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*S^Goods all fregh and quality guaranteed. I'r< ^ and p.oiupt 

Telephone No. 53. <lelivcry to any part ofthc cUy. 













The University of 
North Carolina Library 

From the 

Established in Memory of 

John Haywood, Trustee 1789-1827 

Edmund Burke Haywood, 1843-46 

Ernest Haywood, '80 


Burke Haywood Bridgets, '03 



, This hook must not 
he tahen from the 
Lihrary huildin^. 

JUL S h.c 
JUL 1 8 ^^oc 




Manufa6lurer of Shoes. 


Nothing but best material used. Every pair warranted. 
Samples sent to merchants to order from. 
Factory, 14 W Hargett St. Retail and Custom Department, 107 Fayetteville St. 








Cor. Cabarrus and Dawson Streets. 

Our stock of Drugs, Druggists' Sundries, Proprietary 
Medicines, Fluid Extracts, Elixirs, Hypopliosphites, 
— complete, Cod Liver Oil, — various brands, Fellows' 
and Phillips' Preparations, — best in the market, a 
complete line of Sharp & Domes' Pharmaceutical 
Preparations. In fact, we keep a full line of all the 
Standard and Genuine Medicines manufactured. Our 
Perfumery Exhibit embraces the sweetest and most 
elegant, while our Toilet Soap supply is nnequaled. If you enjoy a 
sweet and delicious smoke, call on us and j-ou can get it. We keep 
only the best, and guarantee satisfaction. 

JJ^" Prescriptions carefully dispensed with at all hours, day or night. 






A CoMPLKT?: Index to the Residents of the City, 

A Classified Business Directory, and other 

\'ALrABLE Information Relative to 

THE City, County and vState. 


KAUKir.H. N. C. : 

C)l>Mei"\er I'riiitiiin Con ipf 1 n ^■. I'riiiteris and I '1 1 1 >l imI ie!-:-i, 


CENSUS, 1888. 

T3EL0W will be found a corredl census of the population 
of Raleigh, and when one considers that the figures 
here given represent only those living within the corporate 
limits, it certainly is a very gratifying exhibit. The fa6l 
that so many who are identified with the best interests of 
the city have their homes outside the boundary, enables us 
to claim a population of at least 16,000. The population of 
the city, according to the U. S. Census for 1870, was 7,790, 
and according to the Census of 1880 was 9, 265. During the 
past eight years the population of the city has increased 
forty per cent., being an annual increase of five per cent. 
Yet there is room, and Raleigh cordially invites and extends 
the hand of welcome to the home-seeker, the capitalist and 
manufa6lurer to this healthy and progressive town, 


White Males, i)734 

Colored Males, 1,516 

Total Male Adults, 3,250 

White Females, i,973 

Colored Females, 2,125 

Total Female Adults, 4,098 


White Males, i,355 

Colored Males, i,547 

Total Male Children, 2,902 

White Females, i,335 

Colored Females, 1,465 

Total Female Children, 2,800 

Total Population, 13,050 


TN the publication of the Dire6lory for 1888 we offer no 
no apology, believing that a carefnl examination must 
convince our subscribers that the work will speak for itself. 
The labor of obtaining correal information in regard to 
Raleigh, though tedious and expensive, has been greatly 
facilitated by the courtesy of her citizens, whose generous 
support and co-operation have enabled us to present so full 
and correal a publication. 

In presenting this our first effort at Diredtory-making, 
we desire to express our thanks for the assistance and 
information so cheerfully rendered, and at the same time 
claim a just appreciation of our own efforts to place in the 
hand of every merchant in Raleigh a Diredlory worthy of 
the capital city of the Old North State. 


City of Ralkigh. 

npHE beautiful "City of Oaks," Capital of the common- 
■^ wealth of North Carolina, was laid out from a piece 
of land purchased from Col. Joel Lane, b}- Commissioners 
appointed by the General Assembly for that purpose, on 
the 4th day of April, 1792. It is situate upon the rise that 
begins to mark the lower from the upper portion of the State, 
upon easy undulations, only three hundred feet above the 
sea, surrounded by lands in high state of cultivation, with 
a most equable climate, and withal presents as many 
attradlions for all that constitutes a desirable home as anv 
city upon the Atlantic slope. 

While lacking in some of the advantages alike of the 
sea-coast and the mountain, it possesses many not common 
to either. No disease has ever appeared here in its most 
virulent form, and its rate of mortality is far below the 
average. Together with Aiken, South Carolina, Raleigh 
was recommended by a commission of army surgeons as a 
proper and suitable point for the establishment of a govern- 
ment sanitarium. 

The population of Raleigh has always been one of 
remarkable culture, chivalrous but conservative and law- 
abiding ; and though the centre of all political excitement, 
and enjoying the utmost freedom of discussion and expression 
of opinion, it is its proud boast that it has never had a riot. 
"A beautiful and appropriate monument erected by the new, 
to one of the most illustrious political martyrs of the old 
world, and by North Carolina to the author of the first 
attempt at colonization within her borders," — Raleigh has 
always maintained an enviable reputation as the home of 
brave a6lion alid refined culture. 

From a village of some four or five thousand in 1865, 
Raleigh has steadily grown into a respedlable city of about 

ciTv OF ralkic;h. 

sixteen thousand, inclndino- the pupnlation upon its out- 
skirts not striclly within its sharply-defined limits. Its city 
oovernnient is of the best, order stri(5lly but mildly enforced; 
it has an efficient sNsteni of street railway ; a thorough and 
satisfaclory water supph" ; a well-equipped fire department; 
is beautifully lighted by electricity ; has its main thorough- 
fares paved ; has a well-conducted telephone system ; is 
adorned with a number of magnificent public buildings and 
private residences ; its population is employed by many and 
varied industries ; has churches of all the leading denom- 
inations ; its public and private school facilities are most 
excellent ; its debt is small and its credit is high ; in a word 
we have a city of which w^e speak with pride and to which 
we cordially invite the industrious and honest home-seeker. 
We boast, too, of more beautiful public parks than any 
city of its size in the South. There are within the city 
limits three of these parks, including that in which the 
Capitol is located, and within easy reach two others, Pullen 
and P>rookside Parks, that must in the near future add 
much to the comfort and luxury of our people. The latter 
of these is now a delightful resort, and is connected with 
the street railway, so that for a trifle and in a few minutes 
the grateful shade, the green grass and the trickling waters 
can be exchanged for the arid breath of the city. 

General Infcjrmatiun. 


'T^HE State Capitol is tht laeetintr point for the .streets which divide 
^ the city on the North, South, East and West. Fayetteville and 
Halifax streets separate the city East and West, Fayetteville street run- 
ning South and Halifax street running North. The other streets running 
North and vSouth are located in the followinji order : 










Mcdowell and manly, 


New Bern Avenue and Hillsboro Street separate the cit}- North and 
South, From the Capitol, New Bern Avenue runs East and Hillsboro 
Street West, The following is the order in which the other streets run- 
East and West are located ; 


















The buildings are numbered on the Philadelphia plan, loo to a block, 
beginning at the Capitol. 


T^ ALEIGH is rich in schools, and her citizens speak with pride of the 
advantages here offered. Under the efficient management of Prof. 
E. P. Moses, Superintendent of the Raleigh Graded Schools, the public 
school system has increased -in usefulness, and to-day compares very 
favorably with any city in the South. The private schools are well 
attended, as the following, taken from this year's annual catalogues, 


will show : Peace Institute, 167; St. Mary's School, 143; Raleij^h Male 
Acadciiiv. 102. These institutions afTonl a constant source of pleasure 
anil instruction to the people of Raleij^h. The followinj^ list will show 
the location of all institutions of learnint;- : 


I'ayetteville Street, Prof. \V. V. vSavaj^e, Principal. 

Person Street, Prof. J. D. JNIiller, Principal. 

Peace Street, Rev. R. Burwell, D. D. & Son, Principals. 

120 North Bloodworth Street, Morson & Denson, Principals. 

7S4 Hillshoro Street, Rev. Bennett Smedes, A. M., Principal and Rector. 


128 East vSouth Street, Rev. H. M. Tupper, A. M., Principal. 


Swain Street, Prof. D. A. Lane, PrincipaL 

750 South Wilmington Street, Rev. H. M. Tupper, A. M., Principal. 

516 Haywood Street, Miss P. Morford, Principal. 


Oberlin Yillage, Prof. \V. H. Peace, Principal. 

1 iS East South Street, Rev. H. M. Tupper, A. M., Principal. 

Oakwood Avenue, Rev. Dr. Sutton, Principal. 


West Street, Prof. E. A.Johnson, Principal. 




/~\NE need only to glance at the list of churches to be convinced that 
^-^ Raleigh is emphatically a city of churches, and though the peoplc 
of North Carolina are for the most part Protestant, Raleigh is cosmopol- 
itan in this as in other respects, and here may be found the Jewisli 
Synagogue and the Roman Catholic Church. 



Blount vStrkkt Presbyterian, 
Blount Street, Rev. J. M. Atkin- 
son, D. D., Pastor. 

Brooklyn M. E. Church, 
Peace Street, Rev. E. 


Central M. E. Church, 

Person Street, Rev. L,. L. Nash, 

Christian Church, 

Hillsboro Street, Rev. W. G. 
Clements, Pastor. 

Christ Episcopal Church, 

Wilmington vStreet, Rev. M. M. 
Marshall, Rector. 

Church oe the Good Shepherd, 
Hillsboro vStreet, Rev. W. M. 
Clark, Rector. 

Church ok the Sacred Heart, 
Hillsboro Street, Rev. Father 
J. J. Reiley, Priest. 

E^DENTON Street M. E. Chi-rch. 
Edenton Street, Rev. J. T. 
Gibbs, Pastor. 

First Baptist Church, 
Salisbury Street, Rev. 

F'irst Presbyterian Church, 
Salisburv Street, Rev. John S. 
Watkins' D. D., Pastor. 

Jewish Synagogue, 

F^ayetteville Street, M. Graus- 
man. Reader. 

Primitive B.\ptist, 
S. Dawson Street, 


Raleigh B.aptist Tabernacle, 
E. Hargett Street, Rev. G. .S. 
Williams, Pastor. 

Third Baptist Church, 

Fayetteville Street, Rev. S. H. 
Thompson, Pastor. 

Chrlstian Church, 

Manly Street, Rev. M. Fike, 

Congregational Church, 

W. South Street, Rev. George 
S. Smith, Pastor. 

Cox Memorial M. E. Church, 
New Bern Avenue, Rev. S. P. 
West, Pastor. 

First Baptist Church, 

N. Salisbury vStreet, Rev. J. J. 
Worlds, Pastor. 


Presbyterian Church, 
Davie Street, Rev 

Allen A. 

Scott, Pastor. 

Second Baptist Church, 

IC. Davie Street, Rev. N. F. 
Roberts, Pastor. 

St. Augustine FIpls'p'l Chitrcm, 
N. Dawson .Street, Rev. R. IL 
Sutton, Rector. 

vSt. Paul's M. E. Church, 

N. Han-ington Street, Rev. W. 
H. Bishop, Pastor. 



China, Crockery, Glassware, 


Silver-plated Ware, Refrigerators, Tea Trays, Water Filters, 
Coolers, Fly Fans, Oil Stoves, &c. 

136 Fayetteville Street, RALEIGH. N. C. 




Corner Fayetteville and Hargett Streets, Raleigh, N, C. 

Have in store a well selected stock of Drugs and Medicines, Pure Chemicals, Fluid 
and Solid Extracts, Elixirs, .Syrups, Sugar and Ouin Coated Pills, including all of the 
most popular proprietary and patent medicines of the dav. Surgical Instruments and 
Appliances furnished at short notice. Prescriptions carefully compounded at all hours 
of the day and night. Night bell in rear of the store. 


Dealer in .'Vnmi Repairer ok 

Clocks, Watches and Jewelry, 





C. B. OEXSON. / P""ciP«l«- 

Boys and Young men are given a thoroigh educational training, 
preparatory to any of the higher instittitions of learning in N. C, or 
those of a similar character elsewhere, for the active business pursuits 
of life. No efforts are spared to secure studious habits and thorough 

Sessions begin the ^Monday nearest the first of vSeptember and con- 
tinue ten months. For catalogue, terms, &c., address the Principals at 
Raleigh, N. C. 


Artist in Pliotograpliy and Portraits; 

131 Fayetteville Street, RALEIGH, N. C. 

Jgl^^The best work for the least money. The latest styles and most 
artistic photographs. The best Crayons in the State. Old pictures, 
enlarged and colored in first-class style. 

Call and see samples. 


Yarborough House, 


R. B. RANEY, Proprietor. 

First-class Accommodations for Commercial 



118 Fayetteville St., 1^ /^ Raleigh, N. Carolina. 

fii^^ Agent for Lincoln Lithia Water. -^^n. 


Cor. FayetliBVille and jlargetli ^tr^eetg. 

Largest Stock and Lowest 
Prices in 



Qents' puniishing Qoods. 


226 Fayetteville Street, Opposite Market, 


Tinware, Stoves, Sheet Iron, Copper Ware. 

Tobacco Flues a Specialty. 


Stone Ware, Willow Ware, 
Wood Ware, Iron Hollow 
Ware. lite. 


First Premium at FIVE Successive State Fairs, 


Pharmacist and Druggist, 

Cor. Hillsboro and Salisbury Streets. 



I20 Kayetteville Street, 

Is the place to stay while in Raleigh, Situated in the 

centre of the city, near the Capitol, and convenient 

to all the public places and business houses. 

Opposite Tucker's, the largest dry 

goods store in the city. 

^m$ pleasant. Table Be?t5 the Mai^^ets MM$. 

Prices Moderate. Meals regular from 7 to 9 A, M. ; i to 

3 P. M. ; 6 to 8 P. M. Orders filled for everything 

in the eating line at all hours, and prices 

on bill of fare to order. 

The onli] (qentlemen'g Lodging I Dining I^oom in I^aleigh. 




Fruits ^^d Ice Cream, 


Picnics Supplied. Fancy Moulds of all Description. 



Hon. Alk. a. Thompson, Mayor; Major CHarles D. Hkartt, Chief 
of Police ; CharlksW. Lambeth, Clerk ; C. B. Root, Tax ColleAor ; 
Jos. G. Brown, Treasurer ; John T. Davis, Auditor ; R. T. Gray, 
.\ttorney ; Wm. Z. Bi.ake, Street Commissioner ; W. R. Anderson, 
Commissioner of Sinking Fund ; Dr. James McKke, Su])erintendent 
of Health; W. H. Withkusi'OON, Keeper of Market; J.\MKS H. 
Marshall, Janitor; T. W. Blake, Chief of I'ire Department; T. 
L. Love, .Assistant Chief of Fire Department ; S. A. Jones, Sexton 
■ City Cemetery ; S. Anderson, Sexton Mt. Hope Cemetery. 


First Ward :— W. W. Briggs, C. G. Latta, W. N. Snelling. 

Second \V.a.rd : — I'. W. Hunnicut, A. J. Harris, Reuben Cole. 

Third Ward :— John Y. MacRae, Ed. H. Lee, E. B. E;nglehard, E. C. 

Smith, P. Cowper. 
F'OURTH Ward: — ^James H. Jones, J. H. Harris, W. H. Matthews. 
F'ifth Ward : — C. B. Edwards, J. W. Horton, G. Edgar Leach. 


Fin.\nce : — C. G. Latta, Chairman, Lee, Smith, Leach. 

Street : — C B. Edwards, Chairman, Latta, Lee, Hunuicut, Jones. 

Police: — E. B. Englehard, Chairman, MacRae, Briggs, Smith, Mayor 

Cemetery : — G. W. Hunnicut, Chairman, Briggs, Matthews. 
Lights :— John Y. MacRae, Chairman, Hunnicut, A. J. Harris. 
M.\RKET : — W. N. Snelling, Chairman, Leach, A. J. Harris. 
Buildings : — W. W. Briggs, Chairman , Snelling, Hunnicut. 
Public Schools : — E. C. Smith, Chairman, Lee. Jones. 
Parks : — G. Edgar Leach, Chairman, Lee, Briggs. 
W.\TER Works : — ^J. Y. MacRae, Chairman, Englehard, Jones, Mayor 

Thompson, City Attorney Gray. 


J. C. Brewster, M. H. Brown, John B. Neathery, R. S. Tucker, W. 8. 



'npHERE are ten Alarm Boxes located as described below. On each 
box pole will be designated the location of keys. Keys will also 
be kept at the nearest residence to the box. When a fire occurs, get the 
key to the box nearest the fire and open the outer door of the box. Pull 
down the hook only one time and let it go. Do not attempt to remove 
the key. You cannot do it. 

No. 13. — Corner Johnson and Halifax Streets. 

No. 14.— Corner North and Person Streets. 

No. 15. — Corner Edenton and East vStreets. 

No. 23.— Corner Wilmington and Martin vStreets. / Location 

No. 24. — Corner Davie and Bloodworth Streets. ' ° 

No. 25.— Corner Wilmington and South Streets. / ^^^^"" Boxes 

No. 31. — Corner Davie and Dawson Streets. I ^ 

No. 32.— Corner Hillsboro and West Streets. \ hydrants. 

No. 41. — Corner Jones and Dawson Streets. ' 

No. 42. — Corner Halifax and lidenton Streets. 

Key-holders will be particular to observe the following directions : 

1st. — To give an alarm, open the door, pull the hook to the bottom of 
of the slot once onty and let go. If the small bell in the box is ring- 
ing, do not pull the hook, as this indicates that an alarm has already 
been sent in from another box. 

2d. — Be particular to remain at the box until some officer of the Fire 
Department or some piece of apparatus arrives. 

3d. — Never give your key to an irresponsible person. 

4tli. — Never open the alarm box door except to give an alarm of fire. 

5th. — Alwavs send in the alarm from the box nearest the fire. 



CAPITAL Hose Reel Company, Morgan vStreet, F. H. Lumsden, Fore- 
man, J. H- Ferrall, Assistant Foreman. 

Hook and Ladder Company, No. i, Market Street, .\iidre\v Williams, 
Foreman, Willis N. Fowler, Assistant F'^oreman. 

IxiiiCPKNDENT Ho.SE REEL COMPANY, No. T, Blount vStreet, Melvin 
.Andrews, Foreman, Edward Taylor, Assistant Foreman. 

Ph(Kxix Chemicvl Company, No. i, vSalisbury Street, George Williams, 
F'oreman, A. H. Haynes, Assistant Foreman. 

Rescue Steam Company, No. i, Fayetteville Street, R. M. Lumsden, 
I'oreman, J. .S. Riddle, Assistant I'oreman. 


BrcKET and Ladder Co.mpany, No. i. Market House, Sam'l Steward. 

Foreman, George Brewer, Assistant Foreman. 
X'lCToR F'iRE Company, No. i. Market House, A. Haywood, Foreman, 

vSilas Mallett, Assistant F'oreman. 




lPs|;lli|! ' ' 

217 S. Bloodworth Street, 

All Kinds Slate, Slate Mantels, 


Repairing promptly attended to. 
P. o. Box 405. 



Contractors and Builders of Brick Work 


Work done anywhere in the State at shortest notice. 

Making the laying of Fine Fronts with Press Brick a Specialty. 


in all its latest styles, from two coats of whitewash to the finest hard finish. 

*»"Cornices of all .styles planted or run, Centre Pieces, .Sitting Mantle Pieces, 
Crates. &c. 

We will also superintend the construction of buildings anywhere in the State, 
where parties prefer to furnish their own materials. 

Reference if desired. All orders left at T. H. Briggs & Sons, 220 P'ayettcville Street, 
will receive prompt attention, or address 






Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Co., 

A.MS*etM, Jfiiinfirx 1, iM.SK, i^sH 8s8,oi8.c>o. 

The .stronfjest of the five largest mutual companies — as shown by the ratio of sur- 
plus to liabilities. 

The cheapest of all companies — its dividends for thirteen successive years having 
exceeded those of any other companj', and being at present nearly double those of any 
other company issuing Semi-Tontine or Tontine Policies. 

The safest of all companies — its location enabling it to make the .safest investments, 
and at a far,higher rate of interest than any of its competitors. 

OFFICE : Law Building, Cor. Martin and Salisbury Streets. 


Fashionable Merchant Tailor, 





Jeweler, Engraver and Watchmaker, 


Watches, Clocks, Diamonds, Silver and Silver-PIated Ware. 

Keeps on hand all articles to be found in a first-class Jewelry Store. 


Send for patented Ring Measure. Goods sent on selection to any part of the Stat^ 
upon receipt of satisfactory reference. H. IVIAHLER, 


Dr. K. B. RANKIN, 

Homoeopathic Physician 

Halifax Street, opposite Cotton Platform, 


Office Hours : 8 to 9 A. M.; 12 to i P. M.; 6 to 7 P. M. 

Attends to the General Practice of Medicine. *2rSpecial attention paid to Disease; 
of Women and Children. 


Fashionable Dressmaker, 





B@^Orders by mail promptly attended to, and purchases made foi 
ladies in any part of the State. 

ciknp:ral information. xi 



('.RAND Lodge of North Carolina.— Rev. J. H. Cordon, G. M.; J. W. 
Albright, D. G. M.; Joseph G. Brown, G. W.; B. H. Woodell, G. S.; 
Richard J. Jones, G. T. Meets 2d Tuesday in May. 

Mantko Lodge, No. 8.— J. J. Lewis, N. G.; T. L. Love, V. G.; H. K. 
Litchford, Treas.; T. \V. Blake, Financial vSec; G. L. Tonnoffski, 
Recordintj Sec. INIeets every Tuesday night at Odd Fellows' Hall. 

McKee Encampment. — C. B. Edwards, C. P.; Win. Woollcott, H. P.; 
\V. T. Hodge, S. \V.; C. H. Betts. J. W.; David Rosenthal, vS.; A. W. 
Frapps, T. Meets second and fourth Friday nights in each month, 
at Odd Fellows' Hall. 

RiTH Lodge, No. 4, Daughter-S of Rfzbecca. — B. H. Woodell, N. G.; 
Mrs. L. W. Renn, V. G.; Miss Alma Separk, F. S.; Mrs. Joseph J. 
Johnson, R. S. ; Miss Ida Cheek, T. Meets first and third Monday 
nights in each month at Odd Fellows' Hall. 

Si'ATON Gales Lodge, No. 64.— J. N. McRary, N. G. ; C. A. Goodwin, 
V. G.; L. W. Renn, F. S.; Phil. Thiem, R. S.; Wm. Woollcott, T. 
Meets every Thursday night at Odd Fellows' Hall. 

knights ok PYTHIAS. 

Centre Lodge, No. 3.— Wm. Cram, P. C; W. W. Willson, C. C; John 
Ward, V. C; John D. Briggs, P.; Wayne Allcott, M. of E.; Jas. A. 
Rogers, M. of I.; W. A. Withers, K. of R. and S.; H. vS. Pierce, M. 
at A.; H. Perry, I. G.; D. H. Browder, O. G. Meets every Monday 
night at Castle Hall. 

jiNioR order fnited amf:ric.a.n mechanics. 

Carolina Council, No. i. — Thos A. Partin, C; C. A. Riddle, V. C; W. 
L. Riddle, S.; J. W. Cooper, F. S.; W. H. Cole, T. Meets every 
Wednesday night, at Odd Fellows' Hall. 

- knights OF" ho.nor. 

Oak City Lodge, No. 419.— S. M. Parish, D.; A. L. Ferrell, V. D. ; J. B. 
Neathery, R.; A. M. Powell. F. R.; J. A. Jones, T. 

ROYAL .\RC.\Nl.M. 

C. W. Lambeth, R.; W. A. Gattis, V. R.; C. R. Lee, S. ; W. H. Dodd, C. ; 
J. Qt. Brown, T. Meets second and fourth Tuesday nights in each 
mouth, at K. of L. Hall. 


Grand Lodge A., F. & A. M.— Chas. H. Robinson, G. M.; vSamuel H. 
Smith, D. G. M.; H. A. Gudger, S. G. W.; John W. Gotten, J. G. W.; 
W. E. Anderson, G. T.; D. W. Bain, G. vS. Meets at Raleigh on the 
second Tuesday in January of each year, in Masonic HalL 

Hiram Lodge, No. 40. — Dr. Eugene Grissom, W. M.; S. M. Parish, S. 
W.; S. W. Walker, J. W.; E. B. Thomas, S.; Thomas \V. Blake, T. 
Meets third Monday night in each month, at Masonic Hall. 

Raleigh Chapter, No. 10. — Eugene Grissom, H. P.; Thos. Badger, K. ; 
W. H. Bragg, S. ; J. B. Neathery, vSec'ty. Meets Tuesday after third 
Monday in each month, at Masonic Hall. 

Wm. G. Hill Lodge, No. 218.— J. W. Thompson, W. M.; D. Rosenthal, 
S. W.; E. G. Harrell, J. W.; John B. Neathery, S.; D. S. Waitt, T. 
Meets second and fourth Monday nights in each month, at Masonic 

knights templar. 

Raleigh Commandery, No. 4. — Wm. vSimp.son, E. C; Fred. A. Watson, 
G.; D. S. Waitt, C. G.; S. D. Wait, T.; T. W. Blake, R. Meets first 
Friday in each month, at Masonic Hall. 


Raleigh Council, No. 1818.— D. T. Johnson, C; J. W. Watson, P. C; 
vS. M. Parish, Sec; W. H. Dodd, Col.; A. M. Powell, Treas. 

typographical union. 

Raleigh Typographical LTnion, No. 54. — ^Josiah Jones, P.; C. J. Betts, 
V. P.; William N. Brockwell, R. and F. S.; L. O. Lougee, T.; A. J. 
Williams, C. S. ; Simeon Smith, S. at A. Meets first Wednesday 
night in every month, at Rescue Hall. 

r. & g. r. r. workingmen's relief association. 

W. C. Betts, President ; John W. Horton, Vice-President ; T. B. Alderson, 
Financial Secretary ; W. H. Cole, Recording Secretary; W. L. Davis, 


V'iRTUE Lodge, No. 1616. — George Wyche, N. G. ; Ransom Avera, V. G. ; 
Isaiah G. Hayes, S. ; Jasper Hinton, T. Meets every first and fourth 
Friday in every month, at Lodge Room, Dawson and Davie Streets. 

WiDow.s' vSoN Lodge, No. 4. — A. J. Harris, W. M.; J. Alston, S. W.; 
Henry Hartsfield, J. W.; J. R. Davis, T.; W. H. Curtis, S. Meets 
first and third Monday nights in each month, at 133 Fayetteville 



Charles I). I'pchurch, Clerk of the vSuperior Court; James P. H. Adams. 
Register of Deeds; J. Rowan Rogers, Sheriff; Robert W. Wynne, 
Treasurer ; Rev. W. G. Clements, County vSuperintendent of Public 
Instruction; George H. Snow, Attorney; James McKee, M. I).. 
8u])erintcndent of Health. 



INIatl. \V. Ransom, of Northampton County. Term of office will expire 
March 3(1, 1889. 

Zebulon B. Vance, of Buncombe County. Term of office will expire 
March 3d. 1891. 

l' District.— Louis C. Latham (Democrat), of Greenville; vSecond 
Di.strict.--F. M. Simmons (Democratj, of New Bern ; Third District.— 
Chas. W. McClammy (Democrat), of Scott's Hill ; Fourth District.— 
John Nichols (Independent), of Raleigh ; Fifth District.— John M. 
Brower (Republican), of Mount Airy ; Sixth District.— .\lfred Row- 
land (Democrat), of Lumbertou ; Seventh District.— John vSteele 
Henderson (Democrat), of Salisbury ; Eighth Di.strict.— W. H. H. 
Cowles I Democrat), of Wilkesboro ; Ninth District.— Thomas I). 
Johnston (Democrat), of Asheville. 


(tOVKrxor'.s Guard.— Eugene G. Harrell, Captain ; Joseph Bernard, ist 
Lieutenant; John J. Whitehead, 2d Lieutenant; John Cross, ist 
vSergeant ; Dr. E. B. Rankin, Surgeon ; Rev. L. L. Nash, Chaplain. 

Oak City Blues (colored).— Andrew J. Haywood, Captain; Calvin 

Dunslon, ist Lieutenant ; R.J. Smith, 2d Lieutenant. 


William N. H. Smith, of Wake County, Chief Justice ; Joseph J. Davis, 
of Franklin County, and A. S. Mcrrimon, of Wake County, Associate 
Justices. Salaries of Chief Justice and Associates, |2,5oo each. 

Theodore F. Davidson, of Buncombe County, .\ttorney-General and 
Rej)orter. Salary $1,000. 

Thomas S. Kenan, of Wilson County, Clerk. Salary 1:300 and Fees. 

R. H. Bradley, of Wake County, Marshal and Librarian. Salary |8oo. 




Alfred M. Scales, of Rockingham County. Salary |3,ooo. 


C. M. Stednian, of New Hanover County. vSalarv/>c7 diciir. 


C. H. Amifield, of Iredell County. Salary |;i.20o. 


Wallace N. Scales, of Rockingham County. Salary- |6™). 


Wni. L. Saunders, of Wake County. Salary |2,ooo. 


W. P. Batchelor, of Wake County. Salary |;i,ofxx 

Donald W. Bain, of Wake Count^^ Salary $3,000. 


Henry M. Cowan, of Chatham Count}'. Salary $1,500. 

Herbert W. Jackson, of Randolph County. Salary $750. 


Thomas A. Partin, of Wake County. Salary $750. 


W. p. Roberts, of Gates County. Salary $1,500. 


J. D. Boushall, of Camden County. JSalary $1,000. 

S.-M. Finger, of Catawba County. Salary $1,500. 

John Devereux, of Wake County. Salary $1,000. 

Johnstone Jones, of Buncombe County. Salary $600. 


T. F. Davidson, of Buncombe Count}-. Salary $2,(X)0. 


James C. Birdsong, of Wake County. Salary $750. 


C. M. Roberts, of Vance County. Salary $750. 



Dr. Ivuj^ene (irissom, .Superintendent; Dr. Francis F". Fuller, 
Assistant Physician ; Dr. Sion H. Rogers, Second Assistant Physician; 
John W. Thompson, Steward; Mrs. Mary A. Lawrence, Matron. 


W.J. Hicks, Architect and Warden; J. M, Fleming, Deputy Warden; 
I). C. Murray, Steward; Dr. J. W. McGee, Physician; Joseph J. 
liernard. Book-keeper. 


William J. Young, Principal ; John G. B. Grimes, vSteward ; Donald \V. 
Bain, cx~officio Treasurer. 


John Robinson, Commissioner ; T. K. Bruner, Secretary ; Herbert B. 
Battle, Director of the Experiment Station ; John T. Patrick, vState 
Agent of Immigration ; Thomas C. Harris, Curator of Geological 


W. G. Upchurch, President ; Eugene G. Harrell, Secretary ; Peter M. 
Wilson, Secretary to Executive Committee and Treasurer. 


Dr. James A. Sexton, President; Dr. A. J. Buffaloe, Secretary ; Dr. P. 
E. Hines, Treasurer. Meets the first Wednesday evening in each 


V,. ]M. Nadal, Wilson, President; William Simpson, Raleigh, Secretary; 
H. R. Home, F'ajetteville ; F. W. Hancock, New Bern. 


T. C. .Smith, .\sheville. President; .-\. .S. Lcc, Raleigh, Treasurer; \\. V. 
Zoeller, Tarboro, Secretary. 

Objfxts of Interest in Raleigh. 

''p-HE many public and private buildings to be found in the follo\vin,u: 
■*^ list will alike convince the resident and visitor that Raleigh has 
many places to interest. Our State and County institutions add much to 
the architectural display of the city, and it is the remark of nearly all 
observant visitors that the public buildings of Raleigh are most creditable, 
and in design and execution first-class. 

Agricultural Building, cor. Halifax and Edenton vStreets. 

Birthplace of President Andrew Johnson, ii8 E. Cabarrus vStreet. 

Brookside Park, one mile south-east of Capitol. 

Centennial Graded vSchool, P'^ayette^'ille Street. 

College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts, one mile west of city. 

County Court House, Fayetteville Street. 

Deaf and Dumb and Blind Institution (white), Jones Street. 

Deaf and Dumb and Blind Institution (colored) Lenoir Street. 

Estey Seminary, 128 E- South Street. 

Geological Museum, cor. Halifax and Edenton Streets. 

Governor's Mansion, Blount Street. 

Insane Asylum, two miles south-west of Capitol. 

Leonard Medical School, 750 S. Wilmington vStreet. 

Metropolitan Hall, Fayetteville Street. 

Murphy Graded School, Person Street. 

National Cemetery, one and a half miles south-east of Capitol. 

Oakwood Cemetery, Oakwood and Linden Avenues. 

Peace Institute, Peace and Halifax Streets. 

Pullen-Park, one and a half miles west of Capitol. 

Raleigh Male Academy, 120 N. Blood worth Street. 

Raleigh & Gaston Shops, Salisbury and Lane Streets. 

Shaw University (col.), 118 'E. South Street. 

St. John's Hospital, 17 W. South Street. 

St. Mary's School, 784 Hillsboro Street. 

Supreme Court and Library Building, Edenton Street. 

State Capitol, head of Fayetteville Street. 

United States Post-Office and Court House, Fayetteville .Street. 

Wake Coimty Court House, I'ayetteville Street. 

Water Works, two miles south of Capitol. 



Woodell's Popular Shoe Store. General Commission Merchant, 



Manufacturers' Agent. 

EVER KNOWN. Xlent. Oraln, Ac, on Hand. 

No. 330 Fayetteville Street. 


Corner Wilmington, Martin and Market Streets. 



Wholesale and Retail Dealer in 

Ditij (qood^.plotioii^, ^^^ Made dloiing. 

fi®"" Special Drive in Hand Made Shoes, and the Prettiest 

and Best Shirt in Market. Price $1 and $1.25. 

Hats, Trnnks, Valises, White Goods, Etc., 

South Cor. Fayetteville and Exchange Place. 


Kish and Oysters, 


Orders Promptly Delivered to Any Part of the City 



Thursday, September 13th, 1888. 






C "1 






A Corps of l^oiirteeii Eftident Instructors. 

For Circiilars containiii'^ terms, etc., address the Rector. 

Directory of Raleigh. 



* colored. n north. 

al alley. N. C North Carolina 

av avenue. R. & A. R. R Raleigh & Augusta K. R. 

bds boards. R. & D. R. R—Richniond & Danville R. R. 

cor corner. R. & G. R. R Raleigh & Gaston R. R 

D.,D. &B. I--Deaf, Dumb and Blind Inst. res residence. 

e east. s south. 

mfg manufacturing. w west. 

nifr manufacturer. wid widow. 


Abrams Geneva, dressmaker, res 401 n West 
Abrams William, harness maker, res 401 n West 
*Ackerly Ella, res 418 s Salisbury 
Adams Alexander, butcher, res 414 e Martin 

* Adams Dinah, laundress, res 118 w Cabarriis 

Adams D T, sup't free mail delivery, res 507 s Blood worth 

Adams Edward A, compositor, res 508 s Bloodworth 

Adams E S, tinsmith, res 410 n East 

Adams Frances, widow, bds 508 s Bloodworth 

Adams H R, tinsmith, res 117 s Bloodworth 

Adams James H, book-keeper, res 215 e Davie 

Adams Joseph, guard at Penitentiar}', res 307 w Morgan 

Adams ]Mrs J P, midwife, res 818 s Wilmington 

Adams J W H, clerk Register Deeds, res rear Court House 

Adams Len H, wholesale grocer, res 227 e Edenton 

Adams Lynn, res 215 e Davie 

* Adams Thomas Jr, brickmaker, res 118 w Cabarrus 

* Adams Thomas, carpenter, res 118 w Cabarrus 


Adams Mrs Maggie, widow, res 414 w Joues 
*Adams Thos, janitor Centennial graded school, res same 
Adams Thomas W, printer's apprentice, res 414 w Jones 
Addison C H, snpt at J L Stone's, res 109 s Wilmington 
Adkins Lilly, seamstress, res 419 Cannon 
Aiken E R, tobacconist, bds 117 n Bloodworth 
Aiken W H, tobacconist, bds 117 n Bloodworth 
Addison T B, laborer, res 304 n Dawson 

* Alexander Bethia, cook, res 515 Smith lane 

* Alexander Hardie, wood-chopper, res 515 Smith lane 

* Alexander Jacob, porter, res 114 n Harrington 

* Alexander Samuel, laborer, res 511 n Salisbur}' 
Alford James H, compositor, res 113 n Salisbur}- 
*Alford Julia, waiter in restaurant, res 209 s Wilmington 

* Alford Nick H, restaurant, res 209 s Wilmington 
Alford W Henry, carpenter, res 224 w North 

Allcott Wayne, clerk in post-office, res 315 Oak wood av 
Allcott William N, salesman, res 566 e Hargett 

* Allen Abbie, laundress, res rear 217 s Bloodworth 
*Allen Alice, cook, res 320 w Edenton 

Allen Angeline, res 5136 Martin 

* Allen Anthony, porter, res 729 s Blount 

Allen C S, freight agt R & G R R, res 329 w Hargett 
*Allen Elias, laborer, res 748 Blount al 
*Allen Gabriel, truck driver, res 407 Hillsboro 
Allen G M, founder and machinist, res 116 s West 

* Allen Henry, ditcher, res 523 s Harrington 
Allen Henry D, clerk, res 306 New Bern av 
Allen J W, laborer, res 507 e Martin 

Allen J W, locomotive engineer, res 2 1 7 n Dawson 
*Allen Judge, shoemaker, res 207 w South 
*Allen Mary, cook, res rear 3 s Wilmington 
*Allen Norman, laborer, res 28 Dodd 
Allen Paul D, book-keeper, res 329 w Hargett 
*Alle.n Rachel, boarding house, 729 s Blount 
*Allen Sarah, nurse, res 748 Blount al 


Allen Sol J, farmer, res 418 n Person 

* Allen Theodore, carpenter, res rear 410 w North 
Allen Thomas W, locomotive engineer, res 203 Sannders 

* Allen William, gardener, res rear 514 e Davie 
*Alley Pompey, laborer, res 32 Jenkins 
Allison S D, machine agent, bds 217 s Person 

* Alston Amanda, cook, res 306 Hillsboro 

* Alston Chaney, laundress, 19 McKee 
*Alston Dennis, farmer, res 210 Fa^^'etteville 
Alston E M, drug clerk, rooms 2 s Salisbury 
'^Alston Eliza, domestic, res 230 s East 

* Alston Ellis, driver, res rear 305 e Edenton 
^Alston Emily, laundress, res 509 e Martin 

* Alston Emma, cook, res 118 Johnson 

* Alston Evans, truck driver, res 13 Worth 
♦Alston Frank, truck driver, res rear 435 n Salisbury 

* Alston George, laborer, res 14 Railroad 
*Alston Green W, grocer, res 308 w South 

* Alston Hardy, shoemaker, res 230 s East 
*Alston Harriet, laundress, res rear 328 w South 

* Alston Helen, cook, res 918 Manly 

* Alston John H, shoemaker, res 218 w Cabarrus 

* Alston Joseph J, truck driver, res 106 Smithfield 
*Alston Josephine, domestic, res 416 s Salisbury 

* Alston Lottie, laundress, res 312 s Harrington 
*Alston Lydia, domestic, res 529 n Wilmington 
*Alston Madison, gardener, res 596 e Lenoir 

* Alston Mar}-, seamstress, res 617 Elm 

* Alston Maria, nurse, res 114 e Morgan 
*Alston Minerva, laundress, res 424 s Blount 
*Alston Nancy, laundress, res 324 w South 
*Alston Peter, locomotive fireman, res 717 i\Ianly 
*Alston Rhoda, res 711 s West 

*Alston Samuel, stone-cutter, res rear 305 e Edenton 
*Alston Sidney, laborer, res rear 328 w South 
*Alston Solomon, whitewasher, res 416 s Salisbury 


"Alston Susan, laundress, 717 Manly 

* Alston Sylvester, bricklayer's apprentice, res 14 Railroad 
^Alston Thomas, gardener, res 325 s Bloodworth 
"Alston Trim, laborer, res 511 s Dawson 

"Alston Willis, carpenter, res 19 McKee 

Amis Mrs Candace, dressmaker, res 223 n Salisbury 

Amis Moses N, lawyer, res 223 n Salisbury 

* Anderson Bettie, laundress, res 229 e Cabarrus 
Anderson C H, collector, res 109 s Wilmington 
Anderson Charles, clerk, bds 109 s Blount 

Anderson D A, manager Raleigh Tea Co, res 305 s Person 

"Anderson Ellen, seamstress, res 808 s Blount 

Anderson J N, telegraph operator, bds 319 Fayetteville 

Anderson W E, pres't Citizens Nat'l Bank, res 516 e Jones 

Anderson W J, clerk, res 501 n Person 

Andrews A B, 3d vice-pres't R & D R R, res 407 n Blount 

Andrews Amanda, dressmaker, res 120 w Lane 

Andrews David H, compositor, res 120 w Lane 

Andrews Greek 0,city editor News-Obs,bds 319 Fayetteville 

Andrews Melvin, blacksmith's apprentice, res 120 w Lane 

Andrews Phil H, wood and coal, res 105 n Blount 

Andrews R B, retired merchant, rooms 127 Fayetteville 

Andrews W Edward, salesman, res 121 w Cabarrus 

Andrews W H, watchman, res 1 20 w Lane 

Andrews W E, ex-street commissioner, res 515 Harrington 

Andrews Ralph M, blacksmith, res 121 w Cabarrus 

Andrews Zeb Vance, telegraph lineman, res 121 w Cabarrus 

Argo Thomas M, district solicitor, res 12 n Person 

Arendell B J, salesman, res 602 s Salisbur}- 

Arendell F B, commission merchant, res 602 s Salisbury 

*Amold Benjamin, laborer, res 425 n West 

Arnold Edgar, shoemaker, res 17 Peace 

Arnold James E, butcher, res 211 Smithfield 

^Arnold Nelson, porter, res 423 s Blount 

Arnold Thomas A, clothing cutter, res 230 Smithfield 

Armfield C H, Governor's private sec, bds 104 n McDowell 


"^Arringtoii Esther, laundress, res 518 s Dawson 
"^■Arrington ]\Iary J, laundress, res 513 e Davie 
^Arrington ^Martha, nurse, res 417 s Blount 
^Arrington Millie, cook, res 417 s Blount 
*Arrington Nancy, laundress, res 424 Fayetteville 
Arrington Mrs Pattie, widow, res 20 s Swain 
Arrington Miss SaHie, seamstress, res 20 s Swain 
Arrington Thomas G, hotel clerk, rooms 429 Fayetteville 
Arthur C D, fish monger, bds 213 Hillsboro 
*Artis aviary, laundress, res 603 s East 
*Ashe Jesse, carpenter, res 525 e Cabarrus 
Ashe Samuel A, post-master, res 628 Hillsboro 
Ashe Miss S Willie, teacher, res 628 Hillsboro 
*Ashe Thomas, servant, res 528 Fayetteville 
Ashley Wm E, supt N C Car Co, res 20 Firwood av 
Askew Mrs H J, widow, res 528 s Salisbury 
*Atkins Serea, laborer, res no e Lenoir 

* Atkinson Devereux, wheelwright, 714 s Dawson 
Atkinson J M, Presbyterian minister, res 123 Polk 

* Atkinson Nicy, cook at Col Hinsdale's 
*Atwater Charles, laborer, res 579 Haywood 

* Auburn John, butcher, res 224 Blount al 
Aufrecht Harris, paper-hanger, bds 210 New Bern av 
*Augustus Lucy, cook, res 732 Fayetteville 
*Austin Jackson, cabinet-maker, res 550 e Cabarrus 
*Austin Joyner, invalid, res 119 w Morgan 
*Austin Mittie, cook, res 119 w Morgan 

*Austin Warren, driver, res rear 79 e Lane 
Avera D B, cotton broker, res 429 Fayetteville 

* A vera Jane, laundress, res 7 Poe's lane 
"^Avera Maria, cook, res 545 e ^lartin 

* A vera Ransom, laborer, res 519 s McDowell 

• Ayer Hal W, journalist, rooms State Ag'l building 



Badger Mrs R C, widow, res 103 s McDowell 

Badger Thomas, railroad clerk, res 215 w Morgan 

Bagley Mrs William H, widow, res 125 e South 

Bagwell Lorenzo C, undertaker, res 701 s Blount 

BagAvell Mrs Delia, dressmaker, res 701 s Blount 

Bailey C T, Baptist minister and editor, res 513 n Blount 

Bailey Frank L, salesman, res 303 e Hargett 

*Bailey Hilman, laborer, res 509 Cannon 

Bailey Mrs J J, widow, dressmaker, res 114 s Person 

*Bailey Nelson, laborer, res 215 w Lenoir 

Bain Donald W, State Treasurer, res 414 Hillsboro 

Bain Miss Julia, res 710 w Jones 

Bain William H, student, res 414 Hillsboro 

*Baker Caroline, laundress, res 4 Smithfield al 

Baker Frederick W^illiam, herb doctor, res 420 Cannon 

*Baker Fannie, cook, res 202 w Lenoir 

*Baker Hester, laundress, res 402 n Harrington 

Baker J H, clerk, res 113 n Person 

*Baker James, liver}^ stable, res 756 Fayetteville 

*Baker James, laborer, res 102 w Lenoir 

*Baker Joseph, student, res 15 Fowle 

*Baker Martha, cook, res rear 1175 Bloodworth 

*Baker Melissa, cook, res 525 s Bloodworth 

*Bakef Sarah, cook, res 525 s Bloodworth 

*Baker Susan, laundress, res rear 818 s Wilmington 

*Baker Thomas, teacher, res 911 Manly 

Baldwin H McP, U S Signal Service, bds 104 n McDowell 

Ball C O, grocer, res 316 s Person 

Ball Mrs Clementine, widow, res 625 n Bloodworth 

Ball George F, grocer, res 204 Smithfield 

Ball John T, grocer, res 316 s Person 

Ball Joseph R, clerk, res 312 s Person 

Ball William T, supt Bait United Oil Co, res 312 s Person 

*Banks Mary, laundress, res 309 Cannon 


Banks John, harness-maker, bds iii s Wihnin^^ton 

Banks Mrs M E, boarding house, 210 New Bern av 

*Banks Wilson, railroad brakeman, res 309 Cannon 

Barbee C C, grocer, res 504 Fayetteville 

Barbee E B, grocer, res 504 Fayetteville 

Barbee Miss Fannie, seamstress, res 3196 Morgan 

Barbee Henry A, brick-layer, res 40S n East 

Barbee J M, clerk at post-office, bds 1013X Fayetteville 

Barbee Mrs Jennie, teacher, bds loi^ Fayetteville 

Barbee M B, jnstice of the peace, res 418 s Wilmington 

Barbee Mrs M B, dairy, res 418 s W^ilmington 

Barbee S IM, drng clerk, res 302 w Cabarrus 

Barbee Thomas P, marble worker, res 418 s Wilmington 

* Barber Samuel, wood-chopper, res rear 516 s Blood worth 
Barber ]\Iiss Virginia, seamstress, res 304 n Dawson 
Barbour J W, general merchandise, res 417 s Person 
*Barham Andrew, porter, res 20 Railroad 

*Barham Betsy, nurse, res 323 Hillsboro 
*Barham Corrinne, laundress, res 720 Fayetteville 
*Barham James, carpenter, res rear 305 Hillsboro 

* Barker Corrinne, cook, res 546 n Salisbury 

* Barker Simon, laborer, res 320 w Eden ton 
*Barker Simon, shoemaker, res rear 546 n Salisbury 
*Barker Squire, laborer, res 531 Cannon -• 
Barkley B L, watchman at State capitol, res 6 s East 
Barkley J R, traveling salesman, res 214 e Morgan 
Barkley Mrs J R, boarding house, res 214 e Morgan 
Barkley ]Mrs M A, seamstress, res 6 s East 

Barnes Etta, house-keeper, res 328 s McDowell 
*Barnes Lucinda, nurse, res 127 n Harrington 
*Barnes William, cook, res 127 n Harrington 
*Barnett Alexander, barber, res rear 556 New Bern av 
Barrett George, wheelwright, res 509 n East 
Barrett John, canvasser, bds 317 s Person 
Barrett J Pressley, Christian minister, res 514 n Person 
Bartoe Mrs Jane, cook St John's hospital, res same 


Basliford Mrs Candace, widow, res 516 Polk 

Bashford I\Jrs Isadore, widow, res 614 e Davie 

Bashford John A, police officer, res 603 Polk 

Bashford J W, clerk, res 603 Polk 

Bashford T J, book-keeper, res 516 Polk 

*Basin Martha, cook, res 550 e Martin 

*Basiu Robert, driver, res 550 e Martin 

*Baskerville Kiirnel, shoemaker, res rear 404 Hillsboro 

*Baskerville John, truck driver, res 326 w South 

*Baskerville William, switch tender, res 125 Johnson 

*Bass Martha, nurse, res Best's lane 

Batchelor Joseph B, lawyer, res 213 w Martin 

Batchelor W P, clerk, res 213 w ]\Iartin 

Bates Fleming, book-keeper, res 548 e Hargett 

Bates Miss Grace H, teacher, res 548 e Hargett 

Bates Henr>' H, salesman, res 548 e Hargett 

Bates Miss Mary P, teacher, res 548 e Hargett 

Battle Herbert B, State chemist, res 126 n Wilmington 

Battle K P Jr, physician and surgeon, res 217 n Wilmington 

*Battle Lucinda, laundress, res 583 e Lenoir 

Battle R H, lawyer, res 11 e Lane 

*Battle Riley, carpenter, res Hayti al 

*Battle Whitney, dining-room servant, res 418 Tucker 

*Baucoin Adolphus, driver, res 222 w Hargett 

Bauer Adolph G, architect, bds loi }< Fayetteville 

Baugh Miss Grizzle, companion, res 328 s McDowell 

Baumann Albrecht, music teacher, res 611 Halifax 

Beach Henry H, shoemaker, bds 402 s Blount 

Beaman George, wheelwright, bds 317 s Person 

Beasley J B, carpenter, res 510 n West 

Beasley John, policeman, res 309 e Cabarrus 

*Beasley Joshua, hotel waiter, res 548 e Cabarrus 

Beasley Mrs Sarah, seamstress, res 510 n W^st 

Beasley Mrs Rebecca, widow, res 309 e Cabarrus 

*Beatty Lucy, cook, res 720 Hillsboro 

*Becton John, carpenter, res 726 s Dawson 


Beckham C H, machinist, res 433 n Dawson 

Beckham J H, engineer, res 433 n Dawson 

Beckwith B C, lawyer, res 118 n Wilmington 

Beckwith Mrs E C, boarding house, 118 n Wilmington 

Beckwith Ira, salesman, res 116 s McDowell 

Bell Mrs Bettie, widow, res 554 e Hargett 

Bell C D, collector, bds 317 s Person 

*Bell Catherine, laundress, res 525 s Blount 

*Bell John, fireman, res 514 w Morgan —— 

Bell John H, U S mail carrier, res 554 e Hargett 

*Bell Julius, carpenter, res 522 e Martin 

*Bell Lewis, laborer, res 515 New Bern av 

Bell Rufus, .shoemaker, res 324 w Morgan 

Bell T W, machinist, res 224 Saunders 

Bell W B, overseer State penitentiary, res 209 n Dawson 

Belvin C H, cashier Nat'l Bank of Ral, res 213 e Edenton 

Belvin Mrs Lacy, dressmaker, res 525 e Martin 

Belvin Mrs Nancy, widow, res 719 s Blount 

Belvin O W, salesman, res 719 s Blount 

Belvin T J, carpenter, res 559 e Hargett 

*Bemr}' Lewis, porter at capitol, res 130 w Lenoir 

"Bemry William, laborer, res 217 w Cabarrus 

Bennefield Miss Nancy, house-keeper, res 107 w Martin 

Bennett Edward, compositor, res 521 s Person 

Bennett Miss Matilda, seamstress, res 725 s East 

* Bert Jordan, fann laborer, res 413 w South 

Berwauger Samuel, clothier, rooms 303 Fayetteville 

Besson Madame Elizabeth, widow, res 303 s Salisbury 

Besson Louis, clerk, res 303 s Salisbury- 

Betts Rev Alvin, salesman, res 223 e Hargett 

Betts C H, clerk, bds 109 s Blount 

Betts C Jeton, compositor, res 409 w Lane 

Betts Everett, salesman, res 223 e Hargett 

Betts Furman, salesman, res 223 e Hargett 

Betts Miss Jennie, seamstress, res 213 n Harrington 

Betts Joseph, salesman, bds 226 e Davie 


Betts Joseph J, shoe salesman, bds 402 s McDowell 

Betts John W, carpenter, res 213 n Harrington 

Betts Marsliall, engineer at P O, res 213 n Harrington 

Betts Miss Minnie, seamstress, res 213 n Harrington 

Betts Oscar, clerk, bds 109 s Blount 

Betts Sylvester J, grocer, res 99 s Person 

Betts W C, locomotive engineer, res 113 Firwood a\' 

Betts Wilie, clerk, res 213 u Harrington 

Bevers Atlas A, carpenter, res 610 w Lane 

Bevers Charles W, U S mail caiTier, res 605 e Hargett 

Biddell William F, carpenter, res 123 Firwood av 

*Biggs Ann, laundress, res 224 e Cabarrus 

Bi41ings W H, caterer Yarborough House, res 114 w Martin 

^Billops Charles, porter, res 523 n Salisbury 

^Bishop Andrew, shoemaker, res 201 w South 

^'Bishop Hilliard, gardener, res 208 e Lenoir 

Bishop R T, carpenter, res 221 n Salisbury 

Bishop W R, machinist, res 221 n Salisbury 

Bishop W T, carpenter, res 221 n Salisbury 

"Birdsall James, man-of-all-work, res at Col Hinsdale's 

*Birdsall Stephen, carpenter, res 547 e Hargett 

Birdsong James C, State Librarian, res 306 e Hargett 

Bissett Robert O, book-keeper, bds 117 s Blount 

Bizzell David, laborer, bds 604 e Davie 

Black Mrs Helen, widow, bds 314 Hillsboro 

Black W F, deliver}' clerk at P C), res 621 w Jones 

Black W S, Methodist minister, res 621 w Jones 

Blackburn J C, ice mfr, res 118 w Edenton 

Blackledge Miss Jennie, bds 409 Fayetteville 

"Blackmon Edward, barber, res 315 w- Cabarrus 

"■■Blacknall Clara, laundress, res 203 Cannon 

*Blacknall Flora, laundress, res 616 s McDowell 

^Blacknall Frank, plasterer, res no w Cabarrus 

Blacknall G W, clerk Int Rev Dep't, res 426 s Wilmington 

Blacknall George W, drayman, res 426 s Wilmington 

Blacknall John T, clerk, res 426 s Wilmington 


*B]ack\V(rll Henrietta, cook, res ii6 w Jones 

*Black\vell Lewis, laborer, res 221 s East 

*Black\vell Rena, laundress, res 221 s East 

*Bkick\vood France.s, laundress, res 562 New Bern av 

*Blackwood R, blacksmith's helper, res 562 New Bern av 

Blanchard Rollin, wks shoe factory, bds 116 s McDowell 

Blair I C, teacher D D & B I, res 123 Saunders 

Blak-e Mrs Lncy, widow, res 328 s McDowell 

*Blake Melvina, cook, res 221 n Salisbury 

Blake Nelson A, res 328 s McDowell 

*Blake Robert, teacher, res 829 Fayetteville 

Blake Thomas W, jeweller, res 328 s McDowell 

Blake William R, locomotive engineer, res 330 e Hargett 

Blake William Z, street commissioner, res 328 s McDowell 

*Blalock Carrie, house maid, res 119 w Morgan 

""Blalock Devereux, porter, res 119 w Morgan 

Bledsoe Moses A, farmer, res 3 e Cabarrus 

Bledsoe William H, law^yer, res 3 e Cabarrus 

"Blount Henrietta, nurse, res 221 s East 

"Blount Laura, cook, res 221 s East 

Blount Lewis, machinist, res 219 s West 

*Blount Minerva, res 521 s Dawson 

Blume Mrs Susan, widow, res 731 s East 

*Bobbitt Blake, laborer, res 217 w North 

*Bobbitt Claiborn, truck driver, res 312 w South 

Bobbitt J B, Methodist minister, res 129 s Dawson 

Bobbitt J H, drug clerk, res 129 s Dawson 

*Bol!)bitt ?^Iaria, seamstress, res 139 w Cabarrus 

*Bobbitt Mollie, laundress, res 217 w North 

* Bobbitt Nancy, cook, res 603 Salisbury' 

* Bobbitt Stephen, porter, res 130 w Cabarrus 
"■•Bobbitt Thomas, laborer, res 411 s Dawson 

Bobbitt W H, physician and surgeon, res 222 w Hargett 
Bonner l\Irs A E, dressmaker, res 418 s Dawson 

* Bonner Peter, plasterer, res 109 n Wilmington 
*Booker Amelia, cook, res rear 305 e Edeuton 


Bolyn Mrs Clara, dressmaker, res 122 n Dawson 

Bolyn George, clerk, res 122 n Dawson 

Bolyn ]\Iiss Susie, seamstress, res 122 n Dawson 

Bolyn Thos, gardener at Insane Asylum, res 122 Dawson 

* Booker Chaney, laundress, res 525 s Wilmington 

* Booker Richard, laborer, res 525 s Wilmington 
*Bookrum David, laborer, res 18 Fowle 

Boon Mrs Mar>', dressmaker, res 217 s East 
Boon Wesley, carpenter, res 217 s East 

* Boone Martha, domestic, res 434 Halifax 
*Boothe Lewis, carpenter, res 509 Haywood 
*Boothe Rachel, laundress, res 509 Haywood 
Boushall J D, chief elk to State Auditor, res 16 w Martin 
*Bowden Juda, cook, res 227 n Dawson 

Bowes M, sup't Raleigh Gas Co, res 604 s Salisbury 
Bowler Miss Harriet, seamstress, res 525 s Person 
*Boyd Anderson, laborer, res 304 s Harrington 
*Boyd Pattie, laundress, res 304 s Harrington 
*Boyd Sallie, house maid, res 521 e Davie 
*Boykin Harr>', laborer, res 817 s Wilmington 
*Boykin Julia, cook, res 817 s Wilmington 
Boylan Miss Adelaide, res 44 Boylan av 
Boylan Alice, res 616 e Cabarrus 

* Boylan Eliza, cook, res 313 w Jones 

Boylan James, dry -goods merchant, res 28 Boylan av 
Boylan Miss Kate, res 44 Boylan av 

* Boylan William, truck driver, res 545 e Martin 
*Braan Hattie, nurse, res 531 Hillsboro 

* Bradford Creacy, widow, res 723 s Dawson 

* Bradford Sarah, laundress, res 820 s Wilmington 
♦Bradford Thomas, barber, res 820 s Wilmington 

* Bradley Harriet, nurse, res 722 Tucker 

Bradley R H, Marshal Supreme Ct, res 309 e Morgan 

* Bragg Fannie, laundress, res 418 s Swain 

* Bragg Feribee, nurse, res 406 w Martin 


Brag-^ Frank R, rooms 305 s Blount 
Brat;:<;:: INIrs Eliza, widow, res 220 s Blount 
Bra«g W H, book-keeper, res 102 Saunders 
*Brat:^g William, fanner, res 418 s Swain 
Braggassa John A, grocer, res 306 s Salisbury 
*Braham William, laborer, res 114 w Cabarrus 
Branch D i\I, grocer, res 401 w South 

* Branch Ella, laundress, res 312 w Lenoir 
*Branch Frank, blacksmith, res 611 s Harrington 

* Branch John, laborer, res 303 w Cabarrus 

* Branch John H, teacher, res 505 Cannon 

* Branch John L, laborer, res 505 Cannon 
Branch Mrs L O'B, widow, res 305 Hillsboro 

* Branch Quentin, musician, res 312 w Lenoir 
Branson Rev Levi, publisher, res loi )^ Fayetteville 
Branson Miss Lillian, teacher, res loi ^ Fayetteville 
Branson Miss Myrtle, teacher, res loi ^ Fayetteville 
*Brazer Joseph, tobacco worker, res 107 e Cabarrus 
Brennan Frank, tailor, res 305 s Bloodworth 

Bretsch Chas, baker and confectioner, res 103 Fayetteville 

* Brewer Barbara, laundress, res 3 Smith's al 
*Brewer George, laborer, res 3 Smith's al 
Brewster J C, hardware, res 314 New Bern av 
Brewster Joseph, salesman, res 314 New Bern av 

* Brickie Catharine, laundress, res 313 s Bloodworth 

* Brickie Weston, laborer, res 313 s Bloodworth 

* Brickie William, laborer, res 338 w South 
*Bridgeford Benjamin, cook, res 905 Manly 
*Bridgeford Emanuel, cook, res 823 Manly 
Bridgers J A, plasterer, res 112 n East 
Bridgers Mrs J A, dressmaker, res 112 u East 
Bridgers Samuel, watchman, res 52S n East 

* Bridgers Thomas, laborer, res rear 220 Hillsboro 
Briggs Fab H, book-keeper, res n ext Bloodworth 
Briggs James A, hardware, res 322 Hillsboro 
Briggs John D, carpenter, res loi u McDowell 


Briggs r\Irs M E, seamstress, res 503 s McDowell 
Briggs Thomas H, hardware, res 214 w Eden ton 
Briggs William G, carpenter, res 319 s McDowell 
Briggs William W, caq^enter, res 401 Polk 
Brinkley G Wash, engineer, res 223 s Person 
*Brinkley William, laborer, res 615 s McDowell 
Broadfoot Andrew, salesman, res 316 New Beni av 
Brockwell Miss Maggie, cook, res 317 s East 
Brockwell Wm N, com.positor, res 201 v/ Martin 
Brockwell Thos F, lock and gnnsmith, res 322 s McDowell 
*Brodie Edward, drayman, res 423 s McDowell 
Brogden Mrs O H, widow, res 518 n Salisbury 
*Brooks Amos, hostler, 518 e Edenton 

* Brooks Anna, laundress, res 518 e Edenton 

* Brooks Delia, laundress, res 218 w Cabarrus 
*Brooks Iverson, tobacco worker, res 218 w Cabarrus 
*Brooks Jordan, invalid, res 204 w North 

*Brooks Lovie, cook, res 203 Saunders 
^Brooks Nancy, house maid at Col Hinsdale's 
Brooks Miss Nellie h, teacher, res 517 Oak wood ax- 
Brooks R PI, salesman, res 517 Oakwood av 
"Brooks Rosa, nurse, res 221 w Morgan 
Brooks W T, book-keeper, res 517 Oakwood av 
Broughton J Melvin, clerk in Labor Bureau, res 1 18 s Person 
Broughton N B, printer and publisher, 426 n Person 
Browder D H, book-keeper, res 414 n Person 
Browder Mrs Lottie, widow, res 320 New Bern av 
*Brown Alexander, waiter, res 310 w Cabarrus 
*Brown Andrew, driver, 217 w Lenoir 
*Brown Angeline, cook, res 1 1 e Lane 
*Brown Austin, railroader, res 123 n West 
*Browu Burt, driver, res rear 519 s Wilmington 
Brown Miss Cornelia, seamstress, res 210 Blount al 
Brown Charles A, compositor, res 322 e Martin 
Brown Edward S, cabinet-maker, res 313 s Dawson 
Brown Mrs Elizabeth, seamstress, res 210 Blount al 


* Brown Fannie, laundress, res 205 w Edenton 
"•iJrown (Gabriel L, blacksmiih, res 208 w Lenoir 
*Bro\vn Henry, restaurant waiter, res 109 V2 n Wilmington 
♦Brown Henrietta, laundress, res 533 e Cabarrus 

Brown Mrs Henry J, widow, res 227 w Morgan 
'•••p>rown Isaac, laborer, res rear 307 w Soutli 
*Brown Isaac, farm laborer, res 430 s Swain 
Brown J F, salesman, res 2 Salisbury 
'^'Brown James, laborer, res 524 s Dawson 

* Brown John, farm laborer, res 97 w Davie 
Brown John W, undertaker, res 227 w Morgan 
*I-.rown Johanna, laundress, res 114 w Lenoir 
*B)rowri Jesse, cook, res 322 Cannon 

* Brown Jiffcr, cook, res 720 F'ayetteville 

lirown Jos G, cashier Citizens Nat Bank, res 611 w Jones 
Brown L T, clerk Yarborough House, res same 
*Brown Laura, laundress, res rear 118 e Martin 
*Brow'n Lucretia, laundress, res 115 w Lenoir 

* Brown Mary, laundress, res 904 Manly 
*Brown Mollie, cook, res rear 519 s Wilmington 
Brown Mills H, retired merchant, res 603 s Wilmington 
Brown M H Jr, salesman, res 603 s Wilmington 
*Brown Moultrie, hotel waiter, res 207 w Edenton 
Brown Nat L, clerk in post-office, res 116 Saunders 
*Brown Nelson, butcher, res rear 413 s Dawson 
*Brown Rebecca, laundress, res 413 Cannon 

* Brown Rowena, laundress, res 561 e Edenton 
Brown Mrs S E, widow, res 108 w Edenton 
*Brown Samuel, porter, res 533 e Cabarrus 

* Brown Thomas, wood-chopper, res 428 Smith lane 
*Brown Thomas, driver, bds 12 n East 

*Brown Thomas, carriage driver, res 229 s Harrmgton 

* Brown William, laborer, res 1 1 Fowle 
*Brown William, brick-maker, res 523 e Davie 
Brown William, shoemaker, res 115 w Lane 

Brown William M, printer and publisher, res 714 n Pcrsor. 


Brown Wm M Jr, printer's apprentice, res 527 New Bern av 

♦Brown Wylie, invalid, res 222 w Davie 

Bruner T K, sec'y State Ag'l Dept, bds 319 Fayetteville 

Bryan A P, agent Southern Express Co, res 121 n Person 

Bryan Mrs E V, widow, res 516 s Blood worth 

Bryan F C, railroad clerk, bds 319 Fayetteville 

Bryan F S, engineer, res 104 n Person 

Br>'an James, invalid, res 513 s Bloodworth 

♦Bryant Abram, shoemaker, res 617 e Cabarrus 

*Br>'ant Adeline, laundress, res 517 s Dawson 

*Bryant Amanda, laundress, res 551 e Eden ton 

Bryant Miss Anna, shoe-finisher, res 418 Smithfield 

*Bfyant Cad, laborer, 512 e Edenton 

*Bryant Dock, laborer, 832 s Wilmington 

♦Brj-ant Edward, shoemaker, res 334 w South 

*Bryant Eliza, laundress, res 402 w North 

*Bryant Elizabeth, cook, res rear 724 Fayetteville 

*Bryant Elizabeth, nurse, res 120 Hillsboro 

*Bryant Edmund, laborer, res 402 w North 

Br>'ant Frank, tinsmith's apprentice, res 418 Smithfield 

*Bryant George, hostler, res 561 e Edenton 

*Br}-ant Henry, laborer, res 517 s Dawson 

Bryant James, tin worker, res 418 Smithfield 

*Bryant Laura, res 832 s Wilmington 

*Bryant Laura, nurse, res 512 e Edenton 

Bryant Marion, tin worker, res 418 Smithfield 

*Bryant Mary, laundress, res 505 Haywood 

Bryant Patrick, laborer, res 125 e Hargett 

Br>'ant Miss Pattie, seamstress, 516 n East 

*Bryant Penny, laundress, res rear 529 s Wilmington 

*Bryant Richard, grocer, res 505 Haywood 

*Bryant Ritta, laundress, res 561 e Edenton 

♦Bryant Sallie, laundress, res 402 w North 

Bryant T N, butcher, res 516 n East 

*Bryaiit William, laborer, res 210 w Lenoir 

*Bryant William, shoemaker, res rear 120 Hillsboro 


■ P>rya!!t \V>'lie, porter, res 561 e Edenton 

liiifFalo A J, pliysician and surgeon, bds 213 Hillsboro 
"" Buffalo Richard, farm laborer, res 620 vS^vain 
*Hugg Robert, hotel waiter, res 514 Polk 
"■■'iSullock Anderson, gardener, res rear 115 Polk 
Hullock Charles W, painter, res 713 s Hlount 
*]-5nllock John, laborer, res 407 w Edenton 
* Bullock Millie, laundress, res rear 513 n Blount 
Bunch D T, carpenter, res 415 n vSalisbury 
Bunch \V H, salesman, res 113 s Blount 
Bunch W H, sup't baggage R & D R R, res 508 s Harrington 
Bur.cli W'illian: R, clerk, res 415 n vSalisbury 
'^■'Buiin Henrietta, laundress, res 307 s East . 
'"■'Bunn Wasliington, por::er, res 307 s East 
Burge Henry, res 309 n McDowell 
^Burnett Ephraim, well-digger, res 316 e Da\-if 
"^Burns Alfred, carpenter, res 216 w South 
Buirns Robert, carpenter, res t,2^ w South 
'^]-)Urns Antliony, restaurant, res 502 Haywood 
Burt J G, merchant, res 403 e Morgan 
*Burton Prince, laborer, res 415 vSniith's lar.e 
*B:irton William, laborer, res 214 w North 
*Burnett George, laborer, res 123 n West 
"^P^urnett Lucy, cook, res 116 s West 
'B:;rnett Sandy, painter, res 421 Smith's lane 
i5i;rv ?\Iichael, carpenter, re.: 629 n Bloodworth 
r>urruss Liither, laborer, res 210 w Cabarrus 

■ Burwell Ida, nurse, res Best's lane, off Hillsboro 
Burwell Mrs Lucy, teacher, res 324 Cannon 
"^Burwell Richarcl, baker, res 324 Cannon 
*Busbee Alice, dining-room servant, 317 s Person 
Busbee Mis^ Anna,, res 573 e Lenoir 
Busbee C ?\I, law\-er, res 104 w Hargett 

Busbee Clarence, wks State Exp Station, res loS w Hargett 
Busbee Fab H, lawyer, res 204 s Person 
Busbee F M, carpenter, res 323 s McDowell 


Busbee Johnson, R R conductor, res 104 \v Hargett 

Busbee Mrs Mary, seamstress, res 586 e Lenoir 

Busbee Quent Jr, electrician, res 108 \v Hargett 

Busbee Mrs Q, dressmaker, res 108 w Hargett 

'^'Butcher Betsy, cook, res 112 n West 

Butler Joseph, machinist, res 213 n Dawson 

"Bynum Anna, cook, res 407 w Edenton 

"Bynum John, laborer, res 407 w Edenton 

*Bynum Robert, locomotive fireman, res 119 \v Morgan 

^ Bynum William, stone-cutter, res 407 w Edenton 

Cadell Mrs Anna, widow, res 406 s Wilmington 

*Cainyan John, gardener, res 520 New Bern av 

*Caldwell Ann, cook, res 127 e Edenton 

Callendine Mrs M B, widow, res 609 n Blount 

Cameron Frank H, insurance, res 504 e Jones 

Cameron Paul C, capitalist, res 783 Hillsboro 

Campbell Mrs Anna, widow, res 513 New Bern av 

Campbell Mrs Fannie, seamstress, res rear col Christian cli 

*Canaday Minerva, cook, res 220 Hillsboro 

*Capps charity, midwife, 523 e Davie 

*Cardwell Charles, sexton First Bap Ch, res 104 Hillsboro 

"Cardwell Sallie, cook, res 549 n Person 

^Carrington Adelphia, laundress, res 124 Peace 

*Carrington Cornelia, cook, res 126 w Lane 

Carroll Charles, book-keeper, res 104 w Martin 

Carroll Hardy H, salesman, res 104 w Martin 

Carroll James, carpenter, res 207 n Harrington 

Carroll John, carpenter, res 207 n Harrington 

Carroll Miss Mary, dressmaker, res 207 n Harrington 

Carroll O J, traveling salesman, res 408 Hillsboro 

*Carson Hattie, cook, res 401 s Dawson 

^Carter Nettie, seamstress, res 423 s Dawson 

Carter. P A, drv'-goods merchant, bds 319 Fayettevillc 

Carter Miss Sallie, res 753 Hillsboro 


Carter Wash M, carpenter, res 314 e Hargett 

Carver Elias A, book-keeper, res 124 Hillsboro 

"•"Carver Louis, carpenter and builder, res 803 Fa)etteville 

Castleberry L D, fanner and grocer, res 508 Hillsboro 

Cates John Allen, laborer, res 17 McKee 

Caudle W H, grocer, res 501 Hillsboro 

Candle W H T, grocer, res 514 w Jones 

Causey Frank, car builder, res n extension Halifax 

■^Cazort William, fann laborer, res 428 Smith's lane 

^Chaniblee Abe, laborer, res 920 Manly 

"Chaniblee John, porter, res 403 Haywood 

Chaniblee W T, salesman, res 112 e Davie 

•^■■Chapman Rosa, laundress, res 810 Manly 

*Chavis Cassie, cook, res 127 n Blount 

*Chavis Charles, laborer, res 521 e Davie 

*Chavis Daniel, coachman, res 318 \v South 

*Chavis Edward, nian-of-all-work, res 521 e Davie 

*Chavis Eliza J, laundress, 97 e Davie 

*Chavis George, railroad laborer, 908 Manly 

*Chavis Jesse, laborer, res 522 Smith's lane 

'''Chavis Clarion, laborer, res 318 w South 

*Chavis IMary, res 230 w Lenoir 

*Chavis :\Iary, cook, res 213 n West 

Cheek E Skidmore, job printer, res 109 Johnson 

Cheek Eugene, green giocer, res 313 s Blount 

Cheek Xat J, carpenter, res 418 n Dawson 

*Chesnut Hattie, cook, res 204 Smithfield 

^Christian Alice, laundress, res 324 w South 

*Christmas Henry S, teacher, res 534 Halifax 

*Christmas John, laborer, res 307 w South 

* Christmas Patsy, grocer, res 514 New Bern av 

*Christ!nas Sallie, laundress, res 534 Halifax 

*Christmas Seth, carpenter, res 534 Halifax 

*Christmas Solomon, bar tender, res 130 w Cabarrus 

Christophers C D, compositor, res 309 e Morgan 

Christopliers J J, res 309 e ^lorgan 


*Clanter William, railroad brakeniaii, res 130 Peace 
Clara Arthur, moulder, bds 745 Hillsboro 
Clark Tvlrs Anna M, res 225 w Edentou 
Clark F W, Gen F & P Agt Seab'd A-L, res 502 Fayctteville 
Clark ^Irs Hixie, widow, res 513 s McDowell 
■-•'Clark James, railroad laborer, res 423 n Salisbury 
■^Clark ^lillie, laundress, res 423 n Salisbury 
Clark M S, slate roofer, res 217 s Bloodwortli 
Clark Walter, Judge Fourth District, res 440 Halifax- 
Clark W M, Prot Episcopal minister, res 129 Hillsboro 
*Clark William, laborer, res 301 n West 
•^'lawson Helen, domestic, res 714 Fayette villc 
'^'Clay Rose, cook, res w end Harg'ett 
"''Clements xAnthony, gardener, res 517 s East 
■Clements Charles, laborer, res 210 w Lenoir 
'Clements Fagin, driver, res 328 Cannon 
'Clements Hawkins, laborer, res 210 w l^enoir 
^Clements Isaac, painter, res rear 548 e Hargett 
Clements W P, baggage master R & G R R, res 525 u Perscm 
Clifton Grant, blacksmith's apprentice, bds 115 w Lane 
*Clifton Mourning, cook, res 425 s Wilmington 
Clifton Sidney, bridge-builder, res 538 n Person 
*Clinton Stephen, grocer, res 317 Cannon 
^ Coats Lena, cook, res 415 e Davie 
Coats Starling, dealer in live stock, res 314 s Blount 
*Cobb James, laborer, bds 310 w Cabarrus 
Coffee George, blacksmith, res 311 n Dawson 
Coffin Miss Jennie, nurse at St John's Hospital, 17 w wSouth_ 
*Coggswell Hannah, cook, res rear 316 w Edenton 
'Coggswell Maxie, laborer, res rear 316 w Edenton 
Coke Octayius, law>'er, res 204 w Hargett 
Colburn Miss Emma, dressmaker, res 213 n Wilmington 
*Colburn Martha, nurse, res 114 s Blount 
*Cole Fannie, cook, res 108 n West 
*Cole George, laborer, res 108 n W^est 


Co'.c ?\IrsJane H, i:^rocer, res 221 11 West 

Cdlf J X, carpenter, res 536 s West 

Cole Mrs J X, seamstress, res 536 s West 

Cole John W, watchmaker, res 716 n Person 

*Co1l- Leonard, gardener, res 402 \v Mortran 

*Cole Renben, urrocer, res 737 s Blount 

*Cok' Thomas, farmer, res 112 Vi e Hari^ett 

Cole W Henry, machinist, res 124 Firwood av 

*Coleman Alexander, laborer, res 514 s Dawson 

Coleman Ellen, domestic, res 430 Halifax 

*Coleman Jennie, laundress, res 514 s Dawson 

* Coleman Mar_\-, cook, res 517 Polk 

CoIe\- Caleb H, locomotive engineer, res 69 Franklin 

Coley Mrs H D, widow, res 109 n McDowell 

Coley Sam S, railroad conductor, res 109 n McDowell 

*Collier Ann, laundress, res 26 Railroad 

Collier John A, carpenter, res 201 n West 

Collier Miss Juanita, cashier Racket Store, res 201 s West 

*Collins Alice, cook, res 120 e Hargett 

^Collins Anna, cook, res rear 501 Hillsboro 

*Collins Etta, cook, res 120 e Hargett 

'Collins Hattie, cook, res j 10 s Bloimt 

^Collins H C, janitor Rescue Fire EngCo, res 108 Smithfield 

*Collins Joseph, carpenter, res 218 e Cabarrus 

Collins John B, printer, res 1 1 w South 

*Collins Laura, laundress, res 120 e Hargett 

*Collins Susan, nurse, res rear 125 n Blount 

Collins W P, salesman, res 212 e Lenoir 

*Comija Alfred, carpenter, res 402 w North 

*Comija C>dia, laundress, res 402 w North 

Coniber ]\Iaggie, forelady clothing factory, res i 16 w Morgan 

Conn D G, grocer, res 106 w Jones 

*Cook Betsy, laundress, res 419 Haywood 

'Cook Eliza, nurse, res 546 n Person 

*Cook Henrietta, preacher, res 614 New Bern av 

*Cook Henrietta, cook, res 553 e Hargett 


Cook Mrs M H, widow, res 13 Firwood av 
*Cook W B, carpenter, bds 526 s AIcDowell 
Cook Willis, fann laborer, res 614 New Bern av 
Cooke Charles F, compositor, bds 224 e Martin 
Cool S C, wholesale grocer, res 323 Hillsboro 
*Cooley Ida, nurse, res 505 s Dawson 
Cooley Dr G M, farmer, res 10 w Martin 
Cooper Green, laborer, res 710 Fayetteville 
Cooper J W, carpenter, res 219 n West 

* Cooper Sarah, cook, res 317 s Person 

Cooper William, machinist, res n extension Halifax 
*Cope Charlotte, laundress, res 508 e Martin 

* Cope James, .porter, res 304 n Blount 

*Copeland James, landscape gardener, res Oak wood cemet'y 

*Coppege Anna, cook, res 230 s Harrington 

Cordes J F, moulder, res 18 Johnson 

Correll H A, shoemaker, res 117 e Hargett 

Correll Joseph J S, shipping clerk, res 117 e Hargett 

Cosby Miss L F, teacher at D D & B I, res 216 s Dawson 

Cosby Mrs L L, widow, res 216 s Dawson 

*Cotten Alice, hotel waiter, res 309 w Lenoir 

*Cotten Charles, porter for Sec'y of State, res 542 e Martin 

*Cotten Emma, res 589 e Cabarrus 

*Cotten Fab, laborer, res 309 w Lenoir 

*Cotten Jennie, cook, res 309 w Lenoir 

*Cotten Malvina, laundress, res rear 114 New Bern av 

* Couch Charity, laundress, res 414 w Lenoir 

* Couch George, barber, res 25 Cannon 

Couch Miss Martha, companion, res 122 n Harrington 
*Couch Mary, house maid, res 125 w Cabarrus 

* Couch Nicy, cook, res 25 Cannon 
*Couch Samuel, gardener, res 30 Jenkins 
*Council Abrani, shoemaker, res rear 114 w Cabarrus 
*Council Betsy, cook, res 551 e Hargett 

*Council George W, painter, res 514 s Dawson 
*Council William H, laborer, res 551 e Hargett 


Ci'wan I) S, railroad clerk, bds 319 Fayetteville 

Cowan H M, chief cric to State Treas, r3i6 New Bern av 

Cowper Grimes, insurance, res 511 Fayetteville 

Cowper Pulaski, insurance, res 514 Fayetteville 

Cowper Thomas Bragg, railroad clerk, res 514 Fayetteville 

Cox W T, carpenter, res 309 n West 

Coyte H G, manager C)bserver Printing Co, res 208 Halifax 

Crabtree Otho, compositor, res 230 Smithfield 

Cram William, founder and machinist, res 123 s Dawson 

*Craven Chester, salesman, res 829 F^ayetteville 

*Craven Delia, sick nurse, res 829 Fayetteville 

* Craven Gabriel, gardener, res 9 e Edenton 
*Craven Priscilla, res 802 Manly 

*Craven Simon, preacher, res 829 F'ayetteville 
Crawford Charles, book-keeper, res 127 Fayetteville 
Crawford D H, butcher, res 613 e Hargett 
Crawford J H, surgeon dentist, res 116 Fayetteville 
Crawford John W, ieweller, res 116 Fayetteville 
Crawford W Allen, tailor, res 613 e Hargett 
Crawley Mrs Elizabeth, res 210 w North 
*Cravden Alfred, tobacco worker, res 402 w North 
^Crayden Family, laundress, res 402 w North 
Creech Alexander, salesman, res 705 Hillsboro 
Creech John D, railwa)- postal clerk, res 630 w Jones 
Creech Joseph A, lawyer, res 705 Hillsboro 
♦Crenshaw Frank, butler, res 526^ s Wilmington 

* Crenshaw Rachel, laundress, res 309 e North 
Crocker H H, dr\-goods merchant, res 304 e Hargett 
♦Crosby Henry C, teacher, res 808 s Blount 
♦Crosby ^^Irs H C, teacher, res 808 s Blount 

Crone W^illiam, locomotive engineer, res 224 w Lane 

♦Cross Anna, seamstress, res 411 Hayw^ood 

♦Cross Bettie, cook, res 205 n Salisbury 

Cross Mrs Caroline, seamstress, res 556 e Hargett 

Cross Chas, sexton Central M E ch, res 224 s Blood worth 

*Cross Cherr}-, chambermaid, res 514 Haywood 


Cross Charles E, book-keeper, res 115 s ?\IcDo\vtli 

♦Cross Emma, laundress, res 414 Ka\-\voocl 

♦Cross Hardie, carpenter, res 414 Kaywood 

Cross Henry, clothing cutter, res 556 e Karge'.t. 

Cross J W, salesman, bds 116 s ^McDowell 

*Cross Margaret, cook, res 411 s Dawson 

*Crosson Mar}-, laundress, res 441 Johnson 

*Crosson Caroline, laundress, res 205 w South 

*Crosson Henderson, carpenter, res 214 e Cabarrus 

'"Crosson Isaiah, carpenter, res 414 s Blount 

"^Crosson Philip, painter, res 708 e Davie 

Crow C C, insurance, res 535 n Blount 

Crow ]\Irs N B, widow, res 204 Halifax 

Crow R B, insurance, res 204 Halifax 

Crow W H, manager cotton compress, res 204 Halifax 

Crowder Joseph, tin worker, res 328 w Jones 

*Crowder Robert, carpenter, res 721 s Dav.'son 

*Crowder Rachel, cook, res 406 w Edenton 

*Crowder Rena, nurse, res 9 e Edenton 

Crowder Tlios B, com merchant, res 309 s Wilmington 

Crowder W J W, farmer, res 328 w Jones 

Crutchfield Airs Ella, widow, res 225 s West 

Crutchfield R B, gin mfr, res 520 n West 

Culbreth D, Alethcdist minister, res 321 w Joiies 

Curfman W J, machinist, res 610 w Lane 

Currie Mrs J K, wudow, res 228 w Edenton 

*Curtis Alexander W, carpenter, res 110 w Cabarrus 

'•'^Curtis Eleanor, laundress, res iio w Cabarrv.s 

* Curtis Mary, laundress, res rear 404 HillslDoro 

* Curtis ]\Iumford, drayman, res 401 w North 
*Curtis Pink, laundress, res rear 404 Hillsboro 
*Curtis Thomas, barber, res 574 e Cabarrus 
*Curtis Vance, laborer, res rear 404 Hillsboro 
^Curtis W H, porter, res 723 Manly 

Cutts.J B, carpenter, bds 129 n Salisbury 



Daniel Mrs l-'ianccs, widow, res 121 e Hargett 

'^Daniel Isaiali, railroad laborer, res w extension Hargett 

Daniel J H, nionlder, bds 404 s Dawson 

Daniels Joseplius, State Printer, bds 611 Fayetteville 

Daniels Mrs Mary A, dressmaker, res 124 e Hargett 

Dancy F B, Ass't State Chemist, bds 219 Fayetteville 

Dancy W M, bntcher, res 530 e Davie 

Danc\' William, quarr}-nian, res 525 e Martin 

"* Daves Rufus, j^ainter, res 601 e Cabarrus 

Davie Mrs Mary A, widow, res 118 s Dawson 

Davidson T F, Attorney-Gen' 1 N C, bds 319 Fayetteville 

* Davis Andrew, wood-chopper, res rear 418 s Person 
*Davis Edna, domestic, res 124 n Wilmington 
Davis Mrs Elizabeth, widow, res 327 Pace 

*Davis Florence, laundress, res rear 211 w South 
Davis George, carriage-trimmer, res 220 Hillsboro 
*Davis George, carpenter, res 516 s McDowell 

* Davis George, gardener, res 310 w South 
*Davis Henry, shoemaker, res 320 w Edenton 

Davis J J, Asso Justice Supreme Ct, res 126 n McDowell 
Davis J ^I, tin-worker and gun-smith, res 703 n Rloodwortli 
Davis John F, book-binder's apprentice, res 203 n West 
Davis John T, City Auditor, res 133 n Bloodworth 
*Davis Jonah R, barber, res 11 1 w South 

* Davis Julia, cook, res 220 s Dawson 

* Davis Lena, cook, res rear 525 s Dawson 
*Davis Lucinda, cook, res 531 Halifax 

"Davis Margaret, laundress, res 567 New Bern av 

Davis Miss Martha, saleslady in art store, res 203 n West 

'■Davis XancN', cook, res rear 525 s Dawson 

*Davis Nellie, cook, res rear 525 n Dawson 

*Davis Nelson, driver, res 529 s Wilmington 

Davis Nero, stone-cutter, res 707 s East 

*Davis Phronie, cook, res 320 w Edenton 


"^'Davis Phillis, cook, res 503 s East 

Davis R H, watchman, res 203 n West 

* Davis Solomon, trnck driver, res 517 New Bern av 

*Davis Thomas, barber, res 124 w Lenoir 

"^ Davis Thomas, laborer, res 815 Dodd 

Davis W L, tin and copper worker, res 523 n Salisbnr}' 

*Davis William, laborer, res rear 402 Smithfield 

*Davis William, green grocer, res 721 Johnson 

Daugherty Mrs Kate, res 522 e Davie 

*Day David, tobacco worker, res 411 Haywood 

"Day Martin, cook, res 534 e Jones 

"Days Edna, lanndress, res 314 e Davie 

"Days John, blacksmith, res 314 e Davie 

Deboy Nicholas, merchant, res 103 Fayetteville 

Debnam C F, overseer State penitentiary, res 105 w Jones 

*Debnam Harry, peddler, res 430 s Blonnt 

*Debnam Julia, nurse, res 622 Elm 

Debnam Mrs Maggie, seamstress, res 105 w Jones 

Debnam Mrs Martha, widow, res 105 w Jones 

Debnam Miss Mollie, seamstress, res 113 n Blood worth 

*Debnam Rose, cook, res 622 Elm 

*Debnam W F, sup't col D D & B I, res 605 s Blood worth 

DeCarterette Joseph G, machinist, res 229 w Cabarrus 

DeCarterette Miss Undine, saleslady, res 229 w Cabarrus 

DeCarterette W J, locomotive fireman, res 229 w Cabarrus 

Denmark J W, bookseller, bds 116 s McDowell 

*Dennis Henr}', laborer, res 505 Cannon 

Dennis W H, canvasser, res 225 s West 

Denson C B, principal Ral Male Academy, res 311 e Jones 

Denson T C, salesman, res 311 e Jones 

Denton Atlas G, farmer, res 327 e Cabarrus 

Denton Ed V, grocer, res 327 e Cabarrus 

Denton JefFN, clerk, res 211 e South 

Denton N V, farmer, res 327 e Cabarrus 

Desmond J J, tobacco worker, res 104 e Davie 

De\^ere Richard, moulder, res 107 e Davie 


Dewar A B, salesman, bds 226 e Davie 

Dewar \V E, salesman, bds 210 New Bern av 

Dewey F H, agt R & D R R, res 507 s West 

Dicks Miss Lila, book-folder, res 515 s Wilmington 

Dicks W R, book-binder, res 515 s Wilmington 

*Dickson Henry, cook, res 547 e Davie 

*Diggans Gilbert, carpenter, res 611 e Cabarrns 

*^Dildy Hattie, cook, res 202 w Morgan 

Dinkins Mrs Samantha, seamstress, res 417 s Svv-ain 

Dinkins Susan, seamstress, res 406 Haywood 

Dinkins Thomas, carpenter, res rear 305 w South 

Dinkins W D, carpenter, res 406 Haywood 

Dinkins William, laborer, res 417 s Swain 

Dixon C N, machinist, res 3 Franklin 

Dixon Mrs N A, widow, res 5 Franklin 

Dobbin James C, salesman, res 220 w Davie 

Dobbin Robert, shoemaker, res 220 w Davie 

Dobbin T W', dry-goods merchant, res 113 s McDowell 

Dodd W H, commission merchant, res 330 Hillsboro 

*Dodson Dora, house-keeper, res 12 n Person 

Donahue Patrick, book-keeper, res 114 e Hargett 

*Donaldson Thomas, butcher, res me Cabarrus 

*Donaldson Wilson, fish dealer, res 114 e Hargett 

Doolittle jNIrs Mary, seamstress, res 22S s Dawson 

*Dowd Dora, cook, res i Smithfield al 

*Dowd ?dargaret, cook, res rear 316 w Edenton 

*Dowd Martha, cook, res 606 Saunders 

*Dowd Wilson, blacksmith, res rear 316 w Edenton 

*Dowden E D, grocer, res 423 n Salisbury 

Dowell H J, grocer, res 4136 Morgan 

*Downey Tabitha, house maid, res 414 s McDowell 

*Downing Caroline, cook, res 521 e Edenton 

*Downing Ida, laundress, res 521 e Edenton 

*Downing Turner, laborer, 547 e Davie 

Doyle ]\Iiss Alice, seamstress, res loi w Hargett 

Doyle James, stone mason, rooms 404 s Wilmington 


Doyle J Courtney, telegraph lirienian, bds 214 e Morgan 
Do vie W T, salesman, res 10 1 w Hargett 
* Drake Caroline, cook, res 404 Fayetteville 
"'Drake Samuel, bar tender, res 306 s East 
'Drake Sallie, laundress, res 306 s East 
Dravo ]Mrs ]\Iaud, book-folder, res 209 \v Morgan 
*Drew Thomas, laborer, res 417 w South 
Driver C A, carpenter, res 17 n Swain 
Driver Jubal N, tailor, res 17 n Swain 
'''Drunim Penny, laundress, res 118 e Cabarrus 
Duncan L P, grocer, res n extension Salisbury 
Dudley David C, compositor, res 212 w Lane 
*Dudle}' Edward, fireman, res 505 vSmith's lane 
Duffin Patrick J, merchant tailor, res 109 Fayetteville 
Duffy Mrs C M, dressmaker, res 108 Johnson 
Duffy Patrick, press feeder, res 119 Firwood a\- 
Dughi Anthony, fruits and confections, res 324 s Salisbur\- 
*Dupree Adam, laborer, res 811 Fayetteville 
Dupree R PI, book agent, bds 317 s Person 
^"Dunn Ada, cook, res 525 Haywood 
*Dunn Alfred, laborer, res 402 w North 
Dunn Allen, clerk, bds 402 s McDowell 
Dunn Dennis, laborer, res 529 s Wilmington 
^'^Dunn Fabius, laborer, res 324 w Edenton 
*Dunn Hovv'ard, laborer, res rear Park place, off Polk 
Dunn J B, physician and surgeon, res 124 Hillsboro 
''Dunn Leslie, gardener, res 208 w Lenoir 
*Dunn Rebecca, laundress, res 324 w Edenton 
*Dunn Susan, laundress, res 114 e Morgan 
•*' Washington, Christian minister, res Si 2 l\Ianly 
•■'Dunn Willis, truck driver, res 114 e Morgan 
*Dunston Austin, porter at State Capitol, res 203 w Soutli 
'^Dunston B H, grocer, res 741 Manly 
*Dunston Calvin, bricklayer, res 707 s East 
*Dunston C PI, barber, res 710 Fayetteville 
*Dunston Frances, laundress, res 18 n East 


*Dunston James, res 225 Biount al 
*Du:jston Mrs James, laundress, res 225 Blount al 
"^Dunston John, machine runner, res 721 s Blount 
*Dunstoii Joseph, stable boy, res 16 w Cabarrus 
*Dunslon Louisa, laundress, res 225 Blount al 
*Dunston Lucy, chambermaid, res 205 \v South 
*Dunston Manda, restaurant, res 401 s Dawson 
*Dunston Martha, laundress, res 327 s Bloodworth 
*Dunston Nancy, laundress, res n front Bledsoe's strove 
*Dunston Nelson C. barber, res 225 e South 
*Dunston Sallie, laundress, res 715 s Dawson 
*Dunston Sylvester, whitewasher, res 520 s McDowell 
*Dunston William, laborer, res 225 Blount al 
*Dunston William, barber, res 327 s Bloodworth 
*Dunston William, stable boy, res 16 e Cabarrus 
*Dunston William Henry, carpenter, res 18 n East 
Durham Rev C, sec'y State Bap S S B'd, res 112 w Edenton 
*Durham Lizzie, cook, res 605 s Harrington 
*Durham Richard, laborer, res 412 w Edenton 
Dye A W, clerk, res 129 n Salisbury 
Dye J M, cashier in Int Rev office, res 523 n Person 


■*^Eatman Clierr}-, cook, res 227 Hillsboro 

Eatman W R, carpenter, res 113 n Bloodworth 

Peatman Mrs W R, dressmaker, res 113 n Bloodworth 

Eakins Samuel, civil engineer, res 309 Smithfield 

Earp Hugh, shoemaker, res 539 e Martin 

Easdale William, ^stenographer, res 316 New Bern av 

*Eaton Catharine, nurse, res 617 Elm 

Eaton Daniel, landscape gardener, res 617 Elm 
*Eaton Henrietta, seamstress, res 617 Elm 
* Eaton 3.1ittie, cook, res 30 Boylan av 
*Eaton Mollifc, cook, res rear 402 w North 
Eberhardt T L, book-keeker, bds 319 Fayetteville 


*Edgerton Etta, laundress, res 705 s East 

*Edgerton George, pauper, res 705 s East 

♦Edgerton Jacob, driver baggage wagon, res 304 w Cabarrus 

♦Edgerton Manda, nurse, res 28 Boy Ian av 

*Edniunds Edith, nurse, res 209 w Lenoir 

*Edwards Buck, laborer, res 306 e North 

Edwards C B, printer and publisher, res 119 w Martin 

Edwards C B Jr, shipping clerk, res 119 w Martin 

Edwards E Walter, book-binder, res 121 Polk 

Edwards Mrs E Walter, book-folder, res 121 Polk 

Edwards Mrs Kate, widow, res 316 e Martin 

*Edwards Henry, laborer, res 22 Fowle 

Edwards J D, dry-goods merchant, res 119 s Blount 

*Edwards James, carpenter, res rear 212 e Cabarrus 

*Edwards Joseph E, man-of-all-work, res 322 Cannon 

Edwards Mrs Nancy, widow, res 527 s Person 

*Edwards Lewis, Methodist minister, res 322 Cannon 

*Edwards Lucinda, laundress, res rear 212 e Cabarrus 

*Edwards Thomas B, Baptist minister, res 821 s Wilmington 

*Egerton Esther, cook, res 304 w Cabarrus 

*Elleby Mary, house maid, res rear 305 e Edenton 

Ellen Miss Candace, tailoress, res 10 s Salisbur\^ 

Ellen Miss Emma, seamstress, res 112 n East 

Ellen Mrs W H, widow, res 112 n East 

*Ellington Austin, laborer, res 336 n South 

Ellington Frank, time-keeper N C Car Co, bds 18 Johnson 

Ellington Romulus, machinist, res 18 Saunders 

Ellington W Jeff, carpenter and builder, res i8 Saunders 

*Elliott Jane Ann, nurse, res 417 e Davie 

Elliott Minerv^a, invalid, res 321 e Jones 

Ellis C R, farmer, res 715 n Person 

Ellis D J, merchant, res 745 Hillsboro 

Ellis E R, shoemaker, res 122 s Harrington 

*Ellis Grace, house maid, res 222 s Blount 

Ellis J J, miller, res 715 n Person 

Ellis J M, carpenter, res 302 New Bern av 

CITY oi- ralku;h. 31 

Kllis J W, clerk, res 715 n Person 

Kllis Jolm S, night clerk at Yarborongli House, bds same 

Kllis Ruffin B, physician and surgeon, res 218 e Morgan 

Kllis W H, grocer, res 122 w Cabarrus 

Ellison L S, carpenter, res 415 n Salisbury 

*Ellison Lee, hack driver, res 331 Cannon 

*Ellison Stewart, county jailer, res 517 s Person 

Emery Edward, moulder, res 215 s Harrington 

Emery Mrs Eliza, widow, res 215 s Harrington 

Emery R Henry, machinist, res 215 s Harrington 

Engelhard E B, sup't Ral Water Co, res 214 Fayetteville 

Engelhard Miss Rosabelle, copyist, bds Park place 

Enniss Mrs George B, widow, res 124 n Person 

Enniss James H, publisher, res 117 n Salisbury 

Enniss Pink C, crayon artist, res 226 s Dawson 

Enniss Thos C, car builder, res 117 n Salisbury 

*Evans Agnes, laundress, res 129 e Morgan 

^Evans Albert, laborer, res 328 w South 

■^•Evans Alexander, laborer, res 450 w Davie 

*Evans Celia R, teacher, res 14 n East 

*I£\'ans James, truck driver, res 509 e Cabarrus 

Evans J W, carriage and wagon mfr, res 409 Oakwood av 

Evans Mrs L B, boarding house, res 104 n McDowell 

*Evans Thomas, laborer, 567 e Cabarrus 

Ev'eritt D E, surgeon dentist, res 322 Hillsboro 

Faison B F, merchant, res 528 n Person 
Faison J B, baker, res 528 n Person 

Fais(jn Paul F', cotton and tobacco broker, res 9 e Edenton 
Faison Mrs M A, dressmaker, res 715 n Person 
Faison IVIiss Margaret, seamstress, res 439 n Dawson 
Faison W E, printer's apprentice, res 528 n Person 
Farmer J Thomas, carpenter, res 122 n Harrington 
*Farmer Mattie, laundress, res rear 413 s Dawson 


Fanisworth H M, painter, res 112 w Jones 

*Farrar Nelson, laborer, res 729 Manly 

*Farrar Anthon}-, driver for the city, res 414 s Salisbnrv- 

*Farrington George, laborer, res 31 Dodcl 

Farris E H, copy-holder, bds 119 w Martin 

Fasnach Edward, jeweler and optician, res no Fayetteville 

Faucette Mrs Elizabeth E, widow, res 223 n Harringion 

Fancette Henry M, railroad condnctor, res 223 n Harrington 

''^Fancette Mary Ann, laundress, res 313 s East 

Faucette Whitfield A, compositor, res 413 w Lane 

Faucette Mrs W A, dressmaker, res 413 w Lane 

Faucette Tliomas O, compositor, res 223 n Harrington 

*Faucette Wilson, laborer, res rear 313 s East 

Feagan Mrs Roxana, seamstress, res 205 Smithfield 

Feagan T K, painter, res 205 Smithfield 

Feagan Thomas K Jr, candy-maker, res 811 s Blount 

Feilds Frank, bed-springs, bds 317 Person 

Fendt Charles A, tin- worker, bds 301 n Harrington 

Fendt Ernest C, moulder, res no w Martin 

Fendt Henry L, manager restaurant, res no w Martin 

Fendt Willie, wood-worker, res no w Martin 

Fentress Miss Blanche, music teacher, res 117 Fayetteville 

Fentress T R, merchant tailor, res 117 Fayetteville 

Ferguson Frank X, shoe salesman, bds 210 New Bern av 

Ferrall J P, book-keeper, res no s Salisbury 

Ferrall J F, book-keeper, bds 104 n McDowell 

Ferrall John R, heavy and fancy grocer, res no s Salisbury 

Ferrell A Lucien, clerk Int Revenue office, res 506 e Hargett 

Ferrell H C, bar-tender, res 122 w Cabarrus 

Ferrell J Kearney, carpenter, res 222 n Harrington 

Ferrell W^ A, salesman, res 122 w Cabarrus 

Ferrell Wm H, compositor, res iij s West 

♦Fields Charles, tobacco worker, bds 223 e Cabarrus 

*Fields Isham, cabinet-maker, res 109 n Wilmington 

*Fike Moses, Christian minister, res rear 505 Cannon 

*Finch Eaton, farm laborer, res 225 s Bloodworth 


Finch Heiiry, farmer, res 554 e Davie 
I'iiij^er S i\I, State Siip't Pub Inst'c'ii, bds 1 19 Fayettcville 
P'iniiell Richard, machinist, res 635 Cannon 
Kinnell Richard Jr, moulder, res 635 Cannon 
Firth Mrs Carrie, dressmaker, 10 1 w Hargett 
Fisk W R, cotton buyer, rooms State Agricultural 'building 
^Fisher J R, Raptist minister, res 225 e South 
Fisher Mrs Julia, widow, res 204 w Hargett 
*Flemi ng Albert, laborer, res rear 548 e Hargett 
*Fleniing Agnes, laundress, res rear 548 e Hargett 
Fleming E L, leaf tobacco broker, res 129 n Person 
P'leming George, locon:otive fireman, bds 205 n Salisljury 
*t^lemiug George, hotel waiter, res 16 s Salisbury 
^Fleming Harriet, laundress, res 726 s Dawson 
F'leming J M, deputy warden pen, res 130 s Harrington 
Fleming J Martin, student, res 130 s Harrington 
*Fleming Mollie, laundress, res 815 Dodd 
*Flemin;::;^ Lennon, porter, res 423 n Salisbury 
^F'leming Wesley, laborer, res 522 s jNIcDowell 
*F'letcher Emma, seamstress, res 516 e Martin 
Flow Mrs L M, dressmaker, res 416 s Swain 
F'low W W, laborer, res 416 s Swain 
* Flowers Georgia, laundress, res me South 
Floyd J H, engineer, bds 513 Halifax 
"Floyd James, butler, res 219 s Harrington 
Floyd Sue, seamstress, res 219 s Harrington 
"'Fogg Geneva, house maid, res 6 New Rern av 
*Fogg Mar>' E, laundress, res 401 s East 
Ford Charles T, carpenter, res 217 Pace 
*Ford George, laborer, res 415 Haywood 
*Ford Hardie, farm laborer, res 13 Worth 
*Ford Julia, laundress, res 121 n Harrington . 

*Forr] Mary, laundress, res 727 Manly 
*Ford Noah, laborer, res 415 Ha\wood 
*F'ord Rhoda, laundress, res 30 Hayti al 
Ford Robert, carpenter, res 232 Saunders 


Ford Rufus, watchman, res 404 s Harrington 

*Ford Sena, house maid, res 415 Haywood 

*Ford Susan, laundress, res 415 Haywood 

Ford William S, baker, res 232 Saunders 

Forrest A B, sup't Oakwood Cemetery, res 517 Polk 

Forrest Miss Samantha, candy maker, res 311 Saunders 

Forsythe E E, fruit trees, res 606 s Person 

Forsythe J B, salesman, res 122 w Cabarrus 

Forsythe Miss Nellie, dressmaker, res 606 s Person 

Forsythe Mrs Sarah, widow, 606 s Person 

Forsythe William G, painter, res 323 e Martin 

Fort Z I, restaurant, res 16 w Martin 

^Fortune William, laborer, res rear 225 s Bloodworth 

Foscue William, artist, res 519 e Jones 

*Foster Cappy, res 616 s McDowell 

^Foster Columbus, bricklayer, res 7 Poe's lane, off Hillsboro 

*Foster Creecy, nurse, res rear 554 e Hargett 

*Foster Dorcas, laundress, res 7 Poe's lane 

*Foster Emma, laundress, res rear 212 e Cabarrus 

*Foster Henry, laborer, res 7 Poe's lane 

■^Foster Jennie, nurse, res 832 s Wilmington 

*Foster Margaret, cook, res rear 554 e Hargett 

*Foster Pompey, truck driver, res 320 w Edenton 

*Foster Sylvia, house servant, res no n Person 

*Foster William H, laborer, res 206 w South 

Fowle Daniel G, lawyer, res 404 Fayetteville 

Fowler George W, pressman, res 828 Fayetteville 

Fowler Malissa, house-keeper, res 828 Fayetteville 

Fowler Walter W, news agent, res 805 Fayetteville 

Fowler Willis M, blacksmith, res 224 s Blount 

Fowler Mrs W M, boarding house, res 224 s Blount 

Foushee Mrs Emeline, widow, res 513 Hillsboro 

*Foy Isaac, blacksmith, res 313 e Lenoir 

Foy J W, shoe salesman, bds 213 Hillsboro 

Francis IMiss Fannie, seamstress, res 6 s East 

Francis James, shoemaker, res 537 e Martin ^ 


Francke W H, machinist, bds 314 Hillsboro 

Frapps A W, g ocer, res 12 e Davie 

Frapps Frank J, salesman, res 12 e Davie 

* Freeman Jennette, cook, res 406 w Jones 

^Freeman John, laborer, res 129 e Morgan 

'■^Freeman INIack, laborer, res 403 w South 

*Freeman Mary, cook, res 317 e Jones 

=^Freeman Mary, cook, res 421 n Bloodworth 

^Freeman Matthew, laborer, res 2 Adams al, off e Cabarrus 

*Freeman Norfleet, laborer, res 554 e Hargett 

*Frceman Norman, drayman, res 417 s East 

=^Freeman Peter, laborer, res 430 s Person 

*Freeman Rhoden, drayman, res 525 Haywood 

Freeman S J, salesman, res 103 s Bloodworth 

*Freeman Sallie, laundress, res 508 e Edenton 

"Freeman Solomon, dra\-man, res 508 e Edenton 

Fulcher W A, compositor, bds 522 e Hargett 

*Fuller Ada, cook, res 728 ]\Ianly 

Fuller Frank L, law student, res 130 Hillsboro 

"^Fuller Martha, domestic, res 609 s McDowell 

Fuller Thomas C, lawyer, res 130 Hillsboro 

^Fuller Willis, laborer, res 622 Elm 


*Gales Andrew, brickmaker, res rear 427 Halifax 
*Gant Lizzie, house maid, res 225 e Lane 
^Gardner David, shoemaker, res 517 s ^McDowell 
Gardner Frank P, electrician, res 404 s Dawson 
Gardner Joseph, porter, res 517 s rilcDowell 
*Garey Miss Florence, teacher, res 12 Worth 
'Garey Patsy, dressmaker, res 117 w Lenoir 
*Garey John, carpenter, res 12 Worth 
*Garreit Ellen, laundress, res 717 Manly 
*Garrett Harrison, laborer, res 717 Alanly 
*Garrett Nancy, seamstress, res 560 e Cabarrus 


Garrott Anderson, plumber, res 104 w Jones 

Gattis Richard, laborer, res 635 Cannon 

Gattis W A, traveling salesman, res 520 Oakwood av 

*Geer John, landscape gardener, res 404 Cannon 

Gibbs J T, Methodist minister, res 228 e Edenton 

Giersch Richard, billiard and wine hall, bds 319 Fayetteville 

Gilbert M V'B, proof-reader, bds 17 e South 

*Gilcreese vSallie, laundress, res 321 s Bloodworth 

*Gill Catharine, cook, res 314 New Bern av 

*Gill Edward, laborer, res rear 413 s Dawson 

*Gill Ellen, laundress, res 327 New Bern av 

Gill George, machinist, res 603 Saunders 

*Gill Henry, laborer, res 543 e Martin 

Gill J E, blacksmith, res 208 e Morgan 

Gill J H, founder and machinist, res 325 s McDowell 

*Gill Martha, laundress, res 543 e Martin 

*Gill Nathaniel, hack driver, res 327 New Bern av 

Gill Miss Nellie, house-keeper, res 327 w Jones 

Gill ]\Iiss Ottie, seamstress, res 321 w Jones 

Gill Mrs Sallie, seamstress, res 223 w Davie 

*Gill Seawell, laborer, res 102 w Cabarrus 

Gill Miss Susan, res 102 n Salisbury 

Gill Thomas, farm laborer, res 102 n Salisbury 

*'Gilliani Anna, laundress, res 523 New Bern av 

*Gilliam Lem, locomotive fireman, res 214 w Lenoir 

*Gilliam Minerva, chambermaid, res 25 Cannon 

Gladwell Mrs Candace, seamstress, res 525 s Person 

Glass George H, grocer and electrician, res 114 s Blount 

Glenn A E, painter, res 715 n Person 

Glenn Charles S, printer's apprentice, res 315 e Martin 

(jlenn Mrs E E, widow, res 315 e Martin 

Glenn Miss Rosa, seamstress, res 315 e Martin 

Glenn V C, carpenter, res 707 n Bloodworth 

Glennan Mrs Fannie, seamstress, res 310 n McDowell 

Gooch Alonzo, quarryman, res 328 e Martin 

Gooch Eliza, seamstress, res 328 e Martin 


Gooch Mrs Louisa, seamstress, res 328 e iNIartiii 

Gooch Mrs Xane\-, seamstress, res 328 e Martin 

'^'Goocli Sallie, laundress, res rear 409 Fayetteville 

Godwin I-'rank M, res 301 w Morgan 

(iodwin James, turner, 126 Saunders 

'^Goode Haywood, blacksmith, res west extension Hargett 

Goodwin A W, physician and surgeon, res 510 s Salisbury 

Goodwin C E J, grocer and fanner, res 530 s Harrington 

Goodwin Charles A, marble worker, res 321 e Cabarrus 

Goodwin Mrs Delia, widow, res 530 s Harrington 

*Goodwin Edward, driver, So Ex Co, res 304 w Cabarrus 

Goodwin Miss Fannie, tailoress, res 537 e Martin 

*Goodwin Frances, laundress, res 304 w Cabarrus 

Goodwin H C, carpenter, res 10 Franklin 

Goodwin Mrs Louisa, widow, res 509 n East 

Goodwin M T, carpenter, res 15 Firwood av 

Goodwin Miss INIartha, tailoress, res 537 e Martin 

Goodwin Miles Sr, policeman in Smithfield, res 313 w Jones 

Goodwin Miles Jr, canvasser, res 313 w Jones 

Goodwin M Nicholas, laborer, res 309 e Martin 

*Gorham Arthur L, green grocer, res 114 e Lenoir 

*Gorham Adelaide, cook, res 124 e Lenoir 

*Gorham David, blacksmith, res 102 vSmithfield 

Gorman James M, painter, res 404 s Wilmington 

Gorman Mrs Mary, dressmaker, 520 e Martin 

*Goss Allen, laborer, res 310 Cannon 

Gower Mrs Ella, seamstress, res 418 s Person 

Gower William A, salesman, res 418 s Person 

Grady Jeff D, book-keeper, bds 317 s Person 

Grafton E W, with N C Bed-Spring Co, bds 317s Person 

*Graham Charlotte, house maid, res 7S3 Hillsboro 

^Graham George, laborer, res 213 w Lenoir 

*Graham Julia, laundress, res 733 s Blount 

*Graham ^Lary, nurse, ses 424 Smith's lane 

Grandy Willis S, book-keeper, res 214 w Edenton 


*Grant Jane, cook, res 579 e Lenoir 

(xrant LaFayette, bar-tender, bds 308 s East 

Grausman M, grocer, res 513 Fayetteville 

*Gray Katie, laundress, res 122 w Davie 

Gray P D, student, res 418 n Person 

Gray Robert T, City Attorney, res 530 n Blount 

*Green Abbie, dining-room servant, res 711 s East 

^"Green Archie, coachman, res 318 s East 

*Green Austin, blacksmith, res loi n Harrington 

Green Miss Emma, res 308 w Jones 

*Green Furney, blacksmith, res 205 w Lenoir 

*Green Henry D, shoemaker, res 515 Haywood 

*Green J W, Prof Mechanics Shaw Univ, res 108 e South 

Green John H, res 116 n East 

*Green Kate, laundress, res 305 s East 

*Green Logan, truck driver, res 303 w Cabarrus 

Green Miss Lucy, res 116 n East 

Green Miss Sallie, res 116 n East 

*Green Susan, cook, res 9 e Edenton 

*Green Susan, house maid, res 420 e North 

*Green Thomas, laborer, res 305 s East 

*Green William, coachman, res 718 Fayetteville 

*Green William, laborer, res 517 Cannon 

Green Miss Victoria, res 116 n East 

*Gregory Leanna, cook, res 210 w Morgan 

*Gregory William, laborer, res 210 w Morgan 

*Griffis Hiram, city lamp cleaner, res 728 Manl\- 

*Griffis John, janitor, res 582 e Cabarrus 

Griffis Mrs Mary, widow, res 209 w Morgan 

Griffith Mrs Mary,tailoress and cleaner, res 517 s Bloodworth 

Griffith Robert, tailor, res 517 s Bloodworth 

Grimes Mrs E, widow, res 2 w North 

Grimes Walter H, res 2 w North 

Grimes William B, fanner, res 2 w North 

Grissom Lewis, boiler-maker, res 504 w North 

Gruber Prof S F E, piano-tuner, res 403 s Blount 


(jrubcr William R, clerk, res 403 s Blount 

Gruendler ]\Irs Eudora V, green grocer, res 220 s Blount 

"Guess Philip, laborer, res 22 Fowle 

*Gulley Allen, laborer, res 11 Fowle 

GuUey Jacob W, invalid, bds 213 Hillsboro 

Gulley Joseph P, dry-goods merchant, res 425 s Wilmington 

Gulley Nathan, b'ds 213 Plillsboro 

*Gunn Edwin, carpenter, res 324 w Edenton 

*Gunn Martha, laundress, res 324 w Edenton 

*Gunter Eli, laborer, res 321 e Jones 

*Gunter George, brakeman, res rear 126 Johnson 

*Gnnter Nelson, locomotive fireman, res rear 126 Johnson 

*Gunter Rose, laundress, res 521 e Jones 

*Gwinn Ellen, cook, res 6 Poe's lane 


liable J G, tailor, res 536 e Jones 

Hable Fred W^ traveling salesman, res 510 Hillsboro 

■Hackney Alvis, waiter, res 832 Fayetteville 

* Hackney Calvin, gardener, res 841 n Bloodworth 

* Hackney Rufus H, ass't janitor P O, res 756 Fayetteville 
^ Haden John, farm laborer, res 413 s Dawson 
Hag\vood Miss Sallie, book-folder, res 527 n Person 
Haley Miss Fannie, dressmaker, res 125 e Hargett 

*Hall Benjamin D, fish dealer, res 527 s Dawson 
*Hall Caroline, laundress, res 721 s Blount 
"Hall Dilsy, house servant, res 610 w Jones 
Hall E T, traveling salesman, bds 123 w Martin 
*Hall Edward, laborer, res 401 s Dawson 
•■Hall Emily, cook, res 124 e Lenoir 
*Hall Gracie, laundress, res 114 Polk 
*Hall Henr>^ truck driver, res 414 e Edenton 
*Hall Isaac, bricklayer, res 210 w South 
*Hall Isaac, carpenter, res 564 New Bern av 
"Hall Isaac, laborer, res 23 Cannon 



♦Hall James, laborer, res 309 \v South 

*Hall James, shoemaker, res rear 502 Hillsboro 

*Hall Jordan, nurse, res 20 Worth 

*Hall Julia, laundress, res 710 s Dav/son 

*Hall Lewis, carpenter, res 215 Bledsoe's av 

*Hall Lottie, cook, res 423 s Wilmington 

*Hall Luke, porter, res 710 s Dawson 

*Hall Malinda, laundress, res 414 s McDowell 

*Hall Middie, laundress, res rear 211 w South 

*Hall Mollie, laundress, res 802 s Blount 

*Hall Patience, widow, res 106 n East 

♦Hall Robert, porter, res 721 s Blount 

*Hall Sarah, house servant, res 113 n Blood wortli 

♦Hall T S, carpenter, res 614 Fayetteville 

♦Hall Thomas, barber's apprentice, res 124 w Lenoir 

*Hall W R, teacher, res 716 Manly 

Hall William, salesman, bds 119 s Blount 

*Hall William H, laborer, res 215 Bledsoe's av 

Haller Herman, tailor, bds 224 e Martin 

*Halsey Chloe, house maid, res 502 Fayetteville 

Hamill H J, bricklayer and plasterer, res 304 e Morgan 

Hamilton David S, boiler-maker, bds 18 Johnson 

Hamilton Wesley, carpenter, res 410 w South 

*Hamlin Mrs Anna W, teacher, res 15 Worth 

Hamlet Mrs E C, widow, res 225 w Martin 

Hamlet J N, sup't convicts on R R work, res 225 w Martin 

♦Hammonds Josephine, house servant, res 513 s Dawson 

Hampton John S, compositor, res 511 w Morgan 

Hampton Wade, printer's apprentice, res 511 w ^Morgan 

*Hardy Mary J, laundress, res 204 w Morgan 

*Hanks Mollie, cook, res rear 404 Hillsboro 

Hanner Mrs Susan, cook, res 418 s Person 

Hardie Alexander, painter, res 513 New Bern av 

*Hardie Booker, whitewasher, res 543 e Martin 

Hardie George, painter, res 513 New Bern av 

Hardie Henry, painter, res 509 n East 


Hardie Mrs M L, dressmaker, res 222 s Dawson 
*Hardie Mary, laundress, res 543 e iMartin 
*Hardie Nathan, brakeman, res rear 226 Johnson 
Hardie Pink C, salesman, res 222 s Dawson 
*Hare David, boarding house, res 310 w Cabarrus 
Hardin E J, heav)' and fancy grocer, res 304 n McDowell 
Hardin J W, clerk in Nat Bank of Ral, res 203 Fayetteville 
*Hardy Ellen, laundress, res 620 Harp's lane 
*Hargrid Freeman, laborer, res 407 s East 
Harve)- C F, tobacco mfr, res 104 e Davie 
Harp James, grocer, res 304 s Swain 
Harrell E J, machinist, res 468 n Salisbury 
Harrell Eugene G, bookseller, res 220 s Dawson 
Harrell William, book-keeper, bds4i2 Fayetteville 
Harrington Henry, machinist's apprentice, bds220 Hillsboro 
Harrington Sion A, railway postal clerk, bds 107 e Davie 
*Harrington Lucy, cook, res 732 Fayetteville 

* Harris Abram, gardener, res 417 w South 
*Harris Alexander, res 531 Hillsboro 
*Harris Amanda, cook, res 728 Fa3'etteville 
^Harris Andrew J, porter, res 518 Haywood 

, Harris Annette, laundress, res 114 e Morgan 

*Harris Badger, slater, res 602 s McDowell 

Harris Miss Bessie, res 429 s Person 

^Harris Bettie, nurse, res 227 e Cabarrus 

Harris C Ringold, bar tender, res 308 Smithfield 

Harris Churchill, capitalist, res 813 s Blount 

*Harris Clarissa, cook, res 227 n West 

Harris Daniel W C, d)-er and scourer, res 318 e Martin 

* Harris Edward, brakeman, res 416 n Dawson 
Harris Ella B, seamstress, res 211 Smithfield 
Harris Mrs Eliza, house-keeper, res 309 w Martin 
Harris Eugene L, Gen Sec'y Y ]\I C A, res 218 s Swain 
*Harris George, bricklayer, res 115 w^ Lenoir 

*Harris Harry, cook, res 228 w Edenton 
*Haxris Henry, laborer, res 518 Haywood 


Harris J C L, lawyer and publisher, res outside, west 

*Harris James H, farmer, res 715 Manly 

Harris James M, farmer and stableman, res 214 e Martin 

Harris James J, salesman, res 327 e Martin 

*Harris James W, laborer, res 1 30 Peace 

*Harris John, truck driver, res 574 e Cabarrus 

*Harris John, well-digger, res 610 s McDowell 

*Harris Laura, cook, res 563 New Bern av 

*Harris Lucy, cook, res 213 e Edenton 

*Harris Martha, nurse, res 108 w Edenton 

*Harris Mary, laundress, res 554 e Edenton 

*Harris Nathaniel, railroad brakeman, res 215 w North 

Harris R J, farmer, res 536 n Blount 

*Harris Rachel, laundress, res 215 w North 

Harris T C, curator State Museum, res 14 Saunders 

Harris Thomas, real estate, res 205 e Hargett 

*Harris Victoria, laundress, res 229 s West 

Harris W N, grocer, res 606 e Davie 

*Harris Walter, blacksmith, res 545 e Hargett 

*Harris William, mail carrier, res 558 e Davie 

Harris William S, clerk Int Rev office, res 222 e Martin 

Harris Zeb Vance, student, res 222 e Martin 

Harrison Alexander, salesman, bds 329 Hillsboro 

^^ Harrison Anna, cook, res 219 s Harrington 

* Harrison Charles A, painter, res 107 n Harrington 
'''Harrison Emily, cook, res 114 s Dawson 
*Harrisoii Fannie, laundress, res 524 New Bern av 

* Harrison George, laborer, res 222 e Lenoir 

* Harrison Henry, porter, res rear 114 s Dawson 

* Harrison John, upholsterer, res 513 s Person 
Harrison Mai comb M, harness-maker, res 527 Ha>wood 
*Harrison Maria, house maid, res iii w Morgan 
^Harrison Robert, drayman, res 219 s Harrington 
Harrison Sidney D, truck gardener, res 317 s Person 
Harrison Mrs S D, boarding house, res 317 s Person 
Hart Alice, res 209 Cannon 


Hart C A, retired merchant, res 540 Klni 

Hart C B, salesman, res 540 Elm 

*Hartsfield Henry, blacksmith, res 531 e Martin 

* Harvey Robert, porter, res 605 s Harrintrton 
Hatch Forrest A, machinist, res 313 \v Lane 
Hatcli Miss Mary, seamstress, res 127 n Dawson 
"Hatcher James, laborer, res 557 e Edenton 
Harward Mrs A M, dressmaker, res 216 w Lane 
Harward Miss Anna L, seamstress, res 216 \v Lane 
Harward Charles E, printer's apprentice, res 216 w Lane 
Harward Miss Loretta, saleslad}', res 216 w Lane 
Harward Iley N, machine repairer, bds 304 n Person 
Hano^hton C G, shoe salesman, res 510 s Salisbury 
Hau^^hton J Thomas, salesman, res 510 s Salisbury 
Hans^hton M H, shoemaker, res 510 s Salisbury 
Hawkshaw A J, tailor, bds 1 1 1 s Wilmington 
Hawkins Colin M, manufacturer, res 209 n Wilmington 
■"•'Hawkins E J, Methodist minister, res 321 'Cannon 

* Hawkins George, waiter, res 553 e Edenton 

* Hawkins Harr}-, grocer, res 313 w South 

* Hawkins Johanna, house maid, res 312 w Cabarrus 
Hawkins John, printer, bds 117 n Salisbury 

* Hawkins Lee, laborer, res 806 Manly 

* Hawkins Lethe, house maid, res 2 w North 
Hawkins M.J, chief clerk Int Revenue office, res outside 

* Hawkins Robert, brickla)er, res 416 s Salisbury 

* Hawkins Stephen, porter, res 553 e Edenton 

* Hawkins Stephen Jr. laborer, res 117 n Swain 

* Hawkins Virgil, tobacco worker, bds 223 e Cabarrus 
Hawkins W J, capitalist and mfr, res 406 n Blount 

Ha\ Thomas T, general insurance agent, res 610 w Jones 
Hay Walter D, insurance agent, res 609 w Jones 

* Hayes Isaiah, lawyer, bds 7 n Bloodworth 
♦Hayes John, musician, res 827 s W^ilmington 
♦Hrjyes Richard, mechanic, res 827 s Wilmington 
Haynes Alphonzo H, photographer, res 567 New P)eru av 


Haynes E D, cabinet-maker, res 567 New Bern av 
Hayiies Ernest D, crayon artist, res 567 New Bern av 
Haynes Mai L, clerk, res 17 n Swain 
Haynes Mont R, cabinet-maker, res 218 s Blount 
Haynes Mrs S A, tailoress, res 567 New Bern av 
Haynes Z W, teacher in D D & B I, res 408 n Person 
Haywood Alf, lawyer, bds Park Place, ofif n Blount 
^Haywood Alfred, blacksmith, res 113 n Harrington 
"*'" Haywood Anna, nurse, res 117 n Swain 
*Haywood Augustus, professional singer, res 117 w Lenoir 
*Haywood Celia A, laundress, res 553 e Martin 
*Hay wood Delia, laundress, res 531 e Edenton 
Haywood E Burke, physician and surgeon, 211 New Bern av 
Haywood Edgar, book salesman, res 211 New Bern av 
*Haywood Eli, helper in saloon, res 126 e Hargett 
Haywood Ernest, lawyer, res 211 New Bern av 
Haywood Fab J, physician and surgeon, res 126 Halifax 
Haywood Frank P, book-keeper, bds 103 s McDowell 
*Haywood George W, blacksmith, res 553 e Martin 
Haywood Graham, salesman, res 124 n Wilmington 

* Haywood Henderson, laborer, res 525 e Davie 

* Haywood Henry, laborer, res 543 e Martin 
Haywood Howard, civil engineer, res 127 e Edenton 
Haywood Hubert, physician and surgeon, 214 New Bern av 
Haywood John, cotton buyer, res 211 New Bern av 
*Haywood John, invalid, res 550 e Martin 

Haywood John Pugh, farmer, rooms 333 Fayette ville 
Haywood Joseph A, store-keeper Int Rev Dep't, res outside 
*Haywood Lewis, carpenter, res 128 w Lenoir 
Haywood Lizzie, seamstress, res 321 s Bloodworth 
'Haywood Miss Maria, res 124 n Wilmington 
*Haywood Mary, cook, res 531 e Edenton 
*Haywood Mary, house mai'd, res 717 Johnson 

* Haywood Mary, domestic, res 204 n McDowell 
*Haywood Primus, truck driver, res 15 Hayti al 
Haywood Reuben C, tel operator, res 120 Saunders 


*Ha\\vood Rufus H, musician, res 315 w Cabarrus 
Haywood R B, pliysiciau and surgeon, res 127 e Edenton 
Haywood Miss Sallie, res no New Bern av 
Haywood Sherwood, lawyer, res 127 e Edenton 

* Haywood Sherman, gardener, res 203 w Edenton 
^Haywood Virginia, laundress, res 128 w Lenoir 

Ha\ wood W D, justice of the peace, res 305 e Edenton 

*Haywood William, hotel waiter, res 531 e Edenton 

*Haywood William, laborer, res 717 Johnson 

^Haywood William, stone cutter, res 802 Manly 

*Haywood Willis, shoemaker, res Smith's lane 

*Hazell Frank, cook, res 210 e Davie 

Heartt C D, Chief of Police, res 128 s Dawson 

Heartt h D Sr, salesman, res 128 s Dawson 

Heck George C, lawyer, res 609 n Blount 

Heck J M, capitalist and miner, res 609 n Blount 

*Hedgpeth Delia, dyer and scourer, res in w Morgan 

*Hedrick Lucy, laundress, res 507 s Dawson 

Heilig H J, locomotive engineer, bds 228 n McDowell 

*Helm Amelia, nurse, res 222 w Hargett 

*Helm Hester, cook, res 129 s Dawson 

Heller Herman, salesman, bds 210 New Bern av 

Heller Julius, shoemaker, res 132 s Wilmington 

Heflin (t J, drug clerk, res cor W^ilmington and Martin 

Heflin Robert L, salesman, res 120 e Hargett 

*Henderson James, laborer, res 3 e North 

* Henderson John, porter, res 552 e Hargett 

* Henderson Sarah, cook, res 3 e North 
Hendon Miss Fannie, res 308 s Salisbury 

* Henley James, laborer, res 313 w South 

* Henley Elizabeth, seamstress, res 523 s Harrington 
*Henley Gilly, laundress, res 523 s Harrington 

* Henley Theodore, stone worker, res 523 s Harrington 
*Henry Eveline, cook, res 710 w Lane 

Henr}- Miss Jennie, teacher, res 416 e Edenton 
*Henr>' Nancy, cook, res 214 e Martin 


*Herndon Henry, hostler, res 102 w Cabarrus 

*Herndon Walter, driver, bds 118 s Blomit 

*Hester Clara, laundress, res 712 s Dawson 

*Hester Ella, house maid, res rear 407 Fayetteville 

Hester Miss Eula, shoe finisher, res 309 s Blount 

Hester J C, insurance, res 509 Hillsboro 

Hester J F, commission merchant, res 509 Hillsboro 

Hester J W, tobacco worker, res 309 s Blount 

*Hester Mattie, cook, res 216 e Cabarrus 

*Hester Nancy, cook, res 112 Firwood av 

Hester Miss Sallie, seamstress, res 309 s Blount 

*Hester Sallie, cook, res 223 n Salisbury 

*Hester Susan, house servant, res 504 e Jones 

Hester Thomas, coach painter, res 309 s Blount 

Hester W H, cooper, res 309 s Blount 

^Hester Will, laborer, res rear 407 Fayetteville 

*Hester William, herb doctor, res 222 w Lenoir 

*Hicks Ella, cook, res 228 s Harrington 

Hicks Frank, moulder, res no s West 

*Hicks Jennie, laundress, res west extension Hargett- 

Hicks Joseph E, carpenter, res 331 Hillsboro 

''■Hicks Lizzie, house maid, res 222 s Harrington 

*Hicks Loretta, house maid, res no w Martin 

*Hicks Memar}-. domestic, res 228 s Harrington 

Hicks Thomas, railroad laborer, res west extension Hargett 

Hicks W J, warden penitentiary, res 304 w Edenton 

Hicks Walter, tailor, res 215 Smithfield 

Hicks William H, fish dealer, res 215 Smithfield 

*Higgs Austin, laborer, res 722 s Dawson 

*Higgs Daniel, wks oil mill, res 722 s Dawson 

'i=Higgs Ella, cook, res 305 n West 

Higgs J A, traveling salesman, res 401 w Hargett 

*Higgs James, laborer, res 529 New Bern av 

Higgs Mrs Laura E, widow, res 230 w Cabarrus 

Higgs vSherwood, traveling salesman, res 401 w Hargett 

*Higgs Susan, nurse, res 305 n West 


*Hi^^ht Charlotte, laundress, res 409 11 West 

*Hight Lizzie, cook, res 224 w Lane 

*Hill Alfred, shoemaker, res 19 )< Fowle 

"Hill Betsy, laundress, res 525 s Blount 

Hill C H, teacher at D D & B I, res 321 Oakwood av 

*HiH C R, laborer, res i8 Fowle 

*Hill David, man-of-all-work, res 304 e Hargett 

*Hill Harriet, laundress, res 533 New Bern av 

■•Hill Henry, coachman, res 750 Blount al 

*Hill James T, blacksmith, res 23 Hayti al 

Hill Joshua B, heavy and fancy grocer, res -316 e Jones 

*HiH Joseph, blacksmith, res 23 Hayti al 

*Hill Lina, cook, res*303 n boundary 

*Hill Maggie, cook, res 126 n Dawson 

Hill Mrs Rachel P, widow, bds 314 Hillsboro 

*Hill Remus, market man, res 130 e Cabarrus 

Hill T G, wks N C Car Co, res 317 s Harrington 

Hill Theo H, insurance, res 317 s Harrington 

'''Hill Thomas, laborer, res 227 Blount al 

Hill \V F, State oyster survey, bds 104 n McDowell 

*Hilliard Edward, carriage driver, res 436 n Salisbury 

*Hines Dinah, cook, res 317 s Bloodworth 

^■Hines Leaston, carpenter, res 437 n Salisbury 

Hines Peter E, physician and surgeon, res 121 n Salisbury 

Hines P E Jr, student, res 121 n Salisbury 

'■Hines Robert, landscape gardener, res 526 e Cabarrus 

Hinnant James A, shoemaker, res 122 s Harrington 

Hinsdale J W, lawyer, res outside 

Hinton A C, salesman, res 510 s Salisbury 

*Hinton Allen, laborer, res 614 Elm 

*Hinton Benjamin, laborer, res 511 w Cabarrus 

*Hinton Cain, laborer, res 210 w South 

*Hinton Caswell, laborer, res 570 e Cabarrus 

■•Hinton Chany, nurse, res 11 n Blount 

*Hinton Clarisa, house maid, res 512 e Davie 

*Hinton Cornelius, blacksmith, res 228 e South 


*Hiuton Daniel, laborer, res 525 s Bloodworth 

*Hinton Delia, laundress, res 712 s McDowell 

*Hinton Dinah, cook, res no n Person 

*Hinton Ellen, cook, res 226 Hillsboro 

*Hinton Frances, laundress, res 513 e Davie 

*Hinton Gaston, driver, res 712 s McDowell 

*Hinton John, laborer, res 603 Salisbury 

Hinton Mrs Lawrence, widow, res 546 n Person 

*Hinton Lewis, hostler, res 220 e Cabarrus 

^'Hinton Lewis, locomotive fireman, res 221 w North 

♦Hinton Lewis, laborer, res 216 e Edenton 

*Hinton Lewis, laborer, res 328 s Wilmington 

*Hinton Louisa, cook, res 116 e Edenton 

*Hinton Lucinda, house maid, res 213 e Edenton 

*Hinton Major, laborer, res 823 Dodd 

Hinton Miss Mar>', bds 546 n Person 

'•Hinton Millie, chambermaid, res 120 Halifax 

*Hinton Munroe, laborer, res rear 108 Johnson 

*Hinton Nelson, gardener, res 213 e Edenton 

*Hinton Octavia, drayman, res 502 Smith's lane 

"^■Hinton R H, laborer, res 819 Fayetteville 

*Hinton Rachel, house servant, res 614 Elm 

*Hinton Ruth, cook, res 3 e Cabarrus 

'Hinton Sarah Ann, laundress, res 614 Elm 

Hinton W H, salesman, bds 210 New Bern av 

'•''Hinton Wadsworth, laborer, res 17 Fowle 

*Hinton Winnie, cook, rear 10 s Salisbury 

Hiss Geo B, manager marble works, bds 416 s Wilmington 

Hobbs Martha, widow, res 309 s Bloodworth 

*Hockaday Joseph, ditcher, res 715 s East 

*Hocutt Laura, cook, res 608 e Hargett 

Hocutt Mrs Mary J, seamstress, res 113 s Wilmington 

Hocutt W B, boarding house, res 113 s Wilmington 

*Hodge Jennie, cook, res 302 w Jones 

*Hodge Lucy, laundress, rear 118 e Martin 

*Hodge Martha, laundress, res 413 s Dawson 


Hodj^c Mrs Mary A, seamstress, res 328 e Martin 

* Hodge Renl)eii, driver, res 562 e Cabarrus 
*Hodge Sarah, cook, res 213 w Davie 
Hodge Dr W T, fanner, res 546 e Jones 

*Hodge William, railroad laborer, re.'*4i3 s Dawson 

Hogan Joseph, railroader, res no \v Jones 

Hogg Dr D T, capitalist and mfr, res 209 n Wilmington 

Hogue William E, policeman, res 318 s Person 

Hoke Gen R F, manufacturer, res cor Dawson and Edenton 

Hoke \''an W}'ke, railroader, res cor Dawson and Edenton 

Holdcn W W, ex-Governor, res 127 w Hargett 

Holder David, carrier Evening \'isitor, res 729 s East 

Holder Elizabeth, widow, res 729 s East 

Holder George, carrier Evening Visitor, res 729 s Ea^t 

Holderfield J B, wood turner, res 415 w South 

Holderfield John, penitentiary guard, res 501 s Harrington 

Holding J Newton, lawyer, res 16 w Martin 

Holland Comodorc, painter, bds 220 Hillsboro 

Holland Charles, laborer, res 10 Worth 

* Holland David, carpenter, res rear 410 s Person 
*Holland George, farm laborer, res 225 s Bloodworth 
^Holland Jane, lauifdress, res 225 s Bloodworth 
Holland John I>, salesman, res 215 e Davie 
^Holland Major, laborer, res 322 e Martin 
'•■■Holland Reec}', laundress, res 311 w Lenoir 
Holleman E, salesman, bds 116 s McDowell 

HoUeman George, laborer, res 125 e Cabarrus 
Holleman Miss Janette, seamstress, res 403 Morgan 
^^Hollis Isabella, nurse, res 219 w Edenton 
Hollister Martha A, widow, res 324 w Morgan 
Hollo way Albert W, wagon maker, res 708 n Person 
'^Holloway Ann, cook, res 825 Dodd 
Holloway Joshua, shoemaker, res 417 Cannon 
*Holloway Maria, house maid, res 320 w Edenton 
*Holloway Maria, cook, res 210 w Lenoir 
*Holloway Lucy, cook, res 628 Hillsboro 


*Holloway Mitchell, laborer, res Best's lane 

*Holloway Monroe, basket maker, res 320 w Edentoii 

Holloway W H, carriage maker, res 327 s Person 

'^'Holman Dempsy, drayman, res 416 s Blonnt 

'"Holman Edward, lai)orer, res 545 e Edenton 

"Holman Jane, cook, res 16 n East 

*Holman Martha, lanndress, res 416 s Blonnt 

*Holman Nicy, laundress, res 16 n East 

*Holman Robert, drayman, res 16 n East 

Holman W C, milling, res 209 e IMorgan 

* Holmes Mary, cook, res rear 540 e Edenton 

*Holmes Primus, laborer, res 425 n West 

*Holmes Squire, laborer, res rear 540 e Edenton 

Holt' Ausburn, invalid, res 301 s Bloodworth 

Holt D G, foreman at oil mill, res 518 s West 

Holt Miss Eliza, seamstress, res 732 Fayetteville 

*Holt Emeline, dining-room servant, res 6 Smithfield al 

*Holt Ida, cook, res rear 505 Cannon 

*Holt James, farm laborer, res 6 Smithfield al 

*Holt Kinchen, laborer, res 823 s Wilmington 

*Holt Martha, cook, res 6 Smithfield al 

*Holt Robert, driver, res 6 Smithfield*al 

Holt T J, architect and builder, res 325 Pace 

Hood Edward, clothing presser, res 304 s Swain 

Hood Miss Ida, seamstress, res 304 s Swain 

Hood Mrs Rachel, widow, res 304 s Swain 

Hood Miss Rosa, seamstress, res 304 s Swain 

*Hooks Ellen, laundress, res 311 s East 

*Hoover Charles Wesley, saloon, res 117 e South 

*Hopkins Mary, chambermaid, res 317 s Person 

Hopper P R, carpenter, bds 301 n Harrington 

Horton Daniel B, watchman, res 11 Franklin 

Horton David W, book-binder, res 318 s Person 

*Horton F T, laborer, res 2 Smithfield al 

*Horton Frank, engine shifter, res rear 125 Johnson 

Horton Henr}^, blacksmith, res 439 n Dawson 


*Hortun J R, shoemaker, res 426 s Blount 

Hortoii Jolin, yard sup't R & Cr R R, res 223 11 vSalisbiiry 

Hortoii Miss Julia B, photo finisher, res 107 e Davie 

^''Horton Pleasant, laborer, res 407 s East 

Horton R H Jr, blacksmith, res 119 Johnson 

Horton ]Mrs Rebecca, widow, res 318 s Person 

'Horton Richard, driver, res 409 Hillsboro 

Horton Rufus H, locomotive engineer, res 119 Johnson 

Horton ^ P, boarding house, 107 e Davie 

Horton Mrs Sallie, widow, res 439 n Dawson 

Horton Walter A, locomotive engineer, res ii9Firwoodav 

Horton William A, carpenter, res 216 e Lenoir 

Horton William F, res 119 Johnson 

Horton William H, carpenter, res 719 n Person 

House S \', painter, res 548 e Jones 

Howard Adeline, cook, res 414 w Lenoir 
*Howard Hal, laborer, res off Smithfield 
*Howard Henry, teacher 414 w Lenoir 
Howard Mrs Helen, seamstress, res 115 s Wilmington 
"Howard Jennie, laundress, res 3 Smithfield al 
Howard Mrs Ruth, seamstress, res 216 e Lenoir 
Howell Haywood, watchman, res 518 n Person 
* Howell Martha, laundress, res 546 e Cabarrus 
Howell Walter, cigar stand, res 518 n Person 
Hubbard Dr Fordyce M, Episcopal minister, res 12 n Person 
Hubbard John N, janitor P O building, res 304 n Person 
Hubbard Mrs Rowena, domestic, res 704 n Person 
Huddleston Louis, penitentiary guard, res 305 w South 
Hudgings D S, train dispatcher R 6c G R R, res 513 Halifax 
Hudson Miss Martha, res 725 s East 
Hudspeth ]\Irs Itelia, widow, res 209 w Morgan 
Huff S H, insurance, bds 116 s McDowell 
Huggins H R, compositor, res 513 n Salisbury 
*Hughes David, dairyman, res 409 w South 
Hughes F W\ physician, res 417 n Blount 
=•' Hughes Frances, cook, res 313 s East 


*Hnghes James, drayman, res 22 Railroad 
*Hughes Henry J, barber, res 517 s Blor.nt 
*Hughes Moses, laborer, res rear 114 e Cabarrns 
*Huglies Mrs Sallie, seamstress, res 517 s Blount 
Hughes T H, telegraph operator, res 404 n East 
Hughes W H, crockery and glassware, res 221 w Martin 
Hundley Frank P, canvasser, res 129 n Salisbury 
Hunnicutt Artemus, wheelwright, res 424 Smithfield 
Hunnicutt E O, carpenter, res 412 e Morgan * 

Hunnicutt Eliza, res 515 e IMartin 
Hunnicutt Fab H, bricklayer, res 226 s Swain 
Hunnicutt Fab W, contractor, res 226 s Swain 
Hunnicutt W G, bricklayer, res 557 e Hargett 
*Hunt Ann, nurse, 440 Halifax 
*Hunt John, truck driver, res 548 e Cabarrus 
Hunter Rev A B, teacher St Augustine's School 
Hunter B W, drug clerk, res 303 Fayetteville 
*Hunter Celia, laundress, res front Bledsoe's Grove 
*Hunter Charles, pump repairer, res 221 w Lenoir 
*Hunter Charles H, laborer, res 320 w South 
*Hunter Cynthia, cook, res 230 s East 
*Hunter Edward H, teacher, res 533 New Bern av 
*Hunter Esther, cook, res 44 Boylan av 
*Hunter Gracie, nurse, res 504 e Jones 
^Hunter Jack, laborer, res 523 e Davie 
"'Hunter Job, shoemaker, res 305 s East 
*Hunter Harriet, laundress, res 533 New Bern en- 
*Hunter Henry, dri\er, res 230 s East 
'••'Hunter Henry H, laborer, res off New Bern av 
*Hunter jVIartha, cook, res 205 w Edenton 
♦Hunter Martha, domestic, res 313 s East 
*Hunter Maria, seamstress, res 305 s East 
♦Hunter Mars', laundress, res 325 s Bloodworth 
♦Hunter Osborne Sr, carpenter, res 208 w Cabarrus 
*Hunter Priscilla, seamstress, res front Bledsoe's grove 
♦Hunter Richard, carpenter, res 574 e Cabarrus 


*Hunter Ros::, cook, res 330 Hillsboro 

*Hunter Sallie, domestic, res 313 s East 

*Hunter Susan, house-keeper, res 812 s Wilmington 

* Hunter Susan, laundress, res 915 Manly 

*Hunter Robert, harness-maker, res 2S Hunter 

*Hunter Willie, laborer, res 212 Blount al 

*Hunter Wylie, railroader, res 44 Boylan av 

^Hunter Wylie, teacher, res 119 w Edcnton 

*Husted Margaret, laundress, res rear 548 e Hargett 

Hutchings C W, salesman, res 121 s Wilmington 

*Hutchings Eliza, cook, res rear 519 s Wilmington 

Hutchings Isaac, shoemaker, res 635 w South 

Hutchings Miss Julia, music teacher, res 117 n Dawson 

*Hutchings ]\Iaria, laundress, res 413 n West 

Hutchings W B, saddle and harness mfr, res 321 \v Jones 

Hutson John C, furniture dealer, res 413 n Person 

"Hyler Benjamin, green grocer, res 530 e Martin 

Iden George, tin worker, res 9 s East 

*Ingram Ida, house maid, res 112 e Lenoir 

♦Ingram Phoebe, laundress, res 112 e Lenoir 

*Iredell James, cook, res 126 w Cabarrus 

*Iredell Mary, seamstress, res 116 Polk 

*Iredell ^liss Mollie J, teacher, res 413 n vSalisbury 

* Iredell Xancy, cook, res 114 w Cabarrus 

Ivey H M, storekeeper R & (t R R shops, res 521 Halifax 

*Ir\in Mary, seamstress, res 122 w Lenoir 


Jackson Andrew, mechanic, res 606 Saunders 
'Jackson Andrew, drayman, res 413 n Salisbury 
Jackson Miss Bettie, dentist, res 313 e Martin 


Jackson Mrs C S, widow, res 6ii Fayetteville 
*Jackson Mrs Caroline, widow, res 413 n Salisbury 
*Jackson Charlotte, laundress, res Best's lane 
Jackson Edward L, laborer, res 313 e Martin 
Jackson Mrs Estelle, widow, res 313 e Martin 
Jackson George H, horse-trader, res 313 e Martin 
Jackson H W, teller to State Treasurer, res 611 Fayetteville 
*Jackson Jane, laundress, res 333 Cannon 
Jackson Mrs Laura E, dressmaker, res 313 Salisbury 
Jackson Miss Lilly, widow, seamstress, res 409 n Salisbury 
Jackson Mrs Mary, seamstress, res 306 s Bloodw.;rtli 
*Jackson William, cook, res 333 Cannon 
*JefFries Alexander, butler, res 113 n vSwain 
*JefFries Anna L, laundress, 212 Blount al 
^•'Jeffries Augustus, hostler, res 303 )j w South 
•^Jeffries Celia, cook, res 546 n Person 
*Jeffries George, laborer, res 5 1 7 e Lenoir 
'■'Jeffries Mary, cook, res 5 Tupper's al 
•Jeffries Nancy, cook, res 220 Blount al 
*Jeffries Peter, grocer, res 207 w South 
*Jeffries Rebecca, laundress, res 113 n Swain 
*Jeffrie5 Robert, driver, res 430 s Swain 
•■Jeffries Ruth, laundress, res 113 n Swain 
•'Jeffries Sarina, res 783 Hillsboro 
^Jeffries Stephen, wood-chopper, res 5 Tupper's al 
•Jenkins- Alice, laundress, res 311 w Cabarrus 
Jenkins Anna, cook, res 215 w Jones 
*Jenkins Charit}', laundress, res 520 s Dawson 
*Jenkins Cherry, nurse, res 142 Blount al 
*Jenkins Lucy, laundress, res rear 508 s West 
*Jenkins Louisa, laundress, res 322 e Martin 
*Jenkins Maria, cook, res 219 s Harrington 
*Jenkins Oscar, carpenter, res 322 e Martin 
*Jenkins Rachel, cook, res rear 114 s Cabarrus 
Jenkins Miss Salina, res 307 w Morgan 
Jenkins Mrs Sallie, bds 217 s East 


Jenkins Thos G, clerk, res 312 e Jones 

*Jelt Henry, invalid, res rear First Baptist Church col 

Johns Ann, tailoress, res 220 w Cabarrus 

Johns Nicholas, restaurant, res 233 s Wilmington 

Johns Patrick H, deputy Sheriff, rooms court-house 

Johnson A H, clerk, res 227 s West 
=^Johnson Agnes, laundress, res 513 s Blount 

Johnson Albert, railroad clerk, res 329 Hillsboro 
"Johnson Miss Anice, chambermaid, res 104 Hillsboro 
♦Johnson Bettie, cook, res 603 n Salisbury 
♦Johnson Csesar. Baptist minister, res 540 e Edenton 

Johnson C E, cotton merchant, res 126 Hillsboro 
♦Johnson Charles, man-of-all-\vork, res 118 Smithfield 
♦Johnson Charlotte, cook, res 322 Hillsboro 
♦Johnson Columbus, laborer, res rear 508 s West 
Johnson U P, carpenter, bds 122 e iSIartin 
Johnson D T, grocer, res 513 Hillsboro 
♦Johnson Devereux, gardener, res 109 n Wilmington 
Johnson E A, grocer, res 315 s Bloodworth 
♦Johnson E A, teacher, res 116 w South 
Johnson Mrs Elizabeth, widow, res 514 n Johnson 
Johnson Mrs Emily, widow, res 221 Smithfield 
=*Johnson Emily, house maid, res 113 n Harrington 
♦Johnson Emily, nurse, res 525 e Jones 
*Johnson Ephraim, porter, res 603 n Salisbur>- 
Johnson F H, Presbyterian minister, res 107 Saunders 
Johnson Mrs F L, widow, res 120 Hillsboro 
♦Johnson Frank, landscape gardener, res 421 s Blount 
Johnson George, salesman, res 119 e Davie 
*Johnson George, laborer, res 3 Fowle 
Johnson Henry Clay, machinist, res 104 n Bloodworth 
♦Johnson Henry M, porter, res 115 e Cabarrus 
♦Johnson Henrietta, cook, res 104 Hillsboro 
Johnson Id>', druggist, res 226 Hillsboro 
Johnson J H, painter, res 217 Pace 
♦Johnson Jacob, watchman, res 510 s East 


*Johnson Jennie, cook, res 214 w North 

Johnson John, stone worker, res 514 vSmith's lane 

Johnson John, quarryman, res 529 s Harrington 

Johnson Joseph J, merchant, res 409 s Person 

"Johnson Louis, waiter in restaurant, res 513 e Blount 

*Johnson Lucy, cook, res 214 w North 

Johnson Mrs INI C, widow, res 221 s Blood worth 

*Johnson Maggie, laundress, res 412 s Blount 

Johnson Miss Margaret, seamstress, res 229 s Blood worth 

Johnson M, steward penitentiary hospital, res 210 Smithfield 

Johnson Martha, seamstress, res 325 e Morgan 

*Johnson Martha A, sick nurse, res 421 s Blount 

Johnson Nancy, seamstress, res 325 e Morgan 

*Johnson Nelson, laborer, res 525 e Jones 

Johnson O H, grocer, res 513 Hillsboro 

*Johnson Patsy, laundress, res 517 Cannon 

*Johnson Phelix, coachman, res 104 Hillsboro 

Johnson R L, dealer in horses, res 226 e Davie 

*Johnson Rachel, cook, res 314 w Lenoir 

Johnson Rebecca, widow, res 521 s Person 

*Johnson Richard, Christian minister, res 20 Fowl^ 

Johnson Samuel L cotton merchant, res 120 Hillsboro 

*Johnson Sarah, cook, res rear 311 s East 

*Johnson Sidney P, teacher, res 115 e Cabarrus 

Johnson Smithy, widow, res 748 Fayetteville 

*Johnson Susan, laundress, res 118 Smithfield 

Johnson T B, photographer, res 205 w North 

"Johnson Tempie, nurse, res 509 Cannon 

*Johnson Thomas, laborer, res 324 w Edenton 

Johnson Thomas, penitentiary guard, res 521 s Person 

Johnson W B, clothing cutter, res 117 s Wilmington 

Johnson Mrs W B, tailoress, res 117 s Wilmington 

Johnson W H, carpenter, res 205 w North 

*Johnson Willis, laborer, res 509 Cannon 

*Johnson Wylie, hotel porter, res 412 s Blount 

*Joiner Van, laborer, res 25 McKee 



Jolly B R, watclimakcr and jeweller, res 121s West 

Jolly Miss Bettie, dressmaker, res 116 Fas-etteville 

Jolly Mrs Nancy, widow, res 116 Fayetteville 

Jolly TJ, penitentiary guard, res 230 Saunders 

Jones A J, dealer in coal and wood, res 628 w Jones 

*Jones Addison, driver, res 705 s West 

Jorics Adelaide, laundress, res 314 n Dawson 

Jones Alfred B, lawyer, bds 314 Hillsboro 

"*Jones Alonzo, driver, res 425 s Person 

Jones ]\Iiss Amanda, seamstress, res 404 s Dawson 

Jones Armistead, lawyer, res 305 Hillsboro 

Jones ]\Irs Arthelia, seamstress, res 575 e Lenoir 

*Jones Austin, janitor, res rear 305 e Edenton 

Jones Barney, farmer, 420 s Salisbury 

*Jones Blanche E, laundress, res 720 s Dawson 

'Jones Caroline, cook, res 8 Smitlifield al 

Jones INIiss Catharine, dressmaker, n extension Salisbury 

*Jones Clement, shoemaker, res 523 New Bern av 

*Jones Cornelia, laundress, res 422 s jVIcDowell 

'Jones Cozette, cook, res 410 w Jones 

Jones D W, shoemaker, res 10 s Salisbury 

Jones Dallas, car driver, res 420 s Salisbury 

*Jones Daniel, laborer, res 531 e Edenton 

*Jones Daniel, railroad laborer, res 114 w Cabarrus 

"'Jones Daniel, sexton Edenton-st M E ch, res no n West 

*Jones E G, baker, res 603 s McDowell 

Jones Ed A, railroad clerk, res ^t,t, Fayetteville 

*Jones Ella, laundress, res 531 e Davie 

*Jones Elizabeth, laundress, res 409 Hillsboro 

*Jones Eliza, cook, res 529 s Dawson 

*Jones Evelina, nurse, res 413 Oak wood av 

"Jones Emma, nurse, res 305 New Bern av 

Jones Miss Emma, seamstress, res 420 s Salisbury 

■'Jones Emeline, cook, res 415 s Bloodworth 

Jones Mrs Emeline, widow, res 518 n Bloodworth 

*Jones Emily, sick nurse, res 410 w Edenton 



*Jones Eugenia, cook, res 204 s Dawson 

*Jones Eveline, nurse, res 829 s Wilmington 

*Jones Florence, laundress, res 608 s McDowell 

*Jones Frances, laundress, res 7 n. Bloodwortli 

Jones Frank, painter, res 533 e Martin 

Jones Garland, book-keeper, res 221 w Morgan 

*Jones George, laborer, res 529 s Dawson 

*Jones George, truck driver, res 222 e Lenoir 

*Jones Hardie, laborer, res 332 w South 

*Jones Harry, cook, res 7 Bloodwortli 

'•"Jones Harriet, laundress, res 108 New Bern av 

*Jones Henry, farm laborer, res 533 Cannon 

*Jones Hester, laundress, res 8 s Harrington 

*Jones Hilliard, gardener, res 114 n Harrington 

*Jones Jacob, farm laborer, res 61S Elm 

*Jones Jane, widow, laundress, res 408 Smith's lane 

*Jones James, laborer, res 408 w Jones 

*Jones James, locomotive fireman, res 410 w Edenton 

*Jones James, waiter in restaurant, res 829 s Wilmington 

*Jones James H, bricklayer, res 819 Manly 

Jones James J, canvasser, res 10 s Salisbury 

*Jones James M, shoemaker, res 543 New Bern av 

*Jones Jane, dining-room servant, res 726 s Dawson 

*Jones Jennie, laundress, res 608 s McDowell 

Jones Miss Jennie, dressmaker, res 10 s Salisbury 

Jones Miss Jennie, seamstress, res 404 s Dawson 

Jones Jesse A, coal, wood and ice, res 509 Hillsboro 

*Jones John, mattress maker, res 509 e Cabarrus 

*Jones John A, barber and leecher, res 529 s East 

*Jones Junius, salesman, res 401 Haywood 

Jones Mrs L J, widow, res 522 Fayetteville 

Jones Iv O A, job printer, res 313 Oakwood av 

*Jones Lewis, shoemaker, res 121 w Lenoir 

*Jones Lizzie, nurse, res 747 Hillsboro 

Jones Miss Lizzie, house-keeper, res 115 w Lane 

*Jones Louisa, nurse, res 540 n Blount 

CITY ov RAi.Kir.n. 59 

Jones Miss Louric, seamstress, res 404 s Dawson 
■'•*Jones Lucy, cook, res 201 n Harrinj^ton 
■>=Jones Mack, Laborer, res 428 Smith's lane 
*Joncs ^Madison, locomotive fireman, res 314 n Dawson 
*Jones Magf^ie, cook, res 523 New Bern av 
Jones ]^Iiss Maggie, seamstress, res 536 s West 
•Jones Maria, cook, res 31 Dodd 
■Jones Maria, cook, res 304 e ^Morgan 
*Jones Maria, laundress, res 531 e Cabarrus 
'^■Jones ]\Iar\-, laundress, res 835 Fayetteville 
*Jones I\Iary, laundress, res 410 w Jones 
Jones Miss Mar\-, dressmaker, res 10 s Salisbury 
'■'Jones ]\Iargaret, domestic, res 408 w Jones 
"^'Jones r^Iatilda, laundress, res 531 e Edenton 
Jones Mattie, policeman, res 405 n West 
Jones Matthew, machinist, bds 129 n Salisbury 
Jones N Sidney, Baptist minister, res 518 n Bloodworth 
*Jones Xarcissa, cook, res 8 s East 
Jones Nick L, book-keeper, res 333 FaNctteville 
"^Jones Norman, laborer, res 723 n Dawson 
Jones Richard, painter, res 604 Polk 
*Jones Richard, laborer, res rear 18 Johnson 
Jones Rums P, millwright, res 536 s West 
■Jones Sallie, seamstress, res 529 s East 
*Jones Sallie, cook, res rear 413 Dawson 
"■•Jones Sherman M, shoemaker, res 543 New Bern av 
*Jones Sidney, laborer, res 829 s Wilmington 
"^Jones S\lvia, laundress, res 524 e Pxlenton 
*Joncs Simon, driver, res 524 e Edenton 
Jones vSeth A, sexton -City Cemetery, res 308 e Martin 
Jones Stephen W, umbrella repairer, res 413 e Davie 
Jones T N, tobacconist, res 318 Oakwood av 
Jones T R, bottling works, res 215 s Person 
*Jones Tempie, dressmaker, res 121 w Lenoir 
Jones Thomas A, foreman shoe factory, res 215 w Jones 
*Jones W F, shoemaker, res 709 ■Manly 


Jones W N, Comm'r Labor Bureau, res 522 Fayetteville 

*Jones Washington, laborer, res 720 s Dawson 

*Jones Washington, shoemaker, res 543 New Bern av 

Jones William, blacksmith, res 108 Johnson 

*Jones William, driver, res 211 New Bern av 

Jordan Alonzo E, groceryman, bds 109 s Blount 

*Jordan Bets}-, laundress, res 518 s Dawson 

Jordan Coy C, blacksmith, res no s Person 

Jordan Charles H, traveling salesman, res 565 e Hargett 

*Jordan George, carpenter, res 113 n Harrington 

*Jordan Jacob, laborer, res 208 w South 

Jordan James B, salesman, res 122 w Jones 

Jordan James F, moulder, res 565 e Hargett 

Jordan John C, blacksmith, res 109 s Blount 

Jordan Miss Mary, dressmaker, res 120 Johnson 

*Jordan Noah, locomotive fireman, res 320 w Lenoir 

*Jordan Riley, laborer, res 622 Elm 

*Jordan Scott, gardener, res 622 Harp's lane 

Jordan William, w^atchman, res 120 Johnson 

Jordan William D, electrician, res 120 Johnson 

*Joyner Alice, nurse, res 523 n Blount 

*Joyner Maria, laundress, res 114 n Harrington 

Justice Mrs Anna, widow, res 228 n ^McDowell 

^Justice Sherman, locomotive fireman, res 125 n West 


Karrar Miss Emma, saleslady, res 302 s Salisbury 
Kearney J C, traveling salesman, res 114 n INIcDowell 
* Kearney Hester, laundress, res 8 s Harrington 
Keith Henry S, carpenter, res 317 Polk 
Kelley Charlotte, seamstress, res 527 Cannon 
Kelley Henr}- E, clothing presser, res 507 w Morgan 
Kelley INIiss Thetus, seamstress, res 527 Cannon 
Kenan Thos S, Clerk Supreme Court, res 418 Halifax 


*Killcbrc\v Frank, laborer, res rear iii e Cabarrus 

'''Killiaii Elvir, laborer, res 31 Hayti al 

King Andrew, salesman, res 314 e IMorgan 

King Mrs Anna, widow, res 513 s McDowell 

King C R, stationary engineer, res 528 e Davie 

*King Charles, truck driver, res 123 e Cabarrus 

King Mrs Clara, widow, res 313 w Lane 

King D ]\r, locomotive engineer, res 224 n McDowell 

King David H, traveling salesman, bds 214 e Morgan 

King Eddie H, salesman, res 126 Saunders 

King Frank M, painter, res 713 s Blount 

King G W, carpenter, res 205 Smitlifield 

King George W, shoe salesman, res 713 s Blount 

King Genadus W, lock and gunsmith, res 817 Manly 

*King James, carpenter, res 528 New Bern av 

King James C, gas-fitter, res 312 e Martin 

King John, blacksmith, res 535 e Davie 

King John C, compositor, res 713 s Blount 

King Josiah, res 528 e Davie 

King Miss Lillie, dressmaker, res 126 Saunders 

King M F, grocer, res 105 Johnson 

King Miss Martha E, tailoress, res 313 w Lane 

King Mrs Mary, dressmaker, res 817 Manly 

King Mrs INIary R, widow, res 713 s Blount 

*King Missouri, laundress, res 202 w iMorgan 

King O G, druggist, res 304 s Swain 

"^King Philip, bridge-builder, res 26 Railroad 

*King Plunnner, barber, res 123 e Cabarrus 

King Robert O, salesman, res 319 c Cabarrus 

Kirkland T F, railroad conductor, res 534 e Jones 

King W Claudius, machinist, res 535 e Davie 

King W P, carpenter, res 520 s Harrington 

King Wesley W, car inspector, res 126 Saunders 

'Kingsbury JoJm, laborer, res 554 New Bern ay 

Kin.gsley ]\Irs M H, widow, res 20 Firwood av 

Kirkham Benjamin, butcher, res foot s Wilmington 


Kii-klaiid Miss Emma, dressmaker, res rear Peace Institute 

Kirkland Miss Maggie, dressmaker, res 537 n Blount 

KirkLand W D, carpenter, res rear Peace Institute 

Khippelberg Charles, pattern maker, res foot n Salisbury 

*Knight Jacob, laborer, res rear 228 Saunders 

*Knight Jennie, cook, res 702 w Jones 

^■^Knight Mark, form laborer, res 321 Cannon 

Knight Martha, res rear 213 e Cabarrus 

Knox A Vv^, physician and surgeon, res 219 w Edcnton 

Koonce Richard, former, res 314 Hillsboro 

Kreth Mrs Joseph, widow, res 116 w Edenton 

Kuester A Theodore, plumber, res 117 w Cabarnis 

Kuester Fred, lock and gunsmith, res 219 w Davie 

Kuester L A, examiner gas meters, res 117 w Cabarrus 

Kuester Mrs L L, widow, res 117 w Cabarrus 

Kuester Miss Eovie F, foncy needlework, res 117 w Cabarrus 

Kuester W H A, wks for Raleigh Gas Co, res T17 w Cabarrus 

Lacy B R, locomotive engineer, res 539 n Blount 
=■ Lacy Robert, teacher, res 82 3 s Wilmington 
Lambeth Ciiarles S L, clerk, res 308 w Jones 
Lambeth Charles W, City Clerk, res 308 e Jones 
Lampkin F M, salesman, res 543 e Hargett 
^'7_^amson Solomon, laborer, res 6 Johnson's lane 
Lamb Sargent, millwright, res 211s Bloodworth 
Lamb William, carpenter, res 329 Pace 
Lancaster Miss Bettie, dressmaker, res 120 n Harrington 
Lancaster Frank, painter, res 120 n Harrington 
Lancaster L W, harness-maker, res 120 n Harrington 
Lancaster Airs Lucy L, dressmaker, res 302 St ]\Lar>\s lane 
Jvancaster Mrs M W, widow, res 120 n Harrington ' 
Lancaster Miss Mollie, dressmaker, res 120 n Harrington 
Lancaster R E, painter, res 302 St Mary's lane 
Lancaster Sarah, domestic, res 312 s Person 


Lancaster W H, omnibus conductor, res 547 e Jones 

'•""Lane Adelaide, cook, res 753 Hillsboro 

*Lane Allen, stone mason, res 412 Smith's lane 

""Lane Bettie, laundress, res 417 s Person 

'■'Lane C H, ph>sician, res 728 e Davie 

■''Lane David, laborer, res 729 Manly 

*Lane David A, teacher, res 113 \v Lenoir 

*Lane David P, merchant, res 31 Hayti al 

*Lane Dilly, laundress, res 121 e Cabarrus 

*Lane Ed, coachman, res 417 s Person 

"^'Lane Edward, laborer, res Si 6 Manly 

'"Lane Edward G, laborer, res 612 e Cabarrus 

*Lane Hannah, cook, res 313 s Bloodworth 

'"Lane Harriet, cook, res 129 Hillsboro 

*Lane Hattie W, teacher, res 113 w Lenoir 

"■'Lane Joseph, baker, res 423 s Blount 

*Lane Julia, laundress, res 729 Manly 

'"Lane Meekin?, sexton ist Presbytertan Ch, res 219 e South 

*Lane Richard, drayman, res 423 s IMcDowell 

'''Lane Sion, truck driver, res 305 w Lenoir 

*Lane Thomas, laborer, res 222 e Morgan 

'•'Lane York, laborer, res 729 Manly 

Lang ^Vinnic, widow, res 228 e South 

Lanier ]Miss Eva, seamstress, res 722 s Blount 

Lanier James, landscape gardener, bds 226 e Davie 

Lanier James H, carpenter, res 722 s Blount 

Lanier ]\Iiss Ruth, teacher, res 214 w Edenton 

Lashley Y P, canvasser, res 227 s West 

Lassiter Daniel, laborer, res rear colored Christian church 

*Lassiter Dock, laborer, res 105 w Martin 

'''Lassiter Eliza, laundress, res 105 w jMartin 

*Lassiter Isaac, wks at street-car stables, res 102 w Cabarrus 

'''Lassiter Isaiah, man-of-all-work, res 210 n Person 

'"Lassiter Teenier, driver, res 16 Hayti al 

Latta Charles G, commission merchant, res 216 n Person 

"'Latham Marzilla, cook, res 28 Boylan av 


*Laustin Lee, locomotive fireman, res 413 n West 

Lawrence Mrs James E, res n extension Edenton 

Lawton Madame Ella, res 549 e Martin 

*Leacli Anna, house servant, res 419 s Wilmington 

Leach G Edgar, cotton broker, res 413 Hillsboro 

Leach Middleton T, farmer, res 333 Fayetteville 

"Leak R H W, Meth minister and publisher, res 320 e Davie 

Lee Mrs A G, widow, res 562 e Lenoir 

Lee Adison S, druggist, res 117 n Person 

*Lee Battle, hearse driver, res 512 w Morgan 

Lee C C, car builder, res cor Wilmington and Johnson 

Lee C R, ticket agent R & D R R, res 562 e Lenoir 

*Lee Cain L, grocer, res 827 Fayetteville 

Lee Ed H, cotton broker and stableman, bds 319 Fa^•ette^•iHe 

*Lee Elijah, locomotive fireman, res 320 w Edenton 

'•'Lee Emma, domestic, res 522 Fa}-etteville 

*Lee George, wood-sawyer, res 214 w North 

*Lee Henderson, carpenter, res 415 s Blood worth 

Lee Harriet, widow, res 117 s Person 

Lee J W, traveling salesman, res 503 e Jones 

=!= Lee James, blacksmith, res 114 e Morgan 

"Lee John, livery stable, res 715 s West 

"'Lee John, stone mason, res 27 McKee 

Lee John D, printer's apprentice, res 406 s Person 

Lee John H, cotton waste and metals, res 222 Smithheid 

*Lee Mary, cook, res 508 e Edenton 

""Lee Man,', laundress, res 402 Cannon 

'•'Lee Millie, laundress, res rear 554 e Hargett 

*Lee Rhoda, cook, res 320 w Edenton 

Lee Richard H, res 117 n Person 

Lee Robert E, compositor, bds 406 s Person 

Lee Thomas G, compositor, res 406 s Person 

Lee Tome, Chinese laundry, res 119 s Wilmington 

*Lee Virtue, milk maid, res 3 e Cabarrus 

*Leonard Belle, cook, res 119 s Salisbury 

'•'Levister Capus, laborer, res 214 w Lenoir 


Levister Junius, carpenter, bds 402 s McDowell 

Levy ]\Irs Catharine, widow, res 308 Smithfickl 

Levy Emmet P^, travelino^ salesman, res 308 Smithfield 

Lev\' Robert H, painter, res 214 Smithfield 

Lewelh'n Harry C, Sergeant of Police, res 231 e Lenoir 

Lewdly u Mrs Ida, book-folder, res 231 e Lenoir 

Lewis A M, lawyer, res 529 n Wilmington 

Lewis Alfred, carpenter, res 126 Saunders 

* Lewis Canon, porter, res 620 Harp's lane 

* Lewis Dawson, truck driver, res 319 Cannon 

* Lewis Emma, house maid, res 516 e Jones 
'■'Lewis Flora Ann, cook, res rear 427 Halifax 
Lewis J C, lawyer, res 529 n Wilmington 
*Lewis James, laborer, res 620 Harp's lane 
Lewis James, laborer, res 512 w Morgan 
Lewis James J, compositor, res 113 w Morgan 
""'Lew^s Jane, laundress, res 512 w Morgan 
Lewis Julius, hardware, res 608 Hillsboro 
*Lewis Madison, laborer, res 726 s Dawson 
Lewis R G, lawyer, res 427 Halifax 

Lewis R H, physician [eye and ear], res 227 n Wilmington 
*Lewis Roxana, cook, res 620 Harp's lane 
Lewis Mrs Sallie, widow, res 113 w Morgan 

* Lewis Tama, cook, res 330 e Hargett 
*Liggon Amanda, laundress, res 528 e Hargett 
*Liggon Henry, carpenter, res 728 Fa>etteville 
*Liggon Millie, seamstress, res 418 Smith's lane 
*Liggon Richard, laborer, res 528 e Hargett 
Liggon Tolbert, res 119 Hillsboro 

*Liggon Woodley, laborer, res 214 w Lenoir 
Lindsay W P, clerk, bds 116 s McDowell 
Linehan John M, stone worker, res 230 n Person 
Linehan Patrick, contractor for stone work, res 230 n Person 
Linehan William A, stone mason, res 230 n Person 
*Ling David, laborer, res 710 s McDowell 
Lipscombe C T, book-keeper, res 328 e ^Morgan 


'^'Lipsconibe Mary, cook, res 228 11 McDowell 

Lipscombe W T, tobacco broker, res 328 e INIor^an 

Litchford Henry E, book-keeper, res 508 e Jones 

Litchford Mrs J J, widow, res 104 s West 

Litchford Ruffin, sailor, res 104 s West 

Litchford Susan, cook, res 323 Hillsboro 

Little Mrs C M, dressmaker, res 127 n Dawson 

Little Mrs George, widow, res no New Kern avi 

Little Henry, student, res 11 n Blount 

Little Miss Lucinda, res no New Bern av 

Little Mrs Peggy, wid Dr William, res 1 1 n Blount 

*Littlejohn Henrietta, cook, res 213 w Davie 

*Littlejohn J W, grocer, res 423 n Salisbury 

*Lockhart Amanda, laundress, res 409 s Blount 

*Lockhart Fannie, cook, res 121 w Morgan 

*Lockhart John, cabinet-maker, res 409 s Blount 

*Lockhart Letha, cook, res 205 Peace 

*Lockhart Moses, cabinet-maker, res 409 s Blount 

*Lockhart Rosa, widow Hand}-, res 409 s Blount 

*Locklear Bede, laundress, res 585 e Lenoir 

""Locklear Caswell, barber, res 108 e Cabarrus 

*Locklear Henry, shoemaker, res 413 w^ South 

*Locklear Jennie, tobacco worker, res 416 w Edenton 

*Locklear Lula, tobacco worker, res 416 w Edenton 

*Locklear Mar}-, laundress, res 521 e Cabarrus 

Lockyear Frederick, res 218 s Harrington 

Lodge W A, druggist, res 133 Fayetteville 

*Long Mar}-, laundress, res 420 Smith's lane 

Long R T, canvasser, bds 317 s Person 

*Long W^illiam, laborer, res 420 Smith's lane 

Lougee Augustus H, collector, res 222 n Person 

Lougee Mrs C E, widow, res 222 n Person 

Lougee Lewis O, compositor, res 227 e Davie 

*Love Cora, cook, res 416 s Bloodworth 

Love D H, junk store, res inn Bloodworth 

*Love Marion, laborer, res rear colored Christian church 


Lo\e Thomas L, tobacco broker, res 413 New Bern av 

'■'Lowery Robert, j>-ardener, res 127 e Edenton 

IJoyd Anna, wid of Isliani, lanndress, res 228 s Bloodworth 

*Llo\'d Xarcissa A, seamstress, res 409 s Bloodworth 

'''Lloyd William, nnrser)inan, res 409 s Bloodworth 

■■•'Lncas Robert, Methodist minister, res 517 s Person 

Lnmley Georoe W, pressman, res 507 New Bern av 

Lnmley ^lartha, widow, res 507 New Bern av 

Lnmsden Charles F, tin worker, res 209 w Davie 

Lnnisden Frank H, tin worker, res 311 w Morgan 

I^i.imsden J C S, hardware merchant, res 103 s West 

Lumsden L H, tin worker, res 103 s West 

Lnmsden Robert E, salesman, res 205 n Salisbnry 

*Lnnsford Frances, cook, res rear 504 e Davie 

*Lntlow William, laborer, res 213 w Davie 

Lyon Caroline, widow, res 319 e Morgan 

Lyon E W, mining and real estate, res 625 Halifax 

Lyon Miss Janie, dressmaker, res 319 e ]\Iorgan 

*L}'on John, laborer, res 301 n West 

■••"Lyon ^Nlack, laborer, res 512 e Edenton 

*L}'on ■\Iar\-, lanndress, res 512 e Edenton 

*Lyon Millie, cook, res 11 Best's lane 

*Lyons Thomas, laborer, res 215 w North 

L>'man T B, P^piscopal P>ishop of N C, res 105 e North 


Mabn.- W T, saloon, res 219 e Hargett 

Mackintosh Lachlan, stone cntter, res 515 w Morgan 

Macy E O, railroader, res 204 s W^est 

Mac\- William R, painter, res 204 s West 

Mahler F Lonis, book-keeper, res 123 n Blount 

Mahler Henn.-, jeweller, res 430 Fayetteville 

Mahler Lndwig A, clerk, res 430 Fayetteville 

*]\Ialone John, bricklayer, res t,^ McKee 

*Malone ]\Ioses, janitor Capital Clnb, res 312 w Cabarrus 


*Maloy Henry, teacher, res i Dodd 
*Maloy P F, Baptist minister, res 724 Manh- 
Mangum Albert G, salesman, res 122 e Martin 
Mangum John, driver, res 503 s McDowell 
*Mangum Nelson, laborer, res 138 Blount al 
*Mangnm Rachel, cook, res rear 119 \v jMartin 
Mangum Mrs S A, seamstress, res 614 e Davie 
Mangum W H, laborer, res 614 e Davie 
*Manly Benjamin, cook in restaurant, res 301 s East 
*Manly Dolly, laundress, res 707 s Dawson 
"'Manly Elisha, carpenter, res 720 s Dawson 
*Manly Maria, laundress, res 409 Hillsboro 
^•'Manly Phoebe, laundress, res 301 s East 
*Manly Sidney, laborer, res 309 Hillsboro 
Mann W B, grocer, res 553 e Hargett 
*Marcom Anna, cook, res 313 Oak wood av 
Marcom J Calvin, grocer, res 211 n Harrington 
Marcom John W, compositor, res 520 s Bloodworth 
Marcom Milton C, blacksmith, res 520 s Bloodworth 
Marks Ed, engraver on marble, bds 317 s Person 
*Marks Sarah, invalid, res 401 s Dawson 
Marsh A H, journalist, bds 125 e South 
Marsh Miss Mary B, teacher, res 214 w Eden ton 
"Marshall Corinne, laundress, res 511 e Davie 
*Marshall Henry, stone-cutter, res 511 e Davie 
Marshall J- H, janitor Metropolitan Hall, rooms same 
Marshall M M, Episcopal minister, res 6 New Bern av 
Martin E M, carriage maker, res 702 w Jones 
Martin J B, Auditor R & G R R Co, res 531 Halifax- 
Martin Matthew, porter So Ex Co, res 515 s Blount 
Martin Wm H, clerk Int Rev office, res 216 n Bloodworth 
Martin Samuel Edgar, florist, res 216 n Bloodworth 
Martin T D, physician and surgeon, res 628 Hillsboro 
*Mashe Hannah, laundress, res 715 s McDowell 
*Mason Sandy, laborer, res 441 Johnson 
Massenburg Mary, house-keeper, res 416 Edenton 


iVlasseiiw^ill Julia, domestic, res 129 e Hargett 
''INIassey Henry, laborer, res 19 Worth 
]\Iassey ]\Irs Jane N, seamstress, res 228 \v Davie 
Massey INIrs Sarah, seamstress, res 301 s Person 
""'■IMassey Toby, trnck-driver, res 117 e Cabarrus 
^latthews Daniel^ salesman, bds 402 s McDowell 
^Matthews Fred, laborer, res 507 s Dawson 
Matthews Jonas, blacksmith, res 210 n McDowell 
^•^latthews Sallie, laundress, res 16 Hayti al 
^Matthews W H, bricklayer, res 211 w South 
^Matthews W J, bricklayer, res 118 w South 
Maynard Ernest, lawyer, bds 329 Hillsboro 
"■••■Ma}o Fannie, laundress, res 513 s Dawson 
*Mayo Mary, seamstress, res 122 w Lenoir 
*Mayo Reuben, laborer, res rear 402 Smithfield 
McAlister Dallas, carpenter, res 553 e Davie 
McAlister J W, monument salesman, bds 107 e Davie 
McAlister I\I A, compositor, bds 224 e IVIartin 
*McAlister Mary, cook, res 313 w Lenoir 
"McCann Juda, laundress, res 308 w Lenoir 
*McCann Sampson, laborer, res 308 w Lenoir 
*McClain Alice, nurse, res 226 Hillsboro 
*McClain John, porter, res rear 228 e Cabarrus 
*McClain ]\Iartha, cook, res 179 Blount al 
'•McClain Ouinny, carpenter, res 127 ii Harrington 
*McClain Samantha, laundress, res 8 Adams's al 
*McCoy Florida, laundress, res 413 s East 
*McCo\- Larry, laborer, res 808 Manly 
McCoy Lewis, laborer, res 303 w Lenoir 
*McCoy Neill, carpenter, res 413 s East 
*McCoy Turnage, laborer, res 818 Manly 
*McCoy William, shoemaker, res 15 Fowle 
"McCracken Eliza, seamstress, res 721 Manly 
^■'McCracken Richard, cabinet maker, res 721 Manly 
McCullers G M, policeman, bds iii s Wilmington 
JMcCullers Miss W^illie, dressmaker, bds iii s Wilmington 


McDonald Charles C, book-keeper, res 408 Oakwood av 

McDowell W Feniier, blacksmith, res 412 n East 

McGee J W, physician and snrgeon, res 227 \v Edenton 

McGee J W Jr, physician and snrgeon, res 227 w Edenton 

McGee W T, leaf tobacco dealer, bds Park place 

McGehee George P, tobacco broker, res 416 Blood worth 

McGehee Lncins, civil engineer, res 416 n Bloodworth 

McGehee M, res 416 n Bloodworth 

McGehee Wm P, clerk in R R ofifice, res 416 n Bloodworth 

McGowan Patrick W, compositor, res 308 s Salisbury 

McGowan Elizabeth R, widow, res 308 s Salisbury 

*McIlhenny Robert, laborer, res Poe's lane 

*McIlhenny Sarina, laundress, res Poe's lane 

*McIntyre, Andrew, laborer, res rear 565 e Hargett 

*McIntyre R Stanley, laborer, res 414 Smith's lane 

*McIntyre Susan, ,cook, res 911 Manly 

McKee Miss Eliza, res 12S n Blount 

McKee James, physician and surgeon, res 128 n Blount 

McKee Miss Priscilla, res 128 n Blount 

McKimmon Charles, dry-goods merchant, bds Park place 

McKimmon James, druggist, res 540 n Blount 

*McKnight Ellen, laundress, res 122 w Davie 

*McLean Creecy, cook, res 120 w Davie 

""'McLean Florence, nurse, res 120 w Davie 

*McLean Hattie, cook, 521 s Dawson 

McLester'Miss Maggie, matron St Jolin's hospital, res same 

McMackin W C, live stock and stables, res 11 s Wilmington 

McMaster P'red, insurance, bds 412 Fayetteville 

*McNair Hugh, cook, res 507 s Blount 

McNeill N A, carpenter and builder, res 213 w North 

McPheeters A M, stock broker, res 114 s Dawson 

McPheeters A M Jr, wks Water Works Co, res 1 14 s Dawson 

^IcRar)' Jasper N, compositor, res 433 n Dawson 

jVIacRae John Y, druggist, rooms 98 e Martin 

"•McSwain Patsy, cook, res 313 w Edenton 

*McSwain Phcebe, cook, res 313 w Edenton 


IMcTerrv William, tailor, res 213 s Marringtoii 

]\Ic\'ca Mrs li W, widow, res 404 Hillsboro 

IMeadows Mrs W \\ widow, res 528 e Davie 

*Mebane Jerry, locomotive fireman, res 318 w Lenoir 

*]\Iebane Thomas, whitewaslier, res 710 Manly 

^ledlin Alice, seamstress, res 755 s Blount 

Medlin D H, blacksmith, res 422 s Swain 

Medlin Geor^^e, laborer, res 405 s East 

Medlin James C, laborer, res 422 s Swain 

Medlin Miss Martha, seamstress, res 422 s Swain 

IMedlin Mrs IMartha, seamstress, res 107 w ISIartin 

Medlin Robert, printer's apprentice, res 422 s Swain 

Medlin Thomas, laborer, res 107 w Martin 

Medlin William, laborer, res 422 s Swain 

Medlin William, ice dealer, res 2136 Hargett 

Medlin William Oscar, blacksmith, res 422 s Swain 

*Mercer Catharine, res rear 213 e Cabarrus 

Merrimon A S, Asso Justice Sup Ct, res 526 n Wilmin,i^ton 

iVIerritt J W, watchman, res 557 New Bern av 

*Merritt Jane, laundress, res 519 e Davie 

*Merritt Matilda, laundress, res 313 w Davie 

*Merritt Mattie, laundress, res rear 305 e Edenton 

"*Mials Lem, laborer, res 834 s Wilmington 

]\Iickle Andrew D, clerk Int Rev office, res 213 vSaunders 

*Millican Frank A, laborer, res 2 Adams al 

*Millican Horace, laborer, res 3 Adams al 

"Millican Jennie, cook, res 413 Hillsboro 

*Millican Robert, grocer, res 415 s Blount 

*Millican Virginia, laundress, res 415 s Blount 

*Miner Alexander, carriage driver, res 512 n Salisbury 

*Miller Dilsy, cook, res 605 Fayetteville 

*Miller Oilh', cook, res 1 10 e Lenoir 

Miller Henry, clerk, res 114 New Bern av 

Miller J D, teacher, bds 218 s Swain 

Miller James H, saloon, res 313^ Fayetteville 

Miller Joseph, well-digger, res rear 217 s East 


Miller Samuel A, bill-poster, rooms 415 Fayetteville 

Miller Thos A, manager News-Observer, r423 Fayetteville 

*Miller Tempie, laundress, res 16 n East 

Miller W Henry, book-binder, res 511 s Bloodworth 

Millis George, driver for bakery, rooms 407 Fayetteville 

♦Mills Betsy, laundress, res 318 s Blount 

*Mills Joseph, grocer, res 2 1 7 w North 

*Mills Ivouisa, cook, res 809 Cannon 

*Mills Millie, cook, res 318 s Blount 

*Mills Sallie, cook, res 318 s Blount 

*Mills Sarah, laundress, res 217 w North 

*Minor John, laborer, res 523 New Bern av 

*Minor Link, laborer, res rear 199 Bloodworth 

*Minor Millie, cook, res 523 New Bern av 

^'Minor William, laborer, res 214 w Cabarrus 

*Minter Cain, whitewasher, res 219 e South 

* Mitchell Agnes, laundress, res 4 Adams al 
Mitchell A P, telegraph operator, bds 213 Hillsboro 

* Mitchell Anna, cook, res 522 e Martin 

* Mitchell Augustus, cook for Park Club, res Park place 
Mitchell B H, harness-maker, res 202 w Lane 
Mitchell Charles, moulder, res 539 e Martin 
Mitchell Charles, car driver, res 113 s Wilmington 
♦Mitchell Chaney, cook, res 324 w Edenton 
*Mitchell Cherry, cook, res 906 Manly 
*Mitchell.Miss Emma C, teacher, res 807 Jenkins 
*Mitchell Frances, laundress for Park Club, res Park place 
*Mitchell Gatsy, sick nurse, res 223 e Cabarrus 
Mitchell George W, printer's apprentice, res 610 e Davie 
Mitchell Henry, blacksmith, res 538 e Martin 

Mitchell J Henry Jr, machinist, res 604 e Davie 
Mitchell J W, blacksmith, res 610 e Davie 
*Mitchell John, gardener, res 236 e South 
*Mitchell John, man-of-all-work, res 507 s Bloodworth 
Mitchell John, car driver, res 113 s Wilmington 
*Mitchell Ivina, laundress, res 714 Fayetteville 


Mitchell Mrs Letlia, seamstress, res 606 e Davie 
*Mitchell Sewcll, L,^rocer, res cor McDowell and Manly 
Mitchell T A, j^ate-keeper penitentiary, res 401 n West 
"^^ Mitchell Thomas, laborer, res 142 Blount al 
Mitchell Walter, marble worker, res 538 e Martin 
*Mitchell Walter, laborer, res 823 Manly 
^Mitchell Wm, bricklayer and plasterer, res 807 Jenkins 
^Mitchell William, driver, res 522 e Martin 
*Mitchell William S, Deputy Sheriff, res 214 Cannon 
''^Mitchiner Junius, laborer, res 322 w South 
Moffitt ]\Irs E E, widow, res 611 Fayetteville 
^loel M, jeweller, res 228 Fayetteville 
Moncure William, civil engineer, res 521 n Blount 
Monie J M, dry-goods merchant, res 137 n Bloodworth 
Montague B F, lawyer, res 313 New Bern av 
*Montague Jennie, cook, res 536 e Cabarrus 
"Montague Rufus, laborer, res 519 e Davie 

* Montgomery INIary, laundress, res 409 Cannon 
Montgomery Mrs Sarah H, widow, res 330 w Hargett 
Montgomery Thos A, clerk in R R office, res 330 w Hargett 
Moody Thomas, car inspector, res 215 n West 

Moody W F, clerk in post-office, res 215 n West 
Moore A L, railroad conductor, res 219 w Jones 
Moore B F Jr, capitalist, res 309 w Martin 
Moore B M, farmer, res 309 w Martin 
*Moore Clarence, farm laborer, res 409 Smith's lane 
"Moore Cornelia, cook, res 713 n Bloodworth 

* Moore Cornelia, laundress, res 616 s McDowell 
''Moore Charles, hostler, res 525 e Jones 
"■•'Moore Daniel, laborer, res 338 w South 
*Moore George, stable boy, res 16 w Cabarrus 
Moore George B, fanner, res 309 w Martin 
*Moore Har.y, laborer, res 818 Manly 
*Moore Isham, laborer, res 409 Smith's lane 
Moore James, farmer, res 309 w INIartin 
Moore John W, coach painter, res 320 s Blount 


Moore Miss Mary F, clothing trimmer, res 320 s Blount 

* Moore Mehaley, house maid, res 104 w Hargett 
*Moore Rufus, laborer, res 409 Smith's lane 

* Moore Susan, chambermaid, res 215 w Lenoir 
Moore T J, car inspector, res 523 Hicks 
Moore Van B, farmer, res 309 w Martin 
Moore W C, tobacconist, res 117 n Bloodworth 
Moore William, shoemaker, res 502 s Blount 
Mordecai Mrs Ellen, widow, res 303 north boundary 
*Mordecai Lucy, laundress, res 403 Haywood 
Mordecai Samuel F, lawyer, res 303 north boundary 

* Mordecai Sallie, laundress, res 602 e Cabarrus 
Morford Miss P, Baptist missionary, res 575 e Lenoir 
*Morgan Allen, driver, res 521 e Edenton 
*Morgan Charity, laundress, res 516 s Bloodworth 
Morgan W B, shipping clerk, res 557 New Bern av 
Moring Alfred, farmer, res 127 n Blount 

Moring Frank O, wholesale grocer, res 127 n Blount 

*Moring Jackson, laborer, res 743 Manly 

Morris C E, carpenter, bds 10 Franklin 

Morriss Miss Florence, seamstress, res 132 e Martin 

Morriss Gideon W, furniture worker, res 132 e Martin 

Morriss Mrs Ida, boarding house, res 112 Halifax 

Morris J W, carpenter, res 508 w Morgan 

Morriss John T, dealer in furniture, bds 112 Halifax 

Morriss Miss Martha, house-keeper, res 218 n McDowell 

Morriss Miranda H, domestic, res 202 w Lane 

Morris Richard H, carpenter, res Franklin 

Morriss Mrs Sarah, seamstress, res 132 e Martin 

Morris W A, carpenter, res 508 w Morgan 

* Morse Mary, cook, res 509 n Person 

Morson Hugh, school-teacher, res 421 n Bloodworth 

Morton Frank, piano tuner, bds 214 e Morgan 

*Morvin Leonard, gardener, res 524 e Edenton 

Moses- E P, principal Graded Schools, bds 319 Fayetteville 

Moseley G G, salesman, res 328 e Morgan 


Mosele)' James A, salesman, bds 319 Fa\etteville 

Moseley N S, dinin<^ hall, res 120 Fa}-etteville 

Moseley T H, tobacconist, l)ds 421 s Wilmington 

"Monnk Lewis, cook, res 15 n Wilminj^^ton 

'■'Monrning George, brick-maker, res 219 n Person 

Mowatt Airs Susan, tailoress, res 223 w Davie 

Mullen Miss Caroline, seamstress, res 816 Fayetteville 

Alullen Mrs Clara, widow, res 816 Fayetteville 

Mullin J H, grocer, bds 522 s Harrington 

?.Iullin James W, blacksmith, res 314 n McDowell 

Mnnson John B, railroad clerk, bds 319 Fayetteville 

=■ Mnrdock Robert, wood-chopper, res 614 Elm 

'■\Murpliy Archie, gardener, res rear 514 e Davie 

■•■AInrphy Betsy, cook, res 726 s Dawson 

^Murphy Crump, laborer, res 516 s McDowell 

*Mnrphy John, laborer, res rear 514 e Davie 

*Murphy Sallie, cook, res 530 n Blount 

Murray D C, Penitentiary Steward, res 313 w Hargett 

Murray Mrs Delia, seamstress, res 805 Jenkins 

^Murray Ida, cook, res 224 n McDowell 

Murray T H, ticket agent R & (r R R, res 313 w Hargett 

Alyatt John, watchman, bds 116 s McDowell 

' AI\'att Katie, laundress, res 417 s Blount 

■ Ah'att Mary, nurse, res 3 e North 

Myatt W A, commission merchant, res 121 n Blount 

Myatt William, salesman, bds 226 e Davie 

* Myers George, porter at State Capitol, res 435 n Salisbur) 


Xasli L L, Methodist minister, res 327 e Hargett 
"Nash LaFayette W, barber, res 430 s Blount 
*Neal Joseph, laborer, res 423 s McDowell 
*Neal Lucy, cook, res 423 s McDowell 
Neal Miss Mary, seamstress, res 113 n Bloodworth 
Neathery John B, book-seller, res 220 s Dawson 


*Neill Milas, laborer, res 423 n West 
*Neill Zilphia, laundress, res 423 n West 
*Nelson Jackey, nurse, res 536 n Blount 

* Nelson Jackson, laborer, res 325 s West 
*Nelson Sophia, nurse, res 325 s West 

*Nevels William, laborer, res rear 827 Fayetteville 
Newcomb C W, traveling salesman, res 116 w Jones 
Newman W W, grocer, res 113 Fayetteville 
Newsom Miss Bettie, grocer, res 530 s Bloodworth 
Newsom Charles F, printer's apprentice, res 122 s West 
Newsom James D, salesman, res 122 s West 

* Newsom Julia, cook, res 506 Haywood 
Newsom Mrs Sallie, widow, res 104 s West 

Newsom Walter R, heavy and fancy grocer, res 525 Halifax 
Newton George, laborer, res 412 Smithfield 
Nichols Emmet A, student, 227 n Dawson 
*Nichols Happy, laundress, res front Bledsoe's grove 
Nichols John, Congressman, res 227 n Dawson 

* Nichols John J, gardener, res 522 Railroad 

* Nichols Laura, nurse, res front Bledsoe's grove 
*Nichols Salina, house maid, res 221 New Bern a\- 
Nichols Mrs Sarah, widow, seamstress, res 132 e Martin 
*Nichols Stephen J, cook, res 221 New Bern av 

* Nicholson Solomon, truck driver, res rear 508 s West 
Nixon Mrs E A, widow, res 123 w Martin 

Nixon Miss Mollie E, artist, res 123 w Martin 
Nixon Dr Thomas F, druggist, res 625 e Hargett 
Nixon W A^ sup't Ral St Railway, res 123 w Martin 

* Noble Ferry, barber, res 220 s East 
"Noble Sallie, nurse, res 128 n Blount 

Norris John C, heavy and fancy grocer, res 117 Fayetteville 

Norris James M, salesman, res 2 s Salisbury 

Norris M T, com merchant and cot broker, res 421 n Blount 

Norris S B, dry-goods merchant, bds 219 s McDowell 

Norris W C, grocer, res 421 n Blount 

Northam E R, salesman, bds 329 Hillsboro 


^Norwood Bettie, cook, res 113 s Blount 

^Norwood Biirtis, laborer, res 222 e Lenoir 

^Norwood Dora, nurse, res 406 w IVIartin 

♦Norwood Edward, laborer, res 327 s West 

^Norwood Frank, carpenter, res 528 e Hargett 

Norwood (ieorge T, book-binder, res 129 n Salisbury 

♦Norwood Grizzie, laundress, res 305 n West 

*Norwood Hannah, laundress, res 406 w Martin 

♦Norwood Henry J, laborer, res 305 n West 

^"Norwood Jesse, carpenter, res 511 s Dawson 

"•Norwood Margaret N, widow, res 522 e Martin 

♦Norwood Mary, cook, res 319 s Bloodworth 

^Norwood Mary, laundress, res 222 e Lenoir 

*Norwood Patrick, invalid, res 305 n West 

Nottingham Miss Alma, seamstress, res 220 w Lane 

Nottingham J T, moulder, res 220 w Lane 

Nottingham Willie G, machinist, res 220 w Lane 

Nowell Arthur, clerk in railroad office, res 112 Firwood av 

Nowell J J, bed springs, bds 317 s Person 

Nowell Mrs J J, widow, res 501 s Bloodworth 

Nowell W Loftin, locomotive engineer, res 120 Firwood av 

♦Nuckles George, janitor Citizens Nat Bank, res 204 Halifax 


♦Oakley Anna, laundress, res rear 508 s West 

♦Qbev PZlizabeth, domestic, res 214 w North 

Olive Mrs Jemiie, dressmaker, res 535 e Martin 

Oldham I\I L, clothing cutter, res 209 w Morgan 

Olds Col F A, newspaper correspondent, res 1 14 s Salisbury 

Olmsted Miss Daisy, domestic, res 11 Peace 

♦O'Neal Alice, cook, res 516 n East 

O'Neal Geo W, printer's apprentice, res 315 s McDowell 

O'Neal S T, city weigher, res 315 s McDowell 

Osborn C D, policeman, res 514 s Harrington 

*Osborne Nannie, nurse, res 422 n Person 


"Otey Chloe, dressmaker, res 418 s McDowell 

*Otey William G, barber, res 125 w Cabarrus 

"Outlaw Calvin, helper in saloon, res 721 Manly 

*Outlaw Elijah, laborer, res near 210 e Cabarrus 

*Outlaw David W, laborer, res 516 s East 

*Outlaw Julia, cook, res 516 s East 

^'-^Outlaw Mary E, laundress, res 516 s East 

*Outlaw Mary, seamstress, res 721 Manly 

*Overby Lewis, railroad brakeman, res rear 435 n Salisbury 

Overby W Henry, book-binder, res 317 s East 


Pace C E, salesman, res 225 Pace 

Pace E M, candy maker, res 711 n Person 

Pace E R, grocer, res 704 n Person 

Pace Edward R, stationar}^ engineer, res 439 Johnson 

Pace Miss Isabella, railroad employee, res 439 Johnson 

*Pace Nathaniel, laborer, res 23 Fowle 

Pace R A, grocer, res 225 Pace 

Pace W H, lawyer, res 604 n l^lount 

Page R H, res 102 Saunders 

*Palmer Bud, laborer, res 516 e Edenton 

*Palmer Caroline, cook, res 2 Adams al 

"Palmer James, laborer, res 527 e Edenton 

Palmer John C, retired jeweller, res 105 Fa>etteville 

■""Palmer Mar\', laundress, res 109 w Morgan 

*Palmer Sarah, laundress, res 527 e Edenton 

*Palmer William O, porter, res 2 Adams al, off Cabarrus 

*Parham Anthou}-, laborer, res 329 s W^est 

Parham Mrs Ellen, widow, res 214 e Martin 

Parham James T, carpenter, res 313 w Morgan 

Parham Louis, res 535 e Lenoir 

Parham Miss Maria, res 113 n Person 

Parham Miss Mary A, milliner, res 313 w Morgan 

Parham Robert E, livery and sale stable, res 535 e Lenoir 


"^Parish Anna C, cook at 119 Firwood av 

■••parish Kdith, lanndress, res rear 563 New Bern av 

Parisli Iowa S, painter's apprentice, res 547 e Jones 

]\arish John H, jxiinter, res 117 w Edenton 

'Parish Orra, lainidress, res 521 New Bern av 

Parish Mrs Sallie, widow, res 117 w Edenton 

Parish Sanniel M, painter, res 547 e Jones 

Parish W Walter, painter, res 545 e Jones 

Parish W T, car repairer, res 218 w North 

Park B F, bnildin^i^ contractor, res 207 n West 

Park Charles 1^, machinist, res 207 n West 

"^Parker Anthony, laborer, res 26 Railroad 

Parker John, mail carrier, res 1 10 s Blount 

Parker LaFayette, book-keeper, bds 214 e Morgan 

Parker ]\I A, cotton and tobacco broker, res 304 Oak wood av 

Parker Walter A, book-keeper, res 304 Oakwood av 

*Partin Isabella, cook, res 216 n Person 

Partin Jarrett, laborer, res 310 e Hargett 

Partin Miss Mattie E, milliner, res 710 w Jones 

*Partin Snsan, nurse, res 216 n Person' 

Partin Thomas A, clerk, res 720 w Jones 

*Parton Frank, w^ood-chopper, res 139 Bloodworth 

*Pascoe Anna, domestic, res 605 Halifax 

Paschall Pierce, laborer, res 596 e Lenoir 

Patrick James, clerk, res 503 s McDowell 

l\itrick John T, State Immigration Agt, rooms Ag'l bnikPg 

"■•'Patterson Amanda, cook, res rear 413 s Dawson 

^Patterson Caroline, lanndress, res 116 w Davie 

♦Patterson Edward, laborer, res rear 209 n Dawson 

^Patterson Esan, locomotive fireman, res 406 Cannon 

^Patterson Henry, porter, res 17 Worth 

*Patterson John, baker, res 210 Cannon 

Patterson R H, dry-goods merchant, res 112 e Davie 

♦Patterson Samuel, wks at oil mill, res 228 s Harrington 

"Patterson W' H, grocer, res 201 Smithfield 

Pauli Prof A, music teacher, res 210 s Bloodworth 


Phifer J Y, clerk, bds 204 Halifax 

*Phillips Chloe, cook, res 625 n Bloodworth 

*Phillips Edward, gardener, res 625 n Bloodworth 

*Phillips Mary, house maid, res 127 e Edenton 

Phillips Sion, wks N C Car Co, res 11 extension vSalisbur>^ 

"^Thillips William, hostler, res 228 e South 

* Peace Charles, farm laborer, res 8 Johnson's lane 
*Peace Ralph J, driver U S mail wagon, res 124 w vSouth 
Pearce Miss Bettie, seamstress, res 208 w North 
"^Pearce Britton, driver, res 10 n East 

Pearce Harris, stationary engineer, bds loi Yz Fayetteville 

Pearce J B, salesman, res 119 Hillsboro 

Peddy T M, penitentiary guard, res 221 s West 

Peddy John A, harness maker, res 207 Smithfield 

Peele W Joseph, lawyer, bds 329 Hillsboro 

*Pegues A W, Professor at Shaw Univ, res 108 e South 

Peirson Mrs Martha, widow, res 308 e Martin 

Pell William E, insurance agent, res 127 n Dawson 

Pence Thomas, with So Express Co, res 222 e Morgan. 

Pennington Henry, carpenter, res 404 s Dawson 

Pennington P N, driver for city, bds 310 s Salisbur}- 

Pennington Sylvester, city fireman, res 310 s Salisbury 

* Penny Ada, laundress, res 622 Harp's lane 

* Penny Joseph, hostler, res 211 Cannon 
Penny Miss Mary, domestic, res 213 Hillsboro 
Penny O J3, drug clerk, bds 418 n Person 
*Penny Robert, laborer, res 202 w Lenoir 

Penny Miss Sarah, seamstress, res 113 n Bloodworth 

* Penny William, ditcher, res 109 w Lenoir 

* Peoples L W, drayman, res 718 s McDowell 

* Peoples Lucy, laundress, res 718 s McDowell 
Perdue Miss Bettie, seamstress, res 426 s Swain 
Perdue vSamuel, invalid, res 426 s Swain 
Perdue Mrs Sophia, widow, res 426 s Swain 
Perdue Travers, invalid, res 426 s Swain 
Perkinson Claude, salesman, bds 119 s Blount 


"" rcrkinsoii Dosliia, laundress, res 425 Smith's lane 
IVrkinson K B, prixate tutor, res 504 n Blount 
I'erkinsou Mrs K B, res 504 n Blount 
'•U^erkinson Maria, nurse, res 425 Smith's lane 
"••■Perkinson Mary, laundress, res 715 s McDowell 
"^'Perrx' Adora, domestic, res 414 e Davie 
••Perr)- Alfred, carpenter, res 326 w South 
■•'Perry Burton, laborer, res 710 s McDowell 
Perry C H, carpenter, res 306 n West 

* Perry Charles H, butcher, res 213 e South 
Perr\- E F, shipping- clerk, res 597 Elm 
Perry F H, grocer, res 597 Elm 

Perry Miss Florence, seamstress, res 597 Elm 
Perry Mrs G A, widow, res 126 w Lane 
*Perry George, Baptist minister, res 812 s Blount 
*Perry Hand}-, laborer, res 553 e Morgan 
Pern- Henry, machinist, res 410 w Hargett 
*Perr}- Irene, laundress, res 326 w South 
Perr}- J \V, tobacco worker, res 597 Elm 

* Perry John, laborer, res rear 201 w Martin 
Perry Josiah H, machinist, res 324 w Lane 

* Perry Joseph, Baptist minister, res 517 e Davie 

Perry Joseph P, blacksmith's apprentice, res 324 w Lane 
Pcrr\- Miss Lana, seamstress, res rear 591 s Harrington 
Perry Lee H, bar tender, res 567 New Bern av 

* Perr}' Levy, coachman, res 11 McKee 
*Perry Moses, driver, res 716 Fa>etteviHe 

Perry Mrs Mary, seamstress, res rear 501 s Harrington 
Perry Mrs Midian A, dressmaker, res 310 e Hargett 
Perry Nick D, carpenter, res 227 s Person 

* Perry Rachel, nurse, res 317 s East 

* Perry Rhoda, cook, res 203 w Edenton 
"Perry Sarah, seamstress, res 409 s Bloodworth 
*Perry Stella, seamstress, res 710 Manly 
•*Perry Winnie, laimdress, res 203 w Edenton 
"'Persons Alfred, laborer, res rear 540 e Edenton 


Pesciid Ed F, book salesman, bds ioi}4 Fayetteville 

Pescud John S, druggist, res 546 n Person 

Pescud T K, salesman, res 603 Hillsboro 

* Petty Jerry, janitor Murphy graded school, res rear Park pi 

Petty R E, dry-goods merchant, res 134 Fayetteville 

*Pettiford Rilla, laundress, res 508 e Davie 

Pierce Frank S, shoemaker, res 313 s Blount 

Pierce Miss Polly, book-folder, res 514 s Person 

*Pike Jane, laundress, res Best's lane, off Hillsboro 

*Pike Peter, gardener, res 322 e Martin 

Pittman George E, compositor, res 522 e Hargett 

*Pitts Sharpe, porter, res 825 Manly 

*Pleasants Henry, porter at depot, res 515 s McDowell 

Pleasants Thadeus, locomotive engineer, res 228 w North 

*Plummer James, carpenter, res 412 Smith's lane 

*Plummer Peter, carpenter, res i Adams al, off Cabarrus 

Poe George W, dry-goods merchant, res 603 Hillsboro 

Poe Hasten, clerk So Ex Co, bds 412 Fayetteville 

Poe R N, salesman, res 413 Hillsboro 

*Pogue Claiborn, farm laborer, res 525 s Harrington 

Pogue Joseph E, tobacco manufacturer, res 423 Fayetteville 

*Pointer S A, tobacco worker, bds 223 e Cabarrus 

Pollard Caswell, fanner, res 312 Smithfield 

"'■'Pollard James, laborer, res 229 Smithfield 

*Polk Benjamin, man-of-all-work, res 8 s Harrington 

"■'■Polk Daniel K, porter on private car, res 716 s McDowell 

Polk L L, publisher Progressive Farmer, res 414 n Blount 

*Polk Matilda C, res 716 s McDowell 

Pomeroy Edward E, dealer in horses, res 551 Elm 

Pomeroy George, book-keeper, res 551 Elm 

Pool Bourbon, penitentiary guard, res 410 Smithfield 

Pool E N, grocer, res 526 e Davie 

Pool Miss Eliza, teacher, res 214 w Edenton 

Pool Miss Etta, seamstress, res 410 Smithfield 

Pool Mrs J F, widow, res 119 Hillsboro 

Pool Mrs Margaret, widow, res 224 s Bloodworth 


Pool Ransom, t^rocer, res 416 e Martin 

Pool Richard, penitentiary gnard, res 410 Smithfield 

•"Pool Snsan, cook, res 210 w Morgan 

*Pope Anthony, laborer, res 829 Manly 

*Pope Elvira, laundress, res 825 Fayetteville 

*Pope Hannah, cook, res 402 Cannon 

*Pope Nelson, truck driver, res 213 w Davie 

•Tope Rebecca, laundress, res 825 Fayetteville 

*Pope William, carpenter 312 Cannon 

"Porter Francena, res 320 s Salisbury 

* Porter Hugh, carpenter, res 406 Cannon 

Potter W B, manager Electric L't Co, bds 319 Fayetteville 

Potter Zachariah, carpenter, res 121 w Morgan 

Powell A M, wood, coal and ice, res north extension Blount 

* Powell Ann, cook, res 313 s Bloodworth 

* Powell Anna, laundress, res 320 w North 

* Powell Arthur, carpenter, res 309 n West 
*Powell Augustus, laborer, res 529 New Bern av 

* Powell Bettie, cook, res 6 New Bern av 

* Powell Charles, gardener, res 523 s East 

Powell E T, insurance agent, bds ioi>< Fayetteville 

* Powell Elvina, house maid, res 523 s East 

* Powell George, laborer, res 556 e Edenton 
'■Towell Jackson, laborer, res 556 e Edenton 
■■'Powell Mary, laundress, res 305 n West 

* Powell Robert, porter, res 529 New Bern av 

* Powell Spencer, porter, res 320 North 
=^Powell W Japheth, porter, res 122 Smithfield 
Powers John, steam fitter, bds 109 n Blount 

"^ Prayer Mary, nurse, res i Dodd 

''Prichard Thomas, gardener, res 213 e Cabarrus 

*Price Edward, butcher, res 109 e Cabarrus 

* Price Fannie, house maid, 211 New Bern av 
Price Mrs J W, book-stitcher, res 529 n Wilmington 
Price John W, car repairer, res cor Wilmington and Johnson 

* Price Martha, cook, res 501 n Person 


* Price Thomas, hack driver, res ii8 e Cabarrus 
Priess Aiigiistav, bds 1 20 e Hargett 

*Primus Fletcher, farm laborer, res 405 Smith's lane 
*Privett Terrell, driver, res 524 e Lenoir 

* Proctor Charles I, barber, res 108 n Harrinoton 
Proctor I N, leaf tobacco broker, res 129 n Person 
*Pugh Nannie, cook, res 332 \v Lenoir 
*Pullen Caroline, lanndress, res 715 s Blonnt 

Pnllen John T, cashier Ral Savings Bank, res 213 e Edenton 

Pnllen Stanhope, dealer in real estate, res 213 e Edenton 

Pnlley R H, carpenter, res 309 n West 

Pulley Turner, painter, res 306 s Bloodworth 

Purnell Thomas R, lawyer, res 422 n Person 

Pursell Volney, prop'r Racket Store, res 10 e Martin 

Putney Mrs Martha, widow, res 410 Haywood 

Putney Richard, laborer, res 725 s East 

Putney Wesley A, compositor, res 226 e Cabarrus 


Rabinowitz K, clothing scourer, res 117 n Wilmington 

Rabon Nancy, res 423 e Lenoir 

Raby James, book-keeper, res 5256 Martin 

Raby Mrs Laura, seamstress, res 816 Fayetteville 

Ramsay Miss Etta, book-stitcher, res 128 n Salisbury 

* Ramsay Jane, laundress, res rear 508 e Davie 
Ramsay Mrs Martha J, book-folder, res 128 n Salisbury 
*Rand Clara, cook, res 570 e Cabarrus 

Rand N M, commission merchant, res 222 w Hargett 
*Rand William, porter, res 519 Haywood 
Raney R B, prop'r Yarborough House, res same 
Rankin E B, homcepathic physician, res 208 Halifax 
*Ransom Corinne, laundress, res 208 w Cabarrus 
*Ransom Ellen, seamstress, res 207 e Cabarrus 
^Ransom Hugh, barber's apprentice, res 209 e Cabarrus 
*Ransom Lucy, laundress, res 725 s Dawson 


''"R'-Uisoni Simon, brickla\er, res 725 s Dawson 

RasplK^rry Samuel, machinist, bds 314 Hillsboro 

""RaUler Marzilla, cook, res 407 w South 

'''Ray Austin, laborer, res 402 w Morgan 

*Ray Kettie, cook, res 402 \v Morgan 

*Ray Hattie, laundress, res 426 s Person 

*Ra\' James, brick-maker, res 227 Hlount al 

Ray John R, compositor, res 407 Fa)etteville 

*Ray Laura, cook, res 402 \v Morgan 

Ray Mrs Lucetta J, dressmaker, res 407 Fayette ville 

Ray M T, carpenter, res 527 s Bloodworth 

*Ray Mack, brick-maker, res 227 Blount 

Ray Mrs Nora, dressmaker, res 527 s Bloodworth 

*Ray Nora, laundress, res 227 Blount al 

Ray Mrs Rachel T, house-keeper, res 407 Fayetteville 

*Ray Sal lie, laundress, res 426 s Person 

*Ray William, drayman, res 426 s Person 

Rayle Mrs A C, widow, book-folder, res 413 s Blount 

Rayle Miss Ada, shoe-finisher, res 413 s Blount 

*Rayner Briny, cook, res 412 e Martin 

*Rayner Bryant, truck driver, res 412 e Martin 

*Rayner Gabe, farm laborer, res 424 Blount al 

*Ra)ner Louise, nurse, res 604 n Blount 

*Rayner Louisa, clothing cleaner, res 417 n West 

*Rayner Rebecca, nurse, res 417 n West 

*Rayner Samuel, landscape gardener, res 108 s Harrington 

*Rayner Stephen, carpenter, res 417 n West 

*Rayner William, office boy, res 417 n West 

Reade E G, pres't Nat Bank of Ral, res 203 Fayetteville 

Reav^es Mrs Elizabeth, widow, seamstress, res 821 Blount 

Reaves Miss Etta, dressmaker, res 155 s Blount 

Reaves Frederick H, printer's apprentice, res 821 s Blount 

Reaves Hartwell T, candy-maker, res 410 Smithfield 

Reaves Henderson, grocer, res 323 e Martin 

Reaves Miss Martha E, seamstress, res 821 s Blount 

Reaves Miss Polly Ann, seamstress, res 821 s Blount 


Redford J Frank, grocery merchant, res 213 s Person 

Redford John, grocery merchant, res 502 w Morgan 

Redford R C, salesman, res 213 s Person 

*Reddick John, hotel waiter, res 307 w Lenoir 

*Reed John, stationary' engineer, res 4 Johnson's lane 

Reed W C, tobacco broker, res 227 Hillsboro 

Rees W H, railway postal clerk, bds loi )^ Fayetteville 

Reese Joseph, res 209 Fayetteville 

Reese Miss Joe, milliner, res 209 Fayetteville 

Reese Miss Maggie, milliner, res 209 Fayetteville 

Reese Miss Sallie, milliner, res 209 Fayetteville 

*Reid Bnrgess, barber, res 208 e Lenoir 

*Reid Edward, carpenter, res 413 w Martin 

*Reid Eliza, cook, res 417 n Blonnt 

Reid F L, Methodist minister and publisher, 531 Hillsboro 

Reiley Miss Kate, res 204 Hillsboro 

Reiley J J, Roman Catholic priest, res 204 Hillsboro 

^Render Helen, domestic, res rear 611 Halifax 

*Render Phil, hotel waiter, res rear 611 Halifax 

Renfrow Miss Martha, seamstress, res 122 s Harrington 

Renfrow Stephen, shoemaker, res 122 s Harrington 

Renn James R, car-builder, res 118 Firwood av 

Renn Joseph R, railroad conductor, res iiS Firwood av 

Renn Lewis W, railroad conductor, res 217 n Salisbury 

*Revis William, laborer, res 214 w Lenoir 

*Rhodes Benj, sexton Christ (P E) church, res 422 n West 

Rhodes J D, carpenter, res 402 Smitlifield 

*Rhodes J Wesley, press-feeder, res 335 w South 

*Rhodes John H, pressman, res 335 w South 

*Rhodes Reuben, res 507 s Blount 

*Ricks Charles, gardener, res 67 e Davie 

*Ricks Corinne, laundress, res 67 e Davie 

*Richardson Anna, laundress, res 612 s McDowell 

*Richardson Loudon, driver, res 612 s McDowell 

Richardson Ruffin, merchant, bds 109 s Blount 

Richardson T N, cotton weigher, res 319 w Martin 


Richardson W C, telcj^raph operator, res 301 s Bloodworth 

Uichardson W R, journalist, res outside 

*Riddick Ada, cook, res 605 Halifax 

*Riddick Alexander, driver, res 527 e Edenton 

Riddick N G, Clerk U S Circuit Court, res 15 w Cabarrus 

*Riddick Violet, laundress, res 527 e Edenton 

Riddle Caswell A, carpenter, res 304 n Dawson 

Riddle John S, carpenter, res 416 w North 

Riddle Mrs M T, widow, res 115 n McDowell 

Riddle W L, machinist, res 516 n West 

*Ridley Frances, cook, res 603 n Salisbury 

*Ridley Nancy, cook, res 426 n Person 

*Ridley Richard, tobacco worker, res 426 n Person 

Riggan Miss Colorado, seamstress, res 410 w Hargett 

Riggan J H, pattern-maker, res 410 w Hargett 

Riggan Joseph, traveling salesman, res 213 e Hargett 

Riggan Wade Hampton, moulder, res 410 w Hargett 

*Riggans Washington, driver, res 213 e Edenton 

Riggsbee Rufus H, pressman, res 216 e Lenoir 

*Ring David, shoemaker, res 6^ s Harrington 

"Ritter Mary, domestic, 611 Fayetteville 

*Rix Clyde, barber, res 112 n West 

*Rix Eliza, matron St Aug N Sch'l, res 812 s Wilmington 

*Rix Ellen, nurse, res 713 n Bloodworth 

*Rix Frank, bricklayer, res 114 n Harrington 

*Rix Jefferson, laborer, res 816 Manly 

'Rix Julia, nurse, res 28 Hunter 

*Rix Virgil, restaurant, res 812 s Wilmington 

*Roaks Mattie, laundress, res rear 516 s Bloodworth 

'Roane Henry, bricklayer, res 545 e Edenton 

^Roberts Benjamin, laborer, res front of ice factor}' 

Roberts C M, Keeper of Capitol, rooms Capitol building 

Roberts H H, book-keeper, res 422 s Wilmington 

Roberts Mrs Mary Jane, widow, res 226 s Bloodworth 

"Roberts Mrs Mollie, teacher, res 816 s Blount 

•Roberts Prof N F, teacher at Shaw Univ, res 816 s Blount 


Roberts Miss V Bethel, tailoress, res 226 s Blood worth 
Roberts W P, State Auditor, res 605 Halifax 
*Roberts William, driver, res 114 n Harrington 
♦Robertson Kathleen, domestic, res 502 Fa)'etteville 
*Robinson Benjamin, grocer, res 120 w South 
*Robinson Delia, cook, res 409 Oakwood av 
*Robinson Elvira, laundress, res 312 w Cabarrus 
Robinson H D, manager W U Tel Co, res 413 Oakwood av 

* Robinson Lucy, laundress, res 6 Adams al 
*Robinson Mollie, nurse, res 120 w South 
*Robinson Oscar, clerk, res 316 s Salisbury 
*Robinson Samuel, brakeman, res 414 n Uawson 
Rodenhizer John W, moulder, res 318 e Martin 
Rodenhizer Robert R, machinist, res 318 e Martin 
Rogers Alvis, painter, res 803 Fayetteville 
Rogers Mrs Alvis, seamstress, res 803 Fayetteville 
*Rogers Andrew, laborer, res 425 Haywood 

* Rogers Anna, cook, res 19 Fowle 
*Rogers Brodie, carpenter, res 536 e Edenton 
Rogers Mrs C P, dressmaker, res 412 w South 
Rogers Mrs Catalina, seamstress, res 606 e Davie 
Rogers Freeman, carpenter, res 512 w South 
*Rogers George, wood-chopper, res 421 s Swaiu 
*Rogers Henry, cook, res 707 Fayetteville 
Rogers Henry, moulder, res 525 s Person 
*Rogers Isaac, gardener, res 402 w North 
Rogers Isaac, boiler-maker, res 315 n West 
Rogers John, clerk, bds 109 s Blount 

* Rogers John, domestic, res 501 n P^ast 
Rogers James A, res 313)^ P^ayetteville 

Rogers J Rowan, Sheriff Wake county, res 17 Boylan av 

Rogers Joseph, laborer, res 518 n Johnson 

Rogers Mrs Louisa, widow, seamstress, res 229 s Bloodworth 

*Rogers Lula, nurse, res 501 e Davie 

*Rogers Luke, landscape gardener, res 501 e Davie 

*Rogers Mary, cook, res 40 w North 


Rogers Mrs I\Iar\- E, widow, res 119 Polk 

*Rogers Richard, farm laborer, res rear 519 s Wilmington 

Rogers Willie, clerk in Slierifif's office, res 551 New Bern av 

Rogers Will T, dealer in live stock, res 113 e Martin 

Roles Zebnlon, cabinet-maker, res 406 w Lane 

Rook Mrs A A, widow, res 219 w Davie 

Root C B, City Tax-Collector, res 527 Hillsboro 

Root Charles, insurance, res 747 Hillsboro 

*Rose John, res rear 507 Halifax 

Rosenthal David, clothier, res 135 Fayetteville 

Rosenthal G, manufacturer, res 420 Fayetteville 

Rosenthal Isadore, clothier, bds 104 n AIcDowell 

Rosenthal Mrs Ida, widow, res 529 Fayetteville 

Rosenthal Mrs Isadore, milliner, bds 104 n ]\IcDowell 

Rosenthal L, clothier, res 523 Fayetteville 

Rosenthal M, heavy and fanc>- grocer, res 513 Fayetteville 

Rosenthal William, salesman, res 529 Fayetteville 

Ross Mrs Jennie, seamstress, res 803 Fa\-etteville 

Ross John T, laborer, res 803 Fayetteville 

*Ross Sena, nurse, res 210 e Cabarrus 

*Rowe Jane, cook, 507 s Bloodworth 

Royster D L, carpenter, res 209 e Hargett 

*Ro)ster Henry, truck driver, res 551 e Edenton 

Royster James D, res 319 w Morgan 

Royster Leonard H, carpenter and builder, res loi Johnson 

' Royster Robert, dining-room servant, res 3 Adams al 

' Royster Thomas, porter, res 2 s Salisbury 

Royster \'ermoi:t C, candy manufacturer, res 306 Hillsboro 

Royster \'irtruvius, ass't CFk Sup Court, res 209 e Hargett 

Royster W I, physician and surgeon, res 323 w Morgan 

•Royster William, farmer, res 313 w Davie 

*Ruffin Thomas, gardener, res 783 Hillsboro 

* Russell Augustus, moulder, res 221 s East 
•Russell Emily, cook, res 407 Blount 

•Russell Hettie T, dressmaker, res 209 w Edenton 

* Russell John, laborer, res 580 e Cabarrus 


"^Russell Mary L, seamstress, res 209 w Edeiiton 

*Russell William, locomotive fireman, res 215 w North 

Ruth George, carpenter, res 213 n West 

Rnth James O,. carpenter and builder, res 518 n Salisbur\' 

Ruth Miss Jane, seamstress, res 615 e Hargett 

Ruth Mrs Jennie, widow, seamstress, res 419 Cannon 

Ruth Mack, carpenter, res 729 Peace 

Ruth S L, carpenter, res 302 St Mary's lane 

Ryan John, stone mason, res 18 s Swain 

Ryan Patrick, stone-cutter, res 18 s Swain 

Ryan S G, lawyer, res 117 e Edenton 


Sadler Mrs Caroline, seamstress, res 224 w Cabarrus 

Sadler Mrs Mary E, seamstress, res 226 ^/^ w Davie 

Sadler Walter, moulder's apprentice, res 224 w Cabarrus 

Saintsing Alexander, carpenter, res 731 s East 

Saintsing E P, carriage maker, res 121 n Wilmington 

Saintsing G W, blacksmith, res 121 n Wilmington 

Saintsing W H, core-maker, res 118 Johnson 

Sale T P, machine agent, res 116 Fayetteville 

* Sanders B W, carpenter, res 224 e Davie 

Sanders Miss Cornelia, res 515 e Cabarrus 

Sanders Mrs Elizabeth, seamstress, res 520 e Martin 

*Sanders John W, carpenter, res 224 e Davie 

*Sanders Millie, laundress, res 214 e Cabarrus 

Sanders Orrin, tobacco worker, res 222 e Cabarrus 

Sanders Miss Samantha, tailoress, res 5156 Cabarrus 

*Sanford Alex, sexton 2d Bap cli (col), res 523 New Bern a\' 

*Sanford Frances, cook, res 523 New Bern av 

*Sanford Thomas, carpenter, res 423 Haywood 

Sasser Mrs Hannah M, widow, res 324 Johnson 

Sasser Mrs L D, res 128 n Blount 

"'Sassafras Samuel, bricklayer, res 416 s Salisbur)- 

Sater Miss Lizzie, saleslady, res 327 e Cabarrus 


-Satterfield Street, farm laborer, res 715 s West 

Sauls Mrs Sallie, widow, res 511 s Bloodworth 

Saunders Mrs Agnes, widow, res rear 803 Fayetteville 

Saunders Fred S, salesman, res 134 Fayetteville 

Saunders J A, traveling salesman, res 513 w Jones 

Saunders Lizzie, seamstress, res 566 e Cabarrus 

Saunders William J, real estate, res 426 Saunders 

Saunders W L, Sec'y of State, bds 319 Fayetteville 

Savage Mrs Emily, seamstress, res 422 Smithfield 

Savage W V, principal Cent Graded Scli'l, bds 125 e vSoutli 

Sawyer M D, clothing cutter, res 214 s Bloodworth 

Scales A M, Governor of North Carolina, res 710 Hillsboro 

Scales Walter, Sec'y to Governor, res 710 Hillsboro 

Scarborough A J, carpenter, res 524 n East 

Scarborough P" Edwin, printer's apprentice, res 524 n East 

^Scarborough Mary E, house maid, res 753 Hillsboro 

Scarlet Thomas J, carpenter, res 217 n Salisbury 

Schloss Marx, salesman, bds 317 s Person 

Schnider Ewald, tailor, res 315 n Harrington 

*Scott Allen A, Presbyterian minister, res 407 s Person 

Scott C H, civil engineer, res 503 n Person 

* Scott George, laborer, res 316 Cannon 

*Scott John M, butcher, res 514 e Davie 

*Scott Laura, cook, res 322 Cannon 

Scott Walter O, compositor, res 514 s Bloodworth 

Schofield Miss Ida, teacher, res 575 e Lenoir 

Scholz Anthony L, watch-maker, res 230 s Dawson 

Schwan Jacob, china and glassware, res 132 Fayetteville 

Swartz S, mangr Richmond Meat Market, 122 P'ayetteville 

^Scruggs L A, physician and surgeon, res 108 e vSouth 

Sears George H, grocery clerk, res 117 s Bloodworth 

"Sears Maria, house maid, 720 Hillsboro 

vSeawell Miss Bessie H, saleslady, res 566 e Hargett 

Seawell Joseph G, stenographer, res 566 e Hargett 

Seawell Richard B, farmer, res 566 e Hargett 

*Seawell Robin, farm laborer, res 31 Dodd 


*Sears Zilphia, house maid, res 125 e South 

*Selby Clarissa, lauudress, res 502 Hillsboro 

* Sellers Mary, laundress, res 517 e Martin 

Senter J D, watchman, bds 402 s McDowell 

Separk Miss Alma McKee, saleslady, res 307 w Jones 

Separk Charles A, moulder, res 307 w Jones 

Separk Joseph H, salesman, res 307 w Jones 

Separk Mrs J H, widow, res 307 w Jones 

Separk W D, pattern-maker, res 128 n Dawson 

Separk Wharton G, dry-goods and clothing, res '307 w Jones 

*Sessom Richard, driver, res rear 114 s Blount 

Sexton Archie N, grocer, rooms 104 e Davie 

Sexton J A, physician and surgeon, res 507 Fayetteville 

Shaffer A W, civil engineer, res 602 Fayetteville 

Shaw B S S, locomotive engineer, bds 114 n McDowell 

Shaw C K, salesman, bds loi ^ Fayetteville 

"Shaw Maria, laundress, res 403 s Dawson 

*Shaw Sallie, laundress, res 525 s Dawson 

Sherwood Claude, salesman, res 213 s McDowell 

Sherwood Frank, engineer, res 713 n Bloodworth 

Sherwood John, bank teller, res 713 n Bloodworth 

*Shipo Jane, cook, res 415 e Davie 

Shipp J B, manager Singer machine, res no s McDowell 

*Shipp Mary, cook, res 554 e Edenton 

Sholar Edward H, book-keeper, res 112 e Jones 

Sholar John, carpenter, res 1 1 2 e Jones 

*Short Henry, carpenter, res 534 e Cabarrus 

*Sills Matilda, laundress, res 211 Bledsoe av 

*Simms Burline, cook, res 583 e Lenoir 

*Simms Rosa, nurse, res 205 w North 

■"'Simmons Allen laborer, res 821 Manly 

*Simmons Emma, cook, res 404 Hillsboro 

*Simmons James, laborer, res 515 Haywood 

"Simmons Maria, laundress, res 20 Worth 

*Simmons Matthew, professional singer, res 20 Worth 

"Simmons Sidney, laborer, res 515 Haywood 


Simond John, laborer, res 530 s Bloodworth 

Simpson John A, teacher at D D & B I, res 21 1 w Jones 

Simpson Robert, drngoist, res 2 s Salisbury 

*Sinipst)n Thomas, wood-chopper, res 520 s Dawson 

Simpson William, drngt^ist, res 422 s Dawson 

*Skinner Anna, nurse, res 204 w Hargett 

*Skinner Ida, laundress, res 414 w Lenoir 

*Skinner Thomas, hotel waiter, res 407 w South 

Skinner T E, Prof Theology Shaw Univ, 221 New Bern av 

"Sledge David, hostler, res 509 e Davie 

"Sledge Fannie, laundress, res 509 e Davie 

Sloman George, dry-goods merchant, res 210 e Morgan 

*Slade Silas, coachman, res 2 w North 

*Small Major, laborer, res 309 e North 

Smedes Rev Bennett, principal vSt Mary's School, res same 

Smedes Miss Sadie, res 747 Hillsboro 

Smith A C, book-binder's apprentice, res 823 Fayetteville 

*Smith Adelaide, cook, res 316 Manly 

*Smith Allen, driver, res 204 w Hargett 

*Smith Ann, cook, res 528 s Salisbury 

*Smith Ann, seamstress, res 804 s Wilmington ' 

*Smith Anna, cook, res 109 \v Lenoir 

Smith Beverly D, silver-smith, rooms 305 s Blount 

Smith E Chalmers, la\v}'er, res 434 Halifax 

vSmith E D, traveling salesman, res 524 e Hargett 

*Smith Ellen, laundress, res 513 Smith's lane 

Smith Elmus G, compositor, res 124 e Davie 

*Smith George, brakeman, res 524 Railroad 

*vSmith George, shoemaker, res 519 e Lenoir 

■•"Smith Geo S, Congregationalist minister, res 116 w South 

■•'Smith Mrs (rcorge S, school-teacher, res 116 w South 

vSmitli H F, book-keeper, bds 515 n Person 

*Smith Hagar, domestic, res 916 Manly 

Smith Mrs Hattie, seamstress, res 213 s East 

*Smith Henrietta, laundress, res rear ist Baptist ch (col) 

"•'"Smith Henry, laborer, res 412 e Martin 


*Smith Henr}', porter, res 27 Boy Ian av 

Smith Henry H, with Telephone Co, res 226 s East 

■•^Smith Henry N, laborer, res 515 Smith's lane 

Smith I D, laborer, res 553 e Davie 

Smith J O, locomotive engineer, res 328 w Jones 

*Smith J W, carpenter, res 794 Fayetteville 

Smith Miss Jennie C, book-folder, res 553 e Davie 

*Smith John, man-of-all-work, res 204 Hillsboro 

*Smith Joseph, laborer, res 22 Fowle 

Smith L W, compositor, res 308 n Dawson 

Smith Miss Lnla B, book-folder, res 538 e Hargett 

Smith Miss Leonora, book-folder, res 538 e Hargett 

Smith Miss Bedie W, dressmaker, res 410 w Jones 

*Smith Maggie, cook, res 412 e Martin 

*Smith Martha, laundress, res 17 Fowle 

*Smith Maria, cook, res 209 w Davie 

Smith Miss Minerva, book-folder, res 538 e Hargett 

Smith Miss M Lizzie, seamstress, res 410 w Jones 

Smith Mrs N W, widow, boarding house, res 213 Hillsboro 

Smith Orrin, dealer in wood, res 125 s Bloodworth 

*Smith Pattie, nurse, res 802 s Wilmington 

*Smith Peter W, machinist, res 715 s East 

*Smith Pompey, blacksmith, res rear 505 Cannon 

Smith R A, res 226 s East 

*Sniith R J, butcher, res front Bledsoe's grove 

*Smith Rosa, laundress, res rear 413 s Dawson 

Smith Rufus, locomotive fireman, res 524 Railroad 

Smith Mrs Salina, widow, res 538 e Hargett 

*Smith Sarah, laundress, res 802 s Wilmington 

*Smith Sarina R, nurse, res 204 n Blount 

Smith Simeon, compositor and pressman, res 823 Fayetteville 

Smith Sylvester, capitalist, res 508 s West 

Smith T J, machinist, res 310 n McDowell 

Smith Thomas B, res 410 w Jones 

Smith W D, salesman, res 213 s East 

Smith W H, laborer, res 823 Fayetteville 


Smith \V N H, Chief Justice Sup Court, res 434 Halifax 

Smith W W, insurance a^^ent, res 3 e North 

"Smith William, laborer, res 519 s McDowell 

"Smith William, porter, res rear 505 Cannon 

*Smith William, stable boy, res 317 s Person 

"■■•Smith William H, laborer, res 212 w Cabarrus 

Smith William P, clothinj^ cutter, res 226 s East 

*Sneed Haywood, laborer, res 114 e Morgan 

Snelling William N, salesman, res 226 e Morgan 

■^Snipes Henry, driver, res 617 s McDowell 

*Snipes Nash, laborer, res 425 s McDowell 

Snow George H, lawyer, res 30 Boylan av 

*Snow Willis, barber, res 118 s Blount 

*Solomon Lucinda, cook, res 227 s McDowell 

Solomon Sidney, driver for the city, res 528 s McDowell 

Solomon Mrs Susan, widow, res 528 s McDowell 

Sorrell D B, salesman, res 230 w Cabarrus 

Sorrell Francis M, merchant, res 230 w Cabarrus 

*Sorrell Henry, laborer, res 301 w Lenoir 

Sorrell Mrs Laura W, widow, res 230 e Cabarrus 

Sorrell T Edward, bar tender, res 230 w Cabarrus 

Southerland Mrs J T, bds 603 s Wilmington 

Spears ]\Irs A R, seamstress, res 563 New Bern av 

Spears Miss Anna, candy-maker, res 563 New Bern av 

Spears Mrs Anna, seamstress, res 107 w Martin 

Spears E P'erabault, salesman, res 107 w Martin 

Spears LeRoy D, carpenter, res 563 New Bern av 

Speight ]\Irs Mary S, widow, res 507 Halifax 

*Spell John, wks at oil-mill, res 524 s Dawson 

Spellman John, journalist, res 218 s Harrington 

Spence J M, farmer and merchant, res 423 s Wilmington 

Spence J A, salesman, res 423 s Wilmington 

Spence N A, merchant and farmer, res 423 s Wilmington 

Spence Neill A, salesman, res 423 s Wilmington 

*Spencer Hattie, cook, res 3156 Lenoir 

""■'Spencer Haywood, bricklayer, res 318 s Blount 


"Spencer Patrick, bricklayer, res 403 w South 
*Spencer Paul, bricklayer, res 23 Fowle 
*Spencer Russell, bricklayer, res 409 Cannon 
♦Spencer Sarah, laundress, res 5 Adams al 
♦Spencer Theodore, bricklayer, res 318 s Blount 
Spikes Charles, candy-maker, res 216 e South 
*Spikes Florence, laundress, res 219 s East 
*Spikes Frank, laborer, res 18 Fowle 
*Spikes Lydia, cook, res 919 Manly 
Spikes Mamie, res 122 s Blount 
Spikes W B, carpenter, res 122 s Blount 
Stagg J E, railroad clerk, bds 319 Fayetteville 
Stallings J A, clerk, res 404 Oakwood av 
Stamps Edward R, lawyer, res 305 New Bern av 
*Stanback Z R, carpenter and builder, res 7?4 ]\Iauh' 
♦Stanford Jane, cook, res 25 Cannon 

*Stanford John, janitor Sup Ct building, 825 s Wilmington 
♦Stanley Alice, laundress, res rear 625 e Lane 
♦Stanley Jefferson, truck driver, res rear 625 e Lane 
♦Stark Ara Ann, laundress, res 618 Harp's lane 
♦Stark John, truck driver, res 618 Harp's lane 
Stedman F A, stationars' engineer, bds ins Wilmington 
*Steel Alex, laborer, res 603 n Salisbury 
* Steel Mary, laundress, res 603 Salisbury 
Stein Charles, shoemaker, res 503 New Bern av 
Stein Miss- Dixie, dressmaker, res 503 New Bern ax- 
Stein Miss Nellie, hair worker, res 503 New P.ern :i\- 
Steinmetz Henry, nurseryman and florist, res 412 w Hargctt 
Stell Mrs Mary R, boarding house, res 129 n Salisburr)- 
Stell Newton, lawyer's clerk, res 129 n Salisbury 
''^Stephens Daniel, carpenter, res 219 s Harrington 
Stevens Miss Emma, milliner, res 314 e Hargett 
Stevens Mrs H M, seamstress, res 565 e Hargett 
Stevens Miss Nannie, book-folder, res 314 e Hargett 
Stevenson Thomas S, plumber, res 214 n McDowell 
*Stewart Chaney, cook, res rear 413 s Dawson 


'■'Stewart Jesse, brick mason, res 214 w IvCnoir 
'■'Stewart Mary, laundress, res rear 413 s Dawson 
Stewart Pat M, salesman, bds 816 Fayetteville 
*Stewart Robert, laborer, res rear 413 s Dawson 

* Stewart Samuel T, carpsnter, res 806 s Blount 
Stewart Miss Susan, bds 116 s West 

Stith Miss Lucy, saleslad\-, res 3 s Wilminj^^ton 
Stith Miss Maj^gie, saleslady, res 3 s \\'ihnin<^^ton 
Stith Mrs M \\ widow, saleslady, res 3 s Wilmint^^on 
■"Stills William, gardener, res 114 w Davie 
Stone Enimett P, merchant, res 115 Johnson 
Stone J L, musical instruments, res 549 n Person 
Stone John H, traveling salesman, res 115 Johnson 
Stone John L, locomotive engineer, res 115 Johnson 

* Stone Lacy, laundress, res 222 e Cabarrus 
Stone Moses A, salesman, res 115 Johnson 
Stone R D, dry-goods merchant, res 13 s East 
Stone T S, machinist, res 115 Johnson 
*Stone Victoria, cook, res 115 Johnson 
Stone W E, collector, bds 549 n Person 
vStothart E W, drug clerk, bds loi '< Fayetteville 
Straughan F M, janitor Capitol building, res 129 e Hargett 
Straughan John F, laborer, res 129 e Hargett 
Strickland G A, policeman, res 314 w Jones 
*vStrickland H S, grocer, res 819 Fayetteville 
Strickland J T, laborer, res 329 s Dawson 

'^'Strickland Marcel 1 us, teacher, res 413 s Salisbury 
'''Strickland Matilda, laundress, res 588 e Cabarrus 
"'Strickland William, laborer, res 533 e Cabarrus 
Stronach A P, wholesale grocer, res 411 n Blood worth 
Stronach Frank, auctioneer, res 418 n Blood worth 
Stronach Mrs M E, widow, res 421 s W^ilmington 
Stronach W C, grocer and tob broker, res 625 n Bloodworth 
Strong George ^^ lawyer, res 504 n lilount 
*Stroud Nora, cook, res 124 w Morgan 
'"Stroud Warrick, man-of-all-work, res 592 e Cabarrus 


Sturdivant P J, with Electric Light Co, bds 121s West 
Stimkle Truletta, dressmaker, res 122 n Harrington 
*Sturtivant Henry, porter, res 739 s Blonnt 
*Stnrtivant Sallie, tobacco worker, res 739 s Blonnt 
*Sturtivant Lizzie, cook, res 582 e Cabarrus 
Sugg Brittain, gun-stock maker, res 808 s Wilmington 
Sugg Mrs Mar}', widow, res 422 Smithfield 
Summerlin J J, tobacconist, bds 310 s Person 
*Sutton Alfred, driver, res 225 e Lane 
Sutton James M, compositor, res 409 n Salisbur)- 
Sutton William A, cigar-maker, res 517 Hicks 
Swaim Shelly, clerk, bds 116 s McDowell 
Sweeny Patrick, laborer, res 719 s West 
*Swinson Clara, laundress, res 206 w Lenoir 
*Sumner William H, barber, res 509 s Person 
Swepson Mrs Virginia B, widow, res 104 Hillsborjj 
Syme Andrew, insurance agent, res 311 e North 
Syme John C, invalid, res 516 e Jones 
Syme Mrs Mary, widow, res 516 e Jones 
*Syme Mary E, laundress, res 314 w North 
*Syme Patsy, cook, res 747 Hillsboro 


Tant Miss Alice, book-folder, res 17 s East 

Tant Mrs- Emma, seamstress, res 17 s East 

Tant Frank B, salesman, res 17 s East 

Tarkinton William B, printer's apprentice, bds 227 e Davie 

*Tate Alexander, painter, res 209 w Lenoir 

*Tate Charles, truck driver, res 509 e Davie 

*Tate Delia, laundress, res 118 w Davie 

*Tate Edward, fish-monger, res 118 w Davie 

*Tate Henr>', professional singer, res 524 New Bern av 

*Tate Jesse, fish-monger, res 425 s McDowell 

*Tate John, driver, res 209 w Lenoir 

Taylor Angus, blacksmith, res 119 Polk 


-Taylor Betsy, nurse, res 423 11 Salisbury 

-Taylor Callie, cook, res 545 e Jones 
Taylor Caroline, cook, res 219 s McDowell 
Tavlor Dennis, brakeniau, res 123 n West 

Tavlor Ed L, clerk at Moseley House, res 416 e Hargett 

Ta\lor Mrs Eliza, widow, res loi w Hargett 

*Taylor Emma, cook, res 515 Smith's lane 

Taylor George, harness-maker, res 556 New Bern av 
Taylor Hawkins, hackman, res rear 219 s McDowell 

*Tavlor Henna, painter, res 424 s Blount 

Taylor J Fontleroy, scientist, res 116 s Salisbury 

Tavlor James, clerk, res 218 n East 

=• Tavlor Jordan, drayman, res 519 Haywood 
•■Taylor John, shoemaker, res 609 e Cabarrus 

Taylor John R, tailor, res 635 e Hargett 

^Taylor Joseph, watchman Yarboro House, res 14 n East 

Taylor L David, saloon, res 308 s East 

Taylor Miss L N, res 104 w Hargett 

Taylor Mrs Larry, seamstress, res 635 e Hargett 

* Taylor Lewis, porter, res 206 w South 

*Taylor Putnam, city lamp tender, res 612 e Cabarrus 

Taylor Philip, commission merchant, res 218 n East 

-•■Ta\lor Ransom, laborer, res 712 s McDowell 

Ta\lor Mrs Rebecca J, seamstress, res 308 s East 

*Taylor Reuben, laborer, res 603 n Salisbun- 

Taylor Robert, book-keeper, res 556 New Bern av 

*Taylor Robert, laborer, res 1 1 Fowle 

"Taylor Robert, truck driver, res 102 n West 

^Taylor Samuel, laborer, res rear 211 w South 

*Taylor Sidney, barber, res 118 s Blount 

*Taylor Sidney, laborer, res rear 228 Saunders 

*Taylor Thomas, barber and grocer, res 134 s Wilmington 

Taylor W Foard, commission merchant, res 506 n Blount 

*Taylor Washington, truck driver, res 230 s East 

*Taylor William, fish-monger, res 511 s Blount 

Taylor William T, clothing cutter, res 635 e Hargett 


*Taylor Winnie, laundress, res 5.';6 n Dawson 

Teasley Edward, cabinet-maker, res 745 Hillsboro 

Telfair Miss Florence, music teacher, bds 603 s Wilmington 

*Terrell David, brickla}-er, res 732 Fa}-etteville 

*Terrell Edmund, laborer, res 802 Manly 

^Terrell Haywood, ditcher, res 21 Fowle 

Terrell IVIiss Ida, res 209 s Person 

Terrell John R, grocer, res 209 s Person 

Terrell James, janitor county court-house, res 209 s Person 

*Terrell Mary, laundress, ms 430 s Person 

^Terrell Peter, laborer, res 531 e Davie 

*Terrell Ralph, farm laborer, res 334 Cannon 

Terrell T B, locomotive engineer, res 18 Peace 

*Terrell W L, tobacco worker, bds 223 e Cabarrus 

^^Terrell Walter, man-of-all-work, res 430 s Person 

*Terry Henry, blacksmith, res 430 s Person 

Terry William T, shoemaker, res 213 s Harrington 

Thackston Mrs J W, bds 118 n W^ilmington 

Thain William, jeweller, res 744 Fayetteville 

*Tharrington Albert, laborer, res 32 Railroad 

"Tharrington Walker, porter, res 32 Railroad 

Thiem Edgar J, clerk, res 115 s Harrington 

Thiem Miss Lula M, saleslady, res 115 s Harrington 

Thiem Phil, book-keeper, res 115 s Harrington 

Thiem Phil, Jr, clerk, res 115 s Harrington 

*Thomas Alexander, machinist, res 310 w Lenoir 

Thomas Miss Anna, seamstress, res 556 e Hargett 

*Thomas x'-Vrchie, locomotive fireman, res 125 n West 

*Thonias Charles, Baptist minister, res 310 w Lenoir 

Thomas E B, book-keeper, res 102 w North 

*Thomas Elias, cook, res 521 Cannon 

*Thomas George, driver, res 543 n Wilmington 

*Thomas Harriet, laundress, res 909 Manly 

Thomas Henry L, dr)--goods salesman, res 102 w North 

Thomas J J, commission merchant, res 126 n McDowell 

*Thomas Jackson, laborer, res 527 s East 

CITY ()!• RALKUni. 101 

*Thomas Miss Jaiiey, teacher, res io6 n East 

"Thomas John, kiborer, res ii6 w Lenoir 

Thomas Leni R, res io2 w North 

*Thomas Lizzie, cook, res 125 11 West 

*Thoinas Louisa, cook, res 12 11 East 

"Thomas Prince, laborer, res 313 w South 

*Thomas Ouentin, kil)orer, res 313 w vSouth 

Thomas Miss Rebecca, house-keeper, res 211 w Jones 

*Thomas Ruffin, porter, res 201 n Harrington 

*Thomas Sarah, seamstress, res 106 n East 

*Thomas Susan, cook, res 527 s East 

*Thomas Thomas, railroad laborer, res 113 w Cabarrus 

Thomas William G, drug- clerk, res 510 Polk 

*Thonias Wylie, laborer, res 909 Manly 

Thomason Jacob, res 222 s Blount 

Thomason James I, auctioneer, bds 209 w Davie 

Thomason W J, carriage maker, res 222 s Blount 

Thompkin W H, advertising signs, bds 317 s Person 

Thompson Alf A, Mayor of Raleigh, res 317 New Bern av 

* Thompson Alfred, laborer, res 829 Dodd 
*Thompson Anna, house maid, res 114 s Dawson 

* Thompson Charles, laborer, res 525 Haywood 
Thompson Miss Cornelia, res 104 s West 
Thompson Cornelius, machinist, res 211 w Morgan 
Thompson Miss Ella, candy maker, res 509 n West 
*Thompson Frederick, shoemaker, res 526 e Martin 
Thompson George \\\ book-keeper, res 413 Hillsboro 
Thompson George W Sr, res 317 New Bern av 
Thompson James W, clerk, bds 314 Hillsboro 
Thompson John D, policeman, res 218 s Bloodworth 
Thompson ^^lartin T, policeman, res 509 n West 
*Thompson Moses, shoemaker, res outside 
Thompson Richard, moulder, res 225 Bledsoe av 
Thompson S J, salesman, bds 116 s McDowell 
Thompson S H, Baptist minister, res 119 s Salisbury 
Thompson Miss Susan, seamstress, res 303 w South 


♦Thompson Sylvia, laundress, res 526 e Martin 

Thompson W H, watch-maker, res 121 w Morgan 

♦Thompson Zilphia, house maid, res 527 Hillsboro 

♦Thornton Cato, man-of-all-work, res 409 w Martin 

*Thornton Priscilla, laundress, res 560 e Cabarrus 

Thrower James R, locomotive engineer, bds 228 n McDowell 

Tighe Miss Annie G, dressmaker, res 803 n Dawson 

Tighe Miss Margaret L, milliner, res 803 n Dawson 

Tighe Miss Mar}' Jane, dressmaker, res 803 n Dawson 

Tighe Mrs Mary Jane, widow, res 803 n Dawson 

Tighe Michael W, machinist's apprentice, res 803 n Dawson 

Timberlake J B Sr, railroad conductor, res 116 w Jones 

Timberlake J B Jr, clerk, res 116 w Jones 

Tillinghast D R, teacher in D D & B I, res 425 n Bloodworth 

Tillinghast Miss R N, teacher, res 4^,5 n Bloodworth 

Tillinghast T H, teacher in D D & B I, res 426 n Bloodworth 

*Towers Dilaphate, bricklayer, res 320 s Salisbury 

Toft William, blacksmith, res 446 Halifax 

TonnofFski Geo L, State Secretary K of L, res 1156 Davie 

Towles James M, clerk, res 313 e Lane 

Towles Mrs James M, widow, res 409 Oakwood av 

Towles Miss Sallie, bds 129 Bloodworth 

*Towns Albert, dining-room servant, res 522 s McDowell 

♦Towns Frances, seamstress, res 114 e Morgan 

♦Towns Ida, laundress, res 122 w Lenoir 

*Towns Silas, railroad brakeman, res 314 n Dawson 

*Towns Susan, laundress, res 314 n Dawson 

Trapier E S, substitute mail carrier, res 120 Saunders 

Travis David R, insurance, res 213 w Martin 

Travis Mrs David R, physician, res 213 w Martin 

*Trice Eliza, laundress, res 405 w South 

♦Trice Martha, laundress, res 408 w Edenton 

*Trice Willis, laborer, res 602 s McDowell 

♦Trisbam Eliza, domestic, res rear 128 n Blount 

*Trotter Dinah, cook, res 204 n Person 

*Tucker Abram, truck driver, res 529 New Bern av 


^Tucker Betsy, seamstress, res 118 w Lenoir 
Tucker C D, fanner, res 117 n Dawson 
^Tucker California, laundress, res 203 w Edenton 
*Tucker Caroline, cook, res 422 n Person 
*Tucker Caroline, laundress, res 529 New Bern av 
"Tucker Charles, carpenter, res 722 Tucker 
Tucker Edward, salesman, res 117 n Dawson 
Tucker Garland S, salesman, res 117 n Dawson 
*Tucker Alary, seamstress, res 722 Tucker 
Tucker Mrs Mary E, widow, res 117 n Dawson 
*Tucker Matilda, laundress, res 540 e Cabarrus 
*Tucker Nancy, cook, res 520 n West 
Tucker Rufus S, retired merchant, res 720 Hillsboro 
^Tucker Robert, porter, res 506 Haywood 
*Tucker VanBuren, coachman, res 118 w Lenoir 
Tucker Walter, salesman, bds 104 n McDowell 
"Tucker William, driver, res 554 e Edenton 
Tucker William R, student, res 720 Hillsboro 
Tucker William T, ass' t auditor R & G R R, res 5 1 9 n Blount 
Tupper H M, President Shaw University, res 108 e South 
Tupper Mrs H M, in ch'ge Leonard Hospital, res 108 e South 
'•"Turner A M, IMethodist minister, res 609 s East 
^Turner Allen, res rear 208 Halifax- 
Turner Airs Anna, res 408 Cannon 
Turner J D, book-keeper, res 321 w Jones 
*Turner Mar)-, laundress, res 226 e South 
♦Turner Oscar, driver, res 214 w Lenoir 
*Turner Thomas, teacher, res 819 Manly 
Turner Vines E, surgeon dentist, res 210 n Person 
"•"Turner Walter, dining-room servant, res 402 n North 
^Turner William, carpenter, res rear colored Christian ch 
^Turner W^illiam, laborer, res 13 Fowle 
Turlington Archie, blacksmith, bds 11 1 s Wilmington 
Turlington John, blacksmith's helper, bds 604 e Davie 
*Twitty Eliza, cook, res 119 e Cabarrus 
*Twitty Major, hackman, res 204 w Morgan 


*Twitty Marzilla, laundress, res 204 w Morgan 

■'•"Tyler Mrs Helen, widow, res 620 Elm 

Tyson Miss Lizzie, domestic, res 214 n McDowell 


Underbill A G, grocer, res 412 e Edenton 
Underwood J E, engineer, res 526 n Salisbury 
Upchurch Mrs Addie, dressmaker, res 214 s Blount 
Upchurch Alfred, coach maker, res 402 e Hargett 
Upchurch Amos, salesman, res 212 Smithfield 
Upchurch Bernard, flagman, res 402 e Hargett 
Upchurch Charles D, Cl'k Superior C't, res 528 Fayetteville 
Upchurch D Reid, clerk, res 107 s. Wilmington 
Upchurch Mrs Frances J, widow, res 214 e Davie 
Upchurch Herman E, printer's apprentice, res 214 e Davie 
Upchurch James M, book-binder, res 322 s Person 
Upchurch John R, Deput}- Sheriff', rooms 4 e Davie 
Upchurch Mrs Jane, widow, res no s West 
■^Upchurch Mary, cook, res 210 w Morgan 
Upchurch Merrimon, salesman, res 402 e Hargett 
Upchurch Robert G, salesman, res 214 e Davie 
*Upchurch Sarina, laundress, res rear 205 e Hargett 
*Upchurch Thomas, student, res rear 205 e Hargett 
*Upchurch Tiny, cook, res rear 413 s Dawson 
Upchurch Vernon C, clerk, res 107 s Wilmington 
Upchurch W A, omnibus conductor, bds 224 s Blount 
Upchurch Wm C, grocery merchant, res 107 s Wilmington 
Upchurch Wm D, retired merchant, res 504 s Bloodworth 
Upchurch W^m G, farmer and merchant, res 219 s McDowell 
Upchurch W W, broker, res 412 e Hargett 
*Upperman Charity, laundress, res 609 s Harrington 
"Upperman Henry, farm laborer, res 12 Fowle 
*Upperman Marcellus, carpenter and builder, res 226 e South 
*Upperman Mary, house servant, res 44 Boylan av 
*Uppennan Peter, driver, res 609 n Harrington 


Urban Thomas, tailor, res 504 11 Blount 

rtley .Miss Fannie, dressmaker, res 404 s Dawson 

I'tle) John C, machinist, :es 312 St Mary's lane 

rtle\- William M, editor Evening Visitor, res 228 e Martin 

rtle\- William S, carpenter, res 715 Peace 

rtley William T, paper-hanger, res 8 s East 

Utter W' F, clothino; cutter, res 402 McDowclll 

"-^lUman James, laborer, res i Poe's lane 

Utzman Robert ?.I, grocer, res 127 n Dawson 

Uzzell E M, printer and binder, res 117 s Blount 

Uzzle P R, manager of grocery store, res 526 Hillsboro 

Uzzle Rufus S, book-keeper, res 316 w Edenton 

Uzzle Scott, book-keeper, res 325 w Morgan 


\'anderslice J P, broker, bds 319 Fayetteville 

*Vanlandinliam Georgiana, nurse, res 112 Fayetteville 

*\'ass Charlotte, laundress, res 230 s Harrington 

*Vass Mary, cook, res rear 501 Hillsboro 

"^ Vass Samuel X, teacher at Shaw Univ, res 822 s Blount 

*Vass Mrs Samuel N, teacher, res 822 s Blount 

Vass W W, Treasurer R & G R R Co, res 3 e Edenton 

*Vass William, laborer, res 320 n Harrington 

\'aughan Edgar, book-keeper, res 224 w Lane 

*\'aughan Lucy, domestic, res 419 Haywood 

\'aughan Miss Jane, dressmaker, res n extension Salisljurv 

\'aughan R O, baker, res 103 Fayetteville 

\'incent A B, Professor in Shaw Univ, res 108 e South 


Waddell George W', grocer, res 18 ]\IcKee 

Waddell Jasper N, penitentian' guard, res 748 Fayetteville 

*Wade Phoebe, laundress, res 8 s Harrington 

*W^agoner Mollie, laundress, res rear 418 s Person 


Wagstaflf Mrs Mary, widow, res 308 e Martin 
Wahman J H, clerk in So Ex Co, rooms 108 Fayctteville 
Wait Samuel D, insurance, res 409 Fayetteville 
Waitt D S, clothier, res 128 w Harg-ett 
Waitt K B, cabinet-maker, res 128 w Hargett 
Waitt Mrs T K, dressmaker, res 328 Johnson 
Walber Mrs Mary, seamstress, res 220 w Cabarrus 
*Walden Betsy, cook, res rear 715 s West 
'*Walden John, laborer, res 416 s Salisbury 
Walker Miss Alice, seamstress, res 303 e Hargett 

* Walker Amy, laundress, res i Poe's lane 
Walker Miss Blanche, milliner, res 303 e Hargett 
*Walker Charity, house servant, res 518 s Dawson 

* Walker Collins, barber, res 223 e Cabarrus 
*Walker Frances, laundress, res 604 s Person 
"Walker Fred, laborer, res i Poe's lane 
*Walker Grizzie, laundress, res 561 e Edenton 
Walker J W, clothing manufacturer, res 423 n Person 

* Walker Jane, house maid, res 214 w Edenton 
*Walker John, blacksmith, res 604 s Person 
*Walker Phillis, cook, res 214 w Edenton 
Walker L D, saloon, res 313/^2 P'ayetteville 

* Walker Rosilla, laundress, res 916 Manly 

Walker S W, janitor Supreme Ct building, res 303 e Hargett 

* Walker Sarah, barber, res 223 e Cabarrus 
*Walker Thomas, gardener, res 783 Hillsboro 
*W^all Benjamin, cook, res 316 e Jones 

Wall G A, machinist, bds 129 n Salisbury 

* Wallace Augusta, laundress, res 715 s Blount 
Wallace John, engineer, res 130 Firwood av 
♦Wallace William, brick-maker, res 715 s Blount 
Wallen Charles, blacksmith, res 116 w Morgan 
Walters George N, merchant tailor, res 120 n Person 
Walters J M, gardener, res 501 n East 

Walters Mrs Phatamy, widow, res 1 20 n Person 
*Walton Charles, well-digger, res 431 s Swain 


* Walton Frances, cook, res 431 s Swain 

Walton Julia A, boardin<2^ house, res 301 n Harrington 

'■'"Walton Robert, laborer, res 431 s Swain 

Walton William L, carpenter, res 301 s Harrington 

Ward Aaron, horse trainer, bds 109 s Blount 

Ward Mrs Ann, widow, res 517 Halifax 

Ward Dallas T, railroad conductor, bds 319 Fayetteville 

Ward Gaston W, drug clerk, rooms 303 Fayetteville 

*Ward (reorge, railroad laborer, res 411 s Dawson 

Ward John, Sec'y and Treas N C Car Co, res 517 Halifex 

■Ward William, laborer, res 812 s Harrington 

Waring Ceburn L, carrier News-Observer, res no w Martin 

^^'arren Mrs Araniinta M, seamstress, res 607 s McDowell 

Warren Carey, laborer, res 710 e Davie 

Warren Mrs Delany, seamstress, res 586 e Lenoir 

Warren Mrs Nancy, widow, res 223 w Davie 

Warren Nathaniel, fanner, res 586 e Lenoir 

*Warren Nellie, cook, res 320 w Edenton 

Warren Miss Mary E, seamstress, res 607 s McDowell 

Warren Miss Victoria, seamstress, res 607 s McDowell 

*\Vashington Gray, hotel waiter, res 221 w Cabarrus 

"Washington Peyton, cook in restaurant, res 313 s F^ast 

*Washington Pink, farm laborer, res 313 s East 

*Washington John, hotel waiter, res 417 s Person 

* Washington Lavinia, house servant, res 128 n Blount 
Waters vS B, salesman, res 319 Fayetteville 

Watkins I^r J S, Presbyterian minister, res 204 s Dawson 
*Watkins Jane, laundress, res 825 Dodd 
Watkins Jesse, blacksmith, res 311 n Dawson 
Watkins Mary, house-keeper, res 608 e Hargett 
Watkins Peter, moulder, res 112 Peace 
*Watson Annice, nurse, res 628 Hillsboro 
Watson Aubrey, salesman, res 547 e Hargett 
Watson Miss Aurora, seamstress, res 412 w South 
Watson B A, salesman at 117 s Wilmington, res outside 
Watson Fred A, art store, res 112 Fayetteville 


Watson J W, photograph artist, res lag'j Favettevillc 

Watson J W B, fanner, res 562 e Lenoir 

Watson Joseph, salesman, res 547 e Hargett 

Watson Joseph, shoemaker, res 705 s Blonnt 

Watson IMrs M A, grocer, res 705 s Blonnt 

*Watson Nannie, honse maid, res 227 n West 

*Watson Robert, driver, res 590 e Cabarrns 

*Watson Sqnire, railroad brakeman, res w ext Hargett 

Watson T D, grocer and wood dealer, res 547 e Hargett 

Watts J T, book-keeper, res 117 n Wilmington 

Watts Mrs J T, milliner, res 117 n Wilmington 

* Watts Morris, barber, res 220 e Davie 

*Weathers Alexander, trnck driver, res rear Catholic cli 
Weathers Calvin H, grocer, res 324 s Blonnt 
Weathers Fab H, book-keeper, res 324 s Blonnt 

* Weathers Henry, farm laborer, res 18 Hayti al 
Weathers Ira, marble cutter, res 416 e Morgan 
Weathers Joseph H, book-keeper, res 324 s Blount 
Weathers J W, butcher, res 416 e Morgan 
Weathers K P, watchman, res 11 Peace 
Weathers Kim W, railroad clerk, res 11 Peace 
Weathers Rom H, cotton grader, res 319 e Hargett 
*Weaver Fannie, laundress, res 524 New Bern av 
*Weaver Jackson, teacher, res 524 New Bern av 
Weddon James P, shoemaker, res 304 n Dawson 
Weddon Mrs M H, boarding house, res 304 n Dawson 
Weddon Miss Rebecca C, seamstress, res 304 n Dawson 
Weddon Miss Virginia, dressmaker, res 304 n Dawson 
Weir J Campbell, tobacco broker, res 515 n Person 
Weir John, contracting brick worker, res 515 n Person 
Weir William, tobacco broker, res 515 n Person 
Welsh Mrs Rosa, boarding house, res 11 1 s Wilmington 
Westpoint Eliza, cook, res 312 w Cabarrus 

West Nick W, hardware merchant, res 6.^5 Hillsboro 
WatsonG L, locomotive engineer, res 413 Saunders 
Watson J F, blacksmith, res 510 Polk 

t^riY OF RAIJilGll. lO^ 

*^A" 'IVin|);e, imrse, res no s Salisbury 
"Wetmorc V\' II, shoe maiuifactiirer, res 124 w Moroan 
Wlu-irlon C \V, pliotoj^rapli artist, res 10 Saunders 
-"^Wiie.iton Annette, laundress, res 402 w North 
"^^^Wheaton Lottie, cook, res 209 \v North 
■■■^ Win taker Alice, laundrev^, res 513 Cannon 
*Whiiaker Benjamin, laborer, res 419 n Salisbury 
-Whitaker Burke, laborer, res 513 Cannon 
■Whitaker Clayton, laborer, res 513 Cannon 
-Wliitaker George, waiter, res 419 n Salisbury 
*\Vhi laker James, carpenter, res 517 Haywood 
Whitaker R H, Meth minister and publisher, res 509 n Person 
Whitaker Spier, lawyer, res 326 New Bern av 
Whitaker Wesley, justice of the peace, res 512 e Hargett 

* Whitaker William, watchman, res 16 Worth 
Whitaker Wilson J, painter, bds 129 n Salisbury 
White Charles W, book-keeper, res 302 w Jones 

* White Daniel, carpenter, bds 119 w Edenton 
White Edward E, clerk, res 302 w Jones 

* White George, blacksmith, res 230 s Harrington 
*White J F, medical student, bds 729 s Blount 
W'hite John L, baggage-master, res 109 n Salisbury 
White Luther N, saloon-keeper, res 416 s Wilmington 
*White Mehaley, cook, res Best's lane, off Hillsboro 
White Robert S, salesman, res 104 n McDowell 
White Samuel C, book-keeper, res 127 n McDowell 
*White Sarah, laundress, res 545 e Martin 

*White Thomas, hostler, res 586 e Cabarrus 

White W W, engineer, res 109 n Salisbury 

White Mrs W W, widow, res 114 s Person 

Whitehead Henry, merchant, res 213 n Harrington 

Whitehead John J, collector, res 114 Halifax 

■Whitehead Pauline, cook, res 406 w Jones 

WHiitelaw John, contracting stone worker, res 417 s Dawson 

Whitfield Maria, house maid, res rear 521 s Person 

Whitfield N G, salesman, res 108 w Edenton 


Whiting Chester (t, clothier, rooms 127 Fa}-ette\ ille 

Whiting Seymour W, clothier, res 611 w Lane 

"Whitley Amanda, cook, res 213 n Harrington 

Whitsett H, locomotive engineer, res 112 w Jones 

Whitson S N, grocer, res 334 Haywood 

Whittelsy Mrs Maria, seamstress, res 565 e Hargctt 

*Whitted Sarah, cook, res 108 New Bern av 

Wicker Miss Anna, laundress, res 210 Blount al 

Wicker David A, justice of the peace, res 122 e Davie 

Wicker Robert D, compositor, res 301 w Morgan 

*Wiggans Anna, res 530 e Davie 

*Wiggans Charles, laborer, res 515 s East 

*Wiggans Calvin, railroad laborer, res west ext Hargett 

*Wiggans Elizabeth, grocer, res 315 s East 

*Wiggans Elizabeth, laundress, res 24 Hayti al 

W^iggans Mrs Fidelia, dresmaker, res 108 e Hargett 

Wiggans Green, laborer, res 108 e Hargett 

Wiggans Hundley, stone-cutter, res 416 e Hargett 

*Wiggans James, gardener, res 532 e Davie 

''■'Wiggans James, laborer, res 415 Smith's lane 

Wiggans Jeff, wks planing machine, res 501 Hillsljoro 

'''Wiggans Mary, laundress, res 532 e Davie 

^Wiggans Osborne, carpenter, res 726 Fayetteville 

*Wiggans Thomas, laborer, res 532 e Davie 

* Wilcox Turner, driver, res 811 Dodd 

Wildes Charles Dewey, res 118 s Dawson 

Wildes Mrs R D, widow, res 118 s Dawson 

*Wilder Cain, driver, res 834 s Wilmington 

^Wilder Calvin, laborer, res 212 w South 

Wilder Clement, salesman, rooms cor Fayetteville and Ex pi 

*Wilder Daniel, hostler, res 405 Cannon 

*Wilder Emma, cook, res 610 w Jones 

*Wilder Florence, laundress, res 834 s Wilmington 

Wilder Gaston, drug clerk, res 401 e Jones 

*Wilder Jane, farm laborer, res 503 Smith lane # 

Wilder Lynn, salesman, bds 210 New Bern av 

CITY oi' RAi,i':ic;n. m 

Wilder Sanuiel, lawyer, res 401 e Jones 
WiKler Mrs Sarah, widow, res 401 c Jones 

Wilder Sidney, laborer, res 503 Smith's lane 
Wilder W B, clerk, res 119 s Dawson 
Wilev Miss Mamie, teacher, bds loi >< P^iyetteville 
Wilkinson W D, salesman, bds 116 s McDowell 
Willard W H, manufacturer, res 638 Hillsboro 
Williams Adolphus, machinist, res 230 Saunders 
=■ Williams Adolphus C, hotel waiter, res 207 w Lenoir 
^Williams Albert B, carpenter, res 328 w^ Edenton 
Williams Alfred, retired bookseller, res 412 Fayetteville . 
Williams Alfred Jr, book salesman, bds 412 Fayettc\ille 
^Williams Alex, press feeder, res 116 n West 
^'AVilliams Alice, laundress, res 721 Johnson 
Williams Alouzo, moulder, res 209 \v North 

* Williams Amanda, nurse, res 113 w Cabarrus 
Williams Andrew J, compositor, res 225 w Jones 
Williams Miss Anna, dressmaker, res 225 w Jones 
-Williams Augustus, driver, res 804 s Wilmington 
='AVilliams Ben, ginner, res 511 s Dawson 
*Williams Bettie, laundress, res 526 n McDowell 
-Williams Betsy, laundress, res 534 e Cabarrus 
*Williams Brown, well-digger, res 426 s Blount 
■Williams Butler, laborer, res 122 Peace 
Williams C C, painter, bds iii s Wilmington 
■AVilliams Caroline, laundress, res 511 s Dawson 
Williams Miss Carcilla, dressmaker, res 220 Hillsboro 
♦Williams Charlotte, laundress, res 122 Peace 
•■•Williams Charles, carpenter, res 201 Cannon 

* Williams Charles, farm laborer, bds 16 n Hast 

* Williams Charles, grocer, res 417 s Blount 
*Williams Cherry, laundress, res 506 Hayw^ood 
Williams Miss Columbia, seamstress, res 225 w Jones 
♦Williams Delia, laundress, res 107 e Cabarrus 
♦Williams Dock, wks in foundry, res 602 s Person 
♦Williams Dock, porter at D D & B I, res 516 Smith's lane 


♦Williams Dora, cliainbermaid, res 224 Blount al 
Willaiiis E A, silversmith, res 223 s West 
♦Williams Eaton, carpenter, res 427 Smith's lane 
♦Williams Effie, cook, res 113 \v Cabarrus 
Williams Mrs Emma, dressmaker, res 225 w Jones 
Williams A'liss Emma, dressmaker, res 114 e Lenoir 
♦Williams Fannie, laundress, res 126 e Hargett 
♦Williams Frank, hostler, res 220 Blount al 
♦Williams Fred, waiter, res 130 Peace 
Williams G S, Baptist minister, res iii s Bloodwortlv 
'Williams George H, book-keeper, res 227 s IMcDowelT. 
Williams George J, salesman, res 18 e Martin 
♦Williams Henderson, waiter, res rear 305 e Edentou 
♦Williams Henry, laborer, res 718 s Dawson 
••^Williams Henry, laborer, res 120 Smithfield 
♦Williams Henry M, truck driver, res 506 Smith's lane 
♦Williams Hilliard, carpenter, res 102 n East 
Williams J B, book-keeper, res 615 e Hargett 
♦Williams J K, green grocer, res 118 w Cabarrus 
Williams J M, drug clerk, res 209 e Morgan 
"Williams Jennie, laundress, res 316 s Harrington 
♦Williams Jerry, watchman, res 220 Blount al 
Williams John G, book-keeper, res 121 Fayetteville 
Williams John L, carpenter, res 220 Hillsboro 
W^illiams John L, engineer, res 228 e Cabarrus 
"Williams Joseph, laborer, res 526 s McDowell 
♦Williams Julia, cook, res 220 s Blount 
♦Williams Julia, laundress, res 109 w Lenoir 
♦Williams Laura, laundress, res rear 556 New Bern av 
♦Williams Lilly, nurse, res 316 s Harrington 
♦Williams Lizzie, laundress, res 113 n Harrington 
♦Williams London, laborer, res ^07 w vSouth 
* Williams Louisa M, nurse, res 118 w Cabarrus 
♦Williams Lucy, laundress, res 122 Peace 
♦Williams Lucy M, teacher, res 328 w Edentou 
♦Williams Luke, wheelwright, res 218 w Lenoir 


Williams ?^Irs M C, widow, res 121 F'ayetteville 
Williams M T, clerk, res 605 Hillsboro 
"Williams Mack, laborer, res 221 w North 
"^Williams Margaret, nurse, res 506 Smith's lane 
■•'Williams Marf^aret, seamstress, res 711 s East 
^•^Williams Martha, laundress, res 602 s Person 
■-^Williams :\[ary, laundress, res 201 Cannon 
^■^Williams :\lary, laundress, res 521 s Dawson 
^'■■Williams Mary, laundress, res 313 w Davie 
"-•Williams Mary, cook, res 611 s Harrington 
=^Williams :\Ierritt, dairyman, res 207 w Lenoir 
-Williams Mildred, cook, res 515 McDow^ell 
Williams Mrs Nannie, seamstress, res 232 Saunders 
*Williams Nancy R, seamstress, res 515 s McDowell 
"Williams Nelson, gardener, res 419 Haywood 
Williams Nelson, silversmith, res 223 s West 
\\'illiams Mrs P E, res 18 Saunders 
Williams P P, carpenter, res 113 Firwood av 
•■Williams Peter, wks in foundry, res iii w Lenoir 
Williams Miss R E, res 425 n East 
Williams Ransom, driver, res 224 Blount al 
"■Williams Richard, driver res 107 e Cabarrus 
^'Williams Robert, truck driver, res 109 w Lenoir 
•i^Williams Robert, cook, res 408 Oakwood av 
Williams Robert L drug clerk, rooms 201 P\ayetteville 
* Williams Rodney, laborer, res 120 Smithfield 
=nVilliams Rosa, cook, les 316 s Harrington 
Williams J Ruffin, druggist, res 227 s McDowell 
''Williams vSarah, laundress, res 510 e INLartin 
*Williams Silvia, laundress, res 556 New Bern av 
•"Williams Squire, shoemaker, res 509 Ha}-wood 
Williams T H, printer's apprentice, res 109 s Wilmington 
Williams T C, insurance agent, res 425 n P^ast 
=-=Williams Thomas, driver, res 304 s Harrington 
^•■Williams Thomas, truck driver, res 20 Hayti al 
^''Williams Thomas, grocer, res 309 w Cabarrus 


* Williams Tilsy, cook, res 220 Blount al 
*Williams Vance, laborer, res 113 w Cabarrus 
Williams W V, drug clerk, bds 317 s Person 
Williams Walter, shoemaker, res 232 Saunders 

* Williams Walter, railroad laborer, res 113 w Cabarrus 
*Williams William, dining-room servant, res 506 Haywood 
*Williams Weldon, brick moulder, res 511 s Dawson 
*Williams Willis, cook, res 721 Johnson 

Williams Wylie M, stationary engineer, res 225 w Jones 

Williamson B P, farmer and commerch't, res 219 e Hargett 

Williamson Mrs James, teaclier, res 330 w Hargett 

Willis Alfred, shoemaker, res 326 s Blount 

Willis T J, watchman U S Gov't building, res 230 e Lenoir 

Willis Mrs T J, seamstress, res 230 e Lenoir 

Willis Susan P, seamstress, res 326 s Blount 

Willis W W, policeman, res 514 s Person 

Wilner August, tailor, res 519 n Person 

Willoughby W J, carpenter, res 219 n West 

* Wilson Anna, seamstress, res 719 s Dawson 
Wilson Mrs Cora, boarding house, res 224 e Martin 
*Wilson Jacob, wood-chopper, res 719 s Dawson 
Wilson Joel V, machinist, res 609 Hillsboro 
Wilson Joseph, invalid, res 17 e North 

*Wilson Lessie, nurse, res 406 w Lane 
"Wilson Paul, coachman, res 114 n West 
Wilson Peter M, insurance, res cor Wilmington and e Lane 
Wilson William W, book-keeper, res 609 Hillsboro 
Wilton Henry, car-trimmer, res 611 s Wilmington 
*Wimbush William, laborer, res 421 New Bern av 
*Winbush Isliam, blacksmith, res 4146 Davie 
*Winbush Peter, carpenter, res 760 Fayetteville 
*Winbush Sarah, laundress, res 414 e Davie 
Winder John C, gen'l manager S A-L, res 504 n Person 
Winder John H, contractor for stone work, res 504 n Person 
Winetrob Isaac, merchant tailor, res 8 w Martin 
*Winslow Jackson, restaurant, rooms 316 s Salisbury 


^Winston Frances, cook, res 104 Johnson 
"Winters Alice, laundress, res 518 e Martin 
^Winters Charlie, laborer, res 329 s East 
'Winters Harriet, widow, res 229 s East 

* Winters Oscar, pressman, res 518 e Martin 
Wise Bartel, salesman, res 3 e North 
Withering^ton Robert G, shoemaker, res 17 Peace 
Withers W A, chemist, rooms State Ag'l building 
Witherspoon l\Irs Caroline, widow, res 317 s East 
Witherspoon Hal, salesman, res 317 s East 
*Witherspoon Jack, laborer, res 314 w South 

* Witherspoon Levi, peddler, res 124 w Davie 
*Witherspoon Louisa, laundress, res 314 w South 
^Witherspoon Rilla, laundress, res 124 w Davie 
^Witherspoon Thomas, cook, res 539 New Bern av 
*Womack Alice, cook, res 516 Polk 

*Womack Riney, nurse, res 604 s Person 

Womble B P>ank, artist, res 608 e Hargett 

Wonible Basil H, press feeder, res 636 e Hargett 

Womble Edgar A, with B U Oil Co, res 327 e Edenton 

Womble Geo L, machinist's apprentice, res 558 e Hargett 

Womble Herbert E, salesman, res 327 e Edenton 

Womble John, clerk, res 11 1 s Bloodworth 

Womble Jordan Sr, retired merchant, res 608 e Hargett 

Womble Jordan Jr, book-keeper, res 1 1 1 s Bloodworth 

Womble L D, grocer, res 558 e Hargett 

Womble Mrs ^Martha, widow, res 221 s West 

Womble Oliver G, railway postal clerk, res 608 e Hargett 

Womble Miss P C, tailoress, res 221 s West 

Womble R H, grocery, res 327 e Edenton 

Womble Miss Texana, tailoress, res 221 s West 

Womble W R, real estate broker, res 608 e Hargett 

Womble W T, book-keeper, res 636 e Hargett 

Wood John B, sup't ice factory, res 118 w Edenton 

Wood Jonathan, shoe-cutter, res 415 n Salisbury 

Woodall A L, policeman, res 510 w North 


Woodall Benjamin, harness-maker, res 413 s Blonnt 

Woodall L H, salesman, res 413 s Blount 

Woodall I\Irs Sarah, widow, res 413 s Blount 

Woodard Moses W, grocery and saloon, res 522 s Harrington 

Woodell A E, stenographer, res 118 n Dawson 

Woodell B H, broker and shoe dealer, res 118 n Dawson 

Woodell Charles J, telegraph messenger, res 118 n Dawson 

Woodell E H, plumber, res 118 n Dawson 

Woodell Frank, b'kbinder'sapprentice, res 427 s Wilmington 

W'oodell Miss Hattie, book-folder, res 427 s Wilmington 

Woodell John C, bookbinder, res 427 s Wilmington 

Woodell Mrs J E, widow, res 427 s Wilmington 

"'Woods George, stone-cutter, res 13 McKee 

W^oods George M, compositor, res 214 e Lenoir 

* Woods Jefferson, cook, res rear 319 Fayetteville 

* Woods Joseph, laborer, res 516 s McDowell 
*Woods Ransom W, dairyman, res 578 e Cabarrus 
*Woods Robert, laborer, res 524 s McDowell 
Woodward Charles W, salesman, res 2136 Hargett 
Woodward Miss J, dry-goods merchant, res 213 e Hargett 
Woodw^ard J L, salesman, res 105 s Bloodworth 
Woodward Mrs Mary, widow, res 213 e Hargett 
W^oodward W T, furniture and dry goods, res 324 e Hargett 
Woollcott Frederick, book-keeper, res 127 New Berne av 
Woollcott Walter, clothing mfr, res 127 New Bern av 
Woollcott- William, clothing mfr, res 127 New Bern av 

* Worlds J J, Baptist minister, res 418 s Salisbury 
*Worth Alice, cook, res 525 s Blount 

Worth Hal M, accountant, bds 519 Fayetteville 

*Worth Vander M, Methodist minister, res 825 Fayetteville 

"'Worth Zilphia, cook, res 125 e South 

"■'Wortham Mary, laundress, res 213 w Davie 

*Wortham Merrimon, bricklayer, res 314 e Davie 

*W^ortham Samuel, bricklayer, res 214 w Cabarrus 

* Wortham Samuel Sr, restaurant, res 5 1 7 3^ w Cabarrus 

*Wortham Samuel Jr, laborer, res 317 >^ w Cabarrus 

L-ITV ()!• UAI.l'IC.Il. 1 17 

Wra)- J l\ sal.'sr.ian, bds 210 Xcw IJcni av 

Wray \V M, sup't oil mill, res 51S s West 

\Vri<^ht Adolphus, tobacco worker, bds 416 s l>lonnt 

W'rii^ht K^ K, surgeon deiUist, bds 104 n McDowell 

■"^Writ^-ht Fannie, laundress, res 219 n Person 

'^"V\'ri,i^]it Isaac, ditcher, res 546 e Cabarrns 

■■Wri<;"ht Martlia A, cook, res 204 n McDowell 

'•AVrit^ht Robert, laborer, res 43 s Person 

'^AVri.i^ht W T, medical student, bds 729 s Plonnt 

\V\att H P\ harness-maker, res 21.S n McDowell 

W'yatt K S, salesman, res 2i<S s McDowell 

W'yatt Job P, orocer and com merchant, res 113 n Dawson 

\\'\'att John M, harness-maker, res 21S n McDowell 

Wyatt Lee R, grocer and cotton broker, res 107 w Jones 

Wyatt P T, book-keeper, res 218 n INIcDowell 

Wyatt W P", harness and saddle mfr, res 519 e Jones 

Wyatt \\' J, railroad clerk, res rear 423 Fa\ette\-ille 

Wyche R T, book-keeper, res 127 P'ayetteville 

*W>che Robert, boardini;^ house, res 119 w Edenton 

'■AV\cks (jcorg'e, laborer, res 201 n Plarrinj^ton 

Wyman John T, tailor, bds loi Vi Fayetteville 

Wynne Mrs Ada, seamstress, res 412 e Mor<(an 

W\nne Cicorge W, liver)' and sale stables, res 51 1 e J(jnes 

Wynne J Stanhope, insurance agent, res 317 w Jones 

W\nne ]\Irs Lnla, seamstress, res 803 P'^ayetteville 

Wynne Robert, dealer in horses, res 511 e Jones 

W\nne Robert W, Connt\- Treasurer, res 321 w Jones 

Wynne W A, ])roker, res 327 w Jones 

Wynne W W, farmer, res 327 w Jones 


* Yancey Cxcorge, laborer, res 6 s Harrington 

* Yancey Luc\" M, seamstress, res 229 s Harrington 
'Yancey Peggy, laundress, res 109 n Wilmington 
Yancey T I>, dealer in carriages, res 205 Peace 


Yancey W J., book-keeper, bds 224 e Martin 
*Yarborough Cooper, laborer, res 535 e Martin 
*Yarborongh Emily, cook, res 545 e Edenton 
*Yarborongh John, blacksmith, res 513 s Blonnt 
*Yarboroiigh John, laborer, res 436 n Salisbury 
Yarborough W H, collector Int Rev, bds 426 s Wilmington 
'''Yates Hannah, laundress, res 408 w Edenton 
*Yeargan Chaney, cook, res 525 s Harrington 
*Yeargan Fred, carpenter, res 210 e Cabarrus 
^Yeargan Mary, nurse, res 525 s Harrington 
Yeargan W N, bookbinder, res 117 s Bloodworth 
^Yellowdy Albert, cook, res 304 w Cabarrus 
*\^ellowdy Belle, laundress, res 304 w Cabarrus 
*Yellowdy Samuel, laborer, res 441 n Salisbury 

* Young Aaron, well-digger, res 719 s Dawson 
*Young Abram, butcher, res 320 e Davie 

* Young Anna, laundress, res 723 s Dawson 
Young Benjamin, salesman, res 113 s Dawson 
YoiingJ Benton, salesman, rooms 124 Fayettevillc 

* Young Berry, laborer, res 411 Haywood 
Young C W, grocer, res 515 Polk 

"'^Young Charles, shoemaker, res 456 n Salisbur}- 
Young Daniel H, dry goods, res 116 w Edenton 
*Young Dicy, cook and laundress, res 811 s Wilmington 
*Young Frances, cook, res rear 508 s West 
'"Young George, railroader, res rear 227 n West 
*Young Haywood, laborer, res rear 508 s West 
*Young James H, clerk, res 226 e Lenoir 

* Young Leonard, well-digger, res 719 s Dawson 

* Young Letha, laundress, res 411 Haywood 

* Young Louis, porter at State Capitol, res 714 s McDowell 
Young Mrs Lovie J, widow, res 113 s Dawson 

* Young Mary, laundress, res 719 s Dawson 
"Young Mourning, laundress, res 211 Cannon 
Young Miss Pattie, res 206 w Lane 

* Young Solomon, laborer, res 723 s Dawson 

eiTV OP kAl.F.lC.Il. 119 

Yoinij; W J, tin worker, res 206 w Lane 
*V(.)iin}; William, brickla\er, res 807 Jenkins 
Young- William J, Principal D D & B I, res same 
"•Young Winnie, laundress, res rear 435 n Salisbury 
■^Youngblood Harkness, barber, res 109 Cabarrus 

Zageir B, shoemaker, rooms 104 e Hargett 

Business Directory. 

Art Studios. 

Enniss Pink C (crayon and oil portraits), 127 F'ayetteville 
Haynes Ernest D (crayon and oil portraits), 119 Fayetteville 
Xixon Miss INIollie E (crayon and oil), iiilj Fayetteville 

Artists' Materials. 

Watson Fred A, 112 Fayetteville 

Attorneys at Law. 

Amis Moses N, 223 n Salisbnry 

Argo & Fleming [Thomas M Argo and J H Fleming], 217 

Ratchelor &. Deverenx [J B Batchelor and John Deverenx 

Jr], 16 e Martin 
Battle & Mordecai [R H Battle and Samuel Mordecai], 240 

Beckwith B C, 303 Fayetteville 
Bledsoe & Bledsoe [J E Bledsoe and W H Bledsoe], 3 e 

Coke 6c Williamson [Octavius Coke and J H Williamson], 

217 Fayetteville 
Cox Hon William R, 303 Fa\etteville 
Creech Joseph A, 2?.6'i Fayetteville 
Deverenx & Wilder [Thomas P De\-ereux and vSamuel 

Wilder], 16 e ]\Iarrin 
Fowle Hon Daniel G, 5 \v Davie 
P'uller & Snow [Thomas C P'uller and George H Snow], 

T,T,T, Fa\etteville 


Harris J C Iv, 2 e Davie 

* Hayes Isaiah G, 131 s Wilmington 

Haywood & Haywood [Alf W Haywood and Ernest Hay- 
wood], 303 Fayetteville 

Haywood Sherwood, 127 e Edenton 

Hinsdale John W, 239 Fayetteville 

Jones A D, 226^ Fayetteville 

Jones Armistead, 16 e Martin 

Jones Wesley N, 303 Fayetteville 

Lewis A M & Son [A M Lewis and J C Lewis], 333 s 

Lewis R G, 427 Halifax 

Montague B F, 16 e Martin 

Pace, Holding & Heck [W H Pace, J N Holding and 
George C Heck], 16 w Martin 

Peele & Maynard [W J Peek and E P Maynard], 239 s 

Purnell Thomas R, 240 Fayetteville 

Reade, Busbee & Busbee [E G Reade, C M Busbee and 
Fab H Busbee], 303 Fayetteville 

Ryan S G, 16 w Martin 

Smith E Chambers, 333 Fayetteville 

Strong, Gray & Stamps [Geo V Strong, R T Gra>- and E 
R Stamps], 16 w Martin 

Whitaker Spier, 217 Fayetteville 


Bragassa John A, 306 s Salisbury 
Bretsch Charles, 103 Fayetteville 
*Jones E G, 603 s McDowell 


Citizens National Bank [W E Anderson, president; Jos G 

Brown, cashier], 239 Fayetteville 
National Bank of Raleigh [E G Reade, president; Chas H 

Belvin, cashier], 202 Fayetteville 


Raleigh Savings Bank [J J Thomas, president; Jolm T 
Piillen, cashier], 109 Fayetteville 


*Blacknion Edward, 315 \v Cabarrus 

* Bradford Thomas (for colored people), 106 e Hargett 
♦Cross (jcorge (for colored people), 221^^2 Wilmington 
*Davis & Dnnston [Jonah Davis and N C Dnnston], (for 

white people only), 202^:2 Fayetteville 
*Hughes Henry I (for white people only), basement corner 

Fayetteville and Exchange place 
♦Jones John A, 2io>< s Wilmington 

*Locklear C C (for white people only), 224 >^ Fayetteville 
*Otey William G (for white people only), 315 Fayetteville 
♦Sumner W H (for white people only), 238 Fayetteville 
*Taylor Thomas (for colored people), 136 s Wilmington 
♦Walker Collins A (for colored people), 112 e Hargett 


*Otey William O, 311 Fayetteville 

Public Bathing Pool [R B Seawell, sup't], Brookside Park 

Bed-Spring Manufacturers. 

North Carolina Bed-Spring Co [J J Nowell and R E Hol- 
lowell], 239 s Wilmington 


*Union Hall [C W Hoover, prop'r], 205 s Wilmington 
Yarborough House [R (riersch, manager], 315 Fayetteville 


Miller Samuel A, 415 Fayetteville 

* Branch Frank, 340 w South 
Dees Simon, 2 s Harrington 


*Foy Isaac, 315 e Lenoir 

*Hartsfield Henry, 124 s Blount 

*Ha\\vood Alfred, 129 s Wilmington 

*Hill & Green [Jos Hill and Austin Green], 295 s McDowell 

Hollowa}' W H, 127 n Wilmington 

*Hunter Henr}-, 136 e Hargett 

Jordan Coy C, 319 s Blount 

Jordan John C, loi s Blount 

Pennington S P & Co [Sylvester P Penning and Ralph M 

Andrews], cor Salisbury and Davie 
*Wimbush J ]M, corner s Blount and e Cabarrus 

Boarding Houses. 

Banks Mrs M E, 210 New Bern av 
Barkley Mrs J R, 214 e Morgan 
Beckwith Mrs EC, 118 n Wilmington 
Beckwith Ira, 116 s McDowell 
Branson Mrs Levi, 101 jA Fayetteville 
Evans Mrs L B, 104 n McDowell 
Fentress Mrs M J, 117 Fayetteville 
Fowler Mrs Etta, 224 s Blount 
Harrison Mrs S, D, 317 s Person 
Hayes Mrs S, 412 Fayetteville 
Heflin Mrs R L, 130 e Hargett 
Horton Mrs S P, 107 e Davie 
Hocutt W B, 115 s Wilmington 
Jolmson Mrs Albert, 329 Hillsboro 
Jordan John C, 109 s Blount 
Manguni Mrs Sarah I, 122 e Martin 
Morriss Mrs Ida, 1 1 2 Halifax 
Moseley's Dining Hall, 120 Fa}-etteville 
Smith Mrs Nannie W, 213 Hillsboro 
Stell Mrs Mary R, 129 n Salisbury 
Weddon Mrs M H, 302 n Dawson 
Welsh Mrs Rosa, iii s Wilmington 

CITY Of kAi.KiCrn. 125 

AVilson Mrs Ct^ra, 224 e Martin 
*\Vyche Robert, 119 w Edenton 

Book-Binders and Blank Book Manufacturers. 

lulwards t^c r>roug]iton [Cornelius 1> Edwards and Needhani 
B Kronghton], corner Hargett and Salisbury 

Observer Printing C<»ni])any [Henry G Coytc, manager]. 
415 Fayette\ille 

Uzzell Ed M, Dodd building, 239 s Wilmington 

Booksellers and Stationers. 

Baptist Sunday-school Supply Store [Rev C Durham, 

manager], 17 \v Hargett 
Williams Alfred c^ Co [John B Neathery and Eugene G 

Harrell], 119 Fa^etteville and 8 Exchange place 

Boots, Shoes and Trunks. 

Heller Brothers, 131 Fayetteville 
Wetmore W H & Co, 107 Fayetteville 
Woodell Burwell H, 230 Fayetteville 

Boot and Shoe-makers. 

Abrams Charles, 12 e Hargett 

' I^askerville Colonel, 207 vv Morgan 

' r)ishop Andrew, 702 s McDowell 

Correll H A, 117 e Hargett 

''Council Abraham, 202 w Cabarrus 

"''Daves Henry, 119 n Harrington 

Dobbin Robert, 239 Fayetteville 

*Dunston M Norfleet, 31.S s Salisbury 

Earp Hugh, 539 e Martin 

'Hxardner David, 517 s McDowell 

*Haughton J R, 132 e Cabarrus 

*Haywood Willis C, 407 Hillsboro 

"Hill A J, corner w Davie and s Salisbury 


*Hinton Nelson, 207 w Morgan 

*Hunter Job B, 130 e Hargett 

Institution for the Deaf and Dumb and the Blind [J H 

Weddon, sup't], corner McDowell and Jones. 
*Jones James M, 545 New Bern av 
*Jones W F, 201 McDowell 
McKoy W M, 17 Peace 
Moore William, 126 Davie 
*Ring David, 6^2 s Harrington 
*Taylor J W, 131 s Wilmington 
*Thompson Moses, 106 s Wilmington 
^Thompson Frederick, 206 e Morgan 
Watson Joseph, 203 Fayetteville 
Wetmore W H & Co [W H Wetmore, M A Angier and J 

W Wellons], corner w Hargett and Salisbury 
Willis & Pierce [Alfred Willis and Frank S Pierce], 121 

*Young Charles, 423 n Salisbury 
Zagier B, 104 e Hargett 


Jones T R, 202 w Cabarrus 


Clifton Wylie V, 538 n Person 


Duncan John A, 240 Fayetteville 

Jones & Powell [J A Jones and A M Powell], 237 and 2^9 

s Wilmington 
McPheeters A M, 114 s Dawson 
Thompson Alf A, 311 Wilmington 
Upchurch W W, 237 and 239 s Wilmington 
Woodell Burwell H, 230 Fayetteville 

Building Contractors. 

r.n^o-s Thomas H, 218 s West 

>:ilii::cr:oii, Ro)Ster & Co [AV J Ellington, Leii H Royster 

and Benjamin F Park], loi n West 
North Carolina Car Comj^my [W E Asliley, snp't], west 

end Franklin 
Roles Ruffin, w Jones 
^^Uppernian Marcellus, 316 \v vSouth 


Arnold & Scott [James Arnold and W O vScott], Metropol* 

itan Market 
Crawford William R, Metropolitan Market 
Denton & Weathers [N \' Denton and K W Weathers], 

Metropolitan Market 
Dancy William, Metropolitan Market 

* Donaldson Thomas, Metropolitan Market 
Jones J H, Metropolitan Market 
Kirkham Benjamin, Metropolitan Market 

* Perry Charles H, Metropolitan Market 

* Price John, Metropolitan Market 

Swartz J, Richmond Meat Market, 122 Fayetteville 
""Yonn<,'^ Abrani, Metropolitan Market 

Cabinet-Makers and Repairers. 

* Austin A Jackson, 204 e Martin 

* Fields Isham, 113 s Salisbury 
*Gunn Edward, 201 s McDowell 
Haynes Mont.R, 115 s Wilmington 
Morriss John T, 117 s Wilmington 

Candy Manufacturers. 

Royster A D & Bro [V C Royster], 207 Fayetteville 

Spikes Charles, 26 w Davie 

Stronach W C &. A B, cor Fayetteville and Exchange pi 


Candies, Confectioneries and Fruits',. 

Bragassa John A, 306 s Salisbury 

Diighi Anthony, 3.^ s Salisbury 

Frapps Anton W, 232 Fayettcville 

Royster A D & Bro [V C Royster], 207 P'ayettcville 

Schwan Jacob, 132 Fa)-etteville 

Stronach W C & A B, cor Fayettcville and n Exchange pi 

Uzzle Rufus S, 20^y, Fayettcville 

Carriage and Buggy Dealers. 

Barbour & Johnson [Joseph J Johnson and J \V Barbour], 

no and 112 e Martin 
Evans & Martin [J W Evans and J AI ^Martin], 135 e 

Martin and 14 s Blount 
tJpchurch Alfred, 119 and 121 e Hargett 
Yancey & Stronach' [T B Yancey and Frank Stronach], 

128 and 130 e Morgan 

China and Glassware. 

Hughes W H, 136 Fayettcville 
Schwan Jacob, 132 Fayettcville 

Cigar Manufacturers. 

Sutton William H, 17 n Exchange Place 


Berwanger Brothers [L H S Berwanger and D I)er\vanger], 

305 Fayettcville 
Crocker H H, 9 e Hargett 
Edwards :M D cSi J D, 205 Fa\ etteville 
(xul ley Joseph P, 233 Fayettcville 
Heller Julius, 132 s Wilmington 
Monie J M, 215 s Wilmington 
Rosenthal David, 135 Fayettcville 
Rosenthal L, 129 F'ayetteville 


Scpark Whaiton C), 16 e Hargett and 208 s Wilmington 

Slonian George, 207 s Wilmington 

Waitt I) vS, 213 Fayetteville 

Whiting Brothers [S W and C G Whiting], 127 Fayetteville 

Woodward Miss J, 202-206 s W'ilmington 

W^oodward W T, 222 s Wilmington and 16-19 Exchange pi 

Woollcott & vSon [Wm and Walter ■Woollcott], 14 e Martin 

Clothing Manufacturers. 

Oak City Manufacturing Company [J W Walker], 113 and 

1 1 5 e Hargett 
Woollcott 6c Son [Wm and Walter Woolcott], 14 e Martin 

Coal and Wood. 

Andrews Phil H, 115 Halifax 

Blacknall Brothers [George W and John T Blacknall], 426 

s W' ilmington 
Jackson Miss Bettie, 313 e Martin 
Jones & Powell [Jesse A Jones and A :\I Powell], 239 s 

Watson T D, 303 s Blount 

Commission Merchants. 

Adams Len H, 18-20 e ^Martin and 302-304 s Wilmington 

Barbee & Barbee [C C Barbee and E B Barbee], 305 s 

Crowdcr cK: Rand [T P. Crowder and N M Rand], 301-303 
s Wilmington 

Johnson D Taylor, 14 e Hargett 

Johnson & Barbour [Joseph J Johnson and J W Barbour], 
no e Martin 

Jones & Powell [J A Jones and A M Powell], cor s Wil- 
mington and e Martin 

Latta & Myatt [Charles G 'Latta and W A Myatt], 17 e 
Martin and 18 Exchange Place 


Marcom James Calvin, 17 e Hargett and 138 s Wilmington 

Newsom Walter R, 216 s Wilmington 

Norris M T «& Bro [M T Norris and W^ C Norris], 9-13 e 

Martin and 12-14 Exchange Place 
Page & Arendell [M W Page and F B Arendell], 235 s 

Pool & Moring [S C Pool and Frank O Moring], 237 s 

Redford & Richardson [J F Redford and R B Richard- 
son], 8 and 10 e Hargett 
Thomas J J & Co [J J Thomas and Geo W Thompson], 

313-317 s Wilmington 
Williamson & Upchnrch [B P Williamson and William G 

Upchurch, 1 1 w Hargett 
Woodell Burwell H, 230 Fayetteville 
Wyatt Lee R, 16 e Martin 
Wyatt & Taylor [Job P Wyatt and Philip Taylor], 15 e 

Martin and 16 Exchange Place 


Parker M A, 312-314 s Blount 

Reed & McGee [W C Reed and W T McGee], 307 s Blount 

Cotton and Tobacco Buyers. 

Aiken E R, Farmers' Warehouse, cor Davie and Bloodworth 
Aiken W H, Farmers' Warehouse, cor Davie and Bloodworth 
Aiken & Co [E R Aiken and W T Howie], Farmers' 

Warehouse, corner Davie and Bloodworth 
Avera D B, 309 s Wilmington 
Barbee & Barbee, 305 s W' ilmington 

Clark H N, Stronach Warehouse, 417-421 s Wilmington 
Crowder & Rand [T B Crowder and N M Rand], 301-303 

s W^ilmington 
Faison Paul F, cor s Wilmington and e Cabarrus 
Gorman J N & Co [J Nick Gorman and Wm H Perry], 

Farmers' W'arehouse, corner Davie and Bloodworth 


Harvey C F, corner e Davie and s Wihninjrton 

Johnson Charles & Co, 317 s Wihnington 

Jones T Norman, corner Blount and Davie 

Knights of Labor Co-operative Tobacco Company (George 

L Tonnoffski, manager), 116 e Davie 
Latta & Myatt [C G Latta and W A Myatt], 17 e Martin 
Leach Brothers [M T and G E Leach], 235 s Wilmington 
Leach Middleton T, 235 s Wilmington 
Lee Ed H, s Wilmington 
Lipscomb & Faison [W T Lipscomb and Paul F Faison], 

corner Wilmington and Cabarrus 
Love T L, Farmers' Warehouse, cor Davie and Bloodworth 
McGehee G B, 409 s W^ilmington 
Moore W C, corner Davie and Bloodworth 
Moseley T B, Stronach Warehouse, 417 s Wilmington 
Norris M T & Bro, 11-13 e Martin and 12-14 Exchange pi 
Parker M A, 301-303 s Wilmington 
Pogue Joseph E, 130 e Martin 
Pool & :\Ioring [S C Pool and Frank O Moring], 237 s 

Procter I M & Co [I M Procter and E L Fleming], corner 

e Davie and s Bloodworth 
Reed & McGee [W C Reed and W T McGee], 307 s Blount 
The Stronach Warehouse Association [W C Stronach, 

president], 417-421 s Wilmington 
Thomas J J, 313-315 s Wilmington 
Thompson Alf A, 309 s Wilmington 
Weir J Cam & Bro [J C and William Weir], cor Blount 

and Davie 
Wyatt & Taylor [Job P Wyatt and Philip Taylor], 15 e 

Martin and 18 Exchange Place 

Coffin Manufactory. 

Brown John W, 117 s Dawson 


Cotton- Gin Manufacturers and Repairers. 

Crutchfield R B, 2 s Harrincrton 
Hunniciitt Artemns, 424 Smithfield 


Crawford J H, 116 Fayetteville 
Everitt D E, 1231^ Fayetteville 
Turner Vines E, 1073.:,^ Fayetteville 


Adams Mrs Maggie A, 414 w Jones 

Amis Mrs Candace H, 223 n Salisbury 

Bailey Mrs J J, 114 s Person 

Barber Miss Virginia K, 304 n Dawson 

Beasley Mrs Sarah E, 510 n West 

Boon, Mrs Mary A, 217 s East 

Bonner Mrs Elizabeth, 418 s Dawson 

Bridgers Mrs J A, 112 n East 

Brown Mrs Sallie, 115 w Lane 

Burt Mrs J G, 403 e Morgan 

Busbee Mrs Quent, 108 w Hargett 

Colburn Miss Emma, 213 n Wilmington 

Duffy Mrs CM, 108 Johnson 

Eatman Mrs W R, 113 n Blood worth 

Faucette Mrs W A, 413 w Lane 

Firth Mrs Carrie, loi s Salisbury 

Flow Mrs L M, 416 s Swain 

Frost Miss Julia W, loi Johnson 

*Garey Patsy, 117 w Lenoir 

Haley Miss Fannie, 125 e Hargett 

Hall Mrs E T, 123 w Martin 

Harrell Mrs Maggie, north extension Salisbury 

Harward Mrs A M, 216 w Lane 

Jackson- Mrs Laura E, 313 e Martin 

Johnson Mrs Rebecca, 219 Smithfield 


Jolly Miss l>eltie, 116 Fayetteville 

Jones Miss Jennie, lo s Salisbnry 

Jones Mrs Lnla, 405 n West 

Kintr Miss Lillie, 126 Saunders 

Little Mrs CM, 127 n Dawson 

Lyon .S: Kirkland (Misses), 319 e Morgan 

JMorriss Mrs Ida, 112 Halifax 

Ray Mrs Lucetta J, 407 Fayetteville 

Reaves Miss Etta, 755 s Blount 

Saddler Mrs Mary, 226^ w Davie 

Smith Miss Bedie W, 410 w Jones 

Weddon Miss Virginia C, 304 n Dawson 

Williams Miss Anna, 225 w Jones 

Williams Miss Emma, 114 e Lenoir 

W'illiams Miss Carcilla, 220 Hillsboro 

Druggists and Apothecaries. 

Goodwin A W & Co, 202 w Cabarrus 

East Raleigh Drugstore [O G King, proprietorj, e Hargett, 

outside city limits 
Lee, Johnson & Co [A S Lee, J I Johnson and Eugene 

Grissom], 301 Fayetteville and 4-6 e Martin 
MacRae John Y, cor Wilmington, Martin and Exchange pi 
McKimmon James & Co [James McKimmon and W A 

Lodge], 133 Fayetteville 
Pescud John S, 118 Fayetteville 
Simpson Robert, corner Salisbury and Hillsboro 
Williams & Haywood, 201 Fayetteville 

Dry-Goods and Notions 

Crocker H H, 9 e Hargett 
Edwards M D «&: J D, 205 Fayetteville 
Gnlley Joseph P, 233 Fayetteville 
Monie J M, 217 s Wilmington 

Norris <S: Carter [P A Carter and S B Norris], 206-208 


Petty R E, 150 Fayetteville 

Pursell Volney (Racket Store), 10 e Martin 

Rosenthal Isadore, 211 Fayetteville 

Separk Wharton G, 16 e Hargett and 208 s Wilmington 

Sloman George, 209 s Wilmington 

Stone R D & Co [R D Stone and D H Young], 5 e Hargett 

*Taylor Thomas, 134 s Wilmington 

Tucker W H & R S & Co [James Boylan, J W Dobbin, 

Charles McKimmon and George W Foe], 123-125 

Woodward Miss J, 18 e Hargett and 202-206 s Wilmington 
Woodward W T, 222 s Wilmington and 13 n Exchange pi 
Woollcott William & vSon [William and Walter Woollcott], 

14 e Martin 

Dyeing, Scouring and Pressing Clothing. 

Harris Daniel, 318 e Martin 
Kreth Alexander, 102 w Hargett 
*McCauley R E, 16 Salisbury 
Rabinowitz K, 15 s Wilmington 
Saunders Miss Samantha, 5156 Cabarrus 

Express Companies. 

Southern (AFC Bryan, agent), 108 Fayetteville 
Fertilizer Manufactories. 

Williamson & Upchurch (Raleigh Standard and cotton-seed 
meal); works, west end Davie; office, 11 w Hargett 

North Carolina Phosphate Co [T D Hogg, president; Colin 
M Hawkins, sec'y]; works, west end Cabarrus ; office, 
331 Fayetteville 

Florists and Nurserymen. 

Forrest A B, 517 Polk 

Steinmetz H, Nash Square; office 216 s McDowell 


Foundries and Machine Shops. 

Allen ^S: Cram [William Cram and G M Allen], 130 s West 
Gill J H, 327 s McDowell 

Furniture Dealers and Repairers. 

''^Austin A Jackson, 204 e Martin 

=^ Fields Isham, 113 s Salisbury 

*Gnnn Edward, 201 s McDowell 

Haynes Mont R, 115 s Wilmington 

Hntson J C & Co [J C Hutson and W D Hay], 12 e ISIartin 

Morriss John T, 117 s Wilmington 

Palmer Julius, 108 s Wilmington 

Rhodes A G & Co (instalment) [A G Rhodes and S W 

Hewin], 9 e :\Iartin and 10 n Exchange Place 
Stone J L, 216 Fayetteville 
Woodward W T, 231 s Wilmington 

Fish, Oysters and Game. 

Fort Z I, basement 311 and 313 Fayetteville 
*Haywood G R, Metropolitan Market 
Ives G N & Co, Metropolitan Market 
Johns Nicholas, 229 s Wilmington 
Johnson D T, Metropolitan Market 
^Donaldson Wilson, 114 e Hargett 
*Tate J E H, ^letropolitan Market 

Grain, Flour and Feed. 

Jones & Powell [J A Jones and A M Powell], 237 and 239 
s Wilmington 

Green Grocers. 

Cheek Eugene M, Metropolitan Market 
* Davis W H, ^Metropolitan Market 
"Donaldson Wilson, 114 e Hargett 
'■^Gorham A L, Metropolitan Market 


Griiendler Mrs Eudora V, Stall 19, Metropolitau Market 

* Hawkins G Wash, Metropolitan Market 
*Hyler Benjamin^ Metropolitan Market 
Williams J K, Metropolitan Market 

Grocers — ^Retail. 

* Alston Green W, 308 w South 

Ball George F, corner s Blount and Sniithfield 

Ball J T & Son [John T Ball and C O Ball], 433 s Person 

Betts Sylvester J, 12 e Hargett 

Branch D M, 401 w South 

*Branch Dennis B, 538 Cannon 

Bretsch Charles, 201 s Wilmington 

* Bryant Richard, 401 Haywood 
Burt J G, 501 e Hargett 
Castleberry L D, 507 Hillsboro 
Caudle W H, 501 Hillsboro 

Cheatham B F & Bro [B F Cheatham and J F Cheatham], 

225 s Wilmington 
*Clanter Stephen, 702 s McDowell 
*Cole Reuben C, 112^ e Hargett 
Crowder & Rand [T B Crowder and M N Rand], 301-303 

s Wilmington 
Denton Ed V, 13 Exchange Place 
Dowell H J & Co [H J Dowell and D G Conn], 227 

*Dunston D H, 741 Manly 
Ellington, Royster & Co [W J Ellington, Leu H Royster 

and Benjamin F Park], loi n West 
Ellis W H, 215 s Wilmington 
•Ferrall J R & Co [John R Ferrall and Joshua B Hill], 

222 Fayetteville 
Frapps Anton W, 232 Fayetteville 
Glass George H, 11 e Hargett 
Grausman & Rosenthal [M (rrausman and M Rosenthal], 

130 Fayetteville 


*Hall W R, 713 Manly 

Hardin Edw J, 210 Fayetteville 

Harp J S, 229 Person 

Harris Thomas, 305 s Blount 

Harris William N, 606 e Davie 

*Jeffries Peter J, 209 w Sonth 

Johnson E A, 315 s Bloodworth 

Johnson D Taylor, 14 e Hargett 

Johnson O H, 331 Hillsboro 

Johnson & Barbour [Joseph J Johnson and J W Barbour], 

no and 112 e Martin 
*Lee Cain Ty, 827 Fayetteville 
*Littlejohn J W & Bro, 423 n Salisbury 
*Lane George L, 720 e Davie 
Love D L, 214 s Wilmington 
Love EH, 118 e Hargett 

Mann W B & Co [W B Mann and C W Young], 7 e Hargett 
Marcom James C, 17 e Hargett and 138 s Wilmington 
Mills J B, 620 n McDowell 
*Millican Robert W, 205 e Cabarrus 
Mullin J H, 316 \v Cabarrus 
Newsom Miss Bettie, 530 s Bloodworth 
Newsom Walter R, 216 s Wilmington 
Norris & Newman [J C Norris and W W Newman], 113 

Pace E R, 702 n Person 
Pace R A, 713 n Person 

* Patterson Frances, 311 w Cabarrus 

* Patterson W H, 201 Smithfield 
Perry Fab H, corner Elm and Polk 
Pool E N, 526 e Davie 

Raby Mrs Laura, 816 Fayetteville 

Redford & Richardson [J F Redford and R B Richardson], 

8-10 e Hargett 
*Robinson A D & Co, 314 w Cabarrus 


Stronach W C & A B, loi Fayetteville and cor Fayette- 

ville and Exchange Place 
*Strickland H S, 815 Fayetteville and 430 Blount 
*Taylor Thomas, 154-156 s Wilmington 
Terrell John R, 237 Fayetteville 
Underhill Mrs AG, 410 e Edenton 
Upchnrch William C, 15 e Hargett 
Utzman R M, 227 n Dawson 
Waddell E W, 748 Fayetteville 
Watson T D, 303 s Blount 
Weathers Calvin H, 322 s Blount 1 

Whitehead L D H, 212 s Wilmington 
Whitson S N, corner Haywood and Cabarrus 
Womble L D, 137 s Wilmington 
Womble R H, 106 w North 

Grocers — Wholesale. 

Adams Len H, 18-20 e Martin and 302-304 s Wilmington 
Barbee & Barbee [C C Barbee and E B Barbee], 305 s 

Crowder & Rand [T B Crowder and M N Rand], 301-303 

s Wilmington 
Denton Ed V, 13 Exchange Place 
Dowell H J & Co [H J Dowell and D (; Conn], 227 

s Wilmington 
Ellis W H, 215 s Wilmington 
Johnson D Taylor, 14 e Hargett 
Johnson & Barbour [Joseph J Johnson arid J W Barbour], 

no e Martin 
Newsom Walter R, 216 s Wilmington 
Page & Arendell [M W Page and F B Arendell], 235 s 

s Wilmington 
Pool & Moring [S C Pool and Frank O Moring], 237 .s 

Redford & Richardson [J F Redford and R B Richard- 
son], 8 and 10 e Hargett 


Stroiiach W C & A B, cor Fayetteville and ii Exchange pi 
Latta & Myatt [Charles G Latta and W A Myatt], 17 e 

Martin and 18 Exchange Place 
Xorris M T & Bro [M T Norris and W C Norris], 9-13 e 

Martin and 12-14 Exchange Place 
W'vatt Lee R, 16 e Martin 
Williamson & Upchurch [B P Williamson and W G Up- 

chnrch], 1 1 w Hargett 
Wyatt & Taylor [Job P Wyatt and Philip Taylor], 15 e 

Martin and 16 Exchange Place 


Brewster J C, 214 Fayetteville 

Briggs T H cSc Sons [Thomas H Briggs and James A 

Briggs], 220 Fayetteville 
Lewis Jnlins cSl Co [Julins Lewis and Nick W West], 224 

Lumsden J C S, 226 Fayetteville 

Harness and Saddle Manufacturers. 

*Hinton L B, 106 s Wilmington 

Hntchings W' B, 319 s Wilmington 

Wyatt E F & Son [E F Wyatt and W F Wyatt], 109 e Martin 

Horse-CoUar Manufactory. 

Wetmore W H cS: Co [W H Wetmore, M A Angier and J 

W Wellons], corner w Hargett and Salisbnry 


P.ranson House (Mrs L Branson, prop'r), loi >^ Fayetteville 

Exchange Hotel (Mrs Nannie W^ Smith, proprietor) 213 

=^St Lawrence (Rob't Wyche, prop'r) 119 w Edenton 
Yarborongh House (R B Raney, proprietor), 319 Favetteville 

Ice Dealer. 

Jones & Powell [Jesse A Jones and A M Powell], 239 s 


Ice Manufacturers. 

Raleigh Transparent Ice Co [John Wood, sup't], works 
and ofRce, west end Hargett 

Ice- Cream. 

Bretsch Charles, 105^ Fayetteville 
Dughi Anthony, 324 s Salisbnry 
Moseley N S, 120 Fayetteville 

Insurance Agencies — Life and Fire. 

Berkley & Arnall (Valley Mutual Life Association), 240 

Cameron F H & Co (general agents), 239 Fayetteville 
Cowper B G (general agent), 240 Fayetteville 
Crow C C (^tna and other companies), 212 Fayetteville 
Hay & Brother [T T Hay and W D Hay], (general agents), 

239 Fayetteville 
HufF S W (Inter-States Life Associat'n), 226}^ Fayetteville 
Lieberman E (Penn Mutual Life), 315 Fayetteville 
Powell E T (Northwestern Mutual Life, and other compa- 
nies), 16 w Martin 
Primrose W S (President and in charge of home office of 

the N C Home Insurance Co), 218 Fayetteville 
Smith W W (general agent), 305 Fayetteville 
Travis D R (Equitable Life Assurance Society), 240 Fay- 
Wait S D (Connecticut Mutual Life), 409 Fayetteville 
Williams & Hill [T C Williams and Theo H Hill], (gen- 
eral agents), 239 Fayetteville 
Wilson Peter M (Manhattan Life, and other companies), 

224^ Fayetteville 
Wynne J Stanhope (Phoenix and other fire companies), 
133 i<^ Fayetteville 

Junk Dealers. 

Lee John H & Son, 411 s Wilmington 

Love Brothers [D D and E H Love], 214 s Wilmington 


Justices of the Peace. 

?>arbee M B, 401 Fayettevillc 
Haywood Dallas H, 303 >i Fayetteville 
Whitaker Wesley, 333 s Wilmington 
Wicker David A, 239 s Wilmington 

Leather and Shoe Findings. 

Betts Sylvester J, 12 e Hargett 
Wonible L D, 137 s Wilmington 

Lighting Companies. 

Raleigh Gas-Light Company [Colin U Hawkins, president; 

M Bowes, sup't], office, 331 Fayetteville 
Thompson-Houston Electric [Raleigh Gas-Light Co], 

office, 331 Fayetteville 

Livery, Sale, Boarding and Exchange Stables. 

Baker James & Co, 314 s Salisbury' 

Fort D I, 124-126 e Morgan 

Lee Ed H, 1 14 e Martin 

McMackin W C, 1 19-127 e ^Morgan 

Parham Robert E, 121-123 e Martin 

Lee & Coats [Ed H Lee and Starling Coats], 325-329 s 

Wynne George W, me Martin 

Lock and Gun Smiths. 

Bell Hilliard, 115 s Wilmington 
Brewster J C, 214 Fayetteville 
Brock well Thomas F, 222 s Salisbury 
Lnmsden J C S, 226 Fayetteville 

Lumber Dealers. 

Jones & Powell [J A Jones and A M Powell], cor s WiU 

mington and e Martin 
Reavis J T, me Martin 


Manufacturers Plaids and Cotton Goods. 

The Falls of Neuse Maiiiifacturing Co [G Rosenthal, sec'y 
and treas], 126 Fayetteville 

Marble, Granite and Sandstone. 

Goodwin Charles A, 417-419 Fayetteville 
Linehan Patrick & Co [Patrick Linehan and J H Winder], 
VanGunden & Young (George B Hiss, manager], corner 
Morgan and Blount 

Mattress Manufactories. 

Morriss John T, 117 s Wilmington 

North Carolina Bed-Spring Co [J J Nowell and R h Hol- 
lowell], 239 s W^ilmington 

Merchant Tailors. 

Duffin Patrick J, iogl4 Fayetteville 
Fentress T R, 118 s Wilmington 
Griffith Robert, 517 s Bloodworth 
Taylor John R, 206 Fayetteville 
Walters George N, 234 Fayetteville 
Winetrob I, 8 w Martin 

Millinery and Straw Goods. 

Besson Madame E, iii Fayetteville 
Hardie Mrs M A, 138 Fayetteville 
Pursell Volney (Racket Store), 10 e Martin 
Reese Miss Maggie, 209 Fayetteville 
Rosenthal Isadore, 211 Fayetteville 

Separk Wharton G, 16 e Hargett and 208 s Wilmington 
Watts Mrs J T, 11 7 n Wilmington 

Woodward Miss J, 18 e Hargett and 202-206 s Wilmington 
Woollcott William & Son [William and Walter Woollcott], 
14 e Martin 

Monuments and Headstones. 

Goodwin C A, 417-419 Fayetteville 

VanGunden & Young [George B Hiss, manager], corner 
Mortjan and Blount 


Newspapers and Periodicals. 

African Expositor (educational), quarterly; H M Tupper, 

editor; office at Shaw University, e South 
Biblical Recorder (Baptist), weekly; C T Bailey, editor and 

proprietor; office, 17 w Hargett 
Christian Advocate (Methodist), weekly; F L Reid, editor 

and proprietor; office, 115 Fayette ville 
Christian Sun (Christian), weekly; J Pressley Barrett, edi- 
tor and proprietor; office, 22 s Person 
Evening Visitor (independent), daily; W M Utley, editor; 

office, 403 Fayetteville 
News and Observer (Democratic), dail)- and weekly, J I 

McRee, editor; office, 415 Fayetteville 
North Carolina Farmer (agricultural), monthly; James H 

Enniss, editor and proprietor; office, 117 n Salisbury 
North Carolina Teacher (educational), monthly; Eugene G 

Harrell, editor; office, 119 Fayetteville 
Progressive Farmer (agricultural), L L Polk, editor and 

proprietor; office, 13 w Hargett 
Raleigh Signal (Republican), weekly; J C L Harris, editor 

and proprietor; office, 2 e Davie 
Spirit of the Age (temperance), weekly; R Harper Whita- 

ker, editor and proprietor; office, 6 s Exchange Place 
vState Chronicle (Democratic), weekly; Josephus Daniels, 

editor and proprietor; office, 216 K- Fayetteville 
The Gospel Herald (Baptist), C Durham, editor; office, 

17 w Hargett 
•The Outlook (weekly), educational; R H W Leak, editor 

and proprietor; office, corner Morgan and Salisbury 

Howell Walter, Yarborough House, 319 F'ayettevillc 
Williams Alfred & Co, 119 Fayetteville 

Oil Depot. 

P.altiniore United Oil Co. [W T Ball, special agent], office, 
307 n Harrington 


Painters — House, Sign and Ornamental. 

Bullock C W, i6 e Morgan 
Farnsworth H M^ 112 w Jones 
House Sherwood V, 216 s Salisbury 

King & Macy [Frank M King and W R Mac}'], i e Davie 

Parish S M & Son [S M Parish and W W Parish], 4 e 

Hargett, basement of old Central Hotel building 


Haynes Alphonzo H, 567 New Bern av 
Watson J W, 131 /4 Fayetteville 
Wharton C P, 119 >^ Fayetteville 

Physicians and Surgeons. 

Bobbitt William H, 239 s Wilmington and 222 w Hargett 

Buffaloe A J, 118 Fayetteville and 213 Hillsboro 

Dunn J B, 124 Hillsboro 

Ellis Ruffin B, 216 e Morgan 

Goodwin A W, 510 s Salisbury and 202 w Cabarrus 

Haywood E Burke, 211 New Bern av 

Haywood Fab J, 15 w Morgan 

Haywood Hubert, 214 New Bern av or 201 P^ayetteville 

Haywood Richard B, 127 e Edenton 

Hines Peter E, 121 n Salisbury 

Hughes F W, 217 Fayetteville or 417 n Blount 

Knox A W, 133 Fayetteville or 219 w Edenton 

Battle & Lewis (eye ear, throat and nose specialists), 217 n 

McGee J W & Son [J W McGee Sr and J W McGee Jr], 

227 w Edenton 
McKee James, 206 e Jones 
Rankin E B (Homoepathic), 208 Halifax 
Royster Wisconsin Iowa, 323 w Morgan 
* Scruggs LA, 108 e South 
Sexton James A, 507 Fayetteville 
Travis Mrs D R, 213 w Martin 

CITY OF RALlilGH. 145 

Pianos and Organs. 

Stone J L, 216 Fayetteville 

Pictures and Picture-Frames. 
Watson Fred A, 112 Fayetteville 

Plasterers and Bricklayers. 

Haniill .S: Hunnicutt, 220 Fayetteville 

Plumbers and Gas-Fitters. 
Raleigh Water, Gas and Steam-Fitting Co [Anderson Gar- 

209 s Salisbnry 
Stevenson Thomas S, 15 w Hargett 

Printers — Book and Job. 

Edwards & Bronghton [C P> PMwards and N B Broughton], 

corner Hargett and Salisbnry 
Observer Printing Company [Henry G Coyte, manager], 

415 Fayetteville 
Uzzell Ed M, Dodd building, cor Wilmington and Martin 

Railroad Offices. 

Raleigh Street Raihva>- [\' E Turner, president; W A 
Nixon, sup't], office and stables, corner Cabarrus and 

Seaboard Air-Line (R c\: G, R ^K: A A-L, and C C), [John C 
Winder, gen'l manager; Frank W Clark, gen'l passen- 
ger and freight agent], office, 327 Halifax; passenger 
depot and ticket office, west end Cabarrus 

Richmond <S: Danville [A B Andrews, Vice-President; W 
A Turk, general freight and passenger agent]; business 
office, 317 Fayetteville; freight and passenger depart- 
ment, 340' Fayetteville; ticket office and depot, west 
end Cabarrus 

Real Estate Dealers. 

Citizens Trust Co [Colin M Hawkins, president], office, 

331 Fayetteville 
Saunders W J, 240 Fayetteville 



*Alford Nicholas, 299 s Wilmington 

*Bnrns Tony, 203 s Wilmington 

*Dunston Amanda, east end Market-house basement 

Fort Z I, basement 313 Fayetteville 

Johns Nicholas, 229 s Wilmington 

Moseley's Dining Hall (N S Moseley, prop' r), 120 Fayetteville 

Mabry W T, 136 Hargett 

* Patterson Frances, 311 w Cabarrns 

*Rix Virgil, basement Adams building, 302 s Wilmington 

*Winslow Jackson W, 212^ s Wilmington 

Sash, Doors and Blinds. 

Briggs Thomas H & Son [Thos H Briggs and James A 

Briggs], 218 s West 
Ellington, Royster & Co [W J Ellington, Len H Royster 

and Benjamin F Park], loi n West 
North Carolina Car Company, west end Franklin 
Roles Ruffin, w Jones 
*Upperman Marcellus, 316 w South 

Sewing Machines and Attachments. 

Hutson J C & Co [J C Hutson and W D Ha>], 12 e Martin 
Singer Mfg Co [J B Shipp, manager], 114 Fayetteville 
Stone Joshua L, 216 Fayetteville 

Slate Roofer. 

Clark M S,- 217 s Blood worth 

Stoves and House-Furnishing Goods. 

BrcM^'ster J C, 214 Fayetteville 
Briggs Thomas H & Son, 220 Fayetteville 
Lewis Julius & Co, 224 Fayetteville 
Lumsden J C S, 226 Fayetteville 

Telegraph and Telephone Offices. 

Telephone Exchange [GHGlass, manager], 118 Fayetteville 
Western Union Telegraph Company [H D Robinson, man- 
ager], office, 7 e Martin 


Tea, Coffee and Sugar. 

Raloij^h Tea Co [D Anderson, manager], 203 Fayetteville 

Tin and Sheet-Iron Workers. 

Hrcwster J C, 214 Fayetteville 

Kryant & Iden [M Bryant and George Iden], 118 e Martin 

Lewis Jnlins & Co, 225 Fayetteville 

J^nnisden J C S, 226 Fayetteville 

Tobacco Manufactories and Prize Houses. 

Harvey C F, ping factory, 102 e Davie 

Knights of Labor Co-operative Tobacco Company (George 

L Tonnoffski, manager), smoking, ii6 e Davie 
Lipscomb & Faison [W T Lipscomb and Paul F Faison], 

prize house, corner Wilmington and Cabarrus 
Parker M A, prize house, 314 s Blount 
Pogue Joseph E, plug factory, 130 e Martin 
Procter I M & Co [I M Procter and E L Fleming], prize 

house, 419 Bloodworth 
Reed & McGee [W C Reed and W T McGee], prize house, 

307 s Blount; steam stemery, 126 e Hargett 

Tobacco Warehouses. 

h'arniers' Warehouse [T L Love, proprietor], cor e Davie 
and Bloodworth 

Jones' Warehouse [T N Jones & Co, proprietors], cor s 
Blount and e Davie 

The Stronach Warehouse [The Stronach Warehouse Asso- 
ciation (W C Stronach, pres't), 417-421 s Wimington 


Brown John W, 231 w Morgan 


*Austin A Jackson, 204 e ALirtin 
*Fields Isham, 113 s Salisbury 
"^^Gunn Edmond, 201 s McDowell 


Haynes Mont R, 115 s Wilmington 
Morriss John T, 117 s Wilmington 
*Palmer Julius, 108 s Wilmington 

Paper-Hangers and Wall Decorators, 

Aufrecht Harris. 210 New Bern av 
Watson PVed A, 112 Fayetteville 

Wheelwrights and Blacksmiths. 

Bowen Thomas A, 113 e Martin 

Dees Simon, corner Hillsboro and Harrington 

Evans & Martin [J W Evans and J M Martin], 135 e 

Martin and 14 s Blount 
Holloway W H, 127 s Wilmington 
Saintsing Brothers [G W Saintsing and E P Saintsing], 

132 e Morgan 

Watchmakers and Jewelers. 

Blake Thomas W, 105 Fayetteville 
Cole John W, 13 w Hargett 
Fasnach Edward, no Fayetteville 
Jolly B R, 222 s Wilmington 
Mahler Henry, 228 Fayetteville 
Palmer John C, 105 Fayetteville 
Thain William, 10 w Martin 
Williams E A, 221 s Wilmington 

Wool, Hides, Rags, Metal Waste. Etc. 

Lee J H & Son, 405 s Wilmington 
Love Brothers, 214 s Wilmington 

Wine, Cigars and Tobacco. 

Frapps Anton W, 232 Fayetteville 

Mullen J H, 316 w Cabarrus 

Sorrell Francis M, 223 s Wilmington 

*Union Hall [C W Hoover, proper], 205 s Wilmington 

Varborough House [R Giersch, manager], 315 Fa}-etteville 

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