hi^h heeled shoe — uchcha tald bishishfa jutd tisAesA — pdshnaddr juti 
Choppy, a. full of holes or crdicks—bahiichh'idrajukta, p/iaf/i— phata had, shigdfta [mutaaliq 
Cho'ral, a. [ ko. ] belonging to a choir — gdthak dat savibandhiy a— ^^newh\o^ ke tdife ke 
Chord, s. string of a musical instrument ; (in geometry) a right line which joins the two 

ends of any arch of a circle — bi*iddir sutra, sutdn ; (khyetra parimd7i bidydy) urdhackandra 

bhedkdri rekhd — bdje kd tar ; wuh lakir ki jo qurs ke munh par khiiichi jae 
Chord, va. to furnish with strings or chords — hinddir tdr bdndhan — tdr charhand 
Chor'ister, s. [kwir-ris-tur] a singer in a choir — masher gdthak — gdnewdloa ke tdife kd 

ek gawaiya * {bidyd — zillofl ke baydu karne ii6 ilm 

Chorog'raphy, s. [ko... ] the art or practice of describing particular regions — bishesh desh bar nan 
Cho'rus, s. a number of singers; verses of a song in which the company join the singer— - 

gdthaksainpraddy ; dhuyd — gdnewdloQ kd taifa ; git kd wuh maqdm jahdfi sab ahal-i-majlis 

milke gate hain [pasandida 

Chosen, pa. of choose : selected — bdchhita, manonita — chuz kd maful, ydne chund gayd. 
Chough, s. [ts/iw/J a bird resembleing a crow which frequents the rocks by the sea side— - 

samudriya pakhyi bishesh — kawwe ke manind chiriya ki jo daryd ke kardroa i^eu rahti hai 
Choule, s. the crop of a bird — pakhyir udar ; gdl — chiriya kd potvd 
Chouse, va. to cheat, trick, defraud — prabanchan, (hakdiyd laon — thagnd, chhaind 
Ciirism, s. [krixm] unguent or unction used in sacred ceremonies— Mtt^s/crita tail bishesh — 

ubtan ki jo din ki rasmiyat men ami men Idte hain, 
Chris'om, s. a child that dies within a month after its birth— ja?!^*^ par ek mdser madhye mare 

je santdn — wuh larkd ki jo apai paiddish se mahine ke darmiyan meji mare 
Chris'ten, va. [kris-sn'] to baptize or initiate into Christianity by water ; to name, to denominate 

— bisheshjala sangskdr piirbak ndm /c.— istibdgh d. nara rakhnd, I'sdi bandnd 
Chris'tendom, s. the regions of which the inhabitants profess itie Ctinsiian reli;;ion — Khrishtiya 

lokddhishthita desh sa/co/— sab mulk ki jahaa I'sdi rahte hain 
Christening, s. the ceremony of the first initiation into Christianity— ^/trisA^/ya dharma 

sangskdrer riti—l'sav/i roazhab men ddkhil karne ki rasm, istibdgh 
Christian, s. a believer in the religion of Christ — Khrishtiya dharmdbalambi ; Khrishtiydn lok, 

— I'sawi, Nasarani, I'sawi mazbab kd muataqid 
Christianity, s. the religion taught by Christ— iC/iris^/ii/a dharma, Khrishlopadishta matdmat 

— Isdwi mazhab 
Christianize, va. to make Christian, to convert to Christianity— stcad/iurma tydgp-lrhik 

Khrishtiya matdshrita k. Khrishtiya dharme sa7i^skdr k. - I'sdi k. IVavvi mazhab men Idnd 
Christian-name, s. the name given m baptism distmct from the family name or suuiame — 

sangskdr karun samay rdkhd giynchhe je ndm, ddknim — wua nam ki jo istibdgh ke waqt 

rakha jatd hai aur ek shakhski zat par daldlat karid hai 
Christmas, s. the feast -of Christ's nativity— K/iris/i/er janmaparba — Haziat I'sa ki paiddish kA 

din kijis men, harsal I'sdi khushi karte haiu 
Chromat ic, a. relating to color ; relating to a species of ancient music by semitones-— rare? bd 

barna sambaiidhiya ; piirba kalin gdn bci bddya bishayak—raxii; se mutauUiq ; miisiqi ki ek 

qadim tarz ke mutaalliq [— daimi, derpi, yane daiaz bimar; ki sifat 

Chronic, Chronical, a. of long continuance, as a disease— (;a/!u/fa/er rog, 'rpratikarjya 
Chronicle, .s. a register or account of events of time, a history — ktlluittipurba!^- upakyun, 

kdlaghatita rdjya ^ittanta— tawarikh 
Chion'icle, va. to record in history— /frf/rtn7ifcrame rdjyopdkhydn /:.— tawdnkh men likhnd 
Chroni'cler, s. a writer of chronicles, a \i\&[omu—rnjyabrittdntubtttd, tadopikhydnkdru-^ 

muwarrikh, rdwi, naqil 

C H R ( 80 ) C I c 

Chron'o^ram s. akind of verseor description, the numeral letters of which make up the date 

of the action mentioned— fc^/untnipafc sauket kdbya bishesh — tdrikh, sal-i-tdrikh, manzum 

tarikh, ydne fiqra ki jis ke hur6f ke ^d^d se sal aur t&rikh m^lum ho 
Chronolo'ger, s. he that studies or explains the science of computino- past time, or of ranging 

past events according to their proper years — fca/a/i/ntpot, fca/a6idt/a6ett<i— pichhle auqatk^ 

sliuinAr k. w. y6 wirid^ton kA waqt ke mutdbiq muraltab k. w. 
Chiouolog'ical, a, pertaining to chronology — kdtabarnand sambandhiya, kdlabidydbishayak 

— fiichie waqt ke tartlbkarne ke ilm se mutaalliq 
Chronol'ogy,s. the science of computing time, and ascertaining dates of events — kdlaganan 

bldyd, k.Uabarnanbidyd, kona ghatandr samay sthir karanbidyd — pichle auq^t shumdr karne 

kA aurw^ridatoft ke vvaql darydft karne ka ilm 
Chrys'alis,s.aurelia, or the first apparent change of the maggot of any species of insects--g"M?tpo- 

kd, kiler dwitiydbasthd — bdddma, sunda, ydne kire k4 pahla taghaiyur 
Chrysolite, s, a precious stone of a dusky green with a cast of yellow — ishat shydmabar- 

Hj maid bisheiih — lahsaniyS, yane ek qism ki sabz nagina m4il ba zardi 
Chub, s. a river fish ; a dunce — nadir m'ltsya bishesh ; murhalok — nadi ki ek machhli ; ahmaq 
Chub'bed, a. big-headed like a chub, bluff, stupid — prukdnda shiraska, mdt/tdbhdri, nirbodh 

— barsi a, betamiz, nddAn [jis ke munh men bahut gosht hai 

C«iut,by, a. hiving a large or fat face— c/teftm fcrt 6/iari nmfc/io — galphall, yilne wuh shakhs ki 
Ctinck, s. the voice of a hen; a gentle stroke under the chin — kukkutidhwani ; thiitir niche 

isat thokndmdran — kut-kut, ydne murghi ki awdz ; thuddi ke niche ki thapthapihat 
Chuc'kle, V. to laugh; to call as a hen — hdnsane khil khil shabdak. kukkutir nydy shabda k. 

— hansndjkhilkhiUke hausnd ; kutkulan^, [admi, gaQw^r 

Chuff, s. a coarse, fat-headed, blunt clown — asabhya lok, u^ra, mur/<«— angarh betamiz 
Chum, s. a chamber fellow, mess-mate — eksan<^i, sahahdsbhoji — hamhuira, hamtadm 
Chump, s. a short thick piece of wood — sthul kdshtha khanda—k\indi, chail^ 
Church, s. the collective body of Christians usually termed the Catholick Church ; the body of 

Christians adhering to one particular opinion or form of worship ; the place which Christians 

consecrate to the worship of God — Khrishtiya lok samiiha bd sabhd,mandali ; bhdjandi-ay, 

Karishtiyamandir—inmldiVsiiikij'inkoKatholik Charch kahte haia ; I's^iou k4 firqa ki 

jo ek tariqe par chalte haia; I'sdiou ki ib&datgah, y^ne girjA, kallsa 
Church, va. to perform -with any one the office of returning of thanks in the church after 

deliverance from the danger of child hnth—prasabsdhauckapar vmndire giyd Ishwarer 

stab k.—hike ke paida hone ke bdd girje meu dusre ke sath shukrguzAri ka wazifa parhna 
Church'ing, s. the act of giving thanks in the church after birth — prasabdntare stab bd dhanya- 

bdd /cflm— larka paida hone ke bdd girje mea salimati ki shukrguzAri k. 
Churchman, s. an ecclesiastic, a clergyman, one that ministers in sacred things ; an adherent 

to the church of England— £iA«rmop«desA«/c, Inglanda deser rdjsthdpita matdbalambi—p&dri; 

Inglisldn mea jo sarkar ke hukm se dindari kA intizim muqarrar hai uska muataqid 
Churchwardens, s. officers yearly chosen to look to the church, charch-yard, and such things 

as belong to both — batsar batsar nijukta kard jay je bkajangriha rakkyak—wMh uhdadar 

ki giije aur us ke mutaalliqat ki khabardarl ke wdste salbasal muqarrar bote hain 
Cburch'yard, s. the ground adjoining the church in which the dead are har'ied—debdlayer 

chat war jekhdne samddhi kardjdy — ^girje ki. ihata jis mea aksar murde dafan kiye jate haia 
Churl, s. a rustic, a countryman, a rude, surly, illbred man ; a miser, a niggard ; a selfish 
' or greedy wretch— chdshd, murha ; kripan ; dtmagrdhi, lobhi — gaawdr, dihqdni ; betamiz, 

karwdmizdj admi ; bakhil ; khudgharaz, haris admi [talkhmiz6j, bakhil 

Churrish, a. rude, surly, niggardly — ashishta, asabhya, byayaku7ithita—bei^miz, durusht, 
Churrishly, ad. in a surly manner— wgrata purhak, asahhyarupe—dnrnshli se 
Churl'ishness, s. surliness, moroseness, clownishness — ugratd, chiYchirydmi, asabhyatd — dur- 

ushti, talkhmizdji, betamizi 
Churrae, s. a confused sound, a noise — hurdhuri, golmdl — shorsbar, shor, ghul 
Churn, s. a vessel in which the butter is, by long and violent agitation, coagulated and seperat- 

ed from the serous parts of the milk— want/jaHerpafra— mathaniya, mihani [nikdlna 

Churn, va, to make butter by agitating tiie milk— -manthan, dbartan-r-mdithak, maska 
Cliyla'ceous, a. [ki-la-shus] belonging to chyle— aunaras sambandhiya— kdiilusi, kaimiisi 
Chyle, s. the white juice formed in the stomach and intestines by digestion of the alimeot, and 

afterwards chanrred into hlood—amiaras, dhdtuposhak sdrbhdg — kailiis, kaimds 
Chym'ical, a. made by or relating to chymistry— v«saT/art6fti/a sambandhiya — ashyd-ki khdssiyat 

daryaft karne ke ilm ka mutaalliq [se daryaft k. w. 

Chym ist, s. a professor of chymistry— r«sa2/ar?6c(trt— ashyd ki khassiyat ftg w. g. kewasile 
Chym'istry, s. an art whereby simple bodies are separated from each other, so that their respec- 
tive powers and virtues are thereby discoveTtd—rasdyanbidyd, sarbabastur sdr kimbd 

mulgynvpan bidyd — wuh fann ki jis se ashyd ki khdssiyat dg w. g. ke wasile se malum 

hoti hai; aur chunki yih faun kimiya ki tal^shkezariye se hdsil hu& lahazd is kv^ nam 

khimistry, ydne kimiya rakhft gayd 
Cicatrice, 5. [.a-tris] the scar remaining after a. wonnd-'khfjata chinha, ghdyer kard— zjikhura 

k^ nishan 
Cic'atiize, va. to heal a wound, to skin over— khyata shmhka k. ghd pilrdna — ghaw change k, 

aakhara par gosht l^na, mundamil k. 
Cicero'nian, a. like Cicero, elegant, forcible— Sisero ndmak prdchin sadbaktdr nydy bdkpatu, 

bilakhyan lekhd bd idkya—Susero ki m&nind khushtaqrir, tasih 

GIG ( 81 ) CIB 

Cicisbe'o, 5. a gallant attending a lady— upapati, parastrisangi^ifihqh&z 

Cic'urnte, va, to tame; to make mild and ti ac table— pnfpos/ia k. daman— r&m'k.h7\^n6. ; 

man6s k. [sfiarilb 

Ci'der, s. the ejcpres?ed juice of apples— 6/s/j^s/i phaler mishrita rash amny mad bishesh—?.eh lei 
Ci'deikin, s. an inferior kind of (^der—ai mad haite se phaler kinchit apakriitila mad — seb 

ki sliar^b ki ek niiqis qism 
Ci-de'vant, nd. pr. [/V.J heretofore — ihdr p'lrbe, puvhahiler — fi%e, qabl, sdbiq 
Cil'iary, a. [..v«-'"e] helon^^inpf to the eye-lids — dnkhip'itd sambniidhiya — papote ka mutaalliq 
Cili'cio'.i«, a. {se-lis/i-usli made of hair; hsary — lo ma nirmita, keshamay, lonia), lomamay — balou k& 

bani hu^, hA\ w. 
CimVter, s.-a short curved sword — kharga bishrsh, fcavaWZ— shamsher, khamdar talwdr, 6na 
Cino'ture, s. [.tshitre] a belt, a ginUe —katibandhan, pa/ji/ca— kamarband, patkil 
Cin'der, s. half burnt coals — uugdr-r^ngAr^, 

Cineri'tious, a. having form or colour of aslies—6^/rsmaftarrert/c, pdniher tulyarang — ^khfikistarsd 
Cin'gle, s. a girth used for a l)ors3 — ghor'')'p2li — tans?, t^hore ki zerband 
Cin'nahar, s. an ore of quicksilver, vermilion — rasadhdtii, s'lnduv — shansjarf, ingur 
Cin'namon, s. the inner bark of a species of laurel— i(a/c/u/a', bijiesh brikhyer miskla bdkal-^ 

darchini, daldiini 
Cinque, 4-, [ijw^fcj [Fr.j live ; any thins composed o{five—pdnch,pancha sangfe//i/at— panja, 

yane wuli chiz ki jis meii princh adad Iiaiij 
•Cinque-foil, s. five leaved clover— ;vjMc/H/p.j^rrj/c irhds bishesh — p^nchpatfiyA ghds 
*Cinque-pace, s. a kind of grave dance — nritya dhdvd bisliei>k—ek ahista nach 
•Cinque-ports, s. five havens of England, that lie towards France, and require to be vigilantly 

guarded again-t inva-ign, i'i2. Hastings, Dover, Hithe, Romney, and Sandwich — laglnnda 

dcJier purba dikst/iita^pi-frsiddhri pdnch nagar — Mulk i lngli>tAn ke panch bandar jo Fians lie 

Tnullj ki tiraf waqi haiu, jin ki hiiasat ke waste ziyAda hosliy^ridarkar hai 
Ci'on, s. a sprout ; a shoot from a plant — aakur,ptiU(tb — hayi shdkh 
Cipher, s. the figure [Oj standing for nothing; initial letters of a name ; a secret manner of 

writing — anka, ihiiuyn, bhidii ; winier prulham afchyar ; guptamat akhyar binydssUr, sunnd ; 

nam ka pallia harf ; ramznavisi, kamsala 
Ci'pheting, s. the act of praclising aiitiimetic — aiikn, gnnand, eanita kriyd — hisAb ki mashq 
Cir'cinater, va. to make a circle ; to turn round — ckakrdkritidnkan ; goldkriti k. — dairabanand, 

Circle, s. a round fi?ure: an assembly — chakrdkdr, katak ; miiidali — daira, kundal, halqa ; 

logon, ka halqa, yane jamaat [phirna, ghernit 

Cir'cle, va, to move round any thing, to inclose— c/i^?»/rdi/ce hhraman k. beran, gheran — gird k. 
Cir'clet, s. a litila circle— fc//i/»dnf niaiidul bd chakrdkdr — chota daira, kundali 
Cir'cuit, s.\.k'u] the act of moving round any thing; a circular space; that by which any 

tiling is incircled — ghuran ; gol sthdn ; beshlnn — chakkar, daur;.gol jagah ; ihdta, hisar 
•Cir'cuit, i>n. to move in a circle — manialdkdre bhraman, beshlau kariyd phirnn — gardish k. 

ghumna, chakkar kliAna 
Circu'iious, a. going round in a circuit — beshlita, gheriya, penchdla — ghumS hud, pher 

khaya hiia 
Circular, a. round, like a circle— goldkriti, chakrabat—mud^xnwdiT, gol, halqeddr 
Circular'ity, s. a circular tovm—c/iakrdkdr — golai, girdagirdi [phirdnii 

Cir'culate, va. to move round, pass Vihoiit—chakragati kardna, gheriyd chdldnn — ghumdnd, 
Circulation, s. a circular motion, a passing about — chakrazati, prabi/n — ghumdo, gardisU 
Ciicumam'bient, a. surrounding, encompassing, enclosing — ckaturdigast/ta, sarbatra by ipak 

— muhit. girilagird 
Circumambulate, vn.Xo walk round — beriyd 6/jj-nmnre— girdawarf k. gird pbirnil 
Cir'cumcise", ua. to deprive of the ioieikm—twakchlied k. purushdn^^er agra charma kdliyd 

p/*e/«/i— khatna k. musalmani k. 
CircuMici'sion, s. the act of circumcising— f«-a/cc/i/<ed /crn/a— khatna, sunnat 
Circumdu'ct, rn.. to contravene ; to nullify ; to carry or convey round — byartha k. anyatha 

k. siin:e kariyd beriyi c/ialan — britil k. radd k. sath lekar phirna 
Circum'ference, a. tiie line including and sunounding anything, periphery— 7?ia»rfa/, ber, paridhi, 

kuiiiat, chatutmimd — ilidla, gird, gher 
Cir cu^iileiu'nter. s. an instrinuent used in surveying for measuring angles — kond parimdpak 

astra />/.s/iei/t— fann-i-misahat men kone n.lpne ka' aid 
Cir'cunsHex. s. an accent between grave and iicnle—milita guru laghu swar gyfinpak chinha— 

us talaffuz ka nislian, ki jo na bahul zor se, na khittatse, add kiya jata hari 
Circum fluent, a. flowing round any thing— c/iatu?t/ig^ buhamdn, chakre ^rabdhak— gird bahtd 

htia, niuh.t . , [hud, muhit 

C;rcum'fluous,fl5. environing with water— ehakragamane prabdhak, beshtitajalddi—g'ud bahtd 
Circnmfu'se, va. to pour round ; to spread every way — chalurdige bydpta /c. bd dhdiiyd deon ; 

c///ji:j-/3/'t d.— gird dhalna ; charoii taraf phaiiand 
^ifcuralu sion, s. the act of spreading round ; the state of being poured round— par/^j/'/pfi, 

chaturdige bydpta kard — phailana, phaildo l^kana 

rircu'mgy'rate, i;a.ioroll or wheel xo\xnd—ghardna,pherdna, paWiyacfta/an— chdroa tarafrlhal- 
Ciicumi'tion, 5. the act of going round— pd/cc/mfc/a, chakragati, <i6ri<ti— ghiimna, chdroa 

taraf gashtk. [dspas 

Circumja'ceot, a. lying around, or near— c/iaturdi^ast/ta, ni&a/atorti— muU^sil, qarib, nazU^c, 

' 11 - , '' '"'" 


C 82, ") ciT 

Circurnloculion, 5. a circuit or compass of words — bdkjdl, bdkyabdhulya, fcafcyrframftar— tdlka- 

Ifim, gardish-i-lafzi 
Cirucmlo'culory, a. depending on circumlocution, tedious, prolix — bdkjdlamay, penchdla 

fci/iw/j/a— tnlk'alfimi, tahawili 
Ciicuniinu'ied, n.[. ..] walled rownd—frdchira beshlita, g/jerifa— ch&ron taraf divvTir se gherA 

huA, ilidta k. h. . . , ^ [wari k. 

Circumnaviga'tion, s. the act of sailing round — nauknpnlhe chntiirrlik bhraman — lii«liti par giidi- 
Circumnaviga'tor, s. one wlio sails round — naukdy chdtiir di^ bhraman kariyd berdy je ndbilf 

— wuh sliakhs ki jo kislui par gitdawari kare 
Circymrola'tion,s. tlie act oC rolling or revolving round— cliakra ^aman — ch&rou taraf ki gardish 
Ciicumscii'be, t'«7. to inclose ; to limit; to confine — heshfan, her d. simd dxyd dikdnu — gUer 

lend; hadd bdiuilinii •_ 

Circiimsciip tion, s. determination of particular form or magnitude, limitation ; boundary— stm<f, 

parjiinntii, sheah—h'ddiWaudi, sarhadd ^ ^ fkhabardar, chankas 

Circumspect, a. wary, cautious, pfudent — satarka, chankashfSdbudhdn, dniadarslii — hoshjSr, 
Circumspec'tion, s. caution, watclifulness ; general attention — sdbadhduatd, sntarkuld ; mnnojog 

— hosiiyari, kliabardari, ihtiyat; tawajjiih [cliaukas 

Ciiciimspect'ive, a. attentive, vigilant, cautious— T?7fl7?oj()^i, c/miitfls/i— mutawajjih, lio?hy!ir, 
Cir'cumspeclly, ad. watchfully, vigilantly, carefully — adbadhdvyurbak, manojogpurhuk — 

lioshytiri se, tawajjuh se, ilitiyal se [wuqd 

Circ umstance, s. condition, state; incident — dosha, abasthd, bishay ; brittdnt a— hAldit, kaifjyat j 
Circumstanced, a. [. . •] placed, situated — dashdjmnna — ek halai meij raklia g. 
Circum>tan'tial, a. accidental, casual; minute— dai^a, akasmdt ; sukhyma—nigSihiai, 

itiildqi ; mufassal 
Ciicumstan'tiate, ta. to place in particular circumstances ; to explain the particulars of any. 

\h\ng—bishesk ahasthdy rdkhaii ; bistdr kariyd brittdiila katlidn—ek hdlal men rakhnd ; 

l)ayiln-i-waqai k. 
Circumvalla'tion, s. the art or act of casting up for tifications round a besieged place ; the for- 
tification or trench so thrown up — diaturdigustha prdchir bd gar bd pagdr, gherd — chdrou 

taraf ki morchabandi 
Circumvec'tion, s. tiie act of carrying round — iange kariyd beriyd chnlarr—chAron taraf lejdni 
Circumve'nt, va. to deceive, to over reach — prahanchaud k. Ihakdna — fareb k. dhokha d. 
Circutnven'tion, s. delusion, imposition, fraud — pratdrand, clihalnnd, phnki—dhokhA, fareb 
Circumvfe'st, tvi. to cover round with a gdnmeni— chat iir dike dbrita k. hastrdchdihddita k.— 

kapia lapet d' [kuidna, ghurdiia-~\&p(i\r\A; glmmdnd 

Circumvo'lve,z;a. to roll round; to put into a circular motion— jari/ia; mandnldkdre bhmmun 
Circiimvolu'tion, s. the act of rolling round ; the state of being rolled xoMnd—bibarta, chakragati, 

phev — gardish, gumao, liptaO, peuch 
Circ'us, s. an open space or area for sports with seats round for the spectators— fnn»as/i<i dekhihdr 

ghei'aa sthdn, dkhird — gol tan,.Hshagah ki jahan girdagird tamdsha-dekhnewale baiihte haiu 
Cisalp ine, a. on the Italian side of the Alps— -'1/p ndmak parbata shrenir dakhyin disasthita--' 

Alp pahdi- ki is taraf, yane purane Rum ki taraf [ghilaf ; phore ka charayd 

Cist, s. a case ; the coat or indosure of a tumour— fc/io/, khdp i hana fphita sthdner chhdL — 
Cis'tern, s. a receptacle for w;ilei—jaldd}td.>-,jaliiku)ida, c/inubdchchd — hauz, chahbachcha 
Cit'adel, s. a castle in a city — nagarer durgn, g«,r— shahr kd qila, garh 
Ci'tal, Citation, s. reproof ; summons to appear before a court; a quotation from an author — 

bhartsuni, nilidd ; bichdrasthdiie dgamnn pittra ; koiia grantha huite grihita tipi — maldm£rt, 

jharakna, tambih ; talabnama ; kisi ki ibarat ki raql yd tatnsil 
Cite, vu. to summon to answer in court; to qnoic—bichdnthale pn.stut hioner dgydupatra 

preran ; drishldnta bdpramdn </.— jawdbdihi ke waste talabk. kisi ibdrat ko naql k. ya tamsil 

men Idnd 
Cit'ness, s. a city woman — nagaranibdsini, nag-^ri- shahr kl rahnewdli 
Cith'ern, s. a kind of ancient harp— prac/iiu kdler bind bishesh—qadim tarah ki barbit 
Cit'iscen, s. an inhabitant of a city; a tradesman; a freeman of a city — nagarbisi, ndgar ; 

bishesh nugare kray bikrayddile adhikdra prdpta — shahri ; ahl-i-pesha ; sliahr ke huquq 

Cit'rine, s. a species of pure crystal — uttam sphalik maiti bishesh — ek qism ka khalis bi'.laur 
Cit'ron, s. a large species of lemon— tri/z/T/'i /e/;a— turanj 
City, s. a large col lection of houses andiniiabitants; a town corpordiie—nagar, gawlagrdm, shahar 

— shalir ; wuh ;-hahr ki jis ke bashindoa ko apne shahr ke intizAm kd ikhtiydr iiai 
Civ'et, s. a perfume obtained from the civet cat — gandhagokutdr saurabh — zabad ; ek tarah kf 

khushbu ki jo mushkbildi se paidd hold hai 
Civ'ic, a. lelalinjj to civil life, or honours— i/mcira loker pad bdsambhram bisliayak — ahl-i-qalam 

ke kam yd izzat ke mutaaliq 
Civ il, a. pertaining to society ; kind, polite — janapadiya, sdmpraddyik, sabhya, ndgar — mulkf, 

mall, divvaui; l,amurnvvat, sdhib-i-akhlaq [aju 

Civil-law, s. the codeoflawsof ancient Home — prdchin Riim desher byabasthd—pmUnQ Rum ka 
Civil-war, s. an intestine war — swadeahiyader paraspar juddha, dpase dwandwoja, paraspar 

iun^ram— dpas ki larai, khdnajangi 
Civilian, s. [sp-riZ-ya/tJ a professor of the cilvil law ; a person employed in civil affairs as op- 
nosed 10 military— 6J(//i/g2/an, prdchin kdlin Rnmiya shdstra iettd ; mulkiomali bishay e nijuktj 

t)T/a/cti— purane Rum ke ain kd mdliir; mulki kdm ki khidmat rakhne w. 

c I r ( 83 ) c L A 

Civil'ity, s. politeness; kind treatment— s/as/i/aM,.«i6ftyaM, sftjs/i/rtc/tir— ahliyat, iqs^niyat; 

Civi'lize, va. to reclaim from savage life; to instruct in the arts of regular life — sushdsan, 

miinmhijrt d/iarmn shikhyLi diijd guairabat ashishla lohke sliish-a k. — tarbiyat k. talim k. 

slmi^ta k. • 

Civi'lized, pa. [.. .] polished, improved, cW\\—shishta, sahhya, ndzar — sh^ista, tAlim k. g. 
Cize, s. thequantiiy of" any ihins;, with regard loit>external rorm— p-'/rJma«, dndi^ — qndar, an^ISz 
Clack, s. frequent repetition of siulden sliarp sounds ; tlial which strikes and rattles— j//«7i jhan 

tfutnlliiiniti/idipunfi/ivnnahdhwani;i(ih(ilejhandlkdrsabdahay — i\\iin\i.Ar,q'\\-n-qA\ , wuh chiz 

jis se ki jliaiik^r nikalli Ian Hhankarn^ ; bak bak k. 

Clack, r». lo make a 'chinkiii? noise ; to let the toncjiie T\in—pnrbokta dhwan'i k. bar bar k.— 
Clad, pret. of clothe ; invested, covered — hnstrdchhdditn, kiparpard — pahandya h'ia, poshida 
(.'laim, s, demand of vight—nydypnirt/ianA, adhikdj-, dnoyd—dAwA, islihq^q 
Claim, va. to demand, to assert as a risjiit. — ddt/a dhivan, nt/dy prirthand fc.— d^wa k. [qfibil 
. Cla'imable, a. that which may be demanded as due— «rirf/i;/7tn//r, nr/'ij^a prdptabyn—dfiWG ke 
Cla'imant, s. one who demands any thins; a> dne—dibiddr, ddwikiri — miiddai, dawadar 
Cla'imed, j> f. [.] demanded a^i ilwQ—prdrthltn, ddoyi /:Wt«— dawa k. sj. 
Clani'l)er, i;«. to climb with dilfiouUy, as with both hands and feet— /ct.v/j/e charan hd iithnn, 

t<a/;2/aro/(a«— bilangnA, mushkil se charhnA ^ ^ [sans^lm^na k. —]A'^ah?iAnA 

Clamin, t'rt. to clos; with any glutinous matter — dlhihnt dmhya dh/d dtak k. dihdy haddhabd 
Clam'miness, s. viscidity, stickiness — dthd hhdh, drdratd — las, laslasahat, chipcliipdhat 
Clam'my, a. viscous, adhesive, glutinous — dthdla,drdra, chatchah/d—hi^dhr, laslasd, chipchipi 
Clam'our, s. great noise of voices, outcry — <roLm'il, /iiirikuri, chitkdt — shor, ghul 
Clam'orous, a. voniferous, noisy, importunate — uchckahhdihi,kalbaliyd,ghensdniyd~ghdLU^ha.i, 

slior k. w. faryAd k. w. 
Clamp, s. a piece of wood or iron to strengthen any thing ; a quantity of bricks— p/rf^r, hdtd ; 

-ishiak ra»/;t— lohe ka pattar, y^ lakri ka takhta, ki jis ko mazbiti ke waste lagdte haiu ; pajawd 
Clan, s. a family, race— /c/t/, bangiyhu, jiti — khail, barftdari, guroh [chhipjl, ^rupt 

Clanc'ular, /z. clandestine, private, hidden, obscure — aprakisJiit, g'uptn, ffopaniya — poshida, 
Ciandes'tine, a. secret, hidden, private— npra/cn's/j, supta, lukkdyita — posliida, ciiliipa, khufiya 
Claniles'tinely, ad. secretly, privately — guptabhdbe, gopane, ijra/e— chhipake, poslrdagi se, 

i'viifa se [awaz, khatikhat 

Clang, Clan'gour, Clank, s. a sharp shrill noise — karkashshabda, \hakihaki — ek kari aur nakhusli 
Clan'gous, a. making a sharp harsh sound — }k injhaniyd, jhnndlkdri — khatkhat k. w. 
Clank, V. to clatter; to make a loud shrill no\^Q—jhanjhaiidtifi — ^jhankar k. jhanjiianana 
Clap," V. to strike together; to do anything witl» a sudden hasty motion ; to applaud by clapping 

the hands — diii dribya pirasptr as;hdt k. konu karma jkatiti rilps k. karutdii diyt sdbdsi 

balan — do chizou ko baiiam zarbd. kisi kain ko jaldi ke sath k. tarif men tali bajand 
Clip, s. a sudden or unexpected motion ; striding of hands in applauding— c/aiAa ; prashan^sdr 

fc(irutri/i— khatka ; t^rjfki tali 
Clap'per,s. he that claps with his hand in applauding ; the tongue of a bell — hdtbdjaniyd, 
■ kariitdliddld ; gfianld^- lolak bd nii«Huri— karialiya, tAl d. w. gtiante ka latkan [zajr k. 

Clap'perclavv, va. to scold, to tongue-beat, to chide— tirusfcar fc.tarjan, dhamkina — ^jharakn4, 
Cla'tenceux, or Cla'rencieux, s. [. . shu] the second king at arms who marshals the inferior nobi- 
lity — dwiliyashastrardj ei riip khyata maiinjuddlid o sliastrabitbishesh — Mirtuzzuk ka ndib 
Cla'ret, s. a French wine of a clear pale red colour — rakt'undbarna Phrdiis deshiya madird, 

hiihcsh — Fransisi lal shar^b [khalis k^ 

Clarifica'tion, s. the act of pmify m^f-^mald hi gdd kdtnyi, ptrishkdr kriyd — mail katna, saf k. 
Clar'ify, va. to make clear, to purify — par'ulikdr k.gdd kdlun—sAi k. mailcharifna [karnd ,turai 
Clar'ion, s. [k/are-r/«n] a trumpet ; a martial wind imtrnment—turi, bhoranga, ranasing/id-^ 
Clar'ilude, Clar'ity, s. brightness, splendour — prahhd, shobkd — chamak, tab 
Cla'ro Obscure, s. the art of distributing lights and shades in painting — ch'itra karane dipti o 

chhiyd ubhaye uchita mat diyd rang purnn bidyd — taswir meQ dhiip chhaya dene ki sanaat 
Clash, u. to maue a noise by mutual collision ; to jppose ; to vvrangle — pir^mpar dghdt dwdrd 

sabda k. blparitk. biddnnbid k. — khalkhaiana; hat ya zidd k. jhagarnA [takkar ; muqabila 
Clash, s. a meeting of bodies with violence ; opposition — diubaatur paraspar dghit; baiparituwa — 
Clasp, vt. to shut with a clasp ; to embrace, hug ; to inclose — dliagau ; kotdkolik. pdkarnn — 

band k, ankii se gale lagna, pakar 1. [ankri ; baghalgiri 

Clasp, s. a hook to liold any tiling close ; embrace — dnkard, dnknri > kole karun—b^aA karne kd 
Clasp er, s. he that embraces ; the tendrils of creeping plants, by" which they cling tor support— - 

dlingankdri ; /'ftarcitaj-s/fa/a— baghalgirh. w. belouki shakhen jo daraklitonmen lipat jatehaia 
Class, Ufi. to arrange in a class, or order — shrenihaddha k. pankti kariyd rdkhau, jdti bishesh 

krame rdkhan — tartib men rakhna, qism ba qisro rakhna 
Class, Class'is, s. a rank, order, degree — barg'r, shreni, pankii, /cmw^-darja, tj&ya, martaba 
Class'ic, author of the first rank— prac//ii/i pandit, uttam graathak:in—>iv/wii\ darje kd 

Cl3ss'ical,a. pertaintng to authors of the first rank — uttania grajithaknrtdr samb'indhiya—^w\va.\ 

darje ke rausannifou ka mutaalliq (aspashta dhwani — kharkhardhat 

Clat^ter, s. a confused rattling noise— jJmn j/ian, khar khar ityddi shabda, chenchd chenchi, 
Clat'ter, v. to make a confused noise by striking bodies together — purbokta shabda k. goimdlk. 

— kharkharana, thakthakAnd [a'pxirita kithd ; niyam ; r/up/ia— fiqra, juinla ; shart ; data 
Clause, s. a sentence or part of a sentence ; a particular stipulation ; article, item— bdkj/angsha 

C L A ( 84 ) C L I 

Clau 'sure, s. [,2ft?zr«] confinement, the act of shutting— l-flerf, dlaJt, baddha kritjd—qnid, hahs 
Claw, s. a hooked nail of a beast or fowl, the pincers of a shell-fish— pas/ju pakhyddir nakh bd 

thdbd, dnrd — nakhun, chaiigul, panja 
Claw, va. to tear wilh the claws, to scratch — nakhdghdt k. duc/iaran—nochiiCi, kharochnS, 

panje mdrna ' [pindol 

Cl.iy, s. a species of unc-tuous and tenacious earth— a//in/awo/i, donns mdti, k/idd—chikxii initti, 
Clay-cold, a. cold as unanimated earth, lifeless, dead — pankabat shital, nirjib, mj-jfa— mitli kl 

manind fhandlia, bejan, murda 
Clean, n. free from dirt, neat, pure, innocent— Jij'rmfl/, parishkrita, nishpdps&f, ujla, pdkfza, 

nirmal, pak, tiihir 
Clean, va. to free from dirt, to purify — parhhhir k.shuddha k.—sAHi. plk k. 
Clean, «f/. quite, perfecily, fully, ein\re\y—saibatobhdhe,suuipHrna rupe— l)ilkul,kamri1,tamiimtar 
Cleanliness, Cle'anness, s. freedom from dirt, neatness, punly—parnkritatica, pdripdtya, shu- 

chitwa—sdilRi, pakizagi 
Clean'ly, n. free fiorn diit, neat, nice, pure — nirmal, pnriskdr, parijdli—s-'d, njl^, pAV, tdhir 
Cleanse, va. to free from irapuritiLS, to purify from guih—pariikdr k. niidoah /c— saf k. pAk k. 

tahir k. • 
Clear, ad. quite, completely— Jii/isfljjc/e/ie, sdmyukprakdre—sAf, sarihan, bilkul 
Clear, V. to free from obscurity, to cleanse, to vindicate; to remove any encumbrance— parisAfcar 

bd n'ljival k. pabitra k. Jiiniikanluk k.—iiih\v k. yAVk. mnljaria k. di'ir k.utliAd. 
Clear, «. bright, transparent, perspicacious ; pure ; evidenr, obvious ; vacant; unentingled ; free, 

acute, innocent— »/ym';/, shuddha, pharsd; spaahtu ; khdli; adushya — saf, shaflaf, salis ; p&k ; 

z^hir ; kliAli; khulasa ; azad 
Crear'ance, s. a certificate that a ship has been cleared at the c\xs\.om-\\o\\?,e—raoydnd,chhdrchHi 

—parniit ki nikrisi ki cliittlii [pilk k. w. vojiian'k. w. 

Clear'er, s. brightener, purifier, enlightener— paWs/(fc.'ij-a/f, nirmalkdri, vijwulkdri—sAi k. w, 
Clear'ly, ad. plainly, evidently, brightly — spaslilariipe,nhhkarslia, pvakdsh riipe, ttjjal rnpe — 

saf, yaiiir, sarihan, chamak se ^ fshaftali, salai, ujldi 

Clear'ness, s. transparency ; distinctness ; fairness ; brightness — swachchhatd, spashhttd, shobhd — 
Clear-sighted, rt. quic'c to discern, judicious— afc/;y?i« huddhi, su6<6ec//a/c— teznnzar, dnrandesh 
Clear'stareh, va. to stiffen with starch— /cr/pore mar .-/^on— -kalap k. ['ipta rahna ; cliitnd 

Cleave, ^;. to adhere, to stick ; to split, divide — cbdpiyd Lagan; cherun, plidtun — laga rahnd, 
Cle'aver, s. a butcher's instrument to cut animals into joints — mnnrsakdui /fa/an— kasai ki kul- 

hari, bughda' [musiqi ka wuh nishan ki jis se sur malum liowe 

Clef, s. [klif] a character to show the tone or key in m\\s\c— git shdstre chinha bhhesh — \\n\-\ 
Cleft, s. }« ciack, a crevice ; pa. pass, parted, divided asunder — phdk,p/idtd, bidinui ; dui khanda 

/c;-,— darAr, darz; dotukie k. g. • 
Clem'ency, s. mercy ; mildness 0. temper; kindness — nhingsd ; dayd — rahm ; mulfiimat ; shafqat 
C'lem'ent, a. mild, kind, meiciful — mridu, khyamdbdn, daydlu—rdUiw, rahmdil 
Clench, va. to hold in the shut hand ; to fasten a nail by bending down the end of it— mushfils 

dharun, inuilid kariyddhurn, muihd bdndhun i preker dgd muruii — muththi men pakarud; 

kil kti rauuh jnorna - 

Clepe, va. to call, to name — ddkan, nam, k. — bulanA, nfim 1. [s'larf 

Clepsy'dra, s. an instrument to measure time by the running of water— jalaghatikd — ps^ni kl 
Cler'gy, s. llie body of ministers of the gospel — Khrishtadhurmopadeshak, padri — p-a.{.\n lo^ 
Clergyman, s. a person in holy orders, a m\n\^l^r- dharmopadesbak, purchit—pAdri 
Clerical, fl. relating to the clergy ; a man in oriie\s—dharmopadesUuksumbundhiya; pddri — 

padrionka mutaalliq; padri 
Clerk, s. [/c/a»fc] a cleigyman; a scholar; a writer; the person who reads the responses in the 

church to diiect therest — dharmopadeshak i bidydn ; lekhak ; srijate pdlhnk bishesh—psidn; 

61im ; muharrir; wuh shakhs kijo girje meii jamaat ke age parhtajata hai 
•Clerk'ship, s. scholarship; thebusiuess of a clerk — giinnpund, pdtlmkativa ;lekhaker bd-dharm- 

opadestiukerpad—l'dLZildt, muharrir yA peshnamaz ka kain [niustaidd, zafanun, hoshyjif 

Clev'er, a. dexterous, ready — childk, nipriii, pdrag, prastuta, satarka, giiiinhdn^chvLiak, 
Cleverness, s. skill, dexterity — chatuvatd, pdmgatd, uaiputmyu—c\\(\\ik\, hoshyari 
Clew, s. a ball of thread; a guide, liecause men direct themselves by a clue of thread in a 

labyrinth; the lower corner of a sail — suirer gulikd bd lali; patha deklidna ; pdlir nichastha 

fcona— sutkipechak ; rahnum^i, .kyiinki pechdar lah se siit ki pechak ke wasile se guzar 

karie haiii ; badbAn ke niche ka kona 
Clew, va. to raise up a sail to the y^ivd—natikdr pal guldna bd jardna—hndhAn lapetnd 
Click, vii. to make a small sharj) successive noisa-' chinch 'm sh a bd a ka run — khat khatk. 
Click'et, s. the knocker of a door— dmire ghdmdianerhdtari /^js/ies//— dastak dene ki hathaurl 
Client, s. liie employer of a lawyer— Jt/cj7 (i/irt';a/c— muwakkil, munib 
CIifF or Chit, s. a steep broken rock, a precipice ; a chaiacler in mn&ic—bhrigu, druri ; gitshdsire 

chinha bishesh—u\\e yahar ka paldti ; ilin-i-inns.'qika ek nisharj 
Cliniac'ter, s. a progression of years, supposed to end in a critical and dangerous period — je 

kayek batsa'^-e shdririk bailakhyanya bd bhdhdntar hay, sei sei — badayAm, nuhnsat kk din 
Climacteric, s. a critical period of hi'Q—shdririU b/iabdntar kdrak bi stic/ta /c fcaZ-ziudagi kd 

khatarnak ayam 
Cli'mate. Clime, s. a region or tract of land, differing from finother by the condition of the 

a.\t—deshabhed, jalabdtdser itara bishesh hay je sthdne bd deshe, desh—kisi raulk ki ab-o-kawd 

ki kaifiyat, iqlim , 

CL^ { B5 ) CLO 

Cli'max, s. gradation; ascent; a figure in rhetoric by which the sentence rises Rradiialljr-- 

kramasJi; chardu ; uttarottar bdkyabridditi —dnrjii badarjii ; cliarh^o ; ilm-i-fasaliatk^ ek q^iida 

ki jis se batadrij jumla kamil ho jatA liai, jaise ki "main sunta hiiu, dekhid huu, balki 

samajiita huij', 

Climb, va. to ascend any place— aro/ia 7j k. cAara/j— charhn^, bilangn^ 

Cli'mb«ir, s. one that niounls or scales any place or thing ; a creeping' plant — chardk, udga- 

manhartd] lata, latikd — charhne w.^beld 
Clinch, va. to gripe; to fasten a nad by bending ia the end of it; to confirm, to fix— 
ntutlidte dharaii, malhd bdndhan ; yvekerdgd muran; drirha fc.— mutiilhi ineu pakarna ; kll 
ku niiiul» iiioriia ; mazbiit k, 
Cliiicli, i. a woid used in a double meaning ; that part of the cable which is fastened to the 
ring of tlie anclior— t/«t fu'tliu hay je snbde ; naiignrer snhit dardr ■)e gero deoyd lhdke~^ 
doiuani ka lafz; rassi kct wuli lukra ki joiangar ke halqe mea baiuUift jata liai 
Clinclier, s. a lioiJ fast, a cramp — handkiiii, patur, dkarshani — lobe ka qabza [pechida h. 
Cling, vn. to bung upon by twining round ; to adbere — dnkariyd Ldgan, juriyd ldgan-~-\\ p^n&, 
Clin ic, s. a peison confined in be \—s/injy igata roni— sabib-i-hrasb 
Clia ical, a. relating to a bed— sr/t/t aliujydgntu, atij)lrita — hhtar ka mutnalliq 
Clink, xJii. to make a sharp iuteriupted suund, to jingle — tanlan jhanjhan ityddi shabda /c— 
'. jhanjhanana, jhankarua 

Clmlier, s. a paving bric'< ; bad cinrlers— j/iima ; ap'krishfa a7i!rdr—}h(imA ; kharab koel4 
Clin'qnant, a. sliinifig with embroidery and spangle> — mit/ti/d shobhd /c-t/i— beasl zinat r. w. 
Clip", va. to cut oft as with scissors, to curtail— c/i/ta/a«, kartan, kharba k. nyuii k. — katamS,, 

tnraslina, ghat ana 
Clip'per, s. one who clips, or diminishes by cutting — kartanakaviyd,iiyiin kdrah — tardshne w. 
Clip'ping, s. the part cut or clipped off~clthdl, khunda — Icataran, chiidat 
Cloak, va. to hide ; to cover with' a cloak ; to conceal — bastrete dhdkan, gnptakaran, ckhdpdna 

— labade se dhampnci ; chipana 
Cloak, s. the outer garment ; a cover, a blind — kurti, uttariya, angardkhd bishesh ; chhal, 

c/j/at(rt— fargliul, hlidda ; parda, bahrina 

Clock, s. a lime ^jece ; a beetle ; ornament of a stocking — bara ghari, ghalikd jantra ; gohare- 

poki; //(oja'c ];/(((/— ghari, saat ; gubrila ; .ooze ka phnl _ [k6l 

Clock'woi k, s. machinery or movement of a clock — gharir kal, ghnrir kramashah g-ati— ghari ka 

Clod. s. a lump of earth ; dull, gross stupid fellow — inritpiuda,'loshtra ; miirkha — dhela, dhima, 

kuldkh ; ahmaq, nadan, 
Clodpate, Clod'pole, s. a stupid, ignorant, low fellow— fcofca, sthulabuddhi—a.\\mzq, nadSn, 

Clog, s. a load ; an obstruction; a kind of thick or wooden shoe— bojhd ; by dghdt, bddhd ; 

khuram — bojh ; rok, aikao, harj ; kharanw 
Clog", t'. to encumber, obsti uct — dUik k. rosluni — atkana, rokna 

Clois'ler, s. a place of religious retiiement, a nunnery or monastery; a piazza— f//iarwffs/ja/i 
biihssli, addiinnder dshray , math, ekatfiblnUu bairdgi hd bairdgiiiider birala bdsast/uin i dbrita 
if/ut/t— abidouke rahne ki jagah ; chhatd^r rasta, chhatta 
Cloister, va. to shut up in a religious house, to confine — dharmashdldy rdkhan bd baddha A-.— 

dbidoii ke ghar men band k. qaid k. 
Close, V. to sliut, to lay together ; to conclude — baddha bd ruddJia k. juriyd d; mudita k. shesh 

bdsainupta /f.— band k. paiwand k. khatm k. 
Close, s. any thing shut ; a small inclosed held ; the time of shutting up ; a grapple in wrestling; 
pause;, a conclusion — hnddlia bd mudritu drubya ; gheritakhyelva, berdhuddhu hhumiklninda ; 
banda liaribdr samay ; kiisli knrun ; bii'dm ; samdpti~koi bandhi hui chiz ; ihata kiya huA 
khet; band karne ka vvaqt ; pahalwanou ki awekht ; ek vvaqf ; khatm 
Close, a. shut fast; confined; compact ; near to; reserved ; covetous; cloudy — haddka,mndrita ; 
bind, gherita, dtkdiia i nireL ; nikaibnrti; bhitnrubiidhe ; byayakuitthitu ; ghcr — band, 
munda; mahsdr; tlios ; paiwasta; niuhlat, bakhil ; habsi 
Close-bodied, a. [...] silling close to the body— a«^e Ihik Idgeje bastra, kasha kdpar—hadan 

se niila hua, chust 
Closely, ad. in a close state or manner; attentively; secretly — dntdntpe, kdchhdkdchhi, 

drirliamaie,miinnjog piirbak; gnpturnpe — fandtarahse; tawajjuhse; poshulagi se 
Clo'seness,s. the state ot being shut ; compactness ; nearness; privacy — djiidbasthd ; aprnshastatd, 

san/ciriiatd ; sanglngnatd ; jn'/ja/wia- basiagi ; paiwustagi ; poshidagi 
Clos'et.s. a private apartment — gitptdgnr, nibkntu kaUuiri — khalwalkhana 
Clos'et, va. to shut up in privacy ; to take into a closet for a secret interview— w/rif/nc baddha 
k. gopane sakhydtdithe aiitarakuiharite laiyd jdon — poshidagi nieii baud k. kbutiya mulaqat 
ke liye kbalwatkhane men le jana 
Clo'suie, s. a closing, inclosuie— ^//eran, beshlankard, berita sthdn — ihata, gher , , , • 

Clot' , r«. to concrete ; to form into a [\xmp—basun, ghanu h. pindibhuta h.—}a.mnu.]Ui9.ik& 

Clot, s. a concretion, a lump — gdrha, pinda — 4nthi, thakk^ 
Cloth, s. any thing worn for dress or coveiing' whether of animal or vegetable substance ; a 

covering tor a table — bastra, kdpur ; inejer chddar — kapra, plrcha ; dastarkhap 
Clothe, m. to invest with garments, to dress— 6as«/-a parldhdn kardna,:parichhad diyd ihobhita 

k. beshbhuskan /c— kapra pahn^na 
Clo'thier, s. a maker of doth— kdpariyd, t(iuti,btistra buneje — ^juldhd, koli 

C L ( 86 ) C A 

Clothing, Cloaths, Clothes, s. garments, dress— -fcasfra, paridheya, parichhad-'kapxe, posh4k, 

Cloud, s. a dark collection of vapors in the air; any state of obscurity ; any thing that spreads 

\v'u\e—megh. jdladkar, bddal iyhor, andhakdiatwu ; samu/iata —abr, bidal ; tSriki, andlierd; 

Cloud, va. to darken with clouds, to obscure— ffi2j/'icJt/ja«?ttt k. andhakdr /{.— abr se tSrilc k. 

andlieia k. 
Cloud^capt, pa. topped with c\oni\?,--me%luishritn, me^/iu.brita^z.\)r se chonti ki taraf chhipS hui 
ClouJ'less, a. free from clouds, clear — im^hihunya, pharasd — beabr, sdf. khula liua 
Clouil'y, a. full of clouds; obscure ; gloomy of look — me^hdia i andkakir ; ghor — ghanghor, 

gherfi hiifi ; andlierft : siyalmi [lahsan ki putlil 

, Clove, s. an aromatic spice; a division of garlick — labmira ; rasnner kosh — laung, qirnaful ; 
Clo'ven, pa. cleft, divided, separated— c/iem, bidirna, phald, />i6/ii«na— shig^fta, cliirJi liuil, 

khuriddr ^ [tarfij 

Clo'ver, s. a species of grass, called trefoil or three leaved— tczpitrafc ghds ftis/ics/i— tipatiyfi gliii, 
Clo'vered, [. .] covered willi clover— at ghds i/>r/£(t— tipatiya ghas se chhipa lida 
C lough, s. [klow] a clifFin a hill — parbuter Iciikar ha vhdit — pahark^ tut.i hda pahlii 
Clout, s. a cloth for auy mean use; patcii; plateof irou— ^efcant; fa/z ; paiar— latta,siifi;-paiwand^ 

jor ; lolie kd pattar 
Clou't§d, pa. congealed, coagulated— g/w«iS'i?Ua, busi, girha — jama hiia, thakkA lida 
Clown, s. a rustic, a lude unpolished person — chdahd, gonydr, miirlia Zj-'c— gauwar, hetamir, 

natarashida admi " [angarh 

Clovvnisli, a. rude, rustic, clumpy, ill-bred — asuhhyi, gdn'njd, ashishta,apatn — gaQwar, bitamiz, 
Cloy, va. to satiate, to glut— p(irjir/p£a k. aparimi'tu dJidr k.—:^eT k. ciihakana [natiia hosakta hai 
Cloy'les>, a. that which cannot surfeit, or glxit^utriptikdri , parimita — vvui» chiz ki jisse admi ser 
Cloy'ment, s. satiety, repletion beyond appetite — khjanaibrilti, tripti, lobkdtinkta bhojan — 

seri, chhakawat 
Club, s. a heavy stick ; an association of people for any object — t/isngd^ gadd ; kona kamdrthe 

swnbhd — sonta; majlis ki jo kisi kam ke waste hui karti hai [hissarasad d. 

Club^', t;n. to contribute to a common expense in settled proportions — chdndd d'lyd byay k. — 
Club'law, s. regulation by force — pvabaiukartrih n'ujam — zabardasti ki hukdmat [ivamra 

Club'room, i. a room in which a club or company meets — baithnk^kar, sT.hkdsthdn — majlis kS 
duck, y. to make a hoise, as a hen calling her chickens— /cit/c/cua' dkwani k. murgir awart 

ddkan — kutkut k. murghi ki tarah kutkutana 
CUunps, s. a stupid fellow — bokd, stkulabuddi, murha — ahmaq, murakh 
Clumsi'ness, s.- heaviness of motion, awkwardness — dtidyipaad, mandagati, apatufira- bad- 

wazai, beclhangapan 
Clum'sy, a. awkward, unhandy, heavy — dndri, apalu, akhyipra — besaliqa, betamiz, bedhanga 
Clung, pret. and p. of fc cling, hold fast upon— u. wasted— su/t^-^aofua-a. sliuika, krUka, klishla 

— ■chipiaya hu6 — a. murjhaya hua 
Clus'ter, s. a bunch, a nuin"ber of things of the same kind growing or joined together — kdndi, 

jitdr, thobd,guchchlid, samuha — khosha, ghuncha, guctichh:i, ghaur, jamao, ghol 
Clutcli, s. a trnpe, grasp, seizure — inkard, dkard, liasta^^ata karaa — girifl, pakar, qabz 
Clutch, Vft. to hold in the hand, to gripe, to grasp — hate dkaraii, dnkariyd dharan-^mnxhihi 

meii pakauia, qabze men lena, gahua [hang.lraa 

Clut'ter, s. a noise, a bustle, a tumult — dhumdhdm, golmdl, chenchdchenchi — sbor, ghul, 
Clys'ter, s. an injection for cleansing the lower bowels — bishesh nal dwdrd gajkya diyd bheduh 

ausJiudhprakhyep,pichkdri karma — huqna [k. 

Coa cervate, va. to iieap up togethei ; to ddd—rdshibhuta k. sannhay k. — ambar k, dher k. jama 
Coach, s. a four wheeled carriage for pleasure or state — chdri chakrer g-arifeii/iei/*- chSr pahiye 

ki gari [k. 

Coa'ct, vn. to act together or in concert — ekatra haiyd karmak. bd chdtdna — muttafiqhokek^m 
Coac'tion, s. compulsion, force — atydchdr, batdtkir — zor, zabardasti 
Coact'ive, a. Iiaving the power of compulsion ; acting in concurrence — prabal, swechchhdmat 

damankdn i aikya haiyd karma kaveje- zdibdivdzst; milke k:un k. w. 
Coadju'iant, j. helping; co-operating — paraspar anukul bd sahdyi — xiadadgir, h^mi. 
Coadjutor, rf. a fellow-helper ; an associate ; one engaged in the assistance of analber— sa/i'fy, 

«j;a/c<'i/-u^, AVi/ta/ca/-i— madadgar, muin, hami _ .^ [chiptau4 

Coagmeiit, va. to congregate; to cement— /vis/i/ k. sanglagna k.juriyd d. — dhef k. jamak. 
Coagulate, rw. to force into concretions— 1;«. to run into concretions— oasrina, gdrhu k.—vn. 

busaii,gurha /t.— jamana, munjamid k.—vn. jamna, munjamid h. 
Coagula'lion, a- the act of cur»lliiig — basan, ghana bd gdrha haoyd — ^jam&waf, injim^d 
Coal, s. the common fossil fuel ; charcoal— prU/iure Wi/a/a ; /ca^/aLi, po_r<i /crtVt^/ta— paththar 

k.l koeld ; koela [paththar ke koele ki kda 

Coal'ery, s. a mine from whence coals are obtained — pdlhure kayalir dkar, tadutputti alhdn — 
Coale'sce, vn- to unite in masses hy a spontaneous approximation to each Other— stt/io^/u.^ua h. 

saugjukta h. miliyd jdoa — milna, paiwasta h. 
Coales'cence, s. the act of uniting, union— ian^-jo', mil — mel, paiwastagi 

Coali'tion, s. union o( persons, conioAevSiCy— uiky imat, ekbdkyatd-^iiiuAq, mel ^ [mdnind 
Co'aiy, «. containing coal, like coal— i-a>/a/ri paripurna, kayaldr mflta— koeldamez, koele ki 
Coapta'tion, s. the adjustment of parts to each other— 6aA« angsha ekatra k. bd nw/a/ja— chizon 

ko cau&Hq k. 

C A ( 87 ) COD 

Coa'ret, to. to straighten, confine, press — sthdner alpatdy bddhitak.atkiina, ehdpan— tannic. 

band k. (labAna . [tara-shida, durusht, kajakhliSq 

Coarse, a. gross, rude, rous^h, ineletvant — motd, ndham, nndri, asnbhyn, anntUim — moiil, tiA- 
Coarse'ness, s. E;rossne5S, ruileness, roughness— wo/a/, slhuiatd, sddhdran, aiubJnjatd — motili, 
, tnotApan, kajkhulqi, (luru^hti 

Coast, s. margin or border of land next the sea — samndra tir fia rf//ar— samundar VA kinSra, pfihil 
Coast, vn. to sail close by the shore — kiiidrd diyd naukd bdhan, kjilekule bdhiydjdon — kishti ko 

kiuare kinare lejand 
Co'asting, s. sailing near land— rf/iarerfftrtrg naukd c/m/i— kishff kd kinftre kinftre jAnA 
Coat, s. the upper garment ; a covering — kurti, purusher an^avakhd, gdtrdburan , chhdl, chhol 
— kiirii i pliilkf \nk; dam d. 

Coax, I' flatter ; to humour ; entice — j.huildna ; bhniina ; lobh d'eWm'na— pKuslan't ; bulila. 
Co'l)ah. s. a mineral of a reddish stray color, used for givintr a blue color to glass, enamel, 

procelain, Sjc. — kdnchddir vil barna kdrak dhdtu bishesk—ek dhdl kJ qism ki 

shif^he \v, g. ,',ar lang karte haia ^ ^ flankn* 

Cob'ble, vu. to mend coarsely, or clumsily — tdli Idgdna, kdnchd karma k. mernm^t k. — ganthriS, 

Cob'bler, s, a mender of shoes ; a bun2;ler— niwc/u, yurdtan cliarmapddukdr tdli deoniyd ; dndri 

— chamar.jula l4nkne w. besaliqashakhs [quisrn 

Cob'cal, s. a ladies' sandal worn in tlie Kast — striloher pddiikd bishesh— kharaiiw ki ek 
Cobiron, s. an iron with a head or knob — niandaldkviti mdthd bishinhla lauhar d«/tJa— lohe ke 

dse ki ek qism 
Cob swan, s. the bead or leading swan — pradhdn bd agragdmi hangsa ?vy— wub rdjhans ki j 

sab se age urta j^lil liai 
CoS'weh. .S-. a spider's weh—mdkarsdr jdl — makri kS jald [es/i— qirmiz, kirmddna, 

Cochine'al, s. an insect used in dyeing scarlet — krlmiddnd, uttam raktimdbarnotpudak kit bish' 
Cock, vn. to set upright ; to cock a gun ; to raise hay in small heaps— Hn'ri k. banduker kal 

tdnuti ; ghdser ahibi k.~sidh&, khaia k. bandiiq ka ghora chaihAna; kati huighaski dheri 

Cock, s. the male to the hen ; the male of any small birds ; a spout to let out water at will ; the 

part of the lock of a guu that strikes with the flint ;a loader ; a small heap of hay — kn/rurd, 

Kukhit ; je kona pung pakhyi ; jal nirgiita Jiaibdr md ; banduker ghord kal ,'pradhdu ; ghdser 

dbibi—nnngh ; chijiyoii ka nar; pan! nikalue ki tonii ; bandixq ka ghoiA ; peshwa j kati luu 

ghfii ki (Uieri 
Cocka de, s. a ribbon, or knot of ribbon, worn in the bat to distinguish followers — tupir phttd- 

phul bishesh—iUe ka tukra ya phul ki jisko pahchanr.e ke waste topi meu lagale haia [lahtil 
Cock'ahoop, ad. in high mirth and jolity, exuhin^—atydUidde bd sdnande plnUita — kliushi se phii- 
Cock'atrice, s. a serpent fancifully supposed to rise from a cock's egg— s«/pu bisliesfi, idhd murgir 

(limba middha haite nirguta hai, ei riip bydkta dchlie—ek Gamp ki qism ki jis ko farz kaite hain 

ki murgh ke ande se nikalia hai [niamat se palna 

Cock'er, fondle, indulge, pamper — koldkoUk. poshan toihan, sohd g k.—p\ysLV k. ivkz o 
Cocker, s. one who handles or tights cocks — kukkut krird kdrak, kukkut Uirdk — murghbaz 
Cock'erel.s. a young cock— juLd kukkut, kukkut ihdbuk — murg ka pattha, chuza ( [chilihi, rawana 
Cock'et, s. a ticket or pass from the custom house— parmrer chhdrcliili — parmit ki riikasi ki 
Cock'iiorse. a. on hccseback, triumphant, exulting — ashwdrohi,jayi, dnand'cta — sawar, faiahyab, 

CocVing, Cock'fight, s, a fight of cocks— /cufc/ut/ lardi bd juddha—m\ivg\\ ki lar.4i 
Coc'kle, s. a genus of shell tisn — jhinuk, A//a/tt?t'c— giionglia 
Coc'kle, va. to contract i\»to wiinkles like the cockle-shell— s^am«/cer nydy mukh mundan, 

sankock /c.— ghonghe ki tarah pechdar li. j. 
Coc'klestairs, s. winding or spiral stairs — piksinri — pechdar siihl 
Cock loft, s. a room over the garret, in which fowls are su[)i)Ose'i to roost — griher sarlwparistha 

kulh'iri, chile ghar—Utiweli ke upar ka darja ki jia meo murgh w. g. baseia karte liaiu 
Cock match, s. a cock-fight ior a prize — kukkut juddlier karhambandhiya /Jte/a— murffhuu ki 

shart badi luii larai 
Cockney, s. a contemptuous name for a native of London ; an efliminate ignorant citizen—'/an nasnriya loker glirindrtha ndtn ; bhita o murkha uagar frrfsi— Landanwalojii 1^^ khiffat 

fcAnam; koibudajahilsliahri 
Cock pit, s. a place where cocks fight ; a place on the lower deck of a man of war— tt/fc'ctt/ jizd- 

dht bd kheldr sthin ; juddha jdhdjer sthdn bi&hesh — pali, y&ne murghou ki laine ki jagah ; 

jangi jahaz ke niche ke darje ki ek jagah 
Co'ck's-comb, s. the comb of acock; a plant— fc«H-w,/er s/tife/m, tadbat p/iuler brikhya bishseh 

—murgh ka kes, t4j ; phiil kk nam, yane taj-i-khuriis 
Cocksure, a. quite sure, very confident, (a word of contempt)— ni^.sararfj>rf////, ni/isandeha ; tuch- 

ch/iirthak shabda—ymqin k. w. (yih lafz khayal-i-kham k. w. ke khafjf karue ke waste 

boite hain) [darakht 

Co'coa, s. jfeo-fcrt] a species of palm-tree producing a large nut—nirikel orifc/iT/rt— naiiyal k.i 
Coc'tion, s. the acX of boiling ; digestioQ— pdfc kard, siddha kamn, anuapdk ; jirjj;/i— josh, ub<il; 

hazm, pachao [/c//os4— samundar ki raachhli ki ek qism ; phalf 

Cod, s. a sea fish ; any case or husk in which seeds are lodged— samudriya mitsya bijiesk ; 
Code, s. a collection of \diw&—byabasthd sarighitd, rdjnitishdstra sangraha — ainou ka niajmua 
Cod icil, s. a supplement to a will — ddnpatrer kror patra,m.umurshu patre upa//7c/iau— wasiyat- 

u4me kd tatimma 

COD • { 89 J COH 

Codi'lle, 5. {.dill a term in playing at ombre when the game is won — tds hheldr sangrji biiJieih-^ 

f4sb4zl k\ ek islilali 
Codle, Cod'dle, va. to parboil, to soften by the heat of water— ard/i i siddha k. mandapik k. — 

nimjosh k. adhpakak. 
Cod'liiis, s. a youni; cod ; a specie^ of apple— /;is/ies/i matsyer chhd ; bishssh seb phal—kad 

machhli V.A baclicha ; seb ki ek qism 
Coefficacy, Coeffi'ciency, s. the power of several tliins;sactin:? together ,to produce an effect— 

ekalribkuta haAtnder shakti—ek alii asar k. w. cliizoii ka zor 
Coemp'tion, s. the act of buying up the whole quantity of anything — Icona drabyer samuday 

knty /caj<j/i— kisi jin* ko sab kharid kur 1. [mariaba, inusawi 

Coe'qual, a. beiiisj of the same rank or ilignity—«ffi///<T, e'r pardkram bd imrjyddd—\y,\m' 
Coerce, va. to restrain, to keep in order by force— t/az/ia/i, nibdrun k. jahdu k.—zer k. zabt 

nieii iaiia ^ , , . [ki n'l se zil)t, ro'c, jjibr 

Coer'fion, s. penal restraint; checV, compulsion— rfan'-ZafZioim jabda bddluk, baldtkdr — sijasat 
Coercive, a. servinaj to restrain — hddhuk, pvntirodltak — rckne w. zer k. w. 
Coessen'tial, a. participating of the same essence — S'lmabastu, s'/fnv/6/(a6— hamjins 
Coeta'neous, a. of tlie same ai^ewitli another — samabuyuska, ek /.vi/e/-— liamjoli, hamumr 
Coeier'nal, a. equally eternal with dLaoiiicr—si<naiiitija,7U(ijak:'Udbudki swa swa tuLija—ha.m- 

daimi, hamabadi 
Coe'vfil, .s. a contemporary, of the same age — ek stmnyer, samahayaska — hamwaqt, hamasr 
Coe'val, Coe'vous, a. beingof the same a'jje — stmabnyasi, samakdinjn — hamjoli, hauiumr, hanisinn 
Coext'st, vn. to exist together — ek kile jihita haon — hamvvaqt h. ek waqt men rahna 
Coexist'ent, a. existing at the same time witli anotlier — sanuikilajibi, ekkilina — hamwaqt h. \v. 
Coffee, $. the berry of a tree much used in the form of an infusion, as an agieeable beverage — 

phul bhhcih, kdnyd. siddha kioyirjmh — qaliwa, bun 
Cof'fee-liouse, s. a house of entertainment where coflTee is sold and the s;uest3 are supplied with 

newspapers — shiddhakdoydr dokdn ebiin°;$ekhdne 'iamdchdr patva pdt/idrthe thnke — qaluva- 

kliani ki jis men khabar ka k^ghaz bhi paiha jae [ka sanduq 

Coffer, s. a chest for keeping money — k/iijdnd hi tdkir sinduk^ dhanddhdr — khazaiia raklme 
Cofferer, s. a principal court officer — rdj kavmddhyakhya bishesh — Inglistau ke badshah ke dar- 

b.'ir ka muazzaz uhdadar 
Coffin, s. the box or chest in which dead bodies are put into the ground— marar sinduk, shabd- 

dhdr — wuli sanduq ki jis men nuirde ko rakhke dafaii kaiie hain, kafn 
Cog", t). to flatter, or sooth by adulatory speeches; to ched^i—pkusldna, bhuldna ; pratdrani 

/c.— chail isi k. charbzabani se lazi k. fareb d. 
Cog, s. tlie tooth of a wheel by which it acts upon another wheel — chakrddir dint bdpiki 

j'ikdte aiiyn chakra ^/turc— chakkar kh dandana ki jissediisre chakkar ko harakat lioti iiai 
Co'gency, A. force, strength, power of compelling— p/vzia/af.i, pardkram, jor, a/iakti — zor, qi- 

wat, isliqiar ^ 

Co'gent, a. forcible, strong, adapted to convince — sapramiu, prabal, sandeliabhanjak^q^iwi, 

ustuwar, istiqiar ke Uiq 
Cogita'tion, s. thouglit, act of thin'cing — dhydn, bibechani, bhdbuni—fikr, sonch, khayAl 
Cog'nate, a. born together, reiiiiad— nab a) dt'i,swy it iy a, iw/ijan— hamjins, hamnisbat 
Cogna'tion, s. kin bed, relation— i;/'n/)ar/:a, siinp'irkiyutwa, gyiniitwa — qardbat, rishtadari 
Cognise 'e, s. he to whom a fine in lauds or tenements is acknokvhdged— /).'/«//»// i</t bishaye pr/i- 

dkdnittioaswLkira f;ydnpak p iritoihiksrihi bd Iny je artkdt u(.tuina pukbyu-r-wuh sliakhs ki 

jis ho zamin ya makanat ka nazasana diya jata hai 
Cogniso'r, s. he that passeih or acknowledgetu a fine in lands or tenements to another— piirbokta 

piriloshik diyije art/tit ndhinutir p:ikhya — zd.min ya makaafit ka nazaiana dene w. 
Cognition, ,s. knowledge, complete convieiion — gydn, nishchuygydn. — danist, khabar, tayaqqun 
Cog'uizable, «. falling under judicial notice— //ic/s.irjya, bickdraniyu, dddtat kuraner up'tjukta 

6/s/ia!/— alial-i-adalat ke sunne ke laiq [irizpurs 

Cog'niz,ince, s. judicial notice— 6ic/^'t/•, bichir karandrthe nnusandhdn — bdzpursi, acJalat l^i 
Cogue, s. a small wooden vessel — kishilter khyudra pilva bishesli—Q.i chhoia lakii ka zaif 
Cohab'it, vn. to dwell together ; to live as man and w'xin—sahabis k. stri puruili Juiyd ^ang' 

sart^a k. snn^um k. — e ;ja rahna; mard aur aurat ka ham bislar rahna 
Cohab'itant, s. an inhabitant of the same place — ek stk'inabdsi, pirdprirashi—e\i}A rahne vv. 
Cohe'ir, s. [.«;ej a joint heir with another — simottard dhi/cdrt, sainiii hluigi — hamvvaris 
*(yOlieir'ess, s. a female who is j,)int heiress — sumottard dbikdrini — hamwarisa 
Coiie're, vn. to stick together — san%li}fua h. saiigjor h. — bdham lipat jana 
Cohe'rence, Cohe'rency, s. adhesion of bodies, connection— Aaug/a^'/wta, sangjoj, sambandhar— 

billiam paiwastagi, silsila, taalluq 
Cohe'rent, a. sticking together, consistent— sang-j«/cffl,srt/»^Z«5'«a, .tangata—chipi^hu^, chaspida 
Cohe'sion, s. the act of sticking toseiher, cjXinGi:liQQ—suugj,og, saagghuijund, sambnidha— 

chaspidagi, taalluq , ' [lasdar 

Colie'sive, a. stickmg, adhesive— m?7antari guna bishishta, sangjojak, cVimrtr— chipchip^^ 
Coliib'il, va. to restrain, hinder, hold in curb — nishedh k. dtuk k. dddkau -rokna, zabt k. 
Co hobate, va. to pour the distilled liquor upon the remaining matter and distil it again — kona 

druhyer drak bdhir kuriyd luiyd punarbdr ai drak tahdle mishdiyd drak idhlr k. dkaiiyd 

pdk /c.— kisi chiz ka araq khiuchkar phir usi chiz men milakar khiiichna 
Cohoba'tion, s. the pouring the liquor distilled from anything back upon the remaining matter 

or upon fresh matter of the same kind and distilliDg it agaiu— fco/ta drabyer drak bdhir kafij/d 

COH (89) COL 

sei drahye kimhd niitankona drafnje punarbnr tdkd mishdiyd drak bdhir k, — kisi k& araq 

khfuclikar phir usi chiz nieu ya nayi men milakar arq nikal 
Co hort, s. a troop ofsoRliers in the Roman armies containing ab out 500 foot—prdchin Rumer 

panchashat saiigkhyak sainya da/— purane Rum ke panch sau piyadoij k& paltan 
Coif, s. a lady's cap, a law Serjeant's cap — bibiydnd, tupi bishesh, dddlater padasuchak ttipi 

bishesh — zanani topi, adllat ke ek ulidaddr ki topi 
Coigne, s. a corner — kon,lkond, rckhd dwayer sainihi sthdn — kond, gosha . 

Coil, va. to gather or wind into a ring— c/irf/c/i A:, tdl pdkdna — chakti k. . 

Coil, s. tumult, turmoil, bustle ; a rope wound into a ring — gandagol, chenckdcherioM, dhum- 

dhdm; chdkii bd tdl kard dfm— shor-o-ghul, dhiimdam j halqe ki tarah lapeti hui rassi 
Coin, s. money stamped with a legal impression — mudrd, /anfca— sikka 

Coin, va. to stamp melals for money — mudrdnkan, tankddi nirmdn k. tdkd k. — sikka k. zarb d. 
Coin'age, s. act of coining money; money — mudrdnkana kriyti ; mudrd — sikkazani, sikkazarbi ; 

feikka [muawfiq h. mutabiqh. 

Coinci'de, vn. to fall upon the same point, to agree, concur — ekchitta h. sammatah.milan — miln^, 
Coin'cidence, s. agreement, concurrence — sa7nmati, aikamat, jog — rauwdfaqat, mutabaqat, mel 
Coin'cident, a. falling upon the same point, agreeing, consistent — samdndbhiprdy , samabhdb— 

muiv^fiq, muteibiq, niuttafiq 
Coin'er, s. a maker of money — mu^rdnirmdn kartd — rupai ban^ne w. 

Coi'tion, s. copulation, the act of generation, coming together— saJjgam, maitkun— muj Am &\, 

mubasliarat, baham ^na [liyi gaya hai 

Coke, s. fossil coal charred-^pom pdthure kayald — wuh paththar k^ koelA ki jo jalAkar bujhS. 

Col'ander, s. a sieve for straining liquor — drak chhdnkibdr kal bishesh, chdtani, jhdnjhari— araq 

-chhfinne ki safi, chalni 
Cola'tion, Col'ature, s. the act of filtering or straining — chhdnJcan, chdlan — araq ki. chhanSo 
Colberti'ne, s. a kind of lace worn by women— stn'/ofeer byatahdrita gotdbd phitd bishesh — fite 

kl qism ki jis ko auraten apne libas men lagati hain 
Cold, a. wanting warmth ; wanting passion or zeal ; not affectionate or friendly— an«s/intt, him, 

fhdndd, shitdrta ; dhir ; andsakta ; mukhchord — thandh^, sard ; sardmizaj, sust ; beparwa, 

Cold, s. sensation produced by the loss of heat ; disease caused by cold — shitatwa, him, shitabodh ; 

shitajarog, kaph, kdsh — thanil, sardi ; zuk^m, nazla 
Cold'ish, a. rather cold; rather indifferent— fcmc/ut shital ; hichhu apakhynpdti — thora sd 

thandha ; kuchh beparw^ [—sardi se ; beparwdi se 

Cold ly, ad. without heat ; without concern — vshnatd byatireke, shitalatd rupe ; pakhypdtbind 
Cold'ness, s. want of heat ; unconcern ; want of kindness — aniishia bhdb, himatd ; apiikiiyapdt ; 

nirdayatd — thandhal, sardi ; beparwdi ; nailtifati 
Co'lewort, s. a species of cabbage— /ca6is/ia/c bishesh — kobi ki ek qism 
Col'ic, s. a painful disorder of the bowels — peter hedand, bdyushui — qulinj, bdosul 
CoUa'pse, vn. to fall together, to close so as that one side touches the other — ekatra haiyd patan, 

6asit/a jdow— pichak jana, baithjana 
Col'lar, s. something worn round the neck — galdbandha, galdr paridheya bastrn, pdtd, hdnsdli — 

garebdn, patta, guliiband, tauq, hansli 
Col'lar, t)a. to put on a collar, to seize by i\\Q coW'xv ^-galdbandha paran, gala dharan, tunti 

dharan — guluband bandhna, garebin pakarna 
Col'lar-day, s. a day on which the knights appear at court in the collars of their orders — rdja pada- 

stha lokerd swn swa pada snchakdbharan galdy pariyd rdjsabhdy prasttit hay je dibas,sei dibaser 

nam — sll ka ek roz ki jis mea umard Badshah ke darbar men apne apne darjou ke nishdnon gale 

men pahanke hazir bote hain [muqdbila k. mildna, jduchnd ; dedaln^ 

•Colla'te, va. to compare, examine ; bestow — mukdhild k. khuntdna, mildna, parikhydk. deon — 
Collat'eral, a. side to side ; those that stand in equal relation to some common ancestor— samdn 

samdn, pdshdpnshi, Idgdldgi ; gydiiti samparkiya — bardbarbardbar, pahluba pahln ; hamjaddi 
Colla'lion,s. a repast; gift ; comY>?irison—kinchitdhnr;ddnafraddn; inild>ia,aikyakaran — ndshtd; 

bakhshish; muwdjaha, muqdbala [ddtd, ddnkurtd — muqabila k. w. bakhshish k. w. 

Collator, s. one who compares and examines; z. g\\QV— mukdhild kariyd bd mildiyd dekheje ; 
Col'league, s. a partner in offtce — ek karmakdri, karmer angshi — kam ka sharik, hammansab 
CoUe'ct, Va. to gather to gether; to infer — sanchay k. ekatribhuta k, kona nidarshane anubhabk. — 

jama-k. ekkatt.hft k. kisi dalil se malum k. 
Collect, s. a short comprehensive prayer — sangkhyep prdrthand bishesh— sk mukhtasar dud 
Collec'tion, s. the act of collecting ; the things collected — sanckaykard, samdhdr ; sangrahita 

drabyddi — ^jama k. jama ki gayi chizen 
Colleci'ive, a. formed by gathering— s«r7g-n/«'/:a, ekatra /crita-»jama karne se band hud, jama fc. ^: 
CoUect'ively, ad. in a general mass— s«/ca/e, samudaye — ek sath, sab milke 
Collect'or, s. a gatherer, a compiler ; a tax gatherer — sangrahakdrak ; rdjkar dddyakdrak — 

jama k. w. muallif ; tahsil kd muhtamim, kalektar 
Col'lege, s. a society of men set apart for learning or religion, the house in which the collegians 

reside— iic/yci bd dharmdrthe ek jana samuha bd sabhd, mdth, bidydlay, chaupdri~ke jamiyat 

ki jo din yd ilm ki pairavi ke waste muqarrar hai, madrasa 
Collegian, s. a member of a coWege— bidydlay er chhdtra—maidrase kd mutaalliq shakhs 
CoUe'giate, a. belonging to a coWege—bidydlay sambandhiya — madrase kd mutaalliq 
Col'let, s. something- worn round the neck ; part of a ring in. which the stone is ^ei—gatdr 

dbharan ; anguriyaher prastharddhdr bd khol — guluband ; ang^tbi kd khdna 

12 . ^ 

C OL ( 90 ) COM 

Col'lier, j. a digger of coals ; a coal-merchant ; a coal eihxp-^pdthure kayald khanan hartd : 
kayald bikretd; kayald bihakjdhdj bishesh — wuh shakhs ki jo kin se koeld nikdlld hai; koeli 
faiosh ; koeli dhone ki jahaz 
Colliga'tion, s. act of binding together — ekatre handhanakriyd — ek ko dusre men bdndhnii 
Col'liquate, va. to melt, liquefy, dissolve — drabk. galdna—^\\o\n^, galan^, pigl^ttiS ftakkar 
Colli'sion, s. striking together, a clash — did bastin"puraspnr dghdt,-pratighnt,j)ratirodh—Cib:ikkH, 
Col'Iocale, va. to place, to set in order— sthdpita k. kramdgnia knriyd rdk/ian — tartib se rakhnS 
Colloca'tion, s. a placing together — krnme snngsthdpun knrd — tartib 

Col'lop, s. a small slice of meat — mdngsa khanda hd tukrd — gosht kd pfircha, botf, muchcha 

Collo'qiiial, a. pertaining to common conversation — sachardchdr bd sdmdnya kathopakathan 

sambandhiya—TozmzTTe se mutaalliq , [k-alam 

Col'loquy, 5. a conference, a dialogue— fcat/^opa/cat/^ar^, kathdbnrtd — guftog6, bitchit, kalama- 

Collu'sion, s, a secret agreement to defraud — kona pratdrandr karmakarandrthe gupta pardmar- 

sha — bandishjSazish [gaya 

CoMu'sive, a. fraudulently concerted — pratdrand hd prabanc/i<ind purbakkrita — sdzish se kiyS 

CoI'ly. va. to grime with coal — kayald indkhdna — koele se siy^h k. 

Collyr'ium, anointment for the eyes — ai)jan, k'lrjal, suramd — ankhon kl anjan, surmd 

Co'Ion, s. the point (:) denotinsjc a pause greater tlian that of a comma, and less than that of a 

period ; the large [nte^Une—bdkyer chhed siichak dwihindu (:) chinhn. hishe>ih ; brihat ndri — 

■waqf; is nishan (:) ka nftm ki jis par kamma (,) se ziyada aur piricd (.) se kam vi^aqf kahte- 

hain ; kulind [ka. sardar 

Colo'nel, s.[kur-nel'] the chief commander of a regiment — sainyndaler adhyakhya — paltan 

Col'onise, ra. to settle with inhabitants — desha jmttan k. naba deshe basali kardna—h?isiii&, 

6had k. nauabad k. 
Colonna'de. s. a series of pillars on columns disposed in a circle, a range of pillars — 
' stnmbha shreni, tkdmer pankti — chihilsutiin, sutun ki qafar 

Col'ony, s. a company of persons who remove and settle in a distant country; the country 

colonized — sadesh tydg kariyd desJidntare bctsnti hdri lok samuha ', naba bdsita desh — 

admioukaguroh ki jo apne mulk senaql karke dfisri jagahmeamutawattin howea; nauabddi 


Colo'phony, s. rosin, turpentine, pitch— tZ/)«nrt, dhiip-^rA], chemp, gandabiroza, qir 

Col 'orate, a. coloured, dyed, tinged, stained — cliitriia, rangdna, chhopn na— rangin, rangd h(id, 

dAghi, ddghila 
Colorific, a. able to produce tints or colour — rang dharmqk, chhobak, barnotpati hay jdhdte — 
jo chiz rang dene ke Idiq howe, rang paidd k. w. [bari murat 

Colos'sus, Colos'se, s. a very large statue — brihat pitttalikd, prakdnda pratimiirti — bahut 
Col'our, s. the appearance of bodies to the eye; hue, dye; the fresliness of the fair ; ap- 
pearance ; pretence — borna ; rang ', shvkla mnkher raktimd barna dbhd ; abayab ; chhal — 
rang ; rup ; sufed rukhsdre ki surkhi ; sdrat ; bahana 
Col'our, o. to dye ; to tinge ; to blush; to cloak, to palliate ; to make plausible— ran^ t. 
chhopdna ; luY^d pdnn ; dhnkan ; samatd k. — rangdna ; rang charhaua ; rangin k. rang d. 
Idjand ; sarmdra; chhipand 
Col'ourable, a. plausible, specious — sudrishya, chhalajukta,kalpita, sambhahaniya — suratddr, 

zdhir numd 
CoKouring, s. the act of dyeing, or colouring with propriety and beauty — rang k. rangdna, rang 

purav — rangdyvat, rangai 
Col'ourist, s. one who excels in giving the proper colours to liis desigris — patvyd, uttam rnpe 
chilra bdraitg kare je — jo rang bharnemea ustdd ho, jo shakhs rangne ke kdmmeakdmil ho 
Colours, s. a banner, flag, ens.\gn—patdkd, iiiihdii, dhwajd — nishdn, alam, jhandd 
Colt, 5. a young horse ; a young foolish {eWow—ghotaka baUa, ghordr bdchchd ; chhepld, 

c/(e«g-r«— bachheid, ghore kd bachcha ; chhichhora ' 

Col'umbary, J. a dove-cot, pigeon house — kopotdgdr, kapoter bdsd bd Wiop— kdbuk, kabiitar 

kd ghosd 

Column, s.a round pillar; a round body pressing vertically upon its base ; a row of troops 

or of baggage of an army in its march ; a long row of short lines in a book — stambha, thdm ; 

sainyer, bd tadruhiia sdmagrirsdri i pankti — sutun, pilpaya, thamb; sipahloa yd unke asbab 

ki qatdr ; saflia kd ek zila • fsurat 

CoUim'nar, a. formed in co\umns-'Stamhhdkriti, thdmabat—suhini, sutunshakal, pilpdye ki 

Co'mate, s. a companion, an associate — sdthi, sangi,mitra, bandha — rallq, dost, ydr, ashnd, 

sat hi 
Comb, s. an instrument to separate, adjust, and clean hair, wool, &c. ; crest of a cock ; the 
cavities in which bees lodge th.«ir honey— kdugui, chiruni ; kukkuler phtUkd i madhurchdk— 
kanghi, shdna ; kes, tdj ; makkhion kashahad khana 
Comb, vu. to dress, separate and clean with a. comb — dncharan, penjan, chirunir dwdra 

parhhkdr k. — kanghi k. I al jharna, kanghi se said k. 
Com'bat, s. a battle, fight, AweV—juddha, lurdi, maU(tjuddha—hr6A, jang, khanajangi 
Com'bat, v. to fight, to'oppose, to resist— judt/Zm k. pratirodh /c.— larnd, lardl k. mukhdlafat 
k. roknd ~ [laraka, pahlwan, jangawar 

Com'batant, s. one who fights, an antagonist in arms; champion — lardk,joddhd—ldiTne w. 
Com'binate, a. betrothed, promised, settled — bdgdatta,angikdrita,niyamita — mangetar» 

muqarrnr, bandobast k. g. 
Combiaa'tion, s. union, association— sangjo^, mel, sangsarga—xiiiliq,, mel, meldp,sdjh4, saogat 

COM ( 91 ) COM 

Combi'ne, v. to unite, agree, link ; to join words or ideas together — milan, pardmarsa k.sangjog 

k. — melnd, tnushwarat k. g^llthnd, paiwasta k. jornA 
Combi'ned, pfl. (. . ) joined or united together — mUita, sangjukta, ekpardmarshi — paiwasla, 

melalida, ^mekhta, muttafiq 
Combus'tible, a. that which easily t:\kes fire — andynshe jwnlaniya bastu, puribdr jogya, sahaje 

(/a'/a?n'i/rt— Atashgir, jalanhdr, chiz ^s&ni se jal uthe 
Combus'tion, 5. conflagration, burning; tumult, confusion — agniddha,jwalan ; gandagol, golmdl 

— ^jalan, sozish, sokhtagi ; hangama, harbari 
Come, vn. p. came, pp. come ; to move towards, advance nearer, to proceed ; to happen — 

dishan, dgaman ; nikalbarti h, ghalan—^nA, AiAnA , guzarna, wSridd h. 
Come'dian, s. an actor of comic parts, a stage-player— sa«orfcaranit/a, bheki, bhabiiki, ndlak 

— sawangi, naqqal, naqlbdz, bliAnd ^ [pekhnd, naql 

Com'edy, s. a humorous dramatic piece— san?, abhinay, kap, ndtakdrtha ^aiita/c— savvang, 
Come'liness, s. Rrace, beauty ; d\^mty^shobhd, saarupya, saundarjya, besh hhushanddi; 

marjy^jfZa— khubsiirati, sajawat, iirastagi; sh^n [jamil, sundar, khushnun^i 

Come'ly, a. handsome, graceful, decent — sundar, mrinohar,kdntd, sushri — khnbsurat, hasin, 
Comely, ad. handsomely, gracefully — sundarupe,uttamriipe,'sobhyatdptirhak — khubi se, dhaj se 
Com'et, s. stars that emit a ti^ain of ligbt, aad move in long and eccentric ellipses round 

the sun — utkd, dhumketu,jwalanta nakhyatra hiskesh — dumdar sitara, jbaru, cbhar tar.i 
Comfit, s. a dry sweet-meat — shushka mithdi hishesh — ek quism ki khushk mitbai, ilachid^na 
Com'fort, ra. to invigorate, enliven, console — dshwdsan, sdntand k. thdmdna, sdhasjanrndna — 

qiiwat d, tasalii d. dilasa bharosa d. 
Com'fort, s. support ; consolation, eSiSQ—dshiods ; sdntaud, duhkher upasham, sachchhandatd — 

bharosa ; tasalii, taskin, dilasa, chain, dram [taskin bakhsh, quwatdih . 

Comfortable, <t. enjoying ea^e ; giving slrengih—swachhandn.,sdnta.,sdntandjanak—As,udaih6.\, 
Com'fortless, a. wanting comfort — aswachcMuinda, nirdnanda, sukha barjita — bechain, udas, 

diltang ' [thathol 

Cora'ic, a. relating to comedy, humorous — sang sambandhiya, sakautnk — maskhard, zarlf, 
Com'ical, a. diverting, droll, odd — hdsya prayojak, kaiiiaki,mashkdrd — zarif, thathol, maskhard 
Com'ing, s. the act of approaching; drawing nearer, arrival — dgaman ', pskunchan, upagaman — 

awai, dmad i pahunch, rasid 
Com'ing, pa. forward ; future ; about to come— dgdmi ; haibe jdhd ; dshiteckhe je, prdy upas- 

thita — age, pesh; istiqbal, ainda ; ane w. aneke qarib 
Com'ma, s. the point (,) noting a short pause in reading — jathdati alpa birdm hay tathd ei 

chinha ( ,) deoydjdy — yih ek waqf hai (,) jiske hone se juralemea kuchh thahrnd parta hai 
Comma'nd,va. to order, direct, govern — dgydn k. ddeshk. shdsan, ddhipatya k.— hakmk. 

farmana, hukiimat k. 
Comma'nd, s. supreme •authority ; injunction, order — agydn, adhesh ', vpadesh, farmdish- — 

hukm, farman ; farmdish, takid . [sarddr 

Comma'ndant, s.a commanding officer — adhipatj, sainyddhyakhya — sdhib-i-hukumat, fouj kd 
Command'er, s. one who directs or governs ; a general; a leader, a chief — dgydn kartd, 

adhipati, sdsankartd ; sendpati ; prndhdn — hakim; sipdhsdlar; sardar 
Command'ment, 5. mandate; authority; law — agydn, ddesh ; prabhiitwa : bidhi— hukm, 

amar, farman; hukiimat; masla [wall 

Command'ress, 5. a female who commands — agydrt katri, pradhdnd — hakima, hukum karne 
Come'morate, va. to preserve the memory by some public act; to celebrate solemnly— 

smarandnha utsabadi k, pratishUid k. kirti sucKak karmddi byabahdr k. — yadgdri rakhna, 

tdrifk. sarhand 
Commemora'tion, s. a public celebratioti — kona bishishta karma bd lok smarandrtha utsabddi 

— shddi, urs, yddgari 
Commen'ce, vn. to begin, take rise, originate — drambha k. bd h, utpanna fe. upakram h. — 

shur'.'i k. yd h. lagnd, charhna, dast andaz h. • , ("ibtida ; tarikh 

Commencement, s. beginning; ddite— drambha, npakram, anushthdn ; tdrikh—shard, aghaz, 
Commend, va. to praise, to speak in favour of— pras/ia/jgivi k, anurdg k. kdhdro sukhydti 

fcarJt/fi /ca/ia/j— sarahna, tarif k. siiarish taqrib k. [pasamlida 

Commendable, a. laudable"; worthy of pvdise—prashangsdniya, upa)ukta — tarif ke laiq, 
Commend'am, s. a void benefice held by some person till a pastor is provided — anyer pari-. 

barte klyat knl parjyanta jdjak pader britti bhogi bishesh — pddri ke muqarrar hone tak jo 

shakhs girje ka mukhtar howe 
Commenda'tion, s. praise; recommendation— pras/iawg-sa, guna kathan, bydkhd ; supdrish — 

mafla'h. tdrif ; sifdrish 
Commen'surate, va. to reduce to some common measure-^o;. equal, proportionable — sama 

parimdn k.—^a. tulya, sawian— hamandaz yd ham wazn k.—a. barabar, ek san, hamanddz 
Commensura'tion, s. proportion ; reductioa to a common measure— sawa pariwan— haman- 

dazi, bardbari 
Comment, vti. to annotate ; to explain by words or notes — tikd likhan, artka k. bydkhyd k. — 

sharah likhna, hashiya charhana, mani baydn k. 
Com' mentary, s. comment, exposition — tikd, lippani, bydkhyd-r-shdiTaih, hdshiya, tdwil 
Commenta'tor, s. one who writes notes or explains, an aanotator — tikdkar, bydkhyd kartd, 

ft/ias/iyafcorr— sharah k. w. mdninumd, shdrih 
Commenti'tious, a, invented, imaginary — kalpita, dropita, kritrim, mit/iyrt— mukhtara, fjddfj 
khiydli, wahrai 

COM ( 92 ) COM 

Com "raerce, vn. to trade, barter, traffick — kray bikray k. bdnijya k. drabya binimay k, — baipdr 

k. tijdratk.saudagarik. ^ [lijdrat, baip^r, lenden 

Commerce, s. interchange of commodities, trade — bydpir, byabasdy kray bikray — sauddgari, 
Gommer'cial, a. relatins^ to commerce or traffic— Mnyya sambandhiya, kray bikray samban- 

dhiya — tijarati, saudagari 
Commina'tion, s. a threat of punishment — abhishdnp, bhaya pradarshan—l^nsit, sazd kidhamki 
Commingle, i;a. to mix together, to unite intimately— rnis/ira L ekatra k. — bdham miland, 

ekattha k. [k. mihin mihin k. 

ComniinutG, to reduce to fine particles — chumita k. gunrdna, sukhma fc.— surmasfi k. rezareza 
Coraminu'tion, s. act of reducing to fine particles— c/iMrnifa k.dhuldbat guurd k. — reza^^zi, 

zarrazarrak. ^ ^ ^ [dayajog 

Commise'rable, a. worthy of conjpassiop ; pitiable — karundrha, daydpdtra — rahm ke laiq, 
Commis'erpte, va. to pity, to compassionate — dayd k. sneha k. kripd /c.— rahm k. tarskhand, 

gham khwari k. ' ^ 

Commis'eration, s. pity, compassion— /cripa, dayd, fcanma— rahm sbafqat, day^ 
Com'missary, s. a deputy, an officer attending an army, who inspects muster rolls, or regu- 
lates provisions, &c. — pratinidki, ndib ; sainyer dhdrddi drabya jogdy je-^nkib ; paltan 

kfi sarbarahkar 
Commis'sion, s. a trust ; warrant of the office ; act of committing a crime— paddrpan putra ; 

karmete nijukta patra ; dushkarma karan — kira mea bahalichitthi ; amini sauad, mukhtar- 

nama ; irtik^b, raachana [d, qudrat d. muqarrar k, bahal k. 

Commis'sion, va. to empower, authortze, appoint— 6/^rtr rf. fc/rj/ajnatad. piddrpita k. — ikhtiydr 
Commis'sioner, s. one included in a warrant of authority — dmin, karmakdri byukti, bishesh 

karma chdlandrtha prerita, bhdvjukta — amin, mukhtarkar, wakll [gaiitli, por, band 

Commis'sure, s. f . mish-ure^ a joint, a seam, suture — jor, sandhisthdn, gdnit, granthi — ^jor, 
Corami't, va. to entrust, send, perpetrate, imprison, pledge — arpan, bhdr d. paddrpan, preran, 

dushkarma k. kdrdgdre pdthdna, gackchhita k. — sompna, supord k. bhejaa, iitikab karna, 

machan^, qaid k. zimma k. 
Commit'tee, s. a select number of persons appointed to do any business — karma sampddikd 

sabhd, kona karma sampaandrtha nijukta jana sawji/ta— panchayat, kol majlis jo kisi kam ke 

karne ko muqarrar ho ^ [shamil k. 

Commi'x, va. to mingle together, to blend — mishrita k. ekatra k, mishdna — baham milaad, 
Commix'ion, s. [.mik-skun] mixture; a blending of diflfereut things — mishran, sangjog — 

dmezash, niyari niyari chizon ka milao 
Commo'de, s. a woman's head-dress — stri loker shiro bhiishan fiis/tesfe— zandnf topi ki ek qism 
Commo'dious, a. convenient, suitable — prashasta, upajukta^jogya, bishishla — maqui, muwafiq, 

Commo'diousness, s. convenience, fitness — saushthab, sachchhandatd, upajuktatd, bishishf-atd — 

khubi, aram, muwafaqat [drabya— ndt.i^, labh ; jins, raal, saudagari ka asblb, chizbast 
Commod'ity, s. interest, profit ; wares, merchandise — Idbh, phut ; drabya, sdmagri, bdnijya 
Com'modore, s. a commander of di sqndidr on— juddhajdhdj samuher ad/iyukhya, ndbik sainyer 

adhipati — lashkari bahar k^ sardar, sipahsalar 
Com'mon,a. public; usual; belonging to a number; vulgar, ordinary, mean; prostitute— 

sadhdran ; sachardchdr,prachalita ; bahujaner swdrtha bdadhikdr dchhe jdhdte ; nich, itar ; 

beshyd—Amm,r6.\') ; chaini ; panch ka ; Itar, rasi, kamina; kasbi 
Com'mon, s. a tract of land belonging to two or more — bishesh bhumi jdhd aneker adhikdre 

thdke—zzmin ka koi qata ki jo dochar shakhs ke ilaqe men howe 
Com'iitionalty, s. the body of common citizens, the bulk of mankind — abachchheddbachchhede 

tdballok, sdmdnya bd sddhdran lok samuday — awamunnas, dmrn * 
Com'moner, s. one not noble ; a member of the house of commons — akulin, abhadralok, 

sdmdnya lok ; sadhdran Loker pratinidki 6is/ies/i— naumda, dmm ; haus ov kaman ks. ruko, 
Comjmoni'tion, s. advice, warning — upadesh, pardmarsha, c/ieianri— nasihat, salah, ibrat 
Com raonly, ad. usually, frequeatly — sachardchdr, pracharadrupe, sarbadd, punahpunah — 

aksar, beshtar, barha [buhtat 

Com'monness, s. frequency, usualness — punahpunya, sdmdnyntd, prac/ia/an— kasrat, aksariyat, 
Commonpla'ce, a. ordinary, common, usual — sdmdnya, sddhdran, chci,Lit—xdi\], murdwaj, 

Commonplace'book, s. a book in which things to be remembered are reduced to general heads 

— smriti lekhd bahi bishesh, smarandrtha lipi bahi, sdra sangraha thdke\ je bahite — bayaz, ■ 

Com'mons, s. common people ; house of representatives ; common land ; food at a common 

table — dpdm I sddhdran lok samuday ; Inglanda deser sddhdran lokder pratinidhider sabhd 

sthal ; aswdmika pard bhumi; aneker e/can«a— aw^munas ; Inglislitan mea jo log 

rdiyat kl taraf se wakil bote bain, unki ijlaska ghar ; zamin-i-besar ; aram k^ khana 
Commonweal'th, s. a polity, a state, body politic in a free sta.te—sddhdran prabhutiua, rdjd 

byatirikta dtmabashah prajdgan samudayer rdjya shdsan — bandobast, intizdm, jurahur dndm 

ki hukiimat ya mulki kam kd intizAm 
Commo'tion, s. tumult, disturbance, perturbation — gandagol, golmdl, dhumdhdm — hangSm» 

harbari, ghabrahat, halchalv ' [tarabk. • 

Commo've, va. to disturb, to \ins^n\e—golmil k. byasta k. asthir /c.— harakat d. dul^ni, muz- 
Coramu'ne, vn. to converse, confer, have intercourse— «/«!) k. kathopkathan, sambhdsh k» gati- 

bidhi h.—h^ichit k. guftgu k. rahrasml h. 

COM (93) com' 

Comnxu'nicaat, s. one who communes at the Lord's supper — Khrishtiya dharma bhojane saha 

b/idgi—]o Hazrat I's^ ki yddgdri ke rasrai khane mea sharik hota hai 
Cominu' impart, to reveal ; to receive the Lord's supper— gydntak.khyata bdprakdsh 

ku samdchdr d, Khri&hitiya dharma bhojane saha bhojan — batlana, zahir k. bat ko if'sh^ k. 

Hazrat I'sa ki yddgari rasm kl tarah khane pine par baiihna 
Communica'tion, s. act of imparting ; passage — bigydnpan, bidita karan ; jdtdyater path — 

ifshd-i-raz, bhedkholna ; rasta, guzargah [ghairmahjub, be hijAb 

Commu'nicative, a. free to impart, unreserved — samhhdsM, dldpi, akapai, bdchdl—hshna. mizaj, 
Coramu'nion, s. union in faith or action;. taking of the Lord's supper; fellowship ; intercourse — 

aneker ek bdkyatd bdsama pratyay bd ek dliarma, alky am at ; Khrhhiiya dharma b/wjane saha 

bhdgitd ; sau'^sarga ; dldp — hamdini, ham ialiqadi; Hazrart I'sa ki y^dgdri, ke khane pine 

par ki nishast ; hamsari, sajhai; mel, railap [ki milkiyat ; sangat, suhbat, mel 

Commu'nity.s. common po35es5ion;sociely — sddhdran prabhutwa ; sampraddy, sangsarga — awam 
Coramu' table, a. that may be changed one for another — parlbartaniya, badal jngya — herpher 

ke qabil, mumkinuttabdil [iwazmuwawaza, herpher, iwaz 

Commutation, s. change ; exchange of one for another — paribarta, binimay, ftacZlz— adlabadli, 
Commu'te, va. to exchange one thing for another — paribarta k. badal d. badal k. — tabdil k. 

badal d. badia k. ("ahdpaiman 

Com'pact, s. a contract, an agreement, league — niyam, nirdhdran ; c^wfeii— shart, qaulqarar, 
Compa'ct, s. closely united, firm, dense ;brief — ihdsd, dntd, drirhn, sakta, nibir ; saugkhyep—' 

thos, ghafs, saft, kasif, garha ; mukhtasar [porhApan, injimad, sani^ini 

Compactness, firmness, closeness, density — drirhatd, kashdkaski, dntddnti, niblrahhdb — 
Compani'on, s, an associate, fellow-partner — mitra, sangi, shakhd, sdthi, angshi , sahabhdgi — 

satin, ham suhbat, rafiq, dost, y^r, sajhi, sharik 
Com'pany, s. assembly of persons as for an entertainment, conversation, &c. ; a firm, partner- 
ship ; a band — dmader sabhd ; banlk sam,iika, bhdgdbhdgi ; sampraddy, dal — majlis, jalsa, 

suhbat, jamaat; kothi ; sajha, shariikat ; taifa 
Com'pany, v. to accompany; to associate w\\\\—sange jdon ; sahp,bds bd sangsarga k. — hamrahi 

k. suhbat rakhna [mumkinutashbih 

Com'parable, a. worthy to be compared — upameya, sdmatulya, tulaniya — barabar, muqabil, 
Compar'ative, a. estimated by comparison — itara blshesh bdidratamya bibechandte stliiri krit'a 

— kisi chiz ko nisbat se takhmina k. g. j'muqabile ke rii se, banisbat, nisbatan 

Compar'atively, ad. by way of comparison — itara blshesh bibechandpiirbak, inland purbak — 
Compa're, va. to liken, examine together — upamd d. tuland k. itara blshesh bibechand k. khun- 

tdna, viiidiyd dekhaii—'idishhih d, muqabila k. milaha, nisbat d. [mushabahat 

Compa're, s. comparison, similitude — upam.d, sddrishya, tulya bhdb — tashbih, muqabala, 
Compar'ison, s. act of comparing, simile ; estimate — tuland diyd niriipan, drishtdnta deon, 

upam,d ; anumdn — tashbih, barabari ; kut, janch, andaz [taqsira k. judajuda k, tartib d. 
Compa'rt, va. to divide, to arrdiage—blbhdg k. prithak k. kramashah sdjdna — khanakhaaa «:. 
Compart'iment, s. division of a picture or design — chitrer bhdg bd sthal — ^taswir w. g. kiqata 
Comparti'tion, s. act of dividing into apartments — bibhdg k. prithak prithak kariyd ankan — 

. hissa hissa ya khdna khana karna 
Com'pass, va, to surround, to inclose ; to walk round; to besiege ; to grasp ; obtain — beshtan, 

gheran ; k. beran ijdptiyd dharan ; prdpta h. — gheina ; gird phern^ ; muhasara k. 

pakarna ; hasil k. 
Com'pass, s. a circle; space ; a magnetised needle upon a card whereby mariners steer — 

glier, ber ; sthal, antar ; chuinbak pdtharer gunanwita suchijukta digbidig niriipak jantra 
, blshesh — daur, ghera, ihata ; jagah ; qulbnuraa \astra blshesh — pargar 

Com'passes, s. an instrument to make circles — sutradhar prabhitir dwlshulajukta parimdpak 
Compass'ion, s. pity, commiseration, mercy, feeling — karund, dayd, snehi, mdyd — rahm, shaf- 

qat, tars, dard [rahmdil, narmdil, dayal, momdil 

Compass'ionate, a. inclined to pity, merciful, tender — karundmay, dayddraahitta, daydlu-r- 
Compass'ionately, ad, tenderly, mercifully — krlpdpurashare, ddyd purbak — kariraana, rahm se 
Compatibil'ity, s. suitableness, consistency— jog'^afa, samel, e/cairi— liyiiqat, muwafaqat, 

raundsabat [l^iq, muwifiq, munusib, qabil 

Compatible, a. suitable to, consistent, agreeable, fit — tadanusdri, sangata, mata, upajukta — 
Compa'triot, s. one of the same country — ekdeshaja, ekdeshiya, swadeshiya — hamwatan, watani, 

ek desi [hamsar, hamdarja, rafiq, sajhi, sathi 

Compee'r, s. an equal, companion, colleague — sadrisha, samamarjydda, <iangi, sdthi — barabar, 
Compee'r, vn. to be equal vvilh, to match— iawan bd sadrisha bd samashaktimanta h. jot bd tulya 

/i.— barabar h. hamsar ii. hamdarja h. f/c. — ^jabr k. zor ya zabardasti se koi kara kardnil 

Compe'l, z)«. to force, constrain, oblige— fcamrtfi, balk, anechchhuke dharlyd karme pmbritta 
Compella'tion, s. style of address — ndm, sangyd, wpatf/ii— laqab, khitab 
Compen'dious, a. [. . je.] short, brief, summary — alpishtha, sangkhyipta, abistdr, sangrihita — 

mukhtasar, mujmal, muntakhab [ijmal, intikhdb 

Compendium, s. an abridgment, summary — sdrasangraha,sankhyep, sankhylpta 6j6aran— ikhtisar 

Com'pensate, Compen'se, va. to make amends, to recompense, to counterbalance — khyati purd- 

na, pratlphal d. parishodh k. eker paribarta anya deon — ajr yajazdd. talafi k. iwaz d. badla k. 

hamwazn k. [talafi, mukafAt, 

. Compensa'tion, s. recompense, amends— fc/iyati purandrtha ddnddi, p/fritos/iife— jazA, badla, 

• Com'petence, Com'petency, s. sufficiency, legal capacity— j/fti/ta, nirbdha, dlnapdter sang- 

sthdn, sangati, fc/iyajnata— kifayat, wajihkaf'df, far^gat, q^bliyat 

COM ( 94 ) COM 

Com'petent, a. fit, adequate, sufficient— jo^t/a, upajukta, jatheshta—Wq, q&bil, kdff, bas , 
Com'petenily, ad. adequately, sufficiently — upajuktamate, prachtir rupe — tnundsabat se, 

and4ze se, kif^yat se • [mutAbiq, sdzE^ilr 

Compet'ible, a. suitable to, consistent with — samdn, samatnlya, upajukta — muvvAfiq, I^iq, 
Competi'tion, s. contest, rivalry, sti-Ue—bisambdd, aneker ek paddbhildsk, cheshtdcheshli — 

muq^bala, dekh^dekbl, niuqAwamat, koshisb 
Compet'itor, s. a rival, an opponent— e/co6/it/as/ji, pratibddhak, 6ij:)afc//j/a— hamtalab, harif, 

muqabil, mukliAlif [muntakhab 

Compila'tion, s. a selection from znlhoxs—sdrasangrnha. sdragrantha — tdlif, majmiia, 
Compi'ie, va. to select from various authors, to collect — jidnd grantha haite bdchchiyd ekatrd k. 

sangraha /c— kit^boij men se intikh^b k. jama k. 
Compi'ler, s. a collector; one who selects from z.}y\\\ox?,— sangraha kartd ; bahu grantha 

haite dnij/d ekatra kardk — muallif ; kitabon men se intikliab kar jama k. w. 
Com pla'cency, s. 'pleasure, satisfaction of mind, approbation; civility — prasannatd, tnshti, 

saminati ; sujanatd — khushf, taskin, diljamai, khatirjamal, razdmandi, manz6ri, pasand ; 

murtivvat [khush, hausmukh, sahibsuliik, muruwati ; mulaim 

Compla'cent, s. cheerful, civil, affable ; sok—prasanna, santushla, shishtu, dldpi ; namra — 
Compla'in, v. to murmur, lament, inform against — kachkachi k. b'dip k. krandan, nibedan bd 

bigydpan k. ddddsh bd ndlish /c— siiikayat k. kurhna, afsos k. nalish faryad k. 
Complainant, s. one who complains, a prosecutor — ddddshi, nibedankdri, phariyddi — 

faryadi, muddai 
Gompla'int, s. a representation of pains or injuries ; accusation i grief ; malady— addasft ; 

ndlish; bildp ; roo'— fariyad ; nalish; shikdyat ; bimari 
Complaisa'nce, [.pie.] civility, desire of p\eaiia§—sabhyatd, shishdtchdr, santosh karan- 

echchhd — muruwat, taw^zu, neksuluki, mudarat 
Complaisa'nt, a. civil, polite, courteous— sis/i/a, sabhya, anurodhi, sushil — khaliq, sihibsuluk, 

rniiapi, saliibmuruwat [bardbar k. 

Compla'nate, Compla'ne, va. to level — samdn k . ekdhdl k.chauras k. — chauras k. chikndn^ 
Com'plement, s. perfection; the full nvimher—sampurnatd; purakdngsha — kamal ; piui 

tiadad, tamami 
Complement'al, a. fillinj up the number — purakdngsha ~jh se ladad pari ki jawe, bhartiw^la 
Comple'te, a. finished, perfect, entire — samdpta, puma, akhanda, samuday, — piird, klmil, 

Comple'te, va. to perfect, to finish — sampumak. sdnga bd samdpta k, — tamdm k. anjdm ko 

pahunchana, sarna, niherna 
Comple'tion, s. accomplishment, act of finishing, perfect state; utmost height — samdpti, 

paripiirnatd, sdkalya ; Mc/tc/iat«>a—kamAI, tamami, intilid, niberao ; uQchdl, bulandi 
Com'plex, a. compounded, complicated — sankar, mishrita, aspashta, pdkpdrd — raurakkab, 
• pechdarpech 
Complex'ion, s. the colour of the external parts of any body ; temperament — sharirer .harna, 

shdririk dharmx bd swiibhdb ; dhdtur bhdb — badan kd rang ; mizaj, hdlat 
Complexly, ad. intricately, obscurely — aspashie, aprakdshrnpe — pecli se, lapet se 
Compli'ance, s. the act yielding to what is desired, submission — swikdr, sammati, anurodh — 

razamandi, marzi, qabal, tabedari 
Compli'ant, a. disposed to yield, submitting, bending, civil — anurodhi, swikdri, namra, 

binayi — lialim, qabiil k. w. mulaim, narm 
Com'plicate, a, compounded of a multiplicity of parts, intricate, difficult— &aft.u drabya bd 

bishay ekatri krita, ghordrtha, aspashta, penchdl — bahut si chizon ya bdboii se band hua, 

• pechida, dushwar 
Complication, s. an interweaving, entangleraeut — mishdmishi, pherphdr, pench, jhanjhdt — 

pech, uljherd, uljhdo 
Compliment, s. an act or expression of civility, praise — shistdchdr, namaskdr, stuti, shldghd 

— muddrdt, salam, tdrif 
Complimenl'al, a. expressive of praise — stuti snchak, shishtatd prakdshak — tdrif numd 
Com'pline, s. evening service, .vespers — rdtripujd, sdyangkdter archanidi — isiia, sham ki namdz 
Complo't, s. combination, conspiracy — aneker ek pardmarsha, kujukti, kumantrand, ganatd, — 

bandish, sdzish i 

Complo't, va, to plot together, to conspire — kujakti k. mantrand k. — bandish k. sdzish k. 
Cbmplol'ter, s. a conspirator, one joined in a plot — kumantrand kdrak, kumantrandte thdkeje 

— hambandish, badmansube men, sharik [rdzl h. qail h. muafiq h. 

Comply', vn. to yield to ; to submit to ; to accord vv'ith — swikdr k. sammata h. anumata h. — 
Compo'nent, a. that which constitutes a compound body— aree/c angsher ek angsha, angshibhuta 

— juz, fard 
Compo'rt, V. to endure, to behave — sajhya k. dchdrbyabahdr k. — barddsht k. chalan chalnd 
Compo'rt, Comport'ment, s. behaviour; practice— 7-ifi, dchdrbyabahdr, chalan, dcharan — chal, 

chalan, suluk, rawish 
Compo'rtable, a. consistetit, suitable— jfoo-^a, biparit nay — mudfiq, mundsib, sazdwar 
Compo'se, va, to form by joining different things together ; to calm, to quiet — ekatra k. banana, 

rachand k. tkdmdna, sthir fc.— tarkib d. murattab k. dhima k. dliiraj d. 
Compo'sed, pi, a. (. .) calm, sedate, serious— nitfear, dhir, shdnta, sthir, gambhir—dhir^, sali- 
muttaba, saojida, mustaqil ("musannif, inshaparddz ^ dildsdd.w 

Compo'ser, s. an author, a writer; one who calms— S'raut/w kartd, lekhak; shdntikdri— 

COM ( 95 ) CON 

Compos'ite, a. in architecture, is the combination of the four Greek orders of coliimn?, it is 

also called the fifth or J^oman order — grihanirmdnabidydy stambher pancham prakir t'nhd 

prachin Grise chdriprakdrer sahit miliyd nirmituhaiydche, ahong ihd he Rumiyao baldjny 

— ilfn-i-t^miri measitunbandi ki pencil win waza jo qadim Yunani chAr wazou se milkar 
bani hai ; aur usko "Rumi bhi kahte haJQ 
Composi'tion, s. a mixture, agreement, union ; written work — mishra, sangjog, mel; rachand — 

Amezish, lagao, sazgari; inshd ^ ^ [baith^tA hai 

Compos'itOr, s one who sets types — chhdpdr akhyar basdy hd sydy je—jo chhiipe kA harf 
Com'post, s. a mixture for manure— srtrama/!i, bhumi urbard karandriha ndnd drabyer mishra — 

khad, khdd ki tarkib, pdns 
Corapo'st, va. to manure, to enrich with sod — sdra mdti chhardna — khAd kl tarkib k. khad d. 
Compo'sure, s. calmness, order, frame — dhairjya, paripdli, dhdrd, dkdr, garan — dhistagi, 

liamvvan'^ banao 
Compota'tion, s. the act of drinking together— sa/iarpan, eksange pan karan — suhbat men ki 

maikliuri, bazm ki piy^labazi 
Compo'und, v. to mingle, intermix ; to come to terms with a debtor — 7vishran k. mishdna, milidyd 

d. katak diyd riner pnrishodhk. ddmdsdhi k. — mil^n^, tarkib k. qarzkhwahse bandobastk. 
Coni'pound.s. a mixture, compound of many in^Tedienis—anek drabyer mishra, ekatrikrita 

bahu dr«/)i/a— murakkab, tarkibi, mildo [dawds^z 

Com[)Oiirid'er, s. a mingler. one who compounds — mishrankdri,aushadhbdntunyd — rriilane w. 
Comprelie'nd, va. to contain, imply, understand, to conceive — dhdran k. bujhdn, bodh k. 

— mu-^htamal k. niutazamman k. samajhna, bujhna 
Comprehen'sil)le, a, intellegible, that can be understood — hodhagamya, andydse bodh hay 

jct/ia -qabilulfahm, bujhnfjog 
Comprehen'sion, s. act of comprehending, understanding, knowledge — ahadhdran, bodh, 

gydn, buddhi — samajh, biijli, mudiika, daryaft [chakld.qalllullarz kasirulmahi 

Comprehen'sive, a. capacious, extensive — bara, brihat, nandrthdk — bar^, kushada, chaurd, 
Compre'ss, va. to squeeze, close, press, embrace, in small campass— da&an, c/icipa?z, ningran, 

c/iu/nfca/c /<:,— dabAna, nichorna, sametnA (patfi 

Com'press, s. a bolster or bandage — bhagndnga bdndhandrthe gadi bd pati bishesh — gaddi, 
Compress'ible, a. capable of being forced into a smaller compass — dabaniya, chdpaniya, 

alpete rachaniya — simtau, dabanhar * fdabdo 

Coriipres'sion, s. act of pressing together — ddbdna, chdpani, kharba karan, sdrasangraha k. — 
Compres'sure. s. the act of fprcing bodies together — bhdr, chdp,ddban karan, chdpiyd sangjog 

bd chhola /c — dab^o 
Compri'se, v.i. to contain, to include— dftaran, sdmil k. bhukta k. — mushtamil k. lana 
Comproba'tion, s. a full proof, d,i\.esia.i[oQ.—nishchaypramdn, nidarshan—pdikki dalil, tasdiq, 

Com'promise, s. amicable agreement — ubhaye aikya haiyd parishkdr bd nhhpatti hard, dpas 

me^— musalaha, sazg^ii • [jokhd, shumar 

Compt, s. (count) account, computation — ganand, sankhyd, lenddendr lekhd — hisab, lekh.l 
Comptro"!, va. (kon.) to control, to oppose — shdsanddhin k.tattwdbadhdran k. pratibandhan 

— tabi k/rokna, atkan.4, arnri,mukhalifat k. 
*Comptrorier, s. supervisor, a director — tattiodbadhdrak, kartd, karmasampddak~nintaisa.ddi, 

karkun, mukhtarkar 
Compuls'atively, ad. by constraint— &aZa bashatah, balpurlak — bazor, zabardasti se, jabran 
Cornpul'satory, a. compelling, obliging — abdrjya, prabal, dbeshyak, apratikdrjya — zabardast, 

saklit, jabri, ndguzir 
Compul'i^ion, s. force applied, act of compelling— feaZ/caran, at2/ac/iar, baldtkdr, balabashatah 

T-zor, zabardasti, zoriwari ' [saklit, zabardast 

Compulsive, Compul'sory, a. forcwg — anibdijya, bal dwdrd prabartak bd prayojok — jabri, 
Compunc'tion, s, remorse, sorrow — anushok, anutdp, /c/ied— pachhtawa, hasrat, tassuf, gham 
Compurga'tion, s. a vouching for another — pnrer snjjanatd prakdsh bi gunabarnan bd dosha 

khandan, parer adoshitwa bd bishwastatd sdhhyasta k. dpandr mdnyatd dwdrd anya bynktir 

mdnyatd sapramdn /c.— diisre ke nekaklilaq zaliir k. diisreki begunahipar gawahi d.apni hur- 

mat ice wasile se diisre ki nek tinat sabil k. [pazir, ginnejog 

Compu'table, a. that may be computed— ^-ananiT/a, sangkhyeya — tiaddd ke q^bil, shumar- 
Computa'tion, s. act of reckoning, estimate — ganand, sankhyd, anumdne lekhd— mnhiisaita., 

tiad^d, ginti 
Compu'te, va. to pumber, reckon, cast together — ganand k. lekhd k. ihik d.— ginnA, shumdr k. 

minna, jumlabandi k. 
Compu'ted, pa. reckoned, estimated— g-aniia, sankhydta, nirnita—hhih k, g. shumar kiyd 

hua, mahsub, takhmina k. g. ^ 

Com'rade, s. a companion, a partner— mitra, sangi, sdthi—y^.T, rafiq, sharik 
Con," a prefix denoting with or against — sangjogdrtha bodhak upasarga shabda,ihd shabder. 

ddite prayog haile sambandha bd milan bd biruddhatd biijhdy — jis lalz ke muqaddam yih 

harf likha jawe jano ki wuh dalalat kare sangat par y^ khilaf par 
Concam erate, va. to arch or Vdinh—khildk k. kurmaprishfhdkdre dbrita bd dchchhddita k. — 

mihrab banana 
Concate'nate, va. to link, to connect by links — shrinkhalabaddhak. granthan,^shrenibaddha k. 

— silsilaband k.^anjiraband k. [zanjirabandi, larbandi 

CoQcatefla'ttOD, s. connection by links, series — abichchhinnashrinkhal, rtnwpMr66a--silsilabandi, 

CON ( 96 ) 


Con'cave, a. hollow in the inside, arched— «ita?ra, kurmaprishlhnkriti, khildnabat, tnadhya- 

nimna — raujauwaf, khoklifA, qausi. 
Concavo-Conca've, a. concave or hollow on both sides— dii;jpns/?</je tadbat, duidige khol, 

uttdna, kiirmaprishlhadway dkriti—donon taraf mujauwaf ya khokhrd 
Concavo-Con'vex, a. concave on one side and convex on the other— e/c dige khol ek dige 

phdnpdjdhnr, kurmaprishlhdkriti—ek taraf quasi ek taraf ka gumbazi 
Concav'ity, a. hollowness of a body— khol, ktirmaprishthnkdra bustur madhya nimnatd, 

phdnpn drahyer madhyahhdg—jdi-ai', khokh 
Con'cause, s. a joint or mutu^il cause— kdrandntar, anyer sahit sangshrishta kdrani bhUta— 

wuh mrijib ki jo dusre se mushtarik hai, ek sAth ki dalil 
Conce'al, va. to hide, to keep secret — sambaran, gtipta k. gopane rdkhan, chhapdna — chhipani, 

makhfi rakhna, poshida k. lukin^ 
Conce'alable, a. that may be hid or kept secret — gopaniya, sambaraniya — chhipfine jo?, 

makhfi rakhne ke laiq 
Conce'ahnent, s. act of hiding, secresy— samfearan bd gopan k. aprakdsh — poshidagf, 

chliipao, iklifa [m^nnA, rfizi k. hawala k. dedvilna 

Conce'de, va. to grant, admit, yield, give up — swikritah. sammata k. chhdriyd d. tyd'g k — 
Conce'it, s. fancy, conception, vanity— ma«as, anubhab, bodh, ahamikd, g-ar6a— khiyal, 

wahm, fikr, ghurur 
Conce'it, va, to imagine, to fancy — bodh k.kalpand k, — khiyal k. tasauwur k. 
Conce'ited, prt. a proud, opinionative, affected— daj-pf, mdnasapurna, theiitd, dtmdbhimdni — 

maghrur, khudrai, khudpasand, khudbin 
Conce'ivable, a. that may be conceived— anufc/iaftanfya, fcod/iag-a?nj/a-— murakinulfahm, 

q^biiidrak, samajhnejog 
Conce'ive, v. to become pregnant, to think, to understand, to comprehend— goj-fe/ia Jhdran, 

mane k. bujhan, bodh ?c. — hamal lend, hdniila h. samajhna, bujhna, daryaft k.' 
Conceiver.s. one w^ho com prebends — boddhd, bodh bd sangskdr kareje—ssimdijhue bujhne wdliit 

mudrik [ — hamawazi, sama, rnuwafaqat 

Conce'it, s. concert of voices, concord, consistency — surer met, anek swarer samabhdb, aikya 
jConcent'rate, ra. to bring to a common centre or point, to bring to a closer nmnw-^chakn dander 

nydy mandhya sthdne ekatribhilta k, sangshlishta k. — hammarkaz k. chhankana 
Concen'tre, vn, (. . tiif) to come to One point— ekmadhya h. ehmdjdr h. — hammarkaz h. 
Concent'ric, a, having a common centre — ekmadhya, chakradandabat — hammarkaz 
Concep'tible, a. intelligible, conceivable — bodhagamya, anubhabaniya — qabilidrak, qaribulfahm 

samajhnejog [fahm, sarnajh, irada 

Conception, s. act of conceiving, idea, purpose — bod/i, gydn, mdnas, a^;/H'pmt/— hamal, khiyal, 
Conce'rn, t^ affect, move, belong to — bhdbita k, udbigria /c. swddhiJfdr h. — dilgir k, asark. 

aldqarakhnd, mutalliq h. ^ ^ [fikr, chint4i> andesha 

Conce'in, s. an affair, anxiety, solicitude — bishay, bydpdr, ndbeg, bhdband — muamila, karobdr, 
Concern'ing,pj-. relating to, or about— sam6anrf/u't/a,feis/ia?/a/c,art/mfc—mutalliq,nisbat(i^r,b^biiti 
Concern'meut, s. a concern, business — bydpdr, ^arma, Ifdrjya— Sdii ok Ar, alaqa,k^mk^j 
Conce'rt, va. to contrive together, to lAdnx—eksdth haiydjukti k. mantrand 9.— ek sath bando- 

bast k. raaslahat bandhna, bandish k._ 
Con'cert, s. agreement, harmony, music in parts— a?'fc?/«, mel, pardmarsha, bddyabhdnda, 

dhhardr bddya bd gdn — muwafaqat, mel, ittifaq, sama, pachbajna 
Conces'sion, s. act of yielding, thing yielded, a grant— c/i/iar/i/fi deon, praddn, swikdr, deya 

drabya, datta bastu—dQuk, hawala k. inilyat, qabtil. marzi, digayi chiz 
Condi, s. (kongk) a shell, a sea shell— s/)«?i^/ia, shankh, kambu—sAnkh,naqns 
Concil'iate,t;a. to gain by favor, reconcile— i^mjjan, pitnarmelk. mildna—ivAsil k. paidd k. 

mel k. milAna, tasfiya k. 
Concilia'tion, s. actof reconciling— samanj'isjra k.punarmilan-tais^ydi, sulh 
Concil'iator, s. one who conciliates — sandhihdrak, punormiiankdri—s\i\)[ik\x\, tasfiya k. w. 

melne w. . fqat, mundsabat, qabiliyat> khubtari, suthri 

Concin'nity, s. fitness, suitableness— «p«jwi"^«tw'«, uttamatd, autkarshyu,^sundaratwa — liya- 
Conci'se, a. brief, short, summairy, as language — saukhyipta, abistdr, chumbak — tang, 

mukhtasar, mujmal ' 

Conci'scness, s. brevity, briefness in words— sankhyep, fl&fsttrnatfi— ikhtisar, ijmal, sanchhepan 
Conci'sion, s. a cutting off, excision— c/i/iedan, kdlan—kat, tardsh 
Concita'tion, s- a stirring up, or disturbing — Htt/iapa??, prabartand — ukasna, jumbish d. 
Con'clave,s. an assembly of cardinals — dharmddjiyakhyadiger sabhd bd samuj — kardinal log 

ki majlis [chukdnd, tamam k. anjam ko pahunchana muqarrar k. atkaln^ 

Conclu'de,va. to finish, determine, infer — mishpatti k. sampanna k. sihir k, anumdn k. — 
Conclu'dent, «. decisive, convincing— msAcAit, 7tis/i/:r?s/i/a, sandehabhanjak—yaqin, qatai, 

shak diir k.w. [tamdm, anjam, intihd, natija, hdsil, atkal 

Conclu'sion, s. end, close, consequence, inference— s/ies/i, parichchhitti, siddhdnta, anumdn — 
Conclu'sive, a. closing debate, decisive — shesh,nirdhhta, prdmdnya,alar — khdtim, qatai, atkal 
Concoag'ulate, va.Xo congeal together — basdna, gdrha k,ghana k. — bahamjamana, thakka k. 
Concoct, va. 10 digest in the stomdich—j athurdgniie pdk k.jirna k. — hazrn k. pachdnd ' 
Concoc'tion, s. digestion in the stomach — paripdk, annapdk — hazm. pachao 
Concom'itance,s. a being together — sdhitya sangatd, sungjog — hambdshi, sdth, mel 
Concom'itant, a. accompanying, attending— songju/ftrt, milita, sangata, sa/jif«— meldo, 

paiwasta, mulhaq, shdmel, sathi 

CON ( 97 j CON 

Concom'itant, s. an attendant— samet. samrwiuufa, sa/u't thike je—saihl, hamrili, liamsuhbat 
Con'conl, s. agreement, harmony— «ijtj/rt, met, suswar — muwafaqat, silzi^dri, milap, khushdwftz 
Con'cordance, s. an index to the scriptures — siickipatra, dharmashdstrnntargatasliabda samu' 

Iter nirgkauia—Baihal ke aifAz ki fihrist 
Concor'dant, a. agreeing, suitable— «/t?<Arirt, «pa/u^fa— muwSfiq, mutdbiq, mundsib • ' 
Concor'date, s. a compact, a convention — pan, niyam, shaandhi —, ahd o paiman, mel 
Concor'porate, va, to unite in one mass — ekatrikaruH, rdski /c.— kai chiz ko mililke ek karn^, 

dher k. jamA k. . [bhir. izbdiham 

Con'course, s. an assembly, a meeting, a crowd— me/a. jauatd; sanghat ' a—mdij\[s, jani&at, 
Concre'te, v. to unite into a mass — ekatra k. pinddkriti k. jariti k, bd h. — jamanA, munjamid 

k. bilndhna [s/mkirna — munjamid, basta, kitni ajzsloij k& murakkab 

Concre'te, a. composed ofdifFerent pdiTts—sangsrish ta bastute nirmita, sangjdta, anek drabyein 
Concre'tion, s. act of concreting, a mass — sangjam karan, pinda, stup,rdshi—'}^.m6.o; injim^d, 

dher. ambar 
Con'cubine, s. a woman in keeping — upnstri , dhemam — madkhula, salieli, haram randi 
Concu'piscence, s. irregular desire, lust — kdm, indriyndosk, lampatntd — shahwat, mastl 
Concur, D«. to meet in union, to agree — sanghatita h. sammata ht swikrita h.—mntiSLfiq h. 

muw&fiq b. ekdil h. qabill k. mdnnvl 
Concur'rence, s. union of minds, agreement, assent — maneraikya, sammati, swikdr — mu- 
wafaqat, diloij ka mel, qabul, isliraza 
Concurrent, a. acting together, being united — ekdntfi, ekdbhiprdy , sahita -muttafiq, muwdfiq, 

ekdil, hampardaz 
Concur' rentaess,s. a concurrent state - ekbhdb, ekdrthatd, sahakdritd — ittifAq, ikbtil^t ki h4lat 
Concus'sion, s. a shaking, a shock — did bastur paraspar dghdt , lhesd,dhdkkd—ta.s^dum,d\\akk^ 
Cond'emn, va. to pronounce to be wrong, to sentence— d!(«/ii k. aparddhi nishchay k. dandd- 

gydn k. — taqsirwar k. gunahgdr thahr^nd, fatwA d. [nd, fatwi, saza kA hukm 

Condemna'tion, s. act of condemning, sentence— Josfe deon, danddgydn,xnjd— taqsiiwar thahra- 
Condem'natory, a. passing condemnation— iiouf/asuc/iaA:, daiiddgi^ukdri—^cLiwdi mazmun saz4 

kA hukm ^mez 
Condens'ate, va. to make or to grow dense or thick— sanfcirua k. ghana k. sthiil k, bhdri k. — 

jaman^, garha k- munjamid k. sangin k. fjamjlna, garh^ k. mukhtasar k. 

~ Coudensa'tion, s. the act of condensing — ghana hd sthiil kara7iy shakta k. snnkhyep k. — taksif, 

Conden'se, v. to grow thick or close — a. thick — nibir h.ghanibhutah. — a. sthiil, g/iaua — jamna, 

munjamid h. garhA h. — a, garhA, kasif , 

Condens'er, s. a vessel for condensing ^.W—hathnt himadwdrdb'iyur jarita blidb bd ghanatd 

kirak jantra bishesh — hawd ko ghafs yd kasif karne ki kal fii'^^d, tnakkai 

Condens'ity,s. the state of being condensed--?/j«nata, draba drabyer jaritabhdb—kaiSH.fat, in- 
Con'ders, s. those wb6 direct herring fishers— bishesh matsya dharane tattwdbadhdrak—'t:ernns 

ndm ek machhli hai us ke shikdrioa ki rAlinumdi jo log kare unko yih kahte bain 
Condesc'end, vn. to submit to, to yiehi—abhimdn tydg kariyd shishtdchdr k, bhahyntdpilv})akswi- 

krita h. sammata ft.— dabnd, farotani k. qabul k. razi h. [farotani, inkisdr, muldima;, tawdzu 
Condescen'sion, s. act of condescending, conrtesy— namratdcharan, bhahyatd, shishtdchdr— 
Condi'gn, a. (. dine) deserved, saildiMe—upajukta, samuchit—\A'iq, wajib, Idzim, mundsib 
Con'diment, s. a seasonging, sauce, pickle— ajiwer iipakaran, byanjan, dchdr, jhdldli masd- 

lah, chdshni, chatni, achdr ' ' [nidar k. namak mdrna 

Con'dite, va. to season, preserve by sa.h—jhdlidi diyd suswddu k. saia&«tt /c.~raasalahd. chash- 
Condi'tion, s. term of agreement ; state; article— -pon, niyam; dashd, dharma ; bishesh koli 

— shart, ahd, iqrar; halat ; babat [qaul-o-qardr bnjhd jae 

Condi'tional, a. implying terms or conditions — snniyam, kati jiirdhdrita—sharti, jis meji kuchh 
Condi'tionary, a. stipulated, agreed on — niyamita, pratishruta—mdishrnt, mdhiid, qahul k. h. 
Condo'le, V. to lament, mourn, or bewail with anolher—paradiift/cfte du.ft/v/iita h. bdbildp k.-— 

matam pursi k. taziyat k. dusie kd gham o ranj df^ihka^ dzurda h. . ^ [ghaml:hwdri 

Condo'lement, s. grief, m.utual distress-^jjarer dalckhe kheda pj-o^asft— matampursi, tdziyat. 
Condolence, s. grief for another's loss — dtmiya byahtir dnrddrishle shokasuchak hyabahdr 

kimbd shishtdchdr ebang prubedha bdky a— mAtam\)aTsi, ghamkhwdri, hamdardi 
Condonation, s. a pardoning, a forgiving — doshahhyamd, aparddha mdrjand—a.i\\, gundh 

kd muaf bond, darguzar ["cbiFiy^. ek (|ism ka giddfi 

Con'dor, s. a large fowl, a species of vulture— gridftra pakhyi bat brihat palchyi bishesh — ek bari- 
Condu'ce, v. to help, to promote, to conduct— arm/few/ bd sahah'iri h. pratipddan, nirbdha bd 

upajogitd k, phalaprdpan, sad/jan— mdda»l k. yd mumid h. taqwiyat k. pushti d. sahdrd 

d. ihtirnam k. [rauraid, muawin, sahdi, pushti d. w. 

Condu'cihle, a. tending to some end, promotive — abhiprdya sddhak, phalotpddak, upujogi — 
Conducive, a. promoting, contributing — poshak, bardhak, upakdri, sddhya sddhak, chdldibdr — 

nudwin, sahdi, pahunchdnew. murbarrik 
Con'duct, s. behaviour, deportment — chdli,gati, dcharau, riti, swabhdb—suhik, chdl, cbalan, 

shewa, atwar 
, Condu'ct, va. to lead, guide, manage, behave— p«^/i darshdna, dge chalan, chdldna, dcharan bd 

gati k. — rdhnumdi k. lechalnd, lejand, ihlimam k. chaldnd, cbabm chalna 
Coaduct'or, s. a leader, director, ch'iei'—agrasar , pathadarsak, sampddak, pradhdn — peshwa, 

muqaddam, sardar, hddi, rahnuma - ^ " [nali 

c.Con'duit, s. ( .dit) a water-pipe or canal, a duct — ndld, prandlika, pnyndld, ndli — nahr, abrez, 
ifejCone, s. a body like a sugar \ozishunidkrlti niret drabyn -gaodunj,. makhrut. sanchd 

CON ( 98 ) CON 

Conf'd\i'u\dL\.e,vnAoeon\erse,iQchaii~kathopakatliank.dld-p k. gappasappa it, — bdtclilt t, 

gufrgii k. gapshap k. [guftgfi. qiloqij 

(Jonfabula'tion, s. familiar talk, <\'\sco\ivse—paraspar dldp, sambhdsh, balibali—hAlchit, bolchal, 
Confec'lion, s. a sweeimeat—mish tdnna , miihdi — murabba, mith^i, halwft 
Confec'tioner, s. one who sells sweetnaeats.'&c— wiot/ait, mayard, mithdlkar, mithdi bikretd— 

lialwdi, mithdiwftlA. niithdifarosb, lialwds^z 
Coofe'deracy, s. a league, union of persons— ajicAer ek bdkyatd, chakra takra—rnKfiq, ban- 
dish, mel, sazish 
Conied'erate, va, 10 unhe, to combine— ekjukti h, ek par dmarshi haiyd jog it.— hamsalilh h. 

inutlafiq hokar sAzish k. ek mushwirat p^r rafiq h. [rafiq, sharik 

Confed'erote.s. an ally, an accomplice— sa/idy, ek ■pardmarshi, sdthi, angshi sfithi, saihi 

'Confedera'iion, s. alliance by league or stipulation— efc bdkyatd h. sandh%,jog, mel- mu'wafqnt, 

mel, niilap, paivvastagl ^ [dedAIn^ 

Confe"r, v. to discourse with, to bestow— fiZap k. kuthdbdrtd k. dan i-.— bfitcbit k. bakhshana 
Con'ference, s. discourse, meeting for converse— fcadartufemi, kathopakathan, bickdrdrthe nirii- 

pita sabhd — jawftbsawal, guftea, bolchii!, mubAhise ki majlis 
Confe'ss, va, to ovvii, acknowledge, avow— su;t'fcar fc. «H^i/f«r fc. byakta k. — m4nn&, qab61 k. 

iqrdr k. hail k. iatir^f k. 
Confessedly, ad. avowedly, by ackowledgment— ;)ra/caVirM|?e, nitdnta, swikdrapilrbak— 

iatarftf se, yaqinan, beshubha, iqr^r se 
Confes'sion, s. avowal, acknowledgment — swikdr, dosddi mdnan — iqr4r, qabul. iatirdf 
Confes'sor, s. one who confesses or hears confessions — dosh swikdrakdri ; jdhdr sthdne dosh 

sicikhr fcare- muatarif ; jis ke pas gunah qabdl karcQ , [zilhir 

Confe'st, a. open, known, plain, evident— spas/i/a, hidita, suprafc«s/i— mashhnr, fdsh, malum, 
Confida'nt, Con'fident, s. a person trusted with a secret, a bosom friend— safcfta, sakjii, mitra, 

bishumsta byakti—i&id^T, i\dimr§LZfhhediy{i, mahram, dost-i-jani 
Confi'de, vn. to trust in, to rely upon — prutyay k. bishicds k. gupta kathd samarpan — iatibftr k. 

iatim&d k. blied sompna 
Con'iidence, s. trust, reliance, boldness — pratyay, sdhas, dambha, abhay — bharos6, iatiq^d, 

partit, dileri, jurat . [dhith, gUstdkh.muataqid 

Confident, a. bold, daring, assured— sa^msi, rnVWiai/, cfrtmWi'/c—manchald, shermard, marddna, 
Confiden'tial, a. admitted to confidence — bishwds pntra, bishwasta — mahram-i-raz, r^zddr, 

bhediy^, ialibari [surat, zdhiri, tarki'b, banawat, saiydrou ki haiyat 

Configura'lion, s. external form/aspect of planets— o/car, rup,grahnsthiti, nakky'atrer abasthd — 
Config'urCjfa. to dispose into form— sa/car k, abayab nirmdn k. garan — shakl d. banan^, sdkht 

k. kisi chiz ko dhdInS, sdrat shakl dend • " 

(von'fine, s. a limit, border, bound— st'ma, prdnta, simdnd — sarhadd, ihdta, kinara, intihd 
Confi'ne, v. to border upon, bound ; immure — simdnta h. kdrdgdre baddha k. dtak k, banda k, 

— hadd lagnd, ihata lagna, quaid k. band k. 
Confi'nement, s. restraint, imprisonment— afafc, kdrdbandhan^qnid, giriftdri, habs, band 
Coufi'rm.ra. to make certain, establish — nirnay bd ni$hchay k. sdbhyasta k.nirdhdrun — yacjin 

k. s5,bitk. laqarrur dend, muqarrar k. 
Confirm'able, a. that may be proved or made sure — sapraTndn,pramey^, riirdhdraniya—^sAhit, 

tnuqarrar hone ke Idiq, qdbilussubut, dalilpazi'r 
Confirm'ation, s. act of establishing ; proof ; the rite of confirming baptized Tpersons—nishchay, 

nirnay karan ; pramdn -.jala san^sknr samayje pratigydn kard giydchhe tdhd dpase nirdhdran 

— muqarrark. subiit, tahqiq, dalil ; jin fchakhson ne istibagh pdya ho unke balghiyat men pa- 
hunch hne bdd unke /idl par Pddri log Isawl mazhab ki ek rit bajd Idte hain, usi rlt ko yih 

kahte hain ^ [zabt k. baitulmdl men d. 

Confis'cate, va. to seize for the public — dandandrthe sangsthdn samuddy hariyd laon—qxxrq k. 
Confisca'tio-n, s. the act of seizing as forfeited, and adjudging to the public treasury — dchchhed, 

rdjngydnte aparddhi byaktir dhanddi haran—qurqi, zabti 
Con'fiture, s. (..tbhui'e) a mixture of sweetmeats— 7?ii//iai, mishtdnna bishesh — mithdfou k4' 

ek mildo, ek qism ki miihdi 
Confix, va. to fix. to fasteii down — sthdpan, sthir k. baddha fc.— lagdnd, jarnd, atkana, band k. 
Confla'grant, a. burning together— ekatre jwalant a aneke, ekdgnite dagdha bd prajwatita— 

ek kattha yd ek sdtli jaljie w. hamsoz fdgniwat, dtashzadagi 

Conflagra'tion, 5. a great fire or burning on hM\\d\vig%—ddha, bydpakdgni—\nkv/fii agwdh , 
Confla'tion, i. the act of blowing many instruments together ; a melting of metal— 6ad?/arfa77i; 

ekkdlin hahujnntrephun deon bd bddyakaran ; dhdtu drabyer'galdna bd drab karan — qisra 
qism bdjan ko ek <iam se bajdne kd kam ; dhdt ka galan 
Confli'ct, vn. to fight, to contest, to strive— ^"«dc(7ia k. bibdd k. jhakarc': /c.— larnd, jang k. 

muqdbala k. qaziya k. * ^ [satez 

Con'flict, s. a contest, combat, struggle— jiwfd/iflj, lardi, birodh, fcaiafta—lardi, jang, muqdbala, 
Con'fluence, s. a flowing together — muhand, prabdha jog, nadnadir, sangama sthdn — sangam, 

ek sfith kd bahao yd jawdr, darydoji ke melne ki jagah, te mohani 
Con'fluent, a. running together — sangjukta, milita, ekdh ird, eksrot, sahasruta—eks&th chalne 

wdle, ek sdth bahne w, 
Con'flux, s. a junction of currents — sangam, nudyddir muhand—sangSim, darydoTj kd mel 
Confo'rm, v. to comply with, to yield— sammata k. swikrita /t.— qabul k. rdzi h. 
Confor'mable, a. agreegible, suitable, like— annsdri, ekprakdr, agydumat, agydnbaha, tulyd— 

mudfiq, mundr-ib, Idiq, nidnind 

CON ( 99 ) CON 

Conforma'tion, s. disposition of parts — dkrlti, murti, garan, rrijp, dhap, c^auZ-r-tarkib, band- 

wa|,dildaul, sdrat, dhab 
Conform ist, s. one who complies with established rites — rdjdgydnte sthdnita mate shtvikdrakdri, 

ritimatechaleje, dhdvdbdhik-^]o jo ritrasm muqarrar hue unkA qabill manzar k. w. 
Conlb'rmity, s. compliance with, likeness— siuifcar, dsydnbahativa, tulyatd, sddrishya — qabiil, 

manzdr, niuwaf'aqat, mutabaqat, mushibahat, tasbih, misai 
Conforta'tion, s. the act of strens;t!ienin'^ — halahat k.prabal k. sdbhyasta k. dshwdsabirdhayi 

— mazbut karne ya zor dene k^ kam, qiiwaldilii 
Confo'und, 7;a. to mix, perplex with amazement — mhhrita k. golmdl k. ghabardna, abdk k. 

apradWi fc.— milanli, maVhliit, k. gliarbA d.harbara d. ' ^ , fkesAih 

Coijfound'edly, ad. hatefully, shamefully — ghrinyarupd, nindltariipe — zabnni se, besharrai 
Confound'er, s. one who destroys or perplexes — iiashtakdri, ghubardiyd dey je, udbignakdrak, 

— gharat k. vv. paimal k. w. ghabradene w. gayhar k. w. 
Coni'ratet'nity, s. a brotherhood— srttmpracZcii/.Mmrt/— barddari, bhaipan , 

Confro'nl, va. to face, to set face to face— Jut sdkhyir paraspnr dputti k. mukhdmukhi k. bd 

/i.— rauqabil h. sAmne k. baham muwakhiza k. 
Confro'nted, pa. brought face to face— pa rasper sammukhabarti, ubhye prastut haiyd bdddnu- 

ia'fZi— muqabil kiyd hua, donou rubard hokar dkhiz k. w. 
Confu'se, va. to confound, blame, perplex, abash — ghabardna, nindd k. abdk k. bydkUL k. — 

ghabrA d. dokhuA, malamatk. huirln k. 
Confusion, s. perplexity, disorder, tumult, indistinctness — bhdhardni, golmdl, dhumdhdm, 

aA-pasA.^atwa— garbar.lhat, abtari, gliol, nakhuLisai 
Confu'table, a. that may be disproved — khandaniya, aprdindnya, mithyd — b^til karne ke laiq, 

jhdthane jog, marddd karne ke qdbil 
Confuta'tioii, s. act of disproving — bdkya khandan, parihdr — butlan, ibtal, irad 
Confu'te, va. to disprove, refute, ha. ffia— khandan, doah kdtan, parihdr k. — biltil k. jhiithdnil, 

ajiz hairank. ^ 
Congee, Conge', s. a bow, act of reverence — namaskdr, prandm — salam, kornish 
Conged'elire, s. (con-je-de-leer) leave to electa bishop ( Eng. )— dharmadhykhyapade bishesh 

byaktike nijukta karandrtherdjdgydn—hzxk Padri yrine Bishop banane ki parwdnagi y^ izau 
Conge'al, v. to freeze, harden, grow stiff — himejarita h. shakta h. gdrha h. — jamnd, biindhjAna, 

raunjamid h. [munjamid hone ke laiq 

Congea'lable, a. that may be congealed — himete jarita bd ghana haibdr jogya—]3.mne]o^, 
Conge'alment, s. congelation, concretion— jart/a, gdrliita bhdh, ghanatd — ^jamRwat, injimad, 

thakkA \sajdta,upLijukta—iy'\.m]ms, ham tabai, ham zati, munasib, muvvafiq 

Conge'nial, a. partaking ot the same nature natural, suitable — ehsivabhdh, tiilya, swdbhdbik , 
Con'geon, s. a dwarf, a little person — kharba, bdman — bawana, thumka, kotaqad 
Con'ger, s. a large species of sea-eel— sa»iuti»"«/a bdin matsya -bishesh — samandar ki bdm- 

raachhli ki ek qism 
Conge'ries, s. ( a mass of small bodies, a hesip— siikhy ma bastusangra, st7l.p, rdshi^ 

chhoti chhoti jinsou k^ dher, toda, ambar [jama k. tAl k. dher k. 

Conge'st, va. to amass, to collect into a heap— sanc/iay •k.stuplbhuta k. ekatrak. — batorn^, 
Conges'tiou,s. collection of matter— sa;ic/jay,<;//upi—janiao, dher 
Congla'ciate, V. (.. shfi.) to turn into ic6, Cxc. — himete tushdr bdndhan, jaler himini bd jarita 

bhdbh. — pal^k. barf jamna [gol;s^ bananA 

Conglo'bate, va. to gather into a ball — guidna, goldkriti k. hartulahat k. — goliyana, gdthlaua, 
Congloba'tion, s. a gathering into a ball — goldkdr h. bd k. guidkd karan—goU si bannA y^ k. 

ghurchi [— ghurchiyana, chizon ko batofke golshakl k. ek gol" lal bandna 

Conglom erate; va. to gather into around mass — bartuldkritl k. piadabut k. jardna, gitiikd k. 
Conglomera'tion, s. a gathering into a round mass, a collection— ^o/a/criti kriyd, aanchay — 

ghurchi, pechtab, guljhari, ijtima [bdjuriyd d. — saresh w. g. se jorna 

Conglutina'tion, s. a joining by tenacious matter — dihdbat drabya diyd sanjukta bd sanglagnak, 
Con'gou, s. a sort of bohea tea— /ca/a chd bishesh— ki\a, cha ki ek qism 
Congra'tulant, a. ( . gratsh-u.) rejoicing with — mangalagdyak, parer sukhe sukhi—m\iha.Ta.khi.d 

k. w. tahniyatgo 
•Congrat'ulate, v. to wish joy to, to compliment on any happy event — mangala gdyan, parer 

mangoloddeshe bandandk. anyer sukhe sukhi haiyd mangalabadk. — mubarakbad kahna, mu- 

b^rakbiidi dena, tahniyat k. 
♦Gongratula'tion, s. a wishing of joy — mangalabdd, manga Idchqr an, parakalydne sukhaprakdsk 

karan — mubarakbad i, badhawa, tahniyat 
*Congrat'ulatory,a. expressing joy or pleasure— prtrersufcAc swasukhaprakdshak,mangaldrthik — 

tahniyatamez, mubarakiniazmdn, jis meu, baclhai ho [muwahq h. 

Congre'e, vn. to agree, to join, to accord— matamuta h.milan, aikya /i.— muttafiq h. melna, 
Congre'et, va. to salute vciMtUdAly-^parasparer mangalabdd 6a namas/<ar k.— ekdusre Jc^ salam k. 

tarfain salam k. , 

Congregate, a. collected, firm, close- e/catriiywlta, sangsrishta, milita, ghana— hator^hni., 

jama k. h. basta, munjamid, sangin, ghana 
Congrega tion, s. an assembly, collection of persons— sa6/i(i, loknsamuha, ma>i/aii'— jamiyat 

niajlis, guroh, bhir > 

Con'gress, s. a meeting, the legislature of (he United Stales— saftTiri, rdjkarma nishpddanathn 

sabhdstkader samdgam, desha saftfta— sabhd, jamiyat, United Slates jo Araerika meQ waqi liai 

us ki sarkar ka mulki kauflsal' 

CO N ( 100 ) CON 

Congress ive, a. meeting. enconnXer'ing—mukhnmukhi hay hn hare je paraspar sdkhydtkdri, 

paraspar juddhakdri — milne w. rubbanih. vv. baham ru line w. muqabila k. w. [h. ittitaq h. 

Congru'e, vn. to agree, to suit, to conform — milan, lagan, upajxiktn h. — milna, muwariq h. sazgdr 

Congruence, s. agreement, fitness — mel, aikya, mmbandhn , upajuktatd — mel, munasabal, 

muw^faqat, sazuwaii 
Con'gruent, a. agreeing, correspondent — samdn, tulya, mile bd Idgeje, upajukta — thik, muwa- 

tiq, hamwar, laiq 

Congm ity, s, fitness, consistency, agreement — upajuktatd, samabhdb, samanway — muwdfaqat, 

ittitaq, mel, barabari [fiq, liliq, munasib 

Con'gruous, a. fit, suitable, meetsainabhdbi, upajukta, jogya, uchit — liaraw^r, thik, nniwa- 

Co'nic, Conical, a. having the form of a cone — skunidkriti, Srtpa/e/i<re— sdrangi, gawdurai, 

makhriiti * 

Conjec'tor, Conjee' turer, s. a guesser — anumdyak, anunidn kartd, dlkol fca?'e je— khiyal k. 

w. vvahmi, qayas k. w. atkalbaz 
Conjec'tural, a. [. .tshure.] depending on conjecture — anumeya, anuminasiddha, dnumdnik, 

bibechaudsiddlia — khiyah, qiyasi, gutnani 
^Conjecture, s. a guess, supposition, surmise— armman, anubhab, bodh, dtkal, bibechand — 

khiyal, atkal, andaza, wahm 
Conjecture, vn. to guess, to suppose— 6oi/i fc. atinmin k. — qiyas k. andaza k. atkal k. khiyal k. 
Conjo in, va, to connect, to' unite — sangjog i<.joran — milana, lagand, jorna, paiwasta k. 
Conjoin'ed, pa. [..] connected, united, linked — sangjukta, sanglagna, sangsrishta — mulhaq, 

paiwasta, tjahami, maqrun 
Conjointly, ari. in union, with united efforts — eksdthe;-ekatra liaiyd — sharakat se, bilishtiriik, 
bilittil'aq, e'-isath [sambandhi, byah ka mutalliq 

Conjugal, a. pertaining to rndLnizgd —bibdhabishayah:, hibdha sambandhiya, baibdhika — zauji, 
Con'jugate, a. that springs from one original — ekmuLak, ekmulaja, jaugik — sarfi, gardani 
Con'jugate, va. to join, to inflect as verbs — sangjukta k.jord d. dhdtu bd shabder rn.p karan — 

milana, tasrifk. g:irdann;i 
Copjuga'tion, s. the form of inflecting verbs— d/iat?t bd shabder rup samtiha-sZTf, gardan, b4b 
Conju'nct, a. joint, united, connected — sangjukta, milita, sangsrishta— va'ilA.0, mtjlhaq, 

Conjunc'tion, s. a meeting, union, league, bond — milan, sangam, sangjog, sambandha, sandhi — 

mel, ittisal,paiwand, sambandh 
Conjunctive, a. serving to unite — sangjog karandrtha, samuchchaya bodhak shabda — wasli 
Conjuncture, s. [. .tshure\ a critical tinie, combination— (Z(ii6at abasthd, bdrik samay,jog — ain- 

vvaqt, mel 
Conjura tion. s. enchantment — mantra, dbdhana mantra path — ^jftdtigari, sihrkftri, totkS. 
Con'ju're. va. to summon in a sacred name— fcoraa pabitra ndmochchdrana dward ahbdn H. — kisi 

pak nam ko parhkar talab k. 
Con'jure, vn. to practise enchantments, &c. — bhojabidyd prakdsh k. gun k. mantra path k, — 

jadii k. fasiin khwlni k. 
Conju'red, pa. [.."l enjoined with solexanity—j athdrtha riipe bhdr d.— sanjidagi se takid k. 
Con jurer, s. an enchanter, a fortune teller — bhelki, kujialti, baitdlik, mohani kartd — ^jadfigar, 

afsdngar, sahir, sihrk^r 
Conju'rement, s. asolemn^njunction— jat/irirt/ia bhdr- — sanjida tAkfd [janam 

Conna'scence, s. community o(hinh—samakdlejanma,ekkdlotpatti—ek waqt men paida ya 
Conna'te, a. born at the same tuaa-^ekkdlina, samakdlaja, juHnyVz-^hamzad, hampaida, ham 
zaman [si fat, hamwar, barabar 

Connat'ural, a. [. .tshu. .] suitable to nature, Vike— swdbhdbik, sahajdta, samatulya — zati, ham 
*Connat'urally, ad, by naiuis, or\giadL\\y—swubhdbatah,nijadharmabashatah — zati se, sifati se, 
apnikhasiyat se - i 

Conne~ct, va. to link together, unite, tie— Jor d. sangjukta k. sangsrishta k.jurhjd bdiidhan — 

jorna, mila,na, lagana, paiwand k. bandhnd 
Connect'ed, pa. linked together, united — sangsrishta, sangjukta, sameta, jorita — muttasal, 
multiaq, paiwasta , / , ■; 

Conne'x, va. to unite together, to ]o'ia— sangjukta k. sangsrishta k. — milana, mulhaq k. pai-'' 

wasta k. jorna 
Connex'ion, s. an union, a relation — sangjog, sambandha, samparka — mel, alaqa, nisbal, rishta 
Connivance, s. voluntary blindness— (^e/c/jij/a nd dekhan, jdniyd ndjdna — ighmaz, chasm- 

poshi, taghaful, tasahul 
Conni've, va. to wink at, forbear to see or blame — dekhiyd chakhyu dhdkhan bd nd dekhan, dosh 
sujhya k.shuniyd nd shunan—ighmaiZ k. sunkhmchna, an<h chliipina, maiiyana, anakaui d, 
Connoisseu'r, s. ^ko-nes-sare) a nice judge of tl»e fine dirts— bishesh bidydte sukhyma bibe- 

chak, gnnaboddhd, bigyun—k'\Si fann men khub kamil, ya parkhiya, waqitKar, bina 
Connubial, a. pertaining to marriage, n\x\iii3.\—bibahabishayak, baibdhika, bibahajanita — 

sambandtii, byih k^ mutalliq 
Conturi'tious, a. nourished together— sa/mpratipai!if«—hamparwarda 
C^-on'oid, s. a figure like a cone — shunJakdra murti—sm-^nsi ya gAodumi shakl 
Conquass ate, va. to shake, to agitate— /arn/m, dliulana, dloran — hilana, dulana, harakat d. 
Con'quer, I'a. to overcome, tosutidue — parnsta k. hdrdna,jitan, bushibhuia k.—idiVdh k. jitu4,t 

taskhirk. ram k. ' 

Con'queralvle, d. that may be subdued— jVyo, pardhhabaniya — htdihk^ine ke qabil, maglilubf 

CON ( 101 ) con' 

Con'queror, s. one who subdues or defesits—jaykarta,jay,t\ bi{)ayi;-'iAiXii'ix\%njiy.ji3.imkv'f,n&3n, 
zat'aryab ' ' ' " * [tHskhir 

Con quest, s. victory, reduction to one's power— ^ay, ■pardjay, pardbhah fcamn— fatah, zafar. 
Consanguineous, a. related by birth or hlood—gydiiti, sa-g(ftraja — hamzdt, ya hamsar, ek lahn, 
qarib, eg6na, khesh [qarabat, egdnagi 

Consanguin'ity, s. relation by blood or h\Ti\\—gydiititwa, ^sagotratd — sa,gAi, kheshi, hamzati. 
Conscience, s. natural knowledge, self-knowledge — bibek, sangskdr, swadoshndoshugynn — 

fahii), bibek, samajh, zaniir ^ 

Conscien'tious, a. ( .she-en-shu;, ) scrupulou?, governed by conscience — dharmabhaye sandlgdha , 

dharinabhita — imandftr, Khud^tars, diyauatdar [q'^U kbara, wajibi 

Con'scionahle, a. f.s/mji. .^ reasonable, just— juktisiddJia, jathdrtha, prakrita — saciia, m^- 

Con'scioup, a. ( .shns) inwardly persuaded, knowing— antargydutu, atmaboddhd, sachetan — 

waqif, khudkhahar, agah 
*Con'sciously, ad. with inward persuasion — antargydna piirbak, dpan gydntasdre, manojog 

pw-hak—witqAi se, khudagalii se, tawajjuh se 
*Con'sciousness, s. the knowledge of what passes in the m'md—antarbodh, mtgakdr, dtma- 

doshddashagydn — waqaf, khudae^hi, tamiz 
Con'script, a. written; s. an enrolled militia man— /ife/jifa, leklid—s. nabya joddhd—Wkhsi- 

hua, navishta— s. nayd sipahi y^ laiak 
Consecrate, va. to hallow, to dedicate solemnly — sangskdr k. hhwaroddeshe utsarga hd samar- 

pita t. abhishek /c.— niy^z karnA, pratistha k. sankalp k. fida k. 
Consecra'tion, s. the act of making sacred, or devoting to sacred nses— pratistha, abhishek, 

ufi-ar^g-a— sangskar k. fida, pratishtha 
Consec utive, a. following in order or a senea—kramdiiwayi, kramdgata—mnt^qih, mutasalsal 
Coosem'inate, t;a. to sow mixed saeds—mishrita ndnd prafcdr biju bapan,.ek khyetre bibidha 
^ bij chhardna—hSiT raqam kd milahdd tukhm bona j. 

Consension, Consent, s. concord— wie/, .sam?n«tj, e^^'ii/i?;jrn?/— rael, ittifaq, raz^mandi 
Conse'nt, ?;». to agree, to actord in mind or 'wi{\—sat7imata h. ekjukti h. ekpardmarsha h. — 

muttahq h. razi h. melna, riz^ d. ekrai h. - 

Consenta'neous, a. agreeable, consistent — anujdyi, amisdri, tidydbhipray — rautabiq, muwiifiq 
Consentient, a. agreeing, uniting in opinion— sa;rtma£a, ekjukti, ekchittu, ekbdkya — razamand, 

muttatiq, ekdil, ekrai 
Con'sequence, s. that which follows, effect, inference— ttnu;aj/, samanway, phaliidrtha, phal, 

anumdn, flmtftriiti— mahasal, arthat, natija 
Consequent, a. following ndLl\ira.\ly~kramdnway{, anusdri, nimittuk, sheshdnta, anubritta— 

mutaaqib, mutabiq, muwafiq, muntaj, muakhkhar 
Consequential, a. conclusive, important — atar, fe/tfirt— qatai, bhdri 

Con'sequently, ad. by consequence or eSiici—phalatah, philtdrthe, ataeb, sutardng, tadarthe — 
^ banatija, lihaza, zariiratan, uswaste 

Conserv'ancy, s. courts held for the preservation of the fishery in the river Thames— nadir 
matsya rakhyandrthe chauki bishesh—ddnyAki machhlii.i hifazat ke waste jo <:haukl rakhi 
jati hai 
Conserva'tion, s. act of preserving, preservation — rakhyan, rakhyandbekhy<in — hifdzat, mu- 

hifizat, jatau, nigahbAni . 
Conservative, a. having power to 'f)reserve — rakhyanakdri, khyayanibdrak — hdfiz, hifazatgar 
Conserv'atory, s. a place for preserving things— ra/c/iJ/rtsf/(a)t,rafc//t/aHti/a bustu rdkhibdr sthdn 
—hifazat ki jagah, chizou ko hifazat meji rakhne ki jagah [gulshakar 

Con'serve, 5. a sweetmeat, preserved fruit — miihdi, misktdnna — mithai, murabba, gulqand, 
Conserve, va. to preserve or candy fruits— mii/idi /c. mishtdnnu pdk fc.— murabba banana, 

mithai pakana 
Conserv'er, s. a preparer of conserves; one who lays up or preserves— mi/^aiitar, modafc , 

rat/iya fcarta, m/c//2/a/c— mithaigar; hafiz, hifdzatgar 
Consider, i'. to examine, to regard, to donbl—bibechand k. Ihdharan, bitarka k. — sochna, 
ihahrna, atkaln^ ' [kam niliin 

Consid'erable, o. worthy of regard; not trivial — mdnya, bhdri ; laghu nay — buzarg, azim ; 
Considerably, ad. in a considerable degree— aii, atishay, 6a/m— ziyadaiarin, bahutsa 
Considerate, a. thoughtful, prudent— 6i6e/ci, buddhimdn, dhir, safaria— dliyani, fahmida, 

rautaammil, ddrandesh 
Considerately, ad. with thought and pvMdQnc^—bibechandpurhak, dhire, sdhadhdnptirbak- 

taammul se, tadbir se, thahrke, aqilana 

Consideration, s. serious thought, prudence, motive, recompense— mafiojc^, sdbadhdnatd, 

bibechand, /leiii, pratip/m/— dhydn, khiyal, lihaz, diirandeshi, sabab,jaza [sompna 

C-onsign, va. \.siiie\ to send or intrust— samarjjan, 6Air cZeo«— hawala k. tafwiz k. amanat 

Consi gnment, s. act of consigning, goods consigned — gachhdna, gachhita dhanddi—tdishm, 

tafwiz, supurd, amanat k. g, cJn'zeu 
Consimil'ity, «. a common likeness— i-tdris^ii/a, samatd — tashbih, tumasul, mumasalat 
Consi'st, vn. to be made up of, to stand, or be—taitat drabyete haon, bartan, tishthan, thdkan, 

/wiow— murakkab h. banna, inaujudh. rahna, bond 
Consist ence. Consistency, s. the natural state of bodies, agreement, substance, form- st/i/'ti, 

abastlid, bhdb, rup, dkdr— hash, wajud, halal, gal, dasa, dhab 
Consist'ent, a, agreeing, conformed to, congruous— sa^i-^a^r, samanuita, tulya, upajukla — 
muaasih, muvvatiq,saman, mutabiq, Idiq - ' - 


QON ( 102 ^ CON 

CaasisUejnt'.yv c.<» . '^.*ij.h. iigifcerrient pr ^^itabteness — samabhdbe, upajuktamate, jog-yamaie— mu • 

sbab.i'ii}t,s^/it;^^'^si.bal sej ;iy^,qat sa^ . ^ 
Consisto'rial, a. relating to a consistory— ^d/uirmasai/ia bishayak bd tatsambandkiya — din ke 

bab men 30 ijlas hoti hai us se nisbat lakhne w. 
Consist'ory, s. a spiritual court, an assembly — cikunna sabhd, janas&muha — wuh ijlas ki jo din 

ke bAb mea log kareji, jamiyat 
CoDso'ciate, s. [. .she.] an accomplice, a partner— s^'t^i, sangi, angshi — eajhi, hamr^h, sharik 
*Conso'ciate, va, to unite in a hody—ekatva k. mandali k. sangjakta k. — ekatiha k. ekaug 

k. milana ^ . . , . 

*Consocia'tion, s. alliance, a meeting — mil, mndhi, sabhd — mel, ittifaq, saMi^, jamao 
Conso'lable, a. capable of being cQn--o\ed—^sdntwa7iiyn, prabodhaniya — dilasipazir, tasalligfr 

honekeqabil, kliatirjama hone jog [tiijamai, dil^sa, dlidra:? 

Consola'tion, s. alleviation of misery — sdnticnnd, dskwds, duhkkopasham — tasalli, taskiii, kha- 
Consol'atory, a. tending to yield consolation — sdntwandjanak, prahodhak, dshwdsajanak— 

tasalli bakhsh, taskin bakhsh, aram dih, gam gusfir 
Conso'le, va. to comfort, cheer, revive — sdntwand k. maner prabodh d. bd janmdna, dshwds 

fc.— tasalli d. taskin, »1. kh.^itirjamaijl. 
Con'soler, s. one who gives comfort — dshwdskari, sdntivanddayak — tasalli bakhsh, taskin bakhsh 
Consol'idate, v. to harden, to comhine—shaktak. drirha k. ekatra k. sansgrishla k. — sakhtk. 

munjamid k. bandhn;S,,jamani 
Consoiida'tion, s. act of making or becoming hard or firm, union of things— c/r/rAa h. bd k. 

ghanabhdb, sangsrishlatd, sauL'-jog — bastagi, injimdd, jamawat _ [muw^t'aqat 

Con'sonance, s. agreement of sounds, accord — swaramei, tulyatd — snr yd avvaz ka mel, ittifaq, 
Con'sonant, s. articulation, a letter denoting the junction of the organs of speech— fet/anja?j bd 

hala akhyar samiiha — harf-i-sahih, hal [nasib, Uiq 

Con'sonant, a. agreeable, consistent — sumal, amisdri,jogya, upapikta — muwafiq, qabil, mu- 
Con'sonous, a. harmonious, musical — sushrdbya swar, suswar, mishtaswar — ek siir, khushdwaz 
Consopia'tion, s. the act of laying to sleep — supta h. iiidrdkrishta h. ghumnna, nidrdbasthd , 

shayan — sond, hambistar b. nindjana, aram k. [khasam, hamkhwdba, sathi, sdjhi li. 

Con'sort, s. a wife or husband, a companion— st?n' bd swnmi, sahabdsi, angshi, snthi-^]oni yd. ■ 
Cou'soit, V. to associate with, to marry — sahabns k. sahabdsi h. sange gaman bd rdkhan, bibdha 

k. — subbat k. eksat r. hambistar h. byah k. ' [ta'vdnai, binai, basrat, mushahida 

Conspectu'ity, s. sense of seeing, view — darshanashakti, darshanendriya, dris/i/i— dekhne ki 
Conspicu'ity, s. brightness, clearness — dipti, parishkdr, swnchchhatd; siiprakdsh—roshr^Yi, 

chamkahat, ujalAi, zahiri, safai ' [alaniya, khula, mashhur 

Conspic'uous, a. open to the view, obvious— sw&ya/cta, suprakdsh, spashta, bikhydta — zahir, 
Conspic uously, ad. plainly, openly — prakdshrupe, byakta bhdbe — zahiran, namudari se 
Conspic' uousness, s. openness to view, clearness — sudrishyatd, prakdshatwa, subyaktatd — 

zahiri, namudari . 

Conspir'acy, s. a plot, combination for evil — kumantrand, kukriydknrandrthe aneker aikyutd 

bd ekbdkyatd, chdtar, duymantrif chakra — bandish, sazish, gosht, kisi bad kam karne ka 

waste bahut log ka sazish karnd 
Conspirator, Conspirer, s. a plotter — durmantri, rdjdroha cheshfak, kiipardmarshi — badan- 

deshi, mufsid, badsalahi, baghi, hamraz ^ 

Conspi're, vn, to unite for an evil purpose, to unite or meet for any purpose— je kona dush- 

karme bisheshatah rdjdroha karandrthe ekbdkya haiyd pardmarsha k.mantrond ^. — bandish 

k. bddshdh ki mukhalifi men sazish k. muttafiq h. maslahat k. [gandagi, najasat 

Conspurca tion, s. defilement, pollution— fe/iras/tia k. apabitratd,hhrash(utd — ndpaki, ahidagi. 
Constable, s. an officer of the peace— fco/u/, chaukiddr, "dundandyak — thanedai, nazir, 

kotwal [naz^rat, kotwali 

Con'stableship, s. the'ofBce of a constable — kotdli, chaukiddrer pad bd karma — thaneddri, 
Con'stancy, s. fixedness, firmness of mind, steadiness — sihiratd, sthairjya, achdnchalya_, 

dhriti — subut, rstiqrdr, ustwari, qar^r •• 
Constant, a. firm, fixed, faithful in affection — sthir, sthdyi, drirha, nity a, sthirachitta, 

suprasakta—sAhh, musthakm, mustaqim, atal, qardri [haiqardr, aladdawam 

Constantly, ad. invariably, firmly — niyata, nitya, ekhhdie, sthdirjyapurbak—hdirddLm, 
Constella'tion, s. a cluster of fixed stats — rdshi, nakhyatru, tdrdsamiiha — burj, ras, sitara, tara 
Consterna'tion, s. terror that confounds — atibhay, bismay, bhebd chekd lagan — dar, hairat, 

sargardani. ghabrdhat . [garlia k. qabz k. 

Constipate, va. to crowd, to make costive — nihira k. ghanak. koshthabaddha k. — ghafs k. 
Constipa'tion, s. act of stuflSng, costiveness — gdddgddi, gddiyd bharan, kdihlha baddha— 

thasna, bastagi, qabz, inqibaz • ^ fjiballi, zati 

Constituent, a. ( ,stitsh-u-ent ) essential, real — swdhhdbik, muli, mulaja,dbashyak—as\\,Vh\]qi, 
Constit'uent, 5. a person who appoints — niyogkartd, nijojak, nijoktd — munib, muqariar k. w. 
Constitute, va. to make, appoint, depute — karan, janmdna, utpddan, niyog k. pade nijukta 

k. preran — banand, paida k. rauain k. mu^qarrar k. bhejna, tain k. 
Constitu'tion, s. frame of body, mind, or government— d/^rttur gmtdgun, swabhdh, prakriti, 

churitra, deshdchdr, rnjyaniti—m'izA], tabiyat, tinat, sirisht, zabt rabt, intizam, zabila 
Constitu tional, a. according the constitution — swdbhdbik, dhdtnghatita, prakrit'i, rnjyani- 

tisiddha, deshdchdrdnhjd.yi — khilqi, zati,.asli, jiballi, sharai, rdij, hasb-i-zabita 
Con'stitutive, a, that constitutes or establishes— 4t/ifc(ira», muiibhnta, sihdpanakdri—d.?>\y 

bunyddi, tdin k. w, muqarrar k. w. 

CON ( 103 ) CON 

Constra'in, va. to cpmpel, force, ctminne—ainchchhdte Irona harme prabarta k. baldwdrti 

nijukta bn swikrita k. dtnk k. baddha fc,— zabardasti se kisi kam ko lagdn4 yk qab(il karan6, 

atkdnft, qaid k. 
(Jonstia'inable, a. thai may be constrained — bal dw'ii'd prabartaniya—zot y4 zabardasti se 

kai^ne ke Uiq 
Constra'int, s. compulsion, violence — baldtkdr, bale ■prabartan k. — zabardasti, zor, zulm 
Cotislric'tioD, s. contraction, compression— sa«gfcoc/<, kunkaran, rhdsa yvdpan — sikor, simt^o, 

kamti [sametn^ 

Constrin'ge, vn. to contract, to coppress — snnkochav, sankuchitd k. knnkardna^—sxkoTnk , 
Constrin^gent, a. binding, contracting — kunchunakdri, sankochak, rhdsuakdri-~h(ii\dhn(i w. 

sameine w. sikorne w, [bin^ k. naqsiia k. daul d. 

Constiu ct, va. to build, to form, or erect — nirmdn k. gnran, granthait, ga;/ia?i— bandnd, 
Construc'tion, s. form of building or edifice, meaning, verbal arrangement— e-^ran, rachand, 

shabder artha, shabdnbiuyds—t^mn, ban^wat, taqrir, tarkib, mazmiin, samfis, mel 
Construct'ure, s. ( . .tshure) a building, an edifice — griha, aitdlikd, ghar — imarat, aiwiin, qa^sar 
Cons true, vn. to translate or interpret — artha k. anubdd bd bhdshdntara k. — tarjama k. rabt d. 
Constu'prate, va. to violate, to debauch — bhrashid k.jdti bd satitwa ndsh /c.— ligdrna, kliarab k, 

har^m zind k. , [liamasli, hamjins ' 

Consubstan'tial, a. of the samje substance — samamiilak, samabastu, ananyabaatu — hamzat, 
Consubstan'tiality, s, [. .,s/!e...] participation of the same nature— sa»ia6astut<2, unanyahastutwa, 

samamx'dukatd — ham zSti, ham jinsi, ham asli 
*Consub3tan'tiate, vn. to unit-e in substance — samabhdbe sangsrishla k. ekbastu kariyd rakhun 

bd mdnan — ek jins k. ek chiz jannft, ham jins kar rakhna 
*(^oiisubstantia'tion, s. union of the body of Christ with the sacramental elemcRts— TiT/ini^.^ti/a 

bhoja sangskdrer khddya peya drabya pratishthd kariyd tdhd ebang tdnhdr rakta^sharirer 

samabhdb bd ek bu&tutwa /laoyd — Hazrat I'sd ke y^d mea jo roti khale haiij aur shar6b pite 

bain, us roti men hazrat I'slkA badan aur sharab men un k^ lahu miljg,nd 
Consuetude, s. {.swe.} custom, \xsage—riti,dhdrd, byabahdr, chalau — chdl, rit, suliik, 

dastur, rawdj, zdbita 
Con'sul, s. a chief oflBcer in ancient Rome; a commercial agent — Riimiya surba prajdr 

svjuprahhulwa hdle prndhdii bynkti bd rdjkarmakdri ; hideshanihdsi swujdtiya bdn'ijya hyipdr 

iiirbdha karandrthe padastha bynkti i/s/tes/i— wuh shakhs ki jo Rum ke idiyaton ke apne 

mulk entizam karne ke waqt hAkim the; jo shakhs ki saudagari kam sarbar^h ke wdste 

dusre mulk men wakil muqarar hole hai . [shakhs ka mutaalliq 

Con'sular, a. f .s/iti.] pertaining to a consul — ui byaktir pada bishnyak, tatsambandhiya—wahi 
* Con'sulate, Con'sulship, s. office of a consul — puvbakta byaktir bishesh pad bd karma 

— Kum ki qadim hakimi yi ndibl 
Con'sult, tJa. to ask advice of, to debate — pardmarsha laon, jukti grahan, purer sahit bibechind 

bd bichdr k. — maslahat k. salaii 1. mashwarat k. 
Consultation, s. act of consulting— partJmarsTia jigydnsd, jukti grahan— sdM.\\ khwdh'i, mash- 
warat lend ' . 
Consu'mable, a. that may be consumed — ddjhya, khyayiiiya, khdditnbya — jalnejog, tahlilpazir 
Consu'me, t;a. to waste, spend, destroy — khyay k, byay k. ndsh k. /c/iaoM— ghdrat k. talaf k. 

kharch k. pdemdl k. " [h. khaya hua 

Consu'med, pa. [. .] wasted, devonTed--opachita, bhakhyita, nasA^a— ghdrat k. g. paimal k. 
Consu'mer s. one who consumes, or destroys— /c/t?/a?/afcari, ndshak, khddak — urdu, musrif, pde- 

mdl k. w. [nibahna, purd k. 

Consum'mate, va. to complete, to perfect — sampannn k. samdpta k, sampurna /c,— tariiam k. 
Consumma'tion, s. completion, end — samdpti, sainpddan, shesh, udydpan, sdnga — tamami, 

saranjdm, itnidm, akliir 
Consump'tion, s. a wasting disease, a wasting— fc//i/^2/arog-,ja/c/j7/md— sill, chhaiiog 
('onsump'tive, a. destructive, inclined to coosumptioa — khyay akdri,7idshak, khyayarogagrasta 

— pdemdl k. w. maslul 
Contab'ulate, va. to floor with boards— ia/Zier pdld diyd meje nirmdn k. — takhtabandl k. 
Con' tact s. touch, close union — sungsparsha, sangjog, saiigshlesh, aanghuiund—ldi^io, mel, 
. ittisdl, ilhdq 

Contac'tion, s. the act of touching — sparsha ^flrraw— chhuhdvvat, mas 
Conta'gion, s. [...'J secreted matter of a diseased body, that may communicate the disease — 

chhvt, sangsrabadosh, tajjanita hyddhi, roga bistnrnn — sarait, marz kd phaildo, laassur 
Conta'gious, a. having ihe quality of infecting— sanc/iarait', sptrshdkrdmuk, chhoydnchi janak 

— sari, m6sir, jis men sardit ki khassiyat ho 
Contain, va. to hold, comprise, restrain — rdkhan, dharan, dntan, bhukta bd sdviil k. bdran k. 

— rakhnd. samdnd, sliamil k. mushtamil k. thdmna, rokna 
Conta'inable, a. that may be contained— 6ts/ics/i ddkdre rdkhite pdrdjdy jahd, dntibdr bd 

dharihdr jogya — samdne ke qdbil, antnejog . [k. dluda k. ganda k. 

Contam'inate, t)a. to defile, to pollute — bhrashta k. ashuchi k. nai7i/« Ac.— napak k. bhrasht 
Contaminate, a. polluted, defiled— ma/in, bhrashta, sakalanka, opati/ra— uapdk, najis, 
asud'h, bhrasht / [dludagi 

Contamina'tion, s. defilement, pollution — ashuchitd, apabitratd, bhrashta bhdb — ndpdki, chhut, 
Conte'mn, va. [- tem] to despise, hate, neglect— hey a gy an k. ghrind k. abagydii k. anddar k. 

^ — haqir jdnnd, ihdnat k. past samajhna, makcnh jdnnd, kardhiyat k. glnu k. 
Contemp'er, Contemp'erate, va. to moderate by mixture— te/a rhds kuran, anya druhya 

CON ^ ( 104 ) CO N 

mishdiydiis/inatfi bd ugrata rhds h. sumatd /i.— tarkib se durust k. y6 narm k. kisi chiz men 
aur cjiizea milikar us ki tezi ya garmf ko kam^nA 
C'ontemp'erament, s. moderated degree— sawaia, kinchit tejarhds, guner kinchit alpatd—\at\d&] , 

darj-i-miiatadil, tezi ya Idiassiyat ki thori kamti 

Contempera'tion, s. the act of tempering— />ipan'( dharma bishishfa dralya mishran dwdrd 

koiia drahyer guner rhds karan — muatadil karna, maddham kame kd Kam, Jcisi cliiz meii 

dnsri chiz melakar uski tezf ko kam^na [bicharna, taammul k. mashq k. 

Conrem'plate, v. ro muse, meditate, ?,\.\iAy.~dhynn kl chintd k. hhdhan, abhyds fc.— sochn^, 

Contempla'tion, s. meditation, study — dlnjdn, blbechand, abhyds — taammul, ghaur, mulahaza, 

mashq ^ [mutafakkir, andeshamand 

Oonteni'plative, a. studious, t\\6\ightfu\—dhyd)ii, bhdbaridjukta, chintdnwita—muta^.mmU, 

Contempla'tor, s. one employed in meditation — dhydnkartd, chintdkdri, bibechak — taammul 

k. w. fik>k. w. sochne w. ghaur k. w. 
Contenip'orary, s. one who lives at "the same time with another— samafca/it, ekkdlabarti, 

mmakalaja, e/csamai/f/c— hamasr, hamwaqt, hamahd 

Contemp'orary, Contempora'neous, «. living at the same time, co-etaneous — samakdlin, 

ekkdiin, samabayaskn — hamasr, hamwaqt, hamjol: [k. liamwaqt k. 

Contemp'orise, va. to make contemporary— e/c kdle sthdpan, samakdlin kariydrdkhan — hamasf 

Contempt, s. act of despising, hatred of what is mQdia—abaheld, tuchchkagydn, ghrind — 

hiqarat, ihanat, karahiyat, marammat [haqir, subuk, khwdr, nachi'z, pdji 

Contempt'ible, a. deserving contempt, mean — heya, ffhrindrha, tuchchaniyn, tuchchha — zalll, 

Contempt'iHly, ad. meanly, pitifully — ninditaru-pe, tuchchhe, tdchchhalyapurbak — hiqarat se, 

khwari se, kardhiyat se [^saoarba — maghrur, mutakabbir, beadab 

Contempt'iious, a. {..tahu.'] scornful, haughty — tdchchhnlya kdri, anddarakdri, nhangkdri, 

Conte'nd, i). to strive.with, to contest— iiz-q^/i k, bibdd k.jhakard fc.— jhagarna,larna, muqabala 

k. qaziya k. Lhujjati, qaziya k. w. fisad k. w. 

Contend'er, s. one who pontends, or disputes- ^trfl<i/if , bibddi, kalahi, dwandaji — jhagarne w, 

Conte'nt, a. satisfied, quite willing — nirdkdnkhyd, tripta, swikrita, sammuta, santushla — r4zi, 

razSmand, khushniid 
Conte'nt, s. satisfaction of mind —shinti, paritripti, nirdkdnkhyd — khushi, qandat, santokh ^ 
"Contenta'tion, s. satisfaction, content- ^ripti, shnnti, nsprihd — razdmandi, khushi,, seri 
Content'ed, pa. satisfied, pleased, quiet — tripta, tushla, shdnta, khydnta—sex, razi, khush, 

mutawakkil, santoklii 
Conten'tion, .?. strife, quarrel, debate — birodh, jhakard, riwandtoa^qaziya, jhagra, mub^hasa 
•Conten'tious, a. { . .shtis] disposed to contend, perverse— 6irot/^t, kundaliyd, kalahi -jhaerAln, 
bakheriya, hujjati, takrari franjida, bez^r 

Content'less, a. uneasy, dissatisfied— atj-ipta, atushla, hitushta — n^r^z, ,bechain, "n6.khush, 
Content'ment, s. sattisfaction, gratification — nishprihd, paritripti, shdnti, saiitosh — khushi, seri, 

Conte'nts, s. the heads of a book, iadex—nirghaiita, stiji — fihrist [paiwasta 

Conterrn'inous, a. bordering,t6uching — tirastha, sannihit, eksimd, sanglagna — lag&o, mila hna, 
Con'test, s, a dispute, debate, quarrel — bibdd, dwandwa, kalaha, bdddMibdd — mujddala, 
mubahasa, qaziya, takrar ' [hujjat k. takrar k. mubahasa k. zidd k. 

Conte'st, V. to dispute, wrangle, to vie with — bibdd k. bdddnubdd k. drddri /c.— xjaziya k. 
Contest'able, o. that may be disputed— 6irod/i/iv7m, aspashta, aprdmd' ik— hahs karne ke laiq, 
hujjat ke qAbil , . [bunn^ 

■Conte'x, fa. to weave together — bunank. bunane mishrita k. — do chiz ko biham binna y& 
Con'text, s. series or order of discourse— 6is/ie^'/i bachaner purhdpara bdkya — matn, qarina, 
. ibSrat, mazmiin [tarkib, binfii 

Context'ure, s. an interweaving, texture — bunaner dhdrd, bunat, knparer bundni — bundwat, 
Contigu'ity, s close position, contact — sannikarsha, antikatd, /rtg-a;i— iltisal, mel, wasl, jor 
Contig'uous, a. adjoining, touching, adjacent— sanni^a/, tirasta — muttasil, mila hu^, paiwasta 
'Con'tinence, or Con'tinency, s. forbearance of sensual indulgence — iudrryadaman, satihwa, 

kdmndi nip'aha, iipdddn — parsAl, parhezgari, taqwa, shahwatparasti'ka ijtinajb 
Continent, s. a great extent of land — mahddwip, abichchhinna bhnmi — maha.dip 
Con'tinent, a. not indulging in pleasure, moderate— jifendrji/a, sddhu, nishkdm — parhezg^r,' 

pArsA, zahid, mujlanib, muhtariz, beshahwat 
Con'tingent, «. accidental, casual, uncertain — daibaghatan, duibddhin, dkasmih, anishchit — 

ilrizi, ittifaqi, sanjogi, nAmuqarrar, ghairmuaiyani 

Con'tingent, .s. chance, prop6rtion, quota — ghctuniya angsha, arshibe je angsha bd bhdg 

— ittifaq, wAqa, sanjog. andaz, hissa [paiham, mutawAtir, lagAtdr 

Continual, a, incessant, uninterrupted — niyata, abirafa, nitya — damadam, daim, muddm, 

Contin'ually, ad. without intermission — satata, abirdme, anabarata — hamesha, muddm, 

Contin'uance, s. duration, ?nho'^Q—sthiti,sthdyitwa, nityatd,basati — mud^wamat, haraeshagi, 

paidari, suknnat, bud o bAsh . , 

Contin'uate, a. continual, uninterrupted — abirata, anantar, abyabadhdn — lagalSr, mutawatir 
Continua'tion, s. constant succession — nityatd, dnupurba, abichchhinna kram, parampard — 

muil^wamat, tawatar, hameshagi, lagao 
Contin'ue, v. to remain in the same state, to dwell, to preserve, to last— e/o abastHdy thakaii,' 
tiahihan. ruhan, tenkan,sthitik. tikan, nirasta nd haon—Qk hal meji rahna, th<imn^, suk6- 
nat k. bahal rahn^,' barp.1 rahn.a 

CON ( 105 ) CON 

Continu'ity, s. uninterrupted connection— abic/icft/iinna bhdb, abyabadhdnatii, sthiti, tkdkd, 

tekn — ilhftq, lagdtar, mudawimat, p4id4ri "H [pherdn.^, ghum&ni 

Conto'rt, va. to twist, writliei turn— pd/c d. mocharan, dku7ichan, moron— ainthn^, marornft, 
Conto'rtion, ^. a twisting, a wriliiing — mochard, dkunchan, pdkldgd bd pard, moran — aintb, 

pech, maror4 ' ' ' [daul 

Con'tour, s. the outline ofa figure— mTtrtir daul, gafaxi, dkriti — naqsHa, shakl, siuat kd 
Contra, a Latin preposition signifying against, used as a prefix in compound words — bi- 
y ruddha,prati, biparit, ityddi arthu bodhak upamrga — yih Latin zubAn kd ek harf hai jo 

miirakkab alfdz mea muqaddam^karke milayA jatd hai, aur yih khilaf ki mdni rakhli hai 
Con'traband, a. unlawful, forbidden— nis/i/ddfta, abihita, akartabya—mdini, maran(ia, niah- 

jiir, barjit 
Con'tract, s. an agreement, bargain— pin, niyam, cftu/cti— qauliqardr, ahd o paimdn, hor, chukti 
Contract'ible, a, that may shrink — sankochaniya, kunchaiiajogya, sankhyepaniya — sikorne ke 

qdbil, sametnejog, ikhtisarpazir 
Contractile, a. capable of contracting — sankochi, kunchanashil, /mJt/farani^/a— ainthne ke 

qabil, akarnejog, sametpazir 
Contrac tion, s. a shrinking, a shortening, abreviation — kunchan, sankoch, rhaswa karan, sari' 

khyep—simxko, jakrdo, jakrahat, ikhtisdr 
Contract'or, s. one who contracts— snntoc/ia/c, chuktikdrak, phurdn kariyd lay je — sametne 

w. sikorne w.. thikedar, musti'ijir, kaikauadar 
Contradi'ct, ra. todeny, gainsay, oppose — kathd kdtan, bitanid h. pratibdd k. — radd k. 

baraks bolfia, barkhilaf kahna, jhuihlanA, zidd k. ' * fkhildf w. g. kahne w. 

Contradict'er, s. an opposer, a deiiier — pratibndi, bibddi, hitanddkdrak—z'iddi, radd k. w. 
Contradic'tion,s. a denying, deniiil, or gaiiisaying— ^atAa^ta.^ara, bitandd, bdkya khandan, 

pratibdd — khiluf, mudraza, paltao ," 

Contradict'ory, a. contrary, inconsistent — y.lld, biparit, asangata, biruddha — barkhiUf, 

baraks, mukhalif, ndmuwdfiq, mukhtalif 
Contiadistinc'lion, s. distinction by opposites — baiparitya, bailakh'ijanya, bishesha, bhed, gU' 

ndpdrthakya — mukhalafat, takh^luf, ikhtilaf [Idf, kajrawl 

Contraregulai'ity, s. difference from rule— nii/a,7na baiparitya — khilafdasturl, qdnnn ke baikhi- 
Contra'riant, a. inconsistent, ctoss— biparit, biruddha, asammata; khyepd—a^muwafiq, namu« 

tabiq, barkhiidf, magrd 
Con'traries, s. propositions that oppose— pratipakhy a, anyath4badadwny — azddd, ziddan 
Contrar'iety, s. opposition, inconsistency — baiparitya, biparjyay, byatyay,anyathd,ananusdr 

— khilafi, mukhdlafat, ndrnuwafaqat, ikhtilaf • 
Con'trarily, ad. in an opposite mdLtiaer—anyathdy, biparitabhdbe, anyamate— barkliildf, 

baraks, ndmutdbaqat se 
Contra'riwise, ad. on the contrdLvy— by at ikrame, uUdmate, anyatkhdrame—hdiTaUs, barkhilaf 
Con'trary, a, opposing, disagreeing^iifiartt, biruddha, pratikuL, bilom — mukhalif, ulld, 

zidd ■ . . . . 

Con'trast, s. opposition in things of alike kind — bailakhynnya, paraspar ariaikya, bhinna 

bastur tuland bd Ais/ies/ia6arnan— muqabala, hamjins chizoa me\x ka ikhtilaf ' 
Contra'st, va. to place in opposition— parasparer baiparitya prakdsh k. bhinna bastur tuland 

d. mildiyd bishesha g-i/a?ipa?i— muqabala k. baraks lana [muqabala k. h. 

Contrast'ed, pa. placed in opposition— pani^sparer tulind deoyd giydchhe je bnstadwny — 
Contravella'tion, s. a parapet raised by besiegers— pratifcand/ia/c berd, pratirodhak prachir 

bishesh — matti kd kangurd jo qile ke mulidsir log uthate haiii * [r. bdz r. drna, roknd 

Contrave'ne, va. to oppose, to obsiTnct—bddhdjanmdna, bydghdt bd pratirodh yt.— rnahninx 
Contraven'tion, s. opposition, \-\o\sLtion— bydghdt hard, dlak, atikram,' anyathdcharan—m\x- 

khdlafat, muzdhamat, shikastagi 
Contrib'utary, a. paying tribute to the same sovereign— e/ira;«r adhin, anavya kartdr adhin, 

ekerbash haiyd karaddyi — ekhi hdkim ka muti, eklil pddshah ko khiraj denewale 
Contrib'ute, v, to give, to bear a pzxi—sdhdjya kariyd deon, angsha d.chdriddd. — dend, bakh- 
shish men madad k. chdndd d.^ [madadgdr 
Contrib'uting, pa. assisting, helping — anukul, sahdy, upakdii — bakhsish mea madad k. w. 
Contribu'tion, s, act of contributing, sum given— mat/ia.^, chdndd, angsha, kinchit arthaddn — 

chdnda, bakhshish, bihri, hissarasad 
Contris'tate, va. to make sorrowful— du/iHi k. bhdband janrndna,- udbigna fc.— gharagin k. 

udis k. dilgir k. dukhdna 
Con'irite, a. truly penitent, broken-hearted for sin— anu^^ocAt, anutdpi, ' hhagnamandh, pdpa- 

janita duhkhagrasta—mvil&ssU, sakhtpashemdn, gunah par dilshikasta o nddim fidssuf 

Contri'tion, s. sincere sorrow for &in—a7iutdp, doshaja kheddgni—pdLchhi^w^, naddmat, tauba, 

•Contri'vance, a. scheme, plot, plan— /ca/^a/m, updy, kaushal, paramars/ia— hikmat, tadblr, 

bandish, mushwarat 
Contri've, va. to invent, pro]ect, dev'i&e—kalpand bd kaushal bd updy k . kona kar mete cheshtd 

pdon bd /c.— nikdlnd, ijdd k. tadbir k. kisi kdm roeu sal k. 
Contri'ver, s. ani«ventor, a schemer — kalpandkdrak, updy srishti kdri, chhalakdri,dhurta— 

Ijad k. w. mansnbabdz, hikmati 
Cqntrq'l, s, governing power, authority, check — bashatd, shdsaner adhikdr, kartritwa, alak — 

ikhtiydr, hukumat, siydsat, aikdo, rok, zabt 
Contro"!, va. to restrain, govern, check — shdsq,n, daman, hariritwa k, ntak k. ba'shibhiita k. 

— atkdnd, roknd, mahkum k. tabi k. 


CON (106) CON 

Control'lable) a. capable of being governed — bashkaraniya, shdsaniya, bddhya, damya — 

atakne ke qdbil, roknejog, siydsatpazir, q^biluzzabt 

Control'ler, s, one who controls, an officer who checks other officers by a counter register of 

accounts — $hnsankartd, tattwdbadhdrak, ati hyaya pratxbandhaka byakti — amin, gaungir, 

sarkob, mustaufi [taufi ki khidmat 

Controllership, s. the office of controller — ai byaktir pad bd karma — pmini, gaungir, mus- 

Control'ment, s. restraint, opposition — shdsan, daman, bydghdt, pratirodh —^a^Jt, t^ba, rok, 

atkdo, muklialafat, zidd , 

Conlrover'sial, a. relating to controversy ^birodh bd hitandd sambandhiya, bdddnubdd sam- 

?/anrfWt/fl— hujiatmansub, bahs yfi Jhagre se nisbat r. w. » ' [qaziya 

Cpn'troversy, s. dispute, contention— ia/cji/dJ/ia, hitandd, birodh — hujjat, bahs, raddohadal, 

Controve'rt, va. to dispute, oppose, deny — bdkyakhandan, dosh d. bitandd k, aswikdr k,— 

"bahasn^, jhagarn^, raddobadal k. inkdr k. 
Controverti'ble, a. disputable, (\ub'ions— dosh aniy a, hhandaniya, aspashta, bitarkaniya — 

liuijatpazir.bahasnejog, raashkuk, mushtabab, muzabzab 

Con'trovertist, .«. a disputant, an opposer — bibddi, bitandak, khandak, pratipakhya — hujjati, 

bahasue w. inukbiilif . . [beadab, gustakh, shokh, gardankash, taghi 

Contuma'cious, a. (...sJais) olistinate, perverse — nbddhya, thentd, abash, dgydn langhak— 

* Contuma'ciou>ness, or Con'tuinacy, s. obstinacy, perverseness— a6a<i/ii/uta, dhentdmi, 

abashatd, dgydnlanghan — beadabi, siiararat, gardankaslif 
Contume'lious, a. reproaphful, abusive — nindak, apabadak, gdluniyd, durmukh, gldni bd 
ninddsuchak — badn^mgar,aibgo,badzuban, barbold, daridadah^n,dushnam, y^ shikfiyatfimez 
Con'iumely, s. ('....^contemptuous language — kaijibdl.ya, gJdni, ttitidd, gdli — badzub^ni, 

daridadShani, dushndm, g^li 
Contu'se, ra. to bruise, tobeattrtgether — thentaldna, kuii kuti bd khanda khanda k. chhench ni, 

mdran — kuchalnft, kofta k. chikn^chiir k. 
Contu'sion, s. a bruise in the flesh — c/(of, ta/s'i/m— bhitarmar, theknch, clioi 
Convalescence, .s. return of health — drdm, roganihriti, swdsthya, piropasham^'x^Aq^t, naq^l- 
hat, sihliat,^hifd [naqih, firAm pAnewAI^ 

Convalescent, a. recovering health— sus^^a, arogi, by ddfiirahit , upashamalabdha — hdhodhA, 
Conve^nable, a. consistent with, fit — samatulya, iipajukta, jogya — laiq, inunfi,sib, muwifiq 
Conve'ne, v. to call together, to assemble — sam'f/ijUa k. ddkdiyd dnan, sabhd k. ekatra k, 
bd ^.— jama k. bul4 ke ekaithd k. majlis k. jama k. yd h. [ilisdn 

Conve'nience, s. fitness, accommodation — upajuklatd, shubhitd, upakdr — liydqat, tawdfuq, 
Conve'nient, a. fit, suitable, proper, handy — upajukta,jogya, bhdla, thik, karma jogya — I4iq, 

mundsib, mdqnl, thik, kSm kd 
Conve'niently, ad. suitably, commodiously — upajuktamate, andydse, swachchhande, sundar- 

rj/pe— liydqat se, mundsaoat se - 

Con'vent, s. a religious iiouse, a nunnery — math, nddsinloker ashram, dharmdchdrini striganer 

dlay — asthdn, takiya, akhrd, auratou k^ khdnqdh 
Conven'ticle, s. an assembly for worship, a secret assembly — Ishwarddhandrthe samdgam, 

gupta sa6/ia— ibddat ke liye posh Id a j ami y at, majlis 
Conven'ticler, s. one who belongs to or frequents a meeting-house, or conventicle — ai 
sabhdy gamandgaman kdri, gupta sabhdr sabhdsiha — ibddat ki majlis men dmadraft k. w. 
posh ida majlis kdjdlis 
Conven'tion, s. an assembly ; temporary treaty r-sab/ja; nirupitakdler nimitta niyam hdsan- 

dhi — majlis, sabhd, jamiyat ; chandroza kd qaulqardr yd sulh 
Conven'tional, a. agreed on by contract — nirdhdrita, niyarrdta—razshr^i, mdhiid, muqarrar 
Conven'tionary, a. settled by contract — niyamita, niyamdnujdyi, tadanusdri — ahdpakrd h(id, 
qauliqrdr par qdim k. h. [asthdn se mutalliq, mahant 

Conventual, a. (..tshu,) belonging to a convent — malhsambandhiya, uddstn — akhdre yd 
Conve'rge, vn. to incline towards one point— sannetfan, TnadAyafc/iisaran, ekmadhye tisthan — 
hammarkaz h. e\hi simt ko mdil h. [jawdbsawdii, charchait 

Convers'able, a. free to converse, sociable — dldpi, bdbaduk, bhdshi — bdf.uniyd, mdqiilgo, 
Conv'ersant, a. familiar with -bigyan.palu, nipun, para^ —mdhir, wdqif, dgdh, dzauidakdr 
Conversa'tion, s. familiar discourse, behaviour — kathdbdrtd, dldp, cJiaritra, chdli—gnflgn, 
bdtchit, jawdbsawal, dhang [chain se nisbat r. w. 

Conversa'tive, c. relating to conversation— aWp bd byahahdr samhandhiya —gnhgn ya chdl 
Conversazio'ne, s. (..salch. .) (Ital.) a meeting of company — samdj bd baithak bishesh— 

majlis, bazm, suhbatddri 
Con'verse, s. conversation, familiar discourse— aZi^ip, kathdbdrtd— hAtchit, bolchdl 
Conve'rse, vn. to discourse, tal':, cohahh—sambndshan, didpk. sahabds bd sangsarga k.~ 

batiyand, bdtchit k. bolchdl k. hamsuhbat h, hamkhdba h. hambistar h. 
Con'verse, a. contrary, directly opposite — ulfd, 6/partt, prafifcii/— baraks, khilaf 
Converse'ly, ad. by change of order — byatikramarupe, u//ay— taqliban, barkhildfi se 
Conver'sion, s. a turning, change of hed.rt—mandntar, pardmanan,mat bd man paribartan— 

taqlib, dil yd marzi kd phirjdnd 
Con'vert, 5. one who has changed his opinions or religion — swadharmatydgi, anyamaidba- 

iamfti— nauraurld, jis kd din yd mat diisre din aur mat se badal gayd ho 
Conve'rt, va. to change from cue thing or sect to another— pariftartan, swadharmntydg kara- 
ndntar anya dharme nijukta haran^ matantar fc.— badalddlnd, paltdnd, ek din yd mazhab se 
diisre din men l^nd 

CON ( 107 ) coo 

Convert'er, s. one who converts— 6/iinMa matdshrita kdri—hegint dfn kl taraf mdil karne w. 
Convert'ible, a. that may b^ changed, one for the other— pari6ar(a«ii/a—taqlibp2zir, 

Con'vex, a. rising to a roundish form on ihe outside— khild7iabat,kurrnaprishthdknr,nyubja, 

mandiradhap — qubbadAr, gumbazdar, gumbazi rjirni-i-muliaddab 

Con'vex, s. a convex or spherical body — ardhagoldkriti bastu, bimbdkdr — gumbazddr chfas, 
Convex'ity, s. spherical form on the ouiside—bimbdkriti, kurmaprishthdkriti~'ko\i\&i, bahar 

kl mudauwar siuat 
Convex'o-con'cave, a. having the hollow on the inside corresponding to the external protu- 
berance — kurmaprishthdkdr, madhydngshe nimna bahirangshe nyiihja je— jiski bhitari sfirat 

qausi aur bahar ki siirat gumbazi ho 
Conve'y. i'«' to carry, bear, transfer — bahan, bahdna, chdldnU, laiyd jdon, hastdntara k.~^ 

lechalnd, lej^n^, pahunch^nfi, Mth&nA, liawdla k. 
Convey'ance, s. the act of removing any thing, the means or instrument by which any thing- 
is conveyed— sthdndiitar bd hastdntar karan, se jaddwdrd hay, bdhan,jdn — intiqal, markab 
Convey'ancer, *■. one wbo draws deeds, &:c. — ddn bdkray patra prabhriti ritirnate lekhe je — 

hiban^ma ya dilnpattar w. g. hasb-i-zAbila likhne w. [ne v\dl4 

Convey'er, s. one vvlio conveys or carries— ftaZ/afc, prerak, laiyd jdy je — lechalne w. pahunchA- 
Convi'ct, va. to prove to heguihy—dosh sdbhyasta k. parigydnpan—gnu&hgAr sfibit k.taqslr- 

wdr thahr^n^ flaqsirwftr, bandhui 

Conjvict, s. a person found guilty of a crime— apamd^t, dosliikrita, banduydn — gundhg6r, 
Convic'tion, s. a proving guilty, sense bf guilt, satisfalion— dos/i pramdn k. swadoshagydn, 

niihchayagydn — ilzlm, gundh yi. taqsir ki subTit, iatiqS.d, tayaqqun 
Convict'ive, a. adapted to convict — sdbkyasta kdri, sapramdni—mushit, ilzam dene jog 
Convin'ce, va, to persuade of the truth or fact — sandeha bhanjan, prabodh k, bujhdna, pra- 
mdn k.~q^\\ k. kisi bdl ki rasti par \)awar kardn^ 
Convin'cible, a. that may be convinced — prabadhaniya, jdhdke prabodh dite pdrd jdy~ 

q^il karne ke laiq, samjhdiie y^ bawar karilne jog 
Convin'cingly, ad. in a manner to persuade — nischayrupe, prabodh purbak, nihandehe ~ 

qail karne ke.daiil se, I awar kaidne ki tarah se, beshak 
Convivi'al, a, festive, social, jovial, gay — dmodiya, dnandajanak, rasik, praphulla chitta — 

khushikhtilat, milansar, khurram, khushtabd 
Conun'drum, s. a quibble, quirk, low jest — henydli, pi'ahelikd, shlesh, ^/la'frt— jugat bdzf, 

chuikuld, pajiyana, khilli, thaita [batorn^, talab k. abdtian k. 

Con'vocate, va. to call together, to summon -^dhbijipurbak ekatra k. ddkiyd an ay an— hu\&n^, 
Convoca'tion, s. an ecclesiastical assembly — dharma saihd, dharma pakliya pdtider sabhdy 

dhbdn — majlis-i-din, padri logon k6 majlis men jamd bond [k. bulakejamak. 

Convo'ke, va. to call or summon, to meet— (/aA,a?i, dhbdn k.. ddkiyd ekatra fe.-rbuland, talab 
Convol've, ra. to roll or wind together — gutdna,jardna — bdham lapela 
Convolu'ted, a. rolled upon itself, imsied—jardria, gutdna,urmimat—X\p\k hua, lapeid hfia 

aintha hiU' ' ■ 

Convolu'tion. s. a rolling together— jaWfa bhdb, urihimataid.jardna — lapet, lipat, ainth 
Convo'y, va. to accompany for defence— ra?c/jj/ari/je sange jdon, sankatuibdrandrthe sahagaman 

— bachdo yd muhdfazat ke liye hamrah jdud 
Con'voy, s. attendence of force on the road for protection — rakhyandrlhe bdsankatdtirkara- 

ndrthe sangi — badraqa, rah ka chaukidar ^ 

Convul'se, va. to draw or contract with shaking — khenchdna, shariranga dkarshan, gd- 

kdnpdna — akrdna, ainlhdnd, marorna 

Convul'sion, s. violent spasm ; commo\\on—angakhenchan, dkarshani, idn; dhumdhdm, 

' 7io^^7m/— maroj, ainth, chihonkbai, laqwa ; dhumdhdm, hangdraa [chhotd charpdya 

Con'ny, s. a rabbit, a small quadruped — shashdrubat khyudra jantu bishesh — khargosh, ek 

Coo, vn. to cry as a dove or pigeon — ghughu bd kuku sJ\abda k. pdyarddir nydy ddkan — 

ghutaknd, kuku k. kabutar w, g. ki si dwdz nikdlnd [je — bawaichi, rasuiyd 

Cook, s. one who dresses victuals for the table — pdciiuk, supakdr, randhuniyd, annapdk kare 
Cook, va. to dress victuals for the table — anna pik k. rajid/iaH— pakdaa, rasili banana 
Cook'ery, s. the act or art of dressing victuals — pdkkard, rdndhanabidyd, rdnnd, rasui— 

bdwarchigari, rasiiikdr [k.ya h. mandd k. thamblind 

Cool, V. to make or grow cool, to quiet — jurdna, ihdndd k. bd h. thdmdna, ihdntak. — thandlid 
Cool, a. somewhat cold, indifferent— fcuicm'f shitai, fhd'ndd, snigdha, anudydgi—thora. sa than- 

dhd, sital, afsurda [tAa pritru— thanda k. w. tds, kuiiddla 

Cool'er, s. that which cools; a vessel for coohng— snigdha kdri; shiial bd Ihdndd kara'ndr-. 
Cool'ness, s. gentle cold; indifference— fciuc/ut shitalatd, snigdha'td, thdnldi; unudyagitd— 
kuchh thandh, sardi ; afsurdagi [mail, kdjal, jliiil 

Coom, s. grease of w\iee\s, sooi— gdrir chakra huite nilisrita je. ma^ -j'/m/— pahiye ki kit yd 
Coomb, s. a corn measure of four bushels— sliasyddir parimdn bisheih, prdy tin man kinchit 

adhik haibe—anAj ki ek paimaish jis men chdr bushal samdwe 
Coop, s. a cage for fowls and birds— pi?tjdr, khdnchd -\^, daibd, khanchd 
Coop, va. to cage, shut up, cpntine—pinjare baddha k. khinchdy rdkhiyd ruddha k, apra- 

shasta sthdne ?i<fca«« — qafas men band r. pinjre men band r. atkaiid [ndcl\ ki ek waza 

Coope'e, s. a motion in dancing — nritya karane anga bikhyep—ni.c[uie men wujud ki harakat, 
Coop'er, s. one who makes barrels, vN:c,—c^'rt('flcf/-a%u rakhibdr pipddi nivmdn /cartrt— pipd 
w. g. bauane w. 

coo ( 108 ) COR 

Co-op'erate, vn. to labor for the same end — ek karma nishpddtndrthe sahakdri h. sahdyatd k. 

•— ekhi kdm ke anjAm ke liye mihnat k^ shank h. millce k5m k. 
Co-opera'tion, s. joint operation — sahakdritd, ek chittatd, ekdbhiprdye sdhdjya karan — 

ittif^q, mel, ekhi raallab par muttafiq hon^ 
Co-opta'tion, s. adoption, union in choice— pos^iyt putra grahan, ek chitta hahjd bdchhiyd 

/«on Ja^fra/ian— mutabauuAkarnd, kisi chiz ko pasand karne meu ek dil hon^, egdnagi, 

ekdili fmart^iba 

Co-or'dinat6, a. holding the same rank — samapadastha, samamarjydda — hamqadr, bam- 
Coot, s, a small, black water fowl— /c/iy«dra jalachar pakhy'i bishesh, panifcauri— pandubbi, 

ek chhoti kali si dbi murgh 
Cop, s. the head, the top of any thing — mithd, upirihhdg, churd—&\r, chonti, qalla 
Co'pal, s. a Mexican gum — brihhya nirjds bd dihd bishesh — ek qism ki gond • 
Copar'cenary, Coparceny, s. an equal share in a patrimonial inheritance— pttitrife dhaner 

tulynngshi haon — bapauti mea kA barabar hissadar bona, 
Copart'ner, s. a joint partner— ang-s/ii, 6/iag-i—sharik, s&jhi 

Copait'nership, s^ joint partnership — bhdgdhhngi, sajftai —sharakat, sajhA, ishtir^k 
Cope, s. a priest's cloak; a cancave arcli-Rttrnji/a jajufcer parichhad bishesh; gol khilan — 

RumC p^dri ka labada ydjubba ; mihrab, saqf 
Cope, u. to contend with, to strive, to oppose — birodh k. pratijog k. ek cheshtdy udjog k. 

jj^atikiili h.—jhagaxu&, bar^bari k. larnA, muqdbalak, [musdhib 

Co pssmate, s.' a companion, associate, friend — sahachar, sdthi, sangi, mitra — yAr, rafiq, dost, 
Cop'ier, Cop'yist, s. one who copies or imitates— pratiZ/pi/carafc, Zefcftai^maszjiij— naqlnawis. 

kdtib, rautatabbi ^ [mukhd 

Co'ping, s. the top or cover of a wall — prdchirermdthd bd uparibhag—munier, parchhatti, 
Co'pious, a. plentiful, abundant, ample— jat/iesftfa, prachur, histar, fca/iuZa— bahut; ziy&da, 

kasir, bistar 
Cop'ped, Cop'pled, a. rising to a top or head — ch7irnkriti,mdthdsahi~mir)iri, gAoiumi 
Cop'pel, s. instrument for purifying gold and silver — swarnarupya shodhandrthe pdtra bishesh, 

muchi — machi, sond chandi galiine ka ek bartan 
Cop"per, s. a metal J a large boilef — tdmra, tdnbd; brihat pdk pdtra, deg—limh^, mis; 

deg, handa 
Cop'peras, s. a sort of mineral,, blue vitriol — tutit/d,hirdkash — zangiir, hir.ikasis, tutiyd 
Cop'per-plate, s. a plate on which designs are engraved; an impression from the plate — 

chhdpannrthe khodita tdmra pdt ; taddwdrd chkdpdna "^hhabi bd chitra — tambe ki takhli 

jis par naq-^ha khoda jatS. hai; ustakhti ka naqsha 
Cop'per-smiib, s. one who works in copper — tdmrakdr, kdnsdri — thathera, misgar 
Cop'pery, a. containing or like copper — tdmramay, tdmrabat, tdmrarasbishishta, kashdy — 

jis meii tdmba hai, tambe ke m^nind, karwi 
Cop'pice, Copse, s. a wood of small low trees — kharba brikhyer ban, dgdchhdr ban — ^jhfifi, 

jangali, chhote chhote darakhtou k^. jangal 
Cop*f)le-dust, s. powder used in purifying metals — dhdtu drabya shodandrthe guiird drabya 

biihesh, sohdgd — sufuf ki ek qism jis se (Ihdtori ko safa karie hain, suhagA 
Cop'ulate, V. to mix, unite, conjoin, &c. — sangjog k. ratikriyd k.jambhan,sangsargak, — 

milna, jornd, mubasharat k. miijAmdt k. [bal, rat 

Copula'tion, s, embrace of the sexes — ratikriyd, shringdr, maitftun— mubasharat, jimA, suh- 
Cop'ulaiive, a. tending to connect or unite — sangjogakdri^ sangjojafc— mubasharat ya suhbat 

ki taraf mail, mujamat k. w. 
Copy, s. amanascript; an imitation ; a pattern to write after ; a transcript; an individual 

book — hnstulekhd; pratilipi i ddarsha; uttdrd 


ttdrd ; ek khan pushtak — dastnawishta ; naql ;v 
naqi k. manqul k. ut^rna, iiiskft k. naqlnawisi k. 

;kha; ut^rd; ekadadkitab [t 

Cop'y, V. to transciibe, imitate, write from — chhdnchk. uttdr k. ddarsha dekhiyd likhnn- 
Cop'y-book, s. a'book in which copies are written for learners to imitate — ddavshdnusdre 

likhihdr bahi—{&\im mutabiq likhne mashq karne ki kit4,b , 
Cop'y-hold, s. a kind of tenure — bhiimir pdt Id bishesh— p^uA fw^la, patted^r 

Cop'yliolder, s. one possessed of copyhold land— ft/jtlmir pa'//a 6is/ijs/j/a prajd — patta rakhna 
Cop'yright, s. the sole riglit to print a book — bishesh granthe tad granthakartdr' bd tdhdr 
prat imiirti byaktir bishesh swatwa bd adhikdr — musannif ya us ke qsiira muq^m ki kitab 
chliapdne ki islhiqaq ' fishq ki babat meu dhokl)d d- 

Co-que t, va. [./cet)to deceive in ]ove—rasikatd k. shalhdlnp k. Hid k — add k. naz k. [UknA, 

* Co-quet'ry, s. deceit in love — ras, rasikatd, ndnd ndyaka mohan karanechch/id — add, ndz, 
karishma, ashwagari [nazpaiddz, chouchld karne wdii 

* Co-que'tte, s. a gay, airy girl ; a jWt^kheldri, rasikd^lild kdrini jnanmo/iant,— nakhrebdz, 
Co'iacle, s. a hoat used by fishers— jd/iya dingi i/s/tes/i- machhwdou ki ek qism ki nao, 

machhwadin^^i ' 

Cor'al, s, a hard, calcareous substance growing in the sea like a plant; a child's toy — 

paid, prabdl ; c/ius/ii — mungd, hajrulbahr, marjan ; chusni, gulli 
Cor'aVine, a. consisting of QOizX—prnbdlamay , paldnirmita — bu'^.saddmez, milnga kd 
Cora'nt, s. a nimble sprightly dance— nn^i/^ Uskesh — ek qism kd ndch 
Corb, s. an ornament in building— ^ri/ja ^ranf/ia«csaj bishesh — tdmir ki ek ardish yd zeb 
Corb'an, s. an alms-basket ; a gift, an ?i\ ms— bhikhy ddhdr ; ddti, h/iikhyd—bhik rMine ki 

tukri; bakhshish, ddn, khairdt 
Cord, 4'. a rope ; a sinew — vast, rajju, darn, dari; shir — rassd, rassi, dor; pathd, nas 

COR ( 109 ) COR 

Cord, va. to tie or fasten with cords — dari diyd bdndhan — rassfyon se bAndhnA 

Cord'age, s. a quantity of cords, ropes— darddari, J dhnjer dari bd rasi samiiha-^T3LS&vr9.s&, 

bandhanwandhan, jah^z ki rasd rasi imddkyakhya-^Fransiskan qaum ki. pddri 

Cordeli'er, s. [.,leer\ a Franciscan friar — sddhu Frdnsiskan ndmak bydktir matdbalambi dJiar^ 
Cor'dial, s. [.jea/] a medicine or draught that increases strength, comforts, or exhilarates — 

dhutuposhak aushadh, pushlikar bd lejbaradhak drabadrahy a— j^wArish, ydquti, dawA-i- 

muqawwi ... ' [pusht ; sachchA, s^diq, beriy^t, rAst 

*Cor'dial, a. reviving; sincere, be^rly—tejobardhuk, paushtik ; akavat, sural — muqawwi. 
^Cordial'ity, s, sincerity, affection — akdpatya, saralatd, sauhdrdya, pranay — r^sti, sidiqat, 

sachiii, muhabbat 
*Cor'dially, ad. sincerely, heartily— jatMrtftanlpe, saraZ bhdbe,antahkaraner sahit — rfistise, 

sach^i se, sidq-i-dil se, shauq se, dilkholke 
Cord'wain, s. fine Spanish ledither-^Spdniyadesher uttam charma bishesh—l^pen ke mulk ke 

mihin cl\^mre kf qism [kafshdoz, chamar 

Cord'wainer, Cor'diner, s. a shoemaker — charmakdr, juta nirmdyak, muclii—jnti banane w. 
Cord'vvopd, s. wood tied up for finng—dlihdndhd jiodldni kashlha — athi bandhi hui jalanilakfi 
Core, s. the heart; tlie inner part of any thing — rldday, antar ; madhybhdg, mdij, sdrabhdg — 

dil ; dariina, andar, kisi cliiz ki bhitarihissa 
Coria'ceous, a. f . . .shus] consisting of leather, of a substance resembling leather — charmamay, 

charmahishishta, charmabat — chamre k^, chamre ki jins k.-t, chamre ke mdnind [kishniz 
Corian'der, s. a plant ; a hot seed— dhanyd hrikhiia ; dhanydr bij bd ddnd — kothmir ; dhaniyd, 
Co'rinth, s. the fruit usually called currant— p/ia/ bishesh — ek phal jis ko aksar currant kahte 

Corinth'ian-orde»-, s. the name of the fourth order in architecture — grihddi nirmdnabidydy 

grihagranthaner chaturtha riti bd daul — ilra-i-tamir meii imarat ki jo kai ek tartib hain un 

ki chauthi tartib 
C ork, s. a tree and its bark ; a stopple — sholdr nyny mridu balkan biskishta brikaya bishesh I 

chhipi bd gunji — ek darakht aur us ka bakla ; dhattha, gatia [utarne ki peijch y^ kal 

Cork 'screw, s. a screw to draw corks with— ai chhipi khulibdr kal bishesh, pench—dhanh^ 
Cor'morant, s. a water raven; a glutton — matsya khddak pakhyi bishesh ; petuk, bahiidhdri — 

mdhigir, chdhmdr; khaii, petii [kard — anaj, ghalla, dana; gokhrd, ihela 

Corn, s. the a,rain of wheat, ryej maize, &c. ; an excresence on the i'eei—dhdnyddi shasya ; 
Corn, va. to sprinkle with salt; to granulate— /a6ana/cta/c. ddndddndk — namak malna, dana 

dana k. ' [khurda bechne w, 

Corn'chancller, s. one who retails corn — shasyabikretd,skasyer khyudra mahdjan — anaj w. g, ka 
Cor'nel, s. a plant, the cornelian cherry — phaler hrikya bishesh— -ek qism ke mewe ka darakht 
Corue'lian, s. a precious stone— mani bishesh, dkik, jdmulyd prast«r— aqiq, iginpathar 
Cor'neous, a. horny, like horn— shringamuy , shringabat—shs.khi, sing ki manind 
Cor'ner, s. an angle ; a secret or remote place— fcore, kond, khunt ; nibhrita bd gupta sthdn — 

kona, gosha; kunj ka makan, khalwat ki jagah 
Cor'net, s. a musical instrument ; an officer of oavair/ who bears the standard of a troop— 

ranashingd, tiiri ; ashwdrilrha sainya daler patdkd dhdri kanishiha padastha sendpati — 

qarnae ; risale ka alambardkr [bajane w. 

Cor'neter, s. one who plays on a cornet— 7'anas/im^a bd turi bddak — qarnae nawaz, karndf 
Cor'nice, s. the top of a wall or column — prdchir bd stambher uparibhdger golld — karxgni, 

qarnas, sinka, kagar 
Cor'nicle, s. a little horn — khyudra shringa — chhot^ sing 

Corni'geroui, a. [.nidge..] having horns— s/iriHg-a bishishta, shringi — shAkhd^r, sing w^Id 
Cornuco'pia, s. the horn of plenty — Rumiyader pujitd §hasya briddhi kdriAi debir hastastha 

phala phulabishishta shringa bishesh— ek phal ptiuld^r sing jis ko purine Rurnke log piijte the 
Cornu'ted, pa. having horns, cuckolded — shringa bishishta ; e shahda bhrashld striloker patir 

feis/jes/ian /my— shakhdar ; daiyus banay^ hul 
Cornu'lo, s, a cuckold — byabhichdfinir swdmi, bhrashtdpati — bh^rkhaii, bharwd, daiyus 
Cor'ollary, s. a 'consequence, a conclusion, surplus — unubritti, anway, siddhdnta, shesh, 

abashesh~-nzt\]?L, asar, khatm, beshi, bachti • ^ ^ 

Cor'oUated, a, having flowers, like a crown — mukut dkriti pushpa hishishla — t^jsA phiildar 
Cor'onal, s. a crown ; a garland — muku{ ; pushpamdld—la] ; phulmdla, har 
Cor'onary, relating to a crown— mukut sambandhiya—ii] se nisbat rakhne w. 
Corona'tion, s. act or solemnity of crowning — rdjdbhishek, rdjtilak, rdjdbhishek samay mukuf 

dhdran bd sangskdr fc.— julus, tika, r^j abishekh 
Cor'oner, s. an officer whose duty is to inquire how any casual or violent death was occasioii- 

ed—haihdt mrityur bibechand kdri^byakti bishesh, daiba mrityur kdrana nirnuyhirtd — ek 

shakhs jis k^ yih mansab hai ki jis waqt koi admi nagahani maut se mare us ke raarne ka 

sab majara tahqiq karta hai 
Cor'onet, s. a crown worn by the nobility — kulindiger mukutanydy mastakdbharan bishesh, 

kirit — ek tdj yd afsar jo umrfi pahinte hain 

Cor'poral, s. the lort'est officer of the] infantry— padatifc senddaler kanishtha padastha byakti 

bishesh — naek, amaldar, paltanon meij sab se chhota uhdedar, kaprel [jismdni, sariri 

Corpo'real, Cor'poral, a. bodily, material — sdkdr, shdririk, bhautik, prapancha, dehibhiita-' 

Cor'poraie, a. united in a body, general — dalibhuta, sdmdjik, sddhdran — muttaiiq, ekdil, 

Corpora' tion, s. a body politic, or society, authorized by law to act as a single person— nngarer 

COR (110) COR 

kdrjya sampddandrthe nagariya samdj , panchdyat bishesh,je hona bishesh karmfi sddliandrthe 

sampraddTj—manMi, mardum ki ijlas jo ke hukm se murattab hoti hai aur un k4 

milke ikhtiyar aur iqtidar jaisA ekhi hakim k& liotd hai 
Corps, 5. [/core] a body of forces — sainyadal, pa/i«?i— laskar, paltan [mirtak 

Corpse, s. a dead body, a carcass, a corse— mrif« shaj-ir, mard, s/iyi6— murda, lash, loth, 
Coi'pulence, s. bulkiness of body, fleshiness— st/jw/ata, sthulakdyatwa, motdi — mo<^p^, ta- 

n^wari, farbihi, jasaniat [bih,jasinn 

Cor'pulent, a. fleshy, bulky — mold, sthulakdy, udari, tundil—dMAr, mota, tan^war, far- 
Corpus'cle, s. a minute particle — anu, hand, sukhyma bastu, paramdnu — zarra, reza 
Corra'de, va. to eat away by degrees — krame khyay k. — batadrij khil j^nd 
Corra'diation, s. a conjunction of rays— ajigshijog, kirana samuha, surjyer prabhd — kirnou 

k& railao, partauon kd ittisdl 
Corre'ct, va, to amend, to rectify, to take away faults; to pi\msh—shudhardna, dosh diir 

karan ; shdsti bd shdjd d.— Sdi^\ii\\ k. lliik k. khata aur phalat ko uth^d. tambih k. tddib k. 
Corre'ct, a. hee from faults, accurate — shuddha, nirdosh, thik, jathdrtha, nirbfiul—Sdhih, 

durust, ihik, tahqiq 
Corre'ction.a. act of correcting, punishment, discipline, amendment, reprehension— s'iai/ta»i, 

shdsti, shdjd, shuddhi, dhamak, &hodhardna—i-A%\n\\, sihhat, islah, durasti, tambih t^dib 
CorrecL'ive, a, having .the power to correct — shodhankdvi, dosha «as/ia^:— sihhat rasAn, sodhan- 

hAr, durst k.w. / [saho o khati 

Correctly, a(Z. accurately, without faults— s/nidrf/<a??<pe, //(j/c, rfos/i iina— sihhat se, ihik, be 
Correcl'ness, s. accuracy — shuddhatd, jdthdrthya, hhulardhitya — sihl^t, sodh, durastagi 
Corre'gidor, s. a Spanish magistrate — Spdniya desher bichdrkartd bd koldl—lspen ke mulk ka 

qazi ya muhtasib yd h^klm 
Cor' relate, s. what has an opposite or reciprocal relation— pitar sahit piitra samhandhabat 

paraspnra sumbandhi, tuddrtha bodhak shabda—]^z\mw^}zum, hamnisbat, hammarja 
Correlative, a. having a reciprocal leldLlioti—parasparasaui'jandhabishishla—VAZimnWzHhti^ 

ham nisbat [nish, dant, ghurki, goshmdl 

Correp'lion, s. reproof, chiding, rebuke — bhartsand,doshernigraha, d/uimak — maldmat, sarza- 
Correspo'nd, vn. to suit, to answer, to agree ; to keep up commerce by alternate letters— 7?«7an, 

lagdn, tulya bd samdn h.jogya h. patiaohdldchdll k, — muwdfiq h, lagna, milnd, barabar h. 

ihlk h. kbatt-kitdbat rahna murasala r. 
Correspond'ence, s. relation ; reciprocal adaptation ; epistolary intercourse — aikya, mel, sam- 

bandha, patradiodrd uttar pratyuttar lekhdlikhi — muwdfaqat, munasabat, mutabaqat; 

khaltkitdbat, khattkhutut, murdsala [samdn, thik, Idiq 

Correspond'ent, a. suitable, adapted, fit— jogya, thik, Idge bd mile je — muwdfiq, matdbiq, 
Correspond'ent, s. one who corresponds — patradwdrddldp kdri, bandku, jdhdr saiut patrddi 

c/ia/e— khatt kitdbat rakhne w. murasaladdr 
Cor'ridor, s. a gallery round a building — grihddiv pdrshwabarti bdrdiiddbat gamandgamaner 

kuthari—ghar kd bardmada, dihliz 
Cor'rigibie, a. capable of being corrected — shodhaniya, sdramya, parishkdrjya, shdsanddi 

dwdrdjahdr dosha daman haite pare — nasihatpazir, sodharu, sodhnejog 
Corrob'orant, a. stteTiglhemng—balabarddhak,tejriskar,poshak—mnqdiWw\, pusht 
Corrobo'rate, va, to confirm, to establish — sangsthdpan, shakta bd drirha k. sdbhyasta k. — 

sdbit k. mustahkam k. ustuwdr k. qdim k. nasb k. * [k. isbdt 

Corrobor'alion, s. the act of confirming — sabal hd sapramdn /cartiji— istihkdm, ustwdri, qaim 
Cor'rode, va. to prey upon, to consume — khdiyd phelan, khyay &.— khdlena, kh^jdnd, 

guddz k. ■ [zdya hone ke qdbil 

Corro'dible, a. capable of being consumed— /c/jt/ayaniya, fc/iorfa»— tahlilpazir, talfyd- 
Corro'sible, a, corrodible. See Corrodi6Ze--fc/)yai/a«ii/tt—tahlilpazir, zdya hone jog 
Corfo'sion, s. the act ot eating or wearing away by degrees— /cramos/ja khyay h, bd k. jdra^\ 

khddan — tahlil, katdo, burish 
Corro'sive, s. that which consumes — khyaya kdri bastu — galdu, galdne w, 
Corro'sive, a. consuming, wearing away — khyayakdri, khddak, jdrak — hddd, burinda, galdu 
Corro'siveness, s. thg quality of corroding — khddakatd, khyaykdritwa — burish, hiddat, kdtne 

kikhdssiyat [jhiiriydnd, sikorni^t 

Cor'rugate, va. to wrinkle or purse up — tohardna, sankuchita k, /confe^rana— jingiirdna, 
Corru'pt, V. to infect, to defile, to bribe — pachdna, pachan, bigardna, nashla k. bhrashia h, 

ghush d. — sardna, sarna, galdna, galna, bigdrnd, khardb k. ghiis d, rishwal d. 
Corru'pt, a. spoiled, tainted, putrid, vicious— pac/w, sard, nashta, bhrashtdchdri, ghxish 

khekuyd — fasid, nakdra, sard, libsd, bigrd, khardb, rishwatkhor 
Corrupter, i. he who taints or vitiates— »a5/i/a kdri, bhrashlak, satitwandshakdri hyakti-^ 

big^ru, alddagar, khardb k. w. [^— bigarne jog, rishwatpazir, ifandpazir 

Corrupt'ible, a. susceptible of corruption— npa^iars/mniJ/rt, ittkochagrdhi, ndshya, khyayas/iil 
Corrup'tion, s. wiqkedness, perversion of principles; putrescence, matter or pus in a sore 

— dushlatd, dharmandsh ; pacha bd galitabhdb, pun j—, Imdn kd tabaddul ; saian, 

sardo, pib, rim [begdru, sardu, galdu 

Corrupt'ive, a. having the quality of tainting— nas/jfu/cari, khyayakdrak, pxmjajanak,— 
Corrupt'ness, 5. putrescence; vice — pacha bd sard bhdb ; d^ushtatd, nosh { atd, duh swab hdb — 

.— suran, sardo ; badzdti, hdranizddagi 
Cor'sair, s. a pirate; a piratical vessel — samndrer naukdrtirha dasyu^ bambetiyd; tdhdr- 

?/«u\rt— samundar kd dakait, dary&i ddku ; dakaiti jahdz 

COR (111) COR 

Coi?e, s. a dead body, a corpse, a carcass— .s/mb, mard, nirjib deha~~], loth, uiirtak, 

Cor'selet, or Cor'slet, s, alight armour for the fore part of the hoUy^ hakhijasthularakhyani 

antra hishesh—ch^x^xnz, chandar, chapriis, peti 
Corte'ge, s. a train of attendants— s«ma6/it6ya/(ar:s(/m?i/m — muldzirnoii kd para 
Cor'tes.s. the assembled states of ^^mi—S'pdniyd desher rdjsabhd—lsptn ke inulk ki subajat 

ki majlis > 

Cor'tical, a. barky, belonging to the nnd—balkali, chhdl sambaudhiya, ia/iiz-jakt— postdar, 

chhdl yk chhilke se niutfilliq - [bakle ki misal 

Cortica'ted, a. resembling the bark of a tree — balkalabat, brikhya chhdla sadrii/ui— -darakht ke 
Cor'vet, Corvet'to, s. the curvet; aUoVic—plutagati,lampha, /cu/idajt— jast, bakarkiid, alol 

Corus'cant, a. glittering by flashes, , flashing— c/iafcc/mfcit/a, jaljaliyd, bidyuter nydy nal- 

?>a/n>i— lahaktiihiia, chamaktd htia.bhabhaktd hua [damak 

Corusca'tion, s, a quick vibration of light — chamak, chdkchikyd, bi.dyudddin—\i, lauka, 
Cosmet'ic, s. a wash to improve the skin — gdtra mdijunu drabya, angardg — ublan, ghaza, &on' 

dhft, ek chizjis se fidmi apne chamre kp chiknate haiu 
Cos'mical, a. relating to the world ; rising or setting with the sun— bhumaudala sambundhiyu ; 

surjya sahit udayd&Uij)rdj)tu tamdi— duny^vi, jahani ; Sftab ke sath hamtulii ya hamghunib 
Cosmog'ony, s. birth of tlie world, creation— 6/tu6anotpa(ti, ja^a(s?'ii7ifi— khilqat ka shurd, 

dfilnish, kaindt ' 
Cosmog raphefr, s. adescriberof the woxXiX—jagatsriskli bettd, bMunandal burnana bettd 

•k5inAtk.4 bayan ya laqrir k. w, 
Cosmog'raphy, s. the science of the general system of the wor]d—ja,!^atsrishli bihardn, brah- 

mdnla bidyd, biihivu baniana bidyd—wuU Urn ki jis men kainat ke marbut lione ka bayan iiai 
Cosmop'olite, s. a citizen of ihewor]d—deshbideshasamdttagyan,sdrbatrik, sarbadeshi — ahl-i- 

Coss'er, s. a lamb brought up by the hand— /ta<pos/ta 7nesha foatsa— paid haa bhei ka bachcha 
Cost, s. price; charge; expense ; loss — mulya; argha ; bhdo ; byay ; khyuti — qx.nat; moj ; 

kharch ; nuqsiln ; ghat& 
Cost, vn, to be bought for, to be had at a price — hhhesh mulye h. lagan, nn'dya dwdrd 

bikrayaniya A.— qimat parni, yalagnd, dnd, baithua 
Cost'al, a. belonging to the libs or side — pdnjara sambaudhiya, ptnjar bdpirshukdsamparkiya, 

pdnhwasthaler—pdish yd pahluse mutalliq ya nisbat r. w. 
Cost'ard, s. a head ; a large round apple— maf/m ; goldkriti phal bishesh—s'ir ; ek bard golsd seb 
Cost'ive, a. bound in thebody ; Ttstnugbni—koshUiubaddha, malabaddha ; bisnchikd janak — 

qabzi band ; bandheji ^ [beshqimati, gardabahdl 

Cost'liness, s. sumptuousness, expensiveness — bahumulyatd, byayabdhulya, durmulyuld — 
Cost'ly, a. expensive, dear, of great price— ^a/iumii/j/a, durmulya, rnahdrghy a— qimali, ht$h- 

qimat, garedbahd - 

Costu'rae, s. style or mode of dress — paridheya bastra o beshbhushd byabahdrer riti — poahdk 

pahanne kd dhab, libds kd taur 
Cotemporary, see Contem'porary — et fc-f/er, samfltfc'a/ifc— hamahd, hamasr 
Cot, Cot'tage, s. a hut, a small house — kulir,jhupari, kuririyd gkar — jhompri, marhi 
Coteri'e, s. a select party or cliih—antarungader dai bd sahhd—ek makhsustdifa yd majlis 
Cotil'loa, s. \ . .yong}^ a brisk, lively dance — twarita nritya tis/tes^— ek chdldki o diustikd ndch 
Cot tager,s. one who lives inacottage -kuur'^yd iaii— marhi kd rahnewdid, jhompri kdrahne w. 
Cotton, s. a plant; the down of the cotton tree ; cloth made of cotton — kdrpds brikhya ; kdrpas, 

tuld, rut; tuldr kdpar — kapas ; sembal, rui, pamba ; suti kaprd 
Couch, V. to lie down ; to hide ; to bend down — shayan ; lukan ; henl haiyd ihdkan — letnd; 

chhip rahnd ; dabak rahna, nihornd 
Couch, s. a seat of repose, a bed — shayanasthin, shajyd. pa/ang-a— palang, khat 
Couch'ant, a. lying down ; squatting— s/iai//tu,^«pta ; thdbariyd basd — leid hud; gurbanishast, 

ukru baithd hud ' * fwdla 

Couch'er, s. he who couches cataracts— c/i/i(ira tuleje, chakhyUr phulidoshaghna— 'tent kdrhne- 
Cove, s. a small creek or bay, a shelter— fe/ta^, khdri, naukd bhiribdr dbrita sthdn, dshray~kol, 

khdri, pandh 
Cov'enant, s. a contract, agreement, deed— pan, niyam, ?iii/uOTpatra— shart, qaul, iqrdr, 

ahdnama . fg. k.idzih. 

Cov'enant, v. to bargain, contract, agree—7u'ya/n fc. ruVd/taran, paw /c. sammata h.—slmtl w. 
Covenantee, s. a party to a covenant — niyame badhita byakti, niydmak, niyamkartd—ahd 

o paimdn men wdbdsta, qaul o iqrdr kd iariq f bdz ; kdrsdz; naikhat, rind 

Cov'enous, a. fraudulent; collusive; trickish— praiawc/ia/c; chhali ; ihak, dkuna—dnghh- 
Cov'er, va. to overspread; to copceal ; to hide — bydpan; dchchhddan, chdpdna, dhakan— 

chhdnd ; dhdmpnd, dhdnknd, chhipand [piindh, ro.V 

Cov'er, 5. a" concealment, a screen; defence — byrbadhdn, drdl, dbaran, dhakani;' ra- 

khyani—sa.Tposh, dhaknd, dhapnd ; arot, pandh, rok 
Covering, s. dress, vesture -pariti/iei/a 6astra, partc/ic/i/ifd, fcapar—poshish, libds, jord 
Coverlet, Cov'erlid, s. the upper covering of a bed, the quili or counterpane— paZan^^r 

dchchhddana bastra, bichhdndr sarboparUtha bastra — palangposh, lihdf, bdlaposh 
Cov'ert, s. a shelter ; a defence; a thicket~aj/ire^a sihdn, kol ; rukhayani } nibiraban—^^u&h 

kijagah,sayd; bachdO; dr; jhdfi, jlmnd 

COR ( 112 ) COR 

Cov'ert, a. sheltered ; private ; insidious ; under protection, as a married womsLti—dchchddir 
ta; gupta, biral ; aipashta; iirhd stri—itS. h(\& ; saya diy^i hiifi; clrnip^ j ni z&hir; him&yat 
ke siye raea. JaisS ki awrat apne kliasam kane rahti hai 
Co'verlure, 's. [. .tshure] slielter ; the slate of a wife — dharnn; srvimir ndhinatd basthd; 
bibdhitd strir dharma bd adhikdr — sdya, d-x, pan^h ; joni ki khasam ki t&bedari men rahne 
ki halat [Ifilach k. lalch^n^, diisre ke mal par nazar lagaa^ 

Cov'et, va. to desire eagerly or inordinately — lohhk.hUack k. paradhanechchhd k. loLdna—' 
Cov'etable, a. to be wished for — tobhaniya, lobher bishay — qabilulliirs, lalchauejog 
Cov'etous, a. avaricious, greedy — lobhi, paradhamchchhuk, /o/up— haris, l^lclii, lo bhi, hirsi 
Cov'ey, 4. a hatch or brood of birds — godimba p:ikhyi stmnha — ^jhol, pdi, pote 
Cough, s. [kof]^ a convulsion of the lungs — kaph, hash, kdshirog, galdkhushki — khdasi, 

dlilusi, khokhi 
CoV'in, s. a deceitful agreement— pratarauar c/ai/ftt — fareb k& qaulqar^r 
Coull'er, or Cul'ter, s. a ploughshare — Hngaler phdl — phar, nasi 
Coun'cil, s. an assembly for consultation— mantrawi hi bibechandrtha sahhd, bichdrdrtha 

pnnchdyat bd baithak — muslahat ya mushwarat karne ki majlis yd sabhd, panchdyat 
Coun'sel, s. advice, direction, consultation ; a counsellor or advocate — mantrand, pardmar- 

sAa./ufctJ ; ju/c^tdaf.'i, u/c:'/— nasihat, pand, maslahat; mushir, wakil 
Coun"sel, va. to give advice, to advise — m'nitrund hi pardmarsha b.i jukti d. bd k. bibecha- 
nd kariyd upodesh d. — mashwarat d. yd k. sikiiland, nasihat d. f warat d. w. 

Coun'sellor, s. one who gives Sidv'ice—juktiditd, mantri, amdtyd, sachib — nasihat d. w. mash- 
Count, s. number; charge; a foreio^n title— sarafc/iya, ganand ; day bd doshabdd ; bideshiya. 

sambhrama. siichak upddlii bishesh — shumdr; taqsirndme ka ek jumla ; pardesi laqab 
Count, va. to number ; to tell ; to reckon— ganauri k. sankhyd k. thik d. — ginnd ; shumdr yd 


Counte'nance, s. form of the face ; air ; look ; exterior appearance ; patronage ; support — 

mukh, dsya, badan; daul ; riip ; dkdr ; kripdhalokan ; pratipdlakatd, upakdr,isahaknritd — 

chihra, muQh, qiyafa ; waza, daul ; dhaj ; dial, rddari ; tawajjuh, shafqat ; dsrd, taqwiyat 

Countenance, va. to support; to encourage — pratipdlan k. dshwas d. sahakdritd k. mukh 

bd prashray aeore— dsra d. palnd, mihrbani k. qadrda'ni k. muiih d. 
Count'er, s. base money; shoptable; reckoner— jA^i/^t tdkd, kalpitamudrd ; dokdnir mej bd 

sinduk ; ganandkdri — ^jhdtha rdpiya; diikan ki mez ; shumari, ginne vv. 
Count'er, ad. contrary to, in a wrong way — biruddhe, biparite, fri/atifcrame— baraks, barkhildf, 

ulte dhab se 
Countera'ct, vi. to act contrary to, to hinder— praLipakhyatdk, anyathd k. khandan, bddhd 

janmdna — ulta byapnu, katna, tornd , 

Counterbalance, s. 0(>posite weight; equivalent power — biparit bhdbe tulya bd samdn pari' 

man; paraspar Samdn s/iafeti— pdsang, ddsre kd hamwaza jo koi chiz ho j ek ddsre ki 

hamtdqati [pdsang k. 

Counterbal ance, va. to weigh against — sama parimdn k. pratijog bd pratiJcdr fc.— hamwazn k. 

Counterbu'fF, va. to repel, to strike haick—pratighdt k. ult4 gkd mdran—ihl d. hatd d. mar ke 

hatdnd • [adlabadli ; mildwizi 

Count'erchange, s. exchange; reciprocation— pariSarton, binimay, prntif/an— badal, tabdil, 

Counter'charm, s. that which dissolves a charm — bdukdtd mantra, mantrapratikdr mantra, 

chhedak mantra — tona par tona, mantar yd afsun ka katne w. atsdn [sarzanish 

Counl'ercheck, s. a stop j rebuke — diak,pratirodh ; nishedhdrtha dhamak-rZii.o, atak ; dant, 

Counterev'idence, s. opposite QvideQ.ce—pratikul.asdkhya, ptlrhasdkhyir biparita sakltyi — • 

ulti gawdhi, khildf shahadat [khota, taqlidi 

Count'erfeit, a. forged, fictitious, deceitful — kalpita, kritrim, mithyd, thak — ^jhdtlui, libdsi, 

Count'erfeil, va:. to forge; to imitate; to copy— fcaZ^ita k. mithydnurup k. chhadmabesh 

dhdran k.jdi k. — taqlid k. bhes k. bhagal k. naql k. 

Counterma'nd, va, to revoke a comiiiand — purbdgydnr biruddhdgyduk.rahitak. ddesh phi' 

rdna — hukm tabdil k. radd k. pherafia, mansdkh k. [kuch, kdch-i-muqdmi 

Count'evmarch, s. a marching htick—pratydgaman, phiriyd disan bd chalan — murdjdt kd 

Count'ermine, s. a mine to frustrate the use of one made by an enemy — suranga pratikdr, 

shatrur suraiiga pratibandhak suranga— ^nva.n^ niche sdrang,uUa,sdrang 
Countermi'ne, va, to counterwork— ««?/« suranga diyd shairuganer suranga bhanga k. — 

ultd sdrang mdrnd 

Count'ermotion,5. contrary motion — pi-atipakhya, pratibdkya, prati^aman— khildf kl harakat, 

ulta jumbish [posh 

Count'erpane, s. a coverlet for a hed—pdlanger dchchhddanahastra, khat tdbaran—lih^f, palang- 

Count'erpart,s. a correspondent part, a copy— pratijog, pratirup, pratUipi—jox^, palld, naql, 

Count'erplea, s. in law : a replication— pr«tj6fl(f,pr«t2/uttflr— j a wabdihi ^ 
Counierple'ad, va. to contradict, to deay—pratibdd k. apanhah k. pratydkhyd k. — barkhildf 

kahna, inkdr k, mukarnd 
Counterplot, s. a plot opposed to another plot— pam chhal pratirodhandrtha chhal—vrnh 

sdzish jo ddsri ek sdzish ke rauqdbil yd ziddi men ho 
Count'erpoint, s. the art of composing harmony; a coverlet; an opposite point — swaramel 
karaner bidyd; khaltdbaran ; biparita dig — tdlydsdr mel ki bandwat ; palaugposh ; ulti 
taraf ki nok, nuqta-i-makus 
Counterpo'ise, s. equivalence of weight— prattjo^-, tulya 6A<£r— dhard, hamsans 

coir -C'113) coir 

Counterpoise, va. to counterba1ance^praft;o^ k. samdn k. — hamwazn k. muqftbil k. 
Counterpro'ject, s. correspondent scheme — kana phikirer aikya bri ang-s/ia— mut&biq tadbir 
Count 'erscarp, 5. in fortification, that side of the ditch which is next to* the ca-mp—garkhdiydr 
opdr, durger hahirdissthita parikhdr odig-— pushta, drtala, qile ke dspfis jo khandaq hai us 
ke niaidan ki taraf kd kinAra 
Count'ersign, t)a. to sic;n an order of a superior, in quality of secretary — swashreshtha byaktir 
swdkhyara pare swdkkyar k. — mJllik yft hdkim ke farmdn par dastkhatt k. jaisd ki mirmunshi 
. aur huznrnavis log ka uhda hai 

Counterten'or, 3. a middle part of mn^ic^bddyer anga 6isAesft— musfqi kfi ek hissa. 
Coimterti'de, s. a contrary tide — upare sroi dchhe niche bdn^ dr tadbiparit i bhdtdr pratikHU 

Jitydr, ebang juydrer pratihile bhdfd — maddojazr 
Counterva'il.^v. to be equal to, to hdddLnce—samatulya hd samdn h. eki h. tulyagun k, sama pari- 
■ mrire A.— ba'r^bar h. hamsang h. hamwazn h. [muqdbala 

Count'erview, s. contrast— 6aipan'tt/a, asddrishya drishtdnta, biparita prasanga bd prakdsh — 
Count'ess, s. the \audy of an earl or count — bishesh kuUnapaddbkishikta byaktir strt — khdnam, 

Count'less, a. innumerable— a^ani/rt, asankhyak — beshumAr, anginal 

Coun'try, s. a tract of land, a region ; one's residence or native soil; rural parts, opposed to 
town or city — desh, pradesh ; janmabhumi, swadesh ; paUigrdm — sarzamin, bhura, mulk ; 
watan, janambhtim ; dihdt, mufassal 
Coun'try, a. rustic, rural, rude — grdmya, chdshd, genye, asabhya — dihqdni, gdQwl, ganwftr 
Coun'tryman, s. one born in the same country; a rustic, a farmer — ekdeshaja, swadeshi ', 

grdmya, chdshd, fcris/m/c— hamwatan, desbhdi ; dihqdni, gaawdr, kisdn 
Count'y, s. a shire, a circuit, or district— prarfes^, chdkald, pargand — chakld, zila, sdba 
Count'y, a. relating to a county or shire — chdkald bd pradeshdt sambandhiya — zile yd siibe se 
. mutdlliq yd nisbat r. w. [ek chdl 

Coupe'e, s. a motion in dancing — nritya bidydy bhangimd bishesh — raqs kd ek waza, ndch ki 
Coup'le, 5. two ; a pair ; man and wUe—dui, dway ; jugma, jugal, jord ; dampati, stripurush — 

do ; jord, juft ; bibisdhib, joriikhasam 
Coup'le, va. to join ; to marry — sangjukta k. jordtia ; jotan, 1)ibdha k. — jornd, sambandh fc. 

gathbandhan k. bydh k. 
Coup'let, 5. two verses, a pair — dwicharana shlok, paydr — bait, dohd 
Cour'age, s. bravery, valor — sdhas, shaurjya, pratdp,- biratwa — hiramat, dileri, bahdduri, 

mardanagf, surmdpan 
Courage'ously. ad. bravely— srtAasfflpwr6«/c—himmatwari se, dilerdna 

Cou'rant, s. [kur-rant] a nimble dance ; any thing that spreads quick, as a newspaper — 
shighra gatir nritya bishesh j sarha garni kona bastu,jathd sambddapatra — ek achpal yd chaa- 
chal nach ; kol bat jo jald phailti hai, jaisd ki akhbar name ka mazmiin 
Cour'ier, s. [koo-reer] a messenger sent in baste, an express— dhdure, dut, drutagdmi hdrtd- 

ifi/mfc— qdsid, paik, harkara 
Course, s. race ; career; progress; conduct ; ground on which a race is run ; natural bent; 
track in which a ship sails — p^ menses — daur ; gati ; chdli;, byabnhdr ; ghora daurr 
math ; swabhdb ; path — pi. rajas bd ritu—daux J rau ; chalan ; dhang ; ghordaur d maiddn" ; 
jhukdf; jahdz ke chalne ki rdh — pi. haiz, raj 
Course, u. to hunt, to pursue, to rove about — mrigayd k. pashchdddhdbayi, daurijd gaman — 

siiikdr k, ragednd, ramna 
Courser, s. race-horse ; horse-racer— rfrutagrami ashwa, ghoradaurer ghord ; ghoj adaure nipun 

bdsantushla — badpd, ghurdaur kd ghoid ; ghardaur kd mashshdq ya shdiq 
Cours'ing, s. sport of hunting with greyhounds — kiikkur laiyd shikdr karan—leizi kuttou ke sdth 

shikar kd tamdsha 
Court, s. residence of a prince ; seat of justice, jurisdiction ; open space before a house — rdj 
bdli, rdj dhdni, rdjsabhd ; byabasthdn, kdchhdri; M//ian— daulatkhdna, bargdh, qasr; 
kachahri, mahkaina. addlat, darbdr, takhtgdh; sahn 
Court, va. to woo, to solicit, to seek — bibdhdrthe sambhush bd sneha k. updsand k. prdrthand 

k. chesktd k. — ishq mangni k. istida k. talash k. 
Court'eous, a. [kur-tshe-us] polite, well-bred, civil , respectful — sabhya, shishta, sushilf 

sddar—dih], neknihad, khushakhldq, muaddab 
CouDtesa'n, s. a prostitute — beshyd, bdrdngand, fcuZofa— kasbi,kanchani, besyd 
Court'esy, s. civility, complaisance— sao/iyata, shishtdchdr, anurodA.— khulq, muddrd, 

taw^zu, murdwat, sil 
Court'esy, s. [fcurt-se] reverence made by women — striloker bishesh namaskdr bd shishtdchdr— 

saldm ki ek qism jo Farangistdn ki bibiyou ke bich mea murauwaj hai 
Courtier, s. [.y«r] one who frequents courts ; one that courts favor — rdj sabkdsat ; amdtya, 

kripdprdrthak byakti — darbdri, huzdri ; mihrbdni kd istiddk. w. 

Courtle'et, s. court of the lord of the manor for regulating copyhold tenures, Sic.—prajdder 

vdltd pradarshan parikhyandrthe sdmbatsarik sabhd bd kdchhdri — zaminddr yd jdgirddr kf 

Kachahri jis men patteddr w. g. kd bandobast hotd hai [khushakhldq 

Court-like, a, elegant, polite — sundar, sabhya, shishta — latif, khdb, khush, khaliq, salirataba. 

Court liness, s, elegance of manners— sa6/it/atrt, shishtdchdr, sui/ii/a<<i— mardumi, lutf, dhang ki 

khdbi ' 

Court'ly, o. relating to a court; polite^ soft — sabhdsambandhiya, sabhdsthai sabhya, komal, 
«ittom— bdrgdhl, darbdrse mutdlliq ; neknihdd, latif, muUin],ndzuk 


00 U ( 114 ) CR A 

Courtmar'tial, 5. a court for trying military offences— wn^f^aner dosMdosh bichdrdrthe tabhd 

hd trtc/iTiari— lashkavi adftlat, kotmasul ^ ^ 

Courl'ship, s. a making of love to a woman — bibdhdrthe striloker updsdnd ebang prema prakdsh 

— f^shiqi, byih ke leye aurat se ishqbdzi karnd 
Cous in, J. any one collaterally related more remotely than a brother or sister — gyduti ; md- 
mdtuta khuratvtaje thututn o pristuta bhdi hd hahin; pitribya mdtul prabhritir putra putri — 
khfilazAd yk zddi, chacherA bhdi, chacheri bahin 
Cow, s. the female of the bull — v. to depress— g'ai/if, gdigaru, go— v. dhamkdna, bhaye trasta 

ebang namra k. — gde, gdo, goru— r. dabdna, dhamkdnd, past k. 

Cow'ard, s.' a poltroon, one wanting courage— fc<fpu?'Ms/i, asdhasi lok, bhiru — darpoknd, 

buzdilj namard, padgh^brd, dardhi [farom^ya 

Cow'ardly, a. fearful, timorous ; mean — asdhasik, bhiru ; tuchchha — buzdild, ndmarda; kamina, 

Cotv'er, vn. to sink by bending the knees— /wn/ h. bhaye sankuchita bdjarashara n.— nihiirna, 

dar se kukriydna 
Cow'herd, s. one who tends cows — gop, gopdl, rdkhdl—gokXk, ahir, gopdl 

Cowl, s. a monk's hood ; a vessel for water — sannyd&ir mdthdr dhdkani bd tupi bishesh ; jala- 
p/it ra bishesh — kulah, qnlmdar ki topi; dol, dolcha 
Cow'slip, s. a species of primrose— p«s/?pa bd phid bishesh — ek qism kd phul 
Cox'comb, s. a cock's crest,.; a ffower ; a fop — kukkul sh'ikhd hd jhunli ; tadbat puskpa bishesh, 
phuUdrabinda ; hdnkrd 7?jrtnMs/i— taj-i-khurns, kes ; ek qism ka phiil, gulkes ; banka, cbhail4 
Coxcorr/ical, a. foppish, conceited — hastra bildsi, bukphuldniyd, garbi,dtmdbhimdni — bank4, 

ochha, chhichliord, khudbin, khudnumd 

Coy, a. modest, reserved, not accessible — snlajja, Idjuk, mukhchord, agamya — sharmilA, 

sharmgin, puvhijab, naa>hn4 mizaj, baidurrasid • [sankochi, purhijilb 

Coy'ish, a. somewhat coy, reserved-^ lajjdshild, Idjjuktd, hrirdnwitd— Jindak sharmiU , lajilA, 

Cov'ness, s. rcssrve, shyness, modesty — laijd,ldj, brird, lajukatd — Idj, shfirm, hijdb, hayd, 

ghairat ' [daghdbdzi k. natkhati k. 

Coz'en, va. [kuz,} to cheat, to ir\ck— pnr*^anchan, pratdr and k. ihak.ina—xhagna., chhalnd, 

*Coz'enage, s. fraud, deceit — ihnkdna, chhaland, pratdrand-~dz%\\'khki\, fareb, chhfjl, thagai 

•Coz'ener, s. one who cheatsr-?/ifl/c, prabanchak, shath—th^g, daghab^z, farebi, chhaliyd 

Crab, s. a fish ; a wild apple ; a peevish peizon—karkaf ,'kdnkfird ; banya phal bishesh ; ugra 

bvakti,rdgdlamdnush—kQkr6.,SRX\Ani jangali seb; chirchird yd turshru shakhs, tundkho 

Sdui [chira,tunukmizdj,durusht, mu-hkil 

Crab'bed, a. peevish, marose, harsh, difficult — karkash, ugra, khitkhitiyd, kathin—chiX' 

Crab'bedness, s, souiaess of taste ; asperity— amZa ras, ugrabhdb rdgashitatd, kdchinya— 

turshi, khattdi; durushti, tundi, turshrni 
Crack, s. a sudden noise ; fiss\iTe;^si—kalkatpha!phalityddiakasmdt shabda ; chhidra, 

phdtd; c/amb/ia— karak, karkardhat, chalak^ ; darz, shaq^, bal; Idfzani, bardi 

Crack, va. to break into chinks, to split— p/ia/an, chiran, tidorart— phdrud, chiikdnd, tar- 

qdnd, phatkdrna fnim diwdna, ddhpdgal 

Crack'brained, a. [..] crazy— agT/dn, /iaf/i6uf!d/(j", mi/i-'pag'aZ— khushlsmaghz, hawdsbdkhta, 

Crack'er, s. a charge of gunpowder ; a boaster ; in America, a biscuit — patakd bdji ityddi ; 

ddmbkik ; chdkii m/i— patakhd, lauki ; Idfzan, ding mdrne w. ek qism ki roti 
Crack'le, vn. to make slight cracks', to make small" and frequent sharp sounds— p/i«/p/ia? 

shabda k. charchar k. chardt k. — Chifaknd, charchardnd 
Crack'ling, s. a small but frequent noise— cAaraifcar, p/ia.<p/ia/i saMa-^dwdz jo dhimi ho aur 

bdrbdr sundi de, c't'itkahat, charchardhat 
Crack'nel, s. a kind of hard brittle c^kc—shakta athacha tushak chdkti pishiak bishesh— ek 

qism ki sakht aur maraknd rotf yd nankhatdi 

Cra'dle, s. a moveable bed on w nich children are rocked ; a case for a broken bone ; a frame 

of timber for launching sh\ps—doland, hindold, jhulibdr shishushajyd ; bhagndsthir kosh 

bishesh ;jdhdjer thekuyd-4imdo]A, mahd,pdlnd; tuti hiii haddi rakhne kd khol ; jahaz ki tek 

Ciaft, 5. trade, art; cunning; snvdW ships— hyabasdy, shilpakarma ; chaturi ; khyudra naukd 

— hirfa, pesha, hikmat, sanat; sydn, pakpan ; chhote chhote jahaz 
Craft'ily, at/, cunningly; artfully; skilfully— /causha/e ; thdtpurbak ; dhtirtartipe—^iTat se; 
makarse; hikmat se . . , [fitrat 

Craft'iness. s cunning, srafagem— c/jatMr^t^, kaushol, updy — failsufi, makk&ri, Mbabdzf, 
Cra.fts'man, s. an r.rtificer, a mechanic— $Ai/;jafcar, /can/car,-6yu6asai/x — kdrigar, ahl-i-pesha 
Craft'y, a: cunning, artful— fcu/i/,s/!rt</i,d/iwrtrt—aiydr,fitrati 
Cng, s. a rough, steep rock — karkariyd uchchha parbat i druri, kdchhdr, parbater dburd 

khdburd sthdn — kardra, ardrd, ban;ld 

Crag'ged, Cra'gy, a. rough, xug^Qd^dburdkhdburd, asamdn, karkariyd, drurimay—khakr^ 

khard, tiiichnich, arbar, behar " ' [ndhamwdri. kharbardi 

Crag'gedness, Crag'gine.^s, s. roughness — dburdkhaburd bhdh, karkariyatwa, driiribhdb—^ 

Cram," va. to stuff, to fill with food beyond satiety, to thrust in by foTce-triptyadhik bho- 

jan kardna, bahubhojon k. gdaiyd bharan, thdsiyd bharan — beanddza khiiand, ihdsnd, 

dh6snd, thusnd, khonchnd ' [samasydpuran bishesh— qkfiydihdizi 

Cram'bo, '5. a play at which one gives a word to which another finds a rhyme— fcnVdrtip 

Cramp, s. a spasmodic contraction of the muscles; a restriction; a piece of bent iron— anga 

grah'i, khenchd, dkar&hani, tankdriyd ; dlak, aharodh, bddhd ; patar, diikard — nas charhnd, 

thithar, tashannuj, akaibai ; atkao, band ; dukri, kild [kdnd, drnd. qaid k. band k. 

Cramp, va, to restrain, lo QonHuQ—badhd janmdna, dikdna, baddha Jf> bdi^dhan—ioVnit at- 

CRA ( 115 ) CRE 

Cramp, o. difficult, knotty, troublesome— fca/Ain, shakta, kashtn—ksith'm, muslikil, ranj&war 
Cramp'iron, s. an iron for fastening together — tauhamay bandhani, dnkard, putar— pattar, kil4 
Crane, s. a bird with a long neck ; a machine for raising great weights; a crooked pipe — 

sdr/js pakhyi ; bhiiridrabya tulibdr kal bishesh ; bakra nal fcis/ics/i— sftras, kulang ; bh^ri 

bojh uthane ki kal ; khamdar nal 
Cra'iiium, s. the sknU—karoti, mdthdr khuli, kapdl — khopri, kdsa-i-sir [kAkuhnidar sirA 

Crank, s. the end of an iron axis turned down— lauhar dander bakribhtita antabhd^ — dhuil 
Crank, a. healtliy, sprightly ; liable to be overset as a ship — rhish tapnshta, swrtjih ; vMi i^d parlbdr 

jogya — changa, zindadil ; ulatne jog [khanda h. — UQchfinichi yA n^hamwar hoke tu{nd 
Cran'kle, va. to break into unequal surfaces — a$amdnhd hakrarupe hhdngiyd pnrau, khanda 
Cran'nied, a. Ml of chinks— chhidramay, bahuchkidra, p/ia/a— jabajii se chatk4 hu^, rakU- 

na yi. slugaf se bhai& hua 
Cran'ny, s. a chink, a UssuTe—chhidrn, j,hdit, ehir — chatak, darka, dar^r 
Crape, s. a thin stuff loosely woven— patU kdpir hisheih~ek qisra ka patlA kapri 
Crap ulence, s. sickness by intemperance— aas/iai/ madyipinajdtri rog bishesh, phalatah 

shirohedand ebang mdthdghord ehang udf^dra bhojane aruchi julcta — khumftr 
Crap'ulous, a. sick with drunkenness — ai rog bishhhta, atimadya pane pirita — makhmilr, 

maikhuri ka bimar ^ [torn^, chiirchiir k. kuchaln^ 

Crash, va. to break or bruise ; to crush — blidngan^ J<handan, churnan, pishan ; muckcrrnm — 
Crash, 5. a loud, sudden, mixed sound of many things broken at the same time— j/iawj/ian 

khankhan hurhur ityddi shabda, anek bitstu ekbdre bhdngile je karkash dhwani hay — 

dhaiaka, kharkharahat, bahut chizea ek bargi tntne se jo awdz hoti hai 
Cras'situde, s. grossness, coarseness— mo/ai, sthiilatd, a:ukhymatd~mo\Ai, jis6.m^t 
Cratch, s. a palisaded frame for hay — gabddijantur khddya ghds rdkhihdr mdchdn lishesh — 

kathgherS, sukhi ghfts rakhne ka macliAn 
Crate, s. a pannier, or wicker vessel — petiyd bishesh, fhuri bd chupari bishesh — tokrA, tokri 
Cra'ter, s. the vent or moutli of a volcano— rto-nej/ajtarfeatermufc/i-^-jwdlamukh kd miM^h 
Cravat, s. a neck clotli, any thing worn about the neck— ^-a/a bandhani, galdbandha, gala 

deshe paridheya baitru bd pali—g\i\nh2ind 
Crave, va. to ask earnestly, to beg ; to long for — hinay piibrak Jyrdrthand k-jdchingd k. mdgan 

Idlach fc.— minnat k. mdngna, chahna ; lalchina [hard hna murgh ; buzdil, ndniard 

Cra'ven, s. acock conquered; a coward — pardjita kukkut ; bhagnasihas, bhiru, kdpurush — 
Craunch, va. to crush in the mouth — datUe bhanjan, mukher bhitar gunrd kariyd khdon, 

cftarAa/i— chabna 
Craw, s. the crop or first stomach of birds — pakhyddir jathar hd galdr thali—poti., jhoj 
Craw'fish, Cray'fish, s, a small crustaceous fish— chingri maisya hishesh—)h{x\gA, chhoti 

chingti machhii ki ek qism [ma/i /t. — ringna, kire ki rndnind chalnd 

Crawl, vn. to creep; to move with a slow motion, as a warm— pe/e hdtitan, hdmd d. uroga- 
Cray'on, s. \,.un^ a kind of pencil to draw with — chhahi ankaner rang bishiihLa mdti bi dhd- 

tumay lekhani bishesh— mq^h khiQchne kd ek qism kd jastiqalam 
Craze, va. to break to pieces ; to impair the miGWect—bhdngan, gunrd bd churna k. hatO' 

buddhi ie. unmddjanmdna, pdgal ^.— tukre tukre k. torna ; diwdna k. bdorana 
Cra'ziness, s. weakness; imbecility of mind— da«r6a/i/a, jirnatd ; buddhir builakhyanya, un- 

mdd, ddhapdgldmi — natawani, zuaf ; diwanagi, khalaldimagh' 
Cra'zy, a. broken ; shattered ; decrepit; disordered in mind— 6/ia^na; jirna, atibriddha'j 

hatahuddhi, bhagnammdh, khyipta — shikasta ; zaif, durbal ; hawasbakhta, bdola 
Creak, vn. to make a harsh protracted noise— /car/cas/i shabda k. gdrir ckakra kimbd dwdrtr 

kapd tddibat shabda fc.— machmachdnd, charcharand 
Cream, s. the unctuous or oily part of milk which Hoats on the top ; the best part of any thing 

— dugdher sdrabhdg bd shar ; sdrdtsdr — maldi ; tuhfa, zubda 
Cte'amtaced, a. (..) pale, coward looking— m^mafracirtrt, malinmukh, phensdiiyd, bhiru, 

asdhasi, bhayaj akta— zdird chihra, si'tha, pila, buzdild, namardd 
Cream'y, a. full of cream, having the nature of cream— s/jorama]/, dugdher ^harabat~m3L\ii 

se bhara hiia, maldi sd 
Crease, s. a mark made by doublingany iWiUg—kaparddir bhdnjer chihna—ch\\n^.\ , shikan,cbia 
Create, va. to form out of nothing, to cause to exist, to produce— «i''wia» k, srijan, shrishii k. 

ttfprif^an, janmana— khalq k. bandna, moujud k. paidd k. 
Creation, s. the act of creating, or investing with new qualities ; the universe — shrishti, 

utpatti, nirmdn i bhuban, jagat, bishwa, sangsdr — paidaish, afrinash, khilqat; kaindt, 

dunyd, jahan [ish yd dfrinash ki qudrat r. w. 

Crea'tive,o. having the power to create— srijanskakti bishishta, srishli karanakliyama--y^\dA' 
Creator, s. the being that bestows existence— /jw/iujasri/c, shrishti kartd, srashtd, nirmdnkartd 

jagal utpddak-~khA\\<\, dfrinada, kartdr 
Cre'ature, s. (.. tshure) 2i being created ; an animal not human ; a dependant ; a word of con- 
tempt or tenderness— s/iris/i/a fcastu ; prdnimdtra, jibjantu, manusliyidi hhilta; adhin, anu- 

gata, paribdrer lok ; sambodhane heya bd priyabdchak shabda hay— mdikhlnq ; jaawar ; tdbi, 

laga hptd ; is latz ka isiamdl hiqarat ya muidwat ke iiye b'li Loia hai 
Cre'dencej s. belief, credit ; reputation— 6is/it«rts, pratyay, shraddhd, bishwastatd ; sambhrant 

— bdwar, iatibar ; izzat, hurraat [iatiqdd ki chizea, jmdn ke masdil 

Creden'da, s. articles of faith or belief— pratt/ay bd shraddhd hay jdhdte, jdthd sdstrokti — 
Cre'dent, a. believing, easy of belief- biskwasi, shraddhdbdn, pratyaiji, nihsandigdhamandh— ~ 

muataqid, mdnnewdld, jo jald iatiqdd kare 

CRE ( ^16 ) CRI 

Creden'tials, s, that which gives a iii\e to credit— bishwnsapatra,pratyaydrthapatra, prtrshang- 

id potra— dastivvez, «anad, sipdrishn&ma, partit patar 
Credibility, Cred'ibleness, s. claim to credit, worthiness of belief ; probability— praty/ry 

jogyatd,bishwastatd, satyatd, bishwdsaniyatd ; sambhab, pramftKi/a— iatibfir ke Idiq, mu- 

tabari; honhari, ihtim^l 
Cred'ible, a. worthy of credit, deserving of he\\e(—hishwdsajogya, pratyayitabya, bishwasta, 

sapramdn—'idiUmiid ke laiq, iatib^rke q^bil, bawarpazir 
Cred'it, s. belief; honor, reputation, esteem, good opinion ; faith, trust reposed; influence 

— pratyay; sambhram, mdn, sukhydti ; mdnyntn, bishwds, shraddhd ; siddhi sddhytd — iatiqad; 

izzat, hurmat, jas, neknami; qadr, iatiqad, iatibSr ; ikhtiy^r 
Credit, va. to believe, trust— pratyay '«• bishwds k. — iatibrlr k. mannA, bAwar k. 
Creditable, a. reputable, honorable, estimable -sambhrdnta, mdnya, sukhydtydpanna, 

bishwasta, bishwdsajogya — muatabar, iatibAii, namwar, sAhib-i-hurmat 
Cred'itably, ad. reputably, without disgrace — sambhrdntarupe, uttdmi'upe, bishishtfirtcpe — 

qadr se, ba hurmat, bA iatibar, izzat se [byohariyti, mahajan 

Cred'itor, s. he to whom a debt is owed — xtttamarna, sddhu, mahdjan, rina ddyak — qarz khwah, 
Credu'lity, s. easiness of beliei—andydse bishwds, dshu bishwds, halhdt bishwas — zaiful iatiqddi, 

sarful iatiqadi, sidadili 
Cred'ulous, a. [.ju.'] apt to believe, unsuspecting ; easily deceived — dshu hishwdsi, asandigdha, 

sthirapratyayi, hathdt pratyayi ; dbar,murha — zaiful iatiqad, sariuliatiqdd ; sadadil,bhola, 

sidha [ma bdkya — din ke mujmal aqAid, jaisA ki kalima w. g. 

Creed, s. a summary of articles of (aiilh^pratnibdkya, pratyayita shdster sdrnrtha, mar- 
Creek, s. a small port, a bay, an inlet, a cove, a small river— ifc/irti, ndld, khdri—kol, kliAri,^l 
Creep, vn. to move with the belly to the ground, as a worm or insect ; to grow along the 

ground ; to fawn — kit bd sarpabat gati k. buke hdntan ; latiyd gaman, hdmd d, binay purbak 

updsand k. — rignd, petse chalnS, ; zaminse lage hue ugnA ; chaplusi k. 
Creep'er, s. a plant that supports itself by means of some stronger body ; an insect— Zata bri- 

khya ; kit, krami — bel, lat ; kir&, kirm 
Crema'tion, s. the act of burning — agnisdt karan h, bd h. agniddha — sozish, jalan 
Cre'mar, s. milky, creamy substance— dugd/ier sharabat drdbya—dudh ki nialai aisi chiz 
Cre'nated, a. notched, indented — unchanicJiamate chhinna, khdnjkdtd — lahriya, khandanadar, 

Crepita'tion, s. a small crackling n6\se—phatphalddi shabda, charchar s/ia6(fa— chirchiriihat 
Crepus'cule, s. iwi\ight—j hunjkdbetd, arunoday, godhidi, surjyer uday bd astagamana kdl— 

arun, saur, shafaq 
Crepus'culous, a. glimmering; in a state between light and darkness — ishaddiptibishishta ; 

kinchit ghor — shafaqimez ; dhundhla,roshni o tariki ilmez 
Cres'cent, s. the moon in her state of increase — kaldhriddhikdlin bd shuklapakhyiya chandra, 

apilrna chandra, ardha c/ia7irfra— hildl, ch^nd jab taraqqi ki h^lat mea hoe [hui 

Cres'cent, Cres'cive, a. increasing, growing — bardhishnu krame bardhita — barhtfi hufi, ugt^ 
Cress, s. aspecies of herb — khyudra brikhya bd ishad tejamay shdk 6ts/tes/t,/ia/m-"iialim,taratezak 
Cress'et, s. a great light or beacon ; light-house, or watch-lower — uchchasthdnastha mahddip, 

ulkd, mashdL — &kd«-diy^, raushanddn 
Crest, s. a plume of feathers upon a helmet ; the comb of a cock ; an ornament ; a tuft ; 

pride, spirit — churd, shikhd ; pakhyir jhunt ; mastakdbharan, kirit, mukut ; gochhd ; 

ahankdr, tej, abhimdn — par k4 turra, taghma, chura ; murgh k4 kes, taj-i-khurds j ek 

qism ka singar yd alank^r jo sirmea pahante haio ; parcham ; ghurur, fakhr 
Creste'd, a. adorned with a plume or crest — churd bd shikhd bishishta, mV'kutadhdri, kirita- 

ju/cta— ch6iad6r, (urraddr, kafchadfir 
Crest-fallen, a. dejected, sunk, dispirited— nioitnnMi&fc, adhahadan, Jiatdsh, bishanna—nk um,- 

med, diltang, afsurdadil, udas, bedil [tuc/jf/ia— be zirah, be baktar; pftji 

Crest'less, o. not dignified with coat-armour; mean— a.sajyita, sajjdbihina ; asambhrdnta, 
Creta'ceous, a. (. .s/iiis^ chalky — khurimdti dharmak, kharijndli bishishia, kharibat, tadgun 

6is/ii5.ia— kharimitti aisft, kharimitti ki khasiyatdar ' [shigaf, surdkli, ruklma 

Crevice, s. a crack, a cleft, a fissure — chhidra, phdit, phdk, chhendd, dTidhisdridhi—deirz, 
Crew, s. a company of people associated for any purpose, as a ship's company — samnj, dal ; 

jdhdjer lok samiiha, ndhikg an— jdimkdit, bhir ; ahl-i-jahdz [hua howe 

Crew'el, s. yarn twisted and wound on a knot or ball— sittrer luti bd tdl — sut jobayte par batsl 
Crib, s. a manger, a stall ; a child's bed— ja6patra, keihuyd ; bdlaker khyudra hkdt bishesh— 

than, khurll; larke ki chhotepalang kiekqism 
Crib", t;a. to shut up in a narrow habitation, to confine; to commit petty thefts— sang/czVna 

sthdne baddha k, kaid k. Idlpe alpe apaharan k. litghu bastu churi k. — tang makda men 

band k. qaid k. halki halki chizeu churdnii 
Crib'bage, s. a game at cards— tas krird bishesh — tds ki bftziki ek qism 

Crib'ble, s. a sieve for cleaning cora—dhdnyddir chdlani bishesh— atnA) sdf karne ki chalnf 
Cribra'tion, s. the act of sifting, or cleaning with a sieve — chdlani dwdrd dhdnyddi jhdran 

bd parishkdr /c. — chalni se saf k. 
Crick, s. noise of a door; a painful stiffness in the neck— /:/iuiita kapdter karkash shabda; 

galdr bedand—ddiTwAze ki machmachAhat ; gale ki akrahat 
Cricket, s. an insect ; a low stool j a game— 6/irinfcirat kit, uchungd pokd; piuri; ddard guli 
ArA«/(i— jhingur, ghurghuri; ek nichi chauki, pifhd ; gobizi, goechaug&n 

CRI ( 117 ) CRO 

Cri'er, «. one who makes proclamation ; one who cries goods for sale — dhendariyd, ghoshak ; 
hikray prafeas/iafc— ishtih^r k. w. dhiadhoriyd, munddi ; wuh shakhs ki 30 bechne k^ izh&r 

kart^ hai 
Crime, s. an offence; a great fault; a wicked act — dosh, aparndh, ghdit , mahdjpnp ; dufh- 

knrma — taq=!ir, gun^h ; barA jurm ; sharir harkat [pikd^maa 

Cri'meless, a. innocent, free trom guilt — nirdosh, nishpdp, anaparddhi—hegun^n, betaqsir, 
Crim'inal, Crim'inous, a. faulty, contrary to rigbt, ^aWly—kritdparddh, sadosh, doshi, 

aparddhi — mdyub, gundhgdr, aibi, taqsfrwdr 
Crim'inal, s. a man accused, a person guilty of a crime— rfos/ia^frasfa byakti, aparddhi, doshi 

— taqsirwar, gunahgdr, papi, badkdr 
Crimina'tion, s. the act of accusing, accusation, charge — doshdrop, doshdeoyd, apabdd, 

durndmkard — tuhmat, ittihdm, malamat, ilzAm, aibgoi ' 

Crimina'tory, a. relating to accusation ; accusing ; censorious — aparddha sambandhiya ; dosha' 

ddyak ; bhartsandkdri, ninddkdri — tuhmat man^jub ; aibgo, nindak, harfgir ; malmatgar 
Crim'inous, a. wicked, iniquitous, guilty — dos/iog-rasta, aparddhi, dushkarmakdri — sharfr, 

badk^r, gundhgar, taqsirwdr, mujrim [surkh rang 

Crim'osin, s. a species of red colour — drnktabarna hishesh, ghora Idl barna — ek qism k& 
Crimp, a. friable, brittle.veasily crumbled— ja/j^ sahaje gunrd hay, ihunkd, mulmuie, chdn- 

char — ^jo chfz sahaj mea churchdr howe, phuska, murmura 
Crim'ple, va. to contract, to corrugate — konkardyia, sankuchita k. toftamna— jakfdna, 

aintlidnd, jhiiriydnS. 
Crim'son, s. a deep red color — ghor Idl barva, draktaharna—qirmhi, arghawdnl, surkh, Idl 
Cria'cum, s. a whimsey ; a cramp — akasmdd bdsand, bibhram ; angagraha, /c/ieuc/ia— khiydl, 

lahar ; akarbdi 
Cringe, s. a servile bow, mean civility — swdpakarsha bodhak byapdr, ati vamratdchdr, 

namaskdr ptirbak updsand, stabastuti — sijda, zamiii bosi, farrashi salam, chaplusi 
Cringe, 1)71. to bow, to fawn, to flatter — bandandk. namratdchdr k. stabastuti k. binati k. 

— sijda k, salam k. chdplusi, tamalluq k. khushdmad k. 
Crink, Crin'kle, s. a wrinkle, winding fold — konkard, konchkd, mdngsddir sankoch — chfn, 

chunat, shikan.pech ki lapet ■ ' [chunai hojana 

Crin'kle, v. to run in wrinkles — kovjtariydjdon, konchkdna — purshikan h. shikanddr h. chunat 
Cri'nos, Crini'gerous, a. hairy, rough— /ces/iz, lomaja, .lomamay, khaskhasiyd—mmdkr, bal- 

wdld, kharkhard,namuldim 
Crip'ple, s, a lame man — khonrd, pangu, nengard, khanja — langrd ddmi, liila, lang, pangii 
Cri'sis, s. a critical time or turn, as of a disease — rogddir prdkkdl, rogopasham bd tadbriddhi 

hayjekdle, bikdrakdl — buhrdn, ainwaqt 
Crisp, va, to curl, to twist, to indent— pa/c d. koukardna, kunchita k. khdrij kdtan — pechtdbd. 

ainthna, marornd, danddnaddr k. . 

Crisp, Crisp'y, a. curled; brittle ; winding— c^j/naf, konkard, cMnchar: thnnkd, tusd ; kun- 
chita — chunat, ainihd hud ; kurkurd, churchurd, phuskd ; pechddr, pechild 

wrispa'tion, s. the act of curling — konkardni, pdkdna — taftagi, pechidagi, aiathan 
Crisp'ness, Crisp'itude, s. crispy state, curiedness — chunat bd konkardbasthd, kunchitdbasthd 
■ — kurkurdi, pechidagi, ainihan 
Crite'rion, s. a standard whereby any thing is judged of, as to its gdodness or badness— 

lakhyan, uttamddham bichdrdrtha chinha, gunasuchak je, bhdlamanda nirnaya /caraw:— ek 

aldmat jis se kisi chiz ki bhalai burdi sdbit hoti hai 
Critic, s. one skilled in the art of judging of literature — bidydn, bib&ki, gunagyan, subichdrak, 

bhadrdbhadra bibechak,supandit — nuktadan, allama, wdqitkdr, daqiqasanj, barikbia, nuk- 

Crit'ical, a. exact, nicely judicious ; producing a crisis or change, as of a disease— ///i/<, 

sukhyma ; byddhir bhdbdntarakdi, prdkkdlina — thik, bdrfk ; buhrdni 
Crit'icise, va. to judge, to censure— 6is/ies/i grant/ier doshddosh jdndna, guna Uhechandk. 

bitandd k. — tamiz k. dokhnd, khurdabini k. 
Crit'icism, s. art or act of judging— g-Knfi^itn bigydpanna bidyd, doshddosh bibechand—khxiT- 

dabini, khurdagiri, nuktachini, harfgiri 
Criti que, s. a critical examination ; science of criticism— 6isft«s?i gundgun bibechand, guna- 

bydkhyd ; dosddosh bibechand bidyd — khurdabini ke sdth imtihan yd azradish ; nuktachini 

kd fann [awdi 

Croak, s. the cry of a frog or raven — bheker dhwani, kdker d^iy<xm— mendak yd kauwe ki 
Cro'ceous, a. \_.she-us\ consisting of saffron — kunkumadharmak, kunkuma bishishta — zafrani, 

kesar kd 
Crocita'tion, s. the croaking of frogs or rzvens—ddtirkdk bd bhekerrab, konkonbd kdkd shahda 

karan — meiidak yd kdg ki dwdz " [piydla, mitti kd bartan ; jhul, kdlak, 

Crock, s. a cup or vesssel made of earth ; soot— peydld, mrinmay pdira ; hanrir kdli bd jhul 
Crock ery, s. earthen-ware— mWtttfcdr bdsanddi, mrinmay pritra— sifdlina, mitti kd bartan 
Crocodile, s. an amphibious aniAial of the lizard %T\be—kumbhir, kumir, nakra, jalahasti — 

magar, grdh, nihang 
Cro'cus, s. a flower — pushpa bishesh—e\ qism kd phul L^e pds kd chhold khet 

Croft, s. a small field near a home— griha samipe sthita khyudra ghdskhyeta'a-~ko\A, ghar 
Crone, s, an old ewe ; (in contempt) an old woman— 6ura bheri, briddhd meshi ; (ghrindrthe) 

briddhd uri, 6un— burhf bheri ; (hiqdrat meu), burhiyd, piizil {langotiyd ydr, rafiq 

Cro'ny, s. an old acquaintance, or associate — bahukdler mitra bd bandhu — ydr-i-qadim. 

C R ( 118 ; C R U 

Crook, «. any thing bent ; a sheephook ; a cvirve—bakrabastu, dnkashi ; mesh pdlaker agra- 
hdukd pdnchanabdri buhesh ; bdnk, p/ier— khamdir chiz j khamdar lakti, ankr, anksi ; 
kham, b^nk, pech 
Crook, va. to bend ; to thwart ; to pervert— fi^ferfl h'. bdiikdna; bddhd d. bigdr fc.— lachdnd, 

terha k. muz^hamat k. badivlh yd gumrdh k. 
Crook'ed, a. bent ; winding ; perverse ; untowar'ds— fti/cra, bdnhi, nyubja/hor ; pherd ghord ; 

bigar, dushta, adamya—teThi, kham, kaj ; pherphSr ; tirchha, bakar, ziddi 
Crop. s. the harvest, produce; a bird's craw— p/i^saZ mukh, khyetre utpaiina shasyddi ; 

pakhyir galdr thali — fasl, hdsil, andj ; pota, hausila 
Ciop'', va. to cut off ; to mow, to reap — chhdntan, chhedan, kdfan ; shasyddi kd tan, pha la 

mukh sangraha fc,— khontnA, chhdnind, kdtn^, katni k. fasal katn4, anij jama k. 
Crop'tuI, s. quite full, satisfied, crammed— ptirnodar, parihUhta, tripta, galdr thali paripurna 

dchhejd/tdr—hhdir^ hua, ser, khush, potd bhard hua ho jis kd 

Cro'sier, s. [frro-z/ie-ur] a bishop's staff which has across upon it — mahd dharmddhyakhyer 

dherdkriti danda 6j.s/jcs/i— bare padri kd asa jis par saiib hai [akrf 

Cros'let, s. a small cross— khyudra dherdkriti ferti/i</^a— chhotasalib, dhere ki manind chhoti 

Cross, s. one straight body or line placed at right angles over another; the ensign of the 

Cliristain religion ) misfortune, vexation, trial of patience— aj'a^'ri kdshlhamay shiU 

bishesk ; krishtiyadharmer chinhdrtha rekhd bd dherd, tadbat jashli ; dpad, mahdduhkha, 

khynradr parikhydrtha klesh — salib; I'swi mazhab ki ek aldmat ; hadisa, dfat, sabr 


Cross, a. transverse, oblique, peevish, fretful — drddri, dr, bakra, fern, terchd, ugra, bipakhya, 

chirchird, khitkhitiyd — ^Th, tirchha, terha, inukhalif, bezdr, diqq, chirchira 
Cross", V, to lay athwart ; to sign with the cross ; to cancel ; to pass over ; to thwart ; to vex 
— drk. dherdkriti ankun k. likhane katan; par h. pratirod k. bddhd janmdna ; klesh d. — 
drarakhnd ya lagaaa; salib ki khiyali Shakl bandna; mitdnd, kdtnd ; par utarnd;muza- 
hamat k. diqq k. 
Cross'bite, s. a deception— t;a. to cheat — phdki, chdturi, prabanchand — va. pratdrand k. thn- 
/fa/ia— dhokha, chhalawa— va. thagna, chhalnd [kamdn 

Cross'bow, s. a missive weapon — gulati, guU khyepandrtha dhanu bishesh — ghulel, ek qism ki 
Cross'grained, a. [. .] having the fibres transverse ; ill-natured, troublesome— rtmaT'i bd ultd 
chonch bd ra^ bishishta ; pratikulaswabhdbi, dukkha ddyak, khitkhi!iyd, ugraswabhdbi, kar- 
/cfli/i— tirchhd yd ultd reshayd ragdar; tundkho, rukha, mnzi, diqq k. w. 
Cross'ness, s. transverseness ; peevishness — drddri bhdb ; khiikhitdmi, rdgashilatd—t\Tch.hHi, 

terhdi ; haih, zidd, chirchirahat , 

Crotch, s. a hook or fork— ay/cam, kdntd—^nkxi, kdntd 

Crotch'et, s. a note iA mi\sic ; a mark in printing, thus [ ; a fancy, a whim — gitashdstre chinha 
bishesh; rhhdpd granlhe byabahdrita ei chinka[; bdaand, maner dkeu, — ilm-i-musiqi meij 
ek nislidn^ chhdpe men ek nishan jaisa ki [ ; khiydl, tarang ■ 
Crouch, V. to stoop low, to fawn, to cringe — hent h.jhunkan, guri mdran bd d. swdpakarsha- 
boahak namratdcharan k. stabastutipxlrbak binuti k. — dabakna, nihorna, jhiikand, chd- 
pliisi k. tamalluq k. 
Croupa'des, s. [fcroo.] a high leap; a summerset— ^-/lofafcer utplabanagati, Idph, kundan — 

ghore ki uuchi jasi yd kiid, phdnd 
Crow, s. a large black bird ; an iron lever ; a cock's voice — kdk, bdyas ; lauher shdbal ; kukku^ 

<er d/iw;tt?ti— kauwa, kdg ; lohe kdsabar ; bdng, murgh ki awaz 
Crowd, s. a confused multitude, the populace — hur, bhir, lokasamuha^janatd, sanghatla, itar 

lokasumuka—hhii, jamdat, awdmunnds 
Crowd, V. to fill with confused multitudes, to press close, to swarm — thesdlhesi h- hur k.bhir A.— bhir bhdr k. jama k. jamnd, bhirnd, bharjana 
Crown, s. a diadem worn on the heads of sovereigns ; regal power ; top of the head ; a silver 
coin; a garland ; completion — rdjmuhit ; rdj khyamatd; mdthdr khuli ; riipdr mudrd bishesh ; 
pushpakdr bd tcpar ; nishpatti, sumdpti — taj-i-shdhi; pddshdhi hukumat; chdndi; chdndi 
kd e< sikka; pimloa ki har yd topi ; itmam, niberdo 
Crown, va. to invest with the crowji ; to dignify ; to adorn ; to reward ; to complete, to finish 
— rdjmukutddi diyd abhishek k. marjyddd k. shobhita k. puraskdr k. 7iishpa7ina k. samdptak. 
— tdj rakhnd ; hurmat d. raunaq d. jazd d. tamdm k. anjdm ko pahunchdnd 
Crowii'glass, s. the finest sort of window-glass — khirakir uttam parka Id bd Hnc/i— kdnch ki 
sab se umda ek qism, khirki ke' dine ki ek bahut khdlis qism fmutaqdti 

Cru'cial, a. (.s/i«.^ transverse; intersecting— ar, cimrtri, dherdkdtd — dra, tirchhd, konakoni, 
•Cruciate, va. to torture, to torment, to excruciate— aftdu/ifc/iari. birambanjwaldna^antrand d. 

— dzdr d. azdb k. dukh d. 
Cru'cible, s. a chemist's melting-pot — dhdtudrabya drab karaner muchi, taijasdbartini — 

ghariyd, kuthdli, biita, dhdt w. g. galane kd bartan 

Cru'cifix,s. a representation, in painting or sculpture, of our Saviour on the cross -(//jerrtfcntt 

shulabaddha J agattdraker murti—}\s hdl mea Hazarat I'sd salib par marethe us siirat 

ki taswir yd murat ^ f^aslib ki uqubat, salb 

Crucifix'ion, s. the punishment of nailing to a cross— d/icmfcriti shiildrpan, shide bdndhan — 

Cruci'fy, va. to put to death by nailing or fastening to across— s/iu/arpiu k. shule hata k. shule 

bdndhiyd hastapddddite bindhiyd wiaraw— taslib k. salib par mekh inarke yd bdndhke mdr 

ddlna [napukhta, khdm, nahazm 

Crude, a. raw, unprepared, unripe, uhdigested— ama, apakwa, kastchd, a;i>:»a— kachchd. 

C RU ( 119 ) CUB 

Crude'ness, Cru'dity, *• unripeness; indigeslion-'<7pafeiyata ; apdk,ajirni,dm — kachif, kh^imf ; 

badhazmi . 
! Crudle, v. to coagulate, to curdle— dugd/iaJtr basiydjdon, ghana h. gdrha h. — jamnd, thakk& 

bAndhnd, gfirhfi h. phaijAnd 
Cru'el, a. pleased with hurting others; hard-hearted, mischievous — nirday, nishthur, kathin- 

dntahkaran, pishun, mandakdr—hed^Tii, berahm, kathor, sangdil, ziy.lakar. 

Cruelty, s. inhumanity, barbarity — nirdayatd, kruratd, nirmamatd, nishthuratd — sangdili, 

berahmi, kathorai, zulm ^ ^ [rakhne ki shfshi 

Cru'et, s. a stoppled vial for vinegar or oW—kdjicher, sirkd bd tailadhdr — sirkaddni, tel ya, sirka 

Cruise, vn. to sail in quest of an enemy, or without any certain course — bipakhya jdhdjdnwe- 

shaiie thalan, bdjahdja dudrd itastatah bhraman — dushman ke pichhe y?i sair ke liye jahAz 


Cruiser, s. (kroo-ziir ) one that roves upon the sea in search of plunder ; a small of man of 

war— /u« karannrthe gamankdrijdhdj ; chaukir jdhdj—vinh iAh6izki']Q lutne ke liye pheii 

kare ; chauki ka jahdz 

Crumb, s. the soft part of bread ; a small particle of bread— ru/t'r komaldngsha ; tdhdr khyudrn 

khanda bd gunrd—roi\ kA gudd ; roti kd tukrd, rezd [uikrd k. chiir k. 

Crum'ble, va. to break into small pieces — tukrd tukrd k gunrd k. guiiran, churnan—lukTi, 

Crum'my, a, soft, consisting of crums — komal, gunrdmay, gUTira—,mn\giim,chmA blmrd 

Cium'ple,va. to draw into wrinkles— fcon/cflrana,/c"o/ic/i^a/c.—tQrna, marorna, sbikan d. dal- 

masal k. 
Crump'ling, s. a small degenerate zpple—shitshkibhuta bd nirasa phal bhhesh — chho(d 

aur zdt mea khardb seb ki ek qism 
Crupper, s. a leather reaching from the saddle to the tail of the horse — ghotaker nc>jdr—ghot9 

ki dumchi, lidkhord 
Crural, a. belonging to the leg — anghri sambandhiya, urudeshasamhandhtya bd sthita—SHq 

se mutdlliq, pindli ka 
Crusa'de, Croi'sade, s. an expedition against infidels ; a Portugtiese coin, value 25.66.— dharma 
juddha, iidstikder bipakhye juddha bd dkraman ; mudrd bisheih—i'ih&d, kdfiiou yd bedinou ks 
upar chfhdi; Portagis ke mulk kd ek sikka 
Cru'set, s. a goldsmith's melting pot — swarnakdrer muchi, swarnddi drabdrtha pdtra — sundr 

ki ghariyd, sond w. g. galdne kd bartan 

Crush, va. to squeeze, to bruise, to subdue— /?pan, chdpan, pishan, gunrdna, mardan, bash 

k. daman fc.— nichornd, kuchalnd, dabnd, dabdnd, maghlub k. [lakkar ; tasddum 

Crush, s, a collision ; act of rushing together— f/jeirf/Aesi, g/ienshdghenshi — dabao, dhakkd. 

Crust, s- any shell or external coat, covering, or case ; outer part of bread — chhdl, twak, khosd, 

uparibhdg ; rulir chhilkd — ghildf, chhilkd, paprd, papri ; roti kd post 
Crusta'ceou', a. [..shus] shelly; jointed — chhilkd bishishta, chhdlajukta; granthibiskishta 

— chhilkaddr; girihddr,jorddr 
Crusty, a. covered with a crust ; morose, surly- tu;afc bd chhilkd jukta ; karkash, kalhin 

— ^chhilkddar, kdiddr ; turshni, durusht 
Crutch, s. a support used by cripples— par? ^'u bd pddahin byaktir chalandrthe danda bd 

jashli bishesh — lathi, asd.baisdkhd, phdori 
Cry, V. to speak with vehemence and loudness, exclaim, proclaim, to weep-^chenchdna, ddkan, 

tichchaihshabda /c. gAos//a?m fc.ifcandan— chilldnd.buldnd, pukdrnd.maslihur k. rood 
Cry, s. lamentation, shriek, weeping; clamor; proclamation; voice— 6i/'ip, khedokti, chit- 
kdr, dak, hank, rodan ; golmdl ; ghoshand ; swar bd sa6c/a— wdwaila, ndla, zdri, nara, 
hdnk, rond ; shor, ghul ; ishtihdr; awdz 
Cryp'ticCrjrp'tical, a. hidden, secret, private— ^Mpt«, gurhirtha, aspashta, aprakdshya — 

poshida, chhipd, makhfi 
Crypto'graphy, s, the art of writing in cypher — ankasanket likhana bidyd, aspashtdkkyars 

patrddi likhana iirfya— guptpatri kd fann 
Crys'tal, s. hard, pellucid and naturally colourless bodies of regularly angular Rgnres—sphatik, 

fciinc/i— billaur, kachdhird 
Crys'talline, a. consisting of crystal, bright, pellucid, transparent— sp/ta/ifcomat/ ; swach^ 

chha, kdncJiabat parkald, parishkrita—h\\\?i\xx\, roshan, safd, nirmal, shaflfaf, uijal 
Crys'tallize, I'tt. to cause to congeal or concrete ia crystals — sphatikdkriti k, basdiyd kdach- 

abat swachchha k. bd h. — qalam k. ' 
Cub, s. the young of a beast, as a bear, fox, kc.—pashushdbak, bhdluk, khenkshiydlddir bdch- 

c/ia— bachcha-i-haiwdn, richh lomriw, g. kd baciicha 
Cu'batory, a. recumbent, lying down — shuite paiita, gariyd, shayita — takiyazada, letdhud 
Cu'bature, s. [.•\tshure] the finding the solid contents of any body-~nire/ chatushkon bastur 

pari/napan— kisi sangin chaugoshedar jism ki paimdish 
Cube, 5. a square solid body, of six equal sides — niret chatushkona bastu—ksib , shashdar 
Cubeb, 5. a small dried fruit resembling pepper, allspice— /crt6a6 chini, sttal chi7ii — kabdb 

chini, sitalchini 
Cu bic, wu'bical, a, havingthe form of a cube— p(is/ifi6at, pdshdkdr, niret chatushkona bat- 

twdkriti—k&h ki shakl kd, shashpahlii aisa 
Cubit, s. a measure, 18, also 22 inches— hasta parimdn, ek hdt parimdn—h^ih bhar mdp, 

dast, ek radp athdra inch kd aur bdis inch kd bhi 
Cu'bital, a. contaiaing the length of a cubit— -«ic hat lambd, «Jf hasta parimita— hdth bhar, ek 

cue ( 120 ) CUP 

Cnck'ioEr-stool.s. an enjijine for punishing scolds— kundalirji striloker ihdsti karandrtha kal 

bishesh — jhagrAlti auratoa ^o sazA dene kd shikanja 
Cuck'old, s. the husband of an di(\\}]\.erpss—byabhichdrinirpati, dushiahhdrjyd bd bhrashtd strir 

«w/£mt — daiyns, zanjalab, qaltabiin, bharwA, chhinAl kfi bydhfa khasam 
Cuck'old. va. to wrong a husband by adultery — parastri bhrashtd karane tatswdmir apamdn k. 

bd duradrish ta janmdna—da.\ym banAnd, zanjalab banand, kalanki k. 
Cuck'oldly. a. having the qualities of a cuckold, poor, mean, despicable— Wras^ia patir dhar- 

mdnusdri, mnnahin, pdji, pdmar, ndham — bharwA, sfi. p&zi, kamina, faromaya 
Cuck'oo, s. the name of a hlrd—kuko pakhyi, kokil, pik, shdrunga — koel, pik 
Cu'cumber. s. [/co«. .] a plant, and its fruit— sasAa gdc/ik,$ashd, khyird, kdnknr—khirA kH 

ffftchh. khira, kakri 
Cu'curbite, s. a chemical vessel of the shape of a gomd—aushadh pdkdrtha pdtra bishesh— 

ek qism kd kimiydi bartan 
Cud, s. food reposited in the first stomach of an animal in order to rumination— g-a6ad/r jdor, 

romanthandrtha udgdrita ghdsddi — jilgili, pac;ur 
CudVIen, Cud'dy, s. a clown, a stupid dolt— chdshd lok, gonydr, murha—g3u,y/Ar, murakh, jar 
Cud'dle, vn. to lie close or snug; tohu^—ldgiyd thdkan,kold^olishayank. kole k. snehak,- 

— lipat rahnd, chimal rahn^, lipatke soni ; pyar k. 
Cud'gel, s. a short stick to stri'te with — g^dd, thdngd, ldlhi—\%i\u, lakkar, thengd 
Cue, s. the tail or end of any thing; a hint— Idngul, she^h bhdg ; thdr, ingit—cho\i, chondi, 

sikhd, sirA; ishdra, pat^ 
CufF, s. a blow with the fist, a box. stroke ; part of a sleeve— H/, char, Qhdpar, mnshlydghdt ; 

kaparer hdtdr a7itabhdg—c:h{m5^, tamdncha, dhaul, thappar ; kos,*muhri 
Cuir'ass, s. [kive.\ a breastplate — bakhyasthaler juddhdbharan bishesh buker sajjd, chdpardg 

— baktar, chlrAina, jaushan 
Cuirassi'er, s. [kwe-ras-seer'] a man at arms, a soldier in armor — sasajja sainya, chapardsddi 

j?</vtajot/rf/m— baktar posh, zirahposh 
Cuish, s. [^ujjs] armour that covers the thighs— urudesfta raWyani, jang-^<£r jjifid/io sajjd — 

i^ngh kd sildh yd baktar 

Cu'Unary, a. relating to the kitchen or cookery— pafca^ara sambandhiya, randhanasamban- 

dhiya, pdkhidyd bishayak — b^warchikhdne kd.'matbakhi, tabbdkhi [ghirhal 

CnU'ender, s. a draining vessel. See Colander.— chhdkani, chdlani, jhdrani — chhannd, 

Cully, s. a man deceived ; a mean dupe— j«ac/iore bhrdnta bd prahanchita ; mugdha, pratd- 

rita — fareb khurda, farefta ; chutiydshahid 

Culm, 5. a kind of fossil coal ; stem of grass — khanita jhurd kayldi trinddir ddntd, brinta 

— ek qism kd kdni koeM; ghds ka tinkd [kalla 

Cu'jmen, s. a summit — agrabhdg, shekhar, mastak, sarboparishtha sthdn — chontl, phungi, 

Cul'minate, va. to be in the meridian — silrjyddir madhydnha rekhd sthdnaprdpan, dkdskman.' 

(later madhyabarti h. madhyasthal diyd nakhyatrer gati — nisfunnihar par dnd, dopahriyd 

nishiJn par knk, kamdUuruj ko pahunchna 

Cul'pable, a. criminal, guilty, blamable — aparddhi, doshdnwita, dushaniya, nindaniya — muj- 

rim, wdjibuttaqsir, taqsirwdr, dokhnejog 
Culprit, s. a man arraigned before a judge — doshi byakti, aparddhi, jdhdr dash bichdr haibe — 

gundhgar, taqsirwdr, mujrira 
Cul'tivate, m. to till, to improve — krishi karma k, khyetra bhumi urbardk. chdshan, utta- 

maid prdpta fc.— jotna, hal chaldna, taraddud k. dbdd k. durust k. arasta k, 
Cultiva'tion, s. the art or practice of improving soils, &c. ; melioration— fcris/ii/carma, 5ya- 

bahandi; hhdla /c.— taraddud, zaraat, kheti, jotai ; durusti 
Cul'tnre, s. [.tshure] the act of cultivation, tillage; improvement — chdshkriyd, shasyotpddan, 

krishikarma ; bhdla karan — taraddud, khetf, abdd ; islah, durusti 
Cul'ver, s. a pigeon — kapot,pdyard — kabutar 

Cul'verin, s. a species of ordnance — brihat agnyastra bishesh — ek qism kf bari top 
Cum'ber, va. to vex, toembarrass, to entangle— /c/esA d.jhanjhat diyd bddhita k. ghabrdna, 

byasta k. abarndh k. — ^muztaribk. tang k. bharmana, pareshan k. phasand, uljhdnd 
Cum'bersome, Cum'brous, a. burdensome, embarrassing, oppressive, unwieldy— 6/iari, kleiha- 

d(it/a/c, jTianj/irt/ii/a, utp.itjanafc— ;bhdrf, ranjdwar, thakthak 
Cu'mulate, va, to heap together — rdshi k. sanchay k. ekatra fc.— dher k. batornd, jama k. 
Cu'neated, a. made in form of a wedge — kildkriti, kiler nydy dkriti ja^ar— pachar yd 
mekh ki snrat kd [makkdr, hilabdz, hikmati 

Cun'ning, a. skilful, artful, sly, crafty— c/iatur, pragyan, durta, s/jrt//i— sydnd, pakkd, 
Cun'ning, Cun'ningness, s, artifice, slyness, dissimulation — chdutri, kaushal,shdhyta, dhur- 

tatd — sydn, pakpan, rubdhbazi, aiyarpan, hila, hikmat 
Cup, s. a drinking vessel ; any thing like a cup — katord, pdnapdtra, peydld, bdti ; bdlydkdr-^ 

piydla, jam, paimdna; pydlashakl 
Cup, va. to draw blood by scarification— rafcta kdrdna, shingd basdna,rakta mokhyank,— 

singi lagd ke khun jdri k. pachhne d. 

Cup'bearer, s. an officer of a king's household; an attendant at a feast who gives wine— 

rdjbhritya bishesh ; pd7iapdtrabdhak,'m.ahotsabe madya pdtra dhdri parichdrak — padsh^h 

ki sarkdr kd ek uhdaddr ; sdqi, mughbacha [niamat khdna, bhanddra 

Cup'board, s. a case with shelves — bdsanddi rdkhibdr mancha bd bhdnddr bishesh — tdnd, 

Cu'pel, Cuppel., s. a refining vessel— jwarnrtdt shodhandrtha pdtra bishesh'— sou^ w. g. 

khdlis karne k^zarf yd bartan 

CUP ( 121 ) cua 

Cupid'ty, t. concupiscence ; unlawful desire — kdm, lipsd' indriyadosh ; Ulasa, abhildsh-- 

shahwat, arm^n, hawd o hirs, kdm ; hawas 
Cu'pola, «. a dome, an arched roof — khildn gharer golchhdt, tnandirddir brihat fc/it/a»— gum- 

baz, qabba 
Cur, s. a worthless dog ; a snappish, mean person — khenki kukkur ; ghrindrthe itar bd nich 

h)k bujhdy—lendi, n!ik^ra.kuilA; maliin.chanddl, piizi 
Cu'rable, tt. admitting a remedy, that may be healed — updyajogya, chikitsya, pratikdrjya, 

upashdmya — chdrapazir, mumkinushshifii, ilajpazir 
Cu'racy. s. office or employment of a curate — jdjaker pad bd karma bd ndhikdr — p^dri logoa 

meii jfiTuraf nam jo ek qaum hai unkA uhda 
Cu'rate, s. a cleri^yman liired to perform the duties of another ; a parish priest— anyer prati- 

nidhi swarup jdjakpade nijukta ; pradesh bd anchaler purakit — pddii ka, qdimmaqim, chhotd 

pddii; niahalle ka pdilif 
Curb, va. to testrain, to check, to confine — dtkdn'i, nhhedh k. dbarodh Jc. shisan, Ihekdna, 

thdmdna, Idgdm dwdrd ghord dlkiyd rdkhan—TO^nSi^ thdmnd, bArna, muzdhamat k. qaiza k. 

lagam d, . fkari ; rok, mana, atkiio 

Curb, s. part of a briddle; restraint, inhibition — kariydli, mukkas; dtak, nisAed/i— zanjir, 
Curd, s. the coagulated part of milk— rincf/ii, dni, chhend — dahi, jograt, chhend 
Curd, Cur'dle, v. to coagulate, concrete — dadhi h. dai basan, ghana h. dbartan — dahl jamni, 

thakka bdndlina, munjamid h. 
Cure, 5. remedy, restorative, act of healing ; the benefice or employment of a curate— upay, 

aushadh, swdsthyajanuk pathya, drflgya,r(}iCopasham ; jdjaker pad bd karma — chdra, ildj, 

shifabakhshi, sihhat, aram ; pddrl kd uhda 
Cure, vaAo heal, to restore to health ; to preserve from corruption — ro^opasham k.snsthfi k. 

drdm k. mdn^addite labanddi mdkhiydnashla haite nd t/..— shifa d. dram k. changa k. namak 

w. g. chhirakkai mahtiiz rakhna 
Cui'ed, p«. [.] healed, restored; preserved— «is/jpir, susf/ia, prdptdrogya ; mdngsddite laba- 

ndktukariydrnkhyd kr, — bhala changa, drdm, sambhala had, shifa yafta ; gosht w. g. 

men namak pashi karke mahfuz k. g. 
Cu'reless, a. without cure, without remedy— nirupriy, anupashdmya, achikitsya — beildj, 

ghairmumkinushshifai, bechdra 
Cur'few, s. an evening hell ; a cover for a fire — sandhyd beldr ghantd bdjan ; agnydbaran 

— sham ka ghanta; atashdun ka dhaknd 
Cuiios'ity, s. inquisitiveness ; a rarity — bubhutsutd, boddhechchhd, sarbazydnechchhd ; dush^ 

prdpya bastit, dshcharjya, adbhut drahya — shauq. razjoi ; kamydbi, tuht'a, saughdt 
Cu'rious, a. inquisitive; rare; accurate; nice — bubhutsa, sandhdnechchhuk, bodhechchuk ; 

dushprnpya, dshcharjya, chnmatkdr ; ihik ; siikhy ma— ra-zjo, sliauqin, khoji ; audthd, 

ajibogharib; thik ; barikbin 
Curl, s. a ringlet of hair; wave; Qexnre—chulki, c^dnchar kesh,. chuler koakard ; dh&u ; 

peuch, mor — kdkul, zulf, gesii ; lahar ; kham, kaji, pech 
Curl, va. to turn the hair in ringlets, to twist ; to raise in waves— chul honkardna, chdnchar k. 

mordna, penchdna, lolan bdndhan ; dheuk.—hii ka pechtab d. marorna, ainihaa; lahrand, 

mauj mdrna 
Cur'leM^I s. a kind of water ^ovi\—jalachnr pakhyi bishesh, fco2iCi^6a/c— kardkul, pankukari 
Curmudgeon, s. \.mitd-jiin\ an avaricious, churlish fellow, a miser, a niggard, a churl — 

tobhi byakti, byayakunlha, kripan, dtnnmhhari — lalchi, kanjus, bakhil, shum, luqandra 
Currant, s. a tree ; a small dried grape — suswidu phaler brikhya bishesh; shushka dngur 

bishesh— ek per kd ndm; khushkangdr kiek qisra 
Cur rency, s. circulation, fluency, continuance ; the money of a country, or the paper 

passing as money— c/ia/fi,c/ia/art, byabuhdr ; chalan mudrd, chalita tdkd payasd bd not — 

kasrat, ifrat, chalan; murauwaj paisa rupiya ydlot 
Cur'rent, a. generally received, common, general, popular ; what is now passing— fryaftaWrifa, 

chalan, chalita^ sddhdran, dhdrd bdhik, sachardchar ; bartamdn—[a.\}, jari, rawan, 

chalni, mashhiir, musiamal, dmm, bazaii, murauwaj ; abka, hal 
Cur'rent, s. . a running stream, course— jalaprabdha, srotah, dhdrd, ldn,chdli—Ahrdi\«&n, 

ahjaii, rafiar 
Curricle, s. an'opeu chaise with two wheels— dui ghordr dwichakvifjuktakhold gdri bishesh — 

do pahiye wall khuli htii gdri ki ek qism 
Cur'rier, s. one who dresses and pares leather — charmakdr, chdmdr, muchi, gahdsan—ch^vnir, 

dabbagh, chirmsaz • - j* 

Currish, a. like a cur, brutal, ^our-Jcftey/ci kukkurabat, harkash, nirday, kundaliyd—lenqi 

sirat, sagsirat, berahm, kattar, tursh mizaj 
Cur'ry, va. to dress leather ; to beat, to drub ; to rub a horse ; to tickle by flattery— c/i^mir^ 

chhoLan bdparishkdr k, Tjiirau, prahdr k. kharard diyd ghordr gdtra parishkdr k. bd chul- 
kdna; stabastutipurbak purer santosh janwdna— kamand, dabaghat d. mdrnd, pi^nd ; 
kharkhard k. ghore kd badan malnd ; khde sahland, chdpldsi k. 
Cur'ry-comb,s. an iron comb for cleaning horses — kharard, ghordr gdtra parishhdrak lauha- 

may chiruni bishesh — kharahra, ghore kd badan sdf karne kd ek aid 
Curse, s. a malediction ; affliction, torment — shdp, abhishdp, amangalabdd ; klesh, duhkha, 

jantrand — Idnat, baddud, sarap, kosd ; bald, wabdl, azdb, aziyat 
Curse, wa. to wish evil to; to execrate; to afflict— fl^/iis/idp k.shdp d. dhikkdr k. duhkha d. 
fciromtan— kosnd, Idnat d. sardpna ; satdad, taklif d. raujida k. 


ctiR ( 122 ) 


Cat'sedly, ad. miserably, shamefully — durdashdpurbak, nbhishaptarilpe , lajjitariipe, adham- 

rape — bazillat, khdri se, behaydi se, sharmdwari se, zabtini se (muhanir 

Cur'sitor, $. a clerk in the chancery — mahdbrjabasthdnstha i«/c/fafc— sadardiwAni adAlat kd 
Cui'sorary, Cur'sory, a. hasty, careless— tu;ajjta, alpamanojogi, abibcchita, ajiabadhdni— 

jald, belih^z, gh6fil, bekhabar ^ 

Cur'sorily, ad. hastily; slishtly—jfto/jfi ; ishadabadhdnapurbak~}Mi -, ghaflat se, kam 

tawajjuh se 
Curta'il, i;flf. to cut off, to shorten, to abridge— a/pa Jtar/t/ri kdlan, kharba bd khdta k, 

sankhyep fc.— chhdntnA, kot^ii k. qasar k. gliai^na, kamdiiA, muklitasar k. 
Cur'taiti, s. a cloth hanging round abed, at a vf'iadow, 6ic.—pdLaiiger mashdri, jabanikd, 

pratisird — masihri, parda, ojhal 
Cuita'tion, s. the distance of a star from the ec\\p\.\c-—jyotir bidydy rdshi chakra haite bishesh 

tdrnr autar bd rf?^vf(u)tt— rnintaqalulburj se ek siiaie kd. talav\Ac 
Curvature, s. [..tshure] crookedness, b^nt iorm—Lakrabhdb, korkdr, kubjatwa, bdiik—- 

bank, te|iid), kliam, pech 
Curve, !;«!. to bend, to crook, to mRect^bakra k. bdnkdva — lach^nfi, terhd k. navvSn4 
Curv'et, s. a leap, a bound— /afn;)/ia, Idph, uUampha, kundan, utplab — kudj pli^nd, uchhdl, 

Ciirv''et, ra. to leap, bound, fiisk—vllamphan. Idphd, kundan— lindnA, philndna, bakarknd k. 
Curvilinear, a. consisting of a crooked line, composed of curved line-^ — Vx/cm reklid hishiih'.a, 

bakra re'ikdmay , ardjia ffoLikriti, dlianurdkdr—mnn\\:xni khattwdja, jis mea terhe kliatl lioii 
Cush ion, s. [/euA/i-i(tJ a pillo^v, a soft pa<l placed upon a seat— ^^arfi, gadiy i, hichlidn'i, «pa- 

dltdn, hichhdnd bishesh jtihd chaukiddir ttpare sth/ipitu t/ui/ce — gnotakiya, uiasnad, gaddi 
Cusp, s. the points or horns of the moon — ardhachaudrddir kon bi dui diger aula bhdg, arthdt 

rt^ra— hil a 1 w. g. ki nok 
Cusp'ated, a. terminating in a point — siichydkar, chhunchdla, dgdla — nokdar 
Cuspidate, va. to sharpeu — chhurichdla k. ckokdna,agrabliug, arthdt dgd tikhynak. — nokdar k. 

lez k, painana 
Cus'taid.s. a sweetmeat made of eggji, milk, and sugar — anda dngdha chiiii ei kayek drnhya 

pdkejdta tnishidnita bdmithdi bishesh — faluda, ek xniihai jo ande dddh aur chiiii se bauti 

Cus'tofly, s. imprisonment; care; security— handn, dtak,kdrdgdr ; sdbudhdnatd ; rakhy.i 

— qaid, band ; ainaiiat, nigalilani ; aman, s.ildmali 
Custom, s. habit, habitual piactice, usage, fashion ; tax or duties on exports and imports— 

bynhnhdr, d/itird, dchdr, riti, chalan, gati ; bhinnadeikdgnta kimbd swedesher bhinnadesha 

prerita biniji/a drabyete je /rarer niyam dchhe, arihat m;isM/-!-chal, kho, dastur, rasui, 

rawisli ; niahsul 
Customary, a. conformable to established custom, habitual, u^ual — d/idrdhdhik. chalita, ritya- 

niisdr, hyabahdrita,S(ichardchar—ddiSlnr ke muvvafiq, inuiau«aj, rasmi, dasluri, raij 
Customer^ s. one in the habit of purchasing— ft/s/fes/i haniker sthdue drubya kraydrthe gamand- 

gumankdri byakti, kret'i, gr«7ia/c— khariddar, gahak 
Cus torn-house, s. the house ivheie the taxes upon goods imported or exported are collected — 

jagdtdlay,shaLka grahaner ghar, panchattard ghar, purmilghar — ciiabutra, pachatra, par- 

mitghar - * . 

Cut," va, to make an incision; to divide; to hew; to carve ; to pierce — kdlan, chhdtan; 

chhedan ; hiddran ; khodan ; bindhan — kain^, tarashna; qaia k. pliarna ; kiiodna ; pliorna 
Cut, s. gash or wound made by an edited tool; a |)iinted picture ; lashiou, sliape— /cri/a g/t-i, 

khyat ; chhdpdr chhabi, chitra ; dkdr, daul, d ha p— k6.i, z^kh in, ghao ; chhape ki taswir ;• 

qaia, daul, dhab 
Cuta'neou.-!,flr. relating to the skin— fiufl/i sambindhiya — jildi 
Cu'ticle, s- the outermost covering of the body, or tue scarf sk'm—charma, twak, chhdl—po&t, 

chliilkA, chamr5, 
Culic'ular, a. belonrin^ to the sk'm— twak bi charma hi halkala sambandhiya—chdimre kil, jildi 
Cut'lass, s. a broad Culling sword — k/iarga, khdnra — tegha, talwar, shamsiier 
Cut'ler, s, one who makes or sells knives— c///uirt/cur, chharikd u'lnndijak b/i tadbikretd, 

iikhyndstrddi nirmdnkartd — lobar, karadgar, chUuri w, g. ka banaue ya bechne wala 
Cut ler, s. one that cuts; a fast-sailing vessel — c/i/iei/a/c, kartak, kdtaniy.i ; shighra gdmi Uiyu- 

dra uaukd bishesh — kAtne wdla, burinda, qati ; e'( qism ki tezrao kis.'Hi 
Cut'throat, s. a ruffian, a murderer, an assassin — dakdit, ghdtak,dasyu, gupta ghdtak, 7iish' 

//)((ra /;?/a^fi— thag, raiizan, qiissab, qaiil, galkat'a ' ' 

Cui'ting, s. a piece cut off, a chop; a branch— /c/n/n/a, Uikard, kuli,kuchi; brikhyer kdld 

p'»//./6— katran, chh^nt, tukia ; dftii, qalam, kail hui shuKh 
Cui'tle, s. a fish that throws out a black liquor,, to favour its escape from its enernies; a foul- 
mouthed fellow— Tnat*?/" bishesh; durmukha byakti, /ca/ it Wuia/a —sipiyan ; darida dahan, 

Cy'cle, s. a circle ; a periodical space of lime — chakra, gol, manlal, chakrabat rekhd ; niyri' 

mita /tfi'/a /frww— dair'a, charkh, daura ; niuqairar zamana ^ [haul kliat 

Cyc'loid.s. a kind of geometrical curve — pray i{oldkriti bishesh — ilm-i-handasa meij ek mun- 
Cyclopae'dia, s. a circle of knovyledge, a course of tlie arts and scmnces — bid ydhdrdhali, 

gyinachakra, digdarshan, btrnamildr akhyare knimashnh surba bidyd gydnpak grant/ia— 

dAeralululum, ulum o fundn ka daura, mujmaululnm, kull balou ki lughat 
Cyg'net, s, a young swan— /langsAa shdbak,jubahang$a--'h&,a& ka baclicha 

CYL j: 123 ) DAK 

Cyl'inder, s. a long round body ; a roller— eft ung-f, nal; helan, rfaianfl— tial, pongA ; belan 
Cylin'drical, a. resembling a cylinder — stambhdkdr, naidkriti, ddlandkiiti—s\ii^n yi, nail kt 

sutat, belan ki m&nid 
Cyma'r. s. [se.] a slight covering, ^ sc^r f—sukJnjma bastrdbar an, ek prakdr urani hastra, eh' 
priM />aAtra— ek liaiki ?i posbisli, orlini, dopatiA * [ek qistn 

Cym'hal, s. a musical instrument— ma«dira, haratdl, jharjhari—'jhAn], manjirA, bije kf 
Cyiian'tlirophy.s. a species of madness in which the person has the qualities of a dog— 
iinmdd h<i hdyurOfi hishesh jdhdte mavushya kukkura dharma ipropta hay, k'imbd tinmatta 
byaktirkukkura bhdh.hny—ek qi>m k^baoUpanjo kuttoa se sdii hota hai 
Cyn'ic, s. [sin-ik] a follower of Diogenes; a snarler ; a m\>?n\i\\vope— dosha mntra grdhi 
. bitnndakudddn ; knkkuradhiirmak, arthdt snrbanindak ; andldpya — ek hakim Diajenes ndni 
■ ke shagirdoii ka laqab ; durushtkho; anmeld 
*Cyn'ic, Cyn'ical, a. satirical, churlisl), brutal— ^^fln^-aira/ne dosha ddyak, bidriipimdtra, 

u^rabhdbi, karknsh — tanzgo, turshrd, kattar 
Cy'nosure, s. [. .s/iure] the star near the north-pole, by which sailors steer— nttaraJrendrer 
nakhyatra hishe.^h, uttaradikstha tdvd-w\ik sitara jo qulb-i-shimdU ke pas wdqi hai aur jis ko 
dekhke mallAh logjahdzchaldte hai'ii 
Cy'press, s. a tiee ; an emblem of mourning— firifcft?/o bishesh; shok chihna—sdirv, saro • 

mdtarn ki alamat 
Cy'prus, s. a thin transparent blacV stuff— jai bastra bishesh, sukhymakdla patta bastra bishesh 

— siyAli abreshmf palle kapre ki ek qism 
Cyst, s. a bflg containing morbid matter— puiyVr thali—pih ki thaili 
Cystic, a. contained in a bag — kos/iastha — thaili men mazn'if ya sa«iay4 hua 
Czar, s.lzdr] Ui\e of \he emperov of ilu&siai— RiUdesher rdjo'pidhi, taddeiher adhipnti—R^% 
ke mulk ke p.ldshah ka laqab, qaesar (p^dslidh begami 

•Czari'na, s. the empress of Uussia—RustZes/ierro/ rani, bd rdjya kdriiii — llus fee mulk kf 


D. is used as an abbrevafion of doctor ; as D. D- doctor of divinity; M. D. doctor of medicine • 

as a numeral for 50D ; and as a key in mu>ic — ei akhynr snn^kete dcAdrjya hi updeihld La hai' 

dya jjiida bodhak.jathd 1). 1)., M. D. ityidi; sangkkydie punch sat (jodhak hay; snn^ita 

sdstre chinha hisheih—y'iU hart ikhli^arke waste musi^mal hai ; jisa ki D.V. doctor of divinity, 

yjine liqab-i-mujtahiil ; M. D. doctor of medicine, khitab-i-hakim ; adad men pAtisai' 

ke mani hai ; iJm-i-miisiqi meuek nishan 
Dab," ra. to stfike with something soft; to moisten — naram drabya'diyd mdran bd lepan • 

rt'rdca /c.— narm chizse marnd ; tar k.chiipafna 
Dab, 6-. a small lump; a gentle blow with something moist ; an artist — kona drahyer eh tnki ; 

namra druhynghnt ; knrikar, khyipra — lukra, parclia; narm cliiz kizatb; karigar 
Dab'l le. r. to do any thing in a^superficial manner; to play in water — nd bujhiyd karma k. 

unadhi'idra ckarchchi k. jalakrird k. jale /c/ie/a«— nasamajh ke hath lagana > dabdab k. 

pani meu khelnd 
Dabbler, ,>5. a superficial meddler — anadhikdracharchchi — npar fapk^ [y4 .Ibi murgh 

Dab'chick, s. a small \ fow\—khyudra jaLacliar p ikhhi biihesh—ek qism kft cbhoid jalcliar 
Daca'po, s. in music, signifies that tiie first part of a tune must be re |)ea ted —san^-it shnstre 

surer prathamdngsha punurdy hyabuhdr haibe ei arlhabodh hay — ilni-i-musiqi nieu yih mdui 

liai ki pahle hisse ko phir takrar karna chahiye 
Dace, 5. a small liver-fish — khyudra nadtya mutsya bishesh — ekqism ki machhli 
D.ic'tyle,s. [.///]. a poetical foot consisting of one iong^y liable and tvvo short ones — chhanda 

bishesh, arthdt ek gnivpnder pare duilnghu paddtmak tripada shahda — ilm-i-aniz kiek bahdr 
vDae dal, Daeda'lian.a. resembling a labyrinth— jjeyc/t bd plitr blshishia—pech darpech 
Daf fodil, Daffodilly, s. a flower — pitaharnima pushpa bishesh— ek qism ka; phul, nargis 
]Jaft, va. to toss aside, to throw away — phetiyd d. nikhyep k.—ek kiii?.re phenkna, dal \\. 
Da^'ger, s. a short sword, poniard; a inar'v [t]— /ci/a/-, khanjar, kha'-Lar ', [_^\aichinherndm 

— khanjar, katiir, chhurA ; (fj is nisli.<n ka, nAm 
Dag'gle, V. to trail in the mire or water — kdddy pariyi mayalih. kardamdkta h, bi k. ghea- 

s//«ra«— latliernaj saundna 
Dag'gletail, a. bemiied, bespattered — ghenshardna, ka7'damdkta~]ditherA hui^, gildliida 
Dai'iy, a. and nd. happening every day, or very frequently— p/vifiy/Zji/f, pratidin hay bd ghale 

je, paunahpunik, nitya — harroz, rozroz, roz baroz, hamesli, aksar • ^ 

Daintily, ad. delicately, nicely; fastidiously— 6i/a/c/<j/a»;'Kpe, saundarjyarupe ; ghrindpHr- 

bak — naf^sat se, p^ki^agi se ; kaialiiyatse >. 

Dain'ty, a. delicious, nice ; squeamish— wttam, subhojya; sddhdran bastute ghrindkdri — nafia, 

mazedar ; nakcharhl, khushkhorak 
Da'iry, s. the place where ndlk is preserved ^r manufactured, a milk farm — gopagrika, 

dadhimanthsLndgdr, gabya sdmagrir ulpntti bd hikraya sthdn — shii-kh^na 
Dairymaid, s. a female who managts the milk — gopini, godldni, dadhimanthanakdrini 

— gawalini [qism ke guUi-baliar se tihara hu4 

Dai'sied, a. full of daisies— ma/fter bisheshan, basantakdlina khyudra pnshpa bishishla—ek 
Da'isy, s. a spring flower — basanta kdlaja pushpa bishesh — ek qism ka phdl jo bahdr ke 'Waqt 

hotd hai, gut-i-bahar 
Da'ker, «. a dicker, a number of ten hides-^dashkhdn pa</(uc^rma— das kh&Iea chamre 


( 124 ) BAR 

Dale, I. a space between hills, & vale, a valley— fcandar, parbata dwayer madhyastha tthal hd 

nimna bhiimi-^wkdi, nichdn, dara 
Dal'liance, s. mutual caresses, acts of fondness ; procrastination— parasjiar dlingan, kolnholi, 

prasakti ; gaun, garimashi — r^ochiio, nazoniyaz, rangras, dol^rpyAr ; dhil, iltiwa, 6jkal 
Dallop, s. a tuft or c\un)p--guchchhd, jhnr—tmi^L, guchchha, jliAr/jhari ' 
l^al'ly, V. to trifle; fondle; delay; S])on—(nlmatdl k. sahdg bd prasakti k. Ulamban ; kheldk. 

— tdpdtoik. rdochfio k. do1Ar pydr k. deii k. kheln4. 
Dann, s. tlie mother of a beast, or a human mother in contempt; a mole or bank to confine 
wa\er—pnshu pakhyir mdtd, dhdri ; bdndh, setif— j.-inwar ya chiriou kf md ; hiq^rat ke liye 
insdn ki ma bhi must^mal hai ; bdndh, band pul, siiliil 
Dam," va. to confine, or shut up water by ddims—bdudh bd setu bdndhan, bheri bdndhiydjaler 
• diak /c.— bdndh bdadhnd ^ '- 

Dani'age, s. mischief, hurt, detriment, ]oss—khyati, apachay, apaJfdr, hdni — khi?drat, nuq- 
sdn, khaidbi, pdimdli [big^rnd, khisdrat k. 

Dam'age, v. to injure, to hurt, to impair — hhyati k. nashla bd bigar k. — nuqsdn pahuochnd, 
Dam'ageable, a. susceptible of hurt— je druhyer ndsk bd apachay bd biguf huite pare — nuq^an 
karne ya begdrne ke qdbil ' .. [I<inikhdb 

Dam'ask, s. figured linen or silk — huld kdpar bdpatla bastra' bishesh — mushajjar.jdmddni, 
Damaskeen, va. to inlay iron or steel with gold or silver — lauher astrete swarna bd riippya 

mandan — lohe ke hatiydr ko sbne yd chdadi se jardwnd^ 
Dame, s. a lady, a mistress of a family — kartri, grihini, strilok — begam, bibi, dhila 
Damn, va. to doom to eternal torments iti a future state ; to curse ; to condemn — narakdnaU 
bikhyiptak, abhishdp d.doshi k. danddrha gydn k, — narakbdsi k. jahannam mea bhejnd; 
mali'in k. Idnat k. randa k. uqiibat ke qdbil thardnd 
Dam'nable, «. most wicked; pernicious — naraki, pdpishtha, danddrha ; bindshak — Idnati, 

makruh, phiikdri, zabnu ; rnuzir 
Damna'tion,s. exclusion from divine mercy ; condemnation — I'shariya abhishdpe narakegaman ; 

d//i/cfc'ir— lanat-i-llahi, phitkdr ; dhikkdr 
Dam'ned, pa. a. [.] condemned i hatetul, detestable, abhorred — doshikrita, narake patita ; 

ghrinita, ghrindrha, d/u/cfcrirt— jabannami ; lanaii, malun, phiikuri, dhikkdri 
Dam'nify, va. to endamage, to injure — hdni bd apachay bd bigar k. — nuqsdn pahunchnd, 

khisdrat k. 
Damp, a. moist, wet ; dejected— tita, bhijd, drdra ; bhagnamannh — tar, martiib, gild ; udds 
Damp, js. moist air, moisture ; vapor; dejection— jai*<2/i 6a<as, syintsydijt i bhdp ; khunnatd, 

fluiasj/a— sard hawd, sardi, tari ; bukhar ; liddsi, kliastadiii 
Damp, va. to wet, to moisten ; to depress, to weaken— titanai bhijdna, drdra k, khob bdauddsya 

jaumdna — tar k. marliib k. afsurda k. lidds jd sard k. 
Dam'sel, s. a young maiden, a. g\r\ — kanyd, jubati, kiimdrt — saheli, doshfza, arus 
Dam 'son, Dam'ascene, s. a black \)\\im—phal biahesh—ek qism kd niewa 
Dance, vn. to uiove with measured steps — 7idch bd nritya k. nartau— ndchnd, raqs k, 
Dan'cing, s. moving with steps to music— 7irjfi/a, ndchan, satdie jm/oji— ndch, raqs, gat par 

Dandel'ion, s. the name of a plant — brikhya bishesh-ek qism ka chhotd darakht 
Dan' to fondle, to play — bdlak ke sokdgk. urudeshe bdlak ke micUdna, haste bd pade dolita 
k. — halrdwnd, kudand, uchhdlovi, khelana [bafd 

Dan'drufF, s. scurf at the root of the hair— fc/msfci, mastaker shushka charma bd mayald—iusi, 
Da'newort, s. the dwarf elder, wall wort — khaibi brikhya buhesh—ek q\im kd chhoid darakht 
Da'nger, s. risk, hazard, peril — day, sankai-, bighna, dpad, bhuyer bishay — khalra, dfat, dar, 

Dan'gerless, a. without hazard, without risk— nirbhigna, nirdpad, nifes/iflnfc<£— bekhatra,bedfat, 
beparwd jjajia^—khatarndk, jimdr, dushwdr, purdfat 

Da'ngerous, o. full of danger, perilous, hazardous — bhayunkar, sdnghdtik, duahkar, bipatti 
Dangle, v. to hang loose, to hang upon any ona—jhulita k.parddhm bdanugdmi /».— lataknd, 
hilagnd, muidlliqh. •. [zandost, zandshiq 

Dan'gler, s. one who dangles or hangs about women —pardsakta, straina^ pardyan — pichhlaga, 
Danii, tt. damp, humid, moist, wet— iuri, bhijd, aVaVa- gild, martdb, tar 
Dapat'ical, a. sumptuous in living, costly — bhojandrtha byayashil, peluk, subhoktd—kh^.ne ke 
liye ziydda khaich k. w. pet6, khushkhurdk [ciialdk, gachgaina; suthrd 

Dap' per, a. little and active; pretty, neat — khdta athacha khyipm minush ; parjpa/?— natddur 
Dapperling,*, a dwarf, a ddadiprail -^kharba muiush, bdune — haund, (hengna, nata 
Dap'ple, «. of various colors, variegated— pus/iur biiheshane chitrabiohitra, pdnchrangd— 

pdnchrang^i, ablaq 
Dare, va. to have courage for any purpose, to challenge, to defy— Sfi/jas k. dhamak bdspardhd 
k. shatrur prati sdhasabdd — ')iiieit k- deleii, dhamkand, hdnktid [diler, nr-jrdana 

Daring, a. bold, adveutuious, (earless— S'iAasi. afcjao6/?«y, jiiiW/ay— bejdn, bedar, himmaii. 
Dark, a. wanting liglit, 0[>aque, obscure — ghor, audhakdramay, aswachchha, aspashia — 
andherd, tdiik-, ghairshaffaf, mughlaq [k.abrsechhd d.mushawwish k. 

Darken, v. to make dark, to cloud, perplex — dndhdrk.meghdchchhanna k. birakta k.—diadh(ir& 
Dark'ness. s, alsence of light, obscurity, opaqueness— and/ia/car, tamas, timir — andherd, 

andhiydrd.tdriki, liragi 
Dark'some, a. gloomy, obscure — ghor , andhakdrijaay — ghor, tira, tdrik 
Dar'iiog, s. a favorite, oae much biloved^priya, snehapdtra, priyatama—py&r&, azCz, mahbub. 


( 125 ; DEA 

Darn, orDearn, va, to mend'a rent or hole — tdnkan, chhinna bastra sdran — rafd k. bhar d. 
Dar'nel, s. a weed growing in the fields — shasya khyetrajdta jangali lata bishesh—ek qism ki 

jangll buti ki jo khet mea paidA hoti hai [ke liye fauj ko jamfini 

Dar'rain, va. to range troops for hdiit\e—juddhdrthe sainya binyds, k. hyuhak. — sat'^r^slk. jang 
Dart, s. a weapon thrown by the hand— s/m/p/ii, bu-rashd, ban, hastakhyepdstra bishesh — bhAld, 

barchhi, neza, ballam ' , [tir kx tarah 

Dart'ingly, ad, very swiftly, like a dart — shighra, atibege, jhatiti, bdnabat — jald, shetftb, jhat. 
Dash, V. to throw or strike against ; to mingle ; to cross or blot out ; to confound ; to bespatter 

— dchhdr mdran; mishrita k, kdtiyd phelan ; apratibh k. chhild'na — pataknd, demdrn^; 

<lmekhta k. kdtdalnd; ghabra d. chliirakna 
Dash, s. collision; a mark in writing-, a line ; a blow— /a/cfcar bd ■paraspar dghdt ; likhane chhedp 

rekhd; ag-Ziat— takkar, dhakka; likhne mea ek nishan, khatt, lakir ; zarb 
Das'tard, s. a coward, a poltroon— /cn]3urus/i,uti6/iiru—ndmard, buzdil, darpoknd 
Das'tardly, a. cowardly; mean — asdhasi, bhiru, dardlu ; tuc/ic/i7!a— n&mard, darpokn& 

daidu; kamina ^ [maqbul.rdst, mahquq 

Da'ta, s. pi. truths admitted. See Dutum — sarba sammata, jathdrtha, angikrita, swikrita— 
Date, va. to note the time— vra. to begin — tdnkh d. kdta niriipaii, samay bd dina sthir k. — vn- 

ar«?ni!)/ja /i.— tarikh d. ya lekhnii— •y/i. shuru h. • ' 

Date, s. the time at which any event happened, or at which a letter is written ; a fruit— tarifcfc, 

'iiirupitakdl, dindkhya, samay bishesh ; khejur phul — din, tdrikh ; khurmd, chhuhdrd 
Da'teless, tf. without any fixed term — anirnaya kdl — betarikh - 
Da tive, a. in grammar, the case that signifies the person to whom any thing is given — sam- 

praddn,chaturthi~msiU\\h\\u, halat-i-mafaliyat 
Da'tum, s. a truth admitted— jat/iart/ja, sarba pratita, smkrita—rAst, maqbul, mahqfiq 
Daub, ra. to smear ; to paint coarsely; to flatter — lepun, mdkhan, mar dan ; mmdnyarups 

chitra k. stab k. — lagdna, lesna, marhnd; kharftbnaqsh khinchnd ; chaplusi k. 
Daub er, s. a coarse, low painter ; a flatterer — manda bd sdmduya chxtrakar ; stdbak, khosdmude 

— anari chithariya, khardb musauwir ; clidplus, khushamadiyd 
Daugh'ter. s. a female offspring of a man or woman; a female child. Daughter-in-law, a 

son's wife; a woman — meyd santdn, putri, kanyd, duhitd; putra badhu — beti, larki, dukh- 

tar ; bahu, badhu 
Daunt, ra. [dant] to discourage, to fright, to intimidate— 6Wta k. dardna, bhay dehhdna — 

dardn^,dahshat d. dabkAna * [dardii 

♦Daunt ed, pa. dispirited, frightened — bhita, dardlu, bhay pmpta— dahshat zada, taisndk, 
♦Daunt'less, a. fearless, bold — nirbhay, abhay, sdhasik — nidar, bebdk, bedar 
Daw, s. a bird; the jackdaw — pakhyi bishesh ; ddnr kdk bisfiesh—ek/qism. ki chiriya; kagelS, 

kauwe ki ek qism 
Dawn, vn. to grow light, to glimmer ; fo begin — arunoday h. rdtra pohdna, pratyush h. dram- 

bka h. — poh phatna, subh h. din nekalna; shuru h. [shurd 

Dawn, s. break of day ; beginning— 6//or, prdtahkdl, arunoday; drambha — bhor, subh, fajr; 
Day, s. the time between tlie rising and setting of the sun, called the artificial day ; the time 

from midnight to midnight, called the natural day, 24 hours; an age ; life; light. To" 

day, oa this ddiY—&ur)yodiiydhadhi asta parjyanta bydpta kdl, ihdke artificial day balnjdy, 

din, dibas ; ardhardtra haite pardin ardhardtra parjyanta je kdl, ihdke natural day 

hale, c}]arbish ghantd kdl^ arthdt ahordtra ; samay ; jiban samay ; dlok, surjyer rashmi- 
. 1'o-day, adj/i, dji—ahaih ke lulii se ghurrib takka zamana, isko artificial day kahte hain» 

din, roz; ek adhi rdt se dusri adhi rdt tak kd zamdna, isko natural day kahte haiu, 

chaubis ghante ; zamdna ; zindagi; roshni; Today A], k}k A din 
Da'y-book, s. a tradesman's journal— ma/iajangj* pratidiner kray bikraydrtha khdtd, jdbdd 

bahi—TozuAmeha., khasrd 
Day-break, s. dawn, first appearance of dzy—praty risk, ushd, arunoday— tarkA, subh, saveri 
Da'y-light, s. the light of tlie sun— surjyer rashmi, dibdkdl djpti,raudra~— roz roshan, dhup 
Da'y-star.s. the morning star ; YenviS—prabhdt kdleudita tard bishesh; Shukra graha—suhh 

kd sitara; Nahld, Zuhra, Sukr 
Dazzle, va. to over power with light— ati dipti dwdrd drishf-i abarodh k.jhakmah fc.— ziydda 

roshni se nazar ko roknd, tirmirdnd, jhakamakdna 
De'acon, s. [de-/cji] an ecclesiastical officer; an overseer of the poor — dharma parichdrak 

bishesh, dharma pader kanishlha pad d/idri ; din daridra loker rakhyak—p&dTioQ ke niche kd 
ek uhdadar; mohtajoun kd khabargir 
•De'aconry, s. oflfice of a deacon— dharma parichdrakerkanislha pad — padrioQ ke niche kd uhda 
Dead, a. without life, inanimate; dull, spiritless, still; tasteless, vapid— Twrita, nirji6,pran- 

rahit; jar, nistej, nispanda; biswddu, niras — murda, murdar, mud, bejan; sust, sun, mdn- 
da ; bemaza, khushk 
Deaden, va. to deprive of any kind of force or sensation, to make vapid or spiritless— ic; 

mdran, nashta k. pdnsyd /c.— pazhmurda k- sunk, kamzor k, bemaza k. 
Dead'ly, a. destructive, mortal— anta/c, prdna ndshak, sdngghdtik, 6is/ia6at— qdtil, muhlik, 
fani, halahal [shiddat se 

Dead'ly, ad. mortally, implacably— mritafeat abasthdpurbak, atihingsdp{irbak—\\dMikai se, 
Dead'ness, s, frigidity, inactivity— tfijrrt/iiti(;a,jara<n, a/asi/a- thandhapan, afsurdagi, susti 
Deaf, a. [def] wanting the sense of hearing— /caZa, badhir, shrab'anendriya fcarjita— bah rd, 
kar, sum [6nd, kar k. 

♦Deafen, va, to make deaf— i<i/d k, badhir k. shrabana shakti mdran bd ndsh fr.-^bahrd ban- 

DEA ( 126 ) DEO 

» •Deafness, «. want of hearlner—s^raJflnentlrii/oAiJtaM, badhiratwn—hzhTAi, karl, bahrApan 

Deal, s. part, quantity, degree of more or^ less; fir-wood— bhdg, sankhyd bd parimdn ; 

dehddrur hash ta—\\\&s& , qadr; sanaubar ki lakri [taqsim k. 

Deal, V. to distribute, to give eaci) his due — angshaan^shak. bdnlnn—\i(\xxi d. hi=;sa kar d. 

Deall)a tion, s. [(\e-al..'\ the act of bleaching — dhabal k. shwsta bavna k. parislikdr k.—nx' 

kh.'irnfi, sufed k. sAdd k. saf k. 
Deal'er, s. one who deal^, a lrdi(ler—bij(rhasdyif.bydpnri, banik — kSrhdrf, ^audfigar, goldar 
])earin!r, s. practice, intercourse, traffic — karmakdrjya, lenddend, hjdpdr, kray bikray— 

kiirobdr, tijdrat, lenden, baipar 
Dealt, pa. used, handled, given o\xt—byabahdrita, %a6a/mrj?/a, 6aJi/tta— mustdmal, marauwaj , 

muqassniu, bantwdra k. h. 
Dean, s. the second dignitary of a iVyoce^e —dharmdchdrjya bishesh, pradhdn dharmddhya' 

kln/er dwitiya pidai)tha—imhm ydmujtahid ka ndib 
Dean'ery. 5. tlie office or hoine of a dean — purbokta dharmdchdrjyer adhikdr bdpad bd britti bd 
/77<7j/— imitin ke ndib kd uhda yd makiui - [iiialibnb; rnahiigS, garj'iij 

Dear, <7. beloved, precious ; costly— prn/f7, snehcpdtra ; durmulya, mnfidrgha — sziz, pydrd, 
Deat'ly, «J. with great fondness; at a high puce— atisnehapiiibak ; durmnlue—hi\te pydr se, 
shauq se, ashioana ; gardni se _ f kanii, tangf, akdl, qaht! wiidn 

Dearth, s. [derth] scarcity, want, famine, barrenness— Ji/rfc/u'/c/d/a, dkdl, dhdrddir abhdb — 
Dearlic'ulate. VfMo disjoint, to dismember— //mnc/rt khanla k. snndhi sthdii kntiyd abayab 

hhidiydphelan. angahin fe.— jor jor alag k. tiikra liikra k, tafn'qk. I)and band juda k. 
Death, 5. extiwftion of life, mortality — punchatwaprnpti, prdn biyog, mrityu, Aa'/— tnauf, 
.ajl. marg, halaki, fana fmaut, Idzawal 

Death'less, a. immortal, never-dying, everlasting— frm/rr, nityasthdyi, avaslnvar-QmiXr, ia- 
Death'like, fl. resembling death — mrityidnit, kdlaswarvp—mvmt ka sa, marg nun)d 
Deatli'watcb, s. an insect whose tinkling noi^e, like that of a watcb, is imagined to prognos- 
ticate death — maran siichak shabdakdii kit bd j>okd bishesh — ek'qism kd kira ki jis k'l awdz se 
maut mfiliim hoti liai 
Deaura'tion, s. the act of gilding — aonnr hal karan, swarna mandana kviyd, sond}' pdtd mordna 

— miilamma kiiri, tila kaii,/ar nigaii 
Deba"r, va, to exclude, to hinder — bihishkarnn, nishedh k. nihiran—ldmn'} k. bdzr. bdrnA 
Deba'rk, va. to di>einbark — naukdhaite ndinan, ubaran /c. — kisliti se ufarna, ublira k. 
Deb'ase, va. to degrade, to lower ; to adulterate— f/paffjaw k. rhds k.'khddijukta k. bhdnj d. — 

beabrii k. past k. zalil k. (highal k. khontd k. 
Deba'sement, s. the act of degrading— rtpamnn,' ma??//aij/rt— tazlil, beabnn 
Deba'te, s. a personal dispute, a quarrel, a conieii—hitandd, bibdd, jhakard, hirodh—htih^, 
qaziya, jhagrd, mubdiiasa • Itakrar k. bahsn^ 

Deba'te, t). to deliberate, to dispute, to argue — bibechand k. hitandd k.bddnmihdd /c — taammnl k. 
Dcba'ucli.s. a fit of intemperance; hwdneas—shdrirlkbhoger bdhulya ; Idmpalatd—helaU- 
daii, bad parhezi ; luchchai [haidrnziiia k. khaidb k. 

Deba'uch, va. to corrupt, to vitiate, to ruin- ft/;ras/?/« k. satitwa tidih k. higardna—b'i^Ania, 
Del)auche'e, s. \.o-shee] rake; drunkard — lochchd, lampnl ; mdtnl — zinakar, rind ; .raatwald 
Debauch'ery, «-> intemperance, \Qwdai:ss,— tdmpalya,mdtalimi, lochchdmi — aubdshi, khumdr, 
rindi. rindildzi _ [zer k. 

Del)e'l, Debel'late, va. to conquer in war— /rn'm/ya d. daman, bashk. jay k. — fafah k. nuiti k. 
Debenture, s. [.. f*/?jrre] a wiitornote by which a debt is claimed; a certificate of draw- 
hack or allowance— /-/i(/t, ddbipntra; phiripd pdoner patra — tamassuk ; wapabi chittlii 
Deb'ile, a. weak, feeble, tdivii—dnrhal, hbyiii, /irji»/irt— zaif. ndtsvan, liaqir [zaifk, 

Debil'itate, va. to.weaken, to make fiint — khin k. nirbal k. kldnta k.— u6.{\\fin k- kamzor k, 
Debil'ity, s. weakness, feebleness, languor— dau?/>(7/)/i'j,/c/(i/i««frt, shirtiatd—nAiwXni, kamzori 
znaf [Likhan — qar^izdark. kisi ke hisal) meij likhnd 

De'bit,ra. to charge with debt, piit to one's account— r/rtf k. kdlidro hisabe kharnch bd dhdr 
De'bil, s. money due for goods sold on ciedit — dhdre bikrita draby^r mulya, tanmnlya pdoud— 
qnrz men bechi liui chiz ki qimat [latif, nazuk, khaliq, ziakhlaq, tart)iyat yafta 

Debona'ir, a. frfe6o7?are] elegant, civil, we\]'hitd—sintd'ir_^p(iripdti,sliishla,sal)hya, sushil— . 
Debt. s. what one man owes to another — dhdr, rin, dead — daen, udhar, qaiz, warn 
Debt'ed, a. indebted, obliged io—rini, khdtuk, fearfAifa- madayiin,mamuun, ihsanmand 
Debfor, that owes something, to another— /i;/i«fa/c, rinagrasta, adhamarna—qnTzdAr, 
dendar [zuhiir 

Debu't, s. [.hoo] a beginning ; first appearance— prrtramMa ; pr athambdr ud rek— \hl\dA ; palil^ 
Decade, s. frfe/c-ati] the sum or number of ten— 'dash, dashak, dasha sankhyak hnstu — dahdf, 
aslira, ashdr [daspahluddr 

Oec'agon.s. a figure having ten equal sides— (fas/z kond bishis'u, das kond—mu:ishsh-4r, dahgosha, 
3ec'alogue. s. f.. /o^-Jthe ten commandments given by God to Moses— dharmashdstriya dashd- 

^i/a'jj- Khuddke we das hukm jo Injil men marqilm haia 
Deca'mp, vn. to shift a camp; to move off— Aa<«i/er chhduni ulhdiyd gaman,prusthdn k. chaliyd 
jdon—kach k. derdut.hana, chale j. 
Deca'nt, va, to pour off gently — sukhyma dhdre dhdlan, heldn kariyd rf/m/a«— narmi se ulend- 

n6, nithdrna 
Decant'er, s. aglass vessel for licinot—kdticher chhipijukta kdricher madya pdtra ijVi«s/t— 

minft, sliishd, dbgfna 
Decapitate, va. to behead— wiostait chhedan, shir fr<i/an— sir k&\ni, gardau marnii 

DEC, ( 127 ) DEC 

Deca'y, s. decline from a stale of perfection, gradual failure— /c/iay, jimi, rhdsdbaUhd—' 

tanazzul, ghatli, gliisawat, zawcil 
Occa'y, f/j.lp lose excellence, to decline —bigataii, kliuay h.rhns h. — tanazzul h.zawal h. ghatnA 
JJece'ase, s. deaih, departure from life— mrtfiyu, bK:iiUrasu>nun, pm/trttf/ag-^inaut, rihlat, 
. wafat, 

Dece'ase, rtt. to die — maran, deJtatt/'iq it.— mama, rihlat k. 
Dece'ased, pa. [..] departed from lile, dQAd—paralokagata,panchalwaprdpta, mrita — mutavvaf- 

ffi, marinim, baikuntlu 
Deotj'it, s. fraud, a cheat, artifice— c///ja/a»w, pratarand, phdki — fareb, chhal, dagh^ 
Peceit'ful, a. fraudulent, full of deceit — prabanchak, dktirtu, Ifutil, su//i— dagliabaz^ faiebi, 

chlialli, malikar 
Deceive, va. to cause to mistake, to delude, to impose npoa—bhrdnta k. bhuldn(i,praban'chan, 

phdki diijd laon~d\\ok\\k{\. tliagna, fai-eb d. chiialna 
Deceiver, 6. one who leads another into error, a cheat — banchak, bhrdmak, //mAr—thagne w. 

farebi admi 
December, s. the last month of tlie year — dwndanh mdser anta mds, batsarer shesh mds, arthdl 

AgrnhdyuHerprathamdrdha o i*ahslier ieskdrdhate hay je mas— an^rezi siil kd akhiri mahina, 

yane Aghan ka pichhla CidhA aur Pds ku pahla adha 
Decern virate, A', a government by ten rulers; any body of ten men — dns Jan adhyakya karcrik 

rnjytiS(isuu,sei dusk lauer pad; dusjauer sainpiaddy—(\?ks hakim ki rajauti; das ddrni ki jaraftat 
De'cency, s. propriety, decorum, luodesiy—uchitabyabakdrUd, .'.hiratd, snshilatd, binay — 

shaistagi, maqiiliyat, imtiyaz, adab 
Decennial, a. wliat continues to: a s[)ace of tcayeiVi— dash barsha bydpak, daskdbdik^ dash 

batsar — dahsala, dasbarasa 
De'cent, a. becoming, fit, suitable, grave, modest— uc/tit, upajukta, jogya, shishla, salajja 

^-shaisla, arasta, laiq, qalul, lajila [aur haya se 

Decently, rtd. in a proper and modest manner — uchilamate, lajjitarupe — shaistagi se, liyaqat 
i^ecept'ible, a. liable to be deceived — prabanchaniya, pratdraniya — thagne jog, fareb dene 

ke qabil [chhal, dhokh^ 

Deception, s. the act of deceiving, fraud, fallacy — prabauchnnd, chhulaiid, phdki —fdnah, 
Deceptive, a. iiaving the power of deceiving— m(<%a, bhrdmak/- banchandkdri—ihd^gnQ w. 

farebanda, farebi - [h6a 

Dec'erpt, a. cropped, taken off — chhdnf-d, kharbikrita, kild—tdLrAshiddi, chliauta hua, kata 
Deceria'tion, s. a contention, a dispute — bibdd, hirodh, (nsambdd — qaziya, fitna, jhagta 
Decha'rm, counteract a charm - mantra khwndan; gun kdlan — jadii ulat dena, afsun k^tna 
Deci'de, va. fo tix the event of, to deteimine, to end, to settle— «Jst7ti(a k. saniddhd bd nish- 

valti k, mildua, nirnay /c— thahrana, muqarrar k. infisal k. rata k. chuk^na, bandobast k. 
Dcci'dedly,at/. in a determined mamicr—nihsaiulehe, shaktariipe, slhiruchitte—ya.qiniLn,hii 

shart, ba iqrar 
Deci'der, s. one who decides or determines — nishpattikdrak, nir/iaj/fcrtrta — muasif,-hakam, 

qaziye jhagre chiikane vv. tahqiq k. w. [napaidar ; ek sdl se kam r. w. 

Deciduous, a falling; not perennial, or lasting? through the year—asthdyi ; barshajibi-onay — 
Decimal, u. [des-e-mal] numbered, or multiplied by ten— daihganuk sangkhyd—dshri, ushrati 
*Decima'tiou, s. a selection of every lenih—dashdngsher dashumdngska grahan, dandanarlhe 

dash dash kariyd pratidashaker ek laoyd—ta.shiir, daheki, yane harek das se ek ek lena 
.Deci'pher, t;a. to explain that which is written in ciphers ; to unfold, to nnrdiwel—guptu bd 

gurhdrtha bujhdiyd deon i bydkhyd k. artha fc.— guptpalri ki mani batldna; kholke kahna, 

bayan k. 
Deci'sion, s. determination of a difTerence, doubt or event— samad/ti, nishpatti, sandehabhanga, 

7«rHai/~infisal,'rafa, niptara, tawaqqun ^ [p'iia, yaqin 

Decisive, (t. ^conclusive, final, posiiivc— sandehabhanjak, sapramdh, nishckay—qali, skf, 

I Deci'sively, ad. in acoucluave manner— ni/tsajjde/te, nitdntu, iiishchayariipe—ydqiii se, safai 

se, beshak , [/c— sauwarna, arastcl k. sirtgar k - 

Deck, va. to cover, to dress, to adorn — bastrddi paridhdn k. sajuna, beshabhrUhan k. suskobhila 
Deck, s. the floor of a ship— j^/iajc/'me/ij/ri— jahaz ki manzil, takhtabandi 
Declaim, v/j. to speak rhetorically, harangue — sdlankdr bdkarundkar bdkya kalhan, baktritiva 

prakdsh fc.— tulkalam ya rahmangcz guftgu k. taqrir jharnd 
Decla'imer, L one who makes speeches to move the passions — baktd, bydkhydkartd, barnand- 

dwdrd dayd bd moha janak — khushtaqr jr, guftugiise josh d. w. 
Declama'tion, s. a speech addressed to the passions ; an harangue— sa'/a/iltar [hd karundjukta 

bakya ; fti/a/c/ii/fi— reqqatangez kalam ya taqrir ; tashrili 
Declamatory, a., pertaining to declamation, appealing to the passions— /ca>-t</irt;auafc, /nij^'- 

d/ta/caVi, a/a?t/car<u«»i)jtu — reqqati, targhibana, nafsangez 
Decla'rable, a. capable of proof — prdmeya, sdbhyasta—s:ibit hone ke q^bil 
Declaration, s. proclamation; an affirmation — ghoshand, prakd&li, samdchdr, bigydnpan ; 
.pratigydn — isbat, izhar ; iqrar 
Declara'tive, a. proclaiming ; explanatory— fei/atta^a?-, ni&hchay prakdshak ; bodhak—mxxzh'n , 

muqir ; bayani [muzhir, waqif fc. w. 

Declaratory, a. affirmative, clear, expressive — prabdchak, ni shchayakdri, bigyd>jpak~-ia\iq\\ 

^ Decla're,i'a. to make known^ to pioc\\um—bigydhpan, ghoshand k.'prqcftdr k. — ^jataui, zahii k, 

alAniya k. ashkara k. [k. g. pirkash k, %, 

Dccla'red, /ja. [..] affirmed, made known— prochdrita,Jdndtia, ]))a.ta'i/ii<*-r-nnizh>iij zahi' 


DEC ( 128 ) DEI) 

Peclen'sion, s. declination, descent ; degeneracy ; ioSexion or manner of chanccing nouns— 

rlidsdhaslhd, adhahpatan ; bhrashtatd ; pader bibhakti sddhan — tanazzul, nuzul ; khar^bi ; . 

sarf, gardan [gardan 

Dt'oli'nable, a. having variety of terminations — bibhaktisndhya—m\xns2i\\?, qabil-i-tasrif y^ 
Declina'tion, s. descent; decay; act of bending down— udhahpalan ; khyay ; jhunkan — 

ut^r ; zawfil ; jliukAi 
Declina'tor, *•. an instrument in dialling — randraghari bidydy a7ihunahdrt ustra bishesh:— 

dhiipghari banane ke fann meii ek al4 y 

Decline, v. to lean downwards, to decay, to shun ; to refuse; to vary or inflect words — 

henl li. jliiihlcan,rhns h. barjan k. nswikdr k. pader bibbukti sddhan — kliam li. nihurn6 ; 

ghatna, zawal li. ibtir^z k. inkar k. tasrif k. gardanna | — ntar, gliatti, zawal 

Decli'ne, 5. a tailing off, diminution, decay — patan, khyay, rhd&dhasthd, nyunatd, hhayarog 
Uecliv'ty, s. a slope, gradual descent — dhdl, gardniydbhumi — ntar, dhal 
Deco'ct, va. to prepare by boiling, to digest— yi/Zf^/iu k.pdk k. — ob^lna, auiana, josh k. 
Decoction, *'. act of boiling ; matter boiled — pdkkriyd ; kwdth,jush k. — josh karna ; joshanda, 

karha, kwoalh 
Decoc'ture, A-. \..tshure] a substance drawn by decoction — pdkane vihsrita ran, nirjds, kwdlh 

—jo chiz ko aut^ ke nikalen, karhd, kwoath 
Decolla'tion, s. the act of beheading — shirushchhedan — siikdtna 
Decompose', va. to dissolve or resolve a mixed body — drab k. sankarabastur mulabnstu 

bhinna bhinnak. — galSn^, murakkab ko juda jud^ k. 
Decompou'nd, t'u. to compound anew, to form by a second composition— pjinarni/ mishrita 

k. ditiyabdr &avgjukta k. — naye sir semilana, sani tarkib d, 
Dec'orate, va. to adorn, to embellish — beshbhuahan k. sushobhita k. alunkrita k. — singhar k. 

banao k. arasta k. [tagi 

Decora 'tion, s. ornament, embellishment— 6es/i bhtuhd, alankdr, abharan — zinat, zeb, Ards- 
Deco'rous, a. decent, suitable to a character, becoming, proper— nc/iit, upaj\ikta, prakrita 

— Idiq, shAista, uchit, qibil ^ [nikhorna 

Decor'ticate, va. to divest of the bark or hnsk—chhdL tulan, nirbdkal k. — chhilka ularna, 
Deco'runi, s. decency, order, propriety— sAis/j^ac/jac, sabhyatd, sudhdrd, sjts/ii/dta— shais- 

tagi, saliqa, sudhab, ddmiyat 
Decou'ple, a. uncoupled, separated, free — bijukta, prithak, bibhinna — bijor, juda, aliihida 
Deco'y, ta. to lure, to entrap, to ensnare — lobh dekhdna, jdle buddha k. phdnde dnan — 

fareb d, phansuna, phande meij dalna [ fareb, phanda 

Deco'y,s. allurement 10 mischief, teinptation, a snare— !o6/i, 6/«t/aHa, jj/m/if/—warghalana, 
Deco'y-duek, s. a duck that lures others— je shikhyita hangsa anya hangsa ke bhuldiyd phdnde 

phete — wuh haus ki jo dusre ko fareb dekar phand men lati hai 
Decre'ase, i'. to grow less, to be diminished— «2/«;t h. rhds h. ghdtan, tuHyd jdon— ghainfi. 

kam h. 
Decre'ase, s. the state of growing less — rhds, khyay, kramashah nyunatd—, kamtf, kasr 
Deere 'e, va. to doom or assign by a decree — byabasthd d. dgydn k. — fatwa d. hukm d. farmAna 
Decre'e, s. an edict, a law ; a determination of a siul — rnjdgydn, bidhi, byabasthd ; nishpatti 

—hukm, fatwii, ain ; infisAl [hani, pirfartut 

Decrep'it. «. wasted and worn out with age— ji'rjm, atibviddha, jardgrasta, acluiL — zaif, mun- 
Decrepita'tion, s. a crackling noise, as when salt is put upon heated iron — churchurdm, kar- 

kash shabda, tapta lohdr upar laban rdkhile jeman sahda /w?/— churchur, chatpat, jaisi 

namak garni lohe par d^lne sc awaz hoti hai [piri, buihapa 

Decrep'itude, s. the last stage of decay, the last eflfects of old zge—atihdrdhakya , jarimn — 
Decres'cent, a. growing less — prdptarhdsdbasthd,uttarottar nyunibhuta — ghatti, kamtf, zawal 
Decre'tal, a. appertaining to a decree— 6i/a6ast/ia sambandhiya — sharai, aini 
Decre'lal, s. a book of decrees or edicts, a body of laws — byabasthd samuha, bidkdnasangraha 

— shara ya ain ki kitab, qawanin 
Dec'ffctory, a. judicial, definitive — byabasthita, byabasthd bishayak,nirdhdrita—sh^Tdii, Ain ka 

mutdlliq, mutaiyan \k. aib lagana 

Decry, va. to censure, to clamor against — nindd k. durndm bd apahdd k. — dokhna, mazammat 
Decum'bence, s. the act of lying down— s/iayi<a/;as(/irt, parit/a thdkd — letna, parrahna, halat- 

i-khuftani [past 

DecumTjent, a. lying on the ground ; low — prannta, bhumistha, .patita ; adhagata — para hna ; 
Dec'uple, a. tenfold— das/ig-jnt — dasguna, dahcViand 
Decu'rian, s. a commander over ten men— das/ifld/jt/a/c/i^a, dash jun sendr adhyukhya — das- 

ddmi ka h^ikim, das sipdhi ka saidar [dauina 

Decur'sion, s. the act of running down — adhodhdban, niche diyd begagati—ddXixnii., niche 
Decurta'iion, A. act ofshortening — khdia\karan,kharba karan — kam k. chhotA k. kotah k. 
Decuss'ate, z/vz. to intersect at acute angles— /(o/(t' kone kdtan, chhunchdla kariyd pdrapdr 

kdtan — kona koni kalnd, nokdar kaike tarashna 
Dedec' orate, ?«. to disgrace— apoHta^ifa k.sukalanka k. — beizzati k. aibi k. badnami k. 
Dedenti'tion, s. loss or shedding of the \eeih—dantapdl, ddnter hdni bd khyay— A^nt gnnk 
Ded'icate, v«. to devote to some divine power, to consecrate; to inscribe to a patron- prn- 

tishthd k. utsarga k. nibedan paha, kona byaktir ndmlikhiyd granthdrpan /c.— niyftz k. waqf 

k. madah k. ke ndm banana 
Ded icated** pa. consecrated, inscribed— ;;?-flr<.s/i//nia, ntsargita, nibcdita, kdhdru prati arpita— 

charhaya hua,*nazr k. h. pratishihak. h. ' 

U EP ( 129 ) D E F 

Dedica'tion, s, consecration; an address to a p^troa —pratishthd ; mukhabandlui, nibedana 

patra, mangaldcharan — niy^z, waqf ; madah 
Uedi'tion,s. a surrender, giving; up — tyig. samarpajt, chhiriyi — tark, chornd, sipurd 
Deduce, va. to draw frora, to infer, to gather — anumdn k. tarka kariyd nirnay fc.— istimbat k. 
atkalna, hasil istikharaj k, [natija, muntaj 

Dedu'cement, s. the thing deduced, consequential proposion— sawonw;ay, juktisiddhdnta-^ 
I)edu'cible, a. collectible by reason, consequential — anumeya, juktisidhya, samanwita-^ 
qiy^si, natija^war [nd, minha fc, 

Dedu'ct. va. to subtract, to take away — angsha haran, khdstd kdtan, bad d. — waza k. nikdlddi 
l)educ'tion,.s. consequential collection, inference — samanvjay , anumnnasiddhatd—n3.ti}A,2Lndaz^ 
Deduc'tive, «. deducible, inferable — anumeya, anubhaban iy a— qiydiSi. qabil-i-intSj 
Deed, s. action; exploit ; agency; fact; written evidence— fcarma, kriyd ; mahdkdnda ; 

kartritvM ; juthdrtha ; sananda—Kum, fial ; jokhim; peshkari; haqiqat ; dastAwez 
Deed'less,a. inactive, indolent, sluggish — nishkriya, alas, kuriyd — bekfir, sust, Sskat 
Deem, v?i. to judge ; to think ; to estivadite — bibechand k. mane k. anumdn k. bodh k. — tazwiz 

k. dariy^ft k. qiyas k. malum k. 
Deep, a. reaching far below the surface ; profound ; artful ; dark colored — gabhir, gambhir • 
sukhyma boddhd ; dhurta ; ghora barna — gaherd, gambhir ; allama ; chatdrd ; ghor "rang- 
Deep, ^. the sea, the main, the occean—samudra, sag-ar, nilfdni — samundar, siigar, bahr-i- 

Deeply, ad. to a great depth ; profoundly ; sorrowfully — agddhe ; gambhirjyai-upe ; ati shay 

khedapurbak—gdiheie pan se ; diqqat se ; nihayat gham se 
Deer, s. a forest animal hunted for venision, as the stag or buck — harin, kuranga, shdranga-r- 

hiran, mirg, ahii 
Defa'ce, va. to destroy, to rase, to disfigure^fcigaf fc. nashta k. utkhdtan, birup k, — miti d. 
mahv k. chhil dalna, bigarna, kharab k. [raahv, hakk 

Defa 'cement, s. violation ; rasure, destruction — begdr ; bindsh, dhwangsa—t^khrih, bigar ; 
Defa'ilance, s. [.fa-iance] failure, miscarriage — tr^iti, akritdrthatd — kamti, nasarbardln' 
Defai'cate, va. to cut off, to lop, take away a part— fca/an, kdtiyd phelan, rhasioa k. kdtiyj, 
laon—liM d^lnA, tarashni, chhaiit 1. [ghatti 

Defalca'tJon,"s. diminution, abatement of a part— r/ms, nyunibhutatd, ghdit, fni/ir-kamti, 
Defama'tion, s. slander, calumny, reproach — tiraskdr, apabdd, bhartsand, nindd—Uz^m, bad- 

ndmi, buhtan, iftird 
Defama'tory, a. calumnious, unju^stly censorious, libel lous-^)/mrtsa/c, nindak, apabddi, 

mithyd durndmajniak — mulamatgar, badnftmgar, buht^ni, ilzftmi 
Defa me, tJa. to malie infamous, to slander, to calumniate — mithydpabdd k, nindd k. — bad- 

nam k. aiblagana 
Defat'igate, va. to weary, to Ure—kldnta k. shrdnta fc. — m^ndak. Ajizk. sustk. 
Defa'ult, .s. omission of that which we ought to do ; failure, fault, defect— t/m/, ghdjt ; 

truti ; rf«)s/i— chuk, qusur, taqsir ; kamtl ; apradh 
Default er, s. one who makes detault — niyam anyathd kareje — qarar khilaf k. w. 
Defe'asance, s. the act of annulling any contract; the writingin which a defeasance is contained 

— byartha karan, niyamhhanjan ; kona karma bd niyam bdtil kardjdy je Likhan dwdrd 

qaui 'qarar ya alid o paim^n k^ ibt^l ; wuh kdghaz jis men ahd o paiman ka ibtal likha ho 
Defe'asible, a. that which maybe annulled— a ?tj/at/ia karaniya, bhanjaniya, lopaniya—Ta.dd ya 

muwquf ya mansiikh karne ke qabil 
Defe'at, ti«. to overthrovv ; to frustrate — pardjay k. hdrdna ; anyathd k. byartha k. bndhan — 

shikast d. har^lna ; kAtna, torn^ 

Defeat, s. tiie overthrow of an army ; act of destruction— sairet/er hdri, pardbhab ; bindsh 

karan — fauj ka har, shikast ; paimill ^ ^ [mahrum 

Defe'ated, pa. routed, disappointed — kdrita,pardjita, hatdsh, nirdsh — shikast khurda, majbur, 

Defe alure, s. an alteration of countenance— 6acZaM«r baitakhyanya, bairupya — chihre ka tafa- 

wat, rukh, ki taghir 
Defe'cate, va. to purify, to refirle, to clear — gdd kdtan, pariskdr k. — mail kdtnd, s&i k. pak k. 
Defeca'tion, s. purification— paris/tfear, maldkdtan — mail kk katna, safai, p^kizagi 
Defe'ct, s. want, absence of something necessary; failing, a fault— g-/iai/ ; truti ; dosh, khunt 

— ghatti ; qusiir ; aib 
Defec'tible, a. imperfect, deficient, wanting — ashiddha, nyun, asompurna— q^sir, naqis, 
natam^m [— kamti, taqsir, irtidad, baghawat 

Defection, s. a falling away, apostasy, revolt — abhdb, truti, swadharmatydg , swapakkyatydg 
Defective, a. full of defects, imperfect, faulty — khunt jukta, apurna, sadosh — Khoi^, 
natamam, nAqis, bdkhatS fzat, panah ; uzr; rok 

Defe'nce, s. guard ; vindication; resistance— rafc/iya, dshray ; pratyuttar ; pratirodh—hifA- 
Defence'less, a. naked, unarmed, unguarded; weak — khoLd, astrahin, rakhydhin,nir dshray; 

darhal — waz", besilAh, bepanah ; zaif 
Defe'nd, va. to protect, to vindicate ; to repel ; to maintain a plan or cause — rakhyd k. 

pakhyapdt kariyd mukta k.pratirodh k. pratikdr fc. — dastgirik. bachana, Avai, ; yari d. 
Defend ant, s. he that defends against assailants ; in law, the person accused or sued— raA;%a 

kartd ; pratihddi^ asa?«i— rakiiwala, hafiz; muddaalaihi, asami 
Defender, s. one who defends, an assertor, an advocate — rakhyd luirtd, khyapdti, sahdy — 
hami, hafiz, bachanew. pushtib^n [pazir, qibil-i-tasdiq 

Defensible, a. that may be defended ; justifiable— ra/c/iyan'ya ; jathdrtha karandrha— 

D E F ( 130 ) D E G 

Uefen'sive, s. a safeguard, slate of (Jefence— c/taw/c?, sdbadh<inaid, ntmarakhyn~hT(c]i^u 

, chaukf, liifazat 

Defe'r, y. fo put off, lo delay ; to refei to — gaun k. tdlmatdl k.npani nishpalli 7id kariyd 

miyer %ijmr bhdr diyd rdkhav—t^hrd ; der k. dilsrc par baiAt y6. inauquf r. 
Deference, s. regard, respect ; submission — marjyddd, samddor ; hinay — lih.lz, tdzim ; t^bidd^ri 
Defe'rent, s. that which carries, that which coi^veys— fta/ut/c— pahunch"^ne w. fl)€b^ki 

Defi'ance, s. a challenge, contempt of danger— dspardhd, virbhayutd—dhamUi, hdnlr, hankAr, 
Defi'ciency, s. want; defect, imperfection — trtiki, iihhdh; ^hfiit, dosk— kvLmti, ghalti; qusdr, aib 
Defi'ciout, a. failing, wonting— ?)?/««, hiu , dprastut-—V.nm , qAsir, ghatiya 
Defi'ie, va. to make tbul ; to pollute ; to corrupt— 7n(7//n /f. hhrashta /:. jdti mdran ; manda k. 

— maila k. uApak k. uluda k. kharftb k. [naka, gali, kncha, sakrigali 

Defile, s. a narrow passage— flp«ns«r path, gnli path, guha, pnrhater madhyekhyndra path — 
l)fcfi'Ied,j>^. [..] polluted, corrupted, tainted — jdtimdrd, hhrashia, os/n/c/ji, Kos/j/a— n^pak, 

rduda, khairib [ftlndagi, kharabi 

Defilement, s. corruption, poWuixon—ashnchitwa, kalush, bhrashtntn, sam«7ofjm— n^paki, 
Uefi ler, i. »ne who defiless, a corrupter — nashlakdri, bhrashlakdri, higardniyd—n&pAk k. w. 

khardbk. w. ' [karne ke I6iq, tabilpazir 

Definable, a. capable of being e\p]a'med—bar7mniyn, bydkhydtabya, arthakaraniya--h?LyAn 
Defi'ne,'?;. to explain, circumscribe, decide— iarj(aj/a W ^rt/f"//'</a k.nischuy bd virdhdrita k. 

spashla bodh /c— tarif k. bayan k. bakhan k.sharah k. tashkliis k. 
Defi'ner, s. one who explains a thing by itsqualities— spas//<rtrt/(o^rtc/?, nirnetd, hydkhyd knrtd 

bavnandkdri—x\\\i?i\\\U musharrih, bay^n k. w. tashkhis k. w. 
Defi'nite, a. {..nil] ceitain, limited, exact, pTec'de—nishchita, iiirdisfffa, biibesh, $pa.^h(a — 

muqarrar, mAhdud, marnf, muarraf ' [aiyan chiz 

*Defi'nite, s. thing explained or defined — nishchita, bd spasiildrthnk i«s<«— muqarrar y^ mu- 
*Defi'niteness, s. certainty, limitedness — nirnay, nishchay, spashlata, /)ii7i<'s/*— taqarrur, tayin, 

hadd, mShudi 
Defini'tion, s..a short description of a thing by its properties, explication— 5?/« bd artha bydkhyd, 

swariipabarvan, besheshnirupan — t^rif, hadd, bakhan [muqarrar; ptird, qalai, z^hir 

Defi'nitive, a. determinate ; positive express— Jiirj/a/a, nishchay ; sabishesh, spashta — mutSyin, 
Dcflagrabii'ity, s. comhus\\h\\\ly~jwalaniyfitwa, dahan7yatwa—}a,]nA, sozish 
Deflagra'tion, s. utter distruction by fire — agniddha, agnidivdrd ndsh, jwaliyd bhasmasdt huon 

— jalj^na, jalkar khakistar bona 
Deflect, va. to turn aside, \6 deviate from a true course — sojd path tydg hariyd pdrshwe jdo7i 

bipttlhegaman—sidhi r^h chhor texhi rdh jAnd, ber^h jfinA [rdhi, gumrahi; kaj rai, 

Jiefiec'tion, s. deviation ; the act of turni^ig zs\de—pathatyug, hipathe gaman; bakra gaii — be- 
Deflex'ure, s. a deviation— 6a?c7-a 6/m6— terhdpan [harfi,m zina k. bikr torn^, khardb kardalnA 
Deflora'tion, s, the act of deflouring— jatinmra bd klidoyd, kumdritwa ndsh kard, baldtlcdr — 
Deflo'ur, va. to ravish ; to take away a woman's virginity ; to take away beauty or grace of any 

iXnng—baldtkdrk.kumdrigam'Juk. bd bhrashtdk. sanndarjya 7idsh k. — khar^b kardalnd ; 

bikr tornd, kanwari gaman k. khnbi torni 
DeHuous, a. that flows down, that falls oH—prahahanshil, pafaws/n'J— bahne w. girne w, 
Deflux'ion, s. the flowing down of humours — sharirik rasa prabahan—zukeLm 
Defoeda'tion, s. the act of making filthy, pollution— os/micAi bd hhrashia k. aparishkdr — na- 

p^ki, kliar^bi, nasafai [rdkhan — zor se dusre ki zamin par qabza k. 

Defo'rcement, s. a withholding of lands and tenements by force — balakrame para bhtimidtkiyd 
Deib'rm, va. to disfigure, to spoil the form — rup nashiak. bd bikriti k, kariip k.bidhapk. — 

shakl big^rn^, bedaul k. badaslub bandnd 
Disform'ed, a. [. .] ligly, disfigured ; crooked— rtiphin, bikritdkdr, kudrishya, bidkap ; bakra — 

badshakl, karihmanzar ; kubrS fmanzari, badshakli 

Deform'ity, s. ugliness, irregularity— /catM/car, bairupya, kudatd, hukratd—hedauU, karih 
Defrau'd, va: to rob by a trick, to cheat — chhal kariyd apaharan, prabanchau—fdireh dekar hxt 

1, thagfti k. daghA d. 
Defraud'er, s. a deceiver— pm6a»c/jafe, thak, apahdrak — farebi, daghdbdz, ihag 
Defra'y, va. to b^ar the charges of — hyayer dhdn nirbdha k. tdkd jogdna — kharch ki sarbarah 

k. anjam k. insir^m k. 
Deft, a. neat ; handsome ; gentle ; dexterous— panpa// ; shobhdnwita, sundar ; komal ; dakhya 

— suthrfi, nafis ; khushnumfi, latif ; mul6im ; ch6l6k 
Deft'ly, ad. neatly; dexterously — uttamrilpe, upajuktamate ; khyipratdpiirbak — nafasat se, 

latdfat, se ; chalik) se " fmarhiim— s. murda 

Defunct, a. dead, deceased— s. a dead person — mrita, paralakagata—s. mard, mrita byakti — 
Defunc'tion, s. a decease, extinction, death— m7it2/u, lokdntaraprdpti, prdnatydg — niairt, 

waf^t, rihlat 
Defy', va. to challenge ; to treat with contempt, to slight— j«(^(i/je ahbdn k. tuchcha k. tdchchha- 

lay fc.— larai ch^hn^ ; anguth^ dekhlflnd, haqfrjAnn^ 
Degen'eracy, s. decay of virtue or goodness ; meanness — nashfatd, dharmatydg bdkhyay, 

nitidhwangsa ; antyajatwa—kha.rAhi din yft neki kd zawAI, badi ; pdjipan 
Defen'erate, vn. to decay in virtue, or in kind ; to grow wild or base — hidharmai h, dharma- 

chyut h. bigun h. nashta h. antyaj h. — bedin h. mubtazal h. khardb h. zalil h. 
Degenera'tion, s. a deviation from virtue ; the thing changed from its premitive state — bai- 

dhamya ; baigunya, gtm bd swabhdber bailakhyanya ; hhrashia bd nashtdbasthd, bigdr— 

bedini ; kharabi, bigftr, ruswai, istikhfiif 

D EG ( 131 ) DEL 

Degen'erous, a. degenerated, fallen from viilue ; vile, base, iniamoxis—dushkarmanwiia, Jhar- 

inachayut ; apnkrhhta, adham, janlianya, «i«dita— zalil, bediii ;kliardb, pfiji, badnAm 
l)ee;lu'tinate, va. [dep-gla- .] to unglue, undo— jordnc^ baslu khuliyd d. bijukta k. khuliyd bd 

bfidngiyd -phelan— )i\\o\ d.')\n\k k. . , . 

■ Delictition, s. act or power of swallowing — grdskarau, gilan , galddhah /cflroH— nigalnA, liind 
Ue^rada'tion, s. [deg-gra. .] a loss of station, credit or virtue ; degeneracy ; baseness— pa f/«- 

rhynt, marjyddd vdsh, diuirma bhravga ; bhraihlatwa ; opa/iri.s/(/a(a— bewiqAri, be liur- 

mati, be dini ; kharftbi ; zillat 
Degra'de, t'«. to place lower ; to lessen, to diminisb the value of — ■padachyuta k. kitdtak. 

paribhrashta k. -palitu k.— he liurmat k. ghal^nd, kaniqadr k. 
Uegre'e, s. quality, rank, station, step; the36()lb part pf a circle; CO geogrfipliical wWea—pad, 

kram ; ikhydngsha , arlluit bhiigoliya Lin shut shdli angsher ek bhdg; parimnii bidydy chahrer 

360 bhdgerek bhdg ; 30 /cros/t parimdn — darja, martaba, rutba, qadr, niiqdAr ; ddire ke tin 

sau sdi.b juz kk ek juz ; sath mWjagrdfi ke, ydne tis kos 
Deho'it.wa. to dissuade, advise against a thing — nishedher pardtnarsha d. hihoddi danhdiya 

kona karmc khynnta bd nirasta k. — mana k. sabab batake baz rakhn.l 
Dehorta'tion, s, dissuasion, a counselling to the conUa.ry— nishedher pardmarsha, biparii.t 

pardtnarsha— m^u9, baz rahne ki sal.4li ^ 

Decide, s. the death of our Saviour — Ishwariya hyaklir prdnahalyd, bisheshe Yishu Khishler 

>rtn<7/« 6-1 prrtju/'7>jf;/a— Hazral ls4 ki rihlat ya intiqfil 
l^eje'ct, va. to cast down, to depress, to afflict, to make to look sad — adhdmiikh /.-. bishanna 

k.-iidbigna k. dnhkha deon, midnk. — sir faro k. udfis k. ghamgin k. pareslian k. azurda k 

kurhAn^ . 

Dejec tion, s. lowness of spirits, melancholy — bishdd, udbeg, bi.sha7inatd—, dilgiri, nialal 
Deject'ure, s. [. .tshure] the excrement — bishlhd, ma I— gnh , AUish, ghaliz 
Ueifica'tion, s. the act of deifying, or making a god — debaganer madhyek. debahvaddn, deb 

kariyd indnan — deokar, khudajanna, deota kar mannd 
Deify, Drt. to make a god, to adore as God— debasab/tdstha k. deb kariyd mdnan, archandk. 

debald bodthe p7ija«— khuda k. ya banana, allah j.'inkar manna \A parastish k. 
Deign, va. {dane\ to grant ; to permit ; to o.\low—anugra/ia prukdsh k. angikdr k. summntai d. 

— mulawajjih h. qubul k. rdzi k.ij^zat d. 
fJe'ism, s. the doctrine or creed of those who acknowledge one God, without the reception of 

any revealed religion — bramhagydvir dharma bd mat, pai'amdtmagydn — tasawwuf, tauhid 
De'ist, s. one who follows no particular religion, and only acknowledges the exii^tence of God 

— d&lik, dharmashdstra asioikdr kariyd ek I'shwarabddi — mutasawwif, mulhid, sufimazhab, 

beddnti, muwahid 
Deist'ical, a. belonging to the heresy of the deists— astit sambandhiya, dharma shdstra khandak, 

shdstranindak—iWMv/viMd ya mutasauwif k^ mutdlliq ^ -' ^ 

De'ity, s. the divine being, divine natuie — Parameshwar, Paramdlmd — Khuda, Alb'ih, Mabud 
Delacta'tion, s. a weaning from the mother's milk — dudh bd dugdhn chhdpmar-d ndh chhorana 
Delap'sed,a. [..] fallen down — adhahpatita, ad/iogata, chyitta— f;u{i.\mk,uh'Ada. 
Dela'te, va. to carry, to convey — bahan, laiyrijdon — lejAnA, pahunchana 
Dela'tion, s, conveyance ; an accusation— 6/tara6a/jan ; dosh deoyd, apabdd kriyd — pahunchdo, 

lechalnA J dokh, badnami ^ 

Dela'y, v. to defer, to put off- bilamha k. garimashi fc.— deri k. tftlna 
De'lay, s. a deferring ; stay, slOTp—bilamba,gaun, abasthiti ; dlak, pratirodh — deri, der, bilamb , 

thahrfio, At, rok 
Delec'table, a. pleasing, delightful— njfl«o/«aj-, manoram, nffam— marghnb, dilpazir, khusli 
Delecta'tion, s. pleasure, delight— ?)?«?«er tripti,^manoravjan, hara sukh — khushi, ashrat, 

khursandi [r/eon— elchi yandib karke bhejna; haw^la k. 

DeVegate, va. to send on an embassy ; to intrust — pritinidhirupe preran ; bishesh karmer hhdr 
Del'egate, s. a deputy, a commissioner, a vicar — pratinidhi, prerita, bishesh karma nirbdhak — 

naib, wakil, peshkdr 
Dele'gates, s. pU a court of appeal from the archbishops — Archibishaper byabasthdn haite pu 

narbichdr karandrtha mahd byabasthdn bishesh — bari yd sadar adalat, jahdu Archibishop 

ke mahkhame se infisdl hota hai 
Delete'rious, a. deadly, destrusctive— pm7^a ndshak, antak, /ung-srtfe— muhlik, muzir, qdtil 
Oel'etion, s. act of rasing, or blotting out ; a destruction — likhane lopkaran, kdlan ; nd^h — 

kdtnd, mahv, hakk ; tabahi [ftasanadi— sangista,n ; chin ka taghallubi basan 

Delf, Delfe, Delph, s. a quarry, a mine ; a counterfeit China wa.Te—prasta7-dkar ; kritim chindr 
Deliba'tion, s. an essay, an attenipt; taste— wrfjo^, cheshtdrambha, udrek ; dsivddan—sa.i , 

koshish ; maza, zauq ' 
Deliberate, vn. to think in order to choice, to consider ; to hesitdLte—dwidhdkalpaii ; bibechandk. 

sandigdhah. — sochna, taaramul k. andesha k. 
Delib'erate, a. circumspect, wary, slow — sdbadhdn, satarka, dhir, susthir — hoshiydr, duran- 

desh, sdhibtadbir, dhimd ^ 

Delibera'tion, s. act of deliberating, thought in order to choice — bibechand, sandeha, bhdband, 

6it«rfcan— taammul, fikr, soch, andesha, ghaur 
Delicacy, s. daintiness; nicety; softness; politeness; gentle treatment; tenderness; weak- 
ness of constitution— su/c/mt/yatwa; pdripdtya ; komalatd ; sabhyatd ; snshilatd ; sneha ; nir- 
6a/ata— khushgavvdri; nalasat ; nazdkat ; muldimat; khushsuluki ; mihrbdni ; nazuk 


DEL ( 1 32 ) ' DEM 

Del'icate, a. nice; dainty: fine; consisting of small parts ; polite; soft— p.i>ip/i/i ; sukhddya ; 

utijam ; sukhymu ; shishta ; komal—n^ifis ; iazzatd^r; kh^sa; bi^iik; khaliq ; muliiini 
Del'icatenes?, i'. tenderness^ ^o(tne>s — komnlubhdb, jnrif/uta— nazakat, narmi 
Deli'cious.rt. highly ple:isinsj, very grateful, sweet, agreeable, chiinw'uig—triptijatiak, subhojya, 

supeya, suswddu, mhhlditnu, manohar — khushaind, laziz, mazadar, khushgawar, khushza- 

qu, shin'n, khush, <lilcliasp 
Deliga'tion^ s. a binding up — handhun, patti bdndhan — patti bandhnJl 
Deriglit, .v. joy, great pleasure, satisfaction— a//ia(Z, tt//«s,^tiiantus/i, tripti — anand, khuslii, 

khurrami, khAtirkliwfthi ■-■• [masiur k. 

TJeli'ght, V. to satisfy, to content, to please— tcipfa k. santoshan, nlhddita k. — khush k. nihAl k. 
Delight'ful, a. highly, pleasing, charming— wruo/am, tushlijanqk, ati sundar, sukhaddyt 

-T-khushaind, dilchasp, farahbakhsh 
Deli'neate, vn. to describe, to design, to paint — bamand k. miirtyddi ankan, chhabi bd chitra 

k. — hay^n k. daul banana, taswir khiuchnd 
Delinea'lion, s. the first draught of a thing, a drawing — pdndulipi, khasrd, ankan, barnan — 

doul. khak&, naqsha, bayan 
Delin quency, s a fault, a misdeed— g/tm?,tru«i, aparddh, dos/i— gim^h, khatA, apr.^dh, taqsir 
Delin'quent, s. an oflTender — doshi, ap^rddhi, trulikdrak—i^nnAheAr, taq'*irvvar, apradhi 
Del'iquate, va. to melt, dissolve, clarify — drab k.gdlan, gad kdlan — galan^, pighl^nA, mail 

katn^, sdf k. ~ [hosh, bekhud, diwana 

Delir'ious, a. light-headed, raving, doting — matichchhanna, khylptn, unmati^a, praidpl—he- 
Delir'ium,s. a temporary alienation of mind, dotdLge—'khyiptdhasthd, nm^idd, praldp, hata- 

buddhitd — sir, behoshi, bekhudi, diwanagi, madhoshi 
Deliv'er, ra. to give ; to set free; to release; to rescue ; to surrender; to speak or utter— 

snmarpan k. vMikta k. chhArdna ; rakhyd k. parahastagata k. w/cta /c.— sipurd k. Azad k. 

khalds k. mahf'iiz k. hawdla k. boln^ 
Deliv'erance, s. the act of releasing, rescue : utterance ; the act of bringing children into the 

world— <mn, mukti, rakhyd, uddhdr ; ukti ; prasafo— naj^tjiihai, bachao ; taqrir, guftdr ; jannS 
Deliv'ery. s. act of delivermg; release; rescue; a surrender; utterance,- child-birth— arpan, 

gachchhita karan ; uddhdr, mochanakriyd; rakhyd ; samarpan ; kathan ; prasabakriyd — 

sipurd ; najdt ; bachao ; tafwiz; guftdr, bachan ; tawallud 
Dell, s. a pit, a cavity— fc/iana, garta, kuhar, g-ar/mar- khandaq, garha, maghdk 
Del u'de, ?/'«. to beguile; to cheat; to disappoint— pr/z/junc/iana k. thakdna ; dshdbhavga k. — 

fareb d.thagn^; naummed k. 
Delve, vn. to dig, to fathom ; to sift — khanan}garta k. bishesh bujhiyd bichdr bd bitarka k.— 

khodnA, khandaq banftn.4 ; asl sedaryaft hokar bahs k. [gaiha; khoh 

Delve, s. a ditch; a pit; a den; a cave — khdnd ; garta ; rhad ; kuhar — khaudaq ; ghar ; 
Del'ver, s. a digger — khanankartd, khunre je— kliodne w. kaninda 

Del'ugcs. a general \n\xnd^.\\on—hanyd,jalnpldb(ni, ntihrishii — tufan-i-dlamgi'r, tughiyAni 
Del'uge, vii. to drown, to lay totally under water, to overwhelm— ja/ap/rt6/ta k. jale mapna k. 

bhdsdna — d6bana, gharq k. 
Delu'sion, s. a cheat, guile, deceit ; state of one deluded; illusion, error — phdki,chhal, pratd- 

rand ; bhrdnti, matibhram ; bhrdata haondbasthd, mdyd — fareb, dhokha, dagha ; fareb khana ; 

chuk, mughalata, makr 
Delu'sive, Delu'sory, a. apt to (iece\ve—bharmaja7iak, hhrdntikar, 7nithyd—hhu]^xie w. 
Dem'agogue, s. a ringleader of the rabble ; a popular and factious orator— itar loker dalapati ; 

jdghanya samnher priyahddi ehang kathanadwdrd anupajukta karmete utsukakdri — sarguroh ; 

wuh shakhs jo khalkullah ki dilpazir b^tefl bole aur apn\ taqiir se nAmunasib kani meij 

koshish kardlA hai [dawi ; sawal ; talab 

Dema'nd, s. a claim ; a question ; a calling— daw;a, nydyabdd ; jigydnsd; dhbdndgydu—d^wSi, 
Demand, Vii. to claim, to ask for with authority — ddbi k. khyumatd piiruhsare chdhan—da.wsL k. 

talab k. mangna 
Demand'ant, s. a plaintiff in an action — bddi, dddnshi, nydydrthi — muddai, tdlib 
Demand'er, s. one who demands or enquires — ddwd hd prashnakdri, dgyndkdri, prdrthak — 

dawa k. w. t4lib, khwahishmand, arziimand [ta- k. — hissa, zaminkitafriq, hadd bandhna 

Demarca'tion.s. division, m?iv\i\ug off, dividing— bibhdg, bhilmir pdrthakya, simd hhed k. chinhi- 
Derae'an, va. to behave, to carry one's self; to debase — bishesh dchdr byabahdr k. gdhdr je dhdrd 

bd swabhdb hay tdhd k. jaghauya k. — chalan chaln4 ; kaminak. fwaza, chalau, dhang 

Demean'our, .s, carriage, behaviour — dchdrbyahahdr, swabhdb, chdil, dhdrd, gun — rawish, 
Dementa'tion, s. act of making mad, or frantic — utkhyipta k. khepdna, bdyugrasta k. — diwdna- 

gari, bdol4bandnd,shorida karna 
Demer'it, s. ill-deserving —armpajnktatd, 7urgn,natd, doshamyatwa — n^laiqi, ndsazawari 
Deme'sne, s. [. mene] that land which a man holds originally of himself— jc hhumi chira kdid- 

hadhi ekjaner adkikdre dchhe,hhu7nyddhikdr,sangsthdna bhiimi — wuh zarain jo bar&bar se 
~ kisi ke milk meii hai, zaminddri 

Dem'i, a. half — ardlia, ardhek, ddhd/ddhald — adh^, nim, nisf ' 

DemVdevil, s. half a devil— ardhaddnab, bhutahat, atidushta — nimdeo, chhotdshaitan 
i)em'i-god, s. half a God, a great \itxo—upadehatd ; birashreshlha—n^dQOik, barabahddur 
Den)igra'tion, s. change of habitation — sasthdn tydg karyid sthandntare bds—wa.ia.n ha.ddL\ni, 

ek jagah chhorke dusri jagah sakdnat k. 
Demi rep, .s. a woman of suspicious chastity — je samhhrdntd striloker sntitwar bishaye prdy 

sakalen sandeha hay — ^jo hurmatwali aurat lii pakdamani par shak paidd ho we 

DEM (1 315 ) U E N 

Demi'se, s. death, decease; a yielding up or granting at one's death, a grant by vfiU—mrityii, 

lokdntaragaman ; mumurshiidiin—\\\\\-3i\, inliqal, wal'dt ; wasjyat 
Demi'se, va. to grant at one's death, to bequeath — mumur&huddn k. m:tran hale dhanndi dan k. 

— deniarnA, hiba k. wasiyat k. - 
Demis'sion, s. degradation, diminution of dignity— 7/mna ?jrti7<, padiichyuti, padachyiita karau 

— beizzati, m^ziiii, daijese chhomiia 
l)enii"t, va. to depress; to hang dov/n—abujuila k. jhuldiia, ldngnna—diihn&, past k. latkaua 
Democ'racy, s. the form of government in which the sovereign power is lodged in the body of 

the people— prajrt samuher prabhtitwa bii ddhipatya, rdjd byatirikta yvajd karti Ik ru)yu 

shnsan — jamhnr, yane raiyatou ki bddsliAhi ya hukumat 
J^emocrat'ical, a. pertaining to democracy or popular government — prajd gnner prabhuLwn 

sumhandhiya hd tudbishayak — raiyatou ki "badshfihi ya haknmat mansub 
Demol ish, va, to throw down, so destroy— j»/ie/i^« d. bhangan, iiashla A-.— girana, dal d. tonlal- 

na, njarna 
Demol'isher, s. one who destroys — nirmulkdri, biiuUhak — njarn, bekhkan, munhadim 
Demoli tion, s. the act of overthrowing buildings; destruction— gri/trif/i bhdngiydyhelaa, biiu'ush, 

ckhinna bhinna />/ta/>— imaiat w. g. tordalna^ inhidam.jljarna, p^imdli 
Demon, a. a spirit, an evil spirit, a devil— 6/iMt, ddnab, pishdch, mandabhuuitmd~\\m\, shaitan, 

ifrit, deo, dait, bhut, ^ " [ritta 

Demo'niac, s. one possessed by di AQXixon—bhutagrasta, Wmrafiis/t.^a— bhutaha.deozada, ilritsi- 
De.iionorogy, s. a treatise on the nature of evil spirits, doctrine of demons — blLuUi phhdchddi 

bishayak grantlia, bhautik 6i(ij/a— iim-i-deo, bhautik bidya 
Diimoii'strable, a. that which may be proved beyond doubt or contradiction— /rti;/iau^si//r, p/«- 

me^/a— dalalatpazi'r, qdbil-i-subut 
Demon'strate, va. to prove'with certainty, to show plainly— sapra/Ha'?* k. pratipndan, nirnuu 

k. — sdbit k. dalil batlan^, jat^na 
Demonstra'tion, s. indubitable evidence of the senses or reason— ?t/A/jc/tai/a pramdn, mimdngsd, 

pratipatti — dalil, isbat, hujjat 
Demonstrative, a. invincibly conclusive— supcajnaitt/a, sandehahhanjak, nirnnyubdkyti^ 

akfiandaniya — iDUsbit, mudallil, murbarhin 
Demul'cent, a. softening, mollifying, assuasive — mridukdri, snigdhakdri, shamatdkdri - 

narm k. w. mulaim k. w. halim 
Demu''r, v. to delay, to suspend, to doubt o(—bilamba k. dpaitik. sandigdhu h. &takita h 

dwidJidkalpan—d&ri k. pasopesh k. agapichha k. shubha k, muzabzab k. 
Demu'r.s. doubt, hesitation— sa«de/ia, bilamba, dwidhdkalpan—sha.k, shubha, pasopesh, dereng'i 
Demu're, a. sober, decent : grave ; downcast, modest— d/iiV, salajjya; acluinchai ; adhomukh, 

salnj ) a— dWirk, mahjub; gambhir ; sharmdar, mahjtib 
Demurely, ad. with aflected modesty ; solemnly— d/ii?-c, lajjnpurbak ; gdmbhhjyupurbdk— 

dhiraj se, niahjhbana,sharm se; sanjidagi se 
Demurrage, s. an allowance for delayii^g ships — naukdr gaharir bhdrd — jahaz ki gahrl 
Demur' er, s. one who demurs ; stop in a lawsuu — sandehakdri ', ddye dUik — shubha k. w. 

aikao ; muqaddame ka mauq6f rahna 
Dem'y, s. a particular size.of paper — kdgajer drd bishesh — kaghaz ki ek qata 
Den, s. a cavern ; the cave of a wild beast— g-a/iim/- ; baimdpuhwddir bdsasthdn, garta — 

gopha; ghar, bhar 
De'nary, a. relating to or containing ten- das/»rt sankhyah, dashasankhyd sambandhiya—dMii 
Dena'y, s. a denial, a refusal, a rejection— apan/ut/), (zsri;ifcn?-— inkar, nanhkar, radd 
Deni'able, a. that which may be darned— uswikdrjya, amdnya, apanhatabya, 7niihyd—qRhil-\- 

Deni'al, s. negation, refusal; abjuration — apanhab, asunimati ; shapathpurbak aswikdr— 

nafl, inkar, beqahuliyat; qasamiink^r 
Den'igrate, va. to blacken— /c^'/i nidkhdn, kdla k- — siyahi mal^6, kdla k. 
J)eniza'tion, s. the act of enfranchising — hona byaktike konadesh bd nagarer sdnidjik khyomata 

bd adhikdrdrpan karan—kW\ shakhs ko kisi mulk ya shahr ke logon kk ikhtiyar ya istihqaq d. 
Denizen, s. [den-e-sn] a freeman; one enfranchised — siodrt/iaprdpta ; bishesh vagur bd deihc 

sdmAjik adhikdrabishishla — ba ikhtiyar ; kisi shahr ya mulk ke logoa k^ istihiq^qd^r 
Denom'inate, va. to name, to give a name to— ;uiw k. bd d. dkhyd k. sangyd k. bishesh ndme ha 

sangydy khydta k. — ndm r. nrf d. musamma k. 
Denomination, s. a name given to a thing— nam, sangyd, dkhyd— nixn, ism 
Denom'iuative, a. that gives a namQ— dkhydj an ak, npddki ddyak—nkm d. w. khitabgar 
Denota'tion, s. the act of denoting — arthakaran, suchand, gydnpan, lakhyan — bayan, bakliAn, 

jatana, nisii^ndihi 
Deno'te, va. to mark, to be a sign of, to betoken— c/ii>i/ta d. bujhdna, bishesh arther chinha h. 
jjdndria — nishAnd. samjhAn^, batlan^, al^mat h. jatana, dalalat k. 
Denoue ment, s. Ide-nu-mong] the discovery of the plot of a drama—na/a/cer abhiprdy bd bi&hay 

gydnpnn — swang ya naql ki gharaz k^ daryaft k. 
Deno'unce, vn. to threaten ; to accuse— !>is/ies/i bhay darshdna, tarjan. danda bigydnpun ; dosh 

deon, apahdd k. — dhamkana ; dosna, badnam k. 
Dense, a. close, compact, approaching to solidity— gA<ina, nibir, niret, an{d, ^rt)7/a— kasif, 

sangin, bhari, munjamid, gajhA 
i)ens'ity, s, closeness, compactness— g^/jartatiwtj'darr/iyfl, sauglagtmtd, surtgjog, nirelabhdb— 

sangini, garhdi, injimad, kasafat 

DEN ( 134 ) D E P 

Dent, va. to indent, to mark with notches — ghd mdriijd chinha k, hd ba&dbjd d. khdnj kdlan, 

tol /c.— cliapakiia, khandln adar k, dandanadar k. fsanini 

Den'tal, a. belonsiiig or relating to the iceih—dantya, dant'i sqmbandhii/a—danli, dandani, 
Dentel'li, s. modillions, a kind ot brackets— jfoy; bd kil bishesh, drabya rakhyandrt/ie kdsh- 

Iher (irt/— istada, fekan, kisichiz ki thahrne ki diwar<;iri 
Denlic'ulatod, a- set with small iaQi^i—kardtddibat khyudra danta bishishla, khyudra danti 

— chhotcdandanedar, khandana, chnhedantta 
Den'tifrice, i'. a powder made to scour the teeth — manjan, ddnter misi —manjan, sanun, missi 
Den'tist, .s, a tootli-surgeon—(/a?fta c/iifctfiat, danta roga ndihak byakti — daat ka tabib, daut 

ki bimari kaarain k. w. 
Dent'ition, s. the breeding of teeth; the turn at which children's t«eth are bred— dditt hdriyd 
ulhan,da)ilotpatti ; hdloker danta utkibdr samay—da.nt barhna; diidh ke dant nikalne ka 

Denu'date, Denude, va. to strip, to divert— ^hhdrdna, lagna k. barjita k. — utarna, nang;» 

kardena, khali k. 
Denuncia'tion, s. [..she..] the act of denouncing, public menace— f/an.'a«i, dhainak, bhaya 

pradarshan,tdrand, dandabigydnpan — tahdid, dhamki, waid 
Deny', va. to coritradict, lo refuse, to disown, to Tcnovn^CQ—aswikdrk^agrnjhyn k. apanhab 

fc.— inkar k. munkir h. namanna 
Deob'struent, s. a medicine that removes obstructions by resolving viscidities — chatchatiyd, 

arthdt child drahyddidrnbkdri auahuih bhhesh — davva-i-nuilallih, nmlaiyin, muzliq 
De'odand, s. a thing given or forfeited to God for pacifying liis wrath in case of any misfortune 

by which any person comes to a violent end without the fault of any reasonable creature 

— prdyashchutci'bishesh, parcr haihdt bipad upasthite debadatiariip dwivia — dand, prachit, 

Deop'pilative, a. clearing obstructions, d(ioh?>\.xy\Q\\i—dlaknibdrak, hydgkdtbiinochak, 

aushadh bishesh~rok khalfts k. w. ar torne w. ek davva 
Depa'int, va. to picture, to describe— c/tjfr« k. bhheshrupe jandna, barnand k. — naqsha 

banana, bayan k. zaliir k. , 

Depa'rt, v. to ge away ; to die; to apostatize- prastfcart k. chaliydjdon ; .mariyd jdon ; sir- 

dharma tydg k. — chale jana, uthjaaa; intiqal k. rihlat k. apoa din chhorna 
Depa'rt, Depart'ure, s. the act of going away; separation, death — slhandnlaragaman, pra- 

thdn; p/vfitatj/a^-— rawdnagi, kiich ; inliq^l, rihlat 
Depart'rnent, s. separate office, part, or division— prit/ta/c karma bd pad, angsha, ch'ikald 

— ^judauhda, khidmat.qismat, mahall 
Depau'perate, va. to make poor — dlianandshk. nirdhan kariydrdkhan., kdngdl fc.— mntlis k. 

nikharcha k. muhtaj k. f^hipsa 

Depec'tible,,«. tough ; c\dimmy—shakta,kulhin; chalchaliyd, dldtu—sMn, durasht j lasdar, 
Depe'nd, ujt. to hang from, to depend upon, to he in suspense, to rely or adhere -j//?i/a»/, 

tnngan,abalamban, adhin h. nirbhur rn/c/ian— latakna, hilagna, lagnA, daman pakarna, 

mutalliq h. 
Depend'ance, s. connexion; reliance ; trust — sambandha ; parddhinativa ; pratyay , bishwds— 

alaqa, laigio; t&bid^ri ; iatibdr, iatinjad 
Depend'ant, a, in the power of another — parddhin, parapratydshi, as«;rtd/i/n-Tmutalliq, fai- 

manbardar, munhasir 
Depend^ant, Dependent, Depend'er, s. one who lives in subjection to or at the discretion of 

another— para6as//, aswatantra, anujibi^pardshrita—diimdn^it, labidar, parbas, banda 
Dependent, a. hanging down, subordinate— /a/ fe", jhulaniyd, Uingd, «d/ii?i— latkahiia, 

dwekhta, tdbidar, zerdast 
Dephle'gm, 1)3. [.jlem]. to clear from phlegm — kapkabarjita k. shleshntdndsh k. — balgham 

dafa k. zukam dur k. jism ki ratubat saf k. 
Depi'ct, va. to paint, to portray, to describe — chitrak. jathdrthdbayab likhan, barnandk. — 

naqsha k. taswir khiachna, bayan k. 
Depicted, pa. painted, described, told — chitrita, barnita, fca(/ti(a—manqush, taswir khiuchi 

gayai, taqrir k. g. bayan k. g. 
Depi'lous, a. without hair — nhhkesh, lomarahit—heh&.\ , beran, kal [khiin rezi 

Deple'tion, s. an .emptying, blood-lelting— >s/t?i«7/ai"a/aM, raktapdt Krt/vui— khali k. tihi k. 
Deplo'rable, a. lamentable, sad, calamitous ; despicable— 6//rtptiHj'i/a, bildper bhliay, dnkkha 

jnnak, klesliada ; f/urft/iaga— qabil-igiriya, afsos karne ke laiq, rone jog ; tang, kambakht 
Deplo're, va. to lament, to bewail, to mourn— 6i/ap k. rudan, khed fe.— afsos k. rona, 

zari, pachhiana 
Depla'y, I'rt. to display as troops ; loopcn— satHJ/a shreni bisldr k, prakdihita k. darshdna, 

jrmsara/i— fauj kf safeu phaila d.zdhir k. phailana ^ ( bcpar 

Deplumed, a. [!.) stripped of the featheis— pa/c/ti/«/u'H, chliinna pdkhd—pdit ukhan't hiia, 
Depo'nent, s. a witness on odLlh—shapathkdrisnkhyi, yhapath pih bak idkliya dcy ;e— gawah, 

shahid, wuh shakhs jo bahaif gawahi deti hai 
JJepop'ulate, vrt. to unpeople, to lay waste—Jtc/it/t/tix/ta 6a i/i?<Hj/a kqriyd d. dcihopadrab-k, 

njar ^.— lijcirna, takhto tdraj k. wirAn k. 
Depopula'tion.'s. the act of unpeopling, destruction, havock, vidiSic—dcmjdr karan, desh'a 

bmn.<.i),^ichchhlHnabhdb—wnAni, tabahi, paimali, kharabi 
Depo'rt, v//. to exile; to carry; to demean, to behdve—dcshabalurbhiUa k. hahan, chida" 

dchdr byabahdr h. gati fe.'-jalawatank. niulk chhof^nJi; lechalna; chalan chalnJt 

DEP (135) DEa 

Depo'rt, Deport'ment, j. behaviour, conduct — gati, chdli, swabhdb, dchdr — chalan, dliansr, 

rawisli, raftar [mulk cl)luir;in;\ 

Deporta'tion.s. transportation, exile— rfe5/Jantrtra/crtr^an,su?orf^s/ln ha/iirhhOt^ karan — jalawatan, 
Depo'se, vi. to degrade, todive?t; to attest— pai/acAyuta fc. barjita k. sdkhya d. — taghir k. 
, maznl k. kli^iijk. sliahadat d. cawdhi d. 
Depos'ite, vn. to lay up, as a pledge— 5. a pledge, security given — gachchhita k. — s. gnchchliita 

dhati, baiulhuk — amannt r. rakli chliornA, sonipnd— 5. aniannt mdl, girau 
Deposi'tion, s. act of giving public testimony ; act of dethroning: a prince from sovereignly— 

slinpath, sdlchyci ; rdjdke ra;j/ac/ji/wfrt /c— sbahddat, gawalii, srlkhi ; bddshdh ko takht?e 

utarnA ^ [sthdn — am^nat khana,dharohari 

Depos'itory, s. the place for lodging any thing— ^?o/a, dgdr, drabj/nsdmagri rdkhihdr hdarpana 
Depot, s. [.po] n pince in which goods, &c. are deposited ; magazine of a.rms—b/iinddr, gold ; 

astrdgd}'' — hhandar, iimanat Icliana, zakhira ; silah khdna 
B^rrava'tion, s. the act of making any' thing bad, corruption, depravity— &/gar, bhrasht.a 

bhiih, bai<runi/i, nashfatd — bigar, bui^i, kharfibi, fa«ad, 
Depra'vc, ra. to vitiate, to corrupt, to contaminate — nashta k. bhrashta k. manda k.—khavAh-k. 

tahi'ih k. bura k. [I)urai, tabahi 

Depra'vement, Deprav'ity, s. a vitiated state— ftt\'-or, baigunya, nashtatd — bigar. kharabf, 
Dep'recafe, rrtr. tobeg off; to pray deliverance fioni— i7(//.trt?.i prdrtham'i k. hhheshdanda bd 

b'lpad nd ghai-e emin prarthnnd k. — i>tighfar k. uzr chahnA. shaf^at khwAhi k. 
Depreca'tion, s. a prayer against evil, entreaty — khyumi prdrthand, tipad bd kopa pratikdra 

prnrthtni.d, binnti — lltija, i^tighfar, shafaut, uzr ' ^ 

Depre'ciate, va. [. .she.l to bring a thing down to a lower price ; to undervalue — inulya ghi- 

tdiin ; tdc/ichJuihja k. — qfmat ghataiiA ; lialkA k. subuk k. [Ic. khaiab k. 

Dep'iedatH, i;;j. to rol), to pillage; to^poil — lutan,apahnran ; nashta k.—\{nni, gharat k. tabah 
Depreda'lio',1, s. a robbing; a.spoiling-, waste— r/a/aiifi, lutkriyd, apahdr ; nashta k. bindsh, 

chhinna bJiinnu karan— lAt p^t, lakht taraj ; kharabi, tabahi 
Depreda'tor, s. a robber, a devourer— /j//em, ddMit, dasyu, upadrabkari — lutera, rdhzan, bat- 
par, qnzzak 
Depvehe'nd, va. to catch one, to take unawares, discover— f/Aaran, akasindt dharan, sandhdn 

kiriyd dh'iran — k. achanak pakarna, dhuurh nik^lnd . 
Depress, v«. to cast down, to humble, to deject— ??jc/i /t, abauata k. basdiyd d. nistej bd 

bishnuna kariydrdkhcin, hatdshk. — past k. dabna, jhukana, zer k. afsurda k. 
Depres'sion, ^. act of pressing down or humbling, abasement — abanaman, nimna k. 

apakiishta /:. — daln^o, pasii, zillat ' ' [dal ne w. past k. w. ranj d . w. zllim 

Depre^^'sor. s. he who keeps or presses down— a/janay«/c, nimnakdri, kleshaddyak, vpadrabi — 
Depriva'tion, s. act of depriving ; loss ; (in law,) when a clergyman js deposed from his pre- 
ferment— opn/iar ; kliyay, kinjati ; (in law,) dchdrjyer padachyuta huon — chhin chhAa lena, 

adam, nuqsan ; zawal; (in law) p^dnou l<i I artarii 
Depii've,V7. to take from, bereave ; debar ; to put out of an o{^ce—haran, chhiniyd laon ; 

rahlta k. nibdran ; pndnchyvta k. — lelenS, chhin lena ; roknd, baz k. mauquf k. mazul k. 
Deptit, s. the measure of any thing from the surface downwards ; middle or height of a season ; 

abstniseness, obscurity ; sagacity — gabhiratd ; ritur madhyakdl, grishma bdshiter dtishajya , 

nigurhatd, aspashiatd ; c/iafurafa— gaihrao, urauq; shabdb-i-aiyam ; dushvvari, ishkal; 

chaldki [nirmal 

Dep'urate, a. cleansed, pure, freed from dregs— sicaehcha, 7iirmal,parkald—sfif,\!i\ii',pik, 
Depura'tion,s. act of cleansing— c/i/iata/i kriyd, parhhkdr — tasfiya, pakiziigi 
Depu'ratory, n. tending to cleanse ox. hQQ—parhhkdrak, maUindshak, mayld kdle je — 

masafTi, pdk k. w. nirmal k. w. 
Deputa'tion, a. aict of sending ^vvith a special commission, \\ceserency—pratinidhiriipe pre- 

ran, rdjkarme niyag, ndyebi — wakil Miejna, wikalat, niyahat, amini 
Popu'te, ra. to send with a special commission, to empower to act — kona, karma karandrthe 

pratinidhi kariyd nijiikta bd pverita /^.— wakil bhejna yd ndib muqarrur k. 
Dep'uty,^ s. any one that transacts business for another, a lieutenant, a viceroy— prafi/iidAi, 

parimurti, ndib, pvaijr7ip— gomfishta, peshdast, niiib, pesbkar, wakil 
Dera cinate, i^ pluck or tear up by the roots — upaj-dna, unmulan, samulotpdtan—nkhiirn&, 

op^rnd, jar se khbdna 
Dera'ign,t;a.[.raMeJtoprove to ]\i%lUy—sdblujasta k. dosha k/iandan—sa.hit k. begunAh thahrdn^ 
Dera'nge, va. to disorder, to em harass— 7<//apa/ia k. golmdi k. ghabardna, klesh janmdna — 

darharn barham k. ulatpulat k.'ghabra d. pareshan k. 
Derange'ment,s. disorder; delirium, insanity— ^-o/ma/; unmdd, pdgaldirifi — betartibi; diwanagi, 

sauda, sir [chhoina 

Derelic'lion, L an utter forsaking or leaving— fy.tnf karan, tyajan, paritydg — tark, tiyag, 
Deri'de, va. to laugh at, to mock— parihdsk. ^hdt^d k. upa/Vtsfc.- hansn^, iha"'.{h.'i marna, ifxua. 

Deri sion, s. the act of deriding or laughing at; contenapt, scorn— upahds^ bidrup ; abagydri, 

heyag7jdn—lhaii\\o\i, thaflha, tana, zarAfat ; kardhiyat, istihqdr 
Deri'sive, a. mocking, scoffin'^—byangajukta, part/ia'.sasuc/;a/>— tharhdmez, maskhara 
Uerivabie, a. coming by derivation, deducible — updddniya, dhatutpddaniya, iipalakjtyaniya 

— qai>U-i-ishtiqaq, qabil-i-istikhraj, mukhraj 
Deriva'tion, s, the tracing of a word from its original, the tracing of any thing from its source— 

pader byutpatti, miilshabddnusandhdn—khtqAq, ktikhrAi,b\ia\y&d 


D E R ( 136 ) ' D ES 

Der^v ative, a. the thing or word derived from another byutpanna— fara, mushtaqq 

Den* ve, t>. lo deduce from its originar, to owe its origin to, to descend from — hyut'patii k . 

janman, u'tpanna h. — iiikalnA, mushtaqq h. paidd h. 
Der'nier, a. [.yare'] last, the only remaining— antim. shesh, abashishta—pfchMA, b^ql 
Der'ogate, v. to lessen the worth of any person or thing, to disparage — marjydddte nydn k. 

mdyier hdni k. amdnya k. tuchchha fc.— ghatdnfi, beqadr k. haqir k. 
Der'ogate, a. lessened in value, degraded, disparaged — apanuinita, hatakhydti, tiichchhikrita— 

ghatmoli, beqadr. bewaqr [hiqdrat, beqadri 

Deroga'tion, s. a defarnation, detraction — apahad, nindd, apumdn apaldp — badndmi, rusw^i. 
Derogatory, Derog'alive, «• detractory, that lessens the honour of, dishonourable— uinddkdri, 

mdna In^habkdri, marjyddd r/ia'ifcrtrt— kalanki, badn^m k. w. mayub, izzat kamdne w. 
Der'vis, Der'vise, s. a mahomedan monk — mahammadiya banaldsi, musalmdnder matdbalambi 

sainydsi bishesh , fakir — darwesh, faqir 
DesVant, .?. a song ; a discourse ; a disputation— sang-if ; prasanga, knthopkatkan ; bdddnubdd 

—r&g, sarod ; taqrir, guftgn ; takrdr, bahs 
Desc'ant, rn. to harangue, to discourse at large — baktitd k. kathopakathan, bdkbichdr k. — 

taqrir jhiirna, guffgu k. [niche Ana, ndzil h. 

Desce'nd, ih, to walk downward— ad/iogaman k. ulan, niche dgaman k. ndbiyd ajsaji— utarnft. 
Descend aiit, s. the offspring of an ancestor — santdnodbhab, bangshodbhab, sambhuta, shantdn 

sh ant at i— bans, santdn, duMd, nasi 
Descend'ent, a. falling, sinking ; proceeding from another as an original or ancestor— paf<zns/tif, 

dubejdyje ; nirgamanshil — girau, uft5.dani, diibne w. mutfarri 
Descen'sion, s. the act of falling or sinking, a declension— ad/jo^-att, adhahpatan, krame ndman 

— girdo, utar, nazdl, tanazzul 
Desce'nt, s. progress downwards ; declivity ; inclination ; invasion ; birth ; extraction— 

nimnagati, adhagati ; dhdl, gardn ; nuiyd disan ; dkramnn -jUtpatti, janma ; bangsha,kul, 

goshthi—utAr, nuziil ; dhal ; ma'ildn ; y6rish. hamla ; lawallud,ianam ; nasi, khdnddn, bans 
Descri'be, r<7. to delineate, to mark out, to represent by words, to define— Z*ar??a/m /r. anfcjfa 

k. jdnnna, byakta k. artha fc. bistdriyd kahan — bdkhdnna, baydn k. taqrir k. batldnd, 

tarif k. 
Descrip'tion,5. act of describing, representation, delineation, definition — harnand, bibaran, 

hynkhyd, nirbachan,bdkya sabisheshkathan—haykn, naql, baydntaqrir, bakhdn, sharah, tdrif 
Descrip'tive, a, describing — prakdshak, higydnpak, bisheshusuchak, barnatidkdri — mubaiyin, 

muzhir, mufassir 
Descry', va. to spy out, to detect, to discover— sand/ian pdon, ter pdon, durhaite drishti k. 

Desecra'tion, s. the abolition of consecration — pratishthd dhwungsa, pdbitratd ndsh, utsrishta 

bastu nd mdniyd tadabhiprdyer anyathd — pratishthd yd naydz ka ibtdl, waqf ke istirddd 
Dese'rt, s. a wilderness, solitude, waste, uninhabited place— 6a7i, aranya, nirjana sthdn, 

maru bhumi, ujja tabhumi— jangal, bayabdn, bddiya, gosha, wiiana, khardba 
Des'ert, s. merit, worth, claim to reward — gundgun, jogyatwa, pdritoshiker sw drt ha— qdidr, 

sazdwdri, liydqat, istihqdq,iaza kd ddwd 
Dese'rt, va. to forsake, to abandon ; to quit the army in which one is euWsted—tydg k. pari- 

tyakta k.sainyackhdriyd jdon bd paldyan — tark k. chhor d. lashkar chhor bhagnd 
Desert'er, s. one who has forsaken his cause or post— pa/afafc, bhdgard, paldniyd, tydga knri — 

bhagorS, firdri, tdrik, 
Deser'tion, s. act of abandoning a cause or post, dereliction— paZai/an, pantydg, tyajan, swa- 

dharmndi tydg fcam— firdr, tark, apne din waghaira kd tark 
Desert'less, a. without merit, worthless — nirgun, akarmanya, dharmahin, anitpajukta — ndsazd, 

ndldiq, nakdra, begun 
Dese'rve, vn. to be worthy of good or ill — bhdla bd mander jogya h. upajukta h, arhan, dosha- 

doshakrame pratiphaler jogya h. — neki yd badi kd sazdwar n. Idiq h.jog h. qdbil h. 
Dtsery'edly, ar/. worthily, according to de&ert—jathd jogya, sangata krame, up^juktarupe — 

wdjibi se, insdf se, haqq se 
Deserving, pfl. worthy of, good, W\nd— jogya, arha, upajukta, uttam, parahitaishi—qAhW, 

jog, hhald. mihrbdn [sukhd niarham, aawd-i-jdzib 

Desic'cant, s. an application that dries up sores, driers— s/i«s/ifca kdri aushadhddi, ras tdneje — 
Desic'cate, t'rt, to dry up—shukdna, ras tdnan, shoshan — siikhdna, khushk k. ratubat khinchnd 
Desidera'tum, s. something not possessed, but desired or wanted— anweshan bd charchu dtvdrd 

nishc.hay bd prakdsh hay ndije hiskay,jdhd bartumdn ndi athacha bdnchhaniya~]o kuch ki 

nahiri hai magar uske liye aizd o khwiihish kiyd jatd hai 
Desi'gn, va. \_.&ine] to purpose, to intend, to plan, to project ; to mark oviii—manastha bddsha 

k. bdnchd bd abhiprdy k. kulpand k. si'isti k. maner madhye slhir k, thdhardn ; pdtund k. — 

irdda k. thahrdnd, mansuba bandhna ; naqsha ddlnd 
•Desi'gn, s. an intention, a purpose, a scheme, a plan of action ; skelch— abhiprdy , dshay, kal- 

pand, bdnchhd, pardmarsha, manastha, bhdb, tdtparjya ; khasard, patanri- mansiiba, iidda, 

matlab, manshd ; naqsha . [lainai, nishdn 

Designa'tion, s. [des-si> . . ] appointment, direction— /carmeniys". niyojan, nirdesh—laqzrnif 
Desi'gnedly.urf. purposely, intentionally — gydnatah,jdniyd shuniyd, cheshldpiirbak—jin bujh 

ke, bilirada, dida o ddnista , 

Desi'gner, s. a plotter, a contriver, one who designs— kalpandkdri, fhrishUkdri, dhauchaba 

chitra fcurc ja -inansuba bdz, munshf, munaqqish 

DES (137; DEt 

Designing, a. deceitful, cunning, insidious— d^iirfa, chatur, ihdk, mantrandkAri, durmati — 

gh^ti, gharazAshnd, khudgharaz, shaurmand, farebi 
Desi'rable.a. worthy of desire ; pleasing, delightful— Mnc^t/i/infya; $undar, manohar, kdmya— 

marghub ; dilpasand, aziz, dilchasp 
Desi're, s. wish, eagerness to obtain or enjoy — sprihd, bdnchhd, kdmand, abhildsh, bhogechchhd 

— chah, khw^hish, hawas, 
Desi're, va. to wish, to covet, to entreat — bdnchhd k. ichchhd k. lobh k. prdrthand k. — chdhnd, 

khw^hish r, lalchdn/l, darkhw&st k. 
Desi'rous, a. full of de>ire ; eager; coveting zfter—kdmuk, ichchhuk ; atisayechchhuk ; lobhi, 

dkdnkhyi, sprihdhishishta — mushtdq ; shauqmand ; r^ghib, haris 
Desi'st, D?i. to cease from any thing, to stop — nihrita h. stakita h, thdkan, rahan, khydntah, 

thdman — baz rahna, dast harder h. parhez k. rahj^nd 
Desis'tive, a. ending, concluding— s/ies/i, antim, antastha — akhir 
Desk. s. an inclining table to write upon— dhdl jukta likhibdr pdfd bd piTiri bishesh, dhdlu tnej, 

deaka — likhne kd dlialao mez, desk 
De>'olate. va. to deprive of inhabitants, to fay waste, to make desert— vckchhinna k. ujar bd 

shunyu kariyd rdkhan, desk ujdr k.— 'wirRv. k. ujarn^, bechir^gh k. kliSli k. 
Des'olate, a. deprived of iniiabirants, laid waste, solitary— uc/ic/iinna, ujar, basatihin, shunya, 

nirjan—wn^n, uj^r, bechirdgh, khali 
Desola'tion, s. destruction of inhabitants; gloominess; desert— fen'sanfls/i, deshochchhinna, 
shtinya karan, ujir ; ghoratwa ; auddsya—wixkni, kharibi, bechirAghl; tiragi ; afsurdagi 
Desp^'ir, s. hopeless state, despondence— nirasAa, abhardsd, dshdbhanga, udbeg, atkhay 

bhdband — n^umraedi, y^s, nir^s, andesha 
Despa'ir, un. to be without hope, to despond— nims/i h. hatdshh. nirtharasdh- — be4s h. 

n^umined h. nii&s li. mayiis h. • 
Despa'tcli, ua. to send away hastily; to kill — twardy pdthdiyd d. shighra kariyd preran ; 

sanghdr k. prdne mar«n— jald rawana k. jald bhejna ; mardAlnA, halak k. 
Despa'icli, s. hasty execution ; an express ; a message — tward, abilamba ; dhdbak ,dhdure, dUt , 

bdrtdst1,chak patra—jMi, shitdbi ; hark&ra, qfisid ; chaldn, paighAm 
Despeia'do, s. otie who is desperate or furious; a hired rufRan—akutohhny, dushkarmakdri, 
rd'j;oninatta, rdgdndhu, dushsdhasi ; betanalobhe prdnnndshddi mahdpdp kare je byakti~he- 
dar, bedard, himmatwar, ghussewar, khashmnak ; jalidd 
Desperate, a. without hope ; mad, rash, furious — nirupdy, nird&h, hatabharasd ; rdgonmatta, 

duhsd/iasi.ahddltya, rngihhiUa — nirAs, be tawakkul ; khashmndk, beb5.k, himniati, nidar 
Des'perately, ad. hopelessly ; furiously— nims'm'y ; unmuttarupe, rdgpiirbak, nirbhaye — 

naummedi se ; hebaki se, taliauwur se 
Desperft'tion, s. hopelessness; despair ~7ii>-rts/id, abharasi, dshdrdhitya i duhsdhas — ndummedl, 

bebAki ; tahauwur 
Des'picable, a. contemptible, mean, worthless — heya, tuchchha, adham, ghrindrha, akarmanya, 

abitgyeuya, o(inzc/i— paji, kamina, zalil, muhtazal, ghin ke qabil 
Despi'sable, a, contemptible, despicable — tuchchhaniya, heya, adham — nafrat keq^bil, makriih, 

kamina, zalil 
Despi se, va. to scorn, to contemn— o6og'//'m bn heyagydn k. abaheld k. tuchchha k. ghrind k. 

— haqu jann4, hiqftrat k. nafrat yd ghin k. 
Despi'te, s. malice, anger, malignity, defiance — dwesh, hingsd, irshd, abagydn, pratikuldcha- 
ran, nbagydnpurbak baiparitya prukdsh — addvvat, badandeslii, zidd, raghm, jnukhdlifat, aks 
Despi'te, vex, to offend — biramhand k. dwesh k. athabd hingsdpurbak klesh d. birakta 

k. — bezar k. ndkhush k. addwat iza d. satand, tasdiyad. chhernd 

Despi'teful, a. malicious, full of spleen — hingsdkdH, dxoeshi, irshdjukta—pm adawat, pur 

nifaq. ziddi [chhlnien^, lelend 

Despoil, m»to rob, to deprive, to divest — lut fc. apaharan k. chiniyd I. bai-jita /c.— Intlena, 

Despolia'tion, s. the act of despoiling or stripping— ajjaWan, bale haran, luLhkard — Idi, tdraj, 

chhin lend 

Defepo'nd, rn. to despair, to lose hope — nirdshh. hatdsh h, pratydshd chhdriyd abharsdh. — 

ndummed h. mahrdm h. '' [m;iyusi, yds 

Despondency, s. despair, hopelessness— nirasfta, bharasdrdhitya, dshdhinatd—nAammedi, 

Despond'ent, a. despairing, hopeless— /iat^s/i, nirdsh, bharasdrahit—he ds, ndummed, mdyiia, 

mahriim fniangni k. nisbat'k. 

Despon'sate, va. to betroth, to affiance — bdgddnk. bibdhdrtha bdk sambandka i^.— mansub k. 

Des'pot, s. an absolute prince, a iyreiiit—swatantra samrdf, swddhin rnjd, daurdtmyakdn 

rdjd bd prab/iu, swechchhdpurbak pra6/i7iti<;afcari— pddslidh-i-mustaqill, shdh-i-zdlim, jAbir, 

kulniukhtdr [an^/a/yi/cari pra6/(u— musiaqill, mukhtdr-i-kul 

Despot' ic, o. absolute in power— swechchdmate rdjyddi shdsanakdri, nb'idhya, swatantra, 

Des'potism, s. absolute power, tyranny — rdjddir swatantratd, daurntmya, swechchhdchdr, 

rdjya shdsaue abyabasthdbandha — istiqlal, tasallut, zulm 
Despuma'tion, s. scum ; froth iness—Zri/ bd phend prakhep — phen yd mail nikalnd 
Desse'rt, s. [dez-zert] the last course or service of fruits after meat— p/ia/a/iar, mdngsddi bhojaner 
par je phal mishldnnddir dhdr hay— mew&kliVLti, goshi w. g. khdne ke bdd jo phal phalari 
khdte haia 
Des'tinate, va. to design for any particular end— bishesh karmddite piirbaniyog k. abadkdrjya 
k. bishesh abhiprdye manastha tf, sthir fc.— kisi kdm keliye muqaddar k. badnd, rauqarrar k. 

DES ( 138 ) DET 

Bestina'tlon, s.tlie purpose for which any thing is appointed — hishesh abhim'dye niyog,jadar- 

thepurba manastJui kard giydchhe—sjLhdih ki jis ke vvi^te kisi chiz maqaddar vfi. maqarrar ki 

j^e, I add 
Des'tine, la. to doom ; to appoint unalterably to any state ; to ilevotQ— hishesh dcmde arpan k. 

aparibnrtanrxife viscJiay k.utscirga hariyd d. — saza meu muqarrur k. muqaddar k. ghair 

mumkinuttabdil se mutaiyin k. thahr^nd; fidfi k. tasadduq k. 
Des'tiny, s. the power that (ieteirniiues the fate, invincible necessity ; doom— prdktan, adrish- 

ia ; durbhdgya, dan^ddesh, danddgTjdu—iViqdh, qazS, qismat, nasib, bhdg ; badnasibi, sazl 

Kfi hukm I [ajiz, be maqdur, darmdnda 

Des'iitute, a. forsaken, friendless, in want— anrU/i, bin, akinchan, durdnshdmcita—lAchAr, 
Deslitu'tion, s. want, the state in which something is \\'\iu{iag—dinhinaid, upratal, utiduhklid- 

basthd — lachari, benawai, fdqr, langdasti, beniaqduri 
Pestio'y, va. to lay waste, to desolate, to kill, to bring to nought— uchchhaiuia kariyd d. shunya 

k. sani(hdi' k. nashta ^.— ujdr d. nest k. haldk k. 
Destroy'er, s. the person wllo destroys— was/Jca)-/, bhidshak,prdnaghdtak, stuighdrkand—'Gj^ru, 

lialdkiij^adim , 

Destrnc'tible, a. liable to destruction— ?fas/iu«r, dhwangsaniya, ndshya, asthdyi, asthir— 

paimali, nest hone ke qabil, niuhv karne ke laiq 
Destruc'tion, s. the act of destroying, waste ; murder; the state of being destroyed ; eternal 

deuih—hiit'hb, ndth, dhwnri'na ; savghdr, prdna ndah ; nchchhiiiniliva ; nitya mrityu— 

ilvlak, haldki, ]'dimfili; qatl ; khardbi ; fand 
Destruc'tive, a. that wliich destioys, ruinous— ?i'Js/!«/c, dhwavgsakdri, sanghdrak, nashfahdri, 

hdruLar^manda, apukdvak—mwhWk, muzir, mufsid, nuq^dn k. vv. 
De.-u'etudc, s. [ci'tf-tjrc.] disuse — dlididr nibritti bd ubyabahdr, ritir annathd bd lop haoyd — 

nakaiapan, berawfiji, be istianidli 
Des'ultoiily, ad. in on ua-ettled, immethodical manner — ahramashe, asthiramate, khyiprahat, 

hinribibeke. — berabti ?e, be sarrishtagi se 
Des'ullory, a. laving from one thing to another, unsettled, immethodical — ashthir, chanc/inla- 

maudh, akramik, eluydmeluyd, dlgd, akramdguta — betliikdnii, beiabt, bezabt, betaur, 

besar-.ishta [— kisu se kuch i. kisi tiida ya diieri se tlioid 1, 

Desu'me, vn. to take from any thing— /.ic/tAu laov, rdshi haiie neon, sab nd la'iyd alpa luon. 

]-)eta'ch, fff. to separate, to disengfige ; to send off" apaityonan expedition — bibhiima kj.ha- 

"" sJidiia, tijtikta k. prilliukk. sainya samuhev katak seiidgan bishesh prayojandrlhe preran k.— 

chhorand, judd k. alag k. nikrilna ; ek ghol ko kisi muhint par bhfjna 
Detached, pa. [.'. j separated, disengaged— 7)>'Jt/jak, bijukta, bibhinna — judd judd k.g. muayia, 

Petaciiment, s. a company of troops sent out from the main body — sainyer ek angsha jd//d 

bisheah prayu'jnndrilie khainyahnice priihak kariyd prerita kardjdy, prerita senddal, j/mridu 

— ek ghol jo lauj se jiiuu karke bheja jae 
Detail, s. a minute and ])articular account or mrT!it\on—hisIieshahihara7i, histdrita bdkya, 

brittdnta, beord , sabishcsh bydkhyd — taf-il, mufassal, mashruhan, sharahwdr, haqiqat 
Deta'in, va. to withold, to keep back, to hold-— nibdran, raJiitu 7.-. diak k. rohin, dharan, bad- 

dhatcariyd rdkhnn, dlkdna — bdz raklmd, alkand, roknd, uljba r. dab r. qaid k. 
Detain'iler, s. the nnme of a writ fdr holding oue in custody— kdrdgdre buddha karandrthe 

dgydn putru — mahbns rakhne kd i:ukmndma, qaid rakhne ka parwana 
Deta'iuer, s. he that holds back any one's right, he that detains— ri/afc kartd, dfkdniyd — 

aikdne w. rokne w. 
Dete'ct, ta. to discover, to find out — snndhdn kariyd dharan, doshddi sandhdn k. ter pdiyd 

dharan, paradoskadi prokdsh kariyd jdndna, gnpta kichhubdhir k. — dekhpdnd, pakajpana, 

chori pakarnd, khatd zaliir k. posJiida ko fdsh k. ^ 

Detec'tion, s. discovery of guilt or fraud ; discovery of any thing hidden— £fo.</^ o pratdrajiddi 

crpakarmer ferpdoyd ; giipta 2)?'«fcai/i— kh;;tagirf, zuhiii-i-fareb ; kisi poslnda chiz kdzahir bond 
Deien'tion, s. act of keeping, restraint— -c^/iar/j/a rdkhan, dlakkard, bddhd, praiibandha, 

haddha harun — atkao, rukdo, qaid, liabs 
Dcte'r, va- to dis::'ourage, to di^iearten — abharasi deon, hhay dekhdnori hatdsh k. bhagnachitta 

h. subhay /c— daiduflj bebiniraat k. [dldish^ nilcdlna 

Dcte'rge, va. to cleanse a sore — khyatddi parishkdr h. ghdrmal ndsh k. — ghaosdf k. jirdiialki 
Dfter'gent, a. having the power oi cle^iusnig — ghdmalandshak aushadlii, khyata paribhkdrak 

— masafi'i, wuli dawd ki jo giiao ki aldish nikalii hai 
iJeterioiate, va.\o imjjair, to make wor^e—bigardna, apakriih'.a k. guner nnyathdk. nashta k. 

— bigdnid, kbardbk..altar k. badtar k. ' [bhutatiia -h\gAr,Vdkrib, zillut 

iX'teiiura'tion, s. act of making any thig worse — iigdr, apakrishta bkdb, guncrbikdr. adhnmi' 
Deter'jneut, s. act or cause of deterring — bhayapradarshan, sdhas bhanga, udyambhanga — 
• fbiidnd, (Ihaniki, himmat shikani 
I/cier'minable, o. that which may be certainly decided— 7iishpndaniya, nirdhdraniya, nivneya, 

(liiidiunddwdrd stliirkaraniya, nishchay liaon losva—q^hd-i-i&i-d, rauhaqqaq, cliukjane ke 

■ .,. ^ J J ^J H [k.ihikk. 

D- 'ir'minate, limit; to fix— nirnay k. nishchay k. nirdhdran, sthir /c.— tahq'q k. muaiyan 
Detcr'minate, a. limited, established, conclusive, iixed, resolute— M/>d/i'i''trt, nishchila.spash- 

iit,7iirnita, khdli, Ihik, his/wik, sthirikrita—mn^y^'m, tahqiq, thik, muqarrar, yaqinl 
Dettrininaiely, ad. resolutely, certainly— m6/ic//ayrw/;e, nitdnta, spashlurupe, nihsandehe — 

chqiqau, yuqfnan, thIk, muqarrar 

D E T ( 1 39 ) B E V 

Determina'tion.s. resolution ; (\ecis\on—nishchay,nirdhdran, sthira muna$tha,nitdnta hnlpami ;, 

tihlipatti, ia/HYic/Zia— tawaqqun, azmbiljazm, qasd ; infisal, rafa- 
Determine, la. to fix, to selile, to concluile, to limit, to resolve, to decide— rj?rn«y 7c. nir- 

dhdrun, samidhd k. nirupan, sthir k. nishpatti k. — tliik k. yaqin k. tliahrdnd, muain k. 

chuk^nA [muqarrar, tiu'k k. g. faisal k. g. chukaya gay4 

Beter'mined.po. [.. .] resolved; decided — nlyamita, nlrnita, sthir ikiita ; niihpn una — mut^iyan, 
Deter'sion, s. tlie act of cleansing a sore— khr/atddi pariskkdr kard, ghdmaLandsh—g\\'ko ki 

diaisli katna, jirdliat kA mail sAf k. 
Detersive, a. having the power to c\edin<ie — ghdma!andshak aushadin, khyater pralep hishesh — 

ph^oke mail saf k. w. pnlastar yd marliam ki ek qism 
Dete'st, til. to hate, to ahhov—ghrindk. maitdabdian, dwesh k. ashraddhd k. heyarryin k. — 

gliin k. adawat r. karahiyat k. maknih jannA [ghinao'nd, kaiAliati 

Detest'ahle, a, hateful, al;horied — ghrindrlia, heya, garhaniyu, g'/irj//j/« — makruh, z'alil, 
Dete,sta'tion,5. hatred, abhorrence, abouiiiialiou— g-/u'i«a, heyagydn, as/tra^c/Zui— nafrat, ghin, 

kaiahiyat, i.stihqar 
Dethro'ne, va. to divest of regality, to remove from the throne— rrt/j/fl! chyutak. rdjapadhaite 

tdrdiyd d, iinghdsanharjita /c.~betaj o takht k. saltanat chhin 1. badshah ko takht se utlrnd 
Detona'tion, s. [</et-(). .] loud explosion of certain mixtures — korkash shabda bishesh^ char- 

c/i«r s/(«W<T! i^j/rtrfi— chatchatahat, charcharahat, isi tarah ki kari awaz 
Detra'ct, f(a!. to derogate, to defame, to s\an(\er— paver mdn bd jashev hdiii k. nindd k. apa- 

/;ad /c — ddsre ke da:je ko ghatina, beqadr k. ruswA k. aibgol k, nindya k, ifiiia k. tuhmat 

lagand [khafif k. aibs;oi, badnrlrr.i 

Detrac'lion, s. a taking away; slander — rhds kard, Idghnli kard ; nindd, kuchcli/id—ghntank, 
Detraci'ive, a. tenrling lo dthn\e—akliydtikar,vind(ik^ asiiyikdrak — aibgo, mulzim, ruswi 
Detract'ory, a. defamatory, derogatory — apamdnakdri, marjyddd bdjaiher hdnikar — badndn; 

k. w. lehurmat k. w. qadr ko kam.ine vv. 
Deti'iment, s. loss, damage, raiscliief — khyati, hdni, apachny—n\iq-ii.n, khalal, shikast, ghatd 
Detrinien'tal, a, mischievous, causing loiis—khyatikar, hdnikar, apacJiayi — muzir, mukhlLl, 

nuq^an k. w. , [hat, farsudagi, malisb 

T)etri'tion, s. the act of wearing a.w?tY—gharshane rhds hd hhyny karan, ghasltiyd jdon — ghisa- 
Delrii'de, i'«. to tiirwst down, to force into a lower place — adhahkhyep k. uchcha st/idn haita- 

niche nikhyep k. pheiiyd d. niche /c. — dalna, bulandi se past! men plienk d. niche dal)and 
Detru'sion, s. liie act of thrusting down— adhakhyep,pheLiyddeoyd,nichekard, theliyd phelan — 

nichs dal d. phenk d. nichegirana 
Davasta lion, s. waste, havocJv, desolition— apfflc/iay, apakdr, upadrah, nish, vjdr, uchchhin- 

nafwa— tabdhi, nuqsani, vvirani, pSimali, ujar [kidu)i 

Deuce, s. the-two in cards or dice — pdshdr duyd hd tdser dnri, duiphotd-r^p^.se ka dda ya tas> 
Devel'op, ra. to unfold, unravel, uncover — Icholan, bistiriyd kahan, hynkta k. prakdsk k. 

bipjdiipan, xid^ta hi pvachdrita k. — kholna, wazih k. suljhdnd, zdliir k. 
Deve'st, la-to strip, to deprive of clothes. See Divest— c/t/m/aiij tolan, bastrahink.—c\MXki. 

utarna, tiangAk. . 
De' to wander from the common way, to go astray, to err, to sin — hipathe- gamank. 

hznkiydjioii, gamya path chhdriyd d, bhrdn'ta h. pdpkafma k. — bhataknd, berah j. bad rah 

j. guiniah h. ctinkna, gnnah k. 
Divia'tion, s. quitting the right way; error, offence— hipathe gaman, hakragati , satpatha 

iydg ; bhrdnti, kubyabahdr, aparddh — beralii, gumrahi, zalalat ; khafa, jurm 
Devi'ce, s. a contrivance ; a design; emblem — ^«/p«fta, updy ; manastha, sris/iti ; chinha, 

sanketd.nlahishi'.ih — mM\9^u.\idi,^kr,gVLrc\-Xn; maqsad, ikhtira; nishani 
Devil, s. a tallen angol, tlie tempter, or spiritual enemy of mankind— i/Aiif, daitya, ddnahddi, 

preen, apadebatd, saytun—deo, iblis, ghi'il, shaitan 
Dev'ilish, a. partaking of the qualities of the devil, diabolical ; wicked— bhnta dharmak, apa- 

de',atd sambandhiya ; durdchdri, pdpishta—dea sirat, shaitani; zabnn, badzdt 
De'vious, a. outof ttie common way ; Qrr'ing—bipathagdmi, supaihabahirbhuta ; bhrdmak — 

beiah, badrah, kajiaw ; gumrah 
Devi'se, V. to contrive, to invent ; to grant by will ; cdnsider — kalpan, rachan, nutan srishli k. 

viumunha dinpatre ddii Ic. bibechand k. — mansdba daurand, tikr k. ijdd k. ekhtira k. hiba 

kaijar;d ; socluia 
Devised, ]:«.[..] contrived ; given by will— ^rt/^jjfa, rachita, nabasrishta ; ddnpatradwdrd 

datt a— m?inin\i7i k. g. insha k. g. ijad k. g. vvasiyat name ke ru se diya gayd 
Devise e, s. he to whom a thing is bequeathed —ddn patra dwdrd dhanddi ddn kard giydchhe 

jdhdke, daita dhana prdpta, mumurshuddnddhikdri — musalahu, mauhublahu, yane wuh 

shakhsjis ko hiba kiyd gayd hai [ari, tihi 

Devo id, a. empty, vacant, void, free from — sh/:nya, rahitkrita, hin, barjita — khdli, muarra, 
Devo'ir, i-, [.rirorj an act of civility — shishtdchdr, sebd, dgydnkdritd—m\i\'AZdLmdX,^k\\\&.q^, 

narmf, mudiirdt 
Devo'lve, v. to fall by succession ; to roll down— -7r/jan, nrshan, adhikdr h. gardiyd patan, 

— dast badast dnd, hathon hath jand ; a parna, pahunchna 
Devo'le, va. to dedicate, to consecrate, to give up — utsarga k. pratishthd k. samarpan, sankal- 

pa kariyd deon — fida k. qurbdn k. tasadduqk. nazr k. de d^i'n^- 
Devote'e, s. one erroneously or superstitiously religious, a h\sot—hhaktikartd, sannydsi, 

tapaswi, debopdsak, ishwaranishthd, dharmahishaye pakhyapdti , swamat iihinna unyamatdba- 

lambi dweshtd—zihid, fiddi, riydzati, jogi, bairdji,tapassi, rautdssib 

D K T ( 140 ) D I A 

Devo'tion, s. piety ; worship; prayer; stroncf affection, aTtlor-dhannaniihthd,is]iwaranish- 

thi ; drddhaud, archand ; -pfdrthawidi dharmakarma, dharmanibesh ; bhakti, atisneha, 

autsukyu, tej — taqw^ ; handaci, ibadat, naiuaz, riydzat ; bhakli; trarnu' 
Dev'c'ur, va. to eat up ravenouf^iy, to consurn'e, to anniliilate--rt>«^i7flH, ndke mukhe khddan, 

khdiyd phelan, grds k. bindsh fc.— bliakhiid, bhakhosna, klialenii, kiiajanft, z^ya k. pdiii-dl k. 
Davo'ut, a. pious, religious; earnest, shicere—bhakta, dharmanishlha, bhaktikdri, updsak , 

bya^rachitta, utsuk, saral, nishkapaf — bhagat, dbid, pdrsft, dinddr, nam^zi, niul^bid ; 

mushtdq, shauqmand, sadiq, s&fdil 
Devout'ly, «(i. piously, religiously — hhaktiptirhak, mananibesh lirame, dhirmikatwariipe—sCif- 

fiyAna, zaliidana, dindari se 
Deuteros'copy, s. f c/it.. . . j the secoiid intention, a meaning beyond the literal sense — dwyartha 

bdkyer dwitiydrtha, shleshdrtha, marma, abyaktdbhiprdy — istilAh, mfini-i-murddi 
Dew, s. moisture ; a thin, cold night vapor which moistens plants— ardrata ; shishir, osh, shi' 

shirer nydy rasunihsaran, sajula bdspa — tari ; shabnam, os 
Dew'berry, s. the fruit of a species of bramble — phal bishesh — ek qisra kd mewa 
Dew'drop, s, a drop of dew—shishirabinda, himer hand hd p/jo/fi— shabnam ka qatra yd ddna 
Eew'lap, s. the flesh that hanes down from the throat of oxea—brisha bd garur galadeshe je 

lolita mdngsa, galdr kamhai — gdw yd bail led ghabghab 
Dew'y, a. like dew ; partaking of dew ; moist witii dew — shishirabat ; shishiramay ; niahre 

6/it?4— shabnam sd ; shabnami ; osila 
Dexter'ity, s. readiness of limbs, activity, ex pertn ess —/^asto padddir utkhyipratd, khyipratd, 

dakhyaUi—chusti, chdidki, zuddasti 
Dex'terous, a. expert at any manual employment, subtle, skilful, full of expedients— /c/)?/;pra, 

dakhya, chatur, pdrak, nipun, piiu— chdlak, chust, chatiir, dastqabil, dastkar, karigar 
Dexterously, ad. expertly, skilfully, artfully — khyipratapurbuk, dakhyarupe, uttumrupe, 

mtarke — ba chusti, chalaki se, kdrigari se, chatiirai se, siydn se 
Dex'tral, Dex'ter, a. on the right hand s'\de—dakhyindigastha,dakhyin,ddin—dkhtii tarafi, 

Dey, s. [da] title of the governor of Algiers — A Ijir ndmak desiya rdjar upddhi bd padabi bishesh 

— hdkm-i-A'ljir ka khiiai) yd laqab 
Diahe'tes, s. [. . . . J a morbid copiousness of urine — mutramay, hahumutra rof— salsul, baul, 

Diabolical, a. devilish, impious, nefarious — bhutadharmak, dushia, apakrishta, hhutabat, 

ghriiiya, atimandu—shahAiii, deo sirat, badkar, fasiq- 
DiacoMium, s. the syrup of poppies — poster kwdth, postabrikhyer phaler iidda nirjds — khash- 

klidsh kd sliira, dayaquza 
Diacous tics, s. the doctrine of sounds — dhwanibidyd, shabdotpatti bidyd — awdz kd fann, ilm- 

i dwdz 
Dia'dem, s. acrown or tiara, the mark of royalty— mu/cii?, kirit, rdjdr maatakdbharun—Xk}, 

kulah-i-shdhi, dehim, mukat 
Dia'resis, s. [.er-e.j ihe mark [. .], used to separate syllables; as, atr—padangsher bichcheda 

siichak biHdu,jathdl..]—silebU ydne lafz ke hije juda karne kd nishdn yd nukta, jaisd 

Diagnos tic, s. a symptom by which a disease isditinguished from others — bisnchikd, byddhir 

upasai-'^a bd lakhyan, roganishchdyak chinha — aldmat-i-marz, bimari kd nishdn 
Diag onal, s. reaching from one angle to another — kondldnd, kondkoni land rek/id bidnk 

— kona koni khatt, ek zdviye se dusre tak ^ 

Diagram, 5. a geometrical figure— ajifca bidydy anka bd rekhdmuy chitra bd likhan—shiikl- 

i-handasa i 

Di'al, s. an instrument for measuring time by the sun's shadow— raurfrasfc/iri, c/i/ia7/4 dwdrd 

kdla nirnay kuraner jantra bishesh — dhiip ghart, yane ek did ki jis se saya napkar waqt ko 

mdlum kiydja sake 
Di'alect, s. the form or idiom of a language, style, manner of expression— cfesA bhdshd,kathdt 

4hdrd, boli,bdkya knthnnerriti — zubdn, Hsan, bhakhd, boli, istildh, tarz-i-kalam 
Dialec'tical, a. logical, argumental ; respecting dialects— /au/cti/f, nydyashnstra'sambandhiya, 

tarkubishayak , bhnshd saiibandhiya, desh bhaskd sambandhiya—mdiUiiqi, hujjati^ mudallal ; 

lisanf, zuban mansub 
Dialec'tic, s. logic, the art of reasoning— ^'ir/ca6j(/2/'*>J'^"''^'^'^S'^» nt/ny^s^msti-a— ilm-i-mantiq, 

ilm-i-manazara, fann-i-istidlal 
Di'alling, s. the art of constructing dials ; the knowledge of shadows — raudra ghari nirmdna 

bidyd , chhdyd bidyd— dhCip gharfbandne kd ilm ; saya shinasi 
Dial'ogist, s. a speaker in a conference, or writer of dialogues — prashnottarakdri, iittar pra- 

tyultara may prabandhakartd — mukhdtib, sawdl jawdb amez bdtea likhne w. 
Di'alogue, s.i.Aog] a conference, a conversation between two or more persons— sa!m6/iaj,/i, 

prashnottar, uttarpratyuttar, kathopakathan, kahdkahi — mukdlaraa, guftgii, bdtchit, sudl 

Diameter, s. the line which passing through the centre of a circle or other curvilinear figure 

divides it into equal pditts-^ goLdkritir madhya diyd hhed kare je rekhd, byds rekhd, manda- 

lereksamdn dwikhandakdri rekhd — qutr, wuh khatt jo daire ya aur munhani ashkdl ke mar- 

kaz par se guzar ke uske do hisse barabar kar dewe, daire ke bich kd khatt 
Diamet'rical, a. describing a diameter; direct — Utandaler dwikhandakari, byiisrekhd nirtipak ; 

thik, biparit—q\xtT\ ; sidha 

Dl A 

141 ) DIF 

Diametrically, ad. in a diametrical direction— man(;/a fa madhya diyd, sarbatobhnbe, tarbdng- 

she, thik^ha surat-i-qutr, sidliA 
Di'aixiond, s. the roost valuable and hardest of all the gems — hirak mani, /jfm— hfra, alm^is 
Diapason, s. an octave in music— bddy a bidydy swur bishesh, ashlam swar — musiqi meuath 

mukhlalif siiroji ka ^thwSu siir 
Di'aper, s. linen cloth woven in flowers or figures— buidtold hdpar bishesh— dod&mi, ninn 
Diaph'anous, a. transparent, clediT—swachchha, parkald, parishkdr, sphalikabat nt?'7na/— shaf- 

faf, saf 
Diaphoret'\c, a. promotintc perspiration— g/m/«o/pn(/a/c—pasfna lane w^lS 
Di'aphragm.s. [. .frarti] the midriff which divides the chest from the abdomen— 6a/c/^2/u o udarer 

madhyaharti st/iau— parda i-shakm jo chliAti aur peru ke bich hai 
Diarrhoe'a, s. [,...] a flux of the belly, a purging— atisa/', dmdshay, udarabhanga, pelchald 

— ishal, dasl, jiriy^a-i-shakam, sangirhni 
Di'ary, s. a daily account, a journal — jiitya bibaraner lipi, dainandin,prali dine jdhd jdhd 

hay hd hard jay tdhdr lipi hd likhan, jaM«— roznamcha, rozndma 
Dias'toie, s. \di-as-to-le] the making a short syllable long ; the dilatation of the heart— parf- 
dngsa bd rhaswa akdrddir dirghbchchdran ; rhitpinder prap/iulyatd—c\\ho\i sillebit ko 
barlia d. dil ki shiguftagi. 
Dib'ble, j. a gardener's planting tool— ma//r khantd bd kuddli bishesh, gdchh ropana astra^ 

baghbAn ki khunli, sAbar . «• . 

Dice, of Die — va. to game with <\\ce—buhubiic.ha)ie pdshd bujhdy, chmtpdr—va. pdsh 

/fn'Tvi /t.— p^sa kA jama, pase— t;a. pdsouse k'lelnA ^ " fjuari 

Di'ceV, *•, a player at dice, a gamester— paA^ri/cn'ra/c, chnitpdr kheld kcre je ; juydri — pA<;ehAz; 

Dick'er.'s. ten hides of leather— c/i«r7«er dusha sankhyd, dash khan c/m»ji-a— daskh^leu, 

das adad chamre 
Dic'tate, r^!. to tell what to write ; to deliver auihoritalively— fta/ii/a diya lekhdna ; gurutara- 

riipe katlian bd ddesh fc.— ib4rat bat^nd vA likhwana ; farmanA 

Dic'tate, s. a rule or maxim delivered willi authority, pye^cnpUon—dgydn, ddesh, bidhi — 

liukm, farmdn, qAmin [e/caf//i?paii— hakim-i-mustaqill ; Rnm kd hakim 

Dicta'lor, s. a supreme ruler ; a Roman Magistrate — sh Isankartd ; Rumiya bichdrkartd; 

Diftato'rial, a. authoritative ; confident ; dogmatical — shdsanakdri, khyamotdpanna ; sdhiisi ; 

pragidbha, abddhya—hk liukiimat, hukmi ; himmatwar; khudnuaid 
Dicta'torship.s. the office of dictator ; authority— efcad/a'patirjparf, pradhdn shdstripad ; pra- 

6/(?ia<;a— h-ikimkauhda; hukumat 
Dic'tion,s. style, language, expression— feot/mn hd Ukharier dhdrd,bhdshd,bdkya prabandha, 

rachaiid, to/t— bolchal ka muhdwara, inshA, ibArat, bayAn, taqn'r 
Dic'tioiiary, s.'a book containing the worpis of a language explained in alphabetical order, 
a vocabulary, a lexicon — abhidhin, shabdagrantka, kosh, skabdasangraher bhdbdrthusiichak, 
s'i«6c?am«/a— lughat, farhang, kosh 
Didac'iic, a. preceptive, giving precepts, as a didactic poem gives rules for some art — upa- 

deshasambilita, 6i(//)-t^5h«2/ttA: — nasiliatamez, farmln mansab 
Didac'tically, ad. in a didactic manner — upudeshtrimute, bidhiddnapurbak — nasihat se, far- 

mAish se 
Die, V. to tinge, colour ; to lose life, perish— ra/i^ d. rangdnd. barna k. maran, prdna tydg k. 

loknntnrctgaman, nnshta h. — rang charhana, rangna; mama, halak li, madtim k. 
Die, s. pL dice ; a small cube to play w\th~pdshd, akhya, dyuta, chanpdr — p^sA, gittakh 
Di'er, s. one who dies cloth, &c. — rangakdr, barnakdri, bastrddichhopdy bd ran^dyje — rangrez, 
sabbAgh [kliuiAk. khAna, qui; majlis 

Di'et, s. food, victuals; an assembly — khddyadrahya, dhdr, anna,pathya; sahhd—gWizA, 
Di'et, Tj. lo supply with food ; to eat by rule— ^/wr nirbdha k. khddya sdmagri jogdna; pari' 

mitadhdrk. — khilna khildna, bhojan kaiAnd ; ialiddl se khand 
Diet'drink, s. medicated Wqnoxs— aushadhiy a j at, peya kwdth, aushadhbishishla j«Z— dawSi 

araq ya pani, karhd , 

Dif fer, VII. to be unlike, to vary, to disagree — bhinna h. anyaprakdr bd bhinna bhdb h. bishesh h. 

asamdn h. nd mi/an— khilaf h. ikht:'ilif ya antnel h. 
Difference, s. dissimilarity in state or conditioti ; dispute— 5/ierf, prabhed, bishesh, asdmya, 
bailakhyanya ; hirodh, sneha bbanga — nlmuwAfaqat, namunasabat, ikhtifdf ; bigar, jliagrd 
Different, «. distinct, unlike, dissimilar— 6is/tes/i, bhinna, prithak, atulya, anyaprakdr— 3.hg , 

nyfira, mubdin, mukhalif, namuwAfiq 
Dif in a different manner — prakdrdntare,anyathdy, bhinnamate, anyaprakdre 

^ — aur tarah se, nyari waza se « 

Difficult, a. hard, not easy ; vexatious ; rigid, peevish — kdihin, dushkar , duhsddhya ; klesha 

da; shakta, jhanjhdtiyd — mushkil, daqiq, kaihin, dushwAr; dardsar, shadid 

Difficulty, s. hardness ; distress; perpleKity—shaktatd^kdthinya ; klesh ; pench, jkanjKdt 

— (lushwari, i«hkal ; musibat, dukh ; jhanjhat, ijtiar [beiaiimadi, dharkd 

DifUdence, s. distrust, want of confidence — asdhas, abharasA, abishwdsh, hhirutd — behimmati, 

Diffident, a. distrustful, not confident — sandigdhamandh, bhiru, asdhau'c — shakki, wahmi, 

Diffluent, a. flowing every way; not ^xed—sarbatrabydpijalddi, sarbadike bahiyd jdy bd 

areje ; asthir, ashakta — hartaraf jdri ; ghairmuaiyan 
Diflf orm, a. not uniform, unlike, irregular— fl'sam«7i, asamatulya, bhinna, niyamabarjita 
— na hamwar, ni muwafiq, betartib 

DIP ( 142 ) , DIL 

DifTuse, 105. to pour out, to spread, to scatter— ^nitar k. ehhitdna, bydpita k. hisdran, chhardna 

-bichhdnd, phaildn^, chhitiAnd, bilcherncl, muntashir k. 
Diffu'se, rt-. scattered, widely spread; copions. not concise— Instirna, bistdrita, bydpta, bis- 

tdv, bahula,prashasta — chhitkil hua, phail^ hill ; mufassal 
DifFu'sedly, ad. widely, dispersed! y—ia/iii/j/anlpe, bistdritartipe, prashastarupe—pha.\]&o se, 

ba intislulr 
DifFu'sion, DifFu'siveness, s. dispersion— bydpti, prasdr, bistdr, bydpahatd, bdhulya—inilsh&r, 

DifFu'sive, n. liaving the quality of scattering any thins every way ; scattered, dispersed, ex- 
tended— bydpak; bj/dpta, bhtirna, pmiYfnm— phailane w. niuntashar, chhitra, phailao 
Dig," va. to turn up with a s>ade or cultivate land, to excavate— A://ana«, khunran, gartak. 

— khodn^, gorna, garhtinri 
Digest, V. to concoct in the stomach ; to range methodically— pa/c p.pdk k.jimak. shreni- 

baddha k sdra san^^rnhn /c — hazm k. pachana ; tartib se r. 
Digest, s. a body of civil \^ws—byabaithd$dr, smritisan^hhd, rdjnitisangraha, bidMsdra- 

*^?j,irrrt/<«— qauanin-i mulki 
Digest 'ible, a. capable of being digested— p^c/f?/a, andydse pdk bd jirni hay jdhd, laghvpdk, 

pakajogyti-qahd-i-hazm, pachanhrtr 
Diges'tion, s. [.jes-tslmn] the act of concocting food— pdk, jirni, jdr an— hazm, pachilo 
Dig'ter, s. one vvlio digs or opens the ground— /Jia/ja/c, khanan kdrak, koddliyd, khonraniyi— 

ivhodne w. beldar 
Dight, va. to dress, to deck, to d,(\ovn—beshhhushd k. sdjdna, bastrdlankdr paridhdn k. 

shobdnuita A:.— poshdk pahndnd, singhar k. sanwarnA 
Dig'it^ s. [didj-it] three fourths of an inch ; twelfth part of the diameter of the sun or moon ;' 

any of tlie numbers expressed by single figures ; any nnraber to ten, so called fxom counting 

Upon the ^n^evs— panne tin jab pcrrimdu, bunder tinhha^ ; surjyachandrerdwddashdngsher 

ekdngsha ; anka ganandy dnshakpurjyanta ekddi anka-paun inch ; bArhvvan hissa aftfib 

ya mahtab ke qutr ka ;*ahad, yane wuh ank jo das se kam hai 
*Dig'ital, a. pertaining to a digit or finger — augulisambandkiya, angulibishayak — unglfon 

ka, angUfht mansub 
Dignified, T^ff. [.. .J invested with honours, oxd\t:,ni\.y—marjydddpanna,gaarab bishlshla, 

gttriipaddsilia, pratdpbishishta— izzdiidAr, shkndAr, zi shaiikai 
Dig'nily, t'rt. to advance, to exalt, to honor, \o adorn— uchchapadasthak.nnnatak. sam- 

bhrdnta k.shohhd bisJiishla k. — barhiinfi, asmdn par charhana, izzat d. sanwdrna 
Dig'uitary, s. a clergyman advanced to some rank above that of a parochial priest — shreshtha- 

padaprdpia purohit bd dharmopadCih.ak, pradhdn ac/trtrj?/a— muazzaz darje kd pddri, sardar 

ya bard pddri 
Dig'nity, s. rank of elevation, grandeur of mien; z.dvaincemeni—mahimd,xichchapad,'mdn, 

sambhram, gaurab ; unnati, iric/d/a— martaba, qadr, manzalat, paya, iftikhar^ taraqqi, 

Digress, vn 


vn. to turn aside from the main design of a discourse ; to wdindeT—kdthya 
chhdviyd bdhydntar kathan, pdsh katkd hihan ; bhraindtinak h. — jisbdbat; 

ay clilKirn/d bdhydntar kathaii, j)dsli kathd k-ihan ; bliraimitina'i li. — jis bdbat men 

kahd jatd hai wuh chhorkar aur hdteu darmiyan land; bhatakna 
Disres'sion, s. act of deviating from the main tenour; deviation— pas/Jcaf/ia, bdkydjitar^ 

luthdr mdjhekntlid; balrfignman—']\\(\.i;p'>i\\^r,z\nei; bhatak 
Dike, s. a cliannel to receive water; a mound to hinder inundation — khdt,jalapath, khdi ; 

setu,jdngdl, banda, bdndh—khnndaq- khAi ; pushta, band 
Dila'cerate, va. to tear, to fend— chimn, hid'iran, chhinran, clihinnahJiinna k. — chirnd, phdrnd 
Dilap'idate, vn. to g-o to ruin ; to fall — khyay h. nashla h. uchchliinna h. khyay pdiyn paran — 

wiidn h. kharab h. tabah h. gir parna ' [wiiani 

Dilapidation, s. waste, decay, nun— khyay , nchchhinna bhdb, n/isA— khardbi, tabdhi, zawdl, 
Dila'table, a. capable of extension — pra&draniya, bistdrjya, prapanchita karan jogya— 

piiailne ke qabil, barlianhdr 
Dila'te, v. to extend, to widen ; to relate diffusely— prffS'jr k. prashasta k, bistdrltak. bistdriyi 

kalian, bdkyabdhulya k. — phaildna, chaurd k. barhand, till d. mashruhan bayan k. 
Dila'tor, s. that whicli widens or extends,— prasdrak, prapanchakdri, prashastakdri — phaildae 

w. baihne w. 
Dil'atoriness, s. slowness; sluggishness— rf/a'rata, bilamba ; dhildmi,dlasya, s/taithilya— 

dhistagi, diraug, deri ; kdheli [kahel 

Dil'atory, a. tardy, slow, ]o'\ler\n^—(lhiid. dirghasiitri, asatwar, alas, nilpifyd—dhim^i, siist, 
Dilem'ma, 5. a difficult or doul)ttul choice ; vexatious alternative— /c// /:«'/), Ihakiliuli^ 

jhanjhdt, dwidhd, bikalpa, sandeha—duhdhA, makhmasa, haisbais 
Diletfa'nte, s. fpL dilettanti] one who delight* in cultivating or promoting the fine arts— ■ 

gri/ingranthan c/dtra bhdakarddi bidydy nipnn bi tadannrdgi byakli, uttam ihilpabidyd- 

bettd—wuii sliaUis jo fann-i-nislifit ke isliq aur taraqqi men dildilii kare ' 

Dil'igence, s. industry, assiduity— pmi/a4",]>«j-iii/oam, nirdlasya, mahodyam — mihnat, tandihi, 

mashaqqat, koshish, sargarml 
Dil'igent, a. con.^tant in application, assiduous, attentive— par/s/irami, karmalh, andlmya, 

ma/(ojon'i, c/irt/ayc— hdzirbdsh. milinaii, mutawajjih / [barrdq ; saf, khuld' 

Dilu'cid, a. clear; evident, not obscure— sujac//c/j/m, nirmal ; pharsd, SH.sp';s/(7a— shaffdf^ 
Uiiu'cidate. 7;<7. to make clear, to explain. See Elucidate— stcachchha bd parishkdr k, si's- 

pashla k. nrlha bodh kardna, iubyaktu k. lijdkjiyd k. — sdf k. baydn k. zdhir k. 

D 1,L ( 143 ) I) I R 

Dilu'te. va. to make thin ; to vfQ^^s.en.'—pdtaldk.jalabhashkd k. tej khdla k.. — patid k. raqfq k. 

zaif k. halka k. [patlA k. khafif k. raqiq k. 

Dilu'tion, s. act of making thin or weak— tara/ bdpdtald karan, jalamishrita k. tej^lidldna — 
Dilu'vian, a. relating to the delage—julupldban sanibandhiya, pralayahishayuk — tufanf, 

tul'^n inansiil) [chdndhla, tdrik, andherd 

Dim, a. not seeing clearly, ohscure—j hdpsddrishli, dhdnddli, glior, a^p^^rsA/a— dhandhl^, 
Dimen'sion, s. space contained in any thing, bulk, extent, capacity — parisar, prdshastya, 

liimh'iichaurdi, parimdn, map — dil, jasAmat, lamhaichaur5.i, miqd^r, arsfi., m^p 
Diminish, v. to lessen, to impair, to degrade— rti/7i« k. chhota hd khdla k. ghdtdna, kharba k. 

kliyay h. mdner rhds fc.— ghatana, chhol^ k. kam k. yA h. chhota h.nuqsAn h. darje kd kamni 
Diminution, s. act of making or growing less, discredit —r/ias karan hd haon, khyay, apuchay, 

mdner hdni, mar } y dd d hhang a— ksuni, nuqsfin, ghatti. qasr, takhfif, darje ki nuqsdni 
Dimin'utive, a. small, little ; contracted— fe/iyurfj'a, chhota, pdti, sukhyma, kharba; khuniyd . 

— clihoia, nannhft; kiichak 
Di'missory, s. that by which a man is dismissed to another jurisdiction — eknsthdn haite pari- 

tyakta bd chyuta haiydanyatra prerita liay jdhdte bd je patra dwdrd — wuhh khatt jis se koi 

sliakhs ek ke amal se dusre ke araal men bheja jawe, itidqnama 
Dim'ity, s. a fine kind of fustian or cloth of cotton— dure kdpar bishesh — doriyd, girati 
Dim'ness,s. dulness of sight, obscurity, stupidity— ;9/irtpsri,g'/trtr drishta, ishadujjwal, murhatd 

— dhundhKipan, zuaf-i-bindi, kam roshni, kundi [khol—g^\ou kd, garha yd chah-i-zanakh 
Dim'ple, s. a hollow in the cheek or chin — gdlete bd chibuke mdn^salol haiyd je garta hay bd 
Dimply, a. full 0/ dimples — iolbhhisla, gal deshe tolpard — gAlon y^ zanakddri meji garh^ditr 
Din, s. a loud noi>e, a violent and continued sound — golindl/koldhat, chenchdchenchi, hurdhuri, 

abishrdnta dhwani hi sahda — shor, ghul, ghap^ra, ghaughS-i-mudami [bahird k. 

Din", va. to stun with noise — atigolmdle ghabardna hd karna badhir k. — shor >;e ghabril d. yS, 
Dine, V. to eat the chief meal about the middle of the day, to feed—dhdr k. madhydnha bhojan 

k. bhojan k'rdna, hhoj d. — khdiid khdnii, chfisht k, dAwat k. khilAna 
Di'iet'ical, a. Idenet..] whirling round, veitiginous — ghurnaradn, bibritta, phiraniyd — dauwir, 

gardish martahua, gl) imta hua, phertS hti^ ^ [dem^rni 

Ding, I', to dash w.ith violence— rtc/i/tar mdraii, dchhrdna, rdge ahakhyepan — zor se patakna, 
Din'gle, s. a hollow between hills, a dale — purbatadwayer rmdhyasthdn, guhd, gahwar — wadi, 

nichiiln, shSb [— malgaja," mitiyd, bhtlrd, maild, kuchela 

Dingy, a. dark brown, dun, dirty, soiled — mdtiydrang, kntdbarna, samal, aparishkdr, malin 
Din ner, s. the chief meal of the day — madhydnha kdler dhdr, mudhydnhik 6/jojan— chasht, 

khdna, khassa 
Dint, s. a blow; the mark made by a blow; violence, force, power — dghdt, ghd; ghdt kara- 

ndtitar tol, khol bd chinha ; prahdr, bal, jor, shakti — zarb, chot; chot kd nishdn yii garhd ; 

zabardasti, shiddat, zor, bal [se shumdr yd ginti karni 

Dinumerdtion, s. the act of numbering singly— efc ek kariyd ganand bd sankhyd kardn — ek ek 
Di'nus, s. a whirlwind, a giddiness— g-Ziwrrmfirti/u, mdthdghord, g-Znirni— bawandar, girdbad, 

daurdn-i-sar, ghurni 
Digcesan, s.t.os-se.] a bishop as he stands related to his own clergy or flock — pradeshastha- 

der firadhdn dharmddhyakya, 6is/iop— bishap yane zi]e kd bard pddri 
Di'oces>, s. a bishop's jurisdiction - fcis/ies/t dhartnddhyakhyer bashibhiita pradesh bd chdkald, 
' tan/m?- ad/i/fcrtj-ades/i— bishop kd tdlluqa yd qalamrau 
Diop' tries, s. the part of optics which treats of the refraction of light — drishli bidyd bishayak 

prakaran — ilm-i-mundzira kd ek raqam 
Dip", u. to immerse, to moisten; to engage in any affair— r/wian, dubdna, chuban, chubdna, 

jate magna h. bd k. bhi' hhijan ; majan, ?nhishta k. bd h. — diibnd, dubdnd, ghota d. 

yd khana, gharaq k. yd h. tat k. yd h. mashghiil k. yd h. 
Diph'thong, s. the union of two vowels to form one sound, as vain, Caesar— juktaswar , swara- 

barnadway , dwiswar jukta haiyd ek sabdauchchdran haon, jnthd vain, Caesar — lafif-i-maqr6n, 

do harf-i-iardb kdmukhtalit dwaz, jaisa ki vain, Caesar 
Diplo'ma, s. a writing confering some privWesie—khyamatd sangskdr bd bid^dprdptir nidarsha- 

na patra bishesh, hidydbettdr prashangsd patra — sanad, dastawez 
Dip'sas, s. a venomous serpent — atihingsrak bd hishdkta sarfa bishesh, taddangshane ati 

trishnd hay — zahrdar sdrap ek qism ka, jiake kdtne se ban pyas dti hai 
Dip'tote, s. [ . . J a noun having two cases only — karmakaranddi sapta bibhaktir dui mdtra 

hishista sangydn, dwihibhakti shabda—wuh ism jo khall do hal par munsaraf ho saktd hai 
Dire, Di'reful, a. dreadful, dismal, horrible— Wm^/a/iai:, ddrun, bhayajanak, ghor, kathin, 

duhsajhya-~kha.\iinS.k, muhib, sakht, haibatnak 
Dire'ct, a. straight, right, open, express— a6a/cra, riju, uja, sidhd, (hik, suspashta, subyakta — 

sidha, mustawi, mustaqim, khuld, saf, zdhir 
Dire'ct, va. to aim in a straight line, to regulate, to order, to command— sandfean k. lakhya 

siddhi k. riti baddha k. dgydn k. ddesh /c.— nishan k. intizam k. hukm d. irshdd k. 
Direc'tionjS. aim at a certain point; order ; superscription— ^a«(//ia«, lakhyya, thikdnd; dgydij; 
■ s'ura/irtm— thikdna, pata ; hukm ; sarnama 
Direct'ly,«d."in astraight line; immediately ; apparently— ?/«fc,s?x//ia,s<);'2Soji; ehham,ahilambe, 

tatkhyandt; spashtarupe—sidhA, bardbar ; turt, abhi, filfaur, shildb ; zahiran, safsdf 
Direct'or, s. one who has authority over others, a superintendent, an instructor, one who is 

consulted in cases of coaicyaace—adhyakhya, sampddak, karmakarid, vpadeshak, guru — 

kdrkun, karora, mukhtdr-i-kar, pir, murshid 

19 > 

D 1 R ( 144 ) D IS 

Direc tory, s. a book containing forms of prayer, a rule, a guide — prdrthand paddhati, dchdra- 

shdslra, panjikd ilyidi pradarshana grantha — mundjiit ki kitdb, dasturulamal, kitab-i- 

hidayat, rahhai- [nsiki, dahshatn^ki 

Di'renes'i, s. dis^malness, horror, heinousness — bhaydnakatwa, bishamatd, prachandatd — liaul- 
J)irep'tion, s. the act of plundering — Zui/cara, bale upaharan — liit, tArdj 
Dirge, s. a mournful diiiy, a funeral sonz—khedajanak git, karund rasamay git, mritabyakti 

bhhayak gdn bd kJiedokti, bd Hrtana bishes — nauha., matami git, marsiya ■ , 

Dirk, s, a kind of dagger or poniard— /c/tuHJar, chhord, khyudra karabdl—chhnri., k^rd, 

• khnnjar [kudiirat, chirk, gard, 

Dirt, s. mud, iiith, mire, dust— /crtdrt, mat, mayald, kardam, panka,dhiili — kichar, mail^ gil, 

Dirt'iness, s. nistiness, meanness, sordidness^aparishkdratd, jaghanyatwa, mdlinya, kadar- 

jyataa, /ci//ci/— mail^pan, pilidi, ghaldzat, pdjipan, najasat 
Dirt'y, a. foul, nasty, filthy, sullied, mean — samal, matin, kdddtiyd, kilkild, aparishkritUy 

feHt.sft -mail^, kuchela, ndpak, ghaliz, najis, palisfct • 
Dirt'y, '''<■• *t) fo^^> *o soil, to disgrace— sama/ /t. mayald k. sakalauka k. apamdn k. — mailii 

k. chukaldd k. palisht k. behurmat k. [pbai, shikast, tut 

Dirup'tion, s. act or state of bursting or breaking — phdlan, phitan, chhedan, bidaran — phut, 
Disabil'ity, .s. want of power, weakness — akhyamatd, asdmurthya, daurbalya, khyinatd — la.- 

ch4ri, bequdrali, nAtawanai, zuaf 
Dis'able, tv<. to deprive of natural force, to weaken— s/iafcti/iin k, durbal k. baler flids k. 

akhyamkariyd rdkhan—^i'iz k. betaqat k. zaif k. 
Disabu'se, va. to undeceive, to set right — bhram haite mukta k. bhul ghuchdna, thik baliyd d. 

— mughalate se bachan;!, thi'k batana [ziyan, khalal 

JDisadvan'tage, s. loss, injury to interest— fe/iyati, apachay, hdni, apakdr, aniah la— nuqsnn, 
Disadvanta'geous, a. [. . . .jus] contrary to interest or convenience, injurious, hurdal—Mnikar, 

apakdri, amangal, nishphal, anishtakdri — muzirr, besiid, behasil, ghairmufid 
*Disadvanta'g(Hiusly, ad. in a manner contrary to interest or \>xo^i—swaldbha hdnipurbak, 

nishphale, apakdropurbak—ha. beh^sili, nuqsani se, bef^ida 
Disaffe'ct, vrt. to fill with discontent, to alienate — purer prati birakta bd bitushta k. mana- 

6fea?jg-a fc.— badzann k. badbar k. dilbig^rnS 
DisafFect'ed, pa. not disposed to zeal or affection— asa?itus/i/a, ahitaishi, birakta, utsdhabarjita 

— ndrAz, badkhwah, badguman, hedil - [liadzanni, nar§,zi, beshafaqati 

DisafFec'tion, s. dislike, want of affection— asat<tos/i, manabhanga, snehardhitya — n&pasandi, 
Disaffirm'ance, s. confutation, nQ%dii\on~ bdkyakhandan, aswikdr — ibtal, radd, inkAr 
Disagre'e, in. to differ in opinion, to quarrel— anai%a h. bhinnabdkya h. bibdd k. — namuw^- 

fiq h, mukhtalif h. jhagarna . 

Disagreeable, a. unpleasing, offensive; unfit — atushtikar, agrdhjya, aruchir, manda ; anupa- 

jukta. — nakhush y^namaqbdl, na^awar, napasand, maknih ; naldiq 
Disagre'ement, s. difference, disi^imilitude— WsAes/i, asdmya, bhed, amel, baiparitya—^nimxi- 

wafaqat, unmel, bigar, ikhtilaf 
Disallow',!!, to te fuse permission; to censure; to reject— aswi'fcar /c. asammatah. nindd- k. 

«mrtn»/a /c.—inkar k. mana k, jhipaknd; ndmanzur k. radd k. 
Disallow'able, a. not allowable— asu;2^'fr/?/a,a»iant/a—qabil-i-inkdr, ndmurakinulmanziir 
Disan'imate, va. to deprive of life; to deject — nirjtb k. nirbharasd k. mldnamukh k, udbigna 

fc.— mardaln^, jdn mdrnA ; afsurda k. udas k. 
Disanima'tion, s. privation of life — nirjiban,jibmdrd, prdyiandsk — bejani, janhalaki 
Disannu 'I, va. to annul, to make void, to vacate — anyathdk. byartha k. khandan, lop k. rahita 

/c.— mauquf k. batil k. radd k^ mitan.4, khali k, 
Disappe'ar, vii. to be lost to view, to vanish — antardhdn h. adrishya h. uthiy4 jdon, cha'liyd 

^'rt'on— ghaib h. alop hojana, jata rahna, kfifur hoj4n4 
Disappoint; Da. to defeat of expectation ; to balk— banchita k. dshdbhanga k. hatdsh Ic.—is 

torna, naummed k. nir^s k. ' ■ 

Disappoint'ment, s. defeat of hopes, failure of expectation— naims/it/a, dshdbhanga, dshd- 

khandan, pandaskram — hirmani, naummedi, yas, m^yusi 
Disapproba'tion, s. a disapproval; censure — ndpasanda, asanwiati, aswikdr ; nindd, apabdd, 

6frag-— napasandi, ink^r ; nafrfn, ilzam, dokh i 

Disapprove, ^'0. to dislike; to censure — mane nd dharan, ghrind k. aswikdr k. apabdd k. 

nindan — napasand k. namanziir k. inkdr k. ilzdm k. dokhna 
Disa'rm, va. to, spoil or divest ot di\m.&—astrabarjita k, nirastra k. juddhdstra haran k. — 

hathy.4r chhin 1. besilah k. • 
Disarm'ed, pa [..] deprived of arms — nirastrikrita, /ist?'a&arjita!— behathyar, besiUh 
Disarray, s. disorder, confusion ; undress — golmdl, ultdpdltdmi, asthairjya ; nagnatwa, sajjd- 

ro/fifi/a -beintiz^mi, abtari, barhami ; belibasi 
Disas'ter, .s. misfortune, grief, calamity^-a^/iag-ya, dpad, hipad, duhkh, ddy, klesh, durghaland 

— badbakhti, musibat, bipat, afat, dukh, hadisa 
Dilas'trous, a. unlucky, gloomy, calamitous — abhdgd, amangal, anishia, kleshada, utpnt bd 

bipadgrubta—kdmhdikhi, manhils, ghamzada, 4fat rasida 
Dis^tvouch, Disavo'vv, va. to disown — aswikdr k. apanhab k. asammata /i. — inkAr k. mukarna 
Disavowal, Disavoy/'inent, s . demdil—cipanhab, aswikdr , asammatz— inkar, naahk^r 
'Disband, va, to dismiss from military service, to break up— sainyadaike abasdran k. chhdrdna — 

ghol bartaraf k. lashkar nii^zul k, 
Disb6rk, la. to land from a ship^nankd haite ndmdna bd uttaran—)^h6,z se utarna, ubhra k 

Dis • ( 145 ) I) IS 

Dis'b^lief, s, refusal of creilit, denial of belief— apratyay, abishiuds, nnrndnan, annsthd~he 
iatib^ri, boiatiqadi, beyaqidat ' [na k. namilnnS, n^iatiqjid k. 

Disbelie've, va. not to credit, not to hold true— a^ra/yt/u k. asahjagydn k. abishwds k,—htihi.'r 
Disbeliever, x. one who refuses belief— «6is/mrtst, apratyuyakdri—munk'n, ndinuafaqid 
Disbranch, va. to separate or lop off—shdkhd kdliyd phelan, ddt kdtan, chhedan~dil kifna. 
^chhantnd, tar^shnA ' ' " • [halk.4k. ut^rn^ 

Disbur'den, va. to unload, to disencumber— feoj/ia ndmdiia,niThhdr k. uttirriak. — bojh utSrnfi, 
Disburse^ va. to spend or lay out money— ar'thabyay k. idkd kharack k.—isiAf k. khavj k'. 
sarflf. [kharj, kharch k. g. rtlpiya 

Disbursement, s. a disbursing, sum spent— arthabyay, tdkd nirbdha, byhyita mndrd—smf, 
Discan'dy, V7i. to dissolve, to melt — mishtdnnddir dmh haon, galiyd jdon, drdra //.— shakar 

w. g. k^ galnd, guddkhta h. 
Discard, va. to dismiss from service or employment, to cast off—padabhrashla k. biddy d. 

chhdrdiyd d. tydg /«.— bartaraf k. chhup^n^, nikal d. tark k. . ,' 
Discar'nate,a. stripped of lAesh—mdngmrahu, nirmdngsa—n'igoshta, begosht 
Disce'rn, va. Idiz-zern'] to descry, to see; to judge — vn. to make distinction— ;3?-e/f/n/a«, 
dekhan ; dekhiyd sthir k.thdhnran, hibechand k, — vn. itarabishesh k.—tdikna., dekhna, pah- 
channA ; tajwiz k. — vn. imtizAz k. farq k. 
*Discern'ible, a. perceptible, discoverable, apparent — prekhyaviya, darshaniya, bibechya, 
drishlindriyagochar—qAhil-1-ddiTys.h, dekhne jog, zdhir, kliula [ftgah 

*Discern'ing, pa. a. judicious, knowing — biheki, subibechak, gyd\'ta — aqil, fahmida, barlkbin, 
■* Discern 'ment, s. judgment, power of distinguishing— 6i6e/c, bisheajiagydn, subodk—diq}', 

iratiyaz, fahm 
Discerp'tible, a, frangible, separable— c/f/iedantya, bkanj aniy a— \(itne]o^, chur hone ke qabil 
Discharge, va. to disburden, to unload ; to pay; to dismiss; to release; to obliterate — 
bhdrottdran, bojhdi ndmdna bd tuliyd phelan; rina shodh h. chhdrina, mukta karan ; 
muchiyd phela7i—hi[k^ k. bojh tjt^rn^ ; ada k. dend deddlnd ; bartaraf k. chhurdn^; mit^n^ 
Discha'rge, s. vent, matter vented ; explosion ; dismission ; release ; ransom ; payment ; execu- 
tion— 7ii.'-^ata fta bdhir hard; guli chhdraner shabda .; biddy ; mnkti, niochan karan; ud- 
dhdrdrtha rniilya; parishodh, denddeoyd ; nishpatti, karmanirhdha— nikAl^ yd b6iha.x k. h. . 
shallaq ; bartafafi; rihdf ; M6. ; add ; anjam . 
Disci'nct, a, ungirded, loosely dressed— usa;j/"ta, elokdparpard—dhW&karke poshdk pahnd hna 
Disci'nd, va. to divide, to cut in pieces— 6/ing /c. 6Aedan, biddran, chhedan, khanda kkanda k, 
— taqsim k. juda k. tukre tukre k. [pairao, murid, shdgird, mutallim, b'dlkd 

Disci' pie, s. a follower, a learner, a scholar — anugami, sebak, shishya, pnruyd, chhdtra — 
Disci'pleship, s. the state or function of a disciple— shishydbasthd, chhdtradashd, chhdtratd— 

shdgirdf, pairaogari 

Disciplines. \_. .pUn'] instruction; rule, order; military regulation; krt ; chastisement — 

shikhyd, udpadesh ; niyam, riti ; sayner dhdrd ; shdstra ; shdsti — tdlim, tarbiyat ; qdida, 

dastdr ; fauj ke qawded ; faun ; saza, tdzir 

*Dis'cipline, va. to educate ; to regulate ; to chastise ; to reform — shikhyd d. shdsan k. niyam k. 

. nigraha k. daman ; sdjddiyd dosha iidsh fe,— tarbiyat k. tdlim k. bandobast k. intizam k. 

sazd d. tdzir d. sazd se durust k. [k. inkdr k. chhor d. 

Discla^im, va. to disown, to deny, to Tenonnceswiyatydg' k. aswikdr k.paritydg k. — milktark 

Disclo'se, va. to uncover, to reveal, to tell — andbrita k.prachdr k. byakta k. prakdsh k. kahan, 

bdliydd. — kholnd, fdsh k. dshkar k. batland, kah d. , 

Disclosure, s. \_..%hure\ discovery, act of revealing any secret — giipt a prakdsh, kahiyd phelan, 

prachdr—z\i\i{iT, poshida ko haweda karnd, iihar ' [k. badrang k. 

Discolour, va, to stain, of change colour— .safca/anfca k. bibarna k. barner bikdr k. — daghd6r 

Discom'fit, va. to defeat, to vanquish— pflm&Aafe k. hdrdna, jitoti- fatah k. hardnd, shikast d, 

maghlub k. ' ' [hazimat, hdr 

Discomfiture, s. defeat, rout, overthrow — pardjay, pardbhab, pardstakard, hdri — shikast, 

Discom'fort, va. to grieve, to sadden — duhkha d. udbeg janmdna, bkdbandjukta bd khedita k, 

— kurhdna, ranj d. ghamgin k. [gham, ranj 

Discom'fort, s. uneasiness, sorrow— asTiufc/i, bhdband, khed, bimarsha, duhkha — bechainj, 

Discorame'nd, va. to blame, to censure— dos/id. apabdd k. apraskangsd /c.— ilzdm d. dokhnd, 

badnami k. filzdm, dokhnejog, qdbil-i-malamat 

Discommend'able, a. blamable, censurable— dlos/ia?M'i/a, aprashangsya, anujojya — qdbil-i- 

Qiscommo'de, va. to put to inconvenience, to, molest — klesh d. aswachchhanda k. bydkvlk. — 

taklif d. izd d. dukh d. hairan k. 
Discompo'se, va, to disorder, to disturb the temper, to offend — golmdlk. eluydmeluyd k. chin- 
tdnicita k. klesh d. asthir k. — ghabra d. darham barham k. muztarib k. barham k. bezdr k. 
ranjida k. \rdna — muztarib k. behawdss k. ghabra d. 

Disconce'rt, va. to unsettle. the mind, to discompose— ?naner asthairjya k. byasta karan, ghaba- 
Disconfor'mity, s. want of agreement — amel, asdmya, baipnritya, anai/cj/a— nasazgari, nditti- 
' fdqi, be'mel [— namuwafaqat, namel, mukhdlafat, ikhtildf 

Discongru'ity, s. disagreement, inconsistency— anaifci/a, bhinnabhdh, baiparitya, bailakhyanya 
Discon'solate, a. comfortless; hopeless; sorrowful-v-6ima7's/!<7 ; nirdsh; i^edita, anutapta 

— udds, ^fsurda ; naummed ; ghamgin 
Discontent, s. want of content, uneasiness at the present sidilQ'-asantosh, udbeg, atushti— 
besabri, ndrdzi, bechaiiii, ndkhushi 

D I s ( 146 ) D I s 

Discontent'ed, pa. a. uneasy, dissatisfied, querulovis—asantushla, atriptamandh, khitkhifiyd— 

besabr, n&r6z, nashakir, nakhush, sh&kl [ndrdzi, besabri, nAkhushi 

Disconterit'ment, s. inquietude, discontent — asantosh, udbeg, uchdtan, «paritrip^j— shikayat, 
Discontinuance, Discontinua'tion, s. a cessation ; separation ; intermission— 6trati, nibritti , 

hichchhed; ftjm/n— nagha, tvaqfa ; inqita; t^til 
Discontin'ue, v. to leave off, to interrupt — nibritta k. bd h. khydnta k. bd A. thdkan, dr nd- 

karan — mouquf k. ya h. munqata k. y^ h. rah jAnA, muattal k. 
Dia'cord, s. disagreement, opposition, mutual anger ; difference or contrariety of sounds^ 

anaikya, baiparitya, birodh; hlkhdrd, swarer a/»i/— namuvvafaqat, ikhtilaf, bigar, sur ki 

anmel, siir ki ndmuwaf^qat [asano-flfatiia— namuwdfaqat, muqabala, ndmunasabat 

Discord'auce, s. disagreement, opposition, inconsistency— ^a-iZrt/c/ii/aji?/a, baiparitya, anaikya, 
Discord'ant, a. inconsistent, inharmonious, opposite— «jo^2/a, asangaia, kuswar, amilita, bipu- 

rit — ndmuwdfiq, beta.l,namauzun, mukhalif, baraks 
Discov'er, iia. to show, to disclose, to reveal, to espy, to find out — darshdna, byakta k. pra- 

kash k. ter pdon, saudhdn p. — ffi,sh k. dikhlSna, zahir k. Hekhpand, dhundh nikalnd 
Discov'ered, pa. [...] found out, disclosed — drishla gydnta, prakdshita, byakta — dekhpdyi 

hua, zdhirk. h. fish k. b. 
Discov'ery, s. a bringing to light any thing hidden, act of revealing or disclosing a secret — gup-, 

taprakdshysandhdn, dlokand byakti — inkishdf, pardafash, ifsha, poshida chiz ko zahir 

karn& y^ nik&lnd 
Disco'unt, va. to pay beforehand, deducting, according to the custom of commerce and the 

law of interest, an equivalent for so doing— d/iamf d. agre tdkd diyd dhardt /ao»— choia 

d. agdmi n'lpiya dekar chotd lend 
Dis'counr, s. an allowance made on a debt not yet due, in order to receive money for the 

same— d/iam/, niyamita samayer purbe tdkd laite haile je dhardt deoyd jdy — chotd, miydd 

ke age rripiya lene se jo chola diya jae 
Discoun'tenance, va. to discourage— a6/ia?-<isa d. tdchchhilya k. — bedil k. munh phirand 
Discoun'tenance, s. disfavor, disapprobation — asammati, anddar^ atushti pmfeas/i— ndrazd- 

mandl, beiltifati, ndpasandi 
Discour'age, va. to dishearten, dissuade — abharnsd d. udyamabhatigak. bhay dekhdiyd khydnta 

bd nibritta fc.— bedil k. dahshat' d. baz r. raana k. [dilshikani, hirmdn 

Discour'agement, s. the act of deterring or depressing hope — abharnsd karan, udyan\abhanga — 
Disco'urse, s. conversation ; sermon— fcot/iopa/cat/jo//, sambhdsh, dldp , baldbali ; upadeshdrtha 

bdk prabandka, dharmopadesh—hettchit, guftgii, mukalama; wdz [khulq, ruklid, durusht 

Discour'teous, a. [.. ts/ius] uncivil, rude, uncomplaisant— asA/s/ii«5, asabhya, duhshil—had- 
Dis'cous, a. broad, flat, wiae—chdurd, chatdla, prashastu — chaura, phaild, kushdda 
Discred'it, s. want of trust, ignominy, disgrace— a6js/iu;as, akhydti^ amarjxjddd, kalanka— 

beiatibdri, ruswai, badndmi 
Discred'it, va. to disbelieve, to disgrace, to shame— a6JsA«;as k. hatamdn k. sakalanka k. 

apamdnk. — iatibar na k*. namdnnd, badnam k, beabni k. 
Discie'et, a. prudent, cautious, judicious, sober, modest — parindmadarshi, sdbad/idn, bibeki, 

dhir, lajjdshil — aqil. hoshydr, sahib-i-imtiySj, fahmida, parhezgfir, bdhayd 
Discre'pance, s. a difference," contrariety — baiparitya, anaikya, byatikram, arthabirodh — 

beora, farq, ikhtilaf • 

Discre'te, a. distinct, separatie — bhinna, bibikta, prit/iak, anya— mutamaiyaz, judd, aUhida 
Discre'tion, s. prudence, judiciousness; liberty of acting at pleasure— parinama darsAifa, 

bibek, subuddhi ; jathechchhd—'\mtiyaz, aql, hoshyari, aqlmandi ; marzi mutabiq 
Discre'tionary, a. left to discretion, to be governed by judgment only —ichchhddhin, anisJdddha, 

6?"6ec/jan«d/iui— mutlaqulinan, ndmuqaiyad, zer-i-tajwiz 
Discrim'inate, va. to distinguish, to separate or select from others — itarabishesh k. bibek k. 

prithak bd bibhinna k bdchchan—tdim'iz k. bichdrnd, juda k. chunna 
Discrimina'tion, s. act of distinguishing— ftifcefc, bisheshagydn, bibeckand—imiiy&z, tafriq, soch 
Discrim'inous, a. dangerous, perilous,, hazardous — bhaydnak,. bisham, ddyajanak, dushkdrjya 

— khatarndk, muhib, dfali [dene ke qabil 

Discu'bitory, a. fitted to a leaning posture— s/iaj/anar/ia, shayaner jogya— so rahne ya takiya 
Discum'bency, s. the act of leaning at meat — bhojane ek dige heliyd thdkan, ardhashayan, 

swahasta thes diyd s/iayan—^khiite waqt takiya lagand ya ek taraf jhuknd 
Discum'ber, va. to unburden, disengage from any weight or bulk — bhdr haite mukta k. bhdr 

pratibandhakddi ghuchdna, sajjddi l^huliyd phelan — bojh utdr lena, halka k. sabukbdr k. 
Discur'sion,s. act of runnin^toatid fro — daurd dauri, itastatahbhraman bd bege gaman, parjya- 

<an— dawddawish, daurdhup, tagapii ' ' [phirta hiia^ chanchal 

Discur'sive, a. moving here and there, roving — itastutahbhramanshil, ast/«>— idharudhar, 
Discur'sory,a. argumentative, rational — bichdrjya, bitandaniya,juktisddhya, jaiiktik — bahsne- 

jog, qdbil-i-hujjat, mdqui Lfeis/iM— nai, khelne kd dhni chakkar 

Dis'cus, s. a quoit, a rounds iron for play — chakm, khelandrtha lauhamay mandaldkriti bastu 
Discuss, va. to examine by debates ; to disperse any tumour or swelling— 6uanf/«w, bibechand' 

k. bitarka k. rasadosh nashtak.- bahsna, tajwiz k. mandzara k. akhMt ko tahlil k. baithllnd 
Disccus'sion, s. a disquisition, examination, debate— ta/utii, bitandd, 6'ir6icAar— tahqiq, tajwiz, 

imtihdn, mubdhasa 
Discu'tient, s. a repelling medicine— dushtarasddi ndshak awsftadfe— mohallil 
Disda'in, s. scorn, haughty contemptuous anger — abagydn, dai-paprajukta tuchchhabodh , 

abaheld, tdchchhalya—ihAndii, istikhfdf, istihqdr 

D I S ( 147 ) D I S 

Disdain, va. to scorn, to despise, to slight — heyagynn k. ghvind bd abahela k. anddar k. — ihfinat 

k. hiq^rat k. nichiz samajlm^ 
Di-ida'inful, a. scornful, hatiglity, c.ont.e.mpi'nous—ahankdri,ghrindhishishta, tuchchhn bd hey- 

agydnakdri — mdi^hrdr^muhia, hiqaratgar [bimari, alalat 

Disease, s.' distemper, malady, sickness — hyddhi, rog, dmny, pird, hyamoha—xag, maraz, 
Disease, affect with sickness, to pain — pirita k.asustha k. byndhigrasta k.rog janmdna 

— bim^r k. bechain k. mariz k. azar d. bearAm k. 
Dis'eased, pa. [. .] affected with disease — rogdnwita, pirita, byamohajukta, asustha — bimdr, 

alii, rogi, mariz 
Disemba'rk, u. to put on shore, to land — ddngdy hdman bd ndmdna , naukd haite uttirna h. 

bd k. — jahaz se kinare utarnA ya utArni 
Disemhit'ter, va. to free from bitterness— ti/fifar«s nashta k. niishta fc.— karwAi nikdl d.mithd k. 
Disembod'ied, a. { J divested of the body — tyaktadeha, ashuriri, kdyabarjita, pretd — 

bejisrp, bebadan, besarir 
Disembo'gue, v. to discharge into the sea.—sdgare nadyddir prabesh /».— sumandar meu darySoa 

ka d^khil h. , [bald se ribA k. 

Disembroil, t;a, to disentangle, to free from perplexity— mw/cta /c. nirutpdt /c.-chhurand, 
Disencha'nt, va. to free iVom enchantment— maritivifca/an, mantrer s/iakti haite rakhydk. 

jhdran — jadii kdtnS, afsun se mahfiiz r. jharnft 
Disencuna'ber, va. to free from encumbrance— 6/irtraJi hdlte mukta k. — bdrse riha k. 
Disenga'ge, u. to separate from any thing with which it is in union, to disentangle, extricate, 

free ixpm—chhdrdna, mukta k. bandhanddi khuLlyd d. — chhurA d. riiiai d. juda yd alag k. 
Disenga'ged, pa. a. [...] vacant, at leisure — abaddha, abakdsha hilhiihla, mukta, bijukta — 

khali, rauattah, beshughl, farigh 
Disentan'gle, va. to loose, set free from impediments or perplexity— /m«d/iamidi khuliyd d. 

ddyoddhdr k.jhanjhdte mukta k. — suljhand, bala se rihri k. khalas k, 
Disenthra"!, vfl^ to set free, to rescue from slavery— c/i/iiimHa, uddhdr k. bandhana mukta k. 

— azad k. rihai d. khalds k. " ['c. — betakht o tdj k. saltanal se mahriim k. 

Disenthro'ne, va. to dethrone, depose from sovereignty— rajitn,o-/msan« bhrnnhla k. rdjyachyuta 
Disentran'ce, i;«, to awaken fiom a trance or deep bleep— Jiidrd imnnga k. murchchhdpanna 

bd mohagata byaktitre jdgrata it. — jagana, beho*hi se hoshyar k. beddr k. 
Disespo'use, va. to divorce, sepaiate alter faith pliglited— sir jpjn-us/i paraspar ,prithak k. 

tydgpatra d. bibdher angikdr bhanjan — tdilAq d. katkhuda ka qaul qarar torna 
Disestee'm, s. want of esteem, slight, dislike — anddar, heyagydn, ghrind, foi7a?fii— beizzati, 

hiqarat, sabuki, bezari [/(. aprasanna h. — nailtifati h. beniirhbin h. 

Disfa'vour, va. to discountenance, to withhold or withdraw kindness— auacfar k. parangmukh 
Disfigura'tion, s. act of disfiguring, the state of being difigured, del'ormky—kutsitdkdr k. ruper 

bairupya bdbimurtikard — badshakli, qubh, hadsdrati 
Disfig'ure, va. to change any thing to a worse form, to maim, to mar— ft/rnp bd bikriti k. 

bikaldnga k. saundarjyer hdnik. bikritdkdr k. uas/ila k. — surat bigarna, kudaul k. badnumd k. 
Disfig'urement, s. defacement, deformity— /caurupya, kudaul, bikriti, kutsitdbasthd — bad- 
shakli. kudauli, badsurati 
Disfr^n'chise, va. [. .tshiz] to deprive of privileges or immunities — sdmdjih khyamatd b&rashta 

k. sddhdran adhikdr barjita k. — bei>;tibqaq k. behaqq k. 
Disgo'rge, va. to vomit, to pour out with violence— ?<c/^rtran, baman, nekdr k. bdhir kariyd d. — 

qai k. radd k. istifrdgh k. ogalna - 
Disgra'ce, va. to bring a reproach upon, to dishonor, put out of favor — tiraskdr k. sakalanka k. 

apamdn k. padachyuta k. — fazihat k. mayiib k, behurmat k. zalil k. darjon se utarna 
Disgra'ce, s. shame, ignominy, state of dishonor— /ca/ou/ca, akhydti, tiraskdr, apamdn, asatn- 

bhram, amarjydddbastd — aib, ruswa', fazihati, beizzati, zillat 
Disgrac'eful, a. shameful, dishonorable, base— /«;ja/ca/-, kalanka bd apam,dnajanak, apakrishta 

— lajalii, mdyiib, zabun, zalll 
Disgra'cious, a. unkind, unpleasing, uncivil— anddurakdri, asantoshakdri , rts/iis/i<a— beiitifdt, 

nakhush, bemuruwat - [bhekh, jhuthi surat 

Disguise, s. a dress to deceive, false appearance — chhndmabesh, bhek, hhangimd — bhes, 
Disgui'se, ?;a. to conceal by an unusual dress, to hide, to d\s(\guie—chhadm{ibeah dhdrunk. 

lukkdyita k. chhdpdna, birup k. — bhes banand, chhipana, badsiirat k. 
Disgu'st, s. distaste, disrelish, aversion— ftjrafcti, aruQhi, g/niua— nafrat, karahiyat, ghin 
Disgu^st, va. to give a dislike, to offend— ghrind bd bitrishndk. nyakkdr k. birakta /c.— nafrat k. 

karahiyat k. , [— karih, ndgawar, makrnh, ghindond 

Disgust'ful, a. offensive, distasteful, odious— fe/ra/f-tafrar, arochak, kutsit,nyakkdrjya,ghrindrhu 
Dish, s. a vessel to serve food in — bhojaua pdtra, thdld, 6asa«— rikabi, sahnak, qdb, tabaq 
Dish, va. to serve in a dish — thdldy rdkhiyd sdjdna, khddya drabya pdtre rdkhiyd paribeshan k, 

— rikabi meji nikalnd, kdrhnd, parosna 
Dishabi'lle, s. [dis-a-bil] undress, loose dress — eluyd kdpar, ghare thdkiyd parihita je elo 

paricfec/i/iad— dhila kaprd, ghar men pahanne kA dhila kapra 
Dishdbit, va. to throw out of place, expel— nirbasati k. utkhdt k. bahishkrita k. unmulan — 

besakunatk. nikdl d. njdrnd 
Dishear'ten, va. to discourage, deject, to teni^y—udyamabhanga k. nirbharasd k. hatdsh k. 

khyuhda k. bhaya prr/rfarsKa/t— shikasta dil k. udds k. himmat tornd, darana 
Dishe'rit, ra. to cut off from inheritance — paitrik dhane anadhikdr k. ddyabhdger bdhir k, — 

irs se nikalnd, mirfis se bewdris k. 

DIS ( 148 ) DIS 

Dishevel, va. [dish-shev-vel] to spread the hair loosely— chul khuliyd eluydvieluyd fe.— bai 

hikhernd yA darhanibarham k. [hue hil, darhambarham 

*Dishev'elled, pa. [. . .] put in disorder, hanging loose— bistritaUesh, eluydmehiyd—h\khre 
Dishon'est, a. void of honesty or probity, knavish, fraudulent— asvid/iu, prabanchak, 

abishwusta, diishia — baddiy^nat, farebi, beimdn, badzftt 
Dishonesty, s. want of integrity, knavery— as«'d/jnfa, prabanchand, nas/t/a/ni— baddiy&nati, 

fareb, haramzadagi 
Dishon'our, va. to disgrace, to bring shame upon— apamdn k.sakalanka /c— behurmat k. 

beabru k. [mati, mal&mat 

Dishon'our, s. reproach, disgrace, censure — apamdn, kalanka, tiraskdr — beabrui, behur- 
Dislion'ourable, a. reproachful, disgraceful -a/cZ/i/fiti^tar, apamdiii, heya—m6.ynb, beabru, 

behurmat [besing'k. beshSkh k. 

Disho'rn, va. to strip or deprive of horns — shringarahiChd nihshringa k. shringotpdtan k. — 
Disinolina'tion, s. want of inclination, disVihB—auichchhd, 6mati— adam-i-maildn, nafiat 
Disiiicli'ne, v. to feel or excite dislike or aversion— «nic/ic/«ftri k. bdjanmdna, ghrind k. aru- 

cltijanmdva, birakta /:. — khwahish na k. nafrat k. n^gavvar k. di! pher^n^ 
Disincor'porate, i'u. to deprive of corporate powers— si'mayi/c sdmarthya bd bishesh adhikar 

lop k. — panch^yat se nikaln^ 
Disin-geniiity, s. meanness of artifice, unfairness — kautilya, kdpalya, asaralatd, chdturjpa, 

c/i/ia/rtrea— khotdi, riyakari.kapal, makar 
Disingen'uous, a. unfair, meanly artful, illiberal— c^atwr, dhurta, khal, asaral, kulil— 

khola, kapti, riyfik^r, failsuf, badakhlaq 
Disinher'it, i;a. to cut off from an hereditary right — pnitrik dham anadhihdr k. ddybhdger 

abhdgi k. nirbhdjan k. — miras ke istihqaq se nik&l d.irsse kharij k. 
Disinte"r, va. to unbury, to take out of the grave — bhumydrpita shab uthdiyd phelan, samddki 

sthdn haite mrita sharir bdhir fc.— qabr se miude ko khod nikaln^ 
Disin'terested, a. having no interest, impartial— ni/isiwart/it, «p«/c/?yapatj— begharaz, beparwi 
Disjoin, va. to separate, disunite— feii/o^ k. bijukta k. pfithuk k. bibhinna k. — ^jud6 k. alagk. 

aiahidak. . ' 

Disjoint, V. to put out of'joint ; to fall in pieces ; .to make incoherent — granthichyuta k. 

khanda'khanda h. asanglngna k.—jov alag k. tukre tukre h. judS k. 
Disjo'rnted, pa. separated, not consistent — gdint chhdrd, bibhinnikrita, asangjukta, asangata 

— judd, alag, bejor, nlmundsib finfisal, insdf 

Dif-judica'tion, 5. the act of determining, judgment — nishpatti, nishpddan, bichdr — rafa, 
Di.sJM'nct, a. disjointed, separate, distinct — bibhinna, prithak, bishesh— judh, alag, alShida 
Disjunction, s. disunion, separating, parting — prithak karan bdhaon, biyog, bichchhed — iftiraq, 

jud^i, alahidagi . [mandal bd paribesh — girda ; qurs 

Disk, s. a quoit ; face of the sun, or moon, as it appears to the eye-chakra; siirjya chandrddir 
Disli'ke, s. disinclination, aversion, disapprobation — ghrind, ariichi, asammati, birakti, manda- 

hds — iardz, nagawari, nafrat, nipasundi, unchahat 
Disli'ke, va. to hate, to disapprove — ghrindk. amanonita k. — nafrat k. ndpasand k. 
Disli'ken, va. to make unlike — asamdn bd atuLya k. anyaprakdr k. asadrishak. — nabar^barfr. 

khil^fk. ndmushdbih k. [ukhdrn^, haddi taln^ 

Dis'locate, t)a. to put out of joint, to displace— gTa??i/ii chyutak..astki sandhi /aron— ganth 
Disloca'tion, s. a displacing, as of a joint— ast/ii sandhichyut, granthi chhutan—faskh, haddi 

kajorchhiitnd ' [sark&n4 ; nikdl d. bdhar k. 

Dislo'dge,.f. to remove ffom a place ; to drive ont—sthdnantar k. utkhdt k. tdriyd deon — 
Disloy'al, a. not true to allegiance, faithless — rdjshdsane asammata, rdjdr abash^bhuta, 

dharmalanghak — padshdh ki hukumat par nari^z, namakhardm 
Disloyalty, s. want of fidelity to a king — rdjdroha, rdjdgydn bhanga, rdjshdsane bimat — 

namakhardmi, bagh^wat, sarkashi 
Dismal, a. dark, gloomy, sorrowful, uncomfortable, calamitous, dire— and/ia/caranjay, ghor, 

hhedita, chintita, kleshada, bhayankar — tarik, sun.i, adds, ghamgin, dukhi, haulndk 
Dis'mally, ad. gloomily, darkly, sorrowfully— ftis/icmnipe, ghoratar bd andhakdrpurbak, khed 

bd bhdbandpurhak—suns^m se, tarikl se, afsurdagi, gham se 
Disman'tle, va. to strip of dress or furniture; to strip a town of its outworkr- 6i6astra k. sdj- 

sajjd khuliyd phelan ; nagarer berddi hhdngiyd phelan — nangd k. asb^b litir 1. shahr panah 

Disma'sk, va. to strip of a mask — annchchddita k. beshbhushanddi tolan, ghomfd kholan — 

beparda k. bhes yk poshdk khol d. burqa utarnd [k. mastril utdr 1. 

Disma'st, va. to deprive of a mast or masts— mastwZ bhdngiyd phelan bd rahita k. — bemastui 
Disma'y, va- to discourage, dishearten — ?iM-Marasa k. bhita bd bhayajukta k. udyamabhangu 

fc.— himmat torni, dar&nft, dahshat dikhana, bedil k. 
Disma'y, s. a fail of courage ; terror — bharasdr biudsh, nairdshya ; shanhd, bhay, dtanka — 

behimmati, nirasi; khauf, khatra, haul 
Disme, s. [deem] a tenth part, tithe — dashamdngsha , dash bhdgerek bhdg — ushr, daswda hissa 
Dismem'ber, va. to separate a member from member; to cut in pieces — angachchhed k. hasta 

pddddi kdtiyd phelan, khanda khnnda /c— az^ ko juda k. jof jor yk band band tafriq k. 
Dismi'gs, va, to send away, to discharge— 6idai/ d. padachyuta k. chhdriyd d- agrdjhya k. — 

rukhsat k. wid4 k. bartaraf k. chhiiranS., radd k. 
Di3miss'ed,pa.[. . ] sent away, discharged— oiday prdpta, dur krita, padachyuta, karmachyuta, 

fya/-ta— ruskhsat k. g, ddr k. g. bartarf k. g, mdzul 

D IS ( 149 ) ■ D I s 

Dismis'sion, s. a sending away, removal, discharge — biddy, bdhir bd diir karan, pad bd kar- 

machyuti, chhdrdni — rukhsat, barkhA&t, bartarfi, taghiri 
Dismo'rti^age, va. to redeem from mortgage — handhak pkiriyd d. bandhakamukta &.— giraw 

chhurand, bandhak khalSs k. 
Dismo'unt, v. to throw or alight from a horse — ghord haite ndman bd olan, ashwa haite 

adhokhyipta k. — ghore par se utarn4, giran^ 
Disobe'dience, s. neglect or violation of lawful command, mcompVi^inee—dgydHlanghan, 

aiwikdr,.abddhyatd,anddnr, 6/c/ia/— udul-i-hukm, sarkaslu, nifarmani, adm-i-itaat 
Disobe'dient, a. neglecting lawful 2,\xi]xon\.y—andgydnbaha, abash, dgyd7ilanghak—ghz,\Tm\iti, 

nftfarman, sarkash, mutaraarrid 
Disobe'y. va-to break commands or transgress prohibitions-'^^i/a3<a7isr/iau k. ddesh ndmdnah, 

abash ^.— sarkashi k. uafarmani k. udiil k. kaha na m&nnd, bemuti h. 
Disobli'ge, va. to offend by uukindness — hirakta k. asantoshak dchdr kariyd upakdr nd k. upa- 

rodh nd k. — ranjida k. beiltifati ss nakhush k. ihsan na^k. 
Disobl'iging, pa. a. disgusting, unwilling to please— ^/innar/ia, amipakdri, ananurodhi 

— mutanaffir, bemurdwat, namihrban, namuhsin 
Disor'der, s. irregularity, confusion, tumult; disease— w/.^apri/^a, landahlianda , golmdl, koldhal; 

byddhi, aswdsthya—hQtdiTtihi, beintizdmi, darhami, abtarl, hangilma, kalbali ; bimari 
Disor'der, va. to deiange, disturb, make sick — ultdpdLtd k- ghutmandal k. garbari k. byasta bd 

asthir k. byddhlta bdpirita /c.— garbar k. darhambarham k. khijana, khalal dalna, bimar k. 
Disor'derly, a. confused, irregular, not restrained, lawless— uZ/apaZ/a, eLuydmeluyd,bishrinkkat, 

abddhya, niyamabahirhhuta—a.hVa.r, betarfib, garbar, bezabt, beshara 
Disor'diuate, a. not living by the rules of virtue, vicious — dharmaniyam bd sdstrdnusdre chule- 

ndje, dushtachdri — din ke qawanin ke barkhildf chalne w. badwaza 
Diso'wn, va. to deny, to reaounce — aswikdr k, nswiyabodh k. tyakta k. tydg k. — inkdr k. 

munkir h. chhorna, tark k. [rita /c.— zahir k. dikhlan4, pharkand, phailanA 

Dispa'nd, va. to display, to spread abroad — kliuliyd darshdna, prakdsh k. prasdrito, bd bistd- 
Dispar'age, va. [. .rid^e] to match unequally, degrade— ajog-ya tu/a?ia h. apamdn k: guner 

niudd /c.— nAbarabari se muqAbila k. beqadr k. kamqadr k. 
*Dispar'agement, s. injurious union or comparison with something of inferior excellence, dis- 
grace, reproach — apakrishtabd anupajukta tutand, apamdn, tiraskdr — farotar y4 namundsib 

muqabila, kamqadri, hiqarat, maldmat 
Dispar'ity, s. inequality, difference in digree, dissimilitude— asa?ra^mata, atulyatd, asamajogya- 

id, itarabishesh, prahhed, bailakhyanya — nAbarabari, tafawat, farq, beora, ikhtilaf 
Dispa'rk, va. to throw o^en a park, to release from enclosure— ttpafta?ier berd bhdngiyd udds k. 

— ramna khol d. . [alahidak. 

Dispa'rt, va. to part, divide, separate— feiftArtg k. dwibhdg k. bhinna bhinna t.— juda k. alag k. 
Dispas'sion, s. freedom from passion— feaimgt/a, kdmakrodhddi rdhitya, dhairjya, maner 

shdnti—h3.wi o haus se azadi, salamati-i-taba, salimuttaba 
Dispas'sionate, a. cool, calm, composed — dhir, shdnta, nirdg, susthir — salimuttaba, halim, 

thanda - [bhejnd, jhalpat kdm anjam k, 

Dispa'tch, va. to send away, execute speedily— pa//mna, twardy karma c/ia/ana— raw^na k. 
Dispe''l, ra. to drive away, to disperse — dnr k. mitdna, ghuchdnu— ddr k. dafa k. mitand ' 
Dispe'nd, va. to lay out, expend — khydy k. urdiyd d. byay k. — urana, kharj k. 
Dispen'sary, *. the place where medicines are dispensed — aushadhdgdr, anshdhiya drabya 

bdnian bd bikrayasthdn—dz.wa, khana, dawd banane y&, bechne kd ghar 
Dispensa'tion, s. distribution; exemption — bilikaran, .bitaran ; nishiddha bishaye annumati 

bd khyamd k. — taqsim, bdnt ; mudfi, ij&zat 
Dispensatory, s. a book in which the composition of medicines is described and directed — 

aushadhiy a drabya prastutakaraner niyam bishayak grantha, mdrtnas/iastra —alf^zuladwiya, 

kiti^b-i-nuskhajat [^khyamd k. — bantna, taq-:Im k. muaf k. ij&zat d. 

Dispe'nse, v. to distribute ; to excuse — bdiiliyd d. bitaran; nishiddha kriyd karite d. bishesh 
Dispe'ople va. to depopulate, deprive of inhabitants — nirjan bd narashunya kariyd rdkliari, 

basatisamuddy uchchhinna kariyd ujdr k. nibdsidigke tdrdiyd rf.— wir&a k. kharab, ujar yd 

lijar k. ' [pachdo 

Dis'pepsy, s. imperfect digestion— ma nrfagni, ajirni, dhdrer d«s/ipac/^an— badhazmi, kam 
Dispe'rge, va, to sprinkle, to scatter — chhitdmi, chhardna, prokhyan, binda bindti kariyd nih- 

khyep k. — chhitkana, chhitrana, chhiraknd ^ 
Disper'se, va. to scatter, to spread about — chhardiyd d.itastatah nihkhyepk. chhildna,ch}uitTa- 

fcar fc.— phaildna, chhitdna, chhitkdnd, muntashir k. ' f, 

Dispet'sion, s. act of scattering — bikKyep, chhardna, chhildna, itastatah nihkhyep — iniishi,r, 

paragandagi, chhitrdo * [k. shikastadil k. beummed k. sard k. 

•Dispirit, va. to discourage, deject, ddimp—hatdsh k. nirhharasd k. nistej k. khyubda Jc.—nd&s 
Displa'ce, va, to put out of place, to put out of office ; to disorder — sthdndntar k. sthdna bd 

padachyuta k. ultdpdltd k. — sarkdna, beja rakhnd, taghir k, ulatpulat k. 
Displa'cency, s. that which displeases— «A7iis/i?ac/iar, auiipakdr, asantosh, birakti — durushti, 

khildf-i-marzi, nakhushi, ranjidagi, khafgi ' # 

Displa'nt, va. to remove a plant; to drive a people from the place in which they are fixed— 

utpdtan k, hrikkhya sthdndntar k. uchdtan ; basati haite ulhdiyd bd tdrdiyd d. — persarkdnd ; 

nikal d. bemaskan k. 
Displanta'tion, s. removal of a plant ; the ejection of a people—brikhya sthdndntar k. bnsati 

uchchhinna hard, tdrdiyd d, — darakht sark^nd ; khdna barandazi, tabahi, besaknnat 

D I S ( 150 ) D IS 

Displa'y, va« to spread wide, exhibit ; to set out ostentatiously to wew—prasdrari, prakdskk. 

bistnrita k. durskdna—phsLilko^, kholnd y4 zahir k. dikhl^ina 
Uispla'y, s. setting to view, exliibition—pj'a/cas7i i-am, hynkta karan, prasdran-'hhkT, phailao^ 

namiid , [n^gawar, napasancJ, kaiih 

Displea'sant, a. unpieasing, otfsasiv e--asanioshnk, bitushlikar, ^f/iri/ia'jTia— 'nakhushayand, 
Disple ase. vn. to offend, to disgust — birakta k. usantoshjanindna, rush (a k. — nakliusli k. bezar 

k. dzurda k. kiiijana ' [azurdagi; n^kiiu?hi, bez4ii, khafagi 

Displea'sure, s. [ p/es/t.] uneasiness ; offence, sliglit anger— nsaj/tosA ; bairakrya, ishad rag — 
Displo'de, va. to burst with \'\o\eac(i—mahdshabda piirhak phiiiy jdoii bd c/i/m.fau— kariawa,z 

ke satb pbai parna ya cliatakb darak jana [phatnd yd pluilna, dari.iagi, phatat 

Displo'siou,s. a bursting witii ixo\s&—makdshabde phdian bd phuian hi c/i/ijt/un— kaiiawaz se 
Dispo'rt, s. play, sport, pastime— /criri, rang-a, parilids, kautuk—khal, tamasUa, bazi 
Disposal, s. management ; regulation — bhdr, adhikdr, baiatd ; bydburtand~i'K\it\yAr, qabza ; 

Dispo se, V. to give ; to adjust, to set in order, to regulate : to seW—deon, hili k. sdjdna, tiiya- 

tnita k. hikray k. — dena, iliik k. saijwarna, arasta k. baiidobast k. bech daind 
l)ispo'sed,ptt. [..] arranged, inclined — kramagatOy bilikrita, sdjdjia, prabritta, manonibi&h{n 

— murattab, drasta, sbaiq, raghib, mail 
Dispos'idon, s. order, arrangement, method, state of mind, inclination — kram, bili, niyam, 

riti, swdbkdb, charitra — intizam, arastagi, sajawat, laur, sirat, niizaj 
Dispbss'ess, va. to deprive of possession — adhiknr'achyata k. swutwabarjita k, — bedaVhl k. 

nikal d. khaiij k. ^ [ikhr;ij 

Uispossess'ion,s. act of dispossessing — adhikdrabhrashta kard, swatwadlitvmi^sa — be dakhli, 
Dispo'sure, s, disposal, power ; state, posture — hkdr, adhikdr, bashatd ; dashd, abusthn — ikhti- 

yar, qabza ; hal,lialdt [badnami 

Dispra'ise, s. censuie, blame — niridd, bhartsand, upabdd, aprashaugsd.— Aokh, maldmat, 
Dispra'ise, vfl. to blame, to censure, to condemn — tiraskhr bd uitidd k. doshi k. apr a shangsd 

bdapabdd /c.— fajihat k. ya badnam k. dolchna [-^phailana, muntashir k. chhitrdud 

Disprea'd, Du. to spread different vvays — sarbatra bydpta k, prachdr k. sarbatra prakash k, 
Dis{)roti't, s. loss, damage— la. to injure — hnni, apachay, khyati—va. hdni bd khyati k. — khi- 

sarat, nuqsan— 1«. nuqsan k. [— ihtal, radd, takzib-i-dawa 

Disproo'f, s. refutation-, a proving to be false — khandand, asdbhyasta karan, aprdmdnyaliathun 
Disproportion, va. to dismatch, to make unsuitable— flsaruan bd chhotubara k. atidya k. ma- 

ynamdtrd k. tdbadangsher umil fc,— nabarabar yd chhotdbara k. beanddz k. namuwafiq k. 

bemel k. 
Dispropor'tion, s. unsuitableness in quantity of one thing to another, want of symmetry — asam- 

ya, atulyatd, asamdnatd, tdbadangaiier amel — ndbarabari, beandazi, tafawutya namuwalaqaf, 

ek ddsre ka bemel 
Dispropo'rtionable, Disproportionate, a. unsuitable in quantity, unequal— asamrt«, atulya, 

chhotabara — nabardbar, namuwdfiq, ghair muatadil, beandaz 
Dispro've, va. to confute an assertion, to prove to be \'dihe—khaiidan, asdbhyasta k. ajdthdr- 

tkya prakdsh bd pramdn k. — radd k. batil k. jhdtha sabit k. 
Dispunishable, a. free from penal restraint — adandya, aihdsaniya, shdstir ajo*2/a— naqdbil-i- 

saza, tazir ya jarimane ke gtiairlaic^ v 

Disputable, u. that may be disputed— 6?fanc?ani2/a, bibdder bishay — bahs ya larai ke qdbil 
Disputant, s. one who disputes, a controvertist, an arguer, a reasoner— 6ifaw_ia/c, bibddi, bdk- 

birodhakdri — bahhas, jhagrali'i, hujjati 
Disputa'tion, s. act of disputmg, debate, argumental contest— bdkbirodhj bibdd, bitandd, bdd- 

dnubdd — bahs, jhagra, mubahasa, hnjjat ' 

Disputa'tious, Dispu tative, a. inclined to dispute, captious, argumentative— 6i*a«f/an«rai{:ta, 

kundaliyd, doshagrdhak, bdkbirodhi — bahhds, jhagralii, aibgir, takrdri, hujjati 
Di-jpu'te, va. to corrtend in words, to debate— j/ja^am k. bdkbirodh k. bitandd k, bdddiiubdd k. 

— jhagaina, bahsna, mubahasa k. hujjat k. [hujjat 

Dispu te, s. contesi in words, controversy— j/^a/caTvl, bibdd, bitandd, hdddnuhdd — bahs, jhagia, 
Dispute'less, a. undisputed, wnA^nidihXe^-abirodhya, nishchny, sarbaawikrita, niJisandeha — be- 

hujjat, musaliam, ndqabil-i-inkar [nasazawari, nashaistagi 

Disqualification, s. that which disqualifies — ajogyatd, apdrakatd, anupajuktatd—nilsLiqi, 
Disqualify, fa. to make unfit, drsal)le—aj(Jg^2/* bdakhyam k. apdrak k. anupajuktak. — n.a- 

idiq k. namuwafiq k. naqdbil k. 
Disqui'et, va, disturb, make uneasy, to vex — udbignamandk k. bi'skanna bd asukhi k. byasta k. 

birakta fc,— rauztarib k. khijana, bekal k. bechain k^ 
Disqui'et, Disquietude, s. uneasiness, vexation — bishdd, bhdband, asthiratd, bairaktya — 

bekali, bechaini, ranj, nakhushi [se, taklifse 

Disqui etly,u(/. witliout rest, ?Lnx\ons]y—bhdbandpurbak, udbege, asu/c/ieie— bekali se, beardmi 
Disquisi tion, s. examination, inquiry — bitarka, dlochand, prasangu, anusandhdn — munazara, 

taqrib, mubahase se khojh lagana [andkani, bekhabari, beparwai 

Disregard, s. slight notice, neglect — anddar, abaheld, amanojog, tdchchhatya—beikUsiti, 
Disregard, va. to slight, neglect, despise, to contemn— anarfar k. abaheld k. tuchchhagydn k. 

apriyabdsan—heiUU'Aii k. ghatlat k. belihdzi k. nafrat k. hiqdrat k. ' 
Disregard'ful, «. negligent, heedless, contemptuous— awamyo^f, dndgydubaha, npekhyak, 

tuchchhakdri — \)e\\njAt, ghdfil, heparwd, mutanaff'ir 
Disrelish, s. distaste, dislike — aruchi, ghrind, anichchM—ndihht, ndgawari, kardhiyat 

DIS ( 151 ) DI8 

Disrerish, va. to dislitce the taste of, dislike — aruchi bd anichehhdk. birasa bodh h. — nafrat yA 

n^gawdr k. bezauq mfilam k. [mAyfib, ndmdqdl 

Disrep'utable, o. disgraceful, unbecomiog — apamdnajanak, aprashangsaniya,^amipajukta — 
Disreputation, Disrepute, «. disgrace, dislit)uOur — apajash, akhydti, apamdn—hdidniinn, lua- 

w&i, beizzati [adabi, istihq5,r, ii^hmSz 

Disrespect,*, want of respect, slight — nnddar, aha(fydti, abaheld,tdchchhalya—hei\\iiAti,he- 
Disrespect'ful, a. uncivil, rude— a/irtf/aratsri, ashishta, asabfi y a— heWUtii, beadab, bemuru- 
wat [kapre 6t^rn4, khol d. nan^A k. 

Disro'be, va. to undress, uncover, strip — kdparkhnliyd d. bibastru L-.parichchhadddi tydz k. — 
Disrup'iion, s. a breaking asunder, breach, x'tni—bhdngvjd jdon, 'phdlan, chhedan, phdk h.— 

dariJa^i, p'liit, tut, dintr ■ 
Dissatisfac'tion, s. discontent, dislike— iiiusA/i, birahti, ghrind, atripti— nAkhushi, nAr^zi, 

natVat, beseri ' _ ("nirazgar, n&sawab 

Dissatisfactory, a. not giving content — atriptikar, asantoshak, bitushliianak — n.ikliushayand, 
Dissat'isfy, va. to displease, make uneasy — aiantiishia k. birakta k. bimarsha janrndna — nd- 

kliusli k. bezAr k. bechain k. [chedk. — kfitna, tukre tu*re k. tashrib k. 

Disse'ct, va. to cut in pieces, to divide a body — khanda khaiida k. bibechandrt/ie shaber byaba- 
Disseo'tion, s. tbe act of separating tlie parts of animal bodies— ti/a6ac/i/tedu6tc:/^a—iaqti, 

Disseize, va. to dispossess wrongfully, to depnve—adhikdrachyuta k. anadbikn.r k. — bedakh- 

al k- milk o nidi chhfn I. fdakhl, milk o mal se Awdra 

Di^spize'e, s. one wrou'^fully dhposse'sed—ndhikiracbyuta bd bhrashla, rhitasarbaswa — be- 
D.sse'izin,s. an uulawful dispossessing— pa?-e»- ad/it/car«/iaraM— zabardasti se di'isre ki amJak 

cbliin leni 
Disse'izor, s. one who ejects from posses?i\on—parddhikdrahdrak, anydye apaharanhdri — 

wuh siiakhs jo beliaqq diisre ko milk se bedakhl knrta hai, zabardasti se diisre ka amUk 

dakhl k. w. [pd-shanda td k. — po^bida k. chhipAnd, bahana k. makr k, riyd k. 

Dissem'ble, v. to play the hypocrite — chhdpdna, chhal k. pratdrand k. chhadmahesh dhdran k. 
Dissem l)led, pa.. [...'] concealed under a I'alse appearance— c/j/m/matra, kdlpanik, uprakrita 

— hilabdkhta, sAhib-i-makr yl riyd [«;t— riyakar, miiz6war, niakkar, kapti 

Dis^em'uler, s. a hypocrite, an impostor — pdshanda, prabanchak, chhadniabeshi, bhandntapas- 
Dis-em'inate, ua. to spread as seed, to spread every wQ.y—prachdrk. bydpta k. histdr k. bija 

bctpan, chhardna — phaildnd, bona, cliliilrana [chhitkao, intishar 

Dissemination, s. act of scattering like seed— ftun'77i, bydpan, prachdrkard—honA, pliailao, 
Dissen'sion, s. contention, disagreement — birodh, bhed, amil, pranayabhanga—}hdigTa, qaziya, 

n^inuwiSaqat, bigar [dangabSz 

Disson'sious, a. contentions, quafrelsome — kundaliyd, birodhi, fca/a/it— jhagralu, bigarti, 
Disse'nt, va, to disagree, to differ in opinion— aswi/citr k. asammata h. matdntur h. — n^muw^fiq 

h. bigarni, mukbalif ya khildfrai h. f — mukhilif, namuwafiq, khilafrAi 

Dissent er, s. one vvlio d'xB'i&nl^—bhinnamatdhalambi, matdntaragrdhi, asammata aswikdrakdri 
Disserta'tion. s. a discourse, an essay — bydkhyd, prasanga, bdkpraband/ia, bibaran—hdkhAn, 

maqal, ris&la, taqrir [taklif d. 

Disser've, va. to do injury, to h^rm—npnkdr k. hin^sd k. dnhkh <£,- nuqsan pahunch^nft, 
Disser'vice, s. injury, harm, mischief— apa/iir, pater anishtukard, khyati — nuqsdn, zarar, ziydu 
Disser'viceable, a. injurious, mischievous — hdnikar, apakdri, khyatijanak, anishiakdri — 

naqsan rasaii, muzirr, ziyaukAr 
Dissev'er, va. to part in two, to divide— dwt/^/ia^- k. bhedan, hijog k. — dohisse k. dopAra k. 
Dissili'tion, s. tl»e act of bursting in two — dwibhdg haiyd phdlan bd bhdngiyd jdon, bidaran — 

phama ya do para hojana, shikastagi [mughdir, bemel 

Dissiin'ilar, a. unli'<e, different — atulya, bishesh, bhinna, bidharmak — namuwafiq, baraks, 
Dissiinilar'ity, Dissimilitude, s. unlikeaess, want of resemblance— pra6/ie(i, asdmya, bisheah, 

bailnkhyanya, atulyatd — namuvvAfaqat, ikbtilaf, nabarabarl 
Dissimula'tibii, s. a dissembling, hypocrisy — kdpulya, jmshandatd, pratdrand, kdlpanikatd — 

riya, rup ki tabdil. riyakari, makr yi. kapti ' [ura d. sai f k. israf k. 

Dissipate, va. to scatter, spread, squan'ler — urdiyd d. apabyay k. apachay k, dhanalop k. — 
Diss! pa'iion, s. waste of property or substance, loose or licentious course of life — apabyay, 

dhanalop, dnshtdchdr, Idmpalyddi 6/)ras/i/rtc/m-—awAiagi, israf, aubashi 
Di-so'ciate. va. [.. s/ie. J to separate, disunite — bijukta k. bhinna k. prithak kariyd rdkhan— 

judl k. biclihornA, alahida k. [galne jog 

Dissoluble, a. that may be dissolved— g'/jZa«t«//i., drab karaniya, g-«Zanas/it'Z— qabil-i-gudAz, 
Disso'lve, v. to melt ; disunite, separate— g-aian, drab k. bd h. biyog k. prithak k. — galna, 

piglilana, gudaz k. ya h. juda k. alag k. . [gudaziuda, gaidne w. 

Dissol'vent, a. that has the quality of dissolving — drdbak, gilanakari, drahkari—gudAz, 
Dissolvable, fl. that may be disio[ved—galaniyd,drabkaranerjogya,jdhdds/iu, drab hay — 

galanhar, galnejog [badkar, aubash 

Dis'solute, a. loose in morals, debauched— fe/iras/iMc/tari, lampal, nashla, asat — badwaza, rind, 
Dissolution, s. a dissolving; ruin, end, deatn— rfrrt/> k. bd h. khay, ndsh, shenh, antukdl, mrityu 

— guddkhtagi, piglhahat; uesti, n&bddi, Akhiri, Aqibat, maut 
Dis'sonance, s. discord, disagreement— sparer amef, usushrdbyadhwani, anaikya, baiparitya — 

sir ki uamuwafaqat, nakhush awdz, bigdr, nasazgdri, uAmel 
Dis sonant, a. discordant, harsh, jarring, disagreeing— ame/, kushrdbya, karkash, huswar, asama 

—bemel, namauziin, sakht, badawAz, namuwafiq 


D I s ( 152 ) D r s 

Dissua'de, va. to advise against a measure — bishesh karme mantrand dwdrd nihritta k. biparita 

pardmarsha d. tidrek hhdngan — b^z r. mana k. manplierdna. rokn^ 
Dissua'sive, a. tendinp to dissuade — nibartak, khydntaknr — b^z r. w. muzAbim, m^ni 
Dissyl'lable, s. a word of two syllables — dwyakhyarapad, dwiswara shabda — do siitebil y^ne • 

do hije ka lafz [—p^nj, jis se siit nikle 

Dis'taff, s. a staff from which the flax is drawn in soinning -panji, sutra nirgata hay jdhn haite 
Dista'in, va. to stain, tarnish, discolor—sakulunka k. mayld k. rung nublita fc.— daghila k, 

maildk. badrangk. [iniihjnlu 

Dis'tance, s. space between bodies, remoteness ; reserve — dur, antar; anniip—dnri, lafawat ; 
Dis'tance, va. to leave behind in a race — ghoraduure uzramr haon bd clihdrdiyd gaman, bd 

piishchdt pheliyi gamank, — *;hur-daur men piclihe chhor ana ya ^ge chalejana 
Dis'tant, a. remote in time or place ; shy—duraatha, durabarti, anekkdler ; andldpi, mukhcliord 

— dnr, baid, muddat kfi ; mahjiib, sharmila 
Distaste,*, dislike, aversion, disgust— an«T/ij, ghrind, vyakkdr — nafrat, ghin, karahiyat 
Dista'steful, «. nauseous, offensive, unpleasing — nyakkdri, ghrinya, kusivddii, aruchijanak — 

ghinauna, nasawar, b;ulmaza, mustakrih • ' 

Distem per, s. disease, disorder, sickness— rijwfli/, rog,pird, bydmoha—Az?Lr, maraz, rog, bimar 
Distem'per, va. to dissorder, to affect with disease — pird janmdna, asustlia k. dhdtahikdr k. 

— bim^f k, alii k. tabiyat bis;arna 
Distem'perature, s. [... .ts/?«re] excessive beat or cold ; indisposition; confusion— ^ris/»nirt- 

grishrner dtishnjya M rogajanak bJidbdntar; s'imd)iya pird; gandagoi — sardi yd garmi ki 

shiddat ; kaslmandi, mAndagi ; darham barhami ' * ["birndr, alii, mariz 

Di'^tem'pered.po. [•••] affected by disease — pirita, rogabishishla, bydmohujukta, asusth'i — 
Diste'nd, Vrt. to extend, to swell — dyata k, sphita k. phdnpdna, bistirna k. pranh.oitn k.-~ 

phail^nA, barhdnd, phulana [pasSra hua, phvdd buA 

Distend'ed, pa. widened, swelled — prasdritaf pmsthe histrita, sphita, phdnpd — phaila hua, 
Diste'nt, s. space or length of extension— prasar, bistdr, dydm, landidi— i)ha\\(io, pasSr, 

lambai [phqildo, barhao, phuina, pasar 

Disten'lion, s. a stretching, extension— prasaron, aphiti, sphiiahhdb, praihastatd, bistdr — 
Dis'tich, s. [.tik] a couplet of verses— dwicharana sklok , donhd — :bait, dolia yddohra 
Disti"!, V. to drop gently, to extract spirit from — khyaran, choyan, nihsaran, choydna, syandana 

k. mddnk ran nihsdran — chiind, lapaknd, maqattir k. chudna, chuland, khinchna 
Distillation, s. act oUVi-tWWng—synndanakriyd, mad chonydna — chakida;;i, ^iraq ctiulai 
Distil'ler, who distils — syandak, khydrak, shuuri, madya chonydy je— araqkash, dbkar, 

muqattir, sundi 
Disti'nct, a. separate, different, clear— awT/a, 6/!in?m, prithak, spashla—)\id^, mutafarraq, s5f 
Distinc'tion, s. difference ; eminence of character — bishesh, prabhed . gunabiahiatd, snwhhram, 

pratipatti — farq, tafawat, byord ; slian, izzat [mumaiyiz^ friiiq, fdsil 

Distinct'iye, a. marking distmction — bishesh, jdhdte bisheshagydn hay, prabhedusii<^hak— 
Distinct'ively, Distinct'ly, ad. not confusedly, clearly — bilekvupe, sabisheshe, prithak krame, 

spash tariipe— Xdim'n se, mufassalan, mashrahan, zdhiran [Awat, farq 

Distinct'ness, s. clearness, plainness— suspas/i/ata, pdrthahya, hibhinnatd — safdi, tamiz, tal- 
Distin'guish, m. to note difference ; exalt — hhinna bhinna kariyd jdnan, chinan, bihek gydn 

k. itarabishesh bodh k. pratipanna k. — imtiy^z k. tamiz k. farq jannd ; charhana, izzat k. 
Distin'guished, pa. a. f. ..] eminent, transcendent, extraordinary — prnsiddha, sambhrdnta, 

asddhdran, atyuttam, dshcharjya — mumtaz, narai, ndmwar, roshan, nadir, ajih, naydb 
Disto'rt, va. to twisl, writhe, pervert — mochnrdna, hikrita k. byangnk. bdkra kariyd kahaiif 

biparitdrtha k. — marornd, pechd. pherdnd, bahkdna, khildf batdnd 
Distor'tion, s. the act of wresting, perversion — mochar,mord, bikatdkdr, hyanga, prakritdrther * 

anyathd k, — maror, pech, pher, bhakAwat, asl rnani kk kliilaf batana 
Distra'ct, va. to draw different ways, to confound, to harass, to derange, to make mad — nana- 

d.ige tdnati, dkul hydkul k. byastak. khyipta k. — har taraf se khinchna, muztarib k. ghabrdnd, 

hairdn k. djiz k. diwdna k. [ — muztaiib, ghdhrd, dshufla, behawass, mutaraddid 

Distract ed, p«. rt. perplexed, wild, divided — bydkul, hyasta, pdgal, khyipta, udbignamandh 
Distract'edly, ad. wildly, confusedly, madly— 6ipra/rtpe, .bydkula chitte^ khyiptamate—vi^h- 

shat se, ghabrahat se, diwanawar, hdoja sd 
Distiac'tion, s. confusion; madness — dkulatd, byastatd, ghabardni; unmdd, bdtulatd—viUThh, 

sardsimagi, hairdni, kashmakash ; diwdnagi, sir 
Distra'in, va. to seize goods for debt — de7idr ddny nimitte sdmagri samasta dhariyd bikray k. bd 

«/a/c ^. /crofc /c.— qaraz ke ada ke liye ashab roknd, qurq k. 
Drstra'int, s. sehare—asthdbara dhaner dink bd nirodh, krok — zabt, qurq-i-dmwa1-i-manqala 
Distre'ss, va. to pain, afflict, perplex — klesh bd du/ikh d. pirdna, penche phelan, ghabardna—' 

faklif d. dukh d. satand, tasdiyad. kurhand, hairan k. " ' 

Distre'ss, s. the act of making a legal seizure, the thing seized by law; extreme pain or 

anguish, calamity— rfe/mdar byaktir sdmagri samasta d^ak bd krok karan, &e hastiii ; atishay 

santdp, maner duhkh, klesh, apad— qdnna ke mutdbiq qarzddr ki chizou ki zabti, qurqi chi'z ; 

izd, taklif, biptd, dfat [y4, muflis, dili^lr, musibatzada 

Distressed, a. [..J miserable, full of trouble — dahkhi, jotrahin, duhkhita, dpadgrasta— dukh- 

Distrib'ute, ra. to liivide among a number, to deal out — bdntiyd d. bili k. bitaran k — bantnd, 

hissa kar d.taqsim k. 
Distribution, s. act of distributing, act of giving in charity— fcanian/cr/ya, bitaran, anokkei 
ddhkard—laqsim, bdnt, batwara, bakshish 

DIS ( 153 ) DIV 

Dis'iiict, s. a circuit of authority, region, division— pmdes/i, chdkald, pargand, pdrd—iXU, 
chakla, pargana. mahall ■ , [la'ib^ri k. shubha k. 

Distru'sl, va. to suspect, not to trust— apmti/rtt/ k. abishwns k. savdeha fc.— latimad na k. be- 
Distru'st, s. suspicion, want of confidence— as/iradd/w ; abishwds, apratyay, sandeha—heyaqU, shubha, shakk, beiatimadi . , pTiutawahhim 

Distrust'iul, a. suspicious, doubting— sandjg'dfta, abishwdsi, aprati/«y»— shakki, beiatiq^d. 
Disturb, va. lb disquiet, to confound, to agitate— /;!/«/<"/ k, byasta k. ghabardna, kheddna, 

nc/ic//a7a/t fc,— bekall k. muztarib k. ghabrana, chlieruA, barakat d. 

Disturb'aince, s. tumult, agitation, conUmoa—gandagoL, golmul, khyob, ^/ia&amm— liangama, 

slior fasad, harjmatj, harakal, hairani franjawar, hanj, fitnaangez 

Disturb e/, s. one who di-^turts— /c/es/j^aa, khyobhajanah, byastakdri, ^o/ma/jj/a— dukhdfti, 

Disvalua'tion, s. disgrace, diminution of reputation— «W((/nfi, unddar, apamdn, janher hdni, 

ma'/uir/i'ts—behurmati, be^br-ii, beizzati, qadr ki kamli ya nesti 
Disva'lue, va. to uiubrvalue, diststeem— /«c/tc/i/m k. alpamulya bodh k. anddar /c.— istihqAr 
, k. khafif k. beizzat k. beq.idr k. [bigfii, judfii, mulAiaqat 

Disu nion, s. want of union, separation— wme/, annikyn, pnrthakya, bichclthed — nditlildq, 
Disuni'te, u<j. to separate, divide, disjoin— 6»jyo|r /c. bhinnaJc. prithak k. bichchhed k.—3\xd^ k. 

aiag- k. alahida k. mafruq k. 

Disu nity, s. slate of f.sparation— p?'if/iafc bhdb, bibfiinndhnsthd, biyog, aikyabhanga—jud^i, 

mufaraqat, naiitifaq [matruk k. isiiamal chborna, tark-i-amal k. 

Disu'se, va. to cease to use or practice— ar byrtbuhdr nd k. tyig k. byabahdrer anyathd k.— 

Disuse, Disu'sage, s. want of practice, neglect — abyabahdr, tyigkard, a/i«c/irtr— beistiamali, 

berabti, berawaji ' 

Disvo'ucb, va. to destroy the credit of, to deny, to contradict— fc'ium/an, asdbhyasta k. aswikdr 

iS:. apii/ia^/c.— mansu.b k, balil k. ink6r k. khilaf k, ^ ' [uala 

Ditch, s. a trench in tlie earth, a moat— i«/i, payndLd,ndL'i, khdt, garkhdi~k\\^\ , khandaq, 

Ditch'er, s. one who digs ii-Qac[\es—kkdtkkaHak,'kkdntikdld, gaitakdrak—d\\\i3iT, loniyA, 

khcli kliodne w. 
Dithyram'bic, s. a song in honour of Bacchus— madya priya dehatdr prashangsdkdri raser 

i^dii bd kabitd hhltesh, bdmickiri git b ishe sh —shAt^b ke deota ka bhajan 
Dil'tied, a. sung; adapted to music— g-ai/ta ; bddya jantrapajukta g-it- sardida; g^nejog, bdje 

ke muwafiq sarod 
Ditto, s, the same thing repediied -pwhoktabodhak, ai, tathd, ajmit—, mazkdr 
Dil'ty, s. a sonnet, a shoit musical poem — gun, hddyajantropaj ukta sankhyipta hubitd—sdiTod, 

gane ke qabil mukhtasar shiar ya ghazt 
Diva'n, s. in Turkey, tiie king's council — Turuk desher rdjsabhd — diwdn 
Divaricate, va. to divide into Iwo—daibhdg k.—do hissa k. 
Divarica'tion, .s. a partition into two, sepavalion ; division of opinions— rfiy(/>'i'7'o-, antarikaran ; 

mater bd abhiprdyer biMidg bd pirthukya — do hissa kaina,judai; ikiitilaf-i-r&i ya niat 
Dive, vn. to plunge under water ; to go deep into any science — duh d. dubki d. taliyd jdon, 

agddlie gainaii; bidydte manoiiibesh /c.— gbota lagAna, dubki mama ; kisi ihn men, ghaiq h. 
Di ver, s, one who dives ; a water Howl— dubak, dubariyd mdnush ; dubu pa/c/iyi— ghotazan, 

ghawwas; murgh-i-abi, pandubbi 
Dive' to tend various ways from one point — binedan h. bistdr h. rekhdr ek agre janmi- 

yd digbidig bistdrita L— ek nok se nikalkar muntasliir h. paraganda h. phutn4, pbailna 
Diver gent, a. teiulitig to various ways from one point— /;isfrita, angshumdn, angshubat bikirna 

bi prasdrita — muntashir, partao ki manind paraganda 
Divers, a. several, sundry, more than one — ndnd, anek, bibidha, bahu — kai, bahut bahut, chand 
Di'verse, a. different, unli!:e—pj-«tt/cu/, bhinna, bishesh, atutya, na/urpra/m?-— mukhtaiil, bahut 
. baliut, uiyara, mutafawit 
Diversification, s. the act of ma'^ing various — riipa bhdhddi paribartan bd anythd bd bibidha 

karnn, chitrahichitrakard, prakdrdutar — sdrat w. g. ki tabdil, lagiiaiyur, iiqsam karni 
Diver'sify, va. to make various or different — anyarup k. bibhinna k. prakdrantar k. chitrabi- 
chitra k. rupahhdbddir paribartan fc.— judA k- tafriq k. tarah ba tarah k. gdnagun k. langk 
rang k. tabdil k. 
Diver'sion, s. a turning aside ; sport — pathalydg, pdrshwagati ; kautiik, parihds, keli — 
. inhir^f, kin^re chalna ; tamasha, tal'arruj 
Diversity, i\ diftuience, urilikene?s, variety — haijdtya, asimya, baiparitya, bishesh, chitra- 

hichitratd — tafawut, farq, ikhtii:if, gunaguni, rang i)a raagi 
Diversely, ad. differently, variously— Z>ji/ies7ij-tipe, bibidha prakdre, iidndmate—jiid&gema., farq 

se, rang ba rangi se 
Dive'rt, Uc to turn aside, to withdraw the mind, to Hmnse—tyaktapath k. prabritti ndsh k. udya- 

rniblianga k, tushia k. parifos/i/f.— miinharif k. n^mutawajjih k. phirand, bahlan^, khush k. 
Divert'iug, pa. merry, pleasing, agreeable— rast/c,* kap.taki, maner santoshakdri, sundar— 

khushtaba, manbhad, bahlau 

Diverti'se, I'a. to please, to divert, to exhilarate— tus/i/ij^KWi/j^, rahasya k. kautuk dekhdna, 

rhishfnman k. -khush k. balilana, tamasha dikhand, jikhush k. ' [wai 

Diver'tiseraent, s. diversion, recreation — kautuk, bishrdniartiia krird — tamdsha, lafarruj, khela- 

Dive'st, va. to strip, unclothe, dispossess— tasfradi khashdyd d.. nagna k. anadhikdr k. 

kdriyd I. — poshish w, g. ntArn.l ya chhiuleaa, nanga k. bemilk k. 
Divest'ure, s, the act of stripping— apfl-./mrun, chhiniyd laoyd, batdtkdrg grahan—chhia 
chh^n lend, gliazab y^ zabardasti se lena 

D I V ( 154 ) DOC 

Divi'dable, Divi'dant, a. capable of being separated — bihhinna, bibhajaniya, khandaniyat 

chhedaniya, o7igshaniya—jiiA^ karne y^ hone jo^, qabil-i-tafriq 
Divide, v. to part, separate, give in shares— 6/trt^ fc. an^sha k. bhed k. bdntan, biti karan, 

bhangiyd rf,— hissa k. alag k. bantn^, taqsim k. hisse lagftnd 
Div'iilend, s. number to be divided, a share — artkfls/wlsire bhdjya bd hdrjydnkaf prdpydngsha, 

bhdg — munqnsam, maqstim, bakhr^, hissa 
Dividers, s. inaihematical compasses — sulradhar prabhr'Ulr byabahdrita rekhddi bibhdgarthe 

du)icharaiidsl ru binlienh — pargar 
Divid'ual, a. divided, shared with others— angshikrita, bantita, bibhakta, bhdgakrita — mun- 

qa«am, taqsin yAfta, hissa k. g. 
Divina'tioii, s. prediction, or foretolling of future events — bhahishynt kathan, bkdbi bishay 

byaktakaran, ganakatd,jnnnmi—\[m-\-Tzvn\, rami, falgoi, pesligoi 
Diw'ne, «. to (oretel, to foreknow, to guasA—hhabiiliyat baclnin bd jnndna, ganand kariyd 

shnbhdshnhha Inkhya k jdndmi k. anumdn fc.— pesligoi k. ghuebdani k. falliantli k. soclin4 
Divi'iie, a. pertaining to the na'ure of God, godlike, heavenly — l&hwara&ambandhiya, 

aishwarik, Ishivariya, sit'^r^/i/a— Rabbani, l){i\u, Rahmani, biliishti 
Divi'ne, s. a minister of the gospel ^dharmopadeshak, purohit, jdjak, dharmailidstragyan — 

injil k^ sikhUne \v. murshid, injildan,ahl-i-fiqah 
Diviner, s. one who predicts, a soothsayer, a guesser — bhabishyatbaktd, jdn, daibagyan, 

bhdbikathak — ghaibdan, rammal, f6lgo, k^hin, naidmi 
Divin'ity, s. divine nature. Deity, theology — ishw :ratwa, dehatwa, Parameshwar, 'paramdrtha 

shdstra, Ishwnrabishayak hidyd — khudai, lUhi, fiqah, ilm-i-ilahi 
.Divisible, a. that may be divided into parts, separable — bhedya, bhdjya, bibhdgdrha, angska- 

viya — q^bil-i-taqsim, qAbil-i-tafriq 
Division, s. act of dividing; a part ; disunion — bibhdg karan, angshdngshi ; angsha, bhdg; 

bichchhed, amei — taqsim, iiiqisam ; bakhra, hisoa ; farq, ikhtili^f, bemel 
Divi'sor, s. the number that divdes — hdrak anka, an/ca/jarafc— maq>nnialaih 
Divo'rce, va. to separate married persons — stripurasher bichchhed k. bd chhdrdchhdri k. 

bibdha hnndhana miikta k. — talaq d. katkhudai ke aqd se ^zad k. 
Divo'rce, Divo'rcement, s. dissolution of the marriage contra ct-strf sty fmi prithak karnn hd h. 

bibdha bandhan haile mukti, paritydg, bichchhed— t3i\&q, joru o khasm ki juddi, katkhudAi ke 

girau se kbai&si [bardhak — mudir, idraiawar, mutdii 

Diuretic, Diuret'ical, a. having the power to provoke urine — mutrotpdduk aushadh , miitra- 
Diur'nal, a, daily,,relating to tiie day, performed in a day— di^asi/c, dinamdner, pratyahik — 

rozina, din ka, yaomi 
Diur'nal,s. a day book, a journal— pratidJwer ghatanddi Ukhandrtha hahi, pratidihaser snmd- 

chdra patru, ek ek diner krny bikrnyasuchak jdhdd /)a/ii — roznAmcha, roznama, rozmarra 
Diur'nalty, ad. daily, every day — pratidiiie, dinedine, pratyahu — UauWn, rozroi, harroz 
Diutui'nity, s. length of duration — bahukdlahydpakatd, bahukdldsthiyitwa—(]er\iK\, mud- 

dat tak pSiddri flash k. alaniya k. batliina 

Divul'ge, va. to publish, disclose, reveal— pra/casA k. byakta k. biditn k. prachdr /c.— izhdr k. ' 

■ Di'zen, va. to deck or dress gaudily— fces/ii/ius/ian k. alankdrddite bhushita k. atishobhita k. — 

ban^o k. singdr k. ^racta k. zeb o zinat d. [ablih 

Diz'zard, s. a blockhead, a fool— murhalok, nirbodh, pdgal, khyipta—Tthmzq, ulUi, nadan, 
Diz'ziness, s. giddiness, vertigo— mat/ja^/jam, shiruhkampa, ghurni, 6/ir«wi— dauranri-sar, 

ghumri, chakchaundhi |ac/<efa7t— sarganUn ; madhosli 

Diz'zy, a. giddy, affected with vertigo; thoughtless — ghiirndyamdn, shiruhkampa hishishta; 
Do, V. to practice or act any thing, good or hat^d— karan, karma k. sampanna k. sddhan, r/j>- 

bdha k. — karna, araal men \&nk, baji land, anjiim k. 
Do cible. Docile, a. easily taught, tractable — nnushiahia, namra, kdn khdrd, sumedhd, svshish' 

yn, dgydnbash, praneya — tarbiyat pizir, tez zihn, sikhanliAr, salimuttaba, islahpizir 
Docil'ity, s. teachableness, aptness to learn — praneyatwa, shikhydshiLatwa, namratd, rnedhd 

— tarbiyat pizlri, sadhawat, tezzihni, sikhanhdri 
Dock, s. a place where ships are built or laid up — naukdrtha giidi—siiddi, kh^ri, jahaz ke 

banne ya marammat hone ki jagah 
Dock, va. to cut ofF a tail ; to place a ship in a dock— Idngnl chhednn bd rhasica kariyd kdtan, 

kdliydphelan ; guditenaukd rdkhan bd dnayan k. — tarkhim k. dum tarashnd, landura k. 

jahaz ko guddi par charlianA 
Dock'et, s. a direction tied to goods; a list of cases in court— drahyddir gdnit bdvdhd shvandm 

bd gydnpandrtha chinha ; makaddumnr 7iirghanla bd styt— pale ka ruqa jo asbab par bflndh 

dete haiu, nishan ; muqaddimat ki fihiist f ke baniine ki jagah 

Dock'yard, s. a yard for building %h\p?,—naukd jdhdjddir nirmdna sthdn, g-»<ii— gdddi, jsihftz 
Doc' tor, s. one who has taken the highest degree in the faculties of divinity, law or physic; 

a teacher ; a physician ; any able or leartjed vadLVi— paramdrtha smriti baidyak ityddishristr* 

byiitpanna hyakti, tat shikhyane khyam^tdpanna ; shikhyak ; baidya, chikitsuk ; pandit — 

vvuh shakhs "jis ne ilmM-ilahi y& fiqah yd tibb w. g. meu fazilat ka darja paya ; niuallim ; 

tabib; hakim [niuilai, hakimi, tabibi 

Doc torship, s. the rank of a doctor— shikhyakerpad, dchdrjyatd,pdnditya, /ca6/?flj«— muallimf. 
Doctrinal, a. consisting in doctrine, pertaining to the act or means of teaching— wpuci^s^ 

bishishta, shikhyd sambandhiya — maslak mansub, tdlimi 
Doc'trine, s. the principles of any sect or master; the act of teaching — matdmat, dharmopadesh, 

bidhi; upadesh, shikhyd— m&zhuh, maslak, tariqa; tAlira 

DOC ( 155 ) DOM 

Document, s. written instruction, evidence, pvooi—ddeshlipi, nidarshan,pram(in — hukmnSma, 

Document'al, a. relating ta instruction — ndeshbishishla—hiikmoAm^. mansiib 
Dod'der, s. a creeping, parasitical plant— ^uta hrikhya bishesh — bel ki ek cjism 
Dodec'agon, s. a figure having twelve equal sides — bdra kond bishuhta drahya, samadwdda- 

sh dsr a— hkvTiU goshedar shakl ya chiz [■phiran—UvQh k. kaniyana 

Dodge, vrt. to use craft, to start aside, to evaclp by a sudden 8ta.n—phdki d. habhdt paliiiyd 
Doe, s. tlie female of the fallow-deer— /lariHt, mrigi, sh/n^ungi—hirni, almtuHda, hannj 
Doff, va. to put off dress, to strip ; to delay — bastra tydg h, kdpar chhdriyd phelan ; gaun k. 

— kapre utarn^; der k. . • •• [lohe ka ek uikra 

Dog, *. a donnestic animal well known; a lump of iron— kukkur ; lauhapiuda—kntiH, !>,ati ; 
Dog", t«. to follow continually, to hunt -pic/i/je Idgan, kukkui- dwdrd mrigayd k, — pichhe 

lagna, pichha k. kutte se shikar k, 
Dog'dayF, s. the days in which the dog star rises and sets with the sun — Suliail surjyajog je 

dine hay, atigrishmakdL—iis aiyam mea Suhael afiab ke sAth tulu ya ghurdb hol/i hai, baji 

garmi ka rnausira 
Doge, s. the chief magistrate of Venice and Genoa — Ildliyddeshastha Genowa o Venis mahd- 

nagarer yradhdii hichdrkartd, tdhdr upddhi — mulk-i-i<a/i ke Genowd aur Venis shahr ke 

bare kotwal kd laqab 
Dog'ged, a. sullen, morose, ill-humored — khilkhitiyd, karkash, wera— sagsirat. turshni, badkho 
Dog'ger, «. a Dutch fishing vessel with oaem<\sl~-luihntmdch/iuyanaukdbishesh~n\Achl\li 

ke sliikAr ki ek ban kishti [kharab o bewazn nazm ki ek qism, zatal qdfiya 

Dog'gerel, s, mean worthless verses— fcutsiV kabitd bishesh, sdmdnya j/WoV, khenchurd kabitd-— 
Dog'gish, a. like a dog, snappish, churlish, brutal — kukkuradharmak,pashuhiU, ngra, rdgdt — 

sa?sirat, bah^im khaslat, chirchirJi, tundkho [qaida, dastur, qamin, mat 

Dog'ma, s. an established principle, settled notion — mat bishesh, mater mulkatha, niyam — 
Dogmat'ical, o. authoritative, positive— nis/fc/!'ii/a;(/(a, swamatabyuktakdri, swamitdbhimdiii , 

ekgunyd — yaqfni, kliudnuma, khudhukmi, khudi6i 
Do gmatism, s. positiveness in opinion — swamater nishchayabdd, swamat shik/iyane dtmdbhi- 

mdn -khudiki, apni mat par tayaqqun 
Dog'matist, s. a magisterial teacher, a bold advancer of principles— su;a7nafai!)d(ft, stvamatashi- 

khyane dtmdbhimdni—kh'idrin, apni mat kesik-hdne par mustalikam 
Dog'star, s. the star Sirius, which gives name to the dog-days — tdrd bishesh, Su/joj/— Suhael 
Do ily, s. a species of woollen stuff— lomum'iy kdv r bishesh — pashml kapre ki ek qi>m 
Do'ings, s. pf. things done, tiansactious — kritakdi-jya, karma, bydpdr^ kriyd — Kam, kartilt, 

afal, harakat, muamalat 
Doit, s. a small piece of money — khyudra mudrd bishesh — chhote sikke ki ek qism 
Dole, s, any thing dealt out ; grief, sorrow— aH^s/ia bd bhdg kariyd deoyd giydchhe je hastu ; 

shok, duhkh — maqsiim ; gham, afsos r. 

Dole, VII. to deal, to distribute— /«7am/j,6«n/an, angshdngshi kariyd ddn k.—hAnlnk, taqsim k. 
Do'leful, rt. soirovvful, dismal, me\aincho\y—khedajanak, shokduwita, bishanna, utkani-hita, 

nj/i/ja— ghamnak, andohgin, afsurda, dilglr, udas 
Do'Iesome, a. melancholy, gloomy, dl\imz\—uchdtanamandh, khedasuchakj ndds, ghor, ddriin 

— afsurda, ghamnak, ud^s, dhuml^ [^launa, putli 

Doll, s. a child's puppet or baby— c/i/jeZi/ar daruk, pntuld, puttalikd — guryii, gulda, khe- 
Dol'iar, s. a silver coin of Spain, Germany and the United States of America— Spen oJarmani 

A'merikd desher prasiddha raitpya mudrd bishesh — ekqism ka rupiya jo Spen^aur Jdriuaui 

aur Ameriki men raij hai 
Dolorific, a. [dol-o. .] causing pain or grief— khedarasotthdpak,shokajanak, karundrasamay — 

alam o gham rasau, afsos o hairatangez [gin, santapi 

•Dol'orous, a. soriowful, doleful —/f/je(fa6w7tis/i^o, shokdrta, /n7api-~ghamn^k, dilgir, andoh- 
Dol'our, s. [. lur ] grief, lamentation, pst.ia-~$hok,bildp, manoduUkh, utkanifid—ghaLvn, andoh, 

afsos, maUl [machhli ki nam 

Dol'phin, s. the name of a &>=>h—samitdriya matsya bishesher ndm—ek qism ki sumandari 
Dolt, s. a heavy stupid fellow, a blockhead — murha byakti, nirbodh, mdthdbhdri — kunda, 

dabang, ahmaq, kaudan fgaodi 

Dolt isli, a- stupid ; mean; liiiW—ahodk, pashubat ; pdji ; jarabuddhi—kund, dabang; kamiua ; 
Doma'in. s. dominion, empire, estate — rajya, adhikdr, ddJiipatya, swddhikdrabhiimi — padshA- 

haf, i6j, sahanat, mamlukat [qubba 

Dome, s. cupola, an aiched roof — grihachhdter khildn, prdsdd bdtir khilita mdthuli — gurubaz, 
Domes'lic, a. belonging to the house; private; tame; not foreign; mtestine — grihusumbun- 

dhiya, gharer ; uprakdshya ; gharuyd, gharposhd ; swadeihxya i aHfarasf/ia— gharaii, khftnagi, 

gharkd; chliipd; gharaiia, khanaparwarda ; desi ; dardni 
Domes' tic, s. one kept in the hou-^e, a servant— ^/iargr lok, bhritya, dds, ddsi—jls ko 

ghar meu rakhagayd, khanaz^^d, khidmatg^r [khanaparwarda k. dabnA, wabasta k. 

Domesticate, va. to make domestic, to tame — hdt bd gharposhd k. pratipdlane daman — 
Dominate, va. to prevail over the rest, to govern— damaw k. shdsaii k. bashk, kartritwa k. — ■ 

hukiimat k. sardari k. Hirmiinrawai y^ dAwari k. 
Domination, s. power, dominion; tyrdinny~kartritwa,prabalatd,ndhipatya ; daurdtmya — 

sardari, hukiimat, dawari ; zabardasti 
Domine'er, vn. to rule with insolence, to bluster — atydchdrakrame shdsan k. sphitabhdbe daman 

bd dhamkdna, dambha &:,— zor zuim se hukdmat k. takubbaii se Bahibi k. khudfarosbi k. 

DOM ( 156 ) D U 

Domin'ical, a. notin? the Lord's day, or Sunday — rabibdr sambandhiya bd tadhishayak^ 

bishrnmbdrer—itwAn, iiwar kit 
Dominion, s. sovereign authority, power; territory, region, (\\s\r\ct—ndhij)atyd, rdjatwa^ 
kliyamatd ; rdnja, desk, adhikdr, pmr/es^i— hukdmal, p^tlshAliat, saltanat; niamlukat, raj, zila 
I)oii")'iiio, s. a liiiiil of liood ; a long: dress ; a ^ame—mustakdhluiranbd dchckhddan bibhesh ', 

clihadmahebh, samrfi'ij ; krirn bishcsh — topi k'i elc qism ; i)iies, huiqa ; ek kliel 
Don, s. the Spvini-iii title tor a gentleman— .bp'mfi/a desker malialloker tcpddhi, arthdt mahdshay 

bodhak padabi—Sl'.en ke mulk ke ashrafou ka laqah 
Dona'tion, s. act of giving, a gitV, a present— rfan, praddn, bhikhyd, puraskir, pdritoshik — 

bakhsliish, diliish, ddn, atiya, nazardna, saughat 

Don'alive, s. a gift, a largess, a present— </a/t, pdritoshik, puraiHr— bakhshish, dad o dihi;?h, 

nazar, sangliat [hn4. 

Done, pa pu^s. of the verb to do — hdln* kard^ hdiydchhe bd knrd giydchhe ja/ffi— Icatda, kiya 

Done. int. a word used to confirm a wager— 2)ajf karane swikdrubodhuk shabda, arthat bhdUi, 

swtkirk'irildni ityddi—y'ih lafz shart ke qabdl karne meu mustainal tiai, y4ne achchha, 

niaiu ne qabul kiya w. g, [bakhshinda, dihanda, dene w. 

Do'nor, s. a giver, a bestower — ddnkartd, ddtd, bhikhyd mdlhn I ityddi dan kare je—da.^^. 

Doom, va. to judge, io condemn, to destine — bichdrk. danddgydn d. shesh slhir k. — tajwiz k. 

saz.l ya jariniane ka hukm k. muqaddar k. ~ 

Doom, s. judicial sentence, judgment; ruin; fate — dnnddgydn, hichdrkartdr hidhdn, ddesh, 
ahe^hbichdr ; pralay, sarbandsh ; bhdgya—sazA yii jariiriiine ka hukm, fatwa, amr; kharaJ^i, 

paimali ; nasib \liuiydcJie je, Hirxtta— niuqarrar, inuqaddar, bad4 

Dooin'ed, pa. [.] fated, condemned, destined — adrishtddhin, dosykrith, prdktan bd bhdgye sthir 
Doomsday, s. the day of final end, univer^sal judgment— jag"ats/jes/te mahdbichdrer din -qiya- 

niat, mahshar, roz-i-qiyam;it 
Dooms'day-book, s. a book made by order of William the Conqueror, in which tlie estates of 

England were registered — Inglanda desher pratijaner adhikdmbhurnyddi liklumdrthe 

William the Conqueror ndmik r ij ir drydnnnsdve krita prdchin pustab bishesh— Ini^layi i ke 

sab zamindarou ke talluqa likhne liye William the Conqueror padshah ke hukmsejoek 

kit^b bani thi 
Door, s. the gate of a hou«e, entrance— (Zu'ar, griha prahesher path — ^darwdza, dar 
Do'quet, s. [(/o/:-?t] see Docket 
Dor'ic, a. pertaining to Doris, or to an order of Grecian architecture — grihanirmdna viyam 

bd pnikdr sinnbandhiya, thdni bishesh, tadbishayak—iindim6.u ka waza y^ taur mansab, lliam 

ki ek qism, us se nisbatdar fposhida, makhfi 

Dor'mant, a. sleeping ; private — nidrita, ghumanta ; giipta, aprnkdsh — khawida, khufta, sota ;, 
Dor'mitory, s. a place to sleep in; a burial place — ahayaudgdr, niddgar ; samddhi sthdn 

— khwabgfth ; gotisian 
Dor'mouse, .5. an animal which sleeps most of the wmter—khyudra jantu bishesh, se pray tdlmt 

shitkdle nidrita thuke—ek qism ka clihotA'j&nwar jo jar4bi)ar sola rahta hai 
Do'ron, s. a present ; measure of three inches — pdritoshik, hhet ; tinbnnd parimdn — liadya; 

tin inch ki nap {bishesh - ek qism ka urne wdla kiia 

Dorr, s, a Hying insect, the hedge chiller— ncld ay ana skil ktt bishesh, putanga bd jhiujhi 

Dor'ture, s. a dormitory, a i)lace to sleep in — nidrdgdr, shaytiiiasthdn — khwabgah 

Dose, s. so much of any medicine as is taken at one time — aushadher mdtrd bd morak, aushadher 

pan bd nishchita parimdn — mantad, davv4 ki paimaish jo ek bar pine ya khane ke liye 

has hai 
Dot, s. a smaJl point or spot in a writing — bindu, shunya, khuntani--nviq\dL, bindi, siinA 
Dotage, s. imbecility of mind; excessive fondness — bdrdhakyujanita buddhir ndsh bd khyina- 

td ; (ttiioh'ig — burhdpe ke sabab se aql ki nuqsAni yk zaifi, satliydhat ; bari doldr pyur 
Do tal, a. relating to the portion of a woman — stridhan bishayak, jautuksambandhiya — jahez 

mansub, jahezi 
Do'tard, Do'ter, s. one whose age has impaired his intellects; a silly lover — atihriddha, 

hntahuddhi, hhimarathi ; ntipremdsakta, prememagua — wuh shakhs jis k4 burhape se dimagh 

tal gaya ho, bahatra, hawdssbakhta ; shefta, ishq men gharaq 
Dote,r?j. to love excessively or foolishly— «ttso/ut^ /t. preme mugdha h. — nihayat pyar k. ishq 

meu shefta h. muhabbat meu gharaq h. [bakhshish paya hii^, rakhne w. 

Do'ted, a. endoweri, gifred, pos-essed o(^nntu^cprdpta , ddmiprnpta, bishishta — rrvnyassar, 
Dot'tard,s, a tree kept low by cniims—niyata chhdnid brikhya — per jo hanaesha chhanikar 

barhne nadewen • [do fah,jora 

Don't. le, a. two of a sort, twofold — dwignn,dnhdrd, dund, jofd,dway — diind, dugnl, dohia, 
Doa'ble, V. to make twice as much ; to sail round a headland ; to fold ; to play tricks— dwi gun 

k. dohdrd k. antarip diyd yhiriyd dgaman ; mordna, kdparddir bhdijj k. chhal k. prabanchcind 

k. — dund k.dohrak. muzfif k. tek kegirdjahiiz lejana; morn^ ; dhokha d. farebk. 
.D(m'l)le, s. twice as much , a fold ; a trick — dund, dwigun parimdn ; bhdnj, pdl ; chhal —A(\n{i., 

dugna ; tahd ; fareb 
Doublede'aler, s. one who says one thing and thinks another, a knave — prabanchak, dhiirtai 

f/(«/c— farebi, badzat, thag [dhokha, makr, riya 

Doubiede'aling, s. artifi''e, low or wicked cunning — chhuland, chdturjya, prabnnchani — hxQh, 
Dou'ble Entendre, s. [... .<i«j-] a double meaning of a sentence or expression — dwyarthuk 

bdkya, shlesh, hyanga— do maiiid^r bat [anda, daghdbAz 

Doublemind'ed, a. deceitful, treacherous— dwima/ia/i, dhurta, bishw4sghdtah—dordiXiz^,fdLre\i- 

DOU ( 157 ) D R A 

Doub'let, s. an inner garment of a man , a waistcoat ; two, a pair— bhitarer angardklyi bishesh ; 

jord, jugma, dway — angarkh^, tlat^la ; juft, jora 
Dnubleton'jjiied, a. [. . .] deceitful, giving eontictry accounts of the same i\\\ng—domukht dhurta, 

»7)rt//i— dorang^, dozaian, farebi 
Douhlo'on, n. a Spanish co\n—swarna mudrd ftj.v/iesA— ashrafi ki ek qism 
Poub'ly, ad. in twice the quantity — divi gunriipe— due^nAi se, dochand se 
Doiiiu, V. to q'lestion, to sctuple, to fear, to (iistrust, to heshnte—djcidhdkalpftJi. sandeha rd- 

khnn, (tnishch'itahodh k.hhuy k. dhokdk.u'pratyay k. — shakk k. shubha k. yaqin na j^nnd, 

(lama, pas-o-pesh k. ag^ piciilia k. 
Doubt, s. uncertainty of mind, hesita-tion, suspense, scruple — sandeha, dwidhdkalpund, sang- 

shay, dhokd, bhdb'ind — shakk, shubha, guman. islilibfih, pas-o-pexh, haisbais - 
Douht'ful, a. dubious, ambii;uous, obscure, qiiestionahle, unceitain — aspashta, anishchit, 

adhfuba, ghordrtha, bibecliuniya, sandigd/ia — musiitabah, mashkiik, niutazabzab, wahmi, 

Doubi'fully, Doubting'ly, ad. uncertainly— sa7i(/e/iflp«r/wfc, aspashtorilpe — shuhhe se, shakk se 
Doubt'less, a. and ud. without doubt or ibni — mhiunaehe, u/^c/AV/i/a— eshakk-o-shubha, 

Dou'cet, s. a common kind of custard— fc/iirflsa bishesh — ek qi^ra ki mithai 
l-)()u'ceur, s. [doo-sarel a bribe, a \ine—f:hush, lobh, pdritoshik — rishwat, tuama 
.T)ove. f. a wild pigeon, a pigeon — bnnya pdyard, ghuyhii pukhyi—yd\\s,\i kabutar, fakhta 
Do'vecote, Uo'vehouse, s. a pigeon-house — pdyrirdgdr,pdyardrkhr.p 6a W/yjuc/ia— kabiitar- 

khana, dhabari • [— kal)utar sa, fakhte kl uiiitjind begun^h o-lialim 

Dove'like, a. resembling a dove— pa?/flm hdghngliuhnt iiamnt ehang virdo.shi, ahingsruk, s«j/u7 
Dove'tail, s. a form of joining two bodies together, when that whicli is inserted has the form of 

a wedge reversed-:-y)/u/i?e jor bd grantha)i.-- qnUi 
Dough, s, unbaked paste, kneaded Hour— ckhdnd snji, bhijdna nld—gutidUA hui ftia, khamir 
Dought'y, a. brave, noble, eminent — sdhasi, prutdpdnvdta, shreshiha — bahAdur, ghaziniaid, 

buziirg [sa mulaim, pilpila 

Dough'y, a. soft, likcdough— fc'incM, bhijdna dtdhat ashakta, tnltaliyd — narm, bliii^a hna at^ 
Dousfi, V. to plunge suddenly into water— ja/e nihkhyep k. bd jhdnp d. dubdna — ghota d. yh 

kiidnd, diibna yA dubd d- . . 
Dow'ager, s. a widow with a jointure, the title given to ladies who survive their husbands — 

stridhanahuti bidhabd, rdjd bd kidiner randd — daulatniand bewa, bad^iu^h yfi ami'rou ki rand 
Duw'dy. s. an awkward ill-dressed inelegant vfnm^n —uparislikrita bd kutsitriipe shohhitd stri, 

kubhushitdstri^phuhsir, bure taur ya nasafai se sajiiuii aurat jjahez, mahr 

Dow'er, or Dow'ery, s. the portion of a married woman or widow— stridhan, jautuk—dah^z, 
Dow'erles-:, a. without a fortune — njautiikd, stridhnnrahitd bd fta/;;(tri— bejabez, bemabr 
Dow'las, s. a coarse strong linen cloth— e/c prakdr mold fca'/zar— mota magbiit kapre ki e'c qism 
Dov\n, s. tender feathers, wool, or hair; an open plain, bank of sand — n«7v;wt pukhyu bd 

pnsham bd lorn ; mdlh, bishebhatah pdhdrer dhdrastha math, bdlimay prdntar, chui' — narm 

par ya pashm yA rom ; mai<lan, khusns in pahar ke kinare ka, haldchar 
Down, pr. along a descent— arf. on the ground, to a lower place or state—a. dejected— nic/ie, 

ad/inh—adjjhumite, tale— a. bishanna, pard— niche, tale — ad. zaminpar, nasheb meii— a. 

dilshikasta, uftdda _ [jhoka, sarnafiun, sharmgin, dilgir 

Down'cast, «. bent down, defected— nata, adhomukh, laj jit u, mjdnahadan, kJiyunna — uihiirA, 
Down'fidI, s. ruin, calamity, a sudden fall— (//man '^-^^ia, utpdt, sarbandsh, haihdt grihapatan 

iij/af/j — tabahi, khwari, sattyanas, haghAni se gi^rna " [ha'darje iitar 

Down'hill, rt. declivous, decend\ng~-d/idL, gardn, kramonimnapath~-dhA]ii, dlialvvan, darje 
Downly'ing, pa. near time of childbirlh—pr(i.!ia6/;e<ia/u)p«/cr«ma sfW, piasab huoner prdkkdl 

prdptd stri — wuh aurat jo dard-i-abastani ki lialut meij ho 
Duwn'right, a. plain, open, directly tending to the point, unceremonious, plain without 

palliation— ««?•«/. nishkapat, khold, suspashta, prakrita — saf, sada, k^ula, sidlid, thik 
Down'right,fld. plainly, Uvdy—byakta bd sarulrupe, suspusiUe, .i/n/c—sdfsaf, sarilian, thik, sach 
Down'ward, a. tending down, dejected— ^n'c/i«^aAni, aUhogdrni, bishanna, udhomukh — nich^, 

past, udas, sarnagiin 
Down'ward, Down'vvards, ad. to\^ards the centre, from a higher situation to a \oweT~7nadhya- 

dike, ndbhisthale, adhodike, niche — markaz ki taraf, wasat men, niche, tale 
Dow n'y, «. covered uithdown, soft, tender — nabiHpdlakhddi bishishla, komal, Tmram— narm 

par y^ pashm ya roeudar, mulaim, narm ' 
Dowse, s, a slap on the face. — va. to strike— c/iar, chapetdghdt — va. char ma?-«« — tanidncha, 

thappar — va. tamdncha marna 
Doxolo'gy, s. a form of giving glory to God— Parameshwarer mdhdtmya prakdshak stuti bdkya 

bishesh— Khudii ki hamd karne ka ek taur 
Doxy, s. a prostitute— Z»e67ii/a, upastvi, fc((/a<a— qahba, kasbi, beswa 
Doze, V. to slumber, to stiipify, to be dull — ghuman, cUiolan, abasddita k. nidrita k. — unghn^, 

jhapki men h. ankh lagan;!, unghana, solAna 
Dozen, s. {(iuz-zn'] the number of ivf^\\&—dwddashasnnkhyd, dwddaah, bdra — bdrah, do^zdah 
Do'ziness, s. drowsiness, sleepiness — nidrdkarsiian, tandrd — ungliai, nimkhwabi, gljunudagi 
Drab, s. a strumpet, a slut; a thick cloth— /cu/a/a, bdrdngand, aparishkritd arthdt petani ; mold 

kdpar bishesh — tarkhal, qahba, paturiya. phuhar; ek qism ka garhA kapia 
Drachm, s. [dram] an old Koman coin, the eighth part of an ounce — Rumiya prdchin mudrd 

bishesh, par imdn bishes — dirham, Rumioii ka ek qadimi sikka, ek waza 

DRA ( 158 ) DRE 

Draff, ». refuse, lees, dregs, sweepings— maZ, gdd, uchchishta, janjdl—s'ithi, khojl, phoJr, 

jliArari, knrkut 
Drafr, s. a bill. See Draught— tdkir chiti, ftunrft—hwndi, h^TAt 
Dra^'', V. to pull alongf by force, to trail — tduan, dkarsh/rn, tdniyd dnan, gheusharnn — ghasft- 

nft, khiaciin^, tiinnd [k4 jal/ankori, chhoti gjiri ki ek qism 

Drag, s. a net, a hook, a kind of cart — tdndjdl, dknrshani bd kdntd biskesh , eh hdtgnri—ek qism 
Drag'gle, va. to make dirty by draeginsj on the ground— /capara'^/ kddd diyd c/thenc /tarty d 

mayld fc.— lithrAnd, kapr^ w. g. kicliar w. e:. meu c;hasit kemaila k. 
Drag'gled, fi. [- ..I ni^de dirty by waWixn^—kardnmUpta, knddmdkhd, mayld— V\\\\x(^ hnA. gil 

yk k-ichar Alnd, maila [daryii ki tab men bichlia ke klnnrh4 j4t^ hai 

Dra-r'net, s. a net to be drawn along the bottom of the water— /««« Ja/ — mahdjal, jal jo 
Drag'on, s. a winged serpent ; a constellation — pakhya hishishta ajdgnr hd kdlpanik snrpa 

bishesh ; bisliesh tdrdjhunda—ek qmn ka. p3.Tda.r khiyali samp ya azhdaha ; kai sitdrou ki 

Drng'onlike, rt, furious, fiery — atirdgdh, hhaydnak, iishmdvwita — gharabn^k, 4tashf, tund 
Drac;oo'n, s. a. soldier who serves either on horse or iooi—ashwdnirka bdpaddtik sainya — 

sawar y^ pij Ada i 

Drgoo'n, VI. to compel, to submit, to reduce— saiwi/a karanak daman, bash karayi — fauj se 

dabanft, tabi k. [mori, badarrao, muhri 

Drain, s. a channel for water, a watercourse— ^H^t, vardamd, pravdli, payandld—nAli, 
Dra?n. v. to draw oflF, to make quite dry— jul sakaL chhenchiyd phelan, shushka k. niras k. — 

chliiinna, pdni nikal dalnA, etuis 1. sukhanA 
Drake, s. the male of a duck — pitihangsa, pitnghangsa—h^\i, bat-nar, badakh 
Dram, s. i» tro?/ uejii^f, the eighth pait of an ounce; a glass of distilled spirituous liquor — 

pnrimdn h):ihesh i ek peydld niadird hd ekkdle pditopajuktamadyddi—ekpdHm^ish ; ek piyala- 

bhar shaidli yi ek b^r pine ke muwafiq shar^b 
Drama, s. a poejn accommolaled to action which is not related but represented, a play, a 

tragefly, a comedy — iidtak kdbi/a,jdtrd — indirjal, n<5tak, naql 
Dramat'ic, a. representeil by action, theatrical— na'fafc bishayak, sangkdri , abhinita, abhineya 

— naqli, n^taki, saw4.ngi [nuisaniiif 

Dram'aiist, s. a writer of plays or dramatic compositions — ndfak knrtd — indirjdli, ndtak ki 
Dra'per, s- one who sells cloth — baitrahikretd, kapiiriyd bydpdri — bazz^z, pSrchafarosh 
Dra'pery, s. cloth-trade ; the dress of a picture — bastruhyabasd ; chhabir parickchad bd dbha- 

ranafii— kapre kA kArob^r ; taswir ka libas yA han&o 
Drastic, a. powerful, efficacious, vigorous — dshu bhedak aushadh, gunabishishta, balabdn 

— mushil. zdd dast^war jullAb, muassir, zorilwar 
Draugh, s. [draf] refuse, swill — taldni, khankri — talchat, durd 
Draught, s. [draft'] act of drinking ; a quantity of liquor drank at once ; act of drawing or 

pulling carriages ; the quantity of fishes taken by once drawing the net ; delineation, sketch ; 

a detachment of soldiers ; an order for money — pdnkaran ; drahdvahyer dhok, ekkdie nUudrita 

nt'idyddi ; gdri ityddi tdnan hd dkarshan ; dhrita mntsyddir jhdnk ; chhabi, chhdnch, pdudu 

lekhd ; sainyadnL; tdkdr chili bd himdi—pinh; ghunt, ek bdr mea pigai shardb ; gCiri 

w. g. kA khiiichilo ; ek dafe ki uthai hui machhlion ; naqsha, chhSnchd, muswada j fduj 

kd ek guroh ; hundi 
Draught, Draft, a. used for or in drawing — h ihaniyd garnddi, gdrihdhak — ladd, bojhel 
Draughts, s. a kind of play on chequers— c/i/iat bariydr kheld 6ii/<esA— mughalpathaa w. g. 

takhta nard bdziaii 
Draw, V. to pull forcibly, attract; unsheath ; to represent by picture; to allure,- to win — hale 

tdnan. dkarshan, khenchan ; khiphnite hdhir k. chitra k. ahayab likhan ; phusaldnup 

prabrittijanmnna, prdpan — ghasitnfi, zor se kashish k. niydm se aikalna ; taswir khiQchnd ; 

lalcliftna, pliuslanA, apnd k. 
Draw'i>ack, s. money paid back or remitted — pratideya tdkd, dhardlddi, chhdriyd bd phiriyd 

deoydjdy bd pdoydjdy je tdkd — [)hirtii, chhiif, takiifif, riyayat 
Draw'bridge, s. a bridge made to be lifted up, to hinder or admit communication at pleasure— 

tnld S'lnko^ swp.dtchhdkrame told jay ehang pheli jdy kdshlhanirmita sinko — uthSuwSjl pul, 

ydne lakii kd ek pul jo khushi se uihaya aur phenka jawe 
Drawee', s. one on whom a bill is drawn — hundi deodjdy bd lekhd jay jdhdr upar — ^jispar 

hundi ya barat likhi jae [dinabis ; derdz 

Draw'er, s. one who draws; a sliding box— /inn'ij lekhak; sinduker tdnd ghar, koshtha—hun- 
Drawe'rs, s. a kind of light under breeches — pnjdmd, janghiyd — paejdma, izar, jdnghiyd 
Draw'ing. s. delineation, representation— c/a?r«, chhabi, pal — naqqashi, naqsh o nigdr, naq^h 
Draw'ing-room, s. a room for company — baiibdr ghar, sabhdr kuihari, atithisangama shdld — 

baiiliakkhana , diwan-i-dm 
Drawl, vn. to speak slowly or clownishly— d/itre bd aspashfarupQ kathan, akdradi dirgha 

kariyd kahan, asabhya bat bd chdshdr nydy kathan — chabd chabd'ke bolna, aughar ki md- 

nind kahna 
Draw'well, s. a deep well of water — pdtkilyd, gahhir k\p — gaherfi kud, chdh 
Dray, s. a carriage used by brewers — madirdbdhak tdnd gdri bd shakat bishesh — ek qism kd 

chhakra jis mea sharab lejdte haiu 
Drazel, s. a mean, low wretch ; a drab — pdji bd jaghanya lok, khyudra bdnich lok ; bhrashld 

nthacha kundaliyd stri — kamina shakhs, paji yd zalil admi ; tarkhal, paturiyd 
Dread, s. great fear, awe— flfan/ca, glior bhay, ati i/ian^a—dar, khauf, dabshat, haibat 

DHE ( 159 ) Din 

Dread, v. to be fa fear, to stand in Awe—atyanla bhuy jukta h. atishankd k. — darnJi, dahshat 

khdiitl, khatra k. fnAlc; mukanam, rauasz^.z 

Dread, a. terrible, awful; venerable — bhayinakyd'irun ; atyanta mduya, drjya —mnhib, haul- 
Dread'tul, a. terrible, awful, frightful— WtuJ/an/far, ghor, dtankajanak, Wn'm— dali^^hatnak, 

haulnak, kh^vifniik, purkhatar Inihayat khaufndkl se 

pread fully, ad. terribly, frightfully— mu?iai/iave, ddrunrupe, atisliay bhayp-'irbak — liaibat se, 
Dreadless, a. fearless, iutrepid— nirWtuy, nihshankd, s ihasi—n\da.T, bebak, hiinmatvvar 
Dream, «. thoughts in sleep; idle fancy— swap/ta ; adbhutdnubhab, bhram—khw^b, sapn!^ ; 

Dieam, v. to rove in sleep, to imagine, to be slu^iri-h— swapna darsliaji bd dekhan, kalpand 

k. blirame mane k. alas k. — khwdb deklina, khiyal k. snst h. 
Dream 'er, s. one who dreams ; an xdiarsioapnadarshak, bhramajukta, mithydkalpandkdri ; 

/cure 6i a/(is /o.^— chwabbin. wahmi, khiyali ; sust 
Dream'lesj, a. free from dreams — nishwapna, gabhir nidrnbishishta — bekhwfib, nisapnA 
Drear, Dreary, a. gloomy, dismal— if/ior, ddnin, bkayankar, nirdnanda^ nirj an— muhih, 

khatarriak, giiami^iu, sunsdn 
Drear'iuess, s. gloominess, dismalness — ghoratwa, bhaydnqkatwa, udd'ak-initd—UaAhaiiviAki, 

khalarnaki, afsurdagi [— kasturd pakarne ki jal ; satauaj, 4qs^m anaj kk n*sl 

Dredge, s. an oyster net ; a mixture of grain —kustiira dJiaribdr jdl ; nana shasyer mlshrahhdb 
Dreds^e, v«. to scatter 6our on ; to take wirli a dredge— pat /cam?ie mdu^sidite aaji nihkhyep 

k. chkildna; kasturddi jdle dhuran—pdik3t.nQ nieagoshtw. g.par diabhurbhuran.i. ;jal se kas- 

tarA w. g. ko pakarna [bhurane la zarf 

Dred:^'ing-box, s. a box for dredging meat — suji vihkhyepdrthe pdtra — Atapi^sh, iita Lhur- 
Dreg'gy, a. coatainins^ dr'jg^, feculent— »i//«jui:£a, gddamay, aparishkdr, g/jo/a — gadla, pur- 

durd, maila, mukaddar [durd • 

Dregs, s. the sediment of liquors, lees— wiaM, gdd, knit, khankri — talchhat, mail, kudtirat, 
Drench, va. to wash, to soak, to steep; to physic— f//(oj/aM, bhijdna, drdra bd sikta fc. aushadk 

pdn kardna—A\iovik, bhi<,'onA, tarbatar k. juilab d. 
Drench, s. a draught, physic for a brute — aii&hadher pdn bd dhok, ashwddir aushadh—dav/i. 

kil ghuni, janwaroa ki daw^ [bhiga hua, shorbor 

Drench'ed, pa. [.J washed, soaked, cleansed — dhauta, sikta, bhijdnn, paruhkrita — dhoy4hua. 
Dress, s. ciothfts, garment, habit, finery — parichchkad, bastra, pandheya, beskbhushd, alankdr 

— poshak, hbas, kapre, drftish, baniio ■ • 

Dress, t;a. to clothe, to adorn, to deck; to cook, to priCpare ; to cover a wound — bastrddi pari' 

dkdn k.,kdpar pardnn, beshbhthhd k. shohhd k. pdk k. prastut k. khyat parishkdr k. au$hadh 

Idg'iiyd d, — kapra pahinnd, poshak pahnAna, arista it. ban.1.0 k. sajiwarn^; pakand, taiyar 

k. ghiio saf k. patti bdndhna yd marham lagand 
Dress'er, s. one who dresses ; a kitchen table— 6a:.t/-a paridhdnakari , arfhdt hastra pardy j^- 

pdkgriher pdtd bd mangsddi kdlandrthe mancha — iibas ya poshak pahnane w. sajawauhdr ; 

bawarchikliahe ka mez , 

Dressing, s. act of dressing, attire ; the application made to a sore — paridhdn kriyd, paridheya 

kdpar, beskhhushd ; khyater pralep bd pali — libds karna, poshak, sdj, singar ; niarliam, patti 
Dress'ing-room, s. a room to dress in — bastra paribdr griha, Ghushandgdr — poslidkt hdna, tA] 

ya Iibas pahinne ka ghar [kaina, tara^lma, kdt dalna 

Drib, V I. 10 crop, to cut short, to lop off — chhdijlan. katan, kartan, kdliyd phelan — katarua, 
Drib'ble, vn. to fall in drops, to fall weakly and slowly; to slaver, as a child or idlol—bindu 

krame patati, khyaran ; J,dlparan — tapaknd, chi'ind ; ral tapakna 
Driblet, s. a smallquaality ; a small sum — bindu, luki ; and pdi ityatZi— khurda. rc.':a;an!i 

pai w. g. [sukhdne w. jazib, khushk k. w. 

Dri'er, s. that which absorbs moisture — shushkakdrak, shoshak, shoshankdH gun bhhishfa-i- 
Drift, s. impulse; scope; a heap thrown together by the wind; a heap; a body of snow — 

jor ; abhiprdy, bhdb ; buyudwdrd rdshikrita bastu ; rdshi ; ghaaibhuta hiiner stiip— ghalba'; 

irada, gharaz ; havva se dheri bani hi'ii chiz ; tdda, dber ; ambar-i-baraf 
Drift, va. to drive ; to throw together on heaps— c/ia/aTi; rnsiti /c.— chaland ; ambar k. 
Drill, s. an inslmaicnt for boring holes ; a small brook ; military exercise— fuj-apan; khyudra 

nadi ; iainya binydsddi karaner ahikhyd — baniid ; chhoti nadi ; qawaid-i-fauj 
Drinlc, s. liquor to be swallowed, beverage— pei/a drabyu, pdner sdmagri, madtrrt'ii— sharbat, 

shurb, sharab " [fc.— pina,^ghi;:Uua, pyas bujhana 

Drink, v. to swallow liquors, to quench thirst— pa?j. k. drahdrabya gaiidhah k. Irishnd nihritti 
Drinkable, a. potable, capable of being drun;^—p«ya, pdnajogya, pannV/iu— 'piny kd c-'''>.'l, 

noshidani [.sharabkhor, matwala 

Drink'er, s. otie that drinks ; a drunkard— prtrafcrti'ta ; madirdpdy!, rndtdl—piaQW. piyanhdr; 
Drip", VH. to fall in drops— i"r. to let fall— 6i/trf(t bindu bd photd photd paran, jharan—,va. 

fc'/2/ammi, c/iO!/ana— tapaknd, mutaqatir h. - m. chulana, tapkand 
Dripping, s. fat gathered from roast meat — mingsa dagdha karan samay je ghritMi galiyd 

pare, set— kabab ki charbi [u4dir 

Dtip'ple, a. weak ; rare, uncommon— fc/ij/fn, durbal ; durlabh, asddhdran — zaif ; kaniydb. 
Drive, V. to force along, to urge in,any direction ; to guide a carriage; to knock ux—chdlann, 

tdrdiyd d. kona dige gnti kardna ; gdri chdidna ; kilddi basdiyd d. [hokan — chaiana, dauidnd, 

hankanA ; gari haai<na ; mekh ciialana, thonkna [dolar pyark. 

Dnv"el, V. to slaver; to dote — idlpardna, chhep phelan; atisohdg /:.— rdl yd Idr ^apkdna ; bari 
Driv'el, s. slaver, moisture from ihemouth— /a/, c/i/tep, mukhanirgata ras— ral, iar, luab 


DRI ( 160 ) DBU 

Driveller, 5. a slavertr; a fool, unidiqi—ldlpardmukhj hatabuddhi, pdgal—r&het ; g^odf, 

ahinaq ' " [ilaurdy4 huA 

Tinv'en, Dro'vexi, pa.of to drive-^h'ilita, chdld, tdrita ityndi — ch»\i.yA hu/i, hank6yA hu4, 
Dri'ver, s. one who drives, a charioteer — chdlak, hdjikdy bi chdldy je, sdrathi, gdriydn — 

hankwayd, h^nkne w. g^ph&n, kocliw^n 
Drizzle, vn. to fall in small slow drops — bindu hindu brishii paran, laghu hrishti h. gunruni- 

paraT?— phuliArparnA, phnhigirnil [piiuharxi, jliisiy^hi 

Drizzly, a. shedding small Tdi\n—sukhyma jaladhdrd bishishla, hhndu bindu bishtijukta — 
Drock, s. a part of a i)\oue\\— Idngaler ek bhdg — h.4l k^ ek juz 
Droil, vn. to work idly, &c. — s. a drone — rlliile bi shaithilyuriipe harma k. bd h. — s. akarmanya 

byakti, alas /ofc— susti se kdm k. y& U.—s. majhul shaklis. sust ^dmi 
Droll, s. a jester, a buffoon ; a farce — bhdtir, maskdrd, rasik ; ihattd, sang, kantiik—khWUh^z, 

maskhara ; sang, pekhna ' [maskharapan k. 

Droll, un. to jest, to play the hnffonn—bidrnp k. hhdnrdmi k. rasikatd prakdsh it.— khilli k. 
Droll, a. comical, odd, strar^ge, queer — uchchamblia, rasik, bidrupi, dshcharjay, bismayajanak 

—maskhara, khushtivba, tliaihol, achambha, ajib 
Drollery, s. idle jokes, buffoonery; a show — thdttd, hidnip, byanga, bhdnrdma ; sang — 

khilli, thallioli, zaial, maskharapan ; sawAng fek qism 

Dromedary, s. a sort of camel — ushtra arthdt iiut bishesh,sdnra7ii — bukhti, s^nrlni, y6ne 6nt ki 
D/o'mo, s. a swift saili,ng vessel' ; a fish — shig^tragdmi naukd bishesh ; .mutsya bi&hesk-—G\i qisra 

ki tejrao kishti ; ek qism ki machhli 
Drone, s. the bee which rnakes no honey ; a sluggard, an idler ; a low, humming sound-.- 

pung inadhumakliyikd, akarmanya bd kitre manmdchhi i jura, alaslok ; gungvn shabdaf 

bhramarer dlncani — makhh\ jo shahd nahia banati hai ; majhnl shakhs, dhilu y^ sust admi ; 

ek dhimi o khushAwaz, ^w^z-i-zambur [anqal k^tna, harzagardi k. 

Drone, vn. to live in idleness — diasya kariyd kdla khyepan k. gdn gdn kuriyd berdna — susti mea 
Dro'nish, a. idle, indolent, sluggish — alas, kure, asaturka, achetan — sust, majhul, dhila, gh6.fil 
Droop, vn. to languish, to faint, to piue away — gdyhhdngan, niitejh k. mldna h. murchchita h. 

khyin h. krisha /i.— murjhana, pazhmurda h. tyorana, zaif h. nataw^n h. 
Droop'ing, pa. fainting, languishing— murc/ic/i/iapunua, kramusha khyin, khyaybishishta, 

mldnibhuta — tyoraya huA, pazmuida, murjhAyd hiia, zaif, malm 
Drop, s. a globule of liquid ; an earring— iindw, phoid, chhitd ; tadbat karndbharan—qdiUz, 

bund, biiuda ; .Iweza 
Drop", t). to let fall; to fall ; to fall in drops ; to utter slightly; to cease, to die, to come to 

nothing — pkelan : pariynjdon ; bindu bindu paran; dhire dhire kathan ; sthakilah..dehatydg 

k. nishphal h. — dalna ; girparna ; tapakn^, cliandj 6histe Ahiste kahnd ; mauquf h. mama, 

barbad jAna [bund ; chhotS, dweza 

Drop'let, s. a little drop; a small earring — ati khyudra bindu; khyudra kar ndtiliar an— chhot6. 
Drop'pings, s. that which falls in drops— patita bindu samtZ/ta— qatr6t, wuh chiz jo qatra qatra 

y^ bund bund hoke girti hai 
Drop'sical, a. diseased with a dropsy — jalodart rogagrasta — jalandhari, muslasql 
Drop'sy, s. a morbid collection of water in the hody—jalodari, udarer jalabriddhi rog — istisqd, 

jalandar [gaia ; kudiirat 

Dross, s. the scum of metals; rust; refuse— ^nrtZa, khdd ; marchyd ; khit — mail, kit; zan- 
Dross'y, a. full of dross, worthless, foul— maia bishishta, gddajukta, asdr, mayld — maili, 

mukaddar, nak^rS, najis 
Drove, s. a number of cattle ; a crowd, a iMmxAi—pashwddir pdl bd samuha, jhdnk ; bhir, 

Janata -rewdir, halqa, galla ; bahir, hangama, jamaat 
Dro'ver, s. one who fattens oxen for sale, and drives cattle to market— fcaZadadi rhistpushta 
s kariyd bikray^'rthe ha tie laiyd jay je, pashubyahasdyi—vfnh shakhs jo bail w, g. ko tfiza 

o mot& karke bechne ke liye bAzar mea lejat^ hai, baldiya, janwar kA- saudagar 
Drought, s. {drout^ dry weather; thirst — ajidbrishti, shukanakdl; trishnd — imsak-i-bfirfin, 

khushki, khushksali; pyfis [khushk 

•Droughty, a. wanting rain, dry — brishtydbhdb bishishta, grishma, pipdsita, shukd—he bAran, 
Drow n, va, to suffocate in water, to overwhelm, to overflow, to deluge, to immerge— ja/e du- 

bdiynrndran, magna k. utthatan, jalamay k.jalasdt k. — duba maruA, dubo d. sailab k. pu- 

T&bk. ghaiqk. " [kahili se 

Drow'sily, a(/!. sleepily, heavily, sluggishly— -j'/iimij/a, dlasyarvpe, dhildy — askat se, susii se, 
Drow'siness, s. sleepiness, sluggishness— j/iiffwini, tandrd, kuryema, d/asya— nind, unghiis, 

susti, kfiheli [khwab^luda, yust, kahil, gaodi 

Drow'sy, a. sleepy, heavy, lethargic, dull — nidrdlu, jara, kure, alas, 4t/j«/a/?iit/rf^i— ghunuda. 
Drub, s. a thump, a knock, a blow — chdpar, kit, mushtydghdt — thappar, mukkl, musht, 

Drub", va. to thrash, to beat, to bang — mdran, pitan, pmkdr k. — mirn4, pitna, thonkn^ 
Drub bing, s. a beating, a thumping— pmAaj- bd kit mard, piian, shdsti—mAr, kui, pit, thonk 
Drudge, vn. to labour in mean offices, to work hard, to slave— atinic/i karma k. atiparishram k. 

ddsatwak. — nich kam karnd, sakht mihnat k, ghuMrni k. 
Drudg'ery, s. mean labour, servile occupation — nichkarma, atiparishram, hinabritti, dnsatwa 

— nich k^m, sakht mihnat, mazd6ri, ghulaml [mihnatse 

Drudg'ingly, ad. laboriously, io'iUome\Y— at ipririshrampurbak, atikashte — mushaqqat se. 
Drug, s. an ingredient used in physic, a medicinal simple ; any thing without worth or value-— 

aushadhiya drabya, bheshaja ; nirgun bd asdrabastu-^ddiw6.i chiz, dawd, ddru j behaqiqat chiz 

DR0 ( 161 ) DVh 

Drug'get, s. a coarse kind of woll«a stuff — pashu lomamay mold kdpar bishesh—eln qhm 

k& mota pashmi kaprA 
Drug'gist, s. one who deals in drugs — ausliadh Ukretd, gandhabnnik, pasrfrt— attdr, pas^ri 
Druid, s. a priest of the ancient Britons— ijt^/anda tfeo/ier purbakdlin dchdrjya bd purohit 

bishesh — Inglist&n kS. qadinn p.^dri yA mullA 
Drum, s. an instrument of military music ; the tympanum of the ear— d/ioi, dkakkd, ddmdmd 

ityddi; karner hdnri—tM, dhol.tambiir ; kAakd parda [thonknii ; mftrnA, pitn^ 

Drum", vti. to beat a drum ; to beat — dhdkddi bdjdna; mdran, prahdran — tabl baj.lnS, tambnr 
Drum-ma'jor, s. chief drummer of a regiment — sainya daler pradhnn d/idki — tuman ke tambur 

nawdzoa kA sardar . [nawftz, dholiyi 

Drummer, s. one who beats a drxxm—dhdki, dhdkddi bdjdniyd, dhenriyd—lamhnrchi, tabl- 
Drum'stick, s. a stick for beating a drum — dhol bd dhdker kdthi, tadmdraner dandu-— 

dhol k^ chob, danda 
Drunk, a. inioxioated with strong liquor, inebriated— ma(f«, made bikwal—rmXw&\'i, mast 
Drunk'ardjS. one adJicted to habitual ebriety — mdtdl,' madyapiyi — sharAbi, maikhor 
Drunk'enness, s. intoxication with strong liquor, ebriety — atimadyap in, mattatd, rndtaldmi — 

nasha, matwaUpan, masti 
Dry, a. arid, not wet, not juicy; not rainy ; thirsty ; barren ; plain ; sarcastic — shushka, niras, 

aras ; nir^al ; pipdsu ; maru, shurtya ; alankdrbihina , ashobhita; bidrupi, byangakdri-— 

khushk, siiicha, beras ; bepdni ; pyasA; usar, jhfird ; sdrlA ; zarif, maskhara 
Dry, V, to free from moi>iture, to drain — shukdna, shushka k.shukdiyd d. bd jdon, jal nirgata k. 

— siikhnA, khushk k. sukhAn^, p^ni nik&l d. [lufana, khushki se, rukhawat se 

Dry'ly, ad. in a dry manner, coldly — sdmdnyarupe, asnehapiirhak, apriyarupe — betakul- 
Dry'ness, s. want of moisture— s/t!ts/)fcat<i, andbrishti, sAos/i— khushki, sukhiiwat, yubusat 
Dry'nurse, s. a woman who brings up and feeds a child without the breast — bdlak pratipalikd, 

stanyap'in bhinna shishu bdlak pratipdlandrtlie ddsi — dada, dai-i-khiliti, ayA, 
Du'al, a. expressing the number two — dwibachan, dwihachandnta, dwisarMhynk — tasniy^, 

dobachan, musann^ {upddiii d.— kislkojioi martaba ya khildb d. 

Dub'', vf. to make a man a knight, to confer any kind of dignity — biahesh paddrpita k. bd 
Du'bious, «. doubtful, uncertain, not clear — sandigdha, bikalpa,aspashta. unishchit — mashkuk, 

roushtabah, ghairmuqarrar [mushiabah, bel^iyun 

Du'bitable, o. doubtful, uncertain — anishchay,sandehajukta,asthir, anirdhdrita — qabil-i-shakk, 
Du'cal, a. pertaining to a duke — bishesh kidin byukti sambandhiya — Duke ka mut^lliq 
Du'cape, s. a rich silk worn by women — striloker durmulya patia bastra bishesh — ek qism k(i 

urnda reshmi kapra jo auratea pahinti haiu [ashrafi o riipiya 

Duc'at, s. [dafc-tt I a coin struck by dukes — raupya bd swarna mudrd bishesh — ek qism ka 
Duck, s. a water fowl ; a word of fondness ; bow of the head — pdtihangsa, hdns ; sneha bdkya ; 

mastak nimna karan, het — bat, batak, hdiis ; pydr ka lafz ; taslim, sirjhukdna 
Duck, V. to dive or plunge under water — duban, dubdna, dubki mdran, jale magna h. bd k. 

— dubki marna, ghotalagdna 
Duck'ing, 5. the act of putting under water— jaie nihkhyep hard, dub — ghota dil^i y^ khori 
Duck'ing-stool, s. a chair in which scolds are tied and put under water — pragalbhd athacha 

kundaliyd stiilnk tdrandrthe bandhanpurbak jale dub deoaer dsan bishesh— SdiZi. ke liye 

jhagr^Id aurat ko b^ndhke pani mea diibane ki ek cliauki 

Duck'-legged, a. [. .] short legged — khyudrapddi, hangser nydy pddbishishta—chhotiipdiirkf 

batpair^ [bachcha 

Duck ling, s. a young or small duck — hang^a shdbak, hdnser ftac/icfea— batbacha, batak k^ 

Duct, s. guidance j a tube, a. canal, a passage — gatikdritd ; rial, ndld, prandli, pat//.— r4hbari ; 

nali, nala, rah [?tiua— chimrd, mulaim, narm, phailanejog 

Duc'tile, a. [.ti/j flexible, pliable, easily extended — namaniya, ashakta, 7iam,ra, komal, bistdra- 
♦Ductil'ity, s. capacity of extension, flexibility — bistdrjyatd, namrabhdb, namaniyatd — phai- 

lane ki laiqi ya jogat, chimrai, muldimat 
Dud'geon, s. anger, resentment, malice— 6itus^/i, krodh, dttjes/i— ndkhushi, khafgi, adAwat 
Due, a. owed ; proper, fit, exact — ddniya, parishodhaniya, pdond ; prakritu, jathdrtha, 

upajukta, Ihtk — dSdani, haqqdaen, wdjibi paon6 ; wajib, l^iq, mdqui, thik 
Due, s. a debt, right, just title, tribute, toil — rin,pdond, swdrtha, adhikdrt kar, shulka — qarz, 

dhar, istihqaq, haqq-i-wajlb, mahsul, rusum 
Du'el, s. a combat between two, a single fi^\i\.—mallajuddha, ubhayajuddha, duijaner paras- 
par juddha — do ki larai, khanajangi, maljddh 
Du'ellist, s. one who fights in single combat — mallajoddhd, ubhayajoddhd, ubhayajuddher ek 

jail — khanajang, wuh shakhs jo akele aur ek shaks se lartahai 
Duea'na, s. an old woman who guards a younger— juftati stri rakhydkdrlni briddhd strilok, 

chaukidiyini iitr/'— wuh burhiya jo ek jawan aurat ki pasbani karti hai 
, Duet', s. an air for two parformers—dtti janer efcsdt /laiya g-ci/a g-ft bd rdg bishesh — do shaks 

milkar gdne kd ek rdg 
Dug, s. a pap, a nipple, a teat— 6«nf, staii, mai— sar-i-pistdn, chunchl, jijiyS. 
Duke, s. one of the highest order of nobility in England— In^ZuMc/a desher kulin burger mahd 

kulin, agrant — Inglistdn mea sab se dla martabe ka amir 
Dukedom, s. possessioas or quality of a dakQ—purbokta byaktir pad bd adhikdr, tadddhipa- 
tya — Duke ke amlak yd martaba [khushdwaz, khnb 

Dul'cet, a. sweet, luscious, harmonious— ms?i.^a, sushrdbya, suswar, sundar — shirin, khush, 

Dul'cify, Dul'corale, va. to sweeten — mi^hta k. suswddu bd sushrabya ik.— shirin k. mithak. 

T> V L { 162 ) • D U T 

Dul'cimer, s. a kind of musical instrument— Sarfya yantra hishesh, tdnpurd-^hAje kf eV ql«m, 

sitir, tambura [ars^a— a limaq, kund, rnuthr^; iid^s, afsvnda 

Dull, ^y. stupid, blunt, obtuse ; ?ad, dejected— j«ra&ttrfd//7, ?tjsfe;, virdhdr ; hishanmi , him- 
Dull, i'«. to stupify, to bltint, to sadden— 7ar6o(i^ hd jaribhuta k. nistej k. hkontd k. iidhipia 

lid duhkhita /:.— itbmaq baudna, kund k. mahzun k. udds k. 
Dui'nes?, s. stupidity, dimness, h]nntnefiS—sthulahuddhitd, alpamedhd, apariJikdr, dhdra- 

rdiiitya, afi/c/)j/«rtfa— kaudani, humuq, gaodipan, kundi, kundzihnl 
Duloc'racy, s. a predominance ot s\a.ves—ddsguner prabhiitwa bd ddhipatya — ghuldmoa ki 

liuq6mat ya kiiiuiawandi 
Du ly, ad. properly, fitly, exactly, in due minnpv—npajnktarilpe, jathochitamate, prakrhariipe, 

hidliinate—v/S'ijhi se, kamAhaqquliu, jaisachfihiye, tliik [gung.Kl, mnkd 

Dni'ib. ?. mute, incapable of speech, deprived of speech — muka, ahdk, hohd, gongd—g\\nfi,A, 
Dumu'ness, s. incapacity to speak — mukatwa, bdkshaktirdhitya, gougdmi—gungi, gungapan, 

khamoshi, bezubSni 
Dump'ling, s. a sort of pudding— suW/((t; pishtnk hishesh— -ek qism kA pithd ya gulgula 
Dumps, s. melancholy, sullenrjess— »?«;;, bhdband, hishdd, hairaktya — malal. mabid, gham 
Dun, a, of a dark colour, dark— p '>«(?«/, tnmrabanm, g-/jor— misrang, samund, tira 
Dun.s. a clamorous, importanate creditor — uttejandkartd.dharndddyak — taqiizaddr, mutftqazi, 

muhassil [th^niL fc.— taqdza k. muhas.-^iii k. dliarnl d. 

Dun", va. to press, to ask often for a debt— uttej and k. dhnmd d. punah punah pdond prdr- 
Duiic'e, s. a thickscull, a dullard, a doU—in'drkha, abodh, jarabuddhi—ahmaiq, bhak>%a, 

bewaquf, ullii, h?lid 
Dung, s. tlie excrement of animals— prrs/iuarfir bishthd,gu,nnd,s'ir—g\i\\, lid, gobar, pikhdl, bith 
Dun'sreon, s. [.jun] a close, dark prison — pdtdlghar, andhakdrajukta bandhahashdld , kdrdgdr 

— siyabchdh, bhaksi, gidangi [mazbala 

Dung'l.iii, s. a iieap or accumulation of dnn^—goharddir dhibi bd rdsJii—kiu^, gobrar, 
Dun'ner,s. one employed in soliciting pelty debis—ddnykar an karme nijukta byakti, utte- 

jflnrffcrtVi— taqaza k. w. sazdwal, ugahiyd - [mahassili' 

Dun ning, pa. pressing ofleu for a debt — punah punah rina shodh prnrthand, dharnd — taqiza. 
Duodecimo, a. having I'i leavp':: fo a sheet — chhdpd pnstaker parimdn bish^sh, bdrabdr bhduj 

karile je parimdn — wuh kitdb jis meii takte ke barah warq kd juz bo 
Dupe, va. to trick, to cheat, to deceive— p/a6a7ic/m7td k. pratdrand k. banchita fc.— fareb d. 

di okha d. thagna [iatiqad ;^modhu, sidhci 

Dupe, s. A credulous man ; a man easily tricked— fc^yi^ia pratyai; pratdraniya,$haral—idSi\x\- 
Du^ple. o= double, o"-? repeated — dwi^un,'dund, dohdrd, dokar — dohra, d6nS., dugna ^" 

Du'plicate, s. an exact copy, a transcript— prati/ipi, dohdrd Lekhd, utdr — naql, mukarrar lekhli 

hu6, utar, ' : 

Du'phcate; va, to double, to fold together— dofca?* bd dohdrd k, hhdnj fc.— dohrd k. tah k. 
Duplication, s. act of doubling or folding together, a fold — dokar bd dohdrd karan, hhdnj — 

dohraf, dohrslo, tah [dorangi, dozubdni, fiya 

Duplicity, s. deceit, doubleness of tongue— c/iatur/i/a, shathatd, duimukhatd, asdralya—isiTeh, 
Dura'ble, a. lasting, having long existence— chirasthdyi,' dirghakdlabarti, shakta, akhyay — 

paedar, derpd, tikao, ustuwar, qaim [kUasthiti — paeddri, tikawat, isiiqamat, derpdi 

Durabit ity, s. the power of lasting, endurance— c/iirast/irt?/itu;a, tekdo, akhyayatwa, dirgha 
Du'rably, a<i. in a lasting manner— s^afctarHpe. pdkdrups—ustav/kn se, paedari se 
Du'rance, j>. imprisonment ; endurance, d\xvdLtioa—df.akbaddhdbasthd, kdrdgdr; sahishnutd, 

— qaid, habs ; bard.lsht 
Dura iio«, s. continuance, length of time— sfftrtt/ifRifl, sthiti, tishthd, tekdo, kdler parimdn — 

paedari, lekio, subut, qiydm, miyad, shumar-i-zamdn * [paedari k. sdbit r. 

Dure, vn. to last, to continue, to remain— f/iafcan, sthiti k. tenkan, tishthan—\\kn§i^ thaprna, 
Du'rinj, pr. for the time of the continuance— Ja6aif, tdbat,je parjyanta, te pTrjyanta, itomadhye 

— td, b! :r, jabtak, tabtak, darmiyan [karsak^, himmat bAndhi 

Durst, pret. of dare', to venture — sdhas karila, pnriydchhe, hharasd hdndhiydchhe — dileri ki. 
Dusk, «. tending to darkness; dark-colored — sartdhydr prdkkdlabat, dndhdre ; kdldte,krish- 

nabarjia — dhiirsan.ii, andhera, godhli; siy^h, kalii 
Dusk'ish, Dusk'y, a inclining to darkness, tending to obscurity, gloomy — aprasanna,anujjwal, 

ii^hadaudiiuka^, kiidie, ghor, godhulibat, tatkdlin, timirdbrita—dhnmli, dhtindhla, tarik,* 

siynh, dhursdnji, godhur sa, tira fghubar 

Dust, .«•. earth reduced to powder— dhuli, dhuld, mrittikddir gunrd, rajah— dhu\ , kh.ik% gard, 
Diist, Va. to free from dust ; to sprinkle with dust, to \e\n^n.t<^—dhulijhdran; dhuld chhardna; 

chdlard cwdrd parishkdr k.—dhnl jhfirnA; dhul bhurbhurana ; chbannd 
Dusty, a. f.lled or cc'^red with dn&\—dhulimay, dhuldchchhanna—purdhn], khdkdluda * 
Dutch'ess, s. the lady of a—mahdku liner stri, agmnistri—Duke ki bibi 
Dutch'y, .«. a territory giving title to a duke— ma/iaA;?t/iner adhikdrabhumi, agranir ddhipatya 

—Duke ki hukumat o amlak 
Duteous, Du'iiful, c. obedient, submissive, reverential, respectful — dgydnbaha, dgydndhin 

prabhubho.kta. savibhramayuchak—mnti, tdbiddr, rdm, qadrnumd 
Da'tiiully, tfrf, obediently, submissively — dgydr},kdritdpiirbak, uchitamate, namrarupe — itdat 

se. f-'iiiistagi se, gbaribi se 
Duty, s, whatever one is bound to perform, service; tax, impost, custom, toll —fcar^ai!>.i/a kriyn', 

uchitabyabahdr,kdrjya, sebddiydharma prat ipn Ian ; rdjkar, shulka — k&m jo kisi ko karuA 

I6zim ndguzir hai, w6jib khidmat ; mahsui, ghaiw5li,lagtfi, takSi 

DWA ( 163 ) EAS 

Dwarf, .s. [t/R'o?-/] a man, animal, or tree, below the usual size— Wmin, bduniya, bentyd— 

baona, iliumka, kotAliqad, nt'iiA . fn&\A, chijot^h 

•Dwarfish, a. below the aatvnal bulk, smM—kharba, hente, chhota, fc/nywfl[m— ihurrjka, kofdh, 
Dwaule. vn. to be mad or de(Urious, rave— praiap h. b4 k. eluyd meluyd bukan, praldpadarshi h. 

— diwana h. behawfissh. beh<ida bakna 
Dwell, r«.. to remain,-to inhabit, to live in a place, to continue — hds k. thdkan, tishthan, 

st/titi /<;.— rahns^, basna, sukdnat k. bud o b^sh k. likn^ 
Dwell inij, s. habitation, place of residence — hdsasthdn,hdsd, ghar, bdii, hdri, rt/«y— ghar, mas- 

kan, makin, muq^rrt \_chhofa li. khyay /?.— sakhJHnfi, ghatri^, kanri h. kot^h h. tahli! h. 

Dwindle, V«. to shrink, to grow little— s/ius/ca haiyd jdon, khurba bd rhds h. ghdtiyd jdon, 
Dy'ing, pa. expiring; giving a new cohjur, tinging — mnmiirshu, mritaprdy ; chhobdeon, 

r««!j/cura/z, ru/tg-/carri~marl^, martepar ; rangti, rangwAi 
Dy'nasiy, s. government, sovereii;;nty ; a race of princes— s-imraji/a, arf/u'pafya; rnjftun^^s/ia, 

rrt/'c.'t/— hukiimat, saltanat. raj ; shahi khindan ya nasab, r&jbans 
Dys'crasy, s. a distemperature, when some humour or quality abounds in the body — dhdtubhed, 

raktdd'tr dushlobhdb—V.3.c,VAt-i-kWi\t [ishal, jiriyAn-i-shikam, marora, sitras 

Dys'entery, s. a loo-^enes', a bloody flux — dmdsliay, ndardmay, atisdr, dmavttkta—ditinAt, 
Dyspepiiv, s. a difficulty of digestion— jja/i:fcric/»c//7i7-a, mandapnk, ajirni, mnriddg ui—heUazmi^. 

kamhazmi, karapach^o [nihsar'innbhnh — i&hk61-i-rriaqd!, miishkil se bAt nikalni 

Dys'phony, s. a difficulty in speaking — bnkkiichchhra, bnkyer jirya bd jnrntd bd kashle 
Dys'ury, {.-. [</'s^-«-reJ a difficulty in voiding urine — mutrakrickchhra, prasnib karaiie kashta 

— usrulbaul, habsulbaul 


Each, pro. either of two, every one of any number— jjrufi/efc, tifc/mye.efc efe—Jcoi do men se, 
harek, ek ek [arznmand, sargarm, shadid 

Ea'ger, a. ardently desirous, ardent, vehement-'Ut.sufc, byagm, vgra, safirar— shauqin, 
Ea'gerly. ac/, with ardor, zealously, earnestly — autsukyapiirhak, byagratdpurbak, aticheshl.dy — 
shauq se, nihdyat arau ya koshish Sd . [koshisli 

Ea'gerness, s. earnestness, ardent zeal— tyagruta, ugrntd, cheshtd, udyog—&ha\\q, sargarmi, 
Eagle, s. a rapacious towl of the genus falco — kurar pakhyi, utkrosh—xtqkb, huma 
Ea'gle-eyed, a. quick-sighted, of acute sight— tikhynadrish!;ibiiihishta, tikbynadrik — tez nazal, 

Ea'gle-speed, s. swiftness like an eagle— fcitraradi pakhyibat drutagati — uqab ka sA tezrao 
Eag'let, s. a young eagle— iit/crosAus/Kift.i/c—uqab ka baeiu-ha 

Ear, s. the organ of hearing ; a spilce of corn — shrabauendriya, karna ; shashyddir sbish bd 
ma/tjari— kan, gosh; kho^ha, b^l -_ [tdn ke umarS kd khitdb 

Earl, s. a British title of nobility — Inglandiya kulinpnd bisliesh, tat i,nchak paddkati—lagW?,- 
Eftrl'dom, s. the seignory of anearl — piirboktakulmer pad bdadhikdr— Earl kAd&ija. y^ amlak 
Ear'less, a. having no eaiYs—karuarahit, hhrabanendriya /lui— begosh, bekan 
Ear liness, s. a state of advance in time— as/m6/ia6, shighratd, tiuara— shitabi, jaldi 
Ear'ly, ad-^^oon, in good time — shighra, sakdle, twardy — jald, savvere, shitAb 
Earlmar'shal, s. the officer that has the chief care of military solemnities— judJAofsaftadAya- 

khya 6is/!Ci/i— muhtamim-i-jang 
Earn, va. to merit by services, to gain— paris/iram bd anya kona karmer betan prdpta k. updr- 

jan k. Ldbh k. — kamftna, hasil k. nai'a k. 

Earn ed, pa. [.] merited by services, gained— pa; is/ir«me prdpta betanddi, uchita pratiphal, 

ttp ir;;ifa— jaza-i-wajib, kamayA hiia [s^ii, yaqindil 

Earnest, a, eager, diligent, seripus -utsuk, byagra, sacheshia, sthirnmandh—hajuld, shauqin, 

Earn'est, s. money advanced, a pledge— 6a/an artkdt nirdhdvandrtha dattajemudrddibishesh, 

pan abadhdrandrtha tarikd — baeana, dadai, patian 
Earn'estly, ad, eagerly, warmly, ardently — cheshtd krame, by a grar up e—sha.\iq se, sargarmi se 
Ear'ring, s. a pendant, a jewel for the QuV—karnabharaa, kundal, j hk u mkadi— jliumka., kuldjl 
w. g. kdn ki zewarat * 

Earsh, s. field that is ploughed — chashd khyetra, krishta bhumi—]oi& hua kbet, db^di zamin 
Ear'shot, s. within hearing, space heard in — karnagochar, shrabau hay jepurjyanta tat 

p'lrimita sthdn — sunte bhar raeja, awaz-purtab* 
Earth, s. mold or fine particles of the globe ; tiie globe, land, country — mrlttikd, mdU ; 

prithihi, bhumi, rfes/i— mitti, khdk ; kura-i-arz, zamln, mulk 
Earth'en, a. made of earth or clay— mrinmai/, parthib, mdliyd— mini kS, gili, sifalin 
Earth'ly, «, pertaining to the earth, carnal — aikik, sdngsdrik, shdriiik — dunyAwi, sansdrfk, 

Earth'quake, s. a shaking of the earth- fc/m)ni fcampa— zalzala 
Earth'worm, s. the dew worm; a mean wretch— /ceuc/io, kinchuluk; pdji, atikhyudralok — 

kechud, khardtln; pdji, kamma 
Earth'y, a. consisting of earth, like earth — mrinmay, mrittikdbishishta bd tadbat—khiki, 

mitti kd, mitti sd 
Ear' wax, s. a thick viscous matter secreted in the ear — karnnmal, khali — kdn kd mail, khund 
Ear'wig, s. an insect, a centiped — kdnkoldri, kit bishesh—ak qism ka kird 
Ease, s. freedoin from pain, rest, facility— ntr6efitind, sukh, swdsthya, bi&hrdm, adushkaratwa, 
andyds—^tim, chain, kal, rdhat, dsayash, dsanf 

EAg ( 164 } EDI 

Ease, va. to relieve from pain* to assuage, alleviate-rdu/tHa byathddi ujMsham Ac.— ranj o dardt 

ko di'ir If. kr&m d. bahUnii ^ [— naqqAsh ke lil lag<lne kd q41ib 

Ea'sel, s. frame on which a painter's canvass rests— c/afra^arer tat handhibdr pdltd bishesh 
JJase'ment, $. ease, support, rtWei—duhkhopasham , upakdr—ArAm, rafihiyat. ihs^n [fana 

Eas'ily,ad. without difficulty, readily— onaj/ase, dsliu, sa/inje— asdni se, suhulat se, betakallu- 
Eas'iness, s. readiness, ease, rest — akashtatd, andyds, ahlesh—AsAni, suhulat, ^r'&m 
Kastj s. the quarter where the sun rhea—purbadik, surjyodayasthdn — mashriq, purab, sharq 
East er, s. the festival in commemoration of our Saviour's resurrection — Yishii Khrishter pii- 

narjiban smarundrtha prtrAa/ia— hazrat I'sA ke bdr-i-digar zinda hone ki yldtjdri kk teohJir 
Eas'teily, a, and nd. towards the east— pur 6adi/ce, ptirbadiker, purbamukh — purab ki taraf, 

sharqi, purabrukh 
East'ern, a. being in the east, oriental — purbadiksthitn, pnrbadeshiya — mashriql, pnrabi, sharqi 
^East'ward, ad. towards the edLSt—purbadike, piirbdnchale — purab ki taraf, bajanab-i-stiarq 
'Ea'sy, a. tiol difficulty, quiet, complying— sa/iaj, sugam, sustha, komal, sabiiieya—iLsi.a, sahl^ 

dsudahftl, mul^im, lialim 
Eat, V. to take food, to swallow, to consume— asAan, dhdr k. gilan, khayay k. khddaji—khknA, 

tanawul k. nii?alna, paemal, zaya k. [ke q^bil 

Eat'able, a. capable of being edten—bhojainyayashaniya, fc/iarf»/«— khurdani, kh&nejog, khane 
Eat'en, pa. devoured, consumed, swallowed— Wiu/cta, bhakhyita, khddita, g-rcita— khurda, 

khdyii hua, nigia hua [paichhati, ori 

Eaves, s. the edges of the roof which overhang the house — gharer chhdnchi, parachhati—olli, 
Eares'dropper, s, a listener under windows— fcrt/mc/iii/a, fcarjaj-iprira— kaolelagw^, olti lagwA, 

goshbar^waz [lagnd yd h. zawdl h. gliatn4 

Ebb, VII. to flow hack towards the sea; to deczy-^bhdtd h, hd patan ; khyay k. rhds /i— bhaihi 
Ebb, i. the reflux of the tide; waste — hhdtd, ; khyay, rAris— bhdtha, jazr ; zawdl, ghatti 
Eb'on, Ebony, s. a hard black valuable wood— telsdr kashiha b'uhesh, keadu — abnus 
Ebri'ety, s. drunkenness — mattatd, mntuldmi — masti, sarshitri 
Ebulli'tion, s. act of boiling — jai'tdir phutan. uttdp—}osh, nbdl 
Eccen'tric, a, deviating from the centre — rAadhyatydgi, niadhyasthal haite bichalita, aniyamita 

bhramanshil, niyam Oahirbhuta — tdrik-i-markaz. kajrao, be qaida o dastiir, bakarchal 
Eccentri'city, s. devinlion from a centre; particularity, irregulaiity — madhyatydgitd iniyama- 

hhanga, aniyam, baishamya bd bailakhyanya — markaz se inhiruf ya bhaiak ; khusdsiyat, 

khildfdastun, bakarchdl 
Eclesias'tic, s. [^..zhe..^ a clergyman, a priest — dharmopadcshak, dharmapade nijukta jdjak, 

pvrohitddi—muWA, i^jdik, imam, pddri [yd iradmat mansfib, dini 

•Ecclesiast'ical, a. relalmg to the cfeurch— jf/afc padsnmbmndhiya, dharmabishayak — kales^ 
Ech'o, s. the reverberation of a sound — pratidhwani, prati&habda, gumaran — gunj, sadd 
Eclairciss'ement.s ['s.] explanation, the act of clearing up an diffaiit—bydkhyd, spashta 

kiiriyd artha fc, sandeha bhanga — baydn, tasfiya 
Ecla't, s. [./c/au;] splendor, show, lustre— s/jo6/irt, prahhd, jdnhjamak — raunaq, bharak 
Eclcc'tic, a. selecting, c\ioos,ing~bishe»}iak,manonayt,chunaniyd — pasand k. w. chunue w. 
Ecli'pse, s. obscuration, diikness— S7irjt/a chnndrddir grahati bd anturdhdn, rdhugrds, an- 

dhakdrdchhaHnabhdb — gahan, kusufo khusaf, andheri 
Eclip'tic, s. a great circle of the sphere— 7'ai/iic/iafcrej* Tnad/ij/arefc/m— mintaqatulburuj 
Ec'logue, s.T.'og'] pastoral poem — rdkndlddir git, grdmya bishayak /capita— chaupda w, g. 

ki git, dihqani ghazl 
Econom'ical, a. frugal, thrifty— parimffa6yai/£, 6i/ayafcun</ia— kifayatf, juzras 
Econ'omist, s. one who is thrifty or frugal — anartkakbyaye kunihita byakti, parimitabyayi — 

wuh shakhsjo kifayati yd juzras ho 
Econ'omise, vn. to retrench, to save— a/pa byay k. bdndhd bdndhi byay k. parimita byay Icariyd 

sanckdy k. — kam kharch k. iatiddl se kharj k. kii'dyat k. 
Econ'omy, s. thrifty management, frugality ; disposition of things, system of matter— o'/patyoy, 

paribdrddi pi'atipdldne byayabibechand ; ii'yam, karmanirbdhay dhdrd — ^juzrasi, kifdyatshidri, 

girhisti ; taitib, insirv.m, din [utsdhuy mtirc/ic/i/id— nihdyat khushi, wajd, bekhudf 

Ec'stasy, s. excessive joy, rapture, enthusiasm, a trance — atishay dlhdd, moha, maner bikdr, 
Ecstat ic, a. enrapturing, transporting — monahar, mohukdri, atyanta dthddjauak — bashshdsh, 

magan, bdgh bdgh, wajddwar [qari, marbhukhdi, khdnekd shauq 

Eda'city, s. voracity, ravenousness— a^i/"'"*" bhojanechchhd, dtmamhharitd, peiufcrtmt— jnulba- 
Ed'dy, s. a contrary currenl^a whirlpool— dfcaria, ghiirha jal, pa^c/uikra— bhanwar, girddb, 

liher, bhaoiiti [ghnmtd h6a, mudauwar 

Ed'dy, a. whirling, moving circularly — ghurndyamdn, pdkpdrd, ghurnanashil—chB.kkSiTd&r, 
Eden'tated, a. deprived of tetih—daiitakin, ddnt iidij dhdr— pop] A, undaijttd 
Edge, s. the sharp part of a blade, brink — dhdr, tal, kiU — dhar, barh, kindra, lab 
Edg'ing, s. a border, a fringe— 6astrer d/i«r, j/m/ar, ajic/m/— jhaldr, kinara, maghzi, sanjdf 
Edge'less, a. unable to cut, blunt, obtuse — virdhdr, bhontdy aiikhyna — kund, nidhdr 
Edge'tool, s. a tool with a sharp edge—dhdrdl astra, tikliyndstra—-a.hd&t yd tez hathydr 
Edge'wise, ad. in the direction of the edge— dhdr mukhe, dhdrul digdiyd — dhdr ki taraf, khard 
Edible, a. fit to be eaten, eatable — khddya, dhdropajukta, subhojya->-khoTdBni, khdne ke qdbil 
E'dict, s. a proclamation, order — ghoshand patra, bigydnpan, rajagydu — ishtihdrndma, raqm, 

Edifica'tion, s. instruction, improvement— ttpades^i, shikhyd, hidyd ebang dharmer briddhi, 

tangikdr —tkhm, tarbiyat, ilm o daulat ki taraqqi, bhalai 

EDI ( 165 ) EOG 

Edi'fice, «.a fabric, a building— /rri?i<irf/, a/ Miifcrf, ghar,bdti—\m&r2it, haweli, makdn 

Ed'ify, Vd. to instruct, to improve*— wput/es/i k. shlkhyd d. uttama jyrabritti janmdiyii dkarma 

nishiha k.—t^\imk. tarbiyat k. durust k. bihtar k. 
E'dile, s. the title of a Roman magislrate— Ram desher prdchin bichdrkartd bishesh—'R^.mion 

ke qadim kotuAl ka laqab 
Kdi'tion, s. publication of a book, the whole impression of a book, repubfication— ;?ranf/ia 
chhdpdiyd prakish kurd, ekkdle chhdpnna jdy puataker jata ddarsha, punarbdr mudrdnkita 
karan — chliapa, chhapdi, taba-i-sani 
Editor, s. one who superintends a publication — granthaprakdshak byakti, samdchdr patrer 

kartd bd adJiyakhyi — muallif, murattib 
Ed'ucate, va. [.jii. J to brlna^ up, as a child; to insiract—bdluk ke pratipilan ebang bidyd 

shikhyd k. gydna ddn fc. upadesh k. — larke ko pAInA o t^lim-tarbiyat k. sikhdu^ 

•Education, s. a bringing up; nurture — bidyd shikhyd pratipdlaiiddi ; upadesh deoyd, guna 

jfawm.'i/ta— parwarish ; tarbiyal, talim [khinchna, paida k. 

Edu'ce, jua. to bring out, to extract — bakishkxran, prakdsh k. nishdran, ntpanna k. — nikdlnd, 

Educ'tion, s. the act of bringing into view — bahiihkaran, prakdsh kardn, pratyakhya k.i—izhkr, 

numaesh, dikhlaud 
Edulcora'tion, s. the act of sweetenin?— mii'iVrt karan, mrtf/Ziumna— shirfngari, mithd karni 
Eel, 5. a serpentine, slimy fish — pdnkdL bd bdliyd mdchh bishesh, bdin mdchh — mdrmahi, b^nti 
machhli [oizhnr, kahnejoj 

Et'fable a. expressible, utterable — baktahya, nirbdchariiya, kathyn, bichyt — q^hil-i-bayan- 
EfFa'ce, ua. to blot out ; to strike out, to destroy- Litpta k. kdiiyd phelaii, mitdiKt, uthdna — 

metnd, mit^na, chhilna ; k4t d. hakk k. nikal dalna, malmet k. 
Effe'ct, s. event produced ; meaning; completion; re-i\\ty— kirmerphnl hd gun ; artha ; shesh, 

niihpatti ; nishchny—z.>d.T, amal, hasil ; gharaz, tnuddi; kamal, lam^m; ; haqi^at 
EfFe'ct, Da. to l)ring topass; to produce by an operating cause— g-Zw/rtJia ; janmdna, utpddan, 

khdtdna — karn^, amal men lana; I'aedA k. asar k. 

Effcc'tion, s, a construction ; a problem— ///c/i-jti, gathan, koli—mzzmnn, shakl, masala 

Effect'ive, a. efficacious, efficient, useful— e^i«tu, saphal, sddhyasddhak^ gun bishishla,kar- 

inanya, upajo^i — kargar, muassir, gunkari, m isir, mutid [muassir6na 

Effect ively, ad. powerfully, with eff^cl—prakrita bd uttamrupe, sagtine, snphale — qarlr w^qai, 

Effect'less, a. without ettect, useless — nirarthak, nishphul, mithyr, nirgun--be disa.r, hi tksii^ 

nirguni, ghair mutid \ftsta — amwal, jaedad, asbab, mal o mata, dhan 

Eflfe'cls, s. goods, mav^dbles, furniture— astAaftara rf/iaw'jJi, satnpatti, grihasther drabya sum- 

EfFec'tual, «. [. . Uhu.] producing effect, efficacious — gunakdn, phaiotpddak, saphal, ainogha — 

muassir, kargar [ — kaina, amal men lana, pura k. 

■^Effectuate, va. to bring to pass, to fulfill — ghaldna, sampanna k, sddky'i sddhan, siddha k. 

Effera'inacy, s. softness, unmanly delicacy — strairtatd, apurushatwa, kdpurushichdr — namardf, 

zananapan, buzdili [nimard, zan^na 

Effem inaie, a. womanish, soft, voluptuous — strama, frrtpur«sft,mci/eZi—zansi fat, randisa, busdil, 

Efferves'cence, ». a violent motion of a fluid, attended with heat — dntarik teje uttapta h. tis/t- 

mdnwita h.—(ihk\, ']Oi>[\, ghuliya»i 
Effica'cious, a. effectual— s 'pkal, gunakdrak, sarthak—mii^nsiT, kdrgar, bdis 
Efficacy, s. ability or power to pioduce effacis— guaakdritd, sdphuiya, gun, shakti — muassiri, 

ta«fr, quwat-i-asar 

Effi'cience, s. l.fijh-yense'] act or power of producing effects— sddhakatd, hdrjyakdritd, sdgunya, 

sdphalya, phalotpddune gunbd s/idirfi- asar numai. tasir gari, quwat-i-asar [sir, f^el 

•Efficient, a, causing (iffiicts—phalotpddak, bisheah gunakdri, kdrak, sddhak — b'iis-i-asar, muas- 

Erfigy, s. image, liiceness, represeulatiou — pratimdrti, anurup^ (^kriti, abayaber chhabi — 

shakl, surat, shabih, miirat [phiilawat 

Efflores'cence, s- production of ^owers—pkulotpatti, pushpotpidan, sp/iit.'an— shigdfaawarl, 

Efflorescent, a. shooting out in flowers, &c. — sphuiitapushpdkriti — shigutta, phiil s4 phul- 

ta hiia [hui chii 

Effluence, s. a flowing ont—vihsaran, swabhinna pai'otpanT?^— khurdj, rawani, dusre se niklf 

Effluent, a. flowing out, isiuiug out of — utpj.nna,nirgata, nihsritu — bahtdhiia, jari, phuil^ 

hda, nikalia hiia 
EfHu via, s. small particles which are continually flying oflp from bodies — sagandha paramdnu 

samiiha, uigata odspn — ciihote zarra ya reza jo ajsam se jud<l bote rahte hain, bukliar^t 
EflSu loflow — effusion — khtjuntn, bahiyd p'ltnn — s. jgona bastu haite nirgatajalabat 

drajya udbhdb — phut ni.calna, baiamad h. — s. baramad, khainij 
EJ'lort, s. a struggle, strain, endeavour — kashta, parishram, cheshid, udyam, prayds — taa- 

diya, rnihnat, sai, j4nfish4ui, kosish 
EffVa'ible, a. dreadful, firightful, terrible — bhaydnak, ghor — khaufnAk, muhib [gustdkhi 

EffiOnt'ery, s. l)ol Iness, impudence — prdgalohya, (Iheuiami, duhsdhas — besharmi, behay6i, 
Efful'gence, s. lu-tre, brightness — riWi.t, ujjwai, dipti — jhalak, chaaiak 

Efful'gent, a. sninmg, bught, luminous— s/ioo/iawwifu, dedipyamdn, dipta — mujalla, jilad^r, 
nun, chamlila [bahaaa 

Effuse, Vtt. to pour out, to spill, to ihed—dhdlan, chhitdna, nikhyep k. — dhdln^, dhalkaoa. 
Effusion, 5. a pouring out, waste — phelan,nikhyep, nihsaran, apjc/iay— bah^o, rezish ; barbadi 
Eft, s. a newt, a sort of hidird—gniiigodhikd fAshesh, /c infeaias— -chiiipkali ki ek qism 
Egg, s. the foetus or production of ttie icalixeied tribe, aad of some otber aaimais— an^a, 
cfim— ao4^i baiza 

E.G G ( 166 ) E L E 

Eg?, va. to incite, to instigate, to spur on—prabrittijanm^na, uskdna, chij/dna—ishlyklzk d. 

uskAna, chherna . fnasrin, sewti 

Eg'lantine, s. a species of rose, sweet-brier— su^-and/w bishishla piishpa brikhya bUhesh — 

Egotism, s. selt'-commeiidatioa i frequent use of the word l-dtmmhLdghd, ahainahanukd— 

ananiyat, khud'i, kliudsilai 
E'gotist, s. oae wiio talks much of \\vx\iQ\i—dtinashld)!rhi,dtrnaprashansuk~\\i\xAhvoi\\ yji 

numfi ^ ^ \jpunakbyaktak.—k\\\x<\-i\Vdik.\i\\\x<XgQ\\. 

Eg'otize, vn. to talk much of one's %e\i—dtmapra^kin^&d k. ntinaMi^k.i k. dpaudke punak 
EgrtVious, a. eminent, iemsi\ka.h\e—shreshlha,ptasiddha,auupnm—bavA,&di]iiit, mashur, ajab 
Egre giou.sly, ud. emiaently, TemarkHibly —prasiddkarupe, atishay—zhhiii, nipat 
E'gress. Egression, s. tlie act' of going out of any place, departure— f/a/iu-'-^/maM, nihsaran, 
■p/7ZAt;jrt;<— khuruj, barAmad, rawfinagi . [«1 chiriye ki ek qism 

E giet, s. a fowl of the heron kiad—hak hi krauncka pahhiji fcis/ies/i — bagU ya saras ki 
E'grftte,i. ^ flower for a lady's head — striloker maitaknokavan oi&hesh —hiiAoi;^ ki topi ke phul 

ki ek qi-m 
E'griot.s. a species of sour cherry— a/nia phal bishash-ixxxsXi phal ki ek qism 
Ejaculate, va. to throw, to sliool, to dart out — pra'cliyep bd mkhvep k. balurgata k. chhutdna 

— plienkna, nikal phenkna [ao ; aclianak se dui yA naniAz 

Ejacula lion, s. a darting ; a short prayer— prai'/ii/i'p, 7?i/c//j/ep ; liaidt prdrthand 6a/ci/a— phenk- 
Ejaculatory, «. darted out; sudden, hasty — /i«t/ia( nikhyipta ;' akasmdt ukta bd nirgata — 

n^igafi andaklita, achanak se pbenka liua ; nagahau kalialmi ya niklahiia [dtir k. ujarni 

Eje'ctj-ra. to tluow out, to cast foitli, to exp-l — hdhir k.pheliyi d. chhdriy i d. — nikal d. 
Ejected, pa. cast or turned out, rejected— rj/afcia, nikt.yipta, bakiikkrita - taik k. h. diirkarda, 

Ejection, s. a casting out, expulsion — haJmhknyd, tydg, pheliyi deoyd — ikhr&j, tark, dafaya. 
Ejectment, s. a legal writ by which any tenant of a house or estate is cumnianded to depart — 

bdH bd bhdini bd aiiya nth ibara dhaii tyig kirandrtka dgydn patra binhesh — baz ya ikhrdj- 
Ei^iht, a. twice four — dt, ashta-T6.{h, hasht 
Eightee'n, a. twice nine — dthdra, asklddask — atharah 

Eightfold, a. eight times tire quantity— ds/i/«g-«a, dibdr, as/i/ffsant/iyafc, — athgund 
Eighth'ly, ad. in the eighth place — ashiainhur — hashiambar, athwau dafa [sausit 

Eight'»core, a. eiglrt times twenty— rii kiiri, ek sau shdit, ekJuits/iaahii — ath bis yd kori ya ek 
Eighty, a. eight times ten— r/iir kufi, ashiti, dshi — as>i, hashtad 

Eise),s. vinegar, any thing very ncid—sirkd, amla.mddbiskhis!a dmbdrahyasarkA, kh&lti chiz 
Ei ther, pro. one or the other— Juicer mudhye ek, anyalara, kofia ek — donou ka ek, koi, koi ek 
Ejula'tion,, s. an outcry, \i.mQnidL\'ioa-^khedjjkti,.b'dfip,roda)i — faryad, wawaila, ahzilri, matam 
Eke, or Eek, tJa. to increase, to supply, to piolraiCl—biiddhik.rurbiihak. bd karma ciidLdna^ 

bilamha k. — barhaua, sarbarah k. diraug k. 
Eke, ad. also, likewise, besides, moreover — dr, ebang, etadbhinna — bhi, aizan, aur, aldwa 
Elaborate, a. finished with great diligence — iitt«»i/"upe krita bd nirmita bd nishpanna, 

shramasddhita,atisunJar — bahut mihnat se k. h. achchliitarah se banaya Irud, bahutktuib 
Elaborately, ad. vvitir great labour — sacheshtdy, mahdpraydae, atipar'uhrampurbak — jAnfishvl- 

ni ?e. diqqat se, mihnat se . [marna 

Ela'nce, va. to throw out, to dart out— astmdi prakhyep hdnihkhyep k. — hatiyai-andazi k. phenk 
Ela'pse, va. to pass away, to glide away — chaliyd bd bahiyd jaon, gata h. s/ies>i A.— guzarna, 

guzashta h. bond, jatarahna 
Elas'tic, a. springing back, recovering— si/iitist/tapafc, tanile bare ebang punarbar kunchan hay 
jdhd, chimard, hailakhyanya ptirbak purba dharma bd dkdr punahprdpta hay je^cinmcA, 

chimtha, lachila, damdar 
Elasti city, s. a property in bodies, by which they restore -thernselves to their original form — 

chimardi,stfiitisthdpakutd, tdnile bir'de par sw ihhdbik dkdr prdpaner dharina bd ^jm— ciiim- 

ra', lachak, dam [— muiad ke iiasil hone se phula, maghrur, ghamanii, liuland 

Ela'te, tf. flushed with success, lofty— ii/i/a ^.■^fifi/^a! prajuhta praphtiUackitta, darpi, unnata 
Ela'te, va. to elevate, to exalt, to puff up — unnata k. ahankritak. praphuUa /c.— bulaud k. 

maghrur k. phiilana 
Ela'tion, s. triumph proceeding from success— ishfasiddhi prajukta janme je abhimin, dtina- 

shldghd, prainod — inaqsad ke pane se jo fakhr paida ho, ghurdr, maghruri, ghamani 
Eri)0w, s. curvature of the arm, angle— /cu/iitt, kaphoni, kon, 6iy/c— kuhni, mirfaq, koni 
Elbow-chair, s. a chair with arms — kauuirdkhibdr kdtd bishishta chauki bi /ce^iar.'i-pahln- 

ddr chauki - [burha ya purana log 

Eld, s. old age, old people— ft-i/'d/ia/cya, piirbakil, briddhulok, purba kdler /oi— burhapa, 
Eld'er, a. surpassing another in years— 0!f raja, bara.jyeshlha, bayojyesklha -bar.-i, jetha kaUij 
Elder, s. a ruler, a senior ; a tree or shrub — pradhdn lok, bayase je.X.ha, samtjlirdnta lok ; 

brikhya bishesh — bara, sardai-, kalaa, muazzaz ; ek qism ka per ya biita [salkhurda 

Elderly, a. bordering upon old age— ^wm, bayodliik, prdy sheskkdt' prdpta—didhtiv, builia, 
Eld'ers, s. ancient rulers, a.ncQSiovs—purbakiUn pradhdn lok, prdchtii lok, ptlrbaparusk — 

sardar^n-i-peshin, buzuigan, piran [barapan 

Eld'ership, s. seniority, primoreuiiure— ji/es^//iatu)a, prddhdnya, ugrajatwa — kalani, buzurgi, 
Eld'est, a. oldest, most ^.ged —aarbajyeshiha, aneker tnadhye Oayase baraje — sab se bara 
Elecampane, s, [.. . . .] a plant ; sweetmeat— 6riHya bliheik; mishta kdsandi bishesh — ek qisai 

k.k darakht ; mithai ki ek qi^m 

E L E ( 167 ) ELI 

E'lect, vo. to choose for any office or use, to select — bdckhiyd M chuniyci L abadhdrita bd nijukta 

k.manonitak. sthdpita /c.— chun 1. pasand k. chhdot 1. muntakhab k. [barguzida, muntakhah 
Ele'ct, Elett'ed, pa. a. chosen, preieired — nijukta, itJidpita, manonita, grdhjya — maqbnl, 
Elec'tion, s. the act or power of choosing, choice ; the ceremony of a public choice— 6a- 

chhiyd bdhir k. swechchhd bd hibechandpilrbak grahan bd niyog k. — barguzidagi, maqbniiyat, 

intikh&b, pasandidagi [neya— intikhdbi, ikhtiyari 

Elect'ive, a. having, or regulated by, choice — prajdganer ichchhdkrame slhdpnnxya bd mano- 
Elect'or, s. he who elects or gives a vote ; a prince who has a voice in the choice ot the German 

emperor — swechchhdpurbak parke bishes/i pade nijukta karaner shaktihishishta, nnumatiddtd ; 

Jarmani deshiyardjdke rdjiipade nijukta karane pasanda kare je — mantakhib, chunwaya, 

mukljtdr ; wuh shakhs jo Jarmani ke mulk ke badshah ko pasand kardeta hai 
Elect'oral, a. pertaining to an elector, or election— Jm-mani desher mnhdrdjdke nijukta 

karandrthe je manonita kurtdgan, tnt sambandhiya hd tadbishayak — intikhdbi ; Jarmani ke 

mulk badshah ko karnew^le se mutalliq 
Electorate, s. territory, or office of an elector — Jarmani desher mahdrdjdke manonita ebang 

nijukta karun ihakti bishishta je pradhdn byakti tdhdr adhikdrabhumi — amiak, y^ ubda 

elector kd [(//lafu— kahriiba ; A.mekhta dhfit 

Elec'tre, s. f . . tnr'j amber ; a mixed metal — dkarshikd gun bishishta drabya bishesh ; mishrita 
Elec'trical, a. of. or relating to elecUicily—bidyut sambandhiya, bajrasphulinga bishayak— 

injizibf, ghazab mansub 
Electri'cily, s. that property of bodies, first observed in amber, of attracting or repelling light 

bodies when excited by friction ; a Hu'xd-— bishesh bastur swdbhdbik nkarshikd athabd 

apasdrikd shakti bd gun, bidyutbat sarbabydpta tej, bajrasphulinga nirgata kardna bidyd — 

jazb, injizab, ka^hidas;! [maujdn, no^hdard 

Elec'tiiary, s. f . . fs/iM,] a soft compound medicine — choshya auxhadhi bd kdsandi bisheih — 
Eleemos'ynary, a. relating to alms; depending upon charity — bhikhyd dan sambandhiya, 

bhikhyopajihi, bhikhyuk — khairalmansiib, sadqakhor 
El'egance, s. beauty without grandeur — shobhd, saundurjya, saushthab — lutf, latafat, naz^kat 
El'egant, a. having elegance, pleasing — shobhd bishiih La, Ihdm, sundar, sus/iri— Idtif, nazuk, 

naznin, khub, khush 
El'egantly, ad. with elegance, graiCeiaWy —sundarriipe, uttamrupe, sushripurbak — latafat se, 

nazakatse [mea'nustamal, sok^war 

Etegi'ac, s. used in elegies, sorrowful — shokugdne ukta bd byabahrita, bildpasnchuk — marsiye 
El'egy, s. a mournful song or poem, a dirge — shoker gdn, bildpokia git — marsiya, soz-gudaz 

kii qasida, mdtamigit ' - 

El'ement, s. constituent principle of any thing; the four elements (improperly so called) are 

earth, fire, air, water; proper sphere; an ingredient, a constituent part— p<. first rudiments 

— muldhdtu -jpavcha hhiit ; bdsasthdn, adhikdr , mishrer angslia, miilstitra — unsur, unasir ; 

khak, 4tish, bad, ^h, jo ghalati se unsur khal-'tte hain ; ihikdna, ; juz, ajza-i-awwali 
Element'al, a. pertaining to elements; crude — piinchabhautik, mauLik, bhautik, dhdtwik; 

kdnchd — unsuri, ash', bunyadi; sada, kachcha [ — awwali, mufrad, sada 

Element'ary, a. primary, simple, uncorabined — mulsutrdtmak, amishran, shuddha, bhautilc, 
El'ephant, s. a large quadruped — hasii, hdti, gaja, duuti — hAthi, fil, pil [mut^Uiq 

Elephant'ine, a. pertaining to the elephant — hastisambandhiya, hastibishayak — hathi kk 
El'evate, va. to raise up, to exalt, to dignify— wit/iapa/t, uttolan, unndta k. uchcha k. sam- 

bhrdnta k. — uth^nd, barhina, buland k. hurmat d. [t^z, murtafa, sarfar^z 

El'evate, Elevated, pa. u. exalted, elated— U7ina<«, uchchikrita, «i/nsJta— buland, ala, mum- 
Eleva'tion, s. a raising up, exaltation; height — utthdpan, uclicha karan, unnata, marjyddd ; 

uchchatd — bulandi, barhti, taraqqi, sarfarazi ; unchdi [posa, shagird 

Ele've, s. oneprotected by another, a pupil — pdlya,poshya, shishya, chhdtra, paruyd — p^la, 
Elev'en, o. ten and one added— e/crtdas/i, e «•«>«— ii;a rah ^ [ji^n 

Elf, s. an imaginary wandering spirit — kdlpanik upadebatd, bishesh pari — bhiitna, ghdl, shaitan, 
Eli'cit,ra, todrawout — nirgata k. kahdna^ prddurbhdb k. uipunna k.—n'ik^l I. khiach uikalna, 

z^hiri mea lana, paid^ k. [mustamal, nikala hua, zdhir k,h. 

Eli'cit, a. brought into act, drawn out — byabahrita, nirgata', suprakdsh, prddurbhiita — 
Elicita'tion, s. the will excited to action — prddurbhdb, uday, nirgaman, ichchhd praburtan — 

suddr, baramad, amal, arzii ko kam men lan^ [tukre k. tor d^lna, pataknft 

Eli'de, va. to destroy or dash in ^xeccs-r-khanda. khanda k. bhdngiyd phelan, ocAAaran— tukra 
El'igible, a. capable of being elected, desirable~ma/ioneta62/a, niyojaniya, jogya, upajukta 

bishishta, nttam — q^bil-i-pasand, laiq, manzdr, aula 
Elim'inate, vn. to turn out of doors ; re}tct—dwdrabahirbhuta k, bahishkaran,durkaran i tydg k. 

— darwizese bahar k. nikdl d. diar k. tark k. ^ . ^ 

Elimination, s. act of banishing, rejection— tariya deoj/a, bahishkaran, paritydg—ddr karna, 

hanka yd nikdl dend, tark karna " [—zuban basta, bezubdn, gtingJi 

Elin'guid, d. tonguelied, speechless, dumb— jihwd rahita, bdkyendriyahin, bobd, baddhajihwd 
Eliqua'tion, s. separation by fusion — agnidwdrd mishrita dhdtur pratyek angsha prithak karan 

— fimekhta Uhdt ko galake uski harek chiz ko juda karna, tafriq ajza ki 
Eli'sion, s. [./j2,'i.] the cutting off a vowel at the end of a word, as th' embattled field— ttcft- 

dhdrane siiabddnte sthita ia'«rac/i/ierf— talafFuz nieu lafz ke akhir har-i-illat ka gir&o yd hazf 
Elixa'tion, s. act of boiling, extraction of the virtues of plants— pa/cc(u;am nirjds k. — libalna, 

j^oshkar hlr nikdlnd • -[araq 

Elix'ir, i. a compound tincture, refined spiiit—fcu>rf(/t, nirjds, sdrabhdg jdroras— ak8ir,hir, ras, 


ELK ( 168 ) BMB 

Elk, ». a quadruped of the deer kind with palmaied horns, the largest of the deer kind— iri/iat 

shringa bishishta Itarin iii/u?s/i— bfirahsine^, gawazn, ghor^roj 
Ell, s a measure of one yard and a quarter — bastrndir parimdn bishesh, saoyd gaj — sawJigaz 
Ellip'sis, s. an oval figure; omissibn — anddkriti ; lakhyand, ujhyabdkya — shakl-i-baizdi ; 

mujiaddar minhu, taqdiri kalAm ■ 

Ellip'tical, a. pertaining to an eVipsjs— iijhy a , anfWfcrtr— muqaddar, baizai 
Elm, s. a tree which grows to a majestic size — brihat brikhya bisheih — ek qism ki bari per 
Elocu'tion, s. utterance, delivery ©f words— nc/ic/mran, kathaner dhdrd, bdkpal utd—\AisAn\ , 
zubdnfiwarf, fasdhat. [sana, raadh, wasf 

E'Joge, El'ogy, Eu'log^y, s. praise, panegyric— 5taAa6a/fV(T, guna sankirtan, prashangsd — 
Elon'gate, v. to lengthen, draw out; go off—dirgha k. Unnbdkriti k. fdniyd bara k. dure ga- 

man, chhdriyd jdon — lambanA, tul k. khijjchke barhand ; chalej^na, chhorj^nd 
Elonga'tion, 5. a lengthening, distance, departure — dirgha karan, idniyd bdrdna, antar, pras- 

than — barhdo, lambdo, bud, talawat, rawanagi, kuch 
Elo'pe, va. to run away, to get loose from confinement, to go ofT clandestinely — paldyan, 

bdhir haiydjdon, champat — bhdgna, champal h. firdr h. 
Elo'pement, s. a secret departure — champat, ■paldyan, chhiriyd jdon — firar, gurez, bhag 
E'lops, s. a fish, the sea serpent — samndriya matsya bishesh, samudrer sarpa— machli 
ekqism ki, samundari samp [tasAhat, Ichushtaqriri ya goi, shiringuftiri 

El'oquence, s. elegant speaking, oratory, fluency — sadbaktritwa, saikaihan, bdkpaiutd— 
Eroquent, a. speaking with elegance — sadbaktd, bdkpati, sukathak — fasih, khush taqrir y4 

gutter, shirinkalam ^ 

Else, pro. other, one or something behind— anyo, bhinna, dr, natubd-^dinr, diisrd, illd 
Elsewhe're, ad. in some other place — anyatra, a?ti/ato«ast/ii»je— aurkahffl, ante 
Elv'ish,a. relating to elves or fairies— wpide^atatet bd tadsainbandhiya, pari bishayak, parir 

ny(iy— bhntoii ka mutaliiq, pari mansub 

Elu'cidate, va. to explain, make cli^dir— by dkhyd k. bujhdna, spashta kariyd barnan — bay4n 

k. samjhina, w^jih k. sifkar kahna [sbarah, tauzih 

Elucidation, s. explanation, illustration — hydkhyd, suprakdshkard, arthakaran — tabir, baydn, 

Elucida'tor, s. one who explains — bydkhydkartd, suspashtakdri byakti, tikdkar — sharih, 

musharrih, tdbir yft bayan k. w. [pa/anrt-^dhoicha d. fareb dekar bachnA, nikal bhdgnfi 

Elude, va. to escape or avoid by artifice — prabanchan, prutdrand dwdrapaldyan k. phdkidiyd 

Elu'dible, a. that may be escaped— j)ratara7u'j/a, phdkideonopajakta—:idiXQhdQk'<xx bhdgne 

ke qabil, dhokhd denejog ^ fmiyau 

Elum'bated, «. weakened in the \o\n%- -khyinakankdl, katidesh durbal — zaifulkamar, Idgar 

Elusion, s. escape, evasion — pratdrand dwdrd paldyan, prabanchan, byarthakard — fareb dekar 

firdr honfl, i^lmatol, uran [dekhftu 

Elu'sive, Elu'sory, a. tending to elude — pratdrandkdri, mithyd, kalpita — farebi, bahkad, batil, 

Elu'te, va. to wash oflP, to cleanse— dZ/uuta k. dhniyd phelan, parhhkdr k. — dhodAlnil, saf k. 

Elu'triate, va. to purify by washing — dhuiyd parishkdr A:.— dhodhakar pak yasAf ic. [clihor^ni 

Elux'ate, va. to strain or put out of joint — granthi sdran,sandhichyut karan— jot ukharn^, girah 

Elys'ian, a. very delightful, hVissM — atisukh bishishta, manohar,sukhada, swargyia — drfim yi 

rjLhatawar, dilchasp y4 khush, bihishti [hihisht, jannat, ardmgah 

Elys'ium, s. {e-lizh-e-um] the heaven of pagans, place of delight — swarga,^ sukhasthdn-^ 

Ema'ciate, v, i..she.'\ to lose flesh, to waste— ^^j/i'n k. mdngsa khyay k. krisha h. — dubl4 k. 

Ughar k. gald d. [uishkalanka /c.— nirmal k. sdf k. beddgh k. 

Emacula'tiqn, s. the act of clearing any thing from spots or foulness— maZadi parishkdr k. 

Em'anant, a. issuing, flowing from — nirgata, nihsrita, kJiyaranashil—kh^rij, nikaine w. jari 

hone w. [hay jdhd—jkri bona, khnrnj, nikas, wuh chiz jo jari hoti hai 

Emana'tion, s. actof flowin* from, that which flows — bahirgaman, nihsaran, utpannah. nirgata 

Eman'ative, a. tending to flow from — nirgmanashil. nirgata, utpddya — nikaine w. jari 

Eman'cipate. va. to set free from bondage — disddimukta k. chhdriyd deon,bandhanhaite 

uddhdr fc,— giriftdri yd ghul^mi^e Azdd k. khalas k. ctihoiad. rihl k. 

Einancipa'tion, s. act of emancipating — muktukaran, mukti, mochan — takhlis, az^di, rih^i 

Emas'culate, va. to castrate, deprive of manly powers — andachhed k. inus/ikamukta k. ddmard 

k.pungshaktihin L— akhta k. ndmard k. khoja banand * [banana 

Emba'le, va. to make into a bale— 6fij/?a kariyd bdndhan, mot &rtjtd/jaM — gathar bdndhna, motti 

Embal'm, va. to fill with aromatics as a body for preservation — shabe gandha drabya lepan, 

rakhydrtheitii-ita sharir sugandhidrabydkta ic.— khuslibu bhdrna, jaise Uisli meu bharte hai^ 

tdki sar na sake aur mahfuz rahe [roknd, mana k. atkand 

Emba"r, va. toshutin, to hinder, to stop — dtakk. bdndhan, aharodh /c. a.^fccina— band kar d. 

Erabar'go, s. prohibition of vessels from sailing— jri/ii'fj gamandgamane dlak /c.— kisliti kholne 

yd chaldne ki mandhi, atkdo [cliarhna ; mashghul h. 

Emba'ik, V. to go on shipboard ; to engage — naukdy nthan bd charan ; udjukta /i.— jahdz par 

Embarka'tion, s. a going or putting on board — naukd-ohan, jdhdje charan bd chardna—ydh&z 

ya kishti nasliini, charhlo, sawdri [tarib k, ghabra d. uljhand 

Embar'rass, va. to perplex, involve, abash— rfu//H deon, ghahardna, pdke phelan,utp'it k.—muz- 

Embar'rassment, s. perplexity, distress — duhkha, klesh, utpdt^ jhanjhdt, ghaburdni—htUAb, 

ghabrihat, iziirdr, janjal, uljhera, diqqat, sargardani [zaiil k. beqadr k. kharah k. 

Emba'se, va. to vitiate,degrade, iriipair— Has/j<a bi bhrashta k. hatamdn k. — bigdrna, khwdr k. 

Em'bassage, Embassy, s. a public mQSSd^gQ—dautyakriyd, rdjdutadwdrd prerita samdchir — 

elcbigarf, paighdm, sandesd 

EMB ( 169 ) EMI 


Embat'tle, va. to set in order of battle — sainyer shreni bd byuha k. juddhdrtke sainya sajdna-— 

safdr^i yfi bandi k. 
Emba'y, ra. to inclosft in a bay or inlet — khnnrite haddh/t k, bhumibeshtita k. — kli/Jrimen band k. 
Embel'lisl^ va. to adorn, to make beautiful — shobhd k. sushobhita k. sdlankdr fc.— singSrnA 

arista k. banao k. zel) d. [wat, sobhd 

Eml)eriishment, s. ornament, decoration —s/ioAA^f, alankdr, bhnshan, sajjd — Arj^ish, zinat, sajfi- 
Em'bers, s. hot cinders, ashes with ^re—jwaladangdr, dngard — bhubhal, bhalbhul, ansrdrA 
Ember-week, s. four seasons of the year appropriated bythe church to implore divine favour 

— hwariya kripd o anngruha •prdrthand karandrthe sthdpita chnri kdl bishesh—c\\i.r 

mausimea jo girje meu dda aur istighf^r mangne ke live nmqarrar haifl 
Embez'zle,'i;a. to appropriate to one's own use what is intrusted to one's own care — hishwds- 

^hdtanapiirhak dhan urdna, gachchhita dhanddi apahnab k. — khiyanat k. sompi hai daulat 

ko munkir h. khA uran4 
Enibez'zlement.s. unlawful appropriation of what is intrusted to one's care — gachchhita dha- 

nddi swdmir agydnte laiyd byay /c.— khiydnat, kisi ki zimma kihiii dault ko tasarruf karn^l, 

tagallub [jhalakdiir zewar se Arasta k. 

Emblaze, m. to adorn with glittering OTnAmentfi—jaljaUyddbharandiydshohhitak.—jhnlkAn6., 
Embla'zcn, va. to adorn witli figures of heraldry, to deck in glaring colours — kulinpader chinha 

dvodrd shobhita k. chakchakiyd rangddi diyd sushobhita k. — amlri o najibi darje ke nishdn 

se zebd. chamakdir rang lagake zeb d. [p7'ati?Mp— alAmat, nishSn, nazir, sliabih 

Em'blem, s. a painted enigma, representation of something — gurhdrtha chinha, sasanketachitra, 
Emblemat'ical, a. consisting in an eniblem, representing by a fisiure — sanketa bishishta, chmha- 

jukta, pratirupa sambandhiya — alamatdAr, nishand^r, shabih mansiib 
Emblemat'icaily, ad. by means of emblems — sankete,pratirupakrame, nidarsJianapiirbak, giiV' 

drthe—ish^TdUn, shabih se, alamatan, mughlaqdna 
Embo'ss, va. to adorn with rising work — kdparddir bufd karma k. uchchihriti bastu dwdrd 

nirmdn bd shobhd /c.— phuli ya gul jarn^, munabbat k. chamre o kapye w. g. par chh^pe so 

uach^ naqslia ban^nA 
Embossing, a-, the art of making figures in relievo, embroidery, &c. — buld karma, goldhibi ityddi 

— gulkari, phuljari, naqshagari [munnabbat, bntA, unch^ naqsha 

Emboss'ment, s, relief, raised work — shobhdrthe uchchikrita gotddi, bntd karma — phiili, jari6 
Embow'el, va. to take out the bowels — ndribhunri bdhir k. dnturi bahishkaran — anfri nik^lnd, 

petchirnA * " " [gale lagud, miind, Upatn4 

Ernhra'ce, va. to clasp in the arms, comprise — dlingan k, bd d. k. beshlan — baghalgir h. 
Embrace, s. clasp with the arms — dlingan, koldkoii — lipat, baghalgiri, hamaghoshi 
Embrasure, s. [. .s/iu?e J an opening in a wall through which canons are fired— kdmdn«r 

mukh thdke garddir je pardchirer c/i/iidr«— randa, top k4 jharokh^ 
Em'brocate, m.'to rub any part diseased with medicinal liquor — aushadhiya drabdrabya diyd 

mardan /c. sate) rase piritdrma maian— tilla k. bimarbadan ko dawfi. yA tez araq se malnd 
Embroca'tioo, s. the lotion with which any diseased part is washed or embrocated — satej 

aushadhiya drabya, mardiniya aushadh — dawA ya araq jis se mariz badan ko malte haijj 
Embroid'er, va. to border with ornamental needle work — kdpare butdkct)-ma k. ohikanddi 

fo/an— kdrchobi k. butA nik^ln^ ya kArhnd, gul biit^ k. ' 

Embroid'erer, s. one who embroiders— c/ii/coHto/a/c, buldkarmakartd — ehikandoz, zardoz, gul- 

k&r, butAgar [yA guIkarC 

Embroidery, s variegated needle work— ftu/a/iarma, chikantold—ch'ikandoz^, kdrchobi, bate 
Embro'il, va. to disturb, involve — goLmdl k. jhakard janmdna, penehdna — barham k.jhagfipaidd 

». uljhana, phansAnA 
Erabru'ted.o, reduced to brutality — pasftuiat, pashutwaprdpta, nirday, nirbodh, pashubaddchdr 

— jamadsA, bahAimsifat, beaql, berahm, haiwansirat 
Embryo. 5. the rudiments of an animal or plant, not distinctly formed — bhrun, jardyustha 

bdlak, parthamdbayab, prathamot^anndns^sha, bij — janin, gabha, sanchA, bij 
Embu'rse, ra. to restore money owing — parer byayita dhan phiriyd d. bd parishodh &.— 

qarz adalt. rupiya pherd. 
Emendation, s. correction of a {ai\xlt—doshashodhan, bhul sdran, Ihik karaii — gundh ki iUsh, 

badi ki tashih, sihhat [zumurrud 

Em'erald, ^. a miceral or gem of a pure light green colour — harinmani, pan «(i— pan na, 
Emei'ge, vn. to issue, rise out of a fluid —bdhir h. uday> h. uthau, magndbasthd haite uttirna h, 

— nikalnS., tulu h. ulhna, hAlat-i-gharqi se upar AaA 
Emergency, s. a rising out of, exigence, pressing necessity— ^(jfay, bdhir haoii, utpdt, ddy, 

duhkh, pench, sankal, apratul — nikalnS, uchlialnA, dfat, hfidisa, pech, zararat 
Emer'gent, a. rising out of, coming insight; sudden — utthita, udita,yratyakhya,drishligochari- 

krita ; hathdt — utht4, nikaltA hua, z4hir ; nSgah 
Em'erods, s. hemorrhoids, piles— arshorog — bawasfr 

Emersion, s. act of vising out oi—uday, sandarshan, udgaman—X\i\x\, uthAo, isddr, bar&mad 
Em'ery, s. a mineral used in polishing -i/tanpj-astar bishesh, dhdtudrabya parishkdrdrthe lauher 

chnriia — kdrand, kuranj, samb^d4, 
Emet'ic, a that provokes vomiting — bamankdri aushadh, bdmak — muqai, qaidwar,qai kidaw4 
Eraica'tion, s. a sparkling or glittering— c/iacfcc/iafcii/a bhdb, ujjwalatwa — ch^mk&o, jhalkihat 
Em'igrant, a. removing from one country or state to another for residence— rfes^antarag-a^a, 

bideshi, swadesha tya/rz— pradesbdsi 
Em'igrant, s. one who quits one country or stat« to reside in another — swadesha tydg purbak 

EMI ( 170 ) EMP 

bidesheuilMis kare je, dethdntaragata, bideshi — wuh shakhs jo apnfi mulk. chhofke d6srs 
mulk nieu b6d o bksh kare, pardesb4shl jo 
Era'igiate, vn. lo lemove from one country or state to another for residence — deshdutara 
gatnan, swadesha tydg k. desha paribartan, bideshe bds fc.— ek mulk 68 dusre mulk men 
j4 rahnfi, deschornA, parb^s k. 
Emigra'tion, s. removal of inliabitants from one state or country to another for permanent 
settlement— swaffes/ia tydgpurbak anya deshe giyd bds karan — naql-i-maskan, parbds, 
apnA des chhorke dusre mulk men ja rahn4 
Em'inence, s. a rising ground ; distinction— uc/<c/(«, sthal ; unnati, sambhram., bishhhfatd— 

unch^n, unchijagah ; bafh^o, manzalat, b^izurgi, fazl 
Em'inent, a. high, exalted, distinguished— wc/ic/ja, prudhdn, sambhrdnta, bishishta, bickakhyan 
— buland, Aid, sarbuland, murtafi, buzurg, namwar ' [zujdda 

Em'inently, ad. conspicuously, \\\%\\\y—prakdshrupe, bhhhhtarnpe, oti— zihiran, baimt, 
Em'issary, s. a secret agent, a spy — chdr^ sxlrhapurush, dut — j^sns, bhediyi. harkAra 
Emission, s. a sending ont—preran, bahishkaran, prakhyep—'ui^A], ikhr^], nikAl 
Emi't, va. to send out. put into circulation— preran k. prakhyep k. bahisJikaran, nirgata fc. 

prakdsh k. prachdr k. — bhejnS, nikdlnA, zdhir k. 
Era'met, 5. a pismire, an diUt—pipilikd, pinpard—chy\\Q[A 
Emme'w, va. to^coop up, to confine — pinjarddite baddha k, dtak k. — pinjre w. g. men_band k. 

qaidk. makfds k. ' 

Eraor!ient,a. softening, relaxing, solids — narnmkdri, shital hay jdhHe—muWiy in 
Emolli'tion, s. a softening or relaxing— feonia/ bd naramkamn, ihdndd k. — narm k. thandd k. 
Emol'ument, s. profit, gain — Idhh, labhya, prdptadhan—ndLfa., fdida, hdsii 
Emo'tion, s. excitement of the mind, agitation — manohikdr, kliyobh, udbeg, manastdp, rdgddi 

— ^jumbish-i-dil, josh, dard, lahar, andesha, ghussa w, g, 
Empa'le, tm. to inclose, to fence with pales, to put to death by fixing .on a stake — gherd diyd 

bdndhan, berd hdndiian, shille hata k. — gherna, ihdta k. suli d. 
Empan'nel, va. to swear, &c. a jury — bichdrdrthe panchdyat bd tat sabhyaganke dhwdn 

kariyd shapath kardna — panchdyat ko halaf kardnd ya qasam khildnd 
Empar'lanct, s. a petition, a conference — nibedanapatra, uttarpratyuttar^ kathdbdrtd — dar- 
khvvj^st, sawdl jawab, guftgu fdiland, beqardr k. ghusse k. 

Empas'sion, va. to move with passion — maner adhairjya k. rdgddi janmdna, mugdha k. — ^josl> 
Em'peror, s.the sovereign of an empire — samrdl, rdjddhirdj. cAa/crafcarfi— shdhanshdh, sultan, 
raahaidj [ran— lafz par zarb yd zor, jhirak, dardz yd girdji talafFuz 

Em'phafcis, s. particular stress of utterance — guruuchchdran,swar abadhdran, dirghochchd- 
Emphat'ic, Emphat'ical, a. forcible, strong, uttered with emphasis— ?)is/?is/i/arji/)g nhadhdrita, 

abadlidrjya, teje uchchdrita, bishesh,guru—tAkU]i, zorddr, zor se talaffuz k. h; bhdri 
Emphat'ically, ad. with emphasis oriorce—bishishlarupe, dirghochchdranupurbak— hi t^ikid, 

zor se, daraz talaflfuz se 
Em'piie,.s. dominions of an emperor, government — rdjddhirdjdr adhikdr, rdjya — shdhanshdhf, 
saltanat,bddshahat [nim hakim, kathbaid 

Empir'ic, s. a pretended physician, a quack — anahigyan chikitsak, hdturiyd — kachd laljfb, 
En)pir'icism, s. quackery — hdturema, ashdstra c/ii/ci^sa— kathhaiddi, nimhakimij 
Emplas'lic, a. viscous, glutinous— a/atet, chatchaliyd — lasiasd, chipchipd 
Emplea'd, va. to indict, to prefer a charge— opa»vid/ii k- kdhdra name ddy nibedan k. bd 

sddhyapakhya k. dddd&h k. — gunahgar thahrdna, ndlish k. tuhmat lagdna 
Emplo'y, va. to use, occupy, exercise— byabahdr k. bydpdr k. nirjukta k, prabarta k. 

— istiamdl k, kdm mea Idnd, muqarrar k. mashghiil r. 
Emplo'y, Emplo'yment, s. business, office, post of business, business intrusted — bydpdr, 

karma, pad, kdrjya, bishay — shughl, kam, uh(la,khidmat, alaqa 
Employ'er, s. one who employs or keeps in service—karmaddtd, bishay bydpdra ddyi, karma 

nirbdha kardy je, kartd — munib, kam yd khidmat men mashghiil k. w. karfarmd 
Empo'rium, s. a place ufmeichandize, a mart — hdnijya sthdn, dranga— aiding, bazdr, bandar 
Empov'erish, va. to make poor, to exhaust — nirdhan karan, daridrdbasthd prdpta k. tejahrds 

k. urharatwa nashlak. — muflis k. gharlb k. khardb k. kamzor k. 

Empower, va. to authorize, give legal power to—bhdrdrpan k. nijukta k. khamatdrpan k. 

shaktimdn k. — iktiyar d. mukhtar k. sar-i-khud k. ("i-shahanshdU 

Em'press, s. a woman having imperial dignity — rdjrdjeshwari, pattardni—tmhArSLni, begam- 

Empri'se, s. an attempt of danger — hip <ttir karme cheshid, dushkara bishaye udyam, bd pra- 

britti — khatradwar kam meiisai, haulnak mahdm ki koshish 
Emp'tiness, s. state of containing nothing— s/i?Z?ji/ata, riktatd, abhdb -Gnn, khulii, khala 
Emp'ty, o. void, unfurnished; vacant oi iieani—shiinya, rikta i nirbodh — khdii, chh6cbhA, 

sund, tihi ; khdlimaghz 
Empur'ple, va. to make or dye ^^wcgAe—heguniyd rang fc.— arghawdni k. benjnfrang k. 
Empu'sa, s. hobgoblin, a ghost, a sprite—pis/uic/i, aprtchhdyd—h\\ninii, paret, hamzdd 
Empuz'zle, fa. to perplex, to puzzle — penche pheian, byasta k.udbignak. — hairdn k. ghab- 
rana, uljhand, tang k. "■ [rishtha, dkdahiya, sxvargiya — faiakulafidki, dsmdni 

Empyreal, Empyrean, a. pertaining to the highest and purest regjon of heaven— sar6opa- 
Empyre'an, s. the highest heaven — gaganer sarbopuritha sthdn — falakiilaflak 
Empy'reum, Empyreu'ma, s. the burning of any matter in boiliing or distillation — siddhabd- 

pdk karane poran hd dagdha /i.— sokhtagi, pakdne yd chuldne mea jalnd 
Erapyro'sis, s. a conflagration, or general fiTe—mahdsni, 6if/<wod«/ia— 6tashgadagf, agwdhf 

EMU ' ( 171 ) END 

Em'ulate, va. to rival, to strive, fo equal or excel— jigishu h. tulya haite prdrthand k. dspar- 

dkd k. nri k. — g-hibtak. niuqAbalal. k. hanisai'i k. hamchashmi k. 
Emula'tion, s. rivalry, effort to equal or s\irpdi'is—nspardhn,jigishd,drdnri, anyake kharba 

kamnechchhn—s,h\htH, luska, muqfibalil, raslik, kluv^hisli-i-bai^bari yd siibqat 
Em'ulative, a. inclined to emulate— jigzs/m, jayechchhu, dspardhdjukta — iiiskA k. w. rash- 
Hi, subqatkhwAh 
Emulator, s. one who Rtfives to cq<ial or excel— dspardhdkartd, pratijogi, .Vgishahishishia 

hyiikti—rasUVi, rnnqabilat k. w.subqatkhwah fdolin^, kliili k. 

Emu'lce, ««. to milk out. drain, em]}ty~dugdha nihsdran, dohan, niras ir,— dad nikdlna, 
EmuTgent, a. milking or diaining out — dohankdri — dohanliArd 
Emulous, a. rivaling, desirous to excel — pratijogi, jigiihu, dspardhi, pratishihd hhildshi — 

raqibi, gbairatmand, subqatkhwah ' [ek dawd, shira-i-badam w. g. 

Emul'sion, s.a liquid softening medicine — komal hd nnramkdri auihadhiya drahdrahya bishesh — 
Enable, va. to furnish with power, to authorize — khyamatdpanna k. sdmarthya ddn k. shakti 

d. bd shnktihishishla /:.— qiiwat d. tawAnia d. taqwiyat d. qudrat d. [farm^na 

Enact, va. to make or pa«s as a law — hyuhasthdd. ddesh k. bidhdn k. — fatwdd. hukm k. amr k. 
Enacted, pa, decreed, established — byahasthdpita, niyamita, bihita — hukm k. h. thahi4yahu5, 
Enam'el, s. a substance imperfectly vitrified like glass, substance on teeth— jarn'o karavopa- 

'jukta kdnchabat drabya. bisheah — minA, ^b, jila 
Enam"el, va. to cover with enamel — jardo karan — mfnakfiri k. 

Enam'eller, s. one who overlays witli enamel— j'7rao karmakdri byakti — minakflr, koftgar 
Kna'mour, va. to inflame with \ove—premdsakta k. mugdha k. bishesh strite anurakta k. 

— dshiq k. farefta k. shelta k.