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in 2013 


3 1833 02310 2707 

Gc 974.2 D25d 1915-1916 

Dartmouth Co 1 1 ege . 

Directory of the offices and 
students of Dartmouth 
College and associated 

] ^m T ^^.^ »,js m m ^.u-^Jg; 



Dartmouth College 


19 1 5 

19 16 






and Associated Schools 



Allen County Public Library 
900 /Webster Street . 
-■■?(■■ ax2270 
Fcrt Wayne, IN 46801-2270 


Charles Darwin Adams, 1 N. Park St. 

Lawrence Professor of the Greek Language and Literature. 
1 N. Park St., 7-7.30, daily. 

Ida Elizabeth Adams, 26 Maple St. 

Assistant in the Library. * 

Warren Austin Adams, 38 Occom Ridge 

Professor of German. 

P Dartmouth Hall, 10.30-11 M. W. F. ; 11-11.30 Tu. Th. S. 

Frederick Henry Adler, 41 S. Main St. 

Instructor in German. 

P Dartmouth Hall, 9-10, daily; 11-12 Tu. Th. S. 

Frank Maloy Anderson, 23 N. Main St. 

Professor of History. 

L Wentworth Hall, 2-3 M. W. F. 

Kenneth Noel Atkins, 8 Sargent St. 

Instructor in Bacteriology (Medical School). 
Nathan Smith Laboratory. 

Frank Eugene Austin, US. Park St. 

Professor of Electrical Engineering (Thayer School). 

Tilghman Minnour Balliet, 3709 Powelton Ave , Philadelphia, Pa. 
Professor of Therapeutics, Emeritus (Medical School). 

Edwin Julius Bartlett, 8 W. Wheelock St. 

New Hampshire Professor of Chemistry. 
F Culver Hall, daily. 

Percy Bartlett, 8 Parkway 

Professor of Surgery (Medical School). 
1-2, 7-8, daily. 

Arthur Herbert Basye, The Howe Library 

Assistant Professor of History. 

O Wentworth Hall, 8.30-9 M. W. ; 9.30-10 Tu. Th. 

Ralph Dennison Beetle, Austin Ave. 

Assistant Professor of Mathematics. 

Z Chandler Hall, 11 daily; 9-10 Tu. Th. S. 


Earl Gordon Bill, 32 Occom Ridge 

Assistant Professor of Mathematics. 

V Chandler Hall, 11 Tu Th. S. 

Carlos August Blume, 22 School St. 

Instructor in French. 

V Dartmouth Hall, 10-12 M. W. F. ; 8-10 Tu. Th. S. 

Theodore Harding Boggs, 3 Occom Ridge 

s^ Assistant Professor of Economics. 
H Tuck Building, 9-9.30 M. W. F. 

Charles Ernest Bolser, 15 E. Wheelock St. 

Professor of Chemistry. 

Culver Hall, 9-12, daily; 1-3, daily, except. Sat. 

John William Bowler, "Thayer Lodge" 

Professor of Hygiene and Physical Education, and Director 
of the Gymnasium. 
Gymnasium, 10-12, and 3-5.30, daily, except Sat. 

Courtney Bruerton, 19 N. Main St. 

Instructor in French. 

V Dartmouth Hall, 10.30-11 M. W. P.; 10-12 Tu. Th. S. 

Helen Gertrude Brown, 5 W. South St. 

Assistant in the office of the Superintendent of Buildings. 

Harry Edwin Burton, 5 Occom Ridge 

Professor of Latin. 

T Dartmouth Hall, 2-2.30 M. W. F. 
(On leave of absence for the second semester.) 

David Clark Cabeen, 19 N. Main St. 

Instructor in French. 

V Dartmouth Hall, 9-10 Tu. Th. S. 

Gabriel Campbell, 48 College St. 

Professor Emeritus of Intellectual and Moral Philosophy. 

Hoitt Newton Charlton, The Graduate Club 

Assistant Registrar. 

Charles Parker Chase, 5 Clement Road 


Administration Building, 9-12; 1.30-3, except Sat. 

Francis Lane Childs, The Howe Library 

Assistant Professor of English. 

B Dartmouth Hall, 10.30-11 M. W. F. 

Arthur Houston Chivers, Balch St. 

Assistant Professor of Biology (Botany). 
B Butterfield Hall, 9-10 and 11-12, daily. 


Clifford Blake Clapp, 5 Elm St. 

Executive Assistant to the Librarian. 

Philip Greeley Clapp, The Howe Library 

Director of Music. 

Z Webster, 9 M. W.F.; 8-10 Tu. Th. 

Clifford Pease Clark, 16 Occom Ridge 

Instructor in Greek and Latin. 

G' Dartmouth Hall, 11-12 Tu. Th. S. 

Eugene Francis Clark, 17 Rope Ferry Road 

Assistant Professor of German. 

P Dartmouth Hall, 11.30-12 M. W. F.; 9-10 Tu. Th. S. 

James Fairbanks Colby, 2 Elm St. 

Parker Professor of Law and Political Science. 
' 2 Elm St., 12-2 Tu. Th. S. 

Reginald Hunter Colley, 11 Pleasant St. 

Instructor in Biology (Botany). 

D Butterfield Hall, 8.30-10, daily. 

Wilson Compton, The Graduate Club 

Instructor in Economics. 

L Tuck Building, 12.40-1 M. W.; 1.30-1.45 Tu. Th. 

Granville Priest Conn, Concord, N. H. 

Professor of Hygiene, Emeritus (Medical School). 

Pulaski King Cook, The Graduate Club 

Instructor in Public Speaking. 

B Dartmouth Hall, 10-10.30 M. W. F.; 11-11.30 Tu. Th. S. 

Edward Cowles, 419 Boylston St, Boston, Mass. 

Professor of Mental Diseases, Emeritus (Medical School). 

Herbert Ernest Cushman, The Hanover Inn 

Lecturer in Philosophy. 

Edwin DeWitt Dickinson, "Thayer Lodge" 

Instructor in Political Science. 

K Tuck Building, 12-1 M. W. F.; 11-12 Tu. Th. S. 

Charles Ross Dines, The Graduate Club 

Instructor in Mathematics. 

X Chandler Hall, 10-11 M. W. F. 

F&a^k Haigh Dixon, 24 Occom Ridge 

jf Professor of Economics. 

G Tuck Building, 12, except Th. ; 10 Th. 


Louis Henry Dow, 2 Occom Ridge 

Edward Tuck Professor of the French Language and Litera- 

V Dartmouth Hall, 9 daily, and 11 M. W. F. 

Peter Staub Dow, Bridgman Block 

Instructor in Graphics and Engineering. 

G Chandler Hall, 9.30-10 M. W. R; 12-12.15 Tu. Th. S. 

Halsey Charles Edgerton, The Graduate Club 

Assistant Treasurer. 

Administration Building, 9-12, daily. 

Charles Franklin Emerson, 30 N. Main St. 

Dean Emeritus of the Academic Faculty. 

Fred Parker Emery, 13 Webster Ave. 

Professor of English. 

B Dartmouth Hall, 11-11.30 M. W. F. 

Arthur Perry Fairfield, 5 N. Park St. 

Manager of the Hanover Inn and Comptroller of the Dining 

Robert Fletcher, 42 College St. 

Director of the Thayer School and Professor of Civil En- 
gineering (Thayer School). 
Bissell Hall, 10-12, daily. 

Herbert Darling Foster, 9 Webster Ave. 

y< Professor of History. 

J Wentworth Hall, 9-9.30 M. W. F. ; 12-12.30 Tu. Th. S. 

Gilman DuBois Frost, 13 E. Wheelock St. 

Professor of Clinical Medicine (Medical School). 

John Hiram Gerould, 36 Occom Ridge 

Associate Professor of Biology (Zoology). 
H Butterfield Hall, 10.30-11 M. W. F. 

Norman Everett Gilbert, "Braelands," Lyme Road 

Assistant Professor of Physics. 
A Wilder Hall, 3 Tu. Th. 

John Martin Gile, 3 Maynard St. 

Dean of the Medical School and Professor of Clinical Surgery. 

James Walter Goldthwait, 21 N. Main St. 

Hall Professor of Geology. 

P Butterfield Hall, 8.45-10.15 M. W. F.; 10-10.30 T. Th. S. 

Nathaniel Lewis Goodrich, 40 Occom Ridge 


9-12, daily; 2-4, except Sat. 


William Rensselaer Gray, 9 N. Park St. 

Secretary of the Tuck School and Professor of Accounting 
(Tuck School). 
A Tuck Building, 9-10, daily. 

Ernest Roy Greene, 19 N. Main St. 

Assistant Professor of the Romance Languages (French and 

V Dartmouth Hall, 9-10 Tu Th. S.. 

Leland Griggs, 11 Pleasant St. 

Assistant Professor of Biology (Zoology). 
J Butterfield Hall, 9-10, daily. 

Foster Erwin Guyer, 35 N. Main St. 

Assistant Professor of French. 

V Dartmouth Hall, 9.00 Tu. Th. S. 

Ashley Kingsley Hardy, 4 Clement Road 

Associate Professor of German. 
Chairman of Committee on Graduate Instruction. 

R Wentworth Hall, 9-10 M. W. F. ; 10.30-11 Tu. Th. S. 

Elden Bennett Hartshorn, 1 S. Park St. 

Instructor in Chemistry. 

F Culver Hall, 8-11, daily. 

Charles Nelson Haskins, Etna Road 

Assistant Professor of Mathematics. 
L Chandler Hall, 10-11 Tu. Th. S. 

Lemuel Spencer Hastings, 29 Rope Ferry Road 

. Willard Assistant Professor of Rhetoric and Oratory. 
B Dartmouth Hall, 10.15 M. W. ; 2 F. 
(On leave of absence for the second semester.) 

Charles Henry Hawes, 36 College St. 

Assistant Professor of Anthropology. 
I Butterfield Hall, 10-11 Tu. Th. S. 

John Vose Hazen, 33 N. Main St. 

Woodman Professor of Engineering and Graphics. 

A Chandler Hall, 10-10.30 M. W. F. ; 9-9.30 Tu. Th. S. 

Harry Livingstone Hillman, 4 Parkway 

Instructor in Physical Education. 
Gymnasium, 2.30-6, daily. 

Charles Henry Hitchcock, Honolulu, T. H. 

Professor Emeritus of Geology. 


David Ixgersoll Hitchcock, The Graduate Club 

Instructor in Chemistry. 

B Culver Hall, 8-4, daily, except Saturday. 

Charles Arthur Holden, 10 Occom Ridge 

Professor of Civil Engineering (Thayer School). 
Bissell Hall, 9-10, daily. 

Gordon Ferrie Hull, "Parkside" 

Appleton Professor of Physics. 
G Wilder Hall, 10-11, daily. 

Alice Mildred Humiston, 19 Maple St. 

Cataloguer in the Library. 

Richard Wellington Husband, 3 Clement Road 

Professor of Classical Languages. 

(On leave of absence for the first semester.) 

Raymond Watson Jones, 14 Maple St. 

Instructor in German. 

S Wentworth Hall, 11-12 Tu. Th. S. 

Patrick Joseph Kaney; 16 Maple St. 

Instructor in Physical Education. 

Gymnasium, 10-12 and 2-5.30, daily. 

Homer Eaton Keyes, 37 Rope Ferry Road 

Business Director. 

Administration Building, 9-12, daily. 

Howard Nelson Kingsford, 6 Clement Road 

Medical Director and Professor of Pathology and Bacteri- 
ology (Medical School). 
Administration Building, 7-8 p. m., after Nov. 14, 5-6, daily. 

Reinhardt Bruno Klokow, 41 S. Main St. 

Clerk in the office of the Registrar. 

Gray Knapp, 11 Webster Ave. 


Administration Building, 8.30-12, daily; 2-3, daily except 

Ernest Peter Kuhl, 27 School St. 

Instructor in English. 

B Dartmouth Hall, 9.50-10 and 11-11.15 Tu. Th. S. 

David Lambuth, 21 N. Main St. 

Assistant Professor of English. 

B Dartmouth Hall, 9.00, 10.00, 11.00, daily. 

Henry Wells Lawrence, Jr., 25 N. Main St. 

Instructor in History. 

O Wentworth Hall, 3-4 Tu. Th. 


Craven Laycock, 15 Rope Ferry Road 

Dean of the Academic Faculty. 

Administration Building, 9.30-11.30, daily. 

George Adams Leland, 354 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. 
Professor of Otolaryngology, Emeritus (Medical School). 

Charles Ramsdell Lingley, 18 Occom Ridge 

Assistant Professor of History. 
M Wentworth Hall, 2-3 Tu. Th. 

Frederic Pomeroy Lord, 3 Elm St. 

Professor of Anatomy (Medical School). 

Medical Building (South-End Top floor), 11-12.30 M. W. F. 

George Dana Lord, 46 College St. 

Professor of Classical Archaeology. 
Q Dartmouth Hall, 11-12.15, daily. 

John King Lord, 37 College St. 

Daniel Webster Professor of the Latin Language and Litera- 

T' Dartmouth Hall. 

Grover Cleveland Loud, Norwich, Vt. 

Instructor in English. 

H Wentworth Hall, 11-11.30 M. Tu. W. 

Win slow Harding Loveland, The Howe Library 

Instructor in English. 

H Wentworth Hall, 10-11 Tu. W. 

Hastings Lyon, The Hanover Inn 

Professor of Law and Finance (Tuck School). 

James Lukens McConaughy, 37 N. Main St. 

Professor of Education and Director of the Summer Session. 
B Bartlett Hall, 9 M. W. 

Edward Charles Mabie, The Graduate Club 

Instructor in Public Speaking (Second semester). 
B Dartmouth Hall. 

Benjamin Tinkham Marshall, 18 N. Main St. 

Phillips Professor of Biblical History and Literature. 
E Wentworth Hall, 11-12 Tu Th.; 10-11 W. 

Louis Clark Mathewson, 41 S. Main St. 

Instructor in Mathematics. 

F Chandler Hall, 9-10 Tu. Th. S. 

Walter Leslie Mendenhall, 5 Prospect St. 

Assistant Professor of Pharmacology. 
Nathan Smith Laboratory. 


John Wesley Merritt, "Thayer Lodge" 

Instructor in Mineralogy. 

O Butterfield Hall, 9-10 M. W. F. ; 11-12 Tu. Th. S. 

Arthur Bond Meservey, 6 Webster Ave. 

Instructor in Physics. 

Z Wilder Hall, 2.15-3.10 M. W. F. 

Warren Edward Montsie 53 Fayer. Hall 

Teaching Scholar in German. 

Henry Thomas Moore, 30 N. Main St. 

Assistant Professor of Psychology. 
E Bartlett Hall, 11-12.30 M. W. F. 

Frank Millett Morgan, 3 Elm St. 

Assistant Professor of Mathematics. 
W Chandler Hall, 10, daily. 

Agnes Evelyn Morey, 8 Sanborn Road 

Assistant in the office of the President. 

Charles Henry Morse, "Parkside" 

Professor of Music. 

William Henry Murray, 4iy 2 S. Main St. 

Assistant Professor of Modern Languages (Fuck School). 
M Tuck Hall, 10-11 M. W. F. S.; 10-11 Tu. ; 9-10 Th. 

Charles Beylard Guerard de Nancrede, Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Professor of Surgery and Clinical Surgery, Emeritus (Med- 
ical School). 

Francis Joseph Neef, 27 E. Wheelock St. 

Assistant Professor of German. 

Administration Building, 10-11, daily; 1.30-2, daily except 

Etta Mattocks Newell, The Hanover Inn 

Assistant Librarian (Circulation). 

Ernest Fox Nichols, 43 College St. 


Administration Building, 10.30-12.30, daily. 

Charles Edward Norwood, 4 College St. 

Assistant in Mathematics. 

Curtis Hidden Page, 27 Rope Ferry Road 

Winkley Professor of the English Language and Literature. 
B Dartmouth Hall, 11 Tu. Th. 

Frederick Smyth Page, The Howe Library 

Instructor in Biology. 

D Butterfield Hall, 8.30-12, daily. 



Herbert Hammond Palmer, W Wilder Hall 

Instructor in Physics. 

W Wilder Hall, 3-4 M. W. F.; 9-11 Tu. Th. S. 

15 Webster Ave. 

William Patten, 

Professor of Biology (Zoology). 

G Butterfield Hall, 10-12 Tu. Th. S. 

Shirley Gale Patterson, Thayer Lodge 

Instructor in Romance Languages (French and Spanish). 

Harlow Stafford Person, 15 N. Park St. 

Director of the Tuck School and Professor of Business Or- 
ganization and Management (Tuck School) 
A Tuck Building, 10-12 M. W. Th. 
cept Sat. 

1.30-2.30, daily ex- 
17 N. Park St. 

Chester Arthur Phillips, 

Assistant Professor of Economics. 
K Tuck Building. 

John Merrill Poor, 

Associate Professor of Astronomy. 
R Wilder Hall, 2-3 Tu. Th. 

Charles Albert Proctor, 

Assistant Professor of Physics. 
Z Wilder Hall. 

(On leave of absence for the first semester.) 

Leon Burr Richardson, 11 N. Park St. 

Assistant Professor of Chemistry. 

Culver Hall, 1.30-3.30 M. Tu. W. F. 

20 Occom Ridge 

23 Rope Ferry Road 

Belle Marion Robinson, 

Assistant in the office of the Dean. 

Wallace Mason Ross, 

Secretary of the Christian Association. 

Jules Claude Roule', 
Instructor in French. 

V Dartmouth Hall, 11-12 Tu. Th. S. 

Robert Barnes Rudd, 

Instructor in English. 

A Wentworth Hall, 10-12 M. Tu. 

Harold Goddard Rugg, 

Executive Assistant to the Librarian. 

Sydney Lee Ruggles, 

Instructor in Graphics and Engineering. 
N Bissell Hall 1.30-3.30, daily; 10-12 

19 Maple St. 

25 N. Main St. 

5 W. South St. 

36 College St. 

The Howe Library 

6 Sargent St. 



Sydney Sigsfried Schochet, 4 Sargent St. 

Instructor in Anatomy. 

Medical Building (South End). 

Warren Choate Shaw, "Parkside" 

Evans Assistant Professor of Public Speaking. 

B Dartmouth Hall, 9-9.30 M. W. F. ; 10-10.30 Tu. Th. S. 

Wilmon Henry Sheldon, 21 Rope Ferry Road 

Stone Professor of Philosophy. 

L' Dartmouth Hall, 10-11, daily, except Mon. 

Henry Wood Shelton, 35 College St. 

Assistant Professor of Business Organization and Management. 
N Tuck Building, 11-12, daily, except Sat. 

James Melbourne Shortliffe, 43 W* Wheelock St. 

Instructor in Economics. 

H Tuck Building, 10-10.30 M. W. F.; 9.30-10 Tu. Th. 

Prescott Orde Skinner, 24 N. Main St. 

Professor of Romance Languages. 

V Dartmouth Hall, 9-10 Tu. Th. S. 

Alfred Leslie Smith, 44 College St. 

Assistant Professor of Commerce (Tuck School). 
N Tuck Building. 

Philip Wilder Smith, The Graduate Club 

Clerk in the office of the Treasurer. 

Charles Miner Stearns, 26 Occom Ridge 

Instructor in English. 
H Wentworth Hall. 

Colin Campbell Stewart, 4 Webster Ave. 

Brown Professor of Physiology. 

Medical Building, 1.30-2.30, daily. 

William Kilborne Stewart, 1 Occom Ridge 

Professor of German, and Instructor in Comparative Litera- 

P Dartmouth Hall, 10-11 Tu. Th. S. 

Elsie Marion Tarbell, 19 Maple St. 

Assistant in the office of the Business Director. 

Olive Marshall Tarbell 19 Maple St. 

Assistant in the office of the Director of the Tuck School. 

Earl Wentworth Thomson, Wilder Hall 

Instructor in Physics. 

V Wilder Hall, 10-11 Tu. Th. S. 


Howard Murray Tibbetts, 13 N. Park St. 


Administration Building, 8.30-11.30, daily. 

Mabel Edith Townsend, 6 W. South St. 

Assistant in the office of the Auditor. 

William Jewett Tucker, 6 Occom Ridge 

President Emeritus. 

Frank Arthur Updyke, 18 Occom Ridge 

Ira Allen Eastman Professor of Political Science. 
K 2 Tuck Building, 10-11 M. W. F. 
Administration Building, 11-12 Tu. Th. S. 

Harry Artemas Wells, 15 E. Wheelock St. 

Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds. 
Administration Building, 11-12, daily. 

George Ray Wicker, Lyme Road 

Professor of Economics. 

L Tuck Building, 11-1 M. W. F.; 9-11 Tu. Th. S. 

William John Williams, Lebanon, N. H. 

Clerk in the office of the Treasurer. 

Erville Bartlett Woods, "Parkside" 

Assistant Professor of Sociology. 

I Butterfield Hall, 9-9.30, daily; 12 M. W. F. 

Thomas Wilson Dorr Worthen, 11 Webster Ave. 

Professor Emeritus of Mathematics. 

John Wesley Young, 22 Occom Ridge 

B. P. Cheney Professor of Mathematics. 
E Chandler Hall, 8.30-10, daily. 

George Breed Zug, 35 N. Main St. 

Assistant Professor of Modern Art. 

W Dartmouth Hall, 9.30-10.30, daily, except Sat. 


John Timothy Reardon 
Ralph Alanson Sawyer 


Parker Fellowship 
Chamberlain Fellowship 


Edward Charles Mabie 
Warren Edward Montsie 
Leslie Ferguson Murch 
Allen Scott Norton 

Charles Edward Norwood 

Edgar Cummings Sanborn 
Charles Wesley Sargent 
Howard Oliver Stearns 
Edward Hammond Vance 

Political Science 



( Mathematics 
{ Astronomy 





The Graduate Club 

53 Fayer. 

Wilder Hall 

, 8 College St. 

4 College St. 

Wilder Hall 

The Graduate Club 

Wilder Hall 




Abraham, H. W. 
Ames, J. L., Jr. 
Anderton, R. H. 15 
Ayer, L. S. 
Baker, A. L., Jr. 
Banton, W. W. 
Barak, A. L. 
Barr, O. J., Jr. 
Bartlett, R. L. 
Bates, H. A., Jr. 
Bean, H. C. 
Behnke, A. M. 
Belknap, C. M. 
Bell, L. H. 
Bernkopf, M. E. 
Beurnsteen, B. J. 
Biel, W. E. 


20 Mass. 

30 S. Mass. 

E. Wheelock St. 

KKK House 

<I>2K House 

4 S Fayer. 

35 Mass. 

KKK House 

26 School St. 

ATA House 

<i>2K House 

C. & G. House 

4 School St. 

17 N. Mass. 

20 Mass. 

41 S. Main St. 

25 Fayer. 

Blaney, P. H. 
Bobst, F. T. 
Brady, W. C. 
Brahana, H. R. 
Brett, W. H., Jr. 
Brown, R. A. 
Brown, W. H. 
Brundage, C. E. 
Brundage, N. L. 
Buffinton, H. M. 
Burghardt, R. C. 
Burlen, R. A. 
Burnham, P. C. 
Burt, L. W. 
Burt, P. H. 
Butler, J. B. 
Campbell, C. L. 


3>2K House 

ATA House 

34 S. Mass. 

18 Crosby 

Ben House 

30 Wheeler 

43 New Hamp. 

11 Wheeler 

15 Hallg'n 

19 Reed 

38 College St. 

2X House 

ATA House 

9 West St. 

22 Crosby 

C. & G. House 

54 S. Main St. 







Carleton, E. J. K2 House 

Chapman, R. 18 Sanborn 

Chase, E. P. 15 Hitch. 

Cheney, J. M. AKE House 

Chutter, R. F. 5 Sanborn Rd. 

Clarke, C. M. 5 New Hamp. 

Cleaves, W. L. 12 Fayer. 

Clunie, R., Jr. <i>2K House 

Coakley, D. W. 4 College St. 

Coburn, R. A., Jr. 54 S. Main St. 

Coffin, C. C. 28 New Hamp. 

Colby, J. N. Ben House 

Cole, H. L. 2X House 

Colton, J. H. $rA House 

Conley, A. J. 1 Hitch. 

Costello', W. P. 30 Rich. 

Cranston, E. 41 New Hamp. 

Craver, E. A. ^KM' House 

Cremer, J. D., Jr. 54 S. Main St. 
Cunningham, E. S. 11 Hubbard 

Curtin, J. J. 22 School St. 

Cutler, S. E. KKK House 

Davidson, L. L. 6-7 S. Mass 

Davis, D. D. Bridgman Bk. 

Davis, P. H. SAE House 

Dean, A. 11 Wheeler 

DeVoe, R. F. 9AX House 

Dinsmoor, D. S. 26 Reed 

Dock, G., Jr. 3>K>P House 

Doyle, E. T. C. & G. House 

Drenan, S. W. 13 New Hamp. 

Dresser, N. B. 14 Wheeler 

Drury, C 21 Rich. 

Dudley, C. H. 8 N. Fayer. 

Durgin, C. F. 15 E. Wheelock St. 

Eastman, A. G. 21 E. Wheelock St. 

Eigner, I 22 New Hamp. 

Ellis, R. H. 8 College St. 

Emery, A. L. 6 Mass. 

Emery, B. V. 15 Hitch. 

English, J. P. Davison Bk. 

Eskeline, C J. 36 Mass. 

Evans, R. F. 18 Crosby 

Everett, G K. KKK House 

Fenno, J. K. <M9 House 

Fipphen, C W. 54 S. Main St. 

Fishback, H., Jr. AKE House 

Fiske, A. G. 21 New Hamp. 
Fitzsimmons, R. R. 3 Lebanon St. 

Flanders, H. T. 53 Wheeler 

Fletcher, V. A. 2X House 
Fredericksen, O. J. 7 New Hamp. 

Frey, E. B. 5 College St. 

Friend, O. P. 19 Sanborn 

Fuller, D. W. X3> House 

Fuller, G. B. 9AX House 

Gammons, C. C. 3>rA House 

Garcia, A. F. $rA House 

Garrison, F. O. 57 New Hamp. 

Garrison, W. B. 27 S. Mass. 

Gaylord, W. H. 51 New Hamp. 

George, R. H. 21 New Hamp. 

Geran, J. C. 1 Rich. 

Gifford, J. E. 2AE House 

Gile, J. F. 3 Maynard St. 

Gioiosa, E. A. </ £r<£yt Jr 

Goldman, H. 23 Hitch. 

Gough, W. A. R. 30 Rich. 

Gould, G. C. 54 S. Main St. 

Gove, L. P. 5 College St. 

Goward, P. F. 15 New Hamp. 

Granger, L. Y. 4 Ford Bk. 

Greeley, M. L. 19 Sanborn 

Green, C. T. 26-27 S. Fayer. 

Green, H. H. ^T House 
Greenwood, C. W. 10 S. Mass. 
Gumbart, E. H., Jr. 54 S. Main St. 

Hale, W. A. 3>2K House 

Harrington, J. E. Davison Bk. 

Harris, N. P. 3>rA House 

Harvey, R. P. 54 S. Main St. 

Harvey, S. W. 54 S. Main St. 

Harwood, C. E. Musgrove Bldg. 

Hayden, E. P. C & G. House 

Hayward, L. H. 2AE House 
Henderson, K. M. AKE House 

Herold, C. A. 9 Rich. 

Hitchcock, C. C. KKK House 

Holmes, C. N. $rA House 

Hosmer, D. E. 6 Mass. 

Hough, W. 9 West St. 

Houle, A. O. Davison Bk. 



Howell, A. L. 35 
Huse, M. W. 
Isenbergh, H. L. 
Janes, C. R. 
Jardine, A. J. 
Jones, C. E. 
Jordan, L. R. 
Kendall, R. H. 
Kiley, E. L. 
Killeen, J. M. 
Kimball, H. C. 
Kirkland, H. C. 
Knight, E. D. 
Kreider, G. P. 
Lapierre, E. I. 
Larimer, J. M. 
Larmon, P. J. 
Lawrence, R. A. 
Lawson, E. H. 43 
Lawton, A. D. 
Leavitt, L. W. 
Leavitt, R. H. 
Lewis, A. D. 
Lewis, P. H. 
Lincoln, C. K. 
Lindman, E. L. 
Lindsley, D. L. 
Linihan, M. G. 
Llewellyn, A. S. 
Lord, H. 
Lowe, H. B. 
McAuliffe, J. B. 
McClary, A. B. 
McClure, R. W. 
McCoy, W. P. 
McEndy, J. F. 
McFalls, E. L. 
McKenzie, W. H 
McLellan, H. J. 
McQuesten, E. F. 
Mack, E. L 
Magill, R. F. 
Manzer, C. W. 
Marble, H. W. 
Marsden, A. G. 
Martin, G. H. 


Musgrove Bldg. 

1 Rich. 

Davison Bk. 

KS House 

BOn House 

54 New Hamp. 

2AE House 

8 Lebanon St. 

4 College St. 
6 School St. 

23 Reed 

40 Wheeler 

KKK House 

35 Hitch. 

28 New Hamp. 

<i>A9 House 

11 Sanborn 

AK^ House 

W. Wheelock St. 

8 New Hamp. 

30 New Hamp. 

25 Mass. 

5 College St. 

X$ House 

26-27 S. Fayer. 

2N House 

KS House 

$K^ House 

C. & G. House 

8 Crosby 

7 N. Fayer. 

AKE House 

AA<i> House 

S. Main St. 

ATA House 

ATA House 

<1>A0 House 

Bridgman Bk. 

54 S. Main St. 

X$> House 

7 New Hamp. 

C. & G. House 

35 Mass. 

C. & G. House 

35 Wheeler 

Davison Bk. 


Name Room 

Mason, C. C. OAX House 

Mensel, J. H. 3>Ae House 

Merryman, C. P. 2N House 

Miles, A. T. <i>rA House 

Monahan, J. C. <MG House 

Morey, G. L. 15 New Hamp. 

Morrison, A. <i>rA House 

Morse, R. E. ATA House 

Moxon, B. H. 33 Mass. 

Mullen, J. J. 41 S. Main St. 

Murchie, H. F. OAX House 

Nagle, W. S. AKE House 

Newton, P. A. 33 New Hamp. 

Nordell, P. G. C. & G. House 

Noyes, E. M. 11 Hallg'n 

Olson, D. B. 4 Hallg'n 

Osborn, W. B. BGII House 

O'Shea, E. J. Davison Bk. 

Paine, G. E. 30 New Hamp. 

Palmer, C. A. 37 Fayer. 

Parker, E. H. 27 Hitch. 

Parker, H. B. 31 Mass. 

Parker, R. M. Bridgman Bk. 

Parkhurst, R. X<1> House 

Parsons, C. H., Jr. 54 S. Main St. 

Payne, J. H. 17 Wheeler 

Pelletier, J. A. 2X House 

Perkins, L. G. AKE House 

Perkins, R. G. 14 Wheeler 

Pettengill, F. G. 56 New Hamp. 

Pfingstag, L. F. 4 N. Mass. 

Phillips, G. B. 51 Wheeler 

Pierce, C. E. 6AX House 

Pratt, G. H. 9 West St. 

Pudrith, C. A. Ben House 

Putney, W. R. 42 Wheeler 

Rector, G. V. AA$ House 

Reynolds, S. C. 5 New Hamp. 

Richie, F. M. 4 S. Mass. 

Riley, E. C. 8 Crosby 
Rogers, J. W., Jr. 24 N. Mass. 

Rogers, L. W. C. & G. House 

Rohrs, F. H. 25 School St. 

Rosenblatt, A. C. 13 New Hamp. 
Ross, K. W. 43 W. Wheelock St. 

Rundlett, C. M. 3 Maple St 



Ryan, E. F. 
Saben, M. B. 
Shanahan, J. A. 
Shaw, E. A. 
Shedd, K. E. 
Shumway, D. 
Skinner, F. P. 
Smith, G. H., Jr. 
Soule, R. F. 
Soutar, P. O. 
Spelke, M. 
Stackpole, P. W. 
Stamatiades, P. E, 
Stearns, J. B. 
Stedman, H. B. 
Steinert, R. S. 
Sticgler, H. E. 
Stieglitz, H. F. 
Stillman, D. S. 
Stowell, K. K. 
Streeter, M. B. 
Strong, E. O. 


9 W. South St. 

49 Wheeler 

43 New Hamp. 

AKE House 

54 S. Main St. 

12 Fayer. 

34 Reed 

2AE House 

3>K>3> House 

X3> House 

17 Thornton 

12 S. Mass. 

8 College St. 

57 New Hamp. 

22 Crosby 

BOII House 

8 Crosby 

Ben House 

2AE House 

$>Ae House 

27 Rich. 

<kT House 

Studley, B. 
Sully, S. E. 
Sully, W., Jr. 
Tapley, G. H. 
Taylor, C. J. 
Thyng, E. F. 
Tower, A. A. 
Tucker, C. W. 
Tucker, K. D. 
Tuttle, H. S. 
Upham, W. F. 
Wadleigh, P. F. 
Walker, T. B. 
Ward, F. R. 
Welch, J. F. 
White, C. T. 
Williams, E. R. 
Wilson, F. S. 
Winters, E. S. 
Wolff, I. G. 
Woolworth, C. M. 
Wyman, R. E. 


21 Fayer. 

7 Rich. 

7 Rich. 

K2 House 

5 Sargent Place 

9 West St. 

9 W. South St. 

9 W. South St. 

C. & G. House 

<Me House 

X$ House 

13 Mass. 

X<f> House 

<Me House 

5 Sargent Rd. 

26 Reed 

<£Ae House 

54 S. Main St. 

22 Hubbard 

26 New Hamp. 

C. & G. House 

18 Hubbard 


\dams, R. E. 
\ldrich, D. B. 
\lger, F. B. 
\llen, R. N. 
\llison, G. H. 
\llison, W. H. 
\lvarez, H. E. 
\nderson, A. E. 
\ndrews, F. R. 
3aer, J. V.. Jr. 
Banton, L. G. 
Barber, P. T. 
Barnes, B. S. 
3arrows, W. A. 
3athrick, J. S. 
3axter, R. H. 
3ean, H. A. 
3erry, E. W. 


1 N. Park St. 

26-27 S. Fayer. 

8 School St. 

9 S. Fayer. 

AA<£ House 

KS House 

47 Fayer. 

52 College St. 

21 Rich. 

1 Mass. 

4 S. Fayer. 

<£Ae House 

29 Rich. 

27 Fayer. 

20 Wheeler 

28 Sanborn 

56 Wheeler 

14 Sargent St. 

Birtwell, W. M. 
Black, A. C. 
Blood, P. W. 
Boody, H. B. P. 
Boynton, R. C. 
Britton, R. R. 
Brown, A. M. 
Brown, M. D. 
Burgum, G. K. 
Burnham, P. L. 
Burns, J. E. 
Burns, W. G. 
Bushnell, A. W. 
Buxton, R. B. 
Campbell, C. J. 
Carpenter, R. E. 
Carr, H. 
Carr, W. D. 


9 College St. 

KKK House 

X<£ House 

19 Thornton 

KKK House 

KKK House 

9 W. South St. 

24 Rich. 

48 Wheeler 

21 Sanborn 

3 Lebanon St. 

KKK House 

Davison Bk. 

54 Wheeler 

Davison Bk. 

^>K^ House 

2X House 

19 Mass. 



Chase, R. M. 
Chesley, J. G. 
Clark, C. M. 
Clark, G. E. 
Clarke, H. V. 
Cocks, R. J. 
Cofran, C. W. 
Colby, C. C. 
Collerd, R. B. 
Comey, P. R. 
Cotton, T. L. 
Cowles, E. R. 
Davis, B. N. 
Davison, C. M. 
Deferrari, H. A. 
Desmond, J. P. 
Dodge, J. F. 
Donehue, F. M. 
Downer, C. P. 
Duhamel, A. O. 
Dunning, R. A. 
Dupuis, A. L. 
Durkee, J. T. 
Earle, E. C. 
Eastman, B. J. 
Edgerton, A. B. 
Emerson, S. B. 
Emery, F. S. 
Emery, J. W., Jr. 
Emmons, A. W. 
Engelhorn, E. H. 
Fall, H. 
Ferguson, J. S. 
Ferguson, W. G. 
Fitch, W. S. 
Fleming, W. D. 
Ford, H. 
Fritz, E., Jr. 
Gale, B. L., Jr. 
Garber, F. W., Jr. 
Gates, F. W. 
Gerrish, B. O. 
Gibson, D. W. 
Gile, A. B. 
Gilmore, C. M. 
Goodwin, F. P. 


2X House 

54 New Hamp. 

50 Wheeler 

2AE House 

5 New Hamp. 

54 New Hamp. 

5 S. Park St. 

48 Fayer. 

23 S. Fayer. 

6 Sanborn 

2X House 

2N House 

44 Hitch. 

9 Mass. 

26 S. Mass. 
9 College St. 

12 Mass. 

2X House 

1 Hubbard 

21 Sanborn 

4>K^ House 

58 Wheeler 

AA<£ House 

Davison Bk. 

Davison Bk. 

2AE House 

X<i> Flouse 

<i>A9 House 

3>rA House 

2AE House 

AKE House 

3>rA House 

32 Hitch. 

31 Mass. 

18 Mass. 

16 Sanborn 

OAX House 

4 Crosby 

AKE House 

11 S. Mass. 

54 New Hamp. 

OAX House 

KKK House 

27 Sanborn 
BOII House 

24 N. Main St. 

Goss, A. E. 
Goudie, C. A. 
Gould, P. L. 
Grady, F. A. 
Gray, E. J. 
Green, I. I. 
Gregory, G., Jr. 
Griffin, R. H. 
Guay, J. 
Hager, F. A. 
Haggerty, D. R. 
Hahn, E. F. 
Hallett, J. G. 
Halloran, R. D. 
Hammond, E. K. 
Harris, D. L. 
Hartshorn, G. E. 
Haskell, S. B. 
Healey, M. T. 
Hickmott, A. C. 
Hill, J. W. 
Hill, L. F. 
Holbiook, R. L. 
Holt, H. W. 
Howe, L. B. 
Howland, P. H. 
Hutchins, M. S. 
Ingersoll, H. 
Janes, C. B. 
Jenks, H. C. 
Jopson, A. B. 
Joy, L. W. 
Karnan, P. R. 
Kelly, A. J. 
Kent, K. R. 
Kingsbury, S. M. 
Kipp, W. D. 
Kiser, P. E. 
Knowles, W. S. 
Knowlton, A. H. 
La gay, F. 
Lang, R. 
Leighton, F. W. 
Linehan, D. D. 
Litchard, D. B. 
Locke, A. W. 


19 Fayer. 

22 Rich. 

19 Thornton 

21 School St. 

41 Mass. 

35 New Hamp. 

X3> House 

17 Hallg'n 

3 Maple St. 

^>K^ House 

33 Wheeler 

11 Hitch. 

OAX House 

22 Reed 

X<i> House 

<&T House 

24-25 N. Fayer. 

29 Mass. 

21 School St. 

6 Hitch. 

9 College St. 

9 College St. 

<£2K House 

22 N. Mass. 

56 Wheeler 

1 College 

6 Hitch. 

41 Mass. 

14 S. Fayer. 

8 Rich. 

BGn House 

C. & G. House 

18 Lebanon St. 

2X House 

24-25 N. Fayer. 

eAX House 

Bridgman Bk. 

46 S. Main St. 

9 W. South St. 

39 Fayer 

5 N. Fayer. 

Norwich, Vt. 

26 Mass. 

15 Hallg'n 

18 N. Mass. 

2 Fayer. 



^ockwood, L. 
^onnquest, T. C. 
.udgate, B. A., Jr. 
^ynch, R. 
vlcCulloch, N. E. 
vicEwen, H. A. 
VlcGowan, E. W. 
VlcKenney, R. A. 
ViacKillop, S. R. 
VtacMartin, J. E. 
tfacNutt, D.P. 
Mackie, W. A., Jr. 
Marr, R. W. 
Maynard, M. E. 
Meade,. E. R, 
VEelvin, P. L. 
Merrill, H. E. 
Merrill, R. 
Miller, R. N. 
Morton, E. S. 
Mott, W. F. 
Mudgett, E. B. 
Murphy, C. F. 
Murphy, R. D. 
Murray, S. C. 
Nash, W. O. 
Norton, D. H. 
Norwood, R. R. 
Nourse, L. G. 
Olds, E. L. 
O'Leary, D. J. 
Ollis, L. S. 
O'Neil, C. R. 
Osborn, F. L. 
Osborn, P. G. 22 
Page, G. K. 
Paine, R. G. 
Palmer, W. F. 
Perrin, P. G. 
Phinney, B. V. 
Potter, C. A. 
Randall, L. N. 
Reade, L. J. 
Reagan, F. C. 
Rhoades, M. W. 
Richardson, G. L. 


9 College 

13 Mass. 

31 Fayer. 

8 Rich. 

52 Wheeler 

9 Wheeler 

Ben House 

23 Fayer. 

33 Mass. 

Norwich, Vt. 

8 New Hamp. 
0AX House 

16 Wheeler 

9 W. South St. 

1 New Hamp. 

$rA House 

27 Fayer. 

35 New Hamp. 

2X House 

20 Rich. 

6-7 S. Mass. 

50 New Hamp. 

36 Mass. 

2X House 

16 Wheeler 

<i\TA House 

6 N. Mass. 

29 Fayer. 

48 Wheeler 

5 N. Fayer. 

9 College St. 

4 Wheeler 

K2 House 

2N House 

Musgrove Bldg. 

^T House 

AA<1> House 

1 Mass. 

22 Wheeler 

ATA House 

8-9 N. Mass. 

6 Crosby 

29 Rich. 

9 W. South St. • 
1 N. Park St. 

16 Crosby 



Richmond, D. 2X House 

Robinson, E. B. <I>K^ House 

Rodenbach, C. C. K2 House 

Rubel, J. L. 22 Musgrove Bldg. 
Ruggles, H. L. 6 Sargent St. 

Saladine, J. W., Jr. AA<£ House 
Saline, S. 
Salmonsen, C. M. 
Sanborn, M. G. 

Sanborn, R. 
Sawyer, R. H. 
Scott, N. H. 
Scott, R. D. 
Searles, H. L. 
Sewall, W. 

48 Fayer. 

<£2K House 

18 Reed 

8 Hallg'n 

26 N. Mass. 

19 Crosby 

57 Wheeler 

Norwich, Vt. 

K2 House 

Shackford, B. C. 9 W. South St. 
Shaffer, H. M. 18 Davison Bk. 

Sharpe, R. W. 2AE House 

Shattuck, G. A. 3 Crosby 

Shea, L. A. 10 W. South St. 

Sherburne, M. G. 14 Hubbard 

Sherman, L. G. 

Sisson, W. C. 
Sleeper, A. F. 
Smith, D. G. 
Smith, E. E. 
Smith, O. R. 
Smith, R. 
Smith, S. L. 
Smith, V. C. 
Smith, V. K. 
Spearin, F. W. 
Sperry, I. 
Sprague, I., Jr. 
Steenrod, A. H. 
Steiger, C. A. 
Stevens, L. B. 
Stickney, R. C. 
Stillman, H. D. 
Stillman, K. G. 
Stockwell, H. A. 
Stone, R. P. 
Sturgess, A. H. 
Sturtevant, W. B. 
Supot, A. F. 
Sweet, C. W. 

5 S. Fayer. 

<i>rA House 

10 College 

22 Wheeler 

5 N. Mass. 

$rA House 

46 S. Main St. 

6 Sanborn 

8 College St. 

19 Mass. 

K2 House 

8 School St. 

2 W r heeler 

3>A0 House 

<£2K House 

23 S. Fayer. 

3 Rich. 

16 Crosby 

9 S. Fayer. 

^T House 

14 Mass. 

KKK House 

17 S. Mass. 

35 N. Main St. 

OAX House 



Swett, G. N. 
Switzer, M. 
Thielscher, K. L. 
Thompson, C. B. 
Thompson, E. M. 24- 
Thompson, W. C. 
Thompson, W. D., Jr. 
Torrey, B. 
Towler, E. D. 
Tracy, G. S. 
Trenholm, D. S. 
Trier, P. W. 
Tyler, R. G. 
Valentine, C. E. 
Vaughan, A. G. 
Ward, E. C. 
Wass, R. S. 


0AX House 

^T House 

AA<£ House 

26 Sanborn 

25 N. Fayer. 

19 Wheeler 

<i>K>3> House 

Ben House 

BOII House 

34 Reed 

2 Hitch. 

9 Mass. 

2X House 

51 Fayer. 

46 Fayer. 

25 N. Mass. 

2X House 

Waterman, H. C. 
Weeks, H. J. 
Wells, R. A. 
Wendall, H. B. 
Wethey, F. V. 
Wheeler, A. E. 
Wheelock, J. F. 
Whipple, W. L. 
White, J. W. 
Whiton, S. G. 
Wilson, W. T. 
Wolff, C, 3d 
Woodwell, P. M. 
W r ooster, W. W. 
York, W. R. 
Young, J. S. 


19 S. Main St. 

<£>K<I> House 

14 Mass. 

47 Hitch. 

23 Reed 

12 Mass. 

2X House 

0AX House 

21 S. Fayer. 

K2 House 

18 Thornton 

K2 House 

63 Wheeler 

29 New Hamp. 

18 Hubbard 


Ainsmith, F. C. 
Aishton, R. A. 
Alden, L. V. 
Angell, C. N. 
Antrim, M. B. 
Arnold, G. C., Jr. 
Axtell, F. D. 
Badger, L. B. 
Baer, T. E. 
Baker, W. B. 
Baldwin, M. A. 
Balliet, C. N. 
Barak, J., Jr. 
Barnes, S. 
Barr, D. L. 
Barrett, R. N. 
Barrett, R. L. 
Bates, S. R. 
Belding, H. H. 
Bemis, W. H. 
Bennett, H. C. 
Bickford, R. D. 
Bidwell, H. F. 
Bingham, J. C. 


21 School St. 

Musgrove Bldg. 

4 School St. 

29 New Hamp. 

24 Hitch. 

14 Crosby 

19 N. Mass. 

6 Reed 

43 Mass. 

17 Crosby 

20 Wheeler 

2AE House 

43 Wheeler 

18 Mass. 

29 S. Mass. 

2 N. Mass. 

13 Sanborn 

48 New Hamp. 

^T House 

36 N. Mass. 

25 S. Mass. 

28 Mass. 

<£K/^ House 

38 New Hamp. 

Bishop, C. A. 
Black, L. H. 24 
Blandin, A. N., Jr. 
Bliss, D. C, Jr. 
Bloom, P. A. 
Blum, K. A. 
Booth, E. H. 
Boynton, P. F. 
Breed, M. G. 
Brewster, W. R. 
Brooks, D. 
Brown, B. C. 
Brown, L. M. 
Brown, M. A. 
Brown, R. D. 
Brumby, W. L. 
Bruyette, H. L. 
Bryant, T. B. R. 
Burgess, L. T. 
Burnham, B. C. 
Burns, S. M. 
Buswell, A. C, Jr. 
Butts, E., Jr. 
Byers, J. R. 


38 Fayer. 

Musgrove Bldg. 

14 New Hamo. 

8 N. Fayer. 

SN House 

19 Hallg'n 

36 N. Mass. 

37 S. Mass. 

45 Wheeler 

22 Thornton 
0AX House 
<£Ae House 

25 Mass. 

36 Hitch. 

16 Hubbard 

24-25 S. Fayer. 

10 Wheeler 

13 N. Fayer. 

23 N. Mass. 
ATA House 

6 Rich. 

61 Wheeler 

15 Sanborn 

15 N. Mass. 



Cameron, H. M. 
lampbell, T. P. 
Zarleton, F. P. 
"arolan, J. P. 
Carpenter, G. C, J 
Zarvell, C. W. 
Zase, M. D. 
Cassebeer, F. W. 
Cavis, G. M. 
Chadbourne, R. P. 
chandler, H. L. 
Chase, P. R. 
Chen, W. K. 
Cheney, A. M, 
Chisholm, W. 
Christgau, W R. 
Christy, F. T. 
Clahane, F. J. 
Clark, E. S. 
Clark, R. E. 
Clark, R. W. 
Colbath, W. E. 
Colby, W. A. 
Collins, H. J. A. 
Colwell, R. C. 
Cone, L. J. 
Converse, J. A. 
Cook, T. 
Cooley, R. L. 
Coon, M. F. 
Cousens, L. H. 
Creesy, C. S. 
Crothers, W. M. 
Cunningham, J. M 
Currier, G. C. 
Daniels, C. L. 
Daniels, G. E. 
Dart, R. H. 
Davies, M. 
Davis, D. C. 
Davis, G. G. 
Davis, G. M. 
Davis, J. W. 
Day, H. C. 
Derosier, J. E. 
Dessau, J. H. 



46 Hitch. 
29 Wheeler 
23 Wheeler 
AKE House 

38 Mass. 

3 No. Fayer. 

AKE House 

17 Rich. 

39 New Hamp. 

41 S. Main St. 

7 S. Fayer. 

11 Reed 
6 Hallg'n 

34 S. Mass. 

27 Wheeler 

Bridgman Bk. 

29 S. Mass. 

34 Fayer. 

6 Wheeler 

44 Mass. 

X<£ House 

39 Wheeler 

25 Sanborn 

21 Mass. 

38 New Hamp. 
9 College St. 

7 Fayer. 
20 Hallg'n 

12 Rich. 
45 Wheeler 

18 N. Fayer. 

$K^ House 

13 Sanborn 

. 19 N. Fayer. 

KKK House 

24 Hitch. 

15 Rich. 

47 Hitch. 
19 N. Mass. 

44 Hitch. 

8 Thornton 

39 New Hamp. 
19 Wheeler 

40 Fayer. 

1 Wheeler 

38 Mass. 

Name Room 

Dibble, T. A. 12 Reed 

Dockstader, G. H. 32 Mass. 

Dodge, L. T. 6 Crosby 

Donohue, J. B. 19 College 

Donohue, T. F. 19 College 

Doolittle, M. C. 12 Rich. 

Doty, H. B. 23 S. Mass. 

Doty, L. L. 2 S. Mass. 

Drabble, W. W. 32 Mass. 

Drake, L. M., Jr. 19 Rich. 

Draper, J. R. 2 New Hamp. 

Duffill, H. E. 43 Wheeler 

Duffy, J. T., Jr. Balch St. 

Dusossoit, F. J. 22 Sanborn 

Dutelle, W. M. 7 Wheeler 

Eadie, H. F. 28 S. Mass. 

Earley, E. H. 46 New Hamp. 

Eastman, H. A. 26 Wheeler 

Edson, D. J. 48 New Hamp. 

Egan, H. 25 S. Mass. 

Ellis, H. O. $2K House 

Emerson, E. F. 20 N. Mass. 

Emerson, L. F. 18 Rich. 

Erwin, J. P. 7 Sanborn 

Everett, P. E. 3 N. Mass. 

Farmer, W. A. 6 Wheeler 

Felt, E. J. : 40 Mass. 

Ferguson, E. 15 N. Fayer. 

Fish, R. 10 Sanborn 

Fisher, R. S. Davison Bk. 

Fox, J. A. 18 Thornton 
Frost, C. P. 13 E. Wheelock St. 

Fuller W. T. 
Garratt, D. L. 
Garvey, E. T. 
Gee, F. W. 
George, O. 
Geran, G. P. 
Gerrish, P. H. 
Gill, J. W., Jr. 
Gleason, H. F. 

26 Wheeler 

22 Fayer. 

2AE House 

32 Hitch. 

12 Hallg'n 

24 New Hamp. 

8 School St 

3 Hitch. 

18 S. Mass. 

Glendenning, H. S. 11 New Hamp. 

Glos, W. A. 20 College 

Glover, W. C. 7 S. Fayer. 

Gordon, D. R. KS House 

Gordon, S. L. 6 College 







Gottschaldt, A. C. 40 Mass. 

Granger, L. B. 4 Ford Bk. 

Gray, D. C. 2 Reed 

Griswold, F. F. 35 Reed 

Groves, T. O. 26 Hitch. 

Gustafson, A. V. 22 Sanborn 

Hamilton, H. A. 16 Reed 

Hammond, M, G. 21 S. Fayer. 

Hanley, J. L. 40 Mass. 

Harrington, F. A. 2 New Hamp. 

Hart, O. T. 10 Rich. 

Hartnett, G. V. 25 School St. 

Hatch, E. J. 26 College 

Hazen, E. E. 33 N. Main St. 

Healey, E. F, Jr. 50 S. Main St. 

Heaney, F. C. 16 S. Fayer. 

Hesse, H. R. 17 Rich. 

Hill, S. 34 Mass. 

Hilliker, C. E. 1 New Hamp. 

Hobbs, L. H. 4 Hubbard 

Holbrook, S. W. 26 Rich. 

Holden, K. W. 18 Mass 

Holton, R. A. 15 Rich. 

Hood, C. R. 3 Rich. 

Hood, H. P., 2nd 11 S. Fayer. 

Horr, C. B. 26 Hitch. 

Horton, L. L. 43 Mass. 

Howard, R. S. 40 N. Mass. 

Howland, R. L. 3 New Hamp. 

Hoyt, H. C. 2AE House 

Hulbert, W. C. 3 S. Fayer. 

Hulbert, W. D. 3 S. Fayer. 

Hull, G. R. 42 N. Mass. 

Huntoon, L. H. C. 29 Hitch. 

Huntress, F. C. <I>2K House 

Hurlbut, J. B. $2K House 

Husk, F. R. 17 Thornton 
Hutchinson, K. F. 9 New Hamp. 

Tsbell, C. W. 12 S. Fayer. 

Johnson, A. F. ^T House 
Johnson, H. W., Jr. 23 N. Mass. 

Johnston, H. A. 14 New Hamp. 

Jones, C. C. 42 Fayer. 

Jones, K. W. 44 New Hamp. 

Jones, S. B. 12 N. Mass. 

Jones, T. R. 42 Fayer. 

Jordan, J. W. 40 N. Mass. 

Judd, S. W. $rA House 

Kane, G. O. 4 Mass. 

Kapff, G. R. 25 New Hamp. 

Keddie, E. A. 14 Sanborn 

Kendall, A. H. 30 Reed 

Kennedy, H. P. 5 Mass. 

Knapp, N. G. 5 Mass. 

Knowles, R. S. 40 New Hamp. 

Koeniger, K. W. ^T House 

Kozminski, C. R. 36 Hitch. 

Kubin, O. J., Jr. 5 Wheeler 

Kurtz, W. F. 28 Fayer. 

Langley, J. M. 11 Hallg'n 

Leavitt, M. W. 46 New Hamp. 

LeFevre, J. 25 N. Mass. 

Lehman, T. V. 15 S. Mass. 

Leland, M. A. 28 Reed 

Lewis, C. H. 3 Sanborn 

Lewis, F. A. 12 S. Fayer. 

Liscord, P. S. 28 N. Mass. 

Lo, T. C. 22 Hallg'n 

Loudon, H. A. 4 Crosby 

Lucier, A. A. 4 Mass. 

Lufkin, F. K. 46 S. Main St. 
MacBean, H. W., Jr. 17 S. Fayer. 

McBride, G. C. 17 New Hamp. 

McCarthy, C. T. 5 Sanborn 

McCoy, D. E. 17 Crosby 

McCune, J. F. 24 Musgrove Bldg. 

McDonald, J. M. 28 Reed 
McDonough, F. M. 45 New Hamp. 
McDonough, H. B. 45 New Hamp. 
McDonough, J. E. 31 Wheeler 

McDowell, E. S. 12 Hubbard 
McElwain, L. K. 35 N. Mass. 

McGowan, J. H. 7a Thornton 

McGown, R. C. 29 Mass. 

McMahon, J. E., Jr. 11 N. Fayer. 

McMahon, J. J. 22 Davison Bk. 

Macauley, D. M. 41 Wheeler 

Mader, C E., Jr. 40 New Hamp. 

Magoon, M. M. 32 New Hamp. 

Mahoney, S. P. 31 Reed 

Markey, E. W. 28 Mass. 

Marschat, R. A. 11 Crosby 







Martinez, J. S. 9 S. Mass. 

Mason, H. W. 5 S. Fayer. 

Meaney, C. D. 9 Hallg'n 

Meredith, C. L. 11 S. Fayer. 

Merrell, L. C. 25 Hubbard 

Merry, F. B. 9 College St. 
Mills, C. H. 6 Clement Rd. 

Miner, P. S. 21 Mass. 

-Minigan, W. D. 10 Fayer. 
Montgomery, J., Jr. 2N House 
Montgomery, T. R. 1 S. Fayer. 

Montgomery, W. J. 35 Reed 

Morenus, R. C. <£AO House 

Morey, S. M. 13 N. Fayer. 

Morrison, R. F. 11 Crosby 

Morse, E. G. 41 N. Mass. 
Morse, F. W., Jr. 12 Hubbard 

Moyer, P. E. 9 S. Park St. 

Mudgett, W. A. 20 N. Mass. 

Mugridge, C. F. 7 Hallg'n 

Munson, R. P. 15 N. Fayer. 
Muther, H. C. 25 New Hamp. 

Myer, J. C. DaVison Bk. 

Nelb, A. W. 9 S. Mass. 

Nelson, W. H. 18 Reed 

Nims, R. D. 26 Rich. 

Norby, C. W. BOII House 

Norton, R. G. 18 S. Mass. 

Noyes, E. R. 15 Crosbv 

O'Connell, T. J. 2N House 
O'Connor, E. J. 3 Lebanon St. 
O'Donnell, J. E. 24-25 S. Fayer. 
O'Gara, J. E. 27 W. Wheelock St. 

Ohnemus, R. A. 2N House 

Olney, M. H. 46 Hitch. 

Oppenheim, H. L. 6 Rich. 
Oppenheimer, R. J. 41 Wheeler 

Opper, C. V. 5 Rich 

Park, H. M. 26 N. Mass. 

Pearce, J. B. 3>2K House 

Pelton, L. D. 37 S. Mass. 

Pepin, W. R. 14 College 

Peppard, E. W. 13 S. Mass. 

Peters, C. F. 2N House 

Philbin, J. A. 16 Hallg'n 

Phillips, C. L. 12 Crosby 

Piper, A. N. 2 N. Fayer. 

Ponder, W. T. KKK House 

Poole, G. A. 16 Hallg'n 

Poole, L. C. 29 Wheeler 

Poole, P. 5 Crosby 

Pope, L. F. 54 S. Main St. 

Pounds, L. C. 11 N. Mass. 

Proctor, A. C. 44 New Hamp. 

Proctor, T. W. 39 N. Mass. 

Prowattain, I. 48 New Hamp. 

Pullen, S. J. 16 Hubbard 

Purdon, F. W. 8 Thornton 

Ralph, B. E. 24 Hubbard 

Rand, I. H. 23 New Hamp. 

Rau, F. L. 19 Crosby 

Rayner, B. J. 3 New Hamp. 

Reese, R. P. 3>K>p- House 
Reilly, P. W., Jr. 38 S. Mass. 

Reps, P. W. 16 S. Fayer. 

Reuling, F. H. $2K House 

Reycroft, W. G. 18 N. Fayer. 

Rhodes, R. H. ATA House 

Rice, A. F. 9 N. Fayer. 

Richards, L. F. 10 Hallg'n 

Richmond, E. G. 35 N. Mass. 

Riley, C. A. 9 West St. 

Riley, L. H. 52 Fayer. 

Robie, E. E. 4 Davison Bk. 

Robinson, D. G. 8 School St. 

Robinson, H. L. 48 Hitch. 
Robinson, Howard 12 S. Fayer. 
Robinson, J. D., Jr. 

24 Musgrove Bldg. 

Robson, A. C. 42 N. Mass. 

Rood, K. T. 5 Rich. 

Rosenfeld, W. I., Jr. 15 Mass. 

Rosnell, J. E. 15 Hubbard 

Ross, A. S. 30 N. Mass. 

Ross, E. M. 17 New Hamp. 

Ross, H. K. 16 N. Fayer. 

Ross, W. S. 19 Reed 

Rowan, H. F. 11 N. Fayer. 

Rowell, G. B., Jr. 17 N. Fayer. 

Russell, G. A. 34 Mass. 
Rutherford, S. V. Davison Bk. 

Ryan, R. R. 15 Hubbard 





Rvan, W. J. 24 Hubbard 

St. Clair, G. P. 3 Hubbard 

Salisbury, E. D. 10 S. Fayer. 
Saltmarsh, G. A., Jr. 1 Hubbard 

Samuels, F. E. 25 School St. 

Sanborn, W. W. 37 Hitch. 

Sanderson, P. H. 33 Reed 

Sargent, D. S. 2 Rich. 

Savage, G. M. 20 Fayer. 

Scully, D. B. 53 New Hamp. 
Seed, R. C. 

Seiler, L. F. 14 N. Fayer. 

Serafm, P. J. 23 New Hamp. 

Shea, D. F. 14 Sanborn 

Sheldon, N. O. 36 Fayer. 

Shirley, T. E. 53 New Hamp. 

Shoup, O. H. 3 Hitch. 

Sibbernsen, A. H. ^T House 

Simmons, J. A. 10 S. Fayer. 

Skinner, D. L. 7 Mass. 

Slabaugh, H. W. 2N House 

Smith, H. L. 3 Sanborn 

Smith, R. W. 12 Crosby 

Smith, R. Y. 19 S. Fayer. 

Snyder, J. D. 26 Mass. 

South wick, M. L. 1 Wheeler 

Spears, C. W. 28 Sanborn 

Stanley, E. W. 1 S. Fayer. 

Steele, H. L. 50 New Hamp. 

Stewart, W. H. AKE House 

Stoddard, G. C 19 S. Fayer. 

Stone, B. 23 Hitch. 

Stone, C. L. 32 N. Main St. 

Storrs, J. W. 6 N. Fayer. 

Stout, A. D. 11 Hitch. 

Straus, M. L. 13 Rich. 

Street, A. B. 12 New Hamp. 

Strout, A. L. 2 S. Fayer. 

Strout, S. C, 2nd 5 Crosby 

Sturgess, T. A. 17 N. Fayer. 

Sullivan, J. H. 4 Wheeler 

Tarrant, T. R., Jr. 48 Hitch. 

Taylor, W. N. 62 Wheeler 

Teaze, S. J. 8 School St. 
Tefft, L. V. 

Name Room 

Tirrell, E. C. 5 Sanborn 
Tokarczyk, J. 13 E. Wheelock St. 

Toutt, A. R. 3 Crosby 

Tripp, C. C. 2 Rich. 

Tusting, P. F. 18 S. Fayer. 

Tyrrel, R. T. 15 S. Mass. 

Valentine, G. A. 7 Mass. 

vanZelm, H. B. 9 New Hamp. kt _ 

Wacker, H. E., Jr. V / Jt M x*^ vi" 
Wales, W. C. 22-23 N. Fayer. 

Walker, H. S. 30 Wheeler 

Walkingstick, S. R. 14 Reed 

Wallis, L. B. 14 Rich. 

Walters, H. W. *T House 

Walton, D. F. 10 Reed 

Warbasse, L. H. 24 New Hamp. 
Warner, R. 22-23 N. Fayer. 

Weare, G. D. 31 Wheeler 

Weston, C. F. 9 N. Fayer. 

Weston, M. F. 17 Faver. 

Whelden, B. M. 6 N. Mass. 

Whipple, H. S. 16 N. Fayer. 

White, L. E. 6 Crosbv 

White, R. P. 27 College 

Whitmore, H. K. UN. Mass. 

Wiesman, E. A. 62 Wheeler 

Wiley, W. B. 3 N. Fayer. 

Willand, W. G. 39 Wheeler 

Willey, R. R. 34 N. Mass. 

Williams, R. L. 38 S. Mass. 

Wilson, H. W. 19 N. Fayer. 

Wilson, W. D. 30 N. Mass. 

Woodman, P. D. 4 Fayer. 

Woodruff, G. H. 14 Crosby 

Woodruff, T. T., Jr. Davison Bk. 

Woolworth, R. M. 6-7 S. Mass. 

Worthington, H. T. 23 Sanborn 

Wright, H. C. ' 10 Davison Bk. 

Wright, W. B. 15 Crosby 

Wyeth, W. H. 9 West St. 

Young, E. T. 25 N. Mass. 

Youngstrom, A. F. 14 S. Fayer. 

Zabriskie, A. J. 24 Reed 

Zulick, A. L. 2 N. Fayer. 




Adams, D. L. 
Adams, F. R. 
Alden, F. W. 
Alderman, W. W. 
Ald'rich, L. W. 
Allen, F. G. 
Allen, P. M. 
Allen, W. L. 
Allen, W. W. 
Allison, H. M. 
Apteker, L. 
Arakelian, J. 
Arnold, V. A. 
Ashley,. H. 
Austin, C. S. 
Avery, H. 
Aylsworth, W. S. 
Bacon, C. 
Bailey, E. B. C. 
Bailey, J. M. 
Baker, H. A. 
Baker, W. J., Jr. 
Balch, R. S. 
Balch, J. M. 
Baldwin, K. B. 
Ball, E. T. 
Bard, R. J. 
Batchelder, W. C. 
Bates, F. R. 
Beaman, R. E. 
Bear, F. J. 
Behrens, A. C. 
Belknap, C. B. 
Benesch, C. L. 
Berry, J. E. 
Berson, I. 
Bevan, K. C 
Biddle, C. W. 
Bingham, G. H., J 
Bird, P. H. 
Bixby, L. C. 
Block, R., Jr. 
Boulton, H. C. 
Bowles, N. C. 


17 Reed 

50 Fayer. 

24 Thornton 

S. 13 S. Fayer. 

54 Fayer. 

40 Hitch. 

30 Fayer. 

3 Hallg'n 

22 Mass. 

42 Hitch. 

59 Wheeler 

3 Wheeler 

22 Mass. 

Norwich, Vt. 

23 Sanborn 

2 Sargent PI. 

27 Mass. 

1 Reed 

4 School St. 

5 Hubbard 
8 Fayer. 
5 Hitch. 

2 Crosby 

31 New Hamp. 

32 Reed 

5 Sargent PI. 

44 Fayer. 

3 Wheeler 

47 Wheeler 

10 N. Mass. 

12 N. Fayer. 

6 Hubbard 
1 S. Mass. 

16 Hitch. 

14 Fayer. 

17 College 

31 New Hamp. 

16 Thornton 

r. 29 N. Mass. 

21 Hubbard 

30 Hitch. 

10 Hitch. 

27 N. Mass. 

33 S. Mass. 

Bradley, J. B. 
Brentano, A., Jr. 
Bresnahan, T. W. 
Brooks, A. N. D. 
Brown, B. R. 
Brown, C. W. 
Brown, R. 
Brown, S. L. 
Brown, W. B. 
Brown, W. J. 
Browne, H. N. 
Brtimmer, R. C. 
Buckley, J. W. 
Burke, V. H., Jr. 
Burnett, D. T. 
Burroughs, W. M. 
Butler, R. 
Butterfield, L. W. 
Butterworth, B. T. 

Caldwell, G. W. 
Calhoun, H. I. 
Campbell, R. E. 
Campion, J. F., Jr. 
Cannell, J. L. 
Carr, J. E. 
Carrigan, P. W. 
Carter, J. W. 
Carto, W. J. 
Caswell, C. F. 
Cavanaugh, J. C. 
Celce, F. W. 
Chadwell, H. M. 
Chamberlain, F. W. 
Chase, R. M. 
Chesson, H. R. 
Childs, H. L. 
Chipman, J. H. 
Clark, J. H. 
Clark, P. W. 
Clark, R. A. 
Clay, C. L. 
Cleaveland, G. W. 
Clements, F. P. 


22 College 

27 Mass. 

10 Thornton 

7 Reed 

13 Thornton 

21 College 

44 Mass. 
28 College 

20 N. Fayer. 

Davison Bk. 

27 Reed 

45 Fayer. 
2 College 

7 Hitch. 

29 Mass. 
5 Hubbard 

43 Hitch. 

11 S. Mass. 


16 N. Mass. 

3 Mass. 

21 N. Mass. 

16 Mass. 

8-9 N. Mass. 

29 Sanborn 

23 Hubbard 

16 College 

41 N. Mass. 

9 Thornton 

13 Hubbard 

20 Hubbard 

I Lebanon St. 

9 Thornton 

, Jr. 1 Hallg'n 

30 S. Mass. 

33 N. Mass. 

55 New Hamp. 

4 N. Fayer. 

38 N. Mass. 

32 S. Mass. 

30 Mass. 
19 Hubbard 

54 Fayer. 
3 Lebanon St. 







Closson, A. B. 2 Crosby 

Codv, L. F. 11 Rich. 

Cogswell, G. E. 45 Mass. 

Cole, D. P. 2 Thornton 

Cole, H. W. 14 N. Mass. 
Colie, F. R. 27 Musgrove Bldg. 

Collins, C. W. 17 Mass. 
Collins, E. H. 46 S. Main St. 
Cohvell, H. E., Jr. 46 Wheeler 

Conkling, M. W. 10 Mass. 

Conlon, C. L. B6II House 

Cook, R. 5 Crosby 

Cooper, W. W. 33 Hitch. 

Crosby, A. P. 2 Hubbard 

Cross, W. W. 14 Hall'n 

Crumb, W. R. 21 S. Mass. 
Cunningham, E. W. 14 Hitch. 

Curran, H. G., Jr. 8 Hubbard 

Daggett, R. B. 18 Fayer. 

Dain, T. A. 15 Thornton 
Daley, F. M. 24-25 S. Fayer. 

Damm, W. M. 14 Hallg'n 

Davidow, P. H. 9 Reed 

Davidson, L. H. 28 Hitch. 

Davis, G. B. 8 Reed 

Davis, J. C. 8 Mass. 

Dearstyne, C. S. 34 Hitch. 

DeBoer, P. K. 4 Hitch. 

Demond, C. W. 15 Wheeler 
Dick-Peddie, W. S. 20 Hitch. 

Dodd, S. S. 24 Mass. 

Drane, M. G. 9 Hitch. 

Dudensing, R. 4 Rich. 

Eads, W. M. 17 College 

Eastman, A. B. 24 Wheeler 

Eastman, L. E. 42 Mass. 

Eaton, C W. 47 Wheeler 

Eckles, R. S. 21 Crosby 

Edwards, E. W. 3 College 

Eisaman, J. R., Jr. 45 Hitch. 

Eldredge, D. H. 5 Fayer. 

Emerson, J. O. 3 Reed 

English, F. S. 38 Hitch. 

Ewart, S. D. 36 Wheeler 
Fairman, G. W., Jr. 11 Thornton 

Farrar, H. K. 14 S. Mass. 

Faulkner, F. 7 N. Mass. 

Featherston, D. F., Jr. 3 College 

Felton, L. M. 2 College 

Finlayson, D. L. 1 Sanborn 

Fiske, E. W., Jr. 5 S. Mass. 

Fitts, S. C. 6 S. Fayer. 

Fleming, H. P. 34 Wheeler 

Forbes, W. C. 17 Mass. 

Fornacca, J. J. 13 College 

Forrest, M. 16 S. Fayer. 

Foss, R. C. 50 Fayer. 

Freedburg, M. 11-12 College 

French, R. B. 5 S. Park St. 

French, R. F. 21 Reed 

Frothingham, P. B. 33 S. Mass. 

Fuller, G. A. 24 Mass. 

Gale, C. O. 31 S. Mass. 

Gammons, P. E. 55 Wheeler 

Garrison, L. F. 20 Hitch. 

Gerrish, S. S. 39 Mass. 

Gilchrist, K. D. 28 Wheeler 

Gilfillan, K. D. 41 Hitch. 

Gillespie, F. C, Jr. 16 College 

Gilmore, J. J., Jr. 5 W. South St. 

Gilpatric, F. C, Jr. 37 Mass. 

Gilson, A. S., Jr. 39 Mass.. 

Giraux, E. A. 32 Fayer. 

Glaser, H. M. 4 Rich. 

Glasheen, H. C. 18 Wheeler 

Gluek, E. J. 18 S. Mass. 

Godman, M. L. 20 Rich. 

Goettel, P. C. 24 Reed 
Goldberg, W. V. 19 New Hamp. 
Goldiere, A. V. 4 Occom Ridge 

Goodnow, R. W. 13 N. Mass. 

Googins, A. H. 14 Fayer. 

Gordon, J. A. 27 Reed 

Goss, J. A. 7 Hubbard 

Grant, W. C. 28 Hitch. 

Graves, D. S. 43 Fayer. 

Gray, H. D. Bridgman Bk. 

Gray, J. W. 26 Hubbard 

Greenley, B. N. 9 Hubbard 
Greeley, H. T. 16 New Hamp. 

Green, D. S. 6 New Hamp. 

Grey, P. A. 2 Hubbard 



riffith, P. W. 
uy, C. H. 
[aehnlen, E. W. 
[aerie, L. H. 
[all, H. E. R. 
[all, M. A. 
[alliday, R. 
[alloran, P. J. 
[anion, L. V., Jr. 
[apgood, T. L. 
[ardie, F. C. 
[arding, W. K. 
[arney, C. F. 
[arper, W. W. 
[arrington, G. L. 
[arris, H. C. 
[arvey, J. R. 
[atton, W. C. 
[avlin, A. C. 
[awks, H. G. 
[ayes, C. B. 
[ayes, R. S. 
[ayes, R. A. 
[azen, A. C. 
lenderson, A. D., 
lepburn, B. G. 
[eydt, E. F. 
liggins, W. V. 
linds, R. A. 
litchcock, H. G. 
litchcock, J. E. 
loag, W. D. 
loard, W. D., Jr. 
lobbs, W. T. 
lodgdon, M. W. 
lodgkins, N. L. 
lolley, H. O. 
looven, W. A. 
loward, A. C. 
loward, E. M. 
lowe, E. P. 
ludler, R. D. 
ludson, R. S. 
luntington, J. K. 
luntoon, M. C. 
luntoon, O. M. 


18 New Hamp. 

3 Lebanon St. 

22 Thornton 

8 S. Mass. 

12 Hitch. 
16 New Hamp. 

10 N. Mass. 

22 Reed 

41 Fayer. 

33 Fayer. 

28 S. Mass. 

5 W. South St. 

7 N. Mass. 

28 Rich. 

25 Reed 

32 N. Mass. 

8 Fayer. 

4 Reed 

12 N. Fayer. 

8 S. Fayer. 
15 Sanborn 

47 New Hamp. 

49 New Hamp. 

20 Crosby 

Jr. 16 Rich. 

11-12 College 

10 Hitch. 

16 Thornton 

, 30 Reed 

13 Fayer. 
8 College 

14 S. Mass. 

13 Crosby 

13 Hubbard 

42 New Hamp. 

8 Parkway 

19 Hubbard 
16 Fayer. 
22 Fayer. 

19 New Hamp. 

15 S. Fayer. 

7 Hitch. 

36 S. Mass. 

9 Hubbard 
29 Hitch. 

20 Sanborn 

Hutchinson, R. W, 
Ingraham, C. E. 
Ingram, E. C. 
Ives, F. P. 
Jackson, R. A. 
Janes, H. B. 
Jeavons, W. N. 
Jenkins, S. F. 
Jewett, J. 
Johnson, H. E. 
Johnson, K. B. 
Johnson, M. B. 
Johnson, W. B. 
Jones, A. P. 
Jones, G. W. 
Jones, M. C. 
Keating, J. R. 
Keely, K. 
Kelley, R. H. 
Kendall, C. D. 
Kerwin, J. G. 
Kingsbury, T. 
Knowlton, K. H. 
Kohl, P. T. 
Kubin, C. J. 
Kuhns, W. B. 
Kunkle, J. E., Jr. 
Laird, F. L., Jr. 
Lanyon, W. J. 
Larmon, R. R. 
Lee, L. H. 
Legg, E. R. 
Leigh, D. 
Leonhard, E. R. 
Levy, W. I. 
Lewis, C. W. 
Lewis, O. B. 
Lewis, R. M. 
Lewis, W. A. 
Libby, F. M. 
Lilienfield, W. E. 
Little; G. V. 
Lodge, R. 
Long, B. S. 
Loring, R. A. 
Loudon, J. E., Jr 


25 Wheeler 

1 Crosby 

8 Hitch. 

15 Thornton 

33 Hitch. 
19 S. Mass. 

22 S. Fayer. 

11 Hubbard 

42 New Hamp. 

9 Sanborn 

20 S. Fayer. 

11 Rich. 

16 Wheeler 
13 Crosby 

17 Hitch. 
31 S. Mass. 

5 W. South St. 

16 Hitch. 

10 S. Park St. 

24 College 

34 Hitch. 
22 Hitch. 

13 Wheeler 

13 Hitch. 

5 Wheeler 

30 Hitch. 

45 Hitch. 

1 Reed 

1 Thornton 

14 N. Mass. 

fr N. Fayer. 

3 Mass. 

23 Rich. 

18 Hitch. 
2 Mass. 

S. Park St. 
10 Hubbard 
17 Hubbard 
Davison Bk. 
40 Hitch. 
2 S. Mass. 

17 Hubbard 
34 New Hamp. 

21 N .Fayer. 
52 Wheeler 

31 Reed 




Name Room 

Lougee, E. D. 9 Fayer. 

Lovejoy, D. M. 8 Hubbard 

Ludlow, G. H. 5 S. Mass. 

Luey, D. 31 N. Mass. 

Lyon, W. O. 37 Wheeler 
McAnarney, N. A. 22-23 N. Fayer. 

McCall, T. C. 26 Fayer. 

McCarter, W. H. 4 College 

McCaslin, D. A. 21 Hitch. 

McCleery, F. M. 9 Crosby 

McConnel, W. B. 4 Hitch. 

McCraw, N. S. 13 S. Fayer. 

McCreery, F. P. 20 Thornton 

McCreery, W. C. 18 Hitch. 
McCrillis, J. W. 27 New Hamp. 

McCutcheon, L. 16 N. Mass. 

McGiffert, R. D. 33 Reed 

Mclntire, J. K. 12 Hitch. 

McMahon, D. M. 12 Wheeler 

McMahon, W. G. 10 Thornton 

McQuiston, D. S. 23 Rich. 

Maroney, H. E. 9 Hitch. 

Marsh, F. T. 8 Wheeler 

Martin, E. E. 4 College 

Matheson, K. W. 21 S. Mass. 

Mauk, S. M. 22 S. Fayer. 

Meader, G. A. 24 S. Mass. 

Meader, R. I. 37 Mass. 

Merrell, N. E. 43 Hitch. 

Merrill, C. D. 8 College 

Merrill, W. 3 S. Mass. 

Metcalf, R.'G. 7 College 

Miller, E. 44 Wheeler 

Milligan, L. D. 1 S. Mass. 

Mills, C S. 15 S. Fayer. 
Miridjanian, A. A. 16 Occom Ridge 
Mohler, J. G. Musgrove Bldg. 

Moore, J. F., Jr. 5 College 

Moran, L. J. 4 Sanborn 

Moriarty, J. F. 3 Fayer. 

Morse, H. J. 1 N. Fayer. 
Morse, L. S. 12 New Hamp. 

Moulton, V. D. B. 11 Mass. 
Moxon, E. W. 37 New Hamp. 

Mullen, H. G. 2 Hitch. 

Munro, L. W. 24 Rich. 

Name Room 

Murdough, E. B. 17 Hitch. 

Murphy, J. H. 28 Hubbard 

Murphy, J. L. 20 New Hamp. 
Murphy, S. W., Jr. 9 Hallg'n 

Murray, J. M. 28 Wheeler 

Nathan, T. C. 8 S. Fayer. 

Neely, E. G. 14 Hitch. 

Newcomb, R. D. 20 Thornton 

Nichols, H. E. 27 Lebanon St. 

Nolan, F. L. 15 N. Mass. 

Norris, C. H. 12 Thornton 

Norton, M. A. 10 N. Fayer. 
O'Gorman, C. J. 

O'Neill, A. J. 8 S. Fayer. 

Osborne, F. H. 10 Hallg'n 

Owen, G. W. 42 Mass. 

Owens, H. S. 19 S. Mass. 

Paisley, R. J. 6 Fayer. 

Palmer, A. I. 1 Thornton 

Palmer, E. J. 38 Wheeler 

Papp, A. Wilder, Vt. 

Parker, A. C. 2 Thornton 

Parsons, H. C. 37 Wheeler 

Pearce, N. K. 5 Hitch. 

Pedlow, F. A. 24 Thornton 

Pelletier, J. S. 44 Fayer. 

Perkins, J. R., Jr. 25 Hitch. 

Pette, K. A. 19 Hitch. 

Phelan, J. 24 Lebanon St. 

Phelps, E. H. 3 Thornton 

Phillips, C. E., Jr. 24 Lebanon St. 

Phinney, W L., Jr. 15 Reed 

Picken, W. H., Jr. 1 Fayer. 

Pierce, R. C. 49 Fayer. 

Pierce, W. L. 36 New Hamp. 

Pilsbury, E. K. 4 N. Fayer. 

Pitman, F. L. 32 Fayer. 

Pollard, R. P. 55 New Hamp. 

Potter, J. W. 29 N. Mass. 

Potter, R. H., Jr. 35 S. Fayer. 

Powell, B. B. 20 New Hamp. 

Powers, A. D. 20 Hubbard 

Pratt, H. C. 1 N. Mass. 
Prendergast, T. H. 13 Wheeler 

Proctor, R. 39 N. Mass. 

Quinn, J. R. 17 Reed 



ladford, J. S., Jr, 
laible, C. G. 
land, G. W. 
lanney, A. H. 
Ransom, P. W. 
lautenberg, A. E. 
lay, C. R. 
layner, G. A. 
lector, L. H. 
Wily, J. F. 
tally, T. J., Jr. 
lice, K. H. 
litter, R. E. 
lobinson, M. R. 
loland, R. H. 
lood, R. T. 
loosen, C. F. 
lose, J. K. 
loss, J. 
lowell, A. P. 
luml, W., Jr. 
lussell, S. A. 
Salmon, D. C. 
iandoe, N. M. 
lawyer, S. C. 
Scammon, J. J. 
jchenck, L, Jr. 
>chleyer, J. J. 
)chriber, P. D. 
ichulz, R. W. S. 
>ears, C. M., Jr. 
>ears, L. B. 
Reward, R. E. 
>hambaugh, W. R. 
>heeler, W. A., J 
)helburne, J. A. 
Sheldon, S., Jr. 
Shields, H. E. 
5iebert, D. W. 
siegbert, H. 
singleton, C. M, 
>isk, R. T. 
Sleeper, N. T. 
Jmith, A. M., Jr. 
Smith, F. W. 
smith, K. D. 



39 Hitch. 

23 S. Mass. 

5 Prospect St. 

25 Rich. 

17 S. Fayer. 
C. 25 Hubbard 

43 N. Mass. 

18 Fayer. 

21 College 

8 Sanborn 

8 Sanborn 

33 N. Mass. 

18 S. Fayer. 
36 Wheeler 

21 Reed 

4 School St. 

21 N. Mass. 

S. Main St. 

6 Fayer. 

21 Wheeler 

16 Mass. 

45 Mass. 

17 Sanborn 

52 New Hamp. 

60 Wheeler 

20 N. Fayer. 

8 Mass. 

31 N. Mass. 

31 Hitch. 

ATA House 

25 College 

37 Hitch. 

47 New Hamp. 

41 S. Main St. 

r. 21 Crosby 

21 Hallg'n 

46 Wheeler 

8 Hitch. 

15 Mass. 

13 Reed 

41 Hitch. 

59 Wheeler 

10 Crosby 

21 Wheeler 

Smith, R. H. 
Smith, T. W. 
Smith, W. T. 
Smith, W. M. 
Spaulding, F. N. 
Stacey, J. H. 
Stackpole, A. N. 
Stecher, R. M. 
Stedman, W. M. 36 
Steele, H. D. W. 
Stein, S. G n Jr. 
Steininger, G. R. 
Sterling, N. E. 34 
Stevens, J. R. 
Stewart, A. R. 
Stokes, J. F. 
Stone, H. J. 
Stoughton, E. F. 27 
Streeter, A. C. 4 

Strout, F. S. 
Strout, R. L. 
Studholme, D. M. 
Sullivan, D. E., Jr. 
Sullivan, D. T. 
Sullivan, W. B. 
Sykes, L. E. 
Sym, H. A. 
Taylor, A. H., Jr. 
Taylor, F. G. 32 

Tayntor, C. E. 
Tew, A. G. 
Thomas, F. H. 
Thompson, M. L. 
Towle, R. M. 
Townsend, E. S. 
Townsend, W. G. 
Treat, S. M. 
Tucker, F. G. 
Tucker, M. 10 

Valentine, F. B. 
Vinkemulder, H. B. 
Vliet, J. W., Jr. 
Vorce, R. M. 
Wallis, R. N., Jr. 
Ward, A. H. 10 

Ward, J. R. 14 

39 Hitch. 
22 College 

1 N. Fayer. 
9 West St. 

11 Fayer. 

7 College 
20 Sanborn 
12 Wheeler 
New Hamp. 

1 Crosby 
4 S. Mass. 

15 Fayer. 
New Hamp. 

35 Fayer. 
7b Thornton 
37 N. Mass. 

6 College 
New Hamp. 
New Hamp. 

22 Hitch. 

2 S. Fayer. 

6 Hubbard 
23 Thornton 

7 Sanborn 
18 College 

32 Reed 
5 Reed 

4 Thornton 
New Hamp. 

10 Mass. 

7b Thornton 

38 Hitch. 

5 Hallg'n 

10 Crosby 

23 Mass. 
13 Hitch. 

13 Rich. 
1 Sanborn 

New Hamp. 

20 Reed 

15 N. Mass. 

4 Sanborn 

5 Thornton 

14 Rich. 
New Hamp. 

Sargent St. 



Warden. A. S. 
Wark, C. S. 
Warner, C. H. 
Warner, W. B. 
Warnke, E W. 
Washburn, W. D 
W T atson, P. K. 
Weaver, N. A. 
Webb, R. B. 
Webster, H. S. 
Welsh, R. B. 
Werfelman, D. J, 
West, R. S. 
Wetherby, J. K., 
Wheeler, L. C. 
Whelan, T. J. 


30 Mass. 

20 Crosby 

29 Reed 

29 Reed 

12 Hallg'n 

, Jr. 23 Mass. 

13 Thornton 

8-9 N. Mass. 

24 S. Mass. 

24 Fayer. 

31 Hitch. 

, Jr., 19 Hitch 

10 Hubbard 

Jr. 21 Hitch. 

55 Wheeler 

20 College 

White, W. A., Jr. 
Whitney, R. 
Wilcox, D. G. 
Wilder, R. N. 
Wilkinson, H. F. 
Williams, J. R. 
Wilson, J. H. 
Wood, T. H. 
Woods, P., Jr. 
Worthen, A. R. 
Wright, E. C. 
Wright, J. H. 
Wright, W. 
Wylde, A. F. 
Wylie, J. R., Jr. 


10 N. Fayer. 

46 New Hamp. 

20 S. Fayer. 

52 New Hamp. 

6 New Hamp. 

25 Reed 

9 Crosby 

32 Wheeler 

2 Hallg'n 

16 S. Mass. 

13 S. Mass. 

12 Thornton 

24 Wheeler 

38 Wheeler 

36 Reed 




Fipphen, C. W. 
Gear, P. E. 
Granger, F. W. 
Granger, L. Y. 

Alvarez, H. E. 
Baxter, R. H. 
Blum, K. A. 
Bowler, J. P. 
Chutter, R. F. 
Cunningham, E. 
Davis, D. D. 
Davison, C. M. 
Donehue, F. M. 
Dresser, N. B. 
Gilmore, C. M. 
Haggerty, D. R. 
Hayden, E. P. 

Room Name Room 

52 S. Main St. Parsons, C. H. 52 S. Main St. 

9 W. South St. Pettengill, F. G. 56 New Hamp. 

9 W. South St. Ryan, E. F. 9 W. South St. 

4 Ford Block Sawyer, H. P. Isolation Hospital 



47' Fayer. 

28 Sanborn 

19 Hallg'n 

Thayer Lodge 

5 Sanborn Road 

S. 11 Hubbard 

Bridgman Bk. 

9 Mass. 

2 X House 

14 Wheeler 

Ben House 

33 Wheeler 

C. & G. House 

Hill, L. F. 
Maynard, M. E. 
Paine, G. E. 
Potter, C. A. 
Shackford, B. C. 
Shaw, E. A. 
Stamatiades, P. E. 
Stickney, R. C. 
Tower, A. A. 
Tucker, C. W. 
Walters, H. W. 
Wyman, R. E. 


9 College St. 

9 W. South St. 

30 New Hamp. 

8-9 N. Mass. 

9 W. South St. 

A K E House 

8 College St. 

3 Rich. 

9 W. South St. 

9 W. South St. 

>p- T House 

18 Hubbard 



Anderson, T. E. 
Clarke, R. G. 
Cole, H. W. 
English, A. T. 
Kimball, J. C. 
Lang, W. A. 
Lantermann, H. D. 
28 W. 

Room Name Room 

Bissell Hall McCarthy, J. H. 3 College St. 

9 West St. Nichols, A. C. 12 Sanborn 

Norwich, Vt. Rice, R. J. 3 College St. 

12 Sanborn Rothery, P. R. Bissell Hall 

3 College St. Spaulding, R. W. Musgrove Bldg. 

Bissell Hall Woodcock, C. F. Musgrove Bldg. 

W T oolworth, W. H. 

Wheelock St. Musgrove Bldg. 



Name Room 

Anderton, R. H. 15 E. Wheelock St. 

Ellis, R. H. 
Frey, E. B. 
Gove, L. P. 
Gumbart, E. H. 3 

Harvey, R. P. 

8 College St. 
5 College St. 
5 College St. 

54 S. Main St. 
54 S. Main St. 

Lawson, E. H. 43 W. Wheelock St. 

Lewis, A. D. 
Lindsley, D. L. 
McLellan, H. J. 
Parker, H. B. 
Perkins, R. G. 


5 College St. 

K2 House 

54 S. Main St. 

31 Mass. 

14 Wheeler 

Ross, K. W. 43 W. Wheelock St. 

Rundlett, C. M. 
Shumway, W. D. 

3 Maple St. 
12 Fayer. 



Borella, B. V. 
Campbell, B. H. 
Day, J. L. 13 
Grills, B. W. 
Harris, J. G. 
Haskell, M. 
Hazen, D. S. 
Healy, J. J. 
Hellie, E. W. 
Howe, D. K. 
Johnson, A. E. 
Leary, P. A. 
Libby, J. R. 


23 N. Main St. 

32 N. Main St. 

E. Wheelock St. 

24 School St. 

32 N. Main St. 

11 Sanborn 

24 Sanborn 

10 W. South St. 

24 Sanborn 

24 School St. 

9 W. South St. 

5 Sanborn Road 

14 Sargent St. 



Morey, W. B. 21 Thornton 

Norwood, R. M. 17 Hallg'n 

Pearce, F. L. The Graduate Club 
Priddy, A. L. 32 N. Main St. 

Smith, H. L. 21 Thornton 

Stone, F. W., Jr. 9 West St. 
Sullivan, A. B. 5 College St. 

Sutcliffe, A. A. 23 N. Main St. 
Tomfohrde, A. H. 23 N. Main St. 
Turner, H. S. 5 College St. 

Wanamaker, C. L. 
Waugh, D. F. 17 Hallg'n 


Name Room Name 

Finley, J. H. 16 Sanborn Tuck, L. P. 

McReynolds, F. W. 21 Prospect St. 

Ayer, L. S. 
Barak, A. L. 
Bates, H. A. 
Bean, H. C 
Blaney, P. H. 
Brett, W. H, 
Brown, R. A. 

Room Name 


K K K House 
35 Mass. 
ATA House 
$2 K House 
$2 K House 
B0n House 
30 Wheeler 

Brundage, C. E. 
Burnham, P. C. 
Campbell, C. L. 
Carleton, E. J. 
Cheney, J. M. 
Clarke, C. M. 
Coakley, D. W. 


8 School St. 


11 Wheeler 

ATA House 

S. Main St. 

K 2 House 

A K E House 

22 School St. 

4 College St. 



Coffin, C. C. 
Colby, J. N. 
Cole, H. L. 
Conley, A. J. 
Curtin, J. J. 
Drury, C. 
Eigner, I 
Everett, C. K. 
Fenno, J. K. 
Fishback, H., J 
Fitzsimmons, R. 
Friend, O. P. 
Fuller, G. B. 
Garrison, F. O. 
Geran, J. C. 
Gould, G. C. 
Goward, P. F. 
Greenwood, C. 
Hale, W. A. 
Henderson, K. 
Janes, C. R. 
Jardine, A. J. 
Jones, C. E. 


28 New Hamp. 

Ben House 

2 X House 

1 Hitch. 

22 School St. 

21 Rich. 

22 New Hamp. 

K K K House 

$ A 9 House 

r. A K E House 

R. 3 Lebanon St. 

19 Sanborn 

G A X House 

57 New Hamp. 

1 Rich. 

52 S. Main St. 

15 New Hamp. 

W. 10 S. Mass. 

$2K House 

M. A K E House 

K 2 House 

Ben House 

56 New Hamp. 

Kiley, E. L. 
Kreider, G. P. 
Lincoln, C. K. 
Linihan, M. G. 
McEndy, J. F. 
McKenzie, W. H. 
McQuesten, E. F. 
Mack, E. L. 
Marsden, A. G. 
Mullen, J. J. 
Palmer, C. A. 
Parker, R. M. 
Pudrith, C. A. 
Richie, F. M. 
Shanahan, J. A. 
Skinner, F. P. 
Soutar, P. O. 
Stelberg, E. C. 
Stiegler, H. E. 
Studley, B. 
Sully, S. E. 
Tapley, G. H. 
Wilson, F. S. 


4 College St. 

35 Hitch. 

26 S. Fayer. 

<£ K ^ House 

ATA House 

Bridgman Blk. 

X <t> House 

7 New Hamp. 

35 Wheeler 

41 S. Main St. 

37 Fayer. 

Bridgman Blk. 

BGII House 

4 S. Mass. 

43 New Hamp. 

34 Reed 

X <£ House 

S. Main St. 

8 Crosby 

21 Fayer. 

7 Rich. 

K 2 House 

54 S. Main St. 



Graduate Students 9 

Seniors 262 

Juniors 253 

Sophomores 413 

Freshmen 486 

Medical School 33 

Thayer School 29 

Tuck School 88 

Total, deducting for names repeated 1470 

PU t: "- 1\ m UN CO..IND- 



^ JAN 90 

&r INDIANA 46962