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Go 9?9„ ? B3*^i<ir, 
Ai tken, Wi 1 1 i am B. 1 867- 
Distingiil shed families in 
America, descended from 
Wilhelmiis Bee k man and... 

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" For enquire, I pray thee, of the former age, and prepare thyself to the 
search of thoir fathers." — Job viii., 8. 

It is a duty not to be lightly considered, to preserve from 
obscurity and oblivion family records ; and it should be done 
before the memory grows dim or the deaths of aged relatives 
cause details to be lost. The value of family records is 
fully realized by historians in preserving pride of country 
and promoting patriotism, and all the States are now making 
an effort to print at public expense, because of their public 
value, family records, church records, graveyard inscrip- 
tions, and those showing the services of citizens to the 

The ancestors mentioned in this book were, without 
known exception, men and women who lived honest, diligent, 
Christian hves, and it fills our hearts with pride when we 
think of the hardships they underwent when as pioneers 
they established homesteads; the bravery they showed in 
battles with the Indians and in the Colonial and Revolu- 
tionary wars. 

Notwithstanding the Limited opportunities at hand they 
seem to have surrounded themselves with all that goes to 
make refinement and culture. They educated their chil- 
dren and they went forth into the world to do their share 
in making a great nation. 

The families recorded in this book were of gentle birth, 
and in many instances they were of the nobility. Bishop 
Warburton is reported to have said that "high birth was a 
thing which he never knew any one to disparage except 


those who had it not, and he never knew any one make a 
boast of it who had anything else to be proud of. " 

There were several families of the name of Beekman or 
Beeckman who came to America at about the same time as 
Wilhelmus Beekman, the ancestor whose descendants this 
history is intended to envmierate. 

In tracing out the various branches of the family it is 
necessary to know of the other Beekmans who were pioneers 
in the new country and who were not related, as far as 
is kno-5\-n, to Wilhelmus Beekman. They were: Jochim 
Beekman, who married Margaret Hendricks; John Beekman 
of Saratoga County, N. Y.; Christopher Beekman and John 
Beekman of Albany, N. Y., and Hendrick Beekman, who in 
1 710 lived about three miles above Somerville, N. J., who 
married Annetie Ouackenbos and is the ancestor of the 
Beekmans who settled along the Raritan River in New- 

In order that there may be less confusion in distinguish- 
ing the descendants of our ancestor William Beekman from 
those of Hendrick Beekman or Beeckman, some of the 
descendants of the latter are here given. He had children: 

I. Pieter Beekman, who settled near Somerville, N. J., 
and had no male descendants. 

II. Hendrick Beekman, bom Jime i, 1692; died March 
19, 1769, at the age of 77 years, and appears never to 
have married, for in his will — made in 1769 — he devises 
and bequeaths all his property to the children of his 
brother Martin Beekman to be equally divided between 

III. Martin Beekman, bom in 1685; died October 27, 
1757; married Elizabeth Waldron. 

Children : 

(i) Elizabeth Beekman, bom August 30, 1725; died 
November 9, 18 10; married Francis Bragin. 

(2) Hendrick Beekman, bom March 24, 1727; died 
January 26, 1796; married Phoebe Bloomfield. 

(3) Samuel Beekman, bom November 26, 1729, died 
October 19, 1808; married Elizabeth Waldron, 


daughter of Samuel Waldron. She died April 7, 
1806. ehildren: 

(a) Captain Samuel Beekman, bom September 21, 
1767; died in 1 851. He lived in the old homestead 
of his grandfather on the south side of the Raritan ; 
married Helena Ten Broek, daughter of Cornelius 
Ten Broek of Harlingen, N. J. 


1. Cornelius Ten Broek Beekman, bom in Octo- 
ber, 1789, resided near Harhngen, N. J. 

2. Peter T. Beekman, bom April 21, 1796, married 
Elizabeth Carpenter and was a miller on the 
South Branch at what was afterwards called 
Cories Mills, N. J. 

3. Rev. Jacob T. Beekman, bom April 10, 1801, 
a minister of the Reformed Dutch Church. 

4. Abraham T. Beekman, bom July 15, 1803, 
married Ehza Vanderveer. 

5. Elizabeth Beekman, bom in 1788. 

6. Margaret Beekman, bom in 1792. 

7. Cornelia Beekman, bom in 1794, married 
Nicholas Veghte and lived on a farm near 
Griggstown, N. J. 

8. Anna Beekman, bom in 1798, married Abra- 
ham J. Dumont. 

9. Catharine Beekman, bom November 25, 1805. 

(b) Elizabeth Beekman, bom July 8, 1768; died 
November 11, 1791; married William Baker. 

(c) Comeha Beekman, bom Febmary 24, 1770; 
died January 24, 1853; married Benjamin Martin, 
bom May 14, 1773, died in 1844. 

(d) Arma Beekman, bom February 24, 1770; died 
Febmary 26, 1846. 

(e) John Beekman. 

(4) Annatie Beekman, bom January 28, 1734; died 
September 5, 1795; married John Waldron, who died 
September 10, 1795. 

(5) Johannes Beekman. 


The Beekman family is undoubtedly one of the most 
distinguished families of America, because Wilhelmus 
Beekman's sons and their descendants held high civil and 
military positions of honor and responsibility as well as 
those requiring learning and literary attainment, and they as 
well as his daughters married into the most distinguished 
families of America. 

The families of Wilhelmus Beekman the founder of the 
Beekman family who came to America in 1647 and of Jan 
Thomasse Van Dyke who came to America five years later 
were very well acquainted and their sons and daughters 
were good friends. The Beekman estates at Flatbush, Long 
Island, were not far distant from the Van Dyke estates at 
New Utrecht, and again the estates of the Beekmans living on 
or near the Millstone River, New Jersey, were near to the 
estates of the Van Dykes. 

The Van Dyke family frequently intermarried into the 
Beekman family and although smaller in the number of 
descendants must be considered with the Beekman family 
as among the distinguished founders of America. 

The author has tried to include in this family history all 
the descendants and their children of whom he had a record, 
but in many cases he could not ascertain the name of some 
person and had to leave it out. 

"Great families of yesterday we show and Lords whose 
parents were the Lord knows who" (Daniel de Foe in 
The True-Born Englishman). 

W. B. A. 


Preface ...... 

I.— The Beekjian F.\mily 
II. — Hexdrick BeEK-MAN 
III.— Colonel Gerardus Beekman 
IV. — Jouannes Beekman 
V. — The Beekman Cemetery 

VI.— Jan Thomasse Van Dyke, the Founder 

VII. — Thomas Janse Van Dyke; Derrick Van Dyke 
and Carel Van Dyke .... 

VIII.— Captain Jan Janse Van Dyke 
IX. — Jan Van Dyke 

X. — Achias Van Dyke, Peter Van Dyke, Lambert 
Van Dyke, Hendrick J.\nse Van Dyke, 
Antje Janse Van Dyke, Angenietje Van 
Dyke, and Tryntje Janse Van Dyke . 2: 

Index . . . . . . . .2- 



Beek-Man Arms .... Colored Frontispiece 

Arms of the Families of Aitken, Avery, Bennett, 
Bull, Ch.vmbers, Colfax, Coote, De Peyster, 
Delafield, Delanoy, Fish, Griswold, Houghton, 
Hoffman, Livingston, Morris, Radcliffe, 
Stuyvesant, Van Cortlandt, Van Dyke, Van 
Rensselaer, .\nd Verplanck . . Title Page 

Beekman House at Rhinebeck, 1664 ... 5 

Livingston Manor House at Clermont ... 9 

STu-i'VEs.\NT House on the Bowery . . . .11 

Cotton Mather Smith House at Sh.\ron, Conn. . 27 

Montr.\th House of Sir Charles Coote ... 33 

Coach of Col. Ger-\rdus Beekman .... 53 

Map of the Millstone .\nd Harlingen Districts, N. J. 55 

Veghte Mansion at New Utrecht, 1699 ... 57 

Beekman Homestead on the Millstone, N. J. . 68 

John Aitken Residence, Hudson St., N. Y., 1815 . 74 

Schuyler Colfax Homestead, Pompton, N. J. . . 79 

Lord Sterling or Barcalo House, Basking Ridge, N. J. 87 



Van Rensselaer M.\nor House, 1663 . . .117 

Beekman Mansion, 51ST St. and East River, N. Y. 119 

Van Dyke House, New Utrecht, 1673 

Van Dyke Homestead near Princeton, N. J. 

Van Dyke Homestead at Harlingen, N. J. 

Hall in Van Dyke Homestead 

Col. John Van Dyke's Chair and Silver 

Abner Houghton Homestead, Mt. Rose, N. J. 


Distinguished Families in America 

Descended from Wilhelmus Beekman and 
Jan Thomasse Van Dyke 

The Beekman Family 



The ancestors of Wilhelmus Beekman who came to 
America in 1647 were residents of the country of the Rhine, 
and a branch of the family were Barons of Belgium. 

Cornelius Beekman was a wealthy burgher of Cologne, 
who dwelt on the Rhine in Germany. He was of a family 
distinguished since the year 1200, both in Germany and the 
Netherlands, by titles and militan,- honors conferred for 
courage and diplomatic ability. He married Christiana 
Huygens of Cologne, who died December 4, 1606. They 
had two sons: 

I. Engelbert Beekman, married Elizabeth de Beyer. 

n. Gerard Beekman, born at Cologne, May 17, 1558; 
died at Emmerich, January 31, 1625; married Agnes 
Stunning, at Cleves, who was bom January 13, 1557, and 
died at Mulheim, March 10, 1614. 

Rev. Gerard Beekman, son of Cornelius Beekman, was a 
distinguished theologian and his services in translating the 
Bible were rewarded by King James I. of England. He 
lived most of his life at Cologne on the Rhine. The Beek- 
mans were steadfast Protestants from the time that Martin 
Luther in 1521 protested against the corruptions of the 
Church of Rome. 

It is of interest to note here that the Beekmans have 


always been large landowners, and their preference has 
always laeen for a water view from their home estates, 
whether it was on the Rhine ; on the Hudson or East Rivers 
of New York; or the Raritan or Millstone Rivers of New 
Jersey. When the Princess of Portugal visited Holland 
in the seventeenth century the Dutch government received 
the permission of the Beekman family then residing at 
Nijmegen to hold the reception in her honor at their house. 

The name Beekman is from "beck," the Dutch for 
"mouth," the English "beak," or it maybe an abbrevia- 
tion of "bekken," the Dutch word for basin. According to 
Putnam's Historic New York, "Beekman or the man of the 
brook; this interpretation of the name was recognized by 
King James I. of England when he granted to the Rev. 
Mr. Beekman, grandfather of William, as a coat of arms, 
a rivulet nuining between roses. " The crest is three feathers 
on a helmet of steel represented in profile. The motto is: 
Mens conscia Recti. 

This coat of arms was used by the grandson WUhelmus 
Beekman in his correspondence with Governor Stuyvesant. 

The children of Gerard Beekman and Agnes Stxanning 
his wife were: 

I. Harmon Beekman, died in 1654. 

n. Rev. John Beekman, died September 13, 1635. 

HI. Catharine Beekman, died in 1624. 

IV. Margaretta Beekman, married the Rev. N. N. 

V. Hendrick Beekman, bom at Cologne, September 14, 
1585, died at Wezel, December 2, 1642. 

Hendrick Beekman, son of Gerard, was Secretary of the 
city of Hasselden, Overyssel, and in 1629 he was appointed 
by the States- General Superintendent of the Magazines in 
the cities of Hasselt and Wezel. He was married three 
times. He married first, Gertr\'d (Gertrude) Gomensbach 
on April 15, 1613. She died September 10, 1619. They had 
four children. His third wife was Alida Ottenbeek. born 
at Cologne, December 8, 1605, who had no children. He 
married his second wife, Mary Baudertius, at Zutphen, 


Guelderland, January 24, 1621. She was the daughter of 
the Rev. William Baudertius of the Reformed Church at 
Zutphen, bom 1600, died September 17, 1630, at Berge. 
They had seven children: 

I. Rev. Gerard Beekman, born February 20, 1622; 
died 1678. He married Joanna Plautius and lived 
at Grofhuyssen and Avenhoom in North Holland. 

II. Martin Beekman, bom at Hasselt, Overyssel, 
August 25, 1624. He married Maria de Bois. 

III. John Beekman, bom at Hasselt, November 26, 
1625, died January 15, 1684, married first Alida 
BrcnJu'er; second Catharine Van Rysoort. 

IV. Andrew Beekman. died unmarried in 1663. 

V. Alida Beekman, married Leonard Winnix. 

VI. Maria Beekman, married, first, W. Harris, second, 
N. N. Sas. 

VII. Wilhelmus or William Beekman, son of Hendrick 
Beekman, bom at Hasselt, Overyssel, April 28, 1623; 
died September 21, 1707. He lived at a time when 
Etuope was engaged in religious wars and Protestants 
had begun to seek refuge from persecution. He was 
the founder of the Beekman family in America. 

He came to New Amsterdam, now New York, from Hol- 
land in the same vessel, the ship Princess, on May 27, 1647, 
with Director- General, afterwards Governor Peter Stuyve- 
sant. Accompanying them were a number of poor persons 
of good family who came from the Rhine and made settle- 
ments on the Hudson River. They became, afterwards, 
firm supporters of their leader and benefactor, William 

He was from early youth interested in religious matters 
and at the age of twenty-one was an officer in the Re- 
formed Church in the Netherlands, which had then become 
the most advanced nation in the world in learning and 
thought. He had a good education and a splendid home 
training which enabled him at once to take a position in 
the best society of New Amsterdam. It is said that he 
brought some wealth with him and that his personal charm 


of manner and friendship with Stuyvesant seciired him 
many advantages as well as a prominent position as treasurer 
of the Dutch West India Company. At any rate he soon 
cut out the suitors for the hand of Catalina de Boogh, a 
belle in the society of New Amsterdam and the daughter 
of the wealthy Hendricks de Boogh of Albany, N. Y., and 
on September 5, 1649, within two years after his arrival 
in the coimtry, they were married. He was the ancestor 
of the well-known Beekman family prominent in the history 
of New York and New Jersey and his name is perpetuated in 
the names of William Street and Beekman Street, New York 
City, which latter became legally a street in 1 734. From the 
first he was identified with affairs of state and the govern- 
ment of the new city. In 1652 he purchased from Jacob 
Corlaer a farm known as Corlaer's Hook where he lived with 
his bride and was fully launched into the dehghtful society 
of the Dutch city, which then contained those men and 
women of culture and earnest endeavor who built up a nation 
and to whom so many of us are proud to trace back our 

A general meeting of the Director- General and Council of 
New Netherlands was held with the Burgomasters and Sche- 
pens (magistrates) on the 13th of March, 1653, at which it 
was decreed that breastworks or a wall should be built to 
protect the city and that the cost should be levied against 
the estates. Peter WoLfersen Van Couwenhoven and 
Wilhelmus Beeckman were chosen Commissioners and 
authorized to offer proposals, invite bids, and make the 
contract for the construction of the work. It was completed 
in May, 1653, and extended along the present WaU Street, 
skirting De Heere Gracht, an inlet of the bay, where Broad 
Street now is. At the East River end, at Pearl Street, 
was a fort called Water Poort, and at the Broadway end was 
another called the Landt Poort. In the same year William 
Beekman was appointed one of the five Schepens of New 
Amsterdam. He served between 1652 and 1658 as Lieuten- 
ant of the Burgher Corps of New Amsterdam and then in 
1658 he received, through the influence of the Dutch West 

fe.r. ' 


India Company, the appointment of Vice- Director or 
Governor of the colony of Swedes on the Delaware or South 
River, where he resided until 1663, and then moved to 
Esopus, now Kingston, N. Y., to assume the duties of his 
new appointment as Schout (Sheriff) and Commissary at 
that place. He took the oath of allegiance to Charles II., 
on October 18, 1664. His jurisdiction as Commissary at 
Esopus and its dependencies extended from the KatskiU, 
where that of Fort George terminated, to the Dans Kamer, 
a few miles above the Highlands, which was the northern 
limit of the jurisdiction of Fort Amsterdam. His home at 
Esopus was the scene of many memorable gatherings of 
distinguished men. He entertained there Governors Cart- 
wright, Nichols, and Lovelace. According to Broadhead's 
Histor\- he resided there until 1672. In 1670 he purchased 
from Thomas Hall property along the East River, now 
Pearl Street and bounded by Nassau Street on the west. 
The southerly boundary of the farm was where Fulton Street 
now is and the northerly boundary was Beekman's Swamp, 
then called the Kripple Bush. According to Valentine's 
History of New York, Beekman's Swamp was sold in 1734 
to Jacobus Roosevelt for two hundred pounds by the cor- 

The Beekman homestead in New Amsterdam was built 
near the present comer of Pearl and Beekman Streets by 
William Beekman in 1670. 

William Beekman was Lieutenant in the militia in 1673 
and Deputy Mayor of New York from 16S1 to 1683. At 
about this time he purchased a large tract of land on the 
Hudson from Indians and built on it a stone house and 
called the estate "Rhinebeck." He was Alderman of the 
east ward in 169 1. He occupied the Beekman homestead 
on the estate ptu-chased from Thomas Hall until his death 
on September 21, 1707, at the age of eighty-five years. 

In his will he left this last admonition to his children: 

"My desire is that no discord may arise in the division 
of the estate which the Lord in his mercy hath lent me. 
The same advice that Joseph gave to his brethren I leave 


among you all, and that is that you fall not by the way, 
whilst you-live in this world, — so that ye be kindly affec- 
tionate one to the other; that what by God's blessing I 
have advanced, I have endeavoured and laboured to gain 
it honestly, so would I have you to do, and to keep faith 
and a good conscience always; for a good name is better 
than riches and honours. " 

Wilhelmus Beekman and Catharine De Boogh his wife 
had children: 

I. Maria Beekman, baptized June 26, 1650; married 
May 5, 1672, Nicholas William Stuyvesant, bom in 
1648; died in 1695; son of Governor Peter Stujrvesant. 
They had a daughter Judith Stm^csant, who died in 
1694, unmarried. After the death of his wife Maria 
Beekman, Nicholas W. Stu>'vesant married Elizabeth 
Van Slichtenhorst. 



II. Hendrick or Henr>- Beekman, first son of Wilhelmus 
Beekman, baptized March 9, 1652; died in 1 716; married 
on June 5, 1681, Johanna Lopers, baptized October 30, 
1650, widow of Joris Davidson and daughter of Captain 
Luyt Lopers of Stockholm. Jerome B. Holgate in 
American Genealogy states that Hendrick Beekman's 
wife was Joanna de Loper of Boston, daughter of a 
Dutch Admiral. The Governor and Council on Janu- 
ary 25, 1684, appointed him Justice of the Peace of 
Ulster County. He was a member of the first Assem- 
bly under authority of the British King which met in 
New York City on April 9, 1691, the delegates from 
Ulster and Dutchess Counties being Henry Beekman 
and Thomas Carton. Hendrick Beekman and Johanna 
Lopers his wife had children: 
Ila. William Beekman, who died in Holland at the 

age of eighteen years. 
lib. Catr\-ntie, or Catharine Beekman, bom Septem- 
ber 16, 1683, died in 1745, leaving no children: she 
married first Cornelius E.ween, second on December 
12, 1712, Johannes, or John Rutsen, Captain of 
Dragoons of Ulster County, baptized at Kingston, 
N. Y., August 24, 1690, son of Rutger Jacobse 
Rutsen. She married third Albert Pawling. 
Ilr. Cornelia Beekman, bom in 1696, married Gil- 
bert Livingston, son of Robert Livingston, who was 
bom in Ancram in Teviotdale, Roxbunrhshire, Scot- 


land, and came to America about 1674; he died in 
The Rev. John Livingston, father of Robert Livingston 
the founder of the distinguished Livingston family in Amer- 
ica, was, according to Charles Haven Hunt in his Life of 
Edward Livingston, the son of the Rev. William Livingston 
and grandson of the Rev. Alexander Livingston, and great- 
grandson of John Livingston, slain in the battle of Pinkie 
field in 1547, who was the son of the fifth Lord Livingston, 
descended from Sir Alexander Livingston, of Scotland in 


The seventh Lord Livingston was created, in 1600, Earl 
of Linlithgow, a title which descended to the fifth Earl, 
who in 1 713 was made a peer of the United Kingdom. 
Two years later, the latter joined the Earl of Mar and the 
cause of the first Pretender. He lost his earldom in con- 
sequence and it has not been restored to his descendants. 

Robert Livingston married the widow of the Rev. Nicholas 
Van Rensselaer, Alida Schuyler, daughter of Philip Schuyler. 

In 1685 he purchased from the Indians a large tract of 
land, below what is now Hudson, N. Y., of about 160,000 
acres, extending along the eastern shore of the Hudson 
River for about twelve miles. The purchases were con- 
firmed by Governor Dongan on July 22, 1686, and by royal 
charter of George I. in 171 5. He became known as first 
Lord of Livingston Manor. His descendants were dis- 
tinguished in the history of America and as there were many 
intermarriages with members of the Beekman family, his 
children are for convenience stated here: — 

(a) Colonel John Livingston, bom May 26, 1680; 
died about 1720, was twice married but had no 
children. He is seldom mentioned in histories of 
the Livingston family although he was a distinguished 
man and a brave soldier. He fought in the Indian 
and Canadian wars. He married first Marv- Win- 
throp and lived near New London, Conn., and after 
her death he married Elizabeth Knight. 

(b) Philip Livingston, bom in 16S6; died in 1749, 


married Catharine Van Brugh. He inherited the 

Livingston ^lanor and was known as its second Lord. 

Their children were: 

(i) Robert Livingston, bom in 1 7 10; died in 1790; 
who was the third and last Lord of the Manor and 
who by his will, contrary to the probable intent of 
his grandfather, divided the manor estate fairly 
among his children. 

(2) Philip Livingston, bom in 1716, was a dis- 
tinguished merchant of New York City. He 
married Christiana Ten Broeck. He was a member 
of the Provincial Congress of 1776 and one of the 
signers of the Declaration of Independence. He 
lived in a spacious house on the Hudson near Red 
Hook, near the residence of his relative, Robert 
Gilbert Livingston, Jr. His daughter, Sarah Liv- 
ingston and her husband, the Rev. Dr. John Henry 
Livingston, also had their home there. Near them 
lived the Rev. Dr. John Rutgers of the Brick 
Church, New York City. Mrs. Lamb in her 
History of New York City states that when General 
Burgoyne was devastating the river counties Dr. 
Rutgers was roused by a German he hardly knew 
and warned to immediately remove the household 
goods he had stored in a small building on the 
river bank. He did so and -n-ith the Livingstons 
escaped to Sharon, Conn. 

(3) William Livingston, bom in 1723, was a la-svyer 
and statesman. He was Governor of New Jersey 
from 1776 until his death in 1790. One of his sons 
was Brockholst Livingston, Justice of the Supreme 
Court of New York and Judge of the Supreme Coiut 
of the United States. 

(c) Robert Livingston, born in 1688; died in 1775; third 
son of Robert Livingston, the founder: received from his 
father the manor of Clermont containing about 13,000 
acres. He married }vLargaret Howerden and their only 
child, Robert R. Livingston, married T'.Iargaret Beekman 


(d) Gilbert Livingston, fourth son of the founder, born 

in 1690, received from his father a large tract of land 

in Saratoga, N. Y. He married Cornelia Beekman. 

Robert Livingston, nephew of Robert Livingsto first 

Lord of the Manor, came to America in 1696. He married 

Margaretta Schuyler, daughter of Pieter Schuyler and niece 

of Alida Schuyler, wife of his uncle. Their daughter Janet 

Livingston married Colonel Henry Beekman. 

lie. Cornelia Beekman, daughter of Henr>- Beekman 
and granddaughter of Wilhelmus Beekman, was bom in 
1696. She was the sister of Colonel Henr}^ Beekman who 
married Janet Livingston. She married Gilbert Robert 
Livingston, son of Colonel Robert Livingston, bom in An- 
cram, Scotland, December 13, 1654; the son of Rev. John 
Livingston, 1 603-1 672, who was educated at Glasgow 
University, Scotland, and was Hcensed to preach in January, 
1625. He was banished for nonconformity at the time of 
the Restoration in 1660 and emigrated to Rotterdam, 

Colonel Robert Livingston was the first Lord of the Manor 
of Livingston and a member of the Provincial Council of 
New York. He married Alida, widow of the Rev. Nicholas 
Van Rensselaer and daughter of Colonel Peter Schuyler, 
1 657-1 724, the commander of the fort at Albany in 1689; 
member of the King's Council from 1692 to 1720, and acting 
Governor of the Province in 1709, and Margaret Van SHch- 
tenhorst his wife, daughter of Brant Arentse Van Slichten- 
horst. Director and Chief Magistrate of the colony of 

Gilbert Robert Livingston and Cornelia Beekman his 
wife had children : 

I. Margaret Livingston, bom June, 173S, married Petrus 
Stuyvesant, bom 1727; died August 31, 1S05; son of 
Gerardus Stuyvesant and Judith Bayard, his wife, 
daughter of Balthazar Bayard and Maria Loockermans ; 
and grandson of Nicholas William Stuyvesant, the son 
of Governor Petrus Stuyvesant and Elizabeth Van 
Slichtenhorst his wife, daughter of Brant Van Slichten- 













horst the commander of the fort and Director of the 
colony of Rensselaerwyck, who was the second wife 
of Nicholas William Stuyvesant, he having been first 
married to Maria Beekman, daughter of Lieutenant 
Wilhelmus Beekman. Petrus Stu>-\'esant and Margaret 
Livingston his wife had children: 

(i) Judith Stuyvesant, bom December 25, 1765; died 
March 7, 1S44; married January 19, 1785, Benjamin 
Winthrop, great-grandson of Governor John Winthrop 
of Massachusetts. 

(2) Cornelia Stuyvesant, married Dirck Ten Broeck of 
Albany, N. Y. 

(3) Nicholas William Stuyvesant, who died March 
I, 1S33: married January 31, 1795, Catharine Living- 
ston Reade and had children : 

A. Peter Stuyvesant, married November 8, 1828, 
Julia Martin and had children: 

(a) Julia Helen Stu>-\-esant, married on May 8, 
1862, Rudolph C. WinterhofT. They had a 
daughter, Julia Winterhoff. 

(b) Catharine S. Stuyvesant, married on Feb- 
ruary 4, 1863, Edward M. Neil. Children: 

Anna de Lancey Neil, married Walter Nor- 
man Eldridge. 
Catharine L. Neil. 

(c) Van Rensselaer Stuyvesant. 

(d) Rosalie Stu>^esant, married on December 7, 
1867, Arestede Pillot. Son, Stuyvesant Pillot. 

(e) Gertrude Stuyvesant, married on December 
17, 1873, Raymond P. Rogers, U.S. N. Daugh- 
ter, Julia Rogers. 

B. Nicholas William Stuyvesant, married Catharine 
Augusta Cheeseborough and had children: 

(a) Nicholas Stuyvesant, died in 1875. 

(b) Henry Stuwesant, married, first, Caroline 
Hoppock, second Kate H. Sproulls. 

(c) Carolina Auguste Stuyvesant, married on 
April 18, 1S53, Benjamin A. Onderdonk. 


(d) Margaret L. Stujrvesant, married on April 
25, 1861, J. Howard Wainwright, and had 
children : 

i. Howard Wainwright, married Catharine 

Esther Walker, 
ii. Stuyvesant Wainwright, married Carohne 

iii. J. Mayhew Wainwright, married Laura W. 

Buchanan, daughter of James A. Buchanan, 
iv. Richard T. Wainwright, married AHce T. 

Crawford, daughter of David Crawford. 

(e) Robert Stuyvesant, married October 8, 1857, 
Fanny J. Gibson, daughter of James R. Gibson. 

C. John Reade Stuyvesant, son of Nicholas William 
Stuyvesant, married first, Catharine Ackerly; mar- 
ried second, Mary Austin Yates, who died January 
13, 1889. Children: 

(a) Helen Mary Hooker Stuyvesant, married May 
23, 1867, Robert Sanford. 

(b) Catharine L. Stuyvesant, died May 24, 1S91 ; 
married April 9, 1874, Francis R. Butler. 

(c) John Reade Stuyvesant, Jr., bom March 10, 
1850; died June 25, 1904; married Elizabeth 
Ten Eyck Burr Kendall. 

(d) Anna Elizabeth Stuyvesant. 

D. Gerard Stuyvesant, fourth son of Nicholas W. 
Stuyvesant, bom March 4, 1806; died January 
18, 1859; married November 24, 1836, Susan 
Rivington Van Home, daughter of Augustus Van 
Home, and had children: 

(a) Robert Reade Stuyvesant, bom 1838; died 
in 1906; married Anna Schuchardt and had 
(i) Gerard Stuyvesant, bom December 4, 1859, 

married Mildred N. Ford, 
(ii) Frederic S. Stuyvesant, bom January iS, 

1 86 1, married Cornelia V. Bergen, 
(iii) A. Van Home Stuyvesant, died young. 


(iv) Robert G. Stuyvesant, died young. 
(b) Augustus Van Home Stu^'vesant, married 
Harriet Le R. Steward and had children: 
(i) Catharine E. S. Stuyvesant. 
(ii) A. Van Home Stuyvesant. 
(iiij x\nne W. Stuyvesant. 

E. Robert Reade Stuyvesant, married Margaret 
Augusta Middleberger. 

F. Joseph Reade Stuyvesant, married Jane A. 
Browning and had a son, Nicholas Stuyvesant, 
who died immarried. 

G. Catharine Ann Stuyvesant, married June 8, 1826, 
John M. Catlin, and had children: 

(a) Lynde Catlin, married Susan Ross. 

(b) Nicholas William Stuyvesant Catlin. 

(c) Charles M. Catlin, married Kate Montague. 

(d) Catharine L. Catlin. 

(e) Cora Catlin. 

H. Helen C. Stu}-vesant, married May 25, 1831, 
Henry Dudley and had children: 

(a) Nicholas W. S. Dudley. 

(b) Henry Dudley. 

I. Margaret Livingston Stuwesant, married on 
February i, 1835, Robert Van Rensselaer, son 
of Jeremias Van Rensselaer and Sybil Adeline 
Kane his wife. They had no children. 

(4) Margaret Stuyvesant, daughter of Petrus Stuy- 
vesant, died in 1824. unmarried. 

(5) Elizabeth Stuyvesant, married Colonel Nicholas 
Fish and had a son: 

Governor Hamilton Fish bom in New York 
City in 1S08, died in 1S93. He was a distinguished 
statesman, member of Congress, Governor of New 
York, United States Senator, and Secretary 
of State during the administration of President 
Grant. He mamed December 15, 1836, Julia 
Kean, daughter of Peter Kean, and had chil- 
dren : 


(a) Sarah Morris Fish, bom Feb. 25, 1838, who 
. married Sidney Webster. 

(b) Elizabeth Stuyvesant Fish, bom March 11, 
1839, married Frederick S. G. d'Hauteville. 

(c) Julia Kean Fish, bom May 2, 1841, married 
Colonel Samuel Nicoll Benjamin, U. S. A. 
Children : 

(i) William M. Benjamin. 

(ii) Hamilton Fish Benjamin riiarried Emily 

(iii) Capt. Julian A. Benjamin, U. S. A. 

(d) Susan Leroy Fish, bom August 31, 1844, mar- 
ried William E. Rogers of Philadelphia, Pa. 

(e) Nicholas Fish , bom Febmary 19,1 846, married 
Clemence S. Bryce and had children: 

(i) EHzabeth Fish married R. B. Potter, 
(ii) Hamilton Fish, Jr. 

(f) Hon. Hamilton Fish, Jr., bom April 27, 1849, 
married in 1880 Emily M. Mann. 

(g) Stuyvesant Fish, bom June 24, 1851 ; married 
in 1876 Marion Graves Anthon; children; 

(i) Marion Fish, married Albert Z. Gray, 
(ii) Stuyvesant Fish, Jr., married Mildred Dick. 
(iii) Sidney Webster Fish, 
(h) Edith Livingston Fish, bom April 30, 1856, 
married June 6, 1883, Hon. Hugh Oliver North- 
cote, who died March 30, 1900, fifth son of the 
first Earl of Iddesleigh; children: 
(i) Hugh Hamilton Northcote. 
(ii) Cicely Monica Julia Northcote. 
(6) Peter Gerard Stuyvesant, bom in 1778; died 
August 16, 1847; had a large farm in the neighbor- 
hood of the Bowery and Eighth Street and gave part 
of it to New York City for Stuyvesant Park. He 
married first Susan Barclay; second Helen Sarah 
Rutherford. Not having any children he was de- 
sirous that his large estates should be owned by 
some one who might perpetuate the name of Stuy- 


vesant, so he devised and bequeathed most of his 
estate to Stuyvesant Rutherford, his great-grand- 
nephew, on condition that he change his name to 
Rutherford Stuyvesant, which he did with the sanc- 
tion of an act of the Legislature of New York. 

2. Joanna Livingston married General Pierre Van Cort- 
landt. Their daughter, Katherine Van Cortlandt, mar- 
ried, January 7, 1776, Abraham Van Wyck. Son: 
Theodorus Van Wyck married, in 1800, JMary Howell 
Stretch. Children: (i) Philip Renssalaer Van Wyck. 
(2) Abraham Van Wyck, 1S01-1853 ; married, June 6, 
1829, Elizabeth Searcy Cantrell. Children: (i) Sarah 
Van Wyck, born 1831, married Dr. WilUam B. Ma- 
gruder. Their daughter MilHcent married Frederick 
Almy. They have children: Frederick, William, Eliza- 
beth, and Millicent. (ii) Juliet W. Van Wyck, bom 
1834, married Adna Anderson. Children: i. Sarah 
married Admiral John C. Fremont, and have children: 
Lieut. John C. Fremont, Jesse B. Fremont, and Juliet 
W. Fremont. 2. Philip V. W. Anderson. 3. John C. 
Anderson. 4. Elizabeth Anderson. 5. Mary Ander- 
son, (iii) Philip V. R. Van Wyck, born 1836, married 
Salvadora McLaughlin. Children: Philip V. R., T. 
McLaughlin, PierreCWilliamP., Salvadora, and Mary, 
(iv) Mary Van Wyck, born 1838, married Benjamin 
S. Church. Daughter: Angelica Schuyler Church. 

3. Ahda Livingston married. Captain Jacob Rutsen. on 
November 24, 1735. Son: Colonel John Rutsen, 1743- 
1773; married Phoebe Carmen, bom March 2, 1747, 
died November 23, 1819; and had a daughter: Catharine 
Rutsen, bom September 18, 1768; died November, 1825; 
married George Suckley, bom December 5, 1765, died 
Jime 6, 1846. Their son: Thomas H. Suckley, bom 
November 22, 1810, died Febraary 9, 1888, married 
Katherine Murray Bowne and had a son : Robert Bowne 
Suckley, bom June 5, 1856, of Rhinebeck, N. Y., mar- 
ried Elizabeth P. Montgomery. 

4. Catharine Livingston, married Thomas Thorn. 


5. Henry Livingston, bom September 8, 17 14; married 
Susan Concklin, daughter of John Concklin. He died 
February 10, 1799. They had children: 
(i) Catharine Livingston. 

(2) Johanna Livingston, bom in 1753; married Paul 

(3) Susan Livingston, bom in 1755; married Gerardus 
Duyckinck, son of Gerardus Duyckinck and Ann 
Rapalje, daughter of Joris Rapalje and Middag 
Rapalje; Joris was the son of John Rapalje, the son 
of Joris Janse de Rapalje. 

(4) Alida Livingston, married Melancthon Lloyd 

(5) Comelia Livingston, married Myndant Van Kleeck. 

(6) Helen Livingston, married Judge Jonas Piatt, son of 
Zephaniah Piatt of Plattsburgh, N. Y. 

(7) Gilbert Livingston, married Catharine Crannel. 

(8) Rev. John H. Livingston, D.D., bom May 30, 
1746, married Sarah Livingston, daughter of Philip 
Livingston, bom January 15, 1716, and Christiana 
Ten Broeck, daughter of Richard Ten Broeck of 
Albany. He graduated from Yale in 1762 and 
then studied theology at the University of Utrecht, 
Holland, and was ordained by the classis of Am- 
sterdam, Holland. He became minister of the 
Reformed Dutch Church in New York City and 
President of Queen's College, afterwards called Rut- 
gers College, at New Briuiswick, N. J., and was the 
first President of the Theological Seminary of the 
Reformed Dutch Church. They had one child, a 
son. Col. Henry Alexander Livingston, bom August 
26, 1776, who married Elizabeth Beekman, daughter 
of James Beekman and Sarah Lefferts; son of John 
Beekman and Elizabeth Ellsworth, daughter of 
Theophilus Ellsworth; son of Jacobus Beekman and 
Elizabeth de Peyster; son of Col. Gerardus Beekman. 
They had children: 

(a) Sarah Livingston, married Rev. Brogan Hoffe. 


(b) John A. Livingston, married Louisa Bradford. 

(c) Abraham H. Livingston, marriedAnnaT. Greene. 

(d) Louisa M. Livingston, married Edward K. 
James, of Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

(e) Russell Livingston, married Louisa B. Finlay. 
After the death of his first wife, Elizabeth Beekman, 

Colonel Henry Alexander Livingston married Frederika 
Charlotte Sayers, of Bath, England, bom December 14, 
1797, died April 14. 1870. and had children: 

(f) Frederika C. Livingston. 

(g) Christiana T. B. Livingston. 
(h) Cornelia B. Livingston. 

(i) Jane Murray Livingston, married Robert Ral- 
ston Crosby, bom December 3, 1S15, died June 
25, 1S92, son of WiUiam Bedlow Crosby, bom 
February 7, 1786, died March 18, 1865, and 
Harriet Ash ton Clarkson ; son of Ebenezer Crosby 
and Catharine Bedlow, his wife, who was the 
daughter of William Bedlow and Catherine 
Rutgers, his wife, the daughter of Hendrick 
Rutgers, 17 12-1779, and Catherine de Peyster, 
his wife, the daughter of Johannes de Peyster, 

Robert Ralston Crosby and Jane Livingston 
his wife had two sons: 
Edward H. Crosby. 
Livingston Crosby, 
(j) Henrietta U. Livingston, 
(k) Henry PhiHp Livingston. 
(1) Augustus L. Livingston. 
(9) Henry Livingston, son of Henry Livingston, mar- 
ried, first, Sarah Wells, daughter of Rev. Benjamin 
Wells, and had children: 

(a) Henry W. Livingston, died unmarried. 

(b) Catharine Livingston, married Arthur Breese. 

(c) Cornelia Livingston, died unmarried. 

Henry Livingston married, second, Jane Patterson 
and had children: 


(d) Charles Livingston, married Catharine Brewer. 

(e) Sidney Livingston, married Joannah Holthuysen. 

(f) Edwin Livingston. 

(g) Jane Livingston, married Rev. William Thomas. 

(h) Eliza Livingston, married Judge Smith Thomp- 
son, of the United States Supreme Court, after the 
death of his first wife Sarah, daughter of Gilbert 
Livingston, bom in 1742, and Catharine Crandell, 
his wife. 

(i) Helen Livingston. 

(j) Susan Livingston, died November 7, 1889; mar- 
ried in January, 1846, Abram GifFord Gumey. 
They had a daughter, Jennie Gumey, residing at 
Summit, N. J. 

(10) Robert H. Livingston, bom October 25, 1760; 
married Catharine Tappan, daughter of Dr. Peter 
Voss Crannel Tappan of Poughkeepsie, N. Y. ; 
children : 

(a) Ehza Livingston, married George Boyd. 

(b) Susan Livingston, died unmarried. 

(c) George H. Livingston. 

(11) Beekman Livingston, married on December II, 
1762, Catharine Marsh and had children: 

(a) Susan Livingston, married Dr. Thomas Good- 
sell of Utica, N. Y. 

(b) Maria Livingston, married Hon. John Watts 

(c) Cornelia Livingston, married, first Joseph P. 
Rossiter, second Purdy. 

(d) John Livingston. 

(e) Robert Livingston. 

(f) Henry Livingston, married Hannah Huett. 

(g) William Livingston. 

John Livingston, son of Guilbert R. Livingston; died 
Philip Livingston, died unmarried. 
William Livingston, died immarried. 
Samuel Livingston, died unmarried. 


10. Cornelius Livingston, died unmarried. 

11. Gilbert Livingston, died unmarried. 

12. Lieut. Gilbert Livingston, married Joy Dorrell and 
had children: 

(1) Dorrell Livingston. 

(2) Gilbert Livingston. 

13. James Livingston, married Judith Newcomb. 

14. Robert Livingston, married Catherine McPhaedus, 
daughter of John McPhaedus (also spelled AlcPhaedres 
and MacPheadris) and had children: 

L Helen Livingston, married Samuel Hake, Commis- 
sary-General of the British army in America and 
claimant to the title of Lord Hake. They had a 
daughter, Helen Hake, who married Frederick de 
Peyster, the son of James Abraham de Peyster, bom 
in New York City in 1758. They had children: 
A. James Ferguson de Peyster, eldest son, bom in 
New York City, Febmary, 1794; died June 13, 
1874; married, first, Susan Maria Clarkson, daugh- 
ter of Matthew Clarkson, and had one child, a 
daughter : 

(i) Susan ]\Iaria de Peyster, married in 1856, 
Robert Edward Livingston, of Clermont, son of 
Edward P. Livingston, and had children: 

a. Catharine Goodhue Livingston. 

b. Robert R. Livingston. 

c. Edward de Peyster Livingston. 

d. Goodhue Livingston. 

Captain James Ferguson de Peyster married 

on February 4, 1838, after the death of his wife, 

Susan, second, Frances Goodhue Ashton, daughter 

of WilHam Ashton, and had children : 

(2) General Frederick J. de Peyster, eldest son of 

James Ferguson de Peyster. and his second wife, 

Frances Goodhue Ashton, was bom Febmarv- 5, 

1839, and died May 11,1905. He graduated from 

the College of the City of New York in 1S60 and 

from Columbia College Law School in 1S62 and 


was admitted to the New York Bar. He was 
deeply interested in historic and patriotic sub- 
jects and was for many years President of the 
Society of Colonial Wars. He married on 
October lo, 1871, Augusta McE. Morris, daugh- 
ter of William H. Morris and Ella Birkhead, his 
wife. Children : 

Helen Van Cortlandt de Peyster, bom Sep- 
tember 12, 1872. 
. Frederick Ashton de Peyster, bom October 

29, 1874- 
iii. Frances Goodhue de Peyster, bom June 6, 

Lv. Augusta Morris de Peyster, bom June 25, 

V. Ella Morris de Peyster, bom July 7, 1881, 

married December 14, 1905, William Brock 

Shoemaker. He died June 21, 1906. 

(3) J. Ashton de Peyster, bom August 9, 1840; 
died May 26, 1878. 

(4) Francis Goodhue de Peyster, bom April 27, 
1842; died 1864. 

(5) Walton de Peyster, bom 1846; died young. 

(6) Helen Hake de Peyster, died young. 

B. Robert G. L. de Peyster, bom in 1795; died with- 
out issue. 

C. Frederick de Peyster, third son of Frederick de 
Peyster and Helen Hake his wife, bom November 
II, 1796. Graduated from Colimabia College in 
18 16, was admitted to the Bar and was appointed 
a Master in Chancery. He was the author of 
many works on historical subjects. He married 
in New York City on May 15, 1820, first, Mary 
Justina Watts, youngest child of Hon. John Watts, 
Jr., and Jane de Lancey, his wife, who was the 
daughter of Peter de Lancey, 1 705-1770,— second 
son of Stephen de Lancey and Ann Van Cortlandt, 
who had a large estate at West Farms on the Bron.K 


River, N. Y., — and Elizabeth Colden, his wife, 
daughter of Governor Cadwallader Colden. After 
her death on June 28, 1821, he married, on Novem- 
ber 14, 1839, second, Mrs. Maria Antoinette (Kane) 
Hone, daughter of John Kane of New York City. 

Frederick de Peyster and Mary J. Watts his 
wife had one child: 

General John Watts de Peyster, bom March 9, 
1 82 1, at the Watts Mansion on Bowling Green, 
New York City. On January i, 1855, he was 
appointed General of the New York Militia and 
became a writer on military subjects. He died 
March 4, 1907. He married Estelle Living- 
ston, daughter of John S. Livingston and Maria 
Thompson his wife; children: 

(a) John Watts de Peyster, Jr., bom December 
2, 1841. Lieut. Colonel in the Civil War, died 

(b) Col. Frederick de Peyster, died unthout 

(c) Col. Johnston L. de Peyster, married Annie 

(d) Estelle EHzabeth de Peyster. 

(e) Maria de Peyster, died young. 

D. Abraham de Peyster, fourth son of Frederick 
de Peyster and Helen Hake his wife, bom in 179S: 
died unmarried. 

E. Samuel Hake de Peyster, died young. 
Frederick de Peyster, after the death of his wife, Helen 

Hake, married Ann Beekman, daughter of Gerard G. Beek- 
man and Cornelia Van Cortlandt, his wife, daughter 
of Lieut. Govemor Pierre Van Cortlandt, and had chil- 

F. Joanna Comelia de Peyster, bom March 7, 1804, 
died in 1867, married Richard Whitemarsh of 
Rhode Island and had children : 

(i) Man.- de Peyster Whitemarsh, married 
Thomas Streatfield Clarkson. 


(2) William Richmond Whitemarsh, married 
Minnie H. Wallace and had a son: 
Wallace Richmond 'WTiitemarsh. 

G. Ann Frederica de Peyster, bom June 7, 1805, 
died unmarried. 

H. Margaret de Peyster, born July 9, 1806, died 

I. Mary EHzabeth de Peyster, bom April 14, 1809, 
died unmarried. 

J. Pierre Van Cortlandt de Peyster, bom July 11, 
18 14, died April i, 1854, unmarried. 

K. Catharine Van Cortlandt de Peyster, born 
October 20, 1818, married in New York on June 
19, 1838, Benjamin Hazard Field, son of Hazard 
Field of Yorktown, Westchester County, New York, 
a descendant of Robert Field of Flushing, Long 
Island, bom in 1764, died in 1845, and a descend- 
ant from Hubertus de la Field who came to England 
with WiUiam the Conqueror. Their descendants 
are stated later. 

II. Catharine Livingston, married John Reade. 

III. Robert Gilbert Livingston, married Margaret 
Hude, daughter of Hon. James Hude, and had chil- 

(a) Catharine Livingston, married, first, M. Bris- 
sac; second, Claudius G. Massonneau. 

(b) Helen Livingston, married Jeremiah Tronson. 

(c) Comeha Livingston, married John Crooke. 

(d) Margaret Livingston, married Augustus C. Van 

(e) Robert Gilbert Livingston, married Martha de 

(f) Henry G. Livingston, married Catharine Cooper- 

IV. Captain Gilbert Robert Livingston, grandson of 
Comeha Beekman, married on September 30, 1779, 
Martha Kane, bom March 21, 1758. died April 17, 
1843, daughter of John Kane or O'Kane, bom in 


County Antrim, Ireland. He was next heir but one 
to Shane's Castle, estate of Lord O'Neil. The Kane 
family was known in Ireland as O'Cahane or O'Cahan. 
Dr. Petrie says it was a princely family, second only 
to the house of O'Neil. The American family is 
descended from Sir Donal O'Kane, who married 
Lady Una O'Neil, the second daughter of the famous 
General Hugh O'Neil, Earl of Tyrone, and Judith 
O'Donnell his wife, daughter of Manus O'Donnell, 
Lord of Tyrconnell. General O'Neil after the siege 
of Kinsale in 1603 was defeated and escaped to Rome. 
In a later chapter is an account of the services of Sir 
Charles Coote, ancestor of the Coote family of 
America, who was honored by the King for his 
services in wars against the O'Neils of Tyrone. John 
Kane, bom December 12, 1734, was the son of 
Bernard O'Kane and grandson of Evanue O'Kane. 
He came to America in 1752. He was a member of 
the New York, Provincial Congress in 1775 and 1776. 
He died at the residence of his son-in-law Gilbert R. 
Livingston at Red Hook, N. Y., March 15, 1808. 
He married in 1756 Sybil Kent, daughter of Rev. 
EHsha Kent, the Pastor of "Kent's Parish" in Dutchess 
and Putnam Counties, and Abigail Moss, his wife, 
and a descendant of Thomas Kent, a settler of 
Gloucester, Mass., in 1644. She was a sister of 
Mar>' Kent, who married Malcolm Morrison, and 
of Sarah Kent who married Major Alexander Grant 
of the British army, and sister of Moss Kent, the 
father of Hon. James Kent, the Chancellor and author 
of Ke?tt's Commentaries. 

Captain Gilbert R. Livingston was Captain in 
the British army in the Revolutionary' War in 
Arnold's American Legion. Children: 

1. Robert Livingston, who died young. 

2. John McP. Kane Livingston, died young. 

3. James Kane Livingston of Rochester, N. Y., 
married Charlotte Landon and had children: 



(a) Charlotte Livingston, married John Ruther- 
- ford, eldest son of Robert Walter Rutherford 
and Sabina Morris, his wife, bom July 21, 1810, 
and had children: 
(i) John Rutherford, died young, 
(ii) Helen Rutherford, 
(iii) Livingston Rutherford, bom August 24, 

1 861, graduated from Princeton in 1882. 
(iv) Arthur Elhot Rutherford, 
(v) Morris Rutherford, married January 15, 

1 89 1, Sara Christie and had children: 

1. Morris Rutherford, bom April 18, 1894. 

2. John Rutherford, bom June 29, 1895. 
Rev. Robert Gilbert Livingston, married Eliza- 
beth T. Burrell, daughter of Ebenezer Burrell of 
Hartford, Conn. Children: 

(i) Catharine Livingston, married Sidney E. 
Morse, brother of Professor Samuel F. B. Morse 
and son of Rev. Jedediah Morse, the geographer, 
and Ehzabeth Ann Breese, his u-ife, a descendant 
of Anthony Morse, bom May 9, 1606, at Marl- 
boro, Wiltshire, England, who came to America 
in 1635. He was the brother of Robert Morse of 
Elizabethtown, N. J., who was the ancestor of 
the Morss branch of the Brevoort family, 
(ii) Robert D. Livingston, married Mary D. 
Armour. Their daughter: 

Katharine Beekman Livingston married on Sep- 
tember 16, 1876, Montgomery Schuyler, Sr., 
of New York, son of Rev. Anthony Schuyler, 
D.D., and Eleanor Johnson, his wife. Children : 

(a) Montgomery Schuyler, Jr., bom Septem- 
ber 2, 1877, Secretary to the American Em- 
bassy at St. Petersburg and Consul General 
to Siam and to Japan. He married August 
22, 1906, Edith Lawyer, daughter of Dr. 
W. P. Lawyer. 

(b) Robert Livingston Schuyler. 


(c) Isabella Livingston Schuyler, married 
- Rev. Joseph Alden and had a son, William 
Alden, the joumaHst. 
(iii) Rev. Gilbert R. Livingston, married Juha 
Raymond and had children: 

1. Julia R. Livingston. 

2. Gilbert R. Livingston, married November 2, 
1898, Annie Lorraine Wheeler, daughter of 
Hon. Everett P. Wheeler. 

. Martha Livingston, married David Codwise, a 
Master in Chancery in the city of New York, who 
died in 1864 at the age of eighty -four years. She 
and her sisters Mrs. William Mather Smith and 
Mrs. Henry Beekman were said to be "beauties" 
and were called the "Three Graces." 

. Susan Montgomery Livingston, married John 
Constable and had children: 

(i) David C. Constable, who married and had 

1. Augustus Constable. 

2. John V. R. Constable, 
(ii) John Constable. 

(iii) Gilbert Constable. 

(iv) William B. Constable, married Susan M. 
Arnold and had a daughter, 
(a) Anna Constable, married Dr. James Augus- 
tus Washington. 
. Catharine Livingston, married Henry Beeckman 
a descendant of Martin Beeckman, the son of Hen- 
drick Beeckman who came from Hamelward in the 
Duchy of Bremen, and was not related, as far as 
is known, to the family of Wilhelmus Beekman. 
The children of this union are descendants of two 
distinct Beekman famiHes of America. Children: 
(i) Gilbert Livingston Beeckman, married Mar- 
garet Foster. Their daughter: 
Catharine Beeckman, married Louis Lorrilard. 
(2) Helen Beeckman, married William P. Lyman. 


(3) Margaret Beeckman, married Campbell Stew- 
- ard. 

(4) Martha Beeckman. 

(5) R. Livingston Beeckman, married Eleanor 
N. Thomas, daughter of General Samuel Thomas. 

(6) John Beeckman. 

(7) Henry Beeckman, married Madeline Town- 
send. Child: Henry Beeckman. 

(8) Helen Beeckman, married John Graham. 

a. Helen Graham, married N. K. Fairbanks. 

b. Beeckman Graham. 

c. Wallace Graham. 

8. Helen Livingston, daughter of Gilbert R. Living- 
ston and Martha Kane, his wife, bom in 1786; 
died in 1S68; married William Mather Smith, born 
in 1786, died in 1864, the only child of Hon. John 
Cotton Smith, Governor of Connecticut, bom in 
1764, died in 1845, and Margaret Evertson his 
wife, daughter of Jacob Evertson, 1 734-1 S07, who 
was a member of the New York Provincial Con- 
gress in 1775 and 1776; and grandson of Rev. 
Cotton Mather Smith. 
The Rev. Cotton Mather Smith of Sharon, Connecticut, 
born October 25, 1730, died November 27, 1806, was or- 
dained pastor of the church there on August 23, 1755. He 
graduated from Yale College in 175 1. He married Temper- 
ance Worthington, the daughter of the Rev. William Worth- 
ington, pastor of the church at Saybrook, Connecticut, bora 
April 8, 1732, died June 26, 1800, at Albany, N. Y., at the 
house of her son-in-law Hon. Jacob Radcliffe, one of the 
justices of the Supreme Court, on her return from a visit 
at Saratoga Springs. 

The Rev. Cotton Mather Smith was the son of Samuel 
Smith and Jemsha Mather his wife, daughter of Atherton 
Mather, 1 663-1 704, the cousin of Cotton Mather, and 
Rebecca Stroughton his wife; grandson of Timothy Mather, 
the brother of Increase Mather, and Catharine Atherton, 


his wife; grandson of Icabod Smith (i 670-1 692) and Mary 
Huxley, his wife-; great-grandson of Samuel Smith of Hadley, 
Mass., Mary Ensign, his wife, daughter of James Ensign of 
Hartford, Conn.; and great-great-grandson of the Rev. 
Henry Smith, who came to America in 1637 and settled in 
Wethersfield in 1639 and died in 1648. The Rev. Cotton 
Mather Smith was pastor of the church at Sharon, Conn., 
for over fifty years. Children : 

I. Thomas Smith, bom July 2, 1763; died at the age of 

n. Elizabeth Smith, bom June 29, 1759, married Dr. 
Lemuel Wheeler of Red Hook, N. Y., who was a surgeon 
on the staff of General George Washington in the Revo- 
lutionary War. They had a daughter who married 
John Davenport, son of Hon. John Davenport and 
grandson of Hon. Abraham Davenport, of Stamford, 
Conn., one of the Councillors of the Colony and after- 
wards of the State of Connecticut and Chief Justice. 
He was familiarly knowm as "Dark Day Davenport" 
because of May 19, 1780, which was long remembered 
as a remarkably dark day and it was thought that the 
Judgment Day had come. The House of Representa- 
tives adjourned. When Colonel Davenport was asked 
to adjourn the Council, he said, "The Day of Judg- 
ment is either approaching or it is not. If it is, I 
choose to be found doing my duty. I wish, therefore, 
that candles may be brought." 
in. Mary Smith, bom February 16, 1769, married on 
July 3. 1793, Rev. Daniel Smith of Stamford, Conn., 
also a descendant of the Rev. Henry Smith who came 
to America in 1637. He graduated from Yale College 
in 1 79 1 and was ordained pastor of the church at Stam- 
ford, Conn., in 1793. He died in 1S46. They had 
children : 

(i) Rev. Thomas Mather Smith, D.D., President of the 
Theological Seminary at Gambler, Ohio. He m,arried 
Mary Greenleaf Woods, daughter of Dr. Leonard 
Woods of Andover, Mass., and had children: 


1. Mary Smith, married Putnam Richardson. 
- Children: 

(a) Leonard Wood Richardson. 

(b) Anne Richardson, married Arthur Bennett. 

(c) Perry Richardson. 

2. Sarah Smith, married Rt. Rev. William Stevens 
Perry, Bishop of Iowa. 

3. Rev. John Cotton Smith, D.D., bom in 1826, 
who was until his death in 1882 Rector of the 
Church of the Ascension in New York City. He 
married Harriette Appleton, of Ipswich, Mass. 
Children : 

(a) Rev. Roland Cotton Smith, D.D., married 
Margaret Otis of Boston, Mass. Children: 

(i) John Cotton Smith. 

(ii) Margaret Sigoumey Smith. 

(b) Mary Greenleaf Smith, died aged twelve years. 

(c) EHen Appleton Smith, married Chalmers Wood, 
a distinguished lawyer of New York City. Their 
children are stated later. 

(d) Harriette Appleton Smith, married Joseph F. 

(e) Annie Osgood Sn:iith, married Bayard Tucker- 
man, the editor of The Diary of Philip Hone 
and author of other historical works. Children : 
(i) Elizabeth Wolcott Tuckerman, married 

William M. Elkins. Children: 

a. William Elkins. 

b. Elizabeth Wolcott Elkins. 

c. George W. Elkins, 3rd. 

(ii) May Appleton Tuckerman, married G. 
Hermann Kinnicutt. Children: 

a. Francis P. Kinnicutt, 3rd. 

b. Dorothy May Kinnicutt. 
(iii) Bayard Tuckerman, Jr. 

(iv) Joan Cotton Tuckerman, married Evans 
Rogers Dick, Jr. 

(f) Fuller Appleton Smith. 


(g) Julia Smith, married George B. Post, Jr., of 
(2) Julia Smith, a daughter, married Dr. Milo L. 
North of Hartford, Conn. Children: 

(a) Thomas M. North, married Mary Wayland. 

(b) Edward P. North, married Kate L. Wescott. 

IV. Juliana Smith, bom February 12, 1761, died June 
25, 1S23, married Hon. Jacob Radcliffe. Their descend- 
ants are stated later. 

V. Lucretia Smith, bom January 20, 1767, died in 1773. 

VI. Governor John Cotton Smith, bom February 12, 
1765, married in 1786, Margaret Evertson of Amenia, 
N. Y., daughter of Hon. Jacob Everston, a member of 
the New York Provincial Congress in 1776, w-ho was 
a descendant of Captain Evertson, grandson of Lieuten- 
ant Admiral Jan Evertson of Holland. They had one 

William Mather Smith, bom in 1787, died in 1864, 
married Helen Livingston, bom in 17S6, died in 
1 868, daughter of Gilbert Robert Livingston and 
Martha Kane his wife, and granddaughter of Cornelia 
Beekman, who was the granddaughter of Wilhelmus 
Beekman the Founder. They had children: 

(a) John Cotton Smith. 

(b) Rev. Gilbert Li\'ingston Smith. 

(c) Robert Worthington Smith, who married 
Gertrude L' Estrange B olden, granddaughter of 
Lieut. Daniel L'Estrange, of Orleans, France, and 
Charlotte Le Mestre his wife, who escaped from 
France at the time of the Huguenot persecution, 
and settled at New Rochelle, N. Y. They had 

(i) Gilbert Livingston Smith of Sharon, Conn. 
(ii) Helen Evertson Smith. 
(iii) William Mather Smith. 

(iv) Gertrude Bolden Smith, married Robert 
Chnton Geer of New York City. 
The descendants of Robert Worthington Smith own the 


handsome colonial mansion at Sharon, Conn., which was 
made famous in the Revolutionary War by the patriotism 
of their gieat-great-grandfather the Rev. Cot':on Mather 
Smith, Chaplain of the Fourth Connecticut Continental 
Regiment, who was bom in Saffield in 1730 and died in 
Sharon, Conn., in 1S06, and who married in 1757 Temperance 
Worthington, daughter of the Rev. WilHam Worthington 
(1695-1756) of Saybrook, Conn., and Temperance Gallup 
or Gallop, his wife, bom May 25, 1701, of Stonington, 
Conn., and granddaughter of Sir Wilham Worthington, 
first of Colchester, Conn., and then of Hartford, and great- 
granddaughter of Sir Nicholas Worthington, who was 
wounded in the Cromwellian war, lost his estate by confisca- 
tion, and came to America. 

For the particulars of the Sharon branch of the family the 
author is indebted to his dear cousin through ComeHa Beek- 
man, Helen Evertson Smith of the Smith homestead at 
Sharon, Conn., the author of Colonial Days and Ways, Led 
by a Vision, For her Kin(^'s Sake, and other interesting 
stories telling in a most dehghtful way of the lives of her 
distinguished ancestors. They are described on page 36 in 
the ancestry of Maria Spencer Coote. 

IV. JuHana Smith, daughter of the Rev. Cotton Mather 
Smith and Temperance Worthington, his wife, and 
sister of Governor John Cotton Smith, married Hon. 
Jacob Radclifie, Justice of the Supreme Court of the 
State of New York and Mayor of New York City, 1810- 
181 1 and 1815-1818. They had a summer home on the 
Hudson near Poughkeepsie, N. Y., called "Chestnut 
Hill." The RadcHffe family had some very distin- 
guished sons. General William RadcUfie, a brother of 
Justice Jacob RadcHffe, was an officer in the Revolu- 
tionary army, another brother was Judge Peter W. 
RadcHffe of the Kings County Court., and his sister 
Clara RadcHffe married Colonel John Van Heusen 
Huyck whose daughter JuHa Clarissa Huyck married 
Austin Baldwin. Their son. RadcHffe Baldwin, mar- 
ried Anna Von Kienbusch, daughter of Otto von 



Kienbusch; son of Herman; son of the distinguished 
Baron Frederick Kretzmar Von Kienbusch. 
The Radcliffe family is descended from Richard de Rad- 
clyffe of Radclyffe Tower, and from the Radclyffes of Fox- 
denton Hall, Lancashire, England. According to Burke 
the family of Radcliffe took the name from the v-illage of 
Radcliffe near Bur\-, Lancashire, named from a cliff of red 
rock on the east side of the Irwell. A branch of the family 
were Earls of Derwentwater. 

Burke states that at the time King Richard I. gave a 
charter to the Priory of Burscough the name Henry de 
Radcliffe appears among the witnesses. The family is 
entitled to arms: "arg. two bends engr. sa. a label of three 
points gu. " Crest: "a bull's head erased sable ducally 
gorged and chained az. " 

Hon. Jacob Radcliffe and Juliana Smith his wife 
had children : 

I. Maria Radcliffe, married Lewis Tracy Tillman of 
Troy, N. Y. They had children: 
(i) Walter P. Tillman, married, first, Mary Church; 

second, Ellen A. Freeman. No children, 
(ii) Lewis Tillman, died young, 
(iii) Maria Davis Tillman, married Richard P. Hart 
of Troy, N. Y., and had children: 

(a) Amelia Howard Hart, died unmarried. 

(b) Richard P. Hart, married Ella V. Kirk- 

(c) Walter Tillman Hart, married Rebecca Motte 
Mitchell, daughter of the famous author Donald 
G. Mitchell, known as " Ik Marvel." They reside 
at "Edgewood," New Haven, Conn. Children: 

1. Richard Philip Hart, 2nd. 

2. Rebecca Motte Hart. 

3. Maria Tillman Hart. 

4. Walter T. Hart, Jr. 

5. Donald Grant Mitchell Hart. 

(d) George Duncan Carter Hart. 

(e) William Howard Hart. 



(f) Julia Radcliffe Hart, married Henry Burden 
- 2nd. They reside at Cazenovia, N. Y. 
2. Julia Radcliffe, married Captain John S. Spencer of 
the British army, who retired and resided in Eliza- 
beth, New Jersey. Children: 

(i) John Cotton Smith Spencer, who married Mary 
Hutchings and had children: 

(a) John Hutchings Spencer. 

(b) Radcliffe Spencer. 

(c) Minnie Knox Spencer. 

(d) Mary Apthorp Spencer. 

(e) Roberta Spencer. 

(ii) Maria Spencer, married Captain Charles William 
Maxwell Coote of the British army. 
Captain Charles WiUiam Maxwell Coote, who married 
Maria Spencer, was bom February 29, 1844, and died Sep- 
tember 24, 1910. He was the son of Major Thomas Coote, 
J. P. and D. L., an officer of the British army and High Sheriff 
in 1838. His residences were Brandrum House and Raccon- 
nel House. Major Thomas Coote married Rebecca Horatia 
Adams, daughter of Captain Charles James Adams, Royal 
Navy, and Anne Jane Foster, his wife, daughter of William 
Foster. Captain Charles WilHam Maxwell Coote was an 
officer in the famous Twenty-fifth Regiment, "The King's 
Own Borderers." He was stationed at Sterhng Castle, 
Aldershot, and Quebec, and commanded a force in defence 
of Canada against the Fenian invasion in 1868. It was 
while he was stationed at the Citadel, Quebec, that he met 
the charming Maria Spencer whom he married. He retired 
from the army soon after his marriage and lived on the 
Spencer place, "Edgemoor," EHzabeth, N. J., which was the 
estate of his wife's father. Captain John Smythe Spencer, 
who also was an officer in the British army. Captain Coote 
was the descendant of very distinguished ancestors. His 
ancestry is described by Frederic de Peyster in The Life of 
Richard, Earl of Bellomont, published by the New York 
Historical Society, who says: "According to the records of 
the British Peerage, the family of Coote is of very ancient 



date, being able to trace its lineage back to Sir John Coote, 
a native and knight of France, who flourished, it is supposed, 
sometime in the eleventh century. This Sir John married 
the daughter and heiress of the Lord of Boys in the same 
kingdom, and had issue a son, likewise Sir John, who came 
over to England, and settled in Devonshire, where he married 
the daughter of Sir John Fortescue of that country. The 
descendants of this union contracted alliances with other 
families of wealth and position in England; and from this 
source are sprung the several distinguished families of later 
times bearing the name of Coote. " 

"In the reign of Queen Elizabeth the immediate ancestor 
of Lord Bellomont was Francis Coote, Esq., who was in the 
service of the Queen. His son. Sir Nicholas Coote, was 
living in the year 1636. Sir Nicholas had issue: the eldest 
son, Charles, his heir, the grandfather of the Earl of Bello- 
mont, who entered the service of his country- as a soldier 
and, as Captain of ' one hundred foot, ' served in Ireland 
in the wars against O'Neil, Earl of Tyrone. He subsequently 
became Provost Marshal of Connaught, and, later, Vice- 
President of the same province ; and in 1 62 1 , having recently 
been sworn of the Priyy- Council, he was created a baronet 
of Ireland, by letters patent dated April 2d, in the same 
year. Some years pre\'ious to receiving this last honor. Sir 
Charles married "Dorothea, the younger daughter and co- 
heir of Hugh Cuife, Esq., of Cuffe's Woods, County Cork, 
Ireland, and had issue three sons, Charles, Chidley, and 
Richard" (Burke's Extinct and Dormant Peerages of 
Great Britain and Irehuid). "One of his most notable 
military successes was the surprising passage of Montrath 
Woods. " "About a year later he lost his hfe in a saUy from 
the town of Trim. At his death his eldest son Charles 
succeeded to the title of Baronet. . . . After the Res- 
toration the King, who, whatever were his faults, was not 
unfaithful to his friends, confirmed Sir Charles in his post 
of Lord President of Connaught, appointed him keeper of the 
Castle of Athlone, granted him various important immuni- 
ties, and raised him to the peerage of Ireland, under the 


title of the Earl of Montrath, by letters patent dated the 6th 
of September, 1660; this title being chosen in commeraoration 
of the famous exploit of his father previously referred to." 

His brother Richard Coote was made Baron Coote of 
Colooney. He married Mary St. George and had four 
children, Charles, Richard, Chidley, and Thomas. The first 
son, Charles, died young and Richard on the death of his 
father inherited the title and became Baron Coote. He was 
afterwards by King William created Earl of Bellomont by 
royal letters issued on the 2d of November, 1689. In 
O'Hart's Irish Landed Gentry we find the statement that a 
grant of land by order of Parliament, December 5, 1650, was 
made to Sir Charles Coote — the estate of Nicholas, Lord 
Gormanstown, declared a rebel ; and again under date August 
II, 1654, ^^ ^""^ t^^ entry of grants "to the children of Sir 
Charles, deceased, viz., C. Coote, Bart., Colonel Chidley 
Coote, Colonel Richard Coote, and Colonel Thomas Coote. " 
Captain Charles W. Maxwell Coote was a grand-nephew of 
Sir Eyre Coote, son of the Rev. Chidley Coote, D.D., of 
Ash Hill, who died in 1730, and Jane Evans, his wife, son of 
Col. Chidley Coote of Kilmallock and Catherine Sandys, 
his wife. Sir Eyre Coote was born in 1 726 and died without 
issue in 1783; in 1769 he made a glorious record as Comman- 
der in Chief of the British army in India and is buried in the 
Poets' Comer of Westminster Abbey. Captain Coote was 
also collaterally related to Richard Coote, Earl of Bello- 
mont, who was Colonial Governor of the Province of New 
York from 1698 until his death in 1701. The arms of the 
Coote family are: "Argent a chevron sable between three 
coots proper." Crest: "a coot close proper." Mottoes, 
" Coute que coute" and "Vincit Veritas." 

In the collection of state papers compiled by John Watts 
de Peyster he states that his ancestor Colonel Abraham 
de Peyster was advanced to high position in the government 
by the favor of Bellomont, and that he was called "the 
highest bom and best and wisest of all the Royal Gover- 
nors." He quotes the following biography found in the 
state papers: 


" Richard, Earl of Bellomont, Governor of New York, 
Massachusetts, -and New Hampshire, was appointed to 
these offices early in May, 1695, but did not arrive at New 
York until May, 169S. He had to struggle with many 
difSculties, for the people were divided, the treasury was 
unsupplied, and the fortifications were out of repair. Not- 
withstanding the care of the government, the pirates, who 
in time of peace made great depredations upon Spanish 
ships and settlements in America, were frequently in the 
Sound, and were supplied with provisions by the inhabitants 
of Long Island. The belief that large quantities of money 
were hid by these pirates along the coast led to many a fruit- 
less search ; and thus the natural credulity of the human mind, 
and the desire of sudden wealth were suitably punished." 

"The Earl of Bellomont remained in the Province of 
New York about a year. He arrived at Boston, May 26, 
1699, and in Massachusetts he was received with the greatest 
respect as it was a new thing to see a nobleman at the head 
of the governmient." jLILSSOoC) 

Twenty companies of soldiers and a vast concoTarse of 
people met "his lordship and countess on his arrival." 
"There were all manner of expressions of joy, and to end 
all, fireworks and good drink at night." He in return took 
every method to ingratiate himself with the people. He was 
condescending, affable, and courteous upon all occasions. 
Though a churchman, he attended the Weekly Lecture in 
Boston with the General Court, which always adjourned for 
the purpose. For the preachers he professed the greatest 
regard. By his wise conduct he obtained a larger s,mn as a 
salary and as a gratuity than any of his predecessors or 
successors. Though he remained but fourteen months, the 
grants made to him were £1875. His time was much taken 
up in securing the pirates and their effects, to accomplish 
which was the principal reason of his appointment. During 
his administration Captain Kidd was seized and sent to 
England for trial. Soon after the session of the General 
Court in May, 1700, he returned to New York, where he 
died March 5, 1701. He made himself very popular in his 


governments. He was a nobleman of polite manners, a 
friend to the Revolution, which excited so much joy in New 
England, and a favorite of King William." 

Maria Spencer Coote, the wife of Captain Charles W. M. 
Coote, is the daughter of Captain John Smythe Spencer and 
Julia Radcliffe his wife, and granddaughter of Jacob Radcliffe 
and Juliana Smith his wife, and great-granddaughter 
of the Rev. Cotton Mather Smith, of Sharon, Conn., and Tem- 
perance Worthington his wife, and in tracing out her dis- 
tinguished ancestry we find that she is seventh in descent 
from the Rev. Henry Smith who came to America in 1637, and 
settled in Wethersfield in 1639 and died in 1648; and whose 
son, Samuel Smith, bom in Hadley, Mass., January 27, 1639, 
and died September 10, 1703, married Mary Ensign, daughter 
of James Ensign, emigrant in 1639 and a settler of Hartford in 
1662. She is also seventh in descent from the Rev. Richard 
Mather of Dorchester, Mass., who became minister of the 
church there in 1 636. He was an English non-conformist and 
an authoritv on church discipline in New England. He was 
bom in Lowton, Lancashire, England, in 1596, and was the 
son of Thomas Mather and the grandson of John Mather 
of England. She is also seventh in descent from Thomas 
Spencer, sergeant of militia in the Pequot War, who settled 
in Hartford, Conn., in 1636; died in 1685 at Hartford; who 
married September ir, 1645, Sarah Bearding, daughter of 
Nathaniel Bearding, who settled in Hartford, Conn., in 1636, 
and whose daughter Sarah Spencer, who died in 17 12, 
married Sergeant Thomas Huxley of Sufifield, Conn., who 
died July 21, 1721; and had a daughter Mary who married 
in 1692, Icabod Smith, bom January 24, 1670, whose son 
Samuel Smith was the father of the Rev. Cotton Mather 
Smith, the patriotic Chaplain of the Fourth Connecticut 
Continental regiment in the Revolutionary^ War. 

It is interesting to note that Maria Spencer Coote is 
seventh in descent from Major General Humphrey Atherton 
of Dorchester, Mass., bom in 1610, who came from Eng- 
land in 1636, and was Deputy of the Provincial Assembly 
for manv years after 1638 and its Speaker in 1653. He 


became the Governor's assistant from 1654 to 1661, the year 
of his death. His military career was even more glorious 
than his political. He rose to the position of Captain from 
1 650 to 1 658 of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company 
of Boston and commanded the expedition against the Nar- 
ragansetts in 1656 and in 1661 he became Major-GeneraJ of 
the military forces of Massachusetts. His daughter Catha- 
rine Atherton married in 1650 Timothy Mather, bom in 
1628, died January 14, 1684, the son of Rev. Richard Mather 
of Dorchester, before mentioned, and Catherine Hoult or 
Holt his wife. The name Mather was also spelt "Madour" 
"Mader" and "Mathar. " The Mather arms are: 

Ermine on a fesse wavy, azure three Hons rampant. Crest : 
a Hon sedant or on a trunk of a tree vert. Motto: " Virtus 
vera nobilitas est." See Mather Genealogy by Horace E. 

Taking up another line of descent we find that she is 
seventh in descent from Lieutenant Thomas Stoughton who 
came from Surrey, England, to Dorchester, Mass., in 1630. 
His family in Surrey was one of remote antiquity. Its 
arms are: Field azure a cross engrailed ermine; crest: a 
robin red-breast proper, and are pictured in Drake's 
History of Boston, Mass. He was a first settler of Wind.sor, 
Conn., in 1637, Lieutenant in 1640, and Representative 
from 1640 to 1648. His son Captain Thomas Stoughton, 
also an original settler of Windsor, married on November 
30, 1655, Mary, daughter of Hon. William Wadsworth, 
who came from England in 1632 and was a first settler of 
Hartford, Conn., and Deputy from there from 1656 to 1675; 
and had a daughter Rebecca Stoughton, bom June 19, 1673, 
died in 1704, who married Atherton Mather, son of 
Timothy Mather, and Catharine Atherton, before 
mentioned. Timothy Mather was the brother of the 
Rev. Dr. Increase Mather, 1639-1723, who was President 
of Harvard College in 1684 and represented the colony in 
England, where he obtained it a charter and had great 
influence in appointing officers of the colony under it. The 
daughter of Atherton Mather, Jemsha. bora in 1700, in 


Suffield, married Samuel Smith of Suffield on November 8, 
1725. He died on August 25, 1767. She died on November 
5, 1789, at the house of her son Rev. Cotton Mather Smith, 
at Sharon, Conn. Airs. Coote is eighth in descent from 
Captain Thomas Bull, 1 606-1 684, who came to America in 
the Hopewell in 1635 and was in the Pequot War and in 
1675 was in command of a Hartford company at Saybrook 
and defeated Andrus. His son Captain Bull had a daughter 
who married Thomas Bunce, and their daughter Sarah 
Bunce married Nicholas Worthington of Hartford, Conn. 

Maria Spencer Coote is seventh in descent from Thomas 
Graves, who when advanced in years came from England 
and settled in Hartford, and whose son Isaac Graves married 
Mary Church, daughter of Richard Church, a first settler 
of Hartford, and their daughter, Mahitable Graves, who 
died in 1742, married William Worthington of Hartford, 
bom in 1670, son of Nicholas Worthington, above mentioned. 
She is seventh in descent from the famous Captain John 
Gallop, who came to America in 1623, and Caistobel his 
wife; grandson of Thomas Gallop, owner of the manors of 
North Bowood and Strode in Dorchester, England, and his 
wife, who was the daughter of Thomas Crabb, of Nosteme. 
The name was spelled Gallup, Galop, Galup, and GaUop. 
The connection of the American Gallops with the Gallops 
of Strode is shown in documents in the possession of the 
Massachusetts Historical Society. The family are entitled 
to arms, as shown in Burke's Landed Gentry: Gules on a 
bend or a lion passant guardant sable. Crest : a lion bendy 
or and sable holding in his dexter paw a broken arrow 
gules. Motto: "Be Bolde, Be Wyse." Captain John Gal- 
lop was in a fight with the Pequot Indians off Block Island 
in 1636 called the first naval engagement in New England 
waters. His son Captain John GaUop, 161 6-1 675, of the 
first company of Connecticut forces under Major Robertson, 
married, in 1643, Hannah Lake, daughter of John Lake, 
a descendant of the Lakes of Normantown, Yorkshire, 
England, Earls of Arundel and Counts of Louraine, and 
resided on the Mystic River, Connecticut. He was killed 


in the Great Swamp Fight in 1675, against the Narragansetts 
led by the Indian chief King Philip. Maria Spencer Coote 
is sixth in descent from Captain Gallop last mentioned and 
seventh in descent from William Chesboro, 1 594-1 667, 
afterward spelled Chesborough, who came from Boston, 
Lincolnshire, in the fleet with Winthrop, and from his wife 
Ann Stevenson. He was Deputy from Boston, Massachu- 
setts Bay Colony, in 1640, and Deputy to the General 
Assembly of Connecticut in 1653, and his son Samuel 
Chesborough and Abagail his wife had a daughter Sarah, 
who in 1687 married William Gallop of Stonington, Conn., 
son of Captain Gallop who died in the Great Swamp Fight; 
and their daughter Temperance Gallop, bom May 25, 1701, 
at Stonington, married the Rev. William Worthington, bom 
in 1695 at Saybrook, who died in 1756, and was the son of 
William Worthington of Hartford, bom in 1670, and grand- 
son of Nicholas Worthington of Hartford. 

Captain Charles WiUiam Maxwell Coote and Maria 
Spencer his wife had children : 

I. Spencer Eyre Coote, who married in 1910 Grace 
Middlebrook Thompson, daughter of Edwin Schuyler 
Thompson and Sarah T. Duff his wife. 
n. John Maxwell Coote, married in 191 1, Emma Pur- 

viance Hayward. 
HI. Nora Hamilton Coote, married on February 4, 
1903, William B. Aitken of New York City, son of Hon. 
William B. Aitken and Catharine Beekman his wife, 
who was the daughter of Abraham C. Beekman, the 
son of Christopher Beekman, the son of Gerardus 
Christopher Beekman, and a descendant of Wilhelmus 
Beekman, 1 623-1 707, and of Jan Thomasse Van Dyke, 
who came to America in 1652. Their descendants are 
stated later. 

IV. Victoria Rebecca Coote. 

V. Mary Spencer Coote, married April 14, 1910, George 
Grundy HolHns of New York and has a son: 

George Gnmdy Hollins, Jr., bom August 15, 191 1. 

VI. Julia Radcliffe Coote. 


VII. Radcliffe Coote, died in infancy. 

VIII. Albert Eyre Coote. 

lid. Colonel Henry Beekman, son of Henry Beek- 
man, and grandson of Wilhelmus Beekman, bom 
in 1688, married, first Janet Livingston, bom in 
1703, daughter of Robert Livingston. He married 
second, Gertrude Van Cortlandt. In the Historical 
Documents of the State of New York, we find the 
following order relating to his military service: 
"Order Dec. 12th, 1705, Anne Queen of England, 
Lord Combury, Governor of New York. Col. 
Henry Beekman to caU out one hundred men of his 
militia regiment, and to hold himself and them sub- 
ject to the orders of Col. Peter Schuyler touching 
their disposal toward the defence of the frontier." 
Col. Henry Beekman and Janet Livingston his 
wife had two children : 

(a) Henry Beekman, died young. 

(b) Margaret Beekman, married Robert R. Living- 
ston, bom in 1719; died in December, 1775; Jus- 
tice of the Supreme Court of New York, son and 
only child of Robert Livingston and Margaret 
Howerden; son of Robert Livingston and AHda 
Schuyler his wife. 

Margaret Beekman Livingston is said to have been a 
beautiful woman of much culture and refinement. Miss 
Julia Delafield has described her services to the American 
Revolution and her knowledge of political events in the 
following interesting incident: 

"Not long before the delegates who assembled at King- 
ston declared the State of New York independent a number 
of the most influential RepubHcans met at Clermont. That 
the State should be independent was no longer a question, 
but there were other points to be considered; for instance 
who was to be the first Governor. One gentleman well 
qualified for the office was all important in the position he 
then occupied and could not be spared. There was a valid 
objection to even.- person named until Mrs. Margaret Beek- 


man Livingston, who was present at their deliberations, 
proposed George CHnton. Her suggestion was received 
with acclamation: 'He is the man! why did not we think 
of him at once?' Margaret Beekman had the honor of 
nominating the first Governor of the State of New York, 
and now the statue of Governor Clinton stands side by side 
with that of her son Chancellor Livingston, in the capitol 
of the United States." 

Before she died she had the satisfaction of seeing twenty- 
four of her descendants comfortably settled in handsome 
homes of their own. All family histories speak of her lovely 
character and her power of making her children and their 
friends happy. Although she was the excellent mother 
Livingston she was referred to in the Livingston and Beek- 
man families through her life as "Margaret Beekman " 

Robert R. Liv-ingston and Margaret Beekman his wife 
had children : 

L Janet Livingston, bom in 1744, married, in 1773, 
the brave soldier and hero General Richard Mont- 
gomery, who fell at Quebec. When the British 
government had been overthrown in all the colonies 
the Americans looked to Canada for aid and Generals 
Schuyler and Montgomery" were ordered to proceed 
to Canada. Montreal was captured and then Gen- 
eral Montgomery proceeded against Quebec which he 
besieged for three weeks wth nine hundred men and 
then attempted an assault on the morning of Decem- 
ber 31, 1775. As General Montgomery," rushed for- 
ward with his men he w"as shot dow"n at the first 
discharge of the British battery. 
IL Robert R. Livingston, bom in 1746, died February 
25, 1S13, became the first Chancellor of the State of 
New York. At the age of twenty-nine he served 
with Jefferson, Franklin, Sherman, and Adams on 
the committee selected by Congress to prepare the 
Declaration of Independence. When he graduated from 
King's College, now Columbia L'niversity, in 1 765 he 
had delivered an oration on "Libertv." He admin- 


istered the oath of office to George Washington on 
his inauguration as the first President. He was 
American Minister to France and secured the cession 
of Louisiana to the United States. He married Mary 
Stevens, daughter of John Stevens. They had chil- 

(i) Ehzabeth Stevens Livingston, married Lieut. 
Gov. Edward P. Livingston, son of Phihp P. Liv- 
ingston, and grandson of Phihp Livingston, signer 
of the Declaration of Independence. They had: 

1. Mary Livingston, died young. 

2. Robert Yoimg Livingston. 

3. Margaret Livingston, bom August 17, 1808, 
married October 4, 1827, David A. Clarkson, 
who died in April, 1874. 

4. Ehzabeth Livingston, who died January 14, 
1S96, married Edward Hunter Ludlow, who died 
November 28, 18S4. They had children: 

(a) Edward Livingston Ludlow. 

(b) Mary Livingston Ludlow, married Valen- 
tine G. Hah, Jr. 

5. Catharine Livingston, died young. 

6. Clermont Livingston of Tivoli-on-Hudson, bom 
in 181 7, died in 1895; married ComeHa Living- 
ston of Oak Hill. Children: 

(a) John Henry Livingston of Oak Hill, N. Y., 
bom July, 1848. Graduated from Columbia 
College in 1869, and was admitted to the bar 
in 1871. 

(b) Mary Livingston, married Frederic de 

7. Robert Edward Livingston, bom in 1819, mar- 
ried, in 1854, Susan Maria de Peyster, daughter 
of James F. de Peyster, and had children: 

(a) Robert R. Livingston, bom February 8, 
1858, married in 1884, Mar\-Tailer. Children: 

a. Robert R. Livingston, bom August 4, 1888. 

b. Laura S. Livingston. 


(b) Edward de Peyster Livingston, born March 
6, 1861. 

(c) Goodhue Livingston, married Louisa Robb. 

(d) Catherine Livingston. 

8. Mary Livingston, married Levinus Clarkson 
of TivoH, N. Y., who died January- 29, 1889. 
(ii) Margaret M. Livingston, daughter of Robert 
R. Livingston, married Robert L. Livingston, son 
of Walter Livingston and Corneha Schuyler his 
wife, daughter of Peter Schuyler. Walter Living- 
ston was the son of Robert Livingston, the 3d and 
last Lord of the Manor, and Mary Tong his wife, 
who had also a son John Livingston, who married 
Mary Le Roy, and had a son, Anthony Livingston, 
w ho married Ann Hoffman. Their daughter Ellen 
Livingston married Theodore Russell Wetmore. 
Children: (i) Jessie L. Wetmore, married Arthur 
H. Forbes; (2) Livingston Wetmore of New York 
City; (3) Robert Carryl Wetmore, married Marie 
Arthur; (4) Dorothy Murray Wetmore. 

Robert L. Livingston and Margaret M. Livingston 
his wife had children: 

1. Maria Livingston, married John C. Tillotson. 

2. Cornelia Livingston, married Commander 
Charles G. Ridgley. 

3. Adelaide Livingston, married William B. Clark- 

4. Margaret Livingston, married Schuyler Living- 
ston, son of Schuyler Livingston and Eliza 
Barclay his wdfe, daughter of Colonel Thomas 
Barclay. They had children: 

(a) Matilda C. Livingston. 

(b) Lieut. Commander George Barclay Liv- 

5. Robert Livingston, married Frances Goodhue. 

6. Eugene Livingston, married Harriet Cole- 
man. He died December 22, 1893. Children: 
(A) Man.- Coleman Livingston, married Decern- 


ber I, 1 868, Maturin L. Delafield, bora in New 
York, February 17, 1836. Children: 
(i) Maturin Livingston Delafield, born Sep- 
tember 29, 1869, married November 2, 
1S93, Lettice Lee Sands, daughter of Charles 
Edwin Sands. 

(2) Joseph Livingston Delafield, bora March 
19, 1871, married May 5, 1906, Mary 
Renwick Sloane, daughter of William M. 

(3) John Ross Delafield, bom May 8, 1874, 
married June 14, 1904, Violetta S. White, 
daughter of John J. White. They had a son : 

John White R. Delafield, born May 12, 

(4) Edward Coleman Delafield, born July 
10, 1877, married April 30, 1900, Margaretta 
Stockton Beasley, daughter of Mercer Beas- 
ley ; children : 

(a) Maturin Livingston Delafield, born 
March 17, 1901. 

(b) Margaretta Stockton Delafield, born 
November 3, 1903. 

(c) Edward Coleman Delafield, bom Feb- 
mary 14, 1906. 

(5) Eugene Livingston Delafield, bora Au- 
gust 16, 1882, married September 26, 1906, 
Margaret Woodhull, daughter of John S. 

(6) Julia Livingston Delafield, born October 
14, 1875, married April 30, 1901, Frederick 
W. Longfellow; children: 

(a) Juliette Livingston Longfellow, bom 
April 28, 1902. 

(b) Frederick Livingston Longfellow, bom 
August 18, 1903. 

(c) Elizabeth Delafield Longfellow, bom 
Febraary 14. 1905. 


(B) Richard Montgomery Callender Livingston. 

(C> Adelaide Livingston. 

(D) Katherine McCall Livingston. 

(E) Walter Eugene Livingston. 

(F) Elizabeth Livingston. 

7. Matilda Livingston, daughter of Robert L. 

8. Montgomerv- Livingston, married Mary Swart- 
wout. daughter of Samuel Swartwout. 

in. Margaret Livingston, bom in 1748, married Dr. 
Thomas Tillotson, who was an officer in the Revolu- 
tionary War and Secretary- of the State of New York. 
They had a daughter who married Judge James 
Lynch of the Marine (now City) Court of New York 
and had children : 

(i) Margaret Augusta Lynch, married in 1846 Rev. 
Henry E. Montgomery, D.D., who was until his 
death in 1874, Rector of the Church of the Incar- 
nation in New York City ; children : 

(a) Janet Tillotson Montgomery, married John 
Gelston Floyd of Mastic, L. I. 

(b) Sophia E. Montgomery-, married Woodbury 
G. Langdon; children: 

1. Sophia E. Langdon, married Rev. Barrett P. 

2. Woodbur\- G. Langdon, Jr. 

3. Montgomery Langdon. 

(ii) Edward Livingston Lynch, married Elizabeth 
Jane Strong, daughter of James Strong and 
Aletta Remscn his wife. 

IV. General Henry Beekman Livingston, bom m 
1750, was Colonel in the War of the Revolution, 
Justice of the Suprem.e Court of New York, and 
General in the U. S. Army in the War of 1S12. He 
married Anna Horn Shippen of Philadelphia, Pa., 
and had a daughter. 

(a) Alargaret Beekman Livingston of Philadelphia. 

V. John R. Livingston, bom in 1754, married, first, 


Margaret Sheafer; second, Eliza McEvers, who had 
children : 

(a) Robert Montgomery Livingston, married Sarah 

(b) Angelica Livingston, died in 1815, unmarried. 

(c) Edward Livingston, married Sarah Suckley, 
daughter of George Suckley of New York. 

(d) John R. Livingston, married Mary McEvers, 
daughter of Charles McEvers of New York. 

(e) Charles Livingston, died unmarried. 

(f) Serena Livingston, married Colonel George Cro- 
gan of the U. S. Army. 

(g) EHza Livingston, married Captain Benjamin 
Page of the U. S. Navy. 

(h) Margaret Livingston, married Captain Lowndes 
Brown of the U. S. Army. 

VL Catharine Livingston, bom in 1752, married Rev. 
Freeborn Garretson of Maryland, the prominent 
minister of the Methodist Church; children: 
(i) Mary R. Garretson. 

(ii) Watts Livingston Garretson, married Grace 
Margaret Spellmeyer. 

Vn. Gertrude Livingston, bom in 1757, died in 1833, 
married General iVIorgan Lewis, afterwards Gov- 
ernor of New York, son of Hon. Francis Lewis, bom 
in 1 713, who came to America in 1734 from LlandafF, 
Wales, where his father was Rector of the parish 
church. Francis Lewis was one of the delegates from 
New York to the Continental Congress and on July 
4, 1776, signed the Declaration of Independence. His 
son, General Morgan Lewis, graduated from Prince- 
ton College in the same class with James Madison. 
He was an eminent lawyer, Judge of the Court of Com- 
mon Pleas ; Attorney-General of the State of New York 
and member of the State Senate and Chief Justice 
of the Supreme Court of New York. In the War of 
the Revolution he was a Colonel on the staff of 
General Gates. At the outbreak of the War of 1812 


he was appointed Brigadier-General and served in 
Canada at the capture of Fort George. In 18 14 he 
was Alajor-General in command of New York City. 
He had one child: 

(a) Margaret Lewis, bom in 1780, who married 
Maturin Livingston, bom April 10, 1769, son of 
Robert James Livingston and Susan Smith, who 
was the sister of Hon. Wilham Smith, the historian, 
and Chief Justice of Upper and Lower Canada. 
They had children : 

(i) Morgan Lewis Livingston, married Catharine 
Manning. Children : 

1. Morgan Lewis Livingston, died in 1898. 

2. Sylvia Livingston, died in 1S95, unmarried. 

3. Julia Livingston. 

4. Mortimer Livingston, bom in 1S36. 

(ii) Juha Livingston, bom in 1 801, died in 1882, 
married in 1833, Joseph Delafield, 1790-1875, 
a Major in the U. S. Army in the War of 1812. 
Children : 

I. Lewis Livingston Delafield, bom in 1834, 
died in 1SS3, married Emily Prime, daughter 
of Frederick Prime and Lydia Hare his -tvife, 
daughter of Dr. Robert Hare of Philadelphia. 
They had children : 

(a) Lewis Livingston Delafield, bom January 
30, 1863, married on April 25, 18S5, Char- 
lotte H. Wyeth. 

(b) Robert Hare Delafield, bora July 13, 
1864, married August 14, 1889, Anne 
Shepard Lloyd, daughter of George Francis 
Lloyd of Virginia. 

(c) Frederick Prime Delafield, bom February 
2, 1868, married November 10, 189S, Elsie 
Barber, daughter of Charles G. Barber. 

(d) Emily Delafield, bom September 10, 
1870, married June 21, 1901, Dr. Rolfe 
Floyd of Mastic, L. I. 


2. Alaturin Livingston Delafield, bom Febru- 
ary 17, 1836, married Mary Coleman Living- 
ston, daughter of Eugene Livingston. Their 
children have already been stated. 

3. Joseph Livingston Delafield, bom August 15, 
1839, died Febmary 24, 1848. 

4. Julia Livingston Delafield, bom September 
10, 1849. 

(iii) Alfred Livingston. 

(iv) Gertrade Livingston, married Rawlins 

(v) Mortimer Livingston, married Sylvia de Pau. 
(vi) Mary Livingston, married William P. 

(vii) Robert J. Livingston, bom December 11, 

1 81 1, married Louisa Storm, daughter of Garritt 

Storm. Children: 

1. Warren Livingston, died in 1857, urmiarried. 

2. Louisa M. Livingston, married Elbridge 
T. Gerry, son of Thomas Gerry and Hannah 
Goelet his wife. Children: 

(a) AngeUca L. Gerry. 

(b) Mabel Gerry. 

(c) Robert Livingston Gerry, married Cor- 
nelia Harriman. 

(d) Peter G. Gerry, married Mathilde Town- 

(viii) Maturin Livingston, bom in 1815, died in 
1888, married Ruth Baylies of Taunton, Mass. 
Children : 

1. Elizabeth Livingston, married George 
Cavendish Bentick. 

2. Ruth Livingston, married Ogden Mills, 
son of Darius O. Mills and brother-in-law of 
Hon. Whitelaw Reid, and had children: 

I. Ogden L. Mills, married September 
20, 191 1, Margaret Ruthert'ord, daughter 
of Lewis Rutherford. 


2. Beatrice Mills, married January 14, 
1909, the Earl of Granard. 

3. Gladys Mills, married Henry C. 

(ix) Angelica Livingston, married Alexander Ham- 
ilton, who died December 3c, 1889, in his seventy- 
fom-th year. He was the grandson of Alexander 
Hamilton the statesman, who was killed in a 
duel by Aaron Burr. They had no children, 
(x) Henry B. Livingston, married Mar>- L. 
Livingston, daughter of John Swift Livingston 
and Anna M. M. Thompson his wife. Their 
daughter: Estelle Livingston, married John Watts 
de Peyster. Their descendants are stated later. 
(xi) Geraldine Livingston, married Lydig M. 
Hoyt. Children : 
Henry S. Hoyt, who died May 2t„ 1900, aged 

47 years. 
Gerald L. Hoyt, married Mary Appleton; son 
Lydig Hoyt. 
Vin. Joanna Livingston, born in 1759, married Peter 
R. Livingston, son of Robert James Livingston and 
Susan Smith his wife. 
IX. Alida Livingston, bom in 1 761, daughter of Hon. 
Robert R. Livingston and Margaret Beekman his 
wife, daughter of Colonel Henry Beekman, married 
General John Armstrong, who after the Revolution- 
ary War was Secretary of State of Pennsylvania, 
Minister of the United States to France under Presi- 
dent Jefferson, and Secretarj' of War under President 
Madison. They had a daughter: 

Margaret Rebecca Armstrong, born in 1800, died 
in 1872, married William B. Astor, bom September 
ID, 1792, died November 24, 1875, son of John Jacob 
Astor, bom July 17, 1763, died March 29, 1848, who 
married in 1785. Sarah Todd, daughter of Adam Todd 
and Sarah Cox his wife. William B. Astor and Mar- 
garet R. Annstrong his wife had children: 


(i) Emily Astor, bom in 1819, married Samuel 
-Ward, Jr., and had a daughter: 
I. Margaret Astor Ward, married John Win- 
throp Chanler and had children: 

a. John Armstrong Chanler. 

b. Robert W. Chanler, married JuHa R. 

c. Winthrop A. Chanler, married Margaret 
Terr>'. Children : Laura, Beatrice, and Hester. 

d. EHzabeth W. Chanler, married John Jay 

e. Margaret L. Chanler, married Richard 

f. Alida Chanler. 

g. Lewis Stuyvesant Chanler, married Alice 
Chamberlain. Children: Lewis S. Chanler, Jr., 
Alida Chanler, and William C. Chanler. 

(ii) John Jacob Astor, bom June 10, 1822, died 
Febmary 22, 1890, married, in 1846, Augusta 
Gibbes and had one child: 

(a) William Waldorf Astor, bom March 31, 1848, 
married Mary Dahlgren Paul. He resides in 
(iii) Mary Alida Astor, bom in 1824, died April 25, 
18S1, married John Carey, Jr., and had children: 

(a) Margaret L. Carey, who married, first, Al- 
phonse de Stuers, second, WiUiam Elliot 

(b) Arthirr Astor Carey, married Agnes Whitside. 

(c) Henry Carey 

(iv) Laura Astor, married, in 1841, Franklin H. 

(v) William Astor, bom July \2, 1829, died April 

25, 1892, married September 20, 1853, Caroline 

Webster Schermerhom, daughter of Abraham 

Schermerhom, and had children: 

(a) Colonel John Jacob Astor, bom July 13, 1S64, 
married February 17, 1 891, Ava L. Willing, 


daughter of Edward S. Willing of Philadelphia. 
Children : 

1. Wilham Vincent Astor, bom November 15, 

2. Ava Alice Muriel Astor. 

Col. Astor married on September 9, 191 1, 
Madeleine T. Force. 

(b) Emily Astor, married James J. Van Alen and 
had children : 

1 . Mary Van Alen. 

2. Sarah Van Alen. 

3. Lawrence Van Alen. 

(c) Helen Astor, married James Roosevelt- 
Roosevelt; children: 

1. Helen Roosevelt. 

2. James Roosevelt. 

(d) Charlotte Augusta Astor, married October 
20, 1879, J. Coleman Drayton; children: 

1. CaroHne Drayton. 

2. Henry C. Drayton. 

3. Wilham B. A. Drajrton. 

4. Ahda L. Drayton. 

(e) Caroline S. Astor, married November 18, 
1884, Marshall Ormc Wilson; children: 

1. M. Orme Wilson, married Ahce Borland. 

2. Richard T. Vv'ilson, married Marion S. Mason, 
(vi) Henry Astor, married Malvina Dinehart. 
(vii) Sarah Astor, died young. 

X. Hon. Edward Livingston, bom at Clermont, N. Y., 
May 26, 1764, died May 23, 1836. He resided at 
No. I Broadway, overlooking the Battery, New York 
City. He was a member of Congress in 1794; a 
fellow-member with him wa? Andrew Jackson from 
Tennessee. Ke was Mayor of New York in iS<.M. 
He was a member of Congress from Louisiana in 
1823 and U. S. Senator from Louisiana and prepared 
its Penal Code. When General Jackson became 
President of the United States, he became his Secre- 


tary of State, the position held by his brother Chan- 
celTor Livingston during the Revolution. He was 
Minister to France. He married first, on April lO, 
1788, Mary McEvers. He was a graduate of Prince- 
ton College in 1 78 1, when the famous Dr. Witherspoon 
was President, and afterwards studied law in Albany 
and in New York with James Kent, Aaron Burr, and 
Alexander Hamilton as fellow-students and was 
admitted to practise in 1785. Hon. Edward Living- 
ston and Mary McEvers his wife had children: 
(i) Charles Edward Livingston, bom in 1790. 
(ii) Julia Livingston, bom in 1794. 
(iii) Lewis Livingston, bom in 1798, died in 1822. 

After the death of his wife, Maiy McEvers, on 
March 13, 1801, Edward Livingston married on June 
3, 1805, Louise D'Avezac de Castera, sister of Major 
D'Avezac who was aide to General Andrew Jack- 
son at the battle of New Orleans, and was after- 
ward appointed by President Jackson charge d' 
affaires of the United States at The Hague, Holland. 
They had a daughter: 
(iv) Coralie Livingston, married in 1833, Thomas 

P. Barton of Philadelphia, Pa., who was charge 

d' affaires at Paris. France. 




child and second son of Wilhebnus 

Beekman, the Founder, baptized 

August 17, 1653, died October ic, 

,_„„^^^ 1723. married August 29, 1677, 

hJ}Ui-^y-^.-:-^^ Magdalena Abeel of Albany, N. Y., 

COACH OF CERAROus BECXHAH daughter of Stoffel Janse Abeel and 

Neeltje Janse Croon his wife, bom 

in 1657, died October 20, 1745. 

Colonel Beekman was a physician and surgeon and resided 
in New York and Flatbush, Long Island, and occasionally 
on his estate on the Millstone River, New Jersey. In 1685 
he was Justice of Kings County, New York. He was Cap- 
tain of militia at Flatbush in 1681, and in 1689 he took the 
oath of allegiance and was appointed Major of all the horse 
and foot in Kings County as appears by his military commis- 
sion published in Historical Documents of New York, vol. 
xxxvi., p. 142. In 1690 and 1691 he was a member of 
Leisler's Council. He did not thoroughly agree with Leisler 
in politics and when Leisler's conduct caused disturbances. 
Dr. Beekman prepared and delivered an address in pacifica- 
tion of the people. When Colonel Sloughter came here as 
Deputy Governor in 1691, to succeed Deputy Governor 
Nicholson, whose government after the accession of William 
of Orange had been overthrown by Leisler, Dr. Beekman 
was arrested with Leisler and others and was seventeen 


months in prison, but was afterward pardoned. The un- 
fortunate 'patriot Leisler was hanged. Governor Benjamin 
Fletcher who succeeded Colonel Sloughter was in turn 
succeeded by Governor Bellomont. In 1700 Dr. Beekman 
was appointed Lieutenant-Colonel and then Colonel under 
Richard Coote, Earl of Bellomont. The same documentary 
history of New York has under the heading "Pro\'ince of 
New York" the following curious entry: 

"List of ye present officers of ye MiHtia in his 3.1a'tys 
Province of New York in America commissioned by his 
Excel. Rich'd [Coote] Earle of Bellomont Capt Generall 
& Gov'r in chief in & over his Ma'tys said Province &c viz: 
"of ye Regiment of Militia in King's County on ye said 
Island [Nassau] 

Stephen Cortlandt — Colonel \ 

Gerardus Beekman — Lieut. Col. -- Field officers" 

Com. Van Brunt Maj'r j 

"of ye Foot Compa in ye town of New Uytreyt 

John Van Dyke Cap't 

Joost Van Bnmt Lieut 

jVlatys Smake Ensigne" 
It is interesting to note here that Lieut. -Col. Gerardus 
Beekman and Cap't. John Van Dyke mentioned above 
were ancestors of the author and that the Earl of Bello- 
mont was of the same family collaterally as that of his wife, 
Nora Hamilton Coote Aitken. 

After the death of the Earl of Bellomont, which occurred 
March 5, 1701, the King appointed as his successor, Lord 
Cornbury, who began his administration on the third of 
May, 1702, assisted by a Council, consisting of the following 
members : WilUam Atwood, William Smith, Peter Schuyler, 
Abraham de Peyster, Samuel Staats, Robert Walters, 
Thomas Weaver, Sampson Shelton Broughton, Wolfgang 
WilHam Romar, WiUiam Lawrence, Gerardus Beekman, and 
Rip Van Dam. Many of them are ancestors mentioned in 
this b(5ok. It is quite remarkable that throughout the dis- 
turbing politics of the time Colonel Gerardus Beekman was 
popular with the people and yet received important offices 

^jj SOMER 


at the hands of the several Colonial Governors. In 17C9 
Lord Lovelace', the Governor, died and Lieutenant-Governor 
Ingoldsby became Governor, but was immediately suc- 
ceeded by Colonel Beekman, who was appointed to fill the 
office until Governor Robert Hunter arrived in New York 
in June, 1710, when Colonel Beekman became President 
of his Council, retaining the position until his death. 

Besides his estate in Flatbush, Colonel Beekman had 
three large farms in New Jersey. One farm extended for 
two miles along the Raritan River and contained 1800 acres. 
It was held jointly with Laford Paterson of Flatbush and 
the deed of conveyance to them from WilHam Dockra and 
Rebecca his wife, bearing date February- 2, 1702, and re- 
corded in Book I. of deeds, p. 429, at Trenton, N. J., states 
that the consideration was £366. Another farm of 4000 
acres in Somerset County, New Jersey, was purchased 
February 20, 1702, of Rip Van Dam, attorney for Thomas 
Hart of England, one of the twenty-four Proprietors of East 
Jersey, and the record of it is found in Book C of deeds. 
Another farm of 60S acres was on the Millstone River, 
New Jersey, and is described in Book A under date October 
28, 1708. His sons Christopher Beekman, Adrian Beekman, 
and Dr. William Beekman were owners of large tracts of 
these lands. 

Colonel Gerardus Beekman and Alagdalena Abeel his 
wife had children: 

Ilia. William Beekman, bom Januan,^ 25, 1679, died 

Illi. Christopher Beekman, bom January- 4, 16S1, 
baptized January 16, 168 1, died January 28, 1724, 
married January 28, 1704, by license dated January 
25, 1704, and recorded in Albany, N. Y., Mary De 
Lanoy, daughter of Abraham De Lanoy, bom in 
1642, died in 1702, Corporal in the Burgher Corps of 
New Amsterdam, who married Cornelia Jacobse 
Toll, widow of Evert Duyckinck. He was a descen- 
dant of Gysbert de Lannoy, 1545, of Tumay, Hainaut, 
Flanders. The De Lanoy arms are: Argent three 


lions rampant sinope vert; armes and tongues gules 

crowned or. Crest : The head and neck of a unicorn 

argent accomee, crinee and onglee or, placed upon a 

ducally crowned helmet. Motto: "Bonnes Nou- 

veUes" — "Good Tidings. " 

Christopher Beekman was a merchant in New York City, 

and lived in Flatbush, Long Island. He removed from there 

to a farm at Six Mile Run, New Jersey. His will, bearing 

date May 6, 1724, was proved as to real and personal estate, 

June 19, 1724, and recorded in Liber A at page 326 of East 

Jersey Wills, at Trenton, New Jersey. In it he mentions 

his wife Maria and appoints her and his brothers Dr. Wil- 

Ham Beekman and Gerardus Beekman, merchants of New 

York City, as his executors and mentions all of his children 

except Aaron who died before him. Children: 

A. Gerardus Christopher Beekman, son of Christopher 
Beekman and Maria De Lanoy, his wife, baptized August 
6, 1707, married Catharine Van Dyke, bom April 12, 
1708, the daughter of John Van Dyke, who was the son 
of Jan Janse Van Dyke and the grandson of Jan Thom- 
asse Van Dyke, the founder of the family in America, 
who came from Amsterdam in 1652. This was one of 
the first of many intermarriages between the descen- 
dants of the Beekman and Van Dyke families of New 
The will of Gerardus Christopher Beekman, bearing date 
August 4,1777, proved April 21,1778, and recorded in Book 20 
of Wills at page 231 at Trenton, N. J., mentions the children 
named below. As his wife's name is not mentioned it is 
supposed that she died before him. The witnesses to the 
will were Christopher Hoagland, Peter Vanderveer, and 
Jeremiah Van Dyke. By his will he gave to his son Chris- 
topher ten pounds and orders all his personal property to 
be sold and divided between his five daughters, Mary, 
Ann, Catharine, Magdalen, and Cornelia. He gave to his 
son Abraham in lands or otherwise three hundred pounds 
over and above what he gave to his other two sons, "as the 
said Abraliam has worked for the family considerablv longer 


than the rest of my sons," and then divided his real estate 

between his three sons Christopher, Gerardus, and Abraham 

and appoints them and Peter Stryker executors. Children : 

I. Christopher Beekman, son of Gerardus Christopher 

Beekman and great-grandson of Colonel Gerardus 

Beekman the Patriot, bom in 1730, died November 

16, 1829, and is buried beside his wife in the Beekman 

Cemetery near Griggstown, N. J. He married Martha 

Veghte, daughter of Captain Garret Veghte or Veghten 

of Staten Island, N. Y. They lived on the rear farm 

of the old Beekman tract on the Millstone River near 

Griggstown, N. J. 

On June 26, 1783, the inhabitants of Princeton and the 

vicinity met at Princeton College and passed resolutions 

of loyalty and confidence which were presented to Congress 

by Colonel Morgan and Dr. Samuel Stanhope Smith of the 

College. Christopher Beekman was one of the signers. 

On the list of officers and freeholders of Somerset County 
in the year 1790 appear the names John Veghten, Nicholas 
Veghten, Dr. Jacob Rutsen Hardenberg in the Eastern 
Precinct; John Bennet, Samuel Beekman, and Rynear 
Veghten in Hillsborough Township; Abraham Beekman, 
Christopher Beekman, Gerardus Beekman, Henry Veghten, 
and Thomas Skillman in the Western Precinct. 

Martha Veghte, wife of Christopher Beekman, was the 
daughter of Captain Garret Veghte, and a descendant 
of Claes Arentse Van Veghten, or as he was also called, 
Klaes Arents Veghte or Veght, and his wife Lammentie who 
with their three children came from Norch or Nora in the 
Province of Drenthe in Holland in the ship Bonle Kol (in 
English "spotted cow") in April, 1654, and settled at Go- 
wanus on New York Bay. Their sons were: 

I. Gerrit Classen Veghte, bom about 1650, died in 1722, 
who settled on Staten Island, where he married, first, 
on September 2^. 16S2, Jannetie Crocheron; he married, 
second, in March, 1693, Magdalena Jans; and had 
(i) Lammetje Veghte, married Abrahiun Lachman. 


(ii) Jan Veghte, married Cornelia Staats and resided 
ori Staten Island. He also had a farm in Somerset 
County, New Jersey. His name is recorded in the 
Historical Documents of the State of New York 
showing the military officers for Richmond Coimty 
in 1738 as Captain of the Northern Division. He 
was executor of the will of his cousin Hendrick 
Veghte. His children are mentioned in the records 
of baptisms of the Dutch Church of Staten Island, 
published in the New York Genealogical and Bio- 
graphical Record. Their son: 

Captain Garrit Veghte, bom January i, 1715, 
baptized March 20, 1715, according to Staten 
Island Dutch Church records, died in 1793. 
He was a Captain in the War of the Revolution. 
He bought a farm of his father and resided 
in Somerset County, New Jersey. Captain 
Garrit Veghte and Elizabeth his wife had 
children : 
(i) Hendrick or Henry Veghte, married Dorothy 

(2) John Veghte, married Mary . 

(3) Martha Veghte, born in 1741; died October 
30, 1817, married Christopher Beekman, son of 
Gerardus Christopher Beekman. Their children 
are stated later. 

(4) Jane Veghte, married Isaac Stryker. 

(5) Mary Veghte, who died in 1846, married, 
first, John Stryker, who was killed at the battle 
of Germantown in the Revolutionary War. She 
married, second, John Skillman, bom at Har- 
lingen, N. J., January 10, 1753, died December 
2, 1835; he was a soldier in the War of the 
Revolution. Both are buried at Larison's, N.J. 
Their children were : 

(i) Mar>^ Skillman, bom December 2. 1779, 
married Major Emley Holcombc and had 



(a) William Holcombe. 

(b) John E. Holcombe. 

(c) Mary E. Holcombe, married L. J. Titus. 
(d^i Eleanor Holcombe. 

(e) Isaac S. Holcombe. 

(f) Alexander Holcombe. 

(g) Theodore Holcombe. 
(h) Charles O. Holcombe. 

(ii) Thomas Skillman. bom in 1781; second 

child of John Skillman and Mary Veghte. 
(iii) EUzabeth Skillman, bom in 17S1. 
(iv) Isaac Skillman, bom in 1786. 
(v) Anna Skillman, bom in 1790. 
(vi) William L. Skillman, bom in 1795. 

(6) Magdalene Veghte, married John B. Skill- 
man, bom in 1752, son of Benjamin SkiUman 
and cousin of John Skillman who married Mary 
Veghte. He was drowned in the Delaware 
River in 18 12. They had nine children. 

(7) Nicholas Veghte, married Aitlia . 

(iii) Gerrit Veghte, son of his second wife, baptized 
April, 1694, died about 1734, as the inventory of his 
estate was filed in the office of the Surrogate of New 
York County on January 2, 1735. He was married 
and had a daughter: 

Gerritje Veghte, married Frederick Jacobse Bergen, 
who was the father of Gerritie Bergen, who married 
John Van Dyke, son of John Van Dyke and Anna 
\'erkerk, mentioned later. 
, Hendrick Classen Veghte, married October 10, 16S0, 
Gerritje Grietje Reincers W'izzelpenning, who died 
November 9, 1754. They had children: 
(l) Reynier Veghte, Hved on the Raritan River; 
baptized Alarch 2, 1701, died October 28, 1758; 
married, Jacomyntie or Jacqueline Van Duyn, bom 
June 8, 1700, died in February, 1736, in Gowanus; 
children : 

A. Hendrick Veghte, baptized May 18, 1727, 


in the Reformed Dutch Church at Harlingen, 
" N. J.; witnesses Peter Dumont and John Veghte. 

He was bom October 27, 1726, died September 15, 

1787, married, first, Pietemellitie Van Middleswart 

or Middlesworth. He purchased a large tract of 

land at Roycefield, N. J. (shown on the map of 

early purchasers). Children: 

(i) Jacomyntie Veghte, who married Peter Wyck- 

(ii) Pietemellitie Veghte, died young. 

(iii) John Veghte, died young. 

(iv) Reynier Veghte, bom Febmary 19, 1754, 
died February 2, 1833, married January 30, 
1772, Cathntie Ten Eick, who died February 
7, 1777. Children: 

a. Henry Veghte, married and had 

sons : Benjamin T. Veghte and Henry Veghte. 

b. Rvnier Veghte, died in 1871, aged 83 years. 
Hendrick Veghte married, second, on August 

30, 1777, Catharine Van Wagenen, who died 
in Somerville, N. J., on Alay 15. 1834. Children: 
(v) Catharine Veghte, bom Febmary 25, 1779, 

died in 1858. 
(vi) Pietemellitie Veghte, bom December 25, 

(vii) Jan Van Middleswart Veghte, bom Septem- 
ber 3 1782. 
(viii) Altje Veghte, bom April 29, 1784, died 
May 16, 1838, married John P. Vroom. 

B. Sara Veghte. 

C. Maghtel Veghte, married Abraham Quick. 

(2) Nicholas Veghte, second son of Hendrick Classen 

Veghte, bom about 1704, married and had a 

son Abram Veghte who married Mary Oppie of 
Griggstown, N. J. Their son Abram Veghte, bom 
May 24, 1 79 1, died June 29, 1865, owner of the 
Griggstown mill, N. J., married January 16, 1817, 
Gertmde Nevius, daughter of John Nevius, bom 


near Millstone, N. J., August 25, 1796, died April 

13, 1842;- Children: 

(i) Matilda Veghte, bom February i, 1818, married 
John Mount and had a son Abram Veghte Mount, 
who lived in Florida. 

(ii) Maria Veghte, born December 24, 1S23, married 
December 30, 1845, her cousin John Nevius Hoag- 
land, bom September 12, 1822, died May 26, 1874, 
son of Lucas Voorhees Hoagland, son of Christo- 
pher Hoagland and Petronella Wyckoff of Griggs- 
town, N. J., and Sarah Staats Nevius. 

(iii) Phcebe Veghte, died young. 

(iv) Ann Veghte, bom August 30, 1833; married 
September 21, 1854, Thomas Edgar. 

(v) Sarah Veghte, bom April 8, 1835, married 
November 11, 1857, John DeVv'itt Boice, bom 
June 22, 1832, died March 10, 1887. Children: 

(a) Edgar Boice 

(b) Harvey Boice 

(c) John DeWitt Boice, Jr. 

(d) Archibald Boice, born in 1877. 

(3) Hillitie or Hilletye Veghte, eldest daughter of 
Hendrick Classen Veghte, married Jeromus Rapalje, 
bom March 31, 1682, son of Jeromus R. Rapalje, 
bom January 17, 1643, and Annetie or Ann Denis 
his wife, daughter of Teunis Denis, and grandson of 
Joris Jansen Rapalje, bom in 1623, and Sarah his 
wife who settled in Brooklyn, N. Y. 

(4) Jannetje Veghte. 

(5) Lammetie Veghte. 

(6) Gerritje Veghte. 

Christopher Beekman and Martha Veghte his wife 

had children: 

a-I. Grotius Beekman, died unmarried. 

a-II. Christopher or Christoffel C. Beekman, baptized 
February, 1773, died February 26, i860, married 
Mary Van Dyke, who died Febmary 11, 1859. They 
are buried in Poekman Cemeterv. Children: 


(i) John Beelonan. 

(ii) Columbus Beekman. 

(iii) Julia Beekman, married John Stryker, and lived 
at Six Mile Run, N. J. 

(iv) Martha Beekman, married John Sldllman, son 
of Jacob Skillman and Mary Hageman his wife, 
bom June 27, 1800, died in 1865; children: 
(i) Theodore Skillman, bom in 1S34, married in 
1S59, Agnes T. Suydam. 

(2) John Skillman, bom in 1836; died in 1865, 

(3) M^iry Skillman, bom in 1838, died in 1884, 
married Augustus Van Zandt. Children: 

(a) Irene Van Zandt. 

(b) Russell Van Zandt. 

(c) Eugenia Van Zandt. 

(d) Hubert Van Zandt. 

(4) Henry Skillman, bom in 1S45, married Mary 
W. Pumyea and had a daughter, Cassie Skillman. 

(5) William Skillman. 

(6) Jacob Skilknan, born in 1850. 

a-ni. Garret Beekman, baptized March 20, 1768, 
died June 11, 1840, and was buried in Beekman 
Cemetery-; married, first, Maria Str>-ker and had a 
son who died at the age of ten years. He married, 
second, Margaret Quick. They had children: 

1. Christopher Beekman, died February 18, 18 16, 
in his twentieth year and was buried in Beekman 

2. Cornelia Beekman, died September 9, 1834, aged 
thirty-four years, and was buried in Beekman 

3. Julia Ann Beekman, married Peter Cortelyou, 
born September 27, 1797, died August 25, 1879, 
son of Hendrick Cortelyou, 1 761 -i 841, and Eliza- 
beth Nevius of Ten Mile Run, N. J. Their son: 
Peter Cortelyou, married Anna Voorhees and 

had children: Henrv P. and Helen. 


4. Garret Beekman, married Phebe Staats. Their son 
Abram married Elizabeth Ammerman and had children: 
EHzabeth, Emma and Rev. Theodore A. Beekman. 

5. Margaret Beekman, married William Van Pelt. 

6. James Beekman. 

7. Martha Beekman, married John Van Dyke of New 
Brunswick, N. J. Children: James, John and Catharine 
Van Dyke who married Rutsen Hardenburgh of New Brims- 
wick, N. J. 

8. Gertrude Beekman, married Benjamin Smith. 

9. Peter Quick Beekman. 

10. Maria Beekman, married Peter Vroom. 

11. John Beekman, born April 10, 1815; died April 17, 
1900. Married Sarah E. Manley, 181 7-1897. Children: 
(a) John Beekman, born February 28, 1844, married Emma 
Lydall. Children: Florence, married Frank Van Sickle; 
Emma married Dr. Charles Dunham; Albert; Isaac; John 
and Charles. (b) Richard Manley Beekman, married 
Catharine Van Doren. Their son Harvey, married Eva Wil- 
kins. (c) Margaret Jane Beekman, born March 27, 1850, 
married Edgar I. Cregar, bom October 15, 1848. Children: 
(i) Raymond DeWitt Cregar, 1869-1901, married Carrie 
Diehl. Children: Edgar and Hazel. (2) Harriette Beek- 
man Cregar. (3) Sarah Manley Beekman Cregar. (d) 
Anna C. Beekman, bom January 10, 1853, married Jona- 
than Vail. Children: Clinton; Catharine A., married 
William E. MacClymont; Lilian and Edison, (e) Jesse H. 
Beekman, bom September 17, 1855, married Annie Crotson. 
Children: Mabel and Jesse, (f) Sarah E. M. Beekman, 
married Rev. George Niemeyer of Detroit. Michigan. 
Children: George, Sarah and Edna. 

a-IV. John Beek-man, baptized May, 1778, married 
and had a son Grotius Beekman. 

a-V. Abraham Christopher Beekman, bom September 
29, 1787, baptized November, 1787, died February 
24, 1877, and was buried in Beekman Cemetery. He 
married, first, February 15, 18 13, Rachel Cruser, 
daughter of Major Abraham Cruser of Harlingen, 


N. J., who was a descendant of Garret Cruser, who 
came to America about 1660 and settled on a farm 
in Staten Island. Rachel Cruser Beekman had one 
child, Louisa, bom in 1816, died March 11, 1887, who 
married November 28, 1833, Dr. Peter Skillman, son 
of Cornelius Skillman and grandson of Thomas Skill- 
man, born September 15, 1S08, died April i, 1888. 
They resided in Harlingen, N. J. Both are buried 
at Belle Mead, N. J. Children: 
(i) James Alfred Skillman, bom September 17, 1S34, 
died September 12, 1874. He was in the U. S. 
Naval Service, 
(ii) ComeHus P. Skillman, bom May 16, 1837. 
(iii) Dr. Abraham Beekman Skillman, bom January 

28, 1839, married Anna Moor, 
(iv) John Calhoun Skillman, bom July 25, 1842. 
(v) Rachel Adah Skillman, bom March 23, 1848. 
Abraham Christopher Beekman, some time after the death 
of his first wife, married EHzabeth Houghton, bom April 
13, 1791, daughter of Major Abner Houghton and Margaret 
Van Dyke his wife, a descendant of Sir Ralph Houghton, 
bom in 1623 in Lancashire, England, died June 10, 1700, 
son of Sir Richard Houghton, bom in 1570, of Hoghton 
Tower, Lancashire, who was created a baronet by King 
James L, on May 22, 161 1, and according to the National 
Biography published in London, England, in 1898, he was 
descended from Adam de Houghton, Bishop of St. David 
and Chancellor of England, who died in 1389. The Hogh- 
tons of Hoghton Tower were also descended from Roger 
de Bush, one of the followers of William the Conqueror 
in 1066. 

Sir Ralph Houghton, although knighted by Charles L 
fought on the side of Cromwell. He fled to America about 
the year 1647 with his wife Jane on account of his poHtical 
and religious opinions and landed at Charlestown, Mass. 
He afterwards founded the town of Lancaster, IVIass., nam- 
ing it from Lancashire, England, his ancestral home. He 
settled at Milton, Mass., in 1682, " at Scotch Woods nigh unto 


Brush Hill," and he and his wile Jane were admitted to 
the church there On June 18, 1682. They had six children: 
Mary, John, Joseph, Experience, Sarah, and Abigail. 

John Houghton, son of Sir Ralph Houghton, bom August 
28, 1655; purchased in 1696 two hundred acres of land on 
Stony Brook, two miles southwest of Princeton, N. J. His 
will, bearing date June 24, 1709, and recorded in the Secre- 
tary of State's office at Trenton, N. J., mentions his children 
including sons John, Richard, Joseph, and Thomas. 

Thomas Houghton, the yoimgest son of John Houghton, 
purchased of Robert Tindall, on April 22,, 1726, three hun- 
dred acres of land in Hopewell, N. J. He married and had 
nine children : 

(i) Col. Joab Houghton, son of Thomas Houghton, 
was an officer in the Revolutionary War. He 
died in 1796 and was buried in the churchyard of 
the First Baptist Church at Hopewell, N. J. Over 
his grave is a large stone and a monument close 
to the sidewalk of the main street, on which 
these words are inscribed and were copied by the 

"Joab Houghton. 

"Sunday, April 23, 1775, news of the battle of Lexington 
reached Hopewell while the people were worshipping in the 
First Baptist Church. At the close Joab Houghton, stand- 
ing on this block, inspired the men with the love of Liberty 
and the desire of independence. In closing, he said, 'Men 
of New Jersey, the redcoats are murdering our brethren 
of New England! Who follows me to Boston?' Every man 
answered 'I '." 

On October 19, 1776, he was made a Captain of the First 
Regiment of Hunterdon; on March 15, 1777, a Lieutenant- 
Colonel, and in Colonel Taylor's Regiment of State troops 
on October 9, 1 779, he was Lieutenant-Colonel. He was a 
member of the first Legislature of the State of New Jersey. 
In the Historical Collections of the State of New Jersey by 
John W. Barber, a ver\' interesting story of Colonel Joab 


Houghton is recorded showing the activity of the British 
troops in the Revolutionary War in the neighborhood of 
Hopewell, N. J.: 

"While this part of New Jersey was overrun by the British 
and Hessians, there were but few hardy enough to oppose 
even the small marauding parties that were daily plimder- 
ing for the British camp. Nearly the whole of the active 
population had left their home. Some went with the army 
under Washington and some to a place of safety. Penning- 
ton was occupied by the British troops, and the inhabitants 
who remained being aged were peaceable and lay at the 
mercy of these pltmderers. Colonel Houghton being at that 
time at home, word was brought to him by night that the 
neighborhood of Moore's Mill had been visited by the enemy 
and that they would probably be out next day. Early 
next morning Colonel Houghton collected a few of his 
neighbors and placed himself at the point of a neighboring 
moimtain which overlooked the surrounding coimtry. 
Presently he saw the party which entered a house near by 
where Colonel Houghton and his men were stationed, after 
stacking their guns on the outside. The Colonel and his 
men now rushed from their hiding place and seized first the 
arms and then their owners — a Hessian Sergeant and twelve 
men, whom they found regaling themselves in the cellars 
with metheglin, a whiskey made out of honey. " 

Ralph Ege, in Pioneers of Old Hopewell, has given a history 
of several branches of the Houghton family. 

Col. Joab Houghton married in 1748, Catharine Runyon 
and had children : 

(a) Aaron Houghton, married on Februarv' 23, 
1780, EHzabeth Sexton. 

(b) Elijah Houghton, married Charlotte Hart and 
resided at Maysville, Ky. 

(c) Joab Houghton, Jr. 

(d) William Houghton, bom September, 26, 1757. 
died in 1835. He lived at Houghton's Hill, 
Cortland County, N. Y. He married Margaret 
Sexton, daughter of Judge Jared Sexton, of 


Hopewell, N. J. Children: 

1. Sarah Houghton, bom August 7, 1794. 

2. Nancy Houghton, bom January 28, 1796, 
married Palmer Price. 

3. Caroline Houghton, bom March 31, 1798, 
married Joseph Hart. 

4. William Houghton, died young. 

5. John Sexton Houghton, bom September 9, 
1805, married Lucy A. Alvord. 

6. Aaron Houghton, bom June 22, 1807; died 
March i, 1837. 

7. Joab Houghton, bom February 26, 18 10. 

8. Elizabeth Houghton, bom November 28, 
1 81 2; married Jeremiah Devoe. 

(e) Sarah Houghton, bora in 1760; married 
Amos Corwine, son of George Corwine. Children: 

1. Joab Houghton Corwine, bora 1788; married 
Elizabeth Lucas, daughter of General Samuel 

2. Richard Corwine. 

3. William Corwine. 

4. John Corwine. 

5. Clarissa Corwine. 

6. Aaron Cormne, died in 1830. 

(f) Alice Houghton, married Conant Cone of 
Princeton, N. J. Children: 

I. Spencer H. Cone, bom 1785; a minister of 
the Baptist Church, married SaUy Wallace 
Morrell of Philadelphia, Pa. 
(ii) Elizabeth Houghton, daughter of Thomas 

Houghton, married Abraham Stout, 
(iii) Sarah Houghton, married John Merrill. 
(iv) Annie Houghton, married John Smith, 
(v) Alary Houghton, married WiUiam Drake. 
(vi) Alice Houghton, married Abraham Stout, 

after the death of her sister, 
(vii) Absalom Houghton, 
(viii) Thomas Houghton, Jr., died unmarried. 


(ix) John Houghton, son of Thomas Houghton, 
married Sarah . They had children: 

1. Eve Houghton, bom February 17, 1751. 

2. Major Abner Houghton, bom October 21, 
1754, died October 22, 181 7, married Margaret 
Van Dyke, bom January 17, 1763, died January 
19, 1838, daughter of Colonel John Van Dyke 
and Rebecca Van Dyke his wife and first cousin, 
daughter of Roelof Van Dyke and Catharine 
Emans his wife. Children: 

(a) Catharine Houghton, bom April 2, 17S6, 
died July 5, i860, married Robert Chambers 
of Trenton, N. J. Their descendants are 
stated later, in the Van Dyke history. 

(b) Elizabeth Houghton, bom April 13, 1791, 
died August 24, 1864, married Abraham 
Christopher Beekman, bom September 29, 
1789, died February 24, 1877. 

a-V. Abraham Christopher Beekman and EHzabeth 
Houghton his wife resided in one of the Beekman home- 
steads on a part of the large Beekman tract between Griggs- 
town and Harlingen, N. J. This "farm and plantation" 
was conveyed to Abraham C. Beekman by his parents 
Christopher and Martha Beekman by a deed bearing date 
January 31, 18 16, and recorded February 5, 181 6, in the 
Clerk's office of Somerset County in Book I. at page 208. 
The consideration expressed in the deed is $12,225. The 
description in the deed is interesting as it shows who were the 
neighbors at that time. The farm was described as bounded 
north by Lucas Hogeland; west by Garret Beekman; south 
by Abraham Van Arsdale, Joseph Skillman, and William 
Oppie, and east by John Beekman's land. The deed con- 
tained a clause providing for a home for the parents by the 
following provision: "Reserving the use of the west end 
of the dwelling house during the lives of the grantors and 
also one half of the garden. ' ' On October 25, 1 82 1 , Abraham 
C. Beekman and his wife bought of John A. Beekman and 
Alletta his wife another homestead estate of one hundred 


and eighty acres situated on the banks of the Millstone 
River near Griggstown which is still in the possession of 
the family. The house is illustrated in this book. This was 
the birthplace of all their children, who were: 

(I) Margaret BeekTnan, died August 29, 1835, at the 
age of fourteen years and was buried in Beekman 

(II) Ehza Beekman, bom June 24, 1823, married 
Frederick Van Liew Voorhees, bom March 22, 1820, 
died December 30, 1893, sonof Jacques Voorhees, bom 
March 27, 1792, died September 21, 1828, and Ann 
Van Liew his wife, bom March 15, 1795, daughter of 
Frederick Van Liew and Ann Rappleyea his wife; 
grandson of John Voorhees; great-grandson of Jacques 
Voorhees and Dinah Stryker his wife, and descendant 
of Steven Coerte Van Voorhees, bom in Hees, near 
Ruinen, Holland, in 1600 and came to America in 
1660, in the ship Bonie Kol, and settled at New 
Utrecht, L. I. He died on Febmary 16, 1684. The 
Voorhees family is entitled to arms: Quarterly, one 
and four, azure a tower or; two and three, argent a 
tree eradicated vert. Crest: a tower as in arms. 
Frederick Van Liew Voorhees purchased, in 1844, ^ 
large estate at Blackwell's Mills, N. J., where he 
resided until his death. Children : 

(i) Anna Voorhees, died yoimg. 

(2) Abraham Beek-man Voorhees, bom April 25, 
1848; married Eliza Suydam. Children: 

(a) Mary Voorhees. 

(b) Eva S. Voorhees, married Harry Morehouse. 
Children : 

1. Harry Morehouse, bom in 1902. 

2. Betty Morehouse, born in 1908. 

(3) Jacques J. Voorhees, bom in 1856, died un- 

(4) Ehzabeth Houghton Voorhees, bom January 
7, 1850, married on December 17, 1873, Peter 
Eugene Nevius of East Millstone, N. J., bom 


December 24, 1842, son of Peter I. Nevius, de- 
scendant of Joannes Nevius. She is his second wife, 
he having first married on September 20, 1866, 
Sarah Worthman Van Neste, daughter of Peter 
W. Van Neste and Gertrude Van Pelt his wife of 
Weston, N. J., who died on March 4, 1870. 
Daughter: Gertrude Van Pelt Nevius. 

As to the ancestry of the Nevius family the Rev. George 
Wame Labaw, in a History of Preakness Reformed Church, 
gives the following very interesting account: "Rev. Joannes 
Neeff, or Nevius, b. at Amsterdam, Holland, in 1594, entered 
the University of Leyden in 1608 at the age of fourteen, and, 
1619-34, ■^^s pastor of the Reformed Church at Zoelen in the 
province of Guelderland, Holland. He married at that place 
July 25, 1625, Maria, daughter of Peter Becx, of Cologne, by 
whom he had at least five children, bom between 1627 and 
1632, the first of whom was the American ancestor, Joan- 
nes Nevius, bap. at Zoelen March 14, 1627, who was also a 
student at Leyden University. Joannes Nevius came to 
America as a merchant and trader, and was married at New 
Amsterdam, November 18, 1653, to Ariaentje Bleyck, of 
Batavia, island of Java, by whom he had nine children, bom 
between 1654 and 1670. Joannes Nevius was a Schepen of 
New Amsterdam 1654-56, and Secretary- of the city, 1657- 
65, the last year of service being under the English. In 
1670, he leased the Brooklyn Ferry, and died, at his home 
on the Brooklyn side, in June, 1672. His widow afterwards 

"The sixth child of Joannes and Ariaentje Nevius, named 
Petms, baptized at New Amsterdam, February 4, 1663, is 
the ancestor of all those in x\merica bearing the name Nevius 
and Nevyus. 

"The fifth child, Comelis, baptized January 19, 1661, is 
the progenitor of all in America who spell their names Neafie, 
Nafee, Nafie, Nafey, Napheys, Neefus, Neafus, Nafis, and 
in other ways. " 


Peter Eugene Nevius and Elizabeth Houghton Voorhees 
have a daughter: Anna Nevius, who married Arthur Jamison 
WilUamson of Brooklyn, N. Y. 

(5) Ida Voorhees, married Reuben E. Williamson. 
They have a son Frederick Voorhees Williamson. 

(6) Frederick Voorhees of Atlanta, Georgia, married 
G. Lynne. Daughters; Bessie and Genevieve. 

(7) C. Beekman Voorhees, bom 1865. 

(Ill) Matilda Beekman, bom December 2, 1824, 
died March 30, 1901, married Dr. Lewis H. Mosher, 
bom November 17, 1S22, died March 29, 1882, a de- 
scendant of Ensign Hugh Mosher, 1633-1713, who was 
a member of the court-martial which tried Indians 
accused of conspiracy with the Indian Chief, King 
Philip. He married a daughter of John Alden, 1599- 
1687, and Priscilla Mullins his wife. John Alden was 
in Captain Myles Standish's Duxbury Co. in 1643; 
Governor's assistant, 1 632-1 640, and also in the years 
1650 and 1686; Deputy 1641-1644; and member of 
the Council of War in 1646 of Plymouth Colony. 
Dr. Mosher and his wife Matilda Beekman resided 
at the Beekman Homestead, illustrated in this book, 
near Griggstown, N. J., which Dr. Mosher purchased 
from Abraham C. Beekman. He graduated from 
New York University in 1847, and from the Medical 
College in 1849. He was associated for many years 
in the practice of medicine at Millstone, N. J., with 
Dr. Peter D. McKissack, a noted physician, and in 
1865 estabhshed his ofhce in Griggstown, N. J., 
where he was known far and wide as a beloved family 
physician standing high in his profession. He was 
called a "courteous Christian gentleman. " Children: 
( I ) Catherine Beekman Mosher, married Rev. George 
Wame Labaw, a minister of the Reformed Dutch 
Church. He is the author of a Genealogy of the 
Wame Family in America and The Preakness 
Reformed Church — a History. They reside at 
The Manse, Preakness. N. J. 


(2) Dr. Abraham Beekman Mosher, a physician of 
Griggstown, N. J., married Anna Schultz, daughter 
of William Gulick Schultz and Anna Voorhees, his 

(3) Mary Mosher. 

(4) Lewis Mosher, married Caroline Smith. They 
have a daughter, Mary G. Mosher. 

(IV) Mary Scott Beekman, bom January 24, 1830, 
married May 18, 1853, Major Benjamin T. Biggs, 
bom in Pencader Himdred, Newcastle County, 
Delaware, on October i, 1821, eldest son of John 
Biggs and Diana BeU his wife. Major Biggs died at 
Middletown, Delaware, December 25, 1893. He was 
educated at Wesleyan University, Middletown, Conn. 
He was commissioned Major in the Mexican War. 
In 1867 he was a member of the convention that 
amended the State constitution. He was a member 
of Congress from Newcastle Coimty, Delaware, from 
March 4, 1869, to March 4, 1S73, and Governor of 
Delaware from 1887 to 1891. Children: 
(i) Benjamin T. Biggs, Jr., died young. 

(2) EHzabeth Biggs, died young. 

(3) Hon. John Biggs, bom October 15, 1855, re- 
ceived his education at Rugby Academy, Wilming- 
ton, Delaware, and graduated from Princeton in 
1877. He was admitted to the Delaware Bar in 
1879. In 1885 he was appointed Deputy Attor- 
ney-General and in 1887 Attorney-General of the 
State of Delaware. In 1896 he was a member and 
president of the convention which amended the 
State constitution. He married Rachel Valentine 
Massey, daughter of George V. Massey, a distinguish- 
ed lawyer, who was bom in Chester Coimty, Perm., 
on December 16, 1841, and was Lieutenant in the 
First Regiment of Delaware Cavalry Volunteers 
in the War of the Rebellion and was afterwards 
Captain and Lieutenant-Colonel. Children: 


(a) John Biggs, Jr. 

(b) "Mary Beelcman Biggs. 

(c) Rachel Massey Biggs. 

(4) Jennie Brisbane Biggs. 

(5) Willard B. Biggs, married Lydia Naudine, 
daughter of George W. W. Naudine. Children: 

(a) Benjamin T. Biggs. 

(b) Helen Biggs. 

(V) Carohne Beekman, bom March 2, 1S32, died 
July I, 1900, married May i, 1854, Hon. Sewell 
C. Biggs, bom September 11, 1823; died October 
28, 191 1, and was buried in Bethel Cemetery. He 
was the second son of John Biggs and Diana Bell 
his wife. He was a brother of Governor B. T. 
Biggs, who married Mary S. Beekman. Sewell 
C. Biggs was State Senator from Newcastle County, 
Delaware, from 1854 to 1856, succeeding the 
Hon. Charles I. Dupont. In 1870 he was a member 
of the House of Representatives of Delaware and its 
Speaker in 187 1. He was Surrogate or Register of 
Wills of Newcastle Cotmty from 1874 to 1884. 
Children : 

(i) Abraham Beekman Biggs, bom May 7, 1856. 

(ii) J. Frank Biggs, bom October i, 1859; graduated 
from Lafayette College in 188 1. He is a lawj^er of 
Wilmington, Delaware. 

(iii) Sewell C. Biggs, Jr., bom August 5, 1S61, died 
Januar>- 18, 18S9. 

(VI) Catharine Beekman, bom May 8, 1826. daughter 
of Abraham C. Beelcman and Elizabeth Houghton 
his wife married, on December 2, 1859, Hon. William 
B. Aitken, a lawyer of New York City. 


^^T^HE Aitken family is of considerable an- 
M^^^i% tiquity in Scotland. The .Marquis de 
5!|50'3']ip|rR! Ruvigny and Rainval, who published 
li^jt-r-jr' some of his researches in the Gcnea- 
T .- .r. ':^ ; logical Magazine, London, in 1902, says 
that according to one account it is of 
Swedish origin and the name was originally Archan; and 
according to another it was "a sept of the McArthur- 
Campbell clan." He states that the common ancestor 
of the Aitken family resided at St. Andrews, Scotland, 
and that the earliest official record of the family is of 
Edward Aitken in 1574. James Aitken was Bishop of 
Galloway. He was the son of Henry Aitken, Sheriff 
of Orkney, bom in Kirkwall in 1614; died in Edin- 
burgh, October 28, 1687. At a later date, John Aitken 
was first Laird of Thornton. Fifeshire. The Aitken fam- 
hy of Ayrshire, Scotland, and New York City are entitled 
to arms: Argent a cross flory between four mullets gules. 
Crest: A dexter arm in armor embowed, in the hand 
proper a cross crosslet fitchee erect argent. Motto: "In 
Cruce Salus." 

Hon. William B. Aitken, bom December 24, 1810; died 
August 7, 1880, was the son of John Aitken, bom in New 
York City, November 30, 1785, died August 12, 1869; 
son of Andrew Aitken who came to America from Ayrshire, 
Scotland, in 1775. 

Andrew Aitken, son of Thomas Aitken, of Ayrshire, 
Scotland, married Arm Lemon or Leman of England, a 
member of the distinguished family of that name and a 
descendant of Sir John Leman, Lord Mayor of London 
in 1 61 6. Arms: Azure, a fesse between three dolphins 
embowed argent. Crest: A peUcan in her nest feeding 
her young. She married second, William Benford, and 
third, Christopher Stackpole. John Aitken, son of Andrew 
Aitken, was sent to the University of Edinburgh, Scot- 
land, to be educated. In those days it was the custom 
for students to make their own lead-pencils by dropping 
hot lead into willow or similar wood after the pith had 


been removed. While he was making a pencil in this 
way a bubble Of lead put out one of his eyes. He mar- 
ried, July 2, 1808, Lydia Bennett, bom October i, 1790, 
died April 3, 1864, at the age of seventy-three years and 
six months. She was the daughter of Jeremiah Bennett, 
bom in 1752, died in 1813, of Monmouth County, N. J., 
a descendant of Sir John Bennett of Newcastle-on-Tyne 
who died July 8, 1568. Jeremiah Bennett married Mary 
Emmons, bom in 1756, died in 1830, who was a descend- 
ant of Andries Emans, afterwards spelled Emmons, of Ley- 
den, Holland, who came to America May 5, 1661, in the 
ship St. Jean Baptist and settled at Gravesend, L. I., and 
afterwards removed to Staten Island. Andries Emans' four 
sons were Jan. Jacobus, Andries, Jr., of Gravesend, and 
Hendrick Emans of New Jersey. 

Jeremiah Bennett was a soldier in the Revolutionary War 
in the Second Regiment of Monmouth County, New Jersey, 
and he also served in the Continental army. He fought in 
the Battle of Monmouth. See Salter's History and Gen. 
Stryker's Register of the Revolution. The Bennett arms, 
in the words of the original patent to Sir John Bennett, 
are: "Azure A fesse golde betwene iij Dymye lyons argent. 
On the fesse a gonne azure betwene ij pellettes. Crest; 
A castle golde with fyre flamynge owt & on the castle iij 
pellettes on a wreathe argent and azure, mantled gowles 
lyned argent." 

Jeremiah Bennett and Man,' Emmons his wife and 
John Aitken and Lydia Bennett his wife are buried in 
the cemetery at Hamilton situated about four miles west 
of what is now known as Belmar, Monmouth County, 
New Jersey. On Lydia Bennett Aitken's tombstone is 
this verse which was composed by her son William B. 

"Rest in peace thou gentle spirit 
Throned above. 

Souls like thine with God inherit 
Life and Love." 


John Aitken and Lydia Bennett his wife had children: 

I. Ann Benford Aitken, bom June i8, 1813, died Feb- 
ruary 17, 1S29. 

II. Andrew Aitken, who went West when a young 

III. Joseph Bennett Aitken, died young. 

IV. John Aitken, Jr., married Helen Ehzabeth Barton. 

(a) John Aitken, died unmarried. 

(b) William Aitken, died unmarried. 

(c) Elizabeth Aitken. 

(d) May Aitken, married Edward B. Bensel. Child- 

1. WiHiam A. Bensel, married Miss Young. 

2. Helen Bensel. 

V. Jeremiah Bennett Aitken. 

VI. Elizabeth Lemon Aitken, bom in New York City, 
March 10, 1821, died June 17, 1896, married June 12, 
1848, William H. Loines, son of Richard Loines; children: 

(a) Sarah Garrett Loines, married John Plenry HaU 
of Portland, Conn., son of Alfred Hall and Maria 
Whiting. Children : 

1. Clarence Loines Hall, married Ehzabeth Coggs- 
well Runk, daughter of Wilham M. Runk of 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

2. Grace Loines Hall, married John Cincinnatus 
W^ilson of Atlanta, Georgia ; daughter, Grace Jean 

(b) Lillian Loines, died young. 

(c) Anna Ross Loines. 

(d) Ehzabeth Carpenter Loines, married Wilham 
George Wilson. Children: 

1. Florence Mabel Wilson, married Ten Broeck 
Monroe Terhune, son of Charles Terhune and 
Florida Ten Broeck. Son: Stephen Ten Broeck 
Van Rensselaer Terhune. 

2. Harold Aitken Wilson, married Rose! E. Pfarrius. 
Son: Harold Aitken Wilson, Jr. 


VII. Hon. William B. Aitken, second son of John Aitken 
and Lydia -Bennett his wife, was bom December 24, 
1810, in New York City. He was admitted to the Bar 
of New York as an attorney and counsellor in the year 
1832 and was a member of the Legislative Assembly in 
the years 1854 and 1855. From 1S65 to 1871 he was 
chief clerk of the Surrogate's Court, which in those days 
carried with it the duties of Assistant Surrogate. He 
was a man of very high Hterary attainments and learned 
in the law. He did much charitable and hospital work 
and was for many years a trustee of the old Northern 

Hon. William B. Aitken and Catharine Beekman his 
wife had children: 

(a) A. Beekman Aitken, who died March 30, 1862, at the 
age of two years, and was buried in Beekman Cemetery. 

(b) Lydia Anna Aitken. 

(c) EHzabeth Houghton xAitken, married Charles 
Hudson Bull, a civil engineer of New York, son of 
Henry Bull of Rochester, New York, bom in 1816, 
in Stoke Ferry, England, and came to America in 
1835, and Jane Parker his wife, bom in Liverpool, 
England, in 181 5; son of Henry Bull of the distin- 
gmshed Bull family of Wereham and Finchham, 
England, and Elizabeth Beacraft his wife of Wis- 
beach, England. Jane Parker was the daughter of 
John Tavlor Parker of Wisendine, Leicestershire, 
England, an officer, in the mounted Scotch Grays 
under Sir Thomas Pate Hawkin, who was decorated 
for bravery at Waterloo. He was the son of John 
Parker, died in 1830, and Alice Taylor his wife of 
Dorsetshire, England. He married on November 
10, 1800, Jane Tucker Panchen of Bridport, Dor- 
setshire, sister of Elizabeth Panchen, who married 
John Pierrepont, the grandson of the Marquis of 
Pierrepont. Chfton Banham Bull, brother of Charles 
H. Bull, married Frances Moore, daughter of George 
Gelston Moore of New York City. 


Charles H. Bull and Elizabeth Houghton Aitken 
his wife have children: 

Charles Beekman Bull. 
Harold Aitken Bull. 
Catharine Van Dyke Bull, 
(d) William Benford Aitken was bom July 21, 1867, 
at his father's residence in Forty-fourth Street 
near Fifth Avenue, New York, on the site of the 
present building of the Bar Association. He gradu- 
ated from Columbia University in 1888; entered the 
Law School and School of Pohtical Science in the 
same year and received the degree of M.A. in 1889 
and Ph.D. in 1890. In 1890 he was admitted to 
the Bar of the State of New York. He is a bank 
president. His writings are A History of the Treaties 
between England and the United States Concerning the 
North American Fisheries, and The Dominion of 
Canada, a Study of Annexation. He married on 
January 20, 1897, Edith Whitman Colfax, daughter 
of Albert E. Colfax. She died on November i, 1897, 
leaving a daughter: 
i. Edith Colfax Aitken. 

William B. Aitken married, second, on February 
4, 1903, Nora Hamilton Coote, daughter of Captain 
C. W. M. Coote, hereinbefore mentioned. They have 
a son: 

ii. Beekman Aitken, bom August 26, 1905. 
Albert E. Colfax, bom August 21, 1845, married Emma 
Knapp. He is of a family which since the foundation of 
the country has been distinguished by miHtary and civic 
honors. The ancestor of the family was William Colfax 
who came from England and settled in Wethersiield, Conn., 
about 1643. The town records printed in The History of 
Ancient Wethersfield, Conn., by Henry R. Stiles, show that 
William Colfax on June 8, 1647, bought land in Wethersfield 
from Jacob Waterhouse and built a house on it in which 
he resided until his death in 1661. His son Sergeant Jona- 
than Cohax, born in 1659, served in many Indian and French 

a ' 



campaigns and was wounded in King Philip's War in 1675. 
The family is ef ancient lineage in England and its name can 
be found spelled in various ways — Colefax, Colefox, Colfox, 
and Colfax. Its arms are described in Burke's G enteral Armory 
as: Sable on a chief argent three foxes' heads couped gu. 
Crests: Out of a ducal coronet or a demi-wolf gu devouring 
a hand argent, also, a deer passant. 

The Colfax family removed from Wethersfield to New 
London and Groton, Corm., about 1720. From George 
Colfax, bom in New London, Conn., December 5, 1725, are 
descended the ancestors of Albert E. Colfax stated later. 

From General William Colfax of New London, Conn., 
are descended the ancestors of the late Vice-President 
Schuyler Colfax. 

Genl. Wilham Colfax enlisted in a Connecticut regiment 
and fought in the battle of Bunker Hill. He was woimded 
three times during the war of the Revolution. 

At Valley Forge he was transferred to General Washing- 
ton's bodyguard of sixty-four men. The requirements for 
admission to this guard were that the soldier must have been 
American bom, tall, and distinguished for some act of 
bravery or military experience. In dress and military 
deportment the members of the guard were models for the 
army. The personal appearance of General William 
Colfax is described in Andrew D. MeUick's Story of an Old 
Farm as follows: "He had dark hair always well powdered 
and worn in a queue, a clean shaven face, a clear, florid 
complexion, and beautiful blue eyes dancing with expression. 
Colfax was a personal favorite of Mrs. Washington." He 
married Hester or Hetty Schuyler, daughter of Casparus or 
Jasper Schuyler, a cousin of the famous General Philip 
Schuyler and grandson of Arent Schuyler. They lived in 
the handsome Schuyler homestead near Pompton and New 
Barbadoes on the Passaic River, N. J. Their son Schuyler 
Colfax married Hannah Strycker, daughter of Peter Strycker, 
a descendant of Jacob Gerrite Strycker who came to New 
Amsterdam from Holland in 1652. They had a son, Hon. 
Schuyler Colfax, the noted statesman, who was bom in 


New York City, on March 23, 1823. He was an author and 
newspaper editor, Representative in Congress from 1855 to 
1869 and Speaker of the House, and on March 4, 1869, 
he became Vice-President of the United States. 

Captain Albert E. Colfax is the son of Kimball Prince 
Colfax, bom in January, 1810, died August 28, 1854, and of 
DeHa Antoinette Rogers his wife, bom May 4, 1815, died 
Febmary 19, 1893; and grandson of Ebenezer Colfax, Jr., 
bom September 21, 1781, and Lydia Potter his wife, bom 
March 12, 1781, died January 18, 1868; and great-grandson 
of Ebenezer Colfax, bom September 15, 1753, who was lost 
at sea and Lucretia Hemstead his wife, bom in 1760, died 
August 24, 1826. Ebenezer Colfax was the son of George 
Colfax, before mentioned, of New London, Conn., bom 
December 5, 1725, died March 28, 1766, and Lucy Avery- 
his wife, bom January, 1728. 

Lucretia Hemstead was the daughter of Joshua Hemstead 
of New London, Conn., bom there in 1724 and died there 
September 6, 1806, and Lydia Burch, his wife. 

Joshua Hemstead enlisted at the age of fifty in Captain 
Deshon's company at the time of the Lexington alarm, at 
the beginning of the Revolutionary War. His name is on 
the muster roll of the company in the Historical Room at 
New London, Conn., on "First alarm List Company in 
3rd Regiment of Militia State of Conn., under Com- 
mand of Captain Deshon, dated June 26, 1782, and made 
out in accordance with the Proclamation of his Excellency 
Jonathan Trumbull, Esq., Governor-General and Comman- 
der in Chief of the State of Conn., dated April 9, 1779. " 

Lucy Avery, wife of George Colfax, was the daughter of 
Colonel Ebenezer Avery, bom March 17, 1704, died May, 
1780, who was Lieutenant-Colonel of Connecticut Militia in 
the Revolutionary War, and of Lucy Latham his wife, bom 
May 21, 1709, died May 2, 1757, daughter of Jonathan 
Latham of Groton, Conn. Colonel Ebenezer Averv- was 
the son of James Avery 3d, bom April 20, 1673, at New 
London, Conn., died September 18, 1754, who married at 
New London, Conn., Mary Griswold, daughter of Matthew 


Griswold of "Black Hall," Lyme, Conn., the founder of 
the town of Lyme, and of Hannah Wolcott his wife; son 
of James Avery, Jr., bom at Gloucester, Mass., December 
15, 1646, died at Groton, Conn., August 22, 1738. He was 
Lieutenant in the Connecticut Colonial Militia. He mar- 
ried at New London, Conn., on February 20, 1669, Deborah 
Sterling, daughter of Edward SterHng of New London, Conn., 
and Margaret his wife. This name was probably Sterling, 
but it has caused considerable confusion to historians; 
some of them called his wife Deborah SatUyou, others give 
the name Deborah Stallon. They resided on the Groton 
side of the Thames River, Conn. He was the son of Cap- 
tain James Avery of New London, Conn., bom in Salisbury, 
County of Wilts, England, in 1620, died in New London, 
Conn., in 1694. He came to America in 1630, with his 
father Christopher Avery of Gloucester, Mass., and after- 
wards New London, Conn., with Governor John Winthrop 
in the ship Arabella and landed at Salem, Mass., on June 
12, 1630. Christopher Avery was bom in 1589 in Salisbiuy, 
Cotinty of Wilts, England, of a very ancient and distin- 
guished family. The arms of the family are: Gules, a fesse 
between three besants or. Crest: Two Hons gambs or 
supporting a besant. Motto: "FideHs." He was a Select- 
man of Gloucester, Mass., from 1646 to 1654 and freeman 
and townsman of the Colony of New London, in October, 
1669. He died in New London on March 12, 1679. His 
son Captain James Avery was agent for the Crovsm in New 
London in 1659. He married on November 10, 1643, 
Johanna Greenslade of Boston, Mass., bom in 1622, died 
in 1669. This marriage was recorded in Gloucester, Mass. 
He was successively Ensign, Lieutenant, and Captain of the 
" Trainband ' ' of New London. He was twelve times Deputy 
to the General Court from 1668 to 1690 and a Judge. He 
was Lieutenant and afterwards Captain in King Philip's 
War and served with great distinction in the Swamp Fight 
on December 19, 1675, in command of the volunteers from 
New London, Stonington, and Norwich. In 1676 he was 
Captain of one of the four companies of volunteers which 


protected the frontiers. — Hubbard's Narrative, pages 125 to 

131- - 

Lydia Potter, wife of Ebenezer Colfax, was the daughter, 
bom March 12, 1781, of Joshua Potter of Rhode Island 
and Lydia Coit his wife, bom April, 1759, whom he married 
May 4, 1780. She was the daughter of Samuel Coit, bom 
October 14, 1726, died in November, 1792, who on Febmary 
18, 1753, married Elizabeth Richards. Samuel Coit, son of 
John Coit, was descended from the Coits of Coity Castle, 
the seat in IC91 of Paymus de Tuberville, one of the Twelve 
Norman Knights, situated a mile north of Penbout on Ogor, 
Wales. They bore arms: Sable on a chevron between 
three spears heads argent, three cross crosslets of the first. 

Crest: A forearm emerging from flames holding a 

Motto: "Virtus sola nobilitat." 

John Coit, the ancestor of the family in America, came 
from Glamorganshire, Wales, before 1638, when he settled 
in Salem. In 1644 he removed to Gloucester, Mass., where 
he was Selectman in 1648. In 1650 he removed to New 
London where he received a grant of land near that of 
James Avery — spelled "Avereye" in his grant, — who was also 
from Gloucester. He married Mary Gammers or Jenners, 
of England, and had four children. Their son Deacon 
Joseph Coit married on July 15, 1667, Martha Harris of 
Wethersfield, a daughter of William Harris, and had a son 
John Coit, bom December i, 1670, who married Mehitable 
Chandler, bom August 24, 1673, died November 3, 1758, 
daughter of John Chandler of Woodstock, who was the son 
of William Chandler, one of the first settlers of Roxbury, 
Mass. Their son John Coit was bom in New London, 
Conn., May 26, 1696. He was Town Clerk there in 1758. 
He married on Jvdy 2, 17 19, Grace Christophers, bom 
November 14, 1698, died November 9, 1745, daughter of 
Richard Christophers and Grace Turner, daughter of John 
Turner of Scituate and Mary Brewster his wife, grand- 
daughter of William Brewster the Mayflower passenger. 
She was his second wife whom he married after the death of 


his first wife, Lucretia Bradley. His two wives were cousins 
and both granddaughters of Jonathan Brewster. 

Richard Christophers was assistant in 1703 to the General 
Court of the Colony. He was Judge of the County Court 
and Court of Probate. He died June 9, 1726, leaving a 
large estate. On the day of his funeral "the great ship 
fired twenty-six great guns half minutes distance. " He was 
bom July 13, 1662, at Cherston Ferrers near Dartmouth, 
Devonshire, England, and came to America in 1665 "^"^th his 
father, Christopher Christophers. References to the Chris- 
tophers and Coit famihes may be found in Holister's History 
of Connecticut and Miss Calkins's History of New Lo-ndon. 

JVIary Brewster, wife of John Turner, was the daughter of 
Jonathan Brewster and Lucretia his wife, and granddaugh- 
ter of Elder Wilham Brewster, founder of the Plymouth 
Colony, who died in 1644. 

Elder WilHam Brewster was bom about 1560, at Scrooby, 
England. He was educated at Cambridge University and 
became an attache in the suite of Wilham Davidson the 
EngUsh Ambassador to the Court of Holland, and after- 
wards with him suffered the displeasure of Queen Elizabeth. 
After spending some time in Leyden he came to America in 
the Mayfiozver, which landed at Plymouth Rock on December 
21, 1620. His wife's name was Mary and she was known as 
"Dame Brewster." They had three sons, Jonathan, 
Wrestling, and Love, and four daughters, one of whom was 
named Fear. 

The following interesting account is from Governor Brad- 
ford's list of Mayflower passengers: 

"The names of those which came over first in ye year 
1620 and were (by the blessing of God) the first beginners 
and (in a sort) the foundation of all the plantations and 
Colonies in New England (and their famihes)." 

"Mr. Wilham Brewster, Mary his wife with 2 sons 
whose names were Love and Wrasling and a boy was put 
to him called Richard More and another of his brothers the 
rest of his children were left behind and came over after- 
wards. " 


"Mr. Brewster lived to very old age; about .80. years he 
was when he dyed, having lived some .23. or .24. years here 
in ye countrie & though his wife dyed long before she 
died aged. His son Wrastle dyed a yonge man unmarried; 
his son Love lived till this year .1650. and dyed and left 
4 children now living. His doughters which came over 
after him, are dead but have left Sundry children alive; 
his eldest son (Jonathan) is still living and hath .9. or .10. 
children, one marled, who hath a child or 2. " 

Elder William Brewster was Chaplain of the first Military 
Company organized at Plymouth under command of Cap- 
tain Myles Standish. He served in the Indian wars. His 
son Jonathan Brewster was a member of the same company 
and took part in the Pequot War. 

Albert E. Colfax went to the front in 1861 with the 22d 
Regiment of New York, in the War of the Rebellion. He 
was afterwards commissioned Captain of one of its companies. 
Captain Albert E. Colfax and Emma Knapp his wife had 
children : 

i. Edith Whitman Colfax, married on January 20, 
1897, William B. Aitken, son of William B. Aitken 
and Catharine Beekman his wife. She died 
November i, 1897, leaving a daughter, Edith 
Colfax Aitken. 
ii. Natalie Colfax, married Norman M. Burrell, 
son of Rev. Dr. David James Burrell, a minister of 
the Dutch Reformed Church in New York City. 

a-VI . Martha Beekman, daughter of Christopher Beek- 
man and Martha Veghte his wife, bom March 13, 
1776, died December 28, 1853, married November 
7, 1795, Francis Van Dyke Hagaman, bom March 
14, 1776, died December 21, 1817, son of Abraham 
Hagaman, and lived at Lamington, N. J. Chil- 

1. Mary Hagaman, died in 18 17 in her nineteenth 

2. Dennis Hagaman, bom June 11, 1797, married on 


May 24, 1820, Catherine Brooks of White House, 

3. Christopher Hagaman, bom July 29, 1803, 
married Emiline Fariey in 1 853 and had six children : 

(a) Martha Hagaman. 

(b) Abram Hagaman. 

(c) CaUie Hagaman. 

(d) Emma Hagaman. 

(e) Christopher Hagaman 

(f) Robert Hagaman. 

4. John Hagaman, bom February 10, 1810, married 
February 22, 1832, Elsie A. LargeHo. 

5. Rev. Abraham Hagaman, bom October 16, 
1807, died February 14, 1885, married Louisa 
CoUins, nee Dunbar, of Natchez, Miss. He was a 
Presbyterian minister of the church at Jackson, 
La., and afterwards of a church in St. Louis, Mo. 
Their daughter, Louisa Anna Hagaman, bom 
November i, 1837, married Franklin M. Baker, 
bom April 15, 1833, died December 21, 1887. 
Daughter: Halhe Baker of St. Louis, Mo. 

a-VIL Elizabeth Beekman, baptized January, 1770, 

married Voorhees. 

a-VIIL Magdalena Beekman, married Aaron Long- 
street and lived on an estate of 260 acres near Lam- 
ington Church, N. J. They had six children: 
I. Catharine Longstreet, married on February 18, 
1825, John B. Vanderbeek, bom October 11, 1797, 
died April 7, 1S79. He Hved across the river 
opposite the Longstreet place and was the son of 
Andrew Vanderbeek, bom May 7, 1760, and Althea 
Barcalow his wife, bom in 1762. This family 
was descended from the nobihty of Germany and 
the Netherlands. In 11 62 Emperor Frederick Bar- 
barossa presented a coat of arms to "his Knight, 
Sir Vanderbeek." The ancestors of the family, who 
came from Severn, Westphalia, to America about 
the year 1645, were Paulus Vanderbeek and Rem 


Jansen Vanderbeek, who married Janneti, daughter 
of Joris Jansen de Rapale or Rapalye and Catalyn- 
tie Trico his wife who came from Rochelle, France, 
to America in 1623. It is said that Rem Jansen 
Vanderbeek was so prominent a man and had 
such a large and much talked of funeral, that some 
of his descendants, from that time on, took his 
first name Rem and called themselves Remsen, 
instead of Vanderbeek, and that the Remsen family 
originated then. 

John B. Vanderbeek and Catharine Longstreet 
his wife had children: 

(a) Elizabeth Vanderbeek, married Colonel Ar- 
thur S. Ten Eyck, of Long Branch, N. J. 

(b) Horace A. Vanderbeek, who lived on the old 

(c) J. Newton Vanderbeek, bom September 13, 
1833, in Tewksbury Township, Hunterdon 
County, N. J., who married on October 10, 
1866, Gertrude Blauvelt, daughter of the Rev. 
Dr. W. W. Blauvelt of the Presbyterian Church 
at Lamington, N. J., and sister of Rev. George 
M. S. Blauvelt of Roselle, N. J., and had chil- 

(i) Laura Vanderbeek. 

(2) Wilham Warren Vanderbeek. 

(3) Frank Holmes Vanderbeek, who was clerk 
of the Chancery Court of N. J. 

(d) Emily L. Vanderbeek, who married WiUiam 
S. Potter, a merchant of Somerville, N. J. 

.(e) Anna Maria Vanderbeek, who married on 
June 9, 1864, Hon. Alvah Clark of Somerville, 
who was bom September 13, 1840, in Lebanon, 
Hunterdon County, N. J., and is the son of 
Samuel Clark. Children: 
(i) Katherine Clark, bom October 27, 1867, 

married Hon. C. A. Reed. 
(2) Madeline Clark. 


(3) Eugene Clark. 

2. James Longstreet, died in infancy. 

3. Magdalena Longstreet. 

4. Eliza Longstreet, married Stillwell, of Somer- 

ville, N. J., who had a son, Dr. Stillwell of that place. 

5. Anna Longstreet, married Lewis Manning. 

6. Emily Longstreet, married Duyckinck and 

moved to Cecil County, Mar>dand. 

-IX. Alary Beekman, daughter of Christopher Beek- 
man and Martha Veghte, bom December 25, 178c, 
married Captain Christopher Barkalow, son of Daniel 
Barkalow, bom March 5, 1774; ^ descendant of Wil- 
helmus Janse Barkelo of Barculo in the Earldom of 
Zutphen, Province of Guelderland, who came to Amer- 
ica in 1662. They lived at Middlebush, N. J., and 
afterwards in the Stirling mansion at Basking Ridge, 
N. J., built in 1761, by Lord Stirling, who was Colonel 
of the first battalion formed in New Jersey on Novem- 
ber 7, 1775, and afterward General in the Revolu- 
tionary Army. General William Alexander, "Lord 
Stirling," was taken a prisoner in August, 1776, and 
released later in the year. In June, 1777, he was 
defeated in a skirmish at Elizabethtown, N. J., and 
lost three hundred men. At the battle of Brandy- 
wine he was defeated by Lord ComwaUis. Lord 
Sterling had an iron foundry at Hibemia Furnace 
near Morristown, N. J., in which he made cannon 
balls and shot for the American army. He was a 
zealous patriot. The Stirling mansion, partly rebuilt, 
is stiU in the possession of the Barkalow family. 
Children : 

(i) Eliza Barkalow, bom July 31, 1800, married 
John Stryker. Children : 

a. Mary Stryker, married Smith Salter. Chil- 

1. Eliza Salter. 

2. Edwin Salter, was killed in the Civil War. 

b. Josiah Stryker, married Miss Whitenack. 


c. John Stryker. 
(ii) Martha Barkalow, bom January, 1802, married 
Simon Van Dyke. Children: 

a. Mary Van Dyke, married Rev. Edward W- 

b. Elizabeth Van Dyke, married Martin Cruser. 

c. Lydia Van Dyke, died unmarried. 

d. John Van Dyke, married Helen GuHck. 

e. Martha Van Dyke, married Gratz Stryckler. 
(iii) Mary Barkalow, bom June 23, 1806, married 

Dr. Israel Vail, bom in 1794, died November 13, 
1862. They Hved at Virden, Illinois. Children: 

a. Anna Maria Vail, died October 19, 1865, 
married George Fortune of England and removed 
to Virden, IlHnois. He died March 4, 1888. 

Charles Fortune, died September, 1899, married 
Minnie Cowen. Children: 

1. Cynthia Charles Fortune. 

2. George Fortune, Jr. 

b. Oscar Vail, died September 5, 1906, unmarried. 

c. Christopher Barcalow Vail, married Ann M. 
WilHams. They have a daughter, Florence 

d. Martha Vail, married Guy M. Chedister, of 
Morris County, New Jersey. Children: 

1. Mary L. Chedister, married J. Ota Clem- 
mens. Children : 

(a) Gregory Clemmens, married Jime 10, 
1910, Ida Alderson. 

(b) Lynn Clemmens. 

(c) Edith Clemmens. 

(d) Evelyn Clemmens. 

2. Sarah Martha Chedister, married June i. 
1898, Alva Ross and has a daughter, Charlotte 

e. Daniel Vail, who died in 1909, married Laura 
C. Hilton. She died in 1908. Children: 


1. Nelson Scudder Vail, married on July 18, 
1907, Ella Davis of Murphysboro, Illinois. 

2. Clarence Vail. 

f. MaHnda Vail, married George Robinett. They 
removed to Missouri where she died leavint^ 
three daughters: 

1. Anna Robinett, married Walter Adams. 

2. NeUie Robinett, married Charles Davis. 

3. Ida Robinett, married Potter. 

(iv) Ann Barkalow, bom December, 1803, married 
Caxl Cross. Children: 

a. Abraham Littleton Cross, married Fannie 
Johnson. Children: 

1. Mary Ann Cross, married Edward S. T. 

2. Ann L. Cross, married Harry W. Barkley, 
and had one son, Littleton Cross Barkley. 

b. Mary Ann Cross, married William L. Tunis. 
Children : 

1. Martha Heath Tunis, married Gray. 

2. Louise Tunis. 

c. Emily Cross. 

d. Helen Cross. 

e. Christopher Barkalow Cross, married Hattie 
Battell. They have a daughter, Emily Cross, 
who married Frederick Dewey. 

(v) Daniel Barkalow, bom May 16, 180S, married 
Henrietta Swartwout. Children : 

a. Judge John Swartwout Barkalow of Paterson, 
N. J., married Esther E. Dickey. Children: 

1. Sidney Barkalow. 

2. Daniel Barkalow, married Harriet Mc- 
Muimy and had a daughter: Esther Barkalow. 

3. Henrietta Barkalow, married David Magie. 
Their daughter is Ethel Magie. 

b. Caroline Barkalow, married WiUiani T. Van 
Buren. Children: 

I. Mary Van Buren. 


2. Daniel Van Buren, married Mary Gutherson, 
Child: Robert Tumbull Van Buren. 

3. Deborah Van Buren, married Rev. Dr. 
Alson Bailey. Children: 

(a) Alson Bailey, Jr. 

(b) Daniel Carl Bailey. 

(c) John Bailey. 

4. William Van Buren, married Mary Helen 
Geary and had a daughter, CaroHne Swartwout 
Van Buren. 

(vi) ComeHus Barkalow, bom January 9, 181 1, 
married CaroHne Vail. Children: 

a. Israel Barkalow, married Bertha Bender. Child: 

Frederic Sterling Barkalow. 

b. Virginia Barkalow, married John Baird. Chil- 

1. CaroHne V. Baird, married Charles Sanders. 
Children : 

(a) Victor Sanders. 

(b) Everitt Sanders. 

2. ComeHus Barkalow Baird, married Lillian 
Lane. Children : 

(a) Elsie Baird. 

(b) Raymond Baird. 
• (c) Louise Baird. 

3. Irma Baird. 

(vii) Christopher Barkalow, bom March 31, 1817, 
married Mary T. Huff, daughter of Brogun T. 
Huff of Somerville, N. J. Children: 

a. Mary Beekman Barkalow. 

b. EHzabeth Barkalow. 

c. Margaret Barkalow, married Eugene Van 
Dom. Children: 

I. Mary Barkalow Van Dom, married L. F. 
Garrabrant. Children: 

(a) Adele Garrabrant. 

(b) Robert B. Garrabrant, married Nellie 
Bailey. Children : 



Robert Bailey Garrabrant. 
Audrey Garrabrant. 

2. Selina Adelaide Van Dom, married Samuel 
Dayton. Children : 

(a) iVIargaret Elinor Dayton. 

(b) Elsie L. Dayton. 

(c) Harold Van Dom Dayton 

3. Ferdinand Van Dom, married Evelyn Evens. 

4. Elizabeth Van Dom, married Daniel Bal- 
lantine. Children: 

(a) Berkeley Ballantine. 

(b) James E. Ballantine. 

(c) Arthur Lewis Ballantine. 

(d) Frank Alexander Ballantine. 

5. Margaret Van Dom, married Arthur Lewis. 
Their son is Arthur Lewis, Jr. 

6. Jersey Bancker Van Dom, married James 
O'Neil. Son, James D. O'Neil. 

7. WilKam Dudley Van Dom, married Jan- 
ette Culberson. Children; 

(a) Margaret Van Dom. 

(b) Hannah Van Dom. 

(c) Janette L. Van Dom. 

(viii) Susan Barkalow, bom November 12, 18 12, mar- 
ried Charles Dowden, bom in England. Children : 

a. Charles Henr}' Dowden, married Margaret E. 

b. Selina Adelaide Dowden, married John H. 
McCracken. Children: 

1. Charles Dowden McCracken, married in 
1908, Bessie Holcomb. 

2. Frederick Beekman McCracken. 

3. Mar}^ Elizabeth McCracken, married in 
1910, William Newell. Son: 

William Wells Newell, bom January 3, 19 12. 

c. George A. Dowden, married, first, in 1873, 
Martha Anderson and had children: 

I. Florence Anderson Dowden. 


2. Willis GiiTord Dowden, married Clara Sea- 
man. Their son is Arnold Willis Dowden. 

3. George Edward Dowden. 

4. Dawson Dowden, married Elsie Ruckel- 
haus. Child, Ada Isabella Dowden. 

5. Elsie Dowden. 

George A. Dowden married, second, in 1886, 
Cora Baylis. Children: 

6. Harold Van Dyke Dowden. 

7. Helen Dowden. 

8. Maud M. Dowden. 

d. Henrietta Dowden, married Pyramus H. Gidick. 
(Lx) Catherine Barkalow, bom November 14, 1814, 
married Abraham Van Dervoort, a descendant of 
Michael Paulus Van Dervoort, who on November 
18, 1640, married Marritie De RapaUe, bom March 
II, 1627, daughter of Joris De RapaUe and his 
wife Catalyntie Trico (descendant of Gaspard de 
Rapalje, bom in France at ChatiUon-sur-Loire in 
1505), and came to America from RocheUe, France, 
in 1623 and settled in Breucklen, now called Brook- 
lyn, N. Y. 
Catelyn Trico was one of the first settlers on Manhattan 
Island, according to her testimony in 1688, printed in New 
York Historical Documents as follows : 

"Catelyn Trico doth Testify and Declare that in ye year 
1623, she came into this country with a Ship called ye 
Unity, whereof was commander Arien Jorise belonging to ye 
West India Company, being ye first ship yt came here for 
ye s'? Company. 

"As soon as they came to Mannatans, now called N.Yorke, 
they sent Two families and six men to Hartford River, and 
Two Families and Eight men to Delaware River, and eight 
men they left at N. Yorke to take Possession, and ye Rest 
of ye Passengers went with ye Ship as farr as Albany which 
they then called fort Orange.— 

" Ye s"" Deponent Hved in Albany three years, all which 
time ye Indians were all as quiet as Lambs and came and 


Traded with all ye Freedom Imaginable; in ye year 1626, 
ye Deponent came from Albany and settled at N. Yorke 
where she Uved afterwards for many years and then came to 
Long Island." 

Abraham Van Dervoort and Catherine Barkalow 
had children : 

a. Christopher Barkalow Van Dervoort, married 
EUzabeth Ryerson. Children: 

1. Abraham R. Van Dervoort, married Cora 
C. Gariick. Child, Beatrice E. Van Dervoort. 

2. John Van Dervoort. 

3. Elizabeth Van Dervoort, married James F. 
Cox. Children : 

(a) Russell V. Cox. 

(b) James F. Cox., Jr. 

4. Clarence Van Dervoort. 

b. Mary Van Dervoort, m.arried Robert Crawford. 

1. Jennie Crawford, married George S. Farris. 
Their son is Robert Farris. 

2. James B. Crawford. 

3. Elizabeth Crawford. 

4. Cora Crawford. 

c. Ellen R. Van Dervoort, died yoimg. 

d. Catherine Van Dervoort, died young. 

e. John N. Van Dervoort, died young. 

f. Jennie Van Dervoort, married Abram A. Ryer- 

son. Children: 

1 . Arthur Ryerson. 

2. Cornelius Ryerson, married Mabel Fonten. 

3. David E. Ryerson, married Anna Umbach. 
Their child is Edna P. Ryerson. 

(x) William Theodore Barkalow, bom March 23, 1819. 

II. Gerardus Beekman, son of Gerardus Christopher 
Beekman, bom in 1735, died in 182 1, married Aeltje 
Griggs and lived at Six Mile Run, N. J. 

III. Abraham Beekman of Griggstown, N. J., bom 
July 27, 1739, died March 25. 1817. and was buried in 


Beekman Cemetery. He married May 3, 1776, Ann 
Voorhees, who died May 25, 181 7, at the age of sixty- 
five years. She was the daughter of Garret Voorhees 
and NelUe Nevius his wife of Middlebush, N. J., whose 
house was destroyed by the British iinder Colonel 
Simcoe on his retreat from Millstone after destroying 
the court-house there and burning the old Dutch 
church. They had children : 
(i) Gerardus Beekman, died February 28, 1805, 

unmarried, and was buried in Beekman Cemetery. 
(2) Ellen, or Nelly, Beekman, bom December 17, 1779, 
died November 12, 1865, married October 5, 1805, 
Jacob Quick of Ten Mile Run, N. J., baptized June 
20, 1772, son of Colonel Abraham Quick and Charity 
Bergen his wife, and grandson of Tunis Qtiick. 
Colonel Abraham Quick was an officer of the' Revolu- 
tionary Army. He was bom February i, 1732, died 
May 25, 1805, and was buried in the graveyard at 
Franklin Park, N. J., on the road leading to the sand 
hills. V/hen, in early Januar\', 1777, after the battle 
of Trenton,' General Washington was on his way from 
Princeton to Morristown, he stayed over night at the 
house of Colonel Abraham Quick at Lower Ten Mile 
Run. The following day the British were in pursuit 
of Washington and some of the British officers 
stopped at Colonel Quick's house and commanded 
his wife Charity Quick to prepare dinner for them, 
and tried to find out from her what conversation she 
had had with General Washington and what his plans 
were. Failing in this they threatened her and de- 
scribed the horrible things which they would do to 
Colonel Quick when they found him, which they said 
they surely would do very soon. This so incensed 
Charity Quick that she finally declared, "If I thought 
you would do as you say I would poison every one of 
you." This put the British officers on their guard 
and before they would eat any of the dinner prepared 
for them they compelled faithful Charity Quick to 


eat a mouthful from each dish. This interesting 
story is from manuscript and diaries in the possession 
of her great-great-grandson Martin Schenck Garret- 
son. Jacob Quick and Ellen Beekman his wife had 
children : 

(A) Ann Quick, married Martin Schenck Garret- 
son. Children : 

(i) John M. Garretson, married Catharine Eliza 
Garretson. He had an estate at Lower Ten 
Mile Run, N. J. The window sashes in the 
large part of the house and the balustrade in the 
hall were from the old Beekman house at Pearl 
and Beekman Streets, New York City, which 
was taken down about 1840. He was Judge of 
the Court of Common Pleas of Somerset County. 
Children : 

1. Ella Brown Garretson, married Edward 
Voorhees. Children : 

(a) Marion Voorhees, died in infancy. 

(b) Edward LeRoy Voorhees. 

(c) Romeyn Voorhees. 

(d) Kenneth Voorhees. 

(e) Kathryn Beekman Voorhees. 

2. Martin Schenck Garretson. 

3. Charles Beekman Garretson, married Ger- 
trude Evans. Children : 

(a) Warren Evans. 

(b) Carl Beekman Evans. 

4. John F. Garretson, married Emm.a Hagaman. 
Children : 

(a) John Martin Garretson. 

(b) Ruth Garretson. 

(c) Herbert Garretson. 

5. Annie Brown Garretson, married Alvah 
Miller. They had a daughter, Marjorie Miller. 

(ii) Abram Quick Garretson, married Josephine 
Boker. He was a graduate of Rutgers College, 
Class of 1862, and of Han.-ard Law School. He 


practised law in Jersey City and was Prose- 
- cutor of Common Pleas for Hudson County, 
N. J. ; Judge of the Court of Common Pleas and 
Judge of the Supreme Court of New Jersey. 
He lived in a large mansion at Morris Plains, 
N.J. Children: 

1. Leland Garretson. 

2. Joseph Garretson. 

3. Helen Garretson. 

(B) Garetta Quick, daughter of Jacob Quick, bom 
at Ten Mile Run, N. J., on January 27, 1812, 
married Matthew Brown, son of Andrew Brown, 
bom at Six Mile Run, N. J., on May 3, 1808. 

(a) Ellen Quick Brown, bora March 16, 1836, 
died April 13, 1863, unmarried. 

(b) Andrew Brown, bora October 12, 1838, 
died March 27, 1840. 

(c) Annie Mellona Brown, bora August 18, 1849, 
died June 21, 1851. 

(C) Catharine Quick, died in 1865, unmarried. 

(D) Abram Quick, died young. 

(3) John A. Beekman, bom Febmary 3, 1782, died 
September 21, 1829, by a tree falling on him; mar- 
ried October 12, 1808, Johanna Nevius, daughter of 
Peter Nevius and Jane his wife; she died May 6, 18 14, 
and is buried in Beekman Cemetery. They had 
children : 

(i) Abraham J. Beekman, bom September 8, 1810, 
married on March 7, 1837, Catharine B. Schoon- 
maker, daughter of James Schoonmaker, and had 
children : 

(a) Johanna Beekman, bora March 5, 1839, 
who on Septembers, 1866, married Jacob Bergen. 

Abraham Beekman Bergen, bom March 29, 1871. 

(b) Gertrade Alletta Beekman, bom May 7, 1844, 
died unmarried on November 24, 1872. 


(c) Catharine Elizabeth Beekman, who married 

on October 15, 1874, Prof. John C. Smock of 

Rutgers College, New Brunswick, N. J. 

After the death of his wife, Johanna Nevius, on 

May 6, 1814, John A. Beekman married on April 

8, 1818, Aletta Rapelye, daughter of Jerome Rapelye 

and Susanna Van Nest his wife of Raritan, N. J., who 

lived until June 1 87 1 . She was buried in the Beekman 

Cemetery. Their children were : 

(ii) Cornelia Beekman, bom November 23, 1820, 

married on September 15, 1868, Rev. Goyn Tal- 

mage of Rhinebeck, N. Y. She was his second 

wife, he having been first married to her sister. 

He was a brother of Rev. T. DeWitt Tahnage, D.D., 

and of Col. Daniel Talmage, whose son John F. 

Talmage married Isabella Van Sickle and had sons : 

Daniel Talmage and Robert S. Talmage of New 

York City. 

(iii) Alma Beekman, bom April 28, 1825, married 

the Rev. Goyn Talmage, Children: 

a. John B. Talmage, bom July 21, 1847. b. Mary 

ComeHa Talmage. c. Goyn A. Talmage. d. 

Anna Louisa Talmage. e. Cornelia Talmage. 

(4) Abraham A. Beekman, son of Abraham Beekman 

and Ann Voorhees, his wife, bora January 12, 1784, 

died August 20, 1862, married, 1806, Matilda Nevius, 

born September 5, 1789, died January 8, 1873, 

daughter of Peter L. Nevius, and Hved at Millstone, 

New Jersey. They had children: 

(i) Peter Nevius Beekman, bora March 27, 1808, 

married, first, on January 28, 1835, Ann Elizabeth 

Duryee, daughter of Colonel Henr>' Duryee of 

Blawenburg, N. J., bom August 6, 181 2, died 

January- 2, 1837. He married, second, on January 

27, 1841, Rachael Ann Beardslee or Beardsley, 

bom March 26, 1820, died May 22, 1867, daughter 

of William Beardslee of Bound Brook, N. J. 

Thev had children: 


(a) Matilda Beekman, bom December 4, 1841, 
married on November 3, 1 863, Ferdinand Schenck 
Wilson, son of Henry Wilson, and had children : 

1. Rev. Ferdinand Schenck Wilson, married 
Margaret Taylor, daughter of Dr. Sewell 
Taylor of Millstone and had a son, Sewell 

2. Peter Beekman Schenck Wilson, bom No- 
vember II, 1865. 

3. Elmer Wilson, bom December 22, 1S68. 

(b) Frances Maria Beekman, bom June 7, 1844. 

(c) Sarah Emma Beekman, bom August 12, 1848, 
died May 22, 1856. 

(d) Abraham A. Beekman of Paterson, N. J., 
bom October 17, 1861, married March 14, 
1883, Jane Elizabeth Garretson, daughter of 
Peter G. Garretson and Catharine Smith his 
wife, of East Millstone, N. J. Children: 

1. Frances M. Beekman, bom October 3, 1884, 
married George Arthur Hilton on February 
23, 1910. 

2. Abraham Russell Beekman, bom November 
26, 1889. 

3. Gerald Beekman, died young. 

(5) Ralph Voorhees Beekman, bom December 17, 
1785, died June 30, 1833, married October 29, 1809, 
Elizabeth H. Ten Broeck. 

(6) Jacob Beekman, bom December 17, 1787, married 
on February 14, 1813, Sarah Garretson, sister of 
Martin Garretson and of John Garretson. They 
made their home in Michigan. Children : 

(i) Johanna Beekman. 
(ii) Phoebe Beekman. 
(iii) Ellen Beekman. 
(iv) Sarah Beekman. 
(v) James Spence Cannon Beekman. 
(vi) Elizabeth Beekman, married Aaron Rawles. 


1 . Henry Rawles. 

2. General Jacob Beekman Rawles, U. S. A., mar- 
ried Phcebe Garretson, daughter of Rev. John 
Garretson, brother of Sarah Garretson Beekman. 

(vii) John Beekman. 
(viii) Caroline Beekman. 

(7) Isaac Beekman, bom September 14, 1790, died 
vmmarried on September 10, 1833. 

(8) Catharine A. Beekman, died unmarried. 

(9) Ann Beekman, born August 2, 1797, died single 
in September, 1828. 

IV. Mary Beekman, daughter of Gerardus Christopher 
Beekman and Catharine Van Dyke his wife, bom in 
1733, died in 1809; married Thomas Skillman, bom in 
1727, son of Isaac Skillman, bom in 1706, a descendant 
of Thomas Skillman who came to America with the 
Enghsh forces in 1664, as a musician in the army, and 
took part in the capture of New York from the Dutch. 
He settled in Long Island, in 1668. They lived at 
Harhngen, N. J. Both are buried in the Beekman 
Cemetery. They had children: 
(i) John SkiUman, bom in 1753. 

(ii) Gerardus Beekman Skillman, bom at Harlingen, 
N. J., September 20, 1754, named for his grandfather, 
Gerardus Beekman. He was a light horse trooper in 
the Revolutionary War. He married in 1780 Jane 
Van Dyke of Rocky Hill, N. J., daughter of Jan Van 
Dyke, son of Jan Van Dyke, who was the grandson of 
Jan Thomasse Van Dyke. Gerardus Beekman Skill- 
man and Jane Van Dyke his mle had children: 

(1) Mary Skillman, bom in 1782. 

(2) John Van Dyke Skillman, bom in 1 783, married 
Rachel Holhngshead and moved to Illinois. 

(3) Joseph Skillman, bom in 1785, married and had 
a child: 

Abraham Van Arsdalen Skillman, bom Febru- 
ary 12, 1812, died May 3, 1872, married Anna 
Cornelia Van Dyke, bom August 14, 1829, the 


daughter of William Van Dyke of Harlingen and 
Blawenburg, N. J., and Catharine Skillman, his 
wife, daughter of Abraham Skillman, bom 
December 2, 1804, married December 11, 1823. 
Abraham Van Arsdalen Skillman and his wife 
Anna Cornelia Van Dyke occupied the old Skill- 
man homestead at Harlingen, N. J. 

William Van Dyke and Catharine Skillman 
his wife had children: 

(a) Abraham Skillman Van Dyke, bom July 25, 

(b) Ralph Roehf Van Dyke, bom December 5, 

(c) Anna Cornelia Van Dyke, bom August 14, 
1829, married Abraham V. A. Skillman above 

(d) Lucretia Van Dyke, bom August 17, 


(e) Peter Van Dyke, bora July 17, 1840. 

(f ) John Berrian Van Dyke, bom November 24, 

(4) Peter Skillman, bom in 1787. 

(5) Gerardus Skillman, bom in 1788. 

(6) Charity Skillman, bom in 1789, married Jona- 
than Everett of Philadelphia, Pa. 

(7) Catharine Skillman. 

v(iii) Thomas Skillman, the third child of Thomas 
Skillman and Mary Beekman, his wife, bom February 
10, 1756, married Elizabeth Strycker, bom in 1759, 
daughter of Hendrick Strycker and Catharine his 
wife, and lived at Rocky Hill, N. J. He was a soldier 
in the Revolutionary War. Children: 
(l) Mary Skillman, bom Febmary 22, 1779, married 
John M. Nevius, son of Martin Nevius and Sarah 
Stothoff, his wife, a descendant from Johannes 
Nevius, a Schepen of New Amsterdam whose grand- 
son Petms removed from Flatbush, L. I., with his 
four children, Peter P., Martin, David and Wil- 


helmina. John M. Nevius and AIar>' Skillman 
his wife had children : 

(a) Sarah Nevius, bom March ii, 1802. 

(b) Eliza Ann Nevius, bom May 25, 1805. 

(c) Martin Ne-vius, bora in 1809. 

(d) Mary Nevius, bom November 15, 18 10, 
married Peter Stryker. 

(e) Johanna Nevius, bom September 15, 1815. 

(f) Catharine Nevius, bom May 8, 1821, married 
James Van Zandt. 

(2) Hendrick Skillman, bom in 1780. 

(3) John Skillman, bom June 2, 1782, married, first, 
Mary Ann AlcCaraher, bom August 9, 1787, 
died April 26, 1834, daughter of Alexander McCara- 
her; and had children: 

(a) Thomas Skillman, died young. 

(b) Thomas Skillman, bom April 15, 1810, mar- 
ried Sarah Stout, daughter of John Stout. He 
was a merchant at Rocky Hill, N. J. 

(c) James Skillman, died young. 

(d) Elizabeth Skillman, bom June 12, 1813, 
married May 7, 1834, Peleg H. Barker. 

(e) Mary SkiUman, bom December 8, 18 16, 
married Isaac Vanderveer of Rock-y Hill, N. J. 

(f) Henry J. Skillman, bom February 16, 
1819, married Anna Van Pelt, and had a 
daughter : 

CaroHne Skillman, married Amos Sutphen. 

(g) James Skilknan, bom September i, 1821. 
(h) Margaretta Skillman, bom March 26, 1824, 

died June 10, 1897, married February 7, 1844, 
Henry Van Dyke, 
(i) Sarah Skillman, bom February 9, 1826, 
married William H. Cox and had children: 

1. Ella Cox, married Wallace Lanning. 

2. Mary Cox, married McCoy. 

3. James H. Cox. 

4. Luther Cox. 


John Skillman married, second, Martha Van 

(4) Catharine Skillman, bom in 1784, married Cor- 
nelius Whitenack. 

(5) Thomas Skillman, bom in 1786. 

(6) Abraham Skillman, born in 1788. 

(7) Elizabeth Skillman, bom in 1790. 

(8) Anna Skillman, bom February 27, 1797. 
married Luther Stevens of Lexington, Ky. 

(iv) Ann Skillman, daughter of Thomas Skillman and 
Mary Beekman, bom August 20, 1757, married 
Abraham Van Pelt, grandson of Johannes Van Pelt 
of Six Mile Run, N. J., and great-grandson of Tevmis 
Lanen Van Pelt, probably the uncle of Teuntje 
Thyssen Van Pelt, who, in 1673, married Captain 
Jan Janse Van Dyke. Teunis Van Pelt, with his 
wife and six children, came from Luick, Netherlands, 
in the ship Rosetree, in May, 1663, and settled at 
Gowanus, L. L Abraham Van Pelt and his wife 
Ann Skillman moved from New Jersey to Fairfax 
County, Virginia. William Jones Skillman in a 
genealogy of the Skillman family pubUshed in the 
N. Y. Gen. and Bio. Record in 1906, says that "aroimd 
their original farmhouse on the banks of BuU Run, 
the hottest part of the battle of that name was fought 
a century later." 

(v) Abraham Skillman, bom in 1759. 

(vi) Isaac Skillman, bom April 21, 1761, married, 
first, CoraeHa Quick, daughter of Petms Quick, and 
had children : 

(a) Thomas Skillman, bom in 1796. 

(b) James SkiUman, bom in 1800. 

Isaac Skillman, after the death of his wife Cor- 
neHa Quick, married, second, Johanna Nevius, 
daughter of Martinus Nevius of Harlingen, a des- 
cendant of Johannes Nevius or NeefT, who came 
from Holland to America in 1652. Their children 
were : 


(c) Martin Skillman, bom July 21, 1801, died May 
12, 1S36, married Matilda Kershaw. 

(d) Isaac Nevius Skillman, bom in 1803. 

(e) John N. Skillman, bom in 1809. 

(vii) Jacob Skillman, bom August 28, 1764, died 
April 13, 1841, married, first, Eleanor Ten Broeck, 
a descendant through Hendrick Ten Broeck, his 
third son, from Wessel Ten Broeck, who came to New 
Amsterdam with Peter Minuet in 1626. They had 
children : 

(a) Isaac Skillman, bom in 1792. 

(b) Jacob Skillman, bom in 1794. 

(c) Abraham Skillman, bom in 1796. 

Jacob SkiUman married, second, Mary Hagemon, 
bom in 1767, died in 1854, a descendant of Adrian 
Hagemon, who settled in Flatbush, L. I., in 1650. 
Children : 

(d) John Skillman, bom in iSoo. 

(e) Ellen Skillman, baptized September 27, 1801. 

(f) William Skillman, bom in 1803. 

(g) Mary Skillman, bom August 26, 1804, married 
in 1828 Christopher B. Voorhees and had children: 

1. Jacob Skillman Voorhees, bom September 20, 

2. Martha Beekman Voorhees, died young. 

3. Isaac Voorhees. 

(viii) Catharine Skillman, daughter of Thomas Skill- 
man and Mar}.- Beekman, bom July 30, 1766, mar- 
ried Peter Voorhees, grandson of Peter Voorhees, who 
was a son of Abram Voorhees and Leah Voorhees 
his wife and first cousin. They were both grand- 
children of Jan Steven Van Voorhees and Janet 
Kirshaw his wife and descended from Steven Coerte 
Van Voorhees, bom in Hees, Holland, in 1600; came 
to America in 1660 and settled at Flatlands, L. I. 
He died Febmary 16, 1684. He was the son of 
Coert Alberts Van Voorhees of Hees, near Ruinen. 
It is said that the name Voorhees means "before 


Hees. " The family is entitled to arms: Quarterly, 
one and four, azure a tower or; two and three, argent 
a tree eradicated vert. Crest: a tower as in arms. 

It is interesting to note here that the Stevens 
family of New York City is descended from Steven 
Coerte Van Voorhees. This is one of the many in- 
stances in Dutch families where the Christian name 
of the father served as a surname for the children. 
A similar case was that of Mattys Lanen Van Pelt, 
known as Lanen Van Pelt, who came to America in 
1663. From him are descended the Lane family as 
well as the Van Pelt. Another instance is that of the 
Vanderbeek family whose ancestor Rem Jansen 
Vanderbeek was a descendant of the noble Vander- 
beek family of Germany. But when he died the 
Brooklyn branch of the family called themselves 
Remsen, instead of Vanderbeek. Steven Coerte Van 
Voorhees had a son Lucas Stevens Van Voorhees, 
known as Lucas Stevens, who had a son known as 
Steven Stevens, and his son Abraham Stevenson had 
a son Stephen Abraham Stevens. His son Isaac 
Stevens married Rachel Baker and had a son John 
B. Stevens, 1823-1891, who married Lucy Baldwin 
and had children: 

a. Bertha Stevens. 

b. Lucy Beatrice Stevens of New York, an artist 
and illustrator of books. 

c. John Bright Stevens of New York, a lawyer, 
married Cornelia AdeHne Dodge, great-great- 
granddaughter of Major, afterwards General 
Samuel Clark of the Ulster County Regiment in 
the War of the Revolution. Their children are : 

1. Marguerite Dodge Stevens. 

2. Lucy Baldwin Stevens. 

3. John Bayard Stevens, 
(ix) Jacob SkiUman, bom in 1768. 

(x) Cornelius Skilhnan, bom in 1771. 
(xi) Mary Skillman, bom in 1772. 



V. Ann Beekman, daughter of Gerardus Christopher 

Beekman -and Catharine Van Dyke his wife, married 

Garret Voorhees, bom March 15, 1739, died November 

16, 1 81 6. They resided at Harlingen, N. J. Children: 

(A) Coert Voorhees, baptized October 4, 1761, died 

in 1 816, married Jane Hogeland. Children: 

(i) Garret Voorhees, baptized March 15, 1789, 

married on February 4, 1815, Margaret Monfort. 

Children : 

(a) Harriet Voorhees, bom January 24, 18 16, 
married on November 12, 1834, William Baird. 
Children : 

I. Margaret V. Baird, bom May 17, 1836. 
Sarah Baird, bom Febmary iS, 1842. 
Garret V. Baird, bom September 19, 1845. 
Anna Catharine Baird, bom May 27, 1850. 
Harriet Jane Baird, bom April 23, 1853. 

(b) Jane Ann Voorhees, bom Febmary 27, 1818, 
married December 13, 1837, Jacob Dilts. Chil- 

1. Harriet Jane Dilts. 

2. Mary Ann Dilts. 

(c) Phoebe Voorhees, bom December 2S, 1819, 
married December 19, 1838, David Shurts. 

1. Garret V. Shurts, bom in 1843. 

2. Margaretta Shurts, bom in 1852. 

3. John K. Shurts, bom in 1857. 

(d) Maria Voorhees, bom July 6, 1824, married 
John W. Voorhees. Children: 
I. Garret Voorhees, bom in 1846. 

Jacob D. Voorhees, bom January 22, 1848. 
Eleanor Voorhees, bom September 5, 1850. 
Jane Voorhees, bora August 17, 1853. 
Mary Carrol Voorhees, bora December 26 
(2) Christopher Voorhees, baptized November 22, 
1790, married Magdelen Salter. Children: 


(a) Jane Maria Voorhees, bom February 4, 1817 
-(b) Ann Voorhees, born September 14, 1820. 

(3) Abraham Beekman Voorhees, bom in 1793. 

(4) Maria Voorhees, baptized August 9, 1795 
married William C. Duryea of Blawenburg, N. J 

(a) WilHam C. Duryea, bom December 3, 18 18 

(b) Coert Voorhees Dury-ea, bom Febmary i, 

(c) Theodore Voorhees Duryea, bom April 18, 

(d) Christopher V. Duiyea, bom August 3, 1828, 

(e) Ann Maria Dury-ea, bom August 3, 1828. 

(5) John Voorhees, bom January 3, 1798, married 
Mary Rynearson and removed to Warren County, 
Ohio. Children: 

1. Jane Voorhees, married Noah Cory. 

2. Eliza Voorhees, married Anthony L. Am- 

3. George Hoagland Voorhees, bom August 14, 

4. Mary Ann Voorhees. 

5. John Voorhees, bom October 2, 1829, married 
Mary Canine. Children: 

(a) Mary Jane Voorhees, died young. 

(b) John Voorhees, bom January 6, 1854, mar- 
ried February 7, 1878, x\llgenette Ryan. 

(c) Elbert Voorhees. 

(d) Lucinda Voorhees, died young. 

(e) Dora Voorhees, married Samuel J. Kent. 

(f) Frank C. Voorhees. 

(g) Melvin R. Voorhees. 
(h) Frederick Voorhees. 

6. Dr. Sylvanus R. Voorhees, bom October 31. 
1 83 1, married, first, Jane E. Robinson, second, 
Eliza E. Kehan. 

7. Sylvester Voorhees. 

8. Parthenia Voorhees. died young. 




9. Ellison Hoagland Voorhees, born April 17, 
1836, married Eugenia Boyd and resided in 
Gamett, Kansas. Children: 

(a) Viola May Voorhees, married H. K. Herbert. 

(b) Edward K. Voorhees, bom in 1862. 

(c) Harry L. Voorhees, bom in 1865. 

(d) Mary Voorhees, bom in 1867. 

(e) Albert Voorhees, bom in 1869. 

(f) Jessie Wheeler Voorhees, bom in 1873. 

(g) Charles G. Voorhees, died young. 
(h) Andrew Voorhees, bom in 1877. 

10. William Duryea Voorhees, bom April 9, 1838, 
married Sarah E. Dundy. 

11. Leander Voorhees, bom May 10, 1842. 

(6) Ann Voorhees, bom October 28, 1800, married 
Andrew Van Deripe. Children: 

1. John Van Deripe, bom March 3, 1822. 

2. Jane Van Deripe, bom December 5, 1823. 

3. Elizabeth Van Deripe, bom in 1828. 

4. Margaret Van Deripe. 

5. Magdalena Van Deripe. 

6. Ellen Van Deripe. 

7. Emily V'an Deripe. 

8. Amanda Van Deripe. 

(7) Gerardus Voorhees, died young. 

(8) Jane Voorhees, married Elbert S. Dumont of 
Farmer's Village, Seneca Co., N. Y. Children: 

Samuel K. Dumont, married Dian Mathews. 
Jane A. Dumont, married A. H. Fowler. 

3. Cornelia Dumont, died young. 

4. Mary Dumont. 
Sarah Dumont, married xMe.xander Bounell. 
Benjamin Dumont, married Louisa Dickerson. 
Elbert Dumont. 

(9) George Hoagland Voorhees, bom July 14, 1809, 
died unmarried. 

Catharine Beekman, daughter of Gerardus Christo- 

pher Beelanan, married, first. Joseph Vanderveer and 


had two children. She married second, Jacques John- 
son and settled at White Creek, Washington County, 
N. Y. 

VII. Magdalena Beekman, married John Van Dyke. 

VIII. Cornelia Beekman, married December 9, 1775, 
Abraham Stryker, a descendant of Jan Strycker, who 
with his wife Lambertje Suebering, two sons, and four 
daughters came to America in 1652 from Ruinen, 
Holland, and in 1654 settled at Flatlands, L. I. 
Abraham Stryker, and ComeHa Beekman his wife had 
children : 

(i) Ida Stryker, married January 12, 1800, ComeUus 
Skillman, son of Thomas Skillman. He was bom 
January I, 1771, and died January 12, 1853. 
She died in January, 1831. Both are buried in 
Beekman Cemetery. They hved at HopeweU, N.J. 

(a) Abraham SkiUman, bom in 1S02, married 
March i, 1827, Henrietta Stout, eldest child of 
David Stout and Margaretta Weart. Children: 
i. Charles Augustus Skillman, bom December 

ii. Caroline Matilda Skilhnan, bom May 2, 1830. 
iii. Ida Stryker Skilhnan. 
iv. Mary Emma Skillman. 

When General Lafayette made his last visit 
to the United States in 1825, Abraham Skih- 
man was one of his bodyguard during the jour- 
ney through New Jersey. 

(b) John Skillman, bom August i, 1805, removed 
to Basil, Ohio. 

(c) Peter Skillman, bom in 1808. 

(d) Mary Skillman, died in infancy. 

(2) Mary Stryker, married Thomas Skillman and 
hved at Hopeweh, N. J. They had children: 

(a) Anna Skilhnan, bom in 1804, married Er- 
nestus Schenck. 

(b) Maria Skillman, married Mortimer Holcombe. 



(c) Cornelia Skillman, bom in 1808, married John 
C. Eisher. 

(d) Caroline Skillman, married Thomas Holcombe. 

(e) Jacob Skillman, bom August 27, 1812, married 
Ruth iMcNair. 

(f) Abraham Stryker Skillman, bora in 1814, 
married Sarah Williamson. 

(g) Isaac Skillman, died young. 

B. Adrianus Beekman, son of Christopher Beekman 
and Maria De Lanoy, baptized November 22, 1713, 
married Januarys, 1745, Mary Bronson or Brownson. 

C. Aaron Beekman, died in infancy. 

D. Christopher Beekman, of Middlesex, who married 
by Hcense dated November 12, 1741, Sarah Cox, and 
had children : 

(a) Catharine Beekman, married John Skillman, 
son of John SkiUman bom in 1696, and cousin of 
Thomas Skillman. He sold his farm which some- 
time after came into the possession of Peter and 
Lawrence Vanderveer, and removed to Virginia. 
They had a son Christopher Skillman, who had a 

Catharine Skillman, bom in Loudoim County, 
Virginia, April 20, 1798, married WUHam Rodgers, 
son of Nathaniel Rodgers, and had children: 
I. William Skillman Rodgers, bom September 
13, 1819, died October 15, 1895, who m.arried 
Henrietta Parker and had children : 
(i) James T. Rodgers. 

(ii) Mary Katharine Rodgers, bom April 11, 
1843, married Samuel Clay, Jr., of Lexington, 
(iii) Samuel C. Rodgers. 
(iv) Hugh W\ Rodgers. 
(v) John Gano Rodgers. 
2. Christopher C. Rodgers, bora May 15, 1829, 
married Louisa Scott. 


3. Ann E. Rodgers, bom November 16, 1832, mar- 
ried James M. Thomas. 

(b) Christopher Beekman. 

(c) William Beekman. 

(d) James Beekman. 

Christopher Beekman, son of Christopher Beek- 
man and Mary De Lanoy, died in 1764, and his wife, 
Sarah Cox Beekman, in 1766, married WiUiam Allen 
and with him joined her daughter Catharine Skillman 
in Virginia, accompanied by five of her Beekman 
children, one of whom, Christopher Beekman, was 
Surveyor-General of North Carolina, and afterwards 
lived in Princeton, N. J., and died in New York. 
The farm of John Skillman was purchased by Ruloff 
Van Dyke in 1768 (see Van Dyke family). 

E. Abraham Beekman of Hunterdon, baptized May 
23, 1725, married June 14, 1745, Ann Guest. He 
died in Trenton. 

F. Cornelia Beekman, baptized March 27, 1709, 
married Captain John Machett. 

G. Magdalene Beekman, baptized November 14, 171 1, 
married Isaac Skillman (widower and father of 
Thomas Skillman, bom 1727), bom 1706, who with 
John Skillman, bom 1696, were the first of the name 
in New Jersey. 

H. Maria Beekman, married Gerardus Beekman, the 
son of Jacobus, and her first cousin. They had no 

The estates of the Beekman sons and daughters were 
mostly along the Millstone River, and in the neighbor- 
hoods of Griggstown, Rocky Hill, and HarHngen, New 
Jersey. It is interesting to note the names mentioned in 
the Commissioners' description of a new road laid out 
in 1748: "From the bridge at Christopher Hoagland's 
to ye Great Road. From ye Bridge to Gerardus Beek- 
man's land along ye road to Luke Voorhees' ; then up on 
ye top of a bank to where a road enters ye lowland ; along 
ye foot of the Bank to Isaac Skillman's land; along Skill- 


man's land two rods upon ye upland to John Skillman's, 
along J. Skillman's land to Beadow's brook; up ye 
Brook to its Falls; then upon Rulif Cowenhoven's land 
to ye upland, then as ye road runs to ye top of ye bank 
of a steep gtilly which enters into ye brook below ye 
F ullin g mill; thence across ye field above ye giolly to 
ye line between Adrian Beekman and Christopher 
Beekman; thence along ye line to Robert Lettice 
Hooper's land, then on ye road to James Horn's land; 
thence across to ye Great Road." 

lllc. Dr. WilUam Beekman, son of Colonel Gerardus 
Beekman, bom August 8, 1684, died April 26, 1770, 
married Catherine Peters De Lanoy, bom September 
20, 1691, died December 14, 1765, a sister of Mary De 
Lanoy, wife of his brother Christopher, whose farm was 
near his and not far from Princeton, N. J. He was a 
graduate of Princeton College and practised medicine 
in New York City. Children: 

(i) Cornelia Beekman, bom October 4, 1708, married 
William Walton. They had no children. 

(2) Magdalena Beekman, bom January 5, 171 1, died 

(3) Magdalena Beekman, bom August 30, 1714, died 
unmarried in 1784. 

(4) Catharine Beekman, bom February 28, 171 7, died 
in 1793, unmarried. 

(5) Gerard WilUam Beekman, bom December 13, 
1718, died October 6, 1781, married April 11, 1751, 
Mary Duyckinck, baptized in 1729, died January 4, 
1 791. They lived in a fine mansion near Hanover 
Square, New York. She was the daughter of Gerar- 
dus Duyckinck, a descendant of Evert Duyckinck, 
who came to America about 1638 from Borken, 
Holland. Children : 

1. William Beekman, bom January 19, 1752. 

2. Catharine Beekman, bom December 13, 1754, 
married February 28, 1780, Isaac Cox. Children: 


(a) Isaac Beekman Cox, bom 1780, died July 4, 
- 1846, married December 14, 1805, Cornelia Beek- 
man. Child; 

Abraham Beekman Cox, married Levantia White 
Livingston and had children: 

a. Abraham B. Cox, married Augusta Ten 

b. Cornelia Cox, married Rev. D. L. Schwartz. 

c. Levantia W. Cox, married Lansdale Board- 

(b) John F. Cox, bom June 5, 17S4, died Decem- 
ber II, 1858, married Eliza Lansdale and had 
children : 

a. Rosina Cox, married WilHam C. Boardman. 

b. ComeHa Cox. 

c. P. Lansdale Cox, married IMrs. LeRoy. 

(c) Mary Cox, bom August 26, 1785, died Janu- 
ary 9, 1835, married December 11, 1813, Asher 

3. Joharma Beekman, baptized January 31, 1759, 
married Abraham K. Beekman, son of James 

4. Margaretta Beekman, bom May 19, 1762, mar- 
ried Peter De Labigarre. Children: 

(a) Maria Louise De Labigarre, married Phihp 
N. Searle. 

(b) Amarillis De Labigarre, bom April 5, 1796. 

(c) Julius A. B. De Labigarre, bom Febmary 25, 

Magdalene Beekman. 
6. Elizabeth Beekman, married November 27, 1793, 
Peter W. Livingston. Children: 
(a) EHza Matilda Livingston, married Colonel 
Joseph Plympton, U. S. A. Children: 

a. Emily Maria Plympton, married General 
Mansfield Lovell and had a son, Joseph R. 

b. Gilbert M. Plympton, married Mrs. Mary 



A. (Stevens) Cowles. Children: 
Mary L. Plympton. 
Gilbert L. Plympton. 
c. Louisa E. Plympton, married General John 
Pitman, U. S. A. Children: 
Richard Pitman. 
Livingston Pitman. 

(b) Emily Maria Livingston, married James de 
Peyster. Children : 

a. Elizabeth de Peyster, married Bayard Clark- 

b. Henr>- A. de Peyster. 

c. Edgar de Peyster. 

d. Beekman de Peyster. 

e. Emily M. de Peyster. 

f. Wilson de Peyster. 

(c) Gerard WilHam Livingston, married Cornelia 
de Peyster. Children : 

a. Anna de Peyster Livingston, married Charles 
H. Hunt and had children: 

Livingston Hunt. 
Charles H. Hunt. 
Cornelia de Peyster Hunt. 
Edward L. Hunt. 
Beekman Hunt. 

b. Cornelia de Peyster Livingston, married 
John J. Petit of Bordeaux, France. Chil- 

(i) Anna Livingston Petit, married Edward 
Lyman Short, son of Prof. Charles Short 
of Columbia College, N. Y., and Arm Jean 
Lyman his wife. Children: 
Anna Livingston Short. 
Livingston Lj-man Short. 

(ii) Emily Maria Petit, married Robert R. 

c. Emily Livingston, married Edward Crary 
Lord, a descendant of Thomas Lord the foun- 


der of the family in America, who was bom in 
England about 1585. 

d. Edward Livingston. 

e. William Howard Livingston. 

(d) Horatio de L. Livingston. 

(e) James Howard Livingston, married Mary 
Ann Snowden, and had a son, James H. Liv- 

(f) Peter W. Livingston, married Anna H. de 

7. Cornelia Beekman, baptized March 12, 1761. 

(6) Maria Beekman, bom February 7, 1723, died un- 
married in 1793. 

(7) William Beekman, bom April 13, 1725, died un- 
married in 1 795 

(8) Elizabeth Beekman, bom April 16, 1727, died May 
3, 1800, married Robert Rutgers, bom July 3, 1731, 
died September 12, 1796, a descendant of Rutger 
Jacobsen Van Schoenderwoerdt who came to America 
from Holland in 1638. Children: 

1 . Gerard Rutgers, married Margaret Sarah Bayard, 
daughter of Nicholas Bayard. 

2. Robert Rutgers of Belleville, N. J. 

3. Catharine Rutgers, bom December 11, 1758, died 
April 26, 1800, married Stephanus Van Cortlandt, 
bom August II, 1750, died September 30, 17S9, 
a descendant of Oloflf Stevense Van Cortlandt who 
came from Holland to New Amsterdam in 1637. 
Their daughter Elizabeth Van Cortlandt, bom 
March 23, 1787, died July 2, 1868, married John 
Van Rensselaer, bom in 1788, died in 1870, son of 
James Van Rensselaer, bom in 1746, died in 1827, 
and Elsie Schuyler his wife, bom in 1759; son of 
Johannes Van Rensselaer, 1711-1783, and Engeltie 
Livingston, daughter of Robert Livingston; son of 
Hendrick Van Rensselaer, bom October 23, 1667, 
and Catharine Van Bruggen; son of Jeremias Van 
Rensselaer and Maria Van Cortlandt his wnfe, 


the daughter of Olof Stevense Van Cortlandt, who 
came to New Amsterdam in 1637 and whose son 
Stephanus Van Cortlandt was proprietor of Van 
Cortlandt Manor, extending from Croton River 
to Anthony's Nose on the Hudson and thence 
east for twenty-four miles. He married Gertruyd 
Schuyler, daughter of Philip Pieterse Schuyler who 
married on December 12, 1650, Margarita, the 
daughter of Brant Van Slichtenhorst, the Director 
of Rensselaerwyck. As there have already been 
mentioned many intermarriages between this fam- 
ily and the Beekman family and between their 
descendants, the children of Philip Pieterse Schuy- 
ler and Margarita his wife are here given: 

1. Gysbert Schuyler, bom July 2, 1652. 

2. Gertrude Schuyler, bom February 4, 1654, 
died about 1719, married on September 10, 
1 67 1, Stephanus Van Cortlandt and had chil- 

(a) Johannes Van Cortlandt, married Anna Van 
Schaick and had one child, Gertrude Van 
Cortlandt, who married on April 10, 1718, 
Philip Verplanck, bom in 1695. Their son, 
Philip Verplanck, married Aefje Beekman, 
daughter of Gerardus Beekman and Catharine 
Provoost his wife. Their descendants are 
stated later. 

(b) Margeitje Van Cortlandt, married Samuel 
Bayard, son of Nicholas Bayard. 

(c) Anna Van Cortlandt, married Stephen de 

(d) Maria Van Cortlandt, married first Kiliacn 
Van Rensselaer, Lord of the Manor of Rens- 
selaerwyck extending from the mouth of the 
Mohawk River south along both banks of the 
Hudson for twenty-four miles and containing 
700,000 acres of land which now includes the 
cities of Albany and Troy. A large part of 


this property afterwards came into the posses- 
sion of his brother Hendrick Van Rensselaer. 

(e) Philip Van Cortlandt, married Catherine de 

(f) Stephen Van Cortlandt, married Catalina 
Staats, daughter of Dr. Samuel Staats, one of 
Leisler's Council. 

(g) Gertrude Van Cortlandt, married Colonel 
Henry Beekman. 

(h) Elizabeth Van Cortlandt, married Rev. 
William Skinner. 

(i) Catharine Van Cortlandt, married Andrew- 

(i) Cornelia Van Cortlandt, married her cousin. 
Colonel John Schuyler. 

3. Alida Schuyler married Robert Livingston and 
had a son, Gilbert Livingston, who married 
ComeHa Beekman (see pages 10 and 11). Their 
daughter, Margaret Livingston, married Petrus 
Stuyvesant, and their daughter Comeha Stuy- 
vesant married Dirck Ten Broeck, and had 
children, of whom four reached their majority: 
Petrus S.; Abraham; Stephen P. V. R.; and 
A-Iargaret Stuyvesant Ten Broeck, bom July 24, 
1790, died December 22, 1873, who married on 
June 16, 1818, Rev. Robert Gibson, 1792-1829, 
and had a son, Robert Phillips Gibson, bom 
April 13, 1819, died December 27, 1890. Mar- 
ried July I, 1845, Susan Moser and had children: 
Robert Marius, George Moser, Susan Meta, 
Louis Stuyvesant, Henry Pierson, John Brecken- 
ridge, Comelia Stujrvresant, Joseph Enos, and 
William Moser. 

4. Peter Schuyler, bora September 17, 1657, died 
Febmary 19, 1724, married first, Engeltie Van 
Schaick, who died in 1689, second, on September 
14, 1691, Maria Van Rensselaer. 

5. Brant Schuyler, bom December 18, 1659, died 


1702, married July 12, 1682, Cornelia Van Cort- 

6. Arent Schuyler, bom June 25, 1662, died in 
1 73 1, married November 26, 1684, Jenneke 

7. Sybella Schuyler, died young. 

8. Phihp Schuyler, bom February 8, 1666, died 
May 24, 1 724, married, first, Ehzabeth de Meyer, 
second, Catharine Scherph, widow of Ritsert 

9. Johannes Schuyler, bom in 1668, married Eliza- 
beth Staats. 

10. Margaret Schuyler, bom January 2, 1672, died 
May 15, 1748, married, first. Jacobus Verplanck, 
second, John Collins. 

John Van Rensselaer and Ehzabeth Van Cort- 
landt his wife, granddaughter of Robert Rutgers 
and Ehzabeth Beekman his wife, had children: 
(A) James Van Rensselaer, bom in 1812, died in 
1840, married Margaret Duryea, bom May 27, 
1805, died September, 1877. Children: 
I. James Van Rensselaer, married Margaret 
Rutgers Birch. Children : 
(i) Ehzabeth Van Cortlandt Van Rensselaer, 

bom in 1868, married Charles Boel. 
(ii) Sarah Schuyler Van Rensselaer, bom in 

(iii) James Henry Van Rensselaer, married 
Florence N. Smihe. Children: 

Florence Van Rensselaer, bom in 1900. 
Bayard Van Rensselaer, bom in 1903. 
(iv) Marie Antoinette Van Rensselaer, bora 
in 1874, married Fritz C. H. Ungar. Chil- 
Margaret Van Rensselaer Ungar, bom in 

Schuyler Van Rensselaer Ungar, bom in 


(v) Margaret Rutgers Van Rensselaer, bom 

in 1878, married Dr. Antonie Voislawsky. 
(vi) Rebecca C. Van Rensselaer. 

(B) Stephen Van Cortlandt Van Rensselaer, mar- 
ried Sarah Schuyler and had a son, Stephen Van 
Cortlandt Van Rensselaer, who died young. 

(C) Catharine Van Cortlandt Van Rensselaer, 
married her cousin Gratz Van Rensselaer, son of 
Major James Van Rensselaer. Children : 

1. Philip Schuyler Van Rensselaer. 

2. Cortlandt Schuyler Van Rensselaer, married 
in 1 89 1, Horace Macauley, daughter of Wil- 
liam Macauley, and has a son, Cortlandt Van 
Rensselaer, bom in 1900. 

3. Elizabeth Van Rensselaer, married Dr. 
George L. Hull and has a son, George L. Hull, 

4. Dr. John Van Rensselaer of Washington, 
D. C, married Mary Johnston. 

5. Margaret Van Rensselaer. 

(9) Abraham Beekman, bom August 4, 1729, died 
unmarried, in 1789. 

(10) Hon. James Beekman, son of Dr. William Beek- 
man, bom March 5, 1732, died April 6, 1807, married 
in 1752, Jane Keteltas, bom October, 1734, died 
February 7, 181 7, daughter of Abraham Keteltas, 
bom January 25, 1673, died August 28, 1744, and 
Jeanne d'Honneur, his wife. Hon. James Beekman 
was a member of the Committee of One Hundred in 
1775, and of the Provincial Congress of New York 
from 1775 to 1777. He lived in the house which he 
built in 1764 on a large estate on Beekman Hill, 
between the " Kissing Bridge, " where according to an 
old custom, young men and women used to salute 
in passing, and the East River, in the neighborhood 
of what is now Fifty-first Street and First Avenue, 
New York City. This house was frequently occupied 
either by the British officers or the American officers 


in the Revolutionary War. At the time that General 
Howe and General Clinton compelled General Wash- 
ington to retreat, they rode to the Murray Mansion 
on Murray HUl and were charmingly and lavishly 
entertained at hmcheon by Mrs. Murray in carrying 
out her purpose so that in the meantim.e General 
Putnam with four thousand ' American soldiers, not 
half a mile away, passed north and made good their 
escape. General Howe then on September 15, 1776, 
made his headquarters at the Beekman Mansion and 
it was there that Captain Nathan Hale was brought 
before him as a captive spy, in the service of General 
Washington. He was imprisoned in the greenhouse 
near the De Voor mill stream, during the night of 
September 21, 1776, and the next morning without 
the usual trial he was hanged on a butternut tree in 
the orchard that marked the fifth mile from White- 
hall. There is some uncertainty as to the exact 
place of the execution. It is said by some historians 
that it was on the old Turtle Bay farm belonging to 
the heirs of Sir Peter Warren, just south of the Beek- 
man Mansion. Others say it was at Forty-fifth 
Street and First Avenue, and still another statement, 
which is very- unlikely, is that it was at the Rutgers 
orchard at East Broadway and Market Street. The 
parting words of this martyr to the American cause 
were, ' ' I only regret that I have but one life to lose 
for my country." At the time the British ofncers 
took possession of the house the Beekman family, on 
leaving hastily, buried their valuable silver and china 
in the garden, but some of Mrs. Beekman's gowns 
were left hanging in her wardrobe. These Lord 
Howe himself locked up and handed the key to a 
servant who had remained. When Mrs. Beekman 
returned a few years afterward, she found everything 
as she had left it. 

The house was occupied by Generals Chester and 
Carleton as headquarters and by Baron Riedesel, 


the Hessian General, in 1780, whose wife described 
it as a delightful residence. Major Andre passed his 
last night in New York at the Beekraan Mansion 
before starting out to meet the traitor Benedict 
Arnold. The house was demolished in 1S74 and the 
drawing-room mantelpiece with blue Dutch tiles is 
now preserved in the rooms of the New York His- 
torical Society. There also is the old Beekman 
coach which was used by many generations of the 
family. It is a stately affair and was used drawn by 
four cream white horses to convey General George 
Washington to his inauguration as the first President 
of the United States. On Thursday, April 30, 1789, 
at about noon, the procession moved from the house 
of the President at No. 3 Cherry Street on Franklin 
Square, owned by Samuel Osgood, through Dock 
Street and Broad Street to Federal Hall at Wall 
Street near where the sub-treasury now stands. The 
procession was led by General Morgan Lewis, who mar- 
ried Gertrude Livingston, a descendant of Wilhelmus 
Beekman, and the oath of office was administered by 
the Hon. Robert R. Livingston, the Chancellor, who 
also was a descendant of Wilhelmus Beekman. 

After General Washington became President the 
Beekman Mansion was a favorite stopping place when 
he and Mrs. Washington took "the fourteen-mile 
drive" and Mrs. Beekman would refresh them with 
lemonade made from fruit which she gathered from 
her famous lemon trees. 

Hon. James Beekman and Jane Keteltas, his wife, 
had children : 

(a) William Beekman, died unmarried. 

(b) Jane Beekman, married Stephen Van Cortlandt. 
They had no children. 

(c) Catharine Beekman, married Ehsha Boudinot. 
They had no children. 

(dj Marv- Beekman, married Stephen N. Bavard. 
Thev had no children. 


(e) Cornelia Beekman, married Isaac B. Cox. 

(f) Elizabeth Beekman, died young. 

(g) John Beekman, died yoimg. 

(h) Abraham Keteltas Beekman, married Johanna 

Beekman, daughter of Gerard William Beekman. 

They had no children. 

(i) John Beekman, son of James Beekman, bom 

April 29, 1768, died December 8, 1843, married on 

November 3, 1792, Mary Elizabeth Goad Bedlow, 

bom August I, 1 77 1, died April 5, 1845. They had 

children : 

(i) Catharine Bedlow Beekman, bom September 
II, 1798, died December 31, 1883, married 
Abraham Keteltas Fish, bom in 1786, died Octo- 
ber 8, 1828, son of John Fish, bom September i, 
1749, died March 5, 1807, and Sarah Keteltas his 
wife, bom July 3, 1761, died February 5, 1829, 
daughter of Rev. Abraham Keteltas, bom Decem- 
ber 26, 1732, died September 30, 1798, and Sarah 
Smith his wife. Their daughter Mary Elizabeth 

Fish, bom February 16, , died January 20, 

1882, married William Foulke, bom May, 1812, 
died Febmary 2, 1888. Children: 

a. William Foulke, bom June 28, 1847. 

b. Bayard Fish Foulke, bom Jime 11, 1849. 

c. Amelia Foulke. 

(ii) Mary Beekman, bom in iSoo, married Wil- 
liam Atell de Peyster. Children: 

a. Cornelia Beekman de Peyster, died unmar- 

b. Mary Bedlow de Peyster, bom February 
13, 1832, married Dr. Charles Scott McKnight, 
bom January 2, 1827, died September 9, 1895. 
Their daughter Mary Beekman McKnight, 
bom January I, 1852, died October 31, 1898, 
married on April 7, 1874, Edmund Smith 
Bailey, bom February i, 1841, and had a son. 
Dr. Theodorus Bailey of Pouglikeepsie, N. Y. 


(iii) John C. Beekman. 

(iv) Jane Beekman, married Dr. Jacob Hallett 

Borrowe and had a son, Samuel Borrowe, bom 

August 8, 1837, died May 3, 1896, who was the 

father of H. Alsop Borrowe. 
(v) Lydia Beekman, married in 1831, Joseph 

(vi) WilHam Fenwick Beekman, bom in 1809, 

married on June i, 1841, Catharine Alexander 

Neilson. They had children: 

(i) William Bedlow Beekman, bom in 1842, 
died March 8, 1898, maixied first, Alice Keller. 
They had children: 

1. Charles Keller Beekman, a distinguished 
lawx'er of New York City. He graduated 
from Columbia University in 1889. 

2. Catharine Alexander Beekman, married 
John Wells Huger of Charleston, S. C. 
William Bedlow Beekman married, second, 

on October 10, 1878, Katharine Morris Ogden 
Parker, bom November 28, 1849, daughter of 
Hon. Cortlandt Parker of Perth Amboy, N. J., 
who was bom June 27, 1818, and graduated 
from Rutgers College in 1832 in the same class 
with James C. Van Dyke who was United 
States District Attorney for Pennsylvania. 
Cortlandt Parker was a distinguished lawyer of 
New Jersey. He was a descendant of EUsha 
Parker who with other Puritans settled Wood- 
bridge in 1663. He married on September 15, 
1847, Elizabeth Wolcott Stites, of Morristown, 

William Bedlow Beekman and Katharine 
Parker his wife had children: 

3. Heloise Beekman, married David Leavitt 

4. Dr. Fenwick Beekman. 

^. Gertrude Van Cortlandt Beekman. 


6. Cortlandt Beekman. 

7. Margaret Beekman. 

(2) Dr. John Neilson Beekman, bom August 
29, 1843, married Armie L. Dawson. 

(3) Hon. Henry Rutgers Beekman, bom in 
1845, died December 17, 1900. Graduated 
from Columbia College in 1865 and from the 
Law School in 1867. He was a distinguished 
lawyer and Justice of the Supreme Court of 
New York. Ne married Isabella Lawrence. 

(a) Josephine Lawrence Beekman. 

(b) Wilham F. Beekman. 

(c) Mary EHzabeth Beekman. 

(d) Henry Rutgers Beekman, fr. 

(4) James Hude Beekman, bom May 24, 184S, 
died February 22, 1902, married Florence 

(5) Herman Beekman, died August 10, 1897, 

(6) Neilson Beekman, died young. 

(7) Fannie Neilson Beekman, married Robert 
Adrain and had a daughter, Fannie Neilson 
Beekman Adrain. 

(j) Gerard Beekman, son of James Beekman and 
Jane Keteltas, bom December, 1774, died July 15, 
1833, married in April, 18 10, Catharine Sanders, 
daughter of Captain John Sanders and Deborah 
Sanders his wife, his first cousin of same name, a 
daughter of Hon. Robert Sanders, 1705-1765, 
Mayor of Albany, 1 750-1 754, and Elizabeth 
Schuyler, his wife, daughter of Colonel Pieter 
Schuyler, famiharly known as "Queeder" Schuyler, 
1 657-1 724, who was commander of the fort at 
Albany in 1689 and a Delegate to the Councils of 
Five Nations, and who led the expedition which 
ended in the capture of Fort La Prairie, and who 
was in the King's Council until 1720, and acting 


Governor of New York in 1 709. They had a son : 
1. James W. Beekman, bom November 22, 1815, 
died January 15, 1877, who married on March 
18, 1840, Abian S. MilledoUer, bom August 19, 
1820, died in 1897, daughter of Rev. Philip 
MilledoUer, President of Rutgers College. Chil- 

(1) Gerard Beekman, unmarried, of New York 
City and Oyster Bay, N. Y. 

(2) James William Beekman, died August 7, 
1908. Unmarried. 

(3) Catharine Beekman, married William W. 
Hoppin, a distinguished lawyer of New York 
City. Children : 

(a) William Warner Hoppin, Jr., married on 
March 31, 1902, Mary Gallatin, daughter 
of Frederic Gallatin. 

(b) Catharine Beekman Hoppin. 

(c) Esther P. Hoppin, married on April 30, 
1903, Dr. Eugene H. Pool. 

(d) Gerard Beekman Hoppin. 

(e) Bayard C. Hoppin, married Helen L. 

(4) Comeha Beekman. 

nid. Adrian Beekman, son of Colonel Gerardus Beek- 
man, bom August 22, 1682, married Aletta Lispenard 
in 1 705. She died the same year. He was murdered by 
a negro in the insurrection of negro slaves in New York 
City. They had no children. 

IHe. Gerardus Beekman, bom in 1693, married twice. 
His first wife, Aima Maria Van Home, he married on 
October 12, 1718. He joined the Reformed Dutch 
Church in New York City on August 19, 1718. Their 
children were: 

ci. Elizabeth Beekman, bom December 14, 1720, 
married Luke Van Rantz. They had a daughter: 
Maria Van Rantz, married George Codwise, a ship 


owner who traded between New York and Santa 
Cruz. They had a daughter: 

Maria Codwise, sister of David Codwise, Master 
in Chancery, before mentioned, who married Martha 
Livingston, married on November 2, 1793, John Kane, 
eldest son of John Kane, a Royalist in the Revolu- 
tion, whose property was confiscated on October 22, 
1779, by act of attainder. He afterwards received a 
pension from the British government. His wife was 
Sybil Kent, daughter of Rev. Elisha Kent. 

John Kane and Maria Codwise his wife had 
children : 
(i) Cornelia Kane, married first. Rev. Pascal NeU- 

son Strong, D.D., of the Collegiate Dutch Church 

of New York, son of Joseph Strong of Setauket, 

Long Island. They had children: 

a. Caroline Strong. 

b. Pascal Strong married Miss Hall and had 
children : 

1. Charles Strong. 

2. Cora Strong, married Judge Amasa J. Parker 
of Albany, son of Rev. Dr. Parker. 

3. Joseph Montgomery Strong, married Eliza- 
beth Ludlow Livingston, daughter of Van 
Brugh Livingston. Children : 

(a) Joseph Montgomery Strong, Jr. 

(b) Peter Van Brugh Livingston Strong. 

(c) Mary Livingston Strong. 

(d) Philip Livingston Strong. 

(e) Charles Livingston Strong. 

(f) Joseph Gebhard Strong. 

4. Cornelia Strong, married W. W. Forsyth of 
Albany, N. Y. Children: 

(a) Emily Forsyth, married M. Bruen. 

(b) Sarah Forsyth married Ellis. 

(c) WiUiam Forsyth. 

(d) Russell Forsyth married Helena A. Craig. 
Mrs. Cornelia Kane Strong married, after the 


death of the Rev. Pascal Strong, D,D., the Rev. 
. Mr. Smythe. 
(ii) Maria Antoinette Kane, married, first, John 

Hone and resided at 40 Warren Street, New York. 

Children : 

1. John Hone, married Jane Perry and had 
children : 

(a) Emily Hone, married William Emmet. 

(b) John Hone, married Maria Cadwalader. 

(c) Calbraith P. Hone. 

(d) Jane P. Hone, married Charles E. Lewis. 

Jane Hone Lewis. 

(e) Maria K. Hone, married Charles King. 

2. Emily Hone, married November 14, 1844, 
Frederick Foster. Children: 

(a) Frederic de Peyster Foster, married Julia 
Marshall Talbot, and had a son: 
Richmond T. Foster. 

(b) John Foster, married Miss Humbert, and 
had a son: 

Frederic G. Foster. 

(c) Giraud Foster, married Jean Van Ness, and 
had a son : 

Giraud Foster, Jr. 

(d) Clara Foster, married first, Mr. Carey, and 
second, Richard Delafield, bom in 1853, son 
of Rufus King Delafield and Eliza Bard his 
wife, great-great-great-grandson of Count De- 
lafield, a descendant of the Counts De La Feld 
of Colmar, Alsace. 

(e) May Foster, married Frederick Sherman. 

(f) Emily H. Foster, married Charles de Rham 
and had children: 

1. Charles de Rham, Jr. 

2. Giraud F. de Rham. 

3. Frederic F. de Rham, married Nathalie 
M. Howland. 


4. Henry C. de Rham, married Frances A. 
Mrs. Maria Kane Hone married, second, Frederic 
de Peyster. 
(iii) Oliver Grenville Kane, married in 1825, Eliza 
Come de Gironcourt. Children: 

(a) John Grenville Kane, bom October 9, 1826, 
died July 5. 1877. 

(b) Pierre Come Kane, married Edith Brevoort, 
daughter of Henry Brevoort, bom September, 
25, 1782, and Laura Carson his wife. Henry 
Brevoort inherited great wealth and was the 
patron of Washington Irving and other authors 
of the time. The Brevoort family of New York 
is descended from Hendrick Jansen Brevoort, 
who came from Amersfort, Holland, to America 
in 1646 and settled at IVlaspeth on Newtown 
Creek, now a part of Brooklyn, N. Y., and after- 
wards removed to Harlem on Manhattan Island. 
His grandson, Hendrick Brevoort, 1670-171S, 
son of Jan Hendrickse Brevoort, purdiased lands 
in the neighborhood of Tenth Street between 
Fourth and Sixth Avenues, New York. He was 
twice married. His first wife was Mary Couwen- 
hoven who had two children: John and Maria. 
He married, second, on October 5, 1705, Jaco- 
mejmtje Boke and had a son, Hendrick Brevoort, 
bora December 9, 1 7 1 1 , who married Catharine 
De la Mater of the renowned Huguenot family. 
Their son, Hendrick Brevoort. 1747-1841, mar- 
ried Sarah Wetten, and was the grandfather of 
Edith Brevoort Kane, above mentioned. An- 
other son of Henry Brevoort and Catherine 
De la Mater, John Brevoort, married and had 
three daughters who inherited valuable lands in 
New York City, but, as is so often the case with 
the colonial famihes, the name Brevoort has al- 
most entirely disappeared and the family is now 


perpetuated through the female line. Isabella 
- Brevoort, daughter of John Brevoort, married 
John Morss, Jr., who was a descendant of Robert 
Morse, who came from England in 1644 and 
settled in Elizabethtown, N. J., in 1667. Their 
son Peter Morss married Julia Crane and had 
three children. Their daughter Annie Morss 
married Francis W. Allin and has children: 
Edna AUin, who married William J. Elliott, 
and Frederic Brevoort Allin of New York City, 
who graduated from Columbia College in the 
class of 18SS. 

Pierre Come Kane and Edith Brevoort his 
wife had children: 

1 . Grenville Kane, married Margaret A. Wolfe 
and had children: 

(a) Margaret Dorothy Kane. 

(b) Edith Brevoort Kane, married October 
14, 191 1, George F. Baker, Jr. 

(c) Anzonella Kane. 

(d) Rose Kane. 

2. Meta Kane, bom August 15, 1856. 

3. EUzabeth D. Kane, bom in 1857, died in 

4. Henry Brevoort Kane, married Florence 
Hartshome. Children : 

(a) Henr>' Brevoort Kane, died, aged four- 
teen years. 

(b) John Grenville Kane. 

(c) Florence Brevoort Kane. 

5. William Carson Kane married, first, Geral- 
dine Hoyt. He married, second, Corinne P. 
Dickinson. They have a daughter, Daphne 

(iv) Emily Augusta Kane, married James Van 
Home Lawrence, son of William Lawrence and 
Margaret Van Home, a descendant of Thomas 
Lawrence, who came to America from Hertford- 


shire, England, and obtained a patent for a tract 
of land in Newtown, L. I., in 1655. They had one 

Margaret Lawrence, who died March 21, 1871. 
She married Hon. William Wood, a descendant 
of Sir Andrew Wood, High Admiral of Scotland 
in the last part of the fifteenth century-, who 
died October i, 1894. She was his second wife. 
(i) Dennistoun Wood, married on January 2, 

1875, Edith PhilHps, daughter of Howard C. 

PhilHps. Children: 

(a) Dennistoun Wood, Jr. 

(b) Florence Wood, married W. Everett Ver- 

(c) Dorothy Wood. 

(2) Chalmers Wood, married Ellen Appleton 
Smith, daughter of Rev. John Cotton Smith, 
D.D., Rector of the Church of the Ascension, 
New York, son of Rev. Thomas Mather Smith, 
D.D., President of Kenyon College, Ohio; and 
granddaughter of General James Appleton of 
Portland, Maine, Commander of the Massa- 
chusetts Mihtia in the War of 1812. Children: 

(a) John Cotton Wood, died young. 

(b) Chalmers Wood, Jr. 

(c) William L. Wood. 

(d) Mary- A. Wood. 

(e) Francis A. Wood. 

(3) H. Dtmcan Wood, married April 24, 1878, 
Ellen E. Pulsifer, daughter of William H. Pulsifer 
of St. Louis, Mo. Children: 

(a) Eleanor D. Wood. 

(b) H. Duncan Wood, Jr. 

(c) William Wood. 

(d) Gertrude Wood, married Hon. Edward Bell, 
Secretary of the United States Legation at 
Teheran, Persia. 


(4) Van Home Lawrence Wood, bom in i860, 

removed to Australia. 

After the death of his -wife Margaret Lawrence, 

William Wood, on December 6, 1883, married 

Helen Mason, daughter of Henry Mason. 
(v) Georgiana Kane, daughter of John Kane and 
Maria Codwise, his wife, married Charles F. 
Winthrop. Children : 
(i) Maria Winthrop, married Henry D. Robinson. 


(a) Georgiana W. Robinson. 

(b) Harriet Duer Robinson. 

(c) Gertrude B. Robinson. 

(2) Grenville Winthrop. married Elizabeth Van S. 
Oddie. Children : 

(a) Grenville Bayard Winthrop, married Araze- 
lia Van Zandt. 

(b) May Winthrop. 

(c) Isabel Winthrop. 

(d) Alice Winthrop, married F. Norton God- 

(3) Robert Winthrop, married Katharine W. 
Taylor, daughter of Moses Taylor. Children : 

(a) Robert Dudley Winthrop. 

(b) Grenville L. Winthrop, married, June 2, 
1892, Mary Tahnadge Trevor. Children: 

Emily L. Winthrop. 
Kate Winthrop. 

(c) Katharine Winthrop, married January 12, 
1888, Hamilton Fish Kean of Elizabeth, N. J., 
great-great-great-grandson of Maria Beekman, 
daughter of Colonel Gerardus Beekman. Chil- 
dren : 

John Kean. 

Robert Winthrop Kean. 

(d) Frederic Winthrop, married first, January 
10, 1903, Dorothy Amory and had children: 

Robert Winthrop. 


Dorothy Winthrop. 
Frederic Winthrop, Jr. 
Frederic Winthrop married, second, Sallie 

(e) Beekman Winthrop, married October 7, 
1 903, Melza Riggs Wood. He was Governor of 
Porto Rico and is assistant Secretary of State. 

(f) Albertina Winthrop, married John Herman 
Van Roigen, of Zwolle, Holland, Minister of 
the Netherlands to Japan. 

(vi) Charlotte Kane, married on March 18, 1835, 

LawTcnce Heyworth of England, 
(vii) John Kane, 
(viii) Caroline Kane, married Philo L. Mills, and 

lived in a house on Broadway, opposite the Metro- 

poHtan Hotel. Children: 

1. JuHa Mills. 

2. Caroline Mills, married William H. Neilson. 

a. Rev. William H. Neilson, married Anne Reed . 

b. Alfred Neilson, married Annie F. Embler. 

c. Louis Neilson, married Anne P. Rogers. 

d. Frederic Neilson, married Isabel Gebhard. 

e. Caroline K. Neilson, married William Voss. 

f. Juha Neilson, married Henry A. Hinldey. 

g. Rosalie NeiJson, married Samuel Hinckley, 
h. Emily Neilson, married in 1885, Middleton 

S. Burrill, bom October 16, 1858, son of John 
Ebenezer Burrill, 1 822-1 893. 

3. Sarah Mills, married Dr. Wilham May. Chil- 

a. Dr. William May, married Amy W. Draper. 

b. Frederick May. 

c. Caroline May, married William Wright. 

d. Edith May, married Hon. William C. Whit- 
ney, Secretary of the Navy under President 

e. Julia May. 


f. Emily May, married J. Beavor Webb. 

4. P. Lewis Mills. 

5. Harriet Mills, married George Ogston. 

(ix) Harriet Amelia Kane, married September 15, 
183c, William Wood; she died April 17, 1846. 

1. John Walter Wood, married Sabina Redmond, 
eldest daughter of William Redmond. Children: 

a. Sabina R. Wood, married Robert Struthers. 

b. Mary- R. Wood, married Frank Martin. 

c. John Walter Wood, Jr., married Nathalie 

d. Harriet Wood, married Herman C. Hoskier. 

2. Charlotte Matilda Wood, married Rev. Edward 
Bell, Vicar of St. John's, Wakefield, Yorkshire, 
England. Children: 

a. Catharine Bell. 

b. Edward BeU 

c. Harry Bell. 

3. Elizabeth Dennistoun Wood, married General 
Thomas L. Kane. He was wounded in the battle 
of Rappahannock in the Civil War. He was the 
son of Judge John K. Kane, of the United States 
District Court of Pennsylvania, and brother of 
Dr. Elisha Kent Kane, surgeon of the U. S. Navy, 
the Arctic explorer. They had a daughter, 
Harriet AmeHa Kane, and three sons: Elisha 
Kent Kane, Evan Thomas Kane, and Thomas 
L. Kane, Jr. 

4. Harriet Maria Wood. 

5. William Wood, Jr., died January 20, 1867. 

6. Helen Wood, married George B. Watts. 
Children : 

a. Caroline Watts, married Frederick W. 


b. George B. Watts, married Sarah Holmes. 

c. James D. Watts. 

d. Helen Watts, married H. W. Green. 



e. J. Walter Watts. 

f. Julia de P. Watts, married F. Krebs. 

g. Ethel Watts, 
h. Sabina Watts. 

(x) John Archibald Kane. 
€2. Cornelius Beekman, son of Gerardus Beekman and 
Anna Maria Van Home, bom December 12, 1722, 
married Catharine Van Home. Children: 

a. Catharine Beekman, married Captain John Law- 

b. Comeha Beekman, married, in 1771, Charles 
Aitken of the Island of St. Croix. This marriage 
is mentioned in the year book of the St. Andrews 
Society of New York, of which he became a mem- 
ber in 1769. 

c. Gerard Beekman, removed to England. 
63. Magdalene Beekman, bom July 27, 1725. 

^4. Gerard G. Beekman, son of Gerardus Beekman and 
Anna Maria Van Home, bom July 29, 1719, married 
Anna Van Home and had a son : 

Gerard G. Beekman, married Comeha Van Cort- 
landt, daughter of Governor Pierre Van Cortlandt. 
They had one child, a daughter: 

Ann Beekman, married Captain Frederick de 
Peyster, after the death of his first wife, Helen 
Hake, the daughter of General Samuel Hake and 
granddaughter of Gilbert Livingston and Cornelia 
Beekman. They had children: 

1. Joanna Cornelia de Peyster, bom March 7, 1804, 
died 1867, married Richmond Whitemarsh. 

2. Ann Frederick de Peyster, bom June 9, 1805, 
died unmarried. 

3. Margaret de Peyster, bom April 14, 1809, died 

4. Mary Elizabeth de Peyster. 

5. Pierre Van Cortlandt de Peyster, bora July 11, 
1814, in New York City, died immarried. 

6. Catharine Van Cortlandt de Peyster, bom 


October 20, 1818, married in New York City, 
June 19, 1838, Benjamin H. Field. Children: 

(a) Cortlandt de Peyster Field, married Virginia 
Hamersley, daughter of John Hamersley. 

(b) Florence Van Cortlandt Field, married, first, 
David Wolfe Bishop. Children: 

(i) Cortlandt Field Bishop, married Amy Bend. 
(2) David Wolfe Bishop, died in 191 1. 

Mrs. Florence V. C. Bishop married, second, 
John E. Parsons, a distinguished lavryer of New 
York City. 
llle. Gerardus Beekman, son of Colonel Gerardus 
Beekman, after the death of his wife, Anna Maria Van 
Horn, married second, Catharine Provoost, "upon a 
license from his excellence," June 10, 1727, as per 
Hackensack Church records. She was the third child, 
baptized October 8, 1704, of William Provoost of New 
Barbados, Bergen County, N. J., baptized October 8, 
1679, died about 1745 (date of his will), andAefjeVan 
Exveen. He was the son of David Provoost, baptized 
September 30, 1645, and Trjmtje Laurens, his wife; 
the son of David W. Provoost, son of David Provoost, 
who came from Holland in 1639 and lived in Peal 
Street near Fulton Street, New York City, then New 
Amsterdam. He was commander of Fort Good Hope 
from 1642 to 1647. 

Gerardus Beekman and Catharine Provoost his wife 
had children: 
eS- William Beekman, .bom April 3, 1728, removed to 

Liverpool, England. 
e6. David Beekman, bom January 17, 1733, was a 

wealthy sugar planter in St. Croix, W. L 
e-. Magdalena Beekman, bom March 19, 1735, mar- 
ried Abraham Lynks. 
eS. Gerardus G. Beekman was, according to the Very 
Rev. Dr. Eugene Hoffman, in The Hoffman Genealogy, 
a merchant in Liverpool, England, and agent there 
for his brother David Beekman. 



e(). Aefje or Eve Beekman, bom February 25, 1737, 

died Noyember 22, IJJ5, and was buried at Fishkill, 

N. Y., married Philip Verplanck, bom August 30, 1736, 

son of Philip Ver Planck, 1 695-1 771, and Gertmde 

Van Cortlandt, daughter of Johannes Van Cortlandt 

and Anna Maria Van Scharck, grandson of Olof 

Stevense Van Cortlandt, whose family history has 

already been stated. Children : 

(i) Catharine Verplanck, bom April 21, 1765, died 

May, 1833, married on November 4, 1786, Har- 

manus Hoffman, bom in Kingston, N. Y., January 

3, 1745, died September i, 1S29. Son of Colonel 

Martinus Hoffman and Tryntie Benson. She was 

his third wife, he having previously been married, 

first, to Catharine Douw, and second, to Cornelia 

Vredenburgh. Harman Hoffman and Catharine 

Verplanck his wife had children: 

(a) Philip Verplanck Hoffman, bom 1787, died 

(b) Lieut. Beekman Verplanck Hoffman, bom 
in 1789. He was Lieutenant on the warship 
Constitution of the U. S. Navy in War of 1812 
when she took the Guerriere, Cyanne, and Levant. 

(c) Philip Verplanck Hoffman, married, first, 
Mrs. Mary (Gould) Murgatroyd, second, Lydia 

(d) David Beekman Hoffman, bom 1793. 

(e) Harman Laidlie Hoffman, bom 1796, mar- 
ried, first, Charlotte M. Klein or Clyne; married, 
second, Jane Geyer. 

(f) Maria Gertmde Hoffman, bom 1798, mar- 
ried Commander John Downes. 

(g) Samuel Verplanck Hoffman, bom 1802, mar- 
ried, 1828, Glorvina Rossell Storm, daughter of 
Garret Storm and Susan Gouvemeur, his wife, 
bom July 21, 1808, died Febraary 18, 1888. 
They had children: 

(A) Very Rev. Eugene Augustus Hoffman, D.D., 


bom 1829, married Mary Crooke Elmendorf, 
daughter of Peter Zabriskie Elmendorf and 
Maria La Grange Van Vechten, his wife, 
daughter of Michael Van Vechten, the son of 
Dirck Van Vechten. He was a noted Epis- 
copalian minister. He graduated from Rut- 
gers College in 1847 and from Harvard in 
1848. In 1853 he became rector of Christ 
Church, Elizabeth, and was ordained in St. 
John's Church, Elizabeth, N. J. Later in life 
he became Dean of the General Theological 
Seminary in New York City. Children: 

1. Susan Matilda Hoffman, bom in 1853, 
married Rev. J. Henry Watson, of Hartford, 
Conn. Children: 

a. Henry L. Watson. 

b. Mary Elmendorf Watson. 

c. Eugene A. H. Watson. 

2. Mary Louisa Hoffman, bom in 1855, 
married Rev. Thomas W. Nickerson, Jr. 

3. Samuel Verplanck Hoffman, died yo\mg. 

4. Margaret Hoffman, married Charles L. 
Hackstaff and had children : 

a. Mai E. Hackstaff, bom September 17, 

b. Margaret Hackstaff, bom April 3, 1884. 

c. Caryl Hackstaff, bom September 28, 


5. Eugene A. Hoffman, 1863-1891, died un- 

6. Elizabeth Hoffman, died young. 

7. Samuel Verplanck Hoffman, bom 1866, 
married Louisa Norwood Smith. Children: 

a. Louisa V. Hoffman, bom May 5, 1896. 

b. Margaret Hoffman, bom April 5, 1899. 

8. Effie Beekman Hoffman, bom December 
7, 1868, died young. 

9. Gertrude C. Hoffman, died young. 



(B) Rev. Charles Frederick Hoffman, D.D., 
bom 1830, married Eleanor Louisa Vail. He 
was President of Hobart College, Geneva, N. 
Y., and Rector of All Angel's Church, New 
York City. Children: 

1. Charles F. Hoffman, bom 1856, married 
Eugenia L. Schieffelin, daughter of Edgar 

2. Laura Isabel Hoffman, bom 1857, married 
Hon. J. Van Vechten Olcott, son of Nathan- 
iel Olcott. 

3. Samuel Verplanck Hoffman, bom April 22, 
1859, died young. 

4. Glorvina Hoffman, died young. 

5. William M. V. Hoffman, bom 1862, mar- 
ried Irene Stoddard. Children: 

a. Charles G. Hoffman, bora July 29, 1888. 

b. Stoddard O. Hoffman, bom March 26, 

c. William Stoddard Hoffman, bom April 
20, 1896. 

6. Eleanor L. Hoffman, bom 1864, married 
William McNeil Rodewald. Children: 

a. Eleanor H. Rodewald, bom September 
13, 1890. 

b. Marie L. Rodewald, bom July, 1895. 

c. William McN. Rodewald, bom July 13, 

(C) Susan Matilda Hoffman, bom August 6, 
1832, died August 18, 1837. 

(D) Carroll Hoffman, died young. 

(h) Margaret E. Hoffman, bom in 1804. 
(ii) Gertrude Verplanck, daughter of Philip Ver- 
planck, bora August 27, 1767, died in 1848, married 
August 8, 1789, Anthony A. Hoffman of Pough- 
keepsie, N. Y. Children: 

a. Beekman Verplanck Hoffman, born in 1789, 
married Phoebe W. Townsend. Children: 


1. Margaret T. Hoffman. 

2. Gertrude V. Hoffman, married William C. 

3. Mary C. Hoffman. 

b. Charles Edward Hoffman. 

c. Euphemia Hoffman married, first, John Bab- 
cock; second, Philip Verplanck, grandson of 
Aefje Beekman. 

d. Samuel A. D. Hoffman, died unmarried. 

(iii) Philip Verplanck, bom July 18, 1768, died in 
1828, married September 27, 1796, Sally Arden, 
daughter of Thomas Arden. Children: 

a. Philip Verplanck, born November 16, 1797, 
married Augusta Maria DeVeaux, his first cousin. 
He married, second, Euphemia Hoffman. 

b. Mary Arden Verplanck, died young. 

c. Eliza Arden Verplanck, born in 1804, married 
her first cousin, PhiHp Alexander V^erplanck, son 
of William Beekman Verplanck. 

d. WiUiam Beekman Verplanck, born in 1806, 
married Maria Mercia McComb. 

e. Sally Arden Verplanck, born in 1808, married 
Christopher B. Miller. 

(iv) William Beekman Verplanck, bom March 2, 
1770, died December 30, 1804, married MeHna 
Gordon, daughter of Lieut. James Gordon of the 
Continental army in the Revolutionary War. 

1. Mary Verplanck, bom in 1799, died young. 

2. William Gordon Verplanck, bom October 12, 
1 801, died 1879, married Mary E. Hopkins, 
daughter of Samuel M. Hopkins. Children: 
(a) Samuel Hopkins Verplanck, bom January 

31, 1827, married September 20, 1854, Mary 
^ G. Vought, daughter of Abraham Vought. 

Children : 

(i) Mary E. Verplanck, bom August 11, 


(2) Ruth L. Verplanck, born December 8, 


(3) Susan Verplanck, bom November 22, 


(4) William Gordon Verplanck, bom April 
15, 1 86 1, at Geneva, N. Y. He is a dis- 
tinguished lawyer of New York City. He 
married Harriet A. Clark, daughter of Mar- 
garita S. Verplanck. 

(5) Jane L. Verplanck, bom September 18, 

(b) Melinda G. Verplanck, bom April 3, 1829, 
died November ii, 191 1, and was buried at 
Geneva, N. Y. 

(c) James Gordon Verplanck, bom June 24, 
1838, married Delphine E. Bamum. Chil- 

(i) James G. Verplanck, bom in 1863, died 

(2) Maud Verplanck, bom in 1867. 

(d) Philip Verplanck, bom March 28, 1844, 
married Julia W. L. Campbell, daughter of 
Judge James W. Campbell of Philadelphia, 

3. Phihp Alexander Verplanck, bom January 22, 

1804, married Ehzabeth Arden Verplanck, bom 

July 6, 1804, daughter of Philip Verplanck and 

Sally Arden, his wife. 

(v) Margaret Verplanck, bora September 7, 1771, 

died November 7, 1852, married June 15, 1799, 

Peter Mesier. 
(vi) Anna Maria Verplanck, bom October 19, 1773, 

died 1S16, married April 22, 1797, Col. Andrew de 

Veau-x of the British anny. Children; 

a. Jane De Veaux, married John Hare Powell, of 
Philadelphia, son of Samuel Powell. 

b. Augusta Maria De Veaux, married PhiUp Ver- 
planck, son of Philip Verplanck and Sally Arden. 


III/. Catharine Beekman, daughter of Colonel Gerardus 
Beekman, born May 25, 1689, at Flatbush, N. Y., 
married Lieutenant Charles Le Roux, who died January 
30, 1763. He was a goldsmith and jeweUer of New 
York City, who carried on the silversmith's trade built 
up by his father Bartholomew Le Rou^x, who died in 1 7 1 3. 

A history of the Le Roux family is given in a very 
interesting monograph entitled Early New York Silver- 
smiths by R. T. Haines Halsey, who says: 

"The Leisler Rebellion was one of the most important 
happenings in the history of New York. Its results 
were the birth of a popular party in active opposition 
to the government, a party which worked for the 
country against the party for the crown. A study 
of the records of the Leisler Rebellion discloses the fact 
that Bartholomew Le Roux, the earliest of the famous 
silversmiths of that name who worked in New York 
for over half a century, took a most important part 
in this opening struggle of the masses against the classes. 
It is not difficult to picture this sturdy Huguenot silver- 
smith standing in the Fort on the 26th of February, 
1689, and voicing the popular indignation of his fellow- 
soldiers at the unwillingness of Leisler and his captains 
to secure the Fort absolutely against the chreatened 

"While to a large extent this interesting rebellion 
was caused by a revolt against the aristocratic faction, 
who had held control of the government under James 
II., yet the intensity of feeling which made the people 
rise almost to a man was aggravated by the fact that 
New York with its large Huguenot population was 
constantly in fear of the papists and French invasion, 
as it was well known that the French King had in- 
structed his commanders that in case the capture of 
New York was effected, 'those of the pretended Re- 
formed religion must be sent back to France. ' 

"Bartholomew Le Roux, who spoke in justification 
of his fellow-citizens' seizure of the Fort, lived on the 


west side of Broadway a little south of Morris Street. 
His activities in the Leisler Rebellion in no way caused 
him to lose caste with the party in power, as he was 
elected to various positions of responsibility — consta- 
ble, assessor, and collector, and in 1703 assistant al- 
derman, to which office he was elected annually for 
the next ten years." 

His son Charles Le Rou.x, who married Catharine 
Beekman, "was long the official silversmith of the 
city; the records show that, from 1720 to 1743, to him 
alone was entrusted the making of the various gold 
and silver boxes, which, engraved with the arms of the 
city, inclosed the city seal, which accompanied the 
engrossed freedom of the city granted by the common 
coimcil for noteworthy service and to highly honored 

lllg. Cornelia Beekman, daughter of Colonel Gerardus 
Beekman, bom December 23, 1698, married Richard 
Van Dam, son of Riv Van Dam, bom in Albany, New 
York, and Sarah Vanderspiegle, his wife, whom he 
married on September 14, 16S4. 

Illh. Henry Beekman, bom December 11, 1701, died 
September 4, 1743, unmarried. 

HI;. Maria Beekman, bom January 10, 1704, married 
Jacob Walton. She died at the old Walton House on 
Franklin Square in 1794. Children: 

(a) Jacob Walton. 

(b) Vv'illiam Walton, a founder of the Chamber of 
Commerce, died August, 1796, married Maria de 
Lancey, daughter of Governor James de Lancey and 
Ann Heathcote, his wife, who was the daughter of 
Colonel Caleb Heathcote, proprietor of the Manor 
of Scarsdale, and granddaughter of Stephen de Lan- 
cey, who came from Normandy to America in 1686, 
and Ann Van Cortlandt, his wife. Children : 

a. WilHam Walton. 

b. James de Lancey Walton. 

c. Rear-Admiral Jacob Walton of the British navy. 


who married and had a son, the Reverend William 
- Walton, 
d. Ann Walton, married Daniel Commelin Ver- 

planck, son of Samuel Verplanck and Judith 

Commelin his wife. Children : 

1. Mary Ann Verplanck. 

2. Louisa Verplanck. 

3. EHzabeth Verplanck. 

4. Samuel Verplanck. 

5. William Walton Verplanck. 

6. James de Lancey Verplanck. 

7. Anna Louisa Verplanck. 

(c) Mary Walton, married on September 24, 1749, 
Lewis Morris, bom at Morrisania, April 8, 1726. He 
graduated from Yale College in 1746. He was one 
of the most prominent patriots at the time of the 
Revolutionary War. On July 4, 1776, he signed the 
Declaration of Independence. He was Brigadier- 
General of the Westchester County Militia and 
afterwards Major-General. He was a Judge and a 
member of the State Senate in 1777. He died 
January 22, 1798. 

General Lewis Morris and Mary Walton his wife, 
granddaughter of Colonel Gerardus Beekman, had 
children : 
(i) Lewis Morris, bom in 1752, died November 22, 

1824. Graduated from Princeton College in 1774. 

He was a Colonel in the Revolutionary War. He 

lived in Charleston, S. C. He married Anne 

Elliot and had children : 

(a) Jacob Morris. 

(b) George Morris, married Maria Whaley and 
had children: 

1. Lieut. George Morris. 

2. Josephine IVIorris, married Col. Peter, A. 

(c) Sabina Morris. 

(d) Louisa Morris. 



(e) Capt. William Morris, married Amie Fish- 
bome-. Children : 

1. Emma Morris, bom November 10, 1821. 

2. Anna Morris, bom January i, 1821, married 
Martin R. Zborowski, whose name was Za- 
brislde. He bought an estate and title in 
Poland which had descended from his ancestor 
Zborowski. They had children: 

a. John Zborowski, died unmarried. 

b. Anna Zborowski, married Count Charles 
de Montsaulnin of Fontenay, France. 

c. Ahster Zborowski, died in 1853. 

d. William EUiot Zborowski, married Madame 
Margaret L. Carey de Steuers and had a son, 
Louis Zborowski. 

3. JuHa Morris, daughter of Captain Wilham 
Morris, married Augustus Stebbins. 

(f) Col. Lewis Morris, son of Col. Lewis Morris 
and Ann ElKot Morris, bom in 1785, at 
Charleston, S. C, died September 30, 1863; 
married, first, Elizabeth Manigault, and had 

(i) GabrieUa Morris, married John Butler of 
Philadelphia, Pa., on January 11, 1827, and 
had one child: 

(a) Ehzabeth M. Butler, bom April 13, 1830, 
died June 29, 1862, married May 2, 184S, 
Lieut. -Col. Julian McAllister, U. S. A., and 
had children: 

1. Julia G. McAlHster. 

2. Gabrielle McAllister, who married Stan- 
ley W. Dexter. 

3. Meta E. McAllister, married John H. 

(2) Margaret Ann Morris, married John B. 

(3) Lewis Morris. 

(4) Ralph Morris. 


(5) Harriet M. Morris, married George Edwards. 

- (6) Richard Lewis Morris. 

(7) Charles M. Morris, bom in 1820. 

(8) Charlotte M. Morris, bom in 1821. 

Col. Lewis Morris married, second, Amarith 

(f.) Richard Rutherford Morris, son of Col. 
Lewis Morris and Anne Elliot, married his 
cousin Helen Morris, daughter of James Morris, 
and had children: 

1. Helen Morris. 

2. Lewis Morris. 

3. Anna Elliott Morris, married Elias Van 
der Horst. 

4. Mary Walton Morris, married Gen. W. C. 

5. Sophia Morris, married Charles Drayton 
Burrill and had children: 

(a) Drayton Burrill, married Elizabeth 

(b) Mary Burrill, married Richard L. 
Kemble and had children: 

1. Richard M. Kemble. 

2. WilHam Kemble. 

(c) Percy Burrill. 

(2) General Jacob Morris, second son of General 
Lewis Morris, bom December 28, 1755, died in 
1844, married first, Mary Cox, who died in 1844. 
They had children: 

I. Lewis L. Morris married, first, EUzabeth Gil- 
bert. Children: 

1. Lewis Morris, married Julia Collier. 

2. Sarah Morris, married John A. Davis, and 
had a daughter, Martha Davis, who married 
Charles Burtis. They have a daughter, Sarah 
M. Burtis. 

3. Mary C. Morris, married B. B. Morris. 

4. Elizabeth Ann Morris, married John A. 


Collier. Their daughter, Helen S. Collier, 
married Thomas D. Wright. Children: 

(a) John A. C. Wright. 

(b) Mary H. Wright. 

(c) Thomas D. Wright. 

Lewis L. Morris married, second, Hannah 
Winter. Children ; 

5. Jacob Morris, married Sarah Tompkins. 

6. William A. Morris, married Jane Morris. 

7. Robert Hunter Morris, married Martha 

8. John C. Morris, married Sybilla Carmatt. 

(a) Anna Morris. 

(b) Frederick Morris. 

(c) Caroline P. Morris. 

(d) Carmatt Morris. 

(e) Mary Morris. 

9. Richard V. Morris. 

10. James Rutherford Morris. 

11. Charles Lee Morris. 

2. John Cox Morris, bom in Philadelphia. 

3. Richard Morris, married Frances Upton. 

4. Mary Ann Morris, married Isaac Cooper of 

5. George Morris. 

6. Sarah Morris, married first. Major Peter 
PhiHp James Kean, bom in 1788, died in 1828, 
the son of John Kean, bom in 1756, and Susan 
Livingston, his wife, daughter of Peter Van 
Brugh Livingston, and had a son: 

John Kean, bom in 18 14, married Lucy 
Halstead and resided at his estate, 
"L^rsino," in Elizabeth, New Jersey. They 
had children: 

(i) Peter P. Kean, died young. 
(2) Caroline M. Kean, married Geo. L. 


(3) Susan L. Kean. 

(4) John Kean, bom in 1852, graduated from 
Yale in 1876. He is U. S. Senator from 
New Jersey. 

(5) Julien H. Kean, bom in 1854. 

(6) Christine Kean, married W. Emlen 

(7) Elizabeth Kean. 

(8) Lucy Kean. 

(g) Hamilton Fish Kean, bom in 1862, 
married in 1888, Katharine T. Winthrop 
and has children: 

(a) John Kean. 

(b) Robert Winthrop Kean. 

Mrs. Sarah Morris Kean after the death of 
Major Kean married Looe Baker. 

7. Susan Morris. 

8. Jacob Walton Morris. 

9. Catharine Cox Morris, married John H. 

10. William Augustus Morris. 

1 1 . James Morris. 

12. Charles Valentine Morris. 

General Jacob Morris married second, Sophia 
Pringle and had a child. 

13. William A. Pringle Morris, who married 
Harriet Grannis. 

(3) Lieut. William Walton Morris, third son of 
General Lewis Morris, bom in 1760, died in 1832, 
married Sarah Carpenter and had children: 

1. Lewis Morris, married Julia Hayes. 

2. General William Walton Morris, bom August 
31, 1 80 1, died December 11, 1865, married Mary 
A. Ritchie and had children: 

a. William Gouvemeur Morris, bom December 
24, 1833, died January 31, 1883, married 
Helen Louise Games. 

b. Mary Alexander Morris, died young. 


c. Estelle Morris, married Dr. John Murray 
Camochan and had children: 

( 1 ) Harriet F. P. Camochan, married Thomas 
W. Ludlow of Yonkers. 

(2) jVIary Morris Camochan, married J. 
Lawrence Aspinwall. 

(3) William Camochan, died unmarried. 

(4) Estelle Camochan, died unmarried. 

(5) Lillian Camochan, married Livingston 
Crosby and had one child: 

(a) Estelle M. Crosby. 

(6) Gouvemeur M. Camochan, married Ma- 
tilda G. Goodridge. Children : 

(a) John Murray Camochan. 

(b) Frederic G. Camochan. 

(c) Gouvemeur M. Camochan. 

d. Gouvemeur Morris, bom in 1841, died 
December 25, 1865. 

e. Captain Arthur Morris, married Adelaide 
Bettner and had a son : 

(a) Arthiu- G. Morris, married Lillian Brooks. 

f. Anne Morris, married Col. Joseph G. Ramsay, 
U. S. A., and had children: 

a. William G. Ramsay. 

b. Dr. George D. Ramsay. 

c. Joseph G. Ramsay, died young. 

3. Lieut.-Col. Gouvemeur Morris, son of Lieut. 
W. W. Morris and Sarah Carpenter his wife, 
married Anna Maria de Camp. 

4. James Morris. 

5. Sarah Caroline Morris, died unmarried. 

6. Maria F. Morris, died unmarried. 

7. Frances Morris, married, first, Captain David 
Brooks, U. S. A., second, Abraham Shepard. 

a. Fanny Brooks, married William Walton. 

b. Isabella Brooks, married Walter Ruther- 


8. Anne Morris, died July 2, 1900, in her 95th 
year, married Aquila G. Stout and had children: 

a. Sarah W. Stout, married Baron AnceHs de 

b. Francis A. Stout, married Emily M. Read. 

9. Arthur Breese Morris, married Mary Bard. 
(4) James Morris, fourth son of General Lewis Mor- 
ris, bom in 1764, died September 7, 1827, married 
February i, 1796, Helen Van Cortlandt, daughter 
of Augustus Van Cortlandt and Helen Barclay his 
wife, and had children: 

1. James Van Cortlandt Morris, married Cather- 
ine Post, daughter of James Wright Post, M.D. 

2. Frederick Augustus Morris. 

3. Catharine JMorris, married Dr. Alex. H. Stevens 
of New York and had children: 

a. Alexa C. Stevens, married Rev. James J. 
Bowden and had children: 
(i) Constance Bowden, married Herbert 
Washington and had a son, Bowden Wash- 

4. Helen Morris, married her cousin Richard 
Rutherford Morris, son of Col. Lewis Morris. 

5. Mary Morris, died unmarried. 

6. Ann Morris, died immarried. 

7. Jane Morris, died unmarried. 

8. Dr. Richard Lewis Morris, bom November 4, 
1805, died June 14, 1880, married EHzabeth S. 
Fish, daughter of Col. Nicholas Fish, and had 
children : 

(a) James Morris, married Elizabeth W. Gray. 

(b) EHzabeth S. Morris, married WilHam St. 
John Elliot Marshall and had children: 

(i) WiUiam St. J. E. Marshall, married Con- 
stance B. Runcie. 

(2) Elizabeth M. Marshall. 

(3) Sarah E. Marshall, married Francis L. 
Mordaunt and had children: 


(i) Elizabeth M. Mordaunt. 
- (2) jMildred C. Mordaunt. 

(c) Nicholas F. Morris, U. S. Navy, lost at sea. 

(d) Richard L. Morris, died young. 

(e) Richard L. Morris, married Lillian Monson 
and had children: 

(i) Monson Morris. 

(2) Helen V. C. Morris, married Nelson 

(f) Dr. Stuyvesant Fish Morris, married Ellen 
J. Van Buren, granddaughter of President 
Martin Van Buren, and had children: 

(i) Elizabeth Morris, married October 31, 
1906, Benjamin W. Rogers. 

(2) Van Buren Morris, died young. 

(3) Ellen Van Bxrren Morris, married F. 
Livingston Pell and had children: 

a. Walden Pell. 

b. Stuyvesant M. Pell. 

(4) Stuwesant Morris, died young. 

(5) Richard L. Morris. 

(6) Stuyvesant Fish Morris, married Eliza- 
beth H. Wynkoop and had children: 

a. Stuj'vesant F. Morris. 

b. Martin Van Buren Morris. 

(7) Helen V. C. Morris, married David King. 

(8) Charlotte L. Morris, married Martin 
Gilbert Wilkins. 

(9) Margaret L. Morris, married Bayard U. 
Livingston of Albany, N. Y., and had 
children : 

a. Louis Morris Livingston. 

b. Bayard U. Livingston. 

Robert Rutherford Morris, married Hannah 
Edgar, daughter of William Edgar, and had chil- 
dren : 
(a) Catharine Morris, married Henry D 



(b) Anne Morris. 

(c) William Edgar Morris, died unmarried. 

(d) Cornelia Le Roy Morris, died unmarried. 

(e) Helen Morris, married Dr. Magill of U. S. 

10. Sarah Louisa Morris, married Edward Augus- 
tus Le Roy; issue: 

(a) Helen V. C. Le Roy, married William 
Pinckney Stewart, and had children: 
i. Louisa Morris Stewart, married James 

ii. Helen Van Cortlandt Stewart, married 

William Irving Kent, 
iii. Edward Le Roy Stewart, 
iv. Charlotte P. Stewart. 

11. WiUiam Henry Morris, son of James Morris 
and Helen Van Cortlandt his wife, bom August 
3, 1810, died February 12, 1896, married first, 
Hannah C. Newbold, who died in 1842 leaving 
children : 

a. James Staats Morris, bom in 1836. 

b. Augustus Newbold iMorris, bom June 3, 1S38; 
died in 1906, married on December 10, 1862, 
Eleanor Colford Jones, daughter of General 
James L Jones, and had children: 

i. Newbold Morris, born in 1868, married 
Helen S. Kingsland and has children: 

(a) Augustus Newbold Morris, bom Feb- 
mary 2, 1902. 

(b) George Lovett Kingsland Morris, bom 
November 14, 1905. 

ii. Eva Van Cortlandt Morris. 

William H. Morris married second, CaroHne 
Halsted, and he married third, in 1850, Ella Birk- 
head, who had children : 

c. Au<nista McE. Morris, married October 10, 
1 87 1, Frederic J. de Peyster, eldest son of Cap- 
tain James Ferguson de Peyster by his second 


wife, Frances Goodhue Ashton, and great-great- 
grandson of Cornelia Beekman. They had 
children : 

Helen Van Cortlandt de Peyster. 
Frederic Ashton de Peyster. 
Frances Goodhue de Peyster. 
Augusta Morris de Peyster. 
V. Ella Morris de Peyster, married December 
II, 1905, William Brock Shoemaker, who died 
in 1906. 
d. Juliet B. Morris, daughter of Wilham Henry 
Morris, married in 1890, PhiHp Livingston, 
son of Livingston Livingston. 
12. Charlotte Morris, married Richard F. Kemble 
and had : 
(a) Mary W. Kemble. 

(5) Staats Morris, fifth son of General Lewis Morris, 
married in 1800, Catalina Van Braeme and had 
children : 

1. Frederick Morris. 

2. Walton Morris. 

3. Lewis Nelson Morris, killed in the Mexican 
War in 1846. 

4. Sarah Morris, married Dr. Leonard. 

5. Louisa Morris, married Norman Squires. 

(6) Captain Richard Valentine Morris, U. S. Navy, 
sLxth son of General Lewis Morris, bom March S, 
1768, married Ann W^alton, daughter of Jacob 
Walton, son of Jacob Walton and Maria Beekman, 
his cousin. They had children : 

1. Lewis Morris, died young. 

2. Gerard Walton Morris, bom July 1 1 , 1 799, mar- 
ried Martha Pine and had children : 

a. Gerard W. Morris. 

b. Isabella Morris. 

c. Anne W. Morris. 

d. Richard B. Morris. 

e. Captain John P. Morris, of U. S. Army. 


f. Henry W. Morris. 

g. Rev. Arthiir Rutherford Morris. 

h. Honoria Morris, married Francis J. Barretto 
and had a son: 
Gerard Morris Barretto. 
i. Mary Pine Morris, married Jonathan Ed- 
wards and had a child : 

Mary Morris Edwards, who married Charles 
M. Ostrander. Daughter: 
Mary Morris Ostrander. 

3. Richard Valentine Morris, died unmarried. 

4. Henry Lewis Morris, who married Mary NataHe 
Spencer of Albany, N. Y., daughter of Hon. John 
C. Spencer, Secretary of War and of the Treas- 
ury under President Tyler, and had children: 

(a) Mary NataHe Morris, died unmarried. 

(b) Henry Lewis Morris, bom August 8, 1845, 
married on November 5, 1868, Anna Ruther- 
ford Russell and had children: 

i. Eleanor Russell Morris, married January 
22, 1903, Robert H. McComiick, Jr., of 
Chicago, Illinois. 

ii. Lewis Spencer Morris, bom August 21, 
1884. Married Emily Pell Coster. 

(7) Mary Morris, daughter of General Lewis Morris. 

(8) Catharine Morris, died November 23, 1834, lear- 
ned August 2, 1778, Thomas Lawrence. 

(9) Sarah Morris. 

(10) Helen Morris, married in 1782, John Ruther- 

lllj. Jacobus or James Beekman, M.D., son of Colonel 
Gerardus Beekman, was a physician and also a mer- 
chant in New York City. He was bom in 1687. He 
married Elizabeth de Peyster, bom in 1692, daughter of 
Johannes de Peyster, bom in 1666, and Anna Banker 
his wife, and granddaughter of Johannes de Peyster. 
They had four children. After his death, she married 
Abraham Boelen and had eight children. The chil- 


dren of Jacobus Beekman and Elizabeth de Peyster his 

wife were : - 

(i) Anatje Beekman, bom in 17 16. 

(2) Jacobus Beekman, bom in 1722. 

(3) Gerardus Beekman, bom in 1718, married, first, 
Mary Beekman, daughter of Christopher Beekman, 
his first cousin. He married second, Ann Doren and 
they had children: 

a. Peter Beekman. 

b. Ann Beekman. 

c. Gerardus K. Beekman. 

(4) John Beekman, son of Jacobus Beekman and 
Elizabeth de Peyster, bora in 1720, married Elizabeth 
Ellsworth, daughter of Theophilus Ellsworth of New 
YorkCity. His will, dated August 10, 1774, probated 
August 29, 1774, is recorded in Liber L of Wills, page 
128, at Trenton, N. J. Children: 

a. James Beekman, married Sarah Lefferts, daugh- 
ter of Dirck Lefferts. 

b. Gerardus Beekman, married Sarah Paine. 

c. John Beekman, married Kisse Gile. 

d. Thomas Beekman, married Sarah Matthews. 

e. Theophilus Beekman, married EHzabeth Mat- 
thews. Children : 

1. EHzabeth Beekman, married James Henry. 

2. Theophilus Beekman, who lived at Husdon, 
N. Y. 

f . Elizabeth Beekman, married Colonel Henry Alex- 
ander Livingston, bom August 26, 1776, died in 

Cornelia Beeioian 

IV. Cornelia Beekman, baptized April II, 1655, died in 
April, 1679, married on September 19, 1674, Isaac Van 
Vleck, Captain of Militia and .\lderman in New York 
City. They had a daughter, who married Alexander 
Baird, a lawyer, of Newtown, L. I. 



V. Johannes Beekman, baptized November 22, 1656, 
third son of Lieut. Wilhebnus Beekman, died in Kingston, 
N. Y., Jiily 21, 1 75 1, married March 4, 1685, Aeltje or 
Aletta Thomas Popinja, daughter of Thomas Laurensen 
Popinga from Groeningen and Maritje Jans his wife. 
They lived, in 1725, in a house on North Pearl Street, below- 
Maiden Lane, Albany, N. Y., which was afterwards the 
residence of Anthony Van der Heyden, described in 
Irving's Bracebridge Hall. The Irving house of "Sunny- 
side" was copied partly after this house and the iron 
vane on one of its gables was transferred to "Sunnyside" 
when the old Beekman home was pulled down in 1833. 
Their descendants are stated in Some Records of the 
Beekman Family, by James R. Gibson, Jr. They had 
children : 

Va. Wilhelmus Beekman, baptized August 22, 1686, 
married Martha Mott. They had children: 

(a) Catharine Beekman, baptized February i, 1716, 
died young. 

(b) John Beekman, baptized August 31, 1718. 

(c) Wilhelmus Beekman, baptized October 5, 1720. 

(d) Mali (Maria) Beekman, baptized March 24, 1723. 

(e) Elizabeth Beekman, baptized April 21, 1725. 

(f) Jacobus Beekman, baptized May 3, 1730. 

(g) Catharine Beekman, baptized September 27, 1727. 
(h) Alida Beekman, baptized October 29, 1732. 

(i) Christiana Beekman, baptized December 22, 1734. 



(j) Henricus Beekman, baptized September 11, 1737. 

(k) Jacobus" Beekman, baptized September 17, 1740. 
Yb. Thomas Beekman, bom April 13, 1689, in New York 

City, died July il, 1759, in Kingston, N. Y., married 

January 14, 1715, Maria Wynkoop, baptized April 23, 

1693, died July 7, 1758, daughter of Major Johannes 

Wynkoop. They had children : 

(i) Judicke Beekman, bom December 2, 1715, died 
April 10, 175S, married November 10, 1738. Daniel 
Whittaker, son of James Whittaker, and had children ; 

(a) Thomas Whittaker, died young. 

(b) James Whittaker, baptized December 25, 1740, 
married April 14, 1764, Jannetje Hoff. 

(c) Maria WTiittaker, baptized August i, 1742. 

(d) Elizabeth Whittaker, baptized February 19, 

(e) Thomas Whittaker, baptized July 28, 1745, 
died yoimg. 

(f) Sarah Whittaker, baptized April 12, 1747. 

(g) Catrina Whittaker, baptized February 12, 1749. 
(h) John Whittaker, baptized May 19, 1751, died 

(i) Thomas Whittaker, baptized April 26, 1752. 
(j) Daniel Whittaker, baptized February 16, 1755 
(k) Johannes Whittaker, baptized April 10, 1757 

(ii) Alida Beekman, bom March, 1 7 1 7, died unmarried. 

(iii) Catharine Beekman, bom September 11, 1720, 
died May 10, 1762, married December 16, 1759, 
William Elswaert, son of Theophilus Elswaert and 
Johanna Hardenbrook his wife. No descendants. 

(iv) Johannes Beekman, bom June 17, 1723, died 
November 22, 1792, married October 20, 1750, 
Lydia Van Keuren, bom April 25, 1729, daughter 
of Captain Tjerck Van Keuren, who commanded a 
company in the French and Indian War, and Marjrtje 
Ten Eyck his wife. They had children: 
(A) Thomas Beekman, bom October 17, 1751, died 


(B) Tjerck Beekman, bom December 30, 1754, 
-died December 25, 1791. He was a Captain in 
the Revolutionary War. He married Rachel Du- 
mont, daughter of John Diunont and Gertrude 
Ten Broeck, daughter of Colonel Wessel Ten 
Broeck, 1636-1704, Ambassador to Canada under 
Governor Dongan. Children; 
(i) Dr. John Beekman, baptized May 29, 1785, 
died in 1814, unmarried. 

(2) Geertruy Beekman, bom March 25, 1787, 
died November 22, 1828, married, June, 1825, 
Hon. Charles H. Ruggles, Vice Chancellor and 
Judge of the Court of Appeals, N. Y. 

(3) Sarah Beekman, baptized October 10, 1790, 
died in 1874, married January 26, 1819, Rev. 
Cornelius D. Westbrook, D.D., bom May 8, 
1782, and had children: 

(a) J. Beekman Westbrook, married Harriet 
B. Biggs. 

(b) Judge Theodoric R. Westbrook, married 
JuHa A. Vail, daughter of Hon. Da"vid W. 
Vail of New Brunswick, N. J. 

(c) Cornelius D. Westbrook. 

(d) Gertrude Westbrook. 

(e) Charles Ruggles Westbrook. 

(f) Mary Westbrook, married James Lansing 
Van Deuren. 

(g) Hannah Westbrook, married Charles W. 

(C) Dr. John J. Beekman, son of John Beekman, 
married Anna Pruyn and had children: 

a. Dr. John P. Beekman, married, first, Catharine 
Van Schaack, second, Eliza Clarke. 

b. Thomas Beekman, married Lydia Van 

(D) Benjamin Beekman, born February 23, 1763, 
married on January 2, 1785. Rebecca Thomson. 

(E) Cornehus Beekman, married Margaret Burhans. 


(v) Maria Beekman, died in infancy. 

(vi) Elizabeth Beekman, bom Januar>' 2S, 1728, died 
October 10, 1784, married November i, 1747, Teunis 
Hoogteling, son of Wilhelmus Hoogteling and Marj'tje 
Tappen his wife, and had children: 

(a) Wilhelmus Hoogteling, died young. 

(b) Thomas Hoogteling, baptized October i, 1749, 
died April 22, 1817, married October 12, 1777, 
Elizabeth Van Sternberg. 

(c) William Hoogteling. bom October 6, 1751, 
married Marietje Roosa. 

(d) Johannes Hoogteling, bom November 25, 1753, 
married Anna Margaritta Roosa. 

(e) >.Lilli Hoogteling, born October 12, 1755, mar- 
ried September 8, 1782, Arie Van Vliet of Dutchess 

(f) ComeUus Hoogtehng, bom April 3, 1757. 

(g) Annatje Hoogteling, bom January 28, 1759, 
married Dirk Van Steenberg, son of Abraham Van 

(h) Elizabeth Hoogtehng, bom May 23, 1762, mar- 
ried August 17, 1783, John J. Roosa. 
(i) Thomas Hoogteling, bom in 1764. 
(j) Hezekiah Hoogteling, bom in 1769. 
(vii) Malh Beekman, bom October 14, 1730, married 
October 4, 1751, Comehus Swart. They lived at 
Rhinebeck, N. Y. Children: 

(a) Alaretje Swart, baptized September 16, 1753, 
married Rejer Hermanse Schermerhom. . 

(b) Antje Swart, baptized July 11, 1756, married 
Philip H. Bacus. 

(c) Johannes Swart, died young. 

(d) Catrina Swart, baptized July 20, 1760, married 
June II, 1780, John Elmendort". 

(e) Thomas Swart, bom in 1763, married Phoebe 

(f) Tobias Swart, bom in 1766. 

(g) Elizabeth Swart, married John H. Hermanse. 


(h) Cornelius Swart, baptized December 30, 1770, 

married Rebecca Latham. 
(i) Alida Swart, baptized July 3, 1774. 
(viii) Cornelius Beekman, bom September 3, 1733, 
married July 17, 1757, Catrina Schoonmaker, daugh- 
ter of Hendrick Schoonmaker and had children: 

(A) Maritje Beekman, bom January 16, 1758, died 
May 3, 1836, married September 30, 1784, Hon. 
Jacob G. Klock, member of the State Legislature, 
and had children : 

(i) John Klock, married Josephine Klock. 

(ii) Cornelius Klock, married Elizabeth Fox. 

(iii) William Klock, died yoimg. 

(iv) Benjamin Klock, married M. Howes. 

(v) Katy Klock, married Ashbel Loomis. 

(vi) Elizabeth Klock, married George Putnam. 

(vii) Polly Klock, married first, Devoe, 

second Klock, third March. 

(B) Trentje Catharine Beekman, bom December 3, 
1759, died March 28, 1828, married January 26, 
1783, John Van Gaasbeck, Jr., son of John Van 
Gaasbeck and Antje Low his wife, and had children: 
(i) Catharine Van Gaasbeck, bom August 24, 

1784, married Moses Dubois. 

(ii) Abraham Van Gaasbeck, bom in 1786, mar- 
ried Maria Osterhout. 

(iii) ComeHus Van Gaasbeck, bom February 14, 
1789, married Nov. 21, 1816, Mar}' Burhans of 
Saiigerties, N. Y., daughter of Tjerck Burhans. 

(iv) Antje Van Gaasbeck, bom in 1791. 

(v) Thomas Beekman Van Gaasbeck, bom August 
22, 1793, died in 1847, married Margaret Van 

(vi) Joseph Van Gaasbeck, bom in 1795. 

(vii) Annetje Van Gaasbeck, bom December 4, 
1797, died May 30, 1855. 

(viii) Maria Van Gaasbeck. died young. 

(ix) Sarah Van Gaasbeck. bora July 16, 1803. 


(C) Thomas Beekman, son of Cornelius Beekman 
and grandson of Thomas Beekman, bom April 26, 
1761, died October 27, 1814, married January 20, 
1788, Catharine Masten, daughter of Cornelius 
Masten, and had children: 

(i) ComeHus Beekman, married Anna M. Black- 
well. Children: 

(a) Thomas Beekman, bom in 1822, married 
September 25, 1853, Nellie Catharine Van 

(b) Julia Beekman, bom March 6, 1S27, mar- 
ried James A. Decker. 

(c) Laura Beekman, born November 21, 1829, 
married Thomas W. Jansen. 

(d) Anne Beekman, bom March 2, 1833, died 

(e) Mary Beekman, bom July 29, 1836, died 
August 16, 1861. 

(2) Catharine Beekman, daughter of Thomas 
Beekman and Catharine Masten his wife, bom 
July 22, 1 79 1, married Abraham J. Van Gaasbeck 
and had children: 

(a) Beekman Van Gaasbeck, died young. 

(b) Lawrence Van Gaasbeck, bom July 10, 
1 815, married Mrs. Mary Carr, daughter of 
George Galloway. 

(c) Edgar Van Gaasbeck, bom in 1818, married 
Ruby A. Smith. 

(d) Wilham H. Van Gaasbeck, bom 1820. 

(e) James B. Van Gaasbeck, bom in 1823. 

(f) Elizabeth Van Gaasbeck, died yoimg. 

(g) Elizabeth Van Gaasbeck, bom in 1826. 
(h) Catharine Van Gaasbeck, died young. 
(i) Mary Alida Van Gaasbeck, died young. 
(j) Debora Van Gaasbeck, died young. 

(k) Abraham B. Van Gaasbeck, died young. 
(3) Alida Beekman, daughter of Thomas Beek- 
man, bom in 1794, died young. 


(4) Elizabeth Beekman, bom in 1797, married 
Jacob Burhans. 

(5) Alida Beekman, died young. 

(6) Thomas Beekman, died young. 

(D) ComeHus Beekman, son of ComeHus Beekman 
and Catharine Schoonmaker his wife, bom in 
January, 1765, married Catharine Walrath, bom 
September 17, 1768, died Febmar^-, 1854, and had 
children : 

(a) Elizabeth Beekman, bom September 16, 1787, 
died March, 181 7, married Cornelius Swartwout 
and had children: 

(i) Eugene Swartwout. 

(ii) Catharine Swartwout, married Moses T. 

(iii) Aletta Swartwout. 
(iv) EHzabeth Swartwout. 

(b) Catharine Beekman, borrj August 16, 1789, 
died unmarried. 

(c) Dorothy Beekman, born May 10, 1791, 
married Noah W. Kiniston. 

(d) Comehus W. Beekman, bom in 1793, died 
January 15, 1866, married in 1S22, Sarah Storms, 
daughter of Peter Storms, and had children: 
(i) Mary Ann Beekman, bom May 10, 1824. 
(ii) Peter Beekman, died unmarried. 

(iii) Elizabeth Beekman. 

(iv) Celestia E. Beekman. 

(v) Nancy Beekman. 

(vi) WiUiam ComeUus Beekman, bom March 
I, 183S, married Deha Hoffman, daughter of 
Charles Hoffman, and had a son: 
a. Charles Beekman. 

(vii) Sarah Beekman, born July 4, 1840. 

(e) Eveline Beekman, bom October 10, 1795, 
died in 1862, married John Reese and had chil- 

(!) James Reese, of Missouri. 


(ii) Stephen Reese. 
(iii) Dorothy Reese. 
(iv) Mary Reese. 

(f) Anthony Beekman, bom February 25, 1798, 
died in 1864, married Margaret Groff and had 

(i) Noah W. Beelcman, bom October, 1826, 

married June 15, 1862, Maria Van Deuren. 
(ii) Catharine Beekman, bom in 1829, married 

Robert Van Deuren. 
(iii) John Groff Beekman, married Sarah Groff. 
(iv) Reuben Beekman, died in 1865, unmarried, 
(v) Benjamin Beekman. 
(vi) Loami Beekman, bom in 1839, married 

Sarah Hoffman, daughter of Jerome Hoffman, 
(vii) Margaret Beekman, bom in 1842, died 


(g) Mary Beekman, bora June 4, 1800, died in 
1868, married George Bellinger and had a daugh- 

(i) Eliza Bellinger. 

(h) John Beekman, bom in 1802, died unmarried. 

(i) Nancy Beekman, died young 

(j) Magdalene Beekman, bom May, 18C7, mar- 
ried Gilman Towle and had two sons: 
Charles Towle of Indiana. 
Henry Towle of Chicago, Illinois. 

(k) Margaret Beekman, bom in 18 10, married 
Moses T. Meeker. His first wife was her niece 
Catharine Swartwout. 

(E) Alida Beekman, daughter of ComeHus Beek- 

(F) Elizabeth Beekman, bom in 1770, died young. 

(G) John Beekman, bom December 16, 1771, died 
in 1857, married Catharine Kierstede, daughter of 
Nicholas Kierstede, and had children: 

(a) Anna M. Beekman, bom in 1809, died young. 

(b) Henry Beekman, died in 1854, unmarrieyl. 


(c) Jane Beekman, bom in 1813, married Asa 
Stebbins of Brooklyn, N. Y. 

(d) James Beekman, married Sarah A. Hamilton. 

(e) Maria K. Beekman, died young. 

(f) John K. Beekman, died immarried. 

(g) Walter K. Beekman, died unmarried. 
(H) Ehzabeth Beekman, bom in 1774. 

(I) Lidea Beekman_ died young. 
Vc. Malh (or Mary) Beekman, third child of Johannes 
Beekman, son of Wilhelmus Beekman, baptized June 
23, 1692, married Aemout Schermerhom, baptized 
November 7, 1686, died December 2, 1749, son of Symon 
Jacobse Schermerhom, 1 658-1 696, who, at the time of 
the destruction of Schenectady by the French and 
Indians on February 8, 1690, although wounded, rode 
to Albany to give the alarm. They had a residence on 
the south side of Queen Street, now Pearl, near Fulton 
Street, New York City. Children: 

(a) Catharine Schermerhom, baptized May 10, 171 1. 

(b) Willemyntje Schermerhom, baptized October 14, 
1 7 13, married March 6, 1732, Petrus Cannon, son of 
Jan Caimon and Maria Le Grand. 

(c) Johannes Schermerhom, baptized July 13, 1715, 
married Jime 10, 1741, Sarah Cannon, sister of Petrus 
Cannon and daughter of John Cannon, a refugee 
from Rochelle, France, at the time of the Huguenot 
persecution. Their children, all bom in New York 
City, were: 

(i) Amout Schermerhom, bom March 12, 1742. 

(ii) Mary Schermerhom, baptized December 21, 

(iii) John Schermerhom, baptized January 15, 1746. 

(iv) Simon Schermerhom, baptized January 20, 
1748, married Jane Bussing. 

(v) Peter Schermerhom, baptized October i, 1749, 
died January 28, 1826, married EHzabeth Bussing 
on September 11, 1 77 1 , and had children : 
(i) John P. Schermerhom, bom June 13, 1775, 


married Rebecca Stevens, daughter of General 

Ebenezer Stevens, and had a son: 

(a) George Stevens Schermerhom, bom January 

18, 1807, died August i, 1885, married Maria 

Isabella Grim, bom November 3, 1808. They 

had a son : 

George Stevens Schermerhom, Jr., bom May 
3, 1S35, married Juha Magdalene Gibert. 
Children : 

Amy E. Schermerhom. 
Edward G. Schermerhom. 
Arthur Frederick Schermerhom, married 

Frances S. Levick. 
Philip G. Schermerhom. 
(2) Peter Schermerhom, bom April 22, 1781, 
married Sarah Jones. Children: 

1. Peter H. Schermerhom, bom March 27, 
1805, died yoimg. 

2. John Jones Schermerhom, baptized August 
17, 1806, died September 23, 1876, married 
Mary S. Hone, daughter of Philip Hone. 

3. Peter Augustus Schermerhom, bom Janu- 
ary 13, 181 1, married Adeline E. Coster. 

4. Edmund H. Schermerhom, bom December 

5. James J. Schermerhom, bom September 
25, 1818. 

6. WilHam C. Schermerhom, bom June 22. 
1 82 1, died January i, 1903, at the old Scher- 
merhom residence, 49 West 23d Street, New 
York City. 

(3) Abraham Schermerhom, bom April 9, 1783, 
married Helen White, bom November 12, 1792, 
daughter of Henry White and Ann Van Cortlandt 
his wife, daughter of Augustus Van Cortlandt. 
They had children: 

I. Anne White Schermerhom, bom February 
15, 181S, married Charles Suydam, bom 


December 3, 1818, died December 31, 1882. 

(a) Charles S. Suydam. 

(b) Augustus Van Cortlandt Suydam. 

(c) Helen Suydam. 

(d) Walter Lispenard Suydam, bom May 20, 
1854, '^ho married his cousin, Jane Alesier 
Suydam, daughter of John R. Suydam. 
They have a son: 

Walter L. Suydam, bom in 1884. 

2. CaroHne Webster Schermerhom, married 
WilHam Astor, bom July 12, 1829, died April 
25, 1892, son of William B. Astor and Margaret 
R. Armstrong his wife, granddaughter of Mar- 
garet Beekman Livingston and great-grand- 
daughter of Colonel Henry Beekman the son of 
Wilhelmus Beekman the Founder. Their de- 
scendants have been stated on page 50. 

3. Schermerhom, married Bayard, 

daughter of James A. Bayard of Delaware. 

4. Captain Frederick Augustus Schermerhom, 
bom November i, 1844. 

(4) George Schermerhom, bom May 16, 1785. 

(5) EHzabeth Schermerhom, bom June 15, 1787, 
married Rev. William Creighton. 

(6) Jane Schermerhom, bom March 25, 1792. 
(vi) Sarah Schermerhom, daughter of Johannes 

Schermerhom, bom October 3, 1751, married 
James A. Stewart, 
(vii) Catharine Schermerhom, bom November 28, 

(viii) Abraham Schermerhom, bom March 27, 1755. 
(i.\) Comehus Schermerhom, bom December 10, 

(x) Catharine Schermerhom, bom March 21, 1759. 
(xi) Hester Schermerhom, died young. 

(d) Aeltje Schermerhom, bom in 171 7. 

(e) Jannetje Schemierhom, bom in 17 19. 


(f) Simon Schermerhom, bom in 1721. 
Yd. Johannes Beekman, son of Johannes Beekman, 
baptized July 21, 1695, married January 15, 171 9, 
Elizabeth Provoost, daughter of Jonathan Provoost 
and Catharine Van de Veen, and had children: 

(a) Catharine Beekman, died young. 

(b) Johannes Beekman, bom in 1720. 

(c) Catharine Beekman, bom in 1 723, married Novem- 
ber 26, 1743, Jacob Arden, and had children: 

(i) Abya Arden, baptized April 3, 1745, married 
George Wilt. 

(ii) EHzabeth Arden, baptized July 26, 1747, mar- 
ried George Leaycraft. 

(iii) Catharine Arden. 

(iv) Jacob Arden. 

(v) Aeltje Arden, died young. 

(d) Aeltje Beekman. 

(e) Wilhelmus Beekman, baptized December 18, 1726, 
married April 5, 1750, Maria Elsworth, daughter of 
Joris Elsworth, and had children: 

(i) Johannes Beekman, bora in 1751. 
(ii) Jannetje Beekman, bom in 1753. 
(iii) Jacob Beekman, bom in 1755. 
(iv) Joris Beekman, bom in 1756. 
(v) EHzabeth Beekman, bom in 1759. 
(vi) Wilhelmus Beekman, bom in 1761. 
Ye. Catharine Beekman, daughter of Johannes Beekman, 

baptized July 17, 1698. 
V/. Hendricus Beekman, baptized April 6, 1701. 
Yg. Gerardus Beekman, born in 1704. 
Yh. Rachel Beekman, baptized July 18, 1708, married 
October 17, 1728, John Denmark, son of John Denmark, 
and had children; 

(i) Aeltje Denmark, bom in 1730. 
(ii) Maria Denmark, baptized October 18, 1732. 
(iii) Johannes Denmark, bom in 1735. 
(iv) Hendricus Denmark, bom in 1739. 
(v) Rachel Denmark, bom in 1742. 


VI. Jacobus Beekman (also called James), sixth child of 
Wilheknus Beekman, baptized August 21, 1658, died in 

VII. Wilhelmus Beekman, seventh child, bom July 20, 
1664, died in 1702, unmarried. 

VIII. Martinus Beekman, born in 1665. 

IX. Catharine Beekman, married Gerardus Duycldnck of 
New York. Holgate, and other genealogists, mention 
this daughter of Wilhelmus Beekman. Gibson, and some 
other authorities, dispute it. There is no record of any 



On the old Beekman estate on the Millstone River near 
Griggstown, N. J., there is a private burying-ground. This 
farm was part of the original purchase of Colonel Gerardus 
Beekman in 1702. It was afterward subdivided and parts 
of it sold. 

On April 22, 1814, Gerardus Christopher Beekman con- 
veyed the farm surrounding the cemetery to Abraham Van 
Derveer by deed of conveyance which was recorded on Oc- 
tober 21, 1 8 14, in the clerk's ofhce at Somerville in Liber H 
of deeds at page 538. The consideration expressed therein 
was $5941 .50. The farm was described as being in the town- 
ship of Montgomery, county of Somerset, N. J. Begin- 
ning at a stake standing on the west side of Millstone 
River, on the edge of the bank, being the northwesterly 
comer of land formerly belonging to Gerardus Beekman, Sr., 
and thence north 36 degrees 30 minutes west 16 chains 18 
links to a stake standing in the edge of the upland; thence 
along the same two courses thereof northwardly 6 chains 
80 links to a stake for a comer, thence north 46 degrees and 
4 minutes west 64 chains 60 links, more or less, to a sapling 
marked standing on the brink of Dead Tree Brook on the 
northeastwardly side of the same; thence along the same 
south 33 degrees 15 minutes west 4 chains 80 links, to a 
stake standing on the Hne of the said Gerardus Beekman, Sr., 
deceased ; thence along said Hne north 46 degrees 4 minutes 
west 25 chains 8 links, to a stone planted for a comer, 
thence south 16 degrees west 3 chains to John Van Dyke's 


mill; thence south 8 degrees west 6 chains to a stake; thence 
south 46 degrees east 29 chains 30 hnks to a sassafras tree 
standing on the brink of the Millstone River, thence down 
the said river with the courses thereof 6 chains 20 Hnks 
to the place of beginning; containing 128 acres and tt, of 
an acre; excepting and reserving therefrom yV of an acre sold 
to Jacob Van Dyke; also ].i of an acre for the use of a 
burying-ground where the present graveyard now is; also 
i¥o of an acre sold to Thos. Vanderveer, be the same more 
or less. 

Thus was the land of Beekman Cemetery- reserved for a 
burying-ground. It has been kept in order and the iron 
fence around it repaired by money received from contri- 
butions by the family, but in order to insure a perpetual 
supervision over it, so that it may not be neglected, it was 
deemed best to legally incorporate it into a cemeterv' under 
the "Act to authorize the incorporation of rural cemetery 
associations and regulate cemeteries" (April 9, 1875) and the 
several supplements thereto. Accordingly a meeting was 
held on September 26, 1908, at the old Beekman Homestead 
now the residence of Dr. Abraham Beekman Mosher, who 
acted as Chairman of the meeting, which was also attended 
by the following gentlemen: George W. Campbell, Lewis 
Mosher, Theodore B. Hoagland, Schuyler C. Staats, Joseph 
A. Skillman, A. S. Hoagland, and William B. Aitken. 

The Beekman Cemetery Association was incorporated 
under the trusteeship of George W. Campbell, President, 
Wniiam B. Aitken, Treasurer, and Dr. Abraham Beekman 
Mosher, Secretarv'. The certificate of incorporation was 
received in the office of the clerk of the county of Somerset, 
at Somerville, N. J., on September 28, 1908, and recorded 
in Book 3 of Copartnerships and Corporations at page 28, 

The descendants of Gerardus Beekman and of all persons 
having an interest in said cemetery are entitled to the right 
of burial therein, and for the purpose of carrying out this 
intention, and under the act of New Jersey of March 12, 
1890, "to enable the owners of land used for private bmy^ng- 


grounds in any of the townships of this State to provide 
for the improvement, protection, and preservation of the 
same," they have conveyed to the Beekman Cemetery Asso- 
ciation the unoccupied portions of the burying-ground, to- 
gether with its control, subject to their rights of burial therein. 
The list of burials in the Beekman Cemetery is not com- 
plete. The following are the inscriptions on the monuments 
and gravestones: 

Gerardus Beekman, d. Alch. 19, 1822, aged 86. 0. 27. 
"0 may my himible spirit stand among those clothed 

in white. 
The meanest place at thy right hand is infinite delight. " 

Jane, wife of Gerardus Beekman, d. July 13, 1841, in 
the 86th year of her age. 

John A. Beekman, d. September 21, 1829, in the 47th year 
of his age. 

Alletta Rappleye, relict of John A. Beekman, d. Jime i, 
1 87 1, in the 86th year of her age. 

"There remaineth therefore a rest to the people of God. " 

Margaret H., daughter of Abraham C. and Elizabeth H. 
Beekman, d. Aug. 29, 1836, aged 14 years 5 months and 22 

Garret Beekman, d. Jan. 11, 1848, aged 79 years 10 mos. 
and 14 days. 

Abraham Beekman, d. Sep. 3, 181 8, in the 80th 
his age. 

Ann, wife of Abraham Beekman and dau. of Garret and 
Nelly Voorhees, d. May 25, 1S17, in the 65th year of her age. 
"In Christ alone I hope and trust 
To rise in judgment with the just." 


Christopher Beekman, son of Garret Beekman, d. Feb. i8, 
1816, in "the 20th year of his age. 

Margaret Beekman, wife of Garret and dau. of Jacobus 
Quick, d. Mch. 12, 1816, aged 41 yrs. 6 mos. and 15 days. 
"Dear husband, now the time is come. 
Farewell, the Saviour calls me home 
To leave all earthly love; 
Remember your Creator here, 
Farewell, we meet above." 

Christopher Beekman, d. Nov. 16, 1829, in the 96th year 
of his age. 

Maria Beekman, wife of Garret Beekman and daughter 
of Demenicus Stryker, died April 15, 1794, aged 22 years 
2 mos. and 2C days. 

Anne, wife of Benjamin Skillman, d. Mch. 3, 1795, in the 
60th year of her age. 

"In Christ alone I hope and trust 
To rise in judgment with the just." 

Abraham B. Skillman, d. March 21, 1807, by hngering 
illness of 3 years, in the 41st year of his age. 

"In Christ alone we hope and trust 
To rise in judgment with the just. " 

Gitty, daughter of Abraham B. Skillman, d. Nov. 15, 1807, 
in the year of her age. 

An old rough Beekman stone with name and dates oblit- 

Gerardus, son of Abraham and Anne Beekman, d. 1805 in 
the 27th year of his age. 

Rebecca Van Dyke, wife of Garret Beekman, d. Nov. 14, 
1847, aged 78 years 3 m. and 7 d. 


Cornelia, daughter of Garrit Beekman and Margaret 
Quick, d. Sep. 9, 1834, aged 34 yrs. 3 mos. and 23 days. 

Demenicus Stryker, son of Garrit Beekman, d. Dec. 30, 
1804, in the loth year of his age. 

Joanna, wife of John A. Beekman and daughter of Peter 
and Jane Nevius, d. May 6, 18 14, in the 30th year of her age. 

Martha Beekman, wife of Christopher Beekman, d. Oct. 
30, 181 7, in the 76th year of her age. 

"Here Hes the saint, the mother, friend, and wife. 
She filled her days with works of righteousness, 
And now beyond the regions of sky 
Her spirit mingles with the saints on high." 

Thomas Skillman, d. Dec. — , 1809, in the 82d year of his 

"Afflictions sore long time I bore, 
My body racked with pain. 
Now death is come and called me home. 
I shall with Jesus reign. " 

Mar>^ Beekman, wife of Thomas Skillman, d. June, 1 81 9, 
in the 86th year of her age. 

"Father, I give my spirit up 
And trust it in thy hand. 
My djdng flesh shall rest in hope 
And rise at thy command." 

Christopher Beekman, d. Feb. 26, 1S60, aged 86 years i 
mo. and 15 days. 

" Look on dear friends as you pass by, 
Remember you are bound to die. 
Sorrow and health will soon be past 
And bring you to the grave at last." 

Abraham C. Beekman, d. Feb. 24, 1877, aged 89. [In- 
scribed on a large monument.] 


Elizabeth Houghton, wife of Abraham C. Beekman, d. 
Aug. 2: 1S64, aged 73. 

Mary Van Dyke, wife of Christopher Beekman, d. Feb. 
II, 1859, aged 80 yrs. 3 mos. and 5 days. 

" Dearest parent, thou hast left us, 
Here thy loss we deeply feel, 
But 't is God who hath bereft us. 
He can all our sorrows heal. " 

Abram Beekman, son of Wm. B. and Catharine Aitken, d. 
Mch. 30, 1S62, aged 2 years 6 months and 2 days. 
[Monument eight feet in height.] 

Lewis H. Alosher, b. Nov. 17, 1822, d. Mch. 29, 1882. 
[Large monument.] 

Matilda Beekman his wife, b. Dec. 2, 1S24, d. Mch. 30, 1901, 

Lizzie B. Voorhees, wife of George W. Campbell, born 
March 4, 1854, died August 31, 1888. [Large monimient.] 

Florence Campbell, 1 881-1895, daughter of George W. 
Campbell and Lizzie B. Voorhees. 

Peter Van derveer, bom July i, 1797, died Dec. 29, 1882. 
[Large monument.] 

Penelope Ketcham, wife of Peter Van der Veer, bom 
August 28, 1800, died December 13, 1881. 

Emma A. Vanderveer — Luke Vanderveer — Anne Vander- 
veer — Abraham and Phcebe Vanderveer. 

Dr. John Reeve, died June 23, 1834, aged 69 years. 
Ann, wife of John Reeve, died Feb., 1877, aged 52 years 
6 mos. 

Emma, daughter of Peter L. and Penelope \'an Derveer, 
and wife of William N. Vail, died Oct. 31, 1857, in the 24th 
year of her age. 

Ann, daughter of Abraham and Phcebe Van Derveer. 
Died May 21, , age 8 yrs. 2 mos. and 19 days. 


Mary, daughter of Thomas and Sarah Newton, died Sep. 
I, 1827, aged 13-years. 

Cornelius Skillman, bom January I, 1 771, died January 12, 
1853. [Large monument.] 

Ida S. Skillman, wife of Cornelius Skillman, bom January 
25, 1778, died January 20, 1831. 

The Van Dyke Family 



the son of Thomas Van Dyke, 
was the founder of the Van 
Dyke family in America. He 
came to New Amsterdam from 
Amsterdam, Holland, in the year 
1652 with his wife Tryntje Achias 
or Haegen and seven children. 
It is said that she was his 
second wife and that his first 
wife was the mother of four of 
'AMDrKEHOHE-Ni;roF^ff his children. He died in 1673. 
He was one of the founders in 1657 of New Utrecht, where 
Director-General Peter Stuyvesant had permitted the estab- 
lishment of a town comprising about one thousand acres 
divided into farms of fifty acres each. The early settlers in 
America could not purchase land from the Indians without 
permission of the government and when a purchase was 
arranged it was followed by a special grant allowing the 
formation of a settlement or town. This is in accordance 
with the "Law of Nations" expressed in Wheaton. Jan 
Thomasse Van Dyke owned one of these farms and in 
1659 added to it a tract of meadow land extending toward 
what is now called Coney Island. 

The founders of New Utrecht were granted patents by 


the Governor and Council at Fort Amsterdam on January 
16, 1657. The}: were Jacques Cortelyou; the Lord Coim- 
sellor and Fiscal Nicasius de SiHe ; Peter Buys ; Johan Zeelen ; 
Albert Albertsen (Terhune) ; WiUem WiUemse (Van Engen) ; 
Jacob HelHckers (alias Swart); Pieter Jansen; Huybert 
Hoock; Jan Jacobson; Yimker (or Squire) Jacobus Corlear; 
Jan Thomasse Van Dyke; Jacobus Backer; Rutgert Joosten 
(Van Brunt); Jacob Pietersen; Pieter Roeloffse; Claes 
Claessen (Smith) ; Comelis Beeckman and Teunis Joosten. 

There were then in New Netherlands besides Jan Thom- 
asse Van Dyke two other representatives of Van Dyke 
families of Holland : Franz Classen Van Dyke or Dyck, and 
Hendrick Van Dyke, who was "Fiscall" or State's Attorney 
under Governor Peter Stuyvesant, and who came to New 
Amsterdam in 1640. He is the one who raised a disturbance 
on Broadway which nearly caused the early finish of New 
Amsterdam. He had a house and orchard just south of 
where Trinity Church now stands. In 1655 he shot and 
kiUed an Indian who was stealing fruit from his orchard. 
This hasty action led to much trouble with the Indians and 
many settlers were killed. He died in 1688, leaving a son 
Cornelius who was the ancestor of the Albany Van D}-kes 
and a son Rodolphus Van Dyke who married Elizabeth 
Oudenade and had a son Rev. Henry Van Dyke, bom in 
1740 in Nassau Street, New York City, died in i8n, who 
married Hulda Lewis of Stratford. An account of this Van 
Dyke family may be found in Rev. G. Morgan HiU's History 
of the Church in Burlington, N. J. 

Tunis G. Bergen, in a footnote to his History of the Bergen 
Family, says that the father of Jan Thomasse Van Dyke was 
Thomas Janse Van Dyke of Amsterdam, who married Sytie 
Dirks, and that they had two other sons, Nicholas Thomasse 
Van Dyke and Hendrick Van Dyke. 

Jan Thomasse Van Dyke was active in the affairs of the 
colony from the beginning and soon received honors and 
appointments under its government. He inherited the 
qualities of energy and ability from his ancestors of Holland, 
a family which had long been considered one of the best 


of the burgher families. His coat of arms is described in 
Rietstap^ Armorial General of France, as follows: "D'arg. 
a line digue de sin., touchant les flancs de I'ecu, mouv. d'une 
eau au nat., et surm. de trois etoiles d'or, rangees en chef. 
Crest: une etoile d'or." 

The Director- General and Coundl at Fort Amsterdam on 
October 2, 1659, made the following proclamation: "The 
Director- General and Coundl notify the inhabitants of the 
Town of New Utrecht to keep good watch and for the purpose 
of keeping good order they have appointed and set as in 
other cases the person Jan Thomassen to the office of Ser- 
geant, they therefore order the inhabitance of the Town of 
New Utrecht to obey and acknowledge as Sergeant the 
above named Jan Thomassen." This was the commission 
of Sergeant Jan Thomasse Van Dyke. 

It was often the custom of the Dutch to refer to a person 
by mentioning his first name and the first name of his father. 
Jan Thomasse would mean John the son of Thomas, and Jan 
Janse, John the son of John. To this would be added the 
name which indicated generally the place from which he 
came; thus Beekman was "the man of the brook," Van Dyke 
was the man of the dyke. The name was spelled in many 
ways, often in the same family. It was spelled Van Dyke, 
Van Duyk, Van Dike, Vandike, Van Dyk, Van Duyck, and 
Van Dyck. The correct way of spelling the name of the 
family founded by Jan Thomasse Van Dyke is Van Dyke. 
Dutch parents in naming their children would generally 
give to the oldest son the name of his paternal grandfather, 
and to the second son the name of his maternal grandfather. 
The two oldest daughters would receive the names of their 
grandmothers in the same order. According to the Register 
of New Nethcrland Jan Thomasse Van Dyke was for many 
years a Magistrate of Fort Orange and New Utrecht. 

Jan Thomasse Van Dyke was appointed by Governor 
Colve, August 18, 1673, one of the Schepens. He must have 
died soon after for under date October 16, 1673, we find in 
Documentary History of New York, vol. ii., 577 and 659, 
the following entry: 


" The Governor hath, from the nomination made by the 
Magistrates of the town of Utrecht selected Jan Gysbertse 
Van Meteren as a Magistrate in place of Jan Thomassen now 
lately deceased." 

In Bergen's Early Settlers of King's County, it is stated that 
in 1675 his heirs sold his old farm in New Utrecht to Rut. 
Joosten for 2500 guilders; his new farm to Bryn Janse for 
2000 guilders, and his two lots in the village to his son 
Hendrick Janse Van Dyke for 750 gtulders. His widow 
Tryntje Haegen married on August 11, 1678, Tileman 
Jacobsz Van der Hard, who came to America from Kamerik, 
Utrecht, Holland. 

Jan Thomasse Van Dyke and Tryntje Haegen his wife had 
children : 

(A) Thomas Janse Van Dyke. 

(B) Derrick Van Dyke. 

(C) Card Van Dyke. 

(D) Captain Jan Janse Van Dyke. 

(E) Achias Van Dyke. 

(F) Peter Van Dyke. 

(G) Lambert Van Dyke. 

(H) Hendrick Janse Van Dyke. 

(I) Antje Janse Van Dyke. 

(J) Angenietje Van Dyke. 

(K) Van Dyke. 



(A) Thomas Janse Van Dyke, son of Jan Thomasse 
Van Dyke, bom about 1632, was the oldest son and had just 
about reached his majority when he sailed with his father from 
Amsterdam, Holland, to New Amsterdam in the early part 
of the year 1652. He owned a farm of about fifty acres in 
New Utrecht where he resided until 1677. In 1673 he was 
a magistrate of New Utrecht. In 1677 he sold his farm 
there to Rutgert Joosten Van Brunt and moved to a farm 
in Brooklyn which he sold in 1695 to Woughter Van Pelt. 
He married Maritje Andriessen. Their children were: 
al. Jan Van Dyke of Middlesex, N. J., married Geesje 

all. Andries Van Dyke, baptized August 11, 1675. 

Removed to Newcastle County, Delaware. 
cIII. Nicholas Van Dyke, married on April i, 1689, 
Tryntje Rinerse Amds, daughter of Rinier Amds of 
Flatbush, Long Island. They had a daughter Tryntje 
Van Dyke, baptized August 4, 1690. In Stiles' History 
of Brooklyn at page 203 is given a copy of the charter 
to the inhabitants of Breucklen by Governor Dongan 
bearing date May 3, 1686, and among the names of the 
inhabitants with a statement of the number of years 
each had lived in the country are found; Hendrick 
Veghten, 27 years; Claes Arentse Veghten, 27 years; 
Claes (Nicholas) Thomas Van Dyke, native, and 
Achias Janse Van Dyke, 36 years. He married 2d 


Fransyntie Hendricks of Flatbush and lived on a farm 
which he owned at Gowanus, Brooklyn, until about the 
year 1703, when he moved to Somerset County, New 
Jersey, where he attended the Dutch Church at Six 
Mile Run. He is supposed to have returned to his 
farm in Brooklyn for in 171 5 he was a private in Cap- 
tain Aersins' company of King's County militia. In 
a petition for lands for the Dutch chiu-ches at Flatlands 
and Flatbush bearing date August 8, 171 1, appear the 
names Nicholas Van Dyke, deacon, and Lucas Stevense, 
elder, and the request for two lots in Flatbush describes 
them as on the north side of lands of Colonel Gerardus 
Beekman, Jacob Hendrickse, and Roelof Van Kerk on 
the south side of the lane leading to Gowanus. In 
1724 he sold his Brooklyn farm of 200 acres to Joseph 
Hagemon and removed to Newcastle County, Dela- 
ware. Their children were : 
(i) Thomas Van Dyke, bom April 11, 1693. 

(2) Geesje Van Dyke, bom October 4, 1694. 

(3) Maria Van Dyke, bom July 3, 1696, married 
Joseph Golden. 

(4) Henricus Van Dyke, bom May 3, 1698. 

(5) Johannes Van Dyke, bom March 22, 1700. 

(6) Antje Van Dyke, born July 5, 1704. 

(7) Abraham Van Dyke, who had a farm at YcUow 
Hook, now Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

(8) Nicholas Van Dyke, baptized April 5, 1708, mar- 
ried Lytic Dirks and had a son Hon. Nicholas 
Van Dyke, bom September 25, 1738, died in 1789. 
He was Major of militia in Newcastle County, 
Delaware, during the Revolutionary War. In 1774 
he was a member of the Committee of Correspondence 
and in 1776 Deputy to the Convention; he was a 
member of the Continental Congress from 1777 to 
Feb. I, 1783, when he became Governor of the Colony 
of Delaware, and administered the office until his 
death in 1 789, the year that the Colony became a 
State of the Confederation. His son, Hon. Nicholas 


Van Dyke, was bom December 20, 1769; died March 
21, 1826; graduated from Princeton College in 1788; 
admitted to the Bar of Delaware in 1792; elected to 
the Legislature in 1799; member of the United States 
Congress from 1807 to 1811 ; member of the Delaware 
Senate in 1815. He was United States Senator from 
Delaware from 181 7 to 1826. He married Mary 
Johns, daughter of Kensy Johns and Susannah 
Galloway his wife. Children: 

a. Dorcas Van Dyke, married October 6, 1824, 
Charles Irenee Dupont, bom in Charleston, South 
CaroHna, March 29, 1797, eldest son of Victor 
Marie du Pont de Nemours, bom October i, 1767, 
died January 30, 1827, who came to America as a 
French diplomat to the United States. He returned 
to France to be Aide-de-Camp to General Lafayette, 
when the latter was in command of the French 
National Guard. In 1800 he made his home in 
America and went into the business of manufacturing 
gunpowder with his father and brothers at Wilming- 
ton, Delaware. His father was Pierre Samuel Du 
Pont de Nemours of Paris, France, bom in 1739, 
died in 18 17, who married Nicole Charlotte Maria 
Louise Le Dee de Rencourt and had sons: 

1. Victor M. du Pont de Nemours, above 

2. Elethere Irenee du Pont de Nemours, bom in 
Paris, France, married in Paris in 1791, Sophie 
Madeline Dalmas who died in 1829. They had 
three children: 

a. Alfred Victor Dupont. 

b. Alexis Irenee Dupont. 

c. General Henry Dupont, born in Delaware, 
August 8, 18 12; died August 8, 1889; graduated 
from West Point Military Academy and was 
Adjutant-General of Delaware. He married in 
1837 Louisa Gerhard. His son. Col. Henry 
Algernon Dupont, born in Wilmington, Dela- 


ware, July 30, 1838, graduated from West Point 
i^Iilitary Academy and served through the War 
of the Rebelhon, retiring with the rank of Lieut. - 
Anne H. Walton, in Salons, Colonial and Repub- 
lican, says that the wedding of Dorcas Montgomery 
Van Dyke and Charles Irenee Dupont was one of 
the greatest events that the town of Newcastle, 
Delaware, has ever seen. General Lafayette wit- 
nessed the ceremony and at its conclusion kissed the 
bride. They had children ; 

(a) Mary Van Dyke Dupont, baptized April 19, 

(b) Victor I. Dupont, bom August 5, 1830, died 
January 7, 1873, married February 26, 1862, 
iMary Sophia Dupont and had children : 

a. Victorine A. Dupont. 

b. Charles Francis Dupont, died young. 

(c) Amelia Josephine Dupont, died young. 

(d) Nicholas Van Dyke Dupont, died yoimg. 

(9) Margrietje Van Dyke, bom January 11, 171 1, 

(10) Daniel Van Dyke, bora November 13, 1713. 

(2) Geesje Van Dyke, daughter of Nicholas Van Dyke, 
baptized November 14, 1694, married Nicholas Van 
Bnmt, son of Coraehus Rutgers Van Brunt. Children : 

(i) Major Hendrick Van Brunt, married Nelly . 

He was a Alajor in the American army in the Revo- 
lutionary War. In 1 780, he was captured and made a 
prisoner in the Sugar House in New York City. They 
lived near Shrewsbury, N. J. They had no children. 

(2) Nicholas Van Bnint, married and Uved at Shrews- 
bury, N. J., and had children: 

(i) Nicholas Van Brunt, 
(ii) Hendrick Van Brunt. 

(3) Comehus Van Brunt, married Elleanor . 

They had children : 

(i) Geesje Van Brunt, 
(ii) Joseph Van Brunt. 


(iii) Nicholas Van Bnmt. 
(iv) Cornelius Van Brunt, 
(v) Hendrick Van Brunt. 

(4) Catharine Van Brunt, died unmarried. 

(5) Jannetje Van Brunt, died unmarried. 

(6) Anne Van Brunt, married Cornelius Wincant. 

(7) Agnes Van Bnmt, bom in 1734. 

(8) Geesje Van Brunt, bom in 1737. 

a IV. Hendrick or Tierck Van Dyke, son of Thomas 
Janse Van Dyke, married Pietemella . He 

resided at Yellow Hook now Bay Ridge on New York 
Bay; children: 

I . Thomas Van Dyke, married Jannetje Suydam. 
2 Peter Van Dyke. 
3. Hendrick Van Dyke, married Engeltie. 

He died in 1751. His will dated March i, 1751, and 
recorded October 30, 1751 in Liber 18 of Will p. 31, 
in the Surrogate's Office, New York, mentions his 
wife Engeltie and provides her with a home and an 
annuity and mentions his son "Hendrick Van Dyck 
of the Raritan in New Jersey" and his son John Van 
Dyck to whom he gives his farm in Kings County, 
and his "Great Dutch Bible." He mentions and 
makes bequests to his other descendants; children: 

a. Hendrick Van Dyke of the Raritan, New Jersey, 
bom February 10, 1709, married Margritje Ter- 

b. Peter Van Dyke. 

c. John Van Dyke. 

d. Gerritje Van Dyke, married James Robinson. 

e. Jannetje Van Dyke, married Philip Van Ars- 
dalen, son of ComeHs Simonse Van Arsdalen and 
Mary Dirckse his wife, and grandson of Symon 
Janse Van Arsdalen and Pieterje Cornelia Wyckoff, 
daughter of Peter Claesen Wyckoff, who came 
from Holland in 1636, and married about 1649 
Gretie Van Ness, daughter of Hendrick Van Ness. 
Isaac Van Arsdalen, son of Philip Van Arsdalen, 


married Margaret Strycker, and had a son, Abra- 
ham Isaac Van Arsdalen, who married Mary Eoff, 
and their son, Isaac Abraham Van Arsdalen, mar- 
ried Maria Van Doren, who was also descended 
from Jan Thomasse Van Dyke through his daughter, 
Annietje Jans Van Dyke, who married Adriaen 
Willemse Bermet. They had a daughter, Margaret 
Strycker Vanarsdale, who married Nathaniel Al- 
ward and had a daughter, Mary Alward who mar- 
ried William Johnson Taylor and had children : 
(i) Margaret Alward Taylor, married Edward 
Henry Eamshaw; children: 

(a) Marjory Eamshaw. 

(b) Gertrude Eamshaw. 

(c) Elizabeth Lawrence Eamshaw. 

(d) Edward Henry Eamshaw, Jr. 

(2) Helen Hamilton Taylor. 

(3) Knox Taylor, married Lucy J. Miller. 

(4) Alward Taylor, married Sarah Corcoran, 
child : Mary Alward Taylor. 

f. Teuntje Van Dyke, married Teunis Denyse. 

g. Maria Van Dyke, married first Johannes Rapalje ; 
second Gerett Boerum. 

h. Pietemella Van Dyke. 

4. Gerrit Van Dyke. 

5. Ariantje Van Dyke. 

6. Engeltie Van Dyke. 

aV. Isaac Van Dyke of Middlesex County, N. J., 

baptized September 11, 1681, married Barbara , 

and settled in New Brunswick, N. J., in 1703. He died 
about 1727 as his will was filed at Trenton, N. J., March 
31, 1727. The papers show that he was then 47 years 
old. In the will he mentions his wife Barbara and his 
three children. The last two were then under age. He 
mentions his farm in Newcastle County, Delaware. 
John Van Dyke of Middlesex County, N. J., and Andries 
Van Dyke of Newcastle County, Delaware, his brothers, 
were the executors. The witnesses were Teunis Omck, 


Cornelius Williamson, and Thomas Yates. The will was 
proved May 15, 1727. Children: 

(a) Thomas Van Dyke. 

(b) Mary Van Dyke. 

(c) Isaac Van Dyke. 

aVI. Engeltie Van Dyke, married at (New Utrecht, 
Gregory Storm, bom in Holland in 1656, son of Dirk 
Storm who came from Brabant, Holland, to America in 
1662 and Maria Pieters his wife. Children: 

(a) Marietje Storm, married on May 15, 1714, Her- 
man Gurckzen. 

(b) Dirk Storm, bom in 1695, married Elizabeth 

(c) Thomas Storm, married Anneke Aleyer. Children : 

1. Thomas Storm. 

2. Jacob Storm. 

3. Garrit Storm, married Maria Sickels and had a 
son Thomas Storm who married Elizabeth Graham 
of Fishkill, N. Y., and had children: 

(i) Garrit Storm, died young. 

(ii) Garrit Storm married, Susan Gouvemeur, and 
had a daughter Glovina Rossell Storm who 
married Samuel Verplank Hoffman. Their de- 
scendants have already been stated in the Beek- 
man genealogy. 

(iii) Elizabeth Stonn, married James Manning. 

(iv) Mary Storm. 

(v) Anne Storm. 

(vi) Hester G. Storm, married Charles F. Bunner. 

(vii) Catharine Storm, married Ruggles Hubbard. 

(viii) John Storm, died unmarried. 

(Lx) Thomas Storm, died unmarried. 

(x) Captain Stephen Storm, bom December 7, 
1788, married Jane Maria Graham, daughter of 
Theodorus Van Wyck Graham. Children: 
(i) Thomas Storm, died young. 

(2) Theodora Van Dyke Storm, died young. 

(3) Stephen Storm, died young. 


(4) John Storm, died young. 

(5) - Julia Storm, died young. 

(6) John Graham Storm, married Guardine 

(7) Theodore Storm. 

(8) Thomas Storm, bom October 4, 1826, died 
Alay I, 1890, married Sarah Matilda Boyd. 

a. Clarence Storm, bom Februan,' 2, 1872. 

b. Edna Graham Storm, married Malcolm 

c. Mabel Louisa Storm, married, Joseph Fer- 
ris Simmons, son of J. Edward Simmons. 

4. Joris Storm, son of Thomas Storm and Anneke 

5. Abraham Storm, married Catherine Bussing. 

6. John Storm. 

7. Isaac Storm. 

(d) Aeltje Storm, married Frederick Bancke. 

(e) Jan Storm, bom in 1704, married Raghel De 

(f) Elizabeth Storm, bom November 6, 1711, married 
Hendrick Lent. 

(B) Derrick Van Dyke, second son of Jan Thomasse Van 
Dyke, came to America with his father in 1652. He married 
in New Amsterdam on April 25, 1674, Urseltie Jans. They 
had one child. 

(C) Carel Janse Van Dyke, third son of Jan Thomasse 
Van Dyke, came to America with his father in 1652; died in 
1734; married on January 27, 1680, Lysbeth Ards Van der 
Hard and settled in New Utrecht where he was a magistrate. 
He removed to Monmouth County, New Jersey, where he 
died. His will w^as recorded in December, 1732, in Liber 
C at page 12 in the office of the Secretary of State at Tren- 
ton, N. J. They had children: 

(i) Geatje Van Dyke, baptized May 8, 1681, married 
first Jan Romeyn of New Jersey, second Jan Bennem. 
(2) Jan Van Dyke, baptized November 19, 1682. 


(3) Engeltie Van Dyke, baptized August 17, 1684, 
married Hendrick Verwie. 

(4) Aert Van Dyke, baptized May 6, 1688, died in 1730. 

(5) Thomas Van Dike, married Mayke Wyckoff. 

(6) Pieter Van Dyke, married Adriaentje Neefus. 

(7) Elizabeth Van Dyke, married Thomas Heyer. 



(D) Captain Jan Janse Van Dyke, son of Jan Thomasse 
Van Dyke, bom not long before the year 1652, died in 1736; 
married May 9, 1673, in New York City, Teuntje or Tryntje 
Thyssen Lanen Van Pelt, daughter of Matthais Van Pelt, 
also known as Thys Lanse Van Pelt and as Matthys Lancz 
Van Pelt Lanen, a Walloon who emigrated from Liege in 
1663, and settled in New Utrecht. A. D. Mellick, in the 
Story of an Old Farm, says that in some instances the Chris- 
tian name of the father served as a surname for the children, 
and that the Lane and Van Pelt families of Somerset and 
Hudson Counties, N. J., originated in Mattys Lanez Van 
Pelt Lanen. Matthais Van Pelt was undoubtedly of the 
same family and probably a brother of Woughter or Wouter 
Teimisz Lanen Van Pelt who in 1695 purchased a farm of 
Thomas Janse Van Dyke and who with Ort Van Pelt pur- 
chased in 1 717 part of the Harlingen Tract in Somerset 
County, N. J. Wouter Van Pelt married Jannetje Schaus of 
Gowanus. His will, dated May 20, 1728, recorded in New 
York County, names his children: Teunis; Alexander; Peter; 
Johannis; Mary; EUzabeth; and Jacomyntie and grand- 
daughter Margaret Bennet. 

Captain Jan Janse Van Dyke resided in New Utrecht, 
where he was a magistrate in 1679. Governor Leisler by 
commission which is recorded in the Documentary History 
of New York, vol. xxxvi., at page 142, commissioned him 
in December, 1689, a Lieutenant in Jan Hanse's company 
of New Utrecht militia, of which Joost Van Brunt was 


Ensign of Foot. In 1700, he was commissioned Captain by 
Richard (Coote) Earl of Bellomont. In September, 1726, 
he sold for £1676 to his son-in-law, Capt. Rutgent Van 
Brimt, who had married his daughter Jannetji, his home- 
stead in New Utrecht with sixty acres of land and also a 
large tract of land at Canarsie, N. Y. 

He died in 1736, leaving a last will and testament bearing 
date May 16, 1735, which was admitted to probate in New 
York County, November 9, 1736, and is recorded in the 
Svirrogate's office in Liber 13 of Wills, page 35. The witnesses 
to the will were ComeHus Van Bnmt, Joost Van Brunt, 
Theodore Elsworth, and Christopher Codwise. The pre- 
amble to the will is as follows : 

" In the Name of God, Amen. I, John Van Dyck of New 
Utrecht, in Kings County, on the Island Nassau, in ye 
Province of New York, Yeoman, being of perfect health, both 
in body and mind, and knowing the certainty of death and 
uncertainty of the time of its approach. Do make this my 
Last Will and Testament in manner and form following 
First I bequeath my soul to God who gave it, my body to the 
earth from whence it came to be decently interred at the 
discretion of my executors hereafter named, in certain hopes 
of Resurrection and the Union of my body and soul at the 
last day and of Eternal Life through the sole merits of my 
blessed Saviour Jesus Christ and as to what wordly estate 
God hath pleased to Bestow upon me and that shall belong 
to me at the time of my Dec'se after my just debts and 
funeral expenses are paid and satisfied, I give, devise and 
bequeath of the same in manner and form following. " 

By his wiU he gave to his children "John Van Dyck, Mattys 
Van Dyck, Catherine, widow of Daniel Hendrickson, Jannetji, 
wife to Capt. Rutgers Van Bnmt, Angennetj, wife to Simon 
De Hart" all his personal estate after paying legacies; to his 
grandson John Stephens, five shilhngs; to his granddaughter, 
Teuntji, widow of John Sleigh, £25; to his grandchildren 
"the children of my daughter Catleyntje deceased which 
was the wife of Garret Ketteltas in niunber 3 sons and 3 
daughters each 5 shillings"; to his "great grandson John Van 


Buren, son of my granddaughter Teuntji Richon deceased 
which was wife of Dr. John Van Buren, Jr., £25, to be paid 
when he comes of age." He appointed as executors his 
"sons John Van Dyke, Mattys Van Dyke, Rutgers Van 
Brunt, and Simon De Hart." 

The children of Captain Jan Janse Van Dyke and Teuntje 
Thyssen Lanen Van Pelt his wife were : 

dl. Catharine Van Dyke, married Daniel Hendrickson. 

(i) Hendrick Hendrickson, bom in 1700, married in 
1725 Neeltje Schenck, daughter of Garret Schenck 
and Neeltje Voorhees his wife; children: 

1 . Tryntje Hendrickson, died yoimg. 

2. Daniel Hendrickson, bom in 1727, married Mary 

3. Neeltje Hendrickson, died young. 

4. Garret Hendrickson, bom in 1734, <^isd in 1801. 
He was a Lieutenant in Captain WilHam Schenck's 
company in the War of the Revolution. He 
married, first, Catharine Hendrickson and had a 
son Henry Denise Hendrickson. He married, sec- 
ond, Lena Van Lieu. 

5. Judge Hendrick Hendrickson, 1751-1811, mar- 
ried, first, Lydia Couwenhoven; second, Helena 

6. Mary Hendrickson, married Cornelius Couwen- 

7. Antje, bom October 7, 1744, married David H. 
Van Nostrandt. 

(2) Catharine Hendrickson, married Henry Dusen- 
berry and had children: 

a. Antje Dusenberry, bom in 1736. 

b. Anne Dusenberry, bom in 1738. 

c. William Dusenberry, bom in 1743. 

(3) Maykije (Micha) Hendrickson, married Geysbert 
Van Mater. 

(4) Anne Hendrickson, baptized December 30, 171 1, 
married William Couwenhoven; children: 


a. Sarah Couwenhoven, married Jacob Van Dom. 
b^ Daniel Couwenhoven, bom March 30, 1 737, mar- 
ried Helena Taylor. 

(5) John Hendrickson, bom 1702, married Annetje 
Couwenhoven and had children : 

a. Daniel Hendrickson, bom July 3, 1735, married 
in 1758 Eleanor Van Mater. 

b. Jacob Hendrickson, died young. 

(6) Francyntje (Frances), married 1731, Teunis Cortel- 
you; she was his second wife, his first being Catharine 
Van Dyke, daughter of Hendrick Van Dyke, by whom 
he had one child: Helen Cortelyou, bom March 14, 
172S, who married Samuel Forman. 

(7) Daniel Hendrickson, bom January 5, 1723, mar- 
ried Catharine Couwenhoven, daughter of ComeHus 
Couwenhoven, and had children: 

(a) Daniel D. Hendrickson, bom October 29, 1744, 
married Ehzabeth Stephenson, daughter of Daniel 
Stephenson, and had children: 

1. Wilham D. Hendrickson, married Sarah Loy- 

2. Capt. Daniel Hendrickson, bom April 22, 1787, 
married Catharine Bedle. He was a Captain of 
Monmouth County militia in the War of 1812. 
They had children : 

a. Henrietta Hendrickson, married Daniel Wil- 

b. Daniel B. Hendrickson, married and had a 
son, Joseph A. Hendrickson. 

c. Wilham B. Hendrickson, bom February 10, 
1830, married Catharine Applegate. 

(b) Comelius Hendrickson, bom August 28, 1747. 
He was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. He 
married Lydia Vanderbilt, daughter of Comelius 
Vanderbilt and Margaretta Lambertson his wife; 
children : 

I. Daniel C. Hendrickson, bom June 11. 1785, 
married Deborah Tilton. 



2. Alargaret Hendrickson, married Daniel Her- 

3. Catherine Hendrickson, married Murphy Tin- 

(c) Catharine Hendrickson, bom August 8, 1753. 
(8) Wilham Hendrickson, baptized November 6, 1709, 
married, 1731, Maria Longstreet, daughter of Stoffel 
Longstreet, and had children: 

a. Catharine Hendrickson, bom in 1732, married 
Jacob Remsen, son of Rem Remsen of Brooklyn, N. 
Y., and had one child: 

I. William Remsen, baptized May 6, 1750. 

b. Colonel Daniel Hendrickson, baptized December 
25, 1736, married in 1756, Catharine Van Brunt, 
daughter of Rutgers Van Brunt and EHzabeth 
Voorhees his wife of New Utrecht, L. I. He was 
Colonel of 3d Regiment of Monmouth County 
militia in the Revolutionary War. They had 
children : 

1. William Hendrickson, baptized July 31, 1757, 
died young. 

2. Elizabeth Hendrickson, baptized July 16, 1758, 
married Captain Richard McKnight of Mon- 
mouth County mihtia in the Revolutionary War. 

3. Daniel Hendrickson, baptized 1763, married 
EHzabeth Grover of Freehold, N. J., and had 
children : 

(a) WiUiam Hendrickson, bom Jime 2, 1782. 

(b) Barzillai Hendrickson, bom Feb. 19, 1784, 
married Elizabeth Horsefull. 

(c) Daniel Hendrickson, bom May 19, 1786. 

(d) Joseph Hendrickson, bom March 14, 178S. 

(e) James G. Hendrickson, bom Febmary 19, 
1 79 1, married Hannah Morris. 

(f) Theodosia Hendrickson, bom November 2, 
1795, married Forman Mount. 

(g) Richard H. Hendrickson, bom November 
2, 1795, married Lyde Perrine. 


(h) Katharine Hendrickson, bom in 1797, 

married Peter Imlay. 
(i) John B. Hendrickson, bom in 1799, married 

Parmella Grover. 
(j) Enoch Hendrickson, born April 7, 1802, 

married Ashsah Parker. 
(k) Pierson Hendrickson, born July 31, 1803, 

married Sarah Van Dom. 
(1) Samuel Hendrickson, born 1793, married 

Phoebe Mount. 

4. Mary Hendrickson. 

5. Sarah Hendrickson, bom March 9, 1767, mar- 
ried John S. Holmes, bom November 29, 1762, 
died August 15, 1821, son of Samuel Holmes and 
Mary Stout. 

Colonel Daniel Hendrickson, father of the above- 
mentioned children, represented Shrewsbury Town- 
ship, Monmouth County, N. J., in the Provincial 
Congress of New Jersey in 1775, and on the Com- 
mittee of Safety, 1 775-1 776, and after the Revo- 
lutionary War in the General Assembly, where he 
was Speaker of the House in 1784. 
(9) Ghesye (Geesie) Hendrickson, bom October 9, 
1696, married Roelof Schenck, son of John Schenck; 
she died September 20, 1747. They had children: 

a. Sarah Schenck, bom May 22, 1715, married 
December i, 1734, Joseph Van Mater. 

b. Catharine Schenck, bom December 21, 1718, 
married first Simon De Hart, second Peter Cowen- 

c. John L. Schenck, bom 1720, married, 1741, 
Jacomyntje Couwenhoven. 

d. Daniel Schenck, baptized in 1723, died in 1747. 

e. Eleanor Schenck, married Garret Couwenhoven. 

f. Hendrick Schenck, married Catharine Holmes. 

g. Engeltje Schenck, bom 1732, died young. 

h. Teuntje (Antonia) Schenck, married Jonathan 


(10) Teimtje Hendrickson, married Jonathan Holmes 
and had children : 

a. Obadiah Hohnes, died unmarried. 

b. Joseph Holmes, married Sarah Mott. 

c. Daniel Holmes, bom in 1 721, married Leah New- 

d. Jonathan Holmes, bom in 1722, married Sarah 

e. John Holmes, married in 1764 Catharine Brown. 

f. Alice Holmes, bom in 1730, married John Van 

g. Catharine Holmes, bom in 1731, married Hen- 
drick Schenck. 

h. JMary Holmes, 
i. James Holmes, 
j. William Holmes. 

(11) Jana>^ye (Jannetje or Jane) Hendrickson, mar- 
ried Roelef Couwenhoven, bom March i, 1712, son of 
Jacob Couwenhoven, by marriage license bearing date 
August 12, 1741. Signed by Governor Lewis Morris 
of New Jersey. They had children : 

a. Sarah Couwenhoven, baptized August 12, 1742, 
married in 1763 Benjamin Van Cleaf. 

b. Daniel Couwenhoven, baptized January 15, 1744. 

c. Catrina Couwenhoven, baptized February 16, 
1746; married David Vanderveer and had a son: 

I. Timis Vanderveer, who married Margaret Du 
Bois, daughter of Rev. Benjamin Du Bois. 

After the death of Roelof or Ruliph Couwenhoven, 
Jannetje Hendrickson Couwenhoven married 
in 1747 Peter Couwenhoven, widower, whose 
first wife was Jannetje Van Nostrandt, and had 
children : 

d. Roelof Couwenhoven, bom December 27, 1748. 

e. Jannetje Couwenhoven, bom June i, 1751, mar- 
ried John Walter. 

f. Antje Couwenhoven, baptized September 30, 
1753, married Garret J. Couwenhoven. 


g. Leah Couwenhoven, married John Van Cleaf , son 
- of Benjamin Van Cleaf. 
h. Francyntje Couwenhoven, baptized March 7, 

1762, married William Nicholas, 
i. Neeltje Couwenhoven, baptized June 17, 1759. 
dll. Mayke Van Dyke, married April 21, 1694, Johannes 
Daniels Richon. They had a daughter: 
(i) Teuntji Richon, who married Dr. John Van Biu-en, 
Jr. They had a son, John Van Buren. 
dYll. Jan Van Dyke, bom about 1680, died December 8, 
1764, married on Jime 6, 1706, Anna Verkerk, daughter 
of Roelof VerKerk or Van Kerk. Their descendants 
are stated in Chapter IX. 
dW. Captain Mattys Van Dyke, baptized November 4, 
1683, died May 4, 1749. In 1708 he bought from the 
heirs of Achais Van Dyke a farm, and on May 23, 1712, 
he bought from the heirs of Col. Van Cortlandt, land at 
Red Hook, Brooklyn, where he lived in a fine stone 
mansion. This property was on Gowanus Bay opposite 
Governor's Island. According to Stiles's History of 
Brooklyn, at page 61, Mattys Van Dyke conveyed this 
Red Hook estate to his son John, who is mentioned as 
one of his father's Executors in his will proved April 

10, 1749. His son John also received his silver hilted 
Sword. When John Van Dyke died, he devised this 
estate to his sons Nicholas and Matthias, who in 1784 
divided it between them. In Yovce s American Archives, 
Vol. V, p. 480, is an interesting letter, bearing date June 

11, 1776, written by Major Samuel Shaw of the Revolu- 
tionary army to his family, in which he states that he is 
stationed at Red Hook in a fort named Defiance and 
says: "There are two famihes here Mr. Van Dyke and 

his son , good staunch \\'higs, and very clever 

folks, between whom and our people a very pleasant 
intercourse subsists. I rode out with the young man 
about a week ago to a place called Flushing, sixteen miles 
off, where, and in most of the country towns about, the 
Tories from the citv have taken shelter — scarce a house 


we rode by, but Mr. Van Dyke would say 'There lives 
a rascally "Tory."' He is on the "Roll of the military 
officers of King's County March 25, 1728; Captains: 
Rutgert Van Brunt, Jan Amerman, Mattys Van Dyke," 
as recorded in the Historical Documents of the State of 
New York, vol. Ixviii., page 62. He married Angenietje 

, and had children: 

(Ai) John Van Dyke, married Margaretta Folkers. 

(a) Matthias Van Dyke. 

(b) Nicholas Van Dyke, married in July, 1769 
Ehzabeth Van Brtmt, bom September 9, 1747, 
daughter of Albert Van Brunt. Children: 

Albert Van Dyke of Red Hook, bom August 25, 1774, 
married December 8, 1803, Jane Wyckoff, bom May 3, 
17S1; children: 
(i) Nicholas Van Dyke, bom July 29, 1805, married, 

first Margaret Emmans on February 7, 1829. They 

had no children. He married second on November 

4, 1833, Sarah Eldert; children: 

(i) Albert N. Van Dyke, bom September 18, 1834. 

(ii) Henry Eldert Van Dyke, bom June 9, 1836. 

(iii) Jane Wyckoff Van Dyke, bom July 16, 1838, 
married D. Lott Suydam; children: 

(a) Sarah Eldert Suydam married Stephen Voor- 
hees; children: Jacobus, Jennie and Stephen. 

(b) Nicholas Van Dyke Suydam. 

(c) Jerome Suydam. 

(d) Harriet Suydam, married Rev. Frederick 
Pollard of Valley Stream, L. I.; children; Wini- 
fred, Florence, Frederick and Edwin. 

(iv) Sarah Maria Van Dyke, bom September 17, 
1840, married Lewis Harvey Smith; children: 

(a) Lewis Harvey Smith, married Harriet Bergen 
of Flushing, L. I,; children: Mabel and 

(b) Sarah Elizabeth Smith, married Walter D. 
Strang and removed to Pennsylvania; children: 


a. Ada Strang, married Walter Jones of Hun- 
tington, L. I. 

b. George Strang. 

c. Walter Strang. 

(c) Cornelia Van Dyke Smith, married Samuel 
Bennett of Gravesend, L. I. ; son: Gerald Bennett. 

(d) Harry Van Dyke Smith, married Hannah 
Simonson of Springfield, L. I.; children; Harry, 
Sarah and Evelyn. 

(e) Samuel Smith, married Florence McMongall. 

(f) Grace May Van Dyke Smith. 

(v) Peter Wyckofif Van Dyke, married Mary 
Brouwer. Their son Albert Van Dyke, married 
Harriet Carr of Huntington, L. I., and have 
children: Esther and AJice. 

(vi) Cornelia Eldert Van Dyke, bom April i8, 1848, 
married in 1870 Henry Buffett; children: 

(a) Alfred Buffett, bom July 14, 1875, died young. 

(b) Eliphaz BufTett, bom November 9, 1879, 
married February 2, 1910, Phebe L. Williamson. 

(c) Lillian E. Buffett bom July 28, 1885, died 

(d) Van Dyke Buffett, bom April 11, 1892. 

(2) Ryme Van Dyke, bom September 19, 1807, mar- 
ried Samuel Lott on September 20, 1826; children: 
(i) Albert Van Dyke Lott, bom September 2, 1827. 
(ii) Joanna H. Lott, bom October 20, 1829. 

(iii) John Lott, bom September 29, 1833. 

(3) Peter Van Dyke, bom October 17, 1809, married 
January 24, 1833, Ruth Hendrickson; children: 

(i) Catharine Van Dyke, bom September 9, 1S33. 
(ii) Jane Wyckoff Van Dyke, bom Febmary 7, 


2. Agnes Van Dyke, married John Thorn Carpenter. 

3. Ehzabeth Van Dyke, married Joseph Mead. 

4. Jane Van Dyke, married John Griswold. 

5. Ellen Van Dyke, married John Reade or Reed; no 


6. Margaret Van Dyke, bom April 5, 1780, died unmar- 

7. John Van Dyke. 

(A2) Catharine Van Dyke, married Hendrick Van 

(A3) Teuntje Van Dyke, married Folkert Van Hosen. 
(A4) Jannetje Van Dyke. 

(A5) jMaria Van Dyke, married WilHam Bermet. 
(A6) Mayke Van Dyke. 
(A7) Engeltie Van Dyke. 
(A8) Margrietje Van Dyke. 
d\. Angennetj Van Dyke, baptized April 29, 1686, mar- 
ried Seymon or Simon De Hart and had a son: Simon 
Van Dyke De Hart, married Tryntje or Catharine 
Schenck, daughter of Roelof Schenck and Geesie Hen- 
drickson his wife, daughter of Daniel Hendrickson and 
Catharine Van Dyke his wife before mentioned in this 
book. Their children were: 

a. Simon De Hart, died in 1 769. 

b. Geesie De Hart, bom Febmary 4, 1744, married 
Simon Bergen, son of Johannes Bergen. 
Catharine Schenck De Hart married second in July, 
1749, Peter Couwenhoven, also called Conover. 

dVI. Jennetje Van Dyke, married Captain Rutgers Van 
Brunt, and had children; 
(i) John Van Bmnt, married January 19, 1745, Sarah 

Bergen, daughter of Jacob Bergen of Brooklyn, N. Y., 

and had children : 

(i) Rutgert Van Brunt. 

(ii) Jacob Van Brunt. 
\2) Aeltje Van Brunt, baptized April 22, 1712, died 

October i, 1776, married December 22, 1733, Nicholas 

Stillwell of Gravesend (near Coney Island), N. Y. ; 

children : 

(i) Richard Stillwell, baptized September 22, 1734. 

(ii) Jannetje Stillwell, baptized March 19, 1738. 

(iii) Ida StillweU, baptized March 19, 1738. 

(iv) Joost StillweU, baptized December 23, 1742. 


(v) Nicholas Stillwell, baptized January 3, 1745. 

(vi) Rutgert Stillwell, baptized June 11, 1747. 

(vii) Catharine Stillwell, baptized June 7, 1751. 
(,3) Teuntje Van Brunt, married May 18, 1743, Dennis 

Denyse of New Utrecht, N. Y. ; children: 

(i) Rutgent Denyse, died young. 

(ii) Jacques Denyse. 

(iii) Garret Denyse. 

(iv) Rime Denyse, born in 1749, married James 

(v) Jane Denyse, bom in 1762, married Hugh Smith. 
(,4) Tryntje Van Brunt, married John Rapalje, a 

RoyaHst in the Revolution. 
(5) Maria Van Bnint, married April, 1737, Joris Lett. 

Children : 

(i) John Lott, bom in 1738, married Aeltje Rapalje. 

(2) Jeannett Lott, married September 24, 1763, 
Nicholas Cowenhoven. 
dYll. Catleyntje Van Dyke, married Garret Keteltas, 
baptized August 27, 1680, son of Jan Evertson Keteltas 
and Aeltje Schepmors his wife. They had according to 
the N. Y. Gen. and Bio. Record, vol. 36, the following 
children : 
(i) John Keteltas, baptized Febmary 3, 1712. 

(2) Aeltje Keteltas, baptized July 18, 1714. 

(3) Catharina Keteltas, baptized October 24, 1717, 
married on March 15, 1749, ComeHus Clopper. 

(4) Abraham Keteltas, baptized March 11, 1719. 

(5) Pieter Keteltas, baptized August 3, 1721. 

(6) Jannetje Keteltas, baptized February i, 1727. 

(7) Margareta Keteltas, baptized January 22, 1724, 
married on April 17, 1753, Hendricus Clopper and 
had children : 

(i) Annetje Clopper, baptized February 6, 1754, 
married John Copp on March 27, 1772. 

(ii) Hendricus Clopper, bom in 1755, died young. 

(iii) Margareta Clopper, bom February 25, 1761, 
married Lawrence Proudfoot. 


(iv) Garret Clopper, baptized October 6, 1756, mar- 
ried Penelope Miller, daughter of Colonel Stephen 
Miller, a Loyalist in the Revolutionary War, and 
Hannah Dyer his wife of Plymouth, Mass., a de- 
scendant of John Rowland, a passenger on the 
Mayflower. They had children, all bom at Fred- 
erickton, Province of New Brunswick, as follows: 

(a) Henr>' G. Clopper, bom April 25, 1792, mar- 
ried Mary Ann Ketchum, daughter of Richard 
Ketchum, a Loyalist of Long Island, N. Y. They 
had children : 

(i) Margaret EHzabeth Clopper, married G. P. 

(ii) Frances M. Clopper, baptized December 

20, 1827. 
(iii) George Botsford Clopper. 

(b) Sarah Hails Clopper, bom in 1795. 

(c) Margaret Ann Clopper, bom in 1798. 

(d) Garret Williams Clopper, bom in 1800, died 
in a duel in Washington, D. C. 

(e) Penelope Clopper, died young. 

(f) Lucy Ann Clopper, married on July 31, 1824, 
Hon. Charles Simonds. 

dVlll. Eva Van Dyke, according to Bergen's Early 
Settlers of Kvig's County, married Steven Coerte Voor- 
hees, and had sons John and Coerte and five daughters. 




'AN VAN DYKE, son of Jan Janse 

Van Dyke, born about 1680, died 

December 8, 1764, married on June 

6, 1706, Anna Verkerk, daughter of 

Roelof Jansen Verkerk, who was 

bom June 6, 1654, in Buren in 

Gelderland and came to America 

in 1663, in the ship Rosetree from 

Buren, with his father Jan Janse 

Verkerk or Verkerken (son of John Verkerk), who was a 

magistrate from 1679 to 1684. Jan Janse Verkerk married 

Mayke Gisberts; their children were: 

(i) Roelof Jansen Verkerk, who married August 7, 1681, 
Catharine Simons. 

(ii) Jan Janse Verkerk, Jr., who married Gertie . 

(iii) Aert Verkerk, married Gratiose . 

(iv) Barent Verkerk, married in 1689 Rachel Van de 

(v) Geertie Verkerk, married November 2, 1683, Jan 

Dircksz Van VHet. 
(vi) Baronje Verkerk. 

Roelof Jansen Verkerk and Catharine Simons his wife 
occupied a large stone house on the main road of New 

In 1700 he was Lieutenant "of the Troop of Horse in ye 
said Regiment (Kings County New York 280 men) Dan 
PoDiemus Captain; Roelof Verkerk Lieut; Jerominus Remse, 


Garnet, Gysbert Bayard, Quartermaster," as shown in N. Y. 

State Historian's Report for 1896. They had children: 

(i) Annetje Verkerk, bom October 29, 1682, died young. 

(ii) Annetje or Anna Verkerk, baptized January 20, 1684, 

died June 27, 1 754, married June 6, 1 706, Jan Van Dyke. 

(iii) Sybrech Verkerk, baptized May 4, 1695, married 

William Van Duyn of Somerville, N. J. 
(iv) Mayke or Mary Verkerk, married, first, Nicholas 
Van Brunt, son of Nicholas Rutgers Van Brunt, and had 
children: Nicholas, Roelof, and Jacques. She married, 
second, Samuel Groenendyck. 
(v) Jannetje Verkerk, married Hendrick C. Kuypers. 
(vi) Sarah Verkerk, married Hendrick Emans. 

(vii) Jan Roelof s Verkerk, married, first, Elsje ; 

second, Annetje , who had a daughter Lea Verkerk, 

baptized in New Utrecht in 1741, married Cornelius 
Van Der Veer, who was bom December 5, 1 731, son of 
Cornelius Van Der Veer and a descendant of Cornelius 
Janse Vanderveer who came from Holland to America 
in 1659. 
Jan Van Dyke and Anna Verkerk his wfe resided at 
Maplestown, about three miles from Spotswood, Middlesex 
Coimty, N. J., where he owned 2135 acres of land as shown 
by his will which was recorded in the office of the Sec- 
retary of State at Trenton, N. J., on June 28, 1765. In 
a "List of the militia under the command of Coll. 
Thos: Harmar in the year 1715 New Jersey," recorded 
in Colonial Records, vol. Lx., page 72, in Sixth Company, 
Peter Demont, Captain, are found the names of privates 
Abra. Van Veghte and Derick Van Veghte, and in Fifth 
Company of same regiment is found the name of our ancestor, 
"private Jno. Vandike." When New Bnmswick, N. J., was 
first settled in 1681 it was called "Prigmore's Swamp." It 
increased in size and importance and was incorporated as a 
city on December 30, 1730, by charter of King George II. 
Its first Mayor was Thomas Farmer and John Van Dyke was 
one of the first Aldermen. 

In his win he mentions his wife Ann and appoints her 


executrix and all his "sons named John, Ruloef, Mathias, 
Simon, Isaac and Jacob Executors." He gives a farm to 
his eldest son John and also his " silver tankard which is 
marked with the first letters of my name in a cipher. " He 
then gives a farm to each of his sons Ruloef, Mathias, Simon, 
and Isaac and makes bequests of money to each of his three 
daughters Tuentje, Catharine and Ann. Some pieces of 
the family silver and the family Bible are in the possession of 
the family of Rev. J. Addison Henry, D.D., of Philadelphia. 
The old Dutch Bible came into the possession of Rev. Dr. 
Henry from his father who obtained it in the following fortu- 
nate way. Upon the death of Mrs. Catharine Rue, widow of 
WnHam M. Rue, an old Dutchman bought the Bible at an 
auction sale of property of the estate for three dollars and 
upon discovering the family record in it spoke to Mr. Henry 
to whom he offered to sell it for the amount he had paid for 
it. It is a beautiful old book bound in brown leather with 
heavy silver clasps and comers. 

Mr. Robert Bayles, brother of W. Harrison Bayles some 
years ago searched for and found the burial place of this 
branch of the Van Dyke family in an old cemetery near Ten 
Mile Run not far from Rocky Hill, N. J., and said that "after 
crossing the MiUstone River at Griggstown you climb a 
steep hill from the top of which you get a fine view of the 
valley with the Neshanic and Blawenberg Mountains in the 
distance. The cemetery is on the left going to Ten Mile 
Run and is on or near the land which Jan Van Dyke left by 
his will to his son Jacob Van Dyke and where both he and 
his son and their wives are buried. " Captain Jacob Van 
Dyke died in 1808. 

The children of Jan Van Dyke and Anna Verkerk his wife 

I. Teuntji Van Dyke, bom April 18, 1707, married, first, 
Johannes Emans, son of Andries Emans, Jr. and 
Rebecca Van Cleef, bom at Gravesend, L. I. about 1700, 
died March 24, 1752. In 1729 John Emans inherited 
from his father, according to his will recorded in L. 10, 
page 34 in N. Y. County, six hundred acres of land in 


Readington, Hunterdon County, New Jersey, and 
removed there with his family. His will probated May 
18, 1752, is recorded in Liber 7. of Wills at Trenton, N. J. 
The children of Jan. Emans and Teuntji Van Dyke his 
wife were: 

(i) Andries Emans, 1 728-1 786, married in 1752 Sarah 
Van Duyn, daughter of William Van Duyn and 
Sybrech Ver Kerk, daughter of Roelof Ver Kerk and 
Catharine Simons and sister of Anna Ver Kerk, wife 
of Jan Van Dyke. They had children : 

(a) Anna Emans baptized September 16, 1753. 

(b) Catharine Emans, bom January 25, 1756,1 and 
baptized at the Reformed Church at Readington, 
N. J., married October 8, 1772, Abraham Smalley, 
1 748-1 809, of Harris Lane, Piscataway, N. J., son 
of Andrew Smalley and Agnes Couill, bom May 2, 
1748, died October 20, 1809. In her will bearing 
date January 13, 1830, recorded with Middlesex 
wills at Trenton, N. J., Catharine Emans Smalley 
left her Family Bible to her oldest daughter Sarah, 
wife of Richard CouiU, and her portrait to her 
youngest daughter Margaret, wife of Enos L. 
Blue. The Bible is now in possession of Abner 
Smalley Couill of New Market, N. J., yovmgest son 
of Sarah Couill, and the portrait is in the possession 
of Franklin Langstaff, grandson of Margaret Blue. 
Abraham Smalley and Catharine Emans his wife 
had children: 

(i) Sarah Smalley, born April 8, 1774, married, 
Richard Couill, son of Abraham Couill and 
Esther Heth; children: 

(a) Ira Smalley Couill, bom January' 24, 1799; 
died March 12, 1864; married June 15, 1820, 
Jane Manning Boice, daughter of David Boice 
and Elizabeth Covert and granddaughter of 
Cornelius Boice and Jane Couill. Their daugh- 
ter Eliza Boice Couill, bom May 16, 1831, 
died April 19, 1900, married March 5, 1853, 


John Finney, son of John Finney of Fairfield 
County, Conn. ; children : 

1. Emma Delia Finney, bom May 27, 1855, 
at Middlebush, N. J., married January i, 
1878, Ashbel Welch, Jr., son of Ashbel 
Welch and Mary Hannah Seabrook, bom in 
Lambertville, N. J., February 5^1854; son: 
Ashbel Russell Welch, bom July 17, 1879; 
Graduated from Yale in 1901 ; married April 
7, 1906, Hedelind Elsa Beck, daughter of 
Capt. Louis Constantine Beck and Caroline 
Storrs Hopkins, bom at Stuttgart, Germany, 
January 22, 1882. Their daughter Hede- 
lind Elizabeth Welch was bom at Harworth, 
Bergen County, N. J., on December 21, 

2. AmeHa Adelaide Finney, married June 
17, 1886, Albert Duy Anderson, son of 
John A. Anderson and Cornelia Cors'ell ; 
children: John Anderson, bora January 21, 

Albert Duy Anderson, Jr., bom April 17, 

3. Ida May Finney, died unmarried. 

4. Sarah ZeHa Finney. 

5. Louise Clark Finney, married April 13, 
1 893, Frank Anderson Merrick of New Hope, 
Pa., son of Stephen Merrick and Mary 
Walton. Children. 

John Finney Merrick, bom December ;})'C^, 

Lester Finney Merrick, bom April 4, i89v5. 
Sara Finney Merrick, bom February 14, 
(b) Deborah Couill, bom Febmary 25, 1801, married 
John Stanford. 


(c) Catharine Smalley Couill, bom March 11, 
1805, married William B. Fisher of lUinois. 

(d) Richard R. Couill, bom December i, 1808, 
married first Margaret Eliot, second Sarah 

(e) Abraham Smalley Couill, 1811-1830. 

(f) Sarah Ann Couill, bom October 12, 1814. 

(g) Andrew Smalley Couill, bom October 8, 
1815, married Mary Job. ^ 

(h) Abner Smalley Couill, bom November 1 1 , 
1820, married first, Margaret Giles, second, 
Catharine Blue. 

(2) Abner Smalley, bom November 4, 1775. 

(3) EHzabeth Smalley, bom August 2, 1777, 
married Jacob Sebring. 

(4) Andrew Smalley, bom Febmary 7, 1779, died 

(5) John Smalley, bom October 15, 1780, married 
Mary Smock. 

(6) Isaac Smalley, bom August 7, 1782, married 
Margaret Stetle. 

(7) Mary SmaUey, bom March 25, 1784, married 
Dr. Isaac CouiU. 

(8) Rachel SmaUey, bom November 7, 1785, died 

(9) David Smalley, bom September 5, 1787, mar- 
ried EHzabeth Vermule. 

(ic) Abraham Smalley, bom June 15, 1789. 

(11) Anna Smalley, bom December 11, 1790, 
married Ephraim F. Randolph. 

(12) Susanna Smalley, bora July 13, 1793, died 

(13) Andrew Smalley, bora May 22, 1795. 

(14) Abner Smalley, bom June 24, 1797. 

(15) Margaret Smalley, bom January 24, 1800, 
married Enos L. Blue. 

(c) Andrew Emans, son of Andrew Emans, born 
October 24, 1786. 


(d) William Emans. 
(ii) Rebecca Emans, daughter of Jan Emans and 

Teuntje Van Dyke, married Dyck Low. 
(iii) Jan Emans, baptized January 31, 1731, at Read- 

ington Dutch Reformed Church, 
(iv) Anna Emans, baptized January 7, 1733. 
(v) Jacobus Emans, bom October 26, 1735. 
(vi) Sarah Emans, baptized June 4, 1 741. 
(vii) Abraham Emans baptized January 29, 1743. 
(viii) Jacob Emans, baptized March 23, 1746. 

II. Catrinaor Catharine Van Dyke, bom April 12, 1708, 
married Gerardus Christophe Beekman, baptized 
August 6, 1707, son of Christopher Beekman and Mary 
De Lanoy already mentioned on page 55. They had 
children : 

(i) Christopher Beekman, bom in 1 730, died November 
16, 1829, married Martha Veghte, daughter of Cap- 
tain Garret Veghte. 

(ii) Gerardus Beekman, bom in 1735, died in 1821, 
married Aeltje Griggs. 

(iii) Abraham Beekman, bom July 27, 1739, died 
March 25, 1817, married May 3, 1776, Ann Voorhees. 

(iv) Mary Beekman, bom in 1733, died in 1809, mar- 
ried Thomas Skillman. 

(v) Ann Beekman, married Garret Voorhees. 

(vi) Catharine Beekman, married, first, Joseph Van- 
derveer; second, Jacques Johnson. 

(vii) Magdalena Beekman, married John Van Dyke. 

(viii) ComeHa Beekman, married on December 9, 
1775, Abraham Stryker. 
The descendants of Gerardus Christopher Beekman 

and Catharine Van Dyke have already been stated in 

Chapter III. 

III. Jan Van Dyke, bom November 5, 1709, at New 
Utrecht, L. I. He lived in New Bmnswick, N. J.; 
died June 28, 1778, in the battle of Monmouth in the 
War of the Revolution in which he was a private in 
Captain Peter D. Vroom's company, 2d Battalion, 


Somerset County, New Jersey, militia, under Colonel 
Abraham- Quick. He married, first, on January 25, 
1732, Margaretta Barcolo or Barcalow, who died July 
5, 1749. They had children: 

1 . Anna Van Dyke. 

2. Charity Van Dyke. 

3. Col. John Van Dyke, bom April 17, 1747. 

;OHN VAN DYKE, bom April 17, 1747, 
married Rebecca Van Dyke, his first 
cousin, daughter of Roelof Van Dyke and 
Catharine Emans his wife. They lived 
in the old Van Dyke homestead at 
Harlingen, N. J., built about 1758 by 
Roelof Van Dyke. Colonel John Van Dyke was a Colonel 
in the British army at the time of the Revolution and 
remained true to his colors although all the members of his 
family were on the American side. It is said that when the 
Americans were piirsuing the redcoats, British troops were 
concealed in the cellar of his house and that Colonel Ragley 
met a tragic death there and that the house has the distinc- 
tion of being haunted by his ghost and, although he has not 
been seen by mortal eyes, one may hear on certain nights 
creaky sounds as he walks with a clanking military tread. 
The house sets back from the highway according to the 
Dutch custom and it is a large substantial stmcture. In its 
stately rooms and before its large open fireplaces hospitality 
has been dispensed by several generations of the Van Dyke 
family and since 1857 by the Manners family, to one of 
whom, Edwin Manners, a distinguished lawyer of Jersey 
City, the author is indebted for the foregoing interesting 

Mrs. Edwards Hall, bom Margaret M. Chambers, gives 
the following very interesting description of the old home- 
stead: "The house stood back from the road, doubly 
approached by a circular driveway. A broad foot path 
bordered by boxwood shmbs and great trees led from the 
road to the entrance. A broad hall ran through the house at 


front and back. Heavy swinging doors divided the cross- 
ways. - At the right as one enters is the dining-room in which 
were built two large handsomely carved cupboards. At the 
left is the parlor. One of the dozen chairs of the furnishings 
of that sunny parlor came to me by inheritance and to my 
daughter Charlotte after me by the will of Mrs. Rebecca Van 
Dyke Lane of Princeton, N. J., who was a daughter of John 
Van Dyke youngest child of Colonel John Van Dyke. After 
her father's early death she was taken by her aunts Kate and 
Sally Ann and brought up in this historic house. In each of 
these rooms were large open fireplaces and high chimney 

"Grandmother Margaret Van Dyke Houghton told me 
some of the stories that her father Col. John Van Dyke used 
to tell her. He was at Fort Duquesne (now Pittsburgh) and 
at Fort Ticonderoga. When first he saw the French and 
the Indians in war paint coming, his knees knocked and he 
trembled in every limb — but the instant the first bullet 
whizzed by he rushed fearlessly at the enemy. 

"When the storm of Revolution finally broke, it cast its 
awful, its double gloom on this happy homestead. 'Col. 
John' had a moral battle to face. Had he not sworn his 
allegiance to the crown of England in the Colonial war? Here 
was his countr\', kindred, friends, his home, his devoted wife 
and their Httle ones. Did he not owe them allegiance.'' 
These tore at his heart-strings, but that solemn oath which 
his inflexible conscience forbade him to violate triumphed. 
In vain all who loved him, zealous patriots aU, pleaded. They 
were bound by no oath. For him he could see his duty in no 
other way. 'Well John,' said his father sadly, 'if you must 
go to the British deed back this place to me.' 'Yes, 
father,' said the son, 'on condition you will deed it to my 
wife and children, if I never come back.' Col. John Van 
Dyke although he kept his oath served in the naval service 
in preference to duty on land. Once he came to the New 
Jersey coast. Grandmother told me of the excitement in 
the home, when his message came to meet him on the coast. 
Jack a faithful slave soon had the covered carnage at the 


doer. She went too on that long drive across New Jersey to 
meet her father. - He brought them beautiful things from 
England; delicacies that could not be bought then in this 
country and for her he brought a red French calico dress. 
On the drive back to Harlingen they were halted at an 
American outpost. It was known that it was Col. John 
Van Dyke's team. The goods were seized and put up at 
auction. It was a very interested little girl who watched 
the proceedings, heard her mother bid them back, then pay 
the money and say ; ' Jack, drive on ! ' At the next outpost 
they passed the same experience was repeated, except that 
no red French calico was captured. Grandmother laughed 
merrily as she recalled how she made sure of that, and kept 
it covered imder her arm. 

"As Somerset County lay in the path of the contending 
armies it suffered greatly. Grandmother remembered how 
terror-stricken they were at the news: 'The British are 
coming.' They saw the ominous smoke from the burning 
homes of their neighbors. Her mother had had the Van 
Dyke silver buried. My own nurse, Susan, knew the very 
spot where grandfather Jack had buried it. Grandmother 
said that her mother ordered one of the slaves to drive a pair 
of the colonel's favorite horses into the thicket of a near-by 
woods until the British army had passed; but neither man nor 
horses were ever seen again. The British came. The house 
swarmed with them. Grandmother Houghton said, ' Mother 
was a dignified, handsome woman, I can see her now as she 
stood in front of the house, we children clinging to her, the 
terrified slaves behind her, saying " I wish to see the command- 
ing officer!" ■ He dashed up on a spirited horse. I thought 
his gorgeous trappings of red and gold were wondert'ul. "Sir, " 
she said, " my husband Col. Van Dyke is in the British service. 
I demand your protection ! " The officer thundered an awfiil 
oath, commanding every Hessian to come out or he would run 
him through with his sword. Instantly they scrambled out 
of every door and window. Then she said, " Now sir, you and 
your officers come in. When my servants have served you 
they will give what is left to your men." ' 


"Colonel John Van Dyke was taken prisoner by the 
Americans and confined in Philadelphia, Pa. His faithful 
wife never rested until she had him exchanged for an Ameri- 
can officer who was in prison at New Brunswick. I have seen 
her clear strong signature ' Rebecca Van Dyke ' in connection 
with this successful appeal for the freedom of her husband. 
The papers are in the State House at Trenton, N. J. 

"Grandmother told me she was busy at her spinet that 
awful twenty-eighth of June 1778. The heat was intense. 
She heard the dreadful boom, boom of the cannon from the 
battle of Monmouth. A Whig paper of that time described 
it as 'the severest cannonade, it is thought, ever happened 
in America. ' 

"Grandmother said it seemed to her as if the very earth 
trembled. Her grandfather that Godly patriot 'John Van 
Dyke, Jr., of New Jersey,' gave his hfe that day for his 
country on that bloody battlefield. 

"After the war. Col. John Van Dyke remained sometime 
in England. He was entertained by the nobility especially 
by Lord Chatham, Wilham Pitt the younger. He resided 
for a while in Nova Scotia and then returned to his home in 
Harlingen. It was spring time. His daughter Margaret 
had married, Major Abner Houghton of Mount Rose, 
Hunterdon County, N. J. She took her Httle daughter 
Catherine, my mother, with her and drove over to welcome 
her father home. 

"That Col. Van Dyke loved the little children was proved 
by his gift of about five acres on the opposite side of the road 
from the Harlingen Church for a school and play-ground and 
by the terms of the deed prohibited forever its use for any other 
purpose. He was actively interested in education. His pub- 
he-spirited benevolent life did much to Hve down the appro- 
brium of ' Tory John,' and to prove that he was loyalist, from 
no lack of love to his country and kindred, but because he could 
not violate his oath of allegiance to the King of England. " 

Col. John Van Dyke, and Rebecca his wife had children 

(Ai) Margaret Van Dyke, bom January 17, 1763, died 
January 19, 1S3S, married Major Abner Houghton, 


bom October 21, 1754, died October 22, 181 7, son of 
John Hough- /H, whose family has been mentioned in 
Chapter III. They are both buried in the churchyard 
of the Presbyterian Church at Pennington, N. J. The 
following inscriptions are on their moniiment "Abner 
Houghton, died October 22, 181 7 aged 63. " "Margaret 
Van Dyke, widow of Abner Houghton died at Trenton, 
N. J., January- 19, 1838 aged 75 years." 

stead at Mount Rose is described 
by Margaret Chambers Hall as 
situated on high ground a few 
miles south of Hopewell and 
Northwest of Pennington, N. J. 
Her description as transcribed by 
her daughter Charlotte C. Hall is 
as follows : 

"It was a spacious house with 
a wide center hall running through 
it. A private roadway led from 
the main road to the house. I re- 
member that there were fine ap- 
ple orchards on either side of the house while on the right 
side under tall trees was a copious bubbling spring of clear 
water. On each side of the gate opening from the road were 
great Ulac bushes, one purple and one white. Roses climbed 
the porch, bordered the walks and bloomed in the garden. 
I remember them, when as a child I visited Grandma whose 
namesake I was, great red velvet roses and exquisite pink 
ones. Mr. Stansberry, taught in the old stone school house, 
still standing on the Hopewell road. One day, when Mr. 
Stansberry called he said : ' Mrs Houghton this place should 
be called Mount Rose,' Mount Rose it is still, for a Httle 
village with its post-office has grown up around the old home- 
stead. Mother was fond of fine horses and always had them. 
Silver-plated hubs came into vogue, so Major Abner Hough- 
ton drove to Newark to order a gig with the new style hubs 
for his daughters." 


Major Abner Houghton and Margaret Van Dyke, his wife, 
had children: 

(i) Catharine Houghton, bom April 2, 1786, died 
July 5, i860, married Robert Chambers of Trenton, 
N. J., the son of Robert Chambers and Francina 
Reeder his wife, daughter of John Reeder and Hannah 
Marchand his wife, a descendant of John Chambers 
the Covenanter who came from Leith, Scotland, to 
Perth Amboy in August, 1685. Children: 

(a) Abner Reeder Chambers, bom November 13, 
1822 ; died January 23, 1908, married Margaret Ann 
Waydell of New York City, bom April 27, 1826; 
died April I, 1906. Children: 

1. Catharine Houghton Chambers. 

2. Robert Chambers, married Josephine Singer. 
Son: Robert Augustus Chambers. 

3. Margaret Waydell Chambers. 

4. Sarah Frances Chambers. 

5. Abner Reeder Chambers, Jr., married Elinor 
Grier Patterson, daughter of Rev. Isaac M. 

6. Elizabeth Chambers, married Robert OHphant. 

a. Abner Chambers Oliphant. 

b. Sarah Frances Oliphant. 

c. Emma Coulter Oliphant. 

d. Fidelio Oliphant. 

e. Roberta Ohphant. 

f. Margaret C. Oliphant. y 

7. Josephine Chambers. 

(b) Margaret M. Chambers, married Dr. Edwards 
Hall of New York City, son of Nathaniel Hall and 
Hannah Emerson his wife, daughter of Daniel Emer- 
son and Amy Fletcher his wife, and a descendant of 
Sir Ralph Emerson, Knighted in 1535. Children: 

1. Charlotte Chambers Hall. 

2. Sara Frances Hall, married Dr. A. Eugene 
Austin of New York City. 


(ii) Elizabeth Houghton, bom April 13, 1791, died 
August 4,-1864, married Abraham Christopher Beek- 
man, bom September 29, 1789, died February 24, 
1871, son of Christopher Beekman and Martha 
Veghte his wife and grandson of Gerardus Christopher 
Beekman and Catharine Van Dyke his wife, daughter 
of Jan Van Dyke and Anna Verkerk mentioned in 
Chapter III. Children: 

1. Margaret Beekman, died August 29, 1835. 

2. Eliza Beekman, bom June 24, 1823, married 
Frederick Van Liew Voorhees, son of Jacques Voor- 
hees also a descendant of Jan Thomasse Van Dyke, 
through his daughter Angenietje Van Dyke. 

3. Matilda Beekman, bom December 2, 1824, died 
March 30, 1901, married Dr. Lewis H. Mosher. 

4. Catharine Beekman, bom May 8, 1826, married 
Hon. William B. Aitken. 

5. Mary Scott Beekman, bom January 24, 1830, 
married May 18, 1853, Major Benjamin T. Biggs. 

6. Caroline Beekman, bom March 2, 1832, died 
July I, 1900, married May i, 1854, Hon. Sewell C. 

The descendants of the children of Abraham C. 
Beekman have been stated in Chapter III. 
(A2) Henry Van Dyke, married Ellen M. Nevius of 

Kingston, N. J., daughter of David Nevius, and had 

children : 

(a) John Gordon Van Dyke of Florida. 

(b) David Van Dyke of Cahfomia. 

(c) Maria Van Dyke. 

(d) Ellen Van Dyke. 

(e) Anna V'an Dyke. 

III. Jan Van Dyke, son of Jan Van Dyke and Anna 
Verkerk his wife, married, after the death of his wife 
Margaretta Barcolo, second, on July 24, 1750, Garrette 
Bergen, baptized April 29, 1722, died July 19, 1777, 
daughter of Lieutenant Frederick Jacobse Bergen, 1681- 
1760, and Gerretje Veghte his wife, daughter of Gerrit 


Veghte. The Veghte family history has already been 

stated in Chapter III. Children: 

(i) Frederick Van Dyke, of New Brunswick, N. J., 
baptized November 3, 1751, married and had a son: 
(a) Frederick Augustus Van Dyke, M.D., of Phila- 
delphia, Pa., married Eliza Anderson and had a son : 

1. Rev. Henry Jackson Van Dyke, D.D., bom 
at Abington, Permsylvania, March 2, 1822, and 
lived in Brooklyn, N. Y., who married Henrietta 
Ashmead of Philadelphia, daughter of Thomas 
Ashmead and Elizabeth Lehman, his wife. He 
graduated from University of Pennsylvania in 
1843 and was a Professor in Union Theological 
Seminary. They had a son: 

Rev. Henry Van Dyke, D.D., bom in Ger- 
mantown, Pa., November 10, 1852, married 
December 13, 1881, Ellen Reid, daughter of 
Andrew Reid and Farmie Brooke his wife of 
Baltimore, Md. Children: 

a. Fanny Brooke Van Dyke, bom January 
25, 1883, married Hamilton Gibson: child- 

William Hamilton Gibson. 
Ellen Van Dyke Gibson. 

b. Rodger Van Dyke, died young. 

c. Tertius Van Dyke, bom January 18, 1886. 

d. Bemard Van Dyke, bom August 25, 1887; 
died March 29, 1897. 

e. Dorothea Van Dyke, bom December 18, 
1888, died February 24, 1912; married Guy 
Richards McLane. 

f. Elaine Van Dyke, bom October 26, 1892. 

g. Paula Van Dyke, bom January 3, 1899. 
h. Anthony Van Dyke, died young. 

i. Katrina Trask Van Dyke, bom October i , 

2. Rush Van Dyke. 

3. Frederick Augustus Van Dyke, Jr. 


4. Thomas Van Dyke. 

5. James C. Van Dyk^\ 

6. Mary Van Dyke. 

(H) Abraham Van Dyke of Lamington, N. J., baptized 
May 6, 1753, died March 7, 1804. He was a soldier 
in the war of the American Revolution. He married 
Ida Stryker. They had a son; 

(a) Abraham Van Dyke, bom March 23, 1776, died 
April 21, 1854, married Sarah Honey man, who 
died in 1845 at the age of 65 years, daughter of 
John Honeyman of Griggstown,* N. J., who died 
August 18, 1822, at the age of 93 years. John 
Honeyman was a distinguished character in the 
war of the Revolution. It was said at the time 
that he was a Tory and LoyaHst and the "Spy of 
Washington" in the service of the British army. 
Much has been said for him and against him. The 
feehng against him was very strong especially 
amongst his own neighbors who accused him of 
driving off their cattle and selling them to the 
British. A jury was formed to consider the 
charges and made their decision in an inquisition 
against him bearing date. State of New Jersey, 
Somerset County, June 9, 1778, charging him with 
"comforting the enemy." It is on file in the office 
of the Secretary of State at Trenton and it is inter- 
esting to note the number of ancestors mentioned 
in this work who signed the inquisition; am^ong 
them were Hendrick Stryker, Thomas Sldllman, 
Reynier Veghte, Peter Stryker, Joseph Hageman, 
Gerardus Beekman, John Voorhees, Abraham 
Voorhees, Abraham Ditmars, Abraham Beekman, 
Christopher Beekman (great-grandfather of the 
author of this book whose great, great, great, grand- 
father Ruloff Van Dyke, then an old man, was a 
member of the Committee of Safety that ordered 
the investigation), Garret Voorhees, and Martin 
Nevius. John Honeyman was captured a niunber 


of times but always escaped and it was a curious 
thing that each time he was taken before General 
Washington and was in secret conference with him 
for an hour or so and always escaped in the night. 
This is explained by Judge Van Dyke, one of his 
descendants, as being because he was really work- 
ing for the American army and while appearing to 
be a spy for the British, he gave valuable informa- 
tion to General Washington. 

Abraham Van Dyke and Sarah Honeyman his 
wife had children: 

(a) Mary Van Dyke, bom in 1803, died Novem- 
ber 24, 1869, married Stephen S. Hunt. 

(b) Ida Van Dyke, bom April 17, 1805, died 
October 14, 1866, married Richard S. \Tiet. 

(c) Isaac Van Dyke, died young. 

(d) Hon. John Van Dyke, bom at Lamington, 
New Jersey, April 3, 1807, died in New Bruns- 
wick, December 24, 1878, married on October 7, 
1841, Mary Dix Strong, daughter of Prof. 
Theodore Strong, LL.D., of Rutgers College, N. 
J., and Lucy Dix his wife. John Van Dyke was 
a Representative in Congress, Mayor of New 
Brunswick, and Justice of the Supreme Court of 
the State of New Jersey. Children: 

1. Theodore Strong Van Dyke of Daggett, 
California, married Lois A. Funk. 

2. Frederick W. Van Dyke, M.D., of Grant's 
Pass, Oregon, bom January 12, 1852, married 
on April 12, 1878, Minnie E. Comstock. 

3. Robert Van Dyke, bom in 1854, died 1885, 
married Mary Westphal and had one child: 
Mary Van Dyke. 

4. John Charles Van Dyke, L.H.D., of New 
Brunswick, N. J., bom April 2, 1856, was 
admitted to the Bar of New York and is 
Librarian in charge of Sage Library at New 
Bmnswick, N. J. He is the author of Art 



for Art's Sake, Nature for Its Own Sake, and 

other works. 

5. Woodbridge Strong Van Dyke, bom in 1863, 

died in 1889 unmarried. 

(iii) Jacob Van Dyke, son of John Van Dyke, Jr., and 

Gerritie Bergen his wife, baptized January 25, 1755. 

(iv) Jannetje or Jane Van Dyke, baptized November 

20, 1757, married in 1780 Gerardus Skillman, a light 

horse trooper in the Revolutionary War, son of 

Thomas SkiUman, bom at HarHngen, September 20, 

1754, named for his grandfather Gerardus Beekman, 

who was the grandson of Colonel Gerardus Beekman 

of Flatbush. Their children have been stated on 

page 99. 

(v) Teuntje Van Dyke, baptized July 15, 1759, died 

January 25, 1826, married Jacob Bergen. They lived 

on a farm at Rocky HiU, N. J., and attended the 

Dutch Reformed Church at Six Mile Run. Children: 

a. Aaron Bergen, bom October 12, 1777, died 

January 27, 1847, married November 11, 1801, 

Eliza King of Lenington, N. J., bom October 21, 

1 78 1. Children: 

(a) Eliza Bergen, died yoimg. 

(b) Maria Bergen, bom April 6, 1804. 

(c) EHza Bergen, bom March 16, 1806, married 
Ralph GuHck of Princeton, N. J. Children: 

1. Peter GuHck, bom May 11, 1828. 

2. Jane A. Gulick, bom November 3c, 1830. 

3. Elizabeth Gulick, bom February 15, 1833, 
died May 3, 1853, married Thomas Davis. 

4. Mary Gulick, bom August 23, 1835. 

5. Jacob Van Dyke Gulick, bom August 7, 
1838, married Julia Downing and resided at 
Princeton, N. J. 

6. William Henry Gulick, bom January i, 1840. 

7. Addison Alexander Gulick, bom September 
24, 1843, resided at Princeton, N. J. 

(d) Jacob Van Dyke Bergen, born September 14, 


1807, died October 28, 1853, married, first, Betsey 
Downey, no children ; second, Mary Ann Black- 
well. Children : 

1. Matthew Bergen, bom November 15, 1850. 

2. Mary Bergen, bom January 25, 1853. 

(e) Jane Bergen, bom December 6, 1809, married 
Vincent GuHck of New Bninswick. Children : 

1. Ann Eliza Guhck. 

2. Augustus Guhck. 

3. Mary Gulick, died young. 

4. Emma GuHck, died young. 

5. Mary Gulick, bom June 30, 1850. 

(f) Henry Bergen, bom April 13, 1812, married 
Harriet O. Norton. Children: 

1. Henry B. Bergen, bom October 18, 1848. 

2. Mary Jane Bergen, bom September 19, 1851 . 

3. George Matthew Bergen, bom November 2 1 , 


4. John Albert Bergen, bom December 11, 185S. 

5. Edward M. Bergen, bom October 26, 1861. 

(g) Matthew B. Bergen, bom March 24, 1814, 
married Martha Stevens of Hannibal, Missouri. 

b. Matthew Bergen, bom October 2, 1779, died 
October 16, 1843, married Rebecca Monfort. 

c. Margaret Bergen, bom July 31, 1781, married in 
1806, Andrew Gaddis of North Branch, N. J. 

1. Ann Gaddis, bom August 7, 1807, died young. 

2. Jacob Bergen Gaddis, bom November 9, 1810, 
married March 8, 1831, EHza C. Oalcatt of New 
Brunswick, N. J. 

3. James Bergen Gaddis, bom in 181 1. 

4. David A. Gaddis, bom April 7, 18 17. 

5. Dr. John Van Dyke Gaddis, bom August 26, 
1 8 16, married Julia Wilson. 

6. Catharine Ann Gaddis, bom October 31, 18 18, 
married Samuel Sloan. 

7. Matthew Bergen. Gaddis, died young. 


(vi) Elsie Van Dyke, daughter of John Van Dyke and 

Garrette Bergen his wife, baptized July 5, 1760, married 

Martin Voorhees. 

(vii) Roelof Van Dyke, baptized April 2, 1763. 

(viii) Cateyney Van Dyke, baptized February 3, 1765, 
married C. Van der Veer. Their son Isaac Van der 
Veer, married Mary Skillman ; children : 

(a) Margaret Van der Veer, bom November 21, 
1846, married in 1868, Judge John Bartine; child- 

1. Edwin Bartine, bom Febmary 19, 1869. 

2. Mary Bartine, bom May 6, 1879, married 
September 25, 1901, Thomas H. Dyer. 

(b) George Van Dyke Van der Veer, married Adele 
Peters; children: Karel, Roelof, and Schuyler Van 
der Veer. 

(c) Augustus Van der Veer, married Evelyn Gaston ; 
children : 

1. Hugh Van der Veer. 

2. Elizabeth Van der Veer. 

(ix) Sara Van Dyke, baptized October 25, 1767, mar- 
ried John Van Cleef of Six Mile Run, N. J. 

IV. Roelof Van Dyke, son of Jan Van Dyke and Anna 
Verkerk, his wife, bom May 18, 171 1, married Catharine 
Emans. The records of the Reformed Dutch Church at 
Harlingen, commenced in Dutch in 1727 by the Reverend 
Coens, show the following records among others of persons 
admitted to the congregation: "1766, Adriaan Hegeman, 
Roelef Van Dyke and Catharine Emans, Gerrit Voorhees 
and Hannaatje Beekman, Maria Probasco (wife of Joris 
Bergen) Catharine Snedeker (wife of Jochim Quick)," and 
under " 1769, Elizabeth Van Deursen (wife of Dr. J. M. Van 
Harlingen), Christophel Beekman and Martha Veghte. " 

The first town meeting of Montgomery township was held 
on March 10, 1772, and there were present with others Henry 
Van Dyke, Town Clerk, Christopher Hoagland, Jr., and 
John Van Dyke. 

The petition to Governor Fra nklin and the General 


Assembly for the creation of the township was signed among 
others by "Peter Vanderveer, Gerardus Beekman, Gerardus 
Beekman, Jr., Thomas Quick, Thomas Skillman, John Van 
Dike, Roelof Van Dike, Aaron Hageman, Henry Vandike, 
Peter Wikeoff, and John Voorhees. " 

Roelof Van Dyke was elected to the Committee of Cor- 
respondence of the Revolutionary War by the Freeholders 
of the County of Somerset, held at the Court-house on 
Friday the 28th of July, 1775, to hold office until the first 
Monday of May, 1777. 

In the hst of Deputies who attended the Provincial Con- 
gress of New Jersey held at Trenton in October, 1775, appears 
the name Ruloffe Van Dyke and on October 28, 1775, he was 
appointed by the Congress on the Committee of Safety by 
the following resolution : 

"Resolved that the following gentlemen be, and they 
hereby are appointed a Committee of Safety to act for the 
pubHc welfare of the Colony in the recess of this Congress, 
to wit: Mr. President Tucker, Mr. Vice-President Fisher; 
John Hart, Abraham Clark, Lewis Ogden, Joseph Holmes, 
John Mehelm, Isaac Pearson, John Pope, Azariah Dunham, 
John Dennis, Augustine Stevenson,' Ruloff Van Dyke." 

Ruloff Van Dyke attended the sittings of Congress and 
the Committee of Safety at New Brunswick from January 31 , 
1776, to March 2, 1776. The Committee of Safety met at 
Princeton, January 9, 1776. 

A meeting of Freeholders held at New Brunswick, N. J., 
January 3, 1775, for Middlesex County, appointed on the 
Committee of Observation for South New Brunswick, 
Isaac Van Dyke and Jacob Van Dyke. The above records 
are taken from the minutes of the Provincial Congress at 
Trenton, printed by Naar, Day & Naar in 1879. 

At the 1778 session of the Council or Committee of Safety 
at Princeton it was voted "That there be paid to John Van 
Dyke for his expenses in attending the Governor and Council 
of Safety as a Light Horseman from the nth of May to the 
2ist of June, 1778, the sum of £16.8." 

To Jacob Van Dyke a like amount for the same services. 


Roelof Van Dyke and Catharine Emans his wife had 
children : 

(i) Rebecca Van Dyke, married Col. John Van Dyke, 
bom April 17, 1747, who was her first cousin and the 
son of John Van Dyke and Margaret Barcalo his wife. 
Their descendants have been stated, 
(ii) Hendrick Van Dyke. Colonel of the Second Bat- 
talion, N. J., in the Revolutionary War, married 

Margaret , and had a son: 

(a) Roelof Van Dyke, who married Charity . 

Their son: 

( I ) Roelof Van Dyke, married Maria V. C. , 

and had a daughter: 

i. Margaret J. Van Dyke, married Leroy H. 
(iii) John Van Dyke married Sarah MacCaraher and 
had a son, John Van Dyke, who married Martha Beek- 
man. Their daughter Catharine Sarah Van Dyke, bom 
March 21, 1825, died October 7, 1856, married Novem- 
ber 7, 1850, Jacob Rutsen Hardenberg, bom July 11, 
1824, at New Brunswick, N. J., died January 25, 1892, 
son of Cornelius L. Hardenberg and Helen Mary 
Crooke, grandson of Jacob Rutsen Hardenberg and 
Mary Low, and great-grandson of Jacob Rutsen 
Hardenberg and Dinah Van Borg. They had chil- 

1. Catharine L. Hardenberg, bom May 17, 1852. 

2. Mary Comelia Hardenberg, bom November 20, 
1854, married April 14, 1892, Henry Schneeweiss 
and had: 

(a) Catherine Hardenberg Schneeweiss, bom Oc- 
tober 5, 1893. 
V. Matthias Van Dyke, son of Jan Van Dyke and 
brother of Roelof Van Dyke, bom at New Brunswick, August 
17, 1714, died in 1784. married June 12, 1746, under Middle- 
sex license dated May 14, 1746, Noltys, Nelly or Elleanor 
Lane or Laen of Middletown, ^./lonmouth County, N. J. 
They resided in a large stone house at Mapleton near Prince- 


ton and attended the Reformed Dutch Church at Six Mile 
Run, NrJ. In Honeyman's Joannes Nevius and his Descend- 
ants the following interesting incident is narrated as occurring 
at their house at the time of the Revolutionary War. "Just 
before the battle of Princeton the old mansion was occupied 
by several British officers, and a dinner ordered by them 
when they should return ' after routing the rebels under Mr. 
Washington' was eaten by the Americans." 

Matthias Van Dyke and Nelly Lane his wife had children : 
(i) Matthew Van Dyke, bom January 8, 1752, died 
September 18, 1832; was a private in the Revolution- 
ary War. He married January 25, 1774, Lydia Long- 
street, who died October 18, 1843. They had children : 
(la) Mary Van Dyke, married Rev. James Camahan, 
D.D., President of the College of New Jersey 
( Princeton) . Children : 

a. Hannah Camahan, married William K. Mac 
Donald of Newark, N. J. 

b. Lydia Camahan, married Rev. Luther H. Van 

(lb) Elizabeth Van Dyke, born December 23, 1782, 

married Rev. William Neil, D.D. 
(ic) Isaac Van Dyke, bom July 20, 1787, married 
and had children : 
(i) Matthew Van Dyke. 

(ii) EHzabeth Van Dyke, married Black- 

(iii) Catharine Van Dyke, married Bayles. 

( I d) Lydia Van Dyke, bom September 10,1 789, died 
July 12, 1865, at the residence of her son Henry 
V. D. Nevius. She married John Nevius and had 
children : 
(i) William James Nevius, bom in 18 10, died in 

(ii) John Schureman Nevius, bom in 1812, died 

in 1888. 
(iii) Henry Van Dyke Nevius, born in 1S15, died 
in 1893. 


(iv) Archibald A. Nevius, bom in 1826, of Wash- 
ington, D. C. 
( I e) Gertrude Van Dyke, bom May 29, 1 793, married 

Rev. Henry M. Rice, D.D. 
(if) William Van Dyke, bom September 27, 1795, 

died October 27, 1865, married in 1823, Margaret 

Nevius of Mapleton near Kingston, N. J., daughter 

of David Nevius, bom April 3, 1799. died September 

7,1862. They had children : 

(i) Margaret Van Dyke, bom October 4, 1824, 
married September 18, 1844, Rev. Thomas S. 
Malcolm, son of Rev. Howard Malcolm of Phila- 
delphia, Pa. They had children: 

(a) Alice Malcolm, died young. 

(b) Lydia Malcolm. 

(c) Elizabeth Malcolm, married Col. Wardell P. 

(d) Meta Malcolm, married Wood. 

(e) Mary Malcolm, married Dr. Dallas Peltz. 

(f) George Malcolm, died young. 

(g) Helen Malcolm, married Frank McLough- 

(h) Cornelia Malcolm. 

(i) Anna Malcolm. 

(j) Frank Malcobn, died May 27, 1895. 
(ii) James Van Dyke, bom December 21, 1825, 

died in 1863 in the Confederate army at the 

battle of Shiloh. 
(iii) Elizabeth Van Dyke, bom October, 1827, 

died in 1881, married Rev. Joseph K. Wight of 

New Hamburg, N. Y. 
(iv) Augustus Van Dyke, lived at Eureka, 

(v) Dr. Edward Bogart Van Dyke, bora March 

4, 1832, married April 14, 1859, Mary Stewart 

Dingee, daughter of John Henry Dingee of 

Philadelphia, Pa. He graduated from Princeton 

College in 1853 and from the Medical College of 


the University in 1856. Surgeon in U. S. Army 
- in 1862. They had children: 

(a) LilHe Van Dyke. 

(b) Anna Van Dyke. 

(vi) William Neil Van Dyke, bom August 14, 
1835, died August 15, 1875, married Harriet 
Wales; no children. 

(vii) Henry Lefler Rice Van Dyke of Metuchen, 
N. J., bom July 24, 1837, married in 1868 Julia 
Willets, daughter of Henry Willets and Nancy 
his wife of New York City. Graduated from 
Princeton College in 1858. They had children: 

(a) Cortlandt Van Rensselaer Van Dyke. 

(b) Edward Bogart Van Dyke. 

(c) James Rutherford Van D>'ke. 

(d) Hendrick A Men Van Dyke. 

(viii) Anna W. Van Dyke, bom September 10, 
1840, married Dr. Oliver S. Belden of Princeton, 
N. J. They had children: 

(a) Margaret Belden. 

(b) WilHam Belden. 

(2) Anna Van Dyke, daughter of Matthias Van Dyke 
and Nelly Lane, bom September 11, 1753, married 
Capt. Aaron Longstreet, son of Richard Longstreet. 
Their daughter Eleanor Longstreet, married Major 
Cornelius Cruser. 

(3) Neeltje, Noltys, or EUen Van Dyke, bom Septem- 
ber 22, 1755, married John Berrien. He was one of 
the signers of the resolution passed at a meeting in 
Princeton on June 26, 1783, declaring loyalty to and 
confidence in the Congress of the new United States. 

(4) Teuntje Van Dyke, bom March 11, 175S, died 
January 26, 1825, married first, Jacob Bergen, bom 
July 7, 1756; died September 2, 1782; second, John 
Bayles, who owTied the mill at North Branch on the 

(5) Margaret Van Dyke, bom February 2, 1761, died 
May 3, 1825, married under Middlesex license 


November 10, 1780, Major John Gulick, who owned 
the mill' at Kingston on the Millstone River, N. J. 
Their daughter, Rebecca Guhck, married in 1801, 
Robert Bayles, their son William Guhck Bayles, 
married Sarah Cruser, daughter of Judge Frederick 
Cruser and Catharine Van Dyke; Their son W. Harri- 
son Bayles in an interesting article in the Journal of 
American History, vol. 5, no. 3 entitled " Postal Ser- 
vice in the Thirteen Colonies" in speaking of mails 
between New York and Philadelphia says: "Kings- 
ton, on the old Dutch road, at the crossing of the 
Millstone was the half-way station at which the 
riders met, each rider dehvering to the other the mail 
he had carried out and returning with that which he 
had received." William Guhck Bayles and Sarah 
Cruser his wife had children : 

1. Robert Bayles, bom September 3, 1828, died 
October 21, 1906; married November 28, 1865, 
Martha N. Smith. Children: 

(a) Robert W. Bayles, bom March 16, 1867. 

(b) Chester Bayles, bom October 9, 1870, married 
Evelyn Hoagland. 

(c) EUa H. Bayles, bora Jan. 31, 1872, married 
Mahlon L. Hoagland. 

(d) William Bayles, bora October 11, 1874. 

(e) Mary Louise Bayles, bom May 9, 1879. 

2. Martha Bayles, bom October 23, 1830. 

3. George A. Bayles, bom June 2, 1833, died Febra- 
ary 10, 1905, married Sarah W. Bayles daughter of 
Robert J. Bayles; children: Walter and Frederick. 

4. Frederick C. Bayles, bora April 16, 1838, died 
July 10, 1905. 

5. WiUiam Harrison Bayles, bom June 26, 1841, 
married Chariotte Isabel Peck, daughter of Henry 
W. Peck, bom January 2, 1850, died December 15, 
1 90 1. Children: 

a. Sarah Josephine Bayles. 

b. Madge Isabel Bayles. 


(6) Catharine Van Dyke, bom June 24, 1763, died 
September 18, 1845, married Judge Frederick Cruser, 
who owned the mill at Rocky Hill on the Millstone. 
They had a daughter: 

(i) Catharine Cruser, married WiUiam Blackwell, 
the owner of the mill at Blackwell's Mills on the 
Millstone River, N. J. 

(2) Sarah Cruser, married William Gulick Bayles. 

(7) Sarah Van Dyke, married Colonel William 
Scudder of Huntington, L. I., and had a son: 

(i) William Scudder, who owned the mill at Scud- 
der's Mills on the Millstone, Middlesex County, 
New Jersey, who married Elleanor Craig, daughter 
of James Craig of Monmouth, N. J. Their son: 
(a) James Craig Scudder, married Ann Morris, 
daughter of George Morris, son of Reuben 
Morris, bom July 10, 1773, died January 4, 
1856, who married December 7, 1796, Elleanor 
Couenhoven. ^ 

Sarah Van Dyke Scudder, married second Perez 
Rowley, and had a daughter Catharine Rowley, who 
married Symmes Cleves Henry. Their son, J. Addi- 
son Henry, married Mary Servis Steen. 
VI. Abraham Van Dyke, son of Jan Van Dyke and Anna 

Verkerk, his wife, bom October 8, 1716, died young. 
Vn. Simon Van Dyke, bom October 12, 1718. 
Vni. Abraham Van Dyke, bom in 1719, was Lieutenant 
of the Grenadiers in the War of the Revolution. 

IX. Isaac Van Dyke, bom July 28, 1721, lived at 
Mapleton, N. J. 

X. Jacob Van Dyke, bom November 12, 1723, Hved at 
Rocky Hill, N. J. 

XI. Anna Van Dyke, bom January 16, 1728, married 
Albert Voorhees. 



(E) Achias or Agyas Van Dyke, son of Jan Thomasse Van 
Dyke, came with his father to America in 1652 ; died about 
1707. He married first, Jamietji Lamberts. They had 
children : 

(i) Lambert Van Dyke, baptized September 16, 1677, 
married Alayke Hooglandt. In 17 12 they lived near 
Six Mile Run, N. J., and attended the Reformed Dutch 
church there ; children : 

1. Janneke Van Dyke, baptized December 16, 1705. 

2. Dirk Van Dyke, baptized October i, 1707. / 

3. Achias Van Dyke, baptized October 26, 1709. 

4. Janneke Van Dyke, baptized October 24, 1711. 

5. Adrian Van Dyke, baptized November 18, 1713. 

6. Achias Van Dyke, baptized September 7, 1715; 
married Ann Andrewart. 

7. Johannes Van Dyke, baptized January 8, 171 8, 
died young. 

8. Johannes Van Dyke, baptized March 4, 1719. 

9. Hendricus Van Dyke, baptized June 11, 1721. 
10. Ehzabeth Van Dyke, bom in 1723. 

(2) Tryntje Van Dyke, baptized October 17, 1680, mar- 
ried Hendrick Hendrickson. 

(3) Barbara Van Dyke, baptized December 20, 1682, 
died April 18, 1743, married on November 19, 1703, 
Johannes Coerte Van Voorhees, bom April 20, 1683, 
died October 10, 1757, son of Coert Stevense Van Voor- 
hees of Flatlands, Long Island, bom in Holland in 1637, 
who maixied in 1663 Marretje Gerritje Van Couwen- 
hoven. He was a member of the Provincial Assembly 


of New York in 1664. He was the son of Steven 
Coerte Van Voorhees, who came from Holland in 1660. 
Johannes Coerte Van Voorhees and Barbara Van Dyke 
his wife had children : 

1. Jannetje Van Voorhees, bom September 15, 1704, 
married Colonel John BrinkerhofT of Fishkill, N. Y. 

(a) Johannes BrinkerhofT, bom in 1727, married 
Antie Martense. Children: 

John Brinkerhoflf. 
drian BrinkerhofT. 

(b) Altje BrinkerhofT, bom in 1732, married Dr. 
Theodorus Van Wyck. 

(c) Barbara BrinkerhofT. 

(d) Diena BrinkerhofT. 

(e) Dirck BrinkerhofT. 

2. Coert Van Voorhees, married Catherine Filkin. 

(a) Catharine Van Voorhees, married Hendrick Van 

(b) Barbara Van Voorhees, married Richard Van 

(c) Jannetji Van Voorhees, married Joseph Horton. 

(d) Henry Van Voorhees. 

(e) Johannes Van Voorhees, married Johanna 

(f) Mary Van Voorhees, bom April 27, 1740, mar- 
ried, first, on November 11, 1760, Peter J. Du Bois; 
married, second. Dr. Theodorus Van Wyck, who 
was first married to Altje BrinkerhofT. 

(g) Cornelia Van Voorhees, died tmmarried. 

(h) Magdalena Van Voorhees, married Christian Du 

(i) Sarah Van Voorhees, married, first, Francis 

Brett; second, Capt. Daniel Van Voorhees. 
(j) Zachariah Van Voorhees, bom March 25, 1748, 

married Anna Lawrence. 

3. Johannes Van Voorhees, bom August 6, 1708, 


married Gerritje, daughter of Elias Van Benschouten 
of Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Children: 

(a) Sarah Van Voorhees, died young. 

(b) Barbara Van Voorhees, bom in 1733, married 
Roelof PhiUips. 

(c) Katrena Van Voorhees. 

(d) John Van Voorhees, married, first, Hannah Roe 
of Fishkill, N. Y.; second, Ranche Nostrand. 

(e) Sarah Van Voorhees, married Daniel Southard. 

(f) Elias Van Voorhees, married Ehzabeth Roe. 

(g) Jannetje Van Voorhees, married Zebulon South- 

4. Zacharias Van Voorhees, bom December 16, 1710, 
died immarried. 

5. Gerrit Van Voorhees, bora March 13, 1713, died 

6. Maria Van Voorhees, bom September 16, 1716, 
married Elias Du Bois. 

7. Hendrick Van Voorhees, bom March 20, 171 9, 
died urmiarried. 

8. Jacob Van Voorhees, bom October 14, 1723, mar- 
ried, first, Catherine Mesier of New York City; 
married, second, Trocy Myer. Children: 

(a) Jacob Van Voorhees, married Martha Haight. 

(b) John Van Voorhees, married, first, Mary 
McKnight; second, Catharine Fine. 

(c) Susannah Van Voorhees, bom January 28, 

(d) Katherine Van Voorhees. 

(e) Jane Van Voorhees, bom December 9, 1764, 
married General Samuel Haight. 

(4) Barent Van Dyke, baptized May 20, 1685. 

(5) Thomas Van Dyke, baptized April 17, 1687, married 
Aimetje , and had one child: 

Jannetje Van Dyke, baptized March 5, 1732. 

(6) Jacobus Van Dyke, baptized 1685, married Cath- 
arine Van Brunt and settled in the Harlingen Tract in 
1 710. Children: 


1. Catharine Van Dyke, baptized February 8, 1721, 
.died young. 

2. Catharine Van Dyke, baptized February 20, 1730. 

3. Zacheus Van Dyke, baptized June 16, 1732. 
(7) Jenneke Van Dyke. 

Achais Van Dyke married, second, in December, i^iQ^, 
Magdalena Henderse, widow of Minne Johannes. The farm 
at Bay Ridge which he occupied at the time of his death was 
sold in 1708 by his heirs to Hendrick Hendrickson. 

(F) Peter Van Dyke, son of Jan Thomasse Van Dyke, was 
bom in New Utrecht, and died there about 1722. He 
married Aimetji Janse. Their children were: 

(i) Agneta Van Dyke, baptized July 2^. 1680. 

(2) Isaac Van Dyke, baptized June 30, 1682; settled 
on Staten Island and afterwards in Somerset County, 
New Jersey. 

(3) Jacob Van Dyke, baptized October 4, 1685. 

(G) Lambert Van Dyke, son of Jan Thomasse Van Dyke, 
married Fytje Barents and had children : 

(i) Ida Van Dyke, baptized December 25, 1677. 

(2) Styntje Van Dyke, baptized February 12, 1682. 

(3) Barent Van Dyke, baptized November 12, 1683. 

(4) Feytje or Feyteye Van Dyke, baptized June 15, 

(5) Jacob Van Dyke, baptized March 24, 1687. 

(6) Jan Van Dyke, baptized April 21, 1689. 

(H) Hendrick Janse Van Dyke, son of Jan Thomasse 
Van Dyke, baptized July 2, 1653, married February 29, 
1680, Jannetje Hermanse Van Borkuloo, daughter of 
Herman Janse Van Borkviloo or Van Borkulow and 
Willemtje Eldringh his wife, and lived in New Utrecht 
until 1677, when he moved to Staten Island, where he 
resided until after 1701, when he removed to Bucks Co., 
Pennsylvania. The children of Hendrick Van Dyke and 
Jannetje Van Borkulow his wife were: 
(i) Willemtje Van Dyke, baptized July 8, 1681, married 

Christian Van Hoom of Bensalem, Pa.. 
(2) Dredrick Van Dyke. 


(3) Annetji Van Dyke, baptized in 1698 on Staten 
Island, N. Y., married Jan Van Vleck. 

(4) Jacob Van Dyke, baptized at Six Mile Run, N. J. 
(I) Antje Janse Van Dyke, married Pieter Staats of 

(J) Angenietje Van Dyke, married on December 3, 1662, 
according to Bergen's Early Settlers of King's County, 
Adriaen Willemse Bennet, son of Willem Adriaensz 
Bennet of England, bom in 1637. They lived at Yellow 
Hook, now Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, until 1681 when he sold 
his farm to Carl Janse Van Dyke and removed to Gowanus, 
Brooklyn. Children: 

(i) Jan Adriaense Bennet, married January 6, 1696, 
Femmetje Rapalie, daughter of Jeromus Rapalie. Hi&- 
will is recorded in N. Y. Surrogate's office in L. 14 of 
Wills, page 30. Children: 

(a) Ariaen Bennet, baptized June 7, 1697, married 
Maria Van Pelt, daughter of Tunis Lanen Van Pelt. 

(b) Joris Bennet, baptized August 28, 1698. 

(c) Jeromus Bermet, baptized April i, 1700. 

(d) Annetje Bennet. 

(e) Phoebe Bennet. 

(f) Johannes Bennet, married Sarah Luyster. 

(g) Catharine Bennet. 

(h) Angenietje Bennet, married April 22, 1737, Rem 
(ii) Tryntje Adriaense Bennet, bom in 1664, married 

November 12, 1685, Comelis Rutgers Van Bnmt. 
(iii) Arie Adriaense Bennet, married Barbara Van der 

Donk and settled at Six Mile Run, N. J. Children: 

(a) Geertruy Bennet, married Teunis Van Pelt. 

(b) Angenietje Bennet, baptized Oct. i, 1704; died 
in 1760, married Stephen Thompson and had a 
daughter, Agnes Thompson, married Richard Bates. 
Their daughter Agnes Bates, baptized May, 1757, 
married Lewis Dey, bom March 21, 1758, of the 
famous Dey family of New York and New Jersey 
from whom Dev Street, New York, is named. The 


Rev. Geo. W. Labaw, in a History of Preakness, says 
Colonel Thennis Dey and his family lived in Lower 
Preakness, N. J., in the old mansion which is illus- 
trated in his book. It was General Washington's 
Headquarters from July i, to July 29, and from 
October 8, to November 27, 17S0. "Washington 
occupied four rooms in this house, most likely two 
on each floor. The present southeast room, now used 
as a dining-room, is pointed out as his office. " 

Lewis Dey and Agnes Bates his wife had a son: 
WilHam Bates Dey of Shrewsbury, N. J., bom in 
April, 1780, married April 9, 1809 Susan Spruthy, 
bom March 15, 1790. Their son Wilham Dey, bom 
December 22, 1809, married in December, 1832, 
Margaret Catherine Walters of Marj-land, bom July 
19, 1814. Children: 
(i) George Walters Dey. 

(2) Mary Frances Dey, married Charles E. Northam 
of Richmond, Virginia. 

(3) James B. Dey of Norfolk, Va. 

(4) Emma Dey, married Col. C. A. Nash. 

(5) William Tiberius Dey. 
(6 Walter Howell Dey. 

(7) WilHam Bates Dey. 

(8) Margaret W. Dey, married Capt. Nathaniel 
BiuTuss of Norfolk, Va. Children: 

a. WilHam C. Burruss, married Nell Orr, grand- 
daughter of Governor Orr of South CaroHna. 

b. AdeHta Burruss, married Captain Harry B. 
Jordan of U. S. Army. 

c. Marguerite Burruss, married Lieut. John H. 
Read, Jr., of U. S. Army. 

d. Chester Burruss, married Eleanor Rellis of 
Saginaw, Michigan. 

e. Eugene Lansing Burruss, married Nellie Wise 

f. Albert Edward Burruss of Norfolk, Va. 

g. Edwin E. Burruss died vouns;. 


(c) John Bennet, married Eyke Van Mater. 

(d) Comelis Bennet. 

(e) Metalynke Bennet. 

(f) Katrina Bennet. 

(g) Isaac Bennet. 

(iv) Jacob Adriaense Bennet, married Barbara Ferdon, 
and had a daughter Angenietje Bennet, baptized Sep- 
tember 8, 1 700; married Jan Scouten. 

(v) Comelis Adriaense Beimet. 

(vi) Isaac Adriaense Bennet. 

(vii) Abram Adriaense Bennet, baptized March 20, 1680, 
married December 25, 1702, Jannetje Folkers and 
resided in Six Mile Run, N. J. Children: 

(a) Adrian Bennet, baptized October 7, 1703, married 
Sophia Bro^Tiswell. 

(b) Folkert Bennet, baptized August 7, 1705. 

(c) Abram Bennet, baptized August 17, 1707, married 
Jannetje Suydam. 

(d) Sarah Bennet, baptized October 23, 171 1, married 
John Wagenaar. 

(viii) Antje Adriaense Bennet, married Jacob Sutphen of 
Freehold, N. J. 

(ix) Maria Adriaense Bennet, married Jacob Van Dom 
of Freehold, N. J., and their son Christian Van Dom or 
Doren, married Altje or Alice Schenck, bom May 25, 
1705, and had a son Jacob Van Doren who married 
Phoebe Vander Veer, and a daughter Altje Van Doren, 
bom May 15, 1737, died August 12, 1796, who married 
Jacques Voorhees of Middlebush, N. J., bom December 
18, 1733, died March 24, 1792. Their son Jacques 
Voorhees, 2d, bom December 4, 1763, died October 9, 
1802, married Dinah Strvxker, bom September 6, 1767, 
died May 10, 1S31, and had a son Jacques Voorhees, 3d, 
bom May 27, 1792, died September 21, 1828, married 
February 2, 1814, Ann Van Liew, bom March 15, 1795, 
died May 15, 1870 and had a son Abram Voorhees, bom 
April 7, 1826, died March 9, 1883, who married on 
November 17, 1S47, Sarah Bnmson, bom November 7, 


1824, died March 29, 1901. Their daughter Sarah 
Bnanson Voorhees, bom September 8, 1848, married on 
October 29, 1873, John S. Clark. Captain Jacob Van 
Doren son of Jacob Van Doren and Phoebe Van der 
Veer, married Maria Mellick and had a daughter Maris 
Van Doren who married Abraham Vanarsdale. 

(x) Agnietje Adriaense Bennet, baptized September 3, 
1862 in Brooklyn. 

(xi) Engel Adriaense Bennet, baptized July 26, 1685, in 
New York. 
(K) Tryntje Janse Van Dyke. 


Abeel, Magdalena, 53 
Abeel, Stoffel Janse, 53 
Achias, Tryntje, 174 
Ackerly, Catharine, 12 
Adams, Capt. Charles James, 
Adams, Rebecca Horatia, 32 
Adams, Walter, 89 
Adrain, Fannie N. B., 123 
Adrain, Robert, 123 
Aitken, Abram Beekman, 77, 
Aitken, Andrew, 73, 74 
Aitken, Beekman, 78 
Aitken, Charles, 133 
Aitken, Edith Colfax, 78, 84 
Aitken, Elizabeth Houghton, 
Aitken, Elizabeth L., 76 
Aitken, Henry, 74 
Aitken, James, 74 
Aitken, Jeremiah B., 76 
Aitken, John, 74, 76 
Aitken, Lydia Anna, 77 
Aitken, Lydia Bennett, 75 
Aitken, May, 76 
Aitken, Nora Coote, 39, 78 
Aitken, Thomas, 74 
Aitken, William B., 39, 73, 74, 

172, 213 
Aitken, William Benford, 39, 
Alden, John, 71 
Alden, Rev. Joseph, 25 
Alden, William, 25 
Alderson, Ida, 88 
Aldrich, Richard, 50 
Alexandre, Helen L., 124 
AUin, Edna, 128 
Allin, Francis W., 128 
AUin, Frederic B., 128 
Alvord, Lucy A., 66 
Alward, Mary, 183 
Alward, Nathaniel, 1S3 
Amerman, Jan, 195 
Ammerman, Elizabeth, 63 
Ammons, Anthony L., 106 
Amory, Dorothy, 130 
Anderson, Adna, 15 
Anderson, Albert Day, 204 
Anderson, Eliza, 15. 214 


Anderson, John A., 204 

Anderson, Leroy H., 221 

Anderson, Martha, 91 

Anderson, Mary, 15 

Anderson, Philip V. W., 15 

Anderson, Sarah, 15 

Andriessen, Maritje, 178 

Anthon, Marion G., 14 

Applegate, Catherine, 190 

Appleton, Harriette, 28 

Appleton, Gen'l James, 129 

Arden, Abya, 165 

Arden, Aeltje, 165 

Arden, Catherine, 165 

Arden, Elizabeth, 165 

Arden, Jacob, 165 

Arden, Sally, 138 

Arden, Thomas, 138 

Armour, Mary D., 24 

Armstrong, Gen'l John, 49 

Armstrong, Margaret, R., 49, 164 

Amds, Rinier, 178 

Arnds, Tryntje R., 178 

Arnold, Susan M., 25 

Arthur, Marie, 43 

Anindel, Earl of, 38 

Ashmead, Henrietta, 214 

Ashton, Frances Goodhue, 19, 151 

Ashton, William, 19 

Aspinwall, J. Lawrence, 147 

Astor, Ava A. Muriel, 50 

Astor, Caroline, 51 

Astor, Charlotte A., 51 

Astor, Errdly, 49, 50 

Astor, Helen, 50 

Astor, Col. John J., 50 

Astor, Laura, 50 

Astor, Malvina, D., 51 

Astor, Mary Alida, 50 

Astor, Sarah, 51 

Astor, William B., 49, 164 

Astor, William V., 50 

Astor, WiUiam Waldorf, 50 

Atherton, Catharine, 26, 37 

Atherton, Major Gen'l Humphrey, 36 

Austin, Dr. A. Eugene, 212 

Avery, Christopher, 81 

Avery, Ebenezer, 80 

Avery, James, 8i 


Avery, Lucy, 80 

\ ' ^ 

Babcock, John, 138 

Bache, Sarah, 45 

Backer, Jacobus, 175 

Bacus, Phihp H., 157 

Bailey, Alson, 90 

Bailey, Daniel Carey, 90 

Bailey, Edmund S.,'121 

Bailey, John, 90 

Bailey, Nellie, 90 

Bailey, Dr. Theodorus, 121 
■« Baird, Alexander, 153 

Baird, Anna C, 105 

Baird, Caroline V., 90 

Baird, Comehus Barkalow, 90 

Baird, Garret V., 105 

Baird, Harriet J., 105 

Baird, Irma, 90 

Baird, John, 90 

Baird, Louise, 90 

Baird, Margaret V., 105 

Baird, Mary, 148 

Baird, Sarah, 105 

Baird, William, 105 

Baker, George F., Jr., 128 

Baker, Haihe, 85 

Baker, Looe, 146 

Baker, Rachel, 104 

Baker, VVilham, v 

Baldwin, Austin, 30 

Baldwin, Lucy, 104 

Baldwin, Radchffe, 30 

Ballantine, Arthur L., 91 

Ballantine, Berkeley, 91 

Ballantine, Daniel, 91 

Ballantine, Frank A., 91 

Ballantine, James E., 91 
Bancke, Frederick, 1S5 
Barcalo, Althea, 85 
Barcalo, Margaret, 90, 221 
Barclay, Eliza, 43 
Barclay, Helen, 148 
Barclay, Susan, 14 
Barclay, Col. Thomas, 43 
Barcolo, Margaretta, 207, 213 
Barcolow, William T., 93 
Bard, Ehza, 126 
Barents, Fytje, 230 
Barkalow, Ann, 89 
Barkalow, Carohne, 89 
Barkalow, Christopher, 87, 90 
Barkalow, Daniel, 87, 89 
Barkalow, Ehza, 87 
Barkalow, Esther, 89 
Barkalow, Frederic S., 90 
Barkalow, Israel, 90 
Barkalow, lohn S., 89 
Barkalow, 'Martha, 88 
Barkalow, Mary, 88, qo 


Barkalow, Sidney, 89 
Barkalow, Susan, 91 
Barkalow, Virginia, 90 

Barkelo, Wm. Janse, 87 

Barret, Charles W., 156 

Barretto, Francis J., 152 

Barretto, Gerard M., 152 

Bartine, Edwin, 219 

Bartine, Judge John, 219 

Bartine, Mary, 219 

Barton, Thomas P., 52 

Bates, Agnes, 232 

BatteU, Hattie, 89 

Baudertius, Mary, 2 

Baudertius, Rev. Wm., 2 

Bayard, Balthazar, 10 

Bayard, Gysbert, 201 

Bayard, James A., 164 

Bayard, Judith, 10 

Bayard, Margaret S., 114 

Bayard, Nicholas, 114, 116 

Bayard, Samuel, 116 

Bayard, Stephen N., 120 

Bavles, Chester, 225 

Bayles, EUa H., 225 

Bayles, Frederick, 225 

Bayles, George A., 225 

Bayles, John, 224 

Bayles, Madge Isabel, 225 

Bayles, Martha, 225 

Bayles, Mary Louise, 225 

Bavles, Robert, 202, 225 

Bayles, Ruth, 48 

Bayles, Sarah Josephine, 225 

Bayles, Sarah W., 225 

Bayles, Walter, 225 

Bayles, William Gulick, 225, 226 

Bayles, WiUiam Harrison, 202, 225 

Bayhs, Cora, 92 

Beacraft, EHzabeth, 77 

Bearding, Nathaniel, 36 

Bearding, Sarah, 36 

Beardslee, Rachael Ann, 97 

Beasley, Margaretta Stockton, 44 

Beasley, Mercer, 44 

Beck, HedeUnd E., 204 

Beck, Louis C, 204 

Bedford, Phoebe, 157 

Bedle, Catherine, 190 

Bedlow, Mary E. G., 121 

Bedlow, WiUiam, 17 

Beeckman, Gilbert L., 25 

Beeckman, Helen, 25 

Beeckman, Henry, 26 

Beeckman, Martha, 25 

Beeckman, Martin, 25 

Beekman, Aaron, 39, 62, 109 

Beekman, Abraham, v, 93, 97, no, 

112. 118, 121, 206 
Beekman, Abraham C, 63, 64, 68, 

70, 73, 169, 171, 213 
Beekman, Abraham 1., 96 



Beekman, Abraham R., 98 

Beekman, Adrianus, 109, 124 

Beekman, Aefje, 113- 

Beekman, Aeltje, 165 

Beekman, Albert, 63 

Beekman, Alida, 154, 155, 159, 160, 

Beekman, Alma, 97 
Beekman, Anatje, 153 
Beekman, Andrew, 3 
Beekman, Ann, 21, 99, 105, 133, 153, 

159, 206 
Beekman, Anna M., 161 
Beekman, Annatie, v 
Beekman, Anthony, 161 
Beekman, Benjamm, 156 
Beekman, Caroline, 73, 99, 213 
Beekman, Catharine, v, 2, 25, 39, 73, 

97, 99, 107, 109, III, 120, 121, 122, 

124, 140, 141, 154, 155, 159. 160, 

161, 165, 166, 213 
Beekman, Catryntie, 7 
Beekman, Celestia, 160 
Beekman Cemetery, 167 
Beekman, Charles, 63, 160 
Beekman, Charles K., 122 
Beekman, Christiana, 154 
Beekman, Christopher, iv, 39, 55, 56, 

57, 58, 61, 62, 109, no, 170, 171, 

172, 206, 215, 219 
Beekman, Cornelia, v, 7, 10, 22, 29, 

30,62,97,108, no. III, 112,114, 

116, 121, 124, 133, 141, 151. 153. 

171, 206 
Beekman, Cornelius, I, 133, 156, 15S, 

159, 160, 175 
Beekman, Cortlandt, 123 
Beekman, David, 134 
Beekman, Dorothy, 160 
Beekman, EUza, 69, 213 
Beekman, Elizabeth, iv, v, 16, 17, 85, 

112, 114, 117, 124, 153, 154, 157. 

160, 162, 165 
Beekman, Elizabeth H., 169 
Beekman, Ellen, 94, 98 
Beekman, Emma, 63 
Beekman, Engelbert, i 
Beekman, Eve, 135 
Beekman, EveUne, 160 
Beekman, Fannie N'eilson, 123 
Beekman, Fenwick, 122 
Beekman, Florence, 63 
Beekman, Frances M., 98 
Beekman, Garret, 62, 169, 170 
Beekman, Geertruy, 156 
Beekman, Gerald, 98 
Beekman, Gerard, i, 2, 123, 124, 133 
Beekman, Gerard G., 21, 133 
Beekman, Gerard WiUiam, 1 1 1 
Beekman, Col. Gerardus, 53, 54. "i- 

140, 141, 167, 217 

, Gerardus, 56, 93, 94, 116, 

168, 169, 
56, 58, 


133, 134, 142, 153, 165, 
170, 179, 215, 217, 220 

Beekman, Gerardus C, 39, 
105, 107, 167, 206 

Beekman, Gerardus K., 153 

Beekman, Gertrude, 63 

Beekman, Gertrude Van C, i; 

Beekman, Grotius, 61, 63 

Beekman, Hannaatje, 219 

Beekman, Harmon, 2 

Beekman, Heloise, 122 

Beekman, Henr\', 25, 26, 141, 

Beekman, Col. Henry, 40, 116 

Beekman, Henry R., 123 

Beekman, Hendrick, 2, 7 

Beekman, Hendricus, 155, 165 

Beekman, Herman, 123 
] Beekman, Isaac, 63, 99 

Beekman, Jacob, v, 98, 165 

Beekman, Jacobus, 16, 152, 153, 154, 
15s. 166 

Beekman, James, 16, 98, no, 112, 
118, 120, 121, 123, 124, 152, 153, 
' 162 
I Beekman, James Hude, 123 

Beekman, James W., 124 

Beekman, Jesse H., 63 
I Beekman, Jane, 63, 120, 
\ Beekman, Jannetje, 165 
] Beekman, Jochim, iv 

Beekman, Johanna, 96, 98, 112, 121, 
154. 171 
; Beekman, Johannes, v, 155, 162, 165 

Beekman, John, iv, v, 3, 26, 62, 99, 
' 121, 153, 154 
; Beekman, Dr. John, 156 
1 Beekman, Rev. John, 2 
: Beekman, John A., 96, 169, 171 
, Beekman, John C, 122 
; Beekman, John Groff, 161 
j Beekman, John K., 162 

Beekman, John N., 123 

Beekman, Josephine L., 123 

Beekman, Judicke, 155 

Beekman, Julia, 62, 159 
j Beekman, Julia Ann, 62 
! Beekman, Laura, 159 
j Beekman, Lidea, 162 

Beekman, Loami, 161 
I Beekman, Louisa, 63 
; Beekman, Lydia. 122 
I Beekman, Mabel, 63 
I Beekman, Magdalena, 85, 107, no, 
in, 112, 133, 134, 161, 206 
Beekman, Malli, 157 
i Beekman, Margaret, v, 9, 25, 40, 41, 
! 69, 123, 161, 169, 170, 213 
t Beekman, Margaretta, 2, 112 
j Beekman, Maria, 3, 6, no, 114, 130, 

I Beekman, Maria K., 162 
' Beekman, Maritje, 158 

162, 169 


Beekman, Martha, 62, 63, 67, 84, 171, 

Beekman, Martin, iv, 3 
Beekman, Martinns, 166 
Beekman, Mary, 71, 87, 99, 100, 120, 

121, 123, 153, 159, 160, 161, 162, 

171, 206 
Beekman, Marv Scott, 72, 213 
Beekman, Matilda, 71, 98, 172, 213 
Beekman, Nancy, 160 
Beekman, Neilson, 123 
Beekman, Noah W., 161 
Beekman, Peter, iv, v, 63, 97, 153, 

Beekman, Phoebe, 98 
Beekman, Rachel, 165 
Beekman, Ralph, v, 98 
Beekman, Reuben, 161 
Beekman, Richard M., 63 
Beekman, R. Livingston, 25 
Beekman, Samuel, iv, v 
Beekman, Sarah, 98, no, 156 
Beekman, Thomas, 153, 155, 156, 159 
Beekman, Theophilus, 153 
Beekman, Tjerck, 156 
Beekman, Trentje C, 158 
Beekman, Walter K., 162 
Beekman, Wilhelmus, i, 6, 11, 25, 

154, 164, 165, 166 
Beekman, WilUam, 7, no, 114, 120, 

Beekman, William Bedlow, 122 
Beekman, William, Dr., 55, 56, in, 

Beekman, William F., 122, 123 
Belden, Oliver S., 224 
Belden, William, 224 
Bell, Catharine, 132 
Bell, Diana, 72 
BeU, Rev. Edward, 132 
Bell, Edward, 129 
Bell, Harry, 132 
BeUinger, Eliza, 161 
Bellinger, George, 161 
BeUomont, Earl of, 34 
Benjamin, Hamilton Fish, 14 
Benjamin, Col. Samuel N., 14 
Benjamin, William M., 14 
Bennem, Jan, 185 
Bennet, Abram A., 233 
Bennet, Adrian, 183, 231, 233 
Bennet, Agnietje A., 234 
Bennet, Angenietje, 233 
Bennet, Annetje, 231 
Bennet, Antje A., 233 
Bennet, Cornelis, 233 
Bennet, Engel A., 234 
Bennet, Folkert, 233 
Bennet, Gerard, 196 
Bennet, Isaac, 233 
Bennet, Jacob .\., 233 
Bennet, Jan Adriaense, 231 

Bennet, Jeromus, 231 
Bennet, Joris, 231 
Bennet, Margaret, 187 
Bennet, Maria A., 233 
Bennet, Metalynke, 233 
Bennet, Phoebe, 231 
Bennet, Samuel, 196 
Bennet, Sarah, 233 
Bennet, WUlem A., 231 
Bennett, Jeremiah, 75 
Bennett, Sir John, 75 
Bennett, John, 233 
Bennett, Lydia, 75 
Bennett, William, 197 
Bensel, Edward B., 76 
Bensel, William A., 76 
Benson, Tryntie, 135 
Bentick, George Cavendish, 48 
Bergen, Aaron, 217 
Bergen, Abraham Beekman, 96 
Bergen, Charity, 94 
Bergen, Cornelia V., 12 
Bergen, Edward M., 218 
Bergen, Eliza, 217 
Bergen, Frederick J., 59, 213 
Bergen, Garrette, 213, 219 
Bergen, George M., 218 
Bergen, Gerritie, 217 
Bergen, Gertrude, 96 
Bergen, Henry, 195, 218 
Bergen, Henry B., 218 
Bergen, Jacob, 96, 197, 217, 224 
Bergen, Jane, 218 
Bergen, Johannes, 197 
Bergen, John A., 218 
Bergen, Joris, 219 
Bergen, Margaret, 218 
Bergen; Maria, 217 
Bergen, Mary, 21S 
Bergen, Mary Jane, 218 
Bergen, Matthew, 218 
Bergen, Sarah, 197 
Bergen, Simon, 197 
Bergen, Tunis G., 175 
Berrian, John, 224 
Bettner, Adelaide, 147 
Biggs, Abraham, 73 
Biggs, Benjamin T., 72, 213 
Biggs, Harriets., 156 
Biggs, Helen, 73 
Biggs, John, 72 
Biggs, J. Frank, 72 
Biggs, Mary B., 72,73 
Biggs, Rachel M., 72 
Biggs, Sewell C, 73, 213 
Biggs, Willard B., 73 
Birch, Margaret Rutgers, n? 
Birkhead, EUa, 20, 150 
Bishop, Cortlandt F., 134 
Bishop, David Wolfe, 134 
Bishop, Florence V. C, 134 
Blackwell, Anna M., 159 



Blackwell, Mary Ann, 218 
BlackweU, William, 226 
Blauvelt, Gertrude, 86 
Blauvelt, Dr. W. W., 86 
Bleyck, Ariaentje, 69 
Bloomfield, Phoebe, iv 
Blue, Catharine, 205 
Blue, Enos L., 203, 205 
Blue, Margaret, 203 
Boardman, Lansdale, 112 
Boardman, William C, 112 
Boel, Charles, 117 
Boerum, Jerett, 183 
Boice, Archibald, 61 
Boice, Cornelius, 203 
Boice, David, 203 
Boice, Edgar, 61 
Boice, Harvey, 61 
Boice, Jane M., 203 
Boice, John DeWitt, 61 
Boker, Josephine, 95 
Bolden, Gertrude L'Estrange, 29 
BonneU, Alexander, 107 
Borrowe, H. Alsop, 122 
Borrowe, Dr. Jacob Hallett, 122 
Borrowe, Samuel, 122 
Boudinot, Elisha, 120 
Bowden, Constance, 148 
Bowden, Rev. James J., 148 
Bowman, WardeU P., 223 
Bowne, Katherine M., 15 
Boyd, Eugenia, 107 
Boyd, George, 18 
Boyd, Sarah Matilda, 185 
Bradley, Lucretia, 83 
Bragin, Frances, iv 
Breese, Elizabeth Ann, 24 
Brett, Francis, 228 
Brevoort, Edith, 127, 128 
Brevoort, Hendrick Jansen, 127 
Brevoort, Henry, 127 
Brevoort, Isabella, 12S 
Brevoort, Jan Hendrickse, 127 
Brevoort, John, 128 
Brewer, Catharine, 17, 18 
Brewster, "Dame" Mary, 

Brewster, WUliam, 82 
Brewster, Wrasling, 83 
Brinkerhoflf, Adrian, 228 
Brinkerhoff, Altje, 228 
Brinkerhoff, Barbara, 22S 
Brinkerhoff, Dirck, 228 
Brinkerhoff, John, 228 
Brissac, M., 22 
Bronson, Mary, 109 
Brooke, Fannie, 214 
Brooks, Catherine, 85 
Brooks, Capt. David, 147 
Brooks, Fanny, 147 
Brooks, Isabella, 147 

Jonathan, 83 
Love, 83 

Brooks, Lillian, 147 
Brouwer, Alida, 3 
Brouwer, Mary, 196 
Brouwer, Ritsert, 117 
Brown, Andrew, 96 
Brown, Annie Mellona, 96 
Brown, Ellen Q., 96 
Brown, Capt. Lowndes, 46 
Brown, Matthew, 96 
Browning, Jane A., 13 
BrownsweU, Sophia, 233 
Bruen, M., 125 
Branson, Sarah, 233 
Bryce, Clemence S., 14 
Buchanan, James A., 12 
Buchanan, Laura W., 12 
Buffet, Alfred, 196 
Buffett, Eliphaz, 196 
BuJJett, Henry, 196 
Buffett, Lilian, 196 
Buffett, Van Dyke, 196 
Bull, Catharine V. D., 78 
Bull, Charles Beekman, 78 
Bull, Charles H., 77, 78 
Bull, CUfton B., 77 
Bull, Harold Aitken, 78 
Bull, Henry, 77 
Bull, Captain Thomas, 38 
Bunce, Sarah, 38 
Bunce, Thomas, 38 
Bunner, Charles F., 184 
j Burden, Henry, 31, 32 
Burr, Nelson, 149 
Burhans, Jacob, 160 
Burhans, Margaret, 156 
BurteU, Rev. David J., 84 
BurreU, Ebenezer, 24 
Burtell, Elizabeth T., 24 
BurteU, Norman M., 84 
Burrill, Charles Drayton, i. 
Burrill, Drayton, 144 
Burrill, John E., 131 
Burrill, Mary, 144 
Burrill, Middleton S., 131 
Burrill, Percy, 144 
Burrass, Adelita, 232 
Burruss, Albert E., 232 
Burruss, Chester, 232 
Burrass, Edwin E., 232 
Burrass, Eugene L., 232 
Burrass, Marguerite, 232 
Burrass, Nathaniel, 232 
Burrass, William C, 232 
Burtis, Charles, 144 
Burtis, Sarah M., 144 
Bussing, Catherine, 185 
Bussing, Elizabeth, 162 
Bussing, Jane, 162 
Butler, EUzabeth, 145 
Butler, Frances R., 12 
Butler, John, 143 
Buys, Peter, 175 



CadwaladerT Maria, 126 
Cady, John Watts, 18 
Campbell, Florence, 172 
CampbeU, George W., 168, 172 
Campbell, James W., 139 
Campbell, Julia W. L., 139 
Cannon, Jan, 162 
Cannon, John, 162 
Carey, Arthur Astor, 50 
Carey, Henry, 50 
Carey, John, Jr., 50 
Carey, Margaret L., 50 
Carmatt, Sybella, 145 
Carmen, Phoebe, 15 
Carnahan, Hannah, 222 
Carnahan, Rev. James, 222 
Carnahan, Lydia, 222 
Carnes, Helen L., 146 
Camochan, Estelle, 147 
Camochan, Frederick G., 147 
Camochan, Gouvemeur M., 147 
Camochan, Harriet F. P., 147 
Camochan, John Murray, 147 
Camochan, LiUian, 147 
Camochan, Mary Morris, 147 
Camochan, William, 147 
Carpenter, Elizabeth, v 
Carpenter, John T., 196 
Carpenter, Sarah, 146, 147 
Carr, Harriet, 196 
Carr, Mary, 159 
Carson, Laura, 127 
Catlin, Catharine L., 13 
CatUn, Charles M., 13 
Catlin, Cora, 13 
Catlin, John M., 13 
Catlin, Lynde, 13 
Catlin, Nicholas W. S., 13 
Chamberlain, AUce, 50 
Chamberlain, Julia R., 49 
Chambers, Abner Reeder, 212 
Chambers, Catherine H., 212 
Chambers, Elizabeth, 212 
Chambers, John, 212 
Chambers, Josephine, 212 
Chambers, Margaret N., 207 
Chambers, Robert, 67, 212 
Chambers, Robert Augustus, 212 
Chambers, Sarah F., 212 
Chandler, John, 82 
Chandler, Mehitable, 82 
Chandler, W^iUiam, 82 
Chanler, Alida, 50 
Chanler, John A., 49 
Chanler, John Winthrop, 49 
Chanler, Lewis Stuyvesant, 50 
Chanler, Margaret L., 50 
Chanler, Robert W., 49 
Chapman, John J., 49 
Chatham. Lord, 210 

Chedister, Guy M., 88 

Chedister, Marv L., 88 

Chedister, Sarah M., 88 

Cheeseborough, Catharine A., 11 

Chesboro, William, 39 

Chesborough, Abagail, 39 

Chesborough, Samuel, 39 

Chesborough, William, 39 , 

Christie, Sara, 24 \ 

Christophers, Grace, 82 

Christophers, Richard, 82 

Church, Angelica Schuyler, 15 

Church, Benjamin S., 15 

Church, Mary, 31, 38 

Church, Richard, 38- 

Clark, Alvah, 86 

Clark, Eugene, 87 

Clark, Harriet A., 139 

Clark, John S., 234 

Clark, Katharine, 86 

Clark, Madeline, 86 

Clark, Gen'l Samuel, 104 

Clarke, Eliza, 156 

Clarkson, Bayard, 113 

Clarkson, David A., 42 

Clarkson, Harriet Ashton, 17 

Clarkson, Levinus, 43 

Clarkson, Mathew, 19 

Clarkson, Susan Maria, 19 

Clarkson, Thomas S., 21 

Clarkson, William B., 43 

Clay, Samuel. Jr., 109 

Clemmons, Edith, 88 

Cleramons, Evelyn, 88 

Clemmons, Gregory, 88 

Clemmons, J. Ola, 88 

Clemmons, Lynn, 88 

Clopper. Annetje, 198 

Clopper, Cornelius, 198 

Clopper, Frances \l., 199 

Clopper, Garret, 199 

Clopper, George B., 199 

Clopper, Hendricus, 198 

Clopper, Henry G., 199 

Clopper, Lucy Ann, 199 

Clopper, Margareta, 198 

Clopper, Margaret E., 199 

Clopper. Penelope. 199 

Clopper, Sarah H., 199 

Cnoetz, Rev. N. N., 2 

Codwise, David, 25, 125 

Codwise, George, 124 

Codwise, Maria. 125, 130 

Coens, Rev. 219 

Coit, John, 82 

Coit, Joseph, 82 

Coit, Lydia, 82 

Coit, Samuel. 82 

Colden. Gov. Cadwallader, 2 1 

Colden, Ehzabeth, 21 

Coleman, Harriet, 43 

Col£a.x, Albert E., 78, 84 



Colfax, Ebenezer, 80 

Colfax, Edith Whitman, 78-84 

Colfax, George, 80 

Colfax, Jonathan, 78 

Colfax, Natalie, 84 

Colfax, Schuyler, 79 

Colfax, William, 78 

Colfax, Gen'l William, 79 

Collier, Helen S., 145 

Collier, John A., 145 

Collier, Juha, 144 

Collins, Louisa, 85 

Comstock, Minnie E., 216 

Concklin, John, 15 

ConckUn, Susan, 15 

Cone, Conant, 67 

Cone, Spencer H., 67 

Conklin, John, 16 

ConJklin, Susan, 16 

Corcoran, Sarah, 183 

Constable, Anna, 25 

Constable, Augustus, 25 

Constable, David C, 25 

Constable, Gilbert, 25 

Constable, John V. R., 25 

Constable, William B., 25 

Cooper, Isaac, 145 

Coopemail, Catharine, 22 

Coote, Albert Eyre, 39, 40 

Coote, Baron of Coloony, 34 

Coote, Capt. Charles W. M., 32, 78 

Coote, Sir Charles, 23 

Coote, Chidley, 33, 34 

Coote, Rev. Chidley, D.D., 34 

Coote, Francis, 33 

Coote, Sir John, 32 

Coote, John Maxwell, 39 

Coote, Julia RadcliSe, 39 

Coote, Maria Spencer, 36 

Coote, Mary Spencer, 39 

Coote, Sir Nicholas, 33 

Coote, Nora Hamilton, 39, 78 

Coote, Richard, 33, 34 

Coote, Richard Earl of Bellomont, 

32, 54 
Coote, Spencer Eyre, 39 
Coote, Major Thomas, 32 
Coote, Victoria Rebecca, 39 
Copp, John, 198 
Corlaer, Jacob, 4, 175 
Cortelyou, Helen, 62, 190 
Cortelyou, Henry P., 62 
Cortelyou, Jacques, 63, 1 75 
Cortelyou, Peter, 62 
Cortelyou, Teunis, 190 
Cortlandt, Stephen, Colonel, 54 
Corwine, Aaron, 67 
Corwine, Amos, 66 
Corwine, Clarissa, 67 
Corwine, Joab H., 66 
Corwine, Richard, 66 
Corwine, WiUiam, 66 

Cory, Noah, 106 
Coryell, Cornelia, 204 
Coster, Adeline E., 163 
Coster, ^lily Pell, 152 
Couill, AB^r S., 203, 205 
Couill, Abraham S., 205 
Couill, Agnes, 203 
Couill, Andrew S., 203 
Couill Catharine S., 205 
CouilC Deborah, 204 
Couill, Eliza B., 203 
CouiU, Ira S., 203 
Couill, Isaac, 205 
Couill, Jane, 203 
Couill, Richard, 203, 205 
Couill, Sarah, 203, 205 
Couwenhoven,>\nnetje, 190 
Couwenhoven, Antje, 193 
Couwenhoven, Catrina, 190, 193 
Couwenhoven, Cornelius, 189, 190 
Couwenhoven, Daniel, 190, 193 
Couwenhoven, Elleanor, 226 
Couwenhoven, Francyntje, 194 
Couwenhoven, Garret, 192, 193 
Couwenhoven, Jacob, 193 
Couwenhoven, Jacomyntje, 192 
Couwenhoven, John, 127 
Couwenhoven, Leah, 194 
Couwenhoven, Lydia, 1S9 
Couwenhoven, Mar>-, 127 
Couwenhoven, Neeltje, 194 
Couwenhoven, Nicholas, 198 
Couwenhoven, Peter, 192, 197 
Couwenhoven, Roelof, 193 
Couwenhoven, Sarah, 190, 193 
Couwenhoven, William, 189 
Covert, Elizabeth, 203 
Cowles, Mary Stevens, 113 
Cox, Abraham Beekman, 112 
Cox, Cornelia, H2 
Cox, Ella, loi 
Cox, Isaac, in, 112 
Cox, James, 93, loi 
Cox, John F., 112 
Cox, Levantia W., 112 
Cox, Luther, loi 

I Cox, Mary, loi, 112, 144 
Cox, P. Lansdale, 112 

I Cox, Rosina, 1 12 

I Cox, Russell v., 93 
Cox, Sarah, 109 

I Cox, Wilham H., loi 
Craig, Elleanor, 226 
Craig, Helena A., 125 
Craig, James, 226 
CrandeU, Catharine, 18 
Crane, JuUa, 128 

I Crawford, Ahce T., 12 

' Crawford, Cora, 93 
Crawford, David, 12 
Crawford, EUzabeth, 93 
Crawford, James B., 93 



Crawford, Jennie, 93 

Crawford, Robert, 93 

Cregar, Erlgar I., 63 

Cregar, Harriette B., 63 

Cregar, Hazel, 63 

Cregar, Raymond DeW., 63 

Cregar, Sarah M. B., 63 

Creighton, Rev. William, 164 

Crocheron, Jannetie, 57 

Crogan, Col. George, 46 

Crooke, John, 22 

Croon, Neeltje Janse, 53 

Crosby, Edward H., 17 

Crosby, Estelle M., 147 

Crosby, Livingston, 17, 147 

Crosby, Robert R., 113 

Crosby, Robert Ralston, 17 

Crosby, William Bedlow, 17 

Cross, Abraham L., 89 

Cross, Carl, 89 

Cross, Christopher B., 89 

Cross, Helen, 89 > 

Cross, Mary A., 89 

Croter, Margaret E., 91 

Cruser, Catherine, 226 

Cruser, Cornelius, 224 

Cruser, Judge Frederick, 225, 226 

Cruser, Rachel, 63 

Cruser, Sarah, 225, 226 

Cuffe, Dorothea, 33 

Cuffe, Hugh, 33 


Dalmas, Sophie, 180 

Dana, Frances A., 127 

Davenport, Abraham, 27 

Davenport, John, 27 

Davidson, Joris, 7 

Davis, Charles, 89 

Davis, Ella, 88 

Davis, John A., 144 

Davis, Martha, 144 

Davis, Thomas, 217 

Dawson, Annie L., 123 

Dayton, Elsie L., 91 

Dayton, Harold V. D., 91 

Dayton, Margaret E., 91 

Dayton, Samuel, 91 

D'Avezac, Louise, 52 

De Beyer, Elizabeth, I 

De Bois, Maria, 3 

De Boogh, Catharine, 6 

De Camp, Anna M., 147 

De Gironcourt, Eliza Come, 127 

De Groot, Geesje, 178 

De Hart, Catharine S., 197 

De Hart, Simon, 18S, 189, 192, 197 

D' Honneur, Jeanne, 118 

De Labigarre, Amarillis, 112 

De Labigarre, Julius A. B., 112 

De Labigarre, Maria Louise, 112 

De Labigarre, Peter, 112 
DelaFeld, Count, 126 
Delafield, Edward Coleman, 44 
Delafield, Emily, 47 
Delafield, Eugene Livingston, 44 
Delafield, Frederic Prime, 47 
Delafield, John Ross, 44 
Delafield, John White R., 44 
Delafield, Joseph, 44, 47, 48 
Delafield, JuHa, 40, 44 
Delafield, Lewis Livingston, 47 
Delafield, Margaretta Stockton, 44 
^Delafield, Maturin Livingston, 43, 44 

Delafield, Richard, 126 
Delafield, Robert Hare, 47 
Delafield. Rufus King, 126 
De la Mater, Catharine, 127 
De Lancey, James, 141 
De Lancey, Jane, 20 
De Lancey, Maria, 141 
De Lancey, Peter, 20 
De Lancey, Stephen, 20, 116, 141 
De Lannoy, Gysbert, 55 
Delano, Franklin H., 50 
De Lanoy, Abraham, 55 
De Lanoy, Catharine Peters, 1 1 1 
De Lanoy, Mary, 55, 109, in, 206 
Delaplaine, Florence, 123 
De Loper, Joanna, 7 
De Montsaulnin, Count Charles, 143 
De Nemours, E. L du P., 180 
De Nemours, Pierre S., 180 
De Nemours, Victor du P., 180 
De Nemours, Victor M., 180 
De Peyster, Abraham, 21, 34 
De Peyster, Ann F., 22, 133 
De Peyster, Anna H., 114 
De Peyster, Augusta Morris, 20, 151 
De Peyster, Beekman, 1 13 
De Peyster, Catherine, 17, 22, 116, 

De Peyster, Cornelia, 113, 12 1 
De Peyster, Edgar, 113 
De Peyster, Elizabeth, 16, 113, 152 
De Peyster, Ella Morris, 20, 151 
De Peyster, Emily M., 113 
De Peyster, Estelle E., 21 
De Peyster, Francis Goodhue, 20 
De Peyster, Frederic, 19, 20, 21, 32, 

92, 127, 133, 150, 151 
De Peyster, Helen Van C, 20, 151 
De Peyster, Henry A., 113 
De Peyster, J. Ash ton, 20 
De Peyster, James, 113 
De Peyster, James A., 19 
De Peyster, James F., 19, 150 
De Peyster, Joanna C, 21, 133 
De Peyster, Johannes, 17, 152 
De Peyster, John Watts, 21, 34, 49 
De Peyster, Johnston L., 21 
De Peyster, Margaret, 22, 133 



De Peyster, Mary Bedlow, 121 

De Peyster, Mary E., 21, 22, 133 

De Peyster, Pierre Van C, 22, 133 

De Peyster, Robert G. L., 20 

De Peyster, Samuel Hoke, 2 1 

De Peyster, Susan, 19 

De Peyster, Susan Maria, 42 

De Peyster, Walton, 20 

De Peyster, William A., 121 

De Peyster, Wilson, 113 

De Radclyffe, Richard, 30 

De Rapalle, Gaspard, 92 

De Rapalle, Joris, 92 

De Rapalle, Marrotie, 92 

De Rencourt, N. C. M. L. Le, 180 

De Rham, Charles, 126 

De Rham, Frederic F., 126 

De Rham, Giraud F., 126 

De Rham, Henry C, 127 

De Rieraer, Martha, 22 

De Sille, Fiscal Nicasius, 175 

De Steuers, Margaret L. Carey, 143 

De Steurs, Alphonse, 50 

de TuberviUe, Paymus, 82 

De Veaux, Col. Andrew, 139 

De Veaux, Augusta M., 138, 139 

De Veaux, Jane, 139 

Decker, James A., 159 

Denis, Teunis, 61 

Denmark, Aeltje, 165 

Denmark, Hendricus, 165 

Denmark, Johannes, 165 

Denmark, John, 165 

Denmark, Maria, 165 

Denmark, Rachel, 165 

Denyse, Dennis, 198 

Denyse, Garret, 198 

Denyse, Jacques, 198 

Denyse, Jane, 198 

Denyse, Rime, 198 

Denyse, Rutgert, 198 

Derwentwater, Earl of, 31 

Dewey, Frederick, 89 

Dexter, Stanley W., 143 

Dey, Emma, 232 

Dey, George Waters, 232 

Dey, James B., 232 

Dey, Lewis, 232 

Dey, Margaret W., 232 

Dey, Mary Frances, 232 

Dey, Theunis, 232 

Dey, Walter H., 232 

Dey, William, 232 

Dick, Evans Rogers, Jr., 29 

Dickerson, Louisa, 107 

Dickey, Esther E., 89 

Dickinson, Corinne P., 128 

Diehl, Carrie, 63 

Dilts, Harriet Jane, 105 

Dilts, Jacob, 105 

Dilts, Mary A., 105 

Dinehart, Malvina, 51 


Dingee, John H., 223 
Dingee, Mary S., 223 
Dirckse, Mary, 182 
Dirks, Lytic, 175, 179 
Dix, Lucy, 216 
Dodge, Cornelia A., 104 
Dongan, Governor, 178 
Doren, Ann, 153 
Dorrell, Joy, 18, 19 
Douw, Catharine, 135 
Dowden, Ada L, 92 
Dowden, Arnold W., 92 
Dowden, Charles, 91 
Dowden, Dawson, 92 
Dowden, Elsie, 92 
Dowden, Florence A., 91 
Dowden, George A., 91 
Dowden, George E.,j92 
Dowden, Harold V. 
Dowden, Helen, 92 
Dowden, Henrietta, 92 
Dowden, Maud M., 92 
Dowden, Selina A., 91 
Dowden, Willis G., 92 
Downes, John, 135 
Downey, Betsey, 218 
Downing, Julia, 217 
Draper, Amy W., 131 
Drayton, Caroline, 51 
Drayton, Henry C, 51 
Drayton, J. Coleman, 51 
Drayton, William B. A., 51 
Du Bois, Rev. Benjamin, 193 
Du Bois, Christian, 228 
Du Bois, Elias, 229 
Du Bois, Margaret, 193 
Dubois, Moses, 158 
Du Bois, Peter J., 228 
Dudley, Henry, 13 
Dudley, Nicholas W. S., 13 
Dumont, Abraham J., v 
Duraont, Benjamin, 107 
Dumont, Cornelia, 107 
Dumont, Elbert, 107 
Dumont, Jane A., 107 
Dumont, John, 156 
Dumont, Mary, 107 
Duraont, Rachel, 156 
Dumont, Samuel K., 107 
Dumont, Sarah, 107 
Dunbar, Louisa, 85 
Dundy, Sarah E., 107 
Dunham, Charles, 63 
Dupont, Alexis I., 180 
Du Pont, AHred V., 180 
Dupont, Amelia J., 1 80, 181 
Dupont, Charles Francis, 181 
Dupont, Charles J., 181 
Dupont, Gen. Henry, 180 
Dupont, Col. Henry A., 180 
Dupont, Mary Sophia, 181 
Dupont, Mary Van Dyke, 181 



Dupont, Nicholas V. D., i8l 
Dupont, Victor I., i8i 
Dupont, Victorine A., i8l 
Duryea, Arm Maria, io6 
Duryea, Christopher V., io6 
Duryea, Coert V., io6 
Duryea, Margaret, 117 
Duryea, Theodore V., 106 
Duryea, William C, 106 
Duryee, Ami Elizabeth, 97 
Duryee, Col. Henry, 97 
Dusenberry, Anne, 189 
Dusenberry, Antje, 189 
Dusenberry, Henry, 189 
Dusenberry, William, 189 
Duyckinck, Evert, 1 1 1 
Duyckinck, Gerardus, 15, in 
Duyckinck, Mary, 1 1 1 
Dyer, Hannah, 199 
Dyer, Thomas H., 219 

Earnshaw, Edward Henry, 183 

Eamshaw, Elizabeth L., 183 

Earnshaw, Gertrude, 183 

Earnshaw, Marjory, 183 

Edgar, Hannah, 149 

Edgar, Thomas, 61 

Edgar, William, 149 

Edwards, Mary Morris, 132 

Eldert, Sarah, 195 

Eldridge, Walter iXorman, 1 1 

Eldringh, Wiliemtie, 230 

EUiot, Anne, 142, 144 

Eliot, Margaret, 205 

Elkins, Elizabeth Wolcott, 29 

Elkins, George W,, 3rd, 29 

Elkins, William M., 29 

Ellsworth, Elizabeth, 153 

Ellsworth, Theophilus, 16 

Elmendorf, John, 157 

Elmendorf, Mary C, 136 

Elmendorf, Peter Z., 136 

Elswaert, Theophulus, 155 

Elswaert, WiUiam, 155 

Els worth, Joris, 165 

Elsworth, Maria, 165 

Eraan, Hendrick, 201 

Emans, Abraham, 206 

Emans, Andrew, 205 

Emans, Andries, 202 

Emans, Anna, 203 

Emans, Catharine, 203, 207, 219, 

Emans, Jacob, 206 

Emans, Jacobus, 206 

Emans, Jan, 206 

Emans, John, 202, 203 

Emans, Mary, 75 

Emans, Rebecca, 206 

Emans, Sarah, 206 

Emans, William, 206 

Emerson, Daniel, 212 
Emerson, Hannah, 212 
Emerson, Sir Ralph, 212 
Emmans, Margaret, 195 
Emmet, William, 126 
Emmons, Mary, 75 
Ensign, James, 27 
Ensign, Mary, 27, 36 
Eotr, Mary, 183 
Evans, Carl B., 95 
Evans, Gertrude, 95 
E\ '.ns, Warren, 95 
Evens, Evelyn, 91 
Evertson, Jacob, 26 
Evertson, Admiral Jan, 29 
Evertson, Margaret, 26, 29 
Exveen, Cornelius, 7 

Farris, George S., 93 
Farris, Robert, 93 
Ferdon, Barbara, 233 
Field, Benjamin H., 22-134 
Field, Cortlandt, de P., 134 
Field, Florence V. C, 134 
Field, Robert, 22 
FiUdn, Catharine, 228 
Fine, Catharine, 229 
Finlay, Louisa B., 16, 17 
Finney, Amelia A., 204 
Finney, Emma D., 204 
Finney, Ida May, 204 
Finney, John, 204 
Finney, Louise C, 204 
Finney, Sarah Z., 204 
Fish, Airaham Keteltas, 121 
Fish, Edith Li\-ingston, 14 
Fish, Elizabeth, 14, 148 
Fish, Hamilton, 13, 14 
Fish, John, 121 
Fish, Julia Kean, 14 
Fish, Marion, 14 
Fish, Mary Elizabeth, 14, 121 
Fish, Col. Nicholas, 13, 14, 148 
Fish, Sarah Morris, 14 
Fish, Sidney Webster, 14 
Fish, Stuyvesant, 14 
Fish, Susan Leroy, 14 
Fishbome, Anne, 143 
Fisher, John C, 109 
Fisher, William B., 205 
Fisk, Rev. Edward W., 88 
Fletcher, Amy, 212 
Floyd, Gelston, 45 
Floyd, Dr. RoLfe, 47 
Folkers, Jannetje, 233 
Folkers, Margaretta, 195 
Fonten, Mabel, 93 
Forbes, .'\rthur H., 43 
Ford, Mildred N., 12 
Forman, Samuel, 190 



Forsyth, Emily, 125 
Forsyth, RusscU, 125 
Forsyth, Sarah, 125- 
Forsyth, William, 125 
Forsyth, W. W., 125 
Fortescue, Sir John, ii 
Fortune, Charles, 88 
Fortune, Cynthia, 88 
Fortune, George, 88 
Foster, Ann Jane, 32 
Foster, Clara, 126 
Foster, Emily H., 126 
Foster, Frederic'de P., 126 
Foster, Giraud, 126 
Foster, John, 126 
Foster, Margaret, 25 
Foster, Mary, 126 
Foster, Richard T., 126 
Foulke, Amelia, 121 
Foulke, Bayard Fish, 121 
Foulke, Joseph, 122 
Foulke, WilUam, 121 
Fowler, A. K., 107 
Fox, Ehzabeth, 158 
Franklin, Gov., 219 
Freeman, Ellen A., 31 
Funk, Lois A., 216 

Gaddis, Ann, 218 
Gaddis, Andrew, 218 
Gaddis, Catherine Ann, 218 
Gaddis, David A., 218 
Gaddis, Jacob Bergen, 218 
Gaddis, Dr. John Van Dyke, 218 
Gaddis, Matthew Bergen, 218 
Gallatin, Frederick, 124 
Gallatin, Mary, 124 
Gallop, Caistobel, 38 
Gallop, Capt. John, 38 
Gallop, William, 39 
Galloway, Susannah, 180 
Gallup, Temperance, 30, 39 
Gammers, Mary, 82 
Garrabrant, Adele, 90 
Garrabrant, Andrew, 91 
Garrabrant, Robert B., 90, 91 
Garretson, Abrara Quick, 95 
Garretson, Annie B-, 95 
Garretson, Catharine E., 95 
Garretson, Charles B., 95 
Garretson, Ella Brown, 95 
Garretson, Rev. Freeborn, 46 
Garretson, Helen, 96 
Garretson, Herbert, 95 
Garretson, Jacob, 99 
Garretson, Jane E., 98 
Garretson, John F., 95 
Garretson, John Martin, 95 
Garretson, Joseph, 96 
Garretson, Leland, 96 

Garretson, Martin S., 95 
Garretson, Mary R., 46 
Garretson, Peter G., 98 
Garretson, Ruth, 95 
Garretson, Watts Livingston, 46 
Gaston, Evelyn, 219 
Geary, Mary Helen, 90 
Gebhard, Isabel, 131 
Geer, Robert Qinton, 29 
Gerhard, Louisa, 180 
Gerrv, Angelica L., 48 
Gerry, Elbridge T., 48 
Gerry, Mabel, 48 
Gerry, Peter G., 48 
Gerry, Robert L., 48 
Gerry, Thomas, 48 
Geyer, Jane, 135 
Gibbes, Augusta, 56 
Gibert, Julia Magdalene, 163 
Gibson, Cornelia S., 116 
Gibson, Ellen V. D., 214 
Gibson, Fanny J., 12 
Gibson, George Moser, 116 
Gibson, Hamilton, 214 
Gibson, Henry Pierson, 116 
Gibson, James R., 12, 154 
Gibson, John B., 116 
Gibson, Joseph Enos, 116 
Gibson, Louis Stu>'vesant, 116 
Gibson, Rev. Robert, 116 
Gibson, Robert Marius, 116 
Gibson, Susan Meta, 116 
Gibson, William H., 214 
Gibson, William M., 116 
Gilbert, Ehzabeth, 144 
Giles, Margaret, 205 
Goddard, F. Norton, 130 
Goelet, Hannah, 48 
Golden, Joseph, 179 
Gomensbach, Gertryd, 2 
Goodridge, Matilda, 147 
Goodhue, Frances, 43 
Goodsell, Dr Thomas, 18 
Gordon, James, 138 
Gordon, Melina, 138 
Gouvemeur, Susan, 135, 1 84 
Graham, Beeckman, 26 
Graham, Ehzabeth, 184 
Graham, Helen, 26 
Graham, Jane Maria, 184 
Graham, John, 26 
Graham, Theodorus, V. W., 184 
Graham, Wallace, 26 
Granard, Earl of, 48 
Grant, Major Alexander, 23 
Grannis, Harriet, 146 
Graves, Mahitable, 38 
Graves, Thomas, 38 
Gray, Ehzabeth W., 148 
Greene, Anna T., 16, 17 
Green, H. W., 132 
Grccnsladc, Johanna, 81 



Griggs, Aeltje, 93, 206 
Grim, Maria Isabella, 163 
Grimball, Joh'n B., 143 
Groff, Margaret, 161 
Groff, Sarah, 161 
Griswold, John, 196 
Griswold, Mary, 80 
Griswold, Matthew, 80 
G rover, Elizabeth, 191 
G rover, Parmella, 192 
Guest, Ann, 1 10 
Gulick, Addison A., 217 
Gulick, Ann Eliza, 218 
Gulick, Augustus, 218 
Gulick, Emma, 218 
Gulick, Elizabeth, 217 
Gulick, Jacob Van Dyke, 217 
Gulick, Jane A., 217 
Gulick, Major John, 225 
Gulick, Mary, 217, 2i8 
Gulick, Peter, 217 
GuUck, Pyramus H., 92 
Gulick, Ralph, 217 
Gulick, Rebecca, 225 
Gulick, Vincent, 218 
GuUck, William H., 217 
Gumey, Abram Gifford, 18 
Gumey, Jennie, 18 
Gurckzen, Herman, 184 


Hackstaff, Carvl, 136 
Hackstaff, Charles L., 136 
Hackstaff, Mai E., 136 
Haejen, Tryntje, 174, 177 
Hagaman, Abraham, 84 
Hagaman, Rev. Abraham, 85 
Hagaman, Callie, 85 
Hagaman, Christopher, 85 
Hagaman, Dennis, 84 
Hagaman, Francis V. D., 84 
Hagaman, John, 85 
Hagaman, Louisa A., 85 
Hagaman, Martha, 85 
Hagaman, Mary, 62, 84, 103, 
Hagaman, Robert, 85 
Hageman, Aaron, 220 
Hageman, Emma, 85, 95 
Hagemon, Adrian, 103 
Hagemon, Joseph, 179, 215 
Haight, Martha, 229 
Haight, Samuel, 229 
Hake, Helen, 19, 133 
Hake, Samuel, 19 
Hall, Alfred, 76 
Hall, Charlotte Chambers, 21 1 
Hall, Clarence L., 76 
Hall, Edwards, 207, 212 
Hall, Grace L., 76 
Hall, John Henrv, 76 
Hall, .\athaniel,'2i2 

Hall, Sara Frances, 212 

Hall, Valentine G., Jr., 42 

Halsey, R. T. Haines, 140 

Halstead, Lucy, 145 

Halsted, Caroline, 150 -- 

Hamersley, John, 134 

Hamersley, Virginia, 134 

Hamilton, Alexanii^r, 48 

Hamilton, Sarah A., 162 

Hardenberg, Catharine, 221 

Hardenberg, Cornelius, 221 

Hardenberg, Jacob R., 221 

Hardenbrook, Johanna, 155 

Hardenburgh, Rutsen, 63 

Hare, Lydia, 47 

Hare, Dr. Robert, 47 

Harris, Martha, 82 

Hart, Amelia Howard, 31 

Hart, Chariotte, 66 

Hart, Donald G. M., 31 

Hart, George D. C, 31 

Hart, Joseph, 66 

Hart, Julia Radcliffe, 31, 32 

Hart, Maria T., 31 

Hart, Rebecca Motte, 31 

Hart, Richard P., 31 

Hart, Walter T., 31 

Hart, WiUiam Howard, 31 

Hartshome, Florence, 128 

Hayes, Julia, 146 

Hayward, Emma P., 39 

Heathcote, Ann, 141 

Heathcote, Caleb, 141 

Hegeman, Adrian, 219 

Hemstead, Joshua, 80 

Hemstead, Lucretia, 80 

Hendersg, Magdalena, 230 

Hendricks, Fransyntie, 179 

Hendricks, Margaret, iv 

Hendrickse, Jacop, 179 

Hendrickson, Anna, 189 

Hendrickson, BarziUai, 191 

Hendrickson, Catharine, 189, 191, 

Hendrickson, Cornelius, 190 
Hendrickson, Daniel, 188, 189, 190, 

191, 192, 197 
Hendrickson, EUzabeth, 191 
Hendrickson, Enoch, 192 
Hendrickson, Garret, 189 
Hendrickson, Geesie, 197 
Hendrickson, Ghesye, 192 
Hendrickson, Hendrick, 189, 227 
Hendrickson, Henrietta, 190 
Hendrickson, Henry D., 189 
Hendrickson, Jane, 193 
Hendrickson, Jacop, 190, 192 
Hendrickson, James G., 191 
Hendrickson, John, 190 
Hendrickson, Joseph, 190, 191 
Hendrickson, Margaret, 191 
Hendrickson, Mary, 189, 192 



Hendrickson, Micha, 189 

Hendrickson, Neeltje, 189 

Hendrickson, Piersou, 192 

Hendrickson, Richard H., 191 

Hendrickson, Ruth, 196 

Hendrickson, Samuel, 192 

Hendrickson, Sarah, 192 

Hendrickson, Teyntje, 189, 193 

Hendrickson, Theodosia, 190 

Hendrickson, WilUam, 191 

Henry, Rev. J. Addison, 202, 226 

Henry, James, 153 

Henry, Symmcs C, 226 

Herbert, Daniel, 191 

Hermanse, John H., 157 

Heth, Esther, 203 

Heyworth, Lawrence, 131 

Hill, Rev. G. Morgan, 175 

Hilton, George A., 98 

Hilton, Laura C, 88 

Hinkley, Henry A., 131 

Hoagland, Christopher, 61, no, 219 

Hoagland, Evelyn, 225 

Hoagland, John N., 61 

Hoagland, Lucas V., 61 

Hoagland, Mahlon L., 225 

Hoffe, Rev. Brogan, 16 

Hoffman, Ann, 43 

Hoffman, Beekman V., 1^5 

Hoffman, Carroll, 137 
Hoffman, Charics Edward, 137, 138 
Hoffman, Rev. Charles F., 137 
Hoffman, David Beekman, 135 
Hoffman, Delia, 160 
Hoffman, Effie Beekman, 136 
Hoffman, Eleanor L., 137 
Hoffman, EUzabeth, 136 
Hoffman, Rev. Eugene A., 135 
Hoffman, Euphemia, 138 
Hoffman, Gertrude C., 135, 136 
Hoffman, Harman L., 135, 
Hoffman, Jerome, 161 
Hoffman, Laura Isabel, 137 
Hoffman, Louisa V., 136 
Hoffman, Margaret, 136 
Hoffman, Martinus, 135 
Hoffman, Mary L., 136 
Hoffman, Philip V., 135 
Hoffman, Samuel, 135, 136 
Hoffman, Samuel A.D., 138 
Hoffman, Samuel Verplank, 184 
Hoffman, Sarah, i6l 
Hoffman, Susan M., 136, 137 
Hoffman, William M. V., 1 37 
Hogeland, Jane, 105 
Holcomb, Bessie, 91 
Holcombe, Alexander, 59 
Holcombe, Charles O., 59 
Holcombe, Eleanor, 59 
Holcombe, Isaacs, 59 
Holcombe, John E., 59 
Holcombe, Mary E., 59 

Holcombe, Mortimer, 108 
n Holcombe, Theodore, 59 
I* Holcombe, Thomas, 109 
Holcombe, William, 59 _ 

Holgate, Jerome B., 7 
HolUngshead, Rachel, 99 
Hollins, George G., 39 
Holmes, Catharine, 192, 193 
Holmes, Daniel, 193 
Holmes, James, 193 
Holmes, John, 192, 193 
Holmes, Jonathan, 192, 193 
Holmes, Joseph, 193 
Holmes, Obadiai, 193 
Holmes, Samuel, 192 
Holmes, Sarah, 132 
Holthuysen, Joannah, 17, 18 
Hone, Calbraith P., 126 
Hone, Emily, 126 
Hone, John, 126 
Hone, Maria A. Kane, 21 
Hone, Maria Kane, 126, 127 
Hone, Mary S., 163 
Hone, Philip, 163 
Honeyraan, John, 215 
Honeyman, Sarah, 215 
Hoock, Huybert, 175 
Hooglandt, Mayke, 227 
Hoogteling, Annatie, 157 
Hoogteling, Comeiius, 157 
Hoogteling, Elizabeth, 157 
Hoogteling, Hezekiah, 157 
Hoogtehng, Johannes, 157 
Hoogtehng, Malli, 157 
Hoogteling, Teunis, 157 
Hoogteling, Thomas, 157 
Hoogtehng, William, 157 
Hopkins, Caroline S., 20J, 
Hopkins, Mary E., 138 
Hopk-ins, Samuel M., 138 
Hoppin, Bayard C, 124 
Hoppin, Catharine B., 124 
Hoppin, Esther P., 124 
Hoppin, Gerard B.. 124 
Hoppin, William W., 124 
Hoppock, Caroline, 1 1 
Horsefull, Ehzabeth, 191 
Horton, Joseph, 228 
Hoskier, Herman C, 132 
Hough, David Leavitt, 122 
Houghton, Aaron, 66 
Houghton, Major Abner, 63, 68, 210, 

Houghton, Alice, 67 

Houghton, Catharine, 67, 212 

Houghton, EUjah, 66 

Houghton, Elizabeth, 63, 56, 67, 73, 

17^, 213 
Houghton, Eve, 67 
Houghton, Col. Joab, 65 
Houghton, John, 65, 67, 212 
H'lughton, Margaret V. D., 208 




Houghton, Nancy, 67 
Houghton, Sir Ralph, 64 
Houghton, Sir Richard, 64 
Houghton, Sarah, 66, 67 
Houghton, Thomas, 67 
Hougliton, William, 66 
Howerden, Margaret, 9, 40 
Howland, John, 199 
Rowland, Nathalie M., 126 
Hoyt, Gerald L. 
Hoyt, Geraldine, 12S 
Hoyt, Hemy S., 49 
Hoyt, Lydig 
Hubbard, Ruggles, 184 
Hufi, Brogun T., 90 
Huff, Mary T., 90 
Huger, John Wells, 122 
Hull, George L., 118 
Hunt, Beekman, 113 
Hunt, Charles Haven, 8, 113 
Hunt, ComeUa de Peystcr, 11;; 
Hunt, Edward L., 113 
Hunt, Livingston, 113 
Hunt, Stephen S., 216 
Hutchings, Mary, 32 
Huxley, Mary, 27, 36 
Huxley, Sergeant Thomas, 36 
Huyck, Col. John V. H., 30 
Huyck, Julia Clarissa, 30 
Huygens, Christiana, i 

Iddesleigh, Earl of, 1 
Irving, Washington, 

Jacobson, Jan, 175 
James, Edward K., 16, 17 
Janeway, John H., 143 
Jans, iVIagdalena, 57 
Jans, Maitje, 154 
Jans, Urseltie, 185 
Janse, Annetji, 230 
Janse, Bryn, 177 
Jansen, Pieter, 175 
Jansen, Thomas W., 159 
Johns, Keney, 180 
Johns, Mary, 180 
Johnson, Andrew, 116 
Johnson, Eleanor, 24 
Johnson, Fannie, 89 
Johnson, Jacques, 206 
Johnston, Mary, n8 
Jones, Eleanor Colford, 1 50 
Jones, Gen. James I., 150 
Jones, Sarah, 163 
Joosten, Teunis, 174 
Joosten, Rut, 177 
Jordan, Harry B., 232 
Jorise, Arien, 92 

Kane, AnzoneUa, 128 

Kane, Caroline, 131 — 

Kane, Charlotte, 131 

Kane, Cornelia, 125 

Kane, Daphne, 128 

Kane, Edith B., 128 

Kane, Dr. Ehsha K., 132 

Kane, Elizabeth D., 128 

Kane, Emily A., 128 

Kane, Evan Thomas, 132 

Kane, Florence B., 128 

Kane, Georgiana, 130 

Kane, Grenville, 128 

Kane, Harriet A., 132 

Kane, Henry Brevoort, 128 

Kane, John, 21, 22, 125, 130, 131, 1 

Kane, John A., 133 

Kane, John Grenville, 127 

Kane, Margaret D., 128 

Kane, Maria A., 126 

Kane, Martha, 22, 29 

Kane, Meta, 128 

Kane, OHver Grenville, 127 

Kane, Pierre Come, 127, 128 

Kane, Rose, 12S 

Kane, Sybil Adeline, 1 3 

Kane, Gen'l Thomas L., 132 

Kane, William Carson, 128 

Kean, Caroline M., 145 

Kean, Christian, 146 

Kean, EHzabeth, 146 

Kean, Hamilton Fish, 130, 146 

Kean, John, 130, 145, 146 

Kean, Juha, 13 

Kean, Julian H., 146 

Kean, Lucy, 146 

Kean, Peter P., 145 

Kean, Major Peter Philip J., 145 

Kean, Robert Winthrop, 130, 146 

Kean, Sarah Morris, 146 

Kean, Susan L., 146 

Keller, Alice, 122 

Kembie, Mary W., 151 

Kemble, Richard F., 151 

Kembie, Richard L., 144 

Kemble, Richard M., 144 

Kembie, William, 144 

KendaU, EHzabeth Ten Eyck B., i 

Kent, Elisha, 125 

Kent, Rev. Elisha, 23, 125 

Kent, James, 23, 150 

Kent, Mary, 23 

Kent, Moss, 23 

Kent, Samuel J., 106 

Kent, Sarah, 23 

Kent, Sybil, 125 

Kent, Thomas, 23 

Kent, William Irving, 150 

Kershaw, Matilda, 103 

Ketcham, Penelope, 172 



Ketchum, Mary Ann, 199 
Ketchum, Richard, 199. 
Keteltas, Abraham, 118, 198 
Keteltas, Rev. Abraham, 121 
Keteltas, Aeltje, 198 
Keteltas, Catharina, 198 
Keteltas, Garret, 188, 198 
Keteltas, Jane, 118, 120, 198 
Keteltas, Jannetie, 198 
Keteltas, John, 198 
Keteltas, Margareta, 198 
Keteltas, Pieter, 198 
Keteltas, Sarah, 121 
Kierstede, Catharine, 161 
Kierstede, Nicholas, 161 
King, Charles, 126 
King, David, 149 
King, Ehza, 217 
Kingsland, Helen S., 150 
Kiniston, Noah W., 160 
Kirmicutt, Dorothy May, 29 
Kinnicutt, Francis P., 29 
Kinnicutt, G. Hermann, 29 
Kirshaw, Janet, 103 
Klein, Charlotte M., 135 
Klock, Benjamin, 158 
Klock, Cornelius, 158 
Klock, Jacob G., 158 
Klock, John, 158 
Klock, PoUv, 158 
Klock, William, 158 
Knight, Elizabeth, 8 
Krebs, F., 133 
Kuypers, Hendrick C, 201 

Labaw, George \V., 71, 232 
Lachman, Abraham, 57 
Laen, Elleanor, 221 
Lafayette, Gen., 180 
Lake, Hannah, 38 
Lake, John, 38 

Lambertson, Margaretta, 190 
Landon, Charlotte, 23 
Lane, Lillian, 90 
Lane, Nellv, 221 
Lane, Rebecca V. D., 208 
Langdon, Sophia, 2, 45 
Langdon, Woodbury G., 45 
Langstaff, Franklin, 203 
Lanning, Wallace, 101 
Lansdale, Eliza, 112 
Largelio, Elsie A., 85 
Latham, Jonathan, 80 
Latham, Lucy, 80 
Laurens, Trentje, 134 
Lawrence, Anna, 228 
Lawrence, Isabella^ 123 
Lawrence, James V. H., 128 
Lawrence, Capt. John, 133 
Lawrence, Margaret, 129 

Lawrence, Thomas, 128, 152 

Lawyer, Edith, 24 

Leaycraft, George, 165 

Lefferts, Dirck, 153 

Lefferts, Sarah, 153 

Le Grand. Maria, 162 

Lehman, Ehzabeth, 214 

Leman, Sir John, 74 

Le Mestre, Charlotte, 29 

Lent, Hendrick, 185 

Le Roux, Bartholomew, 140 

Le Roux, Charles, 140, 141 

Le Roy, Edward Augustus, 1 50 

Le Roy, Helen V. C, 150 

Le Roy, Mary, 43 

L'Estrange, Lieut. Daniel, 29 

Levick, Frances S^ 163 

Lewis, Arthur, 91 

Lewis, Charles, 126 

Lewis, Francis, 46 

Lewis, Hulda, 175 

Lewis, Jane, 126 

Lewis, Margaret, 47 

Lewis, Gen'l Morgan, 46, 120 

Linlithgow, Earl of, 8 

Lispenard, Aletta, 124 

Li-vingston, Abraham H., 16, 17 

Livingston, Adelaide, 43, 44 

Livingston, Alfred, 48 

Livingston, Rev. Alexander, 8 

Livingston, Sir Alexander, 8 

Livingston, Adelaide, 43, 44 

Livingston, Alida, 15, 49 

Livingston, Angelica, 46, 48 

Livingston, Anna de Peyster, 113 

Livingston, Anthony, 43 

Livingston, Augustus L., 17 

Livingston, Bayard U., 149 

Livingston, Brockholst, 9 

Livingston, Catharine, 15, 17, 19, 22, 
24, 25, 42, 43 

Livingston, Chancellor, 41 

Livingston, Charles, 17, 46 

Livingston, Charles, 18 

Livingston, Charles Edward, 51 

Livingston, Charlotte, 24 

Livingston, Christiana T. B., 17 

Livingston, Coralie, 52 

Livingston, Comeha, 18, 22, 42, 43, 


Livingston, Cornelius, 19 
Livingston, DorreU, 18, 19 
Livingston, Edward, 8, 19, 42, 46, 51 , 

Livingston, Edward de P., 19, 42 
Livingston, Edwin, 17, 18 
Livingston, Eliza, 18, 46, 112 
Livingston, Elizabeth, 42, 45 
Livingston, Elizabeth L., 125 
Livingston, Elizabeth Stevens, 42 
Livingston, Ellen, 43 
Livingston, Emily, 113 







.45.46. II 

45. 164 

Emily Maria, 1 13 

Engeltie, 114 

Estelle, 21, 49 

Eugene, 43 

Frederika C, 17 

George H., 18 

Comd'r George Barclay, 

Geraldine, 49 
Gerard William, 113 
Gertrude, 46, 48, 120 
Gilbert, 7, 10, 116 
Goodhue, 19, 43 
GuilbertR., 15,22,24,25, 

Helen, 16, 18, 22,26, 29 
Helena, 189 
Henrietta U., 17 
Henry, 15, I7. 45. 48 
Col. Henry A.. 17, 153. 

Henry Philip, 17 
Henry G., 22 
Horatio de L., 114 
James H., 114 
James Kane, 23 
Jane, 17, 18 
Janet, 40, 41 
Johanna, 15, 16, 49 
Col. John, 8, 18 
John, 8, 9, 16 
John Henry, 42, 43 
John R., 45 
John S., 21, 49 
Julia, 25, 47, 51 
Katharine Beekman, 24 
Katherine McCall, 45 
Levantia White, 112 
Lewis, 51 
Livingston, 151 
Lord, 8 

Louisa M., 16, 17, 48 
Louis Morris, 149 
Margaret, 10, 22, 42, 43, 
Margaret Beekman, 40, 

Margaret M., 43 
Maria, 18, 43 
Martha, 25, 125 
Mary, 42, 43, 49 
Mary Coleman, 43, 47 
Matilda, 43, 45 
Maturin, 47, 48 
Montgomery, 45 
Morgan Lewis, 47 ^ 

Mortimer, 47, 48 
Peter R., 42, 49 
Peter W., 114 
Peter Van Brugh, 145 
Philip, 9, lb, 18, 151 
Philip P., 4-^ 

Livingston, Richard Montgomery 

Callender, 45 
Livingston, Robert, 8, 9, 10, 40, 43, 

46, 47, 114 
Livingston, Robert D., 24 
Livingston, Robert Edward, 19, 42 
Livingston, Robert Gilbert, 9, 22, 24 
Livingston, Robert J., 48 
Livingston, Robert L., 43, 45 
Livingston, Robert Montgomery, 45 
Livingston, Robert R., 40, 41, 42, 43, 

47, 49, 120 

Livingston, Robert Young, 42 
Livingston, Russell, 16, 17 
Livingston, Sarah, 16 
Livingston, Schuyler, 43 
Livingston, Serena, 46 
Livingston, Sidney, 18 
Livingston, Susan, 16, 18, 25, 145 
Livingston, Sylvia, 47 
Livingston, Walter, 43, 45, 93 
Livingston, Warren, 48 
Livingston, WiUiam, 9, 18 
Livingston, William Howard, 114 
Lloyd, Anne Shepard, 47 
Lloyd, George Francis, 47 
Loines, Anna Ross, 76 
Loines, Elizabeth C., 76 
Loines, Richard, 76 
Loines, Sarah Garrett, 76 
Loines, WiUiam H., 76 
Longfellow, EUzabeth Delafield, 44 
Longfellow, Frederick, 44 
Longfellow, Juliette L., 44 
Longstreet, Aaron, 85, 224 
Longstreet, Anna, 87 
Longstreet, Catharine, 85, 86 
Longstreet, Eleanor, 224 
Longstreet, Eliza, 87 
Longstreet, James, 87 
Longstreet, Lydia, 222 
Longstreet, ^Iagdalena, 87 
Longstreet, Maria, 191 
Longstreet, Richard, 224 
Longstreet, Stoffel, 191 
Loockermans, Maria, 10 
Loomis, Ashbel, 158 
Lopers, Johanna, 7 
Lopers, Capt. Luyt, 7 
Lord, Edward Crary, 113 
Lord, Thomas, 113 
Lorillard, Louis, 25 
Lott, Albert V. D ., 196 
Lott, Joanna H., 196 
Lott, John, 196, 198 
Lott, Joris, 198 
Lott, Samuel, 196 
Lovell, Joseph R., 112 
Lovell, Gen'l Mansfield, 112 
Low, Antje, 158 
Low, Dyck, 206 
Lowndes, .Amarith, 144 


Lowndes, Rawlins, 48 
Lowndes, William P., 48 
Loyster, Sarah, 190 
Lucas, Gen'l Samuel, 66 
Ludlow, Edward Hunter, 42 
Ludlow, Mary Livingston, 42 
Ludlow, Thomas W., 147 
Lydall, Emma, 63 
Lyman, Arm Jean, 113 
Lyman, William P., 25 
Lynch, Edward L., 45 
Lynch, Judge James, 45 
Lynch, Margaret A., 45 
Lynks, Abraham, 134 


MacCaraher, Sarah, 221 
Macauley , Horace, 1 1 8 
Macauley, William, 118 
MacClymont, WiUiam E., 63 
MacDonald, William K., 222 
Machett, Capt. John, no 
Magie, David, 8q 
Magill, Dr., 150 
Malcolm, Alice, 223 
Malcolm, Cornelia, 223 
Malcolm, Elizabeth, 223 
Malcolm, Frank, 223 
Malcolm, Helen, 223 
Malcolm, Rev. Howard, 223 
Malcolm, Lydia, 223 
Malcolm, Meta, 223 
Malcolm, Rev. Thomas S., 223 
Manigault, Elizabeth, 143 
Manley, Sarah E., 63 
Marm, Emily M., 14 
Manners, Edwin, 207 
Manning, Catharine, 47 
Manning, James, 184 
Manning, Lewis, 87 
Marchand, Hannah, 212 
Marshall, Elizabeth M., 148 
Marshall, Sarah E., 148 
Marshall, WilUam St. J. E., 148 
Martense, Antje, 228 
Martin, Benjamin, v 
Martin, Frank, 132 
Martin, Julia, 1 1 
Mars, Asher, 112 
Mason, Helen, 130 
Mason, Henry, 130 
Massey, George V., 72 
Massey, Rachel V., 72 
Massonneau, Claudius G., 22 
Masten, Catharine, 159 
Masten, Cornelius, 159 
Mather, Atherton, 26 
Mather, Cotton, 26 
Mather, Increase, 26 
Mather, Rev. Dr. Increase, 37 
Mather, Jerusha, 26, 37 

Mather, John, 36 
Mather, Rev. Richard, 36 
Mather, Thomas, 36 
Mather, Timothy, 26, 37 
Mathews, Dian, 107 
Matthews, EUzabeth, 153 
Matthews, Sarah, 153 
Mav, Caroline, 131 
May, Edith, 131 
May, Emily, 132 
May, Frederick, 131 
Mav, Julia, 131 
Mav, Dr. WiUiam, 131 
McAllister, GabrieUe, 143 
McAllister, Julia G., 143 
McAlUster, Lieut. Col. Julian, 143 
McAllister, Meta E., 143 
McCaraher, Alexander, lOi 
McCaraher, Mary A., loi 
McComb, Maria M., 138 
McCormick, Robert H., Jr., 152 
McCracken, Charles Dowden, 91 
McCracken, F. Beekman, 91 
McCracken, John H., 91 
McCracken, Mary E., 91 
McEvers, Charles, 46 
McEvers, Eliza, 45 
McEvers, Mary, 46, 51 
McKissack, Dr. P. D., 70 
McKnight, Charles Scott, 121 
McKnight, Mary, 121, 229 
McKnight, Capt. Richard, 191 
McLane, Guy Richards, 214 
McLoughton, Frank, 223 
McMongall, Florence, 196 
McNair, Ruth, 109 
McPhaedus, Catherine, 19 
Mead, Joseph, 196 
Meeker, Moses T., 160, 161 
Mellick, Maria, 234 
Merrick, Frank A., 204 
Merrick, John F., 204 
Merrick, Lester F., 204 
Merrick, Sara F., 204 
Merrick, Stephen, 204 
Mesier, Catharine, 229 
Mesier, Peter, 139 
Meyer, Anneke, 184, 185 
Meyer, Elizabeth, 184 
Middleberger, Margaret A., 13 
MilledoUer, Abian S., 124 
MilledoUer, Rev. Philip, 124 
Miller, Alvah, 95 
Miller, Christopher B., 138 
Miller, Lucy J., 183 
Miller, Marjorie, 95 
Miller, Penelope, 199 
Miller, Stephen, 199 
Mills, Beatrice, 48 
Mills, Caroline, 131 
Mills, Darius O., 48 
Mills, Julia, 131 



MiUs, Ogden, 48 
Mills, Philo L., 131 
MiUs, K Lewis, 132 
Mills, Sarah, 131 
MitcheU, Donald G., 31 
Mitchell, Rebecca M., 31 
Monfort, Margaret, 105 
Monfort, Rebecca, 218 
Monson, Lillian, 149 
Montague, Kate, 13 
Montgomery, Janet Tillotson, 45 
Montgomery, Rev. Henry E., 45 
Montgomery, General Richard, 41 
Montgomery, Sophia E., 45 
Montrath, Earl of, 2,^ 
Moore, Frances, 77 
Moore, George Gelston, 77 
Mordaunt, Elizabeth M., 149 
Mordaunt, Francis L., 148 
Mordaunt, Mildred C, 149 
Morehouse, Betty, 69 
Morehouse, Harrv, 69 
MorreU, Sally W^ace, 67 
Morris, Anna Elliott, 143, 144 
Morris, Anne, 143, 145, I47, 148, 150, 

151. 226 
Morris, Capt. Arthur, 147 
Morris, Arthur Breese, 148 
Morris, Arthur G., 147 
Morris, Rev. Arthur R., 152 
Morris, Augusta McE., 20, 150 
Morris, Augustus Newbold, 150 
Morris, B. B., 144 
Morris, Carmatt, 145 
Morris, Carolme P., 145 
Morris, Catherine, 146, 148, 149 
Morris, Charles Lee, 145 
Morris, Charles N., 144 
Morris, Charles Valentine, 146 
Morris, Chariotte, 144, 149, 151 
Morris, Cornelia LeRoy, 150 
Morris, Eleanor R., 152 
Morris, Ehzabeth, 148, 149 
Morris, Ehzabeth Ann, 144 
Morris, Ellen Van Buren, 149 
Morris, Emma, 143 
Morris, Estelle, 147 
A-Iorris, Eva Van Cortlandt, 150 
Morris, Frances, 147 
Morris, Frederick, 145, 151 
Morris, Frederick Augustus, 148 
Morris, GabrieUa, 143, 
Morris, George, 142, 145, 150, 226 
Morris, Gerard W., 151 
Morris, Gouvemeur, 147 
Morris, Hannah, 191 
Morris, HaTy M., 144, 148 
Morris, Helen, 144, 148, 149, 150, 

Ivlorris, Henry Lewis, 152 
Morris, Henry W., 152 
Morris, Honoria, 152 





M orris, 

Isabella, 151 

Jacob, 142, 144, 145, 146 

Jacob Walton, 146 

James, 144, 145, 146, 147, 148 

James Hunter, 145 
James Rutherford, 145 
James Staats, 150 
James Van Cortlandt, 148 
Jane, 145, 148 
John C, 145 
John P., 151 
Josephine, 142 
Julia, 143 
JuHet B., 151 

Lewis, 142, 143, 145, 146 
[51. 172 
Col. Lewis, 143 
Lewis Nelson, 151 
Lewis Spencer, 152 
Louisa, 151 
Margret Ann, 143 
Margret L., 149 
Maria F., 147 
Martin Van Buren, 149 
Mary, 144, 145, 148, 132 
Mary Alexander, 146 
Mary Natalie, 152 
Mary Pine, 152 
Mary Walton, 144 
Monson, 149 
Nicholas F., 149 
Newbold, 150 
Ralph, 143 
Reuben, 226 
Richard, 145, 151 
Richard Lewis, 144, 148, 149 
Richard Rutherford, 144, 148 
Richard Valentine, 145, 151, 

Robert Rutherford, 149 
Sabina, 24, 142 
Sarah, 144, 145, 150, 151, 

Sarah Caroline, 147 
Sophia, 144 
Staats, 151 
Stuyvesant, 149 
Stuyvesant Fish, 149 
Susan, 146 
Walton, 151 
Lieut. W. W., 147 
Capt. William, 143 
WiUiam A., 145 
WiUiara Augustus, 145, 146 
William A. Pringle, 146 
WiUiam Edgar, 1 50 
WiUiam Gouvemeur, 146 
Wm. H., 20, 150, 151 
Gen. WiUiam Walton, 146 
Van Buren, 149 
Malcolm, 23 



Morse, Anthony, 24 
Morse, Rev. Jedediah,_24 
Morse, Robert, 24 
Morse, Samuel F. B., 24 
Morse, Sidney E., 24 
Morss, Annie, 128 
Morss family, 24 
Morss, John, Jr., 128 
Morss, Peter, 128 
Moser, Susan, 116 
Mosher, Dr. A. Beekman, 72 
Mosher, Dr. Abraham B., 168 
Mosher, Catherine Beekman, 7 
Mosher, Lewis, 71 
Mosher, Lewis H., 213 
Mosher, Dr. Lewis H., 71 
Mosher, Mary G., 71 
Moss, Abigail, 23 
Mott, Martha, 154 
Mount, Abrara V., 61 
Mount, Forman, 191 
Mount, John, 61 
Mount, Phoebe, 192 
MuUins, Priscilla, 70 
Murgatroyd, Mary G., 135 
Myer, Trocy, 229 


Neeff, Rev. Joannes, 79 
Neil, Anna de Lancey, 11 
Neil, Catharine L., 11 
NeQ, Edward ^L, 11 
Neil, Rev. WiUiam, 222 
Neilson, Alfred, 131 
Neilson, Caroline K., 131 
Neilson, Catharine A., 122 
Neilson, Emily, 131 
Neilson, Frederic, 131 
Neilson, Julia, 131 
Neilson, Louis, 131 
Neilson, Rosalie, 131 
Neilson, William H., 131 
Nevius, Anna, 70 
Nevius, Archibald A., 223 
Nevius, Ariaentie, 70 
Nevius, Catharine, 101 
Nevius, David, 223 
Nevius, Eliza Ann, loi 
Nevius, Ellen M., 213 
Nevius, Gertrude, 60 
Nevius, Gertrude Van Pelt, 70 
Nevius, Henry V. D., 222 
Nevius, Jane, 171 
Nevius, Joannes, 70 
Nevius, Johanna, 96, loi, 102 
Nevius, John, 60, 222 
Nevius, John M., loi 
Nevius, John S., 222 
Nevius, Margaret, 223 
Nevius, Martin, 215 
Nevius, Martinus, 102 

I Nevius, Mary, loi 

Nevius, MatUda, 97 

Nevius, Nelly, 94 
j Nevius, Peter, 171 
[ Nevius, Peter Eugene, 69, 70, 71 
j Nevius, Peter L., 97 
I Nevius, Sarah, loi 

Nevius, William J., 222 

Newbold, Hannah C, 150 

Newbold, Leah, 193 

Newell, William, 91 

Newell, WilUam WeUs, 91 
\ Newton, Mary, 173 
i Newton, Sarah, 173 
I Newton, Thomas, 173 

Nicholas, William, 194 
I Nickerson, Rev. Thomas W., 136 

Niemeyer, Edna, 63 

Niemeyer, George, 63 

Niemeyer, Sarah, 63 

North, Edward P., 29 

North, Dr. Milo L., 29 

North, Thomas M., 29 

Northam, Charles E., 232 

Northcote, Cicely M. J., 14 

Northcote, Hugh H., 14 

Northcote, Hugh Ohver, 14 

Norton, Harriet O., 218 

Nostrand, Ranche, 229 

Oalcatt, Eliza C, 218 
O'Cahane, O'Cahan, 23 
O'Donnell, Judith, 23 
O'Donnell, Manus, 23 
Ogston, George, 132 
O'Kane, Bernard, 23 
O'Kane, Sir Donal, 23 
O'Kane, Evanue, 23 
Olcott, J. Van Vechten, 137 
Olcott, Nathaniel, 137 
Ohphant, Abner Chambers, 21 
Oliphant, Emma Coulter, 212 
Oliphant, FideUo, 212 
Oliphant, Margaret C, 212 
Oliphant, Robert, 212 
Oliphant, Robena, 212 
Oliphant, Sarah Frances, 212 
Onderdonk, Beniamin A., 11 
O'Neil, Earl of Tyrone, 33 
O'Neil, General Hugh, 23 
O'Neil, James D., 91 
O'Neil, Lady Una, 23 
Orr, Nell, 232 
Osterhout, Maria, 158 
Ostrander, Charles M., 152 
Ostrander, Mary Morris, 152 
Otis, Margaret, 28 
Ottenbeek, Alida, 2 
Oudenade, Elizabeth, 175 



Page, Capt. Benjamin, 46 
Paine, Sarah, 153 
Panchen, Jane Tucker, 77 
Parker, Amasa J., 125 
Parker, Ashsah, 192 
Parker, Cortlandt, 122 
Parker, Henrietta, log 
Parker, Jane, 77 
Parker, John Taylor, 77 
Parker, Katharine M. O., 122 
Parsons, John E., 134 
Patterson, Ehnor Grier, 212 
Patterson, Rev. Isaac M., 212 
Patterson, Jane, 17 
Paul, Mary D., 50 
Pawling, Albert, 7 
Peck, Charlotte Isabel, 225 
Peck, Henry W., 225 
Pell, F. Livingston, 149 
Pell, Stuyvesant M., 149 
PeU, Walden, 149 
Peltz, Dallas, 223 
Perrine, Lyde, 191 
Perry, Frederic W., 132 
Perry, Jane, 126 
Perry, Rt. Rev. Wm. Stevens, 
Peters, Adele, 219 
Peterson, Sarah, 205 
Petit, Anna Livingston, 1 13 
Petit, Emily Maria, 113 
Petit, John J., 113 
PhilUps, Edith, 129 
Phillips, Henrv D., 149 
Phillips, Howard C, 129 
Phillips, Roelof, 229 
Pierrepont, John, 77 
Pieters, Maria, 184 
Pietersen, Jacob, 175 
Pillot, Arestede. 1 1 
Pillot, Stuyvesant, 1 1 
Pine, Martha, 151 
Pitman, Gen'l John, 113 
Pitman, Livingston, 113 
Pitman, Richard, 113 
Pitt, William, 210 
Piatt, Judge Jonas, 16 
Piatt, Zephaniah, 16 
Plautius, Joanna, 3 
Plvmpton, Emily Maria, 112 
Plympton, Gilbert L., 113 
Plympton, Gilbert M., 112 
Plymptom, Col. Joseph, 112 
Plympton, Louisa E., 113 
Plympton, Mary L., 113 
Polhemus, Dan, 200 
Pollard, Florence, 195 
Pollard, Frederick, 195 
Pollard, Edwin, 195 
Pool, Eugene H., 124 
Popinia, Aletta Thomis, 154 

Popinja, Thomas L., 154 
Porter, Col. Peter A., 142 
Post, Catherine, 148 
Post, George B., Jr., 29 
Post, James Wright, M.D., 148 
Potter, Joshua, 82 
Powell, John Hare, 139 
Potter, Lvdia, 82 
Potter, VViUiam S., 86 
Powell, Samuel, 139 
Prentiss, John H., 146 
Price, Palmer, 66 
Prime, Frederick, 47 
Pringle, Sophia, 146 
Probasco, Maria, 219 
Proudfoot, Lawrence, 198 
Provoost, Catharine, 116, 134 
Provoost, Elizabeth, 165 
Provoost, David, 134 
Provoost, Jonathan, 165 
Provoost, William, 134 
Pruyn, Anna, 156 
Pulsifer, Ellen E., 129 
Pulsifer, William H., 129 
Purayea, Mary W., 62 


Col. Abraham, 94 
Abraham, 207 
Ann, 95 
Catharine, 96 
Cornelia, 102 
Garetta, 96 
Jacob, 94 
Jacobus, 170 
Jochim, 219 
Margaret, 62, 171 
Petrus, 102 
Teunis, 183 
Thomas, 220 


Radcliffe, Clara, 30 
Radcliffe, Jacob, 29 
Radcliffe, Julia, 31 
RadcHffe, Maria, 31 
Radcliffe, Peter W., 30 
Radcliffe, Gen'l WiUiam, 30 
Ramsey, Dr. George D., 147 
Ramsey, Joseph G., 147 
Ramsey, William G., 147 
Randolph, Epraim F., 205 
Rapale, Joris Jansen, 86 
Rapalie, Femmetje, 231 
Rapalje, Arm, 16 
Rapalje, Johannes, 183 
Rapalje, John, 16, 198 
Rapalje, John, 16 
Rapalje, Joris, 16 
Rapelye, Alctta, 97, 169 



Rapelye, Jerome, 61, 97 
Rappleyea, Ann, 68 
Rawles, Aaron, 98 
Rawles, Henry, 99 
Rawles, Gen'l Jacob B., 99 
Raymond, Julia, 25 
Read, Emily M., 148 
Reade, Catharine L., 11 
Reade, John, 196, 232 
Reade, Robert, 22 
Redmond, Sabina, 132 
Redmond, William, 132 
Reed, Anne, 131 
Reeder, Francina, 212 
Reeder, John, 212 
Reese, Dorothy, 161 
Reese, James, 160 
Reese, Mary, 161 
Reese, Stephen, 161 
Reeve, John, 160, 172 
Reeve, Dr. John, 172 
Reid, Andrew, 214 
Reid, EUen, 214 
Reid, Hon. Whitelaw, 48 
RelUs, Eleanor, 232 
Remse, Jerominus, 200 
Remsen, Jacop, 191 
Remsen, Rem, 191 
Remsen, WilUam, 191 
Remsin, Aletta, 45 
Rice, Rev. Henry M., 223 
Richards, Elizabeth, 82 
Richardson, Arme, 28 
Richardson, Leonard W.S., 27 
Richardson, Perry, 28 
Richardson, Putnam, 28 
Richon, Johannes D., 194 
Richon, Tewntji, 189, 194 
Ridgley, Charles G., 43 
Ritchie, Mary A., 146 
Rives, Geo. L., 145 
Robb, Louisa, 43 
Robinett, Anna, 89 
Robinett, Ida, 89 
Robinett, Robert, 89 
Robinson, Henry D., 130 
Robinson, James, 182 
Rodewald, Eleanor H., 137 
Rodewald, Marie L., 137 
Rodewald, William McN., 137 
Rodgers, Anne E., no 
Rodgers, Christopher C, 109 
Rodgers, Hugh W., 109 
Rodgers, James T., 109 
Rodgers, John G., 109 
Rodgers, Mary K., 109 
Rodgers, Samuel C, 109 
Rodgers, William, 14, 109 
Rodgers, William S., 109 
Roe, Hannah, 229 
Roeloffse, Pieter, 175 
Rogers, Benjamin W., 149 

Rogers, Julia, 1 1 
Rogers, Raymond P., 11 
Romeyn, Jan, 185 
Roosa, Anna Margaritta, 157 
Roosa, John J., 157 
Roosa, Marietje, 157 
Roosevelt, Helen, 51 
Roosevelt, James, 50, 51 
Roosevelt, W. Emien, 146 
Ross, Alva, 88 
Ross, Charlotte, 88 
Ross, Susan, 13 
Rossiter, Joseph P., 18 
Rowley, Catherine, 226 
Rowley, Perez, 226 
Rue, Catharine, 202 
Rue, WilHam M., 202 
Ruckelhaus, Elsie, 92 
Ruggles, Charles H., 156 
Runcie, Constance B., 148 
Runk, Elizabeth C, 76 
Runk, Wilham M., 76 
Runyon, Catharine, 64 
Russell, AnnaR., 152 
Rutgers, Catharine ,17, 114 
Rutgers, Gerard Rutgers, 114 
Rutgers, Rev. Dr. John, 9 
Rutgers, Robert, 114, 117 
Rutherford, .\rthur EUiot, 24 
Rutherford, Helen, 24 
Rutherford, Helen Sarah, 14 
Rutherford, John, 24, 152 
Rutherford, Livingston, 24 
Rutherford, Lewis, 48 
Ruthert'ord, Margaret, 48 
Rutherford, Morris, 24 
Rutherford, Robert Walter, 2.j 
Rutherford, Stuyvesant, 15 , 
Rutherford, Walter, 147 
Rutsen, Catharine, 15 
Rutsen, Jacob, 15 
Rutsen, Capt. John, 7 
Rutsen, Rutger Jacobse, 15 
Ryerson, Abram A., 93 
Ryerson, Arthur, 93 
Ryerson, Cornelius, 93 
Ryerson, Da\'id E., 93 
Ryerson, Edna P., 93 
Ryerson, Elizabeth, 93 
Rynearson, Marv, 106 

Salter, Edwin, 87 
Salter, Eliza, 87 
Salter, Magdelen, 105 
Sanders, Catharine, 123 
Sanders, Deborah, 123 
Sanders, Everett, 90 
Sanders, Capt. John, 123 
Sanders, Robert, 123 
Sanders, Victor, 90 





Sands, Charles E., 44 
Sands, Lettice, 44 
Sanford, Robert, 12 
Savers, Frederic C, 17 
Schaus, Jannetje, 187 
Schenck, Altje, 233 
Schenck, Catharine, 192 
Schenck, Daniel, 192 
Schenck, Eleanor, 192 
Schenck, Engeltje, 192 
Schenck, Emestus, 108 
Schenck, Garret, 189 
Schenck, Hendrick, 192, 
Schenck, John, 192 
Schenck, Mary, 189 
Schenck, Neeltje, 189 
Schenck, Paul, 15 
Schenck, Roelof, 192, 197 
Schenck, Sarah, 192 
Schenck, Teuntje, 192 
Schepmors, Aeltje, 198 
Schermerhom, Abraham, 164 
Schermerhom, Aeltje, 164 
Schermerhom, Aemout, 162 
Schermerhom, Amy E., 163 
Schermerhom, Anne White, 163 
Schermerhom, Amout, 162 
Schermerhom, Arthur P., 163 
Schermerhom, Caroline W., 50, 164 
Schermerhom, Catherine, 162, 164 
Schermerhom, Cornelius, 164 
Schermerhom, Edward G., 163 
Schermerhom, Elizabeth, 164 
Schermerhom, Capt. F. A., 164 
Schermerhom, George S., 163, 164 
Schermerhom, Hester, 164 
Schermerhom, James J., 163 
Schermerhom, Jane, 164 
Schermerhom, Jannetje, 164 
Schermerhom, Johannes, 164 
Schermerhom, John. 162, 163 
Schermerhom, .\[ar\', 162 
Schermerhom, Peter, 162, 163 
Schermerhom, Phihp G., 163 
Schermerhom, Rejer H., 157 
Schermerhom, Sarah, loi, 164 
Schermerhom, Simon, 162, 165 
Schermerhom, Symon J., 162 
Schermerhom, Willemyntjee, 162 
Schermerhom, William C, 163 
Scherph, Catharine, 117 
Schieffelin, Edgar, 137 
Schieffelin, Eugenia L., 137 
Schneeweiss, Catharine H., 221 
Schneeweiss, Henry, 221 
Schoonmaker, Catharine B., 96 
Schoonmaker, Catrina, 158 
Schoonmaker, Hendrick, 158 
Schoonmaker, James, 96 
Schuchardt, Anna, I2 
Schultz, Anna, 72 
Schultz, W. Guhck, 72 

Schuyler, Alida, 8, 40, 116 

Schuyler, Rev. Anthony, 24 

Schuyler, Arent, 117 

Schuyler, Casparus, 79 

Schuyler, Cornelia. 43 

Schuyler, Elizabeth, 123 

Schuyler, Elsie, 114 

Schuyler, General, 41 

Schuyler, Gertmde, 115 

Schuyler, Gysbert, 115 

Schuyler, Hettv, 79 

Schuyler, Isabella L., 25 

Schuyler, Jasper, 79 

Schuyler, Johannes, 117 

Schuyler, Col. John, 116 

Schuyler, Margaret, 117 

Schuyler, Montgomery, 24 

Schuyler, Peter, 43 

Schuyler, Philip, 8, 115, 117 

Schuyler, Col. Pieter, 40, 123 

Schuyler, Robert L., 24 

Schuyler, Sarah, iiS 

Schuyler, Sybella, 117 

Schwartz, Rev. D. L., 112 

Scott, Louisa, no 

Scudder, James Craig, 226 

Scudder, Sarah V. D., 226 

Scudder, William, 226 

Seabrook, Mary H., 204 

Seaman, Clara, 92 - 

Searle, Philip N., 112 
I Sebring, Jacob, 205 
I Sexton, Margaret, 66 
j Sheafer, Margaret, 45 

Shepard, Abraham, 147 

Sherman, Frederick, 126 
j Shippan, Anna Hom, 45 

Shoemaker, William B., 151 

Short, Arma Livingston, 113 

Short, Prof. Charles, 113 

Short, Edward Lyman, 113 

Short, Livingston Lyman, 113 

Shurts, David, 105 

Shurts, Garret V., 105 

Shurts, John K., 105 

Shurts, Margaretta, 105 

Sickels, Maria. 184 

Simmons, J. Edward, 185 

Simmons, Joseph Ferris, 185 

Simonds, Charles, 199 

Simons, Catharine, 200 

Simonson, Hannah, 196 

Singer, Josephine, 212 

Skillman, Abraham, 59, 102, 108 

Skillman, Abraham B., 63, 170 

Skillman, Abraham V. A., 99, 100 

Skillman, Anna, 59, 102 

Skillman, Anne, 170 

Skillman, Benjamin, 170 

Skillman, Cassie, 62 

Skillman, Caroline, 108, 109 

Skillman, Catharine, 100, 103, 109 



Skillman, Charity, 100 

Skillman, Charles A., 108 

Skillman, Cornelia, 109 

Skillman, Cornelius, 63, 104, 108, 173 

Skillman, Elizabeth, 59, lOi, 102 

SkiUman, Gerardus. 99, 100, 217 

Skillman, Gitty, 170 

Skillman, Henr\-. 62 

Skillman, Hendrick, loi 

Skillman, Ida, 108, 173 

Skillman. Isaac, 59, 99, 102, 103, 109, 

Skillman, Jacob, 62, 103, 104, 109 
Skillman, James, 63, lOr, 102 
Skillman, John, 58, 59, 62, 64, 99, lOi 

102, loS, 109 
Skillman. Joseph, 99, 168 
Skillman. Margaretta, loi 
Skillman, Martin, 103 
Skillman, Mary, 58, 99. 100, loi. 104, 

108. 119 
Skillman, Peter. 64. 100, 108 
Skillman, Rachel Adah. 64 
Skillman. Theodore. 62 
Skillman. Thomas. 59. 99. 100. loi. 

171, 206. 215. 217. 220 
Skillman, William. 62, 102. 103 
Skinner, Rev. William. 116 
Sloan, Samuel, 218 
Sloane, Marv- Renwick. 44 
Sloane, William M.. 44 
Smake, Matys. 54 
SmaUey, Abner, 205 
Smalley, Abraham. 203 
Smalley, Andrew, 203, 205 
Smalley, Anna, 205 
Smalley, Catharine E.. 203 
Smalley, David, 205 
Smalley, Elizabeth. 205 
Smalley. Isaac, 205 
Smalley, Margaret, 205 
Smalley, Mary, 205 
Smalley, Rachel. 205 
Smalley, Susanna, 205 
SmiUe, Florence N., 117 
Smith, Annie Osgood. 29 
Smith, Benjamin, 63 
Smith, Catharine, 98 
Smith, Caroline, 71 
Smith, Claes C. 175 
Smith, Rev. Cotton Mather, 26, 27, 

Smith, Rev. Daniel, 27 
Smith, Elizabeth, 27 
Smith, Ellen Appleton. 28. 129 
Smith, Fuller Appleton, 28 
Smith, Gertrude Bolden, 29 
Smith, Gilbert Livingston, 29 
Smith, Grace May V. D., 196 
Smith, Harriette A., 29 
Smith, Harry V. D., 196 
Smith, Helen Evertson, 29 

Smith, Rev. Henry, 27, 36 
Smith, Icabod, 26, 36 
Smith, Governor John Cotton, 26, 
Smith, Rev. John Cotton, D.D., : 

Smith, Julia, 29 
Smith, Juliana, 29, 30 
Smith, Lewis Harvey. 195 
Smith, Louisa N., 136 
Smith, Lucretia, 29 
Smith, Mabel, 195 
Smith, Margaret S., 28 
Smith, Martha, 225 
Smith, Mary, 27, 28 
Smith, Robert Worthington, 29 
Smith, Rev. Roland Cotton. D.D., 
Smith, Ruby A., 159 
Smith, Sadie, 195 
Smith, Samuel, 27, 36 
Smith, Sarah, 28, 121, 195 
Smith, Susan, 47 
Smith, Thomas, 27 
Smith, Rev. Thomas Mather, 27, i 
Smith, Hon. William. 47 
Smith, William Mather, 25, 26, 
Smock, Mary, 205 
Snedeker, Catherine, 219 
Snowden, Caroline, 12 
Snowden, Mary Ann, 1 14 
Southard, Zebulon, 229 
Spellmeyer, Grace M., 46 
Spencer, John C, 152 
Spencer, John Cotton S., 32 
Spencer, John H., 32 
Spencer, Capt. Johri S., 31 
Spencer, Maria, 32 
Spencer, Mary Apthorp, 32 
Spencer, Mary Natalie, 152 
Spencer, Minnie Knox, 32 
Spencer, Roberta, 32 
Spencer, Sarah, 36 
Spencer, Thomas, 36 
Sprouls, Kate, 1 1 
Sprouls, Susan, 232 
Squires, Norman, 151 
Staats, Catalina, 116 
Staats, Cornelia, 58 
Staats, Elizabeth, 117 
Staats, Peter, 231 
Staats, Phebe, 63 
Staats, Dr. Samuel, 116 
Stanford, John, 204 
Stebbins, Asa, 162 
Stebbins, Augustus, 143 
Steen, Mary S., 226 
St. George, Mary, 34 
Stephens, John, 1 88 
Stephenson, Elizabeth, 190 
Stephenson, Daniel, 190 
Sterling, Deborah, 81 
SterUng, Edward, 81 
Stetle, .Margaret, 205 



Stevens, Dr. Alex. H., 148 

Stevens, Bertha, 104 

Stevens, Ebenezer, 163 

Stevens, John, 42 

Stevens, John Bayard, 104 

Stevens, John Bright, 104 

Stevens, Lucas, 104, 179 

Stevens, Lucy Beatrice, 104 

Stevens, Luther, 102 

Stevens, Marguerite D., 104 

Stevens, Martha, 218 

Stevens, Mary, 42, 112 

Stevens, Rebecca, 163 

Stevens, Stephen A., 104 

Stevens, Steven, 104 

Stevenson, Abraham, 104 

Stevenson, Ann, 39 

Steward, Campbell, 25 

Steward, Ehzabeth, 144 

Steward, Harriet Le R., 13 

Stewart, Charlotte P., 150 

Stewart, Edward Le Roy, 150 

Stewart, Helen Van Cortlandt, 150 

Stewart, James, 164, 198 

Stewart, Louisa Morris, 150 

Stewart, William Pinckney, 150 

Stillwell, Catharine, 198 

Stillwell, Ida, 197 

Stillwell, Jannetje, 197 

Stillwell, Joost, 197 

StiUweU, Nicholas, 197, 198 

Stillwell, Richard, 197 

Stillwell, Rutgert, 19S 

Stites, Elizabeth W., 122 

Stoddard, Irene, 137 

Storm, Abraham, 185 

Storm, Aeltje, 185 

Storm, Anne, 184 

Storm, Catherine, 184 

Storm, Clarence, 185 

Storm, Dirk, 184 

Storm, Edna Graham, 185 

Storm, Elizabeth, 1S4 

Storm, Garret, 135, 184 

Storm, Glorvina R., 135, 184 

Storm, Gregory, 184 

Storm, Hester G., 184 

Storm, Isaac, 185 

Storm, Jacob, 184 

Storm, Jan, 185 

Storm, John, 184, 185 

Storm, Joris, 185 

Storm, Juha, 185 

Storm, Louisa, 48 

Storm, Mabel Louisa, 1 85 

Storm, Marietje, 184 

Storm, Mary, 184 

Storm, Theodore, 184, 185 

Storm, Thomas, 184, 185 

Storm, Stephen, 184 

Storms, Peter, 160 

Storms, Sarah, 160 

Stoughton, Lieut. Thomas, 37 
Stoughton, Rebecca, 37 
Stout, Aquila G., 148 
Strong, Cornelia, 125 
Stout, David, 108 
Stout, Francis, 14S 
Stout, Henrietta, 108 
Stout, John, loi 
Stout, Mary, 192 
Stout, Sarah, 101, 148 
Strang, Ada, 196 
Strang, George' 196 
Strang, Walter, 195, 196 
Strong, Caroline, 125 
Strong, Charles, 125 
Strong, Cora, 125 
Strong, Ehzabeth, 45 
Strong, James, 45 
Strong, Joseph, 125 
Strong, Mary, 125, 216 
Strong, Pascal, 125 
Strong, Peter V. B. L., 125 
Strong, Phihp L., 125 
Strong, Theodore, 216 
Struthers, Robert, 132 
Strycker, Dinah, 233 
Strycker, Hannah, 79 
Strycker, Jacob Gerrite, 79 
Strycker, Jan, 108 
Strycker, Margaret, 183 
Stryckler, Gratz, 88 
Stryker, Abraham, 108, 206 
Stryker, Demenicus, 170 
Stryker^ EUzabeth, 100 
Stryker, Hendrick, 100, 215 
Stryker, Ida, 108, 215 
Stryker," John, 58, 62, 87, 88 
Stryker, Josiah, 87 
Stryker, Maria, 62 
Stryker, Mary, 87, 108 
Stryker, Peter, loi, 215 
Stuart, Malcolm, 185 
Stunning, Agnes, i 
Stuyvesant, Anne W., 13 
SUiyvesant, Augustus Van Home, 

Stuyvesant, Catharine, 11, 12, 13 
Stuyvesant, Cornelia, 11, 116 
Stuyvesant, Elizabeth, 12, 13 
Stuyvesant, Frederic S., 12 
Stuyvesant, Gerard, 12 
Stuyvesant, Gerardus, 10 
Stuyvesant, Gertrude, 1 1 
Stuyvesint, Helen, 13 
Stuyvesant, Helen M. Hooker, 12 
Stuyvesant, Heiuy, 1 1 
Stuyvesant, John Reade, 12 
Stuyvesant, Joseph Reade, 13 
Stuyvesant, Judith, 11 
Stuyvesant, Julia, 1 1 
Stuyvesant, Margaret L., 12, 13 
Stuyvesant, Nicholas W., 6, 11, 12 



Stuyvesant, Peter, 174, 175 
Stuyvesant, Peter Geranl, 14 
Stuyvesant, Petrus,'B, 11 
Stuyvesant, Robert, 12, 13 
Stuyvesant, Rosalie, 1 1 
Stuyvesant, Rutherford, 15 
Stuyvesant, Van Rensselaer, 1 1 
Suckley, George, 15, 46 
Suckley, Robert Bowne, 15 
Suckley, Thomas H., 15 
Suebering, Lambertje, 108 
Sutphen, Jacob, 233 
Suydam, Agnes T., 62 
Suydam, Augustus V. C, 164 
Suydam, Charles, 163, 164 
Suydam, D. Lott, 195 
Suydam, Eliza, 69 
Suydam, Harriet, 195 
Suydam. Helen, 64 
Suydam, Jane M., 164 
Suydam, Jannetje, 182, 233 
Suydam, Jerome, 195 
Suydam, John R., 164 
Suydam, Sarah E., 195 
Suydam, Walter L., 164 
Swart, Alida, 158 
Swart, Antie, 157 
Swart, Catrina, 157 
Swart, Cornelius, 157, 158 
Swart, Elizabeth, 157 
Swart, Jacob H., 175 
Swart, Johannes, 157 
Swart, Maretje, 157 
Swart, Tobias, 157 
Swartwout, Aletta, 160 
Swartwout, Catharine, 160, 161 
Swartwout, Cornelius, 160 
Swartwout, Elizabeth, 160 
Swartwout, Eugene, 160 
Swartwout, Henrietta, 89 
Swartwout, Mary, 45 
Swartwout, Samuel, 45 

Tailer, Edward X., 42 
Tailer, Mary, 42 
Talbot, Julia M., 126 
Talmage, Anna L., 97 
Talmage, Cornelia, 97 
Talmage, Col. Daniel, 97 
Talmage, Rev. Govn, 97 
Talmage, IsabeUa V. S., 97 
Talmage, John B., 97 
Talmage, Mary C, 97 
Talmage, Robert S., 97 
Talmage, T. De Witt, D.D., 97 
Tappan, Catharine, 18 
Tappan, Dr. Peter V. C, 18 
Taylor, Alice, 77 
Taylor, Alward, 183 
Taylor, Helena, 190 

Taylor, Helen Hamilton, 183 
Taylor, Katharine W., 130 
Taylor, Knox, 183 
Taylor, Margaret, 98 
Taylor, Margaret Alward, 183 
Taylor, Mary Alward, 183 
Taylor, Moses, 130 
Tavlor, Dr. Sewell, 98 
Taylor, WiUiam J., 183 
Teller, Jenneke, 117 
Ten Broeck, Christiana, 9, 16 
Ten Broeck, Dirck, 11, 116 
Ten Broeck, Eleanor, 103 
Ten Broeck, EHzabeth H., 98 
Ten Broeck, Florida, 76 
Ten Broeck, Gertrude, 156 
Ten Broeck, Margaret S., 116 
Ten Broeck, Richard, i6 
Ten Broeck, Wessel, 103, 156 
Ten Eick, CatHntie, 60 
Ten Eyck, Arthur S., 86 
Ten Eyck, Augusta, 112 
Ten Eyck, Marytje, 155 
Terhune, Charles, 76 
Terhune, Ten Broeck M., 76 
Terhune, Ten Broeck V. R., 76 
Terry, Margaret, 49 
Thayer, Sallie, 131 
Thomas, Eleanor N., 25 
Thomas, James M., no 
Thomas, Samuel, 25 
Thomas, Rev. William, 17, 18 
Thomassen, Jan, 176, 177 
Thompson, Grace M., 39 
Thompson, Maria, 21 
Thompson, Judge Smith, 17, 18 
Thomson, Rebecca, 156 
Thorn, Thomas, 15 
Tillman, Lewis, 31 
Tillman, Maria Davis, 31 
Tillman, Walter P., 31 
Tilietesn, John C, 43 
TiUotson, Dr. Thomas, 45 
Tilton, Deborah, igo 
Tunton, Murphy, 191 
Todd, Adam, 49 
Todd, Sarah, 49 
ToU, Comeha Jacobse, 55 
Tompkins, Sarah, 145 
Tong, Marv, 43 
Towie, Cha'ries, 161 
Towie, Giknan, 161 
Towle, Henry, 161 
Townsend, Madeline, 26 
Townsend, Phoebe W., 137 
Trevor, Mary Talmadge, 130 
Trico, Catalyutie, 86, 92 
Tronson, Jeremiah, 22 
Tuckerman, Bayard, 29 
Tuckerman, Elizabeth W., 29 
Tuckerman, May Appleton, 29 
Tuckerman, John Cotton, 28 



Tunis, William L., 89 
Turner, Grace, 82 
Turner, John, 82 
Tyrconnel,-Lord of, 23 
Tyrone, Earl of, 23 


Uhlman, William C, 138 
Umbach, Anna, 93 
Ungar, Fritz C. H., 117 
Ungar, Margaret V. R., 117 
Ungar, Schuyler V. R., 117 
Upton, Frances, 145 



Anna Maria, 88 
Catharine, 63 
Clarence, 88 
Clinton, 63 
Christopher B., i 
Daniel, 88 
David W., 156 
Eleanor Louisa, 
Dr. Israel, 88 
Julia A., 156 
Jonathan, 63 
Malinda, 89 
Martha, 88 
Nelson S., 88 
Oscar, 88 
William N., 172 
Alen, James J., 50 
Alen, Lawrence, 50 
AJen, Mary, 50 
Alen, Sarah, 50 
Arsdale, Abraham, 67 
Arsdalen Abraham, 183 
Arsdalen, Comelis S., 182 
Arsdalen, Isaac, 182, 183 
Arsdalen, Margaret S., 183 
Arsdalen, Philip, 182 
Arsdalen, Syinon J., 182 
Barre, Hendrick, 197 
Benschouten, EUas, 229 
Borg, Dinah, 221 
Borkuloo, Jannetje, 230 
Borkuloo, Herman J., 230 
Borkulow, Herman J., 230 
Braerae, Catalina, 151 
Brake, John, 193 
Breestede, Tryntie, 15 
Bruggen, Catharine, 114 
Brugh, Catharine, 9 
Brunt, Aeltje, 197 
Brunt, Agnes, 182 
Brunt, Albert, 195 
Bnuit, Anne, 182 
Brunt, Catharine, 182, 191, 
Brunt, Cornelius, 54, 181, 

Van Brunt, Elizabeth, 195 

Van Brunt, Geesje, 181, 182 

Van Brunt, Hendrick, 181, 182 

Van Brunt, Jacob, 197 

Van Brunt, Jannetje, 182 

Van Brunt, John, 197 

Van Bnint, Joost, 54, 187, 188 

Van Brunt, Joseph, 181 

Van Brunt, Maria, 198 

Van Brunt, Nicholas, 181, 182, 201 

Van Brunt, Rutgers, 188, 189, 191, 

Van Brunt, Rutgers, 175, 178, 188, 

195. 197 
Van Bnmt, Teuntie, 198 
Van Brunt, Tryntje, 198 
Van Buren, Daniel, 90 
Van Buren, Caroline, 90 
Van Buren, Ellen J., 149 
Van Buren, Hendrick, 228 
Van Buren, John, 188, 189 
Van Buren, Dr. John, 194 
Van Buren, Martin, 149 
Van Buren, Mary, 89 
Van Buren, Robert T., 90 
Van Buren, WilUam, 90 
Van Buren, William T., 89 
Van Cleaf, Benjamin, 194 
Van Cleaf, John, 194, 219 
Van Cleaf, Rebecca, 202 
Van Cortlandt, Ann, 20, 141, 163 
Van Cortlandt, Anna, 116 
Van Cortlandt, Augustus, 148, 163 
Van Cortlandt, Catharine, 116 
Van Cortlandt, Cornelia, 21, 116, 117, 

Van Cortlandt, Elizabeth, 114, 116, 

Van Cortlandt, Gertrude, 40, 115, 

116. 135 
Van Cortlandt, Helen, 148, 150 
Van Cortlandt, Johannes, 115, 135 
Van"enrMandt, Margeitje, 115 
Van Cortlandt, Maria, 114 
Van Cortlandt, Olofl, S., 114, 115, 135 
Van Cortlandt, Philip, 15, 116 
Van Cortlandt, Pierre, 15, 21, 133 
Van Cortlandt, Stephen, 114, 115, 

116, 120 
Van Couwenhoven, Peter W., 4 
Van Dam, Richard, 54, 141 
Van Dam, Rip, 55, 141 
Van de Grift, Rachel, 200 
Vanderbeek, Andrew, 85 
Vanderbeek, Frank H., 86 
Vanderbeek, Horace A., 86 
Vanderbeek, J. Newton, 86 
Vanderbeek, John B., 85, 86 
Vanderbeek, Laura, 86 
Vanderbeek, Paulus, 85 
Vanderbeek, Rem J., 85, 104, 231 
Vanderbeek, WiUiam W., 86 



Vanderbilt, Cornelius, 190 

Van Dom, Jersey B., 91 
Van Dorn, Salina Adelaide, 91 

Vanderbilt, Lydia, 190 

Van der Donk, Barbara, 231 

Van Dora, Sarah, 192 

Van Deripe, Amanda, 107 

Van Duyn, Jacomyntie, 59 

Van Deripe, Andrew, 107 

Van Duyn, Sarah, 203 

Van Deripe, Ellen, 107 

Van Duyn, William, 201 

Van Deripe, Emily, 107 

Van Dyke, Abraham, 100, 179, 215, 

Van Deripe, Jane, 107 

216, 226 

Van Deripe, John, 107 

Van Dyke, Achias, 177, 178, 194, 227, 

Van Deripe, Magdalene, 107 


Van Deripe, Margaret, 107 

Van Dvke, Adrian, 227 

Van Elten, Margaret, 158 

Van Dyke, Aert, 186 

Van Engen, William W., 175 

Van Dyke, Agnes, 196 

Van Exveen, Aetie, 134 

Van Dyke, Agneta, 230 

Van der Hard, Lvsbeth A., 185 

Van Dyke, Albert, 195, 196 

Van der Hard, Tileman J., 177 

Van Dyke, Albert N., 195 

Van der Heyden, Anthony, 154 

Van Dvke, Alice, 196 

Van der Horst, Elias, 144 

Van Dyke, Andries, 178, 183 

Van der Spiegle, Sarah, 141 

Van Dyke, Angennetj, 177, 188, 197, 

Vande Veen, Catharine, 165, 219 


Vanderveer, Abraham, 167 

Van Dyke, Anna, 99, 100, 207, 213, 

Vander\-eer, .Anne. 72, 


Vanderveer, Augustus, 219 

Van Dyke, Annetji, 183, 231 

Vanderveer, Cornelius, 201 

Van Dyke, Anthony, 214 

Vanderveer, David, 193 

Van Dyke, Antje, 177, 179, 231 

Vander^-eer, EHza, v 

Van Dyke, Ariantje, 183 

Vanderveer, Elizabeth, 219 

Van Dyke, Augustus, 223 

Vanderveer, Emma, 172 

Van Dyke, Barbara, 227 

Vanderveer, Geo. V. D., 219 

Van Dvke, Barent, 229, 230 

Vanderveer, Hugh, 219 

Van Dyke, Bernard, 214 

Vanderveer, Isaac, loi, 219 

Van Dyke, Caree, 177, 178, 185, 231 

Vanderveer, Joseph, 107, 206 

Van Dvke, Catevney, 219 

Vanderveer, Karel, 219 

Van Dyke, Catharine, 56, 63, 105, 

Vanderveer, Lawrence, 109 

105, 188, 289, 190, 196, 197, 206, 

Vanderveer, Luke, 172 

221,222, 225, 226, 230 

Vanderveer, Peter, 109, 172, 220 

Van Dyke, Catleyntje, 198 

Vanderveer, Phoebe, 172, 233 

Van Dyke, Charity, 207 

Vanderveer, Roloef, 219 

Van Dyke, Claes T., 178 

Vanderveer, Schuyler, 219 

Van Dyke, Cornelia E., 196 

Vanderveer, Tunis, 193 

Van Dyke, Cortlasdt V. R., 224 

Vanderveer, Thomas, 168 

Van Dyke, Daniel, 181 

Van Dervoort, Abraham, 92, 93 

Van Dyke, David, 213 

Van Dervoort, Beatrice E., 93 

Van Dyke, Derrick, 177, 178, 185 

Van Dervoort, Catherine, 93 

Van Dyke, Dorcas, 180, 181 

Van Dervoort, Christopher B., 93 

Van Dyke, Dorothea, 214 

Van Dervoort, Clarence, 93 

Van Dvke, Dredrick, 230 

Van Dervoort, Elizabeth, 93 

Van Dyke, Edward B., 223 

Van Dervoort, Ellen R., 93 

Van Dyke, Elaine, 214 

Van Dervoort, Jennie, 93 

Van Dyke, Elizabeth, 88, 186, '196, 

Van Dervoort, John \., 93 
Van Dervoort, Mary, 93 

222, 223, 227 

Van Dyke, EUen, 196, 213 

Van Dervoort, Michael P., 92 

Van Dvke, Elsie, 219 

Van Doren, Altje, 233 

Van Dyke, Engeltie, 183, 184, 186, 

Van Deuren, James L., 156 


Van Deuren, Maria, 161 

Van Dvke, Esther, 196 

Van Deursen, Elizabeth, 219 

Van Dyke, Eva, 199 

Van Doren, Jacob, 233 

Van Dyke, Fanny B., 214 

Van Doren, Rev. Luther H., 222 

Van Dvke, Fnms C, 175 

Van Doren, Maria, 183 

Van D^ke, Frederick, 214 

Van Dom, Christian, 233 

Van Dyke, Frederick A., 214 

Van Dom, Ferdinand, 91 

Van Dyke, Frederick W., 216 

Van Dom, Jacob, 233, 234 

Van Dyke, Geesje, 179, 181 



Van Dyke, Gerrit, 183 
Van Dyke, Gertrude, 223 
Van Dyke.-Greatie, 185 
Van Dyke, Hendrick, 175, 182, 

Van Dyke, Hendrick A., 224 
Van Dyke, Hendrick Janse, 

Van Dyke, Hendricus, 179, 227 
Van Dyke, Henry, loi, 175, 195, 

219, 224 

Van Dyke, Rev. Henry, 214 

Van Dyke, Ida, 216, 230 

Van Dyke, Isaac, 183, 184, 202, 

220, 222, 226, 230 

Van Dyke, Jacob, 168, 190, 202, 

220, 226, 230, 231 
Van Dyke, Jacobus, 229 
Van Dyke, James, 63, 223 
Van Dyke, James C, 122, 215 
Van Dyke, James R., 224 
Van Dyke, Jan, 99, 17S, 1S5, 

200, 201, 202, 213, 219 
Van Dyke, Jan Janse, 56, 175, 

1S7, 189 
Van Dyke, Jan Thomasse, 39,56, 

176, 178, 183, 185,230 
Van Dyke, Jane, 99, 195, 196, 21 
Van Dyke, Jane W., 195, 196 
Van Dyke, Janneke, 227 
Van Dyke, Jarmetje, 182, 1S8, ic 
Van Dyke, Johannes, 179, 227 
Van Dyke, John, 54, 56, 63, 88, 

167, 182, 183, 188, 189, 194, 

197, 205, 207, 209, 210, 216, 
219, 220, 221 

Van Dyke, Col. John, 67, 207, 

209, 210 

Van Dyke, John B., 100 
Van Dyke, John C., 216 
Van Dyke, John G., 213 
Van Dyke, Katrina T., 214 
Van Dyke, Lambert, 227, 230 
Van Dyke, Lambert, 177 
Van Dyke, Lillie, 224 
Van Dyke, Lucretia, 100 
Van Dyke, Lydia, 88, 222 
Van Dyke, Margrie, 181 
Van Dyke, Margrietje, 197 
Van Dyke, Margaret, 63, 67, 

210, 211, 212, 219, 223, 224 
Van Dyke, Margaret J., 221 
Van Dyke, Maria, 179, 197, 213 
Van Dyke, Martha, 88, 102 
Van Dyke, Mary, 61, 88, 172, 

Van Dyke, Matthew, 222 
Van Dyke, Matthias, 195, 202, 

Van Dyke, Matty S., 188, 189, 

Van Dyke, Mayke, 194, 197 

Van Dyke, Nicholas, 175, : 

180, 194, 195 
Van Dyke, Paula, 214 
Van Dyke, Peter, 100, 177, 

196, 230 
Van Dyke, Peter W., 196 
Van Dyke, Pietermella, 183 
Van Dyke, Ralph Roelef, ic 
Van Dyke, Rebecca, 63, 67, 

210, 221 
Van Dyke, Robert, 161, 216 
Van Dyke, Rodger, 214 
Van Dyke, Rodolphus, 175 
Van Dyke, Roelof, 202, 207, 


Van Dyke, Rush, 214 

Van Dyke, Ryme, 196 

Van Dyke, Sara, 219 

Van Dyke, Sarah, 226 

Van Dyke, Sarah M., 195 

Van Dyke, Simon, 88, 202, 

Van Dyke, Tertius, 214 

Van Dyke, Teuntje, 183, 197, 

206, 217, 224 
Van Dyke, Theodore S., 216 
Van Dyke, Thomas, 179, 182, 

186, 215, 229 
Van Dyke, Thomas Janse, 175, 

178, 182, 187 
Van liyke, Tryntje, 177, 178, 227 
Van Dyke, WiUemtje, 230 
Van Dyke, William, 100, 223 
Van Dyke, WilUara N., 224 
Van Dyke, Woodbridge Strong, 
Van Dyke, Zaccheus, 230 
Van Gaasbeck, Abraham, 158 
Van Gaasb^k, Annetje, 158 
Van GaasbeSik, Antje, 158 
Van Gaasbeclc, Beekman, 159 
Van Gaasbeck, ComeUus, 158 
Van Gaasbeck, Debora, 159 
Van Gaasbeck, Edgar, 159 
Van Gaasbeck, EUzabeth, 159 
Van Gaasbeck, James B., 159 
Van Gaasbeck, Lawrence, 159 
Van Gaasbeck, Maria, 158 
Van Gaasbeck, Mary A., 159 
Van Gaasbeck, Jolin, 158 
Van Gaasbeck, Sarah, 158 
Van Gaasbeck, Thomas B., 158 
Van Gaasbeck, WiUiam H., 159 
Van HarUngen, Dr. J. M., 219 
Van Hoom, Christian, 230 
Van Home, Anna, 124, 133 
Van Home, Augustus, 12 
Van Home, Catharine, 133 
Van Home, Margaret, 128 
Van Home, Susan Rivington, \2 
Van Hosen, Folkert, 197 
Van Keuren, Lydia, 155 
Van Keuren, Nellie C, 159 
Van Keuren, Tjerck, 155 



Van KJeeck, Myndant, 16 

Van Lieu, Lena, 189 

Van Liew, Ann, 233- 

Van Liew, Frederick, 68 

Van Mater, Geysbert, 189 

Van Mater, Eleanor, 190 

Van Mater, Joseph, 192 

Van Meterren, Jan G., 177 

Van Middleswart, Pietemellitie, 60 

Van Ness, Gretie, 182 

Van Ness, Hendrick, 182 

Van Ness, Jean, 126 

Van Nest, Susanna, 97 

Van Neste, Peter W., 69 

Van Neste, Sarah W., 70 

Van Nostrandt, David H., 189 

Van Nostrandt, Jannetje, 193 

Van Pelt, Abraham, 102 

Van Pelt, Anna, loi 

Van Pelt, Gertrude, 70 

Van Pelt, Johannes, 102 

Van Pelt, Matthias, 187 

Van Pelt, Mattys L., 104 

Van Pelt, Ort, 187 

Van Pelt, Teunis, 231 

Van Pelt, Teunis Lanen, 102 

Van Pelt, Teuntie T., 102, 187 

Van Pelt, Teuntje T. L., 189 

Van Pelt, WiUiam, 63 

Van Pelt, Woughty, 178, 187 

Van Rantz, Lake, 124 

Van Rantz, Maria, 124 

Van Rensselaer, Bayard, 1 1 7 

Van Rensselaer, Catharine, 118 

Van Rensselaer, Cortlandt S., 118 

Van Rensselaer, Elizabeth, 117, 118 

Van Rensselaer, Florence, 1 1 7 

Van Rensselaer, Gratz, 118 

Van Rensselaer, Hendrick, 114, 116 

Van Rensselaer, James, 114, 117, 118 

Van Rensselaer, James Henry, 1 1 7 

Van Rensselaer, Jeremias, 13, 114 

Van Rensselaer, Johannes, 114 

Van Rensselaer, John, 117, 118 

Van Rensselaer, Margaret, 118 

Van Rensselaer, Marie A., 117 

Van Rensselaer, Rev. [Nicholas, 8, 

Van Rensselaer, Philip Schuyler, 1 1 8 
Van Rensselaer, Rebecca C, 118 
Van Rensselaer, Robert, 13 
Van Rensselaer, Sarah Schuvler, 1 1 7 
Van Rensselaer, Stephen V.'C, 118 
Van Roigen, John H., 131 
Van Rysoort, Catharine, 3 
Van Schaack, Catharine, 1 56 
Van Schaack, Lydia, 156 
Van Schaick, Anna, 1 1 5 
Van Schoederwoerdt, Rutger J., 114 
Van Sickle, Frank, 63 
Van Sickle, Isabella, 63 
Van Slichtenhorst, Brant, 115 

Van SHchtenhorst, Brant Arentse, 10 

Van Slichtenhorst, Elizabeth, 10 

Van SHchtenhorst, Margaret, 10 

Van Slichtenhorst, Margarita, 115 

Van Steenberg, Abraham, 1 57 

Van Vechten, Dirck, 136 

Van Vechten, Maria La G., 136 

Van Vechten, Michael, 136 

Van Vleck, Isaac, 153 

Van Vleck, Jan, 231 

Van VHet, Arie, 157 

Van Vhet, Jan D., 200 

Van Voorhees, Barbara, 228 

Van Voorhees, Coert Alberts, 103 

Van Voorhees, Coert S., 227 

Van Voorhees, Cornelia, 228 

Van Voorhees, Daniel, 228 

Van Voorhees, Jacob, 229 

Van Voorhees, Jan Steven, 103 

Van Voorhees, Jannetje, 228 

Van Voorhees, Johannes, 227, 228 

Van Voorhees, Katharine, 229 

Van Voorhees, Magdalena, 228 

V^an Voorhees, Mary, 22S 

Van Voorhees, Saraii, 228 

Van Voorhees, Steven Coerte, 68, 103, 

104, 228 
Van Voorhees, Zachariah, 228 
Van W'agenen, Catharine, 60 
Van Wyck, Richard, 228 
Van Wyck, Theodoras, 228 
Van Zandt, Arazeha, 130 
Van Zandt, Augustus, 62 
Van Zandtj^Eugenia, 62 
Van Zah'd^rHubert, 62 
Van Zandt, Irene, 62 
Van Zandt, James, lOi 
Van Zandt, Russell, 62 
Vaugrigneuse, Baron Ancelis de, 148 
Veghte, Abram, 60 
Veghte, Altge, 60 
Veghte, Ann, 61 
Veghte, Benjamin T., 60 
Veghte, Catharine, 60 
Veghten, Claes A., 178 
Veghte, Claes Arentse Van, 57 
Veghte, Elizabeth, 57 
Veghte, Garret, 206 
Veghte, Gerretje, 59, 213 
Veghte, Gerrit Classen, 57 
Veghte, Capt. Garret, 57 
Veghte, Hendrick Classen, 59 
Veghte, Henrick, 58, 17S 
Veghte, Henry, 58 
Veghte, Hilletye, 61 
Veghte, Jacomyntie, 60 
Veghte, Jan, 58 
Veghte, Klaes Arents, 57 
Veghte, Lammetje, 57 
Veghte, Magdalene, 69 
Vethge, Maghtel, 60 
Veghte, Maria, 61 



Veghte, Martha, 57, 58, 61, 84, 206, 

213, 219 
Veghte, Mary, 58 
Veghte, Nicholas, v, 59, 60 
Veghte, Phoebe, 6i 
Veghte, Pieternellitie, 60 
Veghte, Reynier, 59, 60, 215 
Veghte, Sarah, 60, 61 
Verkerk, Aert, 200 
Verkerk, Anna, 194, 200, 201, 213, 

219, 226 
Verker, Annetje, 201 
Verkerk, Barent, 200 
Verkerk, Baronie, 200 
Verkerk, Geertje, 200 
Verkerk, Jan Janse, 200 
Verkerk, Lea, 201 
Verkerk, Mary, 2or 
Verkerk, Roelof, 179, 194, 200, 203 
Verkerk, Sarah, 201 
Verkerk, Sybrech, 201, 203 
Vennule, Ehzabeth, 205 
Verplanck, Anna Louisa, 142 
Verplanck, Anna M., 139 
Verplanck, Catharine, 135 
Verplanck, Elizabeth A., 139 
Verplanck, Jacobus, 117 
Verplanck, James de Lancey, 142 
Verplanck, James G., 139 
Verplanck, Jane L., 139 
Verplanck, Margaret, 139 
Verplanck, Mary, 138 
Verplanck, Mary A., 1 38 
Verplanck, Maud, 139 
Verplanck, Melinda G., 139 
Verplanck, Pliilip, 115, 135, 138, 139 
Verplanck, Philip A., 139 
Verplanck, Ruth L., 139 
Verplanck, Sally A., 138 
Verplanck, Samuel H., 138 
Verplanck, Susan, 139 
Verplanck, W. Everett, 129 
Verplanck, William B., 138 
Verplanck, William G., 138, 139 
VTiet, Richard S., 216 
Voislawsky, Dr. Antonie, Ii3 
Von Dom, Ehzabeth, 91 
Von Dom, Eugene, 90 
Von Dom, Ferdinand, 91 
Von Dom, Hannah, 91 
Von Dom, Janette L., 91 
Von Dom, Margaret, 91 
Von Dorn, Mary B., 90 
Von Dom, SeUna A., 91 
Von Dora, William D., 91 
Von Kienbusch, Anna, 30 
Von Kienbusch, F. Kretzmar, 30 
Von Kienbusch, Herman, 31 
Von Kienbusch, Otto, 30 
Voorhees, Abraham, 69, 106, 215, 233 
Voorhees, Albert, 107, 226 
Voorhees, Andrews, 107 

Voorhees, Ann, 94, 97, 106 
Voorhees, Anna, 62, 71 
Voorhees, Christopher, 103, 105 
Voorhees, C. Beekman, 70 
Voorhees, Coert, 105 
Voorhees, Edward, 95, 107 
Voorhees, Eleanor, 105 
Voorhees, Eliza, 106 
Voorhees, Elizabeth, 191 
Voorhees, Ehzabeth Houghton, 69, 70 
Voorhees, Ellison H., 107 
Voorhees, Eva Suydam, 69 
Voorhees, Frank C., 106 
Voorhees, Frederick, 71, 106 
Voorhees, Frederick V. L.,69, 106,213 
Voorhees, Garret, 94, 105, 215, 219 
Voorhees, George H., 107 
Voorhees, George H., 106 
Voorhees, Harriet, 105 
Voorhees, Harry L, 107 
Voorhees, Isaac, 103 
Voorhees, Jacob D., 105 
Voorhees, Jacques, 68, 69, 233 
Voorhees, Jane, 105, 106, 107 
Voorhees, Jane M., 106 
Voorhees, Jessie VV., 107 
Voorhees, John, 106, 215, 220 
Voorhees, John W., 105 
Voorhees, Kathryn Beekman, 95 
Voorhees, Kenneth, 95 
Voorhees, Leah, 103 
Voorh^gs, Leander, 107 
VoorheeS; Lizzie B., 172 
Voorhees, Luke, 1 10 
Voorhees, Maria, 105, lo6 
Voorhees, Marion, 95 
Voorhees, Martha B., 103 
Voorhees, Martin, 219 
Voorhees, Mary, 105, 107 
Voorhees, Mary A., 107 
Voorhees, Melvin R., 106 
Voorhees, Neeltje, 189 
Voorhees, Nelly, 169 
Voorhees, Parthenia, 106 
Voorhees, Peter, 103 
Voorhees, Phoebe, 105 
Voorhees, Romeyn, 95 
Voorhees, Sarah B., 234 
Voorhees, Steven C, 199 
Voorhees, Viola May, 107 
Voorhees, William D., 107 
Voorhees, Dr. Sylvanus R., 106 
Voorhees, Sylvester, 106 
Voss, William, 131 
Vought, Abraham, 138 
Vought, Mary G., 138 
Vroom, John P., 60 
Vroom, Peter, 63 

Wadsworth, Hon. William, 37 



Wagenaar, John, 233 
Wainwright, J. Howard, 12 
Wainwright, J. Mayhew, 12 
Wainwright, Richard T., 12 
Wainwright, Stuyvesant, 12 
Waldron, EUzabeth, iv 
Waldron, John, v 
Waldron, Samuel, v 
Wales, Harriet, 224 
Walker, Catharine Esther, 12 
Walrath, Catharine, 160 
Walters, Margaret C., 232 
Walton, Ann, 151, 181 
Walton, Guardine, 185 
Walton, Jacob, 141, 151 
Walton, James de Lancey, 141 
Walton, Mary, 142, 204 
Walton, William, in, 141, 147 
Ward, Margaret Astor, 49 
Ward, Samuel, Jr., 49 
Washington, Bowden, 148 
Washington, Herbert, 148 
Washington, Dr. James A., 25 
Watson, Eugene A. H., 136 
Watson, Henry L., 136 
Watson, Rev. J. Henry, 136 
Watson, Mary E., 136 
Watts, CaroUne, 132 
Watts, Ethel, 133 
Watts, George B., 132 
Watts. J. Walter, 133 
Watts, James D., 132 
Watts, John, Jr., 20 
Watts, Julia de P., 133 
Watts, Mary J., 20, 21 
Watts, Sabina, 133 
Way dell, Margaret Ann, 212 
Wayland, Mary, 29 
Wayne, Gen. W. C, 144 
Weart, Margaretta, 108 
Webb, J. Beavor, 132 
Welch, Ashbel, 204 
Welch, Hedelind E., 204 
Wells, Benjamin, 17 
WeDs, Sarah, 17 
Wescott, Kate L., 29 
Westbrook, Charies R., 156 
Westbrook, Comehus D., 156 
Westbrook, Gertrude, 156 
Westbrook, Hannah, 156 
Westbrook, J. Beekman, 1 56 
Westbrook, Mary, 156 
Westbrook, Theodore R., 156 
Westphal, Mary, 216 
Wetmore, Dorothy Murray, 43 
Wetmore, Jessie L., 43 
Wetmore, Livingston, 43 
Wetmore, Robert Carrvi, 43 
Wetmore, Theodore Russell, 43 
Whaley, Maria, 142 
Wheeler, Annie Lorraine, 25 
Wheeler, Everett P., 25 

■^Tiite, Helen, 163 
White, Henry, 163 
White, John J., 44 
White, Violetta S., 44 
Whitemarsh, Mary de P., 22 
Whitemarsh, Richard, 21 
Whitemarsh, Richmond, 133 
Whitemarsh, Wallace R., 22 
Whitemarsh, Wiiham R., 22 
Whitenack, Cornelius, 102 
Whiteside, Agnes, 50 
Whiting, Maria, 76 
Whitney, William C, 131 
Whittaker, Catrina, 155 
WTiittaker, Daniel, 155 
Whittaker, Elizabeth, 155 
"Whittaker, James, 155 
Whittaker, John, 155 
Whittaker, Maria, 155 
Whittaker, Thomas, 155 
■UTivckoff, Jane, 195 
Wight, Rev. Joseph K., 223 
Wikeoff, Peter, 220 
Wilkins, Martin Gilbert, 149 
Willets, Henry, 224 
WilJets, Juha, 224 
William, Anna M., 88 
Williamson, Arthur J., 71 
Williamson, Cornelius, 184 
Williamson, Phebe L., 196 
Williamson, Reuben E., 71 
Williamson, Sarah, 109 
WiUing, Ava L., 50 
Willing, Edward S., 50 
Wikner, Nathalie, 132 - 
Wilson, Daniel, 190 
Wilson, Elmer, 98 
Wilson, FerfTinand S., 98 
Wilson, Florence M., 76 
Wilson, Grace J., 76 
Wilson, Harold Aitken, 76 
Wilson, John C, 76 
Wilson, Julia, 218 
Wilson, Marshall Orme, 51 
Wilson, Peter B. S., 98 
Wilson, Richard T., 51 
Wilson, Sewell, 98 
Wilson, WLUiam George, 76 
Wilt, George, 165 
Wincant, Cornelius, 182 
Winni.x, Leonard, 3 
Winter, Hannah, 145 
Winterhoff, Julia, 1 1 
Winterhoff, Rudolph C, 11 
Winthrop, Albertina, 131 
Winthrop, Alice, 130 
Winthrop, Beekman, 131 
Winthrop, Benjamin, 1 1 
Winthrop, Charles F., 139 
Winthrop, Dorothy, 131 
Winthrop, Emily L., 130 
Winthrop, Frederic, 130 



Winthrop, Georgiana, 130 
Winthrop, Grenville, 130 
Winthrop, Harriet D., 130 
Winthrop, Isabel, 130 
Winthrop, Gov. John, 1 1 
Winthrop, Katharine, 130, 146 
Winthrop, Maria, 130 
Winthrop, Mary, 8 
Winthrop, May, 130 
Winthrop, Robert, 130 
Wizzelpenning, Gerritge G. R., 59 
Wolfe, Margaret A., 128 
Wood, Sir Andrew, 129 
Wood, Chalmers, 29, 129 
Wood, Charlotte M., 132 
Wood, Dennistown, 129 
Wood, Dorothy, 129 
Wood, Eleanor D., 129 
Wood, Elizabeth D., 132 
Wood, Florence, 129 
Wood, Gertrude, 129 
Wood, Harriet M., 132 
Wood, H. Duncan, 129 
Wood, Helen, 132 
Wood, John Cotton, 129 
Wood, John Walter, 132 
Wood, Mar>- A., 129 
Wood, Mar>- R., 132 
Wood, Melza Riggs, 131 
Wood, Sabina R., 132 
Wood, William 129, 132 
Wood, Van Home L., 130 

WoodhuU, John S., 44 
WoodhuU, Margaret, 44 
Woolsey, Melancthon L., 16 
Worthington, Sir Nicholas, 30 
Worthington, Nicholas, 38 
Worthington, Temperance, 30 
Worthington, Rev. William, 26, 30 
Wright, John A. C, 145 
Wright, Martha, 145 
Wright, Mary H., 145 
Wright, Thomas D., 145 
Wright, WiUiam, 131 
Wyckoff, Peter, 60, 182 
Wyeth, Charlotte H., 47 
Wyokoop, Elizabeth H., 149 
Wynkoop, Johannes, 155 
Wynkoop, Maria, 155 

Yates, Mary Austin, 
Yates, Thomas, 184 

Zborowski, Alister, 143 
Zborowski, Anna, 143 
Zborowski, John, 143 
Zborowski, Louis, 143 
Zborowski, Martin R., 143 
Zborowski, WiUiam Elliot, 50, 143 
Zeelen, Johan, 175 



NOV 99