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Full text of "Directory of San Diego City, Coronado and National City - 1892-93"

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in i AITKEI 

Attorney and ^^i^^B^' af Law, 
S. V. Cor. Fifth and F^i., Up Stairs, 
f San Diego, Calif. 




Insurance ^ Co"^P3^")? 





N. W. Corner 


27th Annual Exhibit. 

Capital, paid up in U. S. Qpid Coin, $ 300,000.00 

Losses since Organization 3»575,759.2i 

Surplus for Policy Holders 1,000,000.00 

J- C. SPRICC Jr., Agent, 




Accident insurance (pn^pd^n;^ 


Issues the Most Attractive and Profitable Forms of 
Life and Endowment Policies. 

> i 







nsure while you are young and get the 03 
Benefit of Reduced Rates. 
J. C. SPRIGG Ji*., 
• Agent for San Diego Co. 









Nos. 1031 and 1033 
Fifth St., San Diego, Calif. 

m 1 ti( . i':i PUBLIC L I BRARY 




Dr^ Qoods 



Ntti T] 

nil It^ 


Established 1878. 

The largest retail business in San Diego 

Reliable goods and attentive salesmen. 
Goods marked in plain figures and sold at 

uniform prices. 
Kxact change in pennies. 
Resident buyer in New York City. 
Up-to-date merchandise and Up-to-date 

methods of selling. 
Prompt Mail order department. 

mm^^^^^f^^^^^ ^^^'''' 



, % W. B. McDOUGALI^. 




sole: agents for 



A Full Line of Mower Extras. 
Corner Seventh and I Streets, SAN DIEGO, CAL. 

^ B. McDOUGAI.1.. C. A. McDOUGALIv- 

jWcDOUGflLili BJ^OS., 





Studebaker Wagons,' 





&c., &c., &c. 
Corner Seventh and I Streets, SAN DIEGO, CAL. 





Funeral Directors 


Night Bell 
at Office 


758 and 760 Fourth Street, 


M. A. Wertheimer & Co. 






Toys, Fancy Goods, Leather Goods, Albums, Bibles and Prayer Books, 

Pocket Cutlery, Razors, Shears, Mathematical Goods, 

Draughtmen's Supplies. 

Madie, Todd & Go's Gold Pens, Swan Fountain Pens. 

Glucinum Steel Pens. Macowsky's Steel Pens. 

Beasley's New Official Map of San Dieco County. 

M. A. wertheimer & CO. 

762-764-766 Fifth Street, 



Dealers In 

Paints. % Oils. * Yarnislies. * 



^trists' IVLaterials, Glass, Etc. 

751 Sixth St. (Bxpress Block) - - . SAN DIECO, CAL. 
Agency for the Sale of 

W. B. INGRAM, Pres. J. M. COOK, Manager. 

''premium takers." 
Sou-tKf rn California 

^ Soeip Company, ^ 


Potash, Soda, Mineral and Fibrine Soaps. 

Also, Orchard and Vineyard Sprays, 



Barbers' Supplies. 

Grown Pateipt Shoe Dressing; Waterproof 

Dealers in Starclies, Bluing, Dyes, Potash, Sal-Soda, 

Caustic Soda, Silicate of Soda, Soda Ash, Rosin 

Borax, Japan Wax, Chloride of Lime, 

Lyes, Candles, Etc. 

Main Ofl&ce at Works: Block 150 B Ave., and Second St. 


Purely Mutuai, 

Incorporated 1847 Charter Perpetual 


Life Insurance Compaof 



General Agent and Manager 


OFFICE No. 1424 F Street, Marston Block, SAN DIEGO, CALIF. 

ASSETTS, January ist, 1892, - $ \ 8,55 I ,388.30 

SURPLUS, January ist, 1892, 4 per cent. 2,465,689. 13 

All policies incontestable after two years, and members protected from 
forfeiture by the liberal I/oan, Extention and Paid-up Values guaranteed 
in the contract. Women insured at same rates as men. Send date of 
your birth and you will receive rates. 



Standard Iron Works, 


[npes, Boilers and Pumps. 

Steam Fitting, 

Architectural Iron Work. 

Telephone 97 
Cor. 7th and L Sts. 

P. O. Box 698 

San Diego. 






The Daily $dir\ Di^^ein. 

(Democratic in Politics.) 

BSTABUSHED 1885. . 50 Cents per Month 

Ariosto McCrimmon, Publisher and Proprietor. 

A Live Daily Newspaper, Replete with 
all the local news of the Bay region. 

Full Telegraphic Service of the United Press. 

Business Office 1138 D Street. 

The Weeljly $2in Di^^an. 


Complete Local County News, and 

Only $2.00 Per Year. 

Sent Post Paid to any address. 

All communications should be sent to the 



Wholesale and Retail Dealers in 

fk±r\^u\\\Arb\ Tools ^^^ 

Fish Bros.' Wei^ons ^^ 
Qibbs' Imp^riaLl PloWs 


_ ' , I Wait^^r Pipe 

Wrought Iron \ 

[ Pipe r it-tinj^s 

Brass Goods, Bibbs, Valves, Etc. 
Plumbers' Goods, Lead Pipe, 

A^ERMOXoi? a;\^indm:ills, 


Biipders and H^^y flakes. 
-^N Western Chief Hay Press, &c. ^^ 

Estimates given and Contracts made with persons wanting 

San Dieco, Cal. 


Life Insufaoce Companj 

— OF — 

Springfield, Mass. 


Assets : $12,239,5^9.16 

Liabilities 11,236,837.25 

Surplus, Mass. Standard 1,002,691.91 

Number of Policies issued in 1891, 5.719 

Insuring 117,248,900 

Number of Policies in Force Dec. 31st 1891 

25,010, insuring 169,527,665 

Our Twenty Payment Combined Life and Endowment Policy 

Is the Most Popular Contract written in the Insurance 

World — Comprising as it does 

I St, InSUrance-^Under state laws, and rigid examinations by Stat- 
Insurance Department, making the policy-holder absolutely 

2ndy Endowment — The law requiting us to give Cash Surrende 
Values any time after two annual premiums have been paid. 

3df Annual Ihcome— Our Distributions of Surplus or Dividend 
are declared yearly, commencing at the end of the first year 

4th, I nvestment — At any time after two annual premiums have beei 
paid the policy holder can take a Paid-up Participating Value 
which is inserted in the Policy and will earn Interest o- 
Annual Income during life, with the Paid-Up Value pa)^abl 
at death. 

5thy Collateral Values — Are based on the Cash Value inserted ii 
the policy for each year of its history. Thus the policy ha 
a Loanable Value any year after the second, increasing eacl 
year as the premiums are paid. 

For a Policy combining all these Desirable Feature;- 

Address or call on 

W. F. Tompkins, GeniAgt., 

Rooms 7 and 8 Bancroft Building, cor 5th and G Sts., 

San Diego, CaL 







Sein Dicg^o Cour|ty. 


S. H. OLMSTED and A. A. BYNON, Publishers, 
1 130 Fourth Street. 

We have endeavored to make this directory as complete and reliable 
as possible, hoping to merit the patronage of the public for the next 
issue in 1893-4. An unusual number of removals and changes have 
occurred since the canvas was commenced; no doubt some have escaped 
our notice. We ask indulgance for any errors which may appear. 


PI^ICE, - - ^2.00. 

Press of The Olmsted Co., 1130 Fourth St. 







Appendix 26 

Block Directory 9 

Church Directory 19 

General Directory .' 33 

General Information 12 

Newspapers 18 

Railways 18 

Schools and Colleges 25 

Societies 20 

Steamship Lines 19 

Street Directory 10 


Classified Directory City i 

" " County 93 

" " Coronado 35 

" " National City 55 

Coronado Directory 23 

County Directory 61 

National City Directory 39 

Inciex to ^cLvertiseiricnts. 

Aitken, John R., first outside cover 

Bank of National City, part 2 38 

Bates Implement Co, 5 

Brewster Hotel outside back cover 

Brewster Pharmacy " " " 

Boyd & Strahel 32 

City Printing Co part 2, 22 

Cliff & Co... 238 

Commercial Hotel part 2, 23 

Colifornia Tree Wash part 2 38 

Coronado Foundry part 2, 8 

De Groot, W I 235 

Doughty, Wm 17 

Fidelity Mutual Aid Association .236 
" " " outside cover 

Pacific Transfer & Gurney Cab Co, 

out«ide first cover 

Johnson & Co Inside back cover 

Kimball, F A, part 2, 38 

Kimball, F E A, outside cover 

Kirby, E D & Co '. 234 

Lenz Music Co bottom first cover 

Magwood, G W insets 

Marston, G W, inside first cover 

Mass. Mutual Life Ins. Co 6 

Mercantile Collection Agency 

top back outside cover 

McDougall Bros, next first cover 

McKenzie & Bro, 233 

National Mfg Co, part 2, 59-60 

Naumann, J, 234 

Penn Mutual Life Ins Co, 2 

Pioneer Truck Co, outside back cover 

S D Land & Town Co, part 2, 37 

S D Undertaking Co, i 

S D Paint Co, opposite page i 

San Diegan 4 

Southern Calif Soap Co i 

Southern Calif Ky 31 

Spriggs, J C Jr, first outside cover 

Standard Iron Works 2 

Sun Daily 237 

Stetson, C M, 232 

Stead Soap Co, 232 

Union, Daily 3 

Victor Bicyles 234 

Wertheimer & Co oppo page i 

Winters Joseph, opp part 2 



Aldelphi house, Front near D 

Allison, The, 854 Tenth 

Albemarle Hotel, s e cor Band Front 

Alhambra, Ninth bet H and I 

Allyn, s w cor Fifth and E 

Alpha, 655 Sixth 

Arcade, cor Third and Plaza 

Ashland, The, Fifth near K 

American, cor State and G 

Backesto, Fifth and H 

Bancroft, s e cor Fifth and G 

Bank of Commerce, 841 Fifth 

Bay View hotel, n e cor Twelfth and I 

Belle View hotel, cor Fourth and G 

Brandt, Sixth bet G and H 

Brewster hotel, s e cor Fourth and C 

Bon Ton, s w cor Sixth and D 

Brevoort, Fifth near B 

Brooklyn, The, E bet Seventh and 

Brown, s e cor Fifth and H 
Brunswick, The, n w cor Fifth and D 
Buckingham, The, s e cor D and 

Capital, 749 Fourth 
Cable hotel. Fourth near power house 
Caprou, Fifth near K 
Castle Hall, K of P, 948 Fourth 
City Hall, (Horton Bank blk) s w cor 

D and Third 
Cole, n w cor Fifth and G 
Commercial hotel, s e cor Seventh 

and I 
Consolidated National Bank, s w cor 

Fifth and G 
Court House, D bet Front and Union 
Clifton, The, 1721 Fourth 
Derby, The, H bet Ninteenth and 

Dome, The, 920 Fifth 
Ellsworth, The, se cor Twelfth and H 
Elite, The, n w cor Third and D 
Emerson, Fourth and A 
Everett house, n w cior First and G 
Express, s e cor Sixth and F 
Erie, H bet Union and Front 
Fifth Avenue, Fifth near A 
First National Bank, n w cor Fifth 

and E 

Florence hotel, Fir bet Third and 

Fisher Opera house. Fourth and Fifth 

bet B and C 
Geneva house. Fourth near B 
Gilbert, 955 Fifth 
Gould, s w cor Fourth and E 
Grand, The, 1232 F 
Grand Central hotel, n e cor H and 

Grand Pacific, s w cor J and Fifth 
Great Eastern, 815 F'ifth 
Hamilton, 719 Fifth 
Hermann, n w cor Thirteenth and K 
Hewitt, s w cor Seventh and E 
Hill, Fourth bet D and E 
Holt house, n w cor H and Fifteenth 
Horton Bank, s w cor D and Third 
Horton hall, s w cor F and Sixth 
Horton house, D bet Third and Fourth 
Holister, 1646 F 

Hotel del Coronado, Coronado Beach 
International, The Eighth bet F &G 
I O O F hall, n w cor Sixth and H 
Johnson, n e cor Fifth and E 
Josephine hotel. Orange ave, Coro- 
nado Beach 
Keating, n w cor Fifth and F 
Keystone, The, 949 Tenth 
Kline, n w cor Sixth and D 
Kuhn, s e cor Fourth and D 
Lafayette, D bet Seventh and Eighth 
Lawyers' n e cor E and Fourth 
Langham, n w cor Fourth and C 
Leighton, The, 1440 First 
Leland, The, (Reed-Pauly blk) 
Llewellyn, 728 Fifth 
Loomis, 936 and 938 Third 
Louis, 843 Fifth 

Louis opera house. Fifth bet B and C 
Minneapolis, 752 Seventh 
Manvel, The, (Kline blk) 
Manor, The, cor Fifth and Ash 
Marshall-Higgins, s w cor F'ourth 

and C 
Marston, ne cor Fifth and F 
Masonic hall, n w cor Sixth and H 
McGurck, n e cor Fifth and H 
M E Church, n e cor Fourth and D 



Metropolitan, 1319 E 
Montezuma, The, (Stone bldg) 
Montrose, The, 717 Fourth 
Morse, Whaley & Dalton, 920 Fifth 
Nash; s e cor Fifth and I 
Nesmith-Greeley, Fifth bet E and F 
Northeastern, The, s w cor D and 

Occidental, The n w cor Seventh & I 
Orford, The, H near Eighth 
Oriel, The Eighth bet E and F 
Pierce-Morse, n w cor Sixth and F 
Plaza Palace, (Schmitt blk) 
Prescott house, n w cor Fifth and B 
Price, (Reed blk) cor Sixth and H 
Ramona, 1237 Fourth 
Reed, n e cor Sixth and H 
Reed-Pauly, n e cor Sixth and E 
Reuton, The, 546 Fifth 
Revere, The, 1126 Fourth 
Richelieu Fifth bet C and D 
Royal, The, 1226 Fourth 
Roxbury, The, 746 Seventh 
Russ house, E bet Third and Fourth 
Sanford, The, s w cor Eighth and F 

. Schmitt, 946 Third 
Schmitt Dispensary, 948 Fourth 
Schneider, Fifth bet F and G 
Selwyn & Allison, Fifth near H 
Sheldon, 818 Sixth 
Sierra, The, cor Eighth and K 
Snyder, 835 Sixth 

Spencer-Ogden, s w cor Fifth and F 
St James hotel, n e cor Sixth and F 
St Elnio, n w cor Second and H 
Stone, n w cor Second and F 
Sun, Fourth and Plaza 
Sunnyside, Third near D 
Tower house, s w cor Fourth and F 
Tremont house, 1046 Third 
Turn Verein hall, 1046 D 
Union house. Seventh and I 
Vermont house. Twelfth bet H and I 
Victoria hotel, D bet Second & Third 
Washington, H bet First and Second 
Willard, The s w cor Sixth and F 
Windsor, The, Fourth bet E and F 
Young, s w cor F*ifth and F 
Y M C A bldg. Eighth bet G and H 
Yuma, Fifth bet G and H 

♦ •♦ 


Commencing at the bay on the west the streets running north and 
south are Atlantic, California, Arctic, India, Columbia, State, Union, 
Front, First, Second, Third, etc., to Forty-second. 

North of Fir and west of Front the streets running north and south 
from Front are Albatross, Brant, Curlew, Dove, Eagle, Falcon, Goldfinch, 
Hawk, Ibis, Jackdaw, Kite, and Eark, to the bay. 

Commencing at the bay on the south the streetsrunningeast and west 
are named after the letters of the alphabet. Beginning with N street at 
the waters edge they are in alphabetical order north to A, thence north 
they are as follows : Ash, Beech. Cedar, Date," Elm, Fir, Grape, Haw- 
thorn, Ivy, Juniper, Kalmia, Laurel, Maple, Nutmeg, Olive, Palm, 
Quince, Redwood, Spruce, Sasafras, Thorn, Upas, Vine, Willow, Chalmers, 
Winder, Pierce, McKee, McNeill, Stone. 

An ordinance was adopted in August, 1887, changing the names of 
certain streets in Mannasse & Schiller's addition, the addition of the 
Land & Town Co., and Choate's addition, as follows: The name of E 
street was changed to Everett avenue; F to Franklin avenue; G to Grant 


avenue; H to Harrison avenue; I to Inter-Ocean avenue; K to Kearney 
avenue; L to Logan avenue; M to Milton avenue; Oliver avenue to Logan 
avenue; P to Pierce avenue, and R to Railroad avenue. The names of the 
numbered streets from Nineteenth to Twenty-eighth were changed to 
South Nineteenth, South Twentieth, etc. In Reed & Daily's and Choate's 
additions the following streets were changed : O to Webster avenue; P to 
Clay avenue; Q to Sargent ave; R to Woolman. avenue; S to Valle avenue; 
T to Martin avenue; and U to Greeley avenue. An ordinance was passed 
January 7, 1889, changing the name of Inter-Ocean avenue to Irving 
avenue. An ordinance was also passed in September, 1889, consolidating 
I, Topeka and Oliver avenues under the name of Main street. 

In most of that part of the city south of N street and east of Eigh- 
teenth to Thirty-second the streets run northwest and southeast, and 
southwest and northeast. Beginning at N street the avenues running 
northwest and southeast are Everett, Eranklin. Grant, Harrison, Irving, 
Kearney, Julian, Milton, Pierce, Railroad. And those running northeast 
and southwest from Eighteenth are South Nineteenth, South Twentieth, 
etc., to South Twenty-eighth. In that portion of the city east from 
Twenty-eighth to Thirty-second, the avenues running east and west are 
Webster, Clay, Sargent, Woolman, Valle, Martin and Greeley. 


Houses are numbered from west to east and from south to north. On 
the s^^reets running from w^st to east there are 48 numbdrs to each block, 
or one number for every eight and one-third feet. Commencing on the 
west end of D street the first number on D street is 200, which is at the 
northeast cor of Atlantic. The last number in that block would be 248, 
at the northwest corner of D and Atlantic, and at the northeast corner of 
D and California the first number is 300, etc. On the streets running 
from south to north there are 72 numbers to each block. 

The numbers at the street crossings on the streets running from east 
to west are at Atlantic 200, California 300, Arctic 400, India 500, Columbia 
600, State 700, Union 800, Front 900, First 1000, Second iioo; Third 1200, 
Fourth 1300, Fifth 14000, Sixth 1500, Seventh, 1600, Eighth 1700; Ninth 
1800, Tenth 1900, Eleventh 2000, Twelfth 2100, Thirteenth 2200, Four- 
teenth 2300, Fifteenth 2400, Sixteenth 2500, Seventeenth 2600, Eighteenth 
2700, Nineteenth 2800, Twentieth 2900, Twenty-first 3000, Twenty-second 
3100, Twenty-third 3200, Twenty-fourth 3300, Twenty-fifth 3400, Twenty- 
sixth*35oo. Twenty-seventh 3600, Twenty-eighth 3700. 

On the streets running from south to north the crossings are at N i, 
M, 100, L 200, K 300, J 400, I 500, H 600, G 700, F 800, E 900, D 1000, C 
1 100, B 1200, A 1300, Ash 1400, Beech 1500, Cedar, 1600, Date 1700, Elm 
1800, Fir 1900, Grape 2000, Hawthorn 2100, Ivy 2200, Juniper 2300, Kalmia 
2400, Laurel 2500, Maple 2600, Nutmeg 2700, Olive 2800, Palm 2900, 
Quince 3000, Redwood 3100, Spruce 3200, Thorn 3300, Upas 3400. 




Governor H. H. Markham 

Lieutenant Governor John B. Reddicks 

Secretary of State B. C. Waite 

State Treasurer J. R. McDonai^d 

Attorney-General W. H. H. Hart 

State Controller E. G. Cogan 

Supreme Court — Chief Justice W. H. Beatty 

" " Associate H. C. Garroute 

" " " R. I. Harrison 

" " " J. J. DeHaven 

Clerk Supreme Court ,L. H. Brown 

Superintendent Public Schools J. W. Anderson 

Railroad Commissioner James W. Rea 

Board of Equalization. J. R. Hebron 



Brigadier General. — A. McD. McCook, Brevet Major-General, commend- 
ing; headquarters, Sixth street, bet. Broadway and Hill streets, Los 
Angeles, California. 

Troops Serving in Department — Cavai^ry: Headquarters and eleven com- 
panies of the Second and Tenth rigiments. Infantry: Four compa- 
nies of the Ninth, headquarters and six companies of the Eleventh 
and Twenty-fourth regiments. 

Geographical Limits — Territories of New Mexico and Arizona and that 
portion of the State of California lying south of the thirty-fifth parallel 
of North latitude. 

San Diego Barracks — Company E, tenth Infantry, Major E. W. Whitte- 
more, commanding Post; Captain C. L. Davis, brevet-Major U. S. A; 
First Lieutenant, J. H. Shollenberger, post treasurer, A. A. O. M,, 
A. C. S. and A. O. O.; Second-Lieutenant, M. R. Peters, Post Adjutant, 
R. O. A. S. O. and A. E. O.; Major S. M. Horton, surgeon; Captain H. 
G. Burton, retired 



Ninth Circuit — Southern District of California. 

Terms of Court — Second Monday- in January and second Monday in 
August, at San Francisco. Judge, Joseph McKenna. Clerk, William 
M. Van Dyke. Commissioner, William M. Van Dyke. 


Terms of Court — Second Monday in January and second Monday in 
August, at Eos Angeles. Judge, Erskine M. Ross. Clerk, E. H. 
Owen. Commissioner at San Diego, M. E. Ward. United States 
Marshal, George E. Gard, Eos Angeles. 


Chief Justice, Hon. W. H. Beatty; Associate Justices, Hon. Ralph C.Har- 
rison, Hon. C. H. Garoutte, Hon. J. J. DeHaven, Hon J. R. Sharpstein, 
Hon. T. B. McFarland, Hon. Van R. Patterson 

Teims of Court — At the City of San Francisco, on the second Monday in 
January and the third Monday in July. At the City of Eos Angeles on 
the first Monday in April and the second Monday in October. At the 
City of Sacramento on the first Monday in May and the second Mon- 
day in November. 

Departments— Chiet Justice, Hon. W. H. Beatty, presiding when sitting in 
banc or department. 

Department One — Hon. Van R. Paterson, Hon. Ralph C. Harrison, Hon. 
C. H. Garoutte. 

Department Two^ — Hon. J. J. DeHaven, Hon. J. R. Sharpstein, Hon. T. 
B. McFarland. 

The following counties comprise the District of Eos Angeles: Santa Bar- 
bara, Ventura, Kern, Inyo, San Diego, San Bernardino, Eos Angeles, 
Tulare, Fresno and San Eouis Obispo. 


Ninth Infantry regiment of the First Brigade, N. G. C. — Headquarters at 
San Diego; Edward B. Spileman, Colonel, commanding, San Diego. 
George E. Bryant, Eieut-Colonel, San Bernardina; Chas. S. McKelvey, 
Major, Santa Anna. 

Regimental Staff Officers — T. E. Magee, Major, Surgean, San Diego; John! 
R. Berry, Captain, Adjutant, San Diego; James E. Mack, First-Eieut., 
Qr., San Bernardino; Charles T. Rice, First-Eieut., Commissary, 
Riverside; John S. Harville, First-Eieut., Paymaster, San Diego; Chas. 
D. Ball, First-Eieut., Ordinance Officer, Santa Ana; Chas. I. Eorbeer, 
First-Lieut., Inspector of Rifle practice, Pomona; John Herron, Capt., 
Chaplain, San Bernardino. 

Company A — Armory, National avenue, bet. Twenty-ninth and Thirtieth 
Streets, San Diego; Edward E. Spileman, Captain, commanding, 
Arthur G. Hartley, First-Lieut., Alex. G. Thelin, Second-Lieut. 

Company B — Armory, Second street, bet. D and E streets; R. V. Dodge, 
Captain, commanding; Plarry C. Dannals, First-Lieut., R. P. Guinan, 



Company A— Thomas A. Nerney, Lieut. , commanding; E. H. Miller, 
Lieut., Junior Grade; Frank M. Simpson, Ensign; William D. Blood- 
good, Ensign. 

Battalion Staff Officers — Daniel B. Northrup, Lieut, and Surgeon; Walter 
G. Smith, Ensign and Ordinance Officer; C. D, Knox. Apothecary; 
Paul H. Blades, Chief Signal Man; Fred. W. Jackson, Paymaster 
Yoeman. Company A meets every Wendesday at Armory Hall, on 
Second street, at 8 p. m. 


Representative in Congress, Sixth District — Hon W. W. Bowers, San 

State Senator, Fortieth District— Hon. H. M. StreETER. San Bernardino. 


Member of Assembly — Hon. Nestor A. Young. 

Superior Court — Department One, Judge, E. S. Torrance; Clerk, A. W. 
Atherton. Department Two, Judge, George Puterbaugh; Clerk, J. H. 
Grovesteen. Department Three, Judge, W. L. Pearce; Clerk, Fred. W. 
Parrish. Court Reporters; Frederick Meakin, W. W. Whitson. Court 
Commissioner, J. S. Callen. 

County Clerk, W. M. Gassaway; Sheriff, John H. Folks; Auditor and 
Recorder, E. H. Miller; Treasurer, C. R Dauer; Tax Collector, H. W. 
Weineke; Assessor, C. H. Shepard; Superintendent Public Schools, 
Harr Wagner; Surveyor, W. W. Allen; Public Administrator, John 
Falkenstein, (office M. E. Church blk., cor. Fourth and D strees); 
Physician, H. E. Crepin, (Brown blk., cor. Fifth and H streets); Vet- 
erinary, E. Backenstose, (cor. Sixth and H streets). 


J. S. Buck, (Chairman), first district; J. H. Woolman, second district; 
Chester Gunn, third district; John Judson, fourth district; J. P. M. 
Rainbow, fifth district; Chester W. Thompson, clerk. 


Edward Hyatt (President), San Jacinto; S. L. Ward, Nuevo; Mrs. Laura 
G. Riddell, Coronado; Hugh J. Baldwin, National City; Harr Wagner, 
Secretary, San Diego. 

Meets the Thursday before the first Monday in January, April, July 
and October. 

Constables — T. J. Monahan and C. M. Stetson. 

Justices of the Peace — W. A. Sloane and Irving B. Dudley. 



City Hai.1., Horton Bank Block, Southwest Corner Third and 

D Streets. 

Mayor, Matthew Sherman; City Att orney, W. H. Fuller; City Clerk, K. J. 
Ware; Auditor and Assessor, Gilbert Rennie; Treasurer and Tax Col- 
lector, Nkt Kennedy; City Engineer, T. M. Shaw; Police Judge, 
Irving B. Dudley; Health Officer, Dr. T. L. Magee; Chief of Police, J. 
W. Brenning; Superintendent of Streets, Ames Pettingill; Sewer In- 
spector, S. T. Goldthwaite; Health and Plumbing Inspector, Harvey 

Board of Aldermen —Regular meeting, first Monday evening in each 
Month. S. Levi President; A. E. Nutt, H. P. Whitney, H. T. Chris- 
tian, C. C. Brandt, W. E. Howard, J. C. Fisher, A. G. Gassen, S.J. Sill. 

Board of Delegates — Regular meeting, first Monday evening in each 
month. H. H. Williams, President; E. C. Thorpe, G. H. Crippen, C. 
W. Pauly, A. G. Nason, J. W. Burns, A. N. Miller, Fred Baker, W. 
J. Prout, P. H. Rediger, M. M. Conn, B. F. Mertzmann, J. F. Escher, 
J. Price, S. Doud. 

Board of Public Works— Q.. H. Stevens, Dr. V. D. Rood, S. M. Belding, 

Board of Water Commissioners—^. W. Elliott, F. M. Shaw, S. W. Beld- 
ing, Secretary. 

Police Commissioners — M. Sherman (ex-officio), President, E. W. Bushy- 
head, E. F. Goddard, O. C. Smith, Dr. Wright. 

Fire Comm,issioners — G. B. Grow, president, E. F, Rockfellow, J. P. Burt. 

Board of Health— T. A. Davis, M. D., president, F. R. Burnham, M. D., 
P. C. Remondino, M. D., J. H. Rhodes, M.D,, A. C. Morgan, M. D, 
T. L. Magee, M.D., Health Officer. 

Directors of Public Library — Dr. D. Cave, president, John Ginty, Col. E. 
T. Blackmer, George N. Hitchcock, E. W. Hendrick. 


A. B. Cairnes, Chief; L. O. Mix, engineer, Joe Moffet, driver. Engine Co. 
No. i; G. A Ruby, engineer, R. A. Shute, driver. Engine Co. No. 3; 
George Knowles, driver Hose Co. No. i; C. F. Murphy, driver Hose 
Co. No. 2, R. Dovell, driver Hose Co, No. 3; F. G. White, driver Hook 
and Ladder Co. No. i. 


Engine and Hose Co. No. i. Third street, bet. D and E; Engine and Hose 
Co. No. 3, Fifth street, bet. A and B; Hose Co. No. 2, K street, bet. 
Fifth and Sixth; Hook and Ladder Co. No. i. Ninth street, bet. H 
and I; Hook and Ladder Co. No. 2, Twenty-fourth and Kearney ave. 

The fire department is a partially paid one, consisting of 41 men, 2 steam 
engines, 3 hose carts and 2 hook and ladder trucks, all well equipped 
and in good order. The present fire alarm system is the latest im- 
proved Gamewell. It consists of 24 outside boxes, 5 indicators (one 
at each fire house), divided into four independent circuits, and all 
connecting with the central office at No. 930 Third street. The big bell 
is also struck by an electric striker. 


The location of the outside boxes is as follows: 

12 Engine house, No. i, 930 Third 34 Fourth and Beech 

13 Engine house No. 3, 1221 Fifth 35 Third and Fir 

14 Hose No. 2 36 Second and Laurel 

15 Hook and Ladder Co. No. i 41 Fourth and Upas 

16 Sixth and D 42 Eleventh and E 

21 Fifth and H 43 Twelfth and H 

23 Fifth and K 45 .Fourteenth and D 

24 First and I 46 Sixteenth and Logan 

25 G and Arctic 51 Twenty-second and H 

26: D and India 52 Twenty-fourth and C 

31 A and Front 53 Twenty-fourth and Kearney 

32 Union and Date 54 Twenty-ninth and National 


Purely a commercial organization and confines its operations to financial 

Officers— H. C. Treat, president; Sam F. Smith, secretary; S. Levi, treas. 

Directors — H. C. Treat, S. Levi, A. Blochman, W. E. Howard, A. Cos- 
grove, W. D. Woolwine, C. D. Todd. 


The permanent exhibit of the Chamber of Commerce is located on F 
street, bet. Third and Fourth streets. The rooms occupied are large 
and are kept well filled at all times with the many varied productions 
of San Diego county. The attractiveness of the display is attested 
by the large number of visitors constantly in attendance. The activ- 
ity of the Chamber of Commerce is rapidly bringing San Diego 
county to the notice of the whole world. It is an organization which 
has been and will continue to be the nucleus around which enter- 
prises for the advancement of the prosperity of the bay region will 
cluster. The following representative men are the officers and 

Officers— Col. Daniel Stone, president; F. A. Kimball, first vice-president; 

Hosmer P. McKoon, second vice-president; F. H. Pearne, secretary; 

H. K. Coon, financial secretary; C. D. Long, treasurer. 
Directors — Col. Daniel Stone, F. A. Kimball, Hosmer P. McKoon, J. C. 

Frisbie, C. N. Flattery, Eugene Fransden, Charles D. Long, William 

J. Murphy, L. Mendelson; F. M. Simpson, H. L. Titus. 


Codsolidated National Bank Building, corner of Fifth and G streets; John 
R. Berry, Collector; A. E. Higgins, special deputy collector; Maj. W. 
H. Bailhache, deputy collector; R. Brown, inspector and clerk; A. 
B. Seybolt, boarding officer and inspector; E. E. Spileman, inspector; 
J. R. Smith, deputy collector and inspector at Tia Juana, Gen. S. 
Cadwallader, deputy collector and inspector at Campo; G. E. Went- 
worth, boatman; Gen. D. E. Coon, Chinese inspector. 

R. C. Allen, British vice-Consulate; office, room 11, Consolidated National 

Bank Building. 
A. V. Lomeli, Mexican Consul; office cor Seventh and D streets. 
J. B. Neilsen, vice-Consulate of Sweden and Norway; office 1413 F street. 
A. Blochman, correspondent for the French Consulate; office 6i8 Fifth st. 
J. W. Girvin, Hawaiian Consul; office 121 7 Third street. 



Pure Drags; @^^^^^^^^e^ 

z^^® ^Vledicines and Chemicals. 

Only the Best and Oldest Wines and Liquors for Medicinal and 
Family Use. 

The Best Cigars for the Least Money a specialty. 

Stationery, Sundries, Toilet and Fancy Articles generally. 

Prescrptions a specialty, at all hours, Prepared only by a Thoroughly 
Competent and Experienced Pharmacist. Right prices guaranteed. 

Country and Mail orders solicited. Everybody treated right and made 
to feel at home if opportunity is offered. 

N. W. Cor Fourth & C i\ 

Nearly Opposite 

Fisher Opera House 




San Diego, . California 

Light Houses — There are two light houses, one on Ballast Point at the 

entrance of the bay, and one on the west side of Point Loma. 
U. S. Quarahtine Station— Located at La Playa, on north side of the bay, 
one and one-half miles inside from Ballast Point, and six miles 
from the city. Dr. W. W. McKay, United States Quarantine Officer, 
room 29 Consolidated Bank block 
Weather Bureau— M. L. Hearne, U. S. Signal Service Observer, Nesmith 
Greely block, 

Clark Alberti, president; J. H. Barbour, secretary ; W. W. Stewart. 

A. Sevort, president ; Daniel Stone, secretary and treasurer; M. Sherman. 

Meets at Backesto block, every Wednesday morning. Dr. H. P. Wood- 
ward, president ; Dr. T. L. Magee, secretary ; Dr. T. C. Stockton, 



Advertiser — 1146 Third street; published weekly, by E. N. Sullivan. 

Daily San Diegan — published every evening except Sundays at 1138 D 
street by Ariosto McCrimmon. Weekly edition published every 

Daily Sun. — Published every morning, Warren Wilson, ediitor and busi- 
ness manager. Sun building, Fourth and Plaza. Weekly edition pub- 
lished every Thursday. 

Daily Union — (Morning) — Published every day at 933 Fourth street by 
San Diego Union Company, Thomas Gardiner, president and mana- 
ger. Weekly edition published every Thursday. 

Golden Era — A literary and educational review, published monthly by 
Madge Morris Wagner ; office, room 42, Lawyers' block. 

Great Southwest — \ monthly publication devoted to horticulture. Fran- 
ces Bagby Blades, editor ; E. C. Hickman, business manager; office, 
room 18, Lawyers' block. 

National Popular Review — Illustrated monthly journal of preventive 
medicine. First number to appear July i, 1892. Dr. P. C. Remondi- 
no, editor ; J. Harrison White, publisher and manager ; office, Fisher 
Opera House block. Fifth street. 

Sud-California Deutsche Zeitung — A weekly German newspaper, publish- 
ed by C. F. Kamman, editer and proprietor ; office. Fourth street, 
between F and G. 


Coronado R. R — (Bay Belt Line.) — Office, foot of Fifth. Runs around the 
bay from San Diego to Coronado. Orange Avenue Line runs between 
Hotel del Coronado and Ferry wharf. 

National City & Otay — Runs from San Diego, foot of Fifth street, to 
Oneonta, passing through National City, Chula Vista, Ota}-, and to 
Tia Juana. Sweetwater branch runs from Sweetwater Junction to La 

Suothern Pacific Co. — Ticket office corner Fifth and E streets. G. H. 
McMillan, agent. 

San Diego, Cuyamaca & Eastern. — Runs from corner Tenth and N streets 
through El Cajon and Lakeside to Foster. Office at depot. 

San Diego, Old Town & Pacific Beach — Runs from foot of D street to 
Pacific Beach, connecting with stage for Ocean Beach and La Jolla 

Southern California — Santa Fe Route. — Runs north to Los Angeles and 
east to Chicago. Office, corner D and Fourth Sts. H. B. Keeler, agent. 

San Diego Cable R. R. Co. — Runs from foot of Sixth street to University 
and Mission Heights a distance of five miles. G. B. Hensley, Re- 
ceiver and Manager. Office at power house. 

San Diego Electric Railway Co — (Street car line now being changed to 
an electric system.) — Runs from foot of H street east to National 
avenue and Thirt3-second ; from foot of Fifth north to Nutmeg; D 
street line runs from foot of H to D, and on D east to Eighteenth and 
Ash ; First street line from corner of Thirteenth and Fto First, thence 
north to Hawthorne. 



Pacific Coast Steamship Co— J. M. Simpson, agent; runs from San Diego 
to San Francisco about twice a week, wharf and office foot of Fifth. 

San Diego & Coronado Ferry Co— runs betweeu San Diego and Coronado 
connecting with street car and moter roads. 

Pacific Mail S. S. Line — running between San Francisco and Panama;stop 
at San Diego twice a month going each way, F. M. Simpson, agent, 
foot of Fifth street. 

Ivower California Development Co's Steamer run between San Diego and 
Ensenada and San Quintin, Office with Santa Fe route, corner Fifth 
and D Street. 


A. M. E. — Union St. near H. Rev. Geo. A. Bailey, pastor. 
Advent— Eighteenth andG Sts. Elder J. H. Cook, pastor. 
Baptist, First, — corner Tenth and E Sts. Rev. A. E. Knapp, pastor. — 
Baptist — Grand Avenue Mission, Grand Avenue, near Twenty-ninth. 
Baptist, Second— (colored) Front bet. G andH. Rev. G. W. Brown, pastor 
^ Catholic, St. Joseph's — cor. Fourth and Beech. Rev. Father Ubach, pastor 
Catholic — Church of the Immaculate Conception, Old Town. 

> Christian, Central- cor. Thirteenth and F. Elder A. B. Markle, pastor. 
Christian Science— Horton Hall. 

> Congregational, First— cor. F and Ninth, Rev. W. C. Merrill, pastor. 
Congregational, Second — 26th St. & Kearney ave.. Rev. G. S. Hall, pastor 
Episcopal, St. Paul's— cor. Eighth and CSts., Rev. H. B. Restarick, pastor 
Episcopal, St. James Mission — Twenty-fourth St. and Logan Avenue. 

V Jewish Synagogue — cor. Second and Beech, Rabbi Max Moses. — 
w- Lutheran, English— Third St., bet. B and C, Rev. C. W. Maggart, pastor.. 
Lutheran, German— Holt house. Fifteenth and H, Rev. H. J. Haas, pastor 
'" riethodist Episcopal, First— cor. Fourth and D, Rev. M. F. Colburn, 

U^ Methodist Episcopal, Central — cor. Harrison ave. and Twenty-sixth St., 

Rev. O. J. McFadden, pastor. 
>^' Methodist Episcopal, South— cor. D and 7th, Rev. R. W. Bailey, pastor. 
riethodist Episcopal, German— cor. Sixth and I, Rev, F. A. Weith, pastor. 
New Jerusalem — Horton Hall, Rev. D. V. Bowen, pastor. 
■ Presbyterian, First — cor. Eighth and D, Rev, Dr. W. B. Noble, pastor. 
'-' Presbyterian, Cumberland — cor. 24th and Grant ave.. Rev. W. Metcalf, 

1/ Presbyterian, First United— cor. G and 19th, Rev. R. G. Wallace, pastor. 
Theosophical Society — s. w. cor. Fourth and Palm. 
Union City Mission — cor. C and India. 

Unitarian — cor. Tenth and F, Rev. B. F. McDaniel, pastor. 
v. M. C. A.— Hall and Library Eighth near H, Jno McTaggart, Secretary 
Salvation Army — 508 Fifth street 




(Masonic Hall, corner Sixth and H streets.) 

San Diego Lodge, 35, F. & A. M. — Meets Saturday evenings on or before 

full moon ; W. j. Mossholder, W. M.; Geo. M. Dannals, Secretary. 
Silver Gate Lodge, No. 296, F. & A. M. — Meets first Friday evening of 

each month ; James Wells, W. M.; S. H. Olmsted, Secretary. 
San Diego Chapter, No. 61, R. A. M. — Meets second Monday in each 

month ; Eli G. Blackmer, H. P.;John W. Thompson, Secretary. 
Southern Star Chapter, No. 96, Order Eastern Star — Meets first and third 

Thursdays in each month ; Maria C. Bradt, W. M.; Anna E. Kooken, 


San Diego Commandery, No. 25, K. T. — Meets second Tuesday each 

month ; Dr. A. Morgan, E. C; J. P. Burt, Recorder. 
Board of Relief. — W. J. Mossholder, President ; Geo. M. Dannals, Sec'y. 

San Diego Lodge, No. 153. — Meets every Thursday, at Odd Fellows hall. 

L. Creelman, N. G.; F. M. F'egan, Secretary. 
Sunset Lodge, No. 328 — meets every Tuesday evening at Odd Fellows hall. 

T. J. Dowell, N. G.; J. L. Matheson, Secretary. 
Centennial Encampment, No. 58. — Meets first and third Third Mondaj^s 

of each month at Odd Fellows hall. J. L. Matheson, C. E.; E. M. 

Fegan, Secretary. 

Canton San Diego, No. 22, — Meets first Wednesday of each month at 

Odd Fellows hall. C. F.'Holland, Commondant. 
San Diego Rebecca Degree Lodge. — Meets first and third Friday each 

month at Odd Fellows hall. Mrs Carrie Ollinger, N. G.; Mrs. Amelia 

Wolfschimer, Secretary'. 

G. A. R. 
Heintzelman Post, No. 33, meets second and fourth Thursday each month 

at Horton hall; E. H. Miller, P. C; S. W. Belding, Adjt. 
Womans Relief Corps, No i, meets at Horton hall second and fourth 

Thursdays at 7:30 p m and first and third Thursdays at 2:30 p m; Carrie 

A. House, President; Gertrude A. Wood, Secretary. 
Union Veteran Legion, No. 57, meets first and third Saturdays each month 

at A O U W hall, 723 Fifth street; W L Vestel, Col Com.; A D Keith, 

Ladies of the Union Veteran Legion, meets first and third Saturdays at 2 

P M, at A O U W hall, 723 Fifth street; Anne E Kooken, President. 
Sons of Veterans — U. S. Grant Camp, No 21, meets first and third Wednes- 
days at Horton hall; R V Dodge, Captain; E B Rood, First Sargent. 

San ]5iego Council, No. 692 — Meets second and fourth Saturday each 
month at northwest corner H and Eighth streets. Z. Wile, President, 
C. H. Brown, Secretary. 

Court San Diego, No. 7592, A. O. F. of A., meets Wednesday evenings at 
K of H. hall. T. W> Price, C. R.; Herman Marks, F. S. 




Red Star Lodge, No. 153 — Meets every Thursday evening at Schmitt's 

hall ; Geo. J. Magley, C. C; T. J. Dowell, K. of R. and S. 
San Diego Lodge, No. 28 — Meets ever}^ Mondaj^ evening at Schmitt's 

hall ; Dr. H. R. Arndt, C. C; Chancelor L Jenks, jr., K. of R. and S. 
Uniform Rank — Meets every Tuesday at Schmitt's hall ; T. J.' Dowell, 

Captain; H. M. Fink, Lieutenant. 
Chevalier Division, No. 6, Sir Knight Capt., T. J. Dowell; Sir Knight R., 

R. V. Doge, pro tem. 
Endowment Rank — W. E. Williams, Secretary. 


Point Loma Lodge No. 248 meets Thursday evenings at A. O. U. W. hall. 

S. E. Knapp, M. W.; Edward Murphy, Recorder. 
San Diego Lodge No. 160, meets Wednesday evenings at Horton hall, 

1427 F Street. Harry J. Neale, M. W.; J. L. Dryden, Recorder. 
Silver Gate Lodge No. 265, meets Saturday evenings at old Eighth Ward 

school building. Eugene DeBurn, M. W. 
Light of Loma Lodge No. 32, D. of H., meets at A. O. U. W. hall. 

American Fraternal Circle.— F. P. Bruner, Deptity Supreme Chancelor. 

Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen, Ramona Lodge No. 386, meets at 
Schmitt's hall, second and fourth Sundays; A P Tyler, Master; Thos. 
; Fitzgerrald, Secretary 

Caledonian Club — Meets every second Saturday evening at Hamilton hall 
J. A. McRae, Chief; J. W.< Tulloch, Sec'y. ' ' 

Catholic Knights of America, meets first and third Tiiesday each month 
at St. Joseph's church. Col. Elmer Otis, Pres.; Capt. Henry^'Sweene}^ 
Recording riec. 

Catholic Ladies' Aid Society No. 5, meets atK. of H. hall, every Monday 
evening. Mrs. Nellie F. Carter, President; Miss M. Deler, Secretary. 

Children's Indiistrial Home — A home for homeless, abused or neglected 
children; located on the City Park. Bryant Howard, Pres.; Mrs. F. R. 
Eaton, Sec'y; Mrs. J. G. McCormac, Matron. 

Civil Organization Naval Reserve — Meets last Wednesday of each month 
at shore station. T. A. Nerney, Pres.; E. J. Louis, Rec. Sec'y. 

Concordia Turnvarine — Meets first Wednesdays at 1018 D street. Louis 
Fritz, Pres.; Erwin Mayer, Sec'y. 

County Horticultural Society, meets in San Diego every Three months, R 
H. Young, President; J. M. Asher, Vice-pres.; F. D. Waite, Secretary, 

Cuyamaca Club — Club house D street, between Sixth and Seventli. S. 
Levi, Pres.; A. Dorsey, Sec'y. 

Elks, San Diego Lodge No. 168, B. P. O. E., meets Thursday evenings atB 
P. O. E. hall. Opera House block. Eugene Daney, Exalted Rtiler; 
L R. C. Jones, Secretary. 


Federated Trades and lyabor Council, Meets Tuesday evenings at Sailors' 
hall. Geo. H. Spear, President; Geo. Hoen, Secretary. 

Knights of Honor — San Diego Lodge No. 3329 meets at K. of H. hall, 
654 Fifth Street, every Tuesday evening. C. F. Kizer, Director; W. 
H. Porterfield, Reporter. 

Knights of Golden Fagle — Meets at K. of H. hall, Tuesday evenings. J. 
B. Smith, N. C; Wm. Lundell, Sec'y. 

Mizpah Club — The Executive Committee meets first Monday in each 
month and immediately after each party. C. L,. Bisbee, Pres.; F. H. 
Brooks, Secretary and Treasurer. 

Native Sons, San Diego Parlor, No. 108, N. S. G. W., meets first and third 
Tuesday evenings at A. O. U. W. hall. W. B. Stewart, President; 
Geo. Ivufkin, Secretary. 

Owl Social Club — Meets every Thursday evening at K. of H. hall. 

Printers' Protective Fraternity, Pacific No. 18. J. E. Richmond, Pres- 
ident; Katie A. Murphy, Sec'y. Meets first Sunday in each month over 
Todd & Hawley's. 

Royal Arcanum — San Diego Council, 'No. 1214 — Meets at K of H hall ev- 
ery second and fourth Friday of each month ; Geo. O. Nelson, Regent; 
W. D. Bloodgood, Secretary; John F. Forward, Deputy Supreme 

San Diego Medical Society meets first and third Fridays, 8 p. m., at 
Board of Health rooms. Dr. E. Carson, President ; Dr. Thomas D. 
Magee, Secretary 

San Diego County Medical Society, (Homceopatic), President, Joseph 
Rodes, M. D.; Secretary and Treas., I. Docking, M. D. Meetings, 
the third Wednesday in each month. 

San Diego Rowing Club — Directors meet first Monday of each month. 
E. J. Louis, Pres.; W. J. Parker, Sect J. D. Decatur, Capt.' 

San Diego Yacht Club — ^J. G. Decatur, Comodore; J. W. Keenan, Sec'y. 

Twenty-Second District Fair Association, G, M: Dannals, Secretary. 

Typographical Union No. 221, meets first Sunday in each month at Ham- 
ilton hall. Geo. H. Spear, President; W. B. Frazer, Secretary. 

Woodmen of the World, Miramar Camp No 54, meets first Monday of each 
month at K of H hall; T J Dowell, C C, F P Bruner, Clerk 

Woman's Industrial Exchange — 989 Sixth street. Mrs. E. W. Morse, 
Pres.; Mrs G. K. Phillips, Sec'y. 

Woman's Home a'nd Day Nursery — City park, head of Sixteenth street. 
Mrs. D. F. Davidson, President; Mrs. J. H. Carter, Secretary. 

W. C. T. U. — Meets second and fourth Mondays at 2:30 P. M. at M. E. 
church. Carrie A. House, Pres.; Mrs. A. G. Nason, Sec'y. 

Young Men's Institute, No. 23, meets every Monday evening in Hamilton's 
block. Arthur Shaw, President; J. C. H. Eckenrode, Secretary, 




Eugene DeBurn, City Superintendent. 
Russ, F. P. Davidson, principal. 
East, Miss Edith Mclveod principal. 
Sherman, Miss Amy Whitmore, principal. 
Sherman Heights, Mrs. Annie E. Peck, principal. 
B Street, Mrs. T. Covel, principal.' 
Middletown, Miss Kate F. Osgood, principal. 
North, Miss Lulu J. Doheney, principal. 
Mission Valley. 

University Heights. ' 

Pacific Beach. 

City Board of Education — W. J. Mossholder, President; J. O. W. Paine, 
S. D. Allen, B. F. McDaniel, J. H. Page, Joseph Surr, G. Frank Judson 
E. W. Allum, Alda M. Ferris, J. C. Crenshaw, C. M. Fenn, C. A. Scott, 
A. G. Watson, C. M. Stetson, S. Cadwallader, J. A. Flint. 


Academy of Our Lady of Peace — Conducted by the Sisters of St. Joseph; 
Sister Valeria, Lady Superior; southwest corner Third and A streets. 

San Diego Business College— N. I. Phillips, principal, Bancroft building, 
southeast corner Fifth and G streets. 

Southwest Institute — Miss Way, principal; a private school for boys and 
girls, 1809 Third street. 

San Diego Commercial College — O. P. Koerting, principal. Express block 
southwest corner Sixth and F streets. 

Hinton, Prof. B. — Express block, corner Sixth and F streets. 
Francis, Mrs. H. A. — Lafayette block, D street, bet. Seventh and Eighth. 
Henry, Mrs. J. H. — Tremont house, 1046 Third street. 



Adams, Milton, laborer, res 1565 Front 

Allen, C S, engineer with G D Stead Soap Co, res 642 First 

Andrews, Mrs MA, res 746 Fifth 

Arnold, Gustav, cook at Hotel D' Europe 

Atherton, J T, real estate agt, res 1055 Seventh 

ATOR, CHAS., (San Diego Truck Co), res Fifth bet I & J 

BAILEY, JAS. A., Northwestern Mutual Life Ins Co, res 846 

Ninth, p o box 759 
BAILHACHE, J. M. , advertising manager Sun, res 1753 First 
BAILHACHE, A. L., res s w cor Fifteenth and C 
BAILHACHE, W. H., res s w cor Fifteenth and C 
Baldrick, farmer, res Mission Vallej' 
Barnett, A, rancher, res 1365 Sixth 
Barnett, M, rancher, res 1365 Sixth 

BAY CITY HARKET, Chas S Hardy prop, cor Fifth and G 
Begole, W A, capitalist, res 529 Fifth 
Bennett, prop Electric saloon, res American house 
Biddle, N S, res 912 Twentieth 
Bingham, J A, Darling flour mill 

Bismeyer, F S, driver for Cor Ice Co, res University Heights 
BLANCHARD, S. C, manager S D Canning and Packing Co, 

res cor Arctic and Juniper 
BLOCHMAN, A, correspondent French consulate, office 518 

Fifth, res 834 Ninth 
BOONE, L. L., attorney-at-law, Kuhn blk, res 1039 Twelfth 
Bourn, Wm,, conductor, S D Elec Ry Co 
Boyd, Clarence D, reporter Daily Sun, res 1641 E 
Brooks, W F, civil engineer with Peninsular Ry 
BRICKLEY, E. M., prop Brewster Pharmacy, res 1347 Fourth 
Brown, C E, retired, res Fir and Second 


Brown, Mrs Teresa, res 220 lyOgan 

Burghard, W A, stage setter, Fisher opera house, res 934 Front 

BURQE, MISS E. F., S D Tent and Awning Co), res 724 
Irving ave 

Burhorn, A, prop The Royal, cor Fourth and B 

Burnham, E W, sec'y S B Saving and I^oan Association, res 
1542 Union 

BURNS, H. P., Fashion Stables, res Belle View 

Busto, Richard, res 1323 Arctic 

CABLE FEED STORE, cor Fourth and B 

CAIFORNIA FISH flARKET, Nick J Vidolin prop, pickled^, dry 
and fresh fish, wholesale and retail, foot of H 

Cantley, James, salesman with West Coast Uumber Co, res 634 C 

Carter, E E, notary and attorney-at-law, with Hunsaker, Britt 
and Goodrich, res 1571 Fourth 

Carter, Mrs A, restaurant, 746 Sixth 

Case, Clarence, with W McClain, res 1145 Third 


Carnes, Walter, accountant with S D Water Co, res Coronado 
Cates, Owen G, rancher, res Mission Valley 

Chittenden, Miss May, operator at Telephone office, res 813 Fifth 

Clark, C E, stone cutter at Rockfellow Granite Works, res Com- 
mercial hotel 
Clark, 523 Newton ave 
Clark, Miss Maud, res 848 Fourth 

Condon, WE, draughtsman with Peninsular Ry Co, res Buck- 
CONNELL, J. E., (Johnson & Co), res 1243 Front 

Pierce-Morse blk 
COON, W. C, prop Temperance Billiard and Pool Hall, 1043 

Fourth, res 754 Sixth 
Coquilli, Donati, scissors grinder, res Seventh and U 
CORONADO ICE CO., C B Daggett manager 1330 E 
CORONADO niNERAL WATER CO., G B Daggett mgr, 1330 E 
CREELMAN, FRED, receiver S D Elec Ry Co, res 13^4 Front 
Creelman, Harry A, conductor with S D Electric Ry Co 
Crogan, Harry, with P'ashion Livery Stable, res 630 State 
Cushing, Mrs M J, res 2247 * 

Czervvinsky, Julius, res Eighth and C 

DAQQETT, C. B., manager Coronado Ice Co, res 639 Twentieth 
Daggett, R M, journalist, res cor Beech and Second 
Daggett, Henry, res 731 Ninth 
Daggett, Mrs Laura, res 731 Ninth 
Dahl Louis, res 3427 L 
Dahl, Mrs Ella, res 3427 L 


Dairy launch room, 1438 B 

DALEY iSc RIPLEY, (T J Daley. F W Ripley), searchers of 

records, cor Fourth and K 
Dauer, Miss E, res The Royal 
DeBell, A W, res First near F 
DeBell, Miss A F, res First near F 
DeBell, Mrs P, res First near F 
Denton, Wm, res North San Diego 
DeSteiger, L, res Fifth and Maple 
Detviles, H, tinner, res 2718 G 

Duress, Wm A, real estate, 1315 D, res 1248 Fifth * 

Diamond, S, longshoreman, res 629 First 
Dodge, O A, Auditor S D C & K Ry, res 370 Twelfth 
DODSON, A. E., insurance agent, notary public and government 

lands, 915 Fifth, res n e cor Fourteenth and C 
Dow, Geo B, salesman with Lenz, res Paradise valley 
DOWELL, T. J., custom house broker, Consolidated Bank bldg 
DULIN, E. G., treas Pacific Wood and Coal Co, res 107 19th 
Eadon, Ed H, treasurer Fisher Opera House res Buckingham 
Earle, W C, chief engineer Peninsular Ry, 26 Lawyer's blk, res 

2042 Fourth 
ELSEA BROS., (John B Elsea, J P Elsea), props Kansas 

Stables, cor Fourth and I 
ELSEA, JOHN B., (Elsea Bros), res 857 Seventh 
ELSEA, J. P., (Elsea Bros), res 857 Seventh 
EVANS, HENRY F, (late from Denver), real estate and loans, 

r^s 1540 Sixth 
Everett, •Arthur C, printer, res room 36 Hotel Grand Central 
Farney, Jacob, Silver Gate dairy, res Chollas valley 
Fellows, Harry, prop Hoffman restaurant, 746 Fifth, res same 
Findley, res I near Twenty-fourth 
Fish, John A, deputy assessor, res 730 Cedar 
Flaherty, John stone cutter at Rockfellow granite works, res 

Commercial hotel 
Eraser, Miss Emma L, operator at telephone office, res 813 Fifth 
Fuller, Mrs Fannie L, res 437 Ninteenth 

Gandy, Miss Mary, operator at telephone ofHce, res 813 Fifth 
Gay, S S, conductor S D Elec Ry Co 
Gilmartin, Mrs J F, teacher, res AUyn blk 
GILLEN, J. R., veterinary and boarding stables 936 First 
Glenn, C S, waiter, res 759 Twelfth 
GOCHENAUER, D, (late of Daily Sun), physician and surgeon, 

Express blk rooms 2 and 3, res cor Second and Olive 
Goldthorp, G S, bartender, res cor Third and B 
Goss, Dr R J, Sun bldg 
GRAHAH, M. A.,(01sen, Graham &Weldon), res 1240 Columbia 


Gray, Dr A J, phj^sician and surgeon, 918 Fir 

Gregg, S C, paj^master with Peninsular Ry, 25 I^awyer's blk, 
res Brewster 

Guy, W R, att'y-at-law, office 3d floor Consolidated Bank blk 

Hamlin, Aaron, laborer, res 672 Sixteenth 

Harrison, Geo R, Union Ice Co, foot of E 

Harrison, R C, res foot of D 

Hattleberg, J O, carpenter and jobber, res cor J and Ninth 

Hayes, Geo D, retired, res Twelfth and C 

HAYES, HARRY E., (Samuel I Fox & Co), res Twelfth and C 

Heacker, Herman, plasterer, res 657 Union 

Hedges, J W, with W E Howard, res Boonita 

Heffieman, H K, attornev-at-law, 22 and 23 Keating blk, res 
Twelfth and C 

Herrick, Geo, driver with Diamond Carriage Co, res Coronado 

HINTERS, OSCAR H., shaving parlors and bath rooms,Sun bldg, 
926 Fourth 

Hirschler, J P, (Schirm & Hirshler), 944 Sixth, res same 

Hitchcock, David, res at Roxbury 

Hogue, Mrs, dressmaker, res at Oriel 

Huggett, Henr3^ plumber, Third bet Robinson and Thornton 

Hughes, Eugene, sign painter with McAuliff, res 131 Grand ave 

Johnson, J, with Hoffman restaurant, 746 Fifth 

JONES, T. J., cashier at S D Eumber ^^ard, res 2242 D 

J0NE5, D. F., painter, 821 Seventh, res 823 Seventh 

Juch, Mrs Ida, piano teacher, res 853 Third 

Keenan, J C, conductor with S D Electric Ry Co 

Kinch, A. conductor S C Ry, res Brewster hotel 

Kipp, Sylvester, attorney-at-law, office First Nat Bank bldg, res 

Pacific Beach 
Korthauer, E A, civil engineer Peninsular Ry, res Buckingham 
LABAUME, LYDIA H., physician and surgeon, office and res 

1740 D 
Ea Revista, (Spanish paper) published by T J Dowell 
LEHMAN, R. Q., south side H bet Fifth and Sixth 
LENZ, J. n., (Eenz Music Co), res 734 Twenty-first 
LENZ MUSIC CO., (J M Eenz, Chas Seibert), 1031— 1033 Fifth 
Eong, Ed E, res 629 Eogan ave 
Euckhardt, W G, draughtsman with Peninsular Ry, Eawyers 

blk, res Buckingham 
Maggart, Rev C W, pastor English Eutheran church 
HACK, LAWRENCE J., sec'y Santa Maria Eand & Water Co, 

res 1669 Columbia cor Date 
McDonald, E C, conductor with S D Electric Ry Co 
riEREQAN, N. E., artistic paper hanging, painting and decor- 
ating, 833 Seventh 


Meiggs, J J, deputy constable, res New Carleton 

Murphy, James, farmer, res 2208 E 

Nance, Drury, res Twelfth bet F and G 

Nicholson, C E, civil engineer Peninsular RyCo, res 2042 Fourth 

OTIS & CO, real estate and insurance, 1025 Fourth 

OWEN, MRS. C. B., corset parlor, moved to 950 Third 

OWEN, DAVIS, prop court-house meat market, res 950 Third 

PARSONS, JOHN R, (late from Wichita), attorney-at-law 

1013 Fifth, res 1540 Sixth. 
PERRIN n. J., supt S D Elec Ry Co, res 622 Eleventh 
PHILLIPS, MRS. M. E., (Tupper & Phillips), res at the Manor 
Poiser, R. clerk with S D C & E Ry, 539 Tenth 
Reading, James, with city wa er dept, res cor Seventh and G 
READ iSc READ, (Emma Read, W S Read), dentists, Sixth and 

F, Pierce-Morse block 
RIPLEY, F. W., (Daley & Ripley), res 2020 E 
Roberts, H Curtis, miner, res 1470 Eighth 
Russell, Lew, barber shop, 566 Fifth 
Schirm & Hirschler, old and new books, 944 Sixth 
SCOTT, C A., real estate, 826 Sixth, res 666 Seventeenth 
Sea, F M, grocer, 1266 State, res same 

SEIBERT, CHAS, (Lenz music store), res Twenty-second and G 
Sevort, A, mariner, pres Pilot Commissioners, res 767 Fourteenth 
Southern Cal Printing Co, Sun building 
STEVENS, C. H., real estate and fire insurance, 1234 D 
Stuttz & Hartzig, successors to Davidson & Co, coal and feed, 

1 2 10 Fifth 
TEHPERANCE BILLIARD HALL, W A Coon prop, 1043 Fourth 

2d door south of postofhce 
Thibault, W T, barber, 566 Fifth 

Thompson, Frank, tinner, 834 Sixth, res University Heights 
Turner, Matt, conductor with Electric Ry Co 
UTLEY, H. S., attorney-at-law, 18 and 19 Morse, Whaley & 

Dalton blk 
WALKER, F. B., prop San Diego Printing Co., res 734 Twelfth 
WELLER, THOS., detective 1242 E, res 446 Sixteenth 
WELLS, EDWIN A., collector, Pierce-Moree blk, 1444 F 
WELLS, E. F., bonds and investments, Pierce-Morse blk, 
WILSON, WARREN, editor and manager Sun, res 1718 A 
Wooley, H, conductor with S D ElecLric Ry Co 
Wright, G P, conductor with S D Electric Ry Co 
Yeakle, Chas M, furniture repairer, 1526 I 
YOUNG, J O, grocer, successor to J A McRae & Sons, 5th & C 

Santa Fe 



From Southern California to 

Denver, Kansas City, Chicago, Boston, New Vork, and 
All Eastern Cities. 

Time from 1 2 to 24 Hours Shorter than any other Line 

Pullman Palace Sleeping Cars Run Through From 


Every Day in the Year. 

Personally conducted Tourist Excursions Through to Boston 

Leave California Every Xliuirsciay 

Pullman Tourist Sleeping Cars used on these excursions are carpeted 
and curtained and supplied with mattresses, blankets, sheets, pillows and 
lunch tables. A Pullman porter is in charge of each car to attend to the 
comfort of our patrons. 



makes 48 hours quicker time to Boston than any other line. 

Ji^°Rates for these excursions are the lowest made from California 
to the East. For full information call on or address 

H. B. KEELER, Agent, 

Fourth and D Streets, San Diego, 
or C. A.. Warner, 125 North spring St., Ivos Angeles, Cal. 

K. H. Wade, General Manager. S. B. Hynes, Gen' I Pas'gr Agt, 

Wholesale and FJetail 


Crockery, » f^An 




Our Importations 




— AND — 

Replete with new ideas. 




Abbott, Wm Jr, with Russ planing mill, res 432 Boston ave 
Abbott, Wm, farmer, res 432 Boston ave 
Abbott, Miss Katie, servant, res cor First and A 
Abbott, Miss Lizzie, servant, res cor First and A 
Abrahamson, Lars P, tailor, with T J Sullivan, res 320 Logan ave 

915 Sixth 
ABRAHAMSON, HENRY, dry gooos, fancy goods, 821 Fifth, 

res at the Richelieu 
Academy of Our Lady of Peace, conducted by Sisters of St 

Joseph's, Sister Velaria, Superior and 7 others, cor 3d & A 
Acker, Canon, janitor, res 335 Twelfth 
ACME SALOON, Till A Burnes, prop, cor Fifth and I 
Adams, Frank S, butcher, res Grand Central hotel 
Adams, Mrs Augusta, with model laundry, res 2369 F 
Adams, W P, retired res 2357 Fifth 

Adamson, Andrew, piano maker 2340 H, res 633 Sixteenth 
Adamson, Miss Minnie E, clerk with M V Carroll, res 633 

Adelphi House, Mrs A Thompson, proprietor, 1023 Front 
Adventist Church, cor Eighteenth and G 
African M E Church, cor A and State 
Agard, W E, deputy city assessor, res 1134 Third 
Aguerre, Pedro, room 13 the Willard 
Ah Quin, dealer in Chinese goods cor Third and J 
Ailrstok, Mrs C, cigars and tobacco, 548 Third 
Aiken, Mrs Clara, res cor Twenty-second and L 
Ailland E J, salesman with Chas Deleval & Co, res Snyder block 


Ailland, Miss L,, sewing and mending, room 34 Hamilton build- 
ing, res Coronado Beach 
Airhart, Fred W, machinist with Standard iron works, res 2843 H 
AIRHART, li. C, book-keeper Kscondido I<and and Town Co, 

res 844 B 
Airhart, Mrs J A, res 2843 H 
AIRHART, W. H., book-keeper Standard Iron works, res cor 

Twentieth and H 
AITKIN, JOHN R., attorney-at-law, roOm i to 5 Spencer block 

cor Fifth and F, res 2231 First 
Ake, Joseph K, cable car gripman, res Third and Ivy 
Akerman, J S, Sec Pacific Wood and Coal Co, res 1054 Eighth 
Albeck, Henry, carpenter, 1669 Arctic 

ALBEMARLE HOTEL, C C Loomis prop, cor Front and D 
Alberti, Clark, president Board of State Harbor Commissioners, 

s e cor Fourth and K, res St James hotel 
Albertus Art Emporium, Miss E L, Miller and Mrs J E Stockman 

managers, room 3 1435 E 
Albright, John M, miner, res 705 Ash 
ALDEN, H. W., chief clerk Horton hotel, res hotel 
Alderson, Mrs M E, teacher, 357 Sixteenth 
Alder, Miss Elizabeth, saleslady, res 956 Union 
ALDERSON, J. W., dentist, 825 Fifth Nesmith-Greely blk, res 

Alderson, Mrs Minnie E, teacher, Mission Valley school 
ALEXANDER, R. G., wall paper, artists' materials, paints, oils, 

room and picture mouldings, 846 Fifth, res 1114 G 
Alhambra, T K Smith, prop, cor I and Ninth 
Allan, W H, detective, with Jim Russell, res 1244 Sixth 
Allen, Harry W, driver Whittier, Fuller & Co, res same 
Allen, J D, paper hanger at Whittier, Fuller & Co, 533 Fifteenth 
Allen, Miss Edna E, cadet teacher public school 
Allen, Mrs Marj--, chambermaid at Albemarle 
Allen, Mrs M, nurse, res 1531 Fourth 

Allen, S D, member Board of Education, res Mission Valley 
Allen, Wm, laborer. Thirtieth and O 


Allen, Chas W, laborer, Arctic and Spruce 

Allen, Ernest, res Mission Valley 

Allen, Miss Gertrude, res Mission Valley 

Allen, R C, British Vice Consulate and Commission agent room 

II Consolidated Bank building, res Richelieu 
ALLEN, W. W., county surveyor, office in court house, res 

South San Diego 
Allingham, Wm, sewer contractor, res 1446 Columbia 
Ailing, Miss Florence, clerk at postoflEice, res 11 12 Fir 
ALLISON, J, A., (Selwyn & Allison), real estate, with Strong 

& Arms 826 Fifth, res 525 Fourteenth between H and I 
ALLISON, J. M., (Selwyn & Allison) res s w cor Third and F 
Allison, J S, laborer, 335 Kearney ave 
Allum, W L, deputy county recorder, res 1212 Tenth 
Allum, Thomas, carpenter and builder, D bet Thirty-third and 

Allum, Roy, clerk with W B Emmel, res 12 12 Tenth 
Almqren, Louis, painter, res 209 Fifteenth 
Alpha House, 655 Sixth 
Altamirano, Robert, res North San .Diego 
Altamirano, J A Jr, res North San Diego 
Altamirano, J A, res North San Diego 
Altamirano, Miguel, res North San Diego 
Alta Stables, Johnson & Kerr prop. Grape near Third 
Alvarado, T, rancher, res 1733 First 
Alverson, C S, res Albemarle 
Alvord, C L, retired minister, res 808 Laurel 
Ames, C P, at garbage scow, res California bet Eand F 
Ames, Mrs Geo R, res 118 Twentieth 
Ames, Samuel, res North San Diego 
Amande, Wm, music teacher, res North San Diego 
Amenskamp, Henry, tailor, 130 Sixth 
Amerne, R, carpenter, 425 Fifth 
Amman, Frank, barber 537 Fifth 
Anaya, F, carpenter, res Arctic and Beach 
Anderson, A, bell boy, Hotel Florence 
Anderson, A J, res 1145 Columbia 
Anderson, A, salesman with Schranz & Polzein, res 1123 E 


Anderson, A, with Paulson, res 11 19 E. 

Anderson, Carrie, waiter Horton house, res same 

Anderson, Chas, sailor, res St Elmo house 

Anderson, C J, sewing machine agt 13 17 E, res 425 Milton ave 

Anderson, C, shoemaker with F F Wright, res 2434 F 

Anderson, C W, salesman, res Tremont house 

Anderson, Emel, driver for San Diego laundry, res 11 70 State 

Anderson, E W, clerk with R E Rowland, res 1133 H 

Anderson, G F, res Adelpha house 

ANDERSON, G., prop San Diego steam laundry, res same 

Anderson, J A, farmer, res at Alhanibra 

Anderson, John A, miner, res Victoria hotel 

Anderson, J & Co, proprs St Charles saloon 433 Fifth 

Anderson, J, res 939 F 

ANDERSON, M. B., deputy City Attorney (Fuller & Anderson) 

res Albemarle 
Anderson, August, sailor, res 1220 California street 
Anderson, Miss I^aura B, stenographer and notary public with 

Wellborn, Stevens & Wellborn, rooms 49 and 50 Iceland blk 
Anderson, Miss Anna, servant 2468 First 
Anderson, Miss lyida, servant, res 1070 State 
Anderson, Miss Lizzie, chambermaid, at Victoria hotel 
Anderson, Miss Matilda, res 1105 Thirteenth 
Anderson, Oscar, shoemaker with W Llewelyn, res 671 Fifteenth 
Andrea, Geo, fruits, 141 7 H res same 
Andrews, N J, res 1437 Atlantic 
Angier, Mrs A A, res 233 Logan ave 
Ankers, Mrs C, res 330 Milton ave 

Anna, A, Middletown meat market, India and Cedar, res same 
Angier, Price, compositor, City printing Co, res 233 Logan ave 
Anguysole, Chas, clerk Mulvey & Son, res 546 Sixteenth 
Angusole, M, farmer, res 438 Milton ave 

ANNEX HOME BAKERY, Slocum & Sweet props, 11 20 Fourth 
Anthony, Charles, assayer, res 2042 Albatros 
Antuna, Albert C, assistant Elite Studio, res Eleventh and M 
Anselmi, Joseph, teamster, res 2012 India 
Anselmi, Miss Carrie, res 2012 India 
Anthony, A W, mining, res 1959 State 


Anthony, Chas, clerk Santa Fe office, res 2042 Albatros 

Applegate, B W, book keeper, daily San Diegan, res 1634 Seventh 

ARCADE, THE, I^ Isaacs, propr, ladies' fancy goods 815 Fifth 

ARCHER, MRS. M. J., prop Ellsworth house, 565 Twelfth 

Arey, B F, salesman, bookkeeper with San Brust, res 1351 Sixth 

Arey, Edward F, retired, res 135 1 Eighth 

Arey, Iv M, with Dodge & Burbeck, res 1351 Sixth 

Argents, Peter, longshoreman, res 1339 India . 

Armory Hall, Second near E 

ARflS, M. D., (Strong & Arms) res at Tremont 

Arms, Rev G W, res 933 Ninth 

Armstrong, Miss Lizzie, teacher East school, res 345 Nineteenth 

Armstrong, E, retired, res 1934 F 

Armstrong, res 122 National ave 

Armstrong, Peter, driver Pioneer Truck Co, res 1427 E 
Armstrong, T J, manufaturer of show cases, store fixtures and 

cabinet work, 916 Second, res 1934 F 
ARNDT, DRS. (H R Arndt, M D; G D, Arndt, M D,) physicians 

and surgeons 943 Sixth 
ARNDT, Q. D., M D, (Drs Arndt) res 943 Sixth 
ARNDT, H. R., M D, (Drs Arndt) res 1732 Third 
ARNE & FOSDICK, (EHArne, EH Fosdick) Pharm'ts, Sixth 

and E 
ARNE, E. H., (Arne & Fosdick) res at Brooklin house 
Arnold, Fred, steward at Horton house 

ARNOLD, G. C, real estate, 917 Fifth, res cor Eighteenth aud B 
Arnold, G M,-ba^9er, res at Lafayette 
Arnold, Martin, shoemaker, res 1041 F 
Arnold, Mrs Jane, res 861 Eighth 
Arnold, R M, shooting gallery 446 Fifth, res same 
Arnold, T J, lawyer, res 2012 B 
Arnold, W H, carpenter, res 861 Eighth 

Artigue, Leon, messehger S D Dist tel Co, res Arctic & Juniper 
Artigue, L, expressman, res Arctic and Juniper 
Artley, S, miner, res Union house 
Arzaga, Jo, printer, res 843 Fifth 

Archoff, Ernest, barkeeper 558 Sixth, res Minneapolis 
Arenz, Jacob, gardner with Jere W Clemens, Mission Valley 


Ashley, Wm, tinner with Julian & Son, res 1052 Twelfth 
Ashtenhagen, R, upholster with Chadbourne Furniture Co, 

res 851 Eleventh 
Atherton, A W, clerk Superior Court dept i, res 1245 Kighth 
Athletic Park, base ball ground University ave 
Ator, Charles, (San Diego Truck Co) res 420 Fifth 
Ator, Mrs Charles, prop Home lunch room, 428 Fifth 
Auer, Miss Clarie, teacher, res Langham 
Aust, Charles, miller, res 319 Milton 
Aust, C W, res 319 Milton ave 
Austin, C Y, clerk with J S Mannasse 

AUSTRIAN BEER HALL, I,ouis Entner, prop, n w cor Sixth & I 
Averbeck, Geo, barber shop 10 14 D, res Coronado 
AVERELL, W. fl., business manager Golden Era, res Bpn Ton 
AVERILL, MARIA B., ph)^sician and surgeon 946 Sixth, res 

Averill, V, farmer, res 1934 F 

Avery, H, teamster with H C Treat & Co, res 812 H 
Avery, Mrs P E, res 816 Julian ave 
Axtell,'Mrs L A, res The lyangham 
Ayers, C G, car finisher, res Third near Iv}^ 
Ayers, Edward G, watch maker, res Third near Ivy 
Ayers, Herman C, house decorater, res Third near Ivy 

BABCOCK, E. S., Vice Pres. Spreckels Bros Commercial Co, 

res Hotel del Coronado 
Babcock, Fred, clerk with L Speyer, res Fifteenth and F 
Babcock, J S, laborer, res 415 Irving ave 
Babcock, J W, supt Pacific Wire-Cloth Co, res Roseville 
Babcock, Mrs Elizabeth, teacher in S W Institute, res 1744 Sec'd 
BABCOCK, M. S., Attorney-at-law rooms 21 to 24 Keating block, 

cor Fifth and F, res same 
B B & B Restaurant, L M Vance manager, 1050 Fifth 
Bach, H W, cigars and tobacco 744 Fifth, res 1114 G 
Bachman, A L, carpenter 638 Fourth, res First and Broadway 


Bachman, Miss Francis, res 139 Eleventh 

Bacht, C, res 2384 I 

Backenstose, Edward, veterinary surgeon Sixth and H, res 
2024 G 

Back, Mrs M, midwife, res 465 Sixteenth 

Backstrom, Mrs W E, res Twenty-eighth and A 

Backus, Cornelius, engineer with S D laundry, res 1170 State 

Badgley, J B, salesman Harbison Grocer Co, res 1941 Fourth 

Baecht, George C, farmer, res 3251 J 

Baecht, Miss lyouisa, assistant teacher Hinton dancing academy 
res cor A and Sixth 

Baer, N & Co, hog and hominy store, 941 Fifth, res same 

Bagby, E H, with daily Union res 

Bagley, Thos, at power house, res 2125 Sixth 

Bahnsen, Charley, coachman, with J H Marshall 

BAILHACHE, A. J., special agt Equitable Eife Assurance As- 
sociation, Room II K'uhn building, res 2008 D 

BAILHACHE, J. M., southern California mercantile agency, 
room II Kuhn building, res 1753 First 

Bailhache, Wm H, deputy collector of customs, res 2008 D 

Bailey, Chas A, clerk with M Schiller & Son, res Twenty-third 
and Pierce ave 

Bailey, C C, res Twenty-third and Pierce ave 

Bailey, H, health and plumbing inspector city hall res mo F 

Bailey, Geo A, pastor A M E church, res 805 F 

Bailey, Dr, with M German, res Tremont 

Bailey; Ida, res 253 Sixth 

BAILEY, JAMES A, agt Northwestern Mutual Eife Insurance 
Co, 869 Eleventh, res same 

Bailey, John, waiter at hotel Brewster, res same 

Bailey, Miss Ella M, teacher in University Heights school 

Bailey, Mrs Marj^, res 926 Eogan ave 

Bailey, Rev R W, pastor M E church South, res 954 Seventh 

BAILEY, S. EVALINE, M D, Homeopathic physician and sur- 
geon, 1528 E, res same 

BAILEY, W. J., (Wyman, Gruendike & Co) res Florence hotel 

Barnes, Geo W, clerk at Half price house, res cor Twefth and A 

Baird, M A, asst agt N C & O Ry, res National City 


Baird, A, longshoreman, foot of Eighth 

BAKER & BAKER, Drs, Fred Baker M D, Charlotte Baker 

M D, physicians and surgeons, n e cor Fifth and C 
BAKER, CHARLOTTE J., phj^sician and surgeon, office 

and res n e cor Fifth and C 
Baker, D C, carpenter, res 1440 First 
BAKER, FRED, M D, (Drs Baker & Baker,) Oculist and 

Aurist, office and res n e cor Fifth and C 
Baker, George Iv, ticket clerk Santa Fe route, 1248 D, res Cor- 

Baker, Miss Blanche, res 1440 First 
Baker, Miss Emma, waiter, Albermarle 
Baker, Miss Emma, res 1540 First 
Baker, Mrs F N, housekeeper, res 434 Twentj'-second 
Baker, Mrs Susan E, res 854 Union 
Baker, Thomas K, clerk with Spreckles Bros Commercial Co, 

res near hotet del Coronado 
Baldwin, FW, tailor, res 2142 Arctic 
Balkner, G H, with F M Delmazzo, res 1154 Eighteenth 
Ball, Miss, res 1509 First 
Ball, Mrs E M, res 2831 H 
Ball, Miss Lou, teacher, res 2831 H 
Ball Wm, res 1509 First 

Ballard, W E, with W M Moak, res Front, bet E and D 
BALLING, AUGUST, San Diego Beef and Packing Co, res 
Ballmon, John, wood pedler, res cor Fifteenth and M 
BALLOU, G. H. & CO., coffee roasters, tea and coffeee impor- 
ters and jobbers, n e cor Fifth and K, (Geo. H. Ballon, 

Arthur Cosgrove) 
BALLOU Q. H., (G H Ballon & Co) res n e cor Twenty-fourth 

and J 
Balowich, George, longshoreman, res cor Third and G 
Balpenbrenk, Peter J, res 511 Boston ave 
Balthaza, Miss Frederaika, res at Montrose 
Balthaza, Miss Hattie, trimmer at Cash Milliner}' Store, res 

Baltimore, W T, brickla3'^er, res 418 Grand ave 
Bancroft, Mrs Caroline, res 944 Twelfth 


Band, August, with San Diego Beef and Packing Co, res Russ 

BANK OF COMMERCE, G W Jorres, Cashier, 841 Fifth 

Banks, J H, laborer, res 2451 Fifth 

Banks, F S, with San Diego Beef and Packing Co, res Thir- 
teenth and K 

BANNISTER, EDW., attorney-at-law, 1336 D, res 927 F 

Banstone, I^ E, shoemaker, with Havemale & Rossier, res Seven- 
teenth and F 

Banyer, Catalina, res 820 H 

Barbeling, Joseph, tailor, res 1735 Columbia 

Barber, C K, manager Cable Pavillion, University Heights, res 

BARBER, CLARENCE L., (Sprigg & Barber) res Fifth and 
Robinson ave 

Barber, Wm, driver, Pioneer Truck Co, res E bet Fourteenth 
and Fifteenth. 

BARBOUR, J. H., cashier Consolidated National Bank, res 1648 

Barbour, Miss Mary, res 1648 Union 

Barclay, Allan, clerk Great American ImptTea Co, res Eighth 
bet D and E 

BARCLAY, J. A., dealer in watches, clocks, jewelry and dia- 
monds, 864 Fifth, res 934 Eighth 

BARCLAY, T. B., clerk with J A Barclay, res 934 Eighth 

Bargston, John, truck driver, res Victoria hotel 

Barker, S F & son, (S F Barker, A S Barker), dealers in watches, 
clocks, diamonds and jewelry, 818 Fifth 

Barker, A S, (Barker &Son), res University Boulevard Univer- 
sity Heights 

Barker, R W, retired, res 1958 Second 

Barker, S F, (Barker & Son), res Uuiversit}^ Boulevard, Uni- 
versity Heights 

Barley, J W, res 1123 Eogan ave 

Barling, Fred, waiter at Cuyamaca Club 

Barlow, A, agent, res Thirty-third and E 

Barlow, John, mechanic, res 1555 Front 

Barlow, Miss Josephine M, dressmaker, res 1555 Front 


Barnardini, A, res cor Fifteenth and J 

Barnes, B T, carpenter and joiner, 1:230 C, res 615 Ash 

Barnes, B Y, clerk with S J Sill, res 1840 First 

BARNES, F. J., dentist, room 1-2-3 7^7 Fifth, res 1744 Front 

Barnes, F W, retired, res 1840 First 

Barnes, James A, retired, res 1744 Front 

Barnes, W M, miner, res 2436 H 

Barnett, Mrs C J, lodging house, 529 Fifth 

Baron, J R, rancher, res 230 Thirty-first 

Barrows, H L, broker, res 431 Twelfth 

Barth, W G, pattern maker, res Grand Pacific 

Bartlett, A H, res 852 Fourteenth 

Bartholomew, Chas H, clerk at Postofiice, res 1435 B 

Barton, R W, teamster, res 826 B 

Bashford, Mrs May, seamstress, res 546 Union 

Bass, John D, blacksmith 1720 D 

Bassett, Mrs M B, res 836 Columbia 

Bassett, W A, Collector with Consolidated National Bank, res 
830 Columbia 

Batchalder, A B, carpenter, res Twenty-first and Kearney 

Bates, C B, with Singer Sewing Machine Co, res 747 Ninth 

Bates, Geo A, 657 Fifth, manager Singer Sewing Machine Co 

BATES, F. E., general manager Bates Implement Co, res cor 
Fourth and Ash 

BATES iMPLEflENT CO., F B Bates, gen manager, 213 Fifth 

Bates, Mrs Mary, 1412 Fourth 

Battin, Hanson T, salesman. New Home bakery, res Windsor 

Batty, — plasterer, res Windsor 

Bauer, Mrs C A, rooms 1436 C 

Baugh, Irvin, salesman Russ Bumber Co, res 119 Sixteenth 

Baugh, M C, res 119 Sixteenth 

Baugh, Newton, shipping clerk Russ Bumber Co, res 119 Six- 

Baxter, Duncan, sail maker 233 H 

Bay City Bakery, Frank X Winter, proprietor 1022 Second 

ner, prop, 1419 D 

Bayless, F C, lineman, S D G & B L Co, • 


BAY VIEW HOTEL, J V Collins, prop, cor Twelfth and I 
Beach, M Y, correspondent N Y Tribune, res at Florence hotel 
Beale, Dr J B H, retired, res 428 lyOgan ave 
Beale, Wm J, with Model Steam laundry, res 428 lyOgan ave 
Bean, Chas H, agent Equitable Life Ins Co, of N Y, 915 Fourth 

res 2020 Fourth 
Bean, J C, M D, retired, res gio Logan ave 
Beard, Amos, millwright, res 326 Milton ave 
Beardsley, H M, farmer, res North Challos, El Cajon road 
Becht, Fred, stableman, at H st livery stables, res I, bet Four- 
teenth and Fifteenth 
Beck, H W, with E H Boscher, res New Carleton 
Beck, Geo P, Clazier, 828 Fourth 
Beck, J G, res 1902 F 
Beck, J M, carpenter, res 923 Ninth 

Beck, Miss Hattie A, book-keeper, for M F Heller, res 1902 F 
Beck, Mrs M A, res iiii Cedar 

Becker, Florence, with Phillips & Bone, res 720 Twentieth 
Becker, Peter, bar keeper at Victoria saloon, res same 
Beckett, Miss Florence I,, res Clay ave near Thirty-first 
Beckett, Miss Mamie, res Clay ave near Thirty-first 
Beckett, Wm, book-keeper with McKenzie Bros, res 1632 State 
Beckett, Wm M, shoemaker, res 641 Milton ave 
Beckett, Wm R, carriage painter, Clay ave, near Thirty-first 
Beebe, H H, foreman copperplate department at German's, res 

858 Seventh 
Beedy, George, farmer, res 1148 Union 
Beemis, Miss Lottie T, ornamental etcher, at German's, res at 

Grand Central 
Beem, Mrs Waneta, res 922 Front 

Beeshalter, W H, jeweller, with K C Naylor, res 539 Eighth 
Beers, W A, fruits, notions, etc, 946 D, res same 
Begg, John, inventer, res Montezuma 
Behrens, J B, janifor, res 833 Union 
Beja Chas, fruit, 1423 E, res Leland blk 

BELDINQ, S. W,, secretary Board of Public Works, res 3024 D 
Beldon, Ed, assistant pressman. Daily San Diegan, res 1771 Fifth 
Belha, Miss Mabel, waiter Commercial hotel 


Bell, — carpenter, cor India and Juniper 

Bell, AR, carpenter, res 348 Fifteenth 

Bell, C, clerk with Prentice & Co, res National City 

BELL, C U, (Shaw & Bell), res 1414 Fifth 

Bell, John, R, contractor, and builder, res Quince and Columbia 

Bell, Mrs J F, hairdresser, 1152 Third 

Bell, Walter, waiter, Hotel Florence 

Bell, Z B, mason, res 335 Twelfth 

Bellamy, Edward, hostler, res 845 Tenth 

Bellamy, Henry, carpenter, res 1929 K 

Bellamy, Thos, laborer, res 2039 K 

Belle Viev/ House, Mrs Anna Burns, proprietor, cor Fourth and 

G streets 
Bellgarde, Miss Louise, nurse, res 1820 Fourth 
Bellya, Mrs Josephine res 1242 Fourth 
Bellya Miss May, res 1242 Fourth 
Belthaza. Miss Hattie, trimmer at Cash Millinery store, res 

Belz, Henry, machinist, res 802 Kearney ave 
Benard, E, Mission Valley Nursery 

Benbough, Chas, apprentice res Twenty-sixth and Logan ave 
Bendaugh, Isaac W, retired, res 805 Logan ave 
Benjamin, B A, cashier with Klauber & Levi, res 1145 First 
Benjamin, Mrs E, res 811 Milton ave 
Bennett, F R, farmer, res 2 Seventeenth 
Benoit, V, propr Conimercial restaurant, 758 Fifth, res same 
Benson, Geo A, foreman Old Reliable Tent Co, res 720 Third 
Benson, S, carpenter, res Sixteenth and I 
Benton, E C, retired, res. 325 Clay ave 
Benton, Mrs C, furnished rooms, 652 Fourth 
Benton, R H, stock raiser, res 325 Clay ave 
Benton, W C, cigar maker, at Sensenbrenner's, res 1228 First 
Benz, FJ, carpenter, with Russ planing mill, res 5 13, Milton ave 
Bepp, Geo, engineer with J R Seifert, res foot of Fourth 
Bereza, Col C, miner, 1428 B 
Berkshire, S C, cook, 321 Seventh 
Bernard, Francois, res 957 Arctic 
BERRY, JOHN R., Collector of Customs, res 1045, Eighth 


Bertelson, G O, barber, res 354 Fifteenth 

Bertina, P, laborer, Third bet H and I 

Best, Wm Jr, traveling salesman, with Todd& Hawley, res cor 
Sixth and D 

Betts, E W, res 844 Irving ave 

Bevington, John, cigars and notions, 425 H, res same 

BEYER, WM., merchant tailor, 1342 D, res 1229 Columbia 

Biddle, Ben, printer, res 744 Sixteenth 

Biddle, Mrs Ella, res 839 Front 

Biddle, Steve, res foot of India 

Bidwell, Geo N, salesman and engineer, S D Feed Mills, res 443 

Bidwell, Jas, prop S D Feed Mills, res 443 Twelfth 

Biessac, W,^ res cor Front and D 

Bigelow, C Eee, paper carrier, res 254 Seventeenth 

Bigelow, Mrs Eliza, artist, res 254 Seventeenth 

Biggerstaff, E K, clerk with W E Little & Co, res at Keystone 

Biggerstaff, Miss Norine, teacher in East school 

Biggs, Floyd, rooms 1436 C 

Bigsby, I R, res 729 Twelfth 

Bigsby, R, res near South San Diego 

Bigsero, Edward, laborer, res Sixteenth and Milton ave 

Bihlmann, Miss Emma, servant, 2405 First, cor Kalmia 

BLIES, A. F., manager Whittier Fuller & Co, res 2828 H 

Bills, George, gripman, res Oak, near Vermont 

Bingham, C D, compositor Daily Union, res Metropolitan 

Binkley, I^ I,, res 42 Seventeenth 

Binz, S, res 3333 F 

BIRCH, J. R. S., Probate Attorney, room 8 Allyn blk, cor 
Fifth and E, res Boone Bros' addition 

Birch, M I, retired, res Boone Bros' addition 

Bird, B F, (Smith & Bird), cor Seventh and H, res 1907 H 

BIRD, R. A,, supt Russ Planing mill, res 940 Thirteenh 

BIRDSALL, A. W., (S D Cycle and Machine Co,) res Commer- 
cial hotel 

Birdsall, Ealey, res Commercial hotel 

Birdsall, E W, res at Commercial hotel 

BIRDSALL, riRS. M. J., prop Commercial hotel, res same 


• . 

BIRKEL, GEO. J., pianos, organs and musical instrumements, 

agt Steck and Vose pianos, 1050-52 Fourth, res Albemarle 
Bisbee, C P, lumberman, with West Coast lyumber Co, res 1145 

Bisbee, C S, delivery clerk West Coast I^umber Co, res 1145 

Bishop, Jas, waiter Hotel Florence 
Bishop, Iv W, compositor City Printing Co, res North Chqllas 

valley, Kl Cajon road 
Bishop, Miss Ethel h, res First and Broadway 
Bishop, Mrs P, res First and Broadway 
Bissmae, August, teamster, res Third, near Robinson 
Bitchnau, Mrs E, dressmaker, 846 Fourth, res same 
Bizzers, Mitchell, painter, res 224 Main 
Black, G W, street car conductor, res 321 1 H 
Black, J H, printer, res L,, bet Fifteenth and Sixteenth 
Black, J J, driver for Excelsior Bottling and Extract Co, res 

1027 Second 
Black, S J, carpenter, 165 Fifteenth 
BLACK, W. THURSTON, portrait painter, rooms 17 and 18 

Backesto blk, res 944 Twelfth 
Blackledge, T H, street car driver, res A bet Fourteenth and 

Blackledge, Mrs M J, res A bet Fourteenth and Fifteenth 
Blackledge, Miss Ora, milliner, res A bet Fourteen and Fifteen 
Blackmar, J Q, with G B Watson, res Fifteenth and the Park 
Blackmer, E T, musical instruments and sheet music, 951 Fifth 

res Reed blk 
Blackmer, J K, cigar factory, and barber shop, 1317 F 
Blackmer, Lewis, general clerk at library, res Chollas valley 
BLADES, PAUL H., editor Daily Union, room 34 Montezuma 
^Blades, Mrs Francis Bagby, editor Great South West, res Mon-. 

tezuma blk 
Blair, Sam, cook, at Commercial restaurant ' 

BLAISDELL, FRANK E, (S G Blaisdell & Son), res cor Second 

and C, Coronado 
BLAISDELL, S. Q., (S G Blaisdell and Son), res cor Second 

and C, Coronado 


BLAISDELL, 5. Q. & 50N, (S G Blaisdell, Frank E Blaisdell) 

nurserymen and florists, 1146 Fifth 
Blake, W T, with Daily Union, res Albemarle 
Blakeslee,. H B, res 120 Boston ave 
Blakeslee, J H, rancher, res 118 Boston ave 

Blanchard, E A, painter, res Clay ave, bet Thirty-first and 
Blanchard, S C, fish packer, res North San Diego 
Blanchard, Wm, engineer, 1322 India 

Blanchard, Mrs M. E, res 1307 Twefth 
Blanchard, Mrs M, dressmaker, res Foot of I 
Blessing, Mrs C K, boarding, res 1532 Arctic 
BLETHEN & DOWD, (Fred Blethen, S Doud), Star Uvery 

Stable, cor Seventh and J 
BLETHEN, FRED, (Blethen & Doud), res Eighth, bet J and K 
Blockman, E R, vnth Chicago Photo gallery, res Thirty-two 

Bancroft ave 
BLOCHMAN, L. A., (M Blochman & Son], res 834 Ninth 
BLOCHMAN, M. & SON, general merchandise, [M Blochman, 

ly A Blochman] , 622 Fifth 
BLOCHMAN, M., [M Blochman & Son], res 834 Ninth 
BLOCHMAN, fllSS CORA, book-keeper for Blochman & Son, 

res 834 Ninth 
Blodgett, Mrs R S, res 390 Twentieth 
Bloodgood, W D, room 11 Kuhn blk, res 2346 Second 
Bloom, E F, farmer, res 228 Sixteenth 
Blondean, Mrs B S, res 2389 D 
Blyth, Robert, res Mission Valley 
Blyth, Miss Lizzie, res Mission Valley 

Boal, T B, head salesman with J D Burch & Co, res at Lafayette 
BOARD OF EDUCATION, cor F and Fifth 
BOARD OF PUBLIC WORKS, V D Rood, C H Stevens, Com 

missioners; S W Belding, Sec, City Hall 
BOARD OF TRADE, H C Treat, Pres; Sam F Smith, Sec; John 

R Aitkin, Atty; ofiice rooms i to 5, cor Fifth and F 

berti, Pres, office cor Fourth and K 
Board, Miss Ella, linen girl, Hotel Florence 


BOAZ, R L, new and second hand furniture, 733 and 734 

Sixth, res 1632 F 
Bochman, railroader, res First and Lewis 
Bodell, Mrs Ellen, res 1135 Fifteenth 

Boeckh, F C, teacher of violin, and piano music 940 Front 
Boehme, Miss Annie, pastry cook at Detroit Bakery, res 11 52 

Boerensen, August A, carpenter, res Berlin House 
Bogan, John, retired, res 208 E 
Bogue, C C, retired, res 413 National ave 
Bogue,. M, res 319 Clay ave 

Bogue, Mrs M E, notions, 341 National ave, res 319 Clay ave . 
Bogue, V C, res 319 Clay ave 
Bohaoz, Frank, clerk with T Czerwinsky, res Thirteenth and G 

BOHNERT, MATH IAS, propr Cuyamaca Stables, res 
Bohnert, John, butcher at Hardys, res Metropolitan 

cor Third and C 
Bohnert, Matt, foreman stables of Chadbourne furniture Co, cor 

Third and C 
Boillot, Chas, res 744 Eighth 
Bolan, Wm, barber, res 819 F 
Boles, Charley, res 240 Sixth 

Bolman, Andy, with Thos McCabe, res Fifteenth and M 
Bolman, John, with Thos McCabe, res Fifteenth and M 
Bolman, John, laborer, res Fifteenth and M 

BOLTON & GREEN, (J W Bolton and A A Green), 

barbers 1442 Fourth 
Bolton, I T, bookbinder with Gould Hutton & Co, res 1609 Fourth 
BOLTON, J W, (Bolton & Green), res 629 First 
Bona, G F, Groceries, 2348 K, res same 
Bonduvant, J H, retired, res 530 National ave 
BONE, S W, (Phillips & Bone), res 318 Eogan ave 
Bonner, Albert, clerk, res 629 Sixteenth 
Bonner, Miss Rosaline, res 629 Sixteenth 
Bonner, Miss Vere, res 629 Sixteenth 
Bonner Mrs M, res 629 Sixteenth 
Bon Ton Lodging House, O H Colton propr corSixth and D 


BON TON RESTAURANT, Mrs Elvira Price propr 552 

Booher, S, gripman, res Fourth and Palm 
Booker, Edward, carpenter, res 721 Ash 
Bookprinter, Charles, laborer 638 Grand ave 
BOONE, GRIFFITH & CO., (B F Boone, A B Griffith,) real 

estate, 856 Sixth, bet E and F 
BOONE, B. F., (Boone, Griffith & Co,) res 1039 Twelfth 
BOONE, L. L., attorney-at-law, Kuhn buldg, cor Fourth andD 

res 1039 Twelfth. 
Boorse, Miss Ivizzie A, teacher public schools, res 854 Tenth 
BOOTH, MISS EMMA, clerk W. U. Tel. Co. res 845 Ninth 
Booth, Thos, music dealer, 1133 Sixth 
Borman, Wm, lineman, S D Dist Tel Co, res at I^angham 
Borrett, Geo N, stock raiser, res I, bet Twenty-ninth & Thirtieth 
BOSCHER, E. H., pharmacist, s e cor H and Fifth, res same 
Boselli, L, boot and shoe maker, 929 Fifth, rooms Brevoort 
Bosley, C H, engineer at Electric plant, res Windsor 
Bosley, G M, carpenter, res Windsor 
Bosley, Wm, engineer, res Windsor 
Botes, E W, farmer, res 643 Seventeenth 
Botsford, F T, capitalist, res 1256 State 
Bostwick, ly, gripman, res University Heights 
Bottroff, John, longshoreman, res foot of Ninth 
Boughton, J B, carpenter, res 841 Second , 

Bonn, J, street car driver, res Metropolitan 
Boup, Joseph, butcher with Chas S Hardy, res slaughter house 
Bouregard, res 523 Newton ave 
Bouscat J, French lyaundry, 644 Atlantic 
Bouver, L,, res 2120 Arctic 

Bovet, Miss J, (Hill & Bovet, res Front, bet D and E 
Bovyer, John A, cabinet maker, 530 Fourth, res 917 Ninth ^ 
Bowden, John, carpenter, Atlantic and Grape 
Bowen, Arthur M, clerk with J H McKie, res 438 Newton ave 
Bowen, W T, rancher, res 438 Newton ave 
Bower, G H, clerk, res 541 Sixth 
BOWER, M. D., fruits, candy and cigars, 1062 Fifth, res 

cor Sixth and Ash 


BOWER, W. W., clerk for M D Bower, res cor 6th and Ash 

Bowers, Chas, laborer, with Geo B Watson & Co 

Bowers, G M D, rancher, res Twenty-first and C 

Bowers, J M, saddler, 1532 H, res Ninth and D 

BOWERS, Hon. W .W., member of Congress, res Bay 

View Hotel 
Bowler, A G, printer, 230 National ave 
BOWLER & BROWN, (C H Brown, G W Bowler,) real 

estate brokers, n w cor 8th and H 
BOWLER, Q. W., (Bowler & Brown) res 2120 H 
Bowler, R, compositor. Daily San Diegan, res 232 National ave 
Bowles, K K, with Dailey Union, rooms at Langham 
Bowles, R B, salesman with J D Burch & Co, res 1036 Ninth 
Bowman, Ed, bar tender, res foot of State 
Bowman, Miss Ida J, res 755 Fourteenth 
Bowman, Mrs Jane, seamstress, res foot of Eighth 

BOWN & CLIFF, (GWBown;Thos Cliff), Sign Paint- 

847 ers. Sixth 
BOWN, GEO. W., (Bown & Cliff), 847 Sixth, res 525, B 
Bowne, W S, tinner, 2430 K, res same 
Boyce, John R, capitalist, res at Florence 
Boyce, Mrs Julia E, res 1922 F 

BOYD & STAHEL, (JA Boyd; A Stahel), Palace Crockery 
^ Store, 1019-1021 Fifth 
Boyd, David, teamster, res goi Milton ave 
BOYD, J. A., (Boyd & Stahel,) res Seventh and Cedar 
Boyle, Daniel, porter, res Beech, bet Front and Union 
Boy sen. A, with Russ Lumbar Co, res 241 Sixteenth 
Bradbury, E G, with J D Burch & Co, res 18 16 B 
Braden, Miss Helen, Cadet teacher 

Bradford, Mrs P C, marriner, room 29 Bon Ton, res same 
BRADSHAW, A. N., (Bradshaw & Wood), res 1046 Twelfth 
BRADSHAW & WOOD, (J D Wood; A N Bradshaw); real 
estate and investment brokers, 1424 E, bet Fifth and Sixth 
Bradt, G G, furnished rooms, 1248 Fifth 

Bradt, Henry, deputy city assessor, res A, bet Fourth and Fifth 
BRADT, HORACE, grocer, 1240-48 Fifth, res 12 19 Thirteenth 


Bradley, K E, fruit and cigar stand, cor D and Arctic, res Cali- 
fornia, near Willow 

Brady, G W, teamster, res at Capitol hotel 

Brad}^ Mrs M C, prop Capitol hotel, 749 Fourth 

Brady, Mrs S M, res 1501 India 

Bralin, Gus, plasterer, res Oak ave near Vermont 

Braly, J C, money loaner, res 13 13 Sixth 

Brand, Robert, clerk with McKay Bros, res 1 154 Third 

Brandt, C C, retired, 643 Sixth, res same 

Braten, John, clerk with The Lewis Co, res Kighth and J 

BRAUN, F. W. & CO., Wholesale Druggists, 309 Fifth 

■Bray, B M, res Franklin ave near Twenty-fifth 

Breed, Mrs, boarding house, 1723 J 

I*>reeding, M C, book-keeper with Hamilton & Co, res 370 Twelfth 

Breedlove, C W, res 233 Fifteenth 

Breese, Geo, res 1139 Fifteenth 

Breese, Oscar, with Cuyamaca Stable, res 1139 Fifteenth 

BREESE, R., manager S D Undertaking Co, res 1137 Fifteenth 

Breitenstein, Rose, clerk with L, Speyer, res Commercial hotel 

Brelin, Carl, gardener, 2468 First 

Brelin, Miss Ida, servant, 2425 First 

Brenfleck, Wm & Co, (Wm Brenfleck; Wm Oberlies) prop Sil- 
ver Gate Bath House, foot of Fifth 

Brenfleck, Wm, (Wm Brenfleck & Co,) res P C S S wharf 

Brennan, J B F, clerk with J G Gaffagan, res 1732 F 

BRENNING, J. W., Chief of Police, res Plaza Palace 

Brevoort house, A Gould, prop, 1235 Fifth 

Brewer, H W, carpenter, 741 Sixth, res 2646 N 

Brewer, John, seaman, res 817 Columbia 

Brewster, Col O, capitalist, res at the Bay View 

BREWSTER HOTEL, J E O'Brien, manager, s e cor Fourth 
and C 

BREWSTER PHARMACY, E M Brickey, prop, s e cor Fourth 
and C 

Bryant, Mrs Lucy I, furnished rooms, res 622 Eleventh 

BRICKEY, E. M., prop of Brewster Pharmacy, cor Fourth 
and C 


Brico, Robt, cigar maker at Sensenbrenners' res H, bet Eighth 

and Ninth 
Briggs, E C, night clerk Horton house, res same 
Briggs, Mrs Jane, res 519 Boston ave 
Brigance, Mrs E M, res 1125 B 

Brinkman, Mrs C, Ivadies' Suit house, 1046 Fifth, res same 
Brimhall, Chas, barber, res 139 National ave 
Brimhall, Silas J, student, res 925 lyOgan ave 
BRIMHALL, W. E., retired, res 925 Logan ave 
Brimhall, Miss Gertrude M, musician, res 925 Logan ave 
Brisco, J, candy maker with A M, Ingersoll, res 1726 H 
BRITT, E. W., (Hunsaker, Britt & Goodrich), res cor Fourth 

and Maple 
Brockett, W J, pickle factory, cor Sixth and J 
Brockway, J C, teamster, res Beech and Columbia 
Broadnax, T W, police officer, res 820 Milton ave 
Brodrick, Mrs J D, res 2109 Second 
Bronegl, Henry, baker, res 1322 Arctic 
Bronori, fisherman, foot of India 
Brookes, Miss Grace L, res Third and Brookes 
Brookes, Miss Hattie M, res Third and Brookes 
Brookes, Mrs. H N, res Third and Brookes 
Brooklyn, Mrs H Hughes, prop, furnished rooms, 1629 E 
Brooks, E P, dairy, res 543 National ave 
Brooks, Frank H, collecting agency, room 8 Kuhn blk, 
Brooks, James F, real estate, res Third and Juniper 
Brooks, Jas M, nurseryman, 14 19 Ash 

Brooks, C F, retired banker, res Campus ave, University Heights 
Brooks, John, wood turner with India Street Plaining Mill, res 

Brooks, Miss Daisy, res Mission valley 
Brooks, Mrs Dr T K, res Third and Juniper 
Brooks, Richard, contractor 352 Fifth 
Brophy, J E, manager Union Stables, res at Stables 
Brown, Benj F, retired res 1635 Sixth 
BROWN, C. H., (Bowler & Brown) res 643 Nineteenth 
Brown, D R, custom house inspector, res 725 Milton ave 
Brown, E, Dyeing and cleaning, 956, Fifth, res 12 16 Sixth 



Brown, E F, foreman Russ ly Co, 1543 Eighth 

Brown, Frank, res North San Diego 

Brown, Emanuel, tailor, 956 Fifth, res 12 16 Sixth 

Brown, George, carpenter, res 15 13 Atlantic 

Brown, Gratz K, attorney, 30 Consolidated Bank blk 

Brown, J A F, retired, res 11 18 Twenty-fifth cor Grant. 

Brown, John, cattle dealer, res North San Diego 

Brown, John, retired, res lyafayette house 

Brown, J T, expressman, res 446 Sixteenth 

Brown, Miss Alice V, music teacher, res 1046 Tenth 

Brown, Miss Alice M, res 1635 Sixth 

Brown, Miss Anna E, music teacher, res 1046 Tenth 

Brown, Miss Carrie, dressmaker res 811 Thirteenth 

Brown, Miss Carrie, res 1757 First 

Brown, Miss Esther M, res 17 10 Union 

Brown, Miss Kate, dressmaker, 1730 D 

Brown, Miss Rebecca; bookkeeper with Schiller & Murtha, res 

1 2 16 Sixth "^ 

Brown, Mrs H, washerwoman, 233 Ninth 
Brown, Mrs Mary F, res 1121 F 
Brown, Mrs S H, res 811 Thirteenth 
Brown S, plasterer, 22 Seventeenth 
Brown, S M, bricklayer, res 346 Colton ave 
Brown, Stephen, rancher, res 423 Oliver ave 
Brown, R C, retired attorney, res 1046 Tenth 
Brown, Tom, with New Carleton hotel, res same 
Brown, Thos C, janitor Sherman Heigths school, res 216 Six- 
Browne, D R, inspector of customs, res 725 Milton ave 
Bruner, F P, clerk W F & Co., res E bet Thirty-second and 

BRUSCHI, V. & CO., (V Bruschi, M Bruschi,) wholesale and 

retail groceries, produce and commission 403 Fifth cor J 
BRUSCHI, M., (V. Bruschi & Co,) res at Grand Pacific 
BRUSCHI, v., (V. Bruschi & Co,) res K near Sixth 
Bruske, Marco, grocer, cor Fifth and G, res 1526 K 
Brust, Jacob, tailor, 750 Fifth, res 726 Fifth 


BRUST, SAM, Wholesale and Retail Cigars and Tobacco, 724 

and 726 Fifth, res 1141 Ninth, bet B and C 
Bryan, Solan, carpenter, res 1345 State 

Bryant Bros, (S C Bryant, J D Bryant), grocers, 424 National ave 
Bryant, A B, tinner, res 834 E 
Bryant, K S, retired, 714 National ave 
Bryant, J D, (Bryant Bros), res 424 National ave 
Bryant, S C, (Bryant Bros,) res 817 Thirtieth 
Bryden, Mrs C, res 1141 Twelfth 
Bryson, W D, rancher, res lyinda Vista district 
Bubenik, John, baker, res 402 Colton ave 
Bubenik, Mary, res 402 Colton ave 
Buchler, Jacob, retired, res 713 Irving ave 
Buchler, Miss Tillie C, clerk at postoffice, res 713 Irving ave 
Buchler, Mrs J, res 713 Irving ave 
Buchner, Geo, upholster, res 933 Ninth 
Buck, Adam, res 2143 Fifth 

Buck, H A, ticket clerk S P ofRce, res 2143 Fifth 
BUCK, J. S., chairman board of supervisors, importer and dealer 

in sewer pipe, terra cotta ware, stoneware, roofing and 

paper, cor Fifth and K, res Twenty-first and F 
BUCK, niSS LOTTIE, secretary Bates implement Co, res Crand 

Buck, W H G, book-keeper with J S Buck, res Twenty-first and F 
Buckingham, The, Mrs C M Edwards prop, cor Second and D 
Buckley, J F, clerk with M Schiller & Son, 1653 Sixth 
Buckner, J A, filing clerk with county clerk, res 1363 Columbia 
Budlong, Mrs M J, res 736 Third 
Budlong, W E, clerk with Gregory-Damon Abstract Co, res 736 

Buehler, Geo, clerk with John Mayer, res same 
Bugge, O, rancher, res Durant, bet Thirty-ninth and Fortieth 
Bullard, M, gripman, res Cable hotel 

Bullock, Sidney, fruitgrower, res North ChoUas, El Cajon road 
Bumpus, Wm, res Coronado 
Bunce, M, barber, 1333 D, res 1032 Fourteenth 
Bunker, Geo A, butcher with Chas S Hardy, res slaughter yard 
Burbank, Mrs F J, res 1435 E 


BURBECK, E. M., Dodge & Burbeck, res 856 Ninth 

Burbeck, L, D, capitalist, 856 Ninth 

BURCH, J. D, & CO., wholesale and retail grocer, 829 and 831 

BURCH, J. D., (J. D. Burch & Co,) res 1036 Ninth 
Burch, Fred, barber, with Fred Hyer, res 1427 A 
Burch, Jennie, dressmaker 120 Seventeenth. 
Burch, J P, retired, res 120 Seventeenth 
Burge, Miss Emily res 724 Irving ave 
Burgert, Edwin, painter, res 450, Fifteenth 
Burgland, C E, painter, cor Ninth and K 
BURGOYNE, C. A., real estate and loans, 915 Fifth, res 860 

Burhorn, A, res the Royal 

Burk, B H, cigar manufacturer, 723 Fifth, res 1722 F 
Burk, Geo, with B H Burk, res 1722 F 
Burk, Miss Jennie, with B .H Burk, res 1722 F 
Burk, Geo, cigarmaker, res 1722 F 
Burke, Edwin, sailor, Atlantic bet D and E 
Burke, Miss M M, teacher, res at the Alhambra 
Burkard, C, baker, with Jos Winter's bakery, res at bakery 
Burkhart, F H (San Diego Windmill Co,) res 328 Eagan ave 
Burkhardt, Wm, driver for Lone Star Meat Market, res 2239 H 
Burlingame, Miss, preacher, 645 Sixteenth 
BURNELL, B., manager W G Walz Co, res 1729 E ' 
Burnell, Mrs Sarah, res 1366 Second 
Burney, John, with C E Kizer res Eleventh bet J and K 
Burnhan, E W, insurance 915 Sixth, res same 
BURNHAN, F. R., M. D., physician and surgeon, room 6 Kuhn 

blk, res 1708 C cor Eighth 
Burnham, Mrs. E J, res at Langham 
BURNETT & KIMES, (I G Burnett, J E Kimes,) attorneys- 

at-law, 13 Lawyers blk 
BURNETT, ISAAC Q., (Burnett & Kimes,)- res cor i8th and B 
Burns, A, carpenter, res Berlin house cor India and B 
Burns, Edward E, stockman, res Belle View house 
Burns, Frank, laborer, res St Elmo hotel 


Burns, Henry P, Fashion livery stable, cor First and H, res cor 

Fourth and G 
Burns, H R, porter Hotel Brewster, res same 
Burns, F H, butcher, with C S Hardy, res cor Fourth and G 
Burns, J N, real estate, res 1306 Fifth 
Burns, J W (Gay & Burns,) res 1306 Fifth 
Burns, Miss Eliza, res Belle View 
Burns, Miss Mary, res Belle View 

Burns, Mrs Anna proprietor l>elle View hotel, cor Fourth and G 
Burns, Mrs T J, lodging house, 1228 Sixth 
BURNES, TILL A., prop Acme saloon, 500 Fifth res cor Eighth 

and B 
BURNES, T. A. Jr., bartender for Till A Burnes, res cor Eighth 

and B 
Burns, Thomas, teamster, res Grape and Columbia 
Burright, D W, (Gilman & Burright,) res 667 Twenty-second 
Burt, Frank W, abstractor with H T Christian & Co, res 2836 G 
BURT, JOHN P, manager Abstract and Title Ins Co, res 2836 G 
Burton, B, lodging house, res 102 1 G 
Burton, George, longshoreman, res 541 State 
Burton, H H, supt Janiul Portland Cement Mfg Co, res Florence 
Burton, res 1940 Third 
Burton, Mrs M A, res 1037 Fir 
Busch, Henry, laborer, res 1441 Atlantic 
Buser, Frank, conductor Cable road, res Vermont and Olive 
Buser, J J, compositor Sun office, res University Heights 
Bushnell, Mrs, 439 Fifteenth 
Bush, Thos H, notary public and real estate, 840 Fifth, res at 

BUSHYHEAD, E. W., capitalist, res at Bay View 
Buss, C A, clerk Norman-Jacoby Grocery Co, res Twentiethand C 
Buss, S C, res cor Ninteenth and C 
Bussey, res 2006 F 
BUSSOW, MRS. S., prop San Diego Oyster and Chop house, 

503 Fifth, res same 
Butlar, John, laborer, res Second, bet G and H 
Butler, Con, yardman, Russ Lumber Co 
Butler, Wm, teamster, Russ Lumber Co 


$5,009.00 Worth of ^(Miasd Fimiiture 





House FyRi<issNific. 
1624 H STREET. 






University Heights 3 

City Heights 4 

Old Town 4I 

Mission Valley 5 

Old Mission 8 "-* 

Race Track 6i 

Pacific Beach 8 

Ocean Beach 8 

Roseville 7 

I.a Holya Park {I^a JoUa) 13 

Del Mar 2% 

Chollas Valley 4 

National City 5 

Paradise Valley 6 

Sweetwater Dam 12 

I,akeside 20 

Poway 25 

Escondido ..35 

Oceanside 40 

•Sorrento ! iq 

otay : ■:.;:;:;;;;: "':;i2 

Te Wanna (Tia Juana) 16 

Chulla Vista 10 

Julian 60 

Alpine 26 

El Cahone (Cajon) 15 

Harmule Valley PostoflSce (Jamul) 20 

I will pay you CASH for anything you have to sell. 











Butler, Geo, painter, res 817 Seventh 

Butler, J, res 514 Kerney ave 

Butler, Miss Martha, with E D Kirby & Co, res Seventeenth, bet 

J and K 
Butler, Mrs A W, dressmaker, 817 Seventh, res same 
Butler, Wilber, baggageman, res 946 Columbia 
Butler, Mrs C B, furnished rooms, 830 Eighth 
Butler, Mrs Harriet, res Eighteenth near K 
Butler, Wm, baggagemaster S C Ry, res 946 Columbia 
Butler, W J, carpenter, 1622 F, res 346 Seventeenth 
Buttemer, Alfred S W, rancher, res 1658 Columbia 
Butts, Hiram, manager White Sewing Machine agency — at 

Marston's, res cor Third and Beech 
Buttweiler, gripman, res Cable hotel 
Butzien, Fred, baker, res 401 H 

Buxton, Fred, watchmaker, with M German, res 11 25 Sixth 
Byers, J W, res 102 1 Fifteenth 
Byers, J Y, miner, res 918 B 
Byers, Miss Irene, dressmaker, res 918 B 
Byers, Miss Zoa, book-keeper, res 918 B 
Byers, Mrs H, lodging house, res 940 Third 
Byers, Robt, Russ Planing mill, res 940 Third 
Byers, R C, cook, 2412 J 
Byers, Samuel, with Russ Mill & L, Co. 
Byler, C W, with A Dorsey Co, res 11 22 F 
Byler, Jonathan, res 1122 F 

Byler, J, laborer. West Coast Lumber Co, res 1122 F 
BYNON, A. BERT, manager Enterpise Printing Co, 1645 F, cor 

Eighth, res same 

Cable Pavilion, C E Barber, manager, end of cable road Univer- 
sity Heights 

Cadwallader, Gen'l S, government inspector at Campo, res 732 
Boston ave 

Cadwallader, Rowlins, medical student, res 732 Boston ave 

Cabell, Elias, janitor and gardiner, res 330 Thirteenth 


CABLE COAL & WOOD CO., Wm McClain prop, cor Fourth 

and B 
Cable Hotel, Mrs Fannie Hinke prop. Fourth and Redwood 
Caleb, George, second-hand store, 1420 I, res 1426 I 
CALEDONIAN COAL CO., Geo S Wheatly, agent, 202 to 208 D 
California Chemical Cleaning and Dye Works, also tailoring, 

Isador lyewinson, prop, 1140 and 1142 Fourth 
California Fish Market, Geo Silver prop; Atlantic, foot of H 
California Marble Works, Sixth and J 

Swayne general manager, 1015 and 1017 Fourth 
Callahan, John, res 1440 Arctic 
Calloway, T P, harness maker, res 1604!^ F 
CALLEN, J. S., atty-at-law, and Superior court Commissioner, 

17 Lawyers' blk, res 940 Third 
Callionn, Mrs, res 1144 Grape 
Calvert, res 13 18 A 
Calvey, Aug, steward Hotel Florence 

Cameron, J A, with San Diego Windmill Co, res 837 Fourth 
Campbell & Green, (J A Campbell, W T Green), barber shop, 

454 Fifth 
Campbell, A D, bootmaker, 1415 E, res 1445 Union 
Campbell, B P, res 631 Fourteenth 

Campbell, J A, compositor on Daily Union, res New Carleton 
Campbell, S P, carpenter, res 714 F 
Campbell, I A, (Campbell & Green). 
Campbell, I N, barber, res 364 Thirteenth 
CAMPION, MORTON & CO., (R R Campion, R C Morton), real 

estate, 13 17 E bat Fourth and Fifth 
CAMPION, R. R., (Campion, Morton & Co), res 259 Fifteenth 
Cannon, Mrs M A, dressmaker, res Albemarle 
Cantlin, Martin, 539 Eighth 
Capehart, F, printer, res Metropolitan 
Capital Hotel, Mrs M C Brady, proprietor, 749 Fourth 
CAPPS, A. v., surve3^or, 12 and 13, Snyder blk, res same 
CAPPS, E. E., business manager San Diegan, rooms 12 and 13, 

Snyder blk 


CAPPS, E. M., civil engineer, 12 and 13, Snyder blk, res Grant 

avenue bet Twenty-fourth and Twenty-fifth 
CAPPS, T. v., attorney-at-law, rooms 12 and 13, Snyder blk, 

res 734 lyOgan ave 
CAPRON, JOHN Q., contractor, office Consolidated bank blk, 

res 2112 D 
Carboulec, chicken ranch, A bet Twenty-eighth and Twenty- 
Carey, B W, buss driver Diamond Carriage Co, res 554 i8th 
Carey, Geo W, general blacksmith and horseshoer, 1726 H, res 

Sixteenth bet K and F 
Carey, Joseph J, railroad conductor, res 1033 State 
Cargill, Kdson, waiter, res 956 Union 
Carlson, Miss Anna, servant, cor Fifth and I^aurel 
Carlson, Mrs Anna ly, res 953 Third 
Carlton, W B, retired, res 1632 D 

CARLSON, Wm. H., prop Ocean Beach hotel, res same 
CARNES, A. B., Chief Fire Department, office 930 Third, 

res same 
Carpenter, A G, lineman, S D G & E Iv Co, 
Carpenter, W S, groceries and provisions, 2402 K, res same 
Carpenter, W W, carpenter, res 1050 Second 
Carpenter, W W Jr, clerk freight depot S C Ry, res 1050 Second 
CARR, JAMES, restaurant, 827 Seventh, res same 
Carr, Mrs C W, res 706 Milton ave 
Carringer, H A, Russ Planing mill, res Twenty-eighth and I^o- 

gan ave 

Carroll, A, broker, res cor K and Twenty-second 

Carroll, M V, dry and fancy goods, 609 Sixth cor H, res 1843 3d 

Carroll, T H, clerk with M V Carroll, res 1843 Third, 

Carroway, P C, druggist res Grand Pacific 

C ARSON EDWIN, M. D., physician and surgeon, Richelieu, 

1055 Fifth, res same 
Carson, laborer, res Twenty-fourth and I^, 
Carson, Miss Jennie, servant, res cor Maple and Fifth 
CARTER & RICE, (R D Carter, Thos Rice), proprietor, pony 

saloon, 650 Fifth 


Cantlay, James, teamster, res 634 C 

CARTER, CASSIUS, attorney-at-law, rooms i and 2 I^awyers' 

blk, res 920 Fir, bet First and Front 
Carter, B E, attorney-at-law, .with Shaw & Holland, rooms 4, 5 

and 6, cor Fifth and G, consolidated bank blk, res 1571 4th 
Carter, F W, rancher, res 660 Seventeenth 

Carter, J D, sec Silver Gate Mfg Co, res First, bet Fir & Grape 
Carter, John H, watchmaker, res 15 17 Fourth 
CARTER, R. D„ (Carter & Rice), res 943 Seventh 
Carter, Walter, seaman, res foot of Columbia 
Carter, Mrs M K, dressmaker, res 660 Seventeenth 
Cartier, C L,, manager bar at Hotel Brewster, res 1118 C 
Case, C C, carpenter, res 2128 J 
Case, Mrs Margaret, 1145 Third 
Case, T J, painter, res 2128 J 
Case, Mrs Ina, res 966 Tenth 

Cash Millinery Store, Mrs A S Williamson manager, res 1164 4th 
CASSIDAY, DANIEL, with Eclipse saloon, 438 Fifth 
CASSIDAY, PETER, proprietor Eclipse saloon, 438 Fifth, 

res same 
Cassidy, J H, carpenter, res 940 Logan ave 
Cassie, Eben, blacksmith, res Twenty-seventh bet M and N 
Castro, Catarino, laborer, res 2307 L 
Castro, Quirino, vaquero, res North San Diego. 
Castro, Miss Mary, 2303 L 
Catholic Church, cor Fourth and Beech 
CAVE, D., dentist, rooms 10 to 12, AUyn blk, cor Fifth and E, 

res at Morena 
Cedros Island Mining and Milling Co, F L Michaelsen, presi- 
dent, 955 Fifth 
Cervantes, F C, saddler, 624 Sixth 

CHADBOURNE, F. 5., Chadbourne Furniture Co, San Francisco 

Chadbourne), cor Fourth and C 
Chamberlain, Chas S, general manager Pacific Wire Cloth Co, 

826 Sixth, res Roseville 
Chambers, E C, foreman Diamond Carriage and Omnibus 

stables, res 1027 Fifteenth 



CHAMBERS, GEO. J., Half Price House, Sixth bet K and F, 
res Twenty-third and B 

Champagne, Rev P B, retired priest, 1502 Union 

Chandler, H ly, retired, res 1619 F 

Chandler, Joseph, with G D Stead Soap Co, res at Windsor 

Chandler, I, A, prop S D Boat House, foot of Fifth, res same 

Chanter, J, with C H Turner & Son, 818 Grand ave 

Chanter, F C, with C H Turner & Son, res 818 Grand ave 

Chapin, Miss E M, teacher of drawing and painting, 1740 Sixth 

Chapman, G B, teamster, res 1646 Arctic 

Chapman, ly B, clerk with J A Heath, res Hewitt house 

Chappell, C C, res 2109 Second 

Chappel, T W, expressman, res 414 Kearney ave ' 

Chase, Capt G W, seafaring man, res 201 K 

CHASE, CHARLES A., drugs, fancy goods, toilet articles, per- 
fumes, etc, cor Fifth and F, res 1042 C 

Chase, B F, asst bar tender Hotel Brewster res same 

Chase, K S, Presiding Elder S D Dist M E Church, res 1567 

Chase, Herbert A, sales-clerk, with George W Marston, 1042 

Chase, H D, with Coronado Water Co, res at Tremont house 

Chase, I^evi, attorney-at-law, res 2008 D 

CHASE, WALDO F., music teacher Bon Ton blk room 2 res 
1067 Eleventh 

Chase, Miss Mary, teacher, res 1567 Ninth 

Chase, Miss Dido K, teacher East School 

Cheavy, Mrs Andrea, grocery, res cor Tenth and M 

Checota, Henry, fisherman, res 137 1 Ash and Atlantic 

Cheney, Mrs M L,, res 11 12 Fir 

Cherry, H M, Sec'y Sweetwater Nursery Co, res cor Twenty- 
fourth and <' 

CHICAGO SHOE STORE, A J Jacob, prop, 634 and 636 Fifth 

CHICK, MARTINES, gun store 641 Fifth, res 1663 Sixth 

Children's Home, city Park 

CHIRICAHUA CATTLE CO., RA Thomas president and man- 
ager, 966 Sixth 


(Uiisholm, J J, dealer in fruits, candies, cigars and tobacco, 

1024 D, res same 
Chittenden, Charles, clerk Whittier, Fuller & Co, res 813 Fifth 
CHOATE, D., real estate, 832 Fifth, res Fifth and Hawthorne 
Choate, F W, res cor Second and Date 
Chowning, W H, stock raiser 321 Clay ave 
Christensen, C A, shoemaker, 1148 Fourth, res 218 Grand ave 
Christenson, Harvey, copperplate printer with M. German, res 

cor Sixth and A 
Christensen, J P real estate and loans, 1319 F, res cor K and 

Christensen J P, res Mission Valley 

CHRISTIAN, H. T. &C0., (HT Christian, Jno P Burt), ab- 
stractors of titles 915 Sixth 
CHRISTIAN, H. T., sec'y Abstract & Title Ins Co, res 1940 

Christian Science Association, room 21 Hamilton bldg 
Christiancy, Mrs. F W, res 1442 Eighth 
Christiancy, Wm, printer, res 1442 Eighth 
Christie, A W, gardner, res 127 Fifteenth 

Chronch, Geo. W, telegraph operator PT Co, res 952 Thirteenth 
Church, J L,, compositor. Daily Union, res Plaza Palace 
Churcher E A, collections, real estate, etc, 1336 D, res 1532 

Churchill, C C, physician and surgeon, room 9 AUyn blk, res 

1844 First 
Churchward, Thomas, res 1630 First 
Cisco, N D, cornice work, res 1323 Fourth 
Citterly, C W, rancher, res Grand Pacific 
City Feed and Sale Stables, cor H and Fourth 
City Garden Saloon, Frank Herzog, prop, cor Fifth and B 
City of Paris Bakery, F M Touriner prop, 351 Fifth 
CITY OF PARIS, A. Uppmann, prop, dry goods, 663-69 Fifth 
CITY PRINTING CO., Mrs M J Birdsall, prop, 909 Fourth, res 

Commercial hotel 
Claiborne, Alpheus, res 2044 Fourth 
Claiborne, Miss Alice, res 2044 Fourth 
Claiborne, Miss Alice, res 2044 Fourth 


Claiborne, Miss Clisto, 2044 Fourth 

Clancy, Andrew, fireman with lyacy Mfg Co, res 440 Newton 

Clancy, Mrs Mary 446 Newton ave 

Clapp, Miss Bessie, First near Walnut 

Clark, AG, res 1569 Sixth 

Clark, Almond, boatman 1108 Cedar 

Clark, Chas, lawyer, res near Arctic and Willow, Middletown 

Clark, C, cement worker, res Berlin house cor India and B 

Clark, C C, res Mission Valley 

Clark, Ed E, messenger W U Tel Co, res 465 Ninth 

Clark, C E, attorney-at-law, room 18 Kuhn blk 

Clark, J ly, mining, 836 Front 

Clark, Jas S, real estate, 915 Fourth, res South San Diego 

Clark, John, driver, for Diamond carriage Co, res cor Ninth 
and I 

Clark, John M, retired, res 17 16 Union] 

Clark, R C, carpenter, res 942 I^ogan ave 

Clark, R G, horticulturist, res 2144 A 

Clark, W A, 501 Fifth, res 1709 K 

Clark, Miss Esther, res Manor 

Clark, Miss Kate, lodging house, 520 Fourth 

Clark, Mary Belle, music teacher, 1108 Cedar 

Clark, Miss M M, lodging house 958 Third, res same 

Clark Miss Nora, teacher, Russ School, res 854 tenth 

Clark, Mrs Catharine, res 739 Fifteenth 

Clark, res 1757 Arctic 

Clarke, A, boathouse, foot of H, res 1108 Cedar 

Clarke, R !>, chief engineer Electric lyight Works, res cor Thir- 
teenth and I 

Clarke, W A, chief engineer, Cable Power House, res Cable hotel 

Clay, Cyprian, res cor Columbia and D 

Clay, Mary A, res cor Columbia and D 

CLEARY, Dr. GEORGE, diseases of the eye and ear, rooms 18 
and 19 Keating blk cor Fifth and F, res 1425 Fifth 

Clemens, Jere W, rancher. Mission Valley, P O address in San 
Diego, box 562 

Clemens, T B, rancher Mission Valley 

Clendenon, Benj, gardner, res 620 Main 


Cleveland, ly C, water business, res 1240 Atlantic 
Cleveland, Daniel, attorney-at-law, 825 Fifth res same 
CLEVELAND, MENZIES C, attorney-at-law, rooms i and 2, 

First Nat Bank bldg, res 1332 First bet A and Ash 
Cleveland, Mrs C, res 521 Milton ave 
Cleveland, R H, rancher, res Mission Valley 
CLIFF & CO., (H S Cliflf), agricultural implements, 546 Sixth 
CLIFF, H. 5., (Cliff & Co), res 2240 E 
CLIFF, THOS., (Bown & Cliff), res 525 B 
Cliff, painter, res 526 B 
CLINKSCALES, J. H., special insurance agent and adjuster, 

915 Sixth, res n w cor Fourth and Robinson ave 
CLINKSCALES, J. W., capitalist, res cor Fourth and Robinson 
Clough, H J, res 1732 Third 
Cloyd, G N, groceries, 1028 H, res same 
Clougston, B D, with San Diego Coal Co., res Albemarle 
Coates, T W, carpenter, res 715 Thirteenth 
Coats, A M, retorter San Diego Gas and Elec. Light Co. 
Coats, J, moulder Standard Iron Works 
Cobb, H W, frame maker, with R G Alexander, res 1114 G 
Coburn, Mrs F J, supt Womans Exchange, res Coronado 
COCHRAN, A. E., attorney-at-law, 46 Lawyers' block, res 

Cuyamaca club 
Cochran, Wm, salesman S D Lumber Co, res cor Sixth and L 
COFFEY, Prof. E. H., Teacher of Spanish and French, Snyder 

blk, res 1467 Arctic 
Coffern & Mores, (J W Coffern and J T Mores), feed yard, cor 

H and Seventh 
Coffman, Moses M, res 146 Eighteenth 
COGSWELL, THOS., dentist, cor Second and D, res Pacific 

Cohen, Charles, clothier, 642 Fifth, res 829 Eleventh 
Cohen, Mrs M, res 829 Eleventh 
COHN, J, A., wholesale and retail dealer in leather, findings, 

harness leather and uppers, 1321 and 1323 F, res 853 Third 
Coker, H P, foreman Daily San Diegan, res at Manvel 
Colburn, Rev M F, pastor ist M E Church, res M E Church blk 
Colburn, Walter M, steamboat captain, res 1056 Third 


Colbran, Charles A, laborer, res California and Grape 

Colby, C E, sash and door maker, Russ Plaining Mill, res at 
Richland , 

• Cole, A A, res 1908 C 

Cole, C W, with Hamilton & Co, 922 Eighth 

Cole, M D, life insurance, res 820 Eleventh 

Cole, Wm ly, carpenter, res 3418 M 

COLLER, L., New York Domestic Bakery, 1537 E, res 862 

Colley, Wm, sailor, res 12 18 California 

COLLIER, WAT50N & COLLIER, (D C Collier, Alex G Wat- 
son, D C Collier, jr), lawyers, i, 2 and 3, M E Church blk 

COLLIER, D. C, (Collier, Watson & Collier), res 1545 Sixth 

COLLIER, D. C. Jr., (Collier, Watson & Collier), res 1545 

Collier, Wm, attorney at Law 1027 Fourth, res 1540 Sixth 

Collier, W W, Sr, retired, res 543 National ave 

Collier, Mrs. Eva W, 1341 Fifth 

Collins, C, retired, res 1231 Thirteenth 

COLLINS, CH. EARL, plumber, res Bay View hotel 

COLLINS, JABEZ, Bay View hotel, res same 

Collins, J M, groceries, 701 E, cor State, res same 

COLLINS, T. D., clerk Bay View hotel, res same 

COLLINS, J. v., prop Bay View Hotel cor Twelfth and I 

COLLINS, J. V. Jr., book and job printer, 532 Thirteenth, res 
Bay View hotel 

Colored Baptist Church Front near H 

Colton, A C, carpenter, res 332 Grand ave 

Colton, Harry W, letter carrier, res 956 Union 

Colton, James A, laborer, res 332 Grand ave 

Colton, O H, prop Bon Ton lodging house, res same 

Colton O K, (Freeland & Colton,) res Bon Ton house 

Colwell F G, with Norman- Jacoby Grocery Co, res 2020 F 

Combs, Mrs L, res 1051 Fifthteenth 

Comings, E C, night clerk Albemarle, res hotel 

Comandich, Joseph, laborer, res 1269 Atlantic 

COMMERCIAL HOTEL, Mrs M J Birdsall, prop, cor 7th and I 

Compton, Mrs D, nurse, res 1864 India 


Conant, Carlos, mining, res 1769 Front cor Elm 

Conant, Miss Carlota, res 1769 Front cor Elm 

Conant, Miss Carolina, 1769 Front 

Conant, Miss Malinda, res 1769 Front 

Concordia Turn varein, E Schulte, manager, 1018 D, 

Confer, J W, painter, res 34 Seventeenth. 

CONKLIN & HUGHES, (N HConklin, J W Hughes), attorneys- 

at-law, Morse- Whaley-Dalton blk 
CONKLIN, N. H., (Conklin & Hughes), res 2167 Fifth 
Conklin, J, proprietor Pacific Exchange saloon, 414 Fifth, 

res 644 Eighth 
Conley, Miss Lydia, laundress, San Diego lyaundry, res B bet 

State and Columbia 
Conley, Mrs D A, res 619 B 

CONN, M. M., & COYNE, JOS, wines and liquors, 946 Fourth 
CONN, M. M., Silver Pitcher saloon, res Metropolitan, E bet 

Fourth and Fifth 
Connell, J E, (Johnson & Co), res 1243 Front 
Council, James, (Johnson & Co), res 1243 Front 
Conner, John, laborer, res 622 Second 
Conner, P J. laborer, res 641 Milton ave 
Connors, Paul, res North San Diego 
Connors, Wm, res North San Diego 

CONRAD & KOVATS, (G Conrad, A N Kovats), shaving par- 
lors, 738 Fifth 
CONRAD, G., (Conrad & Kovats), res 735, First 
Conrad, George, barber, res 735 First 
Conroy, John, gas fitter S D G and Elec Co, res 1716 E 

ident, J H Barbour, cashier, cor Fifth and G 
CONSON, A. H., M. D., physician, s e cor Seventh and E, res 

Cook, D O, salesman, with Klauber & Levi, res Seventh and B 
Cook, H, printer, Fifth bet Date and Elm 
Cook, Henry, real estate, 840 Fifth, res 1626 D 
Cook, Jesse, street car driver, res Adelphia house 
Cook, Mrs Henry, boarding, res 1626 D 


Cooke, H C, secy Economy Printing Co, 1146 D, cor Third, res 

1729 Fifth 
Cooke, Miss J M, World Shell and Curio Co, 1045 Fifth, res 

Cooley, G H, teamster, res 706 Thirteenth 

Cooley, Miss Clara, teacher of piano, rooin 28 Kline blk, res Otay 
Coombs, John H, (Price & Coombs), res 740 Fifth 
Coomes, F K, dentist, room 10 Kuhn bldg, res Middletown 
Coon, Chas, plumber, with J S Johnstone, res Eighth, bet F&G 
Coon, D K, Chinese inspector, res Albemarle hotel 
Coon, Gen D E, res Albemarle 
Coon, H K, real estate, res 817 First 
Coon, W A, furnished rooms, 754 Eighth, res same 
COONLEY, A. B., watchmaker, jeweler and engraver 951 Fifth, 

res 858 Seventh 
COONLEY, H. E., photographer and photo supplies, Backesto 

blk, cor Fifth and H, res 840 Eighth 
Cooper, David, longshoreman, 339 Sixth 
Cooper, E S, with Soda works, res 447 Irving ave 
Cooper, George A, engineer, res 905 E 
Cooper, Jesse, res twenty-seventh and I 
Cooper, Wm, plasterer, res 243 Eleventh 

COPELAND & DANEY, (Jas h Copeland, Eugene Daney), at- 
torn eys-at-law, 14 1 8 E, cor Fifth 
COPELAND, GEO. D., president Electric I.ight Co, 849 Fifth, 

res 2546 A 
COPEANLD, JAS. L., (Copeland & Daney), res Florence hotel 
Copeland, Mrs P, seamstress, res 11 16 Union 
Copenich, Joe, cook at Victoria hotel 
COPPERSMITH, F., (Strahlmann & Co), res cor India and 

Corbet, Thomas, tinner, with Cuyamaca Tin Shop, res foot of 

Union, water front 
Corder, Mrs F J, res 920 Ash 
Corder, W H, wool, hides and tallow, manufacturer of neatsfoot 

oil, 344 Fifth, factory at North San Diego, res 920 Ash 
Corder Miss I^ena, res 920 Ash 
Corder, Mrs Elizabeth, res 920 Ash 


Corey Geo H, retired, res cor Blaine ave near University 

Cornell, A F, deputy county treasurer, res 1757 First 

Cornell, J D, miner, 1327 Kigtith 

CORONADO ICE CO, office 1330 E 

CORONER'S OFFICE, Dr. M B Keller, Coroner, res Escondido, 

H J Stetson deputy, office 1242 E 
Corralis, Mrs Manual, dressmaker, 425 Seventh 
Corydon, Jacob, with Minneapolis Restaurant, res Montrose 
COSQROVE, ARTHUR, (G H Ballou & Co), res cor Fir and 

Costa, laborer, res at Montrose 
Cota, Jose, police officer res 1251 Columbia 
Cotter, Ned, with Chas S Hardy, res foot of Seventh 
Cotton, Benj, prop Olympic barber shop, 1320 F, res 2412 F 
Cotton, J L» barber, res 2412 F 
Couch, Rev W V, retired, res 742 Fourteenth 
Coughlin, Michael laborer, res 145 1 Arctic 
Coulter, Mrs U, res Hotel Florence 

Coulthurst, Joseph E, supt letter carriers, res 655 Grant ave 
Coulthurst, Sherwin, letter carrier, 655 Grant ave 
COURT HOUSE MEAT MARKET, Davis Owen, prop, 95S Front 
Covert, C B, salesman Harbison Grocer Co 
Covel, E, res 1039 Tenth 

Covel, Mrs Attie T, principal B street school res 1039 Tenth 
Cowden, J B, wholesale grocer, 334 Fifth, res Ninteenth bet M 

and N . 

Cowles Bros, (F H and A E Cowles), Union house cor Seventh 

and I 
Cowles, A E, [Cowles Bros] , res Union House 
Cowles, F H, [Cowles Bros], res Union house 
Cox, A, laborer, res Third bet H and I 
Cox, Chas C, carpenter, res Brookes and Front 
Cox, F B, book-keeper with J Vernon, res Bon Ton blk 
Cox, J H, plumber and gas fitter, res 1323 Fourth 
Cox, Mrs M F, res U, near Thirty-first 
Cox, Mrs Thos, res Second and Grape 
Coy, Miss Eucy, res 638 Eogan ave 
Coy, Mrs, seamstress, res 411 A 


Coy, Mrs Maria, res 638 lyOgan ave 

Cojde, Miss Agnes, at lyiquid Fuel Ivunch Room, res same 

COYNE JOS., (Silver Pitcher), res State bet E and F 

Craig, Jas, secretary for J K Wadham res A bet Fitfth and Sixth 

Craigue, S W, rancher, res 1045 Front 

Crar er, Geo, baker, res 527 Julian ave 

Crandall, J M, res 2430 Second • 

Crane, Albert S, with J D Palmer & Sons, res 1157 State 

Crane & Shepard, (Q C Crane, A h, Shepard), proprietors Mer- 
cantile Cafe, 854 Fifth 

-Crane, Q C, (Crane & Shepard), res at Iceland 

Craven, Jim, res 403 H 

Crawball, J O, veterinary surgeon, livery and boarding stable, 
cor G and Union, res at Albemarle 

Crawford, Fred, bootblack, 1321 D, res same 

Crawford, Capt., Pacific^Beach Hotel, Pacific Beach 

Crawford, J D, machinist Standard Iron Works 

Crawford, John, res Mission Valley 

Crawford, J S, deputy sheriff, res s w cor First and Ash 

Crealman, Fred, collector Street Car Co, res 1344 Front 

Creekmure, Orville, tinner, res 758 Tenth 

Creekmure, Oscar, painter, res 758 Tenth 

Crego, J D, capitalist, cor Ninth and D 

Cregan, Jas H, Salesman, with Schiller & Murtha, res 1243 

Creiton, David, brewer, res St Elmo hotel 

Crellin, Miss Inez, stenographer at Santa Fe office, res C ave 
bet Eighth and Ninth, Coronado 

CRENSHAW, PULLMAN & CO., (J C Crenshaw, A M Pull- 
man, ly W Allum), lessees San Diego Abstract Co, 1234 
1236 D 

CRENSHAW, J. C, San Diego Abstract Co, res Montezuma 

CREPIN, H. E., physician, 561 Fifth, res 1930 First 

CREPIN, H. N., physician 561 Fifth, res 1930 First 

Cressinger, Eugene, deputy county assessor, res 2730 H 

Creth, Mrs Eliza, servant, cor Union and Grape 

Cribbs Harry, with R Montjo, res 858 State 

Crippen, Geo H, real estate, member cit}^ council, res Roseville 


Crittenden, Gen Thos T, s w cor Fir and Second 
CRITTENDEN, H. B., real estate, 923 Fourth, res 1039 First 
Crittendon, J M, expressman, res 656 Front 
Croake, P W, Econom}^ Printing Co, manager San Diego 

Pocket Guide, res 923 Irving ave 
Crockett & Dunkin, [R Crockett, T H Dunkin], gen carriage 

and blacksmithing, 439 to. 443 Eighth 
Crockett, R, [Crockett & Dunkin] , res 443 Eighth 
Croger, John, gardener, 1360 Ninth 
Croghan, Herbert A, book-keeper, res 630 State 
Croghan, Thos J, teamster, res 630 State 
Cross, James, retired, res Sixth and Yale 
Crosthwaite, James, clerk, T. Czerwinsky, res Seventh, bet E 

and F 
Crosthwait O C, horticulturist, res 322 I,ogan ave 
Crosthwait, Mrs M L, res 322 Logan ave 
Crouch, Geo, operator Pac Postal Tel Co res 952 Thirteenth 
CROWELL, A. F., groceries, 211 1 H, res 562 Twelfth 
Cuff, Chas, cash boy with Marston, res 345 Ninteenth 
Culver, Fred, with G W Marsh, res cor Seventh and F 
Culver, Eillian A, with G W Marsh, res Seventh and F 
Cumberland Presbyterian Church, cor Twenty-fourth and Grant 
Cummings, A F, carpenter, res 512 Kearney ave 
Cummings, M C F, carpenter, res 512 Kearney ave 
Cummings, Wallace, rancher, Valley Center, res 872 State 
Cummings, Mrs J, res 2422 F 

Cummings, Francis, deputy constable, res 512 Kearney ave 
Cummings, Leroy, compositor, res 512 Kearney ave 
Cummings, T J, carpenter, res 227 Grand ave 
Cummings, T L, barber shop, 408 National ave, res 249 Boston av 
Cummings, T ly, carpenter, res 240 Boston ave 
Cummiskey, T F, druggist room 26, Ellsworth house 
Cunningham, A B, deputy county tax collector, res 1947 Alba- 
Curd, J R, porter of Brewster, res 858 Columbia 
Curry Katie A, book-keeper, Singer S M Co, res 16 12 F 
Curtice, F W, cook, res 816 Second 
Curtin, John J, carriage trimmer, 1241 Fifth, res same 


CURTIS, C. W., Insurance, 640 Fifth, res 1728 E 

Curtis, J H, clerk, A h Myers & Co, res First and F 

Curtis S Z, res 708 Logan ave . 

Curtis, Miss D A, teacher, res 2414 F 

Curtis, Miss S H, teacher, res 2414 F 

CURT.'S, Mrs. M. R., teacher primary dept Southwest Institute, 

: -J at Institute 
CUSTER, Mrs. ELLA, niillinerj^ 931 Fifth, res same 
Cuyamaca Club, D bet Sixth and Seventh 
CUYAMACA STABLES, Math Bohnert prop. Third and C 
CUYAMACA TIN SHOP, G W Peck prop, 432 and 434 Fifth 
Cuyamaca Warehouse, Capt M Sherman prop, Chas P Vidal, 

keeper, cor Fifteenth and N 
Czerwinsky, T, dry goods and men's furnishings, 629 Fifth, res 

C and Eighth 


DAKE, C. T. S., real estate, 1217 E, bet Fourth and Fifth, res 

914 Twenty-first, Golden Hill 
DALEY, T. J., searcher of records and abstractor of titles, 903 

Fourth, cor E, res 713 Tenth 
Daley, Thos, plumber, San Diego Water Co, res 1327 Ninth 
Dalmazzo, F M, printer, 723 Fifth, res 1152 Ninth 
Dalmazzo, J A, with Hamilton & Co, res Hollister blk 
Dalton, R H, capitalist, res 1957 Fourth 
Dampf, L, picture frames, 938 Sixth, res 
Dampier, J H, at Coronado Foundry, res 1223 Atlantic 
Dandore, C T, fruitgrower, res 1312 Front 
DANEY, EUGENE, (Copeland & Daney) res 1330 State • 
Daniels, J B, with Sam G Ingals, res Coronado 
Daniels, May C, agent for Wheeler & Wilson sewing machine, 

13 1 7 E, bet Fourth and Fifth, res Coronado 
Daniels, Rev J W, minister, res 1158 Third 
Danley, Geo W, farmer, res 1266 Tenth 
Dann, Mrs S S, shell store, cor Fifth and Elm 


DANNALS, Geo. M., notary public and expert accountant, 826 

Sixth, res 1660 Union 
Dannals, H C, salesman, S D lyumber Co 
Dare, D D, banker, temporarily in Europe 
DARBY, WM., attorney-at-law, 825 Fifth, Nesmith-Greeley blk, 

res North San Diego 
Darling, Horace, laborer, res 11 20 Union 
Darrell, Wm, bar tender at Silver Moon, res same 
Darrow, ly R, pianos and 'organs, 951 Fifth, res Eighth bet B & C 
Dauchy, Mrs A H, 29 and 30 Snyder blk, res same 
Dauchy, A H, watchmaker, 34 Snyder blk, res same 
DAUER, C. R., County Treasurer city res 1757 First 
Daugherty, Chas, watch club solicitor, with M German res 708 E 
Daugherty, Edward, real estate, res 1561 Columbia 
Davidson, & Co, (Geo A, & L P Davidson), hay, grain, wood 

and Coal, 12 10 Fifth 
Davidson, F P, principal of high school, res 1269 Twelfth 
Davidson, Geo A, (Davidson & Co), res 27 and B 
Davidson, L, P, (Davidson & Co), res 27 and B 
Davidson, W, res 830 Eighth 
Davidson, Miss C, teacher B street school 

Davison, Jas S, secy and treas Cedros Island Mining an'd Mill- 
ing Co, res 955 Fifth 
Davies, Jacob, res 1307 Fourteenth 
Davis, Chas, res 648 Logan ave 

Davis, Chas W, with Tood & Hawley, res 805 Kearney ave 
Davis, F E, dealer in sewer pipe and steel worker, cor Second 

and G, res 11 15 G 
Davis, F M jr., machine hand at Russ Planing Mill, res 648 

L/Ogan ave 
Davis, F M, sen, res 648 Eogan ave 
Davis, James, res 932, E 
Davis, J H, railroad fireman, City Pound 
Davis Mack, res 365 Twenty-first 
Davis Murray, supt of stables, Russ Mill & Lumber Co, res 

Second and I 
Davis, O M, res 1915 F 
Davis, S W, printer, res 430 Oliver ave 


DAVIS, T. A., M.D. , physician, room 4, 767 Fifth, res 1064 Sixth 

Davis, W E, carpenter, res 856 Fourth 

DAVIS, W. J., new and second-hand furniture, 822 Sixth, res 

2647 N 
Davis, Miss C A, res 2157 Fourth 

Davis, ' iss H h, sales-clerk Geo W Marston, res 856 Fourth 
Davis, Mrs Johnson, res 723 Front 
Davis, Mrs May, dressmaker, res 1119 F 
Dawkins, E D, street car driver, res California and Juniper 
Day, A W, helper standard Iron Works 
DAY, B. W., ph5^sician and surgeon, office rooms i and 2 Allyn 

blk, cor Fifth and E 
Day, Harry, railroad man, res 1908 I 

Day, J D, shoemaker with Havermale & Rossier, res 555 Tenth 
Day, Joshua, butcher, res 555 Eleventh 
Day, Ralph, butcher, res 555 Eleventh 
Day, W G, carpenter, 1508 G, res 1621 F 
Day, Mrs M E, art studio, 1631 F, res same 
Day, Mrs Richard, res 539 Seventeenth 
Day, Mrs W M, res cor Fourth and G 
DEAKIN, J. E., assistant Dist Atty, res Arctic and Date 
Dearborn, C S, stage line, lya Jolla, Park 
Dean,' Dr. Wm., retired minister 
DeBURN, EUGENE, supt city schools, office cor Fifth and F, 

res 148 Grand ave , 
DeBurn, George, farmer, res 337 National ave 
DECATUR, J. Q., manager W U Tel Co, res 454 Thirteenth 
Decatur, Mrs M A, res 918 Eogan ave 
DeCoursey, Thos, street car driver, res at Northeastern 
DeCoursey, Mrs H, res Northeastern 
Dedderle, Adolf, barber with Jacob Schafiein 
Deering, James, res cor I and Twenty-seventh 
Deering, John P K, house painter, res cor I and Twenty-seventh 
Deering, Miss Anna P, res 950 Eleventh 
Deering, Miss Lillie V, res Eleventh 
Deering, Mrs M J, res 950 Eleventh 
De France, J W, saloon on D and Front 
DeQARMO DANCING ACADEHY, 1034 Third, res 1250 Union 


DEQROOT, WALTER I., successor to Joe Pohem, merchant 

tailer, 916 Fifth 
Deitrick, Ed, with Minneapolis restaurant, res at Montrose 
Deiterick, painter, res 317 Clay ave 
Delyany, Mrs G F, res 453 Twentieth 
Deler, John, milliner store, res Ninth bet A and. B 
DELER, n. prop Bandbox, millinery and hair goods, 733 Fifth, 

res Ninth bet A and B 
Deleree, James F, car driver, res 1446 Union 
DELEVAL, CHAS. & CO., (Chas Deleval, Pascal Etcheverr^O, 

wholesale and retail v/ines and liquors, 628 Fifth 
DELEVAL, CHAS., (Chas Deleval & Co), 917 F 
Deleval, Mrs Marie, teacher at Southwest Institute, res 917 F 
Dillaplaine, Geo W, paying teller, First National Band res 1460 

DELOREY, ED, horseshoer, Fifth bet A and B, res 1213 Eighth 
DELOREY, E. J., horseshoeing, 1247 Fifth, res 12 13 Eighth 
DELOREY, S., horseshoer with E J Delorey, res Old City Hall 
Delventhal, Chas, driver for J R Seifert, res cor Sixteenth & K 
Demaree, Frank, railroader, res 2038 L 

Denio, E M, blacksmith with G E Hardy, res s w cor Third & E 
Denny, J W, res 1306 Union 
Denslow, W P, capitalist, res at Florence 
Debu}^, painter, res Metropolitan 
Derb}^, The, housekeeping rooms, 2831 H 
Derbj^shire A, E, M D, phj^sician and surgeon, Kline blk, res 

DeSilva, W, sea captain, res 1836 A 
DeSpain, S, gripman, res Cable hotel 

Detroit Bakery, Wm D Hilts, prop, 1152 Fourth res same 
Detviler, Henry, tinner with Cuyamaca Tin Shop 
DeBeurge, Eouis, tailoring, 437 Fifth, res same 
Devine, John F, teamster, res 846 Milton ave 
Devoe, Wm, driver Pioneer Truck Co, res F bet Fifteenth and 

DeVoll, Mrs MA, Elite Milliner}', 861 and 863 Fifth 
Devoort, E C, stevedore, Spreckels wharf, res Twenty-fourth 

and Milton ave 


Dew Drop Saloon, Dittenhaver & Johnson prop, cor H and India 

Dewey, Mrs R, res 2028' Third * 

Dewhurst, Mrs M A, res 1244 India 

Dexter, J D, merchant, res 630 Kearnej^ ave , 

Dexter, John P, clerk, res 630 Kearney ave 

DEYO, T. . & SON, (T S Deyo, J I^ Deyo), carriage painters, 

cor Eighth and I 
DEYO, J L., (T S Deyo & Son), res 23 Sixteenth 
DEYO, T. S., (T S Deyo & Son) res 23 Sixteenth 

manager, office 1019 and 1021 Fourth. Stables on First bet 

C and D 
Dick, W H, pipe maker, res 520 lyOgan ave 
Dickens, Chas, longshoreman, res California and Ash 
Dickey, Jas, cabinet maker, 2340 H, res 219 National ave 
Dickey, Mrs A M, res 845 Eleventh 
Dickerson, Mrs L, res 1431 Fourth 
DICKINSON, GEO. W. & CO., real estate, 1422 D, res National 

Dickson, Henry, shoemaker, 702 H, res same 
Diedericksen, Mrs Louisa, seamstress with Geo W Marston, res 

2340 G 
Diehl, John, clerk with Joseph Nachbaur, res Fourth and F 
Dieterle, A, laborer with Schoefflein, res 1154 Third 
Dievendorff, H, clerk with Pacific Coast Steamship Co, res 233 

Milton ave 
Divers, John, with A Levi, res same 
Dill, A F, steamboat pilot, res 236 Boston ave 
Dilley, W H, Russ Planing Mill, res 735 Eighth 
Dillingham, John, port warden, res 325 Grand ave 
Dillon, Mrs C C, cor Vermont and Cypress aves 
Dillon, Wm, boiler coverer, res 2437 N 
Dingwell, Jas, teamster, res 1342 State 
Disosway, R E, fireman. Hotel Florence 
Diftenhaver, A B, Dew Drop Saloon, cor Union and H 
DivendorfF, Mrs M C, res 233 Milton ave 
Divoort, E C, stevedore, res Twenty-fourth near Kearney 
Dixon, C S, cashier with West Coast Lumber Co, res same 


Dixon, Isaac, longshoreman, res foot of I 
Dlinia, Miss Crepean, housekeeper, res 1502 Union 
Dobbings, John H, engineer at Cable road, res 1961 Fifth 
Dobler, Kmil, clerk with John Relfe, res Chollas valley 
DOCKING, THOMAS, M. D., physician and surgeon, 643 Sixth, 

res same 
Dodd, W R, cigar maker, 934 F 

Doddridge, Henry, iron moulder, res St Elmo House 
Doddridge, J A, proprietor St Blmo House, cor Second and H 
DODGE & BURBECK, (R V Dodge and E M Burbeck, books, 

stationery and fancy goods, 1402 D 
Dodge, C I/, pressman and circulator Daily San Diegan, res 

I 241 Sixth 
Dodge, John G, contractor, res cor Sixteenth and K 
DODGE, R. v., (Dodge & Burbeck), res 644 Ash 
Dodge, T Elton, clerk with F W Braun & Co, res Sixteenth & K 
DODGE, W. L., druggist, cor Sixteenth and K, res same 
Dodge, Miss Ethel, kindergarten teacher, res 1241 Sixth 
D0D50N, A. E., general insurance agent, notary public and 

government land attorney, 915 Fifth, res 748 Eleventh 
Dodson, D M, compositor Daily Sun, res Capron blk 
DODSON & ECKER., (N H Dodson W H C Ecker) attorneys- 

at-law, room 12 The Brunswick, cor Fifth and D 
DODSON, N. H., (Dodson & Ecker), res 131 1 Fourth 
Dodwell, Miss Mary A, seamstress, res Universitj^ and Blaine 
Doheney, Miss Eulu J, principal North San Diego schools, res 

Allyn blk 
Doherty, James, with Horton Hose Co, Sixth near I 
Dohl, Miss Anna, waiter Albemarle 
Dohm, W R, book-keeper S J Sill, res 469 Tenth 
DOIG & HEARNE, (Dr. J R Doig, Dr. J C Hearne), 1506 C, cor 

DOIG, DR. J. R., (Doig & Hearne), res 107 1 Seventh 
DOLLWET, NICHOLAS, second hand furniture, musical in- 
strument repaired, 658 sixth 
DOMESTIC SEWING MACHINES, E F Rockfellow, general 

agent, 759 Fifth 
Don, Mrs Mary, laundress, 2338 D 


Donahue, John, head waiter, Horton house, res same 

Donaldson, Miss ly A, dressmaker, res 441 Twelfth 

Donnelly, Eugene, driver with Klauber & I^evi, res Seventh, bet 

I and J 
Donnelly, J, cable car conductor 

DonnePy, J, butcher, with Chas S Hardy, res at slaughter yard 
Donova. , Michael, retired army officer, res 1265 Third 
DOOLITTLE, H. E., attorney-at-law, 1027 Fourth, res 1540 Sixth 
DOOLITTLE, L. F., secretary San Diego Flume Co, res 1366 

Doolittle, Mrs E B, res 1540 Sixth 

Dooly, Frank E, clerk Wells-Fargo Ex. Co, res 1346 Front 
DOOLY, R. M., agent Wells-Fargo Express Co., res 1346 Front 
DORMAN, EDW. & CO., real estate, 1238 D, Horton House blk, 

res The Langham 
Dorris, W A, prop'r New Carleton Hotel, cor Third and F 
Dorsey, Amos H, res 236 Ninth 

DORSEY, A., (A Dorsey Co), res 2244 D cor Fourteenth 
DORSEY COMPANY, A, clothing, hatters and furnishers, n e 

cor Fifth and E 
Dorsey, D E, barber with J Johnson, res Grape bet Fourth and 

Dorsey, E, fisherman, res 236 Ninth 
Doss, R A, U S deputy surveyor, res 736 Franklin ave 
Dossel, Geo, clerk for Frank Jeffries, res 854 Tenth 
Doublin, rancher, res Fourteenth and N 
Doud, G A, water seller, res 1900 Atlantic 
DOUD, W. H., hatter and furnisher, cor Fifth and D, res, Cuy- 

amaca Club 
Dougherty, E, real estate, 840 Fifth, res Cedar and Columbia 
Dougherty, Geo H, with San Diego & Coronado Transfer Co 
Dougherty, H G, with Geo S Wheatly, res cor Seventh and K 
DOUGHERTY, H. H., real estate, 1336 D, res 830 E 
Dougherty, W H, with Coronado Beach Co, res 3239 J 
Dougherty, Mrs. S E G, res 3239 J 
DOUGHTY, WM. drugs, fancy goods, and toilet articles, n w 

cor Fourth and C, res same 
Douglas, C P, res 1307 Fourteenth 


Douglas, T J, (Stanton & Douglas), res cor D and Twenty-sixth 

Douglas, Mrs Pauline A, res 11 18 Cedar 

Doull, A P, wood carver, with Russ Planing Mill, res 1127 

Douthett, M A, res 1146 Eleventh 
Dow, Geo F, res 223 I^ogan ave 
DOW, H. Q., (Ross, Dow & Co), res cor Tenth and Orange 

ave, Coronado 
Dowd, John S, liveryman. Seventh and H, res 1628 K 
DO WD, STEVE, (Blethen & Dowd), Star Stable, res K bet 

Seventh and Eighth 
Dowe, A J, engineer, res foot of G 

DOWELL, T. J., custom broker, Horton blk, res 1106 C 
Dowling, Dr J, dentist with Dr Cave, res Windsor 
Downe, Mrs M E, res 2338 H 
Downing, A C, foreman S C R3' warehouse, res Twent5'-eighth 

and Grant ave 
Downing, Mrs E O, prop Roxbury, 729 Seventh, res same 
DOWNS, B. F., chief clerk Hotel Brewster, res same 
Doyle, Charles, plumber with Geo A Merritt, res 722 Ash 
Doyle, E C, engineer. Pacific Beach R R, res Pacific Beach 
Doyle, Martin foreman S D Gas Works, res at works 
Drake, Mrs S J, res 443 Fifteenth 

DRANQA, O. C, (Fred N Hamilton Co), res 639 Twenty-first 
Dranga, N G O, with Fred N Hamilton Co, res 639 Twenty-first 
Dranga, Miss A A, teacher Sherman Heights school, res 639 

Dranga, Miss Mamie, res 663 Twentieth 
Dresser, Mrs H S, res 234 Grand ave 
Drew, H, cable conductor, res Cable hotel 
Drury, A J, carpenter, res 1544 Fourth 

Drury, Henrj^ contractor and builder, 445 Second, res cor Thir- 
tieth and Sargent ave 
Drury, J W, carpenter, res 225 National ave ' 

Dubon, Mrs Mary, midwife, res 2326 K 
DUDLEY, IRVING B., police judge, res Albemarle 
Duffy, Miss Mary, governess, with W E Hadley, res Horton 



Dugan, Mollie, housekeeper, Albemarle 

Dulin, E D, with Pacific Wood & Coal Co, res 107 Ninteenth 

DUN, R, Q. & CO., mercantile reporting, J C Scott, agent, room 

. II, Richelieu 
DUNBAR BROS., (H C and S B Dunbar), prop Pacific Junk 

Stor , cor Sixth and I 
Dunbar, ^cJex L,, mechanic, res at Northeastern hotel, D and 

DUNBAR, H. C, (Dunbar Bros), res 450 Sixth 
DUNBAR, S. B., (Dunbar Bros), res 339 Twelfth 
Dunbar, Wm, B, salesman, with Dunbar Bros, res 450 Sixth 
Dunbar, Miss Florence, teacher Sherman Heights School 
Duncan, Thomas H, blacksmith, res Twenty-eighth and K 
Duncan, Miss Georgia, res Sheldon blk 
DUNKIN, J. R. & CO., (J R Dunkin, C H Hosford), "real estate, 

and loan brokers 826 Sixth 
Dunkin, T H, (Crockett & Dunkin), res Twenty-eighth and K 
DUNKIN, J. R., (J R Dunkin & Co), res Commercial hotel 
Dunlap, W H, nurse, Co Hospital and Poor Farm, res Mission 

Dunlap, Wm, carpenter, 13 14 A, res 1222 Sixth 
Dunnells, Capt E B, pilot, res Union and Fir 
Dunnells, S S, pilot, res 885 State 
Dupish, Edward, barber shop, 427 Fifth, res same 
Duquette, J W, grocer, Vermont and Essex, res same 
Durkee, P H, clerk with G H Ballou & Co, res Snyder bldg 
Dussault, lycon, engineer, res 1502- Union 
Dussault, Mrs E Iv, dressmaker, res 1502 Union 
Dwyer, Mrs J M, dressmaker, res 137 1 Fifth 
Dwyer, Jeremiah, carpenter, res National ave bet Thirty-sec- 
ond and Thirty-third 
Dwyer, Wm, clerk with W H Elliott, res Thirty-third and Na- 
tional ave 
Dye, Miss Alice, waiter Commercial hotel 


Eames, Dr C J, iron manufacturer, res 13 12 Front • 

Karle, W Z, engineer, res 2042 Fourth 

EA5T0N, ELDRIDQE & CO., real estate, Strong & Arms agts, 

826 Fifth 
Eaton, A C, contractor, 1437 Fifth 
Eaton, G F, rancher, res 1469 Ninth 
Eaton, G N, capitalist, res at Florence 
Eaton, T G, attorney-at-law, res 1707 Front 
Eaton, Miss Dilla, dressmaker, res room 11 express blk 
Eaton, Mrs F R, stenographer at Consolidated National Bank, 

res Ninth and Beech 
Eaton, Mrs H, dressmaker, room 11 express blk, res same 
Eaton, Mrs M, res 1307 Fourth 
EBERHART, O, C., scavenger, office 1423 E, res cor Fifteenth 

and L, 
ECKER, W. H. C, (Dodson & Ecker), atty, res Poway 
Eckenrode, Harry, engineer, res 606 Julian ave 
ECKERT, ERED W. A., prop German bakery, res 2133 F 
ECLIPSE SALOON, Peter Cassiday, prop, 438 Fifth 
Economy Printing Co, 1146 D 
Eddy, A B, evangelist, res 611 Grand ave 
Edgecomb, Jacob, carpenter, res 15 11 Logan ave 
Edon, Geo, painter, res Roseville 
Edmaston, Samuel, laborer, res 428 Sixth 
Edwards, A G, (Godfrey & Edwards), res India and Beech 
Edwards, C H, harnessmaker, res 941 Twelfth 
EDWARD5, C. J., saddles and harness, 725 Fourth, res 941 12th 
Edwards, Frank, blacksmith with G L Hardy, res 115 Nat'l ave 
Edwards, Geo, longshoreman, res 339 Sixth 
Edwards, H C, civil engineer, res St James hotel 
Edwards, John, clerk with Godfrey & Edwards, India & Beech 
EDWARDS, JOS., prop Pickwick lodging house 1029 Fourth, 

res 428 Sixth 
Edwards, Wm F, steward Cuyamaca club 
Edwards, W M, book-keeper daily Sun, res 1133 First 


EDWARDS, DR. WM. A., ph5^sician and surgeon, 1433 D, res 

Fourth and Fir 
Edwards, Miss Annie E, teaclier Sherman Heights school 
Edwards, Mrs C M, prop Buckingham, res same 
Edwards, Mrs J G, res 735 Eighteenth 
Effling, Nic''olas, farming, res Seventh and Robinson 
Egan, W H ^ , (J H Orcutt Co), nursery, res 33d and Clay ave 
Ehrhardt, Andrew, cigar maker at Sensenbrenner's, res Plaza P 
Ehrhardt, Wm J, merchant tailor, 955 Fourth, res Victoria hotel 
Ehrhardt, V, section boss, foot of Seventh 
Ehring, Max, oyster planter, res 25 Eleventh 
Eichenlaub, Martin, driver for Chadbourne Furniture Co, res 

Victoria hotel 
Eichhorn, G, shoemaker, 11 15 H, res same 
Eichler, H E, steward at Marine hospital, 754 State 
Eichler, Dr. R, res 1765 State 

EKINQS, FRANCIS, merchant tailor, 1413 1415 F, resiisi First 
Elder, J N, farmer, res North Chollas, El Cajon road 
Eldridge, Samuel, with Russ lumber Co, res Windsor 

Westinghouse system of incandescent electric lighting, Geo 

D Copeland, Pres, 849 Fifth 
Electric Saloon, H and Union 
Elfen, expressman, res 441, Thirteenth 
Elite Lodging House, 1142 D 
ELITE STUDIO, E H Turner, prop, rooms 5, 6, 7 and 9, 767 

Elkins, J W, laborer, res 1246 Union 

ELLIOTT, E. W., supt water commission, city hall, res t 121 G 
ELLIOTT, J. B. & CO., real estate, cor Seventh and F 
ELLIOTT, J. B., [Elliott & Co], res cor Third and D 
Elliott, W H, meat market, 313 National ave, res same 
Elliott, Miss M M, teacher Sherman School 
Ellis, Hammon, longshoreman, res foot of India 
Ellis, H E, laborer, res 851 Arctic bet E and F 
Ellis, J C, res 2246 D 

Ellis, J W, with Russ Mill & Lumber Co, res Second & I 
Ellis, J W, saloonist, res 1636 D 


Kllis, Tom, res foot of India 

Ellis, Wm, blacksmith, res 1443 California 

Ellis, Miss Hettie, res 1443 California 

Ellis, Miss Mary, res 532 Front 

Ellis, Mrs Esther, res 1443 California 

Ellis, Mrs M H, prop The Hollister, furnished rooms, 1620 F, 

res same 
Elmer, Casper, at Victoria Hotel - 
ELSINORE POTTERY STORE, J S Buck proprietor, cor Fifth 

and K 
Ells &Son, (A Ells, E P Ells), blacksmiths, 644 Fourth 
Ells, A (Ells & Son), res 644 Fourth 
Ells, E P, (Ells & Son), res 644 Fourth 
ELLSWORTH, C. W., lodging house, cor Twelfth and H, res 

cor Thirteenth and I 
Ellsworth, O J, police officer, res Grand Central 
Elton, T Dodge, clerk with F W Braun & Co, res 270 Sixteenth 
Ely, Geo, driver Pioneer Truck Co, res E bet Thirteenth and 

Ely, W, hostler Diamond Carriage Co, res 945 F 
Emerson, Mrs Esther M, nurse, res 918 Seventh 
Emery, E C, deputy sheriff, res The Nest, ChoUas valley 
Emery, Miss Annie, res 11 67 Union 
Emmel, W B, news dealer, stationery and cutlery, 860 Fifth, res 

Enciso, Victoria, res K bet Sixth and Seventh 
Endly, C F, sales clerk with Geo W Marston, cor Fifth and F 
Endriss, C, retorter, S D Gas Co. res Twenty-fifth and Frank- 
lin ave 
Endriss, J C, tanner, Twenty-fifth and Franklin ave 
England, Chas F, saloon, cor Third and I 
Enneking, E L, cashier Cable Railway, res 2445 Front 
Enneking, W, cable conductor, res Cable Hotel 
Ensign, E D, rancher, res California and Hawthorn 
ENSIGN, E. J., attorney-at-law, 21 Lawyers' Block, res 1655 

ENTERPRISE PRINTING CO., A Bert Bynon manager, book 

and job printing, 1645 F * 


ENTNER, LOUIS, , Australian Beer Hall, n w cor Sixth & I, res 

Ergo, G, tailor with J Vernon, res A and Columbia 
Epworth League Reading Room, 9 10 11 M E Church block 

hache special Agt 
Erickson, Miss Annie, res C and Front 
Erickson, Miss Bettie, res C and Front 
Ernsberger, F, laborer, res 341 Eleventh 
Erskine, T J, abstractor with H T Christian & Co, res cor D and 

Escher, J F, M D, physician and surgeon, n e cor Fifth and E, 

res 670 Eighth 

manager, 966 Sixth 
Esleeck, Isaac A, gardener at court house, res 436 Milton ave 
Estes, Geo, notions, 541 Fifth, res 139 Eleventh 
ESTES, LEE H., supt county hospital and poor farm. Mission 

Estes, P W, compositor Sun office, res 1650 Sixth 
Estes, Mrs G H, 139 Eleventh 
ESTES, riRS. L. H., matron county hospital and poor farm, 

Mission valley 
Estill, Clifton, laborer, res Ash and California 
Estrada, Miss Ines, res North San Diego 
Estrada, Mrs Isabel, res North San Diego 
Estrada, Rowaldo, laborer, res Tenth and M 
Estudillo, Miguel, assistant clerk board of supervisors, city res 

Eighth and D 
Etcheverry, M, with Chas Deleval & Co, res Columbia and H 
ETCHEVERRY, PASCAL, (Chas Deleval & Co) res cor Colum- 
bia & H 
Ethridge, Frank, lawyer and real estate broker, 909 Fourth, 

res 2050 India 
Etter, Mrs HJ, res 1665 Union 
Eubanks, C E, with A Dorsey Co, res 742 Third 
Eugene, Ruben, porter, res I foot of Union 
Eureka Bakery, Ferdit^nd Pfister, proprietor. Fourth and B 


Kvans, C 1/ & Co, (C L Evans), hay, grain and coal, cor Sec- 
ond and H, res North San Diego 
Evans, H, paper hanger res 429 Grand ave 
Evans, Jas, longshoreman, 9 South Water front, foot Ninth 
EVANS, L. J., locksmith and machinist, 845 Sixth bet E and E, 
EVANS, P. li., vice pres and foreman Bates Implement Co, res 

National City 
Evans, W, cable conductor, res Cable hotel 
Evans, Mrs H A, res 429 Grand ave 
EVERETT, J. E., foreman Elite Studio, res Manvel 
Evert, Chas, teamster, Pacific Wood & Coal Co, res 436 Eighth 
Evert, C J, harness maker, res 436 Eighth 
Evert, Mrs M E, res 1216 Arctic 
Everts, Mrs F H, res 747 Ninth 

Evertz, J P, orange nursery, res Twent5^-eighth and Clay 
EWINQ, F. W., attorney-at-law, room r and 2 Kline blk, res 

2127 Second 
proprietor, 1143 Third 

Fair, R A, carpenter and builder 436, Sixth, res same 

Fairbairn, G D, carpenter, res 1714 B 

Fairbairn, T A, physician and surgeon, office and res 1234 Sixth 

Fairbanks, Lowell, retired, res 130 National ave 

Fairbanks, F A, res 342 Colton ave 

Fairbanks, Daniel, capitalist, res Roseville 

Fairbanks Miss Mary, organist at Presbyterian church, res 130 

National ave 
Fairfild, J W, civil engineer. Pacific Beach 
Faivre, Joseph, capitalist, res 1605 D 
Faiwell, C L, clerk Harbison Co, 747 Ninth 
Falyan, A W, junk dealer, res cor Eighth and K 


FALES & WOOD, [B T Fales, J W Wood,] Pioneer Dairy, 
2054 India 

FALES, B. T.,. [Fales & Wood], res 2054 India 

Falk, Miss Madaline, nurse, res L,, near Twenty-second 

Falkenhan, Joseph, architect, 1440 Ninth 

FALKENSTEIN, JOHN, public administrator, res 2945 G 

.Fallon, Miss Katie, res cor Third and B 

Fanning, B, res Thirty-fifth and R 

Fanning, Fred, res Thirty-fifth and R 

Farley, J M, mining supt, res Twenty-fourth and K 

Farley, Miss Edith, stenographer with district sttorney, res Na- 
tional City 

Farmer & Son, (D W Farmer, H E Farmer), groceries, foot of H 

Farmer, D W, (Farmer & Son], groceries, foot of H, res cor A 
and Atlantic 

Farmer, H Ernest [Farmer & Son] , res cor A and Atlantic 

FARNSWORTH, W. R., S D Beef and Packing Co, res Ice- 
land house 

Farrington, Miss Nellie, chambermaid. Hotel Florence 

Farrow, Mrs C, res 6 1 7 Twenty-eighth 

Farwell, C ly, clerk Harbison Grocer Co, res 747 Ninth 

Farwell, Mrs, res North San Diego 

FASHION SALOON, J I, Patterson prop, 516 Fifth 

Faulkner, Hugh, waiter Hotel Brewster, res same 

Faulk, M D, cor Thirtieth and E 

Fauqueer, Miss Dora, res 944 State 

Faurot, Mrs Letitia, res 12 10 Cedar 

Feete, Amos, laborer, res 259 H 

Fegan, F M, attorney-at-law with H E Doolittle, res 2020 F 

Fehlman, A, with Albert Kindler, res 743 Sixth 

Fehlmafln, Henry, horticulturist, res Thirty-second near U 

Eelitz, Mrs, Phil, res 251 Fifteenth 

Felitz, Mrs Wm, res 251 Fifteenth 

Fellows, H E, retired, res Windsor 

Felt, Geo B, retired res 869 Eleventh 

Fenn, A W, compositor Daily San Diegan, 1646 First 

FENN, C. M., M. D., physician and surgeon, 651 Seventh, res 
665 Seventh, cor G 


Fereza, Jose, res Thirteenth and M 

Ferrell, Mrs A C, res 2719 K 

Ferrer, Col M A, capitalis, cor India and E 

Ferrer, Manuel A, Jr. surveyor, res 519 K 

FERRIS, ALDA M, proprietor Popular "Hrugstore, 372 Fifth, 
cor J, res Grand Pacific 

Ferris, Frank C, cigar maker, res cor Quince and India 

Ferris, Miss L-- C, artist, res cor Quince and India 

Ferris, W C, real estate, 934 Fourth, res India and Quince 

Ferris, Mrs B, res Quince and India 

FERRIS, HRS ELECTA HULL, teacher of music, room 39 
Grand Pacific, Fifth and J ,. ,., 

Ferron, E K, cabinet maker, with Chadbourne Furniture Co, 
res 3232 K 

Ferron, Peter, retired, res 3232 K 

FERRY, JOHN H, (F N Hamilton Co) insurance agt, res 3006 K 

FETSCH BROS. (I Fetsch,' E Fetsch, H Fetsch) merchant tail- 
ors, 859 Fifth 

FET5CH', H.., (Fetsch Bros) 859 Fifth, res 12 13 Plaza 

FETSCH, I., (Fetsch Bros) 859 Fifth, res 1213 Plaza 

FETSCH L., (Fetsch Bros), 859 Fifch, res 1213 Plaza 

Fetty, Wm, farmer, res at Montrose House 

Fe.tty, Miss Jennie, res at Montrose House 

Fetty, Miss Myrtle, res at Montrose House 

Fetty, Mrs S A, Proprietor Montrose House, 717 Fourth 
' Fickas, A R, carpenter, res 413 Newton ave 

Fieber, Jacob, with Hotel Florence 

Field, A H, retired, 437 Ninteenth 

Field, Ed C, clerk with Todd & Hawley, res 1633 G 

Field, Geo H, teamster with Todd & Hawly, res 451 Ninteenth 

Field, John, janitor postoffice, res Thirtieth and Clay ave 

Field, Putnam, job printer, res 857 Irving ave 

Field, W P, clerk with Todd & Hawley, res 857 Irving ave 

Fierman, Mrs C, res 1118 C 

Fietler, Miss Martha, 1132 Cedar 

Fifth and B 

Filmore, George, janitor Presbyterian Church, res 2203 J 



Finch, C E, washer Diamond Carriage Co, res Logan Ave near 

FINDLEY BROTHERS, groceries, i^iS, 1320 D 
FINDLEY, H. W., (Findlej^ Bros), res 1744 First 
Findley, W H, retired res 1054 Fifteenth, 
Fink, A J, clerk City of Paris, res 1246 Fourteenth 
Fink, Val, clerk with F F Wright, res same 
FINTZELBERQ, THEO., real estate, insurance, commission and 

notary public, 759 Sixth, res 929 India 
FIRST NATIONAL BANK, W D Woolwine, cashier, cor Fifth 

and E ' 

Fish, John A, deputy assessor and tax collector, res 1423 First 
Fishburn, D G, retired, res 2266 Second 
FISHBURN, J. Em asst cashier First National Bank, res 2266 

Fischer, Herman, clerk with J A Cohn, res 1103 F 
Fischer, Joseph, tailor with T J Sullivan, res 2138 E. 
Fischer, Mrs Mary, res 1103 F 
Fisher, D, res 112 National ave 
Fisher, E F, Cable conductor, res 1928 Columbia^ 
Fisher, Fred, invalid, res 1248 Eighteenth 
Fisher, F, shoemaker, res 2384 K , 

Fisher, Fred, clerk with Geo W Marston, 934 Tenth 
Fisher, H L, driver, S D and Cor Transfer Co, res 838 Eleventh 
FISHER, JOHN C, owner and prop Florence hotel, manager 

Fisher Opera' House and Chadbourne Furniture Co, res 

Florence hotel 
Fisher, Julius, with Horton House barber shop, res 1222 Sixth 
Fisher, Mrs Mary, res Marilou Park, North Chollas, El Cajon 

Fitch, L E, contractor, 852 State 
Fitch, Mrs L J, dressmaker, res 852 State 
Fitch, Mrs Mary, res Second and Juniper 
Fitzgerald, Edmond, res India and Maple 
Fitzgerald, Edward, laborer, res India and Maple 
Fitzgerald, Thos, butcher, res 1244 India 
Fitzpatrick, W H, miner, res 390 Twentieth 
Fitzsimmons, Richard, prop Montana Saloon, 339 Fifth, res 


Flagg, Miss Kmma, res Manor house 
Flagg, Miss Pearl, res Manor house 
Flagg, Miss Elizabeth, res Manor house 
Flagg, res the Royal 
Flannigan, Wm, butcher with Chas S Hardy, res at slaughter 

Flarethy, John, stone cutter, res St Klmo hotel 
FLASSIQ, PAUL A., watchmaker and jeweler, 1022 Fifth, res 

1924 A 
FLATTERY, C. N., secy S D Undertaking Co, res 760 Fourth 
Fleet, John, horticulturist, res Windsor 
Fleet, Mrs Bessie, res 1063 Seventh 
Fleming, John, supt dry goods dept, with Geo W Marston, res 

3238 H 
FLENNER, A., second-hand goods, 1602 F, res 2150 E 
Fletcher, Ed, clerk with M C Nason & Co, res Grand Central 
Fletcher, William S, clerk at postoffice, res Ninth near Beech 
Fletcher, Mary E, book-keeper, San Diego Savings Bank, res 

at the Derby 
Fletcher, Mrs E M, res First and Broadway 
Flinn, Daniel, carpenter, res 825 Front 
Flint, Daniel, second-hand goods, 543 Fifth, res same 
FLINT, JOSEPH A., secy and treas Coronado Beach Co, San 

Diego Water Co and Electric Ry Co, res 126 Grand ave 
Flint, Miss Mary, dressmaker, res 428 Kearney ave 
Floore, J M, contractor, res 955 Union 
Floore, Geo, laborer, res 955 Union 
FLORENCE flARKET, 12 14 Fifth 

FLORES, F. A., (Mendelson & Flores) res 960 Twentith 
Flores, Francisco, laborer, res Seventh, bet land J 
Flower, rancher, res Lafayette 
Folcke, Wm, shoemaker, 1527 F, res same 
Foley, Frank, mechanic, res 2312 G 
Foley, Pat, laborer, res G near Fourth 
FOLKS, JOHN H., sheriff, res 1814 G 
Foltz, R T, teamster, res 502 Irving ave 
Foote, John W, letter carrier, res 2230 K 


Foote, Miss Myrtle, sales clerk with Geo W Marston, res 3230 K 

Forbes, C D, teamster, res 1342 California 

Forbes, W H, foreman Daily Sun, res 2214 D 

Ford, L M, prop tropical nursery, cor F and Ninth, res 1820 F 

Ford, Wm, plumber with Cuyamaca Tin Shop 

Foreman, K C, compositor Daily San Diegan, res at Buckingham 

Forrest, John, street car driver, res 919 Arctic 

Forrest, Wm S, fish market, 645 Fifth 

Forrester, Mrs M J, teacher, res cor Ninth and H 

Forster & Jensen, (Geo Forster and J F Jensen), prop'rs Palace 

lyUnch Counter, 926 Fifth 
Forster, Geo, (Forster & Jensen), res t 1 70 Fifteenth 
Forster, Hans, bookkeeper with Pacific Wood & Coal Co, res 

2353 D 
Forward, Jjr, abstractor with H T Christian & Co, res 610 Ivy 
Forward, John F, Deputy County Recorder, res 610 Ivy cor 

FOS, W. N., investment broker, 1324 F, res K and Twenty- 
FOSDICK, E. H., (Arne & Fosdick), res Allison House, Tenth 

bet K and F 
Fost, Frank, baker, res 2127 F 
Foster & Gwyn, insurance agents, 961 Fourth 
Foster, C E, with McDougal Bros, res Grand Pacific 
Foster, Geo, (Foster & Gwj^n, res Sixth and B, Coronado 
Foster, G ly, carpenter, with W A Rossman, res 1760 India 
FOSTER, JOSEPH, proprietor Julian Stage Co, res 1427 K 
Foster, R L, medical student, res 1769 India 
Fournier, Ferdinand M, proprietor Cit)^ of Paris Baker}^, 351 

Fifth, res same 
Fowler, M, cable conductor, res Cable Hotel 
Fox, Charles, porter Commercial Hotel 
Fox, C J, civil engineer, res 845 Tenth 
FOX, OTTO M., manager Great American Tea Co, res 943 

Logan ave 
FOX, SAMUEL I., (Samuel I Fox & Co), res 1030 Fifteenth 
FOX, SAMUEL L & CO., (S I Fox, Harry E Hayes), real 

estate brokers, 1411 E 


Fox, William, photographer, room 3 Grand Pacific, res same 

Fox, W O, cigar maker, res 1042 Fifteenth 

Fraley, Henry, laborer, res Roseville 

Fralick, Z S, carpenter, res 450 Fifteenth 

Frame, Ira S, bookkeeper and cashier Cal Mortg Loan & Trust 

Co, res 944 Twelfth 
FRAME. J. A., real estate 1426 E bet Fifth and Sixth, res Fifth 

and Ash 
Frame, O C, pattern maker, Standard Iron Works 
Francis, H A, bartender, res 1619 F 

France, J C, with Chadbourne Furniture Co, res Front and Fir 
Francis, J H, engineer, Pacific Coast Steamship Co, res K and 

Francis, John, conductor with Pacific Coast Steamship Co, res 

Eleventh and K 
Francis, John W, engineer, res 319 Eleventh 
Francis, Peter, longshoreman, res St Elmo House 
Francis, Mrs H A, prop Dancing Academy Lafayette Hall, res 

Francis, Mrs M A, res 221 Logan ave 

Franck, Henrj^ printer with C FKamman, res cor Fourth and A 
FRANDZEN, BUMQARDNER & CO., book and job printers, 836 

FRANDZEN, EUGENE, (Frandzen, Bumgardner & Co) res 

Frank, G, restaurant cook, res 735 Twelfth 
Franklm, S, tailor, with F A Eking, res Oriel, Eighth and F 
FRARY, FRANK P., secretary and treasurer Pioneer Truck Co 

and proprietor Julian St^ge Co, res 1555 Fourth 
Eraser, W B, pressman Sun office, res 722 Milton ave 
Eraser, William, gardener, res 417 A 
Frazee, A J, carpenter, res 638 Grand ave 
Frazee, Miss Belle, teacher Middletown school 
Frederick, B T, retired, res 3229 J 
Freede, Charles, laborer, res 1147 Third 
Freeland & Colton, (J L Freeland, O H Colton) insurance and 

real estate, cor E and Sixth 
Freeland, J L, (Freeland & Colton), res Corouado 


Freeman, E G, res 2230 C 

Freeman, Jarad, student with Drs Stockton, Valle & Northup, 

res 619 H 
Freeman, W M, seaman, res Atlantic, foot of B 
Frelick, Miss M, dressmaker, res 352 Seventeenth 
French I,aundry, 1229 D 

French, D W, carpenter, res cor Fourth and I 
FRENCH LIQUOR STORE, A Manz proprietor, 520 Fifth 
French, Stephen, attorney-at-law, res 3423 ly 
French, Miss Hariet, res 1672 Fnion 
FREVERT, W. L., manager Chadbourne Furniture Co, res 

Florence Hotel 
Frew, D W, retired, res Roseville 
Frew, Mrs Agnes, res 3233 L 
Frey, Antony, express driver, res 201 Newton ave 
Frey, Joseph, express driver, res 201, Newton ave 
Frey, Leon, express driver, res 201 Newton ave 
Frick, Ike, barber, 1158 Fourth, res 1160 Fourth 
Frick, M L, contractor and Dep City Assr, res s e cor Thirteenth 

and D 
Frick, W R, prop Cal Marble Works, 1224 Sixth 
Friedland, Wm, res bet Twenty-eighth and Twenty-ninth 
Friedmen, Ralph, salesman, res Metropolitan 
FRIEND, Capt. J. E., journalist, res Good Templars' blk 
Frigerio, J, old furniture. Sixth near D 
Fink, H M, optician with German, res 933 Seventh 
Frisbie, J C, fruit raiser, res 804 Tenth 
Fritz, H C, expressman, res 325 Kearnej^ ave 
Fritz, Herman, bartender at People's Hall, res 758 Twelfth 
Fritz, I^ouis, prop People's Hall, res E ngar Front 
Froelking, Chas, res Second and Walnut 
Frost, C E, post-master Pacific Beach 
Frost, H A, teamster, res 760 Eighth 
Frost, M S, groceries, Pacific Beach 
Frye, Frank A, printer with Stenhouse & Co 
Fry, Daniel, blacksmith, 640 Second, res 756 Third 
Fry, Harry, blacksmith, 640 Second, res 756 Third 
Fuccio, Vincent D, musician, res 1267 Eleventh 


FUHRMAN, WILLIAfl, carriage maker, s e cor Seventh and H, 
res 202 1 J 

Fuk, Mrs Mary, res Thirty-first and O 

Fulkerson, E, teamster with Scott, Hinke & Co., res Cable hotel 

Fulkerson, Walter, with J D Palmer & Sons, res 1155 State 

Fullard, Fred C, teamster, San Diego Truck Co, res 939 Ninth 

FULLER, GEO., attorney-at-law, se cor Fifth and E, res Cuy- 
amaca Club 

Fuller, O, nursery, res Old Town Heights 

FULLER & ANDERSON, (Wm H Fuller, M B Anderson), at- 
torneys. City Hall 

FULLER, WILLIAfl H., (Fuller & Anderson), city attorney, 
office City Hall, res 2030 A 

Fuller, Mrs Fannie, chambermaid Hotel Brewster, res same 

Fulp, lyouis, janitor, res 1352 State 

Funk, H M, optician with M German, res 933 Seventh 

Furlong Peter, barber shop, 457 Fifth, res same 

Furman, R H, photographer, res 720 Cedar 

Furman, Wm H, with Cedros Island Mining & Milling Co, 
res 832 Second 

Fyler, Mabel, typewriter for Geo W Dickinson & Co, res 1528 E 

Fyler, Mrs Nettie, dressmaker, res 1709 J 

Gabrilson, G E, laborer, res 652 Seventeenth 

Gabrielson, O D, salesman, res 222 Sixteenth 

QAEDKE, Q., prop San Diego Soda Works, 424 Eogan ave, res 

Gaedke, G H, with San Diego Soda works, res 424 Logan ave 

Gaffagan, J G, furnishing goods, hats and clothing, Fifth cor E 
res 1722 F 

QALBRAITH, W. A., (S D Cycle and Machine Co), also press- 
man with Daily Union 

Galezio, L A T, with Sam G Ingle, res 26 bet F and G 

QALLO, E., tailor, 1235 Fourth, res same 

Gallup, W D, piano maker, 2340 H, res same 

Gait, Wm, paymaster on Thetis, res Third near Ivy 


Gandin, J D, res Tremont 

Gandion, P B, peddler, res Twenty-seventh and M 

Gandy, A P, res 1242 Fourth 

Gandy, Dr ly P, electrician, office and res 1242 Fourth 

Gannon, Frank, stevedore, res 1151 Atlantic 

Gannon, Michael, laborer, res 730 Beech 

Ganzales, Manuel ^ res 2301 ly 

Garbers, Wm, fisher, res 1898 Atlantic 

Gardner, Frank, boatman, res 721 Columbia 

Gardner, Horace, gardiner, res 1307 Fourth 

GARDINER, THOS., president and manager Daily Union, res 

Gilbert building 
Gardner, Mrs, invalid, res 1243 Front 
Garfield, Mrs E ly, res 1025 Eighth 

Garrett, B F, grocer, n w cor Fourth and K, res Fifth and Ash 
Garrett, Mrs, res Manor house 

Garrettson, Geo G, shipping clerk. Pacific W & C Co 
Garrettson, Fred W collector Pacific W & C Co, res Eighth and E 
Garvin, H D, physician and surgeon, res 3114 N 
Gaskill, L H, stock raiser, res 435 Milton ave 
Gass, Charley, plumber, res 1102, Union 
Gass, picture framer with M German 

Gass, Miss Ivy, saleslady with Prentice & Co, res 1102 Union 
Gass, Miss Minnie, clerk withSlocum & Sweet, res 1120 Fourth 
Gass, Mrs Mary, res 1 102 Union 
GASSEN, A. G., capitalist, office 923 Fourth, Lawyers blk, res 

2008 E 
GASSAWAY, W. M., county clerk, Court House 
Gaston, Rhoda, chambermaid, Horton house, res same 
Gates, D R, police officer and city jailer, res D bet Twelfth and 

Gates, Miss Ella, res 723 Front 
Gay & Burns, (T R Gay, J W Burns,) investment brokers and 

real estate dealers, 1057 Sixth 
Gay, J H, jr, capitalist, res Fifth and Juniper 
Gay, T R, (Gay & Burns), res cor Ninth and A 
Gazlay, Fred M, book-keeper, Fred N Hamilton Co, res Hollis- 

ter house 


Gearheart Geo, teamster, res New Carlton 

QEARN, Q. O., (Handel & Gearn), res Eighteenth and D 

Gebhardt, Theodore, with S D Beef Packing Co, res 1730 D 

Geddes, George, retired res 1066 First 

Gedrem, Mrs A H, prop lodging house, Morse, Whaley & Dal- 
ton bldg 

Geen, B S, res 720 Grand ave 

QEHRINQ, WM., Standard Iron Works, res 423 Milton ave 

Geiger, David, res 810 Front 

Geiger, Mrs Mary, res 810 Front 

GEM MARBLE CO., Geo K Phillips secy, room 15 Consolidated 
Bank bldg, cor Fifth and G 

Gentry, Bffie, with Phillips & Bone, res 405 Ninth 

Gephart, W W with West Coast I^umber Co, res 314 Sargent ave 

Geppert, F W, meat cutter, with Chas S Hardy, res Belle View 

Gerichten, Mrs F, res 1834 C 

Germain A G, carriage painter, 828 Fourth, res 1109 F 

Germain, Mrs F A, dressmaker, res 1109 F 

GERMAN BAKERY, Fred W A Eckert prop, cor Twelfth and F 

GERMAN, M., manufacturing jeweler 845 Fifth, res 1053 Tenth 

German, Mrs Grace M, book-keeper at German's, res 1053 loth 

Gerrish, A, lumberman. West Coast lumber Co, res 525 Boston 

Gessler, F, carpenter, res 1413 Columbia 

GIANT POWDER CO., John G Capron, agent, office Consoli- 
dated Bank blk 

Gibbens, H S, shooting gallery, at Cable Pavilion, res same 

Gibbons, Jas C, res 706 T^hird 

Gibbons, Mary A, 1440 E 

Gibbs, E M, laborer, res 746 Thirteenth 

Gibbs, Miss Mary E, res 1306 Fifth 

Gibbohn, H, trackman, K and Fifteenth 

Gibbs, Mrs E, res 931 Fifth 

GIBSON, JAS. A., (Gibson & Titus), res cor Second and Fir 

GIBSON & TITUS, (Jas A Gibson, Harry h Titus), attorneys 
at law, 19 and 20 lyawyers' blk, 

Gibson, Wm, with A I^evi, res same 

Gibson W H, driver. Diamond Carriage Co, res Grand Central 


Gifford, E B, stock raiser, 350 Ninth 

Gifford, Mrs Kate, dressmaker, Vermont house, 564 Twelfth 

Gilbert, G W, dairj^man. Rose can5'on 

Gilyan, Miss Caroline, servant, res 2031 Union 

Gilcher, Wni, city scavenger, res 1043 State 

Gilcher, Miss Minnie, with San Diego steam laundry 

Gildea, B M, dentist, 531 Sixteenth , 

GILKEY, riRS RAY, Vienna, Model Bakery and restaurant cor 

Fourth and F, res 1109 F 
Gillam, Mrs J, res 2119 G 
Gillen, James, carpenter, res 1329 State 
Gillen, John, clerk with Geo W Marston, res 1329 State 
Gillermann, H W, res 840 Eleventh 
Gillespie, G B, meat market 1263 Columbia, res same 
Gillespie, T J, salesman with W E Little & Co, res Manor 
Gillett, G A, res 641 lyOgan ave 
Gillie, J J, retired, res 2065 First 
Gillin, Ed, stenographer, res 121 7 Third 
Gillis, Ralph, pipe maker, res 423 Oliver ave 
Gillis, Wm, res 763 Seventh 
QILLflORE & CO, (Jesse Gillmore, James Gillmore and Collins 

Gillmore), Real Estate, 1012 Fourth 
GILLMORE, COLLINS, (Gillmore & Co) res 1766 Front 
GILLMORE, JAflES, (Gillmore & Co) res 1766 Front 
GILLflORE, JESSE, (Gillmore & Co) res 1766 Front 
Gilman & Burright, (Z Gilman and D W Burright) Real Estate 

and Loans, 1315 D bet Fourth and Fifth 
Gillman, Z, (Gillman and Burright), res 3132 H 
Gilmartin, Mrs J F, teacher Russ School 
GILMORE, M. T., Cashier S D Savings Bank, res 1312 Beech 
Ginty, John, manager Southern California Investment Co, res 

1543 Seventh 
GIRARD LUNCH ROOMS, Mrs, M F Tujague prop, 1433 F 
Girvin, James W, Hawaiian Consul, Consulate and res 1217 Third 
Girvin, R H, retired, res 2432 Front 

GLASS, LOUIS, prop Vienna Bakery, res cor Fourth and F 
Gleghorne, Miss Mary, res 708 Grape 
Glessner, D, gripman, res Cable Hotel 


Glick, lyewis, printer, res 2116 H 

Glick, Warren, with Dodge &Burbeck, res 2116H 

Glick, Mrs Retha, res 2116 H 

Glick, Albert J, compositor S D Printing Co, res cor Sixteenth 

and H 
Glickman, Joseph, clerk with Sam Brust, res 726 Fifth 
Glockler, J, abstractor with H T Christian & Co, res lycland 

Gloor, R S, printer with Economy Printing Co, res 1244 Seventh 
Gloor, Mts H, teacher B street school, res 1244 Seventh 
Glover, W B, house, sign and carriage painter, 1243 Fifth res 

cor B and Second 
QOCHENAUER, D., physician and surgeon, res cor Second and 

Goddard & Jones, (E F Goddard and T G Jones), livery, cor 

Third and F 
Goddard, A, painter, res 102 1 C 

Goddard, E F, (Goddard & Jones,) res cor Third and F 
Goddard, G W, blacksmith, res Alhambra 
Goddard, Mrs B A, dressmaker, res 1021 C 
Godfrey & Edwards, (A G Edwards, T M Godfrey), groceries, 

1469 India, cor Beech 
Godfrey, T M, (Godfrey & Edwards), res cor Front and D 
Godwin, Park, letter-carrier, res 11 53 Columbia 
Goethals, Mrs John, res C and Twenty-sixth 
QOEPP, GHARLES, attorney-at-law, 21 and 22 I^awyer's blk, 

res s w cor Union and E 
Golay, L F, night watchman steamship wharf, res 457, Ninteenth 
QOLDEN ERA, Madge Morris Wagner, editor and proprietor, 

Wm M Averell business manager, 42 and 43 I^awyer's blk 
Golden, M J, grocery, res lyaurel and Brant 
Goldring, John, painter, res 806 C 
Goldkamp, F J, grocery, 348 Clay, cor Twenty-ninth 
Goldman, G D, deputy city clerk, res 143 Grand ave 
Goldthorpe, Joe, wines and liquors 964 Fifth, res Third and B 
QOLDTHWAITE, S. T., supt of sewers, office city Hall, res 

Eighteenth bet A and B 
Good, Rev S M, of the Brethren church, res 535 Thirteenth 



Goodbody & Sons, (Frank A, Rich J, Delanty Goodbody,), 

street graders and contractors, 608 Fourteenth 
Goodbody, Delanty, (Goodbody & Sons), res 608 Fourteenth 
Goodbody, Frank A, (Goodbody & Sons), res 608 Fourteenth 
Goodbody, Richard J, (Goodbody & Sons), res 608 Fourteenth 
Goodbody, T H, clerk with W F & Co, res cor Fourteenth & H 
Goodendorff, Frank, with Minneapolis restaurant 
Goodman, Wm, plumber, res 1107 C 
GOODRICH, BEN., (Hunsaker, Britt & Goodrich), res 1059 

Eleventh bet C and D 
Goodrich, Mrs Emma, with C W Stutts, res 137 1 Fifth 
Goodsell, Miss Abby F, res Second and Walnut 
Goodsell, Miss Anna, res Second and Walnut 
Goodsell, Mrs E, res Second and Walnut 
Goodson, Miss Catharine, with Dr Bailey, 1528 E 
Good Templars building, Mrs Hannah Byers, prop lodging 

house, 943 Third 
Goodwin, Edwin P, res 11 18 Cedar 

GOODWIN, LEONARD, atty-at-law, 941 Sixth, res same 
Goolman, A T, iron moulder, res A and Atlantic 
Goolman, W E, iron moulder, res A and Atlantic 
Gordon, E E, fruit packer, res Eighth bet F and G 
GORDON, H. C, real estate and loan, 923 Fourth, res 1155 13th 
GORDON, J. T., pres Sweetwater Nursery Co, res Eighth, bet 

Gordon, Philip I, stationery solicitor with M German, res 1053 

Gorhan, C, carpenter, res 628 Kearney ave 
Goss, A J, res Twenty-eighth and B 
GOULD, HUTTON & CO., (W H Gould, W F Hutton), book 

and job printers and book binders, 938 Third opp Plaza 
Gould, A, boot and shoemaker, 1237 Fifth, res same 
Gould, H W, res 1422 C 

GOULD, W. H., (Gould, Hutton & Co), res Albemarle 
Goulden, J, poultry and produce, 13 16 F, res Curlew and Laurel 
Grace, Paul, with W M Snider, res Twelfth bet F and G 
Graham, H E, [lyatta & Graham] , res lyctts, Iowa 


Graham, J A, carpenter, res 419 Twenty-fifth 

Graham, M A, [Olsen, Graham & Waldon], res 1240 Columbia 

Graham, R A, railroad contractor, 25 and 26 lawyers' blk, res 

Hotel Del Coronado 
Graham, Mrs K C, music teacher, res 1240 Columbia 
Graham, S W, architect, cor Sixth and Ash 
Granger, G H, painter, res 517 Sixteenth 
GRAND HOTEL, Mrs Ella Rorick, prop, 1232 F 
GRAND PACIFIC, residence block, cor Fifth and J, Alda M 

Ferris, agent 
Grandier, F, deputy county auditor, res First, Cleveland Heights 
GRANDSTAFF, T. & CO., real estate and loans, 1336 E, bet 

' Fourth and Fifth, res 237 Seventeenth 
Grange, A J, machinist, res 422 Boston ave 
Grannan, Alonzo, capitalist, res 1722 B 
Granville, A J, tallyman West Coast lumber Co, res Arctic, bet 

Palm and Quince 
Granville, John, gardiner, res Arctic bet Palm and Quince 
Grant, G W, deputy county tax collector, res National City 
GRAY & CO., [John Gray and E W Tebbutt], Furniture and 

carpets. Fifth bet H and I 
Gray, A C, with Palace Crockery Store, res Manvel 
Gray, A J, physician and surgeon, res 1344 Front 
Gray F M, vice pres South San Diego Co, res Niles, Mich 
Gray Henry, secy and treas San Diego Land & Town Co, res at 

Gray, G Y, sec South San Diego Co, res South San Diego 
GRAY J. & SON, (J Gray, W W Gray), New Home Bakery, 

1072 Sixth 
GRAY, J., (J Gray & Son), res 1072 Sixth 
Gray, J M, stock raiser, res 728 Franklin ave 
GRAY, JOHN, (Gray & Co), res 11 26 First 
Gray L V, bell boy. Hotel Florence 
Gray, Murray A, deputy city assessor, res 1653 Sixth 
GRAY, W. W., (J Gray & Son) res 1072 Sixth 
Gray, Will M, druggist, with F W Braun & Co, res Twenty- 
seventh and Logan 
Gray Wm, waiter Hotel Florence 


Gray, Mrs, J S, res 1653 Sixth 

969 Fifth 

manager, 1313 D, Kuhn blk 

Great Southwest, The, Frances Bagby Blades, editor, EC Hick- 
man, business manager, 18 lyawyers blk 

GREEN, A. A., (Bolton &: Green, barbers, 1442 H) res Brandt 

Green, F M, marble dealer, res 245 Seventeenth 

Green, John A, machinist, res 235 Tenth 

Green, M P, groceries, 604 F 

Green, W F, (Campbell & Green), res 660 Thirteenth 

Green, W T, barber, res 360 Thirteenth 

Green, Miss Mollie, saleslady, res cor Twelfth and G 

GREENEBAUM, G. M. dry goods, 1414-1420 D 

Greenfield, Albert, boatman, res foot H 

Greehlee, Chas, waiter Hotel Brewster, res same 

Gregg, R J, physician, res 839 Twenty-third 

Gregg, S C, book-keeper, res 1137 Twelfth 

Gregg, Mrs K, res 817 Ninth 

mon), Consolidated National Bank blk 

GREGORY, A. E., [Gregory- Damon Abstract Co] , res 736 Third 

Gregory, E, retired, res 618 Logan ave 

Gregory, F A, prop Gregory mineral springs bath house, res M 
and Thirty-third 

Gregory, John, engineer, res 339 Eighth 

Gregory, Wellington, retired, res 2513 D 

Gregory, Miss Billie, waiter, Albemarle 

Gregory, Miss Edna, clerk with Gregory-Damon Abstract Co, 
res 736 Third 

Gregory, Miss Maude, clerk with Gregory-Damo'n Abstrat Co, 
res 736 Third 

Grenell, BJ, carpenter, res 104 1 Fifteenth 

Grether, E T, res 722 Ash 

Grewell, E H, deputy county recorder, res Manor house 

Grey, Dr H A, res 1344 Front 


Grezes, P E, clerk with J G Gaffagan, res 735 Twelfth 

Gibben, Alfred, res 2124 G 

Cribben, Mrs Fannie, res 2124 G 

Gribbohn, Henry, res 2372 K 

Griff ee, Charles, stone mason, res Twentieth and B 

Griffin, Arthur I,, blacksmith, res 109 Seventeenth 

Griffin, H S, with Russ Mill & lyumber Co, res 741 Eleventh 

GRIFFITH, A. B., (Boone, Griffith & Co), res 2324 H 

Griffith, T P, sales clerk with Geo W Marston, res at Manvel 

Grinder, Ben, laborer, res California and Elm 

Grinnell, H S, messenger at postoffice, res 1053 First 

Grinnell, M P, painter, res '1242 Fourth 

Grist, S, Granger feed yard, Eighth and I, res 508 Tenth 

Grohe, Adams, butcher at Santa Fe market, res foot of H 

Grondenberg, C H, sales clerk with Geo W Marston, res 724 

Grandier, Frank, book-keeper. First and Brookes 
Gross, L E, waiter hotel Brewster res same 
Grosskops, Carl, cigar maker, res Twenty-ninth and M 
Grosskops, Charles, cigar maker, res Twenty-ninth and M 
Grosskops, Emil, cigar maker, res Twenty-ninth and M 
Grove, Geo T, salesman with M Blochman & Son, res 906 E 
Grove, Mrs Elizabeth, res 906 E 
Grove, Mrs E D, res cor Second and Juniper 
Grovesteen, J H, clerk Superior Court dept 2, res n w cor First 

and Date 
Grovesteen, J H jr, piano and organ tuner and repairer with 

Birkel, res 17 10 First 
Grow, G B & Co, Fire Insurance agts, 915 Fourth, res 1660 Fifth 

August Balling and W R Farnsworth), S D Beef & Packing 

Co, wholesale and retail butchers, 1061 Fifth 
GRUENDIKE, J, (Wynian, Gruendike & Co,) pres First Natl 

Bank, res cor First and C 
Guadagnine, E, boot and shoe maker, 1027 Fourth, res 2223 J 
Gudkins, Benj, laborer, res cor Union and F 
-Guenthen, Herman, gunsmith, cor Fourth and H 
Guerkel, Fred, with G M Greenebaum, res 830 Twenty-third 


Guerker, Frederick, clerk, res 830 Twenty-third 

Guerker, Wm, res 830 Twenty-third 

Guest, B F, lyodging House, 1222 Sixth 

Guest, B F, bricklayer, res 1232 Sixth 

Guest, T, gripman^ res Cable Hotel 

Guiman, R P, glass cutter with Whittier, Fuller & Co, res 13 18 

Gulbrandsen, Theo, junk dealer, res 1530 Eighth 

Gun, Lewis C, retired, res 1517 Seventh 

Gunnis, R H, clerk, with Consolidated National Bank, res 
Second and A 

Gunton, John, street car driver, res 630 C 

Gurnett & Silverthorn, (R Gurnett and H Silverthorn), groce- 
ries, 701 IvOgan ave 

Gurnett, R, (Gurnett & Silverthorn), res 6i7 Logan ave 

Gurthwaite, F, machinist, res Victoria Hotel 

Guiou, Mrs A E, res 1910 D 

Guteres, T, rancher, res 2246 K 

Gutivellig, Edward, laborer, res 224 Logan ave 

GUY, IV ESTER CLARK, special agent with Penn Mutual Life, 
1424 F, res 2225 H 

Guy, Homer P, res 2225 H 

Guy, W R, att'y-at-law, 3 and 5 Gilbert blk, 955 Fifth, res 2225 H 

Gwyer, Miss R M, dressmaker, res 1242 Fourth 

Gwyn, Hugh G, (Foster & Gwyn), res Coronado 


H STREET LIVERY STABLE, C W Stevens, prop, 2345 H 
Haack, Rev. Hans, pastor German Luthern church, res 1133 

Haarde, Fred, prop, Victoria saloon, res 1122 D 
Haberfelde, G C, driver with German Bakery, res cor Twelfth 

and F 
Hackett, S W, carpenter, res 1534 First 
Hackett, Miss Lillie, res North San Diego 


Hadfield, J V, expressman, res 214 Colton ave 

HADLEY, W. E., prop Horton house, res at hotel 

Haelsig, Gus, clerk with Minneopolis restaurant, res Pickwick 

Haffenden, Albert, fruit grower, res Thirty -third and F 

Hafili, John, res cor Thirteenth and Iv 

Hafner, Oscar, harnessmaker, with C J Edwards, res Windsor 

Hage, W B, dairyman, res 1253 Union 

Hager, Mrs M K, res 333 IvOgan ave 

Hahn, rancher, res 720 Franklin ave 

Haight, A D, res Union bet Grape and Front 

Haight, H R, deputy county recorder, res Albemarle hotel 

Haight, Mrs E G, res 1167 Union 

HAINES & WARD, [A Haines, M E Ward], attorneys-at-law, 

3, 4, 5, 6M E Church blk 
HAINES, A., [Haines & Ward], res Chula Vista 
Hake, Jacob, capitalist, res 1145 Front 
Hake, Mrs C A dressmaker, res 1145 Front 
Hakes, C C, real estate, 1016 D, res 1039 First 
Hakes, C D, student with Drs Crepin, res 1039 First 
Hakes H B, with Daily Union, res 1039 First 
Hakes, E B, real estate and loans, 1016 D, res 1039 First 
Hale A D, res 2720 G 
HALE, D. P., manager San Marcos Land Co, Horton house blk, 

res 1 2 10 Cedar 
Hale, W H, res Yale and Olive, University Heights 
HALE, fliss BERTHA, secy San Marcos Eand Co, res 12 10 

Hale, Miss Mabel E, teacher Sorento school 
Hale, Mrs E F, res 2720 G 
Hale, Miss Dell, res 12 10 Cedar 
Hale, Miss Eibba, res 1210 Cedar 
Hall, Mrs M, res University Heights 
Haley, Mrs Eou, furnished rooms, 959 Fourth 
HALF=PRICE HOUSE, (Thomas Nichols, M J Nichols, Geo J 

Chambers), 838 to 852 Sixth and 628 Sixth 
Hall, C M, res Nutmeg and Arctic 
Hall, Geo S, pastor Second Congregational Church, res 339 

Sargeant ave 


Hall, Mike, res Old Town Heights 

Hall, M E, res 11 44 First 

Hall, M S, carpenter, res 824 lyOgan ave 

Hall, Nathan, roadmaster Cal Southern R}^ res foot of Twentj^- 

HALL'S SAFE AGENCY, J B Wheeler agent, 930 Sixth 
Halloran, Miss Annie M, teacher Middletown school, res 1666 

Halloran, Miss Mary O, 1666 Union 
Halloran, Mrs A, res 1666 Union 
Hambacher, Chris, laborer, res 2234 K 
Hambacher, Martin, laborer, 354 Fifth, res 2234 K 
Hambly, Fdwin, elevator boy Hotel Brewster, res same 
HAMES & KROENERT, (W A Hames and Geo Kroenert), 

Magnolia saloon, cor Sixth and F 
HAMES W. A., (Hames & Kroenert), res 336 Twelfth 
HAMILTON & CO., incorporated, (C S Hamilton President and 

manager), groceries and crockery, 711 Fifth and 712 Sixth 
Hamilton, Abe, laborer, 708 Third 
HAMILTON, CHAS. S., Pres Hamilton & Co, groceries and 

crockery, res 1517 Seventh 
Hamilton, E E, barber, with I^on Schwartz^ res Ramona House 
HAMILTON CO., FRED N., (Fred N Hamilton, J H Ferry, O 

C Dranga), general hardware, 719 and 721 Fifth and 722 

HAMILTON, FRED N., (Fred N Hamilton Co.,) res First and 

Hamilton, Harry, typewriter with Klauber & Levi, res Bon Ton 
Hamilton, J K, special agt North American insurance Co, res 

1 05 1 Fifteenth 
Hamilton, M D, promotor, res M bet Twenty-ninth and Thirtieth 
Hamilton, R W with Hamilton & Co, res New Carleton Hotel 
Hamilton, W A, hunter, res 2388 F 
Hamilton, W H, fruit and cigars, 2354 H 
Hamlin, Burton, clerk with Horace Bradt, res 672 Sixteenth 
Hamlin, Homer, civil engineer, res 340 Sixteenth 
HAMMACK, D. M. & N. S., [D M Hammack, N S Hammack], 

attornej's-at-law, rooms 13 and 14 767 Fifth 


HAMMACK, D. M., [D M & N S Hamtnack & ], res 2353 A 

HAMMACK, N. S., [D M & N S Hammack], res 2640 ly 

Hammer, Mrs M B, res 661 Thirteenth 

Hammond, carpenter, res Metropolitan 

Hammond, Miss Jennie, mus'.c teacher, res 1 241 Sixth 

HAMMOND, riRS. MARY H,, dressmaker, 947 Sixth, res same 

Hampton, Chas H, second hand goods, 412 Fifth, res same 

Hanbury, J D, res at Elite House 

Hanchett, D G, carpenter, res Fourth and Palm 

HANDEL & GEARN, (D Handel & G C Gearn), druggists, 847 

HANDEL, D., (Handel & Gearn), res cor Fourth and Juniper 
Hanna, Capt Robt, U S Arm}^ 1857 Third 
Hannes, George, rancher, res 11 40 Laurel cor Third 
Hansen, George, carpenter, res 840 Columbia 
Hansen, Peter, carpenter, res Twenty-ninth and M 
Hansen, Mrs W, res Bandini and Arctic 
Hanson, Miss Christina, res 731 Tenth 
Hanson, A, restaurant, res 2220 D 
Hanson, C, planer, res corner India and B 
Hanson, Christian, laborer, res Victoria Hotel 
Hanson, Hans, sailor, res St Elmo Hotel 
HARBISON GROCER CO., THE, (Francis Willcox, pres, J S 

Harbison, vice-pres; Chas S Willcox, secy and treas, 1509 

and 1515 G 
HARBISON, H. R., (Phillips & Harbison), res 2040 B 
HARBISON, J. 5., vice-president Harbison Grocer Co, apiarist 

and horticulturist, res Twelfth and C 
Hard, Chas W, clerk for H Welisch, res 763 Seventh 
Hardiman, Lester, messenger with W U Tel Co, res 1422 First 
Harding, F, track Supt, res University Heights 
Hardman, George, painter, res 1422 First 
HARDY, CHARLES S., wholesale butcher and meat market, 

cor Fifth and G, res 1041 C 
Hardy, Geo L, blacksmith, 1027 H, res 918 E 
Hardy, Isaac, teamster S D L Co, 2638 N 
Hargis, G F, chief deputy sheriff, res Oneonta 
Hargis, Mrs Elizabeth, res Emerson house 


Hare, E A, jeweler, 14 and 15 Express Blk, res 1342 Seventh 

Hargrave, M B, res 21 Eighteenth 

Harlan, Mrs M F, bakery, res 721 Boston ave 

Harper, Dr J B, retired, res 830 Twelfth 

Harper, J H, carpenter, res 1230 Thirteenth 

Harper, Miss Maud, with S D I^aundry 

Harring, res 416 National ave 

Harrington, A E, book-keeper with Hamilton & Co, res Twenty- 
eighth and K 

Harrington, W, with C H Turner & son, res Kline Blk 

Harrington, Mrs Hannah, res 340 Eleventh 

Harris, Curtis, engineer, Ninth near N 

Harris, Harry G, janitor Lawyer's Blk, res 315 A 

HARRIS, J. A. & CO., bookbinders. Lawyers Blk, res 948 Ninth 

Harris, James E, carpenter and contractor, res 1240 Union 

Harris, J R, jeweler, 643 Fifth, res R and Thirty-ninth 

Harris, John H, painter, 528 Sixth 

Harris, Miss Jenny, help at Grand hotel 

Harris, Miss S, printer, with Southern California Printing Co, 

Harrison, Geo, carpenter, res 807 F 

Harrison, George E, messenger with District Telegraph Co, res 
1037 First 

HARRISON, TOM, [Reinoehl & Harrison], Fisher opera house. 

Harrison, Mrs M T, res 1037 First 

Harrison, Mrs. M M, milliner and dressmaker, 1516-1518 H, res 

Hart, A C, ticket agent Cuyamaca depot, res 1919 K 

HARRY, S. C, manager S D Paint Co, res Albemarle 

Hart, E W, clerk, res 306 Milton 

Hart, H M, engineer, res 306 Milton ave 

Hart I N, res 1049 Second 

Hart, Mrs E, res 306 Milton ave 

Hartley, A G, blacksmith, res Thirty-first and Sargent ave 

Hartley, Delbert, blacksmith, res Thirty-first and Sargent ave 

Hartley, Mrs H L, res Thirty-first and Sargent 

Hartsfleld, Sim W, res 2645 N 


Hartshorn, Miss Mary, res 440 Sixteenth 

Hartwell, F S, electrician, 924 Sixth, res 1144 Sixth 

Hartwell, S M, real estate, 924 Sixth, res 33 Fifteenth 

Hartwicksen, F H, cutter with Walter I DeGroot, res 1435 A 

Hartzig, I^ouis, bartender, City Garden, res same 

Harum, Miss Jacobina, telegraphy and short-hand teacher, room 

8 Snyder blk 
Harville, B F, agricultural implements and vehicles, cor Fifth 

and K, res 1640 State 
HASLAH BROS., (A E Haslam, E B Haslam,) grocers 1125 

HASLAM, A. E., (Haslam Bros), res 1066 Ninth 
Haslam, Albert, carpenter, cor Ninth and C 
HASLAfl, E. B., (Haslam Bros), res 1066 Ninth 
Haslam, F W, Pioneer Truck Co, 1066 Ninth 
Haslam, John S, with J F Nadeau, res 1066 Ninth 
Hasley^ O L, conductor, res 2T09 Second 

Haslin, Fred, driver with Pioneer Truck Co, res Ninth and C 
Hastings, Chas, sailor, res foot of F 
Hastings, W L,, miner, res 230 National ave 
Hathaway, Miss Eva, book-keeper with M C Nason & Co, res 

2034 Albatross 
Hauser, L, D, book-keeper, res 340 Twelfth 
HAVERMALE & ROSSIER, [W O Havermale, Chas A Rossier,] 

shoemen, Bon Ton blk, D, bet Fifth and Sixth 
Havermale, S G, capitalist, res cor Seventh and Ash 
HAVERMALE, W. O., [Havermale & Rossier], Seventh and Ash 
Havice, Geo M, book-keeper supt schools, res Pacific Beach 
Hawes, Mrs J R, res Tremont House 
Hawkins, J, conductor, res Fifth and Redwood 
Hawkes, Eugene, miner, res 322 Milton ave 
HAWKINS, Q. W., treas Sweetwater Nursery Co, res 1417 Fifth 
Hawkins, John K, cable car conductor, res Fifth and Quince 
HAWKINS, W. A., lessee S D and Cor Transfer Co, and mana- 
ger Diamond Carriage and Omnibus Line, res 14 17 Fifth 
Hawkins, Mrs M B, res 141 7 Fifth 
HAWLEY, Q. n., [Todd & Hawley], res 1141 Seventh 
Hawley, Guy P, horticulturist, res 2040 B 


Hawley, J W, retired, res 2040 B 

Hawley, Warren D, dentist with Philips & Harbison, res 2040 B 

Hawthorne, Mrs M C, nurse, res 1270 First 

Hayden, N I,, mechanic, res 226 I^ogan ave 

Hayden, WB, res 1224 Tenth 

Hayden, W E, printer with Frandzen, Bunigardner & Co, res 

Hayden, Miss Minnie, book-keeper with Horace Bradt, res 1224 

Hayes, T J, attorney-at-law, 3207 H cor Twenty-fourth 
Hay ward, AM, mechanic, res n w cor Twenty-second andD 
Hayward, B H, carpenter, res 744 India 
HAZZARD, Q. W„ real estate, 640 Fifth, res cor Fifth and Kal- 

Heal, George W, capitalist, L,a Jolla Park 
HEALTH OFFICE, City Hall, ThosLMagee, Health Officer 
Healy, Alexander, laborer, res 825 Front 
Healy, Kdbert, letter carrier, 848 State 

HEARNE, Dr. J. C, (Doig & Hearne), res 3328 G, near Twen- 
Hearne, M L,, observer weather bureau, Nesmith -Greeley blk, 

res 2421 K 
Heath, A. H., foreman San Diego Printing Co, res 832 Tenth 
HEATH, CHAS. E., real estate and notary public 1426 K, res 

832 Tenth 
Heath, Geo K, lather, res 635 Main 

HEATH, J. A., ship chandler, 624 Fifth, res 1560 Union 
Heatherly, C C, galley boy at Daily San Diegan, res 661 15th 
Heavens, Mrs Madaline foot of I 
HEBBARD, W. S., architect, 9 and 10 First National Bank blk 

res 1827 Third 
Hebard, Mrs, res 1827 Third 

Hecht, Jacqueth, Bnsenada I^and Co, res at Florence 
Hedges, J Q & Co, (J Q Hedges, A J Verlaque), Julian Fruit 

Co, s w cor Fourth and E 
Hedges, J Q, (J Q Hedges & Co,) res 1264 State 
HefHeman, H K, with M S Babcock, rooms 21 to 24 Keating 

blk, cor 5th and F, res cor Twelfth and C 


Hefty, Marcus, retired, res 414 I/Ogan ave 

Heilbron, F, saloon and bottling works, 2 141 K, res Eleventh 

bet G and H 
Heinrich, Louis, gunsmith and machinist, cor 7th and J, res 

Heller M F, groceries, 1902 F cor Tenth, res 3323 F 
HELPHINQSTINE, JOHN A., real estate broker, 919 Fifth, res 

cor Tenth and Beech 
Hemke, Charles, hostler at Star Stable, res same 
Hemsley & Honeywell, (J G Hemsley, Wm Honeywell), bar- 
bers, 858 Fifth 
Hemsley, J G, (Hemsley & Honeywell), res 422 Colton ave 
Hemsley, Joseph, barber, res 422 Colton ave 
Hemsley, Mrs Jane, res 422 Colton ave 
HENDERSON, J. J., atty-at-law, 13 and 14 Pierce-Morse blk, 

res cor Curlew and Kalmia 
Henderson, C A, traveling salesman with Klauber & I^evi, res 

1912 A 
Henderson, R W, clerk with Pacific Coast steamship Co, res foot 

of Fifth 
HENDRICK, E. W., atty-at-law, No, 2 Marston blk, cor Fifth 

and F, res 541 Twentieth 
Hendrickson, Paul, janitor First National Bank, res 818 Union 
Hendrick, W H, laborer, res 416 Sixth 
Hendsch, E H, mining engineer, res 740 Nineteenth 
HENDSCH, Mrs. W. F., employment agency, 910 Sixth, res same 
HENDSCH, W. F., blacksmith, res 910 Sixth 
Henko, Chas, prop Victoria hotel, 1116 D 
Henninger, Geo, Commercial beer hall, cor Sixth and E, res 

936 Eighteenth 
Henrickson, Paul, clerk First National' Bank, res 818 Union 
Henry, J B, res near Cable Pavilion 
Henry, Mrs Caroline, res 651 Front 
Henry, Miss Anna, servant, res 914 E 
Henry, Mrs E E, res 230 Boston ave 
HENRY, rirs. J. H., De Garmo Dancing Academy, Tremont 

house, res same 
Henshil, James, printer, res 3235 E 


A BARCAil^ m 

Household Goods, 

G. W. 

1624 H STREET 



SE:co^lD.t^/l^ID stot^e, 



University Heights 3 

City Heights 4 

Old Town. 


Mission Valley 5 

, ' Old Mission 8 — 

t"^ Race Track 6h (y\ 

fTl Pacific Beach 8" JV 

r~J Ocean Beach 8 ^0 

U4 Roseville 7 - J^ 

^ La Holya Park (I,a Jolla) 13 ^"^ 

r" Del Mar 23 -r- 

r* Chollas Valley 3 J. 

fO National City 5 

Paradise Valley 6 (J) 

I Sweetwater Dam 12 j 

Lakeside 20 ' 

. J, 1°"^^^..", 25 :o 

V Escondido 35 f_| 

pg Oceanside 40 I ' 

rO Sorrento 15 p] 

QJ Otay 12 J 

,~ re Wanna (Tia Juana) 16 ~ 

Chulla Vista 10 

Julian 60 

Alpine 26 

El Cahone (Cajon) 15 

Harmule Valley Postofiice (Jamul) 20 

I will pay you CASH for anything you have to sell. 


Henshilwood, Andrew, laborer, res I^ near Twenty-fourth' 

Hensley, Geo B, supt Cable road, res 970 Ninth 

Hepburn, Jos ly, accountant, 1914 First, res same 

Herbert, John, laborer, res Victoria hotel 

Herbert, W M, book-keeper, Geo W Marston, res 2342 C 

Herold, Miss Annie, dressmaker, res 628 Kearney ave 

Herold, Miss Rose, music teacher, res 628 Kearney ave 

Herrick, Geo, driver Diamond Carriage Co, res Coronado 

Herrington, B A, carpenter. Twenty-eighth and K 

Herzog, Frank, City Garden saloon, cor Fifth and B 

Hester, Max, musician, res 1504 Logan ave 

Hertwecic, C F, salesman with V Bruschi & Co, res 433 Sixth 

Hewes, Frank, clerk with Nye & Nissen, res 1022 A 

Hewitt, D H, capitalist, res cor Seventh and B 

Hewitt House, Mrs C T Hewitt, cor 7th and E 

Hewitt, John, saloon, cor Sixth and K, res 1821 H 

Hewitt, Miss C H, artist, res 2204 Fourth 

Hewitt, Mrs, res 2204 Fourth 

Hewson, Jas M, at Star stables, res Eighth bet J and K 

Hiatt, M B & Son, contractors, 708 Franklin 

Hiatt, E E, (M B Hiatt & Son), res 708 Franklin 

Hiatt Harry, with Thompson & McDowell, res Twenty-fifth and 

Hiatt, MB, (MB Hiatt & Son), res 708 Franklin 
Hickey, T W, railroadman, res Sixteenth 
Hickman, E C, business manager Great Southwest, 18 Lawyers 

blk, res Cuyamaca Club 
Hickox, L M, contractor and builder, res 1430 State 
Hicks, advertiser with M German, res H 
Hicks J V, res 2624 L 

Hicks, W ly, saloon, 244 Fifth, res 250 Fifth 
Hicks, Mrs W L, restaurant 250 Fifth, res same 
Hicks, Mrs, res 1624 F 
Higgins, A E, special deputy collector of customs, res Fourth 

and Olive 
Higgins, Fred, tinner with Cuyamaca Tin Shop, res Eighteenth 

and G near Eighteenth 


Higgins, & Clouse, (T D Higgins, J K Clouse), props Chula 

Vista nursery, res Chula Vista 
Higgins, Herbert R, res 15 12 Ash 
Higgins, lyee, driver with Pioneer Truck Co, res E, bet Fifteenth 

and Sixteenth 
Higgins, T D, (Higgins & Clouse), res Chula Vista 
Higgins, L^eroy, teamster, res 2356 F 
Higgins, Thos, notary public, 1420 E, res at St James 
Higgins, Thos J, capitalist, res 15 12 Ash 
HIGH, M. C, manager Fifth ave stables, res cor Fifth and B 
HIGH, S. C, manager Fifth ave stables, res 1224 Tenth 
HIGH, W. E., prop Fifth ave stables, res Third bet A and B 
High, Miss Jennie, clerk White House, res cor Eleventh and G 

Highland, Alex, res 547 Milton ave 
Hilb, Geo S & Co (Geo S and Geo Hilb), blacksmiths and wa- 

gonmakers, 1316 India, res same 
Hilb, Geo, (Geo S Hilb & Co), res 1316 India 
Hilb, Jos F, printer with C F Kamman, res cor India and A 
Hilderbrand, John, tallyman with Russ M & ECo, resCoronado 
Hildreth, Dr H, physician and surgeon, res at Emerson house 
Hildreth, Hugh R, res 1468 Third 
Hildreth, H W, printer, 930 Sixth bet D and E 
Hildreth, James E, 1468 Third 
Hildreth, Walter A, res 1468 Third 
Hill & Bovet, dressmakers, 823 Sixth 

Hill, Ered, with Cal Savings Bank, res University Heights 
Hill, Geo H, capitalist, res at Florence 

Hill, Thomas, tinner with Cuyamaca Tin Shop, res 823 Sixth 
Hill, W K, metal worker, res 1160 Third 
Hill, Miss Clara, res 422 Sixth 
Hill, MrsW K, (Hill & Bovet), res Third nearB 
Hillman, Henry, rancher, res 138 Sixteenth 
Hilton, A C, groceries, res 1939 K cor Eleventh 
Hilton, F A, carpenter, res 333 Boston ave 
Hilton, Geo O, horticulturist, res 1253 Twelfth 
Hilton, Robt A, nurseryman, res 1253 Twelfth 
Hilton, Miss Eibbie, res 1253 Twelfth 
Hilton, Miss Mary, res 1253 Twelfth 


Hilts, Wm D, prop Detroit Bakery, 1152 Fourth, res same 
Himebaugh, H H, real estate and notary public, 1336 D, res 

Kearney ave bet Twenty-fifth and Twenty-sixth 
HINDE, CHARLES T., manager, sec and treas Spreckels Bros 

Commercial Co and manager Santa Fe wharfF, res C ave 

bet Ninth and Tenth, Coronado 
HINKE, FRED, (Scott, Hinke & Co), res Cable Hotel, Fourth 
Hinkle, E C, law student, res 2145 Fourth 
Hinkle, W S, loan broker, 1426 E, res 2145 Fourth 
Hinkley, C H, teamster, 1369 India 
Hinman, B C, printer, res 2440 Front 
Hinman, Daniel B, retired, 2440 Front 
Hinman, Mrs M C, res 3294 M 
Hinter, J B, retired, res 732 Eighth 
Hinters, Oscar, barber, 926 Fourth res Sun Bldg 
Hinters, Mrs Maggie, furnished rooms 15 Sun Bldg 
HINTON DANCING ACADEHY, Express Block, cor Sixth and 

F, third floor 
HINTON, PROF. B., principal Dancing Academy, res Lafayette 

Hipwell, R J, grocer, Thirteenth and K, res First bet Walnut 

and Brookes Cleveland Heights 
Hitchcock, Geo N, land agt, 709 Sixth, res 1620 E 
Hitchcock, A E, real estate, 709 Sixth, res Roxbury 
Hoban, Frank, watchman at Spreckel's whf, 445 Irving ave 
Hobelson, A, capitalist, res 118 Grand ave 
Hobert, Chas, lumber yard, res 658 Third 
Hocking, W J, carpenter, res Roseville 
Hodge, H C, groceries, 133 1 D, res 1027 Ash 
Hodge, H M, with H C Hodge, res 1027 Ash 
Hodge, E O, collector city water dep't, res 505 Twenty-first 
Hodge, Miss Anna Louise, teacher in public schools, res 845 

Hodge, Mrs Noah, res 505 Twenty-first 
Hodge, Mrs S A, res 954 Fifth 

Hodgins, res Thirty-fourth and R 

Hodgkinson, Mrs Jesse, res Columbia and Kalmia 
Hoch, E O, barber, 744 Sixth, res same 


Hoenig, Wm, machinist, with Standard Iron Works 

HOFF, JOHN D., ASBESTOS CO., factory on Pacific Beach 
Motor Line, office 923 Fourth 

HOFF, JOHN D., manager Asbestos Co, res Eleventh and C 

Hofi", h E, teamster, res 2334 F 

Hoif, Paul, harnessmaker, foreman with Montejo, res 722 

Hoffman, Chas, carpenter, res 191 7 H 

Hoffman, Charles, cigars and tobacco, 568 Fifth, res H and 
Tenth > 

Hoffman, D C, saddler, res 710 Seventh 

Hoffman, Fred, laborer, res 783 State 

Hoffman, J, clerk with I Kauffman, res 646 Twelfth 

Hoffman, Nick, butcher with Chas S Hardy, res slaughter yard 

Hoffman, Wm, candy maker at Mielke's candy factory, res 649 

Hoffman, L,, fruit man, 649 Fourteenth 

Hoffman, Miss Minnie, res Walnut and Albatross 

Hoffman, Mrs C E, dressmaker, res F, bet Seventh and Eighth 

Hofto, Lon^ res Mission Vallej- 

Hogue, Ole, res Mission Valley 

Holbrook, Albert, captain yacht Jesse D, res St Elmo Hotel 

Holcomb, N E, groceries, 2247 H, res same 

Holden, James A, with Hamilton & Co^res Front and A 

Holden, O S, grocer, res 811 Irving ave 

Holden, res 1255 Eighteenth 

Holdrich, Mrs, res The Royal 

Holdsworth, F A, gen mg'r Eower Cal Development Co' s steam- 
ships, 1022 Fourth, res San Quintin 

HOLLAND, C. F., [Shaw & Holland], res cor Fifteenth and C 

Holland, J C, contractor, res 743 Tenth 

Hollaran, Thos, laborer, 2416 I 

Hollington, Dr. Wm, retired, res 169 Twenty-first 

Hollington, L F, collector S D Gas & Electric Light Co, res 
Twenty-first and L 

HOLLISTER, THE, Mrs M H Ellis prop, 1620 F 

Holliway, N M, City Transfer Co, res 181 2 Fourth 


Holmes, Geo, book-keeper S D & Cor Transfer Co, res at Tre- 

mont house 
Holmes, R R, salesman with K F Rockfellow, res 1028 14th 
Holt House, Mrs S Holt, prop, cor H and Fifteenth 
Holt, Mrs, S, prop Holt house, res same 
Holwell, Robt, day nursery, res 1236 Eighteenth 
Homann, Gus, bar tender People's Hall, res Tower house 
HOMCEOPATHIC PHARMACY, Maria B. Averill, M D, prop, 

946 Sixth 
Honeslah, C, upholsterer, cor Fourth and A, res Ninteenth and A 
Honeywell, W5i, (Hemsley & Honeywell), res 17th and L, 
Hook and Ladder Co, No i, Ninth bet H and I 
Hook and Ladder Co, No 2, Twenty-fourth and Kearney ave 
HOOKER, A. H., (Mathews & Hooker), res 927 Twelfth 
Hooker, Beau A, clerk with Chas A Chase, res 2021 E 
Hooker, J B, retired res 869 Eleventh 

Hooker, W C, compositor Sun office res Twelfth bet F and G 
H ')oker, Wm T, sidewalk contractor, res 19 The Willard 
Hooker, Victor, with Johnson & Co, res Eleventh and E 
Hookc*, Miss Emma, res 1665 Union 

Hoole, S F, horse market. Fourth and H, res 661 Sixteenth 
Hopkins, A F, orchardist, res Roseville 
Hopkinson, W, res Pacific Beach 
Hoppf, Paul, barkeeper at St Nicholas, res same 
Horn, J E, boot and shoemaker, 1048, Fifth, res 155 1, Fifth 
Horn, John V, cigar maker at Sensenbrenners res 1039 Fourth 
Hornbeck, J H res Mission Valley 
Hornbeck, Miss Maggie, res Mission Valley 
HORNING, J. L., manager Model Steam Laundry, 2370 F, res 

2022 E 
Horton, A E, capitalist, res Olive and Columbia 
HORTON HOUSE, W E Hadley prop, D bet Third and Fourth 
Horton House Barber Shop, A F Rucks prop, 1016 Fourth 
Hose Co No 2, Sixth bet I and J 
HOSFORD, C. H., (J R Dunkin & Co), res Campus ave, Uni- 

iversity Heights 
Hosier, dairj^, Chollas Valley 
Hoskin, O F blacksmith, 316 National ave res 328 Clay ave 


Hoskins, Wm, expressman, res 830 Sixteenth 

Hosman, A J, hotel porter, res 1620 State 

HOTEL BREWSTER, J. E. O'Brien manager, cor Fourth and C 

Hotel D'Europe, John Stanovich prop, 459 Fifth 

HOTEL FLORENCE, John C Fisher owner arid prop, Stuart 

Kennedy manager, bet Third and Fourth Fir and Grape, 

Florence Heights 
Hotel Grand Central, J F, Nadeau prop. Sixth and H 
House, E L, driver with S J Sill, res Seventh and Beech 
House, Mrs Carrie, messauge treatment, res Eangham 
Houser, IvOuis, with F Heilbron, res 340 Twelfth 
Houten, Evan, manager Turf Saloon, res same 
Houx, B F, surveyor, res 841 Second 
HOWARD, BRYANT, president Consolidated National Bank, res 

cor Tenth and B 
Howard, H A, mining, room 3 Allyn Blk 
Howard, H L,, with S D Street Car Co, res 857 Seventh 
Howard, J, master mariner, res 1218 Atlantic 
Howard, J D, retired, res 850 Eighth 

Howard, J E, contractor and builder, res 642 Kearney ave 
Howard, John, music teacher, 928 Sixth, res same 
Howard, L, B, miner, res Hotel Brewster 
Howard, T A, with S D Street Car Co, res 820 Eighth 
HOWARD, W. E., wholesale Flour, Feed and Produce, 225 to 

233 Fifth, res 3348 G 
Howard, Winslow, watch maker with M German, res St James 
Howard, Miss Edna E, with ED Kirby & Co, res cor Twenty- 
fifth and Kearney ave 
Howell, Miss Minnie U, teacher in B street school, res 18 14 G 
Howetson, J H, brick mason, 120 Sixteenth 
Hoyer, Adolph, barbershop, 2133 K, res same 
Hoyle, D P, foreman watch de'pt German's, res cor Walnut and 

Hubbard, Chas, tallyman with Russ Lumber Co, res 658 Third 
Hubbard, Robert M, brick maker, res 1654 Union 
HUBBARD, ni5S A. R., book-keeper with M A Wertheimer & 

Co, res 926 E 
Hubblefelt, G, res 761 Twelfth 


Hubbs, B I, clerk, res 1040 Second 

Hubon, Fred L,, clerk at auditor's ofl6ce, res 843 Eighth 

Hubon, Irving A, res 1366 Second 

Hubon, L J, carpet layer, res 1622 D 

Hubon, Mrs S A, res 1622 D 

Hudson, C K, book-keeper, res 802 lyOgan ave 

Hudson, Hesse, lawn gardener, res 547 Mational ave 

Hudson, J W, retired, 808 Logan ave 

Hueber, Theodore, clerk with M F Heller, res 1902 F 

HUEFNER, E., (steam dyeing and cleaning works), res 140 

Huffman, Jules, with C Kauffman, res 664 Twelfth 
Huffman, Mrs Berta, res 520 National ave 
Hufft, Geo W, fisherman, res Atlantic, bet D and K 
Huggins, J W, retired, res cor J and Twentieth 
Hughes, A, foreman stables Diamond Carriage Co, res Coronado 
Hughes, A B, cab driver Pac Transfer and Gurney Cab Co, res 

1033 Second 
Hughes, J H, res Twenty-fourth and C 

HUQHE5, J. W., (Conklin & Hughes) res Twenty-fourth and C 
Hughes, James, farmer, res 349 H 

HUGHES, nOSES, (Standard Iron Works), res 205 Logan ave 
Hughes, P, carpenter, res 349 H 
Hughes, S B, carpenter, res at the Brooklyn 
Hughes, W D, clerk with W F Braun & Co res 633 Fifth 
Hughes, Ada, clerk with L Speyer, res 633 Fifth 
Hughes, Mrs B V, res Emerson house 
Hughes, Mrs E J, res 131 Grand ave 
Hughes, Mrs H, prop of the Brooklj^n, res same 
Hulbert, R G, physician, McGnrck blk, cor Fifth and H, res 

cor Twenty-eighth and National ave 
Hull, H C, with S D Beef and Packing Co, res 1544 Fourth 
Hull, H J, clerk with Harbison Grocer Co, res 2436 G 
Hull, Ray, messenger S D Dist Tel Co, res Thirteenth near H 
HULSE, ALBERT P., custom house broker and notary public, 

Hortcn House blk, res cor Fifth and Fir 
Humerslough, Joseph, clerk with T Czerwinsky, res Third and E 
Humes, Chas F, attorney-at-law, res Cuyamaca Club 


Hume, John, carpenter, res 738 Irving ave 

HUMPHREY, WILLIAM, attorney-at-law, Nesmith-Greeley 

blk, 825 Fifth, res 755 Twentieth 
Humphrey, C B, retired army officer, 13 16 First 

Britt, Ben Goodrich), attorneys-at-law, 5 to 13 I^awyer's blk 
HUNSAKER, W. J., (Hunsaker, Britt & Goodrich), res cor 

First and Juniper 
Hunsaker, Miss lyaura, teacher, res cor First and Juniper 
Hunn, Frederick W, clerk at postoffice, res 1440 First 
Hunneywell, W E, barber, res 141 Seventeenth 
Hunt, Dr Nathan, physician and surgeon, room 34 Grand Pa- 
cific, cor Fifth and J 
HUNT, GEO. E. P., boats built and to rent, 848 Atlantic 
HUNT, n. C, ma nager Pacific Postal Telegraph Co, cor Fifth 

andE, res 818 Sixth 
HUNT, WM. C, house and sign painter, 1614 H, bet Seventh 

and Eighth, res 5 Ninteenth 
HUNT, WM. C, jr., with Wm C Hunt, res 5 Ninteenth 
Hunt, Miss A C, teacher Sherman school 
Hunter C W, Carpenter, res 837 Milton ave 
Hunter, Charles, soldier, res 530 F 
Hunter, Henry, porter Spreckel's wharf, res Coronado 
Hunter, Vance, clerk M V Carroll, res 934 lyOgan ave 
Huntington, James, mining, res Fourth and University 
Huntley, Mrs, res 458 Eighteenth 
Hurbert, Mrs, res Second and Thornton 
Hurlbut, Frank, carpenter, res Pacific Beach 
Hurlbut, Miss J M, stenographer with Russ Lumber and Mill 

Co, res Pacific Beach 
Hurlbut, Mrs C M, res 740 Thirteenth 
Hurst, H, shoemaker, 1322 F, res same 
Hussy, J C, with Chula Vista nursery, res National City 
Hutson, Mrs D, res 530 E 

HUTTON, W. F., (Gould, Hutton & Co), res First, bet E and F 
Huzzey, Charles, res Park Boulevard and Filmore ave ' 
Hyde, A E, carpenter, res 1544 Fifth 
Hyde, G F, res 1544 Fifth 


HYERS, F. C, barber shop, 1321 D bet Fourth and Fifth, res 

Third near University 
Hylund, C J, miner, res 547 Milton ave 
Hynding, Peter, shoemaker, 131 1 F res 1039 Thirteenth 

lbs, George H, merchant, res 514 Twentieth 

ICE COnPANY, CORONADO, C B Daggett manager, 1330 E ' 

Inchelhart, John, baker, res 761 Twelfth 

INDIA STREET PLANING MILL, Olsen, Graham & Weldon, 

props, s ecor India and B 
Ingalls, Ed, landscape photographer, res 2355 F 
Ingerbretsen, Chas, carpeiiter, res 434 Fourteenth 
INQERSOLL, A, M., manufacturer and dealer in candies, ice 

cream and soda, 816 Fifth, res Llewelyn blk 
Ingham, S W, rancher, res 1257 Eleventh 
Ingham, Miss Kate, res 1257 Eleventh 
Ingle, Fred, with Sam G Ingle, cor Seventh and Ash 
Ingle, Heber, res s e cor Seventh and Ash 
Ingle, J J, law student with Trippet & Neale, res Seventh and 

■ Ash 
INGLE, SAMUEL G., wholesale and retail hardware 725 Fifth, 

726 Sixth, res 146 1 Sixth 
Ingraham, W B, prop Coronado Chemical Works, res 17 19 F 
Inker, Geo, boot and shoe maker, 557 Twelfth, res same 
Innes, Miss Emily, res 2058 Albatress 
Inness, Mrs Geo, res 2058 Albatross, cor Hawthorn 

936 Fifth 
Ironside, Dr R B, retired, res 2445 Front 
Irwin, Geo, druggist on U S steamer San Francisco 
Irwin, S R, carpenter, res 1445 Columbia 
ISAACS, M., prop of the Arcade, res Leland house 
ISAACS, L., prop of the Arcade, res at Leland house 
Isele, John, res 292 Sixteenth 


Isentroth, John, bricklayer, res 2340 G 

ISHAM, A. H., (Story & Isham Com Co), res 701 Thirty-second 

Israel, J P, painter, res North San Diego 

Israel, M C, laborer, res 1212 Tenth 

Israel, R D, farmer, res North San Diego 

Iverson, C, expressman, res B and Atlantic 

Iverson, Tony, coachman, res 2170 Fourth 

Ives, H W, deputy county tax collector, res cor Seventh and E 

JACKSON, F. W., sec'y S D Gas and Elec Light Co, res cor 
Seventh and C 

Jackson, HE, carpenter, res 848 E 

Jackson, J C, res 957 R 

Jackson, Thomas, laborer, res 868 Fifteenth 

JACOB, A. J., propr Chicago Shoe Store, 634 Fifth, res C 
and Eleventh 

Jacobs, John, waiter Hotel Florence 

JACOBY, H. M., (Norman-Jacoby Grocery Co), res 627 Twenty- 

JACOBY, MISS J. BELLE, book-keeper Norman-Jacoby Grocer 

Co, res 627 Twenty-second 
Jacques, Burkill, fruit ranch, res 1442 Seventh 
Jadwin, A J, blacksmith, cor Fourteenth and G, res 2540 H 
Jaggle, Joseph, bottler with F Heilbron, res 121 Fourteenth 
James, Frank, printer, res 836 Seventh 
James, F A, carpenter, res 618 Main 
James, P, saloon, 527 Fifth 
James, Mrs M A, res 836 Seventh 
James, Mrs O M, res 1160 First 
Jameson & Kroah, (Walter Jameson, W H Kroah), saloon, 

1240 F 
Jamison, Frank, longshoreman, res Grand Pacific 
Jameson, Wm, sticker with India St Planing Mill, res 752 First 
Jameson, Walter, (Jameson & Kroah), res Second and G 


Jamul Portland Cement Mfng Co, Warren Wilson pres, B Mac- 
ready secy, office rooms 3 and 4 Sun Bldg, works Jamul 

Jaskas, Mary, help at 1210 Sixth 

Jean, Joseph, book-keeper at Hotel D' Europe, res same 

JEFFERIS, F. D., cigars and tobacco, 1317 D, res 1059 Tenth 

Jefferis, Thos G, carpenter, res 1059 Tenth 

Jeffers, Miss Jennie, res 3006 K 

Jeffery, James, farmer, res 2370 F 

JefFery, Miss Edith, embosser with M German, res E bet Fifteenth 
and Sixteenth 

Jellison, Nathan, with West Coast Lumber Co, res 1129 India 

Jenkins, Earnest, clerk with M A Wertheimer & Co, res 
Sixteenth and C 

Jenkins, G F, mechanic, res 1431 State 

Jenkins, Hay ward, laborer, res Union and Fir 

Jenkins, H B, mechanic, res 1431 State 

Jenkins, Henry, carpenter, s w cor Sixteenth and C 

Jenkins, Dr G W, retired dentist, res 2028 Third 

Jenks, C C, attorn ey-at-law, res 1145 Ninth 

JENKS, CHANCELLOR, L., JR., attorney at-law, 7 and 8 
Marston Block, res 644 D 

Jenks, G W, physician and surgeon, office and residence 617 

JENKS, M. W., dealer in diamonds, watches, jewelry, optical 
goods, etc, 808 Fifth, res 848 Seventh 

Jennings, Frank S, attorney-at-law, res Roseville 

Jennings, Fred M, deputy sheriff, res Roseville 

Jensen, JF, (Forster & Jensen), rooms Morse, Whaley & Dal- 
ton Blk 

Jensen, N M, res Mission Valley 

Jensen, Thos, with W G Walz Co, res 1629 F 

Jepsen, Christian, res 227 Twelfth 

Jereslaw, W, boots and shoes, 741 and 743 Fifth, res 1151 Ninth 

Jersey Milk Co, (DC Weston & Son) 

JEWELL & CO., money brokers and dealers in stock and bonds 
7 and 8 Kline blk 

JEWELL, A. W., (Jewell & Co), res 1052 Eleventh 

Jewell, W S, res Royal house 


Jewish Tabernacle, cor Second and Beech 

Jex, Mrs Hannah, res 809 Logan ave 

Jobbitt, Thomas, contractor, res Morena 

Jobes, J W, teamster, S D Lumber Co, res Fourteenth, bet L 

and M 
Johnson, Arthur C, soldier, res 530 F 

Johnson, A P jr, deputy county recorder, res 529 Twenty-first 
Johnson, Brady, with Smith Thomas, res same 
JOHNSON & CO. (P M Johnson, J E Connell, S W Johnson), 

undertakers and embalmers, 907 Sixth, near E 
Johnson & Kerr, propr's Alta Stables, Third and Grape 
Johnson, Chas, coachmen, res 1008 Nutmeg 
Johnson, Clive N, carpenter, res North Chollas Valley, El Cajon 

Johnson, Ed, waiter, Hotel Florence 
Johnson, F A, shipping clerk with Russ Lumber Co, res 444 

Johnson, F B, farmer, res cor Twenty-eighth and Logan ave 
Johnson, Geo, sack sewer S D Feed Mills, res Tenth bet Land M 
Johnson, Geo A, res North San Diego 
Johnson, Geo H, cigars and tobacco, 646 Fifth, res same 
Johnson, Governor, cook with Commercial Restaurant, res cor 

State and F 
Johnson, Gus, gardener, res C and Twenty-sixth 
Jahnson, J A, car driver, res 833 Eighteenth 
Johnson, Jas, barber, 913 Fifth, res Florence Heights 
Johnson, J L, carpenter, res Everett and Twenty-sixth 
Johnson, K, longshoreman, res 735 Front 
JOHNSON, MONROE, secy and treas Savings Bank of San 

Diego county, res Chula Vista 
Johnson, P, Dew Drop saloon, res 437 H 
JOHNSON, P. n., (Johnson & Co), res 930 Seventh 
Johnson, R A, salesman with W E Howard, res 651 Sixteenth 
Johnson, R H, carpenter, res Seventeenth bet L and M 
Johnsoti, Solomon, janitor, res 823 F 
JOHNSON, S. W., (Johnson & Co), res 930 Seventh 
Johnson, Thos G, ship carpenter, res 729 E 


Johnson, W, fireman, res Eleventh and I 

Johnson, W G, fireman at Cable power house, res 2003 J 

Johnson, W T, (Johnson & Kerr), res Second and Grape 

Johnson, Miss Anna, chambermaid, Hotel Brewster, res same 

Johnson, Miss Bertha, servant, res 2170 Fourth 

Johnson, Miss Effie, teacher and type writer, res 1430 Ash 

Johnson, Miss Treda, servant 2405 First cor Kalmia 

Johnson, Miss Fritze, res 736 Thirteenth 

Johnson, Miss, res Thirtieth and R 

Johnson, Miss Eouise, laundress, S D laundry res 1170 State, 

Johnson, Mrs Hattie, res 931 Fifth 

Johnson, Mrs R H, res 2225 C 

Johnson, Mrs Zilla, at Liquid Fuel lunch room, res F and Front 

Johnston, A, carpenter, res Tenth bet Beech and Cedar 

Johnston, F E contractor and builder, res 408 Thirteenth 

Johnston, F V, salesman with Geo A E Urban, res cor Thir- 
teenth and J 

JOHNSTON, J. A., manager City Printing Co, res Commercial 

Johnteton, Miss S, milliner with Cash millinery store, res Uni- 
versity ave 

Johnstone, Henry S, with J S Johnstone, res 1423 First 

Johnstone, J H, lumberman res 714 Twelfth 

JOHNSTONE, J. S., plumber, gas and steam fitter, 964 Sixth, 
res 1423 First 

Jollivet, E T, jeweler, res Holt house 

Jones, A, cable car conductor 

Jones & Co, (T J and E R Jones), props of the Wonder, 939 

Jones, A H, railroader, 708 Third 

Jones, Alfred, mining expert, res 548 Kearney ave 

Jones, B W, street car conductor, res 1965 Fifth 

Jones, C, real estate, res India and Palm 

Jones, Henry, cashier White House, res Ninth bet I and J 

Jones, J A, laborer, res St Elmo 

Jones, James F, farming, res 333 Clay ave 

Jones, Jas P, county horticultural commissioner, office 915 
Fourth, res Silver Terrace, Mission Valley 


JONES, JOHNSTONE, district attorney, office court house, res 

2157 Fourth 
Jones, Ivatham W, wholesale stockman, res 819 First 
Jones, Ivce, hack driver with Pac Trans & Gurney Cab Co, res 

Tower house 
Jones, L, R, The Wonder, res cor D and Fourteenth 
Jones, Nathan, waiter, Hotel Florence 
Jones, Pat, fruit pedler res 647 Front 

Jones, R C, clerk with G B Grow & Co, res 754 Fourteenth 
Jones, Richard A, with Klauber & lycvi, res 772 Front 
Jones, R M, real estate, res 2053 Fifth 
Jones, S P, retired, res 1640 G 
Jones, T G, Pacific livery stable, res 1734 Third 
Jones, Thomas, driver with Klauber & Ivcvi, res Commercial 

Jones, T J, The Wonder, res cor D and Fourteenth 
Jones, T J, salesman with West Coast Lumber Co, res 2242 D 
Jones, U R, expressman, res Thirty-first and I^ogan ave 
Jones, W ly, newspaper man, 542 Twenty-first bet H and I 
JONES, VICTOR, wholesale wines and liquors, 544 Fifth, res 

Tower house 
Jones, Miss ly'R, teacher Sherman Heights school 
Jones, Mrs Hattie, res Third and H 
Jones, Mrs W E, 1058 Second 

Jonson, F P, deputy sheriff, res Metropolitan > 

JORDAN, A. D., attorney-at-law, room 4 Sun bldg, res 726 

Jordan, Ed, blacksmith, res St Elmo house 
Jordan, T B, night clerk Hotel Florence 
JORRES, Q. W., cashier Bank of Commerce res 1267 Union 
Jorres, Wm, prop Jorres wharf, res 1217 Union 
Joslin, David, res 2148 E 

Josselyn, C F, real estate, res Paradise Valley 
Jost, Joseph, Jr., cigars and tobacco, 852 Fifth, res at Bon Ton 
Jost, Joseph, Sen, cigars and robacco, 924 D res Bon Ton blk 
Journeay, George, contractor, res 670 Twentieth 
Joy, T B, deputy count}^ tax collector, res 944 State 
Juch, Miss Ida, clerk White House, res Third bet E and F 


Judd, C W, photographer, 860 Fifth, res Old Town 

Jud, D, tailor, res Twenty-seventh bet G and F 

Judkins, Benjamin F, res I^inda Vista 

Judson, A W, stove repairer, 655 G 

Judson, G Frank, speculator, res Eighteenth bet C and D 

JUDSON. JOHN, supervisor, (res San Pasqual), 

props, office 1427 E 

JULIAN & SONS, (A H, W A and G F Julian), stoves, tin- 
ware, plumbing and tinning, 532 Fifth bet H and I 

JULIAN, A. H., (Julian & Sons), res 1052 Twelfth 

JULIAN, Q. F., (Julian & Sons), res Santa Monica 

JULIAN, W. A., (Julian & Sons), res 745 Fifteenth 

Julian, J M, capitalist, 1566 Sixth 

Junipero Water Co, First National Bank blk 

Junker, Paul, rancher, res 606 Main 

Junker, Mrs E, midwife, res 1327 Tenth 


Kaatz Mrs Ottilie, reS 1422 First 

Kahl, J F, res 1629 Union 

Kahle, J F, Jr, harness maker, res 912 Sixth 

Kaidel J T, Minneapolis restaurant 1543 Fifth 

Kaley, Philip, laborer, California and Fir 

Kalvelage & Mueller, (C Kalvelage & Jacob Mueller), wines and 
liquors, 1502-6 India 

Kalvelage, C, (Kaloelage & Mueller), res 29 Main 

Kamman, C F, pub Sud California Deutsche Zeitung, book and 
job printer, 764 Fourth, res Coronado 

Kampling, & Stoner, (B Kampling & Wm Stoner), livery. Third 
bet E and F 

Kampling, B, (Kampling &Storer), res 855 Second 

KANSAS STABLE, Elsea Bros proprs, Frank McGuire man- 
ager, livery feed and sale, cor Fourth and I 

Kantz, Geo, fruit grower, res Filmore and Park Boulevard 


Karehen, Krnest, tailor with W Bhrhardt, res Plaza Palace 

Kastle, John, capitalist, res 758 Fifth 

KAUFFMAN, C, meat taarket, 1545 F, res same 

KaufFman, Chas A, first cutter with Chas S Hardy, res Seve.nth 

and F 
Kauffman, Ed, with Bay City Market, res 936 Ninth 
KAUFFMAN, I., clothing and gents furnishings, 651 Fifth, res 

644 Twelfth 
Kauffman, Miss Alice, help at Grand Hotel, res same 
Kaymer, W, with M Bunce, rooms Willett House, B 
Kearney, D H, carpenter, res 1151 Third 
Kearney, D S, livery stable, 521 Seventh, res Union House 
Kearney Mrs B A, res 15 18 Logan ave 
Keating, M, retired, 864 Arctic 
Keating, Mrs George, res Fifth and Olive 
KEELER, H. B., freight and passenger agt Santa Fe route, 1242 

D, res 1620 C 
Keenan, J Williams, student with A E Nutt, res Fifth and Spruce 
Keenan, Mrs A J, res Fifth and Spruce 
Keeney, D, res Vermont House 
Keeton, painter, res 767 Fifteenth 
Kelley, E C, farmer, res 2351 F 
Kelley, F M, res 746 Eleventh 
Kehoe, Wra, deputy fish patrol, Atlantic, foot of D 
Keiler, John, expressman, res 2230 J 
Keith, A D & Co, (A D Keith and A J Knapp), prop'rs South 

Pacific Nurseries, office 141 9 F, yards at Ninth and G 
Keith, A D, (A D Keith & Co), res 553 Nineteenth 
Keith, Capt J, pilot, res 2455 Albatross 
Keith, Miss Kittie, sales clerk with Geo W Marston, res 553 

Keith, Mrs Ella, dressmaker, res 836 Eleventh 
Kellam, C C, agt with Eand & Town Co, National City, res 

cor Third and A 
Keller, E, cable conductor, res Cable Hotel 
Keller, F G, upholsterer, res 2528 N 

Keller, J E, collector Cal Nat'l Bank, res Campus ave Univers- 
ity Heights 


KEITH, A. D. & CO., (A D Keith, A J Knapp) propr South Pa- 
cific Nursery 1419 F and cor Finth and G 

KEITH, A. D., (A D Keith & Co) res 553 Nineteenth 

Keller, James M, treas Fisher Opera House 

Keller John J, iron worker, res 2528 N 

KELLER, Dr. M. B., county coroner, res Escondido 

Keller, Mrs C, res 2528 N 

Kelley, Joseph, contractor, res 1424 California 

Kelley, Mrs Bridget, res 1243 Front 

Kelley, Miss Mary^ res Union and Kalmia 

Kelley, Mrs Jane, res Langham 

Kelley, Mrs Mary, res 1133 Third 

Kellogg, E T, retired, res Third and Ivy 

Kellogg, R F, res at Ivafayette house 

Kellogg, Miss Julia, res at Lafayette house 

Kellogg, Miss Nellie M, res Third and Ivy 

Kelly, F, (Stelzner & Kelly), res same 

Kelly, Frank, waiter. Hotel Florence 

Kelly, Frank, watchman S D Lumber Co, cor Sixth and L 

Kelly, P, painter, res 156 Sixteenth 

Kemp, Amos, presser with J Nauman, res Arctic and A 

Kenck, Christian, res 1907 E 

Kendall, Mrs, 1827 Third 

Kenicke, H F, barber, 436 Fifth, res foot Seventh 

Kennedy, C Geo, bartender at Godthorpe's, res 1638 India 

Kennedy, Jas, blacksmith, 1638 India 

Kennedy, John, engineer, resLaJolla Park 

KENNEDY, NAT., city treasurer and tax collector, office city 
hall, res 2125 Fourth 

KENNEDY, STUART, manager Hotel Florence, res at hotel 

Kennedy, WJ, Court House Exchange, res 1638 India 

Kennedy, Mrs J B, res Tremont House 

Kenny, Geo L, agt of H H Bancroft, Bancroft bldg, res Second 
and Hawthorne 

Kenney, Miss Ida, res 952 Thirteenth 

Kenny, Miss Marguerite, telegraph operator. Peninsular Cal Ry 
Co, 1022 Fourth ' 

Kenyon, Andrew S, searcher of records, 42 Lawyer's blk 


Kerr, F, bartender with John J Hewett, res cor Sixth and K 

Kerr, H L, (Johnson & Kerr), res Second and Grape 

Kerr, Patrick, carpenter, res 1918 Columbia 

Kerr, rancher, Johnson Heights 

Kerr, Miss Stella, saleslady with Prentice & Co, rooms at Orizaba 

Kerr, Miss Julia with G M Greenebaum 

Kerber, H, saloonist, cor India and B 

Kerfoot, Dr J H, res 717 Harrison ave 

Kerren, James, res 1105 Thirteenth 

Kerren, Mrs E, res North San Diego 

Kershner, Mrs Dell, res the Langham, 

Kerwin, Miss Annie, res 1133 Third 

Kerz, Antone, laborer, res 726 Fifth 

Kessler, C F, res 1222 Sixth 

Kessler, Frank, horseman, with veternary and boarding stables 

KEW, M., attorney-at-law, Marston blk cor Fifth and F, res 
1424 F 

Keyes, Geo C, deputj'^ city assessor, res 1226 Fourth 

Keyes, L,, retired, res 932 Twelfth 

Keyes, W S, printer with Econony Printing Co, res 430 Clay av 

Keyes, Mrs Ann, res 426 Clay ave 

Keystone, boarding house, 943 Tenth 

KIESSIG, CHARLES, fire-arms, ammunition and fishing tackle. 
The L,eading Gun Store, Tower House, cor 4th and F 

Kies, F, retired, res 2742 H 

Kimball, I M, sailmaker, Atlantic bet D and E 

KIMES, J. E., (Burnett & Kimes), res cor Eighteenth and B 

Kimmer, Frank, cook, 329 Milton ave 

Kincaid, S A, stonemason, res 450 Irving 

Kindleberger, Jefferson, carpenter, 13 14 A, res 137 1 Fifth 

KINDLER, ALBERT, sanitary pluming, gas and steam fitting 
and tinner, 743 Sixth, res 530 Sixteei^th 

King, A, coal oil, 1610 H, res same 

King, J, help Hotel Brewster, res same 

KING, LAWRIE&CO, [Wm N King, Alvah K I^awrie], invest- 
ment bankers, Fisher Opera House, Fourth 

King, W H, with West Coast Lumber Co, res 664 Columbia 


KING, WILLI An N., [King, I^awrie & Co], res cor First and 

King, Mrs K, res 2004 Fourth 

King, Mrs Fannie, dress and cloak making, 16 10 H, res same 

King, Mrs Stovold, dressmaker, 1162 Fourth 

Kingsbury & Co, [A C Kingsbury, C H Williams], contractors 
and builders, 318 Fifth 

Kingsbury, A C, [Kingsbury & Co], res Milton ave 

Kingsbury, A C, carpenter, res 321 Olive ave 

Kingston, Edward, butcher Golden State Market, res 1432 Sixth 

Kingston, Mrs Pauline, res 1044 Fir 

Kingswood, John, expressman, res 1224 Atlantic 

Kinley, Joseph M, attorney-at-law, room 17 Pierce-Morse blk 

Kinney, A K, supt S D, C & E Ry, res 356 Twelfth 

Kinney, Edmund, road master Cuyamaca Ry, res 1044 Ninth 

Kinney, G I, supt S D Gas and Elec lyt Co, res Eleventh and G 

KINNEY, niSS n. F., Southwest Institute, res same 

Kinney, Miss Maggie, res 734 Tenth 

Kinney, Mrs C E, res 1944 G 

Kipp, J, capitalist, res Pacific Beach 

KIPP, SYLVESTER, attorney-at-law, rooms 16 and 17, First 
National Bank bldg, res cor Fourth and Olive 

KIRBY, E. D. & CO., importers of human hair and manufac- 
turers of hair goods, 931 Fifth, bet D and E, res cor Twenty- 
sixth and K 

KIRBY, C. P., architect and mechanical draftsman, room 13 
Kuhn blk, res cor Twenty-sixth and K 

Kirby, Carl, plumber, with J S Johnstone, res cor Twenty-sixth 
and K 

Kirby, Edward, prospector, res 463 Ninteenth 

Kirby, M, gripman, res Cable hotel 

Kirby, Mrs L R, res 2324 F 

Kirby, Mrs M S, dressmaker, res 1940 F 

Kirkbride, Thos H, engineer and supt ierry boat, res 1532 

Kirkelie, O A. Mission Valley Dairy, res 702 Ash 

Kirkendall, L, fruit dealer, res 334 Grand ave 

Kirven, B, gardener, res 3249 I 


Kispert, Mrs S, ladies' nurse, res 1427 A 
Kitto, W H, auditor Cuyamaca R R, res 440 Sixteenth 
KLAUBER & LEVI, [A Klauber of San Francisco, S I.evi, Mel- 
ville Klauber], wholesale groceries, wines, liquors,, cigars 
and tobacco, cor Fourth and H 
Klauber, Edgar E, clerk with Klauber & I,evi, res Hotel Flor- 
KLAUBER, riELVILLLE, [Klauber & I.evi], res Hotel Florence 
Kleiber, Henry, 3^ard man at Horton House, res same 
KLINDT, C, prop Chicago Photograph Gallery, 657 Fifth, res 

Kline, W B, res 2458 Fifth 
Klippel, Chas, baker, res 1515 Atlantic 
KIZER, CHAS. E., carriage trimmer and full line of carriage 

trimming supplies, 504 Seventh, res 1409 Logan ave 
KNAPP BROS., [SE Knapp and HM Knapp], wholesale and 

retail fruit dealers, 950 and 952 Fifth 
KNAPP, A. J., [A D Keith & Co], res Twenty-fourth and Logan av 
KNAPP, H. n., [Knapp Bros], res 217 Ninth . 
Knapp, Rev AE, pastor First Baptist church, res Roxbury 
KNAPP, S. E., [Knapp Bros], res 1832 Fourth 
Knapp, W B, drugs, 1369 India cor Ash, res same 
Knapp, Miss Gertrude, res 1832 Fourth 
Knapp, Mrs Hannah, res 1832 Fourth 
Kneale, Wm, brickmason, res 739 Fourth 
Knettle, WG, carpenter, res 724 F 
Knoles, Fred, plumber, with J S Johnstone, res Sixteenth, bet 

K and L 
Knoles, SS, attorney-at-law, 1432 E, res 229 Sixteenth 
Knowles, Geo, driver Engine Co No i, res 930 Third 
Knowles, Joseph C, clerk with Whittier, Fuller & Co, res Third 

bet C and D 
Knowlton, Arthur R, engineer with G H Ballou & Co, res 2032 h 
Knowmille, Frank, butcher with Hardy, res 728 Third 
KNOX & VAN HAREN, (C D Knox, F E Van Haren), drug- 
gists, cor Sixth and D 
KNOX, C. D., (Knox & Van Haren), res 730 Twentieth 
Knox, Frank A, salesman Bates Imp Co, res Leland 


Koehnen, Wm, bottler with J R Seifert, res Milton ave bet Thir- 
tieth and Thirty-first 

KOERTINQ, O P., principal San Diego Commercial College, res 
651 Sixteenth 

Kooken, John A, architect and builder, 918 Seventh, res same 

Koop, John H, laborer res 626 B 

Kooser, Miss Miriam F, teacher B street school 

Koster, H P, res 1108 Third 

Koster, P, veterinary surgeon, res 11 22 Third 

KOVATS, A. N., (Conrad & Kovats) res 1123 E 

Kramer, August, prop the Plaza saloon, 1232 Plaza 

Krause, Miss I^ulu, assistant book-keeper with Geo W Marston, 
res cor Tenth and K 

Krause, Mrs E, res cor K and Tenth 

Krantz, O, tailor, 1267 Columbia 

Krebs John, harness maker with R Montljo, res 858 State 

Kreiss, J W, San Diego steam carpet cleaning, res H bet Twenty- 
fifth and Twenty-sixth 

Kroah, W H, (Jameson & Kro^h), res First, bet F and G 

Krodel, L, H, grocery, res 627 Twenty-second 

KROENERT, GEO., (Hames & Kroenert,) res Eleventh bet F 

Kroff, S W, deputy sheriff, res cor Thirteenth and B 

Krueger, G I^, finisher with Chadbourne Furniture Co, res 940 

Kuhn, Chas, res 1044 First 

KUHN, G., Uon Clothiers, 1123 Ninth 

KUHN, I., L,ion Clothiers, res 1123 Ninth 

Kuhn, Mrs Louise res 1940 Third 

Kaland & Co, (C Kaland, C Munster groceries), cor Seventeenth 
and K 

Kaland, C, (Kaland & Co), res cor Seventeenth and K 

Kumpf, P, clerk, res 338 Seventh 

Kurth, A H, mechanic, res 3244 M 

Kurtz, Miss lyottie, n e cor Second and A 

KUTCHIN, H. M., postmaster, res 11 12 Fir 

Kyles, Mrs Fannie, res 669 Front 

Kyle, res the Royal 



L,abaum, Dr Lydia H, physician, res 1824 F 

lyabee, George, ship carpenter, foot of Ninth 

I^abell, H, gent's furnishing, 507 Fifth, res same*- 

Lacy Manufacturing- Co, manufacturer of water pipe, foot of 

Laflin, S H, Pullman conductor, res at the Florence 
ly^idley, Mrs V, res 636 Harrison ave 
Laird, W, gripman, res Cable hotel 
Lake, Ben, landlord, 1643 ^ 

Lake, Wm,' driver Pioneer Truck Co, res Thirteenth, bet F and G 
Lake, Wm M, teamster Pioneer Truck Co, res 729 Thirteenth 
Lamb, Mark, night clerk at the Horton 
Lambla, Alfred, res ChoUas Valley 

Lancaster, W E, with Sweetwater Nursery, res 751 Seventh 
Landes, Mrs A E, 667 Thirteenth 
Landis, H N, carpenter, res 618 Main 
Landis Mrs J A, dressmaker, cor Fifth and E, res same 
Lane, E.with Model Steam Laundry, res F bet Thirteenth and 

Lane, F M, res 660 State 

Lane, Geo N, letter carrier, res 253 Ninteenth 
Lane, G W, retired, res 253 Ninteenth 
Lane, J, carpenter, cor K and Ninth 
Lane, J J, minister, res 660 State 
Lane, John, res 2427 F 

Lane, T J, horse market, Sixth bet F and G 
LANG, GEORGE A., chemical steam dying and cleaning 

works, 838 Fourth, res Windsor 
Langford, R, waiter at Hotel Brewster, res same 
Larrison, Archie, with Model Steam Laundry 
Langham, The, L C Wood, prop, cor Fourth and C 
Lannay, Miss Amelia V, res 933 State 
Large, Miss Clara A, res 2719 K 


Larison, Mrs Anna, res '825 Milton ave 

Laroche, PB, language teacher, res at Emerson house 

LARSON & LORINQ, (Thomas I^arson, Arthur N I^oring), 
books, stationery and toys 1434 — 1438 H 

Larson, Peter, sailor, foot of India 

Larson, T, rancher, 2245 C 

LARSON, THOMAS, (Larson & Loring), res cor Fourteenth 
and G 

Lathrop, E H, physician and surgeon, 936 Sixth, res same 

Latta & Graham, (J B Latta, H L Graham), real estate and 
money brokers, 850 Sixth 

Latta, J B, (Latta & Graham), res cor Olive and Vermont, Uni- 
versity Heights 

Laubbesheiner, Philip, salesman with Geo H Matfield 

Lavin, E A, with Russ Lumber and Mill Co, res 744 Thirteenth 

Lavin, Miss Mary A, res 1435 A 

Lavin, Mrs E A, res 744 Thirteenth 

Law Library, L A Wright, librarian, at Court house 

Law, T R, bricklayer, res 809 Julian ave 

Laws, W H, cook, resC, bet Twenty-seventh and Twenty-eighth 

LAWRENCE, GEO. W., real estate, 1442 E, res 33 Tremontblk 

Lawrence, S, res 14 14 Fifth 

Lawrence, Miss Louise, res at Northeastern 

Lawrence, Miss Nellie, res at Northeastern 

Lawrence, Mrs Emma, bakery and lunch room bet India and 

LAWRIE, ALVAH K., (King, Lawrie & Co), res Florence hotel 

Lazinbury, E, packer with Chadbourne Furniture Co, res 956 

Leavitt, Mrs S A, res 14 19 State 

LeBarr, Wm, teamster, res Sixth 

LeDeux, Mrs Mary, prop Gould house, Fourth and E, res same 

Ledgyard, C M, cook, res 1447 California 

Lee, Albert, rancher, res Fourteenth and L 

Leeman, Albert, res 1224 Sixth 

LeFevere, Mrs, res 423 Boston ave 

LEHMAN, R. Q., shoe findings and supplies, 141 9 G, res same 

Lehmann, Theo, merchant tailor, 754 Third, res same 


lyehman, Mrs Ida V, saleslady res 543 National ave 
Lehn, Miss Hattie, waitress, Commercial restaurant, res Revere 
lychnert, Wm, bar tender, res Cortoba house, K and Fourteenth 
Iceland House, Mrs H lyevi prop cor Sixth and E 
L,embeck, J B, salesman with W lylewelyn, res 738 Ninth 
LEMLINE, L0UI5, cigars and tobacco, 964 Fifth, res Bruns- 
LEMON & 50N, (W T & H C Ivcmon), locksmith and bellhan- 

gers, 735 Sixth 
lycmon, B M, inspector of cargoes, with Spreckels Co, res 535 

Milton ave 
LEMON, GEO. T., cyclery, agt Columbia, Rambler, Warwick 

and lyovell Diamond safeties, 735 Sixth, res Thirty-third 

and Woolman ave 
LEMON, H. C, (Lemon & Son), res Thirty-third and Woolman 

Lemon, W G, harness maker, res cor Thirty-third and Walnut 

LEMON, W. T., (Lemon & Son) res Thirty-third and Woolman 

Lempe, Wm, machinist, res Thirty-ninth near Durant 
Lemrick, C, laborer, cor India and B 
Lenisky, S, clerk City of Paris, res 626 Eleventh 
LENZ, J. n., Temple of Music and Art, and photographic Artist 

103 1 to 1033 Fifth, res 734 Twenty-first 
Leon, Gomez, res 1544 D 
LEONARD & WADE, (J W Leonard and Geo Wade), plumbers 

and gas fitters), 851 Seventh 
LEONARD, Dr. C. N., dentist, 949 Sixth, res National City 
Leonard, Floyd, deputy county surveyor, res 1533 Atlantic 
LEONARD, J. W., (Leonard &Wade) res Thirteenth, bet H and I 
Leonard, John W, invalid, res 770 Twelfth 
LEOVY, GEORGE J., attorney-at-law, rooms 7 and 8, Keating 

blk, cor Fifth and F, res Brant and Ivy 
Leppert, A, saloon, res 338 Pierce ave 

LESEM, M. A., manager G M Greenebaum, res 2467 First 
Lesinsky, S, clerk City of Paris, res 614 Eleventh 
Leszynsky, J with Klauber & Levi, res 1145 First 



*TQe 0\tn»^cd (p 

^f5p1| M-!".^, '^!<C vvm;',.\ ''5(f !*! "'KI??!' 3<Lit.j.ti, .«'„Mt.5i? 

Xfsf^f, %3zsz^^Jt 5SC* !-K 5iS ^M&«- Sejjjsif ''iSinf! 



J'- oy^^l-!- vW^ ^"4 








- ?5 






One Dozen Quarts or Two Dozen Pints in a Case, packed for Shipment to 
any part of the world. Sample Cases of 6 or 12 Pint Bottles. 

Also, Pickled Olives in 3, 5, 10, 25 and 50 Gallon Packages. 

The Fruit is now being Pressed and the Oil can be had direct from 


Eighth A.venue and Twenty- Fourth Street, 

S % '_ a_ fc."fes I 




Levear, Mrs S M, res 799 Twenty-fourth 

lyevenstein, M, res 11 65 First 

I^evet, J B, carpenter, cor J and Eighth 

Levi, A, liver}^ stable, cor Sixth and H, res cor Tenth and C 

Levi, H, res at the Leland 

LEVI, L, res 752 Tenth bet F and G 

LEVI, S., (Klauber& Levi), res 1726 C 

Levi, Mrs H, propLeland 

LEWIS CO., (J Lewis), wholesale liquors, 715, 717 Fourth 

Lewis, E J, asst book-keeper Russ Mill & Lumber Co, res 843 

Lewis, H L, physician and surgeon, office and res The Langham 

Lewis, Isidor, jewelry, musical instruments, cigars and tobacco, 
540 Fifth, res same 

LEWIS, J., (Lewis Co), res cor Ninth and Beech 

Lewis, James R, carpenter, 1032 H, res same 

Lewis, Jerry, res 109 Seventeenth 

Lewis, J S, clerk with Horace Bradt, res Twenty-eight and Na- 
tional ave 

Lewis, Nap, bell boy Hotel Brewster, res same 

Lewis, Robt, waiter Hotel Florence 

Lewis, S M, night watchman, res 852 State 

LEWIS, T. L., (Parrish, Mossholder & Lewis), res s e cer Cam- 
pus and University ave 

Lewis, Wm W, real estate, res cor Twenty-eighth and National 

Lewis, Annie, waiter, Horton house 

Lewis, Miss Phoebe, res 109 Seventeenth 

Lewis, Mrs Almira, res 2020 F, 

Lewis, Mrs Laura C, res 1269 Twelfth 

Lewis, Mrs O, res 18 14 Beech 

Lickert, Charles, with Russ Lumber Co, res 215 Logan ave 

Lien, AT, res 2408 C 

Lieske, Gustave A, tailor, res 1252 State 

Lifsey, J E, salesman at Half-price house, res cor Sixth and F 

Light, J M, horse-trader, res 226 Eight 

LIQHTNER & CO., insurance agents 640 Fifth 

LIQHTNER, JOEL, (Lightner & Co), res 618 Kearney ave 


Likens & Sanderson, (W ly Kikens, O R Sanderson), Palace 
lyivery stable, cor Second and E 

lyikes, Houston, blacksmith, res 751 Twelfth 

lyikens, W ly, (lyikens & Sanderson), res Second and E 

lyillegran, Aug, engineer, res cor K and Ninth 

lyillijegren, Richard, carpenter, res H foot of India 

lyimebeck, Geo H, paper and paper hanger, res 625 Twenty-first 

lyinch, Dennis, longshoreman, foot of Columbia 

lyindaer, Conrad, lodging house 1208 H 

office 15 Consolidated Bank bldg 

Lindquist, C J, tailor with Wm Beyer, res Plaza Palace 

Lindsey, G G S, attorney-at-law, res La Jolla Park 

lyingfelter, D, retired, res 131 Seventeenth 

Link, Mrs Phoebe, res 734 Twenty-first 

LION CLOTHIERS, Kuhn Bros props, 945-947 Fifth 

LIPPMANN, A., prop City of Paris, dry goods, res 1068 Fifth 

Lippard, D, truckman, res E and Front 

Lippard, D M, laborer, res 914 Columbia 

LIQUID FUEL LUNCH ROOfl, F E Thomas prop, 1612 F 

Litchfield, E R, rancher, res 638 Third 

Little, Gus, gardener, res Union near Ivy 

Little, J L, foreman of wharf with Russ Mill & Lumber Co, res 
Thirteenth bet E and F 

LITTLE, T. WING, freight and passenger solicitor for Santa Fe 
Route, 1248 D, res 1620 C 

LITTLE, W. E. & CO., (W E Little), wholesale and retail gas- 
oline and coal oil 11 24 Fourth, bet B and C 

LITTLE, W. E., (W E Little & Co) res 11 24 Fourth 

Little, Miss Geneva, with N V Sullivan, res 1124 Fourth 

Livenburger, res at Tremont 

Livingston, F W, teacher, res 3237 I 

LLEWELYN, W., boots and shoes, 728 Fifth, res same 

Llucia, Alfred, res North San Diego 

Llucia, Dolores, groceries, North San, Diego 

Llucia, Vincent, res North San Diego 

Lobenger, Miss Daisy, servant, 920 Fir 


LOCKWOOD, S., money and loan broker, 1426 E, res 2054 

lyockwood, E C, clerk, Gt Am Tea Co, res 944 Twelfth 
Lockwood, carpenter, res Third near Robinson 
Locock, Mrs Ada, dressmaker, 1115 C 
lyocker Sisters, (Misses Millie and Rose), New England bakery 

cor Seventh and E 
Ivocker, Miss Millie, New England bakery, res 1528 E 
lyOcker, Miss Rose, New England bakery, res 1528 E 
Eocke, Mrs A, res 1344 Front 
Lockridge, Peter S, barber res 331 Fifteenth 
Eodi, res 432 Eighteenth 
Eogue, Miss Anna, res 2004 Fourth 
Lohman, Gus, porter Commercial hotel 
LOHMANN, H., prop Cable saloon, n e cor I and Sixth, res 

2345 K 
Eohman, Henry, coachman, res cor Fifth and Olive 
LOriELI, ANTONIO V.', Mexican Consul, consulate and res 1544 

D, cor Seventh 
Eomprey, Jerome, groceries, 547 H 
London, Wm, waiter Hotel Florence 
Lone Star Grocery & Poultry Market, Stelzner & Kelly porps, 

s w cor Sixth and I 
LOAN STAR MEAT MARKET, A H Roy prop, 2235 H, near 

LONG, C. D., asst cashier Bank of Commerce, res 1630 E 
Long Ed, butcher, res 754 Twelfth 
Eong, E E, (Skinner & Eong), res 625 Eogan ave 
Long, Fred A, cabinet maker, 1324 A, res Arctic bet Ivy and 

LONG, JOHN, capitalist, res 1644 E 
Long, John, res 1756 First 
Long, Porter, res Eleventh bet A and Ash 
Looms, C. C, prop Albemarle, res at hotel 
LOOM IS, H., chief clerk Albemarle, res hotel 
Eoomis, J W, clerk, at Horton house 
Loop, A M, deputy city assessor 
Eoop, Murray, messenger Pac Postal Tel Co, res 1029 Fifteenth 


lyoop, T M, real estate, res 1029 Fifteenth 

Lopez, Antonio, res North San Diego 

lyOpez, J A, teamster, res North San Diego 

Lopez, Jesus, res North San Diego 

Lopez, Wm P, clerk Mendelson & Flores, res National City 

LORD, C. C, dentist, rooms i, 2 and 3, 825 Fifth, res same 

Lord, W J, res 165 Ninteenth 

Lord, Miss Bertha, dentist^ with Dr C C Lord 

LORINQ, A. M., (Larson & Loring), res Orford house 

Loring, Maj L Y, retired army surgeon, res 2070 Fourth 

Losa, Peter, laborer, res 2309 L 

Lothian, Daniel, res 930 Eleventh 

Loucks, Frank, laborer, res 910 Ash 

LOUCKS, riRS. ELIZA E., San Diego Bath House, res same 

Louden, J H, speculator, res Fourteenth, bet H and I 

Loud, C A, postmaster, North San Diego 

LOUIS, ISADOR, real estate and notary public, Louis blk, res 

LOUIS OPERA HOUSE, Isador Lewis prop and manager. Fifth 

bet B and C 
Louis, Chas, stock broker, res Langham 
Louis, Lopez, laborer, 622 G 
Louis, Mrs C, dressmaker, 1244 Sixth 
Lounsbery, E P, fruit grower, res Second near Laurel 
Love, Alexander, retired, res 905 E 
Love, Wm, plumber, res 559 H 
Lovedal, Geo C, seafarer, res 818 Twenty-fifth 
Lovell, R, driver hose wagon no 2, res Fifth bet A and B 
Lovett, E, honey, beeswax and bee-keepers' supplies, 328 — 330 

Lovett, H, clerk, res Fourth and Walnut 
Lovett, Mrs L D, res Fourth and Walnut 
Low, C H, capitalist. Hotel Florence 

Lowe, T C, salesman with W Llewelyn, res cor Sixth and Ash 
Lower Cal Development Go's steamships, F A, Holdsworth gen'l 

man'gr, ofiice with Santa Fe Route 
Lowell, Geo, messenger with Pac Postal Tel Co, res Eleventh 

bet C and D 


Luben, Ben, lodging honse, 519 Fifth 

lyUccock, CD, photographer, 1622 H, res same 

LUCE& Mcdonald, (MALuce, JWade McDonald), atty's 
at-law, Pierce-Morse blk, cor Sixth and F 

LUCE, n. A., (Luce & McDonald), res 1744 Second 

Luckey, B, with Russ Lumber & Mill Co, res Second and I 

Ludlow, K A, paper-hanger, res 641 Fourteenth 

Ludlum, Miss Imogen, student, res 1844 Fourth 

LUDLUM, niS5 MILDRED, teacher of elocution and delsarte, 
res 1844 Fourth 

LUDLUM, riRS. E. M., teacher of elocution, history and litera- 
ture, res 1844 Fourth 

Lufkin, Geo I, head salesman Chicago Shoe Store, res 2312 C 

Lufkin, T H, contractor and builder, res 2312 C 

Lugslin, M, laborer, res Hotel D' Europe 

Lukins, J N, carpenter, res India and Olive 

Lundegreen, Miss Eliza, teacher Pacific Beach school 

Lundegreen, Miss F, teacher of drawing in public schools 

Landell, Wm, stenographer, with John R Aitken, res Brunswick 

Lundgreen, John, carpenter, 148 Seventeenth 

Lundguist, Chas, painter, 1169 State, res same 

LUNGSTRASS & WALSH, real estate brokers, 912 Sixth 

LUNQSTRASS, HENRY, (Lungstrass & Walsh, res Twenty- 
eighth^ bet J and K 

Lupfer, Mrs L H, dressmaker, 842 Seventh 

Luscomb, C E, physician and surgeon, room 5, Marston blk 

Luscomb, Rodney, gardener, res 636 E 

Lusero, Tegrle, laborer, res 2309 L 

Lutich, Nick, fruits and cigars, 844 Fifth, res Santa Clara house 

Eyke, C W, res cor C and Sixteenth 

Lynch, L S, Carpenter, 710 Boston ave 

Ivynnell Harry, restaurant, 514 Fifth, res 655 Sixth 

Lyle, Joseph, fisherman, res Roseville 

Lyman, Martin, tailor, res Plaza Palace 

L3'on, A B, laborer, res 26 South Twentieth 

Lyon, I S, res 443 Fifteenth 

Lyons, A J, clerk with Findley Bros, res 1336 State 

LYONS, D. W., salesman with Metcalf Bros, res 732 Eighth 


Lyons, Ernest, salesman with M German, res 644 D 

Lyons, George, res North San Diego 

Lyons, George, jr, res North San Diego 

Lyons, S R, real estate, 1040 Fifth, rooms at the Willard 

Lyons, W J, res North San Diego 


Mabur)^ Paul R, res 1543 Seventh 

MacCormick, Mrs N, res 833 Thirteenth 

MacDougal, J C, director Linda Vista irrigation district, res 428 

Kearney ave 
MacDonald, Mrs H M, clerk Geo W Mrston, res Sixth and H 
Mace, G M, carpenter, res 791 Twenty-fourth 
Mack, T J, res 1335 Columbia 
Mack, Mrs R B, res 705 Fpurteenth 
MacKay, A H, res Eighth, below H 
MacKay, Berry, res 1569 Union 
MacKAY, R. 5. J., groceries and ship supplies, cor Fifth and C, 

res 1569 Union 
MacKay, MB, res Cedar and Union 
MacKay, Robert S J, res Cedar and Union 
Mackenzie, D, carpenter, res 2230 J 
Mackinnon, Mrs Sarah R, res Adelphia house 
Macomber, Mrs Mary, poultry, cor Ninth and N 
Macready, B, sec J P C Mfg Co, res iiii Cedar 
Maddox, Joseph, coachman Hotel Florence 

Madson, Robt, clerk with M A Wertheinier & Co, res Brooklyn 
riAQEEf T. L., physician and surgeon, (city health officer), 9 

and 10, Backesto blk, res 11 69 Sixth 
Maggiora, J, bakery, cor Fifteenth and J, res same 
Maginn, B W, res 1 618 First 

Maginas, Mrs, with Phillips & Bone, res 721 Twelfth 
Magly, G J, clerk with P C Steamship Co, res 819 Second 
riAQWOOD, G. W., general house furnisher, new and second 

hand goods, 1624 — 1632 H, res Oxford house 
Mahan, D P, 832 Front 


Mahan, W P, book-keeper with Hardy, res 832 Frant 

Maher, Neil, laborer, Third bet H and I 

Maison Riche, George and J T Vigneron propr's, 943 Fourth 

Maige, WR, capitalist, res 2468 First 

Malengren, Otto, cement worker, res 2731 N 

Malin, James, driver with F Heilbron, res Grand Pacific 

Malin, John, horseman at Mason's livery stable, res same 

Malvin, J P, blacksmith, res Fifth and J 

Malyin, M, blacksmith, res Grand Pacific 

Malmberg, N P, painter, res State house cor B and State 

Maloney, Harry, carpenter, res cor H and First 

Maison, N, invalid, res 3 117 K 

MAnnOTH EnPLOYriENT AGENCY, Mrs W F Hendsch prop, 

910 Sixth 
MANHA BROS., (Frank Manha, Antoino Manha), groceries, 

provisions, feed and coal, 2304 H, cor Fourteenth 
MANHA, ANTOINE, [Manha Bros], res Holt house 
MANHA, FRANK, (Manha Bros), res Holt house 
Maniece, John, res lyangham 
Manice, fisherman, res Roseville 
Manker, J, driver Pioneer Truck Co, 1427 K 
MANNA5SE, J. 5., real estate, 731 Fifth, res 240 I^ogan ave 
Mannassee, Mrs Hannah, res 1343 Front 
Manning, John, janitor Pierce-Morse blk, res same 
MANNIX, JOHN B., attorney-at-law, i and 2 First National 

Bank bldg, res cor Fourth and Elm 
Manor lodging house, cor Fifth and Ash 
Mantle, Mrs S ly, dressmaker, res Tremont house 
Manuel, Geo, laundry, foot of Eighth 
MANZ, A., wines and liquors, 520 Fifth, res same 
Margison, Arthur, with J A Harris & Co, res Metropolitan 
Margison, J A, pressman with Stenhouse & Co, res Metropolitan 
Markgraf , Aug, laborer 365 Eighth 
Markham, Mrs C E, boarders, 1335 Fifth 
Markle, Eld A B, pastor Central Christian church, res 1641 E 

and South San Diego 
Marilou Park, fruit ranch, F O Wadsworth prop, North Chollas 
Marks, Herman, deputy constable, 1242 F 


Marlette, C H, res 213 lyOgan ave 

Marone, Miss Francisco, res 922 Front 

MARSH, GEO. W., druggist, s e cor Seventh and F, res same 

riARSH, ROBT. A., res at the Willard 

Marshal, Oscar, res Mission Valley 

Marshall, Frank, res Columbia 

Marshall, Howard, painter, res Tremont house 

Marshall, J H, res 1466 Fourth 

Marshall, J W, real estate 1442 K. res the Derby, Twentieth and H 

Marston, A J, farmer, res 1327 State 

Marston, C H, res 930 Eleventh 

MARSTON, GEO. W., dry goods, carpets and men's furnishings 

Fifth, Sixth and F, res cor Third and Ash, New York City 

office, no 337 Broadway 
Martin, Chas, foreman of door and sash dept Russ Mill & Lumber 

Co, res Thorn and Arctic 
Martin, C S, machinist, res 1509 Logan ave 
Martin, D S, with Russ Planing Mill, res 635 Seventeenth 
Martin, E G, carpenter res 635 Seventeenth 
Martin, Ed, with Chas Hoffman, res transcient 
Martin, J, clerk at White House, res 653 Eleventh 
Martin, J G, boatman, res 230 Ash 
Martin, L E, carpenter, res 332 Lagan ave 
Martin, P P, boat house, 770 Atlantic 
Martin, R Y, res Arctic and Thorn 
Martini, Frank, gardener, Sixteenth bet I and J 
Martini, Frank, scavenger, res 307 Oliver ave 
Maskey, B F, oil miner, rooms at Plaza Palace 
Mason, Geo, book. keeper, 583 Logan ave 
Mason, George, janitor, res 538 Julian ave 
Mason, H H, livery, feed and sale stable, 1119, H res Second 

and G 
Mason, John, capitalist, 1356 Sixth 
Mason, W H, teacher, res 926 E 
Mason, Mrs Abbie, milliner, res 524 Logan ave 
Masonic Board of Relief, G M Dannals, sec, office 826 Sixth 
Mass, August P, gardener at Cable Pavillion, res same 
Matchin, Miss H E, teacher, res 357 Sixteenth 


MATFIELD, CEO, H., importer and jobber of wines and liquors, 
1 321 — 1323 E bet Fourth and Fifth, also 25 — 27TreniontSt, 
San Francisco, res cor Sixth and K at Willard 

Mathes, Miss Abbie, res 1223 Twelfth 

Mathes, Miss Caroline, res 1223 Twelfth 

Mathes, Miss Susan res 1223 Twelfth 

Matheson, J L, manager mens' furnishings dept at Marston's, 
res 1 1 32 Seventh 

HATHEWS i& HOOKER, (E S Mathews & A H Hooker), den- 
tists, rooms 7 to 9 Consolidated Bank bldg, cor Fifth and G 

MATtiEWS, E. S., (Mathews & Hooker), Consol. Bank bldg 

Ma tot, B L, secretary, 1128 Fourteenth 

Matot, F E, clerk with J S Mumford, res 1128 Fourteenth 

Matot, John, retired, res 312 L^ogan ave 

Mattax, Mrs J A, furnished rooms, res 854 Tenth 

Mattes, N, grocery, 356 Sixteenth, res same 

MATTHEWS, BROS., [Vernon G and Walter G], real estate and 
business brokers, 948 Fifth 

Matthews, H N, note clerk Consol Nat Bank, res 1807 Fourth 

Matthews, Joseph, fruit stand, 963 Fourth, res 1943 Albatross 

Matthews, L B, with Sam G Ingle, res 724 Twelfth 

HATTHEWS, VERNON G., [Matthews Bros], res at Horton 

MATTHEWS, WALTER Q., [Matthews Bros], res cor University 
and Yale 

Matthews, Miss M F, res Allyn blk 

Matthews, Miss Ella, res 1917 D 

Maxton Miss E Cora, teacher in public schools, 854 Tenth 

Maxwell, C E, printer, res Pacific Beach 

Maxwell, Walter E, teacher at Eakeside, res Willard 

Maxwell, Mrs, res Albemarle 

May, M J, barkeeper, Montana saloon, res same 

Mayers' bakery, 1466 India 

MAYER, JOHN, prop Florence meat market, 12 14 Fifth, res 
Fifth St add 

Mayer, Miss Jesse, teacher East school 

Maynard, Alfred, carpenter, res 809 Kearney ave 

Maynard, James, bartender, res Windsor 

Mayrhofer, Peter, beer hall, 963 Fifth, res cor Sixth and B 


Mays, John, res 359 H 

Mays, Miss Emma, res National ave, bet 32d and 33d 
McAllister, T J, with Oscar Hinters, res Sun bldg 
McArthur, Miss Sarah, cook, res cor Sixth and Laurel 
ricAULIFF, H. B., house and sign painter, 862 Fourth, res 1340 

McAuliff, Thos, res 11 42 Third 
McBride, L H, with G M Greenebaum, res Bon Ton 
McCabe, Thomas, cigars and tobacco, 748 Fifth, res 2 2d and M 
McCann, C, blacksmith. First and E , 

McCann, J F, carpenter, res 625 B 
McCarthy, Jerry, stable man with S D & Cor Transfer Co, res 

cor H and Arctic 
McCarty, F W, plumber, with McKenzie & Bro, res 521 Newton 
McCAUQHEY, CHA5., man'gr S D Truck Co, 728 Fifth, res Belle 

View house 
McCAUQHEY, OWEN, manager S D Truck Co, 728 Fifth, res 

Belle View house 
McCAY CHARLES, San Diego Truck Co, res 728 Fifth 
McClain, Andrew, retired attorney-at-law, res 1067 Front 
McClain, Robt D, real estate, res 1067 Front 
McCLAIN, WM., (Cable Coal & Wood Co), cor C and Fourth, 

res 1067 Front 
McClain, Miss Jennie, res 1067 Front 
McCleary, Dr M T, mine owner, res Metropolitan 
McClellan, James, laborer, res 439 H 

McClintock, J A, tinsmith with W E Williams, res 1153 Seventh 
McCloud, Miss Edith, teacher, res 918 Logan ave 
McConaughy, Jas, capitalist, res 1623 Atlantic 
McConoughey, A M, attorney-at-law, 5 and 6 Pierce-Morse blk 

res 846 Twentj^-Second 
McCOUOUQHEY, O. H., (Parker & McConoughey), res cor 

Tenth and G, Coronado 
McConoughey, Vic E, deputy Supt Schools, res 2031 D 
McConoughey, Miss E A, teacher Russ school, res 2031 D 
McConoughey, Mrs. E A, res 2031 D 
McConoughy, Miss Marion, teacher Russ school, res Manor house 


McCONKEY, THOS. G., M. D., (Van Norman & McConkey), 

res Florence hotel 
McConnell, W V, harnessmaker, with C J Kdwards, res Revere 
McConville, P H, res 1636 Seventh 

McCormac, Mrs J G, matron Children's Home, City Park 
McCormack, J, real estate, 934 Fourth, res Sheldon blk 
McCormack, Mrs N, house cleaning, res 833 Thirteenth 
McCormick, Miss Willie, res 792 Milton ave 
McCoy, James G, capitalist, res North San Diego 
McCracken, F F, contractor, res 406 National ave 
McCracken, E H, barber, res Revere 
McCracken, W K, res 406 National ave 
McCreesh, Wm, tailor, 13 13 F, res same 
McCRIMMON, ARIOSTO, prop Daily San Diegan, res cor Third 

and Robinson 
McCully, Geo T, res 2133 Second 
McCune, George, plasterer, res 611 Kearney ave 
McCUTCHEN, A. B., attorney-at-law, room 20 Consolidated 

Bank bldg, res cor Sixth and C 
McDaniel, Rev B F, pastor Unitarian church, res 734 Grape 
McDonald, D R, Capt Coronado Ferry res 1539 Fifth 
McDonald, J. wade, (I,uce & McDonald), res 1465 Seventh 
McDonald, M, naval paymaster, at Flo3;ence 
McDonald, MALCOLM W., attomey-at-law, with Luce & Mc- 
Donald, res 1465 Seventh 
McDOUGALL BROS., (W B and C A McDougall), agricultural 

implements, wagons, buggies, s w cor Seventh and I 
McDOUGALL, C. A., (McDougall Bros), res 22d, bet I and J 
McDOUGALL, W. B., (McDougall Bros), res 22d, bet I and J 
DcDowell, Napoleon, laborer, res 747 Twelfth 
McDowell, S A, (Thompson & McDowell), res 140 National ave 
McDuell, C E, conductor cable car, res Oak ave near Vermont 
McElmon, Thos, laborer, res 321 Fifteenth 
McElroy, Mrs S A, medical electrician 1641 E, res same 
McFadden, Rev O J, pastor Central ME Church, res.1017 

Twenty-sixth , south 
McGarvie, R W, judgment clerk with county clerk, res 1042 



McGathey, Mrs, res Choate & Storey add 

McGigen, H, steward, Hotel Brewster, res same 

McGigen, Mrs Hugh, housekeeper Hotel Brewster, res same 

McGill, C R, contractor and builder, res Fifteenth ave, bet A & B 

McGinn, Mrs M J, saloon, 1450 India, res same 

McGinnis, M, night man, res Cable hotel 

McGinnis, TJ, stableman, res cor H and First 

McGovney, Samuel, trimmer S D Gis and Elec Light Co, res 

9 Eighteenth 
McGrath, Wm, longshoreman, res 134T India 
McGregor, James G, gardener, res 730 C 
McCregor, M, prop American House, cor Columbia and G 
McGregor, Miss Margaret, res cor Columbia and G 
McGuire, Cornelius, janitor, res 918 G 
ricQUIRE, FRANK C, manager Kansas Stable, res cor Eighth 

and F 
McHatton, A H, physician, 1264 Ninth 

Mclnerney, B F, operator, W U Telegraph Co, res Hewitt blk 
Mclnnes, J D, fireman, San Diego Gas and Elec Eight Co, res 25 

Mclnnes, John, plasterer, res 628 Maine 
Mclnnis. H, painter, cor Ninth and K 
Mcintosh, F J, dealer in tinware andqueensware, cor India and 

B, res same 
Mcintosh, Mrs Sarah, res A and Twenty-seventh 
Mclntyre, Geo, farmer, res Atlantic and B 
McKamey, A H, carpenter, res North Chollas, El Cajon road 
McKay, W W, M D, U S Marine Hospital Surg, res 1535 Fifth 
McKay, Miss Amelia, teacher Russ school 

HcKENZIE & BRO., (B W McKenzie, Geo M KcKenzie, Chi- 
cago), wholesale dealers in plumbers, gas and steam-fitters' 

supplies, cor Sixth and K 
ricKENZIE, B. W., (McKenzie & Bro), res Florence hotel 
McKenzie, D, carpenter, res 2230 J 
McKenzie, Miss Hellen, teacher Middletown school, res 1769 

McKenzie, Mrs Frank, nurse res Union and Grape 
McKenzie, Mrs M A, res 2363 C 


flcKIE, J. H., druggist, 2103 H cor Twelfth res Ellsworth house 

McKie N, retired, 744 Hawthorne cor Albatross 

McKinlay, Robert M, janitor at court heuse, res 1432 Union 

McKinlay, Wm, blacksmith at cable powerhouse, res 423 Oliver 

McKinney, B, laborer, res 154 Fifteenth 

McKinney, M W, teacher, res 944 F 

McKinney, Mrs N A, res 944 F 

McKinnon, John, blacksmith, cor Seventh and H, res 230 Mil- 
ton ave 

McKissick, gripman, res Cable hotel 

McKnight, Wood, res Twenty-sixth and B 

McKOON, HOSriER P., pres United Investment Co, room- 13 
Richelieu, res Fanita Rancho, Santee P O 

Mclyaren, A, with J Gray & Son, res Thirty- third, Chollas valley 

McLaren, D, fruit grower and gardener. Thirty-third, Chollas 

Mclyaughlin, Ed, at freght depot, res 2038 E 

McEauglin W, bell boy Hotel Florence 

McLean, F N, bridge builder res 1206 Fifth 

McLean, Hector, capitalist, cor B and Ninth 

McLellan, W S, rancher, res 1742 Fifth 

McLennan, Mrs R, res 515 Fourteenth 

McLeod, Miss Edith, teacher East school 

McLeran, Benj, civil engineer, res Eleventh bet Ash and Beech 

McLeran, Miss Rhoda, teacher of piano, rooms 3 and 4 Opera 
house blk, res Twelfth and Ash 

McLure, L S, capitalist, res 3204 H 

McMahan, Irvin, collector city water dept, res 1640 G 

McManaway, W J, plumber with Geo A Merritt, res 534 nth 

McMann, P J, laborer, res 2332 M 

McMellan, Mrs, res 2245 Second 

McfllLLAN, Q. H., agent Southern Pacific R R Co, cor Fifth 
and E, res 2245 Second 

McMillan, Lincoln, rail road clerk, 2245 Second 

McNair, James, plasterer, res 15 18 Logan ave 

McNamara, Martin F, with W H Doud, res Leland blk 

HcNEALV, W. T., attorney-at-law, rooms 21-22 Consolidated 
Bank blk, cor Fifth and G, res 1470 State 


McNealy, Mary B, stenographer and asst book-keeper, with 

Todd & Hawley, res Sixteenth and C 
McNeil, Andrew, assistant to W S Young, 96 1 Fourth 
McNeill, Geo, painter, res 1917 F 
McNeile, J H, capitalist, res 430 Seventeenth 
McNeil, Iv W, carpenter, res 1050 Second 
McNeil, Miss lyizzie, res 1050 Second 
McPherson, Daniel, miner, res Capital hotel 
McPheters, James H, carpenter, res 623 Grand ave 
ricQUAID, J. P., deputy county tax collector, res Adelphia house 
McRAE, J. A. & SONS, (J A, H D and R R McRae) groceries, 

provisions and fruits, 1072 Fifth 
McRAE, H. D., (J A McRae & Sons), res 2134 Fifth 
McRAE, J. A., (J A McRae & Sons), res 2134 Fifth 
McRae, John, res 927 Irving ave 
McRAE, R. R., (J A McRae & Sons), res 2134 Fifth 
McSwegan, D, physician and surgeon, office and res rooms r, 2 

ricTAGQART, JON., general secy Y M C A, res 333 Ninth 
McVeigh, Mrs R V, dressmaker, res 13 18 A 
McWalter, Miss Celia, servant for J H Marshall, res 1466 Fourth 
McWay, Wilson, book-keeper, cor Ninth and K 
Mead, B F, paper hanger, res 327 L,ogan ave 
Mead, Jas, bricklayer, res India foot H 
Meakin, Frederick, court reporter, res Thirtieth and G 
Mechanics lodging hause, 651 Third 
MEIKLE, Miss ANNA I., instructor in San Diego Commercial 

College, res 622 Eleventh 
Meisel, Mr and Mrs Carl, music rooms, 17 AUyn blk * 

Mellowne, B, retired, K bet Thirty-second and Thirty-third 
Melville, Mrs E Barney, res 742 Eogan ave 
Melvin, Henry, abstractor with H T Christian & Co, res B bet 

India and Columbia 
MENDELSON & FL0RE5, (I,ouis Mendelson, F A Flores), 

custom house brokers, 755 Sixth 
HENDELSON, LOUIS, (Mendelson & Flores), res 1040 Seventh 
Menke, H, bartender, 733 Eighth 



930 Sixth 
Mercer, Mrs Kate E, res 152 1 Ninth 
Merchant, Peter, fisherman, res Cedar and Atlantic 
Merchant, Miss Amelia M, stenographer, with G H Ballon & Co, 

res Eleventh and E 
Merchant, Mrs R, res 869 Eleventh 
Meredith, E O, teamster, res Twenty-seventh and N 
Meredith, J N, lineman Postal Tel Co, res 527 Thirteenth 
Meredith, W P, teamster, res Twenty-seventh and N 
Meredith, Mrs E C, res Twenty-seventh and N 
Merizan, N E, paper hanger, res 833 Seventh, 
Merigold, H P, wagon maker with G L Hardy, res 2141 D 
Merigold, Miss R, res 2 141 D 

Merrigold, R L, compositor on Daily San Diegan, res cor Thir- 
teenth and D 
Merrill, H G, railroad man, res New Carlton 
Merrill, Rev W C, pastor First Congregational church, res 734 

Tenth , 
Merrill, Mrs A E, res 724 Twelfth 
flERRITT, GEO. A., gas, steam and water fitting, sanitary 

plumbing a specialty, tel 146, 534 Eleventh, res same 
Mertzmann & Waide, (B F Mertzmann, James Waide), hay 

and grain, 508 — 516 Sixth 
riERTZMANN, B. F., M D, homeopathic physician and surgeon, 

1034 Fifth, res s w cor Twenty-second and E 
Mertzmann, Frank, (Mertzmann & Waide), 508 to 516 Sixth 

res Sixteenth and K 
Mertzmann, H, with Chas S Hardy, res 1034 Fifth 
Mertzmann, Mrs Eleanor, res 866 Twenty-second 
Messel, Mrs Catharine, res 2369 F 
riETCALF, BROS., (Thos E Metcalf, A P Metcalf), wholesale 

and retail dealers in vehicles and agricultural implements 

753-755 Fourth 

METCALF, A. P., (Metcalf Bros), res 1632 Fourth 
riETCALF, THOS. E., (Metcalf Bros), res 1632 Fourth 
Metcalf, Rev W, pastor Cumberland Pres church, res Holt house 


Mettel, Miss Dora, stenographer with Conklin & Hughes, res 
Hotel Josephine, Coronado 

Metzenthin, Theodore E, res 2435 F 

Metzner, Miss I/Ucy B, clerk at Detroit Bakery, res 1152 Fourth 

MEXICAN CONSULATE, office hours 9 to 12 and 2 to 5, office 
cor Seventh and D 

Mexican Restaurant, Jose R Murillo & Co proprs, 1036 H 

Meyer, A C, deputy county tax collector, res New Russ house 

MEYER, ALBERT, prop New Russ house, cor E and Third ' 

Meyer, Ernest, book-keeper with J R Seifert, res Russ house 

Meyer, Iv, packer at Winters' baker}^, res Fourth bet I and J 

Meyer, O H and Bro, res 1721 Fourth 

Meyer, Mrs Emma, res 13 12 Front 

Meyers, A, res First bet Twenty-sixth and Twenty-seventh 

Meyers, Geo, clerk, res 1028 G 

Michaelsen,F L,, pres Cedros Island Mining & Milling Co, res 
955 Fifth 

Michel, A, painter, 156 Sixteenth 

Michel, D O, painter, res 156 Sixteenth 

Michel, Sigfred, dairy, res University Heights 

Middlecoff, Walter W. clerk Sprigg & Barber, res Lafayette house 

Middlemas, J W, ship carpenter, res 563 H 

MIDDLETON GEORGE, locksmith, St James blk, res same 

MIELKE, J. C, wholesale and retail confectioner and manufac- 
turer of candies, factory and sales room mo Fourth, branch 
Fisher Opera House, res 1822 B 

Mielke, Miss F, clerk at Mielke's candy factory, res 1154 Third 

Mielke, Mrs M, res 1154 Third 

Miles, J F, retired, res 656 Front 

Millar, James, driver New England dairy, res Commercial hotel 

Millard, F R, druggist, 501 Fifth, res 1940 Third 

Miller, A N, salesman, res 1263 India 

Miller, A R, book-keeper, res 135 Grand ave 

Miller, C A, deputy county recorder, res B and Front 

Miller, Edward, teamster, res 335 Twelfth 

Miller, Edgar, student, res Emerson house 

MILLER, E. H., county auditor and recorder, res Front and B 

Miller, E P, carpenter, res Seventeenth and E 


METROPOLITAN HOUSE, Henry E. Morton prop, 1319 E 

Miller, Fred E, seafarer, res 1523 Atlantic 

Miller, Hewey, driver for J R Seifert, res Victoria hotel 

Miller, J W, rancher, res Cedar and Atlantic 

Miller, L F, mason, res 107 National ave 

Miller, O C, deputy constable, 1237 E, res 419 Ninth 

Miller, S J, carpet cutter, at Marstons, res cor Fifth and F 

Miller, W A, salesman with E Lovett, res 2016 K 

Miller, Miss Emma, res 1243 Front 

Miller, The Misses, res Twenty-eighth and L 

Miller, Miss Mary A, res 2157 Fourth 

Miller, Miss Mary, saleslady at the Arcade, res Kline blk 

Miller, Mrs C E, groceries, hay, etc, 1267 India, res 1263^ India 

Miller, Miss E E, Albertus Art Emporium, res 1435 E 

Miller, Mrs Eliza, domestic, res s e cor Fifteenth and C 

Miller, Mrs M J, res 1440 First 

Millera, Andrew, bartender for A Manz, res 520 Fifth 

Millgaard, Chas H, cigars and tobacco, 1425 E, res same 

Milligan, Mrs Dr, res at the Montezuma 

Mills, albert, furnished rooms, 1629 F 

Mills, Anson, res 1305 State 

Mills, A P, res Ea JoUa Park 

Mills, C A, plasterer, 804 Fourth, res same 

Mills, Geo E, res 11 56 Third 

Mills, James, laborer, res foot of India 

Mills, James A, with Russ Lumber Co, res 731 Columbia 

Mills, John C, res 731 Columbia 

Mills, R M, res 1305 State 

Mills, Miss Nellie F, bill clerk and asst book-keeper with West 

Coast Eumber Co, res 1428 First 
Mills, Miss Nora P, clerk at post-office, res 1428 First 
Mills, Mrs L W, res 1428 First 
Mills, Mrs S J, res Grape and Union 

Millspaugh, A G, draughtsman with Russ Mill, res 644 Ash 
MILSOn & STRATTON, (C W Milsom, T M Stratton), merchant 

tailors, 1334 D 
niLSOM, C. W., (Milsom & Stratton), rooms at Plaza Palace 
MINERAL WATER, Coronado Co, C B Daggett mangr, 1330 E 


Mingus, Dan F, carpenter, res Olive ave and University ave, 

University Heights 
Minneapolis Restaurant, J T Kaidel prop, 828 Fifth 
Miranda, Miss Jennie, with Model I^aundry, res Ninth bet K 

and ly 
Mirtenke, Martin, brick-layer, res 1456 California 
Misner, K T, machine hand at Russ Planing Mill, cor Thirty- 
Fifth and U 
Misner, E T, carpenter, res Thirty-fourth ChoUas valley 
Misner, Fred C, apprentice Union office, res Thirty-fourth, 

Chollas valley 
Misner, Miss Mary, prop Windser lodging house 
Mission Valley Dairy, 702 Ash 
Mitchell, E N, res 948 Columbia 
Mitchell, Fred F, longshoreman, res 2147 J 
Mitchell, Geo E, plasterer, 1633 Arctic 
Mitchell, Harry, clerk with Findley Bros res 957 Columbia 
Mitchell, J E, with San Diego street car Co, res 957 Columbia 
Mitten, John, carpenter, res 752 Sixteenth 
Mitchell, J P, invalid, res 957 Columbia 
Mix, I, O, engineer Engine Co No I, res 930 Third 
Mixon, R D, prop Pelican saloon, 756 Fifth 
Mladinicz, Frank, fisherman, res 1231 Atlantic 
Moak, W M, barber shop, 904 Fourth, res Front bet D & E 
MODEL BATH HOUSE, Jos Mullender, prop, foot of Sixth 
MODEL STEAM LAUNDRY, J E Horning, manager, 2370 F 
Molfins, Geo H, horticulturist, res 432 Fourteenth 
Moffett, John, res 557 Sixteenth 
Moffett, J D, fireman, res 815 First 
Moffett, John E, janitor Russ school, res 557 Sixteenth 
Moffit, Joseph, driver Engine Co No i, res 930 Third 
Mohr, John, salesman with J S Mumford, res Prescott house 
Moirerty, Mrs Nellie, res 667 Twenty-second 
Moll, Sam H, collateral banker, 755 Fifth, res 721 Tenth 
Monahan, T J, constable, 1237 E, res 1456 First 
Monahan, Mrs E, nurse, res Sheldon blk 
Monks, Mrs M A, res 667 B 
Monroe, C F, attorney-at-law, res 1270 Union 


Monroe, Geo, dentist, 745 Fifth, res same 

Montana Saloon, Richard Fitzsimmons prop, 339 Fifth 

Monte, Joseph, fisher, res rear 15 13 Atlantic 

Montezuma Flats, Col D Stone, prop, cor Second and F 

MONTGOMERY, J. P., (Zach Montgomery- & Son), res Fruitland 

Montgomer3% T F, salesman, res 1723 First 

MONTGOMERY, W. 5., attorney-at-law, 15 and 16 Pierce-Morse 
blk, res 740 Logan ave 

MONTGOMERY, ZACH. & SON, (Zach and J P Montgomery), 
attorneys-at-law, rooms 3 and 4 Manvel blk 

MONTGOMERY, ZACH., (Zach Montgomery & Son), res Fruit- 

Montgomery, Miss Clara B, res 952 Tenth 

Montgomer}-, Mrs Samantha, res 740 Logan ave 

MONTIJO, R., saddle and harness maker, 558-60 Fifth, res 858 

Montijo, R G, saddler, with R Montijo, res 858 State 

Montrose lodging house, Mrs S A Fetty prop, 717 Fourth 

Moody, B F, groceries, 922 Thirteenth, res Grant ave bet 
Twentj'-fourth and Twentj^-fifth 

Moody G N, clerk with B F Moody, res Grant ave, bet Twenty- 
fourth and Twent^'-fifth 

Mood}^ H, clerk with J Goulden, res 851 Front 

Moore, Albert, res 1667 Second 

Moore, Alex, res 2361 I 

MOORE, BEN E., clerk and notary^ public with Hunsaker, 
Britt & Goodrich, res 2044 Fourth 

Moore, B H, with Fred N Hamilton Co, res 1270 Fifth 

Moore, E S, painter, res 121 National ave 

Moore, F M real estate and loans, 856 Fifth, res 753 Eighteenth 

Moore^ Walter P, carpenter, 1430 Fir 

Moore, Miss Lottie, with Prentice & Co, res at Nuevo 

Moore Miss Phoebe, salesladj', with Prentice & Co, res at Nuevo 

Moore, Mrs E M, res 2514 H 

Moore, Mrs Mary B, res 2044 Fourth 

Moore, Mrs Rosa, res A bet Twenty-sixth and Twentj^-seventh 

Moorehouse, Mrs J O, home bakery, res 2514 H 

Morales, E, barber shop, 426 H, res same 


Moran, Mrs Rose, res 539 Eleventh 

MORGAN & POLHEMUS, (A Morgan, W P Polhemus), 

physicians and surgeons, 1045 Sixth 
flORQAN, A., (Drs Morgan & Polhemus), res 145 1 Sixth 
Morgan, Benj, waiter Hotel Florence 

Morgan, E D, millwright and machinist, res cor Second and G 
Morgan, Frank, jeweler with M German 
Morgan, John, with Julian Fruit Co, res Adelphi house 
Morgan, Oliver, plumber, 1307 Fourth 
Morgan, W J, telephone lineman, res 1519 Union 
Moreland, Basil, prospector, res 2727 N 
Moriarty, B, police officer, res Adelphi house 
Moriarty, John, laborer, res 862 Fourteenth 
Moriarty, M, railroad foreman, res Victoria hotel 
Morini, El wood, res 1207 First 
Morisey, M, laborer, res Victoria hotel 
Morreles, John, res 745 Ninth 
Morrell, Chas, machine hand with Russ planing mill, res St 

Elmo hotel 
Morrill, David E, civil engineer, room 51 Snyder blk, res same 
Morrin, Miss Mabel, 2232 E 

Morris, Capt Arthur A, steam tug Santa Fe, res 1532 Arctic 
Morris, Chas, at Mertzman's, Sixth, res 327 Eighth 
Morris, G, retired, res at Tremont house 
Morris, Henry B, merchandise broker, res 1820 E 
Morris, James, cook Rockaway restaurant, res cor Eourth and I 
Morris, Peter, stable man. Fifth ave stable, res cor Fifth and B 
Morrison, Chas, carpenter, res 351 Thirteenth 
Morrison, R R, florist, res 1335 Fifth 
Morrow, James, retired soldier, res 2367 F 
Morse, E W, prop Pierce- Morse blk, 21 Pierce- Morse blk, res 

714 Tenth 
nORSE, PHILIP, manager San Diego Eumber Co, res cor 

Twelfth and E 
Morse, Whaley & Dalton loding house, Mrs A H Gedrem prop,, 

918 Fifth 
MORTON, HENRY E., prop Metropolitan house, 1319 E 
Morton, James A, carpenter, res 741 Kearney ave 


MORTON, R. C. (Campion, Morton & Co), res at Metropolitan 

Mosch, Julius, longshoresman, res 846 Columbia 

Moser, Hamel, teamster, res 215 Eleventh 

MOSER, N., cigars and -tobaccos, 932 Fifth 

Moses, Dr. Max, Jewish Rabbi, res 1468 Front 

Mosier, Herman, yardman, with Pacific Wood & Coal Co 

MOSSHOLDER, W. J., (Parrish, Mossholder & I,ewis), res 

1667 Union 
Mott, August, laborer, res 1314 Arctic 
Moulthorp, Geo, asst engineer Hotel Brewster, res same 
Mt Hope Cemetery, 3 miles east of city 
Mt. Tecarte I^and & Water Co, John F Sinks, pres, J W Shore, 

• secy, office 1238 E 
MOUSER, A. C, attorney- at-law and notary public, 917 Fifth, 

res 1060 Eleventh 
Mouser, Allie, with Phillips & Bone, res 1090 Eleventh 
Mouser, Frank, with Phillips & Bone, res 1090 Eleventh 
Mouser, G W, compositor Sun ofiice, res Eleventh bet C and D 
Moxom, J H, retired minister, res 727, Eighteenth 
Mueller, Jacob, (Kalvelage & Mueller), res 1502 India 
Mueller, Theo, cook Hotel Florence 
MUIR, B. L., real estate and notary public, 13 19 F bet Fourth 

and Fifth, res 642 Twentieth 
Mulford, H S, lawyer, res 543 Twelfth 

nULLENDER, JOS., prop Model bath house, res foot of Sixth 
Mullen, A E, foreman brickyard, res Rose Canyon 
Mulvey & Son, groceries. Sixth and H 
Mulvey, E P, (Mulvey & Son), res 1434 Second 
Mulvey, J E, (Mulvey & Son), res 1434 Second 
Mumford, D E, compositor Daily Union res Plaza Palace 
flUriFORD, J. S., groceries and provisions, n w cor Fifth and 

D, res 1540 C 
Mumford, S S, compositor Daily Unicn, res Plaza Palace 
Mundell, Jesse, laborer, S C Ry, res 1320 State 
Munier, John, porter with Geo W Marston, res National City 
Mundell, Wm J, laborer S C Ry, res 1320 State 
Mundell, Mrs Maria, res 1320 State 


Mundelius, Conrad, meat market, 171 Sixteenth, res lyOgan ave 

bet Twenty-ninth and Thirtieth 
Munn, Mrs John, res 529 Eighth 
Munroe, ly F, cigars and tobacco, cor Fourth and Plaza, res 946 

Munster, C, (Kaland & Co), res 264-266 Seventeenth 
Murillo, Jose R, restaurant, 1036 H, res same 
Murphy, J D, stock raiser, res North San Diego 
Murphy, C F, driver Hose Co, No 2, res Sixth bet I and J 
Murphy, E, with M C Troy, res 1712 K 
Murphy, James, res 2208 E 

Murphy, Thos, pantryman Hotel Brewster^res same 
Murphy, Tim, longshoreman, water front, foot of Eighth 
Murphy, Miss Katie A, compositor on Daily Union, res 17 12 K 
Murray, Eli H, receiver Cal Savings Bank and lawyer, 961 

Fourth, res 2455 Front, bet Kalmia and I^aurel 
Murray, J H, engineer Spreckels wharf, res 2422 K 
nURRAY, ROBT. D., asst manager Pacific Transfer and Gurney 

Cab Co, res 1626 Seventh 
Murrey, Dr E E, physician and surgeon, office and res 267 17th 
Murry, J W, horse trainer, res Pacific Beach 
Murry, Miss Maggie, chambermaid Hotel Florence 
MURTHA, F. D., (Schiller & Murtha), res at Belle View hotel 
Muth, A M, apairist, res 405 Tenth 
MYERS, ALBERT L. & CO., (Albert h and M Myers), props 

The Wine Room, H bet Fifth and Sixth 
MYERS, A. L., (A E Myers & Co) res 1252 Sixth 
Myers, Alex, clerk with Till A Burns, res 915 Ninth 
Myers, Chas, capitalist, res at the Alhambra 
Myers, Henry G, book-keeper, with Todd & Hawley, res Sixth 

and C 
riYERS, M., (A h Myers & Co), res 1252 Sixth 
Myers, lineman with Western Union Co, res at Llewelyn 
Myers, Miss Jessie, teacher, res 2145 I 
Myers, Miss Eottie, teacher res 2145 I 



NACHBAUR, JOSEPH, prop Peerlees saloon, cor I^ourth and F 
res 1 1 62 Second 

Nadeau, J F, furniture mfg 747 F, res Grand Central hotel 

Nagle, C A, plasterer, res 1520 Union 

Nance, D C, laundry, res 557 Twelfth 

Nash, Rogers, clerk IXL, clothing store 507 Fifth, res cor Thir- 
teenth and K 

Nash J, retired, res 518 I^ogan ave 

Nason, A G, real estate 923 Fourth, res 708 Grape cor Union 

NASON, n. C. & CO., (M C and FT Nason) wholesale commis- 
sion merchants, 362 to 366 Fifth 

NASON, F. T., (M C Nason & Co), res 2050 Albatross 

Nason, H W, res 1610 Union 

NASON. M. C, (M C Nason & Co), res 2034 Albatross 

Nason, Miss Isabelle P, res 2034 Albatross 

Nason, Miss Anna G, res 2034 Albatross 

NATIONAL POPULAR REVIEW, J Harrison White, publisher 
P C Remondino, M D editor, ofiice Fisher opera house Fifth 
P O box 332 San Diego 

NAUMANN, J. D., chemical steam dyeing and cleaning works, 
843 Sixth, res 12 10 Sixth 

Nay lor, F Byron, with K C Naylor, res 813 Fifth 

Nay lor, K C, watchmaker and jeweler, 836 Fifth, res 813 Fifth 

Nazro, C A, retired, res 1635 Fourth 

Neale, Geo, capitalist, res Kearney ave 

Neagle, W C, plasterer, res 1510 Union 

Neal, Geo, Pt Loma packing Co, foot of C 

NEALE, HARRY J., (Tippet & Neal), res n e cor State and B 

Neale, Henry, carpenter, res 1250 Tenth 

Neale, ly, res foot of Columbia 

Neale, Mrs Isabel, seamstress, res 622 F 

Neale, Miss Viola, dressmaker, res L/afayette 

Nearpass, Chas, with Watson's seed store, res 555 Sixteenth 


Nearpass, Samuel, farmer, res 323 Logan ave 

Nearpass, Wm H, res 324 Logan ave 

Neely, J F, foreman for Chas S Hardy, res 1025 Seventh 

Neely, J F. mining, res 13 12 Front 

Neely, Mrs, res Arctic and Willow, Middletown 

Negley, D N, res 1907 Arctic 

Neil, J A, clerk, with Klauber & Levi, res 15 17 J bet Eighth 

and Ninth 
Neimeyer, H, Fireman, res n w cor Tenth and J 
Nellis, Mrs F, teacher, Middletown school 
Nelson, Andrew, ships-riger, res 2144 India 
Nelson, Capt Manual Dublan, res 13 The Willard 
Nelson, Fred, longshoreman, res foot Seventh 
Nelson, Geo, accountant, res 1734 D 
Nelson, Gus, stevedore, foot Seventh 
Nelson, Kerr, gardener, res 714 Tenth 
Nelson, Miss Susie, res Keystone house 
Nelson, Mrs Alice, res 1654 State 
Neltner, Frank, clerk with Jos Winters, res at bakery 
Nerney, M, retired, res 1218 Date 

NERNEY, T. A., fire insurance, 923 Fourth, res 2031 Union 
Nesbit, Mrs M W, with Chadbourne Furniture Co, res 2348 G 
Nessel, Miss Louise, servant, res 1044 Fir 
Nessel, Miss May, with Model Laundrj', res 2369 F 
Netting, Thos, plumber, res 1329 Columbia 
Neville, Jas, lawyer, res 958 Ninth 
Nevin Bros, (RE Nevin, J C Nevin), fresh candy makers, 860 

Nevin, J C, (Nevin Bros), res at Leland 
Nevin, R E, (Nevin Bros), res at Leland 
New Carleton Hotel, W A Dorris, prop, cor Third and F 
NEW HOHE BAKERY, J Gray & Son props, 1072 Sixth 
NEW RU55 HOUSE, Albert Meyer prop, corE and Third 
Newby, O C, street car driver, res 1633 State 
Newcomb, D L, rancher, res at Holt house 
Newcomb, T E, farmer, res 711 National ave 
New England Dairy, Rose Canyon 
Newkirk, E W, with Cal Mort Loan & Trust Co, res Albemarle 


Newkirk, Naylor, teller First Nat'l Bank, res 1645 First 

NEWS DEALER, W B Emmel, 860 Fifth 

Newstrom, Gus, with Horton house, res same 

NEW YORK DOMESTIC BAKERY, I, Coller prop 1537 E 

Nichols, C E, pipe cutter with Bates Implement Co, res 331 Clay 

Nichols, Gustav, (J Anderson & Co), res 433 Fifth 

NICHOLS, M. J., (Half Price house), res Boston 

Nichols, J A, res 622 lyOgan ave 

Nichols, J G B, harnessmaker, res 331 Claj^ ave 

Nichols, N D, shipbuilder, foot of E, res 1444 Sixth 

Nichols, JS, ship carpenter, shop foot of E, res same 

NICHOLS, THOS., (Half Price House), 628 Sixth, res cor 

Twenty-third and B 
Nichols, Wm J, longshoreman, res 438 Fifth 
Nicholson, John, seaman, res foot of Columbia 
Nicholson, Miss Frances, res 2030 A 
Nielsen, J B, real estate, vice-consul of Sweden and Norway, 

1436 E, res 1332 Columbia 
Niemann, Hermann, butcher, res 840 Eleventh 
Niemann, J H, night clerk at Brewster Pharmacy, res Richelieu 
Niles, James M, manager Santa Fe Meat Market, foot of H, res 

Niles, W, res Morena 

NISSEN, N. J., (Nye & Nissen), res 1247 Third 
Noble, Jas, messenger with S D Dist Tel Co, res cor Columbia 

and Beech 
Noble, Patrick, laborer, res Beech and Atlantic 
Noble, Rev Dr W B, pastor First Presbyterian church, res 941 

Noble, T P, windmill maker and carpenter, res 944 Twelfth 
Noble, Thos, mining, res Logan ave near Twenty-second 
Noble, W C, paper clerk with county clerk, res 941 Eleventh 
Nolan, Geo N, with Sweetwater Nursery Co, res 1223 Front 
Nolan, G N jr, with J S Schirm, res 1223 Front 
Nolan, W P, driver with S D Laundry, res 1223 Front 
Norbia, Mrs Camilla, nurse, resi42i Columbia 
Norburg, Chas, marine engineer, res St Elmo house 


NORCROSS, H. F., dep city assessor, real estate and money 
broker, 103 1 Fourth, res University Boulevard 

Norman, Allen D, (Norman-Jacoby Grocery Co), res 1965 Second 

NORnAN=JACOBY GROCERY CO., (incorporated), fancy and 
staple groceries, 922 Fifth 

Norris, G H, horse shoer, 12 17 F, res 620 Boston ave 

Norris, W B, res 865 Thirteenth 

Norris Miss SV, Fifth Avenue House, res same 

North, J D, teacher of languages, res 857 Third 

Northern, F W, police officer, res 1208 H 

NORTHRUP, D. B., (Stockton. Valle & Northrup), 726 Fifth, res 
643 Fourteenth 

waukee, James A Bailey agent, P O box, 759, res 2432 Front 

Nosier, A A, driver Cor Transfer Co, res 533 Thirteenth 

Nugent, E^ physician and surgeon, Backesto blk, res 1499 First 

NUTT, A. E., attorney-at-law, rooms 4, 5 and 6 M E Church blk, 
res Third near Walnut 

Nutting, Thomas, with Geo A Merritt, res Columbia bet A & Ash 

NYE & NISSEN, (H P Nye, N J Nissen), prop S D Tea, Coffee 
and Spice Store, 958-60 Fifth 

NYE H. P., [Nye & Nissen], res Tenth, bet A and B 


Ober, Antone, res 1727 Fourth 

Oberle, J, butcher, with Chas Hardy, res at slaughter j'^ard 
Oberstella, O A, bartender, res Adelphia 

O'Brien, Geo N, cashier Cal Nat Bank, res Cleveland and Lin- 
coln ave. University Heights 
O'Brien, H E, banker, res Campus ave, University Heights 
O'BRIEN, J. E., manager Hotel Brewster, res same 
O'Brien, Joseph, messenger S D Dist Tel Co, res cor lydia and H 
O'Brien James, res Cleveland and Lincoln ave 
O'Brien, P H, capitalist, res 1656 Sixth 
O'Brien, Thomas, cabinet maker, 934 Front 



O'Brien, Jennie, waiter Horton House, res same 
O'Brien, Miss M Carrie, res Cleveland and Lincoln ave 
O'Connell, J, street car driver, res at Metropolitan 
O'Connell, J, watchman Santa Fe wharf, res Coronado 
O'Connell, Miss Katie, dressmaker, res Twenty -fifth and Irving 

O'Day, Edward, fisherman, res Atlantic and B 
O'Day. Patrick, miner, res 339 Eifth 
O'Donal, Edward^ res 1002 F 
O'Doneld, J O D, capitalist, res Windsor 
O'Connell, F, real estate, res 2357 G 

O'Donnell, Miss E, dressmaker, rooms 31 and 32, Backesto blk 
Oesting, H E, res 2628 E 

O'Farrell, Frank, clerk with S D Drug Co, res 839 Grant ave 
O'Farrell, W M, with Standard Oil Co., res 839 Graut ave 
Ofdenkamp, W G, meat market. Sixteenth, bet M and N 
Ogden, T A, res 2602 E 
Ohlmeyer, M A, clerk with Mendelson & Flores, res Clifton 

Ohre, Chris N, salesman iron dep't Todd & Hawley, res 819 Fifth 
OLD RELIABLE TENT CO., Jas A Heath pres and manager, 

First Nat'l Bank bldg 
Olds, Arthur A, res at Lafayette 
Olds, C W, steward at Co Hospital and Poor Farm, Mission 

Olds, LI, res at Lafayette 
O'Leary, C, waiter, res 1444 Elm 
O'Leary, Mrs, res 142 1 Fourth 

OLINQER, C. H., asst manager S D Lumber Co, res 1167 Thir- 
teenth cor B 
Olmstead, J M, with J S Buck, res Twenty-first and F 
OLMSTED CO, (J D Olmsted, S H Olmsted, C C Olmsted) 

job printers, sta;tioners and fancy goods, 1130 Fourth bet 

B and C 
OLMSTED, C. C, (Olmsted Co), res 1245 Thirteenth 
OLflSTED, J. D., [Olmsted Co], res 1245 Thirteenth 
Olmsted, M L, capitalist, res New Carlton house 
OLflSTED, S. H., (Olmsted Co), res 1245 Thirteenth 


OLSEN, A. C, (Olsen, Graham & Weldon), s e cor India and B 

Olsen, D, res 1223 State 

Olsen, D L,, cement work, res 1453 California 

OLSEN, QRAHAfl & WELDON, [A C Olsen, M A Graham, J T 

Weldon], props India St Planing Mill, s e cor India and B 
Olsen, HP, seafarer, res 1169 Atlantic 
Olsen, Oliver, [New England Dairy], res Rose Canon 
Olsen, Theodore, wharfinger with Pacific Coast Steamship Co, 

res 548 Front 
Olson, Chas L, tailor with Wm Beyer, res at Plaza Palace 
Olson, O K, retired, res 104 1 F 
Olympic Barber Shop, Ben Cotton prop, 1320 F bet Fourth and 

O'Malley, Peter, laborer, res cor Fourteenth and M 
O'Neil, Hugh, retired, res 303 National ave 
O'Neil, Pat, res North San Diego 
OPERA HOUSE CANDY STORE, J C Mielke proprietor, Fisher 

Opera House, Fourth bet B and C 
ORA GRANDE LIHE CO.. W J Bailey manager, foot of F 
Orcott, J H, nursery, res Thirt^^-third and Clay ave 
O'Reily, Mc, contractor, res Hotel D' Europe 
Orgren, Rev A B, Swedish Baptist church, res 2217 C 
Orientes, Jose, res North San Diego 
Ormerd, Henry, retired, res 668 Third 
O'Rorake, P J, laborer, res Twenty-seventh arid F 
Orrick, E M, miner, res 32 Seventeenth 
Orrick, Wm, salesman with W J Davis, res 24 Twentieth 
Ortmann, Henry, res 1442 Logan ave 
Orton, M, engineer, 422 Ash 
Osborne, C J, driver Hamilton & Co, res 2379 F 
Osborn, John, res 793 Twenty-fourth 

Osburn, Fred W, railroad contractor, Union, near Kalmia 
Osgood, R E, architect, res 211 Logan ave 

Osgood, Miss K F, teacher Middletown school, res 2004 Fourth 
Osgood, Mrs,;;res 2004 Fourth 
Osuna, Ll, laborer, res Thirtieth and O 
Osuna. Vincent, laborer, res North San Diego 
OTIS & CO., real estate and insurance, 1031 Fourth 


Otis, E Iv, lumber surveyor with Russ L,i]jiiber Co, res National 

bet Twentj^-ninth and Thirtieth 
OTIS, ELnER, [Otis & Co], res 908 Fir 
Otis, Miss Mattie, res 908 Fir 
Otmann, Miss L,ena, res 844 Irving ave 
Ott, George, salesman Schiller & Murtha, res Iceland 
Ott, G W, deliveryman with Chas S Hardy, res Belle View 
Otto, Frank second steward Manuel Doublan, res 620 F 
Otto, Mrs K P, ladies' nurse, 623 Kighth 
Otto, res Grand Pacific 
Overbaugh, A, res 15 13 Sixth 
Overshiner, Chas C, printer, res 928 Front 

Overshiner, G J, prop S D Carriage Works, res Front bet D and E 
Overshiner, Harry W, paper carrier, res 928 Front 
OWEN, DAVIS, prop Court House meat market, 958 Front, res 

I154 Fourth 
OWEN, MRS. C. B., corset parlor, 1154 Fourth, res same 
Owens, W W, res cor Columbia and F 

Owens, Miss Minnie, with Dodge & Burbeck, res Oceanside 
ORFORD HOUSE, Geo W Magwood prop, 1626 H 

RACIFIC COAST LOAN «& TRUST CO., Bryant Howard prest, 

Monroe Johnson secy, cor Fifth and G 
PACIFIC COAST STEAnSHIP CO., F M Simpson agent, foot 

Pacific Exchange, J Conklin prop, 414 Fifth 
PACIFIC JUNK STORE, Dunbar Bros props, cor Sixth and I 
Pacific Mail Steamship Co, ofiice with Pacific Coast Steamship Co 

manager, cor E and Fifth 

1014 Fourth 
Pacific Wire Cloth Co, C S Chamberlain gen manager, office 

826. Sixth 


PACIFIC WOOD & COAL CO., G A Garrettson, prest, res Na- 
tional City, E G Dulin treas, yards Fifth and Sixth bet J 
and K 

Packard, Ira W, fruit grower, res 1635 Fourth 

PACKARD, J. C, (Stephens & Son), res 763 Eleventh 

Paddock, N V, book-keeper, res 1636 First 

Page, Frank, clerk, res 716 D 

Page, F E, grocer, res 714 D 

Page, George, machinist, res 714 D 

Page, George R, Postofhce News Stand, res 14 14 Fifth 

Page, J H, carpenter, res 716 D 

Page, Miss Jennie, seamstress, rooms 1114 G 

Pahlow, Henry, retired, res 1018, Twenty-sixth South 

PAINE, J. O. W., attorney-at-law, notary and government lands, 
14T9 F, res Roseville 

Painter, J F, book-keeper with W E Howard, res 741 Eleventh 

Palace launch Counter, Forster & Jensen proprs, 926 Fifth 

Palace Eivery Stable, lyikens and Sanderson, cor Second and E 

PALMER, J. D. & SONS, (J D, O F, and W H Palmer, J W 
Fulkerson and Albert C Crane), house movers, 826 Fifth 
I 157 State 

Palmer, C H, clerk at freight depot S C Ry, res 1432 State 

PALMER, HENRY H., attorney-at-law, room 8 Keating blk, cor 
Fifth and F, res s e cor Twelfth and C 

PALHER, J. D., (J D Palmer and Sons), res 1157 State 

Palmer, John, professional nurse, res 760 Fourth 

Palmer, Martin, res 919 Arctic 

PALMER, OSCAR F., [J D Palmer and Sons], res 1157 State 

Palmer, O J, dep city treas and tax collector, res 2055 Fourth 

Palmer, Oscar, res Twenty-eighth and L, 

PALMER, Wn. H., [J D Palmer and Sons], res 1157 State 

Palmer, Mrs Maria, res 2055 Fourth 

Palmeter, C S, teamster with Standard Oil Co, res Fifteenth bet 
B and C 

Pamo Water Co, Jas D Schuyler pres, J A Wood sec, 34 Lawyers 

Pamperin, capitalist, res Victoria hotel 

Paoli, Ant, yardman Hotel Brewster, res same 


Pape, A, prop Tropical Bath house, res 137 Atlantic 

Parasich, Peter, fisherman, res 1222 Atlantic 

Paris, Mrs Catharine, res 2408 C 

Paris, Miss L,ilian, teacher Middletown school, res 2408 C 

PARKS, LOTTIE I., M. D., physician and surgeon, 1740 D, cor 

Parker, A A, capitalist, res Hotel de Europe 
PARKER & McCONOUQHEY, [E Parker, O H McConoughey], 

attorneys-at-law, Eeland house, cor Sixth and E 
Parker & Co, [Geo W Parker, M A Parker], druggists, 1224 

Parker, Burt E [Parker & Co,] res 1224 Fourth 
Parker, D F, res 930 Twentieth 

Parker, D W, [Silver Gate Nursery], 456 Fifth, res same 
PARKER, E., [Parker & McConoughey], res 1129 Front 
Parker, George, cook Hotel Florence 
Parker George, longshoreman, res 832 Union 
Parker, G W, [Parker & Co,] res 1244 Fourth 
Parker Mrs Jane A, res 808 Irving ave 
Parker, T Sylvester, retired, res 1432 Palm 
Parker, J E, piano tuning, 951 Fifth, res 808 Irving ave 
PARKER, W. J., local agent S D Eand and Town Co, res room 

34 Kline blk 
Parker, W B, photographer, res 631 Twelfth 
Parker, Miss Jean C, teacher kindergarten, res 1827 Third 
Parker, Miss Phoebe E, teacher Middletown school, res 1725 

Parker Mrs M A, [Parker & Co], res 1224 Fourth 
Parker, Mrs E E,. res 1725 Union 
Parker, Mrs Julia, res 1132 Cedar 

Parkhurst, T E, book-keeper City of Paris, res 202 1 E 
Parkinson, A, nurse Co Hospital, Mission Valley 
Parkison E H, (S D Wind Mill Co, res Boston ave, bet Twenty- 
seventh and Twenty-eighth 
Parkinson, Geo F, picture frames, 1618 F 
PARMELEE, ED. F., advertising manager Daily Union, res 

1520 C 
Parmelee, D, capitalist, res 1563 Fifth 


Parmelee, Mrs M M, res 1563 Fifth 

Parrish, Fred W, clerk Superior court, Dept 3, res 1030 nth 

PARRISH, M0S5H0LDER & LEWIS, (Watson Parrish, W J 

Mossholder, T L- Ivcwis), attorneys-at-law, 3 to 6 First Na- 
tional Bank bldg 
PARRISH, WATSON, (Parrish, Mossholder & Lewis), res 1030 

PARROTT & CO., blacksmiths and wagonmakers. Tenth and I 
PARROTT, K. L., (Parrott & Co), blacksmith, res 953 13th 
Parry, Edward, laborer, res 360 Fifteenth 
Parson, Alex, fish market, 1228 Atlantic res 839 Front 
Parsons, B F, teamster, res 845 Thirteenth 
Parsons, BjF Sr, res 845 Thirteenth 
PARSONS, J. G., dentist, 955 Fifth, res same building 
Parsons, John R, (late from Wichita, Kas), attorney-at-law, res 

1546 Sixth 
Parsons, J O, contractor, res 532 Newton ave 
Parsons, Miss Laura, florist, res 631 Fourteenth 
Parsons, Mrs H, dressmaker, res 631 Fourteenth 
Parsons, Mrs H, dressmaker, res 2626 N 
Paschen, L, H, Bay City market, 1107 C 
Paschen, R D, expressman, cor Fifth and E, res 1107 C 
Paterson, J A,, upholsterer with Chadbourne Furniture Co, res 

B bet Twent5^-seventh and Twenty-eighth 
Patten, F R, iron moulder, res 1703 India 
Patten, Miss Alice, sewing and mending, 34 Hamilton bldg, res 

1703 India 
PATTERSON, J. L., prop Fashion saloon, 516 Fifth, res 529 5th 
Patterson, Miss Amelia L, artist. Seventh bet C and D 
Patterson, W C, real estate and broker, 832 Fifth, res New Carlton 
Patterson, Miss Alma, teacher Sherman Heights, res 704 Kearny 
Patton, W B, rancher, res Holt house 
Patton, Wm S T, res 950 Eleventh 
Patton, Miss Emma, res 730 Twentieth 
Patton, Miss Lottie, res 730 Twentieth 
Patton, Miss Madge, stenographer with Works & Works, res 

730 Twentieth 
Patton, Mrs Amelia, res 730 Twentieth 


Paul, Isaiah, stableman with W F Wilson, res 442 Eighteenth 

Paulsen, J Iv, boat house foot of H, res same 

Pauley, Mrs A, res cor Eleventh and D 

PAULY, CHAS. W., real estate, 923 Fourth Ivawyers' blk, res 

1340 Cedar 
Pauly, Fred, receiver Cal Nat'l Bank, res 966 Eleventh 
Paulzine, res 2165 Fourth 

Payne, H C, with S D Beef and Packing Co, res 1730 D 
Payne John, bell boy hotel Florence 
Paynes, J R, physician, res 633 Tenth 
Paynes, J W, physician, res 633 Tenth 
Peake, Mrs G, res 321 Tenth 
Pean, Mrs Pauline, washing, res 2424 I 

Pearce, S W, druggist at Brewster Pharmacy res 18 12 Fourth 
Pearfie, Frank H, secy of Chamber of Commerce, res 1116 F 
Pearson, Mrs, res near Arctic and Willow, Middletown 
Pease, Miss Fannie, res 2831 J 
Peass, Mrs Nettie, tailoress, res 638 C 
Peck, CM, res 639 TAventieth 
PECK, Q. W., prop Cuyamaca tin shops, 432 and 434 Fifth, res 

721 Eighteenth 
Peck, Mrs Annie E, teacher Sherman Heights, res 639 Twentieth 
Peck, Miss Kate E, teacher B-st school, res G bet 24th and 25th 
Peck, Miss lyouisa, chambermaid Hotel Florence 
Pedder, James N, broker, res 1231 State 

Pedder, W W, with Wyman, Gruendike &Co, res 1231 State 
Pedot, Michael, res Mission Valley 

PEERLESS SALOON, Joseph Nachbaur prop. Fourth and F 
Pefiey, E, carpenter, res cor Fifteenth and M 
Peipenbrink, P, machinist with Standard Iron Works, 
Peirro, F, fruit, cigars, &c, 1417, D, res 1323 First 
Pelton, John C, poet and author, res 932 First 
Pelton, Miss Ida, receiving clerk and operator Pacific Postal Tel 

Co, res 818 Sixth 
Pendegast, L,yle, dept district attorney, court house 
Peninsular Cal Railroad, (limited), H N Lear gen'l manager, 

25 and 26 Lawyers' blk 
Pennoyer, W, cable conductor, res Cable hotel 


People's Hall, lyewis Fritz, prop, 927 Fifth 

Pepper, Thos, windmills, 348 Fourth 

Perales, Clemente, tailor, res St Elmo 

Percy, E J, carpet cutter with Chadbourne Furniture Co, res 
Grand hotel 

Perigo, Wm, bar keeper Horton house 

Perin, Moses, farmer, res 522 National ave 

Perrin, Quincy A, with Model steam laundry, rooms at Bon Ton 

Permine, Mrs Maggie, seamstress, res 1625 G 

Perry, Caroline L,, res 963 Ninth 

Peters, W J, manager Manvel, n w cor Sixth and D, res same 

Peterson, Gus, longshoreman, res St Elmo 

Peterson, Hans, res North San Diego 

Peterson, Harry, foot of India 

Peterson, M R, Ivieutenant U S Army, res Cuyamaca club 

Peterson, Miss Annie, chambermaid Hotel Florence 

Peterson, Miss Christiene, servant, 1008 Nutmeg 

Peterson, Miss Millie, chambermaid at Bon Ton, res same 

Petrie, Dr EHja F, physician, res 14 Ninth 

PETTING ELL, AM05, supt streets, office City hall, res 528 Fir 

Pettingill, Samuel, res 528 Fir 

Pettitt, John, retired, 1056 Third 

Pettit, Miss Jennie, with H E Cootlley, photographer, res 1169 

PETTY. J. N., manager Fashion saloon res 521 Fourth 

Pfaffenberger, Rev. L, C, Union City Mission, res 1130 E 

Pfahler, W W, printer, res Thirty-fourth and T Chollas valley 

Pfister, Ferdinand, prop, Eureka bakery, cor 4th and B res same 

Pharmeston, H P, res Twentieth and K 

Phelps, Miss Mary, teacher Middletown school 

PHILIPS & HARBISON, (Robt F Philips, H R Harbison), den- 
tists, Bon Ton blk, cor Sixth and D 

PHILIPS, ROBT. F.. (Philips & Harbison) res 1830 Third 

PHILLIPS & BONE, (J G Phillips, S W Bone), dry goods and 
notions, 1023 Fifth bet C and D 

Phillips, Chas V, printer, 1642 C 

Phillips, D T, retired attorney, res 1642 C 

Phillips, ET, bar keeper, res 764 Front 


PHILLIPS, GEO K., secretary, res 21 12 D 

PHILLIP5, J. Q., (Phillips & Bone), 1023 Fifth 

PHILLIPS, N. I., principal S D Bus College, res Bancroft blk 

Phillips, Rev Wm H, pastor Second Baptist church, res 2203 J 

Phillips, Wesley H, carpenter, res M bet 29th and 30th 

Phillips, W S, confectioner, 853 Fifth, res Kline blk 

Phillips, Mrs Anna, res 764 Front 

PHINNEY, M. E., prop Sunnyside nursery, res Sweetwater val- 
ley. Sunny side tract 

PHILLIPS, Mrs. E. J., (Phillips & Bone,) res Ash and Front 

Phillips, Mrs P F, private school, 2038 C, res same 

Pihllips, Miss Rose, res 1039 Twelfth 

Phipps, G E, clerk at Boaz's, res 1632 G 

Pickerten, J D, engraver with M German 

Pickett, Z, carpenter, res 109 Grand ave 

PICKWICK, THE, furnished rooms, Jos Edwards prop, 1029 4th 

Pico Stables, G and Union 

Pidgeon, E P, driver for J D Burch & Co, res cor Fifteenth and K 

Pidgeon, G S, res 158 Fifteenth 

Pierce, E R, retired, res 1246 First 

Pierce- Morse Block, E W Morse prop, n w cor Sixth and F 

PIERCE, W. L., Judge Superior Court, Dept 3, res cor First and 

Pierce, Emily Bancroft, res 1835 Third 

Pierce, Mrs A S, res 304 National ave 

Pierce, Mrs A S, dressmaker, 1616 F, res same 

Pierce, Mrs C, res 1436 C 

Pierce, Mrs Cecelia, res 1929 K 

PIERCE, Mrs. C. O., florist, gardens cor Thirteenth and G, 
branch depot 931 Fifth, res Thirteenth and G 

Pierce, Mrs Margarete artist, res at Lafayette 

Pierce, Mrs S C, res 1929 K 

Pignot, N J, laundry, 1229 D 

Pike, Herman, bus driver Commercial hotel 

Pike, W B, blacksmith, res 234 Sargent ave 

Pierson, W, res 446 Thirteenth 

Pilling, Gustave, confectioner, res 1669, Columbia 

PIRNIE, P. C, (Smith & Pirnie), res 941 D 


Pioneer Book Bindery, R Schiller, prop 1029 to 103 1 F 

PIONEER COAL CO., office 1427 E 

PIONEER DAIRY, Fales & Wood prop, 2054 India 


First bet F and G 
PIONEER TRUCK CO., Ed Wescott prest, 1427 E 
Piper, Mrs Dona, res 2642 Fifth 
Pipers, Mrs Mary, res 710 Ash 
Piepers, Paul, waiter Hotel Brewster res same 
Place, D C, real estate, res 741 E 

Place, Harry J, deputy constable. 1237 E, res 830 Eleventh 
Playford, H, hostler at old Pico stables, res same 
PLAZA PALACE, Chas T Schmitt prop, 942 to 950 Third 
Plaza Saloon, August Kramer prop, 1232 Plaza 
Plead well, T F, carpenter, res 1643 State 
Pleasants, Charles, attorney-at-law, res 11 24 Fourth 
Pleasants, Miss Ava L, res 2157 Fourth 
Pletency, Joseph, lobster man, res Beech and Atlantic 
PLIMPTON, F. S., gen manager Russ Lumber and Mill Co, res 

1837 Third 
Pohle, Louis, watchmaker with M German, res 2370 K 
Point Loma Packing Co, Foot of C 
Pointner, Max, second cook Hotel Brewster, res same 
Poiser, James, farmer, res Pacific Beach 
Polhamus, Isaac J, clerk Spreckles Wharf, res F ave and Third, 

Polhamus, Capt A A, with Spreckels Bros Commercial Co, res 

Fave and Thirty-first, Coronado 
POLHEMUS, W. P., (Drs Morgan & Polhemus), res Brookes 

ave and Fourth 
POLICE COURT, Irving B Dudley judge, old City Hall 
Pollock, Clinton S, clerk with Bryant Bros, res 735 Harrison 
Pollock, J S, contractor and builder, res 737 Harrison ave 
Pollock, J S, carpenter, res 707 National ave 
Pollok, Miss Maggie, res First and Ivy 
Pollok, Mrs Mary, res First and Ivy 
POLZIEN, H. n., (Schranz & Polzien), res 2165 Fourth 


Pond, D W, res 724 Milton ave 

PONY SALOON, Carter & Rice, props, 650 Fifth 

Pool, H, magnetic doctor, res 1318 A 

Poole, E, assistant steward Cuyamaca Club, res same 

Poole, F, with Kampling & Stoner, res same 

Poole, Mrs A S, res 1435 Ninth 

Poole, Mrs F Elizabeth, res 203 B 

POPULAR DRUG STORE, Alda M Ferris prop, 372 Fifth, cor J 

Popular Shaving Parlors, lyOU Schwartz prop, 1326 D 

Porter, Capt Geo D, (World Shell and Curio Co) res same 

Porter, H R, res 2334 C 

Porter, J F, Russ Planing Mill, res 940 Fifth 

Porter, J W, cigars and tobacco, 456 Fifth, res same 

Porter Miss Anna, housekeeper, 1620 C 

Porter, Miss W, teacher east school, res 742 I,ogan ave 

Porter, Mrs A S, teacher B st school, res 1827 Third 

Porter, Mrs K, res cor Fifteenth and the park 

Porterfield, W H, reporter Daily Sun, res cor Sixth and H 

Porterfield, Miss Maggie, cashier, G M Greenebaum, res Sixth 

and H 
Post, Dr Lewis, retired, res 1419 State 
POTTER & ROBERTS, (H Potter, Albert Roberts), real estate 

and loan brokers, 810 Sixth 
Potter,. A H, res 2542 Fifth 

Potter, G G, dept county assessor, res 768 Union 
Potter, Alex, carpenter, res 1410 Logan ave 
Potter, Daniel, deput}^ city assessor, res Montezuma house 
Potter, Geo G, deputy assessor, 11 68 Union 
POTTER, H., (Potter & Roberts), res Lafayette block 
Potter, Mrs Daniel, res at Montezuma 
Potter Mrs N J, res 822 Cedar 
POWAY VALLEY NURSERY, yard cor Eighth and F, Chapin 

& Meeker, proprs, Poway 
Powell, E A, real estate, res 1031 Seventh 
Powell, George, oil dealer, res 369 Ninteenth 
Powell, Miss J A, assistant with Philips & Harbison, res 369 



Power, W G, with F W Ewing, 1936 A 

Power, Mrs M L, res 1936 A 

Powers, Dr Frank, res Manor house 

POWERS, Dr. R. M.,. pres Bank of Commerce, and pres and 

manager S D Gas and Elec L/t Co, res 1740 A 
Powers, Mrs C, res Manor house 
Pray, A C, retired, res 1910 India 

Pray, J M, with Thompson & McDowell, res cor Tenth & I 
PRENTICE, W. B. & CO., dry goods, 957 Fifth, res Spring 

Preston, Jas, res 663 Eleventh 
Preston, Mrs Josiah W, res 2425 First 
Prettyman, Mrs W B, res at Hotel Florence 
Price & Coombs, (T W Price, J H Coombs), wines, liquors' and 

cigars, 740 Fifth 
Price Block, formerly Reed Block, cor Sixth and H 
PRICE, J., shirt maker and dealer in hats and gents furnishing 

goods, 615 Sixth, res 229 Twentieth 
Price, T W, (Price & Coombs), res 1336 State 
Price, W E, retired merchant, res 229 Twentieth 
Price, Miss Aletha, dressmaker, res 1940 F 
Price, Miss Eva, teacher B street school 
Price, Hazel, with Girard lunch rooms, res same 
PRICE, rirs. ELVIRA, Bon Ton restaurant, 552 Sixth, res same 
Price, Mrs M E, manager Brunswick, Fifth, res same 
Pringle, W H, stockraiser, res Fourth and Maple 
Proeless, Eugene, with J M Eenz, res A and Fourth 
PROUT, W. J., real estate, Golden Hill, cor C and Twenty-sixth 
Prouty, Wm, with San Diego Eumber Co 
Pruyn, L M, laborer, 931 Columbia 
Public lyibrary, Miss Lu Younkin, librarian. Consolidated Bank 

blk cor Fifth and G 
PULLMAN, A. M., San Diego Abstract Co, res Fourth and E 
Pulman, C E, night clerk Hotel Brewster, res same 
PUTERBAUGH, GEORGE, Judge Superior Court, Dept 2, res 

s e cor Quince and Fifth 
Pusey, Wm, retired, res 631 Grand ave 



Querean, Frank, res 1307 Twelfth 

Quijada, M V, clerk City of Paris, res Kleventh and N 

Quinn, M F, carpenter, res 1939 Arctic 

Quinn, J M, contractor and builder, res 232 Boston ave 

Quin, M J, retired, s w cor Eleventh and B 

Quinton, J H, groceries, feed and coal, 412 National ave, res 

414 National ave 
QUON riANE, KEE & CO., Chinese and Japanese goods, silks, 

laquered ware, fireworks, etc, 631 Fifth 
Quong Sow Kee & Co, Chinese goods, etc, 368 Second cor J, 

res same 


Rae, Robt, printer with Gould, Hutton & Co, res 1106 C 

Rafferty, Mrs E C, res 966 Tenth 

Raffi, G, prospector, res 727 Fourth 

Ralfenberger, Mr, res Mission Valley 

Rallez, Angel, res 13 near K 

Ramsey, Jas, carpenter, 33 Sixteenth 

Ramyer, A, longshoresman, res 152 1 K 

Randall, A, clerk forCowden, res 728 Second 

Randall, AT, res 1319 First 

Randall, MrsK T, res 1319 First 

Rankin, Mrs, res 740 B 

Ranson, H S, with Chadbourne Furniture Co, res 1344 Front 

Rapier, W H, sergent-at-arms City Council, res 330 Tenth 

Rark, Wm, res Mission valley 

Rark, Miss Ellen, res Mission valley 

Rasshirt, Wm, tailor, res 1370 Arctic 

Rathgeber, John, expressman, res Twenty-fourth and Franklin 


Rawley, jeweler with M German, res St James hotel 
RAWSON, FRANK L., attorney- at- I^aw, room 15-16 Kline blk, 

res 822 Cedar 
RAWSON, n. L., attorney-at-law, 15-16 Kline blk, res 1431 

Rawson, Mrs H, res 822 Cedar 
Ray, John M, invalid, res cor Ninth and E 
Raymond, J D, res 1929 Front 
Rayner, Mrs. M, res 1540 Second 
Rea, W R, res Mission valley 
Read, R F, fruit grower, Marilou Park, north Chollas Valley, 

El Cajon road 
READ, W. S., dentist, rooms 7 to 10 Pierce-Morse blk, cor 

Sixth and F, telephone 159 
Reading, James, with city water dept 
READING, J. W., M. D., physician and surgeon, n e cor Fifth 

and H, res same 
Ready, John, laborer, res St Elmo house 
Rebholtc, Joseph, carpenter, res 1329 India 
Reckhow, Wm E, processer and preserver, with Point Loma 

Packing Co, foot of C, res same 
Rector, J L,, res Mission Valley 
Redpath, K V, circulator and collector for Daily Sun res 

Twenty- Fourth and G 
Redpath, Mrs Florence, cor Twenty-fourth and G 
Reece, Chas, bartender, res 244 Fifth 
REED, D. C, (DC Reed & Co), res 1910 D 
REED, D. C. & CO., fire insurance, 915 Sixth 
Reed, F P, carpenter, res 229 National ave 
Reed, Reuben, stable man, res 868 Second 
Reed, Thos, barber with Olympic barbershop res 933 F 
Reed, Miss Emma, res 819 Columbia 
Reese, M J, laborer, res 329 Tenth 
Reeve, Thos, diamond setter and manufacturer of jewelry, 1355 

D, res 346 Twelfth 
Reeve, W H, teamster, res 557 Eleventh 
Reeves, W M, horticulturist, res The Dells, Thirty-third 
Reeves, W S, driver for Pioneer Truck Co, 1427 E 


1 ; 

Regal, WS, paper hanger, res 127 Grand ave 

Regan, Mrs O F, res 1566 Sixth 

Regisler, Cad, horseman with veterinary and boarding stables, 

res Belle View hotel 
Rehor, J, blacksmith, res 403 Kearney ave 
Reid, Richard, porter Albemarle 
Reid, Wm, laborer, res Columbia and Kalmia 
Keid, W B, real estate, res Twenty-eighth and J 
Reidiger, Paul, member city council, res Tower houfe 
Reinberg, Edward, stenographer with Consolidated National 

Bank, res Albemarle hotel 
Reinert, O, sash and door maker at India-street Planing Mill, 

res Twenty-eighth and Grand ave 
Reinherdt, E M, tinner, res C, bet Twenty-sixth and Twenty- 
REINOEHL & HARRISON, (A L Reinoehl, Tom Harrison), 

attorneys-at-law, Fisher Opera House, Fourth 
REINOEHL, A. L., (Reinoehl & Harrison), res National City 
Reitz, Benj F, engineer steam tug Santa Fe, res Second and F 
Reitz, W, cable car conductor, res Oak near Vermont University 

Reitz, Miss Maggie, servant, 2167 Eifth 

Relfe, John, groceries, Twenty-sixth and National ave, res same 
Relfe, Miss Dora, dressmaker. Twenty-sixth and National ave 
Remars, Miss Joana, res 799 Twenty-fourth 
Remondino, P C, physician and surgeon, office Fisher Opera 

House, Fifth 
Remy, Gus, (Remy & Co), res 11 34 Fourth 
Remy , Mrs & Co, (S A Remy, W Sutton), millinery, 1 134 Fourth 
Remy, Mrs S A, (Remy and Co), res 1134 Fourth 
RENNIE, GILBERT, city auditor and assessor, office City Hall, 

res s e cor Thirteenth and D ' 
Rennie, Wm, boot and shoe maker, 920 Sixth, res 967 Thirteenth 
Rentsch, A, saloon, 558 Sixth, res cor E and Eighth 
Repplier, Jos, hostler with Diamond Carriage Co, res Coronado 
Re3taric]$-j..Rev H B, pastor, St Paul's Episcopal church, res 

r554 Eighth 
Restine, James, carpenter, res 1236 Union 


Reupke, H, laborer, res cor Twenty-fifth and Franklin ave 

Reupsch, Wm, shoemaker with Chicago Shoe Store, res 1939 K 

Reuther, Paul, dep city assessor, res 343 Thirteenth 

Reutner, Adolph, harness maker and saddler, 1237 H 

REVERE HOUSE, W G Tirrell prop, 11 26 Fourth 

Reynolds, James, butcher, res 836 Front 

Reynolds, John, cook, res 143 1 Atlantic 

Reynolds, Rev John, assistant pastor St Joseph's Catholic church, 
res 1527 Third 

Rhatigan, James, farmer, res 1343 State 

Rhind, James, with Sweetwater Nursery Co, rcs 4^2 Seventeenth 

Ricard, P, laborer. Hotel D' Europe, res same 

Rice, C A, shipping clerk with Klauber & L,evi, res Grand hotel 

Rice, A, gripman, res 338 Milton ave 

Rice, D W, head waiter Hotel Brewster, res same 

RICE, THOS., (Carter & Rice), res Front and D 

Rice, W H, real estate, res 453 Thirteenth 

Rice, W H, real estate, res 832 State 

Rice, Miss Rozilla M, res 453 Thirteenth 

Rice, Mrs Anna, res 312 Milton ave 

Rice, Mrs J P, teacher music in public schools, res 1467 Fourth 

Rice, rancher, res Old Town Heights 

Rich, Miss M C, teacher Middletown school, res 1633 F 

Rich, Mrs A ly, res 1633 F 

Richard, C B, capitalist, res at Hotel Florence 

Richards, H S, rancher, res 1820 Fourth 

Richards, Wm, laborer res 339 Eighth 

Richards, W J, railroad conductor, res 329 Eighth 

Richards, W W, tallyman with Russ Co, res 748 Ninth 

Richards, Miss Mamie, cook at Home lunch room, res at Ells- 
worth house 

Richards, Miss Florence B, decorative art needlework, 939 Sixth 
res 813 Milton ave 

Richards, Miss M F, with F B Richards, res 813 Milton ave 

Richards, Mrs K, res 813 Milton ave 

Richardson, E, rodman with Peninsular Ry, Lawyers blk, res. 
New Carlton 

Richardson, E A, at city pound 


RICHARDSON, I. N., manager Standard Oil Co, foot of Twenty- 
second res the Albemarle 

Richardson, J S, advertising bureau, 1422 D, res Chula Vista 

Richart, Miss E M, professional nurse, 1306 Fifth 

Richart, Mrs R, nurse, res 1306 Fifth 

Riche, lyilly, waiter Horton house, res same 

RICHELIEU HOUSE, J H Simpson manager, 1055 Fifth 

Richmond, J K, compositor on Daily Union, res Plaza Palace 

Ricker, F A, rancher, 141 Boston ave 

Rickey, H L,, with Hamilton & Co, res 1140 Front 

Rickleson, W A, res 524 Irving ave 

Riddell, Mrs L,aura G, asst Supt schools, res Coronado 

Riddle, J M, carpenter, res Q bet Thirty-eighth and Thirty-ninth 

Rider, C M, gripman, res Tenth and University ave 

Ridley, R B , railroader, res North San Diego 

Ridley, Miss Hattie, res 629 First 

Riecken, John, laborer, res 824 State 

Rieser, J F, railroader, res 525 Irving ave 

Riese, Miss Rose, tailor with Wm Beyer, res cor nth and K 

Riese, ,Mrs Anna, res 242 Eleventh 

Rifenburg, W G, capitalist, res 2730 J cor Nineteenth 

Rigby, Chas, res cor Arctic and Cedar 

Riley, A J, book-keeper with C M Stevens, Sixth and H, res 
235 National ave 

Riley, W F, train solicitor for S D and Cor Transfer Co, res at 

Ring, J J, clerk with Whittier, Fuller & Co, res I^afayette bldg 

Ring, Ranson, butcher, res 1256 India 

RIPLEY, C. H., attorn ey-at-law, Pierce-Morse Block, res Chula 

Ripley, F W, abstractor, res 2020 E . 

Risitter, Miss Ella, waitress, res Windsor 

Risley, A, retired, res 845 Twentieth 

Ritchie, Mat R, miner, res Nineteenth and N 

Rivers, J H, carpenter, res 615 National ave 

Roark, J A, stock raiser, res 1008 C 

Roark, Mrs C E, res 845 Tenth 

Robbins, Duke, with Phillips & Bone, res 1257 Eleventh 


Robbins, Frank, mining engineer, 103 1 Fourth, res n e cor 

Second and A 
Robbins, F O, deputy county recorder, res Twenty-first and F 
Robbins, G C, mining engineer, 2540 I 
Robbins, J M, rancher, res 1257 Eleventh 
Robbins, lyee, cigars and tobacco, 1326 D, res 1257 Eleventh 
Robbins, M, with J J SHfer, res 5 Sixteenth 
Robbins, R H, supt Spreckel's wharf, res cor Seventh and Fave, 

Robbins, Mrs M, dressmaker, 5 Sixteenth 

ROBERTS, ALBERT, (Potter and Roberts), res 1025 Thirteenth 
Roberts, C H, sales-clerk with Geo W Marston, res 3252 K 
Roberts, J E, res 1470 Eighth 
Roberts, J W, shoemaker, res 1203 Twelfth 
Roberts, S E, res 719 Fourteenth 
Roberts, Thos, res cor C and Front 
Roberts, painter, res at the Ellsworth 
Roberts, res 2704 H 

Roberts, Miss Belle, retoucher Elite Studio, res 3252 K 
Roberts, Miss Edith, with Daily Union, res 1203 Twelfth 
Roberts, Miss Josephine M, milliner with Mrs Remy, res 719 

Roberts, Mrs, res 1342 Seventh 
Roberts, Mrs Eliza V, res 720 Third 
Roberts, Mrs F, res 504 H 

Robertson, Earl, cash boy with Geo W Marston, 932 Union 
Robertson, R R, driver water tank, res 932 Union 
Robertson, W H, traveling salesman, res 731 Kearney ave 
Robertson, Miss Jennie, dressmaker, res 731 Kearney ave 
Robinson, A, with, Singer Sewing Machine Co, 1510 Union 
Robinson, Fred H, shorthand reporter, rooms i to 5 Spencer blk, 

res 542 Front 
Robinson, F Q, retired, res 795 Twenty-fourth 
ROBINSON, JUDGE J. fl., attorney-at-law, rooms 18, 19 and 

20, Eawyer's blk, res Fort Robinson 
Robinson, M H, res 542 Front 

Robinson, T, fireman Pacific Beach Ry, res Pacific Beach. 
Robinson, Wm F, jr, letter carrier, 622 Irving Ave 


Robinson, W F, watch club solicitor with M German, res 624 
Irving ave 

Robinson, Mrs A E, prop Manor lodging house, Fifth and Ash 

Robinson, Mrs Helen C, res 1039 I^i^ 

Robinson, Mrs Samantha, res Thirtieth and J 

Roche, J T, cigars and tobacco, 752 Fifth, res at Windsor 

Rockaway Restaurant, Harrison & Morris, props, 1207 I 

Rockfellow, A G, mining expert, res 2367 B 

ROCKFELLOW GRANITE CO., E F Rockfellow, manager, cor 
Thirteenth and H 

ROCKFELLOW, E. F., agent for Domestic, New Home, and 
Standard sewing machines, 759 Fifth, res 2367 B 

ROCKFELLOW, W. A., salesman with E F Rockfellow, res 
2367 B 

Rodriguez, Arthur, cash boy at White House, res 13th and K 

Rodriguez, M, res 245 Tenth 

Roderiguez, Miss Virginia, with Model laundry, res cor Thir- 
teenth and K 

RODES, JOSEPH, M. D., specialist eye, ear, nose and throat, 
Bon Ton blk, cor Sixth and D, res Fifth above Spruce 

Rodewald, Aug, cook Hotel Florence 

Roe, Samuel, pipe maker, res 330 Milton ave 

Roesner, John, teamsster, res 520 E 

Rogers, E O, wagon maker, res 2810 H 

Rogers, George E, book agent, res 1366 State 

Rogers, Henry, invalid, res 907 Ninth 

Rogers, I D, real estate and money broker, 1340 D, res 1070 
State cor C 

ROGERS, W. R., asst cashier Consolidated National Bank, res 
2810 H 

Rogers, W B, book-keeper Con Nat Bank, res Park Boulevard and 
Polk ave. University Heights 

Rohm, J M, compositor Daily Union, res Metropolitan blk 

Rollins, R F, music teacher, res 1435 A 

Rolston, Sarah, cashier for Harry Ivynnell, res 514 Sixth 

Roether, E P, res 430 Fourteenth 

Romero, Miss Ramona, with Model Ivaundry, res L,, bet Four- 
teenth and Fifteenth 


Romero, Mrs B, res 2428 L, 

Ronaldson, Wm, carpenter, res 246 Sixth 

Rood, Dr V D, physician and surgeon, office and res 344 lyOgan av 

Rooney, James, bartender at Horton house, res same 

Rooney, Wm, gardener, res 1422 First 

Roop, B B, funeral director and embalmer with S D Undertak- 
ing Co, res 760 Fourth 

ROY, ARTHUR H., prop Star Meat Market, res 631 Four- 

RORICK, MRS. ELLA, prop Grand Hotel, 1232 F over Chamber 
of Commerce, res same 

Romero, Santa Anna, laborer, res 852 Columbia 

Rose Bud Saloon, Calbin Washburn prop, cor Third and I 

Rose, J C, gardener, res 191 7 A 

Rose, John, carpenter, res Ash and Union 

Rose, J W, res 628 A 

Rose, Thos, steward Horton house, res same 

Rosemeir, Chris, laborer, res 1818 California 

ROSS, A. L., (Ross, Dow & Co), res cor Sixlh and D 

ROSS, DOW & CO., (A L Ross, H G Dow), insurance and real 
estate, rooms 8 and 9 Kuhn blk 

Ross, C H, res 1642 Arctic 

Ross, Charles, teamster. Pacific Wood and Coal Co, res India 
and Date 

Ross, John, retired, res 2058 Front 

Ross, T A, teacher, res Hollister, house 

ROSSI, MRS. M. C, musical instruments and toys, 839 Fifth, 
res same 

ROSSI ER, CHAS. A., (Havermale & Rossier), res Florence 

Rossman, Harrison, res 1864 India 

ROSSMAN, W. A. carpenter and joiner, 918 Sixth bet. D and E 
res 1864 India 

Roster, Fred, laborer, res 2309 ly 

Rostler, ly H, engineer at Spreckel's wharf, res Coronado 

Rotnor, Geo H, salesman with Schiller & Murtha, res 524 
National ave 

Roth, John^ baker, res 247 H 


Rouland, N P, steamship agent and shipping commission, room 

34 Backesto blk, cor Fifth and H, res National city 
Rouse, N P, laborer, res 1435 Atlantic 
Rowe, W E, res 1022 Eighth 
Rowe, Mrs Mary E, res 114Q Fourteenth 
Rowe, Mrs M E, res Pacific Beach 

Rowell, Henry ly, manager carpet dept Marston's, res 942 Tenth 
Rowland, R E, groceries and notions, cor Third and H, res 

1 133 H 
Royce, Chas S, retired, res Willard 
Royce, R W, laborer, res 740 Sixteenth 
Royce, Miss Julia J, res Willard 
Royce, Miss M A, teacher, res Willard 
Royle, W P, clerk City of Paris, res Eafayette bldg 
Ruble, Geo F, clerk S J Sill, res 1456 Fifth 
Ruby, G C, horseshoer with E J Delorey, res 1227 Fifth 
Ruby, Geo A, engineer, Engine Co No 2, res Fifth bet A and B 
Rucks, A F, prop Horton house barber shop, 1016 Fourth, res 

5-6 Kline bldg 
Rucks, Mrs A F, hair-dresser, room 6 Manvel 
Ruddiman, John, with Model laundry, res 2022 E 
Rue, Miss Nellie, servant, res Olive and Fourth 
Rufiino, J, retired, res Hotel D' Europe 
Rumple, T D, res Snyder blk, Sixth 

RUnPLE, rirs. T. D., millinery, 923 Fifth, res Snyder blk Sixth 
RUM5EY, J. B., (T.B Rumsey & Son), res 731 Harrison ave 
RUflSEY, R. L., book-keeper, res 731 Harrison ave 
RUMSEY, T. B. & SON, (T B Rumsey, J B Rumsey,) hay, 

grain, feed, coal, etc, 427 L,ogan ave 
RUMSEY, T. B., (T B Rumsey & Son), res 731 Harrison ave 
RUMSEY, W. M., surveyor, res 731 Harrison ave 
Rumsey, Miss Eouise, stenographer with A E Nutt, res Har- 
rison ave bet Twenty-fifth and Twenty Sixth 
Rumsey, Mrs E, res 2232 E 
Rupell, Mrs Eliza, 2719 G 

Rumpf, A, prop Union Park saloon, cor Thirteenth and K 
Rupp, D F, physician and surgeon, office cor Fifth and F, res 
554 Eleventh, cor H 



Rush, J D, deputy county tax collector, res Twenty-seventh and 

lyOgan ave 
RUSS LUMBER & MILL CO., F S Plimpton, general manager, 

cor First and J 
Russell, George Jr, laborer, res Roseville 
Russell, George Sr, merchant, res Roseville 
Russell, G R, cabinetmaker, 305 Fourth, res 13 13 Fourth 
RUSSELL JAflES, private detective, 1237 E, res 731 Fifth 
Russell, John, carpenter, res North San Diego 
Russell, John, clerk Thorndike's, res 657 Sixth 
Russell, R C, res 1567 State 

Russell, Walter, civil engineer, res North San Diego 
Russell, Miss, seamstress, res Oriel 
Rust, Miss Florentine, servant, res 1546 First 
Rutter, Mrs, res 2540 I 
Ryan, A, pipemaker, res 330 Milton ave 
Ryan, John, res 717 Harrison ave 

RYAN, JOHN F., cutter with Wm Berger, res 1229 Columbia 
Ryan, Joe, barber, 539 Fifth, res same 
Rye, James, carpenter, res 718 Milton ave 

Saaki, cigar sorter, Cleveland & Lincoln ave University Heights 

Sabin, Mrs M R, res 1436 C 

Sailor's Union of the Pacific, Geo Hoen, agent 339 Sixth 

Sainsevain, P, retired, res 2056 Fourth 

Sales, Mr, cor Main and Thirty-first 

Salidan, Emil, res 2022 L, 

Salinskey, Antone, carpenter, Arctic near Juniper 

Salisbury, A B, real estate, 444 Milton ave 

Salisbury, George, salesman San Diego Lumber Co, 370 12th 

Sallady, G W, detective, res 1366 State 

Salton, H C, carpenter, res 733 Logan ave 

Salvation Army, 508 Fifth 

Samoner, Frank, waiter at Victoria hotel 

Still at the 

Old Stand, 

1624 H Street. 

Cheapest Place to Buy 


Tin and Glassware &c., &c. 

Cash for 2nd ^ GOODS. 


1624 H STREET. 


G. W. MflGWOOD'S - 



University. Heights 3 

City Heights 4 

Old Town 45 

Mission Valley 5 

, ■ Old Mission 8 ~^ 

r* Race Track 6§ fTj 

[tI Pacific Beach 8 r!: 

r1 Ocean Beach : 8 IV 

liJ Roseville 7 \^ 

^ La Holya Park {1,3. Jolla) 13 

, Del Mar 23 ■»■ 

r* Chollas Valley ■. 3 •*■ 

(t) National Citv 5 ,^ 

^ Paradise Valley 6 (Jj 

I Sweetwater Dam • 12 ^ 

Lakeside 20 |~^ 

Poway 25 jQ 

^ Escondido 35 t-n 

fv] Oceanside 40 ^J 

Zp! 'Sorrento 15 PJ 

CD Otay 12 J 

_. re Wanna (Tia Juana) 16 jl* 

Chulla Vista 10 

Julian 60 

Alpine 26 

El Cahone (Cajon) 15 

Harmule Valley Postoffice (Jamul) 20 

I will pay you CASH for anything you have to sell. 


Sampson, George, carpenter res 512 Colton ave 

Sampson, Mrs, H P, landlady Revere house 

Sanchez, Smehl, res 553 Sixteenth 

Sanclair, M H, salesman with M German 

Sandell, Chas E, Turkish baths, 1045 Seventh, res 1037 7th 

Sanders, Chester, book-keeper with Geo A Merritt, res 322 

Grand ave 
Sanders, J S, fruit pedler, res 647 Front 
Sanders, Phis, longshoreman, res St. Elmo hotel 
Sanders, T C F, hay, grain and feed, 2024 H, res Boston ave bet 

Twenty-sixth and Twenty-seventh 
Sanders, Mrs G A, res 322 Boston ave 

Sanderson, O R, (Eikens & Sanderson), res Second and E 
Sanderson, T B & Co, architects and builders, 425 Fifth 
SAN DIEGO ABSTRACT CO., (Crenshaw, Pullman & Co lessees) 

abstracts of titles, 1 234-1 236 D 
SAN DIEQAN, THE, daily and weekly democratic paper, Ariosto 

McCrimmon, prop, 2138 D 

lessee, 1019 and 102 1 Fourth 
San Diego Barracks, H and Arctic 
SAN DIEQO BATH HOUSE, Mrs Eliza E Loucks prop, hot sea 

baths, Atlantic bet C and D 
SAN DIEQO BEEF & PACKINQ CO., Gruendike, Balling & 

Farnsworth, wholesale and retail butchers, 1061 Fifth 
San Diego Bill Posting Co, Fred F Stuttz, manager, 1016 D 
SAN DIEQO BUSINESS COLLEQE, N H Phillips principal, 

Mrs R W Taylor asst prin, cor Fifth and G, Brancroft blk 
San Diego Cable Ry Co, Geo B Hensley, manager, office at 

power house 
San Diego Carriage Works, G J Overshiner prop, cor 3rd and F 

manager, Atlantic bet C and D. 
SAN DIEQO CHAflBER OF COMMERCE, see front part of Di- 

J Naumann, prop, 843 Sixth 


SAN DIEGO COAL CO., cor Fourth and K 

pal, Express blk 
San Diego County Advertiser, E N Sullivan pub and prop, cor 

Third and D 
San Diego, Cuyamaca & Eastern Ry, depot cor Tenth and N, 

A E Kinney supt, Waldo S Waterman gen'l manager 

Galbraith), cor Sixth and E 

Co publisher, Sun bldg 

manager, 1019 and 102 1 Fourth 
SAN DIEGO DRUG CO.. Carey W Thompson pres, Ralph M 

Ward sec and treas, cor Fifth and D 
SAN DIEGO ELECTRIC RAILWAY CO., office Santa Fe wharf, 

A B Spreckles prest, E S Babcock vice prest. Jos A Flint 

secy and treas, M J Perrin supt, Fred Creelman receiver 
San Diego Feed Mills, Jas Bidwell prop, dealer in rolled barley, 

bran, hay and feed, cor Eighth and h 

K Phillips sec'y, office Consolidated Bank bldg 
San Diego Fish and Produce Market, J Goulden prop, 1316 F 
SAN DIEGO FLUME CO., J W Sefton pres, rooms 19 and 20 

Consolidated Bank bldg, cor Fifth and G 

pres and manager, 935 Sixth 
SAN DIEGO inPROVEflENT CO., office room 5 Consolidated 

National Bank blk 
San Diego Iron and Steel Co, office Sun bldg, works Roseville 
SAN DIEGO LAND AND TOWN CO., local agt WJ Parker, 

849 Fifth 
SAN DIEGO LAUNDRY, G Anderson prop, 1170 State, cor B 
SAN DIEGO LUMBER CO., John Dobbler of San Francisco, 

pres; Geo Gray San Francisco, vice-pres; Wm Mugan, San; 

Francisco, sec'y; Philip Morse manager, yard L, bet Plfth 

and Eighth, office cor Sixth and L 


5AN DIEGO NURSERY, Miss Kate O Sessions prop, cor Fifth 
and C 

prop, 503 Fifth 

secy and manager, office cor Fourth and D 

San Diego Planing Mill, cor Eighth and M 

SAN DIEGO PAINT CO., S C Harry, manager, successor to W 
S Jewell, 751 Sixth 

SAN DIEGO POULTRY CO., G W Tyler prop, wholesale and re- 
tail poultr#and eggs, Fourth, adjoining Fisher Opera house 

SAN DIEGO PRINTING CO., F B Walker prop, 864 Sixth 

San Diego Rifles, Armory Hall, 415 National ave, bet Twenty- 
ninth and Thirtieth 

SAN DIEGO RUBBER STAMP CO., F B Walker prop, 864 

San Diego Savings and lyoan Association, John Kastle, pres; E 
W Burnham, sec, Q15 Sixth 

SAN DIEGO SAYINGS BANK, M T Gilmore cashier, cor Fifth 
and E 

San Diego Soap Works, (Tandy & Co), 2426 Arctic 

SAN DIEGO SODA WORKS, G Gaedke prop, 424 Logan ave 

560 Fourth 

Nissen props, 958 and 960 Fifth 

tents, awnings, wagon covers, etc, 565 Fifth 

SAN DIEGO TOWEL SUPPLY CO., E Lane manager, 2370 F 

SAN DIEGO TRUCK CO., Owen McCaughey, manager, office 

728 Fifth 

Simpson, vice-pres; C N Flattery, sec'y R Breese, manager, 

office and parlors 758 and 760 Fourth ^ 

SAN DIEGO UNION, DA^LY and WEEKLY, Thos Gardiner, 

president and manager, 933 Fourth 
San Diego Water Co, E S Babcock, pres, J A Flint, sec, 1529 D 


San Diego Windmill Co, (E H Parkison, J AMcRae, FH Burk- 
hart), wholesale and retail windmills, pumps, piping, hose 
and brass goods, 260 Fifth 
Sandin, Chas M, wall paper, paper hanging and painting, 1156 

Fourth, res 320 I,ogan ave 
Sandison, Wm, locksmith, 352 Fifth, res same 
Sandrock, C W, groceries, res North San Diego 
Sandrock, Henry, laborer, 321 Seventh 
Sandrock, Wm, res Mission Valley 
Sandrock, Miss Emma, res Mission Valley 
Sandrock, Mrs C W, res Mission Valley 
Sanesland, L<ewis, real estate, res 821 Eighteenth 
Sanford, O N, civil engineer 915 Sixth, res 2163 Brant 
Sanger, C E, machinist, res 1645 Union 
Sanger, S E, pressman with Daily Union, res 927 Ash 
SANTA FE riARKET, San D'ego Beef and Packing Co, props, 

foot of H 
SANTA FE ROUTE, H B Keeler agt, cor Fourth and D 
SANTA FE WHARF, Chas T Hinde manager, foot of H 
Santee, A J, with S D Electric Ry Co, room 14 Manvel 
SAN riARCOS LAND CO., J Gruendike pres, D P Hale vice-pres 

and gen'l manager. Bertha Hale sec, 1248 D 

sec, 1332 D 
Santee, Milton, real estate, res Eleventh and B 
Santee, H, surveyor, res Eleventh and B 
Sarbaugh, Geo A, driver with Pac Trans and Gurney Cab Co, res 

721 Twelfth 
SAUER, riRS. M. C, prop Windsor lodging house, 837 Fourth 
Sapen, Peter, laborer, res 373 Oliver ave 
Saravia, Ruperto, servant at Tremont house 

Sargent, F E, paying teller Cons. Nat Bank, res Fourth and Ash 
Sargent, Mrs Emma, 14 12 Fourth 
Sargeant, Mrs M, dressmaker, res 630 Fourteenth 
Sauerland, Miss A, cashier and book-keeper at Mumford's gro- 
cery, res 821 Eighteenth 
Saul, Herbert S, machinist, res 1633 Front 
Saul, John F, janitor Middletown school, res 1634 Front 


Saulsbury, Geo, yards-foreman San Diego I^umber Co, res cor 

Twelfth and J 
Savage, Wm, painter, res R and Thirty-Fourth Chollas Valley 
Savage, Miss Besse, res Mission Valley 

secy and treas, cor Fifth and G 
Sawyer, Miss Mary P, newsstand at Hotel Florence, res 1827 

SAWHILL, F. H, D. D. S., (Sheriff & Sawhill), res 849 Eighth 
Saylor, Frank, with Goddard & Jones, res Third and G 
Sayner, W H, with City Water Co, res 849 Twenty-second 
Say re, Mrs ly H, res at Hotel Florence 
Scanlon, Miss Josephine, house keeper. Hotel Florence 
Schachtmayer, Joseph, barber, res Tremont house 
Schack, Frank G, laborer, res 544 Beech 
Schadek, A F, commission merchant, U near Thirtieth 
Schaeggs, Mrs Amy, res Fourth and Palm 
Schaf, Fred, blacksmith, res 240 Eleventh 
Schaeffer, Chas, bartender Horton house, res 1039 Second 
Schaetz, Fred, barber at Coronado hotel, 1145 Third 
Schaffer, W H, carpenter, res 746 Thirteenth 
Scl&affer, Wm, engineer. Con National Bank, res Ninteenth and 

Kearney ave 
SCHAFFNET, Miss fllNNIE, stenographer and typewriter, 

I^awyers blk, res 713 Irving ave 
Schaflein, Jacob, barber shop 644 Fifth, res 1330 India 
Schanneil, T, contractor, res Morena 

Scharnhorst, Wm, contractor of cement work, res 2722 G 
Schelenburg, A R, warehouse foot of D, res 1936 G 
Schelke, Miss Edna servant, res 2231 First 
Schenkel, John, res Mission Valley 
Scherrer, H, res 404 Eighth 

Schiefer, Frank C, carpenter, res Julian bet 26th and 27th 
Schilling, A W, with Palace crockery store, res 458 Tenth 
Schill, Charles, laborer, res 1528 Columbia 
SCHILLER & nURTHA, (J S Schiller, F D Murtha), dry goods, 

clothing, fancy goods, ladies and gents furnishing goods, 

hats, trunks, etc, 600 to 612 cor Fifth and H 


Schiller, D M, (M Schiller & Son), 1305 Front 
Schiller, H M, register clerk with county clerk, res 506 B 
Schiller, Harry R, with Pioneer book bindery, res 103 1 F 
Schiller, J R, clerk with M A Wertheimer & Co, res 103 1 F 
SCHILLER, J. S., (Schiller & Murtha), res 1343 Front 
Schiller, M & Son, (M Schiller, D M Schiller), groceries and 

crockery. 13 14 K, bet Fourth and Fifth 
Schiller, M, (M Schiller & Son), res 1305 Front 
Schiller, Morris, student with Dr D Cave, res 1031 F 
Schiller, R, proprietor Pioneer Book Bindry, 1029 to 1033 F, res 

103 1 F 
Schiller, Samuel, bookbinder with R Schiller, res 1031 F 
Schiller, Laura, cashier with M German, 1305 Front 
Schilling, Ignatus, barkeeper Austrian Beer Hall, res Tenth, 

bet H and I 
Schimpff, Aug R, book-keeper Chadbourne Furniture Co, res 804 

Schimmer, Carl F, groceries and provisions, 1602 H 
SCIilRfl, J. S. grocer, 1529 F, res same 
SCHITTERER & ZOELLNER, [Herman Schitterer,AF Zoellner] 

barbers, Pierce-Morse blk, 1440 F 
SCHITTERER, HERMAN, [Schitterer & Zeollner], res Seventh. 

bet G and H 
Schiveley, Mrs E M, artist, res 1107 C 

Schleimer, J, candy maker with A M Ingersoll, res 1325 Arctic 
Schlittenhardt, C F, baker with Jos Winter, res 1637 K 
Schlitz, C, with Kampling & Stoner, res same 
Schlitz, Miss Laura, res 2420 J 
Schlitz, Mrs M, dressmaker, res 2420 J 

Schmedes, Earnest W, letter carrier, resTwenty-sixth & Logan av 
Schmedes, Miss Stella, res Twenty -sixth and Logan ave 
Schmedes, Mrs L, res Twenty-sixth and Logan ave 
Schmid, F J, boarding house, 223 Thirteenth 
Schmidt, Chas, butcher, res 434 Sixteenth 
5CHMIDT, E. W., general agent for Southern California for 

Fidelity Mutual Aid Associationn, Metropolitan, 1319 E 
SCHMIDT. MRS. E. W., magnetic healer, office and res Metro- 
politan 1319 E 


Schmidt, Rey, cigar maker, at Sensenbrenner's, res Plaza Palace 

SCHMITT, CHARLES T, prop Plaza Palace, res same 

SCHfllTT, GEO. H., physician and surgeon, Dispensary bldg, 
953 Fourth, res same 

Schmeider, Henry, coachman, res 423 Twenty-fifth 

Schneider, John, sausage maker with Chas Hardy, res 1639 K 

Schnepp, Emil wood turner Russ Planing Mill, res Twenty- 
fifth, bet N and Franklin ave 

Scholl, J H F, miner, res 534 Tenth 

Schott, Philip, res 625 First 

School of Languages and Music, Miss H Von Lowenfels, teacher, 
1003 F cor First 

SCHORR, W. A., head salesman with S D Lumber Co, res 232 
Milton ave 

Schrader, Adolph, painter, res 954 Ninth 

Schrader, Chas A, student with Van Norman & McConkey, 
res 954 Ninth 

SCHRANZ «& POLZIEN, (A Schranz, H M Polzien), wholesale 
wines and brandies, importers of whiskies, etc 1128 — 1134 D 

SCHRANZ, A., (Schranz & Polzien), res 1366 Front 

Schreiber, p W, gardener, res Thirty- second and O 

Schreiber, L, druggist, res Thirty- second and O 

Schrimpl, John, prop Topeka house, cor H and Eighth 

Schroder, Henry, miller, foot Ninth 

Schroder, Mrs Catharine, res Fir and California 

Schroeppel, Gus, groceries, cigars and candies, Sixth and Uni- 
versity ave, res same 

Schryer, H, machinist at power house, res Third near Robinson 

Schuette, H C, res 345 Thtrteenth 

Schulenburg, A R, street car conductor, res 1936 G 

Schuler, J, carpenter, cor Ninth and K 

Schultheiss, Fred, res 428 Sixteenth 

Schultheiss, Wm, Model steam laundry, res 434 Sixteenth 

Schulte, res 1309 Fourth 

Schultz, John, carpenter, res 2124 L 

Schultz, Chas, warehouseman with W W Stewart & Co, res 168 

Schulze, Hubert, restaurant cor Fifth and K, res same 


Schutz F B, foreman Daily Union, res Fifth ave house 
CSHUTZE, CARL, attorn ey-at-law, rooms i and 2 Backesto blk 

res 2226 D 
Schmucker, Chas L,, carpenter, res State and Juniper 
Schwanke, H A, res Everett near Twenty-sixth 
Schwartz, John F, agent N C & O R R, foot of Fifth, res Topeka 

house, cor Eighth and H 
Schwartz, L P, barber, 1326 D, res 946 Thirteenth 
Schwarz, Richard, with Selwyn & Allison, res 513 Fourth 
Schwedtfeger, Wm, retired army officer, res at Alhambra 
Schweinebraten, F, upholsterer, res 402 Eighth 
Schwerer, Fred, res 1142 Seventh 
Schwieren, Frank, capitalist, res 1434 Sixth 
Scobey, T H, mason, res 636 Boston ave 

Scofield, A Q, salesman with H C Treat & Co, res 1253 Union 
Scofield, FN, res 1253 Union 
SCOTT & SEIBERT, (C A Scott, Chas Seibert), real estate, 

858 Sixth 
SCOTT, C. A., (Scott & Seibert), res 666 Seventeenth cor G 
SCOTT, CHALMERS, attorney-at-law and civil engineer, 40 

and 41 Lawyer's blk, res cor First and Ivy 
SCOTT, DeW., (Scott, Hinke & Co), res 1251 Third 
SCOTT, E. B., (Scott, Hinke & Co), res 1251 Third 
Scott, E F, farmer, res 2816 F 
SCOTT, HINKE & CO, [E B Scott, Fred Hinke, DeW Scott], 

wholesale commission, 463 Fifth and 142 1 I 
SCOTT, J. C, agt R G Dun & Co, room 11 Richelieu, re.s 722 

Scott, James M, carpenter, res 2521 G 
Scott, John, brick mason, res foot Eighth 
Scott, Jas M, carpenter, 662 Sixteenth 
Scott, J W, carpenter, res 344 Fifteenth 
Scott, W C, carpenter, res 2816 F 
Scott, Miss Louisa, servant, cor First and Ivy 
Scovill, S N, contractor and builder, res 227 National ave 
Scrimgeour, George, carpenter, res 1269 Columbia 
Sea, F M, groceries, 902 Fourth, res 2146 E 
Seal, John P, salesman with W I DeGroot, res 209 Logan ave 


Seaman, C C, res 24 First Nat Bank bldg 

Seaman, D, res 2346 Second 

Searles, Adolph, res Mission Vallej^ 

Searles, Homer, res Mission Valley 

Searles, Miss Lena, res Mission Valley 

Seaton, Mrs M E, res 1167 Union 

Seber, Frank, horseman, res 422 E 

Sebort, A, bridge builder, res 767 Fourteenth 

Sechrist, J F, invalid, res 433 National ave 

Second Corgregational Church, Twenty-sixth and Kearney ave 

Seeberger, Albert, porter Horton House, res same 

Seehorne, Ira, draughtsman with W S Hebbard, res National 

Seeley, I, E, railroad man, res 1206 Fifth 
SEFTON, J. W., prest San Diego Flume Co, also prest San 

Diego Savings Bank, res cor Laurel and Sixth 
Seibert, Capt A, bridge builder, res 767 Fourteenth 
SEIBERT, CHAS., (Scott & Seibert), res n e cor Twenty-second 

and G 
Seibert, Miss Estella, res 717 Twenty-second 
SEIFERT, JOHN R., wholesale beer dealer, 1327 D, res 429 

* Seventeenth 
Seifert, Wm, bartender with John R Seifert, res Russ house 
Select school, Miss J A Humphrey, teacher,'8ii Eighth, res same 
Selenberger, Mr, res 521 Kearney ave 

Sellars, C R, salesman with J S Mumford, res 634 Eleventh 
Selover, Sidney, with Pacific Hardware Co, res 924 B 
SELWYN & ALLISON, (Geo A Selwyn, J M Allison, J A 

Allison), wholesale and retail butchers, 553 Fifth and 747 

SELWYN, GEORGE A., (Selwyn & Allison), res 1054 Third 
Selwyn, Geo M, with Selwyn & Allison, 553 Fifth, res 630 

Semler, L, deputy city assessor, room ^ Elite bldg 
Senlis, E, gardener, res 1527 Front 
SEN5ENBRENNER, AUGUST, cigar manufacturer, 1039 Fourth, 

res 1543 First 
Senter, Miss Nellie, res 722 Second 


Senter, Mrs M J, res 722 Second 

Serrano, Ivouis, teamster, res North San Diego 

SESSIONS, MISS KATE O., San Diego Nursery, cor Fifth and 

C, res ave C bet Second and Third, Coronado 
Severin, C A, hay and grain, res 2355 I 
Severin, J, res 2392 K 

Sexton, James, invalid, res K, bet Twenty-Fifth and Twenty- 
Seybolt, A B, inspector of customs, First and Walnut 
Seymore, W H, janitor Y M C A, res at the Minneapolis 
Seymore, Mrs J S, res Union and Grape 
Shaffer, E E, with Fred N Hamilton Co, res 2830 h 
Shaffer, J E, L^a Punta'Salt Works, res same 
SHAFUS, CHAS., wines and liquors, Atlantic foot of G 
Shollenberger, J H, first lieut. Tenth Infantry, res 1643 Sixth 
Shank, Wm, painter and paper hanger, res State and CuUom 
Shannan, James, carpenter, res Twenty-fourth and I, 
Sharp, A P, retired, 1324 A 

Sharp, K C, painting and paper hanging, 1324 A 

1442 H 

H Hinters prop, 926 Fourth 
Shaw, Arthur, with C S Hamilton, res 1815 H 
Shaw, FAT, teamster, res 1665 India 
SHAW, F. L., wholesale and retail fruits and vegetables, 11 14 

SHAW, GEO P., book-keeper with Drs Stockton, Valle & Nor- 

thrup, res 1026 Logan ave 
SHAW & HOLLAND, (V E Shaw, C F Holland), attorneys-at- 

law, rooms 4, 5 and 6 Consolidated Bank bldg, cor Fifth 

and G 
Shaw, J, res 1318 A 

SHAW, T. n., city engineer, office City hall, res 1648 State 
Shaw, civil engineer with Peninsular Ry, res Buckingham 
SHAW, V. E., (Shaw & Holland), res 1132 Cedar 
Shaw, W E, sales clerk with Geo W Marston, res 1030 Thirteenth 
Shaw, Mrs C A, 534 Tenth 


Shaw, Miss F, res 1844 First 

Shea, Robt, with West Coast lyumber Co, res 504 H 

Sheldon Block, A' Silverthorn prop, cor Sixth and F 

Sheldon, Mrs M R,res 663 Twentieth 

Shellenberger, Amos, engineer with Russ Planing Mill, res 405 

Shell, T D, salesman with The Lion Clothiers, res Sixth cor and D 
SHEPARD, C. H., county assessor, res 643 Sixteenth 
Shepard, W M, practical hatter, 911 Fifth, res 848 Eighth 
Shepard, Mrs F, cor Date and Sixth 
Shepardson, Mont, stenographer and typewriter, with Reinoehl 

& Harrison, res cor K and Third 
Shephard, Miss E G, res 1344 Front 
Shephard, Mrs A L, res 1344 Front 
Shephardson, Mrs A A, res 1347 State 
Shepherdson, H E, foreman City Ptg Co, res 1347 State 
Sheppard, H B, prop Undine Launch, res 13 Sun bldg 
Sheran, Miss Disie, res 1066 First 
SHERIFF & SAWHILL, (E W Sheriff, F H Sawhill), dentists, 

rooms 16 and 18, the Brunswick, cor Fifth and D 
SHERIFF, E. W., D. D. S., (Sheriff & Sawhill), res 849 Eighth 
Sherriff, Mrs J A, res Gilbert blk 

Sherman, Charles L, sign painter, res Twenty-ninth and M 
SHERflAN, , JOHN, business agent and money broker and sec'y 

Escondido Land and Town Co, ^^smith-GtgLely, blk, res 

1904 First 
Sherman, J N, laborer 1437 Arctic 
Sherman, M, commission merchant and mayor of San Diego, res 

563 Twenty-second 
Shield, Thomas, with Horton Hose Co, Sixth, bet I and J 
Shipley, J B, with S Grist, res 444 Tenth 
Shirar, John, stone mason, 1565 Front 
Shley, Mrs W, res 1033 Second 
Shondel, B F, Soldier, res 321 E 

Shook, Frank, with Russ Lumber Co, res Beech and Columbia 
Shore, John W, sec'y Mt Tecarte Land and Water Co, res 



Shorten, W H, painter, 256 Fifth, res same 

Shull, Glover, waiter Hotel Florence 

Shultz, Iv, moalder Standard Iron Works, cor Seventh and L- 

Shultz, Miss B L, res 2327 H 

Shute, R A, driver Kngine Co No. 2, res Fifth bet A and B 

Siddons, Robt, res 11 63 Third 

Sigman, Henry, harness maker with R Montijo, res State, bet 

E and F 
Siercovich, Geo, waiter at Hotel D'Europe, res same 
Sik, Wm, driver for Jos Winter's bakery, res Thirty-second and 

Boston ave 
Silber, Miss Ruth, seamstress, with Wm McCreesh, res foot of 

Silbery, Wm, sailor, res foot of India 
Silk, John, lumberman, res 406 Colton ave 
Silk, Peter, liveryman Diamond Carriage Co, res 1420 First 
SILL, S. J., grocer, 763 Fifth, res 1455 Seventh 
Silsbee, T H, stock raiser, res 442 Milton ave 
Silver gate Bath House, Wm. Brenfieck & Co, prop, P C S S 

Wharf foot of Fifth 

Hensley, secy, room 11 Kuhn blk 
Silver Gate Dairy, Chollas valley 

Silver Gate Fish Market, Stone & Parson props, Atlantic foot A 
Silver Gate Manufacturing Company, J D Carter secy, room 37, 

Lawyers' blk 
Silver Gate Nursery, D W Parker prop, 456 Fifth 
Silver Gate Warehouse, cor Ninth and M 
Silver, Geo, California Fish Market, res Atlantic bet F and G 
Silver Moon Saloon, T J Wright, prop, cor Third and I res same 
Silverthorn, A, prop Sheldon blk, res same 
Silverthorn, Fred, driver S D Truck Co, res Sheldon blk 
Silverthron, H, (Gurnett & Silverthorn), res 629 Logan ave 
Silverthorn, W C, collector Singer S M Co res Sheldon blk 
Silverthorn, W F, cab driver Pacific Trans & Gurney Cab Co, 

res 2335 F • 

Silvus, T, laborer, res Morena 
Singleton, Thos, with Horton Hose Co, Sixth bet I and J 


Simpson, H B, index clerk with county clerk, res 1504 Front 
SIMPSON, F. M., agent Pacific Coast Stermship Co, res cor 

Fifth and Ivy 
Simmonds, H, manager Old Reliable 2nd-hand store, res 1727 F 
5IMMS, D. C, dentist, room 2 I^lewellyn blk, 726 Fifth 
Simonton, J H, book-keeper with H C Treat & Co, res 728 D 
SIMPSON, JAS., contractor, res 1036 Ninth 
SIMPSON, J. H., deputy assessor, prop Richelieu, 1055 Fifth, 

res same 
Simpson, John, plumber with J S Johnstone, res First bet Beech 

and Cedar 
SIMPSON, T. P., manager Pacific Transfer and Gurney Cab Co, 

res s w cor Fourteenth and F 
Simpson, W E, advertising dept. Daily Sun, res 1340 Ash 
Simpson, Miss Myrtle, with Mrs M C Smith, res National City 
Simpson, Mrs A, res North San Diego 
Simspn, Mrs, M J, res 946 Twelfth 
Simpson, Wm, laborer res North San Diego 
Sinclair, C N, contractor, res 1226 Logan ave . 

Singer, Geo A, res Third and B 
Singer, Mrs E, boarding house cor Third and B 
Singer Sewing Machine Agency, 657 Fifth 
SINKS, JOHN F., vice pres Bank of Commerce, pres MtTecarte 

lyand & Water Co, 1238 E res 944 F 
Sippell, Ottoe, with S D Electric Ry Co, res 522 lyOgan ave 
Sivierou, Arthur, cigar maker at Sensenbrenner's, res 1053 Sixth 
SIVIEROU, ETIENNE, lace curtains and all kinds of goods 

cleaned, 1053 Sixth, res same 
Skidmore, Mrs Martha E, res 427 Boston ave 
Skewes, Dr T J D, physician and surgeon, res Twenty-fourth 

and Grant 
Skinner & Eong, (E N Skinner, E E Eong), new and second 

hand goods, 721 Sixth 
Skinner, E N, (Skinner & Eong), res 2422 F 
Skinner, Mrs May, furnished rooms,' 1231 Fourth, res same 
Slater, F E, carpenter with India Street Planing Mill, res Thir- 
ty-second and A 
Slater, J H, carpenter, res A and Thirty-second 


Slates, Chas, stableman at Central stables, res Third bet K & F 

Slaugh, Peter, longshoreman, foot of State 

Slavin, Joseph, fruit peddler, res 2358 K 

Slay ton, G W, laborer, res 2451 Fifth 

Slayton, Wm, waiter. Hotel Florence 

Slifer, John J, second hand goods, 1542 H, res same 

5L0AN, GEORGE, teacher of Piano, rooms 27 Keating blk, cor 
Fifth and F 

Sloane, W A, attorney-at-law and justice of San Diego township 
1234 E, res 735 Kearney ave 

Sloane, Mrs A W res 2222 C 

5L0CUn & SWEET, (M A Slocum, Mrs A F Sweet), props 
Annex Home Bakery, 11 20 Fourth 

Slocum, Albert, retired, res 1544 Fourth 

SLOCUM, J. E., landscape photographer and wholesale photo- 
graphers stock house, 854 Fourth, res 811 Logan ave 

SLOCUM, M. A., (Slocum & Sweet), res 11 20 Fourth 

Slode, S, retired, 131 2 Front 

Sloop, B, res 306 National ave 

Smart, Mrs Ida F M, res 1521 Ninth 

SriENNER, ALONZO W., general agent Penn Mutual Life In- 
surance Co, Marston blk, cor Fifth and F, res 728 Fourteenth 

Smiley, John, porter hotel Florence 

Smith & Bird, (Wesley Smith, B F Bird), livery and sale stable, 
1607 — 1623 H 

SMITH & PIRNIE, (J H Smith, P C Pirnie), monuments, head- 
stones, tablets and cement work; 821 D, opp's't Court house 

Smith & Williams, (Omer C Smith, J W Williams), wholesale 
Commission merchants, cor Fifth and J 

Smith, A, with C H Turner & Son, res 630 Eighteenth 

Smith, A A, carpenter, res Ninth near H 

Smith, Agelo, rancher, res North San Diego 

Smith, Albert, res North San Diego 

Smith, Alex, with Turner '& Son, res 630 Eighteenth 

SMIHT, CAPT. A. B., manager Great Southwest Patent Agency, 
res Vena and Bandini, Middletown 

Smith, Ansel G, carpenter and joiner, res 440 Milton 


Smith, Bruce, pressman Frandzen, Bumgardner & Co, res 744 

Smith, Chas, shoemaker, 465 Sixteenth 
Smith, C A, carpenter, res 718 Franklin ave 
Smith, Charles A, pressman with Stenhouse & Co, res 1444 

5MITH, CHAS. F., merchandise broker, Backesto blk, cor 

Fifth and H 
Smith, C K, res 1045 Eighth 
Smith, C W, laborer. Third bet H and I 
Smithy K B, watch maker, with M German 
Smith, Ed, janitor B street school, cabinet maker, res 1142 

Smith, Edward, contractor, res 522 State 
Smith, Edward Winter, res at Lafayette 

Smith, E T, grain and coal, cor Fourth and E, res at Alhambra 
Smith, George, hostler, res 943 Front 
Smith, George H, res Revere house 
Smith, Gilman P, res 1560 Eighth . 
Smith, H F, book-keeper with Klauber& Eevi, res 518 Kearney 

ave, bet Twenty-third and Twenty-fourth 
Smith, H M, shoemaker with Havermale & Rossier, res 1258 

Smith, James, boarding, res 249 H 
Smith, J B, with Albert Kindler, res transient 
Smith, J B, sup't cemetery, res Thirty-fifth and S 
SniTH, J. H., (Smith & Pernie), res 1168 Tenth 
Smith, John, carpenter, res 103 1 Sixteenth 
Smith, John M, clerk, res 2108 Twelfth 
Smith, John T, contractor, res 602 Main, cor Thirty-first 
Smith, Joseph H, res 1252 Seventh 
Smith, Joseph, res 719 Thirteenth 
Smith, Joseph, laborer, 438 Fifth 
Smithy J R, deputy collector customs, res Tia Juana 
Smith, Kirk E, plumber, res 744 Tenth 
Smith, E H, jr, second-hand goods, 1440 E, res same 
Smith, Mortimer, capitalist, res 254 Seventeenth 
Smith, M V, miner, res 1508 Arctic 


Smith, OmerC, (Smith & Williams), res cor Twenty-fifth and 

lyOgan ave 
Smith, Philip N, farmer, res 218 Twelfth 
Smith, Philip N, jr, clerk, res 218 Twelfth 
Smith, P C, carpenter, res 227 Milton ave 
Smith, Robert, seaman, res 1230 California 
Smith, Robert J, clerk with W H Corder, res Montezuma 
Smith, R N, clerk Horace Bradt, res 1252 Seventh 
Smith, R P, printer, res 440 Milton ave 

Smith, S C, contractor and builder, res Third and Robinson 
SMITH, SAnUEL F., attorney-at-law with J R Aitken, res 

924 Ninth 
Smith, Simpson, farmer, res 1508 Logan ave 
Smith, S S, with Land and Town Co, res 370 Twelfth . 
Smith, Teddy, painter, res Arctic and Willow, Middletown 
Smith, T K, prop Alhambra, cor Ninth and I 
SMITH, WALTER G., city editor Daily Sun, res cor Seventh 

and C, Coronado 
Smith, Thomas, laborer, res Horton Hall 

Smith, Truman M, fruit grower, Alpha Grange, D, bet Thirty- 
fourth and Thirty-fifth 
Smith, Wesley, (Smith & Bird), res Lafayette 
Smith, Miss Mattie, res 635 Twenty -second 
Smith, Mrs Abbie, res cor Twenty-eighth and Logan ave 
Smith, Mrs B H, landlady at Tremont house 
Smith, Mrs E H, nurse, res Leland 
Smith, Mrs F M, res 522 Boston ave 
Smith, Mrs Mar3^ A, res 1444 Third 
Smith, Mrs M C dressmaker, 1227 Fourth, res same 
Smithers, Wm, on Manuel Doublan, res cor First and H 
Smithers, Wmj at Fashion stables, res cor H and First 
Smock, John M, railroader, res cor Fourth and I 
Snedecor, Isaac D, mechanic, cor Ninth and J 
Snedecor, Samuel A, moulder, res cor Ninth and J 
Sneed, George, laborer, res National ave and Thirty-third 
Snider, Charles, barber, res 726 Fifth 

SNIDER'S MARKET, W N Snider, prop, general supplies and 
poultry, 700 Sixth 


SNIDER, W. N., groceries, poultry and fruit, 700 Sixth, res same 

Snider, Mrs Charles, prop Snider blk, 726 Fifth 

Snyder, John, capitalist, office room 7 Snyder blk, res 1704 A 

Snipes, Jos, waiter Botel Florence 

5N0WFLAKE BAKERY, Tichenor Bros props. Eighth near F 

Snyder, Geo, lawyer, res 1845 First 

Snyder, Mrs Frances, res 1242 Fourth 

Sodahl COG, driver for San Diego laundry, res 1343 Columbia 

Solomon, Jacob, fruits, cigars, 424 Fifth 

Sommers, Miss Emma, with Geo J Birkel, res Revere 

Sommers, Miss Florence, dressmaker, res Revere 

Sommers Miss L,, housekeeper, res 1527 Third 

Sonnichsen, Charles, res North San Diego 

50T0, J. M., law broker and adviser and real estate dealer, 918 

Third, res Eighteenth bet B and C 
Southard, Miss Ada, dressmaker, res Manor house 
Southern California Breeders' Association, office 826 Sixth 
Southern California Investment Co, John Ginty, manager, office 

under Consolidated Bank bldg 

Southern California Printing Co, (F H Whaley) 938 D 

cor Fourth and D 
SOUTHERN PACIFIC CO., G H McMillan agent, cor Fifth and E 
SOUTHWEST INSTITUTE, Miss E F Way and Miss M F Kin- 
ney, 1809 Third cor Elm 
SOUTH PACIFIC NURSERIES, A D Keith & Co prop, 1419 F, 

yards Ninth and G 
South San Diego Co, E S Babcock, pres, F M Gray, vice-pres, 

1330 E 
Southwick, Samuel, miner, res Twenty-fourth and Oliver ave 
Sparks, A A, contractor, res iig Twentieth 
Spaulding, I, E, blacksmith, res 734 Sixteenth 
Spears, A A, gripman, res Sixth and Brookes 
Spears, Geo H, printer at Sun office, res 1920 I 
SPEER, HOWARD V., (Geo B Watson & Co), res 3154 I 
Spence, S R, res 530 Julian ave 


Spence, Mrs Ann, boarding house, 1044 Seventh 

Spence, Miss Maggie, ^1044 Seventh 

Spence Miss Grace, res 1044 Seventh 

Spencer, Geo, Civil engineer with Peninsular Ry, res 1429 

Spencer, H B, capitalist, res at Florence hotel 

Spencer, J M, retired, res 1429 Second 

Spencer^ J R, Star Dair5', res Thirty-second and R 

SPEYER, L., dry goods, 601 to 607 Fifth, res Eighth and C 

Spicer, C R, retired, res 415 lyOgan ave 

Spiegel, Mrs C F, res 729 Beech 

Spileman, A B, retired, res National ave bet Twenty-seventh 

and Twenty-eighth 
Spileman, E E, inspector of cus:oms, res National ave bet 

Twenty-seventh and Twenty-eighth 
Spileman, H F, student, res National ave bet Twenty-seventh 

and Twenty -eighth 
Spinks, Geo T, janitor, res St Elmo hotel 
Sprague, G A, painter, room 12 State house 
Sprecker, Dr Samuel, retired minister, res 1269 Twelfth 
Sprecker, Jas G, clerk with Havermale and Rossier, res Bon 

Ton blk 

E S Babcock vice-pres, Chas T Hinde, manager, sec and 

trees, warehouses, wharf and coal bunkers at foot of G, 

ofl&ce Santa Fe wharf 
SPRECKELS, JOHN D., pres Spreckels Bros commercial Co, res 

San Francisco 
SPRIQQ & BARBER, (Patterson Sprigg, Clarence h Barber), 

attomeys-at-law, n e cor Fifth and E 
Sprigg, C D, miner, res Horton house 
SPRIGQ, J. C, Jr., real estate loan and insurance, cor Sixth and 

F, res 1 817 First 
SPRIGQ, PATTERSON, [Sprigg & Barber], res Cuyamaca 

Springer, A C, pres Economy Printing Co, res 1624 India 
Springer, F H, with Oscar H Hinters, res Sun bldg 
Springer, expressman, res Ash bet Eleventh and Twelfth 
Spurr, Fred, retorter, S D Gas Works 


Stack, P J, lodging house, 651 Third, res same 

Stack, Mrs H, restaurant, 562 Fifth, res 651 Third , 

Staehli, Miss Elizabeth, dressmaker, res 1103 F 

Stagg, George T, res Eleventh and B 

STAHEL, A, (Boyd & Stahel), res 621 Eighth 

Stalter, Mrs S, res 922 Eighth 

Stalter, John, coachman, res cor First and A 

Stanbaugh, Wm H, laborer, res State house, 1167 State 

STANDARD IRON^ WORKS, (Moses Hughes, Wm Gehring, 

props), general foundry and machine shop, cor Seventh 

and ly 
STANDARD OIL CO., I N Richardson, Manager, wholesale 

coal oil, gasoline, lubricating oil, white lead, etc, foot of 

Stanford, H, sawyer and planer, res California and Ivy 
STANNARD, J. B., architect, 826 Fifth, res North San Diego 
Stanovich,, John, prop Hotel D'Europe, res 459 Fifth 
Stanton & Douglas, (C Q Stanton, T J Douglas), real estate, 

1420 E 
Stanton, C Q, (Stanton & Douglas), real estate res, 830 

Grant ave 
STANTON, H. fl., real estate and broker, n w cor E and Sixth, 

res National City 
Stanley, J, blacksmith, 522 Tenth 
Stansell, L, A, steward, cor Twenty-sixth and J 
Stanton, Miss Hannah, chambermaid Hotel Florence 
Starbird, R W, electrician with F S Hartwell, res 1340 Tenth 
Starbird, S B, capitalist, 1340 Tenth 
Stark, John, carpenter, res North San Diego 
Stark, N J, expressman, res Twenty-second and Julian ave 
Starkweather, A D, res 809 I^ogan Ave 
Starr, A F, res cor Second and Maple 
Starr, George, messenger boy W U Telegraph Co, res Eighth 

and J 
Starr, J H, with H J Hearst, res 161 7 F 
Starr, J W, dynamo man with S D Elec lyt Co, res 1930 K 
Starr, I^ouis, salesman with M German, res Twenty-first and 



Starr, Miss Isabell, waitress at Vienna restanrant, res 1042 H 
Stayr, Miss I^illian, res Second and Maple 
Starr, Mrs Sarah, furnished rooms, res 1042 H 
Startzman, B, cable conductor, res Cable hotel * 

Stanffer, Fred, teamster, cor Arctic and A 
Stautz, Conrad, res 633 Kearney ave 

STAYNER. W. H., asst sec Water Commission, res 849 Twenty- 
St Chrles Saloon, [J Anderson and Co], 433 Fifth 
St Clair, C F, with A I^evi, res same 
STEAD, Q. D., [GD Stead Soap Co], res 748 First 
Steadman, James S, carpenter, res Cypress and Vermont 
Steadman, Robt, boatman, res 1148 Union 

STEAD SOAP CO., manufacturers of toilet and laundry soaps, 
and dealers in caustic soda, sal soda, potash, resin, tallow, 
etc, office and works 642 to 650 First 
Steauer, Miss Bessie, waitress at Commercial Restaurant 
Stebbins, Mrs A, dressmaker, res 629 Sixteenth 
Steck, R O, carpenter, res 715 Milton ave ' 

Steadman, Chas L,, clerk with C A Chase, res 1432 First 
Steadman, Robt, railroad engineer, res 842 Union 
Steel, Mrs M A, res 1230 Tenth 
Steer, Joseph, retired, res 3720 N 
Stefanini, Joseph, res cor Tenth and Ash 
Steffey, I^ H, carpenter, 636 Sixth, res 1853 India 
Steffey, W E, locksmith, 636 Sixth, res 1853 India 
Steinbaum, Gus, iron moulder, res St Elmo house 
Steilbers, Wm, rancher, res 668 Eleventh 
Steiner, Ed, carpenter, res 713 Milton ave 
Steimmetz, M, tailor, res 513 Fourth 
St Elmo house, J A Dodridge prop, cor Second and H 
Stelzner & Kelley, (O Stelzner, F Kelley), grocers, cor Sixth 

and I 
Stelzner, O, (Stelzner & Kelley), res same 
ST. ENCKEN, CHARLES, stenographer and typoscribe, with 

George Fuller, res 1025 Eighth 
STENHOUSE & CO., printers and binders, 1033 Fourth 
STENHOUSE, T. B. H., (Stenhouse & Co.) res Brewster 


STEPHENS & SON., (C B Stephens, Fred A Stephens), books, 
stationery, notions, art and fancy goods, Keating blk, 8io 

STEPHENS, C. B., (Stephens & Son), res 763 Eleventh 

Stephens, David H, gas fitter with J S Johnstone, 'res 743 Ninth 

Shephens, Frank A, book-keeper Harbison Grocer Co, res 757 

STEPHENS, FRED A., (Stephens & Son), res 730 Eleventh 

Stephan, George, fresco painter, res 426 Milton ave 

Stephens, O Iv, book-keeper with Consolidated National Bank, 
res 1807 Fourth 

Stephens, Walter, carpenter, res 827 Milton ave 

Stephens, Mrs A, res 763 Eleventh 

Stephens, Mrs A L,, res 918 Eogan ave 

Sterling, Marcus, civil engineer res 14 19 Ash 

Stern, Mrs S, dressmaker, the Brunswick, res 710 Milton av 

Stern, S A, res 710 Milton ave 

Stern, Miss Mary, music teacher, res 467 Twentieth 

Sternberg, Mrs J, res 562 Eighteenth 

Sterne, C E, machinist, res 855 Union 

Sterne, W, druggist, res 1240 Tenth 

STETSON, C. M., constable and collector, 1242 E, res 434 13th 

Stetson; H J, deputy coroner, 1242 E, res cor Seventh and I 

STEVENS, C. H., member board public works, real estate and 
loans, 951 Sixth, res 1147 Twelfth 

STEVENS, C. M., general auctioneer and furniture dealer, cor 
Sixth and H, res 6^,^ Twenty-second 

STEVENS, C. W., prop H Street livery stable, res 2345 H 

Stevens, E A, res Llewelyn blk 

Stevens, H H, res 1602 C 

STEVENS, H. J., (Wellborn, Stevens & Wellborn) res Nation- 
al City 

STEVENS, E. R., druggist and groceries, 648 Lagan ave, res 
720 Lagan ave 

Stevens, Miss B, saleslady with A M Ingersoll, res Llewelyn blk 

Stevens, Miss Maud, res 1436 C 

Stevens, Mrs A B, res 2042 Fourth 

Stevens, Mrs L, prop of Llewelyn lodging house, 726 Fifth 


Stewart, C K, book-keeper with W W Stewart & Co, res 317 

Stewart, Daniel, steward, res 1305 First 

Stewart, D, salesman at lyion Clothiers, res cor First and A 

Stewart, D C, retired, res 601 Milton ave 

Stewart, E, retired, res 601 Milton ave 

Stewart, F W, real estate and loans, Pierce-Morse blk, res s e 
cor Beech and Union 

Stewart, G Wing, retired, 3242 K 

Stewart, J M, capitalist, res Minneapolis 

Stewart, T J, painter and paper hanger, 256 Fifth 

Stewart, W, salesman at Ivion Clothiers, res 1305 First 

Stewart, W B, druggist, res 1723 F 

Stewart, Wm D, clerk at I^ion Clothiers, res 1305 First 

Stewart, W M, carpenter, res S near Thirty-fifth 

Stewart, Wm, cigar maker at Sensenbrenners, res Richelieu 

Stewart, Wm, tinsmith, res M near Tenth 

STEWART & CO., W. W., (W W Stewart), wholesale com- 
mission merchants, cor Fourth and K 

STEWART, W. W., (W W Stewart & Co), res 636 E 

Stewart, Miss Belle, res 636 E 

Stewart, Miss Mary, 636 E 

Stewart, Miss, res 1269 Twelfth 

Stewart, Mrs C K, dressmaker, res 622 Eleventh 

Stewart, Mrs J, res North San Diego 

Stewart, Mrs, J M, prop Minneapolis, 743 Seventh, res same 

Stewart, Mrs Nellie, prop Keystone boarding house, 943 Tenth 

Stewart, Mrs W B, dressmaker 1723 F 

Stibing, W H, clerk Mulver & Son, res 1434 Second 

Stipp, W Z, painter, res 740 Thirteenth 

Stiles, A R, teamster, 

Stiles, Harvey C, res the Manvel 

Stiles, H, sales-clerk with Geo W Marstou, res 930 Tenth 

Stiller, Max, grocer, cor Sixteenth and M, reS 66 Sixteenth 

Stilwell, E M, invalid, res 2843 J 

St James Mission, Episcopal, Kearney ave, bet Twenty-fifth and 

St Joseph's Hospital, University ave and Sixth 


St Nicholas saloon, M Vallmer prop, D, bet Columbia and India 
Stocker, Emil, baker at Florence Hotel, res cor Fifth and Elm 
Stocking, R H, student with A D Jordan, res Coronado 
Stockman, Mrs J K, Alburttus Art Emporium, res 1435 E 
STOCKTON, Dr. T. C, (Drs Stockton, Valle & Northrup) res 

933 Eleventh 
STOCKTON, VALLE & NORTHRUP, (T C Stockton, C C Valle, 

D B Northrup), physicians and surgeons, 726 Fifth 
Stockton, Mrs James, res 3240 M 
Stockwell, J J, poultry dealer, res 792 Milton ave 
Stone & Parsons, (Daniel Stone, A Parsons), props Silver Gate 

Fish Co, Atlantic and A 
Stokes, Adolph, farmer, res 1517 Eogan ave 
Stone, A B, mechanic, res 3247 E 
Stone, Charles, cook count}^ hospital and poor farm Mission 

STONE, CoL DANIEL, pres Chamber of Commerce, prop Mon- 
tezuma Flats, res same 
Stone, H C, assistant postmaster, res 2232 D 
STONE, J. B, physician and surgeon, office and residence, the 

Eangham, n w cor Fourth and C 
Stone, M, fisherman, foot of Eighth 
Stone, Wm E, res 756 Sixteenth 

Stone, Miss Kate E, teacher Middletown school, res 1742 Fifth 
Stone, Mrs Chas, cook at Co Hospital and Poor Farm, Mission 

Stoner, Wm, (Kampling & Stoner), res cor Fourth and G 
Storer, Miss F E, dressmaker, 1237 Fifth 
Storm, Mrs F D, res 952 Tenth 
Storms; W H, with S D Union, res 1234 Fourth 
5T0RV & ISHAH COMMERCIAL CO., A H Isham vice-pres 

and mangr, Edwin A Wells sec'y 
5T0RY, H. L., president Bates Implement Co, res cor First and A 
Story, Joseph, res Mission Valley 
Story, Miss EiHie, res Mission Valley 
Stough, O J, capitalist, res 2170 Fourth 

Stout, Claude, salesman with Schiller & Murtha, res 1122 F 
Stover, J W, K bet Twenty-fifth and Twenty-sixth 


Stowe, John P, prop Palace saloon, 842 Fifth, res Metropolitan 

Stowe, W T, retired, res Twenty-sixth and J 

STRAHLflANN 6c CO., (K Strahlmann, F Coppersmith), 

Druggists, cor Fourth and D 
STRAHLMANN, E., (E Strahlmann & Co), res cor India and 

STRATTON, T. M., (Milsom & Stratton), res cor Twenty-sixth 

and lyOgan ave 
Stratton, Miss Sugie, res 802 I^ogan ave 
Straub, Gustav, shoemaker, 437 Fifth, res 328 Ninth 
Strehle, C B, fruit stand, cor Fifth and L,, res 51 Sixteenth 
Strength, W F, groceries, cor Twenty-fifth and Franklin ave, 

res same 
Strode, H, carpenter, 662 Sixth, res Russ house 
STRONG & ARMS, (F R Strong, M D Arms), real estate and 

investment brokers, successors to Pacific Coast I^and 

bureau, 826 Fifth 
STRONG, F. R., (Strong & Arms), res Twenty-second and K 
Strong, Mrs L, A, res 3435 Iv 

STULTS, C. W., curtain house, 824 Fifth, res 137 1 Fifth 
Stuttz, Fred F, manager San Diego Bill Posting Co, 1016 D, 

res 1 152 First 
Stuttz, J E, coal and wood, foot of D, res Prescott house 
Stuthman, Henry, with Silver Gate bath house, res Twenty- 
second and Newton 
Succetti, Jacob stonemason, res 226 Milton ave 
Sud California Deutsche Zeitung, C F Kamman, editor and 

proprietor, 764 Fourth 
Sullivan, A C, printer on San Diego County Advertiser, res 

1 1 54 Fourteenth 
Sullivan, E N, publisher and proprietor San Diego County 

Advertiser, res 2243 B 
Sullivan, E R, carpenter, res 1154 Fourteenth 
Sullivan, Irving L,, letter carrier, res 1145 Fourteenth 
Sullivan, James, tailor, res 701 A 
SULLIVAN, T. J., tailor, 1144 Fourth, res 2138 E 
Sullivan, Miss Mary, at lyiquid Fuel Lunch room, res same 
Sullivan, Mrs N V, millinery, 822 Fifth, res 1421 Fourth 


Summers, Jacob, carpenter, res 1922 F 

SUN BUILDING, furnished rooms, Oscar H Hinters, 922 Fourth 
SUN CO., THE, Sun building, Fourth bet D and E 
Sunnucks, M D, deputy City Assessor, res cor Seventh and N 
SUNNYSIDE NURSERY, nursery in Sweetwater valley, M E 

Phinney, prop, yard cor Ninth and F 

son. manager, 813 Fifth 
Suplee, L M, res 1144 Grape 
Supple, John R, boat builder, res 10 Ash 
Surr, Joseph, member Board of Education, res 1231 Front 
Sutton, W A, clerk with Remy & Co, res 11 34 Fourth 
Swa, Cain, janitor, 757 Union 

Swail, expressman, res G bet Fourteenth and Fifteenth 

Swan, Alf L, bar tender for Joe Goldthorpe, res cor Eleventh 

and A 
Swan, W W, carpenter, res 857 Third 
Swanseh, A G, carpenter, res 810 Grant ave 
Swansen, Isaac, janitor at Consolidated National bank, res 

Twenty-seventh and D 
SWAYNE, E. J., general manager California Mortgage, Loan 

and Trust Co, res t^aradise valley 
Swayne, Mrs T J, music teacher, 928 Sixth, res Paradise valley 
Sweeney, H, retired U S army captain, res 2129 State 
Sweeney, John, steamboat fireman, res 540 Union 
Sweeney, J P, res 627 G 

Sweeney, Mrs Mary, chambermaid. Hotel Florence 
SWEET, Mrs. A. F., (Slocum & Sweet), res 11 20 Fourth 
Sweet, A H, attorney-at-law, 18-19 -Pirst National Bank bldg, 

res s e cor Eleventh and E 
Sweet, E E, laborer, res 3416 L 

Sweeting, Sanford M, carringe maker, res 1419 Second 
SWEETWATER NURSERY CO., J T Gordon prest, H M Cherry 

secy, G W Hawkins Treas, cor Eighth and F 
Switzer, ED, furnished rooms, 1267 Fourth, res same 
Switzer, S W, lawyer, res 125 National ave 


Switzer, Miss Mattie, clerk at Havermale & Rossiers, res 1267 

Swore, Cain, bootblack, res 757 Union 
Syford, Mrs Minnie, dressmaker, res 1160 First 
Symonds, Miss lyillie, res 644 Harrison ave 
Symons, Thomas, teamster, res Twenty-second and Oliver ave 
Syalinski, A, carpenter and builder, res Arctic and Juniper 


TALBOT, J. H., jobber of cigars, 1038-1040 Fifth, res 944 Seventh 
TALCOTT, H. W., attorney-at-law, 20 Brunswick, cor Fifth and 

D, res cor Thirty-seventh and T 
Tallman, Robt, lather, res cor Thirty-third, and National ave 
Tandy, Dr G G, soap maker, res 1757 State 
Tanner, L, A, res 2240 D 
Tantau, Geo D, packer of fish, packing house at Roseville, res 

864 Front 
Tarbaugh, G A, with Pacific Transfer Co, res 721 Twelfth 
Tarbell, Mrs K A, res 33 Fifteenth , 
Tarkelson, Sigreid, chambermaid Horton house 
Tartt, J J, student, res 541 Seventeenth 
Tartt, T M, carpenter, res 541 Seventeenth 
Tassaro, Chas, res 354 Sixth 

Tatrean, J B, blacksmith. Standard Iron works, res 312 Logan av 
Taylor, Arch, with G W Taylor, rooms at Albemarle 
Taylor, Capt F B, retired army officer, res 2232 B 
Taylor, E T, salesman with J S Mumford, res 934 Ash 
Taylor, George, plumber, res 744 Fifteenth 
Taylor, George, teamster with J D Palmer & Son, res cor Third 

and B 
TAYLOR, Q. W., wholesale wines and liquors, 927 Fourth, res 

Cuyamaca Club 
Taylor, H, assistant engineer Cable Co, res Cable hotel 
TAYLOR, J. H., with San Diego Tent and Awning Co, 565 

Fifth, res 724 Irving ave 


Taylor, James W, carpenter, res 934 Tenth 

Taylor, R, sailor, foot of Seventh 

TAYLOR, R. W., attorney-at-law, Plaza Palace, res 928 F 

Taylor, T J, baggageman, S D and Cor Transfer Co, res New 

Taylor, Wm, res 846 Ninth 
Taylor, Miss I^ucy, res 724 Irving ave 
Taylor, Miss H B, massauge treatment, res 919 Eighth 
Taylor, Miss Jennie, res 532 Front 
Taylor, Mrs Mary A, cor Eleventh and A 
TAYLOR, MRS. R. W., assistant prin. S D Business College, 

res cor Front and F 
Taylor, Mrs W B, dressmaker, res 1146 Fourth 
Teal, E S, musician, 1150 Atlantic 
TEBBUTT, E. W^ (Gray & Co,) res 539 Fourth 
Teggart, Charles, with Cliff & Co, 546 Sixth, res Twentieth 

and E 
Teggart, W H, res Tenth, bet B and C 
Telson, Mrs M K, physician and surgeon, office and res 1241 

Terrill, F A, bbok-keeper and collector, 1429 E, res Brunswick 
Terrill, S S, salesman for M Cerman, res 133 National ave 
Terry, Geo W, with Johnson & Co, res Tenth bet H and I 
Terry, Mr, res Mission Valley 

Terr}^, W W, carpenter and builder, res 546 Tenth 
Tetley, T, cable conductor, res Cable hotel 
THE FASHION LIVERY STABLE, H P Burns prop, cor I^irst 

and H 
Thelin, A G, deputy county recorder, res U, bet Thirtieth and 

Thelin, O, boots and shoes, 744 Fifth, res 527 U 
THE WINE ROOM, A L Myers & Co props, H, bet Fifth and 

Thielen, J, contractor and builder, res 517 Milton ave 
Thieme, A F, with M F Thieme, res 1336 Union 
Thime, Chas B, mail carrier, res 12 18 Twenty-sixth 
Thieme, M F, harness maker, 13 15 F, res 1336 Union 
Thieme, M O, driver Harbison Grocer Co, res 1337 Union 


Thivault, W F, laborer, res 1321 Fourth 

THOn, JOHN, attorney-at-law, room 15, 767 Fifth, res 727 

Thorn, Wm, abstractor, res s e cor Second and Beech 
Thoma, Jose, fisherman, res Roseville 
Thoman, John A, res 2043 Fourth 
Thomas, A A, fruit grower, res D, ex-Mission 
THOMAS, FRANK E., prop Uquid Fuel Lunch Room 1622 F, 

res same 
Thomas, H H, probate clerk with county clerk, res 1913 F, cor 

Thomas, J A, deput}' county recorder, res J, bet Ninteenth and 

THOHAS, J. R., broker, 966 Sixth, res Twelfth, near D 
THOMAS, R. A., gen manager Kscondido I^and and Town Co, 

and business manager Cherecahua Cattle Co, res cor Tenth 

and D 
Thomas, Sidney, retired attorney, res Fourth cor Palm 
Thomas, Smith, livery stable. Seventh bet H and I, res 2223 H 
Thomas, Thos, laborer. Third bet H and I 
THOHAS, W. W., (Escondido I.and &Town Co), res at hotel 

at Escondido 
Thomas, Z S, res Fourth and Palm 
Thomas, Miss Pearle, res Fourth and Palm 
Thomas, Mrs M F, teacher Sherman Heights school 
Thompson & McDowell, (F C Thompson, S A McDowell), 

-wagon manufacturers, 515-533 Sixth 
Thompson, A S, carpenter, res 1027 Sixteenth 
Thompson, Bert, painter, res 568 Tenth 
THOMPSON, CAREY W., prest San Diego Drug Co, Fifth and 

D, res 1 146 Cedar 
Thompson, C D, oiler on Cable road, res Olive ave near Vermont 
Thompson, Chas, watchmaker with M W Jenks, res at Lafayette 
THOriPSON, CHESTER W., clerk board of /Supervisors, court 

house, res Eleventh and G 
Thompson, D E, prop Sierra house, cor Eighth and K 
Thompson, F C, (Thompson & McDowell), res Tenth and H 
Thompson, Geo, laborer, res 2437 F 


Thompson, J W, steel worker with F E Davis, res cor Second 

THOMPSON, J. W., manager Sunset Telephone & Telegraph 

Cos, res 1457 Fourth 
Thompson, W, hostler Diamond Carriage Co, res Adelphi 
Thompson, Wm, carpenter, res Atlantic and B 
Thompson, Mrs Elizabeth, night operator at central telephone 

office, res near Bay View 
Thompson rancher, res 2525 I 
Thompson, Miss Irene, res Adelphi house 
Thompson, Miss 011a, with Coronado restaurant 
Thompson, Mrs A, prop Adelphi house, 1023 Front 
Thompson, Mrs E, res Thirtieth and J 
Thompson, Mrs, res Allyn blk 
Thomson, H N, contractor, 151 Fifteenth 
Thomson, Miss Estelle, literary writer, res 824 Tenth 
Thomson, Mrs P D, res 824 Tenth 
Thornburgh, A M, real estate, res 742 Third 
Thornburg, W D, stableman at Kansas stable, res at stable 
Thornburg, W W, res cor Eleventh and A 
Thorndike, A W, second hand goods, res 656 Twenty-second 
Thorndike, A W & M W, second hand goods, 651-57 Sixth 
Thorndike, M W, second hand goods, 726 Seventh 
Thorp, A A, groceries, cor State and A, res same ' 
Thorpe, E C, contractor, res Pacific Beach 
THORP, M. R., attorn ey-at-law, room 14 Pierce-Morse blk, res. 

n w cor Sixth and Ash 
Thorson, E H, clerk J Price, res 1443 Maple 
Thorson, H, banker, res 1443 Maple cor Sixth 
Thoustrup, J A E, book-keeper with Klauber & Eevi, res Second 

and Ivy 
Thresher, Arthur W, assistant janitor at court house, res 1228 

Thresher, Mrs Isabel A, stenographer with county clerk, res 

Pacific Beach 
Thurman, John, capitalist, res 40 Manvel 
Thurnes, Mathias, street car driver, res 1429 Union 
Tibbals, J H, carpenter, res 3422 I 


Tibbals, W ly, carpenter, res 3422 I 

Tibbits J H, watchmaker and jeweler, 510 Fourteenth, res 2240 

Tibbitts, Mrs I/izzie, bakery, res 721 Grand ave 
TICHENOR BROS., (B D and N D Tichenor), props Snowflake 

Bakery, Eighth near F 
TICHENOR, E. D., (Tichenor Bros), res at bakery 
TICHENOR, N. D., (Tichenor Bros), res at bakery 
Tichborne, Miss Sadie, dressmaker, res 2350 K 
Tichborne, Mrs M J, dressmaker, 2350 K 
Tierman, Mrs C, res 1118 C 

Tierny, Miss lyizzie, dressmaker, res 1133 Third ; 
Tiffany, J N, with Thompson and McDowell, res 521 Eighth 
Tighe, Thomas, res 1503 State 
Tilman, Robert, res 703 Twelfth 

Tinker, W H, deputy county surveyor, res Coronado 
Tipping, Mrs M, res cor Ninth and H 
TIRRELL, W. Q., rancher, res the Revere, 11 26 Fourth 
Tischer, Edward, with Model steam I^aundry, res Woolman ave, 

bet Thirty-first and Thirty-second 
Tischer J J, carpenter, res R and Thirty-second 
TITUS, HARRY L., (Gibson & Titus), res 1520 Cedar ■ 
Titus, Nat R, stenographer and notary public, with Gibson & 

Titus, res 660 Eleventh 
Tobey, Edward A, res cor Columbia and F 
TODD & HAWLEY, (C D Todd, G M Hawley), wholesale and 

retail hardware, iron and steel, agricultural implements, 

blacksmith's and wagon maker's supplies, 658 Fifth and 

cor Fourth and'G 
TODD, C. D., (Todd & Hawley), res 831 Ninth 
Todd, S H, res Cleveland ave, University heights 
Todd, Miss Aurora H, teacher B-street school 
TOLES, JERRY, vice-pres First Nat'l Bank, res Second and 

TOMPKINS & CO, (W F Tompkins), gen insurance, agt Mass 

Mutual Ufe Ins Co, rooms 7 and 8, Bancroft bldg, cor Fifth 

and G 
Tompkins, C T, carpenter, res 443 Eighth 


TOMPKINS, W. F., (Tompkins & Co), res 708 K 

Tompkins, Mrs Mary A, proprietress the Lafayette Lodging 

house, 1 615 D 
TompvSon, C, trackman, University Heights 
Toms, Web, night operator S C Ry, rooms at depot 
Tonenie, Chas, dairyman, res Pacific Beach 
Tordeu, Henry, plumber, res Eleventh and F 
TORRANCE, E. S., judge superior court, dep't i, res Second 

and Juniper 
Torres, Jose R, with Russ Planing Mill, res Union and K 
Torson, S, laborer, res California, bet D and E 
Touchett, Albert, engineer, res cor Union and Ash 
Touhy, Martin, laborer, 532 Fifteenth 
TOWER H0U5E, Mrs B Kiessig, lodging house, cor Fourth 

and F 
Townsend, Mrs H, dressmaker, res 315 Tenth 
Tracy, John, longshoreman, res Horton engine house 
Trask, res 1646 Front 

Travis, G W, mfg jeweler, res 1342 Seventh 
Treachy, J, core maker with Stand Iron Works, Seventh and L, 
Treanor, Alfred B, blacksmith, res 343 Tenth 
Treanor, C A, cashier with Russ Lumber & Mill Co, res 343 

Treanor, Mrs G W, res 343 Tenth 

Treanor, Miss Emma, clerk with Phillips & Bone, res 343 Tenth 
Treanor, Miss Kate C, stenographer, res 343 Tenth 
TREAT, H. C, (H C Treat & Co), res cor First and Walnut 
TREAT, H. C. &CO., (H C Treat, F P White), wholesale 

commission merchants, 336 to 342 Fifth 
Tremont Lodging House, Mrs B H Smith prop, 1036 Third 
Trenouth, Miss M J, fashionable dressmaker, the Royal cor 

Fourth and B, res same 
Trice, Mrs Dr, res 854 Tenth 
TRIHBLE, MRS. fl. fl., the Willard, res same 
TRIPPET & NEALE,(Oscar ATrippet, Harry J Neale) attorneys- 

at-law, 827 D opposite Court House 
TRIPPET, OSCAR A., (Trippet & Neale), res Cuyamaca Club' 
Trohela, Guardloupe, gardener, res cor Fourth and Maple 


Tropical Bath House, A Pape prop, 137 Atlantic foot of D 
Trotter, Chas, bell boy at Hotel Brewster, res same 
Trotter, Thos, second porter at Hotel Brewster, res same 
Troupe, Wm, waiter at Hotel Brewster, res same 
Trousclair, G M, whitewashing, kalsomining, also house-clean- 
ing, carpets cleaned and put down, 1442 H, res cor I and 

Troy, M C, blacksmith. Sixth iaet H and I, res 629 Thirteenth 
True, F H, res 3229 J 
TUCKER, J. Z., attorney-at-law and notary public, room 2 

Morse- Whaley-Dalton blk, res cor Second and Brookes 
Tuckey, A W, saloon, 207 H, res same 
TUJAQUE, MRS. fl. F., prop Girard launch Room, 1433 F, res 

Tuller, Mrs May ly, res 437 Nineteenth 
TULLOCH, JOHN W., manager S D Dist Tel Co, res Hotel 

TUPPER & PHILLIP5, (A C Tapper, Mrs M E PhiUips), A C 

Tupper business manager, confectionery and ice cream, 853 

TUPPER, A. C, manager for Tupper & Phillips, res same . 
Turf, The, saloon, cor Fourth and J 
Turkish Baths, Chas E Sandell prop, 1037 Seventh 
Turner, A M, boarding house, res 1036 Seventh 
Turner, Chas A, salesman with Thos M Godfrey, res 11 39 Front 
TURNER, C. H. & SON, (Calvin H and Marcus C), wholesale 

and retail furniture dealers and manufacturers, n w cor 

Sixth and D 
TURNER, CALVIN H., (C H Turner & Son), res n e cor Tenth 

and D 
TURNER, E. H., Elite Studio, rooms 5, 6, 7 and 9, 767 Fifth, 

Res Kline blk 
Turner, J C, res 315 Main 

TURNER, MARCU5 C, (C H Turner & Son), res 1058 Second 
Turner, T M., real estate, res 1139 Front 
Turner, Miss lyillie, res 1036 Seventh 

Tnrner, Mrs E, dressmaker, 35 Bon Ton blk, res 713 Second 
Turner, Mrs Elizabeth, furnished rooms, 736 Seventh, res same 


Turnverein, 1018 D 

Tuttle, F N, compositor Daily San Diegan, res cor Twenty- 
sixth and G 

Tuttle, G S, barber shop, 466 Fifth, res Santa Clara house 

Twambly, C W, carpenter, res 1157 Third 

Tweed, Frank, teamster with Russ lyumber Co, res 669 G 

Tweed, Geo W, Diamond livery stable, res 221 L^ogan ave 

Tweed, W J, teamster, res 869 Union 

Tweed, Mrs Mary, res 221 I^ogan ave 

Twenty-second District Agricultural Fair, G M Dannals sec'y, 
office 826 Sixth 

Tyler, Chaplin G, clerk city board of education, res 1744 First 

TYLER, Q. W., prop San Diego Poultry Co, Fourth, adjoining 
Fisher's Opera House, res 845 Eleventh 

Tyler, L O, vocal student, 928 Sixth, res same 

Tyler, W R, farmer, res 643 Seventeenth 

Tyerman, Wm, stair builder, India St Planing Mill, res Nine- 
teenth, bet M and N 

Tyler, J H, retired, res 522 National ave 

Tyson, J P, watchman Santa Fe wharf, res National City 

Tyson, M J, foreman Spreckels' wharf, res A ave, cor Eighth, 


Ubach, Rev Father AD, pastor St Joseph Catholic church, res 

1527 Third 
Uber, Wm R, collector, res 828 Union 
Uccione, G G, barber shop, 408 Fifth 
Uelzen, Henry, fruit dealer, res 520 State 
Ulrich, Frank, tailor, res 1729 India 
Ulrick, Mrs I C, furnished rooms, 868 Third 
Ulrick, W J, horticulturist, res 1030 Fifteenth 
Umbdenstock, David jr, res Twenty-fifth and Franklin ave 
Umbdenstock, John, messenger with W U Tel Co, res cor 

Twenty-fifth and Franklin ave 


Union House, Cowles Bros prop, Seventh and I 

UNION, THE, daily and weekly, Thos Gardiner manager, 933 

UNION ICE CO., Geo R Harrison agt, California bet E and F 

Union lyivery Stable, J E Brophy manager, 933 Second 

Union Mission, India and C 

Unitarian Church, cor F and Tenth 

UNITED INVESTMENT CO., Hosmer P McKoon pres, W H 
Kitto sec'y, 1055 Fifth 

Upham, Mrs A R, res 230 Boston ave 

Upton, Ray, night watch at Commercial hotel 

URBAN, GEO. A. L., groceries, hay, grain and coal, cor Six- 
teenth and K, res same 

Urey, Mrs Mary, res Arctic 

Urquhart, John G, res foot of Fir 

UTLEY, H. S., attorney-at-law, 14 Eawyer's blk, res cor Twenty 
seventh and Irving ave 

VALLE, Dr. C. C, (Stockton, Valle & Northrnp), res 1723 First 

Valliner, M, prop St Nicholas Saloon, D bet Columbia and India 
res same 

Vallin, Chas, laborer, res 632 Julian ave 

Vance, Drury, res Twelfth bet F and G 

Vance, U M, manager B B and B restaurant, res 1050 Fifth 

Vancostel, Joseph, retired soldier, res 1225 Second 

Vanclain, John A P, machinist and engineer, res 1108 Cedar 

Vandenburg, Nathan, laborer, res 335 Boston ave 

Vandervate, Jacob, ass't janitor at court house, res at court house 

Vanderveer, Mrs Uottie, res 405 Fourth 

Vanice, V G, painter, res 1234 California 

Vansant, R H, druggist with F W, Braun & Co, res 941 D 

Van Arman, Mrs J, res 2004 Fourth 

Van Dyke, Bert, with S D Beef & Packing Co, res Fifth bet E 
and F 

Van Dyke, T S, capitalist and author, res 22 Snyder blk 

Van Hagan, Miss Meta, with Model Laundry, res Tenth and K 

Van Hagen, Miss Sadie, with Model Uaundry, res Tenth and K 

VAN HAREN, F. E., [Knox & Van Haren], res cor Twenty- 
fifth and Kearney ave 


Van Horn, AM, res 848 Fourth 

Van Horn, Mrs Mary B, res 848 Fourth 

Van Horn, V, cigar maker, res Victoria hotel 

Van Houten, F K, dep county tax collector, res 234 Sixteenth 

Van Huebner, CH, clerk with M V Carroll, res 755 Fourteenth 

Van Huebner, E, res 755 Fourteenth 

Van Loan, Richard, capt Salvation Army, res 1352 First 

Van lyowenlels, Miss, teacher of languages and music, 1005 F 

VAN NORMAN & McCONKEY, [E V Van Norman, T G Mc- 

Conkey], physicians and surgeons, Sixth and C 
VAN NORMAN, E. v., [Van Norman & McConkey], res cor 

Fifth and Maple 
Van Zandt, J M, clerk with Havermale and Rossier, res 1557 

Van Buskirk, Mrs D, millinery, 4421 D 

Vaugh, Miss Nellie, with Phillips & Bone, res Tremont house 
Vaughan, R W, horticulturist, res 370 Twelfth 
Vesey, Ernest, res Mission Valley 
Vesey, Geo, res Mission Valley 
Vesey, Miss Annie, res Mission Valley 
VERDE ANTIQUE MARBLE CO., Geo K Phillips secy, room 

15 Consolidated Bank bldg cor Fifth and G 
Verdnos, Mrs Marion, res North San Diego 
Vergon, James, res 634 Newton ave 
Verhoven, M, res Mission Valley 

Verlaque, A J, [J Q Hedges & Co], res 129 Twentieth 
Verlaque, T res 1615 Fifth 
Venary, G, res 109 Fifteenth 

Vernon, Frank, longshoreman, res 914 Columbia 
VERNON, J., merchant tailor, 1327 E bet Fourth and Fifth, res 

Blaine and University ave, University Heights 
Vestal, W L, customs inspector, res 1742 Fifth 
Victoria Hotel, Chas Henka prop, 11 16 to 1122 D 
Victoria Saloon, Fred Haarde prop, 1122 D 
Vidal, Charles P, watchman Cuyamaca warehouse, res 66 

Vidal, A, deputy constable, res Cedar and California 
Vidal, R, res 2330 K 


VIDOLIN, NICK J., prop California Fish Market, res cor Cedar 

and Twelfth 
VIENNA MODEL BAKERY, I,ouis Glass prop, cor Fourth 

and F 
Vigneron, George, prop Maison Riche, res same 
Vigneron, Mrs J T, prop Maison Riche, res same 
Villa, F J, harness and saddlery, 919 Sixth, res 1063 Seventh 
Villerino, Mrs Pauline, dressmaker, res 1251 Columbia 
Vincent, H W, printer, Union office, 1128 Fourteenth 
Vincent, M A, salesman J S Mumford, res 1909 India 
Vinlay, Peter, laborer, res Sixteenth and Milton ave 
Vincent, Mrs, res North San Diego 
Virden, Miss lyou, teacher Russ school 
Viscaro, Amelia, painter, 932 First 
Vogel, Otto, bartender with J R Seifert, res Ash, bet State and 

Voight, Miss Minnie, clerk White House, res Fourteenth, bet 

VOIQT, MISS SUSIE, teacher of piano Southwest Institute, 

res at Institute 
Voigt, Mrs B, res 736 Fourteenth 
Volkmer, E, chief cook Hotel Brewster, res same 


WADE, GEORGE, (I^eonard & Wade), res Fourteenth, bet I 

and J 
Wade, J R, contractor, res 1427 Front 
WADHAM, JAflES E., attorney-at-law, rooms 7 and 8 First 

National Bank bldg, res'cor Sixteenth and C 
Wadham, James F, farmer, n e cor Sixteenth and C 
Wadsworth, F O, fruitgrower and president Jamacha Irrigation 

Dist, res Marilou Park, North Chollas Valley, Elcajon road 
Wadsworth, Mrs Olive H, res Marilou Park, North Chollas 

Wagner, C E F, book-keeper, res 433 Sixth 


WAGNER, HARR, county supt of schools, res cor Walnut and 

WAGNER, MADGE MORRIS, editor Golden Era, res cor 

Walnut and Albatros 
Wagner, W J, breeder of fancy chickens, res Pacific Beach 
Wagner, Mrs E, res 2969 Fifth 
Waidmann, Miss Nellie, res 1630 E 

Waide, James, (Mertzman & Waide), res Tenth and H 
Waite, C B, photographer, res 944 Ash 
Waite, F D, city editor Daily San Diegan, res cor Thirtieth 

and D 
Waitneight, Miss E V, teacher Russ school 
Walcott, A P, physician and surgeon, res 1161 Second 
Waldum, Charles, sailor, res foot of India 

Waldens, Miss I^aura E, res Marilou Park, north Chollas valley 
WALKER, F. B., San Diego Printing Co, res cor Twenty-sixth 

and Irviilg ave 
Walker, C D, machinist, res 822 Cedar 
Walker, F L,, gas fitter, res 748 Eleventh 
Walker, J H, plasterer, res 1229 Logan ave 
Walker, Miss Mary, assistant librarian, res 541 Twentieth 
Walker, Miss M E, res 541 Twentieth 
Walker, Mrs Nancy, res 669 Front 
Walker, Mrs M E, res 541 Twentieth ■• 

Wall, H I^, teamster, San Diego 
Wallj Ike, with W Jereslaw, res 1157 Ninth 
Wallace, A O, res 1144 Front 

Wallace, C A, deputy county recorder, res 1 144 Front 
Wallace, Frank X, with Point I^oma Packing Co, res Sixth 

and B 
Wallace P J, res 168 Twenty-first 

Wallace, Rev R G, pastor First United Presb church, res 2894 F 
Wallace, Richard, oyster cafe, 842 Fifth, res 1228 Sixth 
Wallace, Miss Juliette, sales clerk with Geo W Marston, res 

934 Tenth 
Wallace, Mrs M A, res 1228 Sixth 
Wallace, Mrs A J, res 1228 Sixth 
Wallach, D, capitalist, 1028 Ninth 


Walley, res 760 Kleventh 

WALMER, J., real estate, Coronado property a specialty, 1446 

E, cor Sixth, res 1645 Arctic 
Walrod, Geo W, res 639 Kearney ave 
WALSH, WALTER J., (Lungstrass & Walsh), res 616 

lyOgan ave 
Walt, Thomas, laborer, res 315 Olive ave 
Walter, Charles, res cor First and Juniper 
Walter, Schuyler, real estate, 309 National ave 
Walter, Miss Mary C, teacher at Lawson valley, res 1245 

Walthers, Otto, bellboy Botel Brewster, res same 
Walton, Josephine Yates, res 240 Sixth 
WALZ, W. Q. CO., B Burnell manager, curiositj'- store, cor 

Fifth and F 
Warburton, Miss Stella, teacher public schools 
Warburton, Mrs F M, res 1141 Twelfth 
Ward, A, carpenter, res 754 Eighth 
Ward, Dr, res 2145 I 
Ward, Frank F, salesman with Chicago shoe store, res 1233 

WARD, n, L., (Haines & Ward), res Chula Vista 
WARD, RALPH M., sec'y and treas San Diego Drug Co, res 

1665 Union 
Ward, T W, retired, res 1233 Sixteenth 
Ward, W J, deputy sheriff, res cor Fifteenth and F 
Ware, A, painter, res 530 B 

WARE, K. J., city clerk, office city hall, res 646 Eleventh 
Ware, Wm, retired, res 11 12 Fir 

Ware, Miss Jessie A, clerk at postofiice, res 646 Eleventh 
Warenskjold, A, machinist and steam fitter, cor Sixth and E. res 

736 D 
Warfield, A, teamster, 1258 India 
Warner, J F, barber, 865 Fifth, res 1327 India 
Warner, W I, policeman, res Roseville 
Warren, Fnos E, fruits and groceries, 1627 F res same 
Washburn, Calvin, saloon cor Third and I, res 245 Seventh 
Washburn, Thomas, bartender Rose Bud saloon, res same 


Washburn, Mrs Israel, res 1635 Sixth 

Washington, Mrs George, cook, res State and H 


Waterman, Dr James Sears, (Edwards & Waterman), res 2408 

Waterman, Dr James Sears, physician and surgeon, rooms 5 and 

6, Keating block, cor Fifth and F 
WATERriAN, niSS A. L., instructor S D Commercial College, 

res 2408 First 
Waterman, Miss Helen J, res 2408, First and Kalmia 
Waterman, Waldo S, gen manager S D, Cor & B Ry, foot of 

Waterman, Miss Emma, res 836 First 
Waterman, Mrs R W, res 2408 First 
Waters, E E, deputy sheriff, res 444 Eleventh 
Waters, Robert, res Atlantic and A 

Waters, W C, selesman with City of Paris, res 1246 Fourteenth 
Watkins, Rufus, clerk with C L, Evans & Co, res 11 34 First 
Watkins, G R, contractor and builder, res 1321 Date 
Watkins, W F, res 1134 First 
Watkins, W, cable conductor, res Cable hotel 
Watkins, Wm, clerk, res cor Sixth and J 
Watkins, Miss Agnes, Chambermaid at Commercial hotel 
WATSON, ALEX. Q., (Collier, Watson & Collier), res s e cor I 

and Twentieth 
Watson, C S mfg Peerless Shoe Polish, res Arctic and Kalmia 
Watson, Earnest, res Northeastern 
WATSON, GEO. B. & CO., (G B Watson, Howard V Speer), 

dealers in seeds, trees and plants, cor Fifth and I 
WATSON, GEO. B., (Geo B Watson & Co), res 3154 I 
Watson, Geo F, storekeeper at Hotel Brewster, res same 
Watson, W S, res Northeastern 
Watson, W Y, prop the Old Book Store, 1530 F, St James blk, 

res same 
Waugh Bros, (S G, and U SWaugh), new and second hand 

goods aud carpenter shop, 11 40 Fourth 
Waugh, vS G, Waugh Bros), res 914 Columbia 


Waugh, Samuel, carpenter, res 914 Columbia 

Waugh, U S, (Waugh Bros), res 914 Columbia 

Way, Chas K, groceries, cor Ninteenth and K 

WAY, niSS E. F., Southwest Institute, res at Institute 

Wayne, Aaron T, longshoreman, res 1655 Arctic 

Wayne, Robt G, stevedore, res 1655 Arctic 

Wear, J R, band sawer at Russ Planing Mill, res 940 Third 

Weaver, C W, carpenter, res 2226 E 

Weaver, S B, expressmau, res 524 State 

Webb, F R, retired merchant, res 2465 Front 

Webb, Oliver, teacher of manuel training, 928 Sixth res same 

Webb, P C, dairy, res Twenty-first and Kearney 

WEBB, S. E., manager of Pioneer Truck Co, res Eleventh bet 

G and H 
Webster, J A, clerk, rooms at Pickwick house 
Webster, W A, carpenter, res 323 Logan ave 
Webster, Miss Etha, waitress at Victoria hotel 
Week, C Ewald, teacher of zither, res 2325 K 
Weddle, Mrs Elizabeth, res 811 Thirteenth 
Weed, Amos, carpenter, res Twenty-fourth and Newton ave 
Weegar, Henry, groceries, 339 Eighth 

WEEKLY SAN DIEQAN, Ariosto McCrimmon prop, 1138 D 
WEEKLY SUN, Sun Co, Sun bldg 

WEEKLY UNION, Thos Gardiner manager, 933 Fourth 
Wegmann, Joseph, farmer, res 737 Eighteenth 
Weigar, E H, cigars and tobacco, 1435 — 7 F, res 339 Eighth 
Weight, Mrs A L, teacher at Old Town, res 3131 K 
WEINEKE, H. W., county tax collector, res New Russ house 
Weisner, Britt, jeweler with M German, res at St James hotel 
Weisser, A J, cigar maker with Sensenbrenner, res National Citj^ 
Weith, Rev F A, pastor German M E church 
WELDON, J. T., (Olsen, Graham & Weldon), s e cor India & B 
Welker, J A, operator Pac Postal Tel Co, res Albemarle 
WELISCH, HERMAN, prop International Clothing House, 936 

Fifth, res 2419 H, cor Fifteenth 
Welisch, Paul E, clerk for H Welisch, res Eleventh, bet G and H 
WELLBORN, CHARLES, (Wellborn, Stevens & Wellborn), 

res 1038 Twelfth 


WELLBORN, OLIN, (Wellborn, Stevens & Wellborn), res 1038 


Stevens, Chas Wellborn), attorneys-at-law, rooms 3 to 7 

Leland blk 
WELLER, THOS., deputy constable and private detective, 1242 

K, res 56 Sixteenth 
Weller, Miss Mary, waitress at Albemarle 
WELL5, EDWIN A., collector, 955 Fifth, room 5 Gilbert blk, 

res 1333 Logan ave 
WELLS, FARGO & GO'S EXPRESS, s e cor Sixth and F, R M 

Dooly, agt 
Wells, E F, broker, res 724 Logan ave 
Wells, James, res 918 C 
Wells, Th OS, carpenter, cor Eighth and N 
Welsh, P, longshoreman, res at foot of Eighth 
Wentworth, Al, driver with Pioneer Truck Co, res 1427 E 
Wentworth, Geo E, custom house boatman, res 11 19 State 
Wentworth, G F, railroad man, res 435 Twenty-first 
Werth, Rev F A, pastor German M E church, res 526 Sixteenth 
WERTHEiriER, I, wholesale cigar merchant, office with M A 

Wertheimer & Co, res 731 Tenth 
WERTHEIMER, H. A. & CO, (M A Wertheimer), books, 

stationery and fancy goods, 762 Fifth 
WERTHEIHER, M. A., (M A Wertheimer & Co), res 731 

Wescott, C H, book-keeper Hardy's meat market, res 2107 G 
Wescott, E, retired, res Metropolitan 

WESCOTT, ED., pres Pioneer Truck Co, res cor Twelfth andG 
Wescott, Frank, engineer Hotel Brewster, res same 
Wescott, Maud, clerk M V Carroll, res 630 Fourteenth 
Wescott, Mrs M J, nurse, res 630 Fourteenth 
WEST COAST LUHBER CO., J B Winship gen manager, cor 

India and D 
West, H, with Phillips & Bone, res 1925 I 
West, J B, groceries, cor Eighteenth and H, res same 

office Keating blk, cor Fifth and F 


WESTERN UNION TELEGRAPH office Coronado, W H Jack- 
son operator, office Hotel del Coronado 
Westgate, J B, general mason work, res Twenty-seventh and K 
Weston, Charles, fisherman, 1530 Union 
Weston, D C & Son, (Jersey Milk Co), res 662 Sixteenth 
Weston, H L,, (Weston & Son), res 662 Sixteenth 
Wetcher, James, with S D Beef & Packing Co, res Thirteenth 

and G 
Wetfeld, Dr G, retired, res Tower House 
Wetherbee, G A, box maker with Russ Planing Mill, res 1119 

Wetmore, G H sr, res Logan ave bet Thirtieth and Thirty-first 
Wetmore, G H jr, drugs, 29 and National ave, res Logan ave 

bet Thirtieth and Thirty-first 
Wetzell, W W, res 1206 Logan ave 
Wetzell, W Y, retired, res 1202 Logan ave 
Weyburn, Mrs Blecta, res 1262 Union 
WHALEY, FRANK H., prop Southern Cal Printing Co, 938 D, 

res 933 State 
Whaley, Geo B, old books, 1042 Fifth, res at White house 
Whaley, Geo H, musician, 933 State 
Whaley, John T, driver with S D & Cor Transfer Co, res 819 

Whaley, Miss Lillian C, res 933 State 
Whaley, Mrs Thos, res 933 State 
Whatmore, Miss Amy, teacher Sherman school 
Whatmore, Mrs Mary, res 343 Sixteenth, 
Whear, R P, capitalist, 315 Seventh 
WHEATLY, GEO. 5., agt of Caledonian Coal Co, 202 to 208 

D, res at Horton house 
Wheatley, James, laborer, res 2012 India 
Wheaton, Miss A S, teacher, res G, bet Twenty-fourth and 

Wheeler, Frank, cigar maker Sensenbrenner's, res 1039 Fourth 
Wheeler, Herbert, student, res 2831 H 
Wheeler, Joseph M, carpenter, res 231 National ave 
WHEELER & WHEELER, ink manufacturers, 930 Sixth 


WHEELER, J. S., agent for Hall's Safe and Lock Co, res 

Thirtieth and E 
WHEELER, WILLIAM, (Wheeler & Wheeler), res Thirtieth 

and B 
WHEELER, Wn., (Wheeler & Wheeler), resin Europe 
Wheeler, Miss Minerva, saleslady, res 2831 H 
Wheeler, Miss Ella E, res over Boscher's drug store 
Wheeler, Mrs Etta, res 2831 H 
Wheeler, Miss G, teacher Sherman Heights school, res over 

Boscher's drug store 
Wheeler, Miss Eucy, assistant librarian, res over Boscher's drug 

Wheeler, Mrs W W, res at Langham 

Whepley, Daniel W, deputy constable, res 714 Thirteenth 
Whereat, E A, civil engineer vi'ith Peninsular Ry, res at Buck- 
WHISLER, A. E., prop Pioneer Steam Carpet Beater, 751 First, 

res same 
White, Albert, salesman v^^ith Golden Fagle Bazaar, res cor 

Seventh and C „ ' 

White, E, tailor v^^ith J Vernon, res Tower house 
White, Elmer, groceries, 1619 to 1625 D bet Seventh and Eighth 

res 951 Seventh 
WHITE, ERNEST E., cashier of Spreckels' Commercial Co, res 

cor Ninth and Olive ave, Coronado 
White, F J, driver with hose and ladder co no i, res Ninth bet 

H and I 
WHITE, F. P., (H C Treat & Co), res Belle View house 
WHITE HOUSE, Henry Abrahamson prop, 821 Fifth 
White, John, stevedore, res 1151 Atlantic 
White, J C, police officer, res 11 33 Front 
White, J Harrison, publisher of National Popular Review, res 

2044 Fourth 
White, J S, retired, res 633 National ave 
White, Eloyd, laborer, res 2016 G 
White, R, apiarist, res 320 Topeka ave 
White, Stephen, with S D Beef and Packing Co, res University 



White, Miss Annie, res Cedar and Atlantic 

White, Miss Belle, res 937 I^ogan ave 

White Mrs Anna, dressmaker, res 937 lyOgan ave 

White, Mrs Keturah, res 1002 Fifteenth 

Whitehead, Fred G, attorney-at-law, room 15 lyawj^ers' blk, res 

842 Tenth 
Whitehouse, W H, circulator of Daily Union, res 914 E 
Whitelaw, Joseph, waiter at Hotel Florence 
Whitfield, Mrs M F, music teacher, res 1333 Fourth 
Whitmore, Enoch, blacksmith, 830 Fourth, res 1734 Union 
Whitmore, Oscar, blacksmith, res 1734 Union 
Whitmore, S, rancher Chollas valley, res Thirty-fourth and R 
Whitmore, Miss Nettie, res 1734 Union 
Whitney, E E, salesman Russ lyumber Co, res 2430 H 
Whitney, H P, real estate, res 544 National ave 
Whitney, W W, capitalist, res cor Twentieth and K 
Whitney, Mrs Olive, res 2843 H 
WHITSEN, W, W, court reporter, res 1934 Front 
WHITTIER, FULLER & CO, A F Biles manager, paints, oils, 

glass, building material and wall paper, 639-645 Sixth 
Whittier, J F, second hand goods, 727 Sixth, res same 
Whittle, James, painter, res Twenty-seventh and L 
Whitworth, Mrs A S, res 1333 Fourth 
Wiard, Frank, cigar maker, res 1145 Third 
Widrin, Gabriel, tailor, res 335 Grand ave 
Wiese, L H, with Selwyn & Allison, res 223 Fifteenth 
WIQHTMAN, A. J., chief deputy county clerk, res 1745 Second 
Wilber, David S, pressman, res 927 Ash 
Wilber, Henry J, box maker, 933 Ash 

Wilber, Harry L, student at Business College, res 1435 Ninth 
Wilber, John L, res 933 Ash 
Wilber, Mrs Emily Douglas, res 1042 Eighth 
Wilcutt, Miss Ida F, res 811 Logan ave 
Wilde, E A, dishwasher at Hotel Brewster, res same 
Wider, H G, res 745 Grant ave 
Wile, Z E, contractor, res 945 Nineteenth 
Wilkins, Capt Geo, capitalist, res Manor house 
Wilkensen, Miss Mary T, with Chas S Hardy, res 1041 Second 


Wilkinson, Wm, capitalist, res at Florence 

Wilkinson, Nolle, civil engineer with Peninsular Ry, with Dr 

Wilks, Grant, chop house, foot of H, res same 
WILLARD, THE, Mrs M M Trimble, prop, 1435 E 
WILCOX, C. S., secy and treas Harbison Grocer Co, res Flor- 
ence hotel 
Willcox, Geo, carpenter, res 1969 Fifth 
Willcox, F H, with Harbison Grocer Co, res 2041 D 
WILCOX, FRANCIS, prest The Harbison Grocer Co, res 2041 D 
Wilcox, Frank A, miller, res 1969 Fifth 
Wilcox, F, gripman, res 1969 Fifth 
Williams, A E, marine engineer, res 819 Columbia 
Williams, C A, painter res 321 Boston ave 
Williams, C R, aget S D C & E Ry, foot of Tenth 
Williams, Chas, bootblack, 1321 D, res same 
Williams, Charles H, carpenter, 318 Fifth, res Brunswick 
Williams, C H, (Kingsbury & Co), res D and Seventh 
Williams, Chalers Iv, teacher at L>a Mesa, res 639 Kearney ave 
William, C L, book-keeper Bank of Commerce, res 841 Fifth 
Williams, Curtis, clerk First National Bank res 829 B 
Williams, Ernest Stanwood, res 829 B 
Williams, Fred, with Fifth ave stable, res 818 Union 
Williams, G B, carpenter, res 1440 First 
Williams, H H, res 639 Kearney ave 
Williams, Geo, with John H Woolman, res 818 Union 
Williams, Harry, steward on ship, res Windsor 
Williams, J E, fisherman, res Roseville 
Williams, J W, (Smith & Williams), res 639 Kearney ave 
Williams, J Walter, commission, res 639 Kearney ave 
WILLIAflS, JEFF, insurance, 1330 E, First National Bank blk, 

res cor Thirtieth and lyOgan ave 
Williams, S M, surveyor, res 317 Sargent ave 
Williams, S R, horticulturist, res 1034 Fourteenth 
Williams, Theo, waiter Hotel Florence 
Williams, Walter E, plumber. Sixth, 1434 Ninth 
Williams, W T, res 715 National ave 
Williams, Miss Jean C, book-keeper, res 829 B 


Williams, Miss Jessie, dressmaker, res 1125 B 
WILLIAMS, Mrs. CARRIE, cor Thirtieth and lyOgan ave 

Williams, Mrs C, res 818 Union 

Williams, Mrs J F res 829 B 

Williams, Mrs J M, res 11 25 B 

Williams, Mrs L,, nurse, res 1324 A 

Williams, Mrs W L, res 370 Twelfth 

Williamson, A M, bartender with Jameson & Kroah, res 405 

WILLI AHSON, riRS. S. A., manager of Cash Millinery Store, 

1 1 18 Fourth, res University Heights 
Willing, Mrs A, with G M Greenbaum, res Bon Ton 
Willis, J, railroader, res 423 Logan ave 
Wils, C, trimmer with S D Gas and Elect Light Co 
Wilson, Daniel, longshoreman, res 1513 K 
Wilson, Frank S, salesman with J S Mumford, res n w cor 

Eighteenth and H 
Wilson, Geo, bell boy at Horton house, res same 
Wilson, George J, head waiter at Hotel Florence 
Wilson, James D, marine engineer, res 631 Grand ave 
Wilson, J W, plasterer, res cor Eleventh and Ash 
Wilson, O P, with W G Walz, res 743 Twenty-first 
Wilson, T L, tel operator, S C Ry depot, res 1243 Columbia 
Wilson, T L, res 725 Franklin ave 

Wilson, P H, compositor on Daily Union, res the Elite 
WILSON, W. F., saddle and boarding stable, cor Eleventh and 

H, res 444 Eighteenth 
WILSON, WARREN, pres Jamul Portland Cement Mfg Co, res 

1 7 18, A 
Wilson, Wm, boot and shoe maker, 848 Sixth, res 1218 Tenth 
Wilson, Wm, driver with Diamond Carriage Co, res at Grand 

Wilson, Miss Carrie, cashier with Geo W Marston, res 743 

Wilson, Miss E G, sales clerk with Geo W Marston, res 743 21st 
Wilson, Miss Katie, res 390 Twentieth 
Wilson, Miss Olive P, clerk, res 743 Twenty-first 
Wilson, Mrs B H T, res 12 10 Cedar 


Wilson, Mrs F H, res 1138 Sixth 

Wilson, Mrs J A, res 743 Twenty -first 

Winder, Wm, butcher at Gruendike's, res 335 Eighth 

Winder, Wm A, physician and surgeon at Marine Hospital, res 

754 State 
Winders, O E, brick mason, res 869, Seventeenth and E 
WINDSOR HOUSE, 837 Eourth, Mrs M C Saner prop 
Windsor I^odging House, Miss Mary Misner prop, 843 Fourth 
Winn, Dr S E, physician and surgeon, res 1344 Seventh 
Winn, Miss Mamie M, teacher in Middletown school, res 1599 

Winsby, E, suptS D Water Co, res 644 Harrison ave 

WINSHIP, J. B., general manager of West Coast lyumber Co, 

res 1624 First 
Winter, Albert, baker with Jos Winter, res at bakery 
Winter, Chas, foreman at Jos Winter's bakery, res 129 Four- 
Winter, Frank X, prop Bay City Bakery, 1022 Second, res same 
WINTER, JOS., prop S D Steam Cracker Bakery, res 3335 F 
Winter, Karl, res 129 Fourteenth 

Winter, Max, baker with Bay City Bakery, res 1022 Second 
Winter, Wm, meat market 946 Fifth, res 335 Eighth 
Winters, Wm, packer at Winter's bakery, res at bakery 

Winter. Mrs B, res 1022 Second 

Winterburn, Geo T, res Washington and Eagle 

Winterburn, W H, abstractor with H T Christian & Co, res 
Third and University ave 

Winterburn, Mrs. Jane, res Washington and Eagle 

Winterburn, Mrs Rose V, teacher at High School 

Winz, Joseph, laborer, res foot of Fir 

Wire, F A, vinegar maker, res foot C 

Wisekopf, S, clerk at City of Paris, res 1165 First 

Wissell, Fred W, engineer, res Sun blk 

Witherby, J G, res 1 106 D 

Witherby, O S, capitalist, res 1106 D 
_ Withers, Mrs Mary, res 539 Eleventh 

WITHINQTON, DAVID L., attorn ey-at-law, rocms 26—29 
Pierce-Morse blk, res 157 f Fourth 


Witler, Chas, horseman, res 729 Twelfth 

Wolcott, Mrs Mary, res 954 Fifth 

Wolfsheimer, Chas, with Brusk's cigar store, res 664 Twelfth 

Woman's Exchange, Mrs F J, Coburn supt, 939 Sixth 

Woman's Home and Day Nursery, City Park and Fifteenth 

Wonder, The, mliliner, Jones & Co props, 939 Fifth 

Woodard, K A, operator with W U Tel Co, res 845 Ninth 

Woodburn, H L, farmer at National City, res loii Fifteenth 

Wood, A A, blacksmith, res 204 Sixteenth 

Wood, C A. with A Dorsey Co, res 2848 G 

WOOD, C. L., clerk at Hotel Florence, res same 

Wood, Geo W, with Thompson & McDowell, res 204 Sixteenth 

Wood, J A, sec'y Pamo Water Co, cor Twenty-fifth and Irving 

WOOD, J. D., (Bradshaw & Wood), 1424 E 

Wood, J M, with Fred N Hamilton Co, res 733 Twenty-first 

WOOD, J. W., (Fales & Wood), res 2054 India 

Wood, E C, prop of the Eangham, cor Fourth and C 

WOOD, P. A., (A Dorsey Co), res 2848 G 

Wood, R A, operator W U Tel Co, res 845 Ninth 

Woodby, Mrs Rachael, res 793 Twelfth 

Wooden, Mrs Harriet, res 749 Twelfth 

Woodford, F F, clerk with Tompkins & Co, res 741 Eleventh 

Woodruff, J B, retorter, at S D gas works. 

Woodruff, J D, carpenter, res 830 Kearney 

Woods, J B, deputy county recorder, res Royal house 

Woods, J M, water business, res cor Twenty-fifth and Irving ave 

Woods, Mrs Anna M, res 951 Seventh 

Woods, Percival E, clerk with W Elewelyn, res cor Second and 

Woods, T E, res, s e cor Beech and Second 
Woodward, C W, res Tenth and Ash 
WOODWARD, W. B., fl. D., room 20 Keating block, cor Fifth 

and F, res n e cor Fifth and Eaurel 
Woodward, Mrs, res 13 18 A 
WOODWORTH, E. H., prop Excelsior Bottling and Extract Co, 

1 143 Third, res same 
Woodworth, Frank, conductor Pac Beach Ry, res Pacific Beach 
Woodworth, James, carpenter, res cor Vermont and Oak 


Woof, J H, book-keeper Whitier, Fuller & Co, res Coronado 
Woolley, Harry, moulder at Coronado foundry, res 837 State 
Woolley, Henry, street car driver, 132 Sixteenth 
Woolley, James K, 837 State 
Woolley, J S, carpenter, res 837 State 
Woolley, Miss Florence, dressmaker, res 937 State 
Woolley, Miss Jennie, bookbinder, 837 State 
Woolley, Miss May, saleslady at the Arcade, res 837 State 
Woolman, Claude, with J S Schirm, res Seventeenth, bet J and K 
WOOLMAN, JOHN H., (member board of supervisors), plumb- 
ing and tinning, 1630 F, res 360 Seventeenth 
Woolsey, T S, res 2508 First 

WOOLWINE, W. D., cashier First Nat Bank, res 1041 Sixth 
Wooster, Aug G, attorney-at-law, (commercial maratime), 1830 

J, res same 
Wooster, Miss Carrie, teacher East school 
Wootten, J, B, carpenter, 1622 F, res same 
Worbes, A F, musician, res 909 Ninth 
WORKS & W0RK5, (John D Works, I.ewis R Works) attor- 

neys-at-law, Keating blk, cor Fifth and F 
Works, John, stableman at Kansas stables, res 1636 India 
WORKS, JOHN D., (Works & Works), res cor First and Nutmeg 
Works, Iv F, deputy county recorder, res 1636 India 
WORKS, LEWIS R., (Works & Works), res First and Nutmeg 
Works, Thomas, law student with Works & Works, res First 

and Nutmeg 
World Shell and Curio Co, The, (Miss J M Cooke), Capt Geo 

D Porter, sea shells, minerals, mosses, etc, 1045 Fifth 
World's Fair Committee, R H Young sec'y 
Worthing, E E, gripman, res 812 Irving ave 
Worthing, Ranford, farmer, res 812 Irving ave 
Wrampelmeier, J H, furniture, 668 Eleventh 
Wren, Oscar, janitor Sherman school, res 3243 L, 
Wright, Dr O S, retired, res cor Twenty-third and H 
Wright, E H, with Sam G Ingle, res University Heights 
Wright, F F, boot and shoe house, 613 Fifth, res same 
Wright, Frank, laborer, res foot of Union 
Wright, H A, carpenter, foot of Union 


Wright, H Q, clerk Whittier, Fuller & Co, re Fifth and J 

Wright, John T, sporting goods, 132 1 H, res same 

WRIGHT, J. W., veterinary surgeon, office cor Eleventh and 

H, res Bay View hotel 
WRIGHT, L. A., attorney, -at-law, state and county collector 

of delinquent taxes, room 5 court house, res 1534 Front 
Wright, R H, pressman S D Printing Co, res Grand Pacific 
Wright, R ly, retired, res 11 12 Fir 

Wright, T J, prop Silver Moon saloon, cor Third and I 
Wright, T W, with Hamilton & Co, res Brown blk 
Wright, W B, civil engineer with Peninsular Ry 
Wright, W W, carpenter, res 421 Milton ave 
Wright, R A, cigar maker, res 1008 D 
Wright, Mrs A C, retoucher Elite Studio 
Wright, Mrs Fmma, furnished rooms, res Third and I 
Wright, Mrs H M, res 2145 I 

Wurzell, Jos, second hand store, 640 Sixth, res same * 

Wurzell, Wm A, painter, res 1028 G 
Wyatt, C C, res 1535 Second 
Wyllis, Sidney, carpenter, res Felton, near R 
Wyllis, Miss Maud, res Felton, near R 

WYflAN, F. O., (Wyman, Gruendike & Co), res Los Angeles 
WYMAN, GRUENDIKE & CO., (F O Wyman, J Gruendike, 

W J Bailey), mfgs of lime, and wholesale and retail dealers 

in cement and building material, F at railroad crossing 
Wyman, F C, res Willard 


Yark, Tarn A, Chinese and Japanese fancy goods, 950 Fifth, 

res same 
Yates, Mrs Harriet, res 240 Sixth 
Young, A, tobacco, fruits, etc, 1308 F, res same 
Young, Ed, res 1351 India 


Young, Eugene, with Smith Thomas, res same 

Young, Frank C, miller, res 103 Grand ave 

Young, Hurbert, fisherman, res 1525 Atlantic 

Young, J A, dentist, cor Fifth and F over Marston's, res 11 18 

YOUNG, JOHN N., capitalist, res 1601 Sixth 
Young, J O, groceries, 302 National ave cor Twenty-eighth, res 

243 National ave 
Young, Jas R, cash boy at the Arcade, res 930 C 

bet G and H, Jonathan McTaggart gen'l sec'y 
YOUNG, HON. NESTOR A., assemblyman, res 1129 Fourteenth 
Young, R H, sec'y World, s Fair Committee, res 1922 F 
YOUNG, WALTER S., assayer and analytical chemist, 961 

Fourth, res 1922 First 
Young, W W, book-keeper with J D Burch & Co, res 742 Four- 
Young, Miss Emma C, with Van Norman & McConke}^ res 1922 F 
Young, Miss Flora R^ teacher at B street school 
Young, Miss Ida F, stenographer with D L, Withington, res 

1351 India 
Young, Miss Mary E, with J A Young, rooms at Bon Ton 
Young, Mrs B H, lodging house, 1138 G 
Young, Mrs E W, res Fifteenth and L 
Youngberg, Mrs Maggie, res 2412 K 
Young, Mrs Mary, res 930 C 
York, J E, res 927 Seventh 
Yost, Mr, res Mission Valley 
Yost, Wm, res Mission Valley 
Yost, Miss Nellie, res Mission Valley 
Younkin, A C, attorney-at-law, room 24 L^awyer's blk, res 1630 

Younkin, Edgar, stenographer with W E Howard, res 1632 

Younkin, W M, at Consolidated Bank, res 11 30 Fifteenth 
Younkin, Miss Eu, librarian of Public Eibrary, res 1630 Seventh 


Zainorana, Jose, but^h^r with S^Lv/n & Allison, res California 

Zeld, Annis, fisherman, res 15 15 Atlantic 
Zenz, Peter, packer at Jos Winter's bakery, res at bakery 
Zerbes, Joseph, collector for Pioneer Truck Co, res 1230 Fourth 
Zimmers, S B, draughtsman with J B Stannard, res 2255 F 
Zirbes, Joseph, with Pioneer Truck Co, res 1228 Fourth 
ZOELLNER, A. P., (Schitterer & Zoellner), res Seventh, bet 

Zschockelt, F H, res Thirty-ninth bet R and Durant 
Zuck, Miss May, res 2831 H 

GoRONER'8 Office 





1242 E Street, bet. 3d and 4thy San Diego, Cal. 

Aqui se Habia Espanol. Tei^Ephone 174. 

642, 644. 646, 650 and 652 FIRST St Between G and H 

Manufacturers of the famous 

^Itata ^ anci ^ Silverfoaiiri ^ Borax^ 

And all grades of Laundry, Toilet, and Medicated Soaps, Pure Whale Oil 
Soap for Tree Wash, also Sal-Soda. Private Brands put up in Neat 
Style. Branch Factory at Ensenada, Lower California, Mexico. 


}AoK,enzie & Bro. 


Fine Plumbing Material 

Sixth and K Sts. San Diegi 



-^^e- "A'^ •^'^ -a'^ ^i'^ ■*'/•• •^'*= •&?*• "^'^^I*- -^jkM^ 
"W^M^/m- •?i^^I^^I«^^i«^^i^ '^i*' ''/(!' **!*" •*<«' 

Vic-tor 3"iCi?cUs 

JHE pflCE. 

21 /\LFJRED W. BIRDSf Lb, Agt. 

5flr/7 Diego. 
^I^^i?^i«* ^j^ -yiv "^i^ '»i^ fi^ -^i^ '^i^ "^i^ •*!«' 







— THE — 

Ladies' f^air J-tore. 

E. D. KIRBY & CO. 

931 Fifth Street, bet. D and E, = = SAN DIEGO, CAL. 



Full Line of Hair Goods. Masquerade Suits and Wigs to Rent. 

J. NAUMANN, Proprietor 




843 Sixth Street, between E and F, 
Our AT^ork Eqiaals Xlrje Best. 

Walter I. D^ Qroot, 





916 Fifth St., SAN DIEGO, CAL. 

Perfect pit and Best of Workrrpanship 

Under No Circumstances will any Garment 
be allowed to leave the establishment 
unless Perfect in Every respect. 




315 California Street, 

25,000 Members. 
Iricorporated 1888 

Under Supervision of State Insurance Commis- 

C. W. NEVlNofC. W.Ne\'in&Co., 532 Commercial St 
Wm. Montgomery Prop. American Exchange Hotel 

W. F. Gibson. Attorney, 2o6Sansome St 

R. N. Russell with Murphy, Grant & Co. 

E. F. Card Physician, 2406 Sutter St 

Theodore Reichert State Sur\-eyor General. 

J. L. M. Shetterley ...: Manager. 




13 19 E Street, 

San Diego, Cal. 

General Agent for Southern Calif orjiia 
Promptness Our Motto. 



CAPITAL - - - 1500,000 




Vice President 


Secretary and Manager 




Medical Director 



Accident Benefits 

Division A $25 00 

Division B 20 00 

Division C ;. 1500 

Division D 10 00 

Dix-ision E 8 00 

Sick Benefit 

Di\'ision A $8 00 

Division B 8 00 

Division C 8 00 

Division D 8 00 

Di\'ision E 8 cx) 

Burial Fee $75.00 

Benefits to Women 
Sick and Accident $5 per week. 

Membership Fee 500 

Reserve Fund i 00 

Monthly Dues 100 

Payments monthly or yearly, 
alwavs in advance. 

Largest Circulation Independent in Politics 

EIGHT ^je^^fc^m EIGHT 



DAILY S^^ Di^^o, C^^lv J/VEEKLY 

The Popular Newspaper! 


Official Paper of ttje City. 

Warren Wilson, Editor - and Business Manager. 

Shines for All. Not an Organ. 

Impartial. Independent. 

Subscription Rates. 

DAILY, Per Month - - - - - 65c. 

" Six Months - - - - $3.50 

'' Twelve Months - - - 7.00 

WEEKLY, Per Year - - - - 1.50 

Press Dispatches. Everybody Reads it. 

To The Farmers. 

We have selected our stock with much care in regard to quality and 
what is adapted to California work, consisting of 

Chilled Steel Vineyard and Orchard 

Gang and Sulky Plows, Mowing Machines 
.and Rakes, 

for which we carry a full line of Extras, also 

Scrapers, Wheelbarrows, and a large assortment of 

Harrows and Cultivators, 

and a complete line of 

Call and see if you cannot make money by trading with us. Remember, 


Hoping you will give this your careful consideration, we remain 
Yours Respectfully, 


546 Sixth St. near H. • SAN DIEGO, CAI.. 

J. T. GORDON, Pres. H. M. CHERRY, Sec'y. G. W. HAWKINS, Treas. 



j^urserym^n and $czdsrr\zn. 



i SWEETWATER VALLEY I O an ni«k£y/\ f^al t' & SEED STORE I 

San DiefifO, Cal. 



■ ♦i 


• ♦ • ♦ • 

(^Id^ssificd Business Director^. 

Abstract Companies. 
Abstact and Title Ins. Co. 915 Sixth 
Crenshaw, Pullman & Co. 1234-36 D 
Qregory=Danion Abstract Co. con- 
solidated bank build'g Fifth &. G 
San Diego Abstract Co 1234- 1236 D 

Agricultural Implements. 
Bates Implement Co 213 Fifth 
Cliff & Co 546 Sixth 
Hamilton Co, Fred N 715 Fifth 
Harville, B F, cor Fifth and K 
Ingle, Sam Q, 725 and 727 Fifth 
Metcalf Bros, 753 and 755 Fourth 
McDougall, Bros, cor Seventh and I 
Todd & Hawley, 658 Fifth and cor 

Fourth and G 

Hebbard, W S, 9 and 10 First Nat'l 

bank blk 
Kirby, C F, 13 Kuhn building 
Kooken, John A, 918 Seventh 
Stannard, J B, 826 Fifth 

Art Goods. 
Alexander, R G 846 Fifth 
Qernian, M, 845 Fifth 
Golden Eagle Bazar, 825 &. 827 Fifth 
Dampf, Iv, 938 Sixth 
Dodge & Burbeck, cor Fifth and D 
Larson & Loring, 1434 H 
Stephens & Son, 810 F^ifth 
Walz Co, W G cor Fifth and F 
Wertheimer, M A & Co, 762 Fifth 


Albertus Art Emporium, 1435 E 
Black, W Thurston, room 17 Back- 
esto blk 


Young, Walter S, 961 Fourth 

Attorney s-at- Law. 

Aitkin, John R, s w cor Fifth & F 
M S Babcock, 21 to 24 Keating blk 

cor Fifth and F 
Bannister, Edw, 1336 D 
Birch, J R S, room 8 Allyn blk, 

cor Fifth and E 
Boone, L L, over Bank of Commerce 
Brown, Gratz K, 30 Consolidated 

Bank blk 
Callen, J S, room 17 Lawyers' blk 
Capps, T J, 12 and 13 Snyder blk 
Carter, Cassius, i and 2 Lawyers' 

Carter, E E, rooms 4, 5 and 6 Con- 
solidated Bank building, cor 5th 

and G 
Clark, C E, room 18 Kuhn blk 
Cleveland, Daniel, 825 Fifth 
Cleveland, MenziesC, i and 2, First 

Nat blk 
Cochran, A E, 46 Lawyers' blk 
Collier, Watson & Collier, i, 2, 3 M 

E Church blk 
Collier, William, 1027 Fourth. 


Conklin & Hughes, i, 2, 3, 20, 21 

Morse, Whaley & Dalton blk 
Copeland & Daney, 1418 E cor Fifth 
Darby, Wm, 825 Fifth Nesmith- 

Greeley blk 
Deakin, J F, assistant District Attor- 
ney, court house 
Dodson & Ecker, room 12, The 

Doolittle, H E, 1027 Fourth 
Ensign, E J, 21 Lawyers' blk 
Ethridge, Frank, 909 4th 
Ewing, F W, I, 2 Kline blk 
Fuller, Qeorge, rooms 4 to 7 Allyn 

Fuller & Anderson, City Hall 
Qibson & Titus, 19, 20 Lawyers' blk 
Qoepp Chas, 21 and 22 Lawyers' blk 
Goodwin, Leonard, 961 Sixth 
Goodbody, F W, Dist Atty's office 
Guy, W R, 955 Fifth 
Haines & Ward, 3, 4, 5, 6 M E 

Church blk 
Hammack, D M «& N S, 13, 14 767 

Hayes, T J, 3207 H st 
Heffleman, H K, 21 to 24 Keating blk 

cor Fifth and F 
Henderson, J J, Pierce-Morse blk 
Hendrick, E W, Marston blk F st 

bet Fifth and Sixth 
Humphrey, Wm, 825 Fifth 
Hunsaker, Britt & Goodrich, 5-13 

Lawyers' blk 
Jenks, Chancellor L jr, 7 and 8 Mar- 
ston blk 
Jones, Johnstone, District Attorney, 

office Court House 
Jordan, A D, room 4 Sun bldg 
Kew, M, Marston blk 1424 F 
Kinley, J M, Pierce-Morse blk 
Kipp, Sylvester, 16 and 17 First Nat 

Bank blk 
Knoles, S S, 1432 E 
Leovy, Geo J, 7 and 8 Keating blk, 
cor Fifth and F 

Luce & McDonald, cor Sixth and F 

Mannix, John B, i and 2 First Nat 
Bank blk 

Monroe, C F, n e cor Fifth and E 

Montgomery, W S, 15 and 16 Pierce- 
Morse blk 

Montgomery, Zach & Son, 3 and 4 
Kline blk 

Mouser, A C, 917 Fifth 

Murray, Eli H, 961 Fourth 

McConoughey, A M, 5 and 6 Pierce- 
Morse blk 

McCutchen, A B, room 2 Consoli- 
dated Bank blk 

McNeally, W T, 21 and 22 Consoli- 
dated Bank blk cor Fifth and G 

Nutt, A E, 4, 5, 6 M E Church blk 

Paine, J O W, 1419 F 

Palmer, Henry H, 7 and 8 Keating 
blk cor Fifth and F 

Parker & McConoughey, Leland blk 
cor Sixth and E 

Parrish, Mossholder & Lewis, 3-6 
First Nat Bank blk 

Pleasants, Chas, 1124 Fourth 

Rawson, Frank L, 15, 16 Kline blk 

Rawson, M L, 15, 16 Kline blk 

Reinoehl & Harrison, Fisher Opera 
House, Fourth 

Rippey, C H, Pierce-Morse blk 

Robinson, Judge J M, 18, 19, 20 
Lawyers blk 

Schutze, Carl, i and 2 Backesto blk 
cor Firth and H 

Scott, Chalmers, 40 and 41 Lawyers 

Shaw & Holland, 4, 5 and 6 Consoli- 
dated Bank blk cor Fifth and G 

Smith, Samuel F, with John R 

Sprigg & Barber, u e cor Fifth and E 

Sweet, A H, 18 and 19, First Nat 
Bank blk 

Talcott, H W, 20 The Brunswick 

Taylor, R W, Plaza Palace 

Thom, John 767 5th 


Thorp, M R, 14 Pierce-Morse blk 

Trippet &. Neale, 827 D 

Tucker, J Z, room 2 Morse-Whaley 

6 Dalton blk 

Utley, H S, 14 Lawyers' blk 
Valenzuela, Regenaldo, advice free, 

946 Third st, room i Plaza Palace 
Wadham, James E, 7 and 8 First 

Nat Bank blk 
Wellborn, Stevens & Wellborn, 3 to 

7 Leland blk 

Whitehead, Fred G, 15 Lawj'ers blk 
Withington, David L, 26-29 Fierce- 
Morse blk, res Fscondido 
Works & Works, Keating blk. Fifth 
and F 

Wright, L A, also collector of delin- 
quent taxes, ofBce 5 court house 
Younkin, A C, i and 2 Lawyers' blk 

Stevens, CM, cor Sixth and H 

Annex Home Bakery, 1120 Fourth 
Bay City, 1022 Second 
City of Paris, 351 Fifth 
Detroit, 1152 Fourth 
Eureka, cor Fourth and B 
German, cor 12th and F 
Gray, J & Son, Sixth and C 
Mayer's Bakery, 1466 India 
New England, cor Seventh and E 
New Home, (J Gray & Son), 6th & C 
New York Domestic, 1537 E 
Snowflake, cor Eighth and F 
San Diego Steam Cracker Bakery, 

560 Fourth 
Tichenor & Bros, cor Eighth and F 
Vienna Model, Fourth and F 

Bank of Commerce, 841 Fifth 
California National, (in liquidation) 

cor Fourth and D 
California Saving, (in liquidation) 

cor Fourth and D 
Consolidated National, Fifth and G 

First National, cor Fifth and E 
Savings Bank of San Diego County, 

cor Fifth and G 
San Diego Savings Bank, cor Fifth 
and E 


(See also Hair Dressers.) 
Amman, Frank, 537 Fifth 
Averbeck, Geo, 1014 D 
Blackmer, J K, 1317 F 
Bolton & Qreen, 1442 H 
Bunce, M, 1333 D 
Conrad & Kovats, 738 Fifth 
Dupish, Edward, 427 Fifth 
Frick, Ike, 1158 Fourth 
Hensley & Honeywell, 858 Ffith 
Hinters, Oscar, 926 Fourth 
Hoch, E O, 744 Sixth 
Horton House Barber Shop, 1016 

Hoyer, Adolph, 2133 K 
Hyers, F C, 1321 D 
Moak, W M, 904 Fourth 
Ryan, Joe, 539 Fifth 
Schaflein, Jacob, 644 Fifth 
5chitterer & Zoellner, Pierce-Morse 

blk, 1440 F 
Schwartz, Eon, 1326 D 
Tuttle, G S, 466 Fifth 
Warner, J F, 865 Fifth 

Batln Houses. 

Gregory Mineral Springs, M and 33 
Model, foot of Sixth 
San Diego, Atlantic, bet C and D 
Silver Gate Bath House, First & Fifth 
Tropical Bath House, foot of D, 137 


Lemon, Geo T, 735 Sixth 

San Diego Cycle and Machine Co, 

cor Sixth and E 

Bill Posters. 

San Diego Bill Posting Co, 1016 D 


Santa Ee 



From Southern California to 

Denver, Kansas City, Chicago, Boston, New York, and 
All Eastern Cities. 

Time from 12 to 24 Hours Shorterthan anyother Line 

Pullman Palace Sleeping Cars Run Through From 


Every Day in the Year. 

Personally conducted Tourist Excursions Through to Boston 

Leave California Every Tlnursday 

Pullman Tourist Sleeping Cars used on these excursions are carpeted 
and curtained and supplied with mattresses, blankets, sheets, pillows and 
lunch tables. A Pullman porter is in charge of each car to attend to the 
comfort of our patrons. 


7:^" SANTA FE ROUTE "^^^^^^ 

Makes 48 hours quicker time to Boston than any other line. 

J^^^Rates for these excursions are the lowest made from California to 
the East. For full information call on or address 

H. B. KEELER, Agent, 

Fourth and D Streets, San Diego, 
or Cn A Warner, 125 North spring St., Los Angeles, Cal. 

K. H. Wade, General Manager. S. R. Hanes, Gen. Pas'gr Agt. 



Carey, Geo W, 1726 H 

Cassil, E, 554 Eighth 

Crockett & Duukin, 443 Eighth 

Delorey, Ed, horse shoer, Fifth bet 

A and B 
Ells & Son, 644 Fourth 
Fry, Daniel, 640 Second 
Hardy, Geo L, 1027 H, bet First and 

Haskin, G F, 316 National ave 
Hilb, Geo S & Co, 1316 India 
Hoole, 6 F, 1315 
McCann, Chas, First and E 
McKinnon, John, cor Seventh and H 
Parrott & Co, cor I and Tenth 
Troy, M C, 533 Sixth 
Whitmore, E, 830 Fourth 
Whitmore, O, 830 Fourth 


Frandzen & Bumgardner, 832 to 836 

Gould, Hutton & Co, 938 Third 
Harris & Co, Lawyers blk 
5tenhouse & Co, 1033 Third 
Schiller, R, 1029 F 


Clark A, foot of H 
Paulson, J E, foot of H 
San Diego, foot of Fifth 

Frandzen & Bumgardner, 832 836 

Gould, Hutton «& Co, 938 Third 
Harris «& Co, Eawyers' blk 
Olmsted Co, 1130 Fourth 
Stenhouse & Co, 1033 Fourth 
Schiller, R, 1029 F 


Dodge & Burbeck, 1402 D, cor Fifth 
Larson & Loring, 1434, 1438 H 

Stephens & Son, 810 Fifth 
Old Book Store, 1530 F 
Olmsted Co, 1130 Fourth 
Wertheimer, M A & Co, 762 Fifth 

Havermale & Rossier, Bon Ton blk, 

D bet Fifth and Sixth 
Jacobs, A J, 634 to 636 Fifth 
Jereslaw, 741 Fifth 
Llewelyn, W, 728 Fifth 
Wright, F F, 613 Fifth 


Boselli, E 949 Fifth, 
Campbell, A D, 1415 E 
Christensen, C A, 1148 Fourth 
Dickson, H, 702 H 
Folcke, W, 1537 F 
Guadagnini, E, 1027 Fourth 
Horn, J E, 1048 Fifth 
Hunt, Geo E P, 848 Atlantic 
Hurst, H, 1322 F 
Hynding, P, 131 1 E 
Inker, Geo, 557 Twelfth 
Lehman, R G, 1419 G 
Rennie, Wm, 920 Sixth 
Straub, Gustav, 437 Fifth 
Thelin, O, 744 Fifth 
Wilson, Wm, 848 Sixth 


Excelsior, 1 143 Third 

Heilbron, F, 2141 K 

San Diego Soda Works, 424 Logan 


(See also real estate.) 
Barrows, H L, 431 Twelfth 
Bradshaw & Wood, 1424 E 
Burgoyne, C A, 915 Fifth 
Dunkin, J R & Co, 826 Sixth 
Gay & Burns, 1057 Sixth 
Gordon, H C, 923 Fourth 
Helphingstine, John A, 919 Fifth 
Hinkle, W S, 1426 E 


Bowler & Brown, Kighth and H 

Dowell, T. J., Horton house blk 

Fos, W. N., 1324 F 

Qilmore & Co., 1012 Fourth 

Hazzard, Geo. W., 640 Fifth 

Jewell & Co, 7 and 8, Kline blk 

King, Lawrie & Co, Fisher opera 
house, Fourth 

Latta & Graham, 850 Sixth 

Lockwood, S, 1317 E 

Eungstrass & Walsh 912 Sixth 

Moll, Sam H, 755 Fifth 

Matthews Bros, 948 Fifth 

Norcross, F H, 103 1 Fourth 

Potter &. Roberts, 810 Sixth 

Rogers, I D, 1340 D 

Sherman, John, Greely-Nesmith blk 

Smith, Chas. F., merchandise, Back- 
esto blk Fifth and H 

Spriggs, J C jr. & Co, cor 6th and F 

Stanton, H fl, n w cor Sixth and E 

Stevens, CH, 1234 D 

Stewart, F W, 21 Pierce-Morse blk 

Strong & Arms, 826 Fifth 

Thomas, J R, 966 Sixth 


Lemon, Qeo. T., 735 Sixth 

San Diego Cycle & Machine Co., cor 
Sixth and E 


Hunt, Qeo. E. P., 848 Atlantic 

S. D. Building & Loan Association, 
759 Sixth 

S D Savings & Loan Association, 759 

Silver Gate Building & Loan Asso- 
ciation, Kuhn blk 


See Meat Markets. 


San Diego P. «ScC. Co., Atlantic bet 

C and D 


Armstrong, TJ, 916 Second 
Bachman, A L, 638 Fourth 
Barnes, E T, 1230 C 
Brewer, H W, 741 Sixth 
Butler, W J, 1622 F 
Day, W G, 1508 G 
Kingsbury & Co, 318 Fifth 
Lufkin, Geo J, 2312 C 
Rossman, W A, 918 Sixth 
Sanderson, T B & Co., 425 Fifth 
Steffey, T H, 636 Sixth 
Strode, H, 662 Sixth 
Waugh Bros, 1 140 Fourth 
V/ootten, J B, 1622 F 

Pioneer, 751 First 
San Diego, Twenty-seventh and H 

Chadbourne Farniture Co., Fourth 

and C 
Gray & Co., 552 Fifth 
Marston, Qeo W, cor Sixth and F 

See also Wagons. 

Fuhrman, Wm, se cor Seventh and H 
San Diego Carriage Works, 1215 F 
Thompson & McDowell, 513 Sixth 

Deyo, T S & Son, 1640 I, cor Eighth 
Germain, A G, 828 Fourth 

Curtin, John J, 1241 Fifth 
Kizer, Chas. E., 504 Seventh 
Jamul Portland Cement Manufactur- 
ing Co, rooms 3 and 4, Sun bldg 
Bach, H W, 744 Fifth 
Besington, John, 425 H 
Blackmer, J K,^3i7 F 
Brust, Sam, 724 and 726 Fifth 


Burk, B H, 723 Fifth 

Chisholm, J J, 1024 D 

Hoffman, Chas, 568 Fifth 

Jefferis, F D, 1317 D 

Johnson, Geo H, 646 Fifth 

Jost, Joseph, 852 Fifth 

Klauber «Sc Levi, cor Fourth and H 

Lemline, Louis, 964 Fifth 

Lewis, Isidor, 540 Fifth 

Milgaard, C H, 1425 H 

Moser, N, 932 Fifth 

McCabe, Thos, 748 Fifth 

Munroe, L, F, cor Fourth and Plaza 

Peirro, F, 1417 D 

Porter, J W, 456 Fifth 

Roche, J T, 752 Fifth 

Schwartz, IvOU, 1326 D 

Sensenbrenner, Aug, 1039 Fourth 

Talbot, J H, 1038, 1040 Fifth 

Weegar, F H, cor Sixth and F 


Ah Quin, Third and J 
Quon, Mane, Kee & Co, 631 Fifth 
Quong Sow Kee & Co, Second and J 
Tam A Yark, 959 Fifth 


(See also Surveyors.) 

Capps, E M, 12 and 13 Snyder blk 
Fox, Chas J, First National Bank blk 
Morrill, David L, 51 Snyder blk 
Sanford, O N, 915 Sixth 
Schuyler, J D, Ivawyers' blk 
Scott, Chalmers, 40, 41, Lawyers blk 


Speyer, L., cor Fifth and H 
Marston, Geo. W., cor Fifth and F 

Blochman & Son, 618 Fifth 
City of Paris, cor Fifth and G 
Cohen, Charles, 642 Fifth 
Dorsey Co., A., n e cor Fifth and F 
Gaffagan, J G, cor Fifth and F 

International Clothing House, 936 

I X L, Fifth near I 
Kauffman, I, 651 Fifth 
Schiller iSc Murtha, 600 to 612 Fifth, 

cor Fifth and H 
The Lion, 945 Fifth 

Caledonian Coal Co., 202 to 208 D 
Davidson & Co, 1210 Fifth 
Manha Bros., 2304 H 
McClain, Wm., cor Fourth and.B 
Pacific Wood & Coal Co., Fifth and 

Sixth bet J and K 
Pioneer Coal Co., 1427 E 
Spreckels Bros. Com. Co., wholesale 

cor Atlantic and G 
Urban, Geo. A L., cor Sixteenth & K 


Brooks, Frank H, room 8 Kuhn blk 
Mercantile, 930 Sixth 
Stetson, C. M., 1242 E 
Wells, Edwin A., 955 Fifth, room 5 
Gilbert blk 


Allen, R C, 11 Con Bank bldg 
Fintzelberg, Theo., 759 Sixth 
Nason, M. C. & Co., 362 to 366 Fifth 
Scott, Hinke & Co., 463 F'ifth 142 1 I 
Smith & Williams, cor Fifth and J 
Sherman, M., Fifteenth and N 
Stewart, W. W. & Co., cor Fourth 

Treat, H. C. & Co., 338 to 342 Fifth 


Ingersoll, A. fl., also ice cream, 816 

Mielke, J. C, mo Fourth and at 

Fisher Opera House 
Nevin, Bros, 850 Fifth 
Tupper & Phillips, also ice cream, 

853 Fifth 


(pronaido ^^|< 

^ i ^r ^- VANDERKLOOT, 

' „ President. 

AND P Vice-President. 

XtC^ ^^ ^ W^ J, H. BROUWER, 

^'^ \pmp8ir\y Secretary 



— .«. — 

We Make A Specialty of 

^am /irchS-fec-t viral 12^ 
'*"* IRON WORK ^--^^ 


And Heavy Castings. 
— . • . — 



In Southern California for Light or Heavy Work. 

OUR WORK MAY BE SEEN Los Angeles Cable Railway Co., Temple 
at any of the Street Cable Railway Co., Second Street 

FOLLOWING PLACES: ?^^^^, ^%', ^7^°"%^°"^^^:^^^, ^°^^' ^°1 

Angeles Theatre, U. 8. Court House and 

Post Office, Philadelphia Brewery, Cummings Block, Burdic Block, all 
of Los Angeles; San Diego Cable Railway Co., iron work for road bed 
and power house, Allyn Building, San Diego County Court House, Back- 
esto Block, and other buildings. 


Our Trade Extends Along the Coast ^ WE INVITE INSPECTION OF 



Capron, John Q., Consolidated Nat 

Bank bldg 
Goodbody & Sons, cor 14th and H 
Graham, R A, Lawyers' blk 

Owen, Mrs. C. B., 1154 Fourth 

Monahan, T J, 1237 E 
Stetson, C. Jl., 1242 E 


Blochman & Son, 618-622 Fifth 
Palace Crockery Store, 1019-1021 

Schiller & Son, 1314 E 
Hamilton & Co., 711 Fifth 


Walz, W. Q.Co., cor Fifth and F 
World Curio Co, Fifth bet C and D 


Stults, C. W., 824 Fifth 


bowell, T. J., Horton house blk 
Hulse, A. P., Horton house blk 
Mendelson & Flores, 755 Sixth 


Booth's, University Heights 
Jersey Milk Co, 662 Sixteenth 
Mission Valley Dairy, Mission Val- 
New England, Rose canyon 
Pioneer, 2054 India 
Webb, P C, Twenty-first and Kearney 
Silver Gate, Chollas Valley 
San Diego, Mission Valley 
South Chollas, South Chollas Valley 
Star, Thirty-second and R 
X D, Hage, W B, 1253 Union 


De Qarmo, Tremont house 
Francis, Mrs, 161 1 D 
Hinton's Academy, Express block, 
third floor 


Barnes, F J, i, 2, 3, 767 Fifth 
Cave, D, Allyn blk, cor Fifth and E 
Coomes, F E, room 10, Kuhn bdg 
Cogswell, Thos, D D S, cor Second 

and D 
Gildea, B M, 531 Sixteenth 
Leonard, C N, 949 Sixth 
Lord, C C, rooms i, 2, 3, Nesmith- 

Greeley blk, 825 Fifth 
riathews & Hooker, rooms 7 to 9, 

Consolidated bank bdg. Fifth & G 
Monroe, Geo, 745 Fifth 
Parsons, J Q, D D S, 955 Fifth 
Philips & Harbison, cor Sixth and D 
Read & Read, Drs., rooms 7 to 10, 

Pierce-Morse blk, telephone 159 

(See ad on opposite page). 
Sheriff & Sawhill, 16, 18, Brunswick 
Simms, D C, room 2, 726 Fifth 
Young, J A, cor Fifth and F 


Russell, James, 1237 E 
Weller, Thos., 1242 E 


(See also Jewelers.) 

Barclay, Jas A, 864 Fifth 
German, fl, 845 Fifth 
Jenks, M W, 808 Fifth' 
Reeve, Thos, 1335 D 


Seehorne, Ira, with W S Hebbard 
9 to 10, First National bank bdg 




Bitchuau, Mrs E, 846 Fourth 
Briukman, Mrs C, 1046 Fifth 
Brown, Miss Kate, 1730 D 
Butler, Mrs A W, 807 Seventh 
Dauchy, Mrs A H, Snyder blk 
Hammond, Hrs Mary M, 947 Sixth 
Harrison, MM, 1516 H 
Hill & Bovet, 823 Sixth 
King, Mrs Fannie, 1610 H 
Kirby, Mrs M S, 1940 F 
King, Mrs Stovold, 1162 Fourth 
Landis, Mrs J A, cor Fifth and E 
O'Donnell, Miss E, Backesto blk 
Storer, Miss F E, 1237 Fifth 
Smith, Mrs M C, 1227 Fourth 
Stearn, Mrs, Brunswick 
Pierce, Mrs A P, 1616 F 
Taylor, Mrs W B 1 146 Fourth 
Trenonth, Miss M J, The Royal, cor 

Fourth and B 
Turner, Mrs E, Bon Ton 


Arne & Fosdick, cor Sixth and E 
Averill, Maria B., Homoeopathic 

Pharmacy, 946 Sixth 
Bosher, E. H., cor Fifth and H 
Braun, F. W. & Co., wholesale, 309 

Brewster Pharmacy, cor Fourth and 

C. Open all night 
Chase, Chas. A., cor Fifth and F 
Dodge, W. L., cor Sixteenth and K 
Doughty, Wm., n w cor Fourth and 

C, Blue front 
Handel & Qearn, 827 Fifth 
Knapp, W B, 1369 India, cor Ash 
Knox «Sc Van Haren, cor Sixth and D 
Marsh, G. W., n w cor Seventh & F 
Millard, F R, 501 Fifth 
McKie, J. H., 2103 H cor Twelfth 
Parker & Co, 1224 Fourth 
Popular, 372 Fifth 
San Diego Drug Co., cor Fifth andD 

Strahlmann &Co., cor D and Fourth 
Stevens, E. R., 648 Eogan 
Wetmore, G H, Twenty-ninth and 
National ave 

Blochman & Son, 618 to 622 Fifth 
Carroll, M V, 609 Sixth 
City of Paris, 663-69 Fifth 
Czerwinsky, T, 629 Fifth 
Qreenebaum, G. M., 1414-1420 D 
Marston, Geo. W., cor Fifth and F 
Prentice, W. B., 957 Fifth 
Schiller & Murtha, 600 to- 612 Fifth 

cor Fifth and H 
Speyer, L., 601 Fifth 
White House, 821 Fifth 

Bay City, 1419 D 
Brown, E, 956 Fifth 
Lang, Geo. A., 838 Fourth 
Naumann, J., 843 Sixth , 

Johnson & Co., 907 Sixth 
S. D. Undertaking Co., 758 and 760 
Fourth ^ 

Hendsch, Hrs. W. F., 910 Sixth . 

Barclay, Jas. A., 864 Fifth 
German, M., steel, copperplate and 
wood, 845 Fifth 

Wells, Fargo & Co., cor Sixth and F 

Arcade, The, 815 Fifth 
Blochman & Son, 61S to 622 Fifth 
City of Paris, cor Fifth and G 
Greenebaum, G. fl., 1414, 1420 D 
Marston, Geo. W., cor Fifth and F 
Prentice, W. B., 957 Fifth 
Schiller & Murtha, cor Fifth and H 
Speyer, L., cor Fifth and H 
White House, 821 Fifth 




Davidson & Co, 1210 Fifth 
Evans, C Iv & Co, cor H and Second 
Howard, W. E., 225 Fifth 
Manha Bros., 2304 H 
Mertzmann & Waide 508 to 516 Sixth 
McClain, Wm., cor B and Fourth 
Rumsey, T. B& Son, 427 Logan ave 
Sanders, T C F, H bet nth and 12 
Smith, E T, 866 Fourth 
Urban, Qeo. A. L., cor vSixteenth 
and K 


Big Diamond, cor E and Second 
Coffern & Mores, cor Seventh and H 
Granger,vcor Eighth and I 


California Fish flarket, wholesale 
and retail, foot of H 

City, 645 Fifth 

Goulden, J, 1316 F 

S. D. Canning & Packing Co., At- 
lantic bet C and D 


Blaisdeli & Son, Fifth bet B and C 
Pierce, Mrs. C. O., cor Thirteenth 

and G, and 931 Fifth 
Sessions, Miss Kate L., cor Fifth 

and C 


Coronado Foundry & Machine Co., 

Standard Iron Works, cor Seventh 
and E 


Alexander, R. Q., 734 Fifth 
Dampf, E, 938 Sixth 
German, M., 845 Fifth 
Parkinson,, Geo F, 1618 F 


Andrew, Geo, 1417 H 

Beers, W A, 746 D 

Beja, Chas, 1423 E 

Bower, M. D., 1062 Fifth 

Chisholm,JJ, 1024 D 

Hedges, J. Q. & Co., s wcor Fourth 

and E 
Knapp Bros., wholesale and retail, 

948 Fifth 
Lutich, Nick, 844 Fifth 
Mathews, J, 963 Fourth 
Snider, N. W., cor G and Sixth 
Solomon, Jacob, 424 Fifth 
Warren E E, 1627 F 
Young, A, 1308 F 



Chadbourne Furniture Co., Fourth 

and C 
Gray & Co., Fifth bet H and I 
Turner, C, H. &Son, also manufac- 
turers, n w cor Sixth and D 

(New and Second-Hand.) 

Boaz's Place, 734 Sixth 
Davis, W. J., 822 Sixth 
Dollwet, Nicholas, 658 Sixth 
Half =Price House, 838 and 628 Sixth 
Magwood, G. W., 1624-32 H 
Nadeau, J F, also manufactures, 747 F 
Stevens, C. fl.. Sixth and H 


(See Plumbers.) 

Blochman & Son, 618 to 622 Fifth 

Whittier & Fuller, 639 Sixth 
San Diego Paint Co.; 751 Sixth 


Hamilton & Co., 711 Fifth 

Palace Crockery Store, 1019-21 5th 




Dodson, A. E., 915 Fifth 
Hitchcock, Geo N 709 Sixth 
Paine, J. O. W., F bet 5th and 6th 



Cowden, J B, 334 Fifth 

Harbison Grocer Co., cor G aud 7th 

Klauber & Levi, cor Fourth and H 

Baer, N & Co 941 Fifth 
Blochman & Son, 618 to 622 Fifth 
Bona, G F, 2348 K 
Bradt, Horace, 1240 Fifth 
Brusclii, V. & Co., 403 Fifth, cor J 
Bryant Bros., 424 National ave 
Burch, J. D. & Co., 829 and 831 Fifth 

Wholesale and Retail 
Carpenter, W S, 2402 K 
Cloyd, G N, 1028 H 
Collins, J M, 701 E 
Crowell, A. F., 2111 H 
Duquette, J W, cor Vermont and 

Farmer & Son, foot of H 
Frost, n. S., Pacific Beach 
Godfrey & Edwards, 1469 India cor 

Godfrey, Thos M., cor Front and D 
Goldkamp, F J, Twenty-ninth and 

Clay ave 
Green, M P, 604 F 

Gurnett & Silverthorn, 701 Lagan av 
Hamilton & Co., 711 Fifth 
Has lam Bros., 11 25 Sixth 
Heller, M F, 1902 F 
Hilton, A C, 1905 K cor Tenth 
Hipwell, R J, Thirteenth and K 
Hodge, H C, 1331 D 
Hog and Hominy Store, 941 Fifth 
Holcomb, N E, 2247 H 
Kaland & Co, cor Seventeenth and K 
Elucia, Dolores, North San Diego 
Eomprey, Jerome, 547 H 

MacKay, R. S. J., se cor Fifth and C 
Manha Bros., 2304 H 
Mattes, N, cor Sixteenth and J 
May, Chas E, Fifteenth and K 
McRae, J. A. & Sons, 1072 5th cor C 
Miller, Mrs C E, 1269 India cor A 
Moody, B F, 922 Thirteenth 
Mulvey, J E & Son, n w cor 6th & H 
Mumford, J. S., n w cor Fifth and D 
Norman=Jacoby Grocery Co., 922 

Quinton, J H, 412 National ave 
Relfe, John, Twenty-sixth and Na- 
tional ave 
Rowland, R E, Third and H 
Sandrock, C W, North San Diego 
Sandrock, Mrs, Mission Valley 
Schiller & Son, 1314 E 
Schimmer, Carl F, 1602 H 
Schirm, J. S., 1529 F 
Sea, F M, 902 Fourth 
Sill, S. J., 763 Fifth 
Snider, H. N., 700 Sixth 
Stelzner & Kelley, Sixth and I 
Stevens, E. R., Eogan ave 
Stiller, Max, Sixteenth and M 
Strength, W F, cor Twenty-fifth and 

Franklin ave 
Thorp, A A, cor State and A 
Urban, Geo. A. L., cor Sixteenth 

Warren, E E, 1627 F 
Weegar, H, 339 Eighth 
White, Elmer, 1619 to 1625 D 
West, J B, cor Eighteenth and H 
Young, J O, 302 National 

Chick, Martines, gun store, 641 Fifth 
Guenther. H, cor Fourth and H 
Heinrich, Louis, cor Seventh and J 
Kiessig, Chas., gun store, Tower 

Lemon & Son, 735 Sixth 
Middleton, Geo., St. James blk 
Steffey, W E, 636 Sixth 

Cash For 

In Stoves, Tin, Crockery, Glassware Lamps 


Genera! House Furnishings. 


1624 H STREET. 



SECOND- fi/il^D STOnC, 



University Heights 3 

City Heights 4 

Old Town 4j 

Mission Valley 5 

, ' Old Mission 8 "^ 

r* Race Track 6^ /T) 

[t] Pacific Beach 8 rl: 

r*; Ocean Beach 8 lO 

UU Roseville 7 ^ 

rr La Holya Park {ha. Jolla) 13 ^^ 

f Del Mar. 23 «t- 

r" Chollas Valley 3 JL ' 

(f) National City 5 

Paradise Valley 6 (/) 

I Sweetwater Dam , 12 j 

Lakeside 20 ' 

Poway 25 "J) 

^ Escondido ' 35 m 

py] Oceanside 40 *■ ' 

rjj 'Sorrento 15 pi 

CD Otav 12 J 

^» fe Wanna (Tia Juana) 16 ~ 

Chulla Vista 10 

Julian.. 60 

Alpine 26 

El Cahone (Cajou) 15 

Harmule Valley Postoffice (Jamul) 20 

will pay you CASH for anything you have to sell. 





(See Barbers.) 
Cummings, T L, 408 National ave. 
Deler, M., 733 Fifth 
H inters, Oscar H., 926 Fourth 
Olympic, 1320 F 
Rucks, Mrs A F, 6 Kline blk 

Deier, M., 733 Fifth 
Kirby, E. D. & Co., 931 Fifth 

^ Hamilton, Fred. N. Co., 719-721 Fifth 
and 722 Sixth 
Ingle, Sam Q., 725 Fifth 726 Sixth 
Todd & Haw ley, 658 Fifth and cor 
Fourth and G 


(See Saddles and Harness.) 


Dorsey, A. Company, n e cor Fifth 

and F 
Doud, W. H., cor Fifth and D 
Marston, Geo. W., 807-811 Fifth 
Price, L., Sixth and H 
Shep, the Hatter, 911 Fifth 


(See also Blacksmiths.) 
Delorey, E. J., 1247 Fifth 
Jadwin, A J, cor 14th and G 
Norris, G H, 1217 F" 

County Hospital and Poor Farm, 

Mission valley 
Schmitt's Free Dispensary, 753 

St. Joseph's, Sixth and University av 
U. S. Marine. 622 F 


(See also Dodging Houses.) 

Adelphia House, 1023 Front 
Albemarle, C C Doomis, cor D and 

Arcade, Third and Plaza 

Bay View, cor Twelfth and I 

Belle View, cor Fourth and G 

Capital, 749 Fourth 

Commercial, cor Seventh and I 

Florence, Fir bet Third and Fourth 

Grand Hotel, 1232 P' 

Horton House, D bet Third & Fourth 

Hotel Brewster, cor Fourth and C 

Hotel D'Furope, 459 Fifth 

New Carlton, cor Third and F 

New Russ House, cor F and Third 

Ocean Beach hotel, Ocean Beach 

Pacific Beach hotel, Pacific Beach 

Richelieu House, 1055 Fifth 

St Elmo, cor Second and H 

St James, cor Sixth and F 

Victoria, iii6to 1122 D 

Half=Price House, 838 to 850 Sixth 
and 628 Sixth 


Journeay, Geo, 670 Twentieth 
Palmer, J D & Sons, 826 Fifth 

Coronado Ice Co., C B Daggett, 1330 

E street 
Union Ice Co., foot of F 

Wheeler «& Wheeler, 930 Sixth 

(See also Brokers and Real Estate.) 

Bailhache, A. L., special agent Equi- 
table Life Assurance Society of 
New York 

Bailey, James A., Northwestern Mu- 
tual Dife 846 Ninth 

Bean, Chas H, life ins, 915 Fourth 

Burnham, E W, 915 Sixth 

Clinkscales, J. H., special agent and 
adjuster, 915 Sixth 

Curtis, C. W., 640 Fifth 



Dodson, A. E., 915 Fifth 

Ferry, J. H., 719 Fifth 

Fidelity Mutual Aid Association, 

1319 E, Metropolitan 
Fintzelberg, Tlieo., 759 Sixth 
Foster & Gwyn, 961 Fourth 
Freeland & Colton n w cor E and 6th 
Grow, G B & Co, fire ins, 915 Fourth 
Liglitner & Co., 640 Fifth 
Massacliusetts Mutual Life Ins. Co. 

W F Tompkins, gen agent, rooms 

7 and 8, Bancroft bldg 
Home Mutual Insuraance Co., J C 

Sprigg jr, agent, Pierce-Morse 

blk, cor F and Sixth 
Nerney, T. A., 923 Fourth 
Northwestern Mutual Life Ins. Co., 

846 Ninth 
Otis & Co., 1025 Fourth 
Penn Mutual Life, A W Smenner 

gen agent, 1424 F 
Ross, Dow & Co., Kuhn blk 
Reed, D. C. & Co., 915 Sixth 
Schmidt, E. W., Fidelity Mutual 

Aid Association, Metropolitan 
Sprigg, J. C. Jr., cor Sixth and F 
Stevens, H. C, 1234 D 
Tompkins & Co., rooms 7 and 8 Ban- 
croft bldg 
Williams, Jeff., 1330 E 

Fos, W. N., 1324 F 


Barclay, J. A., 864 F 

Barker, S F & Son, 818 Fifth 
Coonley, A. B., 951 Fifth 
Plassig, P. A. J., 1022 Fifth 
German, M., 845 Fifth 
Hare, E A, 14 and 15 Express blk 
Harris, J R, 643 Fifth 
Jenks, W. M., 808 Fifth 
Lewis, I, 540 Fifth 
Naylor, K C, 836 Fifth 
Reeves, Thos, 1335 D 

Dunbar Bros., cor Sixth and I 
Falyan, A W, Eighth and K 
Gulbrardson, Theo, 1530 H 


Arcade, 815 Fifth 

Marston, Geo. W., cor Fifth and F 

.Speyer L., cor Fifth and H 

Palace Crockery Store, 1019-1021 

Johnstone, J S, 964 Sixth 


Bouscat, J, 644 Atlantic 

French Laundry, Fourth and Plaza 

Model, 2370 F 

San Diego, 11 70 State cor B 

Sivierou, Etienne, 1053 Sixth 

Incandescent Electric Light Co., 

Geo D Copeland Pres, 849 Fifth 
San Diego Gas & Electric Light Co., 

935 Sixth 


Cohn, J. A., 1321 and 1323 F bet 

Fourth and Fifth 
Lehman R. G., H bet 5th and 6th 


Jumal Portland Cement Co., Warren 

Wilson pres. Sun bldg 
Spreckels' Commercial Co., foot of G 
Stewart, W. W. & Co., cor Fourth 

Wyman, Gruendike & Co., foot of F 


Alta, Third and Grape 
Cuyamaca, cor Third and C 
Fashion, First and H 
Fifth Avenue Boarding Stable, cor 

5th and B 
H Street, 2345 H 



Kampling & Stoner, Third bet E & F 
Kansas, cor Fourth and I 
Kearney, D C, 521 Seventh 
Levi, A, Sixth and H 
Mason, H H 1119 H 
Pacific Stables cor Third and F 
Palace Livery Stable cor Second & E 
Star Stables, Blithen & Dowd, cor 

Seventh and J 
Diamond Carriage Co., 1038 F'irst 
Thomas, Smith, 539 Seventh 
Smith & Bird, 1607 H 
Union Stables, 733 Second 
Wilson, W. F., cor H and Eleventh 


California Mortgage Loan & Trust 

Co., 1015 and 1017 Fourth 
Pacific Coast Loan & Trust Co., cor 

Fifth and G 
Southern California Investment Co., 

Consolidated Bank bldg 
United Investment Co., 1055 Fifth 


(See also Hotels.) 
Albany, 749 Fourth 
Alpha, 655 Sixth 
Alhambra, 511 Ninth 
Allison, The, 854 Tenth 
Allyn, s w cor 5th and E 
American, G and Columbia 
Barnett, Mrs C J, 529 Fifth 
Bon Ton, cor Sixth and D 
Bradt, Q. Q., 1248 Fifth 
Brooklyn, The, 1629 E 
Buckingham, cor D and Second 
Clifton, 1721 Fourth 
Ellsworth, The, cor Twelfth and H 
Fifth Avenue 1248 Fifth 
Good Templars Building, 940 Third 
Gould House, 1239 E 
Grand Central, Sixth and H 
Grand Pacific, cor Sixth and H 
Haley, Mrs Lou, 959 Fourth 
Hewitt House cor Seventh and E 

Hill Block, 943 Fourth 
Hinters, Mrs. Maggie, Sun bldg 
Hollister, The, 1620 F 
Holt House, cor Fifteenth and H 
Keystone, 943 Tenth 
Lafayette, D and Seventh 
Langham, cor Fourth and C 
Llewelyn Block, Fifth bet F and G 
Leland, cor Sixth and E 
Luben Ben, 519 Fifth 
Lynnell House, Seventh bet F and G 
Manor, cor Fifth and Ash 
Manvel, n w cor Sixth and D 
Metropolitan, 1319 E 
Minneapolis, 743 Seventh 
Montezuma, Second and F 
Montrose 719 Fourth 
Morse, Whaley & Dalton, 920 5th 
New Russ, E bet Third and Fourth 
Orford House, 1626 H 
Pickwick, 1029 Fourth 
Plaza Palace, 946 Third 
Prescott House, 1206 Fifth 
Ramona, 1231 Fourth 
Revere, 11 26 Fourth 
Richelieu, Fifth, bet C and D 
Roxbury, 729 Seventh 
Royal, Fourth bet A and B 
Selwyn House, 553 Fifth 
Sheldon Block, 816 Sixth 
Sierra House, cor Eighth and K 
Skinner, Mrs May 1231 Fourth 
Stanford, cor Eighth and F 
Sun Building, cor Fourth and Plaza 
Switzer, E D, 1267 4th 
Topeka, cor H and Eighth 
Tower House, cor Fourth and F 
Tremont, Third bet C and D 
Ulrick, Mrs J C 868 Third 
Union House, Seventh and I 
Westminster, 1021 G 
Willard, 1435 E 

Windsor, Mrs M C Sauer prop, 837 



Russ Lumber & Mill Co., cor First 

and I 
San Diego Lumber Co., L, bet Fifth 

and Eighth 
West Coast Lumber Co., D & India 

Coronado Foundry and flachine Co. 

Evans, L. J., 845 Sixth 
S. D. Cycle and Machine Co., cor 

Sixth and E 
Standard Iron Works, Seventh & E 


Schmidt, Mrs. E. W., 1319 E, Met- 


Smith & Pirnie, 851 D, opp Court 


Bay City, cor Fifth and G 

Court House, 958 Front 

Elliott, W H, 313 National ave 

Golden Gate, 1068 Fifth 

Hardy, Chas. S., wholesale, cor 5th 

and G 
Kauffman, C, 1545 F 
Lone Star, H near 14th 
Mayer, John, 1214 Fifth 
\nna, A, India and Cedar 
Mundelius, Conrad, 171 Sixteenth 
San Diego Beef and Packing Co., 

1 06 1 Fifth 
Santa Fe, foot of H 
Selwyn & Allison, 747, 749 and 751 

Fifth, wholesale and retail 
San Diego, 553 Fifth 
Washington, 749 Fifth 
Winter, Wm., 946 Fifth 1)et D and E 

Blochman & Son, 618 to 622 Fifth 
City of Paris, cor G and Fifth 
Dorsey Co., A. n e cor Fifth and E 
Doud, W. H., cor Fifth and D 
Gaffagan, J G, 872 Fifth 
Lion, The, 945 Fifth 
Eabell, Harry, 507 Fifth 
Mechanic's Store, C Cohen, 642 Fifth 
Marston, Geo. W., 807-811 Fifth 
Price, J., Sixth and H 
Schiller & Murtha, cor Fifth and H 
Welisch, H., 936 Fifth 

Bailhache, J. M., Southern Califor- 

fornia Mercantile Agency 
Dun, R. Q. & Co., room 11 Richelieu 


(See also Tailors.) 

De Groot, Walter I, successor to Joe 

Poheim, 916 Fifth 
Ehrhardt Wm J, 955 Fourth, Plaza 
Ekings, Francis, 1413-1415 F 
Milsom & Stratton, 1334 D 
Vernon, J., 1327 E 

Cash nilinery Store, 11 18 Fourth 
Custer, rirs. Ella, 931 Fifth 
De Voll, Mrs M a, 861-863 Fifth 
Harrison, M M, 1516 H 
Remy, Mrs S A & Co, 1134 Fourth 
Rumple, Mrs. T. D., 923 Fifth 
Sullivan, N,V, 822 Fifth 
The Wonder, 939 Fifth 
Van Buskirk, Mrs D, 1421 D 


Birkel, Geo. J., io5o-5;2 F'ourth 

Blackmer, E T, 951 Fifth 

Darrow, L R, 951 Fifth 


Palace of Art, 1031-1033 Fifth 

Rossi, Mrs. M C, 739 Fifth 



Chase, Waldo F., 2 Bou Ton blk 

Cooley, Miss Clara, 28 Kline blk 
Ferris, firs. Electa HuH, room 39, 

Grand Pacific 
Meisel, Carl, Allynblk 
McLeran, Miss Rhoda, Fisher Opera 

House, 4th 
Sloan, Geo., 27 Keating blk 
Swayne, Mrs T J, 928 Sixth 
Howard, John, 928 Sixth 

Emmel, W. B., 860 Fifth 
Page, Geo R, Post office 
Sawyer, Miss Mary P, Hotel Florence 


Advertiser, 1146 Third cor D 
Daily San Diegan, cor Third and D 
Daily Sun, Sun bldg 
Daily Union, Lawyers' blk 
Great Southwest, Lawyers' blk 
Golden Era, Lawyers' blk « 
National Popular Review 
Sud-California Deutsche Zeitung, 
764 Fourth 

Blaisdell, S. Q. & Son, 1146 Fifth 
Chula Vista, cor Eighth and G 
Ford' Tropical, cor Ninth and F 
Magnolia, cor Sixth and E 
Mission Valley, 5th and D 
Poway, cor Eighth and F 
San Diego Nursery, cor 5th and C 
Silver Gate, office 456 Fifth 
South Pacific 1419 F, yard 9th and G 
Sunnyside, cor 9th and F 
Sweetwater Nursery Co., cor 8th & F 
Watson, O. B & Co., cor 5th and I 

Anderson, Miss Laura B, 49 Leland 
Bush, Thos H, 840 Fifth 
Dannals, Geo. M., 826 Sixth 
Dodson, A. E., 915 Fifth 

Dugherty, H, H., 1336 D 
Fintzelberg, Theo., 759 Sixth 
Higgings, Thos, 1420 E 
Hitchcock, Geo N, 709 Sixth 
Hulse, A. P., Horton house blk 
Moore, Ben. F., with Hunsaker, 

Britt & Goodrich 
Mouser, A. C, 917 Fifth 
Muir, B. L., 1319 F 
Paine, J. O. W., 1419 F 
Stevens, C. H., 1234 D 
Sweet, A H, First National Bank blk 
Titus, Nat. R., with Gibson & Titus 
Tucker, J. Z., 2 Morse, Whaley & 

Dalton Blk 
Whitehead, Ben F, 15 Lawyer*sblk 


Cleary, Dr. George, Keating blk cor 

5th and F 
Rodes, Jos., Bon Ton blk, D and 6th 

King, Arthur, Seventh and H 
Little, W. E. Co., 1124 Fourth 
Standard Oil Co., foot of22d 
San Diego Paint Co., 751 Sixth 
Whittier, Fuller & Co., 635 Sixth 


German, M., 845 Fifth 
Barclay, Jas. A., 864 Fifth 

Bown & Cliff, sign, 847 Sixth 
Deyo, T. S. Son, cor 8th and I 
Glover, W B, 1243 Fifth 
Hunt, Wm C, 1614 H 
McAuliff, H. B., 862 Fourth 

Alexander, R. Q., 734 Fifth 
Heath, J. A., 624 Fifth 
Hoff, John D. Asbestus Co., 923 4th 
Hunt, Wm. C, 1614 H 
Merigan, N. E., 833 Seventh 
San Dedgo Paint Co., 751 Sixth 
Whittier, Fuller & Co., 635 Sixth 


Smith, A. B., 13 to 18 Kuhn blk 

Merigan, N. E., 833 Seventh 

Chicago, C Klindt, 657 Fifth 
Coonley, H. E., Backesto blk 5th & H 
Elite, E H Turner, 767 Fifth 
Judd, C W, 860 Fifth 
Lenz' Temple of Music & Art, 103 1 

Ivuccock, C D, 1622 H 
Slocum, J. E., phographers' supplies 

854 Fourth 

Arndt, Drs. 943 Sixth 
Averill, Maria B, 946 Sixth 
Bailey, S Evlaine, (homoeopathic) 

1528 E 
Baker & Baker, n e cor 5th and C 
Burnham, F. R., 6 Kuhn blk 
Carson, Edwin, 1055 Fifth 
Churchill, C C, Allyn blk 
Cleary, George, oculist and aurist, 

4 and 5 Keating blk cor 5th & F 
Conson, A. H., s e cor 7th and E 
Crepin, H. E., 561 Fifth 
Crepin, H. N., 561 Fifth 
Davis, T. A., 767 Fifth 
Day, B.;W., i, 2, Allyn blk 5th & E 
Derbyshire, A L, 17, 18 Kline blk 
Docking, Thos., 643 Sixth 
Doig & Hearne, 1506 C cor Sixth 
Edwards & Waterman, 5, 6 Keating 

blk cor 5th and F 
Escher, J F, n e cor 5th and E 
Fairbairn, T A, 1234 Sixth 
Fenn, C. M., 651 Seventh 
Garvin, H D, 3114 N 
Qochenauer, D., 2, 3 Express blk 
Goss, Dr R J, Sun bldg 
Gray, A J., 918 Fir 
Hildreth, "H, Emerson house 
Hulburt, R G, n e cor 5th and H 

Hunt, Nathan, Grand Pacific 
Jenks, G W, 917 Twenty-eighth 
Labaume, Lydia H., 1740 D 
Lathrop, E H, 936 Sixth 
Lewis, H E, The Langham, 4th and C 
Luscomb, C E, room 5 Marston blk 
Magee, T. L., 9, 10 Backesto blk 
Mertzmann, B. F., (homoeopathic) 

1034 Fifth 
Morgan & PolhemuS, 1045 Sixth 
McSwegan, D, i & 2 Metropolitan 
Nugent, E, Backesto blk 
Park, Lottie I., 1740 D 
Paynes, J R, 633 Tenth 
Reading, J. W., n e cor 5th and H 
Remondino,P. C. Fisher Opera house 

Fifth st 
Rodes, Joseph, specialist eye, ear, 

nose and Throat, Bon Ton blk 

cor Sixth and D 
Rood, V D, 344 Logan ave 
Rupp, D F, cor 5th and F 
Schmitt, Geo. H., 953 Fourth 
Stockton, Valle & Northrup, 726 5th 
Stone, J. B., n w cor 4th and C 
Van Norman & flcConkey, 927 6th 
Telson, Mrs M K, 1241 India 
Walcott, A P, 1 161 Second 


Blackmer, Eli G, 951 Fifth 
DoHwet, Nicholas, 658 Sixth 


India Street, cor India and B 
The Russ, First and J 
San Diego, Foot of Sixth 


Johnstone, J. S., 964 Sixth 
Julian & Sons, 532 Fifth 
Kindler, Albert, 743 Sixth 
Leonard & Wade, 851 Seventh 
Merritt, Geo. A., 534 Eleventh 
McKenzie & Bro., Sixth and K 
Woolman, John H., 1630 F 



Coon, W. A., temperance, 1043 4th 

Black, W. Thurston. Bakesto blk 

Goulden, J, 1316 F 
San Diego Paultry Co., 4th adjoin- 
ing Fisher Opera house 
Snider, W. N., 700 Sixth 
Stelzner & Kelley, n w cor 6th and I 

Bynon, A. Bert, Enterprise Print- 
ing Co, cor F and Eighth 
City Printing Co., 909 Fourth 
Collins, J. V. jr., 532 Thirteenth 
Dalmazzo, F M, 723 Fifth 
Economy Printing Co, cor 3d and D 
Frandzen, Bumgardner & Co., 832 

to 836 Fourth 
Gould, Hutton & Co., 938 Third 
Hildreth, H W, 730 Sixth 
Kamman, C F, 764 Fourth 
Olmsted Co., The, 1130 Fourth 
San Diego Printing Co., 864 Sixth 
Stenhouse & Co., 1033 Fourth 
Whaley, Frank H., Sun bldg 

Public Library, Consolidated Bank 

bldg cor 5th and G 
Y. M. C. A., 639 to 643 Eighth 


Allison, J A, 826 Fifth 

Arnold, Q. C, 9175th 

Boone, Griffith & Co., 856 Sixth 

Bowler & Brown, n w cor H and 8th 

Bradshaw & Wood, 1424 E 

Brooks, Jas F, cor 3d and Juniper 

Burgoyne, C. A., 915 Fifth 

Bush, Thos, 840 Fifth 

Campion, Morton & Co., 1317 E 

College Hill Land \ss'n, iiKuhnblk 

Christensen, J P, 1317 F 

Choate, D, 832 Fifth 
Churcher, E A, 1336 D 
Clark, Jas S, 915 Fourth 
Cook, Henry, 840 Fifth 
Crittenden, H. B., 923 F'ourth 
Dake, T. C. S., 1317 E bet 4th and 5th 
Dickinson, G. W. &Co., 1422 D 
Dorman, Edw. & Co., 1238 D, Hor- 

ton house blk 
Dougherty, E, 840 Fifth 
Dougherty, H. H., 1336 D 
Dunkin, J. R. &Co., 826 Sixth 
Duress, Wm A, 1315 D 
Elliott, J. B. & Co., cor 7th and F 
Escondido Land & Town Co., 9666th 
Ethridge, Frank, 909 Fourth 
Ferris, W C, 934 Fourth 
Fintzelberg, Theo., 759 Sixth 
Fox, ChasJ, (Juniper L & W Co), 

First National Bank blk 
Fox, Sam'l I.4ScCo., 1411 E 
Freeland & Colton, cor E and Sixth 
Frame, J. A., 1426 E 
Gay & Burns, 1057 Sixth 
Oilman & Burright, 13 15 D 
Gillmore &Co., 1012 Fourth 
Gordon, H. C, 723 Fourth 
Grandstaff, T. & Co., 1330 E 
Hakes, C C, 1016 D 
Hartwell, S M, 924 Sixth 
Hazzard, G. W., 640 Fifth 
Heath, Chas. E., 1426 E 
Helppingstine, John A., 919 Fifth 
Himbaugh, H H, 1326 D 
Hitchcock, A L,, 509 Sixth 
Jewell & Co., 7, 8 Kline blk 
Latta & Graham, 850 Sixth 
Lawrence G. W., 1442 E 
Loop, T M, 1332 D 
Louis, Isidor, notary public, Louis 

blk, 843 Fifth 
Lungstrass & Walsh, 912 Sixth 
Mack, Lawrence J., 1332 D 
Mannasse, J. S., 731 Fifth 
Matthews Bros., 948 Fifth 



Marshall, J W, 1442 E 

Moore, F M, 856 Fifth 

Muir, B. L., 1319 F 

McCormack, J, 934 Fourth 

Nielsen, J B, 1436 E 

Norcross, H. F. 1031 Fourth 

Otis & Co., 1025 Fourth 

Patterson, W C, 832 Fifth 

Pauly, Chas W., 923 4th Lawyers bk 

Potter & Roberts, 810 Sixth 

Prout, W. J., cor C and 26th 

Rogers, I D, 1340 D 

Ross, Dow & Co., Kuhn blk 

San Diego Land & Town Co., 849 

San Marcos Land Co., cor 4th and D 

Soto J. M. 918 Third, Mexican and 
California lands. Pass on Mex- 
ican titles 

Spriggs, J. C. jr., cor Sixth and F" 

Stanton & Douglas, 1420 E 

Stevens, C. H., 1234 D 

'Stewart F W, 21 Pierce-Morse blk 

Strong & Arms, 826 Fifth 

Walmer, J., 1446 E, Coronado real 
estate a specialty 

Wetmoref G H, Sen, 28th and Natn'l 


B B & B, 1050 Fifth 

Bon Ton, Mrs Elvira Price, 552 6th 

Bussow, Mrs. S., 503 Fifth 

Carr, James, 827 Seventh 

Commercial, 758 Fifth 

Qirard Lunch Room, 1433 F 

Hoffman, 746 Fifth 

Home, 428 Fifth 

Lynnell, Harry, 514 Fifth 

Maison Riche, 943 Fourth on Plaza 

Mercantile Cafe, 854 Fifth 

Minneapolis, 828 Fifth 

Palace Lunch Counter, 926 Fifth 

Rockaway, 1207 I 

San Diego Oyster & Chop House, 

503 Fifth 
Schulze, H, cor 5th and K 

Stack, Mrs. H, 562 Fifth 
Thomas, F. E., 1612 F 
Tujague, Mrs. M., 1433 F 
Vienna Lunch Room, cor 4th and F 

Wallace, ^Richard, 842 Fifth 


San Diego Rubber Stamp Co., 864 



Bowers, J M, 1532 H 
Edwards, C. J., 721 Fourth 
Montijo, R., 558 and 560 Fifth 
Nichols, J G B, Fourth andF 
Reutner, Adolph, 1237 H 
Thieme, M F, 1315 F 
Villa, FJ, 919 Sixth 

Hall's Safe & Lock Co., 930 Sixth 

Eberhardt, O. C, 1423 E 
GilcherWm, 1043 State 


(See Wines and Liquors.) 


(Por Public Schools see first part of 

Coffey, Prof. E. H., teacher of Span- 
ish, teacher public schools, Sny- 
der blk 

Ludlum, Miss flildred, elocution 
and delsarte, 1844 Fourth 

Ludlum, Mrs. E M, elecution, history 
and literature, 1844 Fourth 

North, J D, languages, 857 Third 

Phillips, Mrs P F, 2038 C 

San Diego Business College, N I 
Phillips prin, cor 5th and C 

San Diego Commercial College, cor 
Sixth and F 

Southwest Institute, cor 3d and Elm 

Webb, Oliver, manual training, 928 



Daley & Ripley, searchers of records 
abstractor of titles, 903 4th cor E 

Boaz's Place, 733, 734 Sixth 
Caleb, George, 1420 I 
Davis, W. J., 822 Sixth 
Dollwet, Nicholas, 658 Sixth 
Flenner, A., 1602 F 
Flint, Daniel, 543 Fifth 
Half=Price House, 838-52 and 628 6th 
Magwood, Q. W., 1624-32 H 
Old Reliable, 809 Sixth 
Skinner & Long, 721 Sixth 
Slifer, J J, 1542 H 
Smith, L H, 1440 E 
Thorndike, A W & M W, 651-57 6th 
Waugh Bros, 1140 Fourth 
Whittier, J F 727 Sixth 
Wurzell, Joe, 640 Sixth 

Sweetwater Nursery Co., 8th and F 
Watson, Geo. B. & Co., cor 5th & I 

Buck, J. S., cor 5th and K 

Davis, F E Second and G 


Domestic, E F Rockfellow agent, 

759 Fifth 
New Home, E F Rockfellow, agent, 

759 Fifth 
Singer Agency, 655 Fifth 
Standard, E F Rockfellow agent, 759 

Daniels, May C, 1317 E 
White, Geo W Marston, agent, cor 

Fifth and F 

Price, J., 615 Sixth 

Dann, Mrs S S, cor Elm and 5th 
Walz, W. Q. Co., 5th and F 
World Shell & Curio, 1045 Fi^h 

Heath, J. A., 624 Fifth 


(See also Boot and Shoemakers.) 
Boselli, D, 929 Fifth 
Eichhorn, G, 1115 H , 

Fisher, T 2384 K 
Gould, A, 1237 Fifth 
Heilbron 2141 K 
Smith, Chas, 465 Sixteenth 

Southern California, Coronado 
Stead, Q. D. Co., 642 to 650 First 
Tandy, Dr. Arctic 

Excelsior Bottling & Extract Co., 

1 143 Third 
San Diego Soda Works,424 Dogan av 

Dodge & Burbeck, cor Fifth and D 
Emmel, W. B., 860 Fifth 
German, M., 845 Fifth 
Larson & Loring, 1434-38 H 
Olmsted Co., The, 1130 Fourth 
Stephens & Son, 810 Fifth 
Wertheimer & Co., 762 Fifth 

Schaff net. Miss Minnie, Lawyers bk 

Capps, A. v., 12 and 13 Snyder blk 
(See Merchant Tailors.) 

Brust, Jacob, 750 Fifth 
De Beurge, Louis, 437 Fifth 
Gallo, E., 1235 Fourth 
Hammond, Mrs. Mary M., 947 6th 
Lehmann, Theo, 754 Third 
McCreesh, Wm, 1313 F 
Sullivan, T. J., 1144 Fourth 

Great American Importing Tea Co., 

969 Fifth 
Nye & Nissen, 958-60 Fifth 
Ballou, G. H. & Co., wholesale roas- 
ters, importers and jobbers, u e 
cor 5th and K 

Old Reliable Tent Co., First Nation- 
al Bank blk 
San Diego Tent & Awning Co., 565 





Pacific Postal, cor 5th E 

San Diego District, 10 19, 1021 4th 

Western Union, cor F and 5th 


Fisher Opera House, 4th bet B and C 
Louis Opera House, 5th bet B and C 


Bone, W S, 2430 K 
Cuyamaca, 418 Fifth 
Julian & Sons, 532 Fifth 
Williams, W E, 730 Sixth 

Dodge & Burbeck, cor 5th and D 
Larson & Loring, 1448 H 
Rossi, firs. n. C. 739 Fifth 
Olmsted Co., 1130 Fourth 
Stephens & Son, 810 Fifth 
Wertheimer, fl, A. & Co., 762 5th 


Pacific Transfer & Querney Cab Co, 

1014 Fourth 
San Diego & Coronado, W A Hawk- 
ins, 1019, 1021 Fourth 


Pioneer Truck Co., 1427 E 
San Diego Truck Co., 728 Fifth 

Johnson & Co., 907 Sixth near E 
San Diego Undertaking Co., 758 and 

760 Fourth 

Backenstose, Edward, 6th and H 
Crowhall, J C, G and Union 
Qillen, J. R., 936 First 
Koster, P, 1122 Third 
Wright, J. W., cor nth and H 

Bates Implement Co., 213 Fifth 
Metcalf Bros, 753 and 755 Fourth 
McDougall Bros., cor 7th and I 
Parrott & Co., mfrs, cor loth and I 

Alexander, R. Q., 846 Fifth 
Merigan, N. E., 833 Seventh 
San Diego Paint Co., 751 Sixth 
Sandin, Chas M, 1156 Fourth 
Whittier, Fuller & Co., 639 Sixth 

National Manufacturing Co., works 
at National City 

Cuyamaca, 15th and N 
Davis, Henry L, foot of Hawthorne 
Silver Gate, 9th bet L and M 
Spreckels, cor Atlantic and G 
Stewart, W. W. & Co., cor 4th & K 


Deleval, Chas. & Co., 628 Fifth 
Jones, Victor, 544 Fifth 
Klauber & Levi, cor 4th and H 
Lewis Co., The, 715, 717 Fourth 
Matfield, Geo. H., 1321, 1323 E 
Schranze & Polzien, 1 128 to 1134 D 
Taylor, Q. W., 927 Fourth 

Austrian Beer Hall, n w cor 4th & I 
Burnes, Till A., 500 Fifth 
Dew Drop, Union and H 
Eclipse, 438 Fifth 
Electric, H and Union 
England, Chas F, cor 3d and I 
Fashion, The, 516 Fifth 
Goldthorpe Joe, 964 Fifth 
Harnes & Kroenert, cor 6th and F 
Heilbron, F, 2141 K 
Henninger, Geo, cor 6th and E 
Herzog, Frank cor 5th and B ' 

Hewitt, John, cor 6th and K 
James, P, 527 Fifth 
Jameson & Kroah 1240 F 
Leppertt, A, cor 6th and G 
Lohmann, Henry, n e cor 6th and K 
Manz, A., 520 Fifth 
Mayrhofer, Peter, 942 Fifth 
Montana, 339 Fifth 
riyers, A. L. & Co., H bet 5th & 6th 
Nauchbaur, Joseph, cor 4th and F 
Pacific Exchange, 414 Fifth 
People's Hall, 927 Fifth 
Pony, 650 Fifth 
Price & Coombs, 740 Fifth 
Rentsch, A, 558 Sixth 
Rose Bud, Third and I 
Kalvelage & Mueller, 1502-6 India 
Shafus, Chas., Atlantic foot of G 
Seifert, John R., 1327 D 
Silver Moon, Third and I 
Silver Pitcher, 946 Fourth 
Stowe, John P, 842 Fifth 
St. Charles, 433 Fifth 
Turf, 4th and I 
Victoria, 1122 D 
Vollmer M, D near India 
Wine Room, H bet 5th and 6th 


















1— 1 

























r'"" " 

















































The Commercial Hotel was first opened in 1868, Twen- 
ty-four years ago, by Mrs. M. J. Birdsall. The house 
has run continuously ever since, under the same proprie- 
torship. Isn't that success? 

The rates established in 1868 were $1.00 and $1.25 
per day. The present rates are $1.00 to $1.25 per day. 
Isn't that consistency? 


Corner Seventh and I Sts. 

San Diego. 

FREE 'bus ' 







( M. R. VanderklooT, Pres 

I J. W. Bean 

Trustees, { J. H. Hartupee 

I J. W. Saunders 

(^ T. J. Fisher 

Cletk F. F. A. Kimball 

Treasurer Carl I. Ferris 

Marshal ^ W. W. Stevens 

Attorney 'O. H. McConoughey 

Recorder. S. P. Duzan 

Justice of the Peace S. P. Duzan 

Constable W. W. Stevens 

. ■«■ . 


Adams, John W, coachman with Henry Taylor 

ADERTON, JOHN, swimming teacher Coronado baths 

Ailland, H, cor Fifth and Orange ave 

Ailland Miss I^, steamstress, res Orange ave and Fifth 


bell manager, one blk from Hotel Coronado 
Arnold, Geo H, clerk at Hotel del Coronado 
Arrowsmith, K, railroad man, res G ave bet Third and Fourth 
Arrowsmith, res Fourth and Pomona ave 
Artigue, P, capt bell boys at Hotel del Coronado 
Augerde, Henry, res B bet Eighth and Ninth 


BABCOCK, E. S., pres Cor Beach Co and manager of Hotel del 

Coronado, res at hotel 
Balch, David M, res Eighth and Adella 
Babcock, Mrs E S sr, res Ninth and E 


Babcock, Mrs M G, res Ninth and K 

Baker, Geo I^, Santa Fe ticket agt, res Coronado 

Baker, J E, res C ave 

Baptist Mission, cor Orange and Third 

Barlow, res First and G 

Barth, W G, pattern maker at Cor Foundry, res San Diego 

Bean, J W, painter, cor Second and F 

Bedient, D B, res Eighth and Adella 

Benbough, Richard, clerk with Hopkins & Cox, res Hotel del 

Bettens, A G, cashier at Hotel del Coronado 

Bergmann, B, with Coronado Dairy 

BLAISDELL, FRANK E., nursery, res Second and C 

BLAISDELL, 5. C, nursery, res Coronado 

Bonner, B F, machinist, res cor C and Second 

BRAGG, L. C, assayer and taxidermist, shell and curio store, 
cor Tenth and Orange ave 

BREITENSTEIN, E., book-keeper with Cor Beach Co, res Com- 
mercial hotel, S D 

Brekley, Miss E, lodging house, Orange bet Sixth and Seventh 

Bremer, John, teamster with Cor Beach Co, res Coronado 

Brett, Henry E, mechanical engineer, res G ave bet Second and 

BROUWER, J. H., sec'y Cor Foundry & Machine Co, res cor 
Fourth and F ave 

Brown, Daniel, res F ave and Olive 

Bumpus, Wm, res Coronado 

Burlingame, W F, machinist at Cor Foundry, res Chollas 

Burnett, E, res Prospect cor Third 

Burnett, Fred C, foreman moulder at Cor Foundry, res Pros- 
pect Place 

Burnett, Wm, blacksmith's helper at Cor Foundry, res Pros- 
pect Place 

Burnes, Wm, head laundryman at Hotel del Coronado 

Buser, W H, machinist, res F bet Eighth and Ninth 

BUTLER, A. H., prop Hotel Josephine, res at hotel 

BUTLER, R. Q., clerk at Hotel Josephine, res at hotel 


Cameron, Simon, ranchman, res Orange ave bet Seventh and 

CAflPBELL, JOHN R., manager Ostrich Farm, res at Farm, one 

blk from Hotel del Coronado 
Caulfield, John F, waiter at Hotel del Coronado, res Adella ave 
CARNES. W., book-keeper with Cor Beach Co, res at Bon Ton 

San Diego 
Cary, Douglas, res D ave and Third 
Cary, Miss May S, teacher Coronado schools 
Case, Truman, res C near Seventh 
Catherwood, John, res H ave and Eighth 
Catholic Church, Seventh and B 

Christian, D G, real estate broker at S D, res Seventh and E 
Christian, Miss Jennie, res Seventh and E 
Christian, Mrs M F, res Seventh and E 
Clarke, W A, with Cor Beach Co, res cor D and Second 
Clark, Miss Eliza M, res Ninth and B 
Clark, Miss Mary R, res Ninth and B 
Clark, Miss Lydia H, res Ninth and B 
Coats, Jud, moulder at Cor Foundry, res San Diego 
COOK, J. M., manager S C Soap Co, res cor Third and Pomona 
Cook, W M, soap maker with S C Soap Co, res cor Third and 

Pomona ave 
Corbett, A W, boot and shoe maker, Orange ave bet Second 

and Third 
Corbett, Wm, core maker. Cor Foundry, res Oxford hotel 
CORONADO BATH HOUSE, Mrs R C Hamblin lessee, Coronado 

Coronado Beach Museum, Prof Henry A Ward manager 
Coronado Dairy, George Neale prop. Ninth and A 

pres, M R Vanderkloot vice-pres and managr, J H Brouwer 

sec'y, Coronado 
Coronado Fruit Package Co, C A Fieweger sec'y, near Ferry 
CORONADO ICE CO, factory Coronado, office 1330 E San Diego 


CORONADO niNERAL WATER CO, J Y Jackson manager, 
CORONADO RAILROAD, Bay Belt I,ine, E S Babcock, prest, J 
A Flint, manager 

office at C B Go's office, Coronado 
Cosson, Martial, cook, res with F Dudley 
COX, Q. W., (Hopkins & Cox), res Coronado hotel 
Cox, Mrs Eliza, res Ninth and J 
Curtis, Ed C, locomotive engineer Cor Ry, res A ave, bet Third 

and Fourth 


Dallas, Ray, moulder Cor Foundry, res Wilhelmina 

Daniels, J B, res E, near Seventh 

Daniels, Miss May, sewing machine agent, E near seventh 

DANNEBAUn, MRS. OTTO, variety store. Orange ave 

DOW, H. Q., real estate and insurance, San Diego, res Orange 

ave and Tenth 
Dryden, J L, postmaster, Coronado 
Duchene, Joseph, boot and shoe maker, Orange ave, opp Hotel 

del Coronado, res same 
DUDLEY, FRANK, cigars and tobacco, guns and fishing tackle 
Duzan, S P, justice of the peace aud city recorder 

for rent, Orange ave, opp Hotel del Coronado, res same 
Dyball, George, laborer, C B Co, res Coronado. 

Edwards, D W, carpenter, C ave, bet First and Second 


Farrow, W J, railroad man, cor Tenth and F 

Ferguson, Alex H, tinsmith. Orange ave, bet Second and Third 

FERRIS & flARSHALL, props Coronado Pharmacy, Coronado 

FERRIS, C. I., (Ferris & Marshall), res Coronado hotel 
Ferris, Miss Mildred, clerk with Ferris & Marshall, res Hotel 



Fickus, J P, engineer, res G ave, near Second 

Fisher, Chas, boiler maker, cor Third and Boulevard 

Fieweger, C A, sec'y C F P Co, res G, bet Third and Fourth 

Fisher, T J, head bartender Hotel del Coronado 

Fisher, MrsT J, housekeeper. Hotel del Coronado 

Fleming, Dr Sarah Braithwaite, res F, bet Ninth and Tenth 

Fleming, Edgar, res F, bet Ninth and Tenth 

Flynn, Patrick, cupola tender at Cor Foundry, res Boulevard 

Foote, F M, gardner, res K bet Fourth and Fifth 

Foote, Frank, res K bet Fourth and Fifth 

Foster, Geo, res B ave and Sixth 

Foster, Otto, res I ave and Sixth 

Foster, Wm, teamster with Cor Beach Co, res Coronado 

Freeland, John ly, real estate broker. Sixth and K San Diego, 

res Adela ave near Tenth 
Furman, R H, photographer. Orange ave bet First and Second 

Gillerman, Henry, laborer, Coronado Foundry, res San Diego 
GLASS, LOUIS, Vienna Bakery, San Diego, res I ave near 

GOODPASTURE, C. O., clerk Cor Beach Co, res Orange ave cor 

Goolman, Al, moulder at Cor Foundry, res San Diego 
Gorlier, Gus, helper at Cor Foundry, res A ave bet Eighth 

and Ninth 
Gorlier, Jacob, laborer at Cor Foundry, res A bet Eighth and 

Gorlier, lyouis, machinist at Cor Foundry, res A ave bet Eighth 

and Ninth 
Gowell, Mrs Clara, res Fifth and I 

Grainger, A J, blacksmith at Cor Foundry, res San Diego 
Greathouse, David, engineer at Cor Foundry, res same 
GREEN, Q, B., with S T Green, res F ave near Third 
GREEN, S. T., groceries. Orange ave bet First and Second, res 

F ave bet Second and Third 



Haas, Fred, butcher, Orange ave bet Fourth and Fifth, res opp 

HAflBLIN, MRS. R. C, lessee of Coronado Bath House, res at 

bath house 
Hammer, O L, painter, res B bet Seventh and Eighth 
Harlan, K P, laborer with S D & Cor Ferry Co, res Coronado 
Harney, John M, capitalist, res Floral ave 
Harrison, Miss Ivouise H, kindergarten, res D and Ninth 
Hart, A M, book-keeper with Hopkins & Cox, res Hotel del 

Hartupee, J H, clerk with J A Mathewson, res cor H ave and 

Hartz, A B, laborer Cor Foundry, res Wilhelmina 
Hawkins, Chas, moulder Cor Foundry, res Wilhelmina 
Hevery, J, head waiter Hotel del Cor, res Eighth and Adella 
Hildebrand, M, with Russ I^umber Co, res Fifth and J 
Helm, John, laborer, Cor Foundry res K ave and Fifth 
Hill, Miss Clara, res I ave bet Fourth and Fifth 
Hines, res C near Tenth 
Holmes, Joseph, res B ave near Sixth 
HOPKINS & COX, curio bazaar and news stand and prop Cor 

boat house. Hotel del Coronado 
HOPKINS, Q. F., (Hopkins & Cox), res at Hotel del Coronado 
HOTEL DEL CORANADO, E S Babcock manager 
HOTEL JOSEPHINE, A H Butler prop. Orange ave bet Third 

and Fourth 
Houts, Chas W, carpenter, res I ave near Fourth 
Howard, LB, res cor Orange and C ave 
Hudson, Robt, res A ave bet Third and Fourth 
Hunt, Clarence, laborer at Cor Foundry, res San Diego 
Huppe, F, tailor, Orange ave opp Hotel del Coronado 
Hutchings, W H, res Orange ave bet Seventh and Eighth 


INGRAM, W. B., pres S C Soap Co, res at Leland, San Diego 



JACKSON, W. H., W U tel operator, res Hotel del Coronado 
Jackson, W M, carpenter, res G ave bet Seventh and Kighth 
Jecock, G J, foreman machinist at Cor Foundry & Machine Co, 

res Sweetwater Valley- 
Jensen, N A, machinist, res First and D ave 
Jephers, I ave near First 
Jessup, A P, dairy, Miguel ave 
Johnson, P ly, capt of ferry boat Coronado, res G ave bet Third 

and Fourth 


Kelley, Miss Minnie, with S D & Cor ferry San Diego side, res 

KIMBALL, F. E. A., pub Cor Mercury, prop of book and sta- 

tionry store, agt for Wells Fargo & Co 
KIMBALL, F. E. A., shell and curio store. Orange ave, near 

Hotel del Cor, res cor Third and G 
Kirkbride, F H, supt S D & C Ferry Co, res San Diego 
Klinefelter, S K, prop race track 

Koeppen, F W, supt of gardens, C B Co, res Coronado 
LaFever, Mrs A, res Eighth 


I^ane, S H, clerk with Ferris & Marshall, Coronado hotel 

Lamb, T B, book-keeper, res G and Sixth 

Lanktre, T, res D ave and Sixth 

Laycock, Nelson, res A and Seventh 

Logan, C E, at Hotel, res Pomona and Adella 

Lournfchkat, D, carpenter, res F and Seventh 

Lower, Benj E, Adella, near Hotel 

LOWER, Q. D. & CO., bakery, restaurant and confectionery, 

Adella, near Hotel 
LOWER, Q. D., (G D Lower & Co), res Adella, near Hotel ' 
Lower, Mrs Maggie E, res Adella, near Hotel 
Lydick, J M, teamster. Boulevard, bet Fourth and Fifth 



Mallette, H W, private sec'y E S Babcock 

Marwarring, Wm, teamster Cor Foundry, res F ave and First 

Markham, T S, carpenter, Second, near D ave 

Marshal, Ed, C, bet Eighth and Ninth 

MARSHALL, S. L., (Ferris & Marshall), res Ipava, 111 

Martin ; P D, Beach Go's warehouse, res D a,ve and Fifth 

Martin, P G, foreman lumber yard and warehouse, res cor D ave 

and Fifth 
riATHEWSON, J. A., groceries, Orange ave, bet First and 

Second, res same 
Means, W C, blacksmith, cor G ave and Second 
Meany, John, laborer, C B Co, res Coronado 
M E Church, Seventh and E 
Mellin, Capt J A, I near Ninth 
MERTZ, FRANK, barber, Orange ave, bet First and Second, 

res same 
Meyer, Miss Emma, teacher, res San Diego 
Miles, R G, drayman, res G ave bet Third and Fourth 
Montieth, John, res G ave near Third 
McCONOUGHEY, O. H., (Parker & McConoughey, San Diego) 

lawyer, cor Tenth and G 
McCormick, A B, res Seventh and E 
McCoy, Isaac, helper at Cor Foundry, res E Boulevard bet 

Fifth and Sixth 
McCoy, Thos, moulder at Cor Foundry, res E Boulevard bet 

Fifth and Sixth 
McDonald, D R, capt of ferry boat Coronado, res San Diego 
Mcintosh, F H, chief engineer at Hotel del Coronado 
McQuown, J F, carpenter, Guadalupe ave and Ametto Row 


Nagle, Mrs M E, res Orange ave bet Third and Fourth 
NEWLIN, N. F. chief clerk at Hotel del Coronado 
Nevins, DP, res I ave near Eighth 

Nichols, J, purser of S D & Cor Ferry Co, res Coronado 
Nordhoff, Chas, journalist, Tolita ave 



O'Connell, James, engineer, res First and I ave 

Ogden, Mrs WP, res Eighth 

Olsen, Chas, teamster, res Seventh and D ave 

Olsen, O, machinist, res First and D ave 

Osborne, B T, prop of the Oxford hotel, res Orange ave 

Oxford Hotel, BT Osborne prop, near ferry 

PAGE, ALEX., book-keeper with Cor Beach Co, res Coronado 

Pierce, Mrs Luc}^ G, cor Pomona ave and Fourth 

Pepper, Prof, res Seventh and F 

Pinkham, F V, electrician at Hotel del Coronado, res near Or- 
ange ave 

Pinkham, Miss Anna, in charge of cut flowers at Hotel del Cor 

Pitman, Walter, painter, res Fbet Second and Third 

Polhemus, Capt A A, res cor F and Third 

Polhemus, Miss lycna, teacher, res cor F and Third 

POSTAL TELEGRAPH OFFICE, H Pollock operator, Kimball 
bldg near Hotel del Coronado 

Powell, N J, res Ninth and Adella 

PRICE, ni^S C. J., stenographer with Cor Beach Co, res Sixth 
and H San Diego 

Presbyterian Church, C ave and Tenth 

Purdum, Amos, res D and Ninth 


Ralphs, W D, electrician at Hotel del Coronado, res 23 Sixteenth 

San Diego 
Randolph, Mrs A W, res cor Orange and Isabella ave 
Reed, Capt J P, res A bet Seventh and Eighth 
REED, niSS I. n., book-keeper with Cor Beach Co, 
Reed, Rev A C, pastor of Presbyterian church, res Tenth bet F 

Remsen, J, head porter, res Cor Beach 
Reynolds, Albert T, janitor at school house, res I near Ninth 


Riggs, W M, engineer with Cor Ry, res C ave bet First and 

Robbins, R H, with Spreckels Co, res F near Seventh 
Roberts, K O, clerk with Hopkins & Cox, res Cor Beach 
Roberts, J K, book-keeper, Orange ave bet Seventh and Eighth 
Robinson, Chas, steward at Hotel del Coronado 
Robinson, Mrs A W, res Orange ave bet Eighth and Ninth 
Rogers, J D, section foreman with Cor Ry, res Coronado 
Roitsch, Wm, carpenter, res J ave and Third 
Roper, Mrs E C, res A ave near Eighth 
Rosier, lycwis, res J ave near First 
Russell, John, book-keeper, res A and Seventh 
Rust, E Iv, conductor with Cor Ry, res Coronado 

Sampson, Frank, with Coronado Dairy 

Saunders, J W, res I bet Sixth and Seventh 

Schloss, J, travelling salesman, res cor Orange and C ave 

Schultz, Fred, core maker at Cor Foundry, res at Wilhelmina 

Scott, C H, foreman of Cor Water Co, res Coronado 

SESSIONS, MISS KATE, nursery, C ave, bet Second and Third 

Shulze, I/Ouis, moulder at Cor Foundry, res Jamul 

Sennet, E L,, carpenter, res G ave bet Third and Fourth 

Smith, res Seventh and C 

SMITH, MILTON, collector for Cor Beach Co, res University 

Smith, W Z, botanical gardener, res D ave near First 
SOUTHERN CAL. SOAP CO., W B Ingram pres, J M Cook 

manager, cor B ave and Second 
Stanton, R B, civil engineer, res E and Ninth 
Stark, Matthew, waiter at lyower & Co's restaurant 
Stark, Mrs Belle, cook at lyOwer & Co's restaurant, res Adella, 

near Hotel del Coronado 
Stevens, Wm, marshal, res E ave and Sixth 
Stewart, Mrs E A, cor F and Tenth 
Still well, J M, carpenter, res F bet Ninth and Tenth 
Stocking, H F, supt of park, res E near Tenth 
Stocking, R F, law student, res I and Ninth 


Stone, W P, real estate broker, res Bighth and *D 
Strumm, A, purser of S D & Cor Ferry Co, res Coronado 
Strumm, F, deck hand with S D & Cor Ferry Co, res Coronado 
Swyney, Miss C J, principal Coronado schools, res Hotel Josephine 


Taylor, Henry, res cor Alameda and G aves 

Taylor, Oscar, moulder at Cor Foundry, res Prospect Place 

Taylor, Mrs, teacher, res San Diego 

Telson, Chris, ship carpenter, res Boulevard bet Fourth and 

Thompson, Jas, painter, res Palm ave bet Fourth and Fifth 
THOMPSON, MIS5 OLA, (G D I,ower & Co), res Adella near 

Hotel del Coronado 
Tiers, C P, res C ave 

Tinker, W H, deputy surveyor, res Coronado 
Tregarthen, W J, millwright, res Orange bet First and Second 
Tucker, I W, clerk at Hotel del Coronado 
Turner, A G, machinist at Cor Foundry, res San Diego 
Turner, Robt, manager of Hopkins & Cox's boat house, res 

Coronado Beach 
Tyler, A P, engineer with Cor Beach Ry, res Orange bet Second 

and Third 
Tyson, John, res A ave near Eighth 
Tyson, M C, res A ave near Eighth 
Tyson, W J, painter, res C ave 


Uznay, Eugene, laborer, res Coronado 


Valentine, Walter, B, bet Seventh and Eighth 
VANDERKLOOT, A., pres Cor Foundry and Machine Co, res 

at Chicago 
VANDERKLOOT, M. R., vice-pres and manager Cor Foundry 

and Machine Co, res D ave, bet third and Fourth 
Vincent, C, moulder Cor Foundry, res San Diego 
Vincent, E B, barber. Orange ave, opp Hotel del Coronodo 
Varnum, Dr, res G and Third 



WADE, K. H., gen manager Southern Cal Ry, office at lyOs 

Angeles, res near Hotel del Coronado 
Wadham, F K, conductor Cor Ry, res Coronado 
Wagner, J, res Guadalupe ave and Juana Row 
Walker, F, pipe fitter, res D, near Eighth 
Waller, J W, blacksmith, cor G ave and Second 
Walsh, W D, civil engineer, G, bet Eighth and Ninth 
Ward, Prof Henry A, manager Cor Museum, res Rochester, N. Y 
Warfield, Major Alex, res C ave and Ninth 
Webster, Walter, carpenter, res H ave and Sixth 
Westenberg, C A, pastor M E Church, res E ave, bet Fifth and 


office Hotel del Coronado 
WHITE, ERNEST E., cashier Spreckels Bros Commercial Co, 

res Ninth and Olive ^j 
WILFORD, P. S., private teacher, Orange ave, bet Seventh and 

Willms, A, carpenter, res K and Second 
Wilson, E D, res Ninth and Adella 
Wilson, J E, res I, near Sixth 
Wines, J W, res F ave, bet Third and Fourth 
Wines, S J, clerk with J A Mathewson, res G ave, bet Third 

and Fourth 
Wood, R A, conductor Belt lyine Ry, res E ave, bet Third and 

Woof, H A, telegraph operator, res Seventh and F 
Woof, James H, with Whittier, Fuller & Co, res Seventh and F 
Woof, Mrs E G, res Seventh and F 
, Woolley, Harry, moulder Cor Foundry, res San Diego 
Wordie, Wm, clerk I^ C lyand Co, res Tenth and G 


Yeaton, J H, pattern maker. Cor Foundry, res Pomona ave, cor 








Bragg, L, C, cor Orange ave and 

Dudley, Frank, opp Hotel del Cor- 

Hopkins & Cox, Coronado hotel 


Mertz, Frank, Orange ave bet First 

McConoughey, 0. H., (Parker & 

and Second 

McConoughey), res cor Tenth 


and G 

Ferris & Marshall, Coronado hotel 




Kimball, F. E. A., Orange ave cor 

Lower, Q. D. & Co., Adella near 


Hotel del Coronado 



Coronado Foundry & Machine Co., 

Coronado Beach 

Mertz, Frank, Orange ave bet First 

and Second 


Vincent, opp hotel 

Qreen, T. S., Orange ave bet First 

and Second 


Mathewson, J. A., Orange ave bet 

Coronado Bath House., Coronado 

First and Second 




Dudley, Frank, Orange ave opp hotel 

Coronado, Hopkins & Cox, props 


Hotel del Coronado, Coronado 


Hotel Josephine, Orange ave and 

Coronado Fruit Package Co, near 



Oxford, near Ferry 



Kimball, F. E. A., Coronado 

Brekly, Miss E Orange ave bet Sixth 

and Seventh 



Edwards, D W, C ave First and Sec- 

Haas, Fred, Orange ave bet Fourth 

■ ond 

and Fifth 



The Mercury, Orange ave & Second 

Hopkins & Cox, Coronado hotel 
Kimball, F. E. A., Orange ave cor 


Sessions, niss Kate, C ave bet Sec- 
ond and Third, office and sales- 
room cor C and Fifth, San Diego 

Blaisdell & Son, cor C ave and Sec- 
ond, office and salesroom near 
cor Fifth and B San Diego 


Museum, near hotel 
Ostrich Farm, one block from Hotel 
del Coronado 


Furmant^R H, Orange ave near 2nd 


Coronado Beach Co., office at hotel 
S. T. Qreen, Orange ave bet First 

and Second 

Lower, Q. D. & Co., Adella near 

Hotel del Coronado 
Bragg, L. C, Orange ave near Hotel 

del Coronado 


Hopkins & Cox, Hotel del Coronado 
Kimball, F. E. A., Orange ave near 
Hotel del Coronado 

Southern California Co., cor B ave 

and Second 

Bragg, L. C, Orange ave near hotel 



Aderton, John, teacher of swim- 
ming, Coronado Bath House 
Wilford, P. S., Orange near Seventh 


Postal, office Kimball bldg near hotel 
Western Union, office Hotel del 

Ferguson, A H, Orange ave bet Sec- 
ond and Third 

Dannebaum, Urs. Otto, Orange ave 

Land and ToWn fompany 

BINJ/lJVlIjq K\jABJ\]j\j, Presider^t, 

-40,000 ^CJ^EvS 

Iffigated Ofange aod Lemon Laods 

In pive and Tep Acre Tracts. 

ImproO^d OrcKsirds. 

S49 Fifth Street, 

Main Office 


President. Cashier. Vice-President. 

TK? Ba^nlj of fJational C'*^j 

National City, California. 

general banking business. savings department, 

nickel savings stamp system. 





^— ^REAL ESTATE. .«»*_ 


Olive Oil W'^orks! 

Office, National Avenue and Tenth Street, 

Nationgil City, - - California. 

C/iLIFOT^fJS^ T-i^tt WaSI<, 


Orchard pertilizer 

Can be applied to roots as well as the foliage, without 

injury. Guaranteed to kill all kinds of scale and 

remove the black fungus from fruit and foliage. 

Those who used it last year are using it this year. We re- 
fer you to the following names for reference. 

E. P. Fowler, Henry Shaubut, J. C. Hussey, E. Aylsworth, 

Truman M. Smith, San Diego. 

W. 8. HILL, MiiNiiFACTURERS' Agent. National City. 




f O, E. M. Howard, Chairman 

I Geo. W. Deford 

Trustees, { John G. Routson 


^ P. D. Vaughan 

Clerk Geo. W. Beermaker 

Treasurer C. H. Sawyer 

Marshal J. J. BeaTTY 

Recorder. C. B. Roberts 

Justice of the Peace Chas. H. Freeman 

• ■ ♦ ■ • 


Adair, J C, track foreman, N C & O Ry, res Fifth ave near 

ADAM5, A. Q., real estate and insurance and manager National 

City Abstract Co, office at People's State Bank, res Third 

ave near Twelfth 
ADAMS, THELEN & CO., real estate and insurance, office at 

People's State Bank 
Ainsworth, Mrs Mary, res C ave and Twenty-fourth 
Ainsley, G W, res Second ave near Eighth 
Alexander, A P, blacksmith at C S shops 
Alexander, Wm, Third ave near Eighteenth 
Annis, Dr T E, res Paradise valley 

Asher, B, wiper C S shops, res Ninth ave and Fourteenth 
Atwater, Horace I, ranching, res Third ave and Eighteenth 
Augustine, A, res National ave and Eleventh 
Aylworth, E, res Paradise vallay 



Baca, Theodore, res Fourth ave and Ninteenth 
Bacon, Ceo A, car cleaner C S shops, res Third ave and Thir- 
Badwin, Miss, nurse, res Third ave and Fifteenth 
Baird, S J, fruit grower, res Eighth near J ave 
Baker, Edward M, teacher, res Second ave near Thirteenth 
Baker, W W, with N Mf'g Co, Third ave near Thirteenth 
Baker, Miss Carrie, governess, res Second ave and Fifteenth 
Baldwin, H J, supt schools, res Eighth, near Second ave 
Ball, J C, draying, res Fourth ave, near Seventeenth 
BANK OF NATIONAL CITY, Frank A Kimball pres, Warren 
C Kimball vice-pres, C B Whittelsey cashier, cor Seventh 
ave and Twenty-first 
Baptist church, A ave and Tenth 
Barker, Hiram, track laborer, N C & O Ry 
Bartlett, with N C & O Ry, res Sixth ave and Ninteenth 
Bartling, W H, brakeman, N C & O Ry, res Eighth ave and 

Becker, John J, saloon. Eighth ave and Eighteenth 
BEERflAKER, G. W., (The Record Co) and notary public res 

F ave, bet Fifth and Sixth 
Beidleman, Ed, with Nat Mf'g Co, res Second ave & Ninteenth 
Bell^ C, orchardist, res National ave near Tenth 
Bernstein, F, track foreman, N C & O Ry 
Bills, Dr A V, dentist, res ex-Mission 
Blackwell, Miss Mariam, christian scientist, res National ave 

and Eleventh 
Blanchard, F G, with L and T Co, res A ave and Fifth 
Blanford, Geo C, fireman on C S Ry, cor Second ave and Fif- 
Blossom, Guy C, res J ave and Eighth 
Blossom, Mrs H E, res J ave and Eighth 
BOAL, JOHN E., acting gen manager S D L,and and Town Co, 

res Terrace, N C 
Bouttell, S C, railroader, res Fourteenth near Second ave 
Bowen, J H, res ex-Mission 


Bowen, Rev D V, pastor New Jerusalem church, res A ave and 

Boyd Bros, (E W and Lynn Boyd) , druggists and stationers, cor 
Seventh ave and Fifteenth 

Boyd, E W, (Boyd Bros), res D ave and Ninth 

Boyd, Lynn, (Boyd Bros), res D ave and Ninth 

Boyd, Mrs L E, res D ave and Ninth 

Brady, Hugh, res Fourth ave near Fourteenth 

Brenner, J J, barber, shop on ythave bet Eighteenth and 19th 
res Seventh ave, bet Twenty-first and Twenty-second 

Britton, Capt, res Paradise valley 

Brown, L E, res I ave near Eighth 

Brown, J B, conductor S F Ry, res Seventh ave and Twenty- 

Brown, Miss F A, teacher, res D ave and Ninth 

Brown, Mrs P G, kindergarten, res B ave and Seventh 

Brown W E, telegraph operator and station agent N C & O Ry, 
res Twenty-fourth and C ave 

Burbeck & Copeland (H A Burbeck and A C Copeland), drug- 
gists and stationers, Seventh ave, bet Sixteetith and Seven- 

Burbeck, H A, (Burbeck & Copeland), res Tenth, nearC ave 

Burbeck, Mrs Anna M, res Tenth near C ave 

Burlingame, W F, res ex-Mission 

Burritt, J S, res cor National ave and Eighth 

Buser, John, rancher, res D ave and Fifth 

Butler, Wm, miner, res First ave and Seventh 

BUXTON, Dr. Q. EDWARD, physician and surgeon, office and 
res National ave and Twelfth 

Bye, C R, with Nat City Record, res Sixth ave, bet Eighteenth 
and Ninteenth 



Carringer, W H, carpenter with N C & O Ry, res San Diego 
Casey, W D, with Land and Town Co, res Sixth ave, near 20th 
Chaffin, Nelson, carpenter, res Sixth ave near Twentieth 


CHALLONER, T. Q., foreman N C Mf'g Co, res Seventh ave 

and Twenty-first 
Chamberlain, with railroad shops, res Sixth ave and Ninteenth 
CHASE, Q. W., (National Packing Co), res H ave and Eighth 

Chase, Paul E B, with National Packing Co, res Eighth ave 

and Eighth 
Chase, Thomas, res Fourth ave and Twentieth 
Chisholm, Alex, teamster, res Twelfth near Third ave 
Childs, Rev J F, res I ave and Seventh 
Glark, S T, assistant hostler C S shops, res Seventh ave, bet 

Twentieth and Twenty-first 
Clark, L, D, res A ave and Second 
Comfort, res B ave and Seventh 
Compton, James, machinist, C S shops, res Fourth ave near 

Compton, Ralph, res Fourth ave near Ninteenth 
Cook, C H, conductor N C & O Ry 
Copeland, A C, (Burbeck & Copeland) res cor Twelfth and 

D ave 
Copeland, F, with N C Mf'g Co, res Fourth ave and Twentieth 
Copeland, F, city engineer and deputy county assessor, res D ave 

and Eleventh 
Costa, John F, fruits and vegetables, res Sixth ave near 

Cox, Miss Annie, res Third ave near Eighth 
Cox, Miss Ivizzie, res Third ave near Eighth 
Cox, Miss Matilda, Third ave near Eighth 
Cox, Miss Sarah, res Third ave near Eighth 
Cox, Wm, laborer, res Third ave near Eighth 
Crain, J C, livery and groceries, Seventh, cor Sixteenth ave 
Crandall, Cleveland, res C ave near Twenty-fourth 
Crawford, Mrs, res C ave and Twenty-first 

Curtis, Eewis A, architect, Steele block, res E ave near Seventh 
Cushing, John, F ave near Thirty-first 



Dadmun, Daniel, cabinet maker, res National ave near Twelfth 
Davis, J M, foreman N C & O Ry, res H ave and Fifth 
Davis, J M, farmer, res H ave near Sixth 
Davis, lyeonard, res H ave and Second 
Davis, M, machinist. Fourth ave and Sixteenth 
Davis, Munn, with National City Record, res A ave and Tenth 
Dean, Rev Dr William, res Fourth ave and Eighteenth 
Deford, Geo W, prop National Barley mill. National ave and 
Eighteenth, feed store Sixth and Eighteenth, res E ave 
near Fifth 
DeTar, Geo, teamster, res First ave and Twelfth 
DICKINSON, GEO. W, real estate, San Diego, res H ave and 

Dickinson, Mrs Col, res the Terrace 
Dietrich, A, res Third ave near Seventeenth 
Dietrich, Aug, saloon. Eighth ave, near Eighteenth 
Dietrich, Joseph, engineer, res Second ave and Seventeenth 
Diment, Edwin, res B ave near Sixth 
Dimock, A E, res Paradise valley 

Dimock, Abner J, ranching, Third ave near Nineteenth 
Dimock, Herbert, painter, res National ave near Tenth 
Dingmond, F, res C ave near Eighth 

Dodge, Mrs, W L,, stenographer S D I, & T Co, res cor Six- 
teenth and K, San Diego 
Dodman, Chas, res rear Second ave bet Fourteenth and Fifteenth 
DOW, H. Q.. insurance, office San Diego, res Villa Maidine, 

H ave and Twenty-fourth 
Dow, T E, res Eighth, Paradise valley 
Dunbar, Mrs Albert H, res C ave and Twenty-fourth 
Dunbar, Miss Florence, res C ave and Twenty-fourth 
Duncklee, Andy, with Theodore Baca, res same 


Eggleston, Wm, laborer, res First ave and Fifteenth 

Elliott, A, res D ave and Fourth 

Bnearl, James H, carpenter, res E ave, bet Eighth and Ninth 

Episcopal church, F ave and Eighth 

Etherington, W C, engineer, res Second ave near Thirteenth 

Evans, John F, with Deford's barley mill, res Thirteenth, near 

First ave 
Evans, Phil, Third ave near Seventeenth 

Evans., T J, carpenter and buiMer, res Eighth ave and Sixteenth 
Evans, Mrs, A E, res E ave and Fifth 

Fay, H M, res near the Terrace 

Field, J, res F ave near Fifth 

Fleming, Mrs E, Paradise valley 

Fletcher, H H, track laborer, N C & O Ry 

Flinn, John, with 1, and T Co, res International hotel 

Floyd, H W, res H ave near Twentieth 

Floyd, Mrs C M, res H ave and Twentieth 

Forker, O H P, res ex-Mission 

Foster, J H, rancher, res B ave near Seventh 

Foss, C E, res ex- Mission 

Fouth, A, track laborer, N C & O Ry, 

Fowler, E P, fruit grower, Paradise valley 

Franklin, AC, res Paradise valley 

Franks, Wm, carpenter at C S shops, res First ave, bet Twenty- 
first and Twenty-second 

Frazier, Mrs, res A ave near Tenth 

Freeman, Chas H, Justice of the Peace 

Freeman, D, car repairer C S shops, res Fifth ave near Eigh- 

Freeman, W, with N Mf'g Co, res Seventh ave and Sixteenth 


Freeman, Mrs S M, Second Ave near Twenty -third 

Freeman, Mrs A G, dressmaking, res near National ave and 

Freitag, O R, with N C Record, res Sixteenth and Seventh ave 
Fulton, Fred, keeper Sweetwater dam, res same 


Garretson, G A, pres Pac Wood and Coal Co, San Diego, res 

Highland ave and Fourteenth 
Garrettson, D F, with Rose Canyon Brick Co, res B ave and 

Gates, Miss Maud, with N C Record, res Eighth ave and 

Gee, Samuel, brakeman. Third ave near Eighteenth 
Gibbons, Walter, brakeman, N C & O Ry, res Eighth ave and 

Gibson, C Iv, foreman C S shops, res Fourth ave near Seven- 
Gifford, Chas, res H ave and Second 
Glover ly S, clerk SDL, and T Co, res cor Twenty-fourth and 

D ave 
Gordon, J S, res the Terrace 
GRAY, HENRY, assist, treas S D I^ and Town Co, res Florence 

hotel, San Diego 
Gray, John, res Seventh near A ave 
Gray, Miss Clara, teacher 
Gray, Mrs E M, res Second ave cor Ninth 
Grant, G W, deputy assessor, res A ave and Eighth 
Green, Richard, with Theo Race, res Eighth ave and Sixteenth 
Green, T, boarding house. Eighth ave and Sixteenth 
Griffith, P, res E ave and Eleventh 
Grigsby, Mrs M E, stationery and notions, res Seventh ave bet 

Seventeenth and Eighteenth 
Grigsby, W F, retired, res Seventh ave bet Seventeenth and 

Grout, A A, res ex-Mission 

Grout, lyj, grocer. Seventh ave bet Eighteenth and Nineteenth 
Grout, Lamont, grocery, E ave and Fifth 



HARRISON, THOS, attorne^^-at-law San Diego res near Terrace 

Hamilton, Ed, with N Mfg Co, res Fourth ave near Seventeenth 

HANCOCK. Q. H., prop of International Hotel, res same 

Hale Geo W, res Paradise Valley 

HARBAUQH, H. A., (The Record Co), res Fourth ave, bet 
Seventeenth and Eighteenth 

Harrison, E, engine wiper with N C & O Ry, res Ninth ave 

Harris, S E, carpenter, res First ave and Fourteenth 

Hart, H M, car cleaner C S shops, res San Diego 

Hartwell, R S, res ex-Mission 

Hawks, D F, car cleaner at C S shops, res Fourth ave bet Six- 
teenth and Seventeenth 

Hazard, A E, with J R Hazard, res same 

Hazard, Fred, with J R, Hazard, res same 

Hazard, J R, butcher, Seventh ave, res First ave and Thirteenth 

Henderson, Miss Ruth, compositor at Record office, res Sixth 
ave and Nineteenth 

Henry, Rev Victor A, Baptist minister, res Second ave and Fif- 

Hill, Mrs K M, res Seventh near E ave 

Hill, W S, druggist, Steele blk National ave, res East Second 
ave and Eighth 

Hobbs, Mrs A J, res Third ave near Eleventh 

Holt, Chas, car wiper at C S shops 

HORNBECK, E. A., chief clerk N C & O Ry, res cor First ave 
and Seventh 

Howard, O E M, res Highland ave near Thirtieth 

Horton, G R, jeweler, res First ave and Twelfth 

Hubbs, with Swayne, Paradise Valley 

Huntington, Dr H, retired, res J ave and Eighth 

Hussey, J C, res J ave and Seventh 

Hutchings, Miss Ada, milliner, res Second ave aud Fifteenth 

Hyatt, res Paradise Valley 



Ingraham, Geo F, carpenter, res Second ave near Eighteenth 
INTERNATIONAL HOTEL, G H Hancock prop, Sixth ave bet 
Twenty second and Twenty-third 

Johnson, Dr T F, homeopathic, office overBurbeck & Copeland's 

res Eighth near B 
Johnston, R C, with N Mfg Co, res Second ave and Seventeenth 
JOHNSTON, S. S., agt Russ Eumber & Mill Co, res Blaine ave 

and Sixth 
Johnson, S S, res G ave and Sixth 
JoUs, EE, res Third ave and Eighth 
Josselyn, C E, res Paradise Valley 
Judson, Edward, res E ave and Sixth 


Keene, Dr J W, physician and surgeon, res Fourth ave and 

KELLAH, C. C, clerk with S D E & T Co, res San Diego 
Kelchner, O, with N Mfg Co, res Fifth ave and Nineteenth 
Kelle}^ T C, engineer, res Fifth ave and Twentieth 
Kellogg, F R, prop St Elmo Restaurant, res Seventh ave bet 

Eighteenth and Nineteenth 
Kelley, J S, machinist with N C & O Ry 
Kidwell, Mrs S, res Second ave and Fourteenth 
Kimball, A B, with National City Record, res Sixteenth near 

M ave 
Kimball, C H, res F ave and Twentieth 
KIMBALL, FRANK A., pres Bank of National City and prop of 

National Olive Oil Mills, res Nat ave from Ninth to Eleventh 
Kimball, Geo, res Sixteenth and K 
KIMBALL, WARREN C, vice-pres Bank of National City and 

prop N C Planing Mill, res cor Twenty-fourth and D ave 


Mearns, Samuel R, conductor with N C & O Ry, res Second ave 

near Thirteenth 
Mearns, M S, conductor with N C & O Ry, res Third ave 
Methodist Episcopal Church, cor First ave and Thirteenth 
Milligan, J, blacksmith with N C & O Ry, res Ninth ave 
Moeck, G E, saloon. Seventh ave bet Seventeenth and Eigh- 
teenth, res Eirst ave cor Sixteenth 
Morrill, Dr J F, res Second ave and Seventeenth 
Morris, M R, locomotive hostler at C S shops 
Morris^ Mrs S E, res D ave and Twenty-fourth 
Moses, F A, salesman with Russ Lumber & Mill Co, res Eigh- 
teenth and Ninth ave 
Mudgett & Nichols, (J E Mudgett, G W Nichols), hardware, 

plumbing and tinning, cor Seventh ave and Eighteenth 
Mudgett, J E, (Mudgett & Nichols), res Third ave and Eleventh 
Mullen, Ira, res Fourth ave and Sixteenth 
Mullen, James E, rancher, res Fourth ave and Sixteenth 
Mullen, O A, railroader, res Fourth ave and Sixteenth 
Munier, John, res D ave near Twenty-fifth 
MUNQER, W. F., pres Nat Mfg Co, res Sweetwater Valley 
McBean, A H, res ex-Mission 
McCartney, Tim, laborer with N C & O Ry 
McClellen, fruit grower, res Paradise Valley 
McCollam, Mrs E M, res First ave bet Seventh and Eighth 
McCommas, Robt, druggist, res Sixth ave and Nineteenth 
McCourtney, A I, foreman of pipe line with N C & O Ry, res cor 

Thirteenth and Third ave 
McCulloch, Cole, engineer with N C & O Ry, res Eighth ave 

and Twenty-third 
McKay, W J, fruit grower, res I ave and Eighth 
McEaghlin, J, with N Mfg Co, res Seventh ave and Sixteenth 
McMaster, H H, station agent, operator and W F & Co agent, 

res cor Twenty-third and Fifth ave 
McNeal, J D, engineer N C & O By, res Fourth ave and Nine- 
McNeal, J B, engineer N C & O Ry, res cor Third ave and 

McSwaney, Mr, res E ave and Fifth 


Kincaid & Palmer, (J H Kincaid, T R Palmer), coal, hay, grain 

and feed, cor Seventh ave and Ninteenth 
Kincaid, J H, res Twenty-sixth near F ave 
King, Sam, boiler maker at C S shops 
Kinney, Tim, track laborer with N C & O Ry 


Lamb, Chas, with Reduction Works, res Sixth ave and Nine- 

Lamb, David, res C ave near Seventh 

Lamb, Mrs H A, res Sixth ave and Nineteenth 

Lambrecks, Mathias, railroader, res Third ave near Nineteenth 

Lawrence, Mrs F, res National City 

LEONARD, Dr. C. N., (dentist at San Diego), res D ave near 

Lester, A, res D ave near Twenty-fifth 

Lester, B, res D ave near Twenty-fifth 

Lillie, C M, res D ave near Sixth 

Lisco, W, res F ave and Twenty-first 

LOCKIE, GEO. J., manager N C & O Ry, res Seventh ave bet 
Twentieth and Twenty-first 

Long, Rev C E, pastor of Presb^^lerian church, res D ave and 

Loop, T M, real estate agt at San Diego, res D ave and Sixth 


Major, Miss Neilie, res F ave near Fifth 

Manning, Rev W T, Episcopalian, res San Diego 

Mashmeyer, J A, harness maker, cor Nineteenth and Seventh 

ave, res Fourth ave near Seventeenth 
Matchin, Miss Rose S, teBcher, res National ave and Eleventh 
Matthiessen, A H, clerk with N C Matthiessen, res Paradise 

Matthiessen, G A. clerk with N C Matthiessen, res Paradise 

Matthiessen, N C, gen mdse, Steele blk, res Paradise Valley 
Mearns, Mrs Mary R, res Second ave near Thirteenth 



NATIONAL CITY ABSTRACT CO., office at People's State Bank 
A G Adams manager 

ave and Seventeenth 

NATIONAL CITY RECORD, The Record Co props, cor Seventh 
ave and Sixteenth 

NATIONAL PACKING CO, packers and canners of fruits, lob- 
sters, etc, National ave and Twenty-third 

Ward vice-pres, John McLaren sec'y, Ninth ave and 

N. C. & O. R. R., Geo J Lockie manager 

N. C, & O. Ry. SHOPS, C H Wooster foreman. Seventh ave 
and Twent)^-sixth 

National Cit}' Reduction Works, near Tenth ave and Twenty- 

Nichols, G W, (Mudgett & Nichols) res Third ave, cor Eleventh 

Noble, Claire, res ex-Mission 

Noice, Ollie, Res Sixth ave near Twentieth 

Northrup, E B, with L and T Co, res First ave near Eighth 

NOYCE, O. C, (National Packing Co), res J ave and Sixteenth 

NOYCE, O. H., (Nat Packing Co), res J ave and Sixteenth 


Oberlander, Charles, constable 

O'Connell, Jerry, foreman N C & O Ry, res cor Fourth ave and 

O'Connell, James, res J ave and Eighteenth 
O'Harro, Miss Mary, teacher, res National ave, near Eleventh 
Owens, Edwin, res H ave and Eighteenth 


Pacific Hardwood Co, Sidney Selover, sec'y. Waterfront, bet 

Sixteenth and Seventeenth 
Padgett, Isaac, machinist, C S shops 
Palmer, R C, blacksmith at C S shops 
Palmer, T R, coal, feed, etc, res Fourth ave near Eighteenth 


Parker, J R, Fifth ave near Twenty-second 

Parsons, Geo, res J ave and Fifth 

Parsons, T, res B ave and Eighth 

Patterson, John F, with pipe shop, res Third ave near Twelfth 

Patterson, J H, track laborer N C & O Ry 

Pattee, Ellis, postmaster, cor Seventh ave and Fifteenth, res 

Sixth near J ave 
PEOPLE'S STATE BANK, Henry Shaubut pres, E Thelan 

cashier. National ave and Eighth 
Petts, John, res ex- Mission 
Pike, F E, barber, cor Eighth ave and Eighteenth, res Eighth 

ave near Eighteenth « 

Pike, F H, foreman C S yard, res Eighth ave and Ninteenth 
Piatt, M, railroader, res Third ave near Eighteenth 
Porter, A O, blacksmith, res Second ave near Thirteenth 
Potts' Sanitarium, Raradise valley 

Porter, H T, with N Mf'g Co, res Second ave and Twelfth 
Presbyterian church, cor D ave and Eighth 
Prendergast, F E, agricultural supt S D E and T Co, res Chula 

Vista,, Melrose station 


Quackenbush, R O, locomotive fireman, res Second ave and 


Ranch, Mrs J E, res Second ave and Sixteenth 

Redden, Fred, Fourth ave near Ninteenth 

Reed, Frank P, Plumbing, Seventh ave, bet Eighteenth and 

Ninteenth, res Sixteenth and K 
Rice, Bud, res Fourth ave and Fifteenth 
RICE, J. A., broker, real estate, insurance, notary public, National 

ave bet Tenth and Eleventh, res H ave and Second 
Risdon, F, road overseer, res Second ave near Eighth 
Risdon, Dr H T, res National ave and Eighth 
Risdon, S A, res I ave and Fourth 


Roach, Wm, track foreman N C & O Ry 
Robbins, C B, clerk with Grout, res C ave and Eighth 
Roberts, C B, night watchman Pac Hardwood Co 
Roberts, C B, justice of the peace, cor Seventh ave and Seven- 
teenth, res First ave bet Fifteenth and Sixteenth 
Rollins, F P, shoemaker. Seventh ave near Fifteenth, res same 
Routson, John G, sanitarium, Paradise valley 
Royce, J M, (Sutherland & Rojxe), res Third ave and Eighth 
Russell, Chas, conductor, res Sixth ave and Ninteenth 
RUSS LUMBER AND MILL CO., S S Johnston agent, cor 
Eighteenth and Ninth ave 

Sanburn, Fred, res B ave near Sixth 

SAN DIEQO LAND AND TOWN CO., John E Boal acting gen 

manager, office National City 
Salter, Wm, laborer, res E ave and Sixth 

Savage, H N, hydraulic engineer, S D L & T Co, res Twenty- 
fourth and D ave 
Sawyer, Chas H, teller Bank of N C, res Terrace 
Scalcow, Marco, car cleaner, C S shops 
Scott, L A, attornej'-at-law, res I ave and Sixth 
Sholes, Herman, res H ave and Fourth 
SHAUBUT, HENRY, pres People's State Bank, res H ave and 

Searles, Eugene, news agent, res Sixth ave and Ninteenth 
Seiberlich, Mrs C, res D ave and Twenty-fifth 
Seehorn, J, laborer, res Second ave near Thirteenth 
Simpson, J N, car repairer, res Eighth ave and Twenty-first 
Slocum, M L, millwright, res Seventh near E ave 
Simpton, Frank, painter, res Second ave near Eighth 
Smith, Geo B, with N C Record, res G ave, cor Twenty-first 
SMITH, STEPHEN S, cashier S D L & T Co, res San Diego 
Smith, Geo B, printer, res F ave and Twenty-first 
Smith, Mrs Lydia K, res Twenty-fourth and D ave 
Smith, S W, painter, res Third ave near Thirteenth 


Smith, James A, res G ave and Fourth 

Solner, Otto, res ex-Mission 

South, Mrs Blanch, res Third ave near Eleventh 

Spink, Geo, second cook at St Elmo Restaurant, res at San D 

Stacy, res Eighteenth near Fifth ave 

Stafford, A S, painter 

Stafford, G W, plasterer, res Third ave and Eighth 

Stafford, Miss Katie, res Third ave near Eighth 

Stafford, Miss May, res Third ave near Eighth 

Stanton, H M, real estate agt at San Diego, res Eighth near F 

Stearns, Chas, brakeman witn N C & O Ry, res Eighth ave and 

Stearns, J E, firsman with N C & O Ry.res Second ave and 13th 
Stearns, J R, engineer with N C & O Ry, res Tia Juana 
Steele, E, res J ave and . Eifth 
Stebbins, Geo H, Eighth near Second ave 
Steele, J B, res Second nearH ave 

St Elmo Restaurant, F R Kellogg, Seventeenth and Eighth ave 
STEVENS, H. J., attorney-at-lw, San Diego, res I ave and Eighth 
Stevens, E N, res I ave and Eighth 
Stewart, Chas R, conductor with S C Ry, res Second ave near 

Stoecker, John, shoemaker. Seventh ave bet Sixteenth and Sev- 
enteenth, res San Miguel 
STOMBS, C. H., mfg of California Tree Wash and Orchard 

Fertilizer, National ave and Eighth, res same 
Strahl, Mrs D K, res C ave and Eighth 
Strong, E, res J ave near Seventh 
Stuart, J N, blacksmith. National ave and Seventh, res Third 

ave bet Eighth and Ninth 
Swain, Mrs C A, res I ave and Seventh 
Sutherland & Royce, (David Sutherland, J M Royce, George 

Ingraham), blacksmiths. Seventeenth bet Sixth and 

Seventh aves 
Sutherland, D, ( Sutherland & Royce ), res Sixth ave and 

SWAYNE, E. J., Cal M Loan & Trust Co, res Paradise Valley 
Swayne, T J, nursery, res Paradise Valley 


Sweet, Chas H, car cleaner at C S Ry shops, res Third ave cor 

Sweet, Chas, railroader, res Third ave near Eighth 
Syvertsen, Henry, car cleaner at C S Ry shops, res Fifth ave 

near Twentieth 


THELEN, E., cashier People's State Bank 

Taylor, James, res First ave and Twenty-third 

Tingley, Mrs E A, res D ave near Eighth 

TonhoflF, Mrs Margaret, res Fourth ave and Sixteenth 

Tratt, Rev Ira, pastor of Baptist church, res C ave near Eighth 

Tyson, J R, night watchman, res F ave and Fourth 


Underhill, Mrs J H, res Fourth ave and Seventeenth 


Valentine, E, real estate agt, res Eighth near G ave 
Vaughan, A W, grocery clerk, res C ave near Seventh 
Vaughan, P D & W B, general mdse. Seventh ave and Seven- 
Vaughan, P D, (Vaughan, P D & W B), res National ave bet 

Seventh and Eighth 
Vaughan, WB, (Vaughan, PD&WB), res First ave and 

Voeltzel, Daniel, bakery, Seventh ave near Eighteenth, res same 


Wagner, C H, book-keeper with Russ Lumber & Mill Co, cor 

Ninth ave and Eighteenth 
Wagner, Carl, res ex-Mission 

Waldron, Mrs Louisa, with International Hotel, res same 
Walker, Thos, rancher, res B ave and Eighth 


Wakefield, Mrs, res Highland ave and Seventh 

WARD, H. B., manager of Ferris branch of National Mfg Co, 

res at Ferris 
WARD, L. A., vice-pres and gen'l manager Nat Mfg Co, res cor 

Third ave and Eleventh * 

Ward, S A, res Second ave and Fourteenth 

Ward, Wm, res Third ave near Seventeenth 

Weage, Rev E D, pastor of Congregational church, res C ave 
and Fifth 

Weisser, A J, cigar maker, res Sixth ave and Seventeenth 

Welker, E E, billiards and restaurant, Eighth ave cor Seven- 
teenth, res First ave and Sixteenth 

Weslock, John, track laborer with N C & O Ry 

Westemburg, Rev C A, pastor M E church, res Coronado 

Whicker, S J, boot and shoe maker, Eighth near National ave, 
res J ave and FoUrth 

WHITTELSEY, C. B., cashier Bank of National City, res Inter- 
national hotel 

Wilkes, Grant, cook at St Elmo Restaurant, res San Diego 

Williams, Richard, at railroad shops, res Fourth ave and i6th 

Williamson Bros, grocers, Steele blk, National ave 

Willingham, J Q, with N Mfg Co, res Second ave and Sixteenth 

Wiliis, M C, res G ave and Fourth 

Willis, Miss, res Eleventh near National ave 

Wilson, Mrs Ada, with International hotel, res same 

Witherby , Mrs Edwin, res C ave and Tenth 

Wood, A H, engineer with S D E & Co, res International hotel 

Wood, Harr}^, res International hotel 

Wood, Mrs A, res Internatlonai hotel 

Woodburn, Dr, fruit grower, res H ave and Sixth 

Woodbury, F S, res National ave near Eighth 

Woodworth, Harvey, res Third ave near Ninth 

Woodworth, Mrs, res Third ave near Ninth 

Woolsey, Miss Addie, teacher, res Otay 

Worster, C H, foreman at N C & O shops, res Fourth ave and 

Workman, Jas, tin and coppersmith. Fourth ave bet Thirteenth 
and Fourteenth 

Worster, M M, res Fourth and Twentieth 





]SlflTIOHflLi CITY. 



National City Abstract Co,, office at 

Boyd Bros, cor Seventh ave and Fif- 

People's State Bank 


Burbeck & Copeland, Seventh ave 


bet Sixteenth and Seventeenth 

Curtis, Lewis A, Steele blk 

Hill, W S, cor National ave & Eighth 

McCommas, Robt, Seventh ave 



Rheinoehl & Harrison, officce San 

Vaughan, P D & D W, cor Seventh 


ave and Seventeenth 



Bank of National City, C B Whit- 

Crain, J C, cor Seventh av and Seven- 

telsey cashier.cor Seventh ave and 



Grout, L J Seventh ave bet Eigh- 

People's State Bank, EThelen cash- 

teenth and Nineteenth 

ier, Steele blk. National ave and 

Matthiessen, N C, Steele blk National 




Williamson Bros, Steele blk 

Voeltzel, Daniel, Seventh ave near 



Mudgett & Nichols, cor Seventh ave 


and Eighteenth 

Pike, F E, Eighth cor Eighteenth 



International, Sixth ave bet Twenty- 

Second and Twenty-third 

Stuart, J N, National ave and Seventh 


Sutherland & Royce, Seventeenth 

bet Sixth and Seventh aves 

Adams, Thelen &Co., Steele blk 

Palmer, J R, Seventh ave and 19th 


Routson, J G, Seventh ave 

Leonard, Dr. C. N., ave D near Fifth 

Rice, J. A., National ave near nth 




Crain, J C, Seventh ave and Seven- 

Russ Lumber & Mill Co., cor Eigh- 
teenth and Ninth ave 

California Tree Wash & Fertilizing 

Co., National ave and Eighth 
Deford's Barley Mill, National ave 

and Eighteenth 
National City Reduction Works 
National Manufacturing Co., L. A. 

Ward manager, cor Seventeenth 

and Ninth ave 
National Olive Oil Mills, Frank A 

Kimball, prop 
National Packing Co., National ave 

and Twenty-third 
Pacific Hardwood Lumber Co, Water 

Front, bet Sixteenth and Seven- 
Planing Mills, Warren Kimball prop 


Hazard, J R, Seventh ave near Seven- 

National City Record, cor Seventh 
ave and Sixteenth 

Beermaker, Q. W., with Record Co 
Rice, J. A., National ave, bet Tenth 
and Eleventh 


Grigsby, Mrs M E, Seventh ave bet 
Seventeenth and Eighteenth 


Swayne, T J, Paradise Valley 


Buxton, Q. Edward, National ave 
and Twelfth 

Johnson, Dr. T F, over Burbeck & 

Keene, J W, Fourth ave and Four- 

Morrill, J F, Second ave and 17th 

Risdon, Dr. H T, National ave and 

Mudgett & Nichols, 7th ave and i8th 
Reed, F P, Seventh ave bet Eigh- 
teenth and Neneteeuth 
Adams, Thelen & Co., Steele blk 
Kimball, Frank A., National ave bet 

Eighth and Eleventh 
Rice, J. A., National ave near nth 
S. D. Land & Town Co., John E 
Boal manager 


St Elmo, cor Seventeenth and 8th av 
Welker, E E, cor Seventeenth and 
Eighth ave 


Becker, John J, cor Eighth ave and 

Moeck, G E, Seventh ave bet Seven- 
teenth and Eighteenth 


Rollins, F P, Seventh near Fifteenth 
Stoecker, John, Seventh ave bet Six- 
teenth and Seventeenth 
Whicker, S J, near cor Eighth and 
National ave 


Boyd Bros, Seventh ave and Fifteenth 



K. OF P. — Ivoma Lodge, No. 159, meets every Monday evening, at K. of 
P. Hall, Eighth avenue, corner Twenty-second street. 

I. O. O. F. — National City Lodge, No. 338, meets every Saturday even- 
ing, at Odd Fellows' Hall, on Eighteenth street. 

F. & A. M. — Southwest Lodge, No. 283, meets on Wednesday evening, 
on or preceding full moon, at Grange Hall. 

Daughters of Rebekah. — \nna Lodge, No. 137, meets in Odd Fellows' 
Hall, on the second and fourth Thursdays of each month. 

National Union. — San Miguel Council, No. 315, meets the third Thursday 
of each month at Odd Fellows' Hall. 

W. C. T. U. — Meets every alternate Thursday afternoon, at Congrega- 
tional church. 

♦ •♦ 


Commencing at the San Diego city limits, the streets running east 
and west are First, Second, Third, etc., to the city limits between Na- 
tional City and Chula Vista. 

Taking National avenue as a base line, the streets running north and 
south are called avenues. Those on the west of National avenue are 
First avenue. Second avenue, etc., to the bay front. Those on the east 
of National avenue are A avenue, B avenue, etc., as far as the streets are 
laid out. 



Principal Place of Buisincss, 





WELL and llttTER PIP 



L. A. WARD, Vice=Pres. and General Manager. 


W. T. Hunger, President. John McLaren. Secretary. 

Iv. A. Ward, Vice-Pres. and General Manager. 

The Bank oe National City, Treasurer. 

Perris Vali^ey Bank, Assistant Treasurer. 

W. T. Hunger, L. A. Ward, John McLaren, A. A. Hendeson. 

at National City 

Branch Factor}^ 
at Perris. 

Principal Place 

of Business, 



Sheet IfOfi Well and Watef Pipe. 


Iron and Wooden Tanks, and all Glasses 


We make a specialty of a patent Asbestos Coating for preserving steel 

from rust. 

^Z^^We also make a specialty of the manufacture of 

3-inch Steel Pipe. 





ALPINE CENTER. (Alpine P. O.) 

On Cuyamaca stage road, 28 miles north-east of San Diego, 
ten miles from railroad at Lakeside. A prosperous truit, grain 
and cattle country; population of precinct 284 

Albee, T M, painter Alpine Center Hall Co, J A 

ARNOLD, B. R. of Arnold, Hilsinger, sec'y and treas 
Cherry & Co, wholesale ship^ Atwater, A J, blacksmith 
pers; principal place of busi- Beebee, N A, millwright 
ness New York; local resi- Casty, B, carpenter 
dence Alpine Emery, A A, clerk 

Emery, L D, (Emery Bros) Emery Bros, (D & Capt Wm S 

Emery, Capt Wm S, (Emery Emer}^), butchers and stock 

Bros) and fruit raisers 

Hereford, Dr F EflERY, C. F., postmaster, gen'l 

High, Wm, fruit packer mdse, hotel and livery 

Hoagland, H M, teamster Hilsinger, J A, sec'y and treas 

McCormac, J G, nursery Alpine Center Hall Co 

Pennoyer, R A, carpenter Pontius, Dr R W 

Shultz, Chris, shoemaker Smith, Louis, brick-layer 

Thompson, John, brick-layer 


On Julian stage road 45 miles north-east of San Diego, and 22 
from Foster's railroad station. 

Alderson, D A, teacher Boise H F, justice of peace 

Booth, J W, farmer Casner, M V, farmer 



Fisher, C P, hotel 
Fraser, J McG, plasterer 
Halstead, D, farmer 
Johnson, W W. blacksmith 
lyittlepage, C W, constable 
McDowell, Rev, M E minister 
Mclntire, John L,, postmaster 
Stephens, F, naturalist 
Stone, Geo M, farmer 
Warnock, H A, constable 
Warnock, Samuel, farmer 

Graves, E E, farmer 

Grow, Miss Jessie, teacher 

Himmel, Chas, painter 

Keith, AV, farmer 

Moore, E B, general mdse store 

Mulkins, J W, farmer 

Southerland, J P, painter 

SwycafFer, J D, road overseer 

Union Church 

Warnock, Wm, farmer 

"Wood, Rev T J, Baptist minister 


One of the rich mining districts, on the San Diego, Julian and 
Temecula stage road 70 miles north-east of San Diego, and 40 
miles from railroad at Lakeside 

Bailey, D D, mine owner 
Chambers, W D, mine supt 
Ferguson, W B, teacher 
lyane, D C, mine supt 
Mason, J E, stock raiser 
Murphy, F A, mine contractor 
Pennenberg^ Mrs E G, hotel 

Bright, James, blacksmith 
Diamond, Chas, livery stable 
Grant, Fred, stock raiser 
Eane, D F, boarding house 
Murphy, A J, miner and contr'r 
Pennenberg, E, lawyer and not'y 
Ryan, John, stonemason 
Slocum, Geo W, engineer 

and postmistress 

Wentworth & Rees, gen'l mdse Wilcox, IvL, mine owner 

store Woodrow, Wm, gardener 


On Poway and Escondido road, 28 miles north of San Diego 
and 5 miles south of Escondido. 
E. L.SCHILLENBERQ general store. 


On San Louis Rey river, between Oceanside and Fallbrook, 
45 miles north of San Diego. 
GODFREY, D. W., gen. store Bonsall, James, nursery 



On railroad between Oceanside and Escondido, 40 miles north 
of San Diego. 

COOK, Q. H., postmaster Irwin, Grace, teacher 

Bearing, W S, teacher Keith, lyUcy, teacher 


Is a pretty watering place on the S. C. Ry., 37 miles from San 
Diego, and three miles from Oceanside. The M E church owns 
an extensive hotel and grounds here, and the Carlsbad water 
has attained considerable celebrity. 

Brennesholtz, hotel keeper 

Brown, J T, dealer in horses and poultry 

Carlsbad Mineral Wells 

CRAIN, J. D postmaster and commission merchant 

Culver, A J, carpenter and builder 

Culver, Fred, carpenter and builder 

Fisher, Mrs E, fancy work 


Ivcnz, Jos, shomaker 

Morrow, J D, brick-layer and plasterer 

Reed, Miss J A, teacher 

Roberts, S F, machinist 

Schutte, G, sec'y of L,and & Mineral Water Co 

Smith, S C, real estate agent 


A suburban residence section, adjoining National City on the 
south ; with its many miles of graded and tree-lined avenues and 
streets, handsome residences, thousands of acres of growing 
orange and lemon groves, and rapid-transit connection with San 
Diego city, it has become the home of many San Diego profes- 
sional and business men, and is one of the attractive places in 
the bay region. 

Adams, D K Barber, Albert 

Brown, Payne Ballon, J M 

CALKINS,SC. D., postmaster Carr, Wm M 
Chula vista Nursery Co Copeland, H 



Cushney, Mrs C A, teacher 

Congregational Church 

Davidson, J M, 

Fehlmann, August 

Fehlmann, Herman 

Fehlmann, Otto 

Frazier, Milton 

Greife, John 

Gulick Bros, nursery 

Gulick, H, Sr 

Haberfelner, H 

Harris, R S 

Herman, Chas 

Jobes, C C 

Judkins, J T, 

Johnson, J M 

Johnson, Monroe 

Morse, Peter 

Morse, I N 

Morse, P W 

Miller, Ernest 

Orcott & Egan, nursery 

Philomathic Society and free 

reading room 
Rhinehart, J O 
Richardson, J S 
Shimerda, J A 
Stearns, Wm 
Stearns, J C 
Stephens, J E 
Stuart, C H 
Titus, A 
Walker, Henry 
Webb, Captain F R 
Williams, T L 
Williams, C L, plumber 
Williams, Chas 
Wilson, William 

Clouse, J E, (Higgins & Clouse 

Dyer, E W 

Eaton, Miss T M 

Flanders, E E 

Fisher, Henry 

Frank, C E 

Griffin, J Iv 

Grimes, Wm 

Griffin, J h 

HAINES, A., att'y, San Diego 

Hammond, A 

Henderson, G L 

Higgins & Clouse, nursery 

Henderson, W J 

Higgins, T D, (H & C) 

Johnston, John 

Knapp, J E 

McMurray, Geo 

McGregor, Dr G P, physician 

Morley, A J 

Newcomb, Frank S 

Pinkerton, Mrs J A 

Prendergast, F E 

Rhoebuck, Elias 

Rihn, W M 

RIPPEY, C, H., att'y, San Diego 

Smith, PB 

Stender, A G 

Stephens & Calkins, gen nidse 

Stephens, A B, (S & C) 

Trayler, M 

Vaughn, R N 

Walter, Price 

WARD, M. L., att'y, San Diego 

Wilkins, W 

Whittaker, H S 

Wright, Ivucius 

Wynn, L, 




A stock raising and mining district, 50 miles east of San Diego. 
Gaskell, S E, gen. store, blacksmith shop and grist mill 
Herrick, A P, postmaster and justice of the peace 
WEBB, E. L., general store 

CUYAflACA (or Stonewall). 

-The center of a rich mining country, 55 miles north-east of 
San Diego and 35 miles from the railroad at lyakeside. Stage 
leaves at 7 a.m. for lyakeside. 
Cuyamaca Mercantile Co, (Waldo S Waterman, W S Hasking, 

R C Turner) 
Hunger, Dr M E, physician 
Stonewall Mine, Waldo S Waterman manager 
Waterman, Waldo S, general manager S D, C & E Ry 
Hosking, W S, merchant TURNER, R. C, postmaster 


Is 22 miles north-east of San Diego, and 8 miles from the rail- 
road at El Cajon. 
Bixby, Rev A, Congregational Campbell A Iv, general mdse 

Gregg, E E, blacksmith 
Hartley, J M, insurance 
Ross, T A, teacher 
Sloane, H P^ nursery 
Starr, M B, mail carrier 

Gregg, A E J, carpenter 
GREGG, M. J., postmaster 
Hartley, M J, hotel 
McFarlan, J R, justice of peace 
Shields, A P, Baptist minister 


A seaside resort on the Southern California railroad, 22 miles 

north of San Diego. 
Angeis & Rainford, grocery 
BENNETT, U, postmaster 
Civetta, A, boarding house 
Foster, Iv J, justice of peace 
Jones, M C, express agent 
Meklensek, John, wine maker 
Wells, A C, tinner 

Bennett, AW, grocery and hotel 
Bloodworth, John, constable 
Fields, Chas, carpenter 
Foster, Wm, blacksmith 
Kirby, I^ A, jobber 
Taylor, J I^, retired judge 



On Cuyamaca road, 40 miles east of San Diego and 20 miles 
from the railroad at I^akeside. 
Combs, John A, merchant Marshfield, Emaline, teacher 


On Campo road, 28 miles east of San Diego. 
Clark, Frank J, nursery HAQENBUCK, H. H., gen. store 

Marsh, C H, taxidermist Stoaks, Eva, teacher 


Is on the S. D. , C. & E. Ry, 15 miles north-east of San Diego, 
in El Cajon valley, one of the finest in Southern California, a 
rich agricultural and fruit growing section. It is noted for its 
many large raisin vinyards and orchards. The best raisins on 
the market are grown in El Cajon valley, also some of the finest 
orchards are found here. The hundreds of raisin pickers and 
packers present a busy scene in the grape season, and the rail- 
road annually carries hundreds of car-loads of choice raisins 
and citrus and deciduous fruits from this valley to the eastern 

Allen, R C, raisin packer Bascom & Co meat market 

Ambrose, D E, minister Boston Ranch, raisin packers 

Asher, J M, horticulturist BURGESS, E. E. gen'l mdse and 

Brower, A, druggist postmaster 

Cox, T J, justice of peace El Cajon Vineyard Co, raisin 


PACKING CO., J T Gordon El Cajon Valley News, W H 

proprietor Somers editor 

Garvin, FE, painter GORDON, J. T., pres Sweetwater 

Graves, Chas, carpenter Nursery Co 

Hill, Uri, real estate agt Knox, A L, hotel, livery and 

Holt, G H, raisin packer saloon 

Johnson, C M, physician Knox Annex hotel 

L,instrome. J, shoemaker Knox El Cajon hotel 

McFadden, D, blacksmith Ogden, D H. real estate agt 


Rea, John, capitalist Marshall, S M, (El Cajon Vine- 
Rush, John, saloon yard Co) 

Russ Lumber Co Somers, W H, fruit grower and 

Vaughn, F E, horseman editor El Cajon Valley News 

Walsh, Martin, saloon Sother & Crosby (Boston Ranch) 

Worcester, S, physician 5WEETWATER NURSERY CO 

J T Gordon pres 


On Eagle Peak road, 35 miles north-east of San Diego and 16 
miles from Lakeside. 

HENSLEY, CHARLES, general store and postmaster. 


On Campo road, Otay valley, 18 miles from San Diego. 
G R Mossholder, groceries and postmaster. 


Sometimes called the "Lake City of Southern California" from 
the beautiful sheet of water near which it is built. Lake Elsi- 
nore is five miles long and about two miles wide. The resources 
of the Elsinore colony are very extensive and diversified. Coal 
in abundance is found near the city, and from one to three car 
loads are shipped from the station daily. The Southern Califor- 
nia Coal & Clay Co has one of the largest sewer and water pipe 
factories on the coast near Elsinore. The 'famous Hot Sulphur 
Springs rival the best in the world. It is a great horticultural 
center. Gold and silver mining is growing in importance. The 
station is about two miles from the city. It is one of the busiest 
stations on the road and is 96 miles from Los Angeles and 86 
miles from San Diego 

City Council — ^J F Jones, pres; Thompson Frame, W W Wil- 
son, L Yates, and John Clayton. H I Greuell, City Clerk 

Armory Hall, janitor H I Greuell 

BAIRD, M. A., asst cashier of Consolidated Bank 

Barnes, Edw, brick mf 'r at Terra Cotta 


BENNETT, GEO. E., second hand store and shoemaker 

Bricker, G W, Irrigation Dist Collector 

BUNDY, E. Z., city marshal, blacksmith and wagon maker; all 
work first class and guaranteed 

Cameron, Thos, city treasurer 

City Health Officer, Dr Thos E Ellis 

Clark, E D, furniture dealer and undertaker 

Clark, O S, blacksmith 

CONSOLIDATED BANK of Elsinore, J T Kuhns cashier 


DALGLISH & HUD50N, prop'rs Economic Store 

Denninck, Chas, pastor of Catholic church 

DIXON, E, saddler and harness maker 

Doherty & Ferrish, dressmakers 

ECONOniC STORE, Dalglish & Hudson props, family groceries 

ELLIS, THOS. E., ph5^sician and surgeon 


ELSINORE PRESS, H McPhee editor and proprietor 


GILL, L., attorne^^-at-law 

HEALD, F. H., prop Crescent Bath House 

Hoag, J A, attorney-at-law 

Irrigation District Directors — Peter Wall, Henry Lillie, J E 
Dickey, J C Chambers and D F Pearson 

Johnston, Fred, pastor First Presbyterian church 

JOHNSTON, JOHN, dry and furnishing goods 

JONES, J. F., prop Elsinore hotel 

KUHNS, J. T., cashier of Consolidated Bank and treas of Irriga- 
tion Dist 

Eakeview Hotel, W D Smith prop 

EangstaflF, Chas, blacksmith and constable 

LAULER, S. L., dry goods, clothing, men's furnishings and 
boots and shoes 

Eaughlin, M F, station agt and tel operator 

McCoy, G E, watchmaker and gunsmith 

McPHEE, HORACE, prop Elsinore News 

MACY & WARD, groceries, provisions and feed 


MERRILL, C. C, gentnan'grS C Coal &ClayCo, and postmaster 
at Terra Cotta 

MERRILL, E. L., sec'y of S Cal Coal & Clay Co 

Middlesworth, Mrs Wm, boarding house, at Terra Cotta 

MILLS, R. C, Jr., hardware and implements, queensware, -glass- 
ware and paints, and livery stable 

Parlin, Geo W, prop Elsinore stage line 

Paj'ton & Arej^ meat market 

PECK, L. B., postmaster, justice of peace and city recorder 

PIERCE, D. F., sec'y Irrigation District 


Pittinger, J, pastor of M E church 

ROBINSON BROS., dealers in fruit, vegetables cigars etc 

SCHANCK, JAMES K., jeweler and agt for Wells, Eargo & Co 

SOUTHERN CAL. CLAY & COAL CO., E L Merrill supt of works 
at Terra Cotta 

Smith, W D, prop of Lakeview hotel 

Starbuck, Tacy T, dressmaker 

STEWART & WILSON, Elsinore warehouse 

STEWART, S. A., pres Consolidated Bank and assessor of Irriga- 
tion District 

Summers, Prof J N, principal of Elsinore High School 

Townsend & Co, plumbers 

WALL, FLORENCE V., physician and surgeon 

Wall, Peter, drug and grocery store 

WASHBURN, S. H., physician and surgeon 

Willitts, S H gen'l mdse at Terra Cotta 

WILSON, W. W., lumber dealer 


Is a prettily situated town on the Pacific coast and the South- 
ern California railroad, 35 miles from San Diego. 

Bond, J W, blacksmith and livery stable 

Bush, R E, teacher and surveyor 

Chaflfin, Mrs S, general merchandise 

Cozens, T. W, pres and manager Cash Store, also postmaster 

Derby House, A G Derby proprietor 


Bncinitas Cash Store (a corporation), S W Cozens pres, drugs, 

paints and oils 
Encinitas House, F P Nichols lessee and justice of the peace 
Encinitas Town Hall Association 
Encinitas Transcript, Rev J A Rodgers editor 
Gibbs, W D, gen merchandise and piano tuner 
Macklin, Charles, constable 
Macklin, Mrs M T, bakery 

Miller, O W, station agent, operator and W F & Co's agent 
Pitcher, J S, gunsmith 
Rodgers, Rev J A, pastor Cong, church and editor Encinitas 

Rattan, Thomas, dry goods 
SMITH, SAM F., attorney-at-law 
Sturgis, J A, general merchandise 


Is 21 miles from Oceanside and is the terminus of the branch 
line of the Santa Fe system running from Oceaside to Escondido. 
By wagon road it is 38 miles from San Diego but by 
rail it is 61. Escondido is strictly a temperance town and is one 
of the most prosperous and wealthy towns in Southern Califor- 
nia. It has five elegant brick churches and the foundation laid 
for another; two newspapers, a bank and a splendid college, 
besides a fine two-story brick school house. It has four elegant 
hotels, and its business blocks are not surpassed by any in the 
county. It was founded by the Escondido I^and and Town 

Trustees — Sig Steiner, J. D. Kerr, Henry Nulton, Geo. W. 
Berkley, Walter J. Bailey; Clerk I. N. Nightengale; Treasurer, 
John T. Chambers, Marshall, B. McFadden; Recorder, W. R. 

ABELL, S. P., Palace liverv, feed and sale stable 

AVENUE HOUSE, T S Rhodes prop 

Bacon, Mrs J L, milliner 

Bailey, Prof J W, principal public school 


BALD RIDGE, W. H., drugs, books, stationery, etc 

Ball, F E, shoemaker 

Bank of Escondido, A W Wohlford pres, J H Anderson cashier 

Beach, A H, notary public and conveyancer 

Berkley, Geo W, groceries and provisions 

Blake, W R, prop Escondido Club Rooms 

BOSTON SHOE STORE, J A Dyer proprietor 

Byrne, Rev E R, parish priest Catholic church 

CALIFORNIA flEAT MARKET, Eouis Bassou proprietor 

Carmichael, Charles, Bargain Store 

CASSOU BROS., Pioneer meat market and wholesale butchers 

CASSOU, LOUIS, California meat market 

Chew, A W, wagonmaker 

Cochran, Miss A, teacher 

COMMERCIAL HOTEL, D W McKay proprietor 

Cook, J W, station agent, Wells, Fargo & Co's agt and operator 

Cook, Mrs J W, vice prin public schools 

COTTAGE HOUSE, Mrs Byron Hinman prop 

CRAVATH, A. K., real esta e, insurance and notary public 

CRAVATH HALL, Escondido 

Culp, Bros, contractors and builders 

Culp, M E, contractor and builder 

DAVIS, FRANK A., hardware and farm implements 

Donley, G W, real estate and insurance 

Dorn, E E, civil engineer 

DUNN, A. D., publisher of The Advocate 

DYER, J. A., proprietor Boston Shoe Store 

Eaves, John, watchmaker 

Ellis, Rev E B, pastor M E church south 

Engstrum, F O, contractor and builder 

Escher, Eeo, tonsorial artist 

Escondido Club Rooms, W R Blake prop 


ESCONDIDO HOTEL, W W Thomas manager 
ESCONDIDO LAND & TOWN CO., R R Thomas gen manager, 

San Diego office 966 Sixth 
Escondido Lodge I O O F, No. 344, J H Anderson sec'y 


E5C0NDID0 LUriBER CO., Geo V Thomas manager 

Escondido Race Track, Wm German manager 

Escondido Seminary, Rev J A Wachob prin 

ESCONDIDO TiriES, Lindsay & Trownsell publishers 

Escondido Water Works, J T Chamber manager 

Estee, Mrs Carrie, teacher 

FASHION STABLE,, W P Bevington prop 

Fritzwater, Miss M, dressmaker 

GAR, No. 143, Escondido Post, J A Pomeroy adjutant 

German, Wm, horse trainer 

GRAHAn &STEINER, (P A Graham, Sig Steiner), general 

QWALTNEY, H. C. & CO., hardware, agricultural implements, 

stoves and furniture, pumps, barbed wire, paints, oils, etc 
HANEY, C. T., saddle and harness maker 
Hawthorne, W R, justice of the peace 
HINHAN, MRS BYRON, prop Cottage House 
KELLER, Dr. M. B., physician and surgeon, and co coroner 
Kiewiet, H, merchant tailor 

K of P, Themis Lodge No. 146, S A Reed K R and S 
Jacob, Rev W E, rector episcopal church 
Jeffrey, F M, attorney-at-law 
Jones, O J, bakery 

Legore, Miss A, watchmaker and notions 
LINDSAY & TROWNSELL, (A A Lindsay, James Trownsell), 

editors and props Escondido Times 
LINDSAY, rirs. VIOLA. N., milliner>' and fancy goods 
Lomax, L, bakery 

McKAY, D. W., prop Commercial hotel 
McMullen, Miss, teacher 
Pardee, D E, street supt and truckman 
PARKHURST, O., dry goods, clothes and furnishings 
Pomero}^, J A, contractor, builder and architect 
Reidy Bros, canning, drying and packing establishment 
RHOADES, T. S., prop Avenue house 
Rice, N J, physician and surgeon 
Riddle, Rev J H, pastor Christian church 


ROGERS, S. S., drugs and stationery 

Rogers, Wm, boot and shoemaker 

Russell, Dr M Iv V, dentist 

Settle, L W, blacksmith 

Slocum, Ivorenzo, Groceries and provisions 

Smart, Geo L, blacksmith and wagonmaker 

STEADflAN, L. & CO., (L Steadman, S P Sibley), dry goods 

and furnishing goods 
STEVENSON BROS., (J R Stevenson, D R Stevenson), general 

SYMINGTON, R. D., furniture and undertaking 
Tabor, E F, civil engineer 
Tabor, Isaac, physician and surgeon 
THE ADVOCATE, A D Dunn publisher 
THOriAS, GEO, v., manager Escondido Lumber Co 
THOMAS, W. W., manager Escondido hotel, res hotel 
Wachob, Rev John A, prin Escondido seminary and pastor M 

E church 
Warner, W W, constable 

WHinS, niSS M. EL5IE, assistant postmaster 
WHIMS, N.C., postmaster 
WiriMER, IRA., City Feed Yard 


Is a growing agricultural and horticultural center of a fine 
belt of country lying between the Temecula and San Luis Rey 
rivers. The station on the California Central, which is two 
miles from the town, is 20 miles north of Oceanside, 60 miles 
from San Diego and 122 miles from Los Angeles. 
Clark, A J, notary public and conveyancer 

Fallbrook Board of Irrigation — B. T. Blackburn ores; J. A. 
Pruett Chas. Richardson, A. J. Foss, F. W. Bartlett. Geo. A. 
Scott, sec'y. 

Fallbrook Bank, F W Bartlett pres, A J Clark cashier 
Fallbrook Sanitarium, D N Clark prop and homeopathic phys 
Fisher, Geo, photographer 


Neff, M F, constable 

Andrews, Miss, teacher 

Bartlett & Shipley, hardware and agricultural implements 

Berry, John, contractor and builder 

Binnery, Rev Mr, pastor Baptist church 

Bradbury, W N, real estate, insurance aud notary public 

Bush, Henry, livery stable 

Carpenter, John W, apiarist 

Gate, A F, lumber and bee-keeper's supplies 

Fallbrook Bank, A J Clark cashier 

Fallbrook House, N Tomlins prop 

Fallbrook Trading Co, gen merchandise and drugs 

Fallbrook Union, G T VanVelzer prop 

Fallis Bros, general merchandise 

Fish, Mr, boot and shoemaker 

Gray, Wm, nurseryman 

Jacob, Rev W K, supply Episcopal church 

lyamont, Kennedy & Stubblefield, apiarist 

lyce. Miss Nettie, dressmaker 

Maxwell, Frank, blacksmith 

Meeker, Mr, teacher 

Morrison, Mr, furniture dealer 

Naples Hotel, Dr Clark proprietor 

Parker, Dr, physician and surgeon 

Pruett, Dr J A, physician and surgeon 

Scott, George, postmaster, insurance agent and broker 

Tomlins, Miss Mamie, millinery and Fancy goods 

Wing, Miss, millinery and fancy goods 

Wisecarver, Mr, contractor and builder 


Is the eastern terminus of the San Diego, Cuyamaca & Eastern 
railroad. It is situated 26 miles from San Diego at the eastern 
end of the Moreno Valley, a spur of the Cajon. lyakeside, 3)^ 
miles distant, is the nearest post-office. The Julian and Cuya- 
maca stage runs daily between Julian and Foster. 
Corona, A M, gen'l mdse, station agt and tel operator 
Dunn, R, engineer with S D C & E Ry 


FOSTFR, JOS., (Fray & Foster), manager of Julian & Cuya- 

maca stage line 
Hixon, Wm, conductor S D C & E Ry 
Newell, K I, engineer with S D C & E Ry 

QRANTVILLE (Orcott Postoffice). 

Located in Mission Valley, about 8 miles from San Diego. 
Old San Diego Mission and Indian school are located on the 
opposite side of the river. 

Arnold, J M, Clemens, J W, 

Armstrong, W H, McDuell, J H 

Botroff, M V, ' Orcott, H C, postmaster 

Bragonia, Mr. Riley, Wm 

Brooks, W S, Simpson, Mr 

Butler, Robt Varni, G 

Comforth, Eewis Sandrock, Mrs, store 


Is a fine agricultural and fruit growing section 20 miles east 
of San Diego, and Eight miles from I^a Presa station. 
Barber, T A, physician BARRETT, WM. H., postmaster 

Cheeseman Bros, groceries Clay, E L, preacher 

Greenleaf, W C, nursery Jamul Portland Cement Works 

Jerauld, A H, lawyer two miles from post-office 

Maxfield, D C, groceries Maxfield, G L, carpenter 

Mason, W H, teacher Murray, D, blacksmith 

Saxton, W R, blacksmith Steel, E G, hotel 


Is a prosperous horticultural, agricultural and mineral district, 
58 miles from San Diego and is reached by taking the San 
Diego, Cuyamaca and Eastern Ry. to Foster station, 26 miles, 
and the Julian stage from Foster 22 miles to Julian. The stage 
leaves Julian for Foster at 7 a m. 
Buell, E B (Holcomb & Buell) 
Chapman, Rev. Bert, pastor Holiness church 
DeEuca, F A, gen merchandise 
Gardener, R, justice of the peace 
Garland, Henry, hotel and livery stable 


QUNN, CHESTER, member board of supervisors & fruit grower 

Hale & Melrose, corner saloon 

Harret, Frank, blacksmith 

Holcomb & Buell, editors Julian Sentinel 

Holbomb, William, attorn ey-at-law 

Hoskins, Bros, meat market 

J A Jasper, justice of the peace and real estate 

JULIAN FRUIT CO., Hedges & Verlaque, cor Fourth and E 

sts, San Diego 
Julian Hotel, L, Mayerhoffer prop 
Keener, Geo W, attorhey-at-law 
lyevi & Noah, general mercnandise 
lyowe, James R, justice of the peace 
Mayerhoffer, L-, hotel and saloon 
McGrail, J physician and surgeon 
Plant, Geo, constable 

& Foster, props, San Diego office 1427 K 
Sawday & Smith, gen merchandise 
Sawday, F R, postmaster 
Sentinel, Wm Holcomb editor 
Treshel, Jos, blacksmith 
Washington Hotel, Henry Garland prop 
Weber, John, boot and shoemaker 
Wellington, C R, contractor and builder 
Williamson, Mrs A, hotel 
Wood, Rev T J, pastor Baptist church 


Is on the San Diego, Cuyamaca & Eastern Ry, twenty miles 
from San Diego; in the El Cajon valley. A fruit growing section 
and winter resort. Has one of the finest hotels in the county. 
Beans, B E, blacksmith Brophy, J E, livery and board- 

Clough, Mrs, stock raiser stable 

El Cajon Valley Co, real estate Griscom, M M, gen'l mdse 

manager Geo Mansfield Hill, Ben, farmer and stock 

Lakeside Hotel, manager Geo raiser 

Doyle Maxwell, W E, teacher 


MURPHY, W. J., postmaster, Philbrook, M, carpenter aud 
and lawyer, res Lakeside, builder 
office at San Diego Riley, A J, dentist 

vSwycaffer, Mrs, boarding house Tracy, M J, justice of peace 

LA MESA (Allison Station). 

On the S. D., C. & E. Ry. , 10 miles northeast of San Diego. 
A growing orange and lemon section, supplied with water from 
the San Diego Flume. 

Case, Mrs S A, magnetic healer Charmicle, RE, railroader 
Clingman, D, preacher Dauer, C R, county treasurer 

Fellows, L C, hotel and saloon Foster, A, railroader 
GRAY, A. W., postmaster Manning, Don, saloon 

Reyes, Peter, railroadman Schuyler, J D, civil engineer 

Williams, C E, teacher Dommes, Wm, carpenter 


Is located on the N. C. & O. Ry., 15 miles from San Diego. 
Is a growing agricultural community. 

McLeod, John, conductor C05TELL0, THOS., postmaster 

Fulton Fred, foreman of dam Crist, Francis, salesman 


Is situated on the Southern California Ry, 15 miles north of 
San Diego. 
Schwarzauer, C M, general store 


Episcopal Church Jossup, J, jeweller 

Meyers, Benj, gen' 1 store McDowell, N I, pastor M E c'h 


Is no miles north of San Diego, and ten miles from Ferris. 
Allen, Rev R L pastor M E Allen, Miss Lulu, teacher 

church south Armentrout, James, blacksmith 

Fletcher, Rev A, pastor Episco- Hartshorn, J T, capitalist 

pal church Stearns, C A, teacher 

Tibbet, J F, store and hotel 



Is on Poway road, in Poway Valley, 20 miles north of San 

Dupont, Leon, prop Twenty-Mile House 
lyuce, C S, postmaster 


Is a fruit growing section 50 miles north-east of San Diego, 
and 25 miles from Foster's. 

Banegas, Manuel, lawyer Cleland, F G, blacksmith 

Cleland, L S, lawyer Farley, J M, blacksmith 

Gedney, J E, gen'l mdse store Knowles, C M, mail carrier 
Knowles, D M, shoemaker KNOWLES, M. L., postmaster 

Lewis, S F, nursery McDowal, preacher 

Minnis, L M, teacher Shrum, J B, hotel 

Soto, Stephen, physician 


Is located on the Parroosa Canyon road 45 miles from San 
Diego, and 10 miles from Escondido, its nearest railroad station. 
Irwin, Miss Jessie, teacher Talbert, Rev W G, preacher 


Is situated about the center of the Temecula Valley. It is a 
growing town and has some very substantial farmers and busi- 
ness men among its citizens. It is located on the Southern Cali- 
fornia railroad 76 miles from San Diego, and 106 miles from Los 

Bradford, W J, blacksmith Baxter & Son, harness makers 

Buchanan, D N, carpenter and saddlers 

Burnett, A B, lumber dealer Benton, Chas H, real estate and 
Burson, D M, civil engineer justice of peace 

Burson, John N, carpenter and Bollen, R W, postmaster and 

builder fancy goods 

Cheney, John K, justice peace Colerick Bros, gen'l mdse 
Drake, C, teacher Drake, MrsC, teacher 

Doolittle, A R gen'l mdse Davis, C L, h'dware and tinner 

Escalier, J, saloon Fezler, Geo R, restaurant and 

Everett, Geo H, saloon chop house 


Flagg, W I^, livery stable Fountain House, 1, G Maxwell 

Fox, G W, real estate proprietor 

Hebel, Jas S, constable Kerby, W B, station agt and tel 

James, S M, meat market operator and agt of Wells, 

Jerrauld, E, watchmaker Fargo & Co 

Kerby, T W, asst station agt Lovejoy, I R, pastor M K church 

lyawerence, C E, physician Richardson, J M, agricultural 

Roripaugh, E E, physician impts, hardware and feed 

Tarwater, B W, gen'l mdse Valley Union, H McPhee pub'r 

Tower, W M, barber 


On the National City and Otay railroad, 12 miles from San 
Diego and is within one-quarter af a mile of Tibbetts station. 
Cook, C H, conductor Burton, Rev J N, M E minister 

Christopher, Thomas & Co, Evans, W G, treas Otay irriga- 

nurserymen tion dist and station agt 

Funk, Wm, pres Otay irriga- Guion, W H, gardener 

tion dist Hammond, H H, sec'y Otay 

Johnson, C R & Bro, dairymen irrigation dist 

Jordan, M E, director Otay irri- Kinley, Judge J, attorney-at-law 

gation dist Eong, J C. contractor 

Kretsinger, D E, assessor Otay Eong, Mrs J C, music teacher 

Irrigarion District Mapson, J, hay and grain 

Park, C C, lumber dealer Merry, Miss Nellie, teacher 

Peabody, A E, florist Priest, H A & Son, blacksmiths 

REYNOLDS, H. C, postmaster Schnell, A M, dairyman 

and gen'l mdse Schwenikie, Gus, shoemaker 

Sherman, F M, road overseer Smith, J R, deputy collector 
Thomas, Mrs F R, elocutionist Wadham, Fred, importer and 
Ware, Eevi, winery breeder of fine horses 

Shepley, Wm, tailor 


Is on the Temecula and Julian road, 70 miles from San Diego, 
and 28 miles from Temecula. 
Cozard, A W, carpenter 
HOOPER-INQLEDEW, F. I., postmaster 



This beautiful railroad town is the junction of the Escondido 
branch and of the Canyon line to Temecula and thence to San 
Bernardino. It has some very substantial business blocks and 
hotels. It is 40 miles from San Diego, and is a popular seaside 

Council— D H Home, C P Ely, E ATuttle, C F Elliott. W G 
Grate. Geo W Wilbur clerk, E S Payne treasurer, J H Brook- 
man marshal, A D Stewart recorder, Dr H E Strand health 

Bank of Oceanside, Bryaut Howard pres, E S Payne, cashier 

tin proprietor 
Brodie, G H, baker 

Coleman, Geo, dealer in wood and coal, also drayman 
Crawford, Rev O D, pastor ot Congregational church 
Crutchfield, Mrs, baker 
Elliott & Co, groceries and gen'l mdse 
Ely, C P, prop Peerless Saloon 
Frazee, D B, attorney-at-law 
Goldbaum, Simon, gen'l mdse 
Goldbaum, Wm, livery and feed stable 
Gibson, Prof Clyde, principal of Oceanside High School 
Grate, W G & Co, furniture and undertaking 
Hale, ProfW S, principal of public school 
Hayes, J Chauncy, real estate agt and lawyer 
Hecox, O S, house and sign painter 
Irwin & Co, dry goods 
Jacob, Rev W E, rector Episcopal church 
Johansen, S P, blacksmith 

Johnson & Pickle, props Oceanside meat market 
Maltby, C C, harness maker 
Maron, S and A E, prop Cal Meat Market 
MARTIN, J. n., editor and prop Oceanside Herald 
Martin, Miss Alice, teacher public school 
McGraw, E D, real estate and insurance 
Mendelson, J B, barber 


Mitchell, Mrs J, dressmaker 

Moore, I M, agricultural implements and vehicles 

Myers, J H, prop St Cloud hotel 

Norman, Dr A, physician and surgeon 

Nugent, J ly, postmaster, stationery store and insurance 

Oceanside Flouring Mill, M W, Spencer manager 

OCEANSIDE HERALD, J M Martin, publisher 

Oceanside Mill Co, planing mill work, feed mill, beekeepers 

supplies, M W Spence sec'y and manager 
Oceanside Nursery, K A Tuttle prop 
Opera house, E A Tuttle, prop 
Patterson, Geo M, harness maker 

Payne, E S cashier of Bank of Oceanside, and insurance agt 
Pearson, J P, attorney-at-law 

Pieper, M, prop South Pacific hotel and bath house 
Rainey, W W, saloon 
Russell, M Iv V, dentist 
Russ Lumber & Mill Co, M W Spencer agt 
Saladin, C, news agt and jeweler 
Schuyler, John, hardware 
Scott, L L, barber 
Shall, Mrs E E, dressmaker 
Sigler, Mrs I G, music teacher 
Sigler, I G, pastor of M E church 
Sipp, W W, telegraph operator 
Sledge, Miss Ada, dressmaker 
Smith, Mrs J, lunch room and bakery 

Smith, Sam C, real estate and insurance agt and notary public 
Stambuk, Nichols, restaurant 
Stewart, A D, justice of peace and blacksmith 
Stroud, Dr H E, druggist 
Taylor, Mrs, music teacher 
Tulip, J A, station agt 
Walker, A, boots and shoes 
Weitzel, H K, baggage agt 
Woodruff, Mrs M F, milliner and dressmaker 
Woodruff, Frank, fruits and candy 
Woodruff, Mrs S M, milliner and dressmaker 




Thirty miles from San Diego. 
Encenitas, 3:^ miles distant. 
Fauth, Wm, ebonist 
Beseck, Bernhard, carpenter 
Bumaun, Fred, tailor 
Denk, lyouis, shoemaker 
Etzelsdorfer, John, tailor 
Siekert, John, shoemaker 

The nearest railroad station is 

Featherston, Miss Bessie, teacher 
BERG, JOHN A., store and P.O. 
Geiger, David, caitpalist 
Hauck, H, locksmith 
Irwin, Mrs B, teacher 


Is 13 miles south of San Diego, near the head of the bay, on 
the N. C. & O. and near the Coronado Belt railroad. It is be- 
coming a favorite residence suburb of San Diego. 

Eisinmayer, E, fruit grower 
Duncan, J R, painter 
Cook & Jackson, grocers 
M E Church 

HARQIS, Q. F., deputy sheriff 
Phillips, Mrs E, varietj' store 
Sanborn, Chas, fruit grower 

SniTH, C. E., grocer and P M 
Snavely, D H, carpenter 
Stocking, Dr h E, sanitarium 
Stout, R C, carpenter 
Wood, P A, (A Dorsey Co, 

San Diego) 
Yeuwine, Geo, blacksmith. 


On the N. C. & O. Ry. , 12 miles south of San Diego, in the 
center of a fruit growing country. 

Baptist church 
Dowell, Miss Anna, teacher- 
Fletcher, W H, hotel 
Heafiiger, James, barber 
M E church 

Mariam, attorney-at-law 
Perry, Chas F, meat market 
Sorgotz, B A, saloon 
Woodward, H P, phj^sician 

Clark, W S, justice of the peace 

and insurance 
Hargar, Henry, saloon 
Jenkins, A J, editor Press 
Moore, Geo W, druggist 
Perrj^ Bros, gen mdse and PM 
Schaffer, Mrs, grocery 
Verplank, T J, blacksmith 



Is at present (April i, '92), the most prosperous town in the 
county. Within the past 18 months it has doubled its popula- 
tion and quadrupled its taxable property. It had the water 
turned on to supply the lands of the irrigation district on the gth 
of September last, and is now ready to irrigate. Its business 
men are among the most energetic and substantial of any in the 
county. It has a new brick $8,000 depot erected by the South- 
ern California Ry. Co. Perris is the junction of the San Jacinto 
branch railroad. It is 21 miles from Riverside, 20 miles from 
San Jacinto, 84 from I^os Angeles and 98 from San Diego. 

AKIN, H. W., watchmaker and jeweler 
Augustine, J W, barber 
Bentlej^, J A. constable 
BLAKESLEY, A. fl., prop Hotel Perris 
BROCKMAN & COLBY, real estate and insurance 
Carl, I^ P, blacksmith 
Carpenter, F H, real estate 
CITY RESTAURANT, Mrs C Gilbert prop 
CLEVIOR, Nrs J. G., Millinery and fancy goods 
Davis, Chas H pastor Congregational church 
DOUGLASS, Hiss CARRIE, dressmaker 
Doyle, H N, assessor irrigation district 
Fisk, C H, express and station agent 
QIEYGER & PLIMPTON, real estate 
Hancock, T, R, confectioner and cigars 

HANSCOM, F. B., dry goods, clothing boots, shoes, groceries 
Harris & Swarthout, livery stable 
HITT, CLARK, attorney-at-law 

HOOK BROS & OAK, (J F Hook, A W Hook, Ora Oak), gen- 
eral merchandise 
HOTEL PERRIS, A M Blakesley prop 
Johnson, C R, druggist 
LEEHAN, L. E., druggist 

McLaren, JOHN, harness maker and saddler 
MAPES, MAYNARD L., postmaster 


Mapes & Vermason, family groceries, furnishing goods, boots 

and shoes 
Mers, S W, saloon 
Metz, A W, constable 
niLLER, W. H., book-keeper Ferris Valley Bank, sec'y for 

J W Nance & Co 
MITCHELL, D. Q., real estate and insurance 
Moore, Harry, news dealer 

MOORE, JOHN R., deputy postmaster and justice of the peace 
nOTT, FRANK fl., real estate 

NANCE, J. W., (J W Nance & Co), investment bankers 
NANCE, J. W. & CO., investment brokers 
NEW ERA, published weekly 
OAK, ARflAN, furniture and furnishings 
PATTERSON, JAHES, jr. cashier Ferris Valley Bank and 

notary public 
Ferris Irrigation District — Directors, L E Leeman, W F Ferry, 

A E Colby, Israel Metz, Wm Harvey; H A Flimpton, sec'y, 

D G Mitchell, treas 
FERRIS PRINTING CO., E E Waters pres, C E Gyger vice- 

pres, J G Clayton sec'y and treas 
PERRIS VALLEY BANK, James Fatterson cashier 

Bros & Oak props 
Ferry, W F, physician and surgeon 
PLinPTON, H. A., sec'y irrigation dist 
PORTER, J, W., barber 
Reese, J R, physician and surgeon 
RIEQER, JULIUS C, real estate and insurance and collector for 

Ferris irrigation dist 
REYNOLDS, L. D., baker 
REYNOLDS, flRS. C. J., lodging house 
Rodgers, Rev J H, pastor M E Church 
Smith, L A, hardware 
Stahl Johnes, saloon 
SYPHERD & WITT., meat market 
Taylor, W C, meat market 
THRALL, WM., clerk Hotel Ferris 


Vance, B A, physician and surgeon 
Vermason, C, justice of the peace 

WEBSTER, E. C, (J W Nance & Co), investment banker 
WISE & KNIGHT, real estate, insurance, lumber, coal, ware- 
house and Mill, and livery stable 
Woolfolk, James, baker 
Wright's drug store, L, A Wright prop 
Wright, B A, M D, prop hot baths 


Is located on the Poway Valley road, 23 miles from San Diego 
and 12 miles from Escondido, the nearest railroad station. 
Campbell, A G, blacksmith CHAPIN & flEEKER, nurseries 
Chapin, O S, hotel Eldridge, G E, pastor of Baptist 

Good Templars' Hall church 

Hilleary, ly, physician Hewlett, B F, pastor M E, c'h 

Hoernathy, H C, pastor Con- Kent, ly E, notary and justice 

gregational church of peace 

Kent, P E, carpenter McIVER, D. B., gen'l mdse, 

Swearinger, E J, shoemaker druggist and postmaster 

Adams, Chapin, justice of peace 


Is on the Campo road, 40 miles east of San Diego. 
Fuyuay, J H, blacksmith Green, F, general store 

Thing & Son, general store 


Formerly Vallecitos, is situated near Temecula, 76 miles from 
San Diego by rail, via the Canyon route on the S C 'Ry. B5' 
wagon road it is 62 miles from San Diego. 
Bryant, F W, teacher 
RAINBOW, J. P. M., member of Board of Supervisors, apiarist 

and horticulturist 
WOOLMAN, H., postmaster and general mdse dealer 


RAMONA (Nuevo P. O) 

Is in the Santa Maria Valley, on the Julian road, 38 miles 
north-east of San Diego, and 14 miles from Foster's. 
Adams, A, harness maker Bush, Mrs E A, teacher 

Davis, L B, saloon Finley, Mrs E, teacher 

Holton, Q A R, physician Jerman, Thos, druggist 

Layne, S P, nursery Mills, W E, preacher 

Minor, W W, blacksmith Poole, James, butcher 

Rice, Mrs F A, teacher VERLAQUE, J. A., postmaster 

Strachan, EW, hotel and store-keeper 

Williams, Mrs S, milliner Wineck, Mrs I T, physician 


Is the second largest city in the county, being smaller than 
San Diego only. It is at the head of the great San Jacinto Val- 
ley, and at the foot of Mount San Jacinto, from whose sides pour 
down — summer and winter — torrents of clear, cold water in 
quanities sufficient to irrigate every acre of land in the vast 
plains below. This great supply of water is being utilized by 
several large and wealth)' companies, among which are the 
Hemet, the Florida and the San Jacinto Flume Company, and it 
will eventually be absorbed by the Irrigation District already 
being formed in the valley. San Jacinto is most delightfully 
situated. It has several fine hot sulphur springs, an excellent 
sanitarium, and good churches, schools, and business houses. 
Its business men are energetic, and many of them are wealthy. 
San Jacinto is 19 miles from Perris, and is the terminus of the 
San Jacinto branch line of the Southern California railroad. It 
is 117 miles from San Diego, the county seat, and 93 miles from 
lyOs Angeles. 

San Jacinto City Government — City Council: F. Estudillo, 
John Ryan, James Kerr, B. J. Inwall, E. Proctor. O. A. Munn, 
city clerk. J. W. Ryan, city marshal. G. T. Daggett, city 
treasurer. Wm. Vawter, city recorder 
Aubert, C, saloon at South San Jacinto 
BROWNING, CHAS. C, physician and surgeon 
BROWN, J. A., gen'l mdse at South San Jacinto 
Baker, D B, groceries and crockery 


BRENTNER, L. L., hardware, tinware and plumbers' supplies 

Burr, W N, pastor Congregational church 

Chambers, J S, justice of peace 

Chase, C J, pastor M E church 

City Livery Stable, H B White proprietor 

CLARK, D. H., livery and feed, South San Jacinto 

CLARK, W. H., meat market. South San Jacinto 

Clogsdon, J S, constable 

Cresmer, H, boot and shoemaker 

DAGGETT, Q. T., cashier State Bank San Jacinto 

DAGGETT, M!SS N., millinery and dry goods 

DeSawza, Henry F, barber 

Emerson, JH, fruit and confectionery 

Estudillo, Fr, prop of warehouse 

FARMER, T., carriage and wagonmaker 

Foster, J A, pastor Holiness church 

GREEN, J. A., president State Bank of San Jacinto 

GREGORY, LYMAN, homeopathic physician and surgeon 

Hohn, Florin, parish priest 

HARDS, J. T. & SON, dry goods, groceries, clothing furnish- 
ings, etc 

HARPER, C. A., prop J I C Livery Stable and Wood Yard 

HENRY'S HALL, San Jacinto 

HENRY, W. W., general merchandise 

HORTON, JEROME E., blacksmith and farm machimerj^ 

Hubbell, S A, saloon and billiard hall 

Hyatt, Prof Edw, principal public school 


KAUFFMAN & HAAS, general merchandise 

KERR, CHAS., hay, grain and live stock 

KERR, JAflES, general land agent 

KNAPP, E. B., manager San Jacinto Harness Co 

KRAIS, SAM'L, deputy postmaster 

Lockwood, T B, notions and furnishing goods 

LUNG, SAM, restaurant 

McCORMACK, A. B., boots and shoes, andagt Domestic Sewing 
Machine" - 

McPHETTRIDGE & ROSSO, harness makers and saddlers 


MEIER, flARTIN, dealer in native lumber, cedar, sugar and 

yellow pine, also bee material, South San Jacinto 
MIDDLECOFF, LAWRENCE, attorney-at-law 
nORQAN, J. T., prop Union Market 
MORGAN, Q. W. undertaker and embalmer 
nUNN, ARTHUR Q., editor and prop of San Jacinto Register 
Munn, O A, attorney-at-law 

Parrish, G D, station agtand tel operator with S C Ry 
PATTERSON, GEO., prop art store 
PIONEER TRUCK CO., E E Brentner manager 
POOL, R. L., druggist 
Porteous, T T, attorney-at Ibw 

Public Library, Mrs M E Fowler librarian 
RAINEY, T. H., physician and surgeon 
RALSTIN, J. P., pastor Christian church 
REINHARDT J. G. & CO., hardware, farm implements, tinware, 

stoves, paints, oils and plumbing goods 
Rosso, Geo, constable 

Russ Lumber & Mill Co, R P Winters agt 
RYAN, J. W., dealer in furniture, wall paper and bedding 
SALLEE, F. M., attorney-at-law with L MiddlecofF 
SAN JACINTO HOTEL, Mrs T Farmer prop 
SAN JACINTO REGISTER, Arthur G Munn, editor and prop 
SAPP, J, A., homeopathic physician and surgeon 
SHAVER, JOHN, planing mill, sash and door factory, and mfgr 

of bee material 
SIEFKES, F. W., jeweller 
SniTH, H. K. , postmaster 
STATE BANK OF SAN JACINTO, J A Green pres, James Kerr 

vice-pres, G T Daggett cashier 
TAYLOR, B. R., barber 
TOLAND, n. R., physician and sargeon 
UNION riEAT MARKET, J T Morgan prop 
VAN ALLEN & STEPHENS, general blacksmiths 
Vawter, Wm, justice of peace 
WELLETTE, JOSEPH, boot and shoe maker at South Sanjacinto 


WEBER &. GRIFFIN, real estate, and insurance at Hemet and 

San Jacinto 
White, H B, prop City Livery Stable 
Widner, J. saloon at South San Jacinto 
Woodmen of the World, H B White clerk 

On Southern California Ry about 60 miles north of San Diego. 
Dood, F V, teacher Fisher, H, saloon 

Freeman, A A, blacksmith Goldbaum, Simon, store & P M 

Is a beautiful farming and fruit raising country, on the Kscon- 
dido branch of the S. C. Ry. 15 miles from Oceanside and 55 
miles from San Diego. 
Balzer, M, blacksmith 
Dearing, W S, teacher 
Greene, J M, prop San Marcos hotel 
JACOBS, W. Q., supt San Marcos Land Co 
SAN MARCUS LAND CO. D P Hale manager, office San Diego 
Tuck, J N, gen mdse and station agent 

A fine agricultural section, 35 miles north of San Diego and 
8 miles east of Escondido. 

Johnson, L, carpenter Olsen, John, blacksmith 

JUDSON, JOHN, member board of supervisors and farmer 
Vestal, George, carpenter ^ ROCKWOOD, B. B., postmaster 


About 50 miles north-east of San Diego; a large cattle ranch, 
creamery and dairy; R. Rotanzi, supt. 
Brackett, Mr, general merchandise 

SANTEE (Cowles Station) 

Is located in the El Cajon valley, on the S, D., C. & E. Ry., 
17 miles north-east of San Diego. A rich fruit country 
Daniels, Miss Cetia, teacher GILL, ELI, gen mdse and P M 
Worcester, Samuel, physician Finn, Richard, assist P M 
McKOON, H. P., attorney and McKoon, Merrit P, cocker and 

cattle raiser, office S D spaniel dog kennels 




Is near the Mexican line, 20 miles south-east of San Diego. ' 
J. HARVEY McCarthy & CO., general mdse 


Ten miles from San Diego on the county road, one mile and 
a quarter from the Cn^^amaca railroad. 

Allen, M D, physician 
Congregational Church 
Harwood, Miss H, teacher 
PRENTICE, W. B., dry goods 

house at San Diego 
Snider, L, carpenter 

Atherton, Rev J W, minister 
Fisher, W, wine dealer 
Hathaway, Dr, poultrj' raiser 

postmistress and groceries 
Stiles, B B, carpenter 


A suburban residence and fruit growing section, at the head 
of the bay and on the Coronado Belt lyine Ry. 
ALLEN, W. W., CO surveyor Gray, G Y, real estate 
Bacon, B H, jeweler Markle, A B, minister 

Butler, W H, capitalist Murdock, D L, lawyer 

Chadwick, F C, jeweler Smith, T D, carpenter 

FENTON, J, gen mdse and PM Woodruff, R P, lawyer 


Is the oldest town in the valley, but has not grown as rapidlj- 
as the others. It is beautifully situated and nestles cosily down 
at the extreme south end of the Temecula valley, 71 miles from 
San Diego. It has a large area of excellent land and ought to 
be far ahead of where it is to-day. 

Bergen, W F, station agent Machado, M, notary public 
Escallier, J, saloon McConville, H, blacksmith 

Gallic, W F, livery stable McConville, Terry, blacksmith 

Hutchinson & Brown, dairj- Mouren, Peter, gen mdse 
Kolb, Richard, meat market Pohlman, P, gen mdse 
Machado, Fred, postmaster Tollen, E J, blacksmith 
Welty, R J, Temecula hotel 



Is on the Mexican line in the Tia Juana valley, 18 miles south 
of San Diego. It is the terminus of the N C & O Ry. 
Ivind, E, prop Fronteria house Messenger & I^ane, post office, 
Mexican Custon House gen'l mdse and seloon 

Sirl, John, blacksmith Sorgatz, B, saloon and hotel 

Stefifgen, Chas, carpenter Varn Hagan Bros, livery stable 


Is situated in Bear valley^ 43 miles north of San Diego, and 
9 miles from Escondido. 
Adams, John Q, general mdse Brannan, Rev H F, minister 

dealer Clarke, J H, physician 

COFFEE, L. S., postmaster Coffee, Mrs L J, variety store 

Cook, Wm, hotel Hawley, Miss Ida, teacher 

Lester, BJ, carpenter Mers, Henry, carpenter 

Moore, Chas, nursery Quinn, J M, carpenter 

Stuart, Alex, blacksmith Vestal, George, carpenter 


On the Cuyamaca road 30 miles from San Diego and 14 miles 
from Lakeside. Viejas store, gen mdse and postoffice. 


On the Poway road, 16 miles north of San Diego. 
Virginia Tower, postmaster and merchant 


Owens, R D, blacksmith Strickler, J W, gen mdse & P M 


On Warner's ranch, 70 miles north-east of San Diego 
Knight, Jas, foreman Warner's ranch WILSON, H., gen store 


A pretty fruit growing town in the Temecula valley, having a 
railroad station, postoffice and express office. 
Difani, Andrew, blacksmith McKittrick, E J, justice peace 


Bdgerton, W R, wagonmaker McKittrick, Clarence, station agt 
Hampton, I S, livery stable Muncy, Ralph, notary public 
Henderson, John A, hotel Penrose, Pearson & Michner, 

Jamison, A W, pastor U church raisin packers 
LEWIS C. H. gen mdse & PM Wilson, Miss Jessie teacher 
Wildomar hotel, John A Henderson manager 


Is situated on the California Southern Railroad, (Santa Fe 
route), lo miles east of Perris; estimated population, 415. Wells 
Fargo & Co's express and telegradh office here with four trains 
a day. The principal exports are hay, grain and honey. For 
further particulai-s address the Winchester Improvement Society, 
F. T. lyindenberger, sec'y. 

ALCOM, n. G., (Brown & Alcom). real estate and insurance 
BROWN & ALCOn, (James Brown; M G Alcom), lumber 

BROWN, J. M., general merchandise 

BYNON, QUS H., prop and pub Plowshare and Pruning Hook 
CASE, J. M., (lyindenberger Bros & Case) notarj^ public and 

insurance . 
Dickson, Dr C S, physician and surgeon, office Miller blk 
Glodfelty, Geo, painter, shop with Jno Patterson 
Ha slam, Wm, livery stable, Washington ave 
Jones & Gunther, (J H Jones, E H Gunther), blacksmithing 
Jones. J H, hotel 

KAUFFMAN & HAAS, warehouse 

LINDENBERQER BROS & CASE, real estate and insrance 
Nutting, J C, agent Miller warehouse 
O'LEARY, D., contractor and builder 

PATTERSON, JOHN, hardware and general blacksmithing 
Patterson, Tillie, station agent 
Thomas, R S, broom manufacturer and bee keeper 


On the Julian stage road, 55 miles north-east of San Diego. 
Ford Bros, nursery Boring, Blanch, teacher 


viSi ness D i rector^ > 





Bartlett & Shepley, Fallbrook 
Brown, J. A., South Sau Jacinto 
Davis, Frank A., Escondido 
Qualtney H. C. & Co., Bscondido 
Hook Bros. & Oak, Perris 
Horton, Jerome E., San Jacinto 
Moore, I M, Oceanside 
Reinhardt & Co., San Jacinto 
Richardson, J M, Murrieta 

Patterson, George, San Jacinto 


Banegas, Manuel, Mesa Grande 
Frazee, D B, Oceanside 
Gill, L., Elsinore 
Hitt, Clark, Perris 
Holcomb & Buell, Julian 
Hoag, J A, Elsinore 
Jeffery, F M, Escondido 
Jerauld, A H, Jamul 
Keener, Geo W, Julian 
Middlecoff , Lawrence, San Jacinto 
Munn, O A, San Jacinto 
Murphy, W. J., Ivakeside 
Pearson, J P, Oceanside • 

Pennenberg, E, notar}^ Banner 
Porteous, T T, San Jacinto 
Smith, Sam. F., Encinitas 
Wise & Knight, Perris 


Brodie, G H, Oceanside 
Crutchfield, Mrs, Oceanside 
Jones, OJ, Escondido 
L/omax, L,, Escondido 
Macklin, Mrs M T, Encenitas 
Reynolds, L D, Perris 
Woodfolk, Jas, San Jacinto 


Bank of Escondido, Escondido 
Bank of Oceanside, Oceanside 
Consolidated, Elsinore 
Fallbrook Bank, Fallbrook 
Nance, J. W. & Co., Perris 
Perris Valley, Perris 
State Bank, San Jacinto 


Augustine, J W, Perris 
Escher, l/co, Escondido 
Heafiiger, Jas, Otay 
Porter, J W., Perris 
Taylor, B. R., San Jacinto 
Scott, Iv I/, Oceanside 
Tower, W M, Murrieta 
DeSouza. Henry F, San Jacinto 


Crescent, Elsinore 
Fountain, Elsinore 
Hot Springs Sanitarium, San Jacinto 




Berry John, Fallbrook 
rieier, Martin, South San Jacinto 
Shaver, John, South San Jacinto 
Spencer, M W, Oceanside 


Temperance Club Rooms, Bscondido 


Armentrout, James, Menifee 

Atwater, A J, Alpine Center 

Balzer, M, San Marcos 

Beans, B IJ, Lakeside 

Bond, J W, Encinitas 

Bradford, WJ, Murrieta 

Bright, Jas, Banner 

Bundy, E. L., Elsinore 

Carl, L, P, Perris 

Campbell, A G, Piermont 

Clark, O S, Elsinore 

Cleland, F G, Mesa Grande 

Difani, Andrew, Wildomar 

Foster, Wm, Del Mar 

Freeman, A A, San Luis Rey 

Fuyuay, J H, Potrero 

Gregg, E E, Dehesa 

Harritt, Frank, Julian 

Hauck, H, locksmith, Olivenhain 

Horton, Jerome E., San Jacinto 

Johansen, S P, Oceanside 

Johnson, W W, Ballena 

Jones & Gunther, Winchester 

Langstaff, Chas, Elsinore 

Maxwell, F, Fallbroob 

McConvill, H, Temecula 

McConvill, Terry, Temecula 

McFadden, D, El Cajon 

Minor, W W, Ramona 

Murray, D, Jamul 

Olsen, John, San Pasqual 

Owens, R D, Vista 

Patterson, John, Winchester 

Priest,, HA & Sou, Nestor 

Saxton, W R, Jamul 

Settle, L W, Escondido 

Sirl, John, Tia Juana 

Smart, Geo L,, Escondido 

Stewart, A D, Oceanside 

Stuart, Alex, Valley Center 

Tollen, EJ, Temecula 

Treshel, Jos, Julian 

Van Allen & Stephens, San Jacinto 

Verplank.T J, Otay 


Civetta, A, Del Mar 
Dane, D F, Banner 
Middlesworth, Mrs Wm, Elsinore 
Swycaffer, Mrs, Lakeside 


Baldridge, W. H., Escondido 


Boston Shoe Store, Escondido 
Fish, Fallbrook 
Lauler, S. L., Elsinore 
McCormack, A. B., San Jacinto 
Weber, John, Julian 

Barnes, Edw, Elsinore 

Nance, J. W. «ScCo., Perris 

Farmer, T., San Jacinto 

Brown, J. A., South San Jacinto 
Graham & Steiner, Escondido 
liards, J. T. & Son, San Jacinto 
Henry, W. W., San Jacinto 
Parkhurst, O, Escondido 
Ttevenson Bros., Escondido • 


Emerson, J H, San Jacinto 
Hancock, T R, Perris 
Robinson, Bros., Elsinore 


Berry, John, Fallbrook 
Buchanan, D N, Murrieta 
Burson, John N, Murrieta 
Culp Bros, Escondido 
Culp, M L, Escondido 
Culver, A J, Carlsbad 
Culver, Fred, Carlsbad 
Engstrum, V O, Escondido 
Fields, Chas, Del Mar 
O'Leary, D., Winchester 
Philbrook, M, Lakeside 
Pomeroy, J A, Escondido 
Wellington, C R, Julian 

Brown, J. A., South San Jacinto 




Rainey, T. H., San Jacinto 
Rip]ey, A J, Lakeside 
Russell, Dr. M L, V, Oceanside and 


Doherty & Ferrish, Elsinore 
Douglass, Miss Carrie, Ferris 
Fritzwater, Miss M, Escondido 
Lee, Miss Nettie, Fallbrock 
Mitchell, Mrs J, Oceanside 
Shall, Mrs E E, Oceanside 
Sledge, Miss Ada, Oceanside 
Starbuck, Tacy T, Elsinore 


Baldridge, W. H., Escondido 
Brower, A, El Cajon 
Ellis, L. T., Elsinore 
Jerman, Thos, Ramona, 
Johnson, C R, Ferris 
Lawrence, CE, (M D), Murrieta- 
Leeman, L. E., Ferris 
Mclver, D. B., Fiermont 
Pool, R. L., San Jacinto 
Moore, E, Otay 
Moore, Geo W, Otay 
, Rogers, S. S., Escondido 
Stroud, H E, Oceanside 
Trading Co., Fallbrook 
Wall, Peter, Elsinore 
Wrights Drug Store, San Jacinto 


Brown, J. A., South San Jacinto 
Graham & Steiner, Escondido 
Hanscom, F. B., Ferris 
Hards, J. T. & Co., San Jacinto 
Henry, N. W., San Jacinto 
Irwin & Co., Oceanside 
Johnston, John, Elsinore 
Kauffman & Haas, San Jacinto 
Lauler, S. L., Elsinore 
Parkhurst, O., Escondido 
Rattan, Thos, Encinitas 
Steadman, L. & Co., Escondido 
Stevenson Bros., Escondido 


Hook Bros. & Oak, Ferris 
Kauffman & Haas, San Jacinto 
Keer, Chas., San Jacinto 
Richardson, J M, Murrieta 
Wimmer, Ira, Escondido 


Bollen, RW, Murrieta 
Daggett, Miss N., San Jacinto 

Robinson Bros., Elsinore 
Woodruff, F, Oceanside 

Johnston, John, Elsinore 
Lauler, S. L., Elsinore 
Macy & Ward, Elsinore 


Brown, J. D., South San Jacinto 
Clark, L D., Elsinore 
Grate, W G & Co, Oceanside 
Morrison, Fallbrook 
Oak, Ovman, Ferris 
Ryan, J. W., San Jacinto 
Symington, R. D., Escondido 

Berg, John A., Olivenhain 
Brown, J. A., Winchester 
Burgess, E. E., El Cajon 
Campbell, A L, Dehesa 
Chaffin, Mrs S, Encinitas 
Colerick Bros, Murrieta 
Combs, John, Descanso 
Cook & Jackson, Oneonta 
Corons, A M, Foster 
Cozens, T W, postmaster, Encinitas 
Crain, J. D., Carlsbad 
Cuyamaca Mercantile Co, Cuyamaca 
De Luca, F A, Julian 
Doolittle, A R, Murrieta 
Elliott & Co., Oceanside 
Emery, C. F., Alpine Center 
Fallis Bros, Fallbrook 
Fenlon, James, South San Diego 
Gaskell, S E, also mill, Campo 
Gedney, J E, Mesa Grande 
Gibbs, W D, piano tuner, Encinitas 
Gill, Ely, Santee 
Godfrey, D. W., Bonsall 
Goldbavim, Simon, Oceanside 
Goldbaum, Simon, San Luis Rey 
Green, F, Fotrero 
Griscom, M M, Lakeside 
Hargenbuck, H H, Dulzura 
Hasking, W S, Cuyamaca 
Hensley, Chas., El Capitan 
Hook Bros. & Oak, Ferris 
Hooker=Jngledew, F. I., Oak Grove 
Kauffman & Haas, San Jacinto 



Levi & Noah, Julian 

Lewis, C H, Wildomar 

riclver, D. B., Piermont 

McCarthy & Co, Siempreviva 

Messenger & Lane, Tia Juana 

Moore, E B, Ballena 

Mouren, Peter, Temecula 

Myers, Benj., Linda Vista 

Perry Bros, Otay 

Pohlman, P, Temecula 

Reynolds, H C, postmaster, Nestor 

Reynolds, Miss Aggie, Spring Valley 

Sawday & Smith, Julian 

Scheilenberg, E. L., Bernardo 

Schwarzauer, C. M., Vista 

Smith, C E, Oneonta 

Stevenson Bros., Escondido 

Strickler, J W, Vista 

Sturgis, J A, Encinitas 

Tarwater, B W, Murrieta 

Tibbet, J F, Menifee 

Thing & Sou, Potrero 

Trading Co, Fallbrook 

Tuck, J N, San Marcos 

Verlaque, J. A., P M, Ramona 

Viejas Store, Viejas 

Webb, E L, Campo 

Willitts, S H, Elsinore 

Wilson, Henry, Warner's P O 

Woolman, H, Rainbow 


Angeis & Rainford, Del Mar 
Baker, D B, San Jacinto 
Berkley, G W, Escondido 
Brown, J. A. & Son, San Jacinto 
Cheesman Bros, Jamul 
Dalglish & Hudson, Elsinore 
Graham & Steiner, Escondido 
Hanscom, F. B., Perris 
Hards, J. T. & Son, San Jacinto 
Henry, W. W., San Jacinto 
Kauffman & Haas, San Jacinto 
Macy & Ward, Elsinore 
Mapes & Vermason, Perris 
Maxfield, D C, Jamul 
Mossholder, El Nido 
Slocum, L, Escondido 
Schaffer, Mrs, Otay 
Stevenson Bros., Escondido 
Wall, Peter, Elsinore 


Bartlett & Shipley, Fallbrook 
Brentner, L. L., San Jacinto 
Brown, J. A. & Son, San Jacinto 
Davis, C L, Murrieta 

Davis, Frank A, Escondido 
Qwaltney, H. C. & Co., Escondido 
Milis, R. C, Elsinore 
Bernhardt, J. Q. & Co., San Jacinto 
Schuyler, John, Oceanside 
Smith, L A, Perris 


Adams, A, Ramona 

Baxter & Son, Murrieta 

Brown, J. A., South San Jacinto 

Dixon, E., Elsinore 

Haney, C. T., Escondido 

Maltby, C C, Oceanside 

McLaren, John, Perris 

McPhettridge «& Rosse, San Jacinto 

Patterson, Geo M Oceanside 

San Jacinto Harness Co., San Jacinto 


Avenue House, Escondido 

Bennett, A W, Del Mar 

Commercial, Escondido ' 

Cook, Wm, Valley Center 

Cottage House, Escondido 

Derby House, Encinitas 

Elsinore Hotel, J F" Jones, prop, El- 

Escondido Hotel, Escondido 

Encinitas House, Encinitas 

P'allbrook House, Fallbrook 

Fisher, C P, Ballena 

Fountain House, Murrieta 

Fronteria House Tia Juana 

Greene, J M, San Marcos 

Hotel Carlsbad, Carlsbad 

Hotel Perris, Perris 

Hotel Otay, Otay 

Jones, J H, Winchester 

Lakeside Hotel, Lakeside 

Lake View, Elsinore 

Knox, A L, El Cajon 

Mayrhofer L, Julian 

Naples Hotel, Fallbrook 

Pennenberg, firs. E. Q., Banner 

San Jacinto Hotel, Mrs T Farmer, 
San Jacinto 

South Pacific, Oceanside 

St Cloud, Oceanside 

Strachan, E W, Ramona 

Terrace, Piermont 

ThePalma.J A Brown, South San 

Washington, Julian 

Welty, R J Temecula 

Wildomar Hotel, Wildomar 

Williamson, Mrs, Julian 

The California National Bank is Busted 


Still holds out at the Old Stand and he has fine 
bargains for all that will call and see him. 


Cash for Household Goods. 

1624 H STREET. 


a. MflGWOOD'S 




University Heights 3 

City Heights 4 

Old Town 4| 

, Mission Valley 5 

hold Mission 8 — ^ 

Race Track 6i rf\ 

tU Pacific Beach 8 Jr: 

U Ocean Beach 8 N 

Roseville 7 A 

CC La Holya Park (I,a Jolla) 13 

HDel Mar 23 ■•■ 

Chollas Valley 3 JL 

(^ National City 5 

Paradise Valley 6 (/) 

I Sweetwater Dam 12 j 

Lakeside 20 ~ 

Poway 25 30 

^ Escondido 35 m 

pg Oceanside 40 *■ ' 

rj *Sorrento 15 pl 

yV Otay 12 J 

»— Te Wanna (Tia Juana) 16 ~ 

Chulla Vista 10 

Julian 60 

Alpine 26 

!E1 Cahone (Cajon) 15 

Harmule Valley PostofBce (Jamul) 20 

I will pay you CASH for anything you have to sell. 




Brophy, J E, Eakeside 
Bond, J W. Encinitas 
Bush, Henry, Fallbrook 
City, H B White, San Jacinto 
Clark, D H, South San Jacinto 
Diamond, Chas, Banner 
Fashian Stable, Escondido 
Flagg, W E, Murrieta 
Gallic, W F, Temecula 
Goldbaum, Wm, Oceanside 
Hampton, I S, Wildomar 
J. I. C., Harper, C A prop, San Jacinto 
Kerr, Chas., San Jacinto 
Mills, R, C, Elsinore 
Palace Stables, Escondido 
Wise & Knight, Ferris 
Yarn Hagen Bros, Tia Juana 
Reynolds, firs. C. J., Ferris 
Brown «Sc Alcorn, Winchester 
Burnett, A B, Murrieta 
Cate. A F, Fallbrook 
Escondido Lumber Co., Escondido 
Hook Bros. & Oak, Ferris 
Maier, Martin, South San Jacinto 
Park, C C, Nestor 

Russ Eumber & Mill Co, Oceanside 
Russ Lumber & Mill Co, San Jacinto 
Wilson, W. W., Elsinore 
Wise & Knight, Ferris 

Bascom & Co, El Cajon 
CassouBros., (wholesale)Escondido 
Cassou, Louis, Escondido 
Clark, W W, South San Jacinto 
Hoskins Bros, Julian 
James, S M, Murrieta 
Johnson & Fickle, Oceanside 
Kolb, Richard, Temecula 
Maron, S & A, Oceanside 
Fayton & Arey, Elsinore 
Ferry, Chas, Otay 
Foole, Jas, Ramona 
Sypherd & Witt, Ferris 
Taylor, W C, Ferris 
Union Meat Market, San Jacinto 

Steadman, L. & Co., Escondido 
Parkhurst, O., Escondido 

Bacon, Mrs J Iv, Escondido 
Clevior, firs. J. Q., Ferris 
Daggett, Miss N., San Jacinto 

Lindsay, firs. Viola N., Escondido 
Tomlius, Miss Mamie, Fallbrook 
Wing, Miss, Fallbrook 
Woodruff, Mrs S M, Oceanside 


El Cajon Valle)' News, El Cajon 

Press, H M McFhee, Elsinore 

Times, Lindsay & Trownsell, Escon- 

Herald, J M Martin, Oceanside 

New Era, Ferris Printing Co, Ferris 

Plowshare and Pruning Hook, Win- 

Press, Otay 

Register, Arthur Munn, San Jacinto 

Sentinel, Julian 

Advocate, A D Dunn, Escondido 

Union, Fallbrook 

Valley Union, Murrieta 

Transcript, Encinitas 


Brown, J. A., South San Jacinto 

Qualtney, H. C. & Co., Escondido 

Mills, R. C, Elsinore 

Reinhardt, J. G. & Co., San Jacinto 

Allen, M D, Spring Valley 

Barber, T A, Jamul 

Browning, Chas. C, San Jacinto 

Clark, N C, Fallbrook 

Clarke, J H, Valley Center 

Dickson, C S, Winchester 

Ellis, Thos. E., Elsinore 

Gregory, Lyman, San Jacinto 

Hereford, P", Alpine Center 

Hilleary, L, Foway 

Holton, Q A R, Ramona 

Johnson, C M, El Cajon 

Kellar, M. B., coroner, Escondido 

Lawrence, C E, Murrieta 

McGrail, J, Julian 

Munger, M E, Cuyaniaca 

Norman, A, Oceanside 

Parker, Dr, Fallbrook 

Perry, W F, Ferris 

Pontious, R W, Alpine Center 

Pruett, J A, Fallbrook 

Rice, N J, Escondido 

Sapp, J. A., San Jacinto 

Soto, Stephen, Mesa Grande 

Stroud, H E, Oceanside 

Tabor, Isaac, Escondido 

Toland, M. R., San Jacinto 

Rainey, T. H., San Jacinto 

Reese, J R, Ferris 

Rorripaugh, L L, Murrietta 



Vance, B A, Perris 
Washburn, S. H., Elsinore 
Wall, Florence V., Elsinore 
Woodward, H P, Otay 
Worcester, S, El Cajon 


Shaver, John, South San Jacinto 

Oceanside Mill Co, Oceanside 

Brentner, L. L., San Jacinto 

Reinhardt, J. Q. & Co., San Jacinto 

Townsend & Co, Elsinore 

Cravath Hall, Escondido 

Henry's Hall, San Jacinto 

Benton, Chas H, Murrietta 

Bradbury, W N, Fallbrook 

Brockman & Colby, Perris 

Brown & Alcorn, Winchester 

Carpenter V" H, Perris 

Cravath, A. K., Escondido 

Donley, G W, Escondido 

Fox, G W, Murrieta 

Guyger & Plimpton, Perris 

Hayes, J C, Oceanside 

Hill, Uri, El Cajon 

Jasper, J A, Julian 

Kerr, Jas., San Jacinto 

Lindenberger Bros. & Case, Win- 
chester . 

Mansfield, Geo, L,akeside 

McGraw, E D, Oceanside 

Mitchell, D. Q., Perris 

Mott, Frank M., Perris 

Nance, J. W. &. Co., Perris 

Ogden, D H, El Cajon 

Rieger, Julius C, Perris 

San Marcos Land Co., San Marcos 

Smith, Sam C, Oceanside 

Smith, S C Carlsbad 

Walber & Qriffin, San Jacinto and 

Wise & Knight, Perris 


City Restaurant, Perris 

Fegler, Geo R, Murrieta 

Lung, Sam, San Jacinto 

Smith, Mrs J, Oceanside 

Stambwk, N, Oceanside 

Wooliscroft, Jesse, Perris 

Bundy, E. Z., Elsinore 
Chew, A W, Escondido 
Edgerton, W R, Wildomar 


Aubert, C, South San Jacinto 
Davis, E B, Ramona 
Escallier, J, Murrieta 
Escallier, J, Temecula 
Everett, Geo H, Murrietta 
Fisher, H, San Euis Rey 
Hale & Melrose, Julian 
Hargar, Henry, Otay 
Hubbell, S A, San Jacinto 
Mers, S W, Perris 
Messenger & Lane, Tia Juana 
Peerless, Oceanside 
Rainey WW, Oceanside 
Rush, John, El Cajon 
Sorgatz, B Tia Juana 
Stahl,Johnes, Perris 
Walsh, Martin, El Cajon 
Widner, J, South San Jacinto 

Bennett, Geo. E., Elsinore 

Wellette, Jos, South San Jacinto 

Nugent, J E, Oceanside 
Postoffice Store, R L Pool, San Ja- 
Rogers, S. 5., Escondido 

Davis, Frank A., Escondido 
Qualtney, H. C. & Co., Escondido 

Pioneer Truck Co., San Jacinto 

Clark, L.' D., Elsinore 
Grate, W G & Co, Oceanside 
Morgan, Q. W., San Jacinto 
Symington, R. D., Escondido 

Wise & Knight, Perris 
Stewart & Wilgon, Elsinore 

Akin, H. W., Perris 
Eaves, John, Escondido 
LeGrove, Miss A, Escondido 
Jerrauld, E, Murrieta 
McKoy, G L, Elsinore 
Saladin, C, Oceanside 
Schanck, Jas. K., Elsinore 
Siefks, F. W., San Jacinto 

Coleman, Geo., Oceanside 
J. I. C, CA. Harper, San Jacinto 


p. M. Johnson. J. E. Connell. 

S. W. Johnson. 



-^ AND -^ 


Satisfaction guaranteed in every particular. 

Telephone 158. Night Bell at Office, 


Responsible representatives in every city in the United States, Territories, ^nd Cagadl 

Notes and accounts purchased. Property f 
Use Wheeler & Wheeler's Ink. charge of. Taxes paid. Loans qegotiat^, 

Abstracts of Titie"jparefully examined 

' i > i^iiMwii ■ m ill ■wiiiiMM^cM^gr fc wwwwM—TKi— ——.■.— w^MM—Mi m w T^MO^rnXxw^e^r'^^mL^fTj^^MitM^.^ 




HOTEl BREfsfl 

The most elegantly furnished and equipped inotei in 
So* ^hern California. 


Hot and Cold Wat<jr in AH Suites. 

Elevators, Bath.^i, and Modern Convenience. 

Special Accommodi.'tion for Commercial Tr-ivelers. 

Rates, from 2.50 Up. ^ J. E. O'BRIEN. M(.:ager. 



Sr^Wj-t^r Pharmacy 

The Leading Druggists. 

-" Cor. 4th and C Sts. (^ E. M. B RICKEY, Prop.