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vT North Carolina State Library 

I5:I9ZG>/17 Raleigh 






of the 






State Superintendent or Public Instruction 
Raleigh, N. C. 



Classification of Institutions of Higher Learning 9 

Colleges 10 

County Boards of Education 19 

County Superintendents 19 

County Training Schools for Negroes 14 

County Treasurers 19 

Denominational or Private Colleges — White 10 

Denominational or Private Colleges — Colored 11 

Department of Public Instruction 4 

Directors of Institutional Summer Schools 6 

Educational Periodicals 8 

Jeans Industrial Supervising Teachers... 34 

North Carolina Education Association 6 

North Carolina Negro Teachers Association 8 

Orphanages 15 

Preparatory Schools and Principals 14 

Private Business Colleges 12 

Private Schools for Negroes 16 

Rural School Supervisors '. 35 

School Nurses 19 

State Board of Education 3 

State Board for Vocational Education 3 

State Charitable Institutions 12 

State Schools for the Deficient and Delinquent 13 

Superintendents of Special Charter Schools 17 

Superintendents of Public Welfare 19 

Teacher Training Departments in High Schools 13 

Treasurers of Special Charter Schools 17 

December 1, 1926 


A. W. McLEAN, Goveenor 


Lieutenant Governor 


Secretary of State 

State Auditor 


State Treasurer 

Attorney General 


Superintendent of Public Instruction. Secretary 


A. T. Allex, Chairman. 

Miss Mart Arrixgtox. Rocky Mount. 

W. F. Cabr, Durham. 

Leoxard Tufts, Pinehurst. 


A. T. Allen, Superintendent of Public Instruction. 

Miss Flossie Marshbanks, Secretary. 


James E. Hillman, Director. 

Miss Marybelle Delamar, Assistant Director. 

Miss Myrtle Lee Smith, Secretary. 

Miss Mary Wiggs, Certificate Clerk. 

Miss Mexie Herring, Stenographer. 

Mrs. Jeannette Ball Dewitt, Stenographer. 

Miss Helen Snow, File Clerk. 

Miss Kathleen Burnside, File Clerk. 


James E. Hillman, Director. 

Mrs. T. E. Johnson, Supervisor Teacher Training in High Schools. 

Mrs. Margaret N. Schell, Stenographer. 


L. C. Brogden, Supervisor of Elementary Schools. 
Miss Hattie Parrott, Assistant Supervisor of Elementary Schools. 
Miss Maycie Southall, Assistant Supervisor of Elementary Schools. 
Miss Alberta Ingram, Stenographer. 


J. J. Blair, Director. 

Miss Lula Stockard, Stenographer. 


J. Henry Highsmith, Director. 

J. L. Memory, Jr., Assistant Inspector of High Schools. 

Miss Susan Fulghum. Assistant Inspector of Elementary Schools. 

W. A. Robinson, Assistant Inspector Colored High Schools. 

Miss Willa Ray, Stenographer. 


C. D. Douglas, Director. 

C. I. Taylor, Accountant. 

L. L. Williams, Statistician. 

Miss Carrie Moses, Stenographer. 


N. C. Newbold, Director. 

G. H. Ferguson, Assistant Director. 

W. F. Credle, Supervisor of Rosenwald Fund. 

Miss Annabel Pratt, Secretary. 

Miss Margaret N. Little, Stenographer. 

G. E. Davis, Supervisor of Rosenwald Building. 

Mrs. Annie W. Holland, Supervisor of Elementary Schools. 

S. A. Dickerson, Stenographer. 


T. E. Browne, Director. 

Miss Rebecca Cushing, Supervisor of Home Economics. 

Roy H. Thomas, Supervisor Agriculture. 

George W. Coggin, Supervisor Trades and Industries. 

H. L. Stanton, Supervisor Industrial Rehabilitation. 

H. C. Corpening, Assistant Supervisor Industrial Rehabilitation. 

C. M. Andrews, Assistant Supervisor Industrial Rehabilitation. 

J. K. Coggin, Assistant Supervisor Agriculture. 

J. S. Howard, Assistant Supervisor Agriculture. 

A. L. Teachey, Assistant Supervisor Agriculture. 

J. M. Osteen, Assistant Supervisor Agriculture. 

M. L. Rhodes, Assistant Supervisor Trades and Industries. 

Miss Bess Oglesby, Assistant Supervisor Home Economics. 

Mrs. Thomas W. King, Secretary. 

Miss Margaret Jackson, Stenographer. 

Miss Mary Gregory Fort, Stenographer. 

Mrs. J. M. Carmines, Stenographer. 


L. H. Jobe, Director. 

Miss Mary Matthews, Stenographer. 


Frank A. Ebmondson, Director of School Accounts. 
J. B. Williamson, Supervisor of Visual Education. 
James M. Williamson, Film 'Inspector. 


M. C. S. Noble, Jr., Director. 

Miss Katherine E. Hardesty*, Stenographer. 



Appalachian Training School B. B. Dougherty, Boone 

Asheville Normal School John E. Calfee, Asheville 

Cullowhee Normal School H. T. Hunter, Cullowhee 

East Carolina Teachers College ..L. R. Meadows, Greenville 

Junaluska (Duke University), Junaluska, N. C..B. J. Childs, Durham 

Lenoir-Rhyne College G. R. Patterson, Hickory 

Neuse Forest (Wake Forest), New Bern, N. C—A. C. Reid, Wake Forest 

Sea Shore (Duke University), Oriental, N. C T. B. Attmore, Vandemere 

State College of Agriculture and Engineering.. .T. E. Browne, Raleigh 

North Carolina College for Women J. H. Cook, Greensboro 

Duke University , Holland Holton, Durham 

University of North Carolina N. W. Walker, Chapel Hill 

Wake Forest College D. B. Bryan, Wake Forest 


Agriculture and Technical College F. D. Bluford, Greensboro 

Asheville ..J. H. Michael, Asheville 

Elizabeth City Normal School... P. W. Moore, Elizabeth City 

Fayetteville Normal School E. E. Smith, Fayetteville 

Johnson C. Smith University S. D. Williams, Charlotte 

Livingston College G. D. Wilson, Salisbury 

North Carolina College for Negroes James E. Shephard, Durham 

Shaw University W. S. Turner, Raleigh 

Winston-Salem Teachers College S. G. Atkins, Winston-Salem 


General Officers 

E. W. Knight, President, Chapel Hill. 
T. Wingate Andrews, Vice President, High Point. 
W. A. Graham, Past President, Wilmington. 
Jule B. Warren, Secretary-Treasurer, Raleigh. 
N. C. Newbold, N. E. A. Director, Raleigh. 

Executive Committee 

General officers and presidents of affiliated departments make up the 
executive committee. Asterisk (*) denotes member of this committee. 

District Chairmen 

Western District N. F. Steppe, Marion 

Northwestern District Horace Sisk, North Wilkesboro 

South Piedmont District Miss Nena Deberry, Salisbury 

North Central District E. L. Best, Louisburg 

Northeastern District Miss Minnie L. Kelly. Washington 

Southeastern District W. A. Thomas. Dover. 


Primary Teachers 

Miss Ethel McNairy,* President, Statesville. 

Miss Clara Taylor, Vice President, Rutherfordton. 

Miss Mamie Simpson, Secretary, Harmony. 

Grammar Grade Teachers 

Miss Ella Armfield,* President, Salisbury. 

Miss Nannie B. Farmer, Vice President, Rocky Mount. 

Miss Janie Klutz, Secretary, Concord. 

Elementary Principals 

E. T. McSwain, President, Greensboro. 

Miss Sallie Beavers, Vice President, Durham. 

Miss Anne Robe, Secretary, Rutherfordton. 

High School Principals and Teachers 

H. A. Carroll,* President, King. 

E. H. Garringer, Vice President, Charlotte. 

Hunter Holloway, Secretary, Rocky Mount. 

County Superintendents 

A. T. Allen,* President, Raleigh. 
C. D. Douglas, Secretary, Raleigh. 

City Superintendents 

A. S. Webb,* President, Concord. 

S. T. Emory, Vice President, Tarboro. 

Hoy Taylor, Secretary, Franklinton. 

Music Teachers 

C. D. Kutschinski,* President, Winston-Salem. 
Gilmore Bryant, Vice President, Durham. 
E. P. T. Larson, Secretary, Statesville. 

Higher Education 

Frazier Hood,* President, Davidson College. 

W. H. Frazer, Vice President, Queen's College, Charlotte. 

L. R. Wilson, Secretary, Chapel Hill. 


Miss Minnie S. Martin,* President, Raleigh. 

Miss Ida Poteat, Vice President, Meredith College, Raleigh. 

Miss Kate W. Lewis, Secretary, E. C. T. C, Greenville. 

Physical Education 

Harold D. Meyer,* President, Chapel Hill. 
H. W. Park, Vice President, Greensboro. 
Miss Carrie Taylor, Secretary, Fayetteville. 

Vocational Education 

Miss Lida Olive,* President, Durham, R-3. 



S. G. Atkins, President, Winston-Salem. 

W. S. Turner, Vice President, Raleigh. 

F. J. Rogers, Secretary, Wilmington. 

J. W. Seabrooke, Corresponding Secretary, Fayetteville. 

H. L. McCrorey, Treasurer, Charlotte. 

Executive Committee 

S. G. Atkins, ex officio. C. F. Pope. 

F. J. Rogers, ex officio. Mrs. W. S. Turner. 

J. W. Seabrooke, ex officio. Mrs. C. H. Brown. 

H. L. McCrorey, ex officio. Mrs. A. W. Holland. 

J. F. Gunn. 

College Section 

W. S. Turner, Director. R. A. Thornton, Secretary. 

High School Section 

W. A. Robinson, Director. P. A. Vaughn, Secretary. 

I. Department of High School Teachers of English and History. 

Mrs. J. E. Aggrey, Chairman; Miss T. U. Davis, Secretary. 

II. Department of High School Teachers of Science and Mathematics. 

J. A. Tarpley, Chairman; Miss Ruth E. Lee, Secretary. 

III. Department of High School Teachers of Languages. 

P. A. Vaughn, Chairman; O. Faduma, Secretary. 

IV. Department of Accredited High School Principals. 

J. K. Hilyard, Chairman; S. D. Williams, Secretary. 

Teacher Training Section 

Hardy Liston, Director. 

Home Economics Section 

Mrs. D. I. Miller, Director. Miss D. B. Foster, Secretary. 

Rural and Elementary Section 

Mrs. A. W. Holland, Director. Mrs. Carrie L. Battle, Secretary- 

I. Grammar Grade Department. 

II. Primary Department. 



(State Teachers' Journal) 
Published by the North Carolina Education Association, Raleigh. 


Published by the University of North Carolina, N. W. Walker, Editor, 

Chapel Hill. 


Published semi-monthly by the State Superintendent of Public Instruction, 




Group A— Four-Tear Standard Colleges: Postoffice 

North Carolina College for Women Greensboro, N. C. 

J. I. Foust, President 

John H. Cook, Professor of Education 
North Carolina State College of Agriculture and Engineering, 

E. C. Brooks. President Raleigh N. C. 
Leon E. Cook, Professor of Education 

University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, N. C. 

H. W. Chase, President 

N. W. Walker, Professor of Education 

Group B— Four-Tear Colleges in Class B: (None) 

Group C — Standard Junior Colleges: (None) 

Group D— Credit for One Tears College Work: (None) 

Teachers' CoUeges: 

East Carolina Teachers College Greenville, N. C. 

Robert H. Wright, President 

Standard Normal Schools: 

Appalachian State Normal School Boone, N. C. 

B. -B. Dougherty, President 

Chapell Wilson, Professor of Education 

Cullowhee State Normal School Cullowhee, N. C. 

H. T. Hunter, President 

C. H. Allen, Professor of Education 

East Carolina Teachers College (Two-Year Course) Greenville, N. C. 

Robert H. Wright, President 


Group A — Standard Four-Tear Colleges: (None) 
Group B — Four-Tear Colleges in Class B: (None) 

Group C — Credit for Two Tears College Work: 

Agricultural and Technical College Greensboro, N. C. 

F. D. Bluford, President 

Group D — Credit for one Tears College Work: (None) 

Standard Normal Schools: 

Elizabeth City State Normal School Elizabeth City, N C. 

P. W. Moore, President 
State Colored Normal School Fayetteville, N. C. 

E. E. Smith, President 
Winston-Salem Teachers College Winston-Salem, N. C. 

S. G. Atkins, President 

Unclassified Institutions : 

North Carolina College for Negroes Durham, N. C. 

J. E. Shepard, President 


Group A— Four-Tear Standard Colleges: Postoffice 

Atlantic Christian College Wilson, N. C. 

H. S. Hilley, President 

F. P. Grim, Professor of Education 

Chowan College Murfreesboro, N. C. 

C. P. Weaver, President 

Miss Newel Mason, Professor of Education 

Davidson College - Davidson, N. C. 

W. J. Martin, President 

Frazer Hood, Professor of Education 

Duke University Durham, N. C. 

W. P. Few, President 

Holland Holton, Professor of Education 

Elon College Elon College, N. C. 

W. A. Harper, President 

O. W. Johnson, Professor of Education 

Flora Macdonald College Red Springs, N. C. 

C. G. Vardell, President 

Mary M. Conoly, Professor of Education 

Greensboro College for Women Greensboro, N. C. 

S. B. Turrentine, President 

D. F. Nicholson, Professor of Education 

Guilford College Guilford College, N. C. 

Raymond Binford, President 

D. R. Haworth, Professor of Education 

Lenoir-Rhyne College Hickory, N. C. 

H. B. Schaeffer, President 

G. R. Patterson, Professor of Education 

Meredith College Raleigh, N. C. 

Charles E. Brewer, President 

H. J. Perry, Professor of Education 

Queens College - - Charlotte, N. C. 

W. H. Frazer, President 

Ethel Abernethy, Professor of Education 

Salem College Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Howard E. Rondthaler, President 

Eleanor B. Foreman, Professor of Education 

Wake Forest College Wake Forest, N. C. 

W. L. Poteat, President 

D. B. Bryan, Professor of Education 

Group B — Four-Year Colleges in Class B : 

St. Genevieve of the Pines. Asheville, N. C. 

Mother Albertine Foret, President 

Mother M. MacSwiney, Professor of Education 

Group C — Standard for Junior Colleges: 

Davenport College Lenoir, N. C. 

Wm. A. Jenkins, President 

Dorothy Rethlingshafer, Professor of Education 


Group C — Standard for Junior Colleges — Continued Postoffice 

Louisburg College Louisburg, N. C. 

A. W. Moiins, President 

E. L. Best, Professor of Education 

Mars Hill College Mars Hill, N. C. 

R. L. Mooee, President 

P. C. Stringfield, Professor of Education 

Mitchell College. Statesville, N. C. 

G. H. Elmore, President 

Miss Katherine E. Wilson, Professor of Education 

Peace Institute Raleigh, N. C. 

W. C. Pressly, President 

Miss Mabel Bacon, Professor of Education 

St. Mary's School Raleigh, N. C. 

W. W. Way, President 

Weaver College Weaverville, N. C. 

C. H. Trowbridge, President 

Wingate Junior College Wingate, N. C. 

J. B. Huff, President 

W. O. Kelly, Professor of Education 

Group D — Credit for One Years College Work: 

Carolina College Maxton, N. C. 

E. J. Green, President 

Rutherford College Rutherford College, N. C. 

W. P. Starnes, President 

A. R. Reap, Professor of Education 

Standard Normal Schools: 

Asheville Normal and Associated Schools Asheville, N. C. 

John E. Calfee, President 

Unclassified Institutions : 

Belmont Abbey College Belmont, N. C. 

Rev. Stanislaus Bethel, President 

Campbell College Buie's Creek, N. C. 

Rev. J. A. Campbell, President 

Catawba College... Salisbury, N. C. 

Elmer Hoke, President 

Concordia College _ Conover, N. C. 

O. W. Kreinheder. President 

High Point College..... High Point N. C. 

R. M. Andrews, President 

Montreat Normal School Montreat, N. C. 

Rev. R. C. Anderson, President 

Pineland School for Girls Salemburg, N. C. 

Rev. and Mrs. W. J. Jones, Presidents 


Group A — Four-Tear Standard Colleges: 

Johnson C. Smith University Charlotte, N. C. 

H. L. McCrorey, President 

T. S. Jackson. Professor of Education 


Group A — Four- Year Standard Colleges — Continued Postoffice 

Shaw University Raleigh, N. C 

Joseph L. Peacock, President 

Brooks Dickens, Professor of Education 

Group B — Four-Tear Colleges in Class B: 

Livingstone College Salisbury, N. C. 

W. J. Trent, President 

G. D. Wilson, Professor of Education 

Group C — Credit for Two Years College Work: 

St. Augustine's School ■. Raleigh, N. C. 

Edgar H. Goold, President 

Everett W. Johnson, Professor of Education 

Group D — Credit for One Years College Work: 

Bennett College Greensboro, N. C. 

David D. Jones, President 

Miss Sidney E. Hughes, Professor of Education 


Kittrell College Kittrell, N. C. 

George A. Edwards, President 

The Joseph Keasby Brick Junior College Bricks, N. C. 

W. H. Holloway, Acting Dean 


(State Institution) 

Cherokee Indian Normal School Pembroke, N. C. 

S. B. Smithey, Principal 


Chess Hardbarger's Secretarial School, Raleigh. 

Durham Business College, Durham. 

Gastonia Business College, Gastonia. 

Georgia Carolina School of Commerce, Goldsboro. 

Ives Business College, North Wilkesboro. 

Kings Business College, Charlotte, Greensboro, and Raleigh. 

Miss Price's Business College, Charlotte. 

Sanford Business College, Sanford. 

Southern Business College, High Point. 


State Hospital at Raleigh Albert Anderson, Raleigh 

State Hospital at Morganton John McCampbell, Morganton 

State Hospital at Goldsboro W. C. Linville, Goldsboro 

North Carolina Sanatorium for the Treatment of Tuberculosis, P. P. McCain, 

North Carolina Orthopedic- Hospital Robert B. Babington, Gastonia 

Oxford Orphanage R. L. Brown, Oxford 


North Carolina Orphanage for the Colored Race, Henry P. Cheatham, Ox- 

Soldiers Home W. T. Mangum, Raleigh 

Confederate Woman's Home Mrs. M. B. Beaman, Fayetteville 


North Carolina School for the White Blind and for the Colored Blind and 

Deaf G. E. Lineberry, Raleigh 

North Carolina School for the Deaf E. McK. Goodwin, Morganton 

Stonewall Jackson Manual Training and Industrial School, Charles E. Boger, 


Caswell Training School Dr. W. H. Dixon, Kinston 

Eastern Carolina Industrial Training School for Boys, S. E. Leonard, Rocky 


Morrison Industrial School for Negro Boys Rev. L. L. Boyd, Hoffman 

State Home and Industrial School for Girls and Women, Miss Agnes B. 

McNatjghton, Samarcand. 


County School , Instructor H. S. Prin. or 


Ashe Virginia-Carolina Miss Jonnie Gore R. E. L. Plummer 

Grassy Creek, N. C. Crumpler, N. C. 

Carteret....Atlantic .Miss Mabel Evans F. L. Stroupe 

Atlantic, N. C. Atlantic, N. C. 

Catawba....Catawba County 

Farm-life Miss Pattie Dowell R. 0. Whitener 

Newton N. C, R.F.D. Newton, N. C. 

Chatham...Pittsboro .Miss Berta P. Coltrane A. V. Nolan 

Pittsboro, N. C. Pittsboro, N. C. 

Cleveland..Shelby Miss Mary Keller I. C. Griffin 

Shelby, N. C. Shelby, N. C. 

Columbus.Whiteville Miss Juanita McDougald.G. 0. Rogers 

Whiteville, N. C. Whiteville, N. C. 

Davidson. ..Churchland Miss Mary Moyle W. C. Harward 

Linwood, N. C, R.F.D. Linwood, R.F.D. 
Iredell Harmony Miss Florence Holton R. H. Lankford 

Harmony, N. C. Harmony, N. C. 

Macon Franklin Miss Helen Burch G. L. Houk 

Franklin, N. C. Franklin, N. C. 

Moore Sandhill Farm-life. ...Miss Meta Liles R. G. Hutcheson 

Vass, N. C. Vass, N. C. 

Rowan Rowan County 

Farm-life j^iss Maurie Simpson) R D Johnson 

^Miss Virginia Porter f „, . ~ XT „ 

China Grove, N. C. ' Chma Grove ' N " C " 

Sampson... Salemburg Miss Lillian Nance R. R. Cusick 

Salemburg, N. C. Salemburg, N. C. 

Wake Gary Miss Louise Gill M. B. Dry 

Cary, N. C. Cary, N. C. 



County Superintendent Address 

Alamance J. F. Gunn Burlington 

Beaufort .Wm. A. Keys Pantego 

Bertie C. G. White Powellsville 

Bladen J. S. Bowser Clarkton 

Brunswick J. W. Barbour Southport 

Cleveland T. K. Borders Shelby 

Columbus C. 0. Howell Whiteville 

Craven Nathan A. Cheek James City 

Davidson... Benj. A. Bianchi Lexington 

Duplin E. A. Hemby Faison 

Gates T. S. Cooper Sunbury 

Greene Julian A. Prince Snow Hill 

Halifax F. B. Syphax Weldon 

Harnett .W. D. Gay Dunn 

Hertford C. S. Brown Winton 

Hyde W. E. Knight Scranton 

Johnston A. J Taylor Smithfield 

Martin .W. C. Chance , Parmele 

Moore _A. C. Pinckney Carthage 

Nash _D. A. Thomas Nashville 

Northampton W. L. Greene Garysburg 

Orange B. L. Bozeman ...Chapel Hill 

Pamlico J. A. Darmen .• Bayboro 

Pender T. T. Ringer Rocky Point 

Perquimans I. S. Leece Winfall 

Person Charles J. Ford Roxboro, R.F.D. 

Pitt .W. J. McLean Grimesland 

Robeson Sanford P. Bradby Maxton 

Sampson M. D. Coley Clinton 

Scotland J. A. Kirk Hasty 

Stanly -E. H. Miller Albemarle 

Wake -E. A. Cox... Method 

Warren G. E. Cheek .Wise 

Wilkes G. L. Eggleston Wilkesboro 


Albemarle Normal and Industrial 

Institute (Girls) Katie B. Pridgen, Albemarle 

Alderman's Select School Miss Mary Alderman, Wilmington 

Asheville School (Male) George Jackson, Asheville 

Bingham School (Male) Col. S. R. McKee, Asheville 

Blue Ridge School for Boys J. R. Sandifer, Hendersonville 

Boiling Springs High School (Mixed). .J. D. Huggins, Shelby, R.F.D. 

Brevard Institute 0. H. Orr, Brevard 

Carolina Industrial School Mrs. Jeanette P. Damon, Watha 

Elise High School Allen Jones, Jr., Hemp 

Farm School, Asheville L. H. Burch, Asheville 

Fassifern School (Girls) J. R. Sevier, Hendersonville 

Fruitland Institute N. A. Melton, Hendersonville 

Glade Valley High School E. B. Eldridge, Glade Valley 

Haywood Institute P. A. Roberts, Clyde 

Jefferson School G. B. Price, Jefferson 

Lee School for Boys J. A. Peoples, Blue Ridge 

Lees McRae Institute (Boys) T. W. Clapp, Plumtree 


Lees McRae Institute (Girls) Rev. Edgar Tufts, Banner Elk 

Montreat Normal School S. L. Woodward, Montreat 

Mount Amoena Seminary (Girls) Rev. J. H. C. Fisher, Mount Pleasant 

Mountain View Institute S. J. Honeycutt, Hays 

Oak Ridge Institute (Male) T. E. Whitaker, Oak Ridge 

Pineland School for Girls, H. S Rev. and Mrs. W. J. Jones, Salemburg 

Sacred Heart Academy (Girls) Sister Mary Bride, Belmont 

Stanley-McCormick School Leroy F. Jackson, Burnsville 

St. Genevieve's Academy (Girls) Madame M. Monk, Asheville 

St. Mark's Parochial School Rev. Father Dennen, Wilmington 

St. Mark's Parochial School Father M. A. Irwin, Newton Grove 

St. Mary's Academy Stanislaus Bethel, Belmont 

Sylva Collegiate Institute J. C. Hough, Sylva 

The Collegiate Institute (Male) G. F. McAlister, Mount Pleasant 

Valle Crucis Mission School Bishop Horner, Valle Crucis 

Washington Collegiate Institute M. 0. Fletcher, Washington 

Yadkin Collegiate Institute W. P. Totten, Yadkin College 

Yadkin Mineral Springs Academy Miss Nora P. Eddins, Palmerville 


Alexander Home Mrs. Fannie Sharpe, Supt., Charlotte 

Baptist Orphanage Rev. M. L. Kesler, Supt., Thomasville 

*Buncombe Children's Home Miss Emma Donoho, Asheville 

*Children's Home Society John J. Phoenix, Supt., Greensboro 

Christian Orphanage Chas. D. Johnson, Supt., Elon College 

Eleida Home Rev. L. B. Compton, Supt., Asheville 

Falcon Orphanage J. A. Culbreth, Supt., Falcon 

Freewill Baptist Home C. G. Pope, Supt., Middlesex 

Grandfather Orphans Home Rev. J. W. Holcomb, Supt., Banner Elk 

Junior League Baby Home Mrs. E. T. Cansler, Charlotte 

Junior Order Orphanage High Point 

*Juvenile Relief Home Mrs. George Norfieet, Winston-Salem 

Kennedy Home R. H. Hough, Kinston 

Maxwell Orphanage..... J. E. Lancaster, Franklin 

Memorial Industrial School (Col.)... Rev. J. W. Poindexter, Supt., Winston- 
Methodist Children's Home Rev. Chas. A. Wood, Supt., Winston- 

Methodist Orphanage Rev. A. S. Barnes, Supt., Raleigh 

Methodist Protestant Children's Home..Rev. E. A. Loudermilk, Supt., High 


Mountain Orphanage Carl Brindley, Supt., Black Mountain 

Nazareth Orphanage Rev. Geo. A. Woods, Supt., Nazareth 

Nazareth Orphan's Home W. H. McNairy, Supt., Rockwell 

Odd Fellows' Home Charles H. Warren, Supt., Goldsboro 

Oxford Colored Orphanage Henry P. Cheatham, Supt., Oxford 

Oxford Orphanage R. L. Brown, Supt., Oxford 

Presbyterian Orphans Home ...Joseph B. Johnston, Barium Springs 

Pythian Home R. D. Jenkins, Supt., Clayton 

St. Ann's Orphanage '. Sister M. Bride, Supt., Bemont 

Thompson Orphanage Rev. W. H. Wheeler, Supt., Charlotte 

*Wright's Refuge Miss Alice Pirie, Durham 

*Child-placing institutions. 



Albion Academy J. A. Savage, Franklinton 

Allen Home School Miss Veda Stryker, Asheville 

Burgaw Colored High School C. F. Pope, Burgaw 

Christian College W. R. Collins, Franklinton 

Eastern N. C. Industrial Academy William Sutton, New Bern 

Henderson Institute _J. A. Cotton, Henderson 

Immanuel Lutheran Academy and 

Theological Seminary H. Nau, Greensboro 

Kinston College „ L. E. Rasbury, Kinston 

Laurinburg High and Industrial 

Institute E. M. McDuffie, Laurinburg 

Lincoln Academy .W. E. Ricks, Kings Mountain 

Mary Potter School G. C. Shaw, Oxford 

Palmer Memorial Institute Mrs. C. Hawkins Brown, Sedalia 

Peabody Academy _ „J. K. Hilyard, Troy 

Scotia Seminary T. R. Lewis, Concord 

Thompson Institute W. H. Knuckles, Lumberton 



Address Superintendent Treasurer 

Aberdeen -A. S. Ballard H. A. Page, Jr. 

Albemarle M. S. Beam M. A. Boger 

Andrews J. G. Allen Clyde H. Jarrett 

Asbeboro R. J. Hilker W. J. Gregson 

Asbeville .W. L. Brooker E. G. Thompson 

Ayden J. E. Sawyer A. T. Moore 

Beaufort Robt. L. Fritz, Jr W. L. Stancil 

Benson H. C. Renegar First Nat. Bank of Benson 

Bessemer City John H. Floyd Carl. G. Carpenter 

Burlington C. C. Hawortb J. P. Montgomery 

Canton A. J. Hutcbins R. D. Coleman 

Carthage O. B. Welch P. K. Kennedy 

Chapel Hill L. R. Sides R. A. Eubanks 

Charlotte H. P. Harding Miss Emma Belle Cheek 

Cherryville Joe R. Nixon W. B. Rhyne 

Clayton B. F. Hassell Aubrey S. Gattis 

Clinton P. S. White .' Bank of Sampson 

Concord A. S. Webb B. E. Harris 

Davidson .....H. L. Elliott, Jr Dr. J. M. McConnell 

Dunn J. Shepard Bryan J. Shepard Bryan 

Durham F. M. Martin C. B. Alston 

East Bend H. B. Shore H. M. Wilhelm 

East Spencer R. Lee Trexler W. P. Harrison 

Edenton John A. Holmes .W. H. Ward 

Elizabeth City S. L. Sheep C. H. Twiddy 

Elkin J. H. Allred Mrs. Marion Lillard 

Elm City P. T. Fugate -K. B. Bailey 

Enfield Claude L. Ives Miss Mary Collins 

Faison H. T. Ray J. J. Gibbons 

Fayetteville Harry Howell .....David Gaster 

Franklinton Hoy Taylor Citizens Bank 

Franklinville M. L. Neal J. T. Buie 

Fremont C. B. Thomas Cutlar Lee 

Gastonia W. P. Grier R. C. Patrick 

Gibson C. Grigg W. N. McKenzie 

Glen Alpine W. T. Byrd N. 0. Pitts 

Goldsboro .0. A. Hamilton Miss Blanche Parrott 

Graham M. E. Yount Charles A. Thompson 

Granite Falls Walter R. Schaff E. E. Moore 

Greensboro Frederick Archer E. G. Sherrill 

Greenville J. H. Rose James C. Tyson 

Hamlet Frank L. Ashley S. 0. Bauersfeld 

Haw River J. D. Barber Mrs. J. R. Aldridge 

Henderson E. M. Rollins First Nat. Bank 

Hendersonville A. W. Honeycutt Wiltshire Griffith 

Hickory R. W. Carver R. W. Carver 

High Point T. Wingate Andrews Dr. D. A. Stanton 

Kernsville R. A. Sullivan James J. Griffith 

Kings Mountain J. Y. Irvin Charles G. Dilling 

Kinston K. R. Curtis W. A. Moore 

Laurinburg S. W. Rabb T. J. Gill 

Lenoir C. S. Warren J. W. Whisnant 


Address Superintendent Treasurer 

Lexington J. H. Cowles S. A. DeLapp 

Lincolnton Wiley M. Pickens J. Frank Love 

Louisburg .W. R. Mills.- -~W. R. Mills 

Lucama A. B. Culberson S. E. Higb 

Lumberton W. B. Crumpton J. P. Russell 

Madison J. C. Lassiter J. O. Ragsdale 

Marion C. W. E. Pittman..... J. E. Neal 

Maxton C. L. Green McKay McKinnon 

Mebane Joe P. Moore S. G. Morgan 

Mocksville E. C. Staton R. B. Sanford 

Monroe George W. Bradshaw Bank of Union 

Mooresville H. C. Miller Roy K. McNeely 

Morebead City H. L. Joslyn W. J. Plint 

Morganton J}. W. Maddox.. J. S. Rogers 

Morven J. F. Lowrence H. G. Huntley 

Mount Airy Jos. H. Hurst F. M. Poore 

Mount Olive J. O. Bowman H. M. Cox 

Murpby Bryan W. Sipe M. W. Bell 

New Bern H. B. Smith A. L. Hibbard 

Newton .W. S. Snipes G. A. Warlick, Jr. 

North Wilkesboro Horace Sisk S. L. Pardue 

Oxford C. G. Credle R. H. Lews 

Pilot Mountain M. C. Campbell I. M. Gordon 

Plymouth James W. Norman George W. Hardison 

Raleigh H. F. Srygley —..J. M. Mangum 

Reidsville J. H. Fleming Numa Winstead 

Roanoke Rapids E. J. Coltrane E. J. Coltrane 

Rockingham L. J. Bell Zeb. Gibson 

Rocky Mount R. M. Wilson R. C. Brake 

Roxboro A. B. Stalvey E. G. Long 

Salisbury G. B. Phillips H. P. Brandis 

Sanford C. E. Teague J. R. Jones, Jr. 

Scotland Neck F. M. Tucker Ray Boyette 

Sharpsburg T. L. Vernon M. A. Bachelor 

Shelby I. C. Griffin Mrs. 0. M. Suttle 

Smithfield N. C. Shuford Mrs. T. J. Lassiter 

Southern Pines :...Wm. F. Allen .....H. F. Burns 

Spencer F. R. Richardson B. L. Young 

Spring Hope J. E. McLean O. B. Baines 

Statesville R. M. Gray J. C. Fowler 

Tarboro S. T. Emory J. E. Morrisette 

Thomasville J. N. Hauss Miss Belva Harriss 

Tryon W. A. Schilleter. M. G. Blake 

Vass W. D. Matthews D. A. McLauchlin 

Wadesboro J. H. Mclver L. G. Atkinson 

Wake Forest H. P. Smith Citizens Bank 

Washington H. M. Roland E. W. Ayers, Jr. 

Weldon .Walter W. Barnhart W. L. Scott 

Wilmington ^V. A. Graham J. A. Orrell 

Wilson.... Charles L. Coon W. E. Warren 

Winston-Salem R. H. Latham W. H. Holcomb 

Youngsville C. B. Garrett C. C. Winston 




Superintendent, A. H. King, Graham. 

C. P. Albright, Chairman, Graham. 

J. E. Sellars, Mebane, R. 3. 

W. R. Sellars, Burlington. 

J. J. Lambeth, Elon College. 

E. J. Braxton, Snow Camp. 
Mrs. Mary Purse, Treasurer, Graham. 
Dr. P. H. Fleming, Superintendent Public Welfare, Burlington. 


Superintendent, M. A. Stone, Taylorsville. 

'31 A. C. Deal, Chairman, Taylorsville. 

'29 A. C. Payne, Taylorsville. 

'27 B. P. Hines, Stony Point. 
Merchants and Farmers Bank, Treasurer, Taylorsville. 


Superintendent, John M. Cheek, Sparta. 

(Express office: Doughton, N. C.) 

'29 M. A. Higgins, Chairman, Ennice. 

'27 F. M. Osborne, Stratford. 

'31 John Gambill, Independence, Va. 
W. V. Blevins, Treasurer, Sparta. 


Superintendent, R. W. Allen, Wadesboro. 

'29 P. J. Kiker, Chairman, Wadesboro. 

'27 J. L. Little, Morven. 

'31 John A. Boggan, Polkton. 
First National Bank, Treasurer, Wadesboro. 
Miss Mary Robinson, Superintendent Public Welfare, Wadesboro. 


Superintendent, J. 0. Goodman, Beaver Creek. 

(Express office: West Jefferson.) 

'31 J. E. Gentry, Chairman, Nathan's Creek. 

'31 J. W. Duncan, Beaver Creek. 

'31 F. M. Miller, Clifton. 
J. W. Hampton, Treasurer, Lansing. 


Superintendent, R. T. Teague, Newland. 

(Express office: Elk Park) 

D. P. Bridges, Chairman, Newland. 

M. C. Biggerstaff, Altamont. 

Jim W. Phillips, Ingalls. 
Citizens Bank, Treasurer, Elk Park. 

* Terms of board members whose terms vary from the usual two-year term are indicated 
by the figures just preceeding the names. 



Superintendent, H. H. McLean, Washington. 

'31 J. B. Sparrow, Chairman, Washington. 

'29 T. R. Tyer, Bath. 

'29 W. W. Hooker, Aurora. 

'27 H. C. Bragaw, Washington. 

'27 W. J. Justus, Belhaven. 
E. R. Mixon, Treasurer, Washington. 
Rev. H. B. Searight, Superintendent Public Welfare, Washington. 


Superintendent, H. W. Early, Windsor. 

M. B. Gillam, Chairman, Windsor. 
W. A. Tayloe, Aulander. 
R. A. Urquhart, Woodville. 
Thomas A. Smithwick, Merry Hill. 
D. R. Britton, Colerain. 

J. B. Cherry, Treasurer, Windsor. 


Superintendent, W. W. Woodhouse, Elizabethtown. 

'27 J. F. Council, Chairman, Council. 

'31 N. A. Regan, Elizabethtown. 
L. D. Melvin, Parkersburg. 
W. A. Ferguson, Treasurer, Elizabethtown. 


Superintendent, B. R. Page. Southport. 

F. E. Galloway, Chairman, Bolivia. 
R. T. Williams, Leland. 

J. L. Stone, Shallotte. 
W. R. Holmes, Treasurer, Shallotte. 
D. E. Robinson, Superintendent Public Welfare, Supply. 
Miss Lou Holiday, School- Nurse, Southport. 


Superintendent, A. C. Reynolds, Asheville. 

S. G. Bernard, Chairman, Asheville. 
H. B. Williams, Weaverville. 
J. T. Roberts, Asheville, R. 4. 

G. D. Carter, West Asheville. 
R. B. Williams, Fairview. 

T. H. Reeves, Treasurer, Asheville. 

A. W. Rymer, Superintendent Public Welfare, Asheville. 

Miss Maude Setzer, School Nurse, Asheville. 

Miss Beatrice Setzer, School Nurse, Asheville. 


Superintendent, R. L. Patton, Morganton. 

J. E. Coulter, Chairman, Connelly Springs. 

A. N. Dale, Morganton. 

L. F. Brinkley, Glen Alpine. 

W. E. McConnaughey, Morganton, R. 5. 

J. P. Bumgardner, Morganton, R. 4. 
First National Bank, Treasurer, Morganton. 



Superintendent, J. B. Robertson, Concord. 

'31 W. R. Odell, Chairman, Concord. 

'29 R. L. Hartsell, Bost Mill. 

'27 G. G. Allen, Kannapolis. 
Miss Margie McEachren, Treasurer, Concord. 
J. H. Brown, Superintendent Public Welfare, Concord. 


Superintendent, J. W. Mcintosh, Lenoir. 

W. J. Lenoir, Chairman, Lenoir. 
'31 R. M. Smith, Lenoir. 
'29 Steele Greer, Patterson. 

B. B. Hayes, Hudson. 
'27 W. H. Livingston, Lenoir. 
John L. Suddreth, Treasurer, Lenoir. 
Miss Florence E. Boyd, Superintendent Public Welfare, Lenoir. 


Superintendent, L. L. Stevens, Indiantown. 

(Express office: Camden.) 

T. B. Godfrey, Chairman, Camden. 

J. W. Jones, South Mills. 

Thomas Whaley, Shiloh. 
The First and Citizens National Bank, Treasurer, Elizabeth City. 


Superintendent, J. H. Workman, Beaufort. 

'25 W. H. Taylor, Chairman, Beaufort. 

'29 Chas. V. Webb, Morehead City. 

'31 D. Mason, Atlantic. 
Beaufort Banking and Trust Co., Treasurer, Beaufort. 
Alvah Hamilton, Superintendent Public Welfare, Morehead City. 


Superintendent, Robt. W. Isley, Yanceyville. 

(Express office: Danville, Va.) 

J. 0. Fitzgerald, Chairman, Pelham. 

W. L. Taylor, Semora. 

W. A. Maynard, Altamahaw, R. 2. 

J. M. Williams, Prospect Hill. 

S. T. Fuqua, Corbett. 
Alvis Lea Florence, Treasurer, Yanceyville. 


Superintendent, J. A. Capps, Newton. 

Bascom B. Blackwelder, Chairman, Hickory. 

Oscar Sherrill, Catawba. 

C. C. Huitt, Claremont. 

Dr. Fred T. Foard, Hickory, R. 1. 
David Gaither, Treasurer, Newton. 
Mrs. C. V. Price, Superintendent Public Welfare, Hickory. 


Superintendent, W. R. Thompson, Pittsboro. 

'29 T. B. Bray, Chairman, Pittsboro, R. 3. 

'27 E. R. Hinton, Pittsboro. 

'31 M. M. Bridges, Siler City, R. 2. 

'29 N. J. Wilson, Apex, R. 4. 

'27 G. M. Womble, Moncure. 

G. W. Blair, Treasurer, Pittsboro. 



Superintendent, A. L. Martin, Murphy. 

J. F. Palmer, Chairman, Marble. 

Mrs. W. B. Fisher, Andrews. 

T. T. Johnson, Culberson, R. 2. 
Cherokee Bank, Treasurer, Murphy. 
Miss Elizabeth Smith, Superintendent Public Welfare, Murphy. 


Superintendent, R. H. Bachman, Edenton. 

Thomas W. Elliott, Chairman, Edenton. 

B. W. Evans, Edenton, R.F.D. 
W. D. Welch, Hobbsville, R.F.D. 

W. H. Ward, Treasurer, Edenton. 


Superintendent, Allen J. Bell, Hayesville. 
(Express office, Murphy.) 

John 0. Smith, Chairman, Hayesville, R. 1. 

J. Arthur Penland, Hayesville, R. 1. 

H. M. Crawford, Hayesville, R. 3. 
Ed Kitchens, Treasurer, Hayesville. 


Superintendent, J. H. Grigg, Shelby. 

A. P. Spoke, Chairman, Shelby. 
W. A. Ridenhour, Kings Mountain. 
J. T. S. Mauney, Shelby, R. 5. 
J. L. Hord, Waco. 

C. D. Forney, Lawndale. 
Mrs. Mary E. Yarboro, Treasurer, Shelby. 

J. B. Smith, Superintendent Public Welfare, Shelby. 


Superintendent, C. C. Russ, Whiteville. 

M. B. McAulay, Chairman, Acme. 

J. L. Lewis, Tabor. 

J. A. Powell, Wananish. 

H. G. Avant, Vineland. 

Dr. C. F. Shelton, Chadbourn. 
Bank of Whiteville, Treasurer, Vineland. 


Superintendent, R. S. Proctor, New Bern. 

L. H. Cannon, Chairman, New Bern. 

J. E. Wetherington, New Bern, R. 2. 

J. H. West, Dover. 
Citizens Bank and Trust Co., Treasurer, New Bern. 
Mrs. John D. Whitford, Superintendent Public Welfare, New Bern. 


Superintendent, B. T. McBryde, Fayetteville. 

'29 John W. Hall, Chairman, Autryville, R. 2. 

'27 John S. Ray, Hope Mills. 

'29 A. B. Yarborough, Godwin. 

'31 H. S. Averitt, Fayetteville. 

'27 Nathaniel McArthur, Fayetteville, R. 3. 
D. Gaster, Treasurer, Fayetteville. 

John A. Martin, Superintendent Public Welfare, Fayetteville. 
Mrs. Emoret Davis, School Nurse, Fayetteville. 



Superintendent, Maud C. Newbury, Currituck. 
(Express office: Snowden.) 

W. H. Gallop, Chairman, Jarvisburg. 

W. W. Jarvis, Moyock. 

Henry Dozier, Moyock. 
Bank of Currituck, Treasurer, Moyock. 
Miss Nan A. Cox, School Nurse, Currituck. 


Superintendent, E. W. Pearson, Manteo. 

(Express office: Manteo, via Elizabeth City.) 

S. A. Griffin, Chairman, Manteo. 

0. C. Fulcher, Buxton. 

E. N. Baum, Kitty Hawk. 

C. E. Payne, Stumpy Point. 
A. C. Hassell, Treasurer, Manteo. 


Superintendent, S. G. Hasty, Lexington. 

J. C. Ripple, Chairman, Welcome. 

C. W. Stokes, Newsome. 

0. T. Davis, Linwood, R. 1. 
Bank of Lexington, Treasurer, Lexington. 
J. W. Dickens, Superintendent Public Welfare, Lexington. 
Miss Annie Yow, School Nurse. Lexington. 


Superintendent, E. P. Bradley, Mocksville. 

'27 Peter W. Hairston, Chairman, Advance, R. 2. 

'29 J. B. Johnstone, Mocksville. 

'31 I. P. Graham, Cooleemee. 
S. C. Stonestreet, Treasurer, Mocksville. 
Mrs. Queen Bess Kennon, Superintendent Public Welfare, Farmington. 


Superintendent, B. C. Siske, Kenansville. 

'29 H. H. Carlton, Chairman, Warsaw. 

'27 W. J. Grady, Pink Hill. 

'31 D. Stokes Williams, Wallace. 
D. S. Williamson, Treasurer, Kenansville. 
Horace Stewart, Superintendent Public Welfare, Wallace. 


Superintendent, L. H. Barbour, Durham. 

J. D. Hamlin, Chairman, Durham. 

H. G. Hedrick, Durham. 

H. D. Umstead, Sr., Bahama. 

J. B. Mason, Durham. 

W. I. Cranford, Durham. 
Simeon Bowling, Treasurer, Durham. 
W. E. Stanley, Superintendent Public Welfare, Durham. 
Mrs. L. T. Harris, School Nurse, Durham. 


Superintendent, W. H. Pittman, Tarboro. 

Geo. M. Fountain, Chairman, Tarboro. 

R. A. Stancill, Conetoe. 

To April '27 H. L. Brake, Rocky Mount. 

After April '27 Benj. H. Thomas, Rocky Mount. 
Farmers Banking and Trust Co., Treasurer, Tarboro. 
Mrs. Sibyl Fields, Superintendent Public Welfare, Tarboro. 



Superintendent, T. H. Cash, Winston-Salem. 

James J. Griffith, Chairman, Kernersville. 

P. Frank Hanes, Walkertown. 

George Miller Hinshaw, Clemmons. 
Farmers National Bank and Trust Co., Treasurer, Winston-Salem. 
A. W. Cline, Superintendent Public Welfare, Winston-Salem. 
Miss Mary Oliver, School Nurse, Winston-Salem, Box 1160. 


Superintendent, Edward L. Best, Louisburg. 

'31 A. F. Johnson, Chairman, Louisburg. 

'29 W. A. Mullen, Bunn. 

'29 J. H. Joyner, Louisburg, R. 2. 

'31 T. H. Dickens, Louisburg, R. 4. 

'27 E. L. Green, Youngsville, R. 3. 
First National Bank, Treasurer, Louisburg. 
E. C. Perry, Superintendent Public Welfare, Louisburg. 


Superintendent, F. P. Hall, Gastonia. 

S. N. Boyce, Chairman, Gastonia. 
J. H. Rudisill, Cherryville. 

C. E. Hutchison, Mount Holly. 
C. C. Craig, Treasurer, Gastonia. 

Mrs. Gertrude K. Keller, Superintendent Public Welfare, Gastonia. 
Miss Blanche Smith, School Nurse, Gastonia. 


Superintendent, J. M. Glenn, Gatesville. 

(Express office: Roduco.) 

E. A. Benton, Chairman, Trotville. 
J. C. Holland, Drum Hill. 

J. L. Hofler, Gatesville. 
The Farmers Bank of Eure, Treasurer, Eure. 


Superintendent, J. H. Moody, Robbinsville. 

S. P. Harwood, Chairman, Robbinsville. 
T. A. Morphew, Robbinsville. 

D. Troy Hyde, Robbinsville. 
Riley Orr, Treasurer, Robbinsville. 


Superintendent, J. F. Webb, Oxford. 

F. M. Pinnix, Chairman, Oxford. 
Dr. R. G. Rogers, Creedmoor. 
C. H. Cheatham, Oxford, R. 3. 
H. M. Hobgood, Oxford, R. 1. 

E. N. Clement, Oxford, R. 1. 
First National Bank, Treasurer, Oxford. 

J. E. Jackson, Superintendent Public Welfare, Oxford. 
Mrs. H. P. Guffey, School Nurse, Oxford. 



Superintendent, H. G. Robertson, Snow Hill. 

'27 J. E. Debnam, Chairman, Snow Hill. 

'29 J. B. Albritton, Hookerton. 

'27 L. A. Mewborn, Farmville. 

'27 W. D. Cobb, LaGrange. 

*29 W. A. Dildy, Walstonburg. 
J. L. Edwards, Treasurer, Stantonsburg. 


Superintendent, Thomas R. Foust, Greensboro. 

Charles H. Ireland, Chairman, Greensboro. 
Dred Peacock, High Point. 
S. E. Coltrane, Guilford College, R. 2. 
Dr. C. S. Gilmer, Greensboro, R. 6. 

D. M. Chrismon, Brown Summit. 
G. H. McKinney, Treasurer, Greensboro. 

Mrs. Blanche Carr Sterne, Superintendent Public Welfare, Greensboro. 
Miss Elizabeth Pratt, School Nurse, Greensboro. 
Miss Ethel Wells, School Nurse, Greensboro. 


Superintendent, A. E. Akers, Roanoke Rapids. 

(Express office: Roanoke Junction.) 
Fletcher H. Gregory, Chairman, Halifax. 
W. F. White, Enfield. 

C. H. Leggett, Hobgood. 
Norfleet S. Smith, Treasurer, Scotland Neck. 

J. B. Hall, Superintendent Public Welfare, Scotland Neck. 
Miss Davis Dickens, School Nurse, Weldon. 


Superintendent, B. P. Gentry, Lillington. 

E. W. Smith, Chairman, Dunn, R. 4. 

D. P. Ray, Lillington, R. 3. 
H. S. Holloway, Varina, R. 1. 

J. P. Bradley, Treasurer, Lillington. 

Miss Dora Beck, Superintendent Public Welfare, Lillington. 


Superintendent, W. C. Allen, Waynesville. 

R. W. Howell, Chairman, Waynesville. 

F. W. Messer, Clyde. 

H. J. Sloan, Waynesville. 
J. T. Bailey, Canton. 
J. Bowden Smathers, Canton. 
P. V. Massey, Treasurer, Waynesville. 


Superintendent, R. G. Anders, Hendersonville. 

'31 J. A. Hudgens, Chairman, Flat Rock. 

'29 Floyd E. Osborne, Horse Shoe. 

'27 J. W. Morgan, Hendersonville. 
Citizens National Bank, Treasurer, Hendersonville. 


Superintendent, N. W. Britton, Winton. 

(Express office: Cofield.) 

G. C. Picot, Chairman, Como. 
W. A. Thomas, Cofield. 

W. D. Boone, Winton. 
The Bank of Winton, Treasurer, Winton. 



Superintendent, W. P. Hawfield, Raeford. 

Jesse Gibson, Chairman, Dundarrach. 

J. A. Hodgin, Red Springs, R. 1. 

J. M. Downer, Raeford, R. 3. 

J. B. Thomas, Raeford. 

Louis Parker, Raeford, R. 2. 
Herbert McKeithan, Treasurer, Raeford. 


Superintendent, E. W. Joyner, Swan Quarter. 
(Express office: Belhaven.) 

I. R. Credle, Chairman, Swan Quarter. 

Pat. C. Simmons, Fairfield. 

B. C. Marshall, Englehard. 
T. J. Mann, Treasurer, Lake Landing. 


Superintendent, Celeste Henkel, Statesville. 

W. C. Wooten, Chairman, Statesville, R. 2. 

A. L. Mills, Statesville. 

F. B. Gaither, Harmony. 

D. E. Turner, Mooresville. 

D. L. Morrow, Scotts. 
H. P. Van Hoy, Treasurer, Statesville. 
W. W. Holland, Superintendent Public Welfare, Statesville. 


Superintendent, J. N. Wilson, Sylva. 

To April '27 C. L. Allison, Chairman, Sylva. 

After April '27 Thomas Barrett, Chairman and Welfare 
Officer, Whittier. 

W. T. Deitz, Greens Creek. 

S. W. Enloe, Dillsboro. 

J. C. Henderson, Webster. 
S. C. Cogdill, Treasurer, Sylva. 


Superintendent, H. B. Marrow, Smithfield. 

W. G. Wilson, Chairman, Wilson's Mills. 

J. W. Woodard, Kenly. 

P. B. Johnson, Benson. 
J. Ransom Creech, Treasurer, Selma. 
Mrs. D. J. Thurston, Superintendent Public Welfare, Smithfield. 


Superintendent, Manly Fulcher, Trenton. 

(Express office: Pollocksville.) 

'31 A. C. Foscue, Chairman, Maysville. 

'29 F. J. Koonce, Comfort. 

'27 R. P. Bender, Pollocksville. 
Bank of Jones, Treasurer, Trenton. 


Superintendent, C. E. Teague, Sanford. 

J. C. Watson, Chairman, Jonesboro, R. 2. 

E. R. Buchan, Sanford. 

D. E". Shaw, Broadway. 
Page Trust Co., Treasurer, Sanford. 
E. 0. McMahon, Superintendent Public Welfare, Sanford. 



Superintendent, E. E. Sams, Kinston. 

E. V. Webb, Chairman, Kinston. 

T. A. Turner, Pink Hill. 

W. B. Becton, Kinston, R. 5. 

R. G. Hodges, LaGrange, R. 4. 

D. W. Wood, LaGrange. 
I. M. Tull, Treasurer, Kinston. 

Rev. G. B. Hanrahan, Superintendent Public Welfare, Kinston. 
Miss Sue M. McNeill, School Nurse, Kinston. 


Superintendent, L. Berge Beam, Lincolnton. 

Kemp B. Nixon, Chairman, Lincolnton. 

Milton S. Rudisill, Crouse. 

R. E. Proctor, Denver. 
H. B. Camp, Treasurer, Lincolnton. 


Superintendent, M. D. Billings, Franklin. 

S. H. Lyle, Sr., Chairman, Franklin. 

H. M. Bascom, Highlands. 

N. L. Barnard, Franklin. 
C. L. Ingram, Treasurer, Franklin. 
Mrs. Eloise G. Franks, Superintendent Public Welfare, Franklin. 


Superintendent, 0. S. Dillard, Marshall. 

'31 Jasper Ebbs, Chairman, Trust. 

'27 Yates Amnions, Mars Hill. 

'29 Thomas Frisbee, Hot Springs. 
J. C. Chandler, Walnut. 
Bank of French Broad and Citizens Bank, Treasurer, Marshall. 


Superintendent, R. A. Pope, Williamston. 

K. B. Crawford, Chairman, Williamston. 

B. M. Worsley, Oak City. 

John A. Getsinger, Hardens. 

Nathan Rogers, Williamston. 

H. C. Norman, Robersonville. 
C. D. Carstarphen, Treasurer, Williamston. 


Superintendent, N. F. Steppe, Marion. 

'29 T. W. Stacey, Chairman, Marion, R.F.D. 

'31 M. P. Flack, Vein Mountain. 

'27 J. S. Bradley, Old Fort. 
M. G. Poteat, Treasurer, Marion. 
Miss Mary M. Greenlee, Superintendent Public Welfare, Marion. 


Superintendent, J. M. Matthews, Charlotte. 

'31 Plummer Stewart, Chairman, Charlotte. 

'27 B. D. Funderburk, Matthews. 

'27 W. J. Hutchison, Charlotte, R. 7. 

'29 H. C. Reid, Charlotte, R. 2. 

'29 C. H. Caldwell, Charlotte, R. 9. 
James W. Stinson, Treasurer, Charlotte. 
M. M. Grey, Superintendent Public Welfare, Charlotte. 
Miss May McLaughlin, School Nurse, Charlotte. 
Miss Goldie Howell, School Nurse, Charlotte. 



Superintendent, J. A. Steele, Bakersville. 

(Express office: Toecane.) 

D. T. Fortner, Chairman, Wing. 
W. C. Berry, Bakersville. 

W. W. Bailey, Spruce Pine. 
J. M. Gauge, Treasurer, Bakersville. 


Superintendent, J. S. Edwards, Troy. 

W. B. Cochran, Chairman, Mt. Gilead. 

J. J. Russell, Blaine. 

Chas. J. McLeod, Biscoe. 
Claud C. Howell, Treasurer, Troy. 


Superintendent, A. B. Cameron, Carthage. 

J. R. McQueen, Chairman, Lakeview. 

C. C. Jones, Cameron. 

Dr. J. P. Davis, Highfalls. 

John W. Graham, Aberdeen. 

S. H. Miller, Carthage. 
The Bank of Pinehurst, Treasurer, Pinehurst. 
Miss Lucile Eifort, Superintendent Public Welfare, West End. 
Mrs. Lamar Hazel, School Nurse, Southern Pines. 


Superintendent, Linwood S. Inscoe, Nashville. 

Frank V. Avent, Chairman, Whitakers, R. 5. 

T. A. Avera, Rocky Mount. 

To April '27 A. F. Manning, Middlesex. 

After April '27 John W. Roberson, Spring Hope, R. 1. 
J. T. Taylor, Treasurer, Nashville. 
Mrs. Ann H. Ditto, Superintendent Public Welfare, Nashville. 


Superintendent, W. A. Graham, Wilmington. 

Assistant Superintendent, Washington Catlett, Wilmington. 

Assistant Superintendent, J. Conrad Seegers, Wilmington. 

'29 Herbert McClammy, Chairman, Wilmington. 

'27 C. P. Bolles, Wilmington. 

'31 J. Lawrence Sprunt, Wilmington. 
John A. Orrell, Treasurer, Wilmington. 

W. P. McGlaughon, Superintendent Public Welfare, Wilmington. 
Miss Columbia Munds, School Nurse, Wilmington. 


Superintendent, P. J. Long, Jackson. 

(Express office: Gumberry.) 

E. S. Bowers, Chairman, Jackson. 
J. W. Weaver, Rich Square. 

A. L. Lassiter, Potecasi. 
The Farmers Bank, Treasurer, Woodland. 


Superintendent, W. M. Thompson, Jacksonville 

J. B. Petteway, Chairman, Jacksonville. 

F. B. Pittman, Swansboro. 
R. K. Heritage, Jacksonville. 
W. Lee Humphrey, Verona. 
J. D. Coston, Maysville. 

Bank of Onslow, Treasurer, Jacksonville. 



Superintendent, R. H. Claytor, Hillsboro. 

S. Browning, Chairman, West Durham, R. 1. 

E. C. Compton, Mebane, R. 3. 

M. P. Efland, Efland. 
S. T. Latta, Jr., Treasurer, Hillsboro. 


Superintendent, T. B. Attmore, Vandemere. 

S. M. Campen, Chairman, Alliance. 

J. Y. Sawyer, Merritt. 

Dr. S. E'. McCotter, Bayboro. 

M. E. Broughton, Janeiro. 

Fred Silverthorn, Whartonsville. 
Eastern Bank and Trust Co., Treasurer, Bayboro. 
Miss Sina W. Campen, School Nurse, Bayboro. 


Superintendent, M. P. Jennings, Elizabeth City. 

'27 J. M. LeRoy, Chairman, Elizabeth City. 

'29 W. G. Cox, Weeksville, R. 1. 

'31 D. W. Morgan, Elizabeth City, R. 5. 
Savings Bank and Trust Co., Treasurer, Elizabeth City. 
Rev. A. H. Outlaw, Superintendent Public Welfare, Elizabeth City. 


Superintendent, T. T. Murphy, Burgaw. 

'29 H. M. Page, Chairman, Burgaw. 

'31 T. J. Henry, Rocky Mount. 

'27 G. J. Moore, Atkinson. 
A. W. King, Treasurer, Burgaw. 


Superintendent, E. E. Bundy, Hertford. 

T. S. White, Chairman, Hertford. 

R. H. Welch, Hertford, R. 3. 

J. H. Miller, Winfall. 
J. L. Tucker, Treasurer, Hertford. 


Superintendent, B. I. Satterfield, Roxboro. 

W. R. Wilkerson, Chairman, Roxboro, R. 1. 

Dr. 0. G. Davis. 

R. L. Harris. 

C. T. Wood, Roxboro. 
S. B. Davis, Treasurer, Roxboro. 


Superintendent, R. G. Fitzgerald, Greenville. 

'31 W. H. Woolard, Chairman, Greenville. 

'29 G. T. Gardner, Grifton. 

'29 It. C. Arthur, Greenville. 

'27 M. 0. Blount, Bethel. 

'31 John T. Thorne, Farmville. 
A. T. Moore, Treasurer, Greenville. 

K. T. Futrell, Superintendent Public Welfare, Greenville. 
Miss Edna McKee, School Nurse, Greenville. 



Superintendent, E. W. S. Cobb, Columbus. 

(Express office: Tryon.) 
'29 Dr. E. McQ. Salley, Chairman, Saluda. 
'27 Miss Mae Irene Flentye, Tryon. 
'27 Grover Peagan, Campobello, S. C, Route. 

W. Y. Wilkins, Treasurer, Tryon. 

Miss Lois Holderbaum, Superintendent Public Welfare, Columbus. 


Superintendent, T. P. Bulla, Asheboro. 

'31 L. P. Ross, Chairman, Asheboro. 

'29 J. A. Martin, Liberty. 

'27 J. F. Hughes, Pullers. 
Bank of Randolph, Treasurer, Asheboro. 
R. M. Garner, Superintendent Public Welfare, Asheboro. 


Superintendent, L. J. Bell, Rockingham. 

'31 W. N. Everett, Jr., Chairman, Rockingham. 

'31 D. A. Parsons, Ellerbe. 

'27 Nelson Gibson, Rockingham, R. 5. 

'29 J. P. Gibbons, Hamlet. 

'29 J. M. Dockery, Rockingham, R. 1. 
Bank of Pee Dee, Treasurer, Rockingham. 

O. G. Reynolds, Superintendent Public Welfare, Rockingham. 
Miss Irene Parsons, School Nurse, Rockingham. 


Superintendent, J. R. Poole, Lumberton. 

'31 C. T. Pate, Chairman, Purvis. 

'31 W. D. Johnson, Saint Pauls. 

'31 John B. McLeod, Lumberton. 

'27 Mrs. W. M. Oliver, Marietta. 

'27 Mrs. G. T. Bullock, Red Springs. 
Planters Bank and Trust Co., Treasurer, Lumberton. 
Miss Elizabeth Frye, Superintendent Public Welfare, Red Springs. 


Superintendent, J. H. Allen, Reidsville. 

Eugene Irvin, Chairman, Reidsville. 

J. L. Roberts, Madison. 

A. W. Dunn, Leaksville. 
A. D. Hopkins, Benaja. 

C. P. Wall, Leaksville. 
J. F. Smith, Treasurer, Reidsville. 
Mrs. Elizabeth Weatherly, Superintendent Public Welfare, Reidsville. 


Superintendent, George Howard, Salisbury. 

'29 J. M. McCorkle, Chairman, Salisbury. 

'31 J. M. Purr, Kannapolis, R. 2. 

'27 P. E. Sherrill, Mount Ulla. 

'27 J. W. Peeler, Rockwell. 

'27 Mrs. E. W. Burt, Salisbury. 
W. H. Crowder, Treasurer, Salisbury. 

Mrs. Mary 0. Linton, Superintendent Public Welfare, Salisbury. 
Mrs. C. L. Johnson, School Nurse, Salisbury. 



Superintendent, Clyde A. Erwin, Rutherfordton. 

Plato Gettys, Chairman, Hollis. 

Mrs. C. B. Wiseman, Henrietta. 

W. W. Nanney, Rutherfordton. 
Mrs. Minnie F. Blanton, Treasurer, Rutherfordton. 
R. E. Price, Superintendent Public Welfare, Rutherfordton. 


Superintendent, John L. Hathcock, Clinton. 

'29 W. A. Jackson, Chairman, Clinton. 

'31 Troy I. Herring, Roseboro. 

'27 C. I. Robinson, Garland. 

'27 J. M. Powell, Clinton. 

'31 J. J. Stafford, Garland. 
Bank of Sampson, Treasurer, Clinton. 
D. W. Christeson, Superintendent Public Welfare. Clinton. 


Superintendent, L. M. Peele, Laurinburg. 

W. N. McKenzie, Chairman, Gibson. 

T. L. Henly, Laurinburg. 

Dr. W. G. Shaw, Wagram. 
J. W. Odom, Treasurer, Laurinburg. 


Superintendent, Charles A. Reap, Albemarle. 
'29 W. A. Hough, Norwood. 
'31 G. U. Reeves, Albemarle. 
W. A. Cagle, Oakboro. 
Mrs. Bell Ritchie, Richfield. 
First National Bank, Treasurer, Albemarle. 
Z. V. Moss, Superintendent Public Welfare, Albemarle. 


Superintendent, J. C. Carson, Germanton. 

John L. Christian, Chairman. Pinnacle. 

J. Reid Forrest, Francisco. 

W. S. Steele, Sandy Ridge. 
J. Frank Dunlap, Treasurer, Danbury. 


Superintendent, E. S. Hendren, Mount Airy. 

0. E. Snow, Chairman, Pilot Mountain. 

J. J. Richards, Dobson. 

John Thompson, Mount Airy. 

J. F. Carter, Elkin. 
B. F. Folger, Treasurer, Dobson. 

I. F. Armfield, Superintendent Public Welfare, Low Gap. 
Mrs. Lettie Gwyn Simpson, School Nurse, Mt. Airy. 


Superintendent, N. E. Wright, Bryson City. 

S. W. Black, Chairman, Bryson City. 

R. J. Roane, Whittier. 

J. T. Cunningham, Almond. 
W. W. Ashe, Treasurer, Bryson City. 



Superintendent, T. C. Henderson, Brevard. 

C. K. Osborne, Chairman, Brevard. 

J. W. Glazener, Rosman. 
A. E. England, Brevard, R. 2. 
T. E. Patton, Jr., Treasurer, Pisgah Forest. 


Superintendent, W. D. Cox, Columbia. 

W. S. Carawan, Chairman, Columbia. 

J. J. Everton, Gum Neck. 

E. R. Davenport, Columbia, R. 1. 
Carolina Banking and Trust Co., Treasurer, Columbia. 


Superintendent, Ray Funderburk, Monroe. 

'31 A. M. Secrest, Chairman, Monroe. 

'31 L. E. Huggins, Marshville. 

'31 W. D. Hawfield, Matthews. 

'31 B. F. Parker, Monroe, R. 1. 

'31 S. A. Lathan, Monroe, R. 4. 
First National Bank, Treasurer, Monroe. 
F. H. "Wolfe, Superintendent Public Welfare, Monroe. 


Superintendent, E. M. Rollins, Henderson. 

R. J. Corbitt, Chairman, Henderson. 

J. E. Kimball, Townsville. 

A. G. Parrott, Henderson, R. 5. 

W. D. Horner, Henderson. 

R. L. Bennett, Middleburg. 
First National Bank, Treasurer, Henderson. 
Mrs. "W. B. Waddill, Superintendent Public Welfare, Henderson. 


Superintendent, John C. Lockhart, Raleigh. 

N. Y. Gulley, Chairman, Wake Forest. 

M. B. Chamblee, Zebulon. 

J. M. Templeton, Jr., Cary. 
J. M. Mangum, Treasurer, Raleigh. 

Mrs. Fannie Y. Bickett, Superintendent Public Welfare, Raleigh. 
Miss Elizabeth Moore. School Nurse, Raleigh. 
Miss Mattie Faircloth, School Nurse, Raleigh. 


Superintendent, J. Edward Allen, Warrenton. 

Jesse Gardner, Chairman, Macon. 

J. K. Pinnell, Warrenton. 

Miss Amma D. Graham, Warrenton. 

J. D. Riggan, Vaughan. 

To April 1, '27 F. B. Newell, Warrenton. 

After April 1, '27 Stanley W. Powell, Inez. 
Bank of Warren, Treasurer, Warrenton. 
Miss Lucy Leach, Superintendent Public Welfare, Littleton. 


Superintendent, John W. Darden, Plymouth. 

W. R. Hampton, Chairman, Plymouth. 

W. B. Davenport, Mackeys. 

H. H. Bateman, Creswell. 
Louis E. Hassell, Treasurer, Roper. 



Superintendent, Smith Hagaman, Boone. 

W. F. Sherwood, Chairman, Sherwood. 
D. D. Dougherty, Boone. 

B. T. Taylor, Stony Fork. 
E. E. Greer, Treasurer, Zionville. 


Superintendent, J. T. Jerome, Goldsboro. 

'27 A. H. Edgerton, Chairman, Goldsboro. 

'29 J. E. Kelly, Mount Olive. 

'31 J. A. Best, Fremont. 
Wayne National Bank, Treasurer, Goldsboro. 
R. H. Edwards, Superintendent Public Welfare, Goldsboro. 
Miss Alice Ward, School Nurse, Goldsboro. 


Superintendent, C. C. Wright. Hunting Creek. 

(Express office: North Wilkesboro.) 

C. C. Faw, Chairman, North Wilkesboro. 
T. M. Brown, North Wilkesboro, R. 1. 

J. H. Pennell, Cricket. 
Thomas M. Crysel, Treasurer, Wilkesboro. 
D. C. Sebastian, Superintendent Public Welfare, Hays. 


Superintendent, Charles L. Coon, Wilson. 

Doane Herring, Chairman, Wilson. 
J. H. Thompson, Black Creek. 
'29 W. H. Dixon, Elm City. 
'29 J. B. Eason, Stantonsburg, R. 2. 
R. L. Barnes, Wilson, R. 2. 
Branch Banking and Trust Co., Treasurer, Wilson. 
James T. Barnes, Superintendent Public Welfare, Wilson. 
Miss Martha Newman, School Nurse, Wilson. 


Superintendent, J. T. Reece, Yadkinville. 

(Express office: Crutchfield.) 

M. V. Fleming, Chairman, Boonville. 

H. D. Williams, Yadkinville. 

T. J. Phillips, East Bend. 
Bank of Yadkin, Treasurer, Yadkinville. 


Superintendent, L. C. McCurry, Burnsville. 

J. A. Hannum, Chairman, Ramseytown. 

R. A. Radford, Cane River. 

J. R. Stamey, Micaville. 
I. F. McCurry, Treasurer, Burnsville. 



3 3091 00589 9372 


County Name Address 

Alamance Miss Lillie Smith Graham, Box 306 

Anson Miss Leila A. Kelly Wadesboro 

Bertie Mrs. Rachel Luton Windsor 

Caswell Mrs. Bertha M. Vincent Yanceyville 

Catawba and Lincoln....Miss Maude Mitchell Hickory 

Cleveland Miss Violet C. Thomas Shelby 

Craven Mrs. Mary Sutton Wynn 15 William St., 

New Bern 

Cumberland Miss Annie E. Chestnut ...Fayetteville 

Currituck Mrs. Shellie Simuel Hardy Currituck 

Durham Mrs. Gertrude Taylor Durham 

Duplin Mrs. Mamie L. Turner Warsaw 

Edgecombe Mrs. Carrie L. Battle Tarboro 

Forsyth Miss Dollye B. Patterson 11 N. Trade St., 


Gaston Miss Martha L. Streator 17 N. Walnut St., 


Greene Miss Violet Welch Snow Hill 

Guilford Mrs. M. C. Falkner 131 Dudley St., 


Halifax Miss Marie Mclver Weldon 

Hertford Mrs. Katie Hart Winton 

Hoke Mrs. Maggie Hester Red Springs 

Iredell Mrs. M. A. C. Holliday 247 Garfield St., 


Johnston Mrs. Laura J. A. King Selma 

Martin Mrs. Mary S. Gray Williamston 

Mecklenburg Miss Nellie Bess Dykes Y. W. C. A. (Col.) 


Nash Mrs. C. F. Rich 517 W. Thomas St., 

Rocky Mount 

New Hanover Mrs. S. A. Wilson 308 N. Sixth St., 


Northampton .Miss Willie M. Jeffries Rich Square 

Pasquotank Miss Helen Escridge Elizabeth City 

Pender Mrs. Rita V. Echols Burgaw 

Person Mrs. Pearl Hoover Pittman...R ox jj 0ro 

Perquimans Mrs. Zephyr Bryan Woodson. Hertford 

Pitt G. R. Whitfield Greenville 

Robeson Miss Ethel Thompson Lumberton 

Rowan Mrs. Sujette L. Smith 916 W. Horah St., 


Sampson John I. Kornegay Clinton 

Vance Mrs. L. B. Yancey Henderson 

Wake Mrs. P. L. Byrd 217 E. Lenoir St., 

Wayne Mrs. Maude Kornegay Mt. Olive, Box 275 



County mme Address 

Buncombe Mrs. Elizabeth Morriss Asheville 

^ ke „ Miss Cordelia Camp Morganton 

C^weD Miss Ethel Kelly Lenoir 

^ arteret - Miss Margaret G-ustin Beaufort 

Craven Miss Margaret Hayes New Bern 

Davidson Miss Margaret Linker ...Lexington 

Durham Miss Matilda Michaels.. Durham 

Edgecombe Miss Helen L. Dunlap Tarboro 

Forsyth -Miss Mabel Stamper Winston-Salem 

Gaston Miss Carrie Glenn Gastonia 

Guilford Miss Nettie EL Brogdon Greensboro 

Hallfax Miss Mary W. Hyman ...Roanoke Rapids 

Haywood Miss Virginia W. James Waynesville 

Harnett Miss Gussie E. Dills Lillington 

Henderson Miss Ha Johnston Hendersonville 

Hertford Miss Mary Williams Winton 

Jackson Miss Tullye Borden Sylva 

Johnston Miss Mary Wells.. Smithfield 

Jones Miss Vera Keech Trenton 

Lee Miss Ruth Gunter Sanford 

Mitchell Mrs. A. E. Gouge Bakersville 

Nash Miss Carrie Wilson Nashville 

Northampton Miss Blanche Penny Jackson 

Pitt Miss Myrtle Brogdon .....Greenville 

Polk Miss Ida E. Seidel Columbus 

Rowan Miss Sue E. Reese Salisbury 

Rockingham Miss Nancy O. Devers Wentworth 

Wake Miss Anne Holdford Raleigh 

Wayne Miss Helen Wilson Goldsboro 

Date Due 


FEB 2 1 1996