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FROM 1801 TO 18S2. 





'>".\^ 63 


library i 

I <IUN 161941 / 



l8t Ward-ISAAC S. SMITH, 


8d Ward— IRA A. BLOSSOM, 

4th Ward— MAJOR A. ANDREWS, 



GEORGE P. BARKER, Attorney. 
HENRY R. SEYMOUR. Treasurer. 
DAVID M. DAY, City Printer. 

ISAAC S. SMITH, Chief Eng. of Fire Departmoit. 

JOHN W. REALS, ^Aggi-tanta 

WILLIAM JONES. \r^„.,^Ki*^ 
NELSON ADAMS. I^^tables. 

EDWARD BALDWIN, Street Commissioner. 
JAMES J. BALDWIN, City Surveyor. 
JOSEPH DEAN, Clerk of the Markets. 

E. JOHNSON. (Mayor) ) 

R.W.HASKINS, fi>^_j trr uu 

L. F.ALLEN. VBoard of Health. 

J. CLARY, ) 

J. E. MARSHALL. Health Physician. 


The City of Buffalo is situated in the county 
of Erie, and state of New- York; is built upon the 
land adjoining Buffalo Creek and Lake Erie, at the 
junction of these waters, and contains 10,119 inha- 
bitants. Most of the City is situated upon a bluff 
of table land that rises about fifty feet above the 
level of the Lake. The low lands that extend 
from the foot of this bluff, (or Terrace, as it is gene- 
rally called,) to the margin of the Creek and Lake, 
offering many inducements to particular business 
pursuits, have been overspread with buildings, and 
are becoming thickly populated. 

The village was originally surveyed and laid out, 
by the Holland Land Company, to whom the site 
belonged in 1801; and the settlement may be said 
to have begun in the following year. Owing to 
the usual causes which retard new settlements in 
their advancement, the village made but inconsider- 
able progress in its growth, until the commence- 
ment of the war, in 1812, when it became a mili- 
tary resort. In December, 1813, the place was en- 
tered by the British and Indians, and every building 
but two was burnt. The inhabitants were many 
of them carried captives to Montreal, while others 
preserved their liberty by a precipitate flight. The 
loss of property fell mostly upon individuals, and 
was not only severe, but, in its consequences, truly 

calamitous — leaving in many instances, families 
destitute of house, clothing or provisions, with 
which to combat the severity of the season. From 
this period to the close of the war, nothing like a 
regular and permanent attempt was made to rebuild 
the town, although such of the inhabitants as could, 
returned and made temporary locations upon the 
sites of their former habitations. The news of 
peace was the signal for renewed exertions to re- 
build the place, but pecuniary embarassments, and 
remoteness from market, paralyzed all efforts so 
effectually as to keep back the place, and retain for 
it the character of a hamlet only, until the near 
approach of the Grand Canal, in its progress west- 
ward, in 1822, gave brighter prospects to those on 
whom exertions devolved. In 1825, payment was 
received from the United States, under certain re- 
strictions, for the buildings destroyed in 1813, but 
all remuneration for other property lost, was rigidly 
withheld. Exertions for pubUc advancement now 
became more visibly efficient; and the attempts 
which had been several years making to render 
Buffalo Creek a commercial resort, were now first 
completely successful. The mouth of that stream 
had been obstructed by a sand bar which shut out 
most vessels that navigated the lake, and forced 
them to resort to Black Bock, where a temporary 
shelter only could be afforded them, in the open 
river. To effect the desired object, a loan bad been 
procured from the state, of $12,000, which, aided by 
private donations, had so far perfected a pier on the 
south side of the mouth of the Creek, as to exclude 
sand, and leave an open channel for vessels into the 
mouth of the harbor. The consequences of thia 

were to create a new resort for vessels, and to arrest 
them in their passage to Black Rock. This neces- 
sarily caused the building of wharves, store houses, 
and such other conveniences as were required by 
the new business pursuits thus created. 


The village of Buffalo was incorporated in 181^ 
and its municipal government was administered by 
a President and board of trustees. The Act to in- 
corporate the City of Buffalo, was passed April 20, 
1832. The common council were elected on the 
i6th day ol May, and held their first meeting for the 
choice of Mayor, &c. on the 28th. 


The Public Buildings consist of 6 houses of pub- 
lic worship, and 1 now building; Court House, 
jail, U. S. Branch Bank, Bank of Buffalo, Buffalo 
Literary and Scientific Academy, Land Office, 2 
Markets, 3 Engine Houses, and a Light-House. 


The U. S. Branch Bank, was established here in 


Wm. B. Rochester, President. 

J. R. Carpenter, Cashier. 

Directors. — ^Wm. B. Rochester, J. Wadsworth» 
D. E. Evans, C. Townsend, H. B. Potter, A. H. 
Tracy, W. A. Bird, Wm. Hollister, Geo. Palmer» 
Wm. Ruxton, B. D. Coe, E. Walden, Geo. B. 



The Bank of Buffalo, was incorporated in 1831. 
Capital $200,000. 


G. H. Goodrich, President. 

Hiram Pratt, Cashier. 
Directors. — G. H. Goodrich, R. H. Heywood, 
Henry Root, Wm. Ketchum, George Burt, N. P. 
Sprague, Hiram Pratt, Thaddeus Weed, J. Stock- 
ing, Augustus Porter, M. A. Andrews, Henry 
Hamilton, S. G. Austin. 

Buffalo Fire and Marine Insurance Company, in- 
corporated in March, 1830. Capital $100,000. 

E. Walden, President. L. F. Allen, Secretary. 

Directors. — ^E. Walden, C. Townsend, Sheldon 
Thompson, Henry Root, Hiram Pratt, Lyman A. 
Spaldmg, G. H. Goodrich, Joseph Clary, George 
Palmer, Wm. HoUister, Thomos C. Love, Joseph 
Dart, Horatio Shumway. 

ted in 1827. Capital $25,000. 

Ebenezer Johnson, President. 
D. Tillinghast, Secretary. 
J. W. Clark, Treasurer. 
Trustees. — Ebenezer Johnson, CharlesTownsend, 
Henry White, S. Wilkeson, David Burt, Sheldon 
Thompson, Lewis F. Allen, Bela D. Coe, Hiram 
Pratt, Thomas C. Love, Heman B. Potter, R. W. 
Haskins, David M. Day, William Ketchum, John 
W. Clark, Dyre Tillinghast. 

Theodotus Burwell, Principal. 

Buffalo Hydraulic Associaiion,\nQOT^Te±e^n\^9!7 . 
Capital $25,000, which may be increased to 50,000. 

The object of this association was to create mill 
privileges within the city. This object was accom- 
plished by taking the water out of the Buffalo Creek 
about four miles from the city, and conveying it by 
a canal to the eastern boundary about a mile from 
the city, where there is sufficient fall for the pur- 
poses intended. This canal was begun in 18^, 
and is now in successful operation. 

There is now in full operation on this canal, the 
following works: — 1 Woolen Factory; 1 Hat body 
do; 1 Pail do; 1 Last do; 1 Grist Mill; 1 Brewery. 
The village which has grown up in its vicinity con- 
tains nearly 500 inhabitants. 

Buffalo and Black Rock Jubilee Water Works 
Company^ incorporated in 1827. Capital $20,000. 
The object of the company is to supply Buffalo and 
Black Rock with water. It has already been gene- 
rally introduced, into both places, nearly 16 miles of 
aqueduct being already laid. 


Peter B. Porter, President. Donald Fraser, S. C. 
Brewster, Peter B. Porter, Directors. Absalom Bull, 
Secretary & Treasurer. Donald Fraser, Supervnten' 

Buffalo Lyceum, incorporated 1832. 


Oran Follett, President. James Stryker, Millerd 
Fillmore, Vice President. Alfred Handy, Recording 
Secretary. Lucien W. Caryl, Corresponding Sec- 
retary. Wm. Ketchum, Treasurer. John W. Clark, 
Oliver G. Steele, William Hull, Curators. 

This Institution was commenced in the winter of 
1830 — ^31 by a number of enterprising citizens, and 
has graduaUy risen in value and importance. The 


objects of the Institution are mutual improvement 
in useful knowledge, the advancement of popular 
education, and the promotion of science generally. 
There is now belonging to the institution a library 
of several hundred volumes, and a quantity of chem- 
ical and philosophical apparatus. Weekly lectures 
are delivered before the Lyceum during the winter 
season, which are extremely well attended. 

BuffahLiirary Association, incorporated in 1816, 
and now contains nearly 700 volumes. 

Trustees, — ^H. B. Potter, John G. Camp, George 
Stow, Joseph Dart, Jr., H. A. Salisbury, Nathaniel 
Vosburgh, James Miller. 

J. Wilcox, Librarian, 

Religious Societies. — ^There are, 1 Episcopal, 1 
Presbyterian, 1 Free Congregational, 1 Baptist, 1 
Bethel, 1 Methodist, 1 Universalist, 1 Unitarian, and 
] Roman Catholic. 

Schools. — ^Thereare 16districtandprivateschools, 
exclusive of the Buffalo L. & S. Academy, embracing 
1 Female Seminary, conductedon the most approved 
plan, by competent teachers, in which the higher 
branches of female education are taught. 

Mails. — ^There are 60 mails per week, received at, 
made up and despatched from, the Post Office in this 
city, during the winter season, and during the sum- 
mer, or season of navigation, there are 88 per week. 
The first mail received here was in March, 1803, on 
horseback. It was conveyed from the east once in 
two weeks in this manner, until 1805. A weekly 
route was thenestablished, andcontinueduntil 1809. 
In 1810, the mode of conveyance was changed, and 
a stage wagon was used. As the country advanced 

inimprovements, theroute waschangedto twiceand 
three tiiQiesBaw€ek,andsubsequentlytoadaily route. 

The following is a list of mails arriving and depart- 
ing from the Post Office in this city in each week: 

Eastern Mail, two large and one small, daily. 

Northern " one " '* " 

Western " " " " " 

One large mail for the West by water to Portland 
Harbor, daily. 

Two small do. to Dunkirk and Portland Harbor, 

(hie large do. for Michigan, by steamboat, daily. 

There is also a mail leaving three times a week 
to Batavia, via Cayuga Creek and Alexander; one 
do three times a week, to Warsaw, via Aurora; one 
do. three times a week, to Olean and the north of 
Pennsylvania, via Springville ; and one twice a week 
to Fredonia, via Lodi. 

Newspapers. — ^There are the Buffalo Patriot, Buf- 
falo Journal, Buffalo Republican, and Buffalo Bulle- 
tin, all published weekly. The Patriot is the oldest 
estabUshment, having been commenced in 181 1, un- 
der the name of the Buffalo Gazette. The Journal 
was commenced in 1815, under the name of the 
Niagara Journal. 

Pvblic Works. — ^The principal of these is the pier, 
built to protect the entrance of the harbor from en- 
croachments qI sand, and upon which the United 
States have bestowed the following appropriations: 
May 120, 1826, $15,000; March 2, 1827, $6,500; 
May 19, 1828, $34,206; April 23, 1830, $15,488; 
Total $71,194. It is built with great strength, with 
stone, and is 3^ of a mile in length. A Light-House 
is to be built on the outer esctremity of the pier the 


base of which will connect with and strengthen that 
work. To this must be added the termination of the 
Erie canal, and its dependencies. 

The Erie Canal approaches the village across the 
low lands which form the shore of the Niagara river 
at its head, and terminates in the Little Buffalo 
Creek, a few rods from the foot of the Terrace. 
Prom the point of intersection with the Little Buf- 
falo, to where that stream is lost in Big Buffalo Creek, 
extensive excavations have been made, which render 
the whole distance a continued basin, and the same 
is true of a considerable distance above the point of 
intersection; making in all one of the most exten- 
sive and convenient resorts for boats to be found 
upon the Canal. From this basin, boats pass when 
necessary into the harbor, and assume their sta- 
tions either by the side of lake vessels, or at the 
wharves of store-houses, as convenience of dis- 
charging and receiving cargoes may require. 

Buffalo Harbor, with which the Canal thus com- 
municates, is formed by Buffalo Creek, which is of 
sufficient depth to receive the lake vessels for a dis- 
tance of about one mile from its mouth, and is con- 
sidered by mariners as affordiQg the most secure 
and convenient harbor to be found on the Ameri- 
can shore of the lake. The present Light-House is 
situated on the shore of the lake, upon a tongue of 


The number of vessels of various descriptions 
employed in the conunerce of Lake Erie and the 
upper Lakes is about 100, and the amount of ton- 
nage about 8000. The increase of lake commerce at 
Bifialo may be seen by the following table, show- 


ing the number of arrivals and departures from 
1815 to the present year. 

No. of arrivals and 

No. of arrivals and 






- 64 






- 359 






. 100 


- 972 


- 96 




- 120 


- 1800 






. 200 


- 3486 



Of the amount of property shipped from this 
port, no certain information can be obtained; suf- 
fice to say, all vessels employed in the navigation 
of the Lake are constantly and actively employed. 

Table of Canal Clearances from the Collector's 
Office, Buffalo, from 1826 to 1831 inclusive. 


1826 - - 1100 

1827 - 1426 

1828 - - 1880 


1829 - - 1608 

1830 - 2083 

1831 - 2425 

Buffalo and Detroit SteamBoatLine, — ^The follow- 
ing Steam Boats comprise the above line, one of 
which leaves each port every day during the season 
of navigation. 

Wm. Penn Capt. Wight. 
Enterprize " MUes. 
Ohio " Tyler. 

Superior Capt. Pease. 
Henry Clay " Norton. 
S.Thompson" Walker. 
Niagara " Stanard. 

The Steam Boat Wm. Peacock, Capt. Wilkins, 
leaves Buffalo every evening for Portland Harbor, 
connecting at that place with a line of stages to 


Erie, Pa. and also with a line of stages to Mayville, 
and from thence by the Chautauqua Steam Boat 
to Jamestown. 

Store Houses, — ^There are ten Store Houses for 
the transaction of Lake and Canal business. 

The following is a list of Forwarding and Com- 
mission Merdiants, and of the Canal lines of which 
they severally are agents: 

Townsend, Coit & Co. f Troy & Erie Line. 

S. Thompson & Co. ) 

Joy & Webster, — ^Pilot Line. 

Pratt, Taylor & Co. — ^Washington Line. 

Richard Sears, 

James L. Barton, — ^Western Line. 

Smith & Macy, — ^New-York & Ohio Line. 

Barker & Holt, — Merchants Line. 

Norton & Carlisle, — ^Hudson & Erie Line. 

Augustus Eaton,— Clinton Line. 

Taverns. — ^There are a great number of Hotels 
and Taverns in this city, which the great influx of 
travellers renders necessary. The ^gle Tavern, 
Buffalo House, Mansion House, and City Hotel are 
the principal houses and are kept and furnished in 
a style equal to any others of the kind in the State. 



The People of the State of New- York, represented 
in &BnaU and Assembly y do enact asfoUovjs: 

Section 1. The District of country in the county 
of Erie, within the following bounds, that is to say : 
Beginning at a point in the west bounds of the 
State, due west from the southwesterly termination 
of Yofk Street; thence to the northwesterly line of 
said York Street at its southwesterly termination; 
thence along the northwesterly bounds of York St., 
to the northerly side of the Guide Board Road; 
thence easterly along the northerly bounds of said 
road to the westerly line of lot number 22, in the 
eleventh township and eighth range; thence south- 
erly along the west bounds of lot number 22, and 
part of lot number 16, in said township and range 
to the easterly termination of the north line of 
Eagle Street; thence easterly along a line which 
would be a continuation of the north line of Eagle 
Street to the Buffalo Creek Reservation; thence 
southwesterly along the line of said Reservation to 
the south bank of big Buffalo Creek, thence down 
the south bank of said creek to the northeasterly 
comer of a piece of land called the Gore; thence 
along the northwesterly bounds of said Gore to 
Lake Erie; thence due west to the State line; 
thence northerly to the place of beginning: shall 


hereafter be known by the name of the City of 

§ 2. The inhabitants of said City shall be a Cor- 
poration by the name of the "City of Buflfalo," and 
may sue and be sued, complain and defend, in any 
court; make and use a common seal, and alter it at 
pleasure; and take, hold, purchase and convey, 
such real and personal estate, as the purposes of 
the corporation may require. 

§ 8. The said city shall be divided into five 
wards, as follows, to wit: all that part of the city 
which lies south and east of the following lines, 
to wit: Beginning at a point in the said Reserva- 
tion, where a line drawn through the centre of Crow 
Street would strike said Reservation; thence along 
said line to the centre of Crow Street; thence pro- 
ceeding westwardly along the centre of said street 
to Cazenovia Terrace : thence to the centre of Caze- 
novia Terrace; thence westwardly and northerly 
along the centre of said Terrace to the centre of 
Erie Street; thence along the centre of Erie Street 
to the centre of Erie Canal; thence along the cen- 
tre of the Canal to the west bounds of York Street ; 
thence down the west bounds of York Street to 
Lake Erie; thence due west to the State line, shall 
be denominated the first ward of said city; all that 
part of said, city which lies east of the centre of 
Main Street, and north of the centre of Crow Street, 
and north of a line drawn through the centre of 
Crow Street to the said Reservation, and south of 
the centre of Eagle Street, and south of a line to 
be drawn in continuation of the north line of Eagle 
Street, to the Buffalo Creek Reservation, shall be 
denominated the second ward of said city; all that 


part of said city, lying westerly of the centre of 
Main Street, and northeasterly of the bounds of the 
first ward, and southeasterly of the northwesterly 
bounds of said York Street, and southwesterly of 
the centre of Niagara Street, shall be denominated 
the third ward of said city; all the residue of said 
city lying east of the centre of Main Street, and 
north of the centre of Eagle Street, shall be denomi- 
nated the fourth ward of said city; all the residue 
of said city lying west of the centre of Main Street 
and northeasterly of the centre of Niagara Street, 
shall be denominated the fifth ward of said city. 

§ 4. There shall be in and for said city, one 
Mayor, ten Aldermen, one Clerk, one Treasurer, 
one or more Collectors, five Assessors, and such 
other officers as are hereinafter authorized to be ap- 
pointed. Which Mayor, Aldermen and Assessors 
shall be freeholders in said city. 

§ 5. An election shall be held in each of the 
wards of said city on the first Tuesday in March, in 
each year, after the year eighteen hundred and 
thirty two, at such place as the common council of 
said city shall appoint, and of which six days pre- 
vious public notice shall be given in writing, in 
three public places in each ward, by the inspectors 

§ 6. At the first election under this act, and at 
each annual election thereafter, there shall be 
elected two Aldermen and one Assessor for each 
ward, each of whom shall be an actual resident of 
the ward in which he is elected. 

§ 7. Thealdermenof each ward, or such persons 
as the common council shall for that purpose ap- 
point, shall be inspectors of such election after the 


first; such inspectors shall have the same powers 
and authority as the inspectors of a general state 

§ 8. The electors shall vote by ballot, and each 
person offering to vote, shall deliver his ballot, so 
folded as to conceal the contents, to one of the in- 
spectors, in the presence of the board. 

§ 9, The ballot shall be a paper ticket, which 
shall contain, written or printed, or partly written 
and partly printed, the names of the persons for 
whom the elector intends to vote, and shall desig- 
nate the office to which each person so named is 
intended by him to be chosen; but no ballot shall 
contain a greater number of names of persons as 
designated to any office, than there are persons to 
be chosen to fill such office. 

§ 10. The polls of such election shall be opened 
at nine o'clock in the forenoon, and continue open 
until four o'clock in the afternoon of the same day, 
and no longer. Poll lists shall be kept in the same 
manner, as nearly as may be, as is provided by law 
for keeping poll lists at the general state election. 

§ 11. Every person voting at such election, shall 
be an actual resident of the ward in which he so 
votes, and shall, if required by any person qualified 
to vote thereat, before he is permitted to vote, take 
the following oath: "You do swear (or affirm) that 
you are a citizen of the United States, of the age 
of twenty-one years; that you have been an inha- 
bitant of this state for one year next preceding this 
election, and for the last six months a resident of 
this county, that you are now a resident of this 
ward, and that you have not voted at this election." 
If the person be a colored man, he shall, (if re- 


quired as aforesaid,) before he is permitted to vote, 
take the following oath : ""You do swear (or aflirm) 
that you are of the age of twenty-one years, that 
for three years you have been a citissen of this 
state; that you have been an inhabitant of this 
state for one year next preceding this election, and 
during that time have been and now are seized and 
possessed of a freehold estate of the value of two 
hundred and fifty dollars, over and above all debts 
and incumbrances charged thereon, and have been 
actually rated and paid a tax thereon; that you 
have been for the last six months a resident of this 
county; that you now are a resident of this ward, 
and that you have not voted at this election." 

§ 1£. After the poll of any such election is 
closed, the inspectors holding the same in each of 
said wards, shall on the same or next day, canvass 
the votes given at such election. The canvass 
shall be public, and shall conmience by a compari- 
son of the poll lists, and a correction of any mis- 
takes that may be found therein, until they shall 
be found or made to agree. The ballots shall be 
counted unopened, except so far as to ascertain that 
each ballot is single, and if two or more ballots 
shall be found so folded as to present the appear- 
ance of a single ballot, they shall be destroyed. ^ 

§ 13. If the ballots shall be found to exceed in 
number the whole number of votes on the poll lists, 
they shall be replaced in the box, and one of the 
inspectors shall publicly draw out and destroy so 
many ballots unopened as shall be equal to such 
excess. The ballots and poll lists being found or 
made to agree, the inspectors holding such election 
shall then proceed to canvass and estimate the 
votes. 2* 


§ 14. The canvass being completed, a statement 
of the result shall be drawn up in writing by the 
inspectors, which they shall certify to be correct, 
and subscribe with their names, and file the same 
with the derk of said city, on the same or next day 
after the canvass is completed. The inspectors of 
each ward shall severally determine and certify 
who are by the greatest number of votes elected 
aldermen and assessors of their respective wards. 

§ 15. No person entitled to vote at any election 
held under this act, shall be arrested on civil process 
within said city, on the day on which said election 
is held. 

§ 16. The trustees of the village of Buffalo, for 
the time being, shall appoint the inspectors of the 
first election to be held under this act. Such elec- 
tion shall be held and conducted, and the votes 
given thereat canvassed, by said inspectors, and the 
result determined in the manner herein before pro- 
vided. The said Trustees shall also appoint the 
time and place of holding such first election, which 
time shall be some day after the passage of this act, 
and before the first day of June next. 

§ 17. Vacancies in the office of aldermen occur- 
ing in any manner, may be filled at a special elec- 
tion, called and appointed by the common councU, 
and conducted in the same manner as an annual 
election. Vacancies in all other offices shall be 
filled by appointment by the common council. All 
appointments to fill a vacancy in an elective office 
under this act, and all appointments of mayor, 
clerk, treasurer,attorneyforthecity, police consta- 
bles, collectors, street commissioners, shall be by 
warrant under the corporate seal, signed by the 


mayor, or presiding officer of the common council 
and clerk. In case of a failure to elect aldermen 
at an annual election, or if from any cause there 
shall be no aldermen, the clerk shall appoint the 
time and places for holding a special election, and 
appoint the inspectors. All officers appointed or 
elected to any office, under or by virtue of this act, 
shall be appointed or elected annually, and except 
to fill a vacancy, shall hold their respective offices 
for one year, and until others are chosen, and have 
taken the oath of office. 

§ 18. The conmion council shall appoint as 
many police constables as they shall think proper, 
not exceeding one in each ward; who shall not 
have power to serve any civil process out of the 
limits of said city (except in cases of persons flee- 
ing from said city,) and to commit on execution 
where the Defendant shall have been arrested 
within said city. 

§ 19. The mayor and aldermen of said city shall 
constitute the conmion council of said city. The 
common council shall meet at such places and 
times, as they shall by resolution direct, or as the 
mayor, or in his absence any two of the aldermen 
shall appoint. The mayor, when present, shall 
preside at all meetings of the common council, and 
shall have only a casting vote. In his absence, 
any one of the aldermen may be appointed to pre- 
side. A majority of the persons elected as alder- 
men, shall constitute a quorum. 

§ 20. The common council shall meet annually 
after the year eighteen hundred and thirty two, on 
the second Tuesday of March in each year, (and in 
the year eighteen hundred and thirty-two, on the 


day following the election,) and by ballot appoint 
a mayor, clerk, treasurer, attorney for the city, 
street commissioner, police constables, clerk of the 
market, one or more collectors, one or more pound 
masters,porters,carriers,cartmen,packers, beadles, 
bellmen, sextons, conmion criers, scavengers, mea- 
surers, surveyors, weighers, sealers of weights and 
measures, and gangers. If for any cause the offi- 
cers above named are not appointed on said second 
Tuesday of March or the day after the election in 
the year eighteen hundred and thirty-two, the com- 
mon council may adjourn from day to day, until 
such appointments are made, and no alderman 
shall be appointed to the office of mayor. 

§ fSl. If any inhabitant of said city, elected or 
appointed to any office in pursuance of this act, 
shall refuse or neglect to accept such office, and 
take and subscribe the oath of office, prescribed in 
the sixth article of the constitution, for five days 
after personal notice in writing from the clerk, of 
his election, he shall forfeit the sum of ten dollars. 

§ 22. Every person chosen or appointed, to any 
executive, ju(Ucial or administrative office under 
this act, shall, before he enters on the duties of his 
office, take and subscribe, before some Justice of the 
Peace, or commissioner of deeds, the oath of office 
prescribed in the sixth article of the constitution of 
this state, and file the same duly certified by the 
officer before whom it was taken, with the clerk of 
the city. 

§ 23. The treasurer, street commissioner, and 
collector or collectors of said city, shall severally 
before they enter on the duties of their respective 
offices, execute a bond to the cily of Buffalo, in 


such sum, and with such sureties as the common 
council shall approve, conditioned that they shall 
f aithfuUy execute the duties of their respective of- 
fices, and account for and pay over all moneys re- 
ceived by them respectively ; which bonds, with the 
approval of the common council thereon certified 
by the clerk, shall be filed with the clerk of the 

§ 24. Everypersonappointedtotheofficeofcon- 
stable in said city, shall, before he enters on the 
duties of his ofiice, with two or more sureties, to be 
approved by the common council, execute in the 
presence of the clerk of the city, an instrument in 
writing, by which such constable and sureties shall 
jointly and severally agree to pay to each and every 
person who may be entitled thereto, all such sums 
of money as the said constable may become liable 
to pay, by reason, or on account of any execution 
or distress warrant which shaU be delivered to him 
for collection. The clerk of the city shall certify 
the approval of the common council on such instru- 
ment, and file the same; and a copy of such instru- 
ment, certified by the clerk, under the corporate 
seal, shall be presumptive evidence in all courts, of 
the execution thereof by such constable and his 
sureties. All actions on any such instrument, 
shall be prosecuted within two years after the ex- 
piration of the year for which the constable named 
therein shall have been elected, or appointed, and 
may be brought in the name of the person or per- 
sons entitled to the money to be collected by virtue 
of such instruments. 

§ 25. The treasurer shall receive all moneys be- 
longing to the city, and keep an accurate account 


of all receipts and expenditures, in such a manner 
as the common council shall direct. All moneys 
shall be drawn from the treasury, in pursuance of 
an order of the common council, by warrants signed 
by the mayor or presiding officer of the council, and 
countersigned by the clerk. Such warrants shall 
specifyforwhatpurposetheamount specified there- 
in is to be paid; and the clerk shall keep an accu- 
rate account of all orders drawn on the treasury, in 
a book to be provided for that purpose. The treasu- 
rer shall exhibit to the common council, at least 
fifteen days before the annual election in each year, 
a full account of all receipts and expenditures, after 
the date of his last annual report, and also of the 
state of the treasury; which account shall be filed 
in the office of the clerk. 

§ 26. It shall be the duty of the common council, 
at least ten days before the annual election held 
under this act, in each year, to cause to be published 
in two or more of the public newspapers in said city, 
a full and correct statement in detail of the receipts 
and expenditures by the said common council for 
the contingent expenses of said city, from the date 
of the last annual report published in pursuance of 
this section, to the date of their said reports, and 
also a distinct statement of the whole amount of 
money assessed, received and expended, for making 
and repairing roads, highways and bridges in said 
city for the same period; together with such other 
information, in their power to furnish, as may be 
necessary to a full understanding of the financial 
concerns of said city. 

§ 27. The clerk shall keep the corporate seal, 
and all the papers belonging to said city, and make 


a record of the proceedings of the common council, 
at whose meetings it shall be his duty to attend; 
and copies of all papers duly filed in his office, and 
transcripts from the records of the proceedings of 
the common council, certified by him under the 
corporate seal, shall be evidence in all courts in 
like manner as if the original were produced. 

§ 28. It shall be the duty of the street commis- 
sioner to superintend the making of all public im- 
provements ordered by the common council, and to 
make contracts for the work and materials which 
may be necessary for the same; and he shall be the 
executive officer to carry into eflfect the ordinances 
of the common council, under the 39th, 41st, 42d, 
47th, and 49th sections of this act, and shall keep 
accurate accounts of all moneys expended by him, 
in the performance of any work, together with the 
cause of such expenditure; and to render such ac- 
count to the common council monthly. 

§ 29. The common council shaD have power to 
grant and allow to the mayor of said city, for the 
time being, in lieu of all fees and perquisites, an 
annual salary not exceeding two hundred and fifty 
dollars, payable out of the treasury. The treasu- 
rer, clerk, street commissioner, police constables, 
and collector or collectors, shall also be paid out of 
the treasury, such compensation for their services 
as the common council may deem reasonable. 

§ 30. If any person having been an officer in said 
city, shall not within ten days after notification and 
request, deliver to his successor in office, all the 
property, papers and eflfects of every description, in 
his possession, belonging to the said city or apper- 
taining to the office he held, he shall forfeit and pay 


for the use of the city, one hundred dollars, besides 
all damages caused by his neglect or refusal so to 

§ 31. The common council shall hold stated 
meetings, and the mayor or any twb aldermen may 
call special meetings by notice to each of the mem- 
bers of said council, served personally or left at his 
usual place of abode. Petitionsandremonstrances 
may be presented to the common council. The 
common council shall have the management and 
control of the finances, and of all the property, real 
and personal, belonging to the corporation, and 
shall have power within said city, to make, estab- 
lish, publish, alter, modify, amend, and repeal ordi- 
nances, rules, regulations and by-laws for the fol- 
lowing purposes: 

1 . Toprevent all obstructions in thewaterswhich 
are public highways in said city. 

2. To prevent and punish forestalling and regra- 
lent device and practice. 

3. Torestrainandprohibitalldescriptionsofgam- 
ing and fraudulent devices in said city. And all 
playing of cards, dice or other games of chance, with 
or without betting, in any grocery, shop or store. 

4. To prohibit the selling or giving away any ar- 
dentspiritsbyanystorekeeper,traderor grocer, tobe 
drank in the shop, store, grocery, out-house, yard 
or garden, owned or occupied by the person selling 
or giving away the same, except by inn-keepers 
duly licensed. 

5. To forbid the selling or giving away of ardent 
spirits or other intoxicating liquors, to any child, ap- 
prentice or servant, without the consent of his or her 


6. To regulate or prohibit the exhibitions of com- 
mon show-men and of shows of every kind, or the 
exhibitions of any natural or artificial curiosities, 
caravans, circuses, or theatrical performances. 

7. To prevent any riot, or noise, disturbance or 
disorderly assemblages. 

8. Tosuppressandrestraindisorderly houses, and 
groceries, houses of ill-fame, billiard tables, nine or 
ten-pin alleys, or tables and ball alleys, and to au- 
thorize the destruction and demolition of all instru- 
ments and devices used for the purpose of gaming. 

9. To compel the owner or occupant of any gro- 
cery, cellar, tallow-chandler's shop, soap-factory, 
tannery, stable, bam, privy, sewer or other un- 
wholesome or nauseous house or place, to cleanse, 
remove or abate the same, from time to time, as 
often as may be necessary for the health, comfort 
and convenience of the inhabitants of the said city. 

10. To direct the location and direction of all 
slaughter houses, markets, and houses for storing 

11. To regulate the keeping and conveying of 
gun-powder and other combustible and dangerous 
materials, and the use of candles and lights in 
barns and^stables. 

12. Topreventhorseracing,immoderateridingor 
driving in the streets, and to authorize persons im- 
moderately riding or driving as aforesaid, to be stop- 
ped by any person. 

IS. To prevent the incumbering of the streets, 
side walks, lanes, alleys, wharves and docks, with 
carriages, carts, sleighs, sleds, wheelbarrows, boxes, 
lumber, timber, fire wood, or any other substance 
or materials whatsoever. 


14. To regulate and determine the times and 
places of bathing and swimming, in the canals, 
creeks, harbors, and other waters in said city. 

15. Torestrainandpunishvagrants,mendicants» 
street beggars and common prostitutes. 

16. To restrain and regulate the running at large 
of cattle, horses, swine, sheep, goats and geese, and 
to authorize the distraining, impounding and sale 
of the same for the penalty incurred, and costs of 

17. To prevent the running at large of dogs, and 
to authorize the destruction of the same, when at 
large contrary to the ordinance. 

18. To prohibit any person from bringing, de- 
positing, or having within the limits of said city, 
any dead carcass, or other unwholesome substance; 
and to require the removal or destruction by any 
person who shall have upon or near his premises 
any such substance, or any putrid or unsound beef, 
pork, fish, hides or skins of any kind; and on hb 
default to authorize the removal or destruction 
thereof by some officer of said city. 

19. To prohibit the rolling of hoops, playing at 
ball, or flying of kites, or any other amusement or 
practice, having a tendency to annoy persons pass- 
ing in the streets and on the side walks in said city, 
or to frighten teams and horses within the same. 

20. To compel all persons to keep the snow, ice 
and dirt from the side walks in front of the prem- 
ises owned or occupied by them. 

21. To prevent the ringing of bells, blowing of 
horns and bugles, and crying of goods and other 
things within the limits of said city. 

22. To abate and remove nuisances. 


28. To regulate and restrain runners for boats 
and stages. 

24. To suryey the boundaries of said city. 

25. To regulate the burial of the dead. 

26. To direct the returning and keeping bills of 
mortality, and to impose penalties on physicians, 
sextons and others for any default in the premises. 

27. To regulate gauging, the place and manner 
of selling and weighing hay, of selling pickled and 
other fish, and of selling and measuring of wood, 
lime and coal, and to appoint suitable persons, to 
superintend and conduct the same. 

28. To appoint watchmen, and prescribe their 
powers and duties. 

29. To regulate cartmen and cartage. 

30. To regulate the police of said city. 

81. To regulate the quality of bread, and to pro- 
vide for the seizure or forfeiture of bread baked 
contrary thereto. 

82. To establish, make, and regulate public 
pumps, wells, cisterns and reservoirs, and to pre- 
vent the unnecessary waste of water. 

33. To establish and regulate public pounds. 

§ 32. The common council shall have power 
from time to time to prescribe the duties of all offi- 
cers and persons appointed by them to any office or 
place whatever, subject to the provisions of this 
act; and may remove all such officers and persons 
at pleasure. 

§ 33. The common council may make, publish, 
ordain, amend and repeal all such ordinances, by- 
laws and police regulations, not contrary to the laws 
of this state, for the good government and order of 
said city, and the trade and commerce thereof, and 
as may be necessary to carry into eflfect the powers 


given to said council by this act; and enforce ob- 
servance to all rules, ordinances, by-laws and po- 
lice regulations made in pursuance of this act, by 
imposing penalties on any person violating the 
same, not exceeding twenty-five dollars for any one 
oflFence, to be recovered with cost, in an action of 
debt in any court having cognizance thereof; or by 
indictment for misdemeanor upon the complaint of 
the common council. Every such ordinance or 
by-law, imposing any penalty or forfeiture for a 
violation of its provisions, shall after the passage 
thereof be published for three weeks successively 
in the corporation newspaper, printed and published 
in said city, and proof of such publication by the 
affidavit of the printer or publisher of said news- 
paper, taken before any officer authorized to ad- 
minister oaths, and filed with the clerk of the city, 
or any other competent proof of such publication 
shall be conclusive evidence of the legal publication 
and promulgation of such ordinance or by-law in 
all courts and places. 

§ 84. The common council at their annual meet- 
ing on the second Tuesday in March in each year, 
after eighteen hundred and thirty-two, and at their 
first meeting in that year, or within ten days there- 
after, shall designate one public newspaper printed 
in said city, in which shall be published all ordi- 
nances and other proceedings and matters required 
in any case by this act, or the by-laws and ordi- 
nances of the conmion council, to be published in 
a public newspaper. 

§ 35. All actions brought to recover any penalty 
or forfeiture incurred under this act, or the ordi- 
nances, by-laws or police regulations, made in pur- 
suance of it, shall be brought in the corporate name; 

and in any such action, it shall be lawful to declare 
generally in debt for such penalty or forfeiture, 
stating the section of this act or the by-law or ordi- 
nance under which the penalty is claimed, and to 
give the special matter in evidence; and the de- 
fendant may plead the general issue, and give the 
special matter in evidence. The first process in 
any such action shall be by warrant, and execution 
may be issued thereon immediately on the rendi- 
tion of judgment. If the defendant in any such 
action have no goods or chattels, lands or tene- 
ments, whereof the judgment can be collected, the 
execution shall require the defendant to be impri- 
soned in close custody in the jail of Erie county, 
for a term not exceeding thirty days. All expenses 
incurred in prosecuting for the recovery of any 
penalty or forfeiture, shall be defrayed by the cor- 
poration; and all penalties and forfeitures when 
collected, shall be paid to the treasurer for the use 
of the city. 

§ 36. No person shall be an incompetent judge, 
justice, witness or juror, by reason of his being an 
inhabitant or freeholder in the city of Buffalo, in 
any action or proceeding in which the said city is a 
party interested. 

§ 37. The mayor of said city shall, by virtue of 
his office, have and execute the like powers in said 
city in criminal cases as are given by law to jus- 
tices of the peace in the several towns in this state, 
and he shall also possess and exercise the same 
powers in the courts of oyer and terminer and gene- 
ral sessions of the peace, in the county of Erie, as 
are by law exercised by the judges of the county 
courts of said county. 


§ 88. The common council shall have power to 
cause a sum in each year, not exceeding eight thou- 
sand dollars, to be raised by tax, to defray the ex- 
penses of lighting the streets, supporting a night 
watch, and making and repairing roads, highways 
and bridges in said city, and to defray the contin- 
gent and other expenses of said city. The taxes 
assessed and levied in pursuance of this section, 
shall, except as otherwise herein directed, be as- 
sessed and rated by the said council, upon or 
among the owners of the estates real and personal 
in said city, (according to the then last assessment 
roll made by the assessors of said city,) in the same 
manner and proportion, as nearly as may be, as 
taxes in and for the county of Erie are rated and 
assessed; and in the assessment roll made in pur- 
suance of this section it shall be the duty of the 
common council to set down and describe briefly 
the real estate and the amount of the personal es- 
tate on or in respect of which any assessment or tax 
is imposed or assessed. And no person or property 
exempt by law from assessments to work on high- 
ways in towns shall be assessed or taxed for making 
and repairing roads, highways and bridges. In the 
assessment roll made under this section, all persons 
who would be liable by law to be assessed to work 
on highways, if they reside in any of the towns in 
this state, shall be enumerated and may be taxed by 
the said common council, a sum not exceeding one 
dollar, as a poll tax, for making and repairing roads, 
highways and bridges. Said assessment roll shall, 
when completed and corrected, be filed with the 
clerk of the city. All taxes and assessments im- 
posed, rated and assessed by the said common coun- 


cil, in pursuance of this section, shall be collected 
by the collector or collectors of said city, in the 
same manner and with the same power and authori- 
ty, as taxes in and for the county of Erie are col- 
lected by the collectors of the several towns, by 
virtue of a warrant or warrants under the corporate 
seal, signed by the mayor, or by suit in the corpo- 
rate name, with interest and costs. The assess- 
ment roll filed with the clerk shall in all cases be 
evidence on the part of the corporation; and all 
taxes and assessments imposed or assessed on or in 
respect of any real estate as aforesaid, shall be a 
lien, on filing the roll with the clerk of the city, on 
such real estate; and in case such taxes and assess- 
ments are not paid, and no personal property can be 
found by the collector or collectors, out of which to 
satisfy and collect the same by distress and sale, 
the common council may cause such real estate to 
be sold for the payment and collection of such taxes 
and assessments as aforesaid, together with the ex- 
penses of the sale, in the manner and with the 
effect, and subject to the provisions specified in the 
forty-third section of this act, relative to the sales 
of real estate for the non-payment of assessments 
in that section mentioned; but no such real estate 
shall be sold as afwesaid, except within one year 
from the time of the filing of the assessment roll as 
aforesaid. All taxes and sums of money, raised 
and collected in pursuance or by virtue of this sec- 
tion, shall be paid to the treasurer of the city. 
Any person who may be assessed to raise the 
amount for making roads, highways and bridges, 
may at his option discharge the same in labor, at 
the rate of one day for each fifty cents he may be 


assessed for such purposes, provided such person 
shall within ten days after he shall have been first 
called upon by the collector to pay such tax, deliver 
to the collector a receipt from the street commis- 
missioner, specifying that he has labored upon the 
highways to the amount of such assessment, at the 
rate above specified. The street commissioner, 
whenever requested by any person assessed, for 
making highways, roads and bridges, shall desig- 
nate a time when, and not exceeding three days 
thereafter, and place where such person is to com- 
mence labor on the highways, under the direction 
of such commissioner, in discharge of such assess- 
ment; and upon the performance of such labor 
according to such designation, at the rate (A eight 
hours for each day, the commissioner shall give 
such person a receipt therefor. 

§ 39. The common council shall be commission- 
ers of highways in and for said city, and shall (sub- 
ject to the provisions of this act) possess the powers 
and perform the duties, and be subject to the liabil- 
ities of commissioners of highways in towns. 
They shall have power to regulate, repair, amend, 
alter and clean the streets, alleys, highways, brid- 
ges, side and cross walks, drains, sewers, wharves, 
piers, docks and slips in said city, and to prevent 
the incumbering of the same in any manner, and to 
protect the same from encroachments and injury. 
They shall also have power to direct and regulate 
the planting, rearing and preserving of ornamental 
trees in the streets of said city. 

§ 40. That all those portions of the Big and Lit- 
tle Buffalo Creeks within the bounds of said city, 
be and are hereby declared to be public highwayi. 


i 41. The common council shall have power to 
lay out, make and open streets, alleys, lanes, high- 
ways, wharres and slips, in sidd city, and to alter, 
widen, contract or discontinue the same; but no 
building exceeding the value of one thousand dol- 
lars shidl be removed in whole or in part, without 
the consent of the owner. They shall cause all 
streets, aUeyv, lanes orhighways, laid out by them, 
to be surveyed, described and recorded, in a book to 
be kept by the clerk, and the same when opened 
and made, shall be public hi^ways. Whenever 
any street, aUey, lane, highway, wharf or slip is 
laid out, altered or widen^ by virtue of this sec- 
tion, the common council shall give notice of their 
intention to take and appropriate the land necessa- 
ry for the same, to the owner therectf , his agent or 
legal representatives, if known or residing in this 
state, or if not known, and residing out of the state, 
then by publishing said notice for four weeks in one 
(N* more of the piddic papers in said city; and the 
noayor, or any two aldermen shaU have power, by a 
precept under their seals, to command any consta- 
ble of said city, to impannel and return a jury of 
twelve reputable freeholders of said city not in- 
terested nor of kin to any person interested in the 
premises, to appear before him or them, within ten 
days from the date of sudi precept, to ascertain and 
assess the damages and recompense due the owner 
or owners of such land, and at the same time to de- 
termine what persons will be benefitted by such im- 
provement, and to assess the expenses thereof, on 
the real eitate of the persons beiiefitted, in propor- 
tion, as nearly as may be, to the benefit resultiiig to 
each; and also to summon the owner of such land. 


his agent or representatives, by written notice, 
served personally, or left at his or their usual place 
of abode, to appear before him or them, on the day 
specified in said precept. The jury shall be sworn 
by any justice of the peace in said city, faithfully 
and impartially to execute their duty, in making 
such assessments, according to the best of their 
ability. The jury shall view the premises, and in 
their discretion, receive any legal evidence, and 
may, if necessary, adjourn from day to day. Such 
jury shall determine and award to the owner or 
owners of such land, such damages as they shall 
judge such owner or owners to sustain in conse- 
quence of such street, lane, alley, highway, wharf 
or slip, after taking into consideration and making 
due allowance for any benefit which said owner or 
owners may derive from such improvement. The 
said jury shall also at the same time, assess and ap- 
portion the expenses of such improvement on the 
real estate benefitted thereby, as nearly as may be, 
in proportion to the benefits resulting therefrom; 
ana shall describe the real estate on which any 
assessment is made under this section, in the same 
manner as is provided in the thirty-eighth section 
of this act, in relation to the assessment of taxes. 
If there be any building on any land taken for such 
improvement the owner thereof shall have ten days, 
or such time as the common council may allow, 
after the final assessment of the jury is returned to, 
and confirmed by the common council, to remove 
the same; and in case such owner removes such 
building, the value thereof to the owner to remove, 
shall be deducted from the amount of damages 
awarded to the owner thereof, and such value shall 


be at the time of the assessment, determined by 
the jury. The determination and assessment of 
the jury shall be returned in ¥mting, signed by the 
jury, to the common council. The common coun- 
cil, after such determination and assessment of the 
jury is returned to them, as aforesaid, shall give 
two weeks notice, in the corporation newspaper 
printed in said city, that such determination and 
assessment of the jury will, on a day to be specified 
in said notice, be confirmed by the common council, 
unless objections by some person interested are 
made thereto. All objections to any such determi- 
nation and assessment as aforesaid, shall be briefly 
stated in ¥mting, and filed with the clerk. If no 
objections afe made as aforesaid, the said determi- 
nation and assessment of the jury shall be confirmed 
by the common council. If objections are made as 
aforesaid, any person interested may be heard be- 
fore the common council, touching the said deter- 
mination and assessment of the jury, on the day 
specified in the aforesaid notice, or on such other 
day or days as the common council shall for that 
purpose appoint; and the said common council, on 
consideration of the objections made, shall have 
power in their discretion, to confirm such determina- 
tion and assessment of the jury, or ( to annul*] the 
same, and direct a new jury to be summoned for the 
purposes, and in the manner herein provided; and 
the determination and assessment of such second 
jury, shall when completed, be returned to and con- 
firmed as of course, by the common council, and 
filed with the clerk, and shall be final and conclu- 

*The words "to annul" were in the original draft, but were 
omitted in the bill when printed. 


sive on all persons interested. But the said com- 
mon council shall not have power to discontinue 
any street, road or highway in said city without 
the consent in writing of aU persons owning land 
adjoining such street, road or highway. 

§ 42. The conmion council shall have power to 
cause any street, alley, lane, road or highway, in 
said city, to be graded, levelled, paved, repaved, or 
gravelled, and to cause cross and side walks, drains, 
sewers, and aqueducts to be constructed and made 
in said city; and to cause any side walks or drains, 
sewers and aqueducts, to be re-laid, amended and 
repaired, and to cause the expenses of all improve- 
ments except side walks made or directed under 
this section to be assessed upon all the real estate 
in said city, in proportion to the benefits resulting 
thereto, as nearly as may be. The common coun- 
cil shall determine the amount to be assessed for 
all improvements made or directed under this sec- 
tion, except side walks, and shall appoint five repu- 
table freeholders of said city, to make such assess- 
ment. The assessors shall be sworn before a jus- 
tice of the peace in said city, faithfully and impar- 
tially to execute their duty as such assessors, ac- 
cording to the best of their ability. They shall 
assess the amount directed by the common council 
to be assessed for any such improvement, on the 
real estate deemed by them to be benefitted there- 
by, in proportion to the benefit resulting thereto, as 
nearly as may be : and the said assessors shall brief- 
ly describe in the assessment roll to be made by 
them, the real estate, on or in respect of which any 
assessment is made under this section. When the 
assessment is completed they shall give the like 


notiee, and have the same power to make correc- 
tions as in the case of assessment of taxes. They 
shall deliver a corrected copy of the assessment roll 
to the clerk of the city, to be filed. Any person in- 
terested may appeal to the common council for the 
correction of the assessment. Such appeal shall be 
in writing, and shall be delivered to the clerk or 
presicting office of the common council within 
twenty days after the corrected copy of the assess- 
m^it roll is filed with the clerk. In case of appeal 
the conmion council shall appoint a time within 
ten days thereafter, for the hearing of those who 
are interested, and shall cause a notice to be posted 
for five days, in some convenient public place, des- 
gnating the time and place and object of hearing; 
and they may adjourn said hearing from time to 
time as may be necessary: and the common council 
shall, in case of apx)eal as aforesaid, have power, in 
their discretion, to confirm such assessment, or to 
annul the same and direct a new assessment, which 
shall be final and conclusive on all parties inter- 
ested, to be made in the manner herein before di- 
rected, by five other assessors, to be appointed as 
aforesaid by the said common council. If the first 
assessment in any case under this or the preceding 
section proves insufficient, the conmion council 
may cause another to be made, in the same man- 
ner, or if too large an amount shall at any time be 
raised, the excess shall be refunded ratably to those 
by whom it was paid. 

§ 43. All assessments for improvements author- 
ized by the forty-first and forty-second sections of 
this act, shall be made upon the real estate, and be 
collected by or paid to the collector or collectors of 


said city, except as herein otherwise directed. A 
corrected copy of the assessment roll shall in all 
cases, authorized by the said forty-first and forty- 
second sections, be filed in the office of the clerk of 
the city; and the assessments shall be a lien on the 
premises assessed, for one year only, after the final 
corrected copy of the assessment roll is filed as 
aforesaid. In case of non-payment, the premises 
may be sold at any time within the year from the 
time of the filing of the said assessment roll. Before 
any such sale, an order shall be made by the com- 
mon council, which shall be entered at large in 
the records of the city, kept by the clerk, directing 
the attorney of the city to sell, and particularly 
describing the premises to be sold, and the assess- 
ment for which the sale is to be made: a copy of 
which order shall be delivered to the said attorney. 
The said attorney shall then advertise the premises 
to be sold, in the manner, and for the time required 
in case of sales of real estate on execution, and the 
sale shall be conducted in the same manner. The 
proceedings may be stopped at any time before sale, 
by any person, by paying to the said attorney the 
amount of the assessment, interest and expenses of 
advertising. All sales in such cases shall be made 
for the shortest period for which any person will 
take the premises and pay the assessment, interest 
and expenses. Certificates of the sale shall be 
made and subscribed by the said attorney, one of 
which shall be filed by him within ten days after 
the day of sale, in the office of the clerk of the city 
and in the office of the clerk of Erie county, and 
shall contain a description of the property, and the 
term for which it was sold, and state the amount 


of the assessment, interest and expenses for which 
the sale was made, and the time at which the right 
to redeem will expire. If the proceedings are 
stopped before a sale is made, the attorney may in- 
clude one dollar, and no more, in the expenses for 
his fees. If the premises are sold, the attorney 
may include two dollars in the amount of expenses 
for his fees, and no more. The right of redemption, 
in all cases, of such sales in the same manner and 
to the same extent, shall exist to the owner and his 
creditors, as is allowed by law in the case of sales 
of real estate by virtue of an execution. The mo- 
ney, in case of redemption, may be paid to the pur- 
chaser, or, for him, to the clerk of the city. In 
case of no redemption, or in case of redemption by 
the creditor or creditors, the common council shall 
make to the purchaser or his legal representatives, 
or the person entitled thereto, a declaration in wri- 
ting under the corporate seal, signed by the mayor 
and attested by the clerk, containing a description 
of the premises, the fact of assessment, advertise- 
ment and sale, and the period for which the premises 
were sold; which declaration shall be evidence of 
a right to the use and occupancy of the premises 
for the said period, to be computed from the expira- 
tion of fifteen months after the day of sale. All 
buildings put upon the premises in the exercise of 
such right of occupancy, during the period, may be 
removed, at or before the expiration thereof. 

44» Any person interested may appeal from any 
order of the common council, for laying out, open- 
ing, making, altering or widening any street, alley, 
lane, highway, wharf or slip, to the court of com- 
mon pleas of the county of Erie, by notice in wri- 


ting delivered to the mayor, or clerk of the city, at 
any time before the expiration of twenty days after 
tlie passage of the ordinance therefor by the com- 
mon comicil. The only ground of appeal shall be 
the want of conformity, in the proceedings, to this 
act. The property or utility of the street, alley, 
lane, highway, wharf or slip, or other improve- 
ments, or the correctness of the assessment of 
damages, if made in conformity to this act, shall 
not constitute a ground of appeal. In case of ap- 
peal, the common council shall make return within 
twenty days after notice thereof; and the court of 
common pleas, shall, at the next term, after the 
return which shall be filed in the office of the clerk 
of the county, proceed to hear and determine the 
appeal, and shall confirm or annul the proceedings 
of the common council. 

§ 45. The land required to be taken for the ma- 
king, opening or widening of any street, alley, lane» 
highway, wharf or slip, in said city, shall not be so 
taken and appropriated, by the conmion council, 
until the damages therefor, assessed and awarded 
to any owner thereof, under this act, shall be paid 
or tendered to such owner or his agent, or l^;al rep- 
resentatives; or in case such owner or his agent, or 
legal representatives can not be found in said city, 
shall be deposited to his or their credit, or for his or 
their use, in one of the banks of said city, and then 
and in such cases, and not before, such land may 
be taken, and appropriated by the common council 
for the purposes required, in making such imjM^ve- 
ments, and such streets, alleys, lanes, highways, 
wharves or slips, may be made and opened. 


§ 46. Where any known owner residing in said 
city or elsewhere, shall be an infant, and proceed- 
ings shall be had under the forty-first section of this 
act, the court of common pleas of Erie county, or 
any judge thereof, at his chambers, may upon the 
application of the common council, or such infant, 
or his next friend, appoint a guardian for such in- 
fant, taking security from such guardian for the 
faithful execution of his trust; and all notices and 
summonses required by said section shall be served 
onsuchguardian. Itshallbethedutyofsaidguardian 
to see that the rights of such infant are protected. 

§ 47. All owners or occupants, in front of whose 
premises the comnK)n council shall direct side walks 
to be constructed or repaired, shall make or repair 
such side walks, at their own cost and charges, but 
if not done in the manner and of the materials, and 
within the time prescribed by the common council, 
the said council may cause them to be constructed^ 
and assess the expenses thereof up)on such lots re- 
spectively, and collect the same in the manner di- 
rected by the forty-third section of this act. And 
such assessments shall be a lien upon such lot, in 
like manner as assessments under the said forty- 
third section* 

§ 48. No ordinance shall be passed by the com- 
mon council directing the laying out, making, widen- 
ing, contracting, discontinuingoralteringany street, 
alley, road, highway, wharf or slip, or directing the 
paving or flagging of any street, alley, road or high- 
way, or the constructing or making of any sewer or 
aqueduct in said city, unless two weeks previous no- 
tice shall be given by the said common council, in 
the corporation newspaper printed in said city, that 


an application is pending before said council, for the 
laying out, making, widening, altering, contracting, 
discontinuing, paving or flagging such street, alley, 
road, highway, wharf or slip, sewer or aqueduct, 
which notice shall briefly describe the nature and 
object of the application, and specify at what time 
it will be finally acted up)on by the common council. 

§ 49. The common council shall have power to 
order the grading, paving, graveling, raising, clos- 
ing, fencing, amending, cleansing and protecting 
any public square or area, now or hereafter laid out 
in said city; and to improve the same by the con- 
struction of walks, and the rearing and protecting 
of ornamental trees therein; and to cause such part 
of the expenses thereof as they shall deem just, to 
be assessed and collected in the manner prescribed 
in the forty-second and forty-third sections of this 
act, for assessing and collecting expenses of im- 
provements, mentioned in those sections; and to 
cause the sale of any real estate, on which such 
expenses are assessed, to be sold as provided in said 
forty-second and forty-third sections. But nothing 
herein shall empower the said common council to 
divert or obstruct the interest of any individual, 
in or to any such square or area. 

§ 50. The common council shall have power to 
establish and regulate a market or markets in said 
city, and to restrain and regulate the sale of fresh 
meat and vegetables in said city, to restrain andpun- 
ish the forestalling of poultry, fruits and eggs, and 
to license, under the hand and seal of the mayor, 
annually, such and so many butchers as they shall 
deem necessary and proper; and to revoke such li- 



.*ommoQ council, or other mal-conduct of 

tchers, in the course of their trade. 

The common council for the purpose of 

jg against the calamities of fire, shall have 

X) prescribe limits in said city, within which 

1 buildings shall not be erected or placed, 

t the permission of said common council, 

direct that all or any buildings within the 

prescribed, shall be made or constructed of 

>r brick, with partition walls, fire proof roofs, 

ick or stone cornices and eave troughs, under 

penalties as may be prescribed by the com- 

ouncil, not exceeding one hundred dollars for 

Qe offence ; and the farther sum of twenty-five 

s for each and every week, any building so 

prohibited shall be continued. 

§ 52. The common council shall have power to 
regulate the construction of chimneys, so as to ad- 
mit chimney sweeps, and to compel the sweeping 
and cleaning of chinmeys; and to prevent chinmey 
sweeps from sweeping unless licensed as they shall 
direct; to prevent the dangerous construction and 
condition of chimneys, fire-places, hearths, stoves, 
stove-pipes, ovens, boilers and apparatus usedin any 
building or manufactory, and to cause the same to 
be removed, or placed in a safe and secure condition 
when considered dangerous; to prevent the deposit 
of ashes in unsafe places, and to appoint one or more 
ofBcers to enter into all buildings and enclosures to 
discover whether the same are in a dangerous state, 
and to cause such as may be dangerous to be put in 
safe condition. To require the inhabitants of said 
city to provide so many fire-buckets, and in such 
manner and time as they shall prescribe, and to regu- 
late the use of them in times of fire; and to regulate 


and prevent the carrying on of manufactories dan- 
gerous in causing or promoting fires, and to prevent 
the use of fire-works and fire-arms in the streets; to 
compel theowners and occupants of houses and other 
buildings to have scuttles in the roofs, and stairs and 
ladders leading to the same ; to authorize the mayor, 
aldermen, fire-wardens, or other officers of said city, 
to keep away from the vicinity of any fire, all idle 
and suspicious persons and to compel all officers of 
said city, and other persons, to aid in the extinguish- 
ment of fires, and in the preservation of property ex- 
posed to danger thereat, and generally to establish 
such regulations for the prevention or extinguish- 
ment of fires as the common council may deem 

§ 53. The common council shall procure fire en- 
gines, and other apparatus used for the extinguish- 
ment of fires, and have the charge and control of 
the same, and provide fit and secure engine houses, 
and other places for keeping and preserving the 
same; and shall have power to organize fire, hook, 
hose, bag, ladder, and axe companies; to appoint 
during their pleasure, a chief engineer, and two as- 
sistant engineers of the fire department, and a com- 
petent number of able and reputable inhabitants of 
said city, firemen, to take the care and manage- 
ment of the engines, and other apparatus, and im- 
plements used or provided for the extinguishment 
of fires; to prescribe the duties of firemen, and to 
make rules and regulations for their government^ 
and to impose such reasonable fines and forfeitures 
upon said firemen, for a violation of the same, as 
the said council may deem proper. And for in- 
capacity, neglect of duty, or misconduct, to remove 
them and appoint others in their places. 


§ 54. The members of the common council shall 
be fire wardens, and shaU have power to appoint 
such other fire wardens, as they may deem neces- 

§ 55. The firemen appointed, by virtue of this 
act, shaH, during the term of their service as such, 
be exempt from serving on juries, in all courts, and 
in the militia, except in case of war, invasion, or 
insurrection. The name of each person appointed 
a fireman, shall be registered with the clerk of the 
city, and the evidence to entitle him to the exemp- 
tion, as provided in this section, shall be the certi- 
ficate of the clerk, made within a year in which 
the exemption is claimed. 

§ 56. The present firemen of the village of Buf- 
falo, shall be firemen of the city of Buffdio, subject 
to be removed by the common council, in like man- 
ner as other firemen of said city. 

§ 57. Every fireman, who shall have faithfully 
served as such, in said city or village of Buffalo, or 
both, for the term of ten years, shall be thereafter 
exempt from serving on juries, in all courts, or in ' 
the militia, except in case of war, invasion, or in- 
surrection, and iJie evidence to entitle such person 
to the exemption, as provided in this section, shall 
be a certificate, under the corporate seal, signed by 
the mayor and clerk. 

§ 58. The common council may authorize the 
mayor, or any other proper officer of the corp)ora- 
tion, to grant licenses to tavern keepers, grocers, 
and keepers of ordinaries or victualling houses, to 
sell wine and liquor in the manner prescribed by 
the Revised Statutes of this state. And may direct 
the manner of issuing, countersigning and register- 


ing such licenses, and may fix the fee to be paid 
therefor, at any sum not less than five, nor more 
than fifty dollars; and the sum to be paid to the 
mayor or other officer for granting such license not 
exceeding one dollar. The bonds to be taken on 
granting such licenses, shall be the same as are pre- 
scribed by the 9th title of the 20th chapter of the 
first part of the Revised Statutes. They shall be 
filed, may be prosecuted, and the moneys collected 
shall be applied as directed in that tiUe; and the 
persons receiving such licenses shall be in all re- 
spects subject to the provisions of the said title. 

§ 59. llie said conunon council shall have p)ower 
to pass such ordinances as they shall judge proper 
for regulating or restraining keepers of ordinaries, 
victualling houses, and houses where any of the 
articles or commodities hereinafter mentioned shall 
be sold, and to enforce observance thereto in the 
manner prescribed by the thirty-third section of 
this act. The common council shall also have pow- 
er to grant licenses in their discretion to keepers of 
ordinaries, victualling houses, and houses where 
fruit, oysters, clams, meat, porter, ale, strong beer, 
cider, currant wine, cherry wine, soda water, meth- 
eglin, or any of them, shall be sold, and to deter- 
mine the sum to be paid for such license by each 
person applying under this section; which sum 
shall not be less than five dollars, nor more than 
fifty dollars; and to require of the applicant a bond 
to the city of Buffalo in the penal sum of one hun- 
dred and twenty-five dollars with such security or 
sureties as shall be approved by said council, con- 
ditioned that during the term for which his license 
shall be granted, he will not suffer his store, house. 


grocery or shop» to become disorderly, and that he 
will not suffer any cockfighting, gaming, or playing 
with cards or dice, or keep any billiiurd table or 
other gaming table within the same, or in any out 
house, yard, or garden belonging thereto. All 
moneys received for licenses granted under this 
section shall be paid to the treasurer of the city of 
Buffalo for the use thereof, subject to the provisions 
of the last preceding section; and all moneys which 
shall be recovered as penalties or forfeitures for vio- 
lating any of the provisions of this section shall be 
paid to the treasurer of said city for the use thereof. 
§ 60. That the said common council shall be» 
and are hereby authorized to appoint annually, 
three commissioners as a board of health for said 
city, and the mayor of the said city, or presiding 
officer of the common council, shall be president of 
said board; and the clerk of said city shall be clerk 
of said board, and shall keep minutes of the pro- 
ceedings thereof. The said common council shall 
also, at their pleasure, appoint a health physician 
annually, and as often as the office shaU become 
vacant; and may remove him at pleasure, whose 
duty it shall be to visit every sick person, who may 
be reported to the board of health as hereinafter 
provided, and to report with all convenient speed 
his opinion of the sickness of said persons, to the 
clerk of the said board of health, and it shaU be the 
duty of said physician to visit and inspect at the 
request of the president of the said board, all boats 
and vessels, running to or being at the wharves, 
landing places, or shores in said city, which are sus- 
pected of having on board any pestilential or infec- 
tious disease, and all stores or buildings which are 


Suspected to contain unsound provisions, ot dam*' 
aged hides, or other articles, and to make report of 
the state of the same with all convenient speed, to 
the clerk of the board of health. 

§ 61. That in case any boat or vessel shall be at 
or near any of the wharves, shores; or landing pla- 
ces in said city, and the said board of health shall 
believe that such boat or vessel is dangerous to the 
inhabitants of the said city, in consequence of their 
bringing and spreading any pestilential or infectious 
disease among said inhabitants, or having just cause 
to suspect or believe, that if the said boat or vessel 
is suffered to remain at or near the said wharves, 
shores or landing places, it will be the cause of 
spreading among the inhabitants any pestilential 
or infectious disease, that it shall and may be law- 
ful for the said board, by an order in writing, signed 
by the president for the time being, to order such 
boat or vessel to any distance from said wharves, 
shores, or landing places, not exceeding three miles 
beyond the bounds of the city, within six hours 
after the delivery of such order to the owner, mas- 
ter, or consignee of said boat or vessel. And if 
the master, owner, or consignee to whom such or- 
der shall be deUvered, shall neglect or refuse to 
comply therewith, the said president may enforce 
such removal, and said master, ofwner, or consignee 
shall be considered guilty of misdeameanor, and on 
conviction, shall be fined a sum not exceeding two 
hundred and fifty dollars, and imprisoned not ex- 
ceeding three months, in the jail of the county of 
Erie, by any court having cognizance thereof; the 
said fine when paid, to be applied by the said board, 
to the support of the treasury of the city of Buffalo. 


§ 62. That every person practicing physic in said 
city, who shall have a patient laboring under any 
midignant or yellowf ever, or other infectious or pes- 
tilential disease, shall forthwith make report there- 
of , in writing to the clerk of the said board of health, 
and for neglecting so to do, shall be considered 
guilty of misdemeanor, and liable to a fine of fifty 
dollars, to be sued for and recovered in an action of 
debt, in any court having cognizance thereof, with 
costs, for the use of the treasury of said city. 

§ 63. That all persons in the said city , not being 
residents thereof, who shall be infected with any 
infectious or pestilential disease, and all things 
within said city, which, in the opinion of the said 
board, shall be infected by or tainted with pestilen- 
tial matter, and ought to be removed, so as not to 
endanger the health of the city, shall, by order of 
the said board of hei^h, be removed to some proper 
place, not exceeding three miles beyond the bounds 
of said city, to be provided by the said board, at the 
expense of said city; and the said board may order 
any furniture or wearing apparel to be destroyed, 
whenever they may judge it necessary for the 
health of the city. 

§ 64. That the said common council shall have 
power to appoint, and remove at pleasure, one or 
more harbor masters in said city, who shall have 
power, upon the application of the master, owner, 
or consignee of any ship, boat, or vessel in said city, 
to regulate and order all ships, boats and vessels, 
lying at any of the wharves, or landing places, or in 
any of the waters in said city, and to remove from 
time to time, such boats, ships, or vessels, as are not 
employed in receiving or discharging their cargoes 


or passengers, to make room for such others as re- 
quire to be more immediately accommodated, for 
the purpose of receiving or discharging their car- 
goes or passengers; and if any master or other 
person having charge of any such ship, boat, or 
vessel, shall refuse or neglect to obey the directions 
of such harbor master in the premises, he or they 
shall forfeit fifty dollars, to be recovered in an ac- 
tion of debt, with costs, for the use of the said city. 
The said harbor master shall recover from the mas- 
ter, owner, or consignee of every boat, ship, or ves- 
sel adjudged by him to be in default, for his com- 
pensation in the premises, the sum of one dollar, if 
the ship, boat, or vessel so adjudged to be in de- 
fault, is of the burden of twenty tons, or upwards; 
and fifty cents, if under twenty tons. 

§ 65. Alltheestate, real and personal, vested in» 
or belonging to, or held in trust, by the trustees of 
the vilk^ of Buffalo, at the time this act shall 
take effect, as a law, shall be, and is hereby de- 
clared to be vested in the city of Buffalo. 

§ 66. All former acts and parts of acts, relative 
to the incorporation of the village of Buffalo, ex- 
cept the 6th section of the act passed April 11, 
1826, entitled an act to amend the act entitled ''an 
act to incorporate the village of Buffalo in the coun- 
ty of Erie, passed April 7, 1822," are hereby re- 
pealed; and the power, right, and authority con- 
tained in that sefction in favor of the trustees of the 
village of Buffalo, be and the same are hereby 
transferred as they then existed, to the conmion 
council of the city of Buffalo; but the repeal of 
said acts, shall not affect any act done, or right ac- 
crued or established, or any proceeding, suit or 


prosecution, had or commenced, previous to the 
time when such repeal shall take effect; but every 
such act, right and proceeding, shall remain as 
valid and effectual, as if said acts had remained in 
force; and all the officers elected or appointed un- 
der, or by virtue of the acts hereby repealed, shall 
continue in office until, and including the day of 
the first election to be held under this act, unless 
the term for which they or any of them were elected 
or apx)ointed shall sooner expire. 

§ 67. This act shall take effect on the passage 
thejreof , and the legislature may at any time alter, 
modify, or repeal tiie same. 

Passed the Assembly April 4, 1832. 


Passed the Senate April 18, 1832. 


Approved April 20, 1832. 


Certificate of Abch'd. Campbell, Deputy Secre- 
tary, May 9, 1832, that this is a copy. Erasures 
and additions noted in certificate. 


Allen, Orlando, wholesale and retail dealer in 
groceries, paints, dye woods &c. 2M main street 
dwelling swan st. 

Austin S. 6. attorney, swan st. 

Austin, Jacob, farmer, niagara st. 

Allen, Lewis F. insurance office, EUicott square. 

Arthur, ^laborer, pearl st. 

Arden, John, do. 

Abbott, Dwight, cabinet maker, pearl st. 

Armstrong, L. saddler, do 

Armstrong, James, laborer, do 

Andrews, Bushnel, joiner, chippewa st. 

Ammon, Henry^ laborer, do 

Andrews, pearl st. 

Adams, Joseph, farmer, do 

Adams, Milan, do do 

Arnold, Richard H. cabinet maker, delaware st. 

Averv, Ebenezer R. chandler, do. 

Anthony, ^baker, franklin st. 

Attlebury, George, shoemaker, franklin st. § 

Avery, Peter, shoemaker, niagara st. 

Amy, Isaac, mason, do 

Allen, Julius W. constable, swan st. 

Allen, Charles H. clerk, do 

Allen, Sarah, boarding house, do 

Allen, Zina, cordwainer. 


Allen, Thomas, cordwainer. 

Adair, Joseph, laborer, seneca st. 

Andrews, Justin, do 

Ambrose, George, painter, do 

Atwater, M. shoemaker, do 

Amy, Michael, cabinet maker, delaware st. 

Abbott, Simon, joiner, do 

Adams, Hiram, grocer, Mohawk st. 

Anderson, Lucius, joiner, do 

Andrews, Wm. B. do do 

Adams, John, merchant, No. 5 cheapside main st. 

dwelling pearl st. 
Adams, Thomas, clerk, pearl st. 
Arthur, Wm. swan st. 
Atheam, Cyrus, merchant, huron st. 
Allen, Horace, blacksmith, do 
Archer, Arthur, mason, court st. 
Armstrong, B. farmer, do 
Allen, Stephen, carpenter, genesee st. 
Ashley, Jeremiah, cordwainer, church st. 
Aderson, Stephen, laborer, canal st. 
Abbott, John, grocer, do 

Alford, , joiner, main St. 

Allen, Jerry, plough maker, main st. 

Adams, Nelson, constable, do 

Abel, J. C. Joiner, do 

Adams, Harvey H. grocer, do 

Atheam & Havens, dealers in groceries, paints, &c. 

191 main st. 
Andrews, John, clerk, main st. 
Annis, James, seaman, do 

Abbott, Lewis, hatter, do 

Anderson, J. B. joiner, do 

Allen, M. merchant, do 


Ansel, Joseph, cabinet maker, main st. 
Adams, Orren, farmer, do 

Adams, Anson, do do 

Allen, Richard C. merchant, do 
Avery, Abel, blacksmith, Washington st. 
Armons, James, sail maker, do 

Atwater, Isaac P. carpenter & joiner, do 
Allen, 6. W. auction and commission merchant. 
Clothing store main st. dwelling Washington st. 
Allen, Carlisle, clerk, Washington st. 
Adams, Lynes, farmer, water st. 
Andrews, M. A. attorney, batavia st. 


Burt, David, merchant, main st. dwellingpublic sqr. 

Bull, Trumbul, merchant, eagle st. 

Bradley, Elias A. painter, do 

Bradley & Miller, painters and Glaziers 144 main 
St. and comer of Genesee and main st. 

Brown, ^painter, eagle st. 

Brown, Jonas, joiner, do 

Brooks, James, do do 

Bush, John, attorney, swan st. 

Bailey, Asa, joiner, Buffalo creek. 

Bartlet, merchant, canal st. 

Blossom, Peter, seaman, chippewa st. 

Bennet, Andrew, laborer, do 

Boles, Christopher, farmer, do 

Barnard, Selah, farmer, Huron st. 

Barnard, John, saddler, do 

Barton, J. L. & Co., forwarding and commission 
merchants, agents of vessels on the Lake and 
western line canal boats, foot canal and water st. 

Boyce, Isaac, tailor, Washington st. 


Barker & Holt, forwarding and commission mer* 
chants — ^agents for steam boat Superior, St. Jo- 
sephs and Chicago line packet vessels and Mer- 
chants line of canal boats, foot of main st. 

Ball, Jonathan, land agent, court st. 

Bowman, Elizabeth, do 

Bonnet, Joseph, laborer, do 

Bennet, David, joiner, do 

Bartlett, John, canal captain, seneca st. 

Bliss, Judah, physician, do 

Bezanson, cordwainer, do 

Brown, Wm. P. farmer, Genesee st. 

Bums, Thomas, carpenter, do 

Burt, Frederick, merchant, do 

Bivens, do 

Bertrand, Michael, seaman, do [pearl st. 

Burwell, Bryant, M. D. office seneca street, dwelling 

Baleman, Henry, laborer, Franklin st. 

Bunnell, Bradley, physician, office canal dock, 
dwelling Franklin st. 

Blackmond> Edwin, chair maker, Niagara st. 

Butler, Frederick, clock maker, do 

Bosworth, Samuel, jeweler and watch maker, dwel- 
ling swan st. 

Burr, Sidney, main st. 

Black, James, joiner, Delaware st. 

Burdick & Kimberley , dry goods & groceries main st . 

Bowe, A. boarding house, canal st. 

Bennett, James, paU maker, Seneca st. 

Bennett & Kay, do do do 

Brewer, Daniel, do do do 

Bixher, Joseph, laborer, do 

Bedford, John, do do 

Bemis, widow, do 


Bennett, Benjamin, custom house officer, Seneca st. 
Barker, Z. W. canal collector, office on the canal, 

dwelling crow st. 
Blakely, Wm. carpenter and joiner, Seneca st. 
Brown, James, cigar maker, do 

Bolles, Nathaniel, blacksmith, do 

Bosworth, Isaac, cabinet mak^, swan st. 
Briggs, Wm. clerk, do 

Bamum, Isaac, engineer, do 

Badgley, Morgan, clerk, do 

Beebe, Reuben, do do 

Bruce, M. tailor, do 

Burmore, Nathaniel, gin distiller, Mohawk st. 
Brown, Rufus, clerk, swan st. 
Brayman, M. painter, do 
Baird, Jonathan, farmer, Niagara st. 
Bishop, John, brick maker, do 
Boyle, Michael, do do do 

Buchanan, Robert, painter, Franklin st. 
Brintnall, Phineas, grocer, dwelling Franklin st. 
Bower, Jacob, carpenter, do 

Brunner, Lewis, farmer, do 

Brainard, Josephus, baker, do 

Bedel, Joseph, laborer, do 

Blossom, Ira A. land agent, office comer of Wash* 

ington and Clinton st. dwelling Erie st. 
Bass, Daniel, laborer, terrace. 
Barber, John, pot ashery, do 
Battersly, Henry, farmer, do 
Barnes, John, mason, do 
Barnes, Jason, do do 

Buscare, Aaron, brick maker, delaware st. 
Black, James, joiner, do 

Burton, Darius, painter, do 


Burton, Orlonzo, painter, delaware st. 

Barnes, Irvin, do do 

Bowen, Thomas, carpenter, mohawk st. 

Bates, John, laborer, do 

Bates, James, do do 

Bates, Stephen, joiner, do 

Bates, Elisha, painter, do 

Barton, Thaddeus, farmer, do 

Bronson, Edwin, cordwainer, pearl st. 

Bigelow, Samuel A., clerk do 

Bressington, John, reed maker, do 

Balser, Ospelider, farmer, do 

Bennet, Philander, attorney, swan st. dwelling 

Barker, Geo. P., attorney, seneca st. (p^ftrl st. 

Burwell, Elliott, teacher. Academy. 

Ball, Shelden, goldsmith, pearl st. 

Beyer, Jacob, farmer, do 

Bichant, John, cordwainer, do 

Buhut, Francis, laborer, do 

Boynton, Charles, joiner, do 

Barson, Samuel, farmer, do 

Benson, James H. , hatter, do 

Backer, Nicholas, cordwainer, pearl st. 

Bower, John, sawyer, do 

Ballshizer, Bown, tailor, do 

Babcock, James, farmer, public square. 

Benedict, comb maker, swan st. 

Bush, John, attorney, do 

Barton, James L., forwarding merchant, church st. 

Braman, do 

Butrick, John B., joiner, do 

Bowen, Elizabeth do 

Bond, Ephriam, clerk, do 

Barton, Peter, do do 


Barker & Hudson, attorneys, seneca st. 
Bowen, Daniel, carriage maker, erie st. 
Boyle, Hugh, laborer, crow st. 
Bartlett, Joseph, farmer,do 
Brideson, Thomas, do do 
Basket, Charles T. gardener, ellicott st. 
Bigdale, Robert, do do 

Busanty, Jacob, weaver, do 

Bowen, Caleb N. farmer, do 
Blake, Adams, mason, do 

Brown, James, laborer, do 

Bell, Christopher, mason, do 
Bamet, William, teamster, do 

Betts, chair maker, do 

Bennet, widow Mary Ann, canal st. 
Buzee, Mrs. do 

Burgess, Thomas, clerk, do 

Beeklin, seaman, do 

Bivins, Ebenezer, painter, do 

Baker, Hiram, laborer, do 

Burt & Storrs, wholesale dry goods, 234 main st. 

Baily, William, laborer, do 

Burton, Silas, chandler, do 

Burton & Crawford, grocers, do 

Brown, A. farmer, do 

Burwell,Theodotus, teacher L.&S.Acad'y. do 
Butler, Theodore, bookseller & stationer, 226 do 
Buffalo Bank, 186 do 

Bristol, Moses, M. D. 202 main st. dwelling Buffalo 
Buck, Ezra, chair maker, do [House. 

Bow, laborer, do 

Beckwith, J. P. innkeeper, do 
Bishop, Hiram 6. clerk, do 
Benson, John, brewer, do 


Brown, cordwainer, main st. 

Brandow, William, painter, do 
Brown, J. W. chancQer, do 
Bugan, John, laborer, do 

Bum, John, do do 

Bestow, James, do do 

Boyle, Simon, do do 

Bush & Spicer, coach makers, main st. 
Beverly, Henry, do 

Bivins, William, phoenix hotel, do 
Babcock, Christopher, grocer, do 
Blackmer, William, carpenter, do 
Barton, Phineas, mansion house. 
Bump, Nelson, 

Brown, ostler, farmers' hotel, main st. 

Butler, Shatter, do 


Bristol, Dan, grocer, 9 ellicott square, d. mohawk st. 

Bulletin Office, 11 do 

Buffalo Fire and Marine Insurance Co. 12 ellicott sq. 

Brooker, Sylvester, laborer, main st. 

Brown> John, carpenter, do 

Brown, John, do 

Brown, George, do 

Burt, Jonathan, clerk, do 

Bolton, Seth, baker, do 

Bartholomew, blacksmith, main st. 

Brewster, Armstrong, clerk, do 

Boynton, Jonathan, clerk, do 

Baldwin, Edward, superintendent of the jubilee wa- 
ter works, street commissioner, Buffalo House. 
Babcock, M. L. clerk U. S. B. Bank, Buffalo House. 
Brockway, H. jr. agent for packets, do 
Boyden, George W. clerk, do 


Butler, M. bookseller, main street, 

Bach, J. B. merchant, 220 do. Eagle Tavern. 

Brown, R. S. do do do 

Burt, Caryl & Co. wholesale & retail dry goods and 

groceries, main st. 
Babcock, G. R. attorney, pearl st. 
Ball, Henry L. lottery office, 130 main st. 
Beard, Wm. porter U. S. B. Bank, Eagle Tavern. 
Ball, Gideon I. goldsmith, main st. 
Bakle, George, baker, do 

Brintnall, Phineas, merchant, do 
Bard, Joseph, do 

Baker, Moses, merchant, do 

Bruner, do 

Bedford, Alford, seaman, prime st. 

Bulsom, Peter, baker, do 

Barber, Samuel, farmer, brooklyn st. 

Brown, Jesse, do 

Beattie, John W. cabinet maker, main st. 

Beach, E. do do 

Baker, Ebenezer, joiner, terrace. 

Bronner, Jacob, farmer, niagara st. 

Brooks, Josiah, seaman, canal dock. 

Bullard, Sanford, carpenter, do 

Beardsley, Josiah, grocer, do 

Barker, J. A. forwarding merchant, Washington st. 

Boyden, Moses, joiner, do 

Boyden, Nehemiah, sawyer, do 

Bamum, Austin, comb maker, . do 

Bamum, Hiram, do do 

Brooks, Gabriel, cooper, do 

Brainard, Jeremiah, carpenter and joiner, do 

Barker, Zenas, do 

Brivin, Joseph, carpenter, do 



Blesnng, Thomas, cooper, Washington st. 

Beers, John, blacksmith, do 

Bradley, Benjamin, carpenter, do 

Brown, Thomas S. laborer, do 

Beers, Anthony,agentforthemarineandmechanic's 

CO. store, prime street, dwelling, Washington st. 
Bush, Robert, carriage maker, do 

Banks, Stephen, do do 

Barker,PierreA. collectorof customs, port of BuflFalo 

creek, office 142 main st. dwelling, Washington st. 
Beals, John W. iron merchant, do 

Bush, John, cordwainer, do 

Buck, , shoemaker, do 

Bonka, Frances, laborer, do 

Buck, Clari, do 

Birmingham, James, teamster do 

Bedell, Nathaniel, founder, ohio st. 
Brown, Howgal, asher, do 

Benny, Thomas, joiner, do 

Balcom, Philo A. ferryman, do 
Baldwin, James J. city surveyor, eagle st. 
Brace, Lester, under sheriff, do 

Baker, Albert P. mason, oak st. 
Baker, Jeremiah, do do 
Brown, John, joiner, do 

Bates, John, junior clerk, main st. 
Bedlow, William, grocer, do 
Bachellor, Amos, do do 

Bethel Church, do 

Bronson, Edwin, shoemaker, pearl st. 

Burdock, do 

Bartholomew, Chauncey, engineer, Washington st. 
Bacon, Samuel G. printer, main st. 
Butler, Comfort F. do do. 


Clary, Joseph,attomey,mainst.dwellmg,franklmst. 


Clark, John W., M. D. do 

Clark, Grosvenor, clerk, do 

Chamberlain, Sylvester, blacksmith, do 

Callender, S. N. merchant, 194 main st. dwel. erie st. 

Cutler, A. cabinet maker, 8 ellicott sqr. dwel. pearlst. 

Comstock, Fitch B. cabinet maker, do 

Caryl, Lucien W., M. D. office, swan st, dw. crow st. 

Caryl, William O. student, do do 

Chapin, Cyrenus, physician, do 

Carrol, Michael, baker, eagle st. 

Crane, J. tinman, swan st. 

Camp, Seth, joiner, huron st. 

Clark, P. S. farmer, do 

Chittle, Frederick, gunsmith, court st. 

Connelly, Wiler, laborer, do 

Coming, James, druggist, seneca st. 

Coatsworth, Caleb, butcher, genesee st. 

Cook, Thomas B. clerk, church st. 

Camp, Bethuel, carpenter, do 

Churchill, P. shoe and leather store, 179 main st. 

Card, James, brewer, crow st. 

Chamberlin, David, tanner and currier, ellicott st. 

Carr, John, oyster dealer, canal st. 

Camp, S. L. clerk, do 

Cross, Daniel, grocer, do 

Cornwall, Samuel, grocer, do 

Cowen, carpenter, do 

Crippan, Alanson, laborer, main st. 
Colton, Manly, hardware store, 2£8 main st. 
Curtis, Medad, mason, franklin st. 
Caruth, Josiah, laborer, do 


Canith, Josiah, jr. brick maker, franklin st. 

Carey, Daniel, shoemaker, do 

Cooper, William W. pattern maker, do 

Carey, W. joiner, do 

Collect, Lambert, laborer, niagara st. 

Crillen, William, tailor, do 

Compton, Lewis, teamster, do 

Camp, Asahel, clock maker, do 

Caskey, Joseph, farmer, do 

Caskey, Joseph H. caulker, do 

Collect, John, butcher, swan st. 

Cogswell, Jerry, teamster, do 

Caldwell, Samuel, attorney, swan st. 

Coppock, Frederick, goldsmith, 178 main st. 

Cowles, John, grocer, canal st. 

Cowles, Absalom,, pearl st. 

Chittenden, W. S. eagle st. 

Camp, John 6. alderman, seneca st. 

Corley, Titus, G. joiner, delaware st. 

Culver, John, blacksmith, canal st. 

Copper, John, tanner and cunier, seneca st. 

Coleman, John, turner, do 

Cotton, Rowland, farmer, do 

Craig, Francis, laborer, do 

Clack, Charles, do do 

Carswell, Dimock, laborer, do 

Crane, Thomas, mill right, do 

Chapin, Sheldon, wholesale grocer, seneca st. 

Church, Thomas, grocer, canal st. dwelling crow st. 

Cleaveland, M. teamster, swan st. 

Childs, M. chair maker, do 

Craw, James, mason, franklin st. 

Craw, William, do do 

Chaplin, Anne, widow, do 


Cooper, David, joiner, franklin st. 
Cotton, Joseph, merchant, do 
Cobb, Harry, joiner, terrace, 
Chapin, Roswell, attorney, delaware st. 

Carley, ^joiner, do 

Cooledge, James, painter, do 

Cunyan, James, do do 

Crane, Philips, mohawk st. 
Camp, Merlin, cordwainer, church st. 
Camp & Hallenbeck, shoe stores, main st. 
Curtis, Peter, merchant, main st. dwelling, pearl st. 

Cowdiy, Stephen, inkeeper, do 

Cimningham, Lewis, laborer, do 

Carey, James, do do 

Claver, Francis, wagon maker, do 

Caskey, William, laborer, do 

Clows, Joseph, farmer, do 
Coppock & Co. music and fancy store, 217 main st. 

Clark, Stephen, farmer, do 

Cook, Mrs. Eliza, widow, do 

Coan, Jacob, carpenter, do 

Castle, John, do do 

Cook, Josiah, baker» do 

Crane, John, painter, do 

Crane, John, jr. do 

Co£Pe, Patrick, mason, do 

Castellora, James, laborer, do 

Carmady, Patrick, do do 

Croghan, John, do 

Carr, George, boarding house, do 

Crowell, Charles, chair maker, do 

Culverson, J. W. joiner, do 

Culverson, Silas, do do 

Church, Ralph, goldsmith, 199 do 



Case, Manning, Farmers' Hotel, main st. 
Case, Squire S. do do 

Case, Nehemiah, do do 

Crawford, Henry, attorney, do 

Cummings, M. laborer, do 

Case, Harlow, deputy P. M. do 

Cook, John, laborer, do 

Clark, Zenus, founder, do 

Cummings, John, blacksmith, do 

Comstock, ^joiner, do 

Cooley, do do 

Cheesman, William, merchant, 198 do 
Caryl, B.C. do do 

Chittenden, Martin, attorney, swan st. 
Cornwall, W. R. merchant, main st. 
Carpenter, J. R. cashier U. S. B. Bank, Eagle Tav. 

Cole, clerk, main st. 

Curtis, David, carpenter, main st. 

Catlin, Charles, do 

Cotesworth, Thomas, farmer, main st. 

Cotesworth, Joseph, do do 

Cotesworth, Francis, do do 

Cotesworth, Caleb, hatter, do 

Corfield, Peter, laborer, do 

Conway, Michael, do 

Cogger, Joseph, seaman, do 

Chalk, John S. confectioner, do 

Clary & Fillmore, attorneys, do 

Cameron, Hugh, draper, do 

Crary, L. P. acution store, canal st, dwel. ninth st. 

Cooper, Joseph, joiner, main st. 

Crawford, Peter, do do 

Carter, Charles A. sail maker, main st. 

Cowls, Mary Ann, Mrs. do 


Chaae, widow» main st. 

Cutler, T. caipenter, do 

Cpowne, cordwainer, prime st. 

Culveer, John, machine maker, prime st. 
Cnifoot, Luther, blacksmith, do 
Carl, John, laborer, terrace. 
Camp, J. 6. 2d, grocer, flats. 
Cole, Aaron, pedler, terrace, 
Caryl, Benjamin, clothing store, canal dock, 
Coppock, John R. music store, main st. dwelling, 
Coppock, Wm. Washington st. [Washington st. 
Campbell, Charles, comb maker, do 

Calkins, Lucius, joiner, do 

Crane, Abel, blacksmith, do 

Carson, Marshal, painter, do 

Church, chair maker, do 

Case, Cicero, carriage maker, do 

demons, Alfred, mill wright, do 

Crittenden, Edward, joiner, do 

Cooper, Seth, clerk, do 

Cobum, Theodore, mason, do 

Cook, William, do clinton st. 

Comstock, Chauncy W. farmer, eagle st. 
Chamberlin, Alonzo, joiner, oak st. 

Culverson, tailor, do 

Carpenter, Wm. A. printer, do 
Chase, H. capt. schooner Atalanta. 
Carpenter, Samuel E. printer, oak st. 
Cutler, Clarinda, milliner, 167 main st. 
Clement, Richard, captain. 
Cook, Chloe, boarding house, pearl st. 
Curtiss, Amze W. dergyman, Washington st. 
Caryl, Alexander Hamilton, clerk, crow st, 
Coleman, John H. derk, main st. 



Day, David M. printer, 204 main st. dwel. pearl st. 
Daley, Martin, merchant, do 

Doyle, Peter, laborer, do 

Doyle, Thomas, chandler, do 

Deer, Joseph, laborer, do 

Doler, Chnstian, sawyer, do 

Duncan, Seth K. cabinet maker, do 

Duncan, Samuel, stone cutter, ^^^e st. 
Doyle, James, mason, do 

Dewey, Horace, joiner, do 

Douglass, Robert, brewer, york st. 
Dunn, Christian, stone cutter, chippewa st. 
Drewer, Henry, laborer, do 

Dunn, John P. joiner, huron st. 
Dunningworth, Jacob, laborer, court st. 
Davis, William, cooper, genesee st. 
Dukes, John, cordwainer, church st. 

Devol, do do 

Drew, John, teacher, crow st. 
Drew, Francis, jr. clerk, crow st. 
Driscoll, Joshua, joiner, ellicott st. 
Darrow, Elijah, hatter, do 
Dunn, Harry, seaman, canal st. 
Deuther, Alexander, grocer, do 
Deuther, George, clerk, do 
Davison, George W. cordwainer, canal st. 
Dome, Seth, mason, do 

Day, Ebenezer, mason, main st. 
Darken, Edward J., M. D. 218 main st. 

Darrow, chair maker, do 

Doan, Jacob, cabinet maker, do 

Demarest, James, saddler, do 

Drullards James, clerk, do 



Delmas, John, shoemaker, main st. 

Dodge, Reuben, mason, pearl st. 

Doroze, Frederick, laborer, morgan st. 

Davis, WiUiam, joiner, franklin st. 

Delano, Lucian, mason, do 

Dusenbury, Benjamin, farmer, franklin st. 

Davenport, Joseph, clerk U. S. B. Bank, franklin st. 

Dart, Joseph, hat manufacturer, niagara st. 

Dennison, Ephraim H. boarding house, niagara st. 

DiUy, Richard, cooper, do 

Doty, M. tailor, Washington st. 

Day, Thomas, brick maker, niagara st. 

Dyer, Charles, innkeeper, do 

Dunning, hatter, 

Dygert, A. S. gunsmith, main st. 
Doty, J. T. ready-made clothing, canal st. 
Decker, Joel H. farmer, seneca st. 
Dike, Thomas J. baker, canal st. 
Durick, M. woolen factor, hydraulic's, seneca st. 
Daws, John, do 

Dash, Joseph, clergyman, do 

Dorothy, John, laborer, do 

Dockstader, Butler, clerk, do 

Dorr, Michael, laborer, do 

Dutcher, Ransom, blacksmith, do 

Dimon, John, teamster, swan st. 
Dana, Charles, clerk, do 

Dunn, James, gunsmith, do 
Dunham, Noah, tailor, main st. 
Dunning, Douglass, joiner, niagara st. 
Deming, Eleazer, canal capt. franklin st. 
Dinio, Heman, mason^ do 

Dewing, Calvin, do do 

Dibble, Elah, joiner, do 


Dunbar, Ljrman, franklin st. 

Downie, D. A. joiner, franklin st. 

Day, Qrren, mason, main st. 

Digel, John, baker, do 

Dougherty, A. F. bar tender Mansion House. 

Dunham, £. looking glass manufacturer, main st. 

Dusenbury, Jeremiah, grocer, do 

Dally, Joseph, blacksmith, do 

Dana, William K. merchant, 1218 do 

Dockstader, W. B. hatter, do 

Dunn, Wm. Steam Boat Hotel, do 

Dole, do 

Duffee, A. do 

Denton, Robert, joiner, do 

Dickerson, Ira, wagon maker, do 

Ditz, Mary, do 

Davison, Daniel S. ship carpenter, prime st. 

Davis, Abner, baker, terrace. 

Denny, George, Washington st. 

Darrow, Noyes, livery stable, Washington st. 

Doty, Harvey, tailor, do 

Dean, Joseph, merchant, do 

Digner, Francis, ohio st. 

Darrow, H. P. teamster, clinton st. 

Dunmore, Amasa H. farmer, eagle st. 

Drake, David, tobacconist, do 

Donaldson, J. do 

Dodds, Stephen, mason, oak st. 

Dumont, R. joiner, water st. 

Davis, Samuel, do do 

Dawley, —^ — pearl st. 

Devens, Gilbert R. joiner, Washington st. 

De Bie, Luden H. clerk land oflBce, Eagle Tavern. 

De Long, James, clerk, do 


Degraff, Daniel, shoemaker, franklin st. 
Dayton, Sabin, farmer, do 

Donehue, James, joiner, do 

Davis, John, butcher, delaware st. 


Efner, Elijah D. merchant tailor, 209 main street, 

dwelling, Washington st. 
Elliott, Thomas, carpenter, public square, 
Edwards, WiUiam, blacksmith, pearl st. 
Elliott, James, joiner, delaware st. 
Ellsworth, Viena, seneca st. 
Elliott, John, laborer, seneca st. 
Eaton, Sylvester, Rev. do 
Emery, Daniel, brick maker, niagara st. 

Everetts, comb maker, franklin st. 

Estye, Sarah, widow, milliner, ellicott st. 

Edmonson, upholsterer, do 

Errismond, martin, laborer, pearl st. 

Evans, Moses, cooper, do 

Earnest, John, tailor, do 

Edgerton, James, joiner, huron st. 

Egard, Martin, laborer, court st. 

Ermichad, Pane, do canal st. 

Edgecomb, Morgan, seaman, canal st. 

Ensign, Elisha, farmer, main st. 

Evans, Charles, mason, do 

Empie, David, joiner, do 

Earle, Enoch, sash maker, do 

Earle, Cornelius, do do 

Elliott, James, joiner, do 

Eustaphieve Alexis A. teller Bank 'd! Buffalo. 

Emons, F. Mansion House. 

Eldridge, Erasmus, burr mill stoiQte factory, main st. 


Eldridge, Ephraim, innkeeper, main st. 
Ensign, Otis, Jackson Hotel, do 

Edwards, Solomon, teamster, terrace. 
Everitts, Jesse, laborer, Washington st. 
Eldridge, Chas. do do 

Edwards, Richard, blacksmith, Washington st. 
Ellmore, Augustus, painter, do 

Evans, Benjamin G. brass founder, ohio st. 
Estis, David, asher, do 

Estis, William C. joiner, do 

Eldridge, Benjamin, ta&ner, clinton st. 
Eaton, Augustine, forwarding and conunission mer- 
chant, agent for the clinton line of canal boats, 
big Buffalo creek, dwelling, niagant st. 


Follett, Oran, printer, Buffalo House, 

Forward, Oliver, Mansion House, 

Fox, Robert, seaman, canal st. 

Fluke, Jacob, tailor, chippewa st. 

French, Harlow, blacksmith, huron st. 

Ford, Eli, joiner, do 

Forest, George, joiner, court st. 

Fromwell, Joseph, laborer, court st. 

Fetterson, Charles, do genesee st. 

Furman, John, custom house officer, church st. 

Fletcher, Horatio, burr mill stone factory, crow st. 

Friday, Michael, laborer, ellicott st. 

Frazier, joiner, canal st. 

Foot, John, mason, do 
Furlong, Hiram, seaman, canal st. 
Fullington, E. joiner, main st. 
Folsom, William, carpenter, main st. 
Ford, G. W. joioer, do 


Frewer, Joseph, laborer, main si. 
Ferrier, John, saddler, do 

Fields, clerk, do 

Freeborn, clerk, do 

Fobes, John, farmer, swan st. 

Fobes, Silas A. farmer, comer pearl and swan sUk 

Fox, Simeon, seaman, eagle st. 

French, John, joiner, do 

Fuller, Amri, farmer, pearl st. 

FolHnsbu, Amos, brick maker, delaware st. 

Fletcher, Levi, lumber merchant, terrace. 

Fowler, John, mason, franklin st. 

Folsom, Noah, butcher, swan st. 

Favority, Elias, hatter, 

Flagg, John B. tin & copper manufacturer, main st. 

Franks, Warner, laborer, seneca st. 

Fox, Charles, tanner and currier, seneca st. 

Foster, Mariah, painter, do 

Fellows, Phillips, hatter, do 

Fellows, William, do do 

Foster, Stukely. carpenter, do 

Fawcet, George, teamster, swan st. 

Fraicaise, M. do 

Fox, Augustus C. do 

Folsom, David, do 

Fowler, Benjamin, grocer, Buffalo creek* dwelling, 

Fisk, M. blacksmith, franklin st. (niagara st. 

Fori^h, Gilbert S. attorney, franklin st. 

Fromi, Francis, laborer, morgan st. 

Folsom, G. W. do do 

Fuller, William, painter, delaware st. 

Foote, joiner, mohawk st. 

Foster, Richard, cabinet maker, mohawk sU 
Fenton, Joseph, do do 


Fursman, Samuel, coach maker, mohawk st. 

Fisher, Nicholas, tailor, pearl st. 

Fenner, Caleb, cordwainer. 

Flick, Peter, mason, pearl st. 

Fawcet, William, laborer, pearl st. 

Fenner, Philip, butcher, do 

Foster, J. seaman, Buffalo creek. 

Faulkner, Morgan L. merchant, 216 main street, 

dwelling, Washington st. 
Fitch, Benjamin, wholesale dry goods, 288 main st. 

clothing store, comer main and seneca sts. 
Fought, George, baker, main st. 
Fields, A. & O. dry goods merchants, main st. 
Fitch, Frederick, do 

Fairchild, Elias, founder, do 

Fairchild, Raymond, do do 

Fairchild, Robert, do do 

Faulkner, Henry, teamster, do 

Ford, Elijah, a tomey, office, do 

Fillmore, Millard, attorney, office, do 

Fairchild, Joseph, grocer, do 

Fairchild, Jared, clerk, do 

Frick, J. grocer, do 

Firsman, Samuel, coach and wagon maker, comer 

main and genesee sts. 
Fletcher, C. F. founder, loyd st. 
Foot, Oliton, C. farmer, terrace. 
Fisk, Arvin, distiller, do 

Furlong, Hiram, clerk, do 
Flint, Joseph, grocer, Washington st. 
Fitzgerald, Jo^, do 

Ferris, Samuel, carpenter, eagle st. 
Friez, Joseph, cordwainer, oak st. 
Fried, George, tailor, do 


Fox, Simeon, capt. schooner Constitution. 
Finney, Erastus, farmer, church st. 
Faxon, James, bookseller, 134 main st. 
Faxon, Charles, printer, main st. dwel. genesee st. 
Faxon, Henry, bookbinder, main st. 
Faulkner, J. M. clerk, 216 main st. 


Griffin, Horace, merchant, 190 main st. 

Goodrich, Guy H. president Bank of Buffalo. 

Gillett, Caleb, farmer, huron st. 

Gates, Michael, shoemaker, court st. 

Graham, Robert, wagon maker, ellicott st. 

Garrison, Cornelius K. joiner, do 

Gleason, Thomas, turner, do 

Green, Samuel, tailor, canal st. 

Groodell, J. bez, farmer, main st. 

Goodrich, G. H. & Co. wholesale and retail staple 
and fancy dry goods, 212 main st. 

Gardner & Patterson, importers and wholesale deal- 
ers in china, glass, eartherware & looking glasses, 
208 main st. 

Green, William, cordwainer, main st. 

Groldsmith, Orton, farmer, do 

Girmit, George, laborer, do 

Gould, Isaac, grocer, do 

Gifford, Nathan, blacksmith, do 

Gleason, George B. clerk, do 

Gannis, S B. cordwainer, do 

George, J hn, seaman, do 

Green, S. B., M. D. do 

Gaynor, Thomas, teamster, do 

Gruhan, Michael, do 

Golden, Martin, do 


Grigg, Andrew, shoemaker, main st. 

Grey, E. G. grocer, do 

Gardner, Charles, crockery store, main st. 

Gazley, Greorge, shoemaker, do 

Grodfrey, James, laborer, prime st. 

Grant, Orrin, carpenter, brooklyn st. 

Godfrey, Charles, do 

Griffith, Jesse, farmer, terrace. 

Griffith, Ira, on canal. 

Graham, Orion, carpenter, canal dock. 

Graham, Amasa, joiner, do 

Green, Samuel, tailor, terrace. 

Green, Elias, constable and collector, pearl st. 

Groodrich, Nathaniel, blacksmith, Washington st. 

Graver, John, laborer, chippewa st. 

Garrison, Oliver, farmer, pearl st. 

Grermain, Charles, laborer, delaware st. 

Grermain, George, do do 

Gourmant, Francis, do morgan st. 

Goodrich, Anson, baker, franklin st. 

Gates, Silas, Farmers' Exchange, seneca st. 

Gardner, Noah H. tanner and currier, do 

Grear, Greorge, pail maker, do 

Glote, Gerard, laborer, do 

Gates, Daniel, canal capt. water st. 

Gates, Greorge, grocer, do 

Guiteau, Julius, farmer, niagara st. vegetable celkir, 

Green, John, teamster, swan st. [City Hotel. 

Gillespie, Robert, grocer, crow st. 

Gilbert, Jonathan, journeyman tinner, swan st. 

GiUett, Gates, mason, franklin st. 

Granger, comb maker, franklin st, 

GiU, Thomas, cabinet maker, do 
Goodrich, Aaron, clerk, do 

77 ' 

Galligan, William, cabinet maker, 165 main stieet, 
dwelling, terrace. 

Goff, painter, delaware st. 

Groodale, Austin, joiner, mohawk st. 

Gillett, Henry, clerk, do 

Green, James, joiner, pearl st. 

Gilbert, Elijah, innkeeper, pearl st. 

Gross, Nicholas, laborer, do 

Gabriel, Michael, mason, do 

Globber, Jacob, tailor, Washington st. 

Goodman, Alonzo, clerk, do 

Gray, Patrick W. mason, do 

Gumbell, Joseph, teacher, do 

Gregg, John, joiner, do 

Gleason, John, do^ 

Goodrich, W. B. blacksmith, ohio, st. 

Gates, L. A. joiner, oak st. 

Grold, Wm. mason, do 

Grold, Philo, physician, oak st. 

Green, Michael, joiner, water st. 

Green, Morris, do do 

Grosvenor, S. K., J. P. office, main st. dwel. pearl st. 

Grosvenor, George, do 

Grosvemor, Seth H. clerk, do 

Grosvenor, Abel M. student, do 


Hollister, Robert, druggist and grocer, 1 cheapside, 

main st. dwelling, seneca st. 
Hedge, George, jeweler, 8 cheapside and canal st. 

dwelling, seneca st. 
Hinds, John, farmer, genesee st. 
Howard, David H. mason, crow st. 
Howard, Leonard, do do 


Hicks, Daniel, cordwainer, crow st. 

Higgins, Zenas, stone manufacturer, crow st. 

Handel, Francis, block maker, ellicott st. 

Havens, Hiram, grocer, 191 main st.dwel. ellicott st. 

Haskins, R. W. bokseller, 204 do do 

Hart, John L. grocer, canal st. 

Higgins, R. clerk, do 

Hind, John D. seaman, do 

Hews, Zacheus, laborer, do 

Hickox, Elisha C. merdiant, main st. 

Heminway, Thomas, farmer, do 

Hempsted & Matson, wholesale and retail dealers 

in staple and fancy dry goods, 1232 main st. 
Higgins, James W. tailor, do 

Hubbard, WiUiam H. merchant, 212 do 
Huntington, Alonzo, marble factory, do 
Hall, J. B. joiner, do 

Hall, J. S. do do 

Haniilton, Charles, do 

Henneberger, Daniel, cabinet maker, do 
Handy, Joy, jr. custom house derk, do 
Hathaway, Isaac T. stage agent. Mansion House. 
HiU, Charles, do 

Hamilton, Henry, dry goods merchant, 187 main st. 
Hurlbert, Edwin, joiner, do 

Hutchins, Wm. boot & shoe store, 2 ellicott sqr. do 
Hubbard, Geo. & Co. tin factory, 4 do do 
Hunt, John, grocer, 7 do do 

Huyck, Darius, carpenter, main st. 
Harris, WiDiam, grocer, do 

Hayes,6eorge E. druggist and dentist, 140 main st. 
Heywood, R. H. merdhant, main st. dwel. seneca st. 
Hoir, Bustraw J. H. gunsmith, main st. 
Hoople, Charles M. clerk, pearl st. 


Handy, Alfred, attorney and counsellor, seneca st. 

Heacock R. B. manufacturer, hydraulic's, do 

Heaton, Luther, wagon maker, franklin st. 

Hanson, Stephen T. grocer, main st. dwel. niag. st. 

Hinds, Michael, brick maker, do 

Hardy, Henry, laborer, swan st. 

Hawkins, Joseph, farmer, do 

Hefford, Richard, joiner, do 

Hicks, John, livery stable, do 

Holmes, John K. cordwainer, 

Hitchcock, Elijah, painter, canal st. 

Hill, James, seneca st. 

Howard, Eddy, seneca st. 

Houck, George, gardener, seneca st. 

Hathaway, Elias, baker, do 

Hepburn, William, farmer, do 

Hubbard, Elias, merchant, main st. dw. seneca st. 

Hubbard, Justus, do do 

Howell, Robert, gardener, do 

Howell, William, engineer, do 

Hyde, Lewis, clerk, do 

Hill, Walter, tanner and currier, do 

Mildreth, Andrew, grocer, do 

Hubbard, George, tinman, main st. dwel. swan st. 

Hubbard, Lucius P. do do 

Hayward, Shadrick, boarding house, seneca st. 

Harman, Timothy, teamster, niagara st. 

Hextall, Richard, gardener, franklin st. 

Harris, John, do do 

Howard, Abel, laborer, do 

Harrison, Edmund, laborer, do 

Hinds, John, shoemaker, do 

Hinds, Jacob, laborer, do 

Hazleton, Charles, mason, do 


Hicks, widow, f rankHn st. 

Harriett, Simon, joiner, do 

Hall, Jacob, do do 

Hoag, Stephen, stone cutter, franklin st. 

Hickox, Edward Y. clerk, do 

Hall, Amasa, laborer, terrace. 

HiU, William, S. engineer, terrace. 

Haines, Samuel, joiner, delaware st. 

Hedges, Wheeler, tanner and currier, delaware st. 

Hedges, Isaac A. carpenter, do 

Huggins, Stephen, do mohawk st. 

Harty, John D. joiner, do 

Hayes, Robert, cabinet maker, do 

Hartsuff, Steward, mason, do 

Haines, Josiah, pearl st. 

Hullard, John, grocer, pearl st. 

Hess, Penhart, cabinet maker, pearl st. 

Hallenbeck, G. S. cordwainer, do 

Havenstien, Henry, farmer, do 

Himistrut, Abraham, joiner, do 

Hall, Asaph, do do 

Higgins, widow, do 

Hoxey, Joseph, laborer, main st. 
Hull, Joseph S. cabinet maker, pearl st. 
Hull, Justus, brick maker, public square. 
Houghlin, John, joiner, eagle st. 
Huffman, Christian, laborer, eagle st. 
Hill, David, do york st. 

Hayes, M. seaman, Buffalo creek. 
House, John, mason, chippewa st. 
Hunt, Daniel M. canal capt. chippewa st. 
Hoag, W. Rev. court st. 
Havelor, John, laborer, court st. 
Herrick, Benjamin, baker, do 


Hull & Bach, wholesale and retail dealers in drugs* 

medicines and groceries, 220 main si. 
Hill, Henry, joiner, do 

Hatch, Thompson I. attorney, 202 do 
House, Joseph, baker, do 

House, F. D. do do 

Hamilton, G. W. dyer & scourer, do 
Harris, J. W. innkeeper, do 

Harding, Henry, portrait painter, do 
Holmes, Henry, laborer, do 

Howard, Charles H. joiner, do 

Hamilton, do do 

Hunt, John, butcher, do 

Home, Samuel, seaman, do 

Hibbard, John, founder, do 

Housten, Joel, blacksmith, do 

Huflf, William, Travellers' Home, do 
Huff, Henry, painter, do 

Hinman, E. teamster, do 

Harris, Joseph, boarding house, do 
Hawkms, R. tailor, do 

Hosmer, Theodore, clerk, do 

Hosmer, Sidney S. auctioneer, do 
Hulbert, Nathan K. clerk, do 

Holt, H. N. forwarding merchant, do 
Hoyt, M. clerk, do 

Hull, William, merchant, 220 do 
Hudson, John T. attorney, office, seneca st. 
Humphry, M. tailor, main st. 
Hildreth, James, editor. Eagle Tavern. 
Harrington, I. R. Eagle Tavern, main st. 
Harrington, B. do do 

Humburt, N. wagon maker, do 

Haverton, Michael, grocer, do 


Hersh, John, main st. 
Hersh, Peter, do 

Hamilton, carpenter, prime st 

Hebard, ship carpenter, do 

Hurst, Robert, grocer, loyd st. 
Howell, George, carpenter, brooklyn st. 
Hibbard, S. do 

Hodge, widow, terrace. 

Hammond, Irwin, blacksmith, Washington st. 
Houseman, Lewis, mason, do 

Hoyt, Joseph D. farmer, do 

Howard, Ransom, tanner, do 

HoUister, William, merchant, do 

Hubbell, Curtis, plough maker, do 
HiU, John, do 

Harris, Ichabod, founder, ohio st. 
Hartley, James, caulker, do 
Hampton, Isaac, carpenter, clinton st. 
Haskill, William, mason, oak st. 
Holmes, John, carpenter, water st. 
Hagerty, John, capt. schooner Post Boy. 

Hart, capt. do William Tell. 

Hamlin, D. R. chair factory, 175 main st. 
Haberstro, Joseph, rifle shop, 147 do 
Hall, Nathan K. attorney, do 

Hempsted, D. L. dry goods merchant, 132 main st. 


Isaac, George, gunsmith, main st. 
Innman, Henry, shoemaker, seneca st. 
Ingram, M. joiner, terrace. 
Ingram, Henry, joiner, morgan st. 
Ingersoll, Ezra, mason, crow st. 


Imus, joiner, main st. 

Irish, Charles, clerk, do 

Isham, William L. farmer, ohio st. 

Joy & Webster, conmiission merchants and for- 
warders, agents for the pilot line of canal boats, 
and a line of vessels on Lake Erie, Buffalo creek. 

Joy, Walter, forwarding merchant, Buffalo House. 

Johnson, Ebenezer, & Co. exchange brokers, &deal- 
ers in bills of exchange, gold, &c. exch'g. buildings. 

Johnson, Ebenezer, Mayor, cottage, delaware st. 

Johnson, Joseph, brick maker, do 

Jourdan, RosweU B. joiner, pearl st. 

Joslin, John M. do eagle st. 

Johns, Jacob, laborer, court st. 

Johnson, Moses, turner, ellicott st. 

Jones, Jeremiah, teamster, do 

Jackson, laborer, canal st. 

Judevine, Henry, cordwainer, willow st. 

Jones, Michael, ship carpenter, main st. 

Jordan, Samuel, joiner swan st. 


Jacocks, Samuel, joiner, pearl st. 

Jackman, C. C. do do 

Janett, Edward, brick maker, swan st. 

Jones, Thomas, painter, terrace. 

Johnson, James, laborer, seneca st. 

Johnson, Robert, farmer, do 

Jenkins, Josiah, do 

Joines, Daniel, laborer, do 

Jerome, Thomas, do 

Jones, Greorge, founder, swan st. 

Jannan, Jacob, brick maker, swan st. 


James, Freeman, grocer, canal st. 

Jones, carpenter and joiner, franklin st. 

Jewett, Charles, do do 

Jones, Miles, shoemaker, delaware st. 

Johnson, Peter, teamster, pearl st. 

Janney, Phineas M. cabinet maker, pearl st. 

Jackson, Gilbert, innkeeper^ main st. 

Jerome, T. A. shoe and leather dealer, 205 main st. 

Jemison, John, painter, do 

Johnson, Christopher, painter, do 

Johnson, James, joiner, do 

Jones, William, light house keeper, brooklyn st. 

Jackson, Samuel, do 

Johnson, Samuel, terrace. 

Johnson, Jacob, carpenter, Washington st. 

Jackson, John, carriage maker, do 

Joslin, Alanson, mason, oak st. 


Kimberley, Gideon, grocer, terrace. 

Ketchum, William, hat and fur store, 192 main 
street, dwelling, seneca st. 

Kimberly & Waters, grocery and provisions, cor- 
ner ofprime and loyd sts. 

Kaene, Wm. grocer, main st. dwelling, public sqr. 

Knight, John, butcher, pearl st. 

Kibbe, Mrs. Isaac, do 

Kenyt)n, James, joiner, morgan st. 

Kenyon, John, do do 

Kane, James, do franklin st. 

Kennedy, James do do 

Kinskul, Jacob, do do 

Keever, Greorge, shoemaker, do 

Kuchuson, John, farmer, do 


King, Bryant, clerk, Washington st. 
Knapp, Henry A. cutler, swan st. 
Kriifft, James, cordwainer, 
Kilgore, Alexander, clerk, main st. 
King, M. tinsmith, do 

Keizel, John, tanner and currier, seneca st. 
ICnickerbocker, M. do do 

Knickerbocker^ Andrew, laborer, do 
Kimball, Austm, farmer, do 

Kinney, Joseph, innkeeper, do 

Kaene, Robert, mason, niagara st. 
Kittenger, Samuel, farmer, franklin st. 
Kellogg, M. painter, do 

Knapp, Hiram E. joiner, mohawk st. 
Koups, Jesse, do pearl st. 

Kendrick, Harvey, farmer, do 
Kingsley, Benjamin, mason, do 
Kremer, Jacob, farmer, do 

Kail, Andrew, gardener, do 
Krellin, William, tailor, eagle st. 
Kress, Michael, shoemaker, do 
Kimble, - — exchange broker, main st. 
Kraft, Francis, cordwainer, chippewa st. 
Kraff, Frederick, mason, do 

Kroup, Philip, laborer, genesee st. 
Kingsworth, John, cordwainer, church st. 
Kinney, Dennis, do crow st. 

Kunty, Henry, block maker, ellicott st. 
Koon, Philip, boatman, do 

Kelly, Dennis, laborer, canal st. 
Kimball, John, seaman, do 
Kibler, Peter, joiner, main s};. 
Kreigelstein, Samuel, grocer, main st. 
Kerrick, Mrs. do 



King, J. D. carpenter, main st. 

Kelly, Stephen, grocer, do 

Kilgore, Wm. do do 

Ketchum, Lewis, hatter, 177 main st. 

Kelsey, J. steamboat dock boarding house, main st. 

Kinsey, Charles, blacksmith, do 

Kinsey, David, do do 

Kenny, Daniel, merchant tailor, 151 do 

Kimball, G. grocer and confectioner, do 

Kellogg, carpenter, do 

Kendrick, J. G. lottery office. City Hotel. 

Kip, Henry, ship chandler, loyd st. dwelling, wash- 

Kald, tailor, Washington st. [ingtpn st. 

Knotts, H. milliner and fancy shop, main st. 
Kelly, Thomas, founder, ohio st. 
King, Elisha, cordwainer, eagle st. 

Kimberly, pearl st. 

Kip, Thomas, merchant, Washington st. 
Kenney, Theodore, laborer, do 
Kenney, Elijah, do do 


Love, Thomas, C. attorney, dwelling, mohawk st. 
Leech, Elijah, pearl st. 
Lawrence, Cupot, laborer, eagle st. 
Lockwood, Gail, joiner, do 

Leach, Francis, clerk, court st. 

Leeds, cordwainer, church st. 

Loomis, do do 

Liun, Daniel, stave maker, crow st. 
Landon, Joseph, do 

Lee, David, teamster, ellicott st. 
Lodge, Thomas, mason, do 
Lines, Patrick, seaman, canal st. 


Lambert, Thomas, butcher, main st. 

Lozier, do 

Lay, John, jr. wholesale dry goods merchant, 2S6 
main st. dwelling, eagle st. 

Laughman, William, tailor, main st. 

Lisenberriger, John, laborer, do 

Luce, Alfred, dry goods merchant, main st. 

Lewis, H. L. B., M. D. Mansion House, main st. 

Lynch, Philip, cordwainer, 2 ellicott sqr. do 

I^ve & Norton, attorneys, 11 do do 

Longster, baker, do 

Lacy, W. H. clerk U. S. B. Bank, Buffalo House. 

Lyman, Loomis, clerk, 230 main st. 

Lockwood, Daniel, attorney, office, swan st. 

Lapp, Christian, grocer, main st. 

Lush, H. C. baker, prime st. 

Langan, Peter, boarding house, terrace. 

Lemasney, James, laborer, do 

Lewis, Charles, clerk, Washington st. 

Lyons, Orren, do do 

Lee, R. Hargreave, tea and grocery merchant, 144 
and eagle buildings, main st. dwel.washington st. 

Lewis, Charles H. clerk, 7 cheapside, main st. 

Larzelere, Abraham, goldsmith, 200 main st. dwel- 
ling, franklin st. 

Lecouteulz, Louis, gentleman, crow st. 

Lenhart, John W. Joiner, franklin st. 

Lamb, John, butcher, do 

Lathrop, Roswell, farmer, niagara st. 

Lechler, Foladine, do do 

Lawrence, David, cordwainer, public square. 

Lamb, Henry, butcher, swan st. 

Lamb, Thomas, do do 

Lamb, William, shoemaker, swan st. 


Landus, Peter, tanner and currier, seneca st^ 
Lovejoy, Henry, merehan , do 

Lovejoy, widow, do 

Landon, J. M. grocer, do 

Lathrop, Deloss, student, swan st. 

Leach, James O. tailor do 

Leper, John, fanner, do 

Louber, Charles A. joiner, franklin st. 

Lord, John C. attorney, delaware st. 

Layton, David, blacksmith, mohawk st. 

Levins, Peter, joiner, do 

Lackey, Robert, do pearl st. 

Liddy, John, ship carpenter, pearl st. 

Lee, Thomas, cordwainer, .do 

Lathrop, H. B. mason do 

Lathrop, Dennison, mason, do 

Lefever, Robert, do 

Lyman, Asa, Rev. Washington st. 

Leuis, Isaian, W. do 

Lefever, Frederick, do 

Lome, Peter, goldsmith,do 

Little, William, baker, do 

Lambkins, & Fletcher, brass founders, ohio st. 

Lane, George, seaman, do 

Long, William, farmer, clinton st. 

Lower, William, oak st. 

Levins, book pedler, water st. 

Laraway, Peter, joiner, do 

Long, R. M. watchmaker & Jeweller, 142} main st. 

Leace, pearl st. 

Long, M. clerk, 218 main st. Buffalo House. 


Moorhead, R. merchant, main st. Buffalo House. 


Moorliead & Adams, auction and commission mer- 
chants and comb manufacturers, 6 cheapside. 
Mather, A. E. clerk, main st. 
Manchester & Reynolds, clothing store, canal dock. 
Mosher, David, mason, Washington st. 
Mosher, Martin, do do 

MTarlm, John, do 

Maxon, John D. mason, do 
M'Masters, Samuel, do 

Macy, JohnB. forwarding merchant, dwd, pearl st. 
Morgan, James, farmer, do 

Morrison, James, cordwainer. 
Miles, Geoi^, jr. capt. steam boat Enterprise. 
Mobley, WiUiam, clerk, main st. 
M'Kay, Robert, tanner and carrier, delaware st. 
Mudge, Otis, laborer, morgan st. 
Munge, Ebenezer, mason, do 
Miller, Roderick, joiner, franklin st. 
Mowry, Franklin, do do 

Mathews,Sylvester,baker,mainstdwel.franklin st. 
Marsh, Perez, shoemaker, do 

Munson, Truman, farmer, do 

M'Masters, William, mason, niagara st. 
Mackavoy, Dominick, laborer, do 
MiQer, Nicholas, farmer, swan st. 
M'Callister, Daniel, laborer, do 
M'Kay, James, attorney, ^8 main st. dw. tupper st . 
Maynard, E. A. copper, tin & sheet iron factory, 104 
M'Cloud, Morido, laborer, seneca st. [main st. 
Maynard, R. H. clerk, dwelling, 166 do 

Miller, John, laborer, seneca st. 
Miller, Andrew, do do 
Michael, Nicholas, laborer, seneca st. 
M'CuUoch, James, brewer, do 



M'Ciacken, Volney A. pail maker, Iseneca st. 

Merrick, do do 

M'Meckan, James do 

M'Kay, Alvin, painter, do 

Miller, Peter, laborer, do 

Manrow, Asahel, tinner, do 

Marsh, Edwin A. silversmith, do 

Morrison, Truman, carpenter & joiner, do 
Miller, Adna, swan st. 
M'Callister, James, joiner, franklin st. 
Marvin, Edmund, do do 

Morrison, Horace, do do 

Mowiy, Samuel, lumber merchant, terrace. 
Mowry, Phelps, engineer, do 

Munford, Daniel, laborer, morgan st. 
M'Neal, John, painter, delaware st. 
M'Cullock, Nathan, carpenter, pearl st. 
Manasseny, James, laborer, do 

Mitchell, William, do do 

Miller, Henry, comb maker, do 

Miller, Jacob, laborer, ' do 

Merrill, David E. constable, do 

Marshall, John E., M. D. office, 13 ellicott square, 

dwelling, pearl st. 
Marshall, Qrsamus H. student at law, pearl st. 
Marvin, Benjamin, joiner, do 

Martin, William, carpenter, do 

Morgan, Amos, do do 

Morton, William, farmer, do 

M'Intosh, harness maker, do 

Mattis, Myer, baker, do 

M'Cloud, Michael, laborer, do 

Mixer, Horace, carriage maker, erie st. 
Merrill, Mercey, eagle st. 


Marvin, Le Grand, attorney, swan st. 

Murfit, jeweller, do 

Marvin, clerk, do 

Muddeman, Caleb, farmer, york st. 

Miles, Peter E. teacher, huron st. 

M'Cann, John, fanner, do 

Morey, Joel P. painter, do 

Mayhew, J.& Co. wholesale dealers in stoves, hollow 

ware, pig iron, and iron castings generally, stone 

ware-house, Buffalo creek. 
M'Mahon, Roger, laborer, court st. 
M'Williams, Hugh, do do 

Miller, Joseph, joiner, do 

Morrow, James, baker, do 

Murdock, cabinet maker, court st. 

Meatos, Amiable, joiner, genesee st. 
Manser, Thomas, wheel right, do 

Mitchel, cordwainer, church st. 

M'Donald, Michael, gardener, crow st. 
M'Kay, James, blacksmith, do 
M'Masters, James, mason, do 

M'Kinney, Jeremiah, joiner, do 
M'Growen, Hugh, laborer, do 

M'Durmont, Matthew, laborer, do 
M'Howen, Joseph N. mason, ellicott st. 

M'Collister, widow, do 

Mead, FrankUn, chair maker, do 
M'Ewen, Stephen, tanner, do 

Mayo, Samuel R. grocer, canal st. 

M'Cloud, lal^orer, do 

Mayo, L. tailor, do 

M'Lean, canal agent, do 

Miner, William, carpenter, do 
Mooney, G. V. upholster, do 


Mervin, Hemy, teamster, canal at. 

Martin, L. grocer, do 

Marsh, Alexander, joiner, main st. 

Miller, Arvin, gardener, do 

M'Clertock, Wilson, joiner, do 

Martin, Peter, do do 

Murr, Thomas, mason, do 

Martin&Braoe,wholesale&retailgrooers, 288main 

Martin, John M. merchant, eagle st. [st. 

M'Knight, George, & Co. wholesale dealers in groce- 

Madison, William, dry goods & groceries, 215 do 
Mason, Belden B. merchant tailor, 201 do 

M Kee, Joshua, umbrella maker, 201 do 

Mount, Faulkner & Co. whcdesale and retail deal^s 


Merryfield, farmer, do 

M'Arthur, Andrew, do 

Mahar, John, farmer, do 

Mahar, Timothy, do do 

Mulvanaughty, Patrick, laborer, do 

Mahar, Andrew, do do 

Mullown, Richard, do do 

M'Williams, Henry, blacksmith, do 

Mil on, Patrick, farmer, do 

Murphy, William, stone cutter, do 

Morris, H. attorney, 13 ellicott square. do 

Mooney , upholsterer, 8 ellicott square, do 

M'Cormick, P. tailor, do 

Mead, Hiram, shoemaker, do 

Myers, John, clerk, do 

Molton, Qrvell, do do 

M'Kay, William, blacksmith, do 

Martin, George B. clerk, Eagle Tarern, do 


Mosely, William A. attorney, office, main st. 
M'CnUoch, A. brewer. Farmers* Hotel. 
M Uer, Jacob S. livery stable, do. 
Moseley, Egbert, cabinet maker, main st. 

Mariam, livery stable, do 

Moore, A. C. saddle and harness maker, main st. 
Miller, Anson, innkeeper, do 

Murray, James, laborer, do 

Murphy, John, do do 

M*Gowan, Andrew, teamster, do 

Miller, Archibald, grocer, do 

Miller, James, grocer and dry goods, do 

Martin, M. do 

Montgomery, G. W. Rev. do 

Murry, John C. carpenter, loyd st. 
Moody, William, calker, brooklyn st. 
Mitchell, Reuben, engineer, do 
Money, Francis, do 

Mooney, Joseph, do 

Morrison, O. do 

Murphy, John^ terrace. 
Meacham, Alanson, pedler, terrace. 
Meacham, Reuben, do do 
Marsh, Lorin, do do 

Mosier, do canal dock. 

Marsh, clock do do 

M'Manus, Bryant, laborer, city alley. 
Miller, Harry, painter, Washington st. 
M rriUs, Albert S. clerk, do 

M Ewen, Timothy, cordwainer, Washington st. 
Morgan, Joshua, farmer, do 

Mahar, John, do 

Mahar, William, do 

Mallet, Nicholas, mason, do 


Miller, Anthony, blacksmith, ohio st. 

MTeck, do 

Munro, Stephen, founder, do 

M'Kay, David, do 

Moore, Thomas, farmer, do 

Merryman, M. joiner, oak st. 

Mendall, Daniel, do do 

Miller, Philip, tailor, do 

Mangolt, Jacob, do 

Manuel, Pennil, joiner, water st« 

Morgan, John W. do do 

Morgan, Joshua P. merchant, water st. 

M'Manus, Charles, mason, do 

M'Knight, James, wholesale & retail dealers in Brit- 
ish, French and India dry goods, exchange build- 
ings, main st. dwelling, seneca st. 

Monson, H. N. dry goods and groceries, 2 cheapside. 

M'Clary, Miss Mary, milliner, 171 main st. 

Matson, S. J. merchant, 232 main st. Eagle Tavern. 


Norton & Carlisle, forwarding and commission mer- 
chants, agents for the Hudson and Erie line canal 
boats, Buffalo creek. 

Norton, E. F. forwarding merchant, court st. 

Newton, John, mason, crow st. 

Newbury, William, carpenter, ellicott st. 

Norton, W. capt. steam boat Henry Clay. 

Norton, Henry, forwarding merchant, erie st. 

Newcomb, J. C. clerk, main st. 

Northrup, Stephen T. gardener, seneca st. 

Newel, Van Bansalaer, niagara st. 

Nimon, Michael, laborer, do 

Nelson, William, gardener, franklin st. 


Norris, William, joiner, franklin st. 

Niles, John, mason, terrace. 

Newitt, Robert, joiner, mohawk st. 

Norton, Orren H. pearl st. 

Norton, Morris, cabinet maker, pearl st. 

Nicholas, Ira, vamisher, do 

Newman, William, clerk Bank of Buffalo, main st. 

Negus, William, farmer, york st. 

Northimi, Levi, grocer, canal dock. 

Nixon, Austin, gunsmith, Washington st. 

Newland, John, cordwainer, do 

Nichols, Erastus G. clothier, do 

Nevins, Henry, carpenter, do 

Norton, clerk, do 

Newel, Raphael, inspector of beef and pork,ohiost. 
Newton, Lyman, brick maker, do 

Norton, Charles, merchant, main st. 


Osbom, Stephen, sheriff, office, court house, dwel- 
ling, public square. 
Osborn, Alanson, laborer, swan st. 
Osbom, Nelson, joiner, delaware st. 
Olmsted, Daniel, hatter, swan st. 
O'Brien, Cornelius, laborer, niagara st. 
Outhwait, John, gardener, franklin st. 
Orcutt, Benjamin J. grocer, canal st. 
Oakley, Jonathan H. butcher, pearl st. 
Oler, Tristam, joiner, canal st. 
O'Harra, Samuel, laborer, do 
O'Rourke Mrs. boarding house, main st. 
O'Neil, James, carpenter, do 

Odell, Benjamin, mason, do 

Orr, Lewis, brooklyn st. 


Oughton, Thomas, shoemaker, terrace. 
O'Rourke, Darby, Washington st. 
Oliver, J. C. capt. schooner Telegraph. 

Pratt, Taylor & Co. forwarding and commission 
merchants, agents for steam boat Ohio, & Wash- 
ington line of canal boats, Buffalo creek. 
Powell, Michael, laborer, comrt st. 
Pierce, Joseph, tailor, genesee st. 
Philips, John A. teacher, do 
Pierce, Lorins, sexton, do ^' 
Plimpton, L. K. do 

Pierson, Christopher, cabinet maker, ellicott st. 
Plummer, Enoch, mason, do 

Packard, Franklin H. joiner, canal st. 
Potter, William, laborer, do 

Pierson, William, grocer, do 

Pallacher, George, distiller, main st. 
Porter, Nathaniel, joiner, do 

Poole & Cheesman, importers, and wholesale deal- 
ers in china, glass and earthenware, 196 main st. 
Palmer, George, leather store and tanner^ currier, 
Pumell, Joseph, mason, main st. [219 main st. 
Pratt, Lucius H. wholesale & retail dealer in gro- 
ceries, paints, oils, and dye stuffs, 210 main st. 

Paton, laborer, do 

Patterson, William, carpenter, do 

Page, George, laborer, do 

Plimpton, do 

Pomeroy, P. farmer, do 

Patterson, Hannah B. grocer, do 

Patriot Office, 13 ellicott square, do 

Post Office, 14 do do 


Powell, E. Jr. Buffalo House, op. Bank of Buffalo, 
Prout, E. W. clerk, main st. [main street. 

Pierce, joiner, do 

Parmelee, Luther, burr mill factor, do 

Potter, M. clerk, Buffalo House, do 

Piddington, Joseph, tailor, eagle buildings, do 
Patterson, G. A. H. crockery merchant, do 
Patterson & Porter, tin, copper and sheet iron man- 
Pritz, E. saddler, main st. [ufactory, 118 main st. 
Patterson, William W. tinner, eagle st. 
Pratt, Hiram, cashier Bank of Buffalo, dw. swan st. 
Potter, Heman B. attorney, pearl st. 
Pierce, George M. laborer, chippewa st. 
Phillips, Peter, cabinet maker, do 

Phenix, mason, pearl st. 

Pierce, laborer, do 

Powell, George, laborer, delaware st. 

Peets, Levi, do do 

Puffer, Simon, brick maber» do 

Peacock, William, laborer, morgan st. 

Palmer, Merritt, do terrace. 

Porter, Walter, joiner, franklin st. 

Paine, William, do 

Prairie, Tellis, laborer, do 

Prestage» Henry, farmer, niagara st. 

Peacock, Thomas, do swan st. 

Paine, J. C. grocer, canal st. 

Paine, Almond, do do 

Peck, H. cordwainer, 

Pinney, Darius, do 

Pottecary, John, laborer. 

Palmer, Alexander, H. painter & glazier, canal st. 

Herce, Charles S. woolen manufacturer, seneca st. 

Plant, Lewis, sawyer, terrace. 


Phillips, Lorin, merchant, seneca st. 
Pratt, Richard, laborer, do 

Porter, Simon, tin maker, do 
Pomeroy, Oliver, cabinet maker, seneca st. 
Peterson, Benjamin, laborer, do 

Pennegar, Amos, chair maker, swan st. 
Perkins, Hiram, clock maker, niagara st. 
Peck, Jesse, mason, do 

Perkins, Leman, joiner, delaware st. 
Parks, Amasa, grocer, mohawk st. 
Palmer, William, laborer, do 
Phillips, John, teacher, pearl st. 
Parks, John, joiner, do 

Pixler, George, teamster, do 

Phelps, saddler, do 

Pierce, Daniel, laborer, do 
Palthaser, Feterspial, laborer, pearl st. 
Plmnb, Abraham, Imnber merchant, pearl st. 
Porter, William A. joiner, eagle st. 

Purtnon, laborer, do 

Pratt, Gorham, student, swan st. 

Packard, attorney, do 

Potter, Mrs. dyer, canal st. 
Pope, Mrs. huron st. 
Powers, St. John, main st. 
Philips, Jacob, laborer, main st. 
Porter, Peter B. Jr. attorney, main st. 

Philips, joiner, do 

Piddmgton & Humphrey, merchant tailors, eagle 
Postall, W. innkeeper, main st. [buildings. 

Pierce, Jesse, grocer, prime st. 

Piatt, carpenter, do 

Philip, Joel S. pedler, terrace. 
Perkins, Pelmetas, do do 


Pierce, John, wagon maker, terrace. 
Pierce, D. farmer, Washington st. 
Pease, John, clerk, do 

Provoost, James P. sailmaker, BufiFalo creek, dwel. 
Pond, Theron, Washington st. [Washington st. 
Provoost, John, sail maker, do 

Provoost, Robert, do do 

Flanford, Isaac, carpenter, do 

Pitteford, Charles, carriage maker, do 

Palmer, A. builder & lumber merchant, do 
Parmelee, Frederick W. teacher, do 

Parmelee, Abner C. clerk, do 

Pullard, Richard, laborer, do 

Philips, L. teamster, ohio st. 

Philips, Enoch, do 

Page, Hiram, plough maker, do 
Pratt, Rachael Mrs. widow, do 
Parks, Aaron, cordwainer, oak st. 

Porter, mason, do 

Paddleford, R. W. merchant, water st. 
Pearsons, B. capt. schooner Prince Eugene. 
Patterson, Brothers, hardware store, 6 cheapside. 
Prince, John, wholesale spirits dealer, 149 main st. 
Pritz, E. & Co. saddlers, 143 do 

Philips, A. C. City Hotel, canal dock. 

Philips, cabinet maker, chippewa st. 

Patrick, Gil, pearl st. 

Pease, William T. capt. steam boat Superior. 
Poole, Rushmore, crockery merchant, 198 main st. 
Patterson, John, hardware do 6 cheapside. 


Quail, Ellen Mrs. eagle st. 
Quigley, James, carpenter, main st. 



Rochester, Wm B. president U. S. B.Baiik, main si. 

Roop, Henry, merchant, chippewa st. 

Boop & Sherwood, merdiants, main st. 

Ransom, Elias, farmer, huion st. 

Ross, William, carpenter, genesee st. 

Relay, Robert, crow st. 

Russell, Ellis, seaman, crow st. 

Root, Jacob, blacksmith, ellicott st. 

Ramsdell, Alexander, do 

Rice, Evan, teamster, do 

Redfield, Homer, do 

Redmore, chair maker, do 

Rood, Sidney L. bookbinder do 

Rexford, Stephen, grocer, canal st. 

Roberts, William, upholster, do 

Reed, S. & Co. clothing store, do 

Rathbun, Benjamin, wholesale & retail dry goods 

and groceries, 228 and 230 main st. 
Raynor, A. & A. general dealers in shdf & heavy 

hardware, 206 main st. 
Reynolds, John N. merchant tailor, 211 main st. 

Riggles, mason, do 

Ross, John, stone cutter, do 

Roop, William, grocer, do 

Ruxton, William, wholesale and retail dry goods 

and hardware, 199 main st. dwelling, f raimin st. 
Rice, D. widow, main st. 
Rathbun, Moses, 
Ruden, £. book keeper, main st. 
Randall, Volney, cordwainer, main st. 
Root & Carver, attorneys, do 

Reed, James, grocer, do [main st. 

Randall, N. & V. leather and shoe merchants, 142 


Rees, Thomas, coppersmith, main st. 
Rainey, Alexander, grocer, seneca st. 
Rainey, Hamilton, clerk, do 

Root, Edward, do 

Root, Henry, alderman, do 

Ransom, Amasa, farmer, do 

Ransom, William F. hatter, do 
Rice, M. joiner, swan st. 

Rogers, brick maker, swan st. 

Ransford, Nathaniel, saddler, franklin st. 

Ralish, M. laborer, do 

Ritt, Nicholas, tailor, do 

Rathbun, Lyman, merchant, do 

Reese, Richard, saddler, do 

Russell, M. joiner, do 

Rowen, Henry, laborer, niagara st. 

Rowen, Patrick, mason, do 

Root, John, attorney, main st. dwelling, niagara st. 

Robison, Timothy W. wheelright, seneca st. 

Remington, Edwin, blacksmith, do 

Relay, Charles C. brewer, do 

Ray, William D. mechanic, do 

Reed, Benjamin G. brick maker, do 

Reed, Samuel, do do 

Reed, Rinaldo, laborer, do 

Reed, Truman, do do 

RatcUff, William, do do 

Reed, John M. clerk victualing cellar,lCitylHotel. 

Roberts, Robert^ gardener^, niagara st. 

Rowley & Bartlett, auction & commission merch'ts. 

Rees, David, blacksmith, seneca st. [canal st 

Rees, William S. canal capt. dwelling, seneca st. 

Reese, Mrs. franklin st. 

Runiple, John P. joiner, franklin st. 



Bossiter, Newton, lumber merchant, franklin st. 

Rhodes, Alfred E. joiner, do 

Richards, Richard G. laborer, delaware st. 

Rogers, James, carver, do 

Reccord, Christopher, farmer, pearl st. 

Remer, Lewis, laborer, do 

Reccord, John, farmer, do 

Razel, Philip, laborer, do 

Rudolph, Jacob, joiner, do 

Risley, Oliver, do eagle st« 

Raymond, John, farmer, york st. 

Richards, Samuel, grocer, Buffalo creek. 

Rowley, Obediah, merchant, canal ft. 

Robins, Vincent, mason, main st. 

Rose, Edwin, innkeeper, do 

Rhodes, Samuel, joiner, do 

Rhodes, Edward, pedler, do 

Rider, Elbridge, carpenter, do 

Raynor, Alonzo, merchant, do 

Raynor, Augustus, do do 

Russell, Henry, seaman, do 

Ripp, Peter, do 

Richards, T. F. chandler, do 

Richards, Henry, lumber merchant, main st. 

Rufus, Joseph, blacksmith, do 

Reed, John, grocer, do 

Rufy, Joseph, do 

Rice, William, teamster, do 

Rowen, P. tailor, canal basin. 

Rascoe, James, grocer, do 

Radcliff, Woolsey, clerk, prime -st. 

Radcliff , James, do do 

Resto, Charles, pedler, do 

Richardson, Eldad, do do 


Rake, John E. cabinet maker, main st. 

Richardson, Charles, grocer, canal dock. 

Reynolds, Alfred J. do do 

Riley, James, teamster, city alley. 

Randall, Clinton, painter, Washington st. 

Roberts, John, carpenter, do 

Radcliff, Jerry» grocer, canal basin, dwel. pearl st. 

Russel, H. P. auction, commission & lumber mer- 
chant, 136 main st. dwelling, Washington st. 

Russel, Samuel, post-master, office, main and south 
division sts. dwelling, Washington st. 

Rathbun, Ezra, seaman, ohio st. 

Reynolds, Josiah, cordwainer, oak st. 

Ryerson, Edward, farmer, main st. 

Reynolds, Lodourick, joiner, water st. 

Raynor, John, carpenter, do 

Randall, N. K. capt. schooner, Maria Antoinette. 

RowcMlh, Thomas, clerk, canal st. 

Russell, R. commission bookseller and bookbinder. 

Ransom, John G. huron st. [145 main st. 

Russell, William £. gunsmith, do 


Seymour, H. R. exchange broker, 189 main street, 

dwelling, pearl st. 
Steward, Thomas, blacksmith, pearl st. 
Smith, William, merchant, dwelling, erie st. 
Salisbury, H. A. printer, Buffalo Patriot, IS elJicott 

square, dwelling, public square. 
Steele Horace & L. L. printers, Buffalo Bulletin, 11 

ellicott square, dwelling eagle st. 
Steele, Jeduthan L. printer, do 
Slayton, James, joiner, do 

See Richard A. do do 


Stedman, James, joiner, eagle st. 

Sperry, Levi, laborer, BuflFalo creek. 

Seeley, S. do do 

Sizer, H. H. merchant, dwelling, chippewa st. 

Sunmiers, Isaac, sexton, do 

Shranks, Peter, laborer, do 

Sage, Reuben, joiner, huron st. 

Spalding, Frederick, carver, huron st. 

Smith & Macy, forwarding merchants, agents for 
steam boat Henry Clay, New- York & Ohio line 
canal boats & steam boat Wm. Peacock, BuflFalo 

Shears, shoemaker, court st. [creek. 

Sprague, A. S., M. D. office, main st. dw. court st. 

Smith, Martin, laborer, do 

Shane, Mrs. do 

Shaw, Philip, comb maker, do 

Stevens, Solomon H. baker, do 

Swanson, Daniel, joiner, do 

Soper, Merlin, clerk, do 

Smith, P. M. teamster, do 

Storrs, Lucius, merchant, seneca st. 

Styles, jeweller, do 

Southwick, Jesse, genesee st. 

Smith, H. H. innkeeper, genesee st. 

Smith, Lra, do do 

Stebbins, Harrison P. main st. 

Smith,Thomas,grocer&provisionstore, 138mainst. 

Starkweather&Brown,(lry goods merchants,arcade 
store, 146 main st. 

Sawin, Silas, house joiner, delaware st. 

Stocking, Joseph, merchant, swan st. 

Snow, R. G. physician, pearl st. 

Smith, William V. clock maker, niagara st. 

Stow, George, grocer, swan st. 


Stoddard, Seward, farmer, swan si. 
Sniethen, Jay, cordwainer. 
Smith, £. W. painter, canal st. 
Scovill, E. do terrace. 

Smith, George, pail maker, seneca st. 
Shaw, Charles D. carpenter and joiner, seneca st. 
Still, James, laborer, do 

Smith, William, laborer, do 

St. John, Margaret K. do 

St. John, Le Grand, student, do 

Skinner, Orvil B, laborer, do 

Slocum, Benjamin T. tanner and currier, do 
Smith, James M. physician and surgeon, do 
Sherbum, Henry, blacksmith, do 

Smith, William, clerk, swan st. 
Sickles, George, do do 
Sprague, Wiluam, blacksmith, swan st. 

Smith, plough maker, do 

Sergeant, Phlneas, clerk, do 

Smith, Owen, teamster, niagara st. 
Serret, Michael, laborer, do 
Skilleman, Jonathan, butcher, niagara st. 
Stark, Benjamin B. teacher, comer do 
Swartz, Henry, carpenter and joiner, franklin st. 
Swartz, John, do do 

Seabrooks, John, mason, do 

Smith, Nicholas, blacksmith, do 

Smith, Adam, do do 

Simpson, Cyrus, mason, do 

Scovill, Matthew, mate steam boat Ohio, do 
Stever, David, laborer, do 

Sullivan, James, mason, do 

Sewer, Joseph, turner, do 

Shaw, Joseph, carpenter and joiner, do 


Swatz, Jacob, carpenter and joiner, franklin st. 
Skinner, Isaac W. iron found^, big Buffalo creek» 

dwelling, franklin st. 
Stacy, John, carpenter and joiner, franklin st. 
Sloan, James, lumber merchant, canal. 
Sanderson, Lancton, millright, terrace. 
Storms, William, mason, delawaie st. 
Secor, John, brick maker, do 
Sawin, Philander, joiner, do 

Stanley, John, painter, do 
Stainthorpe, James, mohawk st. 
Smith, William, carpenter, mohawk st. 
Stanger, Thomas, do do 

Stone, John B. join», do 

Scott, John, clerk, do 

Swayze, William D. grocer, do 

Staats, widow, do 

Soup, Anthony, cabinetmaker, do 
Stanbrough, Orren, mason, do 
Smith, Joseph H. plough manufacturer, main st. 
Stickney, Nathan, joiner, pearl st. 
Snyder, George, do do 
Shauree, John, laborer, do 
Steele, Seth, merchant, main st. dwel. pearl st. 
Steele, Austin, do do 

Sherman, Anson, cooper, do 

Stevenson, Paul, do do 

Smith, Lysander, mason, do 

Smith, S. C. coach trimmer, do 

Spencer, Abel H. joiner, do 

Stanly, Archy, blacksmith, do 

Sacket, Julius, do do 

Smith, Sheldon, attorney, main st. dwel. genesee st. 
Sears, Parsons I. grocer, Buffalo creek. 


Sherman, Silas W. eomb maker, 10 ellicott square, 

dwellmg, church st. 
Sears, Richard, forwarding & commission merchunt, 

Buffalo creek, dwelling, church st. 

Smith, do 

Sherman, John, do do 

Sergeant, blacksmith, do 

Scotchman, carpenter, do 

Sloan, Wm. museum, exchwge buildings, main st. 
Smith, Isaac H. carman, crow at. * 
Sheder, John, farmer ellicott st. 
Sherwopd, John, silversmith, ellicott at. 
Sheffield, John, join^, do 

Strickland, tanner, do 

Swift, John, laborer, canal st. 
Stone, Seth, pedler, do 
Sherwood, Josiah, grocer, canal st. 
Stephens, Charles, painter, do 

Starr, joiner, do 

Sauley, Henry, laborer, do 

Smith, William, main st. 
Smith, T. S. farmer, main st. 
Sturges, David, laborer, do 
Smith, Eli B. do do 
Stilwell, George, joiner, do 
Shaeffer, George, shoemaker, main st. [st. 

Slade, H. justices office, £42 do dw. Washington 
Sprague, Noah P. dry goods merchant, 240 main st. 
Sherwood, T. T. attorney, 236 do 

Sparrow,£.whQlesale&retaildry goods, 100 do 
Steele & Faxon, wholesale & retau booksellears, prin- 
ters and bookUnders, 214 main st. 
Stebbins, A. Q. merchant, 212 main st. 


Staats & Dana, whole & retail dealers in staple and 

fancy dry goods, 218 main st. 
Stocking & Dart, manufacturers of hats and dealers 

in stock & trinmiings, 221 comer main & swan sts. 
Smith, GiUman, grocer, main st. 
Sanf ord, Stephen, laborer, do 
Stubbs, Joseph, farmer, do 

Sturgess, carpenter, do 

Steward, Benjamin, cabinet maker, main st. 
Swartz, George, cordwainer, do 

Stention, Jeremiah, laborer, do 

Smith, Thomas, clerk, do 

Staats,Jeremiah,cabinetwarehouseop.Eagle Tav. 
Stagg, H. R., M. D. op. Eagle Tavern, dw. niagara 
Sage, John, barber, op. do [st. 

Smith & Tredwell, attorneys, main st. 
Stryker, James, attorney, do 

Smith, David, joiner, do 

Smith, Philo, stone cutter, do 

Sherwood, Meml B. grocer, do 
Savage, T. do do 

Sawin, ^tailor, do 

Smith JsaacSiorwardingmerchant, Mansion House 

Smith, Ezra, clerk, do 

Smith, Patrick, saddler, 199 main st. 

Smith, E. hatter, do 

Seydel, Michael, innkeeper, do 

Smith, Joel, grocer, do 

Steward, Mrs. do 

Seward, John, laborer, do 

Southwick, Alonzo, do 

Stenchfield, E. canal capt. do 

Stevens, Lyman, blacksmith, do 

Smith, Darius, joiner, do 


Strow, John, burr mill stone factory, main st. 
Sunderland, Olmsby, do 

Snyder, Henry, do 

Staim, John, blacksmith, do 

Sartwell, Levi, stage agent, Buffalo House. 
Smith, William C. sail maker, Buffalo creek. 
Shumway, H. attorney, swan st. 
Salter, J. teller, U. S. B. Bank, Eagle Tavern. 
Stevenson, E. L. clerk stage office, do 
Smith, James M. attorney, main st. 

Stow, ^founder, do 

Sherwood, W. C. B. Steam Boat Hotel, main st. 
Simcoe, George L. baker, do 

Stanley, Seth, tanner, do 

Sullivan, John, laborer, do 

Sheppard, J. D. music store, do 

Sheppard, Edward, clerk, do 

Snyder, Joseph, grocer, do 

Sloan, Robert, draper, do 

Smith, William, grocer, do 

Stimel, Augustus, joiner, do 

Steele, Oliver G. bookseller, do 

Smith, John, blacksmith, prime st. 
Smith, Gideon, carpenter and joiner, prime st. 
Shred, Henry, seaman, do 

Simpson, Elisha A. joiner, loyd st. 
Skates, John E. do brooklyn st. 

Sauby, Aaron, do 

Sheer, Michael, farmer, niagara st. 

Sherman, mason, canal dock. 

Smith, Nelson, painter, do 
Swift, Michael, city alley. 
Sill, Enoch, joiner, Washington st. 
Sidway, Jonathan, do 



Sherwin, Leander, teamster, Washington st. 
Shenocker, M. cooper, do 

Sparks, William, do 

Sayre, Robert, carpenter & joiner, do 
Shephard, Robert, do do 

Shearer, Sextus, wholesale and retail dealer in hard- 
ware &cutlery, mainstr on theflat, dw. washing, st. 
Sherman, Stephen M. painter, do 

Shank, Garret, carpenter, do 

Smith, John, farmer, do 

Spicer, Thomas, carriage maker, do 

Searls, Samuel, joiner^ do 

Sinclair, James, tinsmith, do 

Smith, Christopher, cordwainer, do 

StifiF, hatter, do 

Sayre, John, Rev. do 

Searls, plough maker, ohio st. 

Sherwood, N . ship carpenter, do 

Smith, James, saddler, do 

Snow, Warren, farmer, do 

Smith, John, do do 

Smith Edwiod B. joiner, eagle st. 

Shepard, David, joiner, oak st. 

Stow, James H. stove pattern maker, oak st. 

Sinclair, Robert, painter, do 

Sears, I. P. & Co. grocers, big Buffalo creek. 

Smith, Harlow C. farmer, water st. 

Smith, George B. do 

Stanard, Benjamin, capt. schooner John Adams. 

Sweet, B. do do Columbus. 

Shooks, James, do do Coneaut Packet. 

Sanderson, James, do do President. 

Seibold,^acob,grbcery &provisionstore, Sch eapside. 

Sill, Enoch E. gunsmith, 173 main st. 


Sill, A. V. gunsmith, 178 main st. 

Stebbins, B. at Kendrick*s lottery oflBce, City Hotel 


Stickney, pearl st. 

Smith, James M. Jr. student at law. Eagle Tavern. 
Smith, John L. clerk, Buffalo ere«k. 

Townsend, Coit & Co. forwarding and e(xnmission 
merchants, proprietors and agents of the Troy 
and Erie line canal boats, steam boats and schoon- 
ers on Lake Erie, foot canal st. Buffalo creek. 

Thompson, S. & Co. forwarding & commission 
merchants, agents and owners of boats on the 
lake and canal, Buffalo creek. 

Thompson, S. forwarding merchant, Washington st. 

Tracy, Albert H. attorney, court st. 

Tonkay, William, carpenter, genesee st. 

Townsend, G. W, grocer, terrace. 

Turman, John, laborer, crow st. 

Thomas, John T. joiner, ellicott st. 

Thornton, William, mason, do 

Tolls, Benjamin, joiner, do 

Torrey, Charles, do do 

Thomas, Greorge, cordwainer,do 

Townsend, H. W. grocer, canal st. 

Tisdale, H. cordwainer, main st. 

Taylor, Francis, teamster, do 

Taylor, George W. do 

Tice, cordwainer, do 

Thomas, Giles, cabinet maker, main st. 

Taylor, joiner, do 

Thompson, Erancis, stone cutter,do 

Taylor, Charles B. 199 do 


Troxel, Eli, chair ware-house, 8 ellicott sqr. main si. 
Thompson, Artemas, attorney, do 

Tapper, Charles, seaman, do 

Taylor, W. F. Porter, forwarding merchant, do 
Tredwell, T. attorney, do 

Tarbell, Peter, ship builder, do 

Turner, Chester, pump maker, do 

Tower, Reuben, clerk, do 

Tolun, Edward, do 

Thorpe, Aliel, chair maker, do 

Thayer, John, joiner, Washington st. 
Towers, Frederick, laborer, Buffalo creek. 
Tolls, Nathan, painter, eagle st. 
Tony, Perin, laborer, pearl st. 
Thrall, Russell, cordwainer, 
Terry, Anselum, laborer, seneca st. 
Tuttie, Daniel, tanner and currier, seneca st. 
Thompson, Moses, painter, do 

Tarbox, Henry, hatter, do 

Taby, John, laborer, do 

Thomas, William, farmer, do 

Tillinghast, Dyer, attorney, do 

Tull, M. joiner, do 

Taylor, M. joiner, do 

Tucker, Elisha, clergyman, do 

Townsend, M. mason, swan st. 
Talbot, William, innkeeper, niagara st. 
Trowbridge, Ephraim, comb maker, franklin st. 
Tennimore, Benjamin, attorney, do 

Thayer, Greorge, mason, do 

Teebold, Walter, laborer, delaware st. 
Twist, Salem, joiner, mohawk st. 
Tiffany, do do 


Taft, Daniel, carpenter, pearl st. 

Tyrel, Harmon,. do do 

lyrel, John, do do 

Taylor, Stephen, teamster, do 

Tallady, Mrs. do 

Twitchell, Samuel, farmer, do 

Twitehell, Freman, do do 

Tucker, John, cabinet maker, main st. 

Trowbridge, Josiah, M. D. office, eagle buildings, 

dwelling, pearl st. 
Tyler, Wffiiam, chandler, main st. 
Tallmage, Collins J. joiner, do 
Tallmage, Joseph, farmer, do 
Townsend, Charles, forwarding merchant, main st. 
Torbin, Edward, laborer, terrace. 
Turrell, E. pedler, do 

Tubbs, William, comb maker, Washington st. 
Tiffany, Daniel, tailor, do 

Tredway, Thomas J. merchant, do 
Trainor, John, carpenter, do 

Trainor, George, do do 

Tunnecliff, Mrs. widow, do 

Tobin, John, do 

Tupper, Elisha, teamster, ohio st. 
Thomas, C. carpenter, eagle st. 
Taylor, Noah, do 

Tweedy & Ketchum, hat ware-house, 177 main st. 
Tracy, Charles E. pearl st. 


Underwood, Horace H. cabinet maker, franklin st. 
Upham, Alvin, joiner, terrace. 




Vantine & Williams, hat mamifacturerd, exchange 

Yantine, George, hatter, pearl st. [buildings. 

Yanorman, John D. butcher, swan st. 

Yatter, Jacob, laborer, niagara st. 

Yaa Renssdaer, Stephen, student, franklin st. 

Yan AUen, J. D. merchant tailor, 180 main st. 

Verrien, Henry, bugler, steam boat Superior. 

Yalentine, George, mason» delaware st. 

Verrien, John, do 

Yosburgh, Nathaniel, saddler, main st. dw. pearl st. 

Yanwinkle, Paul, mason, do 

Yaisson, Germain, mason, do 

Yaughan, George, mason, court st. 

Yaughan, George, Jr. blacksmith, court st. 

Yanleuven, Isaac, innkeeper, main st. 

Yarischold, Jacob, shoemaker, do 

Yalentine, George, bricklayer, do 

Yalentine, William, do do 

Yictor, Edward, seaman, terrace. 

Yan Gilder, Horace, teamster, Washington st. 

Yalleau, William, merchant, do 


Webster, George B. forwarding merchant, senecast. 
Wilkeson, Samuel, merchant, public square. 
Wilkeson, E. R. clerk, do 

Wilkeson, William, merchant, do 

Webb, James, laborer, eagle st. 
Wright, Haight, joiner, do 
Wiffly, Jacob, laborer, 6hippewa st. 

Woodworth, teamster, huron st. 

Wilkins, Christian, carpenter, court st. 
Wust, Frederick, tailor, do 


Weiser, Joseph, laborer, court st. 

Weaver, Jacob, bladksmith, do 

Wood, David, sawyer, do 

White, Nathaniel S. cordwainer, genesee st. 

Wheeler, Nicholas, comb maker, church st. 

Wilcox, B. looking, glass factory, 1 ellicott square, 

dwelling,, church st. 
Woolvin, John, joiner, church st. 
Waters, William, grocer, dwelling, crow st. 
Wider, Peter, carpenter, ellicott st. 
Walker, Samuel G. joiner, do 
Wright, Thomas, teamster, do 
Wheeler, John, ccmlwainer, do 
Warren, Caleb, do canal ^t. 
Woodard, George, laborer, do 
Wilson, J. grocer, do 

Wheeler, Samuel, agent, do 

Walker, William, do 

WoodruflF, joiner, do 

Wood, Calvin, innkeeper, do 

Washburn, nuuson, do 

Wells, William, hatter, wiUqw st. 
Webber, Israel, joiner, main st. 
Walden, Ebenezer, attorney, main st. 
Williams, George, Buffalo House, main st. 
Welty, David, clerk, do . do 

Williams, Alfred, dealer in salt, Buffalo creek. 
Win^w, Edward T. f<»*warding and commission 

merchant, Mansion House. 
Wisner, Casper, farmer, franklin st. 
Williams, J. D. hatter, main st. 
Wadsworth, Jared, cooper, do 
Whaples, Reuben, tinsmith, church st. 
Wells, Aldrich, joiner, seneca st. 

ll^^eson, Beals & Co. steam engine tnanufactuf'^ 
ers and iron founders, 160 main st. & 1 ohio st. 
Wells, Ziba, baker, canal st. 
Warner, Nelson, pail maker, seneca st. 
Wheeler, Isaac, shoemaker, Washington st. 
Waid, Joseph, butcher, seneca st. 
Webster, Mortimer, gardener, seneca st. 

Wells, derk, do 

Worden, M. joiner, do 

Wadsworth, Jared, cooper, do 

Ward, Daniel, teamster, swan st. 

WooctuflF, W. H. clerk crow st. 

Wright, Thomas, chair maker, swan st. 

Ward, M. painter, do 

Ward, Edward, clerk, do 

Watson, Henry, brick maker, do 

Watles, Nathaniel, farmer, do 

Wilder, N. tailor, Washington st. 

Ware, Elisha R. mason, franklin st. 

Watson, Craig, do do 

West, Stephen, baker, do 

Wadsworth, John, book keeper, franklin st. 

Waples, Reuben, tinner, do 

Waples, Daniel, do do 

Wood, Silas L. mason, do 

Walton, Harry, joiner, do 

White, M. mason, do 

Wheeler, Jonathan, cooper, terrace. 

Watts, Jesse, miUright, do 

Wintworth, John, do do 

Wheeler, Jonathan, Jr. joiner, do 

Waldo, Daniel, farmer, do 

Watson, Samuel, tanner, and currier, delaware st. 

Warren, Martin, do 


Warreii, Horatio, merchant, delaware st. 
Winslow, George, marble manufacturer, pearl st* 

Wilson, clerk, do 

Woonts, John, laborer, do 

Walter, Joseph, farmer, do 

Welles, saddler, do 

Wilcox, Thomas R. clerk, do 

Wiezat, Jacob, laborer, do 

Wise, Anthony, farmer, do 

White, Sage, teamster, do 

Walter, Anthony, laborer, do 

Wilkeson, Asahel, grocer, do 

Worley, Michael, tailor, do 

Worley, Doland, do do 

Weed, Thaddeus, merchant, swan st. 
Wilber, Philip, steam boat agent, swan st. 
Wedgewood, William, tailor, public square. 
Whelen, Mrs. grocer, york st. 
Wilgus & Burton, painters and glaziers, main st. 
Weed, Thaddeus & Co. wholesale hardware mer- 
chants, ££2 comer swan and main sts. 
Wheeler, Charles, grocer, do 

Wells, Benjamin, joiner, do 

Warden, Charles, do do 

Wilcox, Prentice, farmer, do 

Woods, Thomas, laborer, do 

Whittet, James, cordwainer, do 

Waddock, James, laborer, do 

Wood, Thomas, do do 

Welvely, Jacob, do do 

White, James, mason, do 

Wheelock, John, grocer, do 

Williamson, Wm. stove mounter, do 
White, Levi, cabinet maker, pearl st. 


Wilkman, hatter. Mansion Houae. 

Warren, Houy H. printer, main st. 

Wells, Chauncy C. clerk, do 

Wadsworth & Pennegar, chair ware»house, 6 ellicott 

Worden, Truman B. carpenter, main st. [square. 

Wright, William, do do 

Walker, Warren, derk, do 

White, James M. student, Ea^^e Tavern. 

Whitney, W. A. dock maker, do 

Wall^, Jacob, clerk. Steam Boat Hotal. 

Willaid, N. grocer, foot of main st. Buffalo creek. 

Williams, jeweller, main st. 

Whitney, joiner, main st. 

White, Henry, attorney, office, main st. dw. eagle sL 
Warmick, Robert, gardener, main st. 
Wesencraft, Charles, wagon maker, main st. 
Williams, David, derk, prime st 

Wright, joiner, loyd st. 

Wanen, Levi R. pedler, terrace. 
Wheder, Samuel W. pedler, terrace. 
Wicks, Comfort, grocer, canal dock. 
Wakely, Ebaza, cordwainer, Washington st. 
Wilgus, Nathaniel, painter, do 

White, chair maker, do 

Wood, laborer, do 

Willus, Anthony, mason, do 

Whitaker, John, do do 

White, Freeman, founder, ohio st. 
Wells, Joseph, farmer, do 

Whitney, Zerah, tanner, do 
Wendall, Daniel, tailor, oak st. 
Williams, W. grocer, big Buffalo creek. 
Winnings, Lewis, innkeeper, foot main st. 
Wheeler, Lyman, bookseller, water st. 


White, Henry, cordwainer, water st. 
Wagstaff, Robert, capt. schooner Red Rover. 
Walker, A. capt. steam boat Sheldon Thompson. 
Williams & Co. wholesale & retail dealers in drugs, 

medicines, groceries, paints, oils, dye woods, dye 

stuffs, &c. 1 cheapside, main st. 
Wadsworth, James, chair maker, mohawk st. 
Wilkins, T. capt. steam boat William Peacock* 

Wall, shoemaker, pearl st. 

Whittell, do do 

Wize, Jacob, agent, Mansion House. 
Wilgus, Alfred W. bookseller, Washington st. 


Youngs, Allen, carpenter and joiner, seneca st. 
Youngs, George, laborer, swan st. 
Youngs, T do do 

Young, Foster, mSler, hydraulic's. 
Young, William, hatter, main st. 


Zuhart, Michael, laborer, pearl st. 
Zuglehaust, Christopher, joiner, pearl st. 


Peter West, 
John Freeman, 
Creorge Henderson, 
Henry Hawkins, 
Horatio Nelson, 
John Carey, 
Abram Young, 
P. Hopkins, 
William Hall, 
Henry Johnson, 
Charles Buckner, 
John Miner, 
John Banks, 
Henry Shelby, 
James Carpenter, 
Sol. Gilmore, 
Jacob Bronham, 
James Wallace, 
William WoodruflF, 



Hector Ashley, 
Abraham Sykes, 


Isom Wilfrey, 
Jesse Washington, 
John Davis, 
David Davis, 
Israel Davis, 
William Prime, 



Richard Carter, 
Charles Lemon, 

Charles Tillman, 


John Thomas, 
James MTntyre, 
Robert Bristol, 
John Ward, 
Ephraim Graves, 
Fred. Mills, 
John Miner, Jr. 
John C. Ward, 
Robert Banks, 
Robert Johnson, 
Isam Bazelli, 
Thomas Robertson, 
Israel T. Davis, 
James Olney, 
Isaac Porter, 
Prime Williams, 
William Washington, 
Isaac Morrison, 
William Robinson, 
John Denms, 
Nathan Hall, 
Daniel Lamed, 
WiUiam Fields, 
Henry Moxley, 
Aguila Scott, 
John Tillman, 
William Ross, 
Joshua Owens, 
George Curtis, 
Samuel Gardner, 
Samuel Jackson, 
Eli Hazard. 



Jndge9 — ^Philander Bennett, William Mills, Sam- 
uel Russel, Edward Paine, James Stryker. 

District Attorney — ^Henry White. 

Surrogate — ^Martin Chittenden. 

Cforfc--Noah P. Sprague. 

Sheriff — Stephen Osbom. 

Under Sheriff — ^Lester Brace. 

Justices of the Peace — ^Absalom Bull, Joseph 
Clary, Stephen K. Grosvenor, Harry Slade. 

PiERBE A. Barker, Collector of 17. States Customs, 

Zenas W. Barker, Collector of the Canal Revenue. 


Albert H. Tracy, 
Love & Norton, 
Potter & Babcock, 
William A. Moseley, 
White & Ford, 
Root & Carver, 
Tredwell & Smith, 
Barker & Hudson, 
Clary & Fillmore, 
Horatio Shumway, 
Thomas T. Sherwood, 
Samuel Caldwell, 
Philander Bennett, 
I. T. Hatch, 
Daniel Lockwood, 
Martin Chittenden, 
Artemas Thompson, 

Ebenezer Walden, 
Harry Slade, 
Stephen G. Austin, 
Major A. Andrews, 
Dyre Tillinghast, 
A&red Handy, 
James Stryker, 
George W. Johnson, 
C. G. Van Rensselaer, 
Henry Morris, 
Peter B. Porter, Jr. 
James M'Kay, 
Roswell Chapin, 
Sidney S. Taplin, 
Henry Crawford. 
Gilbert S. Forsyth, 





House, between the Churches* Main Street. 
FoREiCAN — ^Henry Root, 

Assistant — ^Nathaniel V^^lgus, 

Sbcrbtaby— Henry Hamilton. 


House, near the Court House, Washington Street. 
FoBiafAN— James Brown Bach, 
Assistant — ^Augustus Colson, 
Sbcbbtaby — ^£. Rud«i. 


House, on the Terrace, near the Market. 
FoBEMAN — ^Edward Baldwin, 
Assistant — ^William C. Smith, 
SacstBTABY— Rushmore Poole. 



O. W. AI&BXf & Co. 


£icteiis(be jfiealers Xn 


CONSISTING in part of Blue, Black, Brown and 
Olive Dress Coats, Pantaloons and Vests, Drab, 
Brown, Olive and ML^ed Box Coats, Drab Kersey Pea 
Coats, Jackets and Trowsers, Blue Cloth and Satinet 
Jackets, Pants, Vests and Coatees, fine and common 
Blue, Brown and Olive Camblet Clokes and Wrappers, 
Black Bombazine Stocks, Cravats, Hosieries, Suspend* 
ers, Cotton and Flannel Shirts, Wrappers and Drawers. 
Together with every article in their line, at low prices. 
Bufialo, August, 1832. 



THIS Establishment is now fitted up in first rate style 
for the reception of company, and.ij^ equaj in com- 
fort and convenience to any house in this City. Being 
situated near the centre of business, it is very convenient 
for business men as well as for 

Every person stopping at the ** Farmers' HoxEt^'may 
rely upon receiving the strictest attention, and charges 
reasonable. August, 1832, 

'Wholesale and Retail Dealers In 

KEEP at all times a general assortment of every ar- 
ticle in that line. Also, French and American 

FAPBR BA»roi»ros, 

vith BORDERING to match, all of which will be sold 
on the most accommodating terms. 

Merchants and Peolebs are invited to call at No* 
212 Main Street and examine for themselves. 

• _ 

We do not say our Goods were bought for less than it 
cost to import them, but arc willing t6 sell at the prices of 
those that have such astonishing facilities of purchaising 
as to enable them to undersell their neighbors : all we ask 
is to compare quality and prices with any of the would he 
cheap stores, JVo Mistakes not excepted. 

G. H. G. & Co. also keep constantly on hand a large 
assortment of 


from Green Bay and Saut do 6te Maria. 
Buffalo, August, 1832. 


RESPECTFULLY informs his friends and-thc pub- 
lie generally, that he has established himself in the 
Boot, Shoe, and Leather Business, at 205 Main st. op- 
posite Central Buildings, where he will keep constantly 
on hand, a complete assortment of 

of his own manufacture. Also, a general assortment of 
Sole and Upper LEATHER. Custom work done in the 
neatest and most fashionable manner, and on short notice 
Buffalo, August, 1832. 




DEALERS in Dry Goods^ wholesale aiid retail« at 
the lowest rates ; also, 

of all kinds, of their own manufacture, warranted. 

Merchants and Pedlers dan always depend on a very 
heavy and general assortment at all times. 

Bufiaio, A u gust, 1832, ^ 



RESPECTFULLY informs the citizens of Buffalo 
and its vicinity, that his attention hereafter will be 
more exclusively devoted to the practice of his profession. 
All useful operations for restoring the health and beattty 
of the 

and replacing them when lost, will be performed in the 
most approved manner. Whole sets of Teeth can be 
inserted, which will have all the beauty of natural teetht 
and be nearly as useful. 

A good assortment of Human and Porcelain Teeth 
will constantly be kept on hand. Office 140 Main-st. 

Buffalo, August, 1832. ^_ 




DYE WOODS and Dye Stuffs, Paints, Oils, Window 
Glass, Machine Cards, &c. No. 1 Cheapside. 
Also, Agents for the sale of 

Buffalo, August, 1832. 


9t ttitfr Sbtoat matcKnttsr on XaSda Cneft. 

KEEP conslantly for sale. Stoves, Hollow- Ware, Pig 
and Scrap Iron, and Iron Costings generall/t also 

STOWS Pa<B*b KcttlH, 


SbiO'Ot Vfpf , Sugar Sttties. 

All ofwbidi they will sell low for cash or other prompt 
pay. BiifTalo, Aug»st'l832. 



Na 838 janfit°Stnet, totntt of £tDiin°Stitet, 

MANUFACTURES and keeps constantly on hand, 
a large assortment of Looking Glasses of'all 
descriptions and sizes, which he will sell as low as any 
Other estiiblishmeni in the Sinle. 

Fortran anV Vfctttrcf ^rirntcs 

made to order — a few elegant Mantle CLOCKS yet oo 

hand, also Looking Glass Plates, Relleptors, Prints, Sec. 

Buffalo, August, i832. 


Stocit antr Sjrctfanse i$vo%tv, 


BANK and other Stocks purchased and sold on Com- 
mission. Drafts on New- York and Albany for sale. 
Every description of uncurrent Bank Notes wanted, at 
the lowest rates of discount. BuiTalo, Aug, 1832. 


THE late firm of £. Johnson & Co. composed of E* 
Johnson and II. II. Sizer, having been dissolved, 
and Ebenezcr «Tohnson havinp; taken into copartnership 
Philander Hodge, the Exchange Business will be car- 
ried on as hcrctororc. under (he name and firm of £. 
JOHNSON & CO: at the old stand. Exchange Build- 
ings, where will be paid the highest price tor GOLD* and 


of all denominations takon at low rafes ot* discount. 

Buffalo, August, 1832. 


KEEPS constantly on hand, a complete supply of all 
ail kinds of 

Jttttstc, ililusfc«il XustrumrlttSt tct. 

Piano Fortes tuned and to hire, second hand ones taken 
in exchange for new. Bands and Musical Societies sup- 
plied on the most liberal terms. 


a very large assortment. Also, a good supply of genuine 

Dr«i|;« A Medlrlnes^ Perfuincr>'f A-c. 

a few doors south of the Eagle Tavern, Main st* 
Buffalo, August, 1S32. 


HAVE become a very healthy and fashiona\>le resort 
for invalids and persons travelling for pleasure. 
Am6ng the public houses we particularly recommend 
that of Mr. O. Comstock, where every attention is ren- 
dered, and means of enjoyment furnished, that a travel- 
ler could desire.. August, 1832. 



warranted to be of the first quality, among which are# 



for most kinds of Ploughs now in use. 

Repairing of either wood work or irons, attended to 
on short notice. 

Buffalo, August, 1832. 



2i« MAnr-STR: 


MOUNT, FAULKNER & Co. keep constantly on 
hand, and are receiving weekly from their Estab* 
lishmcnt in the City of New-York, a large and well select- 
ed assortment of 

which they c(m and vaxll sell lovotr than any other house in 
this City. Call and see if there is any Mistake at 216 

Buffalo, August, 1832. 

"^ A. & A. RATNOR, 


IRON, STEEL, NAILS, &c. at the sign of the gil 
Anvil, 206 Main Street 
Buffalo, August, 1832« 


THE subscribers, under the firm^ of TWEEDY St 
KETCHUM, hate opened a Hat Store, at No. 177 
Main st. three doors below the Buffalo Housct ia this ci^^ 
where they will offer a general assortment of 


Also, Men's and Boys' CAPS, of a variety of patterns, 
all of which they will sell at Wholesale or Retail, on as 
reasonable terms as they can be purchased at any other 
establishment in this place. Their friends and the public 
generally, are invited to call and examine for f horaselvcs. 

Buflalo, August, 1832. 

WHOUB&AJLB Sl but ail 

£xteii9iTe Cfrocerjr Establlshmentt 

AT the New Store, directly opposite the Ware-House 
of S. Thompson & Co. comer of Prime & Lloyd 
streets, have just received from New-York, and will con- 
stantly keep on hand a very extensive and general assort* 
ment of Genuine 

(Stotnlttf nnXf ^roii(j9(Coif9, 

comprising all descriptions. Also, every description of 

All of which have been well purchased and selected with 
great care, and will be sold at least as low as they can be 
purchased in the city. 

Buf&do, August,' 1832. 


*BELOW/ • ' -.,