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Full text of "Directory of the city of Charleston, for the year 1852"

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OF THE 6 '"^'^ 




Containing the Names, Occupation, Place of Business & Residence 



with other information of general interest. 






y. "i- 

.1 ^ 

Of ^\x^ 



The Name comes first — Occupation second — Place of 
Business third — Residence last. Where there is but one 
location given it will be understood as both the place of 
business and residence, or residence only, with a few ex- 
ceptions, which will apply themselves to the distinction 
of the reader. 

Foi: Baltimore ! 

Baltimore and Southern 




800 Tons Burthen 400 Horse Power. 

The new and splendid Steam-Ship, Palmetto, M. Mc* 
Donald, Commander, will leave NORTH COMMER- 
For Freight or Passage, having handsonrie accommoda- 
tions, apply to WM. ALLSTON GOURDIN, 
No. 56 East^Bay. Agent. 

See hand-bills for Day of Sailing. 

Wm. AUston Gourdin, 

No. 56 East-Bay, Charleston, S. C, 

is prepared to make liberal advances on consignments of 


Flour, Grain, Hay, &c. 


Charleston.— Messrs. Gourdin, Matthiessen & Co., H. W. Conner, George A' 

Hopley, Alonzo J. White, J. R. Bates. Greenville, S. C— Tandy Walker, Esq. 

Baltimore.— Tiffany, Ward & Co. Chattanooga, Tenn.— Chandler, French & 

Co., W. S. Townsend. Iluntsville, Ala.— Cabaniss & Shepherd, J. F. DemovlUe. 




Leave every SATURDAY AFTERNOON, through in 

New Steam-Ship MARION, (1200 tons,) M. BERRY, Commander, 

and Steam-Ship SOUTHERNER (1000 tons.) J. DICKINSON, Commander. 

These splendid Ocean Steamers, having handsome State 
Room accommodations, leave ADGER'S Wharves every 
SATURDAY Afternoon. Travellers by this Line may 

expect every possible comfort and attention. 
For Freight or Passage, apply at the Office of the Agent, 

Corner East-Bay and Adger's Wharf. 
Cabin Passage, $25. Steerage Passage, $8. 

Two new Steam-Ships will be placed on this route in a short time, which will 
make it a Semi-Weekly Line. 

Philadelphia & At- 
lantic Steam Navi- 
gation (^o's Line. 

Between Charleston and Philadelphia. 

New Steam-Ship ALBATROSS, Captain DIXON, 

and Steam-Ship OSPREY, Captain POWERS, 

These splendid Steamers leave Central ERASER'S 
Wharf, every WEDNESDAY. Through in 60 hours. 
Having Fine State Rooms, and every possible atten- 
tion paid to the comfort of passengers, travellers may 
expect, as well as quick despatch, a pleasant and comfort- 
able passage by this Line. 
For Freight or Passage, apply to the Agents, 

JOHN FRASER & Co., or 

Fraser's Wharf. 
Cabin Passa2:e, $20. Steerage Passage, $8. 

R O Q M S. 

At this Gallery can be seen some of those BEAUTI- 
FUL DAGUERREOTYPES, which have justly secured 
to him the 


South-Carolina Institute for 1850-51. 

Every style, every attractive peculiarity the art is capable 
of making, is here adopted, and one style peculiar to 
himself, which has not been approached by any artist in 
the country : it is the flesh tone of coloring, which softens 
the harsher shadows, arid tends to make the sitter look 
younger and handsomer than in the usual style. 

For notices of his skill, by good and artistic judges, he 
refers you to the following, from the press: 

" We would invite especial attention to the Daguerreotype 
Rooms of Geo. S. Cook, in King, opposite Hasell street, an 
artist who adds the charm of taste and skilful painting to that 
of the Daguerreotype, and produces at once the perfect simil- 
itude andlhe elegant picture." — Charleston Courier. 

" Cook is indeed an artist ; not one made by mere dint of 
mechanical instruction — but one of fine genius, tasteful con- 
ception, and scientific powers of execution. His pictures are 
indeed admirable in every quality. The tone and finish of 
his likenesses, the peculiar appropriateness of the position 
selected, his just idea of the happy moment of expression in 
the sitter, make them generally the very finest specimens of 
the art," — Charleston 3Evening News. 

Instructions in the art, and stock of every description 
for sale. 

Rooms 235 King, opp. Hasell st,, 

Over James E. Spear's Jewelry Store. 



Wholesale and Retail, 

No. 235 

iKing-St., opposite Hasell,i 


Would call the attention of purchasers to his extensive 

assortment, consisting of every article usually kept in his 

line, which will be sold at unusually low prices. 


of Taylor, Roskell, Beesley, Tobias, Harrison, and other celebrated 

makers, in every variety of cases. S3" Also, Gold L'Epine and Anchor 

Watches, from $35 upwards, t^ Silver Lever L'Epine and Verge 

Watches. All of the above will be warranted to keep correct time. 

ar JE2 -^^mj- je: i/l^ jeb. if 

of the latest styles, such as Necklace, Bracelet, Pin and Ear Rings in setts. 
Diamond, Ruby, Turquoise and Garnet Stone Rings; Seal, Chased, Plain, and 
Wedding Rings; Cameo, Stone, Turquoise, >]ourning and Miniature Brooches ; 
Gold Pens and Pencils, Specks, Thimbles and Lockets; Children's Armlets and 
Necklaces ; Studs, Collar and Sleeve Buttons. 


Tea Setts, Pitchers, Waiters, Goblets. Cups, Ladles ; Table, Tea, Dessert, Salt, 
Sugar and INIustard Spoons ; Dinner, Dessert and Pickle Forks; Dessert, Fruit, 
and Fish Knives, of the best quality. tr^= PLATED WAKE.— Englisli plated 
Castors, Cake Baskets, Waiters and Candlesticks, of all sizes ; Spoons, Forks, 
Knives, &c. tl3=- SUNDRIES — Sv7ords, Epaulettes, Plumes, Sashes, Belts, 
Buttons, Coral Negligees, Necklaces and Armlets, fine Work Boxes, rich China 
Vases, Fans, Mantle Clocks, Walking Canes, and .Jewels. 

1^ m^Sr jm^ jLi at jm^ 

For Odd Fellows, Masons, and Sons of Temperance 

List of the Names, and direction of the Streets, 
Lanes, and Alleys, in the City. 


Aiken Row 












Bedon's Alley 






Burn's Lane 

Buzards' Alley 







Clifford Alley 










run from Elizabeth to Meeting 

do Calhoun to Judith 

do Judith to Line 

do Bay to Nassau 

do Elizabeth to King 

do Market to Calhoun 

do Glueen to Beaufain 

do Calhoun to Spring 

do East-Battery to Church 
at the foot East-Bay & King 

do Reid to Columbus 

do King to Ashley River 

do Tradd to Elliot 

do Rutledge to Ashley Riv'r 

do King to Archdale 

do St. Philips to Rutledge 

do E. -Bay to Ashley River 
do Coming to Bennett's M. pond 

do Meeting to King 

do Beaufain to Wentworth 
entrance from Coming;, w'd 8 

do King to President 

do VVash'ton to Elizabeth 

do Washington to Meeting 

do South-Bay to Pinckney 

do King to Archdale 

do King to Archdale 

do George to Calhoun 

do Bay to King 

do Beaufain to Line 

do Laurens to Calhoun 

North-eastern line of city 

do Ashley River to Tradd 


Cumberland numbers 

run from 





























Gadsden Alley 


















Green hill 






Hampden Court 















Horlbeck Alley 









Jasper's Court 












Ladson Court 













Lightwood Alle^ 









Lodge Alley 






Longitude Lane do 





East-Bay to Meeting 
Rutledge to President 
Reid to Cooper 
Battery to Calhoun 
Lower part of East-Bay 
East-Bay to Church 
Calhoun to Mary 
Atlantic whf to East-Bay 
Broad to Magazine 
Tradd to Glueen 
Beaufain to Bennet'sM. P 
Elliott to Broad 
Anson to Coming 
Legare to Ashley River 
Atlantic whf to East-Bay 
Wentworth to George 
St. Phillips to Coming 
Ashley River to Tradd 
East-Bay to Anson 
America to Hanover 
South to Line 
East-Bay to King 
Anson to Meeting 
Elizabeth to Meeting 
Meeting to King 
Meeting to Kmg 
Wharf to East-Bay 
Radcliffe to Marion 
Elizabeth to King 
Alexander to Elizabeth 
South-Bay to Line 
Entrance 23^ Meeting 
King to Legare 
Wharf to Anson 
South-Bay to I'radd 
King to St. Philips 
Church to Meeting 
Cooper riv. to Ashley Riv 
State to Church 
East-Bay to State 
Tradd to Broad 
East-Bay to Church 
Ashley r. to Bennet's m. p 




M'Bride Lane 









Mott's Lane 




Paine Court 




Price's Alley 





Rafer's Alley 


Roper's Court 






Sires Alley 


Smith Lane 




St. Michaels 

St. Philips 






run from 



e do 
































r do 










r do 




































Jasper's Court to Smith 
Vernon to Calhoun 
King to St. Philips 
Archdale to FrankHn 
Broad to Beaufain 
South-Bay to Line 
Vernon to Calhoun 
Rutledge to Lucas' Mill 
East-Bay to Wall 
Coming to Ashley liver 
King to Coming 
Pinckney to Anson 
Mary to Line 
Tradd to Broad 
Tradd to Broad 
Entrance Coming, w'd 8 
Q,ueen to Cumberland 
Beaufain to Vanderhorst 
Doughty to Spring 
Meeting to King 
King to Archdale 
Spring to Line 
East-Bay to Rutledge 
King to Rutledge 
Market to Guingnard 
Bay to King 
Entrance 44^ Meeting 
Broad to Line 
Tradd to Broad 
King to Coming 
Mazyck to Franklin 
Spring to Borgard 
Line to Shepherd 
Glueen to Cannon 
Meeting to King 
East-Bay to King 
Hanover to Nassau 
Meeting to Ashley river 
Church to Meeting 
Beaufain to Line 
Vanderhorst to Radcliffe 
Citadel square to King 
East-Bay to Ashley river 


Unity Alley numbers run from East-Bay to State 

Vernon do do Wharf to East Bay 

Wall do do Laurens to Calhoun 

Warren do do King to Smith 

Water do do East-Battery to Meeting 

Wentworth do do East.Bay to Gadsden 

West do do Archdale to Mazyck 

Wharf do do Laurens to Calhoun 

Williams Row do do Meeting to R. R. Track 

Wilson do do Magazine to Beaufain 

Woolfe do do Nassau to king 

Wiagg Square Entrance Meeting, w'd 5 


The Wharfs are divided from the Streets by East-Bay^ and 
commence at East-Battery^ and come in the following order: 
Southern Wharf, Commercial Wharves, Vanderhorst 
Wharf, Adger's Wharves, Boyce & Co's Wharf, Atlantic 
Wharves, Dewees' Wharf, Brown's Wharf, Accommo- 
dation Wharf, Eraser's Wharves, Fitzsimons' Wharves 
Market Wharf, Dry Dock Wharf, Union Wharves, 
Marsh's Wharf, Palmetto Wharf, Patton's Wharf, Ben- 
netts' Wharf, Wilmington Steam Packet Wharf, Kirk- 
wood & Knox's Wharf, iMcLaren's Wharf, Addison & 
M'Intosh's Wharf, Smith's Wharf, Dereef 's Wharf. 


There are Eight Wards in the City. 

The four Lower Wards are divided from the Upper by 
Calhoun Street ; these are divided by Queen Street one 
way, and by Meeting Street the other way. The four 
Upper Wards are divided by Amherst, Wolfe, and Can- 
non Streets one way, and by King Street the other way. 

By looking at the direction of the Streets, the Wards 
may easily be distinguished. 



Abbott, George, paint, oil and lamp dealer, 97 East-bay 
" Mrs. milliner and dress maker, 43 Wentworth 
Abrahams, tailor, 39 Archdale 
" Elias, 94 Queen 

" A. H., merchant, 38 State 

" J. J., silk dyer and scourer, 15 St. Philips 

Abrams, Abram, machinist, 30 Tradd 

" Alex, factor, Dewee's whf, 33 St. Philip 
Adams, E. L. factor, Adger's whf, cor. Smith and Bull 
" Mrs. 120 King 
" Alex, clerk, 220 King 
" W. S. bricklayer and stove dealer, 34 Broad, 82 

'* A. seaman, 1 1 Middle 
Addison & Mcintosh, ship builders, Marshal whf 
'' J. S. ship builder, Marshal whf, 26 Marsh 
'* George, watchmaker, 185 East-bay 
'* James, wood factor, 9 South-bay, 15 So.-bay 
" Wm. mechanic, 26 Beaufain 
" John, ship carpenter, St. Philip, ward 6 
« Alex St. Philip, ward 6 
Adger, Jas. & Co. cotton merchants, Adger's whf 
" Jas. cotton merchant, Adger's whf, King, ward 7 
u Rob't '* " " " 

'« Jas. jr. " " " «' 

'' W. & J. E. hardware dealers, 54 East bay 
»* W. hardware dealer, 54 East-bay, Charlotte 
t' J. E. " " " 200 East-bay 

" J. R. pastor Anson st. Church, 247 East-bay 
Adicks, John, bootmaker. King, ward 5 
Adkins, S. pilot, 57 East-bay 
Adsden, Martha, 52 Coming 


AffanassiefFe, D. paint dealer, 37 Coming 
Agrill, Mrs. S., Callioun 
Agnew, Jannes, wheelwright, King, Reid 
Ahrens, C. D. grocer, 165 King 
« John, clerk, 19 Wall 
" Henry, clerk, 57 Coming 
Aiken, Wm. planter, Edisto I., cor, Elizabeth and Judith 
" J. D. attorney, St. Michael's alley, cor. Charlotte 
and Alex. 
Aimar, C. P. accountant, 244 King, 30 Archdale 

« G. W. clerk, 31 Broad, 30 Archdale 
Ainger, Mrs E., 39 Tradd 
Albergotti, T. E. 48 Church 

" W. clerk. Meeting, 48 Church 

" T. W. co.nfectioner, 366 King 

Albers, Frederick, drayman, Wolfe 
Alburn, John, clerk, 66 Beaufain 
Albright, Mrs. midwife, 27 Anson 
" G. tailor, 37 Queen 

" N. grocer, 19 South-bay 

Alderson, J. F. door, sash and blind maker, Council, co?. 

Council and Trc.dd 
Alexander, Thomas, 12 F'ast-bay 

'« G. H. T. clerk, 30 East-bay, 19 State 

" ' R. N. clerk, 25 Vendue range, 48 Bull 

'' Sam'l,. harbor master, 89 East-bay, cor. Bull 

and Lynch 
" H. D. clerk Union Bank, 106 Church 

" S. rigger, 45 King 

" J. physician, Calhoun, ward 5 

" J. D. clerk and notary Bank S, of S. C., Cal- 

houn, ward 6 
«' Mrs. H., Calhoun, ward 5 

Alfs, C. castor oil manuf. King, ward 5 
Allan, Alex, carpenter, Rutledge, ward 8 
'' Mrs. milliner, " " 

Allason, Thos. saddler and harness dealer, 293 King 
Allemong, A. A. attorney, 17 Broad, 61 Meeting 
Allen, T. P. bookseller and stationer, 116 Meeting, 5 Soc'y 
Allerd, Thos. clerk, 280 King 
Allers, C. grocer, Calhoun, ward 5 
Alley, J. B. P. cabinet maker, 62 Queen, 80 King 
Allison, G. bootmaker, 87 Church 

Alston, R. A. clerk, 143 Meeting, Commercial Hotel 
" Charles, planter at VVaccamaw, 15 East-battery 
" Mrs. C. 7 East Battery 
" Wm. planter at VVaccamaw, Ashley 
" Catharine, 20 Burns lane 
Ambler, D. A. hatter, 161 Meetin":, Charleston Hotel 
Amell, A. M., pro. Sailors' Home," 8 Market 
Amlox, bootmaker, 38 Q,ueen 
Amme, H. tailor, 17 dueen 

" D. A. grocer, 22 St. Philip 
Ancrum, Hasell, planter, ^ ary 
Anderson, A. T. accountant, 54 East-bay, 236 King 

^' Rob't, accountant, 20 Cumberland, 48 Meeting 
" A. tavern keeper, 30 Stnte 
*' W. H. physician, 13 Hasell, 22 Society 
" Daniel, coachmaker, Jasper's corner 
" A. C. clerk, cor. King and Market, Victoria Htl 
^' A L. clerk, I Hayne, Meeting 
Andrews, J. J. J. clerk, 24 Vendue range, cor. Society and 
A. O. factor, 27 Hasell 
Angel, Mrs. R. private boarding, Carolina Hotel 
Angele, Jas. fruiter, 4 Guingard 
Angres, John, tailor, 99i East-bay 
Angus, John, milkseller, Nassau 

'• Thomas C. butcher, Nassau 
Annely, Miss A. M. 8 Rutledge 

^.' Miss A. L. « 

Ansell, H. L. clerk, 110 East-bay, 279 King 
" John, cabinet maker, 296 King 
" F. '• " 

Anthony, Mrs. J., King, ward 5 
Apela, D. grocer, cor. King and Reid 
Apeler, J. F. grocer. Chapel 
Apler, cabinet maker, 4 Beau fain 
Archer, Benjamin, coach trimmer, 47 St. Philip 
Arlay, James, America 

Armstrong, W. G. accountant Bennett's mills, Charlotte 
" D. F. clerk, 155 East-bay, Charlotte 

" J. A. clerk, 133 Meeting, Market 

" James, clerk, 35 Hayne', Market 

" William, clerk, 35 Hayne, Market 

^' A. D. clerk, 31 Hayne, Wentworth 

Armstrong, L. saddler, 47 Coming 

« A. clerk, Hayne, 17 Middle 

Arms, Miss, 18 George 

Arnau, Michael, blacksmith, Calhoun, Washington 
Arner, J. J. clerk, 238 King, 102 Church 
Arnold, Thos. printer, 66 Glueen 
'' F. bootmaker, 100 Meeting 
" John, stone cutter, 1 1 Tradd 
'f R. blacksmith, 129 Church, 7 College 
" Mrs. L, 15 Smith 
Arnot, William, painter, 29 Broad 
Arnholder, William, gas fitter, 16Beaufain 
Artman, John, coach maker, 5 Archdale 
Artope, G. P sup't Bennett's mills, Bennett's mills 
Ashby, L. P. printer, 159 King 

" Mrs. H. private boarding, 43 East-bay 

^' Mrs. E. dressmaker, 159 King 

" Miss A. 2 West 
Ashe, Col. John S. 23 Meeting 
Ash, H. hatter, 149 King 
Ashton, William, watchmaker, 210 King 
Aspinwall, Albert, tailor, Henrietta 
Astle, George, milkseller, 84 King 
Atkinson, C. com. mcht, 2 Central whf, Mansion House 

" Thomas, Coming 
Aubert & Soyer, confectioners, 285 King 
Aubert, L. M. confectioner, 285 King 
Austin, Robert, broker, 10 State, Planters' Hotel 
Aveilhe, P. A. com. merchant, 171 East-bay, George 
Avery, L. accountant, 157 Meeting, Victoria Hotel 
Awls, Misses, 8 George 
Axson, W. J. clerk. Commercial whf, 17 Meeting 

" J. W. clerk, 35 Hayne, 17 Meeting 

" H. T. clerk, 24 Hayne, 17 Meeting 

" C. H. magistrate, 63 Broad, 6 King 

« Mrs. A 33 Kmg 

" S. E. ship carpenter, 33 King 


Babcock, W. R bookseller and stationer, 259 King, Plant- 
ers' Hotel 
<» W. H. medical student, Planters' Hotel 


Babcock, T. C. clerk, 259 King, 236 King 

Babson, Mrs. 55 Stale 

Backes, F. watchmaker, 82 Meeting 

BacotjR. W. factor, 13 Southern \vhf,cor. King and Tradd 
" Mrs. T. W , cor. King and Tradd 
'• R. D. clerk, 26 East-bay, 61 Coming 

Bacon, J. C. S. clerk, 192 King, 159 King 
" J W. painter, 159 Kinn 

Backus, F. & Co. dry goods, 192 King 
" F. dry goods, 192 King 

Bachman, J. pastor Lutheran church, Rutledge, ward 6 , 

Badger, Mrs. Mary, 116 King 

Badenhoj's, H. clerk, Rutledge and Spring 

Baer, Charles, bathing house, 63 Church 

Bagget, J. H. publisher City Directory, Merchants' Hotel 

Bahntege, H. grocer, 76 Church 

" F. W. grocer, cor. Calhoun and Alexander 

Bailey, S. M. clerk, cor. East-bay and Commercial whf, 
" J. A grocer, 98 East-bay, Planters' Hotel 
" J. G. clerk, 219 King, Merchants Hotel 
" David, attorney, 77 Broad, Hudson 
" Samuel, seaman, Bedon's alley 
" Gerard, 50 Meeting 
« Mrs. M. 49 'Calhoun 
" R. S., physician, Hudson 

Bailing, Mrs., Wragg square 

Bakeman, J. C. grist miller. Market, St. Philip, ward 6 

Baker, H. Harned, commissioner of deeds, 281 King 
" H. F. packet agent and coal dealer, 120 E.-bay, 

19 Smith 
" H. Hern, clerk, 181 East-bay, Lamboll 
" T. E. tavern keeper, Market and Meeting, King 
" E. B. clerk. 159 Meeting, 94 Tradd 
'*' B. E. clerk, 42 East-bay, 20 King 
" Robert, planter, 249 King 
" R. B. planter, Ashley river, 8 Lamboll 
" R. S. pastor St. Mary's Church, 62 Wentwarth 
*' E. B. engineer, King, ward 6 
*' F. A. plasterer, Coming 

Ball, Isaac, 30 Society 
« Mrs. E. 25 Lynch 

" John, planter, Cooper river, cor. Vernon and E.-bay 
•" W. J. " " " " 


Ballard, Joseph, accountant, Standard office, 75 King 

" John, carpenter, Hanover 
Bancroft, Goodwin & Dawson, com. mer. 94 &, 96 E.-bay 

" J. & Co. corn, merchants, 94 and 96 East-bay 

'' James jr. " 15 Coming 

" James, " " 

«' Ed. '• " 

« E. W. dry goods, 143 Meeting, Charleston Hti 

" W. G. dry goods. 253 and 255 King, <' 

« J K. clerk, 253 and 255 King, " 

Banks, H, R. dry goods, 41 Hayne, 75 Wentworth 
' *' W . L, clerk, 41 Hayne, 9 Short 

« Mrs. H. L. 9 Short 
Barber, F. C. broker, 1 16 Church 
Barbot, A. commission merchant, 41 East Bay 

" P. G. accountant, Commercial whf, 41 East-bay 

" L. J. clerk, 46 Broad, 41 East-bay 

*' A. A. engineer, " " 

t: A. O. '• '* " 

< C. D. clerk, 4 Broad, " '« 

" A. jr. engineer, " " 

Barfield, J. S. clerk, 235 King, 9 Franklin 
Bargman, P. grocer, Rutledge 
Barh, L, N. com. mer Adger's whf, America 
Barker & Wardhiw, factors and com. mer. Atlantic whf 

" S. G. factor and comission merchant, Atlantic whf, 
cor. Glebe and Wentworth 

" Theodore, 70 Wentworth 

« Mrs H. C. 20 Coming 
Barksdale, Miss M 18 Hasell 
Barnet, Juliet, Mazyck 
Barns, Thos railroad conductcr, Columbus 

" Jas butcher, John 
Barnwell, Ed. jr. factor, 3 Southern whf, cor. Meeting and 
Price's alley 

*♦ Nathaniel, factor, 19 Vanderhorst whf, 43 E Bay 

" J L clerk, cor King and Market, Mazyck 

(f B S " " " " " 

*' Wm pas|or St Peter's church 

Barrader, Jos railroad engineer, 14 Beaufain 
Barre, John, spirits dealer, 23 Market, 24 George 
Barrette, R clerk, 177 King, 76 King 
Barren, Jos carpenter, 37 Montague 
Barron, Jos wheelwright, Calhoun, ward 5 

Barron, Francis, carpenter, 5 Montague 

Barrot, Jacob, planter, Drake 

Barrow, David, clerk, IG East-bay, 2 Magazine 

Barrow.s, J E carpenter, 26 Mazyck 

Barry, John, dry goods, King, ward 6 

Bartels, Wm tailor, 18 Calhoun 

Barth, W H C clerk 109 East-bay, 7 Liberty 

Bartless, W H com mer, 4 Vendue range, Spring 

Bartlett, F C boots and shoes, 283 King, Coming, ward 6 

" Wm, America 

" Rev J L teacher, 77 Wentworth 
Barton, A J clerk, 89 Beaufain, 116 Wentworth 

" J physician 54 Tradd 
Basset, O printer, 38 Coming 
Bass, J A clerk, 135 Meeting, Commercial Hotel 

" Margaret, Coming, ward 6 
Bascon, Q, upholsterer. Coming, ward 6 
Bates, J R clerk 135 Meeting, Merchants' Hotel 

" Edwin, clothier 118 Meeting, Pavilion Hotel 

" E engineer, 72 Church 

" Miss M teacher, 14 Church 

" Miss J teacher, 14 Church 
Battersby, Jos com mer, Adger's whf 
Batchelder. J pile driver 147 East-bay, King 
Baum, J A accountant 286 King 

" J P leather and findings 286 King 
Baussang. Francis fruiter, 78 King 
Baxtell, Mrs R R 12 Church 
Baxter Mrs, King, ward 6 
Beach, W H fancy goods 19 Hayne, Charleston Hotel 

" J S bookseller and stationer 5 Hayne, Bee 

" E M grain deafer cor East-bay and Commercial 
whf, Meeting 
Beamer, Charlotte, St Philip, ward 6 
Beattie, Mrs Ann, Cannon 
Beaufort, A bootmaker 94 Meeting 
Beaudrot, Jos gunsmith 45 State, 1 Cumberland 
Beazley, W B dry goods 349 King 
Becher, F H accountant, 14 Liberty 
Beckett, W L clerk 253 King, 49 Beaufain 
Beckman, C J grist miller 61 Market, St Philip 
" J C " " John 

•'* JO clerk, Calhoun, ward 6 


■Beckman, A, Coming 

" J F attorney Ct House square, Calhoun, wd 6 
" John laborer, Rutledge, ward 8 
" Charles clerk railroad, Radcliffe 
Bee, W C factor 13 Southern whf, 108 Tradd 

" J P wharfinger 6 Southern whf, 4 Orange 

" R R cooper Adger's whf, cor Legare and S-bay 

" G W clerk 76 East bay, 8 Beaufain 

" J R ship chandler 123 East-bay, 8 Beaufain 

" W H sea captain, 33 King 

" J M collector and notary State Bank, 8 Beaufain 

" J B out-door clerk State Bank, 8 Beaufain 

" Henry laborer, King, ward 6 

" Mrs J, Rutledge, ward 6 

" Wrn finisher, Rutledge, ward 6 

*'• Benjamin finisher, Rutledge, ward 6 

*' Richard blacksmith, Rutledge, ward 6 

" J J carpenter, Cannon 

" & Tylee, ship chandlers 123 East-bay 
Beesley, John tailor. King 

" James tavern keeper 20 Q,ueen 

Behan, Thomas gardener, Spring 
Behling, E F tavern keeper, cor Elliott and East-bay 
Behrans, F W tailor, 93 King 
Behre, H grocer cor St Philip and Warren 

" Henry shopkeeper, Radcliffe 
Beisner, H grocer 66 Beaufain 
Bekotter, W bootmaker 73 Meeting, 28 Market 
Belin, A H planter Georgetown district, 93 Broad 
Belitzer, J clothier 265 King 
Bell, J L cooper cor E-bay and Boyce's whf, 71 Meeting 

" Wm planter St Thomas parish, 38 Society 

" Wm pilot, 73 East-bay 

" Samuel pilot, 57 Tradd 

" David accountant Merchants' Hotel, 6 Broad 

" Sarah dressmaker, 2 Green 
Bellinger, John physician, 1 1 College 

« Mrs H, 10 Bull 
Belser. Mrs L, 20 Friend 
Benford, Mary J, Spring 

Benjamin, S A clothier under American Hotel 
Bennett, W J rice mill East-bay, 28 Montague 
■'« J B printer, 109 Church 

Bennett, C G printer, 109 Church 

'' J S K assistant teller Union Bank, Charlotte 

" S P lumber measurer, 98 Beaufain 

'' E S physician 23 Rutledge 

" Thomas, steam saw mill west end Calhoun 

" T B superintendant saw mills, Calhoun 
Bensch, Charles tavern keeper 143 King 
Bense, John laborer, Anson 
Benson, W G auctioneer, Morris 
Benthan, Emeline pastry cook, 49 St Philip 
Bentschner, J clerk 265 King 
Bergman, A trader, Spring 
Berlin & Nathans, grocers King, ward 6 

" R grocer King, ward 6, King, ward 5 
Bernard, A W planter Combahee, 6 Legare 

" Mrs C milliner 257 King 
Berrie, C J clerk 300 King, 65 King 
Berry, Thomas clerk 143 East-bay, 47 Calhoun 

" Francis clerk 18 Broad, 47 Calhoun 
MrsM, 47 Calhoun 

" M steamship captain, 127 King 
Bessent, A W clerk 246 King, cor Meeting and Market 
Betsel, J M coachmaker, Cumberland 
Bettison, Elizabeth, 15 Mazyck 
Betts, W H hardware 80 East bay 

" J B fancy goods 135 Meeting, 21 Cumberland 

" EC clerk 155 Meeting, 21 Cumberland 

'' Charles presiding elder, Calhoun, ward 6 
Beverson, J G clerk 13 Beaufain, 11 Beaufain 
Beylot, Francis cook, Nassau 
Bia, H clerk 25 Broad, 99^ East bay 
Biance, A bootmaker 57 Church 
Bicaise, B P gunsmith 50 State 

" P P gunsmith 50 State 

" Mrs Ann private boarding 225 East-bay 

'' M Ann mantuamaker, Calhoun, ward 5 
Bickley,John planter, Vanderhorst 

" J C clerk 68 East.bay, Vanderhorst 

Billings. Mrs J, Williams row 
Bilton, George tailor, 9 Tradd 
Bing, Gordon carter, Coming, ward 6 

" Robert tailor, Morris 

" John tailor, Morris 


Binglej, C W 253 East-bay 

" D P clerk 41 Hayne, 253 East-bay 
Binns, John proprietor of drays, Hanover 
Birch, Mrs C A. 12 Coming 

Bird, J S & Co, fancy and military goods, 225 King 
" J S fancy and military goods, 225 King 
, " C H clerk 225 King, 16 Coming 
^ '' Wm ship builder 23 South-bay'^ 100 Wentworth 
'' Cooper wood factor Bennett's mill, 100 Wentworth 
" Wm jr ship carpen;er, 100 Wentworth 
Biren, J K cooper, Elizabeth 
<* Birnie & Ogilvie, hardware 21 Broad 
" Wm president Bank S C, Smith 
BischofF, H grocer 55 East-bay 
" A grocer 163 East-bay 
" J grocer 5 King 
Bishop, Henry clerk, 50 St Philip 
Bisken, H clerk, 80 Beaufain 
Bisscll, J B clerk 147 Meeting, 36 Wentworth 
" T L clerk 155 Meetin^g, 36 Wentworth 
Bize, R B farmer, Wolfe 

Black, F C com merchant 11 Exchange, 41 Wentworth 
" S C clerk 11 Exchange, 41 Wentworth 
" AW notary public 91 East-bay, 11 Savage 
" EJ clerk 91 East-bay, aueen 
" Mrs S shopkeeper 41 King 
" Mrs D baker 1 89 King 
" A F wood factor Southern whf, 9 Savage 
" G W mason, 29 Society 
" Thomas, 29 Society 
Blacklock, J F factor cor E-bay and Vanderhorst's whf, 

4 Bull 
Blackman, Joseph druggist 17 Broad, 22 Beaufain 
'' James clerk railroad, 22 Beaufain 

Mrs S, 22 Beaufain 
Blackwood, J C clerk Brown's whf, 8 Montague 

" B G clerk 54 East-bay, Commercial Hotel 

" MrsH, 28 Pitt 

Bladen, B plasterer, 30 Tradd 
Blain, J E A clerk Atlantic whf, 120 Queen 

" Mrs N T teacher, 120 Queen 
Blair, Mrs teacher, Meeting:, ward 5 

" W McN clerk 151 East bay, Meeting, ward 5 


Blake, J A clerk 76 East-bay, 10 Water 

" Peter porter 181 East-bay 

" H C clerk cor King and Market, 236 King 

" Etl assistant clerk Bank S C, 10 Water 

" Mrs J, cor Thomas and Warren 

" John carpenter, Calhoun, ward 5 
Blanchild, S carpenter, Coming, ward 5 

" Ed carpenter, RadclifFe 

Bland, James carpenter, Henrietta 
Blanding-, W attorney 34 Broad, 2 Logan 
" O attorney 11 Broad, 2 Logan 

" Mrs, 2 Logan 

Blank, Wm carpenter, 6 Middle 

" Mary mantuaraaker, Coining, ward 6 
Blanmyer, Wm planter St John's parish, 273 East-bay 
Bliss, T W tinner 109 Meeting, 11 Horlbeck alley 
Biohme, J C grocer 66 Meeting 
Blondo, E, 70 Anson 
Bloom, H confectioner 16 King 
Blueto, John constable, 8 Orange 
Blum &, Cobia, auction and com merch 26 Vendue range 

" J Charles auc and com 26 Vendue rann^e, 6 Beaufn 

" F C lumber factor 98 Beaufain, St Philip, ward 6 

" J Andrew teacher, Mary 
Blya, Patrick dry goods, King, ward 5 
Blyding, C accountant 26 Hayne, cor Market and King 
Boag, C L clerk 24 Vendue range, 24 George 

" T G clerk Atlantic whf, 24 George 
Bobbs, Elizur, Henrietta 
Bocken, H grocer 59 Market 
Boerin, Mary 81 VVentworth 
Boerro,E fruiter 60 Market 
Boesch, J U coppersmith 18 Market 

" N, French dyer 80 King 
Boggs, Robert clerk 25 Hayne, 236 King 
Bohlts, Mrs M grocer 24 Archdale 
Boils, H L teacher Wentworth, 23 Pinckney 
Boinest, Mrs M 46 aueen 
Bolger, H H cabinet maker, King, ward 5 

" T W harness maker, Kinir, ward 5 
Boll, A M, Spring 

Bolles, J H clerk 25 1 King, 249 King 
Bellman, B clerk 16 Vendue range, 1 Horlbeck alley 


Bonman,D22St Philip 

" H grocer 320 King 
Bolzhoz, Theodore moulder, 20 Middle 
Bomar, proprietor Commercial Hotel cor Glueenand Chch 
Boncheneau, C bond and register clerk custom house 
Bonck, Henry nurse hospital, poor house 
Bonfield, L bootmaker 102 (iueen 
Eonneau & Mazjck, shipping mchts 7 Boyce & Go's whf 

" FN shipping merchant 7 Boyce & Go's whf, 106 

'» Miss M 5 Friend 

" Miss A 5 Fiiend 

" Miss E 5 Friend 
Bonnell, Thomas com mcht 13 Exchange, 6 Atlantic 

" Jacob wheelwright, 6 Atlantic 

" John 6 Atlantic 

" John iron mcht Boyce & Go's whf, 84 Wentworth 
Bonner, John carpenter 302 King 
Bonnoit, J F clerk 259 King, cor King and Calhoun 
Bonymaster, 58 Meeting 
Boome, J S attorney 20 Broad, 10 Middle 
Boon, W J bricklayer. Bee 
Boothe, Wm 10 Magazine 

Bordenave, John tobacconist 103 East-bay, 28 Middle 
Boring, W H tobacconist. King, ward 7 
Borneman, F engraver, 271 King 
Bose, Peter clerk 192 King 
Bostwick, Ed attorney 9 Broad, 13 South-bay 
Bouge, Mrs E 38 George 
Boultan, Peter 118 King 
Bonnetheau, E W magistrate 34 Broad 
Bours, T B dry goods 40 East bay, 41 Church 
Bouse, John carpenter, Paine court 
Bowen, Mrs M 24 South-bay 
Bowers, J A, Line 

Bowie, J S & L dry goods 122 Meeting 
" J S dry goods 122 Meeting, 22 Hasell 
" L dry goods 122 Meeting, 13 Hasell 
" Robert clerk 122 Meeting, 22 Hasell 
" J Sheridan clerk 122 Meeting, 22 Hasell 
Bowls, A 65 Calhoun 

Bowman, G A accountant 30 Broad, 3 Franklin 
" Mrs E L 30 Pitt 


Bowman, mrs M, 30 pitt st 

Bowriej H J bootmaker 25 beaufain st, 85 wentworth st 

Boyce, John drajman, ann st 

" Jerome dr.iyman, 63 anson st 
Boyling, Patrick laborer, 24 tradd st 
Bojlan, P clerk cor meeting and market sts 
Bojlston, H physician, king st, ward 5 

" J R dry goods I hayne st, king st, ward 5 

" H jr clerk 1 hayne st, king st, ward 5 

Bradford, W blacksmith gillon st, vernon st 

" & Patton, fac and com, accommodation whf 

" J B fac and com, accom'n whf, huntsville, ala 

Brady, John clerk brown's whf, 122 church st 
" Patrick wood factor su)ith's whf, church st 
" Patrick dry goods 74 king st 
'' F grist mill 17 bull st, 12 archdale st 
" mrs E, 11 calhoun st 
" mrs C, 1 1 calhoun st 
" mrs M, 11 calhoun st 
Bradley, C P farmer, sires st 

" J C tavern keeper four mile house, sires st 
Braid man, Henry laborer meeting st, ward 7 
Brailsford, J M physician 37 east-bay, 15 church st 
" R M physicianj cannon st 

■' mrs, cannon st 

" W R com merchant 4 gillon st, 1 orange st 

Branch, J L clerk 1 16 east-bay, broad st 
Brandes, Peter pussly st 
Branan, Thomas drayman 13 marsh st 
Branford, C G coachmaker mary st 
Brant, C W ship carpenter 2 Washington st 
" H F confectioner 299 kingst 
" Thomas mechanic 92 anson st 
Brawley, J H dry goods 181 east-bay 

" J M clerk 181 east-bay, 256 king st 
Bredenberg, J H grocer 87 kingst 

" C F grocer cor calhoun and st philip sts 

Breeden, Benjamin grocer cor coming and cannon sts 
Breen, Michael finisher, meeting st, ward 5 
Breese, W C teller bank south Carolina, 3 maiden lane 
Brenon, Luke guardman 73 king st 
Brener, Wm grocer cor cannon and smith sts 
Bresnan, J T clerk king st, 5 liberty st 


Brett, James contractor, radclifFe st 

Breiver, mrs M 6 liberty st 

Brewster, C R attorney 65 meeting st, vanderhorst st 

Bridges, John sea captain, 5 state st 

Briggs, David planter, 86 tradd st 

Bright, James cooper 21 1 east-bay, calhoun st 

Brigcoft, A bootmaker 1 19 king st 

Brisbane, Wm planter, 20 pitt st 

" AH professor of belles lettres citadel academy 

Brisinden, H J professor of music 99 wentworth st 

BristoU, W B boots and shoes 228 king st 
" T M boots and shoes 232 king st 
" J D clerk 232 king st 
" J A clerk 228 king st 
" mrs E private boarding 9 horlbeck alley 
" A tailor, 9 horlbeck alley 

Britton, mrs H shopkeeper 44 king st 
" R A printer, 44 king st 
" C printer, meeting st 

Broadford, David upholsterer 120 king st 
" John bootmaker 120 king st 
" Frances 5 tradd st 

Brock, H C clerk 220 king st 
>/ Brodie, Robert lumber factor broad st, 158 east-bay 
" J W lumber factor broad st, 115 queen st 
" E clerk broad st, merchants' hotel 
" J K clerk cor vanderhorst and st philip sts 
" Furman clerk cor vanderhorst and st philip sts 
" R H planter at goose creek, 45 coming st 
" Thomas tailor 21 calhoun st 

Brookbanks, W gasfitter 6 liberty st 

Broom, James v^^harfrnger allanlic whf 

Brown, RE factor southern whf, 43 church st 
" Robert factor southern whf. 43 church st 
" Robert & co, factors southern whf 
'' G W com mer brown's whf, 8 montague st 
" James public weigher market st, 4 beaufain 
" & Strobel, ship grocers 147 east-bay 
^ J W ship grocer 147 east-bay, 2 george st 
" A McD accountant 153 east-bay, 8 glebe st 
" T butcher, 87 market st 
" J clerk cor king and market sts, king st 
" & Stone, crockery 147 meeting st 
" B F crockery 147 meeting st, 154 meeting si 


Brown, G H clerk 147 meeting st, corner beaufain and st 

" J P clerk 1 47 meeting st, coming st, ward 6 

" E T clerk 1 16 meeting st, 49 anson st 

'' EG fancy goods 26 hayne st, Charleston hotel 

" J M planter, 43 church st 

" J W clerk southern whf, 106 church st 

" T barber 61 church st, mary st 

" George grocer 47 broad st 

" AS clerk 232 king st 

" A L watchmaker 236 king st 

" G B clerk 248 king st, 2 society st 

" J B engineer, 2 society st 

" R McO clerk 231 king st, 26 coming st 

" H N clerk 243 king st, 26 coming st • 

'' George clerk 253 king st, queen st 

" J caps 317 king st 

" A P attorney 30 broad st 

" AH attorney 30 broad st, greenhill st 

" Wm 41 tradd st 

" W S dentist 49 anson st 

'' J K planter at goose creek, 49 anson st 

" C P teacher areiidale st, 49 anson st 

V " John sawyer 2 Philadelphia st 

" Charles coffee shop 9 queen st 

" mrs M 9 Clifford st 

" mrs J private boarding 4 beaufain st 

" Sarah 14 magazine st 

" mrs A 39 society st 

" mrs C 26 coming st 

" Scott Carpenter 24 coming st 

" E W builder and contractor 6 coming st 

" mrs M 23 coming st 

" mrs S 17 pitt st 

" W W carpenter cor meeting and mary sts 

" Malcolm bootmaker st philip st, ward 6 

" mrs M seamstress coming st, ward 6 

" J D supt public seminary rutledge st, ward 8 

" John clerk railroad, vanderhorst st 

" P W tinner, hanover st 

Browne, R C grain dealer corner east-bay and commerciai 
whf, 41 tiadd st 

Brownell, mrs M J 136 queen st 


Browning, A F dry goods cor king and market sts, 3 pitt st 
" C H clerk cor king and market sts, 13 bull st 
" mrs H 13 bull st 
Brownfield, J W planter in sumter district, 26 magazines! 
Brosna, D tavern keeper market st 
Broughton, W W clerk 253 king st, 49 beaufain st 
" AT clerk post office. 8 new st 

" mrs M 37 society st 

" mrs M 51 wentworth st 

Bruggeman, H bootmaker 333 kingst 
Brugman, Peter dentist 14 smith st 
Brunkards, Wm mechanic 59 tradd st 
Bruns, H M teacher high school, 11 pitt st 

" N scissors grinder 58 state st 

" H grocer 55 anson st 

" R T accountant central whf, corner wentworth and 
pitt sts 
Branson, C H grocer rutledge st 
Brush, D clerk cor meeting and wolf sts 
Bryan, T A factor and com mer 3 boyce's whf, 65 broad st 

" G S attorney 26 broad st, 27 church st 

" Jonathan paying teller planters and mechanics bank 
>f " J M hardware dealer 349 king st 

" John custom house officer, bee st 

" E B legare st 
Buchanan, C tailor 1 queen 
Buck, Henry baker 4 wall st 
Buckelhoff, grocer 89 queen st 
Buckholder, J laborer, williams row 
Bucking, J H painter, williams row 
Buckley, J merchant tailor 82 meeting st 
Buckner, A F mason 86 queen st 
Bucklin, John laborer, 1 Washington st 
Budd, T G commission merchant 76 east-bay, 21 anson st 
Buhre, J F grocer cor anson and america sts 

" D tavern keeper line st 
Buist, C B attorney, rear court house 

" G & H attorneys, st michael's alley 

" G attorney st michael's alley, 3 rutledge st 

'' H attorney st michael's alley, 3 rutledge st 
Bull, E coppersmith cor east-bay and market sts, cor east- 
bay and williams' whf 

" W Izard planter in st andrew's parish, 100 broad st 


Bulwinkle, F grocer 101 church st 

" John grocer 2 king st 

Bulwinkle, D iirocer 105 queen &t 
" H 31 coming st 

" H grocer cor charlotte and elizabeth sts 

" D grocer cor ann and elizabeth sts 

" D grocer cor nassau and mary sts 

Bulow, T L planter in st andrew's par, cor cannon k king 
Burch, R T clerk 18 broad st, 49 east-bay 
Burckmyer & Moffet, com merchants 78 east bay 
" J C com mer 78 east-bay, 22 society st 

" J G clerk 78 east-bay, 22 society st 

■" C Lcom mer 14 hayne, 13 coming 

" J A com mer 98 east-bay, 13 coming 

Burdell, T S clerk atlantic whf, chapel st 
" T J clerk 306 king st, 9 franklin st 
" F M clerk railroad, calhoun st, ward 6 
" Robert mechanic, chapel st 
■" mrs E chapel st 
Burger. S J clothier 273 king st, 63 beaufain &t 
Burgess, J S printer, 1 1 new st 

" S E 1 1 new st 
Burie, J printer, 23 anson st 

Burke, Samuel boat-builder market whf, 33 wall st 
" G R clerk 149 meeting st 
" Michael porter 143 meeting st, 35 queen st 
" J clerk meeting st, 75 church st 
" James dry goods 136 king st 
" L & T dry goods 204 king st 
" L dry goods 204 king st, 'Zl friend st 
" T dry goods 204 king st, 27 friend st 
" A J printer and stationer 40 broad st, 23 tradd 
" Edmund guardman, 80 queen st 
" James laborer, 64 queen st 
" A B physician 5 st philip st 
" John clerk railroad, meeting st, ward 5 
Burkely, John engineer, 27 anson st 
Burleigh, W H clerk 51 broad st, state st 
Burn, Wm planter in st andiew's parish, cannon st 
" Henry planter in st andrew's parish, cannon st 
" T A wharfinger vanderhorst's whf, 17 coming st 
Burner, J clerk 108 east-bay 
" C grocer 39 beaufain st 


Burner, C jr clerk 39 beaufain st 
Burnham, Wm macliinist, laurens st 
Burnhain, R W druggist 343 king st 
Burns, John rice dealer 127 east-bay, 31 kingst 
" D M clerk 4? broad st 
'^ O J clerk268 kmgst 
" John porter 145 meeting st, 32 queen st 
" M A 10 west st 
" James laborer, king st, ward 5 
" E blacksmith, mary st 
Burnside, James clerk 54 east-bay, queen st 
Burrows, S L clerk 2 southern whf, 51 east-bay 

'* F G clerk commercial hotel, 51 east-bay 

" — pilot. 51 east-bay 

" Frederick pilot, 20 church st 

" J T carpenter 20 church st 

" Charles carpenter 20 church st 

" Henry engineer 20 church st 

Bur}'^, George jjlacksmith williams rov/ 
Busch, T D grocer calhoun st, ward 5 

^ S grocer 83 beaufain st 
Bushee, J J carpenter 26 queen st, wentworth st 
Butler, W B clerk adger's whf, Elizabeth st 

" B G clerk arlger's whf, Elizabeth st 

^' A R clerk adger's whf, Elizabeth st 

'' R M com merchant 84 east bay. 17 wentworth st 

" J W clerk 84 east bay, 17 wentworth st 

" C T jeweller 1 15 king st, wentworth st 

'' W R upholster 177 king st, 104 queen st 

" Wra boot maker 83 queen st 

" John dry goods king st, ward 8 
Butterfield, H L proprietor pavilion hotel 

■^' A clerk pavilion hotel 
Butters, Charles clerk 237 king st, 236 king st 
Butts, John drayman woolfe st 
Buzby, G W bricklayer 24 bull st 
Byrean, John meeting st, ward 5 
Byrne^ John packer 145 meeting st. church st 
Byrns, J B boot maker 62 state st 

'^ G boot maker, 25 state st 

^ R boot maker, 25 state st 



Oadow, Wm dry goods 82 east ba}-, planter's hotel 

Cadren, Jos shoe maker king st, ward 5 

Cageney, John teacher cor st philip's and radcliffe sts 

Cahall, M laborer Cannon st 

Cain, VVnn planter st John's, coming st, ward 6 

" D J physician 20 wcntworth st 
Calder, Jas jr clerk 82 east bay, meeting st 
" Alex clerk 26 vendue range, 2 friend st 
" Jas cabinet maker, 78 meeting st 
" Wm dry goods 246 and 248 King st, 246 King st 
Caldwell, E A clerk Central whf, Carolina hotel 

" R & A P auction & commission 25 vendue range 
" Richard auction &, commission 25 vendue range, 

63 wentworth st 
" A P auction &. commission 25 vendue range, 74 

meeting st 
" R & J & Co factors 10 central whf 
" Robt factor 10 central whf, mansion house 
" John factor 10 central whf, Columbia 
" J M factor & com merch allantic whf, Judith st 
" John jr clerk 155 east bay, 310 king st 
*' J W ship broker 89 east bay, 61 wentworth st 
^' J & Son upholsters 310 King st 
" John upholsterer 310 king st 
" James upholsterer 310 king st 
" R W telgh operator, cor meeting and market sts 
Call, John laborer, 12 Philadelphia st 
Caloit, J M blacksmith, reid st 
Calvitt, John blacksmith, reid st 
Caly, James cooper, 9 marsh st 
Cambridge, S bootmaker 73 meeting st 
Cameron, JVIcDermid & Mustard, engineers and machinists, 
foot of hasell st 
" Archibald engineer and machinist, marsh st 
^ G & H crockery and glass 145 meeting st 
" G S 145 meeting st, Charleston hotel 
'« HP] 45 meeting st, Charleston hotel 
" Susan 21 mazyck st 
Caminade, H mechanic 21 pinckney st 
" F turner 21 pinckney st 

^' mrs H private boarding 21 pinckney &t 


Cammer, mrs M J 94 beaufain st 

Campbell, W M accouniant 28 vendue range, 155 east-bay 
*' J I- ali'y at law *40 broad st, 84 beaufain st 
" J M physician 89 broad st 
Campbell, F livery stables 36 pinckney st, 40 coming st 
" John pastor st philip's church, I short st 
" J S G carpenter 46 bull st 
" L J barber king st, ward 6 
" Jos farmer cannon st 
" Owen bricklayer.349 king st 
♦' John clothier 66 market st 
Campsen & Ellerhorst, grain dealers 6 market st 
'' J grain dealer 6 market st 

" George boot maker 129 meeting st, 140 king st 
« H dry goods 140 king st, calhoun st 
Canale, A fruiter H market st 
Candkr, E naval stores 69 east bay 
Cane, Alfred tobacconist 6 broad st 
Cannady, Jas clerk 137 East Bay, Broad st 
" A clerk Idle st bay, meeting st 
" E carpenter 16 horlbeck's alley 
Canning, C printer 24 church st 
Cannon, George dry goods 312 kingst 
" mrs C A st philip's st, ward 8 
'' T W machinist st philip's st, ward 8 
'' J sea captain hanoverst 
Canter, mrs R 8 calhoun st 
Cantiwell, Thos laborer 7 king st 
Capers, W G clerk post office, 106 church st 
" T F broker broad st, 12 Legare st 
" W bishop st philip's st, ward 6 
" Charles cannon st 
Carberry, John clerk atlantic whf 

" J B accountant 14 hayne st, charlotte st 
Cardoza, J N editor evening news. 249 king st 

" Isaac weigher custom house, 204 east bay 
Carew & Heart, publishers mercury 121 east bay 
Carew, J E editor, Washington st 

" Hamilton clerk 4 vendue range, Washington st 
'• mrs H meeting st, ward 5 
Carew & Hopkins, s c shoe factory, cor king and John sts 
Carey & Couturier, druggists 35 broad st 
^* Thos laborer 64 Queen st 


Carey, E M drug-gist 35 brond st 

Carnighan,.Tohn pilot, 71 iradd st 

Carleghan, Wra dry goods 73 church st 

Carlisle, mrs 10 wall st 

Carby, mrs 24 tradd st 

Carmand, F turn r 188 meeting st 

" mrs Fi 86 queen st 
Carney, Peter porter 153 east bay 
Carpender, VV S planter King st 

'' mrs M cannon st 
Carmalt, J W accountant 97 east bay, Carolina hotel 
Carr & Flynn, drapers and tailors, 30 broad st 

"CD draper and tailor, 30 broad st, 31 meeting st 
" J printer, 183 king st 
*' mrs M 1 1^ queen st 
" John dry 'goods king st, ward 6 
" John laborer 74 tradd st 
Carrere, W G wharfinger adger's whf, 1 orange st 

" M E physician radcliffe st 
Carrington, W watchmaker, 266 king st, 107 wentworth st 
Carroll, Alex assistant editor courier, pavilion hotel, 
" B livery stabler 126 meeting st 
" Ed clerk 306 king st 
'• J shoe manufature, 65 anson st 
" T boot maker, 65 anson st 
" Patrick pla-sterer 178 meeting st 
" P blacksmith 16 mazyck st 
*< BR teacljer king st, ward 5 
" A fireman line st 
Carson, Harlee & Co., factors 5 boyce & co's whf 
" J M factor boyce & co's whf, 25 1 aureus st 
" Elisha factor boyce & co's whf, 25 laurens st 
'' D A factor boyce & co's whf, 5 hasel st 
" W J clerk, boyce & co's whf, 25 laurens st 
'• F clerk 38 church st 
'« Wm planter, 90 tradd st 
" M 15 west st 
" John farmer, Ann st 
Carsten, A clerk coming st, ward 6 

'• EH city scavenger 24 montague st 
Cart, F G clerk adger's whf, calhoun st 
" mrs E 26 bull st 
" mrs L 26 bull st 


Cart, Francis clerk, calhouii st, ward 6 
Carter, J W clerk cor east-bay and com whf, 48 queen st 
" A bookseller 163 meeting st 
" Nelson druggist 153 meeting st, Charleston hotel 
Carter, John carpenter, 48 queen st 
" mrs J, grist mill 48 queen st 
Cartman, Thomas clerk 212 king st 
Carvalho, S N daguerreotypist 167 meeting st, calhoun st 
Casey, H 19 franklin st 
Caskin, John carpenter, america st 

" Henry laborer, line st 
Cassidy, John seaman, 24 mazyck st 

" John bricklayer, st philip st, ward 6 
" C grocer, st philip st, ward 6 
Cassin, W iVi tinner 2 queen st 
Castallon, Thomas shopkeeper 5 tradd st 
Castens, G H clerk cor east-baj' and elliott sts 
Casy, John clerk 125 east-bay 

Cater, T M auction and commission 30 vendue range, rut- 
ledge st, ward 5 
Caulfield, James accountant 135 east-bay 
Caulier, George physician 12 queen st 
Causse, R clerk 254 king st, 279 king st 
Cay & Aveilhe, commission merchants 171 east bay 
" J E 171 east-bay, cor meeting and george sts 
" J A accountant 171 east-bay, cor meeting & george sts 
" A A clerk 171 east-bay, cor meeting and george sts 
Ceaf, Thomas laborer, 24 tradd st 
Chafee, O J com mer 179 east-bay, 15 george st 
" N U flour inspector queen st, 121 queen st 
" C H clerk 179 east-bay, 121 queen st 
Chamberlain & Bancroft, dry goods 143 meeting st 
" C V 143 meeting st, Charleston hotel 

Chambers & White, factors atlantic whf 
" J S atlantic whf, planters' hotel 
" BR clerk 135 meeting st, 11 george st 
" Thomas bootmaker 7 burns lane 
*' Ann, sires st 
Champlin, S coastwise insp'r custom house, 28 magazine st 
" Oliver accountant, 28 magazine st 
" John mason, 23 franklin st 
Chandler, mrs M, radclifl^e st 

.*' T P deputy sheriff, charlotte st 


Channel, Wm carpenter, coming st, ward 6 
Chapin. B A mechanic, columbus st 

'* Charles book binder 101 meeting st 
" L coachmdker 40 wentworth st, cor king and mar- 
ket sts 
Chaplin, B carpenter, 29 church st 

" W J clerk 283 king st, church st 
" mrs, 31 wentworth st 
Chapman, James com mer exchange st, 4 water st 

" Thomas E com mer exchange st, 4 water st 
" R B com mer exchange st, 4 water st 
" J C clerk 215 king st 
'* Samuel grist mill 14 tradd st 
" Perry pilot, 1 atlantic st 
Charlote, M D printer, 53 east-bay 
Chartland, mrsC 9 wall st 

Chase, T P wharfinger union wharves, 96 queen st 
" PS clerk 142 king st, 96 queen st 
'' PA clerk 142 king st, 96 queen st 
Chazal, mrs E C 48 anson st 
" mrs Ellen 48 anson st 
" J P physician 32 hasell st 
Cheesborcugh, J transfer clerk bank of Charleston, 4 went- 
worth st 
" E R & Brother, brokers and auctioneers 

6 state st 
" E R 6 state st, broad st 

« J B 6 state st, broad st 

" mrs 18 church st 

Cheney, E jr 99 east-bay 
Cheney, mrs private board 99 east-bay 
Cherling, C bootmaker 5 queen st 
Cherol, Thomas tailor, cannon st 
Cherrel, Ed milliner 183 king st 
Chew, T R blacksmith, 3 market st 
Chewing, Charles grocer 39 st philip st 
Cheves, C M planter at' savannah, 44 south-bay 
Chichester, L clerk 161 meeting st Charleston hotel 

" E V clerk 25 hayne st, 236 king st 

Childs, mrs J, vanderhorst st 

China, Thomas J clerk 273 king st, merchants' hotel 
Chisolm, H L clerk atlantic whf, cor mill and rutledge sts 
" R G clerk 71 east-bay, rutledge st, ward 6 


Chisolm, Alex rice mill west end tradd st, 119 broad So 
" George 13 south-bay 
" mrs J 45 anson st 
" mrs, 77 beaufain st 
" R rutledge and mill sts 

" O broker and auctioneer 33 broad st, 17 savage st 
Chrest, John bootmaker 73 meeting st 
Chrietzburg, mrs C 17 beaufain st 

" Thomas mechanic, 26 beaufain st 

" R S carpenter, 60 wentwoith st 

" J R clerk central whf, king st 

Christiansen, J grocer 180 king st 
Christie, David, blind, cannon st 
Chroder, John grocer st philip and cannon sts 
Choate, T clerk 84 east-bay, 104 tradd st 

" HE clerk 19 vendue range, 104 tradd st 
« mrs S M 104 tradd st 
Church, J F plumber 20 broad st 
" mrs M 27 st philip st 
" CAD bricklayer 27 st philip st 
Clacius C clerk 13 central whf, 208 king st 
Clagett, Wm clerk 122 meeting st, Charleston hotel 
" W H dry goods, calhoun st 
" Thomas broker and auctioneer 7 state st, 120 
tradd st 
Clarison, J C clerk king st, st philip st, ward 6 
Clarke, C druggist 33 market st 

" S S & G fancy goods 151 meeting st 
" SS 151 meeting st, Charleston hotel 
" G E 151 meeting st, Charleston hotel 
" R A hardware 133 meeting st, 11 george 
«' H B dry goods 213 king st 
" Francis tavern keeper 337 king st 
*' Richard port warden, II church st 
'< Pringle planter on ashepoo river, 160 meeting st 
« Henry planing mills 89 beaufain st, 87 beaufn st 
" Jos engineer, 28 mazyck st 
" J M turner, 19 mazyck st 
« John porter 1 hayne st, 27 wentworth st 
Clarksons & Mey, fac and com mer, accommodation whf 
*' T B accommodation whf, 4 smith st 
" R H accommodation whf, 4 smith st 
« W N physician 83 tradd st 


Claussen, J C H baker 183| east-bay 

Clancy, mrs M A warren st 

Clayton, VV C printer, cor anson and wentworth sts 

" E J engineer, 6 liberty st 
Cleapor, C W clerk 110 east-bay. 55 calhoun st 

" J W 55 calhoun st 
Cleaveland, J A druggist, 215 king st 
'' W L druggist, 215 king st 

Cleiland, J M clerk vendue range, 6 (^ueen st 

" Mrs S, G queen st 
Clemon, J L tinner, 48 east-bay 
Clemont, J P superintendent of streets, amherst st 
Clifford, L C planter, pon pon, warren st 
Clifton, A J, 76 church 

Close, L P H dry good dealers, 340 king st, mer hotel 
Clyde, T E grocer, 88 meeting st 
Clysey, Misses milliners, 82 king st 
Cobia, Henry auctioneer and commission merchant 26 

vendue range, 88 wentworth st 
Cobia, Mrs teacher meeting st, ward 7 
Cobb, E VV boots and shoes 141 meeting st, horlbeck al 
Coburn, Peter carpenter, st. philip st, ward 6 
Cochran, W S teller S W R R Bank, cannon st 
" J C bookkeeper " cannon st 

" Patrick laborer 44 tradd st 
" James laborer 20 middle st 
" T B teacher high school king st, ward 5 
" Thos, rutledge st, ward 6 
Cock, Rudolph, sail maker, 7 magazine st 
Cockran, James pastor 80 Broad st 
CofFay, F A shoes 187 east-bay, 35 state st 
Coffey, Jeremiah 22 tradd st 

'■ Jeremiah jr laborer 22 tradd st 
" mrs M 9 tradd st 
Coffin, G M factor adger's wharf, 86 broad st 

" Thomas planter st. helena, 7 rutledge st 
Cogdell, R W 65 broad st 

CS clerk bank of state S C 
" G B mill st 
Coglan, mrs M 36 mazyck st 
Cogswell, H clerk 14 hanj'e st, st philips st 
Cohen, J J factor and com mer central wharf, smith st 
" IS auc and com mer 29 vendue ran, 15 society st 


Cohen, N A dry goods 157 east-bay, 46 meeting st 

" A N jr commission mer 157 east-bay, 55 king st 

" J H clerk 157 east-bay, 46 meeting st 

" mrs fruiterer, 71 market st 

" D D jr clerk cor king and market sts, chapel st 

" P M & CO druggists 29 Hayne st 

" P M druggist 29 hayne st, 4 society st 

'' J H clerk 29 hayne st, horlbeck alley 

" A E clerk and librarian M L A 4 society st 


iss Bell 116 king st 

" Samuel pedlar 116 king st. 

♦' rev mr pastor woolf st church 297 king st 

" Jacob, broker and auc 20 broad st, 12 friend st 

« P 6 Wentworth st 

" H Warren st 

" D D planter ashley river, chapel st 
Cohn, L dry goods 159 king st, 55 king st 

" L accountant 157 east-bay, 55 king st 
Colburn and Holland, dvy goods cor king and broad sts 

"' J S cor king and broad 

" J H clerk, 244 king st, 134 queen st 
Colcock, J & CO factors, commercial wharf 

" John 2 orange st 

" R H 2 orange street 

" S H clerk 114 east-bay, church st 

" R W superintendent citadel academy 
Cole, G F music store, 175 king st 
« mrs E M 258 king st 
" John seaman bedons alley 
" Agnes 15 pitt 
Coll, Patrick bootmaker, 95 meeting st, 4 anson st 
Collins, mrs dressmaker 124 church st 

" J N teacher 86 anson st 

" mrs milliner 86 anson st 

" T bootmaker king st, wrrd 6 

" W laborer coming st, ward 6 

" mrs M private boarding, linguard st 
Colman, H VV dry goods 217 king st, 18 mazyck st 

'= George clerk 217 king st, 18 mazyck 
Colson, Charles dry goods 27 middle st 

" A gas fitter 4 horlbeck alley 

" Thomas carpenter 4 horlbeck alley 
Comier, Francis ship chandler 22 Washington st 


Cornier, Alex boiler maker 22 Washington 
Cornier, Ervin boiler maker 22 Washington st 

" Charles moulder 22 Washington 
Commins, John shoes and hats 274 king st 

" Michael clerk 274 king st, 269 king st 
Comstock, D B accountant 122 meeting, 236 king st 
Comwell, Amelia L. dressmaker 12 smith st 
Cohrs, C H clerk 82 east-bay, victoria hotel 
Conder, W tailor 24 queen st 
Condict, Jennings & co, saddlery 157 meeting st 

" S H saddlery 157 meeting st 
Condy & son, brokers and auctioneers 9 state st 

" T D broker and auc cor rutledge and bee sts 

" P broker and auc cor rutledge and bee sts 
Cone, mrs 98 broad st 
Conly, James clerk 179 king st 

'' B laborer 12 horlbeck alley 
Connell, P O laborer Clifford st 
Conner, H W president S C R R 9 meeting st 

*' H W clerk central wharf, 9 meeting st 

" Jas attorney at law, st. michael's al, 9 meeting st 

" Wm gunsmith 34 wentworth st 

" John laborer st philip's st 

" mrs M calhoun st, ward 6 
Conroy, Wm clerk 145 meeting st 
Conturier, J R E druggist 35 broad st, 21 king st 
Cook, G S daguerreotypist 235 king st, 236 king st 
" W clerk 308 king st, wentworth st 
'' Thos C dry goods 347 kin^ st 
'' J R 4 gadsden st 
" Jacob grocer king st, ward 5 
" J A grocer cor king and mary sts 
Cooper & Rivers, attorneys at law 49 broad st 

" G W attorney at law 49 broad st, 4 franklin st 

" mrs A 38 wentworth st 

'« R T porter and ale bottler king st, ward 6 
Copes & Black, cotton press 91 church st 

" J cotton press 91 church, rutledge, ward 6 
Corbet & brothers, dry goods 322 king st 

" James dry goods 322 king st 

" J N dry goods 322 king st 

" H D dry goods 322 king st 

" mrs 24 south-bay 


Corbet, miss 24 south-bay 
'' John 23 lynch st 
" John laborer 7 burns lane 
Corby, E R blacksmith hampden court 
" John Hampden court 
^•' John blacksmith ilO meeting st 
Corcoran, J M accountant 147 east-bay, 65 beaufain st 
" Patrick cattle dealer doughty st 
" carter cor cannon and smith sts 
" mrs T dry goods cor cannon and smith sts 
" Timothy conductor S C R R mary st 
" Thomas laborer columbus st 
Cordas, Geo grocer 56 anson st 
Cordis, John 207 east-bay 
Cordray, Thomas hard alley 
Cords, T tavern keeper 55 market st 
'-^ J J grocer 7 Cumberland st 
^' AC baker, 45 Calhoun st 
'• Geo varnisher spring st 
^' Ralph butcher henrietta st 
Corkle, T M printer east-bay 
'' Edward east-bay 
u •\\rj^ laborer bedon's alley 
Corkrell, Thomas grocer 180 east-bay 
Corneps, F tavern keeper exchange st 
" H tavern keeper exchange st 
Correa, Jos fruiterer 53 market st, tradd st 
Corregan P M clerk 43 hayne, 195 east-bay 

" P dry goods 78 church 
Corrie W C clerk 69 east-bay 

" S J clerk I Hayne, pavilion hotel 
Cors, H baker king st, ward 5 
Cosgrove, J fruiterer 65 market 
Cosrie, B tavern keeper vendue range 
Cotchett, Geo adger's wharf, 9 society st 

" G M J clerk adger's wharf, 9 society st 
" C E engineer 9 society st 
Cotton, mrs E mantua maker, 39 wall st 
Councell, E C printer and bookseller 119 east-bay, corner 

east-bay and longitude lane 
CoursCj Henry machinist sires alley 
Courtenay, E S import inspector custom house 
" & Tennant, hardware, 35 hayne st 


Courtenay, W C 35 Hajne and 38 broad 

" & VVienges, booksellers and stationers, opposite 
the post office 
Courtenay, S G green st - 

'- W A clerk beau fain st 
" J stone-cutter, 112 queen st 
Covelay, Jeremiah mason archdale st 
Covert, H C clerk 101 east-bay, 3 magazine st 

" T W clerk 120 meeting st, 3 magazine st 
Cowperthwait, E R furniture 251 king st, 76 beaufain st 
Cox, W H grocer 184 east-bay 
"■ S K pastor, methodist protestant church 6 wall st 
'' D butcher 40 calhoun st 
Crafts, W clerk 101 east-bay, 10 broad st 

" Geo J planter st. and row's parish, 60 broad st 
Cramer, G W mechanic 19 pinckney st 
Crane, L clerk 165 meeting st, pavilion hotel 

" J G dry goods 1 hayne st, Charleston hotel 
'' David coach trimmer 
" miss R 1 1 broad st 
Cranston, E wharfinger union wharf, mazyck st 
Craven R H carpenter king st, ward 5 
Creighton, mrs rutledge st, ward 6 

'' Jas planter pon pon rutledge st, ward 6 

" John clerk rutledge st, ward 6 

Crews, E B auc and com mer 19 vendue range, 1 smith st 
" Michael steam-boat captain, prichard st 
" A J dry good 181 east-bay, 17 George st 
" Abbot laborer st. philip's ward 8 
Crip, miss A 41 meeting 
" miss C 41 meeting 
Croft, mrs M E seamstress 7 longitude lane 

" T M accountant 179 east-bay, 44 Wentworth st 
" mrs S E private boarding, 204| king st 
Croghan, Stephen laborer bedon's alley 
" O blacksmith 21 queen st 
" Michael laborer America st 
Crcmlay, Daniel bootmaker 30 queen st 
Cromwell, Samuel professor of music 15 Franklin st 
Croush, mrs 34 queen st 
Crosby, mary meeting st, ward 5 
Cross, M W mechanic 106 church 
" W accountant 9 middle st 


Cross, Henry mason 15 friend 

" Franklin, ship chandler 15 friend 

" Sarah 42 st, philip st 
Crouch, C W teacher, calhoun st, smith st, ward 6 
Cruikshank, Samuel tanner 22 queen st, Hanover st 
Cudworth, J import inspector custom house, 20 Hasell st 
Culbert, Jas police-office king st, ward 7 

" John clerk king st, ward 7, America st 

" Culbert, Wm cotton dresser, America st 
CuUinwe, P dry goods 360 king st 
Cummings, Thomas rigger 73 east-bay 

^' J B accountant corner of broad and church 

sts, wentworth st 
Cummings, J A clerk, 312 king st 
Cunningham & Roberson, attorneys, Charleston library 
" John attorney Charleston library 

" Andrew cont'r & builder, st. philip st, ward 6 

" mrs A henrietta st 

" Richard henrietta st 

Curly, Stephen boo'.maker, 56 state st 
Currie, Alex carpenter 24 Bull 
Currier, G L 237 king st 
Current, E guilder 154 king st 
Curry, mrs C shopkeeper 7 tradd st 
Curtis, W paint oil and lamp dealer 137 east-bay 

" E carpenter, 9 franklin st 

" James carpenter rutledge st 

" mrs E 11 Calhoun st 

" miss C 11 calhoun st 
Custa, mrs dry goods, 10 king st 
Cuyler, S G clerk 229 king st, 269 king st 


Dacosta, Antonius professor of music, 17 broad st 

'• W P millwright, 108 queen st 
Dadin, L H jeweler 155 king st, 148 king st 

" LA jeweler 155 king st 
Dagget, W L printer, king st 

" Shepherd carpenter 11 horlbeck alley 

" L W machinist 1 1 horlbeck alley 

'" Thomas, mechanic 25 society st 
Dagner, Charles ship chandler 26 Washington st 
Dail, E carpenter 1 Queen st, king st 


Dalbis, J L grocer 152 east-bay 
Dalglish, W bricklayer 17 Pinckney 
Dadas, W bootmaker 56 meeting 9G east-bay 
Dallrick, mrs E upholsterer, 160 king st 
Daly, E boots and shoes 306 king st, merchants hotel 
" John boots and shoes 326 king st, merchants hotel 
" Michael laborer 20 pinckney 
" W clerk poor-house 95 queen st 
Dana, rev. W C pastor central church 19 Laurens st 
Dand, Ed clerk 115 east-bay 
Daniel, N W engineer S C R R, 36 st phiUp st 
" John, fireman S C R R, sires alley 
" SB tailor 13 anson st 
Daniels, F pilot 72 church st 
Dansman, mrs baker 90 king st 
Dappray, J E dentist king st, ward 8 
Darby, F coppersmith 67 east-bay, 325 king st 
«' J T clerk 279 king st, marion st 
" O A teacher marion st 
" W carpenter 50 beaufain st 
Darcy, Peter porter 153 east-bay 

« Darcy, T K painter 112 queen st 
Darr, H L printer 23 society st 

Dart, Thomas accountant accomodation whf, 236 king st 
" mrs A 47 tradd st 
" Wm painter coming st, ward 6 
Davant, J L clerk commercial whf 

Davega, C medical student 150 east-bay, 92 wentworth st 
" Isaac, attorney courthouse square, 92 wentworth 
" Mrs. G 92 wentworth 
Davenport, R L bookbinder cor church and market sts 
Davey, Robert coachmaker 14 beaufain st 
David, R L dry goods 265 king st 
Davidson, W planter Louisiana 66 church st 
Davis, R C sea captain 56 church st 

" G Y commission merchant cor east-bay and boyce 
wharf, cor meeting and queen sts 
Davis, Isaac B accountant accommodation wharf, cor st 

philip and beaufain sts 
Davis, W R com mer central wharf, 3 glebe st 
» W H clerk 74 east-bay 36 tradd 
" Moses printer, 3 tradd 
" J S accountant cor king and market sts, 260 king 


Davis, Nathan mechanic 1 15 meeting st 
" C H bricklayer 114 king st 
" John clerk 40 east-bay, vanderhorst st 
•' D locksmith and bell hanger 329 king, wairen st 
" T G attorney at law 20 broad st, vanderhorst st 
" mrs J 36 tradd 

" mrs & son private boarding mansion house 
" Ed private boarding mansion house 
"- ' ' mrs cor pitt and vanderhorst 
Daws, carpenter coming st, ward 8 
Dawson, W H jr clerk Adger's whf 9 Lynch 
" F clerk post office, 25 anson st 
" J com mer 94 and 96 east-bay, 25 anson st 
" E J clerk 1 16 meeting st, pavilion hotel 
" & Blackman druggist 17 broad st 
" Joseph druggist 17 broad st, 25 anson st 
f' C P 96 bFQad st 
'* J Ed, m. d., 96 broad st 
'^ J L, m. d., 48 tradd st 
'' S P 3 meeting st 
" Mrs W 3 meeting st 
« Miss C 38 bull st 
'' Tobias bricklayer st. philip ward 6 
Day, D F clerk 133 meeting st, 260 king st 
" Fisher- private boarding 260 king st 
" W B clerk post office, 3 friend st 
" W H coach trimmer 1 Montague st 
D'Antignac, Wm factor accomodation wharf 
DeBow, B F agent Debow's Review, corner broad and 

east-bay, 6 broad st 
DeBow, John blacksmith calhoun st, ward 5 
DeBuse, Wm clerk columbus st 
DeChoiseul, M French consul 30 broad st 
DeGafferelly, J C conductor S C R R, rutledge st, ward 8 
DeHay, R H police officer cannon st 

" Wm watchmaker, king st 
DeHyams, M D shipper 79 east bay 
DeLand, C W dry goods 229 king: st, cor king & wentw'h 
DeLange, J L com mer 1 12 east-bay, queen st 
DeLeaumont,H accountant adger's wharf, 2 minority st 
DeLeon, H clerk treasury office 119 queen st 
Desaussure, J B factor adger's wharf, 32 meeting st 

" C A insurance agent 35 east-bay, 26 iTieeting 


Desaussure, H W, m. d., 77 meeting st 
'' & son, attorneys 23 broad st 

" HA attorney 23 broad st, 33 meeting st 

" W G attorney 23 broad st, 31 east-bay 

'•' L D broker 23 broad st, 33 meeting st 

DeTreville, E attorney 20 broad st, rutledge st 
DeVcga, Isaac attorney court-house square, corner broad 

and meeting sts 
DeWitt, G farmer 10 beau fain st 
Deas, miss A dressmaker 77 king st 
" Henry cor tradd and council st,'^ 
" T H 39 wentworth st 
" Jane mantua maker coming st, ward 6 
« Eliza C charlotte st 
Dearcy, Thomas gardener president st 
Decamps, P E cabinet maker 65 king st 
" E cabinet maker, 65 king st 
'■ J carpenter, 65 king st 
Dehon, Dr T planter Ashpoo, 37 meeting st 
Delahay, J B sea captain 4 horlbeck alley 
Delamps, A G clerk 70 east-bay, 156 east bay 
Delaunay, J P professer 50 wentworth st 
Delia Torre, A steam saw mill, Washington st, ward 6 
Denck, Joseph music teacher 17 friend st 
Deneau, T E clerk 141 meeting st, 2 liberty st 
Dener, mrs C 29 mazyck st 

" Geo farmer christ church parish, 29 mazyck st 
Denis, G A confectioner 41 Archdale st 
Denkiik, W M clerk 123 meeting st 
Denney, mrs 52 dueen 
Denoon, D H printer 63 broad st 
Dentrieau, mrs V 10 beaufain st 
Dereef, R E wood factor dercef wharf 

" RE jr wood factor dereef wharf 
Derry, W C clerk 135 meeting, Charleston hotel 
Deselj Charles planter goose creek, pitt st, ward 6 
Desportes, Eliza vanderhorst st 
Desverney, Francis livery stable cor broad and friend sts, 

5 magazine st 
Devea, D H painter 122 kins: st 
Deveau, J P factor 29 vanderdorst whf, cor amherst and 

h an over sts 
Deveneau, E dry goods 304 king st 


Deveneau, A wheelwright 349 king st 
Deveneer, Peter proprietor drajs, rnary st 
Deveraux, N cooper 170 meeting st 
Devie, J H French dyer 80 king st 
Dewar, mrs 39 church st 
Dewees, John planter Alexander st 

" W clerk 72 east-bay, alexander st 
Dewing & Thayer, fancy goods 149 meeting st 

" L fancy goods 149 meeting st 

" H fancy goods, 149 meeting st 
Dewire, James pattern maker meeting st, ward 5 
Dexler, 6 tradd st 
Dibble, P V katter 37 broad st 

'^ mrs A C private boarding 249 king st 

" S W clerk 16 east-bay, 249 king st 
Dick, Henry clerk 67 tradd st 
Dickinson, Eliza coming st, ward 6 
Dickson, S H professor medical college, hudson st 
Dieckhoff, C grocer Judith st 
Dienstback, W bootmaker 144 east-bay 
Dierressen, W grocer cor coming and morris sts 
Dill, J T factor 13 southern wharf, corner beaufain and 

wilson sts 
Dill, S G W constable coming st, ward 8 

" Ervin fireman coming st, ward 8 
Dillingham, James clerk 43 hayne st, 179 king st 
Dinaman, C carpenter king st, ward 5 
Dinkins, T J clerk cor king and market sts 
Dishbrow, W W clerk 238 king st 
Disher. Geo grocer 105 broad st 

" mrs E meeting st, ward 5 

" Robert butcher nassau st 
Disman, Cornelius laborer morris st 
Divine, Thomas mason 74 beaufain st 

" John mason 74 beaufain st 

" Michael mason 74 beaufain st 
Divver, J B clerk cor king and market sts, beaufain st 

" Joseph clerk 300 king st, beaufain st 

" mrs S, beaufain st 
Dixon, T E ship carpenter 21 beaufain st 

" Thomas, tallow chandler king st, ward 6 
Doar, Marquis blacksmith hanover st 
Dobson, Mrs O L 4 smith lane 


Dodd, Wm carpenter sires alley 

Doeille, Wm baker king st, ward 6 

Dom, Wm grocer 20 state st 

Donald, John shopkeeper 53 king st 

Donnell, B W carpenter, cor laurens and Washington sts 

Donnohoe, D hardware 52 king st 

Donoonay, Patrick drayman 97 meeting st 

Doogan, Patrick mason 22 queen st 

Dooly, John laborer woolfe st 

Dorbaum & Amme, tailors 17 queen st 

" C tailor 17 queen st 
Dorman, J W clerk 85 market st 
Dora Wm baker 351 king st 
Dorin, A carpenter 52 queen st 
Dorrell, John carpenter whims court 
Dorrill, A lumber mer cor beaufain and lynch sts, bee st 
Dortic, W T clerk fitzsimon's wharf, 12 wentworth st 
Dotterrer, H E clerk 1 hayne st, america st 

" T D machinist america st 

" Thomas finisher america st 
Doty, A sign and ornamental painter 38 broad st, 137 king 
Doucin, P M wharfinger^bpyce & co's whf, 84 beaufain 
Dougherty, W M & co^asfitting and lamps 292 king st 

" W M gasfittmg and lamps 292 king st, 19 

St. philip st 

" John wood factor 19 south-bay 

'' Joseph, grocer 17 south-bay, 19 south-bay 

Doughty, Charles time-keeper america st 
Douglas, J F clerk atlantic wharf, Washington st 

" A M clerk 4 vendue range, Washington st 

" EC clerl? 300 king st, Washington st 

" G S accountant 25 hayne st, 236 king st 

" C jr clerk 47 broad st 

" miss C shoi3keeper, 53 king st 

" Mary 4 wilson st 

" Hannah st. philip st, ward 6 

" John clerk Washington st 

" C St. Andrew's hall, broad st 
Dowdj Martin bottler 32 anson st 
Dowie, Geo accountant, i hayne st, king st 
Dowling, John grower 38 market st 

" mrs E 116 king st 

" Joseph painter 11 tradd st 


Downey, F F clerk vanderhorst wharf, 24 savage st 

" mrs JVJ A 24 savage st 
Downing, R 68 church st 

" M guardman 74 tradd 
" mrs M 2 pitt 
Doyle, Jeremiah clerk cor broad and church sts, 22 tradd 
Drago, A fruitterer, 70 market st 

" mrs B dry goods 141 king st 
Drake, G W com mer atlantic wharf, Huntsville, Ala. 

" Miles dry goods 358 king st 
Drandy, Benjamin shoemaker^ columbus st 
Drayton, A K discount and transfer clerk, S W R R bank, 

58 tradd st 
Drayton, J G pastor St. Andrew's parish, 42 south-bay 
" mrs H B ladson court 
'• mrs M coming st, ward 6 

" Ch planter St Andrew parish, coming st, w'd 6 
'^ T H M planter St John's pa'h, coming st, w'd 6 
" J S coming st, ward 6 
Dreier, C grocer 31 tradd st 
" E clerk 7 st philip st 
Droutman, J dry goods church st 
Drummond, John bootmaker 55 broad st 

" N engineer 55 broad st 

Druber, Charles carpenter hanover st 
Dryer, D grocer 43 wall st 

" William drayman williams row 
Duboise, John plasterer, 24 Washington st 

'' mrs E 86 queen st 
Due, H A tinner cor king and spring sts 
Duchne, D drayman cor columbus and king sts 
DufFus, A W accountant 137 meeting st, 13 Lynch st 
" G H cotton press dewees wharf, 13 Lynch st 
'' mrs Ann, 13 Lynch st 
" J J W clerk 31 hayne st, 71 beaufain st 
" J A express agent 3 hayne st, 71 beaufain st 
" Samuel carpenter 40 beaufain st 
Dufort, A gunsmith king st, ward 8 
" J tinner meeting st, ward 7 
Duggen, James watchmaker savage st 
Dukes, W C & son, factor & com mer atlantic wharf 
" W C fac & com mer, atlantic whf, king st, ward 5 
" J R fac & com mer atlantic whf, king st, ward 5 


Dukes, T C clerk atlantic wharf, king st, ward 5 
" J H attorney 61 broad st 
" mrs M M st philip st, ward 8 
" Francis plasterer 12 east-bay 
Dulin, Rice fac & com mcr central whf, 189 meeting st 
Dunavant, A J com mer atlantic whf, Chester district 
Duncan, W clerk 105 east-bay, broad st 

" L C clerk 143 meeting st, 35 st philip st 
" A boiler-maker king st, ward 6 
" Catherine seamstress coming st, ward 8 
Dunham, C T & co, boots and shoes 141 meeting st 

" C T boots &. shoes 141 meeting, 11 horlbeck al 
Dunkin, A H attorney 65 meeting st, warren st 

" B F judge Court of Equity warren st 
Dunlap, W C 359 king st 

" W M guard man 7 magazine st 
" James 3 lynch st 
" Samuel chandler woolfe st 
Dunn, James coachsmith king st 
" J tavern keeper 96 church st 
" Samuel C clothier 20 hayne st 
" & Duryea, clothiers 238 king st 
" Samuel C clothier 238 king st 
" John city constable 93 queen st 
" John clerk cor beaufain and lynch sts, 128 queen 
" Wm dry goods 371 king st 
'• C dry goods king st, ward 6 
Dunning, James butcher reid st 
Dupont, F upholsterer, 203 king st 
" D upholsterer, 203 king st 
'• mrs iM 3 st michael's alley 
Dupree, John engineer 84 queen st 
" mrs teacher 27 wall st 
" Joseph carpenter corner king and spring sts 
Duquercron, F H clerk central wharf, 96 tradd st 

" Leopold clerk Mercury office, 96 tradd st 

Durose, A bookbinder, vanderhorst st 
Duryea, J M private boarding cor meeting and market sts 
" R S clerk 84 church st, 110 meeting st 
" John clothier 238 king st 
" mrs M A S 9 wall st 
Dusenberry, Geo State constable, 53 tradd st 
Duval, J B tinner 298 king st 


Duval, E A tinsmith 298 king st 

" LA tinner 298 king st 
Dwight, Mrs C pasirycook 72 king st 

Eager, W M clerk 1 hayne st, meeting st 
Earle, J bricklayer 30 calhoun st 
Eason, mrs C D private boarding 2 Glebe st 
" R J auctioneer vendue range, 2 glebe st 
" G W 2 glebe st 
« R H bricklayer 30 calhoun st 
" J M (fc brothers, engineers and machinists corner 

columbus and nassau sts 
" J M engineer k. machinist cor columbus & nassau 

sts, drake st 
" T D engineer and machinist corner columbus and 
nassau st, america st 
Easterby, W H clerk 213 king st, 106 church st 
" Geo 82 tradd st 
" S D 106 church st 
Easton, G L sea captain 14 friend st 
Eaton, Charles stone cutter, 38 market st 
Eberle, Charles upholsterer and manufacturer, 205 king st 
Eckhard, mrs M E 31 society st 
Eden, John engineer 37 maiket st 
Edes, D B clerk cor meeting and market sts 
Edgerton & Richards, drapers and tailors 32 broad st 
" E W draper and ta lor, 32 broad st, 3 orange st 
«' E S clerk 32 broad st, 3 orange st 
Edmondston, L A port warden 72 tradd st 
«' T 8 legare st 

" Charles President S C Insurance company, 

109 east-bay, 8 legare st 
" H clerk cor king and market sts, 8 legare 

Edwards, Evan clerk post office 7 logan st 
" F M clerk central wharf, 7 logan st 
*' J J clerk 10 central wharf 
*' J F factor 62 east-bay, 26 wall st 
« J B 26 wall st 

'' C L porter bank of Charleston, state st 
" W S collecting clerk bank charls'n 8 legare st 
" Morris carpenter 29 beaufain st, 19 college st 
Ehlies, N grocer 107 tradd st 


Ehney, P M coastwise insp'r custom-house, 12 pinckney 
" Edwin blacksmith 12 pinckney st 
" J J moulder 12 pinckney st 
Ehricks, H grocer corner meeting and mary sts 
Egan, John shop-keeper 61 king st 
Egleston, T R clothier 27 hayne st, commercial hotel 
" G W attorney and magistrate, 53 broad and 
king st, ward 6, warren st 
Egleston, J L transfer and discount clerk State bank, 72 

anson st 
Elbridge, James proprietor drays, meeting st, ward 7 
Elder, W T tanner John st 

Elfe, W import inspector custom-house, 236 king st 
*' R L barber 28 broad st 
" Robert city sheriff 1 middle street 
" Albert carpenter 19 lynch st 
" Eleanor dressmaker, 31 montague st 
" Maria charlotte st 
Elford, F P wharfinger vanderhorst whf, 17 coming st 
Elfred, J R proprietor drays elizabeth st 
Elleran, mrs E milliner, 146 king st 
Ellerhorst, W grain dealer 6 market st 
" H D dry goods 192 king st 

Elliott, Thomas O attorney 61 broad st, 2 glebe st 
Elliott, Dr Gibbs planter, 10 george st 
Ellis, Jos carpenter rutledge st, ward 8 
Elmore, James moulder 12 east-bay 
Els worth, J T guager custom-house, corneir laurens and 

marsh sts 
Elsworth, F B collector 31 society st 
El wig, Wm carpenter 19 west st 

" Amelia 55 coming st 
Emanuel, Nathan 45 beaufain st 

" Joel 45 beaufain st 
Emery, J R clerk S C R R unity alley 
Emmen, Loder clerk 24 archdale st 
Engelberg, M tailor 71 market st 
England, mrs M 10 orange st 

" Wm clerk 10 orange st 
Englert, W private boarding 43 market st 
English, James builder and contractor 15 south-bay 

" James jr 15 south-bay 
Enslow & Bell, coopers, cor east-bay aiid .boyce's wharf 


Enslow, J L cooper cor east-bay and boyce's wharf, 128 
tradd St 

" J A importer 110 east-bay, meeting st, ward 5 
Enston W & co, cabinet makers 169 171 and 173 king st 

" Wm cabinet maker, 118 queen st 

" Alfred cabinet maker 99 queen st 

*' Daniel cabinet maker 118 queen st 
Epping, J P M druggist 277 king st 
Erickson, C wood builder smith's wharf 
Ervin, W F surveyor-gen fire-proof building, Sumter dist 

" Dr. John 5 Rutledge st 
Estill, W jr printer king st 

" W bookbinder, 5 lynch st 
Evans, W E & co. factor accommodation wharf 

ii WE factor accommodation wharf, 2 hasell st 

" G W factor accommodation wharf, 2 hasel st 

" James, tailor 67 broad st 

" B F clerk 101 east-bay, meeting st 

'^ R tavern keeper 97 market st 

" J B clerk 35 hayne st, wentworth st 

" mrs C 57 queen st 

" W private boarding 373 king st 

" miss R teacher 373 king st 

" Sellers carpenter coming st, ward 8 

'^ Samuel boiler maker elizabeth st 

" mrs E america st 
Eveleigh, Thomas private boarding 297 king st 
Ewan, John silverware store 127 king st 
" W H silverware store 127 king st 
Ev;art, J clerk central wharf, 106 church st 
Ewbank, Henry hardware 155 meeting st, 17 smith st 
Ewing, mrs M private boarding 269 king st 
Ezekiel, P watchmaker 61 broad st, 89 church st 

Faber, mrs A M Alexander st 

Fabin, Wm seaman 83 queen st 

Fairchild, B factor bell's wharf, 1 1 1 wentworth 

" Rufus, music store 201 king, corner king and 
beaufain sts 
Fairly, Arthur clerk 41 broad st, 22 Cumberland st 
Falk, I L & CO. clothiers 265 king st 
" Abraham clothier 265 king st 


Faman, Mary henrietta st 

Fanning, F D & co, hats and caps 31 hayne st 

" F U hats and caps 31 hayne st, 2 maiden lane 
Barnum, O grocer 189 east-bay 
Farrar, S S & brothers grocery merchants 70 east-bay 

" S S grocery mer 70 east-bay, 28 society st 

" J C grocery mer 70 east-bay, 28 society st 

" CD grocery mer 70 east-bay, 28 society st 
Faulkernon, Isaac clerk 5 hayne st 
Faust, Mrs M 21 middle st 
Favor, Jos planter pon pon, charlotte st 
Fayssoux, T druggist 3 1 broad st, 4 orange st 
Fedhazke, E bootmaker 5 queen st 
Feehan, miss C F 61 anson st 

'' James porter hayne st, king st, ward 5 
Fees, G watchmaker 187 king st 
Felis, B segar maker 68 state st 
Fennick, John tailor 7 beaufain st 
Ferguson, W C currier 22 queen st 

" J H accountant 145 meeting st, planter's hotel 
" Emeline 35 george st 
Ferrell, J J accountant 19 hayne st, 23 st philip 

" Thomas mechanic 23 st philip 

" Michael mechanic 23 st philip 
Ferira, Jason carpenter, morris st 
Ferrette, J F fruitterer 41 market st 

'■ miss J 34 archdale st 

'' Adeline 15 college st 

" Mary 5 Calhoun st 
Ferry, W carpenter beaufain st 
Ffirth, H D 5 mazyck 4t 
Ficken, J F grocer 13 beaufain st 
Ficklin, James clerk 19 hayne st, 7 short st 
" W B attorney 63 broad st, 7 short st 

" mrs E S 7 short st 
Fickling. J J bricklayer 30 tradd st 
Fields, Nathan proprietor Charleston ice house, corner 

adger's wharf and east-bay 
Fiegre, Julius hatter 164 king st 
Figeroux, mrs B milliner 206 king st 

" B 206 king st 
Figney, Abraham drayman 7 bull st 
Fillette, Theo clerk 29 hayne st, 139 kingst 


Fillette, madame A dry goods 139 king st 
Fincken, grocer 1 1 south-bay 
Fink, A & CO tavern keepers exchange st 
" A tavern keeper exchange st 
" P J clerk 123 meeting st 
" B H druggist 369 king st 
" H laborer st philip st, ward 8 
Finckelj J O cotton spinner columbus st 
Finlayson, clerk 75 east-bay 
Finley, mrs E 7 atlantic st 

Finley, W P president Charleston college 12 montague st 
Fimkemsteadt, G grocer 1 king st 
Finn, E laborer 1 Washington st 
Finnegan, J sea captain 12 market st 

" John tailor 188 king st, 21 Franklin st 
Fishburn, Robert planter St Paul's pa, 257 east-bay 
Fisher, John tailor meeting st 

'• S W clerk 248 king st, 21 friend st 
" mrs S milliner 252 king st 
" S planter Summerville, 252 king st 
" F bootmaker 6 tradd st 
" John dry goods 209 east-bay 
Fitch, W M, m. d., 78 meeting st, cor wentworth and 

pitt st 
Fitz, John blacksmith hanover st 
" Wm blacksmith hanover st 
Fitzgerald, M laborer 26 state st 
Fitzpatrick, A F clerk 80 east-bay, 52 tradd st 

" P clerk 100 east-bay, 52 tradd st 

Fitzsimons, B saddler and harness maker, 282 king st 
" R T saddler and harness maker 282 king st 

'^ mrs E 26 hasel st 

'' C, m. d., 26 hasel st 

Flack, G W watchmaker 40 anson st 
Flagg, C B attorney 59 meeting st, 15 archdale st 

" E B, m, d.,15 archdale st 
Fleeken, Frederick laborer woolfe st 
Fleming, Wm clerk cor king and market st, king st 
" D F & CO boots and shoes 43 hayne st 
•' D F boots and shoes 43 hayne, Charleston ho'l 
" Robt candy manufacturer 269 king st 
" James laborer 20 tradd st 
Flinn, James clerk 54 east-bay, 29 church st 


Flinn, John clerk 54 east-bay. 29 church st 
'' Michael 129 east-bay 
" Martin, "Miardman america st 
Flood, J clerk 1 IG church st 
Fludd, J S clerk central wharf, spring st 

" mrs spring st 
Flynn, J T draper and tailor 30 broad st, new st 
Fobb, Wm clerk 264 king st 

Forbes, R tin-plate worker and tin roofer 22 tradd st 
Fogartie, S accountant 23 wall st 

" A clerk 253 king st, 59 beaufain st 

" mrs A teacher 23 wall st 

" mrs S 31 George st 

" Ed bricklayer, calhoun st, ward 6 
Folger, packer 8 middle st 
Folker, P H teacher cannon st 


E G clerk S C R R, radclifTe st 

" Octavus clerk vanderhorst st 
Follin, G tobacconist 169 meeting st, cor meeting and 

society st 
Fonda, D A clerk 234 and 236 king st 
Foote, mrs C 113 king st 
Foran, J J clerk 181 east-bay, 231 east-bay 
Force, B W & J P & co, boots and shoes, 21 hayne st 

" B W boots and shoes 21 hayne st, 1 hasel st 

" J P boots and shoes 21 hayne st, Augusta Ga 
Ford, B boots and shoes 99if east-bay, ashle^ st 

" J D student 23 broad st, 97 broad st 

" FA attorney 41 broad st, 97 broad st 

" W H student 97 broad st 

" Ford, Lewis carver 92 queen st 

'* miss C H 7 macbride's lane 
Ford ham, R church st 

" W R livery stables chalmer st, meeting, w'd 5 
Forest, mrs S 91 wentworth st 

Forest, John pastor 1st Presbyterian church, rear court-ho 
Foren, J J clerk 361 king st 
Forrest. Francis bootmaker st philip st, ward 6 
Forrester, A engineer 58 anson st 
Forsyth, W C clerk 350 king st, 30 burn's lane 
Fosket, mrs S A dressmaker st philip st, ward 6 

" Alex mall contractor, st philip st, ward 6 
Foster, Charles clerk 37 hayne st, 72 wentworth st 


Foster, W B clerk Bank State S C, 72 wentworth st 
Fowle, G M & CO. com mers vanderhorst wharf 

" G M com mer varrderhorst wharf 
Fowler, A D clerk 244 king st, 83 queen st 

" Wm sailor boarding bedons alley 

'* Jos seaman 68 queen st 
Fox, mrs M 22 laurens st 

" Wm wharfinger fitzsimon's wharf, 22 laurens st 
" Sarah, 38 st philip st 
Frahna, F coppersmith 34 state st 
Francis, B shoemaker 174 east- bay 

" John barber 316-^ king st 

<' G M saddler 344 king st 
Francois, S clerk 23 market st 
Franklin, Linguard cor king and ann st 
Fraser, J E fac and com mer 1 southern whf, 91 tradd st 

" John & CO, fac and com mer central wharf 

" John, fac and com mer central wharf, 3 short st 

" A clerk 13 exchange st, 30 tradd st 

" W S clerk fire proof building, meeting st, ward 5 

" John J conductor S C R R, 273 king st 

" Charles, 35 king st 

« mrs M 91 tradd st 

" Samuel bootmaker 2 archdale st, beaufain st 

" John tailor, 16 st philip st, radcliffe st 
Frazer, C P warm bath establishment 67 meeting st 

'' J M accountant 213 king st, 67 meeting st 
Fredsberg, J M clerk 20 east-bay ^ 

Freeman, W seaman 7 longitude lane 

" mrs. J america st 
Freer, Isaac clerk rutledge st, ward 8 
French, John clerk 40 east-bay, planter's hotel 

" Henry overseer Charleston factory, line st 
Frender, E butcher woolfe st 
Frey, Jos clerk 201 king st, 50 queen st 
Fripp, J A 1 Lamboll st 
Frierson, Miss E 11 burns lane 
Froeliah, N conductor S C R R, woofe st 
Froneberger, Caleb boots and shoes 165 meeting, Ch'n h'l 
Frost, E H clerk adger's wharf, 1 10 tradd st 
" ED clerk adger's wharf, 110 tradd st 
" Edward judge 1 10 tradd st 
" Thomas attorney st michael's alley, 110 tradd st 


Frost, H R, m. d., 68 broad st, 70 broad st 

Fryer, W DeL> accountant, 250 king st, 27 broad st 

" mrs E music teacher 27 broad st 
Fuller, T A 52 Calhoun st 

" R clerk cor king and market sts, 204 king st 

" Benjamin planter st andrew's parish, 24 broad st 

" mrs M paine court 

" John guardman, spring st 
Fulmer, John woolfe st 
Furman, C M president Bank S C, above bank 

" R K planter Daniel's Island, 9 ardhdale st 
Furst, Daniel carpenter bedon's alley 


Gadsden, James factor commercial wharf, 1 1 coming st 
" James &co factors 62 east-bay, 
" James factor 62 east-bay, ann st 
*' T N broker chalmer st, 5 church st 
" F porter and out-door clerk Bank State S C, 
meeting st, ward 5 
Gadsden, Benjamin planter goose creek, 1 1 coming st 
" Richard, farmer meeting st, ward 7 
" P bishop Charleston district, alexander st 
Gaetjens, G spirit dealer 104 east-bay, 39 broad st 
Gafry, John clerk 45 hayne st, market st 
Gage, James sea captain 98 queen st 
Gaillard and Snowden, fac and com mer 6 southern wharf 
P C fac and com mer 6 southern whf, smith lane 
F P clerk central wharf, 19 state st 
T P clerk 24 vendue range, court-house square 
mrs S court house square 
P C, m. d., 60 broad st 
'f mrs E 13 pitt st 
" mrs E ann st 

*' A P planter St Andrew's parish, smith's lane 
" mrs A 3 meeting st 
Galagher, D clerk planters hotel 
Galdman, L A butcher 24 st philip st 
Gall, R W clerk 253 king st, cor wentworth and king st 
Gallagher, D tinner, king st, ward 6 
Gallaway, miss M milliner 181 king st 
Galliot, Alexis segar manufacturer, 161 east-bay 
Galy, Arthur 36 anson st 


Gamage, Edward 30 society st 
Gambatti, A music teacher 88 king st 
Gamble, Samuel clerk 179 king st 
" & son jewellers 185 king st 
" James jeweller 185 king st 
" Richard jeweller 185 king st 
Gannon, R dry goods 130 church st 
'* T bar keeper planter's hotel 
" mrs private boarding 42 state st 
Gant, KufF& Gant, fac and com mers, accomodation whf 
" J L fac and com mer accomodation wharf, corner of 
coming and warren sts 
Gant, Edward fac and com mer accomodation whf, corner 

coming and warren sts 
Gant, T J register in equity, court-house 

" R S clerk 82 east-bay, 158 east-bay 
Ganthier, F teacher citadel academy, cannon st 
Garborn, A grocer charlotte st 
Garden, R H accountant 45 hayne st, 10 middle st 

" mrs E rutledge st, ward 6 
Garden, B druggist 162 king st 
Gardner, A Y clerk 250 king st 

" J M watchmaker 250 king st, 15 broad st 
*' Elias king st, ward 6 
" Maria st philipst, ward 6 
Garrette, Samuel tailor st philip st, ward 8 

" J W clerk 167 meeting st, 104 queen st 
" G bootmaker 75 church st, 104 queen st 
•" John planter charlotte st 
" mrs private boarding 104 queen st 
Garrick, F blacksmith spring st 
Garrity, C grocer 22 south-bay 
" B grocer 5 south-bay 
" Thomas porter 139 meeting st, 32 queen st 
Gary, mrs E king st, ward 7 
Gates, Thomas butcher, cannon st 
Gatewood, W C 17 legare st 
Gaugan, AE warren st 

Gayer, W J coachmaker 142 meeting st, 146 meeting st 
Gayser, mrs B 43 archdale st 
Geddings, Eli physician 16 george st 
Geddes, mrs C planter, 14 rutledge st 
Gehis, J H com merchant 32 vendue range, 28 queen st 


Geiger, P mechanic 121 meeting st 
Geissel, H grocer cor concord and hasell sts 
Genther, N baker 4 wall st 
George, John clerk 40 east-bay 
" Wiley mason, 58 queen st 
" Reuben engineer railroad, sires alley 
Gerard, P G 23 franklin st 
Gerdis, E grocer cor ashley and doughty sts 
Gerdts, H grocer 203 east-bay 

" C H grocer 43 archdale st 
Gervias, Dr J L, planter st John's, rutledge st, ward 6 
Gervias, rev Paul T 23 legare st 

" Paul T jr, planter st John's island, 23 legare st 
Gibbon, J & G E com mchts gillon st 

" John com mcht gillon st, 23 broad st 

" G E com mcht gillon st, 94 broad st 

" G 9 new st 
Gibbs, J S com mcht adger's whf, 5 short st 

" DrE A lOgeorgest 

" W G com mcht boyce & co's whf, 29 friend st 

" J Reeves clerk 56 east-bay, 66 tradd st 

" J B wharfinger atlantic whf, 83 broad st 

" J B accountant adger's whf, 83 broad st 

" HP medical student, 66 tradd st 

" W H 92 tradd st 

*' J S coal yard patton's whf, 46 calhoun st 

" Lewis prof Charleston college, 51 calhoun st 

" mrs E G 9 short st 

" B S cor John and elizabeth sts 

" Mary mantuamaker 25 st philip st 
Gibson, A E accountant atlantic whf, alexander st 

'' J R clerk 43 hayne st, 1 hasell st 

" DC attorney 84 church st, 172 meeting st 

" mrs E 172 meeting st 

" mrs C B 21 franklin st 

" W C freight collector, 2 glebe st 

" Alexander, alexander st 

" Wm Columbus st 
Gidiere, M dry goods 338 king st 

" Jos clerk 338 king st 

" John music teacher, 338 king st 
Gilbert, S H printer, church st 

" & Chapin, coachmakers 35 and 40 wentworth st 



Gilbert, E M 35 and 40 wentworth st, 249 king st 
Gilbreth, N M painter, 91 market st 
Gilchrist, R B, U S Judge, chalmers st, 245 east-bay 
" R C attorney chalmers st, 245 east-bay 

" James assistant clerk bank south Carolina 

" J M broker and auctioneer 10 state st 

Gill, John carpenter, spring st 

Gillespie, A L dry goods 37 hayne st, Charleston hotel 
Gillilands, Howell & Co, dry goods hayne st 
" W H dry goods hayne st, 24 hasell st 
" WD dry goods hayne st, 29 hasell st 
" James dry goods hayne st, society st 
Gilman, S pastor unitarian church, 7 orange st 

" mrs Columbus st 
Ginane, James wheelwright, king st, ward 5 
Ginard, Dennis drayman, king st, waid 5 
Girardeau, mrs M T, 50 broad st 

" medical student, 50 broad st 

" E F clerk west end montague st, 28| m'tgue 

Gist, J L clerk 288 king st, 26 marsh st 

" B H st philip st, ward 6 
Gitsinger, George clerk cor east-bay and adger's whf, 22 
Cumberland st 
*' BR city inspector, 22 Cumberland st 
Given, James painter, 32 queen st 
" W boots and shoes 359 king st 
" Sarah coming st, ward 6 
Glade, I H clerk 29 king st 
Gladen, mrs M 48 george st 
Glahn, A Von dry goods 230 king st 
Glaser, John bootmaker 13 queen st 
Gleason, J E professor of music 10 horlbeck alley 

" mrs E P private boarding 236 king st 
Glen D L daguerreotypist 221 king st, beaufain st 
Glen, T C clothier 261 king st 

" mrs M shop-keeper 10 archdale st 
" W Mj m. d., corner meeting and reid sts 
" John cor meeting and reid sts 
Glovers & Davis, com raers central wharf 

" S L com mer central wharf, doughty st 
** S com mer central wharf, Orangeburg district 
|," Adam clerk 54 east-bay, 16 Cumberland st 
" G A saddler chalmers st, 28 tradd st 


Glover, mrs C H teacher S C S hall, 7 orange st 
Glyn, Geo coach trimmer, horlbeck alley 
Godefroy, A tailor 58 state st 

Golsmith, Henry clerk court-house square, 54 beaufain st 
" Maurice, d'y U S marshal chalmer st, 98 tradd 
«' J H, m. d., 98 tradd st 
" N nassau st 
Goldstein, J jeweller 153 king st 

Gonfreyville, mrs H milk seller cor columbus and nassau 
Gontvegne, P cutler manufacturer 43 queen st 
Gonzalez, B com mer 15 exchange st, 4 george st 
Goodrich, mrs private boarding 80 market st 

" N E butcher, cannon st 
Goodwin, G M com mer 94 east-bay, 43 George st 

" Wm M printer 70 meeting st 
Gordon, James plumber 127 meeting st 

" Alex hardware 15 broad st 

" Miss C 6 west st 

" L C accountant, st michael's alley, 9 friend st 

" John grocer king st, ward 5 

" C P accountant ashley st 

*' J B planter Georgia, west end calhoun st 

" John butcher america st 

" Robert, bootmaker cor nassau and mary sts 

" James clerk 349 king st 
Gorman, mrs M 7 tradd st 

" Michael laborer 7 tradd st 

" John laborer 7 tradd st 

'' James laborer 7 tradd st 
Gosprey, F carpenter meeting st, ward 5 
Gotgen, John grocer 65 east-bay 
Gouf, Charles bricklayer morris st 
Gouldsmith, Rice cabinet maker 91 wentworth st 
Gourdin, Matthiesen & co com mer commercial wharf 

" Henry com mer commercial whf, cor south-bay 
and meeting st 

" R N com mer comm.ercial wharf, cor south-bay 
and meeting st 

" W Allston factor 56 east-bay, 21 legare st 

" P G 43 east-bay 

'» T, m. d , 106 church st, 31 east-bay 

" T S attorney 34 broad st, alexander st 
Gowan & son watchmakers 54 meeting st 


Gowan, A H watchmaker 54 meeting st, 8 south-bay 
" P watchmaker 54 meeting st, 8 south-bay 
*' Susan spring st 
" Sarah, spring st 
Gradick, C C butcher 28 calhoun st 

« CO jr clerk S C R R, 28 calhoun st 
'' Henry, clerk S C R R, 28 calhoun st 
Grady, James tailor 144 king st 

" Augustus tailor 157 east-bay, 144 king st 
•« Patrick drayman 32 queen st 
" A P collector meeting st, ward 5 
Graham, John clerk kayne st, 198 king st 
" miss A M dressmaker 222^ king st 
'' Daniel conductor S C R R, marion st 
Graiiston, Geo bootmaker 28 anson st 
Grant, F W 176 king st 
'* Jane brewsters alley 
" Lucinda paine court 
Grainger, Charles ship carpenter cannon st 
J Gravely, John hardware 58 east-bay, 28 broad st 
" C clerk 58 east-bay, 28 broad st 
Graves, A D factor howard wharf, 82 Wentworth st 
" D Des planter goose creek, 4 friend st 
" Charles 33 society st 
Graver, H clerk 87 east-bay 

" John grocer 357 king st 
Gray, J W master in equity fire -proof bdg, 88 beaufain st 
" A P clerk fire-proof building, 21 coming st 
" H y clerk U S C chalmer st, calhoun st, ward 6 
'' J B 24 society st 
" Flora 25 college st 
'' J F teacher 5 burns lane 
" AH painter 5 burns lane 
*' Jane 3 coming st 
" mrs R 3 coming st 
Grayson, W J collector custom-house, 64 tradd st 

" Henry clerk custom house, 64 tradd st 
Grazer, C A factor and com mcht 13 central whf, 236 

king st 
Gready, J R clerk '^53 king st, 204 king st 
Greaton^ John inspector Charleston insurance and trust co, 

45 tradd st 
Green & Redmonds, com mchts commercial whf 


Green, J F com mcht commercial whf, charlotte st 
" R M clerk commercial whf, charlotte st 
" J F clerk 54 east-bay, charlotte st 
" Jacob livery stable 12 chalmers st, 10 Chalmers st 
" J clerk 12 chalmers st, 10 chalmers st 
" miss E 30 tradd st 
" Patrick tailor 19 anson st 
" W R stevedore, mott's lane 
" Owen tailor 95 queen st 
" T P Washington st, ward 5 
" J H carpenter, america st 
Greenhill, mrs 3 greenhill st 
Greenland, M physician meeting st, 28 archdale st 

" George mason, 30 middle st 

Greenleaf, boiler maker, 21 pinckney st 
Greer, W tavern keeper 131 east-bay, 15 state st 
" & White, tavern keepers 280 king st 
" J M bookseller 207 king st 
Gregg, Hayden & Co, jewelry and silver ware 250 kingst 

*' Wm 250 king st, calhoun st, ward 6 
Gregorie, J L bursar citadel academy 
Gregory, A cooper, 36 calhoun st 

" F M cutler 143 east-bay, 26 middle st 
Grierson, J C mechanic, 108 east-bay 

" J W clerk 245 king st, 79 wentworth st 

Griggs, H S treasurer savings institution, 31 society st 
Griffitch, mrs M J 41 wall st 
Grimbly, J B planter, 6 south-bay 
Grirnke, mrs T S 42 south-bay 

'* T D physician 42 south-bay 
" mrs 13 savage st 
" John physician 48 st philip st 
" Henry planter st paul's parish, cor araherst and 
bay sts 
Griner, mrs A baker 10 anson st 
Groning, Lewis 249 king st 
Groves, J A clerk 153 meeting st 

" mrs E private boarding 1 queen st 
Grouver, Michael saddler 302 king st, laurens st 
Gruber, G II clerk 222 king st, reid st 
Gruver, W plasterer, 1 14 wentworth st 
Guenebault, Thos H professor of french, 156 meeting st 
Guenveur, S F bookbinder, 118 king st 


Guenveur, J U accountant, 118 king st 

" miss J china dealer 118 king st 

Guerardj J J accountant cor east-bay and vanderhorst's 
whf, east-bay 
'^ O J planter st peter's parish, rutledge st, ward 6 
Guerry, P C clerk 182 king st, east-bay 

" G 2 price's alley 
Gunnison, J A com mcht 88 east-bay, 86 tradd st 
Gutman, C jeweller 18 st philip st 
Guy, T B com mcht 106 east-bay 
" James carpenter, Clifford st 
'* Joseph carpenter, cannon st 
Guymer, A accountant east-bay, coming st, ward 6 
Gyles, J A magistrate and attorney, 18 broad st 


Habenish, C F grocer 4 tradd st 
Hacker, G S car builder, king st, ward 7 

" Thomas machinist, king st, v/ard 7 
Hafers, Henry proprietor european hotel 
Hagan, mrs L 10 Clifford st 
Hagood, G W piano tuner and repairer 251 king st, 318 

king st 
Hahn, J C clerk 6 market st 
Hahnbaura, mrs E R 22 pitt st 
Haig, H M phj'sician 20 meeting st 

" Alex planter st andrew's parish, ashley st 

" Geo planter st andrew's parish, rutledge st, ward 6 
Haines, mrs Isabella Washington st, ward 5 

" George laborer, bedon's allej^ 
Halgrave, Nancy baker 30 meeting st 
Hall, A M accountant dew^ee's whf, 10 liberty st 

" H & W P com mchts central whf 

" H T com mcht central whf, cor church and queen 

" W P com mcht central whf, cor church and queen 

" mrs M S 346 king st 

" J J furniture 114 king st 

'^ J A clerk 253 king st, charlerton hotel 

" Wm physician 263 east-bay 

" C G clerk central whf, 263 east-bay 

" mrs 16 liberty st 

" Charlotte 28 coming st 

" Jacob fireman, cor columbus and nassau sts 


Hallaway, R porter hayne st, 70 beau fain st 
Halsall, W H railroad conductor, columbus st 
Halson, Wm porter 70 east-bay, cor church and Chalmers 
Haly, John drayman, king st, ward 6 
Ham, W engineer, 91 church st 
Hamill, Thomas wheelwright 24 Washington st 
Hamilton, W M accountant 80 east-bay, meeting st 
" A coach trimmer, meeting st 
'' J coachmaker, meeting st 
" Gavin carpenter 6 queen st ' 
" J L sea captain, 9 queen st 
'* Diana 8 st philip st 
Hamlin, James clerk 74 east bay, 1 1 1 wentworth st 
" G blacksmith, 1 1 1 wentworth st 
" Edward printer, 23 concord st 
** mrs M 1 gadsden st 
" Thomas mason, 1 gadsden st 
" John coachmaker, I gadsden st 
" Moore carpenter, I gadsden st 
Hammarskold, architect 122 east-bay, logan st 
Hammond, A L ph^^sician 29 meeting st 
Hampden, mrs S 12 orange st 
Hanahan, J C cooper adger's whf, 136 tradd si 

" James ship carpenter, 48 king st 
Hanckel, T M & C F attorneys 21 broad st 
" T M attorney 21 broad st, 17 hasell st 
" C F attorney 21 broad st, 62 calhoun st 
" John book-keeper bank state so ca, thomas st 
Hancker, C F grocer 20 anson st 
Hancock, H baker, 103 queen st 
Hannasy, Thomas hardware 38 king st 
Hannington, Thomas painter, 32 queen st 
Hauscheldt, P grocer 16 queen st 
Happoldt, A A clerk 137 meeting st, state st 
'' J M gunsmith 45 state st 
" J H gunsmith 45 state st 
" B G gunsmith 45 state st 
" CD farmer, cannon st 
" Wm clerk railroad, cannon st 
" J P clerk, cannon st 
" Albert butcher, cannon st 
" Edward cannon st 
" C L coach trimmer, 16 wall st 



Haupt, J miller, bennett's mill 

" A J miller, lucas' mill 
Harbers, J clerk 141 meeting st, cor meeting and ann st§ 
" H F grocer S coming st 
" G H grocer 19 coming st 
Harbess, C H grocer cor meeting and ann sts 
Harbeson, John dry goods 350 king st, mary st 
*' J S clerk 136 king st 
" Joseph clerk 204 king st, mary st 
Harden, W T R dry goods 8 market st 
Hare, R W saddler 39 hayne st, 11 hasell st 
Hargrove, John slater, 6 smith st 

" Thomas spinner, columbus st 

Harleston, Ed measurer custom house, rutledge st, ward 6 
" J clerk 114 east-bay, rutledge st, ward 6 
" Lydia 12 mazyck st 
" miss E rutledge st, ward 6 
" Summers planter, cannon st 
« T C oharlotte st 
Harlle, Thomas factor boyce &. co's whf, planter's hotel 
Harlow, Michael laborer, morris st 
Harly, Isaac clerk 70 east-bay, 28 meeting st 
'• H J blacksmith, 28 meeting st 
" T W boots and shoes corner king and calhoun stSj 
ridgeville village 
Harms, C grist-mill cor coming and cannon sts 
Harper, F M printer, 17 friend st 

" J M clerk 1 1 broad st 
Harrall, Hare & Co, saddlers 39 hayne st 
'• Wm saddler 39 hayne st, 4 glebe st 
" James druggist 25 hayne st, 46 st philip si 
Harris, John factor central whf 

'• C F clerk 54 east bay, 236 king st 
" H bookbinder, 36 wentworth st 
" J fruiter 39 market st 
Harrersburg, H grocer 16 archdalest 
Harrisson, J W pairits and oils 72 meeting st 
" John paints and oils 72 meeting st 

" D W bookseller 17 chalmers st, queen st 
" James bootmaker 33 beaufain st 
Harrman, H tanner, cannon st 
Harron, John clerk railroad, smith st, ward 6 
Hart, S N hardware cor king anc] market, 197 meetings! 


Hart, Samuel bookseller 300 king st, 7 aiken row 
" C laborer 45 king st 
" Eliza mantua maker calhoun st, ward 5 
Hartman, J F grocer, meeting st, ward 5 
Hartz, J H grocer 19 meeting st 
Harvy, J import inspector custom house, 78 queen st 

" Geo 7 church st 

" mrs Isabella 78 queen st 

" mrs E 23 wall st 
Haseltine & Walton, boots and shose 137 meeting st 

" Albert boots and shoes 137 meeting, Charl'n ho'l 
" Wm dry goods 37 hayne st, Charleston hotel 
Haselton, D B machinist 91 beaufain st 
Hasel, Maria 25 Clifford st 

Haskell, W E planter, St Paul's parish, calhoun st, w'd 6 
Hass, John wheelwright 81 queen st 
Hasset, Roger mason 1 10 meeting st 

" James laborer 9 tradd st 
Hastadt, H grocer cor king and woolfe st 
Hatch L M com mer 120 meeting st, 8 society et 

" Wm ship carpenter 76 ansoa st 

" G W pressman church st 
Hatcher, Benjamin carpenter meeting st, ward 7 
Hauck, J H accountant 30 laurens st 
Haven, mrs E dry goods 10 anson st 
Havilland, Harrall & co druggist 25 hayne st, 260 king 
Hawkesworth, W professor Charleston college, 69 broad 
Hawkins, Rev J 36 wentworth st 
Hay, R G clerk 155 meeting st 
" A seaman 40 state st 
" W M attorney st. michael's alley 
Hayden, H S jeweller 250 king st, 10 green st 

" AH jeweller 250 king st, 6 glebe st 

" Thomas 1 1 lynch st 
Hayer, John 66 state st 
Hayne, W E clerk 35 hayne st, 1 church st 

*' A B, m. d,, 24 king st 

** I W attorney general 30 broad st, 6 logan st 

" W A attorney 48 broad st, 26 king st 

« Col A P 19 logan st 

" mrs W E 1 church st 

" miss M 25 meeting st 

" miss 


Hayne, E D carpenter 58 anson st 

" mrs W D st philip st, ward 6 

" mrs E alexander st 

'' P law student alexander st 
Haynsworth, C D olerk 243 king, cor meeting and market 
Hays, mrs M 26 queen st 
Hazard, John dry goods king st, ward 6 
Headly, John brass worker hard alley 
Heagan, J R clerk 193 king st 
Heart, John editor mercury 121 east-bay 
Heath, mrs H 9 calhoun st 

*' Samuel engineer bee st 
Heckman, accountant laurens st, wentworth st 
Hedderly, Geo sires st 
Hedley, J L 22 king st 

*' Eugenia 13 west st 
Heeseman, John clerk 64 meeting st 
Heesenbutle, G grocer 16 meeting st 
Hefferon, John saddler, 35 society st 
Hei, E grocer cor hanover and amherst st 
Heidt, V house furnisher 271 and 315 king st 
Heine, W draper and tailor 133 king st 
Heins, John clerk 12 st philip st 

'' D grocer 29 bull st 

" Wm drayman 31 calhoun st 
Heischel, L grocer 12 st philip st 
Helinken, C grocer cor woolfe and nassau sts 
Hel}^, miss E M dressmaker 73 king st 
Hemmet, Sarah chapel st 
Henderson, J M D printer 102 church st 

" Alexander blacksmith 31 wentworth st 

Hendrix, R E com mer 124 east-bay, pavilion hotel 

" C F grocer king st, ward 6 

*' L G assistant conductor S C R R, st philip st 
ward 6 

«' R F clerk S C R R, cannon st 

" H W moulder, cannon st 
Henegar, C clerk 137 meeting st, victoria hotel 
Henken, H grocer king st, ward 6 
Hennesay, Peter porter 219 kmg st, 4 Clifford st 

*' C shoes and hats king st, ward 6, John st 

Henry, C W factor vanderhorst wharf, meeting st 
" W T clerk 25 hayne st, 236 king st 


Henrj, E clerk 5 haj'ne st, Charleston hotel 

" EL clerk 244 king st, 3 liberty st 

'' Henry, W S machinist 14 wentworth st 

" J T mason 14 wentworth st 

" E tavern keeper market st, 3 liberty st 

" Geo meeting st, ward 5 

" M C carpenter america st 
Henshall, C H grocer 1 calhoun st 
Herbe, M dry goods 67 state st 
Herckenrath, Wragg & co ship and com mer adgers wh 

" L J ship and com mer adger's wharf 

Heriotj W C accountant vanderhorst whf, 71 beaufain st 

" OB com mer 20 east-bay, 13 Legare st 

" & Brailsford com mer 4 gillon st 

" EG com mer 4 gillon st, 86 beaufain st 

'' G A clerk atlantic wharf, 66 tradd st 

^' W J clerk gas works 66 tradd st 

*' J R superintendent gas works 66 tradd st 

" W B underwriter 4 broad st, 5 king st 

" mrs R 23 montague st 

<' Daniel clerk S C R R, 23 montague st 

*' mrs D teacher cor thomas and radclifFe sts 

" mrs E F warren st 
Hernandez, J J clerk 243 king st, east-bay 
Hernholm, A fruiterer 333 king st 
Heron, Geo com mer 1 1 central whf, mansion house 

" Nicholas judith st 
Hervy, C L clerk 153 meeting st, 8 liberty st 
Herrin, W B carpenter 31 bull st 
Hersey, C W clerk 229 king st, 82 queen st 
Hertisch, B bootmaker 13 rpieen st 
Herwig, W worsted dealer 239 king st, 249 king st 
Hertz, A E accountant adger's wharf, king st 

" J E clerk 110 east-bay, queen st 

'* F E accountant, cor king and market sts, 67 king 

" T E 67 king st 
Heslope, W clerk 91 church st 
Hess, Jacob spring st 
Hevy, mrs teacher 1 1 1 church st 
Hewess, Elias engineer 10 anson st 
Hewit, G W clerk 18 vanderhorst st, 13 lynch st 

" O H P clerk 26 hayne st, pavilion hotel 
Hey, Henry, clerk 87 king st 


Heyer, J H grocer spring st 
Heynes, J D collector 13 prices alley 
Heyward, T J clerk 40 east-bay, 63 calhoun st 
" Daniel planter 17 east battery 
" J B planter 90 broad st 
** W H planter 4 legare st 
" Charles planter 251 east-bay 
*' mrs A J 63 calhoun st 
" Arthur planter Georgia, charlotte st 
" Charles, planter combahee, chapel st 
" mrs S 3 aiken row 
" E B H bay st 
Hickj^, mrs E 8 middle st 
Hiens, H grocer 103 meeting st 
Highams & co com mers 71 east-bay 

" Thomrs com mer 71 east-bay, England 

Hilken, J H grocer cor coming and spring sts 
Hill, N B com mer atlantic wharf, Columbia 
" John fancy goods 60 queen st 
<' F C artist 13 Clifford st 
'* W M bootmaker 33 beaufain st 
" John 19 mazyck 
*' John carpenter nassau st 
Hillegiss, mrs C 1 1 Franklin st 
Hillen, J bootmaker, cor king and ann st 
Hilliam T restaurant 107 east-bay, 67 broad st 
Hillier, mrs J private boarding 67 broad st 
Hills, C E clerk 258 king st 
Hilson, John grocer meeting st, ward 5 
Hinck, H M publisher " Tueton" 3 queen st 
Hincken, Jacob grocer 32 bull st 
Hinckley, C E clerk 260 king st, 236 king st 
Hinnies, Wm clerk 43 archdale st 
Hinson, mrs seamstress 12 tradd st 
Hippins, mrs P 10 went worth st 
Hirsehfeld, H, m. d., 4 chalmer st 
Hislop, W clerk cotton-piess 31 wall st 

" mrs S mantilla maker 31 wall st 
Hobbs, W seedsman and florist king st 
Hodge, mrs F hanover st 
Hockaday, W livery stable 3 chalmer st 
Hoff, J C stationer 10 broad st 

" John tailor 190 meeting st, st philip st 


Hoffman, H grocer cor ashley and cannon sts 
Hogan, M D tavern keeper 125 east-bay, 14 state st 
" Patrick clerk 125 east-bay 
" Richard cotton mcht 127 east-bay, radclifFe st 
" mrs milliner 3 19 king st 
" Ed laborer, jasper's court 
Hogarth, H cooper longitude lane, 40 church st 
Holcombe, E clerk 135 meeting st, commercial hotel 
Holland, E C wharfinger commercial vvhf, ashley st 

" P G dry goods cor broad and king sts, cor friend 
and tradd sts 
Holey, Henry fireman, line st 
HoUens, B grocer line st 
Holloway, C carpenter, 29 beaufainst 
" Charles carter, 29 beaufain st 

" Richard carpenter, 38 mazyck st 

*• Samuel carter, 67 calhoun st 

" Henry segar maker, coming st, ward 8 

" Adeline 3 mazyck st 
" Mary 17 college st 

" C raantuamaker 58 calhoun st 

Holmes, Isaac clerk 13 southern whf 

" R L clerk vanderhorst's whf, charlotte st 
" A F appraiser custom house, 13 east-battery 
" J B physician 85 church st, 13 east-battery 
" J J cashier southwestern r r bank, 13 east-battery 
" EH collector, st michael's alley, 13 east-battery 
*• J H com mcht central wharf, 1 wall st 
" W P clerk 4 vendue r, cor tradd and council sts 
'• John carpenter, 110 meeting st 
" VV E clerk 120 meeting st, charlotte st 

" J L book-keeper bank of Charleston. 5 pitt st 
" Dr H INI planter cooper river, 2 council st 
" M R 2 council st 

" Drayton col lector, st michael's alley, 1 3 church st 
" J V gunsmith 64 queen st, 32 coming st 
« W H charlotte st 
" EG charlotte st 
" Auber 35 archda!e st 
" F M sexton st peter's church, 13 mazyck st 
" FS professor in Charleston college, 53 st philipet 
" Lydia 21 rutledgest 
Holstan, Elias guardman, spring st 


Holton, M pastry cook, 31 Cumberland st 

" mrs M mantuamaker 16 Clifford st 
Honour, John H pres ch'n ins and trust co. John st 
" WE John st 
" Thomas bookbinder, mary st 
" J H jr, penny-postman, cor calhoun and coming st 
" J Lawrence supt street upper wards, John st 
Hood, mrs E toyshop 1 16 king st 
Hook, C clerkj 19 south-bay 

Hopkins, Hudson & Co, fac and com mchts central whf 
" L fac and com mcht central whf, augusta Ga 
" J A cooper adger's whf, 28 church st 
Hopley, G A & Co, fac and com mchts atlantic whf 
^' G A fac and com mcht atlantic whf, cor legare 
and tradd sts 
Horas, John poultry dealer, king st, ward 7 
Horin, Michael laborer, bedon's alley 
Hories, W clerk, 38 church st 
Horlbeck & Brothers, brickburners and layers 

" H bricklayer, cor calhoun and meeting sts 
" John bricklayer, cor calhoun and meeting sts 
" E bricklayer, 7 horlbeck alley 
'* Daniel clerk court common pleas, court house, 

cor calhoun and meeting sts 
" Peter physician 1 1 1 broad st 
" Elias physician 8 coming st 
" mrs M 46 beaufain st 
** J F grocer cor pinckney and anson sts 
Horry, A E tailor 62 market st 
" mrs E 39 meeting st 
" W B S planter santee river, 39 meeting st 
" E S planter santee river, 39 meeting st 
" P T planter santee river, 39 meeting st 
" J E planter santee river, 39 meeting st 
Horsey, mrs private boarding 155 east-bay 
'' F clerk 101 east-bay, 155 east-bay 
" T M & Co, hats and caps 23 hayne st 
" T M hats and caps 23 hayne st, 42 anson st 
Horton, TAP tin and hardware 120 meeting st, 10 glebe st 
Hosch & Fleming, candy manufacturers 269 king st 

" Wm candy manufacturer 269 king st 
Hosegood, George engineer, 89 -| east-bay 
Hotson, Timothy carter, st philip st, ward 6 


Houle, H bootmaker 13 queen st 
Houseman, mrs boots and shoes 99 east-bay 
Houston, W H builder and contractor, charlotte st 

" Robert tailor, king st, ward 5 

Howard, S E clerk commercial whf, 259 east-bay 

'' H M naval officer custom house, 259 east-bay 

" Lee, d'y naval officer custom-house, 259 east-bay 

" J L clerk central wharf, 259 east bay 

" T L accountant fitzsimon's wharf. 259 east-bay 

" M drayman 8 east-bay 
Howe, Silas 29 archdale st 
Howell, S S dry goods hayne st, 9 hasel st 

" S S clerk 135 meeting st, 9 hasel st 
Howland & 1 aft, com mchts 141 east-bay 

" W E clerk 141 cor queen and franklin sts 

" Wm dry goods 244 king, cor lynch and monta- 
gue sts 
Hubbell, T C grist mill calhoun st, ward 5 
Hubert, C N com mcht 71 east-bay, alexander st 
Huchet, Theo ship and com mcht 10 adger's wharf, 160 

" Eugene com mcht adger's wharf, 160 east-bay 

*' J com mer market st 
Hudson, J R factor and com mcht atlantic whf, Char'n h'l 
Hudtwalker, T M clerk atlantic wharf, east-bay 
Huff, W R factor and com mcht accommodation wharf, 
pavilion hotel 
" John tailor st philip st, ward 6 
" Wm fireman rutledge st, ward 8 
Huffman, Rosa 3 bull st 
Huger and Milliken dry goods 42 east-bay 

" A M dry goods, 42 east-bay, 52 meeting st 

" Alfred postmaster 92 broad st 

" John 109 broad st 

" Daniel 14 south-bay 

«' Col F 10 Lambol st 

'' D E 24 meeting st 

" Benjamin planter st. John's island, calhoun. w'd 6 

" W H, m. d., calhoun st, ward 6 

" Benjamin tailor 60 calhoun st 

" Daniel 61 coming st 
Huggins, miss Elizabeth private boarding 30 tradd st 

" John ship carpenter coming st, ward 6 


Hughes, E T clerk vanderhorst wharf, greenhill st 
'' Thos cabinet maker 70 and 74 meeting st 
" O planter st James island, I greenhill st 
Hulbert, J C clerk 116 meeting, 1 society st 

'' mrs M A I society st 
Hull & Knevals, drapers and tailors 137 meeting st 
" AS draper and tailor 137 meeting, Charleston hotel 
" S J clerk 39 hayne st, pavilion hotel 
Hulsberg, H grocer 61 tradd st 

Hume, Thomas M broker and auctioneer 28 broad st. cor 
thomas and warren sts 
" Robert planter santee 6 lynch st 
" Dr W teacher experimental science citadel, corner 
mill and ashley sts 
Humme, Henry grocer 102 tradd st 
Hummel, W druggist cor king and mary sts 
Hunxphreys, J clerk 243 king st, 8 smith st 
" VV carpenter 8 smith st 

" mrs H 8 smith st 

Hunt, N aiic & com mcht 20 vendue range, 33 anson st 
" B F & son attorneys 13 broad si, corner wentworlh 

and gadsden st 
" B F jr attorney 13 broad, cor wentworth & gadsden 
Hunteman, J G clerk 29 hayne st, beau fain st 
Hunter, John coming st, ward 6 
Huntington, G M clerk 143 meeting st, 230 king st 
Huntoon, C S clerk 149 meeting st, Charleston hotel 
Hurkampt, John grocer 87 broad st 
Hurst, J L planter's hotel 
Husda, Wm tailor 37 queen st 
Huson, Geo machinist 6 anson st 
Hussey, S E clerk 1 hayne st, planter's hotel 
Hutchinson, T L meeting st 

" J H clerk commercial vv^iarf, 99 1 east-bay 

" C carpenter 120 king st 

Hyams, M ship broker brown's wharf, 47 wentworth st 
" H packer 145 meeting st, east-bay 
" mrs mantua maker 42 king st 
" Solomon umbrella maker 16 calhoun st 
Hyatt, McBurney & co, dry goods 37 hayne st 
" M carpenter sires alley 
v^ Hyde^ S hardware 139 meeting st, 56 tradd st 
" G A clothine: 277 kirn? st 


Hyer, mrs sires alley 

Hyur, C W musician 113 meeting st 


Uiffe, Charles shoemaker 120 kingst 
Ingliss, Wm barber 4 queen st 

Ingraham & Webb, fac and com mchts comercial wharf 
" G H fac and com mchts, commercial wharf, 18 
laurens st 
Inglesby, W H city treasurer, 4 logan st 
Inness, C M clerk 23 hayne st, Charleston hotel 
Irvin, C tavern-keeper 96 church st 
Irons, W carpenter spring st 

Isaacs, Alexander accountant, 143 meeting, Charleston h'l 
lusta, A W iron worker 31 queen st 
Izard, mrs H 29 legare st 


Jacobi & son, dry goods 221 king st 

" W J dry goods 221 king st 

" Nathan, dry goods 221 king st 
Jacobs, J S clothier market st 

" G W tinsmith 109 meeting st, king st 

" D jeweller 338^ king st 

" J C clerk 9 broad st, 1 1 smith st 

" Meyer collecting clerk bank S S C, 11 smith st 

" mrs D H private boarding 82 queen st 

" mrs M sprmg st 

'• Rev F pastor 2d Presbyterian church, John st 
Jackson, F C clerk 199 king st, 63 meeting st 

" mrs restorer of old paintings 63 meeting st 

" Geo house furnisher, 275 king st 

" Geo jr 275 king st 

" Thomas clerk 275 king st 

" George sail maker 52 queen st 

*' mrs A P st philipst, ward 6 

" mrs A woolfe st 

" G W gasfitter woolfe st 
James, Robert book publisher 103 & 105 east-bay, 115 br'd 

" Henry carpenter 1 1 pinckney st 

" Wm pilot 11 pinckney st 
Jaques, D H associate editor literary gazette 

" G R shoe dealer spring st 


Jeaneret, J C accountant boyce's wharf, 46 church st 
Jeffords, Samuel clerk commercial wharf, 7 smith's lane 

" W G clerk adger's wharf, cor meeting and m'k't 

'' R J clerk 76 east-bay, 9 hasel st 
E A clerk 98 east-bay, 9 hasel st 

" & Scanlan, blacksmiths, marsh wharf 


James blacksmith marsh wharf, 19 wentworth st 

" J N clerk cor market and king sts, cor meeting 
and market sts 

'' mrs private boarding cor meeting and market sts 
Jenerette, mrs R 5 Philadelphia st 
Jenkins, John superintendent cotton press 95-| east-bay 

« W F iOG church st 

^' C S clerk 21 1 king st, 98 beau fain st 

" 3 G engineer 98 beaufain st 
Jennings, David saddlery 157 meeting st, 6 montague st 

" AG clothing 26 huyne st, Charleston hotel 
Jenny, Robert saddler 344 king st 
Jervy, T D deputy collector custom-house, 3 wall st 

" J C import inspector custom-house, 104 tradd st 

" S M 104 tradd st 

•' Wm attorney 59 meeting st, 22 george st 

" Lewis book-keeper state bank, 13 george st 

" J P, m. d., 13 George st 
Jessen, H grocery merchant 139 east-bay 
Jesup, Z R boots and shoes 142 king st 
y Jowitt, John printer 48 broad st 

John, D E clerk 143 east-bay, planters hotel 

Johnson, T W import his'r custom-house, king st, ward 6 

" T N clerk ceniral w-harf, 107 king st 

" R jr spirit dealer 98 east-bay 

" W wood factor" marshall wharf, 73 wentworth st 

'' C sea captain 89-| east-bay 

" Andrew clerk 181 east-bay, 14 new street 

'' O E accountant 277 king st, king st, ward 6 

'' J L clerk 149 meeting st, 240 king st 

" H L clerk, 1 hayne st, Charleston hotel 

" H D clerk 45 hayne st, king st 

" J mechanic stoll's alley 

" Hollis boots and shoes 240 king st 

" Joseph, m. d., 107 king st 

»' B umbrella and wire-safe maker 263 and 327 
kina: st 


Johnson, A S clerk 279 king st, king st, ward 6 

" C H clerk 159 meeting st, king st, ward 6 

*' & Smith tailors 316^ king st 

" Joseph druggist 11 broad st, 107 king st 

" mrs S 18 anson st 

'' James tailor 79 queen st 

*' miss teacher 126 queen st 

<' mrs S 1 12 queen st 

" D P sea captain 14 new street 

" L grocer 1 1 mazjck st 

" J S collector 73 wentworth st 

'' mrs M midwife 14 liberty st 

" mrs M 19 montague st 

" W engineer 35 montague st 

*' Sarah dressmaker 2 green st 

*' T W Johnson hotel king st, ward 6 

•' Wm butcher coming st, ward 6 

" Sarah, jaspers court 

'• S vanderhorst st 

'= Hagar calhoun st, ward 5 

" mrs N hampden court 

" G A machinist anson st 

'• James butcher amherst st 

" John butcher columbus st 

" John overseer line st 
Johnston, Crews & Brawlej', dry goods 181 east-bay 

" AS dry goods 181 east-bay, 193 meeting st 

" I M C 2cr teller bank of Charleston, 23 pitt st 

" miss A 26 soulh-bay 

" miss C 26 south-bay 

f' D C 71 queen st 
Joiner, Wm carpenter coming st, ward 8 

Jones, A D clerk 26 east-bay, cor broad and mazyck st 

^'' AH com mcht 60 east-bay, 94 broad st 

-' S M clerk 60 east-bay, 94 broad st 

" E J painter and gilder 2 Washington st 

" T S deputy secretary of state fire-proof building, 

king st, ward 6 

*' Wm steam boat captain 70 king st 
" J C clerk 256 king st, 9 pitt st 
« EC architect 46 broad st, 9 pitt st 
*' mrs C dry goods 65 state st 
" E J ship carpenter, 96 anson st 


Jones, miss Sarah, 1 guignard st 

^' miss Susan I guignard st 

" miss E 1 guignard st 

" Paul 47 george st 

" mrs C M 1 1 rutledge st 

" Wm carpenter 11 rutledge st 

" Jesse machinist 1 1 rutledge st 

" John carpenter coming st, ward 8 

" Paul carpenter bee st 

" J H carpenter morris st 
Jordan, G baker 113 meeting st 

" Robt miller east point mills 
Josephs, L H clerk boyce's wharf, 6 green st 

'• mrs J private boarding cor calhoun and king sts 
" EC cor calhoun and king st 
" J J 6 green st 
*' miss C M 24 burns lane 
Joy, John laborer harnpden court 

" mrs 45 church st 
Judge, C blacksmith 34 market st 
Jugnot, G steam-boat agent 122 east-bay 
Jungbluth, J H tavern-keeper, 7 market st 
Just, Geo wharf builder 34 hasel st 

Kalaher, Lewis laborer 20 tradd st 

Kumlah, H clerk 104 east-bay 

Kanapaux, J T clerk 14 hayne st, 2 gadsden st 

" C E attorney sheriff's office, 131 king st 

" C superintendant Lucas mill 

" J D tinner 46 bull st 

Kannahan, Denis mason st philip st, ward 8 
Kappleman, M H german books 1 19 meeting st 
Kaufman, A bootmaker 553 broad st, church st 

•'' mrs A D alexander st 
Keckeley, Dr E C conductors C R R, meeting st, w'd 5 
Keegan, Thos laborer, st philip st, ward 8 
Keeling, John carpenter 76 king st 
" Robt carpenter 76 king st 
Keena, James porter 80 east-bay, 53 tradd 
Keenan, J D clerk 40 east-bay 

'' Wm engraver 250 king st, 21 st philip st 
Keep, J H grocer 62 anson st 


Keif, Patrick laborer 13 burns lane 

Keiffer, John leather dealer 13 hayne and 27 market st 

Keilsj J S grocer 37 coming st 

" C carpenter woolfe st 
Keith, M J register conveyances fireproof building, 1 
Aiken row 
" J A cor lynch and montague sts 
« P T pastor St Michael's church, 12 lynch st 
/ Keller, C coal yard 51 market st, church st 
/ Kelly, J A boat builder, hard alley 

" T dry goods 214 king st, victotia hotel 
" D clerk 214 king st, 4 beaufain st 
« J G clerk 207 king s% liberty st 
•' Thomas bootmaker 43 broad st 
^ ' James printer 76 anson st 

" Thomas plasterer 25 montague st 
" Wm plasterer 44 st philip st 
" O laborer st philip st, ward 6 
«' Michael laborer st philip st, ward 8 
" Michael laborer president st 
" Peter piivate boarding 3 linguard st 
Kemme, D H clothing 39 broad st, 166 king st 
Kemp, R P moulder hampden court 
Kenard, L tanner hanover st 
Kendt, F clerk 1 89 east bay 
Kenefeck, John clerk 25 hayne st, 139 king st 
Kennedy, R A clerk central wharf 
^ " P boots and shoes 79 market st 

« J D hardware 36 market st 
" John saddler 302 king st 
" J T tailor 4 coming st 
" mrs M E 74 wentworth st 
" John, private boarding st philip st, ward 6 
" Denis butcher smith st 
" Michael guardman linguard st 
" James boarding 3 linguard st 
" James laborer america st 
'• Henry carpenter line st 
Kenny, J carpenter queen st 

" Thos horse shoer 33 Wentworth st 
Kent, Bates & Mitchell, clothing 118 meeting and 268 
king st 
" W A clothing 118 meeting and 268 king st 


Kent, Samuel guardman sires alley 

« ' E G woolfe St 
Kenworth, W clerk poor house 
Kerr, T J com mcht atlantic wharf, 1 society st 
<' T T com mcht atlantic wharf 
" miss S king st, ward 5 ■ 
Kerrison, C & E L dry goods cor king and market sts 
'' Charles dry goods cor king and market, 5 new 
" EL dry goods cor king and market sts, 103 
wentworth st 
Kershaw, mrs A 82 wentworth st 
Ketchum & Taylor, dry goods, 243 king st 

" Joel dry goods 243 king st, meeting st, ward 5 
" AH clerk king st, 32 queen st 
Kiddell, Geo clerk 40 east-bay 

" A clerk 76 east- bay, 23 friend st 
Kiels, C carpenter Woolfe st 
Kiep, J P grocer 6 rutledge st 
Killerman, G clerk 23 market st 
King, Geo boiler maker 24 Washington st 
" W S editor courier 26 broad st 
" W L clerk courier office, commercial house 
" S H operator telegraph office 26 broad st 
" OS medical student 26 broad st 
" G W clerk 106 church st 
'• mrs chalmer st 
" J H grocer 123 king st 
" A dry goods 254 king st, 88 market st 
" W & F dry goods 267 king st 
" W dry goods 267 king st, 58 -wentworth st 
*' F dry goods 267 king st, 58 wentworth st 
" N S wig maker 278 king st 
" H C attorney St Michael's alley, 68 tradd st 
" Mitchel attorney 14 George st 
» John clerk S C R R, 42 george st 
" J W & G W proprietors american hotel 
'' J W proprietor american hotel 
" G W proprietor american hotel 
Kingdon, Thos engineer S C R R, rutledge st, ward 8 
Kingman, J W clerk corner king and market sts, corner 
calhoun and coming st 
" G L clerk 243 corner king and market sts, cor 
calhoun and coming sts 


Kingman, John scavenger cor calhoun and coming sts 
" Eliab penny post cor calhoun and coming sts 
" Robt clerk 163 meeting st, 4 wentworth st 
" Samuel book-keeper and transfer clerk planters' 
and mechanics' bank, rear of bank 
Kinloch, Geo grain dealer de'wees wharf, 223 east-bay 

" R A, m. d., 223 east-bay 
•^ " R millwright 15 bull st 
f " Benjamin millwright 51 coming st 

" Frederick librarian Charleston library, mill st 
" mrs JVl 4 aiken row 
Kinnay, J bootmaker 144 east-bay 

" Patrick blacksmith president st 
Kinsey, G F accountant 26 hajme, cor king & wentworth 
Kinsley, P E crockery dealer 120 church st 
Kinsman, H W upholsterer 86 meeting st 
Kirk, John hack driver 20 pinckney st 

" S D clerk cor beaufain and lynch st, 8 magazine st 
" mrs M 8 magazine st 
Kirker, Robt wheelwright 28 pinckney st, 10 anson st 

" James wheelwright and blacksmith, king, w'd 5 
Kirkpatrick, J & J J factors atlantic wharf 

" J factor atlantic wharf, 40 east-bay 

" J J factor atlantic wharf, 40 east-bay 

y Kirkwood, Wm ship builder foot of laurens st, 17 laurens 
Klen, E laborer king st, ward 6 
Klenke, A clerk 65 east-bay 

Klesick. A spirit dealer 16 vendue range, 1 horlbeck alley 
Klinck & Wickenberg, grocers cor broad and church sts 
" John grocer cor broad and church sts, 84 church 
" John clerk 29 anson st 
" Henry clerk 2 middle st 
'' G F clerk 369 king st 
Klintworth, H grocer cor Washington and Charlotte st 
Knauf, T J carpenter 23 wentworth st 

" Henry engineer 23 wentworth st 
Knapp, mrs 7 wentworth st 
Knee, H grocer 38 church st 

" mrs dry goods 38 church st 
Kneply, S import inspector custom-house, 73 queen st 
Knight, J D capt U S navy, elizabeth st 
Knoblock, John clerk 222 king st, 193 king st 
'' Wm baker 19 calhoun st 



Knoke, Albert grocer 18 state st 

Knowles, miss E milliner and dressmaker, 202 king" st 

Knox, Robert wood factor palmetto wharf, 8 pritchard st 

" ' J B ship carpenter 5 middle st 

" mrs C 14 green st 
Kodeweg, F watchmaker 82 meeting st 
Kohrike, C F grocer 71 corning st 
Kollman, N grocer 47 church st 
Koppman, J baker king st, ward 8 
Korber, H grocer 8 lynch st 
Koster, J C grocer meeting st, ward 5 
Krackie, F grocer corner rutledge and doughty sts 
Kramer, mrs L midwife king st, ward 5 

" W H cabinet maker king st, ward 5 
" Philip laborer coming st, ward 8 
" Jacob carpenter spring st 
Kreeden, F grocer st philip st, ward 8 
Krate, Geo grocer 19 wall st 
Krieton, M grocer cor columbus and nassau sts 
Kruse & Westman, grocers 311 king st 

" Jacob grocer 311 king st 

" A M 25 society st 
KuefFner, F, m. d., 67 meeting st 

Kuhtmann, H W com mcht atlantic wharf, 68 calhoun st 
Kulinski, J watchmaker 104 meeting st 
Kunhardt, Wm W attorney 51 broad st, 5 wentworth st 

u \Yn'i portwarden 5 wentworth st 

Kyall, Wm boatman 20 anson st 

" Thomas boiler maker 20 anson st 

Labates, mrs C mantua maker 75 tiadd st 
Laboard, mrs A spring st 

" J P clerk east-bay, spring st 
LaBruse, mrs drake st 
Lacassagire, E china dealer 148 king st 
Lacomb, Susan 22 calhoun st 
Lacoste, T J rigger 4 marsh st 

" A J rigger 77 east-bay 
Ladsden, G 12 west st 
Ladson, J H & co, factors 13 southern wharf 

" J H factor, 13 southern wharf, 4 meeting st 

" W H factor 13 southern wharf, 4 meeting st 


Laendr, Joseph clerk pavilion hotel, 37 anson st 
Lafar, M L L clerk gillon st, 47 beaufain st 
" W H clerk 235 kin;j st, 47 beaufain st 
'• T A pattern maker 47 beaufain st 
" John moulder nassau st 
" D B cooper cor rutledge and calhoun st 
Laffan, J watchmaker 91 church st 
Lafhteau, S accountant 17 pinckney st 
Laflitte, E & co agents Savannah steamers, fitzsimon's w 
" E agent Savannah steamers fitzsimon's wharf, 12 

wentworth st 
" J B agent Savannah steamers fitzsiramon's whf, 
meeting sts 
LaGrue, John engineer S C R R, line st 
Lahman, Daniel clerk 143 king st 
Lakise, Jacob cap maker 328 king st 
Lalaue, J A tobacconist 46 east-bay 
Lalane, P B discount clerk bank of Charleston, 1 18 king 
Lamb, B clerk 181 east-bay, 191 meeting st 
" James 191 meeting st 
" D W, m. d. 41 meeting st, 191 meeting st 
" James jr 191 meeting st 
Lambert & brothers, carpet dealers 219 king st 

'■' Robt carpet dealer 219 king st, 22 wentworth st 
" Charles carpet dealer 219 king st, 22 wentworth 
" mrs A st philip st, ward 6 
Lambla, Joseph finisher coming st, ward 6 
Lamkin & Hurstj proprietors planters' hotel 

" J W proprietor planters' hotel 
Lament, D tailor horlbeck alley 
Lamotie, J A printer 68 meeting st 
'* H J printer 68 meeting st 
Lampe, F grocer and coal dealer 49 market st 
Lanagan, K private boarding cor king and reid sts 
Lance, D H accountant central wharf, broad st 
" Francis broker 5 state st, broad st 
" A J broker 5 state st, broad st 
" W S cadet citadel, broad st 
" L C teacher high school, king st 
" Rev H planter georgetown, charlotte st 
Landreih, D M seedstore 297 king st 
Lane, E H dry goods 41 hayne st, Charleston hotel 
Langdon,E tailor market st, coming st 


Lange, J H tavern keeper 15 vendue range 
LanneaUj C H clerk central wharf, 14 state st 

" B accountant 155 east-bay, 7 pitt st 

" John clerk 145 meeting st, 7 pitt st 

" & Burckmyer, grocery mchts 14 hayne sts 

" F grocery rncht 14 hayne st, 43 coming st 

" mrs M 22 anson st 
J Lapeine, A J bookbinder 103 east-bay 

" Sidney 34 king st 

" J N dry goods 336 king st 
Larkin, mrs C private boarding 32 queen st 

" mrs M 76 queen st 
Larousseliere, upholsterer 161 king st 
Larrandga, V A Spanish consul, 33 tradd st 
Lassall, J B carpenter columbus st 
Lathrop, Joseph laborer william's row 
LaurenSj Joseph furniture dealer 52 st philip st 

" E K 194 east bay 

" Sarah 1 Wilson st 
Laurent, A clerk 123 meeting st 
Laury, H Z clerk 25 vendue range, 63 king st 
Law, M bootmaker 38 church st 

Laval, W J clerk comptroller-general office, elizabeth st 
'' W state treasurer firerproof building, 1 george st 
Lawrence, mrs S C 6 church st 
" mrs F 23 lynch st 

'' E planter coming st, ward 6 

Lawton, W M & co factors 13 southern whf, 

u W M factor 13 southern wharf, 17 rutledge st 

" Jos & CO dry goods 40 east-bay 

" Win planter 40 south-bay 

" R P 24 montague st 

" J C24 montague st 
Layman, James 5 wall st 
Lazarus, B D cor smith and wentworth sts 

" Joshua president gas works cor laurens andwall 

" G steam-boat inspector custom-house 
Leader, mrs M 8 cliflord st 
Leak, W C grocer king st, ward 7, columbus st 
Leamont, mrs M 2 minority st 
Leonard, mrs J 13 friend st 
Lebby, W engineer and machinist foot hasel, 15 wentw'h 

" M W clerk 123 east-bay, 29 Cumberland st 


Lebby, Robt, m. d., 25 Cumberland st, 29 Cumberland st 
" Robt jr medical student george st, 29 Cumberland 
" T F printer 183 king st 
LeBriffe, F painter 17 state st 

Leckie, Kobt umbrella manufacturer 133 meeting st and 
179 king st 
" John 179 king st 

" David accountant S C shoe factory. 20 beaufain st 
Leclere, A clerk 7 molts lane 
Lee, Andrew blacksmith gadsden wharf 
" A C grocer cor market and archdale st 
" Wm sea captain 58 meeting st 
'' P H accountant 1 hayne st, planters' hotel 
'' E barber, 53 broad st 
" F D architect 57 broad st, alexander st 
"AM sec com ins company 4 broad st, Judith st 

B F teller state bank, alexander st 

*' John 78 tradd st 
" John pilot 19 church st 
'^ W T carpenter, 4 hard alley 
" G C grocer 32 archdale st 
" J T teacher high school, 42 pitt st 
" mrs 42 Pitt st 
Leffman, Wm baker 8 queen st 
Legare, O'Hear & co factors commercial wharf 

•' James commercial wharf, cor logan and broad sts 
" J J clerk 16 east hB.y, 43 anson st 
" James clerk 80 east-bay, 2 greenhill st 
" S L planter st John's island, 103 tradd st 
" mrs A 19 hasel st 
Lege, J G clerk adger's wharf, king st 
Legg, mrs M 213 east bay 
LeGras, G H clerk adger's wharf, 206 east-bay 
Lehre, Thomas alexander st 
Leiding, H fancy goods 141 meeting st, king st 

" Ann 14 coming st 
Leightburn, mrs E B king st, ward 6 
Leiker, L grocer I tradd st 

Leitch, W Y surveyor custom-house, cor lamboll &; legare 
" G M clerk 133 meeting st, 2 wall st 
'' R L 2 wall st 
Leland, J A professor mathematics and astronomy citadel 


Lock wood, rnrs C D 73 broad st 
" S L, m. d., 73 broad st 
" J A clerk 102 meeting st, atlantic st 
" * J wheelwright 108 church st, atlantic st 
" J P attorney st michael's alley 
" S bootmaker 12 anson st 
" PL accountant central wharf, 179 king st 
Logan & Glen, clothiers 261 kingst 
'^ J C clothier 261 king st 
" mrs H 4 burns lane 
' Wm librarian Charleston librarj', cor st philip and 

warren sts 
" Edward butcher nassau st 
" Martha mill st 
Lonbat, H scissors grinder meeting st, ward 5 
Londegran, W laborer vernon st 
Long, F H bootmaker tradd st 
" mrs M 58 king st 
" A K gasfitlcr 10 smiths lane 
" J hatter 40 queen st 

" R A com mcht dewees wharf, 14 mazj^ck st 
Longman, J H daguerreotypist 233 king st, 204 king st 
Loper, J W clerk 19 hajaie st, planters hotel 

" H G paying teller S W R R bank, 19 broad st 
'' J H engineer 19 broad st 
Lopez, David sash-door and blind factory, rutledge st, 13 
short st 
" mrs P 41 coming st 
Lord, Samuel com mcht 110 east-bay, 18 society st 
" Jacob bricklayer Washington st 
" J C barber 91 market st, vanderhorst st 
'^ Robert carpenter meeting st, vanderhorst st 
" John laborer combing st, ward 8 
" J F M bricklayer america st 
Loryea, A clothier 60 market st, 96 meeting st 

^' E clothier 64 state st 
Love, Charles saddler cor broad and church sts, 46 tradd 

" miss A milliner 157 king st 
Lovells, misses warren st 

' " Ed clerk accomodation wharf, warren st 
Lovegreen, L B clerk 253 king, cor king and calhoun sts 
Lovet, W tavern-keeper bedons alley 
Lowndes, mrs E B 7 kino^ st 

McClure, John 15 middle st 
" W J cannon st 
Conky, James painter 54 broad st 
Connell, livery stables 102 church st 
Cormick, J private boarding 2G market st 

'' P Philadelphia st 
Cready, Ed attorney 20 broad st, 18 anson st 

" clerk custom-house, 81 broad st 
Cully, W P clerk post office 
Dermid, D engineer and machinist foot hasel, marsh st 

" Robt miller chisholm mill 
Donald, P H clerk 143 east-bay, liberty st 
" James laborer st philip st, ward 8 
" John coming st, ward 8 
Donnell, A B clerk cor king and market, 159 king st 

" Daniel seaman bedons alley 
Donough, E tailor meeting st 

" C laborer 64 queen st 

Dougall. David miller chisholm mill 
Dow all & CO dry goods 32 east-bay 

" Andrew dry goods 32 east-bay, 8 meeting st 
Dowell, R H crockery dealer 21 1 king st, 21 bull st 
Elharen, W C horse shoer, 24 VVentworth st 
Fadden, J W clerk 153 east-bay, commercial house 
Paul, J clerk 288 king st, 4 beaufain st 
Feely, mrs E line st 
Feeters, nnrs M A chapel st 
Gary, F P bootmaker 9 tradd st 
Gee, C S clerk boyce's wharf, st philip st, ward 6 
Gibbon, James accountant 248 king st, 236 king st 
Gill, J T medical student Carolina hotel 
Gillivray, A C accountant 1 19 east-bay, 1 1 atlantic st 

*' W S builder 10 atlantic st 

" J G accountant court-house, 10 atlantic st 

Gin, James lumber mcht, rutledge st 
Gowen, John porter 9 anson st 
•' Thomas laborer 9 anson st 
" mrs M A 2 savage st 
Grady, mrs C 14 anson st 
Greath, David 98 meeting st 
Heugh, mrs M 49 beaufain st 

" Francis attorney 49 beaufain st 
Innis, B blacksmith 30 chalmer st, 54 queen st 


x/ Mcintosh, D N ship builder marshal wharf, 96 beaufain 
'' " W clerk 19 vendue range, 96 beaufain st 
" " W carpenter president, st 
" Intjre, Stewart pavilion hotel, 37 anson st 
" Kay, Robert moulder 24 marsh st 
" Kenn, James clerk 26 archdale st 
" Kee, A ship joiner market wharf, 16 pinckney 
'' Keegan, John blacksmith 180 meeting st 
*' Kenzie, Cadow & co dry goods 82 east-bay 
" " B F dry goods 82 east-bay 
" " HA dry goods 82 east-bay, planters hotel 
" " A & P B saddlers cor cluirch and chalmersts 
" " A saddler cor church and chalmer sts 
" " P B saddler cor church and chalmer sts 
" " J cabinet maker 11 church st, 83 church st 
'' " mrs midwife 83 church st 
" «' D shoeniaker 29 broad st 
" " mrs M M private boarding 23 society st 
" " John trader sires st 
" Kinley, G tailor 74 market st, st philip st 
<« '< Wm tailor 54 coming st 
'' " Martha 42 coming st 

" Kinney, C 1st teller bank of Charleston, 55 queen st 
*' '• John clerk 21 broad st, st michael's alley 
'* " Hariet Wragg square 
" Laren, James east point rice mills 
" Lean, Stephen carpenter 79 queen st 
" «' "Wm farmer king st, ward 8 
" Leish, James engineer and machinist gadsden wharf, 

1 inspection st 
« " Wm dry goods 82 church st 
*' " Archibald blacksmith and wheelwright, 4 Cum- 
berland st 
" Manar, Michael laborer, st philip st, ward 8 
'' Mann, M laborer 38 king st 
^" Manus, Thomas grocer 20 souih-bay 
'" " John drayman 1 4 wall st 
<' Master, Mdry goods 364 kmg st 
" Millan, Thomas ship carpenter market st 
« " J W pressman mercury office, 277 east-bay 
« " Thomas tailor 104 queen st 
« '' John private boarding 23 queen st 
" Namar, James clerk 135 east bay 



Lowndes, H D planter santee friend st 
" mrs 1 1 short st 
" Wm 1 1 short st 

" mrs C 30 montague st 
" C T east-bay 

Loyal, Charles carpenter woolfe st 
Lloyd, Wm stock broker 7 broad st, 57 broad st 
W G clerk 7 broad st, 57 broad st 
Wm carpenter 138 tradd st 
E W clerk 138 tradd st 
S S clerl^ king st, ward 7 
Jesse hats and shoes king st, ward 3 
Lubs, P S tobacconist 263 king st 

Lucas T B fac and com mcht commercial wharf, Cal- 
houn st, ward 6 
" J com mcht 68 east-bay, calhoun st, w'd 6 
" Benjamin l^ricklayer 4 savage st 
** John bricklayer 4 savage st 
" Wm planter santee river, rutledge st, ward 6 
" J H planter rutledge st, ward 6 
'' E S planter cooper river, rutledge st, ward 6 
'' W N planter santee river, rutledge st, ward 6 
" C B, m. d.; rutledge st, ward 6 
" R H engineer cor ashley and doughty sts 
" HE planter cooper river, calhoun st, ward 6 
Luchey, mrs J king st, ward 7 
Luhrden, C tavern-keeper 149 east-bay 
Luhrs, John grocer marsh st 
Lukins, mrs H grocer radclifFe st, 
Lumkins, S clerk cor king and market sts 
Lyall, H L printer 4 mazjck st 
Lynass, B dry goods 212 king st 
Lynch, C C clerk atlantic wharf, 66 queen st 
" J G printer 10 stolls alley 
«= F C tailor 91 market st 
" Patrick pastor 80 broad st 
'• miss J 34 archdale st 
" Thomas police officer amherst st 
Lyons. J V clerk 157 meeting st, pavilion hotel 
" Thomas clerk 182 king st 
" Ellis pastor 48^ coming st 
'' J J cannon and st philip st 
" D guard man linguard st 


Lyons, Denis clerk east-bay, linguard st 
" mrs i\l A hanover st 
" J R engineer S C R R, reid st 


McAllister, Charles dry goods 339 king st 
" Andrew, James clerk 17 king st 
" Aveeny, Philip clerk 124 meeting st 
" Bride, P auction and com mcht, 22 vendue range 
« " P jr clerk 22 vendue range 
" " M broker i chalmer st 
" " miss dressmaker 99 market st 
*' Burney, Wm dry goods 37 hayne st, 29 george st 
" Caa, W L clerk atlantic wharf, broad st 
" Cabe, J W accountant head broad st, merchants hotel 
" " James laborer 13 tradd st 
" " James engineer 15 pinckney st 
" Caffer, J boots and shoes 354 king st 
'° Call, B planter summerville, 100 tradd st 
" " mrs M A 14 orange st 
" " J B accountant 17 mazyck st 
'' " Emmer baker ashley st 
" " mrs Ann 19 bull st 
*' Cart, Anthony gilder 225 king st, broad st 
*' Carter, C laborer vernon st 
" " D L clothier 193 east bay 
" " J clothier 193 east-bay 

" " & Allen booksellers and stationers 116 meeting 
" " J J bookseller and stationer, 116 meetings!, 

14 hasel st 
" Cartley, J clothing 142 east-bay 
" Cartney, D carpenter 47 queen st, 41 queen st 
" " scavenger 33 calhoun st 
" Carty, M laborer 9 tradd st 
" Cauly Emma 3 montague st 
'• Cays, misses 8 friend st 
'' Clinton, Robt bootmaker 7 burns lane 
" Clore & Elder tanners John st 
" " James tanner John st 
" Clure, Wm clerk 98 east-bay, cannon st 
<' " R C clerk 2444iing st, cannon st 
» "EH bootmaker 56 meeting st, 17 queen st 
'' " Thomas bootmaker 17 queen st 




McNamar, J clerk 3 10 king st, liberty st 
" " Michael laborer radcliffe st 
" Nance, clerk 133 meeting st 
" Nellage, W H clerk 114 east-bay, 7 hasel st 
" '• sailmaker 7 hasel st 
" " mrs E 36 jirchdale st 
*' Neill, mrs H milkseller 25 king st 
''■ " mrs 30 middle st 
'' " mrs M 2 savage st 
" " Robt gardenei'st philip st, ward 8 
" Nulty, Geo clerk 358 king st 
<< Owen, Seth accountant 25G king st, 37 st philip st 
" " Patrick 37 st philip st 
" " Patrick jr clerk adger's wharf, 37 st philip 
'• Peake, J D clerk 244 king st, 279 king st 
" Pherson, E 255 east bay 
" " miss C 137 king st 
'■ Queen, Donald clerk 70''east bay, duncan st 
" Swain, W A pastor trinity church 55 wentworth st 
" Tureons, E W clerk atlantic wharf, whims court 
« " Warren clerk 143 east-bay, whims court 

" Walder, stonecutter, 17 queen st 
« " stone cutter 17 queen st 
« " coppersmith 17 queen st 
" Willie, T W clerk american hotel 
Macbeth, W clerk 139 meeting st, 30 south-bay 

'• Chas attorney 41 broad st, cor legare and gibbs 
^' James cotton broker boyces wharf, 30 south-bay 
" James, jr clerk adgers wharf, 30 south-bay 
" Robt cliief clerk market, 5 smith st 
Macdonald, A T accountant, 165 east-bay 
Mack, John fancy goods 167 meeting st, Charleston hotel 
Mackaboy, M gardener president st 
Mackendow, James bak-er st philip st, ward 8 
Mackey, J G 314 king st, 229 east bay 
" W A sea captain, 21 wall st 
" James student, 43 st philip st 
" A G m d, calhoun st, ward 5 
Mackie, mrs M, 75 broad st 

" O J engineer S C R R 75 broad st 
J Mackintosh, Donald hardware dealer, king st, ward 6 
Magee, John steam boat agt vanderhorst's whf, 101 broad 
" Arthur captain, 101 broad st 


Magee, Abel ship joiner, market whf, 16 pinckney st 

" mrs J mantua maker, 1 minority st 
Maghor, James laborer, 32 king st 

" Patrick dry goods, 1 12 king st 
Magrath, A G attorney at law, 29 broad, st philips, wd 6 

" Edward attorney at law,^9 broad, bee st 

" John factor, bee st 

" Michael laborer, 17 queen st 
Maguire, M clerk 198 king st, 349 king st 

'^ Daniel dry goods, 362 king st 

'* Thomas guard man, ashley st 

" James metal worker, elizabeth st 

" Robert confectioner 1 1 church st 
Magwood, C A 9 smith st 

** Henry wheelwright, king st, ward 5 

" J H brick burner, st philip st, ward 6 

<' Simon planter, st andrews pa, rutledge st wd 6 

Mahan, Peter porter 80 east bay, 32 queen st 

" William porter cor king and market, 32 queen st 

" Thomas laborer, 22 pinckney st 

" Daniel laborer, 95 queen st 
Maher, M clerk, 79 market, 44 state st 

<' mrs J, calhoun st, ward 5 

" mrs dry goods, 36 state st 
Mahony, James a'ccountant, pinckney st, 60 queen 

" John hatter, 13 broad st, 39 king 

" C clerk, 13 broad st, 39 king 

" John wheelwright, calhoun st, ward 6 
Maine, A R 46 anson st 

«' mrs A, 17 wall st 
Malaney, H packer, 145 meeting street 
Malcom M accountant, king st, ward 6 
Mallet, F baker, lO queen st 
Mallory, mrs S private boarding, 101 meeting st 
Malone, T W attorney, 23 mazyck st 

" Patirick laborer, amherst st 
Malstedt M grocer, cor st philip and cannon sts 
Man, John bncklayer, 23 calhoun st 
Manders, Wm laborer, president st 
Mangan, Peter blacksmith, hanover st 
Manigault, A M factor, vanderhorst's whf, 14 south bay 
" C H clerk, atlantic whf, 6 gibbs st 

«' Charles planter, cooper river, 6 gibbs st 


Manigault, H H planter, coUeton, 12 meeting st 
" W H do do 12 do 

" G do georgetown 30 Hasel st 

" mrs J, cor meeting and John sts 

Mansfield, Geo steam boat captain, nassau st 

Many, John laborer, bedon's alley 

Margartj J H blacksmith, 178 meeting st 
'' H N do 178 do 

Margarth, M M, line st 

MargrifF, Henry fisherman, 5 king st 

Marion, John confectioneer, 289 king st 
" miss A do 247 do 

Marjenhoflf, E H tavern keeper, 81 east-bay 

Marquis, James wheelwright, Washington st, ward 5 

Marsh, James shipwright, 4 concord st, 138 east-bay 
" James jr do marsh's whf, 16 Hasel st 

Marshall, R N clerk commercial wharf, 91 broad st 

" S R clerk, 54 east-bay, Washington st, ward 5 

" John brick burner marshal wharf, alexander st 

" J barber church st 

" Andrew shoemaker 29 broad st, 120 king st 

" A W pastor st george c-hapel, 91 broad st 

« J T baker 60 tradd st 

'' Samuel tailor 30 anson st 

" & Bogsden barbers 10 queen st 

" J H seaman 15 franklin st 

'» mrs E 21 smith st 

" Susan 18 burns lane 

Marshburn, E wharfinger 24 calhoun st 
'« James carpenter 16 rut! edge st 

Marshman, R seaman bedons alley 

Marte, mrs E 70 state st 

Martens, F VV tailor 77 church st 

Martin, Robert planter charlotte st 

" & Bryan, fac and com mchts, boyce's wharf 
" James, fac and com mcht, 47 anson st 
" W C sub treasurer, custom house 
*' J J clerk, 19 vendue range, 19 society st 
V. '• John, grcrcer, market wharf 
^ " J S book-binder, "wolfe st 

'* Isaac boots and shoes, 85 market st 
" J G clerk, 5 hayne st, 29 coning st 
" P B clerk, 232 king st, 29 coming st 


Martin, H S carpenter, 4 king st 

u w M insurance agent, 9 broad st, 265 east bay 

" WE attorney at law, 9 broad st, 5 orange st 

" J C clerk, 9 broad st^ new pt 

" Jacob blacksmith, 46 wentworth st. 29 coming st 

" Mrs E 12 calhoun st 

" Sarah 27 coming st 

" Philip cannon st 

" J B neck ice house agent, cor st philips and van- 
derhorst sts 
Martindale & Co, grocery merchants, 56 east bay 

" CO do merchant, do do, king st 

Mashburn, E H accountant, 89 east bay, montague st 

" J H import inspector, custom house, 24 calhoun st 
Mason, G M accountant, 292 king st, merchants' hotel 
Manso, A fruiter, 35 market st 
Masteman, W jeweller, kingst, 9 horlbeck alley 
Masterdon, P fancy dry goods, king st ward 5 
Matherson, JP clerk, adger's wharf, 19 laurens st 
Matheson, Simons & Co, com. merchants, 114 east bay 

" M P com. merchant, 114 east bay, cor alexan- 
der and charlotte sts 
Matthiessen, F C com. merchant, corn w4iarf, 8 church st 

*' M T clerk, atlantic wharf, 43 king st 

" Wm clothing, 143 east bay, 14 Wentworth st 

Matthews & Ropers factors, vanderhorst wharf 

" E W factor, do do, 13 short st 

" G B british consul, central wharf, broad st 

" missM A 112 Tradd st 

" mrs A 77 queen st 

" T D book-keeper, bank Charleston, 43 anson st 

'* J R planter, st bartholemews pa, 29 east bay 

'' J F do " 

" W R do 

" G A m d, 

" J B tailor, 34 calhoun st. 

'* P B carpenter, america st 
Maule, C S milliner, 287 king st 
Maum, F carpenter, america st 
Maxcy V clerk, 40 broad st, 17 south bay 
Maxwell, P J clerk, 40 east bay, 43 east bay 
May, C F clerk, central wharf, 8 Washington st 
" John do do do 9 Marsh st 












May, J W atty, rear court house, 62 queen st 

" John cabinet-makerj 62 queen st 
Mayers, S dry goods, 33 king st 
Mayor, O leader german brass band, 50 calhoun st 
Mayrant, mrs 20 laurens st 
Maysey, Thos boot-rnaker, 55 broad st 
Mazyck & Son, facs, commercial wharf 

" Wm fac, commercial wf, cor alexander & chapel 

" W S & J facs commercial wharf, charlotte, 

*' H B clerk, boyce & co's wharf, broad st 

" P P planter, Santee, 30 hasel st 

" Alexander planter, Santee, 30 hasel st 

" Edward 30 hasel st 

" mrs N B 44 calhoun st 

" N B clerk, boyce & co's wharf, 44 calhoun st 

" AH collector, 66 broad st 
Mealy. John treasurer lutheran church, calhoun st, ward 6 
Medler, R fruitter, king st, ward 5 
Meetze, Felix proprietor drays, mary st 
Mehrtens, R clerk, oZ vendue range, 28 queen st 

'* Geo grocer, Washington st 

« H do do 

" C F do 71 church st 
L clerk, 71 do 

" J C grocer, 7 st philips st 

« F do cor coming and vanderhorst sts 

" Wm sign painter, do do 

" Henry giocer, cor elizabeth and henrietta sts 

" J do do do do John sts 

Meitzler, J boot-maker, 100 meeting st 

« P do ' do 

" C do do 

" Jacob do do 

Melcher, T clerk, 63 east bay 

" mrs F millinery, king st, ward 6» 

" F grocer, do do 

Meldan, G F grocer, 64 meeting st 
Melfe, F italian boarding house, 31 market st 
Memminger & Jervj^ attorneys at law, 59 meeting st 

«' C G attorney do 59 do cor 

wentworth and smith sts 
Mendal, G shop-keeper, 145 king st 
Mendenhall, M T ordinary fire-proof build'g, 81 meeting st 


Mendt, D C carpenter, 9 wall st. 

Menlove & Lesesne, com mchts, accommodation wharf 

" Edward do do do whf, N Orleans 

Mensing, H clerk, 133 king st 

« E H clerk, 165 king st 

" John N grocer, 187 meeting st morris' island 

" C clerk, 187 meeting st 
Menzies, Wm clerk, cor king and market sts, mchts' hotel 
Merew, J VV planter, st Johns, 7^ burns' lane 
Merican, last-maker, 104 queen st 
Meridith, J W conductor, S C R R, reid st 

" Richard dry goods, king st, ward 6 
Merrell, A clerk, meeting, cor meeting and market 
Messery, L accountant, cannon st 
Mey, F C fac and com mcht, accommodation wharf, 8 

Washington st 
Meyer, H clerk, 20 east-bay 

" Morris dry goods, 108 east-bay 

" E J clerk, 29 vendue range, cor king and calhoun st 

" Martin, grocer, 129 east-bay 

'' John clerk, 129 east-bay 

" J tobacconist, 92 meeting st 

" J D clerk, 167 meeting st, morris st 

" & Balman grocers, 320 king st 

" J D grocer, 320 king st, 295 king st 

" A clerk, 320 king st 

« H do do 

" W grocer, 124 tradd st 

** B H spirits dealer, 51 state st 

" James boot-maker, 53 do 

" Wm baker, 4 wall st 

" L grocer, 6 arch dale st 

" A collector, 21 society st 

*' mrs A grocer, 50 st philips' st 

" F C do cor meeting and line sts 

" O bootmaker, cor st philips and warren sts 

" Henrj'' clerk, coming st ward 6 

" C clerk, cor coming and radcliffe 

" C Laney m. d., morris st 

'« J grocer, cor calhoun and coming sts 

" C do do do alexander sts 

<' C do Hanover st 
Meynardie, B P carpenter, line st 


Meynardie, J D carpenter line st 

" CD tinner, do 

Michell, A L jeweller, 266 king st, 116 wentworth st 
*' R F m. d., 74 queen st 
« Wm do 74 do 
" Mydleton m. d., 74 queen st 
" John butcher, 24 middle st 
" John st philips' st, ward 6 
" J A surveyor and architect, broad st 
" mrs E coming st, ward 6 
Micken, Thos painter, 121 king st 
Middleton & Co, facs, vanderhorst wharf 

" Thos fac do do 6 meeting st 

** A clerk, accommodation wharf, calhoun st 
*' HA planter, Georgetown, 44 south-bay 
« C K m. d., 44 south-bay 
<' HA jr surveyor, 44 south-bay 
« F pilot, 16 tradd st 

" J Izard planter, Wackamaw, 15 legare st 
" Williams do Combahee, 15 do 
*< WD carpenter, 12 water st, meeting st 
" William planter, ashley river, 18 meeting st 
« W clerk, east-bay, 24 pinckney st 
« C engineer, 24 pinckney st 
« Oliver planter, 3 new st 
" Russell do Stono, st philips' st, ward 6 
" R Izard coming st, ward 6 
Miessner, E grocer, 134 tradd st 

Miler, Daniel dry goods, 143 meeting st, Charleston hotel 
Miles'. S C clerk, 19 vendue range, 116 queen st 

" 'he account, cor king and market sts, 1 16 queen st 
" mrs cor king and calhoun sts 
" Thos clerk's C R R, cor king and calhoun sts 
*« C R attorney, 20 broad st, 53"beaufain st 
" mrs S B 53 beau fain st 

♦' W P prof mathematics, ch college, 53 beaufainst 
« J W do literature, do 53 do 

" F T m d. 53 beaufain st 
" E K teacher, 53 beaufain st 
Millar, R S baker, 131 meeting st 
/ Milleney, P clerk, east-bay, 195 east-bay 
J Miller, S S job printer. 50 east-bay, 7 wall st 
J « A E do 5 broad st, 43 tradd st 

Miller, J D clerk, commercial wharf, 22 friend st 

'^ G do 30 vendue range, king st, ward 6 

" J A do 68 east-bay, warren st 

" A A barber, 140 east-bay, Washington st 

'■ A P clerk, cor king and market sts, beaufain st 

" W clerk, 198 king st, 2 rutledge st 

'' Lewis grocer, 11 king st 

" Wm cabinet-maker, 167 171 173 king st, 99 queen 

" J C pastor, wentworth st. methodist ch 65 coming 

" &■ Burger, clothing, 273 king st 

" F C clothing, 273 king st. vanderhorst st 

" Wm teller bank state so. ca. hudson st 

" J H bootmaker, 32 tradd st 

" Robt seaman, 2 Philadelphia st 

" Zadock sail-maker, 229 east-bay 

'• W H 50 queen st 

" John drayman, 26 laurens st 

" Louis boot-maker, 57 wentworth st 

" W T sail-maker, 19 franklin st 

'' Frederick, tailor, 12 pitt st 

" Ed. machinist, king st, ward 6 

" James accountant, cannon st 

" Elizabeth cannon st 

'•' W porter, jasper's court 

" T J accountant, warren st 

" S D rope-maker, vanderhorst st 

" J W carpenter, do 

" J C grain dealer, dewee's wharf, mary st 

" T S teacher, John st, hanoverst 
Milliken, E P dry goods, 42 east-bay, 162 meeting st 

" Wm grocer 155 east-baj', cor society & east-bay 

'' A T accountant, 139 meeting 162 meeting st 

" Thcs planter, st georges, 162 meeting st 

Milligan, Ed blacksmith, cor coming and cannon sts 

" mrs Ed dry goods, cor do do do 

Mills, Beach & Co grain dealers, cor east baj' and com wf 

" Otis grain dealer, cor e bay & com whf, 36 meeting 

" Clark, artist. 9 atlantic st 

'= S M clerk, 147 meeting st, meeting st 

" S S grocer, 56 market st, 69 tradd st 
Milne, A planter, st Johns island, 18 rutledge st 
Milncr, J G auc & com mcht 21 vendue range 17 society 
Minburg, R laborer america st 


Minildus, D G grocer st philip st, ward 8 
Minis, Robert planter, 227 east-bay 
MinnSj rars M st philip st, ward 8 
Minto, J clothier 23 market st, 52 king 
Miot, Albert clerk central wharf, mansion house 
JVliscaliy, D W clerk 7 marsh st 
Misdorf, Jacob sea captain 24 savage st 
Mishaw, John boot-maker 76 meeting st 

" Joshua 3 college st 

" Rebecca warren st 
Missroon, Henry steam packet agt adger's whf 2 east-bay 
Mitchell, W E clerk southern whf 24 bull st 

" Thomas clerk commercial whf 

" J D accountant vanderhorst's whf 98 wentworth 

" C T & Co com mchts atlantic whf 

•' C T com mcht atlantic whf 15 meeting st 

" J S, m. d. 91 meeting st261 east-bay 

" FA accountant 21 hayne st 98 wentworth 

" G A clothing 118 meeting st, coming 

« William clerk 118 do 

" D clerk 270 king st 

" C M 270 king st 

" mrs M milliner 272 king st 

" T C cabinet maker queen st 

" E accountant 14 state st 

" Nelson attorney st michael's alley cor george and 
meeting sts 

" A R cotton press 15 meeting st 

*' miss M A 31 beaufain st 

" Harriet 23 beaufain st 

<* A west st 

" Edward planter edisto island, 12 savage st 
"^ " William millwright 6 mazjck st 

" H W clerk meeting st 98 wentworth 

" JEM farmer st andrews parish cannon st 

^' Ann chapel st 
Mixer, D proprietor Charleston hotel meeting st 
MacrifF, B A grocer calhoun st 
Moifet, J R com mcht 78 east-bay 4 hasel st 
" G H clerk 54 east-bay 198 east-bay 

" Alexander clerk 54 east-bay 198 east-bay 
Moise, E W clerk 30 vendue range I college st 

" C H accountant 133 meeting st 1 college st 


Moise, Abraham atty court house sq 1 college st 
" T P clerk 1 hayne st 18 beaufain st 
«' BF clerk 29 do 18 do 
" A asst cashier bank Charleston 4 green st 
" Isaac stock broker 1 19 east-bay 26^ pitt st 
" mrs R dry goods king st ward 6 
Moison, Arthur c!erk 169 meeting st spring st 

" U machinist columbus st 
Molle, miss H E 8 savage st 
Molony, J grocer 1 16 church st 
Monahan, Richard laborer king st ward 6 
MoncriefF, Geo cooper 21 state st 
Monefeldt, W S dentist 243 king st 
Montgomery, C W clerk 213 kingst 27 george st 
" A watch-maker 27 george st 

" S do 27 do 

« J W do 27 do 

Monpoey, Ilouvre planter st andrews pa 40 bull st 
MauseaUj A carpenter mary st "... 
Montague, mrs C 108 wentworth^ 
Mood, W G dry goods 32 east-bay 75T^TR^in st 

" EM pump and block maker foot hasel cor com- 
ing and duncan sts 
*' John silversmith 293 king st 
" J R m d george st 293 king st 
" J McC R carpenter cannon st 
Moodie, A G clerk atlantic wharf 
Moody, G W accountant vanderhorst wharf east-bay 
" AH tinsmith king st 
" W M st Charles coffee house 220 king st 
Moore, J E clerk commercial wharf 32 savage st 
*' J clerk east bay cor king and market sts 
" G A printer 188 king st 
" J V clerk 157 meeting st 3 middle st 
" W l^ dry goods 68 market st 
" H J 70 king st 
" mrs E 73 church st 
" Geo pastor beaufort 3 middle st 
" J O A clerk east bay 3 do 
'• John clerk atlantic wharf 32 savage st 
" Wm 32 savage st 
" mrs F 32 do 
*' Franklin pattern-maker 3 gadsden st 


Moore, Robt engineer 3 gatlsden st 
" mrs St philips st ward 6 
" Martin drayman amherst st 
'' John carpenter sires alley 
Moorheadj James grocer 26 aichdale st 

" mrs A coming st ward 6 

Morall, Alex, coach trimmer cor meeting and market sts 
Moran, J M carpenter vernon st 
" Ed. m. d cannon st 
" mrs E henrielta st 
•' F porter 82 east-bay queen st 
Mordecai, M C com mcht 1 10 east bay 43 meeting st 
'• T W broker and auct 25 broad st 7 new st 
'• B broker 9^ stale st 49 wentworth st 
" miss H 67 beaufain st 
Moreland, E M clerk adger's wharf 7 south-bay 

" A 7 south-bay 
Morgan, Benjamin 16 middle st 

" J B sea captain 1 1 middle st 
" mrs F E dry goods 1 1 middle st 
Morien, portrait painter 349 king st 
Moroso, A fruiter 3 broad st 6 friend st 
Morrallo J B & J fruitter 129 king st 
" JB do 129 do 

" J do 129 do 

Morris, Henry dis clerk plan & mec bk charlotte st 

" J out door clerk bank so Carolina 36 wentworth st 
*' mrs A 25 beaufain st 
'' John wheelright king st ward 6 bogard st 
Morrison, Samuel clerk 127 east-bay 

" Robt clerk 133 meeting st, 112 queen st 
" James laborer 79 beaufain st 
Morse, A H ship-carpenter cannon st 

" mrs M marion st 
Mortimer, Jackson moulder 171 east-bay 

" S H sec & treas ch ins & trust co drake st 

'' Thomas Washington st ward 5 

Morton, W R hardware dealer 133 meeting st king st 
Moses, E J clerk 20 east-bay meeting st 

" A J do allantic wharf 1 pinckney st 
" miss A 6 horlbeck alley 
" Samuel deputy sheriff 47 wentworth st 
" Isaiah king st ward 5 


Moses, L J chapel st 

" Levy amherst st 
Mosian, John gunsmith 50 state st 
Mosimann, accountant standard office 183 east-bay 
Motta, rnrs S A private boarding 101 king st 
Motte, Darilla mantua maker calhoun st ward 5 

" Jennette pastry cook charlotte st 
Mottet «fc Huchet, ship and com mchts adger's wharf 

" E do do do do 321 king st 

Moultriej Wm barber 106 meeting st 66 calhoun st 
" miss E dressmaker 99 market st 

" James m. d. 14 montague st 

Mountrie, Robt barber 2 anson st 
Mouzon, H J clerk 1 16 meeting st 183 meeting st 
*' L H collector 183 meeting st 
" Charles 4 st philips st 
Mowry, E C atty 20 broad st 175 meeting st 
" S & L com mchts 74 east-bay 
" S do mcht 74 do 175 meeting st 

" L D do do 74 do 8 hasel st 
« W S clerk 74 do 175 meeting st 

Muckenfuss, H & B lumber dealers smith st 

" H W do do do 86 wentworth st 

" BSD carpenter president st 

" H 86 wentworth st 

Muir, mrs J private hroading 24 broad st 

*' mrs L W 74 broad st 
Mullens, mrs 34 church st 
" D pilot 34 church st 

" J do 34-. do 

Muller, H W clerk 135 king st 
" Rev L 277 king st 
« T D m. d. 83 tradd st 
" C dry goods 26 anson st 
" H grocer cor east-ba}' and calhoun st 
MuUings, H pilot 3 atlantic st 
Mullins, W do 99^^ east-bay 
MuUoy, H E cannon st 

" ML plasterer xjannon st 
Mulry, W clerk meeting st 26 wentworth st 

" L do 35 hayne st queen st 
Muncreef, A S bricklayer 71 queen 
Munroe, Brewster & Dunkin, attys 65 meeting st 


Munroe, Robt atty 65 meeting st 10 montague st' 

" George clerk 56 east-bay 10 do 
Mure, Robt com rncljt boyce & co's wharf 68 church st 
Murden, misses female school 34 society st 
Murly, H drayman 12 middle st 
Murphy, Martin porter 135 meeting st vanderhorst st 

■' Peter laborer 53 tradd st 

" 1 homas do 28 state st 

" Thomas bricklayer 32 queen st 

" mrs E midwife 23 society st 

" James clerk hayne st mary st 

" Patrick maiy st 

Murray, W C com mcht 26 east-bay cor so bay & church 

" T A boot-maker 144 east- bay 

" F clothier 181^ east bay 

" mrs M 53 king st 

Charles 53 do 

'' mrs E 18 south-bay 

" Jos teacher collegiate institute 7 friend st 

" James plasterer calhoun st ward 5 

Murrell, J H accountant courier office 20 savage st 

" mrs L 3 wall st 

'< J J 23 middle st 

Mustard, D eng & mach foot hasel cor laurens & marsh st 
Myer, P F clerk 224 king st archdale st 
Myers, J S tavern-keeper 115 meeting st archdale st 

" G tailor 34 pincknej^ st 

" mrs A 14 Clifford st 

" mrs M ginger-pop maker cor st philips & spring sts 

" Solomon 5 aiken row 

" miss H 5 do 

" J E wood fac reid st 
Myette, Ed. fisherman 84 king st 


Nabb, John sea captain 39 george st 
Nabur, M mantua maker morris st 
Nachman, A dry goods king st ward 6 

" A do 100 anson st 

Nance, F A grocery mcht I hayne st ch hotel 
Naser, F 16 coming st 
Nathan M H coach mak cor mtg & wenth sts 30 st philips 

" S clerk 4 gillon st 30 st philips st 


Nathan, A cabinet-maker 30 st philips st 

" Henry seaman 30 do 

*' L grocer king st ward 6 

" Nathan do do 5 
Nayelj Vincent baker 97 king st 
Najlor, W dry goods 40 east-bay 46 beaufain st 
Neal W M carpenter 29 queen st 
NefF, B m. d. 20 calhoun st 
Nell, Andrew engineer hampden court 

" Angeline 13 mazyck st 
Nelly, mrs 349 king st 
Nelson, Christopher bar-keeper exchange st 
" Peter barber 169 east-bay 
♦' S A clerk 43 hayne st 101 meeting st 
" Purvis clerk 273 king st 269 king st 
" Maria pitt st ward 6 
Nelme, J W clerk, S C R R John st 
Nester, John moulder 12 east-bay 
Neumayer, Lewis clerk 205 king st 
Neufville, mrs E shop-keeper 53 tradd st 
Neuman, James trader st philips st 
Neust, George clerk ferry boats 3 coming st 
Newbold, mrs 34 went worth st 
Newell, John gas fitter 4 montague st 
Narman, Philip wood seller 22 montague st 

" N ginger pop maker meeting st ward 7 
Newton, W N ship-wright coming st ward 6 

" J A clerk east-bay coming st ward 6 

" capt Wm planter st georges cannon st 
Niaause, A H errocer cor calhoun and smith sts 
Nichols & Gibbs com mchts boyce & co's wharf 

" J C com mcht do do 59 king st 

" J H dry goods hayne st meeting st 
Nicholson, J clerk cor broad and church sts 
Nickerson, G W printer standard office 

'■' T 8 clerk Charleston hotel 

Niebuhr, J P druggist 89 king st 

" JP do cor tradd and church sts 
Nimitz, A grocer 63 east-bay 

" C clerk 63 do 
Nipson, T S clerk 228 kingst queen st 
Nisbet, Douglas st boat agent boyce & co's wharf 
Nixon, J B printer and publisher 48 broad st 44 queen st 


Noble, James naval officer ashley st 

Nolan, John carpenter 10 anson st 
" J J do 48 beaufain st 

" mrs J J private boarding 48 beaufain st 

Norman, A E clerk 215 king st 
" G A st philips st ward 6 

Norris, W H cooper bennet's mill 20 Washington st 
" distiller 22 wathington st 
" H M clerk 157 east-bay 24 mazjck st 
" James city assessor east-bay lynch st 
" Samuel fireman S C R R coming st 

North, E m. d. 79 meeting st 

" Thomas blacksmith cannon st 

" Abram drayman calhoun st ward 5 

Northop & AUemong, attys 17 broad st 

" CB do 17 do 50 king st 

•' mrs L M cor bee and president sts 

<' LB do do do 

Norton, J H clerk 29 vendue range 115 queen st 
" C grocer laurens st 
" miss R dress-maker 2141 king st 
" Richard clerk 288 st 318 king st 
" J 1st book keeper bk Charleston 115 queen st 

Nowell, J L planter santee reid st 

NuefFer & Hendrix, com mchts 124 east-bay 

" G A com mcht 124 east-bay commercial hotel 

Nugent, Michael clerk 65 anson st 


O'Brien, T livery stables 28 chalmers st 

" Peter clerk 222 king st 13 college Bt 

" Ed, carpenter 69 king st 

" Andrew clerk 261 kingst 95 queen st 

'' Andrew boot-maker 1 1 anson st 

" Michael laborer 24 queen st 

" James mason 95 do 

" James laborer amherst st 
O'Callighan, D clerk 116 church st 
O'Connor, Wm watchmaker 79 beaufain st 
O'Dot, Vincent confectioner 81 king st 
O'Driscol mrs music teacher 13 church st 
O'Garrow, James laborer 83 queen st 

'« T clerk tradd st 1 1 1 church st 


O'Hara, Wm clerk 143 east-bay 14 wentworth st 

" mrs H 18 montague st 
O'Hear, Jas fac commercial whf st philips st ward 6 

" J F coming st ward 6 
O'Leary, D saddler 89 church st 

'' Daniel laborer bedon's alley 

" Daniel ship-carpenter 4 atlantic st 
O'Maree, John sec han bookseller 86 queen st 76 queen st 
O'Neale, T P clerk 122 east bay 20 magazine st 

" W T do 17 Chalmers st 20 do 

" James carpenter 20 do 

O'Neill, R com mcht 135 east bay 58 meeting st 

" J F do 145 do Chalmers st 

" James boot-maker 98 meeting st 

" Thomas do 98 do 

'- mrs H private boarding 41 queen st 

" Hugh saddler 41 queen st 

" mrs E 84 queen st 

" Francis stone-mason 15 franklin st 

" rev Patrick st palrick church king st ward 6 

" Edmund cor rutledge and cannon st 

" William laborer cannon st 

*' Patrick planter cannon st 

" Patrick laborer 17 state st 
>/ O'Rielly, J B printer 4 mazyck st 
s[ O'Sullivan, Thomas printer minority st 

" J 181i east-bay 

" John laborer 33 state st 

O'Wen, L imp insp custom house 

'« L m. d. 102 church st 

" L D clerk 13 southern wharf 102 church st. 
Oakley, R S drugo:ist 150 king st 

" W C exchange office 26 broad st 
Oakesj Z B broker and auctioneer 7 state st 72 queen st ] 
Oarbis, H clerk 123 kmg st 
Oates, Geo music & bookstore 234 236 king st 234 king 

'* E H clerk 134 236 king st 234 king st 

" H T do do do do do do 
Oberhauser, J druggist 128 church st 
Oelrick J C piano and organ builder 70 queen st 
Oetjen Henry grist-mill cor radclifFe and coming sts 
Oettegeu, John laborer king st ward 6 
Oetten, H grain dealer 108 meeting st coming st 


Ogemall, J C grocer 370 king st 

Ogier, T L m. d. 37 east-bay, 33 east-bay 

Ogilvie, J T clerk 15 broad st vanderhorst wharf 

" Mathew mcht 21 broad st 5 logan st 

Ohlandt, W grocer 4 market st 
Ohlrogga, P do cor king and columbus sts 
Oldenbuttel; H grocer 53 market st 
Olier, B 40 st philips st 
Oliver & Aiicrum, tailors 215 east-bay 

" J H gilder 23 king st 

" W boot-maker 43 society st 40 st philips st 
Olney, G W" com mcht 11 vendue range RadclifFe et 
Oltmann, H clerk cor king and reid sts 
Oppenheim & Brother, com mcht 102 east-bay 

" J H com mcht 102 east-bay meeting st w'd 5 

" SH do do 102 do cor king & Hudson stg 

" H W do do cor king and hudson sts 

Orchard, Saml wheelwright market st 
Orcutti, L gilder 154 king st 104 queen st 

" W livery stabler 9 mazyck st 
Orwell, George linguard st 
Osborn, George sea captain 38 archdale st 
Ostendorff, J H clothier 87 east-bay 
Osterholtz. J grocer cor mill and ashley sts 
Otgan, John clothier 95 east-bay 
Otis, Walker 2 church st 
Ottoleugui, J broker and auctioneer 20 broad 
Otten, C grocer 18 tradd st 

'* H do 44 anson st 

" D B do elizabeth st 
Otyens, mrs baker 17 tradd st 
Owens, Stephen clerk 70 east-bay roper's court 

'< W gardener 40 beaufain st 

" Hager paine court 

" Alexander butcher cannon st 
Oxlade, T C watch-maker 61 broad st 15 middle st 


Pacetti, A marion st 

Paddock, B C clerk 19 hayne st ch hotel 
Padron, Antonius segar-maker woolfe st 
Page, John shop-keeper 105 king st reid st 
Pahnkin, C H druggist 123 meeting st 


Paine & Lucas, com mchts 68 east-bay 

*' E T com mcht 68 east-baj coming st ward 6 
" capt Tliomas U S N vanderhiorst st 
Painter, N m. d. calnoun st ward 5 

Palmer, B W clerk vanderhorst wharf rutledge st ward 6 
" J W do police office 7 hard alley 
" W S carpenter 11 logan st 
Pansin C clerk under american hotel 
Pape, Y grocer cor tradd and legare st 
Papy, J saddler king st 

Parker Thos clerk vanderhorst whf cor tradd & logan sts 
" W S carpenter 60 meeting st 
" Chas city surv fire-proof b cr lambol & legare st 
" B J clerk 19 hayne st 6 george st 
" mrs A G milliner 200 king st 
'* F S planter goose creek 10 legare st 
" mrs S J 5 horlbeck alley 
" mrs M 1 1 Clifford st 
« W M J 26 george st 
^' S D accountant 6 george st 
" mrs C king st ward 6 
" R D planter Washington st ward 5 
" misses chapel st 
Parkeson, mrs M S 74 broad st 

" John bell-hanger 17 queen st 

Parks, Geo & Co, booksellers and publishers 41 broad st 

" Geo booksel & publish 41 br'd st cr queen & ch st 
Parret, mrs S G 13 wall st 

Parsell, W N furniture dealer 314 king st mchts' hotel 
Parsons, Joseph printer 8 burn's lane 
« T J clerk 248 king st frend st 

" mrs 8 burn's lane 

Passailaigue, J E machinist st philips st ward 6 
" mrs rutledge st ward 8 

" Lewis blacksmith spring st 

Patarj James sea captain longitude lane 
Patat, Francis cabinet-maker smith st 
" James confectioner cannon st 
" Francis cabinet-maker cannot st 
" mrs A spring st 
" Charles painter woolfe st 
Patch, N carpenter king st ward 6 
Paterson, B com mcht atlantic wharf huntsville ala 


Paterson, Wm accountant atlantic wharf 85 broad st 

" & Stock ship and com mchts athanlic wharf 

" J L ship & com mcht ate wf queen & meet'g sts 

" Wm painter 110 meeting st 

" George sea captain 22 church st 

** S H steam boat insp 61 queen st 

** W P carpenter, 6 liberty st 

" & Burns bl'smilhs & wh'wrights cr met'g & John 

" F S bl'smith & wheelwright do do 

" G W collector 40 broad st st philips st ward 6 

Patrick, J B dentist 231 king st calhoun st 

" G farmer king st ward 6 

Pattani, J fruit ter 19 market st 
Patton, W M watch-maker 235 king st 297 king st 

" John fac and com mcht ace whf huntsville ala 

" Wm warfinger union wharf 16 laurens st 
Paul & Brown gro & spirits dealers cor br'd & church sts 
Dunbar spirits dealers cor b'd & ch sts 20 new st 
John clerk do do 20 do 

Pauls, F grocer 21 market st 

«' F do 15 franklin st 

«' H clerk 44 stale st 
Pawly, Rebecca calhoun st ward 5 
Paxton, W Y publisher evening news 54 wentworth st 
Payne, N K book-keeper union b'k 8 green st 

" R K city surveyor court house sq line st 

" J S 19 friend st 

" mrs 18 hasel st 
Peaucenteler, C laborer williams row 
Pearce, Richard furniture dealer 40 george st 

" P meeting st ice house 66 queen 
Pearson, mrs A 22 smith st 

" BE carpenter 215 east-bay 

Pecare, M clerk 334 king st 
Peirce, Matthews clerk 326 king st 
Pelder, Philip boot-maker 8 tradd st 
Pelerin, madame milliner and dressmaker 294 king st 
Pellegrin, P plasterer 42 market st 
Pelot, W L clerk 40 east-bay 7 water st 

*' J A mercantile teacher 167 meeting st 56 calhoun 

" J Crews clerk 244 king- st 17 george st 

" J Cooper do 244 do cor meeting and market sts 

" W M teacher vanderhorst st 


Pelzer, A P m. d. 2 Beaufain st 

" G S do king st ward 6 

" F S grocer king st ward 8 president st 
Pendarois, Jacob carpenter rutledge st ward 8 
Penniman, J L clerk 243 king st 236 king st 
Penseed, Margaret st philips st ward 6 
Peper, L M grocer cor coming and cannon sts 
Pepper, A M mary st 

" P M clerk mary st 
Percival, John watchman doughty st 
PeronneaUj H W atty 93 tradd st 

" W H do 20 broad st 5 gibbs st 

" Abram laborer charlotte st 

Perry, R W clerk com wharf cor market and church sts 

'^' Wm export inspector custom house 

" Benjamin sec state fire-p'f bld'g summerville so ca 

" Wm private boarding 45 market st 

" Ed. clerk hayne st 46 beanfain st 

« W H do 229 king st 269 king st 

" A do 181 east-bay 193 meeting st 

'' mre R 42 beaufain st 

*' Abraham gadsden st 

'^ mrs J 2 st philips st 

" Francis butcher st philips st ward 6 
Peterman, H grocer marsh st 

«' M do 32 meeting st 

" F do cor church and atlantic sts 

Peters, Jas out door elk S W R R bank 106 church st 

" miss Jane 51 anson st 

*' George seaman 88 queen st 
Peterson, mrs music teacher 8 middle st 
Petit, A J tinner 62 market st 
Petigrew, Wm m. d. 64 broad st 
Petigru & King, attys st michael's alley 

" J L atty do do 103 broad st 

« D do district court 103 do 

" J Louis clerk cor vanderhorst wharf and east-bay 
cor market and church sts 

« capt T U S N 30 bull st 

« J Ljr 30 bull st 
Petit, F confectioner 194 king st. 

" E W ins broker 4 broad st 194 king st 
Petsch, J D transp agt S C R R meeting st ward 5 


Petsch, Wm mechanic spring st 

" AH car-builder line st elizabeth st 
Petzer, F J fac adgers wharf 
Peurifoy, Dr A botanic mod vanderhorst st 
Peysso, mrs M L 57 queen st 
Phelps, F E clerk 84 east-bay bee st 

'* mrs M bee st 
Phillips, Otis grain dealer 126 east-bay 16 new st 
" J E atty fire-proof building chapel st 

•< Geo boot-maker 129^ meeting cr queen & state 

" John atty 84 church st 158 meeting st 

« C clothier 352 king st 

" ' mrs C 14 pinckney st 
" St John ra. d. 44 beaufain st 

" rev Ed. pas st thos and st denis ch 44 beaufain st 

" mrs E seamstress 40 mazyck 

Phimo, Thos clerk 35 broad st broad st 
Phynney, J printer standard office 
Picault, mrs C dry goods 57 state st 
Pickett, John pastor st james church reid st 
Pierson & Jennings, clothing 26 hayne st 

cc J s do 26 do Charleston hotel 

" E clerk 26 hayne st pavilion hotel 
" W J clerk 238 king st king st 
Pickering H 9 west st 

Pinckney, B G clerk adgers wharf 34 meeting st 
" R Gl jr accountant boyce whf 34 meeting 
" Chas imp inspec custom house 3 st philips st 
" H L tax collector fire-proof bid 3 do 
" Roger, 28 king st 

" Hopson ass teller state bank 88 tradd st 
" R Q, surveyor 34 meeting st 
" mrs H 193 east-bay 
« C C pastor grace church 15 rutledge st 
" mrs L 29 pTtt st 
Pingle, J H grocer cor calhoun and elizabeth sts 
Plot, J B planter meeting st ward 5 

" J F do do do 

Pitner, A G clerk 135 meeting st Charleston hotel 
Plane, Tllos clerk cor east-bay & adgers whf 35 east-bay 

" W A imp insp custom house 35 east-bay 
Plaspoldt, H laborer st philips st ward 8 
Plein, H grocer 80 beaufain st 


Plemeau, J F coppersmith, meeting st ward 5 
Plenge, C tailor 94 meeting st 
Plessman, W mattrass-maker cor king and reid sts 
Flogen, P H boot-maker cor king and ann sts 
Poincigon, A cooper 19 tradd st 
" E tinner 1 1 queen st 
Poinsett, P barber 205 east-bay 
Police, F 78 church st 
Pollin, W B tavern-keeper 20 queen st 
Ponjaud, A 25 hasel st 
Pooser, H ordly serg guard house amherst st 
Pope, J J atty 61 broad st 42 bull 

" Wm baker 18 tradd st 

*' J J law student 2 glebe st 
Popenheim, J F planter goose creek st philips st ward 6 
Poppan, D clerk 1 i muzyck st 
Porcher, F J cotton broker adgers wharf 7 water st 

" Peter m. d. 53 church st 

" F Y do 119 do 

" Peterjr 53 do 

" CJ 53 do 

" P J broker and auct 25 broad st 28 south-bay 

<* Frederick prof ch college 34 south-bay 

" mrs 34 south-bay 

" miss 34 do 

« F P m. d. 28 wentworth st 

" miss C cor smith and calhoun sts 

Porte, Rebecca pastry cook 51 coming st 
Porter N M grocer 222 king st 13 college st 

« B F atty 41 broad st 

" W D do 30 do 1 pitt st 

" Wm 13 college st 
Post, R pastor circular church 22 meeting st 
Pctli, mrs m Judith st 

Potter L T com mcht 147 east-bay Charleston hotel 
Poughree, L picture seller coming st ward 6 
Powell, J V carpenter 349 king st 
Powers, Ed. drayman 97 meeting st 

" F grocer cor state and market sts 

" Wm laborer st philips st ward 8 
Poyas, miss H S 76 wentworth st 

" W R engineer 76 do 

" mrs 124 tradd st 


Poyas, James planter santee 2 aiken row 
Pratt, George engineer 120 wentworth st 

" CD clerk 19 hajne st Charleston hotel 
Pregnell, Henry carpenter IG rutledgc st 
Prellion, Rose 23 college st 
Prendergast E dry goods 131 king st 
Presslcy, B G atty 41 broad st 13 coming st 
Preston, Jas com^ mcht 100 east-bay 66 queen st 

" John S planter Columbia hudson st 

" Jos. 12 hasel st 

Price, Jas clerk^ southern wharf 83 broad st 

" T saddler 2 Chalmers st 

" W J mechanic 108 king st 

" EL clerk stplls alley 108 king st 

" mrs M 10 st philips st 

" mrs M 59>coming st 

" Alfred hardware dealer 24 hayne st 59 meeting st 
Pritchard, G G m. d. 150 east-ba}^ 

i' Wm cleik 1 hayne st 32 pinckney st 

" W H pyrotechnist 2 society st 

" Paul ship-carpenter 1 gibbs st 

Prince, H T market whf 

" S G printer 211 east-bay 

" EC clerk 147 meetmg st meeting st ward 5 

*' miss Sarah 108 king st 

" H clothing 299^ king st king st 

" Geo drugs and botanic rned 330 king st 

'' E J clerk east-bay 76 tradd st 

" mrs S dry goods 211 east-bay 

" mrs S do king st ward 6 

" mrs E chapel st 

« S H clerk S G R R chapel st 

" J H do east-bay do 

« A L do S C R R woolfe st 

" Henry sea captain 6 minority st 
Pringle, R A boot and shoe deal 30 east-bay 20 society sts 

" J R com mcht adgers wharf 9 legare st 

<« M A do do broad st 

« W A & E J attys cor broad and church sts 

« W A atty cor broad and church sts 18 meeting 

« E J do do do 9 king st 

<< W B planter santee 9 king st 

" mrs E 160 meetin.s: st 


Pringle, B G 20 society st 
Printan, Barney laborer 16 mazyck st 
PrioleaUj W H clerk 114 east-bay 38 meeting st 
" C K do central wharf 4 gibbs st 
" J Ford m. d. 96 meeting st 38 meeting st 
" T G do 96 do 38 do 

'• F C col clerk plan & mec bank 3 legare st 
" mrs 3 meeting st 
Prior, S T clerk 175 meeting st 26 burns lane 
" BR accountant 43 hayne st liberty st 
" John clerk 37 hayne st 3 wentworth st 
Proctor, W E clerk 82 east -bay 25 wentworth st 
« H G do 153 do 25 do 

« Wm do 141 do 25 do 

/ Prothro, N B lumber fac west end broad st 256 king st 
Prout, Daniel laboi'er 7 burns lane 
Puckerhaber, Jno grocer cor ashley and bee sts 
Purcy, mrs A 27 mazyck st 

Purse, R S soda foundary 37 market st 34 anson st 
'♦ R E L clerk 37 do 34 do 

'« J S upholsterer 267 king st 

** T F accountant king st ward 7 rutledge st ward 8 
" Benjamin cooper bee st 
Pye, Henry fireman S C R R coming st 


Gluackenbush, T L grocer 116 church st 
auale, rare M 337 king st 
Q,uashj Ed, m. d. 2 college st 

" mrs R H 2 do 

" Francis planter st thos st cor rutledge & spring st 

" Martha 40 pitt st 
Q,uigly, W A clerk 39 Hayne st 148 meeting st 

" C boot and shoe dealer 76 church st 
Quinby, J H king st ward 5 
Quinn, Daniel wheelwright vernon st 

" Michael laborer do 

'^ Michael mason 20 tradd st 
Gluinen, mrs B president st 
Q,Qire, Ann jaspers court 


Rabb, Jas pump & block mak market wf 32 pinckney st 


Rabb, John engineer Charleston fac amherst st 
Rabe, Robert livery stabler george st 43 callioun 
Radcliffe, J T 7 college st 

" N brick-layer spring st 

Rahall, Patrick tavern-keeper 124 meeting st 
Raine, H J clerk work house 41 beaufain st 
Ralf, C do 11 south-bay 
Rame, C baker 83 east-bay 
Ramkin, mrs J 85 tradd st 
Ramsay, W G m. d. 11 tradd st 

" miss M teacher 62 broad st 

" miss G do 62 do 

Ramzan. mrs M meeting st ward 5 
Rankin, G F clothing 27 hayne st Charleston hotel 

" G painter 1 19 king st 

Kanorth, H J engineer S C R R spring st 

" E J do do hampden court 

Rantin, Wm M daguerotypist radclifie st 
Rappman, John shoe-maker 158 king st 
Raveneau, teacher 51 broad st 
Ravenel & Co., ship & com mchts 16 east-bay 

" Wm do do mcht 16 do 9 east-bat'y 

« A F do do do 16 do 2 do 

*' F G do do do 16 do 2 do 

" Jas fac & com mcht 22 east bay 19 east-battery 

•' Henry prest union bank 114 tradd st 

" Daniel do plant & mec bank 23 east-battery 

" S & J m. d's. 2 east-battery 

" John 2 east-battery 

'' mrs Eliza 58 broad st 

Raymond, H H atty 21 broad st 2 water st 
Read, J R clerk 237 king st 249 king st 

" J Harlston planter georgetown 4 rutledge st 
Reaux, Francis clerk 134 queen st 
Rebb, Lewis contractor and builder 27 bull st 
Recardy, Jos tavern keeper 115 east-bay 
Rechtglaut, H tailor 37 queen st 
Reddock, A carpenter 81 do 
Redfouz, E F drayman 62 state st 
Redmond, W S com mcht com wf cor legate and tradd sts 

" George fruiter 1 10 king st 

Reed, mrs seamstress 120 king st 

" J P dry goods king st ward 6 


Reeder, Oswell grocery mcht king st ward 8 

" M B clerk king st 76 wentworth st 
Reedy, J A clerk cor east-bay and market sts guignard st 

" mrs JVl private boarding 195 east-bay 
Reeves, S L jun carpenter 184 meeting st 

" MS prof music warren st 

'•' Solomon carpenter reid st 
Reibet B grocer 82 anson st 
Reid, G P cashier bank so ca 18 newst 

*' Geo clerk central wharf 18 do 

*' Andrew accountant vanderhorst st 

" Jas accountant church st charlotte st 
Reigne, A P clerk 18 queen st 
Reims, John do 345 king st 
Rein, John trimming weaver calhoun st ward 5 
Reincke, Geo tailor 191 kins: st 

'« Geo do 348 do 

Reinhardt, cutler manufacturer 121 meeting st 

" A boot. maker 119 king st 

Reix, G tavern-keeper 195 east-bay 
Rekopa, Geo cabinet-maker 296 king st 
Rendels, Thos private boarding 5 market st 
Rene, B carpenter coming st ward 6 
Renneker, J H grocer 134 king st head queen st 
Rentz, mrs A John st 
Reshland, W boot maker 95 meeting st 
Revels, F C barber cor vanderhorst and king sts 
Rews, Wm laborer Washington st 
Reynolds & Co, coach-makers 85 meeting st 

" GNjrdo maker 85 do 28 hasel st 

" R F do do 85 do cor legare & 

lambol sts 

" G N cor legare and lambol sts 

" Bishop 80 broad st 

'^ mrs A 51 anson st 

" Wm pro drays cor hanover and reid sts 

Rhett & Robson, facs and com mchts atlantic wharf 

" B S fac & com mcht atl wharf rutledge st ward 6 
B m. d. 91 meeting st cor americaand mary 
Roland ast clerk plan and mech bank 
C H atty 20 broad st cor america and mary sts 
J S do 20 do do do 

& Schroder attys st michaels alleyj 


Rhett, Wm atty st mich alley cor east-bay & laurens sts 

" R Barnwell planter vanderhorst st 
Rhodes, Sarah st philips st ward 8 
Rice, J W auc & com mcht 17 vendue range 26 society st 

" H S not pub 85 east-bay cor east-bay & longitude I 

" N clerk 75 east-bay cor east-bay & longitude lane 

'• mrs private boarding do do do 

'' G J clerk 133 meeting st 9 lambol st 

•' Wm judge city hall 9 lambol st 
Rich, John watch-maker king st ward 5 
Richards, W C ed so literary gaz 249 king st 

" E A clerk 21 vendue range 1 12 wentworth st 

" G R ship-smith 130 east-bay 251 east-bay 

" madame A milliner 230 king st 

" F draper and tailor 32 broad st 112 wentworth 

" Margaret morris st 

" Loresa amherst st 

Richardson & Brother bell-hangers 89 meeting st 

'< C Y bell-hanger 89 meeting st 

'' J C E do 89 do 

*« John steam-boat capt 1 15 meeting st 

" F D atty 49 broad st; 

Richburg, J C clerk 30 east-bay cannon st 
Richon, "Lewis sail-maker 15 st philips st 
Riddell, J S planter 8 lynch 

" J H ladies' shoe-maker 137 king st 

Ridgaway, J clerk cor meeting and market sts queen st 
Riefly, Thos fac southern whf cor meeting and queen sts 

" Wm shoe dealer 104 meeting st 

*' Alexander laborer 24 laurens st 

" Patrick amherst st 
Riggs, J S harness-maker 185 meeting st st philips st w 6 

" J S jr broker and auct 4 state st 
Righton, J M imp insp custom house 8 bull st 
Riker, Robt engineer S C R R spring st 
Riley, Wm state ass fire pf building 13 church st 

" J J painter 32 queen st 
Ring, G E auc and com mcht 291 king st 9 bull st 

" G do do 297 do 30 savage st 

" D A 30 savage st 
Rinker, C F m. d, 104 king st 
Riols, B 48 wentworth st 
Ripley, N F Ip & oil delr 262 king cr st philips & beaufain 


Rising, W C book-keeper Charleston hotel 

Rivers, David S warfinger atlantic wharf 99-i east-bay 
" W H printer 24 beaufain st 
" J E atty 49 broad st 36 wentworth st 
" W J teacher 22 coming" st 182 raeeting st 

Elves, H P cabinet-maker and undertaker 125 king st 

Roach, Wm clerk cor east-bay &• adgers wf 1 1 society st 
" Ed wharfinger atlantic wharf 11 society st 
" BM clerk 126 east-bay 11 do 

" mrs E 1 1 society st 

" J B clerk 24 vendue range 20 montague st 
" mrs 20 montague st 
" Pvlaurice laborer 178 meeting st 
" Ed tailor 10 smith st 
" N planter smith st ward 6 
'' Henry carpenter cannon st 

Roassis, J Segar-maker 66 state st 

Robb, Jas grocer and spirits dealer 198 king st 2 rutledge 
•' Jasjr do do do 198 do 2 do 

" W clerk east point mills 2 rutledge st 

Robbins, A fruiter 9 market st 70 market st 

Rober, John clerk market wharf 

Roberts, A M do southern do 1 burns lane 
" Stephen clerk 233 king st 8 vernon st 

'■^ A J printer 23 tradd st 

*« J F clerk 13 Chalmers st 122 wentworth st 

" W A bootmaker 95 king st 

' J S boot and shoe dealer 233 king st 254 king st 

" J F accountant state st 122 wentworth st 

" Isaac 10 rutledge st 

" Saml blacksmith 44 coming st 

Robertson & Blacklock, facs cor vanderhorst wrf & e-bay 
" Alex, fac cor vanderhorst whf east-bay battery 

" Jas com mcht vanderhorst wharf 37 church st 

" F M insp drugs custom house maiden lane 

" Geo cot bro cent wrf cor south bay & meeting 

" L F atty 46 broad st 43 east-bay 

" F M m. d Charleston Hotel I maiden lane 

" George moulder 18 wall-st 

*' George music teacher 25 mazyck st 

'< Wm mechanic 16 calhoun st 

" Jas pro drays calhoun st ward 5 

" Maria pitt st ward 6 


Robinson, Alex, clerk 1 1 central wharf 7 broad st 

" John do 11 G east-bay Judith st 

" & Caldwell facs and com mchts atlantic whrf 

" J K fac and com mcht atlantic wf Judith st 

'• ED clerk 153 east-bay 155 east-bay 

" mrs Ann 41 king st 

" J J pilot 41 do 

" ST cashier plan & mec bank Judith st 

" W J clerk S C R R radcliffe st 

" S A out door elk bk of Charleston king st wd 5 

" JVlrs S J teacher 90 anson st 

" R king st ward 5 

" David fireman cor columbus and nassau sts 

" John do do do 

Robion, miss dry goods 42 queen st 
Robson, J N fac & com mcht atl wf cr meeting & went'h 

" mrs S A 36 wentworth st 
Roddy. Martin laborer 10 Washington st 

" mrs M 23 st philips st 
Rodgers, T L superintendant bennett's mills 

'^ James carpenter warren st 

Rodrigues. dr B A dentist 95 meeting st 
Roesster, F locksmith 18 st philips st 
Roeth, mrs M 12 liberty st 
Rogers, E H & Co. fac adgers wharf 

" EH fac adgers wharf king st ward 8 

" T L clerk do do 43 archdale st 

" Wm do courier office 41 tradd st 

" Murray medical student Carolina hotel 

" SB jeweller 156 king st 

" T \V clothier 242 king st 

" A tailor 13horlbeck alley 

" Miss E mantua-maker 12 Clifford st 

" mrs M E 6 orange st 

'< J R clerk city council savage st 

" T J 13 archdale st 

" C king st ward 6 

« E H & Co, grocers king st ward 8 

" S W clerk king st ward 8 
Roggy, C 13 water st 

Rohlfing, H boot-maker 129^ meeting st 140 king st 
Romaine, A C mason america st 
Roman, VV druggist king st ward 6 



Rondal, P boot.maker 94 meeting st 
Roos, David clothing 68 state st 

Roosevelt, Hyde & Clark, hardware dealers 139 meeting 
v^ " H L hardware dealer 139 meeting chas'ton htl 

Roper, mrs 30 society st 

'* B D atty st michaels alley 1 1 meeting st 

'• Richard fac vanderhorst whf 27 leg are st 

" Benjamin 25 legare st 
Rose, A G president bank Charleston 9 rutledge st 

" Jas do so west rail road bank 74 broad st 

" miss A rutledge st ward 6 

" dr Arthur planter cor rutledge and mill st 

'' mrs E ann st 

" John laborer columbus st 
Rosenkranz, A clerk 1 63 east bay 
Ross, James port warden 17 exchange st 

" James blacksmith 28 vernon st 

" Wm do motts lane 

'' mrs E C tailoress 24 pinckney st 

'' mrs Ann 265 east bay 

" John engineer hanover st 
RouUain, A coach-maker 102 meeting 5 glebe st 
Roumillat, J clerk 141 meeting st cor east-bay & anson st 

" A confectioner 63 broad st 

Rouse, W M watch maker 2 queen st 
Roux, F clerk 70 east bay queen st 
Royal, L tailor horlbeck alley 
Roye, N A tinner 7 queen st 
Ruddock, T D music teacher 23 pinckney st 
Ruffin, Henrj' laborer king st ward 8 
Ruffio, Charles clerk 271 king st ward 6 
Rumillatti, J clerk meeting 171 east-bay 
Rum.kin, J S tavern-keeper 28 queen st Jas laborer 20 tradd st 
Rumpheh G H clerk 159 meeting st 
Runner, G grocer cor meeting and reid sts 
Russ, Benjamin ship carpenter 16 Washington st 

" John do 16 do 

" Richard brick-layer, 16 do 

Russell, Charles clerk 103 east-bay middle st 

" J B do 29 hayne st cor broad and king st 

" John bookseller 256 king st 9 pitt st 

" mrs M cor kiner and broad sts 


Russell, Albert carpenter 8 orange st 

" Fortin tailor 10 pilt st 

" Peter laborer st philips stward 6 

" Richard mason anierica st 

" J B wheelwright hanover st 
Ruth, Jas laborer savage st 
Rutherford, mrs private boarding, broad st 
Rutjes, A J confectioner 174 king st 
Rutland, J W printer east-bay 

Rutledge, H R ast clerk to dp col custom house vander- 
horst and smith sts 

" John plan'r st george st cr vanderhorst& smith 

" J R book-keeper so w rail road do do 

<' mrs H P 101 Tradd st 

« EC 101 do 

" mrs S 193 east-bay 

Ryan, W K fac & com mcht boyce & go's wf 64 kmg st 
"" ' John jr clerk do do 64 do 

" John sen appraiser of goods custom house 

" H J printer 32 tradd st 

" J coach-driver 97 market st 

" T E clerk 85 meeting st 1 1 archdale st 

" TC clerk 141 do 42 church st 

" W private boarding 89 church st 

«' W H engineer pinckney st 89 church st 

" J S stock and exch. bro 36 broad st 

" Thos & Son brok's and auc 12 state st 11 archdale 

i' VV B broker and auctioneer 12 do U do 

'< mrs H 21 middle st 

" O M 1 1 archdale 

" Peter live stock dealer king st ward 7 

" mrs Julia st philips st ward 6 

« Matthews carpenter president st 


Sabitou,Robt seaman ashley st 
Sachlelben A teacher 51 wentworth st 
Sage, Wm clerk 145 meeting st 30 pinckney st 
Sahlaman H grocer 2 middle st 

« C grist mill calhoun st ward 6 

Salas, R clerk central wharf queen and church st 
Salinas, A J broker and auc I state st franklin st 
Saltan, Thos R ship-carpenter mary st 


Saltus, T W clerk central wharf 25 rnazyck st 
Salvo, Jas clerk 110 east-bay 88 king st 
••' mrs dry goods 88 king st 
'^ G painter 166 do 
'• V M grocer king st ward 8 
Sams, D D m. d queen st 106 church st 
Samson, S glass stainer 186 kmg st 
" J deputy assessor 98 tradd st 

<• A J 98 tradd st 

Samuel, M tailor 340 king st 
Sarbs, A clerk cor king and columbus sts 
SaspotaSj J A butcher nassau st 

" F C mill Wright, nassau st 
Sass & Rives, cabinet makers & undertakers, 125 king st 
>' G W do do do 125 do 

'' J K 3d teller bank Charleston, 34 society st 
Sassard, John steamboat captain, 16 vernon st 
SathfFe, John wheelwright king st ward 5 
Satterwhite, G W clerk cor king and market sts 279 king 
Saunders, Thos fac bell's wharf alexander st 

" A W O accountant 5 hayne st com'l hotel 

" S barber church st chalmers st 

" S brick-layer pitt st ward 6 

^' Jos do do do 

" Thos do calhoun st ward 6 

'' W T carpenter ashley st 

" John brick-burner alexander st 

*' J T mason 49 george st 

Savage, miss S 34 savage st 

" Thos fisherman coming st ward 6 
" Sylva 7 montague st 
Sawrie, J T clerk 1 hayne st king st 
SayleSj A A engineer 15 franklin 
Sajlor, mrs L C 15 meeting st 
Sayre, J A clerk 29 hayne st 23 east-bay 
Sayers, Thos private boarding 12 market st 
Scaife, Hill & Co, com mer atlantic wharf 

" C T com mcht atlantic wharf Chester dist 
Scanlan, S E blacksmith marsh st 14 wentworth st 
" C ship-smith 37 king st 

« CA do 37 do 

Scarling, H tailor 92 meeting st 41 queen st 
Schachte, John tavern-keeper cor king & vanderhorst sts 


Schatchte Wm clerk cr king and vanderhorst sts 
Scharfull, H clerk king st ward 6 
Schanner, Simeon laborer st philips st ward 8 
Scharlock, Alex police officer cor meeting and queen sts 
Scheib M tailor 92 meeting st 
Schem, mrs S shop-keeper 27 tradd st 
Schewfisie, A carpenter 166 king st 
Schirmu J F cooper com wharf king st 

" W H do do 46 queen st 

Schlechtren, mrs private boarding 29 state st 
Schleyer, Henry carpenter motts lane 

" C grocer cor rutledge and line sts 

Schlimmermeyer, John clerk 15 vendue range 
Schlinmeringer C clerk 101 church st 
Schmetzer, C butcher ashley st 
Schmidt, J M clerk central wharf 43 east-bay 

" D W do 1 hayne st 27 Cumberland st 

" & Lebby, m. d. 25 Cumberland 

" J W m. d. 25 Cumberland 27 Cumberland 

« W conductor S C R R 17 liberty st 

" mrs. E 15 montague 

Schnierle, John mayor 21 pitt 

School, Philip engineer SCR R st. phillip's st ward 8 
Schouboe, F police officer society st 
Schreiner, grocery mer. gillon st 231 east bay 
Schriaars, D clerk 1 1 king st 

'' D do 3 south bay 

Schroanvvervell, John laborer woolfe st 
Schroder, W H assistant bennett's mills 1 34 meeting st 

F fruiterer 62 meeting st 

H W att'y at law st. michsel's alley 24 george 

" John sailmaker 184 meeting st 

'* John grocer 7 Cumberland st 

" H do 85 queen st 

'< F cabinet maker 6 archdale st 

" C grocer 12 rutledge st 

Schrogens, John fireman woolfe st 
Schulken, F grocer 9 pinckney st 

«' H do 9 do 

Schulye, J W clerk king ward 5 
Schultz, H clerk 95 east-bay 

" J H clerk saw mills 102 beaufain st 

Schew, B dry goods 101 king 58 broad st 


Schwalke, A clerk king ward 5 
Schweitze, O watchmaker 190 king st 
Schweitzer, O jeweller 335 king st 
Schwerin, J clothier 319 do 

Schwertz, H clerk 57 market st 
Scigwald, Henry engineer concord st 
Scinlin, Jas laborer 24 state st 
Scott & Deveaux, factors vanderhorst whf 

'< B F do do do 18 coming si 

" J J clerk do do 18 do 

*' EC acc't mercury office 44 society st 

" H clerk 181 east-bay meeting st 

" T millwright 68 anson st 

" mrs N B 44 society st 

Scraig, A sea captain 104 wentworth st 
Screvens, R E factor 62 east-bay meeting st 
ScruggSj Drake & Co. com mcht atlantic whf 

" J W com mcht atlantic whf huntsville ala 

Seyle, John carpenter 14 buUst 
Seabrook, E M att'y at law 61 meeting st 

" Wm planter James island 121 broad 

Sebring, Ed president state bank calhoun ward 6 
Seckendorf, Isaac dry goods 184 king st 
Seely, A clerk 23 hayne 236 king st 
Segelty, J F fruiterer king ward 6 
Sehmetzer, Louis engineer coming ward 8 
Seighler, clerk 348 king st 
Seignious, Charles 366 king st 

" F P turner meeting st 

Seirs, Peter clerk east-bay spring st 
Seixas, J M com mcht atlantic whf 204 east-bay 

'-' DC do do do do 204 do 

Senor, J Y barber king ward 8 
Sergeant, Geo boots and shoes 89 market st 
Service, mrs S 1 1 friend st 
Seydel, A clerk cr broad and church anson st 
Seyle, Charles 204i king st 

" P W clerk Johnson's hotel king st 

Seymour, R W att'y at law meeting 13 franklin st 

" J T 69 coming st 

" A A dressmaker 101 queen st 

" S milliner 101 queen st 

'* WW tavern 101 queen st 


Shackelfoid & Graeser fac and com mcbt central whf 
" F R fac and com mcht central whf 10 hasel st 

" J Mcom mcht IjI east bay 43 church 

" Ed engineer 9 college st 

" mrs E 9 college st 

Shaffer, F J att'y at law 20 broad cr calhoun and pitt sts 

'♦" F planter georgetown do do do 

Shalloe, Michael clerk 274 king 269 king st 
Shana, mrs A shop-keeper 103 king st 
Shaper, E clerk 47 king st 
Sharlow, John blacksmith line st 
Shaw, Jas housefurnishing store 176 king st 

" Charles conductor S C R R columbus 

Shayer, Peter laborer st. phillip's ward 8 
Shea, Geo tailor 9 trade! st 
Shecut, L A clerk central whf 27 pitt st 

■ " Wm conductor S C R R king ward 6 
Shelton, mrs H 274 king st 
Shepherd, Wm clerk 120 meeting merchant's hotel 

" clerk 99^ east-bay coming st 

Sheppard, T C wharfinger boyce's whf 11 wentworth st 

" W A saddler 40 coming st 

« J J do 34 do 

Sherfesee, Wm clerk 208 king 166| king st 
Sheridan, P M bootmaker 74 king st 

" Michael slater 6 smith st 

'' Patrick laborer calhoun ward 5 

Sherry, John laborer king ward 8 
Shields, C painter 112 queen st 

Shiffer, H W india rubber store 270 king Charleston hotel 
Shingler, J S planter goose creek 20 george st 

« T J clerk 20 george st 

" H P 20 george st 

Shirer, J E accountant adger's whf cr king and woolfe sts 

« Michael clerk atlantic whf do do do do 

u G S do do do do 

« J B machinist do do do do 

<< C P butcher ashly st 

" mrs H sires st 

Shirlet, mrs E calhoun ward 5 
Shirmer, J F 124 king st 
Shokes, capt Geo calhoun ward 5 

« Henry pump and block-maker hampden court 


ShokeSj J C engineer hampden court 
Shoote, mrs sires st 
Shortj Jas accountant king ward 7 
Shrewsbury, Geo butcher st phillip's ward 8 
Shuckman, Lewis fancy goods 205 king st 
Shuler, mrs E seamstress cr nassau and line sts 
Shulzj mrs H H 6 aiken row 
Siams, Geo carpenter king ward 8 
Siddons, Jos confectioner queen st 

" L L jeweller 266 king merchant's hotel 

Siegling, John music store 227 king 

" John junr att'y at law court house sq 227 king 

" Henry clerk 227 king st 

Siegmundt, C H clerk 139 east-bay 
Sievels, J A clerk 370 king st 

Siffy, Henry 18 friend st \, 

Sigwald, C B clerk 43 hayne 49 east-bay 

" mrs M 10 burns' lane 

" Thos carpenter 10 burns' lane 

" Henry engineer 10 do do 

" H W do hampden court 

Silcox, D H cabinet maker 224 king 22 magazine st 

" Jas clerk 224 do 22 do 

Silliman, mrs E 21 Cumberland st 

" H K clerk 135 meeting 21 Cumberland st 

Simmins, J A accountant central whf 270 king st 
Simmons, J ward pastor st. Stephens' church montague st 

" miss M longitude lane 

Simons & Sons, factors vanderhorst whf 

" Thos Gdo do do 50 bull st 

" Thos G junr. do do do 50 do 

^^ J H factor do do rutledge ward 6 

*♦ Harris factor and sec'y santee canal adger's whf 

thomas st 

" R L com mcht 114 east-bay 20 rutledge st 

" S do do 114 do 26 montague st 

" R W printer 7 atlantic st 

" J C paint and oil dealer 226 king 1 1 bull 

« N clerk 226 king st 

" Jas att'y at law 77 broad st 

" T Y m. d. 49 tradd st 

" T Y junr. att'y at law rear court house 49 tradd 

" W F painter 49 queen st 


Simons, F W P sea captain 144 queen st 
" Lewis planter 26 montague st 

" R S machinist 50 bull st 

" mrs C L smith st ward 6 

" C W farmer mary st 

Simons, Rose spring st 
Simoiiton, C H ati'y at law 05 meeting 267 east-bay 

" Jas 267 east-bay 
Simpson's, misses teachers 59 went worth st 
Sims & Nance, grocery mchts i hayne st 

" J T gro mcht 1 hayne st cr meeting and society 

" Wm Gil more author smith st ward 6 

Sinclair, mrs M 193 meeting st 
Singleton, Thos 4 aikin row 
Singletery, J J line st 

Sinkler, John planter st. Johns' 7 lamboll st 
Sire, Francis marion st 
Sires, Jos crrpenter radcliffe st 
Slack, John porter 157 meeting st 
Slarech, John sea capt 9 queen st 
Slawson, H junr. accountant 8 archdale st 
Sloan, EBB clerk 37 hayne commercial hotel 
Sloman, J W blacksmith 37 king st 
■' John 29 wentworth st 
" misses music teachers 29 wentworth st 
" mrs E 33 bull st 
Sloper, A foreman S C shoe factory cr King and John sts 
Sinter, mrs M 37 george st 
Slyter, Henry carpenter 5 mott's lane* 
Skrine, T C associate editor southern standard 

" W A druggist king st ward 6 207 king st 
Small, W C clerk 143 meeting calhoun st 

" J S clerk cr king and market 7 liberty st 

" Robt clerk 137 meeting 7 liberty st 

" Robt private boarding 7 liberty st 

" Jacob baker 193 king st 

*' Stephen painter 38 pitt st 

f' 1 hos carpenter coming st ward 8 
Smallwood, B upholster 3 marsh st 
Smidt, D carpenter spring st 
Smith, J E junr. elk cr e-bay & adger's wf 87 wentworth 

" T P dry goods 40 east bay 82 beaufain st 

" J L accountant boyce's whf meeting st 


Smith W J coastwise inspector custom house smith's whf 

" T D clerk atlantic whf meeting st 

'"' W E clerk atlantic wharf east-bay 

'' Sidney clerk accommodation whf 

" Jas insp weights and measures market 32 society 

" & Whilden, ship chandlers 60J east-bay 

'' B F ship chandlers 60|e-bay crjohn & meeting st 

" W B & Co. com mcht 60 east-bay 

" W B com mcht 60 east-bay 95 broad st 

" J R engineer calhoun st 

" A grocer marsh st 

" W H turp factory foot calhoun cr meeting & John 

" R C ass't do do do do do do 

" Benj do do do do do do do 

" E pilot 57 east-bay 

" John porter 147 meeting kingst 

" A P soda water bcttler 97 meeting 

" John tavern-keeper cr meeting and market sts 

" N W clerk 139 meeting water st 

*' J A clerk 35 hajme 87 wentworth st 

" H S clerk 35 hayne 87 wentworth st 

^' Joshua engineer 136 meeting 

" J J G clerk 1 society 

" W C clerk 14 hayne charlotte st 

*' John pilot 72 church st 

" S carpenter 1 1 chalmers st 

" rnrs M milliner 132 king st 

" John furniture 152 king st 

" miss R A milliner 196 king st 

" & Longman, daguerreotypist 233 king st 

" H S daguerreotypist 233 king 236 king st 

W H clerk 259 king 72 church st 

U G do cr calhoun and king sts cannon si 
Walter D att'y at law 31 broad 297 king st 
W Henry clerk 35 broad 21 franklin st 
A C cashier union bank 125 east-bay 
miss J A private boarding 69 broad st 

" miss E 7 1 broad st 

" J E teller union bank S7 wentworth st 

" G M cash book keeper union bank 10 wentworth 

" mrs 34 south bay 

^' W R planter ashley river 2 gibbs st 

" Ed clerk boyce's whf 8 atlantic st 


Smith, Pringle planter savannah river 18 meeting st 

" mrs H 1 new st 

" mrs U dressmaker 12 archdale st 

" John clerk st. phillip's church 10 magazine st 

" mrs E L 10 wentworlh st 

" Julius C 10 wentworth st ' 

'' T A 10 do 

" O clerk hayne 45 wentworth st 

*• P F teacher 54 do 

*' J E carpenter 44 bull st 

»' Emily 26 smith st 

" Catherine 16 smith st 

" Jane 45 st. phillip's st 

" mrs B fruiterer king- st ward 6 

" Benj cr meeting and John sts 

" mrs E St. phillip's st ward 6 

" mrs C coming st ward 6 

" Flampden engineer S C R R rutledge st 

" James mechanic calhoun st ward 5 

" W B engineer do do 

" mrs A v/ashington st vv^ard 5 

»' Joseph ship-carpenter henrietta st 

" miss L Judith st 

" miss S do 

" Charles car-loader sires alley 
Smitt, H A clerk cr king and market sts 279 king st 
Smythe, Eneas clerk 157 meeting st queen st 

" Thos pastor 2d presbyterian church spring st 
Smyzer. Henry ship-joiner pritchard st 
Snider, Wm clerk 288 king 318 king st 
Snizer, Henry bootmaker 13 queen st 
Snowden, W E fac anl com mcht 6 south whf 202 e-bay 
Sohlke, G H clerk 82 church 2 liberty st 
SoUie, Henry junr clerk adger's whf cr pitt and bull sts 

" mrs 65 church st 

" Henry agent mount pleasant ferry co. 6 bull st 

" Francis clerk vendue range 6 bull st 
Solomons, Dr. J R dentist 95 meeting st 
" Thos painter 5 minority st 
" E J 42 calhoun st 
" & Polock, dry goods 281 king st 
Sommers, E dry goods 334 king st 
Sopteen, M baker king st ward 5 


Soyer, Alfred confectioneer 285 king st 
Spakle, E porter 118 meeting st society st 
Sparnick, H export inspector custom house 19 queen st 
Spear, J E jeweller and watchmaker 235 king st 

a WW pastor grace church 12 bull st 
Spegel, C laborer spring st 
Speght, F boot-maker 69 wentworth st 
Spefssegger, T C grocer 17 pinckney st 
" W accountant 17 pinckney st 

•' E grocer cr america and amherst st 

« T W tobacconist columbus st 

Spell, John guardman rutledge st ward 8 
Spelman, A grocer 45 market st 
Spencer, G W clerk 250 king 271 king st 

" mrs M private boarding 271 do 

" Seth broker and auc state and chalmers 271 do 

« Allen engineer S C R R 279 king st 

«' mrs A private boarding 279 do 

« D 26i smith st 
Spenkin, M grocer 25 savage st 
Spicer, miss A 12 Cumberland st 
Spiegel, W watchmaker king st ward 6 
Sprague, J W grain dealer 4 hayne st 277 east bay 

" H B clerk 4 hayne st 277 east-bay 
Spratt, L W attorney at law court ho sq 38 wentworth st 
Spreckles, C grocer 29 anson st 
Sprigg & Brady, wood factors smith's whf 

" Ross wood factor smith's whf hampstead st 
Springs, R clerk I hayne st Charleston hotel 
Stadecker, Isaac dry goods 184 king st 
Staffard, J F tinner 5 state st 
Stafford, J carpenter columbus st 

" H R carpenter line st 
Stall, Frederick ashly st 

« Wm finisher hampden court 
St. x\mand, M W clerk 179 east-bay 27 friend st 
Stanfield, A baker 42 queen st meeting st 
Stanhouse, Thos drayman ann st 
Stanton, John porter 219 king st 
Starr, W P clerk victoria hotel 

Steckley, John tavern keeper cr st philips and line st 
Steedman, T import insp cus ho cr coming & cannon st 
" W B accountant 31 hayne vanderhorst st 


Steed man, Louisa 12 mazyck st 
" Sarah 32 calhoim st 
" Jas clerk 250 king vanderhorst st 
Steele, E C m. d. 61 market 28 bull st 

♦' W N clerk 26G king- 39 coming st 
Steele, Walter hatter 231 king 3 beaufain st 
" J H clerk 23 1 do 39 coming st 
" Jas billiard table keeper cr elizabeth and mary sts 
Steen, Thos proprietor merchant's hotel 
Steiger, D grocer calhoun st ward 5 
, Steinke, F baker 115 church st 
V Steinmeyer. J H steam saw mills gadsden st 100 beaufain 
" J F carpenter calhoun st 

" John laborer 13 smith st 

Stelling, E H grocer 29 king st 
Stelljes, P grocer king st ward 6 
Stemmermann, H grocer 18 bull st 

" A clerk 18 do 

Stender, Henry dry goods king st ward 6 
Stepleton, C carpenter line st 

Stephens, E B newspaper and periodical agent 5 broad st 
300 king st 
" m'rs dress maker 300 king st 
Sterling, R S grocer 15 market st king st 
^ Stevens & Betts, hardware 80 east-bay 

" Joel hardware 80 east-bay 51 tradd st 
'• J R clerk 189 king 57 king st 
" C Ei rec teller pla & mec bank smith st ward 6 
*• Wm 42 tradd st 
" mrs R 89 wentworth st 
*' Amelia 5 montague st 
" Judith 67 calhoun st 
" John segar maker king st ward 6 
Stevenson, W clerk 25 hayne st king st 
Stewart, W J printer 28 wall st 

" A A packer 147 meeting st state st 
« M M 95 church st 
'^ Jas upholster 161 king st 
" R L cashier bank south Carolina 3 smith st 
*' mrs J 5 greenhill st 
'• S drayman st philips st ward 6 
Stillman, J deputy boarding officer cus ho 8 horlb alley 
" A R clerk cr king and market sts 2 mazyck st 

\ 122 

Btineback, A clerk 145 meeting 236 king st 

Stinenrietz, mrs M jones hotel 65 broad st 

Stockj J Y ship and com mcht atlantic whf 1 1 montague 

" N B clerk atlantic whf 1 1 montague st 
Stocker, J J clerk central whf 59 church st 

'' J M wharfinger palmetto whf 59 church st 
" H R j^rocer cr market and anson sts 
'' H clerk 43 v/all st 
" J D clerk 86 east-bay 59 church st 
Stocking, D S grain dealer com whf 12 south-bay 
Stockman, mrs L dry goods king st ward 6 
Stoddard E B & Co. boot and shoe dealers 165 meeting st 
" E B boot and shoe dealers 165 meeting Charles- 
ton hotel 
^' H boot & shoe dealers 45 hayne Charleston hotel 
" SB clerk 45 hayne Charleston hotel 
Stohr, B clerk 66 market st 
StokeSj E R book-binder 59 broad st 
Stoil, H C clerk 304 king st ann st 
" JC do 804 do do 
" mrs C ann st 
Stone, R G crock'ry dealer 147 meeting st coming ward 6 

" miss M mill st * 

Stoney, Theo factor com whf 36 meeting st 
" S D clerk atlantic whf 26 hasel st 
" Dr. C F druggist 245 king 26 hasel st 
" mrs E 26 hasel st 
Stoppelleim, LC carpenter 29 montague st 
Sioy, J W bookseller 258 king st 
Strainger, B gilder 225 king st liberty st 
Stralford, T G carpenter 118 wentworth st 
Strausj mrs M 68 queen st 
^' Jas seama.n ashly st 
StrattoD, W baker 76 market st 
Strawinskij F T dancing school 3 broad st 
Streckfuss, J F grocer cr morris and st philips sts 
Street, Thaddeus com mcht boyce s whf hampstead 
'^ H T & Brother grocery mcht 64 east bay 
" H T grocery mcht 64 east-bay 6 society st 
'' S A do do 64 do 3 do 
Strobelj R Fl cr rutledge and bee sts 

" D H clerk adger's whf cr liberty and stphilip sts 
" mrs cr liberty and st philips sts 



Strobel, B M ship grocer 147 east-bay 249 east-bay 
" M D teller bank south-carolina 3^ smith st 
" D fireman sires alley 
Strohecker& Ewbank, hardware 155 meeting st 
'« HF do 155 do 

" J P clerk 155 do 9 beaufain st 

" C C do 35 hayne 9 beaufain st 
'^ mrs 9 beaufain st 
" mrs H 81 do 
Stromer, H J mantua-maker 1 1 west st 
Strong, C grocer cr coming and warren sts 

" Geo carpenter hampden court 
Stroops, Geo do 14 beaufain st 
Strouse, Geo leather-dealer king st ward 6 
Stuart, J W attorney at law st. mich alley vanderhorst st 
" Saml carpenter 16 rutlcdge st 
'' Harper & Co. com mcht at! antic whf 
" J P com mcht atlantic whf 5 meeting st 
StufFell, Henry carpenter 10 liberty st 
Stunkens, H tailor 104 queen st 
Sturges, J T accountant 29 hayne st calhoun st 

" mrs 26 south -bay 
Suares & Co. cabinet makers 284 king st 
'■ J E cabinet maker 284 king 293 king st 
« B tailor 13 middle st 
Sullivan, H W fac & com mcht atl whf cr chu & battery 
" Timothy pastor 80 broad st 
" Thos shop-keeper 22 state st 
" mrs M T 72 anson st 
'• M drayman linguard st 
Summers, Rev. T O editor 15 hasel 
Sureau, F bootmaker 9 st. phillips st 
Sussdorf & Leiding, fancy goods 141 meeting st 

" G fancy goods 141 meeting st 
Sutcliffe, mrs D line st 

Sutlers, Capt. T asst harbor master 89 east-bay 2 friend st 
Sutton, A acct centra! whf mansion house . 
Swain, R W clerk 253 king st cr king and wentworth sts 
Sweegan, E F do 120 east-bay 61 state st 

" M grocer 61 state st 
Sweeney, Jas ship carpenter 76 anson st 

" B private boarding 14 market st 
Swicken, Thos clerk 244 king st 


Swinton, W H lumb fac w end montague 28 montague st 

" E A carpenter meeting st ward 7 

" mrsMC do do 

" Rebecca mantua maker 57 anson st 
Syfan, Charles engineer S C R R spring st 
Sylvester, C clerk 86 meeting st 
Syme, T P do cr king and market sts beaufain st 
Symmes, Thosguardman hanover st 

" W L accountant do 
Symons, John rigger 44 tradd st 
Seyle, Saml poor house mazyck st 


Taber, T G clerk cr east-bay and adger's whf cr coming 
and radcliffe sts 
" W R teller b'k state so ca coming and radcliffe sts 
Tackman, W clerk, cr chuich and tradd sts 

'' Wm do 36 tradd st 
Taftj A R com mcht 141 east-bay 29 laurens st 

" David clerk 141 meeting st king st 
Tager, H grocer, 32 pitt st 
Tagliorani, A fruiterer, 75 market st, linguard st 
Tampletj C D clerk, 39 hayne st, 1 1 hasel 
Tarr, J B grocer. 146 east bay 

" F do 146 do 
Tatan, C clerk, cr king and market sts, tradd st 
Taveau. A L attorney at law, 20 broad st, 20 rutledge st 
Tavel, R A boarding offi mercurj^ and courier, pritchard st 
Taylor, W M factor, 13 southern whf, 58 meeting st 

" J H & Co, auc and com mcht, 17 vendue range 

'' J H auc ifc com mcht, 17 ven range. 26 society st 

" mrs A 6 king st 

Thos clerk, 179 king st 

" J M fancy goods and military dealer, 225 king st 

T R boot and shoe dealer, 241 king st 

" O dry goods, 243 king, 249 king si 

•' T B accountant. 243 do, 297 do 

" miss H R 30 tradd st 

*' mrs M S 6 lamboll st 

" Jas painter, 209 east bay 

" Geo seaman, 3 motts lane 

*' mrs 117 queen st 

" Isaac tailor, 41 society, 30 society st 

" Jos conductor S C R R, 43 st. philips st 


Taylor, mrs M spring st 
" M laborer, mary st 
" Charlotte coming st, ward 6 
" Isabella nassau st 

Teague, J N clerk, 14 hayne, king st, ward 7 

Teap, miss M milliner, 166 king st 

Teasdale, R import inspector, cus house, wragg's square 
" mrs E 8 liberty st 

Teber, W R attorney at law, st raichael's alley, coming st 

Tenberg, clerk, 104 east-bay 

Tenhet, mrs Isabella 7 minority st 
v/Tennett, J B hardware dealer, 35 hayne st, south-bay 

Tennent, J S book-keeper plant & mechbank, 60 anson st 
" Wm brick burner, cooper river, 60 anson st 

Tenny, D G lace dealer, 237 king, 236 king st 

Tannlunson, A upholster, 160 king st 

Teppe, F clerk, 338 king st, st philips st, ward 6 
" A do 343 do do do 

" W constable, do do 

Terry, Silas carpenter, 60 meeting st 
" J tavern-keeper, 28 market st 
" Wm joiner, longitude lane 

Tessier, E L inspector commercial insurance company 
" E sea captain, 48^ coming st 

Thackam, F clerk, sires st 
" F carpenter, spring st 

Thames, J E clerk, 248 king, 48 calhoun st 

Tharin, E C auc and com mcht 24 ven range, america st 

Thayer, Wm acct, boyce & co's whf, 61 beaufain st 
« T H exchange broker, 18 broad, 76 broad st 
" E fancy goods, 149 meeting st, Charleston hotel 
« T W accountant, 37 hayne, 236 king st 
« T n junr. clerk, post office, 43 east-bay 
<« Eben teacher free school, 20 mazyck st 

Thee, J H amherst st 

Thees, Henry clerk, cr east-bay and elliott st, 18 tradd st 

Therears, Carew 10 coming st 

Therling, F bootmaker, 325 king st 

Thiele, E tailor, 17 queen st 

Thierman & Pringle, com mchts, adger'swhf 

" Herman do do do broad st 

Thomas, S accountant, 165 meeting, 9 wentwovth st 
«' S J collector, 48 broad st 


Thomas, Wm stone-cutter, 76 tradd st 
*' Wm clerk, merchant's hotel 
" J M carpenter, woolfe st 
Thomlinson, R saddler, 157 meeting", 16 liberty st 
Thompson, Thomas boot-maker, 144 east-bay 

" J P printer, 113 broad st 

" Theo sea captain, 89^ east-bay 

'^ R H accountant, 141 meeting st. church st 

" F saddler, cr broad and church sts, do 

" T boot maker, 87 church st 

*' N painter, 126 king st 

" John seed store, 264 king st 

'' J M clerk, 253 king, cr king & wentworth sts 

*' Henry do bedons alley 

« W B 44 tradd st 

" Wm mason, 18 wentworth st 

«' mrs H 1 bull st 

" Geo bricklayer and contractor, 10 glebe st 

" Thos finisher, king st, ward 8 

" Jas spindle-worker, line st 
Thomee, John tailor, king st, ward 5, cannon st 
Thornly, Geo engineer, 28 mazyck st 
Thorn, J G spinner, america st 
Thread crafte, Jos 1 savage st 
Thrower, mrs C 27 beaufain st 

Thurston, E N acct, cr vand whf & east-bay, 45 anson st 
Tibbetts, mrs A 48 george st 
Tiedeman, J F clerk, 18 tradd st 

^' Wm do coming st, ward 6 

'^ O grocer, cr calhoun and Washington sts 
Tierney, J coach driver, 102 church st 

*' Jas laborer, 1 Philadelphia st 
Tietyen, J H cannon st 

Tilton, mrs R private boarding, 24 pinckney st 
" EM engineer, 24 do 

'^ N O do 24 do 

'* W C clerk, cr Cumberland and meeting sts 24 do 
Timmashank, J grocer, 178 east-bay 
Timmerman, H watchmaker, 31 tradd st 
Timmons, W L hard w dealer, 153e-bay, 13 wentv/orthst 

^' GC 51 broad st 

" F R m. d, 4 smith's lane 

« JR 4 do do 


Tincken, flenry tailor, 18 tradd st 

" John grist mill, america st 
Tinbrook, miss Emily berresford st 
Tinin, Martin laborer, st. philips st, ward G 
Tinkman, miss 32 vventworth st 
Tinsly, Saml seaman, reid st 

" Thos moulder, do 
Tisman, C mary st 

Tityen, Henry, clerk, cr king and mary st 
Tobias A & Sons, com mchts, 86 east-bay 

" A com mcht, 86 east-bay, 96 wentworth st 

" J L do do 86 do 96 do 

" TJ do do 86 do 96 do 

" A L sec so ca ins com 109 east-bay, 26 church st 

" C H attorney at law, 26 hayne, 26 church st 

'•' V J do do broad, 26 church st 

" Isaac 26 church st 
Tobin, J clerk, 78 church, 195 east-bay 

*' Richard clerk, 29 church, 195 east-bay 

" Richard farmer, amherst st 
Tomas, W seaman, bedons alley 
Tomates, E painter, 49 queen st 
Tomlinson, J clerk, 41 hayne st 

'.' FF do 133 meeting st 
Tonhey, Maurice bootmaker, 17 queen st 
Tonchone, Julia, calhoun st, ward 6 
Toomer, H V m. d. chapel st 
" miss H Judith st 
" Robt painter, 80 wentworth st 
" mrs A 57 calhoun st 
'' HP bricklayer, 57 calhoun st 
" Lawrence, planter, ashepoo, thomas st 
Torre, P D attorney at law, 48 broad, 117 broad st 
Tori ay, mrs E 27 beau fain st 

" Joseph planter, meeting st, ward 5 
Torrent, John rigger, 10 pritchard st 
Torrey, miss A 8 new st 
Torrington, mrs M 23 tradd st 
Toussiger, mrs E 20 water st 
Townsends, Crane «fc Co. dry goods, 1 hayne st 
Toy, Jos drayman, amherst st 
Tracey, Maurice printer, 30 tradd st 
Trapier, Rev, Paul pastor calvary church, 37 meeting st 


Trapier, miss M E 6 logan si 
Trapman L & Co. com mchts, 20 east-bay 
« L do do 20 do do 

Trenholm, G A com mcht, central wf, rutledge st ward 6 
*' C L com mcht, fitzsimon's whf, 18 smith st 
" EL com mcht, central whf, liverpool 
Trescot, C F sea captain, arch dale st 

" Henry cashier state bank, 4 anson st 
Triest, Maier clerk, southern whf, market st 
Trist, J clothier, 87 market st 
Trobblefield, John carpenter, spring st 
Trou, A W jeweller and engraver, 187 king st 
Trott, T C clerk mercury office, king st 

" AW do 131 meeting, 79 do 

« mrsEM 71 do 

' mrs C Y 35 tradd st 
Trout & DeLange, com mcht, 112 east-bay 

" T B com mcht, 1 12 east-bay 

<< Thos do do 20 do cr pitl & wentworth sts 

" W 76 beaufain st 
Troy, Thos watchman, president st 
Trumbo, C C bricklayer, 55 tradd st 
Tucker, R H com and ship mcht, boyce's whf 

" John planter, cooper st 
Tuesdale, mrs F 20 bull st 
TuUy, Thos calhoun st, ward 5 
Tupper T & Son, com mchts, brown's whf 

« T do do do do 52 tradd st 

« . S Y do do do do 60 church st 

*' T junr. accountant do do 52 tradd st 

'• F clerk 52 tradd st 

" James master in equity, 52 broad st 
Tupp, C clerk, 180 king st 
Turly, mrs MA 15 franklin st 
TurnbuU, W O clerk, 279 king st, hasel st 
" Andrew 14 meeting st 
" mrs R 1 logan st 
" mrs A 15 calhoun st 
Turner, mrs S 27 archdale st 

'« Richard tallow chandler, woolfest 
Turns, Peter shoemaker, st. philips st, ward 6 
Tutley, Wm carpenter, 16 rutledge st 
Tweed, mrs teacher, charlotte st 


Tweedy, W H clerk, I hayne st, king st 
Twohill, Daniel police officer, cr anson and hasel sts 
Tylee, N ship cha,ndler and wire manuf, 123 east-bay, 34 
Chalmers st 

" N junr. clerk, foot hasel, 34 Chalmers 

<' CA do 103 east-bay, 43 do 

« J VV L do 103 do 34 do 
Tyrrell, J M do 80 do 155 east-bay 


UfFerhaidt & Cainpson, dry goods, 140 king st 

<' VVm do do 140 do 

Uivhlen, D grocer, cr tradd and church 
Ulmo, P H master work house, 24 pitt st 
Utes. John printer, 115 king st 

Vaerfelder, S bootmaker, 73 meeting st 

Valentine, S 42 society st 

Varner, Charles 28 mazyck st 

Vanderhorst, Elias planter, ashepoo, chapel st 
" Martha pastry cook, 1 17 kingst 

Vanderzee, H dry goods, 41 hayne st, Charleston hotel 

Van Dyck, John clerk, 39 hayne st 

Van Ness, Joel S do 80 east-bay, 51 tradd st 

Vannoy, J li do 118 meeting, 358 king st 

^Vannogle, J A do 149 do 
v Vunwinkle. hardware, 308 king, 63 coming st 

Venning, J M factor & com mcht, gadsden wf, charlotte 
" W C clerk, gadsden whf, charlotte st 
'• J L do 6 savage st 
/ " H M lumber factor, gadsden whf, 16 society st 
'• D B student, 16 society st 

Vente, vice cc/usul, 30 broad st 
" Eugene m. d. 15 beaufain st 

Verea, Robt 20 water st 

Veree, John carpenter, 6 pitt st 

Vernon, mrs M cr cannon and ashly sts 

'* Henry carpenter, cr cannon and ashly sts 

Veronee, T W clerk, adger's whf, meeting st, ward 7 
" Saml proprietor drays, do do 

" W tinsmith, cr state and linguard sts 
" GH do do do do 


Veronee, W B tinsmith, cr state and linguard sts 

Vial. Jos fruiterer, 102 king st 

Vidall, Lewis sea captain, 3 minority st 

'' Lewis jnnr. clerk 3 do 
Villepigue, P T fac & com mcht, accom wf, 4 college st 

" PA clerk, accommodation whf, 4 college st 
Vincent, Hugh ship chandler, 75 east-bay 
" J W clerk, 69 east-bay 
" J C do 1 havne st, east-bay 
'' W J do 24 do 
Vocelle, A gunsmith, 50 state st 
Vogartank, G gadsden st 
Voight, Charles bootmaker, 83 king st 
Volarse, L upholster, 161 king st 
Volger, Bernard segar manufacturer, 345 kingst 
Von Dohlen & Farnum, grocery mchts, 189 east-bay 

" " C gro mcht, 189 east-bay, pavilion hotel 

" " A fi^rocer, 46 state. 88 anson st 

« Glahn, B clerk, 230 king st 

" " M grocer, 1 coming st 

" " C do cr coming and radcliffe sts 

" " H do Columbus st 

" Kolnitz, H guardman, cr st. philips and cannon sts 

" Ronne, John clerk, 134 king st 

« Santen, F do 208 do 
Voorhies, mrs M 8 orange st 
Vose, Carson planter, goose creek, rutledge st, ward 6 


Waggener, F clerk, 37 market st 

Wagner, S J store-keeper, custom house, 1 14 queen st 
" T D com mcht, central whf, 1 w^all st 
'' E planter, christ church parish, 1 wall st 
" K R clerk, 19 vendue range, coming st, ward 6 
" GO private boarding, 159 king st 
" mrs G coming st, ward 6 
" Edw pastor holy communion, coming st, ward 6 

Walcutt, J clerk, 129 church st, king st 

Waldron G Z & Co. clothing, 27 hayne st 

'* G Z clothing. 27 hayne st, Charleston hotel 

Walker, J F accountant, boyce's whf, rutledge st, ward 6 
" J com mcht, 28 vendue range, king st 
" G W gro mcht, 56 east-bay, rutledge st, ward 6 


Walker, J C clerk, 101 east-bay, 155 east-bay 
" Joseph stationer, 101 east-bay, 5 hasel st 
" & James, book publishers, 103 & 105 east-bay 
'• E J clerk, 1 1 east-bay, pitt st 
« & Seabrook, attorneys at law, 61 meeting st 
" H P attorney at law, Gl meeting st, trade! st 
" John blacksmith, market st, 100 king st 
" J M attorney at law, 32 broad, 4 council st 
" Geo architect, 32 broad, 13 logan st 
" W H cotton press, dewees whf, 4 council st 
" & DufFus, cotton press, dewees whf 
" rnrs Ann 15 wall st 
'• H D carpenter, 2 wilson, 18 magazine st 
t' W S & Brother, marble cutters, 4 anson st 
r. w S do do 4 do 

a D ^ do do 4 do 

'« Sarah 14 st. philips st 
" Wm engineer S C R R, nassau st 
'' John butcher, coming st 
«'• R T factor & com mcht, boyce's whf, 259 ebay 

Walkinshedd, Wm saddler, 4 magazine st 

Wall, E P tailor, 28 st. philips st 

Wallace, Thos dry goods, 288 king, 318 king st 

Wallace, R A baker, cr king and tradd sts 
" H grocer, 67 trade! st 
<= London painter, 10 st. philips st 

Wallen, U clerk," hayne st, market st 

Wallers, J H tavern-keeper, meeting st, ward 7 

Wallis, E bootmaker, 41 state st 

Walseman & Reincke, tailors, 191 king st 
'• Wm tailor, 191 do 

Walsh, Patrick clerk, 35 hayne st, market st 

Walton, J M bt & shoe dealer, 137 meeting, 79 wentwortl 

Walters & Walker, factors and com mchts, boyce's whf 
'• E W fac & com mcht, bcs wf, cr Wife & meeting 
" G H do do do do do do 

" W clerk, king st, 106 church st 
'' rnrs E 94 went worth st 

Wanicker, H carpenter, woolfe st 

Ward, John wharfinger, adger's whf, 25 pitt st 
" J J clerk, 215 king st 
«' miss S A 24 smith st 
'= miss M S 24 do 


Ward, mrs M M 19 george st 

« H A 24 do 

Wardeil, mrs S vanderhorst st 

Wardlaw, W A fac & com rncht, all whf, cbarles'n hotel 
Warem, John sail maker, 1 1 iradd st 
Waring, T R cashier bank state so ca, cannon st 

" H S m. d. 57 meeting st 

" P H planter, st. pauls parish, 10 gadsden whf 

" T S medical student, 10 do do 

« P H do do 10 do do 

" Theo mason, 5 gadsden whf 

" MA planter, st. paul's parish, st, philips st 

" J B planter, st. John, charlotte st 
Warn, A 5 west st 
Warpken, H G bootmaker, sires st 
Warnkerr, J accountant, 139 east-bay 
Warnes, Thos spring st 
Warren, C seaman, 86 meeting st 

" B W clerk, 29 hayne, 10 calhoun st 
Warlon, Geo bricklayer, america st 
Washington, Maria radcliffe sts 
Wasting, Lydia henrietta st 

Waterbury, W C police officer, cr Cumberland & meeting 
Waterman, grocer, 63 market st 
<' C clerk, 87 king st 

" John grocer, cr c.eeting and mary sts 

Waters, Wm clerk, market, 6 pinckney st 

" W^ F do 87 broad 6 do 

" A B druggist, 17 calhoun st 
Waties, J P import inspector, custom house 

" T D clerk, central whf, cr vanderhorst and pitt sts 
. Watkins, C W overseer, sires st 
Watson, Alex private boarding, 19 tradd st 

" Thos sea captain, ^ atlantic st 
Wattles, J M glass-stainer, 186 king st 
Watts mrs & miss Smith, milliners, 196 king st 
Wayne, D G carpenter, st. philips st, ward 6 
Wear, John cordwainer, 45 meeting st 
Weaver, A fruiterer, 346 king st 
Webb, T L factor and com mcht, comr'cial wf, cannon st 

" W L clerk, commercial whf, cr cannon & rutledge 

" DC do 40 east-bay 

** W R mechanic, 132 east-baj^, 14 middle st 


Webb, Warren R clerk, 155 east-bay, commercial hotel 
•' Michael shipping master, 85 east-bay, 8 water st 
" &, Rice, shipping masters, S5 east-bay 
" W gamer, 40 king st 
Websr, C clerk, adger's whf, east-bay 
" J ship-joiner, Washington andiaurcns sts 
" John bootmaker, 119 king st 
" P tavern-keeper, 33 queen st 
" F bootmaker, cr king and ann sts 
" Geo tavern-keeper, mary st 
Wedejerner, F carter, 32 bull st 
Wedow, Jacob guardman, st. philips st, ward 8 
Weed, J B clerk, 161 meeting, 249 king st 

'' Alfred engineer S C R R, coming st, ward 6 
Weens, N laborer, morris st 
Weelholz, J P clothing, 133 east-bay 
Wehlert, J C grocer, cr coming and duncan sts 
Wehman, F do 135 king st 
Weinberg, B dry goods, 29 market st 
Weiskopf L painter, 30 beaufain st 

Welch, R M gentleman's furnishing store, cr meeting and 
market sts. Charleston hotel 
" M C clerk, 147 meeting st, hampden court 
" SB bookbinder, 101 meeting, 9 smith's lane 
«' W H do 101 do 1 St. philips st 

" Michael laborer, 8 Philadelphia st 
" John mary st 
" John junr. carpenter, mary st 
" Wm finisher, mary st 
Welden, John laborer, warren st 
Weller, C saddler, church st 
Wellin, Saml beaufain st 

" Ed carpenter, meeting st, ward 5 
Wells, W B clerk, cr king and market sts, 204 king st 
'• Robt carpenter, ISO meeting st 
" Hagar alexander st 
Welsman, J T com mcht, 165 east-bay, 16 church st 

" Jas ship and com mcht, boyce's whf, 2 church st 
Wemann, F clerk, 18 queen st, king st 
Wendelken, M H grocer. 8 wall st 

" H grocer, cr hanover and columbus sts 

Wenning, W L planter, alexander st 
Werneka, C overseer, spring st 


Werner, C iron foundry, cr Cumberland and state, 43 state 

" H grocer, 42 queen sL 
Werson, L sculptor, king st, ward 8 
West C H & Son, ship chandlers, 77 east-bay 
" C H ship chandler, 77 east-bay, 3 church st 
" E A do do 11 do 3 do 
" C H junr. ship and com mcht, boyce's wf, 3 church 
" Preston livery stables, 85 meeting, 97 queen st 
" mrs E C proprietor victoria hotel 
WestendorfF, C P L 8 anson st 

" J S clerk, meeting st. 8 anson st 

'« G W sea captain, 8 do 

Westman, G grocer, 311 king st 
Weston S & J tailors, 100 queen st 
'« S tailor, 100 queen st 
<' J do 100 do 1 green st 
" F planter, pee dee, drake st 
". A millwright, calhoun st 
Westurland, C F sea captain, 6 savage st 
Wetherhahn, P clerk, 208 king, 19 market st 

'' M clothing, 19 market st 

Wever, A A tavern-keeper, 51 broad st 
Weyman, mrs A C 63 beau fain st 
Welelkin, John laborer, coming st, ward 8 
Whaley, W attorney at law, 20 broad, 19 rutledgest 

<« B F do do 20 do 9 george 
Wharton & Petsch, car builders, line st 

" Thos do do line and woolfe sts 

Whelen, mrs A 15 Clifford st 

Whilden, B F elk, vanderhorst wf, cr meeting and queen 
" mrs private boarding, do do do 

" W clerk, 56 east-bay, Washington st 

" Jas ship chandler, 60| east-bay, 16 magazine st 
" W G clerk, 250 king st, beaufain st 
" W H do 338 do 7 archdale st 
" Robt engineer, 7 archdale st 
Whitaker, E 3 st. raichael's alley 

" mrs M St. philips st, ward 6 
White, J B coastwise inspector custom house, 21 iegare st 
'' E B architect, civil engineer and surveyor, 122 east 

bay, 42 meeting st 
" J H factor, atlantic whf, iriansion house 
" CO com mcht, 92 east-bay 


White, I D clerk, central whf, 26 savage st 
" W M do 120 east-bay, liberty st 
*' W J ass't bennett's rice mill, 3 wentwoith st 
" John marble yard, 1 17 queen st 
" W R cleri^J 243 king st, wentworth st 
'' James tavern-keeper, 280 king, 13 rutledge st 
" Robt furniture dealer, 342 do 
" Jos senr. confectioner 356 do 
*' Josjunr. do do do 

*' John do do do 

<' W F do do do 

" A J brok & auc, 27 broad st, cr tradd and meeting 
" B O Am. d. 21 legare st 
" C G m. d. 19 state st 

" Geo planter, christ church parish, 271 east-bay 
" Charles steamboat captain, 58 queen st 
" Sims 26 savage st 

« W W clerk, southern whf, 26 savage st 
" mrs P shop-keeper, 16 friend st 
" Susan 12 mazyck st 
" Maria 21 college st 
Whitemore, mrs private boarding, 58 meeting st 

" G soap & candle manufacturer, radclifFe st 

Whiting, E M turner, calhoun st, ward 5 

" W carpenter, 116 church st 
Whitney, T A broker and com agent, franklin st 
" J clerk, 26 hayne, 58 meeting st 
" O L do 301 king, 10 smith's lane 
'• C G bro & auct, 3 slate, 5 franklin st 
" F H soap & candle manuf, cr meeting & reid 
Whittier, S accountant, 151 meeting st 
Wickenburg, F R grocer, cr broad and church sts 
Wiech, Henrj' printer, calhoun st 
Wienges, G W bookseller, opposite post office, John st 
" C clerk, exchange st, 12 water st 
" E fireman, cr columbus and nassau sts 
" Geo guardman, columbus st 
'* J J cotton dresser, do 
'• Jacob 17 montague st 
Wieters, F clerk, 63 market st 
Wightington, P rags-store, 34 mazyck st 
Wighlman, J T 96 meeting st 
" mrs 32 chalmers st 


Wightman, J H painter, 85 tradd st 

" Wm ed south ch advocate, meeting st, ward 5 
Wilbur, T A clerk, 21 vendue range, 115 wentworth st 
" W G ruler, Charleston hotel 
ti WW auc & com mcht, 301 king, 115 wentworth 
Wild, B boiler maker, 2 inspection st 
Wilder, T D clerk, 153 east-baj, 20 savage st 

" J M do 277 king st 
Wiley, Banks & Co. dry goods, 41 hayne st 
" A S m. d. meeting st, 269 king st 
" mrs M 14 atlantic st 
" Saml grocer, 361 king st 
" W J clerk, 361 do 16 green st 
" Jas crockery, 375 do 
Wilkening, J H grocer, 57 market st 
Wilkens, mrs 11 lamboU st 

" ML student, 1 1 lamboU st 
'« GM do 11 do 
Wilkie, G W import insp, cus bo, 14 horlbeck's alley 
" J G clerk, 27 broad, 14 horlbeck's alley 
" O 25 do vendue range, 8 liberty st 
*' mrs W B 8 liberty st 
Wilkinson, J W attorney at law, 7 broad, 16 south-bay 
" Francis butcher, coming st, ward 6 
" E trader, do do 

« P O fireman, do do 8 

Wilks, J M bootmaker, 55 broad st 

«' C H factor, vanderhorst whf, 13 meeting st 
" John planter, St. andrews' parish, 13 do 
Wille, S fancy goods, 208 king st 
Williams & Butler, com mchts, 84 east-bay 
" John com mcht, 84 east-bay, baltimore 
" E H clerk, central whf 
" Henry do 20 vendue range, 52 beaufain st 
'' W B factor, central whf, 275 east-baj^ 
" J W clerk, 28 vendue range, 52 beaufain st 
" J steward, 66 meeting st 
'' Daniel clerk, 33 market st 
" H H & Co. hat and cap dealers, 159 meeting 
'< H H hat and cap dealers, 159 meeting, I lib'ty 
" W S clerk. 1 hayne, 32 pinckney st 
" G P seedman and florist, 331 king st 
'• mrs C 19 beaufain st 


Williams, mrs D 52 beaufain st 

" Paris barber, 41 society st 
*' Saml K printer, king st, ward 6 
" Henry proprietor drays, king st, ward 6 
*' mrs J cr ashly and spring sts 
" Mary smith st, ward 6 
" mrs J spring st 
Williamson, John brok & auc, coming st, ward 6 
" mrs rutledge st, ward 6 

" capt smith st, ward G 

Williman, C accountant, 71 east-bay, 70 tradd st 

" J atty at law, st. michaels' alley, 43 east-bay 
« A B m. d. 70 church st 
" Jacob clerk, court house, east-bay 
" mrs calhoun st, ward 6 
Willington A S & Co. proprietor courier 

" AS editor courier, new st 
Willis, John G boot and shoe dealer, 182 king st 
" B G clerk, 265 king, 269 king st 
" Henry broker and auctioneer, 50 broad st, queen st 
Wills, J W clerk, 21 hayne st 
^Wilmans & Price, hardware dealers, 24 hayne st 

" A F hardware dealer, 24 hayne, 6 hasel st 
Wilson, J E clerk, central whf, montague st 
" Saml m d. lO new st 
" W M mail agent, 10 new st 
" W A watch rnaker, 95 east-bay, east bay 
'« J M boot and shoe dealer, 43 hayne, 6 new st 
« Thos ship carpenter, 10 tradd st 
" r»rs M 113 queen st 
" mrs 17 hasel st 
" mrs E dress maker, 46 society st 
" Geo bootmaker, 31 wentworth st 
" Angus teacher, 90 do 
" Jos student, 90 do 
« mrs E 90 do 

« Abram planter, st. paul's parish, 21 montague st 
«' Wm 21 montague st 
'« George bootmaker, 7 burns lane 
" John king st, ward 6 
« mrs J dry goods, king st, ward 6 
« John cabinet maker, do do 
'• A B planter, st. george's, st. phiUps st, ward 6 


Wilson, Hugh planter, cr mtledge and spring sts 

" mrs F S thomas st 

" ■' R W attorney at law, thomas st 

'•' St. Julian thomas st 

" J B clerk, post office, 10 hew st 

•^ mrs M E 15 church st 
Wiltberger, J R druggist, 245 king, 23 laurens st 
Windelkin, C grocer, cr king and line sts 
Wineman, F druggist, 29 hayne, 4 society st 
Winestock, M fancy goods, 295 king, 306 king st 
Winberg, John wharfinger, atlantic whf, 276 king st 

" mrs J fancy goods, 276 king st 
Wing, Robt locksmith and bell-hanger, 121 kingst 
Winkleman, D clerk, 83 beaufain st 

•' O do cr king and line sts 

Winningham, H carpenter, columbus st 
Wincy, John engineer, 84 beaufain st 
Winred, John carpenter, 2 Cliffords alley 
Winslow, E agt wilm'ton boats, ft laurens st, 43 beaufain 
Winthrop, J A factor, adger's whf, 99 tradd st 

" H ra. d. 32 society, 95 tradd st 
Wniyard, John planter, america st 
Wise, E clerk, adger's whf, east-bay 

" A painter, 130 king st 

"^ Isreal carpenter, coming st, ward 6 
Witchel, C grocer, king st, ward 6 
Witchen, F laborer, sires alley 
Witherby, Joel boot and shoe dealer, or king and market, 

merchants hotel 
Withers, mrs 15 savage st 

" mrs M st philips st, ward G 
'"' Wm butcher, do do 
Whschens, C grocer, 27 college st 
Witsell, John acct, 135 meeting st, cr queen & meeting 
Witte, P F bootmaker, 20 tradd st 
Witter, A printer, 6 friend st 
Wittschen, F clerk, 115 church st 

" H baker, 115 do 
Wohlken, H clerk, 49 market st 

" L fruiterer, 49 do 31 do 
Wohlers, grocer, 30 coming st 
Wolff, J M clothier,- 332 kmg st 

" Wm bootmaker, 28 anson st 


Woltman, H clerk, 29 bull st 
Wood, Geo grocer, 81 market st, Cumberland st 
'' L S accountant, I hayne, 236 king st 
" G W E clerk, 21 hayne st 
" E J C 233 king st 
" mrs S 233 do 
' " Wm finisher, 7 motts lane 

'* Daniel hanover st 
Wooddrup, John clerk, 29 hayne, 100 tradd st 
Wooddy, Thos blacksmith, meeting st, ward 5 

" jas seaman, america st 
Woodman, C sea captain, spring st 
Woodruff, T book-binder, 47 king st 

" Josephus printer, 39 archdale st 
Woodside, John tavern-keeper, 191 east-bay 
" S A clerk, 191 east-bay 
" Wm do 147 meeting st, 191 east-bay 
Woodward, T superint'ent bennett's mill, 8 Washington st 
" John engineer, 105 meeting st 
" mrs E S 20 mazyck st 
Wood worth, mrs E spring st 
Worrill, J W clerk, 165 meeting st, victoria hotel 
Woss, John sea captain, coming st, ward 6 
Wotherspoon & Porcher, cotton brokers, adger's whf 

" Robt cotton broker, adger's whf, 80 tradd st 

Wotten, Henry bricklayer, calhoun st, ward 6 
Wragg, T L ship and com mcht, adger's whf. 72 broad 
" W T m. d. 64 wentworth st 
'• Henry carpenter, spring st 
Wrede, J clerk, 108 east-bay 
Wright, T B do 71 east-bay, mary st 
" C T dry goods, 122 king st 
" mrs H fancy goods, 178 do 
J D painter, 38 tradd st 


'^ miss A 34- archdale st 

" Saml butcher, 7 burns lane 

R S mechanic, mary st 
'• Celia, coming st, ward 6 
Wulbern, C clerk, 55 east-bay 

" H grocer, 54 state st 
Wurfell, H fruiterer, 86 church st 
Wurthman, H grocer, spring st 
Wyly, A C clerk, 37 hayne st, victoria hotel 



Yanson, mrs 124 tradd st 

Yates, F W clerk, vanderhorst whf, commercia! hotel 

" J junr. boarding officer, cus ho, cr water & church 

" J L clerk, 151 east-bay, church st 

" E L do 89 east-bay, cr eastbaj^ and broad sts 

" F S book-keeper bk south Carolina, cr e-bay & broad 

" J D sheriff, 9 church st 

" W B pastor mariners' church, 25 east-bay 

*' Dr. Wm planter, 6 church st 

*' John engineer S C R R, nassau st 
Yattro, G W watchmaker, 266 king, 286 king st 
Yeadon & Macbeth, attorneys at law, 41 broad st 

" Richard attorney at law, 41 broad, 56 wentworth 

" mrs W radclifFe st 
You, mrs M A 8 archdale st 

''DC 8 do 

Young, P H clerk, boyce's whf, 155 east-bay 

*' J do 44 broad, 33 church st 

" W do 44 do 33 do 

" Henry do 201 king st 

'' Thos pastor st. michael's church, 27 meeting st 

" mrs 12 new st 

*' Martha 48 coming st 

Zachariah, mrs corset store, 147 king st 

Zealy, Jos discount clerk union bank, 25 bull st 

Zeigenbein, W tailor, 18 calhounst 

Zeigler, M W coachmaker, 24 wentworth st 

Zell, W clerk, 6 maiket st 

Zerbs, H grocer, cr duncan and pitt sts 

Zerenow, John inspector gas works, 26 wentworth st 

Zergmann, E tobacconist, 64 market, king st 

Zimmerman, W A clerk, cr king and market sts, ann st 

Zogbaum F & Co. music store, 201 king st 

" F music store, 201 king st, cr king & beaufain 
Zollicoffer, G clerk, cr meeting and market sts 
Zylstra, J P ship grocer, 59 east-baj'', 51 king st 


Civil Officers for the District of Charleston. 

Commissio7iers of Cross Roads, in the Parishes of Si. 
Philip and Si. Michael — Dr. Wm. G. Ramsey, Chair- 
man. — Dr. David Geiger, James F. O'Hear, Thomas B. 
Heriot, Dr. Wm. Yates, J. C. Bradley, Wm. C. Main, 
Thomas H. Deas, Superinlendent^ Charles W. Simons. 
Clerk and Treasurer. 

Commissioners of the Poor. — Dr Wm. G. Ramsey, Dr. 
David Geiger, James F O'Hear, Thomas B. Heriot, Dr. 
William Yales. 

Commissioners of Public Buildings. — C. I\I. Furman, 
Chairman; T.J Gantt, John Schnierle, B. F. Hunt, P. 
C. Grimball, of St, John's Colleton, James Ferguson, and 
Wm. Cain, of St. John's Berkley. 

Commissioners'io take Bonds of Public Officers. — Chas. 
M. Furman, Jno. Magrath, Ker Boyce, H, W. Peronneau, 
and H. Gourdin. 

Assessor for the Parishes of St. Philip and St. Michael, 
— Wm. Riley.. 

Port Physician. — Thomas Y. Simons. 

Escheator. — F. A. Ford. 

Physician and Surgeon for the Jail. — P. C. Gaillard, 
M. D. 

Arsenal Keeper^ in Charleston. — R. W. Colcock. 

Powdtr Receiver and Keeper of the State Magazines. — 
Steedman Yeadon. 

Inspector of Flour. — N. U. Chaffee. 


Judicial Magistrates. — T. O. Elliott and G. W, Cooper. 

Ministerial Magistrates. — T. Martin, Chas. H. Axson' 
L. F. Robertson, John A. Gyles, [to hold Magistrates' 
Courts within the City of Charleston, for the trial of all 
Criminal Cases, relating to persons of colour, and for the 
trial of all causes small and mean, relating to matters of 
debt or other demand, arising from contract, to the amount 
of 820 ; and also, to all cases of domestic attachment and 


distress warrents, for rent] G. W. Egleston, and E W 
Bounetheau, for Charleston Neck, with the same powers. 

By the Act of 1839, every Magistrate, before entering upon the du- 
ties of Ihe office, and within ninety days, must quality before the Clerk 
of the Court. 68 Magistrates for St. Philip's and St. Michael's, exclu- 
sive of the eight Judicial ; each Magistrate elected for four years. The 
following have qualified agreeable to law. 

Magistrates for St. Philip's cj- St. MichaeVs Parishes' 
— J D Aiken, Alex H Brown, George Buist, J B Camp- 
bell, Joseph H Dukes, W G Desaussure, J P Deveaux,C 
M Furman, T J Gantt, Fisher Gadsden, David C Gibson, 
William A Hayne, George S Hacker, John H Herron, 
Wm Jervej, M I Keith, H~enry C King, W W Kunhardt, 
Francis Lance, Wra P Lea, senr. Henry D Lesesne, Robt 
Macbeth, A G Magiath, John Michel, A Moise, Patrick 
M'Ovven, C B Northrop, James Paine, J C Norris, W H 
Peronnean, Wm D Porter, John Phillips, Philip J Por- 
cher, W A Prmgle, John E Rivers, jr., VVm Riley, Alex 
Robinson, Chas H Rhett, B D Roper, jr., Thomas Ryan, 
Thos R Salter, R W Seymour, C W Simons, S Thomas, 
Peter Delia Torre, James Tupper, Jacob Willimxan, J D 
Yates, Richard Yeadon, and S C Warnock. 

Magistrates in the Parishes Charleston District. 

For Christ Church — Henry S. Tew, Thos. J. Legare, 
F. Gregorie, T. M. Wagner. 

For St. Thomas & St. Dennis— John H. Massey, J. B. 
Poyas, E. Phillips. 

For St. John's, Berkley — F. W. Easterling, James Gail- 
lard, jr., S. W. Barker, James Sinkler. 

For St. Jame's. Santee — C C Pinckney, E H Trescott, 
J. G. Shoolbred, A. C. McClellan, P. Manigault, Thomas 
P. Jerman. 

Foi St. Stephen's— V/m. Dubose, John S. Palmer, S. L. 
Deveau, W. D Bonneau. 

For St. James, Goose Creek — Alfred Schuler, I. Brad- 
well, senr., John B. Earnest, John S. McCullev, Adam 
Smithy W. H. McCall, John J. Browning. 


For St. Andrew's — On the Island, R. Lebby, Ravvlin 
Rivers. On the Main — George Haig, W. B. Seabrook, 

For St. John's Colleton — Wrn. Whaley, T. A. Baynard, 
E M Seabrook, Kinsey Burden, jr., James LaRoche, W, 
Beckett, Ed. Bailey, Wm. McCants, Richard LaRoche, 
R. E. Jenkins, W. N. Clarkson, J. Jenkins, E. Seabrook, 
B. S. Whaley, W. Sams, Benj. M. Jenkins, Daniel J. La 
Roche, on Edisto Island. 

Notaries in Charleston District. 

S Alexander, J D Alexander, R Anderson, C H Axson, 
A A Allemono;, H H Baker, J M Bee G W Bee, J B Bee, 
A W Black, E W Bounetheau, Jenkins Browninor, J 
Ballard, J F Beckman, Benjamin Bross, F M Burdell. D 
Bailey, Francis Berry. W G Benson, H Buist, E Candler, 
T P Chandler, T H Calvert, John Cheesborough, Samuel 
Champlain, Clarence J Cochran, J C Cochran, R W 
Cogdell, Edward S Courtenay, Thomas D Condy, James 
Culbert, Isaac Davega, L D Desaussure, Augustus G De 
Camps, Robert DeLeaumont, A R Drayton, Joseph H 
Dukes, Alfred H Duncan, G W Egleston, T R Edeston, 
W B Foster, F A Ford, Wm S Fraser, R C Gilchrist, 
Fisher Gadsden, T N Gadsden, T J Gantt, Richard 
Gantt, G M Goodwin, M Goldsmith, H C4oldsmith, John 
Greaton. Charles Guenther, C P Gordon, T S Gourdin, C 
F Hanckel, Wm B Heriot, E B Heriot, E G Heriot, E 
Heriot. John Herron, Isaac E Hertz, J C Hoff, J R Horsey 
T C Hubbell, Thos M Hume, B F Hunt, jr., J B Irving, 
Lewis Jervey, T W Johnson, J S Johnson. W H Inglesby, 
C E Kanapaux, Matthew I Keith, J Kingman, S King- 
man, P B Lalane, F Lanneau, C H Lanneau, Wm P 
Lea, sr., T P Lockwood, jr, Nath'l Levin, IMoses Levy, 
C M Logan, R A Long, John C Lozicr, J C Lawton, R 
Macbeth^, Thomas Martin, Jas W May, J Michel, John D 
Miller, A Moise, T W Mordecai, Hcn'ry Morris, S H Mor- 
timer, L J Moses, Sol Moses, J H Murrell, E C Mowry, J 
P McCall, J B McClure, E McCrady, J C JXorris, J Nor- 
ton, Z B Oakes, Joseph F O'Hear, J J Parker, W Patton, 
E W Petit, S H Patterson, B F Pepoon, Wm Perry, H L 
Pinckney, John E Phillips, Wm A Plane, J R Rogers, C 
H Rhett, Isaac S Riddell, J F Roberts, James Ross, F L 


Rouxj A Robinson, A G Rose, John G LaRoche, B D 
Roper, jr., H S Rice, J M Righton, Wm Riley, Joseph 
Samson, J K Sass, F Schouboe, John Seigling, jr., A C 
Smith, T Smith, Jas Smith, James Short, W P Shingler, 
Harris Simons, Thos Y Simons, jr., R L Stewart, Ed C 
Tharin, T H Thayer, S J Thomas, J E Tobin, H Tres- 
cot, E DeTreviile, N Tylee, V J Tobias, H J Valieau, H 
E Vincent, J A Wagener, H P Walker, T R Waring, J J 
R Westcoat, GPL Westendorff, T A Whitney, James M 
Wilson, Henry Willis, jr., D S Wingate, Jacob Williman, 
John Williamson, W W Wilbur, B J Whaley, and Jer 
Yates, jr. 



John Williamson, S W Dill, J D Kennedy, Moses 
Levy, Sol. Moses, J J Bluett, George Dusenbury, Thos, 
Hyatt, Wm. Teppe, T J Troy, John Dunn. 

Police of the City of Charleston. 


Ward No. 1 — Alexander Gordon, John Drummond. 

Ward No. 2— W Alston Hayne, E W Edgerton, C D 

Ward No. 3— Wm M Martin, W H Gilliland, William 

Ward No. 4— Dr. J Bellinger, E B Crews, J H Stein- 
myer, Dr. E North, 

Ward No. 5 — John H Honour. 

Ward No. 6— F C Blum. 

Ward No. 7 — George S Hacker. 

Ward No. 8 — Oswell Reeder. 


Clerk of Council, John R Rogers. 

Recorder, Hon William Rice. 


Clerk of the City Court, H Pinckney Walker. 

Attorney, Wm D Porter, 4 years. 

Sheriff, Robert Elfe. 

Treasurer, Wm H Inglesby. 

Assistant Treasurer, H H DeLeon. 

Inquirer and Assessor, James C Norr's 

Deputy Escheator, F A Ford. 

Coroner, J P Deveaux. 

City Surveyor, Charles Parker. 

Harbour Master, Samuel Alexander. 

Deputy Harbour Master, Thomas Su:tis. 

Messenger of Council and keeper of City Hall, &c. 
Richard Smith. 

Keeper of St. Michael's Clock, James M Gardner. 

Superintendent of Public Cemetery, John D Browne. 

Keeper Lazaretto, G Crietzburg. 

Port Wardens, James Ross, L A Edmondston, C Lin- 
ing, W Kunhardt, H S Rice. 

City Apothecary, C F Stoney. 

City Inspector, B R Getsinger, senr. 

City Register and Clerk of Board of Health, Dr J L 

Superintendent of Streets — Up. Division, Jno. Kingman. 

Superintendent of Streets — Lower Division, O Chisolm. 

Captain of the City Guard — A Roumillat ; 1st Lieut. 
Charles E Kanapaux ; 2d Lieut. P Champlain ; 3d 
Lieut. John A Wagener. 

Orderly Sergeant — Samuel Hamell. 

Police Officers — For the Lower Wards — Moses Levy, 
Alex Scharlock, D Twohill, W C Waterbury, Thomas 
Maher. For the Upper Wards — Benj Bross, Jas Culbert, 
Robt H DeHay. 


Captain of Police — Thomas Dixon ; 1st Lieut. Police, 
Thomas B Symmes ; 2d Lieut. Police, M H Pooser. 


Physician of the Poor— Eastern Division, Dr. W M 

Physician of the Poor — Western Division, Dr. George 
S Pelzer. 

Superintendent of Streets, J L Honour. 

Deputy City Inspector, J P Clement. 

Master Work House, T F Purse. 

Physician Work House, Dr. W H Anderson. 

Surveyor, R K Payne. 


Ward No. 1— P V Dibble, P W Ravenel, James P 
Ogilvie, Campbell Douglass, junr. J M Shackelford. 

Ward No. 2 — R Roper, Thomas Riley, Wm Laidler, A 

Ward No. 3— G W Brov^ne, R H Johnson, J G Smith, 
W L King, Theo. Huchet, John G Milnor. 

Ward No. 4— H S Hay den, Wm Harral, E H Lane, F 
L Roux, D Barrow, J H Weyman, R J Eason, John 

Ward No. 5— J C Beckman, W E Honour, T C Dukes^ 

Ward No. 6— JF Steinmeyer,T L Sanders, S D Miller, 

Ward No. 7— T B Eason, J Thornley, T B Dotterer. 

Ward No. 8— John Lord. 


Shirras' Dispensary. — Ward No. 1 — George Bryan, A 
E Miller, John Greaton. 

Ward No. 2 — John Eraser, Michael Lazarus. 

Ward No. 3 — J J McCarter, John H Schriner, James 

Ward No, 4— K L Simons, Wm Birnie, J McKegan, J 
F Blacldock. 

Physicians to the Shirras' Dispensary, Dr. H Winthrop, 
for the Western, and Dr. John S Mitchell, for the Eastern 


Trustee ex-officio — The President of the St. Andrew's 
Society ; the President of the Medical Society, and the 
Mayor of the City. 


Are open for transacting business every day, (Sundays 
Public Fasts, Thanksgiving Days, Christmas Day, 
and the Fourth of July, excepted,) from 9 o'clock in 
the morning, till 2 o'clock in the afternoon. 
No. 12 Broad, cr. State-street. 
Capital $3,160,000. 
A G Rose. President. R L Stewart, Cashier. 
Directors. — W C Courtenay, Ker Boyce, L M Wiley, 
G A Trenholm, Henry Gourdin, W B Pringle, Wm H 
Gilliland, T Street, Alexander Robertson, J S Bowie, C T 
Lowndes, T G Wragg. 

First Teller, Chr. M'Kinney ; Second Teller, I M C 
Johnston; Third Teller, J K Sass ; Discount Clerk, Peter 
B Lalane; 1st Book-keeper, per ac. J Norton; 2d Book- 
keeper, per ac. T D Mathews ; Book-keeper, pub, ac. J L 
Holmes ; Collection Clerk, W S Edwards ; Transfer 
Clerk, J Cheesborough; Cash Book-keeper, H E Wal- 
polo ; Porter, Charles L Edwards ; Out-door Clerk, S A 
Robinson ; Solicitor, James L Petigru. 

|I3" Offers of new business every day — of Renewals 
on Monday. 

Transfer of Stock on Monday and Thursday. 


Corner East Bay and Broad-streets. 

Capital $1^000,000. 

William Burnie, President. George B Reid, Cashier and 

Transfer Clerk. 

Directors. — J C Blum, James Bancroft, Jas Gadsden, 


William Calder, Thomas Middleton, William McBumejj 
A R Taft, J T Welsman, George Buist, Daniel E Huger, 
junr., Alex Gordon, A S Johnston. 

Tellers, M D Strobel and W C Breese ; Book-keeper 
and Collection Clerk, F S Yates ; Discount Clerk and 
Bill Book-keeper, W S Caldwell ; Cash Book-keeper, E 
B Lining; Assistant Clerk, Edward Blake; Out-door 
Clerk and Porter, T Morris ; Notary, A W Black ; Soli- 
citor, J M Walker. 

t^ Offering day for new business every day — Regular 
Discount day Thursday. 

Transfer of Stock every day. 


No. 22 Broad-street. 
Capital $1,000,000. 
Edward Sebring, President. Henry Trescot, Cashier. 

Directors. — James H Ladson, Samuel P Ripley, George 
Gibbon, George M Coffin, E W Bancroft, H S Hayden, 
H A Desaussure, M P Mathiessen, John E Cay, R Mure, 
T Trout, T G Budd. 

Teller, Benj M Lee ; Assistant Teller, Hopson Pinck- 
ney ; Book-keeper, Lewis Jervey ; Collection Clerk and 
Notary, James M Bee ; Transfer and Discount Clerk, J L 
Egleston ; Out-door Clerk, John Bell Bee ; Solicitor, H A 

|j3=* Offers of new business every day — of Renev/als on 

Transfer of Stock every day but Wednesday and 


No. 125 Bast Bay. 

Capital $1,000,000. 

Henry Ravenel, President. A C Smith, Cashier. 

Directors.— A Tobias, S Mowry, jr., J A Winthrop, M 
King, Otis Mills, S S Farrar, John L Hedley, H T Street, 
Charles N Hubert, W Mazyck, jr., Wm B Smith, George 


Teller, J E Smith ; Assistant Teller, I S K Bennett; 
Discount Clerk, Joseph Zealj ; Book-keeper, N R Payne; 
Colleclion Clerk and Notary, Henry D Alexander; Out- 
door Clerk and Cash Book-keeper, C M Smith. 

in= Discount day on Wednesday ; Offers ma;y be 
lodged on Monday and Tuesday ; Answers returned on 

Transfer of Stock, Thursday and Saturday. 


No. 1 19|- East Bay. 

CAprxAL $1,000,000. 

Daniel Ravenel, President. C H Stevens, Cashier. 

Directors.— Robert Martin, Wm Aiken, Wm Bell, Wm 
Ravenel, James Lamb, A S Willington, Wm Adger, J J 
McCarter, S G Barker, C T Mitchell, J K Robinson, Ed P 

Book-keeper, J S Tennent ; Receiving Teller, Chas H 
Hanckel ; Paying Teller, Jonathan Bryan, jr.; Transfer 
Clerk and keeper of Ledger of Public Offices and Institu- 
tions, Samuel Kingman ; Discount Clerk, Henry Morris; 
Out-door Clerk, R Rhett ; Collection Clerk and Assistant 
Clerk, F C Prioleau; Solicitor, Edward McCrady ; Nota- 
ry, Henry Morris. 

Agent at Camden. — John Rosser. 

irt* Offering day for Discount, Friday. Answers giv- 
en on Saturday. 

Offers also considered every day. Transfer of Stock 
every daj^. 


No. 19 Broad -street. 

Capital 8865,525. 

James Rose, President. James G Holmes, Cashier. 

Directors.— G A Hopley, M C Mordecai, H W Peron- 
neau, G B Locke, James Legare, P J Porcher, W J Gray- 
eon, W C Gatewood, I S Cohen, William Patton, C A 
Magwood, O B Hilliard. 


Teller, Henry G Loper ; General Book-keeper, Ex- 
change Clerk and Pension Agent, J C Cochran ; Book- 
keeper and Collection Clerk, J R Rutledge ; Discount and 
Transfer Clerk, A R Drayton ; Out-door Clerk and Por- 
ter, James Peters ; Notary, A R Drayton; Solicitor, T M 

ll^' Offering Day for Discount, Thursday. Discount 
Day on Friday, and answers given the same day. Bills 
of Exchange and business paper not intended for renewal, 
discounted every day. 

Transfer of Stock every day, 


No. 14 Broad, cr. State-street. 

C M Furman, President. T R Waring, Cashier. 

Directors. — T Lehre, J P Deveaux, R G Stone, George 
Rohertson, P M Cohen, E Carson, W C Dukes, George H 
Walter, S L Glover, E W Mathewes, James L Gantt, H 
F Strohecker. 

Tellers, Wm Miller and W R Taber ; Book-keeper, 
John Hanckel; Discount Clerk, Wm B Foster; Collec- 
tion Clerk, Myer Jacobs ; Clerk and Notary, J D Alexan- 
der ; 2d Assistant Clerk, Charles S Cogdell ; Porter and 
Out-door Clerk, F Gadsden. 

|I3^ Offering Day for Discount, Friday — Ansv/ers re- 
turned on Monday. 


R H Goodwyn, President. John Fisher, Cashier. 

Directors. — J J Cbappell, James Fenton, Wade Hamp- 
ton, M L Brown, I D Mordecai, James Cathcart, W 
May bin, Lewis Pou, Robert Bryce, Amzi Nelly, W Rey- 
nolds, John T Mickle. 

Teller, J L Clark ; Discount and Collection Clerk, N 
Ramsay ; Assistant Clerk, D S Yates, 

tC^ Offering days— Mondays. Discount Days— Thurs- 




Thomas Salinoml, President. D L Dcsaussure, Cashier. 

^ Directors. — John Cantey, A D Jones, Benj Perkins, W^ 
__jA An^runij W Kennedy, L L Whitaker. 

Discount Clerk, Jesse Nettles ; Book-keeper, B B Sal- 

Inspectors of Stemnboats. 

Inspector of Steamboat Hulls, for Charleston District, 
Capt. J. Greaton. 

Inspector of Steamboat Boilers, S. H. Patterson. 

Commissioners of Deeds in South- Carolina. 

Appointed by the Governors of other States. 

Maine — T Tupper. 

New Hampshire. — J S Woodman, G W Egleston. 

Massachusetts. — Ed. R Newhall, Peter Oliver, Abram 
Jackson, jr., H H Baker. Lewis F Robertson. 

Connecticut. — G W Egleston, and H H Baker. 

New York. — B F Hunt, jr., Joseph H Dukes, H H 
Baker, Geo VV Egleston, Lewis F Robertson, W A Prin- 
gle, Thos. P Lockwood, jr. 

Maryland. — Isaac Devega, and H H Baker. 

Virginia. — C B Northrop, and L F Robertson. 

North Carolina.— H H Baker, and H C King. 

Georgia. — A H Brown, H H Baker, John R Hayes, E 
G Fleriot, Isaac Devega, Wm A Quigley, A P Moise. 

Alabama. — W B Heriot, H H Baker, H P Walker, S 
H Brodie. 

Florida.— W B Heriot, and H H Baker. 

Mississippi. — H H Baker, H P Walker, and Lewis F 

Louisiana. — H P Walker, Jacob Williman. 

California. — Honry H Baker. 

Texas. — Henry H Baker. 


Charleston Savings Institution. 

Office at the Apprentices Library Society, Meeting-street, 

Robert Martin, President. Thomas Lehre, Vice Pres- 
ident. J F Sehirmer, Secretary. Henry S Griggs, Treas- 

Trustees. — Wm Bell, Wm Gregg, Jos Johnson, George 
Kinloch, Albert Elfe, T Tupper, Geo N Reynolds, B J 
Howland, James M Caldwell, J W Caldwell, Wm Kirk- 
wood, Wm M'Burney, W L Porter, Geo B Locke, J H 
Taylor, J C Blum, Chas H West, SS Howell, J T Wels- 
man. J B Betts. 

Board of Investment. — C H West, G B Locke, G Kin- 
loch, J W Caldwell, Jas M Caldwell, and the President, 
Vice President, and Secretary. 

23" Open Monday and Thursday Afternoons from 4 o'clock^, till sun- 
set, and on Saturday nights from the ringing of the first to the last city 
bell. The interest on deposits is computed from the third Wednes- 
day of January, April, July, and October, at five per cent, per annum. 
Dividends not drawn are credited to Depositors, and draw interest from 
the date at which they were declared. At the expiration of every five 
years, a Surplus Dividend is also paid, consisting of the profits of the 
Institution, over and above the expenses and semi-annual dividends al- 
ready paid out or credited. V^ Applications for Loans must be left 
with the Secretary. 


Sub Treasurer, Wm M Martin. 

Collector, Wm J Grayson. 

Assistant Calculating Clerk and Deputy Collector, 
Thomas D Jervey. 

Book-keeper, Charles Boucheneau. 

Abstract, Debenture and Calculating Clerk, Wm T 

Bond, Register and Record Clerk, Nathaniel Levin. 

Assistant Clerk, H Rutledge, 

Naval Officer, Henry M Howard. 

Assistant Naval Officer, Lee Howard. 

Surveyor, Wm Y Leitch. 

Measurer, Edward Harleston. 

Weigher, Isaac Cardoza. 

Gauger, John T Elsworth. 


Appraisers of Foreign Goods, Arthur F Holmes, and 
John Brjan, jr. 

Coastwise Inspectors, S Champlain, W J Smithj P M 
Ehney. and J B White. 

Permanent Import Inspectors, J M Righton, Thomas 
Steedman, C Pinckney, J P Waties, T W Johnson, E S 
Courtenay, John Harvey, G VV Wiikie, Jas C Jervey. Jas 
Stillman, Jas H Ma§hburn, Wm Elfe, John Cudworth, S 
Knepley, Wm A Plane, Richard Teasdale. 

Inspector of Drugs, &c , Dr. F M Robertson. 

Steamboat Inspector, G Lazarus. 

Store-koeper, Samuel J Wagner. 

Boarding Officer, J Yates, jr. 

Export Inspectors, Wm Perry and H Sparnick. 

Messenger, James Hines. 

Office Hours.— From the 21st March to the 2lst Sept. 
from 9 till 2 o'clock ; and from the 21st September to the 
21st March, from 10 till 2 o'clock. 


Alfred Huger, Post Master. Evan Edwards, Assistant. 

Eastern Mail—Bne ii-i A. M., Closes 2 P. M., daily, 
via Wilniington, N. C. 

Northern or Georgetown Mail. — Due dailj', (except 
Monday,) at 9 A. M., closes daily, (except Sunday,) 1 P. M. 

Southern or Savannah Mail. — Due daily, 2 P. xM, Clo- 
ses daily, 7J- A. M. 

Western 31ail.— Ui Train, due daily, 2 P. M., Closes 
daily 6^ A. M. 2d Train, due daily at 4 P. M,, Closes 
daily at 10 ^ A. M. 

Country Mail— Due 2 P. M., Closes 5 P. M. 

Blue House Mail. — Due Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 
6 A. M.J Closes Monday, Wednesday Friday, 6 P. M. 

Beaufort and Blufton Mail.— Due Tuesday 12 M., Clo- 
ses Thursday 6 P. M. 

Va'/ice^s Ferry Mail. — Due Sunday and Thursday 2 P. 
M., Closes Monday and Friday, 5 P. M. 

Pineville Mail. — Due Monday and Thursday, 2 P. M., 
Closes Tuesday and Friday, 6 A. M. 

Key West Mail. — For West Indies, Mexico. South 


America, California and Oregon, due 4th and i9th, leaves 
8th and 22d of the month. 


Single Letters, pre-paid, under 3,000 nriiles, 3 cents ; over 

3,000 miles, 6 cents. 
Single Letters, unpaid, under 3,000 miles, 5 cents ; over 

3,000 miles, 10 cents. 
Half ounce a single letter, every additional half ounce an 

additional rate. 
All printed matter, except Newspapers and Periodicals, 
sent to regular subscribers from the office of publication, to 
be pre-paid, according to weights and distance. 

Charleston Gas Light Compamj. 

Joshua Lazarus, President. John R Heriot, Secretary and 
Directors,— Henry Gourdin, Oiis Mills, George S Cam- 
eron, M C Mordecai, S H Hayden, Robert Martin, and 
John F Blacklock. 

Society for the protection of Property at Fires. 

G W Egleston, President. J H Ladson, Vice President. 

Directors. — 1st Wm Bird; 2d Benj Lucas; 3d H F 
Strohecker; 4th L A Edmondston; 5th R M Butler ; 6th 
Samuel Fogartie. 

H S Griggs, Treasurer. T Tupper, jr. Secretary. 

South- Carolina Rail Roads. 

Between Charleston and Hamburgh S. C, opposite Augus- 
ta, Geo.^ and Columbia and Camden, S. C. 


Office at Depot, Mary street — Open from 9 to 2 o'clock, 
passengers' Depot, John street. Depository, Line street. 

One Train leaves daily at 8, half past 11 and 5 o'clock, 
for Hamburg and Columbia, and Camden, and all inter- 
mediate places. 

Passage to and from each place $4. 

Three cents per mile to all intermediate places. 

H W Conner, President. 

Directors. — Wade Hampton, Andrew Wallace, Wm B 


Pringle, A Burnside, Robert Martin, John Bryce, G A 
Trenholm, C J Shannon, Alfred Huger, Wnn C Dukes, 
Henry Gourdin, John Caldwell, L J Patterson, Ker 

Commissioners to act on the part of the State. — John 
Buchanan, J E Calhoun, J M Desaussure, Jas H Adams. 

J D Petsch, Superintendent. 

Thomas Waring, Auditor. J R Emery, Secretary. F 
M Burdell, Forwarding- Agent. John King, jr., Chief 
Agent. Charles J BoUin, at Columbia. W J Magrath, 
at Hamburg, N D Baxley, at Camden. 

Greenville and Columbia Rail Road. 

President, Hon. J B O'Neall. 

Directors — At Columbia, John S Preston and Dr. E 
Sill. At Charleston— Wm Patton and D Blake. At An- 
derson — J P Rees and Gen. Whitner. At Abbeville — T 
C Perrin, Joel Smith and Dr. F G Thomas. Newberry — 
Col S Fair and Drayton Nance. At Fairfield — J S Lyles. 

Wm Spencer Brown, Chief Engineer. 

James L Gantt, Secretary and Treasurer, 

The ofHces of the President and Secretary have been 
located at Columbia, 

Charlotte and South- Carolina Rail Road. 

President, E G Palmer. 

Directors. , B F Taylor, Jas Martin, J Buch- 
anan, S McAUily, J A Bradly, Ed Avery, W W Elms, J 
W Osborne, A B Davidson. 

Chief Engineer, W M Stockton. 

Nashville and Chattanooga Rail Road. 
President, V K Stevenson. Chief Engineer, 

Georgia Rail Road Company, 

From Augusta to Atlanta 171 miles. 

President, J P King. General Superintendent, F C 

Agent at Augusta, F Midlara. At Atlanta, W P Orme, 
At Athens, A Grant. 

Western and Atlantic Rail Road Company, 

From Atlanta to Chattanooga^ 140 miles. 
Chief Engineer, V/m L Mitchell. 
Agent of Transportation, E R Mills. Agent at Dalton, 
W D Fulton 

Memphis Branch Rail Road. 

From Kingston on the Western Atlantic Rail Road to 
Rome^ 17 miles. 
Agent at Rome, S T Combs. 

Santee Canal Company. 

President, James Lamb. 

Directors — Wm Birnie, George Buist, Chas Macbeth, 
Robt T Chisolm, J H Tucker, Dr. I M Campbell, H L 
Toomer, Jacob Bond TOn, P J Porcher, James Simons, P 
C C^aillard, Thomas Gates. 

Harris Simons, Secretary 'and Treasurer. 

Charleston Bridge Company. 

President, Edward Sebring. 
Directors — Alex H Brown, W E Haskell. 
Secretary and Treasurer, George S Crafts. Solicitor, W 
A Prinffle, 

Magnetic Telegraph Line. 

Between Waslmii^^lon, Charlesio7i, and Neio Orleans. 

Office No. 3 State street, (up stairs) near Broad, 
Directors — S Mowry, jr., F C Mathiessen, in Charles- 

Mercantile Agency. 

Under old Carolina Hotel, Broad-street. 
Proprietor, B Douglass. 

Charleston Chamber of Commerce. 

President, G A Trenholm. 1 st Vice President, William 
Patton. 2d Vice President, James Chapman. 

Secretary and Treasurer, Virginius J Tobias. 

Committee of Appeals— Jas Adger, S Mowry, jr., E P 
Starr, Wm B Heriot, J L Hedley, and T Tupper. 


South-Carolina Insurance Compamj. 

Capital $250,000. 
Charles Edmondston, President. 

Directors— Robt. Martin, S Mowry, jr., M C Mordecai, 
Henry Cobia, C H West, James Gadsden. 

Secretary, A L Tobias. Solicitor, Joseph H Dukes. 

Charleston Insurance and Trust Company. 

Capital $500,000. 

J H Honour, President. 
■ Directors — Thaddeus Street, Geo Gibbon, J Chapman, 
W C Dukes, Jas VVelsman, C M Furman, J T Welsman, 
W C Gatewood, A Wallace. James Bancroft, Jos Provost, 
C T Mitchell, J W Caldwell, R H Tucker. 

Secretary & Treasurer, S H Mortimer. Inspector and 
Out-door Clerk, Capt. John Greaton. Solicitor, A G 

Commercial hisurance Com'pany, 

No. 4 Broad-street. 

Capital 8250,000--all paid in. 

Wm B Heriot, President. A M Lee, Sec. & Treasurer. 

Directors — James K Robinson, RolDcrt Caldwell, H T 

Street, J H Brawley, G A Trenholm, A R Taft, William 

McBurney, T L Wragg. 

E L Tessier, Inspector. B C Pressley, Solicitor. R A 
Kinloch, M. D., Medical Examiner. 

Insurance Agencies in Charleston, 

Wm M Martin, Agent for the Augusta Insurance and 
Banking Company, Fire and Marine Insurance. Capital 
8375,000. Office, 9 Broad-street. 

Thomas Trout, Agent for the Protection Insurance Co. 
of Hartford, Ct.; Fire and Marine Insurance. Capital 
$550,000. Office, Commercial wharf. 

Gregg & Hayden, Agents for the Hartford Insurance 
Company ; Fire Insurance. Capital $250,000. Office, 
corner King & Hasel-streets. 

Wm Lloyd, Agent for the /Etna Insurance Company, 
Hartford, Ct.; Fire Insurance. Capital $250,000 Co- 
lumbia Insurance Company, Columbia, S. C. Capital 
-$400,000. Office. 7 Broad-street. 


T O Heriot, Agent for the Nashville Insurance and 
Trust Company, Fire and Marine Insurance. Capital 
$300,000. Office, 20 East-Beiy. 

The College of Charlesto?i. 


Mitchell King, President. D Ravenel, Vice-President. 
Charles Fraser, Esq., Secretary & Treasurer. 

Standing Comnaittee— Mitchell King, Esq., Chairman; 
Hon. John Schnierle, Mayor ; Richard Yeadon, Daniel 
Ravenel, and Charles Eraser, Esqrs. 

Board of Trustees, (including the above named gentle- 
men) — are, Rev. Dr. Post, Rev. Dr. Oilman, Rev. Dr. 
Hanckel, J L Petigru, Henry A Desaussure, A J White, 
Alexander Mazyck, J S Rhett, Dr. T Y Simons, C M 
Furman, E B White, the Mayor, Aldermen — Bellinger, 
Hayne, and Gordon. 

Faculty — Wm Peronneau Finley. President, Prof, of 
Logic, Political Economy and the Evidences of Christi- 
anity and Horry Professor of Moral, Intellectual and 
Political Philosophy — William Hawkesworth, A M., Pro- 
fessor of Latin and Greek Languages and Literature, and 
of Greek and Roman Antiquities — Lewis R Gibbes, M D., 
Professor of Mathematics, Chemistry, &c. &c. — Wm P 
Miles, Assistant Professor of Mathematics — Frederick A 
Porcher, Professor of History, Ancient and Modern ; Rhe- 
toric, Belles Letters, English Composition and Elocution. 
The Rev. John D Bachman, D D., Professor of Natural 
History, embracing Zoology, in all its branches ; Physi- 
ology and Comparative Anatomy, Mammalogy, Ornithol- 
ogy, &c. The Rev. James W^ Miles, Professor of the 
History of Intellectual Philosophy and Greek Literature. 
F S Holmes, Professor of Geology and Palaeontology, and 
Curator of the College Museum. 

High School of Charleston. 


The Hon. John Schnierle, Mayor, (ex-officio member of 
the Board.) Rev. Reuben Post, D D., Chairman of the 
Board. The Mayor; Aldermen — Hayne, Bellinger and 


Edgerlon. Trustees of the Charleston College — M King, 
Esq., Richard Yeadon. Esq., Dr. Thomas Y Simons, 
E B White, Esq. 

Principal of the High School— Henry M Bruns, A M. 
Charles B Cochran, A B., 1st Assistant. Joseph T Lee, 
jr., A B., 2d Assistant. Lucian B Lance, 3d Assistant. 
David X Lafar. A B , Writing Master. John B White, 
Esq., Clerk and Treasurer. 

Charleston Library Society. 

Henry A Desaussure, Esq., President. Judge Gilchrist, 
Vice President. Wm Logan, Secretary and Librarian. 
A H Mazyck, Treasurer. 

Book Committee — President and Vice President, ex- 
officio, Hon. Mitchell King, C Fraser, Esq , Professor F A 
Porcher, Hon. T L Hutchinson, Prof. Lewis R Gibbes. 

Committee on Accounts — J Lamb, O Hammond, G W 
Egleston, James Gregorie, E P Starr, and Dr. P G Gail- 
lard. Col. James Simons, Solicitor. 

Apprentices Library Society. 

Dr. Jos Johnson, President. Hon. W D Porter, Vice 
President. A De Caradenc, Treasurer and Librarian. 

Directors — G N Reynolds, jr.. Dr. F M Robertson, W 
Kirkwood, Dr. D J C Cain, Wm Bell, H Clark, Dr. A G 
Mackey, Wm Lebby, J H Steinmyer, J W Caldwell, and 
C D Carr. 

n3^ The object of this Institution is to encourage a taste for reading 
books of history, science and the arts, and beget a literary taste among 
mechanics of our city. It was incorporated in 1824, and been instru- 
mental in doing good. It has, by the fostering aid of the city, been 
enabled to build a hall for Lectures, besides having room in the lower 
story for a library and a variety of statuary and ornamenlal presents. It 
is also the receptacle of many IJooks, &,c. sent as donations for the bene- 
fit of the young. Every parent, guardian or master should become a 
subscriber to entitle him to the privilege of giving orders for books, 
the use of his child, ward or apprentice 

Mercantile Library Association. 

W B Heriot, President. J B Desaussure, Vice President. 

Directors — T G Budd, Edwin Heriot, P J Barbot, C 
Williman, jr., C Weinges, S P Ravenel, E H Frost. 

Edwin Heriot, Corresponding Secretary. E H Frost, 
Recording Secretary. A E Cohen, Librarian. 

State Military Schools, 


. The Governor of the State for the time being, and the 
following gentlemen : James Jones, Chairman ; address, 
Aiken, S. C David F Jamison, Orangeburg C. H., S. C. 
William J Hanna, Chesterfield C H., S. C. Daniel Wal- 
lace, Union C. H., S. C. John H Means, Buckhead, Fair- 
field District, S. C. James W Cantey, Adj. and Inspector 
General, Camden, S. C. 



Major Richard W Colcock, Superintendent and Profes- 
sor of Civil and Military Engineering ; Capt. A. H. Bris- 
bane; Professor of Rhetoric and Belles Letters ; Lieut. J 
A Leland, Professor of Mathematics and Astronomy; Wm 
Hume, M. D., Professor of Experimental Philosophy ; M 
Gauthier, Teacher of French and ]3ra\ving. Dr. H Boyl- 
ston. Surgeon. J L Gregorie, Bursar. 


Capt. I Mathews, Superintendent and Principal Profes- 
sor ; 1st Lieut. H C Tew, Second Professor ; Dr. A H 

Nagel, Surgeon ; M C Shaffer, Bursar. 

Trustees of the South- Carolina College. 

By an Act of the Legislature, passed December, 1825 — 
The Board of Trustees of the South-Carolina College, 
consists of the Governor of the State, the President of the 
Senate, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, the 
Judges of the Court of Appeals, the Circuit Judges of the 
Court of Law, and the Chancellors, ex-officio, and tioenty 
persons to be elected by the joint ballot of the Senate and 
House of Representatives, to continue in office four years. 

The following gentlemen were elected in December, 
1849 : 

R F W Alston, J H Adams, R W Barnwell, R W 
Gibbes, M. D., J Buchanan, T N Dawkins, William F 
Desaussure, J Gillespie, Wade Hampton, David Johnson, 
J L Manning, C G Memminger, B F Perry, James L Pet- 
igru, John S Preston, Thomas Smith, F H Wardlaw, I D 
Witherspoon, F J Moses^ H C Young. 


Hon. W C Preston, President, and Professor Metaphy- 
sics, Moral and Political Philosophy. 

M J Williams, M. U., Professor Mathematics, Mechan- 
ical Philosophy and Astronomy. 

R T Brumby, Professor of Chemistry, Mineralogy and 

Francis Lieber, LLD., Professorof History and Political 

Rev, R Henry, D. D., Professor of Greek Literature. 

Charles P Pelham, Professor of Roman Literature 

Rev. , Professor of Sacred Literature, and the 

Evidences of Christianity. 

M Laborde, M. D., Professor of Logic, Rhetoric and 
Belles Lcttres, 

F W McMaster, Secretary of the Faculty, and Libra- 

John S Green, Treasurer. A H Gladden, Bursar, C 
Loomis, Marshal. 

Medical College of the State of South- Carolina. 

The Course of Lectures begins on the first Monday in 

Faculty — J E Holbrook, M D., Professor of Anatomy. 
S Henry Dickson, M D., Professor of the Institutes and 
Practice of Medicine. E Geddings, M D., Professor of 
Surgery. James Moultrie, M D., Professor of Physiology. 
Henry R Frost, M D., Professor of Materia Medica. T 
G Prioleau, M D , Professor of Obstetrics. C U Shepard, 
M D., Professor of Chemistry. St. Julien Ravenel, M D., 
Demonstrator of Anatomy. 

Dr. D J Cain, Physician to the Marine Hospital and 
Clinical Instructor. Lectures twice a week on the dis- 
eases of that Institution. 

Dr. G B Flagg, Physician to the Alms House. Lec- 
tures twice a week on Diseases. Demonstrative Instruc- 
tion in Medicine and Surgery, at the College Hospital. 
HENRY R. FROST, M. D., Dean. 

Medical Society of South- Carolina' 
T L Ogier, M. D., PresicVc^nt. H R Frost, M. D., Vice 
President. F P Porcher, M. D , Secretary. S L Lock- 
wood, M. D., Secretary and Librarian. 


Book Committee — Drs. Julien Ravenel, P C Gaiiliard, 
H W Desaussure. 

Trustees of Roper Hospital — Dr. Ogier, [ex-officio) Drs, 
Campbell, Simons, Horlbeck, Winthrop. 

Free Schools in Charleston. 

The Commissioners of Free Schools, at the session of the 
Legislature in 1849, reported 1023 Schools and 1019 
Teachers in the State, in which 9122 scholars were 
taught; which cost the sum of $40,561. These Schools 
are under the superintendence of Commissioners for each 
Parish ; the number in those for St. Philip and St. Mi- 
chael, are 491. In conformity with the Act of 1835, the 
following appointments have been made, for the govern- 
ment of the Schools in Charleston. 
Rev.C Hanckel, Chairman. Dan'l. Horl beck, Secretary. 

No. 1. Commissioners — T O Elliott, G S Bryan, Dan'l 
Horlbeck. Trustees — Rev. W H Barnwell, T F Capers, 
Dr. P C Gaillard. Teacher— E 'i'hayer, Mazyck-st. 

No. 2. Commissioners — C M Furman, R Yeadon, and 
Dr. Sam'l. Wilson. Trustees— Rev. R Post, W S Cald- 
well, and Rev. WB Yates. Teacher— P F Smith, Went- 
worth -street. 

No. 3, Commissioners — Rev John Bachman, and Col. 
James Simons. Trustees — Rev. A W Marshall, C R. 
Brewster, Wm Rhett. Teacher — John A Blum, Hamp- 

No 4. Commissioners — George Buist, and Wm Jervey. 
Trustees — H D Lesesne, S G Barker, and B Lanneau, 
Teacher — Miss Sarah B Scott, Society-street. 

No. 5. Commissioners — Col. Thomas Lehre, and G W 
Egleston. Trustees — Maj. A O Andrews, W P Miles. 
Teacher — Miss Ann Fogartie, Wall-street. 


American Hotel, cr. George and King. By J W & G 
W King. 

Charleston Hotel, cr. Meeting and Hayne. By D 

Carolina Hotel, Broad, near Church. By Mrs. Angel. 

Commercial House, N E cr. Glueen and Church. By G 
W Bomar. 


Jones' Ho*e!, Broad, near Meeting. By Mrs. Steirneritz. 
Mansion House, cr. Queen and Meeting. By Mrs. Da- 
vis and son. 

Merchants' Hotel, cr. King and Society, by 1 homas 

Planters' Hotel, S W cr. aueen and Church. By 
Lannkin & Hurst. -u t n 

Pavilion Hotel, cr. Meeting and Hasel. By H L But- 

Victoria Hotel, cr. King and Princess. By Mrs. West. 


Alms House, cr. Magazine and Mazyck-streels. 

Apprentices' Library, Meeting, near Horlbeck's Alley. 

Armory, Broad-street, west of Guard House. 

Bathing House, South end Meeting-street. 

Citadel Academy, Tobacco street. 

City Hall, N E cr. Broad and Meeting-streets. 

Court House, (U S) Chalmers-stree!. 

Court House, N W cr. Broad and Meeting-streets. 

Custom House, East-end Broad-street. 

Fire Proof Building, cr. Meeting and Chalmers-streets. 

Goal, Magazine-street 

Guard House, S W cr. Meeting and Broad-streets. 

Guard House, (piquet) King near Calho ui-street. 

Hibernian Hall, Meeting, opposite Chalmers-street. 

High School, Society-street. 

Marine Hospital, Franklin-street. 

Market Hall, cr. Meeting and Market sts. 

Masonic Hall, cr. King and Wentworthstreets. 

Medical College, west end aueen-street. 

Military Hall, VVentworth, near King-street. 

Odd Fellows' Hall, cr. Liberty and King-sireets. 

Orphan House, Calhoun, near King-street. 

Post Office, Bay opposite Broad-street. 

South Carolina Hall, Meeting, near Broad street. 

St. Andrews' Hall, Broad, near King-street. 

Temperance Hall, Meeting, neor aueen-street. 

Theatre, Meeting, near Market street. 

Work-house, Magazine street. 



1st Presbyterian, cr. Meeting and Tradd, (Scotch) Rev. 
John Forrest. 

2 Presbyterian, cr. Meeting and Charlotte, Rev. Dr. T 

Central Church, Meeting, near Society, Rev. W C Dana.. 

Glebe-street Church, Glebe, near George, Rev. Dr. J H 


St. Michael's, S E cr. Meeting and Broad, Rev. Paul T 

St. Philip's Church, near Clueen, Rev. Bishop C E 

St. Paul's, (Upper Wards,) Coming and Vanderhorst, 
Rev. Dr. C Hanckel. 

St. Peter's, Logan, near Tradd, Rev. W H Barnwell. 

St. Stephen's, Anson, near Society, Rev. C Wallace. 

St. John's, (Upper Wards,) Rev. A W Marshall. 

Grace, Wentworth-street, Rev. AV W Spear. 


Synagogue, Hasel, near King, E Lyons, Rabbi. 
Svnagoo^ue, Wentworth, near Anson, Rev. J Rosenfeldt, 


Church, Archdale, near Clifford's Alley, Rev. Dr. Sam'l 


Lutheran, cr. Archdale and Clifford, Rev. Dr. J Bach- 

German, cr. Hasel and Anson, Rev. L Muller. 


1st Baptist, Church, nea. Prar'^d, Rev. J R Kendrick. 
2d Baptist, Wentworth, near King, Rev. J H Cuthbert. 


Church, Church-street, near Water, Rev. WB Yates. 

Church, Vanderhorst, near King. No stated minister. 



Trinity, cv. Maiden Lane and Hasel-street. 
Bethel, cr. Calhoun and Pitt-streets. 
Cumberland, Cumberland, near Meetin;^. 
St. James, (Upper Wards,) King, near Line. 

|rj= The ministers of the above are changed annually 
by the Methodist Conference. 


Church, in Wentworth-street, near Meeting, Rev S K 


Circular, Meeting, near Cumberland, Rev. R Post. 


St. Finnbar's, cr. Broad and Friend, Rev. Dr. R S 

St. Mary's, HascU, near King, Rev. Dr. P Lynch. 

St. Patrick, (Upper Wards,) cr. St. Philip's and Morris, 
Rev. P O'Neil, assisted by others. 


Church, S E cr. Church and Queen-streets, Rev. C. W 


Church, cr. Anson and Laurens, Rev. . 


Church, cr. Wilson and Beaufain, Rev. Paul Trapier, 

Church, Anson, near Calhoun, Rev. John B Adger, 

tr^ Most of the above Churches have separate build- 
ings for their weekly services. 


Pilots for the Bar and Harbor of Charleston. 




Place of 

No. 1. JS. Aldert, Capt. 
Marion. \ Thomas Daniels 

full branch, 
nine feet. 

No, 7 StoU's Alley. 
No, 99 East-Bay. 

2 CJ. C.Lee, Capt. 
^^•r- ) Perry Chapman. 
Carohne. J Charles eI Lee. 

full branch. 

twelve feet. 

Church-st, n Tradd. 


cr. Long,lane&, E B. 

^^ o (FBurrowsjCapt 

^tJu \ Jol^n H. Burke. 
Palmetto. ^ g^^,j_ ^^^^^^^^ 

full branch, 

No. 55 Kmg-street. 
Meeting-st. n s-bay. 
No. 51 East-Bay. 

No. 4. 4 W.P.Lee,jr. Cpt 
i. S. Lucas. \ Geo. W. Davis. 

full branch. cr. Long.lane&cE B. 
ditto. do. do. do. do. 

^ ^ ( W. M'Donald, C 
^°- ^- ^ Isaac M'Donald. 
^^«^^- hohnA.Smith. 

full branch. 

twelve feet. 

nine feet. 

No. 8 Stoll'salley. 
No.— Stoll's-alley. 
King, near Tradd. 

j^ g ( H.A.Mullings, C 
t Elias Smith. 

full branch. 


nine feet. 

cr. e-bay & Van, wf. 
No. 57 Tradd-st, 
No. 57 East-Bay, 

No. 7. < J Carnighan.Cp 
Charleston. \ Wm. Bell. 

full branch, 

No. 30 Tradd-st. 
No. 73 East-Bay. 

Caroline. ^W.Mulhngs. 

full branch, 
twelve feet. 

No. — Tradd-st, 
cr, E-Bay k V wf. 

No. 9. 5 F. Middleton, Cp 
Chatham. \G.O. Gladden. 

full branch, 

No. — Tradd-st. 
No. — Church-st. 

RATES OF PILOTAGE, for the Bar and Harbor of Charleston. 

For 6 feet water or under, . 
7 do 

8 do 

9 do 

10 do 

11 do 

12 do 

$ 9 

For 13 and a half feet, . . , , $28 

14 feet, 31 

14 and a half feet, , . . . 36 

15 feet, 38 

15 and a half feet, .... 40 

16 feet, 50 

16 and a half feet, .... 60 

17 feet, 70 

12 and a half do 25 

13 feet 26 

Pilots must be furnished with a License. Not to absent themselves, 

nor hire out their boats, under a penalty of $100, with costs and the loss 
of License. Cruising or standing out to sea, must offer his services first 
to the vessel nearest the Bar, except when he sees a more distant vessel 
in distress, under penalty of $50, Avith costs. Must bring vessels to 
Quarantine Ground, and remain on board until the Port Physician shall 
permit him to depart, under the penalty of $50, with costs. Brings in a 
vessel shall have the exclusive right to take her out again. Shall receive 
additional fees for boarding vessels to the leeward of the Bar, or for tak- 
ing charge of any vessel at the distance often leagues from the Bar, shall 
be entitled to receive $4 for every day of his being on board, previous to 
her coming into port, over and above the fees established. If directed by 


the master of an inward vessel to anchor in the Roads, and afterwards to 
bring her up to the City, shall be entitled to $4 for such extra service. 
Bringing in a vessel, may demand their fees before she departs, and refuse 
to carry her out, if such charges are not duly paid ; no other pilot shall 
have a right to carry her out, on pain of being liable to such pilot for the 
fees of bringing her in and taking her out, as well as for any other char- 
ges that may be due to such pilot on account of such vessel ; and when- 
ever a pilot, entitled to carry out a vessel, is apprehensive that his fees of 
pilotage may not be paid by her master, or owner, or consignee, after he 
brings her over the Bar, he shall have a right to demand his fees in ad- 
vance, or sufficient security for payment thereof; and on failure thereof, 
to refuse to carry her out, in that case also, no other pilot shall have a 
right to carry out such vessel, on pain of being liable to the former pilot 
for the fees of her pilotage. Shall notify Masters of vessels of the duties 
required of them, by the Port Regulations, To furnish the Master, in 
writing, his name and place of residence, and the name and number of 
the Boat to which he is attached. 




238 EING-ST., (In the Bend.) 


^3= The undersigned would call attention to the 

of the above constantly on hand, and sold at the 

Those in want of the above, will do well to call 
and examine. 






XO^ The attention of Merchants^ and Planters' is 
respectfully invited to the large and well assorted 

Stock of Clothing and Furnishing Articles, 

manufactured expressly for the Southern market^ 

and which will be disposed of on the most reasonable 

terms. All orde];s promptly attended to. 







Wholesale and Retail, 

King Street5 Opposite Merchants^ Hotel 


The reputation of this House will be sustained. 

All Garments warranted to please. 

Ne^v Goods Received Weekly. 

Feeling a confidence which few can feel in making the 
promise that all the articles for sale in my establishment 
will give the most perfect satisfaction in regard to Fabric, 
Style, or Finish, while the prices (no small considera- 
tion) will prove a still greater inducement for general pat- 
ronage. Relying upon the liberality and kindness of 
friends for support, I solicit a share of your patronage, 
which I will make it for your interest to bestow, and hope 
in making your selections of Clothing, you will, at least^ 
favor my establishment w^ith a call before making your 







Keeps constantly on hand a large assortment of 




Also, a Fine Assortment of 


Which he will MAKE TO ORDER, in the 
most Fashionable Style, and at 






Outfitting Establishoient, 





Having been long established, the name and reputation 
of this establishment is well known to our citizens, and 
takes precedence of all others in extent and richness of 
stock and favorableness of terms offered to purchasers.— 
Gentlemen will at all times here find the latest and most 
fashionable styles of clothing issued, and equal if not su- 
perior to those made to order in the city. 
Every article is guaranteed in every respect, and sold at 
the lowest possible price. 

Kent, Bates &l Mitchell, 




lie ^ 


Near Charleston Hotel, 

The attention of Merchants is called to this Steck, which 
in extent and variety is unequalled in the southern country. 
Manufactory 129 Washington Buildings^ William st. N. Y 








Next door North W. R. Babcock's Bookstore, 




G. Ottle & €o. 



No. 199 King Street, 

Next door to Victoria Hotel, Charleston, S. C. 

Ahvays on hand, a large and fashionable Stock of 


At the Lowest possible Prices. 





East-Bay, Corner of Queen Street, 

where the most desirable and largest stock of 


is to be found at WHOLESALE or RETAIL. 

Merchants visiting Charleston 

are respectfully solicited to call at this 

before purchasing they will find it to their advantage. 



Foreign and Domestic 







t^ ■W.BLM.m &^ "'5^'^^* 

Wholesale and Retail 


Manufactory and Wholesale Warehouse, 

112 William Street, New York. 
JV. B, All Orders promptly attended to. 

Miller & Burner, 



No. 273 

Opposite Society St. 


No. 332 Ring Street, Charleston, S. C. 


keeps constantly on hand a well selected stock of 


and every article appertaining to a 

Gentleman's OUTFITTNG Establishment. 

Also, a good assortment of Guns, Rifles, Pistols, Revol- 
vers, Knives, &c. 




The Hat being the crowning finish of a Gentleman, it is right 

that he should be particular in selecting this prominent part 

of his dress; therefore, by calling at STEELE'S, he will 

find a large variety of styles, combining as they do, 

durability and beauty of finish. 

GENTS' "Winter HATS: 

Fine, fashionable Black Moleskin, Beaver, Silk, Russia, Plush, 

Cassimere, Brush, and Nutria for Dress ; together with a 

large variety of Sporting Hats. 


Fashionable White, Drab and Pearl Cassimere, White 

Napped, and a variety of other fashionable White Plats for 

Gents, together with all kinds of 


Such as Panama, Leghorn, Canton, Swiss, Pedal, Canada, 

Luton, French, Dunstable, English and others, for Gents, 

Youths and Infants. 

Of the latest style, made expressly for my retail trade by 
"Mugnier," "Gibus," and " Pinaud," of Paris. 

aAP P 30 P A H T M ^ E^ T. 

This department comprehends all the latest styles of fine 

Cloth, Silk Velvet, Plush. Fur, Bead, Mohair, Tweed, Satin, 

Oil-Silk, Cotton-Glazed, Morocco and others. 


Children's and Infants' Blue, Black, Purple, Maroon and Green 

Silk-Velvet Caps. Also, Fancy Hats of White-Persian Cloth, 

White Beaver, Napped, Pearl, Drab and other colors, with 

and without feathers, and some for little Misses. 

Coachmen and House Servants' Hats, of neat appearance 

and at low prices. Also, Plantation Hats of Black, Drab and 

Pearl Wool, and Glazed Hats, together with a variety 

of low priced Caps. 



it^I^a^li uii^i^ ^^y^m 




In this Establishment can constantly be f.und a large and fine 
assortment of plain white and rich GILT CHINA, with a variety 
of Fancy and Ornamental DINNER, TEA, DESSERT, and TOI- 
LET SETS. Rich Fancy China Ornaments and FLOWER VASES, 

with a great variety of Fancy Articles. 

jnf= Perfumeries, the most fashionable used in Paris, may at all ,^ 

times be obtained, comprising the greatest varieties. 


of all sizes, for Ladies, Misses, and Gentlemen. 


of Le Brun &, Jossi's patent, (from which Coffee can be made in six 

minutes.) French CotTee Biggins and Bouillottes, of all sizes. 

LeRoy's Medicines, imported direct. 

Persons desirous of purchasing Goods from this Establishment, may 
rely that they are fresh, and of the latest style, and strictly first 
choice of Paris. SETS OF CHINA, made to suit and please pur- 
chasers, which are offered at wholesale and retail, at as low rates as 
can be procured in the Northern Markets. 53" Country Orders 
punctually attended to with dispatch l.iy addressing 

118 KING STREET, between |TTI ITTTI? n^nVIVrfTP 

Broad and Queen Streets. JtLlErllEi If L £iil > rjUll* 




commissioN meeohantS) 


l-i-lToZ'.l GHARLESTON, S. D. 


f At ft as 

, — AND — 

Commission -- Merchants, 

No. 6 SOUTHEKiN WHARF— up stairs. 

^.'^E^wrk \ Charleston, S. C. 

W. M. Lawton & Co. 



W. M. Lawton, > < W. M. Taylor, 

R. Wainwright Bacot, \ ( Joseph T. Dill. 


Matthewes & Roper, 



Commission -- Merchants, 

No. 21 Vandeiliorst's Wharf, — up stairs. 

E.W^Ma«hewes,^ CHARLESTON. 

Paine & I^ucas, 

a m> A m w v. 


Or s^% %j^ %M jm m;% ^ ^ 

— AND — ^ 



Dealers in 

Bacon, Sugar, Molasses, Bagging, Rope, dz:c. 

E. T. Paine, J. Lucas. 

J. Van Winkle, 

308 King Street, 




and a large variety of HOUSE KEEPING GOODS which 

are offered for sale as low as can be bought tn the city. 


Cor. Columbus and Nassau sts. Ckrlestoii, S. C. 

Where is continued the Manufactory of 



MACHINERY of every VARIETY and kind 

for Rice-Mills, Saw-Mills, Flour-Mills, Grist-Mills, Threshing 
Mills. GEARING, SHAFTING, &c. for Cotton Factories. 
Having the most extensive assortment of Paterns of all kinds, 
is prepared to execute CASTINGS of IRON and B-:ASS, 
of any variety. BLACKSMITH'S WORK of all kinds. 
Repairing of Engines and Machinery. 


Wharf St. foot of Laurens St. Charleston. 

Manufacturer of all kinds of 




of every kind ; Rice, Corn, and Saw MILLS. Hoisting Ma- 
chines for Stores, Horse Powers, &c., Rail Road Wheels, Axles, Springs, 
&c. BLACKSMITH work in general. Screw Bolts, &c. 


Importer and Dealer in 


33Bh King Street, Charleston, S. O. 

Keeps always on hand a splendid Assortment of fine 

Gims, Pistol:^, Rifles, Fine Cutlery, Accordeons. 

Watches and Jewelry Rep sired 

at the shortest notice and in the most workmanlike manner. 



Thatches & Clocks. 



Repairing done at the shortest notice. 


C. B. CAEl k CO. 


No, 30 Broad Street, Charleston, S. C. 



— AND^ — 





Ten per cent. Discount allowed for Cash. 





M ^ca Mix S s 

No. 82 

Broad St., ('harleston, S. C 





of the newest style. Also, a full assortment of 



All of which are offered on accommodating terms. 



SS. ^i 

Draper & Tailor, 

133 KING-STREET, 133 

keeps constantly on hand, 






of the newest and most fashionable styles, 


Furnishing Store 


Corner Meeting and Market Streets, 


where can always be had 

S H I M T 

made of Fine Linen and Muslin, in the Latest 
Fashion, of the best materials, superior work- 
manship and 



system of cutting Shirts by measurement. 
DANSKIN'S PATTERN has received the unquaHfied com- 
mendation of genilemen in all parts of the United States, and 

has been pronounced perfect. 
The superiority of Danskin's Pattern over all the late imita- 
tions of it, is universally acknowledged. The yoke is fitted 
neatly to the neck and shoulders without seams, and conse- 
quently does notchale and annoy the wearer. 

Gentlemen's Measures taken, and Shirts made 

to order at short notice- 
Also, for sale, UNDER-SHIRTS and DRAWERS of Silk, 
Cotton, Woollen, and other desirable kinds, SHOULDER 
and POCKET HANDKERCHIEFS, hemmed, ready for 
immediate use, STOCKS, OPERA TIES, 

Canes, Umbrellas, Soap, Perfumery, 

And a great variety of other GOODS suitable for Genile- 
men. |I3^ The prices at this Establishment are unilorm — 
and the business eo conducted as to secure the custom of those 
who once purchase from us. 



No. 270 Ring St. cor. Weiitwortli, Cliarkston. 

Where may be found the only extensive and exclusive Assortment of 
every variety of 


in the Southern Country ; established in 1847, and connected with the 
only manufactures of Metalic Goot]s in the United States, 

The Union India Rubber Company, N. Y. 

33* Every article sold at this Establishment is warranted for the ,=|3| 
purposes adapted, and not to be effected by any climate or any degree of 
beat or cold. The assortment comprises every article now in Market, 
(which are many hundreds) and will offer every new thing as introduced 
at our manufactories. Among the almost endless variety embraced iu 

the assortment, may be found in part, the following : 
Metalic Rubber Over Coals, (light, heavy and medium, as- 
sorted sizes,) Capes, Cloaks, Capes with Sleeves, (made light 
expressly for this market,) Leggins, Pants, Overalls, Boots lor 
sporting with high legs, Boots short, Caps with Capes, Sou'^- 
westers, Ponchos, Saddle Bags, Water and Fire Buckets, 
Liquor and Cologne Bottles, Cups, Traveling Bags, Air Beds, 
Air Pillows and Cushions, Life Preservers and Jackets, Fancy- 
Piano and Table Covers, Crumb Cloths, Shower Matts, Long 
and Short Gloves, Carriage Cloths, all widths, qualities and 
prices, Knee and Ankle Boots for Horses, Tents for Encamp- 
ments, Surveyors' and California Hose, all sizes. Machine 
Belting, Game Bags, Gun Covers, Bathing Caps, Camp 
Blankets, Whips, riding and team. Tobacco Wallets, Balls, 
every size and every price per doz.. Parlor Balls, Foot Balls, 
Rubber Caricatures of Animals, Lions, Dogs, &c., Doll Heade, 
Girls and Boys; also, Negro Heads, Teething Rings and 
Rattles, Counting House Gum in squares, Garters, Shoulder 
Braces, Body Bells, Breast Bottles, Syringes, Ear and Eye do. 
Paper Holders, Bab}^ Jumpers ; also, the only assortment of 
Metalic Rubber Over-Shoes, in this Market, comprising five 
or six different varieties and Manufactures. All of the above 
the subscriber is prepared to furnish Country Merchants and 
the trade at wholesale, and to planters and consumers by the 
piece, at our Northern prices. 

H. W. SeiFFER, 

Manufacturers' Agent, and the only exclusive 

Dealer in Rubber Goods in the Southern Country. 


11® £, CQUieill 


No. 119 




which, together with that in previous US'?, will enable him to 


in a manner not to be excelled in this City. His office is 
complete in every respect, and with 


and his own PERSONAL ATTENTION, the public may 
be assured of having their orders executed in the 




and at prices as reasonable as can possibly 
be afforded. 

He returns his thanks to his friends and the public generally 
for past favors, and hopes, by assiduity and attention to busi- 
ness, to merit a continuance of the same, and respectfully 
solicits a reasonable share of patronage. 






No. 167 Meeting St. 


At this Establishment, only FIRST RATE PICTURES are 
allowed to be sold. The Proprietor operates himself, and 
being a PRACTICAL ARTIST, sitters can with confidence 
rely upon his judgment. The public voice, througii the me- 
dium of the press, has pronounced 

Carvalho's Daguerreotypes 

to be inferior to none, and equal to any tliat have been made 

in this country. His scientifically arranged North light is the 

best adapted to the purpose of taking Daguerrean Portraits. 

The Gallery is adorned with many specimens of 



The largest and best German Cameras are 

used in this Establishment, and by a new process, Pictures of 
Children, of any age, can be made in a few seconds of time. 

Pictures taken for Rings, Medalions, Lockets, &c. 

Strangers visiting Charleston, are respectfully invited to visit 
this Gallery, whether they wish Pictures or not. The Gallery 

is open from half-past 6 o'clock in the morning until dark. 

Persons arriving at night, and about to leave in the morning 

train of Cars, can have their pictures taken and finished in 

the space of a quarter of an hour. 

All Likenesses warranted to give Satisfaction. 

No extra charge for the new style Ivory Daguerreotypes. 



jBui imMi he: rBT rw^ 

G A L, L, E M Y, 

No. 221 King-St. 

Over W. J. Jacobi & Son's 

% <^k% 

Respectfully informs the Citizens of his 
native State that he is prepared to take 



in a style that cannot be surpassed. Having 
all the facilities of light to produce 

A Good Picture, 

he pledges himself to give 


Mr. Glen returns his thanks for past favors, and respect- 
fully solicits a call at his rooms. 






South-East corner King and Market Streets. 

Having every facility necessary to the perfection of the art, is 
prepared to execute 


in a style which stands unrivalled. 



For sale on reasonable terms. 

Instruction given in the Art. 


George S. Cook, 

NO. 235 KING ST., 

Instruction in the Art, and Stock for sale. 



Hats and Caps, 

which he offers, at wholesale and retail, cheap for cash. 

No. 13 Broad-St. opposite state St Charleston, S. C. 

N. B. Country Merchants are requested to call and examine 
for themselves. All orders executed with care and despatch. 

Manufacturer of 



of the best quality, all of which are warranted to give satisfaction. 

No. 18 Queen st. and King st opposite the 
Upper Guard House, Charleston, S. C. 





The Subscribers would inform wholesale 
dealers, that they can purchase 


ParasolSj Walking Caoes, &c. 


No. 179 King St. Charleston, S. C. 

as cheap as at any other Factory in the Union ; 
as we have a large Factory in New York, and 
are in the possession of every facility for the 
manufacture of the above goods, which we 
are determined shall be sold as low as in New 
York or any other place. We also import 




of every description, and French, English, and German 

Fancy Goods. 

Please look at our stock before purchasing elsewhere, as 

it is the largest in the Southern Country, and will be sold 

on accommodating terms. 





Walking Cane and Wire Safe Mannfacturer, 
263 K!NG-ST. nearwcmworth, CHARLESTON, S. C. 

Has always on hand, a large assortment of every article in the above 
line. Also, the largest supply of 

®w^^y Umbrellas 

xV. B. 

All the above articles are warranted superior to most imported, 
and sold at a lower price, Wholesale and Retail. 




JVo. 191 j?leetiii§-st, Charlesfoii, S C 

has constantly on hand a large assortment of 

'ZM7 IBS. 'VJ SS ^^ 'SEl !iS 9 

which he will fit to an}' individual. Recom- 
mendations of the City Physicians given. 
Abdominal and Spinal Supporters, 
Bandages for the cure of Club Feet^ 
Weak Ankles, &.C., and Surgical Ma. 
chinery for the treatment of every va_ 
riety of Deformity, always on hand. All of the above articles 
are made to order. Particular attention paid to Repairing, Sharpening, 
and Polishing. 23" By strict attention to business, he flatters himself to 
gain the confidence and patronage of the public. 


Adolpb John Rutjes, 




Import(ir and Dealer in 

German and French 


Baskets, Fire-'Works, &c. 

if lUf i 


of all kinds constantly on hand. 


Parties and Suppers 

served on the most reasonable terms and 
at the shortest notice. 

Orders from the Country thankfully received 
and promptly attended to. 


L. M. Aubert, 

i§liiif i§lil 




Cordial Almonds, Filberts, Superj5ne Almonds, 

Italian Almonds, and every kind of French 

Seed, &c. 6lc. Terms Cash, 

Hu^h E. Yincent, 





Also keeps a supply of Paints, Oil, Varnish, &.c. of the first qualities. 


iDCf Agent for sale United States Coast Survey Charts. ^^j[^ 


Manufacturer and Dealer in 

Plain andJapanned Tin Ware, 

Cooking and Parlor Stoves, Lead Pipe, 

Copper Force and Cast Iron Pumps, put up; Tin Roofing, 

Guttering, and all kinds of Job Work in the line done at 

short notice. 

109 Meeting-St., Charleston, S. C. 

A general assortment of House-Keeping articles on hand. 


Daniel H. 8ilcox 



Four doors above Market St., east side, 

keeps constantly on hand a large and well selected stock of 


of his own and Northern Manufacture, comprising 

Wardrobes, Washstands, Bedsteads, 

SS; OS JB^ J^^ ^ai 9 
CARD, SOFA, CE.NT8E, and other TABLES, 

c e A III s 

of ail descriptions, to suit the taste of the most fastidious. 
Also, materials of all kinds in the Manufacturing line, such as 

Veneers, Plank and Boards, 

of Mahogany, Walnut, Maple and Poplar. 


N. B. Funerals furnished. Furniture made to order. Old 

Furniture Repaired and Varnished, and Chairs Re-Painted, 

The Above work done with neatness and despatch, by 

competent workmen. 


Emanuel Currant, 



Manufacturer of 


Picture Frames 



of every description and variety of styles, 


for Oil and Water Color Painting, Gold Leaf, 

by the package, Looking Glass Plates of all 

sizes by the box. 


and all kinds of work warranted to be of the 
best workmanship. 



i CO 



Wholesale and Retail Dealers in every description of 


Oil Cloths, India Mattings, 

Table and Piano Covers, &c. 

A large assortment and variety of styles constantly on hand, 
all of which will be sold as low as can be purchased in the city. 


made in the latest stlyes, 


made in the best manner and fitted accurately. 

Floor Cloths neatly fitted and put down. 


Don't Mistake the Mammoth 

o^nB fl T 

232 "^ 


The Emporium of Fashion & Quality. 
As Cheap as the Cheapest. 





232, Bend of King Street, Charleston, S. C. 

In Store, 46,000 pairs Boots and Shoes, 

comprising every variety lor Ladies, Gents, Misses, Children 
and Servants. Also, a great variety of 

Travelling & common Trunks, 

Carpet Bags, Satchels, Vahses, and Ladies' 

Hat Boxes, at low prices. Just rec'd, 4,000 pairs Ladies' 

Gaiter Boots from $1 to $2.50. Morocco Slippers, 50 and 75 

cents — elegant article. Plantation Brogans, by the 

package, or to fit measure, — cheap. 


Ladies' and Gentlemen's Fancy and General 

Boot, Shoe, and Tnmk 


(Opposite Hascl,) Charleston, S. C, 



BRUSHES. Wholesale and Retail. 

Cor. King St. & Horlbeck's Alley, Charleston. 


-M. ]»A 




Cor. King and Market Sts., Charleston, S. C. 

p. S. One half the world knows not what the other is about, when 
they are obtaining such bargains at Witherby's 


F. C. BLUM, 

LUlill Mm f Hill 


West end Beaufain St. Charleston, S C. 


West End of Bcaufixin Street, 


constantly on hand, 


Ceiling, Shelving, Weather Boarding, 
Tongue, Groove and Square Joint, 



Particular attention paid to Orders, and a Discount made for CASH, for 
all sums of $25 and over. All accounts to be rendered in quarterly. 

F. H. LONG-, 

BOOT mmm. 

No. 84 Meeting Street, Charleston, S. C. 

One door South of Cunaberland Street. 
He takes this methoti of returning his sincere thanks for the 
liberal patronage heretofore received by him. and solicts a 

continuance of the same. He keeps constantly on hand a 
small stock of READY MADE WORK of the best material. 





mmm -k- mwrnim 


Particular attention paid to 



John H. Steirimeyer. 

■/ BR EAD- v ^- 

S OD A I ^%.W» Lt^^ IbOSTON > 

Biscuit Bakery, 

No. ISl Meeting st, opposite Market, Charleston. 

The sub.scriber has constantly on hand. 


Wine, Soda, Butter, Lemon, Water, Sugar, 

Seed, and Dyspeptic Crackers, Ginger Nuts, &c., in Barrels, 
Kegs, and bulk, all warranted of the best quality, and at low- 
est prices. 
IT^^* Boxes assorted Crackers for Families. R. S. Millar. 


W. III. Dougherty & Co 

dAH fitters;, 



No. 292 King Street, Charleston, S. C. 

One door North of Society St. 


of all descriptions and Patterns, from the 

most celebrated manufacturers kept constantly 

on hand ; also, 


China Janm, 

and other 

Mantle and Table Ornaments. 


Gregg", Hayden & Co., 

No. 250 King, cor. Hasel-St., 





and \Va 
g and P 



Jewelry & Silver- ¥/ are, 

Plated and Japanned Goods, 

m ,A m- Ff If w WM w> w a 

HoLise-i^urnishing and 

{ches carefully Repaired— Copperplate Engra- 
rinting— Diamonds and Cameos Mounted. 

H. Sidney Hayden, Augustus H. Hayden. 



The Subscribers manufacture at their Establishment, 

127 Ring Street, one door from Queen, Clitirleston, S. C. 

Every variety of 
such as 

Tea Sets, Communion Service, Pitchers, 
Waiters, Castors, Cups, Tumblers, Plates, 

Spoons, Forks, Butter, Fish, Fruit, and Dessert Knives, &c. 
Also, a handsome assortment of 


lo which they are constantly adding the newest and best 

Patterns ol English, French and American Manufacture. 




No. 82 Meeting Street, 

Between Cumberland St. and the Circular Church, 



'J^JBC J^mL. JEft. JEl 

Clocks, Musical Boxes, and every variety of 

Jewelry, made and repaired. Watches and Clocks, of various 

workmanship, always on hand for sale. 

lEj^ All work warranted for Twelve AJonths. ^|;:i| 




J IS W E £■ B R, 


Clocks, Watches, & Jewelry, of every description, 

104 Meeting Street, Cluirlestoii, S. C. 

Opposite the Theatre, 

All work warranted for Twelve Months. 

A: W: TROU, ^ 


Has constantly for sale, an assortment of 


c I @ c 1 i i 

Perfumery, Combs, Hair-Brushes, Tooth-Brnshes, Portmoniee, 
&c., which he ofiers (or sale at the lowest prices. Visiting 
Cards in every variety of style neatly printed. Stamps and 

Seals for Societies handsomely executed. 
<I3== Watches and Jewelry repaired and guaranteed. ^CH 


Manufacturer of Coach, Gig, and Buggy Harness, Saddles, 
Bridles, Whips, Carpet Bags, Mihtary and Fire Caps, togeth- 
er with all articles in his line of business. 

All orders punctually attended to with dispatch at 293 King, 

H: WrKINSfflAN, 

177 King Street, Cliarieston, S. O. 

Two doors above Enston's new Store, 

Manufacturer of O'Neal's Patent Combined 







Gilt Cornices, Muslin Curtains, Bands, PinS; 

&c. &c. 

Upholstering, and the business attended to in all its Branches. 



244 King St., in the Bend, 



and every other description of 




Tor Crentiemen. 

Hosiery, Linens, Sheetings, 

Diapers, Dowlas, Drillings, &c. 

in great variety. 

He would call particular attention to his 



of which he keeps a large assortment, and will sell at the very 
Lowest City Prices. 








Wholesale and Retail Dealers in 


No. 221 KING STREET, in the Bend, 

©iAilEtTQilljj S, i, 







!0%mk m 


3d door above Hascll-St., Cliailestoii, S. C. 



Importers and Dealers in 

No. 243 King st., west side, 






9 ^1^ jx cy- 






n.\ If /m fB 

Wholesale and Retail Dealers in 


^ W W 4 

Cor. King and Liberty sts., 

©lM!A[^(L!£-§Tr@M:, ia ©. 

A. L. SOLOMON, formerly with H. Levy & Son, Camden, S. C. 
JUDAH B. POLOCK, late of Columbia, S. C. 





ITS Ring St., 

Sole Agent for Charleston, 

Is constantly receiving Pianos from the above celebrated 
makers, which, for dnrabihty, power, sweetness of tone, and 
elasticity of the touch, are not surpassed in this country or 
Europe. The assortment at all times embraces 6, 6^, 6|, 6f , 
and 7 octave Pianos, and all styles, from the richly carved down 
to a plain but equally good and durable instrument, with such 
modern improvements as are really and intrinsically good. 

The public are also informed that the Premium of 
A Gold Medal was awarded ITunns & Clark at the World's Fair. 

Pianos from other good makers are also kept for sale, viz : 

At this establishment will also be found 

Coiemaaa's MoUan Atiacliiiieiit Pianos? 


Of4| and 5 octaves, in rosewood cases of different styles. 

Pianos packed and delivered at the railroad, or shipped, free 
of charge. 

Second-Hand Pianos taken in exchange at a fair value. 

N. B, — Nunns & Clark have been manufacturing Pianos for 
our Southern climate, lor nearly thirty-five years, and materials 
used are dated and placed in their warehouse for seasoning, for 
years, an advantage which new makers cannot avail them- 
selves of. GEO. P COLE, Piano Store 175 King-st., 
Sole Agent for lac sale of Nunns &, Clark's Pianos. 






Mnsical Instruments, Books. Stationery, &c. &c. 

Nos. 234 and 236 

King Street, at the Bend. 

where may be seen an elegant and extensive 
assortment of 


Made by Bacon ^ Raven, Dubois ^ Warriner, A. H. 
Gale <^ Co , and H <^ F. Hazelion, New York, and 
Erard, Paris, of 6, 6^, 6^, and 7 octaves of various pat- 
terns , all of first rate quality in every respect and fully 
warranted. A large and choice assortment of 

of every description, for the Voice, Piano Forte, Guitar. 
Flute, &c. Also, a splendid stock of all kinds of 

Wood and Brass Instruments, 

as Violins, Guitars, Flutes, Clarionets, Cor- 
nets, Trombones, Drums, &c. 

All the Cheap Publication.?, School Books of all kinds, and 
Miscellaneous Literature, together with the newest and best 
in that branch, of excellent quality and at reasonable prices. 
23" PIANO FORTES tuned and repaired, and MUSIC well and 43J 
neatly bound. SECOND HAND PIANO FORTES taken in ex- 
change for new ones. 



Direct Importers from Europe, offer for sale, at Wholesale and Retail, 
all kinds of 

Musical Instruments and Merchandize, 

at the lowest Northern Importers' prices. 

Agents for the following celebrated Pianos: A. Stodart & Co., John 

B. Dunham, New York 5 P. Erard, Paris ; E. Rosenkranz, ^Dresden 5 

W. Sassenhoff, Bremen, &c. &,c. 

Carhart & Needham and George Prince & 

No. 201 King, fourth door below Market St. 

A. Jordan & W. Stadlmair, 

beg to inform the public generally, and the Ladies intending to give 

Balls, Dinners, Suppers and Parties, especially, that they are prepared 

to execute orders for 

Confectionary, Cookery and Pastry 

at tlie shortest notice, and promise to give entire satisfaction to their 

patrons. On order, we furnish the following articles, such as 

Steeples, Ornamented Cakes of every description, Jellies, 

Faney Charlotte Russes, Blanc Mange, Bavarian Cheese, 

Vol au Vent, French Puddings, Ornamented Table 


and every thing else belonging to this branch of business, 

dealer in 


Dry ^©ods. 

Wholesale and Retail. 

334 King Street, Charleston, S. C. 

Between George Street and Burns' Lane. 



Importer and Wholesale Dealer in 

I W k W M W ® 


(Eljarleston, Soutlj-dlaroltna. 

in Jui iJ^ Kxi m\ o> tI 1x1 « 

Door, Sash & Blind 

iBET' jmL. az:: nr «c© 30^ TfcT' 9 

South Side of Council St., near West end of Tradd Street^ 


Doors, Shutters, and all kinds of Carpenters' 
work done with despatch. 

m w M :ft m ^ ft M 

House, Sign, and Ornamental 


126 King-street, Charleston. 

Orders for Painting in all its branches, and Glazing, promptly 
attended to. 






Three doors below the Merchants' Hotel. 


J. E. Suares, 

Elias Polock. 


Corner of Meeting and Chalmers Streets, 

Opposite the Hibernian Hall, 
Charleston, So. Carolina. 


iiui^m. W^ii:^ 




Hfll'SE CARPEilER t J«iER, 

No. 1 Queen St. 

Newly invented improved COTTON SHAVING PLOUGH, 

cuts 24 inches in width, manufactured to order. 

Planters who have used this Plough, pronounce it the most 

complete for ploughing Corn and Cotton. 

rr^^- OF.DERS from the COUNTRY solicited. .^ 




Book Bindery 





All kinds of 

Books, Periodicals &c, 


in any desired style. 


Work done with Despatch, 

and at the lowest city prices. 


ill Wit ASS ^S 
Drug and Chemical 

gOf King-^t., below the Bend, Charlesioii, S. C, 

Where is conslantl}' kept on hand, Chemicals of the latest discoveries, 
well worthy of the .'tteiition of Physicians and Students, who wish to 
avail themselves of the latest results of practical experiments of the first 
Chemists of France, Germany, etc. Also, an assortment of 

Unsiu-passcd by any, foi quality, in this market, and from which are pre- 
pared a variety ol'Tinctuies, that cannot fail to attract the attention of 
country practitioners. 

For the use of Planfers, with such directions as can admit of their being 
administered with safety by their own hands. Attention is requested to 
the following valuable articles, prepared only at this establishment; 

Cleveland's Superior Cologne Water — which received the first premium 
and a silver medal from the S. C. Institute, 1849, and a diploma, 1850-1. 

Cleveland's Tetter Wash — warranted a certain cure for Tetter, Ring 
Worm, Scald Head, Barber's Itch, and all Cutaneous Eruptions. 

Cleveland's Deobstruent, the greatest Purifier of the Blood knovvp; Sar- 
saparilla Syrup; Sarsaparilla and Queen's Delight; Cough Mixture, used 
in every family where it is known ; Worm Medicine and Powders. 

Dr. E. S. Bennett's Bowel Complaint Mixture; Cough Elixir ; Chol- 
era Mixture and Pills. 

Cleveland's German Tincture of Arnicu, for Cuts, Bruises, Sprains, Etc. 


The many and various preparations now before the public, bearing the 
name of Yeast Powders, render it necessary that we should apprise them 
that these Powders are the result of long and careful chemical analysis, 
and a certain test of their superiority by their use. We challenge the 
world to produce an article equal for the purpose they are recommended; 
and we now place them before the public, with full confidence that they 
will supersede all other preparations for making Bread, Cakes, Pastry, &c. 

Particular attention is called to the extensive assortment of beautiful 
and choice articles for the ToiletTable, the Dressing Room and Boudoir, 
consisting of Perfumery of every kind; Scented Soaps of all varieties; 
Oils and preparations for the Hair; Powders and preparations for render- 
ing the skin soft, smooth and blooming ; Dentifrices for the Teeth ; Brushes 
of all kinds ; Combs, and every article necessary for the nse of the lady 
or gentleman, or families, whether traveling or at home. 

Most of these articles have been expressly imported, at great expense in 
time and money in making the selections. Strangers visiting the city are re- 
spectfully invited to call and see the variety of articles we have for sale. 


nR. .ii^jL i;jv^ s 


for Ihc cure of 

This medicine is offered to ihe public under the assurance 
that there is no article in existence having stronger claims to 
their consideration. Being compounded by a regular Gradu- 
ate of Jefferson College, and a practising Physician ol' Twenty 
Years' Standing in Philadelphia, his long experience has con- 
firmed him in the opinion tliat a compounded medicine was 
required to prevent and remedy the debilitation produced by 
residing in low, miasmatic climate, and to counteract the 
prostrating influences of the many nervous disorders with 

which the human family are alllicted. 
Dr. Allen is a well known physician, and has used the above 
medicine in his practice for twelve years with the most aston- 
ishing effect, having tested its qualities in above 


The effect of this Compound is such as not to interrupt either business 
or pleasure; requiring only the common restraint of moderation in diet. 
It is conveyed by the circulating fhjids, and corrects their tendencies to 
all diseases which originate in Diseased Liver, Depraved Appetite, or 

Predisposition to Affection of the Lungs. 
Thousands are lingering upon the brink of the grave, suffering under 
diseases in some form, whom this medicine would certainly restore to 
health and society. Its safety and innocence have been fully tested, so 

that it may be administered to the most helpless and tender infant. 
The above medicine has for a long time been used with great success in 
warding off that Debility and Prostration of Strength which is produced 
from living in a Southern Climale, or in a neighborhood where Miasmata 
arises from wet and low lands, Bilous and Intermittent Fevers, also 
Liver Complaint, which is so often mistaken for Cousumption of the 
Lungs, though if the patient watches himself closely, he may discover 
the difference. Dr. G. W. Allen is a Avell known physician of the city 
of Philadelphia, and has used the above medicice in his practice for the 
last Twelve Years, the result of Avhich has fully proved that it will CURE 
DYSPEPSIA IN ITS WORST FORMS, and he now offers it to the 
public under this conviction, and trusts it will meet with that patronao-e 
which it so justly deserves. 

When the above Medicine is used as directed, a certain 
cure will be effected in a short time. 

Prepared only by the Proprietors, DR. GEORGE W. ALLEN, Phila- 
delphia, and J. A. & W. L. CLEVELAND, No. 207 King Street, 
Charleston, S. C, and sold by the principal Druggists in the U. States. 

Having suffered for years with Dyspepsia, and been relieved by the 

above medicine, I take pleasure in recommending it to my friends. 
New York, July 1st, 1851. SOLON ROBINSON, 



William Curtis, 

No. 137 East-Bay, 

Fourth Store South of Queen Street. 



fiUMIE Fim 

K9 iE^ £iEC & A ^F i&A f9y 

Camphine, Sperm, Solar, and Whale 


Linseed Oil, Spirits Turpentine, Japans, 

Varnishes and Brushes, 

EngHsh and American While Lead, French 

Window Glass, Paris and English Green 


Paints, dry and ground in Oil, of all colors. fj^ Prompt 

attention to HOUSE, SHIP, SIGN and ORNAMENTAL 

PAINTING, in all its branches. 

[ Your custom^is respectfully solicited. 



Wholesale and Retail 


Offers for sale all kinds of American & B'oreign 




on the most reasonable terms. 

277 King Street, opposite Society Street and 

the Merchants' Hotel, Charleston, S. C 


Epping's Compound Fluid 

Extract of Sarsaparilla and 


For flavoring Ice Creams, Sauces, Jellies, 
Custards, Puddings, Pies. &c., viz : 

Lemoiiy Vanilla^ Almond^ Rose and Preserved Juice of 
Pine Apples. 

A Silver Medal was awarded to thcpc Essences, by the First 
Annual Fair of the Couth Carolina Institute. 

Also, Syrup of Lemon, prepared out of the pure Juice ; Syr- 
ups of Gum Arabic, Strawberry, Blackberry, Orgeat, 
SassalraS; Currant, Raspberry, Ginger, Sarsaparilla, &c. 



Chemist and Druggists, 277 King St., Charleston, S. C. 


Havilaiid, Harral & Co 

Wholesale, 25 Hayne St, Retail, 260 King St. 



English, French, and American Chemicals, Surgical and 
Dental Instruments, Paints, Oils. Dye Stuffs, and 


Fancy Articles, BRUSHES of all kinds, BRONZES, 

Fancy Soaps, Trusses, Tanners' Tools, 
Druggists' Glass Ware, Extracts, Dentists' Gold and 

Tin Foil, Porcelain Teeth, &c. 

Together with a full supply of every article usually found 

in our line of business, which we offer at the lowest 

market prices for cash or approved credit. 

The following Patent Medicines (for most of which we 

are Wholesale Agents) can be obtained genuine, viz: 
Sands' Sarsaparillla, Jaynes' Medicines, Moffat's Medi- 
cines, Ayers' Clierry Pectoral, Balsam Coltsfoot, 
Davis' Pain Killer, Bogle's Hyperion Fluid, 
Hoiick's Panacea, Rothe's Pain Killer, Pri- 
or's Pile Omtment, Dr. Clapp's Specific, 
Swaim's Panacea, Husband's 
Magnesia. Romtm Eye Balsam, 
M'Mun's Elixir of Opium, 
Dr. F. H. Perry's " Dead Shot," Clove Anodyne Tooth-Ache 
Drops, Beckvvith's Anti Dyspeptic Pills, Beckwith's Anti- 
Billious Pills, Youatt's Condilion Powders, Pliilotoken or 
Females' Friend, Wistar's Balsam Wild Cherry, Huf- 
feland's Syrup Tar, Rovvand's Tonic Mixture, Oxy- 
genated Bitters for Dyspepsia, Compound Fluid 
Extract Buchu, Upham's Pile Electuary, 
Colleton Bitters for Dyspepsia. 
N. B. Our connexion with the long established house of " Haviland, 
Keese &. Co., New York," gives us facilities enjoyed by few houses, 
for selling pure articles and at the lowest prices. 

LB D '14