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Issued by 


Employment Service Division 
Unemployment Insuranc e. Diyii 

MCKEE <<^gfc» PRINT 



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19 5 6 


Cooperation of labor representatives with offices of the state 
employment service division of this commission makes possible 
the issuance of this directory of key officials in labor unions and 
related organizations in Montana. 

Distribution is made as a public service to principal officers 
of labor unions, employer organizations, libraries, public officials, 
the press and radio, and on request to any individual. 

Employment service and unemployment insurance facilities 
of the commission are dedicated to all elements of the public — 
union members, non-union workers, employers, rural and urban 
residents, and individuals — on a basis of equality and impartiality 
and as a matter of right under the laws of state and nation. 

See "Appendix" for official names of Unions listed. 

Compensation Commission 

Chadwick H. Smith, Chairman 

Albert F. Root, Commissioner 

Paul R. McClure, Commissioner 


Representing Employers: 

ALBERT J, BECKMAN -----, Great Falls 

ALVIN I. LUCKE .-....---- Havre 

CARL A. RAHN -------- Billings 

. R. R. VELDMAN -------- Libby 

ROBERT D. CORETTE ------- Butte 

Representing Employees: 

W.A.BOYLE --------- Billings 

JOHN H. DRISCOLL ------- Butte 

JOHN F. DUSAK ------ Great Falls 

MICHAEL J. LACEY ------- Butte 

JOHN D. O'BRIEN -------- Butte 

Representing the Public: 

DON CHAPMAN - - - . - - -Great Falls 
HAROLD CLOKE ------- Browning 

MRS. RHODA E. HANSON, Chairman - - Miles City 
JAMES F. NEELY ------- Helena 

MRS. ANN FULTON Great Falls 

MONTANA, 1956 


Butchers, Montana State Federation of — John Mikoch, Pres., Box 197, 

Missoula; John Mogus, Sec'y., 207 Cherry St., Anaconda. 

Carpenters, Montana State Council of — Robert Harris, Pres.. 812 9th Ave. 
W., Kalispell; Richard Tiddy, Sec'y., 2128 S. Montana, Butte. 

Carpenters, Northwestern Montana District Council of — R. P. Peterson, 
Pres., 948 7th Ave. E.. Kalispell; Robert Harris, Bus. Agent, 812 9th 
Ave. W., Strand Building, ph. 4405, Kalispell. 

Electrical Workers, Montana Council of — Ray Stanich, Chairman. Box 384, 
Great Falls; George Scott, Sec'y., 600 X. Ave. E., Alissoula. 

Farmers Educational and Co-Operative Union, Montana — Don \V. Chap- 
man, Pres.; Ralph Cook, Sec'y., Box 2089, ph. 2-6406; 750 6th St., SW, 
Great Falls. 

Hod Carriers, Montana District Council of — E. R. Britten. Pres., Box 163, 
ph. 2-3653, Great Falls; Carl Rydberg, Sec'y., Strand Bldg., Kalispell. 

Hotel and Restaurant Employees, State Council of — Al Beausoleil, Pres., 
1815 Tammany, Anaconda; Margaret Harrington, Sec'y., 937 Placer, 

Industrial Union Council, Montana — Sylvester Graham, Regional Director 
CIO, Box 1501, Billings. 

Labor, Montana State Federation of — James S. Umber, Pres., Box 1176, 
ph. HI-2-1708, Montana Building, Helena. 

Lumber and Sawmill Workers, Montana District Covincil of — A. H. 

Shelden, Pres., Holt Stage, Kalispell; Robert C. Weller, Bus. Agent, 
Strand Building, ph. 5747, Kalispell. 

Machinists, Montana Council of — Alurray McNicol, Pres., 2217 Central 
Ave., Great Falls; Carl Dill, Sec'y.-Treas., 2509 3rd Ave. S., ph. 2-1320, 
Great Falls. 

Mine, Mill and Smelter Workers — Ernest Salvas, District Representative, 
ph. 2-7481, Metals Bank Building, Butte. 

Plumbers and Fitters, State Association of — Theo Kline, Pres., 605 1st 
Ave. SW'., Great Falls. 

State, County and Municipal Employees, Montana State Council of — 
Glenn C. Hallam, Pres., 139 Lewis Ave., ph. 6-6704, Billings; Lyman 
E. Smith, Sec'y., 1070 Arvin Road, ph. 9-4369, Billings. 

Teachers, State Federation of — George Adam, Pres., 3115 Paxon, Butte; 
Jane Gaustad, Sec'y., 2110 S. Arizona, Butte. 

Teamsters, Joint Council of — Frank J. Birmingham, Pres., Box 1674. 
Butte; Austin Thompson, Sec'y, 1915 Central Ave., ph. 2-1942 or 
7-7203. Great Falls. 

Typographical, Montana Conference — J. V. Lawson, Pres., Box 1068, 
Havre; George Ray, Sec'y., Grand Hotel, Butte. 


Deer Lodge Garrison Philipsburg 

Barbers No. 575— F. G. De La Hunt, Pres., 313 E. Commercial, ph. 987-R; 
William Cahoon, Sec'y-, 814 E. 5th St., ph. 2050; 3rd Thursday, Car- 
penter Hall. 

Bartenders No. 746— William Shegina, Pres., Rear 516 E. 4th, ph. 1369-J; 
Al Beausoleil, Bus. Agent, 919 E. 4th, ph. 1330-J; 2nd Wednesday, 
Croatian Hall. 

Beauticians No. 57S-B— Johanna Schulz, Pres., 618 E. Fourth Rear, ph. 
720-J; Helen Golden, Sec'y., 1206 E. 4th., ph. 512-W; 3rd Monday, 
A. O. H. Hall. 

Blacksmiths No. 237— Matt R. Kriskovich, Pres., 517 Birch, ph. 1185-J; 
Edward Ryan, Sec'y., 610 Alder, ph. 2121; on call. 

Boilermakers No. 80 — Robert D. Daniels, Pres., Opportunity, ph. 060-J-2; 
William HerboHch, Sec'y., 621 Pine St., ph. 1484; 2nd Tuesday, Car- 
penter Hall. 

Brewery, Flour, Cereal and Soft Drink Workers No. 104, Branch No. A — 

John Barclay, Pres., 412 W. Park, ph. 621-W; John Pellagrin!, Sec'y., 
1114 E. Park, ph. 408-W; last Tuesday, Montana Hotel. 

Bricklayers and Masons No. 2— Erick Smith, Pres., 501 W. 3rd, ph. 973-R; 
Swende Winde, Sec'y., 411 Oak; 2nd Friday, Carpenter Hall. 

Butchers No. 384 — Art Hill, Pres., 1105 E. Commercial, ph. 659; John 

Mogus, Bus. Agent, 207 Cherry, ph. 471; 1st Tuesday, Croatian Hall. 

Cjirpenters and Joiners No. 88 — Fred Frankovich, Pres., 906 W. 4th, ph. 
513-R; Kenneth L. Myklebust, Bus. Agent, 209 Maple, ph. 201-J; 1st, 
3rd Friday, Carpenter Hall. 

Central Labor Council — Robert Glynn, Pres., 410 Locust, ph. 1466-W; 
Walter Riley, Sec'y., 1117 E. 4th, ph. 987-M; 2nd, 4th Monday, Lower 
A. O. H. Hall. 

Electrical Workers No. 200— Bert Duff, Pres., 622 Elm, ph. 334-J ; Tom 
McCarthy, Bus. Agent, 509 Birch, ph. 1067-M; 1st, 3rd Tuesday, Car- 
penter Hall. 

Engineers, Operating, No. 297 — Terry Conklin, Pres., 519 Victory Homes, 
ph. 1746-W; John Moe, Sec'y., 1214 E. 3rd, ph. 1346-W; 1st Tuesday, 
Lower A. O. H. Hall. 

Fire Fighters Association No. 436 — Savino Cecconi, Pres., 1114 E. 5th, 
ph. 1250-J; William Ehlafald, Sec'y., 504 Walnut, ph. 395; every 
quarter. Fire Station. 

Hod Carriers and General Laborers — Tom Garvey, Pres., 414 W. 4th, ph. 
1655; James Corrigan, Bus. Agent, 614 Pine, ph. 705-W; 1st Alonday, 
Carpenter Hall. 

Hotel and Restaurant Workers No. 509— Mildred Monk, Pres., 1200 W. 
4th, ph. 1651-W; Alice Shepka, Sec'y., 215 Ash, ph. 654-W; 1st, 3rd 
Tuesday, Upper Carpenter Hall. 

Laimdry Workers No. 15 — Victoria Ledgerwood, Pres., 13 Mt. View 
Homes, ph. 084-R-2; Lulu Olsgaard, Sec'y., 509 W. Park, ph. 474; 
2nd Thursday, Carpenter Hall. 

MONTANA, 1956 

Anaconda — ( Continued ) 

Machinists No. 29— Ernest Eckvahl, Pres.. 309 E. 6th, ph. 732; James 
A. Darsey, Sec'y., 504 Ash. ph. 2112-J; 1st, 3rd Friday, Upper Car- 
penter Hall. 

Mechanics No. 1336— Art Einfeldt, Pres., 717 W. 3rd, ph. 1687-J; Ed Kelly, 
Bus. Agent, 416 Cedar, ph. 852; 1st Wednesday, A. O. H. Hall. 

Mine, Mill and Smeltermen No. 117— Tom Dickson, Pres., 1913 W. Park, 
ph. 1924; Ed Fahey, Sec'y., 211 Main, ph. 1400; Thursday, Union Hall. 

Molders No. 309 — Louis Cerino, Pres., 417 Cedar, ph. 651-J; Gene Inman, 
Sec'y., 1115 W. 4th, ph. 1808; 1st Friday, Croatian Hall. 

Musicians No. 81 — Lester Nelson, Pres.. 620 Cedar, ph. 1008-W; Louis 
Mertzig, Sec'y., 1607 W. Park, ph. 1921; 2nd Monday, Carpenter Hall. 

Painters, Decorators and Paperhangers — Charles McCarty, Pres., 1101 E. 
5th, ph. 298-M; Fred Spaun, Bus. Agent, 403 W. Commercial, ph. 
688-M; 1st, 3rd Thursday, A. O. H. Hall. 

Pipefitters and Helpers No. 672 — Joe Domitrovich, Pres., 119 .\lder, ph. 
1958; John Hogan, Sec'y., 309 E. 4th, ph. 1251-W; 3rd Wednesday, 
Carpenter Hall. 

Plasterers No. 147 — John Hammill, Pres., 614 Elm, ph. 616; ITarrv Hammill, 
Sec'y., 614 Elm, ph. 616: on call, A. O. H. Hall. 

Plumbers and Steam Gas Fitters No. 673 — Joe Vanisko, Pres., Opportu- 
nity, ph. 046-J-l ; Harrv Schrapps, Sec'y., 607 Cherry, ph. 388; 3rd 
Tuesday, Lower A. O. H. Hall. 

R. R. Blacksmiths— J. J. Hamill, Chairman, 212 Willow, ph. 1371-J. 

R. R. Bridge and Building — A. M. Swanson, Chairman, 507 E. Sth, 
ph. 551-J. 

R. R. Carmen— A. J. Lodell, Chairman, 401 Spruce, ph. 1483-W. 

R. R. Clerks — R. E. Nelson, chairman, Butte. 

R. R. Conductors — Anthony Kane, Chairman, 420 Spruce, ph. 447-J. 

R. R. Electricians— Bert Duff, Chairman, 622 Elm, ph. 334-J. 

R. R. Locomotive Engineers — O. D. Hodge, Chairman, 210j^4 E. Park, 
ph. 645-J. 

R. R. Locomotive Firemen and Enginemen — T. H. McCarvel, Chairman, 
521 E. 3rd, ph. 879-M. 

R. R. Machinists — H. G. Monroe, Chairman, 609 Cliestnut. ph. 267-R. 

R. R. Maintenance of Way— J. F. Young, Chairman, 409 Spruce, ph. 1349-J. 

R. R. Sheet Metal Workers— A. S. Lane, Chairman, 602 Maple, ph. 601 -J. 

R. R. Telegraph Operators— T. W. Dempsey, Chairman, Butte. 

R. R. Train Dispatchers — .\. L. Fordmeir, Chairman, 1915 Tammany, 
ph. 2247. 

R. R. Trainmen — R. R. McLean, Chairman, 609 Main, ph. 540-J. 

R. R. Welders— R. F. Gow, Chairman, 207 Cedar Park, ph. 2041 -W. 


Anaconda — (Continued) 

Retail Clerks No. 1041— Elwood Bennett, Pres., 1 Alder, ph. 452-J; John 
Mogus, Bus. Agent; 207 Cherry, ph. 471; 1st, 3rd Monday, A. O. H. 

Smeltermen — Swen Hanson, Pres., 516 Pine St., ph. 564-R; Charles 
McLean, Sec'y-, 1003 E. 4th, ph. 468-J; Thursday, Moose Hall. 

State and County Employees No. 205 — John O'Leary, Pres., Warm 
Springs; Lola Evans, Sec'y-, Apt. 702, Warm Springs; 1st Wednes- 
day, Recreation Hall. 

Structural Iron Workers No. 81 — Rudy Preskar, Pres., Opportunity, ph. 
076-R-l; WilHam O. Swanson, Sec'y-, 721 Oak, ph. 1868; 2nd Tuesday, 
Eagles Hall. 

Teachers No. 502— Terrence Caulfield, Pres., 1012 E. Third St., ph. 1490-J; 
John Dowdall, Sec'y., 105 Pine St., ph. 1574-W; 2nd Wednesday, 
Junior High. 

Teamsters, Chauffeurs, Stablemen and Helpers No. 101 — Robert Hogg, 
Pres., Granite Apts., 1605-J; John Mogus, Sec'y., 207 Cherry, ph. 471; 
1st Thursday, Carpenter Hall. 

Typographical No. 255 — Raymond Smith, Pres., 622 Birch, ph. 1768-J; S. E. 
Erickson, Sec'y., Route 1, Warm Springs, ph. Oll-J-2; 3rd Wednesday, 
Standard Office. 

Deer Lodge (Anaconda Area) 

Carpenters and Joiners No. 1229 — Herb Dubay, Pres., 1013 Montana, ph. 
227-R; Bill Besinai, Bus. Agent, 1025 Missouri, ph. 628-J; 2nd Wednes- 
day, Moose Hall. 

Hod Carriers and Laborers No. 535 — Nels Alger, Pres.. 1202 Idaho, ph. 
397-M; Al Brenton, Bus. Agent; 224 Clark, ph. 754; 1st Tuesday, 
Moose Hall. 

Hotel and Restaurant, Bartenders No. 806 — Leonard Olsen, Pres.; George 
Scharf, Bus. Agent, 907 4th St., ph. 541-J; 1st Monday, Odd Fellows 

Miners No. 834— Ronald Gilman, Pres., Box 102, Garrison, ph. 017-R-4; 
Charles Hamms, Sec'y., Box 7, Garrison; 3rd Tuesday, Garrison 
School House. 

Musicians No. 555— Jim Gilbert, Pres., 830 Milwaukee, ph. 823; William 
Mason, Sec'y., 204 Main, ph. 252-R; on call. 

Painters and Decorators No. 648— R. W. Canoll, Pres., 1013 5th St., ph. 
237; Harry E. Canoll, Sec'y., Kleinschmidt Bldg., ph. 721; on call. 

Pipe and Steamfitters— Earl F. Allen, Chairman, 1019 5th St., ph. 749-J; 
on call. 

R. R. Blacksmiths (Drop) No. 6— W. R. Pugh, Pres., 314 Missouri, ph. 
173-R; Philip W. Brance, Sec'y., 508 Clark, ph. 249-W; on call. 

R. R. Boilermakers No. 528— O. T. Bidlingmeyer, Pres., 1205 Main. ph. 
212; Vern Scott, Sec'y., 702 2nd St.; on call. 

R. R. Carmen No. 254 — Jack Hansen, Chairman, 227 Claggett, ph. 161-J; 
1st Monday, lOOF Hall. 

MONTANA, 1956 9 

Anaconda — (Continued) 

R. R. Clerks No. 792— H. J. Baker, Sec'y., 705 4th St., ph. 412; William 
Greeten, Bus. Agent, 410 Mitchell, ph. 213-W. 

R. R. Electrical Workers — Dean Peterson, Chairman, 111 Milwaukee, ph. 
469-J; on call. 

R. R. Enginemen and Firemen — Bill Lintz, Pres., 517 5th St., ph. 509; 
Jack Evans, Sec'y., 113 Larabie, ph. 770; 1st, 3rd Monday, Odd Fel- 
lows Hall. 

R. R. Federated Shop Crafts— Wilbur Slaughtner, Pres., 509 2nd St., ph. 
393; Earl Bensch, Sec'y., 209 2nd St., ph. 417; on call. 

R. R. Locomotive Engineers No. 669 — W. J. Craig, Sec'y., 708 Main St., 
ph. 322; on call. 

R. R. Machinists No. 100— Clem Pearson, Sec'y.. 1015 4th St., ph. 647-J; 
on call. 

Retail Clerks No. 1235— Bette Aloreni, Pres.. 902 E. Third, ph. 471 ; Alice 
Tarr, Sec'y., 221 2nd St., ph. 622-J or 471; 2nd Tuesday, Odd Fellows 

Teamsters No. 370— Wes. Curn, Sec'y., 112 4th St., ph. 79; Harold Bilquist, 
Bus. Agent, 811 4th St., ph. 164-M ; 1st, 3rd Monday, City Hall. 

Trades and Labor Council — Carl Stav, Pres., 318 Center St., ph. 410; Herb 
Dubay, Sec'y., 1013 Montana, ph. 227-R; on call. 

Philipsburg (Anaconda Area) 

Mine and Mill No. 24-^Ray B. Dotson, Pres., ph. 114-J; Willard Bruns, 
Sec'}'., ph. 212, Philipsburg. 


Hardin Laurel Red Lodge Roundup 

(All Billings Labor Union Meetings in Trades and Labor Temple) 

Asbestos Workers and Insulators No. 101 — Rav Hartung, Pres., 840 Miles 
Ave., ph. 4-4441; Jim Rosselot, Sec'y-, 20Vl Ohio Ave., Box 306, Laurel; 
Ray Bourne, Bus. Agent, 711 N. 28th St., ph. 3-3448; on call. 

Barbers No. 459 — Harrv Donart, Pres., Securitv Barber Shop, ph. 9-7600; 
George E. Brown, Sec'y., 1031 N. 26th St., ph. 9-3690; 3rd Monday. 

Bartenders No. SSQ—Phillip Reiter, Pres.. 1102 Cook Ave., ph. 9-8437; 
Norman Brown. 320 S. 2Sth St., ph. 9-3771; 2nd Sunday. 

Boilermakers No. 599— Robert Martin, Pres., 1002 S. 29th St., ph. 7-7283; 
Otto Kobleske, Sec'y., 326 Miles Ave., ph. 9-9479; 4th Thursday. 

Bookbinders No. 101 — George Melius, Pres., 411 S. 31st., ph. 9-5930: 
Timmv Scott. Sec'v., 2419 Ave. B., ph. 9-4411; once a month. Moose 

Brick and Clay Workers No. 836 — Herman Stalcy, Sec'y., 29 Buchanan. 

Bricklayers No. 10 — H. F. Alricb Pres.; Merle Winters, Bu*; Agent; N. 

E. Billings, ph. 9-8356; 3rd Friday. 

Building and Construction Trades Council. Billings — T. B. Lvons. Pre?.; 
William J. Bowman, Sec'y., 116^ N. 27th. 

Bus Drivers No. 1150— Stan Hanson, Pres., 1120 Third Ave. N.. ph. 9-3677. 

Butchers No 560 — George Smith, Pres.; Robert Wiest, Sec'v., 109 S. 34th 
St., ph. 7-7756; 2nd, 4th Monday. 

Carpenters and Joiners No. 1172 — R. E. Murphv, Pres., 43 Buchanan, ph. 
7-7886- P E. Morhous, Bus. Agent 718^^ N. 27th St.. ph. 9-5267; 
2nd. 4th Tuesday. 

Cooks and Waiters No. 861— June Edwards. Pre-.. 2296 Rimrock Rd., 
ph. 9-4985; Olive Klipstein, Bus. Agent. 43 Jefferson, ph. 8-8567; 1st, 
3rd Monday. 

Electrical Workers No. 532 — Vern" Partrid'^^e, Pres., 723 ^^'voT-l^ine Ave.: 

F. M. Fenell, Bus. Agent, 434 Grand .\ve.. ph. 3-3388; 1st, 3rd 

Engineers Ooerating, No. 376 — D. T. Westbrook, Pres., 4140 State St., 
ph. 6-6357; .Albert White, Bus. Agent, 317 S. 39th St., ph. 9-6492; 
3rd Wednesday. 

Federal Employees No. 478 — Dorothv Ann Tavlor, Sec'v.. 119 '4 Lewis 
Ave., ph. 9-1968. 

Fire Fighters No. 521 — C. E. Magruder, Pres., 2612 Wisconsin 
ph. 6-6982. 

Grain Millers No. 183— George Fox, Pres.. 4346 Rvan Ave., ph. 9-8247; 
Hugh Emery, Sec'y., 1001 S. 30th St., ph. 6-6271 ; on call. 

Hod Carriers No. 98— E. H. Helterbran, Bus. Agent. 401 E. Fourth St.. 
Laurel, office 24 S. 29th, Billings, ph. 9-4471; 1st, 3rd Thursday. 

Ironworkers No. 708— Robert Kenton. Sec'v., 1720 Broadwater, ph. 2-3398; 
Cecil T. Watts, bus. Agent, 209 S. .30th St., ph. 3-3821; 2nd, 4th 

Lathers No. 258— Allen Oldham, Sec'y., 411 17th St. 

Letter Carriers No. 815 — John Tebay, Sec'y., 633 Cook Ave. 

MONTANA, 1956 11 

Billings — (Continued) 

Machinists No. 622— W. E. Brum, Sec'y- 4513 Stone. 

Musicians Protective No. 439 — William Vitt. Pres., 2527 Poly Drive, ph. 
9-3066; Kenny Anderson, Bus. Agent, 2919 Rimview Drive, ph. 9-4229. 

Office Employees No. 261— E. A. Kautskv. Pres., 2819 Sixth Ave. N , 
ph. 9-2778; E. H. Helterbran, Sec'y-, 24 S. 29th, ph. 9-4471. 

Oil Workers No. 470— C. T. Leishner, Pres., 705 Lewis Ave.; Pete 
McDermott, Sec'y.; 2nd, 4th Tuesday. 

Painters and Decorators No. 167 — Bernard E. Scott, Pres., 202 Custer, 
ph. 7-72,A2: J. E. Winsby, Sec'y., 107j^ N. 33rd St., ph. 3-3936; 2nd, 
4th ^londay. 

Plasterers and Cement Finishers No. 352 — Richard Daly. Pres., 2224 
Rehl)erg Lane; E. A. Kautsky, Sec'y., 2819 Sixth Ave. N, ph. 9-2778. 

Plumbers No. 30— Harry Post, Pres., 705 Cook Ave., ph. 8-8762. 

Post Office Employees No. 132 — Hugo Nordlund, Sec'y., 636 Avenue G. 

Printing Presssmen No. 227 — Harrv Ingle, Pres., 340 Alderson Ave., ph. 
6-6681; Earl Langston. Sec'y., 939 N. 31st, ph. 3-3243; 2nd Monday. 

R. R. Carmen No. 468^Frank D-urate, Sec'y., P. O. Box 687. 

R. R. Maintenance of Way — Henrj' Beck, Sec'}-., Yard office. Billings; 
3rd Sunday. 

R. R. Trainmen No. 777— Xick ^Maltese, Chairman 911 N. 25th, ph 2-2857- 
Don flarris. Sec'y., 1028 Harris Ave., ph. 3-3322; 4th Thursday. 

Retail Clerks No. 1573— Earl Rice. Pres., 507 S. 33rd, ph. 2-2958; Frank 
C. Shea, Acting Sec'y., Custer Hotel; 4th Tuesday. 

Roofers No. 229— W. Barnev, Pres., 119 Jefferson, ph. 9-5904; Wert 
Barney, Sec'y., 219 S. 29th St.; 2nd Friday. 

Sheet Metal Workers No. 169— Ben R. Johnson, Pres., 940 N. 27th St., 
ph. 5-5681; William C. Bascon, Sec'y., 1610 Virginia Lane; 1st Friday. 

State, County and City Employees No. 225 — Randal Alexander, Pres., State 
Highway Bldg.; Walter H. Russel, Sec'y., 1615 Second Ave. X. 

Steel Workers No. 3169— Reuben Zaske, Pres., 306 9th St. W.. ph. 9-3573; 
Al Brent, Sec'}'.; 2nd, 4th Friday. 

Sugar Workers, Billings — Gene Kyger, Pres.; Don Erickson. Sec'y., 736 
Grand Ave., ph. 9-6455. 

Sugar Workers No. 21231 (Hardin) — Paul Stenerson, Pres., 7 Crawford 
Ave.; Erwin L. Thalheim, Sec'y., Box 247, Hardin. 

Teamsters No. 190 — Sherman Ellerton. Pres., 1082 Logan Lane; Don 
Blcwett, Sec'y., Labor Temple, ph. 8-8181; 1st, 3rd Tuesday. 

Teamsters and Warehousemen No. 1064 — Jack Runge, Sec'y., 11022 
Highway 10. 

Theatre and Stage Employees No. 240 — Kirk Noyes, Pres., 610 2nd St. W., 
ph. 5-5492; Carl Bustell, Bus. Agent, 2207 Glenwood Lane, ph. 2-2608; 
2nd Sunday. 

Trades and Labor Assembly, Yellowstone — E. A. Kautskv, Pres., 2819 6th 
Ave. N., ph. 9-2778; A. E. White, Sec'y., 24 S. 29th. " 

Typographical No. 398— K. F. Dooks, Pres., 510 Avenue F., ph. 7-7494; 
Joe Schwartz. Sec'y., 716 N. 31st, ph. 2-2962; 1st Sunday. 

United Steel Workers No. 4983, Mouat Mine — Barnie Hillyard, Pres.; 
Frank Ravnikaie, Sec'y., Mouat. \'ia Columbus. 


Billings — (Continued) 

Laurel (Billings Area) 

(All Laurel Locals Meet at L. L. Hall) 

Oil Workers No. 443 — Bill Rodgers, Pres.; Marshall Huntington, Sec'y. 
R. R. Carmen No. 476 — Rueben Vogel, Pres.; Vic Michael, Sec'y. 
R. R. Clerks No. 516— L. E. Kucera, Pres.; E. H. Ebershiller, Sec'y. 
R. R. Machinists No. 169 — William Small, Pres.; Steve Wilranoski, Sec'y. 
R. R. Trainmen No. 457 — Paul McLarmon, Pres.; Walt LaFlesch, Sec'y. 
Woodworkers of America — Victor Lehr, Pres. ; Gerald Little, Sec'y. 

Red Lodge (Billings Area) 

Barbers — A. F. Richardson, Pres., ph. 135-J; Raleigh Keller, Sec'y., ph. 
155- J; on call. 

Carpenters and Joiners No. 744 — Arne Ranta, Pres., ph. 295-W; James A. 
Leslie, Jr., Sec'y., ph. 165-W; 1st Wednesday, Labor Temple. 

Miners, UMWA No. 1095, Brophy— Waito Koski, Pres.; William Godina, 
Sec'y.; Anton C. Roat, Rec. Sec'y.; ph. 438-R ; 1st Monday, Workers 

Miners, UMWA No. 4457, Foster— Joe Naglich, Pres.; Bearcreek, Joe 
Bosone, Sec'y., ph. 032-R-5, Bearcreek; 2nd, 4th Tuesday, Bearcreek 

Miners, UMWA No. 858, Smith— Berdine Williams, Pres., ph. 015-J-l, 
Bearcreek; Henry Rae, Rec. Sec'y.; 3rd Tuesday, Bearcreek Hall. 

Painters — Phillip M. Schreifels, Pres., ph. 63-J; Archie Showerman, Sec'y., 
ph. 605; 1st Monday, Showerman Residence, 401 N. Haggin. 

Roundup (Billings Area) 

Bartenders No. 334 — Bert Simkins, Pres., Maverick Bar, 134 Main St., ph. 
45; Tony Elich, Sec'y., 624 3rd St. W., ph. 399-W ; 3rd Tuesday. 

Carpenters and Joiners No. 1783 — John Langsather, Pres., 925 2nd E., 
ph. 221-M. 

Mechanics No. 13107— William Gray, Pres., 602 2nd St. E., ph. 123-W; 
Carl Rux, Rec. Sec'y., 1122 1st E., ph. 420-R; 2nd, 4th Thursday, 
Carpenter Hall. 

Miners, UMWA No. 8736, Bair-CoUins— Roy T. Bolin, Pres., 926 3rd St. 
W., ph. 190-W; Frank Schaffer, Rec. Sec'y.; 2nd, 4th Monday, Car- 
penter Hall. 

Miners, UMWA No. 5005, Jeffries— William J. McLaughlin, Pres., 902 1st 
St. E., ph. 282-R; James Miller, Sec'y., 615 2nd E; 2nd, 4th Monday, 
Carpenter Hall. 

Miners, UMWA No. 3574, Republic — Charles Coombs, Pres.; Andrew 
Stamp, Rec. Sec'y. 

Miners, UMWA No. 2866, Roundup Mining — George Burt, Pres., 16 5th 
Avenue W.; Bill Glancy, Rec. Sec'y.; 1st, 3rd Monday, Camp No. 3 

MONTANA, 1956 13 


(All meetings in Union Hall, 422 E. Mendenhall, Phone JU 6-6503) 

Barbers No. 45-1 — Dave Kundert, Pres., 317 N. Black, JU 7-7164; Virgil 
Chestnut, Sec'y-Treas., 424 N. 5th, JU 6-9779; 3rd Wednesday. 

Bartenders No. 587— Elmer G. Vann, Pres., 123 N. 10th, Box 258; Dan 
Zindler, Sec y.-Treas., 440 E. Olive, JU 6-2983; 2nd Sunday. 

Bricklayers No. 5 — John M. Nickey, Pres., Lincoln Road, JU 6-6966; 
on call. 

Building Trades Council— James Mitchell, Pres., 404 W. College, JU 7-7164- 
Bernard Merkel, Sec'y., 310 S. 11th, JU 6-5697; 3rd Thursday. 

Carpenters and Joiners No. 557 — Bernard Merkel, Pres., 310 S 11th, 
JU 6-5697; John Hancock, Sec'y.-Bus. Agent, Box 488, 422 W. Olive, 
JU 6-9611; 1st, 3rd Friday. 

Cement Workers No. 239— Conrad Roundtree, Pres., Trident; Herbert 
Ferguson, Sec'y., Trident; 1st, 3rd Wednesday, Trident. 

Central Labor Council— R. W. Marks, Pres., 613 W. Mendenhall, 

JU 6-6607; Robert W. Allinson, Sec'y., 719 S. Fifth, JU 7-7696; 2nd, 
4th Friday. 

Cereal and Flour Mill Workers No. 18848— E. B. Skalitsky, Pres 716 W 
Babcock, JU 7-7176; R. W. Allinson, Sec'y-, 719 S. Fifth, JU 7-7696; 
1st, 3rd Tuesday. 

Electrical Workers No. 416 — Robert McLees, Pres., Crenshaw Apts • 
Kenny Mitchell, Bus. Agent, 721 S. 11th Ave., JU 6-2034. 

Grain Millers No. 23— R. A. Bounting, Pres., N. Rouse; Les Swanson, 
Sec'y.; 1st, 3rd Tuesday. 

Hod Carriers and Laborers No. 1277— Raymond Hayes, Pres., 516 W. 
Main; Ray W. Marks, Sec'y. and Bus. Agent, 613 W Mendenhall 
JU 6-6007; 2nd, 4th Thursday. 

Hotel and Restaurant Workers No. 646— Mrs. Frank Beltz, Pres., 875 S. 
Church, JU 6-2701; Iris Biladeau, Sec'y., 434 N. Tracy; 2nd Tuesday. 

Lumber and Sawmill Workers No. 3021— Harold Arlint, Pres., Gen. Del.; 
William Johnson, Sec'y.; 1st Wednesday. 

Machinists No. 1463— Ed Skerrit, Pres., 103 N. Broadway JU 6-9115- 
William Steele. Sec'y., 810 S. Tracy, JU 7-7560; 1st, 3rd Thursday. 

Musicians No. 709— Ed Sedivy, Pres., 820 S. Tracy, JU 6-9158; George 
Sime, Sec'y. -Treas., 720 W. Babcock, JU 7-7202; quarterly, 3rd Sunday 
in the first month. 

Painters and Decorators No. 1411 — Robert M. Keil, Pres., 429 W. Olive, 

JU 6-6245; Nurman M. Vetleson, Financial Sec'y., Haniill Apts.! 
JU 6-9148. ^ ' 

Plasterers and Cement Masons No. 792— Allen J. Torpev, Pres., 1105 W. 
Story, JU 6-5949; Ray Genty, Sec'y. -Treas., and Bus. Agent, 121 N. 
3rd. JU 6-5980; on call. 


Bozeman — - (Continued) 

Plumbers and Pipefitters No. 243 — Wylie Huggins, Pres., Livingston; 
William T. Ramsey, V. Pres., 808 N. Rouse, JU 6-5807; meet monthly, 
alternate — Bozeman to Livingston. 

Teachers No. 1005— Robert G. Dunbar, Pres., 715 S. Grand; A'Delbert 
Sampson, Sec'y., M. S. C; on call. 

Teamsters, Chauffeurs and Helpers No. 53 — Rollas Strattcn, Pres., 401 N. 
Church, JU 6-6129; Robert Rampy, Sec.-Treas. and Bus. Agent, 408 
N. Wallace, Box 59, JU 6-5219; 1st, 3rd Monday. 

Typographical Union No. 656 — Len Louderdale, Pres., 315 N. Willson ; 
Ed CaUies, Sec'y.-Treas., Route 4, JU 6-2823. 


Bakers and Confectionery Workers No. 93 — Walter Bazzannella, Pres., 
R. D. No. 1, Rocker, ph. 2-5913; Martin Argall. Sec'y. and Bus. Agent, 
909 South Alain St., ph. 2-4437; 2nd Wednesday, Teamsters Hall. 

Barbers and Beauticians No. 635 — Paul RoUman, Pres., 2324 Yale Avenue, 
ph. 2-1164; J. R. Costello. Sec'y., 348 E. Broadway, ph. 2-2465; 1st, 
3rd Wednesday, Eagles Hall. 

Bartenders No. 55— Michael Flynn, Pres., 417 E. Galena St., ph. 4478; 
William McMeekin, Bus. Agent, 3800 Greenlane Ave., ph. 7218; 2nd, 
4th Monday, 71^ East Park St. 

Blacksmiths and Helpers No. 456 — -Joe Lind, Pres., 606 W. Park St., ph. 
2-2964; Andrew Antonovich, Sec'y., 442 Anaconda Road, ph. 4549; 
2nd, 4th Wednesday, Carpenters Union Hall. 

Boilermakers No. 130— Harry Shaffer, Pres., 2201 Hazel Street, ph. 2-2442; 
John Douris, Bus. Agent, 808 Waukesha, ph. 2-4232; 1st, 3rd Tuesday, 
Good Templars Hall. 

Brewery and Soft Drink Workers No. 104 — Anor Nelson, Pres., 2106 
Spruce St., ph. 2-3011; John O'Brien, Sec'y., 2021 Wall, ph. 4442; 1st 
Wednesday, Carpenters Union Hall. 

Bricklayers, Masons and Plasterers, Local No. 1 — Walter I. Smith, Pres., 
2600 Bayard, ph. 2-6816; William McLaughlin, Bus. Agent, 407 N. Jack- 
son St.. ph. 2-1049; 2nd Thursday, Carpenters Union Hall. 

Bridge and Structural Ironworkers No. 107 — Roy Carlyon, Pres., 7 West 
Center, ph. 8667; Edward O'Brien, Bus. Agent, 2100^ Fir St., ph. 
8368; 4th Mondaj^ Carpenters Union Hall. 

Building Service Employees No. 169 — George Mcintosh, Pres., 2036 Rob- 
erts Ave., ph. 6012; Fred Searle, Sec'y. and Bus. Agent, 103 W. Quartz 
St., ph. 3806; 1st, 3rd Monday, Teamsters Hall. 

Building Trades Council — James Kearney, Pres., 605 W. Quartz St., ph. 
2-4803; James Plenty, Sec'y., Colonial Apts., ph. 2-0156; every other 
Tuesday, Carpenters Union Hall. 

Butchers No. 333 — George Tregonning, Pres., 527 S. Montana, ph. 7001; 
James Lunney, Sec'j\, 1312 Hobson, ph. 2-8590; 2nd Wednesday, 
Eagles Hall. 

MONTANA, 1956 15 

Butte — (Continued) 

Carpenters No. 112 — Theodore Grossman, Pres.. 1858 Texas Ave., ph. 
7958; Bus. .-Xgent to be appointed; Thursday, Carpenters Union Hall. 

Cooks and Waiters No. 22 — John McNellis, Pres., 2136 Princeton, ph. 
4240; Percy Lambert, Hus. Agent, 1418 Hobson, ph. 2-1328; 1st, 3rd 
Friday, IXy. E. Park. 

Electrical Workers No. 65 — Richard O'Connell, Pres., 400 S. Shields Ave., 
ph. 2-6341; Russell J. Williams, Sec'y., 2210 Elm St., ph. 2-6508; 1st, 
3rd Tuesday, Carpenters Union Hall. 

Electrical Workers No. 623 (inside wiremen) — Robert Sundberg, Pres., 
1845 Elm, ph. 6253; Alvin Hoar, Bus. .\gent, 1654 Dewey Blvd., ph. 
2-5684; 2nd, 4th Monday. 

Engineers, Operating, No. 378 — Al Alurrish, Pres., 2618 Princeton, ph. 
1-},7A1\ Claude Sanders, Bus. Agent. 712 Nevada Ave., ph. 4525; 1st, 
3rd Thursday, 106 W. Granite St. 

Engineers, Stationary — William Evans, Pres., 105 Williams, Walkerville, 
ph. 2-1497; E. J. Lowney. Bus. Agent, 125 W. Granite St., ph. 2-1922; 
Thursday', Miners Union Hall. 

Film Exchange Employees No. B-75 — Cardell Enrooth. Pres., 521 y^ S. 
Main St., ph. 8450; Edna Salki, Sec'y., 2726 Walnut St., ph. 7100; 3rd 
Wednesday, Miners Union Hall. 

Fire Fighters No. 96 — Richard Trethewav, Pres., 1048 S. Wyoming St., ph. 
2-7493; John McGinley, Sec'y.-Treas., 1031 Nevada Ave., ph. 6262; 
1st Thursday, Quartz St. Fire Station. 

General Lcborers No. 163 — Dorsey Burckhartt, Pres., 1810 Whitman 
.Ave. ph. 2-7048; Richard Di^'kenson, Bus. .\gent, 1738 Grand Ave., 
ph. 8226; 2nd, 4th Thursday, Carpenters Union Hall. 

General Pipefitters No. 316— James White, Pres.. 2435 Walnut, ph. 4470; 
John Doran. Bus. .^eent, 915 West Quartz, ph. 2-2528; 1st Thursday, 
Carpenters Union Hall. 

Hod Carriers No. 150— L. Shephard. Pres., 1911 Porter, ph. 2-2881; Gene 
Kearney, Sec'y.. 605 West Quartz St., ph. 2-4803; 1st, 3rd Monday, 
Carpenters Union Hall. 

Lathers No. 69— Hal G. Ross, Pres., 417 Travonia, ph. 2-7348; Arthur A. 
Wattani. Sec'y. and Bus. Agent, 3105 S. Alontana, ph. 8189; 3rd Sat- 
urday, Carpenters Union Hall. 

Laundry and Dye Workers No. 25 — Gwen George, Pres., 2911 .Amherst, 
ph. 2-3938; Mayme Foote, Bus. Agent, 722 Nevada, ph. 2-5762; 3rd 
Wednesday, Carpenters Union Hall. 

Linoleum Layers No. 1572 — Louis J. Guidoni, Rec. Sec'y., 537 S. Main St., 
ph. 2-6475; 2nd Wednesday, Scandia Hall. 

Machinists No. 88 — Fred LaBlanc, Pres., 2001 Oregon .Ave., ph. 5747; 
Melvin H. Johnson, Bus. .Agent, 22 E. Platinum, ph. 2-1305; 1st. 3rd 
Thursday, Carpenters Union Hall. 

Mailers— Fred Moore, Pres., 211 W. Gold St., ph. 4920; James Scullon, 
Sec'y., 818 W. Galena, ph. 2-5361; 1st Sunday, Daily Post. 

Meat Cutters— Jack Nettle, Pres., 527 W. Park St., ph. 4253; James 
Lunney. Bus. -Agent, 1312 Hobson, ph. 2-8590; 2nd, 4th Thursday, 
Eagles Hall. 

Mine, Mill and Smeltermen, Phosphate. No. 904— Sylvan Donnegan, Pres., 
Twin I'.ridges; Kenneth Leavett, Sec'y., Box 24, Melrose. 


Butte — (Continued) 

Miners Union No. 1 — Ernest Sjoman, Pres. and Bus. Agent, 484 East Park 
St., ph. 2-1304; Wednesday, Miners Union Hall. 

Motor Coach Operators — T. C. Dunstan, Pres., 2700 Locust, ph. 2-5008; 
N. D. Evans, Sec'y., 613 W. Daly, Walkerville, ph. 4971; 1st Thursday, 
East Butte Fire Hall. 

Musicians— Frank Heffern, Pres., 2031 Utah Ave., ph. 4132; Frank Resch, 
Bus. Agent, 3007 Hannibal, ph. 2-3619; 3rd Wednesday, Musicians Hall. 

Nurses No. 24896— Mrs. Lillian Cline, Pres., 910 Empire, ph. 2-5063; Mrs. 
Fritz Bjorklund, Sec'y., 3550 Willoughby Ave., ph. 2-6477; 2nd Tues- 
day, 8th floor Hirbour Building. 

Painters and Decorators No. 720 — R. C. Watkins, Pres., 1914 Reynolds, 
ph. 5520; E. J. Nevin, Sec'y-, 409^ N. Montana, ph. 2-7219; Monday, 
Eagles Hall. 

Plasterers and Cement Workers — Thomas Kearney, Pres., 217 N. Jackson, 
pli. 2-4159; Jim Kearney, Sec'y., 605 W. Quartz, ph. 2-4810; 1st 
Wednesday, Scandia Hall. 

Plumbers No. 41— Jack Brandl, Pres., 2175 St. Ann's, ph. 2-1720; Jack 
Wulf, Sec'y.. 202 Greenwood, ph. 4238; every other Monday, Car- 
penters Union Hall. 

Printing Pressmen — Dan Holland, Pres., 530 W. Silver, ph. 7617; Adolph 
Richards, Sec'y., 54 E. Granite St., ph. 9243; 2nd Wednesday, Car- 
penters Union Hall. 

R. R. Clerks No. 454— V. J. Hobart, Pres., 640 S. Arizona St.; Lewis 
Skuletich, Sec'y., 640 S. Arizona St., ph. 2-1249. 

Roofers — Louis Pajnich, Pres., 2207 Yew St., ph. 6709; Richard Dickenson, 
Bus. Agent, 1738 Grand Ave., ph. 8226 or 8102; 3rd Monday, Car- 
penters Union Hall. 

Sheep Shearers No. 1 — Lavor C. Taylor, Pres., Barrenstein Apts., ph. 
2-1971; Paul C. Johnson, Sec'y.-Treas., 14 W. Platinum, ph. 2-0006; 
on call. 

Sheet Metal Workers No. 103— Paul Miller, Pres., 2001 Adams; Franklin 
A. Dorhofer, Sec'y., 2504 Massachusetts, ph. 7854; 4th Friday, 
Moose Hall. 

Stage Employees and Operators No. 94 — Henry Young, Pres., Napton 
Apts., ph. 7872; John Curran, Sec'y., O'Rourke Apts., ph. 3791; 2nd 
Tuesday, Musicians Hall. 

Teachers — Freda Tretheway, Pres., Leonard Hotel, ph. 2-7717; Sarah 
McNelis, Sec'y., 1147 W. Woolman, ph. 2-0268; 2nd, 4th Wednesday, 
High School Auditorium. 

Teamsters No. 2 — Thomas Connally, Pres., 1107 S. Wyoming, ph. 2-9737; 

Frank J. Birmingham, Bus. Agent, 2324 Walnut, ph. 7263; Thursday, 

Teamsters Hall. 
Trades and Labor Council, Silver Bow— Russell Hicks, Sec'y., Box 1989; 

2nd, 4th Tuesday, Carpenters Union Hall. 

Typographical No. 126 — Harvey Waters, Pres., 2526 Bayard, ph. 4557; Ed 
Wakefield, Sec'y., 2226 Argyle, ph. 2-1506; 3rd Sunday, Carpenters 
Union Hall. 

Women's Protective Union No. 457 — Blanche Averett, Pres., 2035 George, 
ph. 2-2827; Lena Mattausch, Sec'y., 154 W. Granite St., ph. 2-8733; 
Virginia Paynich, Bus. Agent, 2205 Willow, ph. 4652; Friday, Car- 
penters Union Hall. 

MONTANA, 1956 17 


Carpenters and Joiners No. 175 — Frank J. Perusich, Pres., Route No. 1, 
N. of Dillon, ph. 082-J-4; Henry F. Meine, Sec'y., Route No. 1, N. of 
Dillon, ph. 095-J-3; 1st Tuesday. 

Electrical Workers No. 402— John Hofferber, Pres., 625 E. Glendale St., 
ph. 711-W; Jack Thumma, Sec'y., 800 E. Center St., ph. 706-J. 

Post Office Clerks No. 4679 — William Pinkerton, Jr., Pres.; Anthony 
Bransnian, Sec'y. 



Bartenders No. 464 — Dorothy Johnson, Pres., ph. 345; Clinton Storkson, 
Bus. Agent, ph. 405-W-2; 2nd Wednesday, Johnnie Cafe. 

Carpenters and Joiners No. 1211 — James M. Stueflat, Pres., 330 Mahon, 
ph. 437-R; Hans Dahl, Bus. Agent, ph. 602-R; 1st, 3rd Friday, Odd 
Fellows Hall. 

Cooks and Waiters No. 570— Berdine McNett, Pres., ph. 888-W; Lou 
Mclntyre, Sec'y. -Bus. Agent, Box 162; 1st Thursday, Johnnie Cafe. 

Electrical Workers No. 758 — Harvey Waters, Pres., Nashua; Delmer Lind, 
Sec'y., 819 3rd Ave. S., ph. 147-M ; 4th Friday, Firemen Hall. 

Musicians No. 244 — Sim Northrup, Pres., 133^^ 1st Ave. S., ph. 480; 
Dorothy M. Christiansen, Sec'y., 40 2nd Ave. N., ph. 421-J; Russell 
Tippets, Bus. Agent, Nashua, ph. 2571; 2nd Monday, Dignan Hall. 

R. R. Locomotive Firemen & Enginemen No. 629 — I. W. Humphries, 
Pres., 820 2nd Ave. S., ph. 274; W. H. Colver, Chairman, 517 4th Ave. 
N., ph. 413-W; 1st, 3rd Monday, VFW Hall. 

R. R. Maintenance of Way No. 1189 — Seymore Storkson, Pres., Glasgow, 
ph. 523-M; John Ihnot, Sec'y., Nashua; 3rd Sunday, Dignan Hall. 

R. R. Trainmen No. 917— M. A. Wright, Chairman, 1025 3rd Ave. S., ph. 
781-W; Willard A. Hasbrouck, Sec'y., 904 4th Ave. N., ph. 544-J ; 1st 
Sunday, 3rd Friday, VFW Hall. 

Malta (Glasgow Area) 

Carpenters and Joiners No. 2040 — Henry Hanson, Malta, Bus. Agent. 



Carpenters and Joiners No. 2425— Harvey Rodgers, Pres., 412 S. Taylor, 

EM 5-2813; Alfen Undem, Fin. Sec'y., 609 S. Nowlan, EM 5-3508; 
last Friday, Legion Hall. 

Electrical Workers No. 1050— Robert Sarver, Pres., 900 S Pearson, 
EM 5-2565; Raymon Leaf, Sec'y., 318 S. Merrill, EM 5-4242; 1st Friday. 

Letter Carriers No. 1643— Paul Covan, Jr.. Sec'y., 512/. S. Taylor Ave, 
EM 5-2495; on call. 

Painters and Decorators No. 1186 — Alex Thompson, Pres., 511 N. Kendrick, 

EM 5-2371; Bob Droenberg, Sec'y. -Treas., 521 N. Alerrill Ave.; on call. 

Post Office Clerks No. 728— Tom Henderson, Sec'y., 1111 X. Meade, 
EM 5-3012; on call. 

R. R. Boilermakers No. 591 — Joseph Zander, Pres., 520 E. Towne, 
EM 5-4378; Harry Harz, Sec'y., 311/. S. Sargent, EM 5-2754; on call. 

R, R. Carmen No. 342 — R. T. Simmons, Chairman, 314 W. Benham, 
EM 5-2492; Carlton Krull, Sec'y., 504 Riverview, EM 5-2710; on call. 

R. R. Clerks No. 386— F. N. Schiff, Chairman, 620 N. Nowlan, EM 5-4479; 
M. A. Murphy, Sec'y., 409 S. Nowlan, EM 5-3626; on call. 

R. R. Conductors No. 191— J. A. Auge, Pres., 1120 River Ave., EM 5-2066; 
Madison Baker, Sec'y., 317 W. Benham, EM 5-2892; 1st, 3rd Sunday, 
Masonic Hall. 

R. R. Locomotive Engineers No. 195 — J. E. Keller, Pres., Forsyth; R. C. 
Larson, Sec'y., 507 Snyder Ave., EM 5-3148; Sunday, Union Hall, 

R. R. Machinists No. 593 — Ray Olmstead, Chairman, Bloomfield Route, 
EM 5-2260; Don Pendegas, Sec'y., 403 N. Sargent Ave.; 1st Friday, 
Odd Fellows Hall. 

R. R. Maintenance of Way No. 297— Bill Randall, Pres.; I. I. Flatmo, 
Sec'y. -Treas., Red Lodge; on call, American Legion Hall. 

R. R. Trainmen No. 328— M. K. Peterson, Chairman, 215 Barry St.. 
EM 5-3988; James Donovan, Pres., 107 2nd Highland Park, EM 5-3212; 
Norman Lunde, Sec'y., 620 River Ave., EM 5-3672; 2nd Thursday 
and 4th Sunday. 

MONTANA, 1956 19 

Belt Stockett 

Asbestos Workers — J. E. Rossclot, Sec'y., Box 306, Laurel; on call. 

Bakery and Confectionery Workers No. 91 — James H. Betz, Pres., 3004 
3rd Ave. N.; James B. Meagher, Sec'y., 1517 2nd Ave. S., ph. 5-5245; 
1st Tuesday, Lower Carpenter Hall. 

Barbers No. 581— Steve Motil, Sec'y., 223 Central Ave., ph. 2-1975; 4th 
Tuesday, American Legion Hall. 

Bartenders No. 609 — Donald C. Jerome, Sec'y.- Bus. Agent, Box 609, ph. 
2-0323; 1st, 3rd Sunday, Eagles Hall. 

Boilermakers and Blacksmiths No. 602 — Arthur Ranig, Sec'y., 716 5th Ave. 
N., ph. 3-3088; 3rd Tuesday, Lower Carpenter Hall. 

Bookbinders No. 101— G. B. Brose, Pres., 1420 2nd Ave. S.; Mark Judge, 
Sec'y., 616 6th Ave N., ph. 2-6942; on call. 

Brewery Workers No. 200 — Anthony J. Cologi, Sec'y., 2320 5th Ave. N., 
ph. 5-5776; 2nd Thursdaj', Carpenter Hall. 

Bricklayers and Masons No. 3^ — Wm. P. Wardinsky, Sec'y., Box 540, ph. 
2-9205; last Tuesday, YAICA Bldg. 

Building Trades Council — Christian Denning, Pres., 2501 7th Ave. N.; 
Plhner R. Britten, Sec'y., Box 1365, ph. 2-3653; Tliursday, Carpenter 

Carpenters and Joiners No. 286 — Christian Denning, Pres., 2501 7th Ave. 
X.; John H. Gollchon, Sec'y.; Willard E. Delger, Bus. Agent, 716 
1st S., ph. 7-7720; Monday, Carpenter Hall. 

Carpenters Ladies Auxiliary No. 201 — Mrs. Garcia Delger, Sec'y., 716 1st 
Ave. S., ph. 2-1905; 1st, 3rd ALonday, Lower Carpenter Hall. 

Cooks and Waiters No. 101 — Robert Falkins, Pres.; Mary Mader, Bus. 
Agent, 314^2 1st Ave. S.W.; May Walters, Sec'y., Box 308, ph. 9-9495; 
2nd, 4th Thursday, Smeltermen's Hall. 

Electrical Workers No. 122— Ray C. Rhoades, Pres., 1204 4th Ave S * Ray 

Stanich, Sec'y., Box 385, ph. 2-4364; 2nd, 4th Tuesday, lOOF Hall. 

Elevators Constructors No. 60 — .Arthur L. Fisher, Bus. Agent, 925 4th Ave 
N.; ph. 2-6615; on call. 

Engineers, Operating, No. 377 — Rudy A. Enquist, Sec'y.-Bus. Agent, Box 
1962, ph. 9-9444; 1st, 3rd Tuesday, American Legion Bldg. 

Engineers, Technical, No. 158 — Louis Fontana, Pres., 706 8th Ave. S., ph. 
7-7955; Ray Baner, Sec'y.; 1st Tuesday, Smeltermen's Hall. 

Fire Fighters No. 8— Donald Surface. Pres., 2414 8th Ave. N.; Don Keough, 
Sec'y., 1613 10th Ave. S., ph. 2-5631; 1st Tuesday, Fire Station. 

Grain Millers No. 109— Clifford Briggs, Sec'y., 3619 9th Ave. S., ph. 7-7413; 
2nd, 4th Monday, Veterans Hall. 

Hod Carriers and General Labor No. 273 — Elmer R. Britten, Sec'y-Bus. 
Agent, Box 1365, ph. 2-3653; 2nd, 4th Wednesday. Carpenter Hall. 

Iron and Structural Steel Workers No. 410 — Frank Ritter, Sec'y., 1010 
Central Ave. W., ph. 8-8566; 2nd Tuesday, Carpenter Hall. 


Great Falls — (Continued) 

Lathers No. 305— Ben Suns, Sec'y 815 5th Ave. S., ph. 6-6375; 4th Friday, 
Carpenter Hall. 

Laundry Workers and Cleaners No. 19 — Jack Restelli, Pres., 615 6th St. N.; 
Jessie D. Peterson, Sec'y., Box 682, ph. 2-1043; 2nd Tuesday MCO Hall. 

Letter Carriers No. 650 — Jacob Irion, Sec'y., c/o Post Office; on call, 
P. O. Bldg. 

Lithographers No. 36 — Frank Pike, Local Representative, 921 7th Ave. N., 
ph. 9-9022; on call. 

Machinists, Auto and Shop, No. 1046— Russell Swaby, Pres., 2509 4th 
Ave. S.; Edgar R. Linn, Sec'y., 2922 1st Ave N., ph. 2-2045; 1st, 3rd 
Wednesday, Carpenter Hall. 

Machinists Auxiliary No. 324 — Mrs. Rubv Currie, Sec'y., 1116 7th Ave. N., 
ph. 2-2287; 2nd Wednesday. 

Meat Cutters and Butchers No. 479 — John Dusak, Sec'y. -Bus. Agent, Box 
1265, ph. 7-7849; 1st, 3rd Wednesday, Carpenter Hall. 

Mill and Smeltermen No. 16 — Perry Seaton, Pres., 3713 3rd Ave. S; 
Lawrence Mower, Sec'y., Box 1565, ph. 7-7022; Wednesday, Smelter- 
men's Hall. 

Mine Workers No. 270, Belt — Pete Darko, Sec'y.; on call. 

Mine Workers No. 2020, Sand Coulee — Joe Sanders, Pres.; John E. Free- 
man, Sec'y.: 3300 7th Ave. N., ph. 2-8678, Great Falls; 2nd Tuesday, 
Miners Bldg. 

Mine Workers No. 2301, Stockett — Ernst Thoman, Pres.; Erick Erickson, 
Sec'y.; 2nd Alonday, Miners Hall. 

Molders No. 93— Pete Bolla, Sec'y., 2705 7th Ave. N., ph. 2-6868; on call. 

Motor Coach and Bus Drivers No. 1150 — Merle Pulaski, Local Representa- 
tive, 3200 6th Ave. N.; ph. 6-6638; on call. 

Musicians No. 365— Robert McAlister, Sec'y., Box 1454, ph. 8-8613; 2nd 
Wednesday, Carpenter Hall. 

Newspaper Guild No. 81 — Joseph A. Renders, Sec'y., Box 380, ph. 2-7506; 
last Tuesday, VFW Hall. 

Oil-Chemical and Atomic Workers No. 2-491 — Dominic Fontana, Pres., 
2212 6th Ave. N.; William T. Smith, Sec'y., 2501 4th Ave. S., ph. 2-2521; 
2nd Friday, Smeltermen's Hall. 

Painters and Decorators No. 260 — Arthur Lins, Pres., 1817 1st Ave. S.; 
C. L. Williams, Sec'y., Box 666, ph. 2-4520; Tuesday, Carpenter Hall. 

Pipefitters No. 712— Donald J. W. Huston or Pete Trinastich, 3508 1st 
Ave., ph. 7-7142; 2nd Wednesday. 

Plasterers and Cement Finishers No. 110 — Richard C. Smith, 1319 Bill 
Holt Homes, ph. 2-4628; 4th Friday, Carpenter Hall. 

Plumbers No. 139— A. E. Howarth, Pres., 1528 8th Ave. N.; Ted KHne, 
Sec'y., 605 1st Ave. S.W., ph. 6-6267; 1st, 3rd Tuesday. 

Post Office Clerks No. 208— Frank W. Osborne, Sec'y., Box 483, ph. 5-5277; 
2nd Wednesday, Post Office. 

Printing Pressmen No. 93— John P. Egan, Sec'y., 3226 3rd Ave. S., ph. 
2-0363; 1st Tuesday, Tribune Bldg. 

MONTANA, 1956 21 

Great Falls — (Continued) 

Radio Operators, Western Airlines — James Baldwin, Local Representative, 
1100 19th Ave. S. 

R. R. Boilermakers and Blacksmiths No. 307 — John Wolf, Sec'y. 2305 
3rd Ave. S., ph. 9-9045; on call. 

R, R. Carmen No. 623— Joseph H. All)ertine, Sec'y., 2024 2nd Ave. S.W., 
ph. 2-7494; 2nd Friday, Carpenter Hall. 

R. R. Clerks No. 528— Charles Judge, Sec'y., Elmore Apts., ph. 2-8595; 
3rd Monday, VFW Hall. 

R. R. Conductors and Brakemen No. 356 — Rohert F. Jones, 1026 5th Ave. 
N., ph. 3-3133; 1st Monday, Al.O.C. Hall; Local Chairman for Brake- 
men, Harold A. Steiner, 414 35th St. N., ph. 2-1269. 

R. R. Electrical Workers — John R. Anderson, Sec'y., 1230 5th, Havre; Fred 
W. Stillings, Local Representative, 616 9th Ave. S., ph. 2-8456. 

R. R. Firemen and Enginemen No. 456 — R. T. Klassen, Local Chairman, 
Box 257, ph. 9-9254; 1st, 3rd Wednesday, YWCA Bldg. 

R. R. Firemen and Oilers No. 772— Mike Berek, Sec'y., 725 4th Ave. S., 
ph. 5-5656; 4th Monday. 

R. R. Locomotive Engineers No. 504 — Nels S. Larsen, Local Chairman, 
517 4th Ave. N., ph. 6-6841; 1st Tuesday, Smeltermen's Hall. 

R. R. Machinists No. 287— Charles J. Scanda, Sec'y., 2313 4th Ave. S.W., 
ph. 3-332S; 2nd, 4th Wednesday, Eagles Hall. 

R. R. Maintenance of Way Employees — Arthur Hautala, Local Sec'y. and 
Rep., Box 45, ph. 2-5224; 2nd Saturday. 

R. R. Sheet Metal Workers No. 439— John Hovland, Sec'y., 714 8th St. S., 
ph. 2-4247. 

R. R. Signalmen No. 1155 — District Sec'y., J. F. Riske, Spokane, Wash.; 
Local Rep., Joe Doyne, Shelby. 

R. R. Switchmen No. 1004 — George Rawles, Local Chairman, 527 4th Ave. 
S.W., ph. 3-3105; 1st Tuesday. 

R. R. Telegraphers No. 70 — I. C. Ellis, Sec'y.; B. R. Moore, Chairman, 

R. R. Train Dispatchers— Joseph C. Darby, Local Rep., 1118 5th Ave. S., 
ph. 2-0928; on call. 

R. R. Trainmen No. 405— W. C. Helmhold, Sec'y., 905 2nd Ave. S., ph. 
8-8749; 3rd Tuesday. 

Ry. and Northwest Airlines Clerks No. 3013 — Harry Shell, Local Repre- 
sentative, 3116 3rd Ave. S., ph. 2-6033. 

Ry. and Western Airlines Clerks — William Rudeck, Local Representative, 

607]/. 5th Ave. N., ph. 2-0198. 

Retail Clerks No. 57— Dewain D. Ryan, Pres., 2019 1st Ave. S.W.; Allen 
S. Rodger, Sec'y-Bus. Agent, Box 1202, ph. 8-8538; 2nd, 4th Thursday, 
VFW Hall. 

Roofers No. 52— Edward Mader, Sec'y., Box 1305, ph. 5-5344; 4th Thurs- 
day, Smeltermen's Hall. 

Sheet Metal Workers No. 246— LeRoy Marxer, 2217 1st Ave. S., ph. 7-7448; 
Carpenters Hall. 


Great Falls — (Continued) 

Stage and Theatrical Employees No. 213 — Roy McCallum, Pres.. 1012 7th 
Ave. S. ; Paul Morse, Sec'y-. Box 1581; 3rd Tuesday, Smeltermen's Hall. 

Stereotypers No. 143 — Everett Kohles, Pres., 3236 8th Ave. N.; John G. 
Gussner, Sec'y., 3712 8th Ave. N., ph. 5-5302; 2nd Sunday. 

Teachers No. 754— Robert Willett, Pres., 3035 8th Ave S.; Connie Root. 
Sec'y. -Treas., 1322 3rd Ave. N., ph. 3-3753; Thursday, Jr. High School 

Teamsters No. 45 (Truck, Bus, and Cab Drivers) — Adam Byers, Pres., 
Eddy's Bakery; Austin Thompson, Sec'y., 1915 Central Ave., ph. 2-1942 
or 7-7102,; U{, 3rd Thursday, lOOF Hall. 

Telegraphers Commercial No. 43 — J. A. Black, Local Representative, 511 
12th St. N., ph. 4-4812; on call. 

Theatrical Workers Div. B. No. 178— Eddie- Pcrissini. Pres.. 504 6tli .\ve. 
X.: L. W. Dunkins. Sec'y.. Box 85, ph. 2-1923: 2nd Thursday, Smelter- 
men's Hall. 

Trades and Labor Assembly — Austin G. Thompson, Pres., 1915 Central 
Ave.; John Evanko, Sec'y.. Box 1593, ph. 7-7203 or 2-2837; 1st, 3rd 
Friday, Carpenter Hall. 

Tru'k, Bus and Cab Drivers No. 45 — Adam Byers, Pres.; Austin G. 
Thompson, Sec'y.. 1915 Central Ave., ph. 7-7203 or 2-1942; 1st. 3rd 
Thur day, Odd Fellow Bldg. 

Typographical Union No. 256 — Roland E. Bassett, Pres., 1527 3rd Ave S., 
M. P. O'Loughlin. Sec'y., I'ox 1354. ph. 4-4173; 2nd Friday, VFW Hall. 

Women's Union Label League — Mr^. Lora Mc\'ay. Sec'y.. 319 Stli St. S., 
ph. 7-7033 ; 4th Monday, YWCA Bldg. 


Carpenters and Joiners No. 1101 — Thomas Biode"tt, Pre-.. Sl?t X. 4tli. ph. 
564-\V; Lanny Hill, Bus. Agent. 120 X. 6th St.. ph. 114-J; 1st Friday. 
Eagles Hall. 

Federal Employees No. 685 — Hanley Sargent. \"ice Pres., 704 S. 5th St., ph. 
125: :\Ierrien Warren, Sec'y.-Treas.. 308 X. 4th St., ph. 161-NJ; 3rd 
Wednesday, Forest Service Office. 

Plumbers No. 569 — James Halev. Pres., Daly Ave., ph. 546- AI; Virgil Cook. 
Sec'y.-Treas., 423 N. 1st St., ph. 138: 3rd Tuesday, Nickels. 

Sawmill Workers No. 2933— Robert H. Weer, Pres., Route 2, ph. 031-J-12; 

James Swallo\y, Fin. Sec'y., Route 1. pli. 074-J-2: last Wednesday, 
Eagles Hall. 

State. Covmty, Municipal Employees No. 666 — Chris Alaus, Pres., Doran 
Addn.. ph. 691-M ; Byron Vance. Sec'y.. 618 W. Main St., ph. 742-W; 
1st Friday, Count j^ Shop. 

Trad°s and Labor Council — Lester Meisner, Pres., 801 S. 1st St., ph. 745; 
Thomas Blodgett, Sec'y., 523 N. 4th St., ph. 564-W; on call. Odd 
Fellows Hall. 

MOXTAXA, 1956 23 


Barbers and Beauticians No. 783 — Frank Bart Lemcy, Pres., Box 575; Earl 
Pomeroy, Scc'y., 1145 Lincoln Ave., ph. 1413-J; 3rd Thursday, V.F.W. 

Bartenders No. 341 — M. J. Mullaney, Pres.. Park Hotel; John Lang, Sec'y- 
and Bus. Agent. 529 4th St., ph. 1248-R; 1st Monday, Oxford Hall. 

Building Trades Council— Steve O'Ncil. Pres., 1505 5th; I. C. Harding. 
Sec'y., 711 12th St., ph. 785-R; 3rd Monday, Union Half. 

Butchers No. 514— Ray Birdwell, Pres.. 1527 4th St.; William Fitzgerald, 
Scc'y.. 432 3rd Ave., ph. 1426-J; 2nd. 4th Thursday, Union Hall. 

Carpenters and Joiners No. 718 — Norris Kravik, I'res., 919 1st St., ph. 
1999-\V; Robert Green, Sec'y.. 109 West 10th St., ph. 977-R; 2nd, 4th 
Tuesday, V.F.W. 

Cooks and Waiters No. 540 — Bertha Gorman, Pres.. Grant Ave.; Anne 
Babcock. Bus. Agent, 633 3rd St.. ph. 1098-W; 1st Monday afternoon 
and 3rd Monday evening, Union Hall. 

Electrical Workers No. 393— John Wright, Pres., 319 2nd Ave., ph. 350; 
Ralph Grant. Bus. Agent. 515 7th St., ph. 1212; 2nd Monday, Union 

Firefighters — lames Cowan. Pres.. 437 Second St., ph. 539; Roy Sticka. 
Sec'y-, 616 Eleventh St., ph. 581-R. 

Hod Carriers and Laborers No. 359 — John Harding, Pres., 711 12th St., 
ph. 785-R: J. L. Lanius, Sec'y., 1116 8th Ave., ph. 2147- W^ 1st, 3rd 
Friday, Union Hall. 

Machinist No. 499— Henrv Eggrum. Pres., 1011 4th St., ph. 2161-J; Wil- 
liam Frank, Scc'y., 1545 3rd St., ph. 1089-J; 1st, 3rd Wednesday. 
Union Hall. 

Musicians No. 365 — Joseph X. Fouarge, Pres., 432 3rd Ave., ph. 1224-J: 
Charles Carbone, Sec'y., c/o G. N. R. R., ph. 1907; 1st Tuesday, 
Havre Hotel. 

Painters and Decorators No. 692 — Hcnrv Kaiser, Pres., 508 ■/> 4th Ave., 
ph. 1521-J; Charles Drrward, Sec'y., 324 Xorth Side, ph. 2090; 1st. 
3rd Monday, Union Hall. 

Plumbers and Pipefitters No. 613 — Sam Carpenter, Pres.. 126 15th Ave., 
ph. 1434-W; Charles Xepil, Sec'y., 1200 Boulevard .Ave., ph. 438-M ; 
1st, 3rd Tinirsday, Union Hall. 

R. R. Boilermakers No. 367 — Jerrv Mumm, Pres., 446 10th .\ve.; William 
Davis, Scc'y.. 1110 2nd St., ph. 1134-R; 2nd Tuesday odd months. 3rd 
Thursday even montiis, Oxford Hall. 

R. R. Carmen No. 670 — Howard Black, Pres., 215 7th .Ave., ph. 957-R; 
Buell Birch, Sec'y., Gen. Del.; 2nd Tuesday, Oxford Hall. 

R. R. Conductors No. 272— E. W. Frederick, Pres., 804 2nd St., ph 1863- 
H. R. Watson. Sec'y.. 806 2nd Ave., ph. 1222-W; 1st, 3rd Tuesday.' 
LO.O.F. Hall. 

R. R. Electricians No. 1856— Marvin R. Hatleberg, Pres., 1438 5th St., 
ph. 834-W; John Anderson, Sec'y., 1230 5th St.; 4th Friday, Oxford 


Havre — (Continued) 

R. R. Firemen and Oilers No. 911 — Oscar Kampf, Pres., 1208 8th Ave., 
ph. 741-J; Art Davis, Sec'y., 310 10th Ave., ph. 1546; 4th Tuesday, 
Oxford Hall. 

R. R. Freight Employees No. 656 — Kenny Seaman, Pres., 924 6th, ph. 
1721-M; Ted Janicke, Bus. Agent, 422 12th Ave., ph. 948-W; 3rd 
Thursday, Oxford Hall. 

R. R. Locomotive Engineers No. 392— Henry Hoeft, Pres., 101 6^^ 2nd 
St., ph. 668; John A. Danell, Sec'y-, 621 10th St., ph. 462-W; I.O.O.F. 
Hall, on call. 

R. R. Locomotive Firemen and Enginemen No. 93— William Hinkle, Pres., 
1619 1st St., ph. 271-J; Francis O'Donnell, Chairman, 1430 2nd St., 
ph. 1532-J; 1st, 3rd Monday, Oxford Hall. 

R R. Machinists No. 430— Kenneth Colling, Pres., 414 9th St., ph. 1708-J; 
Warren D. Frank, Sec'y., 1202 4th St., ph. 231-J; 2nd Wednesday, 4th 
Tuesday, Oxford Hall. 

R. R. Maintenance of Way No. 16— Angelo Pizzini, Pres., 1001 1st St., 
ph. 2093; Elmer Larson, Bus. Agent, 1325 3rd St., ph. 1534-W; 2nd 
Wednesday, Oxford Hall. 

R. R. Sheet Metal and Pipefitters No. 358— Jerome Purkett, Pres., 1129 
McKinley, ph. 1432-R; Fred W. Gersmeyer, Sec'y., 958 Assinniboine 
Ave., ph. 458-R; 3rd Tuesday, Oxford Hall. 

R. R. Switchmen No. 275— Waldon Haugen, Pres., 1118 Grant Ave., ph. 
1225-M.; H. G. Olson, Local Chairman, 111 North Side, ph. 1625-J; 
2nd, 4th Wednesday, Oxford Hall. 

R. R. Train Dispatchers — James Frost, Chairman, 431 3rd St., ph. 532-M. 

R. R. Trainmen No. 213— "Boo" Crawford, Pres., 135 9th, ph. 1831-W; 
J. W. Harvey, Sec'y., 240 7th Ave., ph. 302; 1st, 3rd Ffiday, Oxford 
Union Hall. 

Retail Clerks No. 171— Jean Minnick, Pres., 1517 6th, ph. 1836-W; Ann 
Tesch, Sec'y. and Bus. Agent, East of Havre, ph. 919-R-4; 2nd, 4th 
Wednesday, Union Hall. 

Teachers — Glenn Hileman, Pres.; on call, once monthly. 

Teamsters No. 112— Lloyd McCormick, Pres., 107 7th Ave., ph. 296-M; 
Walt Drost, Sec'y., 412 2nd Ave., ph. 1052; 1st, 3rd Tuesday, Union 

Trades and Labor Assembly — Lloyd McCormick, Pres., 107 7th Ave., ph. 
296-M; Agatha Phillips, Sec'y., Box 1081; 1st Thursday, Union Hall. 

MONTANA, 1956 25 


(Meeting place is Labor Temple unless otherwise specified) 

Bakers — See Butte Listing. 

Barbers— Roland Hofland, Pres., 222 Stewart Homes, HI 2-4194; Wylie 
Nelson, Sec'y--Treas.. 422 Dearborn Ave., HI 2-0165; 3rd Thursday, 
Christensen Barber Shop. 

Bartenders No. 533— Carter Babcock, Pres., 640 Logan, HI 2-5949; P. J. 
Evans, Bus. Agent, 530 Leslie Ave., HI 2-1102; afternoon and evening 
of 3rd Monday. 

Bricklayers and Masons — Thomas G. Davis, Pres., Route A; Lew H. Reid, 

Sec'y., 1000 Leslie Ave.; 2nd, 4th Monday, home of officers. 

Building Construction Council — Richard Spurzem, Pres., 1007 8th Ave.; 
Everett Ballard, Sec'y., 1125 5th Ave., HI 2-5425; 1st, 3rd Wednesday. 

Butchers No. 299— Sfdney R. Wihlborg, Pres., 23 Edwards, HI 2-4838; 
Wilbur Evans, Secy., 146 Henry, HI 2-2854; 1st Wednesday. 

Carpenters and Joiners No. 153 — Gerald Lindstrom, Pres., 1117 Broadway, 
HI 2-2525; Everett Ballard, Bus. Agent, 1125 5th Ave., HI 2-5425; 
2nd, 4th Thursday. 

Electrical Workers No. 185 — Samuel AlcCarthv, Pres., 330 N. Main; Henry 
J. Anders, Sec'y., 622 3rd, HI 2-4376; 1st. 3rd Tuesday. 

Engineers, Operating (Stationary Engineer Branch) No. 373 — Fred W^il- 
liams, Pres., S. Park; Jesse H. Jones, Secy., Box 534, HI 2-3260, Ext. 
209; 2nd Thursday. 

Fire Fighters No. 448— E. E. Morris, Pres., 2208 Villard Ave., HI 2-0062; 
E. A. Braun, Sec'y., 645 Dearborn Ave., HI 2-5581; last Monday, 
Fire Station. 

Hod Carriers and Laborers No. 254 — Peter Sangray, Pres., 1728 Waukesha 
Ave., HI 2-2459; Chester Bates, Bus. Agent, 14 S. Davis, HI 2-0285; 
2nd, 4th Wednesday. 

Hotel and Restaurant Employees No. 612 — Rosalie Hafner, Pres., 912 9th 
Ave.; Lewis Teddy, Bus. Agent, Box 955, HI 2-3776; 2nd Tuesday. 

Laundry Workers No. 45 — George A. Bishop, Pres., 1024 Missoula Ave., 
HI 2-3009; Isabelle West, Bus. Agent, 229 Spencer, HI 2-1031; 2nd 

Lumber and Sawmill Workers No. 2409 — Helen Bouchey, Pres., 325 4th 
Ave. E., Kalispell; Ray Lindberg, Sec'y., 818 11th Ave., Helena, ph. 
HI 2-7381; on call at member's home. 

Machinists No. 231— David Warn, Pres., 1213 Chestnut, HI 2-8532; 
Richard Ward, Bus. Agent, 576 S. Rodney, HI 2-0208; 1st. 3rd Monday. 

Motion Picture Operators No. 255 — Fred A. Olson, Pres., 1122 Livingston, 
HI 2-4087; Gene Sherman, Bus. Agent, 339 W. Lawrence, HI 2-2562; 
2nd Monday. 

Musicians — Venzel Rinda, Pres., 715 8th Ave.; LeRoy H. Bernet, Sec'y., 
837 N. Ewing; 1st Wednesday. 


Helena — ( Continued ) 

Office Employees No. 257— Dorotiij' Engledow, Sec'y-Treas., Box 1176. 

Painters and Decorators No. 1023 — John Horton, Pres., 909 Waukesha, 
HI 2-li)ll\ Bud Lippert, Fin. Sec'y., 229 S. Cooke, HI 2-1047; 2nd, 
4th Monday. 

Plasterers and Cement Finishers No. 86 — Harold Honnold, Bus Agent 
308 N. Davis, HI 2-8031; 1st Monday. 

Plumbers and Pipefitters No. 266 — Nathan Kamared, Pres., 18 Elm St ; 
Ed Dougherty, Sec'y., 2321 Cannon St., HI 2-5057; 1st, 3rd Tuesday. 

Printing Pressmen No. 9— Clayton Rickman, Pres., 507 Hillsdale, HI 2-3223; 
Everett Warfield, Sec'y., Box 606, East Helena; 2nd Monday, Eagles 

Retail Clerks No. 684— Henry Pieper, Pres., 2009 Villard, HI 2-4611; A. B. 
Rice, Bus. Agent, 209 S. Ewing, HI l-\lil. Box 925; 1st, 3rd Thursday. 

Sheet Metal Worker No. 284 — Kenneth Kinney, Pres., 1805 Highland, 
HI 2-6325; Charles Nahrgang, Sec'y., 1422 Cannon, HI 2-2277; 1st 

Smeltermen No. 72— John Fonk, Pres., 1611 Walnut, HI 2-3463; Joseph 
Prebil, Sec'y., East Helena, AC 7-5532; 1st, 3rd Monday, I.O.O.F Hall, 
East Helena. 

Stage Employees No. 7 — William Hargrove, Sec'y., R.F.D., Townsend. 

Teamsters No. 666— Brant Bingham, Pres., 1400 Boulder, HI 2-4918: 
Norman Sloan, Bus. Agent, 709 9th Ave., HI 2-0276; 2nd, 4th Thurs- 
day, Eagles Hall. 

Trades and Labor Council — Patrick J. Carpenter, Sec'y., 307 13th Ave., 
HI 2-2978; 2nd, 4th Monday. 

Typographical No. 95— Harry Albright, Pres., Route 8, HI 2-4413; Stanley 
E. Thurston, Sec'y., Box 1119, 3 N. Benton, HI 2-7297; 1st Wednes- 
day, Eagles Hall. 

MONTANA, 1956 27 

Columbia Falls Libby Whitefish 

Barbers Union No. 403 — Tracy Johnson, Pres. ; Lester Lawrence, Sec'y-. 
Route 1, Evergreen; 4th Thursday, Tracy's Barbershop, ph. 5952. 

Building Trades Council — Richard Hotter, Pres., 5 5th Ave. E.; Noel Gies, 
Sec'y., 20 Woodland .\ve.; 2nd, 4th Tuesday, Strand Bldg., ph. 3345. 

Carpenters and Joiners No. 911 — Leif .Knderson, Pres., Route 1, Spring 
Creek Drive; Ray Petersen, Sec'y--Bus. Agent; 2nd, 4th Wednesday, 
Eagles Bldg.; Bus. address. Strand Bldg., ph. 4405. 

Central Trades and Labor Council, Kalispell — E. F. Waddell, Pres., 526 
2nd Ave. W.; Noel Gies, Sec'y-. 20 Woodland Ave.; 2nd, 4th Tuesday, 
Strand Building, ph. 3345. 

City Employees No. 256— John C. Harris, Pres., 395 7th Ave. W.N.; 
Bernice Kehoe, Sec'y., 376 1st Ave. E.N.; 2nd Wednesday, City Water 
Office, ph. 6804 or 6595. 

Electrical Workers No, 768 — Harry Wagoner, Pres., Route 1, Kalispell; 
Charles Byers, Bus. Agent, 233 4th Ave. E. ; 2nd Friday, Eagles Bldg. 

Engineers, Operating, No. 371 — Jesse Sparks, Pres., Route 1-A, Columbia 
Falls; Joe B. Crosswhite, Sec'y., Box 65; 1st Thursday, Adams Block, 
3rd Tuesday in Missoula at Labor Temple, ph. 5838. 

Fire Fighters No. 547— Charles B. Till: on, Pres., 630 14th St. E.; C. L. 
Hendrickson, Sec'y., 845 7th Ave. E.; 2nd Tuesday, Fire Hall, ph. 4770. 

Hod Carriers and Laborers No. 1192 — William Anderson, Pres., Route 1-A, 
Kalispell; R. E. Hovem, Sec'y., 324 9th Ave. W.; 1st, 3rd Friday, 
Eagles Bldg., ph. 4425. 

Hotel and Restaurant, Bartenders No. 312 — Gladys Gaslin, Pres., 785 N. 
Main; Wiola McBride, Sec'y.; 1st, 3rd Mondays, Strand Bldg., ph. 3345. 

Ironworkers No. 598 — Louis Bertiro Pres.; Warren Avcock, Sec'y., 
Route 1, Poplar Drive; 1st, 3rd Friday, Strand Bldg., ph. 5998. 

Letter Carriers No. 683 — Harold Kair, Pres., HI 4th Ave. W. ; James 
Lavin, Sec'y., ph. 5472; on call at designated home. 

Loggers No. 2446— Harrv Hill, Pres.; Henry E. Triplett, Sec'y.; 4th Fridav, 
Strand Bldg., ph. 5747. 

Lumber and Sawmill Workers No. 1965 — Somers — Clayton Lauman, Pres.; 
Percy Fine, Sec'y.; 2nd Thursday, Norway Hall, Somers. 

Lumber and Sawmill Workers No. 2405 — Fred Wittlake, Jr., Pres.; Harry 
Hunt, Sec'y., Route 3; last Friday, Strand Bldg., ph. 5747. 

Machinists Local No. 1760 — Fred Kramer, Pres., Route 1, Kalispell; 
Charles A. Creon, Sec'y., Box 155, Whitefish; 2nd, 4th Wednesday, 
Strand Bldg., ph. 3345. 

Meat Cutters and Butchers No. 578 — Robert Edwards, Pres., 1136 5th Ave. 
E.; Grover Kaufman, Sec'y.; 1st Tuesday, Adams Block, ph. 5462. 

Motor Coach Employees No. 1194, Missoula — B. V. Johnson, Pres.; Harry 
K. Brimball, Sec'y., Missoula. 


Kalispell — (Continued) 

Musicians No. 552 — Tracy Johnson, Pres.; Homer McClarty, Sec'y-, 945 
8th Ave. W.; 1st Tuesday, Eagles Bldg., ph. 4054. 

Office Employees No. 257 — Mrs. Ellen Olsen, Pres.; Noel Gies, Sec'y-, 20 
Woodland Ave. ; 1st Saturday, Strand Bldg., ph. 5747. 

Painters and Decorators No. 975 — Kenneth Jones, Pres.; Wesley Ainley, 
Sec'y., Holt Stage; 2nd, 4th Monday, Strand Bldg., ph. 7454. 

Plasterers and Cement Finishers No. 436 — AI Stinger, Pres.; R. W. Alten- 
burg, Sec'y., Route 1 ; A. J. Hale, Bus. Agent, 920 E. Oregon; 1st 
Wednesday, Strand Bldg., ph. 6835. 

Plumbers and Pipefitters No. 684— Chester Possum, Pres.; Warran Nau- 
mann, Sec'y. -Bus. Agent; 2nd, 4th Monday, Eagles Bldg., ph. 6938. 

Police Protective Association — Elvin Christopherson, Pres.; James Curtis, 
Sec'y ; on call at Police Station, ph. 5509. 

Retail Clerks No. 1427 — Gary Fisher, Pres.; Dom Sempf, Sec'y., 914 1st 
Ave. W.; 3rd Thursday, Eagles Bldg., ph. 3357. 

Sheet Metal Workers No. 147 — Stanley Conners, Pres., Route 1; Byron 

Hoylman, Sec'y., 1240 7th Ave. E.; 4th Wednesday, Strand Bldg., 
ph. 4494. 

State Highway Employees No. 616, Maintenance Force — Melvin Mum- 
bower, Pres., Route 1, Meadow^lark Dr.; J. F. Conn, Sec'y.; on call. 
Shop Bldg., ph. 7049. 

State Highway Employees No. 467, Office and Engineering Force — Wil- 
liam Hiebert, Pres.; Ray Hamilton, Sec'y.; 4th Saturday, Shop Bldg., 
ph. 5729. 

Teamsters No. 593 — Howard L. Wheeler, Pres., 445 10th Ave. W. ; Noel 
Gies, Sec'y., 20 Woodland Ave.; 1st, 3rd Thursday, Strand Bldg., 
ph. 3345. 

Typographical No. 723 — Tom Hawkins, Pres.; C. T. Kavanagh, Sec'y., 
208 Woodland Ave.; 1st Tuesday, Secretary's residence, 208 Woodland 
Ave., ph. 4261. 

Columbia Falls (Kalispell Area) 

Aluminum Workers No. 320 Production Workers — Carl Eyre, Pres.; John 
Ebing, Sec'y. -Treas., Bank Bldg., ph. 246; 4th Monday, Masonic Hall. 

Aluminum Workers Trades Council — Jack Strickland, Pres.; David Mon- 
roe, Sec'y. -Treas., Bank Bldg., ph. 246; 1st Monday, Masonic Hall. 

Electrical Workers No. 3 — Earl Jackson, Hungry Horse, Bureau of Recla- 
mation; 1st Wednesday. 

Lumber and Sawmill Workers No. 2797 — Clayton Goodsell, Pres., Box 
1042; Ronald Anderson, Sec'y., 720 5th Ave. E., Kalispell; 2nd Friday, 
Masonic Hall. 

Lumber and Sawmill Workers No. 3029 — James R. Binns, Pres.; Edward 
Beauchamp, Sec'y., ph. 246. 

MONTANA, 1956 29 

Kalispell — (Continued) 
Whitefish (Kalispell Area) 

Bartenders and Culinary Workers No. 718 — Margaret Stiner, Sec'y., Box 
486; 1st, 3rd Wednesday, VFW Hall. 

Carpenters and Joiners No. 2125 — Bill Ranicy, Jr., Pres.; Rudy Watterud, 
Bus. Agent, 243 Minnesota Ave., ph. 2-5502; 1st, 3rd Friday. I.O.O.F. 

R. R. Boilermakers — Orville Barton, Pres.; Roy Flint, Sec'y.; on call. 

R. R. Carmen — Bert Ingalls, Pres.; Lee Curtis, Sec'y.; 1st Wednesday, 
VFW^ Hall. 

R. R. Clerks — Frank Davis, Pres.; Russell Nieskens, Sec'y. 

R. R. Conductors— R. K. Foster, Pres., W. 3rd St. 

R. R. Firemen and Oilers — Orven Olsen, Pres.; Elmer Smith, Sec'y.; 
on call. 

R, R. Locomotive Engineers — Otto Schwartz, Chairman. 

R. R. Locomotive Firemen and Enginemen — Chas. Linn, Chairman; L. W. 
Brown, Sec'y. 

R. R. Machinists — Allex Lodinoff, Pres.; Don Smith, Sec'y.; 3rd Friday, 
Cadillac Hotel. 

R. R. Maintenance of Way — Elmer Kruse, Pres.; Argil Porter, Sec'y.; 
2nd Saturday, VFW Hall. 

R. R. Switchmen — R. F. Ziegner, Chairman. 

R. R. Train Dispatchers — A. F. Avey, Pres., South Lake Shore. 

R. R. Trainmen — D. W. Long, Local Chairman. 

Trades and Labor Assembly, Whitefish— Willard Wehr, Pres., 27 Colo- 
rado Ave.; Rudv Watterud, Sec'v., 243 Minnesota Ave., ph. 2-5502; 4th 
Friday, VFW Hall. 

Libby (Kalispell Area) 

Carpenters and Joiners No. 2225 — Ed Hewitt, Pres.; Iver Snvder, Sec'y.; 
1st, 3rd Thursday, VFW Hall. 

Electrical Workers No. 768 — Harold Maze, Steward of Unit, Kalispell 

Engineers, Operating, No. 361 — Jack Garrison, Pres.; Richard Rayone, 
Sec'y.; 3rd Monday, VFW Hall. 

Hod Carriers and Laborers No. 1001 — Harold Rorke, Bus. Agent; on call, 
VFW Hall. 

Lumber and Sawmill Workers No. 2581 — Arthur H. Sheldon, Pres.; Wil- 
liam Shawl, Bus. Agent; 2nd, 4th Tuesday, Moose Hall. 

Painters and Decorators No. 1667 — See Kalispell listing. 

Plasterers and Cement Finishers No. 902 — See Kalispell listing. 



Asbestos Workers No. 101— Billings, Local Representative, W. S. Devine, 
1004 7th Ave. N., Box 91, ph. 245. 

Barbers No. 294 — Barnev Schutz, Pres., 619 Shields, ph. 714-M; Merle 
Sliaw. Sec'y., 212;A 'W. Alain, ph. 1325-J; 4th Wednesday. Victory 

Bartenders No. 831— Dave Kilgore. Pres., 915 W. Main, ph. 1151; John 
Chabala, Sec'y., Rex Hotel; 3rd Sunday, Carpenters Hall. 

Bricklayers and Masons No. 4— John T. Plovanic, Pres., 815 W. Montana, 

ph. 699; Frank Yalach, Sec'y., 611 Corcoran, ph. 1298; 1st Thursday, 

Carpenters Hall. 
Building Trades Council— Alton Hull, Pres., 901 W. Janeaux. ph. 1124-J; 

W. S. Devine, Bus. Representative. 1004 7th Ave. N., Box 91, ph. 245; 

2nd. 4th Wednesday, Carpenters Hall. 

Carpenters and Joiners No. 1949 — Frank Steffes, Pres.. 915 3rd Ave. S., ph. 
710-J ; Joe Gokey, Sec'y., 201 Hilgcr Ave., ph. 496-M; 2nd, 4th Monday, 
Carpenters Hall. 

Construction and General Laborers No. 273 — Great Falls, Local Repre- 
sentative W. S. Devine, 1004 7th Ave. N., Box 91. ph. 245. 

Electrical Workers No. 552— Oscar Paulson. Pres., 514 Bebb St.. ph. 574-J ; 
Mack Armstrong, Sec'y-. 1117 W. Broadway, ph. 1149-R; 4th Friday, 
Carpenters Hall. 

Engineers Operating, No. 377 — Great Falls, Local Representative W. S. 
Devine, 1004 7th Ave. N., Box 91, ph. 245. 

Painters and Decorators No. 1078— Cecil Plummer, Pres.. 1209 E. Broad- 
way, ph. 1380-R; C. H. Warner, Sec'y.; 2nd, 4th Tuesday, Car- 
penters Hall. 

Plumbers No. 139— Great Falls. Local Representative W. S. Devine. 1004 
7tli Ave. N., Box 91, ph. 245. 

R. R. Clerks- G. L. Kister, Chairman, 417 W. Evelyn. 

R R. Conductors — G. F. Baumgartncr, Chairman, Box 776; on call. 

R. R. Locomotive Engineers — R. W. Spring, Chairman, 918 W. Blvd.; 
Lester Gibbs, Secy., Three Forks; on call. 

R. R. Locomotive Firemen — Earl Holmquist. Chairman, S. Lewistown; 
Bill Short, Secy., 810 W. Erie; on call. 

R. R. Maintenance of Way — Dean Jacobson, Chairman (Great Falls). 

R. R. Trainmen— C. K. Hatton, Chairman, 1224 Spring; E. G. Samuels, 
Secy.; 1st Saturday, Milwaukee Depot. 

R. R. Shop Crafts (Harlowton) — Arnold Wurth. Chairman. Harlowton; 
on call. 

State Highway Employees— Berton Spring. Pres., 500 W. Farewell, ph. 
1157; C. W. Marvin, Sec'y.. 509 W. Barnes, ph. 1229; Lt Monday, 
State Highway. 

Teamsters No. 45— Jack Wright, Bus. Agent, 202 8th Ave. S., ph. 1321-R; 
on call. Carpenters Hall. 

Typographical — Wendell Ellenberger, Pres.. 1402 W. Washington, ph. 
1140-J; Konrad Braaten, Sec'y., 812 W. Corcoran, ph. 1342-J; 1st 
Friday, Carpenters Hall. 

MONTANA, 1956 31 


Barbers No. 401— Bob Adlestein, Pres.; Lloyd Griffith. Secy., ph. 1207-R; 
last Tuesday, Style Barber Shop. 

Bartenders No. 855 — Leo Pierson, Pres.; Willard Pascara, Secy., 127 South 
N St., ph. 1704-J; 1st Sunday, Labor Temple. 

Building and Trades Council — John O'Neil, Pres., 211 E. Chinook; John 

D. Collins, Secy., Box 49; 3rd Thursday. 

Carpenters and Joiners No. 1085 — Owen Doty, Pres. and Secy., 416 N. 
8th, ph. 1557-R; 1st and 3rd Friday, lOOF Hall. 

Cooks and Waiters No. 860— Mrs. Gerald Bruner, Pres., 309 S. H St., 
pli. 850-M; Ruth DiUmore, Bus. Agent, 117 S. Main, ph. 1028-M; 2nd 
Friday, Labor Temple. 

Electrical Workers— Daniel A. MacDonald, Pres., 413 S. F St., ph. 512-J; 
Wilbur Raney, Secy., 409 N. 9th, ph. 512-J; 3rd Monday, Labor 

Government Employees No. 1037 — Wm. Armstrong, Pres., Yellowstone 
Park; Ed Chamberlin, Secy., Yellowstone Park; 2nd Monday, Canteen 

Hod Carriers and Laborers — Ben O'Neil, Pres., Clyde Park; Ed O'Neil, 
Bus. Agent, 218 S. C St., ph. 232-M; 1st Tuesday, Labor Temple. 

Laundry Workers — William Bussard, Pres., 623 N. Main, ph. 794-J; Ana 
W'inimer, Secy., 304 S. 6th St., ph. 1226-J; 2nd Tuesday, Labor Hall. 

Meat Cutters — Martin Sevino, Pres.. Lois Sorenson, Secy., 302 S. K St., 
ph. 852-R; 1st Tuesday, Labor Temple. 

Motion Picture Operators— Walter Hall, Pres., Box 161, ph. 1372-W; 1st 
Monday, lOOF Hall. 

Musicians — Bill Koch, Pres.; Jim Copenhauer, Secy., 410 E. Clark, ph. 
591-J; 2nd Thursday, Labor Temple. 

Painters and Decorators — Dick Hammes, Pres.; Harold Vandervoort, 
Secy., 104 S. G St., ph. 193-W; 1st Thursday, lOOF Hall. 

Plumbers No. 243— John Collins, Pres., 724 W. Lewis, ph. 1186-J; Wylie 
Huggins, Secy., 109 N. G St., ph. 101 1-R; William T. Ramsey, V-Pres., 
808 N. Rouse, Bozeman; 2nd Monday, alternately Livingston and 

R. R. Blacksmiths — Pete Mickelson, Pres.; Ed Smoke, Secy, Livingston; 
on call. Eagles Hall. 

R. R. Boilermakers— Oscar Bcrgsing, Pres., 210 S D St. ph 773-R- 

E. M. Tollefson, Secy., 410 S. Fifth, ph. 1317-J; on call.' 

R. R. Carmen — Floyd McGonegal, Pres.. ph. 067-R-4; Marry Scalise, 
Secy., 617 E. Lewis, ph. 861-J; 2nd Friday, Labor Temple. 

R. R. Conductors— J. J. Rabbcn, Pres., 403 S. 7th, ph. 395-J; W. R. McGee. 
Secy., 427 S. 8th, ph. 759; 2nd Wednesday, lOOF Hall. 

P. R. Electricians— Ray F.isliop, Imu. Secy., 415 N. 6th. ph. 538-W. 


Livingston — (Continued) 

R. R. Firemen and Oilers (Roundhouse)— Ed O'Neil, Pres., 218 S. C St., 
ph. 232-M; Clarence Cuttler, Secy., 109 S. C St., ph. 387-R; 2nd Mon- 
day, Labor Temple. 

R. R. Locomotive Engineers — Harry McGee, Pres., 418 N. B St., ph. 
314-J.; Rex Barton, Sec'y., 331 N. 3rd, ph. 1807; Monday, lOOF Hall. 

R. R. Locomotive Firemen — Bob Graham, Pres., 313 N. Main, ph. 1760-W; 
Stanley Regedahl, Secy., 126 S. 5th, ph. 302-R; 1st Monday, Moose 

R. R. Machinists — V. M. Orelen, Pres., Shields Route, Livingston; G. C. 
White. Secy., 501 N. C St., ph. 1620; 2nd, 4th Friday, lOOF Hall. 

R. R. Sheet Metal Workers and Pipefitters^ C. E. Skellestad, Pres.; Mil- 
ton Dewing, Secy., 417 S. 7th, ph. 631-W; on call. 

R. R. Trainmen TJo. 295 — L. D. Holderbaum, Chairman, 515 N. Main, 
ph. 350-R; E. D. Peterson, Secy., 518 E. Geyser, ph. 1223-W; 1st 
Monday, 3rd Friday, Murray Hotel. 

Retail Clerks No. 1091— Carl Haymond, Pres., ph. 099-R-4; Ethel Purdy, 
Secy., 311 S. 2nd St., ph. 875-W; 1st Wednesday, lOOF Hall. 

State Employees No. 277 — Joel Case, Pres., Box 151, Wilsall; Sam Briggs, 
Secy., 805 E. Callendar St., 3rd Thursday, Labor Temple. 

Teamsters No. 412 — Robert A. Adams, Pres., 1426 W. Crawford, ph. 
1559-NJ; Kenneth Profitt, Secy., 224 W. Lewis, ph. 1263-J. 

Trades and Labor Assembly— Wylie Huggins, Pres., 109 N. G St., ph. 
1011-R; W. J. Priest, Secy., 410 S. Yellowstone, ph. 200; 1st, 3rd Mon- 
day, Labor Temple. 

Typographical — John Dugan, Pres.; Eugene Burtch, Secy., 305 S. D St., 
ph. 591-R; 1st Friday, Murray Hotel. 

MONTANA, 1956 33 

Baker Forsyth 

Barbers No. 615 — Bert Hold, Pres., 604 Main St.; Harold Bergerud, Sec'y., 
617J4 Main St.; 3rd Friday, 617^1 Main St. 

Boilermakers and Shipyard Workers No. 52 — R. J. Gluyas, Pres., 903 
Garland, ph. 485-AI; John Kenney, Sec'y., 211 J/^ S. 4th, 123S-J; on 
call. Moose Hall. 

Carpenters and Joiners No. 1524 — Bob E. Rodgers, Pres., 602 Hubbel, ph. 
1628-J; Wilbert Bergenson, Sec'y., P. O. Box 264; 2nd, 4th Friday, 
Central Labor Hall. 

Electrical Workers No. 653— Emil Mehling, Pres., 1614 Pearl St., ph. 
1002; Dwight Roberts, Sec'y., 108 N. Lake, ph. 956-J ; 2nd Wednes- 
day, Central Labor Hall. 

Fire Fighters No. 600— Harold Handley, Pres., 801 N. 3rd, ph. 193-W; 
Don Addington, Sec'y., 408 S. Prairie, ph. 1460-R; on call, City Hall. 

Hod Carriers and Laborers No. 98 — E. H. Helterbran, Bus. Agent, Labor 
Temple, Billings. 

Hotel and Restaurant, Bartenders No. 524 — Ralph Carlstrom, Pres., c/o 
Log Cabin Bar, ph. 1015; Gertrude May, Sec'y., Box 462, 701 Wash- 
ington, ph. 1121; 1st Sunday, Central Labor Hall. 

Laundry and Dry Cleaners No. 307 — Stella Adamson, Pres., 1811 Fort, ph. 
1321-W; James Wilson. Sec'y., P. O. Box 272, ph. 2059-M; 1st Thurs- 
day, Central Labor Hall. 

Montana State Highway Employees No. 243— Lloyd Elliott, Pres., 1108 
W^oodbury. ph. 2037; Cliff E. Prahl, Sec'y., 1618 Batchelor, ph. 2352; 
on call, Knights of Columbus Hall. 

Musicians No. 429 — Waldo Northcut, Pres., 517 Missouri, ph. 290; Elmer 
Stockhill, Acting Sec'y., 619 S. Center, ph. 297-J. 

Painters and Decorators No. 982 — Leon Oddy, Pres., 501 S. Custer, ph. 
609-W; Edward Derrig, Sec'y., 903 S. Prairie, ph. 501-W; 3rd Friday, 
Central Labor Hall. 

Plasterers and Cement Masons No. 599 — Lloyd Lawrence. Pres., 705 
Felton, ph. 192-R: Charles Collins, Sec'y., P. O. Box 264; last Satur- 
day, Central Labor Hall. 

R. R. Carmen No. 224— D. E. Wade, Pres., 718 S. Cale, ph. 1632-J; 
Virgil M. Rask, Sec'y., 717 S. Cottage Grove, ph. 1397; 3rd Wednes- 
day, Eagles Hall. 

R. R. Conductors No. 528— C. S. Brown, Chief Conductor, 510 N. Cottage 
Grove, ph. 385-M; D. P. Brady, Sec'y.-Treas., 117 N. Center, ph. 2080; 
1st Sunday, Milwaukee Women's Club. 

R. R. Firemen, Oilers and Roundhouse Workers No. 101 — Walter C. 

Johnson. Pros., 2405 Lcigliton Blvd., ph. 1419-M; Myron Timmons," 
Sec'y., 811 X. Custer, ph. 1765-J; on call, Milwaukee Roundhouse. 

R. R. Locomotive Engineers No. 761 — Earl H. Hogan, Pres., 17 N 10th 
ph. 1728; II. E. Holm, Sec'y.-Treas., 516 Knight, ph. 838; 2nd Tues- 
day, Aloose Hall. 


Miles City — (Continued) 

R. R. Locomotive Firemen and Enginemen, Signal Butte No. 759 — G. E. 

Sarff, Pres., 812 Woodbury, ph. 435-R; T. A. Tonn, Sec'y, 503 S. 
Merriam, ph. 2031; 2nd Monday, Alilwaukee Service Club. 

R. R. Machinists No. 507— J. J. Hinther, Pres., 601 N. Montana, ph. 776-M ; 
Fulton D. Schell. Sec'y., 711 Missouri; 3rd Friday, Eagles Club. 

R. R. Railway and Steamship Clerks No. 792— J. A. Brady, Pres.. 701 N. 
Montana, ph. 973-W; D. B. Campbell, Sec'y., 215 N. Strevelle, ph. 
47S-M; 2nd Monday, Milwaukee Service Club. 

R. R. Railway Trainmen No. 811— E. R. Martin, Pres., 1412 Pearl, ph. 
1167-J; Tenny Babcock. Sec'y., Yellowstone Valley, ph. 804-J-l; 1st 
Monday, 3rd Tuesda3% Elks Home. 

State, County and Municipal Employees No. 283 — James Bovle, Pres., 1016 
N. Alontana, ph. 1699-J; Harvey Watts, Sec'y., 603 Hubbel. ph. 97-T; 
1st Tuesdaj', Central Labor Hall. 

Teamsters, Chauffeurs and Warehousemen No. 100 — Don Bluett, Bus. 
Agent, Billings. 

Trades and Labor Council — Llovd Marion. Pres., Havnes Ave., ph. 1829-T; 
James Wilson, Sec'y., Box 272, ph. 2059- AI ; 2nd, 4th Thursday, Cen- 
tral I^abor Hall. 

Typographical Union No. 631 — Robert Coe. Pres., 21 S. Jordan, ph. 1436-W; 
Charles Steiner, Sec'y., 706 Atlantic, ph. 589-M; 3rd Alonday, Central 
Labor Hall. 

Baker (Aliles City Area) 

Electrical Workers No. 958, Baker — Rex Bruce, Pres. and Bus. Agent; 
Russell Helgerson, Rec. Sec'y., Baker; 3rd Monday. 

Forsyth (Miles City Area) 

Carpenters and Joiners No. 2220 — John Sherman, Pres., Forsyth; Edward 
F. Ziebarth. Sec'y., Box 131, Forsyth; last Friday. 

MONTANA, 1956 35 

Bonner Superior 

fAll Missoula meetings at Union Mall unless otherwise noted) 

Bakers and Confectionery Workers — Kenneth E. Eggan, Sec'y-, 329 S. 1st 
St. W.; 2nd Tuesday. 

Barbers No. 585 — John Green, Pres., 313 N. Pattee; Harold Bowden, Sec'y., 
611 Edith; 2nd Thursday. 

Bartenders Local No. 817 — Harry Jones, Pres., 218 E. Central Ave.; 
Forrest J. Tucker, Sec'y., 2018 S. 12lh St. W.; 4th Monday. 

Beauticians No. 585-A — Ora Starr, Pres., 315 N. Pattee St.; Laura Bracha, 
Sec'y.. 420' S S. 3rd St. W.; 2nd Monday. 

Bricklayers No. 7— Ed Hettick, Pres., 1815 S. 11th St. W.; Fred Parmelee, 
Sec'y., 511 N. Ave. W. ; on call. 

Building and Construction Trades Council, Missoula — Charles W. Holden, 
Pres., Box 515. 618K' Rollins; Adrian Wilson, Sec'y., West Greenough 
Dr.; 1st, 3rd Wednesday. 

Butchers 242— Al Pelkey, Pres., 908 Cooper St.; Walter Strom, Sec'y.; 3rd 

Carpenters and Joiners No. 28 — Ed Piper, Pres., 405 Burlington Ave. ; 
Arnold Helding, Sec'y., 910 S. 5th St. W; 1st, 3rd Monday. 

Electrical Workers No. 408— Charles W. Holden, Pres., 618r^ RoUins 
.\ve.; David Knoyle. Sec'y., 888 Edith Street; 2nd, 4th Tuesday. 

Engineers, Operating, No. 371 — Jesse E. Sparks, Pres., Box 65, Kalispell; 
Joe B. Crosswhite, Sec'y., Box 65, Kalispell; 3rd Tuesday, LTnion Hall, 

Fire Fighters No. 271— W. K. Cahoon, Pres., 133 Sherwood St.; Gerald 
Brammer, Sec'y., 804 W. Pine St.; 26th of month. City Fire Station. 

Firemen (Sta.) No. 374 — Norman Lamh, Pres., Route 4, Rattlesnake; Carl 
Sorensen, Sec'y., 509 Brooks; 2nd Thursday. 

Glaciers No. 1692 — Pete Shawver, Pres., 424 Hartman; Chalmer ITughes, 
Sec'y., 2047 S. 14th St., 1st Thursday. 

Hod Carriers and Laborers No. 187 — Gerald Nearman, Pres., ill Monroe; 
Harry C. Waller, Sec'y., 10 Parsons Dr.; 2nd, 4th Wednesday. 

Hotel and Restaurant Employees No. 427 — Myrtle Hughes, Pres., Dorothy 
Apts.; Reva Walterskirclien, Sec'y., 425 Hastings Ave.; 2n(l Monday. 

Lathers No. 212 — Dave Proehstel, Sec'y., 535 E. Main; on call. 

Laundry Workers No. 21 — Nina Parsley, Pres., Route No. 1 Orchard 
Homes; Nettie Mace, Sec'y., 1428 Defoe St.; 2nd Tuesday. 

Letter Carriers — Edgar York, Secy'., 529 S. 5th E. ; on call. 

Lumber and Sawmill Workers No. 2685— Lloyd Wise, Pres., 618 S. 2nd 
St. W.; I'.ill Bctson. Sec'y., 2033 Davison Ave. 


Missoula — (Continued) 

Lumber and Sawmill Workers Nq. 2812— Dave Mackie, Pres., 2002 S. 11th 
W.; Bill Alickelson, Rec. Sec'y-J 3rd Thursday. 

Lumber and Sawmill Workers No. 3038 — Anton Iverson, Pres., Piltzville; 

Patrick Thiliodeau, Sec'y-> -^l^ W. Central Ave.; 2nd Sunday. 

Mechanics, Auto No. 1434 — Charles M. Baldwin, Pre'^.. 828 S. 6th St. W.; 
John W. Meier, Sec'y., 614 DeFoe St.; 1st, 3rd Thursday. 

Motor Coach Employees (Amalg.) — B. V. Johnson, Pres., 2026 S. 11th 
St. W.; Harry Brimhall, Sec'y., 1753 S. 10th St. W. 

Musicians No. 498 — Paul Snyder, Pres., 156 Kensington Ave.; Robert E. 
Johnson, Sec'y-, 831 E. Beckwith Ave.; 1st Thursday. 

Painters and Decorators No. 851 — Raymond Doty, Pres., 330 Benton Ave.; 
Earl McLaughHn, Sec'y.; 1st Monday. 

Plasterers and Cement Finishers No. 415 — Roy E. Loss, Sec'y., 321 LeVas- 
seur ; 2nd Friday. 

Plumbers and Steamfitters Local 459 — Al Mogus, Sec'y; 1st, 3rd Monda5\ 

Post Office Clerks National Federation — Allen Blackler, Sec'y,. Route 1 
Orchard Homes; on call. 

Printing Pressmen No. 242 — I^Iervin Sage, Sec'.y., 924 Sherwood, ph. 9-1793; 
2nd Thursday, Missoulian Pressroom. 

R. R. Boilermakers — G. V. Froehlich, Pres. and Sec'y., 1322 Butte Ave; 
2nd Thursday, 1322 Butte Ave. 

R. R. Carmen— G. E. Milner, Pres., 1138 Phillips St.; Henry Hilman, Jr., 
Sec'y., 1610 Sherwood Street; 2nd Wednesday. 

R. R. Clerks— R. D. Boespflug, Pres., Box 389, Milltown; O. F. Sackett, 
Sec'y. -Treas., 1022 Urlin Ave.; 1st Tuesday. 

R. R. Conductors— C. J. Dalton, Pres., Box 692; T. A. Washington, Sec'y- 
Treas., 370 Strand Ave., 3rd Wednesday. 

R. R. Locomotive Engineers — H. G. Day, Pres., 133 Jackson St.; Joseph 
Haytin, Sec'}'., 806 Locust St.; 1st, 3rd Tuesday. 

R. R. Locomotive Firemen — W. W. Gendrow, Pres., 1030 Cooper St.; R. 
AI. Cain, Sec'y., 130 Woodford St.; 1st, 3rd Monday. 

R. R. Machinists— C. V. Froehlich, Pres., 806 N. 7th St. W.; Herbert 
Schmautz, Sec'y., Route 1 ; 3rd Wednesday. 

R. R. Maintenance of Way— John H. Wood, Pres., 1924 Ellis Ave.; L. J. 
Terpening, Sec'y. -Treas., 133 Alonroe St., Box 76; 3rd Sunday. 

R. R. Trainmen and Yardmen— V. W. Gibson, Pres., 1302 Phillips St.; 
W. W. Buckley, Sec'y. -Treas., 238 Burlington; 4th Monday. 

Retail Clerks No. 991— Calvin Elton, Pres., 24 Ravalli; Thomas A. Burditt, 
Sec'y., 2244 Schillings Ave.; 4th Tuesday. 

Sugar Workers No. 21260 — Louis Leek, Pres., 440 Evans St.; Blaine Baker, 

Sec'y.; 3rd Thursday. 

MONTANA, 1956 Z7 

Missoula — (Continued) 

Teachers — E. W. Briggs, Pres., c/o University; Robert James, Sec'y., 
c/o University; 2nd Thursday, Liberal Arts Building. 

Teamsters No. 448 — Clinton G. Getschman, Pres., Route 1, Grove St.; 
Theo. P. Swanson, Sec'y-, 536 Brooks; 2nd, 4th Tuesday. 

Theatrical and Moving Picture Operators No. 339— R. J. Hale, Pres., 318 
Keith Ave.; Charles Watson, Sec'y., 346 Burlington Ave.; on call. 

Trades and Labor Council, Missoula — Sally Doull, Pres., 927 Van Buren; 
Charles M. Baldwin, Sec'y., 828 S. 6th St. W.; 2nd, 4th Thursday. 

Typographical No. 277— Geo. Broeker, Pres., 944 Stevens, ph. 9-8007; 
John Klock, Sec'y., 938 Poplar, ph. 9-3675; 1st Sunday. 

Woodworkers of America, International No. 10-141 — Ed F. Berneking, 

Secy.; 3rd Thursday, Odd Fellows Hall, Superior. 


Carpenters and Joiners No. 670 — Allen Smith, Pres.; Francis Kis, Bus. 
Agent, ph. 123-\V; 1st, 3rd Friday, Civic League Club Rooms. 

Lumber and Sawmill Workers No. 1909 — Byron Gilman, Pres.; Ed Stark, 
Rec. Sec'y., ph. 239-L; 1st Friday, Civic League Club Rooms. 

Kevin Sunburst 

Carpenters and Joiners No. 1568 — Louis Higgins, Pres., HE 4-5677; 
Francis Phillips, Acting Sec'y., HE 4-5386; 2nd, 4th Tuesday, VFW 

Electrical Workers No. 1508— Donald Shea, Pres., HE 4-5405; Kenneth 
Swanson, Sec'y., HE 4-2439; 2nd Thursday, Moose Club Hall. 

Oil Workers, Kevin — A. V. Evenson, Pres.. Kevin; S. G. Whitt, Sec'y., 
Kevin; last Wednesday, Kevin Cafe. 

Oil Workers, Sunburst — Ed Eliasson, Pres., Sunburst; William Holman, 
Sec'y., pli. 8-R-5, Sunburst; 2nd Monday, Veterans Club. 


Carpenters and Joiners No. 619 — D. W. \'anderhoof, Pres., Fairview, ph. 
2962; Louis Vossberg, Bus. Agent, Sidney, ph. 241-J ; 2nd Thursday, 
Girl Scout Hall. 

Sugar Refinery Employees No. 21187 — Roy M. Hansen, Pres., ph. 396-J; 
Ervin Jones, Bus. Agent and Sec'y., ph. 420-J ; 2nd Friday, XY.\ Hall. 


Hot Springs Plains 

Carpenters and Joiners No. 1639 — John J. Gagnon, Pres., Plains, TA 6-3564; 
L. J. Carter, Bus. Agent, Plains, T A 6-3549; second Monday evening, 
I.O.O.F. Hall, Thompson Falls. 

Lumber and Sawmill Workers No. 2719— Melvin Hoy, Pres. and Bus. 
Agent, Thompson Falls, T A 7-3439; 2nd Sundaj' 7:00 p.m. new school 

Lumber and Sawmill Workers No. 3072, Hot Springs — Ward Winebrenner, 
Pres., Hot Springs, ph. 2132; Frank R. Alarsh, Bus. Agent, Hot 
Springs, ph. 2462; 1st, 3rd Wednesday. 


Carpenters and Joiners No. 1294 — Pat Boyer, Pres. ; William H. Sand, 
Sec'y.! ph. 335-R; 1st, 3rd Friday, Farmers Union Hall. 

State, County and Municipal Employees (Maintenance) No. 118 — John J. 
Boyd, Pres., ph. 664; John Colgan, Sec'y., ph. 761-W. 

State, County and Mvmicipal Employees (Office and Engineering) No. 

467 — James E. Baldwin, Pres.; John Kalien, Sec'y-, ph. 94-M. 

Poplar (Wolf Point area) 

Federal Employees No. 186 — Elmer R. Bohanon, Pres., Poplar; Bennie 
Pikutark, Sec"}., Poplar; 1st Alonday, Indian Agency Building. 

MONTANA, 19596 39 


Listing of official names of labor organizations referred 
to in this Directory, indexed alphabetically by popular 
names under which the unions are generally known. 

Asbestos Workers — International Association of Heat and Frost Insulators 
and Asbestos Workers. 

Auto and Shop Mechanics — See "Machinists". 

Bakers — Bakery and Confectionery Workers' International Union of 

Barbers — The Journeymen Barbers, Hairdressers and Cosmetologists' 

International Union of America. 
Bartenders — See "Hotel and Restaurant Employees". 

Beauticians — See "Barbers". 

Blacksmiths — International Brotherhood of Blacksmiths, Drop Forgers 
and Helpers. 

Boilermakers — International Brotherhood of Boilermakers, Iron Ship 
Builders and Helpers of America. 

Bookbinders — International Brotherhood of Bookbinders. 

Brewery Workers — International Union of United Brewery, Flour, Cereal, 
Soft Drink and Distillery Workers of America. 

Brick and Clay Workers — United Brick and Clay Workers of America. 

Bricklayers — Bricklayers, Masons and Plasterers International Union of 

Bridge Workers — See "Iron Workers". 

Bus Drivers — See "Motor Coach Operators". 

Butchers — Meat Cutters and Butcher Workmen of North America, Amal- 

Carpenters — United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America. 

Cement Workers — United Cement, Lime and Gypsum Workers Interna- 
tional Union. 

Cereal and Flour Mill Workers — See "Grain Millers". 

Clerks — See "Retail Clerks". 

Construction and General Laborers — See "Hod Carriers". 

Cooks and Waiters — See "Hotel and Restaurant Employees". 

Culinary Workers — See "Hotel and Restaurant Employees." 

Electrical Workers — International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. 

Federal Employees — National Federation of Federal Employees. 

Fire Fighters — International Association of Fire Fighters. 

General Laborers — See "Hod Carriers". 

Grain Millers — American Federation of Grain Millers. 


APPENDIX A— (Continued) 

Hod Carriers — International Hod Carriers, Building and Common La- 
borers' Union of America. 

Hotel and Restaurant Employees — Hotel and Restaurant Employees and 
Bartenders International Union. 

Iron Workers — International Association of Bridge, Structural and Orna- 
mental Iron Workers. 

Lathers — International Union of Wood, Wire and Metal Lathers. 

Laundry Workers — Laundry Workers' International Union. 

Letter Carriers — National Association of Letter Carriers. 

Lithographers — Amalgamated Lithographers of America. 

Machinists — International Association of Machinists. 

Masons — See "Bricklayers". 

Meat Cutters — See "Butchers". 

Mechanics — See "Machinists". 

Mill and Smelter Workers — See "Miners (Metal)". 

Miners (Metal) — International Union of Mine, Mill and Smelter Workers. 

Miners (UMWA) — United Mine Workers of America. 

Mine Workers — See "Miners (UMWA)". 

Molders — International Molders and Foundry Workers Union of North 

Motion Picture Operators — See "Theatrical". 

Motor Coach Operators — Motor Coach and Bus Drivers Union. 

Musicians — American Federation of Musicians. 

Office Employees — Office Employees International Union. 

Operating Engineers — International Union of Operating Engineers. 

Painters — Brotherhood of Painters, Decorators and Paperhangers of 

Pipefitters — See "Plumbers". 

Plasterers — Operative Plasterers' and Cement Masons' International Asso- 
ciation of the United States and Canada. 

Plumbers — United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the 
Plumbing and Pipe Fitting Industry of the United States and Canada. 

Post Office Clerks — National Federation of Post Office Clerks. 
Printers — See "Typographical". 

Printing Pressmen — International Printing Pressmen's and Assistants' 
Union of North America. 

R. R. Carmen — Brotherhood of Railway Carmen of America. 

R. R. Clerks — Brotherhood of Railway Clerks. 

MONTANA, 1956 41 

APPENDIX A— (Continued) 

R. R. Conductors — Order of Raihvaj' Conductors of America. 

R. R. Firemen and Enginemen — Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen 
and Enginemen. 

R. R. Firemen, Oilers — International Brotherhood of Firemen and Oilers. 

R. R. Locomotive Engineers — Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers. 

R. R. Maintenance of Way — Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way 

K. R. Telegraphers — The Order of Railroad Telegraphers. 

R. R. Trainmen — Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen. 

Retail Clerks — Retail Clerks International Association. 

Roofers — United Slate, Tile and Composition Roofers, Damp and Water- 
proof Workers' Association. 

Sheet Metal Workers — Sheet Metal Workers International Association. 

Smelter Workers — See "Miners (Aletal)". 

Stage Employees and Operators — See "Theatrical". 

Stationary Engfineers — See "Operating Engineers". 

Structural Iron Workers — See "Iron Workers". 

Sugar Refinery Employees — International Council of Sugar Workers and 
Allied Industries' Unions. 

Teachers — American Federation of Teachers. 

Teamsters— International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Chauffeurs, Ware- 
housemen and Helpers of America. 

Telegraphers — The Commercial Telegraphers' Union of North America. 

Theatrical Employees — International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Em- 
ployees and Moving Picture Machine Operators of the United States 
and Canada. 

Truck, Bus and Cab Drivers — See "Teamsters" or "Bus Drivers". 

Typographical — International Typographical Union. 








Employment Service office, address, counties 
served, principal cities, and local unions. 

Office Address Area Served (Counties) 

ANACONDA 117 Main St. Deer Lodge, Granite, 

Deer Lodge S 1/3 Powell 6 

BILLINGS 2909 Montana Ave. Yellowstone, Big Horn, 

Laurel (Branch at 106 N. Broad- Carbon, Musselshell, 

Red Lodge way for Professional. Stillwater, Treasure, 

Roundup Clerical, and Sales E V2 Golden Valley 10 


BOZEMAN 28 S. Black Ave. Gallatin, E V2 Madison 13 

BUTTE 30 W. Granite Silver Bow, WV2 Madison. 

S V2 Jefferson 14 

CUT BANK 116 E. Main St. Glacier _... 17 

DILLON 28 Center St. Beaverhead 17 

GLASGOW 221 Fifth St. S. Valley, Phillips 17 


GLENDIVE II6V2 S. Merrill Ave. Dawson, McCone, Wibaux.. 18 

GREAT FALLS 1201 Central Ave. Cascade, Judith Basin, N V2 

Belt Lewis & Clark, Teton 19 


HAMILTON 333 Main St. RavalU 22 

HAVRE 431 1st St. Hill, Blaine 23 

HELENA 515 N. Last Chance S V2 Lewis & Clark, 

NV2 Jefferson, Broadwater, 
Meagher, Center 1/3 Powell 25 

KALISPELL 126 1st Ave. E. Flathead, Lincoln 27 

Columbia Falls 



LEWISTOWN 215 Third Ave. N. Fergus, W V2 Golden Val- 

ley, Petroleum, Wheatland 30 

LIVINGSTON 119 E. Callendar Park, Sweet Grass 31 

MILES CITY 507 Main St. Custer, Carter, Fallon, 
Baker Garfield, Powder River, 
Forsyth Prairie, Rosebud 33 





MONTANA, 1956 
INDEX (Continued) 


230 W. Pine 

Salish Hotel Bldg. 
236 1 '2 Main St. 

215 Second Ave. N.E. 


WOLF POINT 107 Third Ave. S. 






Area Served (Counties) 

Missoula^ Mineral, 

N V2 Powell 35 



Toole, Liberty, 

Pondera 37 

Richland 37 

Sanders 38 

Roosevelt, Daniels, 

Sheridan 38 

Listings in the directorj^ use the popular name by which the organi- 
zation is known, arranged alphabetically within the city or area in which 
the unions are operative. Full official name of most of the organizations 
listed maj^ be obtained by reference to Appendix A. 




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