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World-Speech Preii -:- Marietta. Ohio. U.S.A. 




• . « « 

• ■ -' 



, .1 ■ 

By Rev. Edward PC Foster, A. M. 


World-Speech Press 
Marietta, Ohio, U. S. A. 

Copyright, 1919. by Edward P. Foftcr 


One day in the summer of 1904 there flashed through my 
mind the compelling thought that language should be so- 
framed that each word would indicate in Its construction the- 
character of the idea for which it serves as the sign. 

Along with this thought came also the conviction that the 
creation of such a language would mark an epoch in the his- 
tory of mankind, since it would make knowledge easily ac- 
cessible and marvelously stimulate the progress of science 
and invention. With this conviction came the determination: 
to construct the language.^ 

That first lightning-flash of thought mapped out so clearly 
the pathway to be traveled, that I imagined the goal would be- 
easily and fluickly reached. 

But during the years since that time, my mind has been al- 
most incessantly occupied with the problem, analyzing words 
and sentences, studying the grammar of different languages^ 
endeavoring to retrace the steps which the human Intellect 
has taken in its creation of an instrument for the expression 
of ideas, trying to avoid errors and recombine good points in 
a language that will flexibly and harmoniously shape itself as 
a well-fitting garment to the thought that seeks to clothe it- 
self in words. 

To what extent success has been reached it is for the reader 
and for the future to judge. This little book is the result of 
these fifteen years of diligent toil. They will not have been 
wasted if it shall be shown that the foundations have been 
laid on which the generations that follow shall finish the super- 
structure, beautiful, symmetric, spacious, and as enduring as 
Time itself. E. P. P. 


The Alphabet. 

Ro uses the 26 letters a, b, c, d. e, f, g, h, i, J, k, 1, m, n, o» p^ 
•q, r, 8, t, u, V, w, X, y, z, without accents or diacritical marlw. 


Pronounce the five vowels a, e, i, o, u, as in father, they, 
police, no, truth; c as sh, or c in ocean; g as in get; j as s 
in azure (French j) ; q as ng in sing; x as Greek x or Gennan 
ch (sonant h); dh as th in this; dj as j or dge in Judgre; tc 
as tch in match; aw as ow in owl; ay as ay, or ai in aisle; 
the other letters as in English. W and y are always conao- 
nants. There is no rule of accent other than the natural one of 
emphasizing the distinctive syllable. 


The law of Ro is that similar ideas must have siniilar 
names. Therefore, words that begin with the same imt^^^i 
letter or the same syllable must belong to the same class or 
sroup in signification. As a general guide to its words Ro 
assigns to the letters of the alphabet the following meanin^i: 

a — pronouns, articles, limiting adjectives; 

t — ^substances, forms of matter, minerals; 

c — quantity, degree, part, whole; 

d — space, e'xtension, place; . 

e — ^verb, tense, mood 

f — form, manner, geometrical figure; 

S — quality, kind, class; 

h — ^possessive relation, have, get, give, lose; 

i — ^prepositions, opposite to o — ; 

J^:^relation, order, beginning, middle, end; 

k — cause, force, motion, direction; * 

1 — ^life, health, vegetable kingdom; 

m — anatomy, animal kingdom; 

n — ^negation, no, not; 

o — ^prepositions, opposite to i — ; 

p — ^instruments, receptacles, vehicles; 

Q — self, same, identity 

r — rationality, reasoning, intellect; 

8 — sensibility, emotion, love, hate; ' 

t — ^time, duration, past, present, future; 

u — conjunctions, connectives, and, if; 

V — ^volition, the will, intention; . \ 

w — interrogation, what, when, where; '] -j jj 

X — other, reciprocity; 'i. 

y — yes, yea, affirmation; *t i? 

X — ^numher, plurality, multitude. I- ^ ' 


The letters have also a secondary signification, that of place,, 
or consecutive order in the alphabet. Thus the ten conson- 
ants bcdfglmqrx chosen to represent the nine digits^ 
and the cipher 1234567890 follow in alphabetic order 
and when preceded by za — ^number, become the pronounceable- 
names of the figures. When preceded by ta — ^time, we get tab 
— second, tac — minute, tad — hour, taf — day, etc., time periods 
in the order of their length; when to taf — day, we add b, c, d^ 
etc., we get Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, etc. The same rule 
holds good in numerous instances. 

Parts of Speech. 

In Ro words beginning with a consonant other than n, w, or 
y, the rule is that the first vowel is part of the stem. The final 
vowel and the one preceding it, if the word has more than 
two vowels, are part of the grammar, and an a in the final 
syllable indicates a concrete noun; an i, an adverb; an o, an 
adjective; a u, an abstract noun. 


Ro, like English, marks by inflection but one case, the geni- 
tive or possessive. This is denoted by final e, added to nouns 
or pronouns. Thus: abe radape radate ruka — my father's 
brother's book. The nominative case precedes the verb, even 
the interrogative verb, which is marked by the initial w, and 
the objective or accusative case follows it. 

The Plural. 

The plural is denoted by final z, instead of the s of English, 
and French. 

Mood and Tense. 

The twelve syllables used by Ro as verb signs are: 
eb — present infinitive 
ec — imperative 
ed — pluperfect tense . 
ef — perfect tense 
eg — ^past participle 
ek — imperfect tense 
el — present tense 
em — future tense 
er — present participle 
es — future participle 
et — future perfect tense 
ev — past infinitive 

Adding a as part of the copula or verb "to be" we get 

•eba — to be 
«ca — be 
eda — had been 
efa — has been 
ega — having been 
eka — was, were 
ela — is, am, are 
ema — ^will be 
era — being 
esa — about to be 
eta — will have been 
eva — to have been 

An n prefixed to any of these forms makes them negative 
and a w makes them interrogative, thus: 
neba — not to be ' 
neca — be not 

ad neda — he had not been 
ac wefa? have you been? 
Af weka alid? Was she here? 
Agz wela amid? Are they there? 

The final "a" in these verb forms, as shown here, denotes 
the neuter or actionless verb; a final "i" indicates that the 
form is part of an active verb; a final "o" indicates that the 
verb is in the passive voice; and a final "u" indicates the po-^ 
tential or conditional mood. 

In the case of an independent affirmative verb these inflec- 
tions may either follow or precede the verb stem, thus: 

ebi ruf, or, rufleb — to write 

ebo ruf, or, rufoeb — to be written 

eci ruf id ab; rufiec id ab — write to me 

Ag eko ruf id ad, or, Ag rufoek id ad — It was written to him 

Ab emi ruf id ac, or, Ab ruflem id ac — I shall write to you 

In negative and interrogative forms of the verb it is gener- 
ally clearer and more euphonious to let the inflection, as an 
independent word, precede the verb stem, thus: 
Ab neki ruf id ad — I did not write to him. 
Ac weli rib ab? Do you remember me? 
Af neki rom aja id ad — She did not say anything to him 

Ac wemi ruf id ab uf ab rufiem id ac? Will you write to me, 
if I write to you? 

Auxiliary Verbs. 

The English auxiliary verbs are denoted in Ro as follows: 
«luk — can 
^kuk — could 
elul — may 
«kul — might 
-elum — must 

«kus — should 
ekuv — would 
eduka — could have been 
nefuka — can not have been 
edula — might have been 
efula — may have been 
edusa — should have been 
neduva — would not have been 
ag wekuva? would it be? 

Ac weduvi ruf id ad uf ac edi ril av ac eli ril alit? Would 
you have written to him if you had known what you know 

Al eduso rom id ab ik alit — This should have been told to 
me before now. 



anar— nobody 

lb— I, me 

anif— in no way 

abaq— myaeir 

anit — never 

ap— a, an 

ab*— Te, us 

ape — of a 

abze — our 

aq— aelf, same 

abaqz— ourselves 

aqid — together 

ac — thou, you 

aqof— similar 

acaz— ye 

aqot— contemporaneouH- 

ace — thy, your 

ar- person 

acaise— your 

ari— personally 

ad— he, .-im 

aa — Biich ^ 


at— the 

adz— they, them 

ate — of the 

adze— their 

ath— either 

adh—he, she 

;ithe of either 

adhe— his, her 

av— what (relative) 

af— she 

aye— of what 

afe — her, hers 

avar — who 


avid— where 

ag2 — them, they 

avit— how 

agze— their 

avik— why 

aj— any 

avlt— when 

aia— anything 

aw? what? 

a]ar— anybody 

awe? of what? 

a j i d — anywhere 

awar? who? whomT 

a] if— anyhow 

aw re 7 whose? 

ajit— anytime 

awid? where? 

ak— each 

awir? how? 

ake — of each 

awlk? why? 

al— this 

awlt? when? 

ale— of this 

ax— other 

alac— this much 

axar— somebody else 

alid— here 

ax Id— elsewhere 

alK— Bo, this way 

axit— otherwise 

alit— BOW 

ay— some 

am— that 

ayar— somebody 

amid— there 

ayid— somewhere 

amif— thus, that way 


nmlk — lor that reason 

ay it— sometime 

amtt— then 

az— evety 

an— no, none 

aza— everything 

ana— nothing 

azar — everybody 


azaz— all tblags 

baf am — chalk 

azid— everywhere 

ba gab— alumina 

azit— always 

bagaf— sapphire 

haEai— ruby 

B— (8ub«Unce) 

baka— hydrocarbon 

ba— thing 

baklaf— alcohol 

tab — flement 

bakrag— gasoline 

tabgab— hydrogen 

bK kr a 1— kerosene 

babgak— copper 

balab— metal 

bab gam— silver 

balac — alloy 

babgaa— gold 

balad— brass 



babhai— radium 

balam— pewter 

tabjad— aluminum 

bapab— alkali 

bablac— carbon 

bapac — potash 

bap ad — soda 


b apa m — a mm onl a 

tab m a c — n itrogen 

beba — gas 

babmad— phosphorus 

b e bad— a t mo Bp here 

babmak — arsenic 

bebar — vapor 

bab n a c— oxygen 

bcbak — smoke 

bahnad — sulphur 

bebam — aleam 

bahrad — clilorioe 

behar- air ■ ■ 

babvaC — iron 

beeab— bubble 

bahzaf— nickel 

becaf — foam 

bahzar— platinum 

becal— iather 

bocab — mineral 

becap — spray 

bacad— ore 

beda— liquid 

bacaf — Btone 

bedao— water 

bacal— pebble 

bedaf— bath 

bacam — gravel 

hedag— moisture 

bacan — nand 

beduk— soaking 

bada— silicate 

bodul— dilution 

badac— garnet 

badaf— topaz 

bedup — dipping 

badak— mica 

bedur — irrigation 

badal — quartz 

bedut — inundation 

badaa — flint 

beduv— washing 

bafab— lime 

befab — pulp 

baf ad— gypsum 

befag— slush . 

batal— marble 

boflag— greaae " 

aJW— i 
ajlt— a 


ak— ea< 



ale— «' 

aiac— 111 
alid— be 
alit— BO' 

am— tlial 
amid— 1*> 
am«— 0»v 
fimlK— tor 
amlt— Oiei 
an— no. »' 
ana— notfli 



s — eo! lesion 

cak— extent " 

t— adherence 

cal— high degree 

b— light 

■camab — excess 

b— heat 

camib— too 

b— graTitatioii 

camnofc — d efl oient 

capib— rather 

b— ocean 

caqlb — almost 

d— sea 

<^arlb— singularly 

r— gulf 

b— land 

cafib— awfully 

f— continent 

ceh — part 

J— Island 

ced a b — com pone nt 

b— peninsula 

cednob— alien 

c— istlimus 

cefab— constituent 

1— plain 

cefabeb— belong 

1- -prairie 

cegab— ingredient 

l>— swamp 

ceg □ ob— pTtran eou a 

— hlil 

celob — -e lem en t ary 

1— ridge 

clbuc— equality 

b— valley 

cibnoc — -unequal 

k— canyon 

«id — much 

p — channel 

clnad— little 

q — gutter 

Clteb— iLUgC 


ci f n nb- — m in u te 

3— ditch 

elk— more 

1— desert 

clkna— leeff 


oil— suTBlua 


cllna— deflelt 


cim — ^moBt 
clmna— least 


dp — match 


dpna— miBraatch 


«iti— coincidence 


clqna — contrast 


cirub— generality 


cirnub — specialty 
eobuc— addition 


cobnuc— subtraction 
cod — adjunct 


codn a— remainder 


nor— mix 


cofnl— almsW 


beflak— fat 

beflal — oil 
beflak— was 
htfpad — tar 
befpal — vamlsh 

bcsob — denBity 
beguc — solidity 
beguf— stilTness 
^epol — liard 


bejab- — powder 
beliib— ightnesB 
beni oh — h ea\ y 
bepob — elastic 
beqoh — tenacious 
berab — brittle 
b c sii b^ f ricti on 
besnub— lubrication 
blba— Bky 
bfcak — weather 
blcal — climate 
b Ida— wind 
bifab — c!oud 
bijal — rain 

bikab — nature 
bilab— ice 
bilnab— thaw 
bilaf— frost 
bflak— snow 
bimak — ligbtning 
bimam— thunder 
bipaf — parasol 
Birab — ^Mercury 
Birac^ — Venus 
oisa— sun 
blsu- sunlight 
bita — niQoi^ • • 

blva — star 
blxad— comet 
biza — universe 
bcbac — matter 
bobnoc — immaterial 
bo cod ^tran sp ar ec t 
bocnod^ — opaque 
boca! — crystal 

b ocap — -lu m i n a ry 
bocar— luster 
bo cat — flflKh 
boaoc — white 
bodog — gray 
bodol — brown 
bodom — black 
bo'ab— i;olor 
bofnob— achrcmatic 
bo foe — red 
bofof- yellow 
b of og— green 
bufol— blue 
bofcq — purple 
bo pah— sound 
b IP ob — sonorous 
bojob — loud 
bokab — electrlcil f 
boliib— flavor 
boloc— pungent 
boiof— sp-eet 

bolom — h titer 
bolo&— savory 
boniob— odoroua 
homo r — fragrant 
bomok — fetid 
borob— eliemieal 
bonido — combustible 
bnrufo — soluble 
b orok — explosive 
horuq — aJTlnlty 


boruH — ^ cohesion 

borut — adli erenee 

bosab— light 

bo tab — heat 

iK) va b — Kra v 1 tation 

bubac— earth 

bucab — ocean 

bucad — sea 

bucar— gulf 

buclab— land 

bu da [— con t inent 

bufab — island 

bugab— penin aula 

bupac — isthmus 

bujab— plain 

biijad — prairie 

bukab — ^Bwanjp 

bulaf— hill 
bulam— rid^e 
biimab — valley 
b u m a k — canyon 
bumap — channel 
bumaq— gutter 
bumar — drain 
bumas — dftch 
bun ad — ^desert , 
bupac— creek 
bupaf— flood 
b II pal — stream 
bupar — current 
bupat — tide 
buq — spring 
bur — river 
bus — lake 
but- mountain 
buv— volcano 

ca — quantity 
cad — degree 
caf— amount 

cak — extent 
cal— high degree 
camab — excess 
camib — toij 
■c a m nob— d efl e i en t 
■capib— rather 
■caqib — almost 
carib— singula rly 
■caai b— -desperatel y 
carJb — awfully 
■ceh — part 
c e dab^ — c omponent 
ceda ob— ali en 
cefab— constituent 
■ce f abeb — h e long 
cega b — ingredi ent 
c ego ob— exi ra neou 9 
■celo b — elemen tary 
cibuc— equality 
cibnoR^ — ^un equal 
cid — much 
cinad— little 
clrob— Iiuge 
c if nob — minuto 
cik — more 
cikna— lees 
ci I— surplus 
cl In a— deficit 
■cim — most 
cimna — least 
cip— match 
cipna — mismatch 
cic[ — ^coincidence 
clfina — contrast 
cirub — generality 
cirnub — specialty 
cobuc— addition 
cobnuc— subtraction 
eod — adjunct 
codna— remainder 
nor— n.ix 
cofnl— Bimply 


ook — Join 

eol— connect 
colnu— di E connection 
com — cohere 

cor — combine 
c ornu — (i ecompositioc 
oub —all 
cubna— portion 
cudnb — tolal 
cuf — main part 
cufno — minor 
cugob — entire 
ougnob — d p f e ct I ve 
«u k oh — en m pi et e 
cul — the whole 
cii Inu — om 1 H a i on 
cum— CO m pi e m en t 
cu p— au p p leni ent 
c u a — com position 
cu rub — i n cluai on 
cumub — exclusion 

da — place 
dabac— situation 
dabi fa — sitter 
dabo fa — seat 
d abo ga — posi t ion 

daboka — location 
dabola— locality 
dabiieb — localize 
liabalo— local 



J lay 

dabireb — to put 
dabiaet) — to set 
dacab — dlatrkt 
dacad— circuit 
dacaf — quarter 
dacag — region 
dacak — tract 

dacal — country 
dacam— province 

dacap — t erritory 
dacar — department 
dacav — State 
dafab — post 

dafad — oflice 
dagibeb — to abide 
dagoba — abode 
dagiceb — to dwell 
dagoca — a dwelling 
dagl feb — to reside 
dago fa — residence 
dagileb— to live 
daginieb — to inhabit 
da goma — h ab 1 1 a tion 
dajab — nest 
dajibeb— to nestle 
da] ad — den 
dajak — haunt 
da jam — perch 
dakab — cavity 
dakac— cave 
dakad — cavern 
dakaf — hollow 
dakal — hole 
dakam — ap erture 
dakap — pit 
dakag — opening 
dakar — orifice 
dakiteb — perforate 
dakav— crevice 
d alibu— agriculture 
daloba— field 
da! Lea— farmer 
id al oca— farm 
dalida — gardener 
daloda — garden 
daloga — truck garden 
daliku — horticulture 
■daVoUa,^ — ottfaari 



daloma— stock farm 

demaf- -cleft 

dali pa— planter 

demak— chasm 

dalopa— plantation 

denial- Hlit 

daliqa — ranchman 

demap — breach 

daloqa— ranch 

deraar — rent 

damiba — buiider 
damoba— a building 

deniaB— gash 

d e m nu c— c onll gu ity 

damoca— architecture 

dcmnuk — contact 

da mi da— stone mason 

denmud — closure 

dam od a — mason ry 

dcnab -center 

damifab— bricklayer 

d eq na b — cl rcumterence 

damifia- carpenter 

d^;rab — north 

d amoga — carpentry 

desao — south 

d am iia— Joiner 

defab— east 

dam il a— plumber 

devab — west 

d am i pa— pi ast erer 

dibac — clothing 

d am isa— painter 

dibad — dresa 

dam ita— glazier 

dibaf — gown 

daplba— merchant 
dapoba— store 
dapibac— wholesaler 
dap ic a— grocer 
dapoc a— grocery 

di bag— garment 
dibal— apparel 
di bam— raiment 

dibnoc — nude 

dapidiba— clothier 

dicob— dressy 

dapidifa— hatter 

dicnob — shabby 

dapidija — haberdasher 

didiba — weaver 

d a po d ita— ah oeBtore 

dapodoba — furniture store 

difiba— hatler 

dapopora— dairy 

difoba— hat 


dlfnob— hat leas 

de jar— verge 

difac — crown 

delab— bulk 

dlgab— wig 

delac — size 

dJjab— collar 

delad— dimension 

dlkab— ahlrt 

delaf— measure 

dl lab— coat 

de la k— extent 

dlmab— oVRrcoat 

de lam— magnitude 

dimac — cloak 

delap — 3cope 

darad— refiding desk 


daraf— fnrum 

domati — gap 

daraK — stage 

demac — Interval 

daral — lectu-ta xw«q. 

demad — opening 

\ ■4.a.Ta,\Q — D\B.\XQ^'av. 


daraa— rostrum 

defam— acma 

daaab— safe place 

defar — vertex 

dasad— ward 

dygiih— base 

dasat— refuge 

d ega c — f on 11 d ation 

da^ak— eanctuarr 

d^Kaf — bottom 

da sal— asylum 

dejab— Bide 

dasam— home 

dejail— riphl side 

diiBap— port 

dejaf— left, side 

dasai- — harbor 

deiag— edge 

dasav— haven 

d oj a 1— border 

datab— prison 

diqab— underwear 

datibu— iniprisonment 

di rah— skirt 

datoba— priHoner 

d i sab— earn! ture 

data c— cage 

dlsak— jewel 

datag— dungeon 

di sal —I ape 

dataj— jail 

dilab— shoe 

daUia— Jailer 

dithab — stockine 

datal— lock 

diva b— alcove 

data p — p en 1 1 entlary 

diJiabz — troueerR 

da viba— emperor 

dobab— furniturey, 
docab — chair ^ 

davoba — empire 

debab— line 

dfidab— bed 

dcbac— cord 

dofab— table 

(".ebad— thread 

dopah— di.'ili 

debaf— string 

do jab — spoon 

dPbaE— rope 

dokah— fork 

debak— haAs-ser 

dolab- stove 

dpcab— layer 

doraab — pot 

dopal) — carpet 

decaf— flake 

doqab — drapery 

d'^cak— sheet 

dorab — deak 

tlocal— lamina 

doaab — picture 

decam— fold 

dotab— clock 

decap — plate 

dotac — watch 

dedab— body 

dnvab— sate 

defab— top 

duba— d-wfiUing 

defalk— cover 

dubaf — tent 

defad— lid 

dubal— house 

defaK— summit 

dubas — palace 

defak— peak 

ducad — village 

defal — apex 

ducaf— town 


(liicak — city 

ducal- -cap i I al 
dudar — roof 
diidar — floor 



dufad — door 
dii fat — window 
dulap — prrch 
<liifaB—Bt airway 
duKab— room 
d ugac — clia m ber 
ilugaf— parlor 
dugal — kitchen 
dnjah — street 
dujaf— avenue 
do jap — pavement 
dujar — Eidewalk 
dukail— brick 
dukaf— mortar 
dukal — lurabfir 
dukar — board 
diilab — barn 
dulac — stable 
dulaf — fence 
diilaiH — yard 
dumab — barrack 
dumaf — fort 
duQiak — castle 
dupal) — sliop 
dupac — store 
diipal — depot 
du pani- — at ati on 
d iirab— H chool 
dural— -coll ege 
durav — iiniversUy 
dusab — church 
diTsat — temple 
dutab — office 
dutac — factory 
d utak— -worksti op 

eb— to (inlinitive) 

eba — to be 

ebe — to become 

ebl — to do 

ebo — to be done 

ec — (Imperative) 

cca— be let be 

ocl— do 

tid — fplup.rfi-ct) 

eda— had been 

edl — had done 

edo — had been done 

ertuka— could have been 

eduki— could have done 

edula— mifiht havo been 

edums — must have been 

^dusa — should have been 

••duva^ — would have been 

et— (p.^rfect teiise) 

efa — has been 

efl — has done 

efo— has been done 

efuka — can have been 

efiiki — can have done 

efiila — may have been 

pgB,- — having hem 

dt— (iinpi?rfc<-t tense) 

eke — bocnme 


eko— was done 



ekuka — could be 
ekul — might 
ehula — might be 
(ikus — should 
ekusa— should be 
fikuv — would 
eku\'a — w'iUld bi 


sla— la. Btu, are 

tagaf— pfllBy 

fagal— likracsa 

ell— dWB 

fa gap— picture 

-elo— IB done 

fa job— orderly 

■eluk — can 

fakol— stylish 

elul— may 

faknos— utifaEhionuble 

clnlo — may be 

fanib— custom 

elull — may do 

faruk— habit 

rm— (ruture tenee) 

farul— uaago 

ema — will be 

(arup— practice 

ei:il-wlll do 

f as u b — sy m metry 

er— (present participle) 

fasud— adaptation 

ere— being 

fa^uf— conformity 


fasuk- -ratio 

ea— (future participle) 

taaul — rate 

eaa— about to be 

fasum— proportion 

et— (future perfect) 

eta — will have been 

lebiceb — to ornament 

ev— (past infinitive) 

eya — to have beon 

evl— to have done 

feblleb— to embellish 


feclbeb— to burnish 

lahftc— shape 

feclda— polish 

fabicpb— to share 

(eclfeb— to whllewash 

fabad— aspect 

fecie&b— to gild 

fabaf — figure 

feci la— lacquer 

fahaE — guise 

feci ma— enamel 

fabal— form 

feci pa — paint 

facab — system 

feci re b — to grain 

f aca d — con a t! tu ti or. 

fedab— boas 

facak — method 

fedibeb — to emboBB 

facal — way 

tediceb — to enchase 

facam- manner 

fedaf— fretwork 

facap — process 

fedak— spangle 

facar— mode 

fedal— tinsel 

fadal) — formula 

fed om— gaudy 

fafab — empty show 

fed or— showy 

fafac — conventionality 

fegul) — good taste 

tatal — formality 

f e gn u b— vu Igar i t y 

rasa b—j mage 

fegud — delicacy 

t&S^c — covy 

f egu f — re fl nem ent 



fegur — ^tact 
felca— comical 

felod — droll 
felof— funny 
felog — grotesque 
f elikeb— to ridicule 
feluko — ^ridiculouB 
felimo — s-portive 
felumo — ^ludicrous 
leliro — derisive 
feliso — sportive 
felas — sport 
femab — fop 
femad — dandy 
femol — swell 
fequb — affectation 
fequf — charlatanism 
feroba— burlesque 
ferica — mocker 
ferofa — farce 
feroga — satire 
feroja— lampoon 
feriko — sarcastic 
<erUeb— to libel 
ferimo — ^ironical 
feripo — ^humorous 
feriso — ^witty 
fesab — ^laughing stock 
^.cob — ^better 
ficnob — ^worse 
ficad — advantage 
fieufo — preferable 
licikeb — to choose 
ificileb — ^to elect 
ficimob — ^to select 
ilcop — ^superior 
ficaqz — odds 
flcor — pre-eminent 
ficov — predominant 
llcnuiH- Inferiority 


fidibeb — ^to precede 

lidabno — sequent 

fldac — preface 

fidaf — introduction 
fidag — preamble 
fidal — ^prelude 
fidam — example 
fidap — ^precedent 
figab — front 
flgnab — ^back 
figav — van 
filub — success 
fllnub—- failure 
filuc — ^prosperity 
filnuc— adversity 
fiqibeb — to conquer . 
firub — ^triumph 
fisiba — ^victor 
fisoba — victim 
fitib — supremely 
fitnob — subordinate 
fobicel — gives evidence 
foboda — testimony 
fobifeb — ^to attest 
foboka— credential 
fobal— diploma 
fobam — ^warrant 
fobap — certificate 
fobivel — vouches 
focab — counter-evidence 
fodibel — qualifies 
fodlfel — modifies 
fodikel— limits 
fodileb — to allow 
fofob — possible 
f of nub — ^im possibility 
fofod — potential 
fofog — practicable 
fogub — probability 
fognob — ^improbable 


fogoc — likely 

fiidab — plane 

(oiod— plausible 

fudibn— planer 

lolLb — certainty 

fudac— nngle 

fudad— trianele 

f ol nob — uncertain 

fudaf— quadrangle 

folicel— assures 
folnuk — doubt 

fufab-rlGht angle . : 

f oUmn el — embarrasses 
f ot i pn el — perplexe s 
folnaq — dilemma 
tolnur — contingency 
folDos — precarious 
f m Iba — r f asoner 

fusaf — square 
lu gag— pentagon 

fugal— heatagon ^ 
^lpo q—oct agonal 
fujab— Platonic body 

fnmlbnu— aopiiialry 
f om a cu — rat 1 fl cat Ion 
f oma ciJii--casui8liT 
lomido — in d u c 1 1 vo 
fomigu— generalization 

f u ] af — t etraliedron 

fujal — cube > 

tu jaq— oc ta h ed ron 

lukad— pyramid 

(ukal— prism 

fi^lab — curve ^ 

ff,ma!7— dialectlcfl 

fulac — arc 
lulad— arcb. 

fomar— argumentation 

fomaa— controveray 
1o(\ub — Intuition 
loqtic— Instinct 

fulaf— parabola 
fuiak- hyperbola 
fumah— circle 

f otjad— p rcaen t i ra en t 
f OB 1 be 1 — de monatrates 
rosidel — proiea 
fosiro — conclusive 

fumac— ellipse _ ' ■ 
funab— cone 
fanad— cylinder 
fupad — curl 

/osigo — categorical 
fiibai-— point 
ftibldeb— to sharpen 
fulilkel— aims 
fublrcl — indlcntea 

tupak — coil 

iu pal— tendril 
fupav — wave 
tupajt— helix 
fuqob — rot tin d 
lurab— ball 

fucob — atraigiit 

tu i-ac— sp h er e 

fucrob— crooked 

f u rad — orb 

fueod— direct 

rurag — globe 

tucof— s traigbt forward 

f u CO k— outspoken 

futob — concave 

fu col— sincere 



(a cop— plain 

gabac — aort; 

^u cor— express 

gabad— kind t 



gabaf — ^fasihion 

gacab — class 

gacibeb — to classify 
gadab — genus 
gafab — species 
geba — ^linear measure 
gebab — millimeter 
gebac — centimeter 
gebad — decimeter 
gebal — meter 
gebag — dekameter 
gebal — ^hectometer 
gebam — ^kilometer 
gebaq — myriameter 
gebrac — inch 
gebrad — foot 
gebraf — yard 
gebrag — ^rod 
gebral — ^furlong 
gebram — ^mlle 
gebraq — league 
geca— ^land measure 
gecac — centare 
gecaf — are 
gecal — ^hectare 
gecrak — acre 
geda — volume measure 
gedab — ^milliliter 
gedac — centiliter 
gedad — deciliter 
gedaf — liter 
gedag — dekaliter 
gedal — hectoliter 
gedam — ^kiloliter, stere 
gedrad — gill 
gedraf— pint 
gedrag — quart 
gedral — gallon 
gefa — weight measure 
gefab — milligram 
gefac — centigram 

gef^d — decigram 

gefaf — gram 

gefag — dekagram 
gefal — ^hectogram 
gefam — ^kilogram 
gefaq — myriagram 
gefay — tonneau 
gefraf — grain 
gefrag — ^pennyweight 
gcfral — ounce 
gefram — ^pound 
gefraq — stone 
gefray — ^ton 
gega — angle measure 
gegab— second of arc 
gegac — ^minute 
gegad — degree 
gegaf — sign 
gegal — sextant 
gegam — quadrant 
gegaq — semicircle 
gejab — height 
gekab — interval 
gelab— distance 
gemab — ^temperature 
gemicap — ^thermometer 
gemikap— pyrometer 
gepab — energy 
geqab — depth 
gerab — price 
gerac — ^money 
gerda — ^U. S. money 
gerdab — ^mill 
gerdac — cent 
gerdad — dime 
gerdaf — dollar 
gerdag — eagle 
gerak — currency 
geral — cola 


geacAm z — contents 

gobob— «hort 

£etub — duration 

gocob — narrow 

Keth ub — th Icknes 8 

goeod — Blender 

gevub — value 

gocok — scant 

geyub— quality 

godob— smalt 

gezu b— nmltit ud 6 

gofob— light 

gibob — long 

gogob— oblique 

glcob — broad 

Eojob — low 

giioh — large 

gojod — base 

gi do c— voluminous 

gokdb— ebut 



gifob— weighty 

Bolod— nigh 

gl lod — p onderous 

go mob — cool 

glgob— perpendicular 

gomoc — cold 

gijob— high 

gomod— frigid 

gljod— lofty 

go m ok — f reez Ing 

gijol— tall 

gopob— slack 

gikob— open 

go qot)— -different 

glkoc— wide 

gorob — cbeap 

giloc — far 

gorol— vile 

gilob— remote 

gosob — empty 

gilod— distant 

gotob — transient 

glmob — warm 

gotbob— thin 

gimoc— hot 

go vob — wo r thles B 

glmod — torrid 

goyo— bad 

gimok — fiery 

gotob — few 

gipob— intense 

go ? it— seldom 

giqob— deep 


glqod— profound 

hahieb — to have 

girob— dear 

hacta — possessor 

giroc — precious 

hacoa — property 

girod — expensive 

badia— bolder 

glrof — costly 

hafia — occupant 

girok— high priced 

h agi a — shareholder 

giBolj— full 

hagoa— share 

gitob — lasting 

hajoba— reservation 

githob— thick 

hakia— keeper 

glvob — useful 

halikeb— to rent 

glyo — good 

ballseb— to lease 

glBoh — many 

ham fa — retainer 

Clatt — often 

hapleb— to save 


haqla — owner 
haria— -Bupporter 

liaa i a — su ataiiier 
hatiel — rea trains 
haviel — detains 
hebleb — to get 
hecieb — to a^qnlre 
hefldeb— to find 
hegieb — to accept 
hejieb — to procure 
hekia — taker 
lielieb — to steal 
Leila— thief 
helca — booty 
hemieb — to grab 
hemiseb — to seize 
hepia— winner 
hepcaz — winnings 
heqleb — to grasp 
herleb— to earn 
hesia — borrower 
hetia — bolr 
h c toa — inherit ance 
hetiaf — heiress 
bethleb — to snatch 
he via — buyer 
h ex 1 a— ex changer 
hihlem — will want 
hiciel — longs for 
hidoek — was needed 
hikleb — to ask 
hllieb — to d^nand 
llmiel — hungers for 
hlniel — thirsts Cor 
hi pi eh — to aupplicate 
hiqibo — importunate 
hlqibeb — to lmportun« 
hisict — has desired 
hitl ek — besought 
bitbieb — to Implore 

Uvteb— to covet 
hlzuek— vas sought 
hizi«>l — cravee 
hoblek — gave 
hocicb — to yield 
bodieb — to cede 
hofiu— beetowal 
hogocb — to be granted 
hojleb — to surre^w 
bokleb — to deliver 
holleb — ^to slip to 
homleb — to pay 
honieb — to convey 
hop led — had Ronterred 
boqiel — communicates 
horleb-T-to fumlsb 
hoalev — to have lent 
totoa — bequest 
hnihiob— to deviae 
ho via — seller 
liuxicf— has traded 
hoyldeb— to afford 
hoylmet — to impart 
hubieb — to lose 
hu c i u^ — forfeiture 
hudieb — to rellnanlsh 
hufleh — to drop 
hugoek— was missed 
hujief— has rejected 
hukied— had mislaid 
h u 1 1 f r— a bandoni ng 
humiet) — to discard 
h'lnief— has wasted 
liuplel — dissipates 
huqied — had squandered 
hurlcm— win devastate 


lb — pro, forward 
Ic — through, per 
let — during 


id— to 

jakol— IdenUcal 

Idh— at 

jakileb— to Identify 

IdJ— toward 

jaknil— differently 

it— on 

j alu b — association 

Ig— over 

jaluc — company 

IJ— up 

jalld— together 

im — alonit 
Ime— beside 

j alnod — separate 
jamlc — conti-ariwiso 

jamod — opposite 

ind — ^within 

jamos — repugnant 

jam ov— ant agoni a tic 


jai-Iba — imitator 

It— with 

jai-oca— duplicate 

lE— tor 

J amg— ag ra c m ent 

it— till 

jai-uk— concurrence 

ith — according to 

J ai t>la — s tl pul a ti on 

It — of 

Jaioma — compact 

Ix— hcftween 

jcbub— beginning 

Iz— etnong 

jebiccm— will commence 
jebodef— has been opened 


odibel— causes 

jedac— source 

Jabub— rfilallon 

jed ign— orl gi n at ion 

jabib— relatively 

jedav— reason why 

j ab nob o — u nrelated 

Jefab— front 

jabuc — concern 

jeklbcb— to start 

jabuF — referpnce 

jelab— germ 


jemab— egg 

Jabuk— ratio 

jepub— preparation 

jabil — in jiro portion 

Jeribeb— to attributa 

jabomno — di a conn&c ted 

Joricu— ascription 

Jadi bol — r eciprocatea 
Jadie— corrolatlvely 
jadol — alt e ma to 

jerlmeb— to impute 
Jlbab— middle 
Jibnob — extreme 

Jadin— mutuallr 
Jaftiob— dissimilar 

ji dab— partition 
jifob— central 
Jifcab— focus 

3aInol— unlike 

jilab— pith 

jagob — h omogeneouB 

jlmab— heart 

jaeoc— equable 

J Ipab — m idco urs o 

Jagod— commensurate 

jitab- interim 

ja«of— uniform 

Jivabi— means 


Jobali — esd 
Jodab — result 
Jodofa — effect 
Jorab— rear 
jokibeb— to finish 
jolab — boundary 
jomab — limit 
Jorobek — -waa concluded 
jotab — t c rm in u s 
jubob— orderly 
jQbnu b — d i so rd e r 
J udub — gradat ion 
Jufob — subordinate 
jugiheb — to arrange 
Jumab — law 
jupab — principle 
jurub— conformity 
juniub — nonconformity 
Ju sab— sample 
jusnab — exception 
i utab — illus tration 

kabldet — to bring 
kabilet— to fetch 
Icacieb — to pusb 

liadia — driver 
kafia — thrower 
lafiba — bow 
kafoba — arrow 
kafibar — archer 
kafida— aliager 
kafikeb— to hurl 
kafila— fling er 
kafima — caster 
k aft pa— pi 'Cher 
kafireb — to shoot 
'kafriba — gun 
tafroba — bullet 
kafrlla — rifle 
kaf B 1 ba — cannon 

kafsoba — cannon ball 
k& f si ca^artlllery 
kaftlca — machine gun 
kagieb— to shove 
kajieb~to jerk 
kalleb— to contain 
kapiem^will pull 
karieb — to carry 
kasoefc — was sent 
kavlceb— to incline 
kavideb — to dispose 
kavileb — to influenca 
kanibeb— to annihilate 
"kaniceb — to decrease 
kanidcb — to displaco 
kanifeti— to deface 
kanigeb — to depravo 
kanijeb— to disjoin 
kanlkef— has retarded 
kanclek — waa ruined 
kan i m a — o ppon ent 
kanopel — ia prevented 
kanireg — having concealed 
UnnoBch — to be suppressed 
kan i tu — a bbrevlatioa 
kanivGT — to have disauadod 
kanixeb— to monopolize 
kanizeb— to decimate 

kaybieb — ^to cause 
kay b i d a — produ cer 
kayboda — product 
kaybifeb — to form 

kay b ora — ere atur o 
kaycibeb — to augment 
kaycidob— to eixtend 
kayciteb — to enlarge 
kayelkeb — to Increase 
kaydieb — to put 
kaydlceb— to place 



kayfieb — ^to shape 
kayfideb — ^to mold 
kayfileb — to model 
kayfiseb — ^to fashion 
kaygieb — ^to better 
kaygiceb — ^to correct 
kaygideb — to mend 
kaygifu — ^reformation 
kaygileb — ^to ameliorate 
kaygimeb — ^to imprpve 
kayjibeb — -to combine 
kayjidef — has added 
kayjifeb — ^to join 
kayjigel — unites 
kayjileb— to link 
kayjimeb — to marry 
kaykibeb — ^to accelerate 
kaykiceb — to quicken 
kaykideb — to expedite 
kaykifeb — to hasten 
kaylibeb— to till 
kayliceb — to cultivate 
kaylldeb — to cherish 
kaylii'eb — ^to foster 
kaylikeb — ^to refine 
kaylila— civilizer 
kaylola — civilization 
kaymiba — assistant 
kaymicem — will second 
kaymodeb — to be aided 
kaymifa — helper 
kaynjigeb — ^to succor 
kaymileb — to relieve 
kayniiseb — to serve 
kaypiceb — ^to construct 
kaypidel) — ^to make 
kayrieb — to reveal 
kaysieb — ^to excite 
kaytieb — ^to prolong 
kayvieb — ^to persuade 
kayzieb — ^to multiply 

ke— motion 

kebieb — to give motion 
kebnub — quiescence 
kebud — ^tendency 
kebuk — course 
keciba — traveler 
kecoda — ^j oumey 
kecifa — wayfarer 
kcciga — cami>aigner 
kecika — excursionist 
kocoka — excursion 

kecola — expedition 
kecipa — ^pilgrim 
kecopa — pilgrimage 
kecira — tourist 
kecora — tour 
kecived — had walked 
kediba — navigator 
kodioeb — to sail 
kedima — mariner 
kedirar— seaman 
kedora — seamanship 
kefiba — flyer 
kegoba — ^burrow 

kejiba— swimmer 
kejida — diver 
kejifeb — to float 
kojifneb — to sink 
keliba — runner 
kelifeb — ^to flow 
keligel — glides 
kelira — tracer 
kelora — race 
kcmeceb — ^to creep 
kemeleb — ^to crawl 
kepedeb — to arrive 
kepeleb — ^to come 
keredeb — to vault 
kerejef — ^has Jumped 
kerelev — ^to have leaped 


kerelnem— will plunge 

kigoeel— is exceeded 

keresek— sprang 

kigodem — will be outdone 

keeibeg— having met 

klgolno — ^unexcelled 

kesided — ^had encountered 


kesifec ad — confront him 

kijebes — about to rise 

keselef— has collided 

kijibet— will have raised 

keselneb — to burst apart 

kijidev — ^to have ascended 

ketebek — went 

kijofeb — to be elevated 

keteceb — ^to proceed 

kijekeb — ^to mount 

ketefed— had fared 

kijilec- -climb 

ketolaz — ^leavings 

kijemed — ^had soared 

ketepem — will depart 

kijepef— has towered 

kevebef— has turned 

kijorek — ^was exalted 

kovecel — ^revolves 

kikibcl — precedes 

kevedem — will depend 

kikolem — will be led 

kevegei^ — hinging? 

kiiibes — ^about to enter 

kevolek — was deflected 

kiiocer — ^being invaded 

kevlmef — hvLO transferred 

kiledev — to have intruded 

kevipu — ^transformation 

kilimeb — to insert 

kevireg — having diverted 

kililnec — do not inject 

ki — direction toward 

kililed--had ingrafted 

ki — k plus preposition 

kilofef — ^has beeninfused 

kibeceb — to advance 

kilifeg— having instilled 

kibedec — proceed 

kimodno — unparalelled 

kibego — ^progressive 

kimnocek — was unequaled 

kibilev — ^to have furthered 

kimilel — matches 

kiborek — was promoted 

kimerem — will corre-spond 

kibisod — ^had forwarded 

kiniceb — to occupy 

kicobef— has been pierced 

kinida — inhabitant 

kicideb — ^to penetrate 

kinoda— habitation 

kicimef — ^has permeated 

kinidu — inhabitancy 

kiciveg — ^having pervaded 

kipicot — will have used 

kidicem— will reach 

kipidev — ^to have utilizet 

kldjieb — ^to approach 

kipila — employer 

klfeceb — to continue 

kipola — emp loy ee 

kificeb — to maintain 

kipolel) — to be employed 

kifedec— Abide 

kiqabeb-— to be near 

kifeked — ^had stayed 

kiqicu — approximation 

kifelef—has endured 

klqided — had approached 

kifemeg— having persisted 

Idricec — accompany 

kigebek — surpassed 

kiridef — has attended 



kirileg — ^having escorted 
kitecek — ^became 
kitef el — ^happ ens 
kitelem — ^wlll occur 
kiteper — appearing 
klteres — about to look 
kiteeel — seems 
klviba— controller 
kivnubo — uncontrollable 
kivnoco — ^unchecked 
klvideb — to counteract 
klviga — ^governor 
kivniugo — ungovernable 
kivijed — had restrained 
kivikeg — ^having curbed 
kivila — ruler 
kivolek — wa:-j ruled 
kivlma — ^manager 
kivira — regulator 
kiviseb — to subdue 
klvita — director 
kiwoba — ^inquiry 
kiwoca — question 
kiwidec — interrogate 
kiwokek — was asked 
kiwileb — ^to catechise 
kixebef — ^has intervened 
kixodek — ^was interposed 
kixefel — intercedes 
ki xela — mediator 
kixema — intermeddler 
kixur— interference 
kizobek — was mingled 
kizida — mixer 
kizifa — intermixer 
kj zif el — intermixes 
kiziku — confusion 
kizolel — ^is confounded 
kizomel — is intermarried 
kizirem — will contaminate 
ko — deviation from 

ko — k plus preposition 
kobeceb — ^to retreat 
kobitel — ^restores 
kocibeb — ^to glance off 
kocodek — was surrounded 
kodobek — departed 
kofecel — ceases 
kofeceb — to fall short 
kogimel — submerges 
kojebef — has fallen 
kokolek — was followed 
kolebed — ^liad emerged 
kolomel — is extracted 
kolqjek — was ejected 
kcmodel — is crossed 
kopicem — will abuse 
kopileb — to discharge 
Iccqodef — ^lias receded 
koriceb — to abandon 
kosodcb — to be hindered 
kotcpef — has disappeared 
kovibo — obedient 
kowikem — will answer 
koxiba — transgressor 
kozodek — was sifted 
ku — change 
kubnuc — permanence 
kubido — ^alterative 
ktibnufo — immutable 
kubeko — ^transitory 
kubul — novelty 
kubuv — ^variety 
kucibeb — ^to convert 
kucifu — transformation 
kucum — metamorphosis 
kudebef — ^has reverted 
kudocal — is reversed 
kuful — revolution 
kufetem — will rotate 
kujibu —modification 
kujida — moderator 


^ujolek— W&8 quaimed 

tolibem^-wlll substitute 

lafol— elegant 

hum Ibec— tra-UBpoee 

lafom — hands om e 

kup eb el — fluctu at es 
l£U[iereb — to vacillate 
kuppdet — tian -wavered 
kupnul— atiibllity 
k-j ric — in c i den tally 
Icurif— TveBtually 
t u sub — c ircumstanoe 

larop — pretty 

lagob — good 

lagoc — pxcellent , 

liigog— expedient 

lagoi— convenient 

lagol — perfect. 

kutub — detitiny 

la^on — dainty 
laEon — neat 


lasGp— skJllful 

la— (positive) 

InKoq— coniiK'tont 

labob— real 

iagor— valid 

laboc — a.ctual 

lajob — orderly 

lahid — purely 

iBjod— regular 

labof— authentic 

lajof— obedient 

iabog— genuine 

lajog— quiet 

laboF— aubslantial 

lajoi— dutiful 

lacob — enough 

laj Dm— compliant 

la cod— sufficient 

la.i op— respectful 

laclf— fully 

lajor— submissive . . ' 

laclk— quite 

la1ot- peaceful 

la col— adequate 

lajov— meok 

lacn m — amp! c 

lakdb — rapid 

ladob — spacious 

lakic— s-wlftly 

larioc — capacious 

lakod — expeditious 

ladod— roomy 

lakuf— Heeinfsa 

lad ok — extenBive 

lakik— quickly 

ladol — loose 


ladoni— independent 

la kip— promptly 

ladup — freedom 

lalob— vital 

ladur— play 

laloc— Important 

laduR — sport 

lalod— essential 

ladiiv— liberty 

lalof — necesFary 

ladh ub — prea enco 

lalog- significant 

la Ion — momentouB 

lafoc — symmetrical 

lalor- inllueiilial 

lafod—Rh apply 

laloB — .'^^riolls 

lafof— beautiful 

l3 mob— expedl ent 

latoB— graceful 

lamoo — desirable 


Umod- -advisable 

latcok— chronic 

la'Udl— eligible 

latcom— perpetual 

lam om — becom lug 

latcop — continual 

la mop — proper 

late or — eternal 

I ainoq— seemly 

latod — prior 

lamor — meet 

latof— new 

lamot— worth while 

lalog — young 

lanob— clean 

latoj— modem 

lanoc— clear 

lat ok— early 

lanod— bright 

latol — evergreen 

Ian ot— manifest 

latom — Immortal 

lanog— lucid 

latop— punctual 

lanok— plain 

lato q^a yn ch ronous 

lanom — perspicuous 

lator — periodic 

lanop— evident 

Ian oi— distinct 

la tot — ready 

lanoa — obvious 

lavob— willing 

lanov— indubitable 

lavoc— inclined 

lapob— operative 

lavod— disposed 

lapoc — efleclive 

la vog— eager 

lapod — efficient 

lavor — ready 


la woe — curious 

lapig— energetically 

lawod— inquisitive 

lapok— active 

laxob— bountiful 

1^ ol — orig i nat i ve 

laxod— magnanimous 

lapom — nimble 

laxof — free 

lapoq— agile 

laxog — generous 

lapor— alert 

■laxol— liberal 

lapos— sprightly 

loxom— mu nl fl cent 

] aqob — h ar m o n i ou9 

] ay ob— certain 

laqoc — con co rd an t 

layoc— sure 

laqod — agreeing 

laiob — num erous 

larob — true 

lazod— multltud inoua 

laric — correctly 

le — part o( plant 

larid — precisely 

lebak — vine 

larof— accurate 

lebat— tree 

larlk— exactly 

lecab — root 

lams— veracity 

ledaf— stem 

lasod — tolerant 

ledag— twie 

lasoC— patient 

ledak— sUck 

latob — ^perm&neot 

lefab— fruit 

lefag— BTBjte 

le(p»— nut 

lobimef— has slaughtered 

lefpac — chestnut 

loca — disease 

lefpak — cocoanut 

locaek— was sick 


loceek — became sick 

lefrac — cranbearr 

locab— contagious dlseasft 

lefrat — Blrawberry 

locabad — tever 

leFsa — pome, seed fruit 

locabdac — typhus fever 


locabdafel~haa typhoid 

letaal— lemon 

letsan— orange 

locabdal— yellow fever 


locabaj — meaingl Us 

lefaar — pear 

locabog— erup ti ve 

lefta— drupe, stone fruit 

locabgac— chicken pox 

leftac— iieacli 

locabgaC — 8 mall pox 

leftal— oUve 

locabgal— measles 

lertam— plum 

locabgas — ery bI pelas 

leftar — cherry 

locab lad — in fluenza 

legaf— forest 

locablal— diphtheria 

legag— wood 

locab lak — Croup 

legal— thicket 

locab la m — glan ders 

lejab— bough 

locab lap — whooping cOQgll 

lekab— briar 

locab mad— d y sen tery 

lelaf— flower 

lo cab mak— Choi era 

leroaT — petal 

locabmal — pi ague 

lepab — bark 

locabap — ague 

lepal— hull 

locabaq— hy droph obia 

lerab— leaf 

locabat — tetanus 

leaak— kernel 

kKac— constitutional disease 

llbud— lire 

locacab — rh en matism 

lleub— health 

locacad— lu m b ago 



Ilfldef— has refreshed 

locacag — gout 

llBibeh— to eat 

locacal — dlab etea 

limfbek— awakened 

locacam — rickett s 

Upibem— will drink 

llqebel— breathes 

locada — alimentary disease 

lobedek— died 

locadaf — quinsy 

lobided— had killed 

locadag — dyBT>epsla 

lobgeb— to murder 

locadal— liver dis«aM 


locaf— respiratory dlseaae 

locafad — hay fever 

locam— parasitic disease 

locaTag— laryngitis 

locan — nose disease 

locafa j — b ron c hi tia 

locanak — e pi staxl s 

locaM— -asthma 

I ocan am— oed ema 

locafara — tuberculosis 

locanap — p oly pus 

iocap — ear disease 

locafaa — pleurisy 

loca pad— d eaf nes s 

loeag— circulatory disease 

locapal — otalglB- 

locaeaf— heart disease 

locaq — eye disease 

locagaJ— pericarditis 

locaqad — bi in d ncs s 

locagam— arterto- s c le rosia 

locahan— aneia ia 

locaqag — glaucoma 

locajag — goiiti© 

locaqaj — conjunctivitia 

locaiam — c retin is m 

locaqal — ieucoraa 

locaka— kidney disease 

1 ooaqam — m y opia 

locakab — BriglifB disease 

locaqan— cataract 

locakam — ureania 

locaqar — s trab i sinu s 

localba— brain disease 

iocaqas- aatigmatisin 

localbad— apoplexy 

locar— skin disease 

localbaf— paresis 

locarab — acne 

lo calbak— pa ral y si s 

locarad— com 

locai-ar — eczema 

lo calban — Im b eel li t y 

loearak— itch 

lo ca Ibap— Jiy d roceplialua 

locaral— leprosy 

localad — hy pochrond ri aala 

locaram — lupus 

localaf^St, Vitus' dance 

lo caraq— ringworm 

localag — epi lep s y 

locaras— wart 

local aj — hysteria 

locat— i nfiammatlon 

localkaf— neui'algla 

locatak — coryza, a cold 

localkas — sc! atl c a 

loca tar— catarrh 

localma— mania 

1 o ca w 0— genl to-u rlnary 

loca Imod — d el irlu m 

loca wad — cy stl ti a 

local mak — kl e ptomania 

locawaf — syphilis 

lo calinas— d i psomanla 

lo ea w ak— gon orrli ea 

loca Ian— Insani ty 

locawal— calculus 

locawa a— stricture 

localaq— nostalgia 

lodeb el— becomes weak 

local ar — s tammerlng 

lofibed— had wearied 

localas — n ervousness 

logebev— to have fasteil 

loeaJeit—Be& sickness 

lomebek — fell asleep 


lorebef— has ewooned 

lupa — grass 

lu— vegetable kingdom 

lura— cereal 

lUR — a plant 

lurab— barley 

Inbac— seaweed 

lurad- wheat 

lubda — fungus 
lubdad— mUdew 

luraf— rye 
luram— maize, com 

lub dam — mush room 

luras— i-ice 

lucad— pine 

luya--!iber plant 

lucaf — cedar 

luBiif— flax 

ludac— ash 

luKak — cotton 

ludaC — elm 

lu. vol)— narcotic 

ludak — oak 

luwak — henbane 

ludal — maple 

luga — garden vegetable 

luwat — -tobacco 

lugbap— pea 

luta — spice plant 

lu gacat — cii cumber 

lutat —cinnamon 

luga cat — tomato 

lulag — singer 

luslae— cabbage 
lugrap— potato 
lURvan — onion 

lutap — p^per 

lutais — nutmeg 
luva^s caponing plant 

liigyab — beet 

luvam — mint 

lugy at— turnip 

luvas — sage 
luvat — thyme 

lukab — palm 


lukavac — Illy 

lukavag— tulip 

ma— opposite of la 

luladal— dahlia 

mabob — unreal 

lu lag — c brysanthemum 

miibog — counterfeit 

Jul as — dandelion 

madup— restraint 

lumab — flowering vine 

niafol— ugly 

In m aba c — con vnl vulus 

niafom — Iiomely 

lamabaT — cleraati a 

magnb— bad 

lum aban— woodbine 

maj or — quarreJaom e 

lumdan — lilac 

makob — Blow 

liimdar — rMe 

ma lob — mortal 

I u m al — m ignonelte 

iT'arcf;— false 

JuTiap — violet 

ma tob — trunsi ent 

luna— wePd 

liinab— burdock 

matcofe— VivlKTOWOuCTft. 

liinad — dajTiei 

\ maXtotu— \ii'e.V.«a.'«j3\.w»ii» 


mat cop — sudden 
uiatof — old 
ttiatos— aged 
watuj— ancient 
inatok— late 
Jiiatol— deciduouB 
malop — tardy 
matos — imtiraely 
maTOb — un willing 
Tuaxog — stingy 
B\ay oc — 'dub i ou s 
jueo — anatom ical 
inebac — bi>dy 
mei>ad — head 
mebnad— loot 
mebai — face 
mebnaf — back 

mebat — leg 

jneca — surface of body 
xaecab — ekin 
naecB^ — beard 
mecaf — hair 
m ecak— teatter 
mecal — nail 
mecam — hoot 
■mecar— scale 
mecas— shell 
jnecat — h ora 
meda — part of head 
medac — crown 
medad — ^temple 
m edar — foreh ead 
medak — ehoek 
medan— chin 
medap — lip 
medas — month 
mefab — hand 

metad — thumb 
mefal — Snger 

lueigac — skull 
megad — spine 
megaf— rib 
mejab— joint 
me] ad — Jaw 
mejat — neck 
m ej ak — eh on Ider 
mejal — elbow 
mejam — wrist 
mejap — waist 
mejaq— hip 
mejai^— knee 
raekao — flesh 
m ekal — muscle 
me lad — ^throat 
m el kad — e tomach 
melkav — liver 
memad — fat 
m en od a — spittle 
ni eno (a— tear 
ni en o ga — p erspl ration 
mepac — heart 
mepad — artery 
mep af— -cap illary 
laepag — vein 
mepal — blood 
merah — brain 
merak — an t eaina 
merat — eye 
meram— ear 
jnerap — palate 
meraq — nose 
mesab — nerve 
metaq — lung 
in esob — sexual 
mlbub — bird cry 
miblceb — to crow 



mibiteb — ^to cackle 

micu— dog cry 

micibel — ^barks 
mlcidel — howls 
micigeb — to growl 
midub— cat cry 
midifeb — ^to mew 
midlpeb — ^to purr 
mlfibeb — to bleat 
mifideb — ^to bellow 
migub — stridor 
migigel — grates 
migijeb — to jar 
inigikel — clanks ^ 
iniju — sibilatioa 
mljibel — ^buzzes 
mijikel — sneezes 
mijisel — ^hisses 
luiku — outcry 
mikibob — ^to bawl 
mikiceb — ^to shout 
mikileb — ^to yell 
mikireb — to roar 
miklseb — ^to snore 
mllub — ^resonance 
miladel — ^resounds 
milafel — splashes 
milakel — ^tinkles 
milamel — chimes 
milaqel — ^jingles 
mimafel — ^rumbles 
mlmamel — ^booms 
mlpob — ^musical 
mip oag — ^guitar 
mipcak — lute 
mipcar — ^harp 
mipfac — ^violin 
mipkad — ^piano 
miplaf — ^flfe 
xnlplal — flute 

mipmab — ^bugle 

mipmac — comet 

mlpmar — ^trumpet 

miprad — organ 

mip sab — ^bell 

mipsad — drum 

mipsag — gong 

miqadeb — ^to sing 

mirub — melody 

miruc — concord 

mirad — pitch 

mirak — ^key 

misoba — music 

misoda — tune 

miticeb — ^to chant 

mitofa — hymn 

mitiga — psalmist 

mitoga — psalm 

mitoma — ^ballad 

mitoqa — ditty 

mo — visible expression 

moboca — attitude 

moboda — gesture 

moboqa — app earance 

mocalel — ^squirms' 

modicel — smiles 

modifel — ^laughs 

modigel — ^giggles 

mofigel — sobs 

mofimel — moans 

mogocek — ^was mourned 

mogobel — is lamented 

mogifeb — to bewail 

mogomem — will be deplored 

mojedeb — to waver 

moj ef el — wabbles 

mokiceb — to soowl 

mokideb — to frown 

mokifeb — to comj;>l3&.Va. 

TndVLoVa-— \i\^TCkfe 


moklreb — to reprove 
mokoaeb — to be rebuked 

■mokited— had scolded 
molibel — has stared 
moUceg — baTlng glared 
mollrek — 1 ee red 
moail fel — flinches 
monicem — will rcaiat 
m onider— contendin g 
m on ifes— about to fight 
moni get— will have struggled 
moni ja — aatagoni b t 
moalkev — to iiave kicked 
mon 1 la — com ba tan t 
monimed — had battled 
monipef — lias attacked 
moni q a — d efender 
moni va — warrior 
monova — war 
mopideb — ^to Stride 
mop iked — ^had stalked 
11 loji la — b lus terer 
mop! ma — boaster 
mop! ra^h rageart 
mop! 8 el— a waggera 
m ori tel — trembles 
mosldem — will cheer 
moaofek— was c«lebrated 
moEokek — was applauded 
mosomek— was commended 
mosopek — was praised 
ni o y i ba — cooperator 
moyoca — agi'eemeul 
moylva— peacemaker 
Riua — animal 
m uba — protozoa 
rauca — sponge 
muda— mollualc 

mugdas — spid er 
muglaf — crl cket 

niugan— bug 
mugvak — fly 
mugyab— bee 
iiiuja — flsh 
mujabad — shark 
m u j a^al — salmon 
niujalar — trout 
niu ja mal — halibut 
niuku — reptile 
mukaj — frog 
mukla — snake 
Til u kis1{— rattlesnaka 
muklar — viper 
mukma — lizard 
m u k pa— chameleon. 
milkrac— ^:rocodllB . 
muktal — turtle 
inula — bird 

mulca — swimming bird 
a ukftd — pelican 
mulcam — duck 
raiilciir^ — goose 
mulfal- -stork 
TQulJa — running bird 
mulj ab— OS t rich 
laulka — scratoher 
■mulkac — chicken 
mulkat — hen 
jnullcas— grouse 
mu i kam — ph eaeant 
El u 1 ka p— p eac ock 
mu Ikar— turkey 
inulal — ^pigeon 
mulraa — climbing bird 
mu Im ac — cu ckoo 
mu Imad — -woodpecker 
m u Imar — parrot 
m u Ipad — kingfl sh er 
m u Ip am — B wall ow 
mulao — humming bird 
mulrak — th ru sh 

mulsam — s tarling 
muisap— crow 
mulaat — sparrow 
multa — owl 
mulva — Tulture 
mulyab — «&gle 
mulyah — hawk 
mumaf — opossu m 
mumak — kangaroo 
muna — edentate 
munaa— sloth 
m u pa — insec tirore 
m up ak — b edgehog 
mupam — mole 
nrnqa — cetacean 
muqca — whale 
muqta — p orpol 8© 

Biurdab — liare 
murdaf— rabbi t 
m urga— gTi ineapig 
m urja — p orcup Ine 
murla — beaver 

jnurpB — rat 

mtirsa — sq nirre 1 
musab — e I eph ant 
musac — rhinoceros 
m u sad — h Ippopotamua 
luusag — hog 
niusal — horee 
jnuaalad — stallion 
an usalaf — m are 
mu sal as— colt 
miiETiiac — camel 
mUSap — OX 
musapaf — cow 
muspaJ- -buffalo 
jnuBaq — giraffe 
muBrah— deer 
naisrak — oa telope 

mueaS — gUll 
musfa — goat 
musya — sheep 
musyae — lamb 
inu ta--ca ml vor© 
mulab — lion 
niutabaf — lioness 
uiutca — bie cat 
mulcab— tiger 
in u t i»d — i agnar 
niu t cal — leop ard 
mutaf — cat 
TP.u t fag— ki t ten 
mntaRal— wolf 
niutaKam — fox 
Tn'JfaJ— jackal 
mutka— dog 
mul kar^hound 
mutkay — big dog 
m u tkay m— m as t iff 
mntlab — bear 

m utnab — Ichneumon 
m utnag — ^mongooae 
mut pa— kinkajou 

mufrab — otter 

mu Lral — w easel 
mutsa— seal 
Tnu t wa — walrus 
muva— bat 
mu wab — lem ur 
mu xab — mon key 
musar— gorilla 
mu yab — mankin d 


n.— negatlre 

neka — was not 

nek! — did not 

UfAa — \b "tioV, »xft "M*. 


nema— wtU not be 

pafldap — needle 

nemi— wiU not do 

paQdeb — to aew 

ney — nay, no 

pafoda— aeatn 

nl— not 

paflgeb— to knit 

pafljeto— to crochet 

pafola— lace 


paflmcb— to weaye 

Ob— re- back 

pafoma — cloth 

oc — around 

paklbel- has hammered 

od— from 

pakodek — was mauled 

ol— off 

pakimem— will punch 

OK — under 

pnla — edge tool 

oj — down 

pallbeb— to spUt 

ok— after 

paliba— wedge 

ol—ont of 

pa Ilea— razor 

paliceb— to shave 

on^not In 

p-ilida — blade 

op— despite 

palifeb— to knife 

oq — over against 

or— without 

paloga — furrow 

OS — asalnst 

pallja— hatchet 

ot— since 

palikeb— to pick 

oth — regardless of 

palJpB— cleaver 

ov — of 


ox— beyond 

pall.=a— BOytbe 

02— except 

paliseb — to mow 

palitac — shears 



p abac — m strument 

pa! osaz— chips 

pabal— tool 

Iialixem— will chop 

paciba— engineer 

pa coba— engine 


paciitt— miller 

pamidPb— to drill 

pa cola— mill 

paniirff— has gouged 

padikeb — to rotate 

puniira— kpy 

padoha^ wheel 

l^anobek — was bolted 

paiiileb — to pry up 

jianoci'b— to be nailed 


panikef— has tacked 

padap— pulley 

panolel— is lockrd 

padaa — screw 

panopsm— will be plnn< 

paHceb— to stitch 

])aqibaz — tongs 


paq i f ftz — forceps 

p a (ji pai — p in cers 
pailiva — a vise 
parlbaz — bonds 
pa^ifp^— to ffwten 
parTibeb — to brace 
fiarfija — bands se 
parfokel^la knotted 
raritrpm— ivtl) gluo 

parilef— liaa pasted 
paripa— piitty 
tarir^a — solder 
pasiba— a pcit 
piislked— 'had hooked 
pasal —handle 
pa lab — key 
po vab — weapon 
payac — club 
pai'nd — *word 
pavag— gim 
pavoga — bullet 

pavam— bomb 
priba — receptacle 
pebldeb — to contain 
peboda' — contents 
pe cab— cell 
pedab — basket 
pedar — tray 
prfab — barrel 
pefag— Jug 
petal — J.ottle 
ppftab— bag 
pegac — pouch 
pegap— pocket 
pejab — box 
pekaf— trunk 
pekaq— cage 
pelab — pod 
penab — tub 


penac — bucket 
pepac — cup 
peqac — clos«it 
perab — bin 
pevah — ^-at 
pevac — pistem 
pevad — tank 

plcab — tube 
ptcak — sink 
pioap — pipe 
pi dub — wagon 
pidoba— -wagonload 
pidat — carriage 
pi dak — cab 
pi lab — boat 
pifac — ship 
pifad — canoe 
pikab — ^Reroplnno 
pikac— biplane 

pipab — post 
pipac— mail 

pipnd — 
pipruco — unniailable 
ijipaj — postage 
pi pak^ postcard 
pipal — letter 
pipam — postage stamp 
piqab — automobile 
piraTi — railway 
pi rac — ^lo como t i ve 
piiak — car 

pitibeb— to telegrwb 
p i t obn — f e!e gran 1 
pixali — express 
pcibiceb — to feed 
poboca — food 
porab — ra'W food 
pocad — dough 



pocol — unripe, green 
p i;ccHii — i m mat u re 
pod ab— pantry 
pofibeb — 1o drink 
pofac — coffee 

pof ofia — h ove ra ge 
ptifaf — broma 

pof a k — clio CO late 
pofal — le mo n ad e 
pof air, — milk 
pogal3 — lienor 
piigac — beer 
pogal — wine 
pogaiJi— w li i 8key 
pujab — pickle 
poj as— gravy 
pojal — salad 
pojam — jam 
pojaq — jelly 
pokibPb — to cook 
poklced— bad baked 
pokidef — bas roasted 
poklfeg — having toasted 
pokoleh — was broiled 
pokomel — is boiled 
poknrem — will be fried 
pokoser — being stewed 
polab — bread 
polEc— biscuit 
polaE— loaf ot bread 
polam — mufBn 
polap — pastry 
pnlan — dougbnut 
polar — pie 
polas — cake 
'polat — cracker 
pomab — meat 
pomad — steak 

poitiaE— cutlet 
primal — omelet 
poma s — sau sage 
popab — soup 
popac — brotb 
prtrac— cream 
poraf— butter 
p oral— cheese 
posab — condiment 
poRat^ — salt 
p osam — mustard 
tosap — pepper 
p osa V— vi negar 
pot a — mealtime 
p ol alj — breakfa st 
potac — luncb 
potiid- -dinner 
pctak — snack 
polal — supper 
potas — repast 
posab — hasb 
pozab— dessert 
pozad — pudding 
pubicpb — to waste 
pucab — rubbish 
pucst^ — shoddy 
pucak — traab 
pudab— dirt 

pudaj — dross 
pudal — litter 
pudam — sediment 
pudarz— drega 
pud as— debris 
purabz — asbea 
pufac — cinder 
putal — lava 
pugab — evil 
pugaf— injury ' 
pugal — harm 
puJab— tumor 



V^ad — pimple 
pujal — ^boil 
pujar — carbuncle 
pukub— obscenity 
pukoc — ^lewd 
pukof — carnal 
pukul — ^lust 
pukom — dissolute 
pukor — corrupt 
pulob — vicious 
puloc — iniquitous 
pulod — ^wicked 
pumab — blemish 
pumad — defect 
purab — error 
puraf — fault 
pusiba — sinner 
pusoba — sin 
putoba — crime 
putima — murderer 
putira — forger 
putora — forgery 
puYiba — ^traitor 
puvoba — ^treason 

ra — person 
rabal — individual 
racab — ^people 
racaf — family 
racam — nation 
racamox — international 
racar — race 
rado— male 
radac — ^boy 
radaj — ^young man 
radak — ^bachelor 
radnak — ^widower 
radal — man 
radyal — ^gentleman 
radam — husband 
radamat — bridegroom 
radap — ^father 

radapac — grandfather 

radapav — father-in-law 

radaq — uncle 

radar — nephew 
radas — son 
radat — brother 
radaw — boor 
raday — sir, Mr. 
rafo — female 
rafac — girl 
rafaj — young woman 
rafyaj — young lady 
rafak — maiden 
rafyak — Miss 
rafnak — ^widow 
rafal — woman 
rafyal — lady 
rafam — wife 
rafamat — bride 
rafyam — Mrs. 
rafap — mother 
rafaq — aunt 
rafar — niece 
rafas — daughter 
rafat — sister 
rafaw— hussy 
rafay — lady, madam 
raga — either sex 
ragab — baby 
ragac — child 
ragaj — a youth 
ragal — adult 
ragnol — immature 
ragam — spouse 
ragap — parent 
ragas — descendant 
ragav — cousin 
ragya — aristocrat 
rajab — chief 
rajad — king 
rajoda — kingdom 
rajaf — queen 
rajiga — ruler 


rajoga — Bubject 
rajika— governoir 
rajila— president 
ra j ilu— p res idency 
rajimu — mayoralty 
rajoma— municfpality 
rajipa — superintendent 
rajlqeb^ — to ovetsee 
rajita— director 
rajiva — oHicer 
rajlvi — officially 
rajova— offlcG 
rakco— m i 11 tary 
rakcab — field marshal 
rakcad— general 
rakcal — colonel 
rakcam — major 
rakcap— c apta in 
rakcaq — lieutenant 
rakfo— nava] 
rakfflt) — admiral 
rak fa c — vi c e-admiral 
rakfad — commodore 
rak! o— le gislati v o 
rakla c— con gre s sman 
rakmad — princo 
rakma f — princ ess 
rakipad — duke 
rakrad — marquia 
rak sad — earl 
rakaa f — cou ntesa 
rak tad — baron 
rakyad — knight 
raliba — business man 
ral oba — bus in ess 
raloc a — oc cu p at t on 
ralldeb — to concern 
ral ider— cone eming 
/s/o/az— arfatrs 
jnloga — enga ge m en t 





Ita — mechanic 

.— vocation 
rami ba — s e rv aat 
ramoha — service 
ramibel— serv ea 
ramlbaf— maid aervant 
ramica^ — serf 
ram oca^s e rf do m 
ramicad — slave 
ramicav^ vassal 
rami da — at t e nda nt 
ramlfa — a domestic 
rami ga— agent 
ramoga— agency 
ramlja— page 
rami ka — wai ter 
rami la— butler 
rami mag — groom 
ram i ma i— jockey 
lamlmal— hostler 

ram iva— helper 
ranad — eunuch 
rap Iba — m erch a nt 
rap oba — m erch andlse 
ra p oc a — dry gooda 
rapo fa — m 1 11 1 n ery 
rapiga— grocer 
rapogaz — groceries 
rapi 1 a— druggist 
rapolaa — drugs 
rarih a— teacher 
raroba — pupil 
rarida — ed uc ator 
raaiha — financier 
r ascAa, — tvTwmte 



rasida — capitalist 
rasoda — capital 

ragila — banker 
tatiba — laborer 
ratoba — labor 
raviba — jailer 
ravoba — prisoner 
rebica — thinker 
reboca — thought 
reboda — idea 
rebofa — opinion 
rebigel — cogitates 
rebijef — has pondered 
rebiker — deliberating 
rebila — student 
rebola — lesson 
reboma — concept 
rebirel — meditates 
rebisel — muses 
rebiteb — to contemplate 
recibo — attentive 
recnido — heedless 
recifed — had noticed 
recigef — has regarded 
recikeb — to examine 
recniko — neglectful 
recilo — curious 
recimo — inquisitive 
recipel — takes interest 
reciqel — questions 
recora — subject 
recota — topic 
recotha — theme 
recova — experiment 
redibem — will evince 
redobna — counter-evidence 
redicef — ^has shown 
redofa — testimony 
redoga — argument 
redikel — ^betokens 
refib — possibly 
refnob— impossible 

refuco — ^practicable 

reficel — practices 

refid — probably 
refnud — improbability 
regil — certainly 
regom — positive 
regor — dogmatic 
regisel — demonstrates 
reglsnel — confutes 
rejibeb — to bound 
rejidel — limits 
rejnudo — illimitable 
rejifa — modifier 
rejikel — qualifies 
rekiba — feeler 
rekubo — palpable 
rekiceb — ^to touch 
rekimef — has handled 
relibed — has seen 
relidek — beheld 
relifel — views 
relikem — will watch 
relikad — ^watchman 
remia — hearer 
remnub — inaudible 
remevel — ^listens 
repiel — tastes 
repiu — sense of taste 
reqiel — smells 
reqevel — sniffs 
reso — conscious 
resnu — imconsciousness 
retieb — to experience 
reviel — comprehends 
revisel — ^understands 
ribiceb — to remember 
ribnicel — forgets 
ribido — retentive 
ribikel — recollects 
ribileb — ^to remind 



ribiro — reminiscent 

ribisel — recognizes 

ricida — discoverer 
ricifeb — to educe 
ricigel — finds 
ricikek — traced out 
ricilef — has solved 
ridiba — a judge 
ridoba — judgment 
ridicef — has estimated 
ridifa — arbitrator 
ridoka — award 
ridilem — will criticize 
rifika — optimist 
rifiknel — underestimates 
rigiba — believer 
;rigoca — creed 
ripibu — credulity 
riliba — scholar 
liliel — knows 
riloba — knowledge 
rilica — scientist 
riloca — science 
riloca biv — astronomy 
riloco bub — geographical 
rilica lib— biologist 
riloca lie — hygiene 
rilica lu — botanist 
riloca mu — zoology 
riloca mug — entomology 
riloca muj — ichthyology 
riloco mul — ornithological 
riloca muy — anthropology 
riloca reb — metaphysics 
riloca ril — philosophy 
riloda — erudition 
rimibo — veracious 
riqoba — maxim 
riqnabo — absurd 
riqoca — adage 
riqnoca — paradox 
riqofa — proverb 
riqola — motto 

riqnalo — ^farcical 

riqamo — axiomatic 

riqnireb — to quibble 
riqas — truism 
risib — intelligently 
risnod — stupid 
risof — canny 
risuk — wisdom 
risnak — fool 
risil — sagaciously 
risnol — silly 
risiv — sanely 
risnuv — insanity 
riticel — expects 
ritifo — anticipatory 
ritnileb — to disappoint 
ritirek — foresaw 
ritosek — ^was predicted 
ritivo — prescient 
ritova — fore knowledge 
ritiwo — ominous 
rivibel — imagines 
rivocek — was supposed 
rividef — has divined 
rivigeg — having guessed 
riviked — had surmised 
rivila — dreamer 
rivimeb — to idealize 
riviro — romantic 
rivosa — myth 
ro — language 
robibem — will mean 
robico — significant 
robifi — expressively 
robikeb — to declare 
robnalo — ambiguous 
robamo — metaphorical 
robira — interpreter 
robnuso — inexplicable 
robita — translator 
robovek — was defined 
robixa — expositor 
rocibef — has manifested 



rocida — informer 

rocifeb — to disclose 

rocigef — has divulged 
rocika — ^publisher 
rocola — ^news 
rocima — ^messenger 
rocipa — ^reporter 
rocora — rumor 
rociva — advertiser 
rodab — ^vernacular 
rofa — part of word 
rofab — letter 
rofac — consonant 
rofad — ^vowel 
rofaf — syllable 
rofag — stem 
rofal — prefix 
rofam — suffix 
rogab — word 
rogac — part of speech 
rogacab — ^noun 
rogacad — pronoun 
rogacaf — ^adjective 
rogacak — ^verb 
rogacal — adverb 
rogacam — preposition 
rogacaq — conjunction 
rogacax — interjection 
rogaz — ^word group 
rogzab — phrase 
rogzad — clause 
rogzaf — proposition 
rogzal — sentence 
rogzam — discourse 
rojab — diction 
tt>kab — ^name 
rokodek — ^was nominated 
rokido — nominative 
rolab — ^voice 
roliced — had enunciated 
rolifeb — ^to vociferate 
rolijer — ejaculating 
rolokeb — to be articulated 

rolog — phonetic 

rolomel — is accentuated 

rolipec — pronounce 
rolaq — homonym 
roliseb — to emphasize 
roliva — ventriloquist 
romiba — speaker 
romoba — speech 
romifa — orator 
romilo — eloquent 
romlmeb — to mumble 
romisel — whispers 
romltatel — stammers 
ronob — dumb 
ropibo — loquacious 
ropibno — taciturn 
ropifo — fluent 
ropigu — garrulity 
ropijel — Jabbers 
ropito — talkative 
roqoba — soliloquy 
roriba — teacher 
roroba — pupil 
rosideb — to address 
rosoda — address 
rosikeb — to accost 
rotibeb — ^to talk 
roxoba — conversation 
rubieb — to indicate 
rubac — figure 
rubidec — give a clew 
rubaf — index 
rubigeb — to cipher 
rubaj — badge 
rubak — ticket 
rubolek — was labeled 
rubimem — ^will mark 
rubap — banner, flag 
rubaq — ^autograph 
rubar — guidepost 
rubas — address 
rucibeb — to register 
rucida — recorder 


rucofa— a trace 

rulikar— p re s sm an 

nicoga — document 

Tulat— type 

rucoka— Journal 
rucola — ledger 

rumocek— was described 
ru ml da— narrator 
rum oda — narralj va 

rucotaz— chronicles 

rum opa— statem ent 
ru mi t a— historian 

rudibeb— to represent 

rudoca— portrait 

rum Ota— history 

rudoc af — p ho to s ra'p li 

ru ni sa — diss eriation 

rudtfa— painter 

ruraova- treatise 

rudofa— palming 

rupah — paper 

rudiga— sculptor 

rupac — sheet of paper 

rud 11 a— engraver 

rup ad— quire 

rudiaa— artist 

rupaf— ream 

rudoaa— art 

rureb— to read 

ru sib a— poet 

ru Eoba— manus c ri pt 

rus-.ibaf — poetess 

rutoca— transcript 

ru soba — poem 

ruQda— penman 

ruso la — verso 

ruflha— stenographer 

rusoka — rhyme 

rufl la— typist 
rufll ap— typewriter 
rufllem— will typewrite 

ru tab — period i cal 

rufl ma— correspondent 

nilaf— newspaper 

rufl pa— letter writer 

rutal — magazine 

rufopa — epistle 

ru V i ba— rl ram a tist 

ruga— part of boot 

ruvoba— drama 

ru gab— binding 

ruvoca —tragedy 

rugae — title 

ruvida — comedian 

ru ga f — paragra p h 

ruziba — librarian 

rugaj— chapter 

ruzoba — library 

rugal— page 

rujab— pimctuation 


ruj ad— comma 
r u J a t — semi- colon 

sa^the senslhiUtiea 

ru]ag — colon 

s abac— character 

rujal— period 

SRbodel — is disposed 

rukab — book 

EG bad «^ mot Ion 

rukac— cyclopedia 

aabadcu— apathy 

rukat— serial 

sabak- spirit 

ruka V — vol ume 

sabai — soul 

ml iba— printer 

sacabu — fervor 

i-uJJca— compositor 

sacamu — en th us 1 as m 



sacapi— passionately 

sadibef— has endured 

SB dnacu — ^intolerance 
sadnapo — ^impatient 
sadaru — ^fortitude 
safaml — ^tenderly 
safaso — sentimental 
sakibeb — ^to excite 
sakofek — was affected 
semuc — mildness 
samof — serene 
samikeb — to alleviate 
satifel — fascinates 
satilem — ^will enchant 
satipa — spellbinder 
sebuc — ^happinesis 
sebnic — ^unhappily 
Etebidel — delights in 
sebijeb — ^to enjoy 
sebikel — likes 
sebalu — pleasure 
sebilel — takesi pleasure 
secibeb — to please 
secnibek— displeased 
isecidel — gives delight 
secifel — enraptures 
seclgeb — ^to bless 
sedabu — contentment 
sednabu — discontent 
sedifed — had relieved 
sedikef — ^has comforted 
sedolem — will be cheered 
sedamu — merriment 
sedipo — triumphant 
sedosieb — ^to be amused 
sefabo— -esthetic 
sefado — ^artistic 
segabu — ^good taste 
segnabu — ^vulgarity 
sejabu — apprehension 
ffejadu — diffidence 

sejnadu — ^bravado 

sekub — fashion 

sekud— decorum 
selub — 'hope 
selnub — despair 
semibef — has dared 
semniba— coward 
siepub — caution 
sepniba— dare-devil 
sepnob — -rash 
seqibef — ^has desired 
derebel — wonders 
seridek — astonished 
feerif el — adm ires 
serikem — will amaze 
sesub — repute 
sesnob — disreputable 
sesud — distinction 
sesnig — ingloriously 
sesnikel — dishonors 
sesol — famous 
setub — pride 
setnib— humbly 
setuc — dignity 
setok — haughty 
setuq — self respect 
sevub — vanity 
sevnib — modesty 
S'evuc — conceit 
sevok — ostentatious 
sevileb — to celebrate 
sevira — ^braggart 
sevisu — insolence 
sevnasu — servility 
sevitu — impertinence 
Blba — friend 
sibac — ^associate 
sibad — ^neighbor 
sicub — sociality 
sicad — ^iOTK!&^.Ti\!Csa. 


sldub — courtesy 
i jdn ob — dJBicourteous 
sidacu — p ol iten eg s 
Bldafu — civility 
eifilel — Celicilates 
sigobeb— to be lilted 
slgffel— is fond of 
Bikibeb — to love 
B 1 k i to — afCecli oiia te 
Bikuabek— wag bated 
Biliba— blandiaber 
silicef — has courted 
Bllikeb— to kiss 
fliloaek — was caressed 
eilni j el — re b ent a 
sUnom — sullen 
ai mabu — ben e vol ence 
aimnabi — malevolently 
Bi taacu — kindness 
sim ni c o — mal tc ioua 
eimileb— to bless 
simnilem— win curse 
sinmlpeb— to tbreaten 
a i mam — philantbropy 
aimnaro — luiBanthropic 
fiipidel — pities 
s ipu do— pi 1 1 abl e 
s iqub — sy mp atby 
a 1 rub — condo 1 ence 
altibeb— to thank 
si tago — grat e ful 
si vibeo— f orgi ve 
sivlded— liad pardoned 
flivokek— was excused 
Bivnil el— takes revense 
&i vnum— rancor 
s i vn or — v in d i et! ve 
siwub — ^jealousy 
sixuv — envy 
eobod — right 
Bobnld — wrongly 

sobiga— debtor 
Bobljeb — to claim 

8 obola— privilege 

Bob o ma — warran ty 

sobo pa — charter 

sobireb — to obligate 

sobora — duty 

sob i va — cons cien ce 

socibeb— to respect 

Bocu do — ■ V encrable 

eoclfem— will revere 

socuko — b onorable 

Bocolec — hallowed be 

sodibeg — having approved 

sod icer — en d orsin g 

aodoCek — was commended 

sod i rev — to have praised 

soflra— flatterer 

BOfnireb — to disparage 

BO fi sa — eye ophan t 

Bofini sa — detractor 

fiog i ba— Vi nd icator 

Bogn I ba — accu aer 

Bogola — apol ogy 

sogn i la— p rosecu tor 

BOjub— u prightneaa 

80] od — just 

sojif— fairly 

Boj n ok — ^di shon es t 

aojol — loyal 

Bokob — gen erous 

sokaib — aelfi ably 

sokoc — chivalroua 

solub — virtue 

solnob — vicious 

Bolud — desert 

aolot — worthy 

6oIc« — good 

Eolom— meritorious 

s ol op — innoc ent 

aoUvet— Ims repent ed 




soliteb — to atone 

somabu — temperance 
somnabo — ^intemperate 
somaco — abstemious 
somafl — soberly 

sugol — holy 

sugileb — to hallow 

sugnolel — is profaned 
suliba — worshiper 
sumiba — idolater 
sumoba — idol 

somakno — sensual 
somalo — ascetic 
Bomlmeb — to fost 

supiba — theologian 
supoba — theology 
supica — priest^ 

somnima — glutton 
somaro— pure 
Bomnaso — ^unchaste 
somdara — ^libertine 
Bomnasaf — adulteress 
^sopabo — ^legal 
Bopitof— lawyer 
Bopofa — ^lawsuit 
soqab — tribunal 
soqac— court 
Boroba — ^jurisdiction 
Borlja— jury 
soroja — ^verdict 
0otibeb — ^to acquit 
BOtolek — ^was exculpated 
BOtnlbu — condemnation 
soYlba — ^rewarder 
sovocel — is recompensed 
sovnicef — has chastised 
sovniged — ^had castigated 
subo— divine 
Suda — ^Heaven 
Sudna— Hell 
sufa — ^angel 
sufna — demon 
sugob — 'pious 
sugnub — impiety 
sujaf — fair 
sugod — religious 
sugnud — ^irreligion 

supnica — layman 
supidef — ^has prophesied 
supoda — prophecy 
supiga — evangelist 
supoga — gospel 
supima — preacher 
supoma — sermon 
supriba — pope 
suprica — cardinal ^ 

supriga — ^bishop 
suproga — bishopric 
suroba — or t hodoxy 
sumiba — ^heretic 
;susiba — revelator 
susoba — revelation 
susoda — word of God 
«utoba — ritual 
sutoca — ceremony 
sutifeb — to baptize 
sutof^ — baptism 
sutoga — sacrament 
Suva — God 
Suvna — Satan 


ta — ^time 

tab — second, moment 

tac — ^minute 

tad — hour 

taf — day 


TaM— on Tuesday 

teclb— ago 

Tafai— iWednesday 

tecob — past 

Tafag— Thursday 

tec it— long ago 

•TafaJe— Friday's 

tecof— ancient 

Tafam— Saturday 

tecnol— modem 

tag— daytime 
tagi — by day 

tecok— stale 
tec nik— freshly 

tB«ab— morning 
twnlb— at eyening 

tec nul— newness 
.tecora— obsolete 

tagac— forenoon 

tagnic— in the afternoon 

tecop— primeval 

tagif— at noon 

tec nop— late 


tecoq— antiquated • 

tagnir— at twilight 

tecnoq— renewed 

'taj— night 

tecor— primitive -, 

'taji— by night 


tec ut— tedium, ennol 

iak— week 

tecnot— pristine ' 


tedob— future 

3'alab— Januaty 

ted LC— soon 

Talac— February 

tedof— early 

Talid— in March 

tedik— quickly 

.Talafe— April-B 

tedol— ready 

Talog— of May 

tedom — Immediate 


ted op — p rompt 

Talam— July 

tetab — age 

Tftiaq— August 

tefob — of age 

Tal ra b — September 

tetac— epoch 

Talrac— October 

tef ad— period 

Tfllra d^No V ember 

t e fag— gen erat Ion 

Talraf— December 

tefal— date 

tam— season 

tetar— era 

tamab — spring 

tegob— premature 

tamic— in summer 

teeot- punctual 

taniod— autumnal 

I eEOC— precocious 

tam a f— winter 

tesnof— tardy 


temub — ccasion 

taqi— annually 

temic — opp o rtun ely 

taqzaw— century 

temnod— untimely 

taqzay 0— ra i 11 enn i al 

temof— favorable 

tebuco — durable 

temn ok— unl u eky 

tebnecef—bas ceased 

temil— providentially 



p — ^impropitioasly 

ukte — since 

m — ^inauspicious 

ukwe — whereas 


ul — then 

— spasmodically 

ulre — ^therefore 


ulwe — ^wherefore 


um — in order that 


unib — unequally 


unid — slightly 

1 — ^irregularly 

unod — little 

— ^unsteadily 

unif— minutely 


unik— less 


unil — least 

ist, past 

unim — ^moderately 


unis — inflnitesimally 

k^last week 

uq — than 


kure — or 


ume — ^nor 


uste — till 


ut— that 

■ ■ 

uth — either 


uthne — neither 


uyib — equally 


uyid — very 


uyod — much 


uyif— hugely 


uyik — more 


uyil — most 


uyim — extremely 


uyis — ^infinitely 


uz — as 





va — the will 


vabideb — to see fit 

-as well as 

vabigef — has volunteered 

vabili — voluntarily 


vabilno — involuntary 


vacideb — to destine 


vacofa — fate 


vacilem — will necessitate 


vadasu — willingness 


vafikef — has received 


vafllni — irresolutely 





Tagob — obsti nate 
vagnileh — to recant 
Tftkub— pers e veranc e 
valob — opt lonal 
vamob— habitual 
vaqob — cap rkious 
variba^ — motive 
varida — inducement 

varilneb — to dissuade 
vaailef— has alleged 
vatobek — was predetermined 
vatnireb— to improvised 
va tnos o — e utemporaneoua 
ve bleed — had intended 
vebnici — ^unintentionaliy 
V ecil a — sp e cu lator 
vecirek — took a risk 
veclma— gambler 
vecika— ad V entur er 
■veci zek—h az arded 
Tedicel— has chased 
vedifea — hunter 
. ved ima — sportsman 
vedoma — sport 
Tellceb — to tranBact buBlneBS 
▼eflceti — to transact 
vegibeb— to plan 
vegica — schemer 
ve Rod el— is designed 
■vekirem — will require 
velibef — has subserved 
veil kaz— resourc ea 
-velimaz — materials 
velosa— stcfck in trade 
veil pa — depos H or 
vem ib a — p ro vider 
vemisem — will supply 
vepldeb— to have eaotigb 
vepokeb— to be satisfied 
veqab o — exub erant 
veqafeb — to overflow 

veromek— waa in^ roved 
veritem— will restore 
vesibeb — ^to protect 
vesud — safety 
vesnldel— en d angers 
vesoled— had been warned. 
vesimef — has alarmed 
vesereb — to escape 
vesi ta^^elivOrer 
vtsivem— will rescue 
vetotec — be prepared 
vel iker— essay in e 
vetoiek — was undertaken 
vetiseg— having used 
viboca — action 
vibnecel — does not act 
vib ida — ^pertormer 
vi bo da — ^p e rf ormance 
vibika — doer 
vib oka — deed 

V i cnob — inactive 
vieadu — ardor 
vicaku — ^Induatry 

V icnaku — ^i dl e nesa 
vl d oba — conduct 
vld ic el — behaves 
vi di cu — beh a v J or 
vidika — director 
vld oka — direct ion 
vi d 1 1 a — con troller 
vi d i ma — manager 
vifiba — adviser 
vlfoba — advice 
vlficef— has counseled 
vifigev — to iaVe suggested 
vlgub— skill 

V igni b — unskl llftilly 
vigu d — desteri ty 
vigol — clever 

V ig no m — clumsy 

vijub — <!uiming 
vijaob — ortlesa 
vi J od — diplomatic 
vijal — politician 
vikub — facility 
vifcnob — dilflcult 
Tikob — easy 
TikQic— hardly 
vllobed— had been aided 
Tilico — co-operatiye 
vllnica — opponen t 
vilni da — c ompeti tor 
■vllifa — ally 
vi In i fa — ad versa ry 
Till ko— con cordan t 
viluq — resis tan ce 
vilniqeb— to retaliate 
vilur — peace 
vlmicef — has completed 
vimnicel-i-ieavea undone 
vipedeb — to succeed 
Tipnedef— has failed 
Ti q u b — p roEperi ty 
Tiqnub — adversity 
vlrab— tropiiy 
Tirad— medal 
Tirac — crown 
viraE— garland 
vi wod — m ed i ocre 
vobuc— influence 
Tobod— authoi'itative 
.vobug— sovereign ty 
1 voba In— lord ship 
vobnamu — anarchy 
vocob — B eve re 
Tocld — harshly 
vocug— stringency 
Tocnol — lenient 
Todl ba — com m and e r 
jvodlca— dictator 
'Todijel — ejtjojna 

vodikeb — to call 
vodiseb~to aummon 
Tofod — ubedionL 
vofnld— dlHobediently 
vognb— loyalty 
vognuc— treachery 
vognal— rebel 
vojibem— will compel 
vojidef— has coerced 
vol uf— freedom 
Tola f— freeman 
volikeb— to liberate 
Tol oka — f reedman 
vomlba— jailer 
vomoba— prisoner 
voriceb— to commission 
Toroca— a delegate 
Torikef— has consigned 
"voslbeb — to permit 
vos tab— passport 
Toailem—will let 
votlkeb— to vacate 
votirem— will resign 
votisef— has abdicated 
Tticidef— has consented 
vudlfem— will offer 
vugolek— was requested 
nilimed— had promised 
Tumirev— to have contractad 
Tusideg— having secured 
Tutoleb— to be obserrod 

wuT what? 
weka— was? were? 
wl — question 
weki?— did 
Wl da? where? 
wf kay? why? 
wo — answer 


ji — truly, verily 

zabip— firstly 

JO— certain 

zab(* — first 


zabap— the first 

-aa^n umber 

za.cop — second 

aab— 1, one 

zadip — thirdly 

«ao — 2, two 


aad— 3. three 


*ar— 4, tour 

zabaxit— ten times 

aag^5, five 

Bal— 6, six 

ztboca— an assemblage 

zam — 7, eeven 

zebnicef— has dispersed 

sag — S, eight 

zeb item— will compile 

TOT— 9, nine 

zeboma— muster roll 

MIX— fl, zero 

jeboved— had been levied 

zabax — 10, ten 

zfdab— mob 

xabali — 11, eleven 

zedac— crowd 

-zabac — 12, twelve 

zabad — 13, thirteen 

zedaq — throng 

zabat— 14, fourteen 

zefab — band 

zacas— 20, twenty 

zefac— crew 

aacab— 21, twenty-one 

zprag— gang 

zadax— 30, thirty 

zegah — squad 

»adad— 33, thirty-three 

zegac— company 

zafag — *5, forty -five 

zegaf— regiment 

zalam— 67, sixty -seven 

zegal— brigade 

zaqar— 89, eighty-nine 

zegam— battaUon 

zarar — 99, ninety-nine 

zegar — army 

saw— 100, hundred 

zt^kab — clump 

zaw zab— 101 


lad zaw — 300 

zekag— group 

zay — 1,000, thousand 

zekal— lot 

zaf zay— 4,000 

zpkam— batch 

zazah— million 

zpkap— parcel 

zazac — billion 

zpkireb~to assort 

zazad — trillion 


aaz at— qu ad ri 1 li on 


cazag — qulntillion 

zekat ^packet 

zabik — singly 

z»'mml- -hTd 

zabok— single 

Kswflk — flofk 

zaclk— doubly 

z'hieeb— to repeat 

zadok — triple 

aiboci — repeatedly 


siboiek — was renewed 
zlcl — again 
aldibeb— to beget 

1 i d obo — b e gott en 
zidiceb^to procreate 
Bidlgel— generates 
elfolek — was born 
zigibeb — to revert 
zigiced — had reversed 
Kigodeh— was Inverted 
atkicura— will recur 
zibitef^has returned 
zilev — to have relapsed 
zimiceb— to reproduce 
a i ml deb— to revive 
zimifed- — had refashioned 
zUnigeb — to regenerate 
zimilet^has reanimated 
zlm I ru — revivification 
zimisem — will rcsUBCitate 
zipiceb — ^to restore 
zipodek — was replaced 
z ipi k el- — reh a b i 1 Ita te a 
zipilem — will reestablish 
ziqibeb — to imitate 
Bine el — is copied 
Klqideb — to t>arody 
liqinel— counterfeits 
ziqirel — personates 
ziqosel — ia caricatured 
zi qo va^t ra v esty 
airoba — description 
z[ roca — re citation 
zirldel— details 
zlri fern— will recount 
ziriked— had rehearsed 
zlri 1 em— will relate 
zobac — catalogue 
zob a d- — sc hedule 
zob af — ! nvenlory 
aobal— list 
iotmt — tarm 
Mod— account 

aor— bill 
zog— syllabus 
zoj — tally 
aok— file 

zol a c — cal en dar 
zoiad— index 
zoiag — table 
zomai — ledger 
zopad — synopsis 
zoi-av — invoice 
2 oaaq— program 
zosat — prospectus 

zovac — census 

zoza— statistics 
zuboc — stable 
zubod — durable 
zubof— firm 
zubok — constant 
zubol — steadfast 
zubomo— fixed 
zu dob— infinite 
luc— all 

zu d oc— coun tl ess 
zudo t — boun d le s 9 
ludok — endless 
zufi— ever 
zufo! — everlasting 
zugi— perfectly 
augol— com p lete 
zuRom — con sum mate 
zukob^ — constant 
zuhod — continuous 
aukov — persistent 
zumo — immortal 
auqo — unchanging 
zu ro — omn isc i ent 
zutu— eternity vocabulary 

* A dictionaiT arranges the words of a language alphatetl- 

A Ro dictionary arranges its IDEAS in alpliabetical order 
for its words are so constructed as to make this possible: 

If you want to know the Ro word for the Latin equus or 
ihe French cheral or the Greek hippos or the German pferd 
or the English horse you look up these words in a dictionary 
that translates them into Ro. That is a slow and tedious pro- 

But if you know what the word "horse" means, you hare a 
picture of it in your mind, and you know not only that it be- 
longs to the animal kingdom, but that it is a hoofed or herbiy- 
-orous animal. 

But as soon as you have formed a very slight acquaintance 
with Ro, you are aware that all of its names for animals begin 
with the syllable "mu," and that the names of all herbivorous 
animals begin with "mus." Your own language may be Spanish, 
or Russian, or Chinese. That makes no difference. The mmital 
picture of "horse" is the same in all languages. Ton turn tBt 
the Ro dfrtionary to the syllable "mus" and quickly find under 
it the word that corresponds to your idea of "horse." 

If you waqted the Ro word for "potato" you have learned 
that it must begin with "lu," and that as it is a garden vege- 
table its name must begin with "lug." This makes it an eaagr 
matter to find the word you want 

Here is a combination of figures that very probably in efl 
your life you never saw before: 974,258,103. You read it witb 
ease, and without having to consult a dictionary. Tou will Tery 
soon find if you study Ro a little that you can read it and 
write it as you do figures, without a dictionary, for it is eon* 
atmcted on precisely the same plan. 

But for beginners we add a brief English-Ro word list. 


»— ap 
about — Iq 
accord ing to — 1th. 

to act — vibieb 
address— rosad 
after — ok 
af temooo^ ta gna c 
again — «ici 
against — ob 
^ago — tecib 
air— bebar 

almost — caiiib 

along— im 

also — udle 

always — azit, azi ta 

among — iz 

amount — cat 

and — ud 

angel — Bufa 

animal — mua 

any— aj 

anybody— ajar 

anything— aj a 

anywherc^ajid, aji da 

appears — mobapel 

appie — iefsap 

April— Taiaf 

to approve — Bodibeb 

arm — mebar 

around — oe 

to arrive — kldeb 

as— Ui 

to ascend — kljeb 

to ask — hikeb 

at— idh 

August — Taiam 


automobl le — ptgab 


avenue — dujaf 
awake— llmob 
away from— «d] 
awfully — catib 

bach eior — rad ak 
back- ob, mebnaf 
bad — goyo, magob 
balte— pokiceb 
bark — Icpab, micibeb 
bam — dulab 
barrel — pefab 
basket— pedab 
bath— bedaf 
battle — monam 
to bawi— mikibeb 

bean— lugban 
bear — mutal, kareb 
beard — mecad 
beautiful — lafof, set 
bpcaiiae-^uk. ukay 
bed — dodab 

' — mugyab 
before — Ik 

!— higeb 
begl nnin g — j ebub 



bell — mipsab 
be Ion gs— cef ab e 1 
berry — lefra 
to beseech— hi teb 
besides — udbe 
better — flcob 
between — Ix 
beyond — ox 
big— gldod 



bitter— bolom 
binck— bod»m 
to blame — mokileb 
blood— ineDal 
blue — bofol 
blu sterer— in op ila 
board — dukar 
blasts — ^mopimel 
boat — plfab 
body — mebab 
boils- -pokim el. pujalz 
bolt— paiuab 
bi*mb — pavar 
bont! — megab 
book — ruka 
to borrow — heseb 
both— udie 
bottle — pefal 
bottom— deeaf 
bough— lejab 
boundary— jolab 
box— pcjab 
boy — radac 
to trag — mopireb 
brass — biilad 
bread— polab 
breakfast — p o 1 ab 
to breathe — liqeb 
brick— dukad 
brlgbt— lanod 
to bring — kabeb 
brittle— berob 
broad — gicob 
to broil — pokileb 
brotb — popac 
brol lifer — radat 
bi'own- bodol 
bubble- — beca b 
bucket — pennc 

bug— mugan 
bugle — mipmab 
busy — ralob 

cab— pWak 
cabbage — luglao 
cage — pekaq 
cake — polas 
can— eluk 
Ciinnon — pa^al 
captain — rakcap 
car— p Irak 
carpet — dopab 
carriage — pidat 
carry — ^kar 
cat — mutaf 
cause — kay 
cau 1 1 ou s — Bopob 

celling— dudas 
celeb ration — mOBuf 
cent — gerdac 
conter — deq 
certificate — fobap 
ctialk — bafan 
change— kub 
cliaii'— doc 
Chan nel — b um.n n 
chnnt— niilftc 
charter — sobap 
cheap — goro 
cheek- medak 
dieer — ^roosad 
clipeae— poral 
cherry— lettar 
chcBt— mebap 


Atcken— iniilkac 

to conceal- kajiireb 

«blef— njab 

eraicem— labac 

«hlld— ragac 

CO ncl us i on— ] orab 

thinie— inllam 

concord— mlrac 

chin— medan 

CO ndolence — a Irab 

clirj'sanlhemum— lulag 

conduct— V Id ub 

cli'irrh — dusab 

conffr — hop 

cigar— lu* Ola 

con f ormit y— Ju rub 

drcle- furoab 

congrat u late — Bif 

«lix urns ta nee— kusa 

connect— -col 

city — ducak 

conquer— flq 

cliiim — sobaj 

contontmen t — a e d ub 

tkBS — gacab 

confinent- budaf 

clean— lanob 

com rarl wi ec — jamic 

dear — lanoc 

contrast — cipna 

climate — blcal 

coiilrol- kivab 

cloak — dimac 

convenient — lagoj 

clock— dotab 

convey— hon 

closet — peqac 

cook pok 

cloth— d dab 

cool — goniob 

■cloud— bifab 

correct— laroc 

club— pa vac 

ccrrupl— pukor 

toat— dilab 

could— ekuk 

ccffec — pofac 

cour.1 erfeit— mabog 

coll— tUPftk 

'courleoii?- sidob 

coin— geral 

cousin — ragav 

<(iid— Komoc 

cuvet — hiv 

collar— lijiib 

coward— semnlb a 

collpgo— dura! 

cracker— polat 

colond— rakcal 

crave — Mz 

color — botab 

cream — porac 

com batant — monlla 

creator— kaylba 

combine — cor 

credulous — rljob 

to creep— kel neb 


criminal— putiha 

comet— bixiid 

crown — difac, medac 

comical— feloc 

cubical— tujob 

cnrnmencement- j ebao 

cup — pepac 

commendation- sodaf 

currency— gerak 

compan Ion — sicad 

cuTTsrat.— -^lu-s^t 

munpliUn t — m okaf 

^ curve— tM\B.'o 


custom — ^fftrub 

d esperately — cas lb 

cut— pal 

dflaplle — op 

cuUBt — pomaf 

cycle — teraf 

,destlnj— kutub 


del din — hav 

devaBlatp — hur 

different— goqob 

dainty— lagom 

difficuU— vinok 

dandy— femad 

dig- kec 

■day— lat 

dinip— gerdad 

/I ay t imp — taga 

dinner— potad 

dare — sem 

faate— tefal 

dirplnE— beder 

daughter— rafaa 

dirt— pudab 

dawn— tagar 

discard— hum 


discoverer— ricida 

death — lobu 

l(-. a;^cQ6s— fouilpeb 

debt— sob Qga 

dlFh- dogab 

Decembe r— Talrat 

distance— gel 

&RcIaration— robak 

(iistinct- lanor 

d ecreaae — kanac 

d strict — dacab 

deed— Tifaoa 

dissiiiate— hup 

deep — giqob 

defect- pumaa 

ditch— bu mas 

d ef en d or — m on iqa 

In divulge — roclgeb 

deficient — camnob 

dog — mulak 


dollar- gerdat 

degree — cad, gegad 

door— dM tad 

deliver— Iioh.TOBiteb 

duubt — lolnuk 

demand— hull 

ddiiElinut- polaq 

dense— begob 

down— oj 

del) art— kod 

drain— bu mar 

d eipl ores — m ogi m el 

dramatic— ruvob 

depot — dupal 

drapery— doqab 

dnplh— gpqa 

dreamer- rivila 

deride— ferlteb 

dregs— pudarz 

descend— ko J 

dress— dlbad 

duaert— bunad 

drespy— dlcob 

deelre — acq, his 

drink— lip, pofab 

jJesi — dorab 

drive— kad 

deapa Ir—seiB u b 

droH— telod 




factory — dutac 

tods — rapocaz 

false — marob 

ion — tebu 

family — ^racaf 

il— lajol 

far— «il 

ing— duba 

farm — dalac 


father — ^radap 

fault— puraf 


favor — kis 

— mulyac, gerdag 

feather — ^mecak 

— tedif 

February — Talac 


feel — ^rek 

— buba 

female — ^rafo 


few — ^goz 


fight — monaf 


find — ^hef 

i>-uth, ath 

finger— mefal 

r — mejal 

finish— jok 

•iclty — boka 

fire — gimak 

nt— lafol 

fish — muja 

ant — musab 

fiag — rub£^ 


fiash — ^bocat 

here — axid 

flatterer — sofira 

ge — kol 

flavor — bolab 

7 — gosob 

flesh — mekac 


flood — ^bupaf 

LG — pacab 

floor — dudar 

rh — laoob 

flower — lelaf 


fly — ^kef, mugvak 

— udve 

follow — kok 

ng — tagnab 

foot — mebnad, gebrad 

' — az 

for — ^is, ukfe 

where — azid 

forenoon — tagac 

)t — oz 

forest — ^legaf 

IS — camab 

forfeit — ^huc 

inge — ^hex 

forgive — siv 

iss — pixab 

fork — dokab 

.t — cak 

form — fab 


forward — ^ib 

freedom — ^ladup 


i treeier- ^OTCkSJiL 


\ tTVclVoa.— \>«WBXi 


Friday— Tafal 

growl— micag 

friend— Blba 

guess— rivag 

frigid — gomod 


'Crom— od 

gun— iiavag 

front— jefab 

gutter— bumaq 

frost— bilaf 


frown — mokad 

fniit— Irfa 

habit— vam 

fry — pohar 

had been — eda 

fuli- eiso 

liair — mecat 

funny — felof 

hammer- pakab 

rumlture— doba 

hand— niefab 

liirl h erm ore — u d re 

handkerchief- dikam 

future— tedob 

hard— begol 


hat— dif 

gallon — gedral 

have — hab 
he— ad 
head— mebad 
health— lieu 

sap— demft 
garoen — dalad 

gaa— beba 

hear— rem 

Kasoline — bakrag 

heart — ^m epac 

general — rakcad 

beat— botab 

generally— ci rib 

Heaven— Suda 

gen ' lem an— rady al 

height— geja 

genuine — labog 

Hell— Sudna 

germ— Jelab 

here— alld, all da 

:geslure — mo bad 

high— gi Jo 

Iget— heb 

hill— bulaf 

%imlet— pamal 

him— ad 

£irl— ratac 

hip — mejaq 

give- bob 

his— ade 

goat— musta 

hog— mu sag 

God— Suva 

hold- had. kal 

gold— babgaa 

holy— augol 

good— ^giyo, lagob 

hook— pasak 

grab— hem 

hope— sel 

grape— letag 

horn- mecat 

grasp — beg 

horse— musal 

grass- lupa 

hot— gimoc 

gravy— bo dog 

hour— tad 

grease — beflag 


ivynl -wVl a.^«l 


however— nbme 

keep— hafc 

'huge — cirob 

kernel— les a k 


It erosen e— bak ral 

iiusbaad — radam 

Ttey- pata. mirak 

ikjum — mitat 

kick— monak 

kilogram— gefal 


kilo ra eter— gebam 


king— rajad 

Ice— biUb 

If— Hi 

kitchen — dugal 

In— in 

knee— me Jar 

Inch — gebrac 

knife— palaf 

Indicate— rub 

know— ril 

inform ation — rocab 


in order that— urn 

IntentI on — vebac 

label- rnbal 

into— U 

labor— ^ratab 

imaglnat ion- rl vab 

lace— dlaal 

lady— rafyal 

important— I aloe 

lamentaUon- mogaa 

imposBible— tofnob 

lake— bus a 

improbable— fogno 

land— buda 

iron— babvaf 

language— ro 

Is— el, ela 

large— gidob 

is not— nela 

last past— tik 

Island— bu fab 

laugh— modaf 


law— J uma, sopab 

layer— de cab 


leaf— lera 

January— Talab 

leap— ker 

jaw- mejad 

leg— mebat 

Jealous- si wob 

lemon— lefsal 

Jewel— disak 

lend— hos 

Jerk- kaj 

letter- rotab, plpal 

Joint — me jab 

lewd— pukoc 

Journey— kecad 

liberty— laduv 

Judgment— ridab 

life— lib 

jug— pefag 

light— bosa' 

June— Talal 

lightning— bimak 

July — Talam 

like— sig. JaCol 

likely— fogoc 


lime— batnb 

kanga roo — m uma k 



Une— deba 

meet— kes, lamor 

lion— mutab 

merchant— rap iba 

lip — medap 

metal- balab 

liquid— bedo 

meter— gebaf 

liter— gedaf 

middle— jlba 

litter— pudal 

mtld — samoc 

litUe— cidna, unad 

mile— gebram 

Jiver— melkav 

milk— porab 

loat of bread— polar 

mineral— bacab 

lock— panal 

minor — cufno 

locomotive— plrac 

minute— tac, clfno 

lofty- gijod 

mirror— bocam 

long— gib 

miss— hug 

long ago- tecif 

Miaa— Rafyak. Yk. 

lose— hub 

mix— cof 

loud- bojob 

modern — tecnot 

love— fllk 

moisture— bedag 

low— gojob 

Monday— Tafac 

lucky— temok 

money— gerab 

ludicrous- felom 

monkey— muxab 

luminary— bocap 

month— Ul 

lunch— pot ac 

moon— blta 

lung— metaq 

more— cik, ayak 

lost— vukul 

morning— tagab 


most— cim, uyil 

mother— raCap 

motor car— plqac 

maid- rafak 

mountain— buta 

mall — plpac 

mourn- mogac 

male — rado 

mouth— medaB 

man — radal 

move — keb 

mankind— muy a 

Mr.— RadyaU Yd 

manner— ta 

Mrs.— Rafyam. Yf. 

many— glzob 

much — cid, iiyad 

maple— lu da 1 

multiply— kayz 

marble— bafal 

murder— lobaj 

matter — boba 

m 119 c le- — m e kal 

May— Talag 

mushroom- — lubdam 

mayor— raj Ima 

mi sab— music 

me— ab 

must — elum 

meat— pom ab 

mutable— kubufo 

mecha n ic— ratica 

mutual— Jadom 

meek— lajov 

my — abe 


myself— abaq 

obscene— pukob 

obsolete — tecoin 


obstinate— vagob 

aail— mecal, panac 

occasion — temub 

name— roka 

to occur— kiteleb 

narrow— go cob 

nation— racam 

oak— ludak 


obedient- lajof 

near— golo 

oocujiy— haf 

neatly— lagin 

ocean- bucab 

neceasary- lalof 

October — Talrac 

need— hid 

oddity— fesaf 

neck— mejaf 

odor— boniab 

neither- iithne, athna 

or- Iv, ov 

nephew— radar 

Off— of 

aerve — mesab 

office— dutab 

nest— da jab 
never— an it, ani ta 
new— teen ol 

oftpn— gizit 

oil— beflal 

old— tecol 

nickel— babzaf 

oUve— lettal 

niece— rafar 

omelet — pomal 

night- laj 


nimble — lapom 

on— if 

nobody— anar 

onion — lugran 

no — an, ne 

open — glk 

noon— taeaf 

oppose — kos 

or— ur 

north— der 

orange — letsan 

nose — meraq 

orator — romifa 

nothing— ana 

orderly — lajob 

notwithstand Ing— ugde 

ore — bacad 

November— Talrad 

other— ax 

now— alit, all ta 

o I h er wi H e — axlf 

nowhere — anid, ani da 

nude— dibno 
number— za, gei 

out of— ol 

aut— lefpa 
nutmeg— lutas 

outcry— mi ku 

owl— inulta 

to own — e.h bwx. 

o»k— uc 

ox— iw\a8.a 


ipaln— Bebnal 
palace — dutas 
to parallel— t'b kim 
parasol— bip a' 
parent — ragap 
parlor — dugar 
part — ceb 
palient — sartop 
pa veme nt — -i ujap 
pay — horn 
pea— lugbap 
peace — moyur 
peach— lefla* 
pebble — bacal 
prg— pasab 
.penetrate — kic 

pep per— lu tap 
peri odi calami ab 
persevere — vak 
persan^ar, ra 
p er sua de— ^ka y v 
piftn o — mi pka d 
pickle — pojam 
pie— polav 
pigeon — mulal 
pimple— pujad 
pin — pan 
plpo — pkap 
pity — Bip 
place — da 
plain — buja, lanok 
play — ladur 
pli?a— vaaab 
pleaBe— 9e« 
plow — palag 
pocket— pegap 
pod— pelab 
p oetry — ru soba 
point — fubac 

porch— dufap 

possible — oybo, fofob 
postage Etaiup — pipam 
postcard^pip ak 
postage — pipaj 
p oatofH ce— pipad 
pot — domab 
potato — lugrap 
pound— gefram, pak 
powder — bej 
p rai B^e — mosop 
preach er— miplma 
precede — kik 
p reclou B — gi roc 
p recisely — larid 
p ref e rence — fl] ub 
p repa rat I on — j epo b 
p resence — ladhub 
pretty — lafop 
p r event ion— kanap 
price — ger 
pride — aetab 
print — ml 
prince — i-akmad 
privilege— 30 bal 
probable— oy CO, fogob 
pro fi t abi e — 1 aguf o 
prompt— ted op, lakop 
proof — fosad 
p ro p erly — Jami p 
p roporlio n — J abal 
proBperoua — flloc 
p rovldent! al — temol 
provider — ^vemiba 
publish er — rocika 
pudding— poiad 
pvll— kap 
pulpy— befob 
punci ual^tegof 
piinishmen t — sovnab 



le — bofoq 

lV^T\t<ffs flPrtmi^ 

Icy U \.\J DVOlLU 

require — ^hir 


result — ^jodab 
retain — ^ham 



reveal — ^kayr 

*y— Ka 

reward — sot 

tity — ca 

rib — megaf 

— gedrag 

rice — ^luras 

1 — ^rajaf 

ridge — ^bulam 

t — lakok 

right — sob 

— lajog 

rise — ^kij 


— lacik 

river — bura 

to roast — ^pokideb 


roof — dudaf 

ay — pirab 

room — dugab 


root — ^lecab 

jr — sepnib 

rubbish — pucab 


to ruin — ^kanileb 

r — capib 

run — kel 

— jabuk 



— palac 

safety — ^vesud 


sail — ked 

— tedol 

salad — pojal 


salmon — mujafal 


salt — ^posal 

re — hed 

same — ^aqo 

tly — tecnlr 

sample — jusab 


sand — bacan 

mce — ^jabuf 

Satan — Suvna 

d — ^jabug 

Saturday — Tafam 

dless of — oth 

sausage — p omas 

ir — lajod 

to save — hapieb 

:— huj 

saw — palmak, ek rel 

on — ^jabub 

scanty — ^gocok 

— sedaf 

school — durab 

>n — sugud 

science — ^riloca 

nber — rib 

scissors — ^paltad 

It — halikeb 

to scold — mokiteb 

3ent — rud 

scowl — mokac 

e — ^muka 

screw — i^QjdA,'^ 


scum— pudaf 

similar— jafob 

sea— buead 

simply — cofni 

season— taraa 

sing — raiq 

Becond— tab, zacop 

singular! J — carib 

see — rel 

since — ot, utke 

seed — tesab 

to sink- kejneb 

Siiemly — lamoq 

sin— pusoba 

to aeem— oyfeb 

^iater— rafat 

seize — hep 

Sir— Radya 

bbU— hoy 

Bite— dar 

Bentf— kas 

isize— dela 

sensibility — aa 

skill— lagup 

ae pa ra te — gikod 

skin — meeab 

September— Tfl.lrab 



skull — megac 

serloua — laloa 

Bky— biba 

■ servant— i-amiba 


sex— mesa 

slaughter— lobam 

ahahby — die nob 

steep — lorn 

ahapely— lafod 

sleeve — divab 

share— hag 

slender— go cod 

shark— mu J bad 

slow— makob 


amall^ — ^godob 

Aheep — miisya - 

smell— req 

shell— mef as 

amile— modac 

ship — pifac 

smoke — bebak 

shirt— dlkab 

snack— pot ak 

shoddy— pucaf 

snatch — heth 

shoe— ditab 

sneeze — raijak 

shop — dupab 


short — go bo 

sniiw — bilak 

should — ekus 

so— alif— aal 

shoulder — mejali 

soap — betas 

shout — mikac 

soda — bapad 

shoTO— kag 

soak — bedak 

shut- gok 

solid— be goc 

sick — loco 

soluble— borufo 

aide— mebac, dej 

aon— radaa 

sidewalk— dujar 

signi fie an t— lalogr 

soup— popab 

social— sicob 



some — ay 

somebody — ayar 

somehow — ayif 
-sometime — ayit 
somewhere — ayid 
soul — sabal 
sound — boga 
sour — bolok 
source — jedac 
south — des 
spacious" — ladob 
special — cimob 
species — gafab 
speak — rom 
sphere — furac 
spice — luta 
spider — mugdas 
spine — megad 
spirit — sabak 
sponge — muca 
spoon — dojab 
sport — ladas 
spouse — ragam 
spray — becap 
sprightly — lap os 
spring — tamab, buqa 
sputum — menad 
squander — huq 
square — fugaf 
squi rm^ — mocal 
squirrel — muraq 
stable — dulac, zuboc 
stalk — mopak 
stairway — dufas 
star — biva 
stare — molab 
Btart — jekab 
statement — rumopa 
station — dupam 
steady — teros 
steak — pomad 

steam — ^bebam 

steal — hel 

Stem — ledaf 
stew — pokas 
stick — ledak 
stiff — begof 
still — ^ubre 
stocking — dithab 
s tomach — melkad 
stone — bacaf 
stop — ken 
store — dupac 
stork — mulfam 
storm — bija 
stove — dolab 
straight — fucob 
strawberry — lefrat 
stream — bupal 
street — dujab 
streetcar — pilac 
strength — lidu 
stride — mopad 
strike — kam 
struggle — monag 
stylish— fakol 
submerge — ^kog 
submissive — ^lajor 
subservient — ^vellbo 
substantial — labps 
substitute — kulab 
successful — filob 
such — as, aso 
sufficient — lacod 
sulphur — babnad 
summer — ^tamac 
sun— bisa 
Sunday — Tafab 
sunlight — bisu 
superintendent — ^rajipa 
superior — ficop 


supplicate — ^hip 

tea t i mony — f obad 

supposition— rivoca 

thank— Bit 

to suppress— kauis eh 

'that — am, ut, av 

KUl-Jlii&S- Itig 

tUaw— bilnab 

supremely — fitlb 

the — at 

surrender— lio J 


surplus— ci la. 

them— ag«, adz. alas 

swageer— mnpaa 

1^ wan ip^bu kali 

there— amid, ami da 

swfat — menag 

therefore — ulre 

sweel— bolof 

they — agz. adz, afaz 

swim— kej 

thick— retho 

swiftly— laklc 

thicket— legat 

swoon— lo rail 

.thing — ba 

S w ord — pa V ad 

think— reb 


tbirat— hin 

symmetrical — latoc 

this— al 

sympathy — siq 

eynchron ou s — a qot 

thoiish — ug 

ayatem — facab 

throat- meJad 


through— ic 

thumb— me£ad 

table— dofab 

thunder— bimani 

tacl turn— ropnoh 

ThurHday— Tatag 

take— hek 

thus— ami( 

talk- rot 

thy— ace 

tall— gijol 

Ihynifc — luvat 

tank — pevad 

ticket— rub ak 

tar— befpad 

tide— bupat 

tardy — tegnof 

tigpi— mutcab 

taste— rep 

lill— it, U6te 

teach— ror 

titiie— ta 

tear — menaf 

timely — temod 

lelegrapli — pit 

tin — bablam 

temp era nee — somab 

tinkle— milak 

tem peratu re — gem a 

to— fd, eb 

torn pie — medad, dusat 

faapt— pokaf 

tenacious — beqob 

Idbaeco — luwat 

.( cnderly— Eafira 

today— tiltat ■ 

tent— dubaC 

together— agid 

Iprminus— jotab 

too — camlb 



tool — pabal 
tooth — melac 

tolerant — sadoc, lasod 

tomato — lugacat 

tomorrow — timtaf 

ton — gefray 

tongs — paqabz 

tongue — medaq 

top — defab 

torrid — gimod 

total — cudob 

tour — kecar 

toward — idj 
trace — rucaf 

trade — hex 
traitor — puviba 
trans formation — ^kucaf 
transgress — kox 
transient — ^gotob 
transilator — robita 
transparent — bocod 
trangpoaition — kumab 
trash — pucak 
travel — kec 
tray — pedar 
treason — puvab 
tree — lebat 
trembles — moratel 
triangle — fudad 
tribunal — soqab 
triumph — firab, sedap 
true — larob, rimob 
trousers — dixabz 
trout — mujlar 
.trump et — mlp mar 
trunk — p.-^kaf 
tub — penab 
tube— picab 
tune — misad 
Tuesday — Tafad 
tumor— pujab 

turnip — lugvat 
turtle — ^mukas 
twig — ledag 
twilight — tagnar 


ugly — mafof 
umbrella — bipad 
uncertain — folnob 
uncle — radaq 
under — og 
understand — ^rev 
underwear — diqab 
unequal — cibnoc 
uniform — ^jagof 
universe — ^biza 
university — durav 
unless — ^ufne 
unreal — mabob 
up— ij 

upright — sojob 
use — ^vev 
useful — givob 
utilize — ^kip 

vacillation — ^kupac 
valid — lagor 
valley — bumab 
value — gev 
vanity — sevub 
vapor — bebaf 
varnish — befpal 
vat — pevab 
vegetable — luga 
vehicle — piba 
vein — mepag 
velocity — lakuv 
Venus'— ^Birac 
veracious — laros, rimob 
vicious — ^\i\o\i 
vicloTioua — ^?vao\i 



vile — gorol 
village — ducad 
to vindicate — sogibeb 
vine — lebak 
vinegar — posav 
violet — lumap 
virtue — solub 
vital — lalob 
voice — rol 
volcano — buva 
volition — vabu 
volume — rukav, geda 
voluminous^ — gidoc 
vouch er — f obi va 
vowel — rofad 
vulgar — fognob 


wabble — mojaf 
waffle — polag 
wagon — pidab 
waist — ^mejap 
want — ^hib 
war — monova 
warrior — moniva 
warm — gimob 
to warn — vesileb 
warrant — fobam 
warranty — soboma 
was — elca 
wash — bedav 
waste — ^hun, pubac 
watch — dotac 
water — bedac 
waver — mojad 
wax — ^befmak 
way — fa 

wayfarer — ^kecifa 
we — abz ' 
weak — lodob 
weapon — pavab 

weary — ^lofob 
weather — ^bicak 

Wednesday — Tafaf 
weed — luna 
week — tak 
to weep — raenifeb 
weight — gef 
weighty — ^gifob 
were — eka 
west — dev 
what — awa? ava 
whale — muqac 
wheat — ^lurad 
wheel — ^padak 
when — ^awit? avit 
where — awid? avid 
whereas — ukwe 
wherefore — ^ulwe 
white — bodoc 
who — awar avar 
whose — ^aware? avaro 
why — avik, awi kay? 
wicked — pulod 
wide — gikoc 
widow — rafnak 
widower — radnak 
wife — rafam 
wig — digab 
will — ^va, em 
will be — ema 
wi Uingly — ^vadis 
win — ^hen 
wind — ^bida 
winter — tamaf 
window — dufaf 
wisdom — risuk 
with — ir 
within — ^ind 
without — or 
woman — raf^l 
wonder — serab