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Full text of "Directory of Alumnae"





1950 C.3 






April 1950 

Digitized by tine Internet Arciiive 

in 2010 witii funding from 

Lyrasis IVIembers and Sloan Foundation 


Directory of Alumnae 


Sweet Briar College 

This directory includes all former students 
of Sweet Briar from September, 1906, 
through January, 1950. It is divided into 
three sections: an alphabetical master listing 
according to maiden names, a geographical 
listing, and a listing according to married 
names. The master list names all former 
students of the college, of the academy 
which was a preparatory department of the 
college from 1906-1918, and names special 
students admitted during that period. 

In compiling this directory every effort has 
been made to secure as accurate information 
as possible. However, many alumnae are 
still "lost" to Alumnae Office records. 
Alumnae are urged to report promptly mis- 
takes of any kind, and to furnish addresses 
of the "lost" alumnae. 

Beginning on opposite page is a complete 
listing of all former students of Sweet Briar 
College. Names listed without address due 
to lack of information. Known deceased 
alumnae are so indicated. 


A — Academy 

SP — Special Students 

G — Graduates 

Alphabetical Listing — Maiden Names 

Abbe, Mary Hyatt, '51, 31 Quincy Street, 

Chevy Chase, Md. 
Abbot, Elizabeth, Mrs. Kirk Averett, '47g, Box 

15 5, R. F. D. 4, Lynchburg, Va. 
Abbott, Cynthia Haynes, '42g, Mrs. Stephen 

Botsford, 243 East 48th Street. New York. 

N. Y. 
Abbott, Virginia, (A), Mrs. William H. Skin- 
ner, 3722 Kimble Road, Baltimore 18, Md. 
Abell, Andrena, Mrs. John Murphy, died 1946. 
Abell, Ruth, '26g, Mrs. Burnett L. Bear, South 

Main Street, Coopersburg, Pa. 
Abernathy, Dorothy R., (A). 
Abernethy, Josephine, '3 0, Mrs. Walter W. 

Turrentine, Apt. 6, 410 West 14th Street, 

Norfolk 7, Va. 
Abraham, Sylvia Faye, '17, Mrs. H. H. Pethick, 

3 09 Hillside Avenue, Douglaston Manor, 

L. I., N. Y. 
Abraham, Gertrude, '22, Mrs. Jerome K. Har- 
ris, 143 Park Hill Drive, San Antonio, Texas. 
Abraham, Marjorie, '21, Mrs. Jerome Meyer, 

1110 South 41st Street, Birmingham, Ala. 
Abraham, Gladys Mary, (A), Mrs. Mary A. 

Hodgkins, Southern Pines, N. C. 
Abrams, Lisbeth Agn, '49g, Mrs. Frederick E. 

Penn, 3 6 Magnolia Avenue, Newton, Mass. 
Abrams, Marie, (A), Mrs. Robert Lawson, Box 

47, Westport, Conn. 
Abrash, Muriel, '44g, Mrs. Arnold M. Sahberg, 

1604 Grove Avenue, Richmond 20, Va. 
Abshire, Helen Virginia, '34, Mrj. O. B. Har- 

tzog, 2600 Las Palmas Drive, Port Arthur. 

Acomb, Cora Mae, '26, Mri. John W. Giesen. 
Adam, Helen Douglas, '34, Mrs. Robert E. 

Simon, Jr., 25 West 57th Street, New York, 

New York. 
Adamova, Bozena, '27, Mrs. Augusfe Menguy. 
Adams, Anne L., '51, Ruxton 4, Md. 
Adams. Anne Willingham, '41, 130 West 73rd 

Street, New York 23, N. Y. 
Adams, Dorothy, (A). 
Adams, Elizabeth Riley, '46, Mrs. Horace 

Stringfellow, III, 622 Forsyth Street, Macon. 
Adams, Emma Lawson, '21, Mrs. Gordon Kyle, 

145 Steele Road, West Hartford, Conn. 
Adams. Frances Salisbury, '3 5, Mrs. Allen J. 

Jervey, Jr., Melrose Avenue, Tryon, N. C. 
Adams, Helen, '28, Mrs. Payne Martin, Main 

Street, Lancaster, Mass. 
Adams, Helen J., •26g, Mrs. William R. 
Thomson, Jr., 19 Benjamin West Avenue. 
Swarthmore, Pa. 
Adams, Ida Mae, '34, Mrs. Clyde Pearson, 7 

Mooreland Road, Montgomery 6, Ala. 
Adams, Marian, '26, Mrs. Harry B. Gore, 

Court House Road, Amherst, New Hamp- 
Adams, Mary Eleanor, '49, Mrs. Roger P. 

Adams, Maude, '27, Mrs. Harold C. Smith, 

94 Main Street, Concord, Mass. 
Adams, Sarah Louise, '43 g, Mrs. Robert S. 
Bush, 6710 Del Norte Lane, Dallas, Texas. 

Adamson. Ann Baxter, '40g, Mrs. Robert H. 

Taylor, Rural Station 1, Sykesville. Md. 
Addington, Margaret Jane, '48g, Mrs. John 

Twohy, IV, 1404 Mallory Court, Norfolk 7, 

Addison, Ethel, '23, Mrs. Robert Martin, 2812 

Hillcrest Avenue, Augusta, Ga. 
Adkins, Maria, (A), Mrs. George Carmichael. 
Adler, Edna M., '46, Mrs. Jerome Goldberg, 

504 Eleventh Avenue, Paterson 4, N. J. 
Adler, Ray, '3 5, Mrs. H. Foster Cochran^ 805 

N. Pine Street, Little Rock, Ark. 
Agard, Katherine, '25g, 1500 Dixon, Glendale 

5, Calif. 
Agee, Kathryn Leigh, '45g, 1020 Ritter Park, 

Huntington, W. Va. 
Agnew, Mary Louise, '37, Mrs. John B. Mer- 
rill, 1240 Staunton Road, South Hills. 

Charleston 4, W. Va. 
Ahara, Josephine, '21g, Mrs. Louis de R. Mac' 

Millan, 71, (, Franklin Street, Chapel Hill, 

N. C. 
A.hlheim, Catherine Mary, '3 6, Mrs. Howard 

W. Henry. 
Ailes, Serena, '30, Mrs. Thomas P. Henry^ Jr., 

191 Ridge Road, Grosse Pointe Farms 3 0. 

Amsworth, Sally, '32g, Mrs. Richard C. Glass, 

United Press Herald Building, Miami, Fla. 
Ake. Martha Louise, '3 6, Mrs. Robert C. 

Brouse, 75 Gilpin Road, Akron 13, Ohio. 
Albers, Eleanor S., '27g, Mrs. Thomas P. Foltz, 

2710 Lela Avenue, Fort Smith, Ark. 
Albers, Julia K., '21, Mrs. Hyres Sparks ^ 3 20 

East 72nd Street, New York 21, N. Y. 
Albert, Catherine Elizabeth, '3 5, Mrs. A. L. 

Albert, Emily Carson, '46, Mrs. James R. 

Hanahan, 3181 Mathieson Drive, N. E., 

Apt. 24. Atlanta, Ga. 
Alberts, Elaine, '5 0, Alwyn Terrace, Little 

Silver, N. J. 
Albray. Doris Munn, '41g, Mrs. Williqvi E. 

Bardusch, Jr., 132 North Arlington Avenue. 

East Orange, N. J. 
Alcott, Eleanor, '34g, Mrs. Harry H. Bromley, 

2998 Huntington Road. Shaker Heights 20. 

Aleshire, Mary E., '25, Mrs. Otto G. Klein, 

83 7 Flowerree Street, Helena, Mont. 
Alexander, Ardean E., '40, Mrs. Samuel A. 

Casey, c/o Mr. John Alexander. Port Ed- 
wards, Wise. 
Alexander, Jeanne, (A), Mrs. H. Barton Cook, 

1000 Court Street, Lynchburg. Va. 
Alexander, Nancy Lu, '47, Mrs. W. H. Blaney, 

Jr., 1701 West 4th, Freeport. Texas. 
A.lexanderson, Gertrude, '3 8g, Mrs. Charles M. 
Young, 1227 Glenwood Boulevard. Schenec- 
tady, N. Y. 
Alford, Charlotte, '26, Mrs. Donald G. Mac- 
Vicar, 561 North Church Street. Nauga- 
tuck. Conn. 
Alford. Virginia Carmichael, '3 3, Mrs. George 
B. Johnston, 544 Dover Road, Louisville, Ky. 
Allen, Audrey Joyce, '3 6. 
Allen. Dorothy, '18, Mrs. Donald MurdocL 


Allen, Dorothy Grace, '52, Route 4, Box 195, 
Mobile, Ala. 

Allen, Fredericka Lathrop, '37, Denslow Road, 
New Canaan, Conn. 

Allen Helen, '3 8, Mrs. John P. Stupp, 7608 
Maryland Avenue, Clayton 5, Mo. 

Allen, Tune Claire, '45, 3 8 Lincoln Street, New 
Britain, Conn. 

A.'len, Lois, '27, Mrs. J. F. Perkins. 

Allen, Lucia, '20, Mrs. Sidney T. Adair, 3 601 
Hawthorne Avenue, Richmond, Va. 

Allen, Marjorie W., '29, Mrs. Allan L. Eddy, 
1610 Burlingame, Detroit 6, Mich. 

Allen, Mary (A), died 1911. 

Allen, Mary McGee, '23, Mw. Russell E. Camp- 
bell, 6248 N. Pennsylvania Street, Indianap- 
olis 5, Ind. 

Allen, Mildred, '26. 

Allen, Nina, (A), Mrs. Henry W. Thrasher, 
93 8 West Pike Street, Clarksburg, W. Va. 

Allen, Rhoda, '21g, Mrs. John S. W or den, 
9 Hugenot Drive, Larchmont, N. Y. 

Allen, Sadie Gwin, '45, Mrs. E. A. Blackburn, 

Ailing, Gloria June, '43, Mrs. R. T. Watts, Jr. 

Allison, Catherine, '24, Mrs. John A. Patten, 
Jr., 5 6 Hogshead Apts., Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Allison, Dorothy Helen, '36, Mrs. Jo Cowin 

Allison, Georgette, (A). 

Allison, Lillian Greene, '33, Mrs. John L. Red- 
man, Jr., Apt. lOJ, Wynnewood Park Apart- 
ments, Wynnewood, Pa. 

Allison, Mary Bertha, (A), Mrs. Neil Thomas, 

Allison, Virginia, '40, Mrs. Hubert B. Hay- 
wood, Jr., 3211 Ravensworth Place, Alex- 
andria, Va. 

Alsop, Camilla P., '27g, Mrs. Edwin Hyde, 28 
Rio Vista Lane, Richmond 21, Va. 

Alston, Myrtle, '51, Mrs. John C. Motf, 830 
Chestnut Street, Henderson, N. C. 

A'.tschul, Margaret Jean, '49g, 177 Garfield 
Avenue, Long Branch, N. T- 

Altschuler, Frances, '17, Mrs. Thomas Hol- 

Ambrose, Martha, '27g, Mrs. James D. Nun- 
nally, 1640 York Road, Memphis, Tenn. 

Ambuhl, Martina G., (A), Mrs. Eugene B. 
Martineau, 3 20 State Street, Marinette, Wise. 

Amilon, Janet, '47, Mrs. Joseph G. Wagner, 
660 Oneida Street, Denver Col. 

Ammarell, Eleanor Jane, '45, 17 Glenside Ter- 
race, Upper Montclair, N. J. 

Andersen, Violet, '31g, Mrs. Andersen Groll, 
133 85th Street, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Anderson, Betsy, '48, Mrs. George Douglas. 

Anderson, Charlotte W., '22. 

Anderson, Elizabeth Anne, '47, Mrs. Francis 
Bourne, Commondore Apts., Asheville, N. C. 

Anderson, Elizabeth S., (A), Mrs. Thomas S. 
Kirkpatrick, 105 Lee Circle, Lynchburg, Va. 

Anderson, Evelyn M., '27g, Mrs. Richard Tiill, 
195 5 Glencoe Street, Denver 7, Colo. 

Anderson, Florence, (A), 7711 St. Martin's 

Lane, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Anderson, Gertrude O., '21, 221 East Sandusky 

Street, Findlay, Ohio. 
Anderson. Gertrude G., '28, Mrs. William A. 

Molster, 1417 44th Street, N. W., Washing- 

ington 7, D. C. 
Anderson, Grace, (A), Mrs. George H. Pleas- 

ance, 12 84 Manor Park Avenue, Lakewood 

7, Ohio. 

Anderson, Helen M., '22g, Mrs. Maurice M. 

Henkels, 3 3 Greenwood Road, Wellesley 

Hills, Mass. 
Anderson, Helen W., '4.0g, Mrs. Bates W. 

Bryan, "Sunnyside," Lexington, Va. 
Anderson, Henrietta, '19g, 1903 Randolph 

Avenue, St. Paul 5, Minn. 
Anderson, Hester, (A), Mrs. L. Fuller Parsly, 

7711 St. Martin's Lane, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Anderson, Isabel Bibb, '3 5g, Mrs. Donald 

Comer, Jr., 285 Old Short Hills Road, Short 

Hills, N. J. 
Anderson, Jane, '3 5, Mrs. George H. Smith, 

Slingerlands, N. Y. 
Anderson, Julia, '23, Mrs. Joe Garland, 303 

Woodward Avenue, Montgomery, Ala. 
A)iderson, Margaret, '31g, Mrs. Payne Flinn, 

1174 Poplar Avenue, Memphis, Tenn. 
Anderson, Marion Charlotte, '34. 
Anderson, Mary Bachman, '45 g, Mrs. Freeman 

W. Bowley. 
Anderson, Mildred M., '29, Mrs. Harry D. 

Anderson, Phyllis Jane, '44, 104 Schuyler 

Road, 3 02, Silver Spring, Md. 
Anderton, Margaret Seth, '41, Mrs. Lawrence 

Dortch, Westview Avenue, Belle Meade, 

Nashville, Tenn. 
Andrews, Alice Gordon, '3 6, Mrs. William E. 

Fackert, Jr., 19 N. Taylor Street, St. Louis 

8, Mo. 

Andrews, Dorothy, '34g, Route 2, Box 189, 
South Miami, Fla. 

Andrews, Jean, '44, Mrs. Martin F. Peterson, 
Lake Bisky, Thendara, N. Y. 

Andrews, Lois Ann, '47, 2410 Kanawha Boule- 
vard, Charleston, W. Va. 

Andrus, Mary Francus, '39, Mrs. Edward F. 

Anthony, Ann, '32, Mrs. George R. Hill, 31 
Holly Road, Waban 68, Mass. 

Antrim, Claudia Fishburne, '48, Mrs. James 
E. McKenna, c/o Rear Admiral A. A. An- 
trim, Staff Comseropace, Box 16, c/o Fleet 
P. O., San Francisco, Calif. 

Antrim, Loulie, (A), Mrs. John Mason, 2 Vista 
Place, Lynchburg, Va. 

Antrim, Nora Lee, '29g, 202 8 Monument 
Avenue, Richmond 20, Va. 

Appel, Elizabeth M., '5 1, 301 Kent Road, 
Wynnewood, Pa. 

Appell, Tanet-Lee, '42, Mrs. George A. Phillips, 
1346 McCutcheon, Richmond Heights 17, 


Apple, Martha Ann, '47, 2400 Central Avenue, 
Hot Springs, Ark. 

Arbaugh, Frances, '3 0g, Mrs. Richard Rosier. 

Aibenz, Susan Bradshaw, '34, Mrs. Robert C. 
Hazlett, 16 Linden Avenue, Lenox, Wheel- 
ing, W. Va. 

Archibald, Marie, (A). Mrs. Lynn Norrisj 616 
N. Jefferson Street. CarroUton, Mo. 

Armes, Patricia Tilghmart, '47, 3600 Douglas 
Road, Birmingham 5, Ala. 

Armfield. Cornelia Romaine, '3 8. Mrs. Eugene 
B. Cannon, 223 Fayetteville Street, Ashe- 
boro, N. C. 

Armistead, Ruth, '21, Mrs. A. D. Robinson. 

Armistead, Velma. (A), Mrs. James L. A. 
Russell, Jonestown, Miss. 

Arms, Patricia, '46g, Mrs. John A. Brown, Jr., 
Stratford Road, Harrison, N. Y. 

Armstrong, Anne Marie, '34, Mrs. Edward S. 
Allen, Jr. 

Armstrong, Beatrice, (A), Mrs. Robert J. 

Armstrong, Helen Murray, '48, Mrs. John H. 
James, 6209 Malvev Street, Fort Worth, 

Armstrong, Katherine, '20, Mrs. John Law- 
rence, 190 South Main Street, Paris, Texas. 

Armstrong, Margaret E., '2 5, Mrs. Conrad F. 
Sauer, Jr., 1 Malvern Avenue, Richmond 21, 

Armstrong, Marjorie Avlesford, (A), Mrs. 
William Simpson IJJ, 754 Dickie Lane, 
Plainfield, N. J. 

Armstrong, Mary Eunice, '29g, Mrs. Mark L. 
Allen, c/o Creole Petroleum Corp., Apar- 
tado 172, Maracaibo, Venezuela. 

Armstrong. Mary Jo, '48e, 243 2 Medford 
Court, East, Fort Worth 4. Texas. 

Armstrong, Mary-Martha, (A), Mrs. Andrew 
B. McClarv, Whitehall Farm. Windsor^ Vt. 

Arnold, Dorothy L., '45, Mrs. Robert J.' Watte, 
72 8 South Boulevard, Petersburg, Va. 

Arnold, Elizabeth, '29, Mrs. Ray Wright, 6 
Colonial Court, Lawrence, Kan. 

Arnold, Justine, '47, Mrs. Edward M. Linforth, 
Green Street, Hulmeville, Bucks County, 

Arnold, Sarah Louise, '15, 36 Waldo Street, 
Brockton 20, Mass. 

Arthur. Eleanor, '32, Mrs. William W. Davies, 
1212 9th Street, Douglas, Ariz. 

Arthur, Henrietta, '3 7, Mrs. Richard S. Skin- 
ner, 744 Forest, Evanston, 111. 

Ashbury, Kathleen M., '40, Mrs. Benjamin 

Ashby, Rosemary, '46g, 7449 Hampton Boule- 
vard, Norfolk 8. Va. 

Ashcraft, Rebecca, '26, Mrs. Robert D. War- 
ren. 2240 Jefferson Avenue, Memphis, Tenn. 

Asher, Martha Louise, '3 8, Mrs. Stanton Fried- 
berg, 573 Kenwood Avenue, Chicago, 111. 

Ashurst, Anne, '27, Mrs. George T. Gwath- 
mey, Jr., 417 East Robinson, Orlando, Fla. 

Atcheson, Elizabeth, '10, Mrs. Ray B. Phjmer, 
2468 Sherwood Road, Columbus 9. Ohio. 

Atkins, Nell, '26g, Mrs. W. C. Hagemeyer, 

319 Summit Lane, Fort Mitchell, Covington, 

Atkinson, Ann Elizabeth, '46, Mrs. S. A. 

Keever, 806 West Knox Street, Ennis, Texas. 
Atkinson, Clara, (A) died 1918. 
Atkinson, Frances Hensley, '3 3g, 43 21 South 

Lookout, Little Rock, Ark. 
Atkinson. Marian Eleanor, '41, "Fairview," 

University, Va. 
Atkinson, Teresa Wade, '3 0g, Mrs. John S. 

Greenfield, 15 Arc Way, N. E., Atlanta 5, 

Atlee. Marjorie, '27, Mrs. Leon C. Parks, 944 

Fairway Drive, Pensacola, Fla. 
Artaway, Betty Gates, '3 3, Mrs. Robert F. 

Atwater, D'Arcy, '3 6. Mrs. William H. Perry, 

Jr., 1 Arsenal Souare, Cambridge 3 8, Mass. 
Aubrey, Carolyn F., '49g, 5310 Tilbury Road, 

Baltimore 12, Md. 
Aufderheide, Ruth, '26, Mrs. John B. Hull. 

410 East Pittsburgh Street, Bedford, Pa. 
August, Betty, '21, Mrs. Ralph Cahn. 
Aunspaugh, Ruth, '27g, Mrs. Frank A. Daniels, 

1515 Glenwood Avenue, Raleigh, N. C. 
Austin, Betty, '28, Mrs. Bohun B. Kinlock, 

42 Church Street, Charleston 1, S. C. 
Austin, Dorothy, '24. Mrs. Gilbert Currie. 257 

Lewiston Road, Grosse Pointe Farms 30, 

Austin, Dorotky, (A), Mrs. Emery W. Watts, 

Honevdale Road, Brownsville, Texas. 
Austin, Aleen, (A), Mrs. Patrick A. O'Hea 

died 1931. 
Austin, Flora B., '31, Mrs. Donald Borg^ 65 5 

Summit Avenue, Hackensack, N. J. 
Austin, Margaret Elizabeth, '3 3g, Mrs. Joseph 

W. Johnson, Jr., 5 00 West Brow Road, 

Lookout Mountain, Tenn. 
Austin, Virginia, '3 2, Mrs. Theodore W. Shaw, 

23 8 Western Avenue, Aurora, III. 
Avery. Elizabeth Lupton, '45, Mrs. Frank F. 

Duff, 603 Barton Avenue, Chattanooga, 

Avery. Helen Louise, '3 2, Mrs. Robert L. 

Avirett, Dunbar, '13, Mrs. Hume Annan, died 

Aycock, Harriet Frances, '36, Mrs. Thatnas B. 

McCuster, 3 00 Highland Street, Milton 8 6, 

Avdelotte, Sarah, (A). 
Avres, Dorothy, '31, Mrs. Johfi E. Holt, 

Hampton, Conn. 
Avres, Sally Ruth, '49, Mrs. Louis W. Shroyer. 

Ill, 4906 South 29th Road Arlington, Va. 

Babbitt, Alice, '28g, Mrs. James C. Hackley. 
Babcock, Alice Guion, '22g, Mrs. Charles I. 

Simons, Box 3 88. Columbia (C), S. C. 
Babcock, Helen Ruth, (A), Mrs. John C. 

Nevins, 420 Brier, Kenilworth, III. 
Babcock, Margery Elizabeth, '49g, 1099 Arden 

Road. Pasadena. Calif. 
Bacharach, Marian, (A), Mrs. A. C. fiotpe. 


Bachman, Elizabeth, '27g, Mrs. Kendrick 
Hardcastle, Jr., Honeywood Drive, Nash- 
ville 5. Tenn. 

Bachman. Martha. '26g. Mn. Thomas McCoy, 
Signal Mountain, Tenn. 

Backer, Beatrice Katherine, '48g, Mrs. Charles 
C. Simpson, Apt 39, 4 Upland Road, Balti- 
more 10. Md. , „ , 

Backes, Barbara, '29, Mrs. E^zftfri H. /<?«/<?//, 

Bacon, Elizabeth, '29, Mrs. John B. Tallent. 
Bacon, Florence, '15. 1102 Franklin Street, 

Boise, Idaho. 
Bacon, Mary Danner, '37, Mrs. Howard Bar- 
ney, 195 Government Street, Mobik, Ala. 
Eadgett, Mary Kathryn, '34, Mrs. Kenneth 

Dunham, Box 23 5, Frostproof, Fla. 
EaEby, Virginia Allen, '41g, Mrs. Hti-Rh L. 
Macneil, 2734 Monterey Road, San Marino 
9, Calif. 
Baelev, Florence Elder, '42k, Mrs. Raymond 
Witt, Jr., 1003 Mt. Vernon Avenue, Chat- 
tanooga, 5, Tenn. 
Bailev, Almeria Pitkin, (A), 1224 Chesapeake 

Avenue. Hampton, Va. 
Bailev. Beverley Ann, '3 9. 
Bailev, Clarice Pleasants, '3 9g, 821 West Broad, 

Falls Church, Va. 
Bailey, Dorothy, '26g, Mrs. Kenneth V. 
Hughes, 3 5 West 46th Street, Indianapolis 
8, Ind. 
Bailev. Florence Jacobs, '39k, Mrs. John B. 

Adams, The Plains, Va. 
Bailey, Frances Fleming, '3 8k, Mrs. George M. 
Brooke, Jr., 405 Jackson Avenue, Lexing- 
ton, Va. 
Bailey, Tudith Matthews, '47, The Tuckahoe 

Apartments, Richmond, Va. 

Bailey. Louise Lancaster, '3 8g, Mrs. Edward 

P. McDermott, 28 Gates Avenue, Montclair, 

N. T. 

Bailev. Pauline Juliet, '29, Mrs. Larry Jarrett. 

Bailev. Ruberta Helen, '34, Mrs. Ernest Hes- 

seltine, 3 8 Russell Street, Arlington, Mass. 

Bailev, Sally, '47g. 43 N. Blount Street, 

Raleigh, N. C. 
Bainbridge, Eda L., '31, Mrs. George C. Mc- 
Knighf, 412 Broeburn Road, Hohokus, N. J. 
Baird. Mildred, '23g, Mrs. Robert A. White, 

57 Macon Avenue, Asheville, N. C. 
Baker, Anne Kendall, '3 5g, Mrs. Howard L. 
Gerhart, 3482 N. Frederick Avenue, Mil- 
waukee 11, Wise. 
Baker, Catherine Alice, '25, Mrs. Archibald 

Baker. Clara Belle, (A), Mrs. Harry E. Backus, 

1005 McDonald Street, Mt. Dora, Fla. 
Baker, Elizabeth, (A), Mrs. Curtis Sprague, 

108 Church Street, Tarboro, N. C. 
Baker, Emma F., '29, Mrs. Emma F. Rasmus- 
Baker. Frances Marshall, '3 6, Mrs. John K. 

Otfen, 1 1 Elmwood, Baltimore, Md. 
Baker. Helen M., (A), Mrs. H. Baker Waller, 

609 Baldwin Place, Norfolk 7, Va. 
Baker. Jane Clarkson. '40g, Mrs. Henry L. 
Grant, III. 

Baker. Jette L.. '3 0. Mrs. J. Lyons Davidson, 

106 Woodland Avenue, Lynchburg, Va. 
Baker. Margaret, (A), Mrs. Hugh T. Carter, 

Round Hill, Va. 

Baker. Margaret McFarlan. '43, Mrs. George 

M. Kahin, 23 6 Ridge Avenue Towson 4, 


Baker, Martha B., '31, Mrs. C. W. Johnson. 

Baker. Pasqueline, '27, Mrs. Wayne Rackley, 

2037 Oliver, Memphis 4, Tenn. 
Baldwin. Allice Marilda, '3 3, Mrs. Arthur J. 
Kelts, 410 East Maumee Street, Adrian, 
Baldwin, Anne Clare, '44, Mrs. H. N. Lock- 
wood, IIL 
Baldwin, Beatrix, '13, Mrs. Leicester C. Lewis, 

Bennington College, Bennington, Vt. 
Baldwin. Elizabeth. '21, Mrs. Reginald Wjite- 
hurst. 812 Stockley Gardens, Apt. No. 6, 
Norfolk, Va. 
Baldwin, Frances Dunn, '41g, Mrs. Meade 
Whitaker, 3 810 Montevallo Road, Birming- 
ham, Ala. 
Baldwin, Julia Reaney, '49g, Mrs. William D. 
Waxter, HI, 311 Burke Avenu^e, Towson 4, 
Ball, Elizabeth Carter, '37g, Mrs. Paul S. Fen- 

som. Box 79 5, Port St. Joe, Fla. 
Ball. Ellen Lee, (A), 6121 St. Andrews Lane, 

Richmond, Va. 
Ball, Geraidine, '20k, Mrs. Francis M. Bewsher. 
Ballard, Doris, '24. Mrs. Jack D. Roberts, 2203 

Washington. Memphis 4, Tenn. 
Ballard. Evelvn Tormen, '29k. 1412-A Ouar- 

rier Street, Charleston 1, W. Va. 
Ballard, Margaret, '3 9g, Mrs. William L. 
Whitehurst, 5 3 rd Street, Virginia Beach, Va. 
Balslev, Louise M., (A), Mrs. Eugene Irvin, 

41 Maple Avenue, Reidsville. N. C. 
Balz. Patricia Goodwin, '3 9g, Mrs. Patrick R. 
Vincent, 3203 N. Charles Street, Baltimore 
18. Md. 
Bancroft, Dorothy L., '13. 266 South Douglas 

Avenue. Elmwood, Springfield, Ohio. 
Bane, Helen E., '25, Mrs. David T. Davis_, 217 

WashinKton Street, Cumberland, Md. 
Banister, Margaret, '16g, Stoneleigh Court 
Apartments, Connecticut Avenue a_nd L 
Street, N. W., Washington, D. C. 
Banker, Ernestine Claire, '47g, 5 7 Butler Ave- 
nue. Kingston, Pa. 
Banks, Mildred, (A), Mrs. Louis Morrow, died 

Bannen. Margaret F., '26, Mrs. Frank P. Stom, 

214 Buena Vista. Paris, 111. 
Bannister. Edna Marie, (A), Mrs. George L. 

Barba. Virginia Carv, '47, Mrs. Douglas S. 
Parker, 111 W. Harvey Street, German- 
town. Philadelphia. Pa. 
Er.rbee, Leland B., '31, Mrs. Herbert W. Hill, 
13 Buell Street, Hanover, New Hampshire. 
Barber, Adah Montayne, '3 3g, Mrs. Robert R. 
Wilson, 2421 Walnut Boulevard, Ashtabula, 
Barber. Alice Capron, '3 0k, Mrs. Robert O. 
Davidson, 73 5 North Lake Street, Aurora, 


Barber, Tulia, '18. Mrs. Evans Taylor_, died 

Barber, Mabel, '16. 
Barber. Marion Farwell, '37. Mrs. Gxinnell 

Burke, 677 Sheridan Road, Glencoe, 111. 
Barber. Mary, (A), Mrs. Arthur C. Ambler, 

8 5 Edsemont Road, Asheville, N. C. 
Barbour, Florence, (A). 
Barbour, Mary Elizabeth, '48s, 2426 19th 

Street, N. W., Washington. D. C. 
Bardin, Mary Hodson, '51, 1329 Tiber Avenue, 

Jacksonville. Fla. 
Barge, Mary Elizabeth, '3 9g, Mrs. William H. 

Schroder. Jr., 162 Rumson Road. Atlanta, 

Barkalow. Vivienne. '18g, Mrs. Stanley K. 

Hornbeck, 21 i 9 Wyoming Avenue, N. W., 

Washington 8. D. C. 
Barksdale, Telia Barnes. '3 0g, Mrs. Lours P. 

Bailey, Nathalie, Va. 
Barley, Anna, (A), Mrs. William F. Baldti/in, 

2 548 Forest Drive. Winston-Salem. N. C. 
Barnes. Barbara Tufts, '3 5. Mrs. Roderick H. 

Barnes, Brooks, '43g, 62 East 66th Street, New 

York 21, N. Y. 
Barnes. Elizabeth, '39g, Mrs. William R. Bird, 

Burke. Va. 
Barnes, Tanet Russell, '36, Mrs. Robert A. 

Gilman, 1 1 Trowbridge Street, Newtoa Cen- 
ter. Mass. 
Barnes, Leila Gilliam. '45g, Griffin, Ga. 
Barnes, Marily, '39, Mrs. Richard Lewis. 
Barnes. Nancy Lee, '49, Mrs. Sidney W. Wray, 

Jr., Crest Street, Bristol, Conn. 
Barnes. Paulina. '26. deceased. 
Barnett. Catherine G., '49, 1321 Prospect 

Street, Westfield, N. T. 
Barnett, Frances Watlington. '3 0, Mrs. George 

D. Crosby, 8 Reeder Circle, Ft. Monroe, Va. 
Barnett. Ruth. '14. Mrs. J. C. Gordon. 
Barnhart. Mary Brooks, '3 3g, Mrs. John B. 

Carlton, 5 05 Winston Road, Chattanooga, 

Barnhardt, Mary Frances, '40, Mrs. Duncan 

C. Colder, Jr., 204 N. Union Street, Con- 
cord, N. C. 
Barnum, Dorothy Craig, '3 5g, Mrs. Josiah G. 

Venter, Johnsons Point, Branford, Conn. 
Barr, Betty, '22, Mrs. Betty B. Little. 
Bsrr, Teanette. (A). Mrs. Arthur L. Derby. 
Barret. Gwendolyn. '20g, Mrs. Machin Sim- 
mons, 5 3 rd Street, Virginia Beach, Va. 
Barrett, Anne, '26e, Mrs. Ovid J. Allaire, 195 

Summer Street, Bristol, Conn. 
Barrett. Clifford Anne, '42 g, Mrs. Dawson O. 

George, Jr., 2501 Aztec Drive, Austin, 

Barrett. Donna, '24, Mrs. Robert M. Ives. 
Barrett, Eleanor Randolph, '39. 
Barrett. Mary Baker. '48g. Mrs. Thomas H. 

Robertson, 2644 Henry Street, Augusta, Ga. 
Barron. Virginia Gordon, '47g, Mrs. Lloyd L. 

Summer, Jr., 1415 Leontine Street, New 

Orleans. La. 
Barrow, Lucile, '20, Mrs. Laivson Turner, 

Elkton Farm, Forest, Va. 

Barrow. Lucile R.. '28. Mrs. James H. Lane, 
Route 2, Box 67H, Germantown, Tenn. 

Barrow. Sidney A., '26, Mrs. Jatnes U. Gallo- 
way, 570 Oneonta. Shreveport, La. 

Barrows. Alice, '31, Mrs. Stephen C. Fran- 
cisco, 22 Waterbury Road, Upper Montclair, 
N. T. 

Barrows, Muriel Gibson, '40, 54 Beacon S.treet, 
Boston, Mass. 

Barry, Caralisa Putmann, '3 2, Mrs. James Pol- 
lard, 295 W. Wesley Road, Atlanta, Ga. 

Barry. Dorothy Adele, '3 5g, Mrs. F. Gordon 
Ketcham, 5 30 Seminole Street, Oradell, N. J. 

Barry, Frances, '26, Mrs. Frances B. Wood, 
3207 Hanover, Dallas 5, Texas. 

Barry. Myrel. '20. died 1920. 

Bartels, Gertrude, '29. Mrs. Clifford Merrin, 
76 Wickewood Drive, Memphis 11, Tenn. 

Bartelt, Betty Jane, '41g. 3017 Stephenson 
Place, N. W.. Washington, D. C. 

Bartlett. Linda Jane, '5 0, Como, Miss. 

Barton. Isabel, (A), Mrs. Guilford A. Morse, 
2 5 00 W. Lake Isle Boulevard. Minneapolis 
5, Minn. 

Bartz, Helen, '27, Mrs. John E. King. 

Bass, Betty Ann, '46g, 3440 Alta Vista Way, 
Knoxville. Tenn. 

Bates. Milo, '29, Mrs. Charles Crawford, 114- 
76 177th Street, Saint Albans 12, N. Y. 

Baton, Clara Louise, '3 5, Mrs. William A. 
Meyer, 314 S. Dallas Avenue, Pittsburgh 8, 

Battey, Alice L., (A), Mrs. Frank S. Bryson. 

Battey. Virginia Dugas, '34, Mrs. J. Lee Et he- 
ridge, Jr., 275 Hillcrest Avenue, Augusta, 

Bauer, Marie, (A), Mrs. J. A. Pearce, died. 

Baugher, Byrnina, (A), Mrs. B. B. Hicks. 

Baum, Phyllis, '50, Mrs. Donovan P. Mac- 
Donald, Box 5 51, Englewood, N. T- 

Bauman, Barbara, '51, Wyndam Apt., Look- 
out Mountain, Tenn. 

Baxter, Eliza P., (A), Mrs. Eliza B. Donnell. 

Baxter, Margaret Carolyn, (A). 

Baylor, Elizabeth, (A). 

Baylor. Rosalie, (A). 

Bayly, Eva, (A). Mrs. S. P. Bittner, 269 S. 
Oakland Avenue. Pasadena 5, Calif. 

Beach, Mary G., (A), Mrs. Mary G. Hood. 

Beach, Ruth Magie, '40g, Mrs. Lusk F. Robin- 
son, c/o Democrat Lithographing Co.^ Little 
Rock, Ark. 

Beacom, Mary Elizabeth, (A) . 

Beacom, Virginia Lucille, (A). 

Beadles, Louise, '14. Mrs. James B. Richard sott. 

Beahm. Louise, '15, Mrs. Walter Wells. 

Beall, Nancy, '13, Mrs. H. P. Prichett, died 

Bean, Helen Holmes, '34g, Mrs. Natf M. 
Emery, Jr., R. D. No. 2, Bridle Path Lane, 
Bethlehem, Pa. 

Bean, Mary Archer, '29g, Mrs. James V. D. 
Eppes, 3 3 Linnaean Street, Cambri^^e 3 8, 

Bean, Nancy Arianna, 43 g, Mrs. Theodore H. 
White, 30 Rue de la Source, Paris 16, France. 


Bear. Rose Beverley, '33g, Mrs. Martin Burks, 
416 Allison Street, Roanoke, Va. 

Beard, Anne Beth, '47k, Mrs. Harry T. Eu- 
bank, Jr., Monroe, Va. 

Beard, Anne Fitzgerald, '39, Mrs. Parker D. 
Dix, III, 217 West Lanvale Street, Balti- 
more 17, Md. 

Beard, Caroline Lee, '49, 1612 Montgomery 
Avenue, Villa Nova, Pa. 

Beard, Helen Harris, '3 0g, Mn. Beard Hunt- 
ington, 3700 Massachusetts Avenue, N, W., 
Apt. 202, Alban Towers, Washington, D. C. 

Beasley, E. Irene, '2 5. 

Beasley, Virginia Lou, '42g, Mrs. Richard V. 
Holzer, Windy Hills Farm, R. F. D. No. 3, 
Athens, Ohio. 

Beaton, Cusseta, '23, Mrs. Yerby Chambers, 
410 South Lea, Roswell, New Mex. 

Beaver. Helen Mae, '41, Mrs. Peter Platten, 
Veterans Hospital, Lyons, N. J. 

Beaver, Margaret W., '34, Mrs. Alexander F. 

Beavers, Jessie B., (A), Mrs. Howard T. Phil- 
lips, Hawthorne Court, Woodsdale, Wheel- 
ing, W. Va. 

Bechtel, Tenne Belle, '48g, 105 Maplewood Ave- 
nue, Philadelphia 44, Pa. 

Bechtel, Josephine, '23g, Mrs. J. Anthony 
KruRler, 156'y4 Pennsylvania Avenue, Eas- 
ton. Pa. 

Becker. lane, '2 5e, Mrs. John H. ClipPi'Vicr. 
1263 Hayward Avenue, Cincinnati 26, Ohio. 

Becker, loan McCann, '49, Kappa Kappa Gam- 
ma, East 15th Avenue, Columbus, Ohio. 

Becker, Josephine Adele, (A), Mrs. Walter 
Mendelsohn, 791 Park Avenue, New York, 
N. Y. 

Becker, Margaret Anne, '42g, Mrs. John W. 
Schilt^es, 3 01 East Maple Road, Indianapolis 
5, Ind. 

Becket, Margaret, (A), Mrs. E. S. Bippers, 345 
Potter Road, West Palm Beach, Fla. 

Beegle, Margaret C, '23, Mrs. Margaret B. 

Beeson, Adaline R., '2 8g, Barcroft Apartments 
No. 22, 1117 S. Wakefield, Arlington, Va. 

Beeson, Helen, '20g, Mrs. Francis M. Coiner, 
32 5 Limestone Street, Maysville, Ky. 

Beistle, Barbara Shipley, '45, Mrs. Richard 
Northrup, 2269 Grandview Avenue, Cleve- 
land Heights 6, Ohio. 

Belber, Sophia, '24, died 193 8. 

Belk, Sarah W., '3 9g, 220 Hawthorne Lane, 
Charlotte, N. C. 

Belknap, Letitia, 37, Mrs. Hai^ Carapetv^n. 

Bell. Ann Kinney, (A), Mrs. Randolph Vah, 
Box 44.5, Beckley, W. Va. 

Bell. Bettina Lee, '39, Mrs. Richard M. Wy- 
man, Jr., Box 112, Framineham, Mass. 

Bell, Hanna C, '27, Mrs. Richard R. Hia^ins. 

Bell, Josephine, '22, Mrs. 'William M. Ford- 
tran. Box 7, Stockdale, Texas. 

Bell, Margaret Ellen, '3 3, Mrs. John S. Hare, 
65 8 Shore Acres Drive, Mamaroneck, N. Y. 

Bell, Margaret Emily, '12, Mrs. R. W. Com- 

Bell, Marie. (A). 

Bell, Marjorie May, '3 5, Mrs. George H. Riley. 

Bell, Martha, (A), Mrs. I. S. Crosby, 311 
Pleasant Terrace, Staunton, Va. 

Bell, Mary Louise, (A), 917 E. Knapp Street, 
Milwaukee 2, Wise. 

Bell, Mary W., (A), Woodrow Terrace Apart- 
ments. Staunton, Va. 

Bell, Minnie, (A), Mrs. Osborne K. Radford. 
15 79 Alexandria Place, Jacksonville 7, Fla. 

Bellamy, Virginia, '3 2g, Mrs. Peter B. Ruffin, 
5 39 Forest Hills Drive, Wilmington, N. C. 

Belser, Sarah Mikell, '43, Mrs. Jere D. Essies- 
ton, 920 Laurens Street, Columbia, S. C. 

Belser. Susalee Mikell, '3 3g, Mrs. James B. 
Norris, 1221 7th Street, New Orleans, La. 

Eeltz. Elizabeth Conyne, '4.8g, 273 Wisconsin 
Avenue, N. W., Washington 7, D. C. 

Bemis, Jane, '3 8g, Mrs. Allan C. Wills, 420 
Lexington Avenue, c/o W. S. Kils & Co., 
New York, N. Y. 

Bemiss, Cynthia Merrifield, '47g, Mrs. William 
A. Stuart, Jr., 1224 Rothesay Road, Rich- 
mond 21, Va. 

Bemiss, Maria Skelton, '29g, Mrs. Henry C. 
Hoar, 265 Inglewood Drive, Pittsburgh 16, 

Bender, Jane, '34g, died 1948. 

Benedict, Anne, '39g, Mrs. Edward Swainj Jr., 
900 W. Mt. Airy Avenue, Philadelphia 19, 

Benet, Alice, '3 6g, Mrs. Porcher P. Hopkins, 
3 09 Southwood Drive, Columbia 3 0, S. C. 

Benn, Dorothy, '2 5, Mrs. Walter Morgan, died 

Bcnner. Julia, '22, Mrs. James A. Moss, Provi- 
dence and Plush Mill Roads, R. D. No. 3, 
Media, Pa. 

Bennett, Bertha, (A), Mrs. Bertha B. Sutton, 

Bennett, Dorothy Maye, '41g, Mrs. Kenneth 
L. Black, Jr., 813 Brunswick Road, Balti- 
more 21, Md. 

Bennett, Jessie Margaret, (A). 

Bennett, Louise, '16g, Mrs. Albert C. Lord, 
182 Hillside Avenue, Englewood, N. J. 

Bennett, Margaret, '3 2g, Mrs. A. Earl Cullum, 
Jr., 5139 Seneca Drive, Dallas, Texas. 

Bennett, Mary Alice, '42, Mrs. John T. Dor- 
rance, Jr., Monk Road, Gladwyne, Pa. 

Benson, Beverly, '50, 193 Hinckley Road, 
Milton, Mass. 

Benson. Winifred A., '19, Mrs. Winifred A. 

Benton, Athlein Becton, '29g, Mrs. David B. 
Lawtati, 3157 Woodlawn Avenue, S. W., 
Roanoke, Va. 

Benton. Margaret, '2 3, Mrs. Harvey L. Whit- 
ley, Dock Street, Fremont, N. C. 

Benzinger, Barbara Irene, '3 5g, Mrs. Herbert 
P. LindsJey, 23 N. Terrace Drive, Wkhita 
8, Kan. 

Benzinger, Dorothv, '3 8, Mrs. G. Findlay Reed, 
63 6 East 63rd Terrace, Kansas City, Mo. 

Berckmans. Mary Alice, '3 8g, Mrs. David B. 
Canby, 1401 Broom Street, Wilmington 6, 


Berend. Toan Frances, '4.6, Mrs. Arthur D. 

Morse, 69-09 108th Street, Forest Hills, 

N. Y. 
Bereen, Marjorie Helen, '22, Mrs. Ben K. 

Cohee, 2 Denny Place, Mariemont, Cincin- 
nati, Ohio. 
Berger, Christine, '23, Mrs. Ralph Gelder, 

died 1941. 
Berger, Eleanor Jean, '3 7. 
Berger, Rose A., '28g, Mrs. Coleman S. Griims, 

Benham, Ky. 
Berggren, Linda, (A), Mrs. John B. Kirk. 
Berghaus, Margaret Barbara, '43, Mrs. John 

S. Chapin. 
Bernhard, Frederica, '24g, 475 Vermont Ave- 
nue. Berkeley 7, Calif. 
Berrier, Virginia Anne, '45g, 415 West 24th 

Street. New York 11 N. Y. 
Berry, Doris, '27, Mrs. William A. RounJfree. 
Berthier, Katherine Elizabeth, '48g, Apartado 

251. Monterrey, Mexico. 
Bertine, Doris D., '31. 

Bertrand, Dorothy, '17, Richmond, Texas. 
Besselieyre, Jean Sears, '3 5, Mrs. Herman V. 

Boley, 211 Anzavista, San Francisco, Calif. 
Bethel, Adele, '46, Mrs. John C. Hampton, 

1632 Madison Avenue, S. W., Birmingham. 

Bethel, Ailene, D., (A). 
Betts, Audrey Teal, '45g, 211 West Fisher 

Avenue, Greensboro, N. C. 
Beury, Katharine, '31, Mrs. H. Tucker McFall. 
Beuttell, Dorothy Louise, '44g, Mrs. Calvin O. 

Smith, 259 W. Neck Street, Huntington, 

N. Y. 
Beveridge, Anna, (A), Mrs. Edward A. Leake, 

2023 Stuart Avenue, Richmond 20, Va. 
Beville, Tulia, (A), Mrs. Jonathan Yerkes, 293 5 

Grand Avenue, "Ortega Point," Jacksonville 

5, Fla. 
Beye, Helen, (A), Mrs. Gtirdon H. Hamilton, 

734 Bonnie Brae, River Forest, 111. 
Beyers, Florence, (A), Mrs. W. H. Williams. 
Beyers, Gladys, (A), died. 
Bickelhaupt, Nancy Jewett, '43, Mrs. Joseph 

Harris, 300 San Gabriel Drive, Rochester 

10, N. Y. 
Bickers, Frances Yager, '45g, Mrs. Charles W. 

Pinnell, Jr., 3 53 Albemarle Avenue, 'Rich- 
mond, Va. 
Bickerstaff, Annie Bright, '3 5, Mrs. Charles 

R. West. 
Eiddle, Betty Ann, '3 9, Mrs. William Stewart. 
Biedenharn, Ethlyn Derena, '3 8g, Mrs. Nathan 

L. Swayze, Jr., 702 E. Madison Street, Yazoo 

City, Miss. 
Bigelow, Alice, (A), Mrs. O. J. Richard, Box 

483, Georgetown, S. C. 
Bigger, Madelaine, '21g, 1618 Grove Avenue, 

Richmond 20, Va. 
Bikle, Tane, '31g, Mrs. John M. Lane. Jr., 

501 W. Hansberry Avenue, Germantown, 

Philadelphia, Pa. 
Bilhuber, Gertrude Dr., (A), 5 5 East 77th 

Street, New York 21, N. Y. 
Billard, Jacqueline, '3 3, V/est River, Md. 
Billings, Virginia, '25. 

Billingsley, Ruth Anna, '34, Mrs. Robert H. 

Cauahey, 188 Jefferson Avenue, River Edge, 

N. I. 
Billman, Ruth Hall, '3 5g, Mrs. James B. Lewis, 

2 Chesapeake Street, S. W., Washington 20, 

D. C. 

Binger, Margaret Pride, '52, Box 4124 Univer- 
sity of Alabama, University, Ala. 

Bingham, Kathleen, (A), Mrs. J. Bryan Ben- 

Bird, C. Page, '28g, Mrs. William S. D. Woods, 
204 AmpthiU Road, Richmond 21, Va. 

Bird, Dorothy, (A), Mrs. Monroe Warren, 
6511 Meadow Lane, Chevy Chase, Md. 

Bird, Jean Claire, '3 6, Mrs. Leslie E. Antonius. 

Bird, Laura Frances, '41, Mrs. Charles Jones, 
2853 North Hills Drive, N. E., Atlanta, Ga. 

Birdsey, Emily Cecilia, '34g, Mrs. Jack A. 
Wade, 95 5 Ingleside Avenue, Macon, Ga. 

Birdsey, Kitty, (A), deceased. 

Birkoff, Gertrude, (A). 

Birney, Eloise, (A). Mrs. Warren M. Curry, 
25 04 Alton Road, N. W., Atlanta, Ga. 

Bishop, Helen, '20, Mrs. Paul H. Wilson, 

Bissell, Mary, '17g, Mrs. Earl Ridler, 608 Lind- 
say Road, Wilmington 280, Dela. 

Biorge, Rosemary Annette, '40, Mrs. Richard 

E. Johnson. 

Black, Genevieve, '27, Mrs. James E. Newton, 

1126 38th Avenue, North, Seattle, Wash. 
Black, Georgia Louise, '3 8g, Mrs. Richard 

Kievit, Jr., 3 36 Gilbert Street, Ridsewood, 

N. J. 
Black, Jean Stuart, '3 9, Mrs. Durgin J. De- 
Land, 45 Derwyn Road, Drexel Park, Pa. 
Blackmer, Betty, '43, Mrs. E. MacKall Childs, 

R. F. D. No. 1, Box 251, Annapolis., Md. 
Blaikie, Marjorie, '32, Mrs. James F. Colthup, 

293 East Palisade Avenue, Englewood., N- J- 
Blair, Bernice, '23, Belton, Mo. 
Blair, Elizabeth Montgomery, '49g, Mrs. Lee 

A. P. Gosling, 602 South 5 th Street, Ann 

Arbor, Mich. 
Blair, Jean, (A), Madame Jean Helion, de- 
ceased, October, 1944.. 
Blair, Nadine, '19. 
Blake, Alice, '30g, Mrj. Frank D. Crane, 1175 

Farwell Drive, Madison, Wise. 
Blake, Ellen Whiting, '29g, 1102 Lei^h Street, 

Norfolk 7, Va. 
Blake, Katryne, '30g, Mrs. Robert P. Moore, 

Norris, Tenn. 
Blake, Margaret E., '26, Mrs. Hugh B. Dudley. 
Blakeley, Pearl Leona, (A). 
Blakey, Tulia Ann, '48, Niles Lane, Hillcroft 

Park, York, Pa. 
Bland, Harriotte Henderson, '48g, Mrs. J. G. 

Coke, Jll, 1421 3rd Street, Louisville. Ky. 
Blanks, Russe, '21g, Mrs. Lucius Butts, 206 

South Pine, Natchez, Miss. 
Bianton, Carol, '47, Bowling Green, Va. 
Blanton, Jean Dulaney, '44.g, Mrs. Edward 

Stehl, III, 9 S. Laurel Hill Road, Greenbelt, 

Blish, Kathryn Eueenie, '41, 902 Kirby Place, 

Shreveport 54, La. 



Bliss, Gladys, '32, 1624 5th Avenue, Youngs- 
town, Ohio. 
Bliss, Miriam, '26, Mrs. F. H. Barrett, 1812 

Palisade Place, New York, N. Y. 
Bloch. Helen, '47. 

Bloch, Marjorie S., '43, Mrs. Marion Owens. 
Block, Katharine D., '19k, 3 6 Arlington Ave- 
nue, Caldwell, N. T- 
Blood, Janet Weaver, '33, Mrs. William K. 

Brown, Jr., 457 Williams Street, Denver 3, 

Bloomberg, Helen Janet, '44, Mrs. A. C. Allen, 

Jr., 15 Wendell Street, Battle Creek, Mich. 
Blount, Elizabeth Washington, '4-1 g, Mrs. B. A. 

Kempson, Jr. 
Blount, lean Havens, '40g, Mrs. Samttel G. 

Blount, Jr., 1209 Winston Road, Baltimore 

12, Md. 
Blount, Katherine D., '26g, Mrs. Fred C. An- 
dersen, Bavport, Minn. 
Blount, Mary Dorr, '14, Mrs. J. B. Sledge, 

110 West 17th Street, Ada, Okla. 
Blue, Virginia, (A), Ridgeway Farm, Star 

Route. Charlottesville, Va. 
Blvthe, Mary Thom.pson, '3 6, Mrs. Charles B. 

Cuntiingham, 576} Lindell Boulevard, St. 

Louis 12, Mo. 
Board, Dorothy Randall, (A). 
Boatwright, Tean C, '3 2, Mrs. W. H. Yar- 

boroii^h, Jr., 142 5 Park Drive, Raleigh, 

N. C. 
Bobb. Mildred. (A), Mrs. Robert G. Rhetf, 

Jr., 2220 20th Street, Washington, D. C. 
Bobbitt, Virginia, '3 5g, Mrs. Edwin Shuffle, Jr., 

IS 66 Ouarrier Street, Charleston, W. Va. 
Bobbitt. Martha Wrenn, '43, Mrs. George J. 

McTi^ue, Jr., 3 3 Walker Road, Swamp- 

scott, Mass. 
Bode, Elizabeth Ame, '34. 

Bodine, Florence, '24g, Mrs. Frank F. Mount- 
castle, 41 Aberdeen Road, Elizabeth 3, N. J. 
Bodlev, Edith, '22, Mrs. James W. Stites, 2400 

Longest Avenue, Louisville, Ky. 
Bodley, Ellen, '19, Mrs. William A. Stuart, 

Abingdon, Va. 
Boehm, Audree Rapelyea, '40, Mrs. William 

R. Katzenberg. 
Boericke, Beatrice Anne, '44g. "Deepdene," 

Wvnnewood, Pa. 
Boettcher, Ruth Carla, '18, Mrs. Lake Roberf- 

san, 1911 Sul Ross, Houston, Texas. 
Bogert. Dale, '45, Mrs. Grover C. Baldwin, Jr., 

3 60 Stoner Avenue, Paris, Ky. 
Boele, Frances Tane, '37, Mrs. William H. 

Shea, Jr., The Highlands, Seattle 77, Wash. 
Boeue, Tanet Anna, '3 7g, Mrs. Geome S. 

Trimble, Jr., 73 03 Yorktowne Drive, Tow- 
son 4, Md. 
Boice. Delta Ruth, (A). 
Boice, Gratia. '49, 25 5 3 Glenwood Avenue, 

Toledo 10, Ohio. 
Boice. Jennie May. (A). 
Boley, Margaret, '13, Mrs. Walter Sullivan, 

deceased, 193 9. 
Bolinger, Elizabeth, (A), Mrs. Banks Hudson. 

BoUes, Barbara Ruth, '43 g, Mrs. William H. 

Miller, 2627 Cheltenham Road, Toledo, 

Bolton, Minnie, (A), deceased, February, 1926. 
Bomann, Ruth, (A), Mrs. Gilbert H. Johnson, 

Jr., deceased, 1946. 
Bomar, Mallie Brown, '29, Mrs. Ben Johnson, 

441 Connecticut Avenue, Spartanburg, S. C 
Bomer, Lynne, (A). 
Bond. Elizabeth Lee, '34g, Mrs. Ernest M. 

Wood, Jr., 1 Denver Place, Lynchburg^ Va. 
Bond, Helen Goodyear, '3 3g, Wilson Road, 

Route 3, Wilmington, Del. 
Bond. Leila Frances, '39g, Mrs. Joseph S. 

Preston, 168 Madison Road, Scarsdale, N. Y. 
Bond, Lucille Pauline, '34g, Mrs. Miles Pendle- 
ton, 3 8 Afterglow Avenue, Montclair. N. J. 
Bonkemeyer, Geraldine D., '3 7, Mrs. Clai- 

bourne Darden. 
Bonn. Zalia, '34. 
Bonsall, Katharine Bayard, '3 9, Mrs. John V. 

R. Strong, 209 Grant Avenue, Highland 

Park. N. T. 
Boone, Arline R., '29, 307 Mahantongo Street, 

Pottsville, Pa. 
Boone. Elizabeth Hime, '30g, Mrs. Robert 

Willis, 343 North Morningside, Albuquer- 
que, N. M. 
Boone. Frances, (A), deceased, 1933. 
Bcone. Jeanette, '27g, Sweet Briar, Va. 
Booth. Alma, 'llg. Mrs. Harry B. Taylor. 
Booth, Dorothy, '26g, Mrs. L. E. Cockrell, 

Christ Church. Va. 
Booth. Kathryn, '40g, Mrs. Ralph Anderson, 

deceased, Nov., 1942. 
Booth, Margaret Ivie, '45. Mrs. Henry Pierce, 

2617 BriarclifF Place, Charlotte, N. C. 
Booth. Mary Sommers, '49g, Mrs. Francis I. 

Parker, 2617 BriarclifF Place, Charlotte, 

N. C. 
Booth. Mathilde, (A), Mrs. Wharton Weems, 

333 5 Inwood Drive, Houston, Texas. 
Booth. Mozelle, (A), Mrs. Thomas W. Archer. 
Bordwell, Jean Evelyn, '31, Mrs. Edward W. 

Boren. Louise, '34, Mrs. Ira P. Hildebrand, Jr., 

720 South Broadway, Tyler, Texas. 
Born. Carrie Lou. '22. 
Borough. Anne Elizabeth, '41g, Mrs. John D. 

O'Connor, King's Ferry Road, Montrose, 

N. Y. 
Borroum, Eleanor True, '31, Mrs. /. D. Han- 
Bortz, Dorothy, '29g, Mrs. J. Graham Davis, 

200 Hastings Street, Pittsburgh 6, Pa. 
Boss. Martha Arminta. '33g, Mrs. John W. 

Luxford, 45 3 5 Balboa Street, San Francisco 

21. Calif. 
Bosson. Catherine. '14, Mrs. Wesley Taylor, 

Justamere Farm, Greensboro, N. C. 
Boswell, Pauline Thornton, '43, Mrs. James A. 

Fosdick, 79 North Boulevard, Twin Lakes, 

Route No. 1, Kent, Ohio. 
Bosworth, Eleanor, '40g, Mrs. David K. Spitler, 

22 57 Woodmere Drive, Cleveland Heights 6, 



Bosworth, Eleanor Hinds, '47s, 78 Mornine,side 

Park, Memphis 4, Tenn. 
Bottom, Dorothy Evelyn, '49s, Mrs. Langdon 

Gilkey, 99 Claremont Avenue, Apt. 512, 

New York 27, New York. 
Bcushton, Alice E., '3 2, Mrs. Paul B. Keeiian, 

543 5 41st Place, Washington, D. C. 
Bourg, lean Lois, '39. 
Bcurke, Barbara Mesan, '45, Mrs. David H. 

Siovall, Box 928, Staunton, Va. 
Bourne, Carolyn S., '29, Mrs. R. L. Cassell, 

Woodland Terrace, Bound Brook, N. J- 
Boutell, Susan Mary. '3 9g, Mrs. Alfred F. 

Hopkins, Jr. 
Bowen, Anne, '44g, Mrs. Joseph C. Broadus, 

511 East 20th Street, Apt. lOA, New York 

9, N. Y. 
Bowen, Elise Butler, '3 6, Mrs. WHUam S. Miil- 

lins, 107 Williams Street, Greenville, S. C. 
Bowen, Emily Thrasher, '3 6, Mrs. George W. 

Muller, Jr., R. F. D. No. 2, Indian King 

Road, Malvern, Pa. 
Bowen, Ethel Harriet, '40, Mrs. Henry R. 

Glenn, Apt. 1-E, 44 West 10th Street, New 

York 11, N. Y. 
Bowen, Teanette Sayles, '37, 801 Western Ave- 
nue, Topeka, Kan. 
Bower, Ann Carmichael, '45g, 2120 Stuart 

Avenue, Richmond 20, Va. 
Bower, Marion Asnes, '48s. 434 West 120th 

Street, New York 27, N. Y. 
Bowers, Iloe, '188, Mrs. Clarence J. Joel. 413 

E. Wabash Avenue, Crawfordsville, Ind. 
Bowers, Lucy Hill, '3 9, Mrs. LeGrande Ele- 

bash, Jr., Overlook Drive, Columbus, Ga. 
Bowles, Lelia Lorraine, '22, Mrs. N. A. Chris- 
man, Pikeville, Ky. 
Bowles, Lucille, '23, Mrs. Rupert Ware, San- 

didees, Va. 
Bowles, Marian, '23. Mrs. T. B. Harvey, de- 
ceased, Sept., 1945. 
Bowles, Mrs. Nettie, '34, Sandidges, Va. 
Bowley, Elizabeth W., '3 8g, Mrs. Frank Phil- 
lips, Route 1, Ouincv, III. 
Bowman, Adele, '3 6, Mrs. Abel J. Smith, Jr. 
Bowman, Beatrice, '17, Mrs. Thomas W. Var- 

non, Margaretta College, Albemarle Park, 

Asheville, N. C. 
Bowman, Lillian, (A), Mrs. T. E. Murrell. 
Bowman, Betsy Anne, '46, Apt. No. 3, 631 

2nd Avenue, New York 16, N. Y. 
Bcwron. Edith Josephine, '3 9, Mrs. Frederick 

S. Middleton, Jr., 2445 Fairway Drive, 

Birmingham 5, Ala. 
Bowser, Mary Tanet, '52, Chatsworth Gardens, 

Larchmont, N. Y. 
Box, Virginia, '22, Mrs. B. Frank Crolley. Jr., 

1551 El Miradero Avenue, Glendale, Calif. 
Boyce, Barbara, '46, Mrs. Robert F. Cairns, 

2109 Travis, Amarillo, Texas. 
Boyce, Elizabeth Ann, '3 7, Mrs. Peter H. 

Emmons, 9 Normandy Road, Bronxville, 

N. Y. 
Boyce, Jessamine W., '42, Mrs. Har.^rove 

Bowles, Jr., 15 08 Edsedale Road, Greens- 
boro, N. C. 

Boyce, Westray Battle, '48g, 328 W. 87th 
Street, New York, N. Y. 

Boyd, L. Beatrice, '27. 

Boye, Joan, '40, Mrs. John W. Waddill. 

Boyle, Dorothy, '31s, Mrs. Robert Charles, 
Jr., 107 Windsor Avenue, London, Ontario, 

Boyle, Nancy Linda, '4il, Mrs. L. M. Richard- 
son, 260 South Street, Medfield, Mass. 

Boyles, Rosene, '23. 

Boynton, Frances, '42g, Mrs. Carl B. Drake, 
Jr., 419 Maple Avenue, Winnetka, IlL 

Boynton, Laura B., '27g, Mrs. J. Mott Raw- 
lings, 1601 Neome Drive, Flint 4, Mich. 

Boze, Adelaide Williams, '40s, Mrs. James A. 
Glascock, Jr., 2211 W. Grace Street, Rich- 
mond 20, Va. 

Bracher, Catharine M., '43s, Mrs. Harold J. 
O'Connell. Jr., 212 Prospect Avenue, Staten 
Island 1, N. Y. 

Braden, Mary Laura, '44, Mrs. Malcolm Young, 
5218 Chicaso Street, Omaha 3, Neb. 

Bradfield, Emma, '13, Mrs. Charles A. Brat- 
ton, 410 N. Chestnut Street Barnesville, 

Bradford, Walker. (A), Mrs. Minor L. Whea- 
ton, deceased, July, 1940. 

Bradley, Anne, '5 2, 70 East Cedar Street, 
Chicago, 111. 

Bradley, Frances Erin, '44, Mrs. M. W. Mat- 
thews, 4211 Overlook Road, Birmingham 5, 

Bradley, Gaynell, (A), Mrs. Jjilian Leggett, 
2 39 Louisiana Avenue, McComb, Miss. 

Bradley, Ina Frances, '3 5, 803 Tarboro Street. 
Rocky Mount, N. C. 

Bradley, Margaret, '37g, Mrs. George W. For- 
syth, Scottsville, Va. 

Bradley, Marian, (A), Mrs. Albert Bothe, 
Westminster and Somerset Street, Merchant- 
ville, N. J. 

Bradley, Norma, '44s, Mrs. Joseph L. Arnold, 
Daisy Hill, Versailles, Ky. 

Bradshaw, Jeanne, '40, Mrs. T. E. Dillon, 18 
Landers Lane, Swansyck, New Castle, Del. 

Brady, Elizabeth, '27, Mrs. Harold G. Lock- 
wood, 7811 Custer Road, Bethesda 14, Md. 

Brainerd, Edith, '42g, Mrs. George Walter. 

Bramham, Elizabeth C, '48, Mrs. James C. 
Lee, Jr., Route 4, Box 28, Cherokee Road, 
Birmingham, Ala. 

Branch, Eleanor, '28, Mrs. Ezra Cornell, 5 50 
Park, Upper Montclair, N. J. 

Branch, Eunice, '24, Mrs. F. T. Hamilton, 43 
Turrentine Avenue, Gadsden, Ala. 

Brand, Shirley, (A), Mrs. Shirley Way. 

Brandt, Catherine Mary, '3 5g, Mrs. John H. 
Bryant, 927 Osden Avenue, S. E., East 
Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Brandt, Selma, '22, Mrs. Selma B. Kress, 5 616 
Callowhill Street, Pittsbursh 6, Pa. 

Brantly, Frances Crawford, '45, Mrs. Carl S. 
Goodwin, Jr., 1904 Addison Road, Houston, 

Braswell, Emily Hammond, '29g, Mrs. W. D. 
Perry, Box 5 06, Chapel Hill, N. C. 


Braswell, Nancy Burton, '3 6k, Mrs. H. D. 
Holderness, 802 St. David Street, Tarboro, 
N. C. 

Bratten, Virginia May, '42, Mrs. J. C. Adams, 
765 Montclair, Dayton 7, Ohio. 

Brazelton, Alice, (A), Mrs. Israel Peterson. 

BraziU, Marianna, (A), Mrs. John H. Iden. 

Breckenridse, Margaret, '29, Mrs. George A. 
Medinger, 275 Claythorne Road, Shaker 
Heights 22, Ohio. 

Brede, Marie, '24, Mrs. Lawrence E. Brown, 
19164 San Tuan Drive, Detroit, Mich. 

Breedlove, Lillian C, '41k, Mrs. James L. 
White, 1416 Olive Street, Coatesville, Pa. 

Breese, Mabel Love, '44, Mrs. Edmund A. Wel- 
linghoff, 729 Gardue Road, Elmira, N. Y. 

Bregenzer, Edith, '26, Mrs. A. W. Wallace, 
3 047 S. Troost Street, Tulsa, Okla. 

Brenaman, Anne Norment, '5 0, Mrs. Thomas 
J. Moore. 

Brendlinger, Marguerite M., '44.g, Mrs. Walter 
Robinson, Jr., 3904A Lancaster Pike, Wil- 
mington, Del. 

Brenizer, Harriet L, '47g, 2218 Hopedale Ave- 
nue, Charlotte 7, N. C. 

Brenizer, Mildred Harding, '44g, Mrs. Edwin 
F. Lucas, Jr., 1610 Independence Road, 
Greensboro, N. C. 

Brenner, Clarissa M., '34, Mrs. Donald A. 
Calderwood, 75 3 8 Kensington Street, Pitts- 
burgh 21, Pa. 

Brent, Anne Mason, '29g, MrJ. John B. Winn, 
43 8 Fayette Park, Le;xington, Ky. 

Brett, Dorothy Margaret, '3 3g, Mrj. John G. 
Prentiss, 134 North Willow Street, Kent 

Brewer, Minnie, '20. 

Brewer, Nelle, '24g, Mrs. Lewis J. Wood, 40 
West 48th Street, Indianaoolis, Ind. 

Brewer, Virginia R., '3 3, Mrs. William E. 
Cobey, 891 Windsor Road, Cumberland. Md. 

Biewster, Elizabeth, '24, Mrj. W. E. Tempel, 
275 i Waverly Drive, Los Angeles, Calif. 

Bridgeforth. Bertha, (A), Mrs. W. S. Jrby, 
Kenbridge, Va. 

Bridges, Dorothy, '31, Mrj. Dana B. Jefferson, 
10 Pound Street, Medfield, Mass. 

Bridges, Mvra Bell, '3 6, Mrs. William R. Greer. 

Briesen, Martha von, '31g, Sweet Briar, Va. 

Briggs, Ann Elizabeth, '47g, 3 529 Williams- 
burg Lane, N. W., Washington 8, D. C. 

Briggs, Barbara, '43g, Mrs. William Y. Quinn, 
1012 S. Idaho Street, San Mateo, Calif. 

Briegs, Barbara Abbott, '41, Mrs. Douglas H. 
Morris, 24 Cayuga Street, Homer, N. Y. 

Brightbiil, Katherine M., '28g, Mrs. Robert O. 
Biltz. 22 5 N. Pine Street, Langhorne, Pa. 

Brightbiil, Patricia Mildred, '42g, 3416 Bar- 
ing Street, Philadelphia 4, Pa. 

Brimbere, Elaine Rita, '43 g, 1185 Park Ave- 
nue, New York, N. Y. 

Brink, Marguerite T., '46. Mrj. Leo J. Feuer, 
43 Fairmont Avenue, Newton, Mass. 

Brinkley, Louise, '2 3, Mrj. L. Wellons Caulk, 
Jr., P. O. Box 73 6, Suffolk, Va. 

Brinson, Anne, '47g, Mrj. /. L. Nelson, 2409 
Augusta Road, Greenville, S. C. 

Brinson. Martha, '43, Mrj. Richard F. James, 

deceased. Tan., 1943. 
Biistol, Louise, '28g, Mrj. Ronald W. Linde- 

mann, 71 Rosedale Avenue, Hastings-on- 

Hudson 6, N. Y. 
Bristol, Mary, '26g, Mrj. Lawrence B. Graham, 

13 8 Bank Street, Batavia, N. Y. 
Bristow, Tulia Atwater, '46, 5 216 Studeley 

Avenue, Norfolk, Va. 
Bristow, Virginia C, '31, Mrj. Norman L. R. 

Brock, Annabell Victor, '48g, 60 Valley Road, 

Wellesley Hills 82. Mass. 
Brock, Imogen W., '3 8, Mrj. G. Brocli Clem- 
ent, 5402 Gary Street Road, Richmond 21, 

Brock, Mary Jane, '44g, c/o ECA-OSR, Amer- 
ican Embassy, Paris, France. 
Brockenbrough, Belle, '29g, Mrj. John S. Hut- 
chins, 250 Birch Street, Winnetka, 111. 
Brocket!, Helen, (A), Mrj. H. B. Owen-Smith, 

Cordova Apt., 20 and Florida Avenue, 

Washington, D. C. 
Brodie, Bessie, '27, Mrs. William M. McClenny, 

Amherst, Va. 
Brody, Doris, '51, Mrs. Martin L. Rosen, 512 

Birmingham Avenue, Norfolk, Va. 
Bioh, Evelyn, (A), Mrj. Harry Polan, de- 
ceased, 1938. 
Bromberg, Margaret Carson, '47, Mrj. Charles 

C. Williams, 17 Glen Iris, Birminghami Ala. 
Bronson, Lida P., (A), Mrj. E. C. Cooley. 
Bromfield, Marion Sherrill, '3 0g, Mrj. John B. 

Verner, Brevard, N. C. 
Bronaugh, Mildred P., '29g, Mrj. John B. 

Taylor, 215 Plaza Avenue, West Atlantic 

City, N. T. 
Brooke, Anne Herbert, '33, 221 5 2nd Street, 
Virginia Beach, Va. 
Brooke, Mary, (A), Mrj. Jatnes B. Grant, Jr., 

deceased, Sept., 1939. 
Brooke, Margaret, '15, Sandy Spring, Md. 
Brooke, Sue Herbert, '29g. R. F. D. 2, Box 

47 B, Virginia Beach, Va. 
Brooks, Clara May, (A). Mrj. John Trickett, 

115 East 86th Street, New York 28. N. Y. 
Brooks, Katherine, '46, Mrj. J. W. Augustine, 

c/o C. R. Augustine, Potwin, Kan. 
Brooks, Martha lean. '41g, Mrj. Frank T. 

Miller, Jr., 2139 Malvern Road, Charlotte, 

N. C. 
Brooks, Pauline Carson, '44, Mrj. Robert J. 

Brosius. Genevieve, '21, Mrj. Paul C. Kintzing, 

705 Campbell Street, Williamsport 4. Pa. 
Brothers, Dorothy, (A), Mrj. John S. Kelly. 
Broughton, Katherine Loane, '3 6, Mrj. lohn 

Shannon, U. S. Naval Air Station, Lake- 
hurst, N. Y. 
Broughton, Mary, (S), 530 Keystone Avenue, 

River Forest, 111. 
Broughton, Ruth, '17. 
Broun, Elizabeth Page, '3 5g, Mrj. Hugh H. 

Trout, Jr., 2629 Avenhom Avenue, Roanoke, 

Broun, Virginia, '34, Mrj. Robert W. Laivson, 

Jr., Groscup Drive, Charleston, W. Va. 


Browder, Frances Elizabeth, '5 1, 2251 Ban- 
croft Place, Washington 8, D. C. 
Brower, Mary Wheelock. '39, Mrs. William 

J. Henderson. 
Brown, Annette, '26k, Mrs. Kenneth C. Krng, 

IIQ'^ Eaton Ridge, Madison 5, Wise. 
Brown, Beatrice Marie, '42, Mrs. William H. 
Sweney, 30 Dorset Road, R. R. No. 1, St. 
Paul 7, Minn. 
Brown, Bessie, (A), Mrs. Edgar E. Lindsey, 

208 East 4th Street, Rome, Ga. 
Brown, Baxter, '43, 3 64 North Orange Drive, 

Los Angeles 3 6, Calif. 
Brown. Charlotte, '3 0, Mrs. Philip B. Harder, 

15 68 Upland Road, Huntington, W. Va. 
Brown, Christine, (S), Mrs. Walter Nau. 5 65 4 

Underwood, Detroit, Mich. 

Brown, Cornelia Susan, (A), Mrs. Hugh C- 

Ed mis ton, 20 Park Place, Short Hills, N. J. 

Brown, Dorene, '24g, Mrs. fohn M. Humphrey, 

Jr., Chase Road, R. D. No. 2, Huntsville, 

Dallas, Pa. 

Brown, Dorothy Duval, '51, 7496 Maury 

Arch, Norfolk, Va. 
Brown, Elizabeth Hickox, •49g, 2617 Berk- 
shire Road, Cleveland 6, Ohio. 
Brown, Ellen H., '23g, Mrs. W infield T. 

Nichols, 100 5th Avenue, Denton, Md. 
Brown, Emily, '3 5, Mrs. Charles W. Carnan, 
Jr., Grace Cathedral, San Francisco, Calif. 
Brown, Enna, '3 3g, Mrs. J. N. Batsell, de- 
ceased. Tune, 1947. 
Brown, Flo Glidden, '3 0, Mrs. Sumter W. 
Elton, 11 Warwick Road, Brookline, Mass. 
Brown, Gladys, (A), Mrs. W. Clayton Lowry, 

Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, Canada. 
Brown, Harriet, '34, Mrs. John H. Ray. 
Brown, Tanie Rice, '27g, Mrs. Frank Hood, Jr., 

Greeneville, Tenn. 
Brown, Joan Paula, '3 3, Mrs. Joseph Guzy, 

898 Clifton Road. N. E., Atlanta, Ga. 
Brown, Katherine Eloise, '30g, Mrs. Joseph W. 

Chinn, Jr. 
Brown, Kathryn, '33, 2287 Union, Memphis 

4, Tenn. 
Brown, Louise, '28. 
Brown, Lucie Clay, '17, Mrs. J. C. McCune, 

420 Locust Street, Pittsburgh 18, Pa. 
Brown, Madeline, '27g, Mrs. MacFarland W. 
Wood, Quarters M-2, U. S. Naval Repair 
Base, New Orleans 14, La. 
Brown, Mae Laura, '24g, Mrs. H. Lowell But- 
ters, 88 Niagara Boulevard, Ft. Erie, On- 
tario, Canada. 
Brown, Margaret, (A), Mrs. Eugene E. Ma- 
neck, 15 East 48th Street, New York 17, 
N. Y. 
Brown, Maria Antonieta, '3 6, Neredias Ave- 
nue, Condado, Porto Rico. 
Brown, Marion L., '3 8g, Mrs. Robert A. Zaiser, 
119 5 2nd Avenue, Bennett Beach, St. Peters- 
burg, Fla. 
Brown, Mary Barbara, '42, Mrs. C. E. Bayliss 
Griggs, 1757 Delaware Avenue, St. Paul 7, 
Eiown, Mary Dickinson, '3 9g, Mrs. George C. 
Sweeney, 128 Gilpin Street, Denver 3, Colo. 

Brown, Mary Frances, '49g, 19164 San Juan 

Drive, Detroit 21, Mich. 
Brown, Mary Gladys, '26, Mrs. Jonathan 
Moore, Jr., 1015 Kimball Avenue, Bronx- 
viUe, N. Y. 
Brown, Mary Jane, (A) , Mrs. Robert Andrade. 
Brown, Nedra, '29, Mrs. Francis C. Foster. 
Brown, Patricia Glenn, '52, South 8th Street, 

Oxford. Miss. 
Brown, Patricia Ross, '49g, 37 Thompson 

Lane, Milton, Mass. 
Brown, P. Virginia '22, Mrs. Wade K. Newell, 

3 28 Morgantown Street, Uniontown, Pa. 
Brown, PrisciUa, '18, Mrs. Robert R. Caldwell, 

1926 Arroyo Drive, Riverside, Calif. 
Brown, Sara Eleanor, '32, Mrs. Bradford E. 
Palmer, 40 Furman Avenue, Asheville, N. C. 
Brown, Suzanne Williams, '45, 3426 16th 

Street, N. W., Washington 10, D. C. 
Brown, Zalinda, '16g, Mrs. Galloway C. Har- 
rison, 5201 East 43rd Street, Seattle 5, 
Browne, Helen, (A), Mrs. Marcus Hobart, 

621 Foster Street, Evanston, 111. 
Browne, Josephine, '15, Mrs. Alfred Maury. 
Browne, Katherine W., '17, Mrs. William J. 
Camlin, R. F. D. No. 5, Granville Road, 
Newark, Ohio. 
Browne, Sarah, '15, Mrs. Sarah B. Dunbar, 

3312 N. Central, Phoenix, Ariz. 
Browning, Margaret, '12, Mrs. Francis S. Burt, 
262 3 N. W. Overton Street, Portland 10, 
Brownley, Belle Moore, '27, Mrs. Reginall 

Jones, Box 442, Cheriton, Va. 
Brown-Serman, Elizabeth, '41g, Mrs. Colin Mac- 

Rae, 903 Vicar Lane, Alexandria, Va. 
Brown-Serman, Mary M., '3 8g, Mrs. Stephen 
C. Walke, 56 Court Street, Portsmouth, Va. 
Bruce, Eleanor, '3 0, Mrs. I. S. McReynolds. 
Bruce, Janet Worden, '29g, Mrs. Lindsley R. 

Bailey, Box 54, Mendenhall, Pa. 
Bruce, Katherine G., '26g, Mrs. Thomas Rog- 
ers, 5 03 8th Street, Orange, Texas. 
Brugger, Doreen Frances, '45g, Mrs. Paul C. 
Wetzig, 3 37 Vanderbilt Avenue, Staten 
Island, N. Y. 
Brumbv, Marie Massey, '3 5, Mrs. J. Robert 

Fowler, Jr., Box 3 60, Marietta, Ga. 
Bruner, Julia, '21, Mrs. Edward D. Andrews, 

824 Delaware Avenue, Akron 3. Ohio. 
Brunet, Elizabeth, '37. 
Brunson, Barbara Louise, '49. 
Brush, Harriette, '23, 2716 San Jacinto, Hous- 
ton 4, Texas. 
Brush, Carol, '3 5, Mrs. Richard Cromwell, Jr., 
1690 Los Altos Road, Pacific Beach, San 
Diego 9, Calif. 
Bruske, Barbara, '28, Mrs. Charles N. Dewey, 
15 Hancock Hill Drive, Worcester, Mass. 
Bruton, Betty Lou, '48, Mrs. Edward P. Lyons, 

Jr., 4079 Barfield Road, Memphis, Tenn. 
Bryan, Anne, (A), Mrs. Anne B. Barrs, 1044 

May Street, Jacksonville, Fla. 
Bryan, Cora Louise, '17, Mrs. Charles C. Mc- 


Bryan, Elizabeth, '29, Mrs. James R. Stockton, 
909 Arbor Lane, Tacksonville, Fla. 

Bryan, Elizabeth H., '3 0, Mrs. John S. Bond, 
Jr., Box 873, Jacksonville 1, Fla. 

Bryan, Flora, (A), Mrs. Franklin M. Caldwell, 
411 Hermitaee Court, Charlotte, N. C. 

Bryan, Helen E., '29, Mrs. R. M. Yankee, 
Darlington School, Rome, Ga. 

Bryan, Henrietta, '3 2g, Mrs. Thomas H. Al- 
phin, U. S. Marine Hospital, Boston, Mass. 

Bryan, Kathleen Clay, '49, Mrs. Ray H. Tay- 
lor, Jr., Clover Leaf Apt., Pinehurst, N. C. 

Bryan, Mary Shepherd, '15, Mrs. Taiil G. Bell. 

Bryan, Meta H., (A), Mrs. Richard A. Graves, 
Ortega Terrace, Jacksonville, Fla. 

Bryan, Sara Ann, '47g, Mrs. James C. Glas- 
cock, Box 1, Lookout Mountain, Tenn. 

Bryan, Sara Southworth, '43 g, Hillcrest, Jeffer- 
son, Ga. 

Bryant, Beatrice Earl, '23, Mrs. B. B. Wood- 
head, Forest, Va. 

Bryant, Elizabeth T., '44, Mrs. Joseph A. Robb, 
Jr., 1016 Wells Street, Durham, N. C. 

Bryant, Tane W., '3 5e. Mrs. Stuart C. Hurl- 
bert, 101 Highland Street, Hyde Park, Mass. 

Bryant, Mary Anne, '49, Mrs. Gus W. Allen, 

Bryant, Matilda, '23g, Mrs. Robert B. George, 
6A- Le Moyne Avenue, Washington, Pa. 

Brvce, Elizabeth B., '3 4g, Mrs. Walter Reed, 
495 7 Malitiza Avenue. Van Nuys, Calif. 

Bryson, Nancy C, '2 5, Mrs. Harry N. Smith, 
800 11th Street. Oakmont, Pa. 

Bubb, Sarah, '46, 5 20 Belmont Avenue, Wil- 
liamsport. Pa. 

Buchanan, Allison S., '46, Whinfell, Broom 
Road, Newton Mearns, Glasgow, Scotland. 

Buchanan, Harriet G., (A), Mrs. Benjamin F. 
Tilley, Jr. 

Buchanan, Jean R., '29, Mrs. Addison B. Bing- 
ham, 5 East 96th Street, New York, N. Y. 

Buchanan, Martha Toms, '42g, Mrs. Joseph A. 
C. Wadsworth, 1186 Lexington Avenue, 
New York 28, N. Y. 

Buchanan, Mary Frances, '39g, Mrs. George 
H. Flowers, Jr., 11 Oak Lane, Richmond, 

Buchanan, Susan, '45g, Mrs. John R. Coupland, 

Bucher, Jane E., '3 5, Mrs. Edgar A. Chibouk, 
9 Metropolitan Oval, New York, N. Y. 

Buckingham, Venus, '24, Mrs. F. E. Browning, 
Frankfort, Ky. 

Buckley, Sara, '30, Mrs. Merrill Garcelon. 

Buckley, Elliot, (A), Mrs. Edivard C. Lewis, 
715 Elgin Avenue, Houston, Texas. 

Buckner, Catherine Elizabeth, '26, Mrs. Joseph 

Budd, Bowdre, '46, Mrs. John R. Poer, 8 5 
Inman Circle, N. E., Atlanta, Ga. 

Budd, Martha Lois, '47, Mrs. James Shelnutt, 
13 08 Oak Grove Avenue, Martinsville, Va. 

Budlong, Constance Sue, '44g, OTR, Box 181, 
Occupational Therapy Department, Ken- 
nedy V. A. Hospital, Memphis 15, Tenn. 

Buell, Mary H., (A), Mrs. Clifton M. Carter, 
18 Valley Ridge Road, Westover Hills, Ft. 
Worth. Texas. 

Bues, Ida, '2 5, 3 53 5 N. Summit Avenue, Mil- 
waukee, Wise. 

BuflSngton, Eugenia, '13g, Mrs. Russet Walcott, 
Tryon, N. C. 

Buffington, Virginia, '2 5, Mrs. Benjamin Wham, 
811 Sunset Road, Winnetka, 111. 

Bugg, Grace W., '42g, Mrs. Harold T. Mtiller- 
Thym, 811 Lafayette Street, Havre de Grace, 

Bugg, Helen Burwell, '5 2, 704 St. Christopher's 
Road, Richmond, Va. 

Buhl, Kate B., '24, Mrs. Philip W. K. Sweet, 
5 5 Sutton Manor, New Rockelle, N. Y. 

Buick, Mary Raymond, '3 3g, 205 Abbey Road, 



Buist, Gertrude, '32g, Mrs. Cavett Roberts. 
Bull, Barbara Bruen, '42, Mrs. J. H. Cameron 

Peake, c/o American Embassy, Cindad Tru- 
jillo, Cindad, Dominican Republic. 
Bull, Helen P.. '17, Oak Park Arms Hotel, 

Oak Park, 111. 
Bullard. Daisy, (A), Mrs. Edwin W. Richard- 
son, P. O. Box 510, Tallahassee, Fla. 
Bullard, Rebekah, (A), Mrs. M. B. Perham, 

deceased, October, 193 5. 
Bullington, Pauline L., '2 5, Mrs. Max L. Earn- 
Bumgarner, Jean B., '22. 
Bundy, Anne M., '42e. Mrs. Robert G. Thur- 

man, 81st Street, Virginia Beach, Va. 
Bunting, Blair, '40g, Mrs. Richard J. Both, 

Fairville, Chester County, Pa. 
Bunting, Daphne, '27g, Mrs. L. K. Blair, 11 

Devens Road. Worcester 6, Mass. 
Bunting, Dorothy, '2 8g, 242 Inglewood Drive, 

Toronto 5, Canada. 
Burch, Imogene, '18. Mrs. Imogene Wolcott. 
Burckhardt, Anne Nimmons, '47, 74 Spring 

Street, Newnan, Ga. 
Burford, Marjorie, '3 3g, Mrs. Ollinger Cren- 
shaw. 613 Marshall Street, Monroe Park, 

Lexington, Va. 
Burge, Lydia C, (A), Mrs. Harold A. Stewart. 
Burge, Mary A., '29, Mrs. Robert H. Flinn, 

66^1 31st Place, N. W., Washington. D. C. 
Burger, Adelaide, '24g, Mrs. Carl Bieser, 3 5 61 

Raymor Boulevard, Cincinnati 8, Ohio. 
Burgess, Betty, '3 3, Mrs. Calvin Poppell, 426 

Avenue "A'', Fort Pierce, Fla. 
Burgess, Betsy, '3 0. Mrs. L. Coville Winsor. 
Burgess, Virginia Leslie, '44g, Apt. 22. 163 5 

R Street, N. W., Washington 9, D. C. 
Burke, Helen E, '23. Mrs. Harvey M. lanney, 

1718 College Avenue, Fredericksburg, Va. 
Burke, Virginia, '2 5, Mrs. Jav7es Miller, Jr., 

23 2 5 Wilshire Drive, S. E., Grand Rapids 6, 

Burke, Winifred, '26, Mrs. W. B. Simmons, 

Route 3, Vienna. Va. 
Burks, Elizabeth Y., '3 8, Mrs. William L. 

Ridenhour, 602 Edgevale Road, Roland 

Park, Baltimore, Md. 
Burks, Helen Liddell, '3 5. 


Burks, Lucille, '29, Mrs. W. Howard Hopkins, 

202 Fenlev Street, Louisville 6, Ky. 
Burks, Mary L., '3 0, Mrs. T. E. Saltz. 1001 

28th Avenue, N., St. Petersburg 6, Fla. 
Burks, Maxine, '3 7. 
Burleson, Adele Sidney, (A), Mrs. Bryant 

Burleson, Lucy K., '16, Mrs. Charles G. Grimes, 

22 5 Hadley Avenue, Dayton 9, Ohio. 
Burnett, Eugenia G., '42g, Mrs. Herman A. 

Affel, Jr., 712 Hendren Street, Roxborough, 

Philadelphia, Pa. 
Burnett, Frances N., '2 5g, Mrs. Louis Mellen, 

2232 5 Calverton Road, Shaker Heights. 

Burnett, Judith Gary, '47e, Mrs. John S. Hal- 

sey, 1811 Gornell Avenue, Richmond, Va. 
Burnett, Leila R., '45, Mrs. Gcorg.e Felkcr, IIJ, 

18 Barclay Road, Scarsdale, N. Y. 
Burnett, Mary Tane, '40g, Mrs. Perry C. Hill, 

410 Castle Place, Madison, Wise. 
Burnett, Susie, '32g, Mrs. Frank T. Davis, 1091 

Stovall Boulevard, Atlanta, Ga. 
Burns, Catharine, '15. Mrs. Walter M. Booth- 

by, Karbugevagen 1, Lund, Sweden. 
Burns, Helena, (A). 
Burns, Susan, (A). 
Burr, Anne Elizabeth, '40. 11 East 73 Street, 

New York City, N. Y. 
Burr, Barbara Wilson, '41, Mrs. Paul K. Rotb, 

Jr., Windsor Avenue, Brightwaters, L. L, 

N. Y. 
Burrill, Gloriana, '36g, Mrs. Basil Walker, 

Calle Rio De La Plata 21. Mexico, D. F. 

Burroughs, Maria May, '40g, Mrs. Henry H. 

Livingston, 5 Virginia Road, Andover, Mass, 
Burrows, Virginia Bradley, '31, Mrs. Ben Hal- 
tern, S. Loris Road, Danvers, Mass. 
Burt, Rosamond, '31, Mrs. John B. Taylor, 409 

N. Esplanade, Leavenworth, Kan. 
Burton, Alice Nelson, '34, Mrs. L. O'Vander 

Burton, Loma Wiese, (A), Mrs. Everett Hoaz- 

Burton, Nanetta, CA). Mrs. Burton Carter. 
Burton, Olive, (A), Mrs. Ben A. Ames, 408 

West 19th Street, Oklahoma, Okla. 
Burwell, Gary R., '3 5g, Mrs. Francis E. Carter, 

Jr., Gilman Country School, Roland Park, 

Baltimore 10, Md. 
Burwell, Connie L, '34g. Mrs. William W. 

White, Time-Life. Edificio Brasailia 5 20, 

Avenida Rio Branco 311, Rio de Janeiro, 

Burwell, Margaret, '23g. Mrs. K. D. Graves, 

2 5 05 Cornwallis Avenue^ Roanoke 14, Va. 
Burwell, Blair, '47g, 185 5 Avondale "Circle, 

Jacksonville, Fla. 
Busch, Dorothy R., '3 6, Mrs. Edward P. Bagg, 

111, 24 Princeton Street, Holyoke, Mass. 
Busey, Hester, (A), Mrs. William W. Hinshaw, 

Jr., 1408 Dean Avenue, Highland Park, 111. 
Bush, Alberta Williams, '29. 
Bush, Anne Hutchings, '49g, Mrs. Hugh 

Train, 3721 Ridge Avenue, Macon, Georgia. 

Bush, Isabelle, '31, Mrs. Alfred P. Thomasson, 

105 Thomas Street, Montgomery 6, Ala. 
Bush, Jane Gould, '40g, Mrs. Eugene M. Long, 

1061 Katherine Street, Augusta, Ga. 
Bush, Mariana B., '40g, Mrs. Robert R. King, 

Jr., Jacaranda Hotel, Avon Park, Fla. 
Bushey, Mildred P., '29g, Mrs. Joseph W. 

Scherr, Jr., 721 Lindell Avenue, Cincinnati 

26, Ohio. 
Butler, Adelaide C, '46, Mrs. William J. Max- 
well, 401 S. Graham Street, Florence, S. C. 
Butler, Cecil, '47g, George Washington Inn, 

New Jersey and C Street, S. E., Washington, 

D. C. 
Butler, Elizabeth S.. '40, Mrs. J. W. Warner, 

1 1 Pinehurst, Tuscaloosa, Ala. 
Butler, Harriet Ingold, '3 6, Mrs. Thomas S. 

Butler, Mary, '27, Mrs. Mary B. Bradley. 
Butler, Mary Sue, '47, 1240 Wynnton Road, 

Columbus, Ga. 
Butman, Alice Ann, '48, Mrs. F. W. Bellows, 

23 27 Wordsworth, Houston, Texas. 
Butts, Barbara Ellen, '34. 
Butzner, Nancy, '34g, Mrs. Byrd S. Leavell, 

5 Wayside Place, Charlottesville, Va. 
Buzbv, Jeanne P., '42. Mrs. Harry N. Runkle, 

413 Hazlett Avenue, Baltimore 29, Md. 
Eve, Evelyn, '29, Mrs. John F. Ross, 23001 

Fairmount Boulevard, Cleveland Heights 18, 

Bvnum, Elizabeth, (A). 
Byrd, Billie Margaret, '3 8, Mrs. John H. 


Cabell, Lillian, '36g, Mrs. James R. Gay, 314 
Mayfair Boulevard, Columbus 15, Ohio. 

Cadwell, Susan, (A). Mrs. Harry Cummins, 
Jefferson, Ohio. 

Caldwell, Dorothy Sue, '46g, 4707 Bayshore 
Boulevard, Tampa, Fla. 

Caldwell, Elizabeth Garth, '47g, 2521 Fair- 
Mount Boulevard, Cleveland 6, Ohio. 

Caldwell, Emma Lee, (A). Mrs. Jay Knox. 

Caldwell, Frances Neelv. '42 g, Mrs. James W. 
Harris, 4118 Dellridee Drive, Louisville, Ky. 

Caldwell, Margaret, '16, Mrs. Benjamin L. 
Ball, N. Milwaukee Ave. Litbertyville, 111. 

Call, Clara Hearon, '40g. Mrs. Charles W. 
Frazier, Jr., 5 501 Oueensbury Road, Rich- 
mond 21, Va. 

Call, Lucy Carter, '42g, Mrs. T. Todd Dab- 
ney, 1825 Park Avenue, Richmond 20, Va. 

Callan, Grace, '14, Mrs. William L. Bond, 
1149 Ardsley Road, Schenectady. N. Y. 

Callaway, Clayton, '28, Mrs. Edgar G. Burton, 
5 2 Binscarth Road, Toronto, Ontario, Can- 

Callison, Sara Elene, '29g, Mrs. John R. Jami- 
son, 616 Ridgewood Drive, West Lafayette, 

Callison, Jane, '30g. Mrs. E. Dana Smith, 28 
Norwood Road, Charleston 4, W. Va. 

Calveard, Elizabeth Joyce, '40, Mrs. LeRoy L. 

Calwell, Eleanor, '26, Mrs. John A. Mullican. 


Camblos, Martha B., '47g, Mrs. Russell M. 

Guttshall, Jr., c/o Westmoreland Coal Com- 
pany, Madison, W. Va. 
Cameron, Ethl M., '3 3, Mrs. Allen C. Smith, 

Cameron. Flora Elizabeth, '46e, Mrs. I. S. 

Kampmann, 231 Grant Avenue, San An- 
tonio, Texas. 
Camlin, Elizabeth Browne, '46, Mrs. Phillip L. 

Ward, 1203 Evansdale Avenue, Newark, 

Camm, Felicia Beall, '47, 4420 Volta Place, 

N. W., Washington, D. C. 
Camp, Antoinette, '16e. Mrs. James M. Ha- 

good. 16 Legate Street, Charleston, S. C. 
Camp, Bertie, (A), Mrs. Jack Shelton. 
Camp, Leta, (A), Ocala, Fla. 
Camp, Marv Virginia, '3 6g, Mrs. Charles L. 

Smith, Jr., 2614 Coolemee Drive, Raleigh, 

N. C. 

Stevenson, 322 Meadow Lane, Edgeworth, 

Campbell, Addie, (A), Mrs. H. A. Mills. 
Campbell, Betty, '39, Mrs. Don G. Petty, 1710 

Loma Vista Street, Pasadena, Calif. 
Campbell, Betty Tane, '3 7, Mrs. Louis S. 

Campbell, Dorothy B., '43, Mrs. Peter Scrib- 

ner, 3 8 Christie Hill Road, Darien, Conn. 
Csimpbell, Dorothy Louise, '40g, Mrs. William 

P. O'Connor, Jr., 32 Cooper Lane, Larch- 

mont, N. Y. 
Campbell, Elizabeth A., '43 g, Mrs. W. Logan 

Shearer, Jr., 110 University Avelnue, Lex- 
ington, Ky. 
Cumpbell, Elizabeth H., '39e, Mrs. Rohert S. 

Gawthrop, Jr., R. D. No. 4, West Chester, 

Campbell, Margaret T., •3 6g, Mrs. D. K. Usher, 

6 Axtell Drive, Scarsdale, N. Y. 
Campbell, Marjorie, (A), Mrs. George Holden. 
Campbell, Mary Louise, (A), Mrs. M. C. Da- 

Campbell, Nancy, '27, Mrs. Sydney Schrider, 

131-17 229th Street, Springfield Gardens, 

L. L, N. Y. 
Campbell, Sophie Clay, '3 6, Mrs. Sophie C. 

Brown, 4922 78th Avenue, Hyattsville, Md. 
Campbell, Virginia Lee, '29, Mrs. N. Bayard 

Clinch, Jr., 4405 Larchmont, Dallas 5, 

Canady, Elizabeth, '22, Mrs. John B. Long, 

600 N. Queen Street, Kinston, N. C. 
Cann, Florence, (A). Mrs. Florence C. Sea- 
man, 1679 3 5th Street, N. W., Washington 

5, D. C. 
Cannaday, Mary, '31g, Mrs. William A. Gore, 

Jr., Lawrenceville, Va. 
Cannadv, Carolyn, '49g, Mrs. Hervey Evans, 

Jr., 25 Hammond Street, Cambridge, Mass. 
Cannon, Helen M., '23 g, Mrs. Thayer T. Hills, 

2120 Adair Street, San Marino, Calif. 
Cansler, Patricia, '48g. 1401 Queens Road, 

West, Charlotte, N. C. 
Cansler, Sarah, (S), Mrs. Cansler Carroll. 1711 

Beverly Drive, Charlotte, N. C. 

Cantey. Evelyn Robertson, '41e, Mrs. Andrew 

B. Marion, 803 Kirkwood Circle, Camden, 

S. C. 
Cantey, Helen Robertson, '44g, Mrs. West P. 

Woodbridge, Jr., Piping Rock Road, Glen 

Head, L. L, N. Y. 
Caperton, Caroline, (A), Mrs. McRae C. 

Banks, Raleigh Heights, Raleigh, W. Va. 
Caperton, Margaret T., '40g, Mrs. William 

Ranken, Seaford, Del. 
Capron, Allyn, '3 5g, Mrs. Leo H. Heintz, Air- 
way College, Maxwell A. F. B., Montgomery, 

Carbaugh, Betty Carolyn, '4Jg, Mrs. James 

Mann, 124 Hilldale Drive, Chattanooga, 

Cardamone, Angela Betty, '41g, Mrs. Edward 

L. O'Donnell, Jr., 18 Slaytonbush Lane, 

Utica, N. Y. 
Cardwell, Marjorie, '2 5. 
Cargill, Frances G., '3 8, Mrs. Albert H. Stone, 

Alden House Apartments, Larchmont, N. Y. 
Carlson. Beda F., '37, Mrs. N. S. Calhoun, Jr., 

3 06 Hempstead Place, Charlotte, N. C. 
Carlson. Tanet W., '2 5. 
Carlson, Mary Lynn, '31g, Mrs. Huger S. King, 

701 Sunset Drive, Greensboro, N. C. 
Carmichael, Kathleen, '33, Mrs. George R. 

Mather, c/o Col. G. R. Mather, Camp 

Campbell, Ky. 
Carmichael, Margaret McCaull, '46, Hillview 

Road, Chapel Hill, N. C. 
Carmichael, Virginia T., (A). 
Carmine, Helen-Batte, '41, Mrs. James U. 

Thompson, 6 Locust Street, Cambridge, Md. 
Carnes, Elizabeth, '3 0, 1820 Richardson Place, 

Tampa, Fla. 
Carney, Louise, '3 6, Mrs. John H. McCarthy, 

2401 East 4th Street, Duluth 5. Minn. 
Carney. Lucy, (A). Mrs. T. D. Warner. 
Carney. Mary Tane. '37. Mrs. Henry F. Turner, 

Jr., Wedgewood Apartments, Paducah, Ky. 
Carothers, Bessie, (A). Mrs. Roy C. Whayne, 

Ridge Road. Anchorage, Ky. 
Carothers, Jane, (A), Mrs. William F. Clarke, 

Ir., 2020 Baringer Avenue, Louisville 4, Ky. 
Carothers, Mildred R., '45, Mrs. William R. 

Carpenter, Carol, '39, Mrs. Charles Gillan, 

3 620 Georgetown, Houston 5, Texas. 
Carpenter. Eleanor, '34, Mrs. Leslie P. Long, 

Carpenter, Frances, (A), Mrs. Henry Erben, 

R. D. No. 1, Schenectady, N. Y. 
Carpenter, Margaret, '3 0, Mrs. Marshall N. 

Terry, Miami Road. Indian Hill, Cincinnati 

27, Ohio. 
Carpenter, Mary, '27, Mrs. Charles B. Temple, 

110 Lady Astor Street, Danville, Va. 
Carpenter, Virginia C, '26, Mrs. Oscar J. 

Ellertson, Fair Oaks Hill, Excelsior, Minn. 
Carper, Alice, '24, Mrs. Leonard J. Langbein. 
Carper, Margeretta C, '22, Mrs. Charles C. 

MacLeod, 23 9 Norfolk Avenue, Lynchburg, 
Carr, Tanet, '31, Mrs. Rowan A. Greer Jr.. 

120 Patterson Road, Dayton, Ohio. 



Carr, Katherine, "31, Mrs. Frederick B. Gra- 
ham, c/o Mrs. T. O. Carr, R. F. D. No. 2, 
Wilmington, N. C. 
Carr, Marjorie L., '40, Mrs. fames C. Faiisch. 
Carr, Myra Skinner, '36g, Mrs. Robert F. 
Baldwin, Jr., 1328 Graydon Avenue, Nor- 
folk 7, Va. 
Carr, Patricia, '45, Mrs. James Bowie, 3 859 
South Redondo Boulevard, Los Angeles 5 6, 
Carr, Phyllis C, '41, Mrs. William Beinhorn, 
Jr., 427 Devine Road, San Antonio 1, Texas. 
Carrineton, Leila, '17, Christine Avenue, An- 

niston, Ala. 
Carrison, Elizabeth, (A), Camden, S. C. 
Carroll, Anne K., '22, Mrs. E. Dwinht Rodda, 

133 2 East 10th Street, Okmulgee, Okla. 
Carroll, Clara Beaumont, (A), Mrs. John C. 

Wooten, R. 4, Hendersonville, N. C. 
Carroll, Clytie, (A), Mrs. Dugal A. Allen, 

2120 Calder Avenue, Beaumont, Texas. 
Carroll, Cornelia, '18e, Mrs. K. N. Gardner, 
North Shore Point, Algonquin Park, Nor- 
folk 8, Va. 
Carroll, Grace, (A), Mrs. Edwin H. Myer, 

deceased, 1918. 
Carroll, Jean, '41, Mrs. John F. Bi^gerstaff, 

710 Cornell Road, Ypsilanti, Mich. 
Carroll, Lvdia W.. '32, 212 West Main, Ben- 

nettsville, S. C. 
Carroll, Mary Allen, '30g. Union Avenue and 

Commerce, Havre de Grace, Md. 
Carroll, Pearl M., '30, Box 5 63, BennettsviUe, 

S. C. 
Carroll. Ruth, '46, 7 Park Road, Biltmore 

Forest, Asheville, N. C. 
Carruthers, Helen, '3 5, Mrs. Robert L. Hack- 
well, 472 Western Avenue, Albany 3. N. Y. 
Carry, Peggy Tane, '3 5g, Mrs. Lewis Dtirland, 
5 28 Cayuga Heights Road, Ithaca, N. Y. 
Carson, Beatrice, '27, Mrs. David B. Arndt, 
8124 St. Martin's Lane, Philadelphia 18, Pa. 
Carson, Lucy Holmes, '2 5, Mrs. Doii^las Had- 
dow, 10 Mitchell Place, New York, N. Y. 
Carson, Mary Martha, '40, Mrs. Robert Kel- 
lozz, 863 Spaulding Avenue, Wichita, Kan. 
Carson, Virginia Lee, '41, Mrs. James L. Gar- 

ver. Box 98, Severy, Kan. 
Carter, Annie Melville, '24. 
Carter. Ashley C, '25. 2605 Gosnold Avenue, 

Norfolk, Va. 

Carter, Carolyn E., '3 4g, Mrs. Willia?n S. 

Clark, 3254 Orlando Road, Pasadena 10, 


Carter, Gurley, '37g, Mrs. R. P. Davis, 36 

Upshur Road, U. S. N. A., Annapolis, Md. 

Carter, Helen, '26g, Mrs. Walter H. Bailey, 

1011 6th Avenue, Laurel, Miss. 
Carter, Jean Williams, '46g, 115 Ridgeside 

Road, Chattanooga 4, Tenn. 

Carter, Mary Clementine, '40g, Mrs. John K. 

Murray, 378 Tremont Place, Orange, N. J. 

Carter, Mary Louise, (A), Mrs. Leroy Denman, 

112 Lexington Avenue, San Antonio, Texas. 

Carter Mary Stewart, '43 g, Mrs. Harry L. 

Richardson, Jr., 220 Huntington Road, N. 

E., Atlanta, Ga. 

Carter. Toy. '40g, Mrs. Philip S. Carrinzton, 

114 Harrison Avenue. San Antonio, Texas. 

Carter, Nancy Morgan, '5 0, 115 Ridgeside 

Road, Chattanooga. Tenn. 
Carter. Ruth Nelcine. '41. Mrs. Harry W. 

Finnell, Jr. 
Gary. Helen F.. '3 9, Mrs. John H. Stewart, Jr., 

19 Elmwood Avenue, Hohokus. N. T. 
Gary. Pattie A.. '11. Mrs. John H. Cecil, 2314 

Monument Avenue. Richmond. Va. 
Case. Helen R.. '20. deceased. 
Case. Helen S.. '22, Mrs. Donald F. Carroll. 
Case, Louise, '18g, Mrs. Charles F. McGuire, 
Jr., 3310 Warrington Road, Shaker Heights 
20, Ohio. 
Case. Lucy Imogene, '42g, Mrs. Clyde Wen- 
delken, Jr., Preston Court Apartments, 
Charlottesville, Va. 
Casey, Caroline Yarnall, '49g, c/o Virginia 
Museum of Fine Arts, Boulevard and Grove 
Avenue, Richmond 20, Va. 
Casey, Kathleen, '3 5, Mrs. Melville F. High- 
smith, Batesville, Ark. 
Casey, Louise West, '20, Mrs. Edward Morris. 
Cassard, Mary, '25g, Mrs. Edwin H. Thomas, 

deceased, 1943. 
Cassels, Gladys, (S), Mrs. Carlton C. Cone, 

2 52 5 Sunset Drive, Tampa 6, Fla. 
Cassidy, Elizabteh D., '3 3. Mrs. John M. Evans. 
Caswell, Mary H., '32. Mrs. James G. Burr, 

Catchings. Josephine E.. (S). Mrs. Wilmer 
Thomas 248 Audubon Boulevard, New Or- 
leans, La. 
Gates, Elizabeth, '27g, Mrs. E. Gates Wall, 

Country Club Road, Spartanburg, S. C. 
Gather. Elizabeth A.. '3 0. Mrs. Paul B. Lan- 
sing, 67% North Forest Avenue, Webster 
Groves 19. Mo. 
Catlett, Lucy. '14, 509 Vine Street. Staunton. 

Gato. Mabel, '21. Mrs. B. F. Tillar, 533 Ingle- 
side Lane, Emporia, Va. 
Catterall, Margaret H., '26, Mrs. Gordon E. 
Mills, 2 5 24 Harris Boulevard, Austin, Texas. 
Cauthorn. Ann Marshall, '40g, Bedford. Va. 
Gauthorn. Nina Booth. '37g, Mrs. Harold W. 

Jarvis, Bedford. Va. 
Gaven, Florence. '3 8g, Mrs. Ralph Crosnoe, 

Box 265, Texarkana, Texas. 

Gavett, Wilma, '41, Mrs. John P. Bird, 204 

N. W. 17th Street, Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Cawlev, Barbara M.. '3 3. Mrs. William S. 

Wilson, 94 Spring Street, East, Somerville, 

N. T. 

Gerf, Dorothy, '21, Mrs. George O. Bailey- 

Chaffee, Marian K., '27g, 1303 West 13th 

Street, Wilmington, Del. 
Chaffee, Virginia, '29. Mrs. William M. 

Gwynn, Meadowood Road, Villanova, Pa. 
Chaffinch, Elizabeth G., '27, Mrs. John H. 
Hornbaker, 1117 Oak Hill, Hagerstown, 
Chalkley, Cornelia, '40g, Mrs. Fred W. Kit- 
tier, 4 Luquer Lane, Port Washington, N. Y. 
Chamberlain, Alice, '43, Mrs. John D. Lamar, 
Fort Deposit, Ala. 



Chamberlam, Anne M., '42g, Mrs. Charles M. 
Carman, Jr., 150 Church Street, North 
Adams, Mass. 
Chamberlain, Elizabeth R., '42g, Mrs. Pefer 
D. Burchard, South Mountain Road, New 
City, N. Y. 
Chamberlaine, Margaret A., '2 5, deceased, 

Chamberlin, Marie, '12, Mrs. John G. Thornell, 

170 South Porter Street, Elgin, 111. 
Chambers, Delma, '3 0, Mrs. George M. Glazier, 
116 St. Dunstans Road, Baltimore 12, Md. 
Champlin, Rosemary, '49, 13 01 West Wabash, 

Enid, Okla. 
Chandler, Patricia, '51, 543 Northumberland 

Street, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Chantler. Mary H., '23g. Mrs. M. Chantkr 
Hubbard, Longview Farm, Martinsburg, W. 
Chapa, Isabel, (A). 315 North Pecos Street, 

San Antonio, Texas. 
Chapin, Florence, '18, Mrs. Henry M. Tyler, 

deceased, 1941. 
Chapman, Elizabeth S., '3 6, Mrs. Harry K. 

Lacey, Harel House, Hopedale, Mass. 
Chapman, Louise, '29, Mrs. Raymond Plamp, 

1029 Cardinal Drive, Louisville 4, Kv. 
Chapman, Martha, '15, Mrs. George Howland, 

deceased. 1946. 
Chapman, Mary Mathews, '28, Mrs. A. Z. 

Foster Wood. 
Chapman, Wvline, '45s. Mrs. Henry B. S^r/y, 
Jr., 1st Guided Missle Squadron, Elgin 
A. F. B., Fla. 
Chappelle, Tacqueline, '3 5, Mrs. E. H. Everett, 

Box 15, Richmond. Va. 
Charles. Anna-Mary. '37g, Mrs. Jackson L. 

Straub, 77, Bausman, Pa. 
Charles, Harriette, '24, Mrs. Charles Floyd, 

2410 Pioneer Road. Evanston, 111. 
Chartencr, Ruth G., '38g, 114 South 2nd 

Street, Quakertown, Pa. 
Chase. Helen C, (A). 
Chatham, Frances, '34, Mrs. James E. Baldwtn, 

Elkin, N. C. 
Cheatham, Dolores H., '43 g, Mrs. Hdrr-y James, 
903 West Davis Street, Burlington, N. C. 
Cheatham, Virginia, '39, Mrs. John T. Newton, 

Madison, Ga. 
Cheek. Florence Ellen. '43. 3115 Brickell Ave- 
nue, Miami. Fla. 
Cheeseman, Theodora, '27, 40 Walnut Avenue, 

Wyoming, Cincinnati 15, Ohio. 
Chelf, Douglas, (A), Mrs. Virginius Dabney, 

12 Tapoan Road, Richmond, Va. 
Chenerv, Tanet Dai, '44, Mrs. French H. Con- 
way, R. F. D. No. 1, Danville, Va. 
Cheney. Alma, (A), Mrs. William C. Wimsatt, 

deceased. 193 8. 
Cheney, Elizabeth Lord, '3 9g, Mrs. William J. 

Widhelm, Barrington, 111. 
Cheney. Lucy. (A). Mrs. J. R. Hudson, de- 
Chenoweth, Anna Elizabeth, (A), Mrs. 

Thomas E. Ludham, Jr. 
Cherry. Anita Harbine. '3 5, Mrs. Albert G. 
Path. Jr., 218 East Main Street, Xenia, Ohio. 
Chesson, Eloise, '23. 

Chichester, Frances M., '41g, Mrs. Richard D. 

Hull. 5 03 Lewis Street, Fredericksburg, Va. 

Chidester, Anna Mary, '45g, 2807 Falmouth 

Road, Toledo 6, Ohio. 
Childress, Anna Louise, (A). 
Chilton, Mary Belle, '42, Mrs. James O. Phil- 
Chilton, Mary Carroll, '47, Mrs. Park Chap- 
man, 806 Cedar Road, Charleston, W. Va. 
Chittenden, Helen I., (S), Mrs. Helen C. 

Chope, Elsie, (S). Mrs. F. E. Good. 
Christian, Anna Ridgewav, '45g, 710 J. Ave- 
nue, Coronado, Calif. 
Christian, Drusilla Cravens, '48r, Twilight 

Park, Haines Falls, N. Y. 
Christian, Marjorie Downs, '46g, Mrs. Richard 
L. Schley, Jr.. 114 West Gaston Street, 
Savannah, Ga. 
Christian, Mary Whitten, '43 g, Mrs. Minot C. 
Mulligan, 1727 Massachusetts Avenue, N. 
W., Washington, D. C. 
Christie, Anna, '29, Mrs. George Stevenson, 
U. S. Internal Revenue Department, Or- 
lando, Fla. 
Christie, Edith, '17, Mrs. George D. Finlay, Jr., 

310 N. E. 97th Street, Miami 3 8. Fla. 
Christmas, Lucile S., '44g. Mrs. William S. 

Brewster, Wells Rock, Plymouth. Mass. 
Claflin. Eleanor P.. '3 9. Mrs. Thomas B. Wil- 

liams. Farm Street. Dover. Mass. 
Claiborne. Anne Boiling, '26, Mrs. R. T. Wil- 
lingham, 810 Whitlock Avenue, Marietta, 
Claiborne, Frances Archer, '42, Mrs. John H. 
Guy, Jr., 1519 Hanover Avenue, Richmond 
20, Va. 
Claiborne, Jane, (A), Mrs. Jane C. Calkins, 

Clifford, Va. 
Claiborne, Nannie, (A), Mrs. Dallas Hudson, 

New Glasgow, Va. 
Clapp. Betty, '34, Mrs. Kit) Robinson. 
Clark, Barbara Anne, '44, Mrs. Frederick B. 
Vtley. Jr., 765 Vallev Street, Orange, N. J. 
Clark, Barbara Deane, '41g, Mrs. Fred Dickey, 

Jr., 610 West Iowa Street, Urbana, 111. 
Clark, Eleanor, '3 0, Mrs. Bruce Frost, 1040 
Pelhamdale Avenue, Pelham Manor, N. Y. 
Clark, Elizabeth, '31g, 227 Boston Avenue, 

Lynchburg, Va. 
Clark, Esther, (A). 

Clark, Gertrude, '26, Mrs. G. C. Carlson. 
Clark, Grace Reed, '45g, Mrs. Robert S. Far- 

rell, 842 Adams Street, Albany, Calif. 
Clark, Tane, '41g, Mrs. Thomas J. Hartrick, 

7'>67 Cornell, St. Louis 5, Mo. 
Clark, Martha Louise, '3 7g, Box 1176, Dan- 
ville, Va. 
Clark, Mary, '13. Mrs. Clarence B. Rogers, 

205 Beverley Road, N. E., Atlanta, Ga. 
Clark, Mary, '30, Mrs. Robert A. Ferree, de- 
ceased, 1932. 
Clark. Olive D.. '24, 104 Cameron Lane, 

Charlottesville, Va. 
Clark, Sudie G., '42g, Mrs. William A. Hanger, 
4001 Club Drive. Atlanta 5, Ga. 


Clark. Theodosia B., (A), Mrs. Hubert H. 

Burke, 126 Main Street, Evanston, 111. 
Clarke, Emily R. H., '39. Cooperstown, N. Y. 
Clarke, Gertrude M., (A), 163 S. W. 16th 

Street, Miami, Fla. 
Clarke, Tane Carothers, '45, Mrs. William E. 

Morrow, Jr., 2124 Village Drive, Louisville, 

Clarke, Minge, '44, Mrs. Robert E. Peach, 204 

Hook Place, Ithaca, N. Y. 
Clarkson, Ethelwyn, '23, Mrs. Chester S. 

Shade, deceased, 1946. 
Clary, Elizabeth W., '3 3e, Mrs. Benjamin B. 

Treadwell, 5 208 Andover Road, Chevy 

Chase 15, Md. 
Clary, Genevieve Archil, '3 8, 3004 3rd Avenue, 

North, Great Falls, Mont. 
Clausen, Catherine, '3 0, Mrs. Richard Graham, 

206 Fernwood Avenue, Davenport, Iowa. 
Claxton, Elizabeth, '21, Mrs. Thomas D. Lewis, 

5 007 Hampden Lane, Bethesda 14, Md. 
Clay, Mary Jane, '3 6, Mrs. Lay ton M. Shoch, 

Valley Road, Meadowbrook, Pa. 
Claybrook, Evelyn L., '28s, Mrs. Gordon L. 

Bowie, 5 06 Washington Street, Cumberland, 

Claybrook, Mary Carter, '43, Mrs. Gordon B. 

Booth, 131 South Euclid Avenue, Westfield, 

N. T. 
Claybrook, Jeanne, '43, Mrs. Robert A. Collier. 
Cleary. Constance Anne, '40, Mrs. Lloyd G. 

Foster, Box 908, Ponca City, Okla. 
Cleaveland, Anna C. '2 5, Mrs. Stewart Mc- 
Donald, 52 Garden Road, Scarsdale, N. Y. 
Cleckley, Connor, '31, Mrs. James Dyess. 
Cleland, Julia, (A), 219 Norfolk Avenue, 

Lynchburg. Va. 
Clemens. Helen Louise, '44, 2528 Calumet 

Drive, Houston. Texas. 
Clemens, Mary Fendell, '3 3, Mrs. Edward 

Murtha, "Evesham". Baltimore, Md. 
Clement, Eleanor Ann, '34. Mrs. William H. 

Tunison, Jr., Syosset. L. I., N. Y. 
Clement, Elinor Crowell, '46g, Mrs. Frederick 

C. Littleton, Dodd's Lane, P. O. Box 467, 

Ardmore, Pa. 
Clement, Elizabeth, '27g, deceased, 1927. 
Clement, Milla G., '19 Mrs. John Chesebrou^h, 

2816 Xerxes, Minneapolis 5, Minn. 
Clements, Diantha. '3 9, deceased, 1947. 
Clements, Grace D., (A), Mrs. George L. 

demons, Mary Elizabeth, '3 3g, Mrs. Albert 

F. Porzeliits, 201 Windmere Drive, Chat- 
tanooga 4, Tenn. 
Cleveland, Aenes, '3 1e. Mrs. William S. Sandi- 

fer, Jr., 499 Pine Street, Spartanburg, S. C. 
Clevenger, Constance, '47g, Mrs. F. Christian 

Berg, Jr., Herndon, Georgetown, Md. 
Clippinger, Judith, '51, Box 66, Connecticut 

College, New London, Conn. 
Close, A. Kathryn, '29g, 40 5 West 23 rd 

Street, New York 11, N. Y. 
Close, Martha E., '26g, Mrs. Lowell B. Page, 

18270 Kirkshire Road, Birmingham, Mich. 
Close, Mary E., '27g, Mrs. Harrison F. Gleason, 

Jr., 184 W. Hutchinson Avenue, Pittsburgh 

18, Pa. 

Closson, Helen Louise, '34, Mrs. Leo F. Hen- 
dricks, 2318 Broadway, Logansport, Ind. 

Cloud, Elizabeth, (A). Mrs. King Breedon, 
3 608 Riverside Drive, .Jacksonville, Fla. 

Cloud, Pauline, '27g, Box 795, Fayetteviile, 
N. C. 

Clyde, Emma Lilian, (A), Mrs. Edwin Hodge, 
Jr., 1700 Beechwood Boulevard, Pittsburgh, 

Cobb, Elizabeth, '26g, Mrs. C Donald Suther- 
land, 71 East Walnut Street, Kingston, Pa. 

Cobb, Margaret, (A), Mrs. Bnshrop B. How- 
ard, Cove Road, Oyster Bay, L. I., N. Y. 

Cobb, Mary Jemison, '3 8g, Mrs. Frank W. 
Hulse, 21 Ridgeview Drive, East, Birming- 
ham 5. Ala. 

Cobb, Mary Lou, (A), deceased. 

Cobb, Mildred, (A), Mrs. George E. Roosevelt, 
5 80 Park Avenue, New York 21, N. Y. 

Cobb. Shirley Marion, '34, Atherton, Calif. 

Cobbs, Mary £., (A), Mrs. W. R. J. Dunn, 

Cobden, Hannah Mathews, '38, Mrs. Isaac 
L. Merrill, Jr., Seabreeze Station, Daytona 
Beach, Fla. 

Coburn, Jessie Louise, Mrs. Perry Laukhuff, 
120 West Nippon Street. Mt. Airy, Phila- 
delphia 19, Pa. 

Cochran, Courtney, '3 2g. Mrs. Park E. Ticer, 
213 Woodland Terrace, Jefferson Park, 
Alexandria, Va. 

Cochran, Elizabeth K., '3 5, Mrs. R. Melbourne 
Thayer, Jr. 

Cochran. Jacquelin. '37g. Mrs. Charles T. 
Nicholson, Jr., 3 3 68 Gunston Road, Park- 
fairfax, Alexandria, Va. 

Cochrane. Elvira Minge, '3 4, Mrs. Thomas E. 
McMillan, Brewton, Ala. 

Cocke, Elizabeth, '3 6e, Mrs. Peyton B. Win- 
free, Jr., 3 865 Peakland Place, Lynchburg, 

Cocke, Betty Rupert, '45 g. Mrs. David A. 
Wright, 20 East 84th Street, New York, 
N. Y. 

Cocke, Elizabeth Preston, (S), The Prestwould 
Apartments, Richmond 20, Va. 

Cocke, Virginia, '27, Mrs. Jesse Webb, deceased, 

Cockrill. Anne, '3 5, Mrs. Frank E. Wait, 5817 
Hawthorne. Little Rock, Ark. 

Cockrill, Jane, '34, Mrs. George W. Thombson, 
1609 Woodmont Boulevard, Nashville, Tenn. 

Coe, Eunice de Wolfe. '47g, 13 303 Lake Shore 
Boulevard. Cleveland 8, Ohio. 

Coe, Kate Tappen, '29g, 9 5 Franklin Street, 
Englewood, N. J. 

Coe. Nancy Hancock. '31g, 95 Franklin Street, 
Englewood. N. J. 

Coe, Serena Tappan, '34, Mrs. Philbrook Paine, 
Durham, N. H. 

Cofer, Nancy Weeks, '47g, Mrs. G. W. Stacy, 
Box 100. Route 2, Charlottesville, Va. 

Coffin, Florence, '13, Mrs. Jennings F. Gillem, 
3 620 Montevallo Road, Birmingham, Ala. 

C'offman, Margaret Ann, '46g, 5B, 805 Madi- 
son Avenue, New York 21, New York. 



Cofield, Elizabeth, (A), Mrs. John R. Thorn- 

CoSns, Katherine Ruth, '42g, 2139 Jackson 
Street, San Francisco 15, Cahf. ^ „ „ 

Cohen, Dorothea, (A), Mrs. Emene E. Ball, 
1019 West 70th Terrace, Kansas City, Mo. 

Cohen, Mariorie, (A), deceased. 

Colahan, Mary, '44, Mrs. Maddox N. Pteter, 
2 8 Garden Place, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Colcord, T. Agnes, '43, Mrs. Henry D. leffrtes. 
Box 268, Paris, Ky. 

Cole, Cora, (A). 

Cole, Elizabeth Toy, '21g, 1140 Martine Ave- 
nue, Plainfield, N. T. ^ , , 

Cole, Tean Lovat, '31g, Mrs. George D. Ander- 
son, Jr., 408 Washington Avenue, Marietta, 

Cole, Olive Katherine, (A), Mrs. Henry W. 
Hogan, 227 37th Street, N. W., Canton, 

Coleman, Catherine OfQey, '42g, St. Anne's 
School, Charlottesville, Va. 

Coleman, Helen Rosa, '45, Mrs. James J. 
Monanhan, 125 Main Street, Birmingham, 

Coleman, Julia C, '32, Mrs. Dudley F. Win^, 
202 Greenwood Boulevard, Evanston, 111. 

Coleman, Louise, '51, 1 Deep-wood Drive, Lex- 
ington, Ky. 

Coleman, Margaret, (A). 

Coleman, Margaret Eleanor, '3 8g, Mrs. Charles 
L. Ford, III, No. 2 Veterans Court, George- 
tovi^n. S. C. 

Coleman, Willy C, '29, Mrs. William Smith. 

Coles, Charlotte Louise, '3 0, Mrs. A. R. Fried- 
man R. 2, Troy, Ohio. 

Coley, Hylah, '39, Mrs. H. C. Kitchel, Binney 
Lane, Old Greenwich, Conn. 

Colgin. Nell, '32. 

Colles, Constance, '22, deceased, 1919. 

Colley. Elizabeth, '41, Mrs. Charles B. Shelton, 
Jr., Robin Hood Trail, Lookout Mountain, 

Collier, Elizabeth, '34, Mrs. Robert Wardle, 
Jr., 4220 Harris Trail, N. W., Atlanta^ Ga. 

Collier, Henrietta, '39g, Mrs. William B. Arm- 
strong, 521 Spring Valley Road, Atlanta, 

Collier, Martha, (A), Mrs. David H. Marbury, 
Jr., 3 5 00 Montevallo Road, Birmingham 9, 

Collins, Cordelia A., (A), Mrs. A. Laird Good- 
man, 2422 East 3rd Street, Duluth 5, Minn. 

Collins, Gertrude, '26, Mrs. Eric H. Calnan, 
c/o Mr. Leslie Hemenway, 318 Howell 
Road, Englewood, N. J. 

Collins, Tane, '37g, Mrs. Thomas P. Corwin. 
3919 47th Street, N. W., Washington 16, 
D. C. 

Collins, Louise, '27g, Mrs. Edward J. Schroe- 
der, Jr., 137 Pine Grove Avenue, Summit, 
N. T. 

Collins, Marjory, '34. 

Collins, Ruth Whisler, '40g, Mrs. John W. 
Henry, c/o Lt. Comdr. John Henry, Staff 
Cincnelm, Navy 100, c/o F. P. O., New 
York, N. Y. 

Colson, Mary, '48, Mrs. Stuart Comstock, R. 

F. D. No. 2, Lowell Road, Andover, Mass. 
Colston, Ann Ainslie, '47g, Mrs. John G. 

Hawley, 610 West 164th Street, New York 

32, N. Y. 
Coltman, Shirley Annis, '52, 1508 Curren 

Terrace, Norristown, Pa. 
Combs, Elizabeth T., '34g, Mrs. Richard N. 

Carroll, 605 N. Mesquite Street, Carlsbad, 

New Mexico. 
Comer, Ruth, '22. 
Compton, Caroline R., '27g, 2408 Drummond 

Street, Vicksburg, Miss. 
Conaghan, Dorothy A., '27g, Mrs. William J. 

Bennet, Salida Road, Mentor, Ohio. 
Conant, Anine '40, Mrs. Anne C. Weaver, 

Harbor Avenue, Marblehead, Mass. 
Cone, Carroll C, '46, Mrs. Robert T. Cozart, 

Jr., 2 52 5 Sunset Drive, Tampa, Fla. 
Cone, Vera, (A), Mrs. H. C. Cohen. 
Conklin Louise, '28g, Mrs. David H. Knowles, 

1 1 1 Ashland Road, Summit, N. J. 
Conklin, Verone, '42, 226 Central Avenue, 

Leonia, N. T. 
Conlev, Carolyn Jean, '46, 2 543 North Deere 

Park Drive, Highland Park, 111. 
Connell, Elizabeth N.. '41, deceased, 193 8. 
Connell, Virginia, (A), Mrs. George W. Bloom, 

1868 Bedford Road, Columbus, Ohio. 
Connelly, Adelaide, '36, deceased, 1936. 
Conover, Constance Van, '48, Box 88 5, Lake 

Charles, La. 
Conover, Elizabeth, '31g, Mrs. George G. Grat- 

tan. III, deceased, 193 8. 
Conover, Elizabeth Anne, '40, 7227 Greenway, 

University City 5, Mo. 
Conover, Virginia K., '3 3, Mrs. Herbert A. 

Snow, East Beardstown Street, Virginia, 111. 
Converse, Dorothy, '3 6, Mrs. James C. Schnur, 

North Avenue, Deerfield, IlL 
Converse, Lucinda Carpenter, '47. 
Conway, Anne French, '29g, Mrs. J. T. White- 
hurst, 149 Linden Drive, Danville, Va. 
Conway, Charlotte, '28g, Mrs. Frank J. Cur- 
ran, 1626 Oxford Road, Charlottesville, Va. 
Cook, Catherine, '22g, deceased, 1942. 
Cook, Jane, '46, Mrs. James Beirnes, 921 Hin- 

man, Evanston, 111. 
Cook, Mary Elizabeth, '3 8, 1006 Cherokee 

Road, Louisville, Ky. 
Cooke, Anne Mason, '40, Mrs. W. L. Gilliam, 

Jr., 1622 Monument Avenue, Richmond 20, 

Cooke, Eleanor, '32, Mrs. William R. Brown. 
Cooke, Eleanor, '34g, Mrs. Daniel B. Esterly, 

27 iQ Lorain Road, San Marino, Calif. 
Cooke, Elizabeth, (A), Mrs. Thomas J. Shry- 

ock, Jr., Glen Mill Road, R. F. D. No. 1, 

Rockville, Md. 
Cooke, Elizabeth Anne, '51, 2634 Elgin, Mus- 
kogee, Okla. 
Cooke, Julia, (A), Mrs. Barton C. Isbell, 901 

Montgomery Avenue, Sheffield, Ala. 
Cooke, Katherine R., '23, 901 Montgomery 

Avenue, Sheffield, Ala. 
Cooke, Virginia, '31g. Mrs. Frederick W. Rea, 

65 Bexley Avenue, Marion, Ohio. 



Coolidge, Anna Leslie, '51, Box 3 5 2, South- 
ern Methodist University, Dallas 5, Texas. 
Coolidge, Tane, '3 6, Mw. Jatnes Stevens, 5 03 2 
South Blackstone Avenue, Chicago 3 7, 111. 
Coolidee, Catherine Mary, (A). 
Coombs, Shirley Ann, '44, Mrs. Bart J. Ram- 
sour, 417 North Sergeant, Toplin, Mo. 
Coon, Lindsay, '5 0, Mrs. Jo/m M. Robinson, 
Jr., 1602 MacPherson Street, Philadelphia 
19, Pa. 

Cooper, Martha, '2 5, Mrs. Mills Judy, 6928 

Madisonville Road, Cincinnati 27, Ohio. 
Cooper, Sarah M., '13, 803 South Campbell 
Street, Hopkinsville, Ky. 

Coopev, Norma Jean, '46, Mrs. John A. Wel- 
bonrn, Jr., Leesburg, Va. 

Cope, Roberta, '3 5g, Mrs. Clinton A. Gerlach, 
17 Northgate Park, West Newton 65, Mass. 

Copeland. Dorothy, '23, Mrs. Irving, W. V ark- 
hurst, 213 St. Johns Place, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Copeland, Elizabeth R., '3 0g, Mrs. Fillmore 
Norfleet, Woodberry Forest, Va. 

Copeland. Katherine, (A), Mrs. Carl Bell, 1313 
College Place, Raleigh, N. C. 

Copeland, Mary C, '29g, Mrs. Paul J. Stur- 
geon, 90S Wellesley Road, Pittsburgh 6, Pa. 

Copeman, Ruth May, '36, Mrs. Gilbert Ron- 

Corbett. Kitty King, '3 8, Mrs. Ben H. Powell, 
Jr., 806 West Avenue, Austin, Texas. 

Corbitt, Anne M., '34g, Mrs. Lamar W. Little, 
2427 Stanley Avenue, S. W., Roanoke, Va. 

Corcoran, Dorothy Elise, '46g, Mrs. Joseph F. 
Hartzer, 4545 Ortega Boulevard, Jackson- 
ville 5, Fla. 

Ccrddry, Elizabeth Imlay, '49g, 204 East 39th 
Street. Baltimore 18. Md. 

Corddrv, Elizabeth Montgomerv, '43 g, Mrs. 
Winthrop H. Jones, c/o Luther Martin, 
School House Lane, Morristown, N. J. 

Cordes, Catherine, '21g, Mrs. Arthur B. Kline, 
3 03 Ponce de Leon Boulevard, Belleair, 
Clearwater, Fla. 

Cordes, Frances C, '3 8g, Mrs. Franklin D. 
Hoffman. 1376 N. Sheridan Avenue, Pitts- 
burgh 6, Pa. 

Core, Ruth, '16, Mrs. Arthur Neff. 

Cornell, Jerry Dean, '45, Mrs. Thomas L. 
Means, 147-52 Charter Road, Parkway Vil- 
lage, Jamaica, N. Y. 

Cornick, Mary Elizabeth, '24, Mrs. Barbour 
Rixey, 902 Graydon Avenue, Norfolk, Va. 

Corning, Susan Ebbets, '49g, 19 Sound Avenue, 
Stamford, Conn. 

Cornwall, Esther, '13, Mrs. Gardner F. Gil- 
lespie, deceased. 

Cornwall, Isabel, '13, Mrs. Douglas J. Miller, 
3 04 Glen Avenue, Port Chester, N. Y. 

Cornwell, Helen Julia, '40, Mrs. Homer D. 
Jones, 15 56 Massachusetts Avenue, Lexing- 
ton. Mass. 

Cornwell. Margaret V., '3 7g, Mrs. W. Clark 
Schmidt, 24 Lorenzo Lane, Clayton 5, Mo. 

Corpening, Elizabeth, '28, Mrs. Walter P. 
Andrews, 601 East 20th Street, New York 
10. N. Y. 

Corrigan, Louise, '3 9, Mrs. Edwin B. Jordan, 

3 904 Centenary, Dallas 5, Texas. 
Corry. Alice, '17, Mrs. S. E. Wilhoit. 
Cotter. Elizabeth Molden, '3 5g, Mrs. Raymond 

M. Gihnore. 
Ccttman, Frances J., '3 0, Mrs. John W. La- 
very, c/o Safeway Stores, Laramie, Wyo. 
Cotton. Virginia, (A), Mrs. Joseph M. Long, 

3 907 Kanawha Avenue. Charleston, W. Va. 
Coulson. Margaret, '34, deceased, 1932. 
Coulter, Marion Bartlett, '48, Mrs. Philip N. 

Bowditch, Meadow Lane, Cohasset, Mass. 
Councill. Elisabeth. '27g. 1007 13th Avenue, 

Hickory. N. C. 
Countryman, Jean, '31g, Mrs. Will B. Presba, 

25 5 Poplar Street. Winnetka, 111. 
Couper. Marjorie, '10, Mrs. Chester H. Prince, 

705 W. Ocean View Avenue, Norfolk 3, 

Courtney. Ann. '34, Mrs. William E. Trimble, 

407 Eastern Avenue, Crowley, La. 
Courtney. Elizabeth J., '3 5, Mrs. Charles L. 

Case. 15 Norwood Avenue, Summit, N. J. 
Covey, Evelyn R., '29, Mrs. H. Donald Stuard, 

Genoa, Cayuga County, N. Y. 
Covey. Katherine, (A). 
Covington. Margarett, '24, Mrs. W. J. Milwee, 

410 LeBron. Montgomery 6, Ala. 
Cowan, Anita, '20, Mrs. Maxwell W. Lippitt, 

622 Drayton Street, Savannah, Ga. 
Cowgill, Kathleen G., (A), Easton, Md. 
Cox, Carol McNeir, '45g, Mrs. John MacKin- 
non. 102 Branch Brook Drive, Belleville, 

N. L 
Cox. Catherine Greenway, '49g, 682 Prospect 

Avenue, Hartford, Conn. 
Cox. Elizabeth. '27g, Mrs. Jnman Johnson, 

4001 Ormond Road, Louisville, Ky. 
Cox, Elisabeth M., '3 6, Mrs. Georse A. 

Schmidt, Jr., 2 5 Wildwood Road, Scars- 
dale, N. Y. 
Cox, Lucille. '3 6g. Amherst, Va. 
Cox, Margery, (A), Mrs. Frank C. White, 

5 8 Stratford Road, Melrose, Boston 76, 

Cox, Marion Gleadall, '34, Mrs. Beattie C. 

Luck, 3 521 Grove Avenue, Richmond 21, 

Cox, Thelma Dow, '39, Mrs. Harold H. Big- 
gins, Amherst, Va. 
Covner. Frances E., '2 8g, Mrs. J. Hudson Huf- 

fard, 710 Tazwell Avenue, Bluefield, Va. 
Cozette. Odile E.. '3 6g. 
Crabbs. Mary Virginia, '20g, Mrs. Nobel R. 

Shaw, 211 S. Water Street, Crawfordsville, 

Craddock, Elise, (A), Mrs. Tucker Carring- 

ton, 3106 Rivermont Avenue, Lynchburg, 

Craddock, Louise M., '31, 1216 West 37th 

Street. Oklahoma City, Okla. 
Craft, Mary Anne, '49, Mrs. Emmet O'Neil, 

Proctor. Ark. 
Craig. Nancy Ellen, '49, Mrs. Charles S. White, 

Jr., 9 Vine Street. Bronxville, N. Y. 
Craig, Virginia, '3 2, Mrs. V. Craig Steman, 

425 5 Ashland Avenue, Norwood 12, Ohio. 



CraighiU. Margaret F., '41k, Mrs Karl R. 

Price. 809 Great Falls Street, Falls Church, 

CraighiU. Mary, '2 5e. Mrs. Conrad Kinyoun, 

283 N. E. 108th Street, Miami 38, Fla. 
Grain, Marion K.. (A), Mrs. James Da Gre- 

Cramer, Margaret C, '27g, Mrs. William B. 

Crane, Jr., 5 Verplank Avenue, Stamford, 

Crane. Doris T., '33g. Mrs. Samuel C. Love- 
land, Jr., 331 Chester Avenue, Moorestown, 

N. L 
Crane. Elizabeth P., '28g, Mrs. Mathews D. 

Hall. 8 Normandie Place, Cranford, N. J. 
Crane. Florence Plummer, '3 5g, Mrs. Charles 

C. Goodfellow, 403 Claremont Place, Cran- 
ford. N. I. 
Crane. Helen S., '31, Mrs. Francis McGary, 

10623 Hale. Chicago 43, 111. 
Crane. Marion, '26, Mrs. James J. Paterson, 

5 04 W. Wabash Avenue, Crawfordsville, 

Cranford, Clyde. '13, Mrs. William G. Brant- 
ley, Jr., 2843 29th Street, N. W., Washing- 
ton. D. C. 
Craven. Agnes E., '25, Mrs. Agnes C. Parrish. 
Craven. Elizabeth, (A), Mrs. Allan F. West- 

cott. Lee Shore, Alexandria Bay, N. Y. 
Cravens. Elizabeth, '29, Mrs. Benjamin P. Mc- 
Crawford. Agnes, '37, Mrs. William R. Bates, 

Airville. Gloucester, Va. 
Crawford. Elizabeth E., '3 5g, Mrs. Morton 

Byrd, 205 West 57th Street, New York 19. 

N. Y. 
Crawford. Emma Jeanne, '49g, 400 Saluda 

Avenue. Columbia 36, S. C. 
Crawford, Helen L., (A), Mrs. William H. 

Hobkins. deceased, 1945. 
Crawford, Louise Thomson, '46g, Mrs. Charles 

Moorefield, 122 5 Dilworth Road, Charlotte, 

N. C. 
Crawford. Mary Ann. '3 9. 
Crawford. Maury Howard. (A). 
Crawford, Ruth, (A), Mrs. Wilson Jarvis, 

3224 Perrysville Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Cieekmur. Emily, (A). 

Crenshaw, Elizabeth, '3 0, Mrs. Charles Brooks. 
Crenshaw. Betty, *39, 3415 Stratford Road, 

Atlanta, Ga. 
Crenshaw. Ruth, '27, Mrs. Edward Turner. 
Crews, Anita Elizabeth, '29g, 183 Connecticut 

Avenue. Spartanburg, S. C. 
Criswell, Suzanne, '46, 2131 Center Avenue, 

Bay City, Mich. 
Critz, Gretchen, '3 8, Mrs. Jack C. Matter, Jr. 
Crockett. Emma M. B., '25, Mrs. Patil B. 

Thompson, 1210 Highland Avenue, Jackson, 

Crockett. Virginia, '29, Mrs. Hal H. Ferguson, 

243 8 Bvwood Drive, Glendale, Calif. 
Cromwell, Margaret Oliver, '49g, Bellona Ave- 
nue, Baltimore 12, Md. 
Cross. Eleanor, '26, Mrs. B. B. Wallace. 
Cross. Louise Weakley, '45 g, Mrs. Ralph B. 
Tate, 2848 Highland Avenue, Birmingham, 


Cross. Ruth Barbara, '3 8k, Mrs. Evan C. 

Reese, 162 East Brown Street, East Strouds- 

burg. Pa. 
Crossan. Margaret, '29, 8128 Elberon Avenue, 

Foxchase, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Grossman, Betty Vivian, '41, Mrs. Ward Cook, 

3 3 04 Broadway, Indianapolis, Ind. 
Grossman. Geneva, '3 5g, Mrs. Edson S. Stevens, 

2151 Walnut Lake Road, R. F. D. No. 1, 

Birmingham, Mich. 
Crosswell. Sarah Anne, '3 8, Mrs. Roger S. 

Byrne, c/o Texas Company, Westville, N. J. 
Crow, Marion V., '3 5, Mrs. E. Fletcher Lord, 

5 612 Hawthorne, Little Rock, Ark. 
Crow. Mary Kate, '3 6, Mrs. William S. Sin- 
clair, }65 6 Locke Lane, Houston, Texas. 
Crowe, Jean, '29, Mrs. S. Lewis Hutcheson, 

Meadowcroft Lane, Greenwich, Conn. 
Gruikshank, Margery Allen, '3 7g, Mrs. Holmes 

M. Dyer, 15 6th Avenue, Atlantic High- 
lands, N. L 
Crump, Helen, '44g, Mrs. John M. Cutler, III, 

c/o Capt. T. M. Cutler, A. T. I. S., G 2 G. 

H. 2 F. E. C, A. P. O. No. 500, c/o Post- 
master. San Francisco, Calif. 
Crump, Henrietta, '17k, 1110 Grove Avenue, 

Richmond, Va. 
Crump, Louise, (A), Mrs. William Stirber, 

Tennis Apartments, Forest Hills, L. I., N. Y. 
Grumpier, Olivia L., '42, Mrs. Fred E. Molting, 

Grumpier, Talbott, '46, Mrs. George A. Carter. 
Crumrine, Eleanor Anne, '47k, 1 5 1 LeMoyne 

Avenue. Washington, Pa. 
Crute. Nevil. '3 3g, Mrs. W infield A. Holmes, 

1151 Highland, Hamilton, Ohio. 
Cucullu. Margaret, '29, Mrs. George G. Thoti- 

Ton. 900 N. Broom Street, Wilmington 27, 

Culberson, Eugenia, (A), Mrs. Charles Fowler, 

Jr.. "Wildwood", Dickinson, Texas. 
Culbertson, Jane P., '3 3k, Mrs. Julian M. 

Peebles, 5 25 S. W. 63rd Avenue, Miami, Fla. 
CuUen. Wilhelmina D., '44, Mrs. Corbin J. 

Robertson, 343 6 Meadowlark Lane, Hous- 
ton. Texas. 
Gulp. Katherine A., '3 5, Mrs. Charles E. 

Francis, 111 Smith Street, Chester, S. C. 
Culver, Mary Virginia, '28, Mrs. G. E. Mann, 

3 Hesketh Street, Chevy Chase 15, Md. 
Cummings, Dorothy, '26, Mrs. Lewis Henshaw, 

1704 Larch Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio. 
Cummings, Margaret, '29, 710 East Main 

Street, Emmett, Idaho. 
Cummings, Virginia R., '42g, Mrs. August F. 

Davis, 205 N. Granby Street, Richmond 20, 

Cummins, Anne Lois, '19, Mrs. Richard J. 

Schiitte, 940 Remington Road, Wynnewood, 

Cumnock, Anne, 'lOg, Mrs. J. Garland Miller, 

North Shore Point, Norfolk 8, Va. 
Cumnock. Elizabeth M., '3 8, Mrs. Arthur T. 

Gunn, Jr., 1021 Federal Street, Lynchburg, 

Cummock, Eva Abbie, '29g, Mrs. R. Leslie 



Cunningham, Cordelia, '3 2, Mrs. Strother 
Simpson, 25 i 5 Tangley Road, Houston, 

Cunningham, Esther E., '45g, Mrs. Robert P. 
Shay, Box 1161, University P. O., Charlot- 
tesville, Va. 

Cunningham, Jane, '26g, 101 Columbia Ave- 
nue. Lynchburg, Va. 

Cunningham, Margaret Anne, '42g, Mrs. Rob- 
ert Allen, II, }664 Talahi Drive. Knoxville 
16, Tenn. 

Cunningham, Virginia S., '3 5g, Mrs. Valentine 
Brookes. 5 5 La Cuesta, Orinda, Calif. 

Curdts. Mildred, (A), Mrs. Henry T. Fitz- 
Patrick. 12 Woodley Terrace, Montgomery, 

Currey, Louise S., '49g, 1426 21st Street, 
N. W., Washington, D. C. 

Currie. Margaret C, '40g, Mrs. Richard E. 
Fleming, 42 Meadowbrook Road, Chatham, 
N. J. 

Curtis. Esther, '18, Mrs. C. G. Waller, de- 
ceased, 193 7. 

Curtis. Merry S., '3 0g, Mrs. Rule H. Loving, 
"Rulerry", Lovingston, Va. 

Curtze, Margharita, '3 5, Mrs. fames W. Vi- 
cary, 219 Cherokee Drive, Erie, Pa. 

Custer. Carolyn Lenore, '41, 464 Glynwynne 
Road. Haverford, Pa. 

Cuthbert, Betty Jean, '3 9, Mrs. Loren T. 
Wood, 3 01 Warwick Avenue, Douglaston, 
L. L, N. Y. 

Dabney, Elice, '3 2g, Mrs. John C. Parker, Jr., 
3 09 1st Avenue, Franklin, Va. 

Dabney, Dorothy, '3 0, Mrs. C. Arnold Smith, 
5 00 Fairview Avenue, Montgomery 6, Ala. 

Dabney, Eugenia, (A), Mrs. David Harris. 

DeCamera, Marian, '15, Mrs. Clyde Chace 

Dahm, Alice Carolyn, '49g, Mrs. Morton M. 
Prentis, Jr., Apt. 33, 4 Upland Road, Balti- 
more 10, Md. 

Dail, Betty Jane, '3 8g, Mrs. Robert A. Wilson, 
13 04 Suncrest Drive, Cincinnati 8, Ohio. 

Dail, Virginia, '3 0, Mrs. Frederick K. Mc- 
Carthy, 302 Park Lane, Douglaston Manor, 
L. L, N. Y. 

Dailey. Louise W., '29g, Mrs. Edward M. 
Sturhahn, 3608 N Street, N. W., Washing- 
ton 7, D. C. 

Diiley, Marion Hargis, '41g, Mrs. Lupton 
Avery, 1626 Edgewood Circle, Riverview, 
Chattanoooga, Tenn. 

Daily. Mary Bruce, '3 0, Mrs. Lewis C. Daw- 
son, Dawson's Farm, Rural Route 2, Baton 
Rouge, La. 

Dake, Mildred, '16. 

Dale, Virginia, (A), Mrs. Howard C. Yerger, 
5-07 Boyd Avenue, Fair Lawn, N. J- 

Dally, Gertrude, '22g. Mrs. Adrian M. Massie, 
Purchase Street, Rye, N. Y. 

Dalton, Margaret, '13, Mrs. Theodore H. Kirk, 
deceased, 1949. 

Damgard, Eleanor Tane, '41 g, Mrs. John M. 
Firth, Jr., 821 Myrtle Road, Charleston 4, 
W. Va. 

Damgard, Louise Lillian, '36, Mrs. Everett W. 

Eichelkraut, 401 W. Moon, Ottawa, 111. 
Damron, Patricia V., '48g, 602 10th Avenue, 

Huntington, W. Va. 
Dsnce, Sarah E.. '28g, Mrs. Alfred T. Krook, 

2418 Stanmore Drive, Houston 6, Texas. 
Dangerfield, Dorothy, '22, Mrs. Tom G. Mc- 

Daniel, Harriet, '38, Mrs. J. Harvey Herd, 510 

South M. Street, Midland, Texas. 
Daniel, Mason, '34, Mrs. Edward W. Barrett. 
D^miels, Mary Edmondson, '51, 274 PondSeld 

Road, Bronxville, N. Y. 
Danzer, Alice Virginia, '3 7, 104 South Potomac 

Street, Hagerstown, Md. 
Darby. Dana, '2 8. 
Darby, lanana, '42g, 2619 Steel, Houston, 

Darby, loan, '46, Mrs. Clifton F. West, J 

113 3 Maplecrest Circle, Gladwyne, Pa. 
Darden, Frances Louise, '34g, Mrs. lohn W 

Musick, 209 59th Street, Virginia Beach, 

Darden, Tessie, (S), Mrs. Charles L. Christian 

206 Oakwood Place, Lynchburg, Va. 
Darden, Martha, '17g, Mrs. Richard Xiesing, 

Jr., 3 51 Laurel Lane, Haverford, Pa. 
Di'rnall, EUzabeth, (A), Mrs. Elizabeth D. 

Snyder, 103 1st Street, S. W., Roanoke, Va 
Darnell, Pauline, (A), Mrs. Sydney Riddle. 

2220 Union Avenue, Memphis 4, Tenn. 
Darragh, Laura, '25g, Mrs. Paul L. McCon 

Darrow, Dorothy, '29, Mrs. Walter K. Gut 

man, Hattertown, Stephney Depot, Conn. 
Darsie, Marietta B., '26g, 2487 Noble Road, 

Cleveland 21, Ohio. 
Dashiell, Margaret Bryan, '49, 10 High Street. 

Cambridge, Md. 
Daudt. Marion, '40g, Mrs. Thomas W. Mc 

Bride, West Springfield Avenue, Union, Mo 
Daugherty, Agnes, '23, Mrs. Sam Pollitt. 
Daugherty, Tulia Louise, '34g, Mrs. George W. 

Musser, 149 North 6th Street, Indiana, Pa, 
Daugherty, Ruth Louise, '39, Mrs. Edwin B 

Brooks, Ballwood Road, Old Greenwich 

Davenport, Barbara B., '32, Mrs. Karl Strom 

Davenoort, Charlotte W., '41g, Mrs. John T. 

Davenport, Martha, '18, Mrs. Stanley C. Ken- 
nedy, 5487 Kalanianaole Highway, Hono- 
lulu. T. H. 
Davenport, Ray. (A), Mrs. O. A. Rooney. 
Davidson, Agnes, (A), 1609 Warm Springs 

Avenue, Boise, Idaho. 
Duvidson, Dorothy, '29, Mrs. R. B. Renfroe, 

800 Westover Road, Kansas City, Mo. 
Davidson, Judith A., '41g, Mrs. Anthony 

Walker, M. O. G. 2224, Camp LeTeune, 

N. C. 
Davidson, Mary, (A), Mrs. F. A. Kern, 103 

West 9th Street. Ellensburg, Wash. 
Davidson, Nellie, CA), Mrs. Sydney T. 

Thomas. 1901 19th Street, N. W., Wash- 
ington 9. D. C. 



Davidson, Serena, '29, Mrs. Ed^eworth M. 

Blythe, Jr., deceased, 1937. 
Davies, Amy Elizabeth, '34g, 6100 Bryant 

Street, Pittsburgh 6, Pa. 
Davies, Anna C, '3 9«, Mrs. Wade Volwiler, 

10728 Riviera Place, Seattle 55, Wash. 
Da vies, Blanche Eynon, '3 3«, Mrs. Marvin 
Barloon, 2241 Cummington Road, Cleve- 
land, Ohio. 
Davies. Margaret E., (A), Mrs. E. W. Mc- 
Millin, Hardy Road, Lookout Mountain, 
D?vies, Ruth, '33g, Mrs. Robert P. Young, 
95 Beekman Avenue, North Tarrvtown, 
N. Y. 
Davies, Virginia D., '27g, Mrs. Joseph E. 
Nettles, University of Richmond, Richmond, 
Davin, Patricia Ruth, '49g, Mrs. Alexander C. 
Robinson, Jr., 239 Sandusky Street, Con' 
neaut, Ohio. 
Davis, Annette, (A), Mrs. David Wise, 3 818 
Harrison Avenue, N. W., Washington, D. C. 
Davis. Dorothy L, '28g, Mrs. IhviRht S. 

Davis, Elaine Elizabeth, '47, Mrs. Charles E. 
Blackford, HI, 10 Demarest Place, May- 
wood, N. T. 
Davis, Eloise Nichols, '43, 7 Ridge Drive, 

Birmingham, Ala. 
Drvis, Emily Carolyn, '51, 293 5 Carlisle Road, 

Birmingham 5, Ala. 
D?vis, Emma Louise, (A), Mrs. J. M. Alexins. 
Davis, Emma Louise, '22, Mrs. Satn J. Kuy- 

kendall, 2000 Arch, Little Rock, Ark. 
Davis, Fannie, '18, Mrs. H. B. Harris, deceased, 

Davis, Helen L., '31, Mrs. Paul W. Watson. 
Davis, Helen, '45g, Mrs. Herbert C Wohlers, 

126 Davis Street, St. Louis, Mich. 
Davis, Helen Margaret, '28g, Mrs. Helen Mc- 
llrath, 615 West 3rd Street, Muscatine, 
Davis, Jessie Lou, '3 5, Mrs. Robert L. Hall, 
820 East Green Tree Road, Milwaukee 11, 
Davis, Katherine, '21g, Mrs. G. R. Baynunt, 

477 Walton Road, Maplewood, N. T- 
Davis, Mackie, (A), Mrs. John W. Braffetts. 
Davis, Margaret, '16, Mrs. Samuel J. Milliken, 

Box 5 29, Balboa, Canal Zone. 
Davis, Martha Boynton, '48g, 3164 Haber- 
sham Road, N. W., Atlanta, Ga. 
Davis. Mary Elizabeth, (A), Mrs. David 

Davis, Mary Ellen, '5 0, 5 02 Riverside Ave- 
nue, Muncie, Ind. 
Davis, Nancy Eugenia, '42g, Mrs. John M. 

Reynolds, Route 3, Asheville, N. C. 
Davis, Olivia, '40g, Mrs. Randolph Brown, 

1847 Lauderdale Road, Louisville 5, Ky. 
Davis, Oma D., (A), Mrs. Frank F. Harrold, 

"Davis Shores," St. Augustine, Fla. 
Davis, Ora Lewis, '3 5, Mrs. Junius R. Fish- 
btirne, Fenzeal Avenue, Charlottesville, Va. 
Davis, Sara Gardiner, '48g, Wildwood, Box 
1002, Columbus, Ga. 

Davisson, Flora, (A), Mrs. George Ward, 610 

Swathmore Avenue, Charleston, W. Va. 
Dawson, Ann Bright, '40g, Mrs. heavy High- 
smith, Jr., Box 95 2, Fayetteville, N. C. 
Dawson, Elizabeth, '3 3, Mrs. Foster Birch, 

Brookwood Lane, Boonton, N. J- 
D.>wson, Margaret Hooper, '47, R. R. No. 2, 

Beverly Road, Asheville, N. C. 
Day, Dorothy, '18, Mrs. Harry Engstrom, 

deceased, 1945. 
Day, Elsie Saunders, '3 9g, Mrs. William M. 
Sutherlin, 134 Sutherlin Avenue, Danville, 
Day, Eula Elizabeth, '22, Mrs. Milton A. 

Powers, 325 Fiske Drive, Detroit, Mich. 
Day, Louise Duvall, '49, 3606 Valley Drive, 

Alexandria, Va. 
Dean, Frances, (A), Mrs. Francis D. Payne. 
Dearborn. Nell, (A), Mrs. Walter Reed, Am- 
herst. Va. 
Dearborne, Marian H., (A), deceased, 1947. 
Dearmont, Tulia Marie, '37, Mrs. Hickman Y. 
Fisher, 494.3 Laclade Avenue, St. Louis, Mo. 
Dearstyne. Anne Bell, '39g, Mrs. James L. 
Cornwell, Jr., 1314 East 82nd Terrace, Kan- 
sas City 5, Mo. 
Dearstyne, Cherry (Marjorie), '42, American 

Red Cross, VA Hospital, Richmond, Va. 
deButts. Van Meter, '45, Mrs. George M. Page, 

2 507 Kenmore Court, Austin, Texas. 
Decker. Mary Anne, '42, Elkton, Md. 
Decker, Virginia B., '45g, Mrs. James N. Dud- 
ley, Stonewall Tackson Apartments, 1716 
Grandin Road, Roanoke, Va. 
Decker, Yvonne Elise, '3 6, Mrs. P. C. Boom- 

sliter. 479 State Street, Albany, N. Y. 

Deekens. Margaret, '21, Mrs. Loring A. Cover, 

Jr., "Little Robin Hill," Owings Mills, Md. 

DtFrees, June I. R., '3 6, Mrs. Raymond V. 

Heelan, 111 South 42nd Street, Philadelphia, 


DeGraff. Anna, '3 6, Mrs. William W. Cross, 

827 Jefferson Avenue, Anniston, Ala. 
De La Hunt, Carol, '26, deceased, 1943. 
DeLamarter, Jeanne, '3 5, Mrs. Robert E. Hoey. 
DeLav. Martha Frances, '3 3, Mrs. Thomas 
Bradshaw. 314 West 5 th Street, Tyler, 
DeLong, Mary, '19, Mrs. Charles McKnight, 

Hvde, Md. 
DeLong, Mary C, '3 2, Mrs. Carl Meinig, 

deceased, 1948. 
Demeter, Olga, '2 5, Mrs. Robert P. Lyons, 28 

East 69th Street, Kansas City, Mo. 
Demine. Isabelle, '23, Mrs. Robert R. Ellis, Jr., 

Apartado 1647, Caracas, Venezuela. 
Denham, Sara, (A), Mrs. Lingan A. Warren, 
1904 Forest View Road, Hillsborough, Calif. 
Denman. Margaretta, '26g, Mrs. J. Bradford 
Wilson, 405 Springfield Avenue, Cranford, 
N. L 
Denman, Susanna, (A), Mrs. Pleasant S. 
Graves, 1118 Sul Ross Avenue, Houston, 
Dennie, Marie Catherine, '46, 20 Brenfmore, 
St. Louis 5, Alo. 



Denning Patricia, '50, M.rs. Donald Mclver. 
Dennv. Dorothy B., '44g, Mrs. F. Edmund 

Sutton, Hopkins Apartments, 31st and St. 

Paul Street, Baltimore 18, Md. 
Denton, Ada, '3 6g, Mrs. Thomas C. Roberts, 

Brewster Road, Massapequa, L. I., N. Y. 
Denton, Emily, '3 3g, Mrs. Edward D. Tunis, 

17 Prynwood Road, Longmeadow, Mass. 
Derby, Dorothea, '23, Mrs. Stanford Stevens. 
Derby. Marietta W., '3 3, Mrs. Johit D. Garst, 

Gate House — "Edgemont,'' 192 Benedict 

Avenue. Tarrytown, N. Y. 
Derby. Virginia A., '31, Mrs. R. Kenneth 

Deringer, Griselda, '37g, Countess Konstanty 

B. Plater. 
Derr. Barbara M., '3 8g, Mrs. Arthur I. Cheno- 

weth. 3 3 Ridge Avenue, Birmingham, Ala. 
Dershuck. Elizabeth Jane, '49g, Willowbrook 

Farm, Sugarloaf, Pa. 
de Saussure, Sarah C, '30g, Mrs. Cornelius E. 

Heath, 211 Nacoochee Drive, N. W., At- 
lanta. Ga. 
des Granges, Caroline P., '41, Mrs. J. Herbert 

Wallis, 914 Adana Road, Baltimore 8, Md. 
Des Pland, Aimee Savage, '47, Arbutus Road, 

Southern Pines, N. C. 
Deutsch. Dorothy A., '17. 
Deutsch, Sylvia, '16, Mrs. I. S. Federbusch. 
Devine. Shirley Anne, '41g, Mrs. John D. 

Clemens, Arrowhead, R. D. 1, North Girard, 

DeVore. Dorothy Tean, '44g, Mrs. Harry T. 

Piatt, Jr., 463 3 Cedarwood Road, Jackson- 

ville. Fla. 
DeVore, Toan, '41e, Mrs. John E. Roth, Jr., 

2719 Hampshire Avenue, Cincinnati 8, 

DeVore. Louise Roberta, '48g, 1622 Avondale 

Avenue. Jacksonville, Fla. 
Dew. Lelia H., '15. Mrs. W. Ballard Preston, 

1314 Willow Wood Drive, Lakewood, Nor- 
folk 5, Va. 
Dew, Polly Gary, '26g, Mrs. William S. Wood- 
son, Jr., 3 06 Grandview Circle, Ridgewood, 

N. T. 
Dewey. Anne Walden, '41g, Mrs. John W. 

Dewey. Lucy, (A), Mrs. Wolf C. Brandener. 
Dewing, Virginia, '43, Mrs. John C. Dorsey, 

Jr., 5 Carlton Road, Wellesley, Mass. 
Dewis. Leonie, '41, Mrs. Frederick C. Meyers, 

21 Westra Street. Interlaken, N. T- 
DeWolf, Claudia, '3 5g. 
Dexter. Grace, (A), Mrs. Ballard Burgher, 

4001 Turtle Creek, Dallas, Texas. 
Dexter. Marjorie, '34, Mrs. Frederic M. Clark. 
Dev. Phoebe. (A), Mrs. Kirkpatrick Winston, 

2409 Scott Street, San Francisco 15, Calif. 
Dev. Virginia B., '3 0, Mrs. Robert H. Chard, 

15 71 Westover Avenue, Petersburg, Va. 
Diack, Margaret, '30, Mrs. Joseph H. Watson, 

106 W. Magnolia Avenue, St. Paul 3, Minn. 
Diaz. Adela, '41, Mrs. G. Vernon Eads, R. F. 

D. No. 2, Southbury, Conn. 

Dibrell. Elizabeth L., '2 5, Mrs. Alden Smith, 

Belle Meade Park, Nashville, 5, Tenn. 
Dichman. Elizabeth B., '43g, Mrs. Bevin Smith, 

Deep Dale Road, Strafford, Pa. 
Dick, Alice, '16, Mrs. Harry C. Webster, 719 

Thatcher Avenue, River Forest, III. 
Dick. Mary M., '24, Mrs. Jackson Marvel, 

13 15 Delaware Avenue, Wilmington, DeL 
Dickie, Laura Antoinette, '40g, Mrs. William 

B. Neil, 59 loralemon Street, Brooklyn 2, 

N. Y. 
Dickinson. Corinne, '13, Lenox Apartment, 

13th and Spruce Streets, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Dickinson, Esther G., '27g, Mrs. Buckley C. 

Robbins, 19 Vandyke Drive, Edgemoor Ter- 
race. Wilmington 261, Del. 
Dicks. Nancy Coletrane, '36, Mrs. George 

Blanton, Jr., 319 N. LaFayette, Shelby, 

N. C. 
Dickson. Anne Talbott, '45g, Mrs. Goodwin 

S. Jordan, Avenue C, extended, Virginia 

Beach. Va. 
Dickson. Burd Blair, '22g, Mrs. Frederick J. 

Stevenson, R. D. No. 1, Blackburn Road, 

Sewicklev, Pa. 
Dickson. Dorothy, (A), Mrs. F. Gordon Hart, 

deceased. 193 5. 
Dickson, lane Davis, '29. 
Dickson. Martha, (A), Mrs. Selden Senter. 
Diehl, Martha P., '34, Mrs. John J. Phillips. 
Diggs. Catherine Elizabeth, '42g, Mrs. Samuel 

M. Orr, Jr., Windsor Road, Winston-Salem, 

N. C. 
Dight, Edith, (A), Mrs. H. Seward Kempton, 

1017 London Road. Duluth 2; Minn. 
Dillard. Dean, (A), Mrs. Elyert Jemison, 2729 

Caldwell Avenue. South, Birmingham, Ala. 
Dillard. Elizabeth M., '29, Mrs. R. J. Rey- 
Dillard, Evelyn Dixon, '45g, Mrs. Don S. 

Grones, 317 South St. Asaph Street, Alex- 
andria, Va. 
Dillard. Narcissa Elizabeth, '3 9, Mrs. Edmund 

W. Overs treet, 2 541 Washington Street, San 

Francisco 15, Calif. 
Dillon, Tane, '29, Mrs. Richard B. Johnston, 

2 848 North Hills Drive, N. E., Atlanta, 

Dillon, Lavalette, '3 5g, Mrs. Frederick E. 

Wintzer, 190 Brecks Lane, Wilmington, Del. 
Dils. Mary, (A), Mrs. P. C. Hoblttzell. 
Dingman, Eudoxa Ann, '3 9g, Mrs. Alex D. 

Cobb. Jr., 2 5 Locust Avenue, Springfield, Pa. 
Dingwell, Beatrice M., '46g, Mrs. Dickson R. 

Loos, 83 85 16th Street, Silver Spring, Md. 
Dinsmoor. Charlotte, '46, Mrs. Frank D. Olin, 

2 800 Greenlee Drive, Austin, Texas. 
Dishman. Dorothy, (A), Mrs. John Boushall, 

3414 Lykes Avenue, Tampa 6, Fla. 
Dittenhaver, Esther, '17, Mrs. Laurence E. 

Coomy, 32 65 Kenmore Road, Shaker 

Heights, Ohio. 
Dittenhaver, Helen, (A), 5909 Keith Avenue, 

Oakland, Calif. 
Dixon, Helen, (A), Mrs. Stephen H. Mac- 



Dixon. Tessie D., (A), Mrs. Henry B. Sayler, 

Albrook, U. S. Air Force Base, Canal Zone. 
Doar, Ann du Bois, '49g, Mrs. Francis P. Jones, 

204-2 Park Avenue, Richmond, Va. 
Doar. Katherine Waller, '43 g, Mrs. Thomas G. 

Jones, III, 3 00 Seneca Road, Richmond, Va. 
Dobbs. Dorothy L.. '24, Mrs. Jajnes H. Gibson. 
Dobson. Maren Ellen. '37, Mrs. Raymond A. 

McConnell, Jr. 
Dodd, Lee, (A). 
Dodeen, Sarah Kendall, '29k, Mrs. Russell L. 

Gordon, 611 Lake Avenue, Wilmette, 111. 
Dodson, Ellen Chester, '45, Mrs. William S. 

Wrightman, Jr., 300 Seneca Road, Miami, 

Doese, Ruth, '49, 1000 West 5 th Street, 

Marshfield, Wise. 
Doherty. Kathleen, (A), Mrs. Kathleen Mann, 

220 Marshall, Houston, Texas. 
Dolle. Willette, '24k. Mrs. James G. Miirrin, 

2641 Kent Road, Columbus 8, Ohio. 
Domhoff. Justine, '3 8 k, Mrs. Robert M. 

Wright, 6941 Meade Street, PittsburKh 8, 

Dominique, Marcelle C, '3 2, Madame Maurice 

Perrot. Chemin des Deux Portes, Martigues 

(Bouches-du-Rhone) , France. 
Donald, Louise Moultrie, '40. 
Donaldson, Helen Pearl, '3 8, Mrs. Carl 

Straight, 3150 West Laurelhurst Drive, 

Seattle. Wash. 
Donati. Jessica Fiora, '3 6, Mrs. Roy Palmer, Jr. 
Donnally, Gabrielle S., '22, 5 50 41st Avenue, 

Hyattsville, Md. 
Donohue. AbiKail E., '3 4, Mrs. Lute L. Owrey, 

Providence Road, WallinKford, Pa. 
Donohue, Kathleen B.. '3 6k, Mrs. James F. 

McCormack, 519 N. Broadway. De Pere, 

Doolin, Catharine Claude, '48k, 27 Southgate 

Avenue, Annapolis, Md. 
Doom. Nancy Stuart, '50, 1700 Greenhill Ave- 
nue. Wilmington 47, Del. 
Doran. Dale Marie. '49, 75 Fairbanks Avenue, 

Welleslev Hills. Mass. 
Dore. Geraldine, (A). Mrs. Dore Noble, 9 5 00 

Rockbrook. Dallas. Texas. 
Doremus, Cornelia, '18, Mrs. Frederick C. 

Knit>her, Old Denville Road, Rockaway 

Valley. Boonton. N. J. 
Doty, Elena Rionda, '3 3g, Mrs. Br7tce Angus, 

175 East 79th Street, New York, N. Y. 
Doty. Naomi E., '31, Mrs. George K. Stead, 

1219 E. Mitchell Street, Tucson, Ariz. 
Doucett. Mary Elizabeth, '41k, Mrs. John E. 

Neill. 1177 California Road, Building No. I, 

Apartment No. 3, Tuckahoe, N. Y. 
Doughtie, Elizabeth, '3 2g, Mrs. James M. 

Bethea, 1881 Central Avenue, Memphis, 

Doughtie, Sara, '3 6, Mrs. Robert Crile, Bird- 
haven Farm, Greenwood, Va. 
Douelas, Adelaide, '26g, Mrs. Rhea Whitley, 

Wardman Park Hotel. 2660 Woodley Road, 

N. W.. Washington 8, D. C. 
Douglas. Deborah Adams, '43 g, Mrs. Ronald 

Adams, Tesup, Ga. 

Douglas, Frances, (A), Mrs. W. E. Rowe, 1603 

Woodlawn Boulevard, Austin. Texas. 
Douglas, Suzanne, '43, Mrs. Jay G. Terry, 

3 207 Central Avenue. Middletown, Ohio. 
Douglass, Elizabeth, •3 2g, Mrs. Walter O. 

Foote, 33 5 Hascall Road, N. W., Atlanta, 

Douglass, Elizabeth Emma, '28, 405 South 

8th Street, Council Bluffs. Iowa. 
Douglass, Rebecca, '3 7g, Mrs. George W. Mapp, 

Jr., Accomac, Va. 
Dowd, Nancy Chesebrough. '46g, Box 1086, 

Glendale. Ohio. 
Dowd, Ruth, '13, Mrs. Albert S. Goss, deceased, 

Dowden. Florence, '21g, Mrs. Horace E. Wood, 

II. 398 Upper Mountain Avenue, Upper 

Montclair, N. J. 
Dowds, Mary C, '2 5, Mrs. L. Dan Houck, 

Dan Mar Sky Ranch, Sapphire 4, N. C. 
Dowell, Margaret H., '40g. Mrs. John P. Coch- 
ran, 20422 Freeland, Detroit 21, Mich. 
Dowell, Mary Elizabeth, '29. 
Dowling, Patricia Ann, '41g, Mrs. Alfred H. 

von Wellsheim. 70 Garfield Street, Fort 

Plain. N. Y. 
Downer, Julia, (A), Hilton Hall Apartments, 

Garden City, N. Y. 
Downing, Marie, (A), Mrs. Charles R. Single- 
ton, 53 5 Medical Arts Building, Charleston, 

W. Va. 
Doxey, Eloise, '24, Mrs. Charles R. Collins, 

Sharon View Road, Charlotte, N. C. 
Doyle, Florence, (A), Mrs. Florence Carey, 

P. O. Box 31, Litchfield, Conn. 
Doyle, Suzanne, '3 0, 701 Corporation Street, 

Beaver, Pa. 
Drake. Cynthia Jean, '41, 47 Fairfield Drive, 

Short Hills. N. J. 
Drake. Nancy Ruth. '5 0, 124 Beach Avenue, 

Larchmont. N. Y. 
Drane. Roberta. '3 2. Mrs. HilUard O. Wood, 

3 5 09 Echo Hill Road. Nashville 5, Tenn. 
Draughon. Avery, '48, P. O. Box 3748, San 

Juan, Puerto Rico. 
Dreisbach, Georgia Lee, '51, 908 Kinnaird, Ft. 

Wayne 6. Ind. 
Dressier. Margaret. '11. Mrs. Margaret D. 

Nohawel, Penthouse B, 20 East 74th Street, 

New York 21, .N. Y. 
Drew. Marguerite. CA), Mrs. Karl Bardin, 

13 29 Tiber Avenue. Jacksonville, Fla. 
Drew, Ruth, '13, Mrs. Floyd Knight, 3 08 N. 

Fulton Street, Salisbury, N. C. 
Dreyer, Louise, '3 4g, Mrs. John W. Bradley, 

18 River Glen. Hastings-on-Hudson, N. Y. 
Dreyfus, Ernestine, '5 2, 3 Glen Ellyn Way, 

Rochester 7, N. Y. 
Dreyfuss, Hilda, '24, Mrs. Benjamin van 

Driver, Erna. '14, Mrs. William P. Anderson, 

123 Nvac Avenue, Pelham 65, N. Y. 
Driver. Sarah lone. (A). 
Droege. Estelle. '26g. Mrs. Karl A. Roesch, 

103 8 Parkside Drive, Lakewood, Cleveland 

7. Ohio. 


Drubvch. Ruth Frances, '46g, Mrs. Howard 
Zimmerman. Box 43, Long Beach^ N. Y. 

Duckworth, Helen, '23e, Mn. Harry W. Irwin, 
1 Manor Hill Road, Summit, N. J. 

Dudley. Evelyn, '47, 1305 Market Street, 
Parkersbure. W. Va. 

Dudley, Mary V., '29, Mrs. Harvey J. Lambert, 
125 West 22nd. Ada. Okla. 

DufF, Louise Gordon, '41, Mrs. Albert Ma- 
verick, 111, 2280 Calder Avenue, Beaumont, 

Duffield. Elizabeth Sadler. '42, Mrs. Wayjte 

D. Fajans, 54 McDonald Avenue, Amity- 
ville. N. Y. 

Dugan, Mary V., '2 5, Mrs. Jafjtes B. YpMWj?, 
514 Dover Road. Louisville 6, Ky. 

Duggins, Virginia Anna, '42g. 

Duke. Helen R.. (A), 616 Park Street. Char- 
lottesville, Va. 

Dukes. Alice, (A), Mrs. Alice D. Mcrcells. 

Dulaney, Alice, '49, Mrs. Leo D. Sheridan, Jr., 
Lyndale Boulevard, Winter Park, Fla. 

Dulin. Eleanor E., '31, Mrs. Kinloch Gill, 
Senatobia, Miss. 

Dumas, Cornelia, '52, 418 W. French Place, 
San Antonio, Tex. 

Dunbar. Margaret Browne, '42, Mrs. Robert 

E. Pence. 

Duncombe, Barbara Coleman, '44g, Mrs. James 

A. Lang. 555 Hill Terrace, Winnetka, 111. 
Duncombe, Fredda Lewis, '49g, Mrs. Jack 

Lynch, 97 Indian Hill Road, Winnetka, lU. 
Duncombe, Marian, '46, Mrs. Leo G. Hadley 

III, 97 Indian Hill Road, Winnetka, 111. 
Dunglinson, Mary, '3 5g. Mrs. Franklin K. Day, 

Jr., 3287 Allendale Street, S. W., Roanoke, 

Dunham, Marie Louise, (A), Mrs. Conyers 

Button, Jr. 
Dunkin. Nancy, '4.3, Johnson Avenue, Bridge- 
port. W. Va. 
Dunlap, Jane, '22, Mrs. Donald Pettit, 6311 

Darlington Road. Pittsburgh 17, Pa. 
Dunlap, Harriet S., '28g, Mrs. John B. Towill, 

2404 Kings Way, Augusta, Ga. 
Dunlap, Page, '26g, Mrs. J. Roy Dee, 118 

West 4th Street. Mt. Carmel, III. 
Dunlap. Sophia, '3 0. Mrs. William N. Hunter, 

Jr.. 1744 Hunter Avenue, Mobile 19. Ala. 
Dunleavv. Helen, '26, Mrs. Henry D. Mitchell, 

4707 East 7th Avenue, Denver 7, Colo. 
Dunlop, Frances P., '26, Mrs. James R. Heis- 

kell, 2707 Wisconsin Avenue, N. W., Wash- 
ington 7, D. C. 
Dunn. Charlotte, '39g. Mrs. Charles E. Blair. 
Dunn. Elizabeth Walker, '42, 195 Hicks Street, 

Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Dunn, Lanier. (A), deceased. 
Dunne. Alison B., '3 5e, Mrs. Hnntington W. 

Harrison, 15 50 Ashland, Evanston, 111. 
duPont. Denise, '38, Mrs. Carl A. Zapffe. 6410 

Murray Hill Road. Baltimore 12, Md. 
Durfev. Cynthia, '27, deceased, 193 7. 
Durham. Elizabeth T., '39g, Mrs. Albert Good- 

fjue. Jr., 32 Orne Street, Marblehead, Mass. 
Durham, Louise, '2 5, Mrs. Walter L. Mead, 

1518 Astor Street. Chicago, 111. 

Durham. Mary Alice, '3 3, Mrs. William Ellis. 
Durham, Mary Louise, '45, 2100 Queens Road, 

West. Charlotte, N. C. 
Duringer, Peggy Ann, '3 6, Mrs. Heard Floore. 
Durrell, Edith M., '21e, Mrs. Edward C. Mar- 
shall. 63 26 Ridge Avenue, Pleasant Ridge, 

Cincinnati 13. Ohio. 
Durrell. Ruth E.. '24. Mrs. Royal W. Ryan, 

3 9 Hawthorne Place, Manhasset, L. L N. Y. 
Durrett, Susan T.. '47, Mrs. Joseph D. Mobley, 

211 Yale Avenue. Claremont, Calif. 
DuShane. Marjorie, '15, Mrs. Frank Stedman, 

208 South 28th Avenue, Yakima, Wash. 
Dutton, Elva, (A), Mrs. W. W. Clark. 
Duval, Ellen Boyd, '44g, 3211 Grove Avenue, 

Richmond 21, Va. 
Duval, Margaret R., (A), Mrs. D. Claude 

Handy, 223 Duke of Gloucester Street, An- 
napolis, Md. 
Duval, Marguerite C, '3 5g, Mrs. Frank G. 

McGinnis, Jr., 4001 Whitlow Avenue, Knox- 

ville, Tenn. 
Duvall, Eleanor H., '29g, Mrs. James A. 

Spruill, Jr., Cheraw, S. C. 
Dycus, Avon, (A), Mrs. J. H. Armstrong, Jr. 
Dyer, Harriette A., '37, Mrs. Sverre Sorensen, 

26 Belvedere Road, Atlantic Highlands. N. T. 
Dzung, Isabel Soo-Pao, '48g, Mrs. Choh-luh 

Li, 1527 A Crescent Street, Montreal, Can. 

Eady, Virginia N., '3 8g, Mrs. Alfred H. Wil- 
liams, 437 Country Lane^ Louisville, Ky. 

Eager, Clare Murray, '43 g, Mrs. Albert D. 
Mat thai, Jr., 20 Clinton Place, Utica 3, 
N. Y. 

Eager, June Howard, '49g, Mrs. William H. 
M. Finney, 1 E. University Parkway, Balti- 
more, Md. 

Eagles, Julia M., '3 3g, Mrs. William Perkins, 
3015 Brownsboro Road, Louisville 6, Ky. 

Eagles, Nancy Ann, '44, Mrs. Whitney O'Ban- 
non, 103 Everett Avenue, Louisville, Ky. 

Eaglesfield, Carina, (A), Mrs. John R. Milli- 
gan. Sunset Hill, New Canaan, Conn. 

Eaglesfield, Dorothea, '15, Mrs. Ray C. Bridge- 
man, 146 Benziger Avenue, Staten Island 1, 
N. Y. 

Eaglesfield, Margaret, '11, Mrs. Henderson M. 
Bell, III, 23 5 8 Demington Drive, Cleveland 
6, Ohio. 

Eaglesfield, Patricia, '41, Mrs. Richard A. 
Kirchhoffer, Jr., Box 126, Tracy City, Tenn. 

Eaglesfield, Virginia, '18, Mrs. Philip J. Wil- 
son, Jr. 

Earl, Barbara E., '39g, Mrs. Frederick S. 
Reinheimer, 12 5 Clover Hills Drive, Roch- 
ester 10, N. Y. 

Earl, May L.^ '22g, Mrs. James Slociini, 1900 
Knox Avenue, South, Minneapolis, Minn. 

Earle, Helen, '11, Dr. Helen Lyda Barton. 

Earle, Mary C, '3 0, Mrs. Harry Kaminer, 
c/o Anderson-Clayton Cia., Ltda, Caixa 
Postal, 171-B, Sao Paulo, Brazil, S. A. 

Earley, Alice A., '22g, Mrs. Robert Clenden- 
ning, 549 N. Neville Street, Pittsburgh 13, 



Early, Elizabeth, '2 5, Mrs. Stuart Dickerson, 
Church and Haddonfield Road, Merchant- 
viUe 10, N. J. 
Early, Henrlanne, '13, 2032 Belmont Road, 

N. W., Washington 9, D. C. 
Early, Pattie Rose, '42, Mrs. R. M. Cleveland. 
Earnest, Frances, (A). 
Earnest, Mamie Ray, (A), 1408 Hartford 

Road, Austin, Texas. 
Easley, Julia Nelson, '49g, 1904 Florida Ave- 
nue, Washington 9, D. C. 
Easley, Martha S., (A), Mrs. James H. Shott, 

2100 Jeflferson Street, Bluefield, W. Va. 
East, Elkanah, (A), Mrs. E. Jordan Taylor, 

deceased, 1945. 
Easterlin, Thelma, '22, Mrs. Henry Lumpkin, 

80 5 South Lee Street, Americus, Ga. 
Eastman, Margaret B., '2 5. 
Eaton, Dorothy B., '3 3, Mrs. E. Leigh John- 
son, Jr., 906 Overbrook Road, Westover 
Hills, Wilmington, Del. 
Eaton, Margaret S., '27g, Mrs. Robert A. Mur- 
phy, 20 Fernwood Road, Larchmont, N. Y. 
Ebaugh, Deborah Ann, '348, Mrs. Wittfield F. 
Smith, 30 De Shibe Terrace, Vineland, N. J. 
Eberhardt, Annabel, '26, Mrs. Carl E. Carter, 
Bellefield Dwellings, 4400 Centre Avenue, 
Pittsburgh 13, Pa. 
Eberle, Eleanor, (A), Mrs. Charles Stueve, 
1924 West 18th Street, Oklahoma City, 
Eckart, Margaret W., '16, 60 5 North Kenil- 

worth Avenue, Oak Park, 111. 
Eckler, Dorothy Alene, '34, Macedonia, Ohio. 
Edens, Ann Caroline, '5 0. 

Edens, Huldah HoUaday, '45g, Mrs. T. Haller 
Jackson, Jr., 9}7 Oneonta Street, Shreveport, 
Edenton, Elinor, '3 8, Mrs. Baxter Smith, III. 
Edge, Louise, '41, 1510 Preston Drive, Colum- 
bus, Ga. 
Edmands, Evaline, '3 0g, Mrs. C. E. Thoma, 
9726 South Charles Street, Chicago 43, 111. 
Edmands, Patricia, '36g, Mrs. William Foegge. 

deceased, 1943. 
Edmondson, Margaret, '3 0, Route 1, Clarks- 

ville, Tenn. 
Edwards, Alice Cornelia, '4 5g, Mrs. Joseph H. 
Daienport, Jr., 818 N. Bragg Avenue, 
Lookout Mountain, Tenn. 
Edwards, Josephine, '24, deceased. 
Edwards, Kathryn Mary, '3 2, deceased, 193 3. 
Edwards, Suzanne, '49, 2523 Orrington Ave- 
nue, Evanston, 111. 
EfSnger, Frances, (A), Mrs. Shakleford Miller, 

deceased, 1931. 

Effinger, Katherine, (A), Mrs. K. E. Ware, 

21 S East 79th Street, New York 21, N. Y. 

Eggers, Margaret Lyal, '44, Mrs. Ray P. 

Perr-y, Jr., 243 5 Valley Street, Berkley, 


Egerton, Imogene, '2 5, Mrs. Egerton Haynes. 

Eggleston, Elizabeth, '19g, "Green Level," 

Hampden-Sydney, Va. 
Ehle, Martha E., '27, Mrs. James E. Lesh, 
627 5 Central Avenue, Indianapolis, Ind. 

Ehmann, Nelly Jeanette, '37, Mrs. Nellie E. 

Wood Roblin. 
Ehrbar, Edna, (A). 
Eikelman, Nell, '19g, Mrs. Hobart Hanf, 842 

Edgehill Road, San Bernardino, Calif. 
Eikenberry, Lorine, (A), Mrs. G. W. A. Wil- 
7ner, 10 Alameda Circle, Middletown, Ohio. 
Eilert, Marie Arlyn, '17, 620 W. FuUerton 

Parkway, Chicago 14, 111. 
Einhart, Ruth Charlotte, '3 3. 
Eisenberg, June S., '44, Mrs. Louis Gurnick, 

223 3 West Morse Avenue, Chicago 45, 111. 
Eisendrath, Alma, '14, Mrs. Harry Meissner, 
3 043 N. Summit Avenue, Milwaukee 11, 
Eisendrath, Gertrude, (A), Mrs. George Kuh, 

3100 Sheridan Road, Chicago, lU. 

Eldridge, Katherine, '3 0, Mrs. James W. Flack, 

III, 4129 Roland Avenue, Baltimore 11, 


Elkins, Elizabeth, '22, Mrs. L. H. McCandless. 

Ellington, Virginia, (A), Mrs. George T. 

Link, Linkhaven, Port Crane, N. Y. 
Elliot, Margaret, '26g, Mrs. John A. Manning, 

R.F.D. 4, Columbia, S. C. 
Elliott, Amy, 18, Mrs. Victor R. Jose, Jr., 

410 N. Aubudon Road, Indianapolis, Ind. 
Elliott, Eleanor Anne, '3 5g, Mrs. J. R. Scott, 

1203 West Louise, Grand Island, Neb. 
Elliott, Faye, (A), Mrs. John C. Pogue, Drake 

Road, Indian Hill, Cincinnati 27, Ohio. 
Elliott, Helen Holmes, '48g, Mrs. Warren S. 
Sockwell, 108 Surry Roacl, Haven Manor, 
Huntsville, Ala. 
Elliott, Mary Louise, '37, 3 8 Belvedere Street, 

Crafton, Pittsburgh 5, Pa. 
Elliott, Mary Powell, '3 2, Mrs. William Phelps, 

Clifton Pike, Versailles, Ky. 
Elliott, Matalie Holt, '3 8, Mrs. Daniel B. 
Griffin, Jr., P. O. Box 137, Charlottesville, 
Ellis, Beulah, '26^ Mrs. H. B. von Arnim. 

119 Dorchester Road, Buffalo 13, N. Y. 
Ellis, Clarissa, '28g, 615 2nd Avenue, Salt 

Lake City 3, Utah. 
Ellis, Dorothy, '23, Mrs. J. Howard Worley, 

6715 Beacon Street, Pittsburgh 17, Pa. 
Ellis, Eloise O., '43, Mrs. Charles R. Simons, 

1411 Riverside Drive, Gainesville, Ga. 
Ellis, Georgianna Page, '46g, 3 706 N. Charles 

Street, Baltimore 18, Md. 
Ellis, Mildred, '21, Mrs. James B. Scales, Box 

64, Cocoa Beach, Fla. 
Elmendorf, Erna, (S), Mrs. Milton McAllis- 
ter, deceased, 1941. 
Elmes, Anita C, '44, Mrs. John G. Hendrie, 
1434 Evergreen Avenue, Plainfield, N. J. 
Elstun, Genevieve, '24, Mrs. C. Russell Moodev. 

315 S. Monroe Street, Muncie, Ind. 
Ellsworth, Fanny, '21g, Mrs. Robert H. Scan- 

Ely, Mildred, (S), Mrs. Ely Brad field. 
Ely, Virginia, '13, Mrs. B. Arthur, Jr., 520 

S. Stewart Street, Winchester, Va. 
Embrey, Elizabeth, (A), Mrs. Charles M. 
Cowan, 908 Cornell Street, Fredericksburg, 


Embrey, Mary Elizabeth, '3 0g, Mrs. Levin J. 

Houston, 111, 53 6 George Street, Fredericks- 
burg, Va. 
Embrey, Caroline, '46, Mrs. Thomas Turner, 

c/o B. S. Embry, 2511 Connecticut Ave- 
nue, Washington 8, D. C. 
Emerick, Lynn, '43g, Mrs. Prescoif Huidekoper, 

Jr., 139 Gulliver Street, Milton, Mass. 
Emerson, Tressa Pond, '22, Mrs. B. A. Benson. 
Emery, Katherine D., '28g, Mrs. Paul C. Eaton, 

2212 Mar Vista, Altadena, Calif. 
Emmerling, Anne, '34, Mrs. Frederick Bur- 
roughs, Jr., R. D. 2, Dorseyville Road, 

Pittsburgh 15, Pa. 
Emmert, Marguerite, '46, Mrs. John S. Baldwin, 

1810 California Street, Baytown, Texas. 
Emmert, Virginia, (A), Mrj. Charles R. Beall, 

513 S. Queen Street, Martinsburg, W. Va. 
Emory, Emilie R., '34g, Mrs. 'William W. 

Washburn, Jr., 134 Bay Way Avenue, Bay 

Shore, N. Y. 
Enderly, Annette, '3 3, Mrs. Henry T. Birgel, 

21 Hemlock Lane, Roslyn Heights, L. L, 

N. Y. 
Engel, Marcia, '3 9 Mrs. Norman Panama, 

c/o Engel, 300 Central Park West, New 

York, N. Y. 
Engelhard, Peggy, (A), Mrs. Park Phipps. 
Engeman, Frances, '2 5, Green Acres Apts., 12 

Green Acre, Verona, N. J. 
Engh, Barbara, '42, Mrs. William C. Croft, 

23 34 Bonnie Brae, Santa Ana, Calif. 
Engh, Jean, '41, Mrs. Richard G. Lycan, 

Merry Oaks, Sycamore, 111. 
England, Hester Catherine, '3 5, 201 2nd 

Street, Jackson, Mich. 
England, Mildred, CA), Mrs. J. A. Gurley, 7} 6 

Lido Nord, Newport Beach, Calif. 
English, Cornelia, '46, Mrs. George R. Mont- 

han, 4445 Lowell Street, N. W., Washing- 
ton, D. C. 
English, Eloise W., '42g, Mrs. Thomas D. 

Davies, 444 5 Lowell Street, N. W., Wash- 
ington 16, D. C. 
Enright, Margot Divine, '4 5g, 44 50 Park 

Avenue, Indianapolis, Ind. 
Ensor, Estelle, (A), Mrs. Percy W. Elmer, 

3 3 02 Clifton Avenue, Baltimore, Md. 
Eoff, Frances, '26, Mrs. Claude Null, 823 

South Main Street, Findlay, Ohio. 
Erck, Claire, '15g, Mrs. William H. Fletcher, 

Leesburg, Fla. 
Erskine, Jean R., '40, Mrs. William C. Harris, 

Lord Ashley Road, Longview Gardens, 

Raleigh, N. C. 
Ervin, Addie C, '14, Mrs. Eugene DesPortes, 

6422 Roselawn Road, Richmond 21, Va. 
Ervin, Eleanor M., '27g, Mrs. Claude C. Bui- 

lock, 3 8 54 Old Shell Road, Spring Hill 

P. O., Mobile, Ala. 
Ervin, Mary H., (A), Mrs. Foster M. Town- 
send, 509 Somerset Avenue, Richmond 21, 

Erwin, Elizabeth Baron, '45, 831 North 4th 

Street, Steubenville, Ohio. 

Erwin, Sarah, (A), Mrs. Hargrove Bellamy, 
1417 Market Street, Wilmington, N. C. 

Eshleman, Kathleen L., '37g, Mrs. Donald A. 
Maginnis, Jr., 103 2 Valmont Street, New Or- 
leans 15, La. 

Eskesen, Alice^ '27g, Mrs. Edwin P. Ganzel, 
5 5 Old Farm Road, Darien, Conn. 

Eskesen, Gudrun, '26g, Mrs. Newell A. Chase, 
621 Shadowlawn Drive, Westfield, N. T- 

Eskridge, Elizabeth L., '34, 3216 N. Abingdon 
Street, Arlington, Va. 

Eskridge, Ellen, '31g, Mrs. Walter L. San- 
ders, Jr., 3216 N. Abingdon, Arlington, 

Esler, Sarah Bovard, '41g, 327 East 10th 
Avenue, Tarentum, Pa. 

Espach, Anna Atkins, '39g, Mrs. Harold L. 
Weckler, 413 5 Cornwall Drive, Berkley, 

Essary, Annabel, '33, Mrs. Samuel T. Ansell, 
Jr., East West High, Chevy Chase 15, Md. 

Essary, Ekne Forman, '45. 

Estes, Frances S., '45g, Mrs. Henry G. Seibels, 
Jr., 1024 Green Springs Avenue, Birming- 
ham, Ala. 

Estes, Katherine S., '40g, Mrs. Gilbert John- 
ston, 10 Glen Iris Park, Birmingham, Ala. 

Estes, Katherine, '41g, 223 California Street, 
N. W., Washington, D. C. 

Estill, Alice G., '34g, Mrs. St. Julien P. 
Rosemond, 5143 San Remo Avenue, Miami 
43, Fla. 

Estill, Anne Price, '5 0, Mrs. A. G. Campbell, 
Jr., 1512 Fontaine Road, Lexington, Ky. 

Estill, Bobbie Lee, '48, Mrs. Kenneth L. Cag- 
hill. Apt. 2, 216 Brooks Street, Charleston, 
W. Va. 

Etheridge, Eugenia M., *4 5g, Mrs. Leo J. Falk, 
Jr., 1906 Stadium Road, Charlottesville, Va. 

Etheridge, Jane-Arthur, '47, Mrs. Hugh M. 
Kelly, 609 Detroit Street, Denver, Colo. 

Etheridge, Virginia, '12, Mrs. Arthur Hitch, 
1707 Boiling Avenue, Norfolk 8, Va. 

Ethridg^e, Mimi, '44, Mrs. Don G. Booth. 

Eubank, Alice Llewellyn, '46g, 3 52 5 Caron- 
delet Avenue, Waco, Texas. 

Eubank, Helen, (A), Mrs. Alexander C. Gar- 
ber, 3 608 Clairmont Avenue, Birmingham 
5, Ala. 

Eustis, Ann, T., '49g, 76 Garden Road, Welles- 
ley Hills 82, Mass. 

Evans, Alice, '21. 

Evans, Roberta, '46, 12 Ziegler Tract, Penns 
Grove, N. J. 

Evans, Dorothy G., '3 8g, Mrs. Francis L. 
Haveron, Jr., 41 Willow Avenue, North 
Plainfield, N. J. 

Evans, Roma, '21, Mrs. John G. Ives, 3 3 
Seneca Place, Upper Montclair, N. J. 

Evans, Harriet, '15g, Mrs. J. Bernard Wyckoff, 
E. C. A., A. P. O. 206, c/o P. M., New 
York, N. Y. 

Evans, Louise A., '22g, Mrs. Richard B. Shid- 
eler, 22 Philadelphia Avenue, West Pitt- 
son, Pa. 


Evans, Marian, '21. 

Evans, Mary Wallis, '46, Mrs. Baylor Land- 
rum, Jr., 205 Fairmeade Road, Louisville, 

Evans, Sadie, (A), Mrs. Lee Tolley. 
Evans, Sarah S., (A), Mrs. John K. Desmond, 

601 E. Moreland Avenue, Chestnut Hill, 

Philadelphia 18, Pa. 
Eve, Anna, '2 5, Mrs. Erwin Flemina., 826 

Johns Road, Augusta, Ga. 
Ewrett, Frances S., '25, 237 Pinner Street, 

SufFolk, Va. 
Everett, Hallie, (A), Mrs. Hugh L. Russell, 

1601 Bath Avenue, Ashland, Ky. 
Everett, Lillian R., '23, Mrs. E. F. Blake, 109 

Overhill Road, Baltimore 10, Md. 
Everett, Sarah C, '28g, Mrs. Waller D. Toy, 

Jr., 2126 Hastings Drive, Charlotte, N. C. 
Ewing, Esther, (A), Mrs. E. E. Brown, 1415 

Nashville Avenue, New Orleans 15, La. 
Ewing, Helen May, '44, Mrs. Henry B. Clay. 
Ewing, Mary Arden, '42. 
Exall, Phyllis, '46, Mrs. A. W. Galbraith, 

1215 Bartlett, Houston, Texas. 
Exley, Jessie W., '29g, Mrs. Henry J. Wooten, 

1001 Burnside Street, Hopewell, Va. 
Ezelle, Sophia, (A), Mrs. Matt Dobson, Jr., 

Jackson Boulevard, Nashville, Tenn. 

Fagg, India Dolores, '45g, Mrs. Marvin C. 

Horner, Jr., Kernersville, N. C. 
Failing, Elizabeth, '28, Mrs. William G. 

Bernhard, 79 Minnisink Road, Short Hills, 

N. J. 
Fairbairn, Dorothy, '26, Mrs. Everett W Ab- 

dill, 3 3 04 Gunston Road, Alexandria, Va. 
Fairchild, Roberta, '27, 3 20 1st Strett, Ard- 

more, Okla. 
Falk, Martha Jean, '44g, Mrs. Harry T. Val- 

lery, 3 09 South Lock, Waverly, Ohio. 
Falk, Martha Sarah, '22, Mrs. Carl R. Shaffer, 

322 High Street, Wadsworth, Ohio. 
Falkner, Cynthia Mary, '41, Mrs. Roderick H. 

McConnell, Flat A, Cambridge Hse., 10 Big 

Hill Road, Tonbridge, Kent, England. 
Fanning, Gertrude H., '26, Mrs. James D. 

Adams, Gilmanton Road, Pittsfield, N. H. 
Farinholt, Betty B., '44g, Mrs. James T. 

Cockrill, 203 Dream's Landing, Annapolis, 

Fariss, Estelle E., '34, Mrs. Stanley Marsh, 

Jr., 3009 Ong Street, Amarillo, Texas. 
Farley, Margaret, (A). 

Farnham, Eleanor, '5 3, Bellvale Road, Moun- 
tain Lakes, N. J. 
Farr, Ann RatclifJe, '46, Fairfax, Va. 
Farr, Anne B., '3 6, Mrs. John M. Foot, Pencre- 

bar, Callington, Cornwall, England. 
Farr, Edith Malone, '4 5g, Mrs. H. J. Elliott, 

Jr., St. Anne's School, Charlottesville, Va. 
Farrand, Kathcrine, '26. 
Farrar, Ellen, (A), Mrs. Dallas Moore, 5 

Waverly Drive, Houston 5, Texas. 
Farrar, Helen, '18. 
Farrell, Elliane, '42, 3 06 West 100th Street, 

New York, N. Y. 

Farrell, Emily C, '28g, Mrs. Norman G. 

S/a.?.?, 208 Dearborn Place, Ithaca, N. Y. 
Farthing, Carrie Bell, (A), deceased, 1930. 
Faucette, Katherine, '29, Mrs. Hugh D. Huf- 

f acker, Jr., 1660 Hillcrest Road, Chatta- 
nooga 5, Tenn. 
Faulconer, Mildred H., '44g, Mrs. Mahlon S. 

Bryant, R.F.D. 2, Amherst, Va. 
Faulconer, Roselle, '43 g, Mrs. Joseph H. 

Scales, Jr., c/o Rev, Thomas, White Hall, 

Faulk, Eleanor, '31, Mrs. Montie F. Cone, 

207 McClendon Street, West Monroe, La. 
Faulkner, Closey Virden, '48g, 190 5 Stuart 

Avenue, Richmond, Va. 
Faulkner, Frances Jane, '3 8g, Mrs. William G. 

Mathews, Jr., 3 815 Noyes Avenue, S. E., 

Charleston 4, W. Va. 
Faulkner, Margaret C, '30, Mrs. M. F. Camp, 

3 00 South Princeton, Lynchburg, Va. 
Faulkner, Rosalie S., '3 0, Mrs. Liinsford L. 

Laving, 3912 Royal Boulevard, Lynchburg, 

Faulkner, Ruth Young, '48, 80 5 Columbia, 

Helena, Arkansas. 
Faust, Marian, (A), "La Reve," Haverford, 

Fawcett, Bette Elaine, '41, Mrs. James B. 

Collier HI. 15 39 North 2nd, Ironton, Ohio. 
Fawcus, Anna W., (A), Mrs. John M. Nokes, 

Box 1578, University P. O., Charlottesville, 

Fearrington, Faith, '16, Mrs. S. R. Ireland, 

deceased, 1947. 
Featherman, Drasia, '53, 1060 W. Water Street, 

Elmira, N. Y. 
Featherston, Mildred K., '23, 10974 Strath- 
more Drive, Los Angeles 24, Calif. 
Feazell, Nancy-Ellen, '4 5g, Mrs. Robert Kent, 

Mount Hope, W. Va. 
Feder, Rosalia B., '15, Mrs. M. D. Sarbey, 

Wickenburg, Ariz. 
Feder, Suzanne, '46, Mrs. Laurence E. Bloom. 
Fehr, Clarissa, (A), Mrs. Desha Harris. 
Feller, Marilyn, '51, Mrs. Jack R. Simon, 78 

Crest Drive, South Orange, N. J. 
Fellner, Hazel B., '44g, Mrs. Charles D. Tut- 

tle. South Street, Middlebury, Conn. 
Fellner, Leila S., '46g, Mrs. David J. Piel, 

Riverside, Conn. 
Felts, Elizabeth, '40, Mrs. Richard G. Chat- 
ham, Elkin, N. C. 
Fender, Mary Sue, '34, Mrs. Nathan S. Mil- 
ler, 1102 Robeson Street, Fall River, Mass. 
Fentress, Corinne, '3 6, Mrs. Samuel B. Gray, 

Jr. 294 Stillwater Avenue, Old Town, Me. 
Ferguson, Audrey K., '3 9, Mrs. lames E. Kuss- 

mann, 320 Creston Avenue, Kalamazoo, 

Ferguson, Barbara R., '3 8g, Mrs. J. Mason Lin- 
coln, 613 Pleasant Street, Framingham 

Centre, Mass. 
Ferguson, M. Elizabeth, '3 0, Mrs. Joseph F. 

Ferguson, Grace W., '3 0g, Mrs. Brewster W. 

Smith, School Street, R. D. 2, Newton 

Square, Pa. 



FerRuson, Margaret, '31g, Mrs. Joseph D. 

Bennett, Olivet College, Olivet, Mich. 
Ferguson, Mary Love, '43, Mrs. B. Lynn San- 
ders, Jr., 2101 West 3rd Avenue, Corsicana, 

Ferguson, Rachel B., '3 0, Mrs. Abner Nash, 

c/o Sterling Cotton Mill, Franklinton, N. C. 
Ferguson, Ruth, '29, Mrs. Charles M. Fresch, 

R.F.D. 3, Media, Pa. 
Ferguson, Ruth E., '3 8, Mrs. William H. Deal. 
Ferguson, Meredith, '29g, Mrs. Frederick 

Smythe, 54 Teepee Road, Indian Hills, 

Louisville 7, Ky. 
Ferguson, Shirley, '46, Mrs. Charles W. A. 

Cannon, 1 9th Street, Hoboken, N. J. 
Fernley, Lois A., '40g, Mrs. Henry S. McNeil, 

Hickory Farm, Hickory Road, Plymouth 

Meeting, Pa. 
Ferrier, Jean Anne, '47, Mrs. John E. Ramsay, 

42 5 South Fulton Street, Salisbury, N. C. 
Ferris, Fanita, (A), Mrs. Vernon M. Welsh, 

1180 Westmoor Road, Winnetka, 111. 
Person, Kathryn L., '3 6, Mrs. Richard W. Bar- 
rett, 1311 Hay ward Court, Cincinnati 26, 

Fesser, Elizabeth H., '3 6, Mrs. Donald Mac- 

Leay, R.F.D. 1, Falls Church, Va. 
Feuchtenberger, Anna Mae, '40g, Mrs. Robert 

R. Stuart, Jr., 1023 Groveland Drive, Blue- 
field, W. Va. 
Feuchtenberger, Betty Jane, '4 5, Box 604, 

Bluefield, W. Va. 
Field, Alice Walker, '3 5, Monroe, Ga. 
Field, Crutcher, '46g, Mrs. John C. Harrison, 

5245 N. E. 2nd Court, Miami, Fla. 
Fiery, Anne, '49g, 2676 Eaton Road, Shaker 

Heights, Ohio. 
Fiery, Byrd, J., '24, Mrs. William R. Bomar, 

Hills Point Road, Westport, Conn. 
Fies, Adele, '23, Mrs. A. F. Loeb. 
Finch, Helen, '26g, Mrs. Cecil F. Hal ford. 

The Mill House, Broughton, Nr. Stock- 
bridge, Hampshire, England. 
Finch, Lucille H., '28, Mrs. Robert S. Mac- 

Callinn, 8 Lafayette Road, Larchmont, 

N. Y. 
Finch, Virginia, '3 2, Mrs. Ben R. Waller, 276 

Deloach, Memphis 11, Tenn. 
Finch, Woodis T., '2 5, Mrs. H. I. Roberts. 
Findlay, Jane, '43g, Mrs. C. L. Tate, Jr., 

4 East 74th Street, New York, N. Y. 
Fink, Joanna J., '34, Mrs. David M. Meeks, 

734 Wheeling Avenue, Muncie, Ind. 
Finke, Eleanor, '21, Mrs. Eleanor F. Helmers, 

219 Loraine Avenue, Cincinnati 20, Ohio. 
Finley, Dorcas, (A). 
Finley, Helen R., '3 6. 
Finney, Dorothy, (A). 
Firestone, Kathleen, '29, Mrs. Frank J. Car- 

ruthers, 292 5 Sherwood Road, Columbus 9, 

Fischer, Anne F., '31, Mrs. Charles R. Abry, 

Orchard Hill Farms, Sylvan Road, Westport, 

Fischer, Caroline C, '46, 1002 West Alain 

Street, Jefferson City, Mo. 

Fish, Barbara, '3 8g, Mrs. Herman M. Schiebel, 

1410 Pennsylvania Avenue, Durham, N. C. 
Fish, Margaret C, '46, Mrs. Clyde Rockwood, 

c/o Mr. Russell C. Fish, 213 Buckingham 

Drive, Indianapolis 8, Ind. 
Fish, Marjorie Lou, '29, Mrs. Luther E. 

Thomas, 1503 W. Farragut Street, Laredo, 

Fishburne, Lucy L., '3 0, Mrs. Robert H. Davis, 

Jr., 1904 West 46th Street, Richmond, Va. 
Fisher, Dorothy, (A), Mrs. John J. Snyder. 
Fisher, Florence, (A), Mrs. Lloyd M. Lan- 

Fisher, Jessie, '32g, Mrs. Benjamin W. 2. 

Gordon, 3106 Cornell Street, Dallas 5, Tex. 
Fisher, Juliet T., '41, Mrs. W infield Firman, 

18 Polo Drive, N. E., Ansley Park, Atlanta, 

Fisher, Katharine, (A). 
Fiske, Anne, '49. Mrs. John M. Thompson, 111, 

168 Hewlett Neck Road, Woodmere, L. L, 

N. Y. 
Fiske, Ruth, '22g, Mrs. Charles L. Steegar, 

1 Park Lane, Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 
Fitch, Elinor M., '34, Mrs. Harold E. Welch, 

819 Park Street, North, St. Petersburg 6, 

Fitchett, Susan, '24g, St. Catherine's School, 

Richmond 21, Va. 
Fitzgerald, Catharine Ames, '47g, Hotel Bar- 

bizon, Lexington at 63rd, New York, N. Y. 
Fitzgerald, Janice B., '43g, Mrs. James A. 

Wellons, Jr., 208 Davis Street, Smithfield, 

N. C. 
Fitzgerald, Suzanne A., '47g, 273 Wiscon- 
sin Avenue, N. W., Washington 7, D. C. 
Fitzhugh, Janetta, '26g, Mrj. Peyton Evans, 

3 000 44th Place, N. W., Washington, 

D. C. 
Fitzsimmons, Margaret, '5 1, 2612 Sherwood 

Avenue, Charlotte 4, N. C. 
Flack, lerre Jo, "48, Mrs. Jack R. Ridge. 
Flagg, Sybil, '22, 4628 Broadway, Kansas City, 

Flanner, Hildegarde, '21, Mrs. Frederic Mon- 

hoff, 530 Marigold, Altadena, Calif. 
Flannery, Anne D., '39, 2411 California Street, 

N. W., Washington 8, D. C. 
Fleming, Blanche E., '40g, Mrs. Frank B. 

Gray, 1 578 Vinton, Memphis, Tenn. 
Fletcher, Helen K., '19, Mrs. Fred N. Hays. 
Flint, Sallie E., '3 5g, Mrs. Clifton F. von 

Kann, 3 534 Gluston Road, Alexandria, Va. 
Flitcraft, Ruth, '22, Mrs. William Disharoon. 
Florsheim, Alice, '31. 
Flournoy, Elinor, '22, Mrs. Tarlton Parsons, 

Voorhis Point, Nyack, N. Y. 
Flournoy, Mary Lou, '31g, Mrs. Cantwell C. 

Brown, deceased, 1949. 
Flowers, Katherine, '27, Mrs. Edgar W. Jack- 
son, J>99 N. Lake Trail, Palm Beach, Fla. 
Flynn, Caroline, '24g, Mrs. Flynn Eley, 2613 

Alamanda Court, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 
Fohl, Mary E., '22, Mrs. Charles Kerr, Jr., 

231 Elm Street, Edgewood, Pa. 
Fonville, Clarita Ann, '48. 


Foote, Elizabeth, '28, Mrs. Don H. Gearheart, 
19891 Beach Cli£F Boulevard, Rocky River 
16, Ohio. 

Foote, Sarah K, '3 0, Mrs. Hartiuell Joiner, 

Dixon Drive, Gainesville, Ga. 
Forbush, Edith, '18, deceased, 1944. 
Forbush, Janet G., '3 8, Mrs. Maxwell E. Fead, 

Foxcroft, Birmingham, Mich. 
Forbush, Rachel, '16, Mrs. f. I. Wood, U39 

44th Street, N. W., Washington 7, D. C. 
Ford, Agnes, (A). 
Ford, Annie, '24, Mrs. William D. Melton, Jr., 

deceased, 193 5. 
Ford, Fanny, P., '30, Mrs. Francis I. Libby, 

1620 Morrison Drive, Lynchburg, Va. 
Ford, Marjorie Bacon, (A), Flossmoor, 111. 
Ford, Virginia E., '28. 
Forder, Jane P., '34, Mrs. G. Carroll Strib- 

ling, 7042 Delmar Boulevard, St. Louis 5, 

Fore, Cornelia, (A), 201 Poplar Apts., Char- 
lotte 6, N. C. 
Foree, Elizabeth G., '46g, Broadmoor Apts., 

Connecticut Avenue, N. W., Washington, 

D. C. 
Forman, Mary Jane, '4 J. 
Forsch, Annabelle, '43g, 14 East 83rd Street, 

New York, N. Y. 
Forsyth, Elizabieth, '27g, 3215 Cliff Road, 

Birmingham 5, Ala. 
Forsyth, Sarah, '3 2g, Mrj. Lamed D. Ran- 
dolph, deceased, 1937. 
Fort, Mary Y., '24g, Mrs. J. Biiisi Richardson, 

Jr., Bellevue Drive, North, Belle Meade 

Park, Nashville, Tenn. 
Fortier, Margot Helena, '49, Mrs. William J. 

Aicklen, Jr., 1000 2nd Street, Coronado, 

Fortson, Nora P., '28, Mrs. Gwinn Nixon. 
Fosler, Virginia, K., '34, Mrs. Robert D. Gruen, 

53 East 70th Street, Indianapolis 20, Ind. 
Foss, Eunice D., '41g, Mrs. John L. Sneed, 

13 04 Spruce Street, Denver, Colo. 
Fossum, Helen, '23, Mrs. Walter M. David- 
son, 2 5 South Stough Street, Hinsdale, 111. 
Fossum, Muriel, '2 5, Mrs. Cyril P. Pesek, 

212 5 South Oliver, Minneapolis 5, Minn. 
Foster, Anna C, '23, Mrs. Charles S. Allen, 

175 N. Park Avenue, Philadelphia 22, Pa. 
Foster, Anne T., (A), Mrs. F. W. Rayne, 

1215 Garfield Street, Madison 5, Wise. 
Foster, Elizabeth, '3 0, Mrs. H. Ess Askew, 

Rogers Road, Eden, N. Y. 
Foster, Florence M., '22, Mrs. Edxuard Graeb- 

ner, 123 Elk Street, Franklin, Pa. 
Foster, Floyd, '23, Mrs. Richard H. Mayer, 

Jr., 118 East 54th Street, Savannah, Ga. 
Foster, Josephine, (A), Mrs. Hn^o Black, 619 

South Lee Street, Alexandria, Va. 
Foster, Lillian, (A), Mrs. Frank M. Fan^o, Jr., 

"Out of Bounds," Woodland Avenue, 

Plainfield, N. J. 
Foster, Lois W., '3 3g, Mrs. James B. Moore, 

Jr., 61 Westgate Boulevard, Plandome, L. I., 

N. Y. 
Foster, May, (A), deceased. 

Foster, Sara M., '31, Mrs. R. Manson Smith, 
Haddon Avenue, Woodbrook, Baltimore 12, 

Fowler, Constance, '32g, Mrs. W. Burton 
Keeble, No. 1 Stadium Road, Charlottes- 
ville, Va. 

Fowler, Dorothy Elizabeth, 29g, Amord 
Hotel, 654 Main Street, Worcester, Mass. 

Fowler, Eileen, '31, Mrs. Robert Bardwell. 

Fowler, Elizabeth, '3 3, Mrs. Howard P. Skin- 
ner, deceased, 1948. 

Fowler, Frances M., '3 5, Mrs. Roger W. Ken- 

Fowler, Marcia Louise, '49g, 77 Carpenter 
Avenue, Mt. Kisco, N. Y. 

Fowler, Martha E., '3 9, Mrs. Charles E. Mc- 
Nabb, 2424 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, 

Fowler, Mildred H., (A), Mrs. Joseph W. Gil- 
bert, 3111 Coleman, Kansas City, Mo. 

Fowler, Sara, '22, Mrs. Sarah F. Wells, In- 
dian Rocks, Fla. 

Fowlkes, Lillian 5., '41g, Mrs. Tyler H. 
Taylor, Jr., 4011 9th Court, South, Bir- 
mingham 5, Ala. 

Fox, Carolyn C, '37, Mrs. Henry W. Mc- 
Kisson, 2516 Underbill Road, Toledo, Ohio. 

Fox, Elizabeth Ashe, '46, Box 472, Clarksburg, 
W. Va. 

Fox, Elizabeth C, '3 5g, Mrs. Warren D. 
Moon, Manley Road, Maumee, Ohio. 

Fox, Jane, '3 6, Mrs. Truman W. Dodson, IV, 
"Dodsborg Farms," Charlottesville, Va. 

Fox, [udith Muir, '37, Mrs. John R. Smyth, 
Jr., 492 Ash Street, Winnetka, 111. 

Fox, Shirley Turner, '3 8. 

Foy, Caroline S., '32, 412 North Allen Ave- 
nue, Richmond 20, Va. 

Frame, Nancy Ann, '51, 207 Lcming Street, 
Corpus Christi, Texas. 

Francis, Lillian C, '44, Mrs. Tarltoit Morrow, 
821 Cherry, Denver, Colo. 

Francis, Martha Anne, '47, Mrs. Robert D. 

Francisco, Eleanor, '36, Mrs. Norman O. Hood, 
1 1 Ridgeway Avenue, West Orange, N. J. 

Frank, Amalie H., '3 2, Mrs. George M. Kohn, 
Jr., 15 Peachtree Place, N. W., Atlanta, Ga. 

Frank, Clara B., '2 5, Mrs. Perry E. Bradley, 
Route 2, Box 60A, Germantown, Tenn. 

Frank, Isabelle, '22g, Mrs. Thomas H. Suther- 
land, 404 Brightwood Drive, Marion, Ohio. 

Frank, Louise, '23, Mrs. Charles C. Rowland. 

Frank, Mary Stuart, '48, Mrs. Richard P. 
Bradford, 277 Beacon Street, Boston 16, 

Frank, Ruth Adele, '3 8, Hotel Lansing, 103 6 
North Dearborn, Chicago, 111. 

Franke, Eleanor, '3 2g, Mrs. Charles A. Craw- 
ford, 73 Neron Place, New Orleans 18, La. 

Franke, Elizabeth, '13g, Mrs. A. Kent Balls, 
3 6 El Camino Real, Berkeley 5, Calif. 

Franke, Isabelle W., '3 8, Mrs. Leland H. De 
Graaf, Jr., 134 Catalane Boulevard, St, 
Petersburg, Fla. 

Franke, Jacquelin E., '24, Mrs. Jack J. Charles. 


Franke, Virginia, '27, Mrs. Walter Davis, 332 

East 53rd Street, New York 22, N. Y. 
Franklin, Dorothy E., '41, Mrs. Erwin W. 

Smith, Jr. 
Franklin, Elizabeth, '23, Mrs. C. T. Youn^, 

922 Orchard Hill, Roanoke, Va. 
Franklin, Satilla G., '34g, Mrs. William E. 

Means, c/o Lt. Col. William E. Means, 

0-18901, Hqs. 3 5th Inf. Regt., A. P. O. 

2 5, c/o P. M., San Francisco, Calif. 
Frantz, Betty, '40& Mrj. T. W. Roberts, May- 
flower Apts., Lynchburg, Va. 
Frantz, Nancy Jane, '49, 1601 W. Market, 

Apt. A-6, Enid, Okla. 
Eraser, Gerry, '37, Mrs. Gerry F. Griffith, 

117 W. Elsmere, San Antonio 1, Texas. 
Eraser, Phyllis J., '44, Mrs. T. G. Lanphier, 

Jr., 1314 Robinson Avenue, Falls Church, 

Fratus, Ardis L., *48g, Mrs. E. T. MacBride, 

Jr., 208 Columbian Street, South Wey- 
mouth, Mass. 
Frazier, Betty L., '39g, Mrs. Theodore Kine- 

hart, 243 8 East 2 5th Place, Tulsa, Okla. 
Frazier, Elizabeth P., '41, Mrs. Vaughan 

Freear, Anne, (A), Mrs. Burton Stayton. 
Freels, Julia, '50, 832 S. W. 23rd Avenue, 

Miami, Fla. 
Freeman, Florence, '19g, Mrs. Gerard S. Fow- 

ler, 140 Elsmere Road, Bronxville 8, N. Y. 
Freeman, Frances W., '45^ 3 221 West Penn 

Street, Philadelphia 29, Pa. 
Freeman, Margaret, '2 5, Mrs. Margaret F. 

Freiburg, Caroline, '20, Mrs. Herbert T. Mar- 
cus, Hopewell Road, Montgomery, Ohio. 
Freking, Barbara, '42, 29 Church Street, 

Charleston, S. C. 
French, Marjorie, '14, Mrs. Charles L. Nevens, 

143 Bishop Road, Grosse Pointe, Mich. 
Fretwell, Ruth, (A), Mrs. William McGill, 

"Sunset Forest," Anderson, S. C. 
Frey, Rosemary C, '34g, Mrs. Robert W. 

Rogers, 3237 Hardisty Avenue, Cincinnati 

8, Ohio. 
Friday, Dorothy Marie, '43, 7 Hill vale Drive, 

Clayton 5, Mo. 
Friedman, Julie, (A), Mrs. Frederic f. Green- 

Frierson, Chloe, '3 6g, Mrs. Garth E. Fort, 

Cherokee Park, Nashville, Tenn. 
Frierson, Susie B., '2 5, Mrs. Stewart Lawwill. 
Frink, Gloria S., '22, Mrs. Gloria F. Hunting- 
ton, 331 3 5th Street, North, Seattle, Wash. 
Frost, Eleanor C, '41g, Mrs. Arthur C. Wrot- 

nowski. Lake Avenue, Greenwich, Conn. 
Frueuaflf, Mary Helen, '37g, Mrs. Charles T. 

Klein, 1906 Dewey, Bartlesville, Okla. 
Fruit, Elizabeth, '46, Mrs. John E. Metzenthin, 

2209 N. Fitzhugh Street, Dallas, Texas. 
Fry, Helen B., '17, Mrs. Harry Dietsch, Jr., 

1014 Duncannon Avenue, Philadelphia 41, 

Fry, Margaret, '31g, Mrs. W. E. Williams. 

Frye, Martha Jean, '48g, Mrs. Harold Terry, 
313 West Fisher Street, Salisbury, N. C. 

Frye, Mary Kathryn, '45g, Mrs. Samuel M. 
Hemphill, Oakwood Apts., Hickory, N. C. 

Fuller, Juanita, '22. 

Fuller, Lilian D., '15, Mrs. A. M. Moody. 

Fuller, Louise A., '26, Mrs. Russell A. Free- 
man, 1418 South 6th Street, Fargo, N. D. 

Fuller, Margaret, '28, Mrs. David R. Riggs, 
680 5 Hammerstone Way, Mariemont, Cin- 
cinnati, Ohio. 

Fuller, Marion V., '38g, Mrs. David M. Kel- 
logg, Jr., 177 Boston Post Road, Weston 
93, Mass. 

Fuller, Martha H., '39, Mrs. John Leys, 3157 
Chatham Road, N. W., Atlanta, Ga. 

Fulton, Janet Elizabeth, '51, 183 9 Norfolk, 
Houston 6, Texas. 

Fulton, Kathryn, '49, Mrs. Walter J. Alston, 
Jr., 220 Winder Street, Henderson, N. C. 

Fulton, Mary P., '29, Mrs. William Garstang, 
4401 Washington Boulevard, Indianapolis 5, 

Fulton, Tot, (A), Mrs. Roy F. Maness. 

Fulwider, Glen Lincoln, '42. 

Furber, Louise, '4 5, Mrs. Thomas R. Hickey, 
53 5 V. F. W. Parkway, Chestnut Hill, 

Furbush, Barbara M., '44, Mrs. Robert P. Ross, 
3038 N. Maryland Avenue, Milwaukee 11, 

Furman, Constance, '28g, Mrs. John J. West- 
brook, 686 Longwood Drive, N. W., At- 
lanta, Ga. 

Furman, Eleanor, '14, Mrs. Robert W. Hud- 

Furniss, Caroline, '36g, Mrs. Paul H. Wolfe, 
58 Camden Road, N. E., Atlanta, Ga. 

Furniss, Jane H., '40g, Mrs. O'Wighton D. 
Simpson, c/o Lt. Col. O. D. Simpson, Hq. 
5th Air Force, A. P. O- 710, c/o P. M., 
San Francisco, Calif. 

Furry, Barbara Ann, '3 9, Mrs. C. Bartlett 
Sprague, Windermere Hotel, Chicago, III. 

Gaffney, Marie A., •41g, Mrs. John F. Barry, 

1497 Wyoming Avenue, Forty Fort, Pa. 
Gage, Florence, '19, Mrs. Percy W. White, 

13 5 5 Mentor Avenue, Mentor, Ohio. 
Gage, Irene E., '44, Mrs. Peter Wormwood, 

672 N. Trezevant Avenue, Memphis, Tenn. 
Gage, Janet, '29, Mrs. Janet G. Cheney. 
Gaines, Betty Anne, '46, Mrs. Thomas L. 

Myer, Half Acre, 112 Stuyvesant Road, 

Biltmore Forest, N. C. 
Gaines, Ethel, '2 5, Mrs. Lyle Bruner, 343 3 

Shawnee Lane, Knoxville, Tenn. 
Gaines, Nancv E., '3 0, Mrs. Gustave Jaeger, 

Box 917, Chappaqua, N. Y. 
Gale, Deborah I., '34g, Mrs. Wayne P. Bryer, 

Hampton, N. H. 
Gale, Lois Marie, '49, Pequin Farm, Division 

Street, East Greenwich, R. I. 
Gale, Mary, (A). 
Gall, Jean Alice, '29, 417 North 23rd Avenue, 

East, Duluth, Minn. 


Galloway, Mimi M., '42g, Mrs. James Manire, 

R. 5, Box 462, Memphis, Tenn. 
Gamble, Floria, '47g, 116 East 53 rd Street, 

New York, N. Y. 
Gamble, Marilyn Elisabeth, '49, 1727 Franklin 

Street, S. E., Grand Rapids 6, Mich. 
Gambrell, Josie Francis, '44, 628 South Blanco 

Street, Lockhart, Texas. 
Gambrill, Fariss, '34g, Mrs. Henry S. Lynn, 

Route 4, Box 34, Birmingham 9, Ala. 
Gans, Tuanita Shaw, '44g, 2110 19th Street, 

N. W., Apt. 6, Washington, D. C. 
Gans, Virginia Christina, '45g, Mrs. Hugh E. 

Brown, c/o Mrs. Glen R. Gans, Goshen, Va. 
Garbee, Bessie L'ee, '3 8g, Mrs. C. J. Siegrist, 

Jr., Amherst, Va. 
Garber, Charlotte, '43g, Mrs. John Rndtilph, 

3 5 07 Pine Ridge Road, Birmingham, Ala. 
Garcia, Ileana, '48, Box 599, Las Mesas, 

Mayaguez, Puerto Rico. 
Gardner, Frances Nelson, '47g, Mrs. John H. 

Cnstis, Jr., 1049 Buckingham Avenue, Apt. 

131-C, Norfolk 8, Va. 
Gardner, Isabel M., '43, Mrs. Eric Sellix, 297 

Mountain Avenue, Ridgewood, N. J. 
Gardner, Katherine G., '3 8g, Mrs. Walter 

Stevenson, Jr., 23 S. 20th Street, Quincy, 

Garland, Dorothy, '27g, Mrs. William Weeks, 

129 Roxbury Road, Garden City, L. L, 

N. Y. 
Garland, Louise E., (A), Mrs. Samuel M. 

Wilson, R.F.D. 2, Amherst, Va. 
Gamier, Mary K., '41, Mrs. Arne F. Sivanson, 

East Main Road, Batavia, N. Y. 
Garrard, Louise G., '24, Mrs. Tracy E. Davis, 

Wildwood, Columbus, Ga. 
Garrett, Anne O., (A), Mrs. George Butler, 

3416 Chevy Chase, Houston, Texas. 
Garrett, Carolina, '19, Mrs. George Dillard 
Garrett, Ruth Brabson, '49g, 910 South 17th 

Street, Knoxville, Tenn. 
Garrett Uarda R., '34, Mrs. Hugh Sample, 

524 North Madison, El Dorado, Ark. 
Garrison, Elizabeth Winstead, '48. 
Garrison, Martha Ellen, '48g, 5693 Cleves 

Warsaw Road, Cincinnati, Ohio. 
Garrison, Zola Aimee, '49g, 156 South Crest 

Road, Chattanooga, Tenn. 
Garry, Margaret, '22, Mrs. William D. Read- 
ing, Novelty, Ohio. 
Garth, Maria, (A), Mrs. Francis M. Inge 22 

Lamer Avenue, Ashland Place, Mobile, Ala 
Carver, Mary Louise, '29, Mrs. Homer Hirst 

Apt^8-A, 111 East 80th Street, New York,' 

Carver Mary Margaret, '3 3, Mrs. Graham G. 

Campbell, 71 East Elm Street, Chicago, 111 
Cass, Alice S., '40g, Mrs. George R. Dornber- 

Rer, 1419 6th Street, S. W., Rochester, 

Gatch, Nancy W., '3 9g, Mrs. Hendrik Svien 

1414 Damon Court, S. E., Rochester, Minn. 
Gatchell, Frances Craig, '26. Mrs. James R. 

Sampson, Harland, Ky. 

Gates, Elizabeth Thompson, '47, 3119 Avalon 

Place, Houston, Texas. 
Gates, Harriet K., '43, Mrs. E. S. Barrow, 

Gates, Mary A., (A). 
Gates, Phyllis, '3 0, Mrs. E. C. Harder, 1114 

Keneberry Way, S. E., Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Gates, Ruth D., '2 5, Mrs. C. H. Levee. 
Gatewood, Harriet V., '22^ Mrs. William J. 

Sibley, 115 Hampton Roads Avenue, Hamp- 
ton, Va. 
Gatewood, Nancy W., '41, Mrs. A. D. War- 
nock, Jr., 427 Berkeley Road, Haverford, 

Gaul, Mary Louise, '3 9, Mrs. J. Turner Moore, 

Jr., Berks County Trust Co., Reading, Pa. 
Gaus, Helen O., '23g, 2893 Neil Avenue, Apt. 

402B, Columbus 2, Ohio. 
Gauss, Pauline, '19, 112 North Glenwood, 

Peoria 5, 111. 
Gay, Katharine T., (A), Mrs. Alfred H. 

Gay, Sarah Mann, '49g, Amherst, Va. 
Gay, Susanne C, '3 2, Mrs. C. Edwin Lin- 

I'ille, 4 Seeley Place, Scarsdale, N. Y. 
Gayle, Anne M., '41g, Mrs. Edward H. 

O'Beirne, Jr., 57 Northwood Avenue, N. E., 

Atlanta, Ga. 
Gayle, Jane, '2 5, Mrs. Victor Rag, Jr. 
Gayle, Lucy, (A), Mrs. Patrick Calhoun, 

Gaylord, Isabel, Jordan, '45g, 1010 N. Calvert 

Street, Baltimore 2, Md. 
Gearhart, Alice Marie, '4 5g, 514 South 42nd 

Street, Philadelphia 4, Pa. 
Gearing, Margaret Halsey, '42, 410 Mowbray 

Arch, Norfolk 7, Va. 
Geary, Jane Allen, '29, Mrs. Judson Mc- 

Geddy, Anne Gary, '19, Mrs. W. K. McKin- 

Gee, Augusta, '24g, Mrs. Edward Loggins, 

c/o C. J. Gee, Carrollton, Miss. 

Geer, Gertrude, '23g, Mrs. Clark L. Bassett, 

77 Lochmoor Boulevard, Grosse Pointe 

Shores, Detroit 3 0, Mich. 
Geer, Goode, '49g, 3 1 East Battery, Charleston, 

S. C. 
Geer, Gratia, '3 0, Mrs. Harland F. Howe, 3 8 58 

Sulphur Springs Road, Toledo 6, Ohio. 
Geer, Ruth, '21g, Mrs. William B. Boice, 

2 5 53 Glenwood Avenue, Toledo, Ohio. 
Gehris, Margaret E., '23, Mrs. Frank B. Miller. 
Geib, Gretchen L., '3 5, Mrs. John H. Troup, 

3 5 27 Schoolhouse Lane, Progress, Harris- 
burg, Pa. 

Gelein, Jean B., '42, Mrs. John J. Savage, 
12716 GrifEng Boulevard, North, Miami, 

George, Ellen L., '3 9, Mrs. William Frampton, 
III, Byberry Road, Huntingdon Valley, Pa. 

George, Linchen, '22, 1028 8th Avenue, Hick- 
ory, N. C. 

Gerrard, Eleanor, '2 5. 



Gerstacker, Elsa I., '34, Mr?. William Allen, 

1 1 5 Varner Court, Midland, Mich. 
Geyer, Mary Jane, '42, Mrs. John P. Sawyer, 

43 Cannon's Lane, Louisville, Ky. 
Gholson, Christine, (A), Mrs. F. Montgomery 

Holman, Madisonville, Ky. 
Gibbon, Alice B., '27, Mrs. Alex Shuford, 17th 

Street, Hickory, N. C. 
Gibbon, Corinne, '18g, Mrs. Phillip Woollcott, 

3 3 Whiteoak Road, Biltmore Forest, N. C. 
Gibbon, Louise W., '2 5g, Mrs. R. Carhvright 

Carmichael, 5 07 West Chapel Hill Street. 

Durham, N. C. 
Gibbon, Mary Rogers, (A), Mrs. John Pender. 
Gibbons, Hortense, (A), Mrs. Hortense Gil- 
Gibbons, Mildred, '3 2g, 918 First National 

Bank Building, Tampa 2, Fla. 
Gibbs, Edith, (A), Mrj. Harold Lewis, 132 

North Kenmore, Los Angeles, Calif. 
Gibbs, Elinore, '28, Mrs. Herman J. Brueckner, 

18 Manor Drive, Piedmont 11, Calif. 
Gibbs, Josephine, '31g, Mrs. Joseph J. Du Bois, 

R.F.D. 2, Birdboro, Pa. 
Gibson, Elise, (A), Mrs. Chesney M. Carney, 

370 Washington Avenue, Clarksburg, W. 

Gibson, Ehzabeth C, '48g, 401 South 13th 

Street, Muskogee, Okla. 
Gibson, Evelyn E., '40, Mrs. David Emmerich, 
Gibson, Margaret, '17, Mrs. Milton S. Bowman, 

120 East 71st Street, New York 21, N. Y. 
Gibson, Ruth, (A), Mrs. William L. Venning,, 

403 Meadowbrook Terrace, Greensboro, 

N. C. 
Gibson, Susan S., '3 8, Mrs. Stephen Davenport, 

22 Chestnut Street, Salem, Mass. 
Giddings, Catherine C, '21, Mrs. William 

Giese, Emilie L, '29g, Mrs. George D. Martin, 

53 6 East Allen Street, Lancaster, Ohio. 
Giesecke, Claire M., '3 0g, Mrs. Giesecke Wal- 
ker, 227 West Gramercy, San Antonio, Tex. 
Giesecke, Serena, '26, Mrs. Robert W. Harding, 

deceased, 1941. 
Giesen, Elizabeth, '3 3g, Mrs. Robert W. Lind- 
say, 2743 Woolsey Street, Berkeley, Calif. 
Gieske, Lucretia A., '40, Mrs. Frederick L. 

Schoew IL 
Giesting, Nancy, '3 3, Mrs. Harris B. Duncan, 

Jr., Box 2 54, Carmel, Calif. 
Gilbert, Anna, '3 2g, Mrs. Hugh W. Davy, 

1246 King Drive, El Carrito, Calif. 
Gilbert, Dorothy R., '38, Mrs. Bitner Browne. 
Gilbert, Jean, '37, Mrs. R. W. Moister, Jr., 66 

Sunset Avenue, Montclair, N. J. 
Gilbert, Katherine, '29, Mrs. Thomas H. Lath- 
rope, deceased, 193 5. 
Gilbert, Nancy A., '42, Mrs. Carl Pugh, Jr. 
Gilbreth, Jane Moller, '43, Mrs. George P. 

Heppes, Jr. 
Gilchrist, Elsetta, '27g, Mrs. Richard E. 

Barnes, 6515 York Road, Parma Heights, 

Cleveland 9, Ohio. 
Gilchrist, Margaret C, '41, Mrs. Lorton S. 

Livingston, 211 East 5 3 rd Street, Savannah, 


Gill, Brice, (A), Mrs. James T. Marriott, 400 

Johnson Street, Terrell, Texas. 
Gill, Edith Page, '4 5g, Mrs. Stanley Breakell, 

2 517 Longview Avenue, South, Roanoke, Va. 
Gill, Emory D., '40g, Mrs. Carrington Wil- 
liams, Jr., 500 St. Christopher Road, Rich- 
mond, Va. 
Gill, Mildred, '3 8, Mrs. Newell Williamson, 

1663 Shirley Avenue, Walnut Hill, Peters- 
burg, Va. 
Gill, Ruth, '3 5g, Mrs. Vallance A. Wickens, 

Jr., 52 Howard Street, Albany, N. Y. 
Gillem, Florence A., '42g, Mrs. James B. Pressly, 

321 South 5th Street, Gadsden, Ala. 
Gillespie, Julia M., '3 5. 
Gillespie, Joan Wade, '51, 6002 Ditnian Street, 

Philadelphia 24, Pa. 
Gillette, Margaret, '31g, Mrs. William B. 

Netvton, deceased, 1940. 
Gilliam, Ellen Coalter, '4 5g, Mrs. Marvin B. 

Perry, Jr., Hill Top Road, Charlottesville, 

Gilliam, Ruth E., '3 6g, Mrs. Earl R. Viar, 

817 New Hampshire Avenue, Lynchburg, 

Gilliland, Gladys, '18, Mrs. David L. Brumback, 

Jr., 146 Boyd Avenue, Van Wert, Ohio. 
Gilliland, Ruth, '3 5, Mrs. William L. Kistler, 

2216 East 29th Street, Tulsa, Okla. 
Gilmer, Betsy N., '42g, Mrs. Myron E. Tre- 

inain, 703 Northwood Avenue, Charlottes- 
ville, Va. 
Gilmer, Decca S., '41g, Mrs. Robert L. Frackel- 

ton, 1217 6th Street,_Fredericksburg, Va. 
Gilmer, Jane, '27, Mrs. Paid B. Giithery, 1524 

Biltmore Drive, Charlotte, N. C. 
Gilmore, Delia, '19, Mrs. Gilmore Gates, 210 

Stanford Drive, San Antonio, Texas. 
Gilmore, Rosanne, '19g, 11420 Hessler Road, 

Cleveland, Ohio. 
Gipe, Dorothy C, '3 8g, Mrs. John K. Clement, 

34 5 6 Gallatin, Toledo 6, Ohio. 
Gipe, Joan C, '44, Mrs. Melvin Lewis, 2418 

Manchester Drive, Toledo 6, Ohio. 
Gipe, Martha Jane, '3 5g, Mrs. F. Duryea 

Smith, 2268 Innisbrook, Toledo, Ohio. 
Girts, Betty Lou, '45, 5459 Kipling Road, 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Gjellefald, Mary Jane, '3 8, Mrs. Dudley 

Weible, Forest City, Iowa. 
Gladfelter, Ruth, '21, Mrs. Albert LaVague, 

Route 2, Box 824B, Escondido, Calif. 
Gladney, Ann, '45 g, Mrs. Riissel P. Rembert, 

5 501 Bryan Street, Dallas 6, Texas. 
Glass, Emma W., '3 8, Mrs. James S. Beasley, 

c/o Mr. J. S. Beasley, Max T. Allen Broker- 
age Co., Hazelhurst, Miss. 
Glass, Louise, '13, Mrs. Petterson Marzoni, 

Claridge Manor Apts., Birmingham, Ala. 
Glass, Lyle Davidson, '3 6, Mrs. Willard P. 

Young, Westwood, Uniontown, Ala. 
Cleaves, Anne F., '29, Mrs. F. T. Drought, 13 5 

Brittany Drive, San Antonio, Texas. 
Glenn, Ethel M., '21, Mrs. Jack Keith, 612 

North 7th Street, Temple, Texas. 



Glenn, Lucille, '23, Mrs. R. Perry Tyler. 
Glennon, Jeanne L., '44, Mn. William F. 

Glover, Margaret Deisel, '3 5g, Mrs. Hal B. 

Paddock, 3 042 N. Hackett Avenue, Mil- 
waukee 11, Wise. 
Goble, Alice M., '33g, Mrs. G. E. Shriver, 109 

Vreeland Avenue, Nutley, N. J. 
Gochnauer, Anne F., '29g, Upperville, Va. 
Gochnauer, Elizabeth, '3 3, Mrs. R. W. Chjircb, 

4309 Forest Hill Avenue, Richmond, Va. 
Gochnauer, Katherine R., '3 3, Mrs. George R. 

Slater, "West View," Upperville, Va. 
Gochnauer, Mary A., '29g, Mrs. Jack Dalton, 

Shamrock Road, Charlottesville, Va. 
Gockley, Elizabeth N., '04g, Mrs. Robert S, 

McLellan, 290 Rose Street, Freeport, N. Y. 
Godbey, Ella, '29, Mrs. W. H. Jasper, Jr., 

deceased, 1930. 
Godchaux, Eve R., '48g, Mrs. S. Herbert 

Hirsch, 5200 Danneel Street, New Orleans, 

Godfrey, Barbara A., '40g, 275 51/2 Sepulveda 

Boulevard, Los Angeles 34, Calif. 
Godwin, Isabel M., '21g, Mrs. Morgan C. 

Bailey, Rock Hill, S. C. 
Go£f, Betty L, '31, Mrs. Donald N. Newhall, 

4 527 Arden Avenue, Minneapolis 10, Minn. 
Goff, Dorothy, '26, Mrs. James L. Frisch, 723 

Clinton Street, Waukesha, Wise. 
GofEgan, Pinkey, '22, Mrs. Dabney H. Craig- 

hill, 90 5 Roseneath Road, Richmond 21, Va. 
Goffigan, Helen, '27, Mrs. Waller G. Wills, Jr., 

200 Oakwood Place, Lynchburg, Va. 
Goldbarth, Nancy W., '42g, Mrs. Milton 

Glaser, 6907 Park Avenue, Richmond 21, 

Golden, Barbara Anne, '47, 1113 Jeanette Ave- 
nue, Columbus, Ga. 
Golden, Betty L., '47, Mrs. Benjamin D. Tyler, 

1113 Jeanette Avenue, Columbus, Ga. 
Golden,' Mary Anna, '3 8, Mrs. Edward L. 

Moore, 8147 San Fernando, Dallas, Texas. 
Goldin, Patricia Ann, '48g, Sweet Briar, Va. 
Goldsmith, Winifred, (A), Mrs. Frank E. 

Gomila, Harriet, '5 0, Mrs. Harry W. Thomp- 
son, 54 Uphand Street, Mobile, Ala. 
Goodall, Eugenia C, '2 5g, Mrs. t. C. Ivey, Jr., 

3 827 Boonsboro Road, Lynchburg, Va. 
Goodall, Gillian, (A), Mrs. Hugh M. Comer, 

3 3 20 Dell Road, Birmingham, Ala. 
Goode, Dorothy D., (A), Mrs. Francis K. Nel- 
son, Jr., e/o Pineerest School, Ft. Lauderdale, 

Goodlett, Josephine, '26, Mrs. C. C. Strain, 

Highland Circle, Tupelo, Miss. 
Goodlove, Lysbeth, '2 5, Mrs. J. Osborn Wood, 

Talahi Drive, Knoxville, Tenn. 
Goodnow, Pauline B., '23, Mrs. Chandler C. 
Gardner, e/o George B. Jarret, R.F.D. 1, 

Aberdeen, Md. 
Goodson, Mary Anne, '48, Shelbyville, Ky. 
Goodspead, Eleanor, '44g, Mrs. H. Lawrence 
Abbott, 44 Thornton Road, Chestnut Hill, 

Goodwin, Eleanore, '32, Mrs. E. Graham Evans, 

506 Downer Place, Aurora, 111. 
Goodwin, Helen P., '3 2, Mrs. Kenneth H. Le- 

Fever, Apt. G2, 3 5-16 8 5th Street, Jackson 

Heights, N. Y. 
Goodwin, Parker, '3 6g, Mrs. William J. Breen, 

Jr., Creek Fox Cottage, New Hackensack 

Road, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 
Goodwin, Ruth Rayfield, '40g, 3407 Hawthorne 

Avenue, Richmond 22, Va. 
Goodwyn, Lydia H., '34g, Mrs. Ralph H. Fer- 

rell, Jr., 50 Wellway Road, Richmond, Va. 
Goolrick, Jane N., '40g, Mrs. Thomas W. Mur- 

rell, 5705 York Road, Richmond, Va. 
Gordan, Lucy L., '3 9g, Mrs. William N. Jeffers, 

Jr., 5 East 63rd Street, New York 21, N. Y. 
Gordon, Harriette C, '42g, Mrs. Henry F. 

Lowman, Jr., 3 241 R Street, N.W., Wash- 
ington, D. C. 
Gordon, Margaret Eleanor, '44g, c/o Montague, 

336 Parkway, Charlottesville, Va. 
Gordon, Norma P., '3 9, Mrs. Franklyn S. 

Rixey, Riverbank, Edgewater Park, N. J. 
Gordy, Martha Louise, '3 9, Mrs. Martha G. 

Robinson, Apopka, Fla. 
Gore, Lucy S., '37g, Mrs. Gordon W. Stead, 

4669 Osier Avenue, Vancouver, B. C, 

Gorsline, Elizabeth, '30g, 1101 West Avenue, 

Richmond 20, Va. 
Gort, Faith M., '37g, Mrs. Ferdinand J. Her- 

pers, Jr., 45 5 3 East 45th, Seattle, Wash. 
Gott, Valeria F., '3 9g, Mrs. Reid S. Murphey, 

Elfin Road, Lookout Mountain, Tenn. 
Gott, Virginia, '3 5g, Mrs. Paul W. Gilbert, 

540 Buckingham Avenue, Syracuse 10, N. Y. 
Gould, Mary E., '21, Mrs. A. Austin Pearre, 

3 04 Upper College Terrace, Frederick, Md. 
Gowen, Virginia R., '44, Mrs. Robert G. 

Brown, III, Lake Dixie, Carthage, Texas. 
Grace, Louisa F., '3 8, Mrs. Charles L. Prince, 

720 Biggs Street, Laurinburg, N. C. 
Gracey, Sarah B., '3 2g, Mrs. Louis A. Haskell, 

210 S. Dargan Street, Florence, S. C. 
Graeff, Helen Lorenz, '46g, 39 S. Main Street, 

Danville, Va. 
Graham, Edith, '31, 108 South 5th Street, Wil- 
mington, N. C. 
Graham, Kathryn J., '30, Mrs. Norman W. 

Setter, 1 1 Chestnut Street, Binghamton, N.Y. 
Graham, Laura W., '2 5g, Mrs. Harold F. Hun- 
ter, 706 River Avenue, Rome, Ga. 
Graham, Pauline, '31, Mrs. Berford L. Hender- 
Graham, Ruth, '31, Mrs. Herbert G. Bartholdi, 

1430 East Como Boulevard, St. Paul 3, Minn. 
Grainger, Priscilla C, '3 6, Mrs. Adair M. 

MacKay, Jr. 
Grammer, Dorothy, '17, Mrs. Harry Croyder, 

44 Kent Place Boulevard, Summit, N. J. 
Grammer, Elizabeth M., '13g, Mrs. Donald 

F. Torrey, Alden Park Manor, Apt. 203A, 

Philadelphia 44, Pa. 
Grammer, Mary Page, (A), 6 Valley View 

Avenue, Summit, N. T- 



Grandeman, Jeanne H., '3 6, Mrs. Thomas P. 
Losee, 174 Vassar Place, West Hempstead, 

L. I., N. Y. 
Grant, Jean F., '24g, Mrs. W. Randolph Taylor, 

2007 Washtenaw Avenue, Ann Arbor, Mich. 
Grant, Margaret, '15g, Mrs. Mar,^arei Grant, 

531 East 20th Street, New York, N. Y. 
Grant, Mary E., '40, Mrs. Rudolf J. Moehs. 
Graulty, Grace Colton, '43, 64 Lenox Avenue, 

Albany, N. Y. 
Gravatt, Helen Stevens, '44g, 19 Heathwood 

Circle, Columbia 39, S. C. 
Graves, Ann E., '47, Mrs. Gregory Gagarin, 

Apt. 216-A, 216 Hillcrest Avenue, CoUings- 

wood, N. J. 
Graves, Audrey, '27, Mrs. William Graves, 

Vero Beach, Fla. 
Graves, Elizabeth, '48, 800 West Nash Street, 

Wilson, N. C. 
Graves, Geraldine S., (A), Mrs. S. Cabell 

Graves, Blair, '48g, 2 50 5 Cornwallis Avenue, 

Roanoke, Va. 
Graves, Helen Cummings, '52, 3416 Garrott, 

Houston, Texas. 
Graves, Juliette, (A), Mrs. J. W. Cone, 2909 

El Prado, Tampa 6, Fla. 
Graves, Laura, '42g, Mrs. Gordon P. Howell, 

201 Irvington Place, Lynchburg, Va. 
Graves, Marion S., '43, Mrs. Robert Arrington, 

90 The Highlands, Tuscaloosa, Ala. 
Graves, Sue 0-, '3 3g, Mrs. William K. Stubbs, 

2105 Island Drive, Monroe, La. 
Gray, Dorothy R., '37, Mrs. Alan H. Tucker. 
Gray, Douglas, '12, Mrs. Richard B. Tyler, 

Lawrenceville, Va. 
Gray, Elizabeth, '45g, Mrs. Richard S. Gray, 

1849 Rosalind, Cleveland 12, Ohio. 
Gray, Elizabeth Stuart, '3 3, West Point, Va. 
Gray, Ellen D., '45, Mrs. Robert M. Wilson, 

Jr., 5222 Wythe Avenue, Richmond, Va. 
Gray, Evelyn, (A), Mrs. George E. Talmage, 

deceased, 1937. 
Gray, Jane, '48, Mrs. James P. Soper, 111, De- 

lavan Lake, Wise. 
Gray, Frances M., '3 0. 
Grayson, Elizabeth D., '4 5g, Mrs. William M. 

Geer, 2 54 Jackson Circle, Chapel Hill, N.C. 
Greason, Elizabeth, '29, Mrs. William F. Olm- 

stead, Renssalaer Road, Essex Fells, N. J. 
Greason, Isabel B., '2 5g, Mrs. L. J. Cooper, 

Rensselaer Road, Essex Fells, N. J. 
Green, Bernice Genevieve, '22, Winfield, Iowa. 
Green, Betty Jane, '3 3, Mrs. Sidney R. Nathan, 

2 5 Marion Avenue, Albany, N. Y. 
Green, Dorothy D., '37, Mrs. H. Franklin 

Kreuzberg, 1600 Myrtle Street, Washington 

12, D. C. 
Green, Dorothy W., '25, Mrs. Bnrr P. Har- 
rison, Winchester Va. 
Green, Elinor, '26g, Mrs. Francis H. Conrad, 

972 S. Bundy Drive, Los Angeles 49, Calif. 
Green, Elizabeth, '14g, Mrs. Henry Shepherd, 

2907 P Street, N. W., Washington 7, D. C. 
Green, Emma, '32g, Mrs. Emma G. Moore. 
Green, Gene, '39, Mrs. Gene G. Harvey. 

Green, Janet, (A), Mrs. N. J. Haden, 54 
Ridgeland Avenue, Greenville, S. C. 

Green, Janet, '27g, Mrs. Charles S. Joslyn, 326 
North Grove Street, Lock Haven, Pa. 

Green, Lu Lynn, '47, Mrs. Robert E. Wilson, 
1412 North Kelly, Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Green, Margaret B., '27g, Mrs. Henry W. Run- 
yon, Jr., 3 9 Bedford Avenue, Summit, N. J. 

Green, Margaret F., '29. 

Green, Margaret, (A). 

Green, Mavis, '3 5, Mrs. Arlin Thro. 

Greene, Diana Hope, '42g, Mrs. Harry D. Hel- 
frich, Jr., 911 26th Place, South, Arlington, 

Greene, Lucile C, '38g, Mrs. John F. Michel, 
14 Hemlock Road, Bronxville, N. Y. 

Greene, Marion A., '2 5g, Mrs. H. H. Buckel- 
mueller, 609 West 7th Street, Plainfield, 
N. J. 

Greene, Noma Tullis, '46g, Birdneck Point, Vir- 
ginia Beach, Va. 

Greenwood, Louise D., '34, Mrs. Charles W. 
Lippitt, Old Crossways, Wilton, Conn. 

Greer, Elizabeth, '31, 619 Acorn Drive, Day- 
ton 9, Ohio. 

Greer, Mary Reed, '45. 

Greer, Oden Searcy, '21, 102 5 Kenwood Ave- 
nue, Houston 6, Texas. 

Greer, Susan Oden, '42, Mrs. Angus G. H end- 

Gregg, Cora E., (A), Mrs. Randolph Meyer. 

Gregg, Frances C, '43 g, Mrs. Charles W. 
Petersmeyer, 32 5 Bronxville Road, Bronx- 
ville, N. Y. 

Gregg, Mary B., '41, Mrs. Merle E. Minks, 
3 801 Seminole, Houston^ Texas,. 

Gregg, Mary Hathaway, '40, Mrs. John F. 
Elliott, HI, 3 69 Union Street, Hackensack, 
N. J. 

Gregg, Rachel, (S), Mrs. Ralph F. de Clair- 

Gregory, Elle Jane, '38, Mrs. William R. Olm- 
sted, Jr., 1666 Prestwick Road, Detroit 30, 

Gregory, Ethel, (A), Mrs. Albert Taylor. 

Gregory, Frances W., '3 6g, 6 Agassiz Street, 
Cambridge 40, Mass. 

Gregory, Jane, '43, Mrs. Frederic P. Moore, IJI, 
110 Tuckahoe Boulevard, Richmond, Va. 

Gregory, Jane, '15, Mrs. George S. Heyer, 2909 
Inwood Drive, River Oaks, Houston, Texas. 

Gregory, Lucy Jane, '3 8g, Mrs. James C. Mar- 
row, Duke Hospital, Durham, N. C. 

Gregory, Margaret, '3 6, Mrs. Richard M. 
Cukor, 119 East 84th Street, New York 28, 
N. Y. 

Gregory, Maria B., '47g, Mrs. Cabell M. Tabb, 
John Rolfe Apts., Richmond, Va. 

Gregory, Mary Louise, '32. 

Gregory, Thurley, '33. 

Greil, Jacqueline, '3 5, Mrs. Albert L. Fischel. 

Gressitt, Margaret, '3 0, Mrs. John Lang, 431 
Drury Lane, Baltimore, Md. 

Grgitch, Yalena, '23, Mrs. W. R. Prosch, 215 
East Chestnut, Chicago 77, 111. 

Gribble, Mildred, '26, Mrs. Carl W. Seiler, 202 
East 44th Street, Savannah, Ga. 



Griffin, Betty Jean, '44, Mrs. George Hilbert, 

Ruxton, Md. 
Griffin, Claudine, (S), Mrs._ Grover C. Hol- 

comb, 2514 Laburnum Avenue, S. W., 

Roanoke, Va. 
Griffin, Emma, '3 3, 204 Isabel Street, Greens- 
boro, N. C. 
Griffin, Eugenia W., '10.?, Mrs. Charles R. Biir- 

nett, 5906 Three Chopt Road, Richmond 21, 

Griffin, Marjorie A., '3 6g, Algonquin Park, 

Norfolk 8, Va. 
Griffith, Gaille B., '47, Mrs. Joseph D. Brum- 

mett, 419 Vincente Way, La Jolla, Calif. 
Griffith, Katherine B., (A), Mrs. William T. 

Murphy, Warsaw, Va. 
Griffith, Llewellyn R., '3 8g, Mrs. George H. 

Longstaff, 162-05 89th Avenue, Jamaica 5, 

L. I., N. Y. 
Griffith, Virginia Lee, '44g, Mrs. Copeland 

Morton, Jr., 4408 Atwick Road, Baltimore 

10, Md. 
Grigsby, Mary Virginia, '49g, Bunker Hill I, 

Purdue University, West Lafayette, Ind. 
Grill, Helen D., '24g, 115 Frost Parkway, 

Tiff-n, Ohio. 
Grimes, Brooks, '23, 329 Savannah Avenue, 

Statesboro, Ga. 
Grimes, Capel, '3 6g, Mrs. Charles H. Gerlach, 

Quarters H, Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, 

Portsmouth, N. H. 
Grimes, Marian, '24, Mrs. Francis Collins, 23 

Oak Grove Street, Minneapolis, Minn. 
Grimmer, Alleyne, '37, Mrs. Philip S. Reichers. 
Gristock, Dorothy, '18. 
Groesbeck, Marjorie Mary, '22, Mrs. William 

P. Kelly. 
Groesbeck, Patricia Ann, '46, Mrs. R. T. Gar- 
den, 615 5 Colgate Avenue, Los Angeles 36, 

Grogan, Laura Lee, '47g, Mrs. Meade B. Crane, 

3 809 Mattison, Ft. Worth, Texas. 
Groner, Stuart, '3 2g, Mrs. John A. Moreno, 

Westchester Apts., Washington 16, D. C. 
Groom, Mary Alice, '3 9, Mrs. Willia^n K. 

Kirschner, ')71'i Davey Avenue, Cincinnati 

24, Ohio. 
Groover, Mary, (A), Mrs. F. W. Gregg, 

Gross, Effie L., (A), Mrs. Robert N. Irby, 

Goliad, Texas. 
Grote, Dorothy, '3 8, Mrs. James S. Robertson, 

c/o Mr. R. E. Grote, 4 Brentmoor Park, 

Clayton 5, Mo. 
Grove, Florence, (A), Mrs. Merrill Haskell, 

Fort Pierce, Fla. 
Groves, Elizabeth, (A), Mrs. L. T. Barnett, 

77% Vernon Avenue, Glencoe, 111. 
Groves, Julia, '42g, M?-s. Robert V. Martin, 

Jr., 201 East 31st Street, Savannah, Ga. 
Groves, Katherine, (A), Bensenville, 111. 
Grubbs, Hazel, (A), deceased, 1948. 
Gruber, Mary E., '37g, Mrs. John O. Stoddart, 

118 Woodland Road, Wyncote, Pa. 
Grymes, Muriel S., '43 g. Ships Point, Easton, 

Gschwindt, Christine, '21, Mrs. H. A. Cam 

tin, 1728 National Avenue, Rockford, 111. 
Gubelman, Hallet, '29g, Mrs. David R 

Knowles, Route 1, Central Lake, Mich. 
Gubelman, Margery, '3 3g, Mrs. Clark J. Hast 

ert, 1407 Aalapapa Drive, Lanikai, Oahu 

Guenther, Amanda, (A), Mrs. William S 

Gugert, Rosemary, '48g, 1653 Robert Street 

New Orleans, La. 
Guggenheim, Hazel, (A), Mrs. Charles E. Mc- 

Guggenheimer, Cilia, 'I8g, Mrs. Bertram Nus- 

baiim, 517 Graydon Park, Norfolk 7, Va. 
Guggenheimer, Daisy, (A), Mrs. Jerome A. 

Waterman, deceased, 194 5. 
Guignard, Jane, '23g, Mrs. Broadus Thompson, 

P. O. Box 480, Columbia, S. C. 
Guigon, Lisa, '29g, Mrs. John B. Shinberger, 

Purcellville, Va. 
Guilbert, Florine, '23, Mrs. Benjamin Smith, 

1614 Claremont Avenue, Norfolk, Va. 
Guilbert, Julia R., '20. 
Guild, Virginia Dale, '3 8, Mrs. Rupert M. Gol- 

Guillett, Estelle, (A), deceased, 1911. 
Gulick, Gertrude, '27, Mrs. Richard J. Mc- 

Connell, 415 Bruce Avenue, Windsor, On- 
tario, Canada. 
Gunter, Shirley, •47g, Mrs. William T. Rafliff, 

Jr., 416 Meadow Brook Lane, Birmingham 

9, Ala. 
Gunther, Leona, (A), Mrs. Robert 2aegel, c/o 

Sheboygan Clinic, Sheboygan, Wise. 
Guppy, Margaret Anne, '3 3, Mrs. John Dickie, 

Jr., 10 Dogwood Road, West Orange, N. J. 
Gurley, Elizabeth R., '46g, Mrs. Thomas A. 

Hewson, 3 Millbrook Road, Medfield, Mass. 
Gurney, Ethel, '41g, Mrs. John Betz, Jr., 59 

3rd Street, Garden City, N. Y. 
Guthe, Tane, '52, 3 015 Albemarle Street, 

N. W., Washington, D. C. 
Guthrie, Elinor, '22, Mrs. Donald McVickar, 

419 East 57th Street, New York 22, N. Y. 
Guthrie, Anne Donaldson, '44g, Mrs. Lucien 

Yokana, 172 Mercer Street, Princeton, N. J. 
Guthrie, Frances, '29. 
Guthrie, Helen, '20, Mrs. George Montgomery, 

Box 15 6, Mattoon, 111. 
Guy, Elizabeth, '24g, Mrs. William P. Tranter, 

607 Clearview Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Guy ton, Camille, '43g, Mrs. Theodore H. 

Guething, 531 Oakland, Birmingham, Mich. 
Gwaltney, Marion, '34g, Mrs. Francis K. Hall, 

Penton Place, Shirley Hills, Macon, Ga. 
Gwathmey, Carolyn, (A), Mrs. Lyal A. David- 
son, 2909 34th Street, N. W., Washington, 

D. C. 
Gwathmey, Mary P. L., (A). 
Gwathmev, Mary Tayloe, (A). 
Gwinn, Helen Lucile, '41, Mrs. John A. 

Wallace, 13 02 Robinson Place, Falls Church, 

Gwinn, Mary E., '22, Mrs. John Nicholas, 

63 S. W. 27th Road, Miami, Fla. 


Gwyn, Margaret B., '42g, Mrs. Harry K. V. 

Tompkins, II, 1816 Rosewood Avenue, 

Houston 4, Texas. 
Gwynn, Stella, '22, Mrs. Norman Wau^h, 551 

West Main Street, Danville, Va. 

Hackmann, Fredericka, '21, Mrs. Paid Max- 
well, 109 West Shirley Street, Mt. Union, Pa. 
Hackmann, Mary J., '22, Mrs. Thomas W. 

Cohill, Jr., 121 Darthmouth Street, RockviUe 

Center, L. I., N. Y. 
Hadden, Helen F., '23. 

Hadden, Louise B., '24, Mrs. J. Sellers Kite. 
Haddock, Harriet H., '3 5, Mrs. Graha?7z Dud- 
ley, 3 28 Hodges, Memphis, Tenn. 
Haddock, Margaret, (A), Mrs. Raymond E. 

Watson, 211 West 61st Terrace, Kansas City 

21, Mo. 
Hafner, Eugenia, '16, Mrs. Thornton W. Gray. 
Haga, Margaret, '29, Mrs. Hubbell Carpenter, 

2314 East 5th Street, Duluth 5, Minn. 
Hagan, Elizabeth, '21, Mrs. Harris Noland, 

Richmond, Ky. 
Hagan, Margaret, '27, Mrs. Theodore G. Brown. 
Hagberg, Winifred E., '3 8g, Mrs. Stanton St. 

Peter, 2654 Edison Street, San Mateo, Calif. 
Hagen, Carolyn G., '41, Mrs. Frank G. Myers, 

204 S. Maple Avenue, Webster Groves, Mo. 
Hagen, Edith, '34, Mrs. Clifton E. Benson, 

Route 3, Box 318-M, Bremerton, Wash. 
Hagens, Annette T-, '3 3, 54 Slocum Crescent, 

Forest Hills Gardens, N. Y. 
Hager, Susan, '26g, Mrs. Richard P. Rohrer, 

140 5 Ridge Road, Lancaster, Pa. 
Haeerling, Margaret R., '3 5, Mrs. Leonard 

Hagler, Evelyn J., '3 l, Walton Way Extension, 

Augusta, Ga. 
Hagler, Katharine C, '23g, Mrs. Irvine Phinizy, 

23 3 King's Way, Augusta, Ga. 
Hagler, Ruth, '22g, Mrs. Aloysius B. McDonald, 

826 Dayton Avenue, Washington Court 

House, Ohio. 
Hahn, Barbara Jane, '51, 422 5 Cliff Road, Bir- 
mingham, Ala. 
Hahn, Dorothy Claire, '49, 102 5 Lake Avenue, 

Racine, Wise. 
Hail, Elizabeth, (A). 
Haile, Evelyn, (A), Mrs. B. R. Peyton, Route 

2, Greenville, S. C. 
Halback, Florence, (A), Mrs. J. R. Williams, 

125 East Avenue, Quincy, 111. 
Hale, Mildred, '15, Mrs. Lansing: Willcox, 

Banco de Boston, Florida 99, Buenos Aires, 

Argentina, S. A. 
Haley, Eleanor H., '3 9, Mr^. R. W. Pendervass, 

242 Butterfield Road, San Anselmo, Calif. 
Hall, Anna L., '3 0, Mrs. Wilson Prothero, 53 5 

Chesterfield Street, Aiken, S. C. 
Hall, Catherine, (A), Mrs. Lawrence Bragg, 

deceased, 1940. 
Hall, Elizabeth B., '43g, Mrs. Norman B. Ben- 
Hall, Ehzabeth L., '23g, Mrs. M. Felton 

Hatcher, 430 Church Street, Fort Valley, 


Hall, Gail Thornton, '52, 101 King William 

Street, San Antonio, Texas. 
Hall, Jessie, '3 1g, Mrs. Nelson Myers, 237 

Loring Avenue, Pelham 6 5, N. Y. 
Hall, Margaret T., '32g, 109 North 15th Street, 

Wilmington, N. C. 
Hall, Margaret, '3 0g, Mrs. Joseph H. Smith, 

Jr., 15 Bow Road, Newton Centre 59, Mass. 
Hall, Mary Anne, '46, 1102 Washington 

Street, Amarillo, Texas. 
Hall, Mary B., (A), Mrs. William H. Colbern. 
Hall, Natalie C, '47g, Mrs. Daniel Chisholm, 

22 5 West 6th Street, Erie, Pa. 
Hall, Rosalie M., '37g, Mrs. Rosalie H. Cramer, 

7 5 Roxbury Road, Garden City, N. Y. 
Hall, Ruth, '4 5g, Mrs. Robert S. Peckham, 29 

White Oak, Asheville, N. C. 
Hall, Sophia Lou, '27, Mrs. Jack L. Chambliss, 

1 LeGrand Place, Montgomery 6, Ala. 
Hall, Virginia, '3 2g, Mrs. John Van Lindley, 

3 04 Irving Place, Greensboro, N. C. 
Hall, Virginia C, '44g, Mrs. Carl C. Teipel, 

Jr., 338 East Front Street^ Perrysburg, Ohio. 
Hall, Virginia D., '34, Mrs. H. Austin Lederer, 

3 2 Otsego Road, Verona, N. J. 
Haller, Emma L., '3 3, Mrs. Edgar D. Mosher, 

523 Spring Street^ New Kensington, Pa. 
Hallet, Frances, '34, Mrs. Arthur A. Denton, 

Jr., 5 5 Wesley Street, Baldwin, N. Y. 
Hallett, Katherine K., '42, Mrs. George Ray, 

Jr., 2210 Beverly Drive, Charlotte, N. C. 
HalliBurton, Juliet, '3 5g, Mrs. Oscar W. Bur- 
nett, 2316 Kirkpatrick Place, Greensboro, 

N. C. 
Halsell, Emilie C, '27, Mrs. John H. Marston, 

208 East, 39th Street, Baltimore 18, Md. 
Halsey, Jacqueline, '47, Spray, N. C. 
Halsey, Josephine E., '28, Mrs. Carl B. Day, 

Maplewood Avenue, Dobbs Ferry, N. Y. 
Ham, Margaret, '22, 8734 4th Avenue, South, 

Birmingham, Ala. 
Ham, Mary Mills, '28, Mrs. J. A. Thomas. 
Hamann, Elizabeth, '24, Mrs. James Easley, 

Cedar Road, Chesterland, Ohio. 
Hamblett, Amanda E., '45, Mrs. Robert W. 

Hamburger, Frances I., '24, Mrs. Thomas S. 

Tuggle, 1418 Gordon Court, Columbus, Ga. 
Hamer, Jean, '42, 331 Warren Avenue, Cin- 
cinnati 20, Ohio. 
Hamilton, Betty W., '3 5, Mrs. Madison Hunt, 

10 Hillside Road, Claymont, Del. 
Hamilton, Dorothy, '26g, Mrs. Allan C. Davis, 

3 01 Somerset Road, Baltimore 10, Md. 
Hamilton, Helen M., '41, Mrs. Joseph W. 

Lewis, Jr., 7632 Westmoreland, Clayton, Mo. 
Hamilton, Jane H., '42, Mrs. James A. Mc- 

Naughton, 1098 Regent Street, Schenectady 

8, N. Y. 
Hamilton, Mary W., '3 8, Mrs. Conrad J. 

Schuck, Jr. 
Hammel, Genevieve, '5 0, Mrs. Peter D. Geer, 

Verde Valley School, Sedona, Ariz. 
Hammer, Elizabeth Jane, '40, Mrs. Donald C. 

Morrell, 77 5 E. Wesley Road, N. E., Apt. 

3, Atlanta, Ga. 



Hammersmith, Helen, '26, Mrs. Dillard An- 
derson, deceased, 1937. 
Hammond, Louise, '19g, Mrs. Frederic H. 

Skinner, 441 Sea Breeze Avenue, Palm Beach, 

Hammond, Mary Frances, '33, Mrs. John A. 

Cook, R.F.D. 1, Mt. Kisco, N. Y. 
Hammond, Mattie, '21g, Mrs. Richard M. 

Smith, 7606 Maury Arch, Lochaven, Nor- 
folk 8, Va. 
Hamner, Harriet, '33, 301 Grand Boulevard, 

Greenwood, Miss. 
Hampton, Corinne, (A), Mrs. H. Peronneau 

Brown, 122 Quinlan, Lynchburg, Va. 
Hampton, Elizabeth, '22, Mrs. Edivard N. 

Donaldson, 24 Brookdale Road, Newtonville, 

Hampton, Frances, '2 5, Mrs. Bromlee Curry, 

Lynwood Boulevard, Nashville, Tenn. 
Hampton, Loiette, '22g, Mrs. Foster Htime. 

Jr., Helena Court Apts., Belle Meade Blvd., 

Nashville, Tenn. 
Hampton, Wilburn, L., '27, Mrs. Van Kincan- 

non Rogers, 618 Madison Heights, Tupelo, 

Hancel, Clarice L., '3 2, Mrs. Frederic H. 

Sturdy, 611 N. Alpine Drive, Beverly Hills, 

Hanckel, Florence L., (A), Mrs. John T. 

Jameson, 4401 Broadway, Indianapolis 5, Ind. 
Hancock. Belle C, '33g, Mrs. Asa I. Atkins, 

56S6 Grandin Road, Cincinnati 26, Ohio. 
Hancock, Constance, '48g, 202 Summit Avenue, 

Syracuse, N. Y. 
Hancock, Dora J-, '_25.g, Mrs. Coleman S. Wil- 
liams, East Ferry Lane, Saugatuck, Conn. 
Hancock, Katherine, '23g, Mrs. Henry C. Land, 

104 Banbury Road, Richmond 21, Va. 
Hancock, Mary Elizabeth, '49g, 18927 Shel- 

burne Road, Shaker Heights, Ohio. 
Hancock, Ruth, (A), Mrs. R. W. Murrell, 209 

Warren Avenue, Lynchburg, Va. 
Handerson, Claire E., '3 8g, Mrs. Carroll H. 

Chapin, 22449 Westchester Road, Shaker 

Heights 22, Ohio. 
Hanger, Elizabeth W., '42g, 32 Aberdeen 

Place, Clayton, Mo. 
Hanger, Lucy, '24, Mrs. E. H. Irby, deceased. 
Hanifen, Thelma C, '34g, Mrs. Irvin Fried, 

244 Meeting House Lane, Merion, Pa. 
Hanitchj Catherine Louise, '21, Oak Ter- 
race, Minn. 
Hanna, Isabelle, '20, Mrs. LeRoy F. Golds- 
borough, Boyce Avenue, Ruxton, Baltimore 

4, Md. 
Hanna, Katherine, '34, 2 560 Eden Avenue, 

Cincinnati 19, Ohio. 
Hanna, Nancy P., '20g, R.F.D. 1, Gaithers- 

burg, Md. 
Hannah, Marilyn V., 46, Mrs. C. K. Crocker, 

731 Hinman Avenue, Evanston, 111. 
Hanner, Claire, '27g, Mrs. Wylie H. Arnold, 

2410 Vernon Drive, Charlotte, N. C. 
Hannoch, Louise A., '42, Mrs. Leonard M. 

Gersten, 164 Harrison Street, East Orange, 

N. J. 

Hansen, Carolyn A., '22, Mrs. Everett Reed. 

Hanson, Helen, '34g, Mrs. W. P. Bamford, 406 
East Wayne Street, Maumee, Ohio. 

Happ, Josephine T., '3 8g, Mrs. Spain Willing- 
ham, 20 5 Jackson Springs Road, Macon, Ga. 

Harber, Annette, (A), Commerce, Ga. 

Harbison, Cynthia C, '3 5g, Mrs. Carl W. 
Hey, 26 Lawrence Road, Scarsdale, N. Y. 

Hardesty, Edythe E., '3 2, Miramont Apts., 
University Circle, University, Va. 

Hardesty, Martha Jane, '37, Mrs. E. F. O'Shea, 
Carmel, Calif. 

Hardie, Anne G., '26, Mrs. Thomas Chapman, 
1020 Valley Lane, Cincinnati 29, Ohio. 

Hardie, Helen, '28, 887 East Beach, Biloxi, 

Hardie, Sue, '13, Mrj. William T. Bell, 40 
Sherman Avenue, Glen Ridge, N. J. 

Hardin, Charlotte P., '34, Mrs. C. H. Arm- 
strong, Jr., Box 18, Laurens, S. C. 

Hardin, Virginia, '3 7g, 2310 Willow Road, 
North brook, HI. 

Harding, Cynthia Ann, '48, 132 Park Drive, 
San Antonio 1, Texas. 

Harding, Margaret, '29g, Mrs. Robert P. Kelly, 
24 Summit Avenue, Pampston Lakes, N. J. 

Hardwick, Catharine Ellen, '49g, "Gray Tops," 
Rydal, Pa. 

Hardy, Helen, '47, 4008 St. Ives Court, Louis- 
ville 7, Ky. 

Hardy, Jane, '28, Mrs. Charles F. Bellows, 
3 84 Fordham Parkway, Bay Village, Ohio. 

Hardy, Jane H., '43, Mrs. William G. Harris, 
4800 Pocahontas Avenue, Richmond, Va. 

Hardy, Margaret L., '24. 

Hardy, Suzanne, '48g, Mrs. Ira Beaufort, 1102 
CaroUna Avenue, Augusta, Ga. 

Hargraves, Grace L., '19, Mrs. Phillip Mills. 

Hargrove, N. Eleanor, '41, Mrs. W. E. Jobron, 
921 Prospect Avenue, Shreveport, La. 

Harkin, Bernice, (A), Somerville. Texas. 

Harkin, loline, (A), Mrs. /. C. Lauderdale, 
Somerville, Texas. 

Harlan, Josephine P., '41, Mrs. Kenneth C. 
Darby, 729 Wood Avenue, Florence, Ala. 

Harley, Annette B., '3 6, Mrs. Joseph Chappell, 
3 813 W Street, S. E., Washington 20, D. C. 

Harman, Ann Gary, '29g, Mrs. John E. Biggs, 
Tazewell, Va. 

Harman, Mary, '24, Mrs. Henry J. White, 20 5 
Oakhurst Avenue, Bluefield, W. Va. 

Harman, Ruth, '3 9g, Mrs. Arthur L. Reiser, 
Jr., 170 Jefferson Road, Princeton, N. J. 

Harmon, Jeanne, '3 3, Mrs. Lloyd Weisberger. 

Harms, Elizabeth, '28g, Mrs. John E. Slaugh- 
ter, Jr., 3 20 Mockingbird Hill Road, Louis- 
ville 7, Ky. 

Harned, Eleanor, '24g, Mrs. Louis C. Arp, 
152 5 29th Street, Moline, 111. 

Harned, Louise, '28g, Mrs. George W. Ross, 
Jr., 415 S. Washington Street, Hinsdale, 111. 

Harper, Dorothy C, '3 6, Mrs. Henry Bridges. 

Harper, Edith, (A), Mrs. Frederic Collier, 700 
Parkside Avenue, Trenton 8, N. J. 

Harper, Helene, '22. 


Harper, Louise, '27, 3 5 St. Paul Road, Ard 

more, Pa. 
Harpster, Helen A., '2 5, Mrs. Henry Seney, 

2141 Robinwood Avenue, Toledo, Ohio. 
Harpster, Hilda T., '27g, c/o Biology Depart 

ment. Woman's College of the University of 

North Carolina, Greensboro, N. C. 
Harris, Adelaide, '2 5g, Mrs. fames D. Holmes 

Jr., 1705 Mallory Street, Jacksonville 5, Fla 
Harris, Ann, '48, Mrs. George T. Bellou's, 2221 

Norfolk Avenue, Apt. 4, Houston, Texas. 
Harris, Natalie, '3 9, Mrs. John I. Wheatley 

Berger Road, Mt. Carmel, Conn. 
Harris, Emma Nan, '28, Mrs. William M 

McClarin, 615 Wataga Drive, Louisville 6 

Harris, Gwin, '27, Mrs. A. C. Scott, Jr., 618 

North 9th Street, Temple, Texas. 
Harris, Janet, '31, deceased, 193 6. 
Harris, Jeanne A., '40g, c/o William Rockhill 

Nelson Gallery of Art, 45 2 5 Oak Street, 

Kansas City, Mo. 
Harris, Jean O., (A), 4 5 Grattan Street, 

Harrisonburg, Va. 
Harris, Julia G., '3 3g, Mrs. David E. Toomey, 

1920 North Walnut, Dover, Ohio. 
Harris, Margaret M., '37, Mrs. Graham Clark, 

267 Chestnut Street, Englewood, N. J. 
Harris, Mary B., (A), Mrs. Francis H. Lnding- 

ton, 1 Hillcrest Drive, Pelham Manor, N. Y. 
Harris, Mildred, (S), 5 Springdale Court, 

Greensboro, N. C. 
Harris, Ruth R., '48, 3102 St. John's Avenue, 

Jacksonville, Fla. 
Harris, Zelda, '22, Mrs. Roy Lindsay, 2247 

Stanmore, Houston, Texas. 
Harrison, Alma, '19, Wharton, Texas. 
Harrison, Anne Lee, '3 9g, Mrs. Robert M. 

Brown, Route 1, Lancaster Pike, Wilmington, 

Harrison, Annie W., '24, Mrs. I. C. Kearfott. 
Harrison, Cynthia, '41g, Mrs. Albion C. Drink- 
water, 38 Lincoln Street, Hingham, Mass. 
Harrison, Dorothy C, '18. 
Harrison, Elizabeth, '27, Mrs. A. H. Wallace, 

58 Union Street, Montclair, N. J. 
Harrison, Elizabeth B., '41, Mrs. William B. 

Monroe, Jr., 313 Ramsay Avenue, Hopewell, 

Harrison, Frances E., (A), Mrs. Frederick 

Webster, Amherst, Va. 
Harrison, Frances M., '3 0g, Mrs. R. N. Mc- 

Giffert, 2600 East 2nd Street, Duluth 5, 

Harrison, Harriet, '16. 
Harrison, Julia, '29, Mrs. Javtes W. Watts, 

4661 Garfield Street, N. W., Washington, 

D. C. 
Harrison, Margaret Anne, '44, Mrs. Lang- 
borne Washbiirn, 2800 Scott Street, San 

Francisco, Calif. 
Harrison, Norine, '14, Mrs. Harley Askew, 

deceased, 1941. 
Harrison, Rosalie, (A), Mrs. Marion T. Ma- 

Harrison, Sara, '31, Mrs. John F. Scheefz, 

Wawaset Apts., Wilmington, Del. 
Harrison, Sarah, '3 2g, Mrs. Arthur J. Merrill, 

3 555 Nancy Creek Road, Atlanta, Ga. 
Karrold, Alice, '2 8g, Mrs. L. Howard Morgan, 

5 20 Harrold Avenue, Americus, Ga. 
Hart, Alice, (A), Mrs. Stanley R. Eddy. 
Hart, Antionette T., '44, Mrs. Herbert H. 

Moore, Jr., 16 Raleigh Court Apt., Char- 
lottesville, Va. 
Hart, Katharine Lindsay, '49g, 183 6 West 

Grace Street, Richmond, Va. 
Hart, Nan Garland, '47g, Mrj. William W. 

Stone, 3 07 N. Allen Avenue, Richmond 20, 

Hartford, Dorothy, '3 0, Mrs. Jack McGivern. 
Hartman, Elizabeth K., '44^ 1305 Homestead 

Lane, Lancaster, Pa. 
Hartman, Virginia J., '39, 2419 East 5th 

Street, Duluth, Minn. 
Hartridge, Elizabeth, '3 6, 37 North Central 

Avenue, Hartsdale, N. Y. 
Hartsuff, Tate, '2 8, Mrs. John Kjihus, de- 
ceased, 1938. 
Hartt, Evelyn, '2 8, 3 2 Court Street, Ports- 
mouth, Va. 
Hartt, Katherine A., '22, 3 2 Court Street, 

Portsmouth, Va. 
Hartz, Nancy Ross, '47, 318 Brady Street, 

Apt. 4, Davenport, Iowa. 
Harvey, Martha Anne, '3 6, Mrs. James A. 

Gwinn, 528 11th Avenue, Huntington 1, 

W. Va. 
Harvey, Ruth, '16, Mrs. Hal R. Keeling, 5 519 

N. Meridian Street, Indianapolis 8, Ind. 
Harwell, Rosemary, 4 5, Mrs. Wayne L. Van 

Vleet, 1110 Gaylord Street, Denver 6, Colo. 
Haseltine, Helen, '26g. 
Haskell, Caroline A., '48, 327 Franklin Street, 

Geneva, 111. 
Haskell, Susan H., '31, Mrs. Theran R. Har- 

rell. Manikin, Va. 
Haskins, Helen, (A), Mrs. Riidolph Geissler, 

3 714 Peachtree Road, N. E., Atlanta, Ga. 
Haskins, Margaret, '22, Mrs. Charles J. Van 

Haskins, Mary Fiske, '45g, Mrs. Jetton S. King, 

Lookout Mountain, Tenn. 
Haskins, Nancy F., '40g, Mrj. David Elliot, 

101 Front Street, Marblehead, Mass. 
Hassler, Patricia L., '47, Mrs. John Schtiber, 

Jr., 2709 Haverford Place, Charlotte 3, 

N. C. 
Hasson, Ruth, '3 0g, Mrs. John S. Smith, 204 

Lingrove Place, Pittsburgh 8, Pa. 
Hastings, Mary Jane, '3 5, Mrs. Jack B. Gaff, 

827 Forest, South Bend, Ind. 
Hastorf, Hilda Hope, '3 8g, 108 Harrison 

Avenue, WestSeld, N. J. 
Hatch, Virginia, (S), Mrs. Russell Chase, 2963 

Montgomery Road, Cleveland, Ohio. 
Hathaway, Jean P. '3 2, Mrs. Allan B. Temple, 

4116 Clausen, Western Springs, 111. 
Hathaway, Louise R., '41g, Mrs. John P. Doel- 

ker, 144-3 5 Northern Boulevard, Flushing, 

L. L, N. Y. 


Hattqn, Mary W., '20, Mrs. A. S. Mason, All 

North Street, Portsmouth, Va. 
Hauber, Ethel F., '3 9g, Mrs. Joseph J. Crowe, 

Jr., Highland and Delaware Avenue, 

Marshallton, Del. 
Hauch, Katherine, '21, 515 Grove Avenue, 

Johnstown, Pa. 
Hauseman, Shirley, '42g, 1014 Lake Avenue, 

Wilmette, 111. 
Hauslein, Ann, '42s, Mrs. Thomas G. Potfer- 

field, Broadwater Apts., R. D. No. 2, Phoe- 

nixville, Pa. 
Haverty, Betty R., '44g, Mrs. Alexander W. 

Smith, Jr., 1760 Peachtree, Atlanta, Ga. 
Haviland, Elizabeth, (A), Mrs. Louis J. Zerbee, 

301 East Chillicothe Avenue, Bellefontaine, 

Haviland, Lavinia, (A), Mrs. Siebel Harris, 

deceased, 1941. 
Hawes, Charlotte L., '34, 2600 Merrick Street, 

Ft. Worth, Texas. 
Hawes, Madeline T., '3 3, 200 Dewey Avenue, 

Honolulu, Hawaii. 
Hawkins, Anne, (A), Mrs. William L. Lee, 

Box 168, Marsh Hill, Fayetteville, W. Va. 
Hawkins, Gabrielle, (A), Mrs. Henry M. 

Herbener, 406 Remington Avenue, Thomas- 

ville, Ga. 
Hawkins, Jency, (A). 

Hawkins, Katherine, '21, Mrs. F. F. Baker. 
Hawkins, Mary Sloan, '44g, 410 6th Avenue, 

Hattiesburg, Miss. 
Hawley, Nathalie, (A). 
Hawley, Ruth, (A), Mrs. L. E. Brefz. 
Hay, Elizabeth, '22, Mrs. George Lamar, 4614 

5th Avenue, Fairfax Apt., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Hayden, Mary Jane, '34, Mrs. E. T. Nichols, 


Hayes, Ellen, '14g. 

Hayes, Ellen L., '29, Mrs. Lyle L. Brush, de- 
ceased, 1941. 

Haynes, Annie, (A), Mrs. George E. Roulette, 
911 West Over Avenue, Norfolk 7, Va. 

Haynes, Virginia, '3 2, Mrs. Georg,e J. Huebner, 
Jr., Vaughn Road, Bloomfield Hills, Mich. 

Haynie, Ellen, (A), Mrs. S. A. West, 1421 
Dyer Avenue, Cincinnati 3 0, Ohio. 

Hays, Helen, '3 8g, Mrs. Francis J. Crowley, 
i646 Rawnsdale Road, Shaker Heights 22, 

Hays, Jane, '3 2g, Mrs. Richard F. Dowler, 
Navajo Road, Brookside Farms, Pittsburgh 
16, Pa. 

Hays, Ruth F., (S), Mrs. Richard F. Solomon. 

Hays, Susan A., '3 8, Mrs. George V. Ashbrook, 
412 W. Franklin Street, Winchester, Ind. 

Haywood, Shirley B., '3 8g, Mrs. T. W. Alex- 
ander, Jr., 153 5 Caswell Street, Raleigh, 
N. C. 

Hazard, Rozjelia, '43 g, Mrs. E. Sheldon Potter, 
37 Edgewood Terrace, Belle Haven, Alex- 
andria, Va. 

Hazelton, Mary Frances, '40, 5 3 79 Waterman 
Avenue, St. Louis, Mo. 

Hazen, Harriet Jane, '4 5g, Mrs. Clyde 
Schmoeller, 243 Judson Avenue, Alton, 111. 

Hazlehurst, Jean, '47g, Mrs. Malcolm S. Cone, 
Jr., 3 900 N. Galloway Drive, Memphis 11, 

Hazlewood, Tavenner, '26g, Mrs. Philip B. 
Whitaker, 1419 Winding Way, Chattanooga, 

Headley, Christine M., '42, Mrs. Craig. Allen, 

20 Mohegan Village, Yonkers, N. Y. 
Heald, Alice M., '29, Mrs. Alice H. Mays. 
Healy, Elizabeth T., '45g, Mrs. Gordon B. Cut- 
ler, 411 Chesapeake Avenue, Newport News, 

Heath, Caroline, '3Ig, Mrs. Htcgh N. P. 

Tuns tall, 13 26 Stockley Gardens, Norfolk 

7, Va. 
Heath, Ella C, (A), Mrs. James Elliot, 417 

South Elm Street, Hinsdale, 111. 
Heath, Rosa E., '29, Mrs. James Bridges, 

Avenue "C," Virginia Beach, Va. 
Heaton, Jessie, (A), Mrs. Stanley Mills. 
Heber, Olga A., '3 9, Mrs. Gerard Kaufmann, 

91 Grandview Avenue, White Plains, N. Y. 
Hecht, Mia Lotte, '4 5, Mrs. Thomas S. Mor- 
gan, 749 Woodward Way, N. W., Atlanta, 

Hedges, Dorothy, '3 3, Mrs. Robert L. Gushing, 

1 Fairfield Drive, Short Hills, N. J. 
Hedges, Emma S., '34, Mrs. Samuel S. Clark, 

73 5 Park Street, Charlottesville, Va. 
Hedges, Mary Alice, '3 9, Mrs. A. Calder Wil- 

lingham, Fairyland, Lookout Mountain, 

Hedley, Jean Alice, '42g, Mrs. James H. Currie, 

Box 481, Riverdale, N. J. 
Hefley, Marie, (A), Mrs. David Googins, 808 

Summit Avenue, Ft. Worth, Texas. 
Heggie, Lucille, (A). 
Height, Mary Elizabeth, '40, Mrs. Thomas 

Black, III, 218 Boston Boulevard, Sea Girt, 

N. J. 
Heims, Rosalind, (A), Mrs. Edivard Freund 
Heindel, Jeanne, '22, Mrs. Walker R. Hall, 

Route 2, Ashland, Kentucky. 
Heizer, Virginia T., '3 8g, Mrs. Smith Hicklen- 

looper, Jr., 1147 Beverly Hills Drive, Cin- 
cinnati 26, Ohio. 
Helmick, Frances B., '21, Mrs. Harold Buell, 

41 West South Street, Worthington, Ohio. 
Hemphill, Ruth, '41g, Mrs. John F. De Buys, 

3 731 Montrose Road, Birmingham, Ala. 
Hempstead, Adelaide, (A), Mrs. Kenneth M. 

Hempstone, Ida Lee, (A), Mrs. Clifford C. 

Henderson, Adelaide, '29g, Mrs. William F. E. 

Henderson, Eleanor, '3 0g, Mrs. Guy H. Merry, 

2911 Lake Forest Drive, Augusta, Ga. 
Henderson, Frances, (A), Mrs. L. B. Houff, 

Jr., Forest, Va. 
Henderson, Helen, '3 1, Mrs. J. Raymond Hen- 
derson, 3 73 2 Maner Road, Chevy Chase, 

Henderson, Jane, '17g, Forest, Va. 
Henderson, ]ane, '3 0, Mrs. Frank T. Linton, 



Henderson, Katherine, '4 5, Route 1, German- 
town, Tenn. 
Henderson, Lydia, B., '48, Mrs. William A. 

Henderson, Marie Ann, '49g, 818 Bryant 

Avenue, Winnetka, 111. 
Henderson, Mary, '31s, Mrs. John H. Averill, 
1530 Windham Road, Heath Wood, Colum- 
bia, S. C. 
Henderson, Martha B., '31, Mrs. Hubert Go- 
ings, 3 546 Altamont Road, Birmingham, 

Henderson, Curtis, '23, Mrs. Claude Ramsey, 

Airport Road, Spartanburg, S. C. 
Henderson, Mary E., '49, Mrs. O. Nelson 
Bryan, Jr., 220 W. Washington Avenue, 
Kirkwood, Mo. 

Henderson, McCall, '48g, 2812 Cortland 
Place, N. W., Washington, D. C. 

Hendrix, Ruth, '3 0, Mrs. R. Hendrix Vann, 
Box 5 74, Atlantic Beach, Fla. 

Henigbaum, Betty, '34, Mrs. Edward L. Miles, 
601 Liberty. Elkhart, Ind. 

Henigbaum, Margaret, '24, Mrs. Eugene Cur- 
tis, Hillcrest, Clinton, Iowa. 

Henline, Dorothy, '29, Mrs. Dorn C. McGrath, 
222 Interstate Parkway, Bradford, Pa. 

Henne, Ruth, 24g, Mrs. J. Lawrence Miles, de- 
ceased, 1929. 

Henry, Aylette B., (A), Mrs. A. Henry Peery, 
Hotel St. Frances, 1208 Walnut Street, 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

Henry, Martha Beatrice, '20, Mrs. Nelson C. 
Dezendorf, 810 Taft Road, Hinsdale, 111. 

Hensel, Alberta, (A), Mrs. Joseph Pew, Jr., 
Mill Creek Road and Dodds Lane, Ardmore, 

Hensel, Edwina, (A), Mrs. D. C. Wharton 
Smith, 2 Wyndhurst Avenue, Baltimore 10, 

Hensley, Stuart, '40, Mrs. Gilbert H. Wood- 
ward, c/o Lt. Col. G. H. Woodward, U. S. 
Military Academy, West Point, N. Y. 

Hensley, Ruth G., '42g, Mrs. Joshua F. B. 
Camblos, 109 Langley Road, Newton Centre, 

Hepburn, Alice Sarah, '44g, 27 Linden Lane, 
Princeton, N. J. 

Hepler, Barbara '48, Mrs. Philip Jefferson. 

Herbert, Georgia H., '40^, Mrs. George C. 
Hart, I'^IA Monroe Street, Columbia, S. C. 

Herbert, Mary B., '4 5g, Mrs. Edmund R. 
Taylor, 329 Edisto Avenue, Columbia, S. C. 

Herbison, Dorothy L., '2 5g, Mrs. Howard T. 
Hawkins, 2 5 Maplewood Avenue, Spencer- 
port, N. Y. 

Herd, Mary, (S), Mrs. Ferdinand Moors, 616 
Washington, Sherman, Texas. 

Hereford, Josephine, '22, Mrs. Hart Smith. 

Herr, Sara Cecil, '47g, Mrs. John T. Perry, 
68 5 Elsmere Park, Lexington 45, Ky. 

Herrick, Leslie P., '44g, 224 Sullivan Street, 
Apt. D 42, New York 12, N. Y. 

Hertz, Mabel, '16, Mrs. John H. Moffat, 5511 
University Avenue, Indianapolis 1, Ind. 

Hesson, Helen V., '3 8g, Mrs. J. Sidney Binns, 

Charles City, Va. 
Hesson, Louise, '44g, Mrs. Robert C. Shelburne, 

3 021 Floyd Avenue, Richmond, Va. 
Hesson, Mary E., '3 6g, Mrs. Thomas W. Petty- 
john, "Green Hill," Monroe, Va. 
Hester, Frances R., '44g, Mrs. William H. L. 

Dornette, Apt. 202, 23 15 North 11th Street, 

Arlington, Va. 
Hetzel, Helene C, '34, Mrs. B. Kenneth John- 
Heurtley, Katherine, '16, Mrs. Dai id Griffith, 

deceased, 193 5. 
Hewes, Mona Louise, '3 6, Mrs. John D. Holby, 

Hewlett, Amelia Yancy, '3 8, Mrs. Ton G. Per- 

Hibberd, Helen, '13, Mrs. Carroll W. Reed, 

Pleasant Valley, Wheeling, W. Va. 
Hibbs, Elizabeth F., '29g, 3 Rockefeller 

Plaza (Rm. 1802), New York 20, N. Y. 
Hickin, Gertrude M., '31, 1583 Mistletoe 

Drive, Cleveland, Ohio. 
Hickman, Mabel, '3 3, Mrs. John M. Flaitz, 

3 702 Knollwood Drive, Houston, Texas. 
Hicks, Alleine B., '20, 187 College Street, Ox- 
ford, N. C. 
Hicks, Cornelia, '3 8, Mrs. William M. Kanf- 

Hicks, Elisabeth H., '45g, 1616 34th Street, 

N. W., Washington 7, D. C. 
Hicks, Georgia, '22, deceased. 
Hicks, Marian, (A), Mrs. G. K. Headley. 
Hicok, Harriet, '3 6. 
Hiett, Margaret Lovina, '29g. 
Higginbotham, Ruth, '26, Mrs. Frank McCoy. 
Higgins, Elizabeth, '3 2g, Mrs. Frank Plumnter, 

2904 Coachman Avenue, Tampa 6, Fla. 
Higgins, Mary Lyle, '34^ Mrs. Gilbert L. 

Porsche, 47 Gould Street, Bedford, Ohio. 
High, Margaret, '20g, Mrs. Edward D. Nor- 

ment, 606 Church Street, Paris, Texas. 
High, Sara Elizabeth, '3 6g, Mrs. William P. 

Gregg, 1 Lexington Avenue, Havertown, Pa. 
Hill, Alverta, '40, Mrs. Samuel T. Thompson, 

23 Cleveland, Lynchburg, Va. 
Hill, Annie Belle, '46g, Mrs. Griffith Edwards, 

Amherst, Va. 
Hill, Esther D., '22, Mrs. Edivard H. Roberts. 
Hill, Beverley, '3 5g, Mrs. John P. Furniss. 602 

Lauderdale Street, Selma, Ala. 
Hill, Helen, '2 5, Mrs. Kenneth D. Brown, 3 S. 

Brookwood Drive, Montclair, N. J. 
Hill, Katherine I., '40, Mrs. John S. Apperson, 

III, lis 6 Clifton Park Avenue, Schenectady, 

N. Y. 
Hill, Marian, '18, Mrs. Richard R. Ginther, 

deceased, 1947. 
Hill, Emory, '41g, Mrs. Daniel F. Rex, Lilla 

Alby Gard, Sunbyberg, Sweden. 
Hill, Virginia, (A), Mrs. Harold R. Smartt. 
Hills, Emma, '3 3, Mrs. Lewis B. Boyd, 4 5 

Tudor City Place, New York 17, N. Y. 
Hiltebrant, Mildred, (A), Mrs. Jay LeFevre, 

Wardman Park, Washington, D. C. 
Hilton, Dorothy, (A), Mrs. Willard Baxley. 



Hilton, Elizabeth Hale, '29g, 822 Hinman 

Avenue, Evanston, 111. 
Hilton, Gillette, '31s, Mrs. Frank R. Pritcbard, 

Mayfair Hotel No. 502, 5496 Hyde Park 

Boulevard, Chicago 1 5, 111. 
Hilton, Louise, (A), Mrs. Louise H. Ferguson, 

1279 Peachtree Street, Atlanta, Ga. 
Himes, Mary Lorraine, '3 6g, Mrs. Arthur E. 

Bed does, 3 510 Woodmont Road, Toledo 6, 

Hinds, lone, '14, Mrs. Otis-Denton Durbin. 
Hines, Anne, (A), deceased. 
Hines, Leah, '22, Mrs. Booker Cunningham, 

Wilson, N. C. 
Hines, Martha S., (A), Mrs. David L. Dixon, 

208 S. McLuvean, Kinston 3, N. C. 
Hippie, Virginia, '28, Mrs. John Baugher, Jr., 

3781 Georgetown, Houston, Texas. 
Hirshon, Margaret M., '49, 283 N. Oxford 

Street, Hartford, Conn. 
Hirst, Eloise, (A), Mrs. William Couper, 408 

V. M. I. Parade, Lexington, Va. 
Hitch, Frances, '45, Mrs. Forest B. Vick, 7341 

Oak Hill Drive, Houston 17, Texas. 
Hire, Margaret P., '37, Mrs. W. Howard Pal- 
Hix, jaquelin, '3 0, Mrs. H. L. Barnard, Wise, 

Hoagland, Emily, '29, Mrs. Harrison Peddie. 
Hoard, Ruth J., '24, Mrs. Arthur Bezdek, 

2204 Bunts Road, Lakewood, Ohio. 
Hobart, Joyce M., '3 5g, Mrs. Lawrence M. Bul- 

lard, Germantown, N. Y. 
Hobbs, Allen M., Mrs. Charles Capps, Alinda 

Gables, Greenwood, Miss.. 
Hobbs, Helen, (A), Mrs. Severn Duvall, 1332 

Cloncurry Road, Norfolk 8, Va. 
Hobgood, Margaret, '26, Mrs. James Ward, 

Peabody College, Nashville, Tenn. 
Hobitsell, Lucy F., '3 5, 115 West 12th Street, 

Parkersburg, W. Va. 
Hobson, Patricia, (A), Mrs. Robert D. Eagles- 
field, 2 5 East 37th Street, Indianapolis, Ind. 
Hodgdon, Doris Mae, '3 2, Mrs. Frank f. Wen- 

ning, 3 1 5 Westover Road, Stamford, Conn. 
Hodge, Dorothy, (A), deceased. 
Hodge, Elizabeth, '19g, Mrs. Carl A. Markgraj, 

6263 Kincaid Road, Cincinnati 13, Ohio. 
Hodge, Katherine, '40g, 23 5 South Elm Street, 

Henderson, Ky. 
Hodge, Kathaleen, '15, Mrs. LeRoy May, 412 

East Washington Street, Paris, 111. 
Hodges, Elizabeth, '2 5g, Mrs. Hunter R. 

Booker, South Boston, Va. 
Hodges, Hortense, (A), Mrs. H. D. Clarke, 

28 Court Street, Portsmouth, Va. 
Hodges, Lucy B., '42g, Mrs. William A. Ful- 
ler, 715 5 Washington Street, C2#l, Alex- 
andria, Va. 
Hodges, Mary Frances, '29, South Boston, Va. 
Hodges, Mildred, '3 2, Mrs. fames A. Ferry, 

313 6 Pine Ridge Road, Birmingham 9, Ala.' 
Hodges, Preston, '49g, 31 Belmead Street, 

Petersburg, Va. 

Hodgskin, Helen, '22, Mrs. Maximillian Fin- 
gerhuth, 80 Feldegg Street, Zurich, Swit- 

Hodgson, Josephine, '24, Mrs. John R. Hal- 
sell, Jr., 5021 Bryce, Ft. Worth 7, Texas. 

Hodgson, Ruth L., '22, Mrs. Samuel J. Lang, 
1414 Lincoln Street, Evanston, 111. 

Hodgson, Virginia, '29g, Mrs. R. C. Sutliff, 
473 3 24th Road, North, Arlington, Va. 

Hodill, Martha, '39g, Mrs. C. Vey Smith, 
6929 Meade Street, Pittsburgh 8, Pa. 

Hodnett, Marguerite, '28g, Mrj. James G. 
McDaniel, 820 West Westley Road, Atlanta, 

Hoeber, Julia, '41g, Mrs. Richard R. Condit, 
3 00 East 57th Street, New York 22, N. Y. 

Hoehn, Betty Jean, '47g, R.F.D. 5, Box 3 56, 
Memphis, Tenn. 

Hoff, Elizabeth, '3 6, Mrs. John H. Way, Jr. 

Hoffecker, Helen E., '34g, Mrs. Frank F. 
Roehm, 318 S. Queen Street, Lancaster, Pa. 

Hoffman, Adaline, '29, Mrs. Richard E. 
Allen, 3 Aldrich Way, Westhaven, Wil- 
mington 79, Del. 

Hoffman, Martha Lee, '44g, Mrs. Harry E. 
McCoy, Jr., 1246 Westover Avenue, Apt. 
6, Norfolk, Va. 

Hoffman, Shirley, '39, Mrj. EdtVard E. Law- 
rence, 18 Brooklawn, Stamford, Conn. 

Hofmayer, Juliette, '22, Mrs. Norman R. 
Kohnfelder, 54 Riverside Drive, New York 
24, N. Y. 

Hogans, Clara, '22g, Mrs. W. Floyd Keepers, 
709 N. West Street, Wheaton, 111. 

Hogc, Bessie, '23g, Mrs. Bessie H. Brown, 163 
Monument Avenue, Richmond 20, Va. 

Hoge, Mary Ann, '22. 

Hogg, Alice, (A), Mrs. Alice H. Seneff, 
1082 Shady Avenue, Pittsburgh 6, Pa. 

Hogg, Mary Caroline, '20, 1082 Shady Ave- 
nue, Pittsburgh 6, Pa. 

Hogue, Caroline, '3 3, Mrs. George Morris, Jr., 
c/o Mrs. Charles F. Hogue, 910 Mont- 
gomery Avenue, Sheffield, Ala. 

Hogue, Margaret, '2 5g, Mrs. John M. Pfatitz, 
Jr., R.F.D. 1, Sherwood Forest, Annapolis, 
Hogue, Susanne, '42, Mrs. Henry Deas, Jr., 56 
B. South Battery, Charleston, S. C. 

Holcomb, Margaret, '37, Mrs. Hugh F. Mac- 

Holcombe, Priscilla, '34, 1801 16th Street, 
Washington 9, D. C. 

Holden, Helen Orissa, '3 6g, North Compo 

Road, Westport, Conn. 
Holden, Jane, '3 9, Mrs. Jack M. Walker, 118 

Bales Avenue, Chattanooga 4, Tenn. 
Holderness, Anna, '3 0, Mrs. William M. Tran- 
sou, 310 Wentworth Drive, Greensboro, 
N. C. 
Holderness, Mary Jane, '37, Mrs. Thomas L. 

Holihan, Edna, (A), Mrs. Edna H. Strachan. 
Holland, Alma, '39, Mrs. Russell S. Leeton, 
43 3 12th Street, Parkersburg, W. Va. 


Holland, Mary, '3 6, Mrs. John D. Eure, 6Q7 

N. Broad Street, Suffolk, Va. 
Holland, Mary, '46, Eastville, Va. 
HoUeman, Beverly, '44, Mrs. Anthony H. 

Richard, Jr. 
Hollerith, Sarah, '44, Mrs. Erich Nieisch, 

4721 East Lane, Baltimore 10, Md. 
HoUis, Amelia, '29g, Mrs. Thomas K. Scott, 

3 606 Plymouth Place, Lynchburg, Va. 
Holloway, Betty, '47, Mrs. Barry Harmon, 600 

S. Perry Street, Montgomery 5, Ala. 
Holloway, Tallulah, '25, Mrs. Van B. Harris, 

126 W. Norwood Court, San Antonio 1, 

Holman, Barbara, '41g, Mrs. William W. 

Whitcomb, Jr., 260 Grove Street, Wellesley 

81, Mass. 
Holman, Marie, '47, Mrs. Bayard T. Van 

Hecke, 114 Woodland Circle, Jackson, Miss. 
Holmes, Ann-Barrett, '49g, 18 Brooklawn 

Drive, Short Hills, N. J. 
Holmes, Dorothy Jean, '3 3, Mrs. Berrywan 

W. Edwards, 45 6 Wissahickon Avenue, 

Cedartown, Ga. 
Holmes, Elizabeth, (A), Hernando, Miss. 
Holmes, Joeselle Marye, '49g, 210 S. Wash- 
ington Street, Muncy, Pa. 
Holmes, Louise, (S), Mrs. Carroll F. Stein- 

hoff, 124 Glenwood, Winnetka, 111. 
Holmes, Palmour, '46, Mrs. Pope Mclntyre, 

28 5 5 Peachtree Road, Apt. 32, Atlanta, Ga. 
Holmes, Roselise, '49g, 1411 Ontario, Phila- 
delphia 40, Pa. 
Holmes, Sydney, '44g, Mrs. William Bales, 

26-37 212th Street, Bayside, L. I., N. Y. 
Holmes, Virginia, '48s, Box 497, Route 12, 

Memphis 16, Tenn. 
Holt, Julia Kinsley, '47g, Mrs. George Coyle, 

Jr., 102 Vine Street, Charleston, W. Va. 
Holt, Mary Anne, '3 0, Mrs. Raymond H. 

Holt, Mary Caperton, '27, Mrs. George S. 

Rosenberger, Jr., 3 24 Beverly Street, 

Staunton, Va. 
Hoi ton, Martha, '45g, Mrs. Donald G. Gles- 

ser, 1128 Shelly Drive, Maumee, Ohio. 
Holton, Mary Louise, '46g, 2318 Densmore 

Drive, Toledo, Ohio. 
Holtzman, Elisabeth, '26, Mrs. J. Lawrence 

Sellman, 1003 Ambassador Apts., Baltimore 

18, Md. 
Holub, Frances Mae, '40, Mrs. Irving Schul- 

man, 704 Mentor Road, Akron 3, Ohio. 
Honeywell, Mary, '3 5, Mrs. James A. Dodds, 

24 Griswald Street, Walton, N. Y. 
Honsaker, Jeanette, '22, Mrs. John M. Stauf- 

fer, Jr. 
Hood, Agnes, '15, Mrs. Herman A. Grone- 

meyer, 336 Buckhannan Avenue, Clarks- 
burg, W. Va. 
Hood, Agnes Goss, '22, Mrs. A. Hood White, 

278 8 Peachtree Road, N. £., Atlanta, Ga. 
Hood, Barbara, '46g, Mrs. Hugh H. Spriint, 

y66 S. Highland Avenue, Memphis 11, 

Hoodless, Virginia, (A). 

Hook, Ethel, '2 5, Mrs. Walter F. Irvin. 

Hooks, Elizabeth, '48g, Mrs. William V. Rich- 
ards, Jr., 5 27 Corona Avenue, Dayton 9, 

Hooper, Alice Rogers, '3 8g. 

Hooper, Gene, '47, 3 540 Randall Street, 
Jacksonville, Fla. 

Hooper, Louise, 'lOg, Mrs. Arnold Eiuell, 
"World's End on Lynhaven,'' Bayside, Va. 

Hope, Elvie, '3 2, Mrs. J. L. McCkfinan, Jr. 

Hopkins, Jane K., '40g Mrs. P. Huber Hanes, 
Jr., 526 Glade Street, Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Hopkins, Marilyn S., '49g, 267 New Residence 
Hall, Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Hopkins, Natalie, '37g, Mrs. John E. Griggs, 
Jr., 24 Ohio Avenue, Lakewood, N. Y. 

Hopper, Elizabeth, '17, Mrs. Russell C. Eng- 
lish, Nashville, Ga. 

Hopper, Elizabeth, '3 8, Mrs. John Turner, II. 
125 Hope Street, Providence, R. I. 

Hoppinger, Jeanette, '26g, Mrs. John M. 
Schanz, 103 2 Homewood Drive, Lakewood 
7, Ohio. 

Hopwood, Eleanor, (A), Mrs. Ray Fulton. 
P. O. Box 217, Uniontown, Pa. 

Horner, Cornelia, '16, Mrs. Joseph S. Farmer, 
F6 Ranch, Junction, Texas. 

Horner, Eva, '13g, Mrs. G. Forrest Butter- 
worth, Jr., Hilltop Place, Rye, N. Y. 

Florner, Julia, '43, Mrs. Thomas P. Mulligan, 
4297 Groveland, Cleveland, Ohio. 

Horner, Martha, '36, Mrs. J. Brent Maxivell, 
"Sycamore," Clarksburg, W. Va. 

Horowitz, Barbara '51, 41 Oberlin Street, 
Maplewood, N. J. 

Horsley, Perkins, (A), deceased, 193 5. 

Horton, Charlotte, '28g, deceased, 1939. 

Horton, Nancy, '3 5g, 1841 Columbia Road, 
N. W., Washington, D. C. 

Hoskins, Margaret Adams, '22. 

Hostetter, Hortense, '34, Mrs. Ralph Wallace. 

Hotchkiss, Nancy, '34, Mrs. H. C. Boschen, 
68 Greenacres Avenue, Scarsdale, N. Y. 

Hottenstein, Eleanor, '3 3, Mrs. Richard B. 

Houghton, Martha, '39, Mrs. Walter D. Cald- 
well, Jr., Hempstead, Texas. 

Houpt, June, '40. 

Houriet, Nancy Ruth, '49, 3712 Rawnsdale 
Road, Cleveland 22, Ohio. 

Housel, Mary Ann, '3 8, Mrs. Louis B. Carr, 
291 Bacon Street, Waltham, Mass. 

Houser, Ruth, '13g, 7641 South Shore Drive, 
Chicago 49, 111. 

Houston, Ruth Hunter, '46g, 69 5 South Mc- 
Lean, Memphis, Tenn. 

Houston, Sara, '3 3g, Mrs. Hugh L. Baker, 
Ml 6 W. Riverview, Decatur, 111. 

Houstoun, Janet, '42g, M^-j. Piatt W . Davis, 
Jr., 262Q Pittsburg Street, Houston 5, Tex. 

Hover, Anne, (A), Mrs. Lavergne Stevens. 

Hover, Harriet, '19, Mrs. Joseph Lentz. 

Hovey, Elizabeth, '42, Lockland Road, 
Geneva, N. Y. 

Howard, Almeda, '3 7. 

Howard, Anne, '43. 



Howard, Eugenia, '29g, Mrs. Brock D. Jones, 
Jr., 923 Larchmont Crescent, Norfolk 8, 

Howard, Nancy, '3 3, Mrs. Reuiiah F. Ran- 
dolph, 19 Bradford Street, Ambassador 
Apts., Charleston, W. Va. 

Howe, Elizabeth, '34, Mrs. Charles H. A. 
Dunker, 3 Blackfan Street, Boston 15, 

Howe, Flora, '15, Mrs. Georg,e W. Freer, 6304 
N. Missouri, Portland, Ore. 

Howe, Jennie Louise, '34. 

Howe, Laura, '31g, Mrs. Philip G. Smith, 96 
Euclid Avenue, Hastings, N. Y. 

Howe, Mary, '23, Mrs. Russell Carpenter. 

Howe, Dr. Suzanne, '3 5, 5 3 Summer Street, 
Forest Hills, N. Y. 

Howell, Corinne C, '43, Chickering Road, 
Nashville, Tenn. 

Howell, Genevieve, '3 5, Mrs. William W. 
Gist, 63 3 West 62nd Street, Kansas City, 

Howell, Mary, '3 3, Mrs. Richard L. Heden- 
kamp, 6120 Morningside Drive, Kansas City, 

Howell, Mary Louise, '46, Mrs. Harry F. John- 
son, c/o Jefferson Standard Life Insurance 
Co., 712 Florence Trust Building, Florence, 

s. c. 

Howell, Ruth E., (A), Mrs. D. B. Browning, 
P. O. Box 103 6, Fort Lauderdale, Fla. 

Hower, Marianna, '22, Mrs. Frederick G. In- 
wood, Yellow Springs, Ohio. 

Howison, Ellen, '16g, Mrs. R. E. Christian, 
Deerfleld, Va. 

Howze, Kathrina, '3 3g, Mrs. Robert L. Mac- 
lellan, 12 5 Fairy Trail, Lookout Mountain, 

Hoyt, Claire K., '29g, Mrs. Charles C. Gaver, 
8 Burlington Place, Fair Lawn, N. J. 

Hoyt, Katherine R., 3 8g, 152 Forest Avenue, 
Caldwell, N. J. 

Hoyt, Margaret, '40, Mrs. Charles L. Cogs- 

Hubbal, Mary Wallace, '31g, Mrs. George F. 

Huber, Allie-Belle, '23, Mrs. Samuel C. Ham- 

Huber, Elizabeth, '22g, Mrs. William M. 
Welch, II, Sunset Road, Laverock Hills, 
Glenside, Pa. 

Huber, Rebekah L., '3 5g, 517 Pembroke 
Avenue, Norfolk, Va. 

Huddleston, Anne, '3 9g, Mrs. James H. Cheek, 
Jr., 180 5 Graybar Lane, Nashville, Tenn. 

Hude, Hilda, '4 5g, Mrs. William W. Voigt, 
Fairy Trail, Lookout Mountain, Tenn. 

Hudgens, Nelle, '41, Mrs. Walter E. Lewis, 
1469 West Avenue, Apt. 8-A, New York 
62, N. Y. 

Hudgins, Eleanor, '3 3, Mrs. Robert T. S. 
Keith, Warrenton, Va. 

Hudgins, Mary, '47, Mrs. Lincoln P. Rice, 
704 Maury Place, Norfolk 7. Va- 

Hudson, Elizabeth '16, Mrs. Robert W. Ber- 
rey, 7109 Jefferson Street, Kansas City, Mo. 

Hudson, Elizabeth H., '41g, 310 Luckmore 
Place, Jacksonville, 111. 

Hudson, Mary Louise, '31, Mrs. T. C. Lea, 
Washington, Va. 

Hudson, Mildred, 26g, Mrs. Robert Egerton, 
deceased, 1929. 

Hudson, Pauline M., '43g, 1005 Grove Avenue, 
Apt. 208, Richmond, Va. 

Hudspeth, Elizabeth A., '29, Mrs. William C. 
Abbey, 851 Contour Drive, San Antonio 1, 

Huff, Julia (A), Mrs. Henry Bedford. 

Huffman, Daisy, '26, Mrs. Reynolds Pomeroy, 
470 Park Avenue, New York, N. Y. 

Huger, Elizabeth, '28, Mrs. H. L. Coats, 
609 Stonewall, Lexington, Va. 

Huggins, Jacqueline, '49, Mrs. John H. M. 

Hughes, Janet Dal ton, '37. 

Hughes, Margaret, '47, Mrs. Charles A. Fitz- 
gerald, 83 5 Avondale Drive, Jackson, Miss. 

Hughes, Mary, '3 0, Mrs. Oakman Hay, Jr., 
Spook Rock Road, Tallman, N. Y. 

Hugins, Ruth Ann, '44. 

Hulburd, Bernice, '24g, Mrs. Raymond R. 
Wain, 3120 Martha Custis Drive, Park- 
fairfax, Alexandria, Va. 

Hulburd, Ruth, '20g, Mrs. John A. S. Brown, 
Jr., 23 849 Shaker Boulevard, Shaker Heights 
22, Ohio. 

Hull, Elizabeth Carter, (A). 

Hull, Mary Graham, '50, 2731 Wycliffe 
Avenue, Roanoke, Va. 

Hulse, Charity, '3 5 Mrs. Richard T. Taylor, 
deceased, 1944. 

Humbert, Audrey M., '46, Trentham, Staf- 
fordshire, England. 

Hume, Marguerite F., '43s, 74 West 103rd 
Street, Apt. B-1, New York 2 5, N. Y. 

Humel, Dorothy F., '28g, Mrs. W. B. Web- 
ster, 2133 McKinley, Cleveland 7, Ohio. 

Humes, Cyrilla, (A). 

Humphrey, Ella, '41, Mrs. Joseph P. Thiriot, 
Jr., 13 08 Colorado Avenue, Chickasha, 

Humphreys, Martha Jean, '34, Mrs. Dewey R. 
Douglas, 46 N. Hawthorne Lane, Indiana- 
polis 19, Ind. 

Humphries, Ferol, (A), Mrs. Paul Warwick. 

Humphries, Mary Barton, '48. 

Hun, Elizabeth, '3 2, Mrj. Robert G. Mc Al- 
len, 66 Battle Road, Princeton, N. J. 

Huner, Doris Marilyn, '41g, 149 Harrison 
Street, East Orange, N. J. 

Hunt, Elizabeth H., '39. 

Hunt, Isabella, '31, deceased, 193 0. 

Hunt, Margaret, (A), Mrs. Larry S. Dowd, 
801. Bixby Avenue, Ardmore, Okla. 

Hunt, Mary Frances, (A), 1509 University 
Avenue, Columbia, Mo. 

Hunter, Helen, '27, Navco, Ala. 

Hunter, Jane, '26, Mrs. Barry J. Holloway. 

Hunter, Nancv Boulden, '31, Maryville Col- 
lege, Maryville, Tenn. 


Huntington, Mary, '3 0g, Mrs. E. Webster 

Harrison, Drake Road, Box 54M, Cincin- 
nati 27, Ohio. 
Huntley, Floy, '17, Mrs. Orcn A. Oliver, 

Bellemeade Boulevard, Nashville 5, Tenn. 
Hurd, Margaret, '31, Mrs. Forrest B. Biirbank, 

3 846 Cass Street, Omaha 3, Neb. 
Hurlburt, Elizabeth, '23, Mrs. Albert Golden, 

73 04 Sharpless Road, Philadelphia 26, Pa. 
Hurlock, Elizabeth, '2 8g, Mrs. Allison S. 

Mills, 102 Randolph Avenue, Cape Charles, 

Hurt, Eva, (A), Mrs. Arthur B. Sims. 
Hurt, Louise, (A), Mrs. W. Scott Garrett, 

Main Street, Blackstone, Va. 
Hurt, Virginia, 'llg, Mrs. William R. Turner, 

Blackstone, Va. 
Huske, Jean, '47, "Sunny Pines," P. O. 822, 

Fayetteville, N. C. 
Hussey, Betty, '42, Mrs. Thomas M. Chapman, 

8 5 LeRoy Avenue, Arcadia, Calif. 
Hussey, Dorothy, '34, Mrs. John D. Rock- 
away, 823 Yale Avenue, Terrace Park, Ohio. 
Hussey, Lois Jackson, '42. 
Hutchens, Elizabeth, '50, Mrs. John W. Mc- 

Caleb, Jr., 517 E. Holmes Street, Hunts- 

ville, Ala. 
Hutchings, Dorothea, '42g, Mrs. Paxton S. 

Price, 32 5 N. Bonner, Route 6, Louisville 7, 

Hutchinson, Ann, '3 9, Mrs. Norman W. Fort, 

Jr., 763 Beacon Lane, Merion, Pa. 
Hutchinson, Dorothy W., '34, Mrs. A. S. 

Hoive, Jr., 521 Flax Hill Road, South Nor- 

walk. Conn. 
Hutchinson, Gretchen, '31, Mrs. Charles W. 

Hutchinson, Mary, '34, Mrs. E. M. Gordon, 

23 8 Highland Avenue, Cowesett, R. L 
Hutter, Claudine, '10, South Princeton Circle, 

Lynchburg, Va. 
Hutter, Ernestine, (A), Mrs. Marshall W. 

MacDonald, Charlestown, W. Va. 
Huxley, Margaret, '3 6, Mrs. Margaret H. 

Range, CarroUwood, Tryon, N. C. 
Hyde, Anne, '48, Mrs. Alvin P. Long, Jr. 
Hyde, Rose, '3 8g, Mrs. Herbert P. Fales, 2734 

34th Place, N.W., Washington 7, D. C. 
Hynson, Anne, '44, Mrs. Ellis S. Rump, Jr., 

2 5 E. Washington Street, West Chester, Pa. 
Hyslop, Edith, (A), Mrs. W. Nivison Waller, 

Jr., 1707 Claremont Avenue, Norfolk 7, Va. 

Ilfrey, Lola, (A), Mrs. Joe H. Wilson. 

Illges, Virginia, '47g, 2021 Brookside Drive, 
Columbus, Ga. 

Imbrie, Janet, '3 5g, Mrs. Donald S. Frey, 2624 
Thayer Street, N.W., Evanston, 111. 

Imbrie, Margaret, '3 3g, 2 5 South Evergreen 
Avenue, Woodbury, N. J. 

Imbrie, Mary, '3 3g, 2 5 South Evergreen 
Avenue, Woodbury, N. J. 

Inge, Harriet, '46g, Mrs. Benjamin D. Fill- 

In.ge, Ruth, '3 8, Mrs. James W. Swihart. 

Ingersoll, Gertrude, '26g, Mrs. W. E. Wimpey, 
Box 182, R.F.D. 1, Keyport, N. J. 

Ingles, Martha, '4Ig, Mrs. John R. Schrader, 
Jr., Quarters 10 A, U. S. M. A., West Point, 
N. Y. 

Insley, Frances, '23, Mrs. Kent H. Jacobs, 
"Appleby," Cambridge, Md. 

Irelan, Dorothy, '3 9, Mrs. Jack W. Clarke. 

Ireland, Patricia, '3 3, Mrs. Robert F. Hall, Jr. 

Ironmonger, Marie Miller, '51, Mrs. Nathan 
H. Bundy, Jr., 610 Redgate Avenue, Nor- 
folk, Va. 

Irvine, Betty Nell, '41g, Mrs. E. K. Phillips, 
Jr., 2 5 Shirley Road, Hilton Village, Va. 

Irvine, Carolyn Joyce, '48g, 58 Harmon 
Avenue, Pelham, N. Y. 

Irving, Anne, '3 5, Mrs. Lawrence M. Cox, 
9 Jack Jovett Apt., University Way, Char- 
lottesville, Va. 

Irving, Beulahj '29g, Mrs. Robert J. Vaughn, 
26 Court Street, Portsmouth, Va. 

Irwin, Zane-Cetti, '34. 

Ison, Sarah, '32, Mrs. Louis A. Hawkins, Jr. 

Ives, Florence, '21g, Mrs. Lloyd A. Hath- 
away, 166 Centre Avenue, Abington, Mass. 

Ivins, Elizabeth, '40g, Mrs. William C. Has- 
kins. Box 98, Groton, Mass. 

Iznaga, Alicia, '51, 8 Cuba Street, Santa Clara, 

Jack, Esther, '24, Mrs. Emerson V. Arnold, 

260 W. Lincoln Avenue, Delaware, Ohio. 
Jackson, Anne, '47g, Mrs. Stuart Ragland, Jr., 

Chatham Hills, Richmond 21, Va. 
Jackson, Bessie, (A), "Shady Lawn," Glen 

Allen, Va. 
Jackson, Betty Ann, '48g, 370 Aubrey Road, 

Wynnewood, Pa. 
Jackson, Elizabeth, '28, Mrs. A. W. Pierce, 

S17 Hamilton Building, Wichita Falls, Tex. 
Jackson, Elizabeth M., '28, Mrs. Alfred P. 

Tackson, Elsie M., '43, Mrs. Walter J. Kelley, 

III, 2415 Oldfield Road, N.W., Atlanta, Ga. 
Jackson, Evelyn H., '3 0, 45 8 Berkshire Road, 

Charlotte, N. C. 
Jackson, Felicia, '48g, 718 Green Street, 

Gainesville, Ga. 
Jackson, George Ann, '3 6, Mrs. Jonathan Slo- 

cum, Shadowlawn, Beacon, N. Y. 
Jackson, Helen, '3 5g, Mrs. John J. Hagan, 37 

Lincoln Avenue, Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 
Jackson, Katherine, '29, Mrs. Summerjield 

Johnston, West Brow Road, Lookout Moun- 
tain, Tenn. 
Jackson, Mercer, '3 0g, Mrs. Robert C. Well- 
ford, North Union Street, Kennett Square, 

Jackson, Ruth, (A), Mrs. D. E. Leatherman, 

609 Tennyson Avenue, Winchester, Va. 
Jackson, Sally Lindsay, '42g, Mrs. Ernest C. 

Mead, Jr., 2008 Park Avenue, Richmond 

20, Va. 
Jacobs, Ann L., '43g, Mrs. Dikran S. Pakra- 

dooni, "The Greenhouse," Castlefinn Lane, 

Bryn Mawr, Pa. 


Jacobs, Jacquelin O., '49, Mrs. Thomas L. 

Buttram, Summer Address: 912 Glen wood 

Drive, Chattanooga, Tenn; Winter Address: 

2JJ2 Habersham Road, Atlanta, Ga. 
Jacquot, Ruth, '42g, Mrs. Rone B. Tempest, 

Jr., Box 1020, Santa Rita, New Mexico. 
Jalonick, Helen, (A), Mrs. Earl Clayton. 
James, Harrell, '24s, Mrs. Richard A. Car- 

riii^ton, Jr., Westerly, Langhorne Road, 

Lynchburg, Va. 
James, Elizabeth, '28, Mrs. J. H. MacKay. 
James, Ethel, '41, Mrs. Kenneth Milburn, 7 

Lancaster Court, 100 Lancaster Gate, Lon- 
don W2, England. 
James, Helen, '3 J, Mrs. William J. Raymond. 
James, Katherine, '3 5, Mrs. John M. Hall, 225 

Oakwood Avenue, Webster Groves 19, Mo. 
James, Margaret, '22, P. O. 175, Darlington, 

S. C. 
James, Mary, '3 5g, Mrs. Francis W. Howe, 

Box 242, Brompton Road, Williamsville, 

N. Y. 
James, Mary Patterson, '41g, 260 Cherokee 

Road, Charlotte, N. C. 
James, Viola, '3 9g, Mrs. Richard B. Wathen, 

641 Llewellyn Place, Charlotte 7, N. C. 
Jameson, Nancy, '43g, Mrs. Robert K. Glass, 

Ir., R.F.D. 1, Irving, N. Y. 
Jamison, Ethel, (A), Mrs. Max Kelley, de- 
Jamison, Martha, '2 5g, Mrs. Hiif^h W. Causey, 

215 Middleton Drive, Charlotte 7, N. C. 
Jamison, Sarah L., '27g, 802 Providence Road, 

Charlotte, N. C. 
Janney, Barbara Kaye, '47, Mrs. Richard C. 

Gamble, 8000 Warren Avenue, Wauwatosa, 

Janney, Rebecca, '23, Mrs. George W. Trayer, 

1200 Russell Road, Alexandria, Va. 
Jansen, Cecily, '3 8g, Mrs. Charles R. Kendrick, 

768 St. Paul Street, Denver, Colo. 
Jansen, Norma, *52, North Pekin, 111. 
Jansma, Elizabeth, '49, Weteringschans 93, 

Amsterdam C, Holland. 
Jaqua, Janet, '3 5, Mrs. R. S. Duke. 
Jarvis, Barbara Lee, '3 7g, 102 E. Dudley Ave- 
nue, Westfield, N. J. 
Jarvis, Mary, '44, Mrs. Albert K. Cocke, 818 

East 4 5th Street^ Apt. D, Richmond 24, Va. 
Jasperson, Emilie, '3 0, Mrs. Carl H. Bayha, 

203 3 Upton Avenue, Toledo 7, Ohio. 
Jayne, Marion, '28g, Mrs. Carlos Bernardo, 

Jr., 13 5 Rose Lane, Haverford, Pa. 
Jefferds, Agnes, '47, Mrs. Robert E. Sonnta^, 

37C Picotte Drive, Albany 8, N. Y. 
Jeffers, Frances, '3 2, Mrs. James W. Haymore. 
Jeffords, Eliot Brand, '42, 223 Vassar Avenue, 

Swarthmore, Pa. 
Jeffrey, Emily, '24, Mrs. John W. Williams, 

Jr., 13 69 Clarke Avenue, Roanoke 16, Va. 
Jeffreys, Arminda Jean, '4 5, Mrs. Robert E. 

Johnson, 2440 Clavey, Highland Park, 111. 
Jelley, Susan, '28, Mrs. Charles E. Dunbar, 

31 East 61st Street, New York 21, N. Y. 
Jemison, Virginia, '3 2, Mrs. Joseph T. Hig^ins. 

Route 3, Monticello Road, Thomas ville, Ga. 

Jenkins, Helen Pauline, '3 5, 1415 Centennial 
Avenue, McKeesport, Pa. 

Jenkins, Wenllian, '47, Mrs. Peyton M. Sfal- 
lings, Jr., 2160 Roblyn, St. Paul, Minn. 

Jenney, Patricia, '48, Mrs. Henry L. Nielsen, 
62 Crest Road, Wellesley 81, Mass. 

Jennings, May, '23, Mrs. John Sherman, Dun- 
ham Hospital, Cincinnati 5, Ohio. 

Jensch, Phoebe L., 'i6, 926 3rd Street, Hud- 
son, Wise. 

Jensch, Wanda, '26g, Mrs. Welton W. Harris, 
Greenville, Dela. 

Jerman, Julia, '46, Mrs. Thomas D. Neal, Jr., 
15 Malvern Avenue, Richmond 21, Va. 

Jesse, Martha Ella, '3 3g, Mrs. Robert E. Lat- 
ham, Episcopal High School, Alexandria, Va. 

Jester, Elise, '31, Mrs. Claude W. Meadows, 
Jr., 218 South 15th Street, Corsicana, Tex. 

Jester, Sarah, '31, Mrs. Armistead D. Rust, 
Bear Creek Ranch, P. O. Box 2, Menard, 

Jett, Esther, '43 g, Mrs. Hugh L. Holland. Jr., 
204 Clay Street, Suffolk, Va. 

Job, Dorothy, '21g, Mrs. Norman O. Robin- 
son, Farrington, Chislehurst, Kent, England. 

Job, Elizabeth, '32g, Mrs. August H. Jopp, c/o 
Power Company, Pikeville, Ky. 

Job, Evan Jane, '3 8, Mrs. William B. Man- 
ning, Jr., 2154 Winston Avenue, Louisville, 
5, Ky. 

Toblin, Patricia, '40, 420 West 121st Street, 
New York 27, N. Y. 

Johns, Mary, '2 5, Mrs. C. S. Doster. 

Johns, Mary, '16. 

Johns, Mary W., '20, Mrs. Melvin R. Cole- 
man, 156 Cordula, Corpus Christi, Texas. 

Johnson, Alice, '44e, Mrs. William N. Fessen- 
den, Mene Grande Oil Company, Apartado 
709, Caracas, Venezuela. 

Johnson, Antoinette, (A), Mrs. Gilmon Blake. 

Johnson, Betty White, '48g, Mrs. William M. 
Ragland, 1128 Harvey Street, Raleigh, N. C. 

Johnson, Catherine, '27g, Mrs. T. Hall 
Brehme, Jr., 131 Alvarado Road, Berkeley 
5, Calif. 

Johnson, Charlotte, '43, Mrs. William H. 
Barrett, 2618 Brentwood Road, Columbus 
9, Ohio. 

Johnson, Chesley, '43g, Mrs. James A. Dale, 
202 Highland Avenue, Burlington, N. C. 

Johnson, Doris, '19, Mrs. Henry Nagel, 
Hazelwood and Montana, Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Johnson, Elaine, '46, 2122 Hughes, Amarillo, 

Johnson, Eleanor, '48, Mrs. Lyle A. Cox. 

Johnson, Frances M., '37g, Mrs. James D. Fin- 
ley, II, 1500 Hampton Boulevard, Norfolk, 

Johnson, Hattle, '34, Mrs. William A. Hall. 

Johnson, Jane C, '48g, Mrs. Warner W. Kent, 
Jr., 165 Brewster Road, Scarsdale, N. Y. 

Johnson, Josephine, (A), Mrs. Warren Smith, 
8 69 Walnut Street, Gadsden, Ala. 

Johnson, Lucile, '22, Mrs. C. J. Sahol. 

Johnson, Margaret Bernadene, '34, Mrs. Frank 
Foofc. Jr., 160 Harmon Avenue Pelham 65. 
N. Y. 


Johnson, Margaret, '16, Mrs. William E. 

Kemp, 1011 Romany Road, Kansas City 5, 

Johnson, Margaret, '3 2, Mrs. William Knorr. 
Johnson, Marjorie, '16, Mrs. B. Stafford Good, 

447 N. Church Street, West Chester, Pa. 
Johnson, Martha, '3 2, Mrs. Edward Nobbe, 

1318 Cherokee Road, Louisville 4, Ky. 
Johnson, Mary A., (A), Mrs. William B. Jer- 

man, Hampton Hills Lane, Richmond, Va. 
Johnson, Roxena, (A), Mrs. H. C. Har^rave. 
Johnson, Ruth H., '17, 429 N. Guadaloupe 

Street, San Marcos, Texas. 
Johnson, Susan L., '33g, Mrj. ]ames A. Simp- 
son, 245 McDaniel Avenue, Greenville, S. '". 
Johnston, Dorothy Belle, '3 5, Mrs. Roger S. 

Johnston, Elizabeth, '3 5g, Mrs. Warren W. 

Clute, Jr., Watkins Glen, N. Y. 
Johnston, Elizabeth, '3 0g, Mrs. Johnston Cook, 

2840 Peachtree Road, Atlanta, Ga. 
Johnston, Helen, '20g, Mrs. Helen J. Jones, 

2828 Monument Avenue, Richmond 21, 

Johnston, Janet Marie, '51, 5290 Waterman 

Avenue, St. Louis, Mo. 
Johnston, Jessie, (A), Mrs. Harry Barnes. 
Johnston, Justine, '47, R.F.D. 1, Freehold, 

N. J. 
Johnston, Madolyn, '39, Mrs. Donald G. 

Johnston, Margaret, '41, Mrs. James P. Row- 
an, 407 Beatrice Road, Concord, Calif. 
Johnston, Mary Hunter, '48, 2842 River 

Road, Maumee, Ohio. 
Johnston, Mary Petty, '40g, Mrs. Lotiis W. 

Bedell, 1 1 1 Gaymont Road, Richmond, Va. 
Johnston, Nicketti, '19, Mrs. Henry R. Miller, 

Johnston, Primrose, '43g, Mrs. Arnold B. 

Craven, Cat Rock Road, Cos Cob, Conn. 
Johnston, Ruth, '26, Mrs. Hascall W. Bowen, 

3 014 Linwood Road, Roanoke 17, Va. 
Johnston, Susan, '3 6, Mrs. Charles H. Jones, 

112 East 74th Street, New York 21, N. Y. 
Johnstone, Alice, '3 0, Mrs. Maurice Hathe- 

Joliffe, Dorothy E., '29g, Mrs. Martin Urner, 

12 Cypress Street, Hagerstown, Md. 
Jones, Adeline, '46g, Mrs. Stephen C. Voor- 

hees, Amherstdale, W. Va. 
Jones, Agnes, '14, Mrs. Richard Dunn, 3901 

Fordham Road, N.W., Washington, D. C. 
Jones, Alice, '30g, Mrs. Charles Muldaur, 

1344 Bolton Road, Pelham Manor, N. Y. 
Jones, Alice T., '3 0^, Mrs. George A. Taylor, 

4704 Roland Avenue, Roland Park, Balti- 
more, Md. 
Jones, Anne, '3 5. 
Jones, Ariana C, '46g, 3 8 Wiggins Street, 

Princeton, N. J. 
Jones, Prentiss, '43g, Mrs. Peter P. Hale, 

Scard Road, Route 3, Wallingford, Conn. 
Jones, Blandina, '3 5g, Mrs. William E. Skilton, 

Calle 6, 151 esquina 3ra, La Sierra, Mariana, 


Jones, Dorothy, '26, Mrs. Saunders MacLane, 

5712 Dorchester Avenue, Chicago 37, III. 
Jones, Dorris, (A), 3 02 Bank Street, Suffolk, 

Jones, Edna, '20g, Mrs. J. W. Reed. 
Jones, Elizabeth W., '28g, Mrs. Courtney 

Shands, 5 07 N. Taylor Avenue, Kirkwood, 

Jones, Emily E., '27g, Mrs. Hanson H. 

Hodge, Shipley Road, Wyckwood, R.F.D. 2, 

Wilmington, Del. 
Jones, Evelyn, '36, Mrs. Maurice W. Fuller, 

59 Rosewood Terrace, Linden, N. J. 
Jones, Geraldine, '20, Mrs. R. Taylor Lewis, 

Route 6, Gainesville, Texas. 
Jones, Gertrude Page, (A), Mrs. Orla A. 

Mills, 463 6 8th Avenue, St. Petersburg, 

Jones, Gloria T., '3 0, Mrs. Elias Faison, 182 5 

Providence Road, Charlotte, N. C. 
Jones, Grace Pettit, '52, 239 Charles Street, 

Henderson, N. C. 
Jones, Helen H., '24g, Mrs. John G. Hager, 

Jr., Anchorage, Ky. 
Jones, Jeanne M., '4 5, Mrs. Robert F. Cross- 
man, 2002 South State, Syracuse, N. Y. 
Jones, Lena F., (A), Box 98, Shreveport 81, 

Jones, Lena H., '3 3g, Mrs. Thomas M. Craig, 

Moore, S. C. 
Jones, Louise, '19, Mrs. Harry Reager, Jr., 

114 Travois Road, Louisville, Ky. 
Jones, Lucille, (A), Mrs. Zebulon A. Terry 
Jones, Lucy, '46g, Mrs. Robert P. Bendall, 11, 

3207 Chesham Street, Richmond, Va. 
Jones, Margaret, '4 5g, Mrs. M. R. F. Wyllie, 

Cedar Run Road, R. F. D. 2, Allison Park, 

Jones, Margaret Saunders, '49, 3 9 Laurel 

Avenue, Binghamton, N. Y. 
Jones, Marie, (A), Mrs. Lysle Hazlegrove. 
Jones, Marion, (A), Mrs. Jack llerick. 
Jones, Marjorie, '3 3, Mrs. David Garlick, 800 

E. Donges Lane, Milwaukee 11, Wise. 
Jones, Martha, '3 5g, Mrs. Reeve H. Beits, 

Christian Medical College, Vellore, South 

Jones, Martha Dabney, '29g, St. Mary's School, 

Raleigh, N. C. 
Jones, Martha E., '19, Mrs. Thomas N. Colley, 

68 College Avenue, Elberton, Ga. 
Jones, Martha W., (A), Mrs. William Jones, 

1849 Cowden, Memphis, Tenn. 
Jones, Marthellen, (S), Mrs. J. Stephenson 

Hewitt, deceased, 1948. 
Jones, Mary, Mrs. Robert P. Purse, Jr. 
Jones, Mary Elizabeth, '47, 80 5 Maple Drive, 

Talladega, Ala. 
Jones, Mary Heath, '23, Mrs. L. T. Hartsell, 

Jr., 42 N. Spring Street, Concord, N. C. 
Jones, Mary Jane, '3 8g, Mrs. G. Matthew 

Brown, 1312 Langhorne Road, Lynchburg, 

Jones, Mary W., (A), Mrs. Mary J. Ramsey, 

581 LeMaster Street, Memphis, Tenn. 



Jones, Matilda, '3 U, Mrs. John J. Shillington, 

7 Algonquinwood, Webster Groves 19, Mo. 

Jones, Miriam Lee, (A), Mrs. ]ohn L. Dor- 

Jones, Morrell, '22g, Mrs. Philip P. Gibson, 

1517 6th Avenue, Huntington, W. Va. 
Jones, Nancy, '49g, 21 Marlborough Street, 

Boston, Mass. 
Jones, Nancy, '35, Mrs. Enoch A. Haley, 1109 

Washington Street, South Boston, Va. 
Jones, Ruth E., '23, 315 North 6th Street, 

Mayfield, Ky. 
Jones, Shields, '46g, Mrs. Charles C. Harris, 

Jr., 627 Tarboro Street, Rocky Mount, 

N. C. 
Jones, Shirley Ann, '3 9g, Mrs. Benjamin B. 

Woodard, 627 Tarboro Street, Rocky 

Mount N. C. 
Jones, Thelma, '24g, Mrs. Julian Banm. 
Jones, Valerie, '43, Mrs. William M. Materne, 

451 East 84th Street, New York, N. Y. 
Jones, Virginia, (A), Mrs. Russell G. Fergus- 
son, 2 Kingsway Court, Richmond, Va. 
Jordan, Frances, '22, Mrs. Edwin J. Trnthan, 

deceased, 1948. 
Jordan, Sarah, (A), Mrs. J. S. Finley. 
Joseph, Alice, '47g, Mrs. James W. Davis, Jr., 

1440 S. Perry Street, Montgomery 6, Ala. 
Joseph, Elizabeth, '4 5g, Mrs. Raymond Boy- 
kin, 30 5 Graham Street, Montgomery 6, 

Jova, Ynes Marie, '48, R.F.D. 1, Newburgh, 

N. Y. 
loy, Dorothy, '2 5, Mrs. F. B. Hamm, 200 

Roger Williams, Highland Park, 111. 
loy, EHzabeth, '28, Mrs. David Porter, 76 

Warwick Road, Winnetka, 111. 
Joyner, Evelyn, '3 5, Mrs. Henry M. Medley, 

613 East Taylor Avenue, Harlingen, Texas. 
Joynes, Margaret, '3 2, Mrs. Margaret Hamil- 
Judd, Helen, '3 8, Mrs. Thomas B. Tooke, Jr., 

5 51 Ratcliffe, Shreveport 53, La. 
Judd, Mary Jane, '3 9g, Mrs. M. M. Patton, 

1415 Durand Court, S.E., Rochester, Minn. 
Judge, Mary, '20, Mrs. Herbert G. Peterson, 

"The Pines," Mansfield, Pa. 
Julian, Eleanor, '3 5, Mrs. Richard E. Cotton. 
Jung, Helen, '26, Mrs. Walter Pfister, 315 

Park Avenue, Sheboygan, Wise. 
Jung, Hildegard, '22, Mrs. Carl Neumeister, 
1442 Lathrop Avenue, River Forest, 111. 

Kaake, Virginia, '27, Mrs. Donald P. Setter, 

2808 Jordan Avenue, South, Alinneapolis, 

Kagey, Evelyn Lee, '49g, Mrs. Johnson Lee> 

502 A Edmondson Avenue, Ft. Knox, Ky. 
Kahn, Coralie, '40g, Mrs. Michael P. Ferro, 

227 El Camino, San Francisco 21, Calif. 
Kahn, Nanette, '34, Mm. Norman D. Jarrell. 
Kane, Julie, '3 5, Mrs. Fred R. Hunter, Jr., 

24 5 Cutler, Allegan, Mich. 
Kane, Nancy, '3 8, Mrs. William B. Nicholson. 
Karger, Babette, (A), Mrs. Donald H. 

Lloyhed, c/o Mrs. Lesing Karger, Houghton, 


Kash, Feme, (A), Mrs. Kash LaFon, 1 Park 

Place, University, Va. 
Katterjohn, Margaret, '40, Mrs. C. Royden 

McCollojn, Jr., 525 North Elm, Henderson, 

Kauflfelt, Elisabeth, '46, Mrs. Wallace O. 

Westfeldt, Jr. 
Kaufman, Margaret, (A), Mrs. John W. Spain, 

64 Stanbury Avenue, Columbus, Ohio. 
Kaufmann, Ruth, '3 5, Mrs. J. C. Davis, 828 

North 6th Street, Sheboygan, Wise. 
Kautz, Kathryn, (A), deceased. 
Kavana, Eliza, '23, Green County Asylum, 

Monroe, Wise. 
Kay, Frances, '46, Mrs. William Brinkley, 

Louden Heights Road, Charleston, W. Va. 
Kay, Marjorie, '3 3, Mrs. Herbert H. Peebles, 

2034 Banks, Houston 6, Texas. 
Kearns, Margaret, '3 8, 2917 Erie Avenue, 

Cincinnati 8, Ohio. 
Keddy, Marian, '45g, Mrs. Sterling Lee. 3 8 

West 101 Street, Shanks Village, Orange- 
burg, N. Y. 
Keefer, Margaret, (A), Mrs. W. O. Ash. 
Keeler, Ruth, '3 0. 
Keeling, Janet, '23, Mrs. Edward A. Casey. 

110 San Aleso Avenue, San Francisco 12, 

Keeling, Jennie D., '46, 159 West HiUvale, 

Knoxville, Tenn. 
Keen, Daisy S., '30, West Main Street, Dan- 
ville, Va. 
Kegley, Nancy Jane, '42, Mrs. Robert E. Jen- 
kins, 3 6 East 57th Street, Indianapolis 5, 

Keiser, Marianne, '42, Mrs. John M. Drown, 

211 South 2nd Street, Lebanon, Pa. 
Keith, Anne, (A), Mrs. Carlos C. Drake. 
Keith, Hannah, '23, Mrs. Charles Hoivze, 

Chain Bridge Road, McLean, Va. 
Keith, Sarah, (A), Mrs. Dick Deshon, Flor- 
ence Place, Mobile, Ala. 
Keithly, Florence, (A), Mrs. W. V. Turner. 
Kell, Bess Scott, (A), Mrs. Wiley Blair, Jr., 

29 Broadmoor Avenue, Colorado Springs, 

Keller, Alice Yvonne, '44. 

Keller, Dorothy, '26g, Mrs. William S. Iliff, 
Jr., 5000 Lake Shore, Bow Mar, Littleton, 

Keller, Esther, 'llg, Mrs. Ralph M. Brown, 

215V2 S. Monroe Street, Muncie, Ind. 
Keller, Nellie, '12g, deceased. 
Kelley, Elizabeth, '3 2, Mrs. Ward Hillerich, 

Country Lane 7, Louisville, Ky. 
Kelley, Josephine, '22, Mrs. Ray C. Thomas, 

2011 West 7th Avenue, Gary, Ind. 
Kellogg, Betty Ann, '51, 1828 Central 

Avenue, Memphis, Tenn. 
Kellogg, Irene G., '3 2g, 115 S. Wild Olive, 

Daytona Beach, Fla. 
Kells, Catherine, '3 3, Mrs. R. D. Furlong. 
Kelly, Annie Vivian, '24, Mrs. Charles Pitcher. 
Kelly, Cecelia M., (A), Mrs. L. LeRoy Evans, 
316 Washington Street, Wellesley Hills 82, 


Kelly, Ellen, '3 38, Mrs. Marion G. Folliii, Jr., 

3 07 Wentworth Drive, Greensboro, N. C. 
Kelly, Emagene, (A). 
Kelly, Frances, '3 5, Mrs. Norman T. En^el, 

3 62 5 49th Street, N. W., Washington 16, 

D. C. 
Kelly, Frances, '3 1g, Mrs. Richard A. Larkin, 

3 1 54 Key Boulevard, Arlington, Va. 
Kelly, Margaret E., '42, Mrs. John Gardiner, 

94 Macdougal Street, New York 12, N. Y. 
Kelly, Sara Marie, '3 3g, Mrs. J. Rogers Flan- 

nery, Jr., Fox Chapel Road, Pittsburgh 15, 

Kelso, Mary Stewart, '31g, Mrs. JerOTue Littell. 

3 619 North Pennsylvania, Indianapolis, Ind. 
Kemerer, Mildred, '17. 
Kemp, Frances, '3 7g, Mrj. Walker Pettyjohn, 

Jr., 201 Lansing Avenue, Lynchburg, Va. 
Kemp, Katherine, '20, Mrs. Chase Donaldson, 

deceased, 1929. 
Kemper, Katherine P., '20. 
Kemper, Mary Morron, '23. 
Kendall, Doris, '3 5, Mn. E. E. Richards, 

1428 East Colfax, South Bend 17, Ind. 
Kendall, Fitzallen, '23, Mrs. Lamar M. Fearing, 

266 Old Colony Road, Hartsdale, N. Y. 
Kendig, Harriet, '2 5, Mrs. Gordon Lang, 1420 

Lake Shore Drive, Chicago 10, 111. 
Kennedy, Abigail W., '4 5, 6401 Darlington 

Road, Pittsburgh 17, Pa. 
Kennedy, Alice Anne, '47, 464 Hudson 

Avenue, Newark, Ohio. 
Kennedy, Mary Anne, '47, 27 Thorn Street, 

Sewickley, Pa. 
Kennedy, Sarah, '21, Mrs. Sherwood Hurt, 

279 5 Peachtree Road, Atlanta, Ga. 
Kenney, Frances, '20, Mrs. Carlos E. Lyon, 

445 W. Williams Street, Decatur 27, 111. 
Kent, Charlotte, '31g, Mrs. Thomas Pinckney, 

710 Forest Avenue, Richmond 21, Va. 
Kent, Jane Gray, '3 8g, Mrs. Rexford W. 

Titus, Jr., 5 Brookfield Road, Binghamton, 

N. Y. 
Kent, Mary E., '46g, Mrs. Robert G. Page, 

410 Wynnewood Road, Wynnewood, Pa. 
Kent, Sally Josephine, '34, Mrs. Franklin 

Gardner, Amherst, Va. 
Kepner, Lida Allerton, '40, Mrs. Alfred J. 

Short, 2609 Park Avenue, Richmond, Va. 
Kernan, Elizabeth S., '48g, 173 Massachusetts 

Avenue, N. W., Washington, D. C. 
Kerr, Mary D., '26, Mrs. Edwin Btirton, 6 

Wayside Place, Charlottesville, Va. 
Kerr, Ruth,, '3 2g, Apt. 16, 5 83 5 El wood 

Street, Pittsburgh 3 2, Pa. 
Kersey, Emily, '15, 1070 Prospect Boulevard, 

Pasadena, Calif. 
Ketring, Isabel, '13, deceased. 
Key, Bonilee, '43, Mrs. Gavin R. Garrett, 6448 

Rosemont, Ft. Worth, Texas. 
Key, Elizabeth L., (A), Mrs. C. W. Chewning. 
Keys, Helen, '28, Mrs. Tom B. Rollow, 2202 

Encanto Drive, Phoenix, Ariz. 
Keyser, Virginia, '31g, 26 East 3 5th Street, 

New York 16, N. Y. 

Kidd, Jeannette, '22, Mrj. R. C. Sheridan, 

103 Taplow Road, Baltimore 12, Md. 
Kiene, Rachel, '3 6, Mrs. Edward P. Haren, 

Lake Quivira, R. R. II, Kansas City, Kan. 
Kiker, Lucy, '43 g, Mrs. William C. Jones, 

Box 3 3 2, Franklin, Va. 
Kilby, Eleanor, '33, Mrs. George Weber, Jr., 

2901 Utopia, Cincinnati 8, Ohio. 
Kile, Mary, '17, Mrs. W. F. Jenkins, 113 N. 

Catalina, Apt. 3, Los Angeles, Calif. 
Kilham, Mary Sue, '40, Mrs. Landon L. Davis, 

Virginia Heights, Route 2, Alexandria, Va. 
Kimball, Janet, '3 5g, Mrs. John D. Miller, 

11 South Street, Goshen, N. Y. 
Kimball, Louise, '15, Mrj. Charles M. Hardin, 

1217 Ridge Avenue, Evanston, 111. 
Kimball, Lydia, '24, Mrs. Robert Maxatn, Bryn 

Mawr, Pa. 
Kimball, Mary Lou, '5 2, Country Club Road, 

Henderson, N. C. 
Kimmey, Ruth, '3 3, Mrs. Prentiss Carnell, Jr., 

Slingerlands, Albany County, N. Y. 
Kinard, Mary, (S), Jackson, Ga. 
Kincaid, Elizabeth, (A), Mrs. James C. Van 

de Carr. 
Kincheloe, Thelma, (A). 
Kindleberger, M. Lindsay, '3 0, 13 4-28 Maple 

Avenue, Flushing, L. I., N. Y. 
King, Alice, '42g, Mrj. M. G. Harrison, For- 
rest City, Ark. 
King, Catherine Diane, '48g, Homer, La. 
King, Clara, '24g, Mrs. S. Worth Maxwell, 

2016 Brandon Circle, Charlotte 4, N. C. 
King, Elizabeth, '3 8, 162 East 78th Street, 

New York, N. Y. 
King, Ella T., (A), Mrj. Randolph Pipes, 

Clinton, La. 
King, Joan U., '42, 23 West 8 5th Street, 

Kansas City 5, Mo. 
King, Kathryn, '29, Mrj. John B. McLean. 
King, Mary, (A), Mrj. Ronald Adams. 
Kmg, Mary, '45, Mrs. L. W. Oehmig, 914 

Scenic Highway, Lookout Mountain, Tenn. 
King, Nancy L., '28, Mrj. Thomas M. Tarp- 

ley, Jr. 
King, Virginia, '47, 11 Cedarciiff Road, 

Biltmore Forest, Biltmore, N. C. 
Kingsbery, Virginia, '3 6, Mrj. J. B. Hale. 
Kingsbury, Eleanor, (A)^ Mrj. Henry W. 

Wiggin, 64 5 Summer Avenue, Newark 4, 

N. J. 
Kiniry, Elizabeth, '34, Mrj. Robert D. 

Thomas, 79-05 13 5th Street, Kew Gardens, 

L. I., N. Y. 
Kinkle, Mary Murray, '43. 
Kinnan, Lucille, '3 2, Mrj. Clifford Lewis. 
Kinne, Betty-Potter, '43g, Mrj. William Hill- 

yer, 1422 5th Street, Coronado, Calif. 
Kinne, Dixie Ross, '43 g, 3 Cleveland Street, 

Holyoke, Mass. 
Kinnear, Catherine, '5 2, 139 Hesketh Street, 

Chevy Chase, Md. 
Kinsley, Gertrude, '44g, Mrj. Thomas W. 

Whitehead, III, Amherst, Va. 
Kinsolving, Vitula, (A), Mrj. Ralph Bristol, 

1523 Edgewood Place, Louisville, Ky. 



Kintzing, Gertrude, '18g, Mrs. James M. Wilt- 
shire, 3409 W. Grace Street, Richmond, Va. 
Kirby, Anne Gait, '44, Old Gait House, 

Williamsburg, Va. 
Kirch, Barbara, '37, M«. Robert Booth, 12 

Wamesit Road, Waban, Mass. 
Kirk, Katherine, (A), Mrs. W. K. McAfee. 

Box 3 00, Redlands, Calif. 
Kirk, Louise, '41g, Mrs. f alien C. Headley, 

Bull Run Plantation, Tallahassee, Fla. 
Kirk, Margaret, '37, Mrs. D. R. Groome, 

Apartada 104 Bis, Mexico D. F., Mexico. 
Kirkendali, Cordelia, '2 5, Mrs. Arthur A. Bar- 
ricks, 105 7 Walker Avenue, Oakland 10, 

Kirker, Juliette, (A), Mrs. Otis T. Gregg, 

3 69 Union Street, Hackensack, N. J. 
Kirkland, Virginia, '26, Mrs. ]ohn McCray. 

Box 71, Cincinnati 15, Ohio. 
Kirkpatrick, Sara, '37g, Mrs. John M. Fearing, 

5144 Nebraska Avenue, N. W., Washing- 
ton, D. C. 
Kirksey, Dorothy, '49, deceased, 1947. 
Kistler, Mary Lou, (A), deceased, 1920. 
Klausman, Bethelda, (A), Mrs. Lawrence 

Kleberg, Katherine, '3 9, Mrs. William B. Yar- 

borough. Box 1600, c/o Humble Oil Com- 
pany, Midland, Texas. 
Kleeman, Anne, '47g, Mrs. John C. Sites, 

Courtland Apartments, North 2nd Street, 

Clarksville, Tenn. 
Klein, Cecile, (A), Mrj. L. /. Cane. 
Klein, Marie, (A), Mrs. Charles J. Block, 303 

Hill Crest Avenue, Macon, Ga. 
Klemm, Corinne, '46, Mrs. Elmo L. Jackson, 

c/o A. R. Klemm. Box 95 9, Winter Haven, 

Klepinger, Ann, '51, 1115 Clifton Street, N. 

W., Washington, D. C. 
Klinedinst, Elizabeth, '3 5g, Mrs. Charles W. 

McGavran, U, 1266 East Broad Street, Co- 
lumbus 5, Ohio. 
Klingelhofer, Olivia, '21, Mrs. Harbour 

Klinger, Helen Jane, '39, Mrs. Thomas W. 

Klooz, Marie S., '23g, No. 103, 3 026 Porter 

Street, N. W., Washington 8, D. C. 
Klumph, Kathryn, '24g, Mrs. Frederick T. 

McGuire, Jr., 2 597 Derbyshire Road, 

Cleveland 6, Ohio. 
Klumph, Mary, '22, Mrs. Stanley H. Watson, 

14326 South Park Boulevard, Shaker 

Heights, Ohio. 
Kluttz, Jane, '33, Mrs. Hanes Lassiter, 2400 

Forest Drive, Charlotte, N. C. 
Kluttz, Josephine, '29g, Mrs. William Ruf- 

fin, 2 5 Oak Drive, Durham, N. C. 
Knapp, Elizabeth, '47g, Mrs. J. W. Herbert, 

1211 Far Hills Avenue, Apt. 401, Dayton 

9, Ohio. 
Knapp, Grace E., (A), Nurses Home, State 

Sanatorium, Md. 
Knapp, Patricia G., '47g, 111 North 49th 

Street, Philadelphia 39, Pa. 

Knapp, Roberta, '20, Mrs. Kirtz Ballon, 5905 

Corso Drive, Napoli, Long Beach, Calif. 
Knauff, Mary, '3 6g, Mrs. George D. Ghes- 

Kneedler, Margaret, '29g, Mrs. Raymond H. 

Fellows, 216 Garrett Avenue, Swarthmore, 

Knerr, Katherine, '31, Mrs. Donald K. Angell, 

404 McClenaghan Mill Road, Wynnewood, 

Knight, Shirley, (A), Mrs. Sam Crawford, Jr. 
Knight, Varina, (A), Mrs. Marshall Mason, 

3 572 Richmond Street, Jacksonville, Fla. 
Kniskern, Karen, '43g, Mrs. Robert E. White, 

5289 Oio Drive, Honolulu, T. H. 
Knoedler, Alice, '23, Mrs. Ward R. Hickok, 

170 S. Beverly Street, Beverly Hills, Calif. 
Knowlson, Elizabeth, '42, Mrs. Walter A. 

Edwards, 329 County Line Road, Hinsdale, 

Knowlton, Emma, '3 2, Mrs. Stuart B. Lytle, 

Oregon, 111. 
Knowlton, Virginia, '43, Mrs. Robert Fite, 

1377 West Park, Piqua, Ohio. 
Knox, Byrd, (A). 
Knox, Edith, '34, Mrs. Kenneth Bogaard, 1908 

4th Avenue, S. E., Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 
Knox, Sarah, '40, Mrs. Perry M. Lane. 
Koch, Margaret, '28, Mrs. Thomas f. Lea, 5 5 

Park Avenue, New York 16, N. Y. 
Koch, Mary Elizabeth, '3 7, Mrs. John 1. 

Ferguson, Box 95, Bartlesville, Okla. 
Koehler, Amalie, '32, 10 DeMouy Avenue, 

Mobile 18, Ala. 
Koehler, Grace, '27, Mrs. Walter Liebman, 

Kohler, Jane, '3 0, Mrs. Harold L Strauss. 
Kohn, Eleanor, '28, Mrs. Eleanor K. Carr, 129 

East 69th Street, New York, N. Y. 
Kohn, Marjorie, (A), Mrs. S. L. Fisher 12 5 

East 71st Street, New York 21, N. Y. 
Konsberg Louise, '44g, Mrs. William F. Noll, 

166 Maplewood Avenue, Maplewood, N. J. 
Koob, Eleanor, '27, Mrs. W. H. Bnschman. 
Koon, Eleanor, '13, Mrs. Carlos Campbell, 1607 

S. Arlington Ridge Road, Arlington, Va. 
Koonce, Marjorie, '4 5g, Mrs. James McGregor, 

420 Albany, Shreveport, La. 
Koser, Margaret, (A), Mrs. Edgar McClure. 
Kraemer, Hester, '3 5g, Mrs. James T. Avery, 

Jr., 410-9 Kearney, Ft. Leavenworth, Ran. 
Kraus, Mary Francis, '51, 45 6 West 12th Street, 

Claremont, Calif. 
Krause, Elaine, '45g, Mrs. William R. Kelty, 

Krause, Emma, (A), Mrs. K. E. Serini, de- 

Krause, Winifred, (A), Mrs. George P. Smith. 

Krauss, Ruth, '3 8, 407 Main Street, Chatham, 
N. J. 

Krebs, June Patricia, '49g, 112 Maryland 
Avenue, Freeport, N. Y. 

Krekeler, Eleanor, '3 6, Mrs. Allan S. Chris- 

Kremer, Elizabeth, '31, Mrs. Bettjamin Solli- 
day, 1 5 E. Hillcrest Road, Hagerstown, Md. 



Kremers, Ann Lee, '43, Mrs. Philip W. Buchen, 
601 Michigan Trust Building, Grand Rapids 
2, Mich. 

Krider, Margaret, '26g, Mrs. Gordon Ivey, 
Mardon House, Teignmouth, Devon, Eng- 

Krieg, Constance, '17, 2 509 Blaisdall Avenue, 
Minneapolis 4, Minn. 

Kritser, Mary, '45, Mrs. George C. Miller, 10 50 
Lakepointe Avenue, Grosse Pointe Park, 

Krone, Mary G., '34, Seven Bridges, Chappaqua, 
N. Y. 

Kruse, Adele, (A), Mrs. Alfred C. Bowman. 

Kumm, Emily Barbara, '3 0g. 

Kunkle, Katharine, (A), Mrs. Paul H. George, 
445 N. Main Street, Greensburg, Pa. 

Kunkle, Margaret, (A), Mrs. James H. Fiscus, 
Chestnut Hill, Greensburg, Pa. 

Kunkle, Rebecca, '3 8g, Mrs. Frederic W. 
Ho^ue, Chestnut Drive, Country Club, 
Ashtabula, Ohio. 

Kunst, Geraldine, '41, 1103 Juliana Street, 
Parkersburg, W. Va. 

Kuss, Anna L, '34, 12 59 Post Road, Scars- 
dale, N. Y. 

Kuykendall, Alva, (A), Mrs. Edward T. Har- 

Kuykendall, Frances, (A), Mrs. W. B. Ashby. 

Kyle, Mary Ruth, (A), deceased. 

Kyser, Tempe, '48, Mrs. Ben C. Adams, Jr., 
2225 S. Parkway East, Apt. 2, Memphis 4, 

Labarres, Gladys, '26, Mrs. Mathew F. 

La Boiteaux, Mary, '23, Mrs. William Dun- 
bar, 9 50 Forest Avenue, Glendale, Ohio. 

Lacy, Dora B., '31, Mrs. Dora B. Lacy, c/o 
Brice Hospital, Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

Ladd, Elizabeth, '3 2. 

Ladd, Helen, '28, Nelson Gallery of Art, 
Kansas City, Mo. 

Ladd, Katherine, '21, deceased. 

Ladd, Mary Virginia, '30g, Mrs. Frederick J. 
Klinkmann, 409 Crescent Lane, Lake Bluff, 

Ladd, Persis Joan, '44, Room 2-242, Massa- 
chusetts Institute of Technology, Cam- 
bridge, Mass. 

Lahman, Audrey, '48g, 45 5 Connecticut 
Ave., N. W., Washington, D. C. 

Laidley, Margaret, '26g, Mrs. Charles G. Smith, 
242 S. Queen Street, Martinsburg, W. Va. 

Laird, Mary, '12, Mrs. Francis B. Tucker. 

Laird, Meade, '31, Mrs. M. L. Shackelford, 
R.F.D. 1, Midlothian, Va. 

Lake, Doris, '28, Mrs. Thomas H. Miller, Jr. 

Lamar, Nellie, (A), Mrs. Woodall Green. 

Lamb, Isabel, '3 0, Mrs. Max M. Wylie. 

Lamb, Kathryn, '29, Mrs. Richard Ellington. 

Lamberd, Brantley, '49g, Mrs. Albert S. Boil- 
in;^, Jr., 218 Fauquier Street, Apt E6, Ports^ 
mouth, Va. 

Lambert, Cordelia, '47, Mrs. William H. Stites, 
Hillwood, Henderson, Ky. 

Lambert, Lillian, '37g, Mrs. J. Glenn Pen- 
nington, 220 Colonial Drive, Thomasville, 

N. C. 
Lambert, Marion Virginia, '39, 2221 Pacific 

Avenue, San Francisco 1 5, Calif. 
Lambeth, Martha, '3 0, Mrs. Hardee C. Kilgore, 

Hermitage, Tenn. 
Lambeth, Mary, '3 7g, Mrs. Winfield Blackwell, 

2420 Country Club Road, Winston-Salem, 

N. C. 
Lamfrom, Helen, '13g, Mrs. Morris Neiman, 

621 North Main, Fostoria, Ohio. 
Lamfrom, Therese, '34, Mrs. William A. Beck, 

6412 N. Berkeley Road, Milwaukee 11, 

Lamon, Yvonne, '48, 930 5th Avenue, New 

York, N. Y. 
LaMotte, Eleanor, '44, Cromwell Bridge 

Road, Towson 4, Md. 
Lampton, Mary Jane, '43, Mrs. Edwin G. 

Middleton, 3 904 Old Brownsboro Road, 

Louisville 7, Ky. 
Lancaster, Alice, '44g, Mrs. Pierpont Buck, 

5013 3 4th Road, North, Arlington, Va. 
Lancaster, Carrington, '40g, Mrs. H. Merrill 

Pasco, 306 Tuckahoe Boulevard, Richmond, 

Lancaster, Elizabeth, '41g, Mrs. William 

Washburn, 1100 Riverside Drive, Tuscaloosa, 

Land, Mary Jane, '47, Mrs. Carleton A. 

Cleveland, Jr., 42 Matthews Street, Bing- 

hamton, N. Y. 
Landers, Ruth, '17, Mrs. Ormond E. Laird, 

1804 Irving Avenue, South, Minneapolis, 

Landis, Susanne, '44g, Mrs. John H. Lancaster, 

753 Elm Street, Neenah, Wise. 
Landis, Susanne, (A), Mrs. Richard W. 

Phillips, 95 Michigan, Evanston, 111. 
Lane, Ann, '48, Mrs. Frank L. Hereford, Jr., 

119 Cameron Lane, Charlottesville, Va. 
Lane, Aurelia, '3 2, Mrs. John M. Hopkins, 

Route 2, McKeesport, Pa. 
Lane, Hazel Gardner, '12, 226 Pine Street, 

Holyoke, Mass. 
Lane, Martha, '39g, Mrs. James K. Wark. 
Lane, Susan, '47, Mrs. J. Malcolm McCardell, 

104 N. Benty Street, Frederick, Md. 
Langdon, Dorothy, '39, Mrs. John F. Timmons. 
Lange, Marie, '34g, Mrs. Robert E. Gaskell, 

Hillside Heights, 52 Emmett Street, New 

Hyde Park, L. I., N. Y. 
Langeler, Grace A., '3 5, Mrs. Vess E. Irvine, 

44 5 Wolf's Lane, Pelham Manor 6 5, N. Y. 
Langford, Marie, '27, Mrs. Charles H. John- 
son, Jr., 90 5 Highland Avenue, New 

Castle, Pa. 
Langford, Pauline, '3 5g, Mrs. John M. Payne, 

1041 Ashland Place, Lynchburg, Va. 
Lanier, Elizabeth, H6, Mrs. Roy E. Parrish, Jr., 

Ellaville Road, Americus, Ga. 
Lanier, Grace, '42g, Mrs. Carlos B. Brewer, 

319 South 3rd Street, Clarksville, Tenn. 
Lanier, Katherine, (A), Mrs. G. L. Jones, 

3016 Chevy Chase Drive, River Oaks, Hous- 
ton, Texas. 


Lanier, Lloyd, '3 8g, Mrs. James N. Elliott, Jr., 
23 McDowell Road, Lexington, Ky. 

Lanier, Margaret, '3 3g, Mrs. Clifton A. Wood- 
rum, Jr., 2 514 Robin Hood Road, Roanoke, 

La Nieve, Virginia, '29, Mrs. John K. Walker, 
1000 West 3 6th Street, Pine Bluff, Ark. 

Lankford, Elizabeth, '29g, Mrs. John B. Miles, 
Jr., Little Stanning Farm, R.D. 3, Newark, 

Lankford, Mary B., '3 3. 

Lansing, Charlotte, (S), Mrs. Arthur C. Hardy, 
15 Kenilworth Road, Wellesley 81, Mass. 

Lantz, Lucy, '15 Mrs. Harry deL. McKirilay, 
23 6 Glenwood Road, Englewood, N. J. 

Larimer, Mildred, '3 2g, E. C. A., c/o Ameri- 
can Embassy, Paris, France. 

Larkins, Ina, '10, Mrj. P. J. Edwards, de- 
ceased, 194 5. 

Larmon, Helen Virginia, '40. 

Lasar, Marjorie, '34g, Mrs. Ellis R. Hurd, Jr., 
42 5 N. Hanley Road, St. Louis 5, Mo. 

Lassing, June, '3 9, Mrs. Oliver S. Wittmer. 

Lassiter, Lelia, (A), Mrj. Lewis S. Morgan. 

Latham, Jean, '43, Mrs. Robert P. Jones, 851 
Mercer Street, Albany, N. Y. 

Lathrop, Charlene, '3 3, Mrs. Sterling A. 
White, 102 Stewart Street, Easton, Md. 

Laubach, Alice P., '3 5g, 366 Lake Shore Drive, 
Asheville, N. C. 

Lauck, Eleanor, '34, Port Royal, Va. 

Laughlin, Marguerite L., '3 5. 

Lauman, Anne, '37g, Mrs. Donald S. Bussey, 
3156 Edison Street, San Mateo, Calif. 

Launder, Betty Beile, '43, Mrs^ J. Walker 
Butin, 621 N. W. 3rd Street, Rochester, 

Lauterbach, Frances, '23, R.R. 3, Brookville, 

Lauver, Dorothy, '27, Mrs. William S. Heigho, 
18312 Muirland Avenue, Detroit, Mich. 

LaVenture, Mildred, '23, Mrs. Frederick K. 
McKinney, 174 Summit Avenue, Summit, 
N. J. 

Law, Mary, '43g, Mrs. Stuart S. Taylor, 
Quail's Walk, Fort Washington, Pa. 

Lawder, Catherine, '3 9g, Mrs. Harry R. Step- 
henson, Jr., 1411 Woodside Building, 
Greenville, S. C. 

Lawder, Jane, '3 5, 1454 Marion Street, Apt. 
6, Denver 6, Colo. 

Lawrence, Barbara, '12, Mrs. John Fily. 

Lawrence, Carolyn, '34, Mrs. George White, 
Jr., deceased, 1940. 

Lawrence, Helen, '31g, Mrs. John Vander 
Horst, 3826 The Oak Road, Philadelphia 

29, Pa. 

Lawrence, Jane, '46g, Mrs. Jacques F. Houis, 

Numero 5, Rue Leopold-Robert, Paris XIV, 

Lawrence, Margaret Katharine, '49g, 10900 

Red Bank Road, Galena, Ohio. 
Lawrence, Mary, '3 0g, Mrs. Lee M. Sessions, 

816 Whitlock Avenue, Marietta, Ga. 
Lawrie, Frances, '43g, Mrs. Richard Kiiti- 

brongh, 93 Barrington Road, Grosse Pointe 

30, Mich. 

Lawton, Dorothy, '23, Mrs. Spencer H. Miller, 

3 41 Wall, Meriden, Conn. 
Lawton, Helen, '43g, 1837 Lauderdale Road, 

Louisville, Ky. 
Layfield, Eleanor, '3 2, Mrs. Egbert L. Davis, 

Jr., 709 Arbor Road, Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Layfield, Elizabeth, '32, Mrs. Orville T. Smith, 

Raleigh Apartments, Raleigh, N. C. 
Lazarus, Mabel, '22, 810 Mulberry Street, 

Macon, Ga. 
Lazenby, Virginia, (A), Mrs. /. B. O'Hara, 

6920 Turtle Creek Boulevard, Dallas 5, 

Lea, Elizabeth, '20, Mrs. Holt Apgar, 844 

Lafayette Avenue, Morrisville, Pa. 
Leach, Anne, '44, Mrs. Wiley H. Merrill, Jr., 

901 Bell Drive, Greenville, Texas. 
Leach, Jane, '48g, Mrs. Stephen C. Cromwell, 

Jr., 3 812 Spruce Street, Philadelphia 4, Pa. 
Leachman, Constance, (A), 413 2nd Street, 

N. E., Charlottesville, Va. 
Leadbeater, Katherine, '28g, Mrs. Howard B. 

Bloomer, Jr., Shoreacres, Lorton, Va. 
Leake, Beverly, (A), Mrs. S. V. McClelland, 

1318 South 20th Street, Birmingham, Ala. 
Lear, Lois, '3 9g, Mrs. Wendell R. Stoops, 

7142 Fontana, Mission, Kan. 
Leatham, Dorothy, '2 5, Mrs. Tom Nelson, 

454 5 S. Versailles Street, Dallas, Texas. 
Leavitt, Lois, '3 6, Mrs. Thomas E. Franks. 
LeBlond, Katherine, '3 3, Mrs. Bruce Farquhar, 

201 Center Street, Kennett Square, Pa. 
LeBris, Antoinette, '45g, Mrs. Paul Maynard, 

269 Newcomb Street, S. E., Washington 

20, D. C. 
Lee, Bertha, '46g, Mrs. Alfred M. Battey, Jr., 

Forest Hills Apt. 204, Augusta, Ga. 
Lee, Charlotte, '34, Mrs. William Lauck, 

Piedmont, c/o Dr. Edwin Lee, Charlottes- 
ville, Va. 
Lee, Edna, '26g, Mrs. Joseph A. Gilchrist, Jr., 

Sweet Briar, Va. 
Lee, Elizabeth, '3 7g, Mrs. Ernest F. McPhail, 

163 5 Hertford Road, Charlotte 7, N. C. 
Lee, Elizabeth, '40g, Mrs. Samuel K. C. Kop- 

per, 428 Argyle Drive, Alexandria, Va. 
Lee, Jane, '23g, Mrs. Milton Best, Fremont, 

N. C. 
Lee, Janet, '29, Mrs. Hugh D. Auchincloss, 

McLean, Va. 
Lee, Margaret, '31g, Mrs. Glenn Thompson, 

2 East Leland Street, Chevy Chase 15, Md. 
Lee, Martha, '2 5g, Mrs. William H. William- 
son, Jr., deceased, 1944. 
Lee, Martha, '3 0g, Mrs. Martha Lee Poston, 

Box 128, Canandaigua, N. Y. 
Lee, Mary A., '22, Mrs. Howard Smith, de- 
ceased, 1934. 
Lee, Mary Belle, '43 g, Mrs. Frederick S. Aid- 
rid ge, 14 Anderson Street, Boston, Mass. 
Lee, Mary Gary, '48, Chestnut Lodge, Rock- 

ville, Md. 
Lee, Mary, '28g, Mrs. Ricjiard L. Glazier, 

3422 Kensington Avenue, Richmond, Va. 
Leedom, Janet, '21. 


Leet, Margaret, '27, Mrs. Frank H. Bri^anti, 

462i 49th Street, N. W., Washington 16, 

D. C. 
LefiFel, Betty, '48, 999 Michigan Avenue, Evan- 

ston. 111. 
Leflen, Sarah, '4 5, Mrs. Hu^h C. Macfarlane, 

901 Golf view, Tampa, Fla. 
Legg, Sallie Carolyn, '49g, 101 Vincent 

Street, Binghamton, N. Y. 
Leggett, Helen, '22, Mrs. William f. Corbett, 

311 Minnesota Avenue, Buffalo 15, N. Y. 
Leggett, Marion, '37, Mrs. Donald M. Currie, 

Yorktown House, Fort Hill Village, Scars- 
dale, N. Y. 
Leggett, Virginia, '40, Mrs. Thomas B. Came- 
ron, 128 W. St. Clair Street, Cincinnati, 

Leggett, Yvonne, ,'3 9g, Mrs. Daniel L. Dyer, 

Alger Court, Apt. 5-G, Rivermere, Bronx- 

ville, N. Y. 
LeGrand, Eloise, '24, Mrs. Harold T. Council, 

622 S. Main Street, Greenville, Miss. 
Legum, Ruth, '3 5, Mrs. Richard Marcus, 3 502 

Old Court Road, Baltimore 8, Md. 
LeHardy, Julia, (A), Mrs. L. S. Kay, 2015 

Lanier Drive, Silver Spring, Md. 
LeHardy, Virginia, '3 0, Mrs. S. L. Bell, 124 

Hermitage Road, Rochester 12, N. Y. 
Lehmann, Jennie, '27, Mrs. Marvin B. Mor- 
rison, 49 Overbrook Road, Birmingham, 

Leigh, Alice, '3 0g, Mrs. Martin H. Caples, 

Princeton Junction, N. J. 
Leigh, Margaret, '27g, Mrs. Robert B. Hobbs, 

Dorchester Road, Darien, Conn. 
Leigh, Virginia, '3 0, Mrs. William P. Wifsell, 

jr., 2 519 N. Filmore Street, Little Rock, 

Leigh ton, Betty Jane, '43g, Mrs. Chester H. 

Lane, 13 Franklin Place, Maplewood, N. J. 
Leitch, Virginia, (A), Mrs. Walter M. 

Leiper, Ellen, '23g, Mrs. Keith A. Quarter-man, 

185 Huntington Road, North, Atlanta, Ga. 
Lembeck, Louise, '41g, Mrs. Charles Reydel, 

150 Parkside Road, Plainfield, N. J. 
Lemley, Alice, (A), Mrs. Hosea Garrett. 
Lemmon, Anne, '37g, 224 Church Street, 

Sumter, S. C. 
Lemmon, Jean, '3 8, Mrs. Edwiti R. Crick, Jr. 
Lemmon, Martha Louise, '34g, Mrs. William 

F. Stohlmann, 11 Edgehill Street, Prince- 
ton, N. J. 
Lemon, Ava-Zo, (A), 428 Woods Avenue, 

S. W., Roanoke 16, Va. 
Leonard, Margaret, '42, Mrs. William T. Baker, 

1417 Winston Road, Northwood, Balti- 
more 12, Md. 
Leonard, Mary, '3 0, Mrs. James Stitt, Wehad- 

kee, Ala. 
Leopold, Elizabeth, '2 5, Mrs. H. Ross Potter, 

64 Kings Highway, South, Darien, Conn. 
LePine, Madeleine, '3 3g, Mrs. Donald L. Gip- 

son, deceased, 195 0. 
LePine, Marie Louise, '34g, (Mrs.) Unadilla, 

Otsego, County, N. Y. 
LePine, Marie Louise, '34g. 

Lerner, Sally, '43 g, Mrs. Alan W. David, 7 

Prince, Rochester 7, N. Y. 
Lesh, Jane, '4 5, Mrs. Frank A. Spurr, Jr., 

32 5 5 S. Stafford Street, Arlington, Va. 
Lesnick, Abigail, '3 6g, Mrs. Ben Leibowitz, 

5102 5th Avenue, Brooklyn 20, N. Y. 
Lesser, Elizabeth '42, Mrs. Harmott M. Pur- 

Letcher, Adele, '3 8g, Mrs. E. Jonathan Har- 
vey, 110 Rodney Street, Glen Rock, N. J. 
Letts, Muriel, '26, Mrs. Howard G. Morgan. 
Leute, Marjorie, '2 5, Mrs. Harold B. Crouse, 

48 Ardmore Avenue, Lansdowne, Pa. 
Levi, Patricia L., '49g, c/o Dept. of Chemistry, 

Wellesley College, Wellesley, Mass. 
Levillain, Antoinette, '3 3, Mrs. Charles Hes- 

lotiin, 16 Rue Professeur Roux, Calvire, 

Rhone, France, 
levis, Shirley, '47g, Mrs. Donald B. Johnson, 

Jr., 173 5 Clinton Street, Rockford, 111. 
Lewis, Anne, '3 0g, Mrs. Ronald McClintock, 

127 West Main Street, Danville, Va. 
Lewis, Barbara, '29, Mrs. E. Douglas Howard, 

11, 59 Berkley Place, Buffalo 9, N. Y. 
Lewis, Barbara, '28, Mrs. Alan M. Palmer, 

Calle Miguel Schultz #73-1, Mexico D. F., 

Lewis, Claudia, (A), Mrs. Thomas D. Wright, 

Bonne Brae, Roxboro Road, Durham, N. C. 
Lewis, Dearing, '34g, 1105 Bedford Avenue, 

Altavista, Va. 
Lewis, Eliza, '3 6g, Mrs. Russell J. Parham, 

2 59 Gholson, Henderson, N. C. 

Lewis, Elizabeth, '19, Mrs. Gerrit Peters, 19 

Court Street, Frederick, Md. 
Lewis, Elizabeth, '29g, Mrs. Wellford C. Reed, 

3 821 Seminary Avenue, Richmond 22, 

Lewis, Emily A., '37, 180 5 32nd Street, N. W., 

Canton 9, Ohio. 
Lewis, Flora, (A), Mrs. Flora L. Mayo. 
Lewis, Frances, (A), Mrs. L. Shannon Cook. 
Lewis, Gertrude, '31g, Mrs. Samuel D. Ma- 

gavern, 3 02 Lincoln Parkway, Buffalo 16, 

N. Y. 
Lewis, Jane, '3 9g, Mrs. John E. Kingsbury, 

Kent School, Kent, Conn. 
Lewis, Lottie S., '3 9g, Mrs. Charles T. Woollen, 

Jr., 148 East 48th Street, New York 17, 

N. Y. 
Lewis, Margaret, (A), Mrs. Waldo B. Thomp- 
son, 22 5 1st Avenue, Lewiston, Idaho. 
Lewis, Margaret E., '37g, 54 West 11th Street, 

New York, N. Y. 
Lewis, Marguerite, (A), Mrs. W. A. Green, Jr. 
Lewis, Mary, '42, Mrs. Donald M. Leiuis, 13 5 

May wood Avenue, Rochester 10, N. Y. 
Lewis, Mildred, '29g, Mrs. Alonzo H. Adkins, 

16 50 Harvard Street, N. W., Washington, 

D. C. 
Lewis, Penelope B., '42g, Pavilion II, East 

Lawn, University, Va. 
Lewis, Virginia, '2 5, Mrs. Virginia L. Duerr, 

4226 East 2nd Street, Tucson, Ariz. 
Lewman, Betty, '3 7, Mrs. William R. Wight- 
man, 18726 Lomond Boulevard, Shaker 

Heights 22, Ohio. 



Lieber, Edith, (A), Mrs. Kurt Yonnegut, 

deceased, 1944. 
Lieber, Marie, (A), Mrs. Harry H. Bentley, 

Liebman, Margaret H., '3 5, 23 East 74.th 

Street, New Yorii 21, N. Y. 
Lightbown, Mary Jane, '37. 
Ligon, Virginia, '41, Mrs. lames W. Spencer 

II, 533 Sherwood Circle, Spartanburg, S. C. 
Lile, Anne Minor, '47g, Mrs. William D. Bow- 
den, 15 02 3 5th, South, Seattle, Wash. 

Lile, Elma Collins, '48g, 1133 A'lcGilvra 
Boulevard, Seattle 2, Wash. 

Lilly, Joanne, '41, Mrs. David M. Abbott, 42 
Benedict Avenue, Ilion, N. Y. 

Lilly, Mildred Gladys, (A). 

Lilygren, Marian, '36, Mrs. Henry V. Farrell. 

Lincoln, Charlotte, '24, Mrs. Giinnard John- 
son, 2117 Drury Lane, Kansas City 2, Mo. 

Lincoln, Marian, '21, Mrs. ] antes J. Van Dyke, 
374 Park, Upper Montclair, N. J. 

Lindsay, Delia, (A), Mrs. Gilbert P. Bogart, 

■ deceased, 1947. 

Lindsay, Eliza W., '49, 3 36 High Street, Salem, 

Lindsay, Charles, '42g, Mrs. /. Watts Martin, 
951 Coral Drive, Pittsburgh 16, Pa. 

Lindsay, Indiana, '48g, Mrs. Frank N. Bilisoly, 

III, 3 06 Park Place, Charlottesville, Va. 
Lindsay, Marjorie, (A), Mrs. A. Hardin Coon, 

581 Gibson Avenue, Kingston, Pa. 
Lindsey, Martha, '44g, Mrs. John L. Barton, 

203 East 4th Street, Rome, Ga. 
Linebaugh, Margaret, '34, Mrs. Glenn R. Davis, 

1524 W. Okmulgee Avenue, Muskogee, 

Link, Helen, (A), Mrs. Walter A. Weidely, 67 

Seminary Avenue, Binghamton 46, N. Y. 
Lippincott, Joan, (A), deceased. 
Lippitt, Anita, '44g, Mrs. Thomas C. Clay, 

1064 Bar. Terrace, S. E., 3 01, Washington, 

D. C. 
Lipscomb, Dorothy, '26, Mrs. Robert E. Lee, 

deceased, 193 2. 
Little, Eleanor, '3 9, Mrs. T. Garrison Morfit, 

156 N. Gunston Drive, Los Angeles 24, 

Little, Evelynn, '37, Mrs. Henry M. McFar- 

land, Jr. 
Little, Frances, '3 8, Mrs. Charles W. Wheland, 

909 West Brow Road, Lookout Mountain, 

Little, Indel, '3 0, Mrs. Paul Caraway. 
Little, Katherine, '30, Mrs. Mitchmn War- 
ren, Paris, Tenn. 
Little, Olivia, '42, Mrs. Oden H. Meeker, 151 

East 51st Street, New York 22, N. Y. 
Little, Virginia, '22, 514 Essex Road, Kenil- 

worth. 111. 
Littlefield, Nancy, '43, Mrs. Daniel Stearns, 

17830 Windward Road, Cleveland 9, Ohio. 
Littleford, Jane, '3 5, Mrs. Robert H. Ste,^e- 

man. Crow Hill, Fort Thomas, Ky. 
Littleford, Joan S., '47, 75 Shaw Lane, Fort 

Thomas, Kv. 
Littleford, Mildred B., '44, Mrs. William T. 

Camm, 242 Rossford Avenue, Fort Thomas, 


Littleton, Helen, 41g, Mrs. Jackson A. Hauslein, 

527 Beechtree Lane, Wayne, Pa. 
Littleton, Hester, (A), Mrs. Marcus Bordeau. 
Lively, Mary Jane, '46g, Mrs. E. Leslie Hoff- 
man, Jr., 3 08 Belvedere Apts., Virginia 

Street, East, Charleston 1, W. Va. 
Livermore, Joyce, '45, Mrs. Frederick B. 

Foust, 9072 S. Main Street, Plymouth, 

Livingston, Joan, '50, 1880 Shadowlawn, 

Jacksonville 5, Fla. 
Lloyd, Dorothy, (A), Mrs. Jack C. Horner. 
Lloyd, Elise, '15, Mrs. George W. Tandy, 

deceased, 1942. 
Lloyd, Lillian, '10, Mrs. Raymond L. Thayer, 

242 East 48th Street, New York 17, N. Y. 
Lloyd, Louisa Barton, '46. 
Lloyd, Louise, '48g, Sweet Briar, Va. 
Lloyd, Lucy, '41g, 240 East 48th Street, New 

York 17, N. Y. 
Lloyd, Margaret, (A), Mrs. Dandridge L. 

Lloyd, Margaret H., '3 6g, Mrs. William W. 

Bush, 17 Inwood Road, Essex Fells, N. ]. 
Lloyd, Rachel, '17g, Mrs. Hoyt S. Holton, 

2318 Densmore Drive, Toledo 6, Ohio. 
Lloyd, Ruth, '11, 407 Winthrop Street, 

Toledo 10, Ohio. 
Lloyd, Virginia, (A). 
Lobingier, Martha, '24g, Mrs. Wendell W. 

Lusk, 518 Roslyn Place, Pittsburgh 6, Pa. 
Lockett, Elizabeth, '3 9g, Mrs. Roger E. Lord, 

Jr., 5 604 Kingsbury Court, St. Louis 12, 

Lockhart, Elizabeth, '3 2, Mrs. James T. Bee- 
son, 2423 Walton Way, Augusta, Ga. 
Lockhart, Margaret, '28, Mrs. Edward L. Oast. 
Lodge, Florence, '3 0g, Mrs. George L. McCall, 

2267 Lamberton Road, Cleveland Heights, 

Loeb, Corinne, (A). 
Loebmann, Dorothea, '3 5g, Mrs. William H. 

Gengarelly, 102 Crest Drive, Tarrytown, 

N. Y. 
Loftis, Emily, '48, Mrs. George B. Peters, 

12 59 Linville Street, Kingsport, Tenn. 
Lofton, Margaret, (A), Mrs. Arthur Spangler. 
Logan, Kathleen, (A), Mrs. Sherman Love, 

1051 Lake Avenue, Rochester, N. Y. 
Logan, Mary, (A). 
Logan, Mattie, (A), Mrs. Harvey M. Heefner, 

Salem, Va. 
Logic, Claire, '47, Mrs. Donald Myers, Loomis 

Street, Westfield, Mass. 
Lokey, Boyce, '30, Mrs. Harold H. Martin, 

289 5 Normandy Drive, N. W., Atlanta, Ga. 
Lomax, Sarita, '32, Mrs. W. M. Scott. 
Loney, Corinne, '20g, Mrs. George E. Benson, 

2 Pickering Street, Salem, Mass. 
Long, Dorothy, '43g, Mrs. Robert B. Cousins, 

5 53 8 Brynmawr, Dallas, Texas. 
Long, Harriett Paulett, '44g, Mrs. Ganson P. 

Taggart, 18 Lloyd Street, Winchester, 

Long, Margaret E., '49g, 802 E. Phil-Ellena 

Street, Philadelphia 19, Pa. 


Long, Minnie, '22g, Mrs. York Wilson, 2034 

16th Street, N. W., Washington 9, D. C. 
Long, Shirley, '5O3 204 S. Monroe Street, 

Tallahassee, Fla. 
Longino, Frances, '44g, Mrs. Hughes S. 

Schroder, 1268 Piedmont Avenue, N. E., 

Apt. 14, Atlanta, Ga. 
Longmire, Ruth, '45g, Mrs. Willard B. Wag- 
ner, Jr., 2909 Drexel Drive, Houston, Texas. 
Longwell, Kathryn, '23, Mrs. Granville Davis. 
Loomis, Josephine, '24, Mrs. W. R. Burt, 

deceased, 1931. 
Looney, Tennie, '19, Mrs. Thomas B. Burton, 

Cambridge, Idaho. 
Looze, Barbara, '40. 
Lorraine, Katherine, '3 6, Mrs. Frank T. Hyde, 

415 Somerset Avenue, Richmond 21, Va. 
Lorton, Marie, (A), Mrs. Lorton Sims, 1611 

21st Street, N. W., Washington 9, D. C. 
Lott, Elizabeth, '28, Mrs. Charles G. Basker- 

ville, I'ilS Prospect Road, Tampa, Fla. 
Louden, Mary Katherine, '3 5, 1106 South 2nd 

Street, Fairfield, Iowa. 
Loudon, Elizabeth, '3 8, Mrs. William S. Steele, 

140 5 Oakcrest Drive, Alexandria, Va. 
Loughery, Mary, '26g, Mrs. L. Dale Arthur, 

2900 Avondale Avenue, Charlotte 3, N. C. 
Love, Elizabeth H., '39, Lynnwood Boulevard, 

Nashville 5, Tenn. 
Love, Jean Lee, '47g, Mrs. John G. Albert, 

610 Fountain Place, Burlington, N. C. 
Love, Lucy, '44, Mrs. Warren P. Elmer, 222 

E. Marshall Street, Princeton, N. J. 
Love, Elizabeth, '4 5, Mrs. Charles Orth, 500 

Nottingham Drive, Greensboro, N. C. 
Loveland, Florence, '44g, Mrs. James R. Swan- 
beck, StafF Cm. Carribean, Canal Zone, 

15 Naval Dist., Balboa, Canal Zone. 
Loveland, Jane, '41g, Mrs. William E. Byerts, 

Jr., c/o Lt. Col. W. E. Byerts, Jr., Hdqtrs. 

14th Air Force, Robins A. F. B., Warner 

Robins, Ga. 
Lovell, Virginia, '20, Mrs. William R. Hag- 
gar t, 1348 8th Street, South, Fargo, N. D. 
Lovett, Dorothy, '23g, Mrs. Paul E. Stevenson, 

Park Hill, Huntington 1, W. Va. 
Lovett, Margaret, '27g, Gray Gables, Park 

Hills, Huntington, W. Va. 
Lovett, Mildred, '26g, Mrs. Edwin Matthews, 

714 13 th Avenue, Huntington, W. Va. 
Loving, Anita, '41g, Mrs. William F. Lewis, 

Box 2159, A. & M. College of Texas, Col- 
lege Station, Texas. 
Lowder, Margaret H., '3 0, 63 6 Pershing Street, 

Fayetteville, N. C. 
Lowder, Myrtle, '3 2, Mrs. James D. Bush, Jr. 
Lowman, Elizabeth, '18g, Mrs. Asaph B. Hall, 

866 Euclid Avenue, Elmira, N. Y. 
Lowrance, Bess, '28g, Mrs. Robert W. Hill, 

Baylor School, Chattanooga, Tenn. 
Lowrance, Ruth, '27g, Mrs. Gordon P. Street, 

1406 Winding Way, Chattanooga 5, Tenn. 
Lowry, Adele, (A), Mrs. George M. Nolen. 
Lowry, Jeanne, (A), Mrs. Haynes F el ton, 

c/o Rinehart, 1423 Astruria Avenue, Coral 

Gables, Fla. 
Lowsley, Martha W., '45, Mrs. John E. Jay. 

Lubs, Kathryn Ruth, '40, 1900 Greenhill 

Avenue, Wilmington 47, Del. 
Lucas, Natalie, '37g, Mrs. Maitland S. Chase, 

Jr., Box 1208, Florence, S. C. 
Lucas, Priscilla G., '52, R. F. D. 2, Rock 

Hall, Md. 
Lucas, Richmonde, (A), Mrs. H. H. Fargus. 
Luce, Jean Alice, '36. 
Luck, Anne, '3 8g, Mrs. Albert B. Lancaster, 

1216 2nd Street, S. W., Roanoke, Va. 
Luck, Ehzabeth, '27g, Mrs. Hall Hammond, 

"Witheywood," Stevenson, Md. 
Luckett, Gracey, '39g, Mrs. Brooke Stoddard, 

2419 Longest Avenue, Louisville, Ky. 
Ludington, Mary Florence, '48g, Mrs. Victor 

W. Henningsen, Jr.^ 1 Hillcrest Drive, Pel- 
ham Manor, N. Y. 
Luke, Isabel, '19g, Mrs. T. Foster Witt, River 

Road, Route 13, Richmond 21, Va. 
Luke, Mary Jane, '48g, "Glencairn," Coving- 
ton, Va. 
Luke, Patricia, '46, Mrs. John P. Bryden, 

III, R. F. D. 1, Orangeville, Pa. 
Lukens, Kathryn, '3 6, Mrs. John C. Havlick, 

103 5 Montgomery Avenue, Narberth, Pa. 
Lumbard, Katherine, '31, Mrs. Louis P. Kur- 

tis, 51 Grandview Avenue, White Plains, 

N. Y. 
Lundholm, Ruth, '21, State Laboratories, 

Minnesota Department of Health, Minnea- 
polis, Minn. 
Lupton, Maddin, '48g, 1662 Hillcrest Road, 

Chattanooga, Tenn. 
Lupton, Gloria, '45, 4600 Broad Avenue, Fort 

Worth 7, Texas, 
de Lustrac, Marguerite, '47g, Mme. Claude 

Labour et, 90 bis A venue Henri Martin, Paris 

XVI, France. 
Luther, Margaret, '43, Mrs. Robert R. Kurtz, 

9 Ralph Avenue, White Plains, N. Y. 
Lutz, Louise, '29g, 5844 Harper Avenue, 

Chicago 37, 111. 
Lydecker, Dorothy, '16, deceased. 
Lydecker, Jean, '34, Mrs. Melvin Roberts, 

R. R. 5, Chagrin Falls, Ohio. 
Lykes, Howell, '3 8g, Mrs. Richard C. Cotton, 

829 Bowman Avenue, Wynnewood, Pa. 
Lynch, Katherine, '3 5, Mrs. James L. Bloker, 

10022 Strathmoor, Strathmoor Station, De- 
troit 27, Mich. 
Lynn, Gladys, (A), Mrs. Lynn McKenzie, 

Montezuma, Ga. 
Lynn, Margaret, '3 5, Mrs. H. Eugene Ritenour. 
Lynott, Eleanor, '20, Louisiana, Mo. 
Lyon, Masy, '3 0g, Mrs. Alfred K.' Altho-use, 

7 Lafayette Road, Colonial Village, Wayne, 


MacBain, Grace, '18, Mrs. Herbert P. Ladds, 

19301 Shelbourne Road, Shaker Heights, 

MacCleary, Helen, '25, Mr?. William C. Caine, 

Wadsworth, Ohio. 
MacDonald, Jeanne, '37, Mrs. Anthony O. 

Endres, Box 209, Birmingham, Mich. 
MacDonald, Katherine, (A), Mrs. R D. Cum- 




Macdonald, Mary, '3 Or, Mrs. Jasper A. Rey- 
nolds, 1503 Duncan Avenue, Chattanooga 

4, Tenn. 
MacDonnell, Emma B., '21. 
MacDonough, Marjorie, '18, deceased. 
Macfarlan, Janet, '3 8g, Mrs. Charles H. Berg- 

mann, 244 Ackerman Avenue, Hohokus, 

N. J. 
MacFarland, Estella, '16, Mrs. Byron S. tax, 

1002 N. George Street, Rome, N. Y. 
Macfarland, Mary, '43, Mrs. J. Roy West. 
Macfarlane, Anne, '47g, Mrs. Charles F. Clark, 

2803 San Isidro, Apt. 1, Tampa, Fla. 
Macfarlane, Ruth, '39, Mrs. Thomas Debe- 

voise, Bridgeport, W. Va. 
MacGeorge, Rebecca, '20, Mrs. J. S. Bennett, 

111, 274 Forest Road, Merion, Pa. 
MacGregor, Joyce, '26g, deceased, 1949. 
Mack, Virginia, '26g, Mrs. W. R. Senter, Jr., 

20 5 Morningside Drive, Chattanooga 4, 

MacKain, Janet M., '27g, Mrs. Albert Allen. 
Mackall, Emily, (A), 3 044 O Street, N. W., 

Washington, D. C. 
Mackay, Alma Elizabeth, (A). 
Mackay, Suzanne, '34, Mrs. F. W. Russe, Jr., 

deceased, 194 J. 
MacKenzie, Dorothy, '2 3, 174 Hawthorne 

Road, Birmingham, Mich. 
MacKenzie, Dorothy, '3 5, Mrs. Henry W. 

Kraebber, 73 1 W. Spring Street, Elgin, 111. 
MacKenzie, Lucy, '27, Mrs. John H. Price. 
MacKenzie, Muriel, '23, Mrs. M. F. Kelly. 

767 Eustis Street, St. Paul, Minn. 
MacKinnon, Cecilia, '40g, 228 Myrtle Street, 

Winnetka, 111. 
Mackintosh, Mary Frances, '3 9g, Mrs. Joseph 

Sherer, Jr., 8-16 Wilde Avenue, Drexel- 

brook, Drexel Hill, Pa. 
MacLeod, Muriel, '24g, Mrj. Edmund W. 

Searby, 63 8 Loves Lane, Wynnewood, Pa. 
MacMillan, Josephine, '47, 73 6 E. Franklin 

Street, Chapel Hill, N. C. 
MacNulty, Mildred, (A). 
MacPherson, Clara, '3 5, Mrs. Frank Virgin, 

240 Colonial Homes Drive, N. W., Atlanta, 

Macpherson, Janice, '24, 177 East 74th Street, 

New York 21, N. Y. 
MacQueen, Alberta, '26g, Mrs. Louis O. de 

Range, 37 Ellsworth Road, West Hartford, 

MacQueen, Elizabeth, '2 5g, Mrs. Harry L. 

Nelson, 13 57 West Haven, San Marino 9, 

MacQueen, Mildred, '29, Mrs. Joseph Chand- 
ler, 86th Street, Virginia Beach, Va. 
MacRae, Anne A., '3 2g, Cockeysville, Md. 
MacRae, Clara, '40g, Mrs. Beverley D. Causey, 

402 Virginia Avenue, Alexandria, Va. 
MacRae, Elizabeth, '31g, Mrs. Stephen God- 

dard, 28 East Oxford Street, Valley Stream, 

L. I., N. Y. 
MacRae, Margaret, '37g, Mrs. Charles K. 

Jackson, M.C.R.D., Parris Island, S. C. 
MacVichie, Belle, '30. 

Maddox, Lillian, '22g, Mrs. ]ames H. Whit- 
ner, 2312 Wellesley Avenue, Charlotte 7, 
N. C. 

Madison, Mary, '46, Mrs. Joseph A. Hender- 
son, 1508 E. Blount Street, Pensacola, Fla. 

Madlener, Alice, '49, Av. Roque S. Pena, 
1160, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

Madson, Elizabeth, '18, Mrs. William S. Eddy, 
"Open Skies," Pau-ko-tuk, Oshkosh, Wise. 

Magee, Cynthia, (A), Mrs. Theodore S. 
Mead, The Greystone Apartments, Haver- 
ford, Pa. 

Magoffin, Charlotte, '32g, Box 56, Deerwood, 

Magruder, Betty Allen, '3 2g, Psychiatric In- 
stitute, 722 West 168th Street, New York, 
N. Y. 

Mahan, Mary Marshall, '39, 2 506 Laclede, 
Hannibal, Mo. 

Mahone, Marie, (A), Mrs. Harry B. Finch, 
1215 Buckingham Avenue, Norfolk 8, Va. 

Mahoney, Margaret, '28g, Mrs. Stuart Gold- 
smith, deceased, 1945. 

Main, Barbara, '31g, Mrs. Jacob Cooper, The 
Acre, Perry Avenue, Silver Mine, Norwalk, 

Mains, Mary Jane, '37. 

Malet, Antoinette, '20g, Le Villaret, Cne de- 
Saturnin-de-Tartaronne par Banassac, Lo- 
zere, France. 

Mallory, Austina, '28. 

Mallory, Geraldine, '3 3g, 169 E. Clinton Ave- 
nue, Tenafly, N. J. 

Mallory, Hanna, '44g, Mrs. Joseph M. Perkins, 
Warsaw, Va. 

Mallory, Joan, ^51, Mrs. Dwight A. Pease 
Fowler, Jr. 

Mallory, Mary, '41, Mrs. William E. King, Jr., 
120 North Woodrow, Little Rock, Ark. 

Malm, Marion, '3 2g, Mrs. W. MacDaniel 
Fowler, 3 22 5 Dexter Road, Ann Arbor, 

Malone, Annie Laurie, '43, Mrs. William Boi- 

Malone, Dorothy, '42g, Mrs. Charles Yates, 
912 Beaverbrook Drive, N. W., Atlanta, 

Malone, Margaret, '26g, Mrs. James B. Mc- 
Clements, Jr., 5640 Aylesboro Avenue, 
Pittsburgh 17, Pa. 

Malone, Mary, '23, Mrs. Lanford Slaton, c/o 
Neal Johnson Co., 73 7 Terminal Street, 
Los Angeles, Calif. 

Malone, Elizabeth, '19, Mrs. J. L. Biggers, 
Box 402, Commerce, Texas. 

Malsby, Louise, (A), Mrs. Htiston Marlatt, 
3 1 South 17th Street, Richmond, Ind. 

Mandle, Jeannette, '42, Mrs. Arthtir C. Dun- 
lap, 50 5 Walnut Street, Paris, Tenn. 

Mandle, Marilyn, '46, Mrs. James Dick, 390 5 
Greenleaf, Knoxville, Tenn. 

Maner, Elizabeth, '31, Mrs. Owsley Vose, 5 E. 
Leland Street, Chevy Chase, Md. 

Manley, Frieda, '47, Mrs. William E. Hutchin- 
son, Jr., 330 Washington Avenue, Savannah, 


Manly, Nan, '3 9^, Mrs. Thomas ]. Adams, 410 

Meadow Brook Lane, Birmingham 9, Ala. 
Mann, Ruth, (S), 404 S. Irving Boulevard, 

Los Angeles 5, Calif. 
Mann, Gladys, (A), Mrs. Henry M. Batcman, 

555 Muirfield Road, Los Angeles, Calif. 
Mann, Marion, '3 9, Mrs. Stuart Z. Hawkes, 

R. D. 2, Boonton, N. J. 
Mann, Marjorie, '24, Mrs. /. Lester Thomas, 

R.R. 2, Tiffin Avenue, Findlay, Ohio. 
Mann, Virginia, '50, Mrs. William R. Cald- 
Manning, Clara, '3 2, Mrs. Me7isin^ West, Apt. 

3 0, 216 N. Bailey, Ft. Worth 7, Texas. 
Manning, Elizabeth, '2 5g, Mrs. Maniiin,^ Wade, 

11 Library Lane, Bronxville 8, N. Y. 
Manning, Helen W., '22, Lawrenceville, N. J- 
Manning, Rebecca, '27g, Mrs. Howard W. 

Cutler, Indian Chase Drive, Greenwich, 

Mansfield, Katherine, '2 5. 
Mansfield, Martha E., '48g, Service Club No. 

2, Fort Knox, Ky. 
Manson, Clyde, '3 0, Mrs. Donald Tinkess, Stan- 

wich Road, Greenwich, Conn. 
Mantor, Alcyone, (A), Mrs. A. M. Re/chard t. 
Mantor, Anita, '23, 500 Furman, Corpus 

Christi, Texas. 
Marcoglou, Alexandra, '47g, Mrs. Igor A. 

Pezas, 815 Park Avenue, New York, N. Y. 
Marcus, Ellen, '47, Mrs. W. H. Kates, Jr., 

234 5 S. Fillmore, Denver 10, Colo. 
Marill, Gertrude, '41g, Mrs. Paul L. Stanch- 
field, 3900 N. Washington Boulevard, Ar- 
lington, Va. 
Markham, Dorothy, '29, Mrs. Charles B. Grif- 
fith, 2726 Connecticut Avenue, N. W., 

Washington, D. C. 
Markle, Catherine, (A), Mrs. F. V. Bridges, 

Markle, Mabel, (A). 
Markley, Madelyn, '28, Mrs. Louis R. Lowe, 

S67 5 Winthrop, Indianapolis 5, Ind. 
Marks, Charlotte, '29g, Mrs. Stanley G. 

Schade, 131 Virginia Avenue, Aspinwall, Pa. 
Marks, Mary Virginia, '3 5g, Aberdeen Farm, 

Disputanta, Va. 
Marquardt, Jane, '3 6, Mrs. Arthur G. Murphy, 

26 Norman Road, Upper Montclair, N. J. 
Marr, Jessie, '42g, Mrs. Herman Strahman, 

349 E. Northfield Avenue, Livingston, N. J. 
Marr, Katherine, '3 0g, Mrs. James M. White, 

110 5 Clifton Lane, Nashville 4, Tenn. 
Marr, Ruth, '46, Mrs. William K. Kurz, 180 

Lafayette Avenue, Chatham, N. J. 
Marriner, Rebecca, '3 5g, 82 S. Wade Avenue, 

Washington, Pa. 
Marsh, Emily, '34g, Mrs. Clyde W. Nichols, 

Box 171, Boise, Idaho. 
Marsh, Frances, '22. 
Marsh, Genevieve, '3 8g, Mrs. Wheeler Y. 

Fisher, 1914 Connecticut Avenue, N. W., 

Washington 6, D. C. 
Marsh, Mildred, (A), Mrs. M. M. Foster. 
Marsh, Sarah, '23, 80 5 South Broadway, Tyler, 


Marshall, Ann Louise, '47g, 63 26 Ridge Ave- 
nue, Cincinnati 13, Ohio. 
Marshall, Catherine, '34g, Mrs. Robert E. B. 

Hamill, Cedar Lane, Beltsville, Md. 
Marshall, Catherine, '18g, Mrs. John D. Shuler, 

28 Foster Drive^ Des Moines 12, Iowa. 
Marshall, Celia, '24g, Mrs. Robert A. Miller, 

River Road, New Hope, Pa. 
Marshall, Edith, '3 2, Mrs. Arch S. Martin. 
Marshall, Eleanor, '3 0g, Mrs. Beverly Tucker, 

175 Fountain Avenue, Glendale, Ohio. 
Marshall, Hazel, (A), Mrs. Tate B. Sterretf, 

Oakley Farms, Hot Springs, Va. 
Marshall, Lucille, '13, Mrs. Armin R. Boethelt, 

292 5 Corydon Road, Cleveland 18, Ohio. 
Marshall, Mary, '24g, Mrs. J. R. A. Hobson, 

Apt. G B, 147-87, Grand Central Parkway, 

Jamaica 2, N. Y. 
Marshall, Mary, '29g, Mrj. William C. Frank- 
lin, 119 Beechdale Road, Baltimore 10, Md. 
Marshall, Myra, '3 0g, Mrs. Edtvard V. Brush, 

Jr., Castle Hill, Lexington, Va. 
Marshall, Susan, '3 2g, Mrs. Wayt B. Timber- 
lake, Jr., Ridgewood Avenue, Staunton, Va. 
Marston, Angela, '43 g, Mrs. Robert Beste, 

110 Race Street, Richardson Park, Del. 
Marston, Elizabeth, '3 0g, Mrs. Silas M. Creech, 

517 Goddard Road, Bethesda 14, Md. 
Marston, Emily, (S), Mrs. Walter P. Cumnock, 

Upper River Road, Louisville, Ky. 
Marston, Margaret. '22, Mrs. William T. Til- 

lar, Jr., 208 Church Street, Emporia, Va. 
Marston, Ruth, (A), Mrs. Barton Palmer, 

Urbana, Va. 
Martin, Alice, '3 3g, Mrs. Thomas R. Cooper, 

1004 E. Park Avenue, Savannah, Ga. 
Martin, Alma, '3 6g, Mrs. Ralph A. Rotncm, 

330 East 79th Street, New York 21, N. Y. 
Martin, Alpine, '41g, Mrs. Eugene F. Patter- 
son, 28 Regent Street, Lockport, N. Y. 
Martin, Barbara Lou, '48, 3 526 Bowen, Toledo 

6, Ohio. 
Martin, Fay, '43g, Mrs. Alfred du Pont 

Chandler, Jr., 10 Upland Road, Brookline, 

Martin, Frances, (A), 4116 Warwick Boule- 
vard, Kansas City, Mo. 
Martin, Frances, '3 5, Mrs. William B. Burnet, 

1209 Hazel Street, Charlottesville, Va. 
Martin, Georgia, '2 5, Mrs. Archie G. Adavis, 

Batesville, Ark. 
Martin, Grace L., (A), 13 5 Plum, Greenville, 

Martin, Helen, '3 3g, Three Tuns, Ambler, Pa. 
Martin, Henrietta, '34, Mrs. Donald Bartlett, 

Norwich, Vt. 
Martin, Jane, '3 3g, Mrs. H. E. Person, Route 

1, Box 13, Stanchfield, Minn. 
Martin, Emma, '40, Mrs. Wilson V. Knall. 
Martin, Louise, '2 5, Mrs. Hervey Cleckley, 

Bransford Road, Augusta, Ga. 
Martin, Lucretia, '3 9g, Lochhaven, Norfolk, 

Martin, Evelyn, '3 5, Mrs. John W. Williams, 

125 S E. Elm Street, Springfield, Mo. 


Martin, Mabel, '24, Mrs. Edwin E. Ward, 

13 39 Carr Avenue, Memphis, Tenn. 
Martin, Marianne, '18g, Leaksville, N. C. 
Martin, Mary Hampton, '2 J. 
Martin, Miriam, '26, Mrs. Robert E. Hurt Ren, 

St. Francis Hospital, Evanston, 111. 
Martin, Rebecca, (A), Mrs. William E. Rise- 
Martin, Ruth '23, Mrs. Richard Khnen, III, 

403 Quaker Road, Sewickley, Pa. 
Martin, Sally, '47, Mrs. fames H. Manning, 

Jr., 2406y2 William Street, Augusta, Ga. 
Martin, Suzanne, '3 8, Mrs. Raymond A. Hust. 

209 Dewitt Road, Syracuse, N. Y. 
Martindale, Carolyn, '3 0g, Mrs. Maurice F. 

Blouin, Old Joy Farm, South Berwick, Me. 
Martyn, Marion, '38, Mrs. E. W. Ximme^r- 

man, 500 N. View Terrace, Alexandria, Va. 
Marvin, Anne, '3 3g, Box 1576, University, 

Charlottesville, Va. 
Mason, Elizabeth, '23, Mrs. Stanley H. Rich- 
ards, 151 Brewster Avenue, Braintree 84, 

Mason, Helen, '20, Mrs. Robert Smith, 220 

S. Prospect Street, Hagerstown, Md. 
Mason, Janet, (A), Mrs. P. M. Biedler, 2802 

N. Calvert Street, Baltimore, Md. 
Mason, Mary Ann, '3 5, Mrs. Otis Hawkins, 

Mason, Patricia, '32, Mrs. John C. Stedman, 

1400 Madison Street, N. W., Washington 

11, D. C. 
Mason, Rosalie, '3 5, Mrs. Robb White. 
Massee, Sims, '30g, Mrs. Kenan Rand. 
Massey, Wilhelmina, '50, Mrs. George E. 

Kearns, Jr., 39 Chews Landing Road, Had- 

donfield, N. J. 
Massie, Elizabeth, '24, Mrs. Cabell S. Davis, 

7 Greenbrier Street, Charleston 1, W. Va. 
Massie, Helen J., '23, Mrs. Horace Rivercombe, 

Massie, Helen, (A), Mrs. Will S. Stonall. 
Massie, Ida W., '20g, Mrs. C. Braxton Valen- 
tine, 4807 Pocahontas Avenue, Richmond 

21, Va. 
Massie, Martha Manson, (A), 923 Federal 

Street, Lynchburg, Va. 
Massingill, Nancy, '48, Mrs. William B. Now- 

land, 43 3 Devine Road, San Antonio 1, 

Masten, Mary Priscilla, '48g, Mrs. Harry R. 

Thiirber, Jr., Box 703, Madison, Conn. 
Masters, Margaret, '2 5, Mrs. Rudolph Klaiider, 

7447 Devon Street, Philadelphia 19, Pa. 
Matheis, Joan Ruth, '47. 
Mather, Dorothy, '3 8, Mrs. John E. Goyert, 

59 56 Wayside Avenue, Cincinnati 3 0, Ohio. 
Mather, Elizabeth, '27, Mrj. Saxby Chaplin, 

501 Fenton Place, Charlotte, N. C. 
Mathers, Dorothy, '23, Mrs. Paul Summers, 

deceased, 1929. 
Mathews, Bonnie, '28g, Mrs. John M. Wisdom, 

123 9 1st Street, New Orleans 13, La. 
Mathews, Elisabeth, '27g, Mrs. H. A. Wallace, 

Jr., Louden Heights, Charleston. W. Va. 

Mathews, Helen, '3 0g, Mrs. T. L. Palmer, 
1700 Virginia Street, Charleston 1, W. Va. 

Mathewson, Cornelia, '3 2, Mrs. Herford T. 

Matson, Frances, '12g, Mrs. Edward Hardie, 
deceased, 1949. 

Matthew, Elizabeth, '26g, Mrs. Ira C. Nichols. 

Matthews, Marie, '21, Mrs. Charles G. Lee, 
Jr., P. O. Box 7216, Asheville, N. C. 

Matthews, Martha, '39g, Mrs. H. Stokes Mon- 
roe, Jr., 2122 Roswell Avenue, Charlotte 7, 
N. C. 

Matthews, Susan, '37, Mrs. Waldo S. Powell, 
5024 Wateka Street, Dallas, Texas. 

Mattingly, Eleanor, '32g, Mrs. Lewis Little- 
page, Jr., 941 Baldwin Avenue, Baldwin 
Manor Apts., Norfolk 7, Va. 

Mattingly, Kathryne, (A), Mrs. Richard C. 

Mattison, Edith, '45, Mrs. Gerard Hender- 
son, Beaver Pond Road, Lincoln, Mass. 

Mattison, Faith, '48g, 6 Elmwood Avenue, 
Cambridge 38, Mass. 

Matton, Frances, '45g, Mrs. Hugh C. Wil- 

Maupin, Martha, '29g, Mrs. R. E. B. Stewart, 
516 North Street, Portsmouth, Va. 

Maurice, Ellen, (A). 

Maurice, Ruth, '14g, Mrs. E. S. Gorrell, de- 
ceased, 1948. 

Maury, Elizabeth, '44g, Mrs. Grattville G. 
Valentine, Jr., 19 Rio Vista Road, Rich- 
mond 21, Va. 

Maury, Caroline, '30g, 1141 Cherokee Road, 
Louisville 4, Ky. 

Maury, Isabel, (A), Mrs. T. Wister White, 
563 8 Kingsbury Avenue, St. Louis 12, Mo. 

Maxwell, Emily, '}2^, Mrs. Charles F. Little- 
page, 3 07 Summit Avenue, Wayne, Pa. 

Maxwell, Patia Ann, '46, R. R. 1, Zionsville, 

Maybank, Anne, '26g, Mrs. William L. Cain, 
116 N. Edisto Avenue, Columbia, S. C. 

Maybank, Theodora, '27g, Mrs. Joseph H. 
Williams, 3414 Habersham Road, Atlanta, 

Mayer, Elsie, (A), Mrs. Joseph T. Steuer, 
5727 Sheridan Road, Chicago, 111. 

Mayer, Marilynne, '46, Sra. Alberto Estavillo 
L., Sinaloa Apartment Hotel, Sinaloa 43, 
Mexico, D. F. 

Mayfield, Cornelia, (A), Mrs. Blakeley Win- 
ston, Richmond, Texas. 

Mayfield, Elizabeth, '34g, Mrs. George M. 
Chapman, 1 Beverly Gardens, Bronxville, 
N. Y. 

Mayo, Sarah, '40g, Mrs. Louis B. Sohn, 3 
Langdon Street, Cambridge, Mass. 

Mazurie, Margaret, '3 2, Mrs. Charles C. 
Daker, 23 9 E. High Avenue, New Phila- 
delphia, Ohio. 
McAllister, Elizabeth, '34, Mrs. Millard Draudt, 
Sunbury Road, Galena, Ohio. 

McAllister, Margaret, '37, Mrs. Richard A. 
Brock, 3 1 6 N. Seminole Drive, Chattanooga, 


McAllister, Susan, '30k, Sugartown and Don- 
sets Roads, Devon, Pa. 
McArthur, Tate, '48, Mrs. John C. Todd, 

183 Glenmere Court, Greeley, Colo. 
McBee, Alice Eaton, '41g, 43 Thorean Street, 

Concord, Mass. 
McBroom, Martha, '31g, Mrs. Frank L. Ship- 
man, 210 Ridge Avenue, Troy, Ohio. 
McCaa, Mary, '19, Mrs. Joseph D. Deal, 

London Bridge, Va. 
McCaa, Nellie, '21, Mrs. Hardy S. Cole, 40th 

Street, Virginia Beach, Va. 
McCaffrey, Anne, '48, Mrs. James W. Mc 

Brian, Highpoint Road, Peoria, 111. 
McCallum, Katherine, (S), Mrj. John L. Mor- 

ley, 613 West 32nd Street, Austin, Texas. 
McCallum, Margaret, '48, Mrs. George W. 

Anderson, 12 2nd Avenue, Haddon Heights, 

N. J. 
McCallum, Mary, '34g, Mrs. Charles L. Neill, 

Jr., 76% Belhaven Street, Jackson, Miss. 
McCamish, Frances, '26, Mrs. Albert McNeil, 

120 East Magnolia, San Antonio 1, Texas. 
McCanlish, Mary, '34g, Mrs. Schuyler W. 

Living,ston, Seminary Post Office, Alexandria, 

McCandlish, Nancy, '3 8g, Mrs. Edg,ar A. 

Prichard, Box 23, Fairfax, Va. 
McCane, Marie, (A), Mrs. Max Werner. 
McCann, Catherine, '22, Mrs. H. W. Becker, 

623 4th Street, Marietta, Ohio. 
McCann, Isabelle, '22, Mrs. John G. Hibbard, 

3118 "Werk Road, Cincinnati 11, Ohio. 
McCarroll, Mildred, '22, Mrs. Marion E. Sib- 
McCarten, Leslie, (A), Mrs. Frederick Wheeler, 

408 McClena^han's Mill, Wynnewood, Pa. 
McCarthy, Anne, '40, Mrs. John S. Cheek, 109 

Enota, Gainesville, Ga. 
McCarthy, Elsie, '43g, Mrs. Robert F. Sam- 
son, 310 Square Street, Utica 5, N. Y. 
McCarthy, Joan, '49g, 2 52 Walden Drive, 

Glencoe, 111. 
McCary, Helen, '15, Mrs. Wiley Ballard, 2867 

Habersham Road, Atlanta, Ga. 
McCaw, Mary D., '23g, 1094 Georgia Avenue, 

Macon, Ga. 
McClain, Ethel, '22, Mrs. Frank T. Bum- 

baugh, 5121 Ellsworth, Pittsburgh 6, Pa. 
McClain, Lucelia, (A), Mrs. I. T. Van Patten. 
McClay, Katharine, (A), Mrs. Murray Smith, 

2 50 Southview Road, Davton, Ohio. 
McClintock, Ellen, '40g, Mrs. Charles E. 

Tetnpleton, 932 Brice Avenue, Lima, Ohio. 
McClintock, Mary Louise, (A), Mrs. Charles 

W. Norton, Forrest City, Ark. 
McCloskey, Alice, '3 5g, Mrs. John W. Schlen- 

dorf, R. F. D. 3, Chagrin Falls, Ohio. 
McCluer, Margaret, '18, Bon Air, Va. 
McClure, Dorothea, '3 6, Mrs. William W. 

Mountain, 246 N. Water Street, Kittanning, 

McConnell, Dorys, '16, Mrs. E. Hall Faile. 

Sunnyhill Farm, R. D. 1, Westport, Conn. 
McCordic, Christine, (S), deceased. 
McCormack, Maria, '24. 

McCormick, Elizabeth, '43, Mrs. C. Evans 

Johnson, 1>7 S. College Avenue, Grand 

Rapids, Mich. 
McCormick, Mary, '22, Mrs. Warren Andrews. 
McCormick, Pearl, '28, Mrs. William Walton, 

231 McDowell Road, Lexington 30, Ky. 
McCowen, Martha, '31, Mrs. Arthur Brirnet, 

Jr., 1004 Cornwallis Drive, Greensboro, 

N. C. 
McCoy, Joan, '47g, 2905 Thornhill Road, Bir- 
mingham, Ala. 
McCoy, Margaret, '39, Mrs. Paul C. Masoner, 

912 North 6th Street, Garden City, Kan. 
McCracken, Alice, '22, 119 Central Park, 

Petersburg, Va. 
McCrady, Elizabeth, '30g, Mrs. Robert C. 

Bardwell, 420 Grandview Avenue, Mt. Dora, 

McCreary, Mildred, '31g, Mrs. Wilbur J. 

Driver, Hill Crest Road, Aiken, S. C. 
McCreery, Helen, '3 9, Mrs. J. Colin James, 

724 Vine Street, Denver 6, Colo. 
McCrillis, Lorraine, '24g, Mrs. Earl R. Stott, 

90 5 S. Main Street, Newark, N. Y. 
McCulloh, Jean, '47', Stuyvesant Avenue, 

Rye, N. Y. 
McDade, Elizabeth, '41, Mrs. Charles M. P. 

Brinton, 1022 Cedar Grove Road, Wynne- 
wood, Pa. 
McDaniel, Emma Jean, '3 5, Mrs. James K. 

McDavid, Rose, (A), Mrs. L. P. Mun^er, 

4308 Clairmont Avenue^ Birmingham, Ala. 
McDiarmid, Mary Ann, '29g, Mrs. V. Pierre 

Serodino, 209 Wilmuth Avenue, Cincinnati 

15, Ohio. 
McDonald, Bonny, '34g, Mrs. Philip Hatch, 

3 124 West Gilbert, Muncie, Ind. 
McDonald, Jane, '39, 204 State Street, Boise, 

McDonald, Louise, '3 6, Mrs. W. L. Byerly, Jr. 
McDonald, Lucie Lee, '37, Mrs. Harry Jack- 
McDonald, Mary, '18, Mrs. William C. Har- 
McDonnell, Irene, '45, Mrs. M. E. Hill, Jr., 

Route 5, Box 3 79 E, Memphis, Tenn. 
McDowell, Fayette, '43 g, Mrs. Roscoe Willett, 

Jr., 2 52 5 Glenmary Avenue, Louisville, Ky. 
McDuffie, Cornelia, '3 8, Mrs. Richard F. 

Turner, St. Charles Apts., Mobile, Ala. 
McDuffie, Mary, '48g, Mrs. Lee R. Redmond, 

Jr., 501 Jackson Avenue, Lexington, Va. 
McDuffie, Sarah, '46, Mrs. Benjamin H. Hard- 

aivay, Jr., Hardaway Hall, Midland, Ga. 
McElhannon, Jane, '43, 1100 N. Wood Street, 

Sherman, Texas. 
McElroy, Gloria Dawn, '48g, 2401 Pearl, 

Austin, Texas. 
McEwan, Virginia, (A), Mrs. John Gaerste, 

Morristown Road, "Bonner-Moss," Whip- 

pany, N. J. 
McFall, Sarah, '22, Mrs. Harold Sullivan, An- 
derson, S. C. 


McGaughey, Elizabeth, '29. 

McGee, LaVern, '23k, Mrs. Alfred C. Olney, 

Jr., Quarters A, Moffett Field, Calif. 
McGehee, Edna, '29, Mrs. Joseph L. Pleasants, 

Jr., 1911 Ouary Road, Lynchburs, Va. 
McGehee, Ouida, '46. 

McGehee, Virginia, '3 2, Mrs. Walter M. Ross. 
McGifFert, Gertrude, '2 5g, Mrs. Donald K. 

MacLennan, 2209 Fremont Avenue, South, 

Minneapolis 5, Minn. 
McGowin, Lillie Belle, (A), Mrs. Julian Mc- 

Phillips, 1629 S. Jefferson Davis Parkway, 

New Orleans, La. 
McGregor, Janet, '3 3, Mrs. Talbot Curtin, 26 

Del Rio Drive, Del Rio, N. Y. 
McGuire, Elizabeth, '3 8, Mrs. George D. Wil- 
liams, Rokeby Farm, Sealston, Va. 
McGuire, Mary Stuart, '47g, Mrs. Bates M. 

Gilliam, 1622 Park Avenue, Richmond 20, 

McGuire, Richie, '23g, Mrs. John Boyd, 6 507 

Three Chopt Road, Richmond 21, Va. 
McGuire, Virginia, '42, Mrs. Andrew J. Brent, 

1623 Hanover Avenue, Richmond 20, Va. 
McHenry, Martha, '2 5g, Mrs. Frederic A. 

Halter, Gruneck, Thurgau, Switzerland. 
McHenry, Sara, '28, Mrs. Otto Grouse, 103 J 

5th Avenue, New York 28, N. Y. 
Mcllravy, Ruth, '17g, Mrs. Western Lof^an, 

317 Sea View, Piedmont 10, Calif. 
Mclntyre, Martha, '41, Mrs. Robert K. Toer^e. 
Mcllroy, Lois, '29g, Mrs. Georj^e L. Cooper, 

218 East 7th Avenue, Ft. Morgan, Colo. 
Mclver, Jane, '42, 2623 Drummond Road, 

Toledo 6, Ohio. 
Mclver, Nancy, '43, Mrs. William D. Kemp. 
Mclvor, Mary, '3 3. 
Mcjunkin, Anne, '43g, Mrs. Frank E. Briber, 

Jr., 6640 N. Elm Tree Road, Milwaukee 9, 

Mcjunkin Jane, '4 5g, Mrs. David G. Huff- 
man, 3 610 Staunton Avenue, S. E., Charles- 
ton, W. Va. 
McKay, Mignon, '3 3, Mrs. Marlin C. Ludwi,^, 

c/o Mr. John McKay, 34 Versailles Boule- 
vard, New Orleans, La. 
McKay, Frances, '39, 5 524 Dunbar Road, 

Ashtabula, Ohio. 
McKee, Dorothy, '26g, Mrs. Hampton P. Ab- 

ney, Jr., 1310 Wood Street, Wilkinsburg, 

Pittsburgh 21, Pa. 
McKee, Marianna, '17, 6012 Lewis, Dallas 6, 

McKee, Nancy, '39g, Mrs. Joseph N. Hullett, 

3 521 Hazelwood, Cincinjiati, Ohio. 
McKee, Sarah, '29g, Mrs. Wesley A. Stan^er, 

Jr., 409 Casino Avenue, Cranford, N. J. 
McKellar, Elizabeth, '23, Mrs. Paul Hamiltoti, 

105 5 West 5 5th, Kansas City, Mo. 
McKelvey, Edith M., '26, 1421 Shadv Avenue, 

Pittsburgh 17, Pa. 
McKemie, Helen, '48, Mrs. Royce D. Riddle, 

1610 13 th Street, Wichita Falls, Texas. 
McKenney, Jean, •3 9g, Mrs. John C. Stoddard, 

Middle Beach Road, Madison, Conn. 

McKenzie, lone, '2 5, Mrs. George Walker, 
3420 Summerville Street, Lynchburg, Va. 

McKeown, Elisabeth, '46, Mrs. Donald Scott, 
6311 Park Heights Avenue, Baltimore, Md. 

McKinney, Frances, '23, Mrs. Charles W. 
Jones, 23 9 Charles Street, Henderson, N. C. 

McKinney, Bernice, (A). 

McKinney, Mary, (A), Mrs. Floyd P. Good- 

McKinney, Mary Elizabeth, '49, Mrs. John W. 
Herrick, 23 2 5 Medford Court, West, Fort 
Worth, Texas. 

McKinney, Sara, '26, Mrs. John V. Groner, 
Irvington-on-Hudson, N. Y. 

McKinnon, Katherine, '37, Sea Island, Ga. 

McKoy, Linda, '47, Mrs. Curtis E. L. Gould, 
Coopertown Road, Haverford, Pa. 

McKoy, Margaret, '29, Mrs. George E. Clifford, 
5463 Kipling Road, Pittsburgh 17, Pa. 

McLaren, Gertrude, '19, 406 Westminster 
Avenue, Lake Forest, 111. 

McLaughlin, Lelia, '46, Mrs. W. Wayne 
Thompson, Jr., 81 8 '/2 Forest, Evanston, 111. 

McLaughlin, Loaine, '3 5, Mrs. Howard M. 

McLean, Anita, '3 6. 

McLean, Ann, '45g, Mrs. Gilbert B. Loomis, 
Jr., 4 Summit Place, Belle Haven, Alex- 
andria, Va. 

McLemore, Mary, '21g, Mrs. Robert Matthews, 
Meadowbrook Point, Norfolk 8, Va. 

McLemore, Randolph, '26, Columbia, Tenn. 

McMahon, Helen, '23g, Sweet Briar, Va. 

McMahon, Katherine E., '28, 401 11th Avenue, 
Huntington, W. Va. 

McMillan, Mary, '23, 83 5 Lamar Avenue, 
Paris, Texas. 

McMillan, Ruth, '22, 83 5 Lamar Avenue, Paris, 

McMinn, Aleise, '40, Mrs. George W. Young, 
Box 16, Watertown, Conn. 

McMullen, Patricia, '34, Mrs. William T. 
Old, Jr., Brush Ranch, Tererro, New Mex- 

McMullen, Sara, '47g, Mrs. Donglas G. Lindsey. 

McNally, Mary, '21g, Mrs. J. W. Walker, 
deceased, 193 3. 

McNally, Susan, '23, Mrs. L. K. McMillan, 
Altheimer, Ark. 

McNarney, Betty Joe, '41g, Mrs. Charles E. 
Williams, 42 Kenwood Road, Garden City, 
N. Y. 

McNeal, Idelle, '19, Mrs. William T. Coving- 
ton, Reedville, Va. 

McNeer, Bessie, (A), Mrs. Samuel D. O'Neal, 
P. O. Box 103, Middletown, Va. 

McNeer, Jean Gregory, '42. 

McNeil, Eleanor, '28g, Brinton Hill, Falls 
Village, Conn. 

McNeill, Barbara, '43g, Mrs. B. M. Blessing, 
Box 59, Lakeland, Fla. 

McPheeters, Isabel, '28, Mrs. Daniel Stone, 
17720 Berwyn Road, Shaker Heights, 
Cleveland 18, Ohio. 

McPherson, Marv, '3 5g, Mrs. F. Guyn Har- 
per, 29 Oak Drive, Durham, N. C. 


McQueen, Adelaide, '36, Mrs. William C. 

Apple, 2321 Central Avenue, Middletown, 

McRae, Jane, '46, Mrs. Aage G. Schroder, Jr., 

Wymberley, Isle of Hope, Savannah, Ga. 
McReynolds, Margaret H., '3 3, Mrs. Dcirrell 

SL Claire. 
McVay, Nancy, '43, Mrs. Clay Marsteler, 

c/o Daisy Hill Farms, Chagrin Falls, Ohio. 
McVey, Margaret, '18g, Tuckahoe Apart- 


id 21, Va 

McWane, Mabel, (A), Mrs. P. B. Harrah, 

5 1 1 Orange Street, Wilmington, N. C. 
Mc Williams, Margaret, '28, Mrs. John Walsh, 

124 Park Road, Fort Mitchell, Covington, 

McWhorter, Lou Emma, (A), Mrs. Richard 

J. Carroll, 1563 Virginia Street, Charles- 
ton, W. Va. 
Meacham, Joan, '41g, Mrs. Robert F. Gay, 2 5 

Lincoln Street, Hudson, Mass. 
Meade, Catherine, '23, Mrs. C. M. MoittRom- 

ery, A.R.C. Station Hospital, Camp Camp- 
bell, Ky. 
Meade, Delia, '3 9g, Mr5. Albert J. Kelley, 

Sharon, Conn. 
Meade, Mary, '27g, Mrs. William Bailey, Front 

Street, Burlington, N. C. 
Meador, Sarah, '3 0g, Mrs. Lewis M. Little, 50 5 

Blum Building, Savannah, Ga. 
Mealand, Ruth, '40, 3 3 04 Sutton Road, Shaker 

Heights 20, Ohio. 
Meals, Margaret, '2 5, Mrs. William Ewart, 

1265 Beachwood, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Means, Bonner, (A), Mrs. James A. Baker, Jr., 

1216 Bissonnet Avenue, Houston 5, Texas. 
Means, Katharine, '34g, Mrs. Rogers Neely, 

Clive Street, Metuchen, N. J. 
Medlin, Otelia, (A), Mrs. W. H. Rogers, At- 
lantic Beach, Fla. 
Meeds, Alice, '41, Mrs. John E. Flaherty, 

802 Essex Road, Wilmington, Del. 
Meek, Frances, '42g, Mrs. William B. Youn^, 

SS99 Olentangy River Road, Worthington, 

Meek, Mildred, '19, Mrs. N. Eugene Meador, 

Jr., 2204 Rice Boulevard, Houston, Texas. 
Meeks, Frances, '3 5, Mrs. Loren D. Ford, 

448 5 Aukai Street, Honolulu, T. H. 
Meginniss, Dorothy, '28g, Mrs. Donald J. 

Horn, 47 Euclid Avenue, Albany, N. Y. 
Megginson, Vidmer, '49, Mrs. Frank Ellis, Jr., 

220 B De Sales Avenue, Mobile, Ala. 
Meinecke, Catherine, '2 5, Mrs. Francis Craw- 
ford, 6 East Drive, Crystal Lake, Kirkwood 

22, Mo. 
Melcher, Sarah P., '49g, Mrs. John Jarvis, c/o 

Episcopal Academy, North Latches Lane, 

Merion, Pa. 
Mellon, Janet, (S), Mrs. Caldwell MacDonald, 

901 Providence Road, Charlotte, N. C. 
Meloon, Helen Brewer, '3 5. 
Melton, Henrietta, '3 3, Mrs. Ross Durhavt, 2 

Gibbes Court, Columbia, S. C. 
Mencke, Margaret, '3 6, 2100 Locust Street, 

Philadelphia 3, Pa. 

Mencken, Virginia, '37, Mrs. David S. Mor- 
Mendelson, Rosalind, '37, 400 East 57th 

Street, New York, N. Y. 
Menefee, Betty Jane, '40, 3 521 Raymar 

Boulevard, Cincinnati 8, Ohio. 
Mengel, Faith, '22, Mrs. Paul H. Davis, 303 

S. Franklin Street, Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Menk, Margaret, '22g, Mrs. E. M. West, Jr., 

deceased, 1948. 
Mensing, Katherine Ann, '44, 7319 N. Bridge 

Lane, Milwaukee 11, Wise. 
Mercer, Elizabeth, '40, Mrs. Christopher F. 

Hammond, 333 East 44th Street, Savannah, 

Merchant, Nancy, '51, 12 56 Eastern Parkway, 

Louisville, Ky. 
Meredith, Ellis, (A), 2345 East Hill Avenue, 

Cincinnati 8, Ohio. 
Meredith, Barbara, '52, 42 59 Bordeaux, Dal- 
las, Texas. 
Meredith, Emily, '24, Mrs. Archibald D. 

Strange-Boston, 824 Oneonta Street, Shreve- 

port 26, La. 
Meriwether, Elizabeth, '2 5, Mrs. F. Ashley 

Meriwether, Mollie, '2 5, Mrs. Thomas O. 

Merrick, Grace, '24g, Mrs. John Twohy, JI, 

442 Mowbray Arch, Norfolk, Va. 
Merrick, Sarah, '26g, Mrs. Paul V. Houriet, 

3712 Rawnsdale Road, Shaker Heights 22, 

Merrill, Adalyn, '3 6, Mrs. James N. Luthin. 
Merrill, Florence, '40g, Mrs. Richard B. Pil- 

kinton, 1343 3 0th Street, Washington, D. C. 
Merrill, Virginia, '20, Mrs. B. H. Smith, de- 
ceased, 1920. 
Merriman, Elizabeth, '28. 
Merritt, Emily Turner, (A), 619 N. Baylen 

Street, Pensacola, Fla. 
Merritt, Margaret, '37, Mrs. George P. Haskell, 

Overlook Road, R. D. 2, Painesville, Ohio. 
Merritt, Mary, (A), Mrs. H. B. Merritt, 

3 8 65 St. Johns, Jacksonville 5, Fla. 
Merritt, Sara, '34g, Mrs. Samuel L. Brentnall, 

3404 Montevallo Road, Birmingham, Ala. 
Merriweather, Elizabeth, '3 2, Mrs. Kaga 

Humphrey, 200 5 S. Perry Street, Montgom- 
ery 6, Ala. 
Merryman, Florence, '41. 
Mertz, Ella Jane, '34, Mrs. Fred W. Dickson, 

c/o Dr. H. O. Mertz, Brendenwood, In- 
dianapolis, Ind. 
Messinger, Mary Baldwin, '40, Mrs. William 

A. Asmuth, Jr. 
Metz, Barbara, '3 0, Mrs. Edward Cluett. 
Mevay, Katherine, '28, Mrs. M. B. Clarke. 
Meyer, Charlotte, '34, Mrs. T. S. Sitterley, 

280 Bronxville Road, Bronxville, N. Y. 
Meyer, Jane, '3 5, Mrs. William Bycott, Oak 

Park, Wheeling, W. Va. 
Meyer, Katheryn, '28, Mrs. Robert Manshel, 8 

Hickory Hill, Redding, Conn. 



Meyers, Dorothy, '24, Mrs. Eppa Rixey, Jr., 

108 Miami Avenue, Terrace Park, Ohio. 
Meyers, Ruth, '3 3s, ^r^- Moe Plaksin, 44 

Oliver Street, Rochester 7, N. Y. 
Michel, Helen Roberts, '3 9, 940 N. Highland 

Avenue, Pittsburgh 6, Pa. 
Middleton, Frances, '26, Mrs. Stuart Cameron. 
Middleton, Maxine, '26, Mrs. W. B. Timlin, 

5417 Nevada Street, N. W., Washington, 

D. C. 

Mierke, Margaret, '22g, Mrs. G. L. Rossiter, 

deceased, 1940. 
Miessner, Betty, '41. 

Miessner, Jane, '3 9g, Mrs. Richard K. Beau- 
champs, 68 5 42nd Street, Los Alamos, 

New Mexico. 
Milam, Margaret Jane, '33, 4931 Junius, 

Dallas, Texas. 
Milar, Jane, '32, Mrs. Judge MacBride, 1167 

Neil Avenue, Columbus 1, Ohio. 
Mildon, Ann Marie, '40. 
Miles, Catherine Louise, '51, 4101 St. Paul 

Street, Baltimore, Md. 
Miles, Katherine, '29, Mrs. Samuel A. Arm- 

strojig, 7 Amherst Road, Bala-Cynwyd, Pa. 
Milholland, Irene, (S), Mrs. Donald C. Mc- 

Cleland, 1021 Highland Avenue, Lafayette, 

Millar, Sydney, '3 6, Mrs. Eliot S. Baker, 114 

E. Park Road, Upper Darby, Pa. 
Millard, Georgia, '21, Mrs. Newell Hewlings, 

219 Academy Street, Salem, Va. 
Millard, Mary, '24, Mrs. Willard Webb, Jr., 

3491 Brookside Road, Toledo 6, Ohio. 
Miller, AUce, '22, Mrs. Neil J. Bly, 23 8 East 

South Street, Winchester, Ind. 
Miller, Anne, '39, Mrs. Edward J. Huxtable. 
Miller, Barbara, '3 5, Mrs. Jack Gibson, 1729 

Albans Road, Houston 5, Texas. 
Miller, Carol, '3 2, Mrs. Leslie A. Jonas, 6 500 

N. Hoyner Avenue, Chicago 4 5, 111. 
Miller, Caroline, '44g, Mrs. B. G. McClintock, 

314 Fenton Place, Charlotte, N. C. 
Miller, Catherine, '23, Mrs. George F. R. 

Miller, Edith, '23g, Mrs. Oliver W. McClin- 
tock, 210 W. Main Street, Marianna, Ark. 
Miller, Eleanor, '2 5g, Mrs. W. Brown Patter- 
son, 3 09 N. Ridgeway Drive, Greensboro, 

N. C. 
Miller, Elizabeth, '27g, Mrj. Rtissell H. Allan, 

11 Brooklands, Bronxville, N. Y. 
Miller, Elizabeth, '24, Mrs. Carl L. Master. 
Miller, Louise, '23, Mrs. Beverly Mann, 80 

Cramberry Street, Brooklyn 2, N. Y. 
Miller, Evelyn, '51, 601 Leesburg Pike, Falls 

Church, Va. 
Miller, Eylese, '3 8g, Mrs. Arthur P. Latham, 

Route 2, Box 2 5, Amherst, Va. 
Miller, Fannie, (A), Mrs. Carrington Williams, 

1514 Park Avenue, Richmond 20, Va. 
Miller, Georgana B., '3 5, 3408 N. Washington 

Road, Fort Wayne 6, Ind. 
Miller, Helen, '20, Mrs. Joseph C. Kavanagh, 

2707 Baynard Boulevard, Wilmington, Del. 

Miller, Helen, '29g, Mrs. Milton Mandel, 

deceased, 1947. 
Miller, Jane Beverly, '39. 
Miller, Jane, '48, Mrs. Howard W. Wright, 

Jr., 1,97 Alhambra Road, San Gabriel, Calif. 
Miller, Janet, '3 6, Mrs. William C. Mitchell, 

Hampton, Ga. 
Miller, Joan Blakeney, '47, 204 Prairie Avenue, 

Cleburne, Texas. 
Miller, Lucile, '26, Mrs. John G. Matthews, 

15 W. Mt. Vernon Place, Baltimore, Md. 
Miller, Lucy, '3 0g, Mrs. Charles G. Baber, 

118 Oakwood Place, Lynchburg, Va. 
Miller, Marlon, '27, Mrs. W. Witt Barbee, 

Box 506, Warrenton, Va. 
Miller, Marjorie, '3 2g, Mrs. John F. Close, 

1475 Caledonia Road, Town of Mt. Royal, 

Quebec, Canada. 
Miller, Marjorie, '3 8, Mrs. William J. Hein, 

Jr., 3 5-39 203rd Street, Bayside, N. Y. 
Miller, Mary, '40g, Mrs. Howard Naquin, 

1571 Winston Road, Baltimore 12, Md. 
Miller, Stanley, '23, Mrs. R. Kingsley Hopkins, 

1 5 St. Austins Place, West New Brighton, 

Staten Island, N. Y. 
Miller, Sallie, '14, Mrs. John R. Bennett, 26 

Meeting Street, Charleston, S. C. 
Miller, Sarah, '3 5g, Mrs. George Adelman, 

1806 Littlewood Drive, Owensboro, Ky. 
Miller, Virginia, '20. 
Miller, Viola, '42, Mrs. Alfred M. Scott, 219 

24 1/2 Street, Virginia Beach, Va. 
Milligan, Marjorie, '23g, Mrs. Clark D. Bassett, 

122 5 South 8th Street, Fargo, N. D. 
Milligan, MlUicent, '27g, Mrs. W. H. Hitch- 
man, Box 172, Balboa Island, Calif. 
Milligan, Muriel, '23g, Mrs. John H. Hoeven, 

1103 N. Washington Street, Aberdeen, 

S. D. 
Milliken, Helen K., '34, 104 5 Clay Street, 

Bowling Green, Ky. 
Milliken, Joan, '37, Mrs. H. J. Lehnhoff, Jr. 
Millinger, Phyllis, '24g, Mrs. George C. 

Camp, Route 1, Godfrey Road, Leechburg, 

Mills, Dolores Hall, '2 5. 
Mills, Elizabeth H., (A). 
Mills, Elizabeth, (A), Mrs. R. E. Durrett, 

R. F. D. 4, Clarksville, Tenn. 
Mills, Julia, '4 5g, Mrs. Lawrence Jacobsen, 

4416" Edmunds Street, N. W., Washington 

7, D. C. 
Mills, Lucile, (A), Mrs. Harry W. Reigler. 
Milne, Ethel, (A), Mrs. Beal Taylor, 126 

River Point Road, Signal Mountain, Tenn. 
Milne, Grace, (A), Mrj. Milne Smith, Signal 

Mountain, Chattanooga, Tenn. 
Milne, Margaret, '26, Signal Mountain, Tenn. 
Milne, Mary, '23, Mrs. Mary M. Holton, 401 

Brady Point Road, Signal Mountain, Tenn. 
Milne, Sterling, (A), Mrs. Harold Morrison, 

212 Lindsay, Chattanooga, Tenn. 
Milnor, Mary, '3 9, Mrs. Daniel B. Deland, Jr., 

3 09 N. Maple Avenue, East Orange, N. J. 
Milo, Cletus, '41, Mrs. Henry E. Kilzer, 16 

KnoUwood Road, Tuckahoe, N. Y. 



Milwee, Margaret, '48, Mrs. Mollis D. Carl- 
Minchew, Juanita, '48g, Mrs. Ralph I. Fanlk, 

14 Jordan Street, Lexington, Va. 
Minder, Margaretha, '37g, Mrs. Paul C. Davis, 

10 S. Center Street, South Orange, N. J. 
Mindling, Eleanor, '37, Mrs. Harold P. Sicss- 

man, 3 J Gateway Drive, Great Neck, L. L, 

N. Y. 
Minor, Grace, '16, 314 Spring Street, North, 

Independence, Mo. 
Minor, Henrietta, '39g, Mrs. Harris E. Hart, 

23 Polo Drive, Colorado Springs, Colo. 
Minor, Katharine, '22, Mrs. Hill Montague, 

Jr., 9 Paxton Road, Richmond 21, Va. 
Minor, Lucy, (A), Mrs. Paul B. Barringer. 

Jr., c/o Paul B. Barringer, Jr., 15 Broad 

Street, New York, N. Y. 
Mitchell, Ann, '26, Mrs. Do?iald W. Valentine, 

408 N. Spring Street, Elgin, 111. 
Mitchell, Anne, '44, Mrs. Tyson Betty, Forest 

Road, Biltmore Forest, Biltmore, N. C. 
Mitchell, Anne, '43g, Mrs. Everett Albyn, 

Swans Road, Route 1, Newark, Ohio. 
Mitchell, Bessie Clyde, '24g, J21 College Street, 

Marion, Va. 
Mitchell, Catherine, '3 6g, Mrs. Kent Raven- 

scroft, 47 Picardy Lane, St. Louis 5, Mo. 
Mitchell, Ellen, '3 2, Mrs. Uhland Redd, Jr., 

747 N. Wood Avenue, Florence, Ala. 
Mitchell, Frances, '17, Mrs. Richard G. Tin- 

dall, 1607 University Avenue, Columbia, 

Mitchell, Helen, (A). 
Mitchell, Irene, '42g, Mrs. Beverly C. Moore, 

1605 Independence Road, Greensboro, N. C. 
Mitchell, Jane, '3 5g, Mrs. David E. Robeson, 

1820 Woodmere Road, Jacksonville, Fla. 
Mitchell, Lynn, '52, Prospect Hill, Vienna, 

Mitchell, Margaret, '2 5. 

Mitchell, Mary, (A), Mrs. George O. Clifford. 
Mitchell, Mary, '24, Mrs. Allan V. Stackhouse, 

96 West 7 5th Street, Indianapolis, Ind. 
Mitchell, Mildred, '40g, Mrs. James W. Gillis, 

159 Marlboro Road, Glen Rock, N. J. 
Mitchell, Olive, 21, Mrs. H. J. Jaqtiish. 
Mitchell, Sari, '40g, Mrs. John W. Clinger- 

man, 150 Inglewood Drive, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Mitchell, Virginia, '3 8g, Walkerford, Va. 
Mixon, Mary Frances, (A), Mrs. Robert Mc- 

Clintock, Marianna, Ark. 
Mize, Katharine, '15, Mrs. Alvin J. Areola. 
Moffett, Nancy, 29g, deceased, 1945. 
Molly, Evelyn, (A), Mrs. Hamilton Brad- 

shaw, 1105 Delaware Avenue, Wilmington 

19, Del. 
Monash, Helen, (A), Mrs. Maurice L. Hirsch, 

1540 Judson Avenue, Highland Park, 111. 
Moncure, Margaret, '29, Mrs. Francis L. 

Johnson, 120 Wilton Road, Richmond 21, 

Moncure, Patty, '39, Mrs. Thomas W. Drewry, 

Box 154, Richmond 1, Va. 
Mondell, Marjorie, '28, Mrs. A. B. Landa. 

Monroe, Jeanette, (A), Garrison-on-Hudson, 
N. Y. 

Montague, Claudia, '3 5g, Mrs. R. F. Sweeny, 
deceased, 1943. 

Montague, Dorothy Grace, '50, Mrs. Reginald 
O. Shaw, Old Mill Road, Greenwich, Conn. 

Montague, Lee, '3 9, Mrs. Philip N. foachi7n, 
67 Thayer Road, Manhasset, L. I., N. Y. 

Montague, Mary, '27g, Mrs. Holmes C. Har- 
rison, 2516 Monument Avenue, Richmond, 

Monteith, Carolyn, '42, Mrs. William Clarke, 
4913 La Branch Street^ Houston 4, Texas. 

Montgomery, Carolyn, '48, 223 5 Inwood, 
Houston 6, Texas. 

Montgomery, Lucilje, '22, Mrs. John Cart, Jr., 
514 Otis Boulevard, Spartanburg, S. C. 

Montgomery, Mildred, (A), Mrs. George T. 
Massey, Jr., 2 52 W. Dixie Avenue, Eliza- 
bethtown, Ky. 

Moody, Farley, '41, 2010 7th Street, Tusca- 
loosa, Ala. 

Moomaw, Virginia, '42g, Mrs. William Hall, 
1401 Grandin Road, Roanoke 15, Va. 

Moon, Emily Jane, '22, Mrs. Louis Spilman, 
Forest Hill, Waynesboro, Va. 

Moon, Mildred, '40g, Mrs. William L. Mon- 
tague, North Hermitage Avenue, Lookout 
Mountain, Tenn. 

Mooney, Martha Jane, '3 8, Mrs. John K. Mc- 
Grath, Yardley Close, Towbridge, Kent, 

Moor, Jane E., '3 0. 

Moore, Ann, '44g, Mrs. Malcolm M. Reming- 
ton, 440 Harmon Road, Philadelphia 28, Pa. 

Moore, Anne E., '29, deceased. 

Moore, Barbara, '21, Mrs. William L. Hewitt, 
Jr., Marion, S. C. 

Moore, Betty, '3 8, Mrs. William B. Stowers, 
Jr., 467i Belclaire, Dallas, Texas. 

Moore, Caroline, '31g, Mrs. Dewitt C. Mc- 
Cotter, Jr., New Bern, N. C. 

Moore, Donna, (A), Mrs. John Matthews, 

Moore, Eleanor, (A), Mrs. H. E. Randall, de- 
ceased, 1932. 

Moore, EUzabeth, '26g, Mrs. S. W. Rusk, Jr., 
212 Euclid Avenue, Haddonfield, N. J. 

Moore, Elizabeth, '28, Mrs. Arthur Y. Schill- 
ing, 1011 Childs Avenue, Drexel Hill, Pa. 

Moore, Elizabeth, '3 3, 110 West King Street, 
Edenton, N. C. 

Moore, Frances, '3 0, Mrs. Asa B. Groves, 419 
College Avenue, Rock Hill, S. C. 

Moore, Halle, '21g, Mrs. John W. Crisler, 
702 Mississippi, Clarksdale, Miss. 

Moore, Jacqueline, '3 6g, Mrs. William H. 
Hoofnagle, Jr., 5403 Todsbury Road, Rich- 
mond, Va. 

Moore, Ida, '3 0, Mrs. Edgar N. Taylor, 503 
N. Addison Street, Richmond, Va. 

Moore, Jean, '39g, Mrs. George N. von Stern- 
berg, 194-10 E. 65th Crescent, Flushing, 
N. Y. 


Moore, Louise, '44, Mrs. Bruce K. Nelson, 

1010 Finkbine Park, Iowa City, Iowa. 
Moore, Jane, '3 6, Mrs. Thomas P. Johnson, 

West Woodland Road, Pittsburgh 6, Pa. 
Moore, Mamie, (A), Mrs. George W. McElroy. 
Moore, Margaret St. Clair, '52, 1339 Liberty 

Street, Bluefield, W. Va. 
Moore, Martha Ann, '52, 163 Fellows Court, 

Elmhurst, 111. 
Moore, Mary Alice, '33, 133 G Street, S. W., 

Ardmore, Okla. 
Moore, Mary E., (A). 
Moore, Mary M., '29, Mrs. Robert Milton, 

5009 Wyandotte, Kansas City 2, Mo. 
Moore, Mary Skinner, '34g, Mrs. Carter R. 

Rowe, 37 Hedge Road, Brookline, Mass. 
Moore, Mary Stone, '42, Mrs. Jtilian H. Ruth- 
erf cord, Jr., 214 Mountain Avenue, S. W., 
Roanoke, Va. 
Moore, Pauline, (A), Mrs. Francis Bourne, 

Box 3 5, Murphy, N. C. 
Moore, Ruth, '26, Mrs. Clarence S. ?ahte, 
3 3 09 North Broadway, Oklahoma City, 
Moore, Sara, '3 2, Mrs. Randolph M. Palmer. 
Moore, Sheilah, '48, Mr J. Henry T. Rathbun, 
c/o Bohannon, Eastway Drive, Charlotte, 
N. C. 
Moore, Sigur, '3 8g, Mrs. Quincy M. Whi- 
taker, 1642 North Delaware, Indianapolis 
2, Ind. 
Moores, Jean, '45g, 108 S. Kensington Place, 

Springfield, Ohio. 
Moorman, Sarah, '3 5, Mrs. Charles E. Shaver, 

423 Locust Street, Huntsville, Ala. 
Moot, Suzanne, '36. 
More, Charlotte, '18, Mrs. Henry M. Melony, 

14 Mead Street, Walton, N. Y. 
Morgan, Joanne Thoburn, '45g, 153 8 Ouar- 

rier Street, Charleston, W. Va. 
Morgan, Martha, '21g, Mrs. Foster Udell, 

Lake Wales, Fla. 
Morgan, Virginia, '3 5g, Mrs. Robert J. Car- 
penter, 716 Coleman Place, Westfield, N. J. 
Morgenroth, Elsa, '18, Mrs. 'W. B. Kleeman, 

190 5 Crescent Drive, Springfield, Ohio. 
Morley, Elise, '27g, Mrs. George R. Fink, 69 
Cloverly Road, Grosse Pointe Farms 30, 
Morningsltar, Cora Jane, '50, 1237 State 

Street, Bowling Green, Ky. 
Morrell, Jeanne Hunter, '48g, Mrs. Henry F. 
Garlington, 241 Maryland Parkway, Las 
Vegas, Nev. 
Morris, Annette, '3 5, Mrs. Herbert T. Knapp, 

Box 168, Ossining, N. Y. 
Morris, Bertha, '3 5, Mrs. Elwood G. Childers. 
Morris, Edith, '21, Mrs. Clement J. Coleman, 

Box 313, Delafield, Wise. 
Morris, Evelyn, '3 5, Mrs. W. Richardson 

Blair, Southampton, Bucks County, Pa. 
Morris, Evelyn Linderman, '51, 165 Philips 

Lane, Woodmere, L. I., N. Y. 
Morris, Harriette, '43, Mrs. Robert F. Haller, 
142 Carter Road, Decatur, Ga. 

Morris, Helen, '23, Mrs. Rolla Lawry, 79 54 
Woodrow Wilson Drive, Los Angeles 46, 

Morris, Letha, '32g, Mrs. John W. Wood, 124 
Edgemont Road, Upper Montclair, N. J. 

Morris, Lucy, (A), Mrs. Julius H. Runge, 
3 83 5 Mockingbird Lane, Dallas 5, Texas. 

Morris, Minnie, '23, 250 East 20th Street, New 
York 9, N. Y. 

Morris, Sadie, '22g, 111 Broadway, New York 
6, N. Y. 

Morris, Virginia, '28, Mrs. Earle H. Kincaid, 
Box 168, Ossining, N. Y. 

Morrison, Angelia, '34, Mrs. James J. Harris, 
183 Queens Road, Charlotte, N. C. 

Morrison, Ann, '42g, Mrs. Bernard L. Reams, 
2132 Rivermont Avenue, Lynchburg, Va. 

Morrison, Frances, '3 5g, Mrs. Warren T. Rud- 
dell, 432 W. Hampton Drive, Indianapolis 
8, Ind. 

Morrison, Jane, '34, Mrs. James O. Moore, 
2150 Norton Road, Charlotte 4, N. C. 

Morrison, Katherine Sears, '3 5. 

Morrison, Marcia, '34g, Mrs. Raleigh R. Cur- 
tis, 1919 North 7th Street, Temple, Texas. 

Morrison, Margaret, '3 5, Mrs. Frank S. 
Moore, 1126 Magnolia Avenue, Norfolk 8, 

Morrison, Mary, '3 2, Mrs. Clifford S. Rourke, 
3 509 Asbury, Apt. 3, Dallas 5, Texas. 

Morriss, Emily, (A), Mrs. James T. Cole- 
man, 102 Laurel Heights Place, San Antonio 
2, Texas. 

Morriss, Emma, 'llg, 910 Grace Street, Rich- 
mond, Va. 

Morrissett, Carlisle, '44g, Mrs. Patfeson 
Branch, 11 Malvern Avenue, Apt. 1, Rich- 
mond, Va. 

Morse, Ann Sullivan, '47, 782 Belhaven, 
Jackson, Miss. 

Morse, Gertrude, (A), 304 S. Oak Park 
Avenue, Oak Park, 111. 

Morse, Eleanor, (A), 304 S. Oak Park Ave- 
nue, Oak Park, 111. 

Morse, Marjorie, '33, Mrs. Ralph A. Emling, 
12 Deshon, Bronxville, N. Y. 

Morton, Aline, '22, Mrs. Rolaitd W. Burt, 

420 Blackstone, La. Grange, 111. 
Morton, Elizabeth, '3 6g, Mrs. Harry D. 
Forsyth, 3122 Rivermont Avenue, Lynch- 
burg, Va. 
Morton, Jessie, '23, Mrs. Frank T. Wolfe. 
Morton, Suzette, '47g, 23 6 S. Maple Avenue, 

Oak Park, 111. 
Moseley, Alice, (A), Mrs. Emery H. Wilder, 

Helm Road, Route 1, Dundee, 111. 
Moses, Frances, '40g, Mrs. Lawson W. Tur- 
ner, Jr., 1504 Clayton Avenue, Lynchburg, 
Moses, Mary, '34, Mrs. Robert P. Lindsey, 

1919 N. Jackson, Little Rock, Ark. 
Moses, Nancy Goodwin, '48g, 1515 Schiller, 
Little Rock, Ark. 



Moss, Eppie, (A). 

Moss, Florence, '32, Mrs. W. W. McCaihern, 
222 5 Maiden Lane, Roanoke, Va. 

Moss, Marion, '42, Alger Court, Bronxville, 
N. Y. 

Moss, Marjorie, (A), Mrs. Marjorie M. Talia- 
ferro, deceased, 1949. 

Moss, Mary, '3 0s, Mrs. J. Brentnall Potvell, 
411 Woodlawn Road, Roland Park, Bal ti- 
me a 10, Md. 

Moss, Mary E. J., '43, Mrs. Charles G. Kelakis. 

Mossman, Vivian, '13, Mrs. Frank B. Groves, 
P. O. Box 1872, Huntington, W. Va. 

Mott, Jacqueline, '46, Mrs. William A. Roy, 
Sussex, N. J. 

Motter, Serena, '14, Mrs. John E. Scbell, Jr., 
109 East 2nd Street, Frederick, Md. 

Moulthrop, Lucy, '3 3, Mrs. James H. Alex- 
ander, Westover, Route 2, Lexington, Ky. 

Mountcastle, Grace, (A), Mrs. Robert B. 
Snowden, Jr., R.F.D., Hughes, Ark. 

Mowry, Hellen, '24g, Mrs. Walter C. Fell, 
13 3 5 Washington Street, San Francisco 9, 

Moyer, Louise, '34, Mrs. Goodrich Lowry, 
Route 2, Wayzata, Minn. 

Mueller, Fayth, '3 9g, Mrs. David N. Garver, 
99 Oakes Road, Brecksville, Ohio. 

Mueller, Margaret Jane, '45, 218 Forest Road, 
Davenport, Iowa. 

Muggleton, Betty Ann, '3 6, Mrs. J ere Fatter- 
son, 40 East 90th Street, New York 2 8, 
N. Y. 

Muhlberg, Jane, '31g, Mrs. Albert N. Halver- 
stadt, 12 Peasenhall Lane, Cincinnati 8, 

Muhlhauser, Virginia, '2 5, Mrs. L. Bartlett 
Shapleigh, 146 Wentworth Avenue, Clifton, 
Cincinnati 20, Ohio. 

Mullen, Elizabeth S., '47g, Quarters 160-D-3, 
Governors Island 4, N. Y. 

Mullen, Evelyn Day, '31g, 626 Cabell Ave- 
nue, Charlottesville, Va. 

Mullen, Priscilla, '34, Mrs. Howerton Gouan, 
Roanoke Rapids, N. C. 

Munce, Elizabeth, '43g, 1321 N. Meridian 
Street, Indianapolis 2, Ind. 

Munce, Nancy, (A), Mrs. H. E. Jones, 
deceased, 1931. 

Mundy, Ellen, '4 5, Mrs. Stewart Shaiier, 
Monroe, Va. 

Mundy, Genevieve, '42g, Mrs. Thomas Lyttle. 

Mundy, Marion, '42, Mrs. Seymour R. 
Young, 1 1 5 East High Street, Charlottesville, 

Munger, Fay Wilson, '46. 

Munn, Barbara, '37g, Mrs. Dwight Green, Jr., 
201 Cumberland, Kenilworth, 111. 

Munnerlyn, Jane, '50, Mrs. Frank Carter, 
Jr., 4589 Ortega Boulevard, Jacksonville 5, 

Munnerlyn, Margaret, '47ff, 4589 Ortega Boule- 
vard, Jacksonville 5, Fla. 

Munro, Elsie, '2 5, Mrs. Ralph T. Haller, Fair 
Meadow, Duxbury, Mass. 

Munroe, Abbie, '14g, Mrs. Frank P. May, 43 

N. Jackson Street, Quincy, Fla. 
Munroe, Annette, (A), Mrs. Jack McFarlin, 

Ouincy, Fla. 
Munroe, Virginia, '43, Mrs. George E. Con- 
nors, 7 Sherman Road, Chestnut Hill 67, 

Munson, Barbara, '3 3, Mrs. Edward Garfield, 

305 Heathcote Road, Scarsdale, N. Y. 
Munson, Mary, '22g, 712 South 2nd Street, 

Springfield, 111. 
Munter, Barbara, '32g, Mrs. Robert A. Furdue, 

68 50 51st Avenue, N. E., Seattle 5, Wash. 
Munter, Katherine, '47g, Mrs. Phaon B. Derr, 

Jr., 165 El Dora Drive, Mountain View, 

Murchison, Helen, '46g, Mrs. Edward W. Lane, 

Jr., 4704 Algonquin Avenue, Jacksonville, 

Murchison, Mary, '51, Mrs. Richard R. Ohr- 

strom, 4205 McFarlin Boulevard, Dallas 5, 

Murdoch, Mary, '3 3g, Mrs. Hugh M. Martin, 

Jr., 314 River Road, Hilton Village, Va. 
Murphey, Merritt, '30, Mrs. J. W. Green, 

601 Russell Street, West Lafayette, Ind. 
Murphy, Marion, '31g, Mrs. William C. Munz, 

446 Main Street, Monongahela, Pa. 
Murray, Cornelia, '3 3g, Mrs. John A. C. Wel- 

ler, 19 Palmer Square, West, Princeton, 

N. J. 
Murray, Elizabeth, '22, Mrs. William E. Widau, 

Sunset Ridge Road, Northfield, 111. 
Murray, Helen Louise, '34, Stowe, Vt. 
Murray, Jacquelin, '47g, Mrs. Newell D. Hale, 

4 52 Hamilton Street, Geneva, N. Y. 
Murray, Josephine, 'llg, Mrs. J. Whitman 
Joslin, Jr., 200 W. Madison Avenue, Johns- 
town, N. Y. 
Murray, Vesta, '3 8g, Mrs. Edward W. Hasel- 

den, 3 3 04 Monroe Street, Columbia, S. C. 
Murrell, Frances, 'lOg, Mrs. Everingham 

Rickards, North Shore Point, Norfolk 8, 

Murrill, Kathleen, '45, Mrs. William M. 

Woodall, Jr., Jeffers Apts., 10 5-B Foxhall 

Road, Birmingham 9, Ala. 
Murrill, Patricia, '40, Mrs. David Du Vivier, 

79 East 79th Street, New York 21, N. Y. 
Muse, Marilyn June, '48, 125 Woodland Drive, 

Pittsburgh 6, Pa. 
Musgrave, Alice, '30g, Mrs. E. C. Mclnnis, 

Clio, S. C. 
Musgrave, Bobbie, '3 2, Mrs. Bryan Grimes, 

Washington, N. C. 
Musgrove, Marie S., '49g, 110-21 73 rd Road, 

Forest Hills, N. Y. 
Mutschler, Helen, '26g, Mrs. C. Markel Beck- 
er, 1 5 Lake Howard Drive, Winter Haven, 

Myers, Carol, '44, Mrs. Paul A. Hunter, c/o 

Ike Johnson, Hilton Village, Va. 
Myers, Dorothy, '42g, Mrs. Robert P. More- 
head, 754 Arbor Road, Winston-Salem, 

N. C. 



Myers, Eleanor, '46g, Mrs. W. F. Cole, 93 8 

N. E. 16th Terrace, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 
Myers, Elizabeth, '3 5g, Mrs. Kenneth B. Hard- 
ing, R.D. 4, Melwood Lane, Westport, Conn. 
Myers, Frances S., '18. 
Myers, Hazel, '13. 
Myers, Jean, '34g, deceased, 1937. 
Myers, JoaJi, '41g, Mrs. Joan M. Riese, 1521 

Spruce Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Myers, Marguerite, '39g, Mrs. Frank O. Glenn, 
Jr., Cranguyma Farm, Long Beach, Wash. 
Myers, Ruth, '34g, Mrs. Clifton Pleasants, 3 66 

Arbor Road, Winston-Salem 5, N. C. 
Myrick, Frances, '22. 
Nadler, Florence, '46, Mrs. Bert Knight, 912 5 

David Street, Los Angeles, Calif. 
Nagele, Irene, '43g, Mrs. Charles Burkett, 
436 Pennsylvania Avenue, Freeport, N. Y. 
Naile, Nancy, '37g, Mrs. Gilbert Lea, 200 

Prospect Avenue, Princeton, N. J. 
Nalle, Virginia, '3 2, Mrs. Louis C. Page, Jr., 

2305 Bowman, Austin, Texas. 
Nalley, Shirley, '40, Mrs. William A. Irving, 

Providence Road, R. D. 3, Media, Pa. 
Nash, Eugenia, '27, Mrs. Sam T. Lanham. 
Nash, Frances, '24g, Mrs. J. Bruton Orand, 

6720 Turtle Creek, Dallas, Texas. 
Nash, Susie Watts, '32. 

Nauman, Barbara, '3 8, Mrs. Carl Lynge, Jr., 
379 Sound Beach Avenue, Old Greenwich, 
Naylor, Doris, '42, Mrs. Edwin J. Spiegel, Jr., 

3 21 Park Road, Webster Groves 19, Mo. 
Naylor, Rose E., '52, 1119 N. Jefferson Street, 

Jackson, Miss. 
Neal, Annie, '29g, Mrs. Charles F. Huntting, 

2222 N. Buchanan Street, Arlington. Va. 
Neal, Dorothy, '19g, Mrs. Hugh A. Smith, 
3003 N. E. 22nd Avenue, Portland 12, Ore. 
Neal, Elizabeth, '41. 

Neal, Fanny, '24, Mrs. T. Mitchell Tull. 
Neal, Grace, '20, Mrs. O. Heise. 
Neal, Josephine R., '48, 800 Columbian Ave- 
nue, Oak Park, 111. 
Neal, Laura, (A), Mrs. /. H. Clayey. 
Neal, Margaret, '3 0, Mrs. Thomas Q. Ashburn, 

Neale, Sadie, (A), Mrs. Edmund F. Heard, 

34 Shenandoah Road, Hampton, Va. 
Nebenzahl, Esther, '17, Mrs. A. S. Tepper, 
122 5 Beach 12 Street, Far Rockaway, N. Y. 
Needels, Eleanor, (A), deceased. 
Neel, Clara, '40g, Mrs. George Mahoney, 

3 667 Kenwood, Memphis, Tenn. 
Neel, Gladys, '24, Mrs. Wilmer Dickey, Musel- 

la, Ga. 
Neely, Lillian, '39g, Mrs. Ralph B. Willis, 

3012 Pine Needle Road, Augusta, Ga. 
Neer, Isabelle, '3 3, Mrs. Robert B. Semple, 
3 04 University Place, Grosse Pointe 30, 
Nehring, Jean, '41g, Mrs. Robert C. Orand, 
961 Lexington Avenue, New York 21, N. Y. 
Neidig, Hope, '20, Mrs. Thomas R. Shipp. 
Neidig, Verna, '20, Mrs. Reinald Werrenrath. 

Neill, Elizabeth, '29g, Mrs. Frederick B. Ban- 
ner, SparkiU, N. Y. 
Neill, Mary, '3 5, Mrs. David L. Hughes, 3384 

DeJ Monte Street, Coconut Grove, Fla. 
Nelms, Mary, '28, Mrs. Joseph H. Locke, 7 

Beurgert Road, Spring Hill, Ala. 
Nelson, AUce, (A), Mrs. William Constable, 

12 St. Luke's Place, New York, N. Y. 
Nelson, Dorothea, '21, Mrs. H. Meade Dur- 
brow, 2017 Oxford Street, Rockford, HI. 
Nelson, JuHa, (A), Mrs. J. J. Rudd. 
Nelson, Henrietta, '26g, Mrs. William Weston, 

Jr., 200 S. Saluda Avenue, Columbia 3 6, 

S. C. 
Nelson, Laura, (A), Mrs. Robert J. Oliver, 

Nelson, Louise, '3 0g, Mrs. Hugh Redd. 
Nelson, Margaret, '24g, Mrs. Thornas S. Lloyd, 

Box 75, R. F. D. 6, Cincinnati 15, Ohio. 
Nelson, Margaret Ruth, '3 3, Mrs. William 

Hartman, 3 5 59 Edwards Road, Cincinnati 

8, Ohio. 
Nelson, Mary, '34, Mrs. E. C. Becker, 2300 

East Broadway, I-ogansport, Ind. 
Nes, Dorothy, (A), 215 E. Marshall Street, 

West Chester, Pa. 
Nettles, Sterling, '44, Mrs. Robert W. Murray, 

3 222 Glengyle, Hyde Park, Cincinnati, Ohio. 
Neuenschwander, Martha T., '3 5, Mrs. Mel- 

I'in Founds. 
Neve, Helen, '37g, 4418 Augusta Avenue, 

Richmond, Va. 
Nevens, Barbara, '41g, Mrs. Ralph E. Young, 

1411 C Avenue, Apt. B, Lawton, Okla. 
Neville, Frances, '3 3, Mrs. Williard D. New- 
berry, 419 West 4th Street, North Platte, 

Neville, Maria, '16, Mrs. Stanton Brown, 

"Stanton Hall," 2620 McArthur Road, 

Waco, Texas. 
Neville, Marvj '3 3, Mrs. Frederick W. Sie- 

man, 70 5 West 4th Street, North Platte, 

Neville, Willie, (A), 1910 Myrtle Avenue, 

Mobile 18, Ala. 
New, Margaret, '3 0g, Mrs. Benet Polikoff, 

2 5 East 86th Street, New York 28, N. Y. 
Newald, Gertrude, (A), Mrs. Charles Levy. 
Newby, Eddina, '37g, Mrs. Eugene H. Adams, 

800 Pennsylvania Avenue, Denver, Cola 
Newby, Benadine, '40g, 800 Pennsylvania 

Avenue, Denver, Colo. 
Newby, Kathleen, '2 5, Mrs. Thomas Q. Mc- 

Gee, 5 61 E. Main Street, Spartanburg, S. C. 
Newby, Maylon, '22g, Mrs. W. M. Pierce, 

1129 Palermo Avenue, Coral Gables, Fla. 
Newby, Rosemary, '45, Mrs. Sutton M7illen, 

Jr., 1000 Maple Avenue, Richmond, Va. 
Newell, Anne, '28, Mrs. Robert A. Whatley, 

Jr., 11 3rd Street, Presque Isle, Maine. 
Newell, Elizabeth, '47, Mrs. Benjamin J. 

Johns, Apt. 2, James Garfield, Presidential 

Gardens, Alexandria, Va. 
Newell, Ellen, '2 6, Mrs. Wright Bryan, 2513 

Peachtree Street, N. E., Atlanta, Ga. 



Newell, Mary-Edwards, '44, Mrs. William C. 

Baird, 1964 Clover Street, Rochester, N. Y. 
Newey, Helen G., '29. 
New kirk, Louisa, '23g, Mrs. William H. 

Sieeble, Penllyn, Pa. 
Newman, Elizabeth, (A). 
Nerman, Louise, (A). 
Newsom, Elizabeth, '22, Mrs. Edwin H. 

Newsom, Virginia, '34, Mrs. Nowell D. Nelms, 

Mathews Court House, Va. 
Newton, Margaret, '34g, Apt. 9B, 147 East 

JOth Street, New York 22, N. Y. 
Newton, Martha, '23g, Mrs. T. Denmark 

Groover, 1104 Georgia Avenue, Macon, Ga. 
Nice, Helen, '3 3, Mrs. Howard Moss, 202 5 

20th Avenue, South, Birmingham, Ala. 
Nice, Mary, '31, Mrs. William W. Jemisan, 

2920 Fairway Drive, Birmingham 9, Ala. 
Nichols, Edwina, '3 0, Mrs. J. Raymond Ins- 
tin, 113 Orchard Road, Newark, Del. 
Nichols, Mary, '28. 
Nichols, Pauline May, '51, Southern Pines, 

N. C. 
Nicholson, Helen, '15, Mrs. Yale R. Schively, 

22 5 South 20th Street, Richmond, Ind. 
Nicholson, Helen, '3 8g, Mrs. John A. Tate, 

Jr., Ill Middleton Drive, Charlotte, N. C. 
Nicholson, Janet, '34, Mrs. James B. McCul- 

lou^h, Milesburg, Center County, Pa. 
Nickelson, Dorothy, '23, Mrs. John L. Wil- 
liamson, 12 5 Cadwalader Drive, Trenton 8, 

N. J. 
Nicodemus, Grace, '19, Mrs. Walter L. Specbt, 

43 09 Kathland Avenue, Baltimore 7, Md. 
Nicol, Clara, '46, Mrs. Alfred C. Moore, c/o 

Sun Oil Company, Box 1126, Sweetwater, 

Nicolson, Alice, '4 5g, 4347 Forest Lane, N. W., 

Washington, D. C. 
Nicolson, Katherine, (A), Mrs. Garland S. 

Sydnor, 9 Stonehurst Green, Richmond 21, 

Niggli, Eleanor, '33, Mrs. F. A. Tyler, 1210 

Castle Hill, Austin, Texas. 
Nightingale, Helen, '3 2g, Mrs. James A. Glea- 

son, 3 078 Scarbaraugh Road, Cleveland 

Heights 18, Ohio. 
Niles, Katharine, '3 6g, Mrs. Franklin P. Parker, 

46 Glen Road, Wellesley Hills 82, Mass. 
Nisbet, Martha, '26. 
Nixon, Hallie Tom, '46g, Mrs. Jack Powell, 

409 Victory Drive, Tyler, Texas. 
Nixon, Margaret, '23g, Mrs. H. G. Farrar, 

Hotel Clunie, 8th and K Streets, Sacra- 
mento, Calif. 
Nixon, Mary Jones, '19g, Mrs. George Nelson. 
Nobles, Dorriss, '23, Mrs. Gerald Blackburn, 

2107 Van Buren Street, Amarillo, Texas. 
Noland, Cynthia, '40g, Mrs. Karl Young,, Jr., 

Long Ridge Road, Stamford, Conn. 
Nold, Elizabeth, '37, Mrs. Harry K. Miller. 
Noll, Priscilla, '26g, Mrs. Walter S. Keys, Jr. 
Nolte, Eleanor, '3 2, Mrs. Burton W. Arm- 

Norfleet, Adelaide, (A), Mrs. H. C. Barton, 
P. O. Box 128, Suffolk, Va. 

Norman, Henri, '41g, 153 6 Castlewood Ave- 
nue, Louisville, Ky. 

Norman, Sarah, '44g, Mrj. Angus Faulconer, 
Monroe, Va. 

Norris, Anna, (A), Mrs. Ralph R. Hanlon, 
826 Con vers Avenue, Zanesville, Ohio. 

Norris, Beulah L, '22g, 130 Hazelcroft Ave- 
nue, New Castle, Pa. 

Norris, Clarita, '22, Mrs. Lane Blacker, c/o 
Armour of Brazil, Sao Paulo, Brazil. 

Norris, Katharyn, '26g, Mrs. Stillman F. 
Kelley, II, 3 5 Carisbrooke Road, Wellesley 
Hills 82, Mass. 

Norris, Karen, '43, Mrs. James M. Sibley, 
77 Avery Drive, Atlanta, Ga. 

North, Isabelle, '29g, Mrs. Thomas W. Good- 
win, 3 026 Bransford Road, Augusta, Ga. 

North, Marion, '21, Mrs. Charles J. Lewin, 
123 Green Street, Fairhaven, Mass. 

North, Martha, '3 3, Mrs. John V. D. Pollitt. 

Northcott, Amizetta, (A), Mrs. Perry McFad- 
den, 2 500 Harrison, Beaumont, Texas. 

Northern, Mary, (A), deceased. 

Norton, Delphine, '24g, Mrs. Henry Prescott, 
1220 Park Avenue, New York 28, N. Y. 

Norton, Jane, '43, Mrs. Herbert L. Duncan, 
993 Memorial Drive, Apt. 401, Cambridge 
3 8, Mass. 

Norvell, Leonora, (A), Mrs. Ernest F. Latta. 

Notman, Emily, '27, Mrs. Shephard H. Patter- 
son, 630 Pennridge Road, Pittsburgh 11, 

Nottingham, Fannie, '26, Mrs. Marion Scott, 
Cape Charles, Va. 

Noyes, Anne, '43g, Apt. 709, 1914 Con- 
necticut Avenue, Washington, D. C. 

Noyes, Virginia, '44g, Mrs. Hugh B. Pills- 
bury, 3 865 E. Layton Street, Cudahy, Wise. 

Nulson, Marian, '39, Mrs. J. D. Elliott, Jr., 
deceased, 1942. 

Oakford, Meredith, '30g, Mrs. Carl E. John- 
son, 301 Lincoln Street, Longmont, Colo. 
O'Bannon, Carolyn, (A) , Mr5. Charles C. Gulp, 

49 50 North Meridian, Indianapolis 8, Ind. 
Oberkirch, Joanne, '42g, Mrs. C. F. Willis, 

Apt. 6 G, 3 Peter Cooper Road, New York 

10, N. Y. 
O'Brian, Esther, '3 6g, Mrs. William A. Towle, 

Freedom, N. H. 
O'Brian, Frances, '31g, Mrs. Ames B. Het- 

trick, 982 Madison Avenue, Plainfield N. J. 
O'Brien, Helen, '40, Mrs. David E. Rounds. 
O'Brien, Isadora, '28, Mrs. William H. L. 

Tyus, 7344 Poe Avenue, Detroit, Mich. 
O'Brien, Kitty, '37, Mrs. Upshur T. Joyner, 

168 Victoria Avenue, Hampton, Va. 
O'Brien, Martha Anne, '3 2, 18 55 Irving Street, 

N. W., Washington, D. C. 
Oettin^er, Dorette, (A), 619 Park Avenue, 

Goldsboro, N. C. 
Oettinger, Helene, (A), Mrs. Mark Eisner, 

18 Heathcote Road, Scarsdale, N. Y. 



O'Ferrell, Helen, ( \) , Mrs. W. B. Erickson, 

The Hunting Lodge, 76 Morris Turnpike, 

Short Hills, N. J. 
Ogden, Doris, '42g, Mrs. Wadsworth W. 

Mount, Beech Spring Drive, Apt. 2-C, 

Summit, N. J. 
Ogden, Helen Andrew, '52, 3 80 Kilbourn 

Road, Rochester, N. Y. 
Ogilby, Elizabeth, '34g, Mrs. William H. 

Sands, Gambrills, Md. 
Ogilby, Isabelle, '3 8, Mrs. John Barr, Jr. 
Oglesby, Katherine, '3 3, Mrs. Harry Mixson, 

200 High Street, Valdosta, Ga. 
O'Hearn, Gloria Keith, '47. 
O'Herron, Betty, '40, Mrs. John T. Sullivan, 

23 5 Cherokee Road, Charlotte, N. C. 
O'Keefe, Elizabeth, '31, Mrs. George E. Phelps, 

1601 Grand Avenue, Carthage, Mo. 
O'Keefe, Ruth, '44, Mrs. Robert A. Kobzina, 

R. F. D. 1, Warrenton, Va. 
Olcott, Gwendolyn, '3 0g, Mrs. George S. 

Writer, Jr., 21 5th Avenue, Nyack 3, 

N. Y. 
Old, Anne, '3 8, Mrs. Blair G. Mercer, 5718 

Greenbrier Drive, Dallas 9, Texas. 
Old, Jean Curtis, '47g, Mrs. Harry S. Morris- 

etfe, 7000 Hampton Boulevard, Norfolk 8, 

Oldham, Emily, '3 8, Mrs. Dudley Grape. 
OHn, Lila, (A), Mrs. Frank P. Morgan. 
Oliver, Elizabeth, '28g, Mrs. R. L. White, 

Jr., 121 Cherry Lane, Murfreesboro, Tenn. 
Oliver, Jean, '39g, Mrs. Emmett A. Sartor, Jr., 

546 Unadilla, Shreveport 11, La. 
Oliver, Lucy, '3 3, Mrs. James M. Hines, 2927 

Delano Drive, Columbia, S. C. 
Oliver, Marian, '34, Mrs. Walter D. Cooley, 

192 Davis Avenue, White Plains, N. Y. 
Oliver, Virginia, '41, Mrs. Carl W. Bear, 210 

Gilmer Avenue, Montgomery 6, Ala. 
Olmstead, Isabel, '37g, Mrs. Storrs Haynes, 

R.F.D. 1, Box 123, New Canaan, Conn. 
Olmsted, Charlotte, '3 5g, Mrs. Robert L. Gill, 

Jr., R. D. 5, Elkton, Md. 
Olney, Henrietta, (A). 
Olson, Helen Lora, '4 5, Mrs. James R. Pope, 

1511 East 8th, Okmulgee, Okla. 
Olsson, Inga-Maja, '3 3, West Point, Va. 
O'Neal, Mildred, '52, "Boldrewood," Sun- 

ningdale, Berkshire, England. 
Orchard, Eleanor Jane, '27, 2102 Ogden Ave- 
nue, Apt. D, Superior, Wise. 
Orchard, Margaret Olive, '3 2. 
Ord, Letitia, '43, Mrs. Edward Elliott, 20 

Church Street, Greenwich, Conn. 
Orde, Margaret, '27, Mrs. Brownell T. Brad- 
street, 47 5 Cedar Street, Winnetka, 111. 
Orgelman, Mildred, '26. 
Orgill, Lucy, '27, Mrs. Sidney W. Genette, 

1521 Linden Avenue, Memphis 4, Tenn. 
Orme, Elolse, (A), Mrs. £. O. Robinson, The 

Wyoming Apts., Washington 9, D. C. 
Orr, Ann Elizabeth, '48, 15 Brooklawn 
Drive, Short Hills, N. J. 

Orr, Elisabeth Reed, '30, 5170 Beeler Street, 
Pittsburgh 6, Pa. 

Orr, Gretchen, '27g, Mrs. Henry Swift, 3 5 
Mt. Vernon Street, Boston, Mass. 

Orr, Hallie, '3 2, Mrs. Jim Tom Barton, 220 5 
Tower Drive, Austin, Texas. 

Orr, Louise Clayton, '29, Leesburg, Va. 

Ortega Y. Gasset, Maria Rosa, '49, Mrs. Wal- 
ter B. Midler, c/o Albert L. MuUer, 414 
Lincoln Avenue, Dunellen, N. J. 

Ortel, Catherine, '39g, Mrs. Robert S. Os- 
borne, Box 15 6, Duxbury, Mass. 

Osborn, Virginia, '45g, Mrs. John M. McNabb. 

Osborne, Kathleen, (A), Mrs. Kate O. Hous- 
ton, Old Greenwich, Conn. 

Osborne, Mary, (A), Mrs. Guy C. Steeves, 
Box 327, Old Greenwich, Conn. 

Osborne, Ruth Marie, '40, Mrs. Richard A. 

Ostrander, Susan Ann, '51, 2 50 E. Central 
Avenue, Highland Park, 111. 

Oughton, Edith, (A). 

Overstreet, Phoebe, '42. 

Overton, Katharine, '31, Mrs. Edward G. 

Overton, Ruth, '3 2. 

Owen, Bergetta, (A), Mrs. William F. Pabst, 
1026 E. State Street, Milwaukee, Wise. 

Owen, Ellen, '18, Mrs. Boyce K. Muir, 2060 
Robinson Road, Grand Rapids 6, Mich. 

Owen, Martha Alice, '48g, 34 Dallas Manor 
Apts., Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Owens, Anne, '46g, Mrs. Richard Mueller. 

Owens, Evelyn, '12, Mrs. Morris B. Lerned. 

Owens, Katherine, '28, Mrs. /. Bain Price, Jr., 
2290 Calder Avenue, Beaumont, Texas. 

Packard, Merriam, '43, Mrs. Thomas Hub- 
bard, Westchester Avenue, Rye, N. Y. 

Paddock, Dorothea, '29, Mrs. Robert R. Seeber, 
Jr., 130 Edgemont Road, Scarsdale, N. Y. 

Page, Adella, (A), Mrs. W. Kenton Cason, 14-1 
Dover Circle, Norfolk 5, Va. 

Page, Elizabeth, (A), Mrs. Beverly S. Royster, 
Jr., 313 King Street, Oxford, N. C. 

Page, Katherine C, '28, 115 Clark Place, 
Memphis, Tenn. 

Page, Katherine S., (A), 1524 28th Street, 
N. W., Washington, D. C. 

Page, Mary Ann, '34, Mrs. Alexander P. Guyol, 
2229 Bancroft Place, N. W., Washington 8, 
D. C. 

Page, Mary Charles, '32, Mrs. Calder W. 
Seibels, 800 Sweetbriar Road, Columbia, 
S. C. 

Paige, Ellen, '23, Mrs. William D. Lemon, 
Ohio View, Industry, Pa. 

Paley, Ruth, '44, Mrs. Harrison Hogan, 24 

Glen Avenue, Hicksville, L. I., N. Y. 

Palin, Louise, (A), Mrs. Robert Patterso^t, 

Palm, Margaret, '28, deceased, 1928. 

Palmer, Clotilde, '3 9, Mrs. Edward E. Baker, 
16 Birchfield Road, Larchmont, N. Y. 

Palmer Elsie, '17, Mrs. F. Ellsworth Park- 
hurst, Jr., 6i7 Fort Avenue, Kingston, Pa. 


Pancake, Mary Moore, '32g, "The Orchard," 

Staunton, Va. 
Pannill, Rebekah, '40g, Mrs. Lawrence P. Gwin, 

108 5 Park Avenue, Apt. 8-B, New York 28, 

N Y. 
Pape, Elizabeth, '24g, Mrs. Frederic Mercjir, 

111, 449 High Street, Bethlehem, Pa. 
Pape, Mary Katherine, '31, Mrs. Arthur Whit- 
ney, 53 Park Avenue, New York 21, N. Y. 
Parham, Jeanne, '46, Mrs. George A. Coors, 

Apt. 312, Kimbrough Tower, Memphis, 

Paris, May Ivylyn, '37g, 108 West 76th Street, 

New York 23, N. Y. 
Park, Elizabeth, '42, 30 Sutton Place, New 

York 22, N. Y. 
Park, Gladys, '26, "Crows Nest," Columbia, 

Parke, Marian, '24, Mrs. William H. Fritz, 

Jr., Church Road, Wayne, Pa. 
Parker, Anna, '42, Mrs. N. L. Barnwell, 5 6 

Meeting Street, Charleston 1, S. C. 
Parker, Catherine S., '43g, Apt. 8, East, 43 

Fifth Avenue, New York 3, N. Y. 
Parker, Douglas, '46, Mrs. ]ohn Mottcure, 

2 514 Monument Avenue, Richmond 20, 

Parker, Frances, (A), Mrs. Malcolm S. Pray. 

Parker, Jane, '3 9g, Mrs. Roderick R. Wash- 
burn, 126 Linden Street, Plainville, Conn. 

Parker, Julia H., '51, Salem College, Winston- 
Salem, N. C. 

Parker, Mary Frances, '3 0, Mrs. James H. 

Parker, Mary Virginia, 'Ug, 302 N. High 
Street, Franklin, Va. 

Parks, AHce, (A), Mrs. George Bell, 114 
Maddox Drive, N. E., Atlanta, Ga. 

Parks, Ann N. B., '39g, R.F.D. 1, Box 6 5, 
Bayside, Va. 

Parris, Juliet, (A), Mrs. Theodore N. Gill, Jr., 

3 022 P. Street, N. W., Washington, D. C. 
Parrish, Caroline, '45g, Mrs. Robert Seager, II, 

c/o Dr. E. M. Copenhaver^ 3 1 5 N. Church 

Street, Marion, Va. 
Parrish, Elsie, (A), Mrs. W. Sparrow Wed- 

dell, 1020 W. Franklin Street, Richmond, 

Parrish, Mary, (A), Mrs. Robert T. Ferguson, 

23 7 Middleton Drive, Charlotte 4, N. C. 
Parrott, Mary Wise, '51, Mrs. Norwood W. 

Bullington, Jr., 3112 Somerset Street, Roa- 
noke, Va. 
Parsley, Amanda, '45, Mrs. George Worth, 

Cameron Court Apt., Raleigh, N. C. 
Parsons, Ann, '45, Mrs. John Davis, 1724 

Spring Drive, c/o Davis, Louisville, Ky. 
Parsons, Ethlyne, '3 0, Mrs. Clifford F. Weake. 
Parsons, Katherine, '3 0. 
Parsons, Nancy, '3 6g, Mrs. Vincent S. Jones, 

2108 Genesee Street, Utica, N. Y. 
Parsons, Victoria, '34, Tye River, Va. 
Parton, Lucy, '41, Mrs. Laymon N. Miller, 

1165 South Atherton, State College, Pa. 
Partrick, Louise H., '40g, 53214 E. Franklin 

Street, Chapel Hill, N. C. 

Patrick, Margaret, (A). 

Patterson, Jane, '3 3, Mrs. R. W. Kaltenbach, 

Patterson, Jessie, '3 0. 

Patterson, JuHa, (A), Mrs. R. T. Wilson. 
Patterson, Marcia L., '3 2g, 37 Hilton Avenue, 

Hempstead, N. Y. 
Patterson, Marie L., '3 6, 213 5 Spruce Street, 

Philadelphia, Pa. 
Patterson, Mildred, '26. 
Patterson, Nella, '13, Mrs. Ciirrell Vance, 

3 901 Connecticut Avenue, N. W., Washing- 
ton, D. C. 
Patterson, Patricia, '39, Mrs. Reed Wood, 

Atmore, Ala. 
Patterson, Ruth, '16, Mrs. E. T. Whitehead. 
Patton, Anna, '27g, Mrs. Thomas R. Thrasher, 

120 Gilmer Avenue, Montgomery, Ala. 
Patton, Felicia, '16g, Beechmoor Place, Cat- 

lettsburg, Ky. 
Patton, Helen Mitchell, '40. 
Patton, Jessamine Rugg, '49, Schenley Apts., 

5th Avenue, Pittsburgh 13, Pa. 
Patton, Lois, '44g, Mrs. D. R. MacMannis, 

29 Cantitoe Street, Yonkers, N. Y. 
Patton, Mary, '3 3g, Mrs. St. Clair Bromfield, 

Jr., R. D. 1, Watervliet, N. Y. 
Patton, Rebecca E., '14g, Beechmoor Place, 

Catlettsburg, Ky. 
Pauly, Gertrude, '21g, Mrs. Robert W. Craw- 
ford, 348 Moran Road, Grosse Pointe Farms, 

Pauschert, Pat, '5 0, 23 5 Dennis Lane, Glen- 

coe, 111. 
Paxson, Ann Virginia, '48g, 319 Tunbridge 

Road, Baltimore 12, Md. 
Payne, Elizabeth, '29, Mrs. Nelson W. Carter, 

1615 Mt. Vernon Avenue, Petersburg, Va. 
Payne, Josephine, '19g, Mrs. Peter O. Miller, 

Monroe Terrace Apts., Richmond, Va. 
Payne, Margaret, (A), 1002 Rivermont Ave- 
nue, Lynchburg, Va. 
Payne, Mary, '23, Mrs. H. Victor Millner, 212 

Westhampton Avenue, Danville, Va. 
Payne, Pauline, '27g, Mrs. Foster Backus, 23 3 

Kevin Place, Toledo 10, Ohio. 
Payne, Phyllis, '23g, Mrs. Thomas M. Gath- 

right, Jr., 2928 Chesapeake Avenue, Hamp- 
ton, Va. 
Peak, Louise, '43. 
Pearce, Augusta, (A), Mrs. Augusta P. Cag- 

Pearre, Sarah Warfield, '48g, Pikesville, Md. 
Pearsall, Mary, '31g, Mrs. Jack W. Smith, 5 

Country Club Boulevard, Wilmington, 

N. C. 
Pearson, Anne, '47, Byfield, Mass. 
Peck, Evelyn, '44, Mrs. Harry McCall, Jr. 
Peck, Helen, (A), deceased, 1933. 
Peck, Louise, '34, Mrs. David G. Mason, 3 346 

Lakewood Avenue, Seattle 44, Wash. 
Peckwell, Dorothy, (A), Mrs. John D. Cre- 

mer, 1582 Compton Road, Cleveland 

Heights, Ohio. 
Peebles, Carlotta, '21, Mrs. /. T. Pleasant, 

Emporia, Va. 


Peek, Eugenia, '3 5g, Mrs. Willis W. Johnson, 
Jr., 5906 Hawthorne Road, Little Rock, 
Peele, Marion L., (A), 602 Fairfax Avenue, 

Norfolk 7, Va. 
Peggs, Marjorie, '40, Mrs. Robert E. Perry. 
Pekor, Shirley Anne, '51. Lucy Cabb Dormi- 
tory, Athens, Ga. 
Pekor, Virginia, '48, 2043 Wynnton Drive, 

Columbus, Ga. 
Pels, Marie, '39, Mrs. William L. Stuart, 23 

Bowers Road, Caldwell, N. J. 
Pender, Elizabeth, '45g, Mrs. Richard D. 

Lazenby, Ferry Farms, Annapolis, Md. 
Pender, Helen Tilley, '48g, Mrs. /. Burks 
Withers, Jr., 700 Botetourt Street, Norfolk, 
Peniston, Gloria, '43, Mrs. Henry L. Poole, 
711 Westfield Road, Scotch Plains, N. J. 
Penn, Cordelia, '34g, Mrs. J. Archibald Can- 
non, Jr., 2006 Dalton Road, Greensboro, 
N. C. 
Pennewill, Katharine, '21g, Mrs. Howard E. 

Lynch, Jr., 11 Cecil Street, Dover, Del. 
Pennock, Helen, '15, Mrs. Homer Jewitt, West- 
way Road, Southport, Conn. 
Pennypacker, Elmyra, '20g, Mrs. Richard W. 
Yerkes, 48 52 Kenwood Avenue, South, Chi- 
cago 15, 111. 
Pennypacker, Frances W., '15g, 517 Mam 

Street, Phoenixville, Pa. 
Pennypacker, Mary, '16g, Mrs. William F. 

Davis, 8 30 High Street, Pottstown, Pa. 
Perkins, Alice Lee, '30, Mrs. James E. Clay- 
Perkins, Almena, '2 5g, Mrs. A. P. Mecks, 687 

Delgado Drive, Baton Rouge 14, La. 
Perkins, Barbara, '43, Mrs. John B. Maxwell, 

23 00 Bonnycastle Avenue, Louisville, Ky. 

Perkins, Elizabeth, '39, Mrs. Charles Prothro, 

2109 EUingham Drive, Wichita Falls, Tex. 

Perkins, Grace, (A), Mrs. Kenneth Winbish, 

2928 Northumberland Avenue, Richmond, 


Perkins, Judith, '48g, 59 Commonwealth 

Avenue, Boston, Mass. 
Perkins, Martha C, '21, 734 Yarmouth Street, 

Norfolk, Va. 
Perkins, Mary Claugh, '29. 
Perkins, Mary Louise, '3 5, Hopkinsville, Ky. 
Pernas, Cristina, '28, Mrs. /. Caldwell King. 
Pernas, Josephine, '44, Senora Josefina Pernas 
de Perez, Apartado (P. O. Box) 1, Placetas, 
Perrin, Roberta, '27, Mrs. Chester D. Adams, 

161 Hillcrest Drive, FuUerton, Calif. 
Perry, Hilda, (A), Mrs. P. B. Whitaker, 

Perry, Katherine, '31g, Mrs. Herbert A. Dar- 
feld, 203 Alleghany Avenue, Coudersport, 
Persise, Helen, '3 3, Mrs. O. H. Roberson, 

Salem, Ind. 
Peterkin, Julia Moss, '3 5g, Girl Scouts, Na- 
tional Branch Office, 7829 Euclid Avenue, 
Cleveland 3, Ohio. 

Peters, Bessie Anita, '29g, Mrs. William Bur- 
Peters, Mary, '33, Mrs. John W. P. Hunting- 
ton, Clarks Cove, Walpole, Maine. 
Peterson, Irma, (A). 
Peterson, Lois, '26g, Mrs. Howard W. Wilson, 

Reservoir Avenue, Johnston 9, R. I. 

Petjerson, Vera May, '37, Mrs. Edgar Yinger. 

Pethick, Mary, '3 8, Mrs. Roger W. Robinson, 

3 09 Hillside Avenue, Douglaston Manor, 

L. L, N. Y. 

Pethick, Sylvia, '41, Mrs. Lucius F. Maltby, 

Jr., 131 High Street, Wallingford, Conn. 
Petritz, Margaret, '21, Mrs. Alan Harris. 
Pettit, Frances, '44g, Mrs. Frank O'Halloran, 

Box 703, Coeur d'Akne, Idaho. 
Petty, Mary, '24, Mrs. B. D. Hardwick, 9215 

Flicker Way, Los Angeles, Calif. 
Petty, Mary, '37, Mrs. Clifton Brittain. 
Petty, Margaret, '27, deceased. 
Pew, Alberta Hensd, '49g, Dodds Lane, Rocky 

Crest, Ardmore, Pa. 
Peyton, Emily, '41, 1 Oak Lane, Richmond, 

Peyton, Kathryn, '26g, Mrs. Wesley F. Moore, 

800 Monrovia Street, Shreveport 71, La. 
Peyton, Mary, '42g, Mrs. Carol Turner, Qts. 

44-B, N. O. B., Norfolk, Va. 
Pfeiflfer, Luima, (S), Mrs. Charles S. Becker, 

R. R. 1, Michigan Road, Zionsville, Ind. 
Pfingsten, Ruth, '3 8, Mrs. William A. Polster, 
3 594 Glencairn Road, Shaker Heights 22, 
Pfister, Bertha, '17g, Mrs. Benjatnitt Wailes, 

Sweet Briar, Va. 
Pharr, Mildred, '3 8, 904 East 12th Street, 

Texarkana, Ark. 
Philbin, Anne Lawson, '3 8, Mrs. Robert R. 

Ellis, Jr. 
Philips, Elizabeth, '34, Mrs. Francis H. Hast- 
ings, 18 53 Bluefield Place, Cincinnati 16, O. 
Philhps, Elizabeth, '31g, Mrs. Edward B. Le- 
Master, Jr., 381 Grandview, Memphis 11, 
Phillips, Ella Parr, '29g, Mrs. Samuel J. Slate, 
143 5 Lexington Avenue, New York 28, 
N. Y. 
Phillips, Emmie Lou, '41g, Mrs. Lloyd O. 
Lohmeyer, 246 E. Mechan Street, Philadel- 
phia 19, Pa. 
Phillips, Frances, '3 3g, Mrs. Francis G. La- 
Motte, 709 Baltimore Avenue, Ocean City, 
Phillips, Katherine, '28, Mrs. C. Carver Pope, 

25110 Community Drive, Cleveland, Ohio. 
Phillips, Louise, (A), Mrs. Harold Hathaway. 
Phillips, Marion, (A), 1710 Asbury Avenue, 

Evanston, 111. 
Phillips, Ruth Avery, '31, 5234 Studeley Ave- 
nue, Norfolk, Va. 
Phillips, Sarah, '32g, Mrs. Pete F. Crenshaw. 
Jr., 228 Ridgefield Road, Memphis 11, 
Phillips, Sheila, '49, deceased, 1948. 
Philpot, LiUian, (A), Mrs. Lillian Taylor. 


Phinizy, Logan, '3 6g, Mrs. William A. Johns, 

1107 Grove Avenue, Richmond 20, Va. 
Phinizy, Marion Coles, '40g, Mrs. Thomas B. 

]oiies, 3 1 5 Dorantes Avenue, Forest Hill, 

San Francisco 11, Calif. 
Phippen, Lydia R., '42. 
Phlegar, Katherine, (A), deceased, 1929. 
Pickard, Ann, '41g, Mrs. T. F. McCarry, 270 

LaVerne Avenue, Apt. D, Long Beach, 

Pickard, Jean, '3 5, Mrs. Richard B. West- 

nedg,e, Cordova, Ala. 
Pickens, Jane, '46, Mrs. Herbert M. Church, 

Jr., Janelia Farms, Ashburn, Va. 
Pickett, Elizabeth, '22g, Mrs. L. Barron Mills, 

Laurinburg, N. C. 
Pickfett, Catherine M., (A). 
Pickett, Mildred, '3 0g, Mrs. C. C. Bast, 20 

Boyden Street, Badin, N. C. 
Pierce, Carolyn, '3 3, Mrs. Robert A. May, 

3 34 Wister Road, Wynnewood, Pa. 
Pierce, Elizabeth, '44, Mrs. John L. Oliver, 

Route 2, Greystong, Cape Girardeau, Mo. 
Pierce, Eva, (A), Mrs. Charles M. Thornton, 

Union Springs, Ala. 
Pierce, Margaret, '48, Mrs. Douglas M. Mc- 

Avity, 150 West 75th Street, New York, 

N. Y. 
Pierce, Mary E., '23, deceased, 1941. 
Pierce, Mary Hoxton, '48g, 3 Southgate 

Avenue, Annapolis, Md. 
Pierson, Mary Jane, '46, deceased, 1944. 
Pierson, Mary Ruth, '42g, Mrs. H. T. Fischer, 

Jr., 121-13 Jamaica Avenue, Richmond Hill, 

18, N. Y. 
Pierson, Phoebe, '3 6g, Mrs. Tristram Dunn, 

Silvermine Road, New Canaan, Conn. 
Pike, Helen Louise, '29, Mrs. S. B. Scott. 
Pillow, Dale, '47g, Mrs. Macon Kirkman, Jr., 

810 McDonough Street, Helena, Ark. 
Pingree, Nancy, '43 g, Mrs. Emerson H. Drake, 

Just-A-Mere Road, Falmouth Foreside, Me. 
Pinkerton, Eleanor, '17, Mrs. Robert L, Green- 
wood, 301 Brookdale Avenue, Glenside, Pa. 
Pinkerton, Elizabeth, '3 6g, Mrs. Frederic W. 

Scott, Bundoran Farm, North Garden, Va. 
Pinkerton, Mary, '13g, Mrs. Javtes Kerr, Box 

1041, University Station, Charlottesville, Va. 
Pinkham, Ruth, '34g, Mrs. Milton A. Nix, 

Russel Road, Route 5, Chagrin Falls, Ohio. 
Piper, Gertrude, '17, Mrs. F. H. Skillern, 97 5 

West 10th Street, Eugene, Ore. 
Pitman, Peggy, '47, 3 868 Mockingbird Lane, 

Dallas 5, Texas. 
Plain, Ruth, 18, Mrs. Frank C. Huntress, 23 2 

Court Street, Keene, N. H. 
Pleasants, Margaret, '3 0, Mrs. Charles C. 

Skinner, Jr., c/o W. T. Clark Co., Wilson, 

N. C. 
Ploehn, Jean, '31g, Mrs. Ed Kaufmann, Jr., 

2 529 Middle Road, Davenport, Iowa. 
Plumb, Vivian, '27g, Mrs. S. Copeland Pal- 
mer, Jr., 1529 Cleveland Road, Glendale, 

Plummer, Emily, '24, Mrs. Erwin Heinen. 

Plummer, Evelyn, '23, Mrs. Conyers Read, 

Mt. Moro Road, Villa, Nova, Pa. 
Plummer, Polly Ann, '49g, 206 Woodstock, 

Kenilworth, 111. 
Plunkettt, Elizabeth, '488, 1221 Cloncurry 

Road, Norfolk 8, Va. 
Poague, Catharine, (A), Mrs. Philip C. Leffel, 

999 Michigan Avenue, Evanston, 111. 
Pochat, Louise, '21, Mrs. Harold E. Hattersley, 

North Farmcrest Drive, Amberley Village, 

Cincinnati 13, Ohio. 
Poe, Polly, '40, Mrs. Howard Richmond, 149 

39th North, Seattle 2, Wash. 
Poindexter, Daisye Lee, '3 0, Mrs. Zed G. 

Hawkins, 23 29 Poplar Springs, Meridian, 

Poindexter, Jane, '28, Mrs. Paul S. Stetvard. 
Poindexter, Mary Lee, '3 6, Mrs. Winburn 

Willinghavi, 1400 Chestnut Street, Chat- 
tanooga, Tenn. 
Polk, Ella, '2 5, Mrs. John A. Brongh. 
Pollard, Jean, '46g, Mrs. Robert H. Kline, 

3 201 Chesham Street, Richmond, Va. 
Pollard, Julia, '27, 6510 Three Chopt Road, 

Richmond, Va. 
Poole, Evelyn, '3 5g, Mrs. Arthur W. Brown, 

1-4 Raleigh Apts., Raleigh, N. C. 
Poore, Frances, '26, Mrs. Frances P. Shively. 
Pope, Flora, '28, Mrs. Leonard H. Bruce, 

208 5 5 Sydenham Road, Shaker Heights, 

Pope, Frances Evans, '49g, 519 South 2nd 

Street, Columbus, Miss. 
Pope, MarY) '2 5g, Mrs. Carrington Phillips, 

751 Clarendon Road, Narberth, Pa. 
Popp, Laurettta, '26, Mrs. William Merika, 

3 66 5 Traynham Road, Shaker Heights, Ohio. 
Porch, Dorcas, '29, 173 Salem Street, Read- 
ing, Mass. 
Porcher, Harriet, '45g, Mrs. Robert Barnwell. 
Porter, Ann Bennett, '48, 102 Prospect 

Street, Providence, R. I. 
Porter, Augusta, 3 0, Mrs. Fritz Orr, 3 245 

Nancy Creek Road, Atlanta, Ga. 
Porter, Cecile, '3 6, Mrs. Charles L. Piplar, 93 

Devon Way, Memphis 11, Tenn. 
Porter, Katharine, '3 9, Mrs. Katharine P. 

Booker, 403 Mallory Avenue, Hampton, 

Porter, Kathleen, '21, deceased. 
Porter, Love, '39, Mrs. Newton Stone, 1704 

Camden Way, Oklahoma City, Okla. 
Porter, Marion, '33, Mrs. John S. Ure, 606 

Woodbine, Oak Park, 111. 
Porter, Mildred, (A), Mrs. M. Bo.xley Taylor. 
Portmann, Jean, '45, Mrs. David B. Allen, 

5843 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati 13, 

Portmann, Laura, '14g, Mrs. Hans F. Mueller, 

R. R. 4, Chagrin Falls, Ohio. 
Posey, Margaret, '26g, Mrs. Henry C. Bru- 

baker, R.F.D. 5, Lancaster, Pa. 
Posselt, Jeanne, '41, Mrs. Albert F. Clear, 

Jr., "Pooh Corner," R.F.D. 1, Newtown, 

Potter, Carolyn, '38, Mrs. D. L. Echols, 370J 

Princeton, Dallas, Texas. 



Potter, Patricia, '42g, lAn. Henry D. Roach, 

603 8 Kenwood Avenue, Chicago 37, IH. 
Potts, Eleanor, '48g, Mrs. C. Stribling, Snod- 

Grass, Jr., Larchmont Apts., 5 502 Monroe 

Place, Norfolk 8, Va. 
Potts, Margaret, (A), Mrs. Henry H. Wil- 
liams, 120 East 75th Street, New York 21, 

N. Y. 
Potts, Nell Shields, (A). 
Powell, Annie, 'lOg, Mrs. William T. Hodges, 

Stuart Hall, Staunton, Va. 
Powell, Caroline, '3 2, Mrs. Ernest W. Bork- 

lattd, Jr., 345 East 57 Street, New York, 

N. Y. 
Powell, Dorothy, 21, Park Lane, 4600 Mill 

Creek, Kansas City, Mo. 
Powell, Frances, '33g, Mrs. Charles Zoppa, 36 

Pocahontas Avenue, Westmoreland Place, 

Richmond 21, Va. 
Powell, Hortense Hayes, 40g, 157 East 72nd 

Street, Apt. 8-G, New York, N. Y. 
Powell, Margaret, '27, Mrs. Robert M. Old- 
ham, Onancock, Va. 
Powell, Marquart, '3 6g, Mrs. Harrison P. Doty, 

39 Overlook Circle, New Rochelle, N. Y. 
Powell, Maud Michaux, '49g, 1514 Marshall, 

Houston, Texas. 
Powell, Priscilla, (A), Mrs. R. A. Stacy. 
Powers, Dudley, (A), Mrs. /. M. Wa^gaman, 

1614 N. Highland Avenue, Arlington, Va. 
Prange, Helen, '24, Mrs. Robert E. Chesebro, 

216 Euclid Avenue, Sheboygan, Wise. 
Prange, Marie, '26, Mrs. R. Conrad, Route 1, 

Twin Oaks Lane, Norwalk, Conn. 
Prange, Norma, '16, Mrs. Otto Gunther, 46 

Lighthouse Court, Sheboygan, Wise. 
Pratt, Bess Humphrey, '48g, 30 5 Eustis 

Street, Huntsville, Ala. 
Pratt, Ellen, '3 5g, Mrs. Earl M. McGowin, 

Chapman, Ala. 
Pratt, Gwendolyn, '36, 72 South Street, Great 

Barrington, Mass. 
Pratt, Helen, '3 2g, Mrs. Fred T. Graff, 12 

Franklin Street, Kensington, Md. 
Pratt, Jane, '18g, Mrs. Walter S. Betts, Avon 

Park, Fla. 
Pratt, Ruth, '25g, Mrs. Paul P. Jones, 2250 

Henley, Glenview, 111. 
Prentis, Lindsay, '3 0g, Mrs. Robert W. Wood- 
roof e, Jr., 64 Eldredge Street, Newton 5 8, 

Prentis, Marjory, '34, Mrs. James A. Hirsh- 

field, 209 5 West Boulevard, Cleveland 2, 

Prescott, Ehzabeth, '28g, Mrs. Richard H. 

Balch, 1202 Parkway East, Utica 2, N. Y. 
Preston, Betty Braxton, '43 g, 7 Greenholm, 

Princeton, N. J. 
Preston, Margaret, '42g, Mrs. James M. New- 
ton, 1921 2 5th Avenue, North, St. Peters- 
burg, Fla. 
Preston, Miriam, (A), deceased, 1939. 
Pretlow, Evelyn, '2 5, Mrs. Richard E. Rnf- 

ledge, 3 3 08 Toledo Street, Coral Gables, 


Pretlow, Evelyn, '44g, Mrs. Alexander W. 

Orminston, 405 Bottomley Avenue, Sas- 
katoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. 
Price, Anne Beth, '28g, Mrs. Harold F. Clark, 

509 West 121st Street, New York 27, N. Y. 
Price, Catherine, '4 5g, Mrs. Robert B. Bass, 

3040 Ozark Circle, Baldwinsville, N. Y. 
Price, Dorothy, '37g, Mrs. Howland S. Roberts, 

ill Taplow Road, Baltimore 12, Md. 
Price, Elizabeth, '45, Mrs. John C. Meyers, Jr., 

6 West Oneida Street, Baldwinsville, N. Y. 
Price, Mary Louise, '26, Mrs. Kurt D. Beck- 

mann, 146 East Rosewood, San Antonio, 

Priddy, May, (A). 

Pride, Carolyn, '34, Mrs. Robert K. Bell. 
Prince, Dorothy, '34, Mrs. George S. Old field, 

14 Columbia Avenue, Arlington, N. J. 
Pringle, Mary Kress, '34g, 6827 Reynolds 

Street, Pittsburgh 8, Pa. 
Prior, Gertrude, '29g, Sweet Briar, Va. 
Pritchard, Irma, '26, Mrs. F. M. Weathersby, 

deceased, 191)7. 
Pritchett, Eunice, (A), Mrs. John W. Squires, 

deceased, 1949. 
Proctor, Josephine, (A), Mrs. Henry C. Nelms. 
Proctor, Mary Virginia, '30, Mrs. Russey 

Brown, 221 Woodbine Street, Hot Springs, 

Proctor, Nan, (S), 507 N. Glass, Victoria, 

Prout, Dorothy, '37g, Mrs. Robert W. Gor- 

such, Kings Highway, Chapel Hill, Atlantic 

Highlands, N. J. 
Pruit, Virginia, '32, Mrs. Kivas Tulley, 

Picacho, New Mexico. 
Pruitt, Emily Marion, '49g, Mrs. Saunders 

Jones, 431 West Wesley Road, Atlanta, Ga. 
Pryor, Dorothy, '21, Mrs. Clement H. Darby, 

170 Admiral Road, Buffalo 16, N. Y. 
Publow, Phyllis Jean, '43, 508 Southlawn, 

East Lansing, Mich. 
Puckett, Frances, '29, Mrs. Jasper Muir. 
Puckhaber, Nan, '46, Mrs. Ray Harrington, 

Maple Terrace, Dallas 1, Texas. 
Pugh, Louise, '40, Mrs. Clifford A. Worthing, 

North East Carry, Me. 
Pullen, Harriet, '43g, Mrs. J. Ormsby Phillips, 

5 5 02 Ellsworth Avenue, Pittsburgh 6, Pa. 
Purcell, Dorothy, '18, Mrs. Owen L. Lewis, 

3 67 Overlook Drive^ Alliance, Ohio. 
Purcell, Lydia, '23g, Mrs. Frederic Wilmer, 

1921 Stuart Avenue, Richmond 20, Va. 
Purdy, Helen, (A). 
Putnam, Sarah Birch, '37, Mrs. Newell M. 


Ouail, Frances, '31, Mrs. W. F. Eaton, de- 
ceased, 1945. 

Ouayle, Helen, '23, Mrs. Norman Teare. 

Ouencer, jeannette Ruth, '52, 5 Brooklands, 
Bronxviile, N. Y. 

Query, Martha Ellen, '49g, 303 Kenan Hall, 
Chapel Hill, N. C. 

Ouillen, Nancy Grace, '37, 4 East 30th Street, 
Baltimore, Md. 


Ouinby, Katharine, (A), Mrs. W. V. Castle, 

Ouincey, Blanche, '24, Mrs. Sidney Stubbs, 

600 Tuxedo Road, DeLand, Fla. 
Ouinerly, Agnes, '20, Mrs. Hugh Dortch, 

Slocumb Street, Goldsboro, N. C. 
Ouinerly, Elizabeth, '23, Kinston, N. C. 
Ouinn, Caro, '42, Mrs. Richard A. Foster, 

Apt. 393, 7200 Ridge Boulevard, Brooklyn 

9, N. Y. 
Ouinn, Frances, '3 3g, Mrs. William Bond, 

R.F.D. 3, Wilson Road, Wilmington, Del. 
Ouinn, Janet, '42, Mrs. Walter C. Eichacker, 

"Shinglesides," East Setauket, L. I., N. Y. 
Ouintard, Virginia, '31g, Mrs. Edward L. 

Bond, Channing Road, Dedham, Mass. 
Ouisenberry, Elva, '27g, Mrs. W. M. Marks. 

Jr., 301 South view Avenue, Montgomery, 

Ouynn, Margaret M., '49g, Mrs. Sam W. 

Maples, Jr. 208 Rockwell Terrace, Fred- 
erick, Md. 

Rae, Helen, '3 7g, Mrs. Harris E. Wainwright, 

III, 193 Beech Street, Tuckahoe, N. Y. 
Ragland, Lavinia, (A), Mrs. F. Sheldon Sar- 

geant. Room 542, S. A. L. Building, 

Norfolk 10, Va. 
Ragsdale, Evdokia, '33, Mrs. H. Scott Stewart, 

c/o Ragsdale, R.D. 4, Norristown, Ga. 
Rahm, Mildred, '33, Mrs. Frederick Mac- 
Raifif, Frances, '20g, Mrs. Harrison Wood, 90 

Wilson Avenue, Rutherford, N. J. 
Railey, Edith, '32g, Mrs. Edward S. Dabney, 

43 West 3rd Street, Lexington 7, Ky. 
Rainer, Evelyn, (A), Mrs. E. C. Kraustiick, 

120 East Parkway, North, Memphis, Tenn. 
Rainsford, Barbara S., '40, Hotel Vanderbilt, 

Park Avenue and 34th Street, New York, 

N. Y. 
Raley, Joyce Clare, '48. 
Ramsay, Ellen Craft, '49g, 487 Goodwyn, 

Memphis, Tenn. 
Randall, Fay, '34, Mrs. William R. Jones, 

Holmdel, N. J. 
Randall, Lucille, '44, Mrs. John Southerland, 

418 West 2 5th Street, Charlotte, N. C. 
Randolph, Lester, (A), Mrs. Alfred Thompson, 

1723 Edgewood Avenue, Jacksonville 5, 

Randolph, Beverly, '46g, 803 Rugby Road, 

Charlottesville, Va. 
Randolph, Phoebe, '49. 
Raney, Mary, '20, Mrs. L. J. Hamviack, Law- 

renceville, Va. 
Rankin, Caroline G., '48g, 2316 Village Drive, 

Louisville, Ky. 
Rankin, Susan Jane, '27. 
Rankin, Wilhielmina, '3 0g, 5 Stanley Oval, 

Westfield, N. J. 
Ransom, Jane, '48, 3 244 Allendale Street, 

Roanoke, Va. 
Ranson, Virginia H., '22, 2950 Staunton Road 

Huntington, W. Va. 

Rasul, Talat Aizaz, 209 S. Owen Street, Madi- 
son, Wise. 

Ratcliff, Elizabeth, '3 3, Mrs. Augtistin C. 
Bryan, 124 S. Hermitage, Lookout Moun- 
tain, Tenn. 

Rauh, Dorothy, '3 6, Mrs. John C. Jackson. 

Rawn, Helen, '43,, Mrs. Lockwood Miller, 
162 5 5th Avenue, Huntington, W. Va. 

Rawson, Helen W., (A). 

Ray, Elizabeth, '31, Mrs. Walter G. Walt, 
Brooklyn Plantation, Greenwood, Miss 

Ray, Genevieve, '47g, Mrs. John B. Minor, 
100 E. High Street, Mt. Vernon, Ohio. 

Raymond, Barbara, '3 5, Mrs. Enoch T. White, 
Gladwin, Mich. 

Raymond, Gertrude, '3 3, Mrs. John S. 
Dempster, Whittle Springs Road, Knox- 
ville, Tenn. 

Rea, Genevieve, (A). 

Rea, Martha, (A), Mrs. Winthrop Peppers, 

Read, Barbara, '3 6, 44 Holden Street, Attle- 
boro, Mass. 

Read, Delia M., '43g, American Consulate 
General, Dakar, French West Africa. 

Read, Edith, '2 5, Mrs. George B. German, 
1 5 W. Walnut Avenue, Merchantville, N. J. 

Reade, Mary W., '27, Mrs. Charles Copen- 
haver, Asheville School for Boys, Asheville, 
N. C. 

Reahard, Sally, '3 0, 5 52 5 N. Meridian Street, 
Indianapolis 8, Ind. 

Reams, Edith R., '24, Mrs. Herbert Wyait, 
deceased, July, 193 6. 

Reardon, Marie, (A), Mrs. W. A. Matsinger. 

Reaves, Lucy, '2 5g, Mrs. William G. Utter- 
back, Arkansas Cancer Control Commis- 
sion, State Health Building, Little Rock, 

Reay, Irvin, '32, Mrs. Henry Cuscaden. 

Rector, Baylis, '34, Mrs. George Love. 

Rector, Martha Frost, '40g, Mrs. Robert L. 
McGee, Jr., 407 King George Avenue, S. W. 
Roanoke, Va. 

Red, Ann Louise, '51, 1936 Larchmont Road, 
Houston 6, Texas. 

Red, Lei, '15, 1412 South Boulevard, Houston, 

Redd, Katharine, '24, Mrs. Albert T. York. 

Redd, Torrance, '22, Mrs. Rodger R. Rine- 

Redding, Sherley, '47. 

Reddish, Nellie, (A), Mr5. John M. Wilson, 
Jr., 23 5 Maysfield Road, Dayton 9, Ohio. 

Redfern, Anna, '37g, Mrs. F inlay F. Ferguson, 
Jr., 33 8 Freemason Street, Norfolk 10, Va. 

Redfern, Margaret, '47g, Algonquin Park, Nor- 
folk 8, Va. 

Redfield, Evelyn, '20, Mrs. W. H. D. Grant. 

Redford, Frances, '29, 2324 Rosewood Avenue, 
Richmond 20, Va. 

Redmond, Alwyn, '39g, Mrs. Jack Barlow, 837 
Oxmoor Road, Birmingham, Ala. 

Redmond, Mildred, '3 3g, Mrs. Cornelius D. 
Vaiighan, 3 20 Edgewood Boulevard, Bir- 
mingham, Ala. 


Redmond, Sarah, '3 9, Mrs. Greenville D. 

Wood, Jr., 23 J4 Westminster Way, N. £., 

Atlanta, Ga. 
Redmund, Helen, '18, Mrs. Carl Bruch. 
Reed, Constance, 50, 33 5 Locust Street, 

Johnstown, Pa. 
Reed, Frances, '29, deceased, March, 1937. 
Reed, Margaret, '19, Mrs. Milton A. Collard, 

5101 N. Elkhart Avenue, Milwaukee 11, 

Reed, Mary, '2 5g, Mrs. Theodore D. Hart- 
shorn, 4818 N. Woodruff Avenue, Mil- 
waukee 1 1, Wise. 
Reed, Mary S., '18g, 21 Oakwood Avenue, 

White Plains, N. Y. 
Reed, Mildred, '46, Mrs. Edward T. Hall, Jr., 

c/o Dr. Edward T. Hall, Jr., Bennington 

College, Bennington, Vt. 
Reed, Nell, '34, Mrs. Austin C. Etrpbrey. 
Reeder, Willie, (A), Mrs. Samuel W. Kendall, 

Tennessee Court Apts. (F), Florence, Ala. 
Reehl, Eleanor, '26, Mrs. H. Roger Birchall, 

13 53 Bursal Avenue, Cincinnati 30, Ohio. 
Reese, Alice, '47g, Mrs. Joseph E. Edens, 

Apartado 3 84, Monterrey N. L., Mexico. 
Reese, Donna, '52, 4006 Pine Hill Drive, 

Jackson, Miss. 
Reese, Taylor, '45g, 12 Peck Street, Attleboro, 

Reeves, Josephine, (S), Mrs. Henry F. Walton, 

Reid, Frances, '3 5, Mrs. R. E. Shaver, 1555 

Tates Creek Pike, Lexington 46, Ky. 
Reid, Josephine, '3 0g, Mrs. Charles S. Stubbs, 

111, 3 827 West 64th Street, Kansas City 2, 

Reid, Kathryn, '27, Mrs. J. Irvine Emmott, 

34-B Coronado Courts, Douglas, Ariz. 
Reif, Mary, '34. 
Reilly, Charlotte, '47. 
Reinburg, Dorothea, '26g, Mrs. William A. 

Ftiller, 1068 Rivermont Terrace, Lynchburg, 

Reinhold, Margaret, '26g, c/o Dr. A. R. Hunt, 

Devon, Pa. 
Reinus, Sybil, '2 5. 
Reinvaldt, Christine, '29, Mrs. J. D. Moose, 

Jr., 18603 Parke Avenue, Grosse He, Mich. 
Rembert, Lucy, '3 8, Mrs. James K. Butler. 
Remon, Ruth, '3 2g, Mrs. George Wenzel, 

3102 33rd Place, N. W., Washington 8, 

D. C. 
Rendleman, Adelaide, '21. 
Rennie, Mary, '3 2, Mrs. Robert Goody-Koontz, 

Esso Station Oil Co., Broad and Hamilton 

Streets, Richmond, Va. 
Reuss, Ruth, '40, Mrs. William H. Huxel, Jr. 
Reynolds, Julia, '27, Mrs. Robert H. Dreisbach, 

90S Kinnaird Avenue, Ft. Wayne 6, Ind. 
Reynolds, Ruth G., (A). 
Rhea, Alexa, (A), Mrs. B. F. Wright, Jr. 
Rhodes, Barbara, '3 5g, Mrs. Gordon B. Brown, 

174 Sherman Avenue, Glen Ridge, N. T- 
Rhodes, Helen, '24, Mrs. Bcrtrand L. Guiick, 

Jr., Box 144, Princeton, N. J. 

Rhodes, Olivia, '41, Mrs. Raye P. Woodin, 

Jr., 3 3 Tacoma Street, Asheville, N. C. 
Rhodes, Priscilla, '3 9g, Mrs. William A. Sal- 
mon, 23 9 Forest Avenue, Glen Ridge, N. T- 
Rhyne, Mary, (A), Mrs. Richard S. Webb, Jr. 
Ribble, Margarettta, '13g, 59 West 12th Street, 

New York, N. Y. 
Rice, Charlotte, '3 8, Mrs. James Adkins, 4 

Abbey Court, Sun Valley Estate, Walnut 

Creek, Calif. 
Rice, Jane, '44g, Mrs. Thomas C. McPherson, 

902 Begian Avenue, Baltimore 18, Md. 
Rich, Mary S., '24g, Mrs. Robert E. Robert- 
son, Jr., 1406 Bolton Street, Baltimore 17, 

Rich, Mary Scribner, '3 6g, 504 Whitney 

Avenue, New Haven 1 1 , Conn. 
Rich, Robins Miller, '27g, Mrs. Howard Adams, 

Jr., deceased, November 6. 1945. 
Richards, Helen, '23g, Mrs. Robert C. Horn, 

2 53 3 Washington Street, Allentown, Pa. 
Richards, Isabel, (A), Mrs. Walter E. Hess, 

61 Court Street, Houlton, Me. 
Richards, Katherine, '3 9g, Mrs. Robert L. De 

Lancey, 4 5 Birch Street, Kenne, N. H. 
Richards, Nancy, '5 0, 212 Granville Avenue, 

Beckley, W. Va. 
Richards, Ruth, (A), Mrs. Raymond Robbins. 
Richardson, Adelaide, '29, Mrs. Frederick W. 

Hanger, 409 E. Park Avenue, San Antonio, 

Richardson, Louise, (A), Mrs. P. C. Stanwood, 

1841 Fendall Avenue, Charlottesville, Va. 
Richardson, Bernice, '13g, Mrs. Percy C. 

Campbell, 3 30 School Street, Watertown 

72, Mass. 
Richardson, Elizabeth, (A), Mrs. Raymond 

V. Emerick, deceased. 
Richardson, Frances, '13g, Mrs. Albert Pitcher. 
Richardson, Frances, '49, Mrs. Clark Hotvell, 

Jr., 1896 Collard Drive, N. W., Atlanta, 

Richardson, Jane, '46, Broadmoor Apts., 

Connecticut Avenue, N. W., Washington, 

D. C. 
Richardson, Julia, '50, Mrs. Howell Shannon, 

416 W. Franklin Street, Richmond 20, Va. 
Richardson, Lois, (A), Mrs. William P. Mur- 

dock, 867 Thorn Street, Sewickley, Pa. 
Richardson, Margaret, '32, Mrs. Hugh M. 

Patton, 3 3 20 4th Avenue, College Hill, 

Beaver Falls, Pa. 
Richardson, Mathilde, (A). 
Richart, Virginia, '37, Mrs. Homer C. Stewart, 

7416 Flora Avenue, Kansas City 5, Mo. 
Richeson, Lucille, '40, Mrs. William E. Meeks. 
Richey, Ann, '4 5, Mrs. Robert L. Oliver, 

Lometa, Texas. 
Richey, Dorothy, '3 2, Mrs. Van Henry Ar- 
cher, 153 East Rosewood, San Antonio, 

Richstone, Bernyce, '48, 327 Redonda Road, 

Youngstown 4, Ohio. 
Rick, Sarah, '3 5g, Mrs. Otto A. Putnam, 

121 South 7th Avenue, West Reading, Pa. 
Rickard, Elizabeth, '17, Mrs. Francis L. Hamill. 


Rickards, Murrell, '44g, Mrs. Sydney L. Bow- 
den, 918 W. Princess Anne Road, Apt 5D, 

Norfolk, Va. 
Ricketts, Jeannette, '34, Mrs. William Wal- 

Ricks, Anne R., '482, H06 Westwood Ave- 
nue, Richmond, Va. 
Riddle, Florence, (A), Mrs. W. A. Benson, 

Belle Meade Park, Nashville, Tenn. 
Riddle, Jane, '27g, Mrs. Barbour N. Thornton, 

1817 Grove Avenue, Richmond 20, Va. 
Rider, Letitia, '3 5, Mrs. Elmer Kennedy, 

5915 Jth Street, North, Arlington, Va. 
Ridgely, Julia, '3 9g, Mrs. f. R. Peacock, 622 

University Park, Rochester 7, N. Y. 
Ridgely, Margaret, '44, 9 Court Street, Mid- 

dlebury, Vt. 
Ridler, Jean, '45g, Mrs. Marvin J. Fahrettbach, 

73 Park Avenue, Plainfield, N. J. 
Ridley, Anne, '3 3, Mrs. Joel Hurt, 111, 191 

275 Collier Road, Apt. 6, Atlanta, Ga. 
Riely, Emma, '3 0g, Mrs. Kemy Lemaire, 2 

Peter Cooper Road, New York 10, N. Y. 
Rife, Evalinej '46, Mrs. Leland Thotnpson, 

Jr., 13 03 West Michigan, Midland, Texas. 
Rigg, Edna, '16, Mrs. A. Todd Brown, 1108 

LaClair Avenue, Pittsburgh 18, Pa. 
Rigney, Evelyn, (A), Mrs. J. Edgar Chancel- 
lor, Dinglewood, Columbus, Ga. 
Riheldaller, Mary Frances, '31g, Mrs. Thomas 

C. Kuhn, 13 03 Florida Avenue, Ft. Pierce, 

Riley, Jean, '39, Mrs. Joseph Dockman, 5 802 
Kenmore Road, Baltimore, Md. 
Ringer, Eleanor, '42g, Sweet Briar, Va. 
Riordon, Katherine, '46. 
Ripley, Barbara, '42g, Mrs. W. Todd Fiirniss, 

Woodbridge Terrace, South Hadley, Mass. 
Ripley, Lois, '47g, 3 3 29 Grenway Road, 

Shaker Heights, Cleveland 22, Ohio. 
Ris, Marjorie, '33g, Mrs. John W. Hand, 317 

Greenway Road, Ridgewood, N. J. 
Risk, Doris, '3 6, Mrs. James D. Curivcn, 

Robinson Street, Brevard, N. C. 
Ritchie, Lois, '28, 228 McCormick Road, 

Cincinnati 19, Ohio. 
Ritchie, Mary, (A). 
Roach, Ethel, '16. 
Roache, Edith, '29, Mrs. Sverre Tollefsen, 

1146 West Avenue, Richmond 20, Va. 
Robb, Frances, '48, 134 Chandler Court, 

Williamsburg, Va. 
Robb, Katherine, '34, 1305 S. Main Street, 

Clinton, Ind. 
Robbins, Ellen, '46g, Mrs. David D. Red, 1823 

Ewing, Apt. 12-C, Houston, Texas. 
Robbins, Marion, '42, Mrs. Walter A. Parish, 

Jr., 2916 Chevy Chase Drive, Houston, 

Robbins, Mary, '27g, Mrs. Roger Ailing, 8 3 

East 2nd Street, Corning, N. Y. 
Robbins, Phoebe, (A), Mrs. Homer M. Jewitt, 

Robbins, Rosabel, '40, Mrs. John D. Hutcbe- 

son, 212156 Parkwood, Pittsfield Village, 

Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Roberts, Anne, '15, Mrs. Grover S. Balfour, 

1541 Dunsford R.oad, Jacksonville 7, Fla. 
Roberts, Esther, '16, Mrs. John Blatchford, 

711 Superior Street, Oak Park, 111. 
Roberts, Hazel, (S), Mrs. C. Elliott Peck, 

23 01 Connecticut Avenue, Washington, 

D. C. 
Roberts, Katherine, '23, Mrs. Comer Jennings, 

deceased, March 9, 1947. 
Roberts, Laura, '22, Mrs. Donald Royce. 
Roberts, Lillian, '43, Mrs. David Deakins, 

156 Westminster Drive, N. E., Atlanta, 

Roberts, Mary Bess, '3 3g, 343 Janette Avenue, 

Roanoke, Va. 
Roberts, Mary Virginia, '51, 2 5 Kingsbury 

Place, St. Louis, Mo. 
Roberts, Natalie, '31g, Mrs. Walter S. Foster, 

Nestle Brooke, Box 576, R.F.D. 3, Roa- 
noke, Va. 
Roberts, Polly, '29, Mrs. W. Arch Bennett, 

113 East 2nd Street, Frankfort, Ky. 
Roberts, Selby, '3 5, 124 Linden .Avenue, 

Englewood, N. J. 
Roberts, Vincent, (A), Mrs. Vincent R. Rash, 

223 Pearl Street, Terrell, Texas. 
Robertson, Annetta, '3 2, Mrs. Edgar B. Miller, 

5404 Falls Road, Dallas 9, Texas. 
Robertson, Clare, '23g, Mrs. Bolivar B. Mc- 

Cutchan, Jr., 1020 29th Street, Ashland, 

Robertson, Frances, (A), Mrs. Frederick S. 

Campbell, deceased, 1920. 
Robertson, Gertrude, '3 9g, Mrs. John H. Mid- 

len, 3019 4 5th Street, N. W., Washington, 

D. C. 
Robertson, Isabel, '3 2, 413 Wyoming Avenue, 

Wyoming, Pa. 
Robertson, La Rue, (A), Mrs. R. G. Thomp- 
son, 515 San Fernando, San Diego, Calif. 
Robertson, Margaret, '36, Mrs. Edward D. 

Densmore, Belmont High School, Belmont 

78, Mass. 
Robertson, Margaret, '3 8, Pomander Walk, 

Ridgewood, N. J. 
Robertson, Margaret, '47g, Mrs. Stziart G. 

Christian, Jr., 6 Tapoan Road, Richmond 
21, Va. 
Robertson, Martha, '23, Mrs. Bert A. Harless, 

Main and Leland Roads, Westford, Mass. 
Robertson, Virginia, (A), Mrs. Fred H. Har- 
rison, 6107 Three Chopt Road, Richmond, 

Robineau, Patricia, '43, Mrs. Willis G. Van 

Devere, 1145 Mariana Avenue, Coral Gables, 

Robins, Elizabeth, '28g, Mrs. T. Turner Fos- 
ter, The Plains, Va. 
Robinson, Doris, '37^ Mrs. Edwin T. Hughes. 
Robinson, Ellen (A), Box 814, Norfolk, Va. 
Robinson, Frances, '3 6, Mrs. Wendell S. Clough, 

800 N. Waukegan, Lake Forest, 111. 
Robinson, Frances, '28, Mrs. Randolph Turner, 
280 Church Street, WytheviUe, Va. 


Robinson, Grace, '39g, Mrs. William B. Mc- 
Gjiire, Jr., 1712 Beverly Drive, Charlotte, 
N. C. 

Robinson, Grace S., '2 5. 

Robinson, June Martha, '3 8, 123 2 Edward 
Avenue, Lakewood, Ohio. 

Robinson, Margaret, '40, Mrs. T. Walker Lewis, 

Robinson, Marjorie, '24g, 3 00 Front Street, 
Brownsville, Pa. 

Robinson, Mary, '3J, Mrs. Gerard G. Barber, 
Pequot Road, Montville, Conn. 

Robinson, Ruth, '3 6, Mrs. John M. Madison, 
403 5 Baltimore Avenue, Shreveport 71, La. 

Robison, Frances, '28, Mrs. Frances R. Turner. 

Robison, Maxine, '41, Mrs. Tatrick H. Rear- 
don, 1109 Gaston Avenue, Austin, Texas. 

Rockett, Helen, '39, Mrs. Seymour Ellis, 106 
Cliflf Road, Wellesley Hills, Mass. 

Rodenbaugh, Jean, '39, Mrs. Henry A. Sole- 
liac. Seven Pines, Elbow Lane, Haverford, 

Rodes, Ella, (A), Mrs. J. Booker Hutter, 111 
Harrison Street, Lynchburg, Va. 

Rodes, Mary, (A), Mrs. H. Eiving, Harris, 
1907 Dorothy Avenue, Louisville, Ky. 

Rodgers, Elizabeth, '44, Mrs. George Ham- 
mond, 2222 River Road, Maumee, Ohio. 

Rodman, Constance, (A), Mrs. John M. Rob- 
inson, 820 Edgehill Road, Charlotte 4, 
N. C. 

Rogers, Alice, '26, Mrs. Edgar L. Enochs, 
1120 7th Avenue, Laurel, Miss. 

Rogers, Elizabeth, (A), Mrs. Elizabeth R. 
Varner, 500 5th Avenue, Cleveland, Miss. 

Rogers, Louise, '31, Mrs. Earl L. Gilson. 

Rogers, Louise, '34, Mrs. Grady C. Frank, 
901 S. Washington Street, Alexandria, Va. 

Rogers, Marie, '31, Mrs. William P. Rabb. 

Rogers, Mary, '34, Mrs. John H. Moser, c/o 
Comdr. J. H. Moser, MC, USN, Air Trans- 
port Sqdn. One, Nas, Patuxent, Md. 

Rogers, Norma, '37, Mrs. Walter M. Cook. 

Rollins, Juliette, '46, Windermere, Columbia, 

RoUins, Lilian, '25, Mrs. James H. Tuttle. 

Rollins, Poly Key, '48g, Mrs. R. M. Sawell, 
3 02 N. Main Street, Apt. 2, McAllen, Texas. 

Root, Alva, '3 6, Mrs. Charles F. Bound, Mc- 
Lain Street, Mt. Kisco, N. Y. 

Root, Katherine, '31, Mrs. Richard Warner. 

Roper, Margaret, '39g, Mrs. George A. Willis, 
200 South Pierce, Denver, Colo. 

Roper, Mary Jeanne, '44. 

Rosamond, Inez, '47g, 1027 Peabody, Mem- 
phis 4, Tenn. 

Rose, Eugenia Perry, '49, 333 N. Garnett 
Street, Henderson, N. C. 

Rose, Hildegarde, '42. 

Rose, Jesse, '37, Mrs. Lucius H. Harvin, Jr., 
706 Parham Street, Henderson, N. C. 

Rose, Margaret, '3 5, Mrs. Paul R. Turnbull, 
3121 Austin Street, Corpus Christi, Tex. 

Rose, Thomasine, '24, Mrs. Reuben Maury, 
Catamount Road, Westport, Conn. 

Rosebro, Frances, '2 5, Mrs. Parks P. Duffy. 

2018 Monument Avenue, Richmond, Va. 
Rosenzweig, Lois, '46, Mrs. Charles Sincere, 

716 Harvard Court, Highland Park, 111. 
Ross, Ida, (A), Mrs. Stewart A. LeBlanc, 

1951 Government Street, Mobile, Ala. 
Ross, Jennie, '41, Mrs. H. L. Parsons, 601 N. 

Line Street, New Orleans 20, La. 
Ross, Margaret, '34g, Mrs. Edward M. Ellice, 

Fairview Farm, R.F.D., Annandale,, N. J. 
Ross, Virginia Louise, '22. 
Rott, Louise, '27, Mrs. George B. Swendeman. 
Rotter, Toole, '31g, Mrs. A. Marshall Mullikin, 

Box 9 5, Winter Haven, Fla. 
Roundin, Peggy, '43g, Mrs. James R. Foster, 

3 East 71st Street, New York, N. Y. 
Roulette, Laura, '3 6, Mrs. Fred C. Wright, Jr., 

1406 The Terrace, Hagerstown, Md. 
Rountree, Elizabeth, '26g, Mrs. George H. 

Kellerman, 568 3 Kalanianaole Highway, 

Honolulu 49, Hawaii. 
Rouse, Shelley, '21g, Mrs. Nicholas S. Aagesen, 

520 St. Clair Avenue, Grosse Pointe 3 0, 

Row, Nancy, '3 5, Mrs. A. E. Hess. 
Rowan, Martha, '48, Mrs. Elton M. Hyder, 

502 5 Birchman Street, Ft. Worth, Texas. 
Rowe, Jane, '3 5, Mrs. R. B. Stewart. 
Rowe, Phoebe, '31g, Mrs. Ralph Peters, Holly- 
wood Avenue, Rochester, N. Y. 
Rowland, Ann, '48, Mrs. James R. Tuck, c/o 

Mrs. J. B. Ransom, Bellemeade Boulevard, 

Nashville, Tenn. 
Rowlands, Mabel, (A), Mrs. Harold Malton. 
Rowley, Marguerite, (S). 
Rowse, Frances, (A), Mrs. J. C. Sammmts, 

110 3 8th Street, Sioux City, Iowa. 
Royal, Katharine, '49, 172 5 17th Street, N. 

W., Washington 9, D. C. 
Royall, Anne, (A), Goldvein, Va. 
Royall, Margaret, '40g, Mrs. James E. Davis y 

32 5 East 72nd Street, Apt. 7-B, New York 

21, N. Y. 
Royer, Norvell, '3 0g, Mrs. John B. Orgain„ 

Jr., 2013 Park Avenue, Richmond, Va. 
Royster, Sara, '47g, 409 Hillsboro Street, 

Raleigh, N. C. 
Rozelle, Maynette, '21g, Mrs. James A. Step- 
henson, 621 West 66th Terrace, Kansas City, 

Rubel, Miriam, '31, 522 5th Street, Corinth, 

Ruch, Elizabeth, '3 9, Mrs. Frederick R. Zulch. 
Rucker, Jessie, '15, 515 S. E. 9th Street, 

Paris, Texas. 
Rucker, Josephine, '3 3g, Mrs. Lewis F. Powell, 

Jr., 123 8 Rothesay Road, Richmond 21, 

Rucker, Marguerite, '48g, Mrs. Tazewell Ellett, 

III, 1003 Grove Avenue, Richmond 20, Va. 
Rudulph, Caroline, '46g, Mrs. Philip A. Sellers, 

Old Place Farm, Chesson, Ala. 
Ruffin, Jane, '19, Mrs. Reginald B. Henry, 

616 Redgate Avenue, Norfolk 7, Va. 
Ruffner, Nancy, '3 3, Mrs. William E. Chil- 
ton IL 


Rugeley, Martha, '44, Mrs. Martha R. Bach- 
man, Box 904, Bay City, Texas. 
Rugg, Helen, '25, Mrs. Horace Condit, 1123 

Maple Avenue, Evanston, 111. 
Ruggles, Jean, '41, Mrs. Stephen Smith, 12 5 

Newton Avenue, North, Worcester 5, 

Rundle, Ruth, '37g, Mrs. L. W. Charters, 

McLean, Va. 
Runk, Barbara, '45, Mrs. Roy O. Hall, Jr., 

901 Ridge Avenue, Pittsburgh 12, Pa. 
Runkle, Janet, '40g, Mrs. Robert M. Wells, 

126 N. Drexel Avenue, Columbus 9, Ohio. 
Rush, Virginia, '37, Mrs. T. Harry Lang, 

415 Fairview Avenue, Orange, N. J. 
Rushing, Marthalyn, '44g, Mrs. David M. 

Yocum, in, 316 S. Grove, Oak Park, 111. 
Rushmore, Elaine, '3 6, Mrs. Arlo L. Brawn, 

Jr., 3 57 Concord Avenue, Trenton 8, N. J. 
Russell, Anne, '34g, Mrs. M. James Carter, 

Jr., 67 Windsor Avenue, Buffalo 9, N. Y. 
Russell, Constance, '16g, Mrs. Rodman W. 

Chamberlain, Mooreland Road, Kensington, 

Russell, Julie, '18, Mrs. Samuel Holmes, Gen- 
eral Delivery, Fernandina, Fla. 
Rust, Eleanor, '3 5g, Mrs. Robert A. Mattern, 

202 5 Sunnyside Avenue, Lansing, Mich. 
Rust, Katherine, '3 3g, Mrs. Robert R. Brown, 

4710 Rolfe Road, Richmond 21, Va. 
Ruth, Elizabeth, '49, Mrs. John P. Cleaver, 

562 8 Woodmont Avenue, Baltimore 12, Md. 
Ruth, Page, '43 g, Mrs. James W. Foster, Jr., 

910 Tyson Street, Baltimore 1, Md. 
Rutherford, Helen, (A), Mrs. Helen R. 

Rutty, Virginia, '3 6g, Mrs. Mortimer R. An- 

stice, Jr., 124 Corwin Road, Rochester 10, 

N. Y. 
Ryan, Jean, '44g, Mrs. William B. Kehl, 3 

Comeau Street, Wellesley Hills, Mass. 
Ryan, Mary Lee, '34g, Mrs. C. Porter Stroth- 

er, 73% Pemberton Road, Grosse Pointe 

Park, Mich. 
Ryan, Nathalie, '42g, 2464 Scottwood Avenue, 

Toledo, Ohio. 
Ryland, Elizabeth, '46g, Mrs. William W. 

Groner, 223 West 62nd Street, Kansas City, 

Ryland, Louise, (A), Mrs. Maurice K. Baker, 

1545 Langhorne Road, Lynchburg, Va. 

Sabel, Olga, (A), Mrs. Charles H. Meyer. 

Sachs, Madeleine, (A), Mrs. Robert A. Shar- 

Sackett, Helen, '20, 179 East Chestnut, Chi- 
cago 11, 111. 

Sadler, Julia, '34g, Mrs. Calvert G. deColigny, 
Bon Air, Va. 

Sadler, Sarah, '52, 3400 Chateau Drive, Waco, 

Sadowsky, Anatasia, '44g, Mrs. Terence An- 
derson, 133 East 80th Street, New York, 
N. Y. 

Sadowsky, Anastasia, '44g, 88 5 Park Avenue, 
New York 21, N. Y. 

Sadowsky, Cornelia, '49, 88 5 Park Avenue, 

New York 21, N. Y. 
Sage, Laura Lee, '3 0, Mrs. Junius M. Horner, 

3 Cedarcliff Road, Biltmore, N. C. 
Sailer, Mary, '2 5g, Mrs. Joseph W. Gardiner, 

Jr., 10 Walt Lane, Wyncote, Pa. 
St. John, Joan, '51, 366 Buena Vista, Memphis, 

Samford, Ann, '48g, Mrs. Samjiel E. Upchuch, 

1500 Primrose Place, Birmingham, Ala. 
Sample, Frances, '27, 48 Cedar Lane Way, 

Boston 8, Mass. 
Sampson, Zelda, '43, Mrs. Burl Lazar, 965 

Tower Manor, Winnetka, 111. 
Sams, Elva Yvonne, '47, 37 East Highland, 

Tracy, Calif. 
Samuels, Frances, '3 8, Mrs. Carl M. Fellows, 

149 Ryefield Road, Fitchburg, Mass. 
Samworth, Janet, '23, deceased, 1922. 
Sanborn, Gratia, '22, Mrs. George Nelson, 

deceased, 1949. 
Sanders, Billy, (A), Mrs. Elmer W. Fox. 
Sanders, Nancy, '46, Mrs. Harlan Starr, 1631 

West 28 th Street, Sunset Island, Miami 

Beach, Fla. 
Sanderson, Gloria, '42g, Mrs. Lane Sartor, 

520 Dudley Drive, Shreveport, La. 
Sandidge, Margaret, '37g, Mrs. W. L. Mason, 

40 Indian Road, Port Chester, N. Y. 
Sandmeyer, Virginia, '17g, Mrs. John H. Hud- 
son, deceased, October 20, 193 5. 
Sanford, Dorothy, '3 9. 
Sr.nford, Helen, ''42g, 3720 Beverly Drive, 

Dallas 5, Texas. 
Sanford, Kate, '3 8, Mrs. John E. Abbott. 
Sanford, Mary, '3 0, Mrs. Z. Lupton Patten, 

163 6 Hillcrest Road, Chattanooga 5, Tenn. 
Sanford, Mildred, '23. 
Sasscer, Clara, '40g, Mrs. H. C. Chandler, 

1073 9 Bellaire Road, Cleveland 11, Ohio. 
Satterfield, Carlotta, '31, Mrs. William Burke, 

Mewborne, Roxboro, N. C. 
Satterwait, Lucille, (A), Waynesville, N. C. 
Sauer, Margaret, (A), Mrs. G. A. Wallace, 

General Delivery, Delray Beach, Fla. 
Saul, Augusta, '3 9g, Mrs. Richard T. Edwards, 

13 20 East Drive, Lakewood Colony, Roa- 
noke, Va. 
Saul, Gladys, (A), Mrs. Robert F. Patterson. 
Saul, Mary, '3 5g, Mrs. Keith K. Hunt, Box 430, 

Salem, Va. 
Saunders, Adelaide, '3 6, Mrs. Douglas Westin. 
Saunders, Elizabeth, '18, Mrs. John L. Owen, 

P. O. Box 801, Norfolk, Va. 
Saunders, Elizabeth, '3 0g, Mrs. Harry A. Ram- 
say, 41 South Century, Memphis 11, Tenn. 
Saunders, Elizabeth, '3 8, 125 East 72nd 

Street, New York 11, N. Y. 
Saunders, Jean, '3 0g, Garrison, N. Y. 
Saunders, Julia, '39g, Mrs. Richard A. 

Michaux, 3 3 West Lock Lane, Richmond 

21, Va. 
Saunders, Marion, '44g, Mrs. William M. 

Mmitgomery, 93 Manor Road, Alexandria, 

Saunders, Mary Ball, (A), Mrs. J. A. Rnffin. 



Saunders, Sylvia Mae, '48g, 1568 Webster 
Street, New Orleans, La. 

Sauters, Lois, '18, Mrs. Lois S. Jones, Box 73 8, 
Lexington, Ky. 

Savage, Katherine, (A). 

Savage, Nancy, '34, Mrs. Walter M. Kelly. 

Sawyer, Jeanne, '42g, Mrs. John A. B. Faggi, 
24 West 702 Street, Shanks Village, Orange- 
burg, N. Y. 

Sawyer, Lelia, '20, Mrs. George Myers, 77 
East Hamilton Avenue, Englewood, N. J. 

Sayer, Julia, '3 5, Mrs. William J. Delaney, 

Sayler, Dale, '45, Mrs. John Hull, 980 Jack- 
son Street, Denver, Colo. 

Sayler, Josephine, '24. 

Scannel, Edith, '48, 50 Parkway, West, Mt. 
Vernon, N. Y. 

Scarritt, Catherine, (A), Mrs. Harry Hansell. 

Scattergood, Ellen, '3 5, Mrs. W : H. Dun- 
woody Zook, Pleasant Hill Farm, R.D. 1, 
Glen Moore, Pa. 

Schaab, Barbara, '47, Mrs. James S. Croivl, 
83 2 Midway, Auburn, Ind. 

Schabadker, Ruth, (A), 914 Chestnut Street, 
Erie, Pa. 

Schade, Norma, '31. 

Schaefer, Adah, (A), Mrs. Robert L. Smith. 
902 N. State Street, Jerseyville, 111. 

Schall, Sally, '42g, Mrs. William van Allen, 
5106 Jamestown Road, Washington 16, 
D. C. 

SchaumlefiFel, Helen, '29g, Mrs. Edwin H. 
Ferree, 473 8 Boulevard Place, Indianapolis 8, 

Schell, Catharine, (A), Mrs. C. E. Phillips, 

Scherr, Mary, '2 5, 1202 Kanawha Boulevard, 
Charleston, W. Va. 

Scheuer, Elizabeth, '34g, Mrs. Charles R. 
Maxwell, Jr., 40 5 East 54th Street, New 
York 22, N. Y. 

Schiel, Elizabeth, '28, Mrj. Thomas Brennan. 

Schladermundt, Rosaline, '21, Mrs. Roger L. 

Nowland, Trinity Pass, Stamford, Conn. 
Schively, Sylvia, '48, 22 5 South 20th Street, 

Richmond, Ind. 
Schlemmer, Dorothy, (A). 
Schlenck, Betty Jane ,'3 3, Mrs. Wendell 
Campbell, 11, 53 3 E. Argonne Drive, Kirk- 
wood 22, Mo. 
Schloss, Amelia, (A). 

Schmeisser, Elizabeth, '43g, Mrs. Karl J. Nel- 
son, 321 North Avenue, East, Cranford, 
N. J. 
Schmelz, Elsie, (A), Mrs. H. L. Collier, 1512 

Colonial Avenue, Norfolk, Va. 
Schmelz, Nancy, (A), deceased. 
Schmid, Edwine, '3 8, Mrs. Charles D. Mill, 

343 Papin, Webster Groves 19, Mo. 
Schmid, Helen, '40g, Mrs. William- H. Hardy, 
2740 Lake Drive, S. E., Grand Rapids 6, 
Schmidt, Margaret, (A), Mrs. M. S. Nieber- 

Schmidt, Mildred, (A), Mrs. L. Hammond. 

Schmitt, Valmai, '28, Mrs. Edii/in G. Messiter, 

Box 719, Stony Brook, N. Y. 
Schneider, Helen, '3 5g, 2903 3 2nd Street, 

N. W., Washington 8, D. C. 

Schneider, Marie, (A), Mrs. M. Lyman, 3 59 

N. Village Avenue, Rockville Centre, N. Y. 

Schnorbach, Elizabeth, '22g, Mrs. Marvin F. 

Tackeft, Moya de Contreras 245 — Lomas de 

Chapultepee, Mexico, D. F. 

Schockey, Adelaide, '10, Mrs. B. B. Mallory, 

473 5 Guernsey Street, Bellaire, Ohio. 
Schoenheit, Grace, '46g, Mrs. William S. Metz, 

2 5 Eastwild Road, Biltmore Forest, Ashe- 
viUe, N. C. 
Schoentgen, Jane, '28, Mrs. Karl F. Geiser, 

1102 Cochran Avenue, Los Angeles, Calif. 
Schofield, Estelle, '2 5 Mrs. Athol B. Thomp- 
son, 1923 Wealthy Street, S. E., Grand 
Rapids, Mich. 
Schold, Sigrid, '21, Mrs. C. P. Van Schaack, 

614 Linden Avenue, Wilmette, 111. , 

Schomaker, Edna, '41g, Mrs. John E. Packard, 

1270 Palmer Avenue, Schenectady 8, N. Y. 
Schooley, Romayne, '2 5, Mrs. Gregory Feren- 

bach, 108 Butler Street, Kingston, Pa. 
Schoolfield, Lucille, '14, 2901 Connecticut 

Avenue, N. W., Washington 8, D. C. 
Schott, Ruth, '31, Mrs. Hudson L. McGuire, 

1310 S. Broadway, Leavenworth, Kan. 
Schreck, Jacqueline, '47, 3 624 Glenwood 

Road, Cleveland Heights, Ohio. 
Schreiner, Mary Louise, '27, Mrs. John Boiis. 
Schrier, Barbara, '16, deceased. May 27, 1929. 
Schroeder, Marie, '3 5g, Mrs. Cecil A. 

P. Thomas, 68 Van Horn Street, Wast 

Springfield, Mass. 
Schroeter, Hilda S., '24. 
Schuber, Emily, '47g, Longchamps Apts., 

Asheville, N. C. 
Schulhoefer, Carolyn, '27. 
Schulte, Helen, '10, Mrs. Albert S. Tenney. 
Schulte, Jane, '3 6, 106 Blanche Street, Hough- 
ton, Mich. 
Schultz-Berg, Laurose, '3 5. 
Schummers, Gladys, (A), Mrs. John G. Voti- 

hold, Graystone Cottage, 21 S. Mountain 

Terrace, Binghamton, N. Y. 
Schureman, Janet, '24, Mrs. John C. Wilson, 

Ridgeway, White Plains, N. Y. 
Schurman, Lee, '20g, Mrs. Wallace E. Spear, 

53 12 Cuming Street, Omaha 3, Neb. 
Schurman, Phyllis, '23, Mrs. Edwin K. Nelson, 

Jr., 180 Baltic Circle, Tampa 6, Fla. 
Schutte, Anne, '15g, Mrs. Leroy H. Nolt, 

1301 Homestead Lane, Lancaster, Pa. 
Schwab, Constance, '2 5, Mrs. Loren H. Fryer, 

2812 Northampton Street, Washington 15, 

D. C. 
Schwald, Margaret, '3 3, Mrs. Leigh R. Cra- 
mer, c/o National City Bank of New York, 

Hong Kong, China. 
Scott, Alice, '3 0, A'Trs. Robert S. Fuller. 
Scott, Bessie, '14, Mrs. Victor Von Gemming- 

en, 2623 South Lynn, Arlington, Va. 
Scott, Cleo, '34, Mrs. Mitchell V. Allen, 312 

Gill Avenue, Kirkwood 22, Mo. 


Scott, Isabel, '3 3, Mrs. Claude L. Bowen, Jr. 
Scott, Jean, '39g, Mrs. John Van MacNair, Jr., 

Graham, N. C. 
Scott, Judith, '47, Mrs. John Bryson, 40 E. 

Elm Street, Chicago, IIII. 
Scott, Judith D., '43, Mrs. Allen T. Sfiiraes. 
Scott, Julia, (A), Mrs. Shiart W. Cramer, 

Jr., 200 Hermitage Road, Charlotte, N. C. 
Scott, Katherine, '3 2, Mrs. Harold W. Soles, 

Billings Road, R.D. 2, Willoughby, Ohio. 
Scott, Lucille, '3 6, Mrs. Charles E. Knoke, 

Berta Place, Basking Ridge, N. J. 
Scott, Mary, '10, Mrs. Carter Glass, Mont- 
view Farm, Lynchburg, Va. 
Scott, Nancy, '44, 3 560 Altamont Road, 

Birmingham, Ala. 
Scott, Virginia, '34, Mrs. John Keating, Jr., 

12 West 72nd Street, New York, N. Y. 
Scovell, Florence, '21g, Mrs. Hines F. Vaughn, 

3 521 Greenway Place, Shreveport 3 6, La. 
Scriba, Isabel, '3 5g, 73 2nd Street, Garden 

City, L. L, N. Y. 
Scrivenor, Agnes, (A), Mrs. Richard A. Riit- 

ter, deceased. 
Scudder, Anna, '36g, Mrs. James R. Shoch, 

Box 502, Ardmore, Pa. 
Scully, Mary, '41g, Mrs. James B. Olney, 142 

Clinton Street, Avon, N. Y. 
Scurry, Nancy, '47, Ute Park, N. M. 
Seaman, Eugenia, '45, 2312 Harper Avenue, 

Norwood 12, Ohio. 
Searcy, Anne, '3 8, Mrs. Robert L. Yoder, 

1612 Dearing Place, Tuscaloosa, Ala. 
Searcy, Vera, '37, Mrs. Joseph R. McGonigle, 

666 E. N. 15th. Abilene, Texas. 
Searles, Barbara, '41, Mrs. Gaylord S. P arret t. 

Hotel Sheraton, Rittenhouse Square, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 
Seaton, Helen, i'33, 100 N. Carlin Spring 

Road, Arlington, Va. 
Seaton, Mary, '31g, Mrs. Oliver F. Marston, 

104 Nottingham Road, Richmond 21, Va. 
Seaver, Charlotte, '18g, Mrs. Raymond Kel- 

sey, 1951 Mistletoe Drive, Cleveland 6, 

Sebrell, Emily, '41, Mrs. Thomas G. Lynch, 

2111 Coniston Place, Charlotte 4, N. C. 
Sebring, Louise, (A), Mrs. Louise S. McCal- 

mont, 473 North Broadway, Sterling, Kan. 
Sedgewick, Deborah, (A), Mrs. Robert W. 

Williams, 5411 Gary Street Road, Rich- 
mond, Va. 
Sedgwick, Dorothy, '31, 429 Elm Street, 

Martins Ferry, Ohio. 
See, Virginia, '3 5, Mrs. Wilmot H. Losee, 

174 Vassar Place, West, Hempstead, N. Y. 
Seeds, Marjorie, (A), Mrs. Matthew Fletcher, 

deceased, July, 193 9. 
Seele, Jarvis, '30g, Mrs. Harry V. Gammon, 

701 West Orman, Pueblo, Colo. 
Seguin, Ann, '44, Mrs. Carryl M. Britt, 506 

Pyke Road, Lexington, Ky. 
Seibels, Anne, '47, Mrs. Troy Brannan, Brew- 
ton, Ala. 

Seibels, Laetitia, '41g, Mrs. John L. Frothin^- 

ham, 2824 Thornhill Road, Birmingham, 

Seidler, Ruth, '3 9, 3 6 Claremont Avenue, 

Maplewood, N. J. 
Selbert, Dorothy, '3 8, Mrs. George E. Smith, 

Jr., Route 10, Box 460, Cincinnati, Ohio. 
Selby, Juliet, '2 5g, Mrs. Pierre Hill, 

Edgewood Road, Yorkshire, York, Pa. 
Selden, Elizabeth, '3 3g, Mrs. Edward Stain- 
brook, Boston Post Road, Branford, Conn. 
Selkirk, Mary Emily, '37. 
Sellar, Georgena, (A), Mrs. George H. Erck, 

Welrsdale, Fla. 
Sellars, Frances, (A), Mrs. /. M. Schneider, 

Jr., 1501 Broome Street, Wilmington 3 5, 

Selvage, Marjorie, '46. 
Semmes, Mimi, '49, Mrs. Alexander W. Dann. 

Jr., 821 Hanshaw Road, Ithaca, N. Y. 
Semple, Mary Mildred, '51, Box 2723, Uni- 
versity, Ala. 
Sencindiver, Frances, '32g, Mrs. John W. Stew- 
art, 4510 3 8th Street, N., Arlington, Va. 
Sentner, Joyce, '48, Mrs. Thomas D. Armour, 

Sergeant, Lucile, '3 8g, Mrs. Earl A. Leonard, 

400 Broadway, Paterson, N. J. 
Sesler, Barbara Coe, '39, deceased, December 

11, 1936. 
Settle, Mary Lee, '40, Mrs. Rodney D. J. 

Sexton, Elizabeth, '27, Mrs. Elizabeth La Coiir. 
Sexton, Mary Jaqueline, '40g, Mrs. John E. 

Daley, 1336 5th Avenue, Belmont, Calif. 
Sexton, Jamie, (A), Mrs. Peter H. Holme, 

17 50 Forest Street, Denver, Colo. 
Sexton, Kathleen, (A), Mrs. George S. 

Holmes, deceased, December 15, 1943. 
Shackelford, Edith, '3 6, Mrs. Karl L. Eddy. 
Shackelford, Virginia, '47, Mrs. John E. Poin- 

dexter, 2103 Eastern Parkway, Louisville, 

Shafer, Marguerite, (A), Mrs. J. R. Odom, 

824 Brandon Avenue, Norfolk 7, Va. 
Shafer, Marian, '21g, Mrs. Charles Wadhams, 

112 Adams Street, Brockport, N. Y. 
Shaffer, Mary Katherine, '37g, Mrs. Frank A. 

Hardy, 68 Abney Circle, Charleston, W. 

Shallenberger, Sara, '3 2g, Mrs. W. L. Lyons 

Brown, Ashbourne, Harrods Creek, Ky. 
Shambaugh, Jeannette, '3 3, Mrs. Sydney Stein, 

Jr., 5 537 Woodlawn Avenue, Chicago, 111. 
Shamer, Ethel, '3 5g, Mrs. Fletcher M. Lam- 
Shand, Barbara, '13, Upland Way, Wayne, Pa. 
Shaner, Helen, '28, Mrs. William H. Gurley. 
Shanley, Marian, '44g, Mrs. William L. Jacobs, 

P. O. Box 41, Newport, Ark. 
Shannon, Janet, '43. 
Sharp, Evalena, '48g, Main Street, Port Norris, 

N. J. 
Sharp, Jeannete, (A), 11483 Hessler Road, 

Cleveland, Ohio. 


Sharpe, Caroline, '19s, Mrs. Marion S. San- 
ders, 58 5 Union Street, Wytheville, Va. 

Shaw, Katharine, '52, 221 Highbrook Ave- 
nue, Pelham 65, N. Y. 

Shaw, Harriet, '37g, Sweet Briar, Va. 

Shaw, Shirley, '41g, Mrs. Richard M. Daniel, 
"Dixie," R.F.D. 1, Media, Pa. 

Shaw, Sylvia, '49, 18 66 S. Bayshore Lane, 
Miami, Fla. 

Shayler, Stella, '21. 

Shearman, Esther, '30, Mrs. J. Robert Gray, 
111 Chestnut Street, Pottstown, Pa. 

Sheffield, Margaret, '48g, Mrs. Thomas E. 
Martin, Jr., Brynwood Apts., Wynnewood, 

Sheffield, Sarah, '20, Mrs. Sarah S. Ramspeck, 
86 Sheridan Drive, N. E., Atlanta, Ga. 

Sheldon, Ruth, (A), Mrs. John Minty, Inter- 
laken. North Muskegon, Mich. 

Sheldon, Mabel, '42, Mrs. Elmer F. Francis, 
1 1 3 Woodland Avenue, Summit, N. J. 

Sheldon, Sybil, (A). 

Shelton, Jane, '3 6g, Mrs. Robert P. Williams, 
Wilson Avenue, Signal Mountain, Tenn. 

Shelton, Mary, '29g, Mrs. George M. Clark, 
Minnikahda, Hixon Road, Chattanooga, 

Shelton, Mary L., '23, Mrs. James F. Mac- 
Millan, Cocoa, Fla. 

Shenehon, Clare, (A), Mrs. Fiske Boyd, Pine- 
haven, Plainfield, N. H. 

Shenehon, Katherine, '22g, Mrs. Lewis W. 
Child, 23 09 First Avenue, South, Minnea- 
polis 4, Minn. 

Shepard, Abigail, '3 3g, Mrs. William B. Bean, 
914 High wood Street, Iowa City, Iowa. 

Shepherd, Anne, '28g, Mrs. John L. Lewis, Jr., 
3 02 Griffin Avenue, Williamsburg, Va. 

Shepherd, Elizabeth, '43, Mrs. Henry P. Scott, 
III, 1111 Shallcross Avenue, Wilmington 
51, Del. 

Shepherd, Helen, '20, Mrs. Harry King, 595 
Crabtree Lane, Lake Forest, 111. 

Shepherd, Lillias, '22g, Mrs. T. Roney Wil- 

Shepherd, Marjorie, '26g, 1312 30th Street, 
N. W., Washington 7, D. C. 

Shepherd, Mary Lee, '29g, Mrs. George J. 
Bradish, deceased, 1949. 

Sheppard, Adela, '29g, Mrs. E. Strudwick 
Nash, Jr., 2819 Forest Drive, Winston- 
Salem, N. C. 

Sheridan, Frances, '47. 

Sheridan, Mary Rose, '47, 76 Wendt Avenue, 
Larchmont, N. Y. 

Sherk, Elizabeth, '37, Mrs. Robert M. Prince, 

Old Dundee Road, Barrington, 111. 
Sherman, Dorothy, '30, 563 North Lincoln, 

Hinsdale, 111. 
Sherman, Eleanor Louise, '46. 
Sherman, Janet Lord, '50, Mrs. John H. M. 
Coller, All N. Mission Drive, San Gabriel, 
Sherman, Phyllis, '42g, Mrs. Wilson F. Barnes, 
Jr., Alger Court, Bronxville, N. Y. 

Sherman, Theda, '32g, Mrs. John W. Newlin, 

1400 North Avenue, Tyrone, Pa. 
Sherril, Nancy, '27g, Mrs. Daniel D. Moses, 

deceased, January 8, 193 6. 
Shidler, Lilian, '3 2, 9511 Sanilac, Detroit 24, 

Shidler, Madelon, '21g, Mrs. Elliott Olney, 

1719 E. Wayne Street, South Bend 17, Ind. 
Shidler, Mary, '28g, Mrs. Mary S. Ohiey, 

9511 Sanilac, Detroit 24, Mich. 
Shinn, Anna, '40, Mrs. Sherman J. Leonard, 

P. O. Box 5, Niles, Calif. 
Shirey, Alice, (A), Mrs. Alice S. Stringfejlow, 

209 Russell Street, Bluefield, W. Va. 
Shirey, Blanche, (A), Mrs. W. O. Tracy, 

P. O. Box 764, Bluefield, W. Va. 
Shirey, Eveline, (A), Mrs. Ross L. McLellan, 

12 Wyndham Terrace, Short Hills, N. J. 
Shirk, Rosina, '17, Mrs. R. F. O'Neill, de- 
ceased, June 19, 1924. 
Shirley, Alice, '34g, Mrs. A. T alley Moore, 

Jr., R.F.D. 1, Lykesland, S. C. 
Shirley, Julia, '34g, Mrs. Fred G. Patterson, 

511 Senlac Road, Chapel Hill, N. C. 
Shirley, Lucy, '30g, Mrs. Leon C. Otis, 546 

Sussex Road, Wynnewood, Pa. 
Shmidheiser, Martha, '48g, Woodward Road, 

Moylan, Pa. 
Shoesmith, Jane, '48g, Mrs. Nelson F. New- 
comb, 703 Thomas Street, Stroudsburg, Pa. 
Sholar, Frances, (A), Mrs. Norman Raoul, 

Lookout Mountain, Tenn. 
Shoop, Elizabeth, '21g, Mrs. G. Brownrigg, 

Dixon, 1029 Maryland Avenue, Suffolk, Va. 
Shoop, Ethel, (A), Mrs. Bernard W. Godwin, 

111 Bosley Avenue, Suffolk, Va. 
Shoop, Virginia, (A), Mrs. John T. Philips, 

Radium Springs Road, Albany, Ga. 
Short, Ophelia, '21, Mrs. Bernard J. Seward, 

1761 Westover Avenue, Petersburg, Va. 
Shortau, Florence, '27g, Mrs. Addison B. Po- 
land, 34 Plymouth Road, Summit, N. J. 
Shortess, Pauline, '20, Mrs. Ivan C. Miller, 

Box 87, Old Greenwich, Conn. 
Shotwell, Polyanna, '3 8g, Mrs. Robert A. Hol- 

loway, 213 8 Hollydale Avenue, Baton 

Rouge 15, La. 
Shoudy, Doris, (A), Mrs. Robert Short. 
Shuford, Betty, '39, Mrs. Howard Pagenkopf. 
Shugart, Marjorie, '43 g, Mrs. Roderick C. 

Dennehy, Utility Sqdn. 10, Guantamo, 

Shulenberger, Catharine, '26g, 43 High Street, 

Williamsport 34, Pa. 
Shulofer, Helen, (A), Mrs. Abram S. Bohm, 

Belvedere Apts., Cincinnati 29, Ohio. 
Shunk, Edna, (A), Mrs. Clifford Payne, 117 

East 13th Street, Hutchinson, Kan. 
Shurtleff, Helen, '22, Mrs. Frederick R. Kelley, 

Marengo, 111. 
Shutts, Janet, '24, Mrs. Martin Chamberlain, 

404 Grover Street, Joliet, 111. 
Shwab, Elizabeth, (A), Mrs. Elizabeth S. 

Sibley, Hettie, (A), Mrs. Hettie Crutcher. 
Sibley, Margaret, '46g, 219 West Mulberry, 

San Antonio, Texas. 


Sibley, Marion, '28, Mrs. George C. Marxer, 

113 Parker, Detroit 14, Mich. 
Sicard, Elizabeth, '37g, Mrs. Grant E. Siia, 

Dennis, Mass. 
Siceloflf, Helen, '3 8, 1104 N. Main Street, 

High Point, N. C. 
Sidman, Natalie, '29g, Mrs. Herbert L. Smith, 

Jr., 17 Stoneleigh Park, Westfield, N. T. 
Siebert, Audrey, '3 9, Mrs. Harry Snyder, Cliff 

Trail, Fayson Lakes, R.F.D., Butler, N. J. 
Siegling, EfSe, '43 g, Mrs. Lloyd G. Bowers, Jr., 

Box 43, Columbus, Ga. 
Sikes, Eleanor, '24, Mrs. Russell F. Peters, 

102 Northwood Drive, Peoria 4, 111. 
Silberstein, Rita, '43, Mrs. Alan H. Raphael, 

43 East 86th Street, New York, N. Y. 
Silva, Bettina, '34, Mrs. George W. Atkins, 603 

E. Clay Street, Thomasville, Ga. 
Silvers, Jessie, '3 8g, Mrs. James E. Bennett, 

2889 Regan Road, Louisville 6, Ky. 
Silverstein, Doris, '43, Mrs. Irme J. Weitzner. 
Silvester, Marjorie, '37g, 3 53'/^ East 84th 

Street, New York 28, N. Y. 
Sim, Helen, '31g, Mrs. Harold A. Mellen, 

400 Salter Place, Westfield, N. J. 
Sim, Marion, '3 6g, Mrs. Walter L. Reid, 511 

Philadelphia Boulevard, Sea Girt, N. J. 
Simmen, Arline, '40g, Mrs. Chester W. Mac- 

Arthur, 13 Copley Road, Larchmont, N. Y. 
Simmons, Alma, '3 5g, Mrs. William C. Roiin- 

trey, 1410 Hillcrest Street, Altavista, Va. 
Simmons, Frances-Scott, '43g, Mrs. F. S. 

McConnell, 1801 16th Street, N. W., Wash- 
ington, D. C. 
Simmons, Mary Elizabeth, '46, 1124 Sunset 

Avenue, Rocky Mount, N. C. 
Simon, Mildred, '3 3, 524 Commerce Street, 

Albany, Ga. 
Simonds, Mary, (A), Mrs. Carl O. Sparkman, 

48 Meeting Street, Charleston, S. C. 
Simons, Sara, (A), Mrs. C. Norwood Hastie, 

5 Water Street, Charleston, S. C. 
Simpson, Frances, '21g, Mrs. William Cart- 
wright, 9 Granden Lane, Cincinnati 8, O. 
Simpson, Mary Louise, '39g, Mrs. B. Franklyn 

Bulkley, 848 Mill Hill Road, Southport, 

Simpson, Ruth, '21, Mrs. Alexander B. Car- 

rington, Jr., Forest Hills, Danville, Va. 
Simrall, Susan, '24g, Mrs. Victor H. Logan, 

28 W. Orchard Road, Ft. Mitchell, Cov- 
ington, Ky. 
Sims, Ann Marie, '40g, 60 5 South 21st Street, 

Ft. Smith 21, Ark. 
Sims, Eugenia, '29, Mrs. Stanley E. Nilson, 

5902 N. Knox Avenue, Jefferson Station, 

Chicago, 111. 
Sims, Lucy, '11, Mrs. William W. Smith, Jr., 

Trevilians, Va. 
Sims, Mary Elizabeth, '52, 604 South 21st 

Street, Ft. Smith, Ark. 
Sims, Ruth, '31, Mrs. Herbert A. Trask, Jr., 

411 West 17th Street, Little Rock, Ark. 
Sinclaire, Estelle, '40, Mrs. Frederic Farrar, 4 5 

11th Street, Carle Place, L. I., N. Y. 

Singleton, Nancy, '44, Mri. Bertram C. Payne, 
73 Myrtle Road, Charleston, W. Va. 

Sinkler, Allen, (A), Mrs. Alston Deas. 

Sinsel, Alma, '18, Mrs. Frank Wood. 
deceased, 193 6. 

Sipe, Enid, '15, Mrs. George W. Brent, 3 01 
S. Main Street, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Sisson, Eva B., '30, 30 Engle Street, Tenafly, 
N. J. 

Sisson, Virginia, '39, Mrs. Charles S. White, 
26 Garden Street, Potsdam, N. Y. 

Skeppstrom, Virginia, '48, 1051 Naval Ave- 
nue, Portsmouth, Va. 

Skerry, Jeanne, '45g, Mrs. John B. Tepe, 2318 
West 14th Street, Wilmington, Del. 

Skillern, Inez, '17g, Mrs. Walter H. Reller, 
121 Main Street, Boise, Idaho. 

Skinner, Cornelia, '24, Mrs. Horace Seay, 16 
Hawthorne Hill, Louisville 4, Ky. 

Skinner, Dorothy, (A), Mrs. Percy H. Sheedy, 
1201 El Vago Road, La Canada, Calif. 

Skinner, Gotten, '3 3g, Mrs. William V. Shep- 
herd, 1000 Asturia Avenue, Coral Gables, 

Skinner, Louise, '49, Mrs. Calvin Davis, 
1017 South 37th Street, Omaha, Neb. 

Skinner, Martha Sue, '48g, 3603 Bayshore 
Boulevard, Tampa 6, Fla. 

Skinner, Sally, '44, Mrs. R. J. Behnke, Medina, 

Slaback, Dorothy, '28, deceased, 1930. 

Slagle, Dorothy Ann, '44, 60 Dexter, Denver 
7, Colo. 

Slane, Meredith, '47g, Mrs. Thomas A. Finch, 
Box 5 08, Thomasville, N. C. 

Slater, Ruth, '22g, Mrs. Walter W. Wilson, 
deceased, April 3, 194 5. 

Slater Carroll, '3 3, Mrs. Raymond W. Si fly, 
196 N. Middleton Street, Orangeburg, 
S. C. 

Slater, Yenti L., '27, Mrs. A. W. Shelby, 
Route 2, Box 79, Germantown, Tenn. 

Slaugenhoupt, Nancy, '3 3, Mrs. Ford Mont- 
gomery, 153 High Street, Waynesburg, Pa. 

Slaughter, Katherine, '24g, Mrs. John S. Thorn- 
ton, 210 Park Avenue, Culpeper, Va. 

Slaughter, Sue, '13g, 8 Pelham Place, Nor- 
folk 7, Va. 

Sleeper, Frances, '23, Mrs. Thomas F. Stone, 
810 North 12th Street, Waco, Texas. 

Sloan, Carla, (A), Mrj. Stephen F. Shakelford, 
13 Lowndes Boulevard, Charleston, S. C. 

Sloan, Edna, '20, Mrs. Robert T. Sewell, 
1572 Berkshire Road, Columbus, Ohio. 

Sloan, Elizabeth, (S), Mrs. Charles L. Miil- 

Sloan, Frances, (S), Mrs. Hugh S. Brady, 
Rollins College, Winter Park, Fla. 

Slomer, June, '28, Mrs. June S. Schott. 

Sloss, Anita, '22, Mrs. William M. Wadsworth, 
645 Turrentine Street, Gadsden, Ala. 

Small, Shirley, '47, 23 6 South Maple, Oak Park, 

Smartt, Betty, '3 8g, Mrs. H. Clay Evans 
Johnson, 220 Fairy Trail, Lookout Moun- 
tain, Tenn. 


Smart, Catherine, '46g, Mrs. Joseph Greer, 

414 Eastover Road, Charlotte, N. C. 
Smith, Adelaide, '3 2g, Mrs. Willis J. Nelson, 

Jr., 345 W. Wilshire Drive, Phoenix, Ariz. 
Smith, Alice, '3 3, Mrs. Barney T. Myers. 
Smith, Anne Marsden, '41, 312 N. Granby 

Street, Richmond, Va. 
Smith, Barbara, '40, Mrs. James P. Whitlock, 

Exeter Way, Hillside, N. J. 
Smith, Bertha, (A). 
Smith, Billie, '3 8, Mrs. Joseph T. Dickinson, 

Thompson Lane, Nashville, Term. 
Smith, Byrd, '43g, Mrs. Henry B. Hunter, 

Jr., 511 Graydon Park, Norfolk 7, Va. 
Smith, Cora, '45, 447 East 57th Street, New 

York 22, N. Y. 
Smith, Cynthia, '43, General Delivery, To- 

wanda. Pa. 
Smith, Dorothy, '32g, Mrs. Edmnnd Berkeley, 

17 Rogerson Drive, Chapel Hill, N. C. 
Smith, Dorothy Russell, (A), P. O. Box 22 5, 

Purcellville, Va. 
Smith, Eleanor E., '23, Mrs. Eleanor S. Boyles, 

Box 1607, Uniontown, Pa. 
Smith, Eleanor P., (A), Mrs. F. S. Hall. 
Smith, Eleanor R., 18g, Mrs. Herbert S. 

Walters, 29 Main Avenue, Ocean Grove, 

N. T. 
Smith, Elizabeth, '41, 400 California Terrace, 

Pasadena, Calif. 
Smith, Elizabeth W., '3 0, Mrs. E. S. Reaves, 

601 Stanley Avenue, Cincinnati 26, Ohio. 
Smith, Emma, '21, Mrs. George McNicholl, Jr., 

Orchard Bend, Perrysburg, Ohio. 
Smith, Enrique, (A), Mrs. A. B. Dykman. 
Smith, Ermon Lee, (S). 
Smith, Frances, '23, Mrs. Harold G. Hood, 

154 Mill Street, Newton Centre 59, Mass. 
Smith, Harriet, '21, Mrs. Chester M. Frey, 

916 Cornell Avenue, Drexel Hill, Pa. 
Smith, Helen A., (A), Mrs. Allen T. Mullinix. 
Smith, Helen E., '22, Mrs. Manuel Claparols, 

1131 Ouinby Avenue, Wooster, Ohio. 
Smith, Helen W., '30g, Mrs. Faul G. Miller, 

1070 A. Farmington Avenue, West Hart- 
ford, Conn. 
Smith, Janet Dean, '48, 68 Pierson Road, 

Maplewood, N. J. 
Smith, Janetta, '40, 9 Lewis Street, Lexing- 
ton, Va. 
Smith, Joyce Ruth, '49g, Chamberlain Street, 

Sturbridge, Mass. 
Smith, Katherine, '29g, Mrs. Garland C. 

Boot he, 2064 Meadow View Road, West- 
field, N. T. 
Smith, Lillian May, '39, 370 8 5th Street, 

Brooklyn 9, N. Y. 
Smith, Lillian, '47. 

Smith, Louise, '41, Mrs. Wriston Thompson, 

195 Overhill Road, Charlotte 7, N. C. 

Smith, Louise, '44g, Mrs. Robert D. Norton, 

315 Magee Avenue, Mill Valley, Calif. 
Smith, Lucille, '2 5, Mrs. Joseph Lindner, 841 

Ludlow Avenue, Cincinnati 20, Ohio. 
Smith, Mae, '24, Mrs. O. Anderson Jones. 

Smith, Margaret, '3 6g, Mrs. John R. Thomas- 
son, 1514 Arrow Street, Lynchburg, Va. 

Smith, Marguerite, '3 2. 

Smith, Marjorie, '32, Mrs. Lloyd Faeth, 416 
West 68th Street, Kansas City, Mo. 

Smith, Marjorie Jane, '34g, Mrs. Fred Zengel, 
103 3 State Street, New Orleans, La. 

Smith, Marjorie Morrow, '48, 30 University 
Circle, Charlottesville, Va. 

Smith, Martha C, '47g, 7606 Maury Arch, 
Norfolk 8, Va. 

Smith, Martha Janney, '40, Mrs. Charles A. 
McGoivan, 1294 26th Street, San Bernar- 
dino, Calif. 

Smith, Mary, '3 5, Mrs. E. G. Johnson, Jr., 
7 Lamboll Street, Charleston, S. C. 

Smith, Mary, '39, Mrs. Newton H. Hanes, 
Box 128 5, New Bern, N. C. 

Smith, May, '43, Mrs. Carter L. Burgess, 23 
Littleworth Lane, Sea Cliff, N. Y. 

Smith, Nancy-Earle, '43. 

Smith, Reba, '40g, Mrs. George H. Gromel, 
225 North 17th Street, Allentown, Pa. 

Smith, Ruth Patricia, '48g, 12 Norwood Road, 
Charleston, W. Va. 

Smith, Sally Lou, '48g, Mrs. Thomas E. Wil- 
liams, 153 5 West Avenue, Apt. 9, Rich- 
mond, Va. 

Smith, Sally Patsy, '49, Mrs. James E. Scrive- 
ner, Box 3 2, Monroe, Va. 

Smith, Sara Jean, '45, Mrs. Peter G. Christie, 
1118 Ramblewood Road, Yorkwood Apts., 
Baltimore, Md. 

Smith, Sarah Louise, (A), Mrs. Ralph P. James, 
57 Llewellyn Road, Montclair, N. J. 

Smith, Virginia, '41, Mrs. Robert E. Waldron, 
2405 Burns Avenue, Detroit 14, Mich. 

Smith, Wilfred, '3 0g, Mrs. Kentteth McCon- 
nell, Weaverville, N. C. 

Smyser, Helen, '27g, Mrs. Donald Talbot, 3 
Fara Drive, Stamford, Conn. 

Smyth, Betty Belle, '45, Mrs. Richard L. 
Hey den, 8 519 Swananoah Road, Dallas 9, 

Smythe, Amey, '22g, deceased," July 23, 1940. 

Smythe, Lois, (A), Mrs. Clive Metcalfe, 
Greenville, Miss. 

Smythe, Mildred, (A), Mrs. LeNoir Jose. 

Smythe, Ruth, (A). 

Snedden, Geraldine, '3 8, 2415 South Peoria, 
Tulsa, Okla. 

Sneve, Jean Stevens, '40. 

Snider, Frances, '48g, Mrs. William Martin, 
26C Country Club Apts., Columbus, Ga. 

Snively, Valinda, '44, Mrs. Charles M. Con- 

Snodgrass, Ellen, '37g, Mrs. Houston S. Park, 
Jr., 2909 33rd Place, N. W., Washington 8, 
D. C. 

Snow, Eleanor, '40g, Mrs. J. Tatnall Lea, Jr., 
76') Valley Street, Orange, N. J. 

Snow, Florence, '3 5, Mrs. Derald K. Garrison, 
Wahiawa, Oahu, Hawaii. 

Snow, Jane, (A), Mrs. Horace Thomas. 

Snow, Judith, '43g, Mrs. Arthur H. Benoit, 
23 West Street, Portland, Maine. 



Snowdon, Josephine, '27g, Mrs. Kenneth A. 

Durham, 2515 Forest Drive, Des Moines 18, 

Snyder, Dorothy, '3 0. 
Snyder, Gladys, '2 8, Mrs. Glenn Wetland, 163 

Carlisle Street, Gettysburg, Pa. 
Snyder, Rebecca, '24g, Mrs. Barnette Garrison, 

Armstrong Circle, Gastonia, N. C. 
Soaper, Phoebe, '3 0, Mrs. John M. Caffery. 
Sollitt, Grace H., '28g, 45 26 Woodlawn Ave- 
nue, Chicago 15, 111. 
Sollitt, Elanette, '18g, Mrs. Sollitt Marks, 4526 

Woodlawn Avenue, Chicago 15, 111. 
Solomon, Isabel, '31g, Mrs. Sanford Levkoff, 

3662 Daleford Road, Shaker Heights, 

Cleveland 20, Ohio. 
Solon, Marietta, '41, Mrs. Horace Woolverton, 

704 Parkside Avenue, Trenton, N. J. 
Somervell, Constance, '48g, Mrj. Elmer M. 

Matter, 513 Westminister Place, Pittsburgh, 

Somervell, Mary Anne, '41g, Mrs. William 

Brenza, 5155 N. E. 2nd Court, Miami, Fla. 
Somervell, Susan, '44g, Mrs. John Grisivold, 

160 East 48th Street, New York 17, N. Y. 
Sommer, Josephine, '30, Mrj. Lazare Baker, 

5290 Waterman Avenue, St. Louis 8, Mo. 
Sommers, Marion, '28, Mrs. Marion Nadzo. 
Sommerville, Eleanor, '14, Mrs. Raymond H. 

Soons, Marjorie, '41, Mrs. Samuel M. Simpson, 

68 6 E. Monroe Street, Little Falls, N. Y. 
Sorensen, Patricia, '41g, Mrs. William C. 

Ackard, 6601 East 18th Avenue, Denver 7, 

Souders, Beulah, (A), Mrs. James A. Claney. 
Soule, Josephine, '44, Mrj. William W. Clag- 

Southerland, Sarah, '3 0, M^rs. William P. White, 

108 E. Glessner Street, Americus, Ga. 
Spaatz, Katharine, '41, Mr J. Walter Bell, 3 Em- 
bankment Gardens, London SW3, England. 
Spady, Maria, (A), Mrs. Douglas D. Frascr, 

2042 Park Avenue, Richmond 20, Va. 
Spafford, Harrietta, (A), Mrs. Roger W. 

Clapp, 13 22 N. Lake Otis Drive, Winttr 

Haven, Fla. 
Spahr, Elizabeth, '17, Mrs. R. Rid gel y Lytle, 

Jr., 456 Riverside Drive, New York 27, 

N. Y. 
Spalding, Ansley, '37, Mrs. Francis Hill. 
Spalding, Marjorie, (A), Mrs. Benjamin Nel- 
son, 614 W. Park Avenue, Champaign, III. 
Spalding, Mary, '33, Mrs. J. Harold Oster- 

man, 1618 Hanover Avenue, Richmond 2 0, 

Sparrow, Elizabeth, '24, Mrs. Alberton C. 

Harshman, 3310 Hardisty Avenue, Cincin- 
nati 8, Ohio. 
Spear, Mary, '39, Mrs. Roderick S. Rooney, 

1760 Main Street, St. Helena, Calif. 
Spedden, Louise, '24, Mrs. John A. Wright, 

Speed, Mae, '26, Mrs. Michael J. Sexton, 416 

West 20th Street, New York 11, N. Y. 

Speer, Mary, '29, Mrs. Keith Jackson, Box 

149, Ft. Smith, Ark. 
Spelman, Barbara^ '3 5, Mrs. Richard B. 

Schutz, 5112 West 58th Street, Mission, 

Spence, Anne, '3 8, Mrs. Lawrence F. Eyerly, 

1422 Faxon, Memphis, Tenn. 
Spencer, Agnes, '40g, Mrs. John W. Burke, 

Jr., 2311 Tracy Place, N. W., Washington 

8, D. C. 
Spencer, Anne, '3 3, 145 6 Dauphin Street, 

Mobile, Ala. 
Spencer, Mary, (A), Mrs. William M. Berkley, 

1502 Park Avenue, Richmond 20, Va. 
Spengel, Margaret, '21g, Mrs. Margaret Runge, 

4237 Southwestern Boulevard, Dallas 5, 

Spiegel, Jane H., '45, 20 Berkshire, Richmond 

Heights, Mo. 
Spiers, Anne, '3 5g, Mrs. Alpheus W. Jessup, 

c/o McGraw-Hill World News, Shanghai, 

Spiller, Frances, '3 5, Mrs. George M. Merrill, 

32 5 5 Sandage Drive, Ft. Worth, Texas. 
Spiller, Kathleen, '34g, Mrs. James E. Gillis, 

Jr., 9916 Rogart Road, Silver Spring, Md. 
Spilman, LiUian, '23g, Mrs. Frank C. Howard, 

2102 Terrace Avenue, Knoxville, Tenn. 
Spingarn, Hope, '29. 
Spivey, Carolyn, '41. 
Sprague, Jean, '34g, Mrs. Charles Hulvey, 1910 

Kalorama Road, N. W., Washington 9, 

D. C. 
Sprague, Louise, '17, Mrs. Julian C. Brooke. 
Sprague, Shirley, '43, Mrs. Cecil H. Buik, 191 

Overlook Drive, Milbrook, Greenwich, 

Spray, EHzabeth, '34, Mrs. A. Lee Henson, 

48 Drexel Avenue, La Grange, 111. 
Spratt, LiUis, '3 6, Mrs. Andrew Allison, Bell- 
amy, Ala. 
Springer, Winogene, '30, Mrs. L. Morgan 

Yost, 3 63 Ridge Road, Kenilworth, 111. 
Sprinkel, Mary Gillespie, (A), Mrs. Card well 

Taylor, deceased March 28, 1941. 
Sproul, Agnes, '3 0g, Mrs. C. Edward Bush, 

Jr., "Wheatlands," Swoope, Va. 
Sproul, Virginia, '23, Mrs. James C. Weath- 

erby, 429 Quintard Avenue, Anniston, Ala. 
Sprunt, Charlotte, '46g, Mrs. David R. Mur- 

chison, Jr., 1231 Fairway Drive, Wilming- 
ton, N. C. 
Spurlock, Ramona, '40g, Mrs. Calvin W. Fife, 

Jr., Carswell A. F. Base, Ft. Worth, Tex. 

Spurlock, Sybille, '45, Mrs. J. G. Broussand, 

1749 Coliseum Street, New Orleans, La. 
Squibb, Virginia, '3 2g, Mrs. James W. Flynn, 

5 Sheffield Road, Winchester, Mass. 
Stacey, Cordelia, (A), Mrs. Thomas B. Ramey, 

703 South Broadway, Tyler, Texas. 
Stack, Nancy, '3 3, Mrs. Francis M. Thigpen, 

Jr., 316 Fairview Avenue, Montgomery 6, 

Stacy, Sarah, '29, Mrs. T. B. Butler. 
Staehlin, Pauhne, (A), 1010 Kanawha Boul- 
evard, East, Charleston 1, W. Va. 


Stafford, Ellenor, '47g, 748 E. High Avenue, 

New Philadelphia, Ohio. 
Stafford, Jean L., '31, 26 Myrtle Avenue, 

Maplewood, N. J. 
Stafford, Margaret, '48. 
Staler, Eleanor, (A), 3 313 Guilford Avenue, 

Baltimore 18, Md. 
Staley, Mary, (A), Mrs. Gordon K. Nicodemus, 

3313 Guilford Avenue, Baltimore 18, Md. 
Staley, Margaret, '14, Mrs. John D. Crawford, 

Staman, Carolyn, '3 8, Mrs. W. Buckner Ogil- 

vie, 432 Forest Avenue, Shreveport, La. 
Stamps, Hazel, '3 2g, Mrs. Charles D. Collins. 
Stanbery, Virginia, '23g, Mrs. Thomas E. 

Schneider, 1 Austell Way, N. W., Atlanta, 

Stanbrough, Constance, '29, Mrs. James P. 
Burke, 1023 Parker Avenue, Detroit 14, Mich. 
Stanford, Ely, (A). 
Stanley, Alice, '41, Mrs. Gilbert S. Maxson, 

121 Wayside Road, Hopkins, Minn. 
Stanley, Edith, (A), 1220 Bolton Street, Bal- 
timore 17, Md. 
Staples, Janet, '44g, 4H West 24th Street, 

New York, N. Y. 
Staples, Jean, '13, White Road, Brockport, 

N. Y. 
Staples, Ruth, (A), Mrs. Robert O. Frost. 
Stark, Elizabeth, '27. 

Starling, Clarissa, (A), Mrs. Starling Peter- 
son, 2982 St. [ohn's Avenue, Jacksonville, 

Stauber, Dorothy, '43 g, Mrs. Howard F. An- 
derson, Marina 14, Habana, Cuba. 
Stedman, Eleanor, '32, Mrs. Jerome B. Clark, 

1503 Westlawn Avenue, Fayetteville, N. C. 
Stedman, Joselyn, '48, 200 Springfield Street, 

Wilbraham, Mass. 
Steele, Charlene, '29, Mrs. John B. Payne, Jr., 

2870 Ivy Street, Riverside, Calif. 
Steele, Eleanor, (A), Mrs. J. T albert Thomas, 

Jr., "Egypt Plantation," Cruger, Miss. 
Steele, Genie, '17g, Mrs. J. Allison Hardy, Lone 

Pine Plantation, Route 3, Columbus, Miss. 
Steele, Lillian K., '3 6. 
Steele, Martha, (A), Mrs. E. W. McNaghten, 

112 West 19th Street, Hutchinson, Kan. 
Steele, Mary, (A). 

Steele, Tracy, '23, Mrs. P. C. Eschweiler. 
Steiger, Mary Jane, '43, North Main Street, 

Mercersburg, Pa. 
Steil, Katherine, '44, Mrs. Robert S. Neese, 

112 5 7th Street, North, Columbus, Miss. 
Stein, June, '3 6, Mrs. Kenneth L. Cooley, 

"Cloverheights Farm," Clover Street, Pitts- 
ford, N. Y. 
Stein, Mary, '40, Mrs. Richard C. Kantz, 

107 Spruce Street, Muscatine, Iowa. 
Steiner, Kathryn, '3 5, 42 56 Rose Hill Avenue, 

Cincinnati 29, Ohio. 
Steiner, Madeleine, '37. 

Steinhart, Margaret, '4 5, Mrs. Reginald M. 
Rowe, Jr., Quaker Ridge Road, Croton-on- 
Hudson, N. Y. 

Steinman, Julie, '23, 28 5 5 Montana Avenue, 

Cincinnati 11, Ohio. 
Stephens, Marguerite, '34, Mrs. Robert R. 

Sheridan, 450 Clover Hills Drive, Rochester 

10, N. Y. 
Stephens, Mary, '24, Mrs. Ernest Henderson. 
Stephens, Sophie, '3 5, Mrs. Edward W. Mar- 
tin, 5 5 Edgemont Road, Asheville, N. C. 
Stephenson, Elizabeth, '31. 
Stephenson, Reba, '13, Mrs. R. Stephenson 

Kelly, Box 186, Osterville, Mass. 
Stephenson, Virginia, '27g, 2 Landon, Madison, 

Steptoe, Nancy Moss, '48g, 5 Samuel Street, 

Charles Town, W. Va. 
Stern, Barbara, '46, Mrs. Donald K. Piermont, 

5-16 Summit Avenue, Fair Lawn, N. J. 
Sterrett, Hazel, '40g, Mrs. William A. Allen, 

523 Willoughby Street, Apt. 1, Charlotte, 

N. C. 
Stevens, Elizabeth Tyler, '48. 
Stevens, Helen, '34, Mrs. J. C. Hagen, Jr. 
Stevens, Jane, '39, Mrs. Frank T. Scott, 3787 

Ortega Boulevard, Jacksonville 5, Fla. 
Stevens, Lee, '46g, Mrs. Lee S. Gravely, 528 

Falls Road, Rocky Mount, N. C. 
Stevens, Mary Louis, '49g, 62 Tradd Street, 

Charleston 1, S. C. 
Stevens, Ruth, (A), Mrs. Jerry F. Brothers, 

Box 42, Arden, N. C. 
Stevenson, Elizabeth, '30g, Mrs. Robert H. 

Tate, 1 Magnolia Place, Wilmington, N. C. 
Stevenson, Martha, '20, Mrs. Lloyd Coates, 

1228 Linda Vista, Pasadena, Calif. 
Steves, Edna, (S), Mrs. Curtis Vaughan, 333 

Terrell Road, San Antonio 2, Texas. 
Stewart, Dorothy May, '37g, Latches Lane 

Apts., Merion Station, Pa. 
Stewart, Elizabeth, (A), Mrs. W. B. Wylie, 

91 S Hill Avenue, Pittsburgh 21, Pa. 
Stewart, Mary, '3 3, 1100 19th Street, Okla- 
homa City 6, Okla. 
Stewart, Mary^, (S), Mrs. Frank Carter, 2820 

Habersham Road, N. W., Atlanta, Ga. 
Stewart, Sarah, '3 3, Mrs. John D. Heine, c/o 

Cebu Stevedoring Co., Cebu, P. I. 
Stickney, Patricia, '44g, 212 5 Mt. Vernon 

Avenue, Toledo, Ohio. 
Stiff t, Rosalyn, '41, Mrs. Morris Solomon, 500 

North Buck, Little Rock, Ark. 
Stiles, Marina, '17, Mrs. Edwin C. Wilkins, 

5 6 Grandview Place, Montclair, N. J. 
Stilwell, Jacqualine, '47g, 803 N. Dawson 

Street, Thomasville, Ga. 
Stinson, Mary, '21, Mrs. C. T. Alexander. 
Stobert, Diane, '48, Mrs. P. T. Sessions, Jr., 
275 Collier Road, N. W., Apt. 1, Atlanta, 
Stock, Marj'orie, '40, Mrs. Joseph D. Clemens, 

1449 Beardsley, Muskegon, Mich. 
Stockdale, Jean, '16g, 901 Union Oil Building, 

Los Angeles, Calif. 
Stockton, Sarah, '3 3, Mrs. Chester Griswold, 
Jr., c/o D. H. Stockton, Kingston Road, 
Princeton, N. J. 



Stoddard, Mary, '26, Mrs. Victor H. Frary, 

570 N. Greenvale Road, Lake Forest, 111. 
StofFregen, Jeannette, '22, Mrs. George Hunter, 

Jr., 1200 William Street, Fredericksburg, 

Stokes, Mary, '3 6g, Mrs. James B. Fulton, Third 

Street, Oquawka, 111. 
Stokes, Rebekah, '4J, 10} W. Monument 

Street, Baltimore, Md. 
Stokes, Wayne, '48g, 21} Woodland Avenue, 

Lynchburg, Va. 
Stone, Beatrice, '32g, Mrs. Robert T. DeVore, 

Clear View Avenue, Wilmington, Del. 
Stone, Eleanor, (A), Mrs. Chandler S. Gates, 

34 Arnold Road, Wellesley Hill 82, Mass. 
Stone, Elizabeth, '}5, Mrs. E. Austin Morgan, 

Cedar Point Drive, Watch Hill, Mt. Wash- 
ington, Cincinnati 3 0, Ohio. 
Stone, Lucile, '28, Mrs. James Dunlap, 440 

Argonne Drive, Atlanta, Ga. 
Stone, Marjorie, '27, Mrs. Dewitt Neighbors, 

2221 Edwin, Ft. Worth, Texas. 
Stone, Mildred, '3 0g, Mrs. Thornton A. Green, 

Jr., R.F.D. 4, Marshfield, Wise. 
Stone, Nina, '22, Mrs. Thomas M. Whyel. 
Storey, Christie, (A), Mrs. Robert Dabney, 

3215 Ella Lee Lane, Houston, Texas. 
Storey, Hildegarde, '19, Mrs. George B. 

Journeay, 1611 North Boulevard, Houston 

6, Texas. 
Stout, Diana, '42g, Mrs. Richard H. Allen, 

Jr., 3 28 S. Outlet, Memphis, Tenn. 
Stout, Katrina, (A), Mrs. Wilbur A. Wright. 

502 West 3rd Street, Corsicana, Texas. 
Stout, Rebecca, '16g, Mrs. Jack Hoover, 1908 

Lewis Circle, Raleigh, N. C. 
Stover, Joan, '45, Mrs. J. S. Hamilton, 811 

Tower Road, Winnetka, 111. 
Strachan, Marguerite, '17. 
Stragnell, Barbara, '43, 16 Dudley Place, Yonk- 

ers, N. Y. 
Strailman, Dorothy, '48, Mrs. Pajil R. Cress- 
matt, 9010 W. Shorewood Drive, Apt. 423, 

Mercer Island, Wash. 
Strassburger, Susanne, '3 5g, Mrs. Fred H. An- 
derson, Hurlbutt Street, Wilton, Conn. 
Stratton, Susan, '3 3, Mrs. Robert A. Grossen- 

bach, 2018 E. Beverly Road, Milwaukee, 

Straus, Carol, '3 6g, Mrs. Joseph Ney, 4618 

Reno Road, N. W., Washington 8, D. C. 
Straus, Catharyn, '3 0, Mrs. Theodore Goorin, 

Quail Hill Lane, Fox Chapel Road, Pitts- 
burgh 15, Pa. 
Strauss, Kate, '34, Mrs. Ulrich Solmssen, 47 

Stocker Road, Essex Fells, N. J. 
Street, Katherine, '47g, Mrs. Alfred D. 

Sharp, Jr., Jackson Boulevard, Nashville, 

Street, Mary Anne, '48, Mrs. Robert H. Lautz, 

52 Prospect Drive, Yonkers, N. Y. 
Street, Mary Louise, '31, deceased, January, 

Street, Ruth, '48g, Mrs. Charles E. Ide. Jr., 

Apt. 3, Jack Jovetts Apts., Charlottesville, 


Street, Sophie, '30, Mrs. Sophie S. Anderson. 
Street, Virginia, '31, Mrs. D. P. Stivey. 
Stribling, Elizabeth, '31g, Mrs. Kenneth A. 

Bell, 128 W. Cedar Avenue, Webster Groves, 

Strickland, Jacquelyn, '3 5g, Mrs. Edward 

Dwelle, Jr., 4910 Arapahoe Avenue, Jackson- 
ville 5, Fla. 
Strickland, Mary, '46g, Mrs. Walter B. Elcock, 

Jr., 1799 Flagler Avenue, N. E., Atlanta 5, 

Strickland, Natalae, '3 5g, Mrs. William E. 

Waters, 340 Peachtree Battle Avenue, At- 
lanta, Ga. 
Strickland, Sarah Jane, '49g, 2180 East Hill 

Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio. 
Strobbar, Helen, (A), Mrs. Richard P. Wil- 
liams, 1007 Whitaker Street, Savannah, Ga, 
Strode, Mildred, '2 5g, Mrs. W. F. Tucker Bat- 
tle, 13 26 Laurier Avenue, Vancouver, Brit- 
ish Columbia. 
Strode, Rebekah, '34g, Mrs. St. George T. Lee, 

3 06 N. Rowland Street, Richmond 20, Va. 
Strother, Isabelle, '22. 
Strother, Jennie, (A). 
Stuart, Katherine, '34, 511 Benton Street, 

Aurora, 111. 
Stubbs, Anne, '46, 4700 S. Kenwood Avenue, 

Chicago, 111. 
Stuckle, Anne, '46g, 13 Wendover Road, Mont- 

clair, N. J. 
Studley, Elizabeth, '24, Mrs. Dixon H. Kirk- 

patrick, 13 54 Morado Place, Altadena, Calif. 
Studley, Theda, (A), Mrs. W. E. Jackson. 
Stump, Aline, '3 6g, 125 East 84th Street, 

New York 28, N. Y. 
Sturges, Marjorie, '3 0g, Mrs. William R. Moose, 

Jr., 2210 Pingree Street, Detroit, Mich. 
Sturgis, Helen, (S), Mrs. Samuel H. Pond, 109 

Stockton Avenue, Walton, N. Y. 
Sturgis, Mary, '2 5g, Onancock, Va. 
Sulzberger, Kate, '3 8g, Mrs. Edward Levi, llAl 

East 50th Street, Chicago, 111. 
Summer, Rosalind, '5 3, 13 5 Highwood Avenue, 

Tenafly, N. J. 
Summers, Frances, '13, Mrs. N. R. Bardwell, 

404 Greenwood Avenue, Clarksville, Tenn. 
Summers, Helen, '28. 
Sumner, Marion, '28g, Mrj. Irwin H. Beadle, 

Jr., 4807 Matsonia Drive, Honolulu, 

Sunderland, Grace, '28g, Mrs. Grace Kane, 

Casilla 13 0-D, Santiago, Chile. 
Suppes, Naney, (A), Mrs. Davis C. Burroughs, 

Huntington Hall, Easton, Md. 
Susong, Arnold, '3 6g, Mrs. John M. Jones III, 

Greeneville, Tenn. 
Sutch, Margaret, '3 7, Mrs. William N. Holt. 

Jr., Lake Geneva, Wise. 
Sutherland, Elizabeth, '14, Mrs. Laurence H. 

Chenoxveth, 959 Hereford Drive, Akron 3, 

Sutherland, Mary, '14, Mrs. Royall K. Baker, 

Sutro, Elizabeth, '26. 


Suttle, Mary, '34g, Mrs. Clarence C. Briscoe. 

123 Princeton Road, Bala-Cynwyd, Pa. 
Sutton, Elizabeth, '24, Mrs. Frank L. Camp, 

1406 Herbert Avenue, Memphis, Tenn. 
Sutton, Josephine, '3 8, Mrs. Robert McCand- 

lish, Fairfax, Va. 
Swain, Alice, '14g, Mrs. Alice S. Zell, Westerly, 

Possaic Avenue, Roseland, N. J. 
Swain, Dorothy, '13, Mrs. Rudolph E. Lent, 

16 A Elmwood Court, East Paterson, N. J. 
Swan, Martha B., '29. 
Swan, Ruth, (A), Mrs. Lloyd Patterson, 23 

Cohnwyn Road, Scarsdale, N. Y. 
Swaney, Penelope, (A), Mrs. M. V. Hope, 

Swann, Edna, '42, Mrs. Willard S. Carter, 

Swannburne, Dandridge, Tenn. 
Swann, Margaret, '45g, Mrs. John L. N orris, 

P. O. Box 23 2, Wint_er Haven, Fla. 
Swannell, Marian, '24g, Mrs. William G. 

Wright, 2616 Montana Street, El Paso, Tex. 
Swartz, Rosalie, '39g, Mrs. James B. Holland 

Sweney, Alice, '42g, Mrs. George H. Weed, 

Route 11, St. Paul 7, Minn. 
Sweney, Phoebe, '45, Mrs. George C. Woolley, 

Beebe Avenue at Delaware, St. Paul 7, Minn. 
Swenson, Harriet, '43 g, Mrs. Frederick E. 

Mimschauer, 178 Jewitt Parkway, Buffalo, 

N. Y. 
Swift, Florence, '39, Mrs. Charles L. Durrance, 

Jr., 1156 W. Union Street, Gainesville, Fla. 
Swift, Mary, '31, Mrs. Frank E. Calhoun, 

Coltsfoot Farm, Cornwall, Conn. 
Swindell, Margaret, '43g, Mrs. Morgan P. Dick- 

erman, 71 Fair Street, Wallingford, Conn. 
Sykes, Dorothy, (A), Mrs. James F. Hall, 23 9 

Bankhead Street, New Albany, Miss. 
Sykes, Janet, '3 7, Mrs. James E. Poulton, e/o 

Mr. Poulton, Medical Arts Bldg., St. George, 

Staten Island, N. Y. 
Symes, Mary E., '45g, 7925 St. Charles Ave- 
nue, New Orleans, La. 
Syska, Edna, '42g, Mrs. Paul J. Peltier, Jr., 

15126 Clifton Boulevard, Lakewood 7, Ohio. 

Tabb, Mary, '13, Mrs. Woodruff George, 2423 

Prytania Street, New Orleans 13, La. 
Tabb, Virginia, '31, Mrs. Roderick D. Moore, 

4807 Charmian Road, Hillcrest, Richmond, 

Taber, Emma, '27, Mrs. John Danziger, 1503 

Cleveland Road, Montgomery 6, Ala. 
Taber, Marian, '28g, Mrs. David Maybank, 78 

Murray Road, Charleston, S. C. 
Taggart, Leona, '23, Mrs. Roy L. Cloud, 281 

West Jefferson, Orleans, Ind. 
Tait, Lucy, (A), Mrs. Robert Gibson, 1029 

E. Court Street, Iowa City, Iowa. 
Talbot, Susan, '28, Mrs. C. T. S. Keeper. 
Talbott, Priscilla, '37, Mrs. Stephen N. Tack- 

Talcott, Mary, '3 8g, Mrs. E. Griffith Dodsoti, 

Jr., 1127 2nd Street, S. W., Roanoke, Va. 
Taliaferro, Carrie, '19, Mrs. Thomas B. 

Scott, Jr., 9 Tapoan Road, Richmond 21, 


Taliaferro, Lucy, '3 8g, Mrs. Charley C. Nick- 

erson, 80 Battin Road, Fair Haven, N. J. 
Taliaferro, Lucy N., '16, Monroe Terrace, 

Laurel and Franklin Streets, Richmond, 

Taliaferro, Margaret, '30g, Mrs. Richard 

Battle, Bon Air, Va. 
Talley, Martha, '3 6, Mrs. William Dever- 

eaux, 543 1 Emerson, Dallas 9, Texas. 
Talmadge, Grace, (A), Mrs. L. S. Davis, 510 

Crescent Road, Griffin, Ga. 
Talmey, Georgia, '28, Mrs. Ralph F. Colin. 
Tamblyn, Charlotte, '3 3g, Mrs. Nathan A. 

Tufts, Jr., 108 S. Valley Street, Burbank, 

Tame, Eleanor, '29, Mrs. James W. Drum- 

Tammia, Irma, '49, Turku, Tuun ja Porin 

laani, Finland. 
Tams, Sarah A., '39g. 
Tandy, Mary, '13, Mrs. Milton G. Moore, 311 

East 16th Street, Hopkinsville, Ky. 
Tandy, Nell, '13, Mrs. James B. Winfree, 311 

East 16th Street, Hopkinsville, Ky. 
Tanner, Carol M., '43g, 1530 Dairy Road, 

Charlottesville, Va. 
Tanner, Cynthia, '3 0, Mrs. W. B. Youens. 
Tanner, Phyrne, '3 0g, Mrs. Bruce McKennan, 

1101 University Avenue, Palo Alto, Calif. 
Tarbell, Dorothy, '15, Mrs. Ernest E. Jenks, 

180 Kings Point Road, Great Neck, L. L, 

N. Y. . 
Tarrant, Anita, '29, Mrs. Charles H. Anderson, 

Quarters 5 03, Naval Proving Ground, Dahl- 

gren, Va. 
Tatman, Josephine, '29g, Mrs. Marcus Mason, 

1581 Ashbury Avenue, Winnetka, 111. 
Tatro, Priscilla, '40. 
Tavenner, Harriett, '44g, Mrs. Tom Clausen, 

220 5 Stadium Road, Charlottesville, Va. 
Tayloe, Elizabeth, (A), Mrs. Sam Fowler, Jr. 
Taylor, Adeline W., '44g, Mrs. Julio E. Nunez, 

Summerville, Ga. 
Taylor, Annie, '27, Mrs. J. Roy Saunders, 

2029 Park Avenue, Richmond 20, Va. 
Taylor, Betty, '3 3, Mrs. Linwood Antrim, 

1808 Monument Avenue, Richmond 20, 

Taylor, Carolyn T., '50, Bon Air, Va. 
Taylor, Catherine, '3 5, Mrs. John P. Manning, 

Taylor, Claire, '21. 
Taylor, Delia, '34g, Mrs. Abraham Sinkov, 59 

North Bedford, Arlington, Va. 
Taylor, Dorothy, '15, 157 Halsted Street, East 

Orange, N. J. 
Taylor, Eden, '46, Mrs. Henry P. Persons, Jr., 

521 College Street, Macon, Ga. 
Taylor, Elinor S., '48, Little Compton, R. I. 
Taylor, Elizabeth, '23g, Mrs. Frederick Valen- 
tine, 5515 Cary Street Road, Richmond 21, 

Taylor, Elizabeth, '3 3, Mrs. Edwin E. Andrews, 

Standard Oil Co., 30 Rockefeller Plaza, 

New York, N. Y. 


Taylor, Florence O., '46, 3815 Ponce de Leon 

Circle, Jacksonville, Fla. 
Taylor, Frances, '43g, Mrs. Locke H. Tri^g, 

Jr., 5820 York Road, Westhampton, Rich- 
mond 21, Va. 
Taylor, Harmoline, '23, Mrs. R. Wilson Hig- 

ginbotham, Jr., 53 50 Surrey Circle, Dallas 

9, Texas. 
Taylor, Harriet, '3 5, Mrs. Walter H. Leo, 

111 West 52nd Street, Kansas City, Mo. 
Taylor, Helen G., '23, The Homestead, Evans- 
ton, 111. 
Taylor, Helen, '18, Mrs. Robert L. Caton, 320 

West 7th Street, Tyler, Texas. 
Taylor, Helen W., '40g, 287 4th Avenue, 

New York, N. Y. 
Taylor, Jane, '33, Mrs. George P. Lacy, 613 

West 57th Terrace, Kansas Citv, Mo. 
Taylor, Jane E., '49g, 708 North Duke Street, 

Lancaster, Pa. 
Taylor, Jane, '42g, Mrs. Robert L. Lowell, 

8627 Piney Branch Road, Apt. 101, Silver 

Springs, Md. 
Taylor, Jean, '3 0, Mrs. R. M. Maxwell, 620 

Lakewood Boulevard, Detroit 15, Mich. 
Taylor, Jean Grove, '49g, Dunn Loring, Fair- 
fax County, Va. 
Taylor, Josephine, '40, Mrs. Norman Carlson, 

2726 Argyle, Chicago 2 5, 111. 
Taylor, Katherine, '31, Mrs. Allen B. Adams, 

Jr., Apt. 20-C, 480 Park Avenue, New 

York 22, N. Y. 
Taylor, Katherine, '21, deceased, April 9, 1934. 

Taylor, Lossie, '41, Mrs. Charles E. Noell, Jr., 

3 27 Albemarle Avenue, Richmond 21, Va. 
Taylor, Margaret, '3 5, Mrs. Cecil M. Peek, 349 

Bonsai Street, Baltimore 24, Md. 
Taylor, Marian, '24, Mrs. Irvi?tg H. Schroth, 

3422 Whitfield Avenue, Cincinnati 20, Ohio. 
Taylor, Marion, '3 6g, Mrs. Marion Brawley, 

Jr., 103 East Lanneau Drive, Greenville, 

S. C. 
Taylor, Mary Booth, '46g, Mrs. William B. 

Holloicell, Jr., 605 Westover Avenue, Nor- 
folk 7, Va. 
Taylor, Mary, '15, Mrs. Harry E. Fisher, 4828 

Quebec Street, N. W., Washington 16, 

D. C. 
Taylor, Mary, '21g, Mrs. Frank W. Corley, 

Fair-A-Far Farm, R.F.D. 1, Midlothian, Va. 
Taylor, Mary Rose, '3 3g, Mrs. Severt A. An- 
Taylor, Maude, (A), Mrs. E. Freeman Rabbins, 

2916 Chevy Chase, Houston 19, Texas. 
Taylor, Nancy, '42g, Mrs. Harris Smith, 8 

Concord Road, Danbury, Conn. 
Taylor, Nar Warren, '27g, 2513 E. Hartford 

Avenue, Milwaukee, Wise. 
Taylor, Rebecca, '34, Mrs. Doyen Klein. 
Taylor, Ruth, '2 5g, Mrs. Donald Franklin, 221 

Lytton Avenue, E. E., Pittsburgh 13, Pa. 
Taylor, Sarah Lou, '3 8. 
Taylor, Virginia L., '31. 
Taylor, Virginia, '26g, Mrs. George F. Tinker, 

223 Orange Road, Montclair, N. J. 

Taylor, Virginia, W., 2020 Waller Street, 

Portsmouth, Ohio. 
Tchou, Juliet, '44, Mrs. James C. Ling, Apt. 

1-B, 20-29 Shore Boulevard, Long Island 

City, N. Y. 
Teall, Anne, '41, Mrs. Richard Carrington, 

Tuckahoe Apts., Richmond, Va. 
Team, Virginia, '3 5, Mrs. James H. Knorr. 
Teed, Phyllis, '3 6, Mrs. Ferris B. Waffle. 
Temple, Ann, '3 5g, Mrs. Fred F. Benton, 

3 65 5 Ella Lee Lane, Houston 6, Texas. 
Temple, Margaret, (A), Mrs. Laurens D. 

Handy, deceased January 14, 1948. 
Temple, Sarah, '45g, Mrs. Tom Moore, Jr., 

Lookout Mountain, Tenn. 
Templeton, Mary R., '3 5g, 399 Porter Avenue 

Buffalo 1, N. Y. 
Templeton, Mildred, '2 5, Mrs. Arthur C. Hayes, 

57 Southwood Drive, Kenmore, N. Y. 
Ten Eyck, Anne, '11, Mrs. George E. Baker, 

2 W. Madison Avenue, Johnstown, N. Y. 
Tennent, Raefella, '19, Mrs. A. A. Dorrance. 
Tenney, Phyllis, '44g, Mrs. Herbert W. Dowd, 

123 01 Oakfield Avenue. S. E., Cleveland, 

Terrell, Margaret, '3 0, Mrs. Oliver P. Luther. 
Terry, Helen, '3 3, Mrs. Helen T. Eagles, Par- 
son's Place, Louisville, Ky. 
Terry, Nancy, '3 3, 200 W. Farris Avenue, 

High Point, N. C. 
Terry, Pamela, '48, Mrs. Joseph Stoufenburgh. 
Thach, Mayo, '13g, Mrs. Donald G. Tarpley, 

Darien, Conn. 
Thacker, Lois, (A), Mrs. Ernest L. Parker. 
Thackray, Mary Ellen, '46g, 143 2 Luzerne 

Street, Johnstown, Pa. 
Thaden, Marjorie, '3 8, Mrs. William G. Davis, 

Jr., 17 Salem Road, Chappaqua, N. Y. 
Thams, Gertrude, '21, 800 Race Street, Denver 

Thayer, Marian, '27, 1007 Greenwood Avenue, 

Wilmette, 111. 
Thayer, Virginia, '42, Mrs. John B. Boothby, 

299 Butterfield Ro_ad, San Anselmo, Calif. 
Theiss, Ruth, (A), Mrs. f. W. Rabe, 96 Mer- 

riman Road, Akron 3, Ohio. 
The Losen, Marie, (A), Mrs. N. Stockberger. 
Thigpen, Elisabeth, '23, Mrs. Witey C. Hill, 

Jr., 1103 S. Court Street, Montgomery 5, 

Thomas, Ann, '48, 102 Prospect Street, Provi- 
dence 6, R. I. 
Thomas, Anne, '40, Mrs. C. Capers Smith, 

S9Vz Ashley Avenue, Charleston, S. C, 
Thomas. Christine, '26, Mrs. Russell Nuzum, 

Eastin Road, Lexington, Ky. 
Thomas, Dorothy, 3 8, Mrs. Luther J. Upton, 

Jr., Country Club Road, Winston-Salem, 

N. C. 
Thomas. Elizabeth C, '39, Washington Road, 

Westminster, Md. 
Thomas, Elizabeth, '37, Mrs. Joseph M. Wells, 

Jr., Newell Heights, Newell, W. Va. 
Thomas, Emmy, 1 5, Mrs. Eugene Thomasson, 

Riverview, Chattanooga, Tenn. 



Thomas, Josephine E., '46g, Mrs. F. Hunter 

Collins, Jr., 7705 Green Street, New Or- 
leans, La. 
Thomas, JuKa A., '28g, 1820 Clydesdale Place, 

N. W., Washington 9, D. C. 
Thomas, Margaret Elisabeth, '40g, 1121 39th 

Avenue, North, Seattle 2, Wash. 
Thomas, Margaret, '12, Mrs. Pant J. Kruesi, 

1507 Edgewood Circle, Riverview, Chat- 
tanooga 5, Tenn. 
Thomas, Marjorie, '23, Mrs. Joseph L. Reeves, 

207 East 44th Street, Savannah, Ga. 
Thomas, Marjorie, '37, 59 5 Delaware Avenue, 

Akron 3, Ohio. 
Thomas, Martha, '27, Mrs. Lincoln Coward. 
Thomas, Mary, '34, Mrs. Williain Boorse, 

3 068 Huntington Road, Cleveland 20, 

Thomas, Mary Jenifer, '50, 15 Carver Street, 

Brandon, Vt. 
Thomas, Ria, '17, Mrs. Carter Glass, Jr., 420 

Madison Avenue, Lynchburg, Va. 
Thomason, Elizabeth, '3 0, Mrs. James A. Grif- 
fin, Jr., 10444 S. Bell Avenue, Chicago 43, 

Thomason, Eugenia, '27. 
Thomason, Suzanne, '4 5, 4451 Crestline Road, 

Ft. Worth, 7, Texas. 
Thomes, Kathryn, '44, Mrs. Charles V. De- 

Coursey, III. 
Thompson, Barbara, '41, Mrs. Carroll Church, 

1621 Haver, Houston, Texas. 
Thompson, Berenice, (A), Mrs. Charles .W. 

Wainwri^ht, 6004 Charlesmead Road, Bal- 
timore 12, Md. 
Thompson, Bernice, '3 5g, Mrs. Ernest C. Reif, 

3259 Orleans Street, Pittsburgh 14, Pa. 
Thompson, Con, '29, Mrs. Con T. Ball, c/o 

Mrs. John Thompson, Belle Meade Park, 

Nashville, Tenn. 
Thompson, Cynthia, '45, Mrs. William O. 

Cou'j^er, 23 00 Rutherford Wynd, Louisville 

5, Ky. 
Thompson, Doris, '14, Mrs. Theodore Reeves, 

1634 Mt. Vernon Avenue, Toledo 7, Ohio. 
Thompson, Elizabeth, (A), 1119 Hillsborough 

Road, Raleigh, N. C. 
Thompson, Jane, '39, Mrs. Jack Spines Jr., 

440 North Crestway, Wichita, Kan. 
Thompson, Jane N., '50, Amherst, Va. 
Thompson, Jane, '45, Mrs. Richard Sherrill, 

2130 20th Avenue, Birmingham 9, Ala. 
Thompson, Jennie, (A). 
Thompson, Kathryn, (A), Mrs. Joseph J. 

Thompson, Laura, '21, Mrs. Dou^ald Mac- 

Millan, III, P. O. Box 166, Chapel HiU, 

N. C. 
Thompson, Legate, '46, "Upper Brandon,'' 

Brandon, Va. 
Thompson, Mary, '3 8g, Mrs. Charles A. Ball, 

14 Arbor Glen, Montgomery, Ala. 
Thompson, Mary, '42, Mrs. P. Goff Beach, Jr., 

318 Woodland Circle, Madison, Wise. 
Thompson, Minette, '17, Mrs. Frank Burk, 

Ute Park, New Mexico. 

Thompson, Miriam, '21g, Mrs. Robert Winne, 

3 6 South Street, Brockport, N. Y. 
Thompson, Nancy S., '50, 1923 Wealthy 

Street, S. E., East Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Thompson, Patricia A., '46, Room 607, Wither 

Hall, Teachers' College, Columbia Univer- 
sity, New York, N. Y. 
Thompson, Ruth, '3 2. Mrs. Frank W. Wau- 

chope. Box 73, Upper Lisle, N. Y. 
Thompson, Sarah N., '46, 409 Queen's Road, 

Charlotte, N. C. 
Thompson, Virginia, '23, Mrs. Leland S. Mc- 

Elwee, Union, Maine. 
Thompson, Willietta, '3 6g, Mrs. Clement F. 

Sco field, 400 Rosedale Avenue, White Plains, 

N. Y. 
Thomson, Anne, '3 6, Mrs. Witham Smith, Fair 

Oaks Drive, Cincinnati 1 5, Ohio. 
Thomson, Elizabeth M., '47, 70 5 Park Avenue, 

Goldsboro, N. C. 
Thomson, Emmy Lou, '47, Ivy Hill, Forest, 

Thomson, Grizzelle W., '22g, 1901 Claremont 

Avenue, Norfolk 7, Va. 
Thomson, Kathryn, '19, Mrs. Francis R. Jan- 

ney, 8000 Warren Avenue^ Wauwatosa 13, 

Thomson, Mary, '27, Mrs. Garret R. Harrod, 

5621 Kemp Road, Dayton 3, Ohio. 
Thomson, Mildred, '19g, Mrs. M. Thomson 

Murray, 413 Fairfax Avenue, Norfolk, Va. 
Thonet, Joan Marie, '40, 182-40 Avon Road, 

Jamaica Estates, N. Y. 
Thornburg, Marion, (S). 

Thornton, Currier, (A), Mrs. John L. Goodall. 
Thornton, Emilie H., '49, 317 Airdale Road, 

Rosemont, Pa. 
Thornton, Mildred, (A), Mrs. Alston P. Rhett. 
Thorpe, Emily A., '31. 

Thorpe, Helene, '17, Main Library, Wood- 
ward and Kirby, Detroit 2, Mich. 
Thorpe, Janet D., '3 9g, 50 Heywood Road, 

Pelham Manor, N. Y. 
Thorpe, Phyllis S., '48g, Mrs. John E. Mil- 
ler, Jr., 50 Heywood Road, Pelham Manor 

65, N. Y. 
Thorsch, Elsa, (A). 
Threadcraft, Georgia, '23, Mrs. S. J. Flour noy, 

432 North Street, Portsmouth, Va. 
Throckmorton, Lucy T., (A), 23 09 Rosewood 

Avenue, Richmond 20, Va. 
Thuma, Marjorie, '34, Mrs. Robert H. Anning, 

3 5 80 Raymar Drive, Cincinnati 8, Ohio. 
Tibbitts, Marion, '16, 5 5 Edgerton Road, Ak- 
ron, Ohio. 
Tietig, Doris, '20, Mrs. D. T. McDevitt, 136 

East 3 6th Street, New York 16, N. Y. 
Tift, Catherine, '44g, Mrs. James T. Porter, 

23 5 The Prado, N. E., Atlanta, Ga. 
Tignor, Mary, '23, Mrs. Frederick A. Ward, 

Quarters 404, Ft. Bliss, Texas. 
Tillery, Martha, '31g, Mrs. J. Elvey Thomas, 

904 Vance Street, Raleigh, N. C. 
Tillett, Caroline, '50, Spencer Dorm 313, 

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, 

N. C. 


Tillman, Eugenia, '29, Mrs. fames R. Mc- 

Tillman, Lucy, (A), Mrs. Kandolph Leigh, 

deceased, September, 1933. 
Tillman, Martha, '14, Mrs. W. E. Norvall, 

Timberlake, Elizabeth, '22, Mrs. Wyndham S. 

Timberlake, Emily, '34, Mrs. John S. Watier- 

son, Jr., 3110 Chadbourne Road, Shaker 

Heights, Ohio. 
Timmerman, Margaret, '29g, Mrs. Timmer- 

vian Hersloff, 1059 Lexington Avenue, New 

York 21, N. Y. 
Timpson, Vera, (A), 410 E. Evergreen Street, 

San Antonio 2, Texas. 
Tingle, Virginia, '29, Mrs. Frank J. Madden, 

76 5 Willow Road, Winnetka, 111. 
Tinkham, Ruth, '24, Mrs. Herman E. Biish. 
Tinley, Elsie, '18, Mrs. Folsom Everest, 803 

Beach Avenue, Ames, Iowa. 
Tinsley, Annie, '3 9, Mrs. C. K. Shearer. 
Tison, Dorothy, '3 8g, Mrs. James B. Campbell, 

Box 216, Manchester Center, Vt. 
Titterington, Martha, '46g, Mrs. Daniel G. 

Reid, 118 East Ash, Albion, Mich. 
Tobin, Dorothy, '44g, Mrs. Warren D. Ayres, 

160 Gordonhurst Avenue, Upper Montclair, 

N. J. 
Todd, Margaret, '46g, Mrs. William L. Fanning, 

9 Lincoln Place, Ossining, N. Y. 
Todd, Phyllis, '3 9, Mrs. Edward P. Ellis, 

R.F.D. 1, Box 137, Keyport, N. J. 
Todman, Ida, '3 8, Mrs. Stewart W. Pierce, 

6417 Three Chopt Road, Richmond 21, 

Toepfer, Elsbeth, '34, Mrs. Robert N. Calhoun, 

3 3 54 N. Cramer Street, Milwaukee, Wise. 
Tolar, Eunice, '23. 
Tolar, Sara, '21, Mrs. Rex Stoner. 
Tolin, Lucille, '40, Mrs. Thomas E. Perry, 

Box 1226, Robstown, Texas. 
Tollerton, Frances, '31, Mrs. G. A. Freeman, 

Jr., Wayne, 111. 
Tomb, Ethel, '18, Mrs. Paul S. Emerson, de- 
ceased, May 7, 193 8. 
Tomlin, Elizabeth, '3 6, Mrs. John B. Jewell, Jr., 

Franklin, Tenn. 
Tomlin, Margaret, '41g, Mrs. Paul G. Graves, 

Route 1, Graves Mill Road, Lynchburg, Va. 
Tomlin, Nida, '40g, Mrs. Robert C. Watts, Jr., 

2837 Sheringham Place, Lynchburg, Va. 
Tomlinson, Blanche, (A), Mrs. J. Vaughan 

Bostwick, 127 St. Georges Road, Ardmore, 

Tomlinson, Sarah, '3Bg, Mrs. James E. Foscue, 

D-3-B Emerywood Court Apt., High Point, 

N. C. 
Tonsmiere, Catharine, (A), Mrs. R. M. Ross. 
Tootle, LiUian, '46, 2501 Francis Street, St. 

Joseph, Mo. 
Torian, Anna, '29g, Mrs. Hubert B. Owens, 

215 Rutherford Street, Athens, Ga. 
Torrance, Virginia, '28, Mrs. Emile J. Zim- 
merman, Jr. 

Torrey, Elizabeth, '41, Mrs. David F. Tread- 
way, Apt. 23C, Abbott Court, Fair Lawn, 
N. J. 

Tousley, Evelyn, '22, Mrs. Curtis L. Smith, 
718 4th Street, S. E., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Towell, Alethea, '26, Mrs. Robert L. Mont- 
gomery, 24 57 Demington Drive, Cleveland, 

Towers, Alice, '27, Mrs. Frank Dodd, Brans- 
ford Road, Augusta, Ga. 

Tower, Betsy, '41g, Mrs. Charles R. Bennett, 
Jr., 14 S. Broadway, Irvington Estates, 
Bldg., 12 Apt. B, Irvington on Hudson, 
N. Y. 

Towers, Margaret L., '49g, Hampton Hills 
Lane, Richmond, Va. 

Towle, Virginia, (A), La Grange Road, Lyn- 
don, Ky. 

Towne, Catherine, '19g, Mrs. Earnest Porter, 

Townsend, Eleanor, '3 5, Mrs. William F. Rec- 
tor, 2206 N. Palm Street, Little Rock, Ark. 

Townsend, Jane, '3 8, Mrs. C. David Herlihy, 
18 80 Sycamore Drive, San Marino 9, Calif. 

Tracy, Dora, '33, Mrs. A. G. Ridgley, l'i7 N. 
Cassingham Road, Columbus 9, Ohio. 

Tracy, Katharine, '26g, 329 Bank Street, 
Sewickley, Pa. 

Tralles, Louise, '3 5, Mrs. Atwood Dunwody, 
1200 Messina Avenue, Miami 34, Fla. 

Trant, Jean, '41, Mrs. Willis J. Robert, Rudee 
Heights, Virginia Beach, Va. 

Trant, Thirza, '45, Mrs. Allan A. Campbell, 
London Bridge, Va. 

Traugott, Patricia, '48g, Mrs. John F. Rixey, 
Apt. F2, University Gardens, Charlottesville, 

Traugott, Mary, '45g, Mrs. Townsend Brown, 
7420 Hampton Boulevard, Norfolk, Va. 

Travis, Dorothy, '23, Mrs. George Pope, Cor- 
ner River Road and Greenfield Place, Wil- 
mington 280, Del. 

Treadway, Mary, '39g, Mrs. Frederick R. 
Downs, Jr., 172 Stafford Avenue, Forest- 
ville. Conn. 

Treadway, Sally, '49, Mrs. Curtis L. Smith, 
Jr., 718 4th Street, S. E., Minneapolis, Minn, 

Tremann, Helen, '2 5g, Mrs. Robert J. Spahr, 
173 9 Deerfield Road, Highland Park, 111. 

Tremann, Marian, '27, 916 17th Street, Rock 
Island, 111. 

Tress, Inez, (A), Mrs. Inez T. Snowden, de- 
ceased, November, 1941. 

Trevett, Alma, '19, Mrs. Winfred D. Gerber, 
406 W. Florida Avenue, Urbana, HI. 

Trexler, Ruth, '23, Mrs. Robert C. Walker, 
2016 McDonald Lane, Raleigh, N. C. 

Trigg, Anne, (A), Mrs. Frank H. Birmingham. 

Trigg, Barbara, (A), Mrs. David T. Brown, 
Box 668, Alexandria, Va. 

Trimble, Eleanor, '34, Mrs. Raymond F. Moss. 

Trimble, Hazel, '15, Mrs. Donald S. Winship, 
3 3 08 Beechwood Avenue, Cleveland Heights 
18, Ohio. 


Trimble, Mary, '44, Mrs. L. E. Kelly, 1617 

W. Hellman Avenue, Alhambra, Calif. 
Trippe, Houston T., '41, 43 3 3 Glenwood 

Avenue, Dallas J, Texas. 
Trosch, Janet E., '3 9g, 82 Southern Parkvsray, 

Rochester 7, N. Y. 
Trosch, Marjorie, '43, 82 Southern Parkway, 

Rochester 7, N. Y. 
Trout, Alice, '49g, 1301 Franklin Road, 

Roanoke, Va. 
Troutman, Margaret, '42?, Mrs. Thomas S. 

Harbin, Cooper Drive, Rome, Ga. 
Troy, Mary Elizabeth, '3 6g, 2117 Union Street, 

Schenectady 8, N. Y. 
Trueheart, Elizabeth S., '49g, 127 Indian Hills 

Trail, Louisville, Ky. 
Tucker, Eleanor, '31. Mrs. Sidney Cameron. 
Tucker, Helen, (A), Mrs. Samuel Trimble, 

c/o L. L. Brown, Malvern, Ark. 
Tucker, Henrietta, (A), Mrs. Preston White. 
Tucker, Jane, '31g, Mrs. Hairy Ferrell, 520 

Devon Street, Arlington, N. J. 
Tucker, Lile, '45, Mrs. Thomas G. Bell, 211 

Frederick Street, Staunton, Va. 
Tucker, Maria W., '47g, 2 521 Fairmont Boul- 
evard, Cleveland Heights, Cleveland 6, Ohio. 
Tucker, Maud, '3 8g, Mrs. Walter H. Drane, 

2711 W. Scarborough Road, Cleveland 6, 

Tucker, Susie, '29g, Mrs. Francis O. Yates, 

141 S. Main Street, Asheboro, N. C. 
Tunnell, Constance, '48g, Mrs. J. R. Bond, 

3995 Chamberlayne Avenue, Richmond, Va. 
Turk, Esther, '18g, Mrs. Harry H. Hemmin^s, 

23 West 79th Street, New York 24, N. Y. 
Turlington, Louise, (A). 
Turman, Almeria, (A) , Mrs. Henry Holmes, 

Turnbull, Mary, '3 7, Mrs. William D. Bar field, 

1840 Seminole Road, Jacksonville 5, Fla. 
Turner, Beverly, '45, 3 805 Hawthorne Avenue, 

Dallas, Texas. 
Turner, Charlotte R., '3 6, deceased November 

Turner, Constance, '34, Mrs. Robert B. Hoff- 
man, 58 Albemarle Street, Rochester 13, 

N. Y. 
Turner, Austin, (S), Mrs. Arthur JofKs, 

"Somerset House," Somerset, Va. 
Turner, Lisle, '30, University of the South, 

Sewanee, Tenn. 
Turner, Emilie, '30, Mrs Samuel W. Cowlins;, 

Jr., St. James Terrace, Apt. G-4, Newport 

News, Va. 
Turner, Fredda, '43, Mrs. Lynn D. Durham, 

1707 Holloway, Midland, Texas. 
Turner, Jane, '42. 
Turner, Margaret, '20g, Mrs. Robert F. Brown, 

2649 Westminster Avenue, Stockton, Calif. 
Turner, Mary, '27, Mrs. Lisle Baker, Jr., 

Longview, Upper River Road, Louisville, Ky. 
Turner, Sarah, '34, Mrs. Bernard Gause, 1129 

Lakeview Crescent, Birmingham, Ala. 
Turney, Elizabeth Anne, '3 9, Mrs. Eugene T. 

Liipfcrf, 10 520 Ewell Avenue, Kensington, 


Turney, Jeanne, '43, Mrs. F. V. Ben]amin. 
Turno, Dorothy, '34g, Mrs. Nathaniel P. 

Gardner, Jr., 25 21 1/2 N. Douglas, Oklahoma 

City, Okla. 
Turpin, Frances, (A), Mrs. Walter Briggs. 
Turpin, Sarah, '3 5g, Mrs. Benjam^in G. Hab- 

berton. Route 1, Queenstown, Md. 
Turpin, Mary Louise, '3 8, deceased. 
Tuttle, Katherine, '23, Mrs. Katharine Cor- 

Tuttle, Margaretta, '23, R. D. 1, Box 92, 

Schenectady, N. Y. 
Tutwiler, Mary, (A), Mrs. Edmund C. Lang- 
Tutwiler, Zena, (S), Mrs. James L. Land. 
Tweedy, Anne, '43, Mrs. Philip Ardery, 407 

W. Campbell Street, Frankfort, Ky. 
Tyler, Ada, '24g, Mrs. W. Robinson M. Moss, 

2706 Pacific Avenue, Virginia Beach, Va. 
Tyler, Elizabeth, (A), Mrs. N. G. Wilson, 

Jr., 700 Front Street, Norfolk 10, Va. 
Tyler, Esther, '29g, Mrs. Harry V. M. Camp- 
bell, 123 3 Oakmont Road, Charleston 4, 

W. Va. 
Tyler, Jane, '17, Mrs. Dalton A. Griffith, 20 

Garden Road, Wellesley Hills 82, Mass. 
Tyler, Lucy, (A), Mrj. Elbert H. Willett, 

Tyler, Mary, 'Hg, Mrs. Watt T. Mayo, 2416 

Kenoak Road, Baltimore 9, Md. 
Tyree, Jean, '40, Mrs. Dmtald Willman, 803 

Hallwood Avenue, Falls Church, Va. 
Tyroler, Rena, '31g, Mrs. Allen M. Fisher. 
Tyson, Elizabeth, '31g, Westchester Apt. 144, 

Washim^ton 16, D. C. 
Tyson, Elizabeth, CA), Mrs. Winfred Wilson, 

Golf Road, Riverton, N. J. 

Uber, Elizabeth, '32g, Mrs. George W. Eby, 
Chapel Ridge Road, Fox Chapel, Pittsburgh 
15, Pa. 

Ulland, Ruth, '22, Mrs. Samuel P. Todd, 5 580 
Meryton Lane, Cincinnati 24, Ohio. 

Ullman, Jane, '3 5. 

Ulmer, Frances, '47g, Mrs. A. B. Conley, Jr., 
2764 Vernon Terrace, Jacksonville, Fla. 

Upshaw, Mary Elizabeth, '46, 394 W. Wes- 
ley Road, Atlanta, Ga. 

Upshaw, Wileyna, '3 8, Mrs. Robert P. Kennedy, 
Roseland Plantation, R.F.D. 2, Eufaula, 

Upton, Lenora, '22, Mrs. Gerard Pilcher, 4 
Maplecrest, Louisville, Ky. 

Upton, Margaret, '3 6, Mrs. Edward L. White, 
5 917 Studeley Avenue, Norfolk, Va. 

Valentine, Anne, (A), Mrs. O. E. Cesare, 

507 Shippall Avenue, Stamford, Conn. 
Valentine, Cary, (A), Mrs. Louis E. Cutchins, 

deceased, February, 1940. 
Valentine, Dorothy, '19g, Mrs. Warren Mac- 

Kain, Sommerfield Avenue, Mt. Tabor, N. J. 
Valentine, Elizabeth, '29g, Mrs. Wilfred L. 

Goodwyn, Jr., 23 Primrose, Chevy Chase, 



Valentine, Maria, '3 6, Mrs. Theodore M. Ciir- 

tis, 5 503 Queensbury Road, Richmond, Va. 
Valentine, Martha, (A), Mrs. John H. Cronly, 

1416 Park Avenue, Richmond 20, Va. 
Vallance, Margaret, '40g, 3016 43rd Street, 

N. W., Washington 16, D. C. 
Van Bibber, Anne, (A), Mrs. William O. 

Reckard, 18 53 Underwood Avenue, Hunt- 
ington, W. Va. 
Vance, Catherine P., '49, 4915 30th Place, 

N. W., Washington 8, D. C. 
Vance, Letitia, '26. 

Van Cleef, Jane, '46, Mrs. G. Scalding Cor- 
by n, 234 N. W. 3 3 rd, Oklahoma City, 

Van Cleve, Katharine, '26, Mrs. G. Van Wyck, 

Apshawa Lodge, Apshawa Lake, Butler, N. J. 
Van Cleve, Susan, '47, Mrs. Ralph R. Riehl, Jr., 

Route 1, Wolf Road, Erie, Pa. 
Van Cott, Marion, '26, Mrs. C. Arthur Bor^, 

128 Burtis Avenue, Oyster Bay, L. L, N. Y. 
Vandenberg, Jean, '50, 45 Old Farm Road, 

Wellesley Hills, Mass. 
Vandenburg, Blanche, '31, Mrs. William W. 

Vanderbilt, Elizabeth, '40g, Mrs. Jonathan A. 

Brown, 2 5 Hoxsey Street, Williamstown, 

Vanderhoef, Lois, '3 5, Mrs. George Benner, 

804 Reeves Drive, Grand Forks, N. D. 
Van Deventer, Carter, '49g, 223 Kenesaw 

Drive, Knoxville, Tenn. 
Vandeventer, Mary D., '46g, 1101 Graydon 

Avenue, Norfolk, Va. 
Van Devere, Jeanette, '41, Mrs. William Tobin. 
Vandruff, Eleanor, '3 9g, Mrs. Willia^n J. Friz- 
em, R.F.D., Sussex, N. J. 
Van Dusen, Betty Jane, '44, Mrs. William J. 

Chavet, 708 N. Happy Hollow Boulevard, 

Omaha 3, Neb. 
Van Evera, Marjorie, '34, Mrs. E. H. Love- 
lace, 909 Trinity Avenue, St. Louis 5, Mo. 
Van Home, Jean, '3 3g, Mrs. Malcolm J. Baber, 

662 5 Lincoln Drive, Philadelphia 19, Pa. 
Van Leer, Leila, '3 3g, Mrs. H. Do?tald Schivaab, 

218 Tunbridge Road, Baltimore 12, Md. 
Van Metre, Genevieve, '29, Mrs. Boris Gilbert- 
son, 122 5 Ridge Avenue, Evanston, III. 
Van Ness, Barbara, '50, 1107 Harriton Road, 

Baltimore, Md. 
Van Ness, Constance, '27g, 159 Center Avenue, 

Little Falls, N. J. 
Van Vliet, Jean, (A), Mrs. Jean V. Spencer, 

10 East 61st Street, New York, N. Y. 
VanBoorhis, Frae V., '41, 603 N. Main Street, 

Tuscola, 111. 
Van Vranken, Jean, '3 8, Mrs. David A. Com- 

Van Wie, Jeannette, '3 5, Mrs. Dan Smith. 
Van Winkle, Mary, '3 2, Mrs. Charles K. Mc- 

Clure, Jr., 2 5 59 Top Hill Road, Louisville 

6, Ky. 
Van Winkle, Virginia, '28g, Mrs. John B. 

MorlidRe, Jr., 107 W. Orchard Road, Ft. 

Mitchell, Covington, Ky. 

Varner, Mary, (A), Mrs. John L. Newdoerfer, 

Hawthorne Court, Wheeling, W. Va. 
Vars, Trudy, '47, Mrs. Edward V. Harriss, 

13 09 D. Driscoll, Houston, Texas. 
Vass, Lillias, '37, Mrs. Hubert W. Stockard, 

2610 Cleveland Heights Boulevard, Lake- 
land, Fla. 
Vass, Winifred M., '41g, deceased, August 2, 

Vaughan, Elizabeth, '44g, Mrs. Lojiis P. Bishop, 

111 St. Dennis, San Antonio 2, Texas. 
Vaughan, Sarah, '53, 207 Orchard Street, 

Cranford, N. J. 
Vaughn, Anne Virginia, '48g, 91 Olney Ave- 
nue, North, Providence, R. I. 
Vaughn, Cynthia, '31g, Mrs. Francis Price, 

Howard Apts., North Elm Street, Greens- 
boro, N. C. 
Vaughn, Margaret, '2 5, Mrs. Cornelius M. 

Vanstory, Jr. 
Veasey, Katharine E., '49g, 5 Windsor Street, 

Haverhill, Mass. 
Venable, Page, '28, Mrs. H. Maxwell Parker, 

215 Primera Drive, San Antonio, Tex. 
Venable, Mary, '23, Mrs. Robert Dulaney. 
Ventulett, Julia, '27, Mrs. John W. Patterson, 

4400 San Jose Lane, Jacksonville 7, Fla. 
Vernon, Dorothy, '27, Mrs. Edward H. Laux, 

2290 S. W. 27 Land, Miami 3 6, Fla. 
Vernon, Maizie, '24g, Mrs. Allen Wimbish, 

deceased, November 21, 193 8. 
Vernor, Virginia, '28, Mrs. Franklin E. Rob- 
inson, 3 20 Merri weather Road, Detroit 30, 

Vesey, Virginia, '3 3, Mrs. Joseph J. Woodward, 

Huntington Court Apts., 306 73 rd Street, 

Newport News, Va. 
Vestal, Jo Ann, '48, Mrs. Robert B. Lyon, 

Laurel, Va. 
Via, Catherine, '28, 223 W. Wade Street, 

Wadesboro, N. C. 
Vick, Mary Elizabeth, '47, 1802 Colquitt, 

Houston, Texas. 
Vinton, Mary, '46g, 188 5 Peabody Avenue, 

Memphis, Tenn. 
Virden, Isobel, '23, Mrs. Donald Faulkner, 

190 5 Stuart Avenue, Richmond 20, Va. 
Vizard, Mary, '27g, Mrs. William F. Kelly, 

Jr., Wakeman Road, Darien, Conn. 
Voelcker, Hildergarde, '32, Mrs. James R. G. 

Hardy, 270 Morris Avenue, Mt. Lake, N. J. 
Vogdes, Mary E., '3 6. 
Vogler, Virginia, '3 3. 
Voigt, Elizabeth, '3 6, Mrs. Voigt Quarles, 59 

Laverne Avenue, Long Beach, Calif. 
Voigt, Lida, '3 5g, Mrs. Henry L. Young, Jr., 

2924 Nancy Creek Road, N. W., Atlanta, 

Vongehr, Edith, '41g, Mrs. Richard W. Bridges, 

210 McKendry Drive, Palo Alto, Calif. 
Vongehr, Irene, '40g, Mrs. John B. Vincent. 
Von Maur, Josephine, '24g, Mrs. Albert M. 

Crampton, 909 22nd Street, Moline, 111. 
Von Schilling, Sarah, '27g, Mrs. Javtes S. Staji- 

ley, Boulder Brook, Midlothian, Va. 
Voris, Katherine, '27, Mrs. Rupert D. Graves. 


Voss, Margaret, '36, Mrs. Gerard A. Schoen, 
1 5 Abingdon Square, New York, N. Y. 

Vrabek, Elizabeth, '43, Mrs. Arthur E. Potter, 

Waddell, Anne A., '45, Monroe Hill, Univer- 
sity, Va. 
Waddell, Mary, '45, Mrs. William P. Spencer. 

Monroe Hill, University, Va. 
Waddey, Margaret, (A), Mrs. James L. Box- 
ley, P. O. Box 149Q, Roanoke, Va. 
Waddle, Katherine, '3 5, Mrs. Windell G. Read- 
ing, 216 Sycamore Road, Lexington 3 0, Ky. 
Wade, Isabel, '3 3, Mrs. Morgan Reynolds, 

Fountains Imn, Stockbridge, Mass. 
Wade, Louise, '2 5, Mrs. John W. Kelley, 878 

Chester Road, Charleston, W. Va. 
Wadsworth, Anita S., '46, 64 5 Turrentine 

Street, Gadsden, Ala. 
Wadsworth, Henrietta, (A), Mrs. John S. Bog- 

Waer, Virginia, '39, Mrs. Antoon Busser, 114 

Worden Avenue, Ann Arbor, Mich. 
Wagner, Grace, '27, Mrs. Emery Roughton. 
Wagner, Mary Louise, '49g, Brae Burne Road, 

Flossmoor, 111. 
Wagner, Mildred, (A), Mrs. Dickinson Shields, 
217 Chestnut Road, Edgeworth, Sewickley, 
Wailes, Cornelia, '27g, Mrs. Edward T. Wailes. 
Wailes, Mary, (A), Mn. F. H. Morton. 
Wailes, Sadie, (A), Mrs. John H. Walker, 

Sweet Briar, Va. 
Waite, Marguerite, '19, Mrs. Thomas G. 
Weilepp, 9 Greenview Way, Upper Mont- 
clair, N. J. 
Waite, Mildred, (A), Mrs. Leslie F. Ehmann, 

deceased, January, 1934. 
Waite, Nancy, '46g, Mrs. Montague R. Ward, 
Jr., 211 Loma Avenue, Long Beach 3, Calif. 
Walcott, Martha, '34, Mrs. William Lipscomb, 

7.717 Routh, Dallas, Texas. 
Wales, Catharine, (A), Mrs. T. Allen Bond. 
Walke, Sally, '42g, Mrs. John C. Rogers, Jr., 

3 1 5 Grant Avenue, McDonald, Pa. 
Walker, Anne, '45g, Mrs. Atwell W. Somer- 

ville. Orange, Va. 
Walker, Ann, '37, Mrs. Edmund M. LaPrade, 

Medical Arts Building, Richmond, Va. 
Walker, Anne, '38g, Mrs. Blake T. Newton, 

Fairfax, Va. 
Walker, Betty Jane, '42, Mrs. Richard E. 

Walker, Carol, (A), Mrs. William D. Yerkes, 

Box 1443, Carmel, Calif. 
Walker, Gertrude, '29, Laurel Lane, Haver- 
ford, Pa. 
Walker, Helen L., '20. 
Walker, Ida, '18g, Mrs. Charles B. Castner, 

deceased, 1949. 
Walker, Jean, '3 6, Mrs. Tully T. Blalock, 

4241 Club Drive, N^ E., Atlanta, Ga. 
Walker, Jean, '41, Mrs. Lewis S. Robinson. 
Walker Marie, '37g, Mrs. Wilfred B. Greg- 
ory, 7623 HoUins Road, Richmond, Va. 
Walker, Marion, (A). 

Walker, Marion, '3 5g, Mrs. Joseph A. Alcaro, 

Woodley Road, Morristown, N. J. 
Walker Marion, '22g, Mrs. Lloyd K. Neidlin- 

ger, 3 Elm Street, Hanover, N. H. 
Walker, Mary Ann, '3 0g, Mrs. Jack C. Nor- 
tham, 6931 Western Avenue, N. W., Wash- 
ington 15, D. C. 
Walker, Mary, '44, Mrs. Kenneth Van de 
Water, 4 Lowell Road, East, Hempstead, 
L. I., N. Y. 
Walker, Mary, (A), Mrs. Robert A. Adams, 
1321 N. Meridian Street, Indianapolis, Ind. 
Walker, Mattie, (S), Mrs. Alexander Worth, 

13 50 Harding Place, Charlotte, N. C. 
Walker, Phyllis, '28, Mrs. Robert J. Leary, 

7000 Lakewood Drive, Richmond, Va. 
Walker, Rachel (A), Mrs. Walter Martin. 
Walker, Roberta, '36, Mrs. George A. Mills, 

5 50 Walnut Lane, Swarthmore, Pa. 
Walker, Virginia R., '47, Mrs. Andrew N. 
Christian, 1001 Floyd Avenue, Richmond, 
Walker, Vive, '42, Mrs. Charles W. Mont- 
gatnery, Jr., 1761 Carr Avenue, Memphis, 
Walkup, Elsie, '14, Mrs. John 1. Osborne, 

Walkup, Mary, '22, Mrs. John M. Woodburn, 
52 West 58th Street, New York 19, N. Y. 
Wall, Elizabeth, '36g, Mrs. Eugene D. Saun- 
ders, 10817 Cornell Avenue, Seattle 88, 
Wallace, Annie, '3 8, Mrs. Leslie H. Buchman, 

3 03 E. Cherry Circle, Memphis, Tenn. 
Wallace, Augusta, '3 3, Mrs. Augusta W. 
Handel, 5 05 Cornell Place, Louisville, Ky. 
Wallace, Betty F., '48, 323 North Broadway 

Lexington 7, Ky. 
Wallace, Dorothy, '20g, 5401 Ellis Avenue, 

Apt. 18, Chicago 15, 111. 
Wallace, Dorothy, (A), Mrs. James J. Ravenel, 
46 Lenwood Boulevard, Charleston 21, 
S. C. 
Wallace, Dorothy Jeanne, '49g, 183rd Street, 

Flossmoor, 111. 
Wallace, Eleanor Constance, '39g, Mrs. Samuel 

T. Price, R.F.D. 5, West Chester, Pa. 
Wallace, Lily, (A), Mrs. George F. Mitchell, 
997 E. Prospect Street, Woodmere, L. I., 
N. Y. 
Waller, Cordelia, '19, Lawrenceburg, Ky. 
Waller, Kathryn, '23, Mrs. Parks Mollis. 
Wallover, Nancy, '26, Mrs. Edwin S. Lewis, 

1640 Watova Road, Toledo 9, Ohio. 
Walne, Mary Jane, '3 3, Mrs. Whitfield H. 


Walters, Ann, '47, Mrs. A. V. Zimmerman, 

Jr., 20 Washington Street, South Boston, Va. 

Walters, Harriet, '40, Mrs. Charles W. Vivian. 

Walters, Louise, '3 9, Mrs. William G. McWil- 

liams, Jr., c/o Mrs. A. L. Walters, 404? 

Pinetree Drive, Miami Beach, Fla. 

Walthall, Edith, '3 0, Mrs. James A. Dick, Jr. 

Walton, Corinne, '23, Mrs. George W. Hess, 

23 3 8 N. E. 4th Avenue, Miami, Fla. 
Walton, Helen, '38, Mrs. Henry P. Andrae, 
1112 Vineyard Square, Jefferson City, Mo. 


Walton, Margaret, '29,£;, Mrs. Walton McLester, 

6418 Three Chopt Road, Richmond 21, Va. 
Wampler, Adelaide, '30g, Mrs. George Kundahl, 

3231 Ouesada Street, N. W., Washington 

15, D. C. 
Wanzer, Beulah, '26. 
Ward, Elinor, '3 7g, Mrs. George T. Francis, 

Jr., "Avonwood," Haverford, Pa. 
Ward, Elizabeth, '17, Mrs. Leslie Jensen, 302 

B. Street, Hot Springs, S. D. 

B. Street Hot Springs, S. D. 
Ward, Fannie, (A), Mrs. Albert Igo, 142 

South 20th Street, Paris, Texas. 
Ward, Hortense, (S), Mrs. Burt E. Hinckley, 

Jr., Brownsville, Texas. 
Ward, Kathleen, '40g, Mrs. John C. Allen, 136 

Dewey Avenue, Syracuse, N. Y. 
Ward, Marjorie, '32g, Mrs. George H. Cross, 

Jr., 2204 West 11th Street, Wilmington 

160, Del. 
Ward, Mary-Elizabeth, '42, Mrs. Julian A. 

Rice, Jr., Box 3709, Grand Central Ter- 
minal, New York, N. Y. 
Ward, Sarah, '31, Mrs. Howland H. Sargeant. 
Ward, Sea Willow, (A), Mrs. Sea Willow 

Ward Stafford, Box 15J2, Beaumont, Texas. 
Ware, Barbara, '26g, Mrs. Richard C. Smith, 

179 Grove Street, Rutland, Vt. 
Ware, Ethel, '31g, Mrs. Frank S. Rutherford, 

Brooksville, Mt. Carmel, Conn. 
Ware, Evelyn, '30g, Mrs, Thomas W. Saunders, 

Roseland, Va. 
Ware, Gazelle G., '32, 83 N. Kanawha Street, 

Beckley, W. Va. 
Ware, Eugenia, '3 2g, Mrs. Henry S. Myers, 

Amherst, Va. 
Ware, Mildred S., '41. 
Warfield, Lyda, '27g, Mrs. Paul J. Saunders, 

Jr., deceased, September, 1933. 
Waring, Anne, '40, Mrs. A. Waring Lane, 

2 W. Muscogee Avenue, Atlanta, Ga. 
Waring, Meta, (A), 34 V2 Park Avenue, Cald- 
well, N. J. 
Warner, Barbara K., '46g, 318 W. Navarre 

Street, South Bend 8, Ind. 
Warner, Betty, Ann, '48, 3 2 56 Reba Drive, 

Houston, Texas. 
Warner, Constance, '3 6, Mrs. B. H. McElhin- 

ney, Jr., Four Winds, 3 209 Duke Street, 

Alexandria, Va. 
Warner, Dorothy, '27, Mrs. T. Faxon Hall, 

1651 College Avenue, Racine, Wise. 
Warner, Ellen, '5 0, Mrs. Thomas M. Hudson, 

5 5 39 Kendall Drive, Nashville, Tenn. 
Warner, Lydia, '3 6, Mrs. L. Warner McKin- 

ney. North Perry Road, Titusville, Pa. 
Warner, Mary Virginia, (A). 
Warner, Rebecca, '47g, Mrs. S. W. Creekmore, 

Jr., 3 82 5 Free Ferry, Ft. Smith, Ark. 
Warren, AHce, '27, Mrs. E. F. Fielder, 509 

Cedar Lane, Hopewell, Va. 
Warren, Anne, '45g, Field Point Circle, Green- 
wich, Conn. 
Warren, Betty Jane, '3 6, Mrs. Mar fill H. Mark- 
worth, 33 67 West 13 0th Street, Cleveland, 

Warren, Bettie Jane, '48, Mrs. Charles E. 
Beach, Lake Forest Academy, Lake Forest, 
Warren, Edna, '27g, Mrs. Douglas Tucker, 6 

Clark Court, Larchmont, N. Y. 
Warren, Mary, '40^, Mrs. John W. Griggs, II, 

3 6 N. Monroe Street, Ridgewood, N. J. 
Warren, Sara, (A), Mrs. Fred G. Caldren, 154 

Dexter, Denver, Colo. 
Warriner, Anne, '3 8g, Mrs. Charles W. Sher- 
Warwick, Jane, '44. 

Warwick, Lucile, '21, Mrs. Lucile W. Mc- 

Gehee, 902 Charles Place Circle, Memphis, 


Washabaugh, Orla, '31, Mrs. Robert M. Ed kin. 

Washburn, Henrietta, '14g, 2030 DeLancey 

Place, Philadelphia 3, Pa. 
Waterman, Cecile, '44gi Mrs. Marvin E. Essrig, 
902 S. Dakota Avenue, Apt. 6B, Tampa 6, 
Waters, Katheryn, '3 3, Mrs. Harold H. Welty, 

173 Madison Avenue, Morristown, N. J. 

Watkins, Ann, '33, Mrs. Nathan Boatner, Jr. 

Watkins, Frances, '41g, Mrs. William D. Cen- 

tilli. The Neptune Stock Ranch, Route 7, 

Box 321, San Antonio 4, Texas. 

Watkins, Mary, '26g, Mrs. John A. Mclver, 

793 i Jeannette Street, New Orleans 18, La. 

Watkins, Ruth, '17, Mrs. William Taliaferro, 

deceased, March 4, 1947. 
Watson, Adelaide, '25, Mrs. Earl H. Via, 13 03 

Jackson Street, Wilmington, Del. 
Watson, Anne, '27, Mrs. Hartley A. Soule, 

3 510 2nd Street, Hampton, Va. 
Watson, Gwendolyn, '24g, Mrs. George G. 

Graham, deceased, July 14, 1941. 
Watson, Helen, '41g, Mrs. George Hill, 214 

Bakerdale Road, Rochester 12, N. Y. 
Watson, Jocelyn, '28g, Mrs. Kelsey Regen, 

1106 Watts Street, Durham, N. C. 
Watson, Lucretia, (A), Mrs. R. W. Collins, 

2 53 5 Inwood, Houston, Texas. 
Watson, Madeline, '20. Mrs. W. H. Banks, 37 

Homewood Drive, Waban, Mass. 
Watson, Marjorie, (A). 
Watson, Mertie, '13. 
Watson, Nancy, (A), Mrs. Henry C. Leigh, 

Main Street, Danville, Va. 
Watson, Sallie, (A), Mrs. Albert R. Tebo, de- 
ceased, November 12, 194 5. 
Watter, Carlene, '46, Mrs. A. E. Stall, 5 628 

Ohio, Omaha 4, Neb. 
Watters, Eunice, '3 0, Mrs. Richard W. Cool- 
baugh, 3 05 Salt Springs Road, Fayetteville, 
N. Y. 
Wattles, Florence, (A), Mrs. Russel B. Hor- 

Wattley, Cornelia B., '48g, 620 lona Street, 

New Orleans 20, La. 
Watts, Cynthia Ann, '52, 128 East 19th Street, 

New York 3, N. Y. 
Watts, Langhorne, '3 3g, Mrs. George Austen, 

Jr., 21 Hawthorne Road, Brookline, Mass. 
Watts, Margaret, '3 5, Mrs. John O. Hender- 
son, 3 82 5 5th Street, North, Arlington, Va. 



Watts, Virginia Anne, '44g, c/o CoL Harry 

L. Watts, Mil. Govt. Sec, Hq. 8th Army, 

A. P. O. 343, c/o P. M., San Francisco, 

Watts, Wistar, '46g, Mrs. Jack F. King, 1831 

Wynnton Road, Apt. 9E, Columbus, Ga. 
Way, Edith, '22, Mrs. Edith Gaddis, Jerusalem 

Avenue, Massapequa, N. Y. 
Way, Evelyn, '25g, Box 453, University, Miss. 
Wayland, Margaret, '33g, Mrs. Robert E. 

Taylor, Meadowbrook Heights, Charlottes- 
ville, Va. 
Way man. Pearl, '17, Mrs. Frank Foncannon, 

70 5 Union Street, Emporia, Kan. 
Weakley, Eula, (A), Mrs. 'Nathaniel Cross, 

3208 Pine Ridge Road, Birmingham, Ala. 
Weaver, Rosalie, (S) 222 5 Ridge Park Avenue, 

Birmingham 5, Ala. 
Webb, Alice, '28g, Mrs. Tracy S. Nesbitt. 
Webb, Anne, '47g, Mrs. George H. Moses, 15 

Dartmouht Place, Boston 16, Mass. 
Webb, Celia, (A), 1108 Government Street, 

Mobile, Ala. 
Webb, Isabel, '20g, Mrs. Howard Lujf, 18701 

Winslow Road, Cleveland 22, Ohio. 
Webb, Marion, '41, Mrs. Barclay Shaw, 33 

Ludlon Drive, Chappaqua, N. Y. 
Webb, Marjorie, '3 Ig, Mrs. Lawrence Marya- 

nov, 3 02 Glenburn Avenue, Cambridge, 

Webber, Anne, '3 8, Mrs. Thomas W. Wihon. 
Weber, Lorna, '23g, Mrs. Robert Dowling, 

Jr., 13 807 Drexmore Road, Cleveland 20, 

Webster, Alice, '20, Mrs. Marshall C. Speight, 

3 231 Kensington Avenue, Richmond, Va. 
Webster, Christine, '20, Mrs. Christine Web- 
ster, 13 07 S. Garrison Street, Carthage, Mo. 
Webster, Helena, (A), Mrs. Leon B. Scott, 

Webster, Marian, '17, Mrs. John Granrud. 
Weeks, Diana, '51. 37 Middle Street, South 

Dartmouth, Mass. 
Weeks, Priscilla, '24, Mrs. Harry Tutchings. 
Weems, Elizabeth, '48g, Mrs. Patrick West- 

feldt, 1611 Niagara, Denver, Colo. 
Weer, Lucile, (A), Mrs. Lucile Fisher, 1808 

N. Delaware Street, Indianapolis 2, Ind. 
Wefel, Marguerie, '15, Mrs. C. W. Watters, 

Jr., deceased, March, 1927. 
Weichelbaum, Nina, '21, Mrs. J. S. Brail. 
Weil, Ehzabeth B., '47, 700 E. Beech Street, 

Goldsboro, N. C. 
Weil, Frances, '34, Mrs. Millard Binswangcr, 

11, Riverside Drive, R.F.D. 9, Richmond, 

Weimar, Margaret, '3 8g, Mrs. Walton S. 

Shepherd, Jr., 607 Wood Road, Charleston 

2, W. Va. 
Weintz, Helen, '50, Mrs. Charles M. Scott, 

2016 East Walnut, Evansville, Ind. 
Weiser, Katharine, '23g, Mrs. Clifford T. 

Ekchiud, 149 Ottawa Drive, Pontiac 19, 

Weisiger, Katharine J., *47g. Box 117, Hun- 

tersville, N. C. 

Weisiger, Louise, '15g, 2722 Hillcrest Road, 

Richmond 24, Va. 
Weisiger, Margaret, '29, Mrs. Harry E. Proctor, 

3 828 North Upland, Arlington, Va. 
Weiss, Annette, '3 6, Mrs. Karl H. Beyer, Jr., 

381 Bala Avenue, Bala Cynwyd, Pa. 
Weitzenkorn, Ruth, '26g, Mrs. Alan D. Op- 

penheimer, 77 Nottingham Terxace, Buffalo 

16, N. Y. 
Weitzmann, Helen, '29g, Mrs. Robert W. Dew. 
Welch, Fanny, '28, Mrs. Charles Paul, 32 

Tennyson Road, Wellesley, Mass. 
Welch, Helen, '23g, Mrs. William B. Tncker, 

3 06 Church Street, Louisburg, N. C. 
Welch, Mary, '2 5g, Mrs. Stuart P. Hemphill, 

East Lexington Avenue, Danville, Ky. 
Weller, Eleanor, '36, Mrs. J. Rolston Westen- 

dorf, Troy Hills Road, Whippany, N. J. 
Welles, Mary, '3 9g, Mrs. John V. Pearson, 3 

Lewis Street, Lexington, Va. 
Weilford, Elizabeth L., '49g, Sexton Apt., 

Sanders Drive, Bluefield, Va. 
Weilford, Virginia, '3 9g, Mrs. H. Sumner Far- 

ivell, 64 Seaside Avenue, Bridgeport, Conn. 
Wells, Alice, '24, Mrs. Dan M. Hanley, 70 5 

Cypress Drive, Memphis, Tenn. 
Wells, Emile P., (A). 
Wells, Hetty, '3 3g, Mrs. Frederick W. Finn, 

151 Central Park West, New York 23, N. Y. 
Wells, Rolfe, '34, Mrs. Jaynes H. Moulder, 

Bollwood Road, Old Greenwich, Conn. 
Wenar, Edith, (A), Mrs. Simeon Gazan, 160 

Central Park South, New York 19, N. Y. 
Wensley, Margaret, '20, Mrs. Frank N. Dealy, 

21 The Ridge, Plandome, L. L, N. Y. 
Wentworth, Mary, '26, Mrs. Claude B. Harris. 
Westcott, Mary Sue, '3 6, Mrs. Theodore C. 

Loder, Jr., R.F.D. 1, Breinigsville, Pa. 
Weslow, Estelle, '12, Mrs. William Pollak, 17 

West 70th Street, New York 23, N. Y. 
West, Clara, '3 3, Mrs. Thomas Stark, Jr., 

Amelia Court House, Amelia, Va. 
West, Elizabeth, '3 2g, Mrs. Jeremiah Morton, 

78 31 5th Avenue, N. E., Seattle 5, Wash. 
West, .Tarry, '3 6, Mrs. William M. Stearns, 8 

Birchwood Place, Dover, N. H. 
West, Lida, '3 2, Mrs. Arthur H. Brown. 
West, Lillian, '46g, Mrs. Marion A. Parrotf, 

610 Queen Street, Kinston, N. C. 
West, Margaret, '3 2, Mrs. Robert D. Morrison. 
West, Mary E., (A), Mrs. Charles Cot man. 
West, Ruth, (A), Mrs. Everett Emerson. 
West, Winifred, '28g, Mrs. John E. Madden, 

Winchester Road, Lexington, Ky. 
Westcott, Elwyn, (A), Mrs. Ben Taylor, 714 

Oak Street, Chattanooga, Tenn. 
Westcott, Marjorie, '34, Mrs. John C. Mackey, 

2 1 1 Monroe Street, Rockville, Md. 
Westcott, Mary Frances, '31g, Mrs. Earl D. 

Hale, 714 Oak Street, Chattanooga 3, Tenn. 
Westcott, Winifred, '29, Mrs. George Callard. 
Wester, Gladys, '3 0g, Mrs. Leonard M. Horton, 

619 Prospect Street, Maplewood, N. J. 
Westgate, Florence, '24, Mrs. Benjamin F. 

Kraffert, Jr., Titusville, Pa. 


Weston, May, '3 7g, Mrs. Barton F. Thorn pson, 

26 Colonial Terrace, Maplewood, N. J. 
Westphalen, Jane, '40, Mrs. B. Everett Cray, 

6 Treebrook Lane, Clayton 5, Mo. 
Westwater, Mary, (A), Mrs. Harrison Rey- 
nolds, Box 103, Jamestown, N. Y. 
Weymouth, Alice, '32g, Mrs. Frank P. Mc- 

Cord, 125 E. Orchard Street, Allendale, 

N. T. 
Whaley, Katharine, '29, Mrs. Gordon R. Wil- 

Icy, 2411 South 26th Street, Arlington, Va. 
Whayne, Elizabeth, '3 6, Mrs. Nelson Helm, 

2468 Grinstead Drive, Louisville, Ky. 
Wheat, Katherine, '37, Mrs. Roland W. 

Hyatt, Jr., 822 West Lincoln, Freeport, 111. 
Wheat, Mary M., '42g, "Ackley," I6th Street, 

University P. O., Charlottesville, Va. 
Wheeler, Clara, '27, 124 Alumni Avenue, 

Hopkinsville, Ky. 
Wheeler, Laura, '19, Mrs. T. E. Nelson. 
Wheeler, Mary A., '13, 9 E. Pedregosa Street, 

Santa Barbara, Calif. 
Wheeler, Mary, '43, Mrs. Henning Hilliard, 

25 5 Chenoweth Lane, Louisville, Ky. 
Wheelwright, Esther, (A), Mrs. Brook West. 
Whelan, Ruth, '27g, Mrs. David Horan. 
Wheless, Adelaide, (A), Mrs. George H. Boll- 
man, 3718 Cragmont, Dallas, Texas. 
Wheless, Bessie, (A), Mrs. G. A. Mercer, Jr., 

Box 1007, Savannah, Ga. 
Whelpley, Marjorie, '28, Mrs. S. W. Taylor, 

Jr., deceased, July 24, 1944. 
Wherry, Julia, (A), Mrs. W. Carrigan Wilson, 

deceased. May 29, 1942. 
Whinery, Charlotte, '29g, Mrs. Willard 

Champe, deceased, August 4, 193 8. 
Whipple, Mary, '3 5, Mrs. Donald R. Clark. 
Whitaker, Anna, '41g, Mrs. Joseph C. Bartel, 

822 Piedmont Avenue, Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Whitaker, Elizabeth, '42, Mrs. Richard E. 

Hook, HI, 53 04 Purlington Way, Baltimore 

12, Md. 
Whitaker, Patricia, '44g, Mrs. John S. Waters, 

Bellona and Clarke Avenues, Lutherville, 

Whitaker, Sue, '51. 
Whitaker, Virginia, '4 5g, Mrs. Henry B. Shel- 

ton, 1048 Arbor Road, Winston-Salem, 

N. C. 
White, Annie Mell, '16. 

White, Catherine, (A), M.rs. William Ayres. 
White, Dorothy F., '41g, 47 Sturgis Road, 

Bronxville 8, N. Y. 
White, Elisabeth C, '48g, 210 Richfield Ave- 
nue, Salem, Va. 
White, Elizabeth, '5 0, 21 Townsend Street, 

Walton, N. Y. 
White, Ernestine L., '44g, 90 Douglas Road, 

Rochester 10, N. Y. 
White, Eudalia, (S), Mrs. O. Emil Lohrke, 

214 Elmwynd Drive, Orange, N. J. 
White, Evelyn, '47, Mrs. Walter G. Berry, 

214 E. Edwin Circle, Memphis, Tenn. 
Whitei, Harriet, (S), Mrs. John M. Arthur, 

10 Perrin Avenue, Union, S. C. 

White, Jane, '32g, Mrs. Will'am Y. Burton, 

45 14 S. W. Highland Road, Portland 1, 

White, Jean, '40, Mrs. Edward L. Bax, 14 56 

Wilmot Road, Deerfield, 111. 
White, Julia G., '21, 5 607 Dorchester Avenue, 

Chicago, 111. 
White, Margaret, '26g, Mrs. Ellis T. Knobloch, 

23 Superior Avenue, Erie, Pa. 
White, Margaret E., '47g, 21 Townsend Street, 

Walton, N. Y. 
White, Marianne, '41g, Mrs. Thomas F. South- 
gate, Jr., 143 Rosedale Circle, Winston- 
Salem, N. C. 
White, Mary C, '44g, Mrs. L. Preston Hol- 
lander, Jr., 215 East 79th Street, New York 

21, N. Y. 
White, Mary E., '41g, 133 6 N. Ode Street, 

Apt. 1, Arlington, Va. 
White, OUvia, (A), Mrs. Lee Turlington, 

Route 13, Box 167- A, Homewood Station, 

Birmingham, Ala. 
White, Priscilla, '41, Mrs. James A. Graham, 

151 W. Burton Place, Chicago 10, 111. 
White, Rebecca, '13g, Mrs. Ernest Faesch, 

2900 Cathedral Avenue, N. W., Washing- 
ton, D. C. 
White, Velna, '12, Mrs. Sam Hostetter, c/o 

White Lumber Company, Hutchinson, Kan. 
White, Virginia, '31, Mrs. William P. Tucker, 

60 5 Roseneath Road, Richmond 21, Va. 
White, Virginia C, '43 g, 43 8 S. Manhattan 

Place, Los Angeles 5, Calif. 
Whited, Carolyn L., '37, 529 Mound Street, 

Nacogdoches, Texas. 
Whitehead, Bessie, (A). 
Whitehead, Elvira, '48, Mrs. Walter H. Morse, 

186 Milbank Avenue, Greenwich, Conn. 
Whitehead, Frances, '31g, Mrs. Henry H. 

Gooch, 3 Afton Parkway, Portsmouth, Va. 
Whitehead, Jane, '27, Mrs. Alexander T. Kerr, 

1414 East 7th Street, Hopkinsville, Ky. 
Whitehead, Martha V., '18, 1220 18th Avenue, 

Altoona, Pa. 
Whitehead, Mary, 17g, Mrs. Conrad Van Hyn- 

ing, 20 Cleremont Avenue, Port Chester, 

N. Y. 
Whitehill, Helen, (A), Mrs. Trevor Kenyan, 

Oldfield Point, Setauket, L. I., N. Y. 
Whitehill, Juliann, (S), Mrs. A. E. F?inke, 

428 Fowler Avenue, Pelham Manor, N. Y. 
Whitehouse, Elizabeth, '28, Mrs. Hart Hagin, 

3 5 93 Linwood, Cincinnati, Ohio. 
Whitehurst, Harriet C, '45, Mrs. Arthur 

Lankford, Neptune Beach, Fla. 
Whiteside, Eugenia, '3 8g, Mrs. Ernest A. Win- 
ton, 1203 Santana Street, Coral Gables 43, 

Whitford, Adelaidq, '3 5g, Mrs. Nicholas E. 

Allen, 13 Blackstone Road, Westmorelanc' 

Hills, Washington 16, D. C. 
Whitley, Dorothy, '20, Mrs. Herbert C. 

Smyth, 5 3 East 61st Street, New York 21, 

N. Y. 
Whitjock, Virginia, '2 5, Mrs. James O. Cobb, 

1200 East Morehead, Charlotte, N. C. 



Whitman, Elizabeth, (A), Mrs. Robert C. 
Hunt, c/o Mrs. W. W. Boyd, P. O. Box 67, 
Delray Beach, Fla. 
Whitman, Margaret, (S), Mrs. A. H. Lakin, 

Biltmore Apts., Apt. 3 -A, Atlanta, Ga. 
Whitmore, Gertrude, (S), Mrs. James P. Por- 
teus, 280 Bronxville Road, Bronxville, 
N. Y. 
Whitmore, Helen M., '44, 14 Grover Street, 

Auburn, N. Y. 
Whittaker, Peronne, '31g, Mrs. Robert H. 

Scott, 715-K, Cedar Lane, Teaneck, N. J. 
Whittemore, Helen, '22, Mrs. Harold H. 

Davis, 10 Edgewood Road, Saginaw, Mich. 
Whitten, E£&e, '14, Mrs. Mell Farrar, Rockfish, 


Whittet, Bessie, '17, Mrs. James W. Towsen, 

40 Glen Ridge Parkway, Glen Ridge, N. J. 

Whittington, Olive May, '40g, Mrs. Louis W. 

Elrich, 3900 Saul Road, Kensington, Md. 

Wickoff, Marguerite, (A), Mrs. Richard W. 

Wieck, Elaine, (A), Mrs. E. W. Thimmeresch. 
Wiener, Marie, '20g, Mrs. Albert Manz. 
Wiggers, Harriet, '29, Mrs. Gregory G. 
Wright, 3 344 Menlo Avenue, Station E, Cin- 
cinnati 8, Ohio. 
Wilbourn, Louise R., '46, 1511 Poplar, Mem- 

phisu Tenn. 
Wilcox, Dorothy, (A), Mrs. Schyler Mills. 
Wilcox, Elizabeth, '28, Mrs. Elizabeth W. 

Wilcox, Bennett, '39g, Mrs. Harry G. Bartlett, 
Jr., 7102 Gloster Road, Washington 16, 
D. C. 
Wilde, Frances, '19g, Mrs. Monte Bose, Route 

2, Philomath, Ore. 
Wildes, Faith, '52, 2483 Washington Street, 

Canton, Mass. 
Wiley, Janice, '3 8g, Mrs. George Adams, 29 

Bush Street, South Dartmouth, Mass. 
Wiley, Marcia D., '41, 12 Lowell Street, Port 

Washington, N. Y. 
Wiley, Nina, '2 5, Mrs. Harold Mowry. 
Wilkins, Emily, '44g, Mrs. Thomas B. Mason, 

214 Woodland Avenue, Lynchburg, Va. 
Wilkins, Julia, '3 2, Mrs. T. G. Rumberger, 

43 23 Wickford Road, Baltimore, Md. 
Wilkinson, Annie, (A), Mrs. William E. Morse, 

782 Belhaven Street, Jackson 4, Miss. 
Wilkinson, Barbara, '28, Mrs. Edward W. Mc- 
Clelland, Jr., Box 120, Little Silver, N. J. 
Wilkinson, Elizabeth, '29, Mrs. /. Saunders 
Williamson, 802 Sunset Drive, Greensboro, 
N. C. 
Wilkinson, Helen, '46, Mrs. Daniel Neel, 3 000 

University Avenue, Muncie^ Ind. 
Wilkinson, Jane, '29, Mrs. Leslie F. Banyard, 

Box 326, Little Silver, N. J. 
Wilkinson, Lillian, '3 2, Mrs. William A. Bry- 
son, Jr., 1142 West Avenue, Richmond 20, 
Wilkinson, Virsrinia, '42, Mrs. William. W. 

Will, Ruth, '26, Mrs. F. Karl Beckh, 313 
Charmian Road, Hillcrest, Richmond 21, 
Willard, Amie K., '51, 3101 Woodland Drive, 

N. W., Washington 8, D. C. 
WiUcox, Elizabeth, '28, Mrs. William W. 
Crapo, 2204 Seminole Avenue, Detroit 14, 
Willcox, Elizabeth, '3 8, Mrs. Harold G. Boiver- 

Willcox, Harriet G., '45g, c/o W. W. Moss, 

8 Peter Cooper Road, New York, N. Y. 
Willetts, Marjorie R., '44g, 11172 Olympic 

Boulevard, West Los Angeles, Calif. 
Williams, Agnes, '3 5g, Mrs. George J. Ellis, 

Arlington, Fla. 
Williams, Alice, '42, Mrs. Joseph R. Mighell, 
III, c/o C. D. Bowser, Chatsworth Gar- 
dens Apts., Larchmont, N. Y. 
Williams, Amy, (A). 

Williams, Amy M., '2 5g, Mrs. Thomas A. A. 
Hunter, The Hermitage, Marlborough, 
Wiltshire, England. 
Williams, Anne C, '43, 1764 Spring Drive, 

Louisville 5, Ky. 
Williams, Anne W., '3 8, Mrs. Roger W. Tubby, 

132 S. Adams Street, Rockville, Md. 
Williams, Barbara, '42, Mrs. Walter T. Kees. 
Williams, Bessie, (A), Mrs. H. B. Faulconer, 

Amherst, Va. 
Williams, Bettina, '27, Mrs. Charles E. Sim- 
mons, Jr., R.F.D. 5, Ridgefield, Conn. 
Williams, Catherine B., '3 0g. 
Williams, Chauncy, '44g, Mrs. Vincent Meyer, 

Jr., 206 N. Vine Street, Richmond, Va. 
Williams, Constance, '40, Mrs. Albert Gros- 

sarth, 12 5 East Avenue, Quincy, 111. 
Williams, Cordelle, (A), Mrs. George C. 

Williams, Dorothy, '48, Mrs. James L. Taylor, 

804 Sunset Drive, Greensboro, N. C. 
Williams, Eleanor, '30g, Mrs. Howard B. Sloan, 

161 Lynn Shore, Lynn, Mass. 
Williams, Elizabeth, '3 0g, Mrs. W. Kirke Gil- 
more, 2666 St. James Parkway, Cleveland 
Heights 6, Ohio. 
Williams, Elizabeth, '27, Mrs. Charles H. Cadi- 

gan, 3 2 Cosby Avenue, Amherst, Mass. 
Williams, Ehzabeth, '37g, Mrs. Harold M. 
Allison, 208 Jones Avenue, Greenville, S. C. 
Williams, Elizabeth S., '42, American Red 
Cross, Valley Forge General Hospital, Phoe- 
nixville, Pa. 
Williams, Ella, '31g, Mrs. Joseph E. Fauber, 
Jr., 3 921 Royal Boulevard, Lynchburg, Va. 
Williams, E. Jane, '37. 
Williams, Evelyn, '40g, Mrs. Knox Turnbull, 

Shadwell, Va. 
Williams, Evelyn, (A), Mrs. Vincent M. Miles, 

13 12 22nd Street, South, Arlington, Va. 
Williams, Harriet, '3 6g, Mrs. William A. Cook, 

3 1 9 Lincoln Avenue, Glencoe, 111. 
Williams, Harriet, '3 5, Mrs. Dallas Rand, 16 
Vernon Place, Bela Homes, Alexandria, Va. 


Williams, Harriet, '3 0s, Mrs. Lloyd H. Hersh- 
ber^er, 1510 Grierson Street, San Angelo, 

Williams, Helen, (A), Mrs. H. W. Batten. 

Williams, Huldah, '29g, Mrs. Barron P. Lam- 
bert, Eccleston, Md. 

Williams, Irene, '12, Mrs. William P. Oliver, 
Gatesworth Hotel, St. Louis 8, Mo. 

Williams, Jane, '44ff, Mrs. James Wann, 129 
Cinderella Road, Lookout Mountain, Tenn. 

Williams, Jessie, '17, Mrs. A. R. Troxell, Gen- 
eral Delivery, Columbia, Mo. 

Williams, June, '31g, 140 Elmhurst, Highland 
Park, Mich. 

Williams, Katharine, '34g, Mrs. Prentiss E. 
McCollum, 311 Cordova Court, Springfield, 

Williams, Laura, '41, Mrs. Robert Goodrich. 

Williams, Lillian, '3 8, Mrs. T. S. Grymes, 
Halifax Apts., Park Avenue, Richmond, Va. 

Williams, Madeleine, '3 2, Mrs. Norman H. 
Blair, 15 59 Main Street, Glastonbury, Conn. 

Williams, Margaret, '27g, Mrs. Armistead 
Bayne, North Shore Road, Lochhaven, 
Norfolk, Va. 

Williams, Margaret, '3 5, Mrs. Thornton H. 
Brooks, 415 Sunset Drive, Greensboro, 
N. C. 

Williams, Martha, '3 6g, Mrs. John F.' Tim, 
Jr., 5020 Castleman Street, Pittsburgh 6, 

Williams, Martha B., '44, 232 Buffalo Street, 
Elkins, W. Va. 

Williams, Mary, '47, Mrs. R. B. Duckett, }>7A1 
Holmer Lane, Alexandria, Va. 

Williams, Matilda E., '3 5. 

Williams, MoUie, (A), Mrs. Wade H. Wood, 
Amherst, Va. 

Williams, Ruth, '24, Mrs. Julian T. Ander- 
son, General Delivery, La JoUa, Calif, 

Williams, Sally, '42, Mrs. John W. Crawford, 


Williams,, Virginia, '18, Mrs. Joseph B. Wells, 

645 Con vers Avenue, Zanesville, Ohio. 
Williamson, Hallie, '3 0, Mrs. Patterson Cay- 
Williamson, Helen, '37g, Mrs. Wayne Dumont, 

II, 701 Hillcrest Boulevard, Phillipsburg, 

N. J. 
Williamson, jean, '28g, Mrs. Frank G. Bridges, 

Jr., deceased. May 31, 1947. 
Willis, Anna, '3 3, Mrs. William S. Elkiits, 

2911 Avalon Place, Houston, Texas. 
Willis, Kathleen, '26g, Mrs. William A. 

Peavy, 7'i(> Oneonta Street^ Shreveport, La. 
Willis, Mary Frances, '3 5g, Mrs. Werner M. 

Kempe, Box 231, Orange, Va. 
Willis, Ruth, '44g, Mrs. Claude F. Leaman, 

815 Bailey Walk, Jefferson Village, Falls 

Church, Va. 
Willis, Anna, '15, Mrs. Josiah F. Reed, 508 

North 2nd Street, Harrisburg 2, Pa. 
Willson, Cherrie, '3 9, Mrs. John L. Arrington, 

II, 6219 Newport Avenue, Norfolk 5, Va. 
Wilson, Amelia, '30g, Mrs. Andrew Corley, 

Lookout Mountain, Tenn. 

Wilson, Anita, '24, Mrs. L. Roe Campbell, 

Westmoreland Heights, Knoxville, Tenn. 
Wilson, Carolyn, '3 3g, Mrs. R. C. Hunt, 116 

East View, Lookout Mountain, Tenn. 
Wilson, Catherine, '23, Mrs. H. C. Nolen, 
c/o McKesson & Robbins, 155 East 44th 
Street, New York 17, N. Y. 
Wilson, Eleanor, '24. 
Wilson, Eleanor M., '3 0. 
Wilson, Elinor, '3 8g, Mrs. Edgar G. Gammon, 

3 27 Woodland Avenue, Lynchburg, Va. 
Wilson, Elizabeth, '18, 6524 Hemlock Street, 

Gary, Ind. 

Wilson, Ethel, '21, Mrs. John W. Hornsey, 

Jr., 3 3 Rosedale Road, Overbrook, West 

Park P. O., Philadelphia 31, Pa. 

Wilson, Frances, '41g, Mrs. Clifford Dowdey, 

25 04-A Kensington Avenue, Richmond, Va. 

Wilson, Georgie, '3 0, Mrs. Oscar A. Mockridge, 

Jr., 274 Orange Road, Montclair, N. J. 
Wilson, Grace, '16, Mrs. John Van Brunt, Jr., 

Belton Mo. 
Wilson Harriet, '31, Mrs. Murray F. Mc- 
Caslin, Oak Hill Farms, R.F.D. 2, Allison 
Park, Pa. 
Wilson, Hattie, '21, Mrs. Edward S. Diggs, 

34 Forest Lane, Bronxville N. Y. 
Wilson, Jean, '37. 
Wilson, Julia, '29g. (Mrs.), 13 5 East 5 0th 

Street, New York 22, N. Y. 
Wilson, Katherine, '14, Mrs. O. R. Sellers, 

83 5 Chalmers Place, Chicago 14, 111. 
Wilson, Lily, '40. 
Wilson, Loulie M., '12g, 1901 Columbia Road, 

Washington 9, D. C. 
Wilson, Lucy, '19, Mrs. Richard L. Dunlap, 

Belton, Mo. 
Wilson, Margaret, (A), Mrs. Ford Ballantyne, 
599 Lake Shore Drive, Grosse Pointe Shores, 
Wilson, Margaret, '41g, Mrs. Kenneth Dickey, 

1902 Ash Street, Texarkana, Ark. 
Wilson, Martha, (A), Mrs. James E. Jordan, 

511 St. Christopher Road, Richmond, Va. 
Wilson, Mary, '29. 
Wilson, Mary, '24g, Mrs. James Walker, Gor- 

donsville, Va. 
Wilson, Mary, '31,, Mrs. Fillmore N. Brist, 
c/o Mr. Preston W. Wilson, Turrell, Ark. 
Wilson, Mary, '22, Mrs. Mary W. Wright, 31 

Orchard Street, Wheeling, W. Va. 
Wilson, Mary, '3 6, Mrs. Robert W. Richard- 
son, 204 Aurora Road, Box 143, Hudson, 
Wilson Mildred, '27g, Mrs. Theodore S. Gar- 
nett, Jr., 1411 Claremont Avenue, Norfolk 
7, Va. 
Wilson, Mildred, (A), Mrs. Harry A. Gallaher, 

2 520 Palm Drive, Tampa, Fla. 
Wilson, Nancy, '3 2g, Mrs. John M. Drewry. 
Wilson, Rilma S., '3 8g, Mrs. Robert F. Allen, 
201 Monticello Apts., 13 37 E. Morehead 
Street, Charlotte 3, N. C. 
Wilson, Sara, (A), Mrs. Sara W. Faulkner. 
1210 Park Avenue, Richmond 20, Va. 


Wilson, Sarah, '3 3, Mrs. James C. Barbour, 

Ensworth Avenue, Nashville 5. Tenn. 
Wilson, Sarah, '17, Mrs. Thomas V. Ma^rnder, 

2712 Hanover Circle, Birmingham 5, Ala. 
Wilson, Susan, (A), Mrs. Lynne B. Green, 

1246 West 59th Street, Kansas City, Mo. 
Wilson, Suzanne, '3 5, Mrs. Evan W. Ruther- 
ford, 739 Foxdale, Winnetka, 111. 
Wilson, Virginia, '27g, Mrs. Edward D. Rob- 
bins, 61 Drake Road, Scarsdale, N. Y. 
Winborne, Maud, '3 5, Mrs. Southgate Leigh, 

Jr., 3 00 Colonial Avenue, Norfolk 7, Va. 
Winegarden^ Dorothy, '34„ 1650 Miller Road, 

Flint 3, Mich. 
Wing, Marjorie, '3 6, Mrs. James W. Todd, c/o 

Commander Elmer Wing, 15 66 Blandford 

Circle, Lochhaven, Norfolk 8, Va. 
Wingfield, Eleanor, (A), Mrs. Preston B. 

Watt, 3210 Seminary Avenue, Richmond, 

Wingo, Elizabeth, '23, Mrs. M. G. Crosthwait, 

684 Nowland Avenue, Birmingham, Ala. 
Winkelman, Arra Belle, '3 0, Mrs. Milton 

Haivk, 808 Farmer, Cleveland, Miss. 
Winship, Nell, '3 8„ Mrs. George Mongold, 

Olive Branch, Miss. 
Winston, Elizabeth, '11, Winston^ Va. 
Winston, Lucy, '3 8g, Mrs. David A. Works, 

North Conway, N. H. 
Winter, Helen, '41, Mrs. R. S. Clobridge, 618 

Greendale, Glenview, 111. 
Wise, Margaret, '23„ Mrs. Ben P. O'Neal, Jr., 

3 20 5 Vista Circle, Macon, Ga. 
Wise, Winifred, '3 5. 

Withers, Katherine, (A), Mrs. P. W. Hamil- 
ton, c/o Mr. Alfred W. Withers, Naxera, 

Witherspoon, Martha, '46, Mrs. Carl Brannan, 

2837 20th Place, Ensley, Birmingham, Ala. 
Withington, Daphne, '42g, Mrs. Willard G. 

Adams, 18 E. Greywood Avenue, Shanks 

Village, Orangeburg, N. Y. 
Witmer, Mary, (A), Mrs. D. R. Pierson, 3 07 

E. Rose Terrace, Lake Forest, 111. 
Woelfel, Florence, '21g, 2620 Lakeview Avenue, 

Chicago 14, 111. 
Wolcott, Helen B., '3 5g, 19 West Kirke Street, 

Chevy Chase 15, Md. 
Wolf, Ellen, '21g, Mrs. J. Gains Halsey, Spray, 

N. C. 
Wolf, Louise, '2 5, Mrs. Robert W. Stark, 90 

Main Street, Nantucket, Mass. 
Wolfe, Lois, '3 6, Mrs. Hugh M. Shwab, Jr., 

4010 Napanee Road, Louisville, Ky. 
Wolff, Margaret,, '23, Mrs. John K. Blair, 3930 

Dalewood Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Wolff, Ruth, (A). Mrs. Ralph Nicholson. 
Wolfstein, Therese, (A), Mrs. R. P. Gold- 
man, 3 560 Interwood, Cincinnati 20, Ohio. 
Womack, Pauline, '3 8, Mrs. George S. Swan, 

22 5 Garden Lane, Saginaw, Mich. 
Wood, Bonnie, '34k, Mrs. Donald B. Stookey, 
3 3 Summit Drive, Hastings-on-Hudson, 
N. Y. 
Wood, Deborah, '42g, Mrs. William S. Davis, 
Jr., River Park, White Plains, N. Y. 

Wood, Dorothy, '3 6, Mrs. Herman Schir- 

macher, Amherst, _Va. 
Wood, Elizabeth, '27g, Mrs. Charles G. Mc- 

Mullan, 1120 West Avenuet, Richmond 20, 

Wood, Ella, (A), Mrs. Joseph S. Gibson. 
Wood, Elsie, '24g, Mrs. Richard Von Maur, 

2915 Middle Road, Davenport, Iowa. 
Wood, Eva, (A), Mrs. Fred F. Stump, Starke, 

Wood, Isabel, '19g, Mrs. Homer A. Holt, 

Remsen's Lane, Box 176., Oyster Bay, L. I., 

N. Y. 
Wood, LiUian, '30, Mrs. James R. Waller, 

Wickliffe, Gahanna, Ohio. 
Wood, Lillian Lee, '28g, 2702 Monument Ave- 
nue, Richmond 20, Va. 
Wood, Louise, '3 5, Mrs. Donald Koonce, 204 

North 15th Street, Wilmington, N. C. 
Wood, Lucie A., '49g, King WiUiam, Va. 
Wood, Martha, '28g, Mrs. Melville H. Hosch. 
Wood, Mary Adeline, '45, 406 Accomac Road, 

Wyncote, Pa. 
Wood, Mary Evelyn, '34g, Mrs. Lawrence W. 

Littrell, Amherst, Va. 
Wood, Mary Frances, '47g, 90 Wilson Avenue, 

Rutherford, N. J. 
Woodard, Elizabeth, '20 Mrs. Norman B. 

Scott, III, Cameo Apts., Pass-a-Grill, Fla. 
Woodard, Grace, (A), Mrs. John F. House, 

Warner Park Apts., Nashville 5, Tenn. 
Woodard, Grace, '45, Watson Drive, Wilson, 

N. C. 
Woodard, Virginia, (A), Mrs. W.^P. Dodson, 

Jr., Holly Road, Virginia Beach, Va. 
Woodbridge, Laura, (A), Mrs. Charles J. Fos- 
ter, 1215 N. Pennsylvania Street, Apt. 10 5, 

Indianapolis, Ind. 
Woodruflf, Louise, '43g, Mrs. John E. Angst, 

711 Brier Street, Kenilworth, 111. 
Woods, Anne, '44g, Mrs. Walter P. Guzzardi, 

1722 19th Street, N. W., Washington, D. C. 
Woods, Douglas, '42g, Mrs. Charles W. Sprunt, 

2126 Connecticut Avenue, N. W., Washing- 
ton, D. C. 
Woods, Eleanor, '3 5, Mrs. Richard E. Cotton. 
Woods, Elizabeth, '29, Mrs. John B. Meek, 

203 6th Avenue, Huntington 1, W. Va. 
Woods, Jacquelin, '51, Mrs. Kenneth A. Gor- 
man, 103 Milbrook Road, Baltimore, Md. 
Woods, Margaret D., '49g, Mrs. John Tillett, 
Jr., Apt. 5, 916 Bromley Road, Charlotte, 

N. C. 
Woods, Margaret, '40g, Mrs. Louis C. Gillette, 
860 5 Colby Lane, R.F.D. 1, Birmingham, 
Woods, Marjorie, '44g, Mrs. Rushton M. Wil- 
liamson, R.F.D. 2, Prairie View, 111. 
Woodson, Edith, '13, Mrs. John S. Ewing, Box 

172, Newellton, La. 
Woodward, Amelia, '29g, Mrs. Maurice Davier, 

Woods End Road, Darien, Conn. 
Woodward, Cecil, '29g, Mrs. Johnson Hooton, 

78 5 Walden Road, Winnetka, 111. 
Woodward, Elizabeth, '28, Mrs. Henry Jeffers, 
Jr., Dey Road, Plainsboro, N. J. 


Woodward, Gladys, '24g, Mrs. L. Marsden 

Hubbard, 210 Terry Road, Hartford 24, 

Woodward, Helen M., '40, 73 93 Poe Avenue, 

Detroit 6, Mich. 
Woodward, Louise, '3 3, Mrs. Charles D. Htirtt, 

207 Patuxent Road, Laurel, Md. 
Woodward, M. Antoinette, '2 5, Mrs. Alexander 

P. Blankinship, Calle 15 Num 952, Vedado, 

Havana, Cuba. 
Woodward, Martha, '2 5, Mrs. F. A. Van Pat- 
ten, Cavalier Shores, Virginia Beach, Va. 
Woodward, Pauline, '31g, Mrs. Robert Hill, 

1260 Michigan Avenue, Cincinnati 8, Ohio. 
Woodward, Stella, '27, Mrs. Roger Holden. 
Woodworth, Mary, '3 0, Mrs. John Wilkin, 

5410 Aberdeen Road, Kansas City 3, Kan. 
Wooledge, Elizabeth, '31, Mrs. Howard B. 

Hamilton, 510 Merwyn Road, Narberth, Pa. 
Woolf, Mabel, (A), Mrs. Raymond W. Wil- 
liams, 1031 20th Street, Greeley, Colo. 
Woollcott, Elizabeth,, '24, Mrs. John S. Stan- 

ier, 269 Redondo Road, Youngstown 4, 

Wooten, Charlotte, '29, Mrs. Riifus W. Orr, 

Decatur, Ala. 
Wootton, Esther M., '2 5, deceased. 
Word, Jane, '3 3, Mrs. Robert S. Driscoll. 
Workman, Betty, '3 3, Mrs. John F. Wright, 

444 N. Crest Road, Chattanooga, Tenn. 
Works, Margaret P., '51, 849 S. Lincoln 

Avenue, Salem, Ohio. 
Workum, Hannah, '18, Mrs. Herbert C. 

Schwab, 678 Crescent, Avondale, Cincinnati, 

Worman, Ruth, '23i, Mrs. Ralph Bowen. 
Worsley, Moselle, '3 8g, Mrs. Ouigg Fletcher, 

800 Peachtree Drive, Columbus, Ga. 
Worth, Florence E., '27, Cairo, N. Y. 
Wortham, Clara, (A), Mrs. Howard H. Tay- 
lor, 414 King's Court, San Antonio, Texas. 
Worthington, Elizabeth C, '50, Ruxton 4, 

Worthington, Evelyn, '28, Mrs. Edward A. 

Henry, River Road, Trenton, N. J. 
Worthington, Glen, '3 3, Mrs. G. W. HoUoway, 

211 West 11th Street, New York 14, N. Y. 
Worthington, Helen, '37, Mrs. Benjamin 

Smithey, deceased, June 26, 1940. 
Worthington, Julia, '39g, Mrs. Calvin C. Lom- 
bard, 6013 Wynnwood Road, Washington 

16, D. C. 
Worthington, Mary, '41g, Mrs. J. C. Foster, 

Lime Kiln Lane, Louisville, Ky. 
Worthington, Nancy C, '31g, B-11 Lexington 

Apts., Lynchburg, Va. 
Wray, Alice, '24, Mrs. J. A. Bailey, 23 66 

Lakeside Place, Highland Park, 111. 
Wright, Agnes, '3 5, Mrs. William J. Yates. 
Wright, Barbara A., '43, 76 Ranch, Bonita, 

Wright, Catherine, (A), Mrs. James E. Hill, 

Route 2, Staples, Minn. 
Wright, Christina, '45g. 

Wright, Clara L., '13, 370 Prospect Street, 

La Jolla, Calif. 
Wright, Eleanor, '32g, Mrs. Theodore Conway, 

2 805 Davis Avenue, Alexandria, Va. 
Wright, Eleanor, '37, Mrs. William S. R. Beane, 

111, Gabriel's Landing, Wrightsville Sound, 

N. C. 
Wright, Elizabeth, (A). 
Wright, Eva, (A), Mrs. Albert H. Marion. 
Wright, Hannah, '3 3, Mrs. John K. Rainier. 
Wright, Hathaway, '22, Mrs. Hollis Rinehart, 

Jr., 1243 Asturia Avenue^ Coral Gables, 34, 

Wright, La Vonne, '47g, Mrs. James Lebahn, 

Route 1, Sedalia, Mo. 
Wright, Lucille M., '48, 2 5 02 Dalrymple 

Drive, Baton Route 13, La. 
Wright, Margaret E., '39, 2400 16th Street. 

Washington, D. C. 
Wright, Mary, '46, Mrs. Meredith Caldwell. 

Jr., Scotland Placei, Belle Meade, Nashville, 

Wright, Rebecca, '3 9, Mrs. Charles F. Myers, 

2005 Granville Road, Greensboro, N. C. 
Wright, Sarah E., '44, Keswick, Va. 
Wright, Virginia, '42, 502 West 3rd Avenue, 

Corsicana, Texas. 
Wrightnour, Dorothy, '29, 153 5 Sanderson 

Avenue, Scranton, Pa. 
Wuerdeman, Helen, '3 8, Mrs. William Funck, 

6223 Plainfield Road, Cincinnati 27i, Ohio. 
Wunsch, Betty, '34, Mrs. Albert D. Thomas, 

Wurzbach, Virginia, '48g, Mrs. Richard S. 

Vardy, 443 South 3 4th Street, Arlington, 

Wyckoff, Dorothy, '28, Mrs. Dorothy E. Mac- 

Murdo, 120 Mountain Avenue, Somerville, 

N. J. 
Wyckofif, Irene, '40g, Mrs. David B. Gustaf- 

Wylie, Nancy Louise, '47, 639 King Street, 

Pottstown, Pa. 
Wyman, Cynthia P., 51, Old Indian Hill Road, 

Indian Hill, Cincinnati 27, Ohio. 
Wyman, Elizabeth, (A), Mrs. W. Sterling 

Edwards, Jr. 
Wynn, Mary Lee, '3 5, Mrs. Daniel G. Talboft, 

3712 Cresthaven, Ft. Worth 7, Texas. 
Wynn, Virginia 0-, '46g, 3 2 Eastover Park, 

Louisville, Ky. 

Yancey, Caroline A., (S). 

Yancey, Mary, (S). 

Yates, Dorothy, (A), Mrs. A. B. Frese, Box 

2 3 2, Springhill, Ala. 
Yerkes, Marion, (S), Mrs. Edwin H. Barlow, 

869 Salem Avenue, Elizabeth 3, N. J. 
Yoe, Francoise, '43, Mrs. Charles Schneider, 

The Veterans Administration Hospital, Mc- 

Kinney, Texas. 
Yohn, Barbara, '29, Mrs. John Prothero, Royal 

Yorke Apt., Bigelow Boulevard, Pittsburgh 

13, Pa. 
Yost, Martha, '52, Myra Barnes Avenue, Pike- 

ville, Ky. 



Yougene, Elizabeth, '48, Mrs. Hunter Johnson. 
Youmans, Cecily, '48g, Apt. D, 328 West 87th 

Street, New York 11, N. Y. 

c/o Mrs. Marvin Ross, New York 11, N. Y. 
Young, Anna, '34, Mrs. C. F. Adams, Jr., 

320 D Street, S. W., Ardmore, Okla. 
Young, Carrie, '3 6g, Mrs. Peter S. Gilchrist, 

Jr., 1963 Sterling Road, Charlotte 4, N. C. 
Young, Dorothy, '3 J, Mrs. Robert A. Patneau, 

2518 Manchester Road, Toledo, Ohio. 
Young, Edwina, '46g, Mrs. Douglas Call, Jr., 

1178 University Station, Charlottesville, Va. 
Young, Elizabeth, '32, Mrs. Charles J. Faulk, 

Jr., Muluihill Street, Vicksburg, Miss. 
Young, Ethel, '3 9, Mrs. William C. Ragin, Jr., 

c/o Mrs. T. B. Lovelace, Forest City, N. C. 
Young, Estelle, '30. 

Young, Frances, '18, Mrs. L. B. F Union. 
Young, Margaret, '37, Mrs. V. Gilbert Nielsen, 

4016 Via Leage Vista, Palos Verdes, Calif. 
Young, Mary, '3 6g, Mrs. Thomas Turner, Jr., 

5809 Augusta Lane, Washington 16, D. C. 
Young, Mary, '34, Mrs. John W. Van Siclen, 

88-65 193rd Street, HoUis, L. L, N. Y. 
Young, Rachel, '29, Crocker House, New 

London, Conn. 
Young, Rebecca, •3 5g, Mrs. James N. Frazer, 

565 W. Wesley Road, N. W., Atlanta, Ga. 
Younis, Helen, '45. 

Zabriskie, Margaret, (S), Mrs. Forrest Stock- 
Zachry, Emily, '29, Mrs. J. C. Ansley, 162 

Katherine Court, San Antonio, Texas. 
Zaegel, Elsie, '12g, Mrs. I. C. Thomas, 15 

North Point Drive, Sheboygan, Wise. 
Zartman, Dorothy, '30, Mrs. C. M. Zaenglein, 

4464 Richmond Avenue, Shreveport 5 5, La. 
Zeehandelaar, Lois, '17, Mrs. J. C. Sheedy. 
Zeisler, Wilma, '41g, Mrs. Henry R. Lee, 107 

Meridian Street, Rutherfordton, N. C. 
Zelie, Sandra, '5 3, Box 527, Pinehurst, N. C. 
Zellers, Helen, '3 8. 
Zeuch, Catherine, '23g, Mrs. Burton E. Forster, 

223 8 Pone de Leon Circle, Vero Beach, Fla. 
Zick, Gloria, '43, Mrs. Lowell M. Sigars, 7100 

Village Drive, Mission, Kan. 
Zielsdorf, Helen, '23, Mrs. Hugo J. Beuscher, 

2412 E. Newton Avenue, Milwaukee, Wise. 
Zoller, Sarah, '3 3. 
Zulick, Elizabeth, '45g, Mrs. Donald Renter, 

3 29 York Avenue, Towanda, Pa. 
Zulick, Isabel^ '47g, 514 South 42nd Street, 

Philadelphia, Pa. 


Names of some inactive alumnae have been omitted from this listing at their request. 

See married list for maiden names. 

Refer to alphabetical listing according to maiden name for street address 



Leila Carrington 

Mrs. William W. Cross 

Mrs. Tames C. Weatherbv 


Mrs. Reed Wood 


Mrs. Andrew Allison 
Mrs. Thomas T- Adams 
Patricia Armes 
Mrs. Jack Barlow- 
Mrs. Samuel L. Brentnall 
Mrs. Arthur L Chenoweth 
Mrs. Hugh M. Comer 
Mrs. Nathaniel E. Cross 
Mrs. M. G. Crosthwait 
Eloise Davis 
Emilv Davis 
Mrs. Tohn F. De Buys 
Mrs. W. Sterhng Edwards, jr. 
Mrs. William Ellis 
Mrs. James A. Ferry 
Elizabeth Forsyth 
Mrs. Tohn L. Frothingham 
Mrs. Alexander C. Garber 
Mrs. Bernard Gause 
Mrs. Tennings F. Gillem 
Mrs. Hubert Goings 
Barbara Hahn 
Margaret Ham 
Mrs. Tohn C. Hampton 
Mrs. Frank W. Hulse 
Mrs. Elvert Temison 
Mrs. William Temison 
Mrs. Gilbert Tohnston 
Mrs. Tames C. Lee, Jr. 
Mrs. Henry S. Lynn 
Mrs. Thomas V. Magruder 
Mrs. David H. Marbury, Tr. 
Mrs. Pettersen Marzoni 
Mrs. M. W. Matthews 
Mrs. S. V. McClelland 
loan McCoy 
Mrs. Terome Meyer 
Mrs. Frederick Middleton, Jr. 
Mrs. James J. Monaghan 
Mrs. Marvin B. Morrison 
Mrs. Howard Moss 
Mrs. L. P. Munger 
Mrs. William T. Ratliff, Jr. 
Mrs. Tohn B. Rudulph 
Mrs. Henry G. Seibels, Jr. 
Mrs. Tram Sessions 
Mrs. Paul Shasy 
Mrs. Richard Sherrill 
Mrs. Ralph B. Tate 
Mrs. Tyler H. Taylor, Jr. 
Mrs. Lee Turlington 

Mrs. Samuel E. Upchurch 
Mrs. Cornelius D. Vaughan 
Rosalie Weaver 
Mrs. Meade Whitaker 
Mrs. Charles C. Williams 
Mrs. William M. Woodall, Jr. 


Mrs. Troy Brannan 

Mrs. Thomas E. McMillan 


Mrs. Earl M. McGowin 


Mrs. Philip A. Sellers 


Mrs. Richard B. Westnedge 


Mrs. Rufus W. Orr 

En f aula 

Mrs. Robert P. Kennedy 


Mrs. Kenneth C. Darby 

Mrs. Samuel W. Kendall 

Mrs. Uhland Redd, Jr. 

Fort Deposit 

Mrs. Ton D. Lamar 


Mrs. F. T. Hamilton 

Mrs. James B. Pressly 

Mrs. Warren Smith 

Anita Wadsworth 

Mrs. William Mc. Wadsworth 


Mrs. John W. McCaleb, Jr. 

Bess Pratt 

Mrs. Charles E. Shaver 

Mrs. Warren S. Sockwell 


Dorothy Allen 

Mrs. Howard Barney 

Mrs. Claude C. Bullock 

Mrs. Dick Deshon 

Mrs. Frank Ellis, Tr. 

Mrs. WiUiam N. Hunter, Jr. 

Mrs. Francis M. Inge 

Amalie Koehler 

Mrs. Stewart A. LeBlanc 

Willie Neville 

Anne Spencer 

Mrs. Harry W. Thompson 

Mrs. Richard F. Turner 

Celia Webb 


Mrs. Charles A. Ball 

Mrs. Carl W. Bear 


Raymond Boykin 
Tack L. Chambliss 
Tohn Danziger 
lames W. Davis, Tr. 
Henry T. Fitzpatrick 
Toe Garland 
Barry Harmon 
Leo H. Heintz 
Wiley C. Hill 
Kaea Humphrey 
W. M. Marks, Tr. 
W. I. Milwee 
Clyde Pearson 
C. Arnold Smith 
Francis M. Thigpen, Jr. 
Alfred P. Thomasson 
Thomas R. Thrasher 


Helen Hunter 


Mrs. Tohn P. Furniss 


Katherine Cooke 

Mrs. Barton C. Isbell 

Mrs. George Morris, Tr. 


Mrs. A. B. Frese 

Mrs. Toseph Locke 


Mary Tones 


Mrs. Robert Arrington 

Mrs. Dora B. Lacy 

Anna Moody 

Mrs. Tonathan W. Warner 

Mrs. William Washburn 

Mrs. Robert L. Yoder 

Union Springs 

Mrs. Charles M. Thornton 


Mrs. Willard P. Young 

Margaret Binger 
Mary Semple 


Mrs. Tames Stitt 


Barbara Wright 

Mrs. William W. Davies 
Mrs. J. Irvine Emmott 



Mrs. Sarah Browne Dunbar 

Mrs. Willis Nelson, Jr. 

Mrs. Tom B. Rollow 


Mrs. Virginia Lewis Duerr 

Mrs. George K. Stead 


Mrs. M. D. Sarbev 



Mrs. L. K. McMillan 

Bates ville 

Mrs. Archie G. Adams 

Mrs. Melville F. Highsmith 

El Dorado 

Mrs. Hugh Sample 

Forrest City 

Mrs. M. G. Harrison 

Mrs. Charles W. Norton 

Tort Smith 

Mrs. S. W. Creekmore, Tr. 

Mrs. Thomas P. Foltz 

Mrs. Keith Tackson 

Ann Sims 

Marv Sims 


Ruth Faulkner 

Mrs. Macon Kirkman, Jr. 

Hot Springs 

Mrs. Russey Brown 


Mrs. Robert B. Snowden, Jr- 

Little Rock 

Frances H. Atkinson 

Mrs. Foster Cochran 

Mrs. Willis W. Tohnson, Jr. 

Mrs. William E. King, Jr. 

Mrs. Sam T. Kuykendall 

Mrs. Robert P. Lindsey 

Mrs. E. Fletcher Lord 

Nancy G. Moses 

Mrs. William Rector 

Mrs. Lusk F. Robinson 

Mrs. Herbert A. Trask, Jr. 

Mrs. Morris Solomon 

Mrs. William G. Utterback 

Mrs. Frank E. Wait 

Mrs. William P. Witsell, Jr. 


Mrs. Samuel Trimble 


Mrs. Oliver McClintock 

Mrs. Robert McClintock 


Mrs. William L. Jacobs 

Pine Bluff 

Mrs. John K. Walker 


Mrs. Emmet O'Neil 


Mrs. Kenneth Dickey 

Mildred Pharr 


Mrs. Fillmore N. Brist 



Mrs. Robert S. Farrell 

Al ham bra 

Mrs. L. E. Kelly 


Mrs. Paul C. Eaton 

Mrs. Dixon H. Kirkpatrick 

Mrs. Frederic Monhofif 


Mrs. Thomas M. Chapman 


Shirley Cobb 

Balboa Island 

Mrs. W. H. Hitchman 


Mrs. Tohn Ellis Daley 


Mrs. A. Kent Balls 

Frederica Bernhard 

Mrs. T. Hall Brehme, Jr. 

Mrs. Robert W. Lindsay 

Mrs. Ray P. Perry, Jr. 

Beverly Hills 

Mrs. Ward R. Hickok 

Mrs. Frederic H. Sturdy 


Mrs. Nathan A. Tufts, ]r. 


Mrs. Harris B. Duncan, Jr. 

Mrs. E. F. O'Shea 

Mrs. William D. Yerkes 


Mary Kraus 

Mrs. Joseph D. Mobley 


Mrs. Tames P. Rowan 


Mrs. William J. Aicklen, Jr. 

Anna Christian 

Mrs. William Hillyer 

El Cerrito 

Mrs. Hugh W. Davy 


Mrs. Albert LaVague 


Mrs. Chester DeF. Adams 

Glen dale 

Katherine Agard 

Mrs. B. Frank Crolley, Jr. 

Mrs. Hal H. Ferguson 

Mrs. S. Copeland Palmer, Jr. 


Mrs. Lingan A. Warren 

La Canada 

Mrs. Percy H. Sheedy 

La Jolla 

Mrs. Julian T. Anderson 

Mrs. Joseph D. Brummet 

Linda Wright 

Long Beach 

Mrs. Kurtz Ballou 

Mrs. T. F. McCarry 

Mrs. Voigt Quarles 

Mrs. Montague R. Ward, Jr. 

Los Angeles 

Mrs. Henry M. Bateman 

Mrs. Tames Bowie 

B. Baxter Brown 

Mrs. Francis H. Conrad 

Mildred K. Featherslon 

Mrs. Karl F. Geiser 

Mrs. Hortense Gilbert 

Barbara Godfrey 

Mrs. p.. T. Gorden 

Mrs. B. D. Hardwick 

Mrs. W. F. Jenkins 

Mrs. Bert Knight 

Mrs. Rolla Lawry 

Mrs. Harold Lewis 

Carolyn Mann 

Mrs. T. Garrison Morfit 

Mrs. Lanford Slaton 

Mrs. W. E. Tempel 

Virginia White 

Mill Valley 

Mrs. Robert D. Norton 

Moifett Field 

Mrs. Alfred C. Olney, Jr. 

Mountain View 

Mrs. Phaon B. Derr, Jr. 

Newport Beach 

Mrs. J. A. Gurley 


Mrs. Sherman J. Leonard 



Mrs. Arthur A. Barricks 

Helen Dittenhaver 


Mrs. Valentine Brookes 

Palo Alto 

Mrs. Richard W. Bridges 

Mrs. Bruce McKennan 

Talcs Verdes 

Mrs. V. Gilbert Nielsen 


Mariorie Babcock 

Mrs. S. P. Bittner 

Mrs. William S. Clark 

Mrs. Llovd Coates 

Mrs. William M. Hopkins 

Emilv Kersev 

Mrs. Don G. Petty 

Elizabeth Smith 


Mrs. Herman T- Brueckner 

Mrs. Western Losan 


Mrs. W. K. McAfee 


Mrs. Robert R. Caldwell 

Mrs. Tohn B. Payne, Jr. 


Mrs. H. G. Farrar 

St. Helena 

Mrs. Roderick S. Rooney 

San Anselmo 

Mrs. Tohn B. Boothby 

Mrs. R. W. Pendergrass 

San Bernardino 

Mrs. Hobart Hanf 

Mrs. Charles A. McGowan 

San Dieso 

Mrs. Richard Cromwell, Jr. 

Mrs. R. G. Thompson 

San Francisco 

Mrs. Herman V. Boley 

Mrs. Charles W. Carnan, Jr. 

Mrs. Edward Casey 

Katherine Coesins 

Mrs. John M. Cutler III 

Mrs. Walter C. Fell 

Mrs. Michael P. Ferro 

Mrs. Thomas B. Jones 

Marion Lambert 

Mrs. Tohn W. Luxford 

Mrs. James E. McKenna 

Mrs. William E. Means 

Mrs. Edmund W. Overstreet 

Mrs. O'Wighton D. Simpson 

Mrs. Lanehprne Washburn 

Virginia Watts 

Mrs. Kirkpatrick Winston 

San Gabriel 

Mrs. John H. M. Coller 

Mrs. Howard W. Wright, Jr 

San Marino 

Mrs. Daniel B. Esterly 
Mrs. David C. Herlihy 
Mrs. Thayer T. Hills 
Mrs. Hugh L. Macneil 
Mrs. Harry L. Nelson 

San Mateo 

Mrs. Donald S. Bussey 

Mrs. William Y. Quinn 

Mrs. Stanton K. St. Peter 

Santa Ana 

Mrs. William C. Croft 

Santa Barbara 

Mary Anna Wheeler 


Mrs. Robert F. Brown 


Elva Sams 

Van Nuys 

Mrs. Walter Reed 

Walnut Creek 

Mrs. Tames Adkin^ 

West Los An<ieles 

Mariorie Willetts 


Colorado Spriti^s 
Mrs. Wiley Blair, Jr. 


Harris E. Hart 


Mrs. William C. Ackard 

Mrs. Eugene H. Adams 

Mrs. William K. Brown, Jr. 

Mrs. Fred C. Caldren 

Mrs. Peter H. Holme 

Mrs. Tohn B. Hull 

Mrs. T. Colin Tames 

Mrs. W. H. Kates, Tr. 

Mrs. Hugh M. Kelly 

Mrs. Charles R. Kendrick 

A. lane Lawder 

Mrs. Henry D. Mitchell 

Mrs. Tarlton Morrow 

Frances Newby 

Dorothy Slagle 

Mrs. Tohn L. Sneed 

Mrs. George C. Sweeney 

Gertrude T. Thams 

Mrs. Richard Tull 

Mrs. Wayne L. Van Vleet 

Mrs. Toseph G. Wagner 

Mrs. Patrick Westfeldt 
Mrs. George Alan Willis 

Fort Morgan 

Mrs. George L. Cooper 


Mrs. Tohn C. Todd 

Mrs. Raymond W. Williams 


Mrs. William S. Iliflf, Jr. 


Mrs. Carl E. Tohnson 


Mrs. Harry VanBibber Gam- 


Br an ford 

Mrs. Edward Stainbrook 

Mrs. Tosiah G. Venter 


Mrs. H. Sumner Farwell 


Mrs. O. T. Allaire 

Mrs. Sidney W. Wray, Jr. 


Mrs. Frank E. Calhoun 

Cornwall Bridge 

Mrs. Peter D. Geer 

Cos Cob 

Mrs. Arnold B. Craven 


Mrs. Harris Smith 


Mrs. Maurice Davier 

Mrs. Edwin P. Ganzel 

Mrs. Robert B. Hobbs 

Mrs. William F. Kelly, Tr. 

Mrs. Herbert R. Potter 

Mrs. Peter C. Scribner 

Mrs. Donald G. Tarpley 

Falls Village 

M. Eleanor McNeil 


Mrs. Frederick R. Downs, Tr. 


Mrs. Norman H. Blair 

Mrs. Cecil H. Buik 
Mrs. Howard W. Cutler 
Mrs. Edward Elliott 
Mrs. S. Lewis Hutcheson 
Mrs. Walter H. Morse 


Mrs. Reginald O. Shaw- 
Mrs. Donald E. Tinkess 
Anne Warren 
Mrs. Arthur C. Wrothnowski 


Mrs. Tohn E. Holt 


Catherine Cox 

Margaret Hirshson 

Mrs. L. Marsden Hubbard 


Mrs. Rodman W. Chamberlain 


Mrs. Tohn E. Kingsbury 


Mrs. Florence Carey 


Mrs. John C. Stoddard 

Mrs. Harry R. Thurber, Jr. 


Mrs. Spencer H. Miller 


Mrs. Charles D. Tuttle 


Mrs. Gerard G. Barber 

Mount Carmel 

Mrs. Frank S. Rutherford 

Mrs. Tohn L Wheatley 


Mrs. Donald G. MacVicar 

New Britain 

Tune Allen 

New Canaan 

Mrs. Tristram Dunn 

Mrs. Storrs Haynes 

Mrs. Tohn R. Milligan 

New Haven 

Mary Scribner Rich 

Netv London 

J. Judith Clippinger 

Rachel L. Young 


Mrs. Albert F. Clear 


Mrs. R. Conrad 

Mrs. Tacob Cooper 

Old Greenwich 

Mrs. Edwin B. Brooks 

Mrs. Kate O. Houston 

Mrs. A. F. Kitchel, Jr. 

Mrs. Carl M. Lynge, Jr. 

Mrs. Ivan C. Miller 

Mrs. Tames H. Moulder 

Mrs. Guy C. Steeves 


Mrs. Roderick R. Washburn 


Mrs. Robert Manshel 


Mrs. Charles E. Simmons, Tr- 


Mrs. David J. Piel 


Mrs. Coleman S. Williams 


Mrs. Albert J. Kelley 


Mrs. G. Vernon Eads 

South Norwalk 

Mrs. A. S. Howe, Tr. 


Mrs. B. Franklin Bulkley 

Mrs. Homer Jewitt 


Mrs. O. E. Cesare 

Susan Corning 

Mrs. William B. Crane, Tr. 

Mrs. Edward E. Lawrence 

Mrs. Roger Nowland 

Mrs. Donald Talbot 

Mrs. Frank J. Wenning 

Mrs. Karl Young, Tr. 

Stebney Depot 

Mrs. Walter K. Gutman 


Mrs. Morgan P. Dickerman 

Mrs. Peter P. Hale 

Mrs. Lucius F. Maltby, Tr. 


Mrs. Georee W. Young 

West Hartford 

Mrs. Louis O. de Ronge 

Mrs. Gordon Kyle 

Mrs. Paul G. Miller 


Mrs. Charles R. Abry 

Mrs. William R. Bomar 

Mrs. E. Hall Faile 

Mrs. Kenneth B. Harding 

Helen Holden 

Mrs. Robert Lawson 

Mrs. Reuben Maury 


Mrs. Frederick H. Anderson 

Mrs. Charles W. Lippitt 



Mrs. Madison Hunt 


Mrs. Howard E. Lynch, Tr. 


Mrs. Welton W. Harris 


Mrs. Toseph T. Crowe, Tr. 


Mrs. T. Raymond Tustin 

Mrs. Tohn B. Miles, Tr. 

New Castle 

Mrs. T. E. Dillon 

Richardson Park 

Mrs. Robert Beste 

Sea ford 

Mrs. William Ranken 


Mrs. Richard E. Allen 

Helen Bond 

Mrs. William Bond 

Mrs. Hamilton Bradshaw 

Mrs. Robert M. Brown 

Mrs. David B. Canby 

Marian Chaffee 

Mrs. George H. Cross, Tr. 

Mrs. Robert T. DeVore 

Nancy Doom 

Mrs. Tohn E. Flaherty 

Mrs. Hanson H. Hodge 

Mrs. E. Leigh Johnson, Tr. 

Mrs. Toseph C. Kavanagh 

Kathryn Lubs 

Mrs. Tackson Marvel 

Mrs. George Pope 

Mrs. Earl Ridler 

Mrs. Buckley C. Robbins 

Mrs. Walter R. Robinson, Tr. 

Mrs. Tohn F. Scheetz 

Mrs. T. M. Schneider, Tr. 

Mrs. Henry P. Scott III 

Mrs. Tohn B. Tepe 

Mrs. George G. Thouron 

Mrs. Earl H. Via 

Mrs. Frederick E. Wintzer 


Mrs. Alonzo H. Adkins 

Mrs. Nicholas E. Allen 

Margaret Banister 

Mary Elizabeth Barbour 

Betty Tane Bartelt 

Mrs. Harry G. Bartlett, Tr. 

Elizabeth Beltz 

Mrs. William G. Brantley 

Mrs. Frank H. Briganti 

Ann Briggs 

Frances Browder 

Suzanne Brown 

Virginia Burgess 

Mrs. Tohn W. Burke, Jr. 

Cecil L. Butler 


Felicia Camm 

Mrs. Toseph Chappell 

Mrs. Thomas C. Clay 

Mrs. Thomas P. Corwin 

Louise Currey 

Mrs. Lval A. Davidson 

Mrs. Thomas D. Davies 

Mrs. Richard Dunn 

Henrianne Early 

Tulia Easley 

Mrs. Norman T. Engel 

Katherine Estes 

Mrs. Peyton R. Evans 

Mrs. Earnest Faesch 

Mrs. Herbert P. Fales 

Mrs. John M. Fearing 

Mrs. Harry E. Fisher 

Mrs. Wheeler Y. Fisher 

Suzanne Fitzgerald 

Anna Flannery 

Mrs. Robert H. Flinn 

Elizabeth Foree 

Mrs. Loren H. Fryer 

Tuanita Cans 

Mrs. Theodore N. Gill, Tr. 

Mrs. Charles B. GriflSth 

Tane Guthe 

Mrs. Alexander P. Guyol 

Mrs. Walter P. Guzzardi 

Mrs. Tames R. Heiskell 

McCall Henderson 

Elisabeth Hicks 

Priscilla Holcombe 

Mrs. Stanley K. Hornbeck 

Nancy Horton 

Mrs. Charles Hulvey 

Mrs. Beard Huntington 

Mrs. Lawrence Tacobsen 

Mrs. Paul B. Keenan 

Elizabeth Kernan 

Ann Klepinger 

Marie S. Klooz 

Mrs. H. Franklin Kreuzberg 

Mrs. George G. Kundahl 

Audrey Lahman 

Mildred Larimer 

Mrs. Tay LeFevre 

Mrs. Tames B. Lewis 

Mrs. Calvin C. Lombard 

Mrs. Henrv F. Lowman, T'- 

Emily Mackall 

Mrs. Paul Maynard 

Mrs. F. S. McConnell 

Mrs. Tohn H. Midlen 

Mrs. William A. Molster 

Mrs. George R. Monthan 

Mrs. Tohn A. Moreno 

Mrs. Minot C. Mulligan 

Mrs. Toseph Ney 

Alice Nicolson 

Mrs. Tack C. Northam 

Anne Noves 

Martha Anne O'Brien 

Mrs. H. B. Owen-Smith 

Katherine Page 

Mrs. Houston S. Park, Tr. 

Mrs. C. Elliott Peck 

Mrs. Richard B. Pilkinton 
Mrs. Robert G. Rhett, Tr. 
Tane Richardson 
Mrs. Eloise Robinson 
Katharine Royal 
Helen Schneider 
Lucille D. Schoolfield 
Mrs. B. P. Seaman 
Mrs. Henrv Shepherd 
Mariorie H. Shepherd 
Mrs. Lorton Sims 
Mrs. Charles W. Sprunt 
Mrs. Tohn C. Stedman 
Mrs. Edward Sturhahn 
Priscilla Tatro 
Tulia Thomas 
Mrs. Sydney T. Thomas 
Mrs. W. B. Thulin 
Mrs. Thomas Turner 
Mrs. Thomas Turner, Tr. 
Nell Tyson 
Margaret Vallance 
Mrs. William van Allen 
Catherine Vance 
Mrs. Currell Vance 
Mrs. Tames W. Watts 
Mrs. George Wenzel 
Mrs. Rhea Whitley 
Amie Keys Willard 
Loulie M. Wilson 
Mrs. York Wilson 
Mrs. David Wise 
Mrs. T. I. Wood 
Margaret Wright 



Mrs. Martha G. Robinson 


Mrs. George T. Ellis 

Atlantic Beach 

Mrs. W. H. Rogers 

Mrs. R. Hendrix Vann 

Avon Park 

Mrs. Walter S. Betts 

Mrs. Robert R. King, Tr. 


Mrs. Arthur B. Kline 


Mrs. Tames F. MacMillan 

Mrs. Tames B. Scales 

Coconut Grove 

Mrs. David L. Hughes 

Coral Gables 

Mrs. Haynes Felton 

Mrs. W. M. Pierce 

Mrs. Hollis Rinehart, Tr. 

Mrs. Richard E. Rutled^e 

Mrs. William V. Shepherd 

Mrs. Willis G. Van Devere 
Mrs. Ernest A. Winton 

Daytona Beach 

Irene Kellogg 

Mrs. Isaac L. Merrill, Jr. 

De Land 

Mrs. Sidney Stubbs 

Delray Beach 

Mrs. Robert C. Hunt 

Mrs. G. A. Wallace 

Elgin A. F. B. 

Mrs. Henry B. Sayler, Jr. 


Mrs. Samuel Holmes 

Fort Lauderdale 

Mrs. D. B. Browning 

Mrs. W. F. Cole 

Mrs. Flynn Eley 

Mrs. Francis K. Nelson, Jr. 

Fort Pierce 
Mrs. Merrill Haskell 
Mrs. Thomas C. Kuhn 
Mrs. Calvin Poppell 


Mrs. Kenneth Dunham 


Mrs. Charles L. Durrance, Jr. 

Indian Rocks 

Mrs. Sara Fowler Wells 


Mrs. Grover S. Balfour 

Mrs. Karl Bardin 

Mary Bardin 

Mrs. William D. Barfield 

Mrs. Brvan Barrs 

Mrs. Tohn S. Bond, Tr- 

Mrs. King Breedon 

Blair Burwell 

Mrs. Frank Carter, Jr. 

Mrs. A. B. Conley, Jr. 

Louise DeVore 

Mrs. Edward Dwelle, Jr. 

Mrs. Richard A. Graves 

Ruth Harris 

Mrs. Joseph F. Hartzer 

Mrs. Tames D. Holmes, Tr. 

Eleanor Hooper 

Mrs. Edward W. Lane, Tr. 

Toan Livingston 

Mrs. Marshall Mason 

Mrs. H. B. Merritt 

Margaret Munnerlyn 

Mrs. Tohn W. Patterson 

Mrs. Starling Peterson 

Mrs. Harry T. Piatt, Jr. 

Mrs. Osborn£ K. Radford 

Mrs. David E. Robeson 


Mrs. Frank T. Scott 
Mrs. Tames R. Stockton 
Florence Taylor 
Mrs. Alfred Thompson 
Mrs. Jonathan Yerkes 


Mrs. B. M. Blessing 

Mrs. Hubert W. Stockard 

Lake Wales 
Mrs. Foster Udell 


Mrs. William H. Fletcher 


Mrs. William Brenza 
Florence Cheek 
Gertrude M. Clarke 
Mrs. Atwood Dunwody 
Mrs. Georee D. Finlay, Tr. 
Julia Freels 
Mrs. Richard C. Glass 
Mrs. Tohn C. Harrison 
Mrs. George W. Hess 
Mrs. Conrad K^inyoun 
Mrs. Edward H. Laux 
Mrs. John Nicholas 
Mrs. Julian M. Peeples 
Mrs. St. Julien P. Rosemond 
Sylvia Shaw 

Miaini Beach 

Mrs. William G. McWliliams, Jr 

Mrs. Harlan Starr 

Mount Dora 

Mrs. Harry E. Backus 

Mrs. Robert C. Bardwell 

Neptune Beach 

Mrs. Arthur Lankford, Jr. 

North Miami 

Mrs. John T. Savage 


Leta Camp 


Mrs. Georee T. Gwathmey, Jr. 

Mrs. George Stevenson 

Palm Beach 

Mrs. Edgar W. Jackson 

Mrs. Frederic H. Skinner 


Mrs. Normao. B. Scott III 


Mrs. Joseph A. Henderson 

Emily Merritt 

Mrs. Leon C. Parks 

Port Saint Joe 

Mrs. Paul S. Fensom 


Mrs. Jack McFarlin 

Mrs. Frank P. May 

Saint Augustine 

Mrs. Frank F. Harrold 

Saint Petersburg: 

Mrs. Leland H- De Graaf, Jr. 

Mrs. Orla A. Mills 

Mrs. James M. Newton 

Mrs. L E. Saltz 

Mrs. Harold E. Welch 

Mrs. Robert A. Zaiser 

South Miami 

Dorothy Andrews 


Mrs. Fred F. Stump 


Mrs. Julien C. Headley 

Shirley Long 

Mrs. Edwin W. Richardson 


Mrs. Charles G. Baskerville 

Mrs. John Boushall 

Dorothy Sue Caldwell 

Elizabeth Carnes 

Mrs. Charles F. Clark 

Mrs. Carlton C. Cone 

Mrs. J. W. Cone 

Mrs. Robert T. Cozart, Jr. 

Mrs. Marvin E. Essrig 

Mrs. Harry A. Gallaher 

Mildred Gibbons 

Mrs. Hugh C. Macfarlane 

Mrs. Edwin K. Nelson, Jr. 

Mrs. A. Frank Plummer 

Martha Sue Skinner 

Vero Beach 

Mrs. Burton E. Forster 

Mrs. William Graves 


Mrs. George H. Erck 

West Palm Beach 

Mrs. E. S. Bippers 

Winter Haven 

Mrs. C. Markel Becker 

Mrs. Roger Clapp 

Corinne Klemm 

Mrs. Alexander M. Mullikin 

Mrs. John L. Norris 

Winter Park 

Mrs. Hugh S. Brady 

Mrs. Leo D. Sheridan, Jr. 



Mrs. John T. Phillips 

Mildred Simon 


Mrs. Henry Lumpkin 
Mrs. L. Howard Morgan 
Mrs. Roy E. Parrish, Jr. 
Mrs. William P. White 


Mrs. Hubert B. Owens 

Shirley Pekor 


Mrs. William B. Armstrong 

Mrs. Wiley Ballard 

Mrs. George Bell 

Mrs. Tully T. Blalock 

Mrs. Wright Bryan 

Mrs. Thomas L. Buttram 

Mrs. Frank Carter 

Mrs. Johnstone Cook 

Betty Crenshaw 

Mrs. Warren M. Curry 

Mrs. Frank T. Davis 

Martha Davis 

Mrs. David Deakins 

Mrs. James Dunlap 

Mrs. Walter B. Elcock 

Mrs. L. Hilton Ferguson 

Mrs. Winfield Firman 

Mrs. Walter O. Foote 

Mrs. James N. Frazer 

Mrs. Rudolph Geissler 

Mrs. John S. Greenfield 

Mrs. Joseph Guzy 

Mrs. Tames R. Hanahan 

Mrs. William A. Hanger 

Mrs. Cornelius E. Heath 

Mrs. Cl^rk Howell, Jr. 

Mrs. Joel Hu-t, III 

Mrs. Sherwood Hurt 

Mrs. Richard B. Johnston 

Mrs. Charles Jones 

Mrs. Saunders Jones 

Mrs. Walter J. Kelly III 

Mrs. George M. Kohn, Jr, 

Mrs. A. H. Lakin 

Mrs. A. Waring Lane 

Mrs. John Leys 

Mrs. Harold H. Martin 

Mrs. James McDaniel 

Mrs. Pope Mclntyre 

Mrs. Arthur T. Merrill 

Mrs. Thomas S. Morgan 

Mrs. Donald C. Morrell 

Mrs. Edward O'Beirne, Tr. 

Mrs. Fritz Orr 

Mrs. Tohn R. Poer 

Mrs. Tames T. Porter 

Mrs. Keith A. Ouarterman 

Mrs. Sarah S. Ramspeck 

Mrs. Harry L. Richardson, Jr. 

Mrs. Clarence B. Rogers 

Mrs. T. E. Schneider 

Mrs. Hughes S. Schroder 

Mrs. William H. Schroder, Jr. 

Mrs. Tames M. Sibley 

Mrs. Alexander W. Smith, Jr. 

Mary Elizabeth Upshaw 


Mrs. Frank Virgin 

Mrs. Robert Wardle, Jr. 

Mrs. William E. Waters 

Mrs. John T. Westbrook 

Mrs. A. Hood White 

Mrs. Toseoh H. Williams 

Mrs. Paul H. Wolfe 

Mrs. Greenville D. Wood, Jr. 

Mrs. Charles Yates 

Mrs. Henrv L. Young, Jr. 

Mrs. Alfred M. Battey, Jr. 
Mrs. Ira Beaufort 
Mrs. Tames T. Beeson 
Mrs. Hervev Cleckley 
Mrs. Frank Dodd 
Mrs. T. Lee Etheridge,, Jr. 
Mrs. Erwin Fleming 
Mrs. Thomas W. Goodwin 
Evelyn J. Hagler 
Mrs. Eugene M. Long 
Mrs. Tames H. Manning, Tr. 
Mrs. Robert Martin 
Mrs. Guv H. Merry 
Mrs. Irvine Phinizy 
Mrs. Heard Robertson 
Mrs. Tohn B. Towill 
Mrs. Ralph B. Willis 


Mrs. Berryman W. Edwards 


Mrs. L. G. Bowers, Jr. 

Mary Sue Butler 

Mrs. T. Edgar Chancellor 

Sara Davis 

Mrs. Tracy E. Davis 

E. Louise Edge 

Mrs. LeGrande Elebash, Tr. 

Mrs. Ouieg Fletcher 

Barbara Anne Golden 

Virginia lUges 

Mrs. Tack F. King 

Mrs. William Martin 

Virginia Pekor 

Mrs. Henrv B. Sayler, Tr. 

Mrs. Thomas S. Tuggle 

Mrs. Benjamin D. Tyler 


Annette Harber 


Mrs. Robert F. Haller 


Mrs. Thomas N. CoUey 

Fort Valley 

Mrs. M. Felton Hatcher 


Mrs. Tohn S. Cheek 

Susan Tackson 

Mrs. Hartwell Toiner 

Mrs. Charles R. Simons 

Leila Barnes 
Mrs. L. S. Davis 

Ham bton 

Mrs. William C Mitchell 


Mary Kinard 


Sara Bryan 


Mrs. Ronald Adams 


Mrs. Charles T. Block 

Mrs. T. Denmark Groover 

Mrs. Francis K. Hall 

Mabel Lazarus 

Mary D. McCaw 

Mrs. Ben P. O'Neal, Jr. 

Mrs. Henry P. Persons, Tr. 

Mrs. Horace Stringfellow III 

Mrs. Hugh M. C. Train 

Mrs. Tack A. Wade 

Mrs. Spain Willingham 


Mrs. Tohn T. Newton 


Mrs. George D. Anderson, Jr. 

Mrs. T. Robert Fowler, Tr. 

Mrs. Lee M. Sessions 

Mrs. R. T. Willingham 


Mrs. Benjamin H. Hardaway, 


Alice Field 


Mrs. Lynn McKenzie 


Mrs. Wilmer Dickey 


Mrs. Russell C. English 


Anne Burckhardt 


Mrs. Tohn L. Barton 
Mrs. Thomas S. Harbin 
Mrs. Harold F. Hunter 
Mrs. Edgar E. Lindsey 
Mrs. R. M. Yankee 


Mrs. Thomas R. Cooper 

Mrs. Christopher F. Hammond, 

Mrs. William E. Hutchinson, 



Maxwell W. Lippitt 
Lewis M. Little 
Lorton S. Livingston 
Robert V. Martin, Tr. 
R. Henry Mayer, Tr. 
George A. Mercer, Jr. 
Toseph L. Reeves 
Richard L. Schley, Tr. 
Aage G. Schroder. Tr. 
Carl W. Seller 
Richard P. Williams 

Sea Island 

Katharine McKinnon 

States boro 

A. Brooks Grimes' 


Mrs. Julio E. Nunez 


Mrs. George W. Atkins 

Mrs. Henry M. Herbener 

Mrs. Toseph T, Higgins 

Jacqualine Stilwell 


Mrs. Harry Mixson 

Warner Robins 

Mrs. William E. Byerts, Jr. 



Florence Bacon 

Agnes Davidson 

Tane McDonald 

Mrs. Clyde W. Nichols 

Mrs. Walter H. Reller 


Mrs. Thomas B. Burton 

Coeur d'Alene 

Mrs. Frank O'Holloran 


Margaret Cummings 


Mrs. Waldo B. Thompson 



Mrs. Clyde Schmoeller 


Mrs. Robert O. Davidson 

Mrs. E. Graham Evans 

Mrs. Theodore W. Shaw 

Katherine Stuart 


Mrs. Robert M. Prince 



Katherine Groves 


Mrs. Benjamin Nelson 


Anne Bradley 

Mrs. John Bryson 

Mrs. Graham G. Campbell 

Mrs. Norman Carlson 

Mrs. William S. Eddy 

Marie Eilert 

Ruth Adele Frank 

Mrs. Stanton Friedberg 

Mrs. James A. Graham 

Mrs. James A. Griffin, Jr. 

Mrs. Louis Gurnick 

Ruth Houser 

Mrs. George Kuh 

Mrs. Gordon Lang 

Mrs. Edward Levi 

Louise Lutz 

Mrs. Saunders MacLane 

Mrs. Sollitt Marks 

Mrs. Francis McGary 

Mrs. Walter L. Mead 

Mrs. Stanley E. Nilson 

Mrs. Frank R. Pritchard 

Mrs. W. R. Prosch 

Mrs. Henry D. Roach 

Helen E. Sackett 

Mrs. O. R. Sellers 

Grace H. Sollitt 

Mrs. C. Bartlett Sprague 

Mrs. Sydney Stein, Jr. 

Mrs. Joseph T. Steuer 

Mrs. Tames Stevens 

Martha Anne Stubbs 

Mrs. Carl E. Thoma 

Dorothy Wallace 

Tulia G. White 

Florence Woelfel 

Mrs. Richard W. Yerkes 


Mrs. Hugh L. Baker 

Mrs. Carlos E. Lyon 


Mrs. Edward L. Bax 

Mrs. Tames C. Schnur 


Mrs. Emery H. Wilder 


Mrs. Henry W. Kraebber 

Mrs. Tohn G. Thornell 

Mrs. Donald W. Valentine 


Martha Ann Moore 


Mrs. Tames Beirnes 

Mrs. Hubert H. Burke 

Mrs. Horace Condit 

Mrs. C. K. Crocker 

Suzanne Edwards 

Mrs. Charles Floyd 

Mrs. Donald S. Frey 

Mrs. Boris Gilbertson 

Mrs. Charles M. Hardin 

Mrs. Huntington W. Harrison 

Elizabeth Hilton 

Mrs. Marcus Hobart 

Mrs. Robert E. Hurtgen 

Mrs. Samuel J. Lang 

Betty Leffel 

Mrs. Phillip C. Leflfel 

Mrs. Richard W. Phillips 

Mrs. Richard S. Skinner 

Helen G. Taylor 

Mrs. W. Wayne Thompson, Jr. 

Mrs. Dudley F. Wing 


Mariory Ford 

Mary Wagner 

Dorothy Wallace 


Mrs. Roland W. Hyatt, Tr. 


Caroline Haskell 


Mrs. L. T. Barnett 

Mrs. Grinnell Burke 

Mrs. William A. Cook 

Toan McCarthy 

Pat Pauschert 


Mrs. R. S. Clobridge 

Mrs. Paul P. Jones 

Highland Park 

Mrs. L A. Bailey 

Carolyn Conley 

Mrs. F. B. Hamm 

Mrs. William W. Hinshaw, Jr. 

Mrs. Maurice L. Hirsch 

Mrs. Robert E. Tohnson 

Susan Ostrander 

Mrs. Charles Sincere 

Mrs. Robert T. Spahr 


Mrs. Walter M. Davidson 

Mrs. Nelson C. Dezendorf 

Mrs. Tames Elliot 

Mrs. George W. Ross, Jr. 

Dorothy Sherman 

Elizabeth Hudson 


Mrs. Robert L. Smith 


Mrs. Martin Chamberlain 


Mrs. Tohn E. Angst 

Mrs. Dwight Green, Jr. 

Virginia Little 

Mrs. John C. Nevins 

Polly Plummer 

Mrs. L. Morgan Yost 

La Grange 

Mrs. Roland W. Burt 

Mrs. A. Lee Henson 

Lake Bluff 

Mrs. Frederick J. Klinkmann 

Lake Forest 

Mrs. Charles E. Beach 

Mrs. Wendell S. Clough 

Mrs. Victor H. Frary 

Mrs. Harry King 

Gertrude McLaren 

Mrs. D. R. Pierson 


Mrs. Benjamin L. Dall 


Mrs. Frederick R. Kelley 


Mrs. George Montgomery 


Mrs. Louis C. Arp 

Mrs. Albert M. Crampton 

Momit Carmel 

Mrs. T. Roy Dee 


E. Virginia Hardin 


Mrs. William E. Widau 

North Pekin 
Norma Jansen 

Oak Park 

Mrs. Tohn Blatchford 

Helen P. Bull 

Margaret W. Eckart 

Eleanor Morse 

Gertrude Morse 

Suzette Morton 

Josephine Neal 

Shirley Small 

Mrs. Tohn S. Ure 

Mrs. David M. Yocum III 


Mrs. Tames B. Fulton 


Mrs. Stuart B. Lytle 


Mrs. Everett W. Eichelkraut 



Mrs. LeRov Ma^ 


Frank P. Stone 


Pauline Gauss 

Mrs. Tames W. McBrian 

Mrs. Russell F. Peters 

Prairie VJeii^ 

Mrs. Rushton M. Williamson 


Mrs. Albert Grossarth 

Mrs. Frank Phillips 

Mrs. Walter Stevenson, Jr. 

Mrs. T. R. Williams 

River Forest 

Marv S. BrouKhton 

Mrs. Gurdon H. Hamilton 

Mrs. Carl Neumeister 

Mrs. Harry C. Webster 


Mrs. H. A. Camlin 

Mrs. H. Meade Durbrow 

Mrs. Donald B. Johnson, Jr. 

Rock Island 

Marian Tremann 

Siirin.z field 

Marv Munson 


Mrs. Richard G. Lycan 


Frae Virginia VanVoorhis 


Mrs. Fred Dickey, Tr. 

Mrs. Winfred D. Gerber 


Mrs. Herbert A. Snow 


Mrs. G. A. Freeman, Jr. 

Wesier7t Shrinks 

Mrs. Allan B. Temple 


Mrs. W. Flovd Keepers 


Mrs. Russell L. Gordon 

Shirley Hauseman 

Marian Thayer 

Mrs. C. P. Van Schaack 


Mrs. Brownell T. Bradstreet 
Mrs. Carl B. Drake, jr. 
Mrs, Leo G. Hadley III 
Mrs. T. S. Hamilton 
Marie Henderson 

Mrs. Johnson Hooton 
Mrs. Tohn S. Hutchins 
Mrs. Tames A. Lang 
Mrs. Burl Lazar 
Mrs. Jack Lynch 
Cecilia MacKinnon 
Mrs. Frank T- Madden 
Mrs. Marcus Mason 
Mrs. David Q. Porter 
Mrs. Will B. Presba 
Mrs. Evan W. Rutherford 
Mrs. Tohn M. Smyth, Jr. 
Mrs. Carroll F. Steinhoff 
Mrs. Vernon M. Welsh 
Mrs. Benjamin Wham 



Mrs. Tames S. Crowl 

Katherine Robb 

Mrs. Clarence J. Toel 
Mrs. Tames T. Paterson 
Mrs. Nobel R. Shaw 


Mrs. Edward L. Miles 


Mrs. Charles M. Scott 

Fort Wayne 

Georgia Dreisbach 

Mrs. Robert H. D/eisbach 

Georeana Miller 


Mrs. Ray C. Thomas 

Elizabeth N. Wilson 


Mrs. Robert A. Adams 
Mrs. Russell E. Campbell 
Mrs. Ward Cook 
Mrs. Charles C. Culp 
Mrs. Fred W. Dickson 
Mrs. Dewey R. Douglas 
Mrs. Robert D. Eaglesfield 
Margot Enright 
Mrs. Edwin H. Ferree 
Mrs. Lucile Fisher 
Mrs. Charles T. Foster 
Mrs. William Garstang 
Mrs. Robert D. Gruen 
Mrs. Kenneth V. Hu<;hes 
Mrs. Tohn T. Tameson 
Mrs. Robert E. Jenkins 
Mrs. Victor R. lose, Tr. 
Mrs. Hal R. Keeling 
Mrs. Tames E. Lesh 
Mrs. T. Terome Littell 
Mrs. Louis R. Lowe 

Mrs. Tohn H. Mofifat 

Elizabeth Munce 

Sally Reahard 

Mrs. Clyde R. Rockwood 

Mrs. Warren T. Ruddell 

Mrs. Tohn W. Schiltges 

Mrs. Allan V. Stackhouse 

Mrs. Quincy M. Whitaker 

Mrs. Lewis T. Wood 


Mrs. Donald C. McClelland 

Mrs. Henry D. Roach 


Mrs. E. C. Becker 

Mrs. Leo F. Hendricks 


Mrs. Ralph M. Brown 
Mary Ellen Davis 
Mrs. Philip W. Hatch 
Mrs. David M. Meeks 
Mrs. C. Russell Moodey 
Mrs. Daniel Neel 


Mrs. Roy L. Cloud 


Mrs. Huston Marlatt 

Sylvia Schively 

Mrs. Yale R. Schively 


Mrs. O. H. Roberson 

South Bend 
Mrs. Tack B. Gaff 
Mrs. Elliott Olney 
Mrs. E. E. Richards 
Barbara Warner 

West Lafayette 
Mrs. J. W. Green, Jr. 
Mary Virginia Grigsby 
Mrs. Tohn R. Tamison 


Mrs. George Van Ness Ash- 
Mrs. Neil T. Bly 


Mrs. Charles S. Becker 

Patia Ann Maxwell 



Mrs. Folsom Everest 

Cedar Rapids 

Mrs. Kenneth Bogaard 


Airs. Eugene Curtis 



Ccnincil Bluffs 

Elizabeth Douglass 


Mrs. Richard Graham 

Nancy Hartz 

Mrs. Edward Kaufmann, Tr. 

Margaret Mueller 

Mrs. Richard Von Maur 

Des Moines 

Mrs. Kenneth A. Durham 

Mrs. John D. Shuler 


Mary Louden 

Foresf Ciiv 

Mrs. Dudley Weible 

Iowa City 

Mrs. William B. Bean 

Mrs. Robert Gibson 

Mrs. Bruce K. Nelson 


Mrs. Richard C. Kantz 

Mrs. Helen Mcllrath 

Sioux City 

Mrs. I. C. Sammons 

W infield 

Bernice Green 



Mrs. Frank Foncannon 

Fort Leavenworth 

Mrs. James T. Avery, Jr. 

Garden City 

Mrs. Paul C. Masoner 


Mrs. Sam Hostetter 

Mrs. E. W. McNaghten 

Mrs. Clifford Payne 

Kansas City 

Mrs. Edward P. Haren 

Mrs. Tohn W. Wilkin 


Mrs. Ray Wright 


Mrs. Hudson L. McGuire 

Mrs. Tohn B. Taylor 


Mrs. Richard B. Schutz 

Mrs. Lowell M. Sigars 

Mrs. Wendell R. Stoops 


Mrs. L W. Augustine 


Mrs. Tames L. Garver 


Mrs. McCalmont 


Teannette Bowen 


Mrs. Robert Kellogg 

Mrs. Herbert P. Lindsley 

Mrs. Tack Spines, Tr. 



Mrs. Tohn G. Hager 

Mrs. Roy C. Whayne 


Mrs. Walker R. Hall 

Mrs. Bolivar B. McCutchan, 

Mrs. Hugh L. Russell 


Mrs. Coleman S. Griggs 
Bowling Green 
Helen K. Milliken 
Cora Morningstar 

Camp Cambbell 

Mrs. George R. Mather 

Mrs. Catherine M. Montgomery 

Felicia Patton 
Rebecca Patton 


Mrs. W. C. Hagemeyer 
Mrs. Victor H. Logan 
Mrs. Tohn B. Morlidge, Tr. 
Mrs. Tohn Walsh 


Mrs. Stuart P. Hemphill 


Mrs. George T. Massey, Jr. 

Fort Knox 

Mrs. Johnson Lee 

Martha Mansfield 

Fort Thomas 

Mrs. William T. Camm 

Toan Littleford 

Mrs. Robert H. Stegeman 

Mrs. Philip Ardery 
Mrs. W. Arch Bennett 
Mrs. F. E. Browning 


Mrs. Tames R. Sampson 

Harrods Creek 

Mrs. W. L. Lyons Brown 


Katherine Gray Hodge 

Mrs. C. Royden McCoUom 

Mrs. William H. Stites 


Sarah M. Cooper 

Mrs. Alexander T. Kerr 

Mrs. Milton G. Moore 

Mary Louise Perkins 

Clara Wheeler 

Mrs. Tames B. Winfree 

Cordelia Waller 


Mrs. Tames H. Alexander 

Mrs. Carrvl M. Britt 

Mrs. A. G. Campbell, Jr. 

Louise Coleman 

Mrs. Edward S. Dabney 

Mrs. L Nathan Elliott, Tr. 

Mrs. Sauters Tones 

Mrs. Tohn E. Madden 

Mrs. Russell Nuzum 

Mrs. Tohn T. Perry 

Mrs. Windell G. Reading 

Mrs. R. E. Shaver 

Mrs. W. Logan Shearer, Jr. 

Betty Wallace 

Mrs. William Walton 

Mrs. Tohn B. Winn 


Mrs. Lisle Baker, Tr. 

Mrs. Tames E. Bennett 

Mrs. Ralph Bristol 

Mrs. Randolph Brown 

Mrs. William F. Clarke, Tr. 

Mrs. J. G. Coke III 

Mary Elizabeth Cook 

Mrs. William O. Cowger 

Mrs. Walter P. Cumnock 

Mrs. Tohn Davis 

Mrs. Helen Terry Eagles 

Mrs. Tames C Foster 

Mrs. Leo Handel 

Helen Hardy 

Mrs. H. Ewing Harris 

Mrs. Tames W. Harris 

Mrs. Nelson Helm 

Mrs. Ward Hillerich 

Mrs. Henning Hilliard 

Mrs. W. Howard Hopkins 

Mrs. Inman Tohnson 

Mrs. George B. Tohnston 

Mrs. Bavlor Landrum, Tr. 

Helen Lawton 

Mrs. William B. Manning, Jr. 

Caroline F. Maury 

Mrs. Tohn B. Maxwell 

Mrs. William M. McClarin 

Mrs. Charles K. McClure, Jr. 


Nancy Merchant 

Mrs. Edwin Middleton 

Mrs. William E. Morrow, Tr. 

Mrs. Edward Nobbe 

Marv H. F. Norman. 

Mrs. Whitney O'Bannon 

Mrs. William Perkins 

Mrs. Gerard Pilcher 

Mrs. Raymond Plamp 

Mrs. John E. Poindexter 

Mrs. Paxton S. Price 

Caroline Rankin 

Mrs. Harry Reager, Tr. 

Mrs. Tohn P. Sawyer 

Mrs. H. H. Seay 

Mrs. Hueh McN. Shwab, Tr. 

Mrs. Tohn E. Slaughter, Tr. 

Mrs. Frederick T. Smythe 

Mrs. Tames W. Stites 

Mrs. Brooke Stoddard 

Elizabeth Trueheart 

Mrs. Roscoe Willett, Tr. 

Mrs. Alfred H. Williams 

Anne Williams 

Virginia Wynn 

Mrs. Tames B. Young 


Virginia Towie 


Mrs. F. Montgomery Holeman 

Mum Held 

Ruth E. Tones 

Mays field 

Mrs. Francis M. Comer 


Mrs. George E. Adelman 


Mrs. Henry F. Turner, Tr. 


Mrs. Grover C. Baldwin, Tr. 

Mrs. Henry D. Teffries 


Mrs. N. A. Chrisman 
Mrs. August H. Topo 
Martha Yost 


Mrs. Harris Noland 


Mary Anne Goodson 


Mrs. Toseph L. Arnold 

Mrs. William Phelps 


Baton Rmige 

Mrs. Lewis C. Dawson 

Mrs. Robert A. HoUoway 
Mrs. Harold C. Meeks 
Lucille M. Wright 

Clin f on 

Mrs. Randolph Pipes 


Mrs. William E. Trimble 

Catherine King 

Lake Charles 
Constance V. Conover 


Mrs. William K. Stubbs 


Mrs. Tohn S. Ewing 

New Orleans 

Mrs. I. G. Broussand 

Mrs. E. E. Brown 

Mrs. F. Hunter Collins, Jr. 

Mrs. Charles Crawford 

Mrs. Woodruff George 

Rosemary Gugert 

Mrs. S. Herbert Hirsch 

Mrs. Marlin Ludwig 

Mrs. Donald A. Maginnis, Tr. 

Mrs. Tohn A. Mclver 

Mrs. Tulian McPhillips 

Mrs. Tames B. Norris 

Mrs. H. L. Parsons 

Svlvia Saunders 

Mrs. Lloyd L. Summer, Tr. 

Mary E. Symes 

Mrs. Wilmer Thomas 

Cornelia B. Wattley 

Mrs. Tohn M. Wisdom 

Mrs. McFarland W. Wood 

Mrs. Fred Zengel 

Kathrvn E. Blish 
Mrs. Tames U. Galloway 
Mrs. T. Haller-Tackson, Tr. 
Mrs. W. E. Jobron 
Lena F. Tones 
Mrs. James McGregor 
Mrs. Tohn M. Madison 
Mrs. Wesley F. Moore 
Mrs. W. Buckner Ogilvie 
Mrs. William A. Peavy 
Mrs. Emmett A. Sartor, Tr. 
Mrs. Lane Sartor 
Mrs. Archibald D. Strange- 
Mrs. Thomas B. Tooke, Tr. 
Mrs. Hines F. Vaughn 
Mrs. C. M. Zaenglein 

West Monroe 

Mrs. Montie F. Cone 


FaUnmith Foreside 

Mrs. Emerson H. Drake 


Mrs. Walter E. Hess 

North East Cary 

Mrs. ClifFord A. Worthing 

Old Town 

Mrs. Samuel B. Gray, Tr. 


Mrs. Arthur H. Benoit 

Presaue Isle 

Mrs. Robert A. Whatley, Tr. 

South Berwick 

Mrs. Maurice F. Blouin 


Mrs. Leland S. McElwee 


Mrs. Tohn W. P. Huntington 



Mrs. Chandler C. Gardner 


Mrs. E. MacKall Childs 
Mrs. James T. Cockrill 
Mrs. R. P. Davis 
Catharine C. Doolin 
Mrs. D. Claude Handy 
Mrs. Richard D. Lazenby 
Mrs. Tohn M. Pfautz, Tr. 
Mary H. Pierce 


Carolyn Aubrey 

Mrs. William T. Baker 

Mrs. P. M. Biedler 

Mrs. Kenneth L. Black, Tr. 

Mrs. E. F. Blake 

Mrs. Samuel G. Blount, Jr. 

Mrs. Francis E. Carter, Tr. 

Mrs. Peter G. Christie 

Mrs. John P. Cleaver 

Elizabeth Corddry 

Margaret Cromwell 

Mrs. Allan C. Davis 

Mrs. Parker D. Dix III 

Mrs. Toseph Dockman 

Georgianna P. Ellis 

Mrs. Percv W. Elmer 

Mrs. William M. T. Finney 

Mrs. James W. Flack III 

Mrs. Tames W. Foster, Tr. 

Mrs. William C. Franklin 

Isabel Gaylord 

Mrs. George M. Glazier 

Mrs. Kenneth A. Gorman 


Mrs. Richard E. Plook III 

Mrs. John Lang 

Mrs. Richard Marcus 

Mrs. John H. Marston 

Mrs. Tohn G. Matthews 

Mrs. Watt T. Mayo 

Mrs. Thomas C. McPherson 

Catherine Miles 

Mrs. CoDeland Morton, Jr. 

Mrs. Edward Murtha 

Mrs. Howard Naquin 

Mrs. Gordon K. Nicodemus 

Mrs. Erich Nietsch 

Mrs. Tohn K. Owen 

Ann V. Paxson 

Mrs. Cecil McI. Peek 

Mrs. T. Brentnall Powell 

Mrs. Morton M. Prentis, Jr. 

Nancy G. Quillen 

Mrs. William L. Ridenhour 

Mrs. Rowland S. Roberts 

Mrs. Robert E. Robertson, Jr. 

Mrs. T. G. Rumberger 

Mrs. Harry N. Runkle 

Mrs. H. Donald Schwaab 

Mrs. Donald Scott 

Mrs. T. Lawrence Sellman 

Mrs. R. C. Sheridan 

Mrs. Charles C. Simoson 

Mrs. William H. Skinner 

Mrs. D. C. Wharton Smith 

Mrs. R. Manson Smith 

Mrs. Walter Lee Specht 

Eleanor Staley 

Edith Stanley 

Rebekah N. Stokes 

Mrs. F. Edmund Sutton 

Mrs. Georse A. Taylor 

Barbara Van Ness 

Mrs. Patrick R. Vincent 

Mrs. Charles W. Wainwright 

Mrs. T. Herbert Wallis 

Mrs. Carl A. Zapffe 


Mrs. Robert E. Hamill 


Mrs. Silas M. Creech 
Mrs. Thomas D. Lewis 
Mrs. Harold G. Lockwood 

Margaret B. Dashiel! 
Mrs. I. Kent H. Jacobs 
Mrs. Lawrence Maryanov 
Mrs. Louis B. Sohn 
Mrs. Tames U. Thompson 

Chevy Chase 
Mary Abbe 

Mrs. Samuel T. Ansell, Tr. 
Mrs. W. L. Goodwyn, Tr. 
Mrs. J. R. Henderson 
Catherine Kinnesr 
Mrs. Guy E. Mann 
Mrs. Glenn Thompson 

Mrs. Benjamin B. Treadwell 
Mrs. Owsley Vose 
Mrs. Monroe Warren 
Helen B. Wolcott 


Anne A. MacRae 


Mrs. Gordon Lee Bowie 

Mrs. William E. Cobey 

Mrs. Dayid T. Dayis 


Mrs. Winfield T. Nichols 


Mrs. Davis C. Burroughs 

Kathleen G. Cowgill 

Muriel Grymes 

Mrs. Sterling A. White 


Mrs. Barron P. Lambert 


Mary Anne Decker 

Mrs. Robert Lee Gill, Jr. 


Mrs. Sam W. Maples, Jr. 

Mrs. T. Malcolm McCardell 

Mrs. A. Austin Pearre 

Mrs. Gerrit Peters 

Mrs. Tohn E. Schell, Jr. 


Nancy P. Hanna 


Mrs. William H. Sands 


Mrs. F. Christian Berg, Jr. 


Mrs. Edward Stehl III 


Alice V. Danzer 

Mrs. Tohn H. Hornbaker 

Mrs. Robert Smith 

Mrs. Benjamin H. Solliday III 

Mrs. Martin Urner 

Mrs. Fred C. Wright, Tr. 

Havre de Grace 
Mary A. Carroll 
Mrs. Harold T. Muller-Thym 


Mrs. Sophie C. Brown 

Gabrielle S. Donnally 


Mrs. Charles McKnight 


Mrs. Louis W. Eirich 

Mrs. Fred T. Graff 

Mrs. Eugene T. Liipfert 


Mrs. Charles D. Hurtt 


Mrs. Tohn S. Waters 

Ocean City 

Mrs. F. Gibbs LaMotte, Tr. 

Qivinzs Mills 

Mrs. Loring A. Cover, Tr. 


Mrs. John H. Moser 


Sarah W. Pearre 


Mrs. Benjamin G. Habberton 

Rock Hall 

Priscilla G. Lucas 


Mary Cary Lee 

Mrs. Tohn C. Mackey 

Mrs. Thomas T- Shryock, Jr. 

Mrs. Roger W. Tubby 


Anne Adams 

Mrs. LeRoy F. Goldsborough 

Mrs. George Hilbert 

Elizabeth C. Worthington 

Silver Spring 

Phyllis J. Anderson 
Mrs. Tames E. Gillis, Jr. 
Mrs. Dickson R. Loos 
Mrs. Robert LeRoy Lowell 
Mrs. L. S. Ray 

State Sanatorium 

Grace E. Knapp 


Mrs. Hall Hammond 


Mrs. Robert H. Taylor 


Mrs. George McT. Kahin 

Eleanor B. LaMotte 

Mrs. George S. Trimble, Tr. 

Mrs. William D. Waxter III 

Elizabeth C. Thomas 
West River 
Jacqueline Billard 



Mrs. Lloyd A. Hathaway 




Mrs. Charles H. Cadigan 


Mrs. Stuart Comstock 

Mrs. Henry H. Livingston, Jr. 


Mrs. Ernest Hesseltine 


Barbara Read 

Taylor B. Reese 


Mrs. Edward D. Densmore 


Mrs. Frederick S. Aldridge 

Mrs. Thomas H. Alphin 

Muriel G. Barrows 

Mrs. Richard P. Bradford 

Mrs. Charles H. A. Dunker 

Nancy Jones 

Mrs. George H. Moses 

Judith Perkins 

Frances Sample 

Mrs. Henry Swift 

Mrs. Frank C. White 


Mrs. Stanley H. Richards 


Sarah L. Arnold 


Mrs. George Austen, Jr. 

Mrs. Alfred du Pont Chandler, 

Mrs. Sumner W. Elton 
Mrs. Carter R. Rowe 


Anne Pearson 


Mrs. Herbert L Duncan 

Mrs. Tames V. D. Eppes 

Mrs. Hervey Evans, Jr. 

Frances W. Gregory 

Persis L Ladd 

Faith Mattison 

Mrs. William H. Perry, Jr. 

Mrs. Louis B. Sohn 


Faith Wildes 

Chestnut Hill 

Mrs. H. Lawrence Abbott 

Mrs. George E. Connors 

Mrs. Thomas R. Hickey 


Mrs. Philip N. Bowditch 


Alice McBee 

Mrs. Harold C. Smith 


Mrs. Ben Halpern 


Mrs. Edward L. Bond 


Mrs. Grant E. Sita 


Mrs. Thomas B. Williams 


Mrs. Ralph T. Haller 

Mrs. Robert S. Osborne 


Mrs. Charles J. Lewin 

Fall River 

Mrs. Nathan S. Miller 


Mrs. Carl M. Fellows 


Mrs. Richard M. Wyman, Jr. 

Framinsham Centre 

Mrs. T. Mason Lincoln 

Great Barrington 

Gwendolyn Pratt 

Grot on 

Mrs. William Haskins 


Katharine Veasey 


Mrs. Albion C. Drinkwater 


Mrs. Edward P. Bagg III 

Dixie R. Kinne 

Hazel G. Lane 


Mrs. Harry K. Lacey 


Mrs. Godwin R. F. Gay 


Mrs. Payne Martin 


Mrs. Homer D. Jones 


Mrs. Gerard Henderson 


Mrs. Edward D. Tunis 


Mrs. Howard B. Sloan 


Mrs. David Elliot 

Mrs. Albert Goodhue, Jr. 

Mrs. Anne C. Weaver 

Med Held 

Mrs. Thomas A. Hewson 
Mrs. Dana B. Jefferson 
Mrs. L. M. Richardson 


Beverly Bemson 

Patricia Brown 

Mrs. Prescott Huidekoper, Jr. 

Mrs. Thomas B. McCuster, Jr. 

Mrs. Robert Stark 

Mrs. Leo Feuer, Jr. 
Mrs. Frederick Penn 
Mrs. Robert W. Woodroofe, 

Newton Centre 
Mrs. Joshua F. B. Camblos 
Mrs. Robert A. Gilman 
Mrs. Harold G. Hood 
Mrs. Joseph H. Smith, Tr. 


Mrs. Edward N. Donaldson 

North Adams 

Mrs. Charles M. Carman, Jr. 


Mrs. R. Stephenson Kelly 


Mrs. William S. Brewster 


Dorcas D. Porch 


Mrs. George E. Benson 

Mrs. Stephen R. Davenport 

South Dartmouth 
Mrs. George E. Adams 
Diana Weeks 

South Hadley 

Mrs. W. Todd Furniss 

South Weymouth 

Mrs. E. T. MacBride, Tr. 


Mrs. Morgan Reynolds 


Joyce Smith 


Mrs. George J. McTigue, Jr. 

Mrs. W. H. Banks 
Mrs. Robert Booth 
Mrs. George R. Hill 


Mrs. Louis B. Ca 



Mrs. P. C. Campbell 


Mrs. John C. Dorsey, Jr. 

Mrs. Arthur C. Hardy 

Patricia Levi 

Mrs. Henry L. Nielsen 

Mrs. William W. Whitcomb 

Wellesley Hills 
Annabell V. Brock 
Dale Marie Doran 
Mrs. Seymour Ellis 
Ann Eustis 
Mrs. L. LeRov Evans 
Mrs. Chandler S. Gates 
Mrs. Dalton A. Griffith 
Mrs. Maurice M. Henkels 
Mrs. Stuart C. Hurlbert 
Mrs. William B. Kehl 
Mrs. Stillman F. Kelley II 
Mrs. Franklin P. Parker 
Mrs. Charles Paul 
lean Vandenberg 


Mrs. Donald Myers 


Mrs. Bert A. Harless 

West New ion 

Mrs. Clinton A. Gerlach 


Mrs. David M. Kellogg, ]r. 

West Sfningfield 

Mrs. Cecil A. P. Thomas 


Tocelyn E. Stedman 


Mrs. Jonathan A. Brown 

Mrs. David F. Treadway 


Mrs. Tames W. Flynn 

Mrs. Ganson P. Taggart 


Mrs. L. K. Blair 

Mrs. Charles N. Dewey 

Dorothy E. Fowler 

Mrs. Stephen Smith 



Mrs. Arthur J. Kells 


Mrs. Daniel G. Reid 


Mrs. Fred R. Hunter 

Ann Arbor 

Mrs. Antoon B. Dawson 

Mrs. W. McDaniel Fowler 

Mrs. Lee A. P. Gosling 

Marilyn Hopkins 

Mrs. John D. Hutcheson 

Mrs. William R. Taylor 

Battle Creek 

Mrs. A. C. Allen, Jr. 


Mrs. Harold L. Weckler 


Marv R. Buick 

Mrs. Anthony O. Endres 

Mrs. Maxwell E. Fead 

Mrs. Louis C. Gillette 

Mrs. Theodore H. Guething 

Dorothy MacKenzie 

Mrs. Lowell B. Page 

Mrs. Edson S. Stevens 

Bloomfield Hills 

Mrs. George Huebner 

Central Lake 

Mrs. David R. Knowles 


Mrs. Clark L. Bassett 

Mrs. Tames L. Bloker 

Mrs. Lawrence E. Brown 

Marv Brown 

Mrs. James P. Burke 

Mrs. Tohn P. Cochran 

Mrs. William W. Crapo 

Mrs. Allan L. Eddy 

Mrs. Wilham S. Heigho 

Mrs. George C. Marxer 

Mrs. R. M. Maxwell 

Mrs. William R. Moose, Jr. 

Mrs. Walter Nau 

Mrs. William R. Olmsted, Jr. 

Mrs. Mary Shidler Olney 

Mrs. Milton A. Powers 

Mrs. Franklin E. Robinson 

Lilian S. Shidler 

Helene Thorpe 

Mrs. William H. L. Tyus 

Mrs. Robert E. Waldroo 

Helen M. Woodward 

East Grand Rapids 

Mrs. Tohn H. Bryant 

Nancy S. Thompson 

East Lansing 

Phyllis L Publow 


Mrs. L Mott Rawlings 

Dorothy Winegarden 


Mrs. Enoch T. White, Tr. 

Grand Rapids 

Mrs. Philip W. Buchen 

Marilyn E. Gamble 
Mrs. E. C. Harder 
Mrs. William H. Hardy 
Mrs. C. Evan Tohnson 
Mrs. Tames K. Miller, Tr. 
Mrs. Boyce K. Muir 
Mrs. Athol B. Thompson 

Grosse He 

Mrs. T. D. Moose, Tr. 

Grosse Pointe 

Mrs. Nicholas S. Aagesen 

Mrs. Richard Kimbrough 

Mrs. Charles L. Nevens 

Mrs. Robert B. Semple 

Grosse Pointe Farms 

Mrs. Robert W. Crawford 

Mrs. Gilbert Currie 

Mrs. George R. Fink 

Mrs. Thomas P. Henry, Tr. 

Grosse Pointe Park 
Mrs. George C. Miller 
Mrs. C. Porter Strother 

Grosse Point Shores 

Mrs. Ford Ballantyne 

Highland Park 

June Williams 


Mrs. Donald Lloyhed 

Jane Schulte 


Hester C. England 


Mrs. James E. Kussman 


Mrs. Robert A. Mattern 


Mrs. William Allen 


Mrs. Joseph D. Clemens 

North Muskegon 

Mrs. Tohn Mintv 


Mrs. Toseph D. Bennett 


Mrs. Frederick B. Faust 


Mrs. Clifford T. Ekelund 


Mrs. Harold H. Davis 

Mrs. George S. Swan 

St. Louis 

Mrs. Herbert C. Wohlers 



Mrs. John F. Biggerstaff 



Mrs. Fred C. Andersen 

Deer wood 

Charlotte Magoffin 


Mrs. Hubbell Carpenter 

Jean A. Gall 

Mrs. A. Laird Goodman 

Virginia J. Hartman 

Mrs. H. Seward Kempton 

Mrs. Tohn H. McCarthy 

Mrs. Rutherford N. McGififert 


Mrs. O. J. Ellerson 


Mrs. Gilbert S. Maxson 


Mrs. Tohn Chesebrough 

Mrs. Lewis W. Child 

Mrs. Francis Collins 

Constance Krieg 

Mrs. Ormond E. Laird 

Ruth I. Lundholm 

Mrs. Donald K. MacLennan 

Mrs. Guilford A. Morse 

Mrs. Donald N. Newhall 

Mrs. Cvril P. Pesek 

Mrs. Donald P. Setter 

Mrs. Tames Slocum 

Mrs. Curtis L. Smith 

Mrs. Curtis L. Smith, Jr. 

Oak Terrace 
Catherine L. Hanitch 


Mrs. J. Walker Butin 

Mrs. Georee R. Dornberger 

Mrs. M. M. Fatten 

Mrs. Hendrjk Svien 

Saint Paid 

Henrietta Anderson 

Mrs. Herbert G. Bartholdi 

Mrs. C. E. Bavliss Griggs 

Mrs. M. F. Kelly 

Mrs. Peyton M. Stallings, Tr. 

Mrs. William H. Sweney, Tr. 

Mrs. Toseph H. Watson 

Mrs. George H. Weed 

Mrs. George C. Woolley 


Mrs. H. E. Person 


Mrs. James E. Hill 


Mrs. Goodrich Lowry 



Helen Hardie 


Mrs. Edward Loggins 


Mrs. Tohn W. Crisler 


Mrs. Milton Hawk 

Mrs. Elizabeth R. Varner 


Mrs. T. Allison Hardy 
Mrs. Robert S. Neese 
Frances Pope 


Linda Bartlett 

Miriam Rubel 


Mrs. T. Talbert Thomas, Jr. 


Mrs. Harold T. Council 

Mrs. Clive Metcalfe 

Mrs. Charles Capps 
Harriette Hamner 
Mrs. Walter G. Walt 

Mary S. Hawkins 


Mrs. Tames S. Beasley 

Elizabeth Holmes 


Mrs. Charles A. Fitzgerald 

Ann S. Morse 

Mrs. William E. Morse 

Rose Naylor 

Mrs. Charles L. Neill, Tr. 

Donna Reese 

Mrs. Bayard T. Van Hecke 


Mrs. Tames L. A. Russell 


Mrs. Walter H. Bailey 

Mrs. Edgar L. Enochs 


Mrs. Tulian Leggett 


Mrs. Zed G. Hawkins 


Mrs. Lucius Butts 

New Albany 

Mrs. Tames F. Hall 

Olive Branch 

Mrs. George Mongold 


Patricia G. Brown 


Mrs. Kinloch Gill 


Mrs. Van Kincannon Rogers 

Mrs. C. C. Strain 


Evelyn Lee Way 


Caroline R. Compton 

Mrs. Charles T. Faulk, Tr. 

Yazoo City 

Mrs. Nathan L. Swayze 



Bernice Blair 

Mrs. Richard L. Dunlap 

Mrs. Lvnne B. Greene 

Mrs. Tohn Van Brunt, Tr. 

Cape Girardeau 
Mrs. John L. Oliver 
Carroll ton 
Mrs. Lvnn Norris 


Mrs. George E. Phelps 

Mrs. Christine Webster 


Dorothy M. Friday 
Mrs. Byron E. Gray 
Elizabeth W. Hanger 
Mrs. Joseph W. Lewis, Jr. 
Mrs. Tames S. Robertson 
Mrs. W. Clark Schmidt 
Mrs. Tohn P. Stupp 


Frances Hunt 

Tuliette B. Rollins 

Mrs. Richard G. Tindall 

Mrs. A. R. Troxell 

Mary M. Mahan 
Grace Minor 



Jefferson City 

Mrs. Henry P. Andrae 

Caroline C. Fischer 


Mrs. Bart T. Ramsour 

Kansas City 

Mrs. Eugene E. Ball 

Mrs. Robert W. Berrey 

Mrs. Tames L. Cornwell, Jr. 

Mrs. Lloyd Faeth 

Mary Sybil Flagg 

Mrs. Joseph W. Gilbert 

Mrs. William W. Gist 

Mrs. William W. Groner 

Mrs. Paul Hamilton 

Teanne A. Harris 

Mrs. Richard L. Hedenkamp 

Mrs. Gunnard Tohnson 

Mrs. William E. Kemp 

loan U. King 

Mrs. George P. Lacy 

Helen Ladd 

Mrs. Walter H. Leo 

Mrs. Robert P. Lyons 

Frances Martin 

Mrs. Robert Milton 

Dorothy Powell 

Mrs. G. Findlay Reed 

Mrs. R. B. Renfro 

Mrs. Tames A. Stephenson 

Mrs. Virginia Stewart 

Mrs. Wendell R. Stoops 

Mrs. Charles S. Stubbs III 

Mrs. Raymond E. Watson 

Mrs. Scott Wilson 


Mrs. Mitchell V. Allen 
Mrs. O. Nelson Bryan, Jr. 
Mrs. Wendell Campbell II 
Mrs. Francis Crawford 
Mrs. Courtney Shands 

Richmond Heights 
Mrs. George A. Phillips 
Tane Spiegel 

Saint Louis 

Mrs. Lazare Baker 

Mrs. Charles B. Cunningham 

Marie Dennig 

Mrs. WUliam E. Fackert, Tr. 

Mrs. Hickman Y. Fisher 

Mrs. Thomas T. Hartrick 

Mary Hazelton 

Mrs. E. R. Hurd, Jr. 

Janet Tohnston 

Mrs. Roger E. Lord 

Mrs. E. H. Lovelace 

Mrs. William P. Oliver 

Mrs. Kent Ravenscroft 

Mary Roberts 

Mrs. G. Carroll Stribling 

Mrs. T. Wister White 


Mrs. Tames Lebahn 


Mrs. Prentiss E. McCollum 

Mrs. Tohn W. Williams 


Mrs. Thomas W. McBride 
University City 
Elizabeth Conover 
Webster Groves 
Mrs. Kenneth A. Bell 
Mrs. Tohn M. Hall 
Mrs. Paul B. Lansing 
Mrs. Charles D. Mill 
Mrs. Frank G. Myers 
Mrs. Tohn T. Shillington 
Mrs. E. T. Spiegel, Tr. 


Great Falls 

Genevieve Clary 


Mrs. Otto G. Klein 


Grand Island 

Mrs. Tames R. Scott 

North Platte 

Mrs. Williard D. Newberry 

Mrs. Frederick W. Sieman 


Mrs. Forrest B. Burbank 

Mrs. William T. Chavet 

Mrs. Calvin Davis 

Mrs. Wallace E. Spear 

Mrs. A. E. Stoll 

Mrs. Malcolm Young 


Las Vagas 

Mrs. Henry F. Garlington 



Mrs. Harry B. Gore 


Mrs. William M. Stearns 


Mrs. Philbrook Paine 


Mrs. William A. Towle 


Mrs. Wayne P. Bryer 


Mrs. Herbert W. Hill 

Mrs. Lloyd K. Neidlinger 


Mrs. Robert L. De Lancey 

Mrs. Frank C. Huntress 

North Coitway 

Mrs. David A. Works 

Pitts field 

Mrs. Tames D. Adams 

Plain field 

Mrs. Fiske Boyd 


Mrs. Charles H. Gerlach 



Mrs. Frank P. McCord 


Mrs. Edward M. Ellice 


Mrs. Harry Ferrell 

Mrs. George S. Oldfield 

Atlantic Highlands 
Mrs. Holmes M. Dyer 
Mrs. Robert W. Gorsuch 
Mrs. Sverre Sorensen 

Basking Ridge 

Mrs. Charles E. Knoke 


Mrs. Tohn MacKinnon 


Mrs. Foster Birch 

Mrs. Stuart Z. Hawkes 

Mrs. Frederick C. Knipher 

Bound Brook 
Mrs. R. L. Cassell 


Mrs. Harry Snydor 

Katherine Block 
Katherine Hoyt 
Mrs. William L. Stuart 
Meta Waring 


Mrs. Richard E. Fleming 

Ruth Krauss 

Mrs. William K. Kurz 


Mrs. Gregory G. Gagarin 



Mrs. Charles C. Goodfellow 

Mrs. Mathews D. Hall 

Mrs. Karl T. Nelson 

Mrs. Wesley A. Stanger, Tr. 

Sarah Vaughan 

Mrs. T. Bradford Wilson 


Mrs. Walter B. Muller 

East Orange 

Mrs. William E. Bardusch, Jr. 

Mrs. Daniel B. Deland, Tr. 

Mrs. Leonard M. Gersten 

Doris Huner 

Dorothy Taylor 

East Patersan 

Mrs. Rudolph E. Lent 

Edgewater Park 

Mrs. Franklyn S. Rixey 


Mrs. Edwin H. Barlow 

Mrs. Frank F. Mountcastle 


Mrs. Eric H. Calnan 

Mrs. Graham Clark 

Kate Coe 

Nancy Coe 

Mrs. Tames F. Colthup 

Mrs. Albert C. Lord 

Mrs. Donovan P. MacDonald 

Mrs. Harry deL. McKinlay 

Mrs. George Myers 

Selby Roberts 

Essex Veils 

Mrs. William W. Bush 

Mrs. L. T. Cooper 

Mrs. William F. Olmstead 

Mrs. Ulrich Solmssen 

Fair Haven 

Mrs. Charley C. Nickerson 

Fair Lawn 

Mrs. Charles C. Gaver 

Mrs. Donald K. Piermont 

Mrs. David F. Treadway 

Mrs. Howard C. Yerger 

Tustine Tohnston 

Glen Ridge 
Mrs. William T. Bell 
Mrs. Gordon B. Brown 
Mrs. William A. Salmon 
Mrs. Tames W. Towsen 

Glen Rock 

Mrs. Tames W. Gillis 

Mrs. E. Tonathan Harvey 

Mrs. Donald Borg 

Mrs. John F. Elliott III 
Mrs. Otis T. Gregg 


Mrs. George E. Kearns, Tr. 

Mrs. Stanley W, Rusk, Tr. 

Haddon Heights 

Mrs. George W. Anderson 

Highland Park 

Mrs. Tohn V. R. Strong 


Mrs. Tames P. Whitlock 


Mrs. Charles W. A. Cannon 


Mrs. Charles H. Bergmann 

Mrs. George C. McKnight 

Mrs. Tohn H. Stewart, Tr. 


Mrs. William R. Tones 


Mrs. Frederick C. Meyers 

Key port 

Mrs. Edward P. Ellis 

Mrs. W. E. Wimpey 


Mrs. Tohn Shannon 


Helen Manning 


Verone Conklin 


Mrs. Maurice W. Fuller 

Little Falls 

Constance Van Ness 

Little Silver 
Elaine Alberts 
Mrs. Leslie F. Banyard 
Mrs. Edward W. McClellan, 


Mrs. Herman Strahman 

Long Branch 

Mrs. Joseph Pingitore 


Mrs. Peter Flatten 


Mrs. Arlo A. Brown, Tr. 


Mrs. G. R. Baynum 

Barbara Horowitz 

Mrs. Leonard M. Horton 

Mrs. Chester Lane 

Mrs. William F. Noll 

Ruth Seidler 

lean Stafford 

Mrs. Barton F. Thompson 


Mrs. Charles E. Blackford III 

Mrs. Albert Bothe 
Mrs. E. Stuart Dickerson 
Mrs. George B. German 


Mrs. Rodgers Neely 


Mrs. Kenneth D. Brown 

Mrs. Ralph P. Tames 

Mrs. Edward P. McDermott 

Mrs. Oscar A. Mockridge, Jr. 

Mrs. R. W. Moister, Jr. 

Mrs. Arthur G. Murphy 

Anne Stuckle 

Mrs. George F. Tinker 

Mrs. A. H. Wallace 

Mrs. Edwin C. Wilkins 


Mrs. Samuel C. Loveland, Jr. 


Mrs. Joseph A. Alcaro 
Mrs. Winthrop H. Tones 
Mrs. Harold H. Welty 

Mount Lake 

Mrs. Tames R. G. Hardy 

Mount Tabor 

Mrs. Warren MacKain 


Mrs. Henry W. Wiggin 

North Plainfield 

Mrs. Francis L. Haveron, Jr. 


Mrs. G. E. Shriver 

Ocean Grove 

Mrs. Herbert S. Walters 


Mrs. F. Gordon Ketcham 


Mrs. T. Harry Lang 

Mrs. T. Tatnall Lea, Jr. 

Mrs. O. Emil LoJirke 

Mrs. Tohn R. Murray 

Mrs. Frederick B. Utley, Tr. 

Pampston Lakes 
Mrs. Robert P. Kelly 



Mrs. Jerome Goldberg 

Mrs. Earl A. Leonard 

Pentts Grove 

C. Roberta Evans 


Mrs. Wayne Dumont 11 


Mrs. H. Homer Buckelmueller 

Elizabeth Cole 

Mrs. Marvin J- Fahrenbach 

Mrs. Frank M. Fargo, Jr. 

Mrs. Ames B. Hettrick 

Mrs. Charles V. Reydel 

Mrs. William Simpson III 


Mrs. Henrv Teffers, Jr. 

Port Norris 

Evalena Sharp 


Mrs. Warren P. Elmer 

Mrs. Chester Griswold, Tr. 

Mrs. Bertrand L. Gulick, ]i. 

Alice Hepburn 

Ariana Tones 

Mrs. Arthur L. Keiser, Ir. 

Mrs. Gilbert Lea 

Mrs. Robert G. McAllen 

Betty B. Preston 

Mrs. William F. Stohlmjnn 

Mrs. John A. C. Weller 

Mrs. Lucien Yokana 

Princeton Junction 

Mrs. Martin H. Caples 


Mrs. John W. Griggs II 

Mrs. John W. Hand 

Mrs. Richard Kievit, Jr. 

Mrs. William B. Neil 

Margaret Robertson 

Mrs. Eric Sellix 

Mrs. William S. Woodson, Jr. 


Mrs. James H. Currie 

River Edge 

Mrs. Robert H. Caughey 


Mrs. Winfred Wilson 


Mrs. Alice Swain Zell 


Mrs. Harrison Wood 

Mary Wood 

Scotch Plains 

Mrs. Henry L. Poole 

Sea Girt 

Mrs. Thomas Black III 

Mrs. Walter L. Reid 

Short Hills 

Mrs. William Bernhard 

Mrs. Donald Comer, Jr. 

Mrs. Robert L. Gushing 

Cynthia Drake 

Mrs. Hugh C. Edmiston 

Mrs. W. B. Erickson 

Ann-Barrett Holmes 

Mrs. Ross L. McLellan 

Ann Orr 


Mrs. Dorothy E. MacMurdo 

Mrs. W. S. Wilson 

South Orange 
Mrs. Paul C. Davis 
Mrs. Jack R._Simon 


Mrs. Charles L. Case 
Mrs. Harry Croyder 
Mrs. Elmer F. Francis 
Mary Grammer 
Mrs. Harry W. Irwin 
Mrs. David H. Knowles 
Mrs. Frederick K. McKinney 
Mrs. Wadsworth W. Mount 
Mrs. Addison B. Poland 
Mrs. Henry W. Runyon, Jr. 
Mrs. Edward L Schroeder, Jr. 


Mrs. William T. Frizen 

Mrs. WiUiam A. Roy 


Mrs. Robert H. Scott 


Geraldine D. Mallorv 
Eva Sisson 
Rosalind Summer 


Mrs. Frederick Collier 
Mrs. Edward A. Henry 
Mrs. Tohn L. Williamson 
Mrs. Horace Woolverton 

Vi)i)er Mcmtclair 
Eleanor Ammarell 
Mrs. Warren D. Ayres 
Mrs. Ezra Cornell 
Mrs. Stephen C. Francisco 
Mrs. Tohn G. Ives 
Mrs. Tames I. Van Dyk 
Mrs. Thomas G. Weilepp 
Mrs. Horace E. Wood 
Mrs. Tohn W. Wood 


Frances Engeman 

Mrs. H. Austin Lederer 


Mrs. Winfield F. Smith 

West Atlantic City 

Mrs. Tohn B. Taylor 


Catherine Barnett 

Mrs. Gordon B. Booth 

Mrs. Garland C. Boothe 

Mrs. Robert T. Carpenter 

Mrs. Newell A. Chase 

H. Hope Hastorf 

Barbara Tarvis 

Mrs. Harold A. Mellen 

Wilhelmina Rankin 

Mrs. Herbert L. Smith, Jr. 

West Orange 

Mrs. Tohn Dickie, Jr. 

Mrs. Norman O. Hood 


Mrs. Roger S. Byrne 


Mrs. Tohn Gaerste 

Mrs. T. Rolston Westendorf 

Margaret Imbrie 
Marv Imbrie 



Mrs. Robert Willis 


Mrs. Richard N. Carroll 

Los Alamos 

Mrs. Richard K. Beauchamps 


Mrs. Kivas Tally 


Mrs. Yerbv Chambers 

Santa Rita 

Mrs. Rone B. Tempest, Jr. 


Mrs. William T. Old, Jr. 

Ute Park 

Mrs. Frank Burk 

Nancy Scurry 



Mrs. P. C. Boomsliter 

Grace Graulty 

Mrs. Robert L. Hackwell 

Mrs. Donald T. Horn 

Mrs. Robert P. Tones 

Mrs. Sidney R. Nathan 

Mrs. Robert E. Sonntag 

Mrs. Vallance A. Wickens, Jr. 



Alexandria Bay 

Mrs. Allan F. Westcott 


Mrs. Wayne D. Fajans 


Helen Whitmore 


Mrs. James B. Olney 


Mrs. Arthur A. Denton, Tr. 


Mrs. Tohn C. Meyers, Tr. 


Mrs. Lawrence B. Graham 

Mrs. Arne E. Swanson 

Bay Shore 

Mrs. William W. Washburn, 


Mrs. William Bales 

Mrs. William T. Hein, Tr. 


Mrs. Tonathan Slocum 

Bingham ion 

Mrs. Carleton A. Cleveland, Jr. 

Margaret Tones 

Sallie Leee 

Mrs. Norman W. Seiter 

Mrs. Rexford W. Titus, Tr. 

Mrs. Tohn G. Vonhold 

Mrs. Walter A. Weidley 


Mrs. Paul K. Roth, Jr. 


Tean Staples 

Mrs. Charles Wadhams 

Mrs. Robert Winne 


Mrs. Russell H. Allan 

Mrs. Wilson F. Barnes, Jr. 

Mrs. George M. Chapman 

Marv Daniels 

Mrs. Edward S. Diggs 

Mrs. Daniel L. Dyer 

Mrs. Ralph A. Emling 

Mrs. Peter H. Emmons 

Mrs. Gerard S. Fowler 

Mrs. Tohn F. Michel 

Mrs. Tonathan Moore, Tr. 

Marion Moss 

Mrs. Charles W. Petersmeyer 

Mrs. Tames B. Porteus 

Jeannette Quencer 

Mrs. T. S. Sitterley 

Mrs. Manning Wade 

Mrs. Charles S. White, Tr. 

Dorothy White 


Elizabeth Dunn 

Mrs. Richard A. Foster 

Mrs. Andersen GroU 

Mrs. Ben Leibowitz 

Mrs. Beverly Mann 

Mrs. Irving W. Parkhurst 

Lillian Smith 


Mrs. Tames M. Carter, Jr. 
Mrs. William T. Corbett 
Mrs. Clement H. Darby 
Mrs. E. Douglas Howard II 
Mrs. Samuel D. Magavern 
Mrs. Frederick E. Munschauer, 

Mrs. Alan D. Oppenheimer 
Marv Tem.pleton 
Mrs. H. B. von Arnim 


Florence Worth 


Mrs. Martha Lee Poston 

Carle Place 

Mrs. Frederic B. Farrar 


Mrs. William G. Davis, Tr. 

Mrs. Gustave Taeger 

Marv Krone 

Mrs. Barclay Shaw 


Mrs. Roger Ailing 


Mrs. Reginald M. Rowe, Jr. 

Del Rio 

Mrs. Talbot Curtin 

Dobbs Ferry 
Mrs. Carl B. Day 


Mrs. Loren T. Wood 

Douglaston Manor 

Mrs. Frederick K. McCarthy 

Mrs. H. H. Pethick 

Mrs. Roger W. Robinson 

East Hempstead 

Mrs. Kenneth B. Van de Water 

East Setauket 

Mrs. Walter C. Eichacker 


Mrs. H. Ess Askew 


Drasia Featherman 

Mrs. Asaph B. Hall 

Mrs. Edmund A. Wellinghoff 

Far Rockaway 

Mrs. A. S. Tepper 


Mrs. Richard W. Coolbaugh 


Mrs. T. Philip Doelker 

M. Lindsav Kindleberger 

Mrs. George N. von Sternberg 

Forest Hills 
Suzanne L. A. Howe 
Mrs. David A. Morse 
Marie Musgrove 
Mrs. William H. Surber 

Forest Hills Gardens 

Annette Hagens 

Fort Plain 

Mrs. Alfred H. von Wellsheim 


Mrs. Charles Burkett 

Tune Krebs 

Mrs. Robert S. McLellan 

Garden City 

Mrs. Tohn Betz, Tr. 

Mrs. Rosalie H. Cramer 

Tulia Downer 

Isabel Scriba 

Mrs. William Weeks _ 

Mrs. Charles E. Williams 


Tean Saunders 


Teannette Monroe 


Mrs. Newell D. Hale 

Elizabeth Hovey 


Mrs. H. Donald Stuard 


Mrs. L. M. Bullard 

Glen Head 

Mrs. West P. Woodbridge, Jr. 


Mrs. Tohn De Pew Miller 

Governors Island 
Elizabeth Mullen 

Great Neck 

Mrs. Ernest E. Tenks 

Mrs. Harold P. Sussman 

Haines Falls 
Drusilla Christian 


Mrs. Tohn A. Brown, Tr. 



Mrs. Lemar M. Fearins 
Elizabeth Hartridge 


Mrs. Philip G. Smith 


Mrs. Donald B. Stookey 

Mrs. John Wyatt Bradley 

Mrs. Ronald W. Lindemann 


Marcia Patterson 


Mrs. Harrison Hogan 


Mrs. Tohn W. Van Siclen 


Mrs. Douglas H. Morris 


Mrs. Calyin O. Smith 


Mrs. David M. Abbott 


Mrs. Robert K. Glass, Tr. 


Mrs. Charles R. Bennett, Jr. 

Mrs. Tohn V. Groner 


Mrs. Alexander W. Dann, Jr. 

Mrs. Lewis H. Durland 

Mrs. Robert E. Peach 

Mrs. Norman G. Stage 

Jackson Heights 

Mrs. Kenneth H. LeFever 


Mrs. T. R. A. Hobson 
Mrs. George H. Longstaff 
Mrs. Thomas L. Means 

Jamaica Estates 
Toan Thonet 


Mrs. Harrison Reynolds 


Mrs. George E. Baker 

Mrs. T. Whitman Toslin, Tr. 


Mrs. Arthur C. Hayes 

Kew Gardens 

Mrs. Robert D. Thomas 


Mrs. Tohn E. Griggs, Tr. 


Mrs. Edward E. Baker 

Mary Bowser 

Nancy Drake 

Mrs. Chester W. MacArthur 

Mrs. Robert S. MacCallum 

Mrs. Toseph R. Mighell, III 

Mrs. Robert A. Murphy 

Mrs. William P. O'Connor, Tr. 

Mary Sheridan 

Mrs. Albert H. Stone 

Mrs. Douglas Tucker 

Mrs. Tohn Worden 

Little Falls 

Mrs. Samuel M. Simpson 


Mrs. Eugene F. Patterson 

Long Beach 

Mrs. Howard Zimmerman 

Long Island City 

Mrs. Tames C. Ling 


Mrs. Tohn S. Hare 


Mrs. Philip N. Toachim 

Mrs. Royal W. Ryan 


Mrs. Edith Gaddis 

Mrs. Thomas C. Roberts 


Mrs. Tohn D. O'Connor 

Mount Kisco 

Mrs. Charles F. Bound 

Mrs. Tohn A. Cook 

Marcia Fowler 

Mount Vernon 

Mrs. Tohn T. Hagan 

Edith Scannell 

Mrs. Robert Scannell 

Mrs. Charles L. Steegar 


Mrs. Earl R. Stott 


Ynes Marie Tova 

New City 

Mrs. Peter D. Burchard 

New Hyde Park 

Mrs. Robert E. Gaskell 

New Kochelle 

Mrs. Harrison P. Doty 

Mrs. Philip W. K. Sweet 

New York 

Mrs. Allen B. Adams, Tr. 

Anne Adams 

Mrs. Terence Anderson 

Mrs. Edwin E. Andrews 

Mrs. Walter P. Andrews 

Mrs. Bruce Angus 

Brooks Barnes 

Virginia Berrier 

Gertrude Bilhuber 

Mrs. Addison B. Bingham 

Mrs. Ernest W. Borkland, Jr. 

Mrs. Stephen Botsford 

Marion Bower 

Betsy Bowman 

Mrs. Milton S. Bowman 

Westray Boyce 

Mrs. Lewis B. Boyd 

Mrs. Toseph C. Broadus 

Anne Burr 

Mrs. Morton Byrd 

Mrs. Eleanor K. Carr 

Mrs. Edgar A. Chibouk 

Mrs. Harold F. Clark 

A. Kathryn Close 

Margaret Coffman 

Mrs. Richard R. Condit 

Mrs. William Constable 

Mrs. Otto Crouse 

Mrs. Richard M. Cukor 

Mrs. C. Douglas Danford, Jr. 

Mrs. Tames E. Dayis 

Mrs. Walter Davis 

Mrs. Charles E. Dunbar 

Mrs. David Du Vivier 

Elliane Farrell 

Mrs. Frederick W. Finn 

Mrs. Sydney L. Fisher 

Catharine Fitzgerald 

Annabelle Forsch 

Mrs. Tames R. Foster 

Gloria Gamble 

Mrs. Tohn Gardiner 

Mrs. Simeon Gazan 

Mrs. Langdon Gilkey 

Mrs. Henry R. Glenn 

Mrs. Margaret Grant 

Mrs. Tohn Griswold 

Mrs. Lawrence P. Gwin 

Mrs. Douglas Haddow 

Mrs. John G. Hawley 

Mrs. Harry H. Hemmings 

Mrs. John W. Henry 

Mrs. Timmerman HerslofF 

Elizabeth Hibbs 

Mrs. Homer Hirst 

Mrs. L. Preston Hollander, Jr. 

Mrs. G. W. Holloway 

Mrs. Robert C. Horan 

Marguerite F. Hume 

Mrs. William N. TefFers, Tr. 

Patricia Toblin 

Mrs. Charles H. Jones 

Mrs. John Keating, Jr. 

Virginia Keyser 

Elizabeth S. King 

Mrs. Norman R. Kohnfelder 

Yvonne Lamon 

Mrs. Thomas T. Lea 

Mrs. Remy Lemaire 

Mrs. Walter E. Lewis 

Margaret Lewis 


Margaret Liebman 

Lucy Llovd 

Mrs. R. Rideelv Lytle, Jr. 

Tanice Macpherson 

Bettv Magruder 

Mrs. Eugene E. Maneck 

Mrs. William M. Materne 

Mrs. Charles R. Maxwell, Jr. 

Mrs. Douglas M. McAvity 

Mrs. D. T. McDevitt 

Mrs. Donald McVickar 

Mrs. Oden H. Meeker 

Rosalind Mendelson 

Mrs. Walter Mendelsohn 

Minnie Morris 

Sadie Morris 

Mrs. Margaret Newtcn 

Mrs. Margaret Nohowel 

Mrs. H. C. Nolen 

Mrs. Norman Panama 

May Paris 

Elizabeth Park 

Catherine Parker 

Mrs. Tere Patterson 

Mrs. Igor Pezas 

Airs. Benet Polikoff 

Mrs. William Pollak 

Mrs. Reynolds Pomeroy 

Hortense Powell 

Mrs. Henry Prescott 

Barbara Rainsford 

Mrs. Alan H. Raphael 

Margaretta Ribble 

Mrs. Tulian A. Rice 

Mrs. George E. Roosevelt 

Mrs. Ralph A. Rotnem 

Cornelia S. Sadowskv 

Elizabeth Saunders 

Mrs. Gerard A. Schoen 

Mrs. Michael T. Sexton 

Mariorie Silvester 

Mrs. Robert Simon, Jr. 

Mrs. Samuel T. Slate 

Cora Smith 

Mrs. Herbert Smyth 

Mrs. Hyres Sparks 

Mrs. lean V. V. Spencer 

Janet Staples 

Aline Stump 

Mrs. Charles L. Tate, Jr. 

Helen Taylor 

Mrs. Raymond L. Thaver 

Patricia Thompson 

Mrs. John Trick.ett 

Mrs. Tosenh A. C. Wadsworth 

Mrs. E. Ware 

Cynthia Watts 

Mrs. Arthur Whitney 

Harriet Willcox 

Mrs. Henry H. Williams 

Mrs. C. F. Willis 

Mrs. Allan Wills 

Mrs. Julia Wilson , 

Mrs. Tohn M. Woodburn 

Mrs. Charles Woollen, Jr. 

Mrs. David A. Wright 

Mrs. J. Bernard Wyckofif 

Cecilev Youmans 

North Tarrytown 

Mrs. Robert P. Young 


Mrs. Tarlton Parsons 

Mrs. George S. Writer, Tr. 

Mrs. Willard Adams 
Mrs. Tohn B. Faggi 
Mrs. Sterling Lee 


Mrs. William Fanning 

Mrs. Earle Kincaid 

Mrs. Herbert T. Knapp 

Oyster Bay 

Mrs. C. Arthur Borg 

Mrs. Homer A. Holt 

Mrs. Bushrop B. Howard 


Mrs. William P. Anderson 

Mrs. Frank Foote, Jr. 

Carolyn Irvine 

Mrs. A. Nelson Myers 

Katharine Shaw 

Pelham Manor 
Mrs. Bruce Frost 
Mrs. A. E. Funke 
Mrs. Vess E. Irvine 
Mrs. Francis H. Ludington 
Mrs. Tohn E. Miller, Jr. 
Mrs. Charles E. Muldaur 
Tanet Thorpe 

Pitts ford 

Mrs. Kenneth L. Coolev 


Mrs. Frank N. Dealy 

Mrs. James Moore 

Port Chester 
Mrs. W. L. Mason 
Mrs. Douglas T. Miller 
Mrs. Conrad Van Hyning 

Port Crane 
Mrs. George T. Link 
Port Washington 
Mrs. Fred W. Kittler 
Marcia Wiley 


Mrs. Charles S. White 


Mrs. William T. Breen, Tr. 

Richmond Hills 

Mrs. H. T. Fischer, Jr. 


Mrs. William C. Baird 

Mrs. S. L. Bell 

Mrs. Alan W. David 

Ernestine Dreyfus 

Mrs. Toseph Harris 

Mrs. George Hill 

Mrs. Robert B. Hoffman 

Mrs. Donald Lewis 

Mrs. Sherman Love 

Mrs. Tohn H. Moser 

Helen Ogden 

Mrs. L R. Peacock 

Mrs. Ralph Peters 

Mrs. Moe Plaksin 

Mrs. Frederick S. Reinheimer 

Mrs. Robert R. Sheridan 

Tanet Trosch 

Marjorie Trosch 

Ernestine White 

Rockville Center 

Mrs. Thomas W. Cohill 

Mrs. M. Lyman 


Mrs. Byron S. Fox 

Roslyn Heights 

Mrs. Henry Birgel 


Mrs. G. Forrest Butterworth, 

Mrs. Thomas B. Hubbard 
Mrs. Adrian M. Massie 
lean McCulloh 

Saint Albans 

Mrs. Charles Crawford 


Mrs. H. C. Boschen 

Mrs. Donald Currie 

Mrs. Mark Eisner 

Mrs. George Felker III 

Mrs. Edward Garfield 

Mrs. Carl W. Heye 

Mrs. Warner Kent, Jr. , 

Anna I. Kuss 

Mrs. C. Edwin Linville 

Mrs. Stewart McDonald 

Mrs. Lloyd Patterson 

Mrs. Toseph S. Preston 

Mrs. Edward D. Robbins 

Mrs. George A. Schmidt, Tr. 

Mrs. Robert R. Seeber, Tr. 

Mrs. D. K. Usher 


Mrs. John S. Apperson III 

Mrs. William L. Bond 

Mrs. Henry Van der Bogert 

Mrs. Tames A. McNaughton 
Mrs. Tohn E. Packard 
Mary Troy 
Margaretta Tuttle 
Mrs. Charles M. Young 

Sea CM 

Mrs. Carter L. Burgess 


Mrs. Trevor Kenyon 




Mrs. Prentiss Carnell, Tr. 

Mrs. George H. Smith 


Mrs. Frederick B. Banner 


Mrs. Howard T. Hawkins 

Springfield Gardens 

Mrs. Sydney Schrider 

Staten Island 

Mrs. Ray C. Bridgeman 

Mrs. R. Kinesley Hopkins 

Mrs. Harold T. O'Connell, Jr. 

Mrs. Tames E. Poulton 

Mrs. Paul C. Wetzig 

Stony Brook 

Mrs. Edwin G. Messiter 


Mrs. William H. Tunison, Jr. 


Mrs. Tohn C. Allen 

Mrs. Robert P. Grossman 

Mrs. Paul W. Gilbert 

Constance Hancock 

Mrs. Raymond Hust 


Mrs. W. Oakman Hay, Tr. 


Mrs. Tohn D. Garst 

Mrs. William H. Gensarelly 


Mrs. Martin Peterson 


Mrs. Henry E. Kilzer 

Mrs. Tohn E. Neill 

Mrs. Harris E- Wainwright III 

Unadilla , 

Mrs. Marie LePine 

Upper Lisle 

Mrs. Frank W. Wauchope 


Mrs. Richard H. Balch 

Mrs. Vincent S. Tones 

Mrs. Albert Matthai, Jr. 

Mrs. Edward L. O'Donnell, Jr. 

Mrs. Robert Samson 

Valley Stream 

Mrs. Stephen Goddard 


Mrs. Tames A. Dodds 
Mrs. Henry M. Meloney 
Mrs. Samuel H. Pond 
Elizabeth White 
Margaret White 


Mrs. St. Clair Bromfield, Tr. 

Watkins Glen 

Mrs. Warren W. Clute, Tr. 

West Hempstead 

Mrs. Thomas P. Losee 

Mrs. Wilmot Losee 

West Point 

Mrs. Tohn R. Schrader, Tr. 

Mrs. Gilbert H. Woodward 

White Plains 

Mrs. Walter D. Cooley 

Mrs. William S. Davis, Tr. 

Mrs. Gerard Kaufman 

Mrs. Louis P. Kurtis 

Mrs. Robert R. Kurtz 

Mary Reed 

Mrs. Clement F. Scofield 

Mrs. Tohn C. Wilson 


Mrs. Francis W. Howe 


Mrs. George F. Mitchell 

Eyelyn Morris 

Mrs. John Thompson III 


Mrs. Craig Allen 
Mrs. Robert H. Lautz 
Mrs. D. R. MacMannis 
Barbara Stragnell 



Mrs. Terry F. Brothers 


Mrs. Eugene B. Cannon 

Mrs. Francis O. Yates 


Mrs. Arthur C. Ambler 

Mrs. Francis Bourne 

T. Ruth Carroll 

Mrs. Charles Copenhaver 

Margaret Dawson 

Alice Laubach 

Mrs. Charles G. Lee, Jr. 

Mrs. Edward W. Martin 

Mrs. William Metz 

Mrs. Bradford E. Palmer 

Mrs. Robert S. Peckham 

Mrs. Tohn M. Reynolds 

Emily Schuber 

Mrs. Thomas W. Varnon 

Mrs. Robert A. White 

Mrs. Rave P. Woodin, Tr. 


Mrs. C. C. Bost 


Mrs. Tyson Betty 

Mrs. Tunius M. Horner 

Virginia King 

Biltmore Forest 

Mrs. Thomas Logan Mver 

Mrs. Philip Woollcott 


Mrs. Tames D. Curwen 

Mrs. Tohn B. Verner 

Mrs. John Albert 
Mrs. William Bailey 
Mrs. Tames A. Dale 

Camp Lejeutie 

Mrs. Anthony Walker 

ChaPel Hill 

Mrs. Edmund Berkeley , 

Margaret Carmichael 

Mrs. William M. Geer 

Tosephine MacMillan 

Mrs. Louis deR. MacMillan 

Mrs. W. Dougald MacMillan 

Louise Partrick 

Mrs. Fred G. Patterson 

Mrs. W. D. Perry 

Martha Query 

Caroline Tillett 


Mrs. Robert F. Allen 

Mrs. William A. Allen 

Mrs. L. Dale Arthur 

Mrs. Wylie H. Arnold 

Sarah Belk 

Harriet Brenizer 

Mrs. Franklin M. Caldwell 

Mrs. N. S. Calhoun, Jr. 

Carolyn Cansler 

Mrs. Cansler Carroll 

Mrs. Hugh W. Causey 

Mrs. Saxbv Chaplin 

Mrs. Tames O. Cobb 

Mrs. Charles R. Collins 

Mrs. Stuart W. Cramer. Tr. 

Mary Durham 

Mrs. Elias Faison 

Mrs. R. Thrift Ferguson 

Margaret Fitzsimons 

Cornelia Fore 

Mrs. Peter S. Gilchrist, Tr. 

Mrs. Joseph Greer 

Mrs. Paul B. Guthery 

Mrs. Tames T. Harris 

Evelyn Jackson 

Mary Tames 

Sarah L. Tamison 

Mrs. Hanes Lassiter 

Mrs. Thomas Lynch 

Mrs. Caldwell MacDonald 

Mrs. S. Worth Maxwell 

Mrs. B. G. McClintock 

Mrs. William B. McGuire, Jr. 

Mrs. E. F. McPhail 


Mrs. Frank T. Miller, Tr. 
Mrs. lames O. Moore 
Mrs. Charles Moorefield 
Mrs. H. Stokes Munroe, Jr. 
Mrs. Francis Parker 
Mrs. Henrv Pierce 
Mrs. Henrv T. Rathbun 
Mrs. George I. Ray, Tr. 
Mrs. John M. Robinson 
Mrs. John Schuber 
Mrs. John Southerland 
Mrs. John T. Sullivan 
Mrs. Tohn A. Tate, [r. 
Sarah Thompson 
Mrs. Wriston Thompson 
Mrs. John Tillett 
Mrs. Walter D. Toy, Tr. 
Mrs. Richard B. Wathen 
Mrs. Tames H. Whitner 
Mrs. Alexander Worth 


Mrs. Duncan C. Calder, Tr. 

Mrs. L. T. Hartsell, Tr. 


Mrs. R. Cartwright Carmi- 

Mrs. Kelsev Regen 
Mrs. Toseph A. Robb, Jr. 
Mrs. William H. Ruffin 
Mrs. Herman M. Schiebel 
Mrs. Thomas D. Wright 


Elizabeth Moore 


Mrs. Tames E. Baldwin 

Mrs. Richard G. Chatham 


Mrs. Terome B. Clark 

Pauline Cloud 

Mrs. Leavy Highsmith, Tr. 

Tean Huske 

Margaret H. Lowder 

Forest City 

Mrs. William C. Ragin, Tr. 

Mrs. Abner Nash 


Mrs. Milton Best 

Mrs. Harvey L. Whitley 


Mrs. Barnette Garrison 

Mrs. Hugh Dortch 
Dorette Oettinger 
Elizabeth Thomson 
Elizabeth Weil 


Mrs. Tohn V. MacNair, Tr. 


Audrey Betts 

Mrs. Hargrove Bowles 

Mrs. Thornton H. Brooks 

Mrs. Arthur L. Burnet, Tr. 

Mrs. Oscar W. Burnett 

Mrs. T. Archibald Cannon, Jr. 

Mrs. Marion G. FoUin, Tr. 

Emma GrifSn 

Hilda Harpster 

Mildred Harris 

Mrs. Huger Sinkler King 

Mrs. Tohn V. Lindley 

Mrs. Edwin F. Lucas, Jr. 

Mrs. Beverly Moore 

Mrs. Charles F. Myers 

Mrs. Charles Orth 

Mrs. William B. Patterson 

Mrs. Francis Price 

Mrs. Tames L. Taylor 

Mrs. Wesley Taylor 

Mrs. William M. Transou 

Mrs. William L. Venning 

Mrs. T. Saunders Williamson 


Mrs. Walter T. Alston, Tr. 

Mrs. Lucius H. Harvin, Tr. 

Mrs. Charles W. Jones 

Grace Tones 

Mary Lou Kimball 

Mrs. Tohn C. Mott 

Mrs. Russell T. Parham 

Eugenia Rose 


Mrs. Tohn C. Wooten 


Elisabeth Councill 

Linchen George 

Mrs. Samuel M. Hemphill 

Mrs. Alex Shuford 

High Point 
Mrs. Tames E. Foscue 
Helen SiceloflF 
Nancv Terry 


Katharine Weisiger 


Mrs. Marvin C. Horner, Jr. 

Kins ton 

Mrs. David L. Dixon 

Mrs. Tohn B. Long 

Mrs. Marion A. Parrott 

Elizabeth Quinerly 

Mrs. L. B. Mills 
Mrs. Charles L. Prince 

Leaks ville 

Marianne Martin 


Mrs. William B. Tucker 


Mrs. Francis Bourne 

New Bern 

Mrs. Newton H. Hanes 

Mrs. Dewitt C. McCotter, Tr. 


Alleine Hicks 

Mrs. Beverly S. Royster, Tr. 


Mrs. Ray H. Taylor, Jr. 

Sandra Zelie 


Mrs. Thomas W. Alexander. 

Sally Bailey 
Mrs. Carl Bell 
Mrs. Arthur W. Brown 
Mrs. Frank A. Daniels 
Mrs. William C. Harris 
Mrs. Tack Hoover 
Martha Tones 

Mrs. WiUiam McK. Ragland 
Sara Royster 

Mrs. Charles L. Smith, Tr. 
Mrs. Orville T. Smith 
Mrs. T. Elvey Thomas 
Elizabeth Thompson 
Mrs. Robert C. Walker 
Mrs. George Worth 
Mrs. W. H. Yarborough, Tr. 


Mrs. Eugene Irvin 

Roanoke Rat^ids 

Mrs. Howerton Gowan 

Rocky Mount 

Ina Bradley 

Mrs. Lee Gravely 

Mrs. Charles C. Harris, Tr. 

Mary Simmons 

Mrs. Benjamin B. Woodard 


Mrs. William Burke 

Mrs. Henrv R. Lee 


Mrs. Floyd Knight 
Mrs. Tohn E. Ramsay 
Mrs. Harold Terry 


Mrs. L. Dan Houck 


Mrs. George Blanton, Tr. 


Mrs. Tames A. Wellons, Tr. 


Southern Pines 

Mrs. Marv Abraham Hodgkins 

Pauline Nichols 


Mrs. T. Gaius Halsey 

Jacqueline Halsey 

T arbor o 

Mrs. H. Dail Holderness 

Mrs. Curtiss Sprague 


Mrs. Thomas Finch 

Mrs. T. Glenn Pennington 


Mrs. Allen T. Tervey, Tr. 
Mrs. Margaret H. Range 
Mrs. Russell Walcott 

Catherine Via 


Mrs. Bryan Grimes 

Lucille Satterwait 

Weaver viUe 

Mrs. Kenneth McConnell 


Mrs. Hargrove Bellamy 

Edith Graham 

Mrs. Frederick B. Graham 

Alarsaret Hall 

Mrs. P. B. Harrah 

Mrs. Donald Koonce 

Mrs. David R. Murchison, ]r. 

Mrs. Peter B. Ruffin 

Mrs. Tack W. Smith 

Mrs. Robert H. Tate 


Mrs. Booker Cunningham 

Elizabeth Graves 

Mrs. Charles Skinner, Jr. 

Grace Woodard 


Mrs. William F. Baldwin 

Mrs. Joseph C. Battel 

Mrs. Winfield Blackwell 

Mrs. Egbert L. Davis, Jr. 

Mrs. P. Huber Hanes, Jr. 

Mrs. Robert P. Morehead 

Mrs. E. Strudwick Nash. Jr. 

Mrs. Samuel M. Orr, Jr. 

Julia Parker 

Mrs. Clifton Pleasants 

Mrs. Henry B. Shelton 

Mrs. Thomas F. Southgate, Jr. 

Mrs. Luther J. Upton, Jr. 

Wrightsville Sound 

Mrs. William S. R. Beane III 



Mrs. Robert Bardv.'ell 
Mrs. Clark D. Bassett 
Mrs. Russell O. Freeman 
Mrs. William R. Haggart 

Grand Forks 

Mrs. George Benner 



Mrs. Edward D. Andrews 

Mrs. Baird C. Brookhart 

Mrs. Robert C. Brouse 

Mrs. Laurence H. Chenoweth 

Mrs. L W. Rabe 

Mrs. Irving Schulman 

Marion Tibbitts 


Mrs. Owen L. Lewis 


Mrs. Frederic W. Hogue 

Frances McKay 

Mrs. Robert R. Wilson 


Mrs. Charles A. Bratton 

Bay Village 

Mrs. Charles Bellows 


Mrs. Gilbert L. Porsche 


Mrs. Ben B. Mallory 

Belief ontaine 

Mrs. Louis J. Zerhee 


Mrs. David N. Garver 


Frances Lauterbach 


Mrs. Henry W. Hogan 

Emily Lewis 

Chagrin Falls 
Mrs. Clay Marsteller 
Mrs. Flans F. Mueller 
Mrs. Milton A. Nix 
Mrs. Melvin Roberts 
Mrs. John W. Schlendorf 

Mrs. James Easly 


Mrs. David B. Allen 
Mrs. Robert H. Anning 
Mrs. Asa I. Atkins 

Mrs. Richard W. Barrett 

Mrs. Carl Bieser 

Mrs. H. Roger Birchall 

Mrs. Abram S. Bohm 

Mrs. Thomas B. Cameron 

Mrs. William Cartwright 

Mrs. Thomas Chapman 

Theodora Cheeseman 

Mrs. John H. Clippinger 

Mrs. Ben K. Cohee 

Mrs. William Funck 

Martha Garrison 

Mrs. R. P Goldman 

Mrs. John E. Goyert 

Mrs. Hart Hagin 

Mrs. Albert N. Halverstadt 

Jean Hamer 

Katherine Hanna 

Mrs. Edmund W. Harrison 

Mrs. Alberton C. Harshman 

Mrs. William Hartman 

Mrs. Francis H. Hastings 

Mrs. Harold E. Hattersley 

Mrs. Eleanor F. Helmers 

Mrs. Lewis Henshaw 

Mrs. John G. Hibbard 

Mrs. Smith Hickenlooper, Jr. 

Mrs. Robert Hill 

Mrs. Joseph N. Hullett 

Mrs. Mills Judv 

Margaret C. Kearns 

Mrs. William K. Kirschner 

Mrs. Joseph Lindner 

Mrs. Thomas S. Lloyd 

Mrs. Carl A. Markgraf 

Ann Marshall 

Mrs. Edward C. Marshall 

Mrs. John McCray 

Bettv Menefee 

Anne Meredith 

Mrs. E. Austin Morgan 

Mrs. Robert Murray 

Mrs. Henry Nagel 

Mrs. John C. Pogue 

Mrs. E. Billinesworth Reaves 

Mrs. David R. Riggs 

Lois Ritchie 

Mrs. Robert W. Rogers 

Mrs. John E. Roth, Jr. 

Mrs. Josenh W. Scherr, Jr. 

Mrs. Irving H. Schroth 

Mrs. Herbert C. Schwab 

Mrs. V. Pierre Serodino 

Mrs. L. Ba'-tlett Shapleigh 

Mrs. John Sherman 

Mrs. George E. Smith 

Mrs. Witham Smith 

Kathryn Steiner 

Judith Steinman 

Sarah Strickland 

Mrs. Marshall N. Terrv 

Mrs. Samuel P. Todd 

Mrs. George Weber, Jr. 

Mrs. S. A. West 

Mrs. Robert A. Wilson 

Mrs. Gregory G. Wright 

Cynthia Wyman 




Mrs. Marvin Barloon 

Mrs. Richard E. Barnes 

Mrs. Henderson M. Bell, III 

Mrs. Armin R. Boethelt 

Mrs. William Boorse 

Elizabeth Brown 

Elizabeth Caldwell 

Mrs. H. C. Chandler 

Mrs. Russell Chase 

Eunice Coe 

Marietta Darsie 

Mrs. Herbert Dowd 

Mrs. Robert T. Bowling 

Mrs. Walter H. Drane 

Rosanne Gilmore 

Mrs. Richard S. Gray 

Gertrude Hickin 

Mrs. Tames A. Hirshfield 

Nancy Houriet 

Mrs. Raymond Kelsey 

Mrs. Sanford LevkofF 

Mrs. Howard Luflf 

Mrs. Martin H. Markworth 

Mrs. Frederick T. McGuire, Jr. 

Mrs. Robert L. Montgomery 

Mrs. Thomas P. Mulligan 

Tulia Peterkin 

Mrs. C. Carver Pope 

Lois Rioley 

Mrs. Karl A. Roesch 

Teannette Sharp 

Mrs. Daniel Stearns 

Maria Tucker 

Mrs. W. B. Webster 

Cleveland Heights 
Mrs. John D. Cremer 
Mrs. W. Kirk Gilmore 
Mrs. Tames A. Gleason 
Mrs. George L. McCall 
Mrs. Richard Northrup 
Mrs. Tohn F. Ross 
Tacquelin Schreck 
Mrs. David K. Spitler 
Mrs. Donald S. Winship 


Mrs. William H. Barrett 

Joan Becker 

Mrs. Georee W. Bloom 

Mrs. Frank T. Carruthers 

Miss Helen Gaus 

Mrs. Tames R. Gay 

Mrs. Tudge MacBride 

Mrs. Charles W. McGavran II 

Mrs. Tames G. Murrin 

Mrs. Ray B. Plumer 

Mrs. A. G. Rideley 

Mrs. Robert T. Sewell 

Mrs. Tohn W. Spain 

Mrs. Robert Wells 


Mrs. Alexander Robinson IV 

Elizabeth Greer 

Mrs. Rowan A. Greer, Tr. 

Mrs. Charles G. Grimes 

Mrs. Garrett R. Harrod 

Mrs. J. W. Herbert 

Mrs. William V. Richards, Jr. 

Mrs. Murray Smith 

Mrs. Tohn M. Wilson, Tr. 


Mrs. Emerson V. Arnold 


Mrs. David E. Toomey 


Gertrude Anderson 

Mrs. Claude Null 

Mrs. I. Lester Thomas 

F OS f aria 

Mrs. Morris Neiman 


Mrs. Tames R. Waller 


Mrs. Millard Draudt 

Margaret Lawrence 


Nancy Dowd 

Mrs. William H. Dunbar 

Mrs. Beverly Tucker 


Mrs. Win£eld A. Holmes 


Mrs. Robert W. Richardson 


Mrs. James Collier III 


Mrs. Tames A. Fosdick 

Mrs. Tohn G. Prentiss 


Mrs. Edward S. Allen, Tr. 

Mrs. Arthur Bezdek 

Mrs. Paul T. Peltier, Tr. 

Mrs. George H. Pleasance 

Tune Robinson 

Mrs. Tohn M. Schanz 


Mrs. Richard Holzer 

Mrs. George D. Martin 


Mrs. Charles E. Templeton 


Dorothy Eckler 


Mrs. H. W. Becker 


Mrs. Frederick W. Rea 

Mrs. Thomas H. Sutherland 

Martins Ferry 
Dorothy Sedgwick 

Mrs. W. P. Bamford 
Mrs. Donald G. Glesser 
Mrs. George Hammond 
Mary Tohnston 
Mrs. Warren Moon 


Mrs. William T. Bennet 

Mrs. Percy W. White 

Mid die town 

Mrs. William C. Apple 
Mrs. Tay G. Terry 
Mrs. G. W. A. Wilmer 


Mrs. Herbert T. Marcus 

Mount Vernon 

Mrs. John Minor 


Mrs. Everett Albyn 

Mrs. William T. Camlin 

Alice Kennedy 

Mrs. Phillip L. Ward 

New Philadehhia 
Mrs. Charles C. Daker 
Ellenor Stafford 

Eugenia Seaman 
Mrs. V. C. Steman 


Mrs. William D. Reading 

Pains ville 

Mrs. George P. Haskell 


Mrs. George McNicholl, Tr. 

Mrs. Carl C. Teipel, Tr. 


Mrs. Robert Fite 

Virginia Taylor 

Rocky River 

Mrs. John Gearheart 


Margaret Works 

Shaker Heights 
Mrs. Harry H. Bromley 
Mrs. Tohn A. S. Brown, Tr. 
Mrs. Leonard H. Bruce 
Mrs. Carroll H. Chapin 
Mrs. Laurence E. Cooney 
Mrs. Francis T. Crowley 
Anne Fiery 
Mary Hancock 


Mrs. Victor Houriet 

Mrs. Herbert P. Ladds 

Mrs. Charles F. McGuire, [r. 

Ruth Mealand 

Mrs. George A. Medinger 

Mrs. Louis Mellen 

Mrs. William Merika 

Mrs. William A. Polster 

Mrs. Daniel Stone 

Mrs. Stanley H. Watson 

Mrs. John S. Watterson, Tr. 

Mrs. William R. Wightman 

Dorothy Bancroft 
Mrs. W. B. Kleeman 
Mary Moores 


Elizabeth Erwin 

Terrace Park 

Mrs. Eppa Rixey, Jr. 

Mrs. Tohn D. Rockaway 


Helen Grill 


Mrs. Foster Backus 

Mrs. Carl Bayha 

Mrs. Arthur E. Beddoes 

Gratia Boice 

Mrs. William B. Boice 

Anna Chidester 

Mrs. Tohn K. Clement 

Mrs. Hoyt S. Holton 

Mary Holton 

Mrs. Harland F. Howe 

Mrs. Edwin S. Lewis 

Mrs. Melvin Lewis 

Ruth Llovd 

Tane Mclver 

Mrs. Henry W. McKisson, Jr. 

Barbara Martin 

Mrs. William H. Miller 

Mrs. Robert Patneau 

Mrs. Theodore Reeves 

Nathalie Ryan 

Mrs. Henry Senev 

Mrs. F. Durvea Smith 

Patricia Stickney 

Mrs. Willard Webb 


Mrs. A. R. Friedman 

Mrs. Frank L. Shipman 

Van Wert 

Mrs. David L. Brumback, Jr. 


Mrs. William C. Caine 

Mrs. Carl R. Shaflfer 

Washington Court House 

Mrs. Alovsius B. McDonald 


Mrs. Harry T. Vallery 


Mrs. Harold W. Soles 


Mrs. Manuel Claparols 


Mrs. Harold Buell 

Mrs. William B. Young 


Mrs. Albert Path, Jr. 

Yellow Springs 

Mrs. Frederick G. Inwood 

Gladys Bliss 
Bernyce Richstone 
Mrs. Tohn S. Stanier 


Mrs. Ralph R. Hanlon 

Mrs. Toseph B. Wells 


Mrs. Harvey ^. Lambert 
Mrs. L B. Sledge 


Mrs. C. F. Adams, Tr. 
Mrs. Larry S. Dowd 
Roberta Fairchild 
Mary Moore 


Mrs. Tohn I. Ferguson 

Mrs. Charles T. Klein 


Mrs. Toseph P. Thiriot, Tr. 


Rosemary Champlin 

Nancy Frantz 


Mrs. Ralph Young 

Elizabeth Cooke 
Mrs. Glenn R. Davis 
Elizabeth Gibson 

Oklahoma City 

Mrs. Ben A. Ames 

Mrs. Tohn P. Bird 

Mrs. G. Scaling Corbyn 

Louise Craddock 

Mrs. Nathaniel P. Gardner, Jr. 

Mrs. Clarence S. Paine 

Mary Stewart 

Mrs. Newton Stone 

Mrs. Charles Stueve 

Mrs. Robert E. Wilson 


Mrs. James R. Pope 

Mrs. E. Dwight Rodda 

Pone a City 

Mrs. Lloyd G. Foster 


Mrs. William L. Kistler 

Mrs. Theodore Rinehart 

Geraldine Snedden 

Mrs. A. W. Wallace 



Mrs. F. H. Skillern 


Mrs. Monte Bose 


Mrs. Francis S. Burt 



Mrs. George W. Freer 
Mrs. Hugh A. Smith 



Mrs. George H. Gromel 

Mrs. Robert C. Horn 

Allison Park 

Mrs. Murray F. McCaslin 

Mrs. M. R. T. Wyllie 


Martha Whitehead 


Mrs. T. Vaughan Bostwick 

Louise Harper 

Mrs. Frederick C. N. Littleton 

Alberta Pew 

Mrs. Toseph Pew, Tr. 

Mrs. Tames R. Shoch 


Mrs. Stanley G. Schade 


Mrs. Samuel A. Armstrong 

Mrs. Karl H. Beyer, Jr. 

Mrs. Clarence C. Briscoe 


Mrs. Jackson L. Straub II 


Suzanne Doyle 

Beaver Falls 

Mrs. Hugh M. Patton 

Mrs. Tohn 




Mrs. Natt M. Emerv, Tr. 

Mrs. Frederic Mercur III 


Mrs. Toseph T. DuBois 


Mrs. Dorn C. McGrath 


Mrs. Theodore C. Loder, Jr. 

Marjorie Robinson 

Bryn Maun- 

Mrs. Robert Maxam 

Mrs. Dikran S. Pakradooni 


Mrs. Tames L. White 


Mrs. Burnett L. Bear 


Mrs. Herbert A. Darfeld 


Mrs. John M. Humphrey, Tr. 


Susan McAllister 

Margaret Reinhold 

Drexel Hill 
Mrs. Chester M. Frev 
Mrs. Arthur Y. Schilling 
Mrs. Toseoh F. Sherer, Tr. 

Drexel Park 

Mrs. Durgin T. DeLand 

East Stroudsbnrg 

Mrs. Evan C. Reese 


Mrs. Toseph A. Krugler 


Mrs. Charles Kerr, Tr. 


Mrs. Daniel Chisholm 
Mrs. Ellis T. Knoblach 
Mrs. Ralph R. Riehl. Tr. 
Ruth Schabacker 
Mrs. Tames W. Vicary 


Mrs. Richard Both 

Forty Fort 

Mrs. Tohn F. Barry 

Fort Washington 
Mrs. Stuart S. Taylor 


Mrs. Edward Graebner 


Mrs. Glenn Weiland 


Mrs. Tohn T. Dorrance, Tr. 

Mrs. Clifton F. West, Tr. 

Glen Moore 

Mrs. W. H. D. Zook 


Mrs. Robert L. Greenwood 

Mrs. William M. Welch II 


Mrs. Tames H. Fiscus 

Mrs. Paul H. George 


Grace Martin 


Mrs. Albert Allen, Jr. 

Mrs. Tosiah F. Reed 

Mrs. Tohn H. Troup 

Haver ford 

Mrs. Carlos Berguido, Tr. 

Carolyn Custer 

Marian Faust 

Mrs. George T. Francis, Tr. 

Mrs. Curtis E. L. Gould 

Mrs. Theodore S. Mead 

Mrs. Henry A. Soleliac 

Gertrude V. Walker 

Mrs. A. D. Warnock, Jr. 

Mrs. Richard Ziesing, Jr. 


Mrs. William P. Gregg 


Mrs. Edward M. Linforth 

Huntingdon Valley 

Mrs. William Frampton III 


Mrs. George W. Musser 


Mrs. William D. Lemon 


Katherine Hauch 

Constance Reed 

Mary Thackray 

Kennett Square 
Mrs. Bruce Farauhar 
Mrs. R. Carter Wellford 

Ernestine Banker 
Mrs. A. Hardin Coon 
Mrs. Gregory Ferenbach 
Mrs. F. Ellsworth Parkhurt, 

Mrs. Donald Sutherland 


Mrs. William W. Mountain 


Mrs. Henry C. Brubaker 
Mrs. Laurance T. Clark 
Mrs. Leroy H. Nolt 
Mrs. Frank F. Roehm 
Mrs. Richard P. Rohrer 
Jane Taylor 


Mrs. Robert O. Biltz 


Mrs. Harold B. Crouse 


Mrs. Tohn M. Drown 


Mrs. George C. Camp 

Lock Haven 

Mrs. Charles S. Toslvn 


Mrs. George W. Muller. Tr. 


Mrs. Herbert G. Peterson 


Mrs. Tohn C. Rogers, Tr. 


Mrs. Tohn Hopkins 

Helen Tenkins 


Mrs. Layton Shoch 


Mrs. Richard M. Daniel 

Mrs. Charles M. Fresch 

Mrs. William A. Irving 

Mrs. Tames A. Moss 


Mrs. Lindsley R. Bailey 


Mary Steiger 


Mrs. J. S. Bennett III 

Mrs. Norman W. Fort, Tr. 

Mrs. Thelma Fried 

Mrs. John Jarvis 

Merion Station 
Dorothy Stewart 


Mrs. Tames B. McCullough 


Mrs. William C. Munz 


Mrs. Holt Apgar 

Mount Union 
Mrs. Paul Maxwell 



Mom Ian 

Martha Shmidheiser 


Toselle Holmes 


Mrs. Hallie B. Hamilton 

Mrs. John C. Havlick 

Mrs. Carrineton B. Phillips 

New Castle 

Mrs. Charles H. Johnson, Jr. 

Beulah Norris 

New Hope 

Mrs. Robert A. D. Miller 

New Kensington 

Mrs. Edgar D. Mosher 

N nut on Sauare 

Mrs. Brewster W. Smith 


Shirley Coltman 

Mrs. H. Scott Stewart 

North Girard 

Mrs. John D. Clemens 


Mrs. Harrv N. Smith 


Mrs. John P. Bryden III 


Mrs. William H. Steeble 


Mrs. Herman A. Aflel, Jr. 

Mrs. Charles Allen 

Florence Anderson 

Mrs. David B. Arndt 

Mrs. Malcolm T. Baber 

Tenne Belle Bechtel 

Patricia Brightbill 

Mrs. Stephen Cromwell, Jr. 

Margaret Crossan 

Mrs. Tohn K. Desmond 

Corinne Dickinson 

Mrs. Harrv Dietsch, Jr. 

Frances Freeman 

Alice Gearhart 

Joan Gillespie 

Mrs. Albert Golden 

Mrs. Raymond V. Heelan 

Roselise Holmes 

Mrs. John William Hornsey, 

Mrs. Rudolph Klauder 
Patricia Knapp 
Mrs. John M. Lane, Jr. 
Mrs. Perry Laukhuff 
Mrs. Lloyd O. Lohmeyer 
Margaret Long 
Margaret Mencke 
Mrs. Tohn A. Mullican 
Mrs. Douglas S. Parker 
Mrs. Gaylord S. Parrett 

Mrs. L. Fuller Parsly 

Marie Patterson 

Mrs. A. Henry Peery 

Mrs. Malcolm M. R.emineton 

Mrs. J. A. Riese 

Mrs. John M. Robinson, Jr. 

Mrs. Edward Swain, Jr. 

Mrs. Donald F. Torrey 

Mrs. John Vander Horst 

Henrietta Washburn 

Isabel Zulick 


Frances Pennyoacker 

Mrs. Thomas G. Potterfield 

Elizabeth Williams 


Mrs. Hampton P. Abney, Jr. 

Mrs. John K. Blair 

Mrs. A. Todd Brown 

Mrs. Frank T. Bumbaugh 

Mrs. Frederick Burroughs, Jr. 

Mrs. Donald A. Calderwood 

Mrs. Carl E. Carter 

Patricia Chandler 

Mrs. Robert Clendening 

Mrs. George E. Clififord 

Mrs. J. W. Clingerman 

Amy Dayies 

Mrs. J. Graham Davis 

Mrs. Richard F. Dowler 

Mrs. George W. Eby 

Mary Elliott 

Mrs. William Ewart 

Mrs. John R. Flannery, Jr. 

Mrs. Donald C. Franklin 

Betty Girts 

Mrs. Harrison F. Gleason, Jr. 

Mrs. Theodore Goorin 

Mrs. Roy O- Hall, Jr. 

Mrs. Henrv C. Hoar 

Mrs. Edwin Hodge, Jr. 

Mrs. Franklin D. Hoffman 

Marv Hogg 

Mrs. Wilson Jarvis 

Mrs. Thomas P. Johnson 

Abigail Kennedy 

Ruth Kerr 

Mrs. Selma Brandt Kress 

Mrs. George Lamar 

Mrs. W. W. Lusk 

Mrs. J. Watts Martin 

Mrs. Elmer Matter 

Mrs. James B. McClements, Jr. 

Mrs. J. C. McCune 

Edith McKelvev 

Mrs. William A. Meyer 

Helen Michel 

Marilyn Muse 

Elisabeth Orr 

Mrs. Sheoard H. Patterson 

Jessamine Patton 

Mrs. Donald Pettit 

Mrs. J. Ormsby PhiUips 

Marv Pringle 

Mrs. John Prothero 

Mrs. Ernest C. Reif 

Mrs. Alice H. Seneff 

Mrs. Charles V. Smith 

Mrs. John S. Smith 

Mrs. Paul J. Sturgeon 

Mrs. John F. Tim, Jr. 

Mrs. William P. Tranter 

Mrs. J. Howard Worley 

Mrs. Robert M. Wright 

Mrs. W. B. Wylie 

Plymouth Meetin.'z 
Mrs. Henry S. McNeil 


Mrs. William F. Davis 
Mrs. J. Robert Gray 
Nancy Wylie 


Arline Boone 


Ruth Chartener 


Mrs. J. Turner Moore, Jr. 


Emilie Thornton 


Catharine Hardwick 


Dorothy Wrightnour 


Marv Kennedy 

Mrs. Richard Khnen III 

Mrs. William P. Murdock 

Mrs. Dickinson Shields 

Mrs. Frederick J. Stevenson 

Katharine Tracy 


Mrs. W. Richardson Blair 


Mrs. Alex D. Cobb, Jr. 

State College 

Mrs. Laymon N. Miller 


Mrs. Bevin Smith 


Mrs. Nelson F. Newcomb 

Elizabeth Dershuck 


Mrs. Raymond H. Fellows 

Mrs. George A. Mills 

Mrs. William R. Thomson, Jr. 

Sarah Esle-- 



Mrs. Benjamin F. Kraflfert, Tr. 

Mrs. L. Warner McKinney 


Mrs. Donald Reuter 

Cvnthia Smith 


Mrs. John W. Newlin 

Mrs. E. S. Bovles 
Mrs. Rav Fulton 
Mrs. Wade K. Newell 

Upper Darby 
Mrs. Eliot S. Baker 
Villa Nova 
Caroline Beard 
Mrs. William Gwynn 
Mrs. Conyers Read 


Mrs. Lute L. Owrey 


Eleanor Crumrine 

Mrs. Robert B. George 

Rebecca Marriner 


Mrs. Alfred K. Althouse 
Mrs. William H. Fritz 
Mrs. Tackson A. Hauslein 
Mrs. Charles F. Littlepage 
Barbara Shand 


Mrs. Ford Montgomery 

West Chester 

Mrs. Robert S. Gawthrop, Tr. 

Mrs. B. Stafford Good 

Dorothy Nes 

Mrs. Samuel T. Price 

Mrs. Ellis S. Rump, Tr. 

West Pittston 

Mrs. Richard B. Shideler 

West Reading 

Mrs. Otto A. Putnam 


Mrs. Paul Davis 

Williams tort 

Sarah Bubb 

Mrs. Paul C. Kintzing 

Catharine Shulenberger 


Mrs. Toseph Gardiner, Tr. 
Mrs. Tohn O. Stoddart 
Adeline Wood 


Mrs. Donald K. Angell 

Beatrice Boericke 

Mrs. Charles M. P. Brinton 

Mrs. Richard C. Colton 

Betty Tackson 

Mrs. Thomas Martin, Jr. 

Mrs. Robert A. May 

Mrs. Leon C. Otis 

Mrs. Robert G. Page 

Mrs. Tohn L. Redman, Tr. 

Mrs. Richard T. Schutte 

Mrs. Edmund Searby 

Mrs. Frederick Wheeler 


Isabel Robertson 


Tulia Blakey 

Mrs. Pierre F. Hill 



Mrs. E. M. Gordon 

East Greenwich 

Lois Gale 


Mrs. Howard W. Wilson 

Little Compton 

Elinor Taylor 


Anne Porter 

Mrs. John Turner II 

Anne Vaughn 


Mrs. C. H. Durfee 



Mrs. Wilbur L Driver 

Mrs. Wilson Prothero 


Mrs. William McGill 

Mrs. Harold Sullivan 

Lydia Carroll 
Pearl Carroll 


Elizabeth Garrison 
Mrs. Andrew B. Marion 


Mrs. N. L. Barnwell 

Mrs. Tohn R- Bennett 

Mrs. Henry Deas, Tr. 

Barbara Freking 

Goode Geer 

Mrs. Tames M. Hagood 

Mrs. C. Norwood Hastie 

Mrs. E. G. Tohnson, Tr. 

Mrs. Bohum B. Kinloch 

Mrs. David Maybank 

Mrs. Tames T. Ravenel 
Mrs. Stephen F. Shakelford 
Mrs. C. Capers Smith 
Mrs. Carl O. Sparkman 
Mary Stevens 


Mrs. Tames A. Spruill, Tr. 


Mrs. Charles E. Francis 


Mrs. E. C. Mclnnis 


Mrs. Tohn H. Averill 

Mrs. William L. Cain 

Emma Crawford 

Mrs. Ross Durham 

Mrs. Tere D. Eegleston 

Helen Gravatt 

Mrs. George C. Hart 

Mrs. Edward W. Haselden 

Mrs. Tames McM. Hines 

Mrs. Porcher P. Hopkins 

Mrs. Tohn A. Manning 

Mrs. Calder W. Seibels 

Mrs. Charles I. Simons 

Mrs. Edmund Taylor 

Mrs. Broadus Thompson 

Mrs. William Weston, Tr. 


Margaret Tames 


Mrs. Maitland S. Chase, Tr. 

Mrs. Louis A. Haskell 

Mrs. Harrv F. Johnson 

Mrs. W. Tames Maxwell 


Mrs. Charles L. Ford III 

Mrs. O. L Richard 


Mrs. Harold McW. Allison 

Mrs. Marion Brawley, Tr. 

Mrs. N. T. Haden 

Mrs. William S. MuUins 

Mrs. T. L. Nelson 

Mrs. Bernard Peyton 

Mrs. James A. Simpson 

Mrs. Harry R. Stephenson, Jr. 


Mrs. A. Talley Moore, Tr. 


Mrs. William L. Hewitt 


Mrs. Thomas M. Craig 


Mrs. Raymond W. Siflv 

Parris Island 

Mrs. Charles Jackson 


Rock Hill 

Mrs. Morgan C. Bailey 

Mrs. Asa B. Groves 


Mrs. John Cart, Jr. 

Anita Crews 

Mrs. Ben Johnson 

Mrs. Thomas O. McGee 

Mrs. Claude Ramsay 

Mrs. William Sandifer, Jr. 

Mrs. James Spencer 

Mrs. E. Gates Wall 


Mrs. John M. Arthur 



Mrs. John H. Hoeven 

Hot Strings 

Mrs. Leslie Tensen 



Mrs. LuDton Avery 

Mrs. Robert B. Bass 

Mrs. Richard A. Brock 

Mrs. John B. Carlton 

lean Carter 

Mrs. George McM. Clark 

Mrs. Frank F. Duff 

Zola Garrison 

Mrs. Earl D. Hale 

Mrs. Robert W. Hill 

Mrs. Hueh D. Huffacker, jr 

Mrs. Paul T. Kruesi 

Maddin LuDton 

Mrs. Tames Mann 

Margaret Milne 

Mrs. Harold Morrison 

Martha Owen 

Mrs. John A. Patten, Jr. 

Mrs. Z. LuDton Patten 

Mrs. Albert F. Porzelius 

Mrs. Norman Raoul 

Mrs. Tasper A. Reynolds 

Mrs. W. R. Senter, Jr. 

Mrs. Milne Smith 

Mrs. Gordon P. Street 

Mrs. Ben Taylor 

Mrs. Eugene M. Thomasson 

Mrs. Tack McC. Walker 

Mrs. Philio B. Whitaker 

Mrs. Winburn Willingham 

Mrs. Raymond Witt, Jr. 

Mrs. Tohn F. Wright 


Mrs. N. R. Bardwell 
Mrs. Carlos B. Brewer 
Mrs. R. E. Durrett 

Margaret Edmondson 
Mrs. Tohn C. Sites 


Randolph McLemore 

Gladys Park 


Mrs. Willard S. Carter 


Mrs. Tohn B. Tewell, Jr. 


Mrs. Perry E. Bradley 

Mrs. Tames H. Lane 

Mrs. A. W. Shelby 


Mrs. Frank Hood, Jr. 

Mrs. John Jones III 


Mrs. Hardee C. Kilgore, Jr. 


Mrs. Paul Johnson 


Mrs. George B. Peters 


Mrs. Robert Allen II 

Betty Bass 

Mrs. Lvle Bruner 

Mrs. L. Roe Campbell 

Mrs. Tohn S. Dempster 

Mrs. Tames Dick 

Ruth Garrett 

Mrs. Frank C. Howard 

Tennie Keeling 

Mrs. Frank G. McGinnis, Tr. 

Mrs. Charles E. McNabb 

Carter van Deventer 

Mrs. T. Osborn Wood 

Lookout Mountain 

Barbara Bauman 

Mrs. Augustin C. Bryan 

Mrs. Andrew Corley 

Mrs. Joseph H. Davenport, Jr. 

Mrs. Tames C. Glascock 

Mrs. R. C. Hunt 

Mrs. H. C. Evans Tohnson 

Mrs. Toseph W. Tohnson, Jr. 

Mrs. Summerfield Johnston 

Mrs. Jetton S. King 

Mrs. E. W. McMillin 

Mrs. Robert L. Maclellan 

Mrs. William Montague 

Mrs. Tom Moore, Jr. 

Mrs. Reid S. Murphey 

Mrs. L. W. Oehmig 

Mrs. Charles B. Shelton, Jr. 

Mrs. William W. Voigt 

Mrs. Tames C. Wann 

Mrs. Charles W. Wheland 

Mrs. A. Calder Willingham 

Nancy Hunter 


Mrs. Ben C. Adams, Jr. 

Mrs. Richard H. Allen, Tr. 

Mrs. Walter G. Berry 

Mrs. Tames McR. Bethea 

Eleanor Bosworth 

Kathryn Brown 

Mrs. Leslie H. Buchman 

Constance Budlong 

Mrs. Frank L. Camp 

Mrs. Malcolm Cone, Jr. 

Mrs. George A. Coors 

Mrs. Pete F. Crenshaw, Jr. 

Mrs. Graham Dudley 

Mrs. Payne Flinn 

Mrs. Sidney W. Genette 

Mrs. Dan M. Hanley 

Mrs. M. E. Hill, Jr. 

Betty Hoehn 

Virginia Holmes 

Ruth Houston 

Mrs. William Jones 

Betty Kellogg 

Mrs. E. C. Krausnick 

Mrs. Edward B. LeMaster, Jr, 

Mrs. Edward Lyons, Jr. 

Mrs. George Mahoney 

Mrs. Lucile W. McGehee 

Mrs. Clifford Merrin 

Mrs. Charles Montgomery, Jr, 

Mrs. James D. Nunnally 

Katherine C. Page 

Mrs. Charles L. Piplar 

Mrs. Wayne Rackley 

Ellen Ramsay 

Mrs. Harry A. Ramsay, Jr. 

Mrs. Mary J. Ramsey 

Mrs. Sydney Riddle 

Mrs. Jack D. Roberts 

Inez Rosamond 

Joan St. John 

Mrs. Hugh H. Sprunt 

Mary Vinton 

Mrs. Ben R. Waller 

Mrs. Edwin E. Ward 

Mrs. Robert D. Warren 

Louise Wilbourn 

Mrs. Peter Wormwood 


Mrs. R. L. White, Jr. 


Mrs. Con T. Ball 

Mrs. Tames C. Barbour 

Mrs. W. A. Benson 

Mrs. Meredith Caldwell, Tr. 

Mrs. James H. Cheek, Tr. 

Mrs. Bromlee Curry 

Mrs. Joseph Dickinson 

Mrs. Matt Dobson, Tr. 

Mrs. Lawrence Dortsch 

Mrs. Garth E. Fort 

Mrs. Kendrick Hardcastle, Jr. 

Mrs. Tohn F. House 

Corinne Howell 

Mrs. Thomas Hudson 

Mrs. Foster Hume, Jr. 


Elizabeth Love 

Mrs. Oren A. Oliver 

Mrs. T. Buist Richardson, Jr. 

Mrs. Alfred D. Sharp, Tr. 

Mrs. Alden Smith 

Mrs. George W. Thompson 

Mrs. Tames R. Tuck 

Mrs. Tames Ward 

Mrs. Tames M. White 

Mrs. Milliard O. Wood 


Mrs. Robert P. Moore 


Mrs. Arthur C. Dunlap 

Mrs. Mitchum Warren 


Lisle Turner 

Signal Mountain 

Mrs. Mary M. Holton 

Mrs. Thomas McCov 

Mrs. Beal Taylor 

Mrs. Robert P. Williams 

Tracy City 

Mrs. Richard A. Kirchhoffer, 



Mrs. Toseph R. McGonigle 


Mrs. Gerald Blackburn 

Mrs. Robert F. Cairns 

Mary Hall 

Elaine Tohnson 

Mrs. Stanley Marsh, Tr. 


Mrs. Jim T. Barton 

Mamie Earnest 

Mrs. Dawson O. George 

Gloria McElroy 

Mrs. Gordon E. Mills 

Mrs. Tohn L. Morlev 

Mrs. Frank D. Olin 

Mrs. George M. Page 

Mrs. Louis C. Page, Tr. 

Mrs. Ben H. Powell, Tr. 

Mrs. Patrick H. Reardon 

Mrs. W. E. Rowe 

Mrs. F. A. Tyler 

Bay City 

Mrs. Martha R. Bachman 


Mrs. Tohn S. Baldwin 


Mrs. Dueal A. Allen 
Mrs. Perry McFadden 
Mrs. Albert Maverick III 

Mrs. T. Bain Price, Tr. 

Mrs. S. W. W. Stafford 


Mrs. Burt E. Hinckley, Tr. 

Mrs. Emery W. Watts 


Mrs. Robert B. Brown III 


Toan Miller 

College Station 

Mrs. William Lewis 


Mrs. T. L. Biggers 

Cortus Christi 

Mrs. Melvin R. Coleman 

Nancy Frame 

Anita Mantor 

Mrs. Paul Turnbull 


Mrs. Claude Meadows, Jr. 

Mrs. B. Lynn Sanders, Tr. 

Anna Wright 

Mrs. W. A. Wright 


Mrs. George H. Bollman 

Mrs. Ballard Burgher 

Mrs. Robert Bush 

Mrs. N. Bayard Clinch, Tr. 

Anna Coolidge 

Mrs. Robert B. Cousins III 

Mrs. A. Earl Cullum, Tr. 

Mrs. Pitman Dee 

Mrs. William P. Devereaux 

Mrs. D. L. Echols 

Mrs. B. W. Z. Gordon 

Mrs. Ray Harrington 

Mrs. Richard Heyden 

Mrs. R. Wilson Higginbotham, 

Mrs. Edwin B. Tordan 
Mrs. William Lipscomb 
Marianna McKee 
Mrs. Blair G. Mercer 
Barbara Meredith 
Mrs. Tohn E. Metzenthin 
Mrs. Edgar B. Miller 
Mrs. Edward L. Moore 
Mrs. Tom Nelson 
Mrs. Dore Noble 
Mrs. L B. O'Hara 
Mrs. Richard R. Ohrstrom 
Mrs. T. Bruton Orand 
Mrs. W. S. Powell 
Mrs. Russell Rembert 
Mrs. Clifford S. Rourke 
Mrs. Tulius H. Runge 
Mrs. Margaret Runge 
Helen San ford 
Mrs. W. B. Stowers, Tr. 
Houston Trippe 
Beverly Turner 


Mrs. Charles Fowler, Jr. 

El Paso 

Mrs. W. G. Wright 


Mrs. S. A. Keever 

Fort Bliss 

Mrs. Frederick A. Ward 

Fort Worth 

Mary To Armstrong 

Mrs. Clifton M. Carter 

Mrs. Meade B. Crane 

Mrs. Calvin W. Fite. Tr. 

Mrs. Gavin R. Garrett 

Mrs. Tohn R. Halsell, Tr. 

Charlotte Hawes 

Mrs. Tohn W. Herrick 

Mrs. Elton M. Hyder 

Mrs. Tohn H. Tames 

Gloria Lupton 

Mrs. George M. Merrill 

Mrs. Dewitt Neighbors 

Mrs. Daniel G. Talbot 

Suzanne Thomason 

Mrs. Mensing West 


Mrs. W. H. Blanev, Tr. 


Mrs. R. Taylor Lewis 


Mrs. Robert Irby 


Mrs. Wiley H. Merrill, Tr. 


Mrs. Henry M. Medley 


Mrs. Walter D. Caldwell, Tr. 


Mrs. Tames A. Baker, Jr. 

Mrs. Tohn W. Baugher, Tr. 

Mrs. F. W. Bellows 

Mrs. George T. Bellows 

Mrs. Fred F. Benton 

Harriette Brush 

Mrs. George Butler 

Mrs. Carroll Church 

Mrs. William S. Clarke 

Helen Clemens 

Mrs. R. W. Collins 

Mrs. Robert Dabney 

Tanana Darbv 

Mrs. Piatt W. Davis, Tr. 

Mrs. William S. Elkins 

Mrs. Tohn M. Flaitz 

Tanet Fulton 

Mrs. A. W. Galbraith 

Elizabeth Gates 

Mrs. Tack Gibson 

Mrs. Charles A. Gillan 


Mrs. Carl S. Goodwin, Tr. 

Helen Graves 

Mrs. Pleasant S. Graves 

Oden Greer 

Mrs. David Harris 

Mrs. Edward V. Harriss 

Mrs. George S. Hever 

Mrs. G. L. Tones 

Mrs. George B. Journeay 

Mrs. Alfred T. Krook 

Mrs. Edward C. Lewis 

Mrs. Rov Lindsay 

Mrs. Kathleen D. Mann 

Mrs. N. E. Meador 

Mrs. Merle E. Minks 

Carolvn Monteomerv 

Mrs. Dallas Moore 

Mrs. Walter A. Parish, Tr. 

Mrs. Herbert H. Peebles 

Maud Powell 

Mrs. David D. Red 

Ann, Red 

Lei Red 

Mrs. E. Freeman Robbins 

Mrs. Corbin T. Robertson 

Mrs. Lake Robertson 

Mrs. Strother Simpson 

Mrs. William S. Sinclair. Tr. 

Mrs. Harry K. V. Tompkins II 

Mrs. Forest Vick 

Mary Vick 

Mrs. Willard B. Wagner. Tr. 

Bettv Warner 

Mrs. Wharton Weems 


Mrs. Toseph S. Farmer 


Mrs. Luther E. Thomas 

Tosie Gambrell 


Mrs. Robert L. Oliver 


Mrs. R. M. Lowell 


Mrs. Charles Schneider 


Mrs. Armistead D. Rust 


Mrs. Lvnn D. Durham 
Mrs. T. Harvev Herd 
Mrs. Leiand Thompson, Tr. 
Mrs. William B. Yarborough 

Carolvn Whited 


Mrs. Thomas Rogers 


Mrs. Albert Igo 

Mrs. Tohn Lawrence 

Marv McMillan 

Ruth McMillan 

Mrs. Edward D. Norment 

Tessie Rucker 

Port Arthur 

Mrs. O. B. Hartzog 


Dorothy Bertrand 

Mrs. Blakeley Winston 

Robs town 

Mrs. Thomas E. Perry 

San Angelo 

Mrs. Llovd H. Herschberger 

San Antonio 

Mrs. William C. Abbey 

Mrs. T. C. Ansley 

Mrs. Van Henry Archer 

Mrs. Kurt D. Beckmann 

Mrs. William A. Beinhorn, Jr. 

Mrs. Louis P. Bishop 

Mrs. Philip S. Carrington 

Mrs. William D. Centilli 

Isabel Chapa 

Mrs. Tames T. Coleman 

Mrs. LeRoy Denman 

Mrs. F. T. Drought 

Cornelia Dumas 

Mrs. Gilmore Gates 

Mrs. Gerry Griffith 

Gail Hall 

Mrs. Frederick W. Hanger 

Cvnthia Harding 

Mrs. Jerome K. Harris 

Mrs. Van B. Harris 

Mrs. I. S. Kampmann 

Mrs. Albert McNeil 

Mrs. William B. Nowland 

Mrs. H. Maxwell Parker 

Margaret Siblev 

Mrs. Howard H. Taylor 

Vera Timpson 

Mrs. Curtis Vaughan 

Mrs. William P. Walker, Tr. 

San Marcos 
Ruth Johnson 


Tane McElhannon 

Mrs. Ferdinand Moore 


Bernice Harkin 

Mrs. T. C. Lauderdale 


Mrs. William M. Fordtran 


Mrs. Alfred C. Moore 


Mrs. Raleigh R. Curtis 
Mrs. Tack Keith 
Mrs. A. C. Scott, Tr. 


Mrs. Tames T. Marriott 

Mrs. Vincent R. Rash 


Mrs. Ralph Crosnoe 


Martha F. DeLay 

Mrs. Robert L. Caton 

Mrs. Ira P. Hildebrand, Tr 

Sarah Marsh 

Mrs. Tack Powell 

Mrs. Thomas B. Ramey 


Nan Proctor 


Mrs. Stanton Brown 

Alice Eubank 

Sarah Sadler 

Mrs. Thomas F. Stone 

Alma Harrison 
Wichita Falls 
Mrs. A. W Pierce 
Mrs. Charles Prothro 
Mrs. Royce D. Riddle 


Salt Lake City 
Clarissa Ellis 



Mrs. Edward T. Hall, Tr. 

Mrs. Leicester Lewis 


Mary Thomas 

Manchester Center 

Mrs. Tames B. Campbell 


Margaret Ridgely 


Mrs. Donald Bartlett 


Mrs. Richard C. Smith 

St owe 

Helen Murray 


Mrs. Andrew B. McClarv 




Mrs. William A. Stuart 


Mrs. George W. Mapp, Jr. 


Mrs. Everett W. Abdill 

Mrs. Hugo Black 

Mrs. David T. Brown 

Mrs. Beverley D. Causey 

Mrs. Theodore Conway 

Mrs. Landon L. Davis 

Louise Day 

Mrs. R. B. Duckett 

Mrs. Henry G. Frank 

Mrs. William A. Fuller 

Mrs. Dow Grones 

Mrs. Hubert B. Haywood, Jr. 

Mrs. Samuel K. C. Kopoer 

Mrs. Robert E. Latham 

Mrs. Schuyler W. Livingston 

Mrs. Gilbert B. Loomis, Jr. 

Mrs. Colin MacRae 

Mrs. B. H. McElhinney, Tr. 

Mrs. William Montgomery 

Mrs. Charles T. Nicholson 

Mrs. E. Sheldon Potter 

Mrs. Dallas Rand 

Mrs. William S. Steele 

Mrs. Park E. Ticer 

Mrs. George W. Trayer 

Mrs. Clifton F. von Kann 

Mrs. Raymond R. Wain 

Mrs. E. W. Zimmerman 

Alt a vis fa 

Dearing Lewis 

Mrs. William C. Rountrey 

Amelia Court House 

Mrs. Thomas Stark, Jr. 


Mrs. Mahlon S. Bryant 

Lucille Cox 

Mrs. Griffith Edwards 

Mrs. H. B. Faulconer 

Sarah Gay 

Mrs. Franklin Gardner 

Mrs. Harold H. Higgins 

Mrs. Arthur P. Latham 

Mrs. Lawrence W. Littrell 

Mrs. Henry S. Myers 

Mrs. Walter Reed 

Mrs. C. T. Siegrist, Jr. 

lane Thompson 

Mrs. Frederick Webster 

Mrs. Thomas W. Whitehead 

Mrs. Samuel M. Wilson 

Adaline Beeson 
Mrs. Pierpont Buck 
Mrs. Carlos Campbell 
Mrs. Wm. H. L. Dornette 

Elizabeth Eskridge 

Mrs. Harry D. Helfrich, Jr. 

Mrs. lohn O. Henderson 

Mrs. Charles F. Huntting 

Mrs. Elmer Kennedy 

Mrs. Richard A. Larkin 

Mrs. Vincent M. Miles 

Mrs. Harry E. Proctor 

Mrs. Walter L. Sanders, Tr. 

Helen Seaton 

Mrs. Louis Shroyer III 

Mrs. Frank A. Spurr, Tr. 

Mrs. Paul Stanchfield 

Mrs. Tohn W. Stewart IH 

Mrs. R. C. Sutliff 

Mrs. Richard Vardy 

Mrs. Victor Von Gemmingen 

Mrs. I. M. Waggaman 

Mary White 

Mrs. Gordon R. Willey 


Mrs. Herbert M. Church, Tr. 


Mrs. Tohn L. Sneed 


Mrs. Arnold Ewell 

Anne Parks 


Ann Cauthorn 

Mrs. Harold W. Tarvis 


Mrs. W. Scott Garrett 

Mrs. William R. Turner 


Mrs. T. Hudson Huffard 

Elizabeth Wellford 

Bon Air 

Mrs. Richard Battle 

Mrs. Calvert G. de Coligny 

Margaret McCluer 

Carolyn Taylor 

Bowling Green 
Carol Blanton 


Legate Thompson 


Mrs. Wm. T. Bird 

Cate Charles 

Mrs. Allison S. Mills 

Mrs. Marion Scott 

Charles City 

Mrs. T. Sidney Binns 


Mrs. Frank N. Bilisoly III 

Virginia Blue 

Mrs. William B. Burnet 

Mrs. Edwin Burton 

Mrs. Douglas Call, Tr. 

Olive Clark 

Mrs. Samuel S. Clark 

Mrs. Tom Clausen 

Catherine Coleman 

Mrs. Lawrence M. Cox 

Mrs. Francis T. Curran 

Mrs. Tack Dalton 

Mrs. Truman M. Dodson IV 

Helen Duke 

Mrs. H. T. Elliott, Tr. 

Mrs. Leo Falk, Jr. 

Mrs. Tunius R. Fishburne 

Margaret Gordon 

Mrs. Daniel B. Grififen, Tr. 
Mrs. Frank Herford 

Mrs. Charles E. Ide, Jr. 

Mrs. W. Burton Keeble 

Mrs. Tames Kerr 

Mrs. William Lauck 

Constance Leachman 

Mrs. Byrd S. Leavell 

Anne Marvin 

Mrs. Herbert H. Moore, Jr. 

Evelyn Mullen 

Mrs. Tohn M. Nokes 

Beverley Randolph 

Mrs. John F. Rixey 

Mrs. Robert Shay 

Mariorie Smith 

Mrs. G. W. Stacy 

Mrs. P. C. Stanwood 

Carol Tanner 

Mrs. Robert E. Taylor 

Mrs. Myron Tremain 

Mrs. Clyde Wendellken, Jr. 

Mary Wheat 

Mrs. Seymour R. Young 


Mrs. Reginald Tones 

Christ Church 

Mrs. L. E. Cockrell 


Mrs. Tane Claiborne Calkins 


Mary Jane Luke 


Mrs. Tohn S. Thornton 


Mrs. Charles H. Anderson 


Mrs. Alexander B. Carrington, 

Martha Clark 
Mrs. French H. Conway 
Helen GraefF 
Daisy Keen 
Mrs. Henry C. Leigh 
Mary Marks 

Mrs. Ronald MacClintock 
Mrs. H. Victor Millner 
Mrs. William M. Sutherlin 


Mrs. Charles B. Temple 
Mrs. Norman Waugh 
Mrs. T. T. Whitehurst 


Mrs. R. E. Christian 


Marv Holland 


Mrs. L T. Pleasant 

Mrs. B. F. Tillar 

Mrs. William Tillar 


Ann Farr 

Mrs. Robert McCandlish 

Mrs. Blake T. Newton 

Mrs. Edgar A. Prichard 

Fairfax County 

lean Taylor 

Falls Church 

Clarice Bailev 

Mrs. T. G. Lamphier, Jr. 

Mrs. Claude F. Leaman 

Mrs. Donald MacLeay 

Evelyn Miller 

Mrs. Karl R. Price 

Mrs. John A. Wallace 

Mrs. Donald Willman 


Mrs. L. B. Houff, Tr. 
Emmy Lou Thomson 
Mrs. Lawson Turner 
Mrs. B. B. Woodhead 

Fori Monroe 

Mrs. George D. Crosby 


Mrs. William C. Jones 

Mrs. John C. Parker, Jr. 

Mary Parker 

Mrs. Charles McD. Cowan 
Mrs. Robert L. Frackelton 
Mrs. Leyin J. Houston III 
Mrs. Richard D. Hull 
Mrs. George Hunter, Jr. 
Mrs. Harvey M. Tanney 


Mrs. William R. Bates 

Anne Royall 


Mrs. Tames Walker 


Mrs. Hugh E. Brown 


Mrs. Robert Crile 


Elizabeth Eggleston 


Almeria Bailey 

Mrs. Katharine P. Booker 

Dorothy Bottom 

Mrs. Thomas M. Gathright, Jr. 

Mrs. Edmund F. Heard 

Mrs. Upshur T. Toyner 

Mrs. William J. Sibley 

Mrs. Hartley A. Soule 


Mrs. George W. Brent 

lean O. Harris 

Hilton Village 

Mrs. Paul A. Hunter 

Mrs. Hugh McD. Martin, Jr. 

Mrs. E. K. Phillips, Tr. 


Mrs. E. F. Fielder 

Mrs. William B. Monroe, Jr. 

Mrs. Henry T. Wooten 

Hot Springs 

Mrs. Tate B. Sterrett 


Mrs. W. S. Irby 


Sarah Wright 

King William 

Lucie Wood 


Mrs. Robert B. Lyon 

Mrs. William A. Gore, Jr. 
Mrs. L. T. Hammack 
Mrs. Richard B. Tyler 


Louise Orr 

Mrs. Tohn A. Welbourn, Tr. 


Mrs. George M. Brooke, Tr. 
Mrs. Edward V. Brush, Tr. 
Mrs. Bates W. Bryan 
Mrs. H. L. Coats 
Mrs. William Couper 
Mrs. Ollinger Crenshaw 
Mrs. Ralph L Faulk 
Mrs. Tohn V. Pearson 
Mrs. Lee R. Redmond, Tr. 
Tanetta Smith 

London Bridge 

Mrs. Allan A. Campbell 

Mrs. Toseph D. Deal 


Mrs. Howard B. Bloomer, Tr. 


Mrs. Rule H. Loving 


Mrs. Kirk Averett 

Mrs. Charles G. Baber 

Mrs. Maurice K. Baker 

Mrs. G. Matthew Brown 

Mrs. H. Peronneau Brown 

Mrs. Walter Camp 

Mrs. Richard A. Carrington, 

Mrs. Tucker Carrington 
Mrs. C. Lynch Christian 
Elizabeth Clark 
Tulia Cleland 
Mrs. H. Barton Cook 
Tane Cunningham 
Mrs. T. Lyons Davidson 
Mrs. Toseph E. Fauber, Tr. 
Mrs. Harry D. Forsyth 
Mrs. William A. Fuller 
Mrs. Edgar G. Gammon 
Ellen Gilliam 
Mrs. Carter Glass 
Mrs. Carter Glass, Tr. 
Mrs. Paul G. Graves 
Mrs. Arthur T. Gunn, Tr. 
Mrs. Gordon P. Howell 
Claudine Hutter 
Mrs. T. Booker Hutter 
Mrs. E. C. Ivev. Tr. 
Mrs. Thomas S. Kirkpatrick 
Mrs. Francis I. Libby 
Mrs. Lunsford L. Loving 
Mrs. Charles C. MacLeod 
Mrs. Tohn Mason 
Mrs. Thomas B. Mason 
Martha Massie 
Mrs. R. W. Murrell 
Mrs. Tohn M. Payne 
Margaret Payne 
Mrs. Walker Pettyjohn, Tr. 
Mrs. Toseph L. Pleasants, Jr. 
Mrs. Bernard Reams 
Mrs. T. W. Roberts 
Mrs. T. K. Scott 
A. Wavne Stokes 
Mrs. Tohn R. Thomasson 
Mrs. Samuel T. Thompson 
Mrs. Lawson W. Turner, Tr. 
Mrs. Earl R. Viar 
Mrs. George Walker 
Mrs. Robert C. Watts, Tr. 
Mrs. Walter G. Wills, Tr. 
Mrs. Peyton B. Winfree, Tr. 
Mrs. Ernest M. Wood, Jr. 
Nancy Worthington 


Mrs. Theron R. Harrell 


Bessie Mitchell 


Mrs. James Shelnutt 


Mathews Court House 
Mrs. Nowell D. Nelms 


Mrs. Hugh D. Auchincloss 
Mrs. L. W. Charters 
Mrs. Charles Howze 


Mrs. Samuel D. O'Neal 

Mrs. Frank Corley 
Mrs. M. L. Shackelford 
Mrs. Tames S. Stanley 


Mrs. Harrv T. Eubank, Jr. 
Mrs. Angus Faulconer 
Mrs. Thomas W. Pettyjohn 
Mrs. Tames E. Scrivener 
Mrs. Stewart Shaner 


Mrs. Louis P. Bailey 


Mrs. P. W. Hamilton 

New Glasgow 

Mrs. Dallas Hudson 

Newport News 
Mrs. Samuel W. Cowling 
Mrs. Gordon B. Cutler 
Mrs. Joseph J. Woodward 


Mrs. John L. Arrington II 

Rosemary Ashby 

Mrs. Robert F. Baldwin, Jr. 

Mrs. Armistead Bayne 

Ellen Blake 

Mrs. Sydney L. Bowden 

Tulia Bristow 

Dorothy Brown 

Mrs. Townsend Brown 

Mrs. Nathan H. Bundy, Jr. 

Ashley Carter 

Mrs. W. Kenton Cason 

Mrs. H. L. Collier 

Mrs. John H. Curtis, Jr. 

Mrs. Severn Duvall 

Mrs. Finlay F. Ferguson, Tr. 

Mrs. Harrv B. Finch 

Mrs. James D. Finley II 

Mrs. K. N. Gardner 

Mrs. Theodore S. Garnett, Tr- 

Margaret Gearing 

Marjorie Griffin 

Mrs. Reginald Henry 

Mrs. Arthur Hitch 

Mrs. William B. Hollowell, Jr. 

Rebekah Huber 

Mrs. Henry B. Hunter III 

Mrs. Brock D. Tones, Tr. 

Mrs. Southgate Leigh, Tr. 

Mrs. Lewis Littlepage, Tr. 

Lucretia Martin 

Mrs. Robert Matthews 

Mrs. Harry E. McCoy, Tr. 

Mrs. T. Garland Miller 

Mrs. Frank S. Moore 

Mrs. Harry Morrisette 

Mrs. M. Thomson Murray 

Mrs. Bertram Nusbaum 

Mrs. T. R. Odom 

Mrs. Tohn L. Owen 

Marion Peele 

Martha Perkins 

R. Avery Phillips 

Elizabeth Plunkett 

Mrs. W. Ballard Preston 

Mrs. Chester H. Prince 

Margaret Redfern 

Mrs. Lincoln P. Rice 

Mrs. Everingham Rickards 

Mrs. Barbour Rixey 

Ellen Robinson 

Mrs. Martin L. Rosen 

Mrs. George E. Roulette 

Mrs. F. Sheldon Sargeant 

Sue Slaughter 

Mrs. Benjamin F. Smith 

Martha Smith 

Mrs. Richard M. Smith 

Mrs. C. Stribling Snodgrass, Jt 

Grizzelle Thomson 

Mrs. Tames W. Todd 

Mrs. Hugh Tunstall 

Mrs. Carol Turner 

Mrs. Walter W. Turrentine 

Mrs. John Twohy II 

Mrs. John Twohy IV 

Mary Vandeventer 

Mrs. H. Baker Waller 

Mrs. W. Nivison Waller 

Mrs. Edward L. White 

Mrs. Reginald Whitehurst 

Mrs. N. G. Wilson, Tr. 

Mrs. J. Burks Withers, Jr. 

North Garden 

Mrs. Frederic W. Scott 


Mrs. Robert M. Oldham 

Mary Sturgis 


Mrs. Werner M. Kempe 
Mrs. Atwell W. Somerville 
Virginia Walker 


Mrs. Nelson W. Carter 

Mrs. Robert H. Chard 

Mrs. Eugene D. Hill, Jr. 

Alice McCracken 

Mrs. Bernard T. Seward 

Mrs. Robert T. Waite 

Mrs. T. Newell Williamson 

Port Royal 
Eleanor Lauck 


Mrs. Albert S. Boiling, Jr. 
Mrs. H. D. Clarke 
Mrs. S. T. Flournoy 
Mrs. Henry H. Gooch 
Evelyn Hartt 
Katherine Hartt 
Mrs. A. S. Mason 
Virginia Skeppstrom 
Mrs. R. E. B. Stewart 
Mrs. Robert T. Vaughn 
Mrs. Stephen C. Walke 


Mrs. Tohn B. Shinberger 

Dorothy Smith 


Mrs. William T. Covington 


Mrs. Sidney T. Adair 

Mrs. Linwood Antrim 

Nora Antrim 

Tudith Bailev 

Mrs. F. Karl Beckh 

Mrs. Louis W. Bedell 

Mrs. Robert P. Bendall II 

Mrs. William M. Berkley 

Madeline Bigger 

Mrs. Millard I. Binswanger 

Mrs. J. R. Bond 

Ann Bower 

Mrs. Tohn Bovd 

Mrs. Patteson Branch 

Mrs. Andrew T. Brent 

Mrs. Bessie Hoge Brown 

Mrs. Robert R. Brown 

Mrs. William A. Bryson, Tr. 

Helen Bugg 

Mrs. Charles R. Burnett 

Mrs. Richard Carrington, Tr. 

Caroline Casey 

Mrs. Tohn H. Cecil 

Mrs. Andrew H. Christian 

Mrs. Stuart Christian, Tr- 

Mrs. R. W. Church 

Mrs. G. B. Clement 

Mrs. Albert K. Cocke 

Elizabeth Cocke 

Mrs. Dabnev H. Craighill 

Mrs. Tohn H. Cronly 

Henrietta Crump 

Mrs. Theodore M. Curtis 

Mrs. T. Todd Dabney 

Mrs. Virginius Dabnev 

Mrs. August F. Davis 

Mrs. Robert Davis 

Cherry Dearstyne 

Mrs. Eugene DesPortes 

Mrs. Clifford Dowdey 

Mrs. Thomas W. Drewry 

Mrs. Parks P. Duffy 

Ellen Duval 

Mrs. Tazewell Ellett III 

Mrs. E. H. Everett 

Closev Faulkner 

Mrs. Donald Faulkner 


Mrs. Sara W. Faulkner 

Mrs. Russell G. Fergusson 

Mrs. Raloh H. Ferrell, Tr. 

Susan Fitchett 

Mrs. George H. Flowers, Jr. 

Caroline Fov 

Mrs. Douglas D. Fraser 

Mrs. Charles W. Frazier. jr. 

Mrs. Bates M. Gilliam 

Mrs. W. L. Gilliam, Jr. 

Mrs. Tames A. Glascock, Tr. 

Mrs. Milton Glaser 

Mrs. Richard L. Glazier 

Ruth Goodwin 

Mrs. Robert Goody-Koontz 

Elizabeth Gorsline 

Mrs. Wilfred B. Gregory 

Mrs. T, S. Grymes 

Mrs. Tohn H. Guy, Tr. 

Mrs. Tohn S. Halsey 

Mrs. William G. Harris 

Mrs. Fred N. Harrison 

Mrs. Holmes W. Harrison 

Katharine Hart 

Tane Henderson 

Mrs. William H. Hoofnagle, 

Pauline Hudson 
Mrs. Edwin Hyde 
Mrs. Frank T. Hyde 
Mrs. William B Terman 
Mrs. William A. Tohns 
Mrs. Francis L. Tohnson 
Mrs. Francis P. Jones 
Mrs. Helen Tones 
Mrs. Thomas G. Jones III 
Mrs. Tames E. Tordan 
Mrs. Robert H. Kline 
Mrs. Henry C. Land 
Mrs. Edmund M. LaPrade 
Mrs. Edward A. Leake 
Mrs. Robert T. Leary 
Mrs. St. George T. Lee 
Mrs. Beattie C. Luck 
Mrs. M. Walton McLester 
Mrs. Charles G. McMuIlan 
Margaret McVey 
Mrs. Oliver F. Marston 
Mrs. Ernest C. Mead, Jr. 
Mrs. Vincent Meyer, Jr. 
Mrs. Richard A. Michaux 
Mrs. Peter O. Miller 
Mrs. Tohn Moncure 
Mrs. Hill Montague. Tr. 
Mrs. Frederic P. Moore II 
Mrs. Roderick D. Moore 
Emma Morriss 
Mrs. Sutton Mullen, Tr. 
Mrs. Thomas W. Murrell 
Mrs. Thomas D. Neal, Jr. 
Mrs. Tracv S. Nesbitt 
Mrs. Toseoh E. Nettles 
Helen >ieve 

Mrs. Charles E. Noell, Tr. 
Mrs. Tohn B. Orgain, Tr. 
Mrs. T. Harold Osterman 
Mrs. H. Merrill Pasco 
Emily Peyton 

Mrs. Stewart W. Pierce 

Mrs. Thomas Pinckney 

Mrs. Charles W. Pinnell, Tr. 

Tulia Pollard 

Mrs. Lewis F. Powell, Tr. 

Mrs. Stuart Ragland, Tr. 

Frances Redford 

Mrs. Wellford C. Reed 

Anne Ricks 

Mrs. Arnold M. Salzberg 

Mrs. Conrad F. Sauer, Tr. 

Mrs. T. Roy Saunders 

Mrs. Thomas B. Scott, Tr. 

Mrs. Howell Shannon 

Mrs. Robert C. Shelburne 

Mrs. Alfred L Short 

Anne Smith 

Mrs. Marshall Speight 

Mrs. William W. Stone 

Mrs. Garland S. Sydnor 

Mrs. Cabell M. Tabb 

Lucv Taliaferro 

Mrs. Edgar N. Taylor 

Mrs. Barbour N. Thornton 

Lucv Throckmorton 

Mrs. Sverre Tollefsen 

Margaret Towers 

Mrs. Foster M. Townsend 

Mrs. Lock H. Trigg, Jr. 

Mrs. William P. Tucker 

Mrs. C. B. Valentine 

Mrs. Frederick S. Valentine 

Mrs. Granville G. Valentine, 

Mrs. Preston B. Watt 
Mrs. W. Sparrow Weddell 
Louise Weisiger 
Mrs. Carrington Williams 
Mrs. Carrington Williams, Tr. 
Mrs. Robert W. Williams 
Mrs. Thomas Williams 
Mrs. Frederick P. Wilmer 
Mrs. Robert M. Wilson, Tr. 
Mrs. Tames M. Wiltshire 
Mrs. Kenneth Winbish 
Mrs. T. Foster Witt 
Lillian Wood 

Mrs. William S. D. Woods 
Mrs. Charles Zoppa 


Mrs. Hascall W. Bowen 

Mrs. Tames L. Boxlev 

Mrs. Stanlev Breakell 

Mrs. Norwood Bullington, Jr. 

Mrs. Martin Burks 

Mrs. Franklin K. Day, Tr. 

Mrs. E. Griffith Dodson, Tr. 

Mrs. James N. Dudley 

Mrs. Richard T. Edwards 

Mrs. Walter S. Foster 

H. Blair Graves 

Mrs. K. D. Graves 

Mrs. William Hall 

Mrs. Grover C. Holcomb 

Marv Hull 

Mrs. David B. Lawton 

Ava-Zo Lemon 

Mrs. Lamar W. Little 
Mrs. W. W. McCathern 
Mrs. Robert McG^e, Jr. 
Tane Ransom 
Mary Roberts 

Mrs. Tulian H. Rutherford, Jr. 
Mrs. Elizabeth D. Snyder 
Alice Trout 

Mrs. Hugh H. Trout, Tr. 
Mrs. Tohn W. Williams, Tr. 
Mrs. Clifton A. Woodrum. Jr. 
Mrs. Charles T. Young 


Mrs. Mell Farrar 


Mrs. William A. Stuart, Jr. 


Mrs. Thomas W. Saunders 

Round Hill 

Mrs. Hugh T. Carter 


Mrs. Harvey M. Heefner 

Mrs. Newell Hewlings 

Mrs. Keith K. Hunt 

Eliza Lindsev 

Elisabeth White 


Mrs. Nettie Bowles 

Mrs. Rupert Ware 


Mrs. George W. Forsyth 

Seals ton 

Mrs. George D. Williams 


Mrs. Knox Turnbull 


Mrs. Arthur Tones 

South Boston 

Mrs. Enoch A. Haley 

Marv Hodges 

Mrs. A. V. Zimmerman, Tr. 


Mary Bell 

Mrs. Thomas G. Bell 

Lucv Catlet 

Mrs. F. S. Crosby 

Mrs. William T. Hodges 

Mary Moore Pancake 

Mrs. George S. Rosenberger, 

Mrs. David H. Stovall 
Mrs. Wavt B. Timberlake, Tr. 


Mrs. H. C. Barton 

Mrs. L. Wellons Caulk, Tr. 

Mrs. G. Brownrigg Dixon 

Mrs. Tohn D. Eure 


Frances Everett 
Mrs. Bernard W. Godwin 
Mrs. Hush Holland, Jr. 
Dorris Tones 

Sweet Briar 

Teanette Boone 

Martha von Briesen 

Mrs. Joseph A. Gilchrist, Jr. 

Patricia Goldin 

M. Louise Llovd 

Helen McMahon 

Gertrude Prior 

Eleanor Ringer 

Harriet Shaw 

Mrs. Benjamin Wailes 

Mrs. Tohn H. Walker 


Mrs. C. Edward Bush, Tr. 


Mrs. Tohn E. Biggs, Tr. 

The Plains 

Mrs. Tohn B. Adams 

Mrs. T. Turner Foster 


Mrs. William W. Smith, Jr. 

Tye River 

Victoria Parsons 


Edvthe Hardestv 

Mrs. Kash LaFon 

Penelone Lewis 

Mrs. William P. Spencer 

Anne Waddell 

Anne Gochnauer 
Mrs. George R. Slater 


Mrs. Barton Palmer 


Lynn Mitchell. 

Mrs. Ward Simmins 

Virginia Beach 

Mrs. Tames Bridges 

Anne Brooke 

Sue Brooke 

Mrs. Toseph Chandler 

Mrs. Hardv S. Cole 

Mrs. W. P. Dodson, Tr. 

Noma Greene 

Mrs. Goodwin S. Tordan 

Mrs. W. Robinson M. Moss 

Mrs. Tohn W. Musick 

Mrs. Willis Robert 

Mrs. Alfred M. Scott 

Mrs. Machin Simmons 

Mrs. Robert G. Thurman 

Mrs. F. A. Van Patten 

Mrs. William L. Whitehurst 


Alyce Mitchell 


Mrs. W. Witt Barbee 

Mrs. Robert T. S. Keith 

Mrs. Robert A. Kobzina 


Mrs. William T. Murphy 

Mrs. Toseph M. Perkins 

Mrs. T. C. Lea 

Mrs. Louis Spilman 
West Point 
Elizabeth Gray 
Inga-Maja Olsson 

White Hall 

Mrs. Joseph Scales, Jr. 


Anne Kirbv 

Mrs. J. L. Lewis, Jr. 

Frances Robb 


Mrs. B. F. Arthur, Tr. 
Mrs. Burr Harrison 
Mrs. D. E. Leatherman 


Elizabeth Winston 


Mrs. H. L. Barnard 

Wood berry Forest 

Mrs. Fillmore Norfleet 


Mrs. Marion S. Sanders 

Mrs. R. Randolph Turner 



Mrs. Clifton E. Benson 


Mrs. F. A. Kern 

Long Beach 

Mrs. Frank O. Glenn, Tr. 


Mrs. R. T. Behnke 

Mercer Island 

Mrs. Paul Cressman 


Mrs. William Bowder 

Mrs. Galloway C. Harrison 

Mrs. Ferdinand Herpers, Jr. 

Mrs. Gloria Huntington 



David G. Mason 
James Mason 
Teremiah Morton 
Tames E. Newton 
Robert A. Purdue 
Howard Richmond 
Eugene D. Saunders 
Wilham H. Shea, Tr. 
Carl Straight 
Wade Volwiler 


Mrs. Frank Stedman 



Mrs. Stephen C. Voorhees 


Nancy Richards 

Mrs. Randolph M. Valz 

Gazelle Ware 


Betty Feuchtenberger 

Margaret Moore 

Mrs. Tames H. Shott 

Mrs. Alice S. Stringfellow 

Mrs. Robert R. Stuart, Tr. 

Mrs. W. O. Tracy 

Mrs. Henry I. White 


Mrs. Thomas Debevoise 

Nancy Dunkin 


Lois Andrews 

Evelyn Ballard 

Mrs. William Brinkley 

Mrs. Kenneth L. Caghill 

Mrs. Harry V. M. Campbell 

Mrs. Richard T. Carroll 

Mrs. Park Chapman 

Mrs. George Coyle, Jr. 

Mrs. Cabell S. Davis 

Mrs. John M. Firth, Jr. 

Mrs. Frank A. Hardv 

Mrs. E. Leslie Hoffman, Tr. 

Mrs. David G. Huffman 

Mrs. John W. Kelley 

Mrs. Robert W. Lawson, Tr. 

Mrs. Toseph M. Long 

Mrs. William G. Mathews, Jr. 

Mrs. Tohn B. Merrill 

Toanne Morgan 

Mrs. T. L. Palmer 

Mrs. Bertram Payne 

Mrs. Reunah F. Randolph 

Mary Scherr 

Mrs. Walton S. Shepherd, Jr. 

Mrs. Edwin Shuffle, Tr. 

Mrs. Charles R. Singleton 

Mrs. E. Dana Smith 

Ruth Smith 

Anna Staehlin 

Mrs. H. A. Wallace, Jr. 

Mrs. George Ward 


Charles (own 

Mrs. Marshall W. MacDonald 

Nancy Steptoe 


Mrs. Chesnev M. Carney 

Elizabeth Fox 

Mrs. Herman A. Gronemeyer 

Mrs. T. Brent Maxwell 

Mrs. Henry W. Thrasher 


Martha Williams 


Mrs. William L. Lee 


Kathryn Aeee 

Patricia Damron 

Mrs. Philio P. Gibson 

Mrs. Frank B. Groves 

Mrs. Tames A. Gwinn 

Mrs. Philio B. Harder 

Margaret Lovett 

Mrs. Edwin Matthews 

Katherine McMahon 

Mrs. Tohn B. Meek 

Mrs. Lockwood Miller 

Virginia Ranson 

Mrs. William O. Reckard 

Mrs. Paul E. Stevenson 


Mrs. Russell M. Guttshall, Jr. 


Mrs. Charles R. Beall 

Mrs. M. Chandler Hubbard 

Mrs. Charles G. Smith 

Motint Hof)e 

Mrs. Robert Kent 


Mrs. Joseph M. Wells, Jr. 


Evelyn Dudley 

Lucy Hobitsell 

Geraldine Kunst 

Mrs. Russell S. Leeton 


Mrs. McRae C. Banks 


Rogene Boyles 


Mrs. Robert C. Hazlett 

Mrs. Tohn L. Newdoerfer 

Mrs. Howard T. Phillips 

Mrs. Carroll W. Reed 

Mrs. Mary W. Wright 

Mrs. Hugh B. Pillsbury 

Dela field 

Mrs. Clement T. Coleman 

Delavan Lake 

Mrs. James P. Soper III 

De Pere 

Mrs. Tames F. McCormack 


Phoebe Tensch 

Lake Geneva 

Mrs. William N. Holt, Tr. 


Mrs. P. Goff Beach, Tr. 

Mrs. Frank D. Crane 

Mrs. Perry C. Hill 

Mrs. Kenneth C. King 

Miss Talat Rasul 

Mrs. F. W. Rayne 

Virginia Stephenson 


Mrs. Eugene B. Martineau 


Ruth Doege 

Mrs. Thornton A. Green, Tr. 


Mrs. William A. Beck 

Mary Bell 

Mrs. Hugo T. Beuscher 

Mrs. Frank E. Briber. Tr. 

Ida Bues 

Mrs. Robert N. Calhoun 

Mrs. Milton A. Collard 

Mrs. David L. Garlick 

Mrs. Howard L. Gerhart 

Mrs. Robert A. Grossenbach 

Mrs. Robert L. Hall 

Mrs. Theodore D. Hartshorn 

Mrs. Harry Meissner 

Katherine Mensing 

Mrs. William F. Pabst 

Mrs. Hal B. Paddock 

Mrs. Robert P. Ross 

Nar Warren Taylor 


Eliza Kavana 


Mrs. Tohn H. Lancaster 


Mrs. William S. Eddy 

Port Edwards 

Mrs. Samuel A. Casey 


Dorothy Hahn 
Mrs. T. Faxon Hall 


Mrs. Robert E. Chesebro 

Mrs. T. C. Davis 

Mrs. Otto Gunther 

Mrs. Walter Pfister 
Mrs. I. C. Thomas 
Mrs. Robert Zaegel 


Eleanor Orchard 


Mrs. Tames L. Frisch 


Mrs. Richard C. Gamble 

Mrs. Francis R. Janney 



Mrs. Tohn W. Lavery 


Mrs. S. T. Milliken 
Mrs. Henry B. Sayler 
Mrs. James R. Swanbeck 



Mrs. Roderick Dennehy 


Mrs. Howard F. Anderson 


Mrs. William E. Skilton 


Mrs. Tosefina Pernas De Perez 

Santa Clara 

Alicia Iznaga 



Mrs. Irwin H. Beadle, Tr. 

Mrs. Loren D. Ford 

Madeline Hawes 

Mrs. George H. Kellerman 

Mrs. Stanley C. Kennedv 

Mrs. Robert E. White 


Mrs. Derald K. Garrison 

Mrs. Clark T. Hastert 


Maria Brown 
Ileana Garcia 
San Juan 
Virginia Draughon 





British Columbia 

Sra. Alberto L. Estavillo 


Mrs. W. F. Tucker Battle 

Irma Tammia 

Mrs. Gordon W. Stead 


Fori Erie 



Mrs. H. Lowell Butters 

Mrs. Wm. N. Fessenden 




Antoinette Malet 

Mrs. Robert Charles, Tr. 

Mrs. Robert R. Ellis 




Madame Maurice Perrot 

Mrs. W. Clayton Lowrv 

Mrs. Mark L. Allen 



Mary Tane Brock 

Mrs. Cho-luh Li 

Mrs. Jacques F. Houis 


Mme. Claude Labourer 


Mildred Larimer 

Mrs. John F. Close 


Mrs. Theodore H. White 


Mrs. T. H. Cameron Peake 


Mrs. Alexander W. Ormiston 

Mrs. Charles Heslouin 



Dorothy Buntine 


Mrs. Edgar G. Burton 


Elizabeth Tansma 


Delia Read 

Mrs. R. T. McConnell 




Hong Kong 


Buenos Aires 

Mrs. Leigh R. Cramer 

Mrs. Reeye H. Betts 

Alice Madlener 

Mrs. Lansins Willcox 






Mrs. Tohn D. Heine 

Rio de Janeiro 

Mildred O'Neal 

Mrs. ^5^illiam W. White 


Mrs. John M. Foot 

Sao Paulo 


Mrs. Lane Blacker 


Mrs. Gordon Ivey 


Mrs. Harry Kaminer 

Allison Buchanan 



Mrs. Cecil F. Halford 



Mrs. Grace Kane 



Mrs. Roderick H. McConnell 

Mrs. Walter M. Boothby 


Mrs. John K. McGrath 
Mrs. Norman O. Robinson 


Mrs. Daniel F. Rex 



Mrs. D. R. Groome 

Mrs. Walter Bell 

Mrs. Alan M. Palmer 

Mrs. Kenneth Milburn 


Mrs. Marvin F. Tackett 

Mrs. Basil Walker 



Audrey Humbert 

Mrs. Frederic A. Halter 


Katherine Berthier 



Mrs. Joseph E. Edens 

Mrs. Thomas A. A. Hunter 

Mrs. Maximillian Fingerhuth 

List of Alumnae According to Married Names 

(See alphabetical listing according to nnaiden names for complete address) 

Aagensen, Mrs. Nicholas S. — Shelley Rouse 
Abbey, Mrs. Wm. C. — Elizabeth Hudspeth 
Abbott, Mrs. David M. — Joanne Lilly 
Abbott, Mrs. John E. — Kate Sanford 
Abdill, Mrs. Everett W. — Dorothy Fairbairn 
Abney, Mrs. Hampton P., Jr. — Dorothy McKee 
Abry, Mrs. Charles R. — Anne Fischer 
Accola, Mrs. Alvin J. — Katharine Mize 
Ackard, Mrs. Wm. C. — Patricia Sorensen 
Adair, Mrs. Sidney T. — Lucia Allen 
Adams, Mrs. Allen B., Jr. — Katherine Taylor 
Adams, Mrs. Archie G. — Georgia Martin 
Adams, Mrs. Ben C, Jr. — Tempe Kyser 
Adams, Mrs. Chester D. — Roberta Perrin 
Adams, Mrs. C. F., Jr. — Anna Young 
Adams, Mrs. Eugene H. — Eddina Newby 
Adams, Mrs. George E. — Janice Wiley 
Adams, Mrs. James D. — Gertrude Fanning 
Adams, Mrs. John B. — Florence Bailey 
Adams, Mrs. Johnston C. — Virginia Bratten 
Adams, Mrs. Robert A. — Mary Walker 
Adams, Mrs. Ronald — Mary King 
Adams, Mrs. Ronald — Deborah Douglas 
Adams, Mrs. Thomas J. — Nan Manly 
Adams, Mrs. Willard G. — Daphne Withington 
Adelman, Mrs. George — Sarah Miller 
Adkins, Mrs. Alonzo H. — Mildred Lewis 
Adkins, Mrs. James — Charlotte Rice 
AfFel, Mrs. Herman A., Jr. — Eugenia Burnett 
Aicklen, Mrs. William, Jr., — Margot Fortier 
Albert, Mrs. John — Jean Love 
Albyn, Mrs. Everett — Anne Mitchell 
Alcaro, Mrs. Joseph A. — Marion Walker 
Aldridge, Mrs. Frederick S. — Mary Lee 
Alexander, Mrs. C. T. — Mary Stinson 
Alexander*, Mrs. James H. — Lucy Moulthrop 
Alexander, Mrs. T. W., Jr. — Shirley Haywood 
Alexins, Mrs. J. M. — Emma Davis 
Allaire, Mrs. Ovid J. — Anne Barrett 
Allan, Mrs. Russell U.— Elizabeth Miller 
Allen, Mrs. A. C, Jr. — Helen Bloomberg 
Allen, Mrs. Albert — ]anet MacKain 
Allen, Mrs. Albert, Jr. — Sara Bryan 
Allen, Mrs. Charles S. — Anna Foster 
Allen, Mrs. Craig — Christine Headley 
Allen, Mrs. David B. — Uan Portmann 
Allen, Mrs. Dugal A. — Clytie Carroll 
Allen, Mrs. Edward S. — Anne Armstrong 
Allen, Mrs. Gus W., Jr. — Mary Bryant 
Allen, Mrs. John C— Kathleen Ward 
Allen, Mrs. Mark L. — Mary Armstrong 
Allen, Mrs. Mitchell Y.—Cleo Scott 
Allen, Mrs. Nicholas E.— Adelaide Whitford 
Allen, Mrs. Richard E. — Adaline Hoffman 
Allen, Mrs. Richard H., Jr.— D/a«fl Stout 
Allen, Mrs. Robert, 11 — Margaret Cunningham 
Allen, Mrs. Robert F. — Rilma Wilson 
Allen, Mrs. William — Elsa Gerstacker 
Allen, Mrs. Wm. A. — Hazel Sterrett 
van Allen, Mrs. Wm. — Sally Schall 
Ailing, Mrs. Roger — Mary Robbins 
Allison, Mrs. Andrew — Lillis Spratt 

Allison, Mrs. Harold UcW .—Elizabeth 

Alphin, Mrs. Thomas H. — Henrietta Bryan 
Alston, Mrs. Walter J.—Kathryn Fulton 
Althouse, Mrs. Alfred K. — Mary Lyon 
Ambler, Mrs. Arthur C. — Mary Barber 
Ames, Mrs. Ben A. — Olive Burton 
Ames, Mrs. Roger S. — Dorothy Johnston 
Andersen, Mrs. Fred C. — Katherine Blount 
Anderson, Mrs. Charles H. — Anita Tarrant 
Anderson, Mrs. Frederick H. — Susanne 

Anderson, Mrs. George D., Jr. — Jean Cole 
Anderson, Mrs. George W. — Margaret 

Anderson, Mrs. Howard F. — Dorothy Stauber 
Anderson, Mrs. Julian T. — Ruth Williams 
Anderson, Mrs. Severt A. — Mary Taylor 
Anderson, Mrs. Sophie S. — Sophie Street 
Anderson, Mrs. Terence — Anastasia Sadowsky 
Anderson, Mrs. Wm. P. — Erna Driver 
Andrade, Mrs. Robert — Mary Brown 
Andrae, Mrs. Henry P. — Helen Walton 
Andrews, Mrs. Edward D. — Julia Bruner 
Andrews, Mrs. Edwin E. — Elizabeth Taylor 
Andrews, Mrs. Walter P. — Elizabeth 

Andrews, Mrs. Warren — Mary McCormick 
Angell, Mrs. Donald K. — Katherine Knerr 
Angst, Mrs. John E. — Louise Woodruff 
Angus, Mrs. Bruce — Elena Doty 
Anning, Mrs. Robert H. — Marjorie Thuma 
Ansell, Mrs. Samuel T., Jr. — Anabel Essary 
Ansley, Mrs. J. C. — Emily Zachry 
Anstice, Mrs. Mortimer R. — Virginia Rutty 
Antonius, Mrs. Leslie E. — Jean Bird 
Antrim, Mrs. Linwood — Betty Taylor 
Apgar, Mrs. Hoh— Elizabeth Lea 
Apperson, Mrs. John S., Ill — Katherine Hill 
Apple, Mrs. Wm. C. — Adelaide McQueen 
Archer, Mrs. Thomas W. — Mozelle Booth 
Archer, Mrs. Van H. — Dorothy Richey 
Ardery, Mrs. Philip — Anne Tweedy 
Armbruster, Mrs. Edward W. — Jean Bordwell 
Armour, Mrs. Thomas D., ]r.— Joyce Sentner 
Armstrong, Mrs. Burton W. — Eleanor Nolle 
Armstrong, Mrs. C. H., Jr. — Charlotte 

Armstrong, Mrs. Samuel A. — Katherine Miles 
Armstrong, Mrs. Wm. B. — Henrietta Collier 
Arndt, Mrs. David B. — Beatrice Carson 
Arnold, Mrs. Emerson V. — Esther Jack 
Arnold, Mrs. Joseph L. — Norma Bradley 
Arnold, Mrs. Wylie H.— Claire Hanner 
Arp, Mrs. Louis C. — Eleanor Harned 
A-rrington, Mrs. John L., II — Cherrie Willson 
Arrington. Mrs. Robert — Marion Graves 
Arthur, Mrs. B. F., Jr. — Virginia Ely 
Arthur, Mrs. John M. — Harriet White 
Arthur, Mrs. L. Dale — Mary Loughery 
Ash, Mrs. W. O. — Margaret Reefer 
Ashbrook, Mrs. George — Susan Hays 


Ashburn, Mrs. Thomas O- — Margaret Neal 
Ashby, Mrs. W. B.— Frances Kuykendall 
Ashley, Miss Diana — Diana Koch 
Askew, Mrs. H. E. — Elizabeth Foster 
Asmuth, Mrs. Wm. A. Jr. — Mary Messinger 
Atkins, Mrs. Asa L — Belle Hancock 
Atkins, Mrs. George W.—Bettina Sili'a 
Auchincloss, Mrs. Hugh Dudley — Ja}irt Lee 
Augustine, Mrs. J. W. — Katherine Brooks 
Austen, Mrs. George, Jr. — Langhorne Watts 
Averett, Mrs. Kirt — Elizabeth Abbott 
Averill, Mrs. John H. — Mary Henderson 
Avery, Mrs. James T., Jr. — Hester Kraemer 
Avery, Mrs. Lupton — Marion Dailey 
Aycock, Mrs. Benjamin B., Jr. — Kathleen 

Ayres, Mrs. Warren D. — Dorothy Tobin 
Ayres, Mrs. William — Catherine White 

Baber, Mrs. Charles G. — Lucy Miller 
Baber, Mrs. Malcolm J. — Jean van Home 
Bachman, Mrs. Martha R. — Martha Rugeley 
Backus, Mrs. Foster E. — Pauline Payne 
Backus, Mrs. Harry E. — Clara Baker 
Bagg, Mrs. Edward P., Ill — Dorothy Biiscb 
Bailey, Mrs. George O. — Dorothy Cerf 
Bailey, Mrs. J. A.— Alice Wray 
Bailey, Mrs. Lindsley R. — Janet Bruce 
Bailey, Mrs. Louis P. — Telia Barksdale 
Bailey, Mrs. Morgan C. — Isabel Godwin 
Bailey, Mrs. Walter H.— Helen Carter 
Bailey, Mrs. William — Mary Meade 
Baker, Mrs. Edward E. — Clotilde Palmer 
Baker, Mrs. Eliot S. — Sydney Millar 
Baker, Mrs. F. F. — Katherine Hawkins 
Baker, Mrs. George E. — Anne Ten Eyck 
Baker, Mrs. Hugh L. — Sarah Houston 
Baker, Mrs. James A., Jr. — Bonner Means 
Baker, Mrs. Lazare — Josephine Sommer 
Baker, Mrs. Lisle, Jr. — Mary Turner 
Baker, Mrs. Maurice K. — Louise Ryland 
Baker. Mrs. Wm. T. — Margaret Leonard 
Balch, Mrs. Richard H. — Elizabeth Prescott 
Baldwin, Mrs. Grover C, Jr. — Dale Bogert 
Baldwin, Mrs. James E. — Frances Chatham 
Baldwin, Mrs. John S. — Marguerite Emmert 
Baldwin, Mrs. Robert F., Jr. — Myra Carr 
Baldwin, Mrs. Wm. F. — Anna Barley 
Bales, Mrs. William — Sydney Holmes 
Balfour, Mrs. Grover S. — Anne Roberts 
Ball, Mrs. Charles A. — Mary Thomt)son 
Ball, Mrs. Con Thompson — Con Thompson 
Ball, Mrs. Eugene E. — Dorothea Cohen 
Ballantyne, Mrs. Ford — Margaret Wilson 
Ballard, Mrs. WA&y— Helen McCary 
Ballou, Mrs. Kurtz — Roberta Knapp 
Balls, Mrs. A. Kent — Elizabeth Franke 
Bamford, Mrs. W. P. — Helen Hanson 
Banks, Mrs. McRae C. — Caroline Caperton 
Banks, Mrs. W. U.— Madeline Watson 
Banyard, Mrs. Leslie F. — Jane Wilkinson 
Barbee, Mrs. W. Witt—Marion Miller 
Barber, Mrs. Gerard G. — Mary Robinson 
Barbour, Mrs. James C. — Sarah Wilson 
Bardin, Mrs. Karl — Marguerite Drew 
Bardusch, Mrs. Wm. E., Jr.— DoWs Albray 

Bardwell, Mrs. N. R., — Frances Summers 
Bardwell, Mrs. Robert — Eileen Fowler 
Bardwell, Mrs. Robert C. — Elizabeth 

Barfield, Mrs. Wm. D.—Mary Turnbull 
Barloon, Mrs. Marvin — Blanche Davies 
Barlow, Mrs. Edward H. — Marian Yerkes 
Barlow, Mrs. Jack — Alwyn Redmond 
Barnard, Mrs. H. L. — Jacjuelin Hix 
Barnes, Mrs. Harry — Jessie Johnston 
Barnes, Mrs. Richard E. — Elsetta HHchrist 
Barnes, Mrs. Wilson F., ]t.—Phylis Sherman 
Barnett, Mrs. L. T. — Elizabeth Groves 
Barney, Mrs. Howard — Mary Bacon 
Barnhardt, Mrs. Max L. — Pauline Bullington 
Barnwell, Mrs. N. L. — Anna Parker 
Barnwell, Mrs. Robert — Harriet Porcher 
Barr, Mrs. John, Jr. — Isabelle Ogilby 
Barr, Mrs. Wm. A. — Lydia Henderson 
Barrett, Mrs. Edward W. — Mason Daniel 
Barrett, Mrs. F. H. — Mariam Bliss 
Barrett, Mrs. Richard W. — Kathryn Person 
Barrett, Mrs. Wm. H. — Charlotte Johnson 
Barricks, Mrs. Arthur — Cordelia Kirkendall 
Barringer, Mrs. Paul B., Jr. — Liicy Minor 
Barrow, Mrs. E. S., Jr. — Harriet Gates 
Barrs, Mrs. Anne Bryan — Anne Bryan 
Barry, Mrs. Frank G. — Marcelite Farris 
Barry, Mrs. John F. — Marie Gaffney 
Battel, Mrs. Joseph C. — Anna Whitaker 
Bartholdi, Mrs. Herbert G. — Ruth Graham 
Bartlett, Mrs. Donald — Henrietta Martin 
Bartlett, Mrs. Harry G., Jr. — Bennett Wilcox 
Barton, Mrs. H. C. — Adelaide Norfleet 
Barton, Mrs. Jim T. — Hallie Orr 
Barton, Mrs. John L. — Martha Lindsey 
Barton, Mrs. McClar D. — Helen Earle 
Baskerville, Mrs. Charles G. — Elizabeth Lett 
Bass, Mrs. Robert B. — Catherine Price 
Bass, Mrs. Robert L. — Eva Cumnock 
Bassett, Mrs. Clarke D. — Marjorie Milligan 
Bassett, Mrs. Clark L. — Gertrude Geer 
Batchelder, Mrs. David — Mary Davis 
Bateman, Mrs. Henry M. — Gladys Mann 
Bates, Mrs. Wm. R. — Agnes Crawford 
Batten, Mrs. H. W. — Helen Williams 
Battey, Mrs. Alfred, Jr. — Bertha Lee 
Battle, Mrs. Richard — Margaret Taliaferro 
Battle, Mrs. Tucker — Mildred Strode 
Baugher, Mrs. John — Virginia Hippie 
Baum, Mrs. Julian — Thelma Jones 
Bax, Mrs. Edward L. — Jean White 
Baxley, Mrs. Willard — Dorothy Hilton 
Bayha, Mrs. Carl — Emilie Jasperson 
Bayne, Mrs. Armistead — Margaret Williams 
Baynum, Mrs. G. R. — Katherine Davis 
Beach, Mrs. Charles E. — Bettie-Jane Warren 
Beach, Mrs. Pierre G., Jr. — Mary Thompson 
Beadle, Mrs. Irwin H., Jr. — Marion Sumner 
Beall, Mrs. Charles R. — Virginia Emmert 
Bean, Mrs. Wm. "&.— Abigail Shepard 
Beane, Mrs. Wm. S. R., Ill— Eleanor Wright 
Bear, Mrs. Burnett I..— Ruth Abell 
Bear, Mrs. Carl W.— Virginia Oliver 
Beasley, Mrs. James S. — Emma Glass 
Beauchamps, Mrs. Richard K. — Jane Miessner 


Beaufort, Mrs. Ira — Suzattne Hardy 
Beck, Mrs. William A. — Therese Lamfrom 
Becker, Mrs. C. Markel — Helen Mutschler 
Becker, Mrs. Charles S. — Luima Pfeiffer 
Becker, Mrs. E. C. — Mary Nelson 
Becker, Mrs. H. W. — Catharine McCann 
Beckh, Mrs. F. Karl — Ruth Will 
Beckmann, Mrs. Kurt D. — Mary Price 
Beddoes, Mrs. Arthur E. — Mary Himes 
Bedford, Mrs. Henry — ]iilia Huff 
Beeson, Mrs. James T. — Elizabeth Lockbart 
Behnke, Mrs. R. J. — Sally Skinner 
Beinhorn, Mrs. Wm. A., Jr. — Phyllis Carr 
Beirnes, Mrs. James — ]ane Cook 
Bell, Mrs. Carl — Katherine Copeland 
Bell, Mrs. George — Alice Parks 
Bell, Mrs. Henderson M.. Ill — Marg.aret 

Bell, Mrs. Kenneth A. — Elizabeth Striblin^ 
Bell, Mrs. Paul G. — Mary Bryan 
Bell, Mrs. Robert K. — Carolyn Pride 
Bell, Mrs. S. L. — Virginia LeHardy 
Bell, Mrs. Thomas G. — Lile Tucker 
Bell, Mrs. Walter — Katharine Spaatz 
Bell, Mrs. Wm. T. — Sue Hardie 
Bellamy, Mrs. Hargrove — Sarah Erwin 
Bellows, Mrs. Charles F. — Helen Hardy 
Bellows, Mrs. F. W. — Alice Butman 
Bellows, Mrs. George T. — Antt Harris 
Bendall, Mrs. Robert P., II — Lucy Jones 
Benjamin, Mrs. Frederick V. — Jeanne 

Benner, Mrs. George — Lois Vanderhoef 
Bennet, Mrs. Wm. J. — Dorothy Cona^han 
Bennett, Mrs. Charles R. — Betsy Tower 
Bennett, Mrs. J. Bryan — Kathleen Bingham 
Bennett, Mrs. James E. — lessie Silvers 
Bennett, Mrs. John R. — S^Uie Miller 
Bennett, Mrs. Joseph D. — Margaret Ferguson 
Bennett, Mrs. J. S., Ill — Rebecca MacGeorge 
Bennett, Mrs. Norman B. — Elizabeth Hall 
Bennett, Mrs. W. Arch — Polly Roberts 
Benoit, Mrs. Arthur H. — Judith Snow 
Benson, Mrs. B. A. — Tressa Emerson 
Benson, Mrs. Clifton E. — Edith Hagen 
Benson, Mrs. F. Ashley — Elizabeth 

Benson, Mrs. George E. — Corinne Lonev 
Benson, Mrs. W. A. — Florence Riddle 
Benton, Mrs. Fred F. — Ann Temple 
Berg, Mrs. F. Christian, Jr. — Constance 

Bergmann, Mrs. Charles H. — Janet Macfarlan 
Berguido, Mrs. Carlos, Jr. — Marion Jayne 
Berkeley, Mrs. Edmund — Dorothy Smith 
Berkeley, Mrs. Wm. M. — Mary Spencer 
Bernhard, Mrs. Wm. G. — Elizabeth Failing 
Berry, Mrs. Walter G. — Evelyn White 
Berrey, Mrs. Robert W. — Elizabeth Hudson 
Best, Mrs. Milton — Jane Lee 
Beste, Mrs. Robert — Eleanore Marston 
Bethea, Mrs. James McRae — Elizabeth 

Betts, Mrs. Reeve H. — Martha Jones 
Betts, Mrs. Walter S. — Jane Pratt 
Betty, Mrs. Tyson — Anne Mitchell 

Betz, Mrs. John, Jr.— Ethel Gurney 
Beuscher, Mrs. Hugo }.— Helen Zielsdorf 
Bewsher, Mrs. Francis M. — Geraldine Ball 
Beyer, Mrs. Karl H., Jr.—A7tnette Weiss 
Bezdek, Mrs. Arthur — Ruth Hoard 
Biedler, Mrs. P. M. — Janet Mason 
Bieser, Mrs. Carl — Adelaide Burger 
Biggers, Mrs. J. L. — Willo Malone 
Biggerstaff, Mrs. John F. — Jean Carroll 
Biggs, Mrs. John Edwin — Gary Harman 
Bilisoly, Mrs. Frank N., Ill — Indiana Lindsay 
Biltz, Mrs. Robert O.— Katherine Brightbill 
Bingham, Mrs. Addison B. — Jean Buchanan 
Binns, Mrs. J. Sidney — Helen Hesson 
Binswanger, Mrs. Millard — Frances Weil 
Bippers, Mrs. E. S. — Margaret Beckett 
Birch, Mrs. Foster — Elizabeth Dawson 
Birchall, Mrs. H. Roger — Eleanor Reehl 
Bird, Mrs. Wm. P.— Elizabeth Barnes 
Bird, Mrs. John P.—Wilma Cavett 
Birgel, Mrs. Henry T. — Annette Enderly 
Birmingham, Mrs. Frank H. — Anne Trigg 
Bishop, Mrs. Louis P. — Elizabeth Vaughan 
Bittner, Mrs. S. P. — Eva Bayly 
Black, Mrs. Hugo — Josephine Foster 
Black, Mrs. Kenneth L., Jr. — Dorothy Bennett 
Black, Mrs. Thomas, III — Mary Height 
Blackburn, Mrs. E. A., ]t.— Sadie Allen 
Blackburn, Mrs. Gerald — Dorriss Nobles 
Blacker, Mrs. Lane — Clarita Norris 
Blackford, Mrs. Charles E., Ill — Elaine Davis 
Blackwell, Mrs. Winfield — Mary Lambeth 
Blair, Mrs. Charles E. — Charlotte Dtmn 
Blair, Mrs. John TL.— Margaret Wolff 
Blair, Mrs. L. K. — Daphne Bunting 
Blair, Mrs. Norman H. — Madeleine Williams 
Blair, Mrs. W. Richardson — Evelyn Morris 
Blaix, Mrs. Wiley, Jr. — Bess Kell 
Blake, Mrs. E. F. — Lillian Everett 
Blake, Mrs. Gilman — Antoinette Johnson 
Blalock, Mrs. Tully 7.— Jean Walker 
Blaney, Mrs. W. H., Jr. — Nancy Lu Alexander 
Blankingship, Mrs. Alexander H. — Antoinette 

Blanton, Mrs. George, Jr. — Nancy Dicks 
Blatchford, Mrs. John — Esther Roberts 
Blessing, Mrs. B. M. — Barbara McNeill 
Block, Mrs. Charles J. — Marie Klein 
Bloker, Mrs. James L. — Katherine Lynch 
Bloom, Mrs. George W. — Virginia Connell 
Bloom, Mrs. Laurence E. — Suzanne Feder 
Bloomer, Mrs. Howard B., Jr. — Katherine 

Blouin, Mrs. Maurice F. — Carolyn Martindale 
Blount, Mrs. Samuel G., Jr. — Jean Blount 
Bly, Mrs. Neil J. — Alice Miller 
Boatner, Mrs. Nathan J. — Ann Watkins 
Boethelt, Mrs. Armin R. — Lucille Marshall 
Bogaard, Mrs. Kenneth — Edith Knox 
Boggess, Mrs. John S. — Henrietta Wadsworth 
Bohm, Mrs. Abram S. — Helen Shulofer 
Boice, Mrs. Wm. B. — Ruth Geer 
Boley, Mrs. Herman V. — Jean Besselievre 
Boiling, Mrs. Albert S., Jr. — Brantley Lam- 

Boiling, Mrs. William — Annie Malone 



Bollman, Mrs. George — Adalaide Wheless 
Bomar, Mrs. Wm. R. — Byrd Fiery 
Bond, Mrs. Edward L. — Virginia Quintard 
Bond, Mrs. J. R. — Constance Tunnell 
Bond, Mrs. John S., Jr. — Elizabeth Bryan 
Bond, Mrs. T. Allen — Catharine Wales 
Bond, Mrs. William — Frances Quinn 
Bond, Mrs. Wm. L.— Grace Callan 
Booker, Mrs. H. Bingham — Katharine Porter 
Booker, Mrs. Hunter R. — Elizabeth Hodges 
Boomsliter, Mrs. P. C. — Yvonne Decker 
Boorse, Mrs. William — Mary Thomas 
Booth, Mrs. Don G. — Mimi Etherid^e 
Booth, Mrs. Gordon B. — Mary Clay brook 
Booth, Mrs. Robert — Barbara Kirch 
Boothby, Mrs. John B. — Virginia Thayer 
Boothby, Mrs. Walter M. — Catherine Burns 
Boothe, Mrs. Garland C. — Katherine Smith 
Bordeau, Mrs. Marcus — Hester Littleton 
Borg, Mrs. C. Arthur — Marion Van Cott 
Borg, Mrs. Donald — Flora Austin 
Borkland, Mrs. Ernest W., Jr. — Caroline 

Boschen, Mrs. H. C. — Nancy Hotchkiss 
Bose, Mrs. Monte — Frances Wild 
Bost, Mrs. C. C— Mildred Pickett 
Bostwick, Mrs. Vaughn — Blanche Tomlinson 
Both, Mrs. Richard J. — Blair Bunting 
Bothe, Mrs. Albert — Marion Bradley 
Botts, Mrs. John — Mary Schreiner 
Bottsford, Mrs. Stephen — Cynthia Abbott 
Bound, Mrs. Charles F. — Alva Root 
Bourne, Mrs. Francis — Elizabeth Anderson 
Bourne, Mrs. Francis — Patdine Moore 
Boushall, Mrs. John — Dorothy Dishman 
Bowden, Mrs. Sydney L. — Frances Rickards 
bowden, Mrs. William D. — Anne Minor 
Bowditch, Mrs. Philip N. — Marion Coulter 
Bowen, Mrs. Claude L., Jr. — Isabel Scott 
Bowen, Mrs. Hascall W. — Ruth Johnston 
Bowen, Mrs. Ralph — Ruth Worman 
Bower, Mrs. George C. — Cordelle Williams 
Bowerfind, Mrs. Harold G. — Elizabeth 

Bowers, Mrs. Lloyd G., Jr. — Effie Siegling 
Bowie, Mrs. Gordon L. — Evelyn Claybrook 
Bowie, Mrs. James — Patricia Carr 
Bowles, Mrs. Hargrove, Jr. — Jessamine Boyce 
Bowley, Mrs. Freeman W., Jr. — Mary 

Bowman, Mrs. Alfred C. — Adele Kruse 
Bowman, Mrs. Milton S. — Margaret Gibson 
Boxly, Mrs. James L. — Margaret Waddy 
Boyd, Mrs. Fiske — Clare Shenehon 
Boyd, Mrs. John — Richie McGuire 
Boyd, Mrs. Lewis B. — Emma Hills 
Boykin, Mrs. Raymond — Elizabeth Joseph 
Boyles, Mrs. Eleanor S. — Eleanor Smith 
Bradfield, Mrs. Ely— Mildred Ely 
Bradford, Mrs. Richard P. — Mary Frank 
Bradley, Mrs. John Wvatt — Louise Dreyer 
Bradley, Mrs. Mary B. — Mary Butler 
Bradley, Mrs. Perry E. — Clara Frank 
Bradshaw, Mrs. Hamilton — Evelyn Molly 
Bradshaw, Mrs. Thomas — Martha DeLay 
Bradstreet, Mrs. Brownell T. — Margaret Orde 
Brady, Mrs. Hugh S. — Frances Sloan 

Braffetts, Mrs. John W. — Mackie Davis 
Brail, Mrs. J. S.—Nina Weichelbaum 
Branch, Mrs. Patteson — Carlisle Morrissett 
Brandener, Mrs. Wolf C. — Lucy Dewey 
Brannan, Mrs. Carl — Martha Witherspoon 
Brannan, Mrs. Troy — Anne Seibels 
Brantley, Mrs. Wm. G., Jr. — Clyde Cranford 
Bratton, Mrs. Charles A. — Emma Bradfield 
Brawley, Mrs. Marion, Jr. — Marion Taylor 
Breakell, Mrs. Stanley— Edith Gill 
Breedon, Mrs. King — Elizabeth Cloud 
Breen, Mrs. Wm. J.. Jr. — Parker Goodwin 
Brehme, Mrs. T. Hall, Jr. — Catherine 

Brennan, Mrs. Thomas — Elizabeth Schiel 
Brent, Mrs. Andrew J. — Virginia McGuire 
Brent, Mrs. George W. — Enid Sipe 
Brentnall, Mrs. Samuel L. — Sara Merritt 
Brenza, Mrs. William — Mary Somervell 
Bretz, Mrs. L. E. — Ruth Hawley 
Brewer, Mrs. Carlos B. — Grace Lanier 
Brewster, Mrs. Wm. S. — Lucile Christinas 
Briber, Mrs. Frank E., Jr. — Anne Mcjunkin 
Bridgeman, Mrs. Ray C. — Dorothea Eaglcsfield 
Bridges, Mrs. Henry — Dorothy Harper 
Bridges, Mrs. James — Rosa Heath 
Bridges, Mrs. Richard W.— Edith Vongehr 
Briganti, Mrs. Frank H. — Margaret Leet 
Briggs, Mrs. Walter — Frances Turpin 
Brinkley, Mrs. William — Frances Kay 
Brinton, Mrs. Charles — Mary McDade 
Briscoe, Mrs. Clarence C. — Mary Suttle 
Brist, Mrs. Fillmore N. — Mary Wilson 
Bristol, Mrs. Ralph — Elizabeth Kinsolving 
Britt, Mrs. Carryl M. — Ann Seguin 
Brittain, Mrs. Clifton — Mary Petty 
Broadus, Mrs. Joseph C. — A^tne Boiven 
Brock, Mrs. Richard A. — Margaret 

Bromfield, Mrs. St. Clair, Jr. — Mary Patton 
Bromley, Mrs. Harry H. — Eleanor Alcott 
Brooke^ Mrs. George M., Jr. — Frances Bailey 
Brooke, Mrs. Julian C. — Louise Sprague 
Brookes, Mrs. Valentine — Virginia 

Brookhart, Mrs. Baird C. — Marjorie Thomas 
Brooks, Mrsi Charles — Elizabeth Crenshaw 
Brooks, Mrs. Edwin B. — Ruth Daugherty 
Brooks, Mrs. Thomas O. — Mollie Meriwether 
Brooks, Mrs. Thornton H. — Margaret 

Brothers, Mrs. Jerry F. — Riith Stevens 
Brough, Mrs. John A.— Ella Polk 
Brouse, Mrs. Robert C. — Martha Ake 
Broussand, Mrs. L G. — Sybille Spurlock 
Brown, Mrs. A. Todd — Edita Rigg 
Brown, Mrs. Arlo L., Jr. — Elaine Rushmore 
Brown, Mrs. Arthur H. — Lida West 
Brown, Mrs. Arthur W. — Evelyn Poole 
Brown, Mrs. Bessie Hoge — Bessie Hoge 
Brown, Mrs. David T. — Barbara Trigg 
Brown, Mrs. E. E. — Esther Ewing 
Brown, Mrs. G. Matthew — Mary Jane Jones 
Brown, Mrs. Gordon B. — Barbara Rhodes 
Brown, Mrs. Hugh E. — Virginia Cans 
Brown, Mrs. James H. — Mary Parker 


Brown, Mrs. John A. — Patricia Arms 
Brown, Mrs. John A. S., Jr. — Ruth Hiilburd 
Brown, Mrs. Jonathan A. — Elizabeth 

Brown, Mrs. Kenneth — Helen Hill 
Brown, Mrs. Lawrence E. — Marie Brede 
Brown, Mrs. H. Peronneau — Coriiine 

Brown, Mrs. O. Nelson, Jr. — Mary Henderson- 
Brown, Mrs. Ralph M. — Esther Keller 
Brown, Mrs. Randolph — Olivia Davis 
Brown, Mrs. Robert F. — Margaret Turner 
Brown, Mrs. Robert M. — Anne Harrison 
Brown, Mrs. Robert R. — Warwick Rust 
Brown, Mrs. Russey — Mary Proctor 
Brown, Mrs. Sophie C. — Sophie Campbell 
Brown, Mrs. Stanton — Maria Neville 
Brown, Mrs. Theodore G. — Margaret Hagan 
Brown, Mrs. Townsend — Mary Traugott 
Brown, Mrs. Wm. K., ^t.— Janet Blood 
Brown, Mrs. W. L. Lyons — Sara 

Brown, Mrs. Wm. R. — Eleanor Cooke 
Browne, Mrs. Bitner — Dorothy Gilbert 
Browning, Mrs. D. B. — Ruth Howell 
Browning, Mrs. F. E. — Venus Buckingham 
Brubaker, Mrs. Henry C. — Margaret Posey 
Bruce, Mrs. Leonard H. — Flora Pope 
Bruch, Mrs. Carl — Helen Redmund 
Brueckner, Mrs. Herman J. — Elinore Gibbs 
Brumback, Mrs. David L., jt, — Gladys Gilliland 
Brummet, Mrs. Joseph D. — Gaille Griffith 
Bruner, Mrs. Lyle — Ethel Gaines 
Brush, Mrs. Edward V., Jr. — Myra Marshall 
Bryan, Mrs. Augustin C. — Elizabeth Ratcliff 
Bryan, Mrs. Wm. B. — Helen Anderson 
Bryan, Mrs. Wright — Ellen Newell 
Bryant, Mrs. John H. — Catherine Brandt 
Bryant, Mrs. Mahlon S. — Mildred Fanlconer 
Bryden, Mrs. John P., Ill — Patricia Luke 
Bryer, Mrs. NS^ayne P. — Deborah Gale 
Bryson, Mrs. Frank S. — Alice Battey 
Bryson, Mrs. John — Judith Scott 
Bryson, Mrs. Wm. A., Jr. — Lillian Wilkinson 
Buchen, Mrs. Philip W. — Ann Kremers 
Buchman, Mrs. Leslie H. — Annie Wallace 
Buck, Mrs. Pierpont — Alice Lancaster 
Buckelmueller, Mrs. H. Homer — Marion 

Buell, Mrs. Harold — Frances Helmick 
Buik, Mrs. Cecil H. — Shirley Sprague 
Bulkley, Mrs. B. Franklyn — Mary Simpson 
Bullard, Mrs. Lawrence M. — Joyce Hobart 
Bullington, Mrs. Norwood W., Jr.— Mar)) 

Bullock, Mrs. Claude C. — Eleanor Ervin 
Bumbaugh, Mrs. Frank T. — Ethel McClain 
Bundy, Mrs. Nathan H., Jr. — Marie Iron- 
Burbank, Mrs. Forrest B. — Margaret Hard 
Burchard, Mrs. Peter D. — Elizabeth 

Burgess, Mrs. Carter L. — May Smith 
Burgher, Mrs. Ballard — Grace Dexter 
Burk, Mrs. Frank — Minette Thompson 
Burke, Mrs. Grinnell — Marian Barber 
Burke, Mrs. Hubert H. — Theodosia Clark 

Burke, Mrs. James P. — Constance Stanbrough 
Burke, Mrs. John W., Jr. — Agnes Spencer 
Burke, Mrs. William — Carlotta Satterfield 
Burkett, Mrs. Charles — Irene Nagele 
Burks, Mrs. Martin — Rose Bear 
Burleigh, Mrs. William — Bessie Peters 
Burnet, Mrs. Arthur, Jr. — Martha McCowen 
Burnet, Mrs. Wm. B. — Frances Martin 
Burnett, Mrs. Charles R. — Eugenia Griffin 
Burnett, Mrs. Oscar W.— Juliet HalliBurton 
Burr, Mrs. James G., Jr. — Mary Caswell 
Burroughs, Mrs. Davis C. — Nancy Suppes 
Burroughs, Mrs. Alfred P. — Elizabeth Jackson 
Burroughs, Mrs. Frederick, Jr. — Anne 

Burt, Mrs. Francis S. — Margaret Browning 
Burt, Mrs. Roland W. — Aline Morton 
Burton, Mrs. Edgar G. — Clayton Callaway 
Burton, Mrs. Edwin — Mary Kerr 
Burton, Mrs. Thomas B. — Tennie Loomy 
Burton, Mrs. Wm. Y.—Jane White 
Buschman, Mrs. W. H. — Eleanor Koob 
Bush, Mrs. C. Edward — Agnes Sproul 
Bush, Mrs. Herman E. — Ruth Tinkham 
Bush, Mrs. James D. — Myrtle Lowder 
Bush, Mrs. Robert S. — Sarah Adams 
Bush, Mrs. Wm. "W.— Margaret Lloyd 
Busser, Mrs. Antoon — Virginia Waer 
Bussey, Mrs. Donald S. — Anne Launian 
Butin, Mrs. J. Walker — Betty Launder 
Butler, Mrs. George — Anne Garrett 
Butler, Mrs. James K. — Lucy Rembert 
Butler, Mrs. T. B. — Sarah Stacy 
Butters, Mrs. H. Lowell — Mae Brown 
Butterworth, Mrs. G. F., Jr. — Eva Horner 
Button, Mrs. Conyers, Jr. — Marie Dunham 
Buttram, Mrs. Thomas L. — Jacquelin Jacobs 
Butts, Mrs. Lucius — Russe Blanks 
Bycott, Mrs. Wm. C. — Jane Meyer 
Byerly, Mrs. W. L., Jr. — Louise McDonald 
Byerts, Mrs. Wm. E., Jr. — Jane Loveland 
Byrd, Mrs. Morton — Elizabeth Crawford 
Byrne, Mrs. Roger S. — Sarah Crosswell 

Cadigan, Mrs. Charles H. — Elizabeth Williams 
Caflfery, Mrs. John M. — Phoebe Soaper 
Caghill, Mrs. Kenneth L.— Bobbie Estill 
Cagney, Mrs. Augusta P. — Augusta Pearce 
Cahn, Mrs. Ralph — Betty August 
Cailleteau, Mrs. Edward G. — Katharine 

Cain, Mrs. Wm. L. — Anne Maybank 
Caine, Mrs. Wm. C. — Helen MacClcary 
Cairns, Mrs. Robert F. — Barbara Boyce 
Calder, Mrs. Duncan C, Jr. — Mar-y Barnhardt 
Calderwood, Mrs. Donald A. — Clarissa Brenner 
Caldren, Mrs. Fred G. — Sara Warren 
Caldwell, Mrs. Franklin M. — Flora Bryan 
Caldwell, Mrs. Meredith, Jr. — Mary 

Caldwell, Mrs. R. K.—Priscilla Brotvn 
Caldwell, Mrs. Walter D., Jr.— Martha 

Caldwell, Mrs. William R. — Virginia Mann 
Calhoun, Mrs. Frank E. — Mary Swift 


Calhoun, Mrs. N. S., Jr. — Beda Carlson 
Calhoun, Mrs. Robert N. — Elsbeth Toepfer 
Calkins, Mrs. Jane C. — Jatie Claiborne 
Call, Mrs. Douglas, Jr. — Edwina Young 
Callard, Mrs. George — Winifred Wesicoti 
Calnan, Mrs. Eric H. — Gerirude Collins 
Camblos, Mrs. Joshua F. B. — Ruth Hensley 
Cameron, Mrs. Sidney — Eleanor Tucker 
Cameron, Mrs. Stuart — Frances Middleton 
Cameron, Mrs. Thomas B. — Virginia Leggett 
Camlin, Mrs. H. A. — Christine Gschwindt 
Camlin, Mrs. Wm. J. — Katherine Browne 
Camm, Mrs. Wm. T. — Mildred Littleford 
Camp, Mrs. Frank L. — Elizabeth Sutton 
Camp, Mrs. George C. — Phyllis Millinger 
Camp, Mrs. Walter — Margaret Faulkner 
Campbell, Mrs. Allen A. — Thirza Trant 
Campbell, Mrs. A. G., ]r.,—Anue Estill 
Campbell, Mrs. Carlos — Eleanor Koon 
Campbell, Mrs. Graham G. — Mary Garver 
Campbell, Mrs. Harry Van M. — Esther Tyler 
Campbell, Mrs. James B. — Dorothy Tison 
Campbell, Mrs. L. Roe — A7tita Wilson 
Campbell, Mrs. Percy C. — Bernice Richardson 
Campbell, Mrs. Russell E. — Mary Allen 
Campbell, Mrs. Wendell, \l— Betty Schlenck 
Canby, Mrs. David B. — Mary Berckmans 
Cane, Mrs. L. J. — Cecile Klein 
Cannon, Mrs. Charles W. A. — Shirley Ferguson 
Cannon, Mrs. Eugene B. — Cornelia Armfield 
Cannon, Mrs. J. Archibald, Jr. — Cordelia 

Caples, Mrs. Martin H. — Alice Leigh 
Capps, Mrs. Charles — Allen Hobbs 
Carapetyan, Mrs. Haig — Letitia Belknap 
Caraway, Mrs. Paul — Indel Little 
Carey, Mrs. Florence — Florence Doyle 
Carlson, Mrs. Clark — Gertrude Clark 
Carlson, Mrs. Norman — Josephine Taylor 
Carlton, Mrs. Hollis D. — Margaret Milivee 
Carlton, Mrs. John B. — Mary Barnhart 
Carman, Mrs. Charles M., Jr. — Anne 

Carmichael, Mrs. George — Maria Adkins 
Carmichael, Mrs. Cartwrlght — Louise Gibbon 
Carnan, Mrs. Charles W., Jr. — Emily Brown 
Carnell, Mrs. Prentiss, Jr. — Ruth Kimmey 
Carney, Mrs. Chesney M. — Elise Gibson 
Carpenter, Mrs. Hubbell — Margaret Haga 
Carpenter, Mrs. Robert J. — Virginia Morgan 
Carpenter, Mrs. Russell — Mary Howe 
Carr, Mrs. Eleanor K. — Eleanor Kohn 
Carr, Mrs. Louis B. — Mary A. Housel 
Carrington, Mrs. Alexander B., Jr. — Ruth 

Carrington, Mrs. Philip S. — Joy Carter 
Carrington, Mrs. Richard — Anne Teall 
Carrington, Mrs. Richard A., Jr. — Harrell 

Carrington, Mrs. Tucker — Elise Craddock 
Carroll, Mrs. Cansler — Sarah Catisler 
Carroll, Mrs. Donald F. — Helen Case 
Carroll, Mrs. Richard J. — Lou McWhorter 
Carroll, Mrs. Richard N. — Elizabeth Combs 
Carruthers, Mrs. Frank J. — Kathleen 


Cart, Mrs. John, Jr. — Lucille Montgomery 
Carter, Mrs. Carl E. — Annabel Eberhardt 
Carter, Mrs. Clifton M. — Mary Buell 
Carter, Mrs. Francis E„ Jr. — Gary Burwell 
Carter, Mrs. Frank — Mary Stewart 
Carter, Mrs. Frank, Jr. — Jane Munnerlyn 
Carter, Mrs. George A. — Talbott Grumpier 
Carter, Mrs. Hugh T. — Margaret Baker 
Carter, Mrs. James M., Jr. — Amie Russell 
Carter, Mrs. Nelson W. — Elizabeth Payne 
Carter, Mrs. Nenetta B. — Nenetta Burton 
Carter, Mrs. Willard S. — Edna Swann 
Cartwright, Mrs. William — Frances Simpson 
Case, Mrs. Charles L. — Elizabeth Courtney 
Case, Mrs. Donald G., Jr. — Madolyn 

Casey, Mrs. Edward — Janet Keeling 
Casey, Mrs. Samuel A. — Ardean Alexander 
Cason, Mrs. W. Kenton — Adella Page 
Cassell, Mrs. R. L. — Carolyn Bourne 
Caton, Mrs. Robert L. — Helen Taylor 
Caughey, Mrs. Robert H. — Ruth Billingsley 
Caulk, Mrs. L. Wellons, Jr. — Louise Brinkley 
Causey, Mrs. Beverley D. — Clara MacRae 
Causey, Mrs. Hugh W. — Martha Jamison 
Caye, Mrs. William — Catherine Giddings 
Caywood, Mrs. Patterson — Hallie Williamson 
Cecil, Mrs. John H. — Pattie Gary 
Centilli, Mrs. Wm. D. — Frances Watkins 
Cesare, Mrs. O. E. — Anne Valentine 
Chace, Mrs. Clyde — Marion DaCamera 
Chamberlain, Mrs. Dwight R. — King Nelson 
Chamberlain, Mrs. Martin — Janet Shutto 
Chamberlain, Mrs. Rodman W. — Constance 

Chambers, Mrs. Yerby — Cusseta Beaton 
Chambliss, Mrs. Tack L. — Sophie Lo7i Hall 
Chancellor, Mrs. J. Edgar — Evelyn Rigney 
Chandler, Mrs. Alfred du Pont, Jr. — Fay 

Chandler, Mrs. H. C. — Clara A. Sasscer 
Chandler, Mrs. Joseph — Mildred MacOueen 
Chapin, Mrs. Carroll H. — Claire Handerson 
Chapin, Mrs. John S. — Barbara Berghaus 
Chaplin, Mrs. Saxby — Elizabeth Mather 
Chapman, Mrs. George M. — Elizabeth 

Chapman, Mrs. Park — Mary Chilton 
Chapman, Mrs. Thomas — Anne Hardie 
Chapman, Mrs. Thomas M. — Betty Hussey 
Chappell, Mrs. Joseph J. — Annette Harley 
Chard, Mrs. Robert H. — Virginia Dey 
Charles, Mrs. Jack J. — Jac^iielin Franke 
Charles, Mrs. Robert Jr. — Dorothy Boyle 
Charters, Mrs. L. W. — Ruth Rundle 
Chase, Mrs. Maitland S., Jr. — Natalie Lucas 
Chase, Mrs. Newell A. — Gudrun Eskeson 
Chase, Mrs. Russell — Virginia Hatch 
Chatham, Mrs. Richard G. — Elizabeth Felts 
Chavet, Mrs. Wm. J- — Betty Van Dusen 
Cheek, Mrs. James H- — A. Louise Richardson 
Cheek, Mrs. James H., Jr. — Anne Hnddleston 
Cheek, Mrs. John S. — Anne McCarthy 
Cheney, Mrs. Janet Gage — Janet Gage 
Chenoweth, Mrs. Arthur L — Barbara Derr 



Chenoweth, Mrs. Laurence H. — Elizabeth 

Chesebro, Mrs. Robert E. — Helen Prance 
Chesebrough, Mrs. John — Milla Clement 
Chewning, Mrs. C. W. — Elizabeth Key 
Chibouk, Mrs. Edgar, A. — Jane Bucher 
Child, Mrs. Lewis W. — Katherine Shenehon 
Childers, Mrs. Elwood G. — Bertha Morris 
Childs, Mrs. Eugene MacKall — Betty Blackmer 
Chilton, Mrs. Wm. E. II — JSlancy Runner 
Chinn, Mrs. Joseph W., Jr. — Katherine Brown 
Chisholm, Mrs. 'Dzn\t\— Natalie Hall 
Chrisman, Mrs. Allan S. — Eleanor Krekeler 
Chrisman, Mrs. N. A. — Lelia Bowles 
Christian, Mrs. Andrew H. — Virginia Walker 
Christian, Mrs. Lynch — Jessie Darden 
Christian, Mrs. R. E. — Ellen Howison 
Christian, Mrs. Peter C, Jr. — Margaret 

Christie, Mrs. Peter G. — Sara Smith 
Church, Mrs. Carroll — Barbara Thompson 
Church, Mrs. Herbert M., Jr. — Jane Pickens 
Church, Mrs. R. ^.—Elizabeth Gochnauer 
Church, Mrs. "Wm. S. — Amanda Guenther 
Claffey, Mrs. J. H. — Laura Neal 
Claghorn, Mrs. Wm. W. — Josephine Soule 
Claney, Mrs. James — Beulah Souders 
Claparols, Mrs. Manuel — Helen Smith 
Clapp, Mrs. Roger — Henrietta Spafford 
Clark, Mrs. Charles F. — Anne Macfarlane 
Clark, Mrs. Donald R. — Mary Whipple 
Clark, Mrs. Frederic M. — Marjorie Dexter 
Clark, Mrs. George McMurry — Mary Shelton 
Clark, Mrs. Graham — Margaret Harris 
Clark, Mrs. Harold F. — Anne Beth Price 
Clark, Mrs. Jerome B. — Eleanor Stedman 
Clark, Mrs. Laurance T. — Elizabeth Hartman 
Clark, Mrs. Lorayne C. — Lorayne CadJell 
Clark, Mrs. Samuel S. — Emma Hedges 
Clark, Mrs. Wm. S.— Carolyn Carter 
Clark, Mrs. W. W. — Elva Button 
Clark, Mrs. Wyndham S.— Elizabeth 

Clarke, Mrs. H. D. — Hortcnse Hodges 
Clarke, Mrs. Jack W. — Dorothy Irelan 
Clarke, Mrs. M. B. — Katherine Mevay 
Clarke, Mrs. Wm. F., Jr. — Jane Carothers 
Clarke, Mrs. Wm. S. — Carolyn Monteith 
Clarke-Smith, Mrs. K.— Barbara Ware 
Clausen, Mrs. Tom — Harriett Tavenner 
Clay, Mrs. Henry B. — Helen Ewing 
Clay, Mrs. Thomas C. — Anita Knooutt 
Clayton, Mrs. Earl — Helen Jalonick 
Clayton, Mrs. James E. — Alice Perkins 
Clear, Mrs. Albert F., Jr. — Jeanne Posselt 
Cleaver, Mrs. John P.— Elizabeth Ruth 
Cleborn, Mrs. Clifford C. — Ida Hempstone 
Cleckley, Mrs. Hervey — Louise Martin 
Clemens, Mrs. John D. — Shirley Devine 
Clemens, Mrs. Joseph D. — Marjorie Stock 
Clement, Mrs. Hayden C. — Imogen Brock 
Clement, Mrs. John K. — Dorothy Gipe 
Clendening, Mrs. Robert — Alice Earley 
Cleveland, Mrs. Carleton A., Jr. — Mary Land 
Cleveland, Mrs. Roland M. — Patfie Early 
ClifFord, Mrs. George E. — Margaret MacKoy 
Clifford, Mrs. George Orr — Mary Mitchell 

Clinch, Mrs. Bayard, Jr. — Virginia Campbell 
Clingerman, Mrs. John W.— Sari Mitchell 
Clippinger, Mrs. John H. — Jane Becker 
Clobridge, Mrs. R. Stanley — Helen Winter 
Close, Mrs. John F. — Marjorie Miller 
Cloud, Mrs. Roy L. — Leona Taggart 
Clough, Mrs. Wendell S. — Frances Robinson 
Cluett, Mrs. Edward — Barbara Metz 
Clute, Mrs. Warren W., ]t.— Elizabeth 

Coates, Mrs. Lloyd — Martha Stevenson 
Coats, Mrs. H. L. — Elizabeth Huger 
Cobb, Mrs. James O. — Virginia Whitlock 
Cobb, Mrs. Alex D., Jr. — Eudoxa Dingman 
Cobey, Mrs. Wm. E. — Virginia Brewer 
Cochran, Mrs. H. Foster — Ray Adler 
Cochran, Mrs. John P. — Margaret Dowell 
Cocke, Mrs. Albert K. — Mary Jarvis 
Cockrell, Mrs. L. E.— Dorothy Booth 
Cockrill, Mrs. James T. — Betty Farinholt 
Cogswell, Mrs. Charles L. — Margaret Hoyt 
Cohee, Mrs. Ben K. — Marjorie Bergen 
Cohen, Mrs. H. C. — Vera Cone 
Cohill, Mrs. Thos. W., Jr. — Mary Hackmann 
Coke, Mrs. J. G., \l\.—Harriotte Bland 
Colbern, Mrs. Wm. H. — Mary Hall 
Cole, Mrs. Hardy S.— Nellie McCaa 
Cole, Mrs. W. V.— Eleanor Myers 
Coleman, Mrs. James T. — Emily Morris 
Coleman, Mrs. Clement J. — Edith Morris 
Coleman, Mrs. Melvin R. — Mary Johns 
Colin, Mrs. Ralph F. — Georgia Talmey 
Collard, Mrs. Milton A. — Margaret Reed 
CoUer, Mrs. John H. M. — Janet Sherman 
Colley, Mrs. Thomas N. — Martha Jones 
Collier, Mrs. Frederic — Edith Harper 
Collier, Mrs. H. L.— Elsie Scbmclz 
Collier, Mrs. James B., Ill — Bette Fawcett 
Collins, Mrs. Charles D. — Hazel Stamps 
Collins, Mrs. Charles R. — Eloise Doxey 
Collins, Mrs. F. Hunter, Jr. — Josephine Thomas 
Collins, Mrs. Francis — Marian Grimes 
CoUins, Mrs. R. W.—Lucretia Watson 
Collins, Mrs. Robert A. — Jeanne Claybrook 
Colthup, Mrs. James F. — Marjorie Blaikie 
Colton, Mrs. Richard C. — Howell Lykes 
Comer, Mrs. Donald, Jr. — Isabel Anderson 
Comer, Mrs. Francis M. — Helen Beeson 
Comer, Mrs. Hugh M. — Gillian Goodall 
Comfort, Mrs. R. W.— Margaret Bell 
Comstock, Mrs. David A. — Jean Van Vranken 
Comstock, Mrs. Stuart — Mary Colson 
Condit, Mrs. Horace — Helen Ru^g 
Condit, Mrs. Richard R. — Julia Hoeber 
Cone, Mrs. Carleton C. — Gladys Cassels 
Cone, Mrs. J. W. — Juliette Graves 
Cone, Mrs. Malcolm, S., Jr. — Jean Hazelhurst 
Cone, Mrs. Montie F. — Eleanor Faulk 
Conley, Mrs. A. B., Jr. — Frances Ulmer 
Conrad, Mrs. Francis H. — Elinor Green 
Conrad, Mrs. R. — Marie Prange 
Connor, Mrs. Charles M. — Valinda Snively 
Connors, Mrs. George E. — Virginia Munroe 
Constable, Mrs. William — Alice Nelson 
Conway, Mrs. French H. — Janet Chenery 
Conway, Mrs. Theodore J. — Eleanor Wright 
Cook, Mrs. H. Barton — Jeanne Alexander 



Cook, Mrs. John A. — Mary Hammond 
Cook, Mrs. John C. — Elizabeth Johnston 
Cook, Mrs. L. Shannon — Frances Lewis 
Cook, Mrs. Walter McQueen — Norma Rogers 
Cook, Mrs. Ward — Betty Grossman 
Cook, Mrs. Wm. A. — Harriet Williams 
Coolbaugh, Mrs. Richard W. — Eunice Watters 
Cooley, Mrs. E. C. — Lida Bronson 
Cooley, Mrs. Kenneth L. — June Stein 
Cooley, Mrs. Walter D. — Marion Oliver 
Coon, Mrs. A. Hardin — Mar]orie Lindsay 
Cooney, Mrs. Laurence E. — Esther Dittenhaver 
Cooper, Mrs. George L. — Lois Mcllroy 
Cooper, Mrs. Jacob — Barbara Main 
Cooper, Mrs. L. J. — Isabel Greason 
Cooper, Mrs. Thomas R. — Alice Martin 
Coors, Mrs. George A. — Jeanne Parham 
Copenhaver, Mrs. Charles — Mary Reade 
Corbett, Mrs. Wm. J. — Helen Leggett 
Corbyn, Mrs. G. Scaling — Jane Van Gleef 
Corley, Mrs. Andrew — Atnelia Wilson 
Corley, Mrs. Frank W. — Mary Taylor 
Cornell, Mrs. Ezra — Eleanor Branch 
Cornick, Mrs. Katherine — Katherine Tuttle 
Cornwell, Mrs. James L.,, Jr. — Anne Dearstyne 
Corwin, Mrs. Thomas P. — Jane Gollins 
Cossman, Mrs. Vaughan S. — Elizabeth Frazier 
Cotman, Mrs. Charles — Mary Ethel West 
Cotton, Mrs. Richard E. — Eleanor Woods 
Council, Mrs. Harold T. — Eloise LeGrand 
Couper, Mrs. William — Eloise Hirst 
Coupland, Mrs. John R., Ill — Susan Buchanan 
Cousins, Mrs. Robert B., Ill — Dorothy Long 
Cover,, Mrs. Loring A., Jr. — Margaret Deekens 
Covington, Mrs. Wm. T. — Idelle McNeal 
Cowan, Mrs. Charles McD. — Elizabeth Embrey 
Cowger, Mrs. Wm. O. — Cynthia Thompson 
Cowling, Mrs. Samuel W., Jr. — Emilie Turner 
Cox, Mrs. Lawrence M. — Anne Irving 
Cox, Mrs. Lyle A. — Eleanor Johnson 
Coyle, Mrs. George — Julia Holt 
Craig, Mrs. Thomas M. — Le^ta Jones 
Craighill, Mrs. Dabney H. — Pinkney Goffigan 
Cramer, Mrs. Frederick J. — Rosalie Hall 
Crameri, Mrs. Leigh R. — Margaret Schwald 
Cramer, Mrs. Stuart W., Jr. — Julia Scott 
Crampton, Mrs. Albert M. — Josephine von 

Crane, Mrs. Frank D. — Alice Blake 
Crane, Mrs. Meade B. — Laura Grogan 
Crane, Mrs. Wm. B., Jr. — Margaret Cramey 
Crapo, Mrs. Wm. ^ff.— Elizabeth Willcox 
Craven, Mrs. Arnold B. — Primrose Johnston 
Crawford, Mrs. Charles — MHq Bates 
Crawford, Mrs. Charles A. — Eleanor Franke 
Crawford, Mrs. Francis — Catherine Meinecke 
Crawford, Mrs. John W., Ul—Sally Williams 
Crawford, Mrs. Robert W. — Gertrude Pauly 
Crawford, Mrs. Sam, Jr. — Shirley Knight 
Creech, Mrs. Silas M. — Elizabeth Marsfon 
Creekmore, Mrs. S. W., Jr. — Rebecca Warner 
Cremer, Mrs. John D. — Dorothy Pecktvell 
Crenshaw, Mrs. OUinger — Mar]orie Burford 
Crenshaw, Mrs. Pete F., Jr. — Sarah Phillips 
Cressman, Mrs. Paul R. — Dorothy Strailman 
Crick, Mrs. Edwin R., Jr. — Jean Lemmon 

Crile, Mrs. Robert — Sara Doughtie 
Crisler, Mrs. John W. — Halle Moore 
Crocker, Mrs. C. K. — Marilyn Hannah 
Croft, Mrs. Wm. C. — Barbara Engh 
CroUey, Mrs. B. Frank, Jr. — Virginia Box 
Cromwell, Mrs. Richard, Jr. — Carol Brush 
Cromwell, Mrs. Stephen C, Jr. — Jane Leach 
Cronly, Mrs. John H. — Martha Valentine 
Crosby, Mrs. F. S. — Martha Bell 
Crosby, Mrs. George D. — Frances Barnett 
Crosnoe, Mrs. Ralph — Florence Caven 
Cross, Mrs. George H., Jr. — Marjorie Ward 
Cross, Mrs. Nathaniel E. — Eula Weakley 
Cross, Mrs. Wm. W.—Anna DeGraff 
Crosthwait, Mrs. M. G. — Elizabeth Wingo 
Crouse, Mrs. Harold B. — Marjorie Leute 
Crouse, Mrs. Otto — Sara McHenry 
Crowe, Mrs. Joseph J., Jr. — Ethel Hauber 
Crowl, Mrs. James S. — Barbara Schaab 
Crowley, Mrs. Francis J. — Helen Hays 
Croyder, Mrs. Harry — Dorothy Grammer 
Crutcher, Mrs. Hettie — Hettie Sibley 
Cukor, Mrs. Richard M. — Margaret Gregory 
Cullen, Mrs. James K. — Emma McDaniel 
CuUum, Mrs. A. Earl, Jr. — Margaret Bennett 
Cullen-Roberts. Mrs. Thomas — Ada Denton 
Culp, Mrs. Charles C. — Carolyn O'Bannon 
Cumming, Mrs. R. D. — Katherine McDonald 
Cumnock, Mrs. Walter P. — Emily Marston 
Cunningham, Mrs. Booker — Leah Hines 
Cunningham, Mrs. Charles B. — Mary Blythe 
Curran, Mrs. Francis J. — Charlotte Conway 
Currie, Mrs. Donald M. — Marion Leggett 
Currie, Mrs. Gilbert S. — Dorothy Austin 
Currie, Mrs. James H. — Jean Hedley 
Curry, Mrs. Bromlee — Frances Hampton 
Curry, Mrs. Warren M. — Eloise Birney 
Curtin, Mrs. Talbot — Janet McGregor 
Curtis, Mrs. Eugene — Margaret Henigbaum 
Curtis, Mrs. John H., Jr. — Frances Gardner 
Curtis, Mrs. Raleigh R. — Marcia Morrison 
Curtis, Mrs. Theodore M. — Maria Valentine 
Curtis, Mrs. Walter — Kathleen Hodge 
Curwen, Mrs. James D. — Doris Risk 
Cuscaden, Mrs. Henry — Irvin Reay 
Gushing, Mrs. Robert L. — Dorothy Hedges 
Cutler, Mrs. Howard W. — Rebecca Manning 
Cutler, Mrs. Gordon B. — Elizabeth Healy 
Cutler. Mrs. John M. — Helen Crump 

Dabney, Mrs. Edward S.— Edith Railey 
Dabnev, Mrs. Robert — Christine Storey 
Dabnev, Mrs. Thomas T. — Lucy Call 
Dabney, Mrs. Virginius — Douglas Chelf 
Da Gregorio, Mrs. James — Marion Grain 
Daker,, Mrs. Charles C. — Margaret Mazurie 
Dale, Mrs. James A. — Chesley Johnson 
Daley, Mrs. John E. — Jaqueline Sexton 
Dall, Mrs. Beniamin L. — Margaret Caldwell 
Dalton, Mrs. Jack — Mary A. Gochnauer 
D'Alton, Mrs. Richard "E.— Betty Walker 
Danford, Mrs. C. Douglas, Jr. — Leslie Herrick 
Daniel, Mrs. Richard M. — Shirley Shaw 
Daniels, Mrs. Frank A. — Ruth Aunspaugh 
Dann, Mrs. Alexander W.„ Jr.— M/wi Semmes 
Danner, Mrs. F. B. — Elizabeth Neill 


Danziger, Mrs. John — Emma Taber 
Darby, Mrs. Clement H. — Dorothy Pryor 
Darby, Mrs. Kenneth C. — Josephine Harlan 
Darden, Mrs. Claibourne — Qeraldine 

Darfeld, Mrs. Herbert A. — Katherine Perry 
Davenport, Mrs. Joseph H., Jr. — Alice 

Davenport, Mrs. Stephen R., II — Susan Gibson 
David, Mrs. Alan W. — Sally Lerner 
Davidson, Mrs. J. Lyons — ]ette Baker 
Davidson, Mrs. Lyal A. — Carolyn Gwathmey 
Davidson, Mrs. Robert O. — Alice Barber 
Davidson, Mrs. Walter M. — Helen Possum 
Davier, Mrs. Maurice — Amelia Woodward 
Davies, Mrs. Thomas D. — Eloise English 
Davies, Mrs. Wm. W. — Eleanor Arthur 
Davis, Mrs. Allan C. — Dorothy Hamilton 
Davis, Mrs. August F. — Virginia Cummings 
Davis, Mrs. Cabell — Elizabeth Massie 
Davis, Mrs. Calvin — Louise Skinner 
Davis, Mrs. David T. — Helen Bane 
Davis, Mrs. Egbert L., Jr. — Eleanor Layfield 
Davis, Mrs. Frank T. — Susie Burnett 
Davis, Mrs. Glenn R. — Margaret Linebaugh 
Davis, Mrs. Grenville — Kathryn Longwell 
Davis, Mrs. Harold H. — Helen Whittemore 
Davis, Mrs. J. C. — Ruth Kaufmann 
Davis, Mrs. J. Graham — Dorothy Bortz 
Davis, Mrs. James E. — Margaret Royall 
Davis, Mrs. James W., Jr. — Alice Joseph 
Davis, Mrs. John — Ann Parsons 
Davis, Mrs. L. S. — Grace Talmadge 
Davis, Mrs. Norman Lee Roy — Virginia 

Br is tow 
Davis, Mrs. Paul C. — Margaretha Minder 
Davis, Mrs. Paul H. — Faith Mengel 
Davis, Mrs. Piatt W., Jr. — Janet Houstoun 
Davis, Mrs. R. P. — Gurley Carter 
Davis, Mrs. Robert H. — Lucy Fishburne 
Davis, Mrs. Tracy E. — Louise Garrard 
Davis, Mrs. Walter — Virginia Franke 
Davis, Mrs. Wm. F. — Mary Pennypacker 
Davis, Mrs. Wm. G., Jr. — Marjorie Thaden 
Davis, Mrs. Wm. S., Jr. — Deborah Wood 
Davy, Mrs. Hugh W. — Anna Gilbert 
Dawson, Mrs. Antoon B. — Virginia Waer 
Dawson, Mrs. Lewis C. — Mary Daily 
Day, Mrs. Carl B. — Josephine Halsey 
Day, Mrs. Franklin K., Jr. — Mary Dunglinson 
Dazenbacker, Mrs. M. C. — Mary Campbell 
Deakins, Mrs. David — Lillian Roberts 
Deal, Mrs. Joseph D. — Mary McCaa 
Deal. Mrs. Wm. H. — Ruth Ferguson 
Dealy, Mrs. Frank N. — Margaret Wensley 
Deas. Mrs. Alston — Allen Sinkler 
Deas, Mrs. Henry, Jr. — Susanne Hague 
Debevoise, Mrs. Thomas — Ruth Macfarlane 
De Buys, Mrs. John F. — Sarah Hemphill 
deClairmont, Mrs. Ralph F. — Rachel Gregg 
de Coligny, Mrs. Calvert G. — Julia Sadler 
DeCoursey, Mrs. Charles V. — Kay Thames 
Dee, Mrs. Pitman, III — Katherine Pitman 
Dee, Mrs. Roy — Page Dunlap 
De Graaf, Mrs. Leland H., Jr. — Isabelle Franke 

De Lancey, Mrs. Robert L. — Katherine 

Deland, Mrs. Daniel B., Jr. — Mary Milnor 
De Land, Mrs. Durgin J. — Jean Black 
Delaney, Mrs. Wm. J., Jr.— Julia Sayer 
del Castello, Mrs. Harold — Helen Farrar 
Dempster, Mrs. John S. — Gertrude Raymond 
Denman, Mrs. Leroy — Mary Carter 
Dennehy, Mrs. Roderick C. — Marjorie Shugari 
Densmore, Mrs. Edward D. — Margaret 

Denton, Mrs. Arthur A., Jr. — Frances Mallet 
Derby, Mrs. Arthur L. — Jeanette Barr 
De Perez, Mrs. Josefina P. — Josephine Pernas 
de Ronge, Mrs. Louis O. — Alberta MacQueen 
Derr, Mrs. Phaon B., Jr. — Katherine Munter 
Deshon, Mrs. Dick — Sarah Keith 
Desmond, Mrs. John K. — Sara Evans 
Des Portes, Mrs. Eugene — Addie Ervin 
Devereaux, Mrs. Wm. P. — Martha Talley 
DeVore, Mrs. Robert T. — Beatrice Stone 
Dew, Mrs. Robert W — Helen Weitzmann 
Dewey, Mrs. Charles N. — Barbara Bruske 
Dezendorf, Mrs. Nelson C. — Martha Henry 
Dick, Mrs. James — Marilyn Mandle 
Dick, Mrs. James A., Jr.— Edith Walthall 
Dickerman, Mrs. Morgan P. — Margaret 

Dickerson, Mrs. E. Stuart — Clara Early 
Dickey, Mrs. Fred, Jr. — Barbara Clark 
Dickev, Mrs. Kenneth — Margaret Wilson 
Dickey, Mrs. Wilmer — Gladys Neel 
Dickie, Mrs. John, Jr. — Margaret Guppy 
Dickinson, Mrs. Joseph T. — Billie Smith 
Dickson, Mrs. Fred W. — Ella Mertz 
DIetsch, Mrs. Harry, Jr. — Helen Fry 
Diggs, Mrs. Edward S. — Hattie Wilson 
Dlllard, Mrs. George — Carolina Garrett 
Dillon, Mrs. T. E. — Jeanne Bradshaw 
DIsharoon, Mrs. William— R7///7 Flitcraft 
DIx, Mrs. Parker D., Ill — Anne Beard 
Dixon, Mrs. David — Martha Hines 
Dixon, Mrs. Brownrigg — Elizabeth Shoop 
Dobson, Mrs. Matt, Jr. — Sophia Ezelle 
Dockman, Mrs. Joseph — Jean Riley 
Dodd, Mrs. Frank — Alice Towers 
Dodds, Mrs. James A. — Mary Honeywell 
Dodson, Mrs. E. Griffith, Jr. — Mary Talcatt 
Dodson, Mrs. Truman M., IV — ]ane Fox 
Dodson, Mrs. W. P., Jr. — Virginia Woodward 
Doelker, Mrs. John P. — Laiiise Hathaivay 
Doggett, Mrs. John L. — Miriam Jones 
Donaldson, Mrs. Edward N. — Elizabeth 

Donnell. Mrs. Richard R. — Eliza Baxter 
Dornberger, Mrs. George R. — Alice Gass 
Dornette, Mrs. Wm. H. L. — Frances Hester 
Dorrance, Mrs. A. A. — Raejella Tennent 
Dorrance, Mrs. John T., Jr. — Mary Bennett 
Dorsev, Mrs. John C, Jr. — Virginia Dewing 
Dortch, Mrs. Hugh — Agnes Otiinerh 
Dortch, Mrs. Lawrence — Margaret Anderton 
Doster, Mrs. C. S. — Mary Johns 
Doty. Mrs. Harrison P. — Marquart Powell 
Douglas, Mrs. Dewey R. — Martha 



Douglas, Mrs. George — Betsy Anderson 
Dowd, Mrs. Herbert W. — Phyllis Tenney 
Dowd, Mrs. Larry S. — Margaret Hunt 
Dowdy, Mrs. Clifford — Frances Wilson 
Dowler, Mrs. Richard F. — ]ane Hays 
Dowling, Mrs. Robert J. — Lorna Weber 
Downs, Mrs. Frederick R., Jr. — Mary 

Drake, Mrs. A. Keith, — Ann Keith 
Drake, Mrs. Carl B., Jr. — Frances Boyntoti 
Drake, Mrs. Emerson H. — Nancy Pingree 
Drane, Mrs. Walter H. — Maud Tucker 
Draudt, Mrs. Millard — Elizabeth McAllister 
Dreisbach, Mrs. Robert H. — Julia Reynolds 
Drewry, Mrs. John M. — Nancy Wilson 
Drewry, Mrs. Thomas W. — Patty Moncure 
Drinkwater, Mrs. Albion C. — Cynthia 

Driscoll, Mrs. Robert S. — Jane Word 
Driver, Mrs. Wilbur J. — Mildred McCreary 
Drought, Mrs. F. T. — Anne Cleaves 
Drown, Mrs. John M. — Marianne Reiser 
Drummond, Mrs. James W. — Eleanor Tame 
Du Bois, Mrs. Joseph J. — Josephine Gibbs 
Duckett, Mrs. R. B. — Mary Williams 
Dudley, Mrs. Graham — Harriet Haddock 
Dudley, Mrs. Hugh B. — Margaret Blake 
Dudley, Mrs. James N. — Virginia Decker 
Duerr, Mrs. Virginia L. — Virginia Lewis 
Duffy, Mrs. Parks P. — Frances Rosebro 
Duke, Mrs. R. S. — Janet Jaqua 
Dulaney, Mrs. Robert — Mary Venable 
Dumont, Mrs. Wayne, II — Helen Williamson 
Dunbar, Mrs. Charles E. — Susan Jelley 
Dunbar, Mrs. Sarah Browne — Sarah Browne 
Dunbar, Mrs. Wm. H. — Mary LaBoiteaux 
Duncan, Mrs. Harris B., Jr. — Nancy Ciesting 
Duncan, Mrs. Herbert L., Jr. — Jane Norton 
Dunham, Mrs. Kenneth — Mary Badgett 
Dunker, Mrs. Charles H. A. — Elizabeth Howe 
Dunlap, Mrs. Arthur C. — Emily Mandle 
Dunlap, Mrs. James — Emily Stone 
Dunlao, Mrs. Richard L. — Lucy Wilson 
Dunn, Mrs. Richard — Agnes Jones 
Dunn, Mrs. Tristram — Phoebe Pierson 
Dunwody, Mrs. Atwood — Louise Tralles 
Durbin, Mrs. Otis-Denton — lone Hinds 
Durbrow, Mrs. H. Meade — Dorothea Nelson 
Durfee, Mrs. C. H. — Hildegarde Diechmann 
Durham, Mrs. Kenneth A. — Josephine 

Durham, Mrs. Lynn D. — Fredda Turner 
Durham, Mrs. Ross — Henrietta Melton 
Durland, Mrs. Lewis H. — Peggy Carry 
Durrance, Mrs. Charles L., Jr. — Florence Swift 
Durrett, Mrs. R. E. — Elizabeth Mills 
Duvall, Mrs. Severn — Helen Hobbs 
DuVivier, Mrs. David — Patricia Murrill 
Dwelle, Mrs. Edward, Jr. — Jacquelyn 

Dyer, Mrs. Daniel L. — Yvonne Leggett 
Dyer, Mrs. Holmes M. — Margery Cruickshank 
Dyess, Mrs. A. James — Connor Cleckley 
Dykman, Mrs. A. B. — Enriqtie Smith 

Eads, Mrs. G. Vernon — Adela Diaz 
Eagles, Mrs. Helen Terry — Helen Terry 

Eaglesfield, Mrs. Robert Davy — Patricia 

Easly, Mrs. James — Elizabeth Hamann 
Eaton, Mrs. Paul C. — Katherine Emery 
Eby, Mrs. George W.— Elizabeth Uber 
Echols, Mrs. D. L. — Carolyn Potter 
Ecker, Mrs. Richard W. — Marguerite 

Eddy, Mrs. Allan L. — Marjorie Allen 
Eddy, Mrs. Karl L. — Edith Shackelford 
Eddy, Mrs. Stanley R. — Alice Hart 
Eddy, Mrs. Wm. S.— Elizabeth Madson 
Edens, Mrs. Joseph E. — Alice Reese 
Edkin, Mrs. Robert M. — Orla Washabaugh 
Edmiston, Mrs. Hugh C. — Cornelia Brown 
Edwards, Mrs. Berryman W. — Dorothy 

Edwards, Mrs. Griffith — Annie Hill 
Edwards, Mrs. Richard T. — Augusta Saul 
Edwards,, Mrs. W. Sterling, Jr. — Elizabeth 

Edwards, Mrs. Walter A. — Elizabeth 

Eggleston, Mrs. Jere D. — Sarah Belser 
Eichacker, Mrs. Walter C. — Janet Quinn 
Eichelkraut, Mrs. Everett W. — Louise 

Eisner, Mrs. Mark — Helene Oettinger 
Ekelund, Mrs. Clifford T. — Katharine Weiser 
Elcock, Mrs. Walter B., Jr. — Jessie Strickland 
Elebash, Mrs. LeGrande, Jr. — Lucy Bowers 
Eley, Mrs. Caroline F. — Caroline Flynn 
Elkins, Mrs. Wm. S.—Anna Willis 
Ellcrtson, Mrs. Oscar J. — Virginia Carpenter 
Ellett, Mrs. Tazewell, III — Marguerite 

EUice, Mrs. Edward M. — Margaret Ro'sS 
Ellington, Mrs. Richard — Kathryn Lamb 
Elliot, Airs. James — Ella Heath 
Elliot, Mrs. David — Nancy Haskins 
Elliott, Mrs. Edward — Letitia Ord 
Elliott, Mrs. H. J., }u— Edith Farr 
Elliott, Mrs. James N., Jr.. — Lloyd Lanier 
Elliott, Mrs. John F., Ill — Mary Gregg 
Ellis, Mrs. Edward V.— Phyllis Todd 
Ellis, Mrs. Frank, Jr. — Vidmer Meggison 
Ellis, Mrs. George J. — Agnes Williams 
Ellis, Mrs. Robert R. — Isabclle Demin^ 
Ellis, Mrs. Robert R., ]r.—Anne Philbin 
Ellis, Mrs. Seymour — Helen Rockett 
Ellis, Mrs. William — Mary Durham 
Elmer, Mrs. Percy W. — Estelle Ensor 
Elmer, Mrs. Warren P. — Lucy Love 
Elrich, Mrs. Louis W. — Olive Whittington 
Elton, Mrs. Sumner W. — Flo Brown 
Embrey, Mrs. Austin C. — Nell Reed 
Emerson, Mrs. Everett — Ruth West 
Emery, Mrs. Natt M., Jr. — Helen Bean 
Emling, Mrs. Ralph A. — Marjorie Morse 
Emmerich, Mrs. David G. — Evelyn Gibson 
Emmons, Mrs. Peter H. — Elizabeth Boyce 
Emmott, Mrs. J. Irvine — Kathryn Reid 
Endres, Mrs. Anthony O. — Jeanne Macdonald 
Engel, Mrs. Norman T. — Frances Kelly 
English, Mrs. Russell C— Elizabeth Hopper 
Enochs, Mrs. Edgar L. — Alice Rogers 


Eppes, Mrs. James Van Deusen — Mary Bean 
Erben, Mrs. Henry Van der Bogert — Frances 

Erck, Mrs. George H. — Georgena Sellars 
Erickson, Mrs. W. B. — Helen O'Ferrell 
Eschweiler, Mrs. P. C. — Tracy Steele 
Essrig, Mrs. Marvin E. — Cecile Waterman 
Estavillo, Sra. Alberto — Marilynne Mayer 
Esterly, Mrs. Daniel B. — Eleanor Cooke 
Etheridge, Mrs. J. Lee, Jr. — Virginia Battey 
Eure, Mrs. John D. — Mary Holland 
Evans, Mrs. E. Graham — Eleanore Goodwin 
Evans, Mrs. Hervey, Jr. — Carolyn Cannady 
Evans, Mrs. John M. — Elizabeth Cassidy 
Evans, Mrs. L. LeRoy — Cecelia Kelly 
Evans, Mrs. Peyton R. — ]anetta Fitzhugh 
Everest, Mrs. Folsom — Elsie Tinley 
Everett, Mrs. E. H. — Jacqueline Chappelle 
Ewart, Mrs. William — Margaret Meals 
Ewell, Mrs. Arnold — Louise Hooper 
Ewing, Mrs. John S. — Edith A. Woodson 
Eyerly, Mrs. Lawrence F. — Anne Spence 

Faesch, Mrs. Ernest — Rebecca White 
Faeth, Mrs. Lloyd — Marjorie Smith 
Faggi, Mrs. John B. — Jeanne Sawyer 
Fahrenbach, Mrs. Marvin J. — Jean Ridler 
Faile, Mrs. E. Hall — Dorys McConnell 
Fajans, Mrs. Wayne D- — Elizabeth Duffield 
Faison, Mrs. Elias — Gloria Jones 
Fales, Mrs. Herbert P. — Rose Hyde 
Falk, Mrs. Leo J., Jr. — Eugenia Etheridge 
Fanning, Mrs. Wm. L. — Margaret Todd 
Fargo, Mrs. Frank M., Jr. — Lillian Foster 
Fargus, Mrs. H. H. — Richmonde Lucas 
Farmer, Mrs. Joseph S. — Cornelia Horner 
Farquhar, Mrs. Bruce — Katherine LeBlond 
Farrar, Mrs. Frederic B. — Estelle Siitclaire 
Farrar, Mrs. H. G. — Margaret Nixon 
Farra, Mrs. Mell — Effie May Whitten 
Farrell, Mrs. Robert S. — Grace Clark 
Farwell, Mrs. H. Sumner — Virginia Wellford 
Fath, Mrs. Albert G., Jr. — Anita Cherry 
Fauber, Mrs. Joseph E., Jr. — Ella Williams 
Faulconer, Mrs. Angus — Sarah Norman 
Faulconer, Mrs. H. B. — Bessie Williams 
Faulk, Mrs. Charles J., Jr.— Elizabeth Young 
Faulk, Mrs. Ralph I. — Juanita Minchew 
Faulkner, Mrs. Donald — Isobel Virden 
Faulkner, Mrs. Sara W.— Sara Wilson 
Fausch, Mrs. James C. — Marjorie Carr 
Fead, Mrs. Maxwell E. — Janet Forbush 
Fearing, Mrs. John M. — Sarah Kirkpafrick 
Fearing, Mrs. Lamar M. — Fitzallen Kendall 
Febiger, Mrs. Paul — Rachel Forbush 
Federbusch, Mrs. L S. — Sylvia Deutsch 
Felker, Mrs. George, III — Leila Burnett 
Fell, Mrs. Walter C. — Hellen Mowry 
Fellows, Mrs. Carl M. — Frances Samuels 
Fellows, Mrs. Raymond H. — Margaret 

Felton, Mrs. Haynes — Jeanne Lowry 
Fensom, Mrs. Paul — Elizabeth Ball 
Ferenbach, Mrs. Gregory — Romayne Schooley 
Ferguson, Mrs. Finlav F., Jr. — Anna Redfern 

Ferguson, Mrs. Hal H. — Virginia Crockett 
Ferguson, Mrs. John I. — Mary Koch 
Ferguson, Mrs. Robert T. — Mary Parrish 
Fergusson, Mrs. Russell G. — Virginia Jones 
Ferree, Mrs. Edwin H. — Helen Schaumleffel 
Ferrell, Mrs. Harry — Jatte Tucker 
Ferrell, Mrs. Ralph H., Jr. — Lydia Goodwyn 
Ferro, Mrs. Michael P. — Coralie Kahn 
Ferry, Mrs. James A. — Mildred Hodges 
Fessenden, Mrs. Wm. N. — Alice Johnson 
Feuer, Mrs. Leo J. — Marguerite Brink 
Fielder, Mrs. E. F. — Alice Warren 
Fillmore, Mrs. Benjamin D. — Harriet Inge 
Fily, Mrs. John — Barbara Lawrence 
Finch, Mrs. Harry B. — Marie Mahone 
Finch, Mrs. Thomas A. — Meredith Slane 
Fmgerhuth, Mrs. Maximillian — Helen 

Fink, Mrs. George R. — Elise Morley 
Finlay, Mrs. George D., Jr. — Edith Christie 
Finley, Mrs. J. S. — Sarah Jordan 
Finley, Mrs. James D. — Frances Johnson 
Finn, Mrs. Frederick W.— Hetty Wells 
Finnell, Mrs. Harry W., ]t.—Ruth Carter 
Fmney, Mrs. William H. M. — June Eager 
Firman, Mrs. Winfield — Juliet Fisher 
Firth, Mrs. John M., Jr. — Eleanor Damgard 
Fischel, Mrs. Albert L. — Jacqueline Greil 
Fischer, Mrs. H. T., Jr. — Mary Pierson 
Fiscus, Mrs. James H. — Margaret Kunkle 
Fishburne, Mrs. Junius R. — Ora Davis 
Fisher, Mrs. Allen M. — Rena Tyroler 
Fisher, Mrs. Harry E. — Mary Taylor 
Fisher, Mrs. Hickman Y. — Julia Dearmont 
Fisher, Mrs. Lucile — Lucile Weer 
Fisher, Mrs. S. L. — Marjorie Kohn 
Fisher, Mrs. Wheeler Y. — Genevieve Marsh 
Fitch, Mrs. Herford T. — Cornelia Mathetvson 
Fite, Mrs. Calvin W., Jr. — Ramona Spurlock 
Fite, Mrs. Robert — Virginia Knowlton 
Fitzgerald, Mrs. Charles A. — Margaret Hughes 
Fitzpatrick, Mrs. Henry — Mildred Curdts 
Flack, Mrs. James W., Ill— Katherine Eldridge 
Flaherty, Mrs. John E. — Alice Meeds 
Flaitz, Mrs. John M. — Mabel Hickman 
Flannery, Mrs. John R., Jr. — Sara Kelly 
Fleming, Mrs. Erwin — Anna Eve 
Fleming, Mrs. Richard E. — Constance Currie 
Fletcher, Mrs. Quigg — Moselle Worsley 
Fletcher, Mrs. Wm. H.— Clare Erck 
Flinn, Mrs. Payne — Margaret Anderson 
Flinn, Mrs. Robert H. — Mary Burge 
Flinton, Mrs. L. B. — Frances Young 
Floore, Mrs. Heard — Peggy Duringcr 
Flournoy, Mrs. S. J. — Georgia Threadcraft 
Flournoy, Mrs. Walter M. — Virginia Leitch 
Flowers, Mrs. George H., Jr. — Mary Buchanan 
Floyd, Mrs. Charles — Harriette Charles 
Flynn, Mrs. James W. — Virginia Squibb 
Follin, Mrs. Marion G., Jr.— Ellen Kelly 
Foltz, Mrs. Thomas P. — Eleanor Albers 
Foncannon, Mrs. Frank — Pearl Wayntan 
Foot, Mrs. John M. — Anne Farr 
Foote, Mrs. Frank, Jr. — Margaret Johnson 
Foote, Mrs. Walter O. — Elizabeth Douglass 
Ford, Mrs. Charles L. — Margaret Coleman 


Ford, Mrs. Loren Dubois — Frances Meeks 
Fordtran, Mrs. M. P. — Mary Pauline Fordtran 
Fordtran, Mrs. Wm. M. — Josephine Bell 
Forster, Mrs. Burton E. — Kaiherine Zeuch 
Forsyth, Mrs. George W. — Margaret Bradley 
Forsyth, Mrs. Harry D. — Elizabeth Morton 
Fort, Mrs. Garth E. — Chloe Frierson 
Fort, Mrs. Norman W., Jr. — Anne Hutchinson 
Foscue, Mrs. James E. — Sarah Tomlinson 
Fosdick, Mrs. James A. — Pauline T. Boswell 
Foster, Mrs. Mildred M. — Mildred Marsh 
Foster, Mrs. Charles J. — Laiira E. Woodbridge 
Foster, Mrs. Francis C. — Nedra Brown 
Foster, Mrs. James C. — Mimi Worthington 
Foster, Mrs. James R. — Peggy Roudin 
Foster, Mrs. James W., Jr. — Mary Ruth 
Foster, Mrs. Lloyd G. — Constance Cleary 
Foster, Mrs. Richard — Frances Arbaugh 
Foster, Mrs. Richard A. — Caro Ouinn 
Foster, Mrs. Richard B. — Eleanor 

Foster, Mrs. T. Turner — Elizabeth Robins 
Foster, Mrs. Walter S. — Natalie Roberts 
Founds, Mrs. Melvin — Martha Neiienschwander 
Foust, Mrs. Frederick B. — Joyce Livermore 
Fowler, Mrs. Sam Jr. — Elizabeth Tayloe 
Fowler, Mrs. Charles, Jr. — Eugenia Culberson 
Fowler, Mrs. Gerard S. — Florence Freeman 
Fowler, Mrs. J. Robert, Jr. — Marie Brmnby 
Fowler, Mrs. W. MacDaniel — Marion Malm 
Fox, Mrs. Byron S. — Estella MacFarland 
Fox, Mrs. Elmer W.— Billy Sanders 
Frackelton, Mrs. Robert L.-^Decca Gilmer 
Frampton, Mrs. William, III — Ellen George 
Francis, Mrs. Charles E. — Katherine Gulp 
Francis, Mrs. Elmer F. — Mabel Sheldon 
Francis, Mrs. George T., Jr. — Elinor Ward 
Francisco, Mrs. Stephen C. — Alice Barrows 
Frank, Mrs. Henry G. — Louise Rogers 
Franklin, Mrs. Donald — Ruth Taylor 
Franklin, Mrs. Wm. C. — Mary Marshall 
Franks, Mrs. Thomas E. — Lois Leavitt 
Frary, Mrs. Victor H. — Mary Stoddard 
Eraser, Mrs. Douglas D. — Maria Spady 
Frazer, Mrs. James N. — Rebecca Young 
Frazier, Mrs. Charles W., Jr. — Clara Call 
Freeman, Mrs. G. A., Jr. — Frances Tollerton 
Freeman, Mrs. Russell O. — Louise Fuller 
Freer, Mrs. George W. — Flora Howe 
Fresch, Mrs. Charles M. — Ruth Ferguson 
Frese, Mrs. A. B. — Dorothy Yates 
Freund, Mrs. Edward — Rosalind Heims 
Frey, Mrs. Chester M. — Harriet Smith 
Frey, Mrs. Donald S. — Janet Imbrie 
Fried, Mrs. Irvin — Thelma Hanifen 
Friedberg, Mrs. Stanton — Martha Asher 
Friedman, Mrs. A. R. — Charlotte Coles 
Frisch, Mrs. James L. — Dorothy Goif 
Fritz, Mrs. Wm. H., Jr. — Marion Parke 
Frost, Mrs. Bruce — Eleanor Clark 
Frost, Mrs. Robert O. — Rjith Staples 
Frothingham, Mrs. John L. — Laetitia Seibels 
Fryer, Mrs. Loren H. — Constance Schwab 
Fulfar, Mrs. James — Mary Stokes 
Fuller, Mrs. Maurice W. — Evelyn Jones 
Fuller, Mrs. Robert S.— Alice Scott 

Fuller, Mrs. Wm. A. — Dorothea Reinburg 
Fuller, Mrs. Wm. A. — Lucy Hodges 
Fulton, Mrs. Ray — Eleanor Hopwood 
Funck, Mrs. Wm. — Helen Wuerdeman 
Funke, Mrs. A. E.— Juliana Whitehill 
Furlong, Mrs. R. D. — Catherine Kells 
Furniss, Mrs. John P. — Beverley Hill 
Furniss, Mrs. W. Todd — Barbara Ripley 

Gaddis, Mrs. Edith — Edith Way 
Gaede, Mrs. LeRoy L. — Elizabeth Calveard 
Gaerste, Mrs. John — Virginia McEwan 
Gaff, Mrs. Jack B. — Mary Hastings 
Gagarin, Mrs. Gregory — Ann Graves 
Galbraith, Mrs. A. W.— Phyllis Exall 
Gallaher, Mrs. Harry A. — Mildred Wilson 
Galloway, Mrs. James U. — Sidney Barrow 
Gamble, Mrs. Richard C. — Barbara Janney 
Gammon, Mrs. Edgar G. — Elinor Wilson 
Gammon, Mrs. Harry Van B. — Jarvis Seele 
Ganzel, Mrs. Edwin P. — Alice Eskesen 
Garber, Mrs. Alexander C. — Helen Eubank 
Garcelon, Mrs. Merrill — Sara Buckley 
Gardiner, Mrs. John — Margaret Kelly 
Gardiner, Mrs. Joseph W., Jr. — Mary Sailor 
Gardner, Mrs. Chandler C. — Pauline Goodnow 
Gardner, Mrs. Franklin — Sally Kent 
Gardner, Mrs. K. N. — Cornelia Carroll 
Gardner, Mrs. Nathaniel P., Jr. — Dorothy 

Garfield, Mrs. Edward — Barbara Munson 
Garland, Mrs. Joe — Julia Anderson 
Garlick, Mrs. David L. — Marjorie Jones 
Garlington, Mrs. Henry F. — Jeanne Morrell 
Garnett, Mrs. Theodore S., Jr. — Mildred 

Garrett, Mrs. Gavin R. — Bonilee Key 
Garrett, Mrs. Hosea — Alice Lemley 
Garrettj, Mrs. W. Scott — Louise Hurt 
Garrison, Mrs. Barnett — Rebecca Snyder 
Garst, Mrs. John Delzell — Marietta Derby 
Garrison, Mrs. Derald K. — Florence Snow 
Garstang, Mrs. William — Mary Fulton 
Garver, Mrs. David N. — Fayth Mueller 
Garver, Mrs. James — Virginia Carson 
Gaskell, Mrs. Robert E. — Marie Lange 
Gates, Mrs. Chandler S. — Eleanor Stone 
Gates, Mrs. Ryerson D. — Delia Gilmore 
Gathright, Mrs. Thomas M., Jr. — Phyllis 

Gaus, Mrs. Helen O. — Helen Gaus 
Cause, Mrs. Bernard — Sarah Turner 
Gaver, Mrs. Charles C. — Claire Hoyt 
Gawthrop, Mrs. Robert S., Jr. — Elizabeth 

Gay, Mrs. Godwin R. F. — Joan Meacham 
Gay, Mrs. James R. — Lillian Cabell 
Gazan, Mrs. Simeon — Edith Wenar 
Gearheart, Mrs. Don Hugh — Elizabeth Foote 
Geer, Mrs. Peter D. — Genevieve Hammel 
Geer, Mrs. Wm. M. — Elizabeth Grayson 
Geiser, Mrs. Karl F. — Jane Schoentgen 
Geissler, Mrs. Rudolph — Helen Haskins 
Genette, Mrs. Sidney W. — Lucy Orgill 
Gengarelly, Mrs. Wm. H. — Dorothea 



George, Mrs. Paul H. — Katharine Knnkle 
George, Mrs. Robert B. — Matilda Bryant 
George, Mrs. Woodruff — Mary Tabb 
Gerber, Mrs. Winfred D. — Alma Trevett 
Gerhart, Mrs. Howard L. — Anne Baker 
Gerlach, Mrs. Charles H. — Capel Grimes 
Gerlach, Mrs. Clinton A. — Roberta Cope 
German, Mrs. George B. — Edith Read 
Gersten, Mrs. Leonard M. — Louise Hannoch 
Ghesquiere, Mrs. George D. — Mary Knauff 
Gibson, Mrs. Jack — Barbara Miller 
Gibson, Mrs. James H. — Dorothy Dobbs 
Gibson, Mrs. Joseph S. — Ella Wood 
Gibson, Mrs. Philip P. — Morrell Jonea 
Gibson, Mrs. Robert — Lucy Tait 
Giesen, Mrs. John W. — Cora Acomb 
Gilbert, Mrs. Hortense — Hortense Gibbons 
Gilbert, Mrs. Joseph W. — Mildred Fowler 
Gilbert, Mrs. Paul W. — Virginia Gott 
Gilbert, Mrs. Thomas L. — Mary Holderness 
Gilbertson, Mrs. Boris — Genevieve Van Metre 
Gilchrist, Mrs. Joseph A., Jr. — Edna Lee 
Gilchrist, Mrs. Peter S., Jr. — Carrie Young 
Gilkey, Mrs. Langdon — Dorothy Bottom 
Gill, Mrs. Kinloch — Eleaftor Dulin 
Gill, Mrs. Robert L., Jr. — Charlotte Olmsted 
Gill, Mrs. Theodore N„ Jr. — Juliet Parris 
Gillan, Mrs. Charles A. — Carol Carpenter 
Gillem, Mrs. Jennings F. — Florence Coffin 
Gillette, Mrs. Louis C. — Margaret Woods 
Gilliam, Mrs. Bates M. — Mary McGuire 
Gilliam, Mrs. W. L., Jr. — Anne Cooke 
Gillis, Mrs. James W.— Mildred Mitchell 
Gilman, Mrs. Robert A. — Janet Barnes 
Gilmore, Mrs. Raymond M. — Elizabeth Cotter 
Gilmore, Mrs. W. Kirk— Elizabeth Williams 
Gilson, Mrs. Earl Lee — Louise Rogers 
Gist, Mrs. Wm. W. — Genevieve Howell 
Glascock, Mrs. James A., Jr. — Adelaide Boze 
Glascock, Mrs. James C. — Sara Bryan 
Glaser, Mrs. Milton — 'Nancy Goldbarth 
Glass, Mrs. Carter — Mary Scott 
Glass, Mrs. Carter, Jr. — Ria Thomas 
Glass, Mrs. Richard C. — Sally Ainsworth 
Glass, Mrs. Robert K., Jr. — Nancy Jameson 
Glazier, Mrs. George M. — Delma Chambers 
Glazier, Mrs. Richard L. — Mary Lee 
Gleason, Mrs. Harrison F., Jr. — Mary Close 
Gleason, Mrs. James A. — Helen Nightingale 
Glenn, Mrs. Frank O.. Jr. — Marguerite Myers 
Glenn, Mrs. Henrv R. — Ethel Bowen 
Glesser, Mrs. Donald G. — Martha Holton 
Goddard, Mrs. Stephen — Elizabeth MacRae 
Godwin, Mrs. Bernard W.— Ethel Shoop 
Goings, Mrs. Hubert — Martha Henderson 
Goldberg, Mrs. Jerome — Edna Adler 
Golden, Mrs. Albert — Elizabeth Hurlburt 
Goldman, Mrs. R. P. — Therese Wolfstein 
Goldsborough, Mrs. LeRoy F. — Isabelle Haiuia 
Golmore, Mrs. Rupert McP. — Virginia Guild 
Gooch, Mrs. Henrv H. — Frances Whitehead 
Good, Mrs. B. Stafford— Marforic Johnson 
Good, Mrs. F. E. — Elsie Chope 
Goodall Mrs. John L. — Currier Thornton 
Goodfellow, Mrs. Charles C. — Florence Crane 
Goodhue, Mrs. Albert, Jr.— Elizabeth Durham 
Goodman, Mrs. A. Laird — Cordelia ColVvn 

Goodrich, Mrs. Robert — Laura Williams 
Goodson, Mrs. Floyd P. — Mary McKinney 
Goodwin, Mrs. Carl S., Jr. — Frances Brantly 
Goodwin, Mrs. Thomas W. — Isabelle North 
Goodwyn, Mrs. W. L., Jr. — Elizabeth 

Goody-Koontz, Mrs. Robert — Mary Rennie 
Googins, Mrs. David — Marie Hefley 
Goorin, Mrs. Theodore — Catharyn Straus 
Gorden, Mrs. R. T. — Patricia Groesbeck 
Gordon, Mrs. Benjamin W. — Jessie Fisher 
Gordon, Mrs. E. M. — Mary Hutchinson 
Gordon, Mrs. J. C. — Rnth Barnett 
Gordon, Mrs. Russell L. — Sarah Dodgen 
Gore, Mrs. Harry B. — Marian Adams 
Gore, Mrs. Wm. A., Jr. — Mary Cannaday 
Gorman, Mrs. Kenneth A. — Jacquelin Woods 
Gorsuch, Mrs. Robert W. — Dorothy Prout 
Gosling, Mrs. Lee A. P. — Elizabeth Blair 
Gould, Mrs. Curtis — Linda McCoy 
Gowan, Mrs. Howerton — Priscilla Mullen 
Goward, Mrs. Lincoln — Martha Thomas 
Goyert, Mrs. John E. — Dorothy Mather 
Graebner, Mrs. Edward A. — Florence Foster 
Graff, Mrs. Fred T. — Helen Pratt 
Graham, Mrs. Frederick B. — Katherine Carr 
Graham, Mrs. James A. — Priscilla White 
Graham, Mrs. Lawrence B. — Mary Bristol 
Graham, Mrs. Richard — Catherine Clausen 
Granrud, Mrs. John — Marian Webster 
Grant, Mrs. Henry Lee, HI — ]ane Baker 
Grant, Mrs. Margaret — Margaret Grant 
Grant, Mrs. W. H. D.— Evelyn Redjield 
Grape, Mrs. Dudley H. — Emily Oldham 
Gravely, Mrs. Lee S., Jr. — Lee Stevens 
Graves, Mrs. K. D. — Margaret Biirwell 
Graves, Mrs. Paul G. — Margaret Tovtlin 
Graves, Mrs. Pleasant S. — Susanna Denham 
Graves, Mrs. Richard A. — Meta Bryan 
Graves, Mrs. Rupert D. — Katherine Voris 
Graves, Mrs. William — Audrey Graves 
Gray, Mrs. Byron E. — Jane Westphalen 
Gray, Mrs. Frank B. — Blanche Fleming 
Gray, Mrs. J. Robert — Esther Shearman 
Gray, Mrs. Richard S. — Elizabeth Gray 
Gray, Mrs. Samuel B., Jr. — Corinne Fentress 
Gray, Mrs. Thornton W. — Eugenia Hafner 
Green, Mrs. Dwight, Jr. — Barbara Munn 
Green, Mrs. J. W. — Merritt Murphey 
Green, Mrs. Thornton A., Jr. — Mildred Stone 
Green, Mrs. W. A., Jr. — Marguerite Lewis 
Green, Mrs. Woodall — Nellie Lamar 
Greenbaum, Mrs. Frederic J. — Julia Friedman 
Greene, Mrs. Franke E. — Winifred Goldsmith 
Greene, Mrs. Lynne B. — Susan Wilson 
Greenfield, Mrs. John S. — Teresa Atkinson 
Greenwood, Mrs. Robert Lee — Eleanor 

Greer, Mrs. Rowan A., Jr. — Janet Carr 
Greer, Mrs. Wm. R. — Myra Bridges 
Gregg, Mrs. Otis T. — Juliette Kirkcr 
Gregg, Mrs. Wm. P. — Sara High 
Grier, Mrs. Joseph W., Jr. — Catherine Smart 
Griffin, Mrs. Daniel B., Jr. — Matalie Elliott 
Griffin, Mrs. James A., Jr. — Elizabeth 



Griffith, Mrs. Charles B. — Dorothy Markham 
Griffith, Mrs. Dalton A. — Jane Tyler 
Griffith, Mrs. W. M. — Gerry Eraser 
Griggs, Mrs. Charles E. B. — Mary Brown 
Griggs, Mrs. Coleman S. — Kose Berber 
Griggs, Mrs. John E., Jr. — Natalie Hopkins 
Griggs, Mrs. John W., II — Mary Warren 
Grimes, Mrs. Bryan — Bobbie Musgrave 
Grimes, Mrs. Charles G. — Lucy Burleson 
Griswold, Mrs. Chester, Jr. — Sarah Stockton 
Griswoid, Mrs. John — Susan Somervell 
GroU, Mrs. Harold G. — Violet Andersen 
Gromcl, Mrs. George H. — Reba Smith 
Gronemeyer, Mrs. Herman A. — Agnes Hood 
Groner, Mrs. John V. — Sara McKinney 
G rones, Mrs. Dow S. — Evelyn Dillard 
Groome, Mrs. D. R. — Margaret Kirk 
Groover, Mrs. T. Denmark — Martha Nejvton 
Grossarth, Mrs. Albert — Constance Williams 
Grossenbach, Mrs. Robert A. — Susan Stratton 
Groves, Mrs. Asa B. — Frances Moore 
Groves, Mrs. Frank B. — Vivian Mossman 
Gruen, Mrs. Robert D. — Virginia Fosler 
Grymes, Mrs. T. S. — Lillian Williams 
Guerin, Mrs. John W. — Anne Dewey 
Guething, Mrs. Theodore H. — Clara Guyton 
Gulick, Mrs. Bertrand L., Jr. — Helen Rhodes 
Gunn, Mrs. Arthur T., Jr. — Elizabeth 

Cu unlock 
Gunther, Mrs. Otto — Norma Prange 
Gurley, Mrs. T- A. — Mildred England 
Gurlev, Mrs. Wm. H.— Helen Shaner 
Gurnick, Mrs. Louis — ]une Eisenberg 
Gustafson, Mrs. David B. — Irene Wyckoff 
Guthery, Mrs. Paul B. — ]ane Gilmer 
Gutman, Mrs. Walter K. — Dorothy Darrow 
Guttshall, Mrs. Russell M. — Martha Camblos 
Guy, Mrs. John H., Jr. — Frances Claiborne 
Guyol, Mrs. Alexander P. — Mary Ann Page 
Guzy, Mrs. Joseph — Joan Brown 
Guzzardi, Mrs. Walter P. — Anne Woods 
Gwathmey, Mrs. George T., Jr. — Anne 

Gwin, Mrs. Lavirrence P. — Rebekah Pannill 
Gwinn, Mrs. James A. — Martha Anne Harvey 
Gynn, Mrs. Wm. M.— Virginia Chaffee 

Habberton, Mrs. Benjamin G. — Sarah Turpin 
Hackley, Mrs. James C. — Alice Babbitt 
Hackwell, Mrs. Robert L. — Helen Carruthers 
Haddow, Mrs. Douglas — Lucy Carson 
Haden, Mrs. N. J. — ]anet Green 
Hadley, Mrs. Leo G., Ill — Marian Duncombe 
Hagan, Mrs. John J. — Helen Jackson 
Hagemeyer Mrs. W. C. — Nell Atkins 
Hager, Mrs. John G., Jr. — Helen Jones 
Haggart, Mrs. Wm. R. — Virginia Lovell 
Hagin, Mrs. Hart — Elizabeth Whitehouse 
Hagood, Mrs. James M. — Antoinette Camp 
Hale, Mrs. Earl D. — Mary Westcott 
Hale, Mrs. I. B. — Virginia Kingsbery 
Hale, Mrs. Newell D. — Jacquelin Murray 
Hale, Mrs. Peter P. — Barbara Jones 
Haley, Mrs. Enoch A. — Nancy Jones 
Hal ford, Mrs. Cecil F. — Helen Finch 
Hall, Mrs. Asaph — Elizabeth Lowman 
Hall, Mrs. Edward T., Jr.— Mildred Reed 

Hall, Mrs. F. S.— Eleanor Smith 
Hall, Mrs. Francis K. — Marion Gtvaltney 
Hall, Mrs. James F. — Dorothy Sykes 
Hall, Mrs. John Moss — Katherine James 
Hall, Mrs. Mathews D. — Elizabeth Crane 
Hall, Mrs. Robert F., Jr. — Patricia Ireland 
Hall, Mrs. Robert L. — Jessie Davis 
Hall, Mrs. Roy O., Jr.— Barbara Runk 
Hall, Mrs. T. Faxon — Dorothy Warner 
Hall, Mrs. Walker R. — Jeanne Heindel 
Hall, Mrs. William — Virginia Moomaw 
Hall, Mrs. Wm. A. — Hattie Johnson 
Haller, Mrs. Ralph T. — Elsie Munro 
Haller., Mrs. Robert F. — Harriette Morris 
Halpern, Mrs. Ben — Virginia Burrows 
Halsell, Mrs. John R., Jr. — Josephine Hodgson 
Halsey, Mrs. J. Gaius — Ellen Wolf 
Halsey, Mrs. John S. — Judith Burnett 
Halter, Mrs. Frederic A. — Martha McHenry 
Halverstadt, Mrs. Albert N. — Jane Muhlberg 
Hamill, Mrs. Francis L. — Elizabeth Rickard 
Hamill, Mrs. Robert E. B. — Catherine 

Hamilton, Mrs. F. T. — Eunice Branch 
Hamilton, Mrs. Gurdon H. — Helen Beye 
Hamilton, Mrs. Howard B. — Elizabeth 

Hamilton, Mrs. M. J. — Joan Stover 
Hamilton, Mrs. Margaret — Margaret Joynes 
Hamilton, Mrs. Paul — Elizabeth McKellar 
Hamilton, Mrs. P. "W.—Katheritie Withers 
Hamm, Mrs. F. B. — Dorothy Joy 
Hammack, Mrs. L. J. — Mary Heath Raney 
Hammond, Mrs. Christopher F., Jr. — 

Elizabeth Mercer 
Hammond, Mrs. George — Elizabeth Rodgers 
Hammond, Mrs. Hall — Elizabeth Luck 
Hammond, Mrs. L. — Mildred Schmidt 
Hammond, Mrs. Samuel C. — Allie Huber 
Hampton, Mrs. John C. — Adele Bethel 
Hanahan, Mrs. James R. — Emily Albert 
Hand, Mrs. John W. — Marjorie Ris 
Handel, Mrs. Augusta W. — Augusta Wallace 
Handy, Mrs. D. Claude — Margaret Duval 
Hanes, Mrs. Newton H. — Mary Smith 
Hanes, Mrs. P. Huber, Jr. — Jane Hopkins 
Hanf, Mrs. Hobart — Nell Eikelman 
Hanger, Mrs. Frederick W. — Adelaide 

Hanger, Mrs. Wm. A.—Sudie Clark 
Hanley, Mrs. Dan M. — Alice Wells 
Hanlon, Mrs. Ralph R. — Anna Norris 
Hannah, Mrs. J. D. — Eleanor Borroum 
Hansell, Mrs. Harry — Catherine Scarritt 
Harbin, Mrs. Thomas S. — Margaret Troutman 
Hardaway, Mrs. Benjamin, Jr. — Sarah McDuffie 
Hardcastle, Mrs. Kendrick, Jr. — Elizabeth 

Hardin, Mrs. Charles M. — Louise Kimball 
Harder, Mrs. E. C— Phyllis Gates 
Harder, Mrs. Philip B. — Charlotte Brown 
Harding, Mrs. Kenneth B. — Elizabeth Myers 
Hardwick, Mrs. B. D. — Mary Petty 
Hardy, Mrs. Arthur C. — Charlotte Lansing 
Hardy, Mrs. Frank A. — Mary Shaffer 
Hardy, Mrs. J. Allison — Genie Steele 


Hardy, Mrs. James R. G. — Hildeg,arde 

Hardy, Mrs. Wm. H.— Helen Schmid 
Hare, Mrs. John S. — Margaret Bell 
Haren, Mrs. Edward P. — Rachel Kiene 
Hargrave, Mrs. H. C. — Roxena Johnson 
Harless, Mrs. Bert A. — Martha Robertson 
Harmon,, Mrs. Barry — Betty Holloway 
Harper, Mrs. F. Gwyn — Mary MtPherson 
Harrah, Mrs. P. B.— Mabel McWane 
Harrell, Mrs. Theron R. — Susan Haskell 
Harris, Mrs. Alan — Margaret Petritz 
Harris, Mrs. Charles C. — Shields Jones 
Harris, Mrs. Claude B. — Mary Wentworth 
Harris, Mrs. David — Eugenia Dabney 
Harris, Mrs. Desha — Clarissa Fehr 
Harris, Mrs. Ed T. — Alva Kuykendall 
Harris, Mrs. Edward V. — Trudy Vars 
Harris, Mrs. H. Ewing — Mary Rhodes 
Harris, Mrs. James J. — Angelia Morrison 
Harris, Mrs. James W. — Frances Caldtuell 
Harris, Mrs. Jerome K. — Gertrude Abraham 
Harris, Mrs. Joseph — Nancy Bickelhaupt 
Harris, Mrs. Van B. — Tallulah Holloway 
Harris, Mrs. Welton W. — Wanda Jensch 
Harris, Mrs. Wm. C. — Jean Erskine 
Harris, Mrs. Wm. C. — Mary McDonald 
Harris, Mrs. Wm. F. — ]eanne Glennon 
Harris, Mrs. Wm. G. — Jane Hardy 
Harrison, Mrs. Burr P. — Dorothy Green 
Harrison, Mrs. E. Webster — Mar-y Huntington 
Harrison, Mrs. Fred — Virginia Robertson 
Harrison, Mrs. Galloway C. — Anne Brown 
Harrison, Mrs. Holmes C. — Mary Montague 
Harrison, Mrs. Huntington W. — Alison Dunne 
Harrison, Mrs. John Cowles — Crutcher Field 
Harrison, Mrs. M. G. — Alice King 
Harrod, Mrs. Garrett R. — Mary Thomson 
Harrold, Mrs. Frank F. — Oma Davis 
Harshman, Mrs. Alberton Cutler — Elizabeth 

Hart, Airs. George C. — Georgia Herbert 
Hart, Mrs. Harris E. — Henriette Minor 
Hartman, Mrs. William — Margaret Nelson 
Hartrick, Mrs. Thomas J. — Jane Clark 
Hartsell, Mrs. L. T., Jr. — Mary Jones 
Hartshorn, Mrs. Theodore D. — Mary Reed 
Hartzer, Mrs. Joseph F. — Dorothy Corcoran 
Hartzog, Mrs. O. B. — Helen Abshire 
Harvey, Mrs. E. Jonathan — Adele Letcher 
Harvey, Mrs. Gene G. — Gene Green 
Harvey, Mrs. T. B. — Marian Bowles 
Harvin, Mrs. Lucius H., Jr. — Jessie Rose 
Haselden, Mrs. Edward W. — Vesta Murray 
Haskell, Mrs. George P. — Margaret Merritt 
Haskell, Mrs. Louis A. — Sarah Gracey 
Haskell, Mrs. Merrill — Florence Grove 
Haskins, Mrs. Wm. C. — Elizabeth Ivins 
Hastert, Mrs. Clark J. — Margery Gtibelman 
Hastie, Mrs. C. Norwood — Sarah Simons 
Hastings, Mrs. Francis H. — Elizabeth Philips 
Hatch, Mrs. Philip W. — Bonny McDonald 
Hatch, Mrs. Raymond H. — Eleanor 

Hatcher, Mrs. M. Vthon— Elizabeth Hall 
Hathaway, Mrs. Harold — Louise Phillips 

Hathaway, Mrs. Lloyd A. — Florence Ives 
Hatheway, Mrs. Maurice — Alice Johnstone 
Hattersley, Mrs. Harold E. — Louise Pochat 
Hauslein, Mrs. Jackson A. — Helen Littleton 
Haveron, Mrs. Francis L., Jr. — Dorothy Evans 
Havlick, Mrs. John C. — Kathryn Lukens 
Hawk, Mrs. Milton — Arabelle Winkelman 
Hawkins, Mrs. Howard T. — Dorothy 

Hawkins, Mrs. Louis A., Jr. — Sarah Ison 
Hawkins, Mrs. Otis, Jr. — Mary Mason 
Hawkins, Mrs. Zed G. — Daisye Poindexter 
Hawley, Mrs. John G. — Ann Colston 
Hay, Mrs. W. Oakman, Jr. — Mary Hughes 
Hayden, Mrs. Richard L. — Betsy Smyth 
Hayes, Mrs. Arthur C. — Mildred Templeton 
Haymore, Mrs. James W. — Frances Jeffers 
Haynes, Mrs. Egerton — Imogene Egerton 
Haynes, Mrs. Storrs — Isabel Olmstead 
Hays, Mrs. Fred N. — Helen Fletcher 
Haywood, Mrs. Hubert B., Jr. — Virginia 

Hazen, Mrs. J. C, Jr. — Helen Stevens 
Hazlegrove, Mrs. Lysle — Marie Jones 
Hazlett, Mrs. Robert C. — Susan Arbenz 
Headley, Mrs. G. K. — Marian Hicks 
Headley, Mrs. Julien C. — Louise Kirk 
Healey, Mrs. Edwin H. — Elizabeth Newsom 
Heally, Mrs. Wm. K.— Mildred Carothers 
Heard, Mrs. Edmund F. — Sadie Neale 
Heard, Mrs. Winifred A. — Winifred Benson 
Heath, Mrs. Cornelius E. — Sarah de Sausstire 
Hedenkamp, Mrs. Richard L. — Mary Howell 
Heefner, Mrs. Harvey M. — Mattie Logan 
Heelan, Mrs. Raymond V. — June DeFrees 
Heigho, Mrs. Wm. S. — Dorothy Lauver 
Hein, Mrs. Wm. J., Jr. — Marjorie Miller 
Heine, Mrs. John D. — Sarah Stewart 
Heinen, Mrs. Erwin — Emily Plummer 
Heintz, Mrs. Leo H. — Allyn Capron 
Heise, Mrs. O. — Grace Neal 
Heiskell, Mrs. James R. — Frances Dunlop 
Helfrich, Mrs. Harry D., Jr. — Diana Greene 
Helm, Mrs. Nelson — Elizabeth Whayne 
Helmers,, Mrs. Eleanor F. — Eleanor Finke 
Hemmings, Mrs. Harry H. — Esther Turk 
Hemphill, Mrs. Samuel H. — Mary Frye 
Hemphill, Mrs. Stuart P.— Mary Welch 
Henderson, Mrs. B. L. — Pauline Graham 
Henderson, Mrs. Ernest — Mary Stephens 
Henderson, Mrs. Gerard — Edith Mattison 
Henderson, Mrs. Joseph A. — Mary Madison 
Henderson, Mrs. J. Raymond — Helen 

Henderson, Mrs. John O. — Margaret Watts 
Henderson, Mrs. Wm. J. — Mary Brower 
Hendrick, Mrs. Angus G. — Susan Green 
Hendricks, Mrs. Leo F. — Helen Closson 
Hendrie, Mrs. John G. — Anita Elmes 
Henkels, Mrs. Maurice M. — Helen Anderson 
Henningsen, Mrs. Victor W., Jr. — Mary 

Henry, Mrs. Edward A. — Evelyn 

Henry, Mrs. Howard — Catherine Ahlheim 
Henry, Mrs. John W.—Rufh Collins 



Henry, Mrs. Reginald — Jane Ruffin 
Henry, Mrs. Thomas P., Jr. — Serena Ailes 
Henshaw, Mrs. Lewis — Dorothy Cutnmings 
Henson, Mrs. A. Lee — Elizabeth Spray 
Heppes, Mrs. George P., Jr. — Jane Gilbreth 
Herbener, Mrs. Henry M. — Gabrielle Hawkins 
Herbert, Mrs. J. W. — Elizabeth Knapp 
Herd, Mrs. J. Harvey — Harriet Daniel 
Hereford, Mrs. Frank L., Jr. — Anti Lane 
Herlihy, Mrs. C. David — Jane Townsend 
Herpers, Mrs. Ferdinand J., Jr. — Faith Gort 
Herrick, Mrs. John W. — Mary McKinney 
Hershberger, Mrs. Lloyd H. — Harriet Williams 
Hersloflf, Mrs. Timmerman — Margaret 

T immennan 
Heslouin, Mrs. Charles — Antoinette 

Hess, Mrs. A. E. — Nancy Row 
Hess, Mrs. George W. — Corinne Walton 
Hess, Mrs. Kenneth M. — Adelaide 

Hess, Mrs. Walter E.— Isabel Richards 
Hesseltine, Mrs. Ernest — Ruberta Bailey 
Hettrick, Mrs. Ames B. — Frances O'Brian 
Hewitt, Mrs. Wm. L., Jr. — Barbara Moore 
Hewson, Mrs. Thomas A. — Elizabeth Gurley 
Heye, Mrs. Carl W. — Cynthia Harbison 
Heyer, Mrs. George S. — fane Gregory 
Hickenlooper, Mrs. Smith, Jr. — Virginia 

Hickey, Mrs. Thomas R. — Loiiise Furber 
Hickock, Mrs. Ward R. — Alice Knoedler 
Hicks, Mrs. Byrnina B. — Byrnina Baugher 
Higginbotham, Mrs. R. Wilson — Harmoline 

Higgins, Mrs. Harold H. — Thelma Cox 
Higgins, Mrs. Joseph T. — Virginia Jemison 
Higgins, Mrs. Richard R. — Hanna Bell 
Highsmith, Mrs. Leavy, Jr. — Ann Dawson 
Highsmith, Mrs. Melville F. — Kathleen Ca^ey 
Hilbert, Mrs. George — Betty Griffin 
Hildebrand, Mrs. Ira P., ]t.— Louise Boren 
Hill, Mrs. Eugene D., ]r.— Preston Hodges 
Hill, Mrs. Francis— A»i/(?>' Spalding 
Hill, Mrs. George — Helen Watson 
Hill, Mrs. George R. — Ann Anthony 
Hill, Mrs. Herbert W.—Leland Barbee 
Hill, Mrs. James F..— Catherine Wright 
Hill, Mrs. M. E., }t.— Irene McDonnell 
Hill, Mrs. Perry C.—Mary Burnett 
Hill, Mrs. Pierre F.— Juliet Selby 
Hill, Mrs. Robert — Pauline Woodward 
Hill, Mrs. Robert W. — Bess Lowrance 
Hill, Mrs. Wiley C, ]r.— Elisabeth Thigpen 
HiUerich, Mrs. Ward— Elizabeth Kelley 
Hilliard, Mrs. Henning — Mary Wheeler 
Hills, Mrs. Thayer T. — Helen Cannon 
Hillyer, Mrs. WiWiam— Betty-Potter Kinne 
Hinckley, Mrs. Burt E., Jr. — Hortense Ward 
Hines, Mrs. James McMurray — L7icy Oliver 
Hinkamp, Mrs. Maddox N. P. — Mary Colahan 
Hinshaw, Mrs. Wm. W., ]r.— Hester Busey 
Hirsch, Mrs. S. Herbert — Eve Godchaux 
Hirsch, Mrs. Maurice L. — Helen Monash 
Hirshfield, Mrs. James A. — Marjory Prentis 
Hirst, Mrs. Homer — Mary Garver 

Hitch, Mrs. Arthur — Virginia Etheridge 
Hitchman, Mrs. W. H. — MiUicent MiUigan 
Hoagiand, Mrs. Everett — Loma Burton 
Hoar, Mrs. Henry C. — Maria Bemiss 
Hobart, iVIrs. Marcus — Helen Browne 
Hobbs, Mrs. Robert B — Margaret Leigh 
Hoblitzeli, Mrs. P. C.—Mary Dils 
Hobson, Mrs. J. R. A., Jr. — Mary Marshall 
Hodge, Mrs. Edwin, Jr. — Emma Clyde 
Hodge, Mrs. Hanson H. — Emily Jones 
Hodges, Mrs. Wm. T. — Annie Powell 
Hodgkins, Mrs. Mary — Mary Abraham 
Hoeven, Mrs. John H. — Muriel MiUigan 
Hoey, Mrs. Robert E. — Jeanne DeLamarter 
Hoffman, Mrs. E. Leslie, Jr. — Mary Lively 
Hoffman, Mrs. Franklin D. — Frances Cordes 
Hoffman, Mrs. Harry D. — Mildred M. 

Hoffman, Mrs. Robert B. — Constance Turner 
Hogan, Mrs. Harrison — Ruth Paley 
Hogan, Mrs. Henry W. — Olive Cole 
Hogue, Mrs. Frederic W. — Rebecca Ktinkle 
Holberton, Mrs. Thomas — Frances Altschuler 
Holby, Mrs. John D., Jr. — Mona Hewes 
Holcomb, Mrs. Grover C. — Claudine Griffin 
Holden, Mrs. George — Marjorie Campbell 
Holderness, Mrs. H. Dail — Nancy Braswell 
Holeman, Mrs. F. Montgomery — Christine 

Holland, Mrs. Hugh L., ^i.— Esther Jett 
Holland, Mrs. James B., II — Rosalie Stvartz 
Hollander, Mrs. L. Preston, Jr. — Mary White 
Hollis, Mrs. Dwight S. — Dorothy Davis 
Hollis, Mrs. Parks — Kathryn Waller 
Holloway, Mrs. Barry J. — Jane Hunter 
Holloway, Mrs. G. W.—Glen Worthingfon 
Holloway, Mrs. Robert A. — Pollyanna 

Hollowell, Mrs. Wm. B., Jr.— Marj) Taylor 
Holme, Mrs. Peter H.— Jamie Sexton 
Holmes, Mrs. James D., Jr. — Adelaide Harris 
Holmes, Mrs. Samuel — Julie Russell 
Holmes, Mrs. Winfield A.—Nevil Crute 
Holt, Mrs. Homer A. — Isabel Wood 
Holt, Mrs. John E. — Dorothy Ayers 
Holt, Mrs. Wm. N., Jr. — Margaret Sutch 
Holton, Mrs. Hoyt S. — Rachel Lloyd 
Holton, Mrs. Mary Milne — Mary Milne 
Holzer, Mrs. Richard V. — Virginia Beasley 
Hood, Mrs. Frank, Jr. — Janie Brown 
Hood, Mrs. Harold G. — Frances Smith 
Hood, Mrs. Mary G. — Mary Beach 
Hood, Mrs. Norman O. — Eleanor Francisco 
Hoofnagle, Mrs. Wm. H., Jr. — Jacqueline 

Hook, Mrs. Richard E.— Elizabeth Whitaker 
Hooton, Mrs. Johnson — Cecil Woodward 
Hoover, Mrs. ]ack— Rebecca Stout 
Hopkins, Mrs. Alfred F., Tr. — Susan Boutell 
Hopkins, Mrs. John M. — Aurelia Lane 
Hopkins, Mrs. Porcher P. — Alice Benet 
Hopkins, Mrs. Robert — M^ry S. Miller 
Hopkins, Mrs. W. Howard — Lucille Burks 
Hopkins, Mrs. Wm. H. — Helen Crawford 
Hoppe, Mrs. A. C. — Marian Bacharach 


Horan, Mrs. Charles C. — Jean Nebring 
Horan, Mrs. David— Ruth Whelan 
Horn, Mrs. Donald J. — Dorothy Meginniss 
Horn, Mrs. Robert C. — Helen Richards 
Hornbaker, Mrs. John H. — Elizabeth Chaffinch 
Hprnbeck, Mrs. Stanley K. — Vivienne 

Horner, Mrs. Jack C. — Dorothy Lloyd 
Horner, Mrs. Junius M. — Laura Sage 
Horner, Mrs. Marvin C, Jr. — India Fagg 
Hornsey., Mrs. John W., Jr. — Ethel Wilson 
Horton, Mrs. Leonard M. — Gladys Wester 
Horton, Mrs. Russel B. — Florence Wattles 
Hosch, Mrs. Melville H. — Martha Wood 
Hostetter, Mrs. Sam — Velna White 
Houck, Mrs. L. Dan — Mary Dowds 
Houfif, Mrs. L. B., Jr. — Frances Henderson 
Houis, Mrs. Jacques F. — Jane Lawrence 
Houriet, Mrs. Victor — Sarah Merrick 
House, Mrs. John F. — Grace Woodard 
Houston, Mrs. Kate O. — Kathleen Osborne 
Houston, Mrs. Levin J., Ill — Mary Embrey 
Howard, Mrs. Bushrop B. — Margaret Cobb 
Howard, Mrs. Edward D., II — Barbara Lewis 
Howard, Mrs. Frank C. — Lillian Spillman 
Howe, Mrs. A. S., Jr. — Dorothy Hutchinson 
Howe, Mrs. Francis W. — Mary James 
Howe, Mrs. Harland F. — Gratia Geer 
Howell, Mrs. Clark, Jr. — Frances Richardson 
Howell, Mrs. Gordon P. — Laura Graves 
Howland, Mrs. George — Martha Chapman 
Howse, Mrs. R. Kenneth — Virgbtia Derby 
Howze, Mrs. Charles — Hannah Keith 
Hubbard, Mrs. L. Marsden — Gladys 

Hubbard, Mrs. Mary C. — Mary Chantler 
Hubbard, Mrs. Thomas B. — Meriam Packard 
Hudgens, Mrs. Robert W. — Eleanor Furnian 
Hudson, Mrs. Banks — Elizabeth Bolinger 
Hudson, Mrs. Dallas — Nannie Claiborne 
Hudson, Mrs. Thomas M. — Ellen Warner 
Huebner, Mrs. George J., Jr. — Virginia Haynes 
HufFacker, Mrs. Hugh D., Jr. — Mary Faucette 
Huflard, Mrs. J. Hudson — Frances Coyner 
Huffman, Mrs. David G. — ]ane Mcjunkin 
Hughes, Mrs. David L. — Mary Neill 
Hughes, Mrs. Edwin T. — Doris Robinson 
Hughes, Mrs. Kenneth V. — Dorothy Bailey 
Huidekoper, Mrs. Prescott, Jr. — Betty 

Hull, Mrs. John— Da/? Sayler 
Hull, Mrs. John B. — Ruth Aufderheide 
Hull, Mrs. Richard D.— Frances Chichester 
Hullett, Mrs. Joseph N. — Nancy McKee 
Hulse, Mrs. Frank W.—Mary Cobb 
Hulvey, Mrs. Charles — Jean Spragiie 
Hume, Mrs. Foster, Jr. — Loiette Hampton 
Humphrey, Mrs. John M., Jr. — Dorene 

Humphrey, Mrs. Kaga — Elizabeth 

Hunt, Mrs. Keith K. — Mary Saul 
Hunt, Mrs. Madison — Betty Hamilton 
Hunt, Mrs. R. C. — Carolyn Wilson 
Hunt, Mrs. Robert C. — Elizabeth Whitman 
Hunter, Mrs. Fred R., Jr. — Juley Kane 

Hunter, Mrs. George, Jr. — Jeanette 

Hunter, Mrs. Harold F. — Laura Graham 
Hunter, Mrs. Henry B., Jr. — Byrd Smith 
Hunter, Mrs. Paul A. — Carol Myers 
Hunter, Mrs. Thomas A. A. — A^ny Williams 
Hunter, Mrs. Wm. N., ]t.— Sophia Dunlap 
Huntington, Mrs. Beard — Helen Beard 
Huntington, Mrs. Gloria — Gloria Frink 
Huntington, Mrs. John W. P. — Mary Peters 
Huntress, Mrs. Frank C. — Ruth Plain 
Huntting, Mrs. Charles F. — Anne Neal 
Hurd, Mrs. Ellis R., Jr. — Marjorie Lasar 
Hurlbert, Mrs. Stuart C. — Jane Bryant 
Hurt, Mrs. Joel, III — Anne Ridley 
Hurt, Mrs. Sherwood — Sarah Kennedy 
Hurtgen, Mrs. Robert E. — Miriam Martin 
Hurtt, Mrs. Charles D. — Louise Woodward 
Hust, Mrs. Raymond A. — Suzanne Martin 
Hutcheson, Mrs. John D. — Rosabel Robbins 
Hutcheson, Mrs. S. Lewis — Jean Crowe 
Hutchins, Mrs. John S. — Belle Brockcnbrough 
Hutchinson, Mrs. Wm. E., Jr. — Frieda 

Hutter, Mrs. J. Booker — Ellen Rodes 
Huxel, Mrs. Wm. H., Jr. — Ruth Reuss 
Huxtable, Mrs. Edward J. — Anne Miller 
Hyde, Mrs. Edwin — Camilla Alsop 
Hyde, Mrs. Frank T. — Katherine Lorraine 
Hyatt, Mrs. Roland W., Jr.— Katherine Wheat 
Hyder, Mrs. Elton M. — Martha Rowan 

Ide, Mrs. Charles E., Jr.-Ruth Street 

Iden, Mrs. John H. — Marianne Brazill 

Igo, Mrs. Albert — Fannie Ward 

Ilerick, Mrs. Jack — Marion Jones 

Iliff, Mrs. Wm. S., ]i.— Dorothy Keller 

llles, Mrs. Robert E. — Billie McLeod 

Inge, Mrs. Francis M. — Maria Garth 

Inwood, Mrs. Frederick G. — Marianna Hower 

Irby, Mrs. Robert N. — Effie Gross 

Irby, Mrs. W. S. — Bertha Bridgeforth 

Irvin, Mrs. Eugene — Lonif.e Balsley 

Irvin, Mrs. Walter F. — Ethel Hook 

Irvine, Mrs. Vess E. — Grace Langeler 

Irving, Mrs. Wm. A. — Shirley Nalley 

Irwin^ Mrs. Harry W. — Helen Duckworth 

Isbell, Mrs. Barton C— Julia Cooke 

Ives, Mrs. John G. — Francese Evans 

Ives, Mrs. Robert M. — Donna Barrett 

Ivey, Mrs. E. C, Jr. — Eugenia Goodall 

Ivey, Mrs. Gordon — Margaret Krider 

Jackman, Mrs. Harry — Lucie McDonald 
Jackson, Mrs. A. L. — Catherine Albert 
Jackson, Mrs. Charles R. — Margaret MacRae 
Jackson, Mrs. Edgar W. — Katherine Flowers 
Jackson, Mrs. Elmo L. — Corinne Klemm 
Jackson, Mrs. John C. — Dorothy Rauh 
Jackson, Mrs. Keith — Mary Speer 
Jackson, Mrs. Thomas H., Jr. — Huhlah Edens 
Jackson, Mrs. Thomas W. — Helen Klinger 
Jackson, Mrs. W. E.—Theda Studley 
Jacobs, Mrs. Wm. L. — Marian Shanley 
jacocks, Mrs. Leonard — Margaret Hagerling 
Jacques, Mrs. Insley — Frances Insley 


Jaeger, Mrs. Gustave — Nancy Gaines 
James, Mrs. Harry — Dolores Cheatham 
James, Mrs. J. Colin — Helen McCreery 
James, Mrs. John H. — Murray Armstrong 
James, Mrs. Ralph E. — Sarah Smith 
Jameson, Mrs. John T. — Florence Hanckel 
Jamison, Mrs. John R. — Sara Callison 
Janney, Mrs. Francis — Kathryn Thomson 
Janney, Mrs. Harvey M. — Helen Burke 
Jaquish, Mrs. J. H. — Olive Mitchell 
Jarrell, Mrs. Norman D. — Nanette Kahn 
Jarrett, Mrs. Larry — Pauline Bailey 
Jarvis, Mrs. Harold W. — Nina Cauthorn 
Jarvis, Mrs. John — Sarah Melcher 
Jarvis, Mrs. Wilson — Ruth Craiuford 
Jay, Mrs. John E. — Martha Lowsley 
Jeffers, Mrs. Henry, Jr. — Elizabeth Woodward 
Jeffers, Mrs. Wm. N., Jr. — Lucy Gordan 
Jefferson, Mrs. Dana B. — Dorothy Bridges 
Jeffries, Mrs. Henry Don — Judith Colcord 
Jemison, Mrs. Elvert — Dillard Dean 
Jemison, Mrs. Wm. W. — Mary Nice 
Jenkins, Mrs. Robert E. — Nancy Kegley 
Jenkins, Mrs. W. F. — Mary Kile 
Jenks, Mrs. Ernest E. — Dorothy Tarbell 
Jensen, Mrs. Leslie — Elizabeth Ward 
Jensen, Mrs. Robert J. — Pauline Brooks 
JermaA, Mrs. Wm. B. — Mary A. Johnson 
Jervey, Mrs. Allen J., Jr. — Prances Adams 
Jessup, Mrs. Alpheus Wm. — Anne Spiers 
Jewell, Mrs. Dunbar — Nancy Carter 
Jewell, Mrs. John B., Jr. — Elizabeth Tomlin 
Jewett, Mrs. Edward H., Jr. — Barbara Backes 
Jewitt, Mrs. Homer — Helen Pgnnock 
Joachim, Mrs. Philip N. — Lee Montague 
Jobron, Mrs. W. E. — Eleanor Hargrove 
Joel, Mrs. Clarence J. — lloe Bowers 
Johns, Mrs. Benjamin L — Elizabeth Newell 
Johns, Mrs. Wm. A. — Logan Phinizy 
Johnson, Mrs. Ben — Mallie B. Bomar 
Johnson, Mrs. C. Evan — Elizabeth 

Johnson, Mrs. C. W. — Martha Baker 
Johnson, Mrs. Carl E. — Meredith Oakford 
Johnson, Mrs. Charles H., Jr. — Marie 

Johnson, Mrs. Donald B., Jr. — Shirley Levis 
Johnson, Mrs. E. Leigh, Jr. — Dorothy Eaton 
Johnson, Mrs. E. G., Jr. — Mary Smith 
Johnson, Mrs. Francis — Margaret Moncure 
Johnson, Mrs. Gilbert H. — Ruth Bomann 
Johnson, Mrs. Gunnard — Charlotte Lincoln 
Johnson, Mrs. H. Clay — Betty Smartt 
Johnson, Mrs. Harry F. — Mary Howell 
Johnson, Mrs. Hunter — Elizabeth Yougene 
Johnson, Mrs. Inman — Elizabeth Cox 
Johnson, Mrs. Joseph W. — Margaret Austin 
Johnson, Mrs. Richard E. — Rosevjary Bjorge 
Johnson, Mrs. Robert E. — Arvtinda Jeffreys 
Johnson, Mrs. Thomas P. — Jane Moore 
Johnson, Mrs. Willis W., Jr. — Eugenia Peek 
Johnston, M'rs. George B. — Virginia Alford 
Johnston, Mrs. Gilbert E. — Katherine Estes 
Johnston, Mrs. Richard B. — Jane Dillon 
Johnston, Mrs. Summerfield — Katherine 

Johnstone, Mrs. B. Kenneth — Helene Hetzel 

Joiner, Mrs. Hartwell — Sarah Foofe 

Jonas, Mrs. Leslie A. — Carol Miller 

Jones, Mrs. Arthur — Austin Turner 

Jones, Mrs. Brock D., jr.— Frances Hoivard 

Jones, Mrs. Charles — Laura Bird 

Jones, Mrs. Charles H. — Susan Johnston 

Jones, Mrs. Charles ^.—Frances McKinney 

Jones, Mrs. Francis P. — Anne Doar 

Jones, Mrs. G. L. — Katherine Lanier 

Jones, Mrs. Homer D. — Helen Cornwell 

Jones, Mrs. John M., Ill — Arnold Susong 

Jones, Mrs. Lois Sauters — Lois Sauters 

Jones, Mrs. M. Osborne — Helen Johnston 

Jones, Mrs. O. Anderson — Mae Smith 

Jones, Mrs. Paul P. — Ruth Pratt 

Jones, Mrs. Reginald — Belle Brownley 

Jones,, Mrs. Robert P. — Jeajt Latham 

Jones, Mrs. Saunders — Evtily Pruitt 

Jones, Mrs. Thomas B. — Marion Phinizy 

Jones, Mrs. Thomas G. — Katherine Doar 

Jones, Mrs. Vincent S. — Nancy Parsons 

Jones, Mrs. William — Martha Jones 

Jones, Mrs. Wm. C.—Lucy Kiker 

Jones, Mrs. Wm. R. — Fay Randall 

Jones, Mrs. Winthrop H. — Elizabeth Corddry 

Jopp, Mrs. August H. — Elizabeth Job 

Jordan, Mrs. Edwin B. — Louise Corrigan 

Jordan, Mrs. Goodwin S. — Anne Dickson 

Jordan, Mrs. James E. — Martha Wilson 

Jose, Mrs. LeNoir — Mildred Smyth 

Jose, Mrs. Victor R., Jr. — Amy Eliot 

Joslin, Mrs. J. Whitman, Jr. — Josephine 

Joslyn, Mrs. Charles S. — Janet Green 
fourneay, Mrs. George B. — Hildegarde Storey 
Joyner, Mrs. Upshur T. — Kitty O'Brien 
Judy, Mrs. Mills — Martha Cooper 
Justin, Mrs. J. Raymond — Edwina Nichols 

Kahin, Mrs. George McTurnan — Margaret 

Kaiser, Mrs. Margaret Beegle — Margaret 

Kaltenbach, Mrs. R. W., Jr. — Jane Patterson 
Kaminer, Mrs. Harry — Mary Earle 
Karhpmann, Mrs. Ike S. — Flora Cameron 
Kane, Mrs. O'Neill K. — Grace Sunderland 
Kates, Mrs. W. H., ]t.— Ellen Marcus 
Katzenberg, Mrs. Wm. R. — Audree Boehm 
Kaufman, Mrs. Wm. M. — Cornelia Hicks 
Kaufmann, Mrs. Edward, Jr. — Jea?t Ploehn 
Kaufmann, Mrs. Gerard — Olga Heber 
Kaussmann, Mrs. James E. — Audrey Ferguson 
Kautz, Mrs. Richard C. — Mar-y Stein 
Kavanagh, Mrs. Joseph C. — Helen Miller 
Kearfott, Mrs. J. G. — Annie Harrison 
Kearns, Mrs. George E., Jr. — Wilhelmina 

Kearny, Mrs. Mathew F. — Gladys Labarres 
Keating, Mrs. John, Jr. — Virginia Scott 
Keeble. Mrs. W. Burton — Constance Fowler 
Keeling, Mrs. Hal K.—Ruth Harvey 
Keenan, Mrs. Paul B. — Alice Boughton 
Keep, Mrs. C. T. S. — Susan Talbot 
Keepers,, Mrs. W. Floyd — Clara Hogans 
Kees, Mrs. Walter T. — Barbara Williams 



Keever, Mrs. S. A- — Ann Atkinson 

Kehl, Mrs. Wm. K—Jean Ryan 

Reiser, Mrs. Arthur L., Jr. — Ricth Harinan 

Reith, Mrs. }ick— Ethel Glenn 

Reith, Mrs. Robert T. S. — Eleanor Hudg,ins 

Rellerman, Mrs. George H. — Elizabeth 

Relley, Mrs. Albert J. — Delia Meade 
Relley, Mrs. Frederick R. — Helen Shnrtleff 
Rellev, Mrs. John W.— Louise Wade 
Rellev, Mrs. Stillman P., II — Katharyn Norris 
Rellogg, Mrs. David M., Jr. — Marion Eidler 
Rellogg, Mrs. Robert — Mary Carson 
Rells, Mrs. Arthur J. — Allice Baldwin 
Relly. Mrs. Henry, Jr. — Reba Stephenson 
Relly, Mrs. Hugh M. — Jane Etheridge 
Relly, Mrs. John S. — Dorothy Brothers 
Relly, Mrs. L. E.—Mary Trimble 
Relly, Mrs. M. F. — Muriel Mackenzie 
Relly, Mrs. Robert P. — Marg,aret Harding, 
Relly, Mrs. Walter J., Ill — Elsie Jackson 
Relly, Mrs. Walter M. — Nancy Savage 
Relly, Mrs. Wm. F., Jr. — Mary Vizard .,«. 
Relly, Mrs. Wm. P. — Marjorie Groesbeck 
Relsey, Mrs. Raymond T. — Charlotte Seaver 
Relty, Mrs. Wm. R., Jr. — Elaine Krause 
Remp, Mrs. Wm. D. — Nancy Mclver 
Remp, Mrs. Wm. E. — Margaret Johnson 
Rempe, Mrs. Werner M. — Mary Willis 
Rempson, Mrs. Burnette A„ Jr. — Elizabeth 

Rempton, Mrs. H. Seward — Edith Dight 
Rendall, Mrs. Samuel W. — Willie Reeder 
Rendrick, Mrs. Charles R. — Cecily Jansen 
Rennedy, Mrs. Elmer — Letitia Rider 
Rennedy, Mrs. Robert P. — Wileyna Upshazc 
Rennedy, Mrs. Stanley C. — Martha Davenport 
Rent, Mrs. Robert — Nancy-Ellen Feazell 
Rent, Mrs. Warner W., Jr. — Jane Johnson 
Renyon, Mrs. Roger W. — Frances Fowler 
Renyon, Mrs. Trevor — Helen Whitehill 
Rern, Mrs. F. A. — Mary Davidson 
Rerr, Mrs. Alexander T. — Jane Whitehead 
Rerr, Mrs. Charles, Jr. — Mary Fohl 
Rerr, Mrs. Tames — Mary Pinkerton 
Ressinger, Mrs. Joseph— Catherine Bnckner 
Retcham, Mrs. F. Gordon — Dorothy Barry 
Reys, Mrs. Walter S., Jr. — Priscrlla Noll 
Rhnen, Mrs. Richard, III— Ruth Martin 
Rievit, Mrs. Richard, Jr. — Georgia Black 
Rilgore. Mrs. Hardee C, Jr. — Martha 

Rillebrew, Mrs. Julia Wilson — Julia Wilson 
Rilzer. Mrs. Henrv E. — Cletus Milo 
Rimbrough, Mrs. Richard — Frances Lnu/rie 
Rincaid, Mrs. Earle H. — Virginia Morris 
Rins, Mrs. Harrv— Hc/rr? Shebherd 
Ring, Mrs. Hueer S. — Mary CarUon 
Kine, Mrs. J. Caldwell — Cri';tivn Pernas 
Ring, Mrs. Jack F. — Wis tar Watts 
Ring, Mrs. Tetton S. — Mary Ha<:kins 
Ring, Mrs. Tohn E. — Helen Bartz 
Ring, Mrs. Renneth C. — Annetta Brown 
Ring, Mrs. Robert R., Jr. — Mar'^ana Bush 
Ring, Mrs. Wm. E., Jr. — Mary Mallory 
Rinesburv. Mrs. Tohn E. — ff"P L''W'<: 
Rinloch, Mrs. Bchum 5. — Betty Austin 

Rintzing, Mrs. Paul C. — Genevieve Brosius 
Rinyoun, Mrs. Conrad — Mary Craighill 
Rirchhoflfer, Mrs. Richard A., Jr. — Patricia 

Rirk, Mrs. John B. — Linda Berggren 
Rirkman, Mrs. Macon, Jr. — Josephine Pillow 
Rirkpatrick, Mrs. Dixon H. — Elizabeth 

Rirkpatrick, Mrs. Thomas S. — Elizabeth 

Rirschner, Mrs. Wm. R. — Mary Groom 
Ristler, Mrs. Wm. L.—Ruth Gilliland 
Ritchel, Mrs. Allan F., Jr.— Hylah Coley 
Rite, Mrs. J. Sellers — Louise Hadden 
Rittler, Mrs. Fred W. — Cornelia Chalkley 
Rlauder, Mrs. Rudolph — Margaret Masters 
Rleeman, Mrs. W. B. — Elsa Morganroth 
Rlein, Mrs. Charles T- — Mary Frtceauff 
Rlein, Mrs. Doyen — Rebecca Taylor 
Rlein, Mrs. Otto G. — Mary Aleshire 
Rline, Mrs. Arthur B. — Catherine Cordes 
Rline, Mrs. George L. — Edna Bannister 
Rline, Mrs. Robert H. — Jean Pollard 
Rluikmann, Mrs. Frederick J. — Mary Ladd 
Rnall, Mrs. Wilson V. — Janet Martin 
Rnapp, Mrs. Herbert T. — Annette Morris 
Rnight, Mrs. Floyd — Ruth Drew 
Rnipher, Mrs. Frederick C. — Cornelia Doremus 
Rnobloch, Mrs. Ellis T. — Margaret White 
Rnoke, Mrs. Charles E. — Lucille Scott 
Rnorr, Mrs. James H. — Virginia Team 
Rnorr, Mrs. William — Margaret Johnson 
Rnowles, Mrs. David H. — Louise Conklin 
Rnox, Mrs. Jay — Emma Caldwell 
Robzina, Mrs. Robert A. — Ruth O'Keefe 
Rohn, Mrs. George M., Jr. — Amalie Frank 
Rohnfelder, Mrs. Norman R. — Juliette 

Roonce, Mrs. Donald — Louise Wood 
Ropper, Mrs. Samuel R. C. — Elizabeth Lee 
Rraebber, Mrs. Henry W. — Dorothy 

Rrafifert, Mrs. Benjamin F., Jr. — Florence 

Rrakow, Mrs. Alfred C. — Louise Hilton 
Rrausnick, Mrs. E. C. — Evelyn Rainier 
Rreuzberg, Mrs. H. Franklin — Dorothy Green 
Rrook, Mrs. Alfred T.- — Sarah Dance 
Rruesi, Mrs. Paul J. — Margaret Thomas 
Rrugler, Mrs. J. Anthony — Josephine Bechtel 
Ruh, Mrs. George — Gertrude Eisendrath 
Ruhn, Mrs. Thomas C. — Mary Riheldaffer 
Rundahl, Mrs. George — Adelaide Warn bier 
Rurtis, Mrs. Louis P. — Katherine Lumbard 
Rurtz, Mrs. Robert R. — Margaret Luther 
Rurz, Mrs. Wm. R. — Ruth Marr 
Ruykendall, Mrs. S. J. — Emma Davis 
Ryle, Mrs. Gordon — Emma Adams 

Labouret, Mrs. Claude — Marguerite de Lustrac 

Lacey, Mrs. Harry R. — Elizabeth Chapman 

Lacky, Mrs. S. Cabell — Geraldine Graves 

La Cour, Mrs. Elizabeth S. — Elizabeth Sexton 

Lacy, Mrs. George P. — Jane Taylor 

Ladds, Mrs. Herbert P. — Grace MacBain 

LaFon, Mrs. Rash — Feme Kash 

Laird, Mrs. Ormond E. — Ruth Landers 


Lakin, Mrs. A. H. — Margaret Whitman 
Lamar, Mrs. George — Elizabeth Hay 
Lamar, Mrs. John D. — Alice Chamberlain 
Lambert, Mrs. Barron P. — Huldah Williams 
Lambert, Mrs. Harney J. — Mary Dudley 
Lamkin, Mrs. Fletcher — Ethel Shamer 
LaMotte, Mrs. Francis G. — Frances Phillipi 
Lancaster, Mrs. Albert. B. — Anne Luck 
Lancaster, Mrs. John H. — Susanne Landis 
Land, Mrs. Henry C. — Kafherine Hancock 
Land, Mrs. James L. — Zena Tutwiler 
Landa, Mrs. Alfons B. — Marjorie Mondell 
Landecker, Mrs. Lloyd M. — Florence Fisher 
Landrum, Mrs. Baylor, Jr. — Mary Evans 
Lane, Mrs. Chester H. — Betty Leighton 
Lane, Mrs. Edward W., Jr. — Helen 

Lane, Mrs. John M., Jr. — Jane Bikle 
Lane, Mrs. Mills B., Jr. — Anne Waring 
Lane, Mrs. Perry M. — Charlotte Knox 
Lang, Mrs. Gorden — Harriet Kendig 
Lang, Mrs. James A. — Barbara Buncombe 
Lang, Mrs. John — Margaret Gressitt 
Lang, Mrs. Samuel J. — Ruth Hodgson 
Lang, Mrs. T. Harry — Virginia Rush 
Langbein, Mrs. Leonard J. — Louise Carper 
Langmead, Mrs. Edmund C. — Mary Tutwiler 
Lanham, Mrs. Sam W. T. — Eugenia Nash 
Lankford, Mrs. Arthur, Jr. — Harriet 

Lanphier, Mrs. F. G., Jr. — Phyllis Eraser 
Lansing, Mrs. Paul B. — Elizabeth Cather 
LaPrade, Mrs. Edmund M. — Anne Walker 
Larkin, Mrs. Richard A. — Frances Kelly 
Lassiter, Mrs. Hanes — Jane Kluttz 
Latham, Mrs. Arthur P. — Eylese Miller 
Latham, Mrs. Robert E. — Ella Jesse 
Latta, Mrs. Ernest F. — Leonora Noriell 
Lauck, Mrs. William — Charlotte Lee 
Lauderdale, Mrs. J. C. — loline Harkin 
Laukhuff, Mrs. Perry — Jessie Coburn 
Lautz, Mrs. Robert H. — Mary Street 
LaVague, Mrs. Albert — Ruth Gladfelloiv 
Lavery, Mrs. John Wm. — Frances Cottman 
Lawrence, Mrs. Edward E. — Shirley Hoffman 
Lawrence, Mrs. John — Katherine Armstrong 
Lawry, Mrs. Rolla — Helen Morris 
Lawsqn, Mrs. Alfred — Katharine Gay 
Lawson, Mrs. Robert — Marie Abrams 
Lawton, Mrs. David B. — Athlein Benton 
Lawson, Mrs. Robert Wm., Jr. — Virginia 

Lawwill, Mrs. Stewart — Susie Frierson 
Layne, Mrs. James H. — Lucille Barrow 
Lazar, Mrs. Burl — Zelda Sampson 
Lazenby, Mrs. Richard D. — Elizabeth Fender 
Lea, Mrs. Gilbert — Nancy Nalle 
Lea, Mrs. J. Tatnall, Jr. — Eleanor Snow 
Lea, Mrs. T. C. — Mary Hudson 
Lea, Mrs. Thomas J. — Margaret Koch 
Leake, Mrs. Edward A. — Anna Beveridge 
Leaman, Mrs. Claude F., Jr.— Ruth Willii 
Leary, Mrs. Robert J. — Phyllis Walker 
Leatherman, Mrs. D. E. — Ruth Jackson 
Leavell, Mrs. Byrd S. — Nancy Butzner 
Lebahn, Mrs. James — La Vonne Wright 

LeBlanc, Mrs. Stewart A. — Ida Ross 
Lederer, Mrs. H. Austin — Virginia Hall 
Lee, Mrs. Charles G., Jr. — Marie Matthewi 
Lee, Mrs. Henry R. — Wilma Zeisler 
Lee, Mrs. James C, Jr. — Elizabeth Bramham 
Lee, Mrs. Johnson — Evelyn Kagey 
Lee, Mrs. St. George T. — Rebekah Strode 
Lee, Mrs. Sterling — Marian Keddy 
Lee, Mrs. Wm. L. — Anne Hawkins 
Lee, Mrs. W. States — Sarah Everett 
Leeton, Mrs. Russell S. — Alma Holland 
LeFever, Mrs. Kenneth H. — Helen Goodwin 
LeFevre, Mrs. Jay — Mildred Hiltebrant 
Leflfel, Mrs. Philip C. — Catherine Poague 
Leggett, Mrs. Julian — Gaynell Bradley 
Lehnhoff, Mrs. H. J., Jr. — Joan Milliken 
Leibowitz, Mrs. Ben — Abigail Lesnick 
Leigh, Mrs. Henry C. — Nancy Watson 
Leigh, Mrs. Southgate, Jr. — Maud Winborne 
Lemaire, Mrs. Remy — Emma Riely 
LeMaster, Mrs. Edward B., Jr. — Elizabeth 

Lemon, Mrs. Wm. D. — Ellen Paige 
Lent, Mrs. Rudolph E. — Dorothy Swan 
Lentz, Mrs. Joseph — Harriet Hover 
Leo, Mrs. Walter H. — Harriet Taylor 
Leonard, Mrs. Earl A. — Lucile Sergeant 
Leonard, Mrs. Sherman J. — Anna Shinn 
Lerned, Mrs. Morris B. — Evelyn Owem 
Lesh, Mrs. James E. — Martha Ehle 
Levee, Mrs. C. H. — Ruth Gates 
Levi, Mrs. Edward — Kate Sulzberger 
Levkofif, Mrs. Sanford — Isabel Solemon 
Lewis, Mrs. Walter E. — Nelle Hudgem 
Levy, Mrs. Charles — Gertrude Newald 
Lewin, Mrs. Charles J. — Marion North 
Lewis, Mrs. ClifFord — I^ucille Kinnan 
Lewis, Mrs. Donald McN., Jr. — Mary Lewis 
Lewis, Mrs. Edward C. — Elliot Buckley 
Lewis, Mrs. Edwin S. — Nancy Wallover 
Lewis, Mrs. Harold — Edith Gibbs 
Lewis, Mrs. James B. — Ruth Billman 
Lewis, Mrs. J. Latane, Jr. — Anne Shepherd 
Lewis, Mrs. Joseph W., Jr. — Helen Hamilton 
Lewis, Mrs. Leicester C. — Beatrix Baldwin 
Lewis, Mrs. Melvin — Joan Gipe 
Lewis, Mrs. Owen L. — Dorothy Purcell 
Lewis, Mrs. R. Taylor — Geraldine Jones 
Lewis, Mrs. Richard — Marily Barnes 
Lewis, Mrs. T. Walker, Jr. — Margaret 

Lewis, Mrs. Wm. F. — Anita Loving 
Lewis, Mrs. Thomas D. — Elizabeth Claxton 
Leys, Mrs. John — Martha Fuller 
Li, Mrs. Choh-luh — Isabel Dzung 
Libby, Mrs. Francis L — Fanny Ford 
Liebman, Mrs. Walter H., Jr. — Grace Koehler 
Liipfert, Mrs. Eugene T. — Ajtne Turney 
Lincoln, Mrs. J. Mason — Barbara Ferguson 
Lindemann, Mrs. Ronald W. — Louise Bristol 
Lindley, Mrs. John Van — Virginia Hall 
Lindnerj Mrs. Joseph — Lucille Smith 
Lindsay, Mrs. Robert W. — Elizabeth Giesen 
Lindsay, Mrs. Roy — Zelda Harris 
Lindsev, Mrs. Douglas G. — Sara McMullen 
Lindsey, Mrs. Edgar E. — Bessie Brown 



Lindsey, Mrs. Robert P. — Mary Moses 
Lindsley, Mrs. Herbert P. — Barbara Benzinger 
Linforthj Mrs. Edward M. — Jusiine Arnold 
Ling, Mrs. James C. — Juliet Pao-y Tchou 
Link, Mrs. George T. — Virginia Ellington 
Linton, Mrs. Frank T., Jr. — lane Henderson 
Linville, Mrs. C. Edwin — Susanne Gay 
Lippitt, Mrs. Charles W. — Louise Greenwood 
Lippitt, Mrs. Maxwell W. — Mary Cowan 
Lipscomb, Mrs. William — Martha Walcott 
List, Mrs. Alexander F. — Margaret Beaver 
Littell, Mrs. J. Jerome — Mary Kelso 
Little, Mrs. Betty Barr — Betty Barr 
Little, Mrs. Lamar W. — Anne Corbitt 
Little, Mrs. Lewis M. — Sarah Meador 
Littlepage, Mrs. Charles F. — Emily Maxjvell 
Littlepage, Mrs. Lewis, Jr. — Eleanor Mattingly 
Littleton, Mrs. Frederick C. N. — Elinor 

Littrell, Mrs. Lawrence W. — Mary Wood 
Livingston, Mrs. Henry H., Jr. — Maria 

Livingston, Mrs. Lorton S. — Margaret Gilchrist 
Livingston,, Mrs. Schuyler Wm. — Mary 

Lloyd, Mrs. Thomas S. — Margaret Nelson 
Lloyhed, Mrs. Donald H. — Babette Karger 
Locke, Mrs. Joseph H. — Mary Nelms 
Lockwood, Mrs. H. N., Ill — Anne Baldwin 
Lockwood, Mrs. Harold G. — Elizabeth Brady 
Loder, Mrs. Theodore C, Jr. — Sue Wescott 
Loeb, Mrs. Adele — Adele Fies 
Logan, Mrs. Victor H. — Susart Simrall 
Logan, Mrs. Western — Ruth Mcllravy 
Loggins, Mrs. Edward — Augusta Gee 
Lohmeyer, Mrs. Lloyd O. — Emmie Phillips 
Lohrke, Mrs. O. Emil — Eudalia White 
Lombard, Mrs. Calvin C. — Julia Worthington 
Long, Mrs. Eugene M. — Jane Bush 
Long, Mrs. John B. — Elizabeth Canady 
Long, Mrs. Joseph M. — Virginia Cotton 
Long, Mrs. Leslie P., Jr. — Eleanor Carpenter 
Longstaff, Mrs. George H. — Llewellyn Griffith 
Loomis, Mrs. Gilbert B., Jr. — Ann McLean 
Loomis, Mrs. Helen R. — Helen Rutherford 
Loos, Mrs. Dickson R. — Beatrice Dingwell 
Lord, Mrs. Albert C. — Louise Bennett 
Lord, Mrs. E. Fletcher — Marion Crow 
Lord, Mrs. Roger E., Jr. — Elizabeth Lockett 
Losee, Mrs. Thomas P. — Jeanne Grandeman 
Losee, Mrs. Wilmot H. — Virginia See 
Love, Mrs. George — Baylis Rector 
Love, Mrs. Sherman — Kathleen Logan 
Lovelace, Mrs. E. H. — Marjorie Van Evera 
Loveland, Mrs. Samuel C, Jr. — Doris Crane 
Loving, Mrs. Lunsford L. — Rosalie Faulkner 
Loving, Mrs. Rule H. — Merry Curtis 
Lowe, Mrs. Louis R. — Madelyn Markley 
Lowell, Mrs. Robert LeRoy — Jane Taylor 
Lowman, Mrs. Henry F., Jr. — Harriette 

Lowry, Mrs. Goodrich — Louise Moyer 
Lowry^ Mrs. W. Clayton — Gladys Brown 
Lucas. Mrs. Edwin F., Jr. — Mildred Brenizer 
Luck, Mrs. Beattie C. — Marion Cox 
Luckett, Mrs. Lawrence — Bethelda Klausman 

Ludham, Mrs. Thomas £., Jr. — Anna 

Ludington, Mrs. Francis H. — Mary Harris 
Ludwig, Mrs. Marlin C. — Migiion McKay 
Luff, Mrs. Howard — Isabel Webb 
Lumpkin, Mrs. Henry — Theltna Easterlin 
Lusk, Mrs. W. ^.—Martha Lobmgier 
Luther., Mrs. Oliver P. — Margaret Terrell 
Luthin, Mrs. James N. — Adalyn, Merrill 
Luxford, Mrs. John W. — Martha Boss 
Lycan, Mrs. Richard G. — Jean Engh 
Lyman, Mrs. M. — Marie Schneider 
Lynch, Mrs. Howard E., Jr. — Katherine 

Lynch, Mrs. Jack — Fredda Duncovtbe 
Lynch, Mrs. Thomas G. — Emily Sebrell 
Lynge, Mrs. Carl M., Jr. — Barbara Nauman 
Lynn, Mrs. Henry S. — Fariss Gambrill 
Lyon, Mrs. Carlos E. — Frances Kenney 
Lyon, Mrs. Robert B. — Jo Vestal 
Lyons, Mrs. Edward P., Jr. — Betty Bruton 
Lyons, Mrs. Robert P. — Olga Demeter 
Lytle, Mrs. Stuart B. — Emma Knowlton 
Lytte, Mrs. R. Ridgely, Jr. — Elizabeth Spahr 
Lyttle, Mrs. Thomas — Genevieve Muudy 

McAfee, Mrs. W. K. — Katherine Kirk 
McAUen, Mrs. Robert G. — Elizabeth Hun 
McAvity, Mrs. Douglas M. — Margaret Pierce 
McBrian, Mrs. James Wm. — Anne McCaffrey 
McBride, Mrs. Thomas W. — Marion Daudt 
McCaleb, Mrs. John W., Jr.— Elizabeth 

McCall, Mrs. George L. — Florence Lodge 
McCall, Mrs. Harry, Jr. — Evelyn Peck 
McCalmont, Mrs. Louise — Louise Sebring 
McCandless, Mrs. L. H.— Elizabeth Elkins 
McCandlish, Mrs. Robert — Josephine Sutton 
McCardell, Mrs. J. Malcolm — Susan Lane 
McCarthy, Mrs. Frederick K. — Virginia Dail 
McCarthy, Mrs. John H. — Grace Carney 
McCaslin, Mrs. Murray F. — Harriet Wilson 
McCathern, Mrs. W. W.— Florence Moss 
McClarin, Mrs. Wm. M. — Emma Nan Harris 
McClary, Mrs. Andrew B. — Mary Armstrong 
McClellan, Mrs. Edward W., ]r.— Barbara 

McClelland, Mrs. Donald C. — Irene 

McClelland, Mrs. S. V. — Beverly Leake 
McClements, Mrs. James B., Jr. — Margaret 

McClennan, Mrs. J. L., ]r.—Elvie Hope 
McClenny, Mrs. Wm. M. — Bessie Brodie 
McClintock, Mrs. Benjamin G. — Caroline 

McClintock, Mrs. Oliver W.— Edith Miller 
McClintock, Mrs. Robert — Mary Mixon 
McClintock, Mrs. Ronald — Anne Lewis 
McClure, Mrs. Charles K., Jr. — Mary Van 

McClure, Mrs. Edgar — Margaret Koser 
McCollom, Mrs. C. Royden — Margaret 

McCollum, Mrs. Prentiss E. — Katharine 




McConnell, Mrs. David M. — Frances Simmons 
McConnell, Mrs. Kenneth — Anna Smith 
McConnell, Mrs. Raymond A., Jr. — Ellen 

McConnell, Mrs. Richard J. — Gertrude Gulick 
McConnell, Mrs. Roderick H. — Cynthia 

McCord, Mrs. Frank P. — Alice Weymouth 
McCormack, Mrs. James F. — Kathleen 

McCotter, Mrs. Dewitt C, Jr. — Meta Moore 
McCoy, Mrs. Frank — Ruth Higginbotham 
McCoy, Mrs. Harry E., Jr. — Martha Hoffman 
McCoy, Mrs. Thomas — Martha Bacbman 
McCray, Mrs. John — Virginia Rirkland 
McCroskey, Mrs. Newell M. — Sarah Putnam 
McCuUough, Mrs. James B. — fanct Nicholson 
McCune, Mrs. J. C. — Lucy Brown 
McCuster, Mrs. Thomas B., Jr. — Harriet 

McCutchan, Mrs. Bolivar B., Jr. — Clare 

McCutcheon, Mrs. Tom G. — Dorothy 

McDaniel, Mrs. James G. — Marguerite Hodnett 
McDermott, Mrs. Edward P. — Louise Bailey 
McDevitt, Mrs. Lester — Doris Tietig 
McDonald, Mrs. Aloysius B. — Ruth Hagler 
McDonald, Mrs. Benjamin P. — Elizabeth 

McDonald, Mrs. Stewart — Anna Cleaveland 
McElhinney, Mrs. B. H., Jr. — Constance 

McElroy, Mrs. George W. — Mamie Moore 
McElwee, Mrs. Leland S. — Virginia Thompson 
McFadden, Mrs. Perry — Amizetta Northcott 
McFall, Mrs. H. Tucker — Katharine Beury 
McFarland, Mrs. Harry M., Jr. — Evelynn 

McFarlin, Mrs. Jack — Annette Munroe 
McGary, Mrs. Francis — Helen Crane 
McGavran, Mrs. Charles W., II — Elizabeth 

McGee, Mrs. Edward F. — Mary Andrus 
McGee, Mrs. Robert L., ]t.— Martha Rector 
McGee, Mrs. Thomas O. — Kathleen Newby . 
McGehee, Mrs. James E. — Lucile Warwick 
McGiffert, Mrs. Rutherford N. — Frances 

McGill, Mrs. Wm. — Rttth Fretwell 
McGinnis, Mrs. Frank G., Jr. — Marguerite 

McGivern, Mrs. Jack — Dorothy Hartford 
McGonigle, Mrs. Joseph R. — Vera Searcy 
McGowan, Mrs. Charles A. — Martha Smith 
McGowin, Mrs. Earl M. — Ellen Pratt 
McGrath, Mrs. Dorn C. — Dorothy Henline 
McGrath, Mrs. John K. — Martha Mooney 
McGregor, Mrs. James — Marjorie Koonce 
McGuIre, Mrs. Charles F., Jr. — Lo7iise Case 
McGuire, Mrs. Frederick T., Jr. — Kathryn 

McGuire, Mrs. Hudson L. — Ruth Schott 
McGuire, Mrs. "Wm. B., Jr. — Grace Robinson 
Mcllrath, Mrs. W. H. — Helen Davis 
Mclnnis, Mrs. E. C. — Alice Musgrave 

Mclntyre, Mrs. Pope — Idelle Holmes 
Mclver, Mrs. Donald — Patricia Denning 
Mclver, Mrs. John A. — Mary Watkins 
McKenna, Mrs. James E. — Claudia Antrim 
McKennan, Mrs. Bruce — Phyrne Tanner 
McKenzie, Mrs. James R. — Eugenia Tillman 
McKenzie, Mrs. Lynn — Gladys Lynn 
McKinlay, Mrs. Harry DeL. — Lucy Lantz 
McKinley, Mrs. Charles E. — Hazel 

McKinley, Mrs. W. ¥..—Anne Geddy 
McKinney, Mrs. Bruce — Lydia Warner 
McKinney, Mrs. Frederick K. — Mildred 

McKisson, Mrs. Henry W., Jr. — Carolyn Fox 
McKnight, Mrs. Charles — Mary DeLong 
McKnight, Mrs. George C. — Eda Bainbridge 
McLean, Mrs. John B. — Kathryn King 
McLellan, Mrs. Robert S. — Elizabeth Gockley 
McLellan, Mrs. Ross L. — Eveline Shirey 
McLester, Mrs. Judson — Jane Geary 
McLester, Mrs. Walton — Margaret Walton 
McMillan, Mrs. Thomas E. — Elvira Cochrane 
McMillin, Mrs. E. W. — Margaret Davies 
McMullan, Mrs. Charles G.— Elizabeth Wood 
McNabb, Mrs. Charles E. — Martha Fowler 
McNabb, Mrs. John M. — Virginia Osborn 
McNaghten, Mrs. E. W.— Martha Steele 
McNaughton, Mrs. James A. — Jane Hamilton 
McNeel, Mrs. Albert — Frances McCamish 
McNeil, Mrs. Henry S. — Lois Fernley 
McNicholl, Mrs. George, Jr. — Emma Smith 
McPhail, Mrs. Ernest F. — Elizabeth Lee 
McPhillips, Mrs. Julian — Lillie McGowin 
McRae, Mrs. Charles C. — Cora Bryan 
McReynolds, Mrs. I. S. — Eleanor Bruce 
McTigue, Mrs. George J., Jr. — Martha Bobbitt 
McVickar, Mrs. Donald — Elinor Guthrie 
McWilliams, Mrs. Wm. G., Jr.— Louise Walters 

MacArthur, Mrs. Chester W. — Arline 

MacBride, Mrs. E. T., Jr. — Ardis Fratus 
MacBride, Mrs. Judge — fane Milar 
MacCallum, Mrs. Robert S. — Lucile Finch 
MacDonald, Mrs. Caldwell — fanet Mellon 
MacDonald, Mrs. Donovan P. — Phyllis Baum 
MacDonald, Mrs. Frederick — Mildred Rahm 
MacDonald, Mrs. Marshall W. — Ernestine 

Macfarlane, Mrs. Hugh C. — Sarah Leffen 
MacMannis, Mrs. D. R. — Gene Patton 
MacGregor, Mrs. Archibald — Catherine Baker 
MacGregor, Mrs. Stephen H. — Helen Dixon 
MacKain, Mrs. Warren — Dorothy Valentine 
MacKay, Mrs. Adair M., Jr. — Priscilla 

MacKay, Mrs. J. H. — Elizabeth James 
Mackey. Mrs. John C. — Marjorie Westcott 
MacLane, Mrs. Saunders — Dorothy Jones 
Macleay, Mrs. Donald L. — Elizabeth Fcsser 
Maclellan, Mrs. Robert L. — Kathrina Howze 
MacLennan, Mrs. Donald K. — Gertrude 

MacLeod, Mrs. Charles C.—Margareffa ■ 




MacMillan, Mrs. Dougald, III — Lazira 

MacMillan, Mrs. Hugh F. — Marg,aret Holcomb 
MacMillan, Mrs. James F. — Mary SheUan 
MacMillan, Mrs. Louis deR. — Josephine Ahara 
MacMurdo, Mrs. Dorothy — Dorothy Wyckoff 
MacNair, Mrs. John V., Jr. — Jeatt Scott 
Macneil, Mrs. Hugh L. — Virginia Bagby 
MacRae, Mrs. Colin — Elizabeth Browii-Serman 
MacVicar, Mrs. Donald G. — Charlotte Alford 
Madden, Mrs. Frank J. — Virginia Tingle 
Madden, Mrs. John E.— Winifred West 
Madison, Mrs. John M. — Ruth Robinson 
Magavern, Mrs. Samuel D. — Gertrude Lewis 
Maginnis, Mrs. Donald A., Jr. — Kathleen 

Magruder, Mrs. Thomas V. — Sarah Wilson 
Maguire, Mrs. Charles F., Jr. — Louise Case 
Mahone, Mrs. Marion T. — Rosalie Harrison 
Mahoney, Mrs. George — Clara Neel 
Mallory, Mrs. Ben B. — Adelaide Schockey 
Maltby. Mrs. Lucius F., Jr. — Sylvia Pethick 
Malton, Mrs. Harold — Mabel Rowlands 
Maneck, Mrs. Eugene E. — Margaret Brown 
Maness, Mrs. Roy F. — Tot Fulton 
Manire, Mrs. James — Mimi Galloway 
Mann, Mrs. Beverly — Louise Miller 
Mann, Mrs. Guy E. — Mary Culver 
Mann, Mrs. James — Betty Carbaugh 
Mann, Mrs. Kathleen — Kathleen Doherty 
Manning, Mrs. John A. — Margaret Elliott 
Manning, Mrs. James H., Jr. — Sally Martin 
Manning, Mrs. John P., Jr. — Catherine Taylor 
Manz, Mrs. Albert — Marie Weiner 
Maples, Mr. Sam W., Jr. — Margaret Quynn 
Mapp, Mrs. George W., Jr. — Rebecca Douglass 
Marbury, Mrs. David H., Jr. — Martha Collier 
Marcus, Mrs. Herbert T. — Caroline Freiburg 
Marcus, Mrs. Richard — Ruth Legum 
Marion, Mrs. Albert H.—Eva Wright 
Marion, Mrs. Andrew B. — Evelyn Caiitey 
Markgraff, Mrs. Carl A. — Elizabeth Hodge 
Marks, Mrs. Sollitt— £/aHe//c Sollitt 
Marks, Mrs. W. M., Jr. — Elva Quiscnberry 
Markworth, Mrs. Martin H. — Betty Warren 
Marlott, Mrs. Huston — Louise Malsby 
Marriott, Mrs. James T. — Brice Gill 
Marrow, Mrs. James C. — Lucy Gregory 
Marsh, Mrs. Stanley, ]r. — Estelle Fariss 
Marshall, Mrs. Edward C. — Edith Durrell 
Marshall, Mrs. Whitfield H. — Mary Walne 
Marsteller, Mrs. Clav — Nancy McVay 
Marston, Mrs. John H- — Eviilie Halsell 
Marston, Mrs. Oliver F. — Mary Seaton 
Martin, Mrs. Arch S. — Edith Marshall 
Martin, Mrs. Edward W. — Sophie Stephens 
Martin, Mrs. George D. — Eviilie Giese 
Martin, Mrs. Harold H. — Boyce Lokey 
Martin, Mrs. Hugh McD., Jr. — Mary 

Martin, Mrs. T- Watts — Charles Lindsay 
Martin, Mrs. Payne — Helen Adams 
Martin, Mrs. Robert — Ethel Addison 
Martin, Mrs. Robert V., Jr. — ]uha Groves 
Martin, Mrs. Thomas E., Jr. — Margaret 


Martin. Mrs. WiXttt— Rachel Walker 
Martin, Mrs. William— frawcei Snider 
Aiartineau, Mrs. Eugene B. — Martina Ambuhl 
Marvel, Mrs. Jackson — Mary Dick 
Marxer, Mrs. George C— Marion Sibley 
Maryanov, Mrs. Lawrence — Marjorie Webb 
Marzoni, Mrs. Pettersen— Louise Glass 
Mason, Mrs. A. S. — Mary Hatton 
Mason, Mrs. David G. — Louise Peck 
Mason, Mrs. James T. — Margaret Thomas 
Mason, Mrs. John — Loulie Antrim 
Mason, Mrs. Marcus — Josephine Tatman 
Mason, Mrs. Marshall — Varina Knight 
Mason, Mrs. Thomas B. — Emily Wilkins 
Mason, Mrs. W. L. — Margaret Sandidge 
Masoner, Mrs. Paul C. — Margaret McCoy 
Massey, Mrs. George T., Jr. — Mildred 

Massie, Mrs. Adrian M. — Gertrude Dally 
Master, Mrs. Carl L.— Elizabeth Miller 
Materne, Mrs. Wm. M. — Valerie Jones 
Mather, Mrs. George R. — Kathleen Carmichael 
Mathers, Mrs. Joseph S. — Kathryn Thompson 
Mathews, Mrs. Wm. G., Jr. — Frances Faulkner 
Matsinger, Mrs. W. A. — Marie Reardon 
Matter, Mrs. Elmer M. — Constance Somervell 
Mattern, Mrs. Robert A. — Eleanor Rust 
Matthai, Mrs. Albert D., Jr. — Clare Eager 
Matthews, Mrs. John, Jr. — Donna Moore 
Matthews, Mrs. John G. — Lucile Miller 
Alatthews, Mrs. M. W. — Frances Bradley 
Matthews, Mrs. Robert — Mary McLemore 
Matthews, Mrs. Edwin — Mildred Lovett 
Mauchel, Mrs. Robert L. — Katheriyie Meyer 
Maurer, Mrs. John H. — Billie Byrd 
Maury, Mrs. Alfred B. — Josephine Browne 
Maury, Mrs. Reuben — T homasine Rose 
Maverick, Mrs. Albert, III — Louise Duff 
Maxam, Mrs. Robert — Lydia Kimball 
Maxson, Mrs. Gilbert S. — Alice Stanley 
Maxwell, Mrs. Charles R., Jr.— Elizabeth 

Maxwell, Mrs. John Brent — Martha Horner 
Maxwell, Mrs. John B. — Barbara Perkins 
Maxwell, Mrs. Paul — Fredericka Hackmann 
Maxwell, Mrs. R. M. — Jean Taylor 
Maxwell, Mrs. S. Worth — Clara King 
Maxwell, Mrs. Wm. J.— Adelaide Butler 
May, Mrs. Frank P. — Abbie Munroe 
May, Mrs. LeRoy- — Kathaleen Hodge 
May, Mrs. Robert A. — Carolyn Pierce 
Maybank, Mrs. David — Marion Taber 
Mayer, Mrs. Richard H., Jr. — Floyd Foster 
Maynard, Mrs. Paul — Antoinette Lebris 
Mayo, Mrs. Flora L. — Flora Lewis 
Mayo, Mrs. Wat T. — Mar^' Tyler 
Mays, Mrs. Alice H. — Alice Heald 
Mead, Mrs. Ernest C, Jr. — Sally Jackson 
Mead, Mrs. Theodore S. — Cynthia Magee 
Mead, Mrs. Walter L. — Louise Durham 
Meador, Mrs. N. Eugene, Jr. — Mildred Meek 
Meadows, Mrs. Claude W., ]r.—Elise Jester 
Means, Mrs. Thomas L. — Dean Cornell 
Means, Mrs. Wm. E.—Satilla Franklin 
Medinger, Mrs. George A. — Margaret 



Medley, Mrs. Henry M. — Evelyn Joy tier 
Meek, Mrs. John B. — Elizabeth Woods 
Meeker, Mrs. Oden H. — Olivia Little 
Ivleeks, Mrs. David M. — Joanna Fink 
Meeks, Mrs. Harold C. — Almena Perkins 
Meeks, Mrs. Wm. E. — Lucille Ricbeson 
Meissner, Mrs. Harry — Alma Eisendrath 
Mellen, Mrs. Harold A. — Helen Sim 
Mellen, Mrs. Louis — Frances Burnett 
Meloney, Mrs. Henry M. — Charlotte More 
Mendelsohn, Mrs. Walter — Josephine Becker 
Menguy, Mrs. Auguste — Bozeua Adamova 
Mercells, Mrs. Alice D. — Alice Dukes 
Mercer, Mrs. Blair G.—Antie Old 
Mercer, Mrs. G. A., Jr. — Bessie Wheless 
Mercur, Mrs. Frederic, III — Elizabeth Pape 
Merika, Mrs. William — Lauretta Popp 
Merrill, Mrs. Arthur J. — Sarah Harrison 
Merrill, Mrs. George M. — Frances Spiller 
Merrill, Mrs. Isaac L. — Hanna Cobden 
Merrill, Mrs. John B. — Mary Louise' A^neto 
Merrill, Mrs. Wiley H., Jr. — Anne Leach 
Merrin, Mrs. Clifford — Gertrude Bartels 
Merritt, Mrs. H. B. — Mary Merritt 
Merry, Mrs. Guy H. — Eleanor Henderson 
Messiter, Mrs. Edwin G. — Valviai Schinitt 
Metcalfe, Mrs. Clive — Lois Svtythe 
Metz, Mrs. William S. — Grace Schoenheit 
Metzenthin, Mrs. John E. — Elizabeth Fruit 
Meyer, Mrs. Charles H. — Olga Sabel 
Meyer, Mrs. Jerome — Marjorie Abraharn 
Meyer, Mrs. Randolph — Cora Greg,^ 
Meyer, Mrs. Vincent, Jr. — Chauncy Williams 
Meyer, Mrs. Wm. A. — Louise Baton 
Meyers, Mrs. John C, Jr. — Elizabeth Price 
Michaux, Mrs. Richard A. — Julia Saunders 
Michel, Mrs. John F. — Lucille Greene 
Middleton, Mrs. Frederick S., ]r.— Edith 

Middletown, Mrs. Edwin G. — Mary Lampton 
Midlen, Mrs. John H. — Gertrude Robertson 
Mighell, Mrs. Joseph R., Ill— Alice Williams 
Milburn, Mrs. Kenneth — Ethel James 
Miles, Mrs. Edward L. — Betty Henigbaum 
Miles, Mrs. John B., Jr. — Elizabeth Lankford 
Miles, Mrs. Vincent M. — Evelyn Williams 
Mill, Mrs. Charles D.—Edwine Schvtid 
Miller, Mrs. Douglas J. — Isabel Cornwall 
Miller, Mrs. Edgar B. — Annetta Robertson 
Miller, Mrs. Frank B. — Margaret Gehris 
Miller, Mrs. Frank T., ]t.— Martha Brooks 
Miller, Mrs. George C. — Mary Kritser 
Miller, Mrs. Harry K.— Elizabeth Nold 
Miller, Mrs. Henry — Nicketti Johnston 
Miller, Mrs. Ivan C. — Pauline Shortess 
Miller, Mrs. J. Garland — Anne Cumnock 
Miller, Mrs. James K., Jr. — Virginia Burke 
Miller, Mrs. John DePew — Janet Kimball 
Miller, Mrs. John E., ]r.— Phyllis Thorpe 
Miller, Mrs. Laymon N. — Lucy Parton 
Miller, Mrs. Lockwpod — Helen Rawn 
Miller, Mrs. Nathan S. — Mary Fender 
Miller, Mrs. Paul G. — Helen Smith 
Miller, Mrs. Peter O. — Josephine Payne 
Miller, Mrs. Robert A. — Celia Marshall 
Miller, Mrs. Robert J. — Beatrice Armstrong 
Miller, Mrs. Spencer H. — Dorothy Lawton 

Miller, Mrs. Wm. H.— Barbara Bolles 
Milligan, Mrs. John R. — Carina Eaglesfield 
Milliken, Mrs. Samuel J. — Margaret Davis 
Mlllner, Mrs. H. Victor — Mary Payne 
Mills, Mrs. Allison S.— Elizabeth Hurlock 
Mills, Mrs. George A. — Roberta Walker 
Mills, Mrs. Gordon E. — Margaret Catterall 
Mills, Mrs. H. A. — Addie Campbell 
Mills, Mrs. L. B. — Elizabeth Pickett 
Mills, Mrs. Orla A. — Gertrude Jones 
Mills, Mrs. Phillip — Grace Hargraves 
Mills, Mrs. Schuyler — Dorothy Wilcox 
Mills, Mrs. Stanley — Jessie Heaton 
Milton, Mrs. Robert — Mary Moore 
Mllwee, Mrs. W. I. — Margaret Covington 
Minks, Mrs. Merle — Mary Gregg 
Minor, Mrs. John B. — Genevieve Ray 
MInty, Mrs. John — Rtith Sheldon 
Mitchell, Mrs. George F. — Lily Wallace 
Mitchell, Mrs. Harbour — Olivia 

Mitchell, Mrs. Henry D. — Helen Dunleavy 
Mitchell, Mrs. Wm. C. — Janet Miller 
Mixson, Mrs. Harry — Katherine Oglesby 
Mobley, Mrs. Joseph D. — Susan Durrett 
Mockridge, Mrs. Oscar A., Jr. — Georgie 

Moehs, Mrs. Rudolf J. — Mary Grant 
Moffat, Mrs. John H. — Mabel Hertz 
Moister, Mrs. R. W., Jt.—Jean Gilbert 
Molster, Mrs. Wm. A. — Gertrude Anderson 
Monaghan, Mrs. James J. — Helen Coleman 
Moncure, Mrs. John — Douglas Parker 
Mongold, Mrs. George — Nell Winship 
Monhoff, Mrs. Frederic — Hildegarde Planner 
Monroe, Mrs. H. Stokes, Jr. — Martha 

Monroe, Mrs. Wm. B., Jr. — Elizabeth 

Montague, Mrs. Hill, Jr. — Katharine Minor 
Montague, Mrs. Wm. L. — Mildred Moon 
Montgomery, Mrs. Catherine M. — Catherine 

Montgomery, Mrs. Charles W., Jr. — Vive 

Montgomery, Mrs. Ford — Nancy 

Montgomery, Mrs. George — Helen Guthrie 
Montgomery, Mrs. Robert L. — Alcthea Towell 
Montgomery, Mrs. Wm. M. — Marion 

Monthan, Mrs. George R. — Cornelia English 
Moodey, Mrs. C. Russell — Genevieve Elsfun 
Moon, Mrs. Warren D. — Elizabeth Fox 
Moore, Mrs. Alexander T., Jr. — Alice Shirley 
Moore, Mrs. Alfred C. — Clara Nicol 
Moore, Mrs. Beverly G. — Irene Mitchell 
Moore, Mrs. Dallas — Ellen Farrar 
Moore, Mrs. Edward L. — Mary Golden 
Moore, Mrs. Ferdinand — Mar-y Herd 
Moore, Mrs. Frank S. — Margaret Morrison 
Moore, Mrs. Frederic P., 11 — Jane Gregory 
Moore, Mrs. Herbert H., Jr. — Antoinette 

Moore, Mrs. J. Turner, Jr. — Mary Gaul 
Moore, Mrs. James B., Jr. — Lois Foster 


Moore, Mrs. James O. — fane Morrison 
Moore, Mrs. Jonathan, Jr. — Mary Brown 
Moore, Mrs. Milton G. — Mary Tandy 
Moore, Mrs. Robert P. — Katryne Blake 
Moore, Mrs. Roderick D. — Virginia Tabb 
Moore, Mrs. Roger P. — Mary Adams 
Moore, Mrs. Thomas — Emma Green 
Moore, Mrs. Thomas J. — Anne Brenaman 
Moore, Mrs. Tom, Jr. — Sarah Temple 
Moore, Mrs. Wesley F. — Kathryn Peyion 
Moorefield, Mrs. Charles — Louise Crawford 
Moose, Mrs. J. D., Jr. — Christine Reinvaldt 
Moose, Mrs. Wm. R., Jr. — Marjorie Sturges 
Morehead, Mrs. Robert P. — Dorothy Myers 
Moreno, Mrs. John A. — Stiiart Groner 
Morfit, Mrs. T. Garrison — Eleanor Little 
Morgan, Mrs. E. Austin — Elizabeth Stone 
Morgan, Mrs. Frank P. — Lila Olin 
Morgan, Mrs. Howard G. — Muriel Letts 
Morgan, Mrs. L. Howard — Alice Harrold 
Morgan, Mrs. Lewis S. — Lelia Lassiter 
Morgan, Mrs. Thomas S. — Mia Hecht 
Morley, Mrs. John L. — Katherine McCallum 
Morlidge, Mrs. John B., Jr. — Virginia 

Van Winkle 
Morreli, Mrs. Donald C. — Elizabeth Hammer 
Morris, Mrs. Douglas H. — Barbara Briggs 
Morris, Mrs. Edward — Louise Casey 
Morris, Mrs. George, Jr. — Caroline Hogue 
Morrisette, Mrs. Harry — ]ean Old 
Morrison, Mrs. David S. — Virginia Mencken 
Morrison, Mrs. Harold — Sterling Milne 
Morrison, Mrs. Marvin B. — Jennie Lehinann 
Morrison, Mrs. Robert D. — Margaret West 
Morrow, Mrs. Tarlton — Lillian Francis 
Morrow, Mrs. Wm. E., Jr. — ]ane Clarke 
Morse, Mrs. Annie W. — Annie Wilkinson 
Morse, Mrs. Guilford — Isobel Barton 
Morse, Mrs. Walter H. — Elvira Whitehead 
Morton, Mrs. F. H. — Mary Wailes 
Morton, Mrs. Jeremiah — Elizabeth West 
Moser, Mrs. John H. — Mary Rogers 
Moses, Mrs. George H. — Aiine Webb 
Mosher, Mrs. Edgar D. — Emma Haller 
Moss, Mrs. Howard — Helen Nice 
Moss, Mrs. James A. — Julia Benner 
Moss, Mrs. Raymond F. — Eleanor Trimble 
Moss, Mrs. W. Robinson — Ada Tyler 
Mott, Mrs. John C. — Myrtle Alston 
Motter, Mrs. Jack C, Jr. — Gretchen Critz 
Moulder, Mrs. James H.— Ro//e Wells 
Mount, Mrs. Wadsworth W. — Doris Ogden 
Mountain, Mrs. Wm. W. — Dorothea McClure 
Mountcastle, Mrs. Frank F. — Florence Bodine 
Mowry, Mrs. Harold — Nina Wiley 
Mueller, Mrs. Richard — Anne Oivens 
Mueller, Mrs. Hans F. — Laura Portmann 
Muir, Mrs. Boyce K.— Ellen Owen 
Mulr, Mrs. Jasper — Frances Puckett 
Muldaur, Mrs. Charles E. — Alice Jones 
Mullally, Mrs. Charles h.— Elizabeth Sloan 
Mullen, Mrs. Sutton, Jr. — Rosemary Newby 
MuUer, Mrs. George W., ]r.— Emily Bo^ven 
Muller, Mrs. Walter B. — Maria Gasset 
Muller-Thvm, Mrs. Harold T.— Grace Bngg 
MuUican, Mrs. John A. — Eleanor Calwell 
Mulligan, Mrs. Minot C.—Mary Christian 

Mulligan, Mrs. Thomas P. — Julia Horner 
MuUinix, Mrs. Allen T. — Helen Smith 
Mullins, Mrs. Wm. S.—Elise Bowen 
Munger, Mrs. L. P.— Rose McDavid 
Munschauer, Mrs. Frederick E., Jr. — Harriet 

Munz, Mrs. Wm. C. — Marion Murphy 
Murchison, Mrs. David R., Jr. — Charlotte 

Murdock, Mrs. Donald — Dorothy Allen 
Murdock, Mrs. Wm. P. — Lois Richardson 
Murell, Mrs. T. E. — Lillian Bowman 
Murphey, Mrs. Reid S. — Valeria Gott 
Murphy, Mrs. Arthur G. — Jane Marquardt 
Murphy, Mrs. Robert A. — Margaret Eaton 
Murphy, Mrs. Wm. T. — Katherine Griffith 
Murray, Mrs. James S., Jr. — Marion Mann 
Murray, Mrs. John R. — Mary Carter 
Murray, Mrs. W. Boiling — Mildred Thomson 
Murray, Mrs. Robert Wm. — Sterling Nettles 
MurreUj Mrs. Dandridge L. — Margaret Lloyd 
Murrefl, Mrs. R. W. — Ruth Hancock 
Murrell, Mrs. Thomas W. — Jane Goolrick 
Murrin, Mrs. James G. — Willetta Dolle 
Murtha, Mrs. Edward — Mary Clemens 
Musick, Mrs. John W. — Frances Darden 
Musser, Mrs. George Wm. — Julia Daugherty 
Mussler, Mrs. Malcolm E. — Selma Brandt 
Myer, Mrs. Thomas L. — Betty Gaines 
Myers, Mrs. A. Nelson — Jessie Hall 
Myers, Mrs. Barney T. — Alice Smith 
Myers, Mrs. Charles F. — Rebecca Wright 
Myers, Mrs. Donald — Claire Logie 
Myers, Mrs. Frank G. — Carolyn Hagen 
Myers, Mrs. George — Lelia Sawyer 
Myers, Mrs. Frederick C. — Lconie Dewis 
Myers, Mrs. Henry S. — Eiigenia Ware 

Nadzo, Mrs. Marion — Marion Sommers 
Nagel, Mrs. Henry — Doris Johnson 
Naquin, Mrs. Howard — Mary Miller 
Nash, Mrs. Abner — Rachel Ferguson 
Nash, Mrs. E. Strudwick, Jr. — Adela 

Nathan, Mrs. Sidney R. — Betty Green 
Nau, Mrs. Walter — Christine Brown 
Neal, Mrs. Thomas D., Jr. — Jtilia Jerman 
Neel, Mrs. Daniel — Helen Wilkinson 
Neely, Mrs. Rodgers — Katharine Meam 
Neese, Mrs. Robert S. — Katherine Steil 
NefF, Mrs. Arthur — Ruth Core 
Neidlinger, Mrs. Lloyd K. — Marion Walker 
Neighbors, Mrs. Dewitt — Marjorie Stone 
Neil, Mrs. Wm. B. — Laura Dickie 
Neill, Mrs. Charles L., Jr. — Mary McCallum 
Neill, Mrs. John E. — Mary Doucett 
Neiman, Mrs. Morris — Helen Lamfrom 
Nelms, Mrs. Henrv C. — Josephine Proctor 
Nelms, Mrs. Nowell D. — Virginia Newsom 
Nelson, Mrs. Benjamin — Marjorie Spalding 
Nelson, Mrs. Bruce K. — Lotiise Moore 
Nelson, Mrs. Edwin K., Jr. — Phyllis 

Nelson, Mrs. Francis K., Jr. — Dorothy Goode 
Nelson, Mrs. George — Mary Nixon 
Nelson, Mrs. Harry L. — Elizabeth MacQueen 


Nelson, Mrs. J. L. — Aytne Brinson 
Nelson, Mrs. Karl }.— Elizabeth Schmeisser 
Nelson,, Mrs. T. E. — Laura Wheeler 
Nelson, Mrs. Tom — Dorothy Leatham 
Nelson, Mrs. Willis J.. ■jr.—Adehiide Smith 
Nesbitc, Mrs. Tracy S.— Alice Webb 
Nettles, Mrs. Joseph E. — Virginia Davies 
Neumeister, Mrs. Carl — Hildegard Jung 
Nevans, Mrs. Charles L. — Marjorie French 
Nevins, Mrs. John C. — Helen Babcock 
Newberry, Mrs. Williard D. — Frances Neville 
Newcomb, Mrs. Nelson — Jane Shoesmith 
Newdoerfer, Mrs. John L. — Mary V arner 
Newell, Mrs. Wade K. — Virginia Brown 
Newhall, Mrs. Donald N. — Betty Goff 
Newlin, Mrs. John ^.—Theda Sherman 
Newton, Mrs. Blake T. — Anne Walker 
Newton, Mrs. James E. — Genevieve Black 
Newton, Mrs. James M. — Margaret Preston 
Ney, Mrs. Joseph — Carol Straus 
Nicholas, Mrs. John — Mary Gwinn 
Nichols, Mrs. Clyde Wilson — Emily Marsh 
Nichols, Mrs. E. T., Ill— Mar-v Hayden 
Nichols, Mrs. Ira C. — Elizabeth Matthew 
Nichols, Mrs. Winfield T.— Ellen Brown 
Nicholson, Mrs. Charles T., Jr. — Jaccjuelin 

Nicholson, Mrs. Ralph — Ruth Wolf 
Nicholson, Mrs. Wm. B. — Nancy Kane 
Nickerson, Mrs. Charley C. — Lucy 

Nicodemus, Mrs. Gordon K. — Elizabeth Staley 
Niebergall, Mrs. Margaret — Margaret Schmidt 
Nielsen, Mrs. Henry L. — Patricia Jenney 
Nielsen, Mrs. V. Gilbert — Margaret Young 
Nietsch, Mrs. Erich — Sarah Hollerith 
Nilson, Mrs. Stanley E. — Eugenia Sims 
Nix, Mrs. Milton A. — Ruth Pickham 
Nixon, Mrs. Gwinn — Nora Fortson 
Nobbe, Mrs. Edward — Martha Johnson 
Noble, Mrs. Dore — Geraldine Dore 
Noell, Mrs. Charles E., Jr. — Lossie Taylor 
Nohowel, Mrs. Margaret D. — Margaret 

Nokes, Mrs. John M. — Anna Fawcus 
Noland, Mrs. Harris — Elizabeth Hagan 
Nolen, Mrs. George M. — Adele Lowry 
Nolen, Mrs. H. C. — Catherine Wilson 
Noll, Mrs. Wm. F. — Louise Konsherg 
Nolt, Mrs. Leroy H. — Anne Schiitte 
Nolting, Mrs. Frederick E., Jr. — Olivia 

Norfleet, Mrs. Fillmore — Elizabeth Copeland 
Norment, Mrs. Edward D. — Margaret High 
Norris, Mrs. James B. — Susalee Beher 
Norris, Mrs. John L. — Margaret Stvann 
Norris, Mrs. Lynn — Marie Archibald 
Northam, Mrs. Jack C. — Mary Walker 
Northrup, Mrs. Richard — Barbara Beistle 
Norton, Mrs. Charles W. — Mary McClintock 
Norton, Mrs. Robert D. — Louise Smith 
Norvell, Mrs. W. E., ]t.— Martha Tillman 
Now! and, Mrs. Roger L. — Rosaline 

Nowland, Mrs. Wm. B. — Nancy Massingill 
Null, Mrs. Claude — Frances Eoff 

Nunez, Mrs. Julio E. — Adeline Taylor 
Nunnally, Mrs. James D. — Martha Ambrose 
Nusbaum, Mrs. Bertram — Cilia Guggenheimer 
Nuzum, Mrs. Russell — Christine Thomas 

Oast, Mrs. Edward L. — Margaret Lockhart 
O'Bannon, Mrs. Whitney — Nancy Eagles 
O'Beirne, Mrs. Edward H., Jr. — Anne Gayle 
O'Connell, Mrs. Harold J., Jr. — Catharine 

O'Connor, Mrs. John D. — Anne Borough 
O'Connor, Mrs. Wm. P., Jr. — Dorothy 

Odom, Mrs. J. R. — Marguerite Shafer 
O'Donnell, Mrs. Edward L., Jr. — Angela 

Oehmig, Mrs. Lou — Mary Kin? 
Oexle, Mrs. Charles W. — Gretchen Hutchinson 
Ogilvie, Mrs. W. Buckner — Carolyn Staman 
O'Hara, Mrs. J. B. — Virginia Lazenby 
O'Holloran, Mrs. Frank — Frances Pettit 
Ohrstrom, Mrs. Richard R. — Mary 

Mure hi son 
Old, Mrs. Wm. T., ]t.— Patricia McMullan 
Oldfield, Mrs. George S. — Dorothy Prince 
Oldham, Mrs. Robert M. — Margaret Powell 
Olin, Mrs. Frank D. — Charlotte Dinsmoor 
Oliver, Mrs. John L. — Elizabeth Pierce 
Oliver, Mrs. Oren A. — Floy Huntley 
Oliver, Mrs. Robert J., II — Laura Nelson 
Oliver, Mrs. Robert L. — Ann Richey 
Oliver, Mrs. Wm. P. — Irene Williams 
Olmstead, Mrs. Wm. F. — Elizabeth Greason 
Olmsted, Mrs. Wm. R., Jr. — Ella Gregory 
Olney, Mrs. Alfred C, Jr. — LaVern McGee 
Olney, Mrs. Elliott — Madelon Shidler 
Olnev, Mrs. James B. — Mary Scully 
Olney, Mrs. Thomas A., Jr. — Mary Shidler 
O'Neal, Mrs. Ben P., Jr. — Margaret Wise 
O'Neal, Mrs. Samuel D. — Bessie McNeer 
O'Neil, Mrs. Emmet — Mary Craft 
Oppenheimer, Mrs. Alan D. — Ruth 

Orand, Mrs. J. B. — Frances Nash 
Orgain, Mrs. lohn B., Jr. — Norvell Royer 
Ormiston, Mrs. Alexander W. — Evelyn Pretlow 
Orr, Mrs. Fritz — Augusta Porter 
Orr, Mrs. Rufus W.— Charlotte Wooten 
Orr, Mrs. Samuel M., Jr. — Catherine Di^gs 
Osborne, Mrs. Robert S. — Catherine Ortel 
O'Shea, Mrs. E. ¥.— Martha Hardesty 
Otis, Mrs. Leon C. — Lucy Shirley 
Ouvrey, Mrs. Lute L. — Abigail Donohue 
Overstreet, Mrs. Edmund W. — Narcissa 

Owen, Mrs. John K. — Frances Baker 
Owen, Mrs. John L. — Elizabeth Saunders 
Owens, Mrs. Hubert B. — Nan Torian 
Owens, Mrs. Marion — Marjorie Bloch 
Owen-Smith, Mrs. H. B. — Helen Brockett 

Pabst, Mrs. Wm. F.—Bergetta Owen 
Packard, Mrs. John E. — Edna Schomaker 
Paddock, Mrs. Hal B. — Margaret Glover 
Page, Mrs. George M. — Van Meter deButts 
Page, Mrs. Louis C, Jr. — Virginia Nalle 


Page, Mrs. Lowell B. — Martha Close 
Page, Mrs. Robert G. — Mary Kent 
Pagenkopp, Mrs. Howard O. — Betty Shuford 
Paine, Mrs. Clarence S. — Ruth Moore 
Pakradooni, Mrs. Dikran S. — Ann Jacobs 
Palmer, Mrs. Alan M. — Barbara Lewis 
Palmer, Mrs. Barton — Ruth Marston 
Palmer, Mrs. Bradford E. — Sara Brown 
Palmer, Mrs. Randolph — Sara Moore 
Palmer, Mrs. Roy, Jr. — Jessica Donati 
Palmer, Mrs. S. Copeland, Jr. — Vivian Plumb 
Palmer, Mrs. T. L. — Helen Mathews 
Palmer, Mrs. W. Howard — Margaret Hite 
Panama, Mrs. Norman — Marcis Engel 
Parham, Mrs. Russell J. — Eliza Lewis 
Parish, Mrs. Walter A., Jr. — Marion Robbins 
Park, Mrs. Houston S., Jr. — Ellen Snodgrass 
Parker, Mrs. Douglas S. — Virginia Barba 
Parker, Mrs. Earr^est L. — Lois Thacker 
Parker, Mrs. Francis L — Mary Booth 
Parker, Mrs. Franklin P. — Katharine Niles 
Parker, Mrs. H. Maxwell — Frances Venable 
Parker, Mrs. John C, Jr. — Alice Dabney 
Parkhurst, Mrs. F. Ellsworth, Jr. — Elsie 

Parkhurst, Mrs. Irving W. — Dorothy Copeland 
Parks, Mrs. Leon C. — Marjorie Atlee 
Parrett, Mrs. Gaylord S. — Barbara Searles 
Parrish, Mrs. Agnes C. — Agnes Craven 
Parrish, Mrs. Roy E., Jr. — Elizabeth Lanier 
Parrott, Mrs. Marion A. — Lillian West 
Parsly, Mrs. L. Fuller — Hester Anderson 
Parsons, Mrs. H. L. — Jennie Ross 
Parsons, Mrs. Tarlton — Eleanor Flournoy 
Paterson, Mrs. James J. — Marion Crane 
Patneau, Mrs. Robert A. — Dorothy Young 
Patten, Mrs. Z. Lupton — Mary Sanford 
Patterson, Mrs. Eugene F. — Alpine Martin 
Patterson, Mrs. Fred G. — Julia Shirley 
Patterson, Mrs. Jere — Betty Muggleton 
Patterson, Mrs. John W. — Julia Ventulett 
Patterson, Mrs. Lloyd — Ruth Swan 
Patterson, Mrs. Robert F. — Gladys Saul 
Patterson, Mrs. Shephard H. — Emily Notman 
Patterson, Mrs. Wm. B. — Eleanor Miller 
Patton, Mrs. Hugh M. — Margaret Richardson 
Patton, Mrs. John A., Jr. — Catherine Allison 
Patton, Mrs. M. M. — Mary Judd 
Paul, Mrs. Charles — Fanny Welch 
Payne, Mrs. Bertram C. — Nancy Singleton 
Payne, Mrs. Clifford — Edna Shunk 
Payne, Mrs. Frances D. — Frances Dean 
Payne, Mrs. John B., Jr. — Charkne Steele 
Payne, Mrs. John M. — Pauline Langford 
Peach, Mrs. Robert E. — Martha Clark 
Peacock, Mrs. Donald E. — Julia Ridgely 
Peake, Mrs. J. H. C. — Barbara Bull 
Pearre, Mrs. A. Austin — Mary Gould 
Pearson, Mrs. Clyde — Ida Adams 
Pearson, Mrs. John V. — Mary Welles 
Peary, Mrs. Wm. A.— Kathleen Willis 
Pease, Mrs. Dwight A., Jr. — Joan Mallory 
Peck, Mrs. C. Elliott— Haze/ Roberts 
Peckham, Mrs. Robert S. — Ahia Hall 
Peddie, Mrs. Harrison — En7ily Hoagland 
Peebles, Mrs. Herbert H. — Mar]orie Kay 
Peeples, Mrs. Julian M. — Jane Culbertson 

Peek, Mrs. Cecil Mel.— Margaret Taylor 
Peery, Mrs. Samuel C, ]T.—Aylette Henry 
Peltier, Mrs. Paul J., jr.— Edna Syska 
Peques, Mrs. Marlborough— S/^a/ee Belser 
Pence, Mrs. Robert E.— Margaret Dunbar 
Pender, Mrs. John — Mary Gibbon 
Pendergrass, Mrs. R. W. — Eleanor Haley 
Pendleton, Mrs. Miles— L7u-ille Bond 
Pennington, Mrs. J. Glenn— L/7/w« Lambert 
Perkins. Mrs. J. ¥.—Lois Allen 
Perkins, Mrs. Joseph M. — Hannah Mallory 
Perkins, Mrs. Wm. — Julia Eagles 
Perkinson, Mrs. Tom G. — Amelia Hewlett 
Perrot, Madame Maurice — Marcelle 

Perry, Mrs. John T.— Cecil Herr 
Perry, Mrs. Ray P., Jr. — Margaret Eggers 
Perry, Mrs. Robert E. — Marjorie Peggs 
Perry, Mrs. Thomas E. — Lucille Tolin 
Perry, Mrs. W. D.— Emily Braswell 
Perry, Mrs. Wm. H., ]i.—D'Arcy Atwater 
Person, Mrs. H. E. — Jane Martin 
Pesek, Mrs. Cyrus P. — Muriel Fossum 
Peters, Mrs. Gerrit — Elizabeth Lewis 
Peters, Mrs. Ralph — Phoebe Rowe 
Peters, Mrs. Russell F. — Eleanor Sikes 
Petersmeyer, Mrs. Charles W. — Frances Gregg 
Peterson, Mrs. A. B. — Clarissa Starling 
Peterson, Mrs. Herbert G. — Mary Judge 
Peterson, Mrs. Israel — Alice Brazelton 
Peterson, Mrs. Martin F. — Jean Andrews 
Pethick, Mrs. H. H. — Faye Abraham 
Pettit, Mrs. Donald — Jane Dunlap 
Petty, Mrs. Don G. — Betty Campbell 
Pettyjohn, Mrs. Thomas W. — Mary Hesson 
Pettyjohn, Mrs. Walker, Jr. — Frances Kemp 
Pew, Mrs. Joseph, Jr. — Alberta Hensel 
Peyton, Mrs. Bernard R. — Evelyn Haile 
Pezas, Mrs. Igor A. — Alexandra Marcoglou 
Pfautz, Mrs. John M., Jr. — Margaret Hogue 
Pfister, Mrs. Walter — Helen Jung 
Phelps, Mrs. George E. — Elizabeth O'Keefe 
Phelps, Mrs. Wm.—Mary Elliott 
Phillips, Mrs. C. E., jr.— Catharine Schell 
Phillips, Mrs. Carrington B. — Mary Pope 
Phillips, Mrs. E. K., Jr.— Betty Irvine 
Phillips, Mrs. Frank — Elizabeth Bowley 
Phillips, Mrs. George A. — Janet-Lee Appel 
Phillips, Mrs. Howard T. — Jessie Beavers 
Phillips, Mrs. J. Ormsby — Harriet Pullen 
Phillips, Mrs. James O. — Mary Chilton 
Phillips, Mrs. John J. — Martha Dichl 
Phillips, Mrs. John T. — Virginia Shoop 
Phillips, Mrs. Richard W. — Susanne Landis 
Phinizy, Mrs. Irvine — Katherine Hagler 
Phinney, Mrs. Robert L. — Helen Avery 
Phipps, Mrs. Park — Peggy Engelhard 
Piel, Mrs. David J. — Leila Fellner 
Pierce, Mrs. A. W. — Elizabeth Jackson 
Pierce, Mrs. Henry — Margaret Booth 
Pierce, Mrs. Stewart W. — Ida Tod man 
Pierce, Mrs. W. M. — Maylen Newby 
Piermont, Mrs. Donald K. — Barbara Stern 
Pierson, Mrs. D. K.—Mary Witmer 
Pilcher, Mrs. Gerard E. — Lenora Upton 
Pilkinton, Mrs. Richard B. — Florence Merrill 


Pillsbury, Mrs. Hugh B. — Virginia Noyes 
Pinckney, Mrs. Thomas — Charlotte Kent 
Pingitore, Mrs. Joseph — Margaret Altschul 
Pinnell, Mrs. Charles W., Jr. — Frances Bickers 
Pipes, Mrs. Randolph — Ella King, 
Piplar, Mrs. Charles L. — Cecile Porter 
Pitcher, Mrs. Albert — Frances Richardson 
Pitcher, Mrs. Charles — Vivian Kelly 
Plaksin, Mrs. Moe — Ruth Meyers 
Plamp, Mrs. Raymond — Louise Chapman 
Plater, Countess K. B. — Griselda Deringer 
Piatt, Mrs. Harry T., Jr. — Dorothy DeVore 
Platten, Mrs. Peter — Helen Beaver 
Pleasance, Mrs. G. H. — Grace Anderson 
Pleasant, Mrs. J. T. — Carlotta Peebles 
Pleasants, Mrs. Clifton — Ruth Myers 
Pleasants, Mrs. Joseph L., Jr.-^Edna McGehee 
Plumer, Mrs. Ray B. — Elizabeth Atcheson 
Plummer, Mrs. A. Frank — Elizabeth Higgins 
Poer, Mrs. John R. — Bowdre Budd 
Pogue, Mrs. John G. — Faye Elliott 
Poindexter, Mrs. John E. — Virginia Shackelford 
Poland, Mrs. Addison B. — Florence Shortau 
Polikoff, Mrs. Benet — Margaret New 
Pollak, Mrs. Wm.—Estelle Weslow 
Pollard, Mrs. George F. R. — Catherine Miller 
Pollard. Mrs. James — Caralisa Barry 
Pollitt, Mrs. John Van D. — Martha North 
PoUitt, Mrs. Sam — Agnes Daugherty 
Polster, Mrs. Wm. A.— Ruth Pfingsfen 
Pomeroy, Mrs. Reynolds — Daisy Huffman 
Pond, Mrs. Samuel H. — Helen Sturgis 
Poole, Mrs. Henry L. — Gloria Peniston 
Pope, Mrs. C. Carver — Katherine Phillips 
Pope, Mrs. George — Dorothy Travis 
Pope, Mrs. James R. — Helen Olson 
Poppell, Mrs. Calvin — Betty Burgess 
Porsche, Mrs. Gilbert L. — Mary Higgins 
Porter, Mrs. David — Elizabeth Joy 
Porter, Mrs. James T. — Catherine Tift 
Porteus, Mrs. James — Gertrude Whitemore 
Porzelius, Mrs. Albert F. — Mary demons 
Poston, Mrs. Martha Lee — Martha Lee 
Potter, Mrs. Arthur E., Jr. — Elizabeth Vrabek 
Potter, Mrs. E. Sheldon — Rozelia Hazard 
Potter, Mrs. Herbert R. — Elizabeth Leopold 
Potterfield, Mrs. Thomas G. — Catherine 

Poulton, Mrs. James E. — fanet Sykes 
Powell, Mrs. Ben H., ^r.— Kitty Corbett 
Powell, Mrs. Jack — Hallie Nixon 
Powell, Mrs. J. Brentnall — Mary Moss 
Powell, Mrs. Lewis F., Jr. — Josephine Rucker 
Powell, Mrs. Waldo S. — Susati Mattheivs 
Powers, Mrs. Milton A. — Ejila Day 
Pray, Mrs. Malcolm S. — Frances Parker 
Frentis, Mrs. Morton M., Jr. — Alice Dahm 
Prentiss, Mrs. John G. — Dorothy Brett 
Presba, Mrs. Will B. — Jean Countryvtan 
Prescott, Mrs. Henry — Delphine Norton 
Pressly, Mrs. James B. — Florence Gillem 
Preston, Mrs. Joseph S. — Lelia Bond 
Preston, Mrs. W. Ballard — Lelia Dew 
Price, Mrs. Francis — Cynthia Vaughn 
Price, Mrs. J. Bain, ^r.— Katherine Owens 
Price, Mrs. Tohn H. — Lucy MacKenzie 
Price, Mrs. Karl R. — Margaret Craighill 

Price, Mrs. Samuel T. — Eleanor Wallace 
Price, Mrs. Stanley P. — Dorothea Hutchings 
Prichard, Mrs. Edgar A. — Nancy McCandlish 
Prince, Mrs. Charles L. — Louisa Grace 
Prince, Mrs. Chester H. — Marjorie Couper 
Prince, Mrs. Robert M.— Elizabeth Sherk 
Pritchard, Mrs. Frank R. — Gillette Hilton 
Pritchard, Mrs. Robert — Mary Harman 
Proctor, Mrs. Harry E. — Margaret Weisiger 
Prosch, Mrs. W. R.—Yalena Grgitsch 
Prothero, Mrs. John — Barbara Yohn 
Prothero, Mrs. Wilson — Amia Hall 
Prothro, Mrs. Charles — Elizabeth Perkins 
Pugh, Mrs. Carl, Jr. — Nancy Gilbert 
Purdue, Mrs. Robert A. — Barbara Munter 
Purse, Mrs. Robert P., Jr. — Mary Jones 
Purviance, Mrs. Harmon M. — Elizabeth Lesser 
Putnam, Mrs. Otto A. — Sarah Rick 

Ouarles, Mrs. Henry — Elizabeth Voigt 
Quarterman, Mrs. Keith A. — Nell Leiper 
Quinn, Mrs. Wm. Y. — Barbara Briggs 

Rabb, Mrs. Wm. P. — Marie Rogers 
Rabe, Mrs. J. W.—Ruth Theiss 
Rackley, Mrs. Wayne — Pasqueline Baker 
Radford, Mrs. Osborne K. — Minnie Bell 
Rag, Mrs. Victor, Jr. — Jane Gayle 
Ragin, Mrs. Wm. C, Jr. — Ethel Young 
Ragland, Mrs. Stuart, Jr. — Anne Jackson 
Ragland, Mrs. Wm. McK. — Betty Johnson 
Rainier, Mrs. John K. — Hannah Wright 
Ramey, Mrs. Thomas B. — Cordelia Stacy 
Ramsay, Mrs. Claude — Mary Henderson 
Ramsay, Mrs. Harry A. — Elizabeth Saunders 
Ramsay, Mrs. John E. — Jean Ferrter 
Ramsay, Mrs. Mary J. — Mary Jones 
Ramsour, Mrs. Bart J. — Shirley Coombs 
Ramspeck, Mrs. Sarah S. — Sarah Sheffield, 
Rand, Mrs. Dallas — Harriet Williams 
Rand, Mrs. Kenan — Sims Massee 
Randolph, Mrs. Reunah F. — Nancy Howard 
Range, Mrs. Carl E. — Margaret Huxley 
Ranken, Mrs. Wm. — Margaret Caperton 
Raoul, Mrs. Norman — Frances Sholar 
Raphael, Mrs. Alan H. — Rita Silberstetn 
Rash, Mrs. Vincent R. — Vincent Roberts 
Rasmussen, Mrs. Emma F. — Emma Baker 
Rathbun, Mrs. Henry T. — Sheilah Moore 
Ratliff, Mrs. Wm. T., Jr. — Shirley Gunter 
Ravenel, Mrs. James J. — Dorothy Wallace 
Ravenscroft, Mrs. Kent — Catherine Mitchell 
Rawlings, Mrs. J. Mott — Lanra Boynton 
Ray, Mrs. George L, Jr. — Katherine Hallett 
Ray, Mrs. John H. — Harriet Brown 
Ray, Mrs. L. S. — Julia LeHardy 
Raymond, Mrs. Wm. J. — Helen James 
Rayne, Mrs. F. W. — Annie Foster 
Rea, Mrs. Frederic W. — Virginia Cooke 
Read, Mrs. Conyers — Evelyn Plummer 
Reading, Mrs. Wm. D. — Margaret Garry 
Reading, Mrs. Windell G. — Katherine Waddle 
Reager, Mrs. Harry, Jr. — Louise Jones 
Reams, Mrs. Bernard L. — Ann Morrison 
Reardon, Mrs. Patrick H. — Maxine Robison 
Reaves, Mrs. E. Billingsworth — Elizabeth Smith 


Reckard, Mrs. Wm. O. — Anne Van Bibber 
Rector, Mrs. Wm. F. — Eleanor Townsend 
Red, Mrs. David D. — Ellen Robbins 
Redd, Mrs. Uhland, ]r.— Ellen Mitchell 
Redmond, Mrs. Lee R., Jr. — Mary McDujfie 
Reed, Mrs. Carroll "W.— Helen Hibberd 
Reed, Mrs. Everett — Cayolyn Hansen 
Reed, Mrs. G. Findlay — Dorothy Benzinger 
Reed, Mrs. Josiah F. — Anna Wills 
Reed, Mrs. T. W.—Edna Jones 
Reed, Mrs. Walter — Elizabeth Bryce 
Reed, Mrs. Walter — Nell Dearborn 
Reed, Mrs. Wellford C— Elizabeth Lexvis 
Reese, Mrs. Evan C. — Ruth Cross 
Reeves, Mrs. Joseph L. — Marjorie Thomas 
Reeves, Mrs. Theodore — Doris Thompson 
Regen, Mrs. Kelsey — Jocelyn Watson 
Reichardt, Mrs. Alcyone — Alcyone Mantor 
Reichers, Mrs. Philip S. — Alleyne Grimmer 
Reid, Mrs. Daniel G. — Martha Titterington 
Reid, Mrs. Walter L. — Marion Sim 
Reif, Mrs. Ernest C. — Bernice Thompson 
Reigler, Mrs. Harry W. — L2icile Mills 
Reinheimer, Mrs. Frederick S. — Barbara Earl 
Reller, Mrs. Walter H. — Inez Skillern 
Rembert, Mrs. Russell P. — Ann Gladney 
Remington, Mrs. Malcolm M. — Anne Moore 
Renfro, Mrs. R. B. — Dorothy Davidson 
Reuter, Mrs. Donald — Elizabeth Zulick 
Rex, Mrs. Daniel F. — Emory Hill 
Reydel, Mrs. Charles V. — Louise Lembeck 
Reynolds, Mrs. Harrison — Mary West-water 
Reynolds, Mrs. Jasper A. — Mary Macdonald 
Reynolds, Mrs. John M. — Nancy Davis 
Reynolds, Mrs. Morgan — Isabel Wade 
Reynolds, Mrs. R. ].— Elizabeth Dillard 
Rhett, Mrs. Alston P. — Mildred Thornton 
Rhett,, Mrs. Robert G., Jr. — Mildred Bobb 
Rice, Mrs. Julian A., Jr. — Mary Ward 
Rice, Mrs. Lincoln P. — Mary Hudgins 
Richard, Mrs. Anthony H., Jr. — Beverh 

Richard, Mrs. O. J. — Alice Bigelow 
Richards, Mrs. E. E.— Doris Kendall 
Richards, Mrs. Stanley H. — Elizabeth Mason 
Richards, Mrs. Wm. V., Jr. — Elizabeth Hooks 
Richardson, Mrs. Edwin W. — Daisy Billiard 
Richardson, Mrs. Harry L., Jr. — Mary Carter 
Richardson, Mrs. J. Buist, Jr. — Mary Fort 
Richardson, Mrs. James B. — Louise Beadles 
Richardson, Mrs. L. M. — Linda Boyle 
Richardson, Mrs. Robert W. — Mary Wilson 
Richmond, Mrs. Howard — Polly Foe 
Rickards, Mrs. Everingham — Frances Murrell 
Riddle, Mrs. Royce D. — Helen McKemie 
Riddle, Mrs. Sydney — Pauline Darnell 
Ridenhour, Mrs. Wm. L. — Elizabeth Burks 
Ridge, Mrs. Jack R. — Jerre Flack 
Ridgley, Mrs. A. G. — Dora Tracy 
Ridier, Mrs. Egrl S. — Mary Bissell 
Riehl, Mrs. Ralph R., ]r.— Susan van Cleve 
Riese, Mrs. Albert H.. Jr. — ]oan M\<ers 
Riggs, Mrs. David R. — Viargaret Fuller 
Riiey, Mrs. George H. — Marjorie Bell 
Rinehart, Mrs. Hollis, ]r.— Hathaway Wright 
Rinehart, Mrs. Rodger — Torrance Redd 

Rinehart, Airs. Theodore — Betty Frazier 
Riseley, Mrs. Wm. E. — Rebecca Martin 
Ritenour, Mrs. H. Eugene — Margaret Lynn 
Rixey, Mrs. Barbour — Mary Cornick 
Rixey, Mrs. Eppa, Jr. — Dorothy Meyers 
Rixey, Mrs. Franklyn S. — Norma Gordon 
Rixey, Mrs. John F. — Patricia Traugott 
Roach, Mrs. Henry D. — Patricia Potter 
Robb, Mrs. Joseph A., Jr. — Elizabeth Bryant 
Robbins, Mrs. Buckley C. — Esther Dickinson 
Robbins, Mrs. Edward D. — Virginia Wilson 
Robbins, Mrs. E. Freeman — Maude Taylor 
Robbins, Mrs. Raymond — Ruth Richards 
Roberson, Mrs. O. H. — Helen Persise 
Robert, Mrs. Willis ].—]ean Trant 
Roberts, Mrs. Cavett — Gertriide Buist 
Roberts, Mrs. Edward H. — Esther Hill 
Roberts, Mrs. H. L — Woodis Finch 
Roberts, Mrs. Howland S. — Dorothy Price 
Roberts, Mrs. Jack D. — Doris Ballard 
Roberts, Mrs. Melvin — ]ean Lydecker 
Roberts, Mrs. Thomas C. — Ada Denton 
Roberts, Mrs. T. W. — Betty Frantz 
Robertson, Mrs. Corbin J. — Wilhelmina 

Robertson, Mrs. James S. — Dorothy Grote 
Robertson, Mrs. Lake — Ruth Boettcher 
Robertson, Mrs. Robert E. — Mar-y Rich 
Robertson, Mrs. Thomas H. — Mary Barrett 
Robeson, Mrs. David E. — Jane Mitchell 
Robinson, Mrs. Alexander C. IV — Patricia 

Robinson, Mrs. A. D. — Ruth Armistead 
Robinson, Mrs. Franklin E. — Virginia Vernor 
Robinson, Mrs. John M. — Constance Rodman 
Robinson, Mrs. John M., Jr. — Lindsay Coon 
Robinson, Mrs. Kip — Betty Clapp 
Robinson, Mrs. Lewis S. — Jean Walker 
Robinson, Mrs. Lusk F. — Ruth Beach 
Robinson, Mrs. Martha — Martha Gordy 
Robinson, Mrs. Norman — Dorothy Job 
Robinson, Mrs. Orme — Eloise Orme 
Robinson, Mrs. Robert W. — Mary Pethick 
Robinson, Mrs. Walter R., Jr. — Marguerite 

Roblln, Mrs. Nelly E. Wood— Nelly Ehinann 
Rockaway, Mrs. John D. — Dorothy Hussey 
Rockwood, Mrs. Clyde — Margaret Fish 
Rodda, Mrs. E. Dwight — Anne Carroll 
Roehm, Mrs. Frank F. — Helen Hoffccker 
Roesch, Mrs. Karl A. — Esther Drodge 
Rogers, Mrs. Clarence B. — Mary Clark 
Rogers, Mrs. John C, Jr.— Sally Walke 
Rogers, Mrs. Robert W. — Rosemary Frey 
Rogers, Mrs. Thomas — Katherine Bruce 
Rogers, Mrs. Van K. — Wilburn Hampton 
Rogers, Mrs. W. H.— Stella Medlin 
Rohrer, Mrs. Richard P. — Susan Hager 
Rollow, Mrs. Tom '&.— Helen Keys 
Ronstadt, Mrs. Gilbert — Ruth Copeman 
Rooney, Mrs. O. A. — Ray Davenport 
Roonev, Mrs. Roderick S. — Mary Spear 
Roosevelt, Mrs. George E. — Mildred Cobb 
Rosemond, Mrs. St. JuWen— Alice Estill 
Rosen, Mrs. Martin L. — Doris Brody 
Rosenberger, Mrs. George S., Jr. — Mary Holt 


Ross, Mrs. George W., Jr. — Lo?dse Harued 
Ross, Mrs. John F. — Evelyn Bye 
Ross, Mrs. Robert P. — Barbara Furbnsh 
Ross, Mrs. T. M. — Catharine Tonsmiere 
Ross, Mrs. Walter M. — Virginia McGehee 
Roth, Mrs. John E., Jr. — Joan De Yore 
Roth, Mrs. Paul K., Jr. — Barbara Burr 
Rotnem, Mrs. Ralph A. — Alma Martin 
Roughton, Mrs. Emery — Grace Wagner 
Roulette, Mrs. George E. — Annie Haynes 
Rounds, Mrs. David E. — Helen O'Brein 
Roundtree, Mrs. Wm. A. — Doris Berry 
Rountrey, Mrs. Wm. C. — Lillian Simmons 
Rourke, Mrs. Clifford S. — Mary Morrison 
Rowan, Mrs. James P. — Margaret Johnston 
Rowe, Mrs. Carter R. — Mary Moore 
Rowe, Mrs. W. E. — Frances Douglas 
Rowland, Mrs. Charles C. — Louise Frank 
Roy, Mrs. Wm. A. — Jacqueline Mott 
Royce, Mrs. Donald — Laura Roberts 
Royster, Mrs. Beverly S., ]r.^Elizabeth Page 
Rudd, Mrs. F. V. — Julia Nelson 
Ruddell, Mrs. Warren T. — Frances Morrison 
Rudolph, Mrs. John — Mary Garber 
RuflSn, Mrs. J. A.— Mary Saunders 
Ruffin, Mrs. Peter B. — Virginia Bellamy 
RufiSn, Mrs. Wm. — Josephine Kluttz 
Rumberger, Mrs. T. G. — Julia Wilkins 
Rump, Mrs. Ellis S., Jr. — Anne Hynson 
Runge, Mrs. Julius H. — Lucy Morris 
Runge, Mrs. Margaret— Mtfr,?are/ Spengel 
Runkle, Mrs. Harry N. — Jeanne Buzby 
Runyon, Mrs. Henrv W., Jr. — Margaret Green 
Rusk, Mrs. Stanley W., Jr. — Elizabeth Moore 
Russell, Mrs. Hugh L. — Hallie Everett 
Russell, Mrs. James L. — Velma Armistead 
Rust, Mrs. Armistead D. — Sarah Jester 
Rutherfoord, Mrs. Julian H., Jr. — Mary Moore 
Rutherford, Mrs. Evan W. — Suzanne Wilson 
Rutherford, Mrs. Frank S. — Ethel Ware 
Rutherford, Mrs. Raymond H. — Mary Holt 
Rutledge, Mrs. Richard E. — Ei'elyn Pretlaw 
Ryan, Mrs. Royal W. — Ruth Dnrrell 

Sahol, Mrs. G. J. — Lucile Johnson 
Salmon, Mrs. Wm. A. — Priscilla Rhodes 
Saltz, Mrs. J. E. — Mary Burks 
Salzberg, Mrs. Arnold M. — Muriel Abrash 
Sammons, Mrs. J. C. — Frances Rowse 
Sample, Mrs. Hugh — Uarda Garrett 
Sampson, Mrs. James R. — Frances Gatchel 
Samson, Mrs. Robert F. — Elsie McCarthy 
Sanders, Mrs. B. Lynn, Jr. — Mary Ferguson 
Sanders, Mrs. Marion S. — Caroline Sharpe 
Sanders, Mrs. Walter L., Jr. — Ellen Eskridge 
Sandifer, Mrs. Wm. S., Jr. — Agnes Cleveland 
Sands, Mrs. Wm. W.— Elizabeth Ogilby 
Sarbey, Mrs. M. D. — Rosalia Feder 
Sargeant, Mrs. F. Sheldon — JLavinia Ragland 
Sargeant, Mrs. Howland H. — Sarah Ward 
Sartor, Mrs. Emmett A., Jr. — Jean Oliver 
Sartor, Mrs. Lane — Gloria Sanderson 
Sauer, Mrs. Conrad F., Tr. — Margaret 

Saunders, Mrs. Eugene D. — Elizabeth Wall 
Saunders, Mrs. T- Roy — Annie Taylor 
Saunders, Mrs. Thomas W. — Ei'elyn Ware 

Savage, Mrs. John J. — Jean Gelein 
Sawyer, Mrs. John P. — Mary Jane Geyer 
Saylqr, Mrs. Henry B. — Jessie Dixon 
Scales, Mrs. James B. — Mildred Ellis 
Scales, Mrs. Joseph H., Jr. — Roselle Faulconer 
Scannell, Mrs. Robert H. — Fanny Ellsworth 
Schade, Mrs. Stanley G. — Charlotte Marks 
Schanz, Mrs. John M. — Jeanette Hoppinger 
Scheetz, Mrs. John F. — Sara Harrison 
Schell, Mrs. John E., Jr. — Serena Motter 
Scheer, Mrs. Joseph W., Jr. — Mildred Bushey 
Schiebel, Mrs. Herman M. — Barbara Fish 
Schilling, Mrs. Arthur Y. — Margaret Moore 
Schiltges, Mrs. John Wm. — Margaret Becker 
Schirmacher, Mrs. E. H. — Dorothy Wood 
Schively, Mrs. Yale R. — Helen Nicholson 
Schlendorf, Mrs. John W. — Alice McCloskey 
Schley, Mrs. Richard L. — Marjorie Christian 
Schmidt, Mrs. George A., Jr. — Elisabeth Cox 
Schmidt, Mrs. W. Clark — Margaret Cornwell 
Schmoeller, Mrs. Clyde — Harriet Hazen 
Schneider, Mrs. Charles — Francoise Yoe 
Schneider, Mrs. J. M., Jr. — Frances Sellars 
Schneider, Mrs. T. E. — Virginia Stanbery 
Schnur, Mrs. James C. — Dorothy Converse 
Schoen, Mrs. Gerard A. — Margaret Voss 
Schoew, Mrs. Frederick L., II — Lucretia 

Schrader, Mrs. John R., Jr. — Martha Ingles 
Schrider, Mrs. Sydney — Nancy Campbell 
Schroder, Mrs. Aage G. — Jane McRae 
Schroder, Mrs. Hughes S. — Frances Longino 
Schroder, Mrs. Wm. H., Jr. — Mary Barge 
Schroeder, Mrs. Edward J., Jr. — Louise 

Schroth, Mrs. Irving H. — Marian Taylor 
Schuber, Mrs. John, Jr. — Patricia Hassler 
Schuck, Mrs. Conrad J.,, Jr. — Mary Hamilton 
Schulman, Mrs. Irving — Frances Holub 
Schutte, Mrs. Louis S.— Betty Campbell 
Schutte, Mrs. Richard J. — Anne Cummins 
Schutz, Mrs. Richard B. — Barbara Spelman 
Schwaab, Mrs. H. Donald — Leila Van Leer 
Schwab, Mrs. Herbert C. — Hannah Workum 
Schwartzwalder, Mrs. George F. — Wallace 

Scofield, Mrs. Clement F. — Willietta 

Scott, Mrs. A. C, Jr.- — Gwin Harris 
Scott, Mrs. Alfred M. — Viola Miller 
Scott, Mrs. Donald — Elisabeth McKeown 
Scott, Mrs. Frank T. — Jane Stevens 
Scott, Mrs. Frederic W. — Elizabeth Pinkerton 
Scott, Mrs. Henry P. — Elizabeth Shepherd 
Scott, Mrs. James R. — Eleanor Elliott 
Scott, Mrs. Marion — Fann'.e Nottingham 
Scott, Mrs. Norman B., Ill — Elizabeth 

Scott, Mrs. Robert H. — Peronne Whittaker 
Scott, Mrs. S. V,.— Helen Pike. 
Scott, Mrs. Thomas B., Jr. — Carrie Taliaferro 
Scott, Mrs. Thomas K. — Amelia Hollis 
Scott, Mrs. W. M. — Sarita Lomax 
Scribner, Mrs. John H. — Jacqiieline Huggins 
Scribner, Mrs. Peter C. — Dorothy Campbell 
Scrivener, Mrs. James E. — Sally Smith 
Seager, Mrs. Robert, II — Caroline Parrish 


Seaman, Mrs. Flo Cann — Florence Canii 
Searby, Mrs. Edmund W. — Muriel MacLeod 
Sears, Mrs. Roderick H. — Barbara Barnes 
Seay, Mrs. H. H. — Cornelia Skinner 
Seeber, Mrs. Robert R,, Jr. — Dorothea Paddock 
Seibels, Mrs. Calder W.— Mar-y Pa^e 
Seibels, Mrs. Henry G., Jr. — Frances Estes 
Seller, Mrs. Carl W.— Mildred Gribble 
Seiter, Mrs. Norman W. — Kathryn Graham 
Sellars, Mrs. O. R. — Katherine Wilson 
Sellers, Mrs. Philip A. — Caroline Riuhilph 
Sellix, Mrs. Eric — Isabel Gardner 
Sellman, Mrs. J. Lawrence — Elizabeth 

Semple, Mrs. Robert B. — Isabelle Neer 
Seneff, Mrs. Thomas — Alice Hog^ 
Seney, Mrs. Henry — Helen Harpster 
Senter, Mrs. Selden — Martha Dickson 
Senter, Mrs. W. R., Jr. — Virginia Mack 
Serodino, Mrs. V. Pierre — Mary Ann 

Sessions, Mrs. Lee M. — Mary Lawrence 
Sessions, Mrs. P. T., Jr. — Diane Stobert 
Setter, Mrs. Donald P. — Virginia Kaake 
Seward, Mrs. Bernard — Ophelia Short 
Sewell, Mrs. Robert T. — Edna Sloan 
Sexton, Mrs. Michael J. — Mae Speed 
Shackelford, Mrs. Willis — Meade Laird 
Shaffer, Mrs. Carl R.— Martha Falk 
Shakelford, Mrs. Stephen P. — Carla Sloan 
Shands, Mrs. Courtney — Elizabeth Jones 
Shaner, Mrs. Stewart — Ellen Mundy 
Shannon, Mrs. Howell — Julia Richardson 
Shannon, Mrs. John — Katherine Broughton 
Shapleigh, Mrs. L. Bartlett — Virginia 

Sharp, Mrs. Alfred D., ]r.— Katherine Street 
Sharrer, Mrs. Robert A. — Madeleine Sachs 
Shasy, Mrs. Paul — Nancy Scott 
Shaver, Mrs. Charles E. — Sarah Moorman 
Shaver, Mrs. R. E. — Frances Reid 
Shaw, Mrs. Barclay — Marian Webb 
Shaw, Mrs. Noble R. — Mary Crabbs 
Shaw, Mrs. Reginald O. — Dorothy Montague 
Shaw, Mrs. Theodore W. — Virginia Austin 
Shay, Mrs. Robert P.— Esther Cunningham 
Shea, Mrs. Wm. H., Jr. — Frances Bogle 
Shearer, Mrs. C. K. — Annie Tinsley 
Shearer, Mrs. Wm. L.— Elizabeth Campbell 
Sheedy, Mrs. J. C. — Lois Zeehandelaar 
Sheedv, Mrs. Percy H. — Dorothy Skinner 
Shelburne, Mrs. Robert C. — Louise Hesson 
Shelby, Mrs. A. W. — Yenti Slater 
Shelnutt, Mrs. James — Martha Budd 
Shelton, Mrs. Charles B., ]r.— Elizabeth Colley 
Shelton, Mrs. Henry B. — Virginia Whitaker 
Shelton, Mrs. Jack — Bertie Camp 
Shepherd, Mrs. Henry — Elizabeth Green 
Shepherd, Mrs. Walton S., ]r.—Jane Weimer 
Shepherd, Mrs. Wm. V.— Gotten Skinner 
Sherburne, Mrs. Charles W. — Anne Warriner 
Sherdahl, Mrs. Margaret F. — Margaret 

Sherer, Mrs. Joseph F., Jr. — Mary Mackintosh 
Sheridan, Mrs. Leo D., Jr. — Alice Dnlaney 
Sheridan, Mrs. R. C. — Jeanette Kidd 

Sheridan, Mrs. Robert R. — Marguerite 

Sherman, Mrs. John — May Jennings 
Sherrill, Mrs. Richard — Jane Thompson 
Shideler, Mrs. Richard B. — Louise Evans 
Shields, Mrs. Dickinson — Mildred Wagner 
Shillington, Mrs. John J. — Matilda Jones 
Shinberger, Mrs. J. Baird — Lisa Gjiigon 
Shipman, Mrs. Frank L. — Martha McBroom 
Shipp, Mrs. Thomas R. — Hope Neidig 
Shively, Mrs. Frances P. — Frances Poore 
Shoch, Mrs. James R. — Anna Sciidder 
Shoch, Mrs. Lay ton M., Jr. — Mar-y Clay 
Short, Mrs. Alfred J.—Lida Kepner 
Short, Mrs. Robert — Doris Shoudy 
Shott, Mrs. James H. — Martha Easley 
Shriver, Mrs. G. E. — Mary Goble 
Shroyer, Mrs. Louis W., Ill — Sally Ayres 
Shryock, Mrs. Thomas J., Jr. — Elizabeth Cooke 
Shuffle, Mrs. Edwin, Jr. — Laura Babbitt 
Shuford, Mrs. Alex — Alice Gibbon 
Shuler, Mrs. John D.— Catherine Marshall 
Shwab, Mrs. Hugh McN., Jr. — Lois Wolfe 
Sibley, Mrs. James M. — Karen Norris 
Siblev, Mrs. Marion E. — Mildred McCarroll 
Siblev, Mrs. Wm. J. — Harriet Gatewood 
Siegrist, Mrs. C. J., Jr. — Bessie Garbee 
Sieman, Mrs. Frederick Wm. — Mary Neville 
Sifly, Mrs. Raymond W. — Carroll Slater 
Sigaro, Mrs. Lowell M. — Gloria Xick 
Simmons, Mrs. Charles E., Jr. — Bettina 

Simmons, Mrs. Machin — Gwendolyn Barret 
Simmons, Mrs. W. B. — Winifred Burke 
Simon, Mrs. Jack R. — Marilyn Feller 
Simon, Mrs. Robert E., Jr. — Helen Adam 
Simons, Mrs. Charles I. — Alice Babcock 
Simons, Mrs. Charles R. — Eloise Ellis 
Simpson, Mrs. Charles C. — Beatrice Backer 
Simpson, Mrs. James A. — Susan Johnson 
Simpson, Mrs. O'Wighton D. — Jane Furniss 
Simpson, Mrs. Samuel M. — Marjorie Soons 
Simpson, Mrs. Strother — Cordelrcf Cunningham 
Simpson, Mrs. Wm., Ill — Marjorie Armstrong 
Sims, Mrs. Arthur B. — Eva Hurt 
Sims, Mrs. Lorton — Marie Lorton 
Sincere, Mrs. Charles — Lois Rosenzwcig 
Sinclair, Mrs. Wm. S., Jr. — Mary Crow 
Singleton, Mrs. Charles R. — Marie Downing 
Sinkov, Mrs. Abraham — Delia Taylor 
Ska, Mrs. Grant E. — Elizabeth Sicard 
Sittcrley, Mrs. T. S. — Charlotte Meyer 
Skillern, Mrs. F. W.— Gertrude Piper 
Skilton, Mrs. Wm. E.—Blandina Jones 
Skinner, Mrs. Charles C, Jr. — Margaret 

Skinner, Mrs. Frederick H. — Louise 

Skinner, Mrs. Richard S. — Henrietta Arthur 
Skinner, Mrs. Wm. H. — Virginia Abbot 
Slate, Mrs. Samuel J. — Ella Phillips 
Slater, Mrs. George R. — Katherine 

Slaton, Mrs. Lanford — Mary Malone 
Slaughter, Mrs. John E., Jr. — Elizabeth Harms 
Sledge, Mrs. J. B. — Mary Blount 


Slocum, Mrs. James — May Earl 
Slocum, Mrs. Jonathan — George Ann Jackson 
Smartt, Mrs. Harold R. — Virginia Hill 
SiHith, Mrs. Abel L, Jr. — Adele Bowman 
Smith, Mrs. Alden — Elizabeth Dibrell 
Smith, Mrs. Alexander W., Jr. — Beity 

Smith, Mrs. Allen C, Jr. — Ethel Cameron 
Smith, Mrs. Baxter, III — Elinor Edenton 
Smith, Mrs. Benjamin F. — Florine Guilbert 
Smith, Mrs. Bevin — Elizabeth Dichman 
Smith, Mrs. Brewster W. — Grace Ferguson 
Smith, Mrs. Bryant — Sydney Burleson 
Smith, Mrs. C. Arnold — Dorothy Dabney 
Smith, Mrs. C. Capers — Anne Thomas 
Smith, Mrs. Calvin O. — Dorothy Beutfell 
Smith, Mrs. Charles G. — Margaret Laidley 
Smith, Mrs. Charles L., Jr. — Mary Camf) 
Smith, Mrs. C. Vey — Martha Hodill 
Smith, Mrs. Curtis L. — Evelyn Tousley 
Smith, Mrs. Curtis L., Jr. — Sally Treadway 
Smith, Mrs. Dan — Jeannette Van Wie 
Smith, Mrs. D. C. Wharton — Edwina Hensel 
Smith, Mrs. Erwin W., Jr.— Dorothy Franklin 
Smith, Mrs. E. Dana — Jane Callison 
Smith, Mrs. F. Duryea — Martha Gil)e 
Smith, Mrs. George E., Jr. — Dorothy Selbert 
Smith, Mrs. George H. — Jane Anderson 
Smith, Mrs. George P. — Winifred Kraus 
Smith, Mrs. Harold C. — Maude Adams 
Smith, Mrs. Harris — Nancy Taylor 
Smith, Mrs. Harry N. — Nancy Bryson 
Smith, Mrs. Hart — Josephine Hereford 
Smith, Mrs. Herbert L., Jr. — Natalie Sidman 
Smith, Mrs. Hugh A. — Dorothy Neal 
Smith, Mrs. Jack W. — Mary Pearsall 
Smith, Mrs. John S. — Ruth Hasson 
Smith, Mrs. Joseph H., Jr. — Margaret Hall 
Smith, Mrs. Milne — Grace Milne 
Smith, Mrs. Murray — Katharine McClay 
Smith, Mrs. Orville T .—Elizabeth Lay field 
Smith, Mrs. Philip G. — Laura Howe 
Smith, Mrs. Richard M. — Mat tie Hammond 
Smith, Mrs. Robert — Helen Mason 
Smith, Mrs. Robert L. — Adah Scbaefer 
Smith, Mrs. R. Manson — Sara Foster 
Smith, Mrs. Stephen — Jean Ruggles 
Smith, Mrs. Warren — Josephine Johnson 
Smith, Mrs. Wm.— Willy Coleman 
Smith, Mrs. Wm. W.. Jr.— Lwr-y Sims 
Smith, Mrs. Winfield Y.— Deborah Ebaugh 
Smith, Mrs. Witham — Annr Thomson 
Smyth, Mrs. Herbert C— Dorothy Whitley 
Smyth, Mrs. John M., Jr. — Judith Fox 
Smythe, Mrs. Frederick J. — Ruth Ferguson 
Sneed, Mrs. John L. — Eitnice Foss 
Snodgrass, Mrs. C. Stribling, Jr. — Eleanor 

Snow, Mrs. Herbert A. — Virginia Conover 
Snowden, Mrs. Robert B., Jr. — Grace 

Snyder, Mrs. Elizabeth D. — Elizabeth Darnall 
Snyder, Mrs. Harry — Audrey Siebert 
Snyder, Mrs. Howard M. — Loaine 

Snyder, Mrs. John J. — Dorothy Fisher 

Sockwell, Mrs. Warren S. — Helen Elliott 
Sohn, Mrs. Louis B. — Sarah Mayo 
Soleliac, Mrs. Henry A. — Jean Rodenbaugh 
Soles, Mrs. Harold W. — Katherine Scott 
Solliday, Mrs. Benjamin H. Ill — Elizabeth 

Kr enter 
Solmssen, Mrs. Ulrich — Kate Strauss 
Solomon, Mrs. Morris — Rosalyn Stifft 
Solomon, Mrs. Richard F. — Ruth Hays 
Somerville, Mrs. Atwell W. — Anne Walker 
Sonntag, Mrs. Robert E. — Agnes Jefferds 
Soper, Mrs. James P., Ill — fane Gray 
Sorensen, Mrs. Sverre — Harriette Dyer 
Soule, Mrs. Hartley A. — Anne Watson 
Southerland, Mrs. John — Lucille Randall 
Southgate, Mrs. Thomas F., Jr. — Marianne 

Sowell, Mrs. R. U.— Polly Rollins 
Spahr, Mrs. Robert J. — Helen Tremann 
Spain, Mrs. John W. — Margaret Kaufman 
Spangler, Mrs. Arthur — Margaret Lofton 
Sparkman, Mrs. Carl O. — Mary Simonds 
Sparks, Mrs. Hyms — Julia Albers 
Spear, Mrs. Wallace E. — Lee Schurman 
Specht, Mrs. Walter L. — Grace Nicodemus 
Speight, Mrs. Marshall C. — Alice Webster 
Spencer, Mrs. James W., II — Virginia Ligon 
Spencer, Mrs. Jean V. — Jean VanVliet 
Spiegel, Mrs. Edwin J., Jr. — Doris Naylor 
Spilman, Mrs. Louis — Emily Moon 
Spines, Mrs. Jack, Jr. — fane Thompson 
Spitler, Mrs. David K. — Eleanor Bosworth 
Sprague, Mrs. C. Bartlett — Barbara Furry 
Sprague, Mrs. Curtiss — Elizabeth Baker 
Spruill, Mrs. James A., Jr. — Eleanor Duvall 
Sprunt, Mrs. Charles W. — Douglas Woods 
Sprunt, Mrs. Hugh H. — Barbara Hood 
Spurr, Mrs. Frank A. — fane Lesh 
St. Claire, Mrs. Darrell — Margaret 

St. Peter, Mrs. Stanton K. — Winifred Hagberg 
Stackhouse, Mrs. Allen V. — Mary Mitchell 
Stacy, Mrs. G. W. — Nancy Gofer 
Stacy, Mrs. R. A.—Priscilla Powell 
StaflFord, Mrs. — Sea Willow Ward 
Stagg, Mrs. Norman G. — Emily Farrell 
Stainbrook, Mrs. Edward — Elizabeth Selden 
Stallings, Mrs. Peyton M., Jr. — Wenlian 

Stanchfield, Mrs. Paul L. — Gertrude Marill 
Stanger, Mrs. Wesley A., Jr. — Sarah McKee 
Stanier, Mrs. John S.— Elizabeth Woollcott 
Stanley, Mrs. James S. — Sarah von Schilling 
Stark, Mrs. Robert W.— Louise Wolf 
Stark, Mrs. Thomas, Jr. — Clara West 
Starr, Mrs. Harlan — Nancy Sa?iders 
Staufler, Mrs. John M., Jr. — Jeanette 

Stayton, Mrs. Burton — Anne Freear 
Stead, Mrs. George K. — Naomi Doty 
Stead, Mrs. Gordon W. — Lucy Gore 
Stearns, Mrs. Daniel — Nancy Litflefield 
Stearns, Mrs. Wm. M. — Jarry West 
Stedman, Mrs. Frank — Marjorie duShane 
Stedman, Mrs. John C. — Patricia Mason 
Steeble, Mrs. Wm. H. — Louise Newkirk 



Steegar, Mrs. Charles L. — Ruth Fiske 
Steele, Mrs. Wm. S. — Elizabeth Loudon 
Steeves, Mrs. Guy C. — Mary Osborne 
Stegeman, Mrs. Robert H. — Jane Littlcford 
Stehl, Mrs. Edward, III — ]ean Blanton 
Stein, Mrs. Sydney, Jr. — Jeannetie Shambaugh 
Steinhoff, Mrs. Carroll F. — Louise Holmes 
Steman, Mrs. Robert E. — Virginia Craig 
Stephenson, Mrs. Harry R., Jr. — Catherine 

Stephenson, Mrs. James A. — Maynette Rozelle 
Sterrett, Mrs. Tate B. — Hazel Marshall 
Steuer, Mrs. Joseph T. — Elsie Mayer 
Stevens, Mrs. Edson S. — Geneva Crosstnan 
Stevens, Mrs. James — fane Coolidge 
Stevens, Mrs Lavergne — Anne Hover 
Stevens, Mrs. Stanford — Dorothea Derby 
Stevenson, Mrs. Frederick J. — Burd Dickson 
Stevenson, Mrs. George — Anna Christie 
Stevenson, Mrs. Paul E. — Dorothy Lovett 
Stevenson, Mrs. Thomas S. — Harriet Butler 
Stevenson, Mrs. Walter, Jr. — Katherine 

Steward, Mrs. Paul S. — Jane Poindexter 
Stewart, Mrs. H. Scott — Ragsdale Easton 
Stewart, Mrs. Harold A. — Lydia Burge 
Stewart, Mrs. John H., Jr. — Helen Cary 
Stewart, Mrs. John Wm. — Frances 

Stewart, Mrs. R. B. — Jane Rowe 
Stewart, Mrs. R. E. B. — Martha Maupin 
Stewart, Mrs. Virginia R. — Virginia Richart 
Stewart, Mrs. Wm. — Betty Biddle 
Stites, Mrs. James W.— Edith Bodley 
Stites, Mrs. Wm. H. — Cordelia Lambert 
Stitt, Mrs. James — Mary Leonard 
Stivey, Mrs. D. P. — Virginia Street 
Stockard, Mrs. Hubert W. — Lillias Vass 
Stockberger, Mrs. N. — Marie The Losen 
Stockton, Mrs. Forrest — Margaret Zabriskie 
Stockton, Mr?. James R. — Elizabeth Bryan 
Stoddard, Mrs. Brooke — Grade Luckett 
Stoddard, Mrs. John Caswell — Jean 

Stoddart, Mrs. John O. — Mary Gruber 
Stohlmann, Mrs. Wm. F. — Martha Lemmon 
StoU, Mrs. A. E. — CarleneWatter 
Stonall, Mrs. Will S.— Helen Massie 
Stone, Mrs. Albert H. — Frances Cargill 
Stone, Mrs. Daniel — Isabelle McPheeters 
Stone, Mrs. Newton — Love Porter 
Stone, Mrs. Thomas F. — Frances Sleeper 
Stone, Mrs. Wm. W. — Nan Hart 
Stoner, Mrs. Rex — Sara Tolar 
Stookey, Mrs. Donald B. — Bonnie Wood 
Stoops, Mrs. Wendell R. — Lois Lear 
Stott, Mrs. Earl R. — Lorraine McCrillis 
Stoutenburgh, Mrs. Joseph — Pamela Terry 
Stovall, Mrs. David H. — Barbara Bourke 
Stowers, Mrs. Wm. B., Jr. — Betty Moore 
Strachan, Mrs. Edna H. — Edna Holihan 
Strahman, Mrs. Herman — Jessie Marr 
Straight, Mrs. Carl — Helen Donaldson 
Strain, Mrs. C. C. — Josephine Goodleit 
Strange-Boston, Mrs. Archibald D. — Emily 

Straub, Mrs. Jackson L., II — Anna Charles 

Strauss, Mrs. Harold I. — fane Kohler 
Street, Mrs. Gordon P. — Ruth Lowrance 
Stribling, Mrs. G. Carroll — fane Fordcr 
Stringfellow, Mrs. Alice S. — Alice Shirey 
Stringfellow, Mrs. Horace, III — Elizabeth 

Stromsen, Mrs. Karl — Barbara Davenport 
Strong, Mrs. John Van R. — Katharine 

Strother, Mrs. C. Porter — Mary Ryan 
Stuard^ Mrs. H. Donald — Evelyn Covey 
Stuart, Mrs. Robert R. — Anna 

Stuart, Mrs. Wm. A. — Ellen Bodley 
Stuart, Mrs. Wm. A., Jr. — Cynthia Bemiss 
Stuart, Mrs. Wm. L. — Marie Pels 
Stubbs, Mrs. Charles S., Ill — fosephine Reid 
Stubbs, Mrs. Sidney — Blanche Quincey 
Stubbs, Mrs. Wm. K. — Sue Graves 
Stueve, Mrs. Charles — Eleanor Eberle 
Stump, Mrs. Fred F.— Eva Wood 
Stupp, Mrs. John P. — Helen Allen 
Sturdy, Mrs. Frederic H. — Clarice Hancel 
Sturgeon, Mrs. Paul J. — Mary Copeland 
Sturges, Mrs. Allen T. — Donny Scott 
Sturhahn, Mrs. Edward M. — Louise Dailey 
Sullivan, Mrs. UzroU— Sarah McFall 
Sullivan, Mrs. John T. — Betty O'Herron 
Surber, Mrs. Wm. — Louise Crump 
Sussman, Mrs. Harold P. — Eleanor Mindling 
Sutherland, Mrs. C. Donald — Elizabeth Cobb 
Sutherland, Mrs. Thomas H. — Maude Frank 
Sutherlin, Mrs. Wm. M.— Elsie Day 
Sutlifif, Mrs. R. C. — Virginia Hodgson 
Sutton, Mrs. F. Edmund — Dorothy Denny 
Svien, Mrs. Hendrik — Nancy Gatch 
Swain, Mrs. Edward, Jr. — Anne Benedict 
Swan, Mrs. George S.— Pauline Womack 
Swanbeck, Mrs. James R. — Florence Loveland 
Swanson, Mrs. A. D.— Marion Hafner 
Swanson, Mrs. Arne E. — Mary Gamier 
Swanson, Mrs. Wm. W.—Nell Wilkinson 
Swayze, Mrs. Nathan L. — Ethlyn Biedenharn 
Sweeney, Mrs. George C. — Mary Brown 
Sweet, Mrs. PhWip— Kate Buhl 
Swendeman, Mrs. George V,.— Louise Rott 
Sweney, Mrs. Wm. U.— Beatrice Brown 
Swift, Mrs. Henry — Gretchen Orr 
Swihart, Mrs. James W. — Mary Inge 
Sydnor, Mrs. Garland S. — Katherine 

Tabb, Mrs. Cabell M.— Maria Gregory 
Tackett, Mrs. Marvin F.— Elizabeth 

Tackney, Mrs. Stephen N.—Priscilla Talbott 
Taggart, Mrs. Ganson P. — Harriett Long 
Talbot, Mrs. Daniel G. — Mary Wynn 
Talbot, Mrs. Donald — Helen Smyser 
Tallent, Mrs. John B.— Elizabeth Bacon 
Tarpley, Mrs. Donald G. — Mayo Thach 
Tarpley, Mrs. Thomas M., ]r.— Nancy King 
Tartt, Mrs. Jo Cowin — Dorothy Allison 
Tate, Mrs. Charles L., Jr. — fane Findlay 
Tate, Mrs. Elizabeth S.— Elizabeth Shwab 
Tate, Mrs. John A., Jr. — Helen Nicholson 


Tate, Mrs. Ralph B. — Louise Cross 
Tate, Mrs. Robert H. — Elizabeth Stevenson 
Taylor, Mrs. Albert — Ethel Gregory 
Taylor, Mrs. Beal — Ethel Milne 
Taylor, Mrs. Ben — Elwyn Westcott 
Taylor, Mrs. DeWitt E.— Mabel Markle 
Taylor, Mrs. Edgar N. — Ida Moore 
Taylor, Mrs. Edmund R. — Mary Herbert 
Taylor, Mrs. E. Jordan — Elkanah East 
Taylor, Mrs. George A. — Alice Jones 
Taylor, Mrs. Harry B. — Alma Booth 
Taylor, Mrs. Howard H. — Clara Worthant 
Taylor, Mrs. James L. — Dorothy Williams 
Taylor, Mrs. John B. — Rosamond Burt 
Taylor, Mrs. John B. — Mildred Bronaug,h 
Taylor, Mrs. Lillian — Lillian Philpot 
Taylor, Mrs. M. Boxley — Mildred Porter 
Taylor, Mrs. Ray H., Jr. — Kathleen Bryan 
Taylor, Mrs. Robert E. — Margaret Wayland 
Taylor, Mrs. Robert H. — Ann Adamson 
Taylor, Mrs. Stuart S. T. — Mary Law 
Taylor, Mrs. Tyler H., Jr. — Lillian Fowlkes 
Taylor, Mrs. Wesley — Catherine Bosson 
Taylor, Mrs. Wm. R. — Jean Grant 
Teare;, Mrs. Norman — Helen Quayle 
Teipel, Mrs. Carl C, Jr. — Virginia Hall 
Tempel, Mrs. W. E. — Elizabeth Brewster 
Tempest, Mrs. Rone B., Jr. — Rnth Jacquot 
Temple, Mrs. Allan B. — lean Hathaway 
Temole, Mrs. Charles B. — Mary Carpenter 
Templeton, Mrs. Charles E. — Ellen McClinfock 
Tenney, Mrs. Albert S. — Helen Schulte 
Tepe, Mrs. John B. — Jeanne Skerry 
Tepper, Mrs. A. S. — Esther Nebenzahl 
Terry^ Mrs. Harold — Martha Frye 
Terry, Mrs. Jay G.— Suzanne Douglas 
Terry, Mrs. Marshall N. — Margaret Carpenter 
Terry, Mrs. Zebulon A. — Lucille Jones 
Thayer, Mrs. R. Melbourne, Jr. — Elizabeth 

Thayer, Mrs. Raymond L. — Lillian Lloyd 
Thigpen, Mrs. Frances M., Jr. — Nancy Stack 
Thimmeresch, Mrs. Elaine W. — Elaine Weick 
Thiriot, Mrs. Joseph J., Jr.— Ella Humphrey 
Thoma, Mrs. Carl E.—Evaline Edmands 
Thomas, Mrs. Albert D., Jr. — Betty Wunsch 
Thomas, Mrs. Cecil A. P.— Marie Schroeder 
Thomas, Mrs. Horace — ]ane Snow 
Thomas, Mrs. L C. — Elsie laegel 
Thomas, Mrs. J. Lester — Marjorle Mann 
Thomas, Mrs. J. A. — Mary Ham 
Thomas, Mrs. J. Elvey — Martha Tillery 
Thomas, Mrs. J. Talbert, Jr. — Eleanor Steele 
Thomas, Mrs. L. O'Vander — Alice Burton 
Thomas, Mrs. Luther E. — Marjorie Fish 
Thomas, Mrs. Ray C— Josephine Kelley 
Thomas, Mrs. Robert D. — Elizabeth Kiniry 
Thomas, Mrs. Sydney T. — Nellie Davidson 
Thomas, Mrs. Wilmer — Josephine Catchings 
Thomasson, Mrs. Alfred P. — Isabelle Bush 
Thomasson, Mrs. Eugene — Emmy Thomas 
Thomasson, Mrs. John R. — Margaret Smith 
Thompson, Mrs. Alfred — Lester Randolph 
Thompson, Mrs. Athol B. — Estelle Schofield 
Thompson, Mrs. Barton F. — May Weston 
Thompson, Mrs. Broadus — Jane Guignard 
Thompson, Mrs. George W.—Jane Cockrill 

Thompson, Mrs. Glenn — Margaret Lee 
Thompson, Mrs. Harry W. — Harriet Gomila 
Thompson, Mrs. James U. — Helen Carmine 
Thompson, Mrs. John M, III — Anne Fiske 
Thompson, Mrs. Leland, Jr. — Evaline Rife 
Thompson, Mrs. Paul B. — Emma Crockett 
Thompson, Mrs. R. G. — La Rue Robertson 
Thompson, Mrs. Samuel T. — Alverta Hill 
Thompson, Mrs. Waldo B. — Margaret Lewis 
Thompson, Mrs. W. Wayne, Jr. — Leila 

Thompson, Mrs. Wriston — Louise Smith 
Thomson, Mrs. Wm. R., Jr. — Helen Adams 
Thornell, Mrs. John G. — Marie Chamberlaine 
Thornton, Mrs. Barbour N. — Jane Riddle 
Thornton, Mrs. Charles M. — Eva Pierce 
Thornton, Mrs. John R. — Elizabeth Cofield 
Thornton, Mrs. John S. — Kafherine Slaughter 
Thouron, Mrs. George G. — Margaret Cucullu 
Thrasher, Mrs. Henry W. — Nina Allen 
Thrasher, Mrs. Thomas R. — Anna Patton 
Thro, Mrs. Arlin — Mavis Green 
Thulin, Mrs. W. B. — Maxine Middleton 
Thurber, Mrs. Harry R., Jr. — Priscilla 

Thurman, Mrs. Robert G. — Anne Bundy 
Ticer, Mrs. Park E. — Courtney Cochran 
Tillar, Mrs. B. V.— Mabel Cato 
Tillar, Mrs. Wm. T., Jr. — Margaret Marston 
Tillett, Mrs. John, Jr. — Margaret Woods 
Tilley, Mrs. Benjamin F., Jr. — Harriet 

Tim, Mrs. John F., Jr. — Martha Williams 
Timberlake, Mrs. Wayt B., Jr. — Susan Marshall 
Timmons, Mrs. John F. — Dorothy Langdon 
Tindall, Mrs. Richard G. — Frances Mitchell 
Tinker, Mrs. George F. — Virginia Taylor 
Tinkess, Mrs. Donald E. — Clyde Manson 
Titus, Mrs. Rexford W., Jr. — Jane Kent 
Tobin, Mrs. Wm. — Jeanefte Van Devere 
Todd, Mrs. Tames W. — Marjorie Wing 
Todd, Mrs. John C.—Tafe McArthur 
Todd, Mrs. Samuel P.— Ruth Ulland 
Toerge, Mrs. Robert K. — Martha Mclntyre 
Tollefsen, Mrs. Sverre — Edith Roache 
Tolley, Mrs. Lee — Sadie Evans 
Tompkins, Mrs. Harry K., 11 — Margaret Gwyn 
Tooke, Mrs. Thomas B., Jr. — Helen Jndd 
Toomey, Mrs. David E. — hilia Harris 
Torrey. Mrs. Donald F. — Elizabeth Grammcr 
Towill, Mrs. John B. — Harriet Dunlap 
Towle, Mrs. Wm. A.— Esther O'Brian 
Townsend, Mrs. Foster M. — Mary Ervin 
Towsen, Mrs. James W. — Bessie Whittet 
Toy, Mrs. Walter D., Jr.—Sarah Everett 
Tracy, Mrs. W. O. — Blanche Shirey 
Train, Mrs. Hugh M. C. — Anne Bush 
Transou, Mrs. Wm. M. — Anna Holderness 
Tranter, Mrs. Wm. P. — Elizabeth Guy 
Trask, Mrs. Herbert A., Jr. — Ruth Sims 
Trayer,, Mrs. George Wm. — Rebecca Janney 
Treadway, Mrs. David F. — Elizabeth Torrey 
Treadwell, Mrs. Benjamin B. — Elizabeth Clary 
Tremain, Mrs. Myron E. — Betsy Gilmer 
Trent, Mrs. Joseph F. — Elizabeth Ferguson 
Trickett, Mrs. John — Clara Brooks 
Trigg, Mrs. Locke H., Jr. — Frances Taylor 



Trimble, Mrs. George S., Jr. — Janei Bogice 
Trimble, Mrs. Samuel — Helen Tucker 
Trimble, Mrs. Wm. E. — Anabel Courtney 
Troup, Mrs. John H. — Gretchen Geib 
Trout, Mrs. Hugh H., Jr. — Elizabeth Broun 
Troxell, Mrs. A. R. — ]essie Williams 
Truxtun, Mrs. Thomas — Marg,ery Cruikshank 
Tubby, Mrs. Roger W. — Anne Williams 
Tuck, Mrs. James R. — Ann Rowland 
Tucker, Mrs. Alan H. — Dorothy Gray 
Tucker, Mrs. Beverly — Eleanor Marshall 
Tucker, Mrs. Douglas — Edna Warren 
Tucker, Mrs. Francis B. — Mary Laird 
Tucker, Mrs. Wm. ^.— Helen Welch 
Tucker, Mrs. "Wm. V.— Virginia White 
Tufts, Mrs. Nathan A., Jr. — Charlotte 

Tuggle, Mrs. Thomas S. — Frances Hamburger 
Tull, Mrs. Richard — Evelyn Anderson 
Tull, Mrs. T. Mitchell — Fanny Neal 
Tully, Mrs. Kivas — Virginia Fruit 
Tunis, Mrs. Edward D. — Emily Denton 
Tunison, Mrs. Wm. H., Jr. — Eleanor Clement 
Tunstall, Mrs. Hugh N. P. — Caroline Heath 
Turlington, Mrs. Lee — Olivia White 
Turnbull, Mrs. Knox — Evelyn Williams 
Turnbull, Mrs. Paul R. — Margaret Rose 
Turner, Mrs. Carol — Mary Peyton 
Turner, Mrs. Edward — Ruth Crenshaw 
Turner, Mrs. Henry F., Jr. — Mary Carney 
Turner, Mrs. John, II — Elizabeth Hopper 
Turner, Mrs. Lawson W. — Lucile Barrow 
Turner, Mrs. Lawson W., Jr. — Frances Moses 
Turner, Mrs. Randolph — Frances Robinson 
Turner, Mrs Richard F. — Cornelia McDufJie 
Turner, Mrs. Thomas — Victoria Enibry 
Turner, Mrs. Thomas, Jr. — Mary Young 
Turner, Mrs. Whelan V. — Florence Keithly 
Turner, Mrs. Wm. R. — Virginia Hurt 
Turrentine, Mrs. Walter W. — Josephine 

Tutchings, Mrs. Harry — Priscilla Weeks 
Tuttle, Mrs. James H. — Lilian Rollins 
Tuttle, Mrs. John T. — Charlotte Davenport 
Twohy, Mrs. John, II — Grace Merrick 
Twohy, Mrs. John, IV — Margaret Addington 
Tyler, Mrs. Benjamin D. — Betty Golden 
Tyler, Mrs. F. A. — Eleanor Niggli 
Tyler, Mrs. R. Perry — Lucille Glenn 
Tyler, Mrs. Richard B. — Ellen Gray 
Tyus, Mrs. Wm. H. L. — Isadora O'Brien 

Udell, Mrs. Foster — Martha Morgan 
Upchurch, Mrs. Samuel E. — Ann Sa^njord 
Upton, Mrs. Luther J., ]r.— Dorothy Thomas 
Ure, Mrs. John S. — Marion Porter 
Urner, Mrs. Martin — Dorothy Joliffff 
Usher, Mrs. D. K. — Margaret Campbell 
Utley, Mrs. Frederick B., Jr. — Barbara Clark 
Utterback, Mrs. Wm. G. — Lucy Reaves 

Valentine, Mrs. C. Braxton — Ida Massie 

Valentine, Mrs. Donald W. — Ann Mitchell 

Valentine, Mrs. Frederick S., Jr. — Elizabeth 


Valentine, Mrs. Granville G., ]r.— Elizabeth 


Vallery, Mrs. Harry T.— Martha Falk 
Valz, Mrs. Randolph — Anne Bell 
Van Brunt, Mrs. John, Jr. — Grace Wilson 
Vance, Mrs. Currell — ISIclla Patterson 
Van de Carr, Mrs. James C. — Elizabeth 

Van Devere, Mrs. Willis G.— Frances 

VanDyk, Mrs. James J. — Marian Lincoln 
Vander Horst, Mrs. John — Helen Lawrence 
Van de Water, Mrs. Kenneth B. — Mary 

Van Fleet, Mrs. Charles J. — Margaret Haskins 
Van Hyning, Mrs. Conrad — Mary Whitehead 
Vann, Mrs. Bryant K. — Rtith Hendrix 
Van Patten, Mrs. F. A. — Martha Woodward 
Van Patten, Mrs. I. T. — Lucelia McClain 
Van Proag, Mrs. Benjamin — Hilda Dreyfuss 
Van Schaack, Mrs. C. P.—Sigrid Schold 
Van Siclen, Mrs. John W. — Mary Young 
Vanstory, Mrs. Cornelius M., Jr. — Margaret 

Van Vleet, Mrs. Wayne L. — Rosemary 

Van Wyck, Mrs. G. — Katherine Van Cleve 
Vardy, Mrs. Richard S. — Virginia Wurzbacb 
Varner, Mrs. Elizabeth R. — Elizabeth Rogers 
Varnon, Mrs. Beatrice B. — Beatrice Bowman 
Vaughan, Mrs. Cornelius D. — Mildred 

Vaughan, Mrs. Curtis — Edna Steves 
Vaughan, Mrs. Hines F. — Florence Scovell 
Vaughn, Mrs. Robert J. — Beulah Irving 
Venning, Mrs. Wm. L. — Ruth Gibson 
Venter, Mrs. Josiah G. — Dorothy Barnicm 
Verner, Mrs. John B. — Marion Bromfield 
Via, Mrs. Earl H. — Adelaide Watson 
Viar, Mrs. Earl R. — Ruth Gilliam 
Vicary, Mrs. James W. — Margharita Curtze 
Vick, Mrs. Forest B. — Frances Hitch 
Vincent, Mrs. John B. — Irene Vongehr 
Virgin, Mrs. Frank — Lee MacPherson 
Vivian, Mrs. Charles Wm. — Harriet Walters 
Voigt, Mrs. Wm. ^ff.— Hilda Hude 
Volwiler, Mrs. Wade — Anna Davies 
von Arnim, Mrs. H. B. — Beulah Ellis 
von Gemmingen, Mrs. Victor — Bessie Scott 
vonhold, Mrs. John G. — Gladys Schummers 
von Kann, Mrs. Clifton F. — Sallie Flint 
Von Maur, Mrs. Richard B. — Elsie Wood 
Von Sternberg, Mrs. George N. — Jean Moore 
von Wellsheim, Mrs. Alfred H. — Patricia 

Voorhees, Mrs. Stephen C. — Adeline Jones 
Vose, Mrs. Owsley — Elizabeth Maner 

Waddill, Mrs. John W.—Joan Boye 
Wade, Mrs. Jack A. — Emily Birdsey 
Wade, Mrs. Sidney — Elizabeth Manning 
Wadhams, Mrs. Charles H. — Marian Shafer 
Wadsworth, Mrs. Joseph A. C. — Martha 

Wadsworth, Mrs. Wm. M. — Anita Sloss 
Wafle, Mrs. Ferris B.— Phyllis Teed 
Waggaman, Mrs. J. M. — Dudley Poivers 
Wagner, Mrs. Joseph G. — Janet Amilon 


Wagner, Mrs. Willard B., \T.—Ruth Longmire 
Wailes, Mrs. Benjamin — Bertha Pfister 
Wailes, Mrs. Edward T. — Cornelia Wailes 
Wainwright, Mrs. Charles Wm. — Berenice 

Wainwright, Mrs. Harris E., Ill — Helen Rae 
Wait, Mrs. Frank E. — Anne Cockrill 
Waite, Mrs. Robert J. — Dorothy Arnold 
Walcott, Mrs. Russell — Eugenia Buffington 
Waldron, Mrs. Robert E. — Virginia Smith 
Walke, Mrs. Stephen C. — Mary Brown-Serman 
Walker, Mrs. Anthony — ]ndith Davidson 
Walker, Mrs. Basil — Gloriana Burrill 
Walker, Mrs. George — lone McKenzie 
Walker. Mrs. Jack M.—Iane Holden 
Walker, Mrs. James — Mary Wilson 
Walker, Mrs. John H.— Sadie Wailes 
Walker, Mrs. John K. — Virginia LaNieve 
Walker, Mrs. Robert C.—Ruth Trexler 
Walker, Mrs. Wm. P., Jr. — Claire Giesecke 
Wall, Mrs. E. Cztes— Elizabeth Gates 
Wallace, Mrs. A. H.— Elizabeth Harrison 
Wallace, Mrs. A. W.— Edith Bregenzer 
Wallace, Mrs. B. B. — Eleanor Cross 
Wallace, Mrs. G. A. — Margaret Sauer 
Wallace, Mrs. H. A., Jr. — Elisabeth Matheifs 
Wallace, Mrs. John A. — Helen Gwinn 
Wallace, Mrs. Ralph — Hortense Hostetter 
Waller, Mrs. Ben R. — Virginia Finch 
Waller, Mrs. H. Bzker— Helen Baker 
Waller, Mrs. James K.— Lillian Wood 
Waller, Mrs. W. Nivison, Jr.— Edith Hyslop 
Wallis, Mrs. J. Herhert— Caroline des Granges 
Wain, Mrs. Raymond R. — Bernice Hulburd 
Walsee, Mrs. Wm. — Jeannette Ricketts 
Walsh, Mrs. John — Margaret McWilliams 
Walter, Mrs. George — Edith Brainerd 
Walters, Mrs. Herbert S. — Elanor Smith 
Walton, Mrs. Henry P., Jr. — Josephine Reeves 
Walton, Mrs. Wm. — Pearl McCormick 
Wann, Mrs. James C. — Jane Williams 
Ward, Mrs. Edwin E. — Mabel Martin 
Ward, Mrs. Frederick A. — Mary Tignor 
Ward, Mrs. George — Flora Davisson 
Ward, Mrs. James — Margaret Hobgood 
Ward, Mrs. Montague R., Jr. — Nancy Waite 
Ward, Mrs. Phillip L. — Elizabeth Camlin 
Wardle, Mrs. Robert, Jr.— Elizabeth Collier 
Ware, Mrs. K. E. — Katherine Effinger 
Ware, Mrs. Rupert — Lucille Bowles 
Wark, Mrs. James K. — Martha Lane 
Warner, Mrs. Jonathan W. — Elizabeth Butler 
Warner, Mrs. Richard — Katherine Root 
Warner, Mrs. T. D. — Lucy Carney 
Warnock, Mrs. A. D., Jr. — Nancy Gatewood 
Warren, Mrs. Lingen A. — Sara Denham 
Warren. Mrs. Mitchum — Katherine Little 
Warren, Mrs. Monroe — Dorothy Bird 
Warren, Mrs. Robert D. — Rebecca Ashcraft 
Warwick, Mrs. Paul — Ferol Humphries 
Washburn, Mrs. Henry S., Jr. — Mary 

Washburn, Mrs. Langhorne — Margaret 

Washburn, Mrs. Roderick R. — Jane Parker 
Washburn, Mrs. Wm. — Elizabeth Lancaster 
Washburn, Mrs. Wm. W., Jr. — Emilie Emory 

Waters, Mrs. John S.— Patricia Whitaker 
Waters, Mrs. Wm. E.—Natalae Strickland 
Wathen, Mrs. Richard B. — Viola James 
Watson, Mrs. Joseph H. — Margaret Diack 
Watson, Mrs. Paul W.— Helen Davis 
Watson, Mrs. Raymond E. — Margaret 

Watson, Mrs. Stanley H.—Mary Klumph 
Watt, Mrs. Preston B. — Eleanor Wingfield 
Watt, Mrs. Walter G.— Elizabeth Ray 
Watterson, Mrs. John S., Jr. — Emily 

Watts, Mrs. Emery W. — Dorothy Austin 
Watts, Mrs. James W. — Julia Harrison 
Watts, Mrs. Robert C, ]t.—Nida Tomlin 
Watts, Mrs. R. T., ]i.— Gloria Ailing 
Wauchope, Mrs. Frank W. — Ruth Thompson 
Waugh, Mrs. Norman — Stella Gwynn 
Waxter, Mrs. Wm. D. Ill— Julia Baldwin 
Way, Mrs. John H., Jr.— Elizabeth Hoff 
Way, Mrs. Shirley — Shirley Brand 
Weake, Mrs. ClifFord F. — Katherine Parsons 
Weatherby, Mrs. James C. — Virginia Sproul 
Weathersbee, Mrs. Rodney D. J. — Mary Settle 
Weaver, Mrs. John H., Jr. — Ann Conant 
Webb, Mrs. Richard S., Jr.— Mary Rhyne 
Webb, Mrs. Willard— Mar^ Millard 
Weber, Mrs. George J. — Eleanor ^ilby 
Webster, Mrs. Frederick B. — Frances Harrison 
Webster, Mrs. Harry C— Alice Dick 
Webster, Mrs. Richard C. — Kathryne 

Webster, Mrs. W. B.— Dorothy Humel 
Weckler, Mrs. Harold L. — Anna Espach 
Weddell, Mrs. W. Sparrow — Elise Parrish 
Weed, Mrs. George H. — Alice Sweney 
Weeks, Mrs. Wm. — Dorothy Garland 
Weems, Mrs. Wharton — Mathilde Booth 
Weible, Mrs. Dudley— Mar-y Gjellefald 
Weidely, Mrs. Walter A.— Helen Link 
Weiland, Mrs. Glenn — Gladys Snyder 
Weilepp, Mrs. Thomas G. — Marguerite Waite 
Weisberger, Mrs. Lloyd — Jeanne Harmon 
Weitzner, Mrs. Imre J. — Doris Silverstein 
Welbourn, Mrs. John A., Jr. — Norma Coopey 
Welch, Mrs. Harold E.— Elinor Fitch 
Welch, Mrs. Wm. M., U— Elizabeth Huber 
Weller, Mrs. John A. C. — Cornelia Murray 
Wellford, Mrs. R. Carter — Mercer Jackson 
Wellinghoff, Mrs. Robert — Mabel Breese 
Wellons, Mrs. James A., Jr. — Janice 

Wells, Mrs. Joseph B. — Virginia Williams 
Wells. Mrs. Joseph M., Jr.— Elizabeth 

Wells, Mrs. Robert M.— Janet Runkle 
Wells, Mrs. Sarah F. — Sarah Fowler 
Wells, Mrs. Walter— Lo7iiie Beahm 
Welsh, Mrs. Vernon M. — Fanita Ferris 
Welty, Mrs. Harold H.—Katheryn Waters 
Wendelken, Mrs. Clyde, Jr. — Lucy Case 
Wenk, Mrs. Helen C— Helen Chittenden 
Wenning, Mrs. Frank J. — Doris Hodgdon 
Wenzel, Mrs. George — Ruth Remon 
Werner. Mrs. Max — Marie McCane 
Werrenrath, Mrs. Reinald — Verna Neidig 


West, Mrs. Brooks — Esther Wheelwright 
West, Mrs. Charles R. — Bright Bickerstaff 
West, Mrs. Clifton F., Jr. — Joan Darby 
West, Mrs. J. Roy — Mary Macfarland 
West, Mrs. M«nsing — Clara Manning 
West, Mrs. S. A. — Ellen Haynie 
Westbrook, Mrs. John J. — Constance Furman 
Westcott, Mrs. Allan F. — Elizabeth Craven 
Westendorf, Mrs. J. Rolston — Eleanor Weller 
Westfeldt, Mrs. Pzuick— Elizabeth Weems 
Westfeldt, Mrs. Wallace O., Jr.— Elisabeth 

Westin. Mrs. Douglas — Adelaide Saunders 
Weston, Mrs. Wm., Jr. — Henrietta Nelson 
Westredge, Mrs. Richard B. — Jean Pickard 
Wetzig, Mrs. Paul C. — Doreen Brugger 
Wham, Mrs. Benjamin — Virginia Buffington 
Whatley, Mrs. Robert A., Jr. — Anne Newell 
Whayne, Mrs. Roy C. — Bessie Carothers 
Wheatley, Mrs. John I. — Natalie Harris 
Wheeler, Mrs. Frederick — Leslie McCarten 
Wheland, Mrs. Charles W.— Fra«c« Little 
Whitaker, Mrs. Meade — Frances Baldwin 
Whitaker, Mrs. Philip B. — Tavenner 

Whitaker, Mrs. Quincy M. — Sigur Moore 
Whitcomb, Mrs. Wm. W., Jr. — Barbara 

White, Mrs. A. Hood — Agnes Hood 
White, Mrs. Charles S. — Virginia Sisson 
White, Mrs. Charles S., Jr. — Nancy Craig 
White, Mrs. Edward L. — Margaret Upton 
White, Mrs. Enoch T. — Barbara Raymond 
White, Mrs. Frank C. — Margery Cox 
White, Mrs. Henry J. — Mary Harman 
White, Mrs. James L. — Lillian Breedlove 
White, Mrs. Tames M. — Katherine Marr 
White, Mrs. Percy W. — Florence Gage 
White, Mrs. Preston — Henrietta Tucker 
White, Mrs. R. L., Jr.— Elizabeth Oliver 
White, Mrs. Richard A. — Ruth Osborne 
White, Mrs. Robb — Rosalie Mason 
White, Mrs. Robert A. — Mildred Baird 
White, Mrs. Robert E. — Karen Kniskern 
White, Mrs. Sterling A. — Charlene Lathrop 
White, Mrs. Theodore H. — Nancy Bean 
White, Mrs. T. Wister — Isabel Maury 
White, Mrs. Wm. P. — Sarah Southerland 
White, Mrs. Wm. W. — Connie Burwell 
Whitehead, Mrs. E. T.—Ruth Patterson 
Whitehead, Mrs. Thomas W.. Ill— Gertrude 

Whitehurst, Mrs. J. T. — Anne Conway 
Whitehurst, Mrs. Reginald — Elizabeth 

Whitehurst, Mrs. Wm. L. — Margaret Ballard 
Whitley, Mrs. Harvey L. — Margaret Benton 
Whitley, Mrs. Rhea — Adelaide Douglas 
Whitlock, Mrs. James P. — Barbaia Smith 
Whitner, Mrs. James H. — Lillian Maddox 
Whitney, Mrs. Arthur — Mary Pape 
Whitney, Mrs. Herbert H. — Jeanne Heindel 
Whyel, Mrs. Thomas M. — Nina Stone 
Wickens, Mrs. Vallance A., Jr.— Ruth Gill 
Widau, Mrs. Wm. E. — Elizabeth Murray 
Widhelm, Mrs. Wm. J.— Elizabeth Cheney 
Wiemer, Mrs. Robert F. — Betty Atlaway 

Wiggin, Mrs. Henry W. — Eleanor Kingsbury 
Wightman, Mrs. Wm. R. — Betty Lewman 
Wilder, Mrs. Emery H. — Alice Moseley 
Wilhoit, Mrs. S. E. — Alice Corry 
Wilkin, Mrs. John W. — Mary Woodworth 
Wilkins, Mrs. Edwin C. — Marina Stiles 
Willcox, Mrs. Lansing — Mildred Hale 
Willett, Mrs. Roscoe — Fayette McDowell 
Willey, Mrs. Gordon R. — Katharine Whaley 
Williams, Mrs. Alfred H. — Virginia Eady 
Williams, Mrs. Carrington — Fannie Miller 
Williams, Mrs. Carrington, Jr. — Emory Gill 
Williams, Mrs. Charles C. — Margaret 

Br om berg 
Williams, Mrs. Charles E. — Betty McNarney 
Williams, Mrs. Coleman S. — Dora Hancock 
Williams, Mrs. George D. — Elizabeth McGuire 
Williams, Mrs. Henry H. — Margaret Potts 
Williams, Mrs. Hugh C. — Frances Mutton 
Williams, Mrs. J. R. — Florence Halback 
Williams, Mrs. [ohn \(/.— Evelyn Martin 
Williams, Mrs. John W., Jr.— Emily Jeffrey 
Williams, Mrs. Joseph H. — Theodora 

Williams, Mrs. Raymond W. — Mabel Woolf 
Williams, Mrs. Richard P. — Helen Strobbar 
Williams, Mrs. Robert P.— Jane Shelton 
Williams, Mrs. Robert 'W.— Deborah 

Williams, Mrs. Thomas V,.— Eleanor Claftin 
Williams, Mrs. Thomas E.— Sally Smith 
Williams, Mrs. W. E.— Margaret Fry 
Williams, Mrs. W. H. — Florence Beyers 
Williamson, Mrs. James N.— Mildred Gill 
Williamson, Mrs. J. Saunders — Elizabeth 

Williamson, Mrs. John L. — Dorothy Nickelson 
Williamson, Mrs. Rush ton — Marjorie Woods 
Williamson, Mrs. Thomas R. — Lilias 

Willingham, Mrs. A. Calder — Mary Hedges 
Willingham, Mrs. R. T. — Anne Claiborne 
Willingham, Mrs. Spain — Josephine Happ 
Willingham, Mrs. Winburn — Mary Poindexter 
Willis, Mrs. C. v.— Joanne Oberkirch 
Willis, Mrs. George A. — Margaret Roper 
Willis, Mrs. Ralph B. — Lillian Neely 
Willis, Mrs. Robert— Be//-v Boone 
Willman, Mrs. Donald — Jean Tyree 
Wills, Mrs. Allan C. — Jane Bemis 
Wills, Mrs. Waller G., Jr. — Helen Goffigan 
Wilmer, Mrs. Frederic P. — Lydia Purcell 
Wilmer, Mrs. G. W. A. — Lorine Eikenberry 
Wilson, Mrs. George L. — Grace Clements 
Wilson, Mrs. Howard W. — Lois Peterson 
Wilson, Mrs. J. Bradford — Margaretta 

Wilson, Mrs. Joe Yi.—Lola llfrey 
Wilson, Mrs. John C. — Janet Schureman 
Wilson, Mrs. John M., Jr. — Nellie Reddish 
Wilson, Mrs. N. G., Jr.— Elizabeth Tyler 
Wilson, Mrs. Philip J., Jr. — Virginia 

Wilson, Mrs. R. T.-Julia Patterson 
Wilson, Mrs. Robert A. — Betty Dail 
Wilson, Mrs. Robert E. — Lu Green 


Wilson, Mrs. Robert M., Jr.— Ellen Gray 
Wilson, Mrs. Robert R. — Adah Barber 
Wilson, Mrs. Samuel M. — Louise Garland 
Wilson, Mrs. Scott — Susan Williams 
Wilson, Mrs. Thomas W. — Anne Webber 
Wilson, Mrs. Wm. S. — Barbara Caruley 
Wilson, Mrs. Wmhed— Elizabeth Tyson 
Wilson, Mrs. York — Minnie Long, 
Wiltshire, Mrs. James M. — Gertrude 

Wimpey, Mrs. W. E. — Gertrude Ingersoll 
Winbish, Mrs. Kenneth — Grace Perkins 
Winfree, Mrs. James B. — Nell Tandy 
Winfree, Mrs. Peyton B., Jr. — Elizabeth 

Wing, Mrs. Dudley F. — Julia Coleman 
Winn, Mrs. John B. — Anne Brent 
Winne, Mrs. Robert — Miriam Thompson 
Winship, Mrs. Donald S. — Hazel Trimble 
Winsor, Mrs. L. Coville — Betsy Burgess 
Winston, Mrs. Blakeley — -Cornelia Mayfield 
Winston, Mrs. Kirkpatrick — Phoebe Dey 
Winton, Mrs. Ernest A. — Eugenia Whiteside 
Wintzer, Mrs. Frederick — Mary Dillon 
Wisdom, Mrs. John M. — Bonnie Mathews 
Wise, Mrs. David — Annette Davis 
Withers, Mrs. J. Burks, Jr. — Helen Pender 
Witsell, Mrs. Wm. P., ]t.— Virginia Leigh 
Witt, Mrs. T. Foster — Isabel Luke 
Wittmer, Mrs. Oliver S. — June Lassing 
Wohlers, Mrs. Herbert C— Helen Davis 
Wolcott, Mrs. Imogene — Imogene Burch 
Wolfe, Mrs. Frank T. — Jessie Morton 
Wolfe, Mrs. Paul H. — Caroline Furniss 
Wood, Mrs. A. Z. Foster — Mary Chapman 
Wood, Mrs. Ernest M., jr. — Elizabeth Bond 
Wood, Mrs. Greenville D., Jr.— Sarah 

Wood, Mrs. Harrison, — Francis Kaijf 
Wood, Mrs. HiUiard O.— Roberta Drane 
Wood, Mrs. Horace E. — Florence Dowden 
Wood, Mrs. J. Osborn — Lysbeth Goodlove 
Wood, Mrs. John W.—Letha Morris 
Wood, Mrs. Lewis — Nellie Brewer 

I, Mrs. Loren T. — Betty Cnthbert 
1, Mrs. McFarland W. — Madeline Brown 
1, Mrs. Reed — Patricia Patterson 
Wood, Mrs. Wade H.— Mo///> Williams 
Woodall, Mrs. Wm. M., Jr.— Kathleen Murrill 
Woodard, Mrs. Benjamin B. — Shirley Jones 
Woodbridge, Mrs. West P., Jr.— Helen Cantey 
Woodburn, Mrs. John M.—Mary Walkup 
Woodhead, Mrs. B. B.— Beatrice Bryant 
Woodin, Mrs. Raye Palmer, Jr. — Olivia 

Woodroofe, Mrs. Robert W., Jr. — Lindsay 

Woodrum, Mrs. Clifton A., Jr. — Margaret 

Woods. Mrs. Wm. S. D.—Page Bird 
Woodson, Mrs. Wm. S., Jr.— Polly Dew 
Woodward, Mrs. Gilbert H. — Stuart Hensley 
Woodward, Mrs. Joseph J. — Virginia Vesey 
Woody, Mrs. A. M. — Lilian Fuller 
Woollcott, Mrs. Philip— Cor7»«(? Gibbon 
Woollen, Mrs. Charles T., Jr.— Lottie Lewis 
Woolley, Mrs. George C. — Phoebe Su'eney 

Woolverton, Mrs. Horace — Marietta Solon 
Wooten, Mrs. Henry J. — Jessie Exley 
Wooten, Mrs. John C. — Clara Carroll 
Worden, Mrs. John S.—Rhoda Allen 
Works, Mrs. David A. — Lucy Winston 
Worley, Mrs. J. Howard — Dorothy Ellis 
Wormwood, Mrs. Peter — Irene Gage 
Worth, Mrs. Alexander — Mattie Walker 
Worth, Mrs. George — Amanda Parsley 
Worthing, Mrs. Clifford A. — Louise Pugh 
Wray, Mrs. Sidney W., Jr. — Nancy Barnes 
Wright, Mrs. B. F., Jt.—Alexa Rhea 
Wright, Mrs. David A.— Betty Cocke 
Wright, Mrs. Fred C, Jr. — Laura Roulette 
Wright, Mrs. Gregory G. — Harriet Wiggers 
Wright. Mrs. Howard W., Jr. — Jane Miller 
Wright, Mrs. John A., Jr. — Louise Speddeit 
Wright, Mrs. John F. — Betty Workman 
Wright, Mrs. Mary W.—Mary Wilson 
Wright. Mrs. Ray-Elizabeth Arnold 
Wright, Mrs. Robert M.— Justine Dotnhoff 
Wright, Mrs. Thomas D. — Claitdia Lewis 
Wright, Mrs. W. A. — Katrina Stout 
Wright, Mrs. W. G. — Marion Sivannell 
Wrightman, Mrs. Wm. S., Jr. — Ellen Dodson 
Writer, Mrs. George S., Jr. — Gwendolyn 

Wrotnowski, Mrs. Arthur C. — Eleanor Frost 
Wyckoff, Mrs. J. Bernard — Harriet Evans 
Wylie, Mrs. Max M. — Isabel Lamb 
Wylle, Mrs. W. B. — Elizabeth Steivart 
Wyllie, Mrs. M. R. J. — Margaret Jones 
Wyman, Mrs. Richard M., Jr.— Bettina Bell 

Yankee, Mrs. R. M. — Helen Bryan 
Yarborough, Mrs. W. H., Jr. — Jean 

Yarborough, Mrs. Wm. B. — Katherine Kleberg 
Yates, Mrs. Charley — Dorothy Malone 
Yates, Mrs. Francis O. — Susie Tucker 
Yates, Mrs. Wm. J.— Agnes Wright 
Yerger, Mrs. Howard C. — Virginia Dale 
Yerkes, Mrs. Jonathan — Julia Beville 
Yerkes, Mrs. Richard W.—Elmyra 

Yerkes, Mrs. Wm. D.— Carol Walker 
Yinger, Mrs. Edgar — Vera Peterson 
Yocum, Mrs. David M., Ill — Marthalyn 

Yoder, Mrs. Robert L. — Anne Searcy 
Yokana, Mrs. Lucien — Anne Guthrie 
York, Mrs. Albert T. — Katharine Redd 
Yost, Mrs. L. Morgan — Winogene Springer 
Youens, Mrs. W. B. — Cynthia Tamier 
Young, Mrs. C. T. — Elizabeth Franklin 
Young, Mrs. Charles M. — Gertrude 

Young, Mrs. George W. — Aleise McMinn 
Young, Mrs. Henry L., Jr. — Lida Voigt 
Young, Mrs. James B. — Mary Dugan 
Young, Mrs. Karl, Jr. — Cynthia Noland 
Young, Mrs. Malcolm — Mary Braden 
Young, Mrs. Ralph E. — Barbara Nevens 
Young, Mrs. Robert P. — Ruth Davies 
Young. Mrs. Seymour R. — Marion Mundy 
Young, Mrs. Willard P.—Lyle Glass 


Young, Mrs. Wr 


Zaegel. Mrs. Robert — Leoria Gunther 
Zaenglein, Mrs. C. M. — Dorothy Zartman 
Zaiser, Mrs. Robert A. — Marion Brown 
Zapflfe, Mrs. Carl A. — Denise duPoni 
Zell, Mrs. Alice S. — Alice Swain 
Zengel, Mrs. Fred — Marjorie Smith 
Zerhee, Mrs. Louis J. — Elizabeth Haviland 
Ziesing, Mrs. Richard, Jr. — Martha Darden 

Zimmerman, Mrs. A. V., Jr. — Ann Walters 

Zimmerman, Mrs. Emile J., Jr. — Virginia 


Zimmerman, Mrs. E. W. — Marion Marfyn 

Zimmerman, Mrs. Howard — Ruth Drubych 
Zook, Mrs. W. H. Dun woody — Ellen 


Zoppa, Mrs. Charles — Frances Poivcll 
Zulch, Mrs. Frederick R. — Elizabeth Ruch