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History, Genealogy, Reminiscences, Etc. 










R 1024 L 

FEBRUARY 22, 1915 


Pride of ancestry and love of genealo<>y are worthy traits 
of any civilization. They foster a spirit that de\'elops the best 
to be found in the human soul. Savages are ignorant of pedi- 
grees, and are Avithout lineage. We must turn to the enlightened 
of humanity for a record of the earth's activity and a history 
of her people. 

But a genealogy treats of but one branch of her many 
people. In this volume, the author desires to enroll the several 
branches of the Diehl families of this country, in an accurate 
and permanent manner. In compiling this work, I have found 
Dielils in nearly every state of the Union. The original ones 
almost invariably came from various sections of the Vaterland. 
To assemble data from such a large scope of widely situated 
locations is no easy task. Most of it must be done by mail — by 
patient and persistent correspondence. 

Old family Bibles of other centuries were hunted for rec- 
ords, assessment rolls dug out of the dust, inscriptions of 
names and dates from the mountain slabs of century-old ceme- 
teries copied, ancient court house records transcribed, the 
archives of Historical Societies and State Departments ran- 
sacked, and the oldest living representative of his connnunity 
consulted, that this enterprise might succeed. To each and 
every one, from ocean to ocean, who has in any manner contril)- 
uted to this success, I am under the most lasting obligation. 
Valuable and repeated assistance came from Mr. U. G. Diehl, 
Everett, Pennsylvania, (son of Ex-Sheriff Diehl); Mr. E. F. 
Diehl, Leeslmrg, Indiana; Mrs. Catharine I^ Penncll, I.oys- 

l)iir.u-, ri'iiiisylvaiiin ; Hciirv Diclil, Bedford, Pennsylvania; 
]\('\'. I). X. Diltiiiai", Mann's Choice, i'ennsylvania ; Hon. Geo. 
('. Dlclil, lUiiralo, New York; George H. Dielil, Mowrystown, 
Oliio; Kev. 8. A. ])iehl, A.jM., Hanover, [Pennsylvania, and a 
score of others, for which I am grateful. 

From Judge Hall's sixty-page pamphlet of the Diehls, 
issued in 1S91 ; the "Smouse Families of America"; the 
"House of (\'ssna," by H. L. Cessna, Esq., Rainsburg, Penn- 
sylvania ; and a x'oluminous History of C*uml)ei-lan(l and Adams 
Counties, l*ennsylwinia, 1 obtained lielj) t'(H' whicli credll is due 

( )ur work is done, Init the x'olume is iiicoiiiplete for the lack 
of data in genealogy, history, and absent names, to tlie nunilier 
of many hundreds of instances. It can be made complete only 
when all the present living generation is genealogically en- 
rolled, with the occupation and postoffice address of each fam- 
ily, the civic, religious and fraternal affiliations of each member 
and the dates of births, marriages and leading events system- 
atically arranged, so as to make a large, handsome volume that 
every loyal Diehl would be proud to add to his library or 
reading table. 

AVitli the fii-m hope of it meriting the appreciation of many 
friends, we send this volume on. 

E. H. Diehl. 
Ipava, Illinois, Feb. 22, 1915. 

Samuel Diehl and Descendants. 

In tlio pioneer days of the early colonists, very little atten- 
tion was given to history or geneology. Daily physical neces- 
sities and protection from the natural elements of the climate 
and the deceitful treachery of savages, engaged their constant 
efforts. But civilization and enlightenment have advanced ; 
and we are all now more or less prone to pry into the dim vistas 
of the past. It is unfortunate that so little record of the earlier 
Diehl ancestry is at hand. But let us preserve to all future 
generations the history we do have. 

Samuel Diehl, progenitor of one of the prominent 
branches of the numerous Diehl families in America, was born 
in 1740, and resided in Loudon Gou.ntyi^ Virginia, where most 
of his children were born, quite a number of years. His wife 
was a Miss Ritchey. He did service for the Colonies as a sol- 
dier in the Revolutionary War. In 1784 he and liis family, his 
mother-in-law, Mrs. Ritchey, and Philip Diehl and George 
Diehl, came up into Bedford County, Pennsyhania, and settled 
in Friend's Cove. Samuel and Philip soon became owners of 
good sized farms. George operated a distillery several years. 
Eventually the latter two disappeared from the county, leaving 
no known record of their destiny or descendants. Sanuiel stuck 
to the soil, as have thousands of his industrious progeny in the 
genei-ations since. He died on his old home farm near Ott's 
Mill, in 1828, and is buried in the old grave yard on the Bowser 
farm, now owned by William Beegle. 

Issue: I.John (Feb. 12, 1768-Aug. 14, 1842). 2. Solomon 
(Feb. 18, 1772-May 15, 1851). 3. Adam (Nov. 15, 1779-June (i, 
1833. 4. Philip. 5. Daniel. 6. Samuel. 7. Christena. 8. Eva. 
9. Rebecca. 




(T). Jonx DiKHL Avas l)()rii in Loudon County, Virginia, 
Feb. 11.1, 17()S, and came with liis parents to Bedford County, 
Pennsylvania, in 1783. On Aug. 20, 1791, he married Anna 
^lary Harelerode, who was horn July 16, 1773, and died Nov. 9, 
1857. ]\Ir. Diehl died on the old homestead, Aug". 14, 1842, and 
both are buried near the Old Brick Church where several gen- 
erations await the final ressurection. 

Jssup : 

1. Katie, June 17, 1792. 

2. Solomon, Oct. 15, 1794. 

3. John (June 21, 1796-May 10, 1870). 

4. Enmia, Nov. 13, 1798. 

5. Daniel, Nov. 22, 1799. 
G. Philip, Feb. 18, 1802. 

7. Christena, March 10, 1804. 

8. ]^rarv Ann, May 16, 1806. 

9. Elias, March 29, 1809. 

10. Joseph H., Jan. 29, 1814. 

11. Emaiiurl J. (Mav 11, 1818-Julv 18, 1907). 

II. CiiKisTKNA DiEiiL, 1772, of Loudou Couuty, Virginia, 
came to Bcdfoi-d (\)uiity, I'ciiiisyh nnia, in 1783, and married 
Michael Castner. 

Issue: 1. Catiicriiic. 2. Jolin. 3. Samuel. 4. Margaret. 

III. Soi.oMox DiKiiL was l)()i-ii ill Louden County, Virginia, 
Feb. 18, 1774, and died in Friend's Cove, Pennsylvania, May 
15, 1S51. lie iiiai-iied Hai])arH Harelerode, (Feb. 23, 1774^ 


^farc'li '20, 1853). Their remains arc in i-cjjose in the ohl cem- 
etery near the Ohl Brick Churcli in the Cove. 
Issue : 

1. Mary. 

2. Adam (Oct. 25, 1800-()ct. 5, 1886). 

3. Henry (June 3, 1803- Jan. 16, 1880). 

4. Sohnnon (Dec. 27, 1807-Au.i4-. 29, 1891). 

5. Susan. 

6. Jonas (June 17, 1809-Uct. 10, 1850). 

7. Julia Ann. 

8. Joseph S, 

IV. Adam Diehl niairied Christena Harclerode, and these 
are their children : 

1. Elizabeth. 2. Jonathan. 3. Michael. -1. Daniel. 5. Mar- 
garet. 6. Catharine. 7. Samuel. 8. Christena. 

V. Phillip Diehl married a Miss Mowery, and to them 
were born these children : 

1. John. 2. Samuel. 3. Henry. 4. Adam. 5. William. 
6. Margaret (died young). 7. Elizabeth. 8. Phoebe. 9. Sarah. 

This family of prosperous and well-to-do people lived in 
Mahoning County, Ohio. 

VI. Daniel Diehl (Switzer Dan) married Margaret 
Whetstone and moved into the Blue Knob country, now Blair 
County, Pennsylvania, settling in the valley at the headwaters 
of Bob's Creek. 

Issue: I.Sarah. 2. George. 3. John. 4. Jonas. 5. l)a\i(l. 
G.Simon. 7. ^^Fariah. 8. Rebecca. 9. Marv. 10. AaroiL 

A^II. Samuel Diehl (April 20, 1775-May 11, 1848) mar- 
ried Sarah INFowery who was born Jan. 5, 1781 and died in ^Fay, 

Issue: 1. Jacob. 2. Solomon. 3. Isaac. 4. Joshua. 5. 
Eve. 6. Lydia. 7. Elizabeth. 

VIII. Eve Diehl n'ari-ied John llai-clcrodc, and to iIh'hi 
were born twelve children : 

1. John. 2. Samuel (died young). 3. Adam (died sin-lc 


4. Solomon. ."). David (died younu). (5. Margaret. 7. Cathar- 
ine (died sin.ulc). 8. Ann. 1). Eiizabctli. 10. Cliristena. 11. 
Simon. \'2. .Inlia Ann. 

IX. Rebecca Dieiil married Jacob Ritchey and moved to 
^Falioniny (\)unty, Ohio, wlicie lici- 1)rother, Philip Diohl, and 
family, had settled, hut we arc unable to learn whether they 
had children or not. Four of Samuel Diehl's (I) children mar- 
ried Harclerodes. All nine of them ,o-rew to maturity, married 
and became parents of nearly three score and ten children. 




(I). Solomon Dirhl (Swam]) Sol) (Oct. 15, 179-4-^rai-C'li 
2(J, 1863) iiiari'ied (1) (^atlicriiK^ Kooiitz, daughter of David 
Koontz. Later married (2) Louisa PenciL 

Issur: ^. Henry P. (July 12, 1825). 2. Zacliariali (Oct. 10, 
1830-July U, 1905). 3. Phillip C. 4. Cornelius (died young). 
5. Solomon F. (Nov. 27, 1840). 6. Julia Ann. 7. Sophia. 8. 
Catharine. 9. Rebecca. 10. Susanna. 11. Hester. 

II. John Diehl was l)orn on the old homestead, neai' the 
Brick Church in Friend's Cove, Bedford (/ounty, l^ennsylvania, 
June 21, 1796, and at maturity married Mary ^lagdalena 
Koontz, who was born in that community April 2, 1801 and died 
March 7, 1865. He Avas in politics a Whig, then a Republican, 
and all of their family members of the Reformed Church. Two 
of the sons, Joshua and Samuel, were volunteers in the Union 
army during the Civil War, the former in the 8tli Ohio Cavalry 
and the latter in the 55th Pennsylvania Volunteers Infantry. 
Ten of the 13 children married and raised respectable families, 
many of whose members occupied prominent and useful ])()si- 
tions of trust. Mr. Diehl died May 10, 1870. 

Jssiie : 

1. Catharine (March 6, 1820-Dec. 17, 1890). 

2. Levi Henry (Nov. 28, 1821-]\ray 28, 1906). 

3. Susanna (Sept. 20, 1823-March 14, 1904). 

4. David (April 13, 1825-April 16, 1907). 

5. John (March 10, 1827-April 22, 1914). 

6. Joel (March 11, 1829-Dec. 20, 1891 ). 

7. Joshua (March 7, 1831-April 29, 1862). 

8. Elias S. (March 6, 1833-Nov. 12, 1865). 

9. Ann Mary, April 6, 1836. 

10. Reuben (April 29, 1838-Oct. 12, 1854). 

11. Samuel J. (June 3, 1840-April 13, 1914). 


VJ. K*ncli.-1 ( Nov. C. lS42-An^-. 4, 1843). 
i;;. llaiiict (Marcli Ki, lS47-Aug. 5, 1897), 

HI. Daniel Diehl (Bi,-- Dan) was horn Nov. 22, 1799. He 
married Susan Kooiitz, daiiiilitci- ol' Daniel. 

Issue: 1. Maiy Ann. 2. Susan. 3. Eve. 4. Catharine. 
5. A(hnii. (i. Moses. 7. Matikla. 8. Lydia. 9. Asa. 10. John. 
11. Daniel (died in the army). 

TV. PiiiTjjp DiEiiL was hoi-n in Friend's Cove, Pennsyl- 
vania, June 18, 1802, and married Julian Eitchey (Feh. 28, 
1809-March 3, 1861 ). Mr. Diehl died July 22, 1853. 


1. Rachel, Nov. 27, 1825. 

2. Fannie, July 12, 1827. 

3. Noah, June 28, 1829. 

4. Joh, Mav 5, 1831. 

5. Gideon, Sept. 12, 1832. 

6. Caroline, Sept. 3, 1834. 

7. Espy, May 5, 1836. 

8. Emanuel, June 13, 1838. 

9. Ellen, Dec. 7, 1839. 

10. Lovena, Feh. 24, 1842. 

11. Levi, Dec. 7, 1843. 

12. Julia, July 7, 1845. 

13. Philip Amos, July 31, 1848. 

14. Isaac, May 14, 1851. 

V. Elias DiEiiL (.March 29, 1809) married Marry Ann 

Issue: l.]\IaryAnn. 2. Margaret. 3. John. 4. Elizaheth. 
5. Cathai-ine. (>. Louisa. 7. Scott. 8. Ella (died young). 

VI. Christena Diehl (Mai'ch 10, 1804) at maturity mar- 
ried Jacoh Ritchey. 

Issue: 1. Philip. 2. Fannie. 3. Lana. 4. Maryan. 5. Re- 
hecca. (5. ElizahetlL 7. Polly. 8. Emanuel. 9. Catharine. 10. 
John. 11. Rachel. 12. Jonas. 13. Solomon. 14. Anna Mariah. 

Numl)ers 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 9 and 13 of the ahove named children 
died voung. John and Jonas enlisted in Co. K. 55th Pa. Regt. 


24th Army Corps of the Union army. Jonas died during his 

VII. Mary Ann Diehl (May 16, 1806) married Johnathan 

Issue: 1. John. 2, Abraham. 3. Mary. 4. Emanuel. 5. 
Johnathan. 6. Rebecca. 7. Samuel. 8. Margaret. 

Abraham enlisted in the Union army and sacrificed his life 

VIII. Joseph H. Diehl was born near Charlesville, Penn- 
sylvania, Jan. 29, 1814, and married Elizabethh Harclerode, 
who was born April 27, 1811. He followed farming all his life 
on the old homestead. They were life-long members of the 
Beformed Church. 

Issue : 

1. William M., Aug. 16, 1838. 

2. John (March 8, 1840-died in infancy). 

3. Henry, May 17, 1842. 

4. Susannah, March 8, 1845. 

5. Mary Ellen, June 6, 1848. 

6. Reuben (May 15, 1850-May 5, 1909). 

7. Sarah Elizabeth, May 21, 1852. 

IX. Emanuel J. Diehl (May 11, 1818-July 18, 1907) was 
a citizen of Colerain Township, near Charlesville, Pennsyl- 
vania, all his life. He was a successful farmer and business 
man. He married Sarah Pickering in 1841. They were mem- 
bers of the Reformed Church. 

Issue : 

1. Francis Marion, Dec. 8, 1841. 

2. Sophia, Dec. 29, 1843. 

3. Rebecca (Aug. 23, 1847-1854). 

4. Ephriam C, Nov. 27, 1848. 

5. John Irvin, Nov. 15, 1850. 

6. Martha (Jan. 5, 1855-1856). 

7. Elias E., July 8, 1857. 

8. Sarah Alice (July 8, 1857-di('d). 

9. William John (Aug. 4, 186U-Eeb. 22, 1912). 


T. Solomon Dikiil (Red Sol) (Dec. 27, 1807-Aug. 29, 1891) 
married Mary Smith ( , lSl()-:\[ay 10', 1886). 

JssKc : 

1. Marv Kll.-ii. 

2. Mahala. 

.'). Ami Elizabeth. 

4. Mar-arct. 

'). SamiU'l Taylor 

6. Barbara {March 16, 1846-Nov. 19, 1853). 

7. Emoliiic (Dec. 26, 1836-Auo-. 24, 1854). 

8. Christemi (Nov. 11, 1853-Jiily 1, 1860). 

II. SusAX DiEHL married Joshua Pennell. 

Issue : 1. IMarv. 2. Jolmathan. 3. Henrv. 4. Andrew J, 

III. JoxAS DiEHL (June 17, 1809-Oct. 10, 1850) married 
Hannah Exline (^rarch 24, 1818-May 20, 1895). 

Issue: 1. Julia Ann. 2. Mary. S.Elizabeth. 4. Asa. 

IV. Ji'LiA Axx DiEiiL married David Whetstone. 
Jssne: 1. Rebecca (married Nicholas J)ielil). 2. Mary Ann 
(mai'i-icd Simon England). 

A'. .JosEi'H S. DiEHL married (1) ]\rarv Ann Shoemaker 
(June 19, 1826-Feb. 22, 1856). 

Issue: 1. George. 

He married (2) Rebecca Koontz, a sister of Josiah Koontz, 
and widow oi' the late Samuel Weisel. 

Issue: I.Adam. 2. Emma. 3. Amanda. 4. Anna. 


I. Elizabeth Diehl married Daniel Harrier 
Issue : 

1. Christena (married Solomon Shroyer). 


2. Adam ( iiiai"i"i<'(l ( 'alliariiic ^'al('lltill('), 

3. John (died uiiinarricd). 

4. Harrison (died unmarried). 

5. Daniel (married in California). 

6. Margaret (married John Aloyer). 

7. Priscilla (married George Helsel). 

11. Jonathan Diehl married Mary Snyder. 
Issue : 

1. Elizabeth (married \\'illiam Dil)erl). 

2. Sarah (married William Sellers). 

3. Sanuiel S. 

4. Josiali. 

5. Aaron (died unmarried). 

6. Daniel B. (married Lucinda Smouse). 

7. Catharine (married ]\Hlton Moorehead), 

8. Christena (married Wm. Smith). 

9. Adam H. 

10. Emma (married Asa Diehl). 

11. Amanda (died young). 

12. Marv Jane. 

III. Michael Diehl, born 1806, married (1) ^lary Koontz, 
of Dutch Corner (daughter of Nicholas Koontz). (2) Barbara 
Croil, Charles Koontz' widow, of Dutch Corner. 

Issue : 

1. Michael (married Eve Imler). 

2. Margaret (married Levi Whetstone). 

3. Nicholas (married Rebecca Whetstone). 

4. Eve. 

5. Adam (married Rebecca Harclerode). 

6. Charles (married Emma Hunt). 

7. Christena (married Geoi-ye Mortimore). 

IV. Daniel Diehl (Dick Dan) mai'i-ied Julia Ann, daugh- 
ter of Swamp Sol (III), John (II), Samuel (I). 
Issue : 

1. Andrew (married Cathai-iiH' Belts). 

2. Adam (married Hannali Comp). 


.*■). Solomon ( iii;iii'lc(l l.ouisn ('oi-lcy). 

4. CV)rii('liiis. 

5. Saiinicl ( iii;iiiii'(l l\cliccc;i Ilillc^-as). 
(). Henry (died iniiiiaiTicd). 

7. Louisa (married Solomon Deatricli). 

8. ( "atliai-iiie (mai-i-icd IMiilij) Turner). 

9. (Jeoiiic (married Rebecca BroAvn), 

A'. Samikl I)i::iii. married Kilizalx'lli, a daughter of Nich- 
olas Koontz, of Friend's Cove. 

1. Alexandei-, duly 6,1840. 

2. Andrew . I. ,Au,- V2, 1848. 

3. Adam F. (married Rebecca AVhetstone). 

4. Catharine. 

5. Nicholas (married Emma Harclerode). 

X\. CniasiKXA DiEiiL niai-ried John, son of John Kegg of 
Harmon's Bottom. 

1. Nathan (mai lied (^atharine Bowser). 

2. Joshua (married Sarah Bierly). 

3. Sanuiel. 

4. Nicholas N. 

5. P^ranklin (married Catharine "Wilson). 
(6, Mary, 7, Sarah, 8, John, died young.) 


I. Eli Diehl married Susan Minard. 

IssKc: I.Alice. 2. Estella. 3. Emaline. 4. Harry. 

II. Henry Diehl. 

Issue: 1. Elizabeth. 2. ^fary. 3. Catharine. 4. John. 
5. Sarah. (>. Solomon. 

III. Adam Diehl married ]\[ary Arner. 
Issue: One daughter, who married Peter Hardinger. 
Issue : Mary Hardinger. 


IV. Phoebe Diehl married Bailey Dean. 
Issue: Ward Dean. 

:o :- 


I. Sarah Diehl married George Ritchey. 

Issue: ]. Marietta. 2. Catharine. ,"]. Levi. 4. Mariah. 
5. Rebecca. 6. Caroline. 7. David. 8. Eliza. 9. Sarah. 10. 
Maret J. 11. William Alphus. 

II. George Diehl married (I) Marry Jeffries. 
Issue: 1. Margaret (married Alex Berry). 2. Thomas. 
3. Daniel. 4. .Mary (married Seneca Major. 
Married (2) Catharine Fuller. 
Issue: 5. William Williams. (J. John. 

III. John Diehl married Mary Ritchey. 
Issue : 1. Isaac. 2. George. 3. Samuel. 4. Daniel. 5. Sa- 
rah. 6. James. 

IV. Jox.^s Diehl married Mary Hengst. 

Issue: 1. Caioline. 2. Catharine. 3. Lucinda. 4. Eliza- 
beth. 5. Alice. 6. Henrietta. 7. Reuben :\rcClellan. 8. William. 
9 Emma. 

V. David Diehl marri(Ml Sai-ah A. Ritchey. 

1. Isabelle (married Jerome McConnell). 

2. Albert (married Sarah Bowser). 

3. Anna Mary (died young). 

4. Irene (died young). 

5. William H. (married Ida Allison). 

6. IMalachi (married Mary Westover). 

7. Agnes (went west; married Beck) 

8. David (died young). 

VI. Simon Diehl married Hannah Coil. 
Issue: I.George. 2. Frank. 3. Harmon. I.Levi. 5. Jo- 
seph F. 6. Aaron. 7. Adam. 8. Daniel McC. 


A'TT. Makiaii DiHiiL uiaiiicd Mi-. Ritclicv. 
/>. /^r: 1. Sai'ali. 2. Maiy. '.\. Aai'oii. 4. Simon. .'). Kate, 
(i. Ambrose. 7. Jonas. S. lIar\('V. I>. l^llcn. Id. Jolin. 

Alii. l^KBECCA l)ii:iiT. niai'i'icd Mr. Over. 

IssKc: 1. Daniel. 2. Mai'^aret. ."'>. Kalie Ann. 4. Saiali. 
5. Aaron. (1. David. 7. (leoruc (married Sarali Px-i'ldieimei'). 
8. AVilliam. !l. .lereniiali. 10. Ida. 

IX. M \l;^ Dii.iii. mai'iied Alex Fickerhool. 

Is.suc: 1. Margaret. 2. Joliii. 3. Henrv. 4. Cathaiine. 

X. Aakox Dieht> r.iarried Catharine Imlei-. 

Issue: 1. .Miria. 2. Orlando. 3. John. 4. Calvin. 5. Rich- 
nid. (i. Bar])aia. 7. Dellie. 8. Thomas M. 9. William E. 10. 
Alli-ed. n.Howaid. 12. Elmer. 13. Guv Cleveland. 


1. .Jacoi! Dikiii., btM'ii 1801, married Elizabeth Scott. 
Issue: 1. William. 2. Cai'oline. 3. Alonzo. 4. Sarah. 
5. i>vdia. 

II. Solomon Diehl (Sourman Sol) born 1803, and mar- 
I'ied Hannah Shnnian (moved to Bi-nsli Creek Valley, now Ful- 
ton County, Pennsylvania. 

Issue: 1. Uriah. 2. Sarali. ;!. Coinelins. 4. .jjimes. 5. 
S<'bastian. (>. Sanuiel. 7. Moses. 8. Isaac. 9. Rebecca. 10. 
Catharine. 11. Aaron. 

III. Isaac Dii.iii, . boin Apiil 12, 18(),'), and married (^ath- 
arine Ke<i,«^. 

Issue: 1. Benjamin F. 2. Eve. 3. AVilliam H. 4. Rebecca. 

TV. Joshua Diehl, born 1813, married Catharine England. 
Issue: 1. David F. 2. George. 3. William K. 4. Samuel. 
5. Susan. (5. John F. 7. Amos. 8. Jacob. 


I. Catharine Castner married Nicholas Kooiitz. 
Issue: 1. Elizabeth. 2. Andrew. .'>. Susanna. 4. Cliris- 
tena. 5. David F. 6. Eve Ann. 

II. Margaret Castxer married John Wean. 
Issue : 1. Solomon. 2. John. 3. Elizabeth. 


I. JoHx Harclerode married Julia Ann Cogan. 
Issue : 1. Adam. 2. Solomon. 3. William H. H. 5. Eliza- 
beth. 5. Benjamin F. 6. David. 

II. ]\Iaragret Harclerode married William (Jtt. 
Issue : 1. Josiah. 2. Daniel. 3. William. 4. Michael. 

III. Axx Harclerode married Joseph WTiitmore, and 
settled at Canton, Illinois. 

Issue: 1. Hesatonia J. 2. Mary Jane. 3. Simon P. 4. Ann. 
5, David. 6. Lizzie. 7, James K. P. 

IV. Christexa Harclerode married Jacob Hoenstine. 
Issue: 1. Sarah. 2. Margaret. 3. Franklin (married Re- 
becca Bertram). 4. John (drowned when young). 

V. SiMox Harclerode married Hester Stiffler. 
Issue : 1. Michael. 2. Betty. 3. John. 4. Annie E. 5. Da- 
vid Franklin. 6. Alice. 

VI. Julia Axx Harclerode married Jacob Mock. 
Issue : 1. Henrv. 2. Johnathan. 3. Simon. 



HENRY i\ (IV). 

T. Hexrv p. Diehl was born in Friend's Cove, Bedford 
County, Pennsylvania, July 1'2, 1825, and is possibly the oldest 
Diehl in this section at this time. He taui^ht the Swamp School, 
near his home, where he has always lived, five successive 
years. Nov. 22, 1849, he united in marriag'e with ^lartha J. 
Smith, who was born in the Cove, July 27, 1881, Rev. ^Matthew 
Irvine officiating-. He v\^as extensively identified with the agri- 
cultural, financial, political, social, and religious interests of 
the community. As school director, auditor, and Democratic 
county committeeman, he served many years. He has been an 
earnest worker in the Reformed Church three-quarters of a cen- 
tury, serving most of that time either deacon or elder and serv- 
ing a number of years as teacher and superintendent of the 
Sunday school. He has represented the church in her higher 
ecclesiastic judiciaries. He help organize the Friend's Cove 
Mutual County Fire Insurance Company and was its president 
for seventeen years. 

Few men of his age are so well ])r('served physically and 
mentally as Mr. Diehl. He is interesting and entertaining in 
conveisation and is president of the Diehl Annual Reunion. 
]\Irs. Diehl died Afay 11, 1892. 

Issue : 

1. William Xevin, Oct. 20, 1850. 

2. Solomon Shannon, Feb. 20, 185;j. 
8. Allen Alex, Sept. 9, 1855. 

4. Hester Elizabeth, June 20, 1857. 

5. Samuel F., Sept. 1, 1859. 

6. Edward IMilton, July 22, 1865. 

7. I^hilii) Calvin, Dec. 22, 1870. 

II. ZAciiARiAir Diehl (Oct. 10, 1880-,July U, 1905) was a 


farmer in Friend's Cov'% Pennsylvania. He married (1) Cliris- 
tena Koontz (Nov. 6, 1833-April 14, ISO.")) a native of that com- 
Issue : 

1. Catharine Ann (June 27, 1853-Fel). 2:5, V^V^). 

2. Louisa Elizabeth (April 8, 1855-Feb. 22, 1891). 

3. Sophia Alice (Dec. 27, 1856-Oct. 11, 1886). 

4. Eve Esther (Oct. 19, 1858-March 6, ISGo). 

5. Mary A. Rebecca, June 21, 1861. 
G. :\nnnie Ida, Sept. 24, 18(34. 

In 1866 he spent several months at farm work in Ohio and 
Illinois. Returning home, he married Margaret Roller. 
Issue : 

1. Grant Solomon, July 3, 1870. 

2. Charles Henry, Jan. 13, 1874. 

III. Solomon F. Diehl was born in Friend's Cove, Penn- 
sylvania, Nov. 27, 1840. On June 20, 1861, he married Cath- 
arine Lutz Shaffer, who was born here May 13, 1841. He is a 
Republican, and a teacher of vocal music, and choir leader in 
the Reformed Church where he has been a member many years. 
He was a farmer two years on his father's farm; then 43 years 
on his father-in-law's farm. He was county commissioner three 
years ; school director of Snake Spring township ten successive 
years, and is serving his fourth term as supervisor. He now 
resides at Lutzville, Pennsylvania, where he is in the fertilizer, 
grain, and hay business. 

Issue : 

1. Minnie Amandus, Oct. 26, 1863. 

2. Elizabeth Lincoln, April 19, 1865. 

3. Effie Jane, Sept. 2, 1867. 

4. Harvey I\Iichael, Jan. 19, 1870. 

5. Hester May, June 21, 1873. 

6. Mary Myrtle (Oct. 11, 1875, deceased). 

7. Herman Reeder, Sept. 15, 1878. 

IV. Sophia Diehl married Alexander Shoemakci'. 

Issue: 1. Rebecca J. 2. James P. 3. Lcniisa. 4. Solomim 
D. 5. George E. 6. Henry Nevin. 7. Mary Cathai-iue. 8. Ennna 


A\ ( "aipiaiiixk DiKiii., ol' Fi-K'nd's Cove, inai-ricd Jolin G. 

Issue: 1. Louisa. '2. Charlotte. I). Sophia. 4. Henry 
Heckeiiium. 5. Solomon Ronianus. (i. Philip. 

\i. J\'KUKecA DiEHL mai'iied Josiah Kooutz. 
Issue: 1. Henry II. 2. (Jeol•^•e T. 'A. David S. 4. Adam 
F. 5. Aumia H. 

W I. SrsAXNA DiEHL married John H. Hershisor. 
I.s.sue: 1. Solomon Dielil. 2. William Watson. 3. Lewis 
A. 4. Elizabeth Ann. 


I. Catharine Diehl was born in Friend's Cove, Pennsyl- 
vania, March 6, 1820, and died at Loysburg, Pennsylvania, Dec. 
17, 1890. She was married to John Dittmar, a saddler and har- 
ness maker, of Loysburg, Feb. 10, 1848, Rev. Matthew Irvine 
officiating. Mr. Dittmar was born May 17, 1819 at Oberoor- 
schutz Fritzlar, in Kurhessen, Germany, and came to this coun- 
try to escape military service in the fatherland, in 1835. He was 
an earnest, faithful worker in the church from his youth, and 
loyally supported the Reformed Church during his long and 
useful career. With an unaffected but sincere piety, he was a 
genuine Chi'istian, humility being one of his strong distinguish- 
ing characteristics. For nearly two generations he furnished 
the A\ hole countryside for miles around with good home-made 
harness and saddles before the advent of the present day fac- 
tories. Two of his sons. Revs. David Nevin and Henry Frank- 
lin, were honored and efficient ministers of the Reformed 
Church. A daughter, Anna L., occupied the position of IMatron 
in a Presbyterian College for Women at Charlotte, South Caro- 
lina, from*1898 to 1904. 

His death occurred Oct. 5, 1891. 

Issue : 

1. David Nevin, Jan. IG, 1849. 


2. :\laiy ElizalKtli, June 3, 1850. 

3. Catharine Louise, June 17, 1852. 

4. John (Feb. 19-Feb. 24, 1854). 

5. Calvin Wenner, July 11, 185G. 

6. Reuben (July 13, 1857-Aug. 11, 1857). 

7. Harriet (July 13, 1857-Aug. 11, 1857). 

8. Anna L., Nov. 24, 1859. 

9. Henry Franklin (Sept. 11, LSGiJ-Junc 4, 1905) 

L. H. DiEHL, Astoria, Illinois. 

II. Levi Henry Dieiil (Nov. 28, 1821-May 2S, 190r,) and 
Harriet Whetstone (June 4, 1824-March 6, 1907), daughter of 
Jacob and Agnes AVhetstone, natives of Bedford CVninty, 
Pennsylvania, were married by Rev. George Liedy, in Friend's. 
Cove, near Bedford, Pennsylvania, June 12, 1845. 

In 1840 Mr. Diehl assisted John May, a prominent mer- 


cliaut and fninici-, of Raiiisbiii'i;', ]*('iiiisyl\-ania, as an all i-onnd 
cltM-k in the stoi-c, jxjstoflicc, and on the lai-.^c farm. These 
wei-c the days Ix'foi'c jjostauc stani])s, Avhcn a niilca.n-e rate was 
charged on each lettei", and tlic mails were carried ovei- moun- 
tain roads on hoi'se-baek oi- by sta,i;-e-coaeh, between towns and 
villages. He also taught lural school a few years, Jind con- 
ducted excning singing school at school houses. He raiiiicd a 
couple of yeai's east of Everett, neai" M '(Jraw's Crossing. Lat- 
er he purchased 400 acres iron ore land between Hoi)ewell and 
Bloody Run (now Everett) which he improved, and it was 
afterwards known as the Half- Way House, now owned by John 
Greenawalt. He was a stockholder and helped build the Bloody 
Run and Hopewell Plankroad in 1857, which afterward went 
into the hands of a receiver as an unprofitable venture. In con- 
nection w^ith clearing, burning lime, building, and farming, he 
engaged consideral)ly in the lumber business, a couple of years 
in partn(»rship with J. B. Harris and J. B. Williams. Here he 
was secretary of the township school board and successfully 
helped establish our free school system. 

In 1863 he exchanged this farm for 280 acres in southwest 
Iowa, and moved to Snake Spring Valley, on the old Ritchey 
farm, which was his home two years. In 1865 he sold this 
(known as the Stone House property) and took his family 
west, taking possession of a farm which afterwai-d grew to a 
half section, near Sunnnum, Illinois. Here he heljxHl build the 
first chui'ch in that coinnumity, under the ])astorate of Rev, 
George Weber. He was a life-long member of the Reformed 
Church; a libei-al supporter of her institutions, and a Sunday 
school worker for three-quarters of a century. As a delegate 
he represented the church at many of its classical and synodical 

As a master of Woodland (Ji-ange, he was a strong factor 
in the I*atron of Husl)andry movement here forty years ago. 
He was an active memlx"- of the Masonic fratei-nity, in ])olitics 
a Republican always, and with Mrs. Diehl belonged to the Or- 
der Kastern Star. In 188() they retired from the active duties 
of the faini to a home in Astoria, Illinois, Avhere some twenty 
yeai's latei' they both, within the s])ace of a few months, obeyed 
that final summons that comes to all. 


Lssur : 

1. William John Ncviii (Oct. 17, 1.S46-PV1). 'J, 1S47). 

2. Klias Henry, May 17, 1848. 

3. Mary A^nos (Jan. 2, 1850-Jan. i;], 1901). 

4. Sarah Ellen, Sept. 2, 1852. 

5. Reuben Kmannel, Jnly 15, 1855. 

6. Matthew Irvin, May 14, 1858. 

7. Benjamin Schneck, July 7, 1861. 

8. Jacob liingenfelter, April 1, 1864. 

III. Susanna Diehl was born in Friend's Cove, Bedford 
County, Pennsylvania, Sept. 20,1823, and on Dec. 24, 1842 was 
married to Henry Exline, who was born in that community 
June 10, 1821. They soon emigrated to Mercer County, Ohio, 
w^here farms had to be carved out of heavily timbered forests. 
Mr. Exline died in Iowa in 1875, and Mrs. Exline near hei- Olijo 
home, March 14, 1904. 

Issue : 

1. Emanuel (Sept. 3, 1843-May 6, 1864). 

2. Matthew (Sept. 9, 1845-June 22, 1847). 

3. John S. (Aug. 18, 1847-Dec. 6, 1877). 

4. Rebecca E. (May 13, 1850-Aug. 18, 1896). 

5. Martha Jane, Jan. 25, 1853. 

6. David H. (Sept. 28, 1855-1875). 

7. Franklin (Sept. 22, 1857-1878). 

8. Mary C, Jan. 22, 1859. 

9. Levi Henry (April 22, 1862-1875). 

10. Ida Grace (July 16, 1864-()ct. 6, 1890). 

IV. David Diehl (April 13, 1825-April 16, 1907) lived all 
his long and useful life in Friend's Cove, except four years 
which he lived in Bedford, Pennsylvania, when he was sliei-iff. 
He was elected to that office on the Republican ticket in 1884, 
by an overwhelming majority, at a time when the ])aity was in 
the minority. His deputi(\s were M. I. Diehl and William 
Eiholtz. He was a consistent member of the Rc^'ormed Chuirh, 
serving a long number of years in the consistory, citlici- as elder 
or deacon. He was a charter member of Rains])urg Lodge, L O. 
O. F., which he represented at the (ii'and i^odge several tiuK's. 
He also was a member of the Encampment at Bcdt'oid. < >ii 


Sept. 5, 1850, he was united in iiian-ia,i;-e to Eve Anna Ritchey 
(Feb. 8, 1826-Auft-. 3, 1892) of Bedford township, to whom the 
following children were born : 

1. John Kitehey, July 22, IS.-)!. 

2. .Matthew Irvin (Aug-. 28, 1853-Xov. 11), 1912). 

3. Mary Olive (Sept. 28, 1855-Nov. 12, 1908). 

4. Emma Susan (Oct. 12, 1858-Auo-. 22, 1S(;2). 

5. :Margaret Elizabeth, Jan. 8, 18(52. 

6. Samuel Hughes (July 11, 1863-Oct. 1(5, 1885). 

7. Tlvsses (Irant, March o, !-!()'). 

Ex-SiiHuiKF David Dikiit.. BEOFonn. Pkxxsvt-vania. 


V. John Diehl (March 10, 1827-Apiil 22, IJJU) of 
Friend's Cove, and ]\rary A. Ritchey (April 17, 18:n-Auir. 10, 
1894), of Bedford townsliip, Pennsyhniiia, were mai'i-icd at tli.* 
Rei'onned Church parsona.i-c, Bedfoi-d, Pcinisylvaiii.;, oii St. 
John's Day, Jini(% 1850, by Rev. Henry Hcckcnnan, t!i-' ceiv- 
niony bein.i;- witnessed by the Hon. John Cessna ainl wile He 
\vas a most genial man and usually had a good woi-d for every 
one he met. He helix'd !)uil(l the First Reformed Church at 
Manns Choice and was an eflieieiit deacon for many vears. In 
his earlier manhood days, when there was a denumd for })ar- 
rels in which to ship flour from the home mills to the leading 
markets, he followed the cooper trade. Later he turned his at- 
ention to farming, which he followed until he retired from the 
active duties of life. Of eight brothers he was the last survivor. 

Issue : 

1. William Watson, Jan. 24, 1853. 

2. Mary Magdalene (Sept. 12, 1854-:\larcli 8, 1912). 

3. Benjamin Franklin, Feb. 3, 1857. 

4. David Nevin, Oct. 15, 1859. 

5. Elizabeth, Jan. 14, 1860. 

6. Blanch Evet, Sept. 17, 1863. 

7. Jennie, Feb. 3, 1865. 

8. Howard, April 15, 1868. 

9. Eve Ettie (Aug. 11, 1869-Jan. 23, 1886). 
10. Bruce (April 13, 1873-June 7, 1874). 

VI. Joel Diehl was born near the Brick Church in 
Friend's Cove, Bedford County, Pennsylvania, March 11, 1829, 
and as soon as old enough learned the cooper's trade. He fol- 
lowed making barrels for several years, most of the tim<' for 
Hartley's Plour Mill, at Willow Grove, <'ast of Bedford. In 
those days all the wheat not used for seed was gi-ound in the 
home mills, located along every mountain stream, and the Hour 
not consumed at home went to the great markets in new Itarrels. 
Consequently th<' cooper shoj) was an annex of the tlour mill. 

He married Elizabeth Anne Overaker of that comnumity. 
In 1864 they removed to Lacross, Wisconsin, wheic he was con- 
nected with a prominent lumbei- company many years. Five of 
the children graduated from the high school and the boys all 
have prominent positions. 


Mr. Diehl's death occuncd Dec. "JO, 1S91. 

Issue: ^. Rciilx'ii Fi-aiiklin. 1>. Kllcn Francos. 3. John 
"William B. 4. Minnie (Jcitrudc. ."). Charles Henry. 6. George 
Edward (deceased). 

Vll. Joshua DiEHL (March 7, 1831-April IT), lS(i-J ), of 
Friend's Cove, Pa., in his youth developed a remaikal)Ie ability 
to do more than one tliin,!*', and do it well. He first learned to 
be a saddle and harness maker under the instruction of his 
brother-in-law, John Dittmar, and soon became an adept as a 
workman. He then followed danuerreotypinii- a couple of years 
at the time when photograpliy was just making- its appearance. 
In the late '50 's he went to western Ohio and engaged in the 
nursery business, which he followed until the bi-eaking out of 
the Civil Rebellion. Sept. 14, 1861, he enlisted in the 8th Ohio 
Cavalry, Troop 4, and on account of his skill as a saddler, was 
elected to the position of Saddle Boss. In a skirmish near 
]\Iurfreesboro, Tennessee, in scaling a deep ravine, his horse 
fell, injuring him so that he lived only a few days. His remains 
lie in the National Cemetei'v at Murfi-eesl)oro, Tennessee. 

YIII. Elias S. Diehl was born in Friend's Cove, Bedford 
County, Pennsylvania, March (i, 1833. After a term at the 
Eainsburg Seminary, he tanglil scliool a few years in winter, 
-while farming in sunnnei'. The author of this volume was one 
of his pupils at the John's Branch and Pi])ei' Hun schools, 
in Hoi)e\vell township. Nov. 25, 1858, he married Mary AVeisel, 
of Bedford, J\'nnsylvania, who was born at that place Sept. 4, 
1835, Rev. Henry Heckerman, of the Reformed Church, offici- 
ating at the wedding. He farmed three years at the Halfway 
farm on the Plank Road, north of Tatesville, then moved to 
Snake Spring Valley, on the Weisel farm, where he died Nov. 
12, 1865. Tliev were at'ti\-e and loval members of the Reformed 

Issiir : 

1. William Henry, Aug. 25, 1859. 

2. Vii-ginia Belle, Sept. 2, 18G0. 

IX. Anna Mary Diehl was born April 6, 1836, in Friend's 
Cove, Bedford County, Pennsvlvania, and Tuarried Jacob Har- 


clorode. ]\lr. Harclei-ode followed carp('iiteriM<;- and barn 
building until 1876, when with his family he removed to La 
Fayette County, Missouri, and engaged extensively in fanning. 
Issue: 1. Watson. 2. John Adam. ?>. Harriet Mary. 4. 
Susan Norah. 5. Joseph Grant. 6. Sarah Elizabeth, 7. Emma 
May. 8. Jacob David C. 0. Alice Hardinan. 

Samuel J. Diehl and Comrade, 

X. Samuel J. Diehl was born on a farm in Friend's Cove, 
Pennsylvania, June 3, 1840, While a student at the Kainsburg, 
Pennsylvania, Seminary, he enlisted, Oct, 12, 18(il, in Co, D, 
55th Pennsylvania Volunteers, under Captain S, S. Metzg'^r. 
In the battle of Rochlego, South Carolina, he was wounded in 
one knee, which disabled him a coui^le of months. After his 
three years service he re-enlisted in the same comi)any and re- 
mained in the army until the close of the wai-. August 30, lS(i5, 
he was honorably discharged, Avhen he returninl to his old 
home and assisted on the farm. In October, ISCli, he went to 
Mercer County, Ohio. Here he nianicd (1) Susan l\ih-y. to 


which union was horn one chihl, Myith'. I )iv()i-('c(l I'l-om her, 
h(Miiai-rifd ('2) Khior Tcinph'. 
Issue : 

1. Minnie l-ichccca, Sept. 28, 1873. 

2. John Albion (April 8, 1875-:\ray 8, 1913). 

3. Mary Ellen, Feb. 21, 1878. 

After the death of Mrs. Elnor Diehl he niaiiicd (3) Xaney 
J. Boyei-, who was liorn Fd). 2.'), isr)4, on May li), 1878. 
Issur : 

1. Nettie Lnla, Dec. i), ISSO. 

2. Daisy Henrietta, Nov. 29, 1884. 

3. Nora lona, July 6, 1893. 

They lived en a farm until 1899, wlien they moved to Ohio 
City, and later to VanWert, Ohio. He Avas a member of the G. 
A. K., and with his wife and daug'hter, members of the First 
Evangelical Church of VanWert. After a week of intense suf- 
fering at the Soldiers' Heme in Dayton, he died April 13, 1914, 
and was buried on the 17th at YanWert, (Alio, the funeral in 
ehariie c f the G. A. R. and the ministers of the Evangelical and 
V. B. churches. 

X. Harriet Diehl was born near the Brick Church in 
Colerain Township, Bedford County, Pennsylvania, ]\Iarch IG, 
1847, and married John Lee, who was born at Buffalo Mills, 
March 19, 1846. He followed fence-making, house-building and 
cabinet-making. He enlisted at Rainsburg, Pennsylvania, 
March 16, 18('4, as a Corporal of Co4n]iany A, 184th Regiment, 
Pennsyhania Volunteer Infantry, and was nmstered out at 
Washington, D. C, July 14, 186,1. At (\)ld Harbor, Virginia, 
he was shot through the right hand and in the left side, which 
disabled him 1 Voni acti\'e ser\'ice only a few weeks. After his 
discliarge he followed farming successfully at Saxton, near 
Bedfoid, and at Chaneysville. After the death of Mrs. Lee, 
which occurred Aug. 5, 1897, he married Mary M. Dibert, of 
Bedford, Pennsylvania, Feb. 12, 1899, Rev. J. W. Lingle offici- 
ating. They are comfortably situated in a new and up-to-date 
residence in Bedford, Pennsylvania, and have a Diehl relic of a 
rocking chair that has seen sei-\ice 120 years. To the fii'st ]nar- 
ital union were born : 


Clayton C. (April 9, 1871). 
Harry (June 14, 1873). 
William B. (June 16, 1876). 
John Edo-ar (May 8, 1878). 
James Walter (July 5, 1880). 
Charles W. (Dec. 29, 1883). 
May (Sept. 28, 1891). 

Corporal John Lee, Bedfohd. I'kn nsvlvaxia. 


I. CATllAla^■E DiEJiL married Hozekiali May. 
Issue: 1. Uriah. 2. Sarah. S.David. 

II. Adam C. Dieiil married Isabel ^Nfortimore (daughter 
of George Mortimore). 

Issue: 1. Sophia C. 2. George H. 3. Amanda J. 4. Lottie 
E. 5. J. Frank. G. Laura. 7. Anna. 8. A. G. 9. Scott P. 

III. John Dikhl married Margaret Fetter (daughter of 
Jacob Fetter). 

Issue : 1. George Calvin. 2. Emma. 


I. Rachel Diehl married Frederick Turner. 
Issue : 1. Sophia. 2. Philip. 3. Annie. 4. Mary. 

II. Faxnie Diehl married Henry Harclerode. 
Issue: 1. Anna Mary. 2. John Philip. 3. Ellen. 4. Si- 
mon Henry. 

III. Noah Diehl married IMary M. Nosker. 

Issue: 1. Jacob Henry. 2. Philip Russel. 3. Mary F. 
(married George Martin). 4. George E. (married Julia Shaf- 
fer). 5. JNlargaret L. 6. Jose])h William. 7. Anna A. S.Mar- 
tha Ella. 9. Charles N. 10. Elizalx'th J. 11. Harrv F. 

IV. Job Diehl married Susannah Harclerode. 

Issue: 1. Julia Ann. 2. Hanna Kcbecca. 3. Susannah. 
4. Joseph Franklin. 5. Lucy M. G. Ellen Elizabeth. 7. Jennie 
L. 8. George Adam. 

V. Gideon Diehl married Lena Hamlin. 
Issue : Ulysses Grant. 


VL Caroline Diehl married David Oswalt. 
Issue : Viola. 

VII. Emanuel Diehl married Fannie Corle. 
Issue : 1. William Alplieiis. 2. Emma E. 3. Ambrose R. 
4. Levi H. 5. Sarah D. 6. James C. 

VIII. ]\Iary Ellen Diehl married Emanuel Swartzwelder. 
Issue: 1. B. Franklin. 2. E. Huo-lies. 3. Phillip E. 4. 
Harry O. 5. Daniel II. 6. Albert R. 7. Nora B. 

IX. Lavenia Diehl married Alex. Diehl. 
Issue: 1. Samuel Ellswoith. 2. Eleanor ]\Ivrtle. 

X. Levi Diehl (Dec. 7, 1843) and Sarah E. Shaff(>r (June 
25, 1856) were married June 14, 1877. 
Issue : 

1. Charles Emanuel (July 22, 1877). 

2. Dorrow E. (Aug. 14, 1879-Mav 22, 1882). 

3. Job W. (July 8, 1881). 

4. Philip R. (April 1, 1883). 

5. J. Anna (July 16, 1885). 

6. Alice A. (Aug. 8, 1888). 

7. AdaL (May 21, 1891). 

8. Levi O. (March 12, 1898). 

XL Espy Diehl enlisted in Co. D., 55th Pennsylvania Vol- 
unteers, Oct. 12, 1861, and later sacrificed his life in Anderson- 
ville prison. 

XII. Philip Amos Diehl married Catherine Shaffer. 

Issue: 1. Dora S. 2. Florence R. 3. Daniel W. 4. Maud 
G. 5. HuldaV. 

:o :- 


I. Mary Ann Diehl married Jeremiah Taylor. 

Issue: 1. John C. 2. Joseph. 3. Samuel. 4. Matthew. 


5. AikIi-cw. (I. l^liiKT. 7. Louisn ( inai-ricd Louis Bcaclicy). 
8. AVillinm. 

n. ^fAitsAHiyr Dtktit> married T^fatlhcw Taylor. 
Issue: 1. ('alxiii. 'J. Ann Belle ."). ( rnknowii.) 

TIT. John Diehl married Ella Alsi]i. 
Issue: 1. Clarence. 

TV. Klizabetii DiKiiL married George Cessna. 
Issue: 1. John. 2. William. 

V. Scott Diehl married Alary Rizer. 

Issue: 1. George. 2. Lulu. 8. Margaret. 4. Kate. 
5. Charles. 

:o :- 


I. William M. Diehl was born near Cliarlesville, Pennsyl- 
vania, Aug. 16, 1838 and married, Jan. 15, 1861, Catherine Eng- 
land, of Snake Spring, who was born Jan. 19, 1835, Rev. C. F. 
Hoffmeir officiating. He was a farmer until he retired from 
active life. His home has been near Clearville, Pennsylvania, 
for the last thirty years. Mrs. Diehl died May 10, 1S74. 

Issue : 

1. Simon Henry (Nov. 1, 1861-1877). 

2. Mary Elizabeth (Feb. (>, 1863). 

3. Sarah Ellen (Sept. 7, 1864). 

4. Anna Amanda. 

5. Ennna Malinda. 

6. John Walter (April 16, 1875). 

7. Margaret Catharine (Jnne 14, 1873-A])ril 15, 1874). 

8. (Charles Peter (Aug. l(i, 1877). 

IT. Corporal Henhv Diehl was boi-n Alay 17, 1842, near 
Cliarlesville, Pennsylvania, which has always been his home, 
and on Dec. 20, 1866, he married Susanna Weisel, who was 
born Sept. 13, 1843>, T^ev. AV. M. Deati'ick officiating. He enlist- 


ed in Company D, 55tli Pennsyhania Veteran \'()liinte<'r,s, ^^'l). 
18, 18(54, under Captain SorAretz-^cr. After battles at Cold 
Harbor and the surrender of Lee at Appamatox, he Avas hon- 
orably discharged as a corporal, Aug. 30, ISfi.j, ^vhen lie r<'- 
turned and resumed farming as a life-long occupation. Mrs. 
Dielil died Aug. 7, 19V2. The family are faithful members of 
the Reformed Chui'ch, of which j\Ir. Diehl has been either dea- 
con or elder, some forty years. 
Issue : 

1. Mary Elizabeth (Julv '24, 18(57). 

2. David W. W. (Sept. 28, 1868). 

3. Rebecca Laura (Nov. 12, 1869). 

4. Joseph Grant (Jan. 7, 1871). 

5. Carrie Alice (June 10, 1872). 

6. John Henry (Oct. 19, 1873-]\I.a]-ch 18, 1893). 

7. Charles Ross (Aug. 24, 1875-Sept. 12, 187.")). 

8. Sarah Myrtle (Dec. 31, 1876-Nov. 22, 1880). 

9. Jesse H. (July 29, 1878-June 4, 1879). 

10. Ella May (June 3, 1880-June 23, 1880). 

11. Reuben Franklin (Aug. 11, 1881). 

12. George Ransom (April 23, 1883-Aug. 11, 1883). 

III. Susanna Diehl was born March 8, 1845, near Charles- 
ville, Pennsylvania, and Jan. 29, 1867 was married by Rev. "W. 
]\L Deatrick to John Holdei-baum, who was born Nov. 9, 1833 
and died June 17, 1880. 

Issue : 

1. Marv Elizabeth (Jan. 29, 1868). 

2. David Ranson (May 7, 1869). 

3. Carry Lucinda (March 8, 1874). 

4. Olive Margaret (Oct. 17, 1875-Oct. 6, 1887). 

5. John A. C. (Dec. 17, 1878-Dec. 17, 1880). 

6. Janetta R. J. (Dec. 17, 1878). 
The last two were twins. 

TV. jMarv Ellen Diehl was born near Charlesville, Penn- 
sylvania, June 6, 1848. She was united in married with Henry 
Heckerman Koontz, a farmer of that conmmnity. The young- 
est daughter, Mary Blanche, is a successful tcachei- in tlie ]inb- 
lic schools. 


Issue : 

L Laura Myrtle (March 4, 1875). 

2. Charles Henry (June 3, 1876), 

3. Georo-e David F. (Jan. 23, 1878). 

4. John William (Jan. 21, 1881). 

5. Mary Blanche (Feb. 23, 1883). 

G. Josiah Reuben (Sept. 11, 1886-1887). 

A'. Reubex Dikul (:\lay 15, 1850-May 5, 1909), Avas a 
tanner in Colerain towshinp, Bedford County, Pennsyl- 
\ania. He married (1) Julia Ann Diehl, who died without 
issue. In 1876 he married (2) Mollie Kegg, who was born in 

Isiiuc: 1. Henry F. (1889). 2. C. JMarshall Reuben (1900). 

VI. Sarah Elizabeth Diehl was born near Charlesville, 
Pennsylvania, May 21, 1852. She was united in marriage in 
1872 to Isaac Dibert, a carpenter and builder, who was born 
Aug. 27, 1846. 



I. Francis Mariox Diehl was born Dec. 8, 1841, and mar- 
ried Sarah England, and has followed farming all his life. Rev. 
W. M. Deatrick officiated at their wedding, March 9, 1865. Mrs. 
Diehl was born Dec. 11, 1844. They have retired to a comfort- 
able residence in Charlesville, Pennsylvania. 

Issue : 

1. Margaret Orpha (Aug. 16, 1866). 

2. Mary Ida (Dec. 22, 1868). 

3. John Rufus (Sept. 27, 1872). 

4. Emanuel P. W. (Feb. 22, 1875). 

5. Sarah Elizabeth (Dec. 31, 1880). 

6. Simeon Henry (May 22, 1883). 

7. Lulu May (Oct. 23, 1885). 

8. Harvey Elmer (Jan. 11, 1877-May 29, 1877). 

9. Francis William (March 14, 1879-March 25, 1879). 


II. Sophia Dieul was born in Friend's Covo, Pennsyl- 
vania, Dec. 29, 1843, and married David F. Koontz. 
Issue : 

1. Sarali Alice (Dec. 25, 1864). 

2. Nicholas E. (Jan. 30, 1867). 

3. Emanuel R. (June 9, 1869). 

4. Mary C. (Nov. 30, 1873-1880). 

5. Minnie E. (May 8, 1877-1881). 

6. Emma S. (April 2.-), 1881-1897). 

III. Attorney Ephraim C. Diehl was born in Friend's 
Cove, near Charlesville, Pennsylvania, Nov. 27, 1848. At an 
early a^e he was a rural school teacher in Bedford County. He 
studied some at the Seminary at Kainsburg. Later he took a 
course at Franklin & Marshall College, graduating in 1873. He 
then read law and commenced as an attorney at Lancaster, 
Pennsylvania, in 1876. But ill health, in a few years, compelled 
him to relinquish the legal profession and he engaged in book 
keeping at Johnstown, Pennsylvania, where he is married and 

IV. John Irvin Diehl (Nov. 15, 1850) married Mary C. 
Whetstone, Jan. 28, 1873, Wm. ^L Deatrick officiating. They 
reside on part of the farm formerly owned by Ex-Sheriff 
David Diehl. 

Issue : 

1. Charles Emery, Dec. 25, 1873. 

2. Levi Emanuel, Nov. 8, 1876. 

3. Michael Ephraim, Sept. 10, 1879. 

4. William Edward, Dec. 10, 1882. 

5. ^largaret Rebecca, May 27, 1886. 

6. Elias Franklin, July 1, 1889. 

7. Ralph Ambrose, March 11, 1895. 

V. Elias E. Diehl was born in Friend's Cove, near Bed- 
ford, Pennsylvania, July 8, 1857, and married Mary Martha 
Diehl, who was a daughter of Josiah Diehl. They reside on the 
old home place. 

Issue: 1. Bertha Y. 2. Walter O. 3. Calvin W. 4. FJias S. 


VI. JiTKJE William John Diehl was ])<)i-ii in Friend's Cove, 
PciiiisylvaniM, near tlic Old Brick riiurch, Auo-. 4, 1800. After 
iiiarryin<i;' Laura Slioeinaker, he moved to Cliarlesville, Penn- 
sylvania, and engaged in smithing, manufacturing carriages, 
and fruit growing. He was elected Associate Judge of the 
county by the Kepublicans in 18—., and served four years. He 
died Feb. 22, 1912. 

Issue: 1. Oscai- Milton. 2. Clyde Homer. 3. Ii-a William. 
4. Frederick. 5. Pauline. 


I. Polly Ritchey married Moses Bowser. 

Issue: 1. Laana. 2. Emanuel. 3. Rebecca. 4. Elizabeth. 
5. Catharine. 6. Lucinda. 7. Calvin. 8. Mary. 9. Ida. 10. Ed- 
niond. 11. Christena. 

11. Emanuel Ritchey^ married Eve Bowser. 

Issue : 1. Franklin. 2. John. 3. Joseph. 4. Mary. 5. Re- 
becca. 6. Ellen. 7. (leorge. 8. jVfadora. 9. Minnie. 10. Charles. 
11. Homer. 12. Renie. 

111. John Ritchey married Susannah Crom. 
Issue: 1. Jane. 2. Elmira. 3. Maggie. 4. William. 5. 
Sherman. 6. Annie. 7. Elizabeth. 

I^^ Rachel Ritchey married Daniel W^entz. 
Issue: I.John. 2. Jacob. 3. David. 4. AVilliam. S.Annie. 
<). Rebecca. 7. Catharine. 



I. John Hyde married Christena Dull. 

Issue: 1. Anna M. 2. William J. 3. Christena C. 4. Lucy 
Ann R. 5. John E. 6. Samuel J. 7. Lillian V. 8. Emma M. 
9. Ida B. 10. Lottie V. 11. Joseph V. 


II. Makv Hvdk married Aaron Struckiiian. 
Issue: 1. Rebecca. 2. Silas. 3. p]iinna. 4. Saniucl. 5. 
Elsie. 6. Julian. 7. William. 8. Job. 

III. Emanuel Hvdp: married Alar<;aret Hillegass. 
Issue: 1. Julia Ann. 2. Marv Ann K. .*). Knima B. 4. Illicit 
E. 5. Jacob W. 6. Calvin J. 7. Bei-t E. 

IV. JoHNATHAN HvDK married Susan Palmci-. 

Issue: 1. Lousis M. 2. Samuel J. 3. Rebecca K. 4. Sarah 
E. 5. Henry E. 6. Charles A. 7. Emanuel H. 8. Henrietta (}. 
9. Norma D. 10. George B. 11. James B. 

V. Samuel Hyde married Mary ]\liller. 

Issue : 1. Margaret M. 3. Elwood O. 4. ( ) range B. 

VI. Margaret Hyde married Peter Stile. 

Issue: 1. Mary A. 2. Clara C. 3. Samuel O. 4. .John W. 
5. Rebecca 0. 6. Calvin A. 7. Clvde Y. 8. Emma C. 9. Harry 
R. 10. Earl B. 



I. Mary Ellen Diehl was born in Friend's Cove, IN-nn- 
sylvania, and married Joseph F. Corle. 
Issue: 1. Blanche May (died young). 

II. Margaret Diehl married John Gephart. 
Issue: 1. Maggie May (died young). 

III. Samt^el Taylor Diehl was born in Bedford County, 
Pennsylvania, and mai'ried Martha Pcnncll. 

Issue: 1. Henry Milton. 2. Lauia Blanche. .">. Charles 
Ellis. 4. John Percy. 5. Chester Shannon. (1. (Jeoi-ge Anibi-ose. 
7. Harold Bradv. 8. Alton. 9. Marv Mabel. 10. Xorah Irene. 


I. Andrew J. Pennei. inaiiied Sophia A. Stuckey (daugh- 
ter of Simon Stnckoy). 

Issue: 1. .Margaret. 2. Ida. 3. Clara B. 4. Simon Grant. 
5. Lillie BelL 

II. Mary Pennel married A. J. Davis. 

III. JoiixATHAN Pennel married (1) Christena Diehl; 
(2) Susan Diehl, daughters of Joseph Diehl. 


I. Julia Ann Diehl married Josiah Nycum. 

Issue: 1. Asa Calvin (married Emma Wertz). 2. Emma 
Rebecca (married Herman Aidt and lives in Ohio). 3. John 
Hughes. 4. Jennie (married James Craig). 5. Edith (de- 
ceased). 6. Franklin. 

11. Mary Diehl, who was born in Bedford County, Penn- 
sylvania, in 1839, married John H. Cessna, who was born June 
25, 1839, near Bedford, Pennsylvania, and died at his late home 
in Altoona, Pennsylvania, Dec. 29, 1913. He was the efficient 
superintendent of schools of his native county ten years, and 
had some forty-three years experience as a public teacher. 

Issue: 1. Ella Gertrude. 2. Amrine J. Burton (deceased). 
3. Franklin Kremer (deceased). 

The daughter married a Mr. Woods and they reside at 
Altoona, Pennsylvania. Burton was a printei-. Franklin K. 
was in college, preparing for the Christian ministry, when 
death oxcrtook him in his twenty-first year. 

111. Elizabeth Diehl married Abraham Swartz. 
Issue: 1. George Preston. 2. Asa Burton (deceased), 

IV. Asa Diehl married Emma Diehl (iv), Johnathan (iii), 
Adam (ii), Samuel (i). 


Issue: Two children, deceased. .\ran-i('d (2) Maliiida .!, 

Issue : 1. Arvillc. 

:o :- 


I. George Diehl married Mary J, Diehl. 

II. Adam Diehl, born Aug. 30, 1857, and on June G, 1889, 
married Amanda Perdew, of Bean's Cove, Pennsylvania, who 
was born Jan. 1, 1869. He is a farmer and laborer. 

Issue : 

1. Edna May (July 17, 1890). 

2. Joseph Stanley, Oct. 26, 1898. 

III. Emma Diehl married Harry Hunt, who opci'ates his 
own farm on Route 2, Everett, Pennsylvania. 
Issue : 1. Grace. 2. Ada. 

IV. Amanda Diehl married Calvin Zinim(M-man, a fai'mer 
near Wolf sburg, Pennsjdvania. 

Issue: 1. Anna. 2. Grace. 3. Oscar. 4. I). Clay. 

V. Anna Diehl married George Koontz, a farmer near 
Cessna, Pennsylvania. 

Issue: 1. Harry I. 2. Laura. 3. Nora. 4. Joseph. 5. T^Finni-'. 
6. Ada. 7. Carry. 8. Michael. 9. Lulu. 10. :\Iira. 


I. Samuel Snyder Diehl (Aug. 26, 1832), of the north 
end of Friend's Cove, married (1) Emily Jane Diehl, wlio was 
born in 1843. He drove stage coach between Bedford ami 
Hopewell, when passengers, mail, and freight wer.- brought 
overland from the railroad terminus of the latter ])]iH-i\ Alt<M-- 


Avards lie was in the livory business with ^\v. DilxM-t at Bedford, 
]\'iinsylvaiiia. Later he was a fai-mer. lie has also been a 
county commissioner. 

Issue: 1. ITeiny Grant. 2. Virginia Bell. )>. Oscar Ancel. 

Mrs. Diehl died in 1870, and later Mr. Diehl married (2) 
Oarrie E. Sleek. 

Issur: 1. Harry Ross. 2. IMary. 3. p]lsie May. 4. John 
Clark. 5. Percy Tat(\ (>. Clarence Roy. 7. Sanuiel Earl. 
8. Walter Jordaii. D.Frank. 10. Vernon. * 

II. JosiAir Diehl married Camelia Harris (danuliter of 
John Harris). 

Issur: 1. Jennie (iiiairied Eli Alanspeakei*). 2. Missouri 
(married John Davis). 

III. Adam H. Diehl mai-ried Eiimia Kcis^hard (daiiuliter 
of Solomon Reighard). 

Issue: I.Luther. 2. }»Iay. o. Ai)his. 4. Grace. 

IV. Makv Jaxe Diehl married Scott Corle 
Issue : 1. Fannie Mav. 2. Irene. 

V. Elizabeth Diehl man-led William Dibert. 

VI. Sarah Diehl mai'ricd William Sellers. 

VII. Daniel B. Diehl and Lueinda Smouse (April 6, 
1839-Aug. 15, 1914), daughter of George Smouse, were married 
Dec. 25, 1867, Rev. Henry Heckerman, of Bedford, Pennsyl- 
vania, officiating. They were residents of Friend's Cove. 

Issu:-: 1. Ella Myrtle (Dec. 2;'>, 18(38-Aug. 14, 1914). 2. 
George Elmer. 

A'lll. Catharine Diehl married Alilton Moorehead. 

IX. Christena Diehl married AVilliam Smith. 


1. >fT('iiAi.T. DiRiiL married Eve Imler. 

11. ,MAR(i.\HKT DiKiii. married I.cxi Wlictstoiic 

111. Nicholas Dieiil married Rebecca AVJielj^toiic. 

IV. Adam Diehl married Rebecca Harclcrodc 

V. (^jiAFtLES Diehl married Kmma Hunt, (hiii'jliter of AVill- 
iam Hunt. 

VI. Christexa Diehl married (leoriic Morlimore 


I. Alexander Diehl was born in Bedford ('oiiiily, reiiu- 
sylvania, July 6, 1840, and in December, 1865, married I.aviiiia 
Diehl (1842-i874). (Samuel I; John II; Philip III). 


1. Samuel Ellsworth, Jan. 10, lS(i7. 

2. Eleanor Myitle, Au,<i-. 'M, 1870. 

Secondly, he married Anna ]\Iary Diehl {lY) ; Km;nniel J. 
(Ill) ; John (II) ; Samuel (I), who was born near ('harles\ille, 
Pennsylvania, Au,<>-. 2o, 1845, and died in ^9{)\. 

Is SUP : 

1. Eugene Blanch, April, 1878. 

2. Idella C, Sept. 9, 1880. 

II. Andrew J. Diehl was boin in Bedfoid County, I\Min- 
sylvania, Auj>-. 12, 1843. He married Margaret E. Wlietsione, 
Feb. 2, 1870, who was born Aui;-. 25, 1847, and died Sei)t. 11, 
1913. He was a successful fanner. 

Issue : 

1. Martin Aaron, Oet. 1, 1870. 

2. Ada (died in infancy). 

3. Marv KJizahetli, Mareh 25, 1S75. 


4. Infant (deceased). 

5. Ida C, Aii,i>-. 19,1878. 

6. Lydia E., March 4, 1881. 

7. Oscar R., April 26, 1883. 

8. Xicliolas. 

9. Samuel Chester, ]\Iav 5, 1888. 
10. Ellis Andrew, Au^. 16, 1893. 

III. Adam F. Diehl (June 10, 1852) married Mary Cath- 
arine Cobler, who was born Aui;-. 7, 1856, on Au^. 3, 1876, Rev. 
Ellis N. Kremer officiating. He has followed farming and butch- 
ering many years, near Bedford, Pennsylvania, and has served 
as auditor three years, assessor nine years, and collector five 
years. He is secretary of the Diehl Reunion, wiiicli has met 
annually in the county since 1890. 

Issur : 

1. Samuel Tilden, Dec. 14, 1877. 

2. Andrew Ross, July 25, 1878. 

3. Calvin I\lartin, June 8, 1882. 

4. Edgar Nevin, May 3, 1886. 

5. Hattie IMay, April 11, 1890. 

6. Mabel Elizabeth, Sept. 29, 1900. 

TV. Nicholas M. Diehl (Sept. 4, 1855) was a farmer, but 
now in the feed business at Bedford, Pennsylvania. June 29, 
1876, he married Emma C. Harclerode, who was born July 4, 

Issue : 

1. Elizabeth Erden, April 7, 1877. 

2. Mary Ada, March 17, 1879. 

3. Lucinda .Myrtle, Sept. 29, 1881. 

4. Anna Catharine, May 24, 1887. 


I. Elizabeth Dhmil married John Cormick. 
Issue: 1. Mary. 2. Catharine. 3. Josiali. 4. John. 5. 
Martha. 6. Frank. 7. Henry. 8. Wellias. 


II. Jesse Diehl mai ricd Mary Miller, 
Issue: 1. William Llovd Emerson. 



I. Marietta Ritciiey married Samuel Wliysoiii^. 
Issue: 1. Rebecca. 2. Annie. S.George. 

II. Catharine Ritchey married Albert Wertz. 
Issue : 1. Anion. 2. Aden. 3. Annie. 4. T^izzie. 5. Rnth. 
6. Sadie. 7. Ida. 8. Julia. 9. Albert. 10. Eugene. 

III. Levi Ritchey married Rebecca Cryst. 
Issue : 1. David. 2. Aden. 3. Abbie. 4. Reuben. 5. Adol- 
plius. 6. George. 7. Milton. 

IV. Mariah Ritchey married Jeremiah Long. 
Issue: 1. Madora (married Joseph Ritchey). 2. Sarah 
(married John Ritchey). 

V. Rebecca Ritchey married John Imler, 
Issue : 1. Ralph. 

VI. David Ritchey married Catharine Bowser. 
Issue: 1. Harriet. 2. .Letitia. 3. Willis. 4. Hezekiah. 
5. Sada. 6. Eliza. 7. Ira. 8. Allen. 9. Viola. 

VII. Eliza Ritchey married William Marsden. 

Issue: I.Charles. 2. John. 3. Edith. 4. Kdwaid. .">. Harry. 

VIII. Sarah Ritchey married P^rancis Cryst. 
Issue: I.William. 2. Levi. 3. Idclla. 4. J.)S('i)h. ."). Jen- 
nie. 6. Clarence. 7. Gertrude. 

IX. Margaret Jane Ritchkn iiiaiiicd ( >li\('r Stevens. 
Issue: 1. George. 


X. William Ai,i'iirs Kiiciikn married I-ilizalx'lli Bowser. 
Jssui': 1. Cora. '2. Ilowaid. ."1. ('lareiicc. 1. Mabel. 
5. diaries. 6. Malaclii. 7. Guv. 



1. Isaac JJikjil married Rosainia Mock. 
Issue: I.Joseph. 2. Mary. o. l)aiiiel. 4. Amos. o. David. 
G.Jerome. T.Matilda. S.Lena. 9. Cla^-a. 10. Cora 

II. George Diehl married Mavg-aret Jjonu-. 
Issue: 1. Maiy. 2. I.loyd. ."'.Jeremiah. 4. Lena. 5. Mar 
garet. 6. Julia. 

Margaret married William Sulton. 

Ill, Samuel Diehl married Mary ]\[ock. 

Issue: I.Jane. '2. Catharine. 3. John. 4. George. 5. Jo- 
seph. 6. Frank. 7. Malinda. 8. Frederick. 9. Fdwai-d. 
10. Blair. 

IV. Daniel Diehl married Lavina Carl. 

Issue: 1. David. 2. Emerson. 3. Sylvester. 4. Reuben. 
5. Xora. 6. Isaiah. 7. Naomi, 8, Ambrose, 9, Reese, 10. 

V, Sarah Diehl married Joseph Strombaugh. 
Issue: 1. Amanda. 2. John. 3. Jane. 4. William. 5. 
Frank. 6. Annie. 7. Jessie. 

Vr. James Diehl mariied Leanna Carl. 
Issue: l.(}i-ant. 2. Mvrtle. ."k Aiaiv. 

:o :- 


1. (Vrolixe Diehl married William Trout. 

y.s.sMc: 1. Linton. 2. Lizzie. 3. l^ucy. 4. Minnie. 5. Drapser, 


IT. Catharixe Diehl nian-icd Joscpli Adams. 
Issue: I.William. 2. Bertha. .'>. Wallace 4. Maa<l. 

TTT. TCtjzabeth Dieiil mai-ricd Alhcit Lau<^'lilin. 
Issue: 1. Charles. 

IV. Henrietta Diehl married Frank Benton. 

Issue: I.Edith. 2. Alice. 3. Willmr. 4. Thomas. 5. Ethel. 

V. Emma Diehl married Herbert HandculV. 
Issue: 1. Iris. 2. Carlton. 


I. (Ieorge Diehl married Dorothy Finegan. 

Issue: 1. Daniel. 2. Hannah. 3. Frank. 4. Samuel. 5. 
Annie. 6. Wesley. 7. Forest. H. Jeremiah. 1). Maggie. 
10. Mary. 

II. Frank Diehl married Martha McConnell. 
Issue : 1. Katie. 2. Marv. 3. Hester. 4. Levi. 

III. Harmon Diehl married Amanda Stiffler. 
Issue : 1. Mary. 2. Bertha. 3. Lulu. 

IV. Aaron Diehl married Jane Mayor. 
Issue: -1. Samantha. 2. ]\Iaggie. 

Y. Adam Diehl married Mary Mayor. 

Issue: 1. Harrv. 2. Emma. 3. Ward. 4. Charles. 


I. Sarah Ritchev married Frank Xurcnihrock. 
Issue: 1. Jjawreiice. 2. Katie. 


II, Aarox Ritctiey nian-iod hizzio Stultz. 

Issue: I.Maud. 2. Harry. M Emory. 4. Roy. 5. Annie. 

III. Ambrose Ritciiey married Emma Boi-kliimor. 
Issue: 1. Austin. 2. Shamiou. 

IV. Harvey Ritchey married I^ila Walter 
Issue: 1. Clarence. 2. Ivan. 

V. Ellex Ritchey married Samuel Weaver, 
Issue: 1. William. 


I. Daniel Over married Lucy Croft. 
Issue : 1. Mertie. 2. Clarence. 3. Mabel. 

II. Aaron Over married Jane Haslett. 

Issue : 1. Daisy. 2. Pearl. 3. Beatrice. 4. Mary. 

III. William Over married Annie Helsel. 
Issue : 1. Rebecca. 

:o :- 


I. Margaret Fickerhoof married Joseph Harlin. 
Issue : 1. Jennie. 

II. John Fickerhoof married Mary Ferrent. 
Issue: 1. John. 2. Alexander. 3. George. 4. Mary. 
5. Catharine. 



I. Mariah Dieiil married Benjamin Earnest. 
Issue: 1. Celestia. 2. Sarah. 3. Hugh, 4. Ray. 


II. John Diehl married Annie AValtcr 
Issue : 1. Elmor. 2. Harvey. 

III. Calvin Diehl married Jane Bcrkliiiiici-. 
Issue: I.Allen. 2. Mavberrv. 

IV. Della Diehl mai-ried Calvin Bowser. 
Issue : 1. Lillie Pearl. 

:o : 


I. Abbie Diehl married Elmer Hite. 
Issue: 1. David. 



I. Benjamin Franklin Diehl, who was born in Friend's 
Cove, Pennsylvania, Jan. 17, 1834, and died Sept. 10, 1913, 
married Eve Diehl, daughter of Michael (iii) ; Adam (ii) ; Sam- 
uel (i). 

Issue: 1. Michael E. (June 16, 1860). 2. Rebecca. 3. Selby 
Myers. 4. Katie. 5. Alma. 6. Sewell AV. 

II. William H. Diehl married Sophia A., daus:hter of 
Zachariah (iv) ; Solomon (hi) ; John (ii) ; Sanuiel (i). 

Issue: 1. Blanche. 2. Humphrey Tate. 3. Carrie Cath- 
arine. 4. Ida Mav. 5. Grover Cleveland. 

III. Eve Diehl married Henry Bingerman. 

IV. Rebecca Diehl married George Beegle. 


SAMUEL (I), SAMUEL (l!),.I()SinA (III), (iKdIMiE (IV). 

I. George Diehl married Elizabeth Dullirld. 

IssiK'-. 1. Mmtv. 2. Maruarct. .''. Cahiii. 4. Fi-aiikliii 
5. Sarah. 6. Clara. 

IT. William K. Diehl (May U, lS44-Jiino 5, 1905) went 
west wlit'ii a young man from Bedford County, Pennsylvania, 
to Illinois, Avliere he married Lucinda Anna Lutz, March 4, 
1872. She was born Oct. 31, IS:].'). Tlicy lived on a fai-iii near 
Joy, Illinois, in Mercer County. 

Issue: 1. Eddie Elsworth (Jan. (I, 1S74). 2. Ida Belle 
(Sept. 19, IST.VXov. 17, 1907). 

III. Si'SAx DiEiiL was hoiii in Bedford County, Pennsyl- 
vania, and nianied AVilliam Beetle. 

Issue: 1. Minnie. 2. Margaret. 8. Anna. 4. Charles. 
5. Christena. (>. Ilarrv. 

IV. Samuel E. Diehl was born in Bedford County, Penn- 
sylvania, Sept. 18, 1848, and on August 30, 1870 he married 
Elizabeth Diehl, who was born Aug. 17, 1849. 

Issue : 

1. William E., June 3, 1871. 

2. Emeiv I., Oct. 7, 1872. 

3. Martin V., Nov. 22, 1874. 

4. Leona May, Jan. 31, 1877. 

5. Maggie R.^ (Aug. 1, 1879-Julv 9, 1906). 

6. Harry H.,^rarch 8, 1882. 

7. Nora E., Feb. 2, 1885. 

8. Nettie, xMay 25, 1887. 

9. Alliert Chester, Jan. 18, 1890. 
10. Sylvester Gumi), Aug. 15, 1893. 

Y. John Franklin Diehl was born in Bedfoixl County. 
Pennsylvania, Sept. 3, 1852, and married Louisa Elizabeth 
Diehr(April 8, 1855-Feb. 22, 1891), daughter of Zacharias 
(iv) ; Solomon (m) ; John (it) ; Sanmel (i). 

Issue : 

1. ]\linnie Etta (Jan. 19, 1873-Aug. 19, 1873). 

2. Joshua Erlington, June 4, 1874. 

3. Harry Floron (Sept. 25, 1876-Jan. 28, 1880). 

4. Clayton Zachariah, April 28, 1879. 


5. Daisy May, Dec. 7, ISSO. 

6. Mary Elizabeth, .Jan. 1, 1883. 

7. G(M)roe Cleveland, Oct. 1, 1884. 

8. Christcna Alice, Sept. 29, 1886. 

9. John Franklin, Sept. 5, 1888. 

10. Xoniiaii Clyde, Sept. IG, 1895. 

11. Thomas Floyd, Aug-. 29, 1898. 

VI. Amos Diehl was born in Bedford County, Pennsyl- 
vania, May 30, 1854, and nian-icd 

Issue : 

1. William E. (Sept. 10, 1880-.Jun(' 11, 1885). 

2. Benjamin Franklin, Dec. 27, 1882. 

3. Florence ^May, May 4, 1885. 

5. Harry M., Jan. 31, 1887. 

6. Emily Grace (Dec. 27, 1889-April 12, 1903). 

7. Charles H. (Aug. 11, 1892-Sept. 16, 1892). 

8. Olive L., Nov. 8, 1894. 

9. Francis M. (June 25, 1899-Sept. 15, 1899). 

VII. Jacob Diehl was born in Bedford County, Pa., 
Sept. 8, 1857, and Dec. 29, 1892, he married Mary Ann Rebecca 
Diehl-Fay, daughter of Zachariah (iv). 


I. SrsAXNA KooxTZ married Henry Hartman. 
Issue: 1. Philip S. 2. Catharine D. 3. David. 

II. Andrew Koontz married Mary A. Dciibaugh. 

III. David F. Kooxrz marrictl S()])hia Didil. 
Issue: I.Edward. 2. Sarah A. 3. Eniamicl 1\. I.Emma 
S. 5. ]\rarv C. 6. Minnie E. 


I. Adam Hai{('li:i;()I)F, iimn-icd ( 1 ) ?^Iiss Vickroy. 
Issue: 1. John. 

Second marriage : Mary Jane Itinger. 
Issue: 1. Elizabelli. 2. Joslali Hecnan. 3. Carrie; 4. Ju- 
lia, twins. 

Josiali H. nianicd I^illian "VValkci-. 

II. Solomon Hahci.krode married ]\raiy Jane Castorly. 
Issue: I.James. 2. Effie Julia. 3. Ollie. 4. Grant. Sev- 
eral not reported. 

III. William H. Harclerode (T) niai-ri(Ml Nancy Graybill. 
Issue : 1. Anna. 2. Jane. 
(2). Elizabeth Wiles. 
Issue: I.Rebecca. 2. Carrie. 

IV. Elizabeth Harclerode married Henry Imler, 
Issue : 1. Cvrus. 2. Samuel. 3. David. 

V. Benjamin F. Harclerode (1) married Susan R. Har- 

Issue: 1. G. B. McClellan. 2. Minnie F. 3. J. A. Franklin. 
4. James Constantine. 5. Julia Ann. 6. Sallie Gertrude. 

(2). Sarah E. Harclerode. 

Issue: 1. Hannah Loda. 2. Lucile. 

VI. David Harclerode married Mary Wiles. 
Issue: 1. Samuel. 2. Shannon. 3. David. 4. Elizabeth. 
5. Anna. 


I. Josiah Ott married Elizabeth Pcpple. 
Issue: 1. Harry F. 2. William C. 3. Annie R. 4. Elmer 
J. 5, John E. n. Emma A. 7. Hci-man F. 


I. Hesatoxa J. Whitmore (1) iiianicd Anna Suydam; 
(2) ]\ratilda Griffin. 

Issue: 1. Elnora E. 2. Bello B. :5. Charles E. 4. Arthur 
E. 5. Viola 1). 6. Lillio M. 7. Daisie D. 8. Herbert O. 9. Rus- 
sell N. 10. Floyd E. 

II. Mary Jane Whitmore married James Corbin. 
Issue: 1. Sophia. 2. Joseph. 8. Henry. 4. Belle. 
Maggie. 6. Franklin. 7. Cora. 8. Lizzie. 9. Melvin J. 

III. Simon P. Whitmore married Louisa Wilsey. 
Issue : 1. Hattie. 2. Rosie. 3. Joseph. 

IV. Ann Whitmore married Johnathan Griffin. 
Issue: 1. Joseph. 2. William. 3. Edward. 4. Alice. 5. 

V. David Whitmore married Mary Kistle. 

Issue: I.Douglas. 2. Charles M. 3. Lillie. 4. Clara. 

VI. Lizzie Whitmore was born near Bedford, Pennsyl- 
vania, Feb. 17, 1842, and came with her parents to Canton, Illi- 
nois, a few years afterwards. In January, 1867, she was united 
in marriage with Anthony A. Hemenover. Her death occurred 
Jan. 9, 1914. 

Issue : 1. Anna B. 2. Beulah H. 3. Grace. 


I. Sarah Hoenstine married Anthony Ziuiiuers. 
Issue: 1. Minnie. 2. Binnie. 

II. ^Margaret Hoenstine mai'i'i(Ml John Beckley. 
Issue: I.Preston. 2. William. D.Edward. 4. George. 

111. Franklin Hoenstink iiiaii'icd Rclx'ccn Bci'irain. 

SAMl Kl. (Ij, KVK H. (II), SIMON (III), Ml( HAKI. (IV) 

I. Michael Harclerode married l^elilnli Tinier 
Issue : 1. John. 2. Homer. 

II. Betty Harclerode mari-ied Adol])hus Walter. 

Issue: I.Edgar. 2. Cora. .'>. Sylvester. 4. John. 5. Clyde. 


I. Henry Mock married ^Nlary A. Spielman. 
Issue: 1. Gaddy. 2. Hallie. 3. Harvey. 4. Fanny. 5. 
Martin. 6. Lucinda. 

II. JoiiXATiiAN Mock married Florence Thompson. 
Issue : 1. Annie. 2. John. 3. Frank. 4. Rosie. 

III. Simon ]^Iock married Ellen Conner. 
Issue : 1. Hesatona. 2. Johnathan. 3. Julian. 4. William 
Stewart. 5. Henrv. 




T. William Nevix Diehl, who is one of the County Com- 
missioners, was born Oct. 20, 1850, near the Swamp school 
house in Friend's Cove, Bedford County, Pennsylvania. He 
has been a farmer and is engaged considerably in the live stock 
business. He married Catharine Ann, daughter of Samuel (iii), 
Adam (ii), Samuel (i). 

Lssue: 1. Samuel Howard. 2. Henry Kremer. 3. Lulu 
Irene. 4. Lloyd Elmer. 5. Caroline Mav. fi. Viola Grace. 7. 
Elizabeth Mvrtle. 

II. Solomon Shaxnox Diehl was born in Friend's Cove, 
Feb. 20, 1853. He married Jennie Whetstone, who was born 
Aug. 27, 1856. He has been quite active as a farmer, a railroad 
employee, and lastly, a groceryman the last dozen years at 
Cumberland, ]\rd., where they I'eside. 

Issue : 1. Margaret Jane. 2. Catharine Elizabeth. 3. Hen- 
ry Levi. 4. Charles Harmon. 5. Martha Lutie. 

III. Allex^ Alex Diehl was born near the Swamp school 
house, in Friend's Cove, Pennsylvania, Sept. 9, 1855. He mar- 
ried (1) Rebecca Harclerode, who was born Oct. 4, 1851, on 
Sept. 21, 1870. ]\lr. Diehl is an excellent citizen, who has been 
jury commissioner six years, and county Democratic commit- 
teeman thirty years. He is a successful farmer on his own 
place, on Route 2, Everett, Pennsylvania. 

Issue : 

1. Harry, Nov. 27, 1883. 

2. Estella, Feb. 14, 1885. 

3. Cora, Oct. 1887. 

Mrs. Diehl died Aug. 10, 1800, and on Aug. 10, 1!M1, Mi-. 
Diehl married (2) Ettie Valentine, wlu. was boiii ( )et. 4, 1865. 


IV. Hester E. Dieiit. was horn noar the Swamp school 
house, June 20, 1857, and iiiari-ied Nicliolas N. Kegg, son of 
Christena (iii), Adam (ii), Samuel (i). 

Issue: 1. Henry Ehiici-. 2. William Waltei-. ?>. Samuel 
Emory. 4. Chestei- Franklin, f). C'liarles Howard. G. Nettie 

V. Samuel F. Diehl was born in Friend's Cove, Pennsyl- 
vania, Sept. 1, 1859. He married Mary A., daughter of Nich- 
olas (iv), ?^richael (iii), Adam (ii), Sanmel (i). 

Issue: 1. Carrie Hester. 2. Lloyd Henry. 

VT. Edward ^l. Diehl was horn July 22, 1865, in Friend's 
Cove, Pennsylyania, near the Swamp school house, and married 
Bettie Pennel, 

Issue: 1. Julia Delphane. 2. George Henry. 

VII. Philip Calvin Diehl was born in Friend's Cove, 
Pennsylvania, Dec. 22, 1870, and Aug. 21, 1890, he married 
Phoebe Jane Lake, of Fulton County, Pennsylvania, who was 
born Aug. 13, 1867, Rev. Joseph Apple officiating. Mr. Diehl is 
a farmer on the old homestead, and for some twenty years has 
been in the lumber business. He has been inspector, and is a 
contractor of some prominence. 

Issue : 

1. Earl Victor, March 6, 1891. 

2. Lewis Raymond, July 23, 1892. 

3. Verda (Irace, Oct. 15, 1894. 

4. Hazel Beatrice, May 23, 1897. 

5. Freeman Guy, Nov. 29, 1901. 


I. Minnie Amandus Diehl was born in Friend's Cove, 
Pennsylvania, Oct. 26, 1863. She married W. H. Wolf, and 
they reside at Altoona, Pennsylvania. 

Issue : 1. Nora. 2. Percy C. 3. Harry. 4. Philip. 5. Bur- 


II. Elizabeth Lincolx Dieiil was boi'ii April 19, 1865, and 
is married to M. E. Diehl, of Cumberland, Maryland. (See his 

III. Effie Jane Diehl, born Sept. 2, 18G7, and married 
Philip F. Smith. They reside at T.avale, ^Maryland. 

Issue: 1. May (deceased). 2. Warner. S.Margaret. 

IV. Harvey Michael Diehl, born Jan. 19, 1870, and is at 
home on the old farm. He is married to Mary Miller. 
Issue : 1 . Walter. 2. Bernett. 

V. Hester May Diehl was born Juno 21, 1873. She mar 
ried J. A. Hale and are residents of Hyndman, Pennsylvania. 
Issue: 1. Glen. 2. Marie. S.Nathan. 4. Effie. 

VI. Herman Reeder Diehl was born near Lutzville, Penn- 
sylvania, Sept. 15, 1878, and is at home on the old homestead 
engaged in the j^oultry business. 


I. Rebecca J. Shoemaker married F. J. Beegle. 
Issue: 1. Daniel C. 2. J. Howard, .'t. Laura. 4. Louisa. 5. 
Lizzie. 6. Charles. 

11. James P. Shoemaker married Amanda Bender, of 
Somerset County, Pennsylvania. 

Issue: 1. Harry. 2. Grace. S. Oscar. 4. (luy. 5. Orie. 
6. Charles. 

III. Louisa Shoemaker married Thomas Liug. 
Issue : 1. Lottie. 

IV. Solomon Diehl Shoemaker married Susan Long, of 
Somerset, Pennsylvania. 


Issue: 1. Chirn. -. Xahx. '.\. Maurice. 4. fhai-los. 5. 
James. 6. (looi-iic 

V. George E. Shoemaker iiinrricd Ki-vio AValkor, of Som- 
erset, Pennsylvania. 

Issue: 1. Floia. '2. Clara. 

VI. ]\Iarv Catharine Shoemaker married Frank P. Elder. 
Issue: 1. Coia. 2. Malx'l. 3. Emma. 4. (leori^c. 5. Har- 
rv. r,. Walter. 



I. Louisa Smith nian-ied James S. Crawford. 

Issue: 1. Effie Catharine. 2. Irvine Alexander. 3. John, 
(died younii,). 4, Harrv. 5. Romanns. (>. Phili]), (died vouno-). 
7. :\Iay. S.Ella. 9. George. 

II. Sophia Smith married Henry Smith. 
Issue: 1. Emma Catharine. 2. Ivy. 3. Levi. 4. Dora Han- 

III. Philip F. Smith married Effie J. Diehl, daughter of 
Solomon F. (iv), Solomon (iii), John (ii), Samuel (i). 
Issue: L Cornelia May. 


1. Henry H. Koontz was born in Bedford County, Penn- 
sylvania, and married ]\Iary Ellen Diehl, daughter of Joseph H. 
(hi), John (ii), Samuel (i), wlio was ))()i-n in Friend's Cove, 
June 6, 1848. 

Issue: 1. Laura M. 2. Charles H. 3. George D. F. 4. John 
W. 5. Marv Blanch. 6. Josiah R. 


II. (lEOKdE T. KooNTZ iiian-icd Aiiiiic H. ()lt, (laughter of 
Josiali (iv), Margaret (in), Eva 11. (ii), Saiiiucl (i). 

Issue: 1. Nellie Edna. 2. Chester Koy. ;^. Ross Allen. 4. 
Fannie E. 

111. David S. Koontz niai-ried Ida M. dames. 
Issue: 1. Margaret Pearl. 2. Edith. 

IV. Adam F. Kooxtz niari-ied Mai-y Dlehl, daughter <»f 

Issue: 1. Bessie L. 2. Marl E. ."). ('. Thurmaii. 

V. Emma R. Koontz married John Snavely. 
Issue : 1. ]\Iabel. 


I. Solomon Diehl Hershisek married Laui-a Kni]t])h' 
Issue: 1. Edith. 2. Eugene. 

II. Elizabeth Ann Hershiser married Richard Danakei-. 
Issue: I.Gertie. 2. Wyoma. S.Josephine. 


]. AliNXiE Ida Diehl was born in Friend's ('(i\-e, Tennsyl- 
vania, Sept. 24, 1S(!4. On duly 22, 1886, she was married to 
Charles J. Sihley, who was horn January 22, l^lio. 

Issue : 

1. (Jraee M., A]))-!! o, 1887. 

2. Edgar C, ApriKi, 1890. 

3. Lester J., March 19, 1892. 

4. Clarence J., Aug. 15, 1894. 

5. Verna M., Mav 22, 1901. 


Rev, D. N. Dittmar, Mann's Choice, Pennsylvania. 


I. Rev. David Nevin Dittmar was born at l^ittonsville, 
later named Loysburg, Pennsylvania, Jan. 16, 1849. During the 
winter of 1861-2 he was assistant teachei- in the Woodbury 
school — possibly the youngest school teacher in all that coun- 
try. The next four years he spent attending school and teach- 
ing alternately. In 1866 he prepared to enter college at Merc- 
ersburg, Pennsylvania, where he remained until the end of the 
Sophomore year, in 1869. In September of that year he entered 
the Junior class of Franklin & Marshall College, and graduated 
in 1871. Then he taught one year in the Collegiate Institute at 


Martinsbur^-, Pennsylvania. In 1S72 lie cTitci-cd tlic Tlicolof^ic- 
al Seminary at Lancaster, Pennsylvania, fioni whence he grad- 
uated in 1.S75. He immediately entei-cd the ministry of the R<'- 
fornied Church, which he has served faithfully and successfully 
nearly forty years. His pastorates embraced St. Clairsville, 
Pennsylvania, 1875 to 1881 ; Littlestown, Pennsylvania, 1881 to 
1891; Greensbui-g-, Pennsylvania, 1891 to 1895; Ft. Washing- 
ton, Pennsylvania, 1895 to 1901; JetTerson, Maryland, 1905 to 
1909; Hyndman, Pennsylvania, 1909 to Oct. 1, 1913. Over four 
years between the Ft. AVashington and Jefferson pastorates he 
was Field Secretary of the Reformed Church Home Mission 
Board. At present he is President of Somerset Classis. As a 
public speaker, he is pleasing, entertaining and instructive. 
Owing to a throat trouble, he has reluctantly retired from the 
active work of the ministry. At college, he was an active mem- 
ber of a Greek Letter fraternity, and is a member of the Ma- 
sonic fraternity. At present he is located at ]\[ann's Choice, 
Pennsylvania, and frequently assists his ministerial brethren 
from the pulpit. 

II. Mary Elizabeth Dittmar was born at Loysburg, 
Pennsylvania, June 3, 1850. On Dec. 22, 1870, she was united 
in marriage with Wm. H. Dull, (May 14, 1847-June 9, 1886) 
who was a harness maker, and proprietor of the business sev- 
eral years at New Enterprise, Pennsylvania. 

Issue : 

1. Annie Bertha, Sept. 22, 1871. 

2. Ida Mav, Dec. 16, 1873. 

3. Marv Catherine, Feb. 21, 1876. 

4. John Reuben, Aug. 3X, 1878. 

5. Meta Eliza, March 10, 1881. 

6. Maggie Beulali, April 21, 1883. 

7. Wilmetta Helmith (June 10, 1886-April 4, 1887). 
^[rs. Dull is a resident of Loysburg, near the site of her 


III. Catharine Louise Dittmar was born at Loysl)urg, 
Pennsylvania, June 18, 1852, and on Jan. 30, 1872, was united in 
marriage to George W. Pennell, who was liorn in Black Valh'y, 
Bedford County, Pennsylvania, Oct. 1!), 1845. Mr. P.-nncll 

learned the earria^c niakiiii^' trade at Rainsburg, Pennsyhaiiia, 
nearly fifty yeai's ago, and since then has followed it success- 
fully at Loysburg, all these long years. After marriage they 
established a new home in sight of the old Dittmar homestead, 
wliei-e they have <'ver since lived, and where their fourte<'n 
children were born, thirteen of whom have passed through the 
schools, united with the church of their parents, gone out into 
the Avorld, into honoi-able positions to do the world's work, in 
various parts of the Union. 
Issue : 

1. Walter C, Aug. 9, 1873. 

2. John i]d\vard, Aug. 3, 1875. 

3. Corine Alma, Aug. 13, 1877. 

4. Mary Alice, April 16, 1879. 

5. Harry Elwood, Jan. 31, 1881. 

6. Laura Grace, Dec. 26, 1883. 

7. Wilson C, Feb. 25, 1885. 

8. Francis Pearl, June 15, 1887. 

9. Clara A., Aug. 28, 1889. 

10. Robert F., (July 18, 1891-April 8, 1892). 
n. L(mise P^mma, Dec. 13, 1893. 

12. James Lawrence; 

13. Mabel Florence— twins, Feb. 26, 1896. 

14. Virgil Carl, May 8, 1898. 

IV. Calvin Wennek Dittmar was born in Loysburg, Penn- 
sylvania, July 11, 1856. He attended the village school and 
learned harness and saddle making in his father's shop, and 
finally was proprietor of the business several years after his 
father retired. On Dec. 6, 1893, he married Elizabeth Booth 
Schne])ly of Hagerstown, JNfaryland, Rev. Barton R. Carnahan 
officiating. He is now proprietor of the Union Hotel, in his 
native town. He is a Democrat, and a loyal member of the Re- 
formed Chin -eh. 

Issue : 

1. John Schneblv, Jan. 7, 1896. 

2. David D., (Oct. 31, 1897-Nov. 24, 1901). 

3. Earl Updegraff (May 16, 1899-Oct. 25, 1899). 

4. Frederick A. Rupley, April 16, 1901. 


Y. Anna L. Ditimaii was boin at L()ysl)ui-i;-, IN'imsyha- 
nia, Nov. 24, 1859, and after passing through tlie village school, 
attended the Juniatii Collegiate Institute, at Martinshurg, Pa., 
two years, in 1878 and 1879. She occupied the position of ma- 
tron in the Presbyterian College for Women, at Charlotte, X. 
C, from 1898 to 1904. Sept. 4, 1913, she was married to Uriah 
May, of Mann's Choice, where they are very comfoi'tably lo- 
cated, and gi-eatly interested in fruit growing and fanning. 

Rev. pi. F. Dittmar, Jefferson, Maryland. 

VI. Rev. Hexrv Franklin l)ri talxr was l)()rn at Loys- 
burg, Pennsylvania, Sept. 11, 1863. His earlier education was 
obtained in the public schools of his nati\(' town. He gradu- 


fited from Franklin & ^Marsliall Co11o<j:o, at Ijancastor, Ponnsyl- 
vania, in Juno, 1887, and from the Thoological Seminary in 
May, 1890, Aftor boing examined and licensed to the Gospel 
]\Iinistry by Juniata Classis, be Avas ordained p.istor of tbe Re- 
formed 01m rcb at Jefferson, IVIaryland, bv Revs. E. R. Esch- 
bacb, D.D., T. E. Hoffmeier, S. L. ^VliitmoVe, S. S. Miller, and 
H. W. Hoffmeier, June 22, 1890. He was a good preacher, and 
an excellent pastor. Above all, he v/as a true friend, frank and 
fearless, yet tender and kind. He never hesitated to tell one 
of his faults as he saw them. He was, however, equally care- 
ful to speak of one's excellencies. In consequence, he secured 
and held in an unusual degree the devotion of members and 
friends. He married Aland Waters, of Baltimore, Maryland, 
Oct. 24, 1894, to whom one daughter was born, Mary Nevin, 
Jan. 28, 1896. He was a member of the Order of American Me- 
chanics, of Jefferson, and of Lynch Lodge of Masons, at Fred- 
erick, Maryland. After an illness of some months, he died June 
4, 1905, and was buried in the JetTerson cemetery, among the 
people he loved so well, and among whom he labored so faith- 
fully for fifteen years. At the grave the Masonic rites were 
used, under the direction of Senator Jacob Rohrbach and Rev. 
J. R. Lewis, and just as the sun was setting the benediction was 
announced, and he was left there with his Father, God, to await 
the resurection. 


I. Elias Henry Diehl was born near Bloody Run, now 
Everett, Pennsylvania, May 17, 1848. In April, 1865, he accom- 
panied his parents and family to central Illinois, near Ipava. 
After an attendance of two to five months each winter school 
term, some nine years, he enrolled as a teacher, and followed 
teaching twenty-six years. In 1873-5 he was teacher and farm 
manager, two years, of St. Paul's Orphan Home, at Butler, 
Pennsylvania, later removed to Greensburg, Pennsylvania. In 
1876 he was editor and proprietor of The Itidepcndcnt, Blairs- 
town, Iowa, nearly a year. Between intervals of teaching he 


either Avorkcd on a farm or was a student at school. Tn the 
sunnners of 1881-2 he took the Teachers' Training Course at 
Valparaiso, Indiana, I'niversity. August 1, 1883, he married 
Mary Josephine Stoneberger, who was born at Astoria, Illinois, 
Sept. 8, 1862, the daughter of Rev. John Stoneberger, a gradu- 
ate of Lane Seminary, at Cincinnati, Ohio, under the tuition of 
Dr. Lyman Beecher and C. E. Stowe, ct al., in 1846, and pastor 
of the Reformed Church at Astoria until his death, Dec. 8, 1865. 
He was author of the "Church ^Members' Alanual," a 400-page 
volume, published at Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, by M. Kief- 
fer & Co. In 1885 Mr. Diehl began a new home on 200 acres, 
south of Ipava, near the Whealdon, where they are comfortably 
located. With his first farming he taught school ten winters — 
five in one district. He was clerk of the Whealdon school board 
eighteen years, and Mrs. Diehl six years. He was township 

E. H. Diehl, Ipava, Illinois. 

school trustee four yeais, and census enumerator in 1880 and 
1910. He was secretary of two farmer phone comi)anies, secre- 
tary of Whealdon Grange, secretary and president of the Ful- 
ton County Farmers' Institute several years, and was the first 


))('titi( lie)- ior I'liral mail dciixciy in the cninity. He lias hccii a 
Mas!;ii thirty-eiiilit years, a Kni,i>lits 'r('iii])la;-, of Hiislivillc, 
Illinois, (.oiiiniaiidcry No. 5(), and, with his wife and daunlitcr, 
members of the Order Eastern Star and the KN'formed C'lmrch. 
He is a Republican and a member of the National (leoi^raphic 
Society, founded twenty-five years ago, with h('ad(|uarters at 
Hubbard Memoi-ial Hall, AVashington, D. C.": 

1. diaries Stoneberger, June 24, 18S4. 

2. Harry Levi, May ,8 188(). 

3. Ruth,^ June 27, 1888. 

4. Lois, Jan. 9, 1891. 

1 1. M.Mtv Agnes Dieht. (Jan. 2, LSoO-Jan. lo, 191)1 ), came 
with her |)arents' family from near Evei-ett, Pennsylvania, in 
1S()5, to Fult(,n County, Illinois, where she and John A. Hickle, 
of Vermont, Illinois, were married by Rev. S. N. King-, Nov. 14, 

.Issue : 

1. Sarah Harriet, Oct. IJ, 1873. 

2. Orplia Vincent, Jan. 22, 187(). 
?). John Webster. 

4. Luther Aaron (deceased). 

5. Archie C. 
(I Ollie. 

7. Glen Cassius, Oct. 1,1888. 

8. Grace. 

9. Mary. 
lU. George. 

III. Sakaii 1^:1i.mii;a Dieiil. Scjjt. 2, 1852, came with her 
])ai-ents' family I'roni Everett, Pennsylvania, April, 1865, to 
Fulton County, Illinois, where she completed the common 
school work and taught two years. Aug. 1, 1877, she married 
^1. 0. Wilson, boiii Jan. 1, 1853, of Astoria, at Lewistown, Illi- 
nois. They immediately turned their attention to farming, 
first near Astoria, then later at Sununum and Vermont, Illinois, 
Ord, Nebraska, and Fairview, Kansas. They are members of 
the Reformed Ohui'ch and now rc^side at Hiawatha, Kansas. 


Issue : 

1. Levi Neviii, June 11, 1879. 

2. Irma Lonera, May 9, 1888. 

3. Merle Zwinole, Aii,<«-. 13, 1890. 

4. Maun Verne, (Api-il 15, 1893-:\rareli 3, 189(5). 

IV. Reuben Emanuel Dieiil. .July l.j, 185rj, Avas Ijorn Jie;ir 
Everett, Pennsylvania, and came with his ])arents to P^ulti;n 
County, Illinois, in 186,"). After niatui'ity he worked several 
years for Carl Marshall, one of the bigi>est cattle feeders in the 
state, and now president of the Ipava, Illinois, State Bank. 
April 13, 1882, he married Ida Alay Etnire, who was born near 
Ipava, 111., Nov. 10, 1862, Rev. C. C. Carr officiating-, in the pres- 
ence of some sixty friends. Lewis S. Etnire, Mrs. Diehl's fath- 
er, was horn near Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, IMarch 4, 1818, 
the year Illinois assumed the responsibilities of statehood. He 
came to Illinois in 1845, and spent most of his years on a farm 
near Ipava, till his death, Jan. 11, 1913. In' 1889 ^\\\ Diehl 
moved to Pawnee County, Nebraska, and in 1895 to Decatu)- 
County, Kansas, where he is an extensive farmer and stock 
raiser on a larg-e farm near ( )l)erlin. 

Issue : 

1. Clayton Carr, March 6, 1883. 

2. :\ryrtle Belle, :\[arch 12, 1885. 

3. Jennie May, July 4, 1887. 

4. Mary Ethe'l, Jan. 10, 1891. 

5. Levi Harold, July 26, 1893. 

6. Robert Scott, Jan. 6, 1896. 

\'. Matthew Ikvix Diehl was l)orn near Everett, Penn- 
sylvania, and came with his parents to central Illinois in Ajiril, 
1865. He grew up on a farm but devoted his efforts afterward 
to operating steam thresher and locomotive engineering in 
Illinois, Minnesota, and South Dakota. In 1891 he manicd 
Ettie Myers of Astoria, 111., and resided there a eoui)h' of years 
when they moved to Pawnee County, Nebraska. Afterwards 
he pre-empted a homestead near Pliilip, Soutli Dakota, where 
the family resided, and the children attended scliool wliilc lie 
Avas engineer of a railroad construction train near by. 


Issue : 

1. Hikhvtl, l)(>rn in 1S!)2. 

2. Forrest, born in 1S<)4. 

3. Phyllis, born in 1897. 

4. Zclnia, ])orn in 1899. 

W. Benjamin Schneck Dikiil was boi-ii ncai- I^Ncrctt, 
Pennsylvania, July 7, lS(;i, and came with his i)ar('nts to Ful- 
ton County, Illinois, in 18()5. Ho tau^'ht school a few years, and 
then followed farming-. In Aug'ust, 1877, he man-icd Kniina 
Weese. They i-eside on Rni-al Kcnite 2, Astoria, Illinois. 


1. Edna, Mav, 1889. 

2. Corda, Juiv7, 1892. 
?K Elzie R. 

4. AVinnie R., (March 22, 189(i-Sept. 12, 1900). 

VII. Jacob Lingenfelter Diehl was born in Snake Spring 
Valley, near Everette, Pennsylvania, April 1, 18fi4. Wlien a 
year old his parents' family moved to Fulton County, Illinois, 
where he grew to manhood on a farm near Sunniiuiii, Illinois. 
In 1885 he worked on a fai'm for W. H. Boyer, near Ipava. In 
188(5 he went to Akron, Colorado, pre-empted 1()() acres of land, 
took a timber claim of 160 acres, and worked nearly three years 
as locomotive fireman for the C, B. & Q Railroad, until the 
great railroad strike of 1889. He then returned to Illinois a 
year. In 1892 he went to Pawnee County, Nebraska, and 
worked on a fai'ni a year. On December 21, 1893, he married 
Clara Coi)enhaver, of Pawnee, Nebraska, who was born Nov. 
30, 1867. 

IT(^ then engaged in fai'ming and o])erating a corn shellei — 
shelling as much as 2,200 bushels a day. In 19(!l: he moved to 
Holton, Kansas, and continued farming. In 1907 he sold tliat 
fa I'm and bought 1()0 acres near Kmporia, Kansas, which is 
their home. In politics he is a Republican. He is a member of 
the Masonic fraternity, and has been master of the lodge a 
couple of years. 
Issue : 

1. Pearl May (Nov. 3, 189()-July 25, 1897). 


I. Emanuel Exlixe was l)()rn in Bedford County, Penn- 
sylvania, Sept. 3, 1843, and accompanied liis parents to Mercer 
County, Ohio, where he grew to manhood on a farm and mar- 
ried T.ucy Green Feb. 21, 1864. He died May 6, 1864. Xo issue. 

II. John S. Exline was born near Van Wert, Ohio, Aug. 
18, 1847. In 1871 he visited friends at Laci'oss, Wisconsin, and 
then went down to Fulton County, Illinois, where he visited rel- 
atives and worked on a farm a few years, part of the time near 
Bardolph, Illinois. In 1875 he went to Iowa and finally to Smith 
County, Kansas. Here, at Smith Center, Dec. 24, 1876, he mar- 
ried Mary Elizabeth Hooker, who was born at Hookersville, 
West Virginia, Feb. 27, 1848. He engaged at farming near Ger- 
mantown, Kansas. One day in late autumn, as he was feeding 
stock from a hay stack, just outside the stockyard, he was fatal- 
ly injured by a neighbor's runaway team. As the first horse 
ran around the stack to where he was pitching hay to the cattle, 
he caught it, when the next moment the other runaway came 
around from the other side of the stack, jamming ]\[r. Exline 
against the fence, injuring him internally in the lungs. After 
six days suffering he died, Dec. 6, 1877. 

Issue : 

1. Ida Catharine, Sept. 27, 1877. 

III. Rebecca E. Exline was born in Mercer County, Ohio, 
IVIay 13, 185(\ and was united in marriage at maturity to Syl- 
vester R. Dull, who was born near Willshire, Ohio, June 2, 1846. 
Mrs. Dull died Aug. 18, 1896. 

Issue : 

1. Arminta G., June 25, 1874. 

2. David Hayes, March 3, 1877. 

3. Jesse Orral (July 29, 1879-Oct. 2, 1879). 

4. Mabel M., Aug. 15, 1885. 

IV. Martha Jane Exline was born near Willshire, Ohio, 
Jan. 25, 1853, and married Wilson S. Eaken, Sept. 1, 1872. Mr. 
Eakon was an employe at the Paige & Riley handle factory at 


Kockfonl, Oliio, .(11(1 while tiyino- 1() put a belt on a ])ulk'y whilo 
the machinciy w as in motion was thrown ai^ainst an iron pulley 
w itli snc'h violence as to bi-eak one arm, cut and bruise his head 
j^nd I'aee, as to make him unconscious until the next day, An,"'. 
1 1. l>if)l, when deatli I'ch'ased him. 

1. Gary N., Nov. 14, 1873. 

2. Orl F., Jan. 10, 1878. 

8. Burley G., Jan. 31, 1881. 

4. Edith M., May 10, 1883. 

5. Maroaret :\r., Nov. 5, 1885. 

V. Mary C. Exline was born in Mercer County, Ohio, Jan. 
22, 1859, and at maturity married James D. Banta, a rural mail 
carrier at Roekford, Ohio. ^li-s. Banta has been in poor health 
for several years. 

Issue : 

1. Albert .]., June 25, 1883. 

2. Iva Leah, July 28, 1885. 

3. Emma Eliza, Oct. 4, 1887. 

4. Anna, Aug-. 12,1890. 

5. Hazel Florence, March 7, 1892. 

6. Yelma, :\ray 1, 1894. 

7. Basil. 

YT. Ida Grace Exline was born in INlercer County, Ohio, 
July 16, 18(34, and at maturity married James B. Siler, Nov. 26, 
1881. Her death occurred Oct. 6, 1890. 

Issue : 

1. Ethel, Dec. 31, 1882. 

2. Frederick C, Dec. 14, 1884. 

3. Virgie. 


I. JoiiA' K. DiEiiL was born in Friend's Cove, near the old 
Brick Church, July 22, 1851. On Jan. 23, 1879, he married Han- 

nah Alillcr, daughter ol" Joliu E. Miller, of BiilTalo Mills, Pciiii- 
sylvaiiia, who was born Nov. 3, 1851. They reside on a large 
farm near Rainsburg, Pennsylvania. They are members of the 
Reformed Church. 
Issue : 

1. Anna May, Nov. 14, 1879. 

2. Charles Grant (April 11, 1880-Jan. 9, 1891). 

3. ]\[argaret Elizabeth, Oct. 2, 1881. 

II. Mathew Irvin Diehl (Aug. 28, 1853-Nov. 1!), 1912), of 
Friend's Cove, Pennsylvania, married Hannah Lee. He per- 
formed the duties of deputy sheriff, when his father was sheriff 
of Bedford County. Later he was superintendent of the Poor 
Farm at Bedford, several years, wl^ere they resided. 

Issue: 1. David V. 2. Ora. 

III. Mary- Olive Diehl (Sept. 28, 1855-Nov. 12, 1908) 
Married C. E. Stuckey and lived at Rainsburg, Pennsylvania, 
where their children were born, as follows : 

1. David Franklin (July 20, 1883-Sept. 7, 1908). 

2. Anna Carrie, Nov. 22, 1885. 

3. Charles Stanley, May 9, 1887. 

IV. Margaret Elizabeth Diehl, Jan. 8, 1862, of Friend's 
Cove, and Frederick Smith, Feb. 3, 1862, of Cuml)erland Valley, 
Pennsylvania, (son of Josiah Smith), were married Aug. 16, 
1892. They reside on the old homestead where Mr. Smith was 
born, and enjoy their home. 

Issue : 

1. Lester David, Julv 22, 1894. 

2. Clara Zelma, Oct. 28, 1896. 

V. Ulysses Grant Diehl, March 5, 186(), of Friend's Coyc, 
Pennsylvania, and Roxanna May Osborne, Feb. 22, 1 !(;'9, v^- • 
married Dec. 25, 1891. They are comfortably located on the* 
old homestead, where he is making a success of farming. In 
1886-7 he worked on farms near Ipava, Illinois. He taught onc^ 
school term neai* his home. Thev ai'c memlx'i's of the Rct'oi-med 


Jssur : 

1. Mav Edna, Dec. 8, 1892. 

2. David Koss, Jan. 19, 1895. 

?>. riai-ciiec Karl, Nov. 6, 1896. 

4. Helen Elizabeth, Oct. 6, 1908. 

5. All'i-ed (iuv, Mav 2, 1911. 

:o :- 



T. Wit J JAM Watson Diehi., Jan. 24, 1853, and Amanda 
]\lay, (daui>liter of Abraham M. Alay), Feb. 16, 1857, both of 
near Bedford, Pennsylvania, v/ere married Sept. 13, 1877. He 
is a carpenter by trade, a member of the I. O. O. F. Tjod^'c of 
Butfalo Mills, and a prominent worker in the Reeformed 
Church at Mann's Choice, Pennsylvania. 

Iss2ie: 1. Carrie, Dec. 10, 1881. 

11. Mary Magdalena Diehl (Sept. 12, 1854-March 8, 1912) 
and Uriah May (son of Hezekiah May), March 30, 1855, were 
married March 4, 1878. Mr. May is prominently engaged in 
the fruit industry. He is an active member of the I. (). 0. F. 
fraternity, and of the Reformed Church of Mann's Choice, 
Issue : 

1. Charles Wingard, Feb. 10, 1879. 

2. Victor Lawson, Mav 25, 1880. 

3. Olon Roy, March 25, 1882. 

4. Matthew Stanley, Oct. 8, 1885. 

5. Marie Irma, April 1, 1887. 

6. Artie Othelia, Dec. 9, 1890. 

7. Thomas Laughrey, Oct. 29, 1894. 

III. Benjamin Frankiln Diehl was boi-n near Mann's 
Choice, Pennsylvania, Feb. 3, 1857. In 1S7() he accompanied 
the National Guai'ds of Pennsylvania, as a member, to the Cen- 
tennial Celebration at Phila(lel])liia. During the railroad strike 
at Pittsburg in 1877 they camped in caboose and passenger cars 
nineteen days, experiencing considerable inconvenience. Later 


lie engaged in farming near Grafton, Ndjinska. Jan. (i, 1SS4, lie 
married Josephine ;\rellick, who was ])()rn at Hillsl)oi-(>ugh, 
Iowa, Nov. 25, 1S()(;. In 1885 they returned to Bedford County, 
Pennsylvania, where he followed carpentering. In March, 1899, 
they located at Anaconda, Montana, where he was in the furni- 
ture business two years, then took a i)()sition with the Anacon- 
da Copper Mining Company, which he yet liolds. 
Issue : 

1. Blanch Klnora, Nov. 20, 1884. 

2. Lloyd W., April 25, 1888. 

IV. David Nevix Diehl, Oct. 15, 1859, and Margaret Mil- 
ler (daughter of Abraham M. Miller), July 29, 1864, were mar- 
ried Feb. 17, 1886. He is in the real estate business and a mem- 
ber of the Christian Church. He also contracts lumber and 
bark, etc. 

Issue : 1. Clarence A., July 17, 1886. 

V. Elizabeth Diehl, Jan. 14, 1860, and Irwin Arnold, July 
5, 1857, were married Jan. 13, 1887, and reside at Buffalo Mills, 
Pennsylvania. Mr. Arnold lives on the farm upon which he 
was born, and operates a planing and saw mill. He is identified 
with the IVrethodist Episcopal Church. 

VI. Blanch Evet Diehl was born near Mann's Choice, 
Pennsylvania, Sept. 17, 1863, and married John H. Thompson, 
of Omaha, Nebraska, June 11, 1893. They reside at Kansas 
City, Missouri, where Mr. Thompson is auditor of a Chicago 
lumber company. 

VIL Jennie Diehl, born Feb. 3, 1865, and David S. May, 
August 12, 1867, (son of Hezekiah May), were married and now 
live at Elkins, West A^irginia, where lie is in the railroad 

Jssiie : 

1. Effie Theresa, Dec. 25, 1890. 

2. Ira Clinton (Jan. 4, 1892-June, 1892). 

3. Nellie Pearl, June 25, 1894. 


^'1 1 1. liowAiM) DiEHL. Ai)ril 15, 1S(>S, and All,^('lilH" Hixon 
Avcic ma 1 lied Fcl). V2, 1S92. In 1887-9 Howard worker 
years for fanners near Vermont, Illinois, wlici-c he was visK .g 
relatives. He then retnrned to his home iicai- Buffalo Mills, 
Pennsylvania, and worked a few years in Ii\in Arnold's saw 
and planing mills. He is now comfortably at lionic on his own 
farm, interested in stock, grain and fruit. 

Jssue : 

1. Caii C, (Nov. 12, 1895-dan. 2, 19U). 

2. Alta Marie, dune 10, 1897. 

3. Dwight H., Oct. 2, 1902. 

4. John Franklin, Sept. 28, 1905. 

:\Irs. Diehl died Aprd 4, 1906, and Mr. Dichl niai-i-icd the 
second time, Sadie Kinton, ]\Iay 15, 1907. 

SiMl FL (I), JOHN (II), .f(!HN (III), KMAS S. (IV), WILMAM 


I. William Henry Diehl was born at the Halfway House, 
between Everett and Ho^Dewell, Pennsylvania, Aug. 25, 1859. 
]\[ost of his school day life was spent at Loysburg, Pennsylva- 
nia. In 1882 he married ^Mary Shoultice, of Augusta, Iowa, 
and innnediately moved to Freemont, Nebraska. To them these 
children were born: 

1. Myrtle. 2. Howard. 3. Orlo, 1^89. 

The first two children died of menil)ran('ons croup in 1888. 
In 1892 the father died, and the niotliei- and ()rlo returned to 
her former Ik in(^ in southeast Iowa. In 189(5 a thirteen-year- 
old youth in.duced Orlo, who was only seven, to go into Skunk 
rivei-, l;atliin,i;. The child got l)eyond its de])th and was drown- 
<'d. The cowaidly youth did not inform the friends of the 
chihPs fate until many hours of fruitless seai'ch in village and 
field were made. Several days afterward the remains were 
found in its watery grave. 

1 1. \'iKGixiA Belle Diehl was born at the Halfway House, 
between Everett and Hopewell, Pennsylvania, Sept. 2, 1860. 
]\Iost of her girlhood days were spent at Loysburg, Pennsylva- 
nia. After the death of her father, in 1865, her mother married 

( ( 

SaniU(4 XicodHiims. She was united in niai-ria^e to John Rich- 
lussell, of Jonesboro, Tennessee, by Rev. J. W. Love, D.D., 
a , ansas City, Missouri, Dec. 8, 1898. They spent the winter 
in southern California, then returned to BerryviHe, Virji^inia, 
and engaged in the furniture business. Later, they took charge 
of the best hotel in Jonesboro, Tennessee, which they success- 
fully managed several years, Mr. Russell had an extensive ex- 
perience as traveling salesman for a St. Tjouis steel range com- 
pany several years. He was also a soldier in tlie Southei-ii ( 'on- 
federacv dui-ing the entire war. 

/ : 1. Maiy Carolyn, ( Id. VI, 1899. 

:o : 

WAT80N (V). 

T. Wathox Haecleroad was born in Friend's Cove, Penn- 
sylvania. He went to La Fayette County, ^Missouri, in 1878, 
and married Sophronia Ellen Roland. 

Issue-. 1. Howard. 2. Bessie Elizabeth. 3. Charles Jacob. 
4. James Watson. 5. Minnie Belle. 

II. John Adam Harcleroad was born in Friend's Cove, 
Pennsylvania. He went to Missouri, in 1878. Later married 
Amanda Lavina Hmith. 

Issue: 1. Tilli(^ Mav. 

III. Harriet M, Harcleroad married James M. Tliomas. 
Issue: I.Walter. 2. Edward. S.Albert. 

lY. Susan Nora Harcleroad married Rol)ert S. Th(»mi)S()ii. 
Issue : 1. Estella Grace. 2. Joseph Claude 3. ISlay. 


T. Myrtle Diehl was ])orn in western ( )lii»), l)ut sjx'nt most 


of her <i:ii-lli()()(l years with her Ainit Catharine Dittiiiar, Tjovs- 
burg, Pennsylvania. After maturity she married and located 
somewhere in Michiiran. 

II. MiNxiE Rebecca Diehl was born in ^Fercer County, 
Ohio, Sept. 28, 1873, and married Daniel Ackorn, July 2, 1900, 
Rev. Mr. Jackson official iiiir- 


1. Samuel Peter, Nov. 1(5, 1901. 

2. Esther Olive, Oct. 30, 1904. 

3. Paul Eu.u-ene, March 13, 1908. 

They have their home at 4028 Shannon Street, Van AVert, 
Ohio, whei-e .Mr. Ackron is in the livery business. 

III. Makv Ellen Diehl, born in Van Wert County, Ohio, 
Feb. 21, 1878, married Oliver W. Fowler at Ohio (^ity, Ohio, 
March 8, 1896, and i-eside on a farm, rural route (i, Monroeville, 

Issue : 

1. Glenn Edwin, Aug. 15, 1897. 

2. Mildredlona, Jan. 31, 1899. 

3. Clifford Harold, Jan. 31, 1905. 

4. Kolland Oi-ville, Sept. 9, 1907. 

The pai-ents are members of the Radical V. B. Church at 
Wren, Ohio. 

IV. Nettie Ijula Diehl was born in Van Wert County, 
Ohio, Dec. 9, 1880, and was married to Henry Hoverman, Nov. 
28, 1900, by the Rev. Mr. Frank. They are members of the U. 
B. Church and reside on a farm, route 4, Van Wert, Ohio. 

Jssue : 

1. Russel .)., Dec. 20, 1901. 

2. (Jeraldine Emaline, June 3, 1903. 

V. Daisy Henrietta Diehl was born in Xiui Wert County, 
Ohio, Nov. 9, 1884, and married (1) Delbert Crouse, Rev. Mr. 
Ranch officiatiui^-, April 10, 1902. Later from him divorced. 

Issue : 

1. Mildred Evon, April 22, 1903. 


IMarried (2) AV. M. Oldaker, at Lima, Ohio, July 20, 1913, 
Rev. Mr. Houze officiating-. They are nieinboi's of the Church 
of Christ and roside at No. 922 North McKinley Avenue, Can- 
ton, Ohio, where Mr. Oldaker is a clerk. 


I. Clayton C. Lee was born on a farm in Bedford County, 
Pennsylvania, April 9, 1870. His wife, Ella Lee, was horn July 
23, 1877. They are members of the Reformed Churcli at Chan- 
eysville, Pennsylvania, where they live. Clayton is a plasterer 
and brick mason. 

Issue : 

1. Annie Mav, April 24, 1895. 

2. Roy C, ISfarch 1, 1897. 

3. Chalmer (Nov. 20, 1898-July 26, 1900). 

4. Carrie E., March 3, 1901. 

5. Alma M., Feb. 28, 1903. 

6. Charles, Oct. 5, 1904. 

7. Ada B., Dec. 29, 1906. 

11. William Barkley Lee was born in Bedford Connly, 
Pennsylvania, July 9, 1876. In 1893 he came to F^ilton County, 
Illinois, and worked on a farm several years. Aug. 23, 1903, 
he married Margaret Helen Notman, who was born at Ricli 
Hill, Missouri, February 17, 1884, Rev. C. E. Freeman of the 
Ipava Presbyterian Church officiating. About a dozen yea^s. 
he has been mining coal, operating a mine, and running a sieani 
threshei-. He is a Republican, Knight of Pythias, and a mem- 
ber of the village cornet band. They live at Ipava, Illinois. 

Issue : 

1. Melva Hortense, Aug. 12, 1905. 

2. John Walter, Dec. 8, 1907. 

3. Annabell, Jan. 28, 1910. 

4. Harry Rae, Feb. 28, 1912. 

5. Robert E., April 10, 1914. 


111. John Kihjai; Lke was l)()iii at (Miaiii-ysvillc, Pennsyl- 
vania, May 8, 187H, He is married and in 1893 went west. They 
now r<'sicle at 609 South Lake Street, Warsaw, Indiana, where 
he is eni;at;('d in tine cement w oik. 

Issue : 

1. Dorothy Beiiiiee, Jan. 7, 1!)01. 

2. Thelma", Ai)ril 20, lOOi). 

3. \'ii-inia, June U, 191(1. 

^hs. Lora M. Lee was horn An- 19, 1884. 

1 \ . James Walter Lee was born on a I'arm neai- ( 'iianeys- 
ville, Pennsyhania, July 5, 1880. At Cumberland, Maryland, 
Dec. 2H, 1902, he married Florence Smith, of Bedford, Pennsyl- 
vania, who was born Oct. 5, 1885. Tiater they moved to 1510 
East ^lain Street, Warsaw, Indiana, whei'e he is engaged at 
concrete work. 

Issue : 

1. James Robert (March 23-Aug. 9, 1918). 

A'. (^HARLEs W. ]jee v.'as born at ('haneysville, l*ennsyl- 
vania, Dec. 29, 1883. He is married and lives at Continental, 

.SAMLKL (l),.I(!HN (I!),nAMKI. (Ill), ( ATHAKINE (IV), 

8ARAH (V). 

I. Sarah May married Samuel B. Brown. 

Issue: 1. ?]milv C-itharine. 2. Odessa Pea.l. 'A. He;:ekiah K. 


I. Calvin Dikhi. married Florence Boor, daughter of Jo- 
seph Boor. 

Issue : 1. Bertha Grace. 


1 1. Emma Dikiil mai riod Albert Seifert. 
J.s.sue: 1. Jossie. 2. John. 


I. Annie Turner married A. B. Beltz. 
Issue: 1. Homer. 2. Minnie. 

II. Mary Turner married David C. Stiffler. 

Issue: 1. ^rariiaret. 2. Ida. 'k Anna. 4. Gi'acc. 5. Hattie. 


E. (V). 

I. Charles Emanuel Diehl, July 22, 1877, married Etta 
Welsh, Feb. 15, 1901. 
Issue : 

1. Espy L., Aug-. 5, 1901. 

2. Marshall B., Jan. 18, 1902. 

II. Job W. Diehl, July 8, 1881, married Lizzie Carbaugh, 
Jan. 5, 1903. 
Issue : 

1. Marl L., July 9, ]9()5. 

2. Vera Sara, Dec. 10, 1911. 

3. Ada Grace, July 28, 1914. 

III. Phillip Roy Diehl, April 1, ISS.",, and Fanny P. Eng- 
land were married Sept. 27, 1911. 

Issue: 1. Sara Leone, June 24, 1912. 

IV. Alice A. Diehl, Aug. 8, 1888, and Emanuel Xaugle 
Avere married May 15, 1910. 
Issue : 

L Gladys E., March 17, 1911. 

2. Vivian D., Sept. (i, 1912. 


V. Ada I. DiEiii., May 21, 1S91, iiiaii-icd Frank Reighard, 
Doc. 1, 1909. 

(IV),IIE\I{V(iKA\T (V). 

I. Henry Grant Dikhl of Friend's Cove, Pennsylvania, 
married Margaret England, daughter of Simon England. 

II. Virginia Bell Dieiil married Ed H. Wlietstone. They 
live on a farm in Friend's Cove. 

Issue : 1. Ward. 2. Oscar. 3. Ross. 4. Cora. 5. Ray- 

III. Harry Ross Diehl is married in Ohio, and is in the 
railroad business. 


I. Ella Myrtle Diehl ^vas born near Charlesville, Penn- 
sylvania, Dec. 23, 1868. She united in marriage \vitli Plummer 
James, June 16, 1897. For a time they resided on the James 
farm, then moved to a beautiful cottage east of the Borough of 
Bedford, where her death occurred Aug. 14, 1914, just a few 
hours previous to the passing of her mother. She ^Yas a con- 
sistent member of the Reformed Church. 


I. Henry M. Dikhl was horn in Bedford County, Pennsyl- 
vania, and mari'ied Laura ShatTei". 


II. Laura Bt.anc'h Dtkht. maiTicd Joe P. Sliocniakci* 
Issue: 1. Harold Tavlor. 2. Josiah Albert. 

III. Charles Eltjs Diehl married Carrie Catharine 

Issue : 1. Mildred Manon. 2. Fern Isabel. 

IV. Chester Shannon Diehl married Grace Bcculc. 
Issue: 1. Claud ^Milton. 2. JMarv Martha. 


I. Anna Mary Harcleroad married .Tames Points. 
Issue : 1. Marv Grrace. 

II. John Phillip Harcleroad married Rebecca Diehl. 
Issue: I.Walter. 2. Roy. 2. Fanny. 3. Selby. 

III. Ella Harcleroad married Arnold Te\vell. 
Issue : 1. Walter L. 2. Coyle H. 3. George. 


I. Franklin B. Swartzwelder married Maggie Gordon. 
Issue : 1 . Albert R. 2. Howard M. 

II. Hughes Swartzwelder married Alice Hamilton. 
Issue: 1. William E. 2. Rav O. 

III. Phillip E. Swartzwelder iiianicd Arena Lashley. 

IV. Nora B. Swartzwelder married Clarence Candler. 
Issue : 1. John E. 



L (V). 

I. AIakcaiiki \j. DiKiii, iMai'iicd Albert Bunnell. 
Issue: 1. Clarence. 2. IaiIu May. 3. Earl Hanisoii. 

II. J(isi;i"ii Wii.iJAM DiEHL married Mary S. I^randt, 
Jssiic: 1. Klla. 2. Georgia Myrtle. 

111. Anna A. Di.kiii. married Lee Bargo. 
Issue: 1. l>ee Roy. 2. Rosa Eva. 

IV. JMartiia Ella Diehl mai ried dames AV. Xiitt. 
Issue: 1. Jessie ^lav. 2. Jolm Amos. 



I. Hannah Rebecca Diehl mari'ied Samuel S. Whetstone. 
Issue : 1. Susaiinali Hester. 2. Franklin Stanley. 

II. Joseph Franklin Diehl married Alice Whetstone. 
Issue: 1. Emma IMay. 2. Harvey Ellis. 2. Susannah 
Blanch. 4. Job Ross. 

III. Emma E. Diehl married Joseph M. Haslett. 
Issue: 1. Melvin Rov. 2. A'iola Gei-trude. 

JOHNC. (V). 

I. John C. Tavlok married Rachel Hillel)iant. 
Issue: Infant, deceased. 

11. dosEiMi Taylor married Kate Friedhoif. 


Issue: 1. Joliii. L\ Tillic. .'!. Maiy. :>. Joseph A. 4. (;<'itie 
5. Clara. 

J 1 1. Andrew Tavi.oi; iiiarricd La\aia Lcasui-c. 
Jssur: 1. Cliark'S. 


I. Anna Bell Taylor married August Ai'iiold. 
Issue: I.Calvin. 2. Mary. 3. Daniel, o. Adam. 4. Jolm. 
5. William. 


I. Mary Elizabeth Diehl, Feb. 6, 1863, and X. V. Koontz, 
Feb. 6, 1863, were married Sept. 7, 1882. 

Issue: 1. Bessie Lena. 2. Marl Emory. 3. Clement Tlmr- 
man, (died young). 4. Vera Loraine. 

11. Sarah Ellen Diehl, Sept. 7, 1864, near Charlesville, 
Pennsylvania, married, Oct. 21, 1888, George B. Shearer, who 
was born at Clearville, Pennsylvania, Sept. 6, 1864, Rev. Ellis 
N. Kremer officiatini;-. He was a farmer many years, then a 
groceryman, but is now with tlie Freedom ( )il Company, at 
Salem, Ohio, where tliey reside. 

Issue : 

1. Pearl Frances, April 17, 1889. 

2. Edna Ethel, Feb. 9, 1891. 

3. William Marshall (Dec. 8, 1893-Mareh 10, 189(;). 

III. Anna Amanda Diehl, on Nov. 5, 1890, man-ied (Jeorge 
G. ^lundwiler, who was hoi-n A])ril 12. 186(). 
Issue : 

1. Mervl William, Dec. 8, 1891. 


2. Vance Hazel, Feb. 14, 1893. 

3. (Jlcii Palmer (April 30, 1896-Aug. 30, ISDf)), 

IV. Emma Malixda Dikiil iiianicd (Jcorge E. Shaw (Dec. 
27, 18()6-:\Iarcli 23, 189()) Sept. 20, 1893. 

Dec. 25, 1910, she mari-icd T^vnian drove, who was born 
Feb. 20, 1868. 

V. JoHx Walter Dieiil, April 16, 1875, married Jennie 
F. Grubb, who was born Dec. 10, 1888. Tliev were married 
Feb. 19, 1913. 

Issue : 1 . :\rary Martha, Jan. 23, 1914. 

VI. Charles Peter Diehl, Aug. 16, 1877, and Mary J. 
Stuckev, who was born Fel). 1, ISSl, were niai-ried Nov. 16, 

Issue : 

1. Palmer William, April 11, 1905. 

2. Catharine Hannah, Mav 30, 1911. 


I. Mary Elizabeth Diehl was born near Charlesville, 
Pennsylvania, July 24, 1867, and married John T. Shaffer, of 
the same community, who was born Dec. 16, 1866, on Dec. 22, 
1892, Rev. Geary officiating. Mr. Shaffer is a farmer on Route 
1, Rainsburg, Pennsylvania. 

Issue : 

1. Heniy H<M-ndon, Jan. 6, 1894. 

2. Marshall A., Dec. 7, 1895. 

3. Susannah Ruth, Nov. 11, 1897. 

4. Ralph (h-ant, AFarch 26, 1901. 

5. Julia Gertrude, March 28, 1904. 

6. Laura Alice, Sept. 10, 1905. 

II. David W. W. Diehl was born near Charlesville, Penn- 


sylvania, Sept. 28, 1868, and married Ida V. Messersmitli, of 
]\Ionroe township, who was born Oct. 13, 1873, on Dec. 18, 
1894, Rev. A. C. Geary officiating. They are engaged in farm- 

Issue : 

1. Henry Geary, Oct. 1, 1895. 

2. George Reuben, Feb. 12, 1897. 

3. Susanna Jcniima, Afarch 7, 1899. 

4. Nathan Grant, July 3, 1902. 

5. William Guy (Oct. 27, 1903-April 15, 1909). 

6. Mary Ida, Jan. 13, 1907. 

7. Vena Glee, Aug. 22, 1908. 

III. Rebecca Laura Diehl and Henry Grant Diehl, Dec. 
26, 1863, Sanmel S. (iv), Johnathan (iii), Adam (ii), Samuel (i) 
both of Friend's Cove, Pennsylvania, were married by Rev. 
Joseph Apple, June 19, 1890. Mr. Diehl is a farmer with the 
distinction of being Justice of the Peace. 

Issue : 

1. Austin Sherman W., Jan. 4, 1891. 

2. Ethel Susannah E., April 18, 1892. 

3. Carrie Virginia, Nov. 25, 1897. 

4. Clare Henry Snyder, Feb. 13, 1907. 

5. Sarah Reeta, Nov. 7, 1908. 

IV. Joseph Grant Diehl, Jan. 7, 1871, married Nellie 
Shoemaker, who was born Nov. 16, 1879, on Jan. 29, 1903, by 
Rev. Hendricks, of Bedford, Pennsylvania, and resides on the 
old homestead, which he cultivates. They are on Route 2, Ev- 
erett, Pennsylvania. 

Issue: 1. Charles Roy, Dec. 26, 1903. 

V. Reuben Franklin Diehl, Aug. 11, 1881, married Sue 
Corle, who was boi-n March 24, 1883, on Dec. 14, 1905, Rev. 
Summy officiating. Farnici- and hniihciMng, near Bedford, 
Pennsylvania, Route 4. 

Issue : 

1. Benjamin Corle, Dec. 11, 1906. 

2. Charles Henry, July 28, 1909. 


SAMUEL (I), .HIIIN (II), .lilSKI'H H. (Ill), SUSANNA (IV), 

1. \\a\{\ Klizabkiii Holderbaum, .Jan. '2[), 18G7, \vas mar- 
ried, Sept. 20, 1890, by Kcv. CoxendeflVr, to John H. Gilliland, 
wlio died Oct. IS, 1894. 

1. Williaiii Charles, May 28, 1891. 

2. Joseph R., April 1, 1894. 

She then, Oct. 29, 1895, mari-ied Albert (i. Mauk, boiii Jan. 
22, 18(52, lii'v. Black officiatin.i;-. 
Issue : 

1. John Henry, Aui>-. 17, 189(k 

2. ("liester M.', (April 21, 19()0-June 21, 1904). 

II. David Ransom Holderbaum, May 7, 1869, married Mrs. 
Ida E. liOgue, who was born Aug. 6, 1879, on Jan. (>, 1908, Rev. 
S. B. Rittenhouse officiating. 

Issue : 

1. John Albert, Jan. 6, 1912. 

2. Parry Ross, Nov. 1, 1914. 

III. Carrie L. Holderbaum, March 8, 1874, and Chester 
Bankert, Jan. 16, 1877, were married by Rev. Witsman, June 
15, 1895. 
. Issue : 

1. S. S. Ruth, Jan. 5, 1896. 

2. Fred C, March 23, 1899. 

3. Mary E., May 1, 1901. 

4. Ross AV., April 6, 1903. 

IV. Jaxetta R. J. Holderbaum, Dec. 17, 1878, and Jacob 
W. Hoovei', who was born Sept. 13, 1875, wei*e married by Rev. 
Lewis Robb, D.D., of Altoona, Pennsylvania, June 7, 1900. 

Issue : 

1. Lista Cecelia, April 1, 1901. 

2. Reta Pearl (March 9, 1903-Jnly 24, 1903). 

3. David Roosevelt, Oct. 22, 1906. 

4. Nova Ruth, Feb. 17, 1914. 


HEXRV F. (V). 

I. Henry F. Diehl was born near Charlesville, Pennsyl- 
vania, in 1889. He is married to ^Myrtle Clites, who was born 
in 1890. 

Issue : 

1. David Harold, 1912. 

2. John Ellwood, 19U. 


I. Laanxa Bowser married John Adams. 
Issue: 1. Jane. 2. George. 3. Mand. 4. Charles. 5. Bel- 
la. 6. Robert. 

II. Rebecca Bowser married John Conrad. 

III. Elizabeth Bowser married George Conrad. 
Issue : 1. Wilson. 2. Henry. 3. James. 4. John. 5. Ally 
6. Mertie. 7. Arthur. 

IV. Catharine Bowser married David Martin. 
Issue: 1. Marv. 2. Enrv. 3. Anamarv. 

y. Ida Bowser married George Berkheimer, 
Issue: 1. Mary (died young). 


I. Franklin Ritchey married Anna Bowser. 
Issue: I.Elmer. 2. Sallv. 3. :\rarv. 


IT. Joiix RiTCHEY married Sally J^ong. 
I^duc: 1. AVilliam. 2. Grace. 3, Esther. 

III. Joseph Ritchey married Madora Long. 

IV. Rebecca Ritchey married Louis Long. 
Issue : 1. Harry. 

V. Jane Ritchey married Joseph Wisong. 

Issue : 1. Cora. 2. Maggie. 3. Martha. 4. Jerome. 

VI. Maggie Ritchey married David Carlow 
Issue : 1. Celia. 


I. Margaeet Orpha Diehl was born near Charlesville, 
Pennsylvania, Aug. 16, 1860, and married David H. AMietstone, 
a native of the same community, who was born Oct. 13, 1866. 
Their marriage was solemnized by Rev. A. T. G. Apple, Sept. 
25, 1888. ;Mr. AMietstone is secretary of the Friend's Cove Mu- 
tual Fire Insurance Company, which was organized in 1878, 
and has six thousand policy holders with seven and one-half 
million dollars of insurance. They reside in Charlesville, Penn- 

Issue : 

1. Oscar Ellis, Nov. 22, 1889. 

2. Francis Ralph, Nov. 14, 1890. 

3. Daisie Ida, Nov. 5, 1892. 

4. Sarah Evlyn, Dec. 21, 1895. 

5. Hattie :\ray, IMay 30, 1898. 

6. Lulu Irene, April 27, 1900. 

7. Simon Harold, July 2, 1909. 

II. Mary Ida Diehl, Dec. 22, 1868, was married Jan. 14, 
1891, Rev. Joseph Apple officiating, to Selby M. Diehl, who was 


l)()i-ii Dec. 19, 1S()5. Tlicv arc faiiiicis on ilidi- own place in 
Colcrain Township. 
Issue : 

1. Ella Tivnc, Sept. P., 1895. 

2. Paul Kio'lit, June 10, 1902. 

3. Sarah Eve, July 21, 1904. 

Til. JoHx Rurus Diehl was born near Charlcsville, 
Pennsylvania, Sept. 27, 1872. He wont to Knox County, Illi- 
nois, in 1893, and worked on a farm by the month, five years. 
Dec. 20, 1898, he married IMaroarct *G. ^fcCormack. After 
farming as a renter six years he bought a farm within a half 
mile of Victoria, Illinois, where they are at home. They are 
members of the Methodist Episcopal Church. ^Fr. Pichl has 
served on the church board a dozen years. 

Issue : 

1. Grace, Jan. 16, 1901. 

2. Jennie May, Aug. 6, 1904. 

3. Robert Stuart, April 27, 1907. 

4. Mary Loraine, Jan. 19, 1913. 

IV. Emanuel Peter W. Diehl, Feb. 22, 1875, and Cath- 
arine Diehl were married in August, 1897, and live on a farm 
near Clearville, Pennsylvania. 

Issue: 1. Lena Catharine. 2. Glen ?]nianucl, May 1(5, 1901. 

V. Sarah Elizabeth Diehl, Dec. 31, 1880, and Cornelius 
A. Diehl were married in 1900, and arc now in the restaurant 
business at Meyersdale, Pennsylvania. 

Issue : 

1. Valera May, 1903. 

2. Arleen Pearl, June 4, 1910. 

VI. Simon Henry Diehl was born near Cliarlcsvillc, 
Pennsylvania, May 22, 1883, and in 1905 married Christena 
Faithbrookner, of Columbus, Ohio, where they live and are en- 
gaged in the ice business. 

Issue: 1. Sai-ah Matilda, .lunc 13„ 1912. 


y\\. Lri.i- M \\ DiKiii, was honi ucai- Cliarlcsvillc. Pciui- 
sylvaiiia, Oct. L*.'!, ISS"), and at iiiatiii-ity inai-i-icd Samuel Sollcn- 
])('i-ii("i', Key. I). (1. Ilcttrick oriiciatin.ii,-. Mr. Sollenb('ri>-er can 
turn Ills hand to smit liinu and wood working, but is farming his 
father's |)hiee, neai' ( Meai'lield, Pennsvlvania. 

.SAMIKL (l),J(IH\ (II), KMAM Kl. J. (II1),.I(IHN IKVIN (IV), 

]. Charles Emery Diehl, Dec. 25, 1873, married Jemiie 
Smith in January, 1898. They were both natives of Friend's 
Cove. He is an engineer on the Pennsylvania railroad, at El- 
lerslie, Maryland. 

Jssur : 

1. Franklin Blair, May 15, 1899. 

2. Charles Bruce, Jan', (i, 1904. 

II. Li:vi Emanuel Diehl, Nov. 8, 1876, married Rosa Pearl 
Leasure, Se])1. 1910. He is a faiiner near Everett, Pennsyl- 
vania. - 
Issue : 

1. (diaries Merle (July 8-23, 1912). 

2. Donald Carl, born 1912. 

III. Michael Ephriam Diehl, Sept. 10, 1879, mai-ried, 
Sept. 18, 1904, Florence Ellen Slioemakei-, who was born in 
Friend's C\)ve. He is a merchant at Rainsburg, Pennsylvania. 

Issur: 1. Margaret Catharine, Aug. 8, 19()(i. 

1\'. W iLLiAM Edward Diehl, Dec. 10, 1882, married Ber- 
tha Harmena Ijesh, Sept. HMO. He is in a bakery at Bedford, 

Issue : 

1. Helen Louise, dune 24, 1911. 

2. Dorothy Mary, April 19, 1913. 

V. Elias Franklin Diehl, July 1, 1889, married Nettie 

Viola Keg-g, both of Friend's Cove, Dec. 19, 1910. He is a loco- 
motive fireman on the ralli'oad at P]llerslie, Maryland. 

1. Pearl Cataline, July 1, 1!M 1. 

2. Marv Elizabeth. 

SAMUEL (I), .MIHN (II), S^MANIKL J. (Ill), SOPHIA (!\), 

I. Sarah Alice Koontz was born Dec. 25, 1864, and mar- 
ried Simon F. Whetstone, who was born in Black Valley, and 
who is a school teacher and general agent of the Everett, Penn- 
sylvania, Mutual Fire Insurance Company. 

Jssue : 

1. B. Frank ^lietstone, Feb. 18, 1887. 

2. Laura May, :^lay 7, 1889. 

3. Raymond Edward, Aug. 31, 1891. 

4. Clarence Emanuel, June 28, 1893. 

5. Dennis Ambrose, Nov. 4, 1894. 

6. Albert Rose, May 13, 1895. 

7. Bertha Sophia, Sept. 30, 1901. 

8. Carl Theodore Roosevelt, April 26, 1904. 

II. Nicholas E. KooNTZ, Jan. 30, 186/ , married Paniie 
Fickes, and is a practical farmer. 

III. Emanuel R. Koontz was born June 9, 1S()9. He mar 
ried Alma Diehl and is engaged in farming. 



I, Jacob Wentz married Alice Walter. 
Issue : 1. Delia. 


IT. David Wkntz married Jiuic Dixcly 
Jssur: 1. Mabel. 2. Elizabeth. 

III. William Wentz iiianicd Ida Wysong. 
Issue: I.Jacob. 2. Minnie. 3. Daniel. 

IV. Annie AVentz married Lloyd Dively. 
Issue: 1. Clarence. 

ANNA M. (V). 

1. Anna M. IIvde married Charles Pensyl. 
Issue: 1. William. 2. Delbert. 

II. Christena C. Hyde married George Earnest. 
Issue: 1. Ellen. 


I. Julia Axx Hyde married Jacob Turner. 
Issuc^ : 1. Samuel. 2. Elmer. 3. Violet E. 


1. Asa Calvin Xvcum married Emma Wertz, daughter of 
Jacol) Wertz. 

Js.siK : 1. Hai-riet Grace. 2. Chai'les Homer. 3. ITumpbrey 
Jay Gould. 



I. Ella Gertrude Cessna married a ^\r. "Wood, and reside 
at 1817 Sixth Avenue, Altoona, Pennsylvania. 
Issue: 1. Mary. 2. John. . 


I. William Lloyd Emerson Diehl married Mary Sharp- 

Issue: 1. Effie. 2. Clara. 3. Elias. 


I. Joseph Diehl married Louisa Kelly. 

Issue : 1. Earl. 2. Minnie. 3. Pattison. 4. Grover, 

IL Mary Diehl married Frank Kaufman. 
Issue : 1. Charles. 2. Prank. 3. Rosa. 

III. Daniel Diehl married Matilda Fink. 
Issue : 1. Nora. 2. Roy. 3. Lucy. 

IV. Amos Diehl married ^linnie Holland. 
Issue : 1. Noel. 

V. Jerome Diehl married Mary Burkey. 

Issue : 1. Charles. 

VI. Matilda Diehl maiiied Ilciny Peck. 
Issue: 1. (!.) 


SAM! Kl. (I), IIAMKI. (II), .lOIIN (III). (iKORliK (IV), 
MAKVE. (V). 

T. ^rAi;\ Vj. DiKni. iiiai'i'ictl Joliii Sliiiltcrt. 
Iti^iic: 1. John. 2. Alari>'aret. 


1. Jaxe Diehl married I >a\i(] Earnest. 
Is.suc: 1. Samuel. 2. Jeremiah. 3. Kate. 4. Alice. 5. 
Blair. 6. Miles. 7. Flora. 

II. Kate Diehl married Frank Claar. 
Issue: I.Nora. 2. Jane. 3. Matilda. 4. Susan. 5. Silas. 
6. Annie. 

III. JoHX Diehl married Maggie Miles. 
Issue : 1. Mary. 

IV. George Dietil married Kate Ritchey. 
Issue: 1. Iaicy. 2. Amos. 3. Harvey. 

Y. Joseph Diehl married Annie Schell. 
Issue : Two children ( 1891) . 

VI. Malinda Diehl married George Arford. 
Issue: 1. ]\Iarv. 2. Georo'e. 


I. David Diehl married Eve Miller. 
Issue: I.Elmer. 2. John. 3. Harriet. 


I. Amanda Stambaugh married Thomas Stiffler, 
Issue : 1. Lizzie, 

II. John Stambaugh married Annie Hannah. 
Issue : 1. Thomas. 2. Sarah. 3. Margaret. 

III. Jane Stambaugh married William Bowser. 
Issue: 1. Sarah. 


I. Cathakine D. Hartman married David Roller. 
Issue : 1. David. 2. Earl. 3. Mary. 

(IV), SARAH A. (V). 

I. Sarah A. Koontz married Simon Whetstone. 
Issue : 1. Benjamin F. 2. Lona May. 


I. Elizabeth Harcleroad married Millard Funk. 
Issue : 1. Essie. 2. Amy. 

II. Carrie Harcleroad married John Echart. 
Issue: I.Edna. 2. Samuel. 3. Millard. 4. :Mildred. 


III. Julia Harcleroad mariMcd David Flcnnor. 
Issue : 1. Jane. 

IV. Anna Harcleroad married Elias Baker. 
Issue: 1. Ann. 2. Mary Jane. 3. Emory. 4. William. 
5. Rebecca. 6. Peter Llovd. 


JANE (V). 

I. Jane Harclkkoad married Daniel ^Miller. 
Issue: I.Franklin. 2. Calvin. 

II. Rebecca Harcleroad married Dorsey Miller, 
Issue : 1. Ada, 2. Roy. 

HARRV F. (V). 

I. Harry F. ( )tt married Sarah A. Sliafer. 
Issue: 1. Chester M. 2. Lulu May. 3. Raymond L. 

II. Annie R. Ott married George T. Koontz. 


I. Elnora Whitmore married Wesley Ritchey. 
Issue: 1. Luln. 2. Zellah. 3. Harrv. 

II. Belle B. Whitmore married Franklin Miller, 
Issue: 1. Earl. 2. Carl. 

III. Charles E. W^hitmore married Ida Peregoy. 
Issue: 1. Belle. 2. Clyde. 3. Maud L. 4. Charles. 


I. Sophia Cokbin married William Matthews. 
Issue: 1. Bertha. 2. Anna. 3. Frank. 4. Sophia. 

II. Henry Corbin married Fannie Burette. 
Issur: 1. Frank. 2. Bessie. 3. Chester Arthur. 4. Cora, 

III. Belle Corbin married AVilliam Fitzgerald. 
Issue: 1. James. 2. Clyde, (fell from a load of coal and 
was killed). 3. Cora Pearl. 


I. RosiE Whitmore married Frank Andrews. 
Issue: 1. Louis. 


I. Joseph Griffin married Anice Smith. 
Issue : 1. Ethel. 

II. Charles Griffin married Fanny Smith. 
Issue : 1. Anna May. 2. Russell. 

III. William Griffin married Kate Nelson. 
Issue : 1. Roscoe C. 

IV. Edward Griffin married Emma Barber, 
Issue: I.Charles. 2. Frederick. 3. Grace. 




M. (V). 

I. Charles ]\I. Wiiitmoke married Addio Soebre. 
Issue: 1. Clifford. 2. Earl 3. Leila. 4. Athel. 

(IV), MICHAEL E. (V). 

Michael E. Diehl was born June 16, 1860, on a farm now 
owned by SeAvell W. Diclil, in Friend's Cove, Pennsylva- 
nia, near the old Bowser ]\Iill, now owned by William H. 
Dielil. He tanglit school fifteen years in the Cove and Snake 
Spring township. Jan. 6, 1886, he married Elizabeth Lincoln, 
(daughter of Solomon F. Diehl) who was born April 19, 1865. 
They lived at Lutsville, Pennsylvania, till 1895, then moved to 
Cumberland, Maryland, and engaged in the hotel business till 
1912. He is now a successful traveling salesman for a cereal 
company of Akron, Ohio. ]\[r. Diehl is a member of the I. 0. 0. 
F., Tonkaway Tribe, No. 120, 1. (). R. M., Order of Owls, Queen 
of the All(\ghanies, Foresters of America, and the ]\roose. The 
family are members of St. Mark's Reformed Church, Cumber- 
land, Maryland. 

Issue : 

1. Ralph Burdette, (Aug. 9, 1888-Nov. 18, 1896). 

2. Clark Talmage, Jan. 8, 1890. 
?K Russell Conwell, July 9, 1891. 
1. Effie Catharine, May 4, 1898. 

5. Harvey Herman, Dec. 5, 1894. 

6. Lena Irene, ( )ct. 14, ] 896. 

7. Mary Elizabeth, April 12, 1898. 

8. Virginia Ruth, Oct. 14, 1899. 

9. Loretta Wiley, June 16, 1905. 
10. Eve Ann Marie, Aug. 11, 1906. 

II. Rebecca Diehl married John P. Harcleroad. 
Issue : 1. AValter Talmage. 2. Franklin Rovden. 3. Fannj^ 
4. Selby. 


III. Selby Myeks Die hi. inan-icd Ida Diclil, dauylilcr of 
Francis M. (iv), Emanuel J. (iii), .Jolui (ii), Samuel (i). (See 


I. Eddie Ellsworth Diehl was born on a farm near Joy, 
Illinois, Jan. 6, 1874, and is engaged in farming and stock rais- 
ing. He spent a coujile of years railroading for the Santa Fe 
company. Dec. 1, 1897, lie married (1) Annie V. Smouse, of 
Bedford County, Pennsylvania, and went to farming near Joy, 

Issue : 

1. William Everett, June 30, 1898. 

2. Eosella Belle, June 1, 1900. 

Divorced April 7, 1904, lie married (2) Edna Bertha Pahii- 
er, Feb. 24, 1910. 

II. Ida Belle Diehl, of Joy, Illinois ( Sept. 19, 1875-Nov. 
17, 1907), married Albert Beach,^ Nov. 1, 1905. 
Issue : 

1. Infant, deceased Nov. 12, 1907. 


I. William Ellsworth Diehl was born at Buckeye, Ohio, 
Jan. 3, 1870, and when a child accompanied his ])arents to 
Friend's Cove, Pennsylvania, and on Jan. 15, 1901, married 
Minnie Lehman, of Bedford, Pennsylvania, who was l)oin Jan. 
1(3, 1880, Rev. Irvin Hendricks officiating. They reside at Bed- 
ford, Pennsylvania. 

Issue : 

1. Roy McApee, Aug. 10, 1901. 


2. Hazel Irene, .Jan. 2:5, Un)4. 

3. Gladys Viroinia, July 26, 1908. 

II. Maijxda May Diehl, born in Friend's Cove, Pennsyl- 
vania, Jan. :50, 1S7(), married Harry McMullin, of Bedford, 
Peniisylvania, where they live, A])ril 25, 1896. He is a stone 
and brick mason. 

TIT. Nettie Diehl, May 25, 1887, married Jacob Co,ij:an, 
AiijL>. 17, 1908, Rev. C. AV. Summey officiatin*^-. ]\Ir. Co<^an was 
born at Saxton, Pennsylvania, Sept. 15, 1886. He is a teamster 
at Bedford, Pennsylvania. 

Issue : 

1. Anna Elizabeth, Oct. 29, 1908. 

2. Verna Kathern, Xov. 10, 1911. 


I. Eleanor Myrtle Diehl was born in Friend's Cove, 
Pennsylvania, Aug. 31, 1870, and married Edward Earnest, of 
Tmlei-town, who works in the railroad shops at Altoona, Penn- 

Issue : 1. Tnfant, dead. 2. Tva. 8. Paul. 

TT. Elgene Blanche Diehl, April, 1878, married (jeorge 
Elmer Diehl, a farmer, June 16, 1897. 
Issue : 

1. Esther ; 2. Glenn ; 3. Eugene. 

4. Ella M., July 26, 1902. 

5. Plummer E., Dec. 21, 1905. 

6. Harold H., .March 14, 1910. 

7. Helen L. ; 8. Woodrow C. ; 9. Ethel, 1914. 

TTT. Tdella C. Diehl, born Sept. 9, 1880, and married 
Emory T. Ivegg, a farmer, June 21, 1904, Rev. C. W. Summy of 
the Reformed Church officiating. 

Issue : 


1. Mary Elizabclli, Jan. 5, 190G. 

2. Romain M., April 9, 1908. 

3. Dorothy B., Oct. 9, 1910. 


I. Martin Aaron Diehl was born in Fi-icnd's Cove, Penn- 
sylvania, Oct. 1, 1870. He married Elmira Rei.i^liard, who was 
born March 6, 187(5, and they live on their farm in Snake 
Sj^rin,"- Valley, rural route 4, Bedford, Pennsylvania. 

Issue : 

1. May Margaret, May 2, 1903. 

2. Andrew Paul, April 7, 1908. 

II. Mary E. Diehl, born March 25, 1875, and married 
Frank Harclerode, who was born April 20, 1866, on Jan. 6, 
1893. They reside at Hopewell, Pennsylvania, where Mr. Har- 
cleroad, who was a teacher three years in the public schools, is 
conducting a general store. 

Issue : 

1. Robert, Oct. 25, 1893. 

2. Margaret Esther, Dec. 14, 1899. 

III. Ida Catharine Diehl, Aug. 19, 1878, and Nicholas AV. 
Diehl (Samuel (i), Adam (ii), Michael (iii), Adam K. (iv) 
were married Sept., 1897, and live in the Cove on their own 

Issue : 

1. Warren Adam, May 1, 1898. 

2. Margaret Rebecca, Aug. 10, 1912. 

IV. Lydia Elmira Diehl, March 4, 1881, and Harry Isaac 
Diehl (George Joseph, Tit irk Joe) were marricnl in D(^cember, 
1903, and live on a farm in Colerain township, Bedford County, 

Issue: I.Ada. 2. Fave. 3. Carl. 4. Ora. 


V. Oscar Reynold Diehl was born April 26, 1883, and 
mairied Stella :\I. Bowser, Feb. 18, 1913. They reside at Bed- 
ford, Pennsylvania, where he is general agent of County Mu- 
tual Fire Insurance Company. 

VI. Samuel Chester Diehl, May 12, 1888, and Daisie 
A\nietstone, Nov. 5, 1892 (daughter of D. H. Whetstone), were 
married in March, 1912. They live on the Abram Weisel farm 
in Friend's Cove. 

Issue : 

1. Andrew Kenneth, March 9, 1913. 

VII. Andrew Ellis Diehl, July 16, 1893, resides with his 
mother on the old homestead farm, which he manages, on route 
2, Everett, Pennsylvania. 


I. Samuel Tilden Diehl, Dec. 14, 1877, and Anna Snively, 
Feb. 22, 1871, were married Oct. 19, 1901, and live in Bedford, 
Pennsylvania, where Mr. Diehl is the successful proprietor of 
the City Meat Market. 

Issue : 

1. Mildred, May 3, 1903. 

II. Andrew Ross Diehl, July 25, 1878, and Bessie May 
Shaffer, April 11, 1882, were married April 26, 1905. 
Issue : 

1. Mary Elizabeth, Feb. 7, 1906. 

2. Dorothy Catharine, Oct. 8, 1912. 

III. Calvin Martin Diehl, June 8, 1882, and Maud Beat- 
rice Trail, Feb. 14, 1886, were married Dec. 17, 1909, by Rev. 

IV. Edgar Nevin Diehl, Aug. 3, 1886, and Gussie AFay 


Casteel, Oct. 17, 1886, wore married July, 190!), and ai-<' on a 
farm near Bedford, Pennsylvania. 
Issur : 

1. Trma Catharine, April 2, 1!)1l\ 



I. Elizabeth Erdex Dieiil, April 7, 1887, married Ed- 
ward Bailey, a drayman, of Bedford, Pennsylvania, in 1898. 
Issue : 
1. Clarence Edward, Sept., 1898. 

II. Mary Ada Diehl was married to Harry L. Stern, who 
is a plumber at Bedford, Pennsylvania. Mrs. Stern was born 
March 17, 1879. 

Issue : 

1. Harry Lee, Oct., 1906. 

2. Catharine Virg-inia, March, 1909. 

3. Charles Nicholas, Sept., 1912. 

III. LuciNDA Myrtle Diehl is proprietor of a general gro- 
cery store at Bedford, Pennsylvania. She was born Sept. 29, 

1881, and was married to a Souser. 

Issue : 

1. Harrv W. Souser, June 22, 1901. 

2. Floyd Nicholas, Jan. 28, 1905. 

IV. Anna Catharine Diehl, May 24, 1887, and Attorney 
Harry C. James, who was born Sept. 7, 1881, were married 
Dec. 6, 1911. He is affiliated with the I. O. O. F. and Red Men; 
graduated from the Bedford Classical Academy in 1903, and af- 
ter a course in law, was admitt<'d to the bar in 1904, with a 
promising future before him. 

Issue : 

1. John Harold, July 8, 1914. 




I. EsTELLA DiEHL, boni ill Friend's Covo, Feb. 14, 1885, 
and on Sept. 20, 1902 married George Roy Slioemaker, who was 
born Jan. 18, 1878. He is a farmer on route 1, Kainsburg, 

Issue : 

1. Ruth, Nov. 16, 1902. 

2. I\I. Grace, June 3, 1906. 

II. Cora Diehl, Oct., 1887, and Oscar Ellis Whetstone, 
Nov. 22, 1889, were married March 14, 1911, and live in Charles- 
ville, Pennsylvania. 


T. Earl Victor Diehl was born March 6, 1891, and on 
Chi'istmas, 1913, married Anna Amelia Swanger, who was born 
at Shell, Virginia, July 4, 1895. He was a brakeman on the B. 
& O. railroad some time. He enlisted, Dec. 1, 1909, at Colum- 
bus, Ohio, in 82 Co. C. A. Corps, and received credit as a tirst- 
class gunner and marksman. After three years service, in 
which he assisted in the mobilization of the army corps at Gal- 
veston, Texas, he was honorablv discharged at New York, Dec. 
1, 1912. 

11. Lewis Raymond Diehl, July 23, 1892, married Sarah 
Evlyn Whetstone, of Mann's Choice, Pennsylvania, May 5, 
1914. They live in Friend's Cove, where Mi'. Diehl is a team- 


III. Verda Grace Diehl. Oct. 15, 1894, iiianicd Lester 
Beegle, Aii,o'. 1,3, 1912. Ho is a teamster and lives at Rainsburg, 

1. Calvin Clare, Dec. 11, 1913. 


I. Anna Bertha Dull married Enoch Jones, of New 
York in 1895, superintendent of the postoffice. 
Issue : 

1. Harry v., No\ . 26, 1895. 

2. Louise, Feb. 4, 1900. 

II. Ida May Dull was born Dec. 16, 1873, at New Enter- 
prise, Pennsylvania, and married Samuel Croyle, of Bedford, 
Pennsylvania, an electrician. 

Issue : 

1. Mary. 

2. John Dull, Nov. 26. 

III. Mary Catharine Dull was born at New Enterprise, 
Pennsylvania, Feb. 21, 1877, and ^Vfarch 29, 1900, was united in 
marriage by Rev. E. W. Stonebraker, to Charles Ernest Straes- 
ser, who was born in Mai'tinsburii', Pennsylvania, July 30, 1878, 
and is agent of the Pennsylvania Railroad at Curryville, Penn- 
sylvania, where they reside. 

Issue : 

1. Edith Elizabeth, Nov. 6, 1900. 

2. David Ernest, April 2, 1906. 

IV. John Reuben Dull was born in New Enteri)rise, 
Pennsylvania, Aug. 31, 1878, and is married and lives at Bed- 
ford, Pennsylvania, where he is a registered ])li;»rnuK'ist and 
proprietor of the leading drug store. 

V. Meta Eliza Dull, ^iareli 10, ISSL innnied Daniel 


Snavoly, of Dutch Corner, 'I'liaiiksuiviii-;- Day, 1911. Ho is a 
miller by trade, and is employed in tlie J. S. Brown Flouring 
jMill, T.oyshnr.ii', Pennsylvania. 

A^I. ]\Iargaket Beulah Dull Mas born in New Enterprise, 
Pennsylvania, April 21, 1883, and married D. N. "Whitman, of 
Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, Aug. — 1908. He is a chemist in the 
employ of an iron company in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. 

Issue : 

1. Elizabeth B., Nov. 5, liJlO. 

2. Sarah Margaret, Feb. 28, 1912. 

3. Frances F., Feb., — 1914. 

•SAMIEI. (1),.!0HN (I!),.!OH:s (III), CATHAUINH (IV 

I. John Edward Pennell was born at Jjoysburg, Pennsyl- 
vania, Aug. 3, 1875. He married Gertrude Julia White, who 
was born Arpil 21, 1885, at Roxborough, Pennsylvania, Dec. 30, 
1903, at Philadelphia. They live at Rydal, Pennsylvania, where 
he is telegrapher at the railroad station. He is a member of the 
Reformed Church. 

Issue : 

1. Louise Catharine, July 19, 1904. 

2. George William, Sept.' 13, 1911. 

II. CoRiNE Alma Pennell was born Aug. 13, 1877, at 
Loysburg, Pennsylvania, and married Charles Hall, of Wood- 
bury, Pennsylvania, Aug. 14, 1898. They live at Roaring- 
Springs, Pennsylvania, where he is employed in a book l)indery. 

Issue: 1. Harry Claar, 1898. 2. Mary Alice, 1900. 3. Ray- 
mond, 1902. 4. (^itharine, 1904. 5. Thelma, 190(). (>. Noi-ma, 
1910. 7. Willis, 1913. 

III. Mary Alice Pennell was l)orn at Jjoysburg, Penn- 
sylvania, April 16, 1879, and married Fi-anklin C. Willard, a 
machinist, of Philadelphia, Pennsyhania, Nov. 26, 1903. Tlieir 
present address is 15 John Street, South Amboy, New Jersey. 



1. Xcllio Frances, An.o-. 2S, 1904. 

2. Edward Peiincll. Jan. 21, 1906. 

3. Georii-e Robert, Nov. 26, 1907. 

• 4. Franklin C, (Sept, 2:i, 1909-S('])t. 24, 1909). 
5. Xornia Alice, An,"-. 1.'}, 1910. 

T^'. ITai;i;v Elwood Pexnell ^vas born Jan. 31, 1881, at 
Loysbu'"". I\'nnsylvania, and mai'ried Norma Horine, of Jef- 
ferson, Alaryland, in 1906, Avliere they now reside. 

V. Louisa Grace Pennell was born Dec. 26, 1883 at Loys- 
bur«', Pennsylvania, and married Russell Hibbs, of Philadel- 
phia, Pennsylvania, Nov. 18, 1908. They reside at 5108 

Street, W. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

Issue : 

1. Russell Donald, April 11, 1911. 

2. Geori>-e Raymond, Feb. 11, 1914. 

VI. Frances Pearl Pennell was boi-n at Tjoysburii-, Penn- 
sylvania, June 15, 1887, and married Lloyd Gumbert, of Shells- 
burg, Pennsylvania, Aug. 14, 1913. They live at 5139 Hoopes 
Street, W. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

VII. Clara A. Pennell was born at Ijoysburg, Pennsyl- 
vania, Aug. 28, 1889, and on Thanksgiving Day. Nov. 27, 19i3, 
was united in marriage to Cleaver E. Snyder, of Baker's Sum- 
juit. who was born May 23, 1886. Their home is at New Enter- 
prise, Pennsylvania. 

VIIL Wilson C. Pennell has been west several years on 
a farm near Port Byron, Illinois, but is now located near Vista, 
i\rinnesota. His brothei-, James L., is a telegraiJi o])erator at 
Rydal, Pennsylvania. 

IX. Louisa Emma Pennell was born at Loysburg, Penn- 
sylvania, Dec. 13, 1893, and married C. H. Whi'eler, May 22, 
1914, in Camden, New Jersey. They reside at 936 Cedar Street. 


SAMKI L (I),.1()HN (II),.10HN ( III). ( AiHAIMNK (IV),("ALVIN 

T. John Schxebi.v Dittmak was l)orn in Loyslmri*-, Penn- 
sylvania, Jan. 7, 1896, and aftci- eleven years old, he attended 
scliool at Jefferson, Maryland, and Hyndman, Pennsylvania, 
until lOK), under the care of his uncle, Rev. D. X. Dittmar, who 
was pastor of the Reformed Church at those places. At pres- 
ent, he is assistant time keeper for W. H, Van Sine, manager of 
the Henry Ford estate, at Dearborn, Michigan, where they are 
huihling a $1,000,000 mansion, some ten miles west of Detroit. 


I. Charles Stoxeberger Diehl was born near Astoria, 
Illinois, on St. John's Day, June 24, 1884, completed the eighth 
grade in the Whealdon rural school, attended two winters at 
the Ipava High School, and one winter at the State University 
at Champaign, Illinois. August 28, 1907, he married Enola 
Facklei-, who was born March 30, 1882, at Astoria, Illinois, 
Rev. Mr. Hartley of the M. E. Church officiating. She was a 
graduate of the town school, and later one of its efficient teach- 
ers. They are comfortably settled on a farm a few miles south 
of Tpava, Illinois. He is a meml)er of the Reformed Church, 
and Mrs. Dielil of the ]\[. E. Church. 

Issue : 

1. Jose])hine, :\lay 4, 1909. 

2. Elizal)etli, Ai)ril 1, 19i;5. 

IT. Hahrv L. Diehl was born on a farm n(^ar Ipava, Illi- 
nois, Saturday, May 8, 1886. After finishing the rui-al school 
Avork at Whealdon, he graduated from the Ipava High School 
in 1904, and then taught two years at Sugar Grove, near Lewis- 
town. In 1909, he graduated from the Illinois State Normal 
University, where he was president of the I. S. N. U. Rei)ul)li- 
can Club, '08; president of Lectui'e Board, '09; president of Or- 


atorical Board, '08, '09; president of Pliiladclpliia, '09; presi- 
dent Junior class; on the Athletic Board, '08, '09; Football 
Team, '06, '07, '08; captain Track Team; Editor-in-Chief of 
Index; commencement speaker; principal Vandalia Schools, 
'09, '10; i)rincipal of Carrollton Schools, '10- '11 and '11 -'12. 
He completed the Law course at Michigan University, Ann Ar- 
1)()r, in February, 1914, and immediately beg-an the i)ractice of 
his profession at Detroit, Micliigan. He recently transferred 
his church membership from the Summum, Illinois, Reformed 
Church, to the First Presbyterian Church of Detroit. He is 
also a ]Mason. 

Hakkv L. Diehl, Detkoit, .Mhiii<;an. 



() 1\X()X- 


TIT. Ruth Diehl Avas bom Juno 27, 1888, near Ipava, Illi- 
nois. Finished the Whealdcn rural school cours-^ and ,<v'"aduat- 
ed from Ipava High School in 1905. Graduated from Knox 
College, Galcsburg, Illinois, in 1910, vrhero she is en record as 
Pi Beta Phi; S. Y. B.; Y. W. 0. A. Cabinet, '08- '09, '09- '10; del- 
egate to Geneva Conference, '07, '09; L. M. I. Secretary, '07; 
president, '09; Regatta, '07, first place, '08, '09; Basket Ball, 
'08, '09, '10; Sophomore Class Play; president of the Junior 
Class; on 1910 Gale Board; Student Staff, '09-'10; member 
Student Council; Senior (Jirls' Club. Teacher in Ipava schools 
two years and assistant ])i-ineii)al one year, 1912-1.'}. She has 
been an earnest worker wherever she is, in the chuj'ch, Sunday 
school, and young people's meetings. As a violinist, vocalist, 
and orchestral leader, she has been a valuable helj) in nnisic for 
various public meetings. She is a Presbyterian and Eastern 
Star member, and is teacher of English in the High School, 
Storm Lake, Iowa, since September, 19i:>. 


IV. Lois Diehl was l)()ni near T))ava, Tlliiiois, .laimaiv 1>, 
1(S91. S]i(' c'()in))l(4('d the Wlicaldoii school work at lioiiic, and 
^•raduated from the Astoria, Illinois, High School in IJMJS. 
Taught the Whealdon rural school one year. Graduated from 
the Illinois State Normal I^niversity in 1912, with this i-ecord: 
Member of the Writonians ; Glee Club ; Vidette Staff, 1912 ; Sci- 
ence Club ; president Y. W. C. A., 1912 ; delegate to Geneva Con- 
ference, 1912; delegate to the Students' Volunteer World's 
Conference, Kansas City, Missouri, 1913-4; class speaker; sec- 
retary of University Y. W. C. A. two years, 1913-14. Presby- 
terian and member Order Eastern Stai-. Student at Chicago 
University, September, 1914. 


I. Sarah Harriet Hickle was born near Vermont, Illinois^ 
Sept. — , 1873. She married James Elsworth Ring, who is on 
their old farm near Vermont, Illinois. 

Issue: 1. James. 2. Mattie. 3. Gladys. 4. Mabel. 5. 

II. Orpha Vincent Hickle was born near Vermont, Illi- 
nois, Jan. 22, 1876. On Feb. 27, 1907, she was married to Wil- 
liam Alexander Teel, a farmer, who was born Sept. 22, 1882. 
Their address is Hermon, Illinois. 
■ Issue : 

1. William Kenneth, Dec. 8, 1908. 

2. John Henry, Aug. 18, 1910. 

3. Clifford Hickle, Mav 10, 1913. 

III. Glen Cassius Hickel was born near Sumiiniiii, Illi- 
nois, Oct. 1, 1888. After passing the i-ural schools, he took: 
three yeai's at the Academy and three years at Hedding Col- 
lege, Abingdon, Illinois, where he has the following record: 

Editor-in-Chief of Orange, '13; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet : busi- 
ness manager of Gia))hlc, 'n-'12; presid<'nt Pioliibiiidii Asso- 


ciatioii, 'lO-'l'J; state secretary Illinois liit('r{'()lle.i»'iate Prohi- 
l)iti()n Association, Ml-'12, '12-'i:!; Aljdia Si-nia Literary So- 
ciety, president, '11; Glee Club, '09- '10; Collei^e Male Quar- 
tette, '11- '12; Intercollegiate Debate Com., secretary, '11- '12; 
Football, '11; Track, '09, '10, '11. Princii)al Homer, Illinois, 
Hiiih School, '12-'13; teacher, Science and Athletics, Pittsfield 
Hiiili School, '13- '14. He did chautauqua work the summer of 
1914, and entered the State Tniversity, Cliani])aii;ii, Illinois, as 
a student, September, 1914. 

G. C. HicKLE, Champaign, Illinois. 


I. Hev. Levi Xevin Wilson, A.M., was born June 11, 1S79, 
near Summum, Illinois. At an early ai^e he settled with his 
pai-ents near Hiawatha, Kansas. Elementary education in the 
public schools of Illinois and Kansas. Prepared for college at 
Hiawatha Academy. Graduated from Franklin & Marshall 
College, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, in 190H; from the Fastern 
Theological Seminary, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, in 1911. Took 


the degree of Master of Ai-ts liom Fiaiiklin cK: Marshall ('i)llege 
in 1912, for advanced work in Botany and History. At college, 
was an active member of tlic Ooc^thian Literary Society, an ed- 
itor of the College Annual, and a member of the Green Room 
Clnl). At the Theological Scminai'v, the winner of the Schaff 
])rize in Church Histoiy. 

At the age of fourteen he united with the Reformed 
Church of Fairview, Kansas. Princii)al of Interior Academy. 
Dakota, Illinois, two years; of High School, Marysville, Kans- 
as, one year; and instructor in Sciences at Hiawatha, Kansas, 
Academy, two years. iVlinistei- of Harrisville charge. Reformed 
Church, Toms Brook, Virginia, 1911-14, with 250 members. Is 
now pastor of charge at Brunswick, Maryland. 

In 1905 he married Anna Mae Weaver, of Lancaster, Penn- 

Issue : 

1. Paul Nevin, Jnlv 1:5, 1908. 

Rev. L. X. Wii^sox, Biunswki-:. Mai:\ i.axd. 


II. Irma Lonera Wilson was l)()ni in Fulton County, Illi- 
nois, May 9, 1888, and accompanied her jjarcnts to Fairview, 
Kansas, when young-. Aug. 17, 19U7, she married John Roude- 
bush, of Hiawatha, Kansas, where they live. 

Issue : 

1. Farle Lawrence, Fel). L>9, 1908. 

III. Merle Zwingli Wilson was l)()rn Aug. lo, 1890, and 
on Oct. 4, 1913, married Mary Angelique Hardy, who was l)orn 
Ai)ril, 1894. Tliey live at Hiawatha, Kansas. 


I. Clayton Carr Diehl, born near Ipava, Illinois, ]\larch 
6, 1883, and accompanied his parents to Kansas in 1895, where 
after graduating in the Oberlin High Scliool, he turned his at- 
tention to farming. On Sept. 5, 1906, he married ^Myrtle Fjliza- 
beth Bivans, who was born ]\Iay 13, 1886. They reside near 
Oberlin, Kansas, and are engaged in grain and stock raising. 

Issue : 

1. Dorothy Diehl, April 27, 1911. 

II. jMyrtle Belle Diehl, IMarch 12, 1885, and Clinton 
Darewood Lenon, Aug. 8, 1881, both of Decatur County, Kans- 
as, were man-ied by Rev. J. Wintjen, March 28, 1906, near 01> 
erlin, Kansas, and now live in .Jewell, Kansas. ]\Irs. Lenon was 
a teacher a couple of years. 

Issue : 

1. Dale Iran, Feb. 11, 1907. 

111. Maiiy Ethel Diehl, Jan. 10, 1891, of Oberlin, and 
Frank L. Fringer, of Custer, Kansas, were married, Feb. 18, 
1914, at the home of the parents of the bride, in the presence of 
some fifty witnesses, Rev. A. W. Dick officiating. 



I. HiLDRED DiEJiL was borii at Astoria, Illinois, in isi)2, 
and accompanied licr parents to Pawnee County, Nebraska, 
and a few years later to Philip, South Dakota. On Monday, 
Sept. 16, 1912, she was united in marriage with Harrison T. 
Porter, at Rapid City, South Dakota, Rev. B. T. Russell offici- 

ating. Mr. Porter is an electrician. 


I. Edxa Diehl was horn near Suninuini, Illinois, May 15, 
1889, and after completing- the eighth grade at Whealdc:) 
school, taught several years. She was married to (xuy Ebbert, 
a Pleasant townshii) farmer, December, 1913, and lives on a 
farm near Ipava, Illinois. 


L Ida Catharine Exlixe was born near Germantown, 
Kansas, Sept. 27, 1877. Several years after her father's tragic 
death her mother married Peter Segner, of Smith Center, Kan- 
sas, both now near Lake View, Oregon. Vrarcli 1, 1910, at Cald- 
well, Idaho, Miss Exline married Henry Theodore Turner, who 
was born Feb. 12, 1870, in Rock Island County, Illinois. They 
live at Emmet, Idaho, and have one child, Theodore Adren, 
who was born at Lake View, ( )i-egon. 

E. (V), ARMINIAii. (VI). 

I. Armixta G. OrLL was born near Willsliiic, (Miio, June 


25, 1874, and was married to William II. Myers, Jiiiic IK), 1S98. 
Their home is at Decatur, Indiana. 
Issue : 

1. Oscar Rolhwcll (July 'JT, ISDD-Sept. 22, ISDD). 

II. David H.wes Dill was boiii near AVillshirc, Ohio, 
March 3, 1877, and in ll»n() he maiM-ied Ennna Julick, to whom 
were born : 

1. Ruth. 2. Ethel. ;]. Viva. 4. S. R. 

JANE (V),rARVN. (VI). 

I. Gary N. Eaken was born in Mercer County, Ohio, Nov. 
14, 1873, and was married to Savilla Hedges, June 7, 1911, He 
is an electrician and they reside in Rockford, Ohio, where he is 
manager of the Rockford Electric Lighting Company, also of 
the Rockford Exchange Telephone and Toll Line (Companies. 

II. Oi;l F. Eakex was born in Mercer County, Ohio, and 
is married to Cecile Martz. He is a butcher by jnofession, and 
they reside at Rockfoi'd, Ohio. 


1. Erwin Dale, Feb. 5, 1914. 

III. Bi'eley G. Eakex was born in Mercer County, Ohio, 
Jan. 31, 1881, and is married to Lulu Baxter. They reside at 
Kansas City, Missouri, where he is city mail carrier. 

Issue : 

1. Forest W., Julv 7, 1902. 

2. Earl S., July 8, 1905. 

3. ]\Iildred F., Oct. 14, 1910. 

4. (Jlenn B., Jan. 18, 1914. 

IV. Edith M. Eakex was born in Mercer County, Ohio, 
]\Iay 10, 1883, and is married to Frank M. Wilson. They reside 
<on a farm near Paulding, Ohio. 


Issue : 

1. Holon, Alio. 4, 1905. 

2. Kobcrt, March 2. 1907, 

V. AfARGARET ^M. Eaken was boni in ^reix'cr ToiHity, r)liio, 
Xov. 5, 1885, and was married to Frank E. Sidcnbcndcr, after- 
wards divorced. 

Issue : 

1. John v., Jnne 2G, 1907. 

2. Lawrence, July 26, 1910. 



I. Iva Leah Baxta, July 28, 1885, married Roy Hook, T)<'C. 
22, 1910, and live on a farm near Willshire, Ohio. 

II. Emma Eliza Baxta was born in Ohio, Oct. 4, 1887. ancT 
married Carl Lund, who is a professional i;ardener, Jan. 1,, 
1914. They live in Chicago, Illinois. 

Iir. AxxA Baxta was born Aug-. 12, 1890, and marri(Ml' 
Elton Vininii', Jan. 31, 1912. They live on a farm near Will- 
shire, Ohio. 

Issue : 

1. James, Aug. 17, 1913. 

:o :- 


(V), ETHEL (VI). 

T. Ethel Siler was born in ( )hio, Dec. 31, 1882, and was. 
married to Charles Jones, Oct. 25, 1900. They reside on a farnii 
on Route 2, Berne, Indiana. 

Issue : 

1. Infant (Oct. 2(), 1901-Oct. 2(), 1901). 

2. Orral C, Feb. 9, 1903. 


8. Esther L., Dec. 7, 1906. 
4. Xellie C, March TJ, IDU. 

11. Frederick C. Siler was born in Mercer County, Ohio, 
Dec. 14, 1884, and was married, Feb. l(i, 1909. to Nora Gilhmd. 
They reside en a farm (.ii Route 8, Celiiia, ( >hi(). 


1. Orval James, Sept. 21, 1910. 

2. Lnclhi May, Oct. 30, 1913. 

III. ViRGiE SiLER is married to Charles Wood. 

:o :- 

SAMIKL (I), JOHN (!!), .!(!HN (III), DAVID (IV), JOHN 

I. AxNA May Diehl, Nov. 14, 1879, of Friend's Cove, and 
"William F. Shaffer, June 22, 1S74, Rainsbur^-, Pennsylvania, 
were married Dec. 23, 1893, and live at Rainsburg, Pennsylva- 
nia, on a farm. 

Issue : 

1. AValter C, Nov. 8, 1897. 

2. Fern A., April 16, 1903. 

3. John H. (Oct. 15, 1905-Oct. 9, 1906). 

II. Margaret Elizabeth Diehl. Oct. 2, 1881, of Friend's 
Cove, and Karl Fisher, Dec. 27, 1886, were married June 9, 
1909, and live at Rainsburji-, Pennsylvania. 

Issue : 

1. Ruth E. Fisher, Dec. 14, 1913. 


I. Axxa Carrie Stuckey was born at Rainsburg, r\'nnsyl- 
vania, Nov. 22, 1885, and on ^larch 24, 1909, was married, at 
Cumberland, Maryland, to Bernard Morgan Clark, wlio was 


born April 22, 1(S82, and is a conductor on tlio AVcst Maiyland 
Issue : 

1. Georo'o Edward, Feb. 7, 1910. 

2. Olive Elizabeth, Dec. 1911. 

3. Edna May, Jan. li), li)14. 

II. Charles Stanley Stuckey \vas born at RMinsbnr:;-, 
I'ennsylvauia, May 9, 1887, and married ^fyrtle May Patch, 
who was born May 28, 1884, on the thirtieth of June, 1909. 
They are located on a farm near Welshfield, Ohio. 

Issue : 

1. Grace Madara, March 25, 1912. 

2. Clarence Leroy, Aug. 14, 1913. 


I. Carrie Diehl, Dec. 10, 1881, and Charles Barkley, No^- 
30, 1877, were married Sept. 11, 1903. 
Issue : 

1. Blanch Diehl Barkley, Sept. 11, 1909. 


I. Charles Wingard May, Feb. 10, 1879, and Vii'uie Mow- 
ery were married Feb. 12, 1907. 
Issue : 

1. Ruth Elizabeth, June 7, 1908. 

2. Charles Edgar, May 4, 1911. 

II. Olox Roy :\rAY, March 25, 1882, and Myrtle Hyde were 
married Sept. 6, 1907. 
Issue : 

1. Helen Imogene, Sept. 6, 1908. 


III, Matthew Stanley May, \y1io was born Oct. 8, 1885, 
^vas struck by li.^htnin^- and instantly killt^d, Aui>'. 27), 1909. 

1\\ Artie Othelia Man. Dec. 9, ISiM), and Hairy Tui-ncr 
Avcrc married Oct. 18, 1911. 
Issue : 

1. Martin Luther, JuIy 19, 1912. 

A'. Thomas Laughrey May, Oct. 29, 1894, and Cora Gos- 
11(41 wore married ( )c*t. 4, 1913. 


I. Blanch Elnora Diehl was born at Grafton, Nebraska, 
Nov. 20, 1884, and married August Nelson, March 13, 190:'., who 
was born at Brainerd, jNIinnesota, July 19, 1873, and died (»et. 
23, 1906. 

Issue : 

1. Florence Montana (June 19, 1905-March 22, 1906). 

]\larch 11, 1913, Blanch Elnora married Neil Sheelian, who 
was born June 1, 1882, at Toledo, Ohio. They live at Southern 
Cross, Montana, where he is a miner. 

II. Lloyd W. Diehl, April 25, 1888, and Ella K. Bateman, 
Sept. 16, 1887,of Junction City, Kansas, were married Jan. 1, 
1914, and niov(»d from Anaconda to Butte, Montana, where he is 
proprietor of Diehl 's Shoe Shop. 

Issue : 

1. Frances Blanche Stanley, Oct. 15, 1914. 


I. Effie Theresa May, Dec. 25, 1890, and Jacob Barker 

were married in December, 1909. 


II. Nellie Pearl May, June 25, 1894, married Jesse Bark<T 
Issue: 1. Mildred Marie, 2. Henry. 



I. Mary Carolyn Rissell ^vas born at Berryville, Vir- 
ginia, Oct. 12, 1899, and moved with her parents to Jonesboro^ 
Tennessee, when they took charge of the hotel. She is possibly 
the only representative of the Blue and the Gray in our l)ranch 
of the Dielil families. Three of her grand-uncles, John Lee, 
and Joshua and Samuel J. Diehl, were valiant soldiers in the 
Union Army during the late war, and her father, John K. Rus- 
sell, served in the Confederate Army. 

Mary Carolyn Russell, Joxesboro, Tennessee. 

SAMl Kl. (I),.IOIIN (II),.1(ISKIMI H. (Ill), WIIJ.IAM M. (IV), 

I. Pearl Frances Shearer, A])ril 17, 1889, and Joliii 1j. 
Koontz, of Salem, Ohio, wore married on St. John's Day, Jnne 
24, 1909. They reside at Brighton, Pennsylvania, where he is 
Adams Express Agent at Pochc^ster, Pennsylvania. 

Issue : 

1. Hellen Shearer, IMaivli 10, 1910. 

il. Edna Ethel Shearer, Feb. 9, 1891, and Fred S. Trot- 
ter, Jnne 14, 1887, of Salem, Ohio, were married June 30, 1910. 
He works in the Mullen Steel ^fills, at Salem. 

Issue : 

1. Howard Shearer, Aug. 8, 1912. 

2. LaRue Elenor, .March 18, 1914. 


I. George David Franklin Koontz was born near the old 
stone parsonage, Jan. 23, 1878. On Aug. 9, 1899, he married 
Izora Rachel Friend, who was born Jan. 18, 1882. Tax collect- 
or, Rainsburg, Pennsylvania, Route 1. 

Issue : 

1. Ruey Guthrie, Oct. 1, 1899. 

2. Plunnner Ellwood, Oct. 12, 1900. 

3. Bertha Leota, ( )ct. 3, 1901. 

4. Infant (deceased), June 3, 1903. 

5. Howai-d William H., July 16, 1907. 

II. Laura ]\1vrtle Koontz was born March 4, 1875, and 
Sept. 9, 1897 married Tlionias Howard Malott, who was born 
Feb. 2, 1874. 

Issue : 

1. Viola Evelyn, ISlay 12, 1900. 

2. Ora Margaret, May 11, 1901. 

3. Mary Jane, Dec. 1, 1902. 


4. Lauren Cramer, July 1^0, 1904. 

5. Ivan Roosevelt (dead) March 3, 1 !)()(!. 

6. Hellen Eulella, Au.o-. 21, 1909. 


I. Frances Ralph Whetstone, Nov. 14, 1890, married 
Dorothy O'Connor, of Columbus, Ohio, April 14, 1914, and is an 
ice deliverer there. 


I. Laura May Whetstone, born ^fay 7, 1889, and married 
Walter Crawford. 
Issue : 
1. Ethel (Aug. 30, 1911-March 26, 1914). 


I. Clark Talmage Diehl was boi'u at Lutzville, Pennsyl- 
vania, Jan. 8, 1890, and moved witli his parents in 1895, to Cum- 
berland, ^Maryland. He is a meml)er of the Reformed Church, 
and also of the I. O. R. ^L fraternity. At present he is an em- 
ployee with the Goodrich Rubber Company, Akron, Ohio. 

II. Russell Conwell Diehl was born at Lutzville, Penn- 
sylvania, July 9, 1891, and since 1895 has lived in Cumberland, 
Maryland. Aug. 14, 1913, he married ^lary Elsie Lehman, to 
whom was born a daughter. May 24, 1914. Russell is a member 
of the Reformed Church, I. O. R. ^L fraternity, and is a profes- 
sional baseball player. 


111. Kffie Cathakixk Dikhi. was born May 4, ISJIo, at 
Lutzvillo, Pennsylvania, and went with lici- ))a rents to Cumber- 
land, Maiyland, In 1895. She is married to John Carl Dnvall, 
^vll() is a barber, and they live at Pitts])uri;h, Pennsylvania. 

Issue: 1. Catharine Mav, 2, Richard (^ail. 

Genealogy Missing. 

I. Ethel Susaxnaii E. Diehl, April 18, 1892, and 1 .ester 
H. Corle, April 1, 1889, were married on Oct. 10, 1912. He is a 
farmer on the old homestead in Colerain township, Bedford 
County, Pennsylvania. 

Issue : 

1. Donald Diehl, June 11, 1918, 


John Adam Diehl and Issue. 


John Adam Diehl was born in Wurttemberi^-, (iciniany, in 
1700, and brou.i>ht his family to America in 1731, settling near 
York, Pennsylvania, when it was 1)nt a hamlet. He pnrchased 
of an English agent a timber tract of three hundred sixty acres 
for £12 (Sterling), and converted it into a productive and valu- 
able farm. Tjoyal to his religious ])rofession, he helix'd estab- 
lish the first Lutheran church in that section. His descendants 
as a rule are noted for their industry, enter] )ris(' and thrift. 
They are usually found on the moral side of every great issue. 
As^ farmers, mechanics, merchants, and in transportation, com- 
merce, the several learned professions, and all other useful avo- 
cations in life, they are exemplary citizens. 

In 1735 Mr. Diehl built a flouring mill on a brancii of Codor- 
us Creek, a mile from the present York city limit. It was suc- 
cessfully o])erated by genei-ations of Diehls 145 years, when it 
was sold to Sanmel Hively k Sons for $3,000. It has been im- 
proved recently by the addition of $3,500 worth of new machin- 
ery and repairs. It is one of the many old landmai'ks of tiiis 

Issue: 1. Peter, born in Germany in 1728. 2. Daniel. 3. 
George Adam. 4. Nicholas. 




I. Pf:tkr Diehl, ))07'n 1728, at Wiirttombero-, Gormany, 
camo with his i^arcnts to a farm near York, Pennsylvania, in 
1731. In 174S, he married and settled on the ohl liomestead, 
wliieh he i)iirc*hased after his father's death. 

Issur: 1. Peter (Aui;-. 8, 1761-Au.i;-. 11, 1839). 2. Nicholas. 
3. Jacol). 4. Daniel. 5. Elizabeth. 6. Catharine. 

II. Daniel Diehl was born in Germany, probably in 1730. 
He settled in Seven Valleys, York County, Pennsylvania. 

III. George Diehl was doubtless the first born in America. 
At maturity he settled in Virginia. 

IV. Nicholas Diehl, born near York, Pennsylvania, al)out 
1736, came into possession of the old homestead with his bi'oth- 
er Peter, by i:)urchase from the heirs. 

(It was impossible to secure a complete data of tliis g'en- 



I. I^ETEK Diehl was born near York, Pennsylvania, Aug'. 
8, 1761, and died Aug. 11, 1839. He married (1) Miss Krantz, 
of York, Pennsylvania, at Pine's Church, Oxford, in 1789. She 
died in 1806. To this union the following children were born, in 
Hellam township, York County, Pennsylvania : 

1. P]lizabeth, 1790. 

2. Daniel (Aug. 20, 1791-Aug. 1, 1863). 

3. George (1795-1870). 

4. Sarah (1798-1881). 

5. Mary (1801-1882). 


(). Susan (180:5-18—). 
7. Jacob (1805-1871). 

About the ycai- 1805 the family moved to the south<'rn part 
of Adams County, and settled near New Oxford, Pennsylvania, 
where Mr. Dielil purchased a large tract of several liuiidicd 
acres of choice land extending along the (xettysburi;- Turn])ike, 
and reaching from the village to the bank of the Little Cono- 
wago. A small grist mill was included in this purchase, which 
was later remodeled and greatly improved by Peter Diehl, the 
new owner. In those days banking was in its infancy, and com- 
mercial credit, as now conducted, but little used in the rural 
districts. The good old gold and silver were usually kept in a 
chest, or in an old stocking, or in a jar under the bed, or stuck 
out of sight in crevices and secure places in the walls. In pay- 
ing for this good property, Mr. Diehl put a half bushel of silver 
into a leather saddle-bag, placed it on a faithful horse, mounted 
and rode southwest from the old home near York to the new 
one, at New Oxford, PennsyJvania. At the end of the long and 
tedious trip, the horse was found to be chafed and blistered 
raw from the weight and friction of the heavy coin. 

The mill, which has been known as '* Diehl 's ^lill" for over 
a century, was destroyed by fire in 1857, but was rebuilt and 
greatly enlarged and improved in every way, the next year. It 
is a commodious four and a half story stone and brick struc- 
ture. By inheritance and purchase, this propei-ty descended to 
three sons. Daniel got the mill with its adjoining fifteen acres. 
The farm was divided, and became the property of George and 
Jacob Diehl. 

In 1808 Peter Diehl married (2) Mrs. Catharine Carl, 
widow of George Carl. 


I. Daniel Diehl was born Aua;. 20, 17!)1, in the old mill 


propcity, near York, ]\'iiiisylvaiiia, and in his early teens 
moved with his father's family to New Oxford, Pennsylvania. 
Here, Oet. 2(5, 1809, he married (1) Elizabeth Cail, who was 
horn April 26, 1794, in that section, and died Sept. 19, 1833. In 
the settlenK'nt of his father's estate, Daniel became the owner 
of Diehl's .Mill there, and fifteen acres of adjoininii,' land. He 
also operated a saw mill near l)y, several years. Later he pur- 
chased and occupied a large farm and rented the mill. His 
death occurred Aug. 1, 1863. 

Issue : 

1. Susanah (Oct. 30, 1810-April 20, 1834). 

2. David (Aug. 18, 1812-Feb. 6, 1836). 

3. Charles (Jan. 4, 1815-Nov. 4, 1816). 

4. Daniel, Jr. (March 27, 1816-March 12, 1870). 

5. George W. ( Julv 23, 1818-Mav 5, 1885). 

6. Catharine Ann (Feb. 6, 1820-Feb. 13, 1888). 

7. William (Aug. 27, 1821-Aug. 23, 1884). 

8. Delia Diana (Feb. 25, 1823-Sept. 19, 1900). 

9. Amanda Elizabeth (Feb. 28, 1825-May 5, 1901). 

10. Marv Eglentine (Aug. 15, 1826-March 15, 1897). 

11. Amelia (Jan. 16, 1828-July 27, 1892). 

12. Jesse (June 8, 1829-Marcii 8, 1908). 

13. Carl Francis (March 8, 1831-Aug. 21, 1899). 

14. Martin Lohi- (Sept. 19, 1833-Sept. 24, 1863). 

After Mrs. Diehl's death :\rr. Diehl mai-iied (2) Leah 
(Myers) Baugher, Feb. 22, 1835, whose ancestry extends back 
to Holland. Two of her brothers w^ere sacrificed in the War of 
1812. Her father, John Myers, was a man of culture, being- 
able to converse fluently in several languages. To this union 
were born : 

1. Rebecca Lucinda (March 26, 1836-Jan. 13, 1864). 

2. Joseph Ritner (June 3, 1838-Jan. 3, 1899). 

3. Elijah Franklin, March 13, 1841. 

4. Leah Emaline (July 17, 1843-Feb. 24, 1911). 

5. Miriam, Sept. 24, 1845. 

6. Samuel Albert, Nov. 13, 1847. 



I. SusANAH DiEHL was Ix)!!! iioar New Oxford, Pennsyl- 
vania, Oct. 30, 1810, and married Abraham Rife, to whom one 
child was born, now deceased. Mrs. Rife's death occurred 
April 20, 1834. Mr. Rife was a farmer, and they were mem- 
bers of St. Matthew's Lutheran Church, in Hanover, Pennsyl- 

II. George AV. Diehl was born on the old homestead at 
"Diehl's Mill, near New Oxford, Pennsylvania, July 23, 1818, 
and in 1840 married (1) Susanna Emig, to whom the followin.2: 
daughters were born: 

1. Leah E., deceased. 

2. Sarah E. 

3. Amanda, deceased. 

]\lrs. Diehl's death occurring in 1854, Mr. Di(^lil married 
(2) Sarah Emig, a cousin of his first wife. To them John ^l. was 
born, who died in infancy. The mother of this boy died in 1883, 
and the father, ]\lay 5, 1885, leaving one daughter, Sarah E. 
Diehl, the only surviving heir, who now resides at East Berlin, 

Mr. Diehl was one of the substantial citizens of his day, a 
useful member of society, esteemed and respected by all. 

III. Catharine Axx Diehl was born near New < )xf()rd, 
Pennsylvania, Feb. 6, 1820, and married George Schaeffer, who 
was born in Carroll County, Maryland, Oct. 8, 1811, on Nov. 17, 
1836, Rev. Jacob Albert, of Hanover, Pennsylvania, officiating. 
They were faithful members of Krider's Lutheran Church. Mr. 
Schaeffer operated a tannery and a large farm successfully, 
near Westminster, ^Maryland, and later was interested in bank- 
ing business. After a happy and useful life, Mrs. Schaeffer 
died, Feb. 13, 1888. 


1. Amanda, Aug. 12, 1837. 


2. Albert, July 19, 1839. 

3. p]d\viii, Dec. 8, 1840. 

4. Au.mistus Diehl, Aug. 28, 1842. 

5. Charles, June 16,1845. 
(). Milton, Nov. 21, 1853. 

IV. William Diehl was born near New Oxford, Pennsyl- 
vania, Au,i>-. 27, 1821, and married Harriet ^Melliorn, of McSher- 
rystown, Pennsylvania, a daui-liter of J. Jacol) Mellioi-n, \vho 
was prothonotary of Adams County, and a school teachei', just- 
ice of the ])eace, and a |)i-oniinent citizen of his community. Mr. 
Diehl 's death occurred Aug'. 23, 1884. 

Issue : 

1. Ellen Eus^enia, June 14, 1853. 

2. Clara Rebecca, April 20, 1855. 

3. Daniel Melhorn, Sept. 21, 1860. 

V. Delia Diana Diehl (Feb. 25, 1823-Sept. 19, 1900), and 
Peter Feiser (May 21, 1821-April 21, 1892), of New Oxford, 
Pennsylvania, were married in 1843. ^Ir. Feiser was a con- 
tractor, builder and undertaker. They were loyal to the Lu- 
theran Church. 

Issue : 

1. Charles (May 20, 1844-:\ray 30, 1844). 

2. Amanda (April 27, 1845- June 5, 1848). 

3. Mary Alice, April 15, 1847. 

4. Augustus F., Jan. 8, 1849. 

5. Emma C. (Sept. 15, 1851-Jan. 16, 1852). 

6. Albert S. (Nov. 2, 1855- June 13, 1905). 

7. Kebecca J., Jan. 18, 1857. 

8. Milton D., March 22, 1859. 

9. George W. (April 6, 1861-May 16, 1864). 
10. William P. (May 6, 1864-Dec. 28, 1871). 

VI. Amanda Elizabeth Diehl was born Feb. 28, 1825, near 
New Oxford, Pennsylvania, and was united in marriage with 
John M. Beahr. Mr. Beahr was of the Dunkard ])ersuasion, 
but united with the people of Dub's Lutheran Church. They 
lived in West Manheir township, York County, Pennsylvania, 


where ^fr. Bcahr operated a farm and a tannery. T.ater he 
was a g-rocer and ice cream manufacturer. Mr. Bealir di«^d 
May 5, 1901. 

VII. Mary Eglentine Diehl was born near Xew Oxford, 
Pennsylvania, Auji'. 15, 1826, and died March 15, 1897. On 
^larch 18, 1849, she married Uriah Wagner, who was born 
July 9, 1825, and spent all his days in that vicinity. He owned 
and managed successfully three large farms. Tlier were exem- 
plary members of the Lutheran church. Mr. Wagner was a 
relative of Governor Shunk. 

Issue : 

1. Barbara Ellen, Aug. 26, 1850. 

2. Mary A-^irginia, Aug. 14, 1854. 

3. Uriah Adam, Sept. 5, 1857. 

4. Susan Catharine, Nov. 17, 1861. 

5. Daniel Jacob, April 26, 1863. 

6. Charles Michael, Nov. 28, 1864. 

VIII. Amelia Diehl was born near New Oxford, Pennsyl- 
vania, Jan. 16, 1828, and on Sept. 3, 1848, was united in mar- 
riage with Levi G. Butt, who was born at East Berlin, Pennsyl- 
vania, Sept. 24, 1817. They resided at New Oxford until after 
their first two children were born, when they moved to New 
Midway, Maryland. Here Mr. Butt died, Dec. 11, 1889, and 
Mrs. Butt July 27, 1892. They were Lutherans and farmers. 
Their grandson, Cameron, was one of the civil engineers at the 
Panama Canal. 

Issue : 

1. Emma C. (Nov. 14, 1849-Nov. 2, 1871). 

2. Milton D., Dec. 28, 1850. 

3. Ida E., Dec. 22, 1860. 

IX. Jesse Diehl (June 8, 1829-Marcli 8, 1908) was a i)ro- 
gressive, industrious, and successful farmer, who was born 
near New Oxford, Pennsylvania. He married Susannah 
Hersh, daughter of John Hersh, a farmer, near Heidlcrs- 
burg, Pennsylvania. Mr. Diehl was drafted into the I'liioii 
Army during the Rebellion, and made an excellent soldier, no- 


ted es])(K*ially for his kindness to his weaker comi-adcs, liclpinii; 
to cai-rv their l)ur<U'iis, for wliicli he was kindly i-cnicnibi'rcd 
when he j)assed over to the i>,reat majority. lie was also a 
faithful soldier of the Ijord, in the iiUthei'an Chui-ch, at X<'W 
Issue : 

1. Annie Elizabeth, Nov. 10, 1861. 

X. Carl Francis Diehl was born at New Oxford, J'enn- 
sylvania, March 8, 1831. He prepared himself in the profession 
of teaching-, which he followed many years, chiefly in the hiuli 
schools of Illinois. On March 22, 1852, he married Amanda 
Dewey, dauiihter of Dr. Sanford Smith Dewey, of Flintstone, 
^Maryland. Her birth occurred Jan. 27, 1825, and her death at 
:\Iar'tinez, California, Jan. 30, 1913. Prof. Diehl died at Mar- 
tinez, California, Au,i>-. 21, 1899. The children of this marriage 
were : 

1. Mary Enmia, Feb. 22, 1853. 

2. Charles Sanford, Aug. 8, 1854. 

3. Louisa Amanda; 4. Laura Apollonia (Jan. 10, 1855- 

5. Virginia (June 16, 1858-1886). 

6. Ida Victoria (Oct. 25, 1861-1882). 

7. Lela Eugenia, July 3, 1862. 

8. Minnie Frances, Sept. 8, 1865. 

II. Martin Lour Diehl was born on the Old Homestead, 
near New Oxford, Pennsylvania, Sept. 19, 1833. AVlien a young- 
man he learned the tanner's trade. Later he and his cousin, 
Hamilton Diehl, built an up-to-date tannery on a nKnintain 
stream near Fairfield, Pennsylvania, which he successfully op- 
erated until his early death, Sept. 24, 1863. He married Mary 
Johann Chamberlin, of Franklin townshij), Adams County, 
Pennsylvania, May 10, 1855. To this union were born five child- 
ren, near Fairfield, Pennsylvania. 

Issue : 

1. Sanford David Diehl, Dec. 17, 1856. 

2. Ellen (Jan. 6, 1858- J an. 20, 1858). 

3. Mary Josephine, Feb. 26, 1859. 


4. Abraham Lincoln, June 21, l<S(il, r.iid (li<'(l at La Fay- 
c'tte, Indiana, Nov. 1873. 

5. Rebecca ^leade, July 17, lSf)3. 

XII. Joseph Ritneii Dieiil, named after one of the stat<^'s 
most efficient governors, was l)orn June 3, 1838, near Diehl's 
Mill, near New Oxford, Pennsylvania. After his common 
school course he completed his studies at Dr. Pfeiffer's Acad- 
emy, at New Oxford. In 1854 he clerked for AV. 1). cK: A. S. 
Hines, a year, and then three years for Aaron Heagy. After 
that he learned the miller's trade with his brother, George W. 
Dielil. In 1860 he returned to merchandising with Mr. Heagy. 
]\Iarch 4, 1862, he married Catharine Slagle and began their 
domestic life in the old Diehl mansion, where he took charge of 
the mill near by. After the death of his father, in 1863, lu^ ])nr- 
chased the mill, which he managed successfully foi- many years. 
They were members of the Lutheran Church, he being a mem- 
ber of the council twenty-five years. Mr. Diehl has been direct- 
or and clerk of the school board many years. He was a Rei)ul)- 
lican, and in 1884, as a candidate for county commissioner, was 
defeated by a small majority, in a strongly Democratic county. 
He was a useful and influential citizen. His death occurred 
Jan. 3, 1899. 

The old mill, in the hands of the Diehls some one liuiidi-cd 
ten years, still stands as a monument to the industry, enter- 
prise, integrity, skill, and worthy effort of a noble race. It is an 
old landmark on the banks of the Conewago, facing the old 
Philadelphia and Pittsburg Turnpike, which is now the new 
trans-continental Lincoln Highway. From a small pioneer 
grist mill it has grown to the present five-story stone and bi'ick 
structure, which we have the pleasure of illustrating, as the 
frontispiece of this work. 

Accept these lines here, written by Prof. Louis Diehl, many 
years ago, and set to music : 


Watf.r That Has Passed. 

Listen to the water mill, 

Through the livelong day, 
How the clanking of the wheel 

Wears the hours away. 
Languidly the autumn wind 

Stirs the greenwood leaves; 
From the fields the reapers sing. 

Binding up the sheaves; 
And a proverb haunts my mind, 

As a spell is cast: 
"The mill will never grind 

With the water that has passed." 

Take the lesson to thyself. 

Living heart and true. 
Golden years are fleeting by, 

Youth is passing, too; 
Learn to make the most of life, 

Lose no happy day; 
Time will never bring thee back 

Chances swept away. 
Leave no tender word unsaid, 

Love while life shall last — 
"The mill will never grind 

With the water that has passed." 

Work while yet the daylight shines, 

Man of strength and will; 
Never does the streamlet glide 

Useless by the mill. 
Wait not till tomorrow's sun 

Beams upon the way; 
All that thou canst call thine own 

Lies in thy today; 
Power, intellect and health 

May not, cannot last; 
"The mill will never grind 

With the water that has passed." 

Oh, the wasted hours of life 

That have drifted by; 
Oh, the good we might have done, 

Lost without a sigh; 
Love that we might once have saved 


By a single word ; 
Thoughts conceived, but never penned, • 

Perishing unheard. 
Take the proverb to thine heart, 

Take! Oh, hold it fast! — 
"The mill will never grind 

With the water that has passed." 

These children were born to Joseph R. and Catharine S. 
Diehl : 4J 

1. Charles Eli, Dec. 16. 1S62. 

2. Martin D., Nov. 3, 1S65. 

3. Alverta Leah, Feb. 28, 1870. 

4. Ervin Joseph, May 18, 1877. 

XIII. Elijah F. Difhl. of Le^sbur^-, Indiana, was Itorn 
March 13, 1841, in the old homestead n^'ar New Oxfoi'd, Penn- 
sylvania, in the picturesque reiiions of the Gettysburg- country. 
The winter months of his young farm life, for a feAv years, were 
spent in the home school. Later he took a course in Dr. M. D. 
G. Pfeitfer's Collegiate Institute, giving him a broader and 
grander view of life. His ambitions led him westward, where 
the fertile soil and hospitable people of Kosciusko County, In- 
diana, arrested his attention. Here he industriously farmed in. 
summer and taught school in winter — two of the noblest and' 
most necessary professions. The western fever struck hiirt 
again and landed him in northwest Missouri, near St. Joseph. 
Here he taught school and wrestled with the ague a winter. 
Leaving that miasmatic section he returned eastward again. In. 
August, 1862, he enlisted in Co. B., 138tli Regiment, Pennsylva- 
nia Volunteer Infantry, and served in the Army of the Poto- 
mac. But there were lasting attractions in Indiana. S('])t. 19^ 
1867, he married ]\Iary Annie Berst, who was born .lunc 17^ 
1848, in Kosciusko County, Indiana, and whose paternal gi-and- 
father, Conrad Berst, was l)orn at Strassburg, (lermany, in 
1779, and came to Amci-ica in 179S. Her maternal ancestors', 
were from England and AVales. Tlieir descendants were wor- 
thy citizens, commanding the respect and confidence of those 
who knew them. 

In politics, ^Ir. Diehl is a Republican, and has been town- 
ship assessor and land appraiser three terms, or a dozen years, 
in succession. As a writer of the agrienltiiral and jxilitical 


press, his articU's are foi'cetul, iiistruetivc, and pleasant. To 
the happv union of ^Mr. and Mrs. Dielil were horn: 

1. 'Willis Edwin (June 6, 1868-April 20, 19;)3). 

2. Leah Huldah, Nov. 5, 1869. 

3. Miriam Alice, Jan. 12, 1872. 

4. Henry Albert, Oct. 29, 1873. 

5. Mary (Mae) Sept. 2, 1875. 

6. Laura Kate (May 8, 1878-Aug. 8, 1893). 

7. Ruth. 

8. Chv\ Sanford, Feb. 3, 1883. 

XIV. Leah Emalixe DirHL was l)oyn near Xcw ()xf()rd, 
Pennsylvania, July 17, 1843, and united in marriage with Hen- 
ry A. AVeikert, Feb. 11, 1864. Her death occurred Feb. 1 L 1 9n . 

Issue : 

1. Henry Diehl, Dec. 4, 1864. 

2. Lizzie Leah, Feb. 21, 1867. 

3. Miriam Alverta, Sept. 8, 1872. 

4. Emory Oscar, Oct. IL 1874. 

5. Edith Cordilla, Julv 23, 1883. 

XV. Miriam Dieiil was born Sept. 24, 1845, in the old 
homestead near New Oxford, Pennsylvania, and married Jacob 
Heltzel, June 4, 1871. He is one of eleven children of his par- 
ents, Daniel and Elizabeth (Voiilesong) Ileltv;<'l, whose ances- 
try came from the Palatinate and from Germany, His life was 
made up of clerking, teaching, justice of the ])eace, census enu- 
merator in 1880, and other official positions in his district. He 
is a manufacturer of exclusive children's shoes for the whole- 
sale trade. They adhere strictly to the faith of the Reformed 
Church. Five of Mr. Heltzel 's brothers were in the Union 
Army during the Civil War. 

XVI. Rev. Samuel Albert Diehl A.M., the youngest of a 
family of twenty-one children, was born in the old homestead, 
at New Oxford, Pennsylvania, Nov. 13, 1847. He graduated 
from Pennsylvania College, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, in 1872, 
and from the Lutheran Theological Seminary of the same 
place, in 1875. In the same year he was ordained to the holy 


ministry by the West Pciiiisylvaiiia Synod of the Lutlicran 
Church, at Newville, Pennsylvania. Sopt. 2, 1875, he united in 
niarria.iic with Mary Jane Hamilton, dan,i;hter of AVilliam 
Hamilton, a farmer and g'rain merchant of Gettysbur*^-, Penn- 
sylvania. Her brother, Calvin Hamilton, was a veteran of the 
(*ivil War, and sei'ved twenty years as sujx'i'intendcnt of the 
National Cemetery at Gettysburg. 

By his efficiency and enerc^y as a preacher and pastor, Bro- 
ther Diehl has made a splendid, record in each of his five ))as- 
torates, during nearly forty years of faithful service for the 
Master. His first field w^as the Upper Franklin charge, in Cum- 
berland County, Pennsylvania, where the membership doubled 
and the benevolences tripled in ten and a quarter years. His 
second charge was composed of four churches, situated some 
fiv(» to fifteen miles of each other, at Woodsboro, Maryland. 
During his six and a quarter years service here, two new church 
edifices were erected, an old church debt liquidated, four hund- 
red seventy-one new members added, and a new congregation 
organized with thirty-one charter members, at Walkers vi lie, 
Maryland. His third pastorate was at Salem, Westminster, 
Maryland, which he served ten and a third years, and to which 
five hundred fifty-nine new members were added during his in- 
cumbency. Here, also, was erected a fine and commodious 
church by the "Leister" people, to accommodate the growing- 
congregation of worshipers. At Bendersville, Pennsylvania, 
he served his fourth pastorate, seven and a half years. To tliis 
flourishing charge five hundred twenty-six were added. He is 
now faithfully and successfully serving his fifth charge, two 
congregations — one rural, and the other urban, at Hanover, 
Pennsylvania. He is president of the Hanovei- Min.istei-ial As- 
sociation, and has been president and secretary of various con- 
ferences, and served as a delegate to (xeneral Synod in 1889 and 
in 1909. An aggregate of two thousand fifty souls is the result 
of his ministerial and pastoral work, with the hope that they all 
in due time may be gathered into the Church Trinm])hant. 


Rev. S. a. Diehl, A.M., Hanover, Pennsylvania. 



I. Amanda Schaeffer v/as born in AVcstniinster, IMary- 
land, Aui>'. 12, 1887, and married Daniol Byers, Dec. 23, 1857, 
Rev. Samuel Henry officiating. Mr. Byers died Oct. 17, 1862. 

Issue : 

1. Ellen Catharine, Sept. 18, 1858. 

2. George Schaeffer, March 24, 1861. 

Mrs. Schaeffer married John Shunk, and is the only sur- 
vivor of her parents' familv. 


TI. Albert Schaeffer was horw in Westminster, Mary- 
land, July 19, 1839 and married (1 ) KlizalH'tli J. Monelock, Jan. 
8, 1860. He died Au^-. 4, 1903, and Mrs. ScliaelTer An,-. :!, ls7:^. 

Issue : 

1. Franklin Harvey, Dec. 8, 1861. 

2. Elmer (iranville, Aug. 16, 1867 (died). 

3. Clara, Feb. 12, 1863. 

4. Georo-e Edwin, Feb. 16, 1865. 

5. Alollie, Nov. 29, 1869. 

Albert Schaeffer mai-ri(Hl (2) Mary C. Feiser, Dec. 8, 1^74. 
Issue : 

1. Minnie E., Nov. 29, 1876. 

2. Effie Gertrude, Oct. 5, 1877. 

3. Bessie M., Dec. 12, 1878. 

4. Grace L'ee, Feb. 9, 1881. 

5. Oliver Milton, Dec. 26, 1882. 

6. Charles Albert, May 25, 1885. 

7. Laura Elsie, Oct. 20, 1886. 

8. Herman Franklin, March 13, 1889. 

9. Emma Pauline, Jan. 13, 1891. 
10. Maud Hellen, April 20, 1894. 

All are members of the Lutheran Church except Bessie ]\[., 
who was married to William McCaffery. 

III. Edwix Schaeffer was born at Westminster, Mary- 
land, Dec. 8, 1840, and was a member of Company A, 6tli Reg- 
iment, Maryland Volunteers, and was killed in tli<' battle of 
Mine Run, Virginia, Nov. 21, 1863. 

IV. Augustus Diehl Schaeffer was born in Westmin- 
ster, Maryland, Aug. 28, 1842, and married Sarah Ann Baugh- 
man, Oct. 8, 1867, and died Aug. 14, 1877. He was a graduate of 
Pennsylvania College, at Gettysburg. 

Issue : 

1. Howard Franklin, July 14, 1868. 

V. Charles Schaeffer was born June 1(), 1S45, at West- 
minstei", Mai'ylan<l, and on Oct. 12, 1869 lie mai'ried Annie Re- 
becca Euglar, who was born Jan. 13, 1851. 


Issue : , 

1. Carrie Belle, ( )ct. 10, 1872. 
. 2. Annie Elizabeth, May 26, 1881. 

3. Ada Catharine, March 18, 1883. 

VI. ^liT/roN ScHAEFFER \vas l)()rn on a farm near West- 
minster, Carroll County, Maryland, Nov. 21, 185,1, and died 
Sept. 13, 1902. In the years 1886-7-8 and 1895 he was tlu^ effici- 
ent mayor of Westminster. In 1897 Governor Llownds ap- 
pointed him school connnissioner, and he was president of the 
Board. In 1898 he was postmaster, at the time of the inaugura- 
tion of the rural mail delivery system, which was first tried out 
in Carroll County, and which proved a success mainly through 
his great knowledge of men and the topography of the county. 
At his funeral, A. W. Machen, of Buffalo, N. Y., said: *'I am 
present not only because of the friendship that existed between 
lis, but also as a representative of the Postoffice Department of 
the Government, where he was held in high esteem for his great 
service in connection with th" rural free delivery system. The 
experiment of rural free delivery was made in (^arroll County, 
and upon its success or failure depended the fate of the system. 
That it was a success is chi'^fly due to his knowledge of the 
country, his aptitude for handling men, and his wonderful exec- 
uti\(' al)ility. The Department knows and is grateful to him 
for this aid, and as a mark of appreciation for his great service, 
I am here as its representati^'e." 

He was married to Mary kSusan Zacharias, who was born 
Kov. 24, 1857, to whom the following children wci-c l)orn: 

1. Edna Eugenia, Feb. 4, 1879. 

2. Cora May, May 28, 1881. 

3. Alice Marie (April 20, 1888-Oct. 9, 1894). 

4. Clarence :\Tilton, Nov. 16, 1885. 

5. Lela Catharine, July 8, 1890. 

6. Lloyd Diehl, Oct. 10^ 1895. 

His activity, enterprise, and public spirit made him a most 
valuable citizen to his community. He was a Mason to the thir- 
ty-third degree, a member of Door to Virtue Lodge, Royal 
Arch, Maryland Commandery, Knights Templar, Baltimore, 
and Charity Lodge, Knights of Pythias. He was an active and 


energetic member of Grace Lutheran Cluireli for many ycai-s. 
Wlien their liaHowcd hcnise of worship Inirncd (h>\vn some years 
ago, he and others, Phaaiix-like, reared the present beautiful 
and commodious edifiice over the ashes of the former one. He 
was a wonderfully cheerful and hel])ful friend to i)e()))le in all 
conditions of life, if the life was at all honoi-able. 


I. Ellex EuGiExiA DiEHL was born June 14, l'^.");', and on 
Feb. 8, 1874, she was united in marriage to Elias Fissel, who 
was born July 25, 1853, and \\ho served two terms as sheriff of 
Adams County, Pennsylvania. 

Issue : 

1. Ida Cora Kessiah, Jan. 11, 1875. 

2. Clara Eugenia Alberta, Feb. 28, 1877. 

3. William Joseph Granville (Dec. 29, 1878-Dec. 7, 

4. Rose Mary Ellen, July 21, 1881. 

5. George Calvin, April 29, 1884. 

6. Bessie May, Nov. 18, 1885. 

7. Theodocia,"^ June 18, 1889. 

II. Clara Rebecca Dieiit. was born April 20, 1855, and on 
Dec. 22, 1881, married George Calvin Sheelv, who was Ix^riTi 
Feb. 3, 1853. 

Issue : 

1. AVilliam Abraham, :\Iarch 11, 1885. 

2. David John Andrew, Dec. 13, 1887. 

3. Ethel Catharine, Jan. 3, 1893. 

4. Edward Calvin, April 28, 1895. 

III. Daniel Melhorx Djeiil was born near New ()xfoi-d, 
Pennsvlvania, Sept. 21, 1860, and iiiai ried Ida F. Slentz, Feb. 
7, 1893. 


Issue : 

1. AVilliniii Henry (Dec. 4, 1893-June 4, 1894). 

2. P^dith Sarah, Dec. 18, 1894. 
M David Cane, Aug. 23, 1896. 

4. Leroy Daniel, Oct. 80, 1S97. 

5. John Clane, April 21, 1899. 

He married (2) Elditli Raubenstine, Jan, .">, 1905. 
Issue : 

1. Paul Mervin, Aug. 18, 1905. 

2. Nellie :\Iarie, Dec. 3, 190(;. 

3. Goldie May, March 7, 1908. 

4. Mabel Ii-ene, May 2(), 1909. 

5. Minnie Elizabeth, May 2, 1913. 


I. AxxiE Elizabeth Diehl was born Nov. 10, 1861, and on 
May 27, 1880, married Morgan David Rife, who was born April 
29, 1858. 

Issue : 

1. Cleason Albert, Dec. 28, 1881. 

2. Lerov, April 12, 1889. 

3. :\raurice Diehl, Sept. 28, 1890. 

4. Vernon Guy, April 5, 1900. 


I. Henry Diehl Weikert was born Dec. 4, 1864. ( )n Dec. 
4, 1888, he married Jennie M. Darbaraw, who was born Aug. 
25, 1865. 

Issue : 

1. Henry Newton, March 22, 1890. 

2. Miriam Alda, Oct. 20, 1895. 


II. Lizzie Leah Weikert was born Fob. 21, 18()7. < )ii Dec. 
21, 1887, she was married to H. Allen Swai'tz. 
Issue : 

1. Paul Henry, Oct. 9, 1888. 

2. Emory Beman, Auft'. 20, 1891, who is in the service of 
the U. S. Navy, a machinist on a su])marine boat. 

III. Miriam Alverta Weikert was born Sept. 8, 1872, and 
on Nov. 29, 1894, mai-ri<Hl AVilliam Albei't Hartlau)), who was 
born Oct. 16, 1866. 

Issue : 

1. John Henry Prestent, Jnly 12, 1896. 

2. Edith Kathleen, Nov. 29, 1902. 

IV. Emory Oscar Weikert was born Oct. 11, 1874, and 
on ]\rarch 4, 1901, man-ied Birdie Mae Hartman, who was born 
I\Iay 6, 1880. 
Issue : 

1. Mildred Pauline, Aui»-. 9, 1901. 

2. John Henry, Nov. 19, 1903. 

3. Merle Oscar, March 26, 1906. 

V. Edith Cordilla Weikert, born July 23, 1883, mar- 
ried, July 19, 1913, Roy Albert Snyder, who was born June 17, 



I. CoL. Charles Saxford Diehl, only son of Carl Fi'ancis 
and Amanda Dewey Diehl, was born at Flintstone, Maryland, 
Aug. 8, 1854. He was educated in the public schools at ( )ttowa 
and Wenona, Illinois. In Ilie Index office at the latter ])lace lie 
learned the i)rinter's trade. Sept. 9, 1879, he married Fllen 
W^atson Chandler, daughter of Henry B. and Sarah Ellswortli 
Chandler, of Chicago. 

He published ''Our Boys" in Chicago, 1871 to 1873. From 


1873 to 1883 he was on the stall' of the Chicago Tiincs, and acted 
as staff correspondent in the Custer Indian campaign in 1877 ; 
in the Nez Perce campaign in 1878, and in tlie Ilges Indian cam- 
paign against the Sioux on the upper Missouri, the winter of 
1878-9. In 1883 he entered the service of the Associated Press, 
as day manager of the Chicago office, and was sujx'rintendent 
of the Pacific Coast Division from 1887 to 1893. P'l-om 1893 to 
1911 he was assistant general manager, with headquar- 
ters at New York and Chicago. In 1899 he was general mana- 
ger of the entire service, during the transition period, when the 
corporation was changed from Illinois to New York. During 
this long period he was in general charge of the finances and 
the handling of the news of this great service. He superintend- 
ed the re])orting of the Spanish-Am«M-ican War, having under 
his control five dispatch boats and a highly ti'aincd staff of 

In 1874 he organized the First Regiment of Illinois Na- 
tional Guards, and filled all the grades up from second lieuten- 
ant to lieutenant colonel. 

In 1911, in company with H. L. Beach, also of the Associ- 
ated Press, they purchased Tlir Daily Lifjht, the leading even- 
ing newspaper of the Southwest, at San Antonio, Texas. 

Issue : 

1. Grace Chandler, Feb. 5, 1882. 

2. Chandler Diehl, ( )ct. 13, 1886. 


I. Charles Eli Diehl, a successful groceryman, of 725 W. 
Market St., York, Pennsylvania, was born Dec. 16, 1862, at New 
r)xford, Pennsylvania, where his father was ])roprietor of the 
well known Diehl 's Mill. March 29, 1886, he married A. Alice 
Lau. Added to his public school education was a thorough 
commercial training. 

Issue : 

1. Leslie Lau, Dec. 14, 1886. 


Col. Charles S. Diehl, Sax Antonio, Texas. 


2. Joseph Dalo, Nov. 28, 1889. 

:]. Kathrvii Elizabeth, July 10, 1892. 

4. Charles Eli, May 14, 1909. 

5. Oliver Hollingor (Oct. 10, 1907-Oct. 31, 1907). 

II. Maktix D. DiEiiL was born near New Oxford, Pennsyl- 
\ ania, Nov. 3, 1865, and on May 3, 1892, married Elizabeth Res- 
ser. They reside at 309 Newberry St., York, Pennsylvania. 

Issue : 

1. Esther Catharine, Api-il 14, 1893. 

2. Joseph Ritner (July 24-Auo-. 10, 1895). 

3. ^Miriam Elizabeth, Sept. 1(3, 1896. 

4. Amy :\Iay, Feb. 25, 1901. 

5. Jacob Resser (Feb. 11, 1905-1909.) 

6. Ruth Ann, Au.o-. 10, 1906. 

7. Martin Luther (Nov. 25-Dec. 11, 1909). 

III. Alverta Leah Diehl, born near New Oxford, Penn- 
sylvania, Feb. 28, 1870; married, :\rarch 14, 1901, George W. 
Lyman Bender, who was born Dec. 18, 1864. They live on a 
farm along- the State Road> near Gettysburg-, Pennsylvania. 

IV. Dr. Ervix Joseph Diehl was born at Diehl's ]\[ill. 
New Oxford, Pennsylvania, ^May 18, 1877. Educated at New 
Oxford High School, Gettysburg Academy, Suscjuehanna Uni- 
versity, and Dental Department of University of Maryland, in 
1903. * Then associated with Dr. M. A. Black of Lancaster. 
Pennsylvania, until 1911, in the practice of dentistry. He now 
practices his profession at 46 East Orange St. He is a member 
of St. John's Evangelic d Lutheran Church; Lodge 43, A. F. & 
A. M.; Emanuel Lodge .:04, L O. O. F. ; B. P. O. (Elks) 134: 
Harrisburg- Consistory, ^embo Temple (Shrine); Xi Psi Phi 
(Dental) ; Ridgley Encampment, I. O. O. F., and ])olitically is a 



T. Milton D. Butt was Ijoni iicai- Xcw ()xt'(>i(l, Pennsyl- 
vania, Dec. 28, 1<S50 and in ycnitli ac'(M)nii)ani(Hl his i)ar('nts' fam- 
ily to New Midway, Alaryland, where he ^-rew to manhood, and 
on April 6, 1887, he married Sella A. Roser, who was born in 
]\[aryland, July 14, 1866. They reside at Now ^^fidway, when- 
^Ir. Butt is successfully engaged quite extensively in i^encral 

Issue : 

1. Cameron A., May 20, 1889. 

2. Bruce E., Feb. 3^ 1897. 

Cameron A. is a civil engineer, and at present is an em- 
ployee of the ''Ignited Fruit Co.," in Honduras, Central Amer- 
ica. His address is : Telia Division, Colorado, Honduras, care 
"United Fruit Co.," 630 Common St., New Orleans, Louisiana. 

Bruce E. is a student at Bueknell T'niversity, l.e\visl)urg, 

II. Ida E. Butt was born in ^Maryland, Dec. 22, 1860, and 
after maturity was married to Charles AV. Biddinger, to whom 
two sons were born : 

1. Ross A., Sept. 17, 1883. 

2. Bert B., Sept. 27, 1884. 

Both of these boys were unfortunately drowned, Mai'ch 7, 
1895, when one tried to rescue the othei-, who had broken 
through the ice while skating. 


I. Leah Hulda Dieht. whs borr near Tjeesburg, Indiana. 
Nov. 5, 18(59. She was first married > ;Jo]in F. Wood, to wliom 
one son, Elmer B. Wood, survives By lier second husband, 
Robert C. Smith — now deceased — she has two daughters, Eliz- 
abeth, age seven, and Leah Huhhi, who is five years old. They 


lived at Warsaw, Indiana; bnt later located at Alhambra, Cal- 

II. ]\IiRiAM Alice Dieiil was born near Leesbnr^-, Indiana, 
Jan. 12, 1S72, and prei)ared herself for the office and duties of 
Deaconess in the Methodist Episcopal ('lunch. After servinu- 
several y<nirs in that ca])acily, in Chica.iio, her health was im- 
paired to such a decree that extended visits to New .Mexico and 
the Atlantic coast failed 1(/ ])iin.i>' relief, and she was conii)elled 
to relinciuish her chosen ])r()fession, in which she had wrou.i^lit 
with nmch interest and proficiency. She is now at home with 
happy kindred, enjoying the pleasures and comforts of farm 
life, among flowers, growing vegetation, and all the beauties of 
nature, which she delights to copy with pencil or brush. 

III. Henry Albert Diehl was born on a farm near I^ees- 
burg, Indiana, Oct. 29, 1873. After passing through the graded 
and the high school, he took a course in the Agricultural De- 
partment of Purdue University, at Lafayette, Indiana. On 
June 2, 1894, he united in marriage with Lulu ^laud Giant, who 
was born in West ]\rilton, Aliami County, Ohio. Two of their 
children were born at Leesburg before they moved to North 
Dakota, where the third one was ])oni. Their ])ostoffice address 
is Egeland, North Dakota. 

Issue : 

1. Ruth Marie, Dec. 13, 189-4. 

2. Miriam Alice, Dec. 30, 1897. 

3. Earl Franklin, Oct. 22, 1902. 

IV. Mat.v (Mae) Diehl was born Sept. 2, 1875, near Lees- 
l)urg, Indiana. Her education began in the country school at 
home, and closed with the completion of the course in the Indi- 
ana State Normal School, at Terre Haute, Indiana. After 
teaching several terms near home, she made the trip alone to 
Spokane, Washington, where she met her fiance. Rev. Heber ^I. 
Fried, whom she married, Aug. 1, 1905. Her husband gradu- 
ated in Theology at Northwestern University, Chicago, prepar- 
atory to entering foreign missionary work, which both greatly 
desired, but impaired health from over-work and confinement 


drove liini west with tlic hopt^ of recuperating his liealth. He 
landed at Spokane, where he en^a.iied in merchandising^'. Ho is 
very active in church work and with his sympathetic preachin<^, 
fine talent in vocal and instrumental music, reaches the hearts 
of the "dowm and out" class and forei.nn element, thus doing 
i-ood home mission work. 

V. Carl Sanford Diehl was born on the old home farm 
near Leesburg, Indiana, Feb. 6, 1883. His school education was 
by the rural school route, and a complete High School course. 
Added to this is his careful habit of reading the best current lit- 
erature and agricultural journals, which leads one to a higher 
development and enjoyment of life. His transcontinental trip 
of several 1-liousand miles, some years ago, proved a valuable 
source of knowledge to him in his chosen profession — agricul- 
ture. He is now- managing his father's one hundred forty fer- 
tile acres with intelligence and success. This farm Ijorders on 
the ' ' Great Divide, ' ' which separates the waters flowing north 
into the Gulf of St. Lawrence from those flowing south, into 
the Gulf of IMexico, and on account of joint ownership by the 
parents, is named '' Frank- Annaland." 


I. Sanford DAvm Diehl was born near Fairfield, Penn- 
sylvania, Dec. 17, 1856. At the age of sixteen, being bereft of 
his father several years, he pushed out westward, and landed 
at his Uncle E. F. Diehl 's, Jjcesburg, Indiana. Here he worked 
on a farm, went to school, and began teaching. His ambitions 
soon outgrew the school room, and landed him down in Xew 
Mexico, where he was "boss" of a wrecking train on the Santa 
Fe railroad, from Albuquerque, New Mexico to El Paso, Texas. 
Later he discovered that it was safer and moi'e ])leasant sailing 
on the sea of matrimony than riding wrecking trains, and on 
Jan. 14, 1883, he married Ida Adele Orr, of Placer County, Cal- 
ifornia, at San ]\rarcial. New Mexico. They soon settled at Pi- 


lot Hill, California, the jiioneor ^old milling- town of the state, 
near Sutter's sa^vlnill site, where ^old was first discovered, in 
1848. Here he has made good in mining, merchandising, busi- 
ness, and in official positions. He is an efficient member of the 
board of supervisors of K\ Dorado County the past dozen years 
and its competent chairman eight years. He is serving Uncle 
Sam his sixteenth year as postmaster of his town. At present 
his friends are urging him to accept the office of county asses- 
sor, which carries a handsome salary, for four years. He has 
been a member of A. F. & A. M. thirty years and the I. O. O. F. 
some ten years, and with ]\lrs. Diehl and the daughters is iden- 
tified with the O. E. S. Mrs. Diehl and the daughters are 
Christian Scientists. 
Issue : 

1. Jessie Mae, June 5, 1887. 

2. Minnie Emma, May 2S, 1893. 

3. Winona, May 18, 19(J3. 

II. Mary Josephine Djehl was born near Fairfield, Penn- 
sylvania, Feb. 26, 1859. ^fter the death of her father several 
years, she accompanied her mother to La Fayette, Indiana. In 
1883 she married James Calvin Dwyer, in Kansas, and in 1901 
she di(Hl in Johnson City, Tennessee, leaving six children. 

III. Rebecca Meade Diehl was born near Fairfield, Penn- 
sylvania, July 17, 1863, and while young, after her father's 
death, removed with her mother to La Fayette, Indiana, where 
she was united in marriage to David E. Miller, May 20, 1884. 
They reside at No. 1111, Main St., La Fayette, Indiana. 

Issue : 

1. Charles Franklin (April 29, 1885-Feb. 2, 1890). 

2. Homer Diehl, :^Iarch 8, 1892. 


I. Makv Virginia Wa(;ner, Aug. 14, 1854, married on Dec. 
30, 1873, Jacob Maus Miller, who was born June 26, 1849. 


Issue : 

1. Norma Elsie, Sept. 2, 1876, (a music teacher). 

2. Esta Amia :\ray (March 3, lS79-Jan. 1, 1906). 

3. Albert Burton, April 22, 1884, (fanner). 

4. Miriam Gurie, Auii. 30, 1891, (a worthy Sunday 
School teacher and missionary worker). 

II. Uriah Adam Wagner, ])orn Sept. 5, 1857. On Dec. 21, 
1880, he married Ellen Jjovina Cooley, who was born Sept. 28, 

Issue : 

1. Arthur Wintield, Sept. 15, 1881. 

2. Margaret Elenora, :\Iarch 20, 1883. 

3. Georo-e Emory, Sept. 11, 1885. 

4. Ora Luther, Sept. 8, 1887. 

5. Willis Elmer, Sept. 29, 1889. 

6. Harry Shindle, Sept. 12, 1891. 

Seven of the above family of eight have a September l)irth 
date. Two of the sons live at Los Angeles, California. 

III. Daniel Jacoi; Wagner was born April 26, 1863, and 
married Margaret Lough, who was born March 31, 1868. 
Issue : 

1. Amos Lough, March 11, 1891. He has been at Los 
Angeles, California, several years, and is now a telegraph oper- 
ator in South Dakota. 

2. George Wilbert, Aug. 16, 1893. 

3. Mary Eglentine, Oct. 27, 1895. 

4. John Russel, Dec. 20, 1901. 

5. Roy Milton, June 9, 1903. 

6. Katharine Isabel, Oct. 5, 1908. 

IV. Charles Michael W^agner was born Nov. 28, 1864, 
and married Miss Sterner, of Maryland, March 17, 1896. They 
had three children, and lived on the old farm mwv Heidlers- 
burg, Pennsylvania, until a few years ago they retired to New 
Oxford. Mr. Wagner died in a hospital at York, Pennsylvania, 
Feb. 17, 1914. 



I. Mary Alice Feiseh, April 15, 1847, and Francis AV 
Grove (Aug-. 18, 1846-May 6, 1911), wore maiiicd in 1S(;7. 
Issue : 

1. Jennie May, July 14, 1867. 

II. Augustus F. Feiser and (/'arrie Neelev were married 
in 1873. 
Issue : 

1. I\rary, April 25, 1875. 

2. Margie (Aug. 19, 1878-April 25, 1894). 

3. Charles P., April 30, 1881. 

4. Franklin M., Jan. 8, 1889. 

III. Albert S. Feiser (Nov. 2, 1855-June 13, 1905) mar 
ried Rosie J. Albert in 1886. 
Issue : 

1. William A., Dec. 23, 1886. 

2. John Peter, ^^lay 24, 1889. 

3. Carl (Dec. 23, 1890-April 23, 1892). 

4. Clara Bell, April 27, 1892. 

5. Ida Ethel, Dec. 5, 1893. 

6. Esther Delia, June 22, 1896. 

7. Marguerite H., Jan. 6, 1901. 

IV. Rebecca J. Feiser, Jan. 18, 1857, and Tliomas E. Bow 
er, April 7, 1838, were married in 1882. 
Issue : 

1. Eddie (Oct. 26, 1882-()ct. 27, 1882). 

2. Willis P., Dec. 31, 1883. 

3. Alice May, Nov. 23, 1885. 

4. Edna Delia, Jan. 9, 1888. 

5. Flora F. (Aug. 13, 1890- July 18, 1892). 

6. Chester A., Aug. 30, 1894. 

7. Mary L., Dec. 31, 1895. 

8. Charles E., April 11, 1898. 


V. MiLTox D. Feiser, March 22, 1851), iiiai ricd Mrs. .Jeiiiii<i 



I. Ellex Catharixe Byers was born Sept. 18, 1858, and 
married Dr. Georoe E. Bau,«hman, a dentist and postmaster. 



I. Fraxklix Harvey Schaeffer was born Dec. 8, 1861 and 
prepared himself for a professional teacher, in which he was 
profficient. He was Professor of Latin at Western Mai viand 
College, at Westminster, and died in January, 1889. 

II. Clara Schaeffer was born Feb. 12, 1863, and married 
George Chritzman, a jeweler, of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. 

III. George Edwix Schaeffer was born Feb. 16, 1865, and 
has been a rural mail carrier in Carroll County, ^laryland, 
since the inauguration of the system. 

IV. MixxiE E. Schaeffer was born Xov. 21), 187(), and 
married Claud Lawyer, Feb. 6, 1901, Rev. S. A. Dielil, her 
great-uncle, officiating. 

V. Bessie May Schaeffer, Dec. 12, 1878, mai-ricd AVm. 

VI. Grace Lee Schaeffer was born Feb. 9, 1881, and mar- 
ried Latimer Bankard April 7, 1908^ Rev. S. A. Diclil olliciatiii'.:-. 


VTI. Oliver Milton Schaeffek was ])()in Dec. 26, 1882, 
and is in the Tnited States mail service, in connection witli the 
railroad mail service since its inception. 





I. Howard Fraxklix Sciiaeffer was born July 14, 1868, 
and married May Friss, Alay 26, 1896, Rev. S. A. Diehl assist- 
ing in the ceremonies. Their son w^as born April 21, 1899, and 
baptized by Rev. S. A. Diehl, a great-grand-nncle. 


I. Carrie Belle Schaeffer was born Oct. 10, 1872, and 
married William Rhinehart, Dec. 12, 1894. He died June 10, 

Issue : 

1. Lillian Williameen, April 1, 1903. 

II. Annie Elizabeth Schaeffer was born May 26, 1881, 
and married George Erwine Fisher. 
Issue: George Erwine, Junior. 

III. Ada Catharine Sciiaeffer was born March 18, 1883, 
and married Benjamin Franklin Fuller. 

Issue: 1. Charles Francis. 2. Benjamin Franklin. 


I. Edxa E. Schaeffer was born in W(^stminster, Mary- 
land, Feb, 4, 1879. On Dec. 31, 1902, she married Horace G. 


Reese, who was born and raised on a farm and became an effici- 
ent helper in the postoffice at Westniinstei-. To avoid confinin«^ 
office work, he helped lay out the rural routes in Carroll Coun- 
ty, which ai»reed better with his health. He is now a very effi- 
cient United States mail detective, and has done a lot of fine 
work in that line. Mrs. Reese is now temporarily in Floiida, 
with her son, Horace Greeley Reese, Jr., foi- hci- health. 
Issue : 

1. Horace Greeley, March 30, 1906, who was baptized 
'May 22, 1913, by his ,i>Te^.t-grand-uncle, Rev. S. A. Diehl, of 
Hanover, Penns3dvania. 

II. Lela Catharine Schaeffer was born July 8, 1890, and 
married Mr. Mowen, Nov. 9, 1911. 

III. Lloyd Diehl Schaeffer was born Oct, 10, 1895, at 
Westminster, Maryland, and is a Sophomore student of Penn- 
sylvania College, at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. 


I. Cleason Albert Rife was born Dec. 28, 1881, and mar- 
ried , Oct. 12, 1900. 

Issue: 1. Lewis Rife. 

II. Leroy Rife was born April 12, 1889, and married 
-, April 12, 1909. 
Issue : 1. Clarence M. 2. Eds^ar D. 3. Florence P. 

III. Maurice Diehl Rife was born Sept. 28, 1S90, and 
married , Oct. 5, 1911. 





I. Ida Cora Kessiah Fissel was boi-ii .Jan. 11, IS^,"), and 


Dec. 20, 1895, she married Elmer J(>sej)li Kepner, who was born 
April 17, 1870. 
Issue : 

1. Evelyn Viola, March 18, 1897. 

2. Earl Calvin, :^Iardi 22, 1899. 

3. Benjamin Elias, Jan. 81, 1903. 

4. Harold Elmer, April 13, 1905. 
Donald Fissel, July 17, 1907. 


II. Clara Eugenia Alverta Fissel, born Feb. 28, 1877, 
and married Harry Beverly Sefton, who was born Feb. 2, 1869, 
on the eleventh of ]\lay, 1897. 

Issue : 

1. Hellen Eugenia, June 20, 1900. 

2. Anna :\lae, Feb. 26, 1904. 

III. RosiE IMary Ellen Fissel was born July 21, 1881, and 
married Edgar Solomon Rettinger who was born Aug. 22, 1876. 
They reside at 1418 Zarger Street, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. 

Issue : 

1. Ellen Caroline, Sept. 30, 1911. 

2. Henry Fissel (Aug. 15, 1913-Sept. 15, 1913). 

IV. George Calvin Fissel was born April 29, 1884, and on 
]\Iarch 15, 1911 he married Laura Kathryn Bream, who was 
born Sept. 23, 1884. 

Issue : 

1. Kathryn Louise, Dec. 18, 1911. 

V. Bessie May Fissel ^^as born Nov. 18, 1885, and on 
March 30, 1911, she was united in marriage to Luther Kohler, 
son of George Kohler, Rev. John J. Hill officiating. Luther was 
born Nov. 20. 1888. 

VI. Theodocia Fissel was born June 18, 1889. She mar- 
ried, Oct. 11, 1911, Thadeus Stevens Blocher, who was born 
Sept. 14, 1886. 

Issue : 

1. Frederick Fissel, Dec. 1, 1912. 





T. Paul HEXftv SwAirrz was l)()rn Oct. 9, 1888, and Jiiar- 
ried Emily H. Hai-lochci-, Dec. 6, 11)10, to whom was l)()rn a son, 
Henry Wilson Swaitz, March 15, IDl'J, the eighth from John 
Adam Diehl. 



I. Mary Feiser, April 25, 1875, was married to AVilmot 

Issue: 1. Martha. 2. Ruth. 8. AVilliam. 4. Paul ; and two 

II. Charles P. Feiser^ April 30, 1881, married Bertha 

III. Franklin M. Feiser, Jan. 8, 1889, marrie*! Florence 


I. William A. Feiser, Dec. 23, 1886, married Alice Alt- 

Issue : Rosella. 

II. John Peter Feiser, May 24, 1889, married Irene 

Issue : 1. Ruth. 



T. Alice May Bower, Nov. 23, ISSo, in 19(^G mari'icd John 
J. Weaver, a cigar maker, who was born June 16, 188-4. 
Issue : 

1. Thomas K., Oct. 11, 1906. 

2. John Roth, :\ray 17, 1908. 

3. Charles Lawrence, Sept. 10, 1910. 

4. Glenn Arden, June 10, 1912. 

II. Willis P. Bower, Dec, 31, 1883, married Mabel Steitz. 




I, Arthur Winfield W^agxer, Sept. 15, 1881, married 
Fannie Beerd, June 18, 1912. 

II. Margaret Elenora W^agner, March 20, 1883, married 
Harry Daniel Heiges, June 3, 1903. 
Issue : 

1. Russell Wagner, Oct. 30, 1913. 




MARIE (Vll). 

Ruth INIarie Diehl was born at Leesbui-g, Indiana, Dec. 13, 
1894, and in the spring of 1898, accompanied her father's fam- 
ily to Towner County, North Dakota, where they have helped 
the early settlers of that new prairie country convert it into the 
most productive and prosperous condition, with the best of 
school, church, and social advantages. She was united in mar- 


Mr. and Mrs. Edwin (Jridlfv T^ewis, of SouthiniitDii, ('oiiiii'cti- 
cut, June 19, 1912. Their son, John J^ewis, was l)()iii in ]*itts- 
l)urg, Pennsylvania, June 26, 1913. 

II. Andrew Robert Cooper was })oi-n in Buffah), Xcw 
York, Oct. 27, 1889, and w^as married to Alalx'l Elizalx'th Stod- 
dart, daui>ht<M- of Doctor and Afrs. James Stoddai-f, of Buffalo. 
April i;5, 19U. 

Jacob Diehl and Descendants. 


Jacx)b Diehl was born in Leliii;h County, Pennsylvania, 
some time in the 1790 's. Ke married Rebecca Smell of the same 
place. Of their several children we have authentic data of only 
Daniel and descendants. One son, Greorge, is said to have oper- 
ated a large pottery near Quakerstown, Pennsylvania. A 
daughter, Amelia Diehl, is said to have married William Young, 
a Philadelphia hardware merchant, and they were the grand- 
parents of Mrs. A. S. Meegan, of 1508 Q Street, X. AV., Wash- 
ington, D. C, who is the widow of the late Captain A. S. Mee- 
gan. The remains of Jacob and his wife lie in the Zionsville, 
Pennsylvania, cemetery. 

JACOB (I), DANIEL (11). 

I. Daniel Diehl was born in Tpix'r Milford township, Le- 
high County, Pennsylvania, March 24, 181(). He married Sarah 
Brown, daughter of Joseph and Magdalene (Smith) Brown, 
who was l)orn in Haycock township, Bucks County, Pennsylva- 


nia, Jail. 22, ISIJ), and died in (j)uak(*rstown, Peiiiisylvauia, Oct. 
11, 1900. Tlicy resided several i)laces, but most of the time at 
Quakerstown. Mr. Di<»lil died in 1865 and both are interred in 
the Lutheran cemet(n-y at Ti'um])o\versvine, Pennsylvania. 
Issue : 

1. Henrv Brown (Jan. 1, 1840-Feb. 27, 1895). 

2. Joseiih Brown (1842-Sept. 25, 1862. 

3. R(Ojecca Brown, Afarch 16, 1844. 

4. Amanda Brown (Dec. 23, 1845 -Jan.23, 1888). 

5. ^lonroe Brown (Dec. 21, 1847-Feb. 17, 1898). 

6. William Brown, June 29, 1856. 



1. Henry Brown Diehl, born Jan. 1, 1S40, in Haycock 
township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and in 1862 married 
Elizabeth Trumbower, who was born in Richland Township, 
Aug. 18, 1836. He was a blacksmith, in business at Quakers- 
town, Pennsylvania, till 1872, then at Applebachsville, SiDring- 
town, Hatfield, and later at Landsdale, Pennsylvania, where he 
died Feb. 27, 1895, and was buried at Quakerstown, Pennsyl- 
vania, in the Union cemetery. Mrs. Diehl resides at 1310 Mt. 
Vernon, Philadelphia. 

Issue : 

1. Edward (Feb. 10, 1863-Sept. 15, 1863). 

2. William L., Oct. 10, 1865. 

3. Sarah, Dec. 15, 1867. 

4. Ida, Feb. 6, 1869. 

5. Matilda (Feb. 9, 1872- June 28, 1907). 

6. Samuel Tilden, March 17, 1877. 

II. Rebecca Brown Diehl was born ]\Iarch 16, 1844, and 
on May 24, 1862, married Henry H. Smith, who was born Feb. 
13, 1836. Both were from Bucks County, Pennsylvania. They 
settled in Quakerstown, Pennsylvania, where Mr. Smith died 
Jan. 4, 1892, a useful and respected citizen. 


1. William James (Jan. 22, 1864-()ct. 20, 1S9H). 

2. Charlos Richard, June 10, 1866. 

3. Franklin Howard (March 16, lS69-Fe}). 21, I'JO.S), 

4. Allen Henry, Jan. 4, 1872. 

III. Amanda Brown Dikhl, l)oi-n Dec. 2.3, 1845, in Rich- 
land Townshi]), married l)ani(4 Kh'insmitli, of Dillinnci-.svilh*, 
Pennsylvania, and died Jan. 23, 1888, with interment at West 
End Cemetery, AHcntown, Pennsylvania. 

Issue : 

1. Flora, Aug. 22, 1868. 2. Morris, in 1875. 

IV. ]\[oNROE B. DiEHL, bom Dec. 21, 1847, in Saltsburg, 
Pennsylvania, and married Amanda Bartholomew, of Quakers- 
town, Dec. 11, 1869, where he was a cigar maker by trade. In 
1885 they moved to Pennsburg, where he was organist of the 
Lutheran Sunday School and assessor of the Borough for many 
years. He was a staunch Democrat, a highly useful and re- 
spected citizen. He died Feb. 17, 1898, and was buried in l^nion 
Cemetery, at Quakerstown, Pennsylvania, where Mrs. Diehl 
now resides. 

Issue : 

1. Lillie, Feb. 28, 1871. 

2. Mary Alice (Nov. 4, 1874-March, 1913). 

3. Elsie M. (May 9, 1887-June 2, 1906). 

V. William Brown Diehl was born in Bedminster 
township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, June 29, 1856, and 
Sept. 13, 1879, married Susan S. Stover, of Hilltown township. 
Moving to Pennsburg, Pennsylvania, where they still reside, h<? 
established a flourishing tin roofing and stove business, in 
which he is still engaged. He is a staunch Repu])lican, and 
served as postmaster under President Harrison, and mercan- 
tile appraiser of Montgomery county, one term. He is well and 
favorably known throughout the entire Perkiomen ^"allcv, and 
has a splendid reputation for genuine honesty and sciiiarc deal- 
ing with men. 
Issue : 

1. Clemens Stover, Mav 29, 1881. 

2. Cora S., Nov. 30, 1883. 



T. William L. Diehl was l)<)rn Oct. 10, 18^5, at Quaker- 
town, Pennsylvania. At the age of sixteen he was a rural 
school teacher, but later studied telej2:raphy and entered the 
service of the Philadelphia & Readinii' Railroad. In 1894 he 
married Sarah Jane Dannehower, of Landsdale, Pennsylvania. 
In 1896 he was postmaster of that place, under President 
Cleveland, four years. In 1900 they moved to Philadelj)hia, 
and reside at No. 2541 N. 12th Street, and he is again in the em- 
ploy of the Philadelphia & Reading Railroad. 

Issue : 

1. Marion, Sept. 9, 1895. 

2. Helen Elizabeth, Oct. 7, 1902. 

3. William Henrv, April 2, 1911. 

II. Sarah Diehl, Dec. 16, 1867, of (^)uakerst()wn Pennsyl- 
vania, married Edwin S. Hedrick, a stone mason by trade, of 
Hatfield, Pennsylvania, where they reside. All are at home but 
^label and Edith, who are married. 

Issue: 1. Mabel. 2. Howard. 8. Edith. 4. AVilliam. 5. 
Xorman. 6. Edward. 7. Ida. 8. Alva. 9. Verda. 10. Marion. 

III. Ida Diehl, Feb. 6, 1869, of Quakerstown, settled in 
Philadelphia, and in 1896 married Edwin Smith, of that city. 
He is a foreman in the Smalz-Goodwin & Company Shoe Fac- 
tory. They reside at 2024 North Eleventh Street. ' 

Issue: I.Frank. 2. Ida. 

IV. Matilda Diehl was born in Applebachsville, Pennsyl- 
vania, and lived at Landsdale in 1891, when she married Adol- 
Ijlius Clement, a barber in business there. She died June 28, 
1907, and is buried in the Landsdale cemetery. 

Issue: 1. Elizabeth; 2. Helen, in Philadelphia. 3. Ray- 
mond, died. 4. Leon ; 5. AVilliam ; (>. Robert, at home. 

V. Samuel Tildex Diehl, born in Sjiringtown, Pennsyl- 
vania, March 17, 1877, settled in Philadeli)hia, and in 1898 mar- 
ried Bella Alonroe, a young Scotch girl of that city. They now 


reside at No. 1527 Council Street, Los Aiij?eles, Caliloiiiia, 
where he is proprietor of the Pennant Pool and Billiai-d Kooin, 
No. 235 East Fifth Street. 


I, Charles Richard Smith was horn at Qnakertown, 
Pennsylvania, June 10, 18()G, and married Anna (^aroline 
Thomas of that place, Dec. 17, 1889. He conducts a successful 
insurance husiness and is one of the influential l)<*m()cratic 
leaders of the county. He was recently appointed postmaster 
at (^uakertown, a second-class office. 

Issue : 

1. Helen Thomas. June 5, 1891. 

II. Franklin Howard Smith, horn March If), 18r)9, and 
married Florence Moyer, of Quakertown, Pennsylvania. He 
died Feb. 21, 1908, and is buried in Union Cemetery. 

III. Allen Henry Smith, Jan. 4, 1872, became a dru.niiist, 
and settled in Philadelphia, where he is connected with Adam 
Pfrom & Company, 288 North Second Street. He married 
Lizzie Geikler of that city and they live at Tio^-a, Philadelphia. 


I. Flora Klein.smith, born Au.n". 22, 1868, in Trumbowers- 
ville, Pennsylvania, and married Edwin Trump, of Allentown, 
Pennsylvania, where they reside at 1323 Liberty Street. 

Issue : 1. Elmer D. ' 2. Blanch S. 3. Edna M. 4. Florence 
R. (dead). 5. Harvey E. 6. George H. 7. Walt«n- S. (dead). 
8. Paul W. 

II. Morris Kleinsmith, born in 1875, married, and mo\<(! 
to Newport, Nebraska, where his wife died and was buried. 
Issue: 1. Charles (died in 1904). 2. Etta (with father). 
Mr. Kleinsmith married again and is at Porthuid, Oregon. 


I. LiLLiE DiEHL, boni F('l). 2<S, 1S71, in (^)uak<'rt()\vii, Penn- 
sylvania, and married William M. Mininger of that place, in 
1889. They live on Broad Street, below Ei«-hth. 

Issue : 

1. Mamie A., Nov. 9, 1892. 

2. Verna ()., Feb. 22, 1897. 

II. Mary Alice Diehl, born Nov. 4, 1874, in Quakertown, 
Pennsylvania, and in 1897 married Franklin Kline, of Penns- 
l)urii', Pennsvlvania, where he still resides. ^Irs. Kline died in 


I. Clemens Stovek Diehl, born May 29, 1881, at Penns- 
burg, Pennsylvania, married Jennie Reiter, of Trumbowers- 
ville, Pennsylvania, June, 1905. Mr. Diehl is the Imstling as- 
sistant in liis father's large stove and tin roofing plant. 

Issue : 1. Son, died. 2. Cora, Sept. 1914. 

II. Cora S. Diehl^ born in Pennsburg, Pennsylvania, Nov. 
30, 1883. She married Charles Bradley, of Missouri, in 1911. 
They are now residents of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, where Mr. 
Bradley is a partner in a successful detective agency. 




I. Edith Hedriok was born at Hatfield, Pennsylvania, and 
in 1914 married Nelson Sclioll, of Landsdale, Pennsylvania, 
wlicre they reside. 

Issue: -1. Dorothv. 


II. Mabel Hedrick married Cliarlcs Feiisterk-, of Telford, 
Pennsylvania, in 1913, 
Issue: 1. Ruth. 


(IV), HELEN (V). 

I. Helex T. Smith, l)orn June 5, 1891, married Emelyn E. 
Jones, of Quakerstown, Pennsylvania, June 28, 1911. 


I. Blanch S, Trump, in 1912, married Thomas ivressly, 
of Allentown, Pennsvlvania, where tliev reside. 
Issue: 1, Ralph P. 2. Mildred E.' 

II. Edxa Trump married, in 1908, Harry Hartranft, of 
Allentown, Pennsylvania, where they reside. 
Issue : 1. Emma. 2. Edwin. 3. Walter. 

MAMIE A. (V). 

I. "Mamie A. Minixger, born Nov. 9, 1892, in Quakerstow n, 
Pennsylvania, and in 1910 married Reuben J. Server, of the 
same place, where they now reside. 

Issue : 

1. William Franklin, 1911. 

II. Verxa O. Mixixger was born in Quakertown, rcimsyl- 
vania, Feb. 22, 1897, and married James S. Detwiler, of Perka- 
sia, Pennsylvania, in 1913. Th.-y live at Ban-or, Pcnnsylvnuia. 


Sebastian Diehl and Issue. 


Sebastian Diehl was Ixtni near Littlcstown, Adams Coun- 
ty, Peimsylvaiiia, in 1769. He was a member of the Roman 
Catholic Church, 

Issue : 

1. John, 1791. 



I. JoHx Diehl was born in Conowag'o township, Adams 
County, Pennsylvania, in 1791. He married Barl)ai-a Renter in 
1815. He was a shoe maker by trade and they were members of 
the Roman Catholic Church. 

Issue : 

1. Levi S., (1815-1836). 

2. Barnabus, (July 21, 1816-Feb. 13, 1888). 

: o: • 



1. Bakxabus Diehl was born at Littlcstown, Pennsylva- 
nia, .July 21, 1816. He married Enmui Smith, of Warren Coun- 
ty, New Jersey, June 3, 1847. His occuiialion was shoe mak- 
ing. They were Catholics. He died at Scranton, Pennsylvania, 
Feb. 13, 1888. 

Issue : 

1. Joseph F. (Feb. 10, 18-t8-Feb. 19, 1891). 

2. George S. (June 27, 1849-Feb. 27, 1877). 


3. John, July i;J, 1852. 

4. Mary Frances {Nov. 12, 1854-Au<,'. 22, 1856), 

5. Samuel B., Sept. 27, 1856. 

6. William H., May 16, 1858. 

7. Frank J., May 27, 1861. 

8. Alice, March 26, 1866. 

9. Edward H. (Dec. 20, 18(i9-Julv 22, 1870.) 



I. Joseph F. Diehl was born Fel). 10, 1848, and nian'i<'fl 
Martha Reese, of Scranton, Pennsylvania, in 1874. His death 
occurred Feb. 19, 1891. 

Issue : 1. Elmer, 1875. 2. Georg-e, 1877. 

ir. John Diehl, born at Ham])ton Junction, New Jersey, 
July 13, 1852. In 1874 he married Matilda Pierson, of Oxford, 
New Jersey. They reside at No. 620 Orchard Street, Scranton, 
Pennsylvania, where he is a railroad conductor. 

Issue : 

1. Samuel, Aug-. 2, 1875. 

2. Robert (Nov. 3, 1876-Feb. 28, 1901). 

3. John, Junior, Jan. 22, 1879. 

4. Evona (July 6, 1880-July 12, 1881). 

5. William, N(W. 2, 1881. 

6. Fanny (.Alarch 3, 1886-Aug. 28, 1886). 

7. Leroy, July 2, 1890. 

8. Etliel L., July 19, 1892. 

III. Samuel B. Diehl, born Sept. 23, 1856, at (Jlen (iaid- 
ner, Hunterdon County, New Jersey, married Elizalx'th 
Sharpe, of Sharon, New York, in 1877. While quite young, his 
parents moved to Scranton, Pennsylvania, where he attended 
school until he was twelve years of age, when lie secured tho 
position of hall boy at the Old Wyoming House. Here lie 
worked for the same proprietor nine years, the last three years- 


as steward; tlicn one year as steward at the Old Exclian<:-e Ho- 
tel Biiii;liaiiit()ii. Then he went to Xew York as steward of 
Hall's Hotel, Park Row, for six months; llieii joined Pinker- 
ton's National Detective A.^eney in ISSO as a detective, and 
woi-ked his way n]) to General SnjX'rintendent at Xew York, 
wlici-e he is eni])loye(l at ])resent. He has Ix'cii en«'ai!^ed in all 
the notahle cases that this ai;ency has heen connect<'d Avith. 

He is a nieniher of the A. P. & A. Al., Elks, Koyal Arcaiiniii, 
and S(inare Tahle Olnh, of Brooklyn. His address is No. ]75 
Decatni- Sti'eet, Bi'ooklyn, New York. 

TV. William H. Dieiil, ])oin ^lay 16, 1858, at (ilcii (Jard- 
ner, New Jersey, married, ^lay 25, 1881, Florence Stanton, of 
Scranton, Pennsylvania, where they reside at No. 1114 Luzerne 
Street. He is a professional master painter and decorator. He 
is affiliated with the M. El. nimrch and fraternity of T. (). P. M. 

Issue : 

1. Bessie, Aui>-. 20, 1885. 

2. Eugene, March 7, 1889. 

3. Lester, Aug-. 31, 1890. 

V. Frank J. Diehl, born :\[ay 27, 1861, at Bridgeville, 
New Jersey, married Annie Singer, at Scranton, Pennsyh'anijL 
Their home is No. 789 Broadway, Bayonne, New Jersey, where 
his business is theatricals. 

Issue : 

1. Marian A., deceased. 

2. Emma Rebecca, Sept. 12, 1883. 

3. Leo S., Nov. 24, 1887. 

4. Mabel May, dead. 

5. Anna Frances, Jan. 23, 1892. 
(i. T^oretta Blanche, dead. 

7. Sylvester Betts, Oct. 11, 1896. 

VI. Alice Diehl was born ^larch 26, 1866, at Scranton, 
Pennsylvania, and married Moses Dunn, Sept. 24, 1888. They 
live on Robinson Street, Scranton, Pennsvlvania. Mr. Dunn 
died March 27, 1911. 

Issur : 

1. Emblia, Nov. 19, 1889. 


2. George (Feb. 24, 1891-Jan. 20, 11)02). 

3. Frances, 1898. 

4. I.ydia (June 14, 1896-Jan. 10, 1899). 

5. Alonzo (April :50, 1898-Nov. 7, 1898; Daniel, April 30, 
1898— twins). 

6. Elizabeth (Xov. 5, 1899-Sept. IT), 1900). 

7. Emma, June 27, 1904. 

8. Ruth (Oct. 28, 1907-June 26, 1908). 




I. Elmee Diehl was born in 1875 at Scranton, Pennsylva- 
nia, and is a member of the Baptist Chui-ch. Address, Landis 


I. Samuel Diehl was born Aug. 2, 1875, at Scranton, 
Pennsylvania, and April 29, 1899, married Ennna Hains, of 
Reading, Pennsylvania, where they reside, at No. 928 Green- 
wich Street. His occupation is a typographer. He fraternizes 
with the Royal Arcanum, Knights of the Golden Eagle, and 
Typographical Union. 

XL John Diehl, Junior, born Jan. 22, 1879, at Scranton, 
Pennsylvania, married Minnie Ward, Nov, 28, 1907. He is an 
agriculturist, a member of the Baptist Church, and O. W. A. M. 
Their Address is Oxford, New Jersey. 

Jo QfJlP • 

1. MarthaM., July 24, 1909. 

III. William Diehl, born N(n-. 2, 18S1, and iiianicd Em- 


ma Aman, Pel). 2, 1918. He is Chief Yoemaii of tlic V. S. Ship 
Rhode Island. 
Issue : 

1. William A., Junior (Nov. 14, 1913-Jan. 21, 1914). 

IV. Lerov Diehl was born July 2, 1890. He is a salesman 
in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

V. Ethel L. Diehl was born July 19, 1892. She is a school 
teacher, member of the Luthei-an Church, and Teachers' Pi-o- 
tective Union. Address, Xo. 640 Orchard Street, Scranton, 


(IV), BESSIE (V). 

I. Bessie Diehl was born Aug. 20, 1885, and married John 
Tynn, of Scranton, Pennsylvania, Jan. 15, 1912. They are mem- 
bers of the Congregational Church, and reside at Xo. 320 Tenth 

Issue : 

1. Florence, Dec. 23, 1912. 

11. Eugene Diehl was born at Scranton, Pennsylvania, 
March 7, 1889, and married Bess Evans, of that place, Xov. 3, 
1909. Their address is 801 West Elm Street, and are members 
of the Methodist Episcopal Church. He is a clerk, I. ( ). R. ;M., 
and Jr. 0. U. A. jMechanics. 

Issue : 

1. Jane Elinor Diehl, Jan. 24, 1912. 

11. Lestek H. Diehl, born August 31, 1890, at Scranton, 
Pennsylvania, Xo. 1114 Luzerne Street. He is a clerk, member 
of the ^[ethodist Episcopal Church, A. F. & A. ^NF., and Ji'. O. U. 
A. Mechanics. 



EMMA K. (V). 

I. Emma Rebecca Diehl, born S(*i)t. 12, 1H,S;1, iiiaiTi<Hl 
Boon B. Benton, April 3, 1901. Address, Bradford, Pennsyl- 

Issue : 

1. Beatrice B., June (i, 1903. 

2. Stanley B., Jan. 25, 1906. 

II. Anxa Frances Diehl, born Jan. 23, 1892, and married 
Edward C. Shryver, Feb. 6, 1909. 
Issue : 

1. Elizabeth Berton (Feb. 23, 1910-Jan. 11, 1911). 

2. Ethel Louise, Jan. 5, 1913. 



I. Emblia Dunn, born Nov. 19, 1889, at Scranton, Penn- 
sylvania, is a horseman ; member of the Congregational church, 
and P. O. S. of A. He resides on Robinson Street. 


Abraham Diehl and Issue. 


Abraham and Ciiuistexa Diehl, ^vitll three youiiu- sons, 
moved from Peimsylvania down to Kockini>ham County, Vir- 
ginia, in 1779. A])ril 16, 1804, he bought six hundred forty acres 
of land of Hugh McCaley, for $10,500, near Cross Keys, in ^hat 
section. On this property was a new dwelling house, now owned 
l)y B. B. Miller, that is over 100 years old, and good for another 
century. Mr. Diehl died in 18o2. 

Issu<': 1. Philip. 2. John; 8. Abraham — twins. 4. Eliza- 
beth. "). Catharine, 6. Christena. 7. ]\[arv. 



I. Philip Diehl was l)()rn in Pennsylvania, and came to 
Virginia as a cliild, in 1779. He mari'ied and had a large fam- 
ily. We have data of but two. 

Issue : 

1. Amos, married and settled in West Vii'ginia. 

2. Mary, mni-ried and went to East Virginia. 

11. Abraham Diehl, born 1779, and married Mary Wetzel. 
They occupied a part of the old homestead purchased in 1846, 
on the north In-anch of the Shenandoah, where he died June 25, 
1864, and was buried near Cross Keys, where his father had 
lived fifty-three years. Death overtook him as he was return- 
ing from preaching at the Mill Creek Church of the Brethren, 
of which he was a member. 

Issue: I.Nancy. 2. David. 3. Mathias. 4. Elizabeth. 5. 
Sarah. 6. Samuel. 7. Catharine. 8. James. 9. Al)rahain. 




I. David Dieiil \vas mari'ied and located at Joiicsljoro, 
Tennessee. He left Lis Virginia lionic Mai-cli, iSoi), and made 
the four Inindred-mile tri]) in a bolt waiion. 

Issue: 1. Christian. 2. Sanund. '.]. Isaac. 4. AVilliaiii. 5. 
John. 6. Peter. 7. ^Marv. 8. Sarah. 

II. ]\rATHiAs DiEHL was bom in the Shenandoah Valh^y, 
Virginia, July 13, 1815, and died June 18, 1876. In 18o7 he mar- 
ried Sarah Hartman. During the war their home was near 
Rockland Mills, on the north branch of the Shenandoah, whei"e 
several vivid scenes of the Civil Rebellion occurred. They were 
members of the Church of the Brethren. 


1. Susanah, Dec. 15, 1838, died young. 

2. Amos W., Feb. 14, 1840. 

3. Josiah H., July 25, 1842. 

4. Mary Elizabeth, Sept. 25, 1844. 

5. Malinda A., April 25, 1847. 

6. Jeremiah S., April 29, 1850. 

7. Elijah F. (Jan. 25, 1853-Julv 3, 1899). 

8. Enoch (Sept. 30, 1856-1865). 

9. Jacob P., Oct. 8, 1859. 

III. Samuel Diehl married and in 1867 changed loca- 
tions, finally settling in Green County, Virginia. 

Issur: 1. Mansilla. 2. Hezekiah. 3. Hannah. 4. Sarali. 
5. Isaiah. (5. Tjeanah. 7. Clementine S. Marv. 9. Frank. 

IV. Abraham Diehl man-icd Xancy Black. 
Issue: 1. Charles. 2. Martha. 


I. Amos W. Diehl was Ixu-ii in tlic ShcnaiidMah Valley, 
Vii-.uiiiia. Feb. 14, 1S40. He is iiiai-ricd and lives at Xokcsvillo, 

Issue : 

1. H. J. Diehl, AVcyers Cav(% Virniiiia. 

2. Minnie Dielil-Nelson, San,i;erville, Viri^inia. 
8. John, Nokesville, Vir^'inia. 

4. Lntlier, Nokesville, Viruinia. 
."). Saih)r, Washiniiton, 1). C. 

6. Elizabeth, Washington, D. C. 

7. Cliarles, Staunton, Vii-uinia. 

8. Martin, in Ohio. 

II. JosiAH H. Diehl was ])()rn near Cross Keys, Vi)-uinia, 
July 25, 1P-j2. He is niari'ied and lives at Xortli River, Viruinia. 
Issue : 

1. Isaac F., North Kiver, \'ir.ninia. 

2. Kenny JM., Port Republic, Viri>,inia. 

3. H. J. Diehl, Penn Laird, Vir<iinia. 

4. Rosa Diehl-Cupp, New Hope, Viriiinia. 

5. Lillie, at 16, fell from a cherry tree; died. 

All of this family ai'e members of the rhurch of tlie Bi'etli- 

III. ]\fARv Elizabeth Diehl was born near Cross Keys, 
Virginia, Sept. 25, 1844. She married Silas D. Shirey. ^frs. 
Sliirey has endeared herself to her friends by her kindness and 
helpfulness until she is known as the Dorcas of the New Tes%- 

IV. :\rALiNDA A. Diehl (April 25, 1847-Dec. 27, 1910), 
married Conrad Rodelfer. They were the parents of four boys 
and six girls. 


riage, Sept. 4, 1912, to Howaid Whitford McKee, of Devil's 
Lake, North Dakota, where they reside. 

:o :- 




I. Leslie Lau Diehl was liorn at York, Pennsylvania, 
Dec. 14. 1SS6. He graduated from the High School of this city 
in 1904, then attended a term at the Millersville State Normal. 
He taught two terms at Andersontown. August 30, 1911, he went 
to Detroit, Michigan, where he is city salesman for "Washburn, 
Crosby Co., the celebrated (lold Medal Flour firm. He has 
charge of the Covenant Presbyterian Church choir, is instruc- 
tor and conductor of the Y. M. C. A. Male Chorus, has charge 
of the nuisic at Y. M. C. A. on Sunday afternoon meeting dur- 
ing the summer months, and has also charge of the male chorus 
in ont^ of the leading Methodist Episcopal churches of Detroit. 
In July, 1913, he married Lida Shinier, of Easton, Pennsylva- 

Issue : 

1. Dorothy Isabel, May, 1914. 

TT . Pkof. Joseph Dale Diehl was born at York, Pennsyl- 
vania, Nov. '28. 1889. .^fter graduating from the city High 
School in 190(), he spent one term in the York County Academy. 
Then lie taught school a term, near New Ilollam. In June, 1913, 
he !iraduat(Hl from Pennsylvania C()ll<'g(% at (Tettysl)urg. He 
is now teaching History, English, and Music, his second year, 
in the High School at Bedford, Pennsylvania. At Gettysburg 
he was leader of the U. B. Choir and of the College Orchestra. 
He was an active worker and president of the college Y. M. C. 
A. He has a record of being an exceptionally good student, of 
an excellent moral character. He has the Christian ministry in 
view. He is, at present, the very efficient leader of the music at 
the Lutheran Church and Sunday School, at Bedford, Penn- 



1. Jessie Mae Diehl was born at I'ilot Hill, California, 
June 5, 1887, and roccived a lilx'ral ctlucation, with a special 
training in music, telegraphy, and short-hand. During the dis- 
astrous earthquake at Oakland, in April, 1906, she was em- 
jDloyed as telegrapher. T^ater she was employed as telegra])h 
manager, short-hand teacher, and travelling saleswoman until 
near the time of her wedding. She was united in marriage, at 
Merced, California, to Frederick Raymond Thomson, a bright 
and energetic Cornell University student, on Sunday, April 
5, 1914. Mr. Thomson is a direct descendant of Sir Edw. Bru- 
ster, one of the early settlers in America, who came over on the 
Mayflower in 1620. He is connected with a bank at Atwater, 
California, where the happy couple are at home. 

Jessie Mae Diehl and "Xig." 


F. (V),(HAKI.KSSA\F(IRI) (VI),(iHA('K (VII). 

I. Grace Diehl was honi Feb. 5, 1882, and married iSilas 
Fi-edeiick Shaw, March 11, 1911. Mr. Shaw is a mining engin- 
eer, and a .graduate of C()hni)l)ia University. He has had char.iic 
of a big' mining' property for the American Smelting and Refin- 
ing Co., at Charcas, San Luis Potosi, Mexico, for several years. 
At present he is at Frisco, I^tah, doing some experiment work 
during his absence from ]\Iexico, where they are temporarily 
closed down on account of war troubles. 

Issue : 

1. Grace Ellen, Oct. 8, 1912. 

II. Chandler Diehl was born Oct. 13, 1886, and married 
Margaret Wilson, daughter- of George W. and Anna (Kemper) 
Wilson, of Alilwaukee, July 18, 1910. He is advei'tising agent 
for the San Antonio Lif/ht, one of the prominent and influential 
dailiea in the southwest. He took a preparatory course at St. 
Paul's School, Concord, New Hampshire, and e()mi)leted a clas- 
sical course with credit, at Yale University. 

Issue : 

1. Chandler Diehl, Jx^nior^ born July 30, 1912, repre- 
sents the eighth generation by direct lineal descent from John 
Adam Diehl, who was born in 1700. 


Valentine Diehl and Issue. 


Valentine Diehl and Selma Rauch, of Niedorbronn, Ger- 
many, wore doubtless born, raised, and married in the same 
province wliere their children were born, and where the parents 
were finally buried. 

Issue : 

1. John Louis (Sept. 28, 1807-Dec. 23, 1857). 

2. Ma,i4dalena, married Wm. Schell, a farmer near 
Woodsfield, Ohio, where they had two children. 

3. Elizabeth, married Michael Pfals,<>-raf, a farmer near 
"VVoodsfield, Ohio, where they had fourteen children. 

4. Rosina Diehl married Jacob Wise, of Wheeling, West 
Virginia ; three children. 

5. Christian (1822-May 6, 1902. 

6. Peter (April 4, 1827-Oct. 7, 1912). 


I. John Louis Diehl was born Sept. 28, 1807, near Nie- 
derbronn, Germany, and married Eva Wagner in 1835. They 
were members of the Lutheran church. In L83() they came to 
America and worked for IVlr. Schoneberger, at Pittsburg, Penn- 
sylvania. In 1837 they moved to Highland County, Ohio, 
bought thirty acres of nearly all timber, moved into a tobacco 
stick chinmey log house of one room, and l)y industry, economy, 
and good management, soon had a one hundred fifty-acre farm 
with better improvements. Here all but the first of their eight 
children were born, near Mowrystown, Ohio, and all (savo 
Charles P., who- died in infancy) were confirmed in the church 


of their i)aiviits. The fath'T h)st liis lifc^ Dec. 23, ISf)?, l>y .i 
tree falling on him. 
Issue : 

1. Eva, 1886. 

2. Louis (Dec. 6, 1837-July 27, 1868). 

3. Rosina. 

4. Frederick, Dec. 22, 1842. 

5. George Henry, May 11, 1845. 

6. Christian (Feb. 5, 1847- July 8, 1889). 

7. William E., Dec. 10, 1848. 

8. Charles Peter (Sept. 15, 1853-()ct. 15, 1855). 

II. Christian Diehl was ])orn in Niederbronn, Germany, 
in 1822, and came with his brothers to America in 1836. Later, 
he married Barbara Yockey, and started a shoe shop at Woods- 
field, Ohio. In 1859 they moved to Lewisville, Ohio, where he 
engaged in merchandizing. They were members of the Evan- 
gelical Church. His death occurred May 6, 1902. 

Issue : 

1. Louis P., Nov. 15, 1859. 

III. Peter Diehl was born in Niederl)ronn, Germany, 
April 4, 1827, and came to America in 1836. At first he learned 
the shoemaker trade, and later followed merchandizing most of 
his life. ]\Iarch 12, 1853, at Woodstield, Ohio, he married Fla- 
via Frank, who was born at W^eimer, Saxony, Germany. They 
were originally Ijutherans, and ))ecame loyal supporters of the 
Evangelical church in Ohio. Mr. Diehl died Oct. 7, 1912, and is 
survived by Mrs. Diehl and three of theii- five children. 

Issue: 1. Frank AV. 2. Hattie. 3. Marie A. 



I. Eva Diehl was born in Xiederl)ronn, Germany, in 1836, 
and the same year came with her parents to IMttsburg, Penn- 


sylvania and later to T^Iowrystown, ( )hio, where she hiter mar- 
ried Fred Christman and moved to a farm near town. Ten 
children were l)()rn to them, seven of whom are livin*'-. Five are 
married and widely located. Charles J. and Mary are at home 
with their mother. Father Tliristman died ^Nlarch 18, 1911, at 
the a^-e of 90. 

II. Louis Diehl was born near Mowrystown, Ohio, in 1838, 
and in 1860 he was a clerk in his Uncle Peter Diehl 's store, at 
Woodsfield, Ohio, after which, in 1864, he was receiving: clerk 
for the ]\r. & C. R. R., at Cincinnati, Ohio, where his consins, C. 
P. and P. A. Wagner, were workins: in the same depot. In the 
meantime he married Lizzie Gwiinier, of Arnheim, Ohio. Their 
only son, Louis, died in infancy. Mr. Diehl was a faithful Sun- 
day School superintendent of St. Lucas Lutheran Church, on 
Third Street. He had a sunstroke which ended his life, July 
27, 1868. Mrs. Diehl died just a few vears au'o. 

III. RosiNA Diehl was born near Mowrystown, Ohio, and 
at maturity married Henry Troutman (1833-Feb. 17, 1907). 
They always lived on a farm in this vicinity. Six of their nine 
children are yet living, five of them married and remotely lo- 
cated, and Lizzie, at home with Ikm- aged mother. 

IV. Frederick Diehl v;as born near Mowrystown, ( )liio. 
In 1864 he relieved his brother Louis as clerk in their uncle's 
store at Woodsheld, where he has made good l)ehind the count- 
er fifty years, and still a live wire. Nov. 3, 1873, he manicd 
Lena Schumacher. In 1887 he (juit the "American Shoe House" 
and went into the (exclusive shoe trade. His son, Charles L., is 
now^ a partner, and the efficient manager of the "Diehl Shoe 
Company." They ai-e devot<Hl mem])ei-s of St. Paul EvangeL 
ical Church, faithful teachers in the Sunday School, of which 
they are regular attendants. Fred has been secretary and 
treasurer twenty years. 

Issue: 1. Minnie A. 2. Charles L. 


Feed Diehl, Woodsfield, Ohio. 

Y. George Henry Dieht. was ])orn near Mowrystowii. 
Ohio, May 11, 1845, and on Jan. 15, 1870, he and brother Chris- 
tian left the farm and Ije^an a .general store in ]\rowrystoA\ni. 
Xov. 26, 1874, he married Eva Schwallis, of Ash Ridge, Ohio. 
Mrs. Diehl passed into the higher life April 1, 1881, and the 
father and children moved in with Grandmotlier Diehl. Here 
George William, a member of the Presbyterian church and sec- 
retary of its Sunday School, who was verging into a useful and 
honorable manhood, succumlted to the dreaded diabetes and 
passed to his reward July 27, 1897, at the age of seventeen. Oct. 
1, 1899, Grandmother Diehl. too, obeyed the summons of her 
Lord and Master, after a useful and well spent Christian life of 
four score and four years to come up higher. Feb. 15, 1900, Mr. 
Diehl and Josie moved into their present comfortable home on 
Diehl Avenue, enjoying the pleasures of an honorable and well 
spent life. He has retired after merchandising tliirty-five 
years. For greater convenience in attending churcli, lie trans- 
ferred his membership from the Lutheran Church at Arnlieim 
to the Presbyterian Church at Mowrystown in 1891. He has 
been chorister and Sunday School worker some forty-five years 
and an active Christian Endeavor worker. Has ])een ])r<'sent 


at JSuiiday School every Sunday for ten and a (juaiter year't'. on 
time — tardy but once. He is an elder, and cleik of the sessions. 

1, Josie Centennia, May 6, 1876. 

2. George William (Jan. 15, 1880-July 27, 1897). 


VI, Christian Diehl, ])ar1ii('i- in the Diehl Brotliers' 
Store, did nmcli of the outside work in contracts for railroad 
ties, hridi-c timbers, etc. He was confirmed in the Lutheran 
Church at Arnheim in 18(52. He was an efficient teacher in the 
U. B. Sunday School, with sjx'cial al)iliti«^s to teach juvenile 
music. He was a lover of cliildren, and they loved him. A ter- 
rible cancer ended his liappv, useful, and iiiHueiitial life, July 
8, 1889. 

VII. AViLLiAM E. Diehl, of Mowrystown, Ohio, left tlie old 
farm and entered the mercantile l)usiness at Sardenia, Ohio. 
Later he took a share in Diehl Brothers' Store, afterward trad- 


ing his interest for one-half int(M-est in tlie AVhite Oak .Milling 
Company, of Mowrystown. Al)out 11)00, he moved to Hamil- 
ton, Ohio, wiicic he was a pi-ominent contractor and hiiildcr. He 
was mai'ried to i.ouise (lalliett. 

Issur: 1. Louis E.,. Ian. 15, 1871. 2. Charles H. 11 Flora. 
4. Ida. 5. (^ara. (5. William F. 


I. Dr. Louis P. Diehl was born in Woodsfield, Ohio, Nov. 
15, 1859, and in infancy accom])anied his parents to Lewisville, 
Ohio, where he has been a jjracticing i)hysician over tliirty 
years. In 1880 he married Dorthea Sebach, to whom four cliihl- 
ren were born. All are members of St. Peter's Evangelical 
Church. The Doctor is a member of the Monroe County ^Med- 
ical vSociety. 

Issue : 

1. Minnie, April 3, 1882. 

2. Grover L., June 6, 1884. 

3. Mabel P., Jan. 7, LS87. 

4. Grace M., June 12, 1892. 



I. Frank W. Diehl conducts a music store at Woodsfield, 

11. Hattie Diehl married a Mr. Miller, and they reside in 
Woodsfield, Ohio. 

III. Marie A. Diehl married a Mr. O'Key, and the family 
resides at Omaha, Nebraska. 



(Ill), LOUSE. (IV). 

I. Louis E. Diehl, a native of southeast ( )hi(), married Floi-a 


Beucler. Ho is in the Prudential Life Insurance business, a 
teacher in the Sunday School in the Westminster Presbyterian 
Church, and tliev are at home, 508 S 11th Street, Hamilton, 

Issue: 1. Harry DeForest. 2. William James. 3. Harold 
Lester B. 4. Marina ret Tj. 

11. Charles H. Diehl, of 50.") S lltli Street, Hamilton, 
Ohio, married T^ouisa Willis. He is bookkeeper for the Wirtz 
Transfer Company, and su})erintendent of the Westminster 
Presbyterian Sunday school. 

Issue: I.LeoE. 2. Flovd Arthur. 8. William Willis. 

HI. Flora Diehl married A. R. Weaver, a miller, but they 
are on a farm south of Mowrystown, Ohio. 

Issue: 1. Ijawrence L. 2. Mildred. 3. Ernest. 

IV. Ida Diehl mai'ried William E. Kelley, manager of a 
fruit house at Lawton, Oklahoma, where they live. 
Issue : 1. Norman Diehl. 2. Lahoma. 

Y. Clara Diehl married Perry Kier, and their address is 
737 S 13th Street, Hamilton, Ohio. 

Issue : 1. Vernon. 2. Leilali. 3. Gorder. 4. Beatrice. 

(III), MIXME A. (IV). 

I. Minnie A. Diehl was born at Woodsfield, Ohio, and 
married Harry C. Smith, a merchant of that place, where they 

II. Charles L. Diehl, a native of W^oodsfield, Ohio, mar- 
ried Stella Hoetfer, and is the successful manager of an exclu- 
sive shoe store, which his father established and has an interest 


Johann Heinrich Diehl 

and Descendants. 


JoHAxx Heinrich Diehl was born in AViti-cnlx)!-!!, Hesse 
Cassel, Germany, in 1777, and died there in 1813. He was a 
farmer and devout TAitlH^ran. He married Elenora Nagel, who, 
after his death, came with her five children to the United States 
in 1830, and located in Buffalo, New York. 

Issue : 

1. Johann (May 3, 1800-March 27, 1858). 

2. Jacob, March 26, 1803. 

3. Elizabeth, Au"-. 11, 1805. 

4. Johann Conrad (Nov. 27, 1807-Aug. 20, 1884). 

5. Johann Heinrich, March 20, 1810. 



I. Johann Diehl, born in Witgenborn, Hesse Cassel, Ger- 
many, May 3, 1800, came to America in 1830 and died at Buf- 
falo, New Yoi-k, March 27, 1858. 

II. Jacob Diehl, born in Witgenborn, Hesse Cassel, Ger- 
many, March 26, 1803, and came to this country in 1830. No 
other notes of these men have been received. 

III. Elizabeth Diehl was born in Witgenborn, Hi^sse 
Cassel, Germany, August 10, 1805, and came with her mother to 
this country in 1830. 

IV. Johann Conrad Diehl, born in AVitgenborn, Hesse 


Cassel, (jcriiiaiiy, Nov. 27, 1S()7 aii<l canic to HiilTalo, New York, 
in 1830 and married Maj^dalena Zinniicnnaii in 1833. He died 
at Buffalo, Au.i;-. 20, 1884. 

1. Henry (Jan. 14, 1835-Sept. 28, 1903). 

2. Jolm Pliili]) (Fel3. 4, 1837-Jan. 15, 1908). 

3. Jacob W. (Dec. 14, 1838-Dec. 12, 1910). 

4. George (Dec. 13, 1840-July 27, 1844). 

5. Conrad, July 17, 1843. 

6. Fred (Jan. 20, 184G-May 11, 184G). 

7. Magdalena (May 6, 1847-Oct. 8, 1850). 

8. Elizabeth, Sept. 21, 1849. 



I. John PniLir Diehl was born in Buffalo, New York, 
Feb. 4, 1837. "VVlien a young man he studied pharmacy, after 
which he became proprietor of a drug store on the corner of 
Main and Genessee Streets. Later his brother, Jacob W. Diehl, 
joined him and continued the business under the firm name of 
''J. P. & J. W. Diehl" until 1902, when both retired. He was 
in the drug business forty-four years, and by honorable and 
upright dealing made the plant the leading pharmacy in the 
city. His career was consistent, honorable, and useful, and he 
contributed a worthy share to the prosperity of Buffalo. He 
was systematic, persistent, and far-sighted in all his undertak- 
ings, and his success was the legitimate result of fair dealing 
and uniformly upright methods. At the time of his death, Jan. 
15, 1908, he was vice-president and director of the German In- 
surance Company and the Buff'alo Connnercial Insurance Com- 
pany, and director of the Savings Bank, all of Buffalo. He was 
a zealous and honorable member of the Masonic fraternity, be- 
ing affiliated with Queen City Lodge, A. F. & A. M., also a 
Knight Templar, a member of Hugh DePayen Commandery. 
In 1859 Mr. I3ielil marri<'d Louise A. Smith, daughter of Philip 


A. and Cliarity (Knott) Smith, of Buffalo. 
Issue : 

1. Charity, died in infancy. 

2. Laura Louise, Dec. 2, 1866. 

8. Julia Charlotte, April 27, 1869. 

J. P. DiEHL, Buffalo, New York. 


111. Jacob AV. J)ieiil was born in Butfalo, New York, Dec. 
14, 1838, and married Louisa Diekman, Au^-. 30, 1864. He was 
a prominent driig-,i»ist for many years, with the Avell known drug 
firm of "J. P. & J. W. Diehl." For many years he was vice- 
president of the German-American Bank. He was a member of 
the Protestant Episcopal Clinrcli and of the Masonic fraternity. 
His death occurred Dec. 12, 1910. 

Issue : 

1. Katharine. 

2. Alfred E., Alay 12, 1868. 



IV. Hon. Conrad Diehl, M.l)., was born in BulTalo, Xew 
York, July 17, 1843. He attended the public schools here and 
<>,raduated from the University of Buffalo, with the degree of 
M.D., in 1866, and studied a year subsequently in the Univer- 
sities of Goettingen and of Berlin, Germany. In 1868 he was 
elected coroner of Erie County, Xew York, by the Democratic 
party, of which he was a prominent but not very active member. 
In 1869, May 5, he married Caroline Trautman, of Steinseltz, 
Germany, where he was visiting the home of his mother, Mag- 
dalena Zimmerman-Diehl, in that hamlet. 

He was major and surgeon of the 65th Regiment X. Y. S. 
X. G. from 1870 to 1878. For forty years he was on the attend- 
ing and consulting staff of the Buffalo General Hospital, and 
is at the head of the staff of the Buffalo Deaconess Hospital. He 
has been chairman of the school board, member of the Civil 
Service Commission, and many other honorable ])ositions. 
From 1897 to 1901 he was mayor of the city, and was the prime 
mover of the Pan-American Exposition, which was held in Buf- 
falo in 1901 and attracted world-wide attention. It was at this 
Exposition that President McKinley was assassinated, and 
Alaj'or Diehl was one of the escorts of honor which accom- 
panied the remains to AVashington, D. C, and to Canton, Ohio, 
for burial. 

He is still engagt'd in the practice of medicine, and is prob- 
ably the best known physician in the city, having had an excep- 
tionally large practice among the German- Americans. 


Issue : 

1. Clara Marie, Feb. 12, 1870. 

2. Charlotte Elizabeth, Oct. 21, 1871, 

3. George Conrad, March 25, 1873. 



I,- Laura Louise Diekl was born in Buffalo, New York, 
Dec. 2, 1866, and was united in marriage with John Hingston 
Cooper, of Butfalo, May 7, 1885. 

Issue : 

1. Maurice Diehl, April 5, 1887. 

2. Andrew Robert, Oct. 27, 1889. 

II. Julia Charlotte Diehl was born in Buffalo, Xew 
York, April 27, 1869, and was married to Edward F. Clark, 
Nov. 30, 1887. To this union six children were born, of whom 
the following survive: 

1. Teddy A. 2. Louise Diehl. 3. John Diehl. 4. George Diehl. 



I. Katharine Diehl was born in Butfalo, New York, and 
was united in marriage to Dr. W. S. Renner, June 20, 1888. 

Issue: 1. Alan Diehl Renner. 

II. Dr. Alfred E. Diehl was born in Buffalo, New Yoik. 
May 12, 1868. He graduated from the University of Pennsyl- 
vania in 1892, and has been practicing medicine since 1894. At 
present he is clinical Professor of Diseases of the Skin, at the 
University of Buffalo. He is a member of the Protestant Epis- 
copal church and of the Masonic fraternity. 



1. Charlotte Elizabeth Diehl was ])orn in Buffalo, New 
York, Oct. 21, 1871, and was united in marria.ue to Frank D. 
Jackson, Feb. 19, 1896. 

Issue: 1. Jean, Au-. 14, 1909. 

II. Major George Conrad Diehl was born in BufTalo, New 
York, ]\larch 25, 1873. Ho passed through the pul)lie schools of 
that city and in 1894 graduated from the Rensselaer l*olytech- 
nic Institute of Troy, New York, as a civil eng'ineer. He has 
been county engineer of E^-ie County, New York, sixteen years, 
and a member of the National Guards of his native state fifteen 
years. At present he is major of the commissary of the Fourth 
Brigade, National Guard of the State; chairman of the Good 
Roads Committee of the Buffalo Automobile Club and the 
Automobile Association of the state; and also of the Good 
Roads Board of the American Automobile Association. He 
has been prominently identified with the good roads movement 
and the public work of the state and the city of Buffalo, for 
nearly a score of years. He is ex-president of the "Western 
New York Engineers' Society, a member of the American So- 
ciety of Civil Engineers, and of various social and civic organ- 
izations. I\Iay 7, 1902, he married Kate Spalding Purdy. ]\Ia- 
jor Diehl's address is 575 Ellicott Square, Buffalo, New York. 

Issue : 

1. Conrad, Jan. 27, 1904. 

2. Ray Purdy, Oct. 9, 1907. 

3. George Conrad, June 1, 1910. 



I. Maurice Diehl Cooper was born in Buffalo, New York, 
April 5, 1887, and married Marion Hazel Lewis, daughter of 


V. ElijahF. DiEHL (Jan. 25, lSr)3-July.3, 1899). H«Mvas 
the father of ten children, viz : 

1. Arthur J. S., Port Republic, Virginia. 

2. ^lary S., Penn Laird, Virginia. 

3. Ellen, Penn Laird, Virginia. 

4. Otis, and 5, Benjamin, in Colorado. 

6. Charles, in Ohio. 

7. William, North River, Virginia. 

8. Clark D. and 9, Hattie, Penn Laird, Virginia. 

VI. Jacob P. Diehl was born Oct. 8, 1859, and grew to 
manhood on a farm at Beard's Ford, on the North Branch of 
the Shenandoah river, just a few miles from the historic battle 
field of Port Republic, Virginia. He has very vivid recollec- 
tions of many war incidents of that section. Soldiers of both 
Northern and Southern armies were never refused a meal if 
there was anything to eat in his father's house. Their best 
horses were taken and many barns full of grain and provender 
burned during General Sheridan's raid there, Oct. 5, 1864. ^Ir. 
Diehl married Martha Harshberger, Oct. 1, 1879. Nearly all 
these people are loyal moni])ers of the Church of the Brethr<'n. 

Issue : 

1. Mary Anicetus Diehl-Benington, March 1, 1881. 

2. Charles Elijah, June 20, 1883, Penn Laird, Virginia. 

3. J. William Enoch, Feb. 26, 1886, Poi-t R('i)iiblic, Vir- 

4. Herman Harshberger, Oct. 30, 1887, Penn Laird. 

5. Oda Diehl-Allen, April 5, 1890, Harrisonbui'g. 

6. Paul Russell, Sept. 7, 1896. 

7. Hays Lester, Jan. 13, 1899. 

8. James Quinter, Dec. 17, 1900. 

9. Queen Esther, Dec. 22, 1902. 

10. Martha Sarah Elizabeth, Feb. 21, 1905. 
To the first four of the five married families there is an ag- 
gregate of eleven grand childi-en to Jacob P. and Afartha H. 


John and Henry Diehl. 


I, JoHx Diehl was born in Gciiiiaiiy in 18U7. Both lie and 
his wife died in 1857, with typhoid fever. They were members 
of the Lutheran church. 

Issue: 1. Henry, Sept. 9, 1839. 

II. Henry Diehl broui»iit his family from Germany in 
1855, and settled near Chadwick, Illinois. ]\lost of his descend- 
ants had musical abilities and could skillfully handle various 
musical instruments. 
Issue : 

1. Frederick was a farmer, leader of the Diehl Band, 
and served three years with Company I, 92nd Regiment Illi- 
nois Volunteers, in the civil re])ellion, and died at the age of 70, 
at his late home near Chadwick, Illinois, leaving- a wife and five 

2. Jacob was a retired farmer at Chadwick, Illinois, when 
he died nearly seventy. He is survived by Mrs. Diehl and a 

3. William, born Jan. 22, 1854. 

4. Henry, who was born in 185G, is at home with his wife 
and four children on a farm at Johnson, Minnesota. 

5. Mrs. George Geison lives near Chadwick, Illinois, on a 
farm. They have four children living. 




I. Hexry Diehl was born in Ruppertsburg, Hessen, Darm- 
stadt, Germany, Sept. 9, 1839, and emigrated to America, land- 
ing at Chicago, July 4, 1857, and four days later in Carroll 
County, Illinois. His first work was harvesting at $1.50 a day: 
in the winter he worked for a farmer for his board. Near the 
beginning of the Civil War he earned $13 as a farm hand. In 


1862 he visited the Vaterland, returning- in the spring of 1863. 
June 21, 1861, he married Catharine Miller, who was born in 
Germany in 1842, and came with her parents to Illinois in 1S47. 
He bought eighty acres of railroad land at $15 an acre, in 1863, 
and went to farming. They reside at Shannon, Illinois, in irood 
Issue : 

1. Henry (Sept. 16, 1862-Feb. 20, 1880). 

2. John, Aug. 28, 1864. 

3. George, April 12, 1867. 

4. Mary, June 30, 1869. 

5. Frederick W., July 17, 1871. 

6. C. J. H., Oct. 25, 1875. 

7. Hermon (^iai-ch 2, 1878-Dec. 15, 1893). 

8. Ernest, Jan. 30, 1880. 

9. Josephine, June 4, 1881. 

10. Fannie (Oct. 27, 1882-Sept. 18, 1883). 

11. Albert (June 15, 1884- Aug. 20, 1884). 



I. William Diehl was born in Germany, Jan. 22, 1854, 
and came with his folks to Illinois in 1855. His wife, Caroline 
Diehl, was born Dec. 29, 1858. They live on a farm near Coleta, 

Issue : 

1. Mrs. Fred Ferris, Sept. 29, 1879; have three children 
and live on a farm near Haswell, Colorado. 

2. William J., Dec. 28, 1883, farmer, Coleta, Illinois. 

3. Mrs. Carrie M. Smith, Jan. 12, 1888, restaurant, Clii- 
cago, Illinois. 

4. Henry, Aug. 20, 1890, nmsic store, Chicago. 

5. George, May 24, 1893. 

6. Charles, July 7, 1899. 

:o :- 



I. JoKN Diehl was born in Carroll County, Illinois, Aug. 


28, 1864. He marriod Katliryiic Smith, Sept. 28, 1889. They 
live on a farm near J^anark, Illinois. 
Issue : 1. Naaman. 2. Louis. 

II. George Diehl, April 12, 1867, married Hattie Schoen, 
Dec. 23, 1891, and they live on the beautiful old homestead of 
240 acres, near Lanark, Illinois. 

III. Mary Diehl, June 30, 1869, married George Schnei- 
der, Jan. 3, 1895 ; they live on a farm neai- I^anark, Illinois. 
Issue : 1. Alvah. 2. Fannie. 

IV. Frederick W. Diehl was born July 17, 1871, and mar- 
ried Sadie Duel, Nov. 15, 1895. They are members of the Meth- 
odist Episcopical Church and Mr. Diehl is a Mason. They live 
on a farm near Shannon, Illinois. 

Issue : 1. Florence. 2. Grace. 3. Frank. 

y. C. J. H. Diehl was born in Carroll County, Illinois, 
Oct. 25, 1875. On Jan. 29, 1911, he married Kathryn Dieterle, 
an accomplished musician. They reside at Milledg-eville, Illi- 
nois, engaged in an extensive music business with the Diehl 
Piano Echange there, and branch stores at Polo and Morrison. 

VL Ernest Diehl, born Jan. 30, 1880, and married, Sept. 
11, 1902, ^lollie T^lcElheney. They reside on a farm near Mill- 
edgeville, Illinois. 

Issue : 1. Bryant Diehl. 

VII. Josephine Diehl was born in Carroll County, Illi- 
nois, June 4 ,1881. She married Ralph Wicke, May 6, 1900. 
Their children have extraordinary natural born talents for mu- 

Issue: 1. Alice. 2. Helen. 3. Ida, 


Philip Diehl and Descendants. 


Three sons were born to Philip Diehl in Maryland : 1. Hen- 
ry, who locattnl at Dayton; David, who settled in Cincinnati; 
and Jacob, who settled in Preble County, Ohio. 


I. Henry Diehl, of Dayton, Ohio, had these three daugh- 
ters : 

1. Margaret, married Mr. Cannon. 

2. Ann Eliza, married William Horn. 

3. Susan, married Mr. McNutt. 

II. Jacob Diehl was born in 1803, and in 1827 married 
Nancy Good, who died in 1852. Their children were all ])orn in 
Ohio. In 1856 they moved to LaSalle County, Illinois, where 
Mr. Diehl died in 1869. 

Issue : 

1. Philip (1828-1853), unmarried. 

2. Alfred (1829-1907). 

3. Henrv (1831-1900). 

4. George (1833-1866). 

5. John (1835-1909). 

6. Sarah (1837-1889). 

7. David V., born 1839, enlisted in the Union Army and 
was killed Dec. 7, 1862, in the l^attle of Hartsville, 

8. Jacob F., 1843. 

9. Nancy E., 1845 

10. Amanda (1848-1850). 


I. Alfred J)ihjil, Ijorn in 1829, niarru'd Kliza McCamp- 
bell, who died in 1882. Tliev located in Illinois in 1855, where 
Mr. Diehl died in 1907. 

Issue : 

1. Frances V., married Elias Walleigh. 

2. Ida, married William Woodard. 

3. Emma, married Charles Holket, 

4. Nellie, died. 

5. Jacob A,, married Annie Crawford. 

6. James P., married Nellie Jolly. 

7. Carrie, married Webster Alorse. 

8. Rosa, married Mr. Richards. 

II. Henry Diehl (1831-1900) married Ann Downing-, and 
settled in Illinois. 

Issue: 1. Alta, married. 

III. George Diehl (1833-1866) married Elizal)e1h Hawk, 
and settled in Illinois. Issue: 1. Charles F. 2. Alice. 

IV. John Diehl (1835-1909) mairied Sarah Ann Carna- 
han, of Darke Connty, Ohio, iMarcli 10, 1859. He did three years 
service in the Union Army^ 6th Re,<>iment Iowa Infantry, in the 
war of the Rebellion. 

Issue : 

1. Charles B., 1859. 

2. Sarah Frances (1863-1865). 

3. Margaret Isabel (1865-1867). 

4. ^rinnie E., 1867, married Frank Sanders. 

5. Josie D., 1869, married AVilliani Richards. 

6. John R. (1872-1907), man-ied Nellie Gibson. 

7. David P. (1874-1884). 

V. Sarah Diehl (1837-1889), mai-ried William Campbell, 
and located in Clinton, Indiana. 
Issue: 1. Tillie. 2. John. 


VI. Jacob F. Diehl was born In Preble County, Ohio, in 
1843, and settled near Ottawa, Illinois, in 1856. He served two 
years, ten months in the Union Army during the late Kelicllion, 
as a member of the 104th Regiment Illinois Infantry. He mar- 
ried Eliza J. INIorgan, lived in Iowa a few years, tlien loeatecl in 
Nichols County, near Nelson, Nebraska. 

Issue : 

1. Alfred C, 18G7. 5. Tillie F., 1H,S;3. 

2. Frank A., 1872. 6. Jaco]), Junior, 1887. 

3. George A., 1875. 7. Paul, 1804. 

4. Josiah D., 1878. 

VII. Naxcy E. Diehl married John Dellridge. They 
live at Morris, Illinois. 

Issue: I.George. 2. Robert. 3. Jennie. 4. Mav. 



I. Charles B. Diehl was born in ( )hi() in 1859, and mar- 
ried Fannie Kestersen. They reside at Stratton, Nebr., where 
he is a successful merchant in dry goods, groceries, hardware 
and implements. 

Issue : 1 Nor-'.al. 2. Breta E. 

II. John R. Diehl (1872-1907) marri.'d Nellie Gibson. 
Issue: 1. Forest Diehl. 


PHILIP(1),JA('0H (II),.IA((IHF. (Ill), ALFKKD (". (IV). 

I. Alfred C. Diehl was born in Illinois in 18G7, and mar- 
ried Ann Squrs. 

Issue: I.Frank. 2. Maud. 3. Gertie. 4. Clark J. S.Ida 


II. Frank A. Diehl, boi-n in Iowa in 187l!, and married 
Mamie Herrick. 

III. JosiAH D. Diehl was born near Nelson, Nebraska, in 
1878, and man-ied Effie Kinison. 
l€sue: 1. Marie. 2. Gladys. 

IV. TiLLiE F. Diehl was l)oi-ii in 1SS;> and married Will- 
iam Herrick. 

Issue: 1. Norma. 2. Vernon. S.Lois. 

V. Jacob Diehl, Ji'xior, was born near Nelson, Nebi'aska. 
in 1887, and married Myrtle Gates. 

David Diehl and Issue. 


David Diehl was manager of tlie liouseliold for the Prince 
Regent of Kiir Hessen, Germany, nearly two lumdred years 
ago. For his services he was given a sheep range near the vil- 
lage of Wassenberg. Under the influence of the Prince, he mar- 
ried a Protestant woman, and some of their descendants, named 
Diehl, still live in that region. After her death the Prince be- 
came displeased with David, and took the land from him. Da- 
vid went to Neustadt, six miles distant, and married a Catholic 
woman, who became the mother of David, Junior. This boy 
learned the pottery business and eventually became a manufac- 
turer. After his marriage John Diehl was born to them and 
grew up in the business, and later manufactured tile, brick, and 
lime, at Neustadt. 

Issue : 

1. George, died at 20. 

2. Frederick, who died aged 80. 



I. Frederick Diehl was born in Xeustadt, (icrniany, and 
married Miss Noll, of the house of Germadin, from Fritzlar. 

Issue : 

1. George. 2. Carl. 3. Fred. 4. William. 5. Eva, and 
two sons who died young. After Mrs. Diehl 's death, in 1860, 
Frederick married her cousin. 

Issue : 

1. Henry. 2. Sophia, and two deceased. Mr. Diclil came 
from Germany in 1S66 and located at Detroit, Michigan, where 
later he died, aged 80, 



(iEORliE (V). 

I. George Diehl, who is 65, has one daughter, and lives on 
a farm near Romeo, Michigan. 

II. Carl Diehl, aged 63, is a finisher by trade. He is mar- 
ried and they live at 1274 Frederick Avenue, Detroit, Michigan. 
Issue : 

1. Fred, 33, machinist. 

2. Andrew, 27, painter- and finisher. 

3. John, ornamental plasterer. 

4. Sophia, 22. 

III. Frederick Diehl, aged 55, is a tin and c()i)pei'sniith. 
He married Mary Kerber, and they live at 879 Hamilton Ave- 
nue, Detroit, Michigan. 

Issue ; 

1. George F., 24, an architect. 2. Charles, a chef. 3. 

Clara, saleslady. 4. Louis, student. 


IV. William Diejil, a promiiiciit Imilder and contractor, 
was born in Neustadt, Kur Hessen, Germany, Nov. 2, 1853. He 
came to Detroit, Michiiian, in 1S72, and married ^Nfarv Quin- 

Issue : 

1. Frank X. W., :\ray 17, 1880. 

2. William Fred (IVIarcli 6, 1882-Jan. 21), 1884). 

3. Edw. Henry, Feb. 1, 1884. 

4. Bertha E. (Dec. 24, 1885-Feb. 22, 1886). 

5. Carl Will, March 13, 1887. 

6. Clara F. (May 3, 1889-Nov. 1, 1890). 

7. Raymond H., March 26, 1891. 

8. Arthur A., Oct. 19, 1893. 

9. Cornelius J., July 28, 1896. 

V. Eva Diehl married Mr. Linch, and has a son who is 31, 
and in the United States Navy, and a daughter, Bessie, who 
died at twenty-five years of age, leaving three children. 

VI. Henry Diehl, who is 48, married Elizabeth Vollmer. 
He is traveling demonstrator for Berry Bros.' Varnish Manu- 
facturing Company. 

Issue : 

1. Joseph, 27, agent for Suppl}^ Company. 

2. Clara, 25, stenographer. 

3. Adel, 19, student, Business Institute. 

4. Bernice 17. 5. Henry, 15. 6. Irene, 12. 

VII. Sophia Diehl married Mr. Clements. 

Issue: 1. Minnie, 22. 2. Catharine, 20. 3. Leona, 13. 


Michael Diehl (a) and Issue. 


Michael Diehl (Aug. 25, 1775- Jan. 25, 1842), of Lancast- 
er County, and Catherine Leininiicr (Jan. 25, 1778-Sept. 28, 
1847), of Berks ('ounty, Pennsylvania, were married in 1799, 
and lived over forty-two years of happy wedded life; until Mi-. 
Diehl's death at their homestead in Franklin County, Pcimsyl- 
vania. Tlieir rc^nains rest in the Tjutheran ehurch-yard at 
Greencastle, Pennsylvania. 

Issue : 

1. Catharine (Aug. 21, 1800-Nov. 16, 1837). 

2. Samuel (Nov. 21, 1801-May 21, 1834). 

3. Jacob, Oct. 11, 1803; died ( ?)• 

4. Magdalena (Sept. 9, 1805- April 27, 1851). 

5. Elizabeth (July 1, 1807-Oct. 27, 1847). 

6. John (Nov. 21, 1808-Sept. 6, 1878). 

7. Sarah (Sept. 18, 1810; died ). 

8. Lydia (Oct. 20, 1812-Nov. 12, 1879). 

9. George (Sept. 19, 1814-1886—?). 

10. Mary (Sept. 9, 1816; died ). 

11. Michael (Feb. 12, 1819-April 10, 1869). 

12. Henry (Sept. 13, 1821-Nov. 29, 1837). 



I. Samuel Diehl (Nov. 21, 1801-May 21, 1834) married 
Esther Detrich, Dec. 29, 1828. 

Issue: One son; three daughters. 

II. Jacob Diehl, Oct. 11, 1803, married Louisa Koenier in 

December, 1837. 


Isdue: Three sons; one dau,i;liter. 

III. Magdalexa Diehl (Sept. 9, 18()5-April 27, 1851), mar- 
ried David Lennherr, March, 1826. 
Issue : Two sons ; five daiiii'hters. 

IV. Elizabeth Diehl (July 1, 18U7-()ct. 27, 1847, mar- 
ried George Roemer, in February, 1833. 

Issue: Two sons; two daughters. 

V. John Diehl (Nov. 21, 1808-Sept. 6, 1878), married 
Margaret Johnson, in 1847. 

Issue : Three sons ; three daughters. 

YI. Sarah Diehl, Sept. 18, 1810, married, Dec. 1, 1835, Ja- 
cob Sliull, who died Sept. 20, 1845. 
Issue : Two sons ; one daughter. 

VII. Rev. George Diehl was born in Franklin County, 
Pennsylvania, Sept. 19, 1814. He was an able minister of the 
Lutheran Church, and editor for many years of The Lutheran 
Observer. In 1850 he married Kate E. Drinldiouse, and died in 
1886 ( !). He deserves a more extensive notice here. 

Issue: Two daughters. 

A^III. Rev. Michael Diehl was born at Greencastle, Penn- 
sylvania, Feb. 12, 1819. Educated for the Christian ministry, 
he preached all the remainder of his life in the German Ijuth- 
eran Church, though he was professor of ancient languages in 
"\Vitten])erg College, Springfield, Ohio, quite a number of years. 
"The Biography of Ezra KeUer," founder' of Wittenberg Coll- 
ege, was written by him. In 1852 he married Harriet Brooks 
Wingood, and died at Springfield, Ohio, April 10, 1869. 


1. Benjamin "Wingood, Dec. 6, 1861 ; and three daughters, 
who died young. 


1. Bexjamix \Vix(iooD DiEHL 1)0111 at Si)riniifi('l(l, 
Ohio, Dec. 6, 1861, and graduated from Wittenberg College in 
1881. He studied law, and soon after moved with his mother to 
Los Angeles, California, where he entered the l)ar and became 
deiDuty district attorney of that county. His mother died in 
1889. On March 17, 1891, he married Isabel Overman, a teach- 
er of the Los Angeles public schools. Mrs. Diehl graduated 
from the Illinois State Normal University in 1880. At the time 
of his death, April 16, 1902, ^Mr. Diehl was a member of the 
Dielil & Chambers law firm, at Los Angeles, with an extensive 

■ 1. Ruth Diehl, March 13, 1895. 


I. Ruth Diehl was born at Pasadena, California, March 
13, 1895, and in 1898 moved with her parents to Los Angeh^s, 
from whence in January, 1912, she and her mother moved to 
Spokane, "Washington. Here she was with her uncle in the Ov- 
erman's Nursery until his death in September, 1914, since when 
she is now manager. Address : 1524 [Mansfield Ave. 


Michael Diehl (b) and Issue. 


Michael Dieiil (1824-1909), was the eleventh child of 
Samuel Diehl, who came west from Lancaster to Franklin 
County, Pennsylvania, in an early day and settled at Marion. 
Sanmel was doubtless a brother of ^Michael (a), who located in 
the same county and from the same county, although the author 
has no such data. 

Issue : 

1. Allison R., 1848, farmer, Dickinson County, Kansas. 

2. Samuel "VV., farmer, Dickinson County, Kansas. 

3. Henry H., Emporia, Kansas. 

4. Christian E., Chapman, Kansas. 

5. Sarah, wife of W. H. H. Betz, Chapman, Kansas. 

6. Eva, wife of John Sellers, builder, Emporia Kansas. 


I. A. H. Diehl was born at Wilming'ton, Delaware, Dec. 
21, 1874, and came with his parents to Dickinson County, Kans- 
as, Aug. 2, 1877. He married Alice E. Pottle, July 14, 1897. 
For a number of years he w^as proprietor of the Pleasant Hill 
Cheese Factory on his farm. Now he is manager and treasurer 
of the Mutual Telephone Company, with over 220 phones, at 
the same place, near Enterprise, Kansas. 

Issue : 

1. Viola May, deceased. 

2. Sadie, Aug. 30, 1900. 

3. Benjamin H., Oct. 31, 1902. 

4. Austin, Jan. 6, 1905. 

5. Joseph, Jan. 28, 1907. 

6. Ethel, Nov. 28, 1909. 

7. Harvey, Jan. 20, 1912. 


A. H. DiEHL, Enterprise, Kaxsas. 


Blonda Kastalhum Diehl 

and Descendants. 

I. Blonda Kastalhum Diehl was born in (Tcrniany, Xwj:. 
27, 1755, and died there in 1827. (Xo data of lier lnisl)and. ) 
Issue : 

1. John Phillip, 17S1. 2. Frederick (^arl, 17s4. 


.1. John Philip Diehl was born in Germany in 1781, and 
married Kathrine Ens^elhart, who was born in 1787. 
Issue : 

1. Philip, 1814. 

2. Adam, Feb. 27, 1827. 



I. Philip Diehl was born at Nordheim, Hesse Darmstadt, 
Germany, in 1814, and came to America in 1848, settling near 
Freemont, Ohio, where the same year he married ^Margaret 
Gruver. In 1865 the family moved to Holt, ^Michigan, and en- 
engaged in farming. 

Mr. Diehl died in 1886. 

Issue : 

1. George, Nov. 3, 1844. 

2. Philip, June 6, 1846. 

3. Simon, 1848. 

4. Emma, 1850. 

II. Adam Diehl was born at Worms, Germany, Feb. 27, 
1827, came to America in 1844, settling near Freemont, Ohio. 
Here, Nov. 15, 1849, he married Charlotte ( )peno, who was born 
on a west-bound ship on the Atlantic Ocean, July 27, 1829, and 
died in Michigan, where they had moved, June 6, 1891. Mr. 
Diehldied April 20, 1908. 

Issue : 

1. Mary Catharine, April 17, 1851. 

2. Sarah Emeline, June 11, 1853. 

4. James (Nov. 24, 1857-Nov. 26, 1857). 

5. Philip Charles, May 5, 1860. 

6. John Edwin, July 30, 1863. 


7. William Wilbur, June 24, ISG.'). 

8. :\liiiiii(' Bell, Feb. 215, lS(i7. 

9. Charlotte Maria, Mav 27, l.S(;9. 



(iEOH(;K (IV). 

I. George Diehl was born near Freenioiit, Ohio, Xov. 3, 
1844, and went to Holt, ^lichigan, in 1865. He married Caro- 
lina Fredericka Fill, Oct. 29, 1868. 

Issue: 1. Emma. 2. John. 3. Anna. 4. T^ydia. 5. Clar- 

II. Philip Diehl was born on a farm seven miles iiortli of 
Freemont, Ohio, Jan. 6, 1846. In lS6r) he went to Holt, Michi- 
gan, and worked on a farm until January, 1S72, when he mar- 
ried Maria Therisia Vieiiy, who was born in Romsthal, (ler- 
many. May 31, 1851, and migrated to Ijansing, Michigan, in 
1870. They settled on a farm adjoining the old homestead, 
where Mrs. Diehl died, Dec. 21, 1907. Mr. Diehl remained there 
till 1911, when he sought a home with his only surviving son, 
Rev. Frank Diehl, near Brooklyn, New York, but now a i)rofe8- 
sor and teacher in a Presbyterian College at Waynesburg, 

Issue : 

1. Frank, Nov. 9, 1873. 

2. John Simon (1877-Oct., 1910). 

111. SiMox Diehl was born in 1848 and lives on the t)ld 
Diehl homestead, at Holt, Michigan. 

Issue: I.Charles. 2. Etta. 3. Lillian. 4. Oscar. 

IV. Emma Diehl, born in 1850, married Mr. IMueddernian 
and now resides at California, Ohio. 



I. Mary Catharine Diehl (April 17, 1851-May 1, 1900), 
married Franklin Chase, June 7, 1892. 

II. Sarah Emaline Diehl, born at Milford, Michij^an, 
June 11, 1853, and married William Ijott, Sept. 7, 1879. They 
lived at Grand Rapids, but recently, with tlieii- two ehildi-en, 
sought a new home in Canada. 

III. Nancy Elizabeth Diehl, Aug. 28, 1855, at Milford, 
Michigan, married Joseph Hurl])ut, Oct. 7, 1882. They live at 
Wilsonville, Nebraska, and have five children. 

IV. Philip Charles Diehl, May 5, 1860, at Milford, Mich- 
igan, married Marv Ellen Nicholas, of Chicago, March 5, 1907, 
Rev. W. AV. Diehl officiatinii-. 

V. John Edwin Diehl, a successful merchant of Peck, 
Sedgwick Ccmnty, Kansas, was born near IVfilford, Michigan, 
July 30, 1863. He entered the "Sunflower State" in 1886, and 
pre-empted a farm in Finney County. Receiving the appoint- 
ment of Special Surveyor from Governor ^Martin, he surveyed 
Garfield County and took part in several county seat wars. On 
account of a fourteen-months drouth he quit his claim and came 
to Waco. Here he married Cora E. Kreible, Jan. 3, 1892. He 
was manager of a Farmers' Co-operative Store, which he after- 
wards purchased, and has been engaged almost continuously 
since in merchandising. He ran a store one year in Oklahoma, 
and was a traveling salesman six years. He has been Justice of 
the Peace six years ; Notary Public ten years, and Postmaster 
twelve years. He is a R('])ublican and an Elder of the Presby- 
terian Church, to which his family belongs. 

Issue : 

1. Paul, Feb. 8, 1893. 

2. Oscar, April 26, 1895. 

3. Clifford, April 1, 1897. 

After Mrs. Diehl's death in :\Iay, 1899, j\[r. Diehl married 
Ennna Krieble, a sister of his first wife, in July, 1900. 


Taul Dielil is a Junior in Univorsity of Kansas, wIkmc Ik* 
is taking a course in Civil Enginccrin,!;-, and is a nicnihcr of the 
Phi Alpha Sigma fraternity. 

( )sear Diehl is assisting his fath(M- in the store. 

Clilford is a Senior in the Wichita lliuh School. 

VI. Rev. William Wilbur Diehl was l)()rH Jan. '^4, isfiO, 
ill Milford, Michigan. He graduated from tlic Milford JI'mli 
School in 1883, from the Michigan state agilcult utal collcuc in 
1887, and from the Garrett Biblical Institute, in Ciiicago, in 
1891. Entering the gospel ministry, he was i)astor of the (Ji'ace 
Methodist Episcopal Church, Chicago, 1891-189.'!. In ls9;!-4 h<- 
was a student at Italle and Berlin, Germany. In 1S94-9, he was 
pastor at Ashland Boulevard, Chicago, and in 1899 to 1907 at 
Fourth Street, Sterling; 1907-9, superannuated. Since 1909 
has been minister of the First ^NFethodist Episcoi)al Chui-ch at 
Hinckley, 111., where the family reside. Pie married Hattie 
I. West, of Evansville, Wisconsin, April 7, 1899. 

Issue: 1. Dorothy. 2. Ruth. 3. Leona. 4. Marie. ."). Isa- 
bel. 6. William Will)ur, Junior. 

VII. MiNxiE Bell Diehl, Feb. 23, 1857, married Samuel 
Holmes, of Walled Lake, Michigan, Feb. 22, 1887. They reside 
at Grand Rapids, with three children. 


I. Rev. Frank Diehl was born at Holt, Michigan, Now !>, 
1873. His early education was obtained in the home school, af- 
ter which he graduated from the high school at Lansing, Mich- 
igan, in 1895, and from the University of Michigan at Ann Ar- 
bor with the degree of Ph.B., in 1900. Attended Hartford The- 
ological Seminary, 1900-1902, and graduated fi-om the Union 
Theological Seminary in 1903; took the B.D. degiv.- in i:»i)4. 
and ])Ostgraduate work at both the Union Tlieological Seinin- 


ary and Columbia L'liiversity 1905-7. He was ordained by the 
Central Congregational Association of New Jersey, at Nntley, 
in St. Paul's (nuircli, 1908. Served as pastor of the First Pres- 
byterian Church of Oceanic, New Jersey, 1908-9; of East ]\Ior- 
iches, Long Island, New York, 1910-13, and of the Totowa 
Presbyterian Church, Patterson, New Jersey, from Jan. 1, 1914 
till Sept., 1914, when he acce])t( d a professorshij) of languages 
in a Presbyterian College at Waynesburg, Pennsylvania, Avhere 
he teaches Freneli nnd (if'yman. 

:o :- 

Rev. Frank Diehl, AVaynesburg, Pennsylvania. 


Frederick Diehl and Issue. 


I. Jacob Diehl, his son, married Christena Bossoniiaii, 
and lived in Adams County, Pennsylvania. Botli avci-c' l)()rn in 
1768. Jacob died March 21, 1841, and Mrs. Dielil died Mav ?>(), 

Issue: 1. John. 2. Jacob, Jnnior. 3 and 4. Daniel and 
Frederick (twins), Jan. 9, 1807. 5. Eliza. 6. Mrs. Michael 
Trostle. 7. Mary. 8. Snsan. 



I. Frederick Diehl was born in Adams Oonnty, Pennsyl- 
vania, Jan. 9, 1807, and married Matilda Black, ,ii-rand(lau,iihter 
of Captain Henry Black, of the Revolutionary "War, April .'), 
1836. They moved on a farm near Cashtown, Pennsylvania, 
where Mr. Diehl died, April 1, 1883. 

Issue : 

1. Cleo F., Feb. 18, 1838. 

2. Van Buren, Aug-. 9, 1840. 

3. Jennie A., April 26, 1843. 

4. James F., Sept. 7, 1845. 

5. John H., Jan. 1, 1848. 

6. Oscar D., March 4, 1850. 



I. Cleo F. Diehl (Feb. 18, 1838-March 1, 1909), in Adams 


County, l*('iiiisylvaiiia, married Kov. A. E. Tavlor, Jan. ;>, 186^ 
Issue: 1. Rollins. 2. Charles D. 3. Olive C. 

II. Vax Burex Diehl (Auo-. 9, lS4()-May 8, 1901), Adams 
County, Pennsylvania, married l.ydia Fink, Sept. 9, 1863. 

Issue: 1. Jennie L. 2. Anna. M. ."..Mary A. 4.'william F. 
5. James. 6. Cleo. 7. Correna. 8. Hariiet. 

III. Jexnie a. Diehl, April 26, 1843, in Adams County, 
Pennsylvania, married B. F. Horn, March 7, 1865. 

IV. James F. Diehl, of Cashtown, Pennsylvania, was horn 
in Adams County, Pennsylvania, Sept. 7, 1845. He married 
Arahella Pomeroy, Oct. 30, 1872. ]\Irs. Diehl died in her sixty- 
ninth year, Sept. 1914. 

Issue : 

1. Rev. Frederick Diehl, Wellsboro, Pennsylvania. 

2. AVilliam Pomeroy Diehl, Glen Rock, Pennsylvania. 

3. Oscar Nevin Diehl, York, Pennsylvania. 

4. Rev. John 'M. Diehl, Greencastle, Pennsylvania. 

5. Robert B. Diehl, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. 

6. Dr. James Irvin Diehl, Trenton, New Jersey. 

7. Elizabeth M. Diehl, Cashtown, Pennsylvania. 

8. Rev. Samuel Reynolds Diehl, Grand Valley, South Da- 

V. JoHx H. Diehl, Jan. 1, 1848, Adams County, Pennsyl- 
ania, was a public school teacher several years. His oldest 
sister and two brothers were also teachers. May 6, 1890, he 
man-ied Anna Al. Swartz. 

Issue: 1. Howard C. 2. Wihner S. 3. Milo F. 

VI. Oscar D. Diehl, ]\[arch 4, 1850, Adams County, Penn- 
sylvania, married Florence M. Hart, in 1882. 

Issue : 1. Ruth. 2. Lawrence. 3. Esther. 4. Roy. 5. Paul. 
6. Glen. 

(The author has no authentic means of knowing to which 
great branch of the Diehl clans Frederick (i) and his descend- 
ants belong.) 


Captain Nicholas Diehl 

and Descendants. 

I, Captaix Nicholas Diehl, horn in Gf'i-niany, canio to 
America, and died in 1828. He was a militiaman at Chester, 
Pennsylvania, and captain of the Pennsylvania ]\rilitia in the 
Revolutionary Army. Eni>a,^'od in the ])atth' of Lon.i;- Island, 
Aug. 27, 1776. Was captain of Third Battalion under Captain 
Hugh Lloyd in 1776 and 1777. May 14, 1777 was commissioned 
in Light Horse; a second commission in 1780-81. His sword is 
a family heirloom in the possession of Elizabeth Diehl, Read- 
ing, Pennsylvania. 

Issue : 1 . Thomas. 



I. Thomas Diehl was born at Tinicum, Pennsylvania. He 
married Helena Jacoby, and died Dec. 5, 1878. 
Issue '. 

1. William Jacoby (May U, 1805-Jan. 9, 1833). 



I. William Jacoby Diehl, of Philadelphia, was born May 
14, 1805, and died Jan. 9, 1833. He was a large importer of cof- 
fee and tea. He married Mary A. Fouch, a lady of New York. 

Issue : 

1. Thomas Jacoby, lawyer. 

2. William, deceased. 

3. Edward Clark (July 22, 1833-Jan. 3, 1910). 




I. Tjiomas Jacob Diehl was a proniiiieiit and Inilliaiit law- 
yer of Philadelphia. Admitted to the bar Nov. 1, 1851, he prac- 
ticed ill the courts of Philadelphia and Xew York City. Later 
he declined the nomination for governor of Pennsylvania, rath- 
er than relinquish his orowing and lucrative law practice. He 
was considered one of the best criminal lawyers of his day. He 
died Oct. 13, 1887, and was buried at St. James the Less, Phila- 
delphia, Pennsylvania. Mrs. Dielil and their six children sur- 

Issue: 1. ]\Irs. Henry Wallace. 2. Mrs. Edward I. Smith. 
3. Mrs. William Bunnell. 4. Charles W. Diehl. 5. William E. 
6, Thomas J. 

II. Edward Clark Diehl was born in Philadelphia, Penn- 
sylvania, July 22, 1833. He was admitted to the Philadelphia 
County bar April 4, 1860; to the Delaware County bar, ^lay 29, 
1871 ; to the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania and to the United 
States District Court, Eastern District, March 4, 1871. He was 
made Commissioner of Common Pleas of Philadel])liia, by ap- 
pointment, Jan. 9, 1875, under the new state constitution. Oct. 
13, 1890, Attorney Diehl was made a member of ''Sons of the 
Revolution,'' he being a great-grandson of Captain Nicholas 
Diehl of the Revolutionary Army. He practiced his profession 
up to the time of his death, Jan. 3, 1910, and his remains (piietly 
lie in the Chester Rural Cemetery, at Chester, Pennsylvania, 
Mrs. Diehl and daughters surviving. 

Issue : 1. ^Irs. Marv D. . 2. Sarah M. Diehl. 3. Nellie 

F. Diehl. 

Grandchildren of Edward C. Diehl: 

1. Edward Clark Semple. 

2. Marion Patton Semple. 


Unclassified Families. 


Rev. Charles W. Diehl, son of* .hicob and Matilda 1)'h'IiI, 
was born at Seven Valley, Pennsylvania June 14, 1870. He mar- 
ried Anna ISIyers, a dan.i>liter of Elias and Amanda ^Fyors, Ap- 
ril 2, 1893. Mrs. Dielil was born Dec. 5, 1874. Knterin^^ Penn- 
sylvania College, at Gettysburg, in Septemlx'i-, 1894, he gradu- 
ated with second honor, June 14, 1899, and fi-om tlic Pulhciaii 
Theological Seminary of the same place with first lionors. May 
29, 1902. He was then ordained to the Christian ministry, au<] 
served as pastor of the Second Putliei'an rinii-ch at Chaml»ei-s- 
burg, Pennsylvania, till March 1, 1908. Then he took charge of 
St. John's English Lutheran Church, at Mahanoy City, Penn- 
sylvania, where he is now the efficient pastor. Their daught<M% 
born at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, is a Junior in the Irvine- 
Musical Conservatory at ^lechanicsburg. The parson's lialf- 
tone should appear here; but in some mystei'ious mannei- tiie 
cut was lost in transportation, or remailing. 

Issue : 

1. Ethel :\ray, Aug. 24, 1894. 

2. Charles William, Junior, Aug. 9, 19(HJ. 


Albert Conrad Diehl was born at Alsfeld, (Jermany, .Ian. 
18, 1834, and came to America where he married Christena 
Amelia Nolte, at Frederick, Maryland, A])ril 29, 1873. He was 
a dealer in granite and marble, and died there April 14, 1901. 

Issue : 

1. :\rary Catharine (Feb. 22, 1874-Feb. 22. 1^82). 

2. Charles Edward, May 18, 1875. 




I. Rev. Charles E, Diehl, D.D., was born at Charlcstown, 
West Virginia, ]\[ay 18, 1875; graduated from John Hopkins 
I^niversity, 1896 ; Princeton Theological Seminary and Univer- 
sity, 1900; with degrees B.A. and M.A., respectively; and Doc- 
tor of Divinity, Southwestern Presbyterian University, in 1910. 
He was ordained into the Christian ministry by Ebenezer Pres- 
bytery at Covington, Kentucky, Oct. '29, 1900; pastor at Cres- 
cent Springs and Independence, Kentucky, Presbyterian 
Churches 1900-05; First Presbyterian Church, GreenviUe, ^lis- 
sissippi, 1905-07; First Presbyterian Church, Clarksville, Ten- 
nessee, 1907 until the present — 1915. On March 24, 1909 he 
married Katherine Bailey Ireys, 

Issue : 

1. Charles Ireys Diehl, Oct. 21, 1910. 

J. S. niKHU 

I. J. S. Diehl, son of ]\lichael and Anna Diehl, was Ijorn 
Sept. 16, 1863, in Franklin County, Pennsylvania. After teach- 
ing public school there three years, he went to Dickinson Coun- 
ty, Kansas, in the spring of 1884, where he taught six successive 
terms. Sept. 4, 1888, he married Lena Manz, of Alida, Kansas. 
In 1892 they moved to Logan County, Oklahoma, and followed 
farming several year*. At present he is a stockholder, secre- 
tary and treasurer of the Beaver Valley Hardware and Imple- 
ment Co., at Mulhall, Oklahoma. He is a member and secretary 
of Magnolia Lodge No. 23, I. (). O. F., and of the ^Fethodist 
Episcopal Church, having been superintendent of the Sunday 
school a dozen years. 

Issue : 

1. Jennie M., Mav 7, 1890. 

2. Clarence J., Dec. 12, 1891. 

3. S-tella R., March 13, 1895. 

4. Elmer W., Dec. 5, 1899. 


I. Jennie ^[. Dikiil was Ijorii in Dickinson (\»nnty, Kan- 
sas, May 7, 1890, went witli licr parents to Log-an County, Ok- 
lahoma, in 1892, receivod a normal school cdncation and tau^lit 
in th(^ Logan (\)nnty i)nhlic schools three tci'ins. .Innc .">, IDIO, 
she married W. K. Kincaid, cashier of the JMulhall Stat<' Bank. 
Issue : 1. Velma I., Jan. 21, 1912. 

II. Clarence J. Dieht.. Dec. 12, 1S91, completed an Elect- 
rical Engineering course in the A. & M. College at Stilhvat<'r, 
Oklalioma, and was assistant instructor in the State University 
at Boulder, Coloi-ado, 1912-13. Since August, 1913, he has been 
in th(^ (^mploy of the Automatic Electrical Com])any, Cliicago, 

III. Stella R. Diehl, March 13, 189."), has received a mu- 
sical training, and is at home with her parents at Mulhall, Okla- 
homa, Avhere she instructs local classes on the piano. 


Daniel Diehl married (1) Mary Kohler. After ]u'V death 
he married (2) Katie Lichlemwalter. 
Issue : 

1. Ezekias (Sept. 27, 1832-April 29, 1911). 

2. Alfred. 3. Calvin. 4. Luther. 5. Daniel. 



L Ezekias Diehl (Sept. 27, 18;;2-April 2M, I!)!! ), manied 
Fannie Kieh. No issue. Later, he mai-ried Mary F. Cliajtman, 
June 4, 1845. 

Issue : 

1. Isabellas., Oct. 10, 18()r). 

2. AVilliam E., :March 13, 1870. 

3. Olin C, Dec. 25, 1872. 


II. Alfred Diehl marri<Ml SvIvIm Hunt. 

Issue: 1. Afahlon. 2. Blaiieli. :>. Carrie. 4. Pearl. 

III. Calvin Diehl iiiairicd Emma Ii-wiii, and tlicy live at 
Wichita, Kansas. 

Issue : 1. Ellsworth. 2. Charles. 

IV. Luther Diehl married IaiIu P^lemin.ii', and they are at 
York, Nebraska. 

Isue: 1. Paul. 2. Arlo. 

V. Daniel Diehl is at Clarneee, Iowa, but we were unable 
to get data of his marriage. 

1. Alice, married James S. Brasfield. 

2. Mary, married A. W. Forney. 

3. Irene, married B. McKinney. 

4. Alma, married (!) 

5. Nora, married Mr. Peterson. 

6. Flora, married (?) 


I. Isabel S. Diehl, born Oct. 10, 1865, and married C. W. 


Issue: 1. Edna, 1890. 2. Gladys, 1900. 

II. Wm. F. Diehl, :\larch 18, 1870, later in life married 
Emma Wilson. 

III. Dr. Olin C. Diehl was born Dec. 25, 1872, and June 4, 
1902, he married Lois Rhodes, who was born Dec. 1, 1875, and 
died Aug. 22, 1913. ]\Ir. Diehl is a practicing physician at Dill- 
er, Nebraska. 

Issue : 

1. Oliver R., April 8, 1905. 

2. Eleanor R., June 13, 1907. 


I. Jacob J)ieiil came t'roiii Bcdt'oid Coiuity, I'ciuisylva- 
nia, to ]\Ionti;()iiiery County, Oliio, in isoii, aiid died tln-rc in 
1842. He was born in 1776. (wlicn*?) When, where, wlioni did 
he many? Who can find authentic records? — Autlior. 

Issue: 1. John ( Xov. Til, 1799-Aug-. 26, 1874). 



JoHx DiEHL (Nov. 19, 1799-Au,i''. 26, 1874) iiinrried Susan 
Miller, of Virginia (June :], 1791-March, 1878). 
Issue : 

1. Aaron, April 19, 1814. 

2. Jacob, Feb. 24, 1816. 

3. Samuel, May, 1818. 

4. Elizabeth. 5. Hannah. 

6. Abraham, Jan. 31, 1825. 

7. John, Oct. 31, 1826. 

8. Eli, March 13, 1829. 

9. Noah, Feb. 11, 1831. 10, Adam. 
All born in ^Montgomery County, Ohio. 



I. Aaron Diehl, (April 19, 1814-Fe]). 26, 1884) married 
Catharine Russell (March 12, 1814-Jan. 19, 1881). 
Issue : 

1. Marv Catharine, Julv 1, 1847. 

2. Russel A., April 9, 1849. 
Five children, deceased. 

11. Jacob Diehl (Fel). 24, ISKJ-Sept. 6, 1887), married in 
1842, Catharine Brumbaugh (April 19, lS18-Sept. 11, l!n3). 


Issue : 

1. John \V., July 18, 1843, married Susan Bowser, in 

2. Catharine A., June 20, 1846, and married J<thn S. Tm- 
boden, Sept. 8, 1878. 

3. Georg-e L-., Mav 31, 1850, married Rachel Bowser, Oct. 

4. Samuel P., July 27, is.'iO, luarried Permelia Andei'- 
son, Oct., 1878. Their address is New Lebanon, Ohio, 

R. 1. 

Ill, IIaxnaii Dieht., ( , Ai)ril 1, 1874, in 187)2 mai-i-ied 

George Uetamore ( , April 4, 1875). They lived in Jay 

County, Indiana. 

Issue : 

1. Sarah (Jan. 28, 1854-April 18, 1874). 

2. John W. (Aug. 5-Oct. 4, 1856). 

3. Jennie M., March 3, 1859. 

4. George W., July 27, 1861. 

5. Jacob A. (June 30, 1864-Dec. 29, 1876). 

6. Joseph N., July 17, 1868. 

IV. Abraham Diehl, Jan. 31, 1825, married Caroline Win- 

Issue: 1. Cary. 2. Charles. 3. John. 4. Xora. Two de- 

V. John Diehl, Oct. 31, 1826, married in 1851, Susan Eris- 
man, born in Pennsylvania in 1830, and died Dec. 16, 1909. 
Issue : 

1. Aaron, July 11, 1853. 

2. Nathaniel, Jan. 1857. 

3. John T., Sei)t., 1859. 

4. Sarah A., Pel). 1866. 

VI. Eli Diehl, born in ^lontgomery County, Ohio, March 
13, 1829. He married :\lary A. Bates, Feb. 22, 1866. 
Issue : 

1. Edwin R. S., 1868. 

2. Nellie E., Sept. 1874, antl two deceased. 


JACOB (I), JdHX (II), AARON (III), MAKV (. i iV 

I. Mary Cath. Diehl. July 1, 1847, married (1) Dr-c. :n, 
1865, Samuel Noff singer, who died Sept. !2(), 1871. 

Issue: Two children, deceased. 

March 8, 1877 she man-ied (2) Jaeoh l^>reiiiiei-, wIk. died 
Oct. 1, 1904. 

IL Russell A. Diehl, April 9, 1849, uianied and settled 
somewhei-e in Kansas. 

:o :- 


I. Aarox Diehl, born in Montgomery County, ( )liio, July 
11, 1853, and man-ied Susan Boomershine in 1879. They are at 
home on a farm, Route 2, Xew Lebanon, Ohio. 

Issue : 

1. J. F. Diehl, Sept. 23, 1881. 

2. P. H. Diehl, Aug. 31, 1891. 


Joseph A. Diehl, a farmer and thresher, was liorn in Ad- 
ams County, Pennsylvania, Nov. 7, 1840, son of Sannn 1 and 
Catharine (Bream) Diehl, natives of York and Adams coun- 
ties respectively. In 1863 he married Anna Mary Heagy, to 
whom one child, Hermie Irene, was ])orn, who was a profession- 
al music teacher several years. Mr. Diehl was a Repulilicaii, 
and and the familv were TiUtherans. 

A. P. Diehl was boi-n in Ford County, Illinois, in ISso, and 


married Tjfiia Sava.i;(% of Maeoiiilt, Til., who was boni in 1878. 
The\' reside at Polk, Nebraska, 
Issue : 

1. Marlyii Roval, Dec. 19, 1906. 

2. Chariiiie i?aiileiia, July 7, 1911. 

Attoknev Harkv 1j. Diehl, who jjracticcd law at Detroit, 
^ficlii,i>aii, t'ouiteeii months, has just sii>ned u]) with Uncle Sam 
for two years in the Philippines, as a supervisor of schools. Af- 
ter a few days at his former Ipava, Illinois, home, and at the 
Panama Exi)()siti()n, he sails from San F^rancisco, A])i'il 24, via 
Honolulu, where they stop a few days, and then to Yokohama, 
Japan, for a couple of days stop, then down to Manila, P. I. 


All errors, omissions, criticisms, suggestions, regarding 
this work should be submitted to the author immediately. ,Also, 
any new data. Hundreds of famili( s in city and country-side 
have failed to get in this volume. 

Until the edition is exhausted, copies will be sent postpaid 
to any address in the Ignited States on receii)t of $2 for the 
cloth and $1.50 for the cheaper binding. Pemit In' money order 
or bank draft. 

As to our reliability, all are referred to the Ipava State 
Bank, of Ipava, or the People's State Bank, of Astoria, Illinois, 
or anv farmer or merchant of both places. 

E. H. Diehl, 

Box 42. Ipava, Illinois. 


The followin.n' list of friends encouraged tli<* publisliiiiij: of 
this work, by orderin,i>' from one to six copies eacli, in adxancM': 

R. E. Diehl (farmer) Oberlin. Kansas 

John Diehl (Shoe Emporium) Beardstown. Illinois 

Rev. Prof. Frank Diehl (teacher) Waynesburg, Pennsylvania 

J. D. Diehl (bank cashier) Wapello, Iowa 

J. Ward Diehl (printer) Detroit, Michigan 

George C. Diehl (chairman A. A. A. Good Roads Board) Buffalo, New York 

C. N. Eaken Rockford. Ohio 

Samuel B. Diehl 92 Liberty Street, New York, New York 

J. H. Lee (cement worker) Warsaw, Indiana 

Mrs. W. M. Oldaker Canton, Ohio 

Mrs. J. H. Roudebush Hiawatha, Kansas 

Dr. E. J. Diehl (dentist) Lancaster, Pennsylvania 

S. F. Whetstone (general agent, insurance company) Everett, Pennsylvania 

Col. Charles S. Diehl (journalist) San Antonio, Texas 

Margaret E. Smith (farm) Cumberland, Maryland 

Mrs. Mary Exline-Banta Willshire. Ohio 

W. P. Diehl Seitzland, Pennsylvania 

Mrs. J. R. Russell (hotel) Jonesboro, Tennessee 

U. G. Diehl (farmer).... R. 2, Everett, Pennsylvania 

M. D. Butt (merchant) New Midway, Maryland 

Ed E. Diehl (farmer and feeder) Joy, Illinois 

Rev. S. S. Diehl (Lutheran Church) Kintnersville, Pennsylvania 

Rev. W. W. Diehl (Methodist Episcopal Church) Hinckley, Illinois 

Will Shaffer ( farmer) Rainsburg, Pennsylvania 

John R. Diehl (retired farmer) Rainsburg, Pennsylvania 

Rev. D. N. Dittniar (Reformed Church) Mann's Choice, Pennsylvania 

Mrs. Mary E. Dull Loysburg, Pennsylvania 

C. W. Dittmar (hotel) Loysburg, Pennsylvania 

Mrs. Uriah May (fruit industry) Mann's Choice, Pennsylvania 

Maud W. Dittmar (organist) Frederick, Maryland 

George B. Shearer 128 Vine Street, Salem. Ohio 

O. W. Fowler (farmer) R. 6, Monroeville, Indiana 

Mary A. Pennell-Willard 15 John Street, S. Amboy, New Jersey 

J. E. Diehl (merchant) Peck. Kansas 

J. S. Diehl (secretary hardware and implement company). Mulhall. Oklahoma 

Miss Ruth Diehl (manager Overman's Nursery) Spokane, Washington 

J. L. Diehl (retired farmer) Emporia. Kansas 

William F. Diehl (dealer in vehicles) Montrose, Colorado 

W. L. Diehl (railroad official) 92 Liberty, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

Archie Kingsley (mail carrier) Valley. Oklahoma 

George E. Diehl (dentist) Eldora. Iowa 

Dr. A. E. Diehl 448 Delaware. Buffalo. New York 


Sanford I). Diphl (postmaster) Pilot Hill, California 

Mrs. Silas F. Shaw (electrical engineer) Frisco, Utah 

D. F. Koontz (retired farmer) R. 2, Everett, Pennsylvania 

D. F. England R. 2, Everett, Pennsylvania 

n. Leslie Diehl 71 Union Trust Bldg., Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 

Henry Diehl (retired farmer) R. 4, Bedford, Pennsylvania 

J. P. Diehl Penn Laird, Virginia 

Harry L. Diehl (lawyer) '. Detroit, Michigan 

Merle Wilson (farmer) Hiawatha, Kansas 

C. E. Diehl (city electrician) Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 

A. A. Diehl (farmer) Everett, Pennsylvani." 

Samuel P. Diehl R. 2, Everett, Pennsylvania 

Levi Diehl (carpenter) R. 4, Bedford, Pennsylvania 

E. E. Diehl (farmer) R. 4, Bedford, Pennsylvania 

Calvin Diehl 

N. M. Diehl 

R. E. James (farmer) R. 4, Bedford, Pennsylvania 

M. A. Diehl 

David R. Diehl (teacher) R. 2, Everett, Pennsylvania 

Mrs. George W. Pennell (smithing) Loysburg, Pennsylvania 

Ceorge H. Diehl (retired merchant) Mowrystown, Ohio 

Samuel T. Diehl 1527 Council Street, Lcs Angeles, California 

J. F. Diehl (farmer) Nelson, Nebraska 

Mrs. Neil Sheehan South Cross, Montana 

Benjamin F. Diehl (mining company) Anaconda, Montana 

L. W. Diehl (shoe shop) Butte, Montana 

E. F. Diehl (farmer) Leesburg, Indiana 

Rev. Charles E. Diehl (Presbyterian Church) Clarkesville, Tennessee 

John E. Diehl (contractor) 350 W. 63d, Chicago, Illinois 

C. C. Diehl (farmer and stockman) Oberlin, Kansas 

A. C. Diehl (manufacturer). ...812-14 Columbia Ave., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

Josiah H. Diehl North River, Virginia 

Mrs. Capt. A. S. Meegan Washington, D. C. 

Charles Diehl (commercial salesman). ...103 Hosea Ave., Cftn., Cincinnati, Ohio 

Miss Anna May Diehl 67 King Edward Aptt., Pittsburg, Pennsylvania 

George H. Diehl 18 West 127th Street, New York, New York 

Elias F. Diehl (fireman) Ellerslie, Maryland 

Charles E. Diehl (locomotive engineer) Ellerslie. Maryland 

Mrs. Carrie Clark 172 Fayette Street, Cumberland, Maryland 

Miss Lucy A. Diehl 5025 Chester Ave., West, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

J. R. Diehl (farmer) Victoria, Illinois 

U. N. Diehl (superintendent blast furnace) Duquesne, Pennsylvania 

Miss Sarah M. Diehl 3624 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

J. E. Pennell (railroad telegrapher) Rydal, Pennsylvania 

Mrs. Amanda Diehl Quakerstown, Pennsylvania 

L. H. Diehl (clerk) Scranton, Pennsylvania 

Wm. B. Diehl Pennsburg, Pennsylvania 

Wm. W. Diehl ....909 N. Americana. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 


Selby M. Diehl (farmer) U. 2, Everett, Pennsylvania 

Mrs. Alice Diehl-Dunn 911 Robinson Street, Scranton, Pennsylvania 

Aaron Diehl (farmer) New Lebanon, Ohio 

S. G. Diehl 11 Linden Place, Quincy, Massachusetts 

John H. Diehl Orrtanna, Pennsylvania 

Mrs. L. L. Cooper 405 Elmwood Ave., Buffalo, New York 

Miss Lois Diehl (student, Chicago University) Chicago, Illinois 

Mrs. Mary E. Shaffer R. 1, Bedford, Pennsylvania 

D. W. W. Diehl (farmer) R. 4, Everett, Pennsylvania 

Mrs. R. Laura Diehl R. 4, Bedford, Pennsylvania 

J. Grant Diehl (farmer) R. 2, Everett, Pennsylvania 

Reuben F. Diehl (farmer) R. 4, Bedford, Pennsylvania 

Miss Carrie A. Diehl (housekeeper) R. 4, Bedford, Pennsylvania 

Ralph Whetstone (laborer) R. 4, Bedford, Pennsylvania 

Adam F. Diehl (merchant) R. 4, Bedford, Pennsylvania 

Mrs. Anna C. Koontz (trained nurse) R. 4, Bedford, Pennsylvania 

Mrs. Etta M. Cessna (on farm) R. 4, Bedford, Pennsylvania 

Mrs. Blanche Diehl (on farm) R. 4, Bedford, Pennsylvania 

Wm. M. Diehl (retired farmer) :..R. 1, Clearville, Pennsylvania 

Mrs. Emma Grove (on farm) R. 1, Clearville, Pennsylvania 

Mrs. Carrie L. Bankert (contractor's wife)....915 1st Av., Altoona. Pennsylvania 

Mrs. Mary E. Mock (farmer's wife) R. 1, Duncansville, Pennsylvania 

Mrs. Jeanette R. J. Hoover (farmer's wife) R. 1, Duncansville, Pennsylvania 

H. Grant Diehl (farmer) R. 4, Bedford, Pennsylvania 

G. Elmer Diehl (farmer) R. 4, Bedford, Pennsylvania 

David H. Whetstone (secretary Friend's Cove Fire Insurance Company) 

Bedford, Pennsylvania 

Miss J. Anna Diehl (seamstress) R. 4, Bedford, Pennsylvania 

Jacob Diehl (thresherman) R. 2, Everett, Pennsylvania 

N. W. Diehl R. 2, Everett, Pennsylvania 

Clarence Diehl R. 2, Everett, Pennsylvania 

S. F. Diehl R. 2, Everett. Pennsylvania 

David V. Diehl (steam laundry) Bedford, Pennsylvania 

Mrs. A. J. Diehl Bedford, Pennsylvania 

Zylpha Hurlbut Box 154, Bloomington, Nebraska 

Adam F. Diehl Bedford, Pennsylvania 

Mrs. Lela H. Smith 406 N. Garfield Ave.. Alhambra. California 

Miss Ruth Diehl (teacher) Storm Lake. Iowa 

Edw. C. Diehl 1316 Hamilton Ave.. Cleveland. Ohio 

Rev. L. N. Wilson Brunswick, Maryland 



1. Diohl's i\rill ----.. Front ispipcr 

1\ L. JI. Diclil -------- 25 

3. Ex-Sheriff David Diehl ------ 28 

4. SanuK'I J. Diehl and Coiiiiade - - . - 'M 

5. Corporal John Lee ------ 33 

6. Rev. D. N. Dittmar ---... 62 

7. Rev. H. F. Dittmar ------- 65 

8. E. R. Diehl -----... 67 

9. Attorney Harry L. Diehl ------ 111 

10. Off to Knox— 1906 to 1910 - - - - . 112 

11. G. C. Hickle ------- 114 

12. Rev. L. N. Wilson - - - - . . - 115 

13. Mary Caroyln Russell --.--.. 123 

14. Rev. S. A. Diehl, A.M. ---... 140 

15. Col. C. S. Diehl -----.. 147 
H). Jessie Mae Diehl and "Nig" ----- 162 
17. Fred Diehl - - ^ - . _ . . . 167 
18 and 19. Geo. H. and W. E. Diehl - - - - 168 

20. J. P. Diehl ----.... 173 

21. A. H. Diehl -------- 207 

22. Rev. Frank Diehl - ------ 212 

23. Rev. C.W. Diehl (cut lost) ----- 217 




1. Dichl's Mill - - - - - - FroutisiJirc, 

2. Author's Preface -----.. 7 

3. Samuel Diehl and Descendants . . . _ <> 

4. John Adam Diehl and Issue - - - - - 127 

5. Valentine Diehl and Descendants - - - - 1(14 

6. Johann Heinrich Diehl and Descendants - - - 171 

7. Jacob Diehl and Descendants - - - - 177 

8. Sebastian Diehl and Issue . . . . . 1S4 

9. Abraham Diehl and Issue - . . . . 190 

10. John and Henry Diehl - - - - - - 194 

11. Philip Diehl and Descendants - - - - 197 

12. David Diehl and Issue ------ 200 

13. Michael Diehl (a) and Issue ----- 203 

14. Michael Diehl (b) and Issue ----- 20(; 

15. Blonda Kastalhum Diehl - - _ - . 207 

16. Frederick Diehl and Issue - - - - - 213 

17. Capt. Nicholas Diehl and Descendants - - - 215 

18. Unclassified Families ----.. 217 

19. Notice --------- 224 

20. Subscription Directory ------ 225 

21. Illustrations -------- 228 

22. Index ---------- 229 





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