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For the U S E of the 


V O L U M E II. 

Ccniaining the Offices from /i&/ First Sunday 
in L£NT to Mandy-Tjhursday. 

- •• • v . 1 




^<> V V^-^ 

Printed in the Year Mdcclxiii. 


thi tttgJUf h dffirtdta extufe dud c^rreit the filUwing MiJIakes in 
Fiflumi If* tubicb vert occafiet&l by the Author* $ Diftance frem 
the Ptefu , 

JntheCsiendMrcjbpofae Sept, 9. adds S. Gorgoniut» M.— P, 1441 

/• »5. fer their reifeaive, r, in their rcfpe^livc. ?, 148. /. jx. 

yirp. xxix. r, p. zxiv.— P. 167. /. 17. /orcwlis, r. coeli. — P. 197, 
V* 17* /or the iame under, r. under the fame. — P* xvii. /. 36. «/?«/*• 
sgtini adds with glory. — lb, /• 35. 0/rfr ventorus eft, add: cum* 
gloria.— P. zIt. /• 4. dele omnes.— P. civ. /. 10. fir tredidfti, r. 
credidiili.— 'P. cclzvi. /. 20. fir we humbled, r, were hnmbled.— — . 
tm ccxci. /• 23* /or Qui» r. Quii. 

; DIRECTIONS /^r«»^i?r/^;;^»^/i&i? Calen- 
dar, a}td ordering the Celebration of the 
Divine Office. 

I. r I AHE Office every day is either Double^ Se^ 
1 midouble^ Simple^ or of the Feria. 
Of Doubles^ (fo called becaufe the Anthems are 
repeated entire both before and after the Pfalms aj: 
Vefpers) fome are of ihefirji Clafs^ marked thus in 
the Calendar^ D. I CI. otliers of the fecond Clafs^ 
and are marlced thus, D. 2 CI. others are greater 
Doubles^ marked with a capital D. others Common 
Doubles^ marked with a common d* 

2. Doubles are always kept on the day marked 
in the Calendar^ unlefs they chance to fall on fome 
Sunday of \\iZ firji Clafs^ fome privileged Feria^ or 
within certain OcS^aves, which take place of the 
Feftivals : In whicbcafe they arc transferred to the 
firft day not taken up with a Double or Semidoulle^ 
The Sundays of thefr^ Clafs^ which take place 
of all Doubles what foe ver, are, 

T\\t firji Sunday oi Advent \ x\iQ firji Sunday of 
Lenty P aJfton-Sunday \ P aim-Sunday \ Eajler -Sun- 
day ; Low-Sunday ; tVhitfunday \ Trinity-Sunday, 
The Sundays of x)[it fecond Clafsy which take place 
slfo of all Doubles y except thofe of the firjl Clafsy 
and of which, in that cafe, a Commemoration is made 
at Mafs and in both Vefpers^ are, the Second^ Thirds 
and Fourth of Advent \ Septuagefima^ Sexageftmoy 
and ^inquageftma\ the Second y Ihird^ and Fourth 
of Lent. 

The Feriasy which enjoy the fame privilege as 
Sundays of the firji Clafs^ art, AJh-Wednefday \ all 



Holy^Weeki PFhitfun-Evei the whole OSfaves of 
Eafter and Whitfuntide. 

In like manner, within the OSiave of the Epi^ 
fhany^ no feaft lefs than a y?;^^? Clafs can be kept. 

On all other 'Sundays of the year, if a Double 
chanc€ to occur, it is kept with a Commemoration 
of the Sunday at Mafs^ and at Vefpers too, except 
the following day be a feaft of ihtfirji Clafs. 

3. A Semidouble (fo called becaufe only part of 
the Jnthem is faid before each Pfalm at Vefpers) is 
marked in the Calendar iYiMs^fem, and occurring on 
any Sunday whatfoever, is put ofF to the firft vacant 
day; that is, the firft day on which there is neither 
Double nor Semidouble marked in the Calendar, 
The fame is to be obferved with regard to all Se* 
midoubles occurring within the OJlave of Corpus 

4. Simples have no mark in the Calendar^ and 
are never transferred ; but if they fall on a Sunday^ 
or on any other day, when the office cannot be faid 
of them, a Commemoration is made at xh^firfl Fef^ 
pers^ and at Mafs ; unlefs it be a Feaji of the/r/f 
Clafs, (on which no tiotice is taken of Simples) or 
of the fecond Clafs, in which cafe a Commemoration 
of them is made in the yJr/f Vefpers, and at Low 
Mafs only. 

5. The following Fertas, called Greater Ferias^ 
take place of all Simples, and there is only a Com^ 
memoration made of them at Mafs, viz, t4ie Ferias 
of Advent and of Lent, the Ember-Days, Tuefday in 
Rogation-Week, A Commemoration is alfo made of 
the FerJas of Advent and Lent at Vefpers and Mafs, 
whatever feaft happens ; but, of the Ember- Days and 
Tuefday in Rogation- Week, only at Mafs, 

6. If a Vigtl happens within an OSfave, the Mafs 
is of the Vigil with a Commemoration of the OSiave, 
unlefs there be a Double or Semidouble feaft that day ; 
in which cafe the il/fl/i is of t\iefeaji with a Ce?w- 



memorathn of the 0£fave and of the Vigil: But if a 
VigU occur on a feaft of the yi>y? Clafsy there is no 
Commemoration made of it. 

If a Feftival, that bath a /^/^/7, fall on a Monday j 
the ^-ct/} of the F/^/V is {aid on the foregoing Saiur^ 
day J except the Vigil of Chrijimas and of the Epi* 
phany. _ ^ ,^ 

If a ^/^/V happen in Advent^ the ^<2/} is of the 
Figil with a Commemoration of the Feria^ except the 
Vigil of Chrijimas* 

if a /^/f // happen in Z^x;/, or on an Ember-Day^ 
the Mafs is of the /Vr/a with the Commemoration 
of the Vigil. 

In the Pafchal'time there is no office of a Vigily 
except that of the Afcenfton-Eve^ whkh however is 
no faft. 

7. When a Double of the firjl or fecond Clafs 
(which is a holiday of obligation^ printed in the 
Calendar in CAPITALS) falling on any day, is to 
be transferred, the obligation of the holiday is rtever 
transferred, but the faithful are obliged to afTift at 
Mafs on the day marked in the Calendar. 

8. When fcveral feftivals have been tranflated 
from their proper days, they are afterwards to-be 
kept in this order : Firft thofethat are Doubles^ and 
then thofe that are Semidoubles ; and among the 
Doubles or Semidoubles^ thofe, whofe proper days 
firft occurred, are to be kept fir ft. 

9. Upon all Doubles one Collect, Secset, 
an-J PosTCOMMUNiON only is faid; except it hap- 
pens on a Sunday^ or within fome OSfazey or upon 
fome Vigili or in the time of Lent or Advent^ or ex- 
cept it occurs with (ome Simple: In all which cafes 
two Collects, is'c* are faid ; one of the DoubUy 
the other of the Sunday y 05iave^ &c^ 

I c. Upon Sundays and all Semidcubles are faid 
three Collects, Secrets, and Postcommu- 
KxoNSi excepting 5////r/^>'j, which occur within an 

A 3 0> 


MARRIAGE is forbidden to be folemnizea 

From thtfirjl Sunday o^ Advent till after the Ep 
phany^ and from the beginning of Lent to Lou 

The DECREE of the Council ^/LATERAN, 

Can. 21. 

** Every one of the faithful of each fex, after the 
come to the years of difcretion, fhall in privai 
faithfully confefs all their fins, at leaft once a-yea 
to their own Paftor j and take care to fulfill, to i\ 
bcft of their power, the pennance enjoined then- 
receiving reverently, at leaft at Eajier^ the facr* 
ment of the Eucharijt ; unlefs perhaps, by \k 
advice of their Paftor, for fome reafonable cauf 
they judge proper to abftain from it for a time 
otherwife let them be excluded the Church whi 
living, and, when they die, be deprived of Chr 
ftian burial. 

>f TABL 


Ap»ii. hath XXX Days. 


8. FroKti- of Paula, Cnnf. d. 




S. ;>./=«, B. C. & Dr. d. 


S, yUct«^:ut girnriiLi, Conf. i. 










S. La lit Crial, P. C. & Dr. d. 



S. HirmtiigUd. M. fem. 


SS. 3>*w/i«, Sz. M. M. 



S. ^b;«Ib<, p. & M. 





S. A/./«. B. C. k Dr. d. 


SS. Sat" & Ccim. P. P. & M. M. (inl, 


S Gtn.CK, M, P«.on oS Engl-nd, D, i 



S. Afdril, EvangcIiO, D. z CI. Abflinencc. 


SS. CUl« Ic Marallmu,, P. P. fc M. M. f 



S. «ffl/;i, M. 


S. fiwr, M. d. 


S. Caiiaritiot Sima, V. i. 

M^r hiith XXXI Dap, 


SS. PH.<.»&jA«£a,Ap. D.iCI. 


S. ^(i.«a>l, B.C. &Dr.d. 



The FiNDiNC ofthcHoiYCRosj, n. iCl 
^■J<r,®-(, M.AI. S.>w,a/,B.4C. 



S. Mmita, Wi.;ow, d. 



S.Pii.1, P.&C. rem* 


* 6 I S. John beft.e iki Lali« Qite, D. 


7 , S. Si^ijkoi. B. Si M. d. 


8 i Appirilion of S. Mkbael, D. 


9 , S. Crffory Waiifluadi, B. C.&Dr. d, 



S. Aniimimi, B. C, fem, Csrdiiaui ic 





i ;i 

A 11 

fi 12 

5 3 

I ^5 

F ^6 

C 17 

A iS 

n 19 

C 30 

S 11 


"^ May hith XXXI Diys. 

S. Bi,Kifia, M. 

S.'t/SjWaj, B.iC. fern. 

S. rimniiai, M. Ctm. 

S. Pair Criifiin, P. & C. d. ft FudtniUna, 

S. Btriatdimi, Conf. fEoi. 

S. Mary M^gJalin of PflMii', V. fem. & tWjjt, 

P. & M. 
S. Auguftine, Ap. of E^glari, D. 1 CI, with m Oc. 

(fl-uf. S. EUuihtri.j, P. & M. 
S. fi;7<> AJmiij, C. d. S.JsiB, P. & M. 

SS. Prlmui tc Fr/iciatni. M. M. 

S. Mj-garci, QiKtn oC S~aii, Uiti. 

S. Barniby. Ap. D. 

S. >i.» of 5. fa<»W»j.C, d. SS, flj//(Aj, 4-'c. M. M. 

S, j1-,ilnKj oCFadiia, Conf. d. 

S. Bafil, B. C. ^Di. i. 

SS. r-iu,, AlidiJIu,. &., M. ^f. 


IBS'. M. M. 
S. Sitvermi, M. 





SS. ?.*= & P^^I, M. M. d. 


S. Ui; P. * C, fern, yigil. Fjft, 

SS. PiiiK&PsUL, App. D. I a. wilh M Ofl*w, 

Jutv hnh XXXI D^v. 


Oilavf of sr, Jibf bapup, a. 



V.fitJtion of the B. V. M»ry, D. SS. f ,«5?i,, 6ft 








Oaiii, of SS. Prt,r & Pa./, d. 


S. EliKahiih, Qi>«n of P«rf. Widow, fern. 

S«.«Br«ir«, M.M. fern. R-£MbSciu<iJa,y.V, 



S. P/a;, P. & M, 


S. yt** C«a/*,-'r, Ab. d, Naitr & Fiffx, M, M. 


5. Aiadaui. P. & M. ftm. 



S. //rtr.pEmp. *Coiif. fem. 


B. V, Mary of Mt:-^nt Carmil, D. 


S, ^i»«, Conf.ftm. 


S. SymfUrtfa, and her fcven Soni, M. M. 


S. J7Bf«fiH. 3 Paz,/., Conf. d. 


S. Afdr«rw, V. tc M. 


S. Prexida, V. 




S. ^p,i:!«,H,. B & M. d. S. t/i,™, B. ft Coirf. 


/',£//. S.a»jI™,V.&M. fiil. 


S.jAMEB, Ap. D.lCl. 


S.ANN, M=iherof:h.B.V,JMi.«, D. 


S. Fa^lali^yt, tA. 


SS. m>ia>i>.:C,lf^,. &c. M. M. fem. 


S.JUariio.V fem, SS. f (/i>, Sff. M, M. 

SS. ^bdi„ k S«s(B, M. M. 


'■ s. /,..«... C.d. 

'fChiins. D. Holj Macbab,a,M.M. 

;«, P. & M. 

uf S, S«/iiB the fiiil Msityr's Body, fcm. 

n.VjS, Conf. d. 

on if sar LgJj ad Nivci, D. 

r£e C A L EN A-'ft. 

TrjnsfigurJtion of out Lcrd, D. Xyfii-^, &t. M, M. 

S, Cfl^rtdJ., C, d. S. Domrui, B. & M. 

SS. Cj'iflrtu, La'£i;i, ft SflJdrD^Aij, M, M, lem. 

yigil, S. KoiBJB*!, M. Fift. 

S. Lavtiinci, M, D. 2 CI. with in OSavi. 

SS. -Tibvrthi tc Suftana, M. M. 

S. CUre, V. i. 

S. Hifpilflus Se Cfl^flUBi, M. M. 

Hgil, S, E^>>. Cpnf. Fad. 

Assumption of the B. V. Miry, D. i CI. 

S. Uyacmlb.Cnttf. i. 

OHa'VC of S.LaK'Cmc, i. 

S. jigapims, M. 

On Sundiy witbin the Oflave of the AlTumptiaor 

S, Jtachiw, C. D, 
S. BrrrarJ, Ab. d. 

Oaave of ihc AlTumFCiDii, D. SS. ri'MMtr, tf(, M. U< ' 
S. i-to/if Ct^(>j«i, U. i. Vigil. F*ft. 
S. Baktndlouiw, Ap. D.s a, 
S. Lcu/i, K, of Franc; Qoat lets. 
S, Zifbyina, P ft bb 

S, >ft,f.jf.-», C. B. & Dr. d. S. HiWH. M. 

Bibradiug of S. >ifl Btplifl. A. S. J'a*,»j. M, 

S. Rsji ot Lind. V. d, SS. Felix k Ada,i3i,i, M. M, 

F I 

O 1 

D « 

^ 7 

f 8 

G 5 




D >j 

E 1+ 

F 'S 

c le 

A 17 

S. .b';';i£cfl, K.of JJi'ifdr 
S. L^nirun y^-fiiiiiiK, B 

S. Nialaj ofTelinium, ConF. d. 
SS.P,utllclIyaitci«lhi.l, M.UI. 
On SB.rfajF \.iihio the Oflave, Office of /ii A'aiiM rf ■ 
ibtB.y.Mary, O. 

E»»lta!ion of the Holy Crofs, D. 
Oflive of the Nativity, D. 
SS. Cor^t//«i ft Cyprjnn, U. M. fem. 
The S(;£™ji of (>. Fraacii. fern. 
S.^temtioCyiftaNeoa, B.&C. fern. 



SS. yji,an„,, &t. M. M. d. 


SS.E^/tacbits.&t.M.M.i. Vi«l. Fall. 


S. Matthiw, Ap. & Evjiri. D. » CI. 


SS. M^.n». gfc. M. U. 

S, Lhui. P, k M. fcm, S. TiK/fl, V. & M. 



The fl. y. Mary ic M-'Cidi, D, 


%%. CyprU„ tt y„jli^a, M.M. 



DicicATioN oFS. Nicbail, D. 1 CL 



S. //icroi*, Pr. Q. k Dr. d. 

». K»'/r,». B. & C. fei... 


^/■j^/i CVarijni, d. 



Fi.(lS.^rf«. Of.iiiflk,R4'"J,V>. 


S. fraK/,, Co;.!-, d. 



S3. P/flcVw, Sff. M. M. 


S. Bri/JTO. Conf. d. 


S. Ma.i. P. S: C. & SS. S„£,w, a^f 


S. B'iAgH, Wide-*-, d. 

SS. D«,;i, S-f. M.M. frm. 

S, frjnin Bii-fij, Conf. ftm. 





S. Edward, K.&C. D.iCl. wittm 




S. CMJi^,, P. i: M. fcm. 



S. T«f/fl, V. d. 





S. llrdwigf, Wid. fern. 
S. Lut-, Evw. I) a Ct, 



S. Prt-r of /?/<=...'«ra. Conf. 1. 


Oajvr of 5. EdT^arJ, i. 


SS. Urfuli, Sfi-. M.M, D. 







SS. Cbnf.""l<'' & T^"'-!', M. M. 


S. Eva.iM. P & M. 



/'if//. Faff. 



SS. STMOf- & Jtoi. App. D. 1 CL 



I'tnirabU Eidi, Cuai, d. 





^V/ F-ft. 

I S. CbatUi. B & C. d. S. J^M&j M. 

The C A L E N D A R[; 

Kov£MBXR hath XXX Days. 


















Offave of ^/ Sat tit St d. 7<6e iv crowned, M. M. 
Dedic, of our Saviour* s Cburcb, d. S, ^Tbeodorus^Mt ' 
S. Andrew Awllin, C. fern. SS. Tryphou, ^e, M, M.' 
S. Martin, B. & C. d. S. Mennas, M* 
S. Martin, P. & M. fern. 
S, Didacus, Coaf, fern* 

S. Gertrude, V", d« - * 

S. Gregory Tbaumat. B* % C. fern. 

Dr<//V. of SS. Pf/^r^s & /»tf«rs Churches, d. 

S. Eiixaietb, (^^of Hungary, Widi A» S. Fontianus,^^' ' 

S. Edmund, K. & M. D. 

Prefcntation of B. V. Mary, D. 

S. C^-fZ/y, V. & M. d. 

S. Clement, P. & M. fern. S. Felicitas,}A, 

S. yobn of the Crofs, Conf, fcm. S. Cbryfogonus, M# ' 

S. Catharine, V. & M. d. 

S. Feiix Fahis, Conf. d, S. Peters B. Ik M, 

29 I Vigili St Satuminus, M, Faft. 

30 I S. Andrew, Ap. D. 2 CI. 

December hath XXXI Days, 






S. Bibianay V. & M. (em. 

S. Francis Xaxjier, Conf. d. 

S. Peter Chryfo/oguf, B. C, & Dr. d. S. Barhara^^ & M. 

S. Sabbas, Ab. 

S. Nicolas, B. & Conf. d. 

S. Ambrofe, B. C. & Or. d. 

Concept, of B. V. Mary, D, 2 CI, with a0 O&ave, 

10 S. Melchiades, P. & M. 
Ills. Damafus, P. & Conf. fern* 

S. Z.«ry, V. & M. d. 





> i 20 


0£lave of the Concept. D. 
S. Eufebius, B. & M, fern, 

^^//. Faft. 

S« Thomas^ Ap« D. 2 CU 

3 3 Fi^n. 


F ij 

G 11 

B 15 

C i« 

E 1.% 

1 19 
G jo 

Vigil. Faft, 

Nat. of Oiir Lord Jtfus CbrlJI. D. , CI. 

S, STEPirrH, Ihe firjl Msityt, D. 1 CI. 

S. John, Ap. & Evang. D. > CI. 

Holy Innocints. M. M. D 2 CI. 

S. Thdua. of CflWf'i-ry, B. M. D. I CI. 


Firji SUNDAY in LENT^ 

Firjl SUNDAY in LENT. 


■^INCE, according to th€ council of l^rent^ the whole^ 
5 life of a Chriftian ought to be a continual pennance^ 
e ought to embrace with fervour that, at leaft, which is 
refcribed during the time of Lent^ by falling with all thft 
laftnefs the Church requires of fuch, as are not incapable 
lereof thro' age, infirmity, or other lawful excufe. To 
aimate ourfelves the more to this, we ought often to call 
) mind the univerfal pradice of our pious anceftors in the 
lith of Ckriflf (and which fubfiflcd near twelve hundred 
ears) of taking only one meal a day during the time of 
/»/, and that not till after E'uemng-fong^yi\i\Q\i was always 
lid towards the evening. 

We muH carefully avoid feeking to plcafe our taile in 
le choice and feafoning of fuch meats as are allowed in 
snt ; for to do that, according to the holy Fathers, would 
e only changing dainties, and not retrenching them : It 
rould be nouriftiing fcnfiiality inftead of extinguifhing 
: : And it may be faid, that it would not be fatisfying the 
bligaiion of Lentj as it would be no longer mortifying 
le body, or doing pcnnance. 

This firft fall regards only thofe, who have attained to 
certain age of life, and who can go thorough with it, 
rithout prejudice of their health. But there is another 
ift, from which no one is exempt, and which admits of 
o difpenfation. This confilb in avoiding, with a parti- 
ular care, whatever may lead to fin. It is for tWs great 
nd important end, that we muft drive againft our bad 
abits with fre(h zeal : We mull mortify ourfelves, and 
e temperate in every thing, by retrenching from ouror- 
inary converfation, fleep. and moll innocent divcrfions, 
lat \vc may be able to fpend more time in prayer, rc- 
rcmcnt, and the cxcrcifcs of a£ts of charity. 

Such are the intentions, fuch the defires of the Catho- 
ck Church. Can there therefore be a greater abfurdity 
lan to hear Qhx]Xnm ta)king in c/ie/r publick prayers of 

20 Firjl SUNDAY 

macerating their bodies, o^ Jighing zn^ groaningyxvAtx tfic"^ 
weight of their fins, of being terrified with the judgments 
of God, while they content themfelves with complying . 
outwardly (and that too often very imperfeSiiy) with the 
ceremony of a bodily fall; notwithftanding there is the 
fame mirth, jollity, good cheer, diverfions, and recreations ' 
going on, as in other parts of the year. This is not the ' 
fail the Lord hath chofen, as appears from the exprefo 
declaration of God himfelf Jn the Lejfon of Ajh-Wed- 
ftefday^ and that of Friday before the firft Sunday in Lent. 

In order therefore not only to ufe the language of the ■ 
ChiKch, but likewife to follow it*s fpirit and diredlions, 
we muft join to our fading, prayer, retirement, and the ' 
avoiding whatever leads to fin, the virtues of continency 
and alms-deeds, which were formerly looked on as infe- 
parable from Lenty and other fafts. We frequently beg '' 
the grace of continency in the publick prayers of the ' 
Church during that holy time, and the pradice of it was 
formerly impofcd as a precept. With regard to alms, the 
holy Fathers look on them fo ncceiTary, that they fay 
our fafts will avail nothing without them ; and the defigu 
of the church is, and the practice from the moft early 
times was, that we fhould live fo in Lent and other Fajt^ 
ing'days, as to be able to retrench confiderably from the ' 
cxpences of our tables, in order to beftow, what was fo • 
retrenched, on the poor. 

Thofe that are entangled in any habitual mortal fin, can ' 
do notliing better for their falvation, or more agreeable to 
the fpirit of the Church, than to approach the facrament ' 
of pennance at the beginning of Ltiit ; that after having 
taken time to become fenfible of the enormity of their 
fins, to figh and weep before God, and to fatisfy, as far as 
they are able, his jullice, they may hope to obtain at the 
end of Lentf the grace of reconciliation, wliich the Church 
grants to contrite and humble finners. 

MASS. IntroU, Pf, xc. 

HE fhall call upon TNvocabit me, & ego 
me, and I will J[ exaudiani eum : Eri- 
hear him : I will refcue piam eum, & glorificabo 
him, and glorify him: I eum: Longitudine die- 

will fill him with length rum ad implebo eu0i« 


Mafi. A L E N T. 2f 

of days. Pf- He that Pf, Qui habitat in adju- 

taketh up his abode in torio altiffimi, in protcc- 

the aid of the moft high, tione Dei cceli commo- 

fhall remain under the rabitur. 
proteftton of the God of 

V. Glory. V. Gloria. 

I. COLLECT. Deus qui Ecclefiam. 

OGod, who' purified thy Church by the yearly 
obfervation of Lint \ grant that what thy 
children endeavour to obtain of thee by abftinence, 
riiey may put in execution by good works. Thro\ 


PReferve us, O Lord, we befcech thee, from all 
dangers of*body and foul ; and by the inteiccf- 
lion of ever glorious and bleffed Mary^ the ever- 
virgin-mother of God, of the bleffed Apoftles, Peter 
and Pauly of bleffed George^ and of all thy Saints ; 
grant us, in thy mercy, health and peace ; thit rJl 
adverfities and errors being removed, thy Chuicli 
may fcrvc thee with a pure and undiftuibtd devo- 

III. COLLECT. Ommpotens. 

O Almighty and evcrlafting God, who haft do- 
minion over the living and the dead, and art 
merciful to all thofe, whom thou knoweft are to be 
thine by faith and good works : "VVe humbly be- 
feech thee, that they for whom we have purpofcd 
to offer our prayers, whether the prefcnt world dill 
detains them in the flefh, or the next hath already 
received them diverted of iheir bodies, may by the 
clemency of thy goodnefs, and the interceffion of 
thy faints, obtain pardon and full remiflion of all 
their fins. Thro'. 

Thefe two lajl Collects, with their refpeSlive Se- 
crets and Poftcomm unions, arc continued to Paf- 

! t 



22- Firjl SUNDAY Mafi., 

EPISTLE. 2 C^r. vi. I, 10. 
Rethren : We exhort you that you receive not' ; 
the grace of God in vain For- he himfelf r 
faith , In on acceptable time have I heard thee : And ^ 
in the day of falvat'ion have hhelped thee. # BehoM- ; 
now is the acceptable time: Behold now is the 
day of falvation. Give no offence to any man, - 
that our miniftry may not be blamed. But in all' ■ 
things let us behave ourfelves like fervants of God •► 
with much patience in tribulation, in nece^ties, in- ^ 
diftrefs, in flripes, in prifons, in feditions, in U- > 
bours, in watchings, in failings: With chaftitVj ;J 
with knowledge, with longfuffering,with meeknefs, T 
with the Holy Ghoft, with unfeigned charity, with- i 
the word of truth, with the power of God ; by the ,• 
armour of righteoufnefs on the right hand and on the , 
left: In honour and diOionour, in bad and good re- 
pute : As feducers, tho' we preach the truth : As .. 
unknown, tho' known : As dying, tho' behold we ; 
are alive: As perfons punifhed, yet not killed: As- ^ 
forrowful, yet always rejoicing: As needy, yet en* i] 
riching many : As having nothing, yet poffeffing all ' ' 

GRADUAL. P/. xc. 
God hath given his AngelisfuisDeus man-- ; 
Angels a charge ovefr davit de tc, utcuftodiant' ' 
thee, to guard thee in te in omnibus viis tuis« - , 
all thy ways. V. They V. In manibus porta- , 
(hall bear thee up on bunt te ne unquam of- ^ 
their hands, left at any fendas ad lapidem pe- 
time thou hit thy foot dem tuum. 
againft a ftone. 

TRACT. P/xc. 

He that taketh up Qui habitat in adju* . 
his abode in the aid of torio altiffimi, in protec- ' 
the rooft high, (hall re-p tione Dei cceli commo- 
main under the protec- rabitur. V, Dicet Do- 
tion of the God of hea- mino^ fufceptor meus. es 

In L 

V. Hefhallfayto 
ird) Thou art my 
bor and my refuge : 
my God, in him 
hope. y. For it 
ivho hath deliver- 
from the fnare of 
that hunted me, 
om their threats. 
; (hall cover thee 
lis (boulders, and 
(halt hope under 
igs. V. His truth 
ompafs thee with 
d: Thou (halt not 
he terrors of the 
F. Nor the ar- 
ying by day, nor 
ilbhldf (talking in 
ark, nor a fall, 
e noon-day devil, 
thoufand (hall fall 
fide, and tenthou- 
n thy right hand : 
(hall not approach 
y. For he hath 
his Angels charge 
bee, to guard thee 
hy ways. V. They 
3ear thee up on 
lands, left at any 
hou hit thy foot 
:aftone. ^.Thou 
tread on the afp 
le bafilifk, thou 
'ample on the lion 
B dragon. ^. Since 
b hoped in me^ I 

E N T. 23 

tu, & refugium meum : 
Deus meus, fperabo in 
eum. y. Quoniam ipfe 
liberavit me de laqueo 
venantium, & a verbo 
afpero. y. Scapulis fuis 
obumbrabit tibi, & fub 
pennis ejus fperabis. 
y. Scuto circumdabit te 
Veritas ejus : Kon time* 
bis a timore nodlurno. 
y A fagitta volante per 
diem, a negotio peram- 
bulante in tencbris, a 
ruina, & daemonic mcri« 
diano. y. Cadent a la- 
tere tuo mille, & decern 
millia a dextris tuis : Ti« 
hi autem non appropin- 
quabit. y. Quoniam 
Angelis fuis mandavit de 
te, ut cuilodiant te in 
omnibus viis tuis. y. In 
manibus portabunt te, 
ne unquam offendas ad 
lapidem pedem tuum. 
y. Super afpidem & ba- 
filifcum ambulabis, & 
conculcabis leonem & 
draconem. y. Quoni- 
am in me fperavit, libe- 
rabo eum ; protegam 
eum, quoniam cognovit 
nomen meum. P. In- 
vocabit me, & ego ex- 
audiam eum : Cum ip- 
fo fum in tribulatione. 
y. Eiipiam eum, & glo- 

24 Firji SUNDAY Mafs. 

will deliver him ; I will rificabo eum : Longitu« 

proted): him, Ance he dine dierum adimplebo 

hath known my name, eum, & ofiendamilliia* 

V, He (hall call upon lutare meum. 

me, and I will hear him : 

I am with him in dif- 

trefs. V. I will refcue 

him, and glorify him: I 

will fill him with length 

of days, and fliew him 

my falvation. 

GOSPEL. Matt. iv. r, rr. 

jjT that time: Jefus was led by the fpirit into the 
'^ defcrt, to be tempted by the Devil. And when 
he had failed forty days and forty nights h€ was af- 
terwards hungry. And the tempter coming, faid 
to hiiQ : If thou be the Son of God, command that 
thefe Aones be made bread. But he anfwered, and 
faid, It is written : Nat by bread alone doth manlive^ 
hut by every word that procecdeth out of the mouth of 
GoJ"^. Then the Devil took him up into the holy 
city, and fet him on a pinnacle of the temple, and 
faid to him : If thou be the Son of God caft thyfelf 
down, for it is written: He hath given his Angels 
charge over thee^ and in their hands Jhall they bear 
thee up^ left perhaps thou dojh thy foot againji ajlone, 
Jefus faid to him: It is agam written: Thou fhalt 
not tempt the Lord thy God. Again the Devil took 
him up into a very high mountain, and fliewed him 
all the kini;doms of the world, and all the glory of . 
them^ and faid to him : All thefe will I give rhec, 
if thou v/ilt fall down and adore me. Then fefus ., 
faith to him : Begone Satan \ for it is written : 
The Lot d thy God Jhalt thou adore., and him only Jhalt . 
thou ferve. Then die Devil left him, and behold 
Angels caine, and miniftied to him. Credo. 

« Expl. Man lives Ly fvery thing elfe that ivas created fbr his 
jQod by the all^owerfui word of God in (he creation of the vwld* 


In LENT. 45 

Lord iball cover Scapulis fuis pbumbra* 
ith his (houldersi bit tibi Dominus^ & fub 
)u (halt hope un- pennis ejus fperabis ; feu* 
wings : bi3 truth to circumdabit te vcritaf 
^mpafs thee with ejus* 

^£ ofier thecy O Lord, io the moft isAtmn 
manner, this (acrifice ^t the beginning of 
mmbly befeeching thee, that as we retrench 
he food of our bodies, we may aifo rcfraia 
11 noxious pleafures. Thro\ 

IL S E C R E T, 

Lacioufly hear tiSf O God our Saviour: ^hat^ 
by virtue of this fi^crament, f bou a^y^it de- 
\ froB) all enemies both of body ;ind foul> giv« 
ce in tbis life^ wd ^ry in the next* 

rod, to whom alone is known the number of 
hy ele£l, who are to be eternally hapf^ above^ 
we befeecb thee, that, by t^e intercei&on of 
' (aints, the names of tbofe we have under- 
to pray for, as like wife of ^1 the faithful^, 
e wrote in the book of life. Thro'. 

Preface of Lent,7?j p, xxii. 

e Lor4 fliall cover Scapulis fiua obum'- 
nth his (boulders, brabit tibi Oominus, & 
ott flialt hope ua- U\> peniiis ejus iperabis: 
I wings : his truth fcuto circumdabit te ve- 
omfdA thee with rius. 

AY the holy oblation, O Lord, pf thy facra- 

ment give us a new life, that, by Jaying afide 
L. U. C 

26 I. S U N D A Y Fe/pers. 

the old man, it may "bring us to the participation of 
this faving myftery. Thro'^ 


MAY the oblation of this divine facrament, we 
befeech thee, O Lord, both cleanfe us, and 
defend us : and, by the interceffion of blefled Mary^ 
the Virgin-mother of God, together with that of 
thy ble&d Apoftles Peter and FauU as likewife of 
blefled George^ and of all the faints, free us from all 
fin> and deliver us from all adverfuy. 


GRant, we befeech thee, O Almighty and mer- 
ciful God, that the facrament we have re- 
ceived may purify us ; and that, by the intercef- 
fion of all thy faints, this fame facrament may not 
increafe our guilt, and draw down punifliment, but 
may obtain for us a faving pardon. May it waih 
away our fins ; may it ftrengthen us in our weak- 
nefs ; may it be a defence againft all the dangers of 
the world ; may it procure a pardon for fin to all the 
faithful both living and dead. Thro'. 

The Little Chapter. Beginning of the Epi- 
stle to #, p. 22. 


O Gracious Lord, in- A Udi, benigne con- 

cline thine cars JljL ditor. 

To th* humble prayers Noftras preces cum flc- 

join'd with tears, tibus 

Which in this facrcd faft In hoc facro jej unio 

of Lent ^ 

Are offer'd by the peni- Fufas quadragenario. 

Searcher of hearts. Scrutator almc cor- 

whofe piercing eyes dium. 

See clearly man's infir- Infirma tu fcis virium : 

/» L E 

To convert fmners grant 
the grace 

Of parcfon, and their 
fins effiice. / 

Our crimes are grie- 
vous to excefs. 

But fpare us, who our 
guile confefs, ' 

And for thy greater praife 

To our ack fouls a re- 
May faving fads ob- 
ferv'd this Lent 

Become the bodies pu- 
ni0>ment : 

That fins may thus un- 
fed remain. 

And fo the heart from 
fin abllain. 
Grant, O moft facred 

Grant, O moft perfefl 

That this our folemn ab- 

May fruitful prove to 
mind and fenfe. 

V. God hath given his 
Angels a charge over 
thee. R. To guard thee 
ifl all thy ways. 

NT. 27 

Ad te reverfis exhibe 

RemifEonis gratiam. 

Multum quidem pec- 
Sed parce confitentibus : 

Ad nominis laUdem tur 

Confer medelam cri- 

Concede noftrum coo* 

Corpus per abftinentiam-: 

Culpae ut relinquant pa-* 

Jejuna Gorda> crimlnum* 

Prxfia, beata Trinl- 

Concede fimplex Uni- 

Ut fruduofa fint tuis 

Jejunioru'm munera. 

V. Angelis fuis Deus 
mandavit de te. R. Ut 
cuftodiant te in omnibus 
viis tuis. 

Antb. Behold now an Ant. Ecce nunc tern - 
xceptable time ; behold pus acceptabile \ ecce 
BOW the day of falvation : nunc dies falutls : in h\» 


ftS I. W E E K. Monday. 

in thefe days therefore let ergo diebus exhibeamioi 

us behave ourfelves like nofmetipfos ficut Dei 

fervants of God, with miniftrot, in multi pati- 

much patience in fafting, entia> in jejuniis, in vigi* 

in watching, and iti an liis, & charitate non 

unfeigned cnarity. fidla. 

PnAYfiR. ColIe£l at Mafs, as ahrue^ p. 21. 


Introit. \ A S the eyes of lervantt are on the 
Pf. 122. 3 x\. hands of their mafters, fo ar6 
our eyes on the Lord our God, until he have mer* 
cy on us : have mercy on us, O Lord, have mer* 
cy on us. Pf. To thee have I lifted up my eyes, 
Ihou that dwelleft in the heavens* V. Glory. 

COLLECT, Convifti not. 

C)nvert us, O God our Saviour, and inftroA 
our minds with thy heavenly doi^ritie; that 
this faft of Lent may be beneficial to us. Thro'* 

LESSON. Ezek. xxxiv. ii, i6. 

CJ^Hus faith the Lord God: Behold, I myfclf will 
^ feck my fiieep and I will vifit them. As the 
Ihepherd goeth to feek his flock in the day, 'when 
he is among his fheep that are fcatjered ; fo will I 
vifit my (beep, and deliverthem outofalitheplaCes, 
where they have been fcattcred in the cloudy and 
dark day. And I will bring them from amidft the 
nations, and gather them from differtnt countries^ 
and bring them into their own land, and feed them 
on the mountains of Ifrael^ along the river fides, ^ 
anil in every inhabited part of the country. In the ' 
ricbeft paftures will I feed them : and on the high 
mountains of Ifra4l (hall their paftures be r there 
jOimJI ibeyreH on the green grafs^ and in the fat paf- 

Mwday^ In L E N T. 29 

tores Ihill they be fed on the mountains of IfraeL I 
mjfelf will feed my fheep, and I will make them lie 
down, faith the iJord God. I will feek what was 
loft, I will bring back what was ftrayed ; I will 
bind up tbt wounds of fuch as were hurt, and 
ftrengtben fuch as were weak ; fuch as are fat and 
ftrong I will keep, and I will feed * them with 
judgment, faith the Lord Almighty* 

Gradual. Pf 83. Caft an eye upon us, O God 
our Protedior, look down upon thy fervants. V. 
O Lord God of armies, hear the prayers of thy 

Tract. Pf 102. Deal not with us, O Lord, 
according to our fins, nor reward us according 
to our iniquities. V. Pf. 78. Remember not, 
O Lord, our paft offences i let thy mercy foon 
overtake us, for we are become exceeding poor. 
V. ^ Help us, O God our Saviour, and for the glo- 
ry of thy name, O Lord, deliver us, and for the 
&ke of thy own name pardon us our fins. 

G 9 S P E L. Matt. XXV. 3P. 
AT that time: ]c(us/aidto his difcipies : When 
^^ the Son of Man ihall come in his majefly, and 
all the Angels with him, then (hall he fit on 
the throne of his glory : and all nations fhall be 
gathered together before him, and he fhall fepa- 
late them one from another, as a fhepherd fepa* 
rateth the fheep from the, goats : and he (hail 
place the (heep on his right hand, and the goats 
on his left. Then fhall- the King fay to them oa 
his right hiind: Come you bleffed of my Father, 
take poilefEoa of the kingdom prepared for you 
from the creation of the world : for I was hungry, 
and you gave me to eat ; I was thirfty, and you 
gave me to drink ; I was a flranger, and you en- 
tcrCained me; naked, and you clothed me ; fick^ 

» Expl I wil/govfrM fb^a wi/ijuflia, b Uere all'knetl ddwn\ 

30 I. W E E K Mtnd^. 

and yoy vifited me ; I was in prifon, and you came 
to fu me. Then fliall the righteous anfwer him, 
faying : Lord^ when did vre fee thee hungry, and 
fed thee ? Or thirfty, and gave thee drink I And 
when did we fee thee a Ilranger, and entertained 
thee ? Or naited, and clothed thee i Or when did 
we fee thee fick or in prifon, and vifited thee i And 
the King (hall anfwer, and fay to them : j/mvh, I 
fay to you, inafmuch as you have done it to one 
of the leaft of thefe my brethren, you have done k 
to me. Then he (hall fay to them alfo on his teft 
hand : Depart from me, you curfed, into everlafting 
fire, which was prepared for the Devil and his An- 
gels : for I was hungry, and you gave me not to 
eat ; I was thirfty , and ye gave not to drink \ I was 
a ftranger, and you entertained me not^naked^ 
and you clothed me not ; I was fick and in prifoUf 
and you vifited me not. Then fhall tjhey alfo an- 
fwer him, faying : Lord, when did we foe thee hun- 
gry, or thirfty, or a ftianger, or naked, or fick, or 
in prifon, and did not affift thee ? Then he fhall 
anfwer them, faying : Jmen^ I fay to you, inaf- 
much as you did it not to one of the leaft of thefe, 
you did it not to me. And thefe (hall go intoever- 
afting punilhment *, but the righteous into ever- - 
lafting life. 

Offertory. Pf, Ii8. I will lift up my eyes,' 
and confider thy wonders, O Lord, that thou f 
tnay'ft teach me thy law : give me underftanding, 
and I will learn thy commandments. 


SAnflify, O Lord, the offerings we have made, 
and cleanfe us from the ftains of our fins. 

Communion. Matt, 25. Jlmen^ I fay to ^ou : 
What you have done to one of the Icaft of mine, 
you have done to me : come you bleflfed of my Fa- 
ther, take pofleflion of the kingdom prepared for 
}^ou from the beginning of the Y?oild« 


rmfiti. li 1. E N T, 31 


BEing fiUtd, O Lord) by the participation of 
thy faying myfteries, we humbly befeech thee, 
chat as we rgoice in the tafte thereof, we may be 
renewed by their efie£te, Tbro\ 

7^^ Prayer over the people. 
Let us pray. Bow down your heads to God. 

PRAYia. Ahfelve. 

LOoien, O Lord, we befeech thee, the bonds 
of our fins : and tnercifidly turn away from 
us, whatever we deferve for them. Thro\ 

The Commemoration at Vespers. 
JInth. What you have Ant. Quod uni ex mi- 
done to one of the lead nimis meis feciftis, mihi 
of mine, vou have done feciftis, didt Dominus. 
to me, faith the Lord. 
V. and R. as above, p. 27. Prayer. Abfolve, 


Iktroit. |rXlHou, O Lord, haft been our re- 
/yi 89. 1 X f"S^ horn generation to gene- 
ration: thou art from all eternity, and wilt be 
throughout all ages. Pf. Before the mountains 
were made, and before the globe of the earth was 
formed, thou art God from all eternity and through- 
out all ages. V, Glory. 

COLLECT. Refpice. 

LOOK down, O Lord, on thy children, and 
grant that, while we chaftife ourfelves by 
mprtifying the fleih, our minds may be inflamed 
with the love and defire of thee. Thro'. 

LESSON. Ifaias\v, 6, 11. 
Tti thofe days : Ifaias ih^ Prophet fpake, f<iying t 
•* Seek the Lord, while he ma/ be found \ c^V. 

32 I. WEE K. TuiJJ^. 

on him while he is near. Let the wicked man for- 
fake his way, and the unjuft man his defigns, aiid 
let him return to the Lord, and he will have 
mercy on him ; and to our God, for he is full 
of mercy to forgive : for my thoughts are not 
your thoughts, nor your ways my ways, faith 
the Lord. Forafmuch as the heavens are above 
the earth, fo are my ways from your ways, and my 
thoughts from your thoughts. And as the rain and 
the mow fall down from heaven, and return thi- 
ther no more, but foak the earth, and water it, 
and make it bring forth, and afford feed to the 
fower, and bread to him that eateth : fo ihali my 
word be, that fhall go out of my mouth : it ihail 
not return to me empty; but it fhall accomplifh 
whatfoever I pleafe, and it (hall profper in thofe - 
things, for which I fent it, faith the Lord Almighty. 
Gradual. Pfi/^o. Let my prayer afccnd like 
incenfe in thy fight, O Lord. K. And let the liftfng 
up my hands be to thee like the evening facrifice. 

GOSPEL. Matt. xxi. lo, 17. 

jjT that time : When Je/us was come into jfe^ 

'^ rufalem^ all the city was in an uproar, faying : 

Who is this ? And the people faid : This is yefus 

the Prophet from Nazareth in Gairlee. And jefus 

went into the temple of God, and caft out all that 

fold and bought in the temple ; and he overthrew 

the bankers tables, and the feats of thofe that fold 

doves ; faying to them : It is written : My houfe 

Jhall he called the houfe of prayer ^ hut you have made 

it a den of thieves* And the blind and the lame 

came to him in the temple r and be healed thenn* 

And when the chief pricfts and fcribes faw the 

wonderful things he did, and the children crying 

out in the temple, and faying: Hofanna to the fon 

of David: they were moved with indignation, and 

faid to him : Doft thou hear what thefe fay \ And 

yejm feid to them, Yes. Have you never read':: 

Ou/a/' fb^ mouths of bahet fl»d/wi;tlings tbou ba^ 

Tutfiof. ik L E N T. 33 

irmom f^rftH praifif And leaving cheat i be went 
#HCof Cbe cicy into Betbania^ and remained tbeiv* 
Offbhtcry. Pf. 30. Iki thee, O Lord, have I 
hoped : I have fatd : Thoy art my God^ my life is 
in thy bands. 


BE appeafed, O Lord, with the offerings we 
have made, and defend us from all danger. 

Coif MUNIOM. Pf. 4« When I called on thee, 
Acq dtdft hear me^ O my juft God : thou didft 
«fift me in tribulation : have mercy on me, O God, 
and gracioufly hear my prayer. 


WE befeech thee, O Almighty God, that 
we may one day receive the eiFc£b of that 
iaivation, of which we have received the pledge in 
tbefe nyfteriestf Thro\ 
Let us pray. Bow dowh your heads to God. 

Paavsr. Afeendant. 
'AY our prayers, O Lord, aicend to thee, 
and deliver thy Church from all wickednefs. 

7*# Commemoration at Vespers. 
Anfb* For it is wtitten. Ant. Scriptum eft 

thatmyhoufeisthehoufe enim, quia domus mea 
of prayer for all nations : domus orationis eft Cunc** 
bat you bate made it a tis gentibus : vos autem 
den of thieves. And he feciftis illam fpeluncam 
taught every day in the latronum. £t erat quo<^ 
temple. tide docens in templo. 

yf.andK. as p. 47. Prayer. Afcendant. 


I1VTR01T.T3 Emember, O Lord, the many in* 
Pf. 24,. j^ Aaaces of thy compaiSon a nd net* 

34 L W E E K. Embir^WiA 

cj from the beginning. ^ Let not our enemies evd 
rule over us : deliver us, O God of Ifrael^ from all 
ourdiftrefs. Pf. To thee, O Lord, have I raifcd 
up my foul, let me not be put to fhame. V, Glory, 

Immediatily afterihe YLyxit eleifon, isfaidi 

Let us pray. 

Let us kneel down. Fle6lamus genua. Ra 
R. Stand up again. Levate. 

I. COLLECT. Preces noftras. 

MErcifully hear our prayers, O Lord, we be- 
feech thee, and ftretch forth the right hand 
of thy power againfl vi^x'y thing that oppofeth us. 

I. LESSON. Exod. xxiv. y 2, 18^. 
Tti ihofe days : The Lord faid to Mcfes : Come 
-^ up to me on the mountain, and ftay there : and 
I will give thee tables of ilone, and the law and the 
commandments, which I have written, that thou 
mayeft teach them the children of J/rael, - Then 
Alo/es rofe up and Jofue his mtnifier. And Mo/a 

Soing up to the mountain of God, faid to the el- 
ers : Stay here, till we return to you. You have 
with you Jarcn and Hur : if any debate ihall arife, 
you fhall refer it to them. And when Mofes was 
gone up, a cloud covered the mount, and the glory 
of the Lord abode on Sinaii covering it with a cloud 
for fix days : and on the feventh day he called 
Mof/fs out of the midft of the cloud. And the ap- 
pearance of the glory of the Lord was as it were 
fire burning on the top of the mount, in the (ight 
of the children of IfraeL And Mofes going into 
the midd of the cloud, went up into the mount, and 
was there forty days and forty nights. 

Gradual. Pf, xxiv. The diftrefs of my foul 
is increafed : deliver me, O Lord from the evils 
that furiound me. F. See, O Lord, to what I am 
reduced. See what I fuiFer, and forgive me all my 

Emkr-Wid. In LEN T. 35 

IL COLLECT, Dtvotionem. 

WE befeech thee, O Lord, mercifully to re- 
gard the devotion of thy people ; that 
mortifying their bodies by faftings, their minds may 
be refrefhed by good works. Thro'. 

n. LESSON. 2 Kings X. 2, S. 
TN thfi/e days : Elias came into Berfabee of Juda^ 
* and left his fervant there ; but be went forward 
1 day's journey into the wildernefs. And being 
come thither, he fat under a Juniper- tree, and made 
it his requeft that he might die, faying : It is enough 
fcr me*, O Lord, take my life, for I am not bet- 
ter than my fathers. And he caft himfelf down, 
and fell afleep in the (bade of the Juniper : when 
behold an Angel of the Lord touched him, and faid 
to bim : Arife, and eat. He looked, and behold at 
his head there was a cake baked in the embers, and 
a pot of water : and he eat and drank, and again 
hid himfelf down to fleep. And the Angel of the 
Lord came again the fecond time, and touched him, 
faying : Arife, and eat, for thou haft yet a long 
journey to go* And he arofe, and eat and drank, 
and travelled by the ftrength of that food forty days 
and forty nights, as far as Honb the mountain of 

Tract. Pf. 24. Deliver me from my necef- 
fities, O Lord ; fee my diftrefs and afflidion, and 
brgive me all my fins. V, To thee, O Lord, 
kave I lifted up my foul : in thee, O my God, do 
I pot my truft, let me not be put to fhame. Nei- 
ther let my enemies fcofFat me. F. For none that 
tnift in thee ihall ever be confounded : let thofe be 
confounded, who do what is vain. 

GOSPEL. Matt. xii. 38. 
Tthat time : Some of the Scribes and Pharifeei 
fpoke to ^ejus^ faying : Mafter, we would fee 

BxpL I/^ave //vedUng emugb^ 

34 L W E E K. EmbiT^fFiJk 

cj from the beginning. ^ Let not our enemies ever 
rule over us : deliver us, O God of Ifrael^ from all 
ourdiftrefs. P/I To thee, O Lord, have I raifed «. 
up my foul, let me not be put to fhame. V. Glory* 

Immediately after the Ky tie eleifon^ is faid : 

Let us pray. 

Let us kneel down. Fle6lamus genua. R. 
R. Stand up again. Levate. 

I. COLLECT. Preces noftras. 

MErcifuUy hear our prayers, O Lord, we be- 
feech thee, and ftretch forth the right hao^ ' 
of thy power againfl vitxy thing that oppofeth us» 

• I. LESSON. Exod. xxiv. f2, iff. 
JtJ thofe days : The Lord faid to Mofes : Come 
-^ up to me on the mountain, and ftay there : and 
I will give thee tables of ilone, and the law and the 
commandments, which I have written, that thou 
mayeft teach them the children of IfraeL Then 
Mofes rofe up and Jofue his minifter. And Mofes 

Soing up to the mountain of God, faid to the el* 
ers : Stay here, till we return to you. You have . 
with you Aaron and Hut : if any debate (hall arife^ 
you fhall refer it to them. And when Mofes was 
gone up, a cloud covered the mount, and the glory 
of the Lord abode on Sinaiy covering it with a cloud 
for fix days : and on the feventh day he called 
Mofes out of the midft of the cloud. And the ap- 
pearance of the glory of the Lord was as it were^ 
fire burning on the top of the mount, in the fight 
of the children of IfraeL And Mofes going inta 
the midd of the cloud, went up into the mount) and 
was there forty days and forty nights. 

Gradual. Pf xxiv. The diftrefs of my foul 
is increafed : deliver me, O Lord from the evils 
that furxound me. V. See, O Lord, to what I am 
reduced. See what I fuiFer, and forgive me all mjr 

Emkr-md. In LEN T. 35 

II. COLLECT, D€votionem. 

W£ befeech thee, O Lord, mercifully to re« 
gard the devotion of thy people ; that 
mortifying their bodies by faftings, their minds may 
be refreiMd by good works. Thro\ 

n. LESSON, 3 A:/«^x X. 3, 8. 
JN thofe days : Elias came into Berfabee of Juda^ 
* and kft his fervant there ; but he went forward 
1 day's journey into the wildernefs. And being 
come thither, he fat under a Juniper- tree, and made 
it his requeft that he might die, faying : It is enough 
far meS O Lord, take my life, for I am not bet- 
ter than my fathers. And he caft himfelf down» 
and fell afleep in the (bade of the Juniper : when 
behold an Angel of the Lord touched him, and faid 
to him : Arife, and eat. He looked, and behold at 
bis head there was a cake baked in the embers, and 
a pot of water : and he eat and drank, and again 
hid himfelf down to fleep. And the Angel of the 
Lord came again the fecond time, and touched him, 
bpng : Arife, and eat, for thou haft yet a long 
journey to go* And he arofe, and eat and drank, 
and travelled by the ftrength of that food forty days 
and forty nights, as far as Horeb the mountain of 

Tract. Pf. 24, Deliver me from my necef- 
fities, O Lord ; fee my diftrefs and afflidion, and 
farpve me all my fins. V. To thee, O Lord, 
kave I lifted up my foul : in thee, O my God, do 
I pat my truft, let me not be put to fhame. Nei- 
ther let my enemies fcofFat me. F. For none that 
tnift in thee ihall ever be confounded : let thofe be 
confounded, who do what is vain. 

GOSPEL. Matt. xii. 38. 
r that time : Some of the Scribes and Phanjies 
fpoke to J^ftSy faying : Mafter, we would fee 

£xfl fj^sve //vediong tnougb^ 

3? I. W E E K ' Thurfday 

COLLECT, DevotMeih. 

WE befecch thee, O Lord, mercifully t6 re- 
gard the devotion of Chy people ; that 
mortifying their bodlM By fading, their mlnd^ maj 
be refre&ed by good Works. Thro'. 

LESSON. Ezekiil xviii. i, 9. 

/'N thofe days: The Word of the Lord came tc 
me, faying : Why do you make ufe of this pa- 
rable, and turn it into a proverb in Ifrail^ faying : 
Our fathers have eat four grapes, and the teeth o( 
their childteh are fet on edge ? As I live, faiih tKc 
Lord God, this parable fhall be no longer a pro- 
verb amongft you in IfraeL Behold all fouls are 
Aiihe : as the foul of the father, fo alfo the foul oi 
the fon is mine : the foul that finneth, the fanie fhall 
die.. But if a man be righteous, and do judgment dnd 
juftice ; and hath not eat on the mountains *, nor 
lifted up his eyes t6 the idols of the houfe of lfrael\ 
nor defiled his neighbour's wife ; nor approached a 
itienftruous woman; nor made any man forrowful; 
but hath reftored the debtor his pledge ; hath taken 
nothing away by force ; hath given his bread to 
the hungry, and covered the naked with a gar- 
ment ; hath not lent his money to ufury, nor re- 
ceived any thing more than be lent ; hath with- 
drawn his hand from iniquity, and given true judg^ 
ment between man and man ; hath walked in my 
precepts, and obferved my ordinances to perform 
the truth : this man is righteous, and he ffaall cer- 
tainly live, faith the Lord i/Z/w/^A/y. 

Gradual. P/*. 16. Preferve me, O Lord, as the 
apple of thine eye : t)roted iiie tinder the (hadow 
of thy wings. V* Let me be tried in thy prefence : 
let thy eyes fee juftice dorte. 

GOSPEL. Matt, xv. 21, 28. 
^T that time : Jefus going thence, went to- 
•^ wards Tyre and Siden. And behold a wotnaii 

• ExpJf Hubert ficrifct vfat offend to idoJu 

Thurfdaj. In LENT, 39 

fA Canaan coming from thofe parts, cried out, fay- 
ing to him : Have mercy on me, O Lord, O Son 
Qi David : my daughter is grievoufly tormented by 
the Devil. But he anfwered her not a word. And 
hisdifciples came and entreated him, faying : Send 
her away, for (he crieth out after us. But he an- 
iwering, fatd : I was fent only to the loft fheep of 
the houfe of IfraeL But fhe came up to him, and 
adored him, faying : Lord, help me. Who an- 
fwering, faid : It is not fit to take the childrens 
bread, and caft it to the dogs. And {he faid : It is 
true. Lord : but the dogs alfo eat the fcraps which 
fall from their matter's table. Then Jefus anfwer- 
ing, faid to her : O woman, great is thy faith : be 
it done to thee according as thou defireft. And her 
jdaughter was healed at that very hour.. 

Offbrtory. Pf. 30. The ;^ngel of the Lord 
will guard on every fide thofe that fear him, and he 
will deliver them : tafte and fee how fweet is the 


WE befeech thee, O Lord, that the offerings 
which accompany this wholefome faft^ 
Jnay' through thy mercy fave us. Thro'. 

Communion. John 6, The bread, which I will 
give, h my flelh for the }ife of the v^orld. 

PQSTCOMM.UNJ.ON. Tuorumnos. 

BY the free grant of thcffe thy gifts, O Lord, 
augment our temporal, and renew our eter- 
nal helps. Thro'. 
Let us pray. Bow down your heads to God. 

Pp.AYER. Da^ quafumus, 

GRp.ptjO Lord, we befeech thee, that all Chri- 
ftian people may acjcnowledgc what they 
prqlefs, and love the heavqnly .myllerj, they fo 
often approach. Thro*. 

D z 

'40 I. W E E K Emher-FriJaj 

Commemoration at Vespers. 

Jnth. O woman, great jfnt, O mulier, magni 
is thy faith : be it done eft fides tua : fiat tibi 
to thee, as thou haft de- ficut petifti. 
fired. I 

V. and R. as p, 27. Prayer. Da^ quafumus 



M ASS.. 
Introit. 7 X^EIiver me from my neceffitics, C 
Pf, xxiv. ) 1 V Lord ; fee my diftrefs and af 
flidlion, forgive me all my fins. Pf. To thee hav< 
I raifed up my foul, O Lord : O my God, in the< 
I truft, let me not be put to (hame. V. Glory. 

COLLECT. EJo^ Domini. 

BE propitious, O Lord, to thy people, and mer 
cifully flrengthen them by thy aid, whom thoi 
filleft wiih devotion to thee. Thro*. 

LESSON. Ezekiel xviii. 20, 28. 
CT^Hus faith the Lord God : The foul that finnetl 
-^ the fame (hall die : the fon fliall not bear th< 
iniquity of the father, nor the father the iniquity o 
the fon. The righteoufnefs of the righteous mai 
ihall be upon himfelf ', and the wickednefs of thi 
wicked man upon himfelf. But if the wicked mai 
Ihall repent of all the fins he hath committed, an( 
obfcrve all my precepts, and do judgment and righ 
teoufnefs, he (hall certainly live, and not die. All th< 
wickednefs he hath wrought, I will not remember 
by the righteoufnefs he hath done, (hall he live. I 
it my will that the finner (hould die, faith the Lon 
God ? Is it not rather that he be converted fron 
his ways and live i But if the righteous man (hal 

» Expl. 7berfgbteottS manfiall he rewarded fir bit rigbtioufneji 
0/idfSg uifked 9ian punijhtdfw hh wicl^cdnefs. 

Eatir-Friday. In L E ;N T. 41 

turn 9way from his righteoufnefs, and commit ini- 
quitf according to al] the abominations commonly 
pn&ifed by the wicked, (hall he live ? Ail the 
righteoufnefs he hath done, {hall be forgot : in the 
tranfgreffion he hath fallen into, and in the iin he 
.bath committed, ihall he die. But you have (aid : 
Tbc way of the Lord is not jujft. Hearken there- 
foe, O houfe of Ifrael : Is it my way that is npt 
juft; or, are they not rather jour ways that are 
.wicked ? For, when the righteous man {hall depart 
from his righteoufnefs, and work iniquity, in it^ajl 
bedie: in the unrighteoufiiels he.hadi wrought, (hall 
ht die. And when the wicked man (hall forfake the 
joiquity he hath committed, and do judgment and 
ifighteoufnefs, he (hall reftore life to his foul. For 
when he reilecketh, and departeth from all the ini- 
quities he had committed, he (hall certainly live, 
and not die, faith thg Lord Almighty. 

Gradual. Pf. 85. Save, O Lord, thy fervant, 
who hopeth in thee, f^. Give ear, O Lord, to my 

Tract. Deal not with us, as above^ p, 29. 

G O S.P E L. John y. i, 15. 
jT that time : There was a feftival of the Jews^ 
'^ and y^fus went, up to yerufalem. Now there 
is at JtrufaUm by the Sheep-gate a pool, called in 
tbe Hebrew tongue, Bethfaida^ that h:;ith five 
porches. In thefe lay great numbers of fick, pf 
blind, lame^ and withered, waiting for the moving 
of the water. For an Angel of the Lord at a cer- 
tain time defcended into this pool, and the water 
was put in motion. And he who firft went in, af- 
ter the water was put in motion, was healed of his 
infirmity, whatfoever it was. Now there was a 
man there, who had been eight and thirty years un- 
der his infirmity. Whom when ^ejui faw 1'. ing, 
arid knew he had been a long time ill, he faith to 

42 I. W E E K. Ember^FriJaf. 

him : Wouldft thou be made whole ? The fick man 
anfwered him : Lord I have no one to put me into 
the pool, when the water is put in motion : fo that 
while I am coming, another fteppeth in before me. 
Jefus faith to him : Rife, take up thy bed, and 
walk. And forthwith the man was made whole, 
and took up his bed and walked. And that day 
was the Sabbath, The Jews therefore faid to him 
that was cured: It is the Sabbath-day \ it is not 
therefore lawful iSt thee to carry thy bed. He an- 
swered them : He, who healed me, faid to me : 
Take up thy bed and walk. Then they aflced him : 
Who is that man, that faid to thee : Take up thy 
bed and walk ? But he that was healed knew not 
who it was< for Jefus had withdrawn himfelf from 
the crowd that was (landing in the place. Af- 
terwards Jefus found him in the temple, and faid 
to him : Behold thou wtx, made whole ; fin now no 
more, Icfl: fomething worfe befall thee. The man 
went away and told the Jews^ that it was Jefus^ 
who had made him whole. 

Offertory. Pf. 102. Blefs the Lord, O my 
foul, and forget not what he hath done for thee: 
and thou fbalt grow young like an eagle. 

S E G R ftrT. 

REceive, O Lord, we befeech thee, the offer- 
ings of cur homage, and mercifully fandlify 
thy own gifts. Thro'. 

Communion. Pf. 6. Let all my enemies be put 
to ihame, ^nd be difmayed : let them be put to 
flight and (hame very fpeedily. 


MAY the efficacy of this facrament, O Lord, 
cleanfe us from our fms, and obtain for us 
the accomplifliment ©f our juft defires. Thro*. 

Let us pray. Bow down 70UT \v^^^^ \q God. 

Emher-Saturdaj. In L E N T. 43 

Prayer. Exaudi nos, 

GRacioufly hear us, O merciful God, and ma- 
nifcft the light of thy grace to our fouls. 


Commemoration at Vespers, 

jtnth. He that healed jfnt. Qui me fanum 
me, commanded me, fectt, ille mihi praecepit : 
yi;fif^:Takeupthybed, Tolle grabatum tuum, 
aod walk in peace. & ambula in pace. 

V. and R. as p, 27. PRAiriit. Exaudi nos. 


Introit. 7 T ET my prayer come before thee, 
P/lxxxvii.S ly O Lord ; give ear, O Lord, to 
my petition. P/.O Lord (3fed, my Saviour, to thee 
have 1 cried out night and day. F. Glory. 

Immediately after the Kyrie eleifon is f aid: 

Let us pray. 
Let us kneel down. Ficftamus genua. R. 
R, Stand up again. Levate. 

L C O L U£ C T. Populum tuum. 

MErcifully, O Lord, look down on thy people, 
and in thy clemency turn away from them 
the fcourges of thy wrath. Thro*. 

L LESSON. Deut. xxvi. 13. 

IN thofe days Mofes [pate to the people .^ faying : 
•* men thou hafl fully paid the tithes of all thy 
fruity thou Jhalt thus fpeak in the prefence of the 
Lord thy God. . I have removed out of my houfc 
whatever was confecrated to thee^ and I have given 
it to the Levite and to the ftrangcr, and to the or- 
phan and the widow, as thou commandedft me *, 
neither havcl tranfgreffid thy precepts, noi ioi- 

34 I. W E E K. Emier^fFiii 

cy from the beginning, v Let not our enemies ever 
rule over us : deliver us, O God of I/raely from all 
ourdiftrefs. Pf, To thee, O Lord, have I raifed 
up my foul, let me not be put to fhame. F. Glory. 

Immediately after the Kyrie ele'ifon, is /aid : 

Let us pray. 

Let us kneel down. Fledlamus genua. R, 
R. Stand up again. Levate. 

I. COLLECT. Preces noflras. 

MErcifuUy hear our prayers, O Lord, we be- 
feech thee, and ftretch forth the right banct 
of thy power againft every thing that oppofeth us* 

I. LESSON. Exod. xxiv. 12, 18*. 
TN thofe days : The Lord faid to Mofes : Come 
-^ up to me on the mountain, and ftay there : and 
I will give thee tables of ftone, and the law and the 
commandments, which I have written, that thou 
mayeft teach them the children of IfraeL Then 
Mofes rofe up and Jofue his minifter. And Mofes 

Soing up to the mountain of God, faid to the el* 
ers : Stay here, till we return to you. You have 
with you Aaron and Hut : if any debate (hall arife^ 
you fliall refer it to them. And when Mofes was 
gone up, a cloud covered the mount, and the glory 
of the Lord abode on Sinaiy covering it with a cloud 
for fix days : and on the feventh day he called 
Mofes out of the midft of the cloud. And the ap- 
pearance of the glory of the Lord was as it were 
fire burning on the top of the mount, in the fight 
of the children of IfraeL And Mofes going into 
the midft of the cloud, went up into the mount, and 
was there forty days and forty nights. 

Gradual. Pf xxiv. The diftrefs of my foul 
is increafed : deliver me, O Lord from the evils 
that furround me. V. See, O Lord, to what I am 
reduced. See what I fuffer, and forgive me all mf 

Emkr-md. In hEN T. 35 

IL COLLECT. Dtvotionem. 

W£ befeech tbee, O Lord, mercifully to re* 
gard the devotion of thy people ; that 
mortifying their bodies by fadings, their minds may 
be rt&eflMd by good works. Thro'. 

n. L E S SO N. 3 Kings x. 3, 8. 
JN thofe days : Elias came into Berfabee of Juda^ 
' and left his fervant there ; but he went forward 
a day's journey into the wildernefs. And being 
come thither, he fat under a Juniper- tree, and made 
it his requeft that he might die, faying : It is enough 
fi3r me*9 O Lord, take my life, for I am not bet- 
ter than my fathers. And he caft himfelf down, 
and fell afleep in the (hade of the Juniper : when 
behold an Angel of the Lord touched him, and faid 
to him : Arife, and eat. He looked, and behold at 
his head there was a cake baked in the embers, and 
a pot of water : and he eat and drank, and again 
hid himielf down to fleep. And the Angel of the 
Lord came again the fecond time, and touched him, 
fikjing : Arife, and eat, for thou haft yet a long 
journey to go* And he arofe, and eat and drank, 
and travelled by the ftrength of that food forty days 
and forty nights, as far as Horeb the mountain of 

Tract. Pf. 24. Deliver me from my necef- 
fities, O Lord \ fee my diftrefs and afflidion, and 
brgive me all my fins. V. To thee, O Lord, 
have I lifted up my foul : in thee, O my God, do 
I pat my truft, let me not be put to fhame. Nei- 
ther let my enemies fcofFat me. V. For none that 
tnift in thee {hall ever be confounded : let thofe be 
confounded, who do what is vain. 

GOSPEL. Matt.xn. 38. 
Tthat time : Some of the Scribes and Pharifeei 
fpoke to Jijus^ faying : Mafter, we would fee 

BxpL I/^ave //vfJUng en9ttgb^ 

46 I. W E E K Embjer-Saturiff. 

Let ,us pray. Let us kneel dowi). R. Stand u| 

IV. COLLECT. Precis. 

MErcifuIly hear, we befeech thee, O Lord, tbc 
prayers of thy people : that we, who are 
jutt4y afflldled for our fins, may mercifully bt ddi* 
ycred for the glory of thy name. Thro . 

IV. LESSON. Ecclus. xxxvi. i, lo. 

OGod, of all, have mercy on us, and.iook up- 
on us, and ihew us the light of thy mercies: 
9n«) fend .thy terror on the nations, who have nd 
fought after thee, that they may know there is ik 
Qod befidfS^ ^b.^, and that thjey may publifli .th] 
wonders. Lift up thy hand over the foreign natiQiil 
that they may fee thy power. For fis in their figh 
thou haft been iandified ** in us ; fo In o^r figb 
ihalt thou be magnified in them,thattbey mayknoi 
thee, even as we have knowjp, that there isnoXxot^ 
befides thee, O Lord. Renew thy prodigies, ai^ 
change thy wonders^ glorify thy hand, and (by rigti 
arm. Exert thy fury, and pour forth wrath. De 
ftrpy the adversary, and cruih the enemy. Hafte 
the time, and remember the end, that they vfli 
publifh thy wonders, O Lord our God. 

Gradual. P/. 140. Let my prayer a(cen 
like iocenfe in thy fight, O Lord. F. And let tl: 
lifting up my hands be to thee like the evenin 

Let us pray. Let us kneel down. R. Stand u 

V. COLLECT. ASfiofies noftras. 
TTjRevent, we befeech thee, O Lord, our aSior 
JL by thy holy infpirations, and carry them on-b 
'thy gracious affiftance; that every prayer and wor 

^ Expl. At tbou hafi Ut them ,fee that tbou art our Holy One» • 
Cod: fo fiall we Ja the effta% of thy might U the pmfimWi < 

Ember- Saturday. /» L E N T. 47 

of ours may always begin fiom thcc, and by thee 
be happily ended. 

V. LESSON. Dan. iii. 49. 

/iV thc/e Jays : The Angel of the Lord went 
down with Jzarias and his companions into the 
furnace, and he drove the flame of fire from out of 
the furnace, and he made the midfi of the furnace, 
as a breeze of wind, with dew ^. But the flame 
fpread all above the furnace, nine and forty cubits : 
and it broke forth and burnt thofe of the Chatdus^ 
the fervants of the king, whom it found near the 
furnace, who kindled it : and the fire touched not 
Azarias and his companions \ it troubled them not^ 
neither did it do them any harm. Then thofe 
three, as with one mouth, pratfed, glorified, and 
blefled God in the furnace, faying : 


BLefled art thou, O Lord, the God of our fore- 
fathers : and worthy of praife and glory for 
\ ever. 

And bleflfed is the name of thy glory, which is 
^ holy ^ : and worthy of praife and glory for ever. 
*\ Blefled art thou in the holy temple of thy glory : 
^'. and worthy of praife and glory for ever. 

• Blefled art thou upon the facred throne of thy 
^A ^^^%^^^ • ^"^ worthy of praife and glory for ever, 
t^i Blefled art thou leaning on the fcepter of thy di- 
liiirl vinity : and worthy of praife and glory for ever. 
J Blcfllcd art thou, who fitted on the Cherubim^ 
beholding the deep : and worthy of praife and glory 
for ever. 

Blefled art thou, who walked on the wings of 
the winds, and on the waves of the fca : and wor- 
thy of praife and glory for ever. 

May all the angels and thy holy ones blefs thee : 
may they praife and glorify thee for ever. 

« Expl. The evtnifii breezf, wbm tbe dcvffalU. d Or, WhiCk 





' V 


48 I. W E E K Ember'Saturiaj. 

May the heavens, earth, Tea, and all therein ble& 
thee : may they praife and glorify thee for ever. 

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to 
the Holy Ghoft : who is worthy of praife and g^* 
ry for ever. 

As it was in the beginning, now is, and ^ver* 
more (hall be, world without end. Amen. Who 
is worthy of praife and glory for ever. 

BleiTed art thou, O Lord, the God of our fore* 
fathers : and worthy of praife and glory for ever. 

Tract. Pf. 1 16. Praife the Lord all you Gn- 
tiles : praife him all nations. /^. For hts mercy ii 
confirmed upon us; and the truth of the Lorl 
abideth for ever. 

Gospel. Matt. 17, as Sunday next^ p. 50. 

Offertory. Pf. 87. O Lord God, my Savi- 
our, to thee have 1 cried out by day and by night: 
let my prayer come to thee, O Lord. 


SAnSify, O Lord, we befeech thee, our faftbj 
his holy facrifice, that what we outwardl] 
profefs by the obfervance of this faft, may be in- 
wardly efFeded in us. Thro*. 

Communion. Pf, 7. In thee, O Lord my God 
have I put my truft, deliver me from all my per 
fecutors, and refcue me. 

POSTCOMMUNION. SanSiificationibus. 

MAY this holy facrifice, O Lord, cure us ( 
all our fins, and become an eternal rem( 
dy to us. Thro'. 

Let us pray. Bow down your heads to God. 

Prayer. Fideles iuos, 

MAY thy much-defired blefSng, O God, gi^ 
ftrength to thy people, and hinder them fro 
ever fwerving from thy will, and make them a 
ways enjoy thy bleffings. Thro*. 

Commemoration at Vespers, as in the Ve 
PERs 0/ to-morrow. Prayer. ColkH o/to-morroi'i 

/« L E N T. 49 


If A S S. Introit. Pf. xxitr. 
ember, O Lord, TJ^ Eminircere Aitfera-* 
many inftances* Jtv ^t^^t^m tuarum, 
rompaffion and Domine, ftmifericordisef 
om the begin'' tux, quae i, fxcolo funt. 
et not our ene- Ne unquam dominentur 
r rule over us : nobis tnimici noftri : li- 
s, OGodof//^ bera nos, Dens Ifraeli 
1 all our diftreis, ex omnibus anguftlis 
thee, O Lord, noftris. Pf. Ad te. Do- 
fed up my fool : mine, levavi animam 
I tnift, O my meam \ Deus meus in 
\ me not be put te confido, non erubef- 
I- V* Glory." cam. V. Gloria. 

> L L £ C T. Diut^ qui canfpicism 
xl, who feed how defiitute we are of all 
ength, preferve us both within and with-> 
; our bodies may be firee from all adverfity^ 
buls purified from all evil thoughts. ThroV 

PISTLE. iThiJf.W. 1,7, 
"in : Wc irqueft and befeech you by our 
d yifus^ that having learned from us hovr 
ht to walk- in order to pleafe God, you 
'alk fo as to advance more and more. # 
know what precepts I gave you in the name 
3rd Jifus. For this is the will of God, that 
holy ; that you refrain from fornication ; 

every one dl you know how to keep his 
^ith holinefs and refped, and not be hur- 
y with lufty asthe heathens are, who know 
. Let no one over-reach or deceive his 
n bis dealings ; for the Lord is the reven- 
I thefe things, as we have declared to you, 
ed you before. For God did not call us to 
UI9 but to be holy, in Cbriji Jifus our Lord. 

Expl, Hii hodjt Vfbicb h the ve/Tel of bis foiU^ 
Ur £ 


so IL S U 


The diftrefs of my 
foul is increafed : deliver 
me, O Lord, from the 
evils that furround me*. 
y. See, O Lord, to what 
I am reduced z fee virhat 
I fufier, and forgive me 
all my fms, 

T R A C 

Praife the Lord, for 
be is good ; and his mer- 
cies abide for ever. F. 
Who will relate the won- 
derful works of the Lord : 
who will publifh all his 
praifes? F. Happy are 
they who ohkrvc his law, 
and at all times do that 
which is juft. F. Re- 
member us, O Lord, 
according to the good 
will thou beareft thy 
people: vifit us and fave 

GOSPEL. Matt. xvii. i, 9. 

jfT that time: Jejus took Piter ^ and Jame: 
"^ and John his Brother, and led them up ir 
to a high mountain apart : and he was transfigure 
before them. And his face became bright as ik 
fun, and his garment white as fnow. And ht 
hold there appeared to them 'Mo/es and Elta. 
difcourfing with him. And Peter anfwering faid I 
Jffus : Lord it is good for us to be here : if thou wil 
Jet us make here three tabernacles, one for thee, or 
for Mofes^ and one for Elias. While be was yi 
fpeaking, behold a bright cloud overfiiadowed then 
And, }o, a voice came out of the cloudy fayiAg 

N D A Y A^j 

A L. Pf. XXIV. 

Tribuiationes cord 
mei dilatatae funt: 1 
neceffitatibus meis eri| 
me, Domine. F Vh 
humilitatem meam, 
laborem meum : & d 
mitte omnia pecca 

T. Pf. cv. 

Confitemini Domit: 
quoniam bonus : quon 
am in fasculum mifer 
cordia ejus i F. Qu 
loquetur potentias Dc 
mini : auditas faciet on 
nes laudes ejus ? / 
Beati qui cuftodiunt ji 
dicium, & faciunt jufti 
tiam in omai tempon 
F. Memento noftri, Dc 
mine, in beneplacitopc 
pull tui: vifita nos i 
falutari tuo. 

Viffifs. In LENT. 51 

Ihis is n^ biUwid Sttiy in whom 1 am viell pleafedy 
httar ym Aim. And his difciples hearing it; fell 
00 their faces, and were very much frighted. And 
Jtfiis coining to them, touched them, and faid : 
Arife, and he not afraid. And lifting up their 
cja, they faw no body, but only Jifus* And, 
ai they went down from the mountain, Jefus 
charged them, faying : Tell not this vifion to any, 
till the fon of man rife again from the dead. Cr£j>q. 

OFFERTORY. P/. cxviii. 
I will meditate on thy Meditabor in manda- 
law, which I have loved tis tuis, qua^ dilexi val- 
exceedingly: and I will de:&Ievabomanusmeas 
put in practice thy com* ad mandala tua, quae di« 
jnandments^ which I lexi. 
have loved. 


LOOK down, O Lord, we beftech thee, on 
this our facrifice, that k may increafe our de- 
votion, and procure our falvation. Thro*. 

Hear my cry : attend Intellige clamorem 

to the words of my pray- mcuni: intende voci ora- 

er, O my King, and my tionis meae, Rex meus, 

God : for 'tis to thee, O & Dcus meus : quoniaoi 

Lord, I will addrefs my ad te orabo, Domine. 


GRant, we humbly befeech thee, O Almighty 
God, that thofe, whom thou haft refrefhed 
with thy facraments,. may worthily ferve thee in 
the condud of their lives. Thro*. 

Little Chapter. Brethren: Wc requeft, 
Beginming ofthg Epistle to #, p. 49. 
Hymn, V • and R. as above, p. 26. 


» . 

52 II. WEE K. Mmisj. 

Attib. Tell not the Ani. Vifiofiem qnm 
vifion you have (ten to vidiftis, nemini-diKeritiis, 
any body, till the Son of donee i mortoit refurgsit 
Man rife again from the Filtua homink. 

Prayer. Colleft at Mafs^ p. 49. 


Introit. 7 T^Eliver me, OLord, and take pitjf 
Pf. 25. 3 I 3 on me : for my foot hath ftooo 
in the right path : in the afTemblies will I blcfs the 
Lord. Pf. Be thou, O Lord, my judge, for I have 
Walked in my innocency : and trufling in thee, I 
ihall not be weakened. V. Glory. 

COLLECT. Prafta, quafumus, 

GRant, we befecch thee, O Almighty Godf 
that thy people, who mortify themfelves by 
abitinence from meat, may faft likewife from fini 
and follow righteoufnefs. Thro'. 

LESSON, Dan. ix. 15, 19. 
TNthofe days: Daniel prayed to the Lord ^faying : 
-* O Lord our God, who didft bring forth thy 
people out of the land of Egypt with a mighty hand, 
and didft make thy name famous, as it is to this 
day : we have finned, we have done wickedly, O 
Lord, againft all thy commandments : but let thy 
wrath be turned away, I befeech thee, and thy fury 
from Jerufalem thy city, and'from thy holy moun- 
tain. For it is for our fins, and for the iniquity of 
our forefathers, that Jerufalem and thy people arc 
become a fcofF to all round about us. But graci- 
oufly hear now, O our God, the prayer of thy 
fervant, and bis requeft; and for thy own fake, look 
upon thy fanfluary, which is become abandoned. 

M$»iaj. //I L E N T. 53 

Bend thine ear, O my God, and hearken : open 
thine eyes, and fee our diftrefs, and that of the city, 
upon which thy name hath been called ^. For we 
rely not on our own righteoufnefs, while we proftrate 
pour forth our prayers to thee, but on thy great 
mercy. Gracioufly hear us, O Lord : be appeafed, 
OLord : be attentive, and gram my requeft. De- 
lay not, O my God, for thy own fake, for thy name 
hath been called on ^ upon thy city and thy people, 

Lord our God. 

Gradual. Pf. 69. Be thou my helper and my 
deliverer : O Lord, delay not. V» Let my enemies, 
who feek my foul, be put to confuiion and fhame. 

Tract. Pf, 102. Deal hot with us, as abwi^ 
/. 29. 

GOSPEL. John viii. 21, 29. 

JT that time : Jefus /aid to the multitude of the 
^ Jews : I go, and you (hall feek me, and yoa 
(hall die in your fin. Whither I go, you cannot 
come. The Jews therefore faid : Will he kill him- 
felf ; becaufe he faith : Whither I go you cannot 
come? And he faid to them : You are from beneath, 

1 am from above. You are of this world ; I am 
not of this world. Therefore I iaid to you : You 
(ball die in your fin : for, if you believe not that I 
am ', you (hall die in your fm. Then they faid to 
him : Who art thou i Jefus faid to them : / am the 
beginning ^, I that am fpeaking to you. I have ma- 
ny things to fay about you, and condemn in you : 
but he that fent me, is true ; and I fpeak in the 
world the things I have heard from him : and they 
underftood not that he faid that God w^s his Fa- 
ther. Jifus therefore faid to them : When you 

k Or, H^bub bath been called by tby name* 

«■ Or, Tby a'ry and' people bave been called by tby name. 

^ Expl. Tbts was the name of Cod, Jehovah, and consequently 
Chrift ajfuming tbat nami, challenges to him/elf the nature of the Foj- 

• ExfL Si alluJet to the frfi words of Generis. 


54 II. W E E K Monday. 

ihall have raifed on high the Son of Man, then yoti 
will know that I am, and that I do nothing of my- 
fcif : but whatever my Father hath taught me, thai 
I fpeak. And he that fent me, is with me, and he 
hath not left me alone : for I always do what U 
pleafing to him. 

Offertory, f^. 15. I will blefs the Lord, 
who hath given me underdanding : I always had 
the Lord before my eyes j for he is at my right hand, 
that I may not fall. 


MA Y this facrifice of propitiation and praife 
make us, O Lord, worthy of thy protection. 

Communion. Pf. 8. O Lord our God, tow 
wonderful is thy name over the whole earth ! 


MA Y this communion, O Lord, cleanfe ui 
from iin : and make us partakers of the bea-* 
venly remedy. Thro'. 

Let us pray. Bown down your heads to God. 

PRAYER. Jdifto. 

HEAR our prayers and intreaties, O Almighty 
God ; and grant that thofe, to whom thou 
giveft hopes of thy mercy, may experience the ef* 
fcfts of thy ufual clemency. Thro* 

The Commemoration at Vespers. 

Anth, He that fent me, Jnt, Qui me mifit, 

is with me, and hath not mecum eft, & non reH- 

}eft me alone : becaufe I quit me folum : quia qua 

always do what is plea- placita funt ei, facto fern* 

fing to him. per. 

y. andR. as above^ p. 17^ Prayer. Adefio 

Tmfikp i» L E N T. ss 



h Introit. } TV /T Y heart hath faid to tbcc ; I hav€ 
?/. 26. 1 iVJL (ought thy prefence; I will con- 
tinue to feek thy prefence, O Lord : turn not away 
thy face from me. Pf. The Lgrd is oiy light and 
nj falvation ; whom (hall I fear ? V. (jlocy. 

ii COLLECT. Perfice. 

pRant us, O Lord, we befecch thee, thy affift- 
^ ance, whereby we may go through the obfer- 
Vance of his holy faft, that what we have under- 
taken by thy appointment^ we may accompliih by 
thy grace. Thro* 

LESSON. 3 Kings xvii. 8, 16. 
JN tbofi days : The word of the Lord came to 
^ Elias the Thejbite^ faying : Arife, go to Sarepb* 
ta in the territary of the Sidonians^ and abide there ; 
for I have commanded the widow woman to give 
thee food. He arofe, and went to Sarephta. And 
yftitn he came to the gate of the city, he faw the 
widow woman gathering (licks : and calling her, 
tie faid : Give me a little water in a veflfel to drink. 
And as (he went to fetch it, he called after her, 
faying : Bring me likewife, I pray thee, a morfel 
of bread in thy hand. And (he anfwered : As the 
Lord thy God liveth, I have no bread, but only a 
handful of meal in a ve(rel, and a little oil in a pot : 
and behold I am gathering two (licks, that I may 
go home, and drefs it for me and my fon, that we 
may eat it, and die. Elias faid to her : Fear not, 
but go and do what thou haft faid : but iirft make 
for JDC of that little meal a fmall cake on the em- 
bers, and bring it to me : and afterwards thou (halt 
make feme for thy felf and thy fon. For thus (aith 
the Lord God of Ifrael: The vefTel of meal (hall 
not wafte, nor the pot of oil be dimini(hed, till the 
day, in which the Lord ffaall fend rain upon l\\e 
caitb* She went, and did as Elias had bid her \ auA 

g6 11. W E E K Tui/J^f. 

be, and {he, and her familv did eat : and from that 
day the veflel of meal wafted not, neither was the 
pot of oil dimtnilhedy according to the word of the . 
Lord fpoken by Elias. 

Gradual. P/. 54. Caft thy follicitude on the 
Lord, and he will feed thee. F. When I cried out 
to the Lord, he heard my voice againft thofe who 
were coming upon me. 

GOSPEL. Mait.xxm. i, 12. 
jfT that time : Je/us fpoke to the multitude and 
-" to his difciples, laying : The Scribes and Pba^ 
rifees fit in the chair of Mofes ; and thereforci 
whatever they fay to you, obferve and do it : but 
do not according to their works : for they fay, and 
do not ^. For they bind heavy and infupportable 
burdens, and they lay them on men's (boulders: 
but they will not move them with a finger of their 
own. And they do all their works to be feen by 
men : for they wear broad plyladteries **, and long 
fringes ^. And they love the higheft places at feafts, 
and the firft chairs in the fynagogues, and to be fa- 
luted in the market-place, and to be called by men^ 
Rabbi. But be not you called Rabbi^ for you have, 
^nly one Mafter, and you are all brethren. And. 
call no man your father on earth, for you have only 
one Father, who is in heaven. Neither be you cab- 
led matters, for you have only one Mafter, who 
is the Chrift, He that is the greateft among you^ 
fball be your fervant : and whofoever exalteth him- 
felf, fball be humbled : and he that humbleth himr 
felf, Ihall be exalted. 

Offertory. Pf. 50. Have mercy on me, O 
Lord, according to thy great mercy : O Lord, blot 
out my iniquity. 

e Expl. Tbtypreacbi hit do-not praQifi, 

d Expl. Ibe Jews tveri the decalogue wrote in fiips of parcbwttlt 
about tbeir ^urtfit and tbeir foreheads, 
• £x|>i. Tbiji won tojiitat tbo cvmrt of tbar gamuntu 

Wtimfdny. In L E N T. §7 


MErcifully faftdify us, O Lord, by tb^fe fpyr 
fteries ; and let them cleanfe us from all 
earthly vice, and bring ds to the enjoyment .of thy 
heavenly gifts. Thro'. 

Communion. Pf, 9. I will publifh all thy won- 
fas : I win rejoice in thee, and be tranfported with 
joj : I will fmg to the glory of thy name, O thou 
the Moft High. :, 


MAke us always, we befeech thee, O Lord^ 
obedient to thy commandments, that w6 
may be worthy of thy gifts, which we have par- 
Uken of. Thro'. 
Let us pray. Bow down your heads to God. 

Prayer. Propitiare. 

BE appeafed, O Lord, by our prayers, and beal 
the infirmities of our fouls ; that<xujr fins being 
fergiveo, we may ever rejoice in thy bleffings* 

The Commemoration at Vespers. 
Antb^ But you are Ant, Omnes autem 
all brethren : and call vos fratres eftis : & pa« 
not any one your father trem nolite vocare vobis 
on earth : for you have fuper terram : unus eft 
but one Father, who is enim Pater vefler, qui 
in heaven : nor be you in ccelis eft : nee voce- 
called mafters, becaufe mini magiftri, quia Ma- 
you have but one Ma- grfter vefter unus, eft 
ftcr, who is the Chrtfi. Chriftus. 
V. and R. m aboviy p, 27. Prayer. Propitlare. 


IsfTRCiT.TT^Orfake me not, O Lord my God, 
^f* yj* J? depart not from me: come to my 
aMance^ U JLord ibe God of my (alvation. P/* 

58 11. W E E K mintfkj. 

Lord rebuke me not in thy fury : nor chaftife m^ 
in thy wrath. V. Glory. 

COLLECT. Populum tuum. 

MErcifully regard thy people, O Lord, we be? 
feech thee, and grant that thofe whom thou 
commandeft to abftain from fle(b, may likewilt 
ccafe from all fin. Thro'. 

LESSON. Efib^rxVii.Syij. 
TN thofe days : Mardocbius prayed to the Lord, 
"^ faying : O Lord the Almighty King, for aU 
things are under thy power ; and there is none thai 
can withftand thy will, if thou determine to fave 
IfratI, Thou didft make heaven and earthy an4 
whatfoever is under the cope of the heavens. Thou 
art the Lord of all, neither can any refift thjf 
Majefty. And now Lord our Sovereign, the Goo 
of Abraham^ take pity on thy people, for our cne« 
mies defign our deftru£Uon, and the ruin of thy io- 
heritance. Defpife not thy lot which thou didft 
purchafe of Egypt, Hear my prayer, and be mer- 
ciful to thy lot and poflfeffion, and turn our mourn- 
ing into joy, that we may live and praife thy name» 
O Lord, and (hut not the mouths of thofe that fing 
thy praifes, O Lord our God. 

Gradual. Pf, 27. Save thy people, O Lord» 
and blefs thy inheritance. V. To thee, O Lord, 
have I cried out ; anfwer me, O my God, left I 
become like thofe that go down into the pit. 

Tract. Deal not with us, O Lord, p. 29. 

GOSPEL. Matt. XX. 17, 28. 
*ylT that time: Jejus going up to JeruJaUm^ 
■^^ took the twelve difciples afide, and (aid to 
them : Behold we are going up io Jerufalem., and the 
Son of Man will be betrayed to the chief priefts and 
t6 the fcribes, and they will condemn him to deatbi 
and deliver him up to the Gentiles to be infulted, 
fcourged, and crucified -, audtheUdcdday beihaU 

ifiy. /» L E N T. 59 

in. Then came to him the mother of the 
Zebidiij with her Tons, worfhipping hipn, 

fomething of him : Who faid to her : 
loft thou defire ? She faith to him : Ap« 
at thefe my two fons may fit, one on thy 
nd, and the other on thy left, in thy king- 
And Jifus anfwering, (aid : Ye know not 
lu a(k. Can you drink the cup which I am 
: i They fay to him, we can : He faith to 
My cup indeed you fhall drink ; but to fit 
right hand, or on my I4|P^ not mine to 
1 ; but it is for thofe, for whom it is pre- 
f my Father. And the other ten difeifUt 

this, were moved with indignation againft 

brothers. But Jifut calling them to him» 
'ou know that the princes of the Gentiles 
iftt them, and that the great ones exercife 
;m their power. It (halTnot be fo among 
lit whofoever would be a great one among 
t him wait on you : and whofoever would 
ief amon^ you, (hall be your fervant : even 
>on of Man came not to be ferved, but to 
id to give his life for the redemption of many, 
ERTORY. Pf. 24. To thee, O Lord, have 
up my foul; in thee, O my God, I put my 
;t me not be put to fliame : neither let my 
I fcoflF at me : for none that wait for thee 

put to fliame. 


rcifully look down, O Lord, on the offerings 

^e make thee, and by the intercourfe pf thefe 

nyfteriesy releafe us from the bonds of our 


MUNioN. Pf. 10. The Lord is juft, and 

uftice : he hath regard to what is right. 

'£ befeech thee, O Lord, 4iat the receiving 
this facrament may forward our ctctn^ 
tioj^ TA/o', 

do II. W E E K rburfdi 

Let us pray. Bow down your heads to God. 

PRAYER. Deus innoantia. 

OGod, the reflorer and lover of innocence, dn 
to thyfelf the hearts of thy fervants, that b 
ing inflamed by thy Holy Spirit,theymaybe confla 

in faith-, and zealous in good works. Thro'. 


. Thi Commemoration at Vespers. 

JwUi. For he (ball be ^t. Tradetur ehi 
delivered up to the Guji- Gnttibus ad illudendui 
If /f I to be infuMBifcour- & flagellandum, & cr 
gedf and crucifiea. cifigendum. 

V. and R. as p. 27. Prayer. Deus innocenti 


M A S S. 
Introit. ) /^ God, come thou to my affiftanc 
Pf. 69, 5 V^ O Lord, make hafte to help mi 
let my enemies, who feek my life, be pat to co: 
fuiion and (hame. Pf. May they be put to'fligl 
and aihamed^ who feek me harm. V. Glory. 

COLLECT. Praffa nobis. 

GRant us, we befeech thee, O Lord, the affii 
ance of thy grace ; that whilft we duly apf 
ourlclves to fafiing and prayer, we may be deliver 
from all enemies both of loul and body. Thro 

LESSON, Jer. xvii. 5, 10. 

THUS faith the Lord God : Curfed is he, tli 
putteth his trufl in man,, and maketh fie 
his arm '', and whofe heart departeth from the Loj 
For he (hall be as a tamerifk in the defert, and n 
fee when good cometh : but (hall dwell in dryn< 
in the defert, in a fait- land, and not inhabitab! 
Blefled is the man that truileth in the Lord, a: 
whofe wly confidence is in God. And he {hall 

• Expl, Relies 9n the firemgth of man^ 

Thurfiaj. /;i L E N T. $i 

IB a tree that is planted by the water-fide, that 
fendcth out it's roots towards the moifture : and it 
Aall not (ear, when the heat cometh. And the leaf 
thereof &ail be green, and in the time of drought 
it AbU not be uneafy, neither (hall it ceafe at any 
tine to bring forth fruit. The heart of man is 
perverfe and unfearchable, who can know it ? I am 
die Lord that feaixrh the heart, and try the reins : 
who reward every one according to his wav, and 
locofdingta the fruit of his ityio^f^ faith the Lord 

Gradual. Pf. 78. Forgive us, O Lord, our 
d&nces, left the C#»//7(M fay : Where is now their 
Gdd i V. Help us, O Godour Saviour, and for the 
dory of thy name deliver us, O Lord. 

GOSPEL. Luke xvi. 19, ^u 
AT that time : Jefiis faiii t§ the Pharifees : There 
^ was a certain rich man, who was clothed in 
purple and fine linen, and feailed fumptuoufly every 
day. And there was a certain beggar named £02^1- 
nv, who lay at his gate full of fores^ deiiring to be 
U with the crumbs Which fell from the rich man's 
taUe ; but no one would give them to him ; but 
even the dogs came and licked his feres. And it 
cane to pafs that the beggar died, and was carried 
iif the angels into Mratam's bofom. And the rich 
man alfo died, and was buried in hell. And lifting up 
his eyes, when be was in torments, he faw jihra^ 
ham afar off, and Lazarus in his bofom. Arul cry- 
ing out, he faid : Father Jbraham^ take pity on me^ 
aod lend Lazarus to dip the tip of his finger in wa- 
ter, that he may cool my tongue, for I fufler ex- 
treme torments in this flame. And AhrdAam faid 
to him : Son, remember in thy life-time thou didfl 
reocivc good thmest and Lazarus evil : but now he 
is comforted, and thou art tormented. Moreover, 
Aere is a great chaos between you and us : fo that 
tbey, who would pafs hence to you^ cannot^ nor 
Voi. IL F 

62 II. W E E K Thurfdiij. 

return hither from thence. And he did : Then I 
bcfeech thee, O Father, fend him to my father's 
houfe, for I have five brethren, that he may admo- 
ni{b them, left they alfo come into this place of 
torment. And Abraham faid to him : They have 
Mofii and the Prophets : let them hear them. And 
he faid : No, Father Abraham : but if one go to 
them from the dead, they will do pcnnance. But 
he faid him : If they will not heajr Mofes^ nor the 
Prophets ; nei|hK .^iH ^^1 believe, chough one 
ihould rife frofiTOie dead. 

Off£RT0RY. Ex9d* 32. Mifei prayed in the 
prefence of the Lord his God, and faid : Why, 
Lord, art thou angry with thy people ? Let the 
wrath of thy foul beappeafed: t^m^vcAiti Abraham^ 
Jfaac^ and Jacobs to whom thou didft fware to give 
a land flowing with milk and honey.. And the 
Lord was appeafed, and did aot the evil, with which 
he threatened bis people. 


MAY the faft confecrated to thy name, O Lord, 
fandlify us by this prefent facrifice, that we 
may experience inwardly the efieiSls of what we out- 
wardly profefs by our faft. Thro'. 

Communion. John 6. He that eateth my flefb, 
and -drinketh my blood, abideth in me, and I is 
him, faith the Lord. 


MAY thy grace, O Lord, we bcfeech thee, ne* 
ver abandon us ; but always make us intent 
on thy holy fervice, and always procure us thy help. 
Let us pray. Bow down your heads to God. 

Prayer. Adefto. 

BE favourable, O Lord, to thy fervants, and hear 
their prayers in the grant of everlafling mer- 
cy ; that glorying in thee their creator and gover- 
nor, they may have all things perfe&ed and perpe* 
tusLtcii to them. Thro'. 

In L E N r. 63 

r Commemoration ^f Vespers. 

That rich man Ant, Dives iMe guttam 
of a drop of wa- aquae petiit) qui micas 
) denied Lazarus pani3 Lazaro negavit. 
imbs of bread. 

and R, as p, 27. Prayer. Adefto. 


T. 7 TJUT I will appear, with the juftice 
». ) IJ of my caufe in thy fight ; I (hall 
ied, when thy glory (hall appear. Pf. Hear», 
, the juftice of my caufe ^ hearken to my 
F. Glory. 

!} O L L E C T. Da^ quafumus^,. 
It, O Almighty God, that, being purified'by 
s faft, we may come to the approaching 
ty with clean hearts. Thro'l. 

r E S S O N. Gen, xxxvii; 6, 22^. 

ofe days : Jofeph faid to bis brethnn : Hear 

dream, which I law : I thought we were 

(heaves in the field : and that my (heaf 
s it were, and flood upright, and your (heaves 
\ round abottt it, adored my (heaf. His^ 
1 anfwered : Art thou to be our king ? Of 
:o be fubjefi to thy power I Thefe dreams, 
e, and difcourfes furnifhed the fuel of their 
d hatred. He had alfo anotherdream, which 
his brethren, faying : I faw in a dream th« 
] the moon, and eleven ftars, as it were', 

me. And when he had told this to his fa* 
d brethren, his father rebuked him, and faid: 
s the meaning of this dream, which thou 
1 ? Am I, and thy mother, and thy brethren 
I thee upon earth ? His brethren therefore 

F 2 

64 11. W E E K fridat 

envied hkn : but bis father confidered the thing witl 
bimfelf in filence. And when his brethren were \i 
Subim feeding their father's ffocks, J/r^il faid tt 
him : Thy brethren are feeding the fbeep in Sicbm* 
come, I wi]l fend thee to them. And when Itf 
anfw^ed : I am readj : be faid to bim : Qc^ and 
fee if all things be well with thy brethren and tb( 
cattle : and bring me word again what is dmng. Bt< 
ing fent therefore from the vale e£ Hebron^ he came 
to Sicbim : And a man found him wandering in th( 
field, and aiked him, what he fought : and he an* 
fwered : I feek my brethren : tell me where they art 
feeding the flocks. And the man faid to him : Thq 
are gone from hence : but I heard them fay : Ld 
Us go to Ddthain. J^fepb therefore went after hit 
brethren, and found them in Dothain. Who whei 
they faw him afar off, before he came nigh theai] 
they refolved to kill him ; and faid one to another: 
Behold, here cometh the dreamer : come, let us kit 
him, and cafl him into an old pic : and we will (ay: 
fome wild beaft hath devoured him: and then il 
will appear what his dreams will avail him, Bui 
Ruben hearing this, endeavoured to deliver him dui 
of their hands, and faid : Do not take away his life 
nor fbed his blood : but caft him into this pit : whid 
is in the defert, and keep your hands guiltlefs. Not 
he faid this, being deiirous to refcue him out 
their hands, and to reftore him to his father. 

Gradual. iY. 119. 1 cried out to the Lord 11 
my diftrefs, and he heard me. V. Deliver my foul 
O Lord, from wicked lips, and from a deceitfii 

Tract. Deal not with us, O Lord, p. 29. 

GOSPEL. Matt.xxl 33,46. 

vineyard, and hedged it about) and fixed in it 

/;i L E N T, 6s 

refs, and built a tower, and letting it out to 
ufbandmen, went to a far country. And 
the feafon for fruit drew near, he fent his 
s to the hufbandmen, to receive the fruit of 
ejrard. And the hufbandmen laying hold of 
rants, one they beat, another they killed, 
Dther they ftoned. He fent again other fer- 
nore in number than the former, and thev 
them in like manner. And laft of all, 
; to them his Son, faying : They will have 
for my Son. But the hufbandmen, feeing 
1, faid among themfelves : This is the heir, 
let us kill him, and we {ball have his inhe- 
And feizing him, they dragged him out 
vineyard, and killed him. When the Ma- 
irefore of the vineyard cometh, what will he 
:hefe hulbandmen ? They fay to him i Ht 
Iferably deftroy thofe wicked men, and let 
vineyard to other hufbandmen, who (hall 
m the fruit in their feafons. Jf/us faith to 
Have you never read in the fcriptures : 
nej which the builders reje^ed^ is become the 
mer-Jione : this is done by the Lord^ and it 
ierful in our eyes ? Therefore I fay to you, 
gdom of God (ball be taken from you, and 
o a nation, that will brine forth the fruits 
'. And whoever &all fall on this fl'one, 
? broken : and on whomibever it (hall falK 
cru(h him. And when the chief priefts and 
fes had heard his parables, they knev^ hs 
'f them. And feeking to lay hands on him, 
ared the people, becaufe they held him for 

ERTORV. Pf, 3g. Look down to my aid, 
j, let them be put to confufion and (hanie, 
:k my life : loukdown to tny aid, O Lord. 


66 II. WEEK Satirdoi 


MAY the effeds of thk faerifice» O Lord^ re 
main in us, and be increafed ly)r good worlei 

CoMMUKioN. Pf. ti. Thou wilt defend us, G 
Lord, and prntedl us both now and for evermore. 


GRant, we befeech thee, O Lord, that, ha- 
ving received this {dedge of our eternal fal- 
vation,'^we may fo direct our courie thereto^ as hap* 
pily to arrive at it. Thro*. 
Let us pray. Bow down your heads to God. 

PHAYiR. Xhr, quafumuf. 

GRant, we bereech thee, O Lord, to thy people 
health both of foul and body, that, by the 
continual pradice of good works, they may always 
be defended by thy powerful protection. Thro\ 

Thi Com MBMORATioN ai Vespers* 
Antb. Defigning to Jnt. Quserentes eum 
apprehend him, they tenere timuerunt tur^ 
were afraid of the mul- bam, quia, ficut prophe* 
titttde, becaufe they ef- tam eum habebant. 
teemed him as a prophet. 

y. and K. MS ahvi^ p. 27. P&ayeh. Dai 



Introit. ) rTPIHE law of the Lord is without 
P/, iS. 5 J reproof, and converteth fouls ; 
the teflimony of the Lord is true, and beftoweth 
wifdom on littk ones. P/. The heavens publifli the 
giory of God 5 and the firmament declaretb the 
works of his hands. V. G\or7% 


Sawri^. /« L E N T. 6y 

COLLECT. Da^ qu4efumus. 
ORant, O Lord) we befcech thee, this Civing 
^ effisA of our foft, that the chaftifinnent of the 
fldh, which we have undertaken, may become the 
improvemenl of our Ibub. Thro'. 


LESSON. Gin. xxvii. 5, 39. 

^•fi diOjs : Rihicca laid to her fon Jacob : I 
heard thy father fpeak to thy brother £/2w, and 
bf to him : Bring me in fomething of thy hunting, 
mi make it ready for me, that I may eat and blefs 
dice in the fight of the Lord, before I die. Now 
therefore, my Ion, take my counfel : and going to 
tke flock, bring me two of the beft kids, that I 
■ay make thereof for thy father meat fuch as he 
liketh : which thou flialt carry in, that when be 
brdi eat it, he may blefs thee before he dieth. To 
vhom yac6b anfwered : Thou knoweft my bro- 
ther EUtu is an hairy man, and I am fmooth. If 
ny father Aould touch me, and perceive it, I fear, 
he will think, I would have deceived him, and I 
ftall bring a curfe upon me, inftead of a bleffing. 
His mother faid to him : Let this curfe fall upon 
He, my fon ; obey thou only my voice, and go, 
fcich me what I told thee. He went, and brought 
Ihem, and gave them to his mother. And me 
^fled them, as flie knew his father liked them. 
And (he put him on the beft garments of Efau^ 
which flie had at home by her ; and covered his 
hinds and the bare of his neck with the fkins of 
Ihe kids. And (he gave him the meat, and de- 
livered to him the bread, fiie had made. Which 
he carried in, and faid : My father. And he an- 
fwered : I hear. Who art thou, my fon ? And 
^4fh anfwered, I am Efau thy firft-born : I have 
done as thou commandedft me : arifc, fit, and eat 
sf my hunting, that thy foul may blefs me. Then 
Ifui find to his fon : How couldft thou find it (o 
qaickly^ m/f9a/ Who smfwcrtd: U was the \f\\\ 

68 II. WEE K. SaturiU 

of God, that what I wanted, came prefently in n 
way. And I/aac faid come near me, that I ins 
touch thee, my fon, and feel, whether thou a: 
my fon Efau^ or no. And he jcame near his fa 
ther, and I/aac having felt him, faid : The voic 
indeed is the voice of Jacob y but the hands are th 
hands of E/au, And he knew him not,' becaul 
his hairy hands refembled thofe of his elder broih^i 
Bleifing him therefore he faid : Art thou my fa 
£/au i He anfwered : I am. And he faid : Brinj 
me the meat of thy hunting, my fon, that my fou 
may blefs thee. VVhich when he had eat, he gav 
him wine alfo : and having drunk it, he faid to him 
Come near, and kifs me, my fon : and he caim 
near and kifled him. And as foon as he perceiya 
the perfume of his clothes, he blefTed him, an< 
faid : Behold the perfume of my fon is as the fmel 
of a plentiful field, which the Lord hath bleffed 
May God give thee of the dew of heaven, and o 
the fatnefs of the earth, plenty of corn and wine 
May people ferve thee, and tribes adore thee:. In 
thou Lord over thy brethren, and let thy mother^i 
fons bo^ down before thee. Be he cur fed, thU 
curfeth thee ; and may he be filled with bleffing^ 
who bleiTeth thee. Jfaac had fcarce made an eiM 
of fpeaking,when^j^tf^ being goneout, EJauczmt, 
ji^nd brought into his father meat^ which he had ta* 
ken in hunting ; and he faid to him : /trife, m) 
father, and eat of thy fon's hunting, that thy fou 
may blefs me. I/aac faid to him : Who art thou 
Who anfwered, I am E/au thy firft-born. I/aa 
was ftrangely furprifed ; and, being feized with ad 
miration beyond all that can be believed, faid 
Who is he then, that hath already brought me o 
his hunting, and I have eat of all before thou didi 
come i And I blefled him, and he ihall be blefTed 
When E/au heard what his father faid, he brok 
out into a hitter cry, and being flruck, (aid : Blef 
jne alfoy my father^ And he anfwered : Th^ bro 

e given bim for fertims ; I have fettWd him 
•jMf of corn and wine ; and after this, what 
fliall I do far thee, my fon i To whom Efau 
Father, haA thou but one blelling I Blefs me 
I hefecch thee. And he wept with a load 
; at which I/eac being moved, faid to him : 
e fatnefs of the earth, and in the dew of hcK- 
rom ftbove, Oiall thjr blelGng be. 
tADVAL. Pf. 91. It is good to praife the 
, and fing to thy name, O thou the Moll High, 
b pablift thy mercy in the motning, and thy 
in the night. 

GOS^PEL. LmiiTPr. iu 

'Aat timt : Jefus fpoke tt tht Scribes and Pha- 
iftet tbisparablt: A certain man had two fons: 
mitger of them faid to his father : give mc the 
HI of the eftate that fallcth to mc. And he 
id hi) eftate between them. And not many 
lAcr, the younger fon, having got together ail 
i, took a journer into a ^r country, and there 
d his futmance m riotous living. And having 

70 II. W E E K. Siauri0f. 

the fwine did eat ; and nobody would give them to ^ 
him. But coming to himfelf, he faid : How maiij 
hired fervants in my father's houfe have plenty of 
bread, while I am periihing here with hunger i I \ 
will rife and go to my father, and fay to him : Fi^ r^ 
ther, I have finned againft heaven and before thee 5 ^^ 
and I am not now worthy to be called thy fons ^ 
make me as one of thy hired fervants. He rofe T.% 
then, and came to his father. And while he was 
yet afar off, his father faw him, and, moved with 
compai&on, he ran, and, falling on his neck, kifled 
him. And his fon faid to him : Father, I have fin- 
ned againft heaven and before thee, and I am no • 
more worthy to be called thy fon. But the father 
iaid to his fervants : Bring hither quickly the beft 
robe, and put it on him ; and give him a ring oi 
his band, and flioes on his feet : and bring out the 
fatted calf, and kill it, and let us eat and be merry: 
for this my fon was dead, and is alive again : be 
was loft, and is found. And they began to be mer; 
ry. Now his elder fon was in the field : and as hi 
came, and drew near to the houfe, he heard mil- 
Ack and dancing : and calling one of the fervantiy. . 
he a(ked him, what it meant i And he faid to hiia: 
Thy brother is come, and thy father hath killed - 
the fatted calf, becauCe he hath received him fafe. 
And he was angry, and would not go in< His father 
therefore went out, and began to entreat him. Hot 
he anfwering faid to his father : Behold I have fcr- 
ved thee fo many years, neither have I at any time 
tranfgreffcd thy command j and yet xhou never gaveft 
me a kid to make merry with my friends : but as 
foon as this thy fon, who hath fpent his eftate with 
harlots, is come, thou haft killed for him the fat- 
ted calf. And he faid to him : Son, thou art always 
with me, and all I have is thine : but it is fit we 
fliould make merry and be glad : for this thy bror 
ther was dead, and is alive again ^ he was lo^ 
and is found. 

^rdaj. i» L E N T. 71 

Offertory. Pf 12. Enlighten my eyes that 
ecp not in death \ that my enemy may never fay : 
Ave overcome him . 

yrErcifulIy grant us, O Lord, by this holy fa- 
rX crifice, that we, who dofire to be freed from 
r own fins, may not be burdened with thofe of 
icrs. Thro*. . 

Communion. Luke 15. Son, thou oughteft to 
oice becaufe thy brother was dead, and is come 
life again ; he was loft and is found. 

1^ A Y the facred tafte of this thy facrament, O 
fX Lord, penetrate the innermoft receiles of our 
arti| and make us plentifully partakers of it's ef- 
&%. Thro*. 
Let us pray. Bow down your heads to God. 

Prayer. Familiam tuam. 

PRoteA, O Lord, we befeech thee, thy family 
by thy continual goodnefs, that as it relieth 
dy on the hopes of thy heavenly grace, fo it may 
e defended by thy heavenly aid. Thro'. 

Tbe Commemoration <?/ Vespers. 

AMtb. The father faid Jnt. Dixit autem pa« 
) the fervants : Bring ter ad fervos fuos : Cito 
Bt prefently the beft proferte ftolam primam, 
)l)e, and put it on him ; & induite ilium, & date 
nd put a ring on his annulum in manu ejus, 
uid| and Iboes on his & calceamcnta in pedi- 
!et. bus ejus. 

V. ^nu/R. as p. 27. Prayer. Familiam tuslm. 


MASS. Introit. Pf. xxiv. 
k ^Y eyes are always y^Culi mei femper ad 
y\^ on the Lord, be- \^ -Dominum, qui4 
lufe he will draw wy ipfe cvellct de laqueo pe-^ 


fiset eot of Che fnare; des mcof : refpk 
look down on me, amd &mirerereinei,i 
pity me, for I am forlorn unicus&pjwper 
and poor. Pf. To thee, Pf, Ad fie, Doi 
O liord» have I itiSsA vavi animam 
up my fevl : in thee, O Dens mxstx&^ in 
my God> I puit my triift» do, noo «rubdc 
let me not be put to Gloria, 
ihame. V. Glory. 

COLLECT, ^^nmm. 

BE attenttvc* we befeeds thee, G Almi^ 
to the prayers of thy fervants : am 
forth the arm of thy divine majefty in our 

EPISTLE. Epher. v. i, g 
JDRetbnn : Be followers of Uod, tike its d^ 
•^ loved children ; and walk in love, even 
loved us, and gave himfelf for us, an ofiermj 
crifice to God^ as a fiveet fmelling iawoir. i 
not fornicatioo, and all mamier of suotleac 
covetoufiieft, be fo mudi as named anmn 
at becoBKth iatnts^ or any oUceraty or foi 
courfe, or icurrility, wbtds is to no purpoft; 
ther thankfgiving. For know this, and be in 
that no one guilty of fornication, or unclear 
covetoufnefs, which is idolatry, hath any 
tance in the iLingdom of Chri^ arid of Go 
no one feduce you by vain difbourfes : for 
account of thefe things that the wrath of ( 
leth upon the children of unbelief*. Havi 
fore nothing to do with them. For you yo 
were once darknefs ; but now you are Ugh 
Lord. Walk therefore like children of ti: 
Kow the fruit of the light confifteth in all 
coodnefs) righteoufnefs, and truth. 

Arife, O Lord, let not Exurge, Domi 
mm prevail : let the na* prcvaleat homo 


tions be judged in thy 
fight, V. when thou 
flialt put my enemies to 
flight, then (hall they be 
weakened, and perifh 
from thy fight. 



centur gentes in con- 
fpeflu tuo. y. In conver- 
tendo inimicum meum 
retrorfum, iniirmabun- 
tur, ii peribunt a facie 

TRACT. Pf. cxxii. 
To theejiave I ratfed Ad te levavi oculos 

meos, qui habitas in cce- 
lis. V. Eccc ficut ocult 
fervorum in manibus 
dominorum fuorum. V. 
£t ficut oculi ancillse in 
manibus dominx fua:: 
ita oculi noilri ad Do* 
minum Deum noftrum, 
donee mifereatur noftri. 
V» Miferere nobis. Do- 
mine, miferere nobis. 

up my eyes, O thou, 
who dwelleft in the hea- 
vens. V* Behold as the 
ejes of fervants are on 
the hands of their ma- 
ilers. V. And as the eyes 
ofthe hand- maid are on 
the hands of her miftrefs : 
lb are our eyes on the 
Lord, untill he have 
mercy on us. V. Have 
mercy on us, O Lord, 
have mercy on us. 

GOSPEL. Luiex\.i\,2%. 
ATthat time : Jf/us was cafting out a devil, and 
^ it was dumb. And when he had cad out the 
Devil, the dumb man fpoke, and the multitude were 
amazed. And fome of them faid : It is hy Beelzebub^ 
the prince of devils, that he cafteth out devils. 
And others tempting him, afked of him a fign from 
heaven. But he knowing their thoughts, faid to 
them : Every kingdom divided againft itfelf (hall be 
brought to defolation, and one houfe fhall fall up- 
on another. And therefore if ^a/^;; be divided againft 
himfeif, how (hall his kingdom ftand ? Now you 
iay. It is by Beelzebub I call out devils. But if by 
Beelzebub I caft out devils, by whom do your chil* 
dren caft them out i They therefore (hall be your 
judges. But if I cafl out devils by the iingcx of 

Vol. IL G 

74 ni. SUNDAY 

Gcxi, then certainly the kingdom of Got! 
among you. When a ftrong man in armour 
his p3ace, all that he hath is fafe. Bui 
ifarong^r than he come upon him/ and o^ 
him, he will take awav all his arms, in w 
triifted, and divide his ipoils. He that is r 
tne, is againft mt ; and he that:ta&ereth r 
Aie, icattereth. When an undean fpirit 
«ot of a man, be walkcth through dry plac 
jng where to Jettle: and not finding any pi 
fiutb : I ¥riU return into my faoufe, from w 
came. And when he is come, he findeth i 
and furmibed. Then he -goeth and take 
him ieven other fpirtts more wicked than i 
and £oing in, they fettle there. And the lat 
of tmtt man i»ecometh worfe than his forme 
it. came to -pafs, when he bad iaid thefe tk 
c^tain woman in the ciBwd, raifmg her vo: 
to htm : Blcfied is the wom4i that bare thi 
the breafts, which gav^ thee fiick. But he (m 
rather, blefied are they that hear the word i 
and keep it. Credo. 

OFFERTORY. >/ xviii 
The laws o( the Lord Jufiitise Domir 
ife juft, and give joy to laetificantes cord; 
the neart ; his ordioanbes dicia ejus dalcio: 
are fweeter than honey mel & favam : 
and the honey-<omb : iervus tuus cuflo 
therefore thy fervaht ob* 
fovetfa them. 


MAY this oifering, O Lord, we.befeei 
deanfe us from our ims, and fand 
bodies and fouls' of thy fervants for the cek 
of this facrifice. Thro*. ' 


The fparrow hath PaiTer invenit 

/bfiiid itfclf a houfc) and mum & turtar 



E N T. 75 

ubi reponat pullos fuos : 
altarla tua, Domine vii- 
tutum, Rex ineu$»5(De* 
us meus : beati qui habr- 
tant in domo tua, in fa^- 
Guliim («cuU laudabimt 

Ihe turtle dove a neft to 
put her young ones in : 
in Uke manmr^ O Lord 
of armies, my King and 
my God, lei my ahodi be 
mr thy ikar : blefied 
ire tkey that dwell in 
thy hmifea they (hall 
praife thee for -ever and 
erer. ^ 


MErcifully, O Lord, we befeech thee, deliver 
us from all guilt and danger, iince thou ad- 
us to be partakers of this great myftery^ 

Little Chapter. Brethren, be followers^ 
htinning of the Epistle to # p, 72. 
Hymn. V. and R. at above^ p. 26. 

^/ f i# M A G N I F I C A T. . 


Anth. A certain wo- 
Ban in the crowd raifing 
kr voice faid : Blefled is 
tke womb that bare thee, 
tad the breafts that gave 
thee fuck. But Jefus faid 
toher: Yea rather, blef- 
ftd are they that hear 
the word of God, and 

^ "• Prayer. Colleft at Mafs, p. 72. 

Jnt, ExtoIIens vocemi 
quaedam mulFer de tur- 
bo, dixit r Beatus venter 
qui te portavit, & ubera 
quae fuxifti. At Jefus 
ait illi : Quinimo beatt 
qui audiunt verbum Dei^ 
& cuftodiuut illud. 




1 mTRoit. 1 T Will praife God for the promife be 
,'/ 5S* I L ^^^^ made me, I will praife the 
I wd for the afliiraiKes he hath given me : I will 
pfc 10 God, and will not fc»r what inan may dg Xi» 

G 2 

y6 III. WEEK Jtfcndc 

me. Pf. Take pity on me, O God, for man ha 
trampled me under-fopt : he hath attacked me tl 
ivhole day, and diftrefled me. F> Glory. 

COLLECT. CorJitus noflris. 
"W TE befeech thee, O Lord, mercifully to poi 

W forth thy grace into our hearts : that, 
we abflain from fleSi, fo we may keep our fenf 
from all noxious excefles. Thro\ 

LESSON. 4 Kings v. r, 15. 
TN thofi days: Naaman^ the general of the arn 
^ of the king of Syria^ was a man in great eftee; 
with his matter, and highly honoured, becaufe, I 
his means, the Lord had faved Syria: and he was 
valiant man and rich, but a leper. Now there b< 
gone out a party from Syria j and had brought aw2 
captive from Ifrael a little maid, and (he waited ( 
JNaamarCs wife. And fhe faid to her miilrefs : 
wifli my matter had gone to the prophet in Samaru 
he certainly would have cured him of his lepr^ 
Naaman therefore went to his lord, and fpoke 1 
him, faying : Thus and thus faid the maid that 
of the land of IfraeL And the king of Syria fa 
to him : Go, and I will give thee a letter to the kir 
of IfraeU And he fet out, taking with him ten ts 
lents of (liver, and fix thoufand pieces of gold, ai 
ten fuits of clothes, and delivered a letter to the kir 
of Ifrael in this form : When thou haft received th 
letter, know that I have fent to thee my fervai 
Naaman^ that thou rnay'tt cure him of his leprof 
When the king of Ifrael had read the letter, he rci 
his clothes, and faidi Am I God, that I ihould t 
able to kill and to give life, that he fendeth to n 
to cure this man of his leprofy ? Cohfider and fe 
how he feeketh occafions of quarrel with me. 6 
when Elizeus, the man of God had heard, that tl 
king of Ifrael had rent his clothes, he fent to hii 
faying : Why hatt thou rent thy clothes I Lti hi 
come, to me, and let him fee that there is a proph 
in /fra^L Then Naaman cam^ viV\ViV{v^\xo\fe% v 

M^wdaj. /» L E N T. 77 

his chariots, and flood at the door of Elizeus^s houfe: 
and Elizius ient a meflage to him, faying : Go, 
aod wa(h feven times in the Jprdan, and thy flosfli 
(hall be healed, and thou /halt be clean* jfi which 
Ngaman went away angry, faying : I expe£led he 
would have come out to me, and that ftanding an4 
calling on the name of the JLiord his God» he woul^ 
hare touched with kis hand the place of the leprpf/y 
and cured me. Are not Jbana and Pharphar^ ri* 
ttx%oiDamafcu$^ better than all the waters 6ilfrail^ 
Id waih in and be clean ? Turning about therefore9 
sod gcung away in a nfg^ his fervants came to him, 
and (aid : Father, if the prophet had commanded 
Ace fome great thing, certainly thou ougbtedft to 
have done it : how much rather now, when he hath 
{ud only to thee : Wafh, and thou fiiak be dean. 
Re went down then, and waflied himfelf in the 
Jsrien fcven times, according to the directions of 
iheman of God ; and his flefli came again, even as 
ibe flefli of a chUdp and he was healed. And re* 
taming to the man of God, he came with a]l his 
Rtiflue, and flood before him, laying: Now I know 
ibr certain, there is no other God in the whole earth» 
but only in Ifrael. 

Gradual. Pf. 55. I have taid open to thee, 
OGod, my life; and thou haft confidered my 
liars. V* Take pity on me, O Lord, for man 
hath trampled me' undor-foot ; he hath attacke4 
ne the whok day, and diflF.eiTed me. 

Tract. Deal not with us, as abojUy p. 29. 

G O S P E JL. luki iv. 23, 30. 

AT that time : Jefuf faid jto the Pharifus : You 
^ will certainly tell me this proverb : Fhyfician, 
cure thyfelf. As great things as we have heard ^ 
^one fy thit in Capharnaum^ do aTo here in thy 
iwn country. And he faid : Amen I fay to you : 
Mo prophet is regarded in his own country. 1 teU 
Jtai with truth; thei;e were msiny widows in Ijrad 

^3 . 

78 III. WEEK Monies , 

in the days of Eiias^ when heaven was (hut for three 
years and fix months, and there was a great famine 
throughout the whole land : and Elias was fent to 
none of them, but only to a widow in Sarephta qI 
Sidon, And there were many lepers in Ifrael in 
the time of Elizeus the Prophet, and none of them 
was cleanfed, except Naaman the Syrian, And all 
in the fvnagogue, when they ^eard thefe things, 
were filled with indignation ; and rifmg up, drove 
him out of the city, and led him to the fteep of the 
hill, whereon their city was built, to throw him 
down headlong, fiut he palEng'thro* the midft of 
them, went his way. 

Offertory. Pf. 54. Hear my prayer, O Godi 
and defpife not my petition : look down upon mc^ 
and gracioufly hear me. 


GRant, O Lord, that the offering we make to 
thee, as a mark of our homage, may become 
to us a facrament available to our falvation. Thro\ 
Communion. P/.i^* Who will fend out from 
Sion the falvation ox Ifrael? When the Lord (ball 
put an end to the captivity of his people, *}aifk 
Iball leap for joy, and IJrael fhall rejoice. 

POSTCOMMUNION. Prafta, quafumus. 
/^Rant, we befeech thee, O Almighty and roer- 
^^ ciful God, that what we take with our mouthii 
we may receive with pure minds. Thro*. 

Let us pray. Bow down your heads to God. - 

Prayer. Suhveniat nobis, 

MAY thy mercy, O Lord, affift us, that, by 
thy protection, we may be delivered from 
the dangers of fin that furround us, and fo brought 
to eternal happinefs. Thro\ 

TA^ Commemoration at Vespers, 
Jnth. But Jifus paf- Jnt. j^/us autem tran- 

fing thro' the midfl of fiens per medium illo- 

them, went away. rum, ibat. 

Vm aadK. p. 27* Pravek% &u\iN^ti;4\tia^\&% 

J. In I.El^ T. yg 


IT. 7 T Have cried out to thee, O God, 
6. S £ becaufe thou haft, heard me: lend 
re thine ear now^ and hear my prayer. Keep 
Lord, as the apple of thine eye, and protect 
ler the fliadow of thy wings. P/. Hear, O 
the juftice of my caufe, and hearken to my 
1. V. Glory. 

COLLECT. Exaudi nos. 
cioufly hear us, O Almighty and merciful 
rod, and grant us the gift of falutary conti* 


LESSON. 4 Kings iv. i, 7. 
Sofi days: A certain woman cried out to El!" 
s the Prophet, faying : Thy fervant my huf- 
; dead, and thou knov^eft that he thy fervant 
the Lord. And behold his creditor is now 
to take away my two Sons to be his flaves. 
r faid to her : What would'ft thou have me 
:hee ? ^ell me ; what haft thou in thy houfe f 
le anfwered : I thy hand- maid have nothing 
boufe, but a little oil to anoint myfelf. He 
her : Go, and borrow of all thy neighbours 

many empty veflels. And go in, and {hut 
Mr upon thee and ihy fons ; and pour out cf 
into all the vefTels ; and when they are full, 
em away. The woman went, and fhut the 
pon herfelf and her fons : they gave her the 

and {he poured in the oiL And when they 
ill, (he faid to one of her fpns : Bring me 
r vefTcl : but he faid to her : I have no more: 
: oil ftopped. Then (he came and told the 
- God ; and he faid : Go, and fell the oil, 
jT thy creditor ; and live thou and thy chit« 
' the reft. 

VDUAL. Pf. 18. Oeanfe me, O Lord, from 
fe/f/fgfij andprefcrve thy fervant from iVioft 

8o III. WEEK r«?/i 

of other men. V. If thefe rule not in me^ tt 
fliall I be without fpot ; and deanfed from em 
ID0U8 g;uilL 

GOSPEL. Matt.xvm. 15,22. 
jfT that time : Jefus faid to his difciplei : If t 
^ brother ofFend againft thee, go, and tell h 
of his fault between thee and him alone. If he g 
car to thee, thou wilt have gained thy brother. I 
if he will not hearken to thee, take with thee c 
or two more, that every thing may be teftif 
by two or three witnefles. And if he will not hi 
them ; tell the Church. And if he will not hi 
the Church, let him be to thee as the beatben 
the publican. Amen I fay to you : Whatfoever ]f 
Ihall bind on earth, ihall be bound alfo in heave 
and whatfoever you {hall loofe on earth, (ball 
loofed alfo in heaven. Again I fay to you : If t 
of you (hall agree on earth, concerning whatfoei 
thing they (hsul a(k, it {hall be granted them by f 
Father, who is in heaveh. For where two or thi 
are gathered together in my name, there I am 
the midft of them. Then Peter drew near hi: 
and faid: Lord, how often {hall my brother o8e 
linft me, and I forgive him i Till feven time 
Jefus faith to him : I fay not to thee till fev 
times ; but till feventy times feven. 

Offertory. Pf. 117. The right hand of 1 
ZxMod Hath exerted it's firength, the right Jtand 
the Lord hath raifed me up : I {ball not fmw d 
b«t live ; and publa{h the works of the Lord. 

TLTAY we receive, we befeech thee, O Lordj 
^* thefe facraments, the efFeft of our redeir 
tion i fo that by means thereof we may withdr 
from all human excefles, and thou may^ft bed 
upon us the gift of falvation. Thro*. 

CoMMUNioii. Pf. 14. Who is it, O Lord, d 
i$ftQ dw^U in thy tabccnaick) Ot 7iV!^»\x^ii» 

ffiof. /» L E N T^ 8i 

de on thy holy mountain ? He that walketh 
ut blemim, and doth righteoufnefs. 

.TCOMMUNION. Sacris, Domhe. 
ing now cleanfed, O Lord, by thefe holy my- 
leries, grant us, we befcech thee, both par- 
id grace. Thro*. 
; us pray. Bow down your heads to God. 

Prayer. Tua nos* 
Efend us, O Lord, by thy proie<aion, and al- 
ways f referve us from all iniquity. Thro*. 

The Commemoration at Vespers. 
fA, Where two or Ant. Ubi duo vel trcs 
meet together in congregati fuerint in no- 
ame, I am in the mine meo, in medio eo- 
of them, faith the rum fum, dicit Dominus. 

mdlL as p. 27. Prayer. Tua nos. 



oiT. 7 T5 U T I will hope in the Lord : I 
30. J IJ will leap for joy, and rejoice at 
lercy : for thou haft confidered my diftrefs. 
1 thee, O Lord, have I put my truft, let me 
be put to fhame : deliver me according to thy 
;, and refcue me. V. Glory. 

COLLECT. Proifla nobis. 
ant, O Lord, we befeech thee, that being 
mproved by this wholefome faft, we may ob- 
rom all pernicious vice, and, by that meand^ 
eafily obtain thy mercy. Thro'. 

LESSON. Ex9d. XX. 12, 24. 
US faith the Lord God: Honour thy father 
id thy mother, that thou may'ft live long in 
Bvhich the Lord thy God will give thee. ThQU 
fori-itt TJ20U /bait not commit aduUtt^* 

82 UT. W E E K WiimfiMi. 

Thou (bait not (leal. Thou (halt not bearialfe j 
ivitnefs again ft thy neighbour* Thou (halt not ] 
covet thy neighbour's houfe : neither (halt thou co- \ 
vet his wife, nor his man-fervant, nor his maict- -} 
(ervant, nor his ox, nor his afs, nor any thing that i 
is his. And all the people perceived the Voices, and f 
the lightening, and the found of the trumpet, and 
fnioaking mountain : and, being affrtghterf and 
(truck with terror, they ftood afar off, and faid ta 
M^fes: Speak thou to us, and we will hear thee; 
but let not the Lord fpeak to us, left perchance ve 
die. And Mofa faid to the people : Fear not; for 
God is come to try you, and to make you fear hiniy 
that you may fin no more. And the people ftood 
afar off, and Mo[ei drew near the dark cloudy 
where God was. And the Lord faid to Atofis: 
Thus (halt thou fpeak to the children of Ifrailt 
You have feen that I have fpoke to you from hea- 
ven. You (hall not make Gods of filver, neithel 
fhall you make to yourfelves Gods of gold. Yon 
(hall raife to me an altar of earth, and facrifice 
thereon your holocaufts and peace*ofFerings, your ^ 
(heep and your oxen in every place^ where there J 
(ball be a memorial of my name. 

Gradual. Pf, 6. Take pity on me, O Lordf a 
for I am weak : heal me, O Lord. V, All my % 
bones are (haken ', and my foul is in great diftrefst 

Tract. Deal not with us, O Lord, as abovh .. 
p. 29. 

GOSPEL. Matt. XV. 1 , 20. 

y4T that time: The Scribes and Pbarifees came 

-^ from Jerufalem to JefuSy and faid to him : 

'Why do thydifciples tranfgrefs the traditions of the " 

elders ? For they wa(h not their hands, when they 

eat bread. And he anfwering, faid to them : Why 

do you tranfgrefs even the commandment of God 

for your tradition i For God hath f^id : Honour^ 

thy father and mother. And : He that car/eth /$• 

^ EspL M ny fnnph ii fMc« \^\iU 40^^ 

iif. /» L E N T. 8 J 

ttibtTf kt him bi fut id dsatb. But you 
hoever Aall £iy to father or mother; 
sver I (hall o&r, (hali profit thee; and 
letb not to honour his father or mother : 

vou have made void the commandment 
for vour tradition. O you hypocrites ! 
d Iptiai prophefy of yos, laying: Thit 
mmr nu wukb thiir iips^ but thfirbi^H is 

me. Bat they warfiiip mi in vmn^ teacb* 
b^rhta and csmmandments tf men. Atidy 
ailed the people to him, he faid to them : 
ttd underftand* That which goeth into 
th deiileth not a man : but that deiileth 
hat Cometh out of the mouth. Then his 

came, and faid to him : Knoweft thoii 
Pbarijeei have been fcandalized at hearing 
ou haft faid ? And he anfwering, faid : 
lant which my heavenly Father bath not 

(ball be rooted up. Let them alone: 
7 are, and leaders of the blind. And if 
d man lead another blind man, they both 

the ditch* Then Peter anfwering, (aid 
Expound to us this parable« And he faid : 

alfo as yet without underftanding? Know 
\ that whatever goeth into the mouth, paflf- 
the belly, and is caft out into the privy ? 
things that proceed out of the mouth, come 
I heart, and thefe defiie a man : for out of 
t proceed evil thoughts, mitrders, adttlt&- 
lications, thefta, falfe-witaeffings, blafphe- 
Thefe are the things that defile a man % 
U with UBwafhed hands, doth not defile a 

IRTORY. Pf. io8. Shew me, O Lord, thjr 
for the glory of thy name : for thy mercy 

rive, O Lord, we befeech thee, the prayere 
tby people, together wiA the offoiing «{ 

9a IH. week nur/da,. 

thefe hofis ; and while w.e celebrate thefe thy my- 
fleries, defend us from all dangers. Thro'. 

Communion. P/i i 5. Thou haft made known 
to me the ways of life : the fight of thee will fill 
916 with joy, O Lord. 

POSTCOMMUNION, Sanaificet not. 
1i^ AY the heavenly food, which we have taken, 
^^ fandtify us, O Lord : and freeing us from all 
errors, make us worthy of thy heavenly promifes. 
Let us pray. Bow down your heads to God. 

Prayer. Concede. 
/^ Rant, we befeech thee, O Almighty God, that 
^^ we who beg the favour of thy protection, be- 
ing delivered from all evils, may ferve thee with a 
fecure mind. Thro'. 

The Commemoration at Vespers. 
Anth, To eat with Ant. Non lotis mani- 
unwa&ed handsdothnot bus manducare, non co« 
defile a man. inquinat hominum. 

V. and R. as p. 27. Prayer. Concede* 


Introit. 7 T Am the falvation of my people, 
Pf, 77. ) JL faith the Lord : in whatever tribu- 
lation they cry out to me, I will hear them : and I 
•will be their Lord for ever. P/I Be attentive, O 
my people, to my law ; give ear to the words of 
my mouth. V. Glory. 

COLLECT. Magntficet. 

MAY this facred folemnity of thy holy fervants, 
Cofmas and Damian^ fbew thy greatnefs, O 
Lord i on whicb^ by thy unfpeakable providence^ 

Tburfday. In L E N T. 85 

thou baft beftowed on them ieternal glory, and 
granted us the aid of their prayers. Thro'. 

LESSON. Jer vii. I, ^. 

/N thofe days : The word of the Lord came to 
me, faying : Stand in the gate of the houfe of 
the Lord, and publifh what i tell thee, faying : 
Hear the word of the Lord all you of Juda^ who 
go in at thefe gates to adore the Lord, Thus faith 
the Lord of armies, the God of Ifrael: Amend 
your ways, and your inclinations, and I will dwell 
with you in this place. Truft not in lying words, 
£aying : This is the temple * of the Lord, the tem- 
ple of the Lord, the temple of the Lord. For if 
you dired your ways and inclinations right ; if 
you do juftice between a man and his neighbourly 
if you injure not the firanger, the fatherlefs and the 
widow, and fhed not innocent blood in this place, 
and follow not ftrange Gods to your own prejudice. 
I will dwell with you in this place, in the land I 
have given to your fathers for ever and ever, faith 
the Lord Almighty. 

Gradual. P/I 144. The eyes of all hope in 
thee, O Lord, and thou giveft them their food in 
due feafon. V. Thou openeft thy hand, and filteft 
every animal with thy bleffing. 

GOSPEL. Luke iv. 38, 44. 
j1 T that time: Jefus going out of the fynagogue, 
" entered the houfe of Simon, And Simon's 
wife's mother was ill of a great fever : and they be- 
fought him in her behalf : and he ftanding near her, 
commanded the fever, and it left her. And getting 
^p immediately fhe waited on them. And whea 
it was fun-fet, all that had any fick of various dif- 
tempers, brought them to him : and he laying his 
hands on each of them, cured them. And the de- 

a Expl. The word temple is repeated to expreft the idea tie Jewi 
iad •/ tbtjamaity of tbe temple » 

Vol. IL H 

S6 III. WEEK nurfday. 

vils went out of them, crying aloud and faying: 
Thou art the Son of God : and he rebuking theai» 
fuSered them not to Tpeak, becaufe they knew he 
wa* the Chrijt, And when it was day, he went 
away to a folitary place, and the people fought foe 
him, and coming up to him, they laid hold of him^ 
that he might not depart from them. To whom 
lie faid : I muft publifh the kingdom of God to 
other cities alfo ; for I was fent for that purpofe. 
And he preached in the fynagogues of Galilee. 

Offbrtory. Pf. 137. If I walk in the midft 
of tribulation, thou wilt preferve my life, O Lord : 
and thou wilt firetch forth thy'hand againft the 
wrath of my enemies, and thy right hand (hall 
ijive me. 


WE offer thee, O Lord, on the anniverfary of 
the precious death of thy holy fervants^ 
lihis facrifice, from which their martyrdom, and 
ihat of all others toolc it's beginning. Thro'. 

Communion. Pf. 118. Thou haft ordered thy 
commandments to be ftridUy kept : O that my 
fieps may be always directed fo as to keep thy law i 


MAY this thy facrament, O Lord, procure for 
us that falvation, which we beg for by the 
merits of thy bkffed Martyrs Co/mas and Damiarh 
Let us pray. Bow down your heads to God. 

Praybr. SubjeSfum. 
Tk^AY thy heavenly mercy, O Lord, perpetual- 
^^ ly increase thy peo[de, and make them al- 
ways obedient to thy commandments. Thro'. 

The Commemoration at Vespers. 
Jntb. All that had Jnt. Omnes qui ha- 
iu^jiickperfons^ brought bebaat infirmosy ducc- 

rturfday. In L E N T. Ij 

tbem to JefiiSj afidthey bant illos ad Jejum^ txt 
were heakd. (anabantur. 

V. and R. at p. 27. Prayer. Subjeflum. 


Inthoit. } ]PjHew me, O Lord, a mark of thy 
Pf* 85. 3 o favour 5 that thofe that hate me> 
may fee k, and be confounded : for thou, O Lord, 
faaft helped roe, and comforted me. P/. Lend thifte 
ear, O Lord, and hear me, for I am poor and 
needy. F. Glory* 

COLLECT. Jejunia noftra. 
X ET thy kind favour, O Lord, accompany our 
1 ^ feft, that as we abftain from corporal food^ 
fo we may likewife refrain from all vice. Thro'* 

LESSON. Numb. XX. 2, 13. 
TN thofe days : The children of Ifrael aflembled 
•* together againft Ado/es and Aarori^ and mutini- 
ed, faying : Give us water to drink. And Mofes 
and Aaron going from the people, went into the 
tabernacle of the covenant, and, falling proftratc on 
the ground, cried out to the Lord, and faid : Lord 
God, hear the cry of this people, and open to 
them thy treafure, a fountain of living water, that, 
being fatisfied, they may leave off their murmur- 
ing. And the glory of the Lord appeared over 
them. And the Lord fpoke to Mofes^ faying: 
Take thy rod, and do thou and Aaron thy brother 
aflemble the people together, and fpeak to the rock 
in their prefence, and it (hall yield water. And 
when thou haft brought forth water out of the rock, 
all the people (hall drink, as likewife their cattle. 
Mofes therefore took the rod which was before the 
Lord, as he had commanded him, and having ^^ 

H 2 

88 III. W E.E K FrUay. 

fembled the people before the rock, he faid to them : 
Hear, you rebellious and incredulous people ; ihall 
we be able to bring forth water for you out of this 
rock ? And when Mofes had lifted up his hand» 
and ftriick twice with the rod, water came forth in 
great plenty, fo that both the pisople and their cattle 
drank. And the Lord faid to Mofes and Aaron : 
Becaufe you have not believed ^ me, to fanflify *= 
me before the children ofjfraely you fliall not bring 
this people into the land, which I will give them. 
This is the water of contradidlion, where the chil- 
dren of Ifr^^l murmured againft the Lord, and he 
was fan^tiiied in them. 

Gradual. Pf. 27. My heart trufted in the 
Lord, and I found relief : my flefh is healed, and I 
will with pleafure return him thanks. F. To thee, 
O Lord, have I cried out : anfwer me, O my God^ 
and depart not from me. « 

Tract. Deal not, as ahve^ p. 29. 

GOSPEL. 7^A«iv. 5, 42. 
ji7 that time : Jefus came to a city of Samaria^ 
-^ called 5/VW, near the parcel of ground which 
yacob gave to his fon Jofeph, And Jacobs well 
was there. Jefus therefore being wearied with his 
journey, fat down on the well ; and it was about 
the fixth hour. Then a woman oi Samaria came 
to draw wat^. Jefus faith to her : Give me to 
drink, (for his dilciples were gone into the city to 
buy meat.) Then that Samaritan woman faith to 
him : How is it that thou, who art a Jew^ aflcefl to 
drink of me, who am a Samaritan woman ? For 
the Je%m have no communication with the Samari- 
tans. Jefus anfwered, and faid to her : If thou didft 
know the gift ^ of God, and who it is that faith to 

V b Expl. The oriUrs God gave to Mofes were only to fpeak to ttc 
rock J hut through /ome diffidence or difirufi, hefruck it vwice^ 
c Expl. Tofiem the people 1 luai their Holy One or God. 
^ Expl. The great merey and favour Goddejigni thee, 6y giving 
e^^^ajr o^ortunitj of dijccurjing voitb ine« 

Friday. /» L E N T, ^p 

Lhee, Give me to drink, thou wouldft perhaps have 
afked him, and he would have given thee living 
water. The woman faith to him : Lord, thou haft 
nothing wherein to draw any, and the well is deep ; 
whence then canft thou have any living water / Art 
thou greater than our father Jacoby who gave us this 
well, and drank of it himfelf, and his children, and 
all his cattle? y^/i/J anfwered, and faid to her: 
Whoever drinketh of this water, (hall thirft again ; 
bat whoever drinketh of the water that 1 (ball give 
him, (hall never thirft a^ain : but the water 1 will 
give him, fliall become m him a fountain of water 
ipringing up to eternal life* The woman iaith to 
him : IxHrd give me that water, that I may never 
thirft, nor come hither to draw any. J ejus faith to 
her : Go, call thy hulband, ^nd come hither again. 
The woman anfwered and (aid : I have no huiband, 

?efus faith to her: Thou haft faid right, in faying^ 
have no huft)and : for thou haft had five hufbands, 
and he whom thou now haft, is not thy huft^and : 
in this thou haft fpoke the truth. The woman 
iaith to him : Lord, I perceive thou art a prophet ; 
Dur forefathers adored on this mountain, and you 
fay that JerufaUrh is the place, where we ought to 
adore. J^f^^ faith to her : Woman, believe me, 
the hour cometh, when you ihall adore the Father 
neither on this mountain, nor in Jerufalem. You 
adore what you know not; we adore what we know, 
for falvation^ cometh from among the J^ws. But 
the hour cometh, and is already come, when the 
true worfliippers ftiall adore the Father in fpirit and 
truth : for the Father feeketh fuch to adore him. 
God is a Spirit *, and they who adore him, muft 
adore him in fpirit and truth. The woman faith 
to him : I know the Mejftah (who is called the 
Cbrift) is coming \ and when he cometh, he will 

c Expl. Hbe Sttvkur or MetlRah was to be a defcendant of tC^tL* 
b>a^ ^ f^^ fr/^f of Judabf and of (be Jatml^ qJ D^vid, 

go III. WEEK Friday. 

tell us all things. J{fus faith to her : I, who am 
talking to thee, am he. And immediately his dif- 
ciples came, and wondered to fee him talking with 
the woman. Yet no one faid : What doft thou want, 
or what art thou talking about with her ? The wo- 
man then left her pitcher, and going into the city, 
faith to the men there : Come and fee a man, who 
hath told me all that ever I did : Is he the Chrtft ? 
They went then out of the city, and came to him. 
In the mean time his difciples intreated him, faying: 
Mafter, eat. But he faith to them : I have food 
to eat, which you know nothing of. The difciples . 
therefore faid to one another : Hath any one brought 
him any food ? J^fus faith to them : My food is to 
do the will of him that fent me, and to perfedl his 
work. Don*t you fay. There are yet four months, 

• and then cometh the harveft ? Behold I fay to you, 

• ]ift up your eyes, and fee the fields, for they are 
white already for harvefl. And he that reapetb 
reccivcth wages, and gathereth fruit for life ever- 

' lafling: that both he who foweth, and he who reap- 
etb, may rejoice together. For in this is that fay- 
ing true : 'Tis one that foweth, and another that 
reapeth ; I fent you to reap that for which you la- 
boured not : others took pains, and you have en- 
tered upon their labours. And many of the Sama- 
ritans of that city believed in him on the word of 
the woman, who afiured them : He told me all 
whatever I did. And when the Samaritans were 
come to him, they befought him to flay there. And 
he continued there two days. And many more be- 
lieved in him upon his own word. And they faid 
to the woman : We believe now, not upon thy 
word : for we have heard him ourfelves, and know 
that he is indeed the Saviour of the world. 

Offertory. Pf. 5. My King and my God, 
hear the words of my prayer^ for it is to thee I will 

Saturday. /n L E N T. 91 


WE befeech thee, O Lord, mercifully regard 
the offerings we confecrate to thee, (o that 
they may become acceptable to thee, and always 
advance our falvation* Thro'. 

Communion. John 4. He who (hall drink the 
water, which I fliall give him, faith the Lord, it 
fliall become in him a fountain of water fpringing 
up to eternal life. 


MAY the receiving of this facrament, O Lord, 
deanfe us from fin, and bring us to the 
\m of heaven. Thro*. 
Cet us pray. Bown down your heads to God. 

Prayer. Prajla^ quafumus^ 

GRant, we befeech thee, O Almighty God, 
that we who confide in thy proteSion, may, 
thro' thy grace, overcome all the enemies of our 
laivation. Thro'. 

Thi Commemoration at Vespers. 
Jntb. Lord, I perceive, Jnt. Domine, ut vi- 
thou art a prophet : our deo, propheta es tu : pa- 
forefathers worfhipped tres noftri in monte hoc 
on this mountain. adoraverunt. 

V. andR. asp. 27. Prayer. Praefla, quxfumus. 

S A "^""''"~"~'— 

Introit. 7 TT E A R, O Lord, my words, at- 

P/1 5. 3 JLjL ^^^^ ^^^^ ^y ^^y • hearken to 
the voice of my prayer, O my King and my God. 
,Pf. For to thee, O Lord, will I pray : and in the 
morning thou wilt hear my voice. F. Glory. 

COLLECT. Prof/lay quafnmus* 

GRant, we befeech thee, O Almighty God, that 
they who mortify themfelves by abflinence 
from food, may, by obferving thy holy kw^ ^K^ 
faft from all Bn, Tbro\ 

9>l HI- WEEK Saturday. 

LESSON. Dan, xiii. i, 62. 

/jV tbtfi days: There was a man dwelt in 5^- 
/r;/9;i, whofe name was Joachim : and he mar* 
.ried a woman called Sufannaj the .daughter of 
Hildas^ very beautiful and fearing God. For her 
parents being righteous, had brought up their 
daughter according to the law of Mofes. Now 
Jdochijn was very rich, and he had an orchard ad- 
joining to his houfe: and the ^Jews reibrted to him, 
becauie he was of great efteem among them. In 
that year two Elders were appointed judges over 
the people, concerning whom the Lord had faid : 
Iniquity is come out of BabyUn from the Elders 
the Judges, who feemed to govern <hc people. 
Thefe men frequented Joachim's houfe ; and all, 
who had any bufmefs to be decided, came to them. 
And when the people were gone, about noon ; 
Sufanna went and walked about in her hu{baiKl*8 
orchard. And the Elders faw her go and walk 
there every day : and they burnt with luft after her ; 
and they perverted their underftanding, and turned 
away their eyes, that they might not fee heaven, 
nor remember righteous judgments. And it came 
to pafs, that, when they had pitched on a fit day, 
(he went in, as ihe had done yefterday and the day 
before, only with two maids, and had a mind to 
bathe in the orchard, for the weather was hot. And 
no body was there but the two Elders, who lay 
hid, and beheld her. Then fhe faid to the maids: 
Fetch me the oil and wafliballs, and (hut the 
orchard doors, that I may bathe. And when the 
maids were gone ou(«, the two Elders arofe, and 
running to her, faid : Behold the orchard-doors are 
ihut, and no body feeth us, and we are in love with 
thee ; therefore yield to us, and lye with us. And 
if thou wilt not, we will bear witnefs againfl: thee, 
that there was a young man with thee, and there- 
fore thou fendedft away thy maids. Sufanna fighed^ 
and faid ; I am diftreflcd on every fide ; for k I do 

Saturday. In L E N T. 93 

thisy I die : and if I do it not, I fhall not efcape 
your hands. But it is better for me without fin to 
fall into your hands, than to offend in the fight of 
God. And Sufanna cried out with a loud voice ; 
and the Elders alfo cried out againft her : and one 
ran to the orchard-door and opened it. And when 
the iervants of the houfe heard the noife in the 
orchard, they made hafte through a back-door to 
fee what was the matter. But when the Elders 
had told, the fervants were afhamed very much, 
becaufe never any fuch thing had been faid of Su-' 
fanna. And the next day, when the people came 
to Joachim her hufband, the two Elders alfo came 
full of malice againft Sufanna^ refolving to put her 
to death. And they faid before the people : Send 
for Sufanna the daughter of HelciaSy Joachim's 
wife. And they forthwith fent for her. And (he 
came with her parents and children and all her re- 
lations. And her friends wept, and all that knew 
her. Then the two Elders riflng up in the midft 
of the people, put their hands upon her head : 
and {he weeping lifted up her eyes to heaven, for 
her heart trufted in God. And the Elders faid : 
As we two were walking alone in the orchard, 
this woman came in with two maids : and (hutting 
the orchard-door, (he fent the maids away. And 
a young man, who was hid, came to her, and 
lay with her. But we being in the corner of the 
orchard, and beholding the wickednefs, ran to 
them, and faw them lye together. But we could 
not hold the young man, becaufe he was tooftrong 
for us ; but openiDg the doors, he made his efcape. 
But when we had laid hold of this woman, we 
a(ked her, who the young man was ; but (he would 
not tell us : of all this we are witneiTes. The mul- 
titude gave credit to them, as to Elders and Judges 
of the people, and condemned her to death. Then 
Sufanna cried out with a loud voice, and faid : O 
Eternal God, who JcnoweA what is hidden^ nvW 

94 in. WEEK Satm 

knoweft all things even before they come to ] 
thou knoweft they have born falfe witnefs ag: 
me : and behold I am to die, although I have < 
nothing of all that, which they have malicic 
forged againft me. And the Lord heard her v< 
And as fhe was led to execution, the Lord r< 
up the holy fpirit of a youth whole name was 
uiel: and he cried out aloud : I am clear of 
woman's blood. And all the people turning 
wards him, faid : What is that which thou 
faid ? Who ftanding in the midft of them, i 
Are you fo foolifh, you children of Ifrael^ \ 
without judging aright^ or difcovering the tf 
you have condemned a daughter of Ifrael ? Re 
back to judgment, for they have borne falfe 
nefs againft her. Then the people went bac 
hafte. And Daniel faid to them : Separate t 
onefrom another, and I will examine them, 
when they were feparated from one another 
called one of them, and faid to him : O thou 
art grown old in wickednefs, thy tins are 
come out "*, which thou haft heretofore comm 
in giving unjuft judgments, oppreffing the i; 
cent, and difcharging the guilty ; though the J 
bath faid thou fiialt not put to death the inno< 
nor the righteoua man. Now therefore, if 
iaweil her, tell me under what tree thou did! 
them talking together ? Who anfwered, und 
maftick-tree. Then Daniel faid : Thou haft j 
lied againft thy own life. Behold the angel o 
Lord, according to the fentence pafTed by 
ihall cut thee in two. Then, he being put 2 
he commanded the other to come, and faid to 1 
Thou offspring of Canaan j and not ofjuday b( 
hath deceived thee, and luft hath pervertec 
heart : thus have you done before now wit) 
daughters of I/raeij and they, through fear, 
canver&d with you: but this daughter of 

'^ Or, «i8ie iifonibn« 

iff- /» L E N T. 9^ 

not bear with your wickednefs. Now there- 
tell me under what tree didft thou find them 
g together ? Who faid, under an holm. Then 
r/ (aid to him : Thou haft alfo lied juftly 
ft thy own life : for the angel of the Lord is 
ig with a fword to cut thee in two, and kill 
Upon this all the aflembly cried out with a 
voice, and bleiTed God, who faveth thofe that 
in him. And they arofe againft the two EU 
, for Daniel had proved them guilty, from 
own words, of having borne falfe witncifi. 
they did to them, even as they had maliciouf- 
tended againft their neighbour, and put them 
;ath i and innocent blood was faved on that 

RADUAL. Pf. 22. Though I fhould walk in 
midft of the (hades of death, I will fear no 
I, becaufe thou, O Lord, art with me. F. Thy 
k and thy ftafF have been my comfort, 

GOSPEL. 7^A«viii. I, II. 
Vtbat tifM : Jtfus went to mount Olivet: and 
early in the morning came again into the tem- 
and all the people came to him, and fitting 
D he taught them. And the Scribes and Phari^ 
wringing to him a woman taken ih adultery, and 
ig her in the middle, they faid to him : Ma- 
this woman hath juft now been taken in adul- 

And Mofes in the law hath commanded us 
one fuch an one. What therefore fayeft thou ? 
s tbey (laid tempting him, that they might have 
rthing to accufe him of. B\it Jefm ftooping 
n, writ with his finger on the ground. But 
continuing to afk him, he lifted himfelf up, 
faid to them : He that is without fin amons 
, let him throw the firft ftone at her. And 
a ftooping down, he wrote on the ground* 
en they heard this, they went away one aftet 
hco htgwnijjg from the cidcft : and Jefui it* 

g6 III. WEEK, (^c. Saturday. 

mained alone, and the woman (landing in the mid- 
dle. Then Jifus lifting himfelf up, faid to her : 
Woman, where are they that accufed thee i Hath 
nobody condemned thee ? Who faid : Nobody, 
Lord. And Jefus faid : Neither will I condemn 
thee : Go, and now fin no more. • 

. Offertory. Pf. ii8. Dire£l my fteps accord- 
ing to thy law, that no injuftice may reign in me, 


GRant, we befeech thee, O Almighty God, 
that the offering of this facrifice may cleanfe 
and proteA our frail nature from all evil. Thro*. 

Communion. John 8. Woman, hath nobody 
condemned thee? Nobody, O Lord. Neither will 
I condemn thee ; now fin no more. 


WE befeech thee, O Almighty God, that we 
may be reckoned among his members^ 
whofe body and blood we partake of. Who liveth. 

Let us pray. Bow down your heads to God. 

Prayer. Pretender Domine, 

STretch forth, O Lord, over thy people, the 
right hand of thy heavenly aid, that they may 
feek thee with their whole heart, and mercifully 
obtain what they a(k for as they ought. Thro% 

The Commemoration at Vespers. 
Anth. Woman, hath Ant. Nemo te con- 
nobody condemned theef demnavit, mulier ? Ne*^ 
Nobody, O Lord : nei- mo, Domine : nee ego 
ther will I condemn te condemnabo ; jaoi 
thee ; fin now no more, amplius noli peccare. 

V. and R. as p. 27. Prayer, Concede. CoU 
left oftO'tnomw. 

IV. SUNDAY, e?r. 9^ 



Church feems to forget, in the Mafs of this 
, the fentiments of pennance and of forrow, 
1 (he hath been taken up from the beginning 
The reafon of this is, that formerly fuch as 
reive baptifm at Eajierj were enregiftered after 
n examined this week. Befides, (he faw the 
ipproaching for the reconciliation of the Peni- 
•m fhe had fabjedted to publick pennance on 
f/^y. The future birth therefore of thofe, who 
!d worthy of the grace of* baptifm ; and the re- 
to a new life of feveral of her children, who, 
g gone aflray, return to God by a fincere con* 
the fubjedt of the Church's joy on this day. 

) S. Introit. 
cc, O Jenifa- 
': and meet to- 
1 you who love 
>icc exceeding- 
ivho have been 
, that you may 
joy, and fuck 
y from her 
your comfort, 
ve rejoiced at 
1 been told me : 
o go up to the 
the Lord. F» 

Ifaias Ixvi. Pf. cxxi. 

L^tare, Jerufalem^ 
&' conventum fa- 
cite omnes qui diligitis 
earn : gaudete cufh lae- 
titia, qui in triftitia fun 
iAis, ut exwltetis, & fa* 
tiemini ab uberibus<:on- 
folationis veftrae. P/[i2i: 
Laetatus fum in his, quas 
didla funt mihi : in do- 
mum Domini ibimus* 
V- Gloria. 

COLLECT. Conc^di. 
t, we befeech thee, O Almighty God, that 
, who are juftly afflifted according to our 
, may be relieved by thy comforting grace. 

i P I S T L E. GaL IV. 22, 31. 
en : It is written, that Abraham had two 
; the one by a bond -maid* the oOaex \)V 
U. 1 ' 

^8 IV. SUNDAY ^^^>. 

a free-w«inam. But he that wis of the bond-wo- 
man, was born according to the flelh ^ : but he by 
the free-woihah ii\ virttTe of it p^oriiife : now thefe 
thiHrt vrere faid by way of allcJgory * #. For th«fc 
stf6 ha two co^en^nts. On6 ;9t/tf^/ on ihoiint ii- 
fkti^ Wll^ch bf ingeCh fortb to bondage ; and ihie is 
Agar. For $inai is a mountain of AraUoy • and 
hath a referience to ^erufalem^ that now is, and is 
in bondage with her children. But that Jtrufo^ 
Urn, which is above, is free, aAd is ottr motbcr » 
Ftfr ic i^ Written : Rejoicr th§Uy tuha iift karmif 
ami that kiurtjl n9t : inai ftrtb^ ^atti cry 4bt^ tifW 
that brhigift ft9t /affh : fir Jhi (hat bad m hnfiMdi 
haih fMTe ihfUr^ than fht that bath a bvfbaHd. 
But Wr, brethrtti, arc the thildrtn of the pronfrife, 
as Ifaac was. But, as then^ he who was b<>rr! kc- 
cordhig to the flefti, pcrfecuted him that WM hvm 
According to the fpiriC; fo it is alfo ik>w. 6llt 
what faith the fcripture ? Caji out the b$nd'Wcman 
and hir fon : for tht fin of the bond-woman Jhall mi 
be heir n/ith the fon of the free-ivoman. Therefore^ 
brethren, we are not the children of the b€>lid- 
womaa, but of the free-woman ; and it was Chrift 
that pnrchafed us that freedotn. 

GRADUAL. Pf ctxi. 

Ir^oicedatwbathad Lsetatus fum lA his 

b^n told me : we are qwae di£ta funt mihi : in 

to go up to the houfe domum Domini ibimos. 

of the Lord. F'. May /^. Fiat pax in vrrtulft 

peace be on thy ram* tua : & abundantisi Hi 

parts; and plemy with- tutrtbns tuis. 
hi thy walls. 

TRACT. Pf.QxxW. 
They, who truft in Qui confidunt iia Do- 
the Lord, are as mount iHind, ficut ihokis Sion : 

It EitpL ^ ttbtr ik^ an, of « ^tfkwir witBm (be lifuat tttiht ^ 
iift f^r btaring 9bildreu9 

i ExpU Tjfi and fguTU 

M^fi. ft L E N T. 99 

in ^ier^m% <b9U ni:* lec^rmun, quj habits in 

ar^ HKHinMifts iH). every ia cwuku ejiw^ & D^ 
9f \U ^n4 i^ h^^ RiinAifi in cir>ciMitu pop^^i 

tncompailbth his people ftti, ex hpc luw^ ^ ^(> 
both now and fot ev«r- i^uic in faeculuo)^ 

GOSPEL. 7dA« vi. I, ic. 
jfTtbat time : Jefus croffed over the fesL^Gali'- 
" legj which is that of Tibirias : and a great mul- 
titude followed him,becaufe they faw xh^ miracles 
he wrought on thofe that were difeafed. Jefut^ 
therefore went up a mountain : and fat there with 
his difciples. And the Puffiver^ a feaft of the Jews^ 
vat Dear. When Jefui therefore had lifted up his 
eyes, and (aw that a very great mvkit^e w^s jco- 
nipg to hia)^ he {^\i %o Philip : Wh^re (hall wfi 
buy bread for thefe people to eat ? And this he faid 
to try (liiOi for he ki^ew what he w;is going to do. 
fbilip anfwered hi^ • Two hundred penny-worth 
of bread is not enough for them, for every one to 
have only a little piece. One of his difciples, Jn^^ 
drew the brother ofSimpn Peter ^ faith to him : ihrp 
is a boy that hath five *^bafley loaves^ and two 
filbes : but what are thfsfe among b many ? Then 
J^us faid : Make the men fit down : for th^re was 
a great deal of grafs in that place. Then the men 
(at down, being in number about five thoufand. 
Then ye/us took, the loaves ; and having given 
thanks, he diftributed them to thofe that were fat 
down : as likewife of the fifhes, as much as they 
had a mind for. And when they had eat enough, 
he faid to his difciples : Gather up the fragments, 
which are left, that they may not be loft. They 
gathered the«i up therefore, and filled twelve baskets 
with the fragf»cnts of the five barley loaves, which 
were left by thofe who had ^aten. Then thofe 

I 2 

lOO IV. W E E K Vifpers. 

men, having feen the miracle wrought by JifuSy 
faid : This is certainly the prophet, who is to come 
into the world. And when Jefus pecceived that 
they were about to come and take him by force 
to make him King, he withdrew again alone tnto 
the mountain. Credo. 

OFFERTORY. Pf. cxxxiv, 
Praife the Lord, for Laudate Dominum, 

he is good : fmg to his quia benignus eft: pfallite 

name, for he is fweet : nomini ejus, quoniam 

he hath done whatever fuavis eft: omnia quae- 

he pleafed, both in hea- cumquae voluit, fecit in 

ven and on earth. ccelo & in terra. 


WE befeech thee, O Lord, mercifully regard 
this prefent facrifice, that it may both in- 
creafc our devotion, and advance our falvation. 

COMMUNION.. P/.cxxf. 
yerufalenty which is Jerufalemy quae aedi- 
built likeacity,aUwhofe ficatur ut civitas, cujus 
parts* arc joined toge- participatio ejus in idip- 
ther : for it was thither fum : illuc enim afcen-' 
the tribes went up, the derunttribus,tribus Do- 
tribes of the Lord, to mini, ad confitendum 
praife thy name, O Lord, nomini tuo, Domine. 


/^Rant, we befeech thee, O merciful God : that 
^^ we may fincerely refpeft, and receive with faith 
thy holy myfteries, with which thou daily feedeft 
us. Thro'. 

Little Chapter. Beginning of the Epistle 
to #, p. 97. Hymn, V. and'R, as p. 26. 

* Expl. jt/i wbefi bcufes are new rebuilt, and are conUgu9Mt t$ 
9K« another { tvhereat, during the capth/ity^ then xvas enljf here and 
there an boufe. St. Cbryf* 

Mmdaif. In L E l>f T. ror 

A»tb. ye/us tbetefove Ant. Subiit jergo .ia 
mctttt Aip the iinouatain, moniem J^fus^ U ibi jGi- 
asd there fat with his debat ciun dUcipuJiis 
diici{^. 6ib« 

Prayejl. Collet at Mais, p. 97. 


M A § «. 

iKTapiT. ?iQAV^.rof^ OQoA^ by tjiy iP3flx«, 
/y* 53- l\3»^ t^f^ roe ,by thy fgp^v : (^ 

/^Rant, we be&^ch tbe€i» O Almighty Gatf, ^hftt 
^ ve» who anouaily celebrate this hdy fafts fO^f^ 
ht well pleaimg to thoe both io. body ^i>d DMnij}. 

L E S SON. 3 giftis m. ij6, a8> 

/N thofe days : Tw9 ynomexi th»t wcise b^Flota* 
^s^me-to )L\t^Splpm^n^ ^n^l ftopd before him^^nd 
jMiepf thi^m (aidi j befeech thee,4ny t'Ord, hear nie : 
Ij^d -t.hi3 .won>an (dwett in (he fafne houft^ and 1 
was delivered oi a child in the chamber with ber« 
And th^ jthird ^v after I w^s delivered) this wpfnati 
was delivered alfo; and we were together, and 
there was nobody in the houfebefidesusiwo. And 
ia the night this woman's child died, far {he over- 
bid it in her fle^p \ and (he arofe 9t jnidpight, and 
taking my chiM from thy h^nd^^naaid's fide wiiile 
Iflept, Ae laid It in her ow4i bo(bm, and her .dead 
child ihe laid in my bofom : and when I arofe in 
the morning to give my child fuck, behold it was 
dead : but baviiig viewed it mocc attentively by 

I 2 

102 IV. W E E K mfidof. 

day-light, I found it was not the child of which I 
had been delivered. And the other woniiah an- 
fwered : 'Tis not as thou fayeft :.<but it is thy child 
whjch is dead, and mine that liveth. On the con- 
trary (he replied : Thou Heft; for my child is alive, 
and thine is dead. In this manner they wrangled 
before the king. Then the king faid : The one 
faith : 'Tis my child which is alive, and thine is 
dead : and the other replieth^: Nq ; but 'tis thy child 
is dead, and mine is alive. And the king faid : 
Bring me a fword. And a fword being,brought be- 
fpre the king, he faid : Divide the child that is alive 
in the middle, and give half to one and half to the 
other. Then the wonfian^, that was the mother of 
the living child, faid to the king, (for her bowe)^ 
were moved for her child) I befeech thee, my Lord, 
give her the child alive, and kilt it not. But, oh 
the contrary, the 6ther faid : Let it be neither mine 
nor thine, but divide it. Then the king anfwered 
and faid : Give this woman the child alive, and let 
it not be killed, for (he is the mother of it. And 
all Ifrael heard of the judgment the king had^glveo, 
and they feared the king : for they faw the wifdom 
of God was with him to do juftice. 

Gradual. Pf, 30. Be to me a protefling God, 
and a place of refuge to fave me. V. Pf^TO. In 
thee, O. God, have I put my truft ; never let me 
})e put to (hame. 

Tract. Deal not, £sfr. as above^ p. 29. 

GOSPEL. John ii. 13, 25. 
jiT that time ; The Pajfover of the Jews was 
"^^ near, and Jefus went up to JerufaUm. And 
he found in the temple men that fold oxen, and 
flieep, and doves, and bankers fitting. And, ha- 
ving made, as it were, a whip of fmall cords, he 
drove them all out of the temple, as well as the 
oxen and fheep, and he threw down the bankers 
money, and overturned their tables : and faid to 

Monday. ^ .L E N T.. lOj 

them that fold doves: Take thefe things away, anct 
make not my Father's houfe a houfe of trade. And 
bis difciples remembered that it is written : Axeal 
fir thy houfe bath eaten me up. Then the Jews an- 
fwered and faid to him : What fign iheweft thou, 
that thou doeft thefe things ^ Jefus anfwered and 
iaid to them : Deflroy this temple, and in three 
days I will raife it up. Then the Jews faid : This 
temple was fix*and-forty years building, and wilt 
thou raife it up in three days? But he fpoke of the 
temple of his body. And when he was rifen from 
the dead, his difciples remembered he had faid this^ 
and they believed the fcripture, and what Jefus had 
faid. And being in Jerufalem at the Pajfover on 
the feAival-day, many believed, in his name, feeing 
the miracles he did. But Jefus trufted not himfelf 
to them, becaufe he knew all men, and needed not 
any fliould inform (lim . concerning man: for he 
knew what was in man. 

Offertory. P/. 99. Cing to God all the earth, 
ferve the Lord with joy : come before him with 
gladnefs, for he the Lord is God* 

\^AY the facrifice we have offered to thee, O 
^^ Lord, always give us life, and defend us. 

Communion. Pf 18. Cleanfe me, O Lord, 
from my hidden fins, and free thy fervant from 
tbofe of other men. 

\if AY the receiving of thefe faving myfleries, we 
^*^ befeech thee, O Lord, advance our eternal 
redemption. Thro'. 

Let us pray. Bow down your heads to God. 

Prayer. Deprecatlonem. 

WE befeech thee, O Lord, mercifully hear 
our prayer, and grant us thy protection, 
as it is thou infpirefl us to afk it. Thro*. 

:?iH IV. WEEK ruifJUq. 

jfuib. UtAref this jtHt..Soivitc^cmpbjLm 

temple, fiith the Lotdy hoc, ididt Dsininus, & 

•And «f|ier dwee idays i poftimdiMuni«»dificaibp 

wHA TcbcrrU 'it t wA this iikid : ilioc auiein diceiMtt 

lie faid jof the tQii\plc jff 4e templo corporis fui. 
iMB body. 

V. 4md R, at p. 27. Pra-tbr. Ocprecfttionem 

T U E JS D A Y. 

MAS s; 

7^- 54- I Vy <^(^ AQt ipy jie^tjoin : }ook ^ 
«»c, »nd Jl^tj^r me. P/. I J9& fijUed with fprraw ^jji 

«»y CRettjtf »nd ,tb^ ^di^^^i^ of ib^e /Miner* ^^ 

COLLECT. Sficr^nfibis. 

WK befee^h thee, O Lord, that the holy fail 
we ot)fi?rve, may %c to our iiQprovement 
\n hofy converfation ; a;)d draw down upon us tjie 
confiant fuccours of thy mercy. Thro . 

LESSON. Ex^d* KXKxu 7, 14. 

/AT ^iJ^ is^flfyj : The Lord fpoke to Mo/es^ feyifig : 
Gi> -down from the •mopnt.: for ihy -peopue^ 
which thou haft broujght put of the land of Efyf4y 
bath finned. They 'have foon foriakcn «h« wayy 
which thou haft ftiewed them ; and ^they 4iave 
made to themfelves a molten ceilf, and adored it ^ 
andiofibring facci^ces to it, hav^e faid : Tfaefe are 
ihy Gods? O IJrjiil,' who brought th^e out of thie 
land of £gyfi* And th? Xiord faid again jto M$f$i :■ 
I fee this is a ftubborn people : Jet me abne^ .that 
my Awrgth i?iayi>e .kindled .s^inft thern, and th«it X 
may deftroy them, and I will make of thee a great 
nation, But Mofts befought the Lord his God, 
feying: Why is thy anger raifed,-0 Lord, agaiqft 
thy people, wJhicbiho.ui«aft brought out «f the land 

ruefdaj. In LENT. 105 

of Egypt with great power, and a mighty hand. 
Let not the Egyptians fay, I befeech thee ; he hath 
craftily brought them out, to kill them in the moun- 
tains, and to confume them from the face of the 
earth : let thy anger ceafe, and be appeafed with 
regard to the iniquity of thy people. Remember 
Jlhrahaniy Ifaac^ and Ifrael^ thy fervants, to whom 
thou didft (wear by thyfelf, faying : I will multiply 
your feed as the ftars of the heavens ; and all this 
land, of which I fpoke, I will give to your feed, and 
you (hall poflefs it for ever. And the Lord was 
appeafed, fo as not to do the evil which he had 
fpoke againfi his people. 

Gradual. Pf'^l* Arife, OLord, fuccourus, 
and deliver us for the fake of thy own name. F. 
We have heard, O God, with our own ears, and 
our forefathers have related to us the work thoii 
didil in their days, and in the ages paft. 

GOSPEL. John\\u 14, 31. 
jT that time : The fefiival-day being now half 
^ fpent, Jefus went up into the temple, and 
taught. And the ^^wj wondered, faying: How 
knoweth this man letters, having never learned? 
Jefus anfwered them, and faid : My do6lrine is not 
my own, but his that fent me. If any will do his 
will, he will know ^ of my doftrine, whether it be 
from God, or whether I fpeak from myfelf : he that 
fpeaketh of himfelf, feekcth his own glory: but he 
that feeketh the glory of him that fent him, he iis 
true, and injuftice is not in him. Did not Mofes 
give you the law f And yet hone of you keep the 
law. Why feek you to kill me ? The people an- 
fwered, and faid : Thou art poffeffed with a De- 
vil : Who feeketh to kill thee ? Jefus anfwering, 
faid to them : I have done one thing, and you all 
wonder. Now Mofes gave you circumcifion, (not 
that it came from Mofes^ but from the fathers) and 
you circumcife a man on the Sahbath-day» If a man 

^ Off Hi VfiU bt abU to judge of my do&ritte% 

io6 IV- WEE K. Tuf/dn. 

lecciv^ circumcifion cui the Saibatk^d^y that tbc^ 
bw of Ai^i may npt bo brqkr ; are you 9Bgry sit 
j|ltf» becaufe I have healed a whole man on the/i^- 
k4tl>-4af? Judge not according to appearances, )Hit 
judge jiift judgment. Then faid fome of Jsruf^ 
Urn : Is not this he, whom they feek to kill i &- 
hoU he fpeaketh in publick, and they fay n^hing 
to him. Have the Rulers found out for certain that 
Im if th« Chrifi? But we know from whence tbia 
man is : but when the Cbriji ihall come, no onp 
knoweth froip whence he is. Jefus therefore crie4 
out i^loud in (he temple teaching, and faying : Yp^ 
both know me, and you knpw from whence I am. 
An4 I am not come of myfelf, but be that fent me 
is trqe ^ whom yoa know not. I knpw him, bo«- 
caufe I am '^ of him^ and he fent me. Thef 
/ought therefore to (eize him, but nobody laid ha9d9 
on him, becaufe his hour was not yet GoniMe. i^q^ 
many of the people believed in him. 

Offertory. Pf. 39. I h^ve waited without 
))eing tired for the llord, and he hath looked up<^ 
me : and he hath heard n^y prayer : and hp battt 
{Hit in my mouth a new canticle, a hymn to oitf 


MAY this offering, O Lord, we bcfeech thcp^ 
cleanfe away our fins : and fani£tify both 
(lies apd foul^ of thy fervants for worthily 
cel^rating this facrifice* Thro'. 

Communion, /yi 19. We will rejoice in thy 
falvation : and we will glory in the nan^e of the 


MAY the receiving of this f;iu:rament, O Lof<d, 
purify us frog} fm» ^ bring us to thp k^ng* 
^lom pf }»eayen. Thi'o'. 

imre wt'df /^im» 

Hb^iif. /« L E N t. fo7 . 

L^ 4ia ptvf. BoW down your heads to God, 

Prayer. Miferere. 

rAKC compaffion, O Lord^ on thy people i 
and mercifully refresh them latx>uring under 
otiniial. tribulations. Thro'* 

Thi GdMMEMORAtlOH at VE9t*£ltd. 

diab. No ont taid Ant. Nemo in eutti 

mds on binri : becaufe mHit manirm: quia noft- 

t hour was not yet dum renerat hora ejus, 

y. 4nd R« tftf p^ 27^ PftAVEit. Miferere. 



;z/f^. 36. I VV ^d ' amoitgft you, I will ga« 
ber you from all nations: and I will pour upon you 
lean water, and you (hall be deanfed from all your 
DS s and I will give you a new fpirit. Pf. 33. I 
rill praife the Lord at all times : his praife ihall be 
[ways in my mouth. F. Glory. 

Immidiafefy a/ur the Kyrie ele'ifon is faid : 

Let us pray. 
Let us kneel down. r Ie£tamus genua. R* 
I, Stand up again. Levate. 

COLLECT. Dius, qui. 

^God, who giveft to the righteous the reward 
Of their good Works, and by falling pardon 
» finn^rs : have mercy on thy fuppliants, that the 
ckAowledgnMnt of our guilt may ptiocure ws the 
emiffion 6f our fins. Thro*. 

LESSON. £7tech. xxxvi. 23, 28. 
r^HVS faith the Lord God: I will fanflify mjr 
^ sreat name ^, which hath been profaned among 
he heathens, which you profaned in the midft of 

108 IV. W E E K JFedntfday. 

them : that the heathens may know that I am the 
Lord, when I (hall be fandified * amongft you be- 
fore their eyes. For I will take you out from among 
the heathens, and gather you together from all 
countries, and bring you into your own land. And I 
will pour upon you clean water, and you (ball be 
cleanfed from all your filthinefs, and I will cleanfe 
you from all your idols. And I will give you a new 
neart, and I will put a new fpirit within you. And 
I will take away the (lony heart out of your bodies, 
and give you a heart of flefh. And I will put my 
fpirit within you, and will caufe you to walk in my 
precepts, and obferve my ordinances and pradtife 
them. And you (hall dwell in the land, which I 
gave to your fathers ; and you (hall be my people, 
and I will be your God, faith the Almighty. 

Gradual. Pf» 33. Come, my children, and 
hear me 5 1 will teach you the fear of the Lord. P. 
Come near him, and be enlightened, and your face 
fiiall not be covered with fhame. 

11. COLLECT. Prafla^ quafumuu 
~~ Rant, we befeech thee, O Almighty God, that 

\ the devotion, which makes us. punifh our- 

felves by this yearly faft, may alfo make us rejoice: 
to the end that, fuppreffing in ourfelves all earthly 
afFeftions, we may more eafily receive thy heavenly 
infpirations. Thro'. 

II. LESSON. Ifaiarx. 16,19. 
Cr'HUS faith tht Lord God: Wafli yourfelvesj 
-^ be clean, and remove out of my fight your 
wicked defigns. Leave off doing evil, learn to do 
good. Seek judgment **, relieve the oppreffed, do 
juftice to the fatherlefs, defend the widow. Then 
come, and complain of me, faith the Lord. Tho' 
your fins be as fcarlet, they (hall be as white as 

a ExpK WbiM Ifialljhow that I am your H^/y one, or Codt 
b ExpU JSxaoune befort your judgi* 


edmfditf. /» L E N T. IQ9 

)w : and tho' they be red like crimfon, they iball 
come white as wooll. If you confent, and hear 
e, you fliall eat the good things of the earth, y^iV& 
t Lord Almighty. 

Gradual. Pf, xxxii. Blefled is the nation that 
ath the Lord for it's God, and bleiled is the people 
le Lord hath chofen for his inheritance. F. By 
ie word of the Lord were the heavens made, and 
J the breath of his mouth all the hofts thereof* 

Tract. Deal not, CfTr. as abovt^ p, 29. 

GOSPEL. John ix. i, 38. 
J T that time : Jefus paffing by, faw a man that 
^ had been blind from his birth: and his dif- 
iples put this queftion to him : Mafter, who hath 
inned, this man or his parents, that he was born 
Jind i y^fus anfwered : Neither he nor his pa- 
ents finned ; but that the works of God may be 
Qanifefted in him *• I mufl: do the work of him 
hat fent me, while it is day : the night cometh, 
i^hen no one can work. As long as I am in the 
wrld, I am the light o( tHe world. When he had 
iid this, he fpit on the ground, and having made 
lay with the fpittle, he fpread the clay on his eyes, 
nd faid to him : Go wa(h in the pool ofSiioe (which 
gnifieth, A/ that is fent.) He went therefore and 
ra(bed, and came back feeing. The neighbours 
lierefore, and fuch as had feen him before, (for 
e was a beggar) faid : Is not this he that fat and 
egged ? Some faid, this is he : others faid, No ; 
ut it is one like him. But he faid : I am he. Then 
hey faid to him : How were thy eyes opened ? 
le anfwered : That man, who is called Jefus^ 
nade clay and anointed my eyes, and faid to me; 
jo to the pool of Siloe and wafb. And I went and 
vafbed, and received my fight. And they faid to 
um : Where is he i He faid : I know not. They 
Vol. II. K 

IICJ IV. W E E K mdnefda,.^ 

bring liim, who had been blind, to the Pharifees^ 
And it was the Sabbath-day^ when Je/us made the 
clay and opened his eyes. Then the Pharifies 
afked him again, how he had received his fight i 
And h€ faid to them : He put clay on my ej«s, 
and I wafhed, and now I fee. Then fome oi the 
Pharifees faid : This man is not of God, who 
keepeth not the Sabbath-day. But others faid: 
How can a man, that is a fioner, do fuch mirades 1 
And there was a diflention among them. They 
MA therefore again to the blind -man : Whatfayei: 
thoa of him, that opened thy eyes i And he faid: 
He is a Prophet, The Jews therefore would not 
believe that he ever had been blind, and had re- 
ceived his fight, till they called the parents of hiRi| 
i^o had received his iight: and they aiked them^ 
faying : Is this your fon, who, you fay, was born 
blind i How then doth he now fee ? His parents 
sinfwered them, and faid : We know this mam to 
be Our fon, and that he was born blind ; but by 
what means he now feeth, we know not : neither 
know we whq hath opened his eyes : AHc him ; be 
is of a|e ; let him (peak for himfelf. His parents 
faid this, becaufe thev feared the Jews: for the 
yavs had now refolved, that if any one ihould con- 
fefs him to be the Chriji^ he fhouid be put out of 
the fynagogue *• For this reafon his parents faid : 
He is of age \ aik him. Then they called again 
the man that had been blind, and faid to him: 
Give glory to God ; we know this man is a fin- 
ner. He faid therefore to them : Whether he be 
a finner, or no, I know not : but one thing I know; 
that whereas I was blind, I can now fee. Then • 
they faid to him : What did he do to thee ? How 
did he open thine eyes ? He anfwered them : I hav« 
told you already, and you have heard : Why would 
you hear it again f Have you a mind to become hts . 
difciples ? Then they reviled him, and faid : JBe 

Wida$fhj. In LENT. in 

thou his difciple ; but we are the difciples of M^fes. 
We know God fpoke to Mofes ; but as for this 
man, we know not whence he is. The man an- 
fwered, and faid to them : There is fomething. 
wonderful inthat you (hould not know from whence 
he is, when be hath opened my eyes : for we know 
God heareth not tinners : but if any one be a fer- 
vant of God, and do his will, him he heareth. 
Since the world began it was never heard, that any 
ooe opened the eye$ of a man born blind* If this 
nan was not of God, he could not do any thing. 
They anfwered and faid to him : Thou waft wholly 
born in fms, and doft thou teaeh us? And they 
caft ^ him out. Jifus heard that they had caft him 
out, and having found him, he faid to him : Be- 
lieveft thou in the Son of God f He anfwered and 
laid : Who is he, Lord, that i may believe in him ? 
And y^fus faid to him : Thou haft feen him, and 
'tis he that is talking to thee. And he faid : Lord> 
I believe ; and falling down ^ he adored him.- 

Offertory. -P/* 65. O ye Gentiles^ blefs the 
Lord our God, and make heard the voice of his 
fraife : who hath preferved my life, and hath not 
permitted my feet to flip. Blef&d is the Lord, who 
hath not reje£ted my prayer, nor turned afide his 
nercy from mie. 


WE humbly befeech thee, O Afmighty God, 
that our fms may be cleanfed away by this 
facriiice ; becaufe then thou wilt bellow on us true 
health both of body and foul. Thro' 

Communion. John g. The Lord made clay of 
fpittle, and anointed my eyes : and I went and 
wafbed and faw, and believed in God. 


MAY the myfteries, O Lord our God, which 
we have received, both feed our fouls, and 
prote<3 our bodies. Thro'. 

k£j»l. ExcommuaicgUd btm, c Here all kneel down* 

K 2 

112 IV. WEEK. mdnefday. 

Let us pray. Bow down your heads to God. 

Prayer, Pateant. 

MAY the ears of thy mercy, O Lord, be 
, opened to the prayers of us thy fervants : 
and that we may obtain the efFe£t of our petitions, 
grant us to afk what is pleaflng to thee. Thro' 

Thi Commemoration at Vespers. 

>fo/i&. That man, who Ant. Ule homo, qui 

is called Jefus^ made dicitur Jefus^ lutum fe- 

clay of his fpittle, and cit ex fputo, & linivt^ 

anointed my eyes, and ocuios meos, & modc^ 

now I fee. video. 

Y, and R. asp. 27. Prayer. Pateant. 



iNTROiTr 7 T ET the hearts of thofe, who feck 
Pf, 1 04. 3 I J the Lord, be glad : feek the Lord, 
and, be flrengthened : always feek his prefence. , 
Pf. Pralfe the Lord and call on his name : publilh 
his works among the Gentiles. V. Glory. 

COLLECT. PraJ^Qy quafumus. 

C^Rant we befeech thee, O Almighty God, 
J" that the devotion, which makes us punrfli 
ourielves by this yearly faft, may alfo make us re- 
joice : .to the end that fuppreffing in ourfelves all 
earthly afFeftions, we may more eafily receive thy 
heavenly infpirations. Thro'. 

LESSON. 4 Kings iv. 25, 38. 

, JN thofe days : A Sunamitefs came to Elifeus on 

-^ mount Carmel: and when the man pf God 

faw her coming towards him, he faid to Gle%i his 

fervant : Behold ih^it Sunamitefs : go therefore and 

meet her, and fay to her : 1% ^.W wtll vrUb thee 

Thwrfiay. ht LENT. rrj 

and with thy hufband, ahd with thy child I And 
(he anfwered : All is well. And being come unto 
the mount to the man of God, flie took hold of 
his feet : and Gie%i came to put her away. But 
the man of God faid : Let her alone : for her foul 
is in anguilh) and the Lord hath concealed it, and 
hath not made it known to me. And (he faid : Did 
I defire a fon of my Lord ? Did I not fay : Do not 
deceive me ? And be faid to Gie%i : Gird thy loins, 
and take my llaiF in thy hand, and go. If any man 
meet thee, falute him not : and if any one faluce 
thee, anfwer him not : and lay my flafF on the 
bee of the child. But the child's mother faid : As 
the Lord liveth, and as thy foul liveth, I will not 
leave thee. He arofe therefore and followed her. 
And Giezi was gone before them, and had laid the 
ftaff on the child's face ; but he bad neither voice> 
nor feeling : and he went back again to meet him» 
and told him, faying : The child arofe not. Eli- 
ftus therefore went into the houfe, and behold the 
child lay dead on his bed : and being come in, he 
fiiut the door upon himfelf and the child, and pray- 
ed to the Lord. And ridng up, he lay upon the 
child, and put his mouth upon his mouth, and his 
eyes upon his eyes, and his hands upon his hands, 
and he ftretched himfelf upon him ; and the fiefh 
of the child grew warm. Then arifiog, be walked 
once to and fro in the houfe, and went up again, 
and laid hiififelf upon him: and the child gaped (even 
times, and opened his eyes. Then he called Gieziy 
and faid to him : Call the Sunamitefs. Who being 
called, went to him. He faid to her : Take thy 
fon. She came, and threw herfelf at his feet, and 
fell proftrate on the ground : and fhe took her fon, 
and went out, and Elifeus returned to G alga la. 

Gradual, P/. 73. Look down, O Lord, on 
thy covenant, and forget not for ever the fouls of 
thy poor fervants. F. A rife, O Lord, judg^e ih^ 

^ 3 

114 IV. W E E K. Tbnrfdaj, 

caufe : remember the reproaches that are caft on 
thy fervants. 

GOSPEL. Luke\\\. ii, i6. 
jjT that time: Jffus went into a city called 
-^ Nairn : and there went with him his difciples, 
and a great multitude. And when he came nigh 
to the gate of the city, behold a dead man was car« 
ried out, the only Ton of his mother, and (he was a 
widow : and a great multitude from the city was 
with her. Whom when the Lord faw, he was 
moved with compaflion towards her, and faid to 
her, Weep not. And he came near and touched 
the bier: and they who carried it, flood ftill. And 
he faid : Young man, I fay to thee, Arife. And 
he, who had been dead, fat up, and began to fpeak. 
And he delivered him to his mother. And a dread 
feized them all: and they glorified God, faying: 
A great Prophet ^ hath rifen up amongft us, and 
God hath vifited his people. 

Offertory. Pf. 69. Lord, make hafte to help 
me : let all be put to fhame, who defign evil to tfiy 


PUrify us, O merciful God, that the prayers of 
thy Church, which are pleafing to thee, being 
accompanied with thefe offerings, may become 
more fo by the purity of our minds. Thro*. 

Communion. Pf, 70. Thy juftice alone, O 
Lord, I will remember : thou, O God, haft inftrud!- 
cd me from my youth : abandon me not, O God, 
in my old and decrepit age. 


LET us not, we befeech thee, O Lord, receive, 
to our judgment, thefe heavenly gifts^, which 
thou haft prepared as a remedy for thy fitithful. 

Let us pray. Bown down your heads to God. 

A Of> The great Fropbet^ viz. /i^^ Mefliah. 

rhurfJay. 7;^ L E N T. 115 

Prayer. Populi tut, 

OGod, the author and governor of thy people, 
deliver them from the fins, by which they are 
aliaulted, that they may be always well pleafmg in 
thy fight, and fafe under thy protedtion. Thro'. 

The Commemoration at Vespers. 

Antb. A great prophet Ant. Propheta magnus 
hath rifen amongft us, furrexit in nobis, & quia 
and God hath vifited his Deus vifitavit plebem 
people. fCiam. 

v. and R. as p. 27. Prayer. Populi tui. 


Introit. 7 rriHou always fecft the defigns of 
Pf, iS. J X "^y heart: thou, O Lord, act 
my helper and my deliverer. Pf, The heavens 
publifh the glory of God : and the firmament de- 
dareth the work of his hands. F. Glory .^ 

COLLECT. Deusy quh. 

OGod, who by thy ineffable myfteries giveft 
new life to the world ; grant, we befeech 
thee, that thy Church may make % progrefs in the 
obfervance of thy eternal precepts, and never be 
deftitute of thy temporal affiftance. Thro'. 

LESSON. 3 Kings xvii. 17, 24, 
TN thofe days : The fon of the miftrefs of the 
-* houfe fell fick, and his dtftemper was very vio- 
lent, fo that there was no breath left in him. She 
fa id therefore to Elias : What have I to do with 
thee, O man of God ? Thou art come to me, that 
my fins may be called to remembrance, and to kill 
my fon. And Elias faid to her : Give me thy fon. 
And he took him from her bofom, and carrying him 
to the chamber where he lodged^ laid him on his 

tl6 TV. WEEK FrlJay. 

bed) and cried out to the Lord, and faid : O Lord 
tny God, haft thou affliSed, to the killing of her 
ion, even the widow that giveth me the maintenance 
I have ? And he ftretched himfelf out, and mea- 
furcd himfeif thrice upon the child, and cried out 
to the Lord and faid : Q Lord my God, I befeech 
ihee that the foul of this child may return again ta 
his body ^. And the Lord heard the voice of Elias^ 
and the foul^ of the child came into him, and he 
returned to life. And Eiias took the child, and 
carrying him from the chamber down to the houfe, 
delivered him to his mother, and faid to her : See, 
Chy (on i$ alive. And the woman faid to Eliasi 
Now by this I know, that thou art a man of God, 
and the word of the Lord is true ^ in thy moutft. 

Gradual. Pf. 117. It is better to truft in the 
Lord, than to truft in man.. V* It is better to hope 
in the Lord, than to hope in princes. 

Tract. Deal not, ^c. as above^ p. 29. 

GOSPEL. Johniau 1,45. 
T that time: There was a certain man fick'^ 
called Lazarus^ of Bethaniaj of the town of 
Mary and of Aiartha her fifter. ( And it was this 
Mary that anointed the Lord with ointment, and' 
wiped his feet with her hair, whole brother Lotm^ 
rus was fick.) His fitters therefore fent to Jefus^ 
feying: lA)rd, behold he, whom thou ]oveft, is fick. 
When Jefus heard it, he faid to them : This ficknefs 
is not to death **, but for the glory of God, that 
the Son of God may be glorified by it. Now Jefus^ 
loved Martha^ and her fifter Mary and Lazarus, 
When he heard therefore that he was fick, he ftaid 
two days in the fame place. Then he faid after- 
wards to his difciples : Let us go to Judea again. 
His difciples fay to him : Rabbi^ it was but juft 
now the Jews fought to ftone thee, and art thou; 

-c Lit. Bowfls, <* £xpl. The Lord tvili fulfil whatever he pro^ 
vifif^l^ h 'h *^«'^« * Expl. Though it 'Was to deprive him o/Jifi 
jer a/ew days^ be was to be reJiQrcd to it a^Mn% 


Friday. In LENT. 117 

going thttber agam i J^fu^ anfwered*: Are there 
not twelve hours in the day ? If a man waik in 
the day-titne, he ftumbleth not, becaufe he feeth 
the light of this world. Butif he walk in the night, 
be ftumbleth, becaufe he hath no light. Thus he 
fpoke, and after thefe things, be faid to them : Our 
friend La%arus fleepeth : but I am going t6 raife 
him from ileep. Then his difciples (aid : Lord, if 
he deep, he will recover. But yefm fpoke of his 
death ; and they thought he had fpoke of the reft 
of fleep. y^fui therefore faid plainly to them : 
Lazarus is dead : and I am glad for your fakes, that 
I was not there, that you may believe. But left 
us go to him. Then faid Thomas^ who is calIe/1 
Didymus^ to his fellow difciples : Let us go alfo, 
that we may die with him. Jefus therefore came, 
and found he had been now in the grave four days. 
(Now Bethania was about fifteen furlongs from Ji^ 
rufaUm,) And many of the Jews had come to mar^ 
tha and Mary to comfort them concerning their 
brother. Martha therefore, as foon as (he heard 
Jefus was coming, went to meet him ; but Mary 
fat at home. Then Martha faid to Jefus : Lord, 
if thou hadft been here, my brother had not died. 
And even now, I know, whatever thou fhalt afk 
of God, God will grant it thee, y^i faith to her : 
Thy brother will rife again. Martha faith to him : 
I know he will rife again at the refurredlion on the 
laft day. Jefui faid to her : I am the refurreftion 
and the life : he that believeth in me, though he 
be dead, (hall live : and every one that liveth, and 
believeth in me, fhall never die. Believed thou 
this? She faith to him : Yes, Lord, I have believed 
that thou art the Chrijl^ the Son of the living God, 
who art come into this world. And having faid 
this, fhe went and called Mary\\tx fifter fecretly, 
faying : The Matter is come, and calleth for thee. 
As foon as Oie heard this, (he arofe prefently^ and 
came to him: for Jefus was not yet come \tv\iCi» 

Tl8 IV. WEEK Friday. 

die town ; but ftill was in the place, where Mar^ 
iba had met him. Then the yews that were with 
Mary in the houfe, and were comforting her, fee-^ 
ing her arife up haftily, and go out, followed her, 
iaying : She is going to the grave, to weep there. 
When Mary was come where yefui was, feeing him j^ 
ihe fell down at his feet, and faid to him : Lord, 
tf thou hadft been here, my brother had not died.. 

^tfus therefore, when he faw her weeping, and the 

^iWi alfo weeping, who came with her, groaned 
in fpirit, and was troubled and faid : Where have 
you laid him ? They fay to him : Lord, come and 
fee. And yefm wept. Then the fews faid : See, 
how beloved him. Andfomeof them faid : Could 
not this man, who opened the eyes of him that 
was born blind, have prevented his death ? Jefui^ 
therefore again groaning within himfelf, came to 
tbe monument. And it was a cave : and a ftone 
was laid upon it. Jefus faid : Take away the ftoner 
Martha^ the iifter of the dead man, faith to him : 
Lord, he ftinketh by this time ; for he hath been 
there four days, ^ifus faith to her : Did not I tell 
thee, that, if thou wilt believe, thou (halt fee the 
rlory of God? Then they removed the ftone : and 

UJui lifting up his eyes, faid : Father, I thank 
thee, that thou haft heard me. And I knew thou al- 
ways heareft me \ but for the fake of the people that 
are here, I fpoke thus : that they may believe thoa 
haft fent me. Having faid this, he cried out with 
a loud voice : Lazarus^ come forth. And imme- 
diately he, that had been dead, came forth, bound 
hands and feet with grave-cloths, and his face was 
covered with a napkin, jfe/us faid to them : Loofe 
him, and let him go. Many therefore of the Jews^ 
who came to Mary and Martha^ and had feen what 
Jtfus did, believed in him. 

Offertory. Pf. 17. Thou, O Lord, wilt fave 
Iky people in diltrefs, and thou wik humble the 

SaturJaf, J» L E N T. 119 

eyes of the proud ; for who is God, befides thee, 


MAY thefe oflFerings, we befeech thee, Q 
Lord, purify us, and always render thee 
propitious. Thro*. 

Communion. John 11. The Lord feeing the 
fiftcre of Lazarus weeping at the grave, wept be- 
fore the J^wsj and cried out : Lazarus, come forth« 
And he, who had been dead four days, came forth 
bound hands and feet. 


MAY the receiving of this facrament, O Lord» 
we befeech thee, always free us' from our 
fins, and proted us from all adverfity. Thro'. 
Let ns pray. Bown down your heads to God« 

Prayer. Da, nobis. 

GRant, we beieech riiee, O Almighty God, that 
we, who are fenfible of our own weaknefs, 
and confide in thy power, may always rgoice in the 
efieds of thy goodnefs. Thro'. 

Thi Commemoration at Vespers. 

jfntb. Lord, if thou jfnt, Domine, (i fuif- 

faadft been here, Lazarus fes hie, Lazarus non ef<- 

would not have died : fet mortuus : ecce jam 

behold now he flinketh, foetet, quatriduanus ia 

having been four days in monumento. 
the crave. 

V. ondR. as p. 27. Prayer. Da nobis. 



Introit. 1 yLTOU that are thirftv, come to the 
Pf. 54. ) I waters, faith the Lord : and you 
that have no money, come and drink with joy. 
iy! 77. My people be attentive to my law : heaclLea 
to the woid^ ofm/moutb» V* Glory* 

«20 IV. W E E K Saturday. 

COLLECT. Fiat, Domine. 
^^Rant U9, O Lord, we befeech thee, an in- 
\Jf creafe of devotion ; for then only will our 
faits avail us, when they are well pleafing to thy 
goednefs. Thro*. 

LESSON. 7/i/^7x xlix. 8, 15. 
CT^Hus faith the Lord: I have heard thee at a fa- 
-^ vourable time, I have helped thee in the day of 
falvation : ahd I have preferved thee, and 1 have 
appointed thee for the covenant ^ of my people, to 
reftore the earth, and to poflefs the inheritances 
that were laid wafte : that thou mayft fay to thofe, 
who ard in chains ; go forth : and to fuch as are in 
darknefs ; fee the light. They (hall feed in the 
ways, and on every plain (hall be their paftures. 
They (hall not hunger nor thirft, neither fhall the 
heat, or the fun hurt them : becaufe he, that hath 
taken pity on them, fhall condufl them, and give 
them drink at the fountains of water. And I will 
level all my mountains to an even way, and my 
hollow paths (hall be raifed. Behold fome (hall 
come from afar off; and behold fome from the 
north and the fea, and others from the fouthern 
country. Praife the Lord, O ye heavens, and 
rejoice thou, O earth, and, ye mountains, fing 
forth his praife ; becaufe the Lord hath comforted 
his people, and he will take compaffion on his poor 
ones 8. But Sion hath faid : The Lord hath aban- 
doned me, and the Lord hath forgot me. Can a 
woman forget her child, fo as not to have any com- 
paffion for the child of her womb ? And though (he 
fhould thus forget it, yet I will never forget thee, 
faith the Lord Almighty, 

Gradual. Pf 9. The poor man, O Lord, is 
left to thee ; thou wilt be the protedor of the or- 

f Expl. This prophecy regards Jefus Chrift, the true irrael, or 
the mighty one of God, *U'bo prevailed on God to be reconciled t9 
mankind, he hi mf elf becoming /£»* Viftim of the Covenant, the puri^er 
t^jb/s people, S ExpU Such as fire in affiSioa^ 

Saturday. In LENT. 121 

phan. K Why art thou withdrawn fo hr from us, 
Lord ? Doft thou defpife us in our neceffities 
and afflidion ? When the wicked man is pufied up 
with pride, the poor man fufFereth. 

GOSPEL. John viii. 12, 20. 
jTthat time : Jefus Jpoke to the multitude oftj^ 
•^ Jews, faying: I am theliehtof the world : he 
thatfoUoweth me, walketh not m darknefs,but ihall 
have the light of life. The Pharifees therefore faid 
to him : Thou beareft tefiimony to thyfelf : tbere^ 
fore thy teftimony is not true, jefus anfwered and 
faid to them : Tho' I bear teftimony to myfelf, yet 
my teftimony is true \ becaufe I know whence I 
came, and whither I am going ; but you know not 
whence I came, nor whither I am going. You 
judge according to the flefli ; I judge no man. And 
if I do judge, mv judgment is true, becaufe I ana 
not alone ; but 1, and the Father, who fent me. 
Now it is written in your law, that the teftimony 
of two is true ^. I am who bear witnefs to my 
felf } and my Father, who fent me, beareth witnefe 
to mc. Then they faid to him : Where is thy 
Father ? Jefus anfwered : You know neither mq, 
nor my f'ather : if you knew me, you would alfo 
know my Father. Thus {^ckcjefus in the treafury, 
teaching in the temple ; and no one feized him, be* 
caufe his hour was not yet come. 

Offertory. Pf. 17. The Lord is my fup- 
port, my refuge and my deliverer : 'tis in him I will 


BE appeafed, O Lord, we beieech thee, with 
thefe our offerings ; and, in thy mercy, com*- 
pel our will, even when it rebelleth, to fubmit to 
thee. Thro'. 

Communion. P/I 22. The Lord is my fliep- 
lierd, and I fhall be in want of nothing : he hatli 

v^ b £]cplt li reCiiveaUc. 

Vox,. IL L 

422 IV. W E E K, 6?^. 

placed me in a pleotiful pafture i he bath led me 
to a refrcfbipg ftream. 

P05TCOMMUNI0N^ Tuams. 

MAY thy facred mjfteries, O Lord, we befeech 
thee, purify us, ajnd, by their efficacy, make 
us well pleafing to thee. Thro'. 
Let us pray. Bow down your beads to God. 

PRAYEfi. Deusj qui fperantibus. 

OGod, who chufeft rather to (hew mercy, than 
to be angry with thofe that hope in thee ; 
.^rant we may worthily iainent the evil we have 
committed, that fo we may find the favour of diy 
comfort. Thro'. 

The CoMMUMORATiCK at Vespers. 

Anth. I am who bear Ant. Ego fum qtii 

iwitneA of myfelf: and teftimonium perhibeo de 

tny Father, who fentfpe, meipfo : & teflimoniun 

l)eareth witneft of me. perhtbet de me, qui tnvr 

fit me. Pater. 
V. Deliver me, O F. Eripe me, Domi- 
Lord, from the wicked ne, ab homiae nialo. 
man. R. And from the R, A viro iniquo eripe 
tinjuft man deliver me. me« 

This V. and R. are faid till Mandy-Thurfday. 

Prayer. CoUeft of to-morrow. 

In tbi Ihort R. at Complin, Glory be to the 
Father, is^^. is not faid from ^is defy to Holy Satur- 
day, except on feafts. 


P A S S I O N-S U N p A Y, 


TH E two laft wceics of Lent arc confecratcd in a 
particular manner to honour the Paffion of y^^ 
Cbrift, And altho' the week we are now entering- upoA 
be only a preparation to the following one« and the Church 
reprefeiits therein to oar thoughts other objeSs, the Paflion 
of Cbrift is often referred to, and for that reafon this day 
is called Pajfion-Sundaj. 


From this day the Cioria Pairi is omitted at the Introiti 
as likewife the P/alm^ JuUta, Thoie that have wrote Oft 
the Uturgjt aifert this to be agreeable to the antient frac-^ 
tice; and they oMerve» in genera], that the particular ce- 
remonies of theie two laft weeks, and more cfpecially 
thofe of the three lad days in Lent^ are all venerable re- 
mains of antient ufages. 

MASS. Introit. ¥f. xlii. 

BE thou my judge, O TUdica me, Deus, ^ 

God, and give fen- J difcerne caufam me- 

tence iii my caufe againft am de gente non fandla* 

an ungodly people. De- Ab homine iniquo & do«^ 

liver me from the unjuft lofo eripe me : quia tu 

and deceitful man : for es Deus mens, & forti- 

thou art my God, and tudo mea. Pf. Emitte 

my ftrength. Pf, Send lucem tuam & veritatcni 

forth thy light and thy tuam : ipfa me deduxe- 

truth: for they have con- runt & adduxerunt ia 

duded mei and brought montem fani^um tuum> 

me to thy holy moun- & in tabernacula tua*. 

tain» and into thy taber- Judica, t^^. to Pf. 
nacJes* Be thou, ^c* 

And thus the Introit is Jaid till Easter. 

COLLECT, ^afumus, Omnipotens, 
X^Ercifully look down on ihy people, we befeech 
^*- thee, O Almighty God, that, by thy bounty 
and protedion, they may be governed and guarded 
both in body and fouh Thro'. 

From this day to Mandy-Thurfday, after the 
Collect of the day^ is faid the 

IL COLLECT. Eccleftatua. 
IM'Ercifully hear, O Lord, we befeech thee, the 
^^ prayers of thy Church, that, all oppofuions 
and errors being removed, (he may ferve thee with, 
a fecure and undifturbed devotion. Thro.'. 

L 2 


Or COLLECT. Deus mnium. 

OGod, the paftor "xni governor of all the faith- 
fill, look down in thy mercy on thy fervant 
N. whom thou haft appointed raftor over thy 
Church: and grant, we tefeech thee, that, both by 
word and example, he may edify all thoie that are 
under his charge, and with the iTock intrufted to 
him arrive, at length, at eternal happinefs. Thro'. 

EPISTLE, flii.ix. II, 15. 

TyRethrm: Chriji being come, the High-prieft of 
■*-* the good things to come, by a more excellent 
and more perfed): tabernacle, not made with hands, 
that is, not of this creation * ; neither by the blood 
of goats or of calves, but by his own blood hath 
once entered the holy place, having purchafed for 
wxan eternal redemption. # For if the blood of goats 
and bulls, and the fprinkling of the afhes of a heifer, 
fandiify fuch as are defiled to the cleaniing of th^ 
fleHh ^, how much more fhall the blood of Chriji^ 
who, thro' the Holy Ghoft, offered himfelf with- 
out fpot to God, cleanfe our confcicnces from dead 
works, to ferve the living God ? He therefore is 
the mediator of the new covenant : that by means 
of hi§ death undergone for the cancelling the tranf- 
greflions under the former covenant; thofe that, are 
qalled, may receive the promifed eternal inheri* 
tance thro' ChrlJl Jifus our Lord. 

GRADUAL, /y. cxlil. 
Deliver me, O Lord, Eripe me, Domine, 
from my enemies : teach de inimicis meis : doce 
me to do thy will. F. me facere voluntatem 
Pf. 17. Thou» OLord, tuam. V. Pf 17. Li- 
art my deliverer from the beratormeus, Domine, 
enraged GentiUs : thou de Gentibus iracundis : 
wilt put me out of the ab infurgentibu^ in me 
teach of thofe thataflault exaltabis me; a viro \m* 

» Expl. Not formed according to the ordinary xvay of generation^ 
b ExpL T9giv€ a legal puntj* 


and tbou wilt refcite quo eripes me. 
ron the onrighteous 

Pf. cxxviii. 

Saepe expugnaverunt 
me ^ jinrentQte mea. V* 
Dtcat nuqc Ifrael: Saepe 
expugnavcrunt me a ju«» 
ventute meA. V. Ete^ 
nim non potuerunt mibi : 
fupra dorfum meum fi- 
brkaverunC peccacores. 
V. Prolongaverunt inU 
qiiitates fuas : Dominii» 
juftus concidet cervices 

Iiey have often at* 
sd me from my very 

h. V. Let Ifratl 
fay: They have of- 
attacked me from 
vry youth. V. But 
nerer could prevail 
ift me: iinners have 
ed up^ my bade. 
They have a long 

continued in their 
ity : but the Lord, 

is juft, will at laft 
S the heads of tbofg 
1 meffr 

GOSPEL. Jvhn vHi. 46, 59r- 
^/£«/ //m ; Jefu$ faid to the multitude of the 
Jiws : Which of you will convi^ me of fin.? 
peak to you the truth, why do you not believe 
He that is of God, hearetb the words of God* 
efore you do not hear them, becaufe you are 
f God. Then the Jews anfwered and faid to 

Are we not in the right in faying, thou art a 
ritany and art pofTeiKd with a devil i J^fus 
:red : I am not poflefled with a devil : but l> 
ur my Father, and you have dishonoured me. 

feek not my own glory; there is one who* 
th it, and doth me juftice. Amin^ Armn I 

you : If any one keep my words, he (hall ne- 

fee death. Then the "Jews faid : Now we 

(hou art poiTelled with a devil. Abraham 

id, and the Prophets alfo : and thou fayed : 

jF one keep my words, he fhall nex'er tafie 

c-4)r, ^ktjhmtt btat on my back, as 9n an anvU*. 

L 3 



death. Art thou greater than our father Abraham ^ 
who is dead i And the Prophets are dead alfo. 
Whom doft thou make thyfelf? y^/z// anfwered : 
If I glorify myfelf, my glory is nothing : it is my 
Father that gloriiieth me, who, you fay, is your 
God, and yet you know him not: but I know him; 
and, if I was to fay, I know him not, I fhould be 
a liar like you. But I do know him, and keep his 
word. Your father Abraham earneftly deOred ta 
fee my day : he faw it, and rejoiced. Then the 
'^ews faid to him : Thou art not as yet fifty, years 
old, and haft thou feen Abraham ? Jefus faid i 
Amen^ Amen I fay to you : Before Abraham was, I 
am. Then they took up ftones to caft at him : 
but Jefui hid himfelf, and went out of the temple*. 

OFFERTORY. JV. cxvili. 
I will praife thee, O Conntebor tibi, Do» 
Lord, with my whole mine, in toto corde meor 
heart: reward thy fe#- retribue fervo tuo, vi- 
vant: I (ball live, and vam & cuftodiam fermo- 
keep thy command- nes tuos: vivifica me &•• 
jnents : fave my life ac- cundum verbum tuum^. 
cording to thy word, O Domine. 

"KTAY thcfe offerings, O Lord, both loofen the 
^^ bonds of our wickednefs, and obtain for u» 
the gifts of thy mercy. Thro'. 


PRot^ us, O Lord, while we aflift at thy fa- 
cred myfteries, that being employed in afts of 
religion, we may ferve thee both in body and mind. 
Thro'. Or 

BE appcafed, O Lord, with the offerings we 
have made, and ceafe not to protc£l thy fer- 
vant U. whom thou haft been pleafed to appoint 
Pa&ot oYcr thy Chmich, Ttvio'. 


Tbi Preface. Ordinary, p. xxiii. 

Thia 18 the body. Hoc corpus, quod pro 
which {hall be delivered vobis tradetur^: hie calix 
up for you : this is the novi teftamenti eft in 
cup of the new covenant meo fangtiine, dicic Do^ 
in my blood, faith the minus. Hoc facite, quo- 
Lord. As often as you tiefcunque fumitis, in 
receive them, do it in re- meam commemoratio- 
membrance of me. nem. 


HElp us, O Lord our God, and for ever prote£ft 
thofe whom thou haft refrelhed with thy ia- 
cred myfteiies. Thro\ 

in. POSTCOMMUNION. ^afumus. 

WE beleech thee, O Almighty God, not to 
leave expofed to- the dangers of human lif» 
thofe, whom thou permitteff to partake of the di- 
vine myfteries. Thr<^'. 


MAY the participation of this divine facrament 
proteA us, we befeech thee, O Lord : and 
always procure fafety and defence to thy fervant N. 
whom thou haft appointed Paftor over thy Church, 
together with the flock committed to his charge. 

Little Chapter. Tht beginning oftheEpis^ 
TLE tQ #, ^. 124. 


BEhoId the royal en- T TExilla regis prode- 
fignsfl^, V un^ 

Bearing the Crofs's my- Fulget Crucis myfteri- 

ftcry : um : 

Where life itfelf did Qua vita mortem perto- 
death endure, lit, 

And hy that death! did Et morts vitam prol\A\X% 
life procine* 


Quae vuliierata h 

A cruel fpear let out a 

Of water mrx'd with fa- 
ying h\o6d : 

Which, gufhing from 
the bavionr's fide, 

Drown'd our offences in 
the tide. 
The myftery we now 

Which David's faithful 
verfe foretold 

Of our Lord's kingdon»; 
whilft we fee 

God ruling nations from 
a tree. 
O lovely tree, whofe 
branches wore 

The royal purple of his 
gore f 

How glorious does thy 
body fhine, 

Supportii^ members fo 
The world's bleft ba- 
lance thou waft 

Thy happy beam it's 
purchafe weigh 'd. 

And bore his limb^ who 
fnatch'd away 

Devouring hell's expell- 
ed prey. 
Hail Crofs, our hope ! 
on thee we call. 

Who keep this mourn- 
ful fefttval : 

Grant tothejufl increafe 

of gtWCi 

Mucrone diro, crin: 
Ut nos lavaret (an 

Manavit undd & fa 

Impleta funt, 

David iideli carmii 

Dicendo nationibu 

Regnavit a ligno E 

Arbor decora & I 
Ornata regis purpu 

Cle(5la digno ftipite 

Tarn fan£la mej 
BeaCa, cujus bra< 

Pretium pedendit fas 

Statera facia corpor 

Tulitque praedam 


O Crux, ave fpc 


Hoc paflionis tempc 

Piis adauge gratiam 

Mmday. PASS ION- WEEK, 129 

AodevVy (inner's crimes Reifque dele crimina. 

Bleft Trinity, we Tc, fons falutis Tri- 

praifes fing nitas, 

Todiee, from whom all CoIIaudet omnia fpiri- 

graces fpring, tus : 

Ceieftia] crowns on thofe Quibus crucis vidlori- 

beftow am 

Who conquer by the Largiris, adde prasmi- 

crois below. Amen. urn. Amen. 
V. and R. as ahove^ p. 122. 

^/ /A^ M A G N I F I C A T. 
Anth. Your father /f- Ant. Abraham pater 
Iraham earneftly defired vefler exultavit ut vidc- 
to fee my day : he faw ret diem meum : vidit, & 
it| and rejoiced. gavifus ed. 

Prayer. Collect at Mafs, p. 123* 

s«» ffi«r#ff*ffW?Sffiigfffi ffiffi?ff^Tr4yffi 


Introit. 7 TT Ave mercy on me, O Lord, for 

^* 55* ^ II 0^2" ^^'^ trodden me under- 
foot; he hath ailaulted and perfecuted me the whole 
day long. Pf. My enemies have trampled me un- 
der^foot the whole day long : and the number of 
thofe that aiTault me is very great. Have mercy^ 
^c. to pn 

COLLECT. Sanaifica. 

SAnflify, O Lord, we befeech thee, our fads, and 
mercifully grant us the pardon of all our fins. 

LESSON. Jonas iii. I, 10. 

JN thofe days : The word of the Lord came to 

•^ the Prophet Jonas the fecond time, faying: 

A rife, and go to Ninive^ the great city: and preach 

in it ihe preaching I bid thee. And Jonai wofe^ 


and went to Ninivt^ according to the word of the 
Lord. Now Ninive was a large city, of three days 
journey ^. And Jonas began to enter into the city 
one day's journey ; and he cried out and faid : 
Yet forty days, and Ninive (ball be deftroyed. An^ 
the people of Ninive believed in God, and pro*- 
claimed a faft, and put on fackcloth from the great^ 
eft even to the leaft. For the word came to the 
King of Ninive : SLTid he arcfe from his throne, 
and cafting off his robe, he put on fackcloth, and 
fat in afhes. And he ordered proclanaation to be 
made and publiflied m Ninive^ by order of the King 
and his Nobles, faying : Let neither man nor bcaft, 
oxen nor flieep, tafte any thing : let them not feed 
nor drink water. And let men and beafts be co- 
vered with fackcloth, and cry out with all their 
might to the Lord : and let them turn every one 
from their evil way, and from the iniquity that h 
in their hands ®. Who knoweth but God maj 
turn and pardon us, and lay afide the fuiy of his 
anger, fo that we may not peri(h i And God faw 
their works, that they had forfaken their evil ways: 
and our Lord God took companion on his people* 
Grai^UAL. P/. SZ' O God, hear nry prayer : 
and hearken to the words of mouth. F> Saife me^ 
O God, by thy name, and refcue me by thy might. 
Tract. Deal not, bfc* as abovej p. ag. 

GOSPEL. John vii. ji, 39- 
AT that time: The rulers and Pharifies fent 
-^ officers to apprehend Jifus, Jefus therefore 
laid to them : Yet am I a little time with you ; and 
then 1 go to him that fent me. You (hall feek me, 
and you (ball not find me : and where I am, thi* 
ther you cannot come. Then faid the Jews among 
themfeites : Whither will he go, that we (ball not 
find him ? Will he go to thofe, who are difperfed 

<* Expl. // tots a longfauare, 480 furlotigu w- 60 «/7« round ^ 
end 10 miles were reckmuaa day's journey fer a man onfoot^ 
^ BMpl, Frtm timr wckid aahm^ 

Mandpf. PASSION^WEEIC 131 

among ihtOentiUs^ and teach the Gentiles i What 
is the meaning of what he faid : You fball feek me, 
and iball not and me : and, where I am, thither you 
cannot come ? And on the laft day, being the ^reateft 
ilay of the feaft, Jefus ftood up, and cried out 
aloud, faying : If any one thirft, let him come to 
me and drink. He that believeth in me, as faith 
the fcripture, out of his belly ^ fhall rivers of living 
water flow. And this he fpoke of the fpirit, which 
they that believed in him, were to receive. 

Offertory. P/I 6. Turn to me, O Liord, aod 
refcue my foul: fave me for thy mercy's fake. 

^ Rant 118, O Lord our God, that this (acrifioe 
^^ of our falvation may both cleanfe us from our 
fins, and appeafe thy Majefty. Thro'. 

Communion, rf. 23. The Lord of armies is 
lumfelf the King of glory. 

AY the participation, O Lord, we befeech 
thee, of this faving facrifice both deanfe us, 
and heal us. Thro'. 
|/et us pray. Bow down your heads to God. 

Prayer. Da^ quffumus, 
O Ix>rd, we befeech thee, to thy pec^le 
health both of body and mind, that being con- 
fiant in the pradice of good work^ they may al- 
wsys be iafe under thy protedion. Thro'. 

The Commemoration at Vespers. 
ArA. If any one thirft, Jht. Si quis fitit, vc- 
let him come to me and niat ad me ii bibat : & 
drink : and living waters de ventre ejus fluent 
Asil flow outof bis hearty aquc vivas, dicit Do- 
iaUi the Lord^ minus. 

V. anJK. at ahove^ p. 122. Prayer. Da^ 





i3e PASSION. WEEK. Tutjiaj. 


iNTltoiT. 7 'XTI T^A'^ for the Lord, ad manful- 
Pf. 26. J VV ly* 'et thy heart be comfort- 
ed, and wait for the Lord. Pf. The Lord is my 
light and my falvation, whom (ball I fear \ 

COLLECT. Noftratibi. 
TiTAY oyr faft, O Lord, we bcfeech thee, be 
^^ acceptable to thee, and, having purified us 
from fin, make us worthy of thy grace, and pro- 
cure us everlafling remedies. Thro*. 

LESSON. Dan. xiv. 27. 
TN thofe days : The people of Babylon gathered 
^ together about the King, and faid to him : De- 
liver up to us Daniel^ who hath deflroyed Belj and 
killed the Dragon ; otherwife we will deflroy thee 
and thy family. The King therefore feeing, that 
they prefTed with violence on him, being obliged by 
force, delivered Daniel up to them. And they caft 
him into the den of lions, where he was fix days. 
Now in the den there were feven lions^ and they 
every day gave them two carcafTes and two fheep, 
which were not given them then, that they might 
devour Daniel. And there was in Judea a prophet 
called HabacuCf who had made broth, and, having 
broken bread in a difh, was going into the field to 
carry it to the reapers. And the angel of the Lord 
faid to Habacuc : Carry the diiuier thou hafl pro* 
vided to Daniel in Babylon^ who is in the lions den. 
And Habacuc faid : Lord, I never faw Babylon^ nei- 
ther know I the den. Then the angel of the Lord 
took him by the crown of his head, and carrying 
him by the hair, with the force of his fpirit ** placed 
him in BabyUn over the den. And Habacuc cried 
out aloud, faying : O Daniel^ fcrv^uitof God, take 
the dinner God hath fent thee. And Daniel faid : 
Thou haft lemembered me, O God^ and haft not 

Tu€fit^ PASSION-WEBK. 133 

sikaiufecwd: tbofe thai love the e. And DmiUl avofo 
and eat. And the angel of the Lord immediatelj^ 
catried Htduuttc bade talm qwq place, ThcQ the 
King came oa the fevendb day to beiwail Ihnieli 
aod coniiig to the den, he looked ia^ and beholds 
Daaiet was fittkig k the midft of the Hooa. And 
die King cried out with a loud voices (aying : 
Great art thou, O Lord the God of Daniel. And 
he took him out of the den of lions. But tbofe, 
who had been the cauTe of his intended deitru&ion^ 
be cafl: into the den^ and they were devoured in a 
Boment before hisi face. Then the Kingfaid: 
Let all the people of the whole earth feac the God 
of Daniely for it is he who Cyveth, performeth iigns 
aad wonders^ and hath delivered Xfanlei from the 
lions den. 

. GeaduaLi. Pf. 42. Judge my caufe,. O l^ord ; 
and deliver me from the wicked and deceitful man. 
¥• Send forth thj Hght and th.y truth ; for they have 
led me on and brought mo up to thy holy mount. 
GOSPEL. 7^«vii. 1,13. 

T* th^t timt : Jefus went into Galilee ; for he 
would not go into Judea^ becauft the Jews 
fought to kill him. Now the Jewijh feaft of the 
tabernacles was at hand ; and his brethren (aid to 
him: Depart hence,, and go to Judea^ that thy 
difciples alfo may fee the works thou performed. 
For no one doth any thing in fecret, when he hath 
a mind to be known in publick : if therefore thou 
performeft thefe things, (hew thy felf to the world. 
For neither did his brethren believe in him. ytfus 
therefore faith to them : My time is not yet come ; 
but your time is always ready. The world cannot 
hate you ; but it hateth me, becaufe I bear witnefs 
againft it, that it's works are evil. Go you up to 
this feftival ; but I am not now going to this fefti- 
val ; for my time is not yet fully come. Having 
faid this, he iftaid in Galilee, But when his brethren 
VoL.IL . M 


134 PASSION- WEEK. Tuefiay. 

were gone up, then went he alfo to the feaft, not 
openly, but, as it were, in fecret* Then the Jews 
looked for him on the feftival*day, and faid : Where 
is he \ And there was much murmuring ^ among 
the people about him. For Tome faid : He is a good 
man. Others faid : No, but he feduceth the peo- 
ple. But nobody fpoke openly about him, for fear 
of the Jews. 

OFFERTOitY. Pf, 9. Let ail, who know thy 
name, O Lord, hope in thee ; for thou forfakeft 
not thofe who feek thee. Sing to the Lord, who 
dwelleth on S/^ff, for he bath not forgot the prayer 
of the poor ones. 


THE facrifices we bring 10 be offered to thee, 
O Lord, are fuch tokens of temporal com- 
fort, that we cannot deipair of thy eternal promifes. 

Communion. P/I 24. Deliver me, O God of 
Ifrael^ from all my diftreis. 

POSTCOMMUNION. i>^7, y«^/«««x. 
r> Rant, we befecch thee, O Alrtiighty God, that 
^^ as we daily celebrate thefe divine m)(leries, 
we may be made worthy the rewards of heaven. 

Let us pray. Bow down your heads to God. 
Prayer. Da^ nobis* 
^ Rant us, O Lord, we befeech thee, perfcve- 
^^ ranee in thy fervice; that in our days, thy 
faithful may increafe both in number and goodnefs. 

The Commemoration at Vespers. 

Anth. Go you up to Jnt, Vos afcendite ad 

this fefiival ; but I will diem feftum hunc ; ego 

not go up, becaufe my autem non afcendam, 

time is not yet come. quia tempus meum non- 

dum advenit. 
V. andK. as above^ p. 122. Prayer. Da, nobis. 

c £xp]. There wert many dij^utti in ^ri<vafc 

JVidneJiaj. PASSION- WEEK. 135 


Introit. I X^ My deliverer from the angry 
Pf' 17- 3 vl^ GentUis^ thou wilt place me out 
of the reach of thofe that afiault me: thou, O Lord^ 
wilt refcue roe from the unrighteous man. Pf. I 
will love thee, O Lord, my ftrength : the Lord is 
my fupport, my refuge, and my deliverer. 

COLLECT. Saniiiji'cato. 

ENlightcn, O God of mercy, the hearts of thy 
people by means of this holy faft ; and fince 
all our devotion is the cffeft of thy bounty, merci- 
fully bear the petitions we make. Thra'. 

LESSON. Lev. xix. ii, 19. 
TN thofe days : The Lord fpake to Mofes^ faying : 
^ Speak to all the aflembly of the children of If- 
raelf and thou (halt fay to them : I am the Lord 
3rour God. You (ball not fteah You (hall not lie, 
nor (ball any one deceive his neighbour. Thou 
(halt not fwear falfly by my name; neither flialt 
thou profane the name of thy God. I am the Lord. 
Thou (halt not calumniate thy neighbour, nor op- 
prefs him by force. The wages of him that is hired, 
fliall not remain with thee till morning. 7'hou (bait 
not curfe the deaf, nor put a fhimbling-block be- 
fore the blind ; but (bak fear the Lord thy God, 
for I am the Lord. Thou (halt do nothing that is 
wicked, nor judge unjuftly. Look not on the per- 
fwi of the poor "^j nor honour the perfon of the 
mighty ; but judge thy neighbour according to ju- 
fHce. Thou (bait not be a detracS^or, nor a tale- 
bearer among the people : neither (halt thou (land 
up againft the blood of thy neighbour ^ I am the 
Lord. Thou (bait not hate thy brother in thy 

M 2 

^ Expl. Favour wt, 

I Expl. Thorn Jbalt not Jtofor falfy againfi him to defrivt him of 
iis life. 


tjS f>ASSlON.WEEK. fF^imfAtf. 

heart ; but rtprove him puUickljr, that thou mayft 
not partake of his fin. Seek not revenge, nor bear 
in mind any injury tione thee by thy countrymen. 
Thou flialt love thy frrerrd as thy/elf. I am th« 
Lt)td. Keep my !atrs; for lam the Lord your God. 
• QttADUAL. Pf, i-g. I vriH praife rtiec, O Lord, 
becaofe thou haft upbolden me : an<d huft not kt 
my enemres rejoice over me. ^. O Lord, my Ood, 
1 have cried out to thee, and thou haft healed me $ 
thou, O Lor<i, haft refcued my foul from hell, thou 
baft (aved mre from the number of thofe that arc 
gone down into the pit. 

Tract. Deal not, as above^ p. 29. 

GOSPEL. Johnx. 22, 38. 
'T tlyat time : The feaft of the D^aicaiion was 
kept in JerufaJim^ 4ind it was winter. A«d 

?efus was walking in the temple, inSfikmcn^s porclk 
*he Jetvs therefore can^e about him, and faid to 
him : How lon^ wiit thou hold our fouU in fu- 
fpence f If thou art the Chrt/ly tell us plainly, ^z* 
fus anfwered them : I tell you^ and you believe me 
not. The works I do in my Father's name, bear 
witnefs to me. But you believe not, becaufe yoo 
are not of my (beep. My (beep hear my voice, 
and I know them, and they follow me : and I give 
them eternal life, and they (hall never peri(h, nei* 
ther (hall any one fnatdi them out of my hands» 
That which my Father hath given me, is greater 
than all *" : and nobody can fnatch theni out of my 
Father's hands. I and my Father are one. Then 
the Jfws took up Aones to ftone him. J^fiff ^n« 
fwered them : I have ibewn you many good works 
from my Father ; for which of them is it that you 
Aone me ? The Jtws anfwered him : We ftonc thee 
not for any good work ; but for blafphemy : and 
becaufe thou, who art a mtn, makeft thyfelf God. 

a £xpl. Ibefowir my Father bstb ^in/en tke, it grtater that that 
if/ any other. In the €m\ it w : M^ Father, wl« ^<it>« thtm t§ 
«so fsgitafir^ #r, abvot all* 


JVtdntfdaj. PASSION-WEEK. \yj 

y^fus anfwered them : Is it not written in your law : 
/ faid^ you are Gods ? If he called them Godsy^ to 
whom the word of God came ; and the fcripture 
cannot fail : fay you of him, whom the Father hatk 
fan<Sified ", and fent into the world : Thou blaf** 
pbemeft, becaufe I faid : I am the Son t>f God \ If 
I do not the works of my Father, believe me not. 
But if I ^o them^ tho* you will not believe me, be- 
lieve the works ; that you may know and believe, 
that the Father is in me, and I in the Father. 

Offertory. P/. 58. Deliver me, O m^ God, 
from my enemies \ and refcue me, O Lord, from 
thofe that rife up againft me. 

S E C R, E T. 

GRant, O merciful God, that we may offer 
thee, with a fincere heart, this facriiice of 
propitiation and praife. Thro'. 

Communion. Pf. 25. I will wafli my hands 
with the innocent, and go round thy altar, O Lord, 
that I may hear the voice of thy praife, and publifh 
all thy wonderful works. 


HAving received the prefent of thy heavenly 
gift, we humbly befeech thee, O Almighty 
Ciod, that it may produce in us the efFcdl of the 
facrament, and procure our falvation. Thro*. 
Let us pray. Bow down your heads to God, 
Prayer. Adefto^ 

HEAR our prayers and intreaties, O Almighty 
God 5 and grant that thofe, to whom thou 
givelt hopes of thy mercy, may experience the ef- 
.fc(Ss of thy ufual clemency. ThroV 

Tb$ Commemoration at Vespers. 
Anth, I have done ma- Ant, Multa bonaope- 

ny good works among ratus fum vobis ; propter 
you ; for which is it you quod opus vultis me oc- 
Would kill me ? ciHere. 

V. andK. as />. 122. Prayer. Adefto. 

■ Eipl. Bali' sesN^^/iHol) One, his anointed and confctiavcd onc.^ 

138 PASSION-WEEK. Tburfibj, 


Introit. 7 /i LLthouhtftilonetDus,OLord, 

Dan* 3* 3 XjL ^^^^ ''^^ ^^^^ ^i^^ gf^&t ju"- 
ftice ; bccaafe we have finned againft thee, and 
have not obeyed thy commandmentB : bat do thou 
make thy name giorioust and deal with us accord- 
ing to the multitude of thy mercies. Pf. ti8. 
Blefled are the undeiiied in the way, who walk in 
the law of the Lord. 

COLLECT. Prafta. 
/^Rant, we befeech thee, O Almighty God, 
^^ that the dignity of human nature, which hath 
been wounded by excefs, may be cured by the prac- 
tice of healing temperance. Thro'. 

LESSON. Dan. iii. 34, 45. 
TN thofe days : Azarias prayed to the Lord, fay- 
ing : O Lord our God, abandon us not for ever^ 

we befeech thee, for thy name's fake, and make 
not void thy covenant : neither take away thy mer- 
cy from us for the fake of Abraham thy beloved, and 
of thy fervant Ifaac^ and of thy holy one Ifrael ; to 
whom thoufpakedfl; and promifedft to multiply their 
feed as the ilars of heaven, and as the fand on the 
fca fhore. For we, O Lord, are become the leaft 
of all nations, and we are humbled this day for our 
fms over the whole earth. Neither is there at this 
time a prince, leader, or prophet, or holocauft or 
facrifice, or oblation or incenfe, or place wherein 
to offer the firft-fruits before thee, that we majr 
obtain thy mercy. Neverthelcfs let us be accepted 
with a contrite heart, and an humble fpirit. As 
with the burnt-offerings of rams and bulls, and as 
with thoufands of fat lambs ; fo let our facrifice be 
prefented to thee this day, that it may be acceptable 
to thee ; for they fhall not be confounded, who 
put their truf^ in thee. And now we follow thee 
wiib our whole heart, wt ^.tw vY^tt ^xA fet thy 

Thurfiaj. PASSION^WEEK. . 139 

face *• Put us not to confufion : but deal with as 
according to thy goodnefs, and according to the 
inultitade of thy mercy. And deliver us by thy 
wonders, and make thy name glorious, O Lord. 
Let all thofe be confounded, who do hurt to thy 
imants ; let them be confounded by thy Almighty 
power, and let their ftrength be broken. And let 
them know, that thou alone art the Lord Ood, 
and the glorious one orer the whole earth, O Lord 
§ur G$J. 

GnADUAL. Pf, 94. Take your facriiices, and 
enter his courts ; adore the Lord in his fanAuary. 
F. Pf. 28. The Lord will open the thick woods ; 
and all (hall publifli his glory in his temple. 

GOSPEL. Luie vii. 36, 50. 
A T that time : One of the Pharifies aflccd Jefus 
"^ to eat with him. And going into the Phari" 
yi/'s houfe, he placed himfelf at table. And behold 
a woman who was a finner in the city, when (he 
knew that he was at table in the houfe of the Pha^ 
rifeey brought an alabafter box of perfumes ; and, 
(landing behind at his feet, (he began to wafii his 
(eet with her tears, and wiped them with the hair 
of her head ; and (he kifled his feet, and anointed 
them with the perfumes. And the Pharifee^ who 
bad invited him, feeing it, fpoke within himfelf, 
faying : This man, if he were a prophet, would 
certainly know who and what manner of woman 
this ts that toucheth him, that (he is a finner. And 
'fefus fpcaking, faid to him : Simon^ I have fome- 
what to fay to thee. And he faid : Maftcir, fpeak. 
A certain creditor had two debtors ; the one owed 
him (ive hundred pence, and the other fifty. And 
whereas they had not wherewith to pay, he forgave 
them both. Which therefore of the two loveth 
him moft ? Simon anfwcring him, faid : I fuppofe 
that he, to whom he forgave the moft. And he 

I40 PASSION-WEEK. Thurfdai. 

faid to him : Thou haft judged rightly. And turn^ 
ing to the woman, he faid to Simon : Doft thou fee 
this woman? I entered thy boufe ; thou gaveft do 
water to my feet; but (he hath waflied my feet with 
tears, and hath wiped them with her hair. Thou 
gaveft me not a kifs ; but fhe, fince (he came in, 
hath not ceafed to kifs my feet. With perfumes my 
head thou anointedft not ; but (he with perfumes 
bath anointed my feet. Wherefore I fay to thee : 
Her many fins are forgiven her, becaufe (he hath 
loved much. But to whom lefs is forgiven, he 
loveth lefs. And he faid to her : Thy fins are for- 
civen thee. And they, who were at table with him, 
began to fay within themfelves: Who is this, that 
even forgiveth fins I And he faid to the woman : 
Thy faith hath faved thee ; go in peace. 

Offertory. Pf. 136. Near the rivers of B^- 
hyton we fat down arid wept, whilft we remembered 
thee, O Sion. 


OLord our God, who haft appointed the offer- 
ings to be confecrated to thee, to confift 
chiefly of thofe creatures, which thou createdft 
for the fupport of our weaknefs : grant, we befeech 
thee, that they may be to us both a help in this 
life, and a facrament to procure us that which is 
eternal. Thro*. 

Communion. Pf, 118. Remember, O Lord, 
the promife thou madeft to thy fervant, by which 
thou gaveft me hope : it b that which hath com- 
forted me in my diftrefs. 


GRant, O Lord, that what we have received 
with our mouthb, we may alfo take with a 
.pure mind : and that, of a tetiiporal jrift, it may be- 
• conxe to us an eter v.i remedy. Tijro'. 

Let us prsLy, Bow dowu your heads to God> 


Prayer^ E/h. 

BE propitiousi O L<A«d> m befeecb tbro, to thy 
people : that •fptfaking what diiplea&th tbee^ 
tbcjr 4nAy find aiafoU ia keeping thy law. Thro/ 

Thi C0Ml«l:H^t)1tAflDN J2t Ve$"pKrs, 

yfn/fc. I have tamcftSy Jnt. Dcfiderio defi- 
^efiird to tat this P<j/- ^eravi hoc Pa/chu -man- 
yk/rr with you, before I dacare vobifcum ante- 
fuffer. i]uani patiar. 

V. tf/»iR. as abave^ p. 112, pRAYtR. Efto. 



IntroiT. 1 T YAve mercy on mc, O Lord, for 

Pf' 30. i JljL ^ ^*^ *" diftreft : dtUvcr mc and 

refcue me from the hands of my enemies, and my 

furfuers : Lord, never lei me beputto{hame,fmcft 
have called on thee. Pf. In thee, O Lord, have 
I hoped } never let me be put to ihatne : deliver 
me according to thy jufiice. 

COLLECT. CorJibus npftrU. 

MErrifully, O LonJ, we befeech thee, ponf 
forth thy grace into our hearts : that re- 
preifing our fins by voluntary mortifications, we 
may rather fuiFer for them in this life, than be con- 
demned to eternal torments for them in the next. 

LESSON. JiT. xvii. 13, 18. 
JN th§fe days : J^nmias faid : All that forfakc 
"* thee, O Lord, Ihall be confounded, and they 
who depart from thee, (hall be written in the«arth* : 
becaufe they have abandoned the Lord^ the foun* 
tain of living waters. Heal aie« O Lord, and { 

• Exfl. ndr mmaryfttM pwi/h, »mI jkaH le •» fttrr ^P*% 
mmuwunt^ tbmi an it\ftnftion of tbtir namti in tbi dufi ^ tbt earto 



fhall be healed : (ave me, and I (hall be faved ; 
for thou art my praife.' Behold they fay to me: 
Where is the word of the Lord f Let it come. 
And I have not been troubled, following thee my 
paftor ; neither have I defired the day of man ; 
thou knoweft it. That which came from my lips 
was right in thy fight. Be not a terror to me ; thou 
ar.t my hope in the day of affli£lion. May they be 
put to fliame, who perfecute me ; but let me not 
be put to fhame : let them be feized with dread,' 
but let me not be feized with dread. Bring upon 
fhem the day of affliction, ^nd with a double de* 
firuCtion overthrow them, Lord our God. 

Gradual. Pf, 34. My enemies fpoke peace* 
ably to me : but Tn their anger they were trouble- 
fotnt to me. F. Thou haft feen it, O Lord, be 
not filent; abandon me not. • 

Tract. Deal not, k^c, as aboviy p. 29. 

GOSPEL. John ii. 47, 54. ^ 
' /jT that time : The chief priefts and Pharifees 
•^^ aflembled in Couircil againft J^f^s^ and faid : 
What are we doing ; for this man worketh many 
miracles i If we let him thus alone, all will believe 
in him : and the Romans will come and deftrojr 
our place ^ and nation. But one of them, named 
Caiphas, being high prieft that year, faid to them: 
You know nothing, nor do you confider that it is 
expedient for you that one man (hould die for the 
people, and not the whole nation perilh. But this 
he fpake not of himfelf : but being high prieft that 
Vear, he prophefied, that Je/us was to die for the 
nation ; and not for that nation only, but t€> gather 
together the children of God, who were difperfed 
every where. From that day therefore they refol- 
ved to put him to death. Jefus therefore walked 
no more openly among the Jews^ but retired to a 

f^Expl, 7he templet the flact of ^uhlkk ioor]&r^ 

^rida,. PASSION-WEEK. 143 

)ountry near the defert, to a city called Epbrtm^ 
md remained there with his difciples. 

Offertory. Pf. 118. Blcffed art thou, O 
!iOrd> teach me thy law ; and deliver me not up to 
he proud ones who calumniate me : and I will 
^ive an anfwer to tho& who reproach me. 


GRant, O merciful God, that we may always 
worthily ferve at thy altar, and obtain falva- 
non by conftantly partaking of what is offered 
:hereon. Thro'. . . .w . . 

Communion. Pf, 26^ Deliver me not up, O 
Lord, to the will of my purfuers : for unjuft wit- 
neflfes have rifen up againft me, and iniquity hath 
belied itfelf. 

POSTCOMMUNION. Sumpti facrificil. 

MAY the facrifice, O Lord, we have partaken 
of, always prote£t us, and repel from us all 
that is hurtful. Thro\ 

Z>et us pray. Bow down your heads to God. - 

Prayer. Csnade. 

GRant, we befeech thee, O Almighty God, 
that we who feek the favour of thy protec-p 
tion, may be delivered from all evil, and ferve thee 
with a fecure mind. ThroV 

The Commemoration at Vespers. . 

ifii/^. The chief priefts Ant. Principes faccr- 

confulted together how dotum confilium fece* 

they might kill Jijus: rent, ut Jefum occide« 

but they faid : Not on rent: dicebant autem: 

the feaft-day, left there Non in die fefto« ne forte 

hould happen a tumult tumultus fieret in po- 

imong the people. pulo. 

V. and R. as p. 122. Prayer. Coticedt^ 

On FRIDAY /« PASSION- WEEK: a fiid tbi 



MA & S, 
Introit, 1 ririHcre tfood by the crofi of ye/ms 
John 19. 3 X ^ volher^ sttid his mother's 
S&tx^ Alary the wife ^fClep^as^ ixiit Salomt^ aod 
Mtrv Magdalen. IT. j^^Jui laid : Womwi. b^bolil 
ihjkofi I and to bis diiQipkL BehoU. thy Okocfaci. 
7: Glory. • . 

Gloria in excelfis isJaiJ. 

C Q L L E C t- JOteus, in cujta. 

OGod» in whofe jpaflxon, accorcUag ta Simnn^s 
prophecy, the (word of grief pieroid the moft 
fweet foul of glorious Maryy the Virgin-mother: 
grant, in thy mercy,- that we, who with honour 
commettiorate her (orrows and fii#ering9, niay he 
helped by the glorious merits and prayers- of air tbe 
faints that faithfully ftood by thycrofy, foas to par- 
take of the happy fruits ctf thy paffioQ. Wbo»Uyeft. 
Then is made a Commemoration a/* Friday by the 
Collect. Cordibus noftrta, as p» 141. jfs like- 
wife by the S£CK.£T and PosTCOMMUNxoNt /^ 
lowing^ their rafpeSliv^ proper places^ 

LESSON. .Judith xiii. 22, 25. 

THE Lord hath bleiled thee with his power, who 
by thee hath bKMight our enemies to nothing. 
Thou art the bleiled of the Lord the high God, 
above all women ugon earth. Bleiled be the Lord, 
who made heaven and. earthy becauie he hath this 
day fo magnified thy name, that thy praife (hall 
not depart out of the mouth of men, who (hall re- 
member the power of the Lord for ever : for that 
thOu didft not fparethy life at the fight of the difireis 
and tribulation of thy country, but haft hefped to 
/)£evei2t their ruin in the figjht of our God. 

Riiaj^ Of the B. V. MARY. 145 

Gradual. Thou art overwhelmed with grief 
and in tears, O Virgin Mary^ ftanding by the crofs 
«f oor Lord ytfus thy Son, the Redeemer. 

Tract. Holy Mary^ the Queen -of heaven and 
Lady of the world, ftood fiill of grief by the croft 
of our Lord fefui Cbriji. V. O all you that pafs 
by the way, attend and fee if there be any fojTOW. 
like unto mine. 


UNder the world's OiTabat Mater dolo- 
redeeming wood jT) rofa 
The moft ^3ed Mo- juxta crucem lacrymofit 

ther ftood. 
Mingling her tears with 
her Son's blood. 
Astbatftream'd down 
from zyi^ry part. 
Of all bis wounds Ihc 

felt the fmart. 

What pierc'd his body, 

pierc'd her heart. 

Who can with tear- 

lefs eyes look on. 

When fuch a Moiher 

fuch a Son 

IVounded and gafping 

does bemoan ? 

O ! worfe thany<m;/>i6 

heart that ihou'd 

Unmoved behold ^he 

double flood 
Of Aiarfs ;tears, ^f ^z- 
fu^s blood ! 
Alas ! our 'fins, they 
were not his, 
In,this atoning facrifice, 
For which he bleeds, for 
.which be dies. 

Dum pendebat Filius^ 

-Ciijus animam ge- 

Contriftatam, &dolen- 

Pertranflvit gladius. 

O quam triftis & af- 
Fuit iUa benedifia 

Mater unigeniti ! 

■Qus maerebat, & d«« 

£t tremebat, cum vide* 

Nati pasnas inclyti. 

•Quis eft homo qui 
non fleret, 
ChriJIi matrem fi videret 
In tanto fupplicioJ 

146 7b0 SEVEN DOLOURS Fridaf 

\yben glares did o- Quia poflct non. con- 
pen, rock$ did rent, triflari. 
When naciire and each Piam Matrem contem- 

element plari 

Hii tormenu and his Dblentem com Filio ? 

grief refent $ M 

Shall man, the caitfe Pro peccatis fuae gen** 

of all his pain, tis. 

And all bis grief; (ball Vidit Jefum in tormen- 

finftii man tb, 

■Only infenflble remain ? £t flaeellis fubditum I 

Ah I Pious Mother, Vidit fuum dulcem 

teacE my heart natum 

Of fighs and tears the Morientem defolatum^ 

holy art, 

Afld inthy .grief to bear Dum emifit fpiritum. 

That fword Of grief £ia Mater, fbns amo* 

that did pafs uro* ris ! 

Thy very foul, Q I may Me fentire vim doloris^ 

it now 

One kind wound on Fac ut tecum lugeam* 
mine beftow. 

Great Qiieen of for- Fac ut ardeat cor me- 

rows, in thy train um 

Let me a mourner's In amando C^^sun Dc- 

place obtain, um, 

"With tears to cleanie a Ut fibi complaceam* 
fififul ftain. 

. To heal the Jeprofy of Saiii&i Mater iftud a« 

fin gas. 

We tfkuft the cure with Crucifix! fige plagas 

tears begin, 

All flefh's corrupt with- Cordi raeo validct 

out their brine. 

Refuge of fmners, Tui nati vulnerati, 

grant that we 

May tread thy fteps^ and Tarn dignati pro me 

Jet it be ' pati^ 

FHJbif. efthel^^V. MARY. 147 

OurforroWyiiottogrieve Psenas mecttm divide, 
like tfaee. 

Fac fne vere tuum 

Omay the woonds of 
thy dear Son 
Our coottite hearts pof* Crocifixo condolere, 

feV alone. 
And all terrene aSec- Donee ego vixero. 

tions drown. 
Thofe woundf that now 
the ftars out-ihine, 
Thofe furnaces of love Te libenter fociare 

May they our droiTy In plan<5lii defidero 
fouls refine. 
And on us fuch im 
preffions make^ 

Juxta crucem tecunt 

Virgo virglnuno praj< 

That we of fufibring for Mihi jam non fis amara^. 

his fake. 
May joyfully our por- Fac me tecum plangere. 

tion take. 
Let us his proper badge 

put on. 


Fac me plagis vulne« 

Fac ut portem Cbrifti 
Let's glory in the cro& Pai&onis fac confortemy 

By which he marks us £t plagas recolere. 
for his own. 
That when the dread- 
ful trials come 
For evVy man to hear Cruce hac inebriari^ 

his doom ; ' 
On his right hand we Ob amorem filii. 
may find room. 
Ob hear us Mary I Inflammatus, & ae- 
Jifu hear ! ccnfui. 

Our humble prayers, fe- Per te, virgo, fun defcn- 

cure our fear, fus. 

When thou in judgment In die judicii. 
fli^t appear. 

1+8 The SEVEN DOLOURS Friday. 

Now ^ive us forrowy Fac me aace cufto- 
civc us love, diri, 

That fo prcpar'd we Morte Chrifti prxmu- 

may remove, niri, 

When caird to the bleft Confoveri gratil. 
feats above. Amen. 

Quando corpus mori* 
Fac ut aqimac donetus; 
Paradifi gloria. Armm 

GOSPEL. John xix. 25. 
jfT that time : There flood by the crofs of yejus 
•" his mother, and his mother's fifter, Mary tht 
wife of CUophas^ and Mary Magdalen^ When 
Jefus therefore faw his mother and the difciple 
Sanding, whom be loved, he faith to hts mothec : 
Woman, behold thy fon. After that he faith to the 
difciple : Behold thy mother. And from that hour 
the difciple took her to his own home. 

Offertory. Remember, O Virgin-mother of 
God, whilft thou ftandeft in the prefence of the 
Lord, to fpQak in our favour, that thou mayeil tu!tl 
away his wrath from us. 


WE offer thee, O Lord Jefvs Chrift\ ow 
prayers and facrifices, humbly intreating 
thee, that we, who, in our prayers of this day^ com- 
memorate the transfixion of the moft fweet foul of 
blefled Mary thy mother, may receive our re- 
ward with her and her blefled companions that ftood 
imder thy crofs, this holy aflembly being multipiied| 
thro' the merits of thy death. Who liveft, SsTr. 

Preface in the transfixion. Ordinary^ p. xxfx. 

Communion, Happy are the fenfes of the bfef- 

fed Virgin Mary^ who, without dying, merited the 

crowa of martyrdom under l\vt cxofe o( the Lord.. 

jwfftf^. Oftbi b; v. mart:. n^9 


GlUnt, O Lord Jefiu Chrtft^ that the facrifke 
we have partaken of, while we, with devo« 
CioBt celebrate the transfixion of thy blefied Virgin- 
mother, may, thro' thy mercy, obtain for us the 
tStSt of every falutary good. Who liveftf i^c. 

At tbi end of Mais is read the Gofpel cf Fridayj . 
Jolin xi. as p. 142. 


71/Introit, Gradual, Offbrtory, wti^ 
Communion as on Friday, p. 141. 

- COLLECT. Proficiat. 

MAY the people confecrated to thy fervice, O 
Lord, we befeech thee, improve in all the 
aflfedions of piety ; that, being inftruded by thefe 
holy myfteries, they may be fo much the more en<^ 
riched with thy heavenly gifts, as they become more 
acceptable to thy divine majefty. Thro*v«. 

LESSON. %r. xviii. 18. 
"N tbofedays: The tviciedjtwsfaid to one another : 
Come, and let us confider of feme defign againlb 
the righteous man :. for the law- (hall not periflx 
ftom the prieft, nor counfel from the wife, nor the 
word from the prophet : Come, and Itt us firike 
htm with our tongue^ and have no regard to all he 
fiiall fay. Take care of me, O Lord, andhezr the 
words of my enemies. Is evil returned for good; 
for theyvhave dug a pit for my foul ? Remember, I 
ftood before thee, to fpeak in their favour, and to 
turn away thy anger from them. Wherefore give 
up their children to famine, and* let them fall by 
the edge of the fword : let their wives lofc tV\e\i 
cbildreii; and become widows^ and let thtu Yvu^« 




, bands be kUled : let their young men be ftabbed hf 
the fword ii> battle. Let theip cry be heard from 
their houfes : for thou (halt bring the robber un- 
expectedly upon them ; for they have dug a pit to 
take me, and hid fnares for my feet. ^ But thouv 
O Lord, knoweft all their defigns againft me to kill 
me : forgive not their iniquity : and let not their fin 
be blotted out in thy fight. Let them fall before 
thee, deal feverely with them in the time of thy 
angefi O Lord our God. 

Gradual^ Pf, 34^ My enemies fpoke peace- 
ably to me : but in their anger they were trouble- 
fome to me. F. Thou haft feen it, O Lord, be not 
£lent ; abandon me not. 

G O S P E L. John xii. 10, 36* 
AT that timi : The chief priefts confiilted to kilB 
"^^ Lazarus too : becaufe, on his account, many of 
the y^u/j went zv/2Ly from them, and "believed in 
y^fus. And, the next day, a great multitude of 
people, who were come to the feaft, hearing that 
y^fus was coming to ytrufalem^ took branches of 
palms, and went out to meet him, and cried ou^: 
Hofanna^^ bleffed is he, that the name 
of the Lord, the King of IJraeU And Jefus found 
a young afs, and got on him, as it is written : Fear 
noti daughter of Sion : behold thy King cometh fitting 
en an afs^s colt, Thefe things his difciples under- 
ftood not at firft : but when Jefus was glorified, 
then they remembered thefe things were written of 
him, and that they had done thus to him. And 
the multitude that was with him, when he called' 
Lazarus out of the monument, and raifed hi^m from- 
the dead, gave teftimony to him. For which rea«- 
fona multitude came out to meet him ; becaufe they 
heard he had done this miracfe. The Pharifees 
therefore faid among themfelves : Do you fee how 

» EnpL Save 119 now, an ufual form 0/ pra'jtr ufei b^ the JcvM 
at/if/eajl of the Tabcfoacies oaUn fram ?1. cn\\, %v 

SamrJof. PASSION-WEEK. 15% 

what we do is to no purpofe ? Behold the whole 
world is gone after him. And there were certain 
GentiUs among thbfe that came up to worlbip on< 
the feaft-day. Thcfe, therefore^ came to Philips 
who was of Bitbfaida in Galilee^ and befought him, 
fiiying : Sir, we would fee Jefus. Philip cometh 
and telleth Andrew : and Andrew and Philip told 
Jifus. And Jefus anfwered them, faying : The 
hour is come, in which the Son of Man is to be 
glorified. Amen^ Amen I fay unto you, unlefs the 
grain of wheat fall into the ground and die, it re«> 
maineth alone by itfelF; but if it die, it bringetH 
forth much fruit. He that lovetfa his life, (hall Jofe. 
it : and he that hateth his life in this world, prefer- 
veth it foe life eternal. If any one ferve me, let him 
follow me, and where lam, there (hall my fcrvant 
alfo be. If any roan ferve me, him will my Father 
honour. Now my foul is troubled: And what 
fliall I fay ? Father, fave me from this Hour : but 
therefore came I to this hour- Father glorify thy 
name. Then there came a voice from heaven : 1 
both have glorified it, and will glorify it again. The* 
people, therefore, that flood and heard it, faid^ It 
was thunder : others faid, An angel fpoke to him^ 
Jefui anfwered and faid : This voice came not for 
me, but for your fakes. Now is the world to be 
judged ; now (hall the prince of this world be caft 
out. And if 1 be lifted up. from' the earth, I will 
draw all to myfelf. (This he faid, alluding to the 
death he was to die.) The people anfwered him : 
We have heard from the law, that the Chriji abi*. 
deth- foe ever : and how fayeft.thou, That the Son* 
of Man muft be lifted up I Who is this Son of Man I 
Then Jefus faid to them : Yet for a liltlie while, the 
Tight is with you. Walk, while yon have the light, 
that darknefs come not on you : for he that walketh 
in darknefs, knoweth not whither he goeth.. While 
you have the light, believe in the light, iha^, "^ow 
jn^/ be children of the lights Thefc lh\ng^^ ?i^^^ 


Jefus s and he went away, and concealed himfelf 

from them. 


MErcifully) O Lord, we befeech thee, deliver 
us from all fins and dangers, ^vk» thoi* 
allowed us to partake of thefe great myfteries.. 


gEing filled with the divine gift, we befeech 
thee, O Lord our God, that we may evel> 
by the participation thereof. Tbro\ 

Let us pray. Bow iivmvt your heads to God^ 

Praybii. Tutatur, 

MAY thy right hand^ OLord, we befeech thee^ 
protect thy people making fupplkation to 
thee, and, purifying thenr from their fins, make 
them wife, that they mav make Aich ufe of the 
comforts of this prefent life, a» to arrive at thai 
which is eternal. Thro*. 

TX* Commemoration tff Vespers. 

Anth. Righteous Fa- yfifrf. Pater judefmuH** 

ther, the world* kno weth dus te non cognovit ; ego* 

thee not ; but I know autem novi te, quia tu 

tfiee, for thou didftfend me mififii. 

V. and^. as p. 122. PrayeR;. Collc£l oftO'- 


P A L M - S U N D A Y. 


THIS Sunday takes it*s name from the ceremony of 
blftfling fprigs or fmall branches of Palms, Olives, 
«r(bme other tree, tp be diftributed to the faithful to carry 
in proceffion in remembrance of what the Jevnjh people 
did, when Jefus Cbrifty fix days before his paffion, made 
Jus tfiiunpbstni etury mKoJevitfaUm. ^^^ iQ^^s^^c^ti^ 

BtfortMafs, PALM-SUNDAY. 155 

afe's cok, as had been foretold by the Prophet, and recei* 
ved the joyful acclamadons of his difciples, and of mul^ 
^ades of the people. 

Let us therefore aflift, according to- the fpirit of the 
Church, at the religious ceremony of this day,, with ret> 
cojledlion and piety : and while we hold the Palms in our 
hands, or accompany the procedion, let us adore Jefus 
Cbrtfty who triumphed over hell by his death, and endea- 
vour to partake of his triumph, by overcoming fin, and 
tvery inclination which is contrary ro the fpirit of God'. 

Aft$r th$ ufual fprinilmg of the Holy Water ^ as 
m all other Simdays, the Office begins thus : 

j/nth. Hofanna to the Ant, Hofanna Filio 
Son of David: blefled David: benedidus qui 
is he who cometh in (he venit in nomine Domini, 
lame of the Lord. O O Rex IfraeU Hofanna 
Kmg of Jfrael: Hofanna in excelus* 
in the higbeft heavens. 

May the Lord be with you. R. And with thy 

Let us pray- 

COLLECT. Detis, qutnu 

OGod, whom to love is true righteoufnefs, mul- 
tiply in our hearts the gifts of thy holy grace: 
and fince, by the death of thy only Son^ thou haft 
made us to hope for thofe things, which we believe^ 
grant that by his refurie<5lion we may arrive at the 
happy end of our journey. Who liveth. 

LESSON. Exod, XV. 27 : xvi. i, 7. 
FY thofe days : The children of Ifrael came to- 
•* Elim^ where there were twelve fprings of watef» 
and feventy palm-trees, and they encamped near 
the waters. And they fet forward from Elim^ and 
all the multitude of the children of Jfrael came ti> 
the wildernefs of Sin^ which is between Elim and 
Sinai f on the fifteenth day of the fecond month af- 
ter their goin^ out of the land of Egypt. And alt 
the Qongregaaon of die cbiidxen of Ifrad mMix&>a&^ 

154 PALM-SUNDAY. BifmMafu 

cd againft Mofa and Aaron in the wildernefs. And 
the children of Ifratl faid to them : Would to God 
we had died by the hand of the Lord in Che land of 
Egypty when we fat by the fle{b*-pots, and eat our 
bread in plenty : Why brought you us forth into 
the wildernefs, to deftroy the whole multitude with 
hunger ? And the Lord faid to Mofes : Behold, I 
will rain bread for you from heaven : let the people 
go out, and gather what will ferve them for each 
day; that I may try them, whether they will walk 
in my law, or no. But on the fixth day let them 
provide what to bring in ; and let it be double to 
that they were wont to gather every day. And 
Mofes and Aaron faid to the children of Ifrael: In 
the evening you fhali know, that the Lord hath 
brought you out of the land of Egypt : and in the 
morning you (hall fee the glory * of the Lord. 

Tben^ inftiai of the Gradual, is fung the following 

iJ.rTpIHE chief priefts -R./^Ollegerunt pon- 
J[ therefore and v>l tifices & Phari- 
Pharifees gathered a fat concilium, & dixe- 
council and faid : What runt : Quid facimus,quia 
are we doing, for this hie homo mulraflgna fa- 
man performeth many cit I Si dimittimus eum 
wonders ? If we let him (ic, omnes credent in 
go op thus, all will be- eum : # £t venient Ro- 
lieve in him : # And the manii 8i toUent noflrum 
Romans will come and locum & gentem. F. 
deftroy both our country Unus autem ex illis, 
and us. F. But one of Caiphas nomine, cum 
them, named Caiphas^ eflet pontifex anni illius, 
being the high prieft of prophetavit, dicens: £x- 
tbit year, faid to them : pedit vobis, ut unus mo- 
It is for your intereft that riatur homo pro populo, 
one man die for the peo- & non tota gens percat« 

« EcpU 7K# tUusl Mgbnufs, fn, gicry, &c, wbicb v/ss # wtark 

fMafs. PALM-SUNDAY. 155 

ind not that the Ab illo ergo die cogita^ 

venint interficere eum, 
dtcentes : # £t venienty 
^c. U V. 

nation pcrifli. 
:fore from that day 
evifed to kill him, 
; : # And the Ro- 
, Vc. to V. 

Or this ctbiT. 
fus prayed unto his 
Father on mount 
t: OFather. if it 
>ffible let this cup 
from me. # The 
indeed is ready, 
he fleih is weak, 
will be done. F* 
;h and pray, that you 
not into temptation. 
iefpirit,&^./tf V. 

Matt. xxvi. 

IN monte Oliveti on^' 
vit ad Patrem.;.Pa; 
ter, fi fieri poteft, tran- 
feat a me calix ifte. # 
Spiritus quidem promp* 
tus eft, caro autem in* 
firma. Fiat voluntas tua* 
V. Vigilate & orate, ut 
non intretis in tentatio* 
nem. # Spiritus quidem^ 
isfc. t9 V. 

GOSPEL. Matt.xxi. i,Q, 
'^tbat timi: Jefus drawing near to jerufaUmi 
;nd being come to Betbphagt^ at mount OUvtt^ 
nt two of his difciples, and faid to them: Go 
iie village over-againft you, and you will pre- 
r find an afs tied, and a colt with her : loofe 
, and bring them to me : and if any one fay 
thing to you, fay : The Lord hath need of 
: and he will forthwith let them go. And all 
vas done, that it might be fulfilled, which was 
\ by the Prophet, faying : Sqj to the daughter 
3n : BehoU thy King comet b to thee meek ^fitting 
r tf/x, and the colt^ the foal of her that is ufed tfi 
ike. And the difciples went, and did as Jofus 
nanded them ; and they brought the afs, and 
olt, and laid their garments on then), and fet 
thereon. And a very great multitude fpreaA 
garments in the way ; and others cut dowo 
;hs from the trees, and they ftrewed them in 
?a^. Aiiii/bcinit^'rodeibacwcntMotc^iiA 

156 PALM-SUNDAY. B^finM^fu 

that which followed after, cried aloud, faying: 
Ho/anna to the Son of David: Bleiled i$ he that 
Cometh in the name of the liord. 

May the Lord be with you. R. And with thy 

Let us pray. Auge pdem. 

rfcreafe, O God, the faith of them that liope m 
thee, and mercifully hear the prayers of thy 
fuppliants : let thy manifold mercy come u,pon us, 
and let thefe branches of palm-trees, or dlive-tvees, 
be blefled : and as in a figure of the church thou 
didft m\At\i^\y Noah going out of the ark, and Mofes 
going out of Egypt with the children of ifrael: fo 
let 'U5,xarrying palms and branches of -olive- trees, 
go and meet C^r^ with good wofks, and entfft 
cbro' him into^ternal joys : who with thee and the 
Holy Ghoft liveth and reigneth one God worM 
without end. R. Amen. 

. V. May the Lord be V. Dominus vobt£bunL 
with you. 

H,. And with thy fpi- R. £t cum Jpiritu tiia 

V. Haife up your V. Surfum corda. 

' R. We have them R. Habemus ad Do- 
raifed up to the Lord. minum. 

V. Let us give thanks V. Gratias aeamui 
to the Lord xmx God. Domino Deo noftro. 

jR. It is meet and juft. R, Dignum & juftum 


IT is truly meet and jufl, right and available to 
falvation, always and in all places to give thee 
thanks, O holy Lord, Almighty Father, eternal 
<God : who art glorious in the ailembly of thy (aints. 
^orxhy creatures ferve thee, becaufe they acknow- 
ledge thee for their orily Creator and God. And 
thy whole xieation praifeth thee, and thy ikintft 

Beftri Mafs. PALM-SUND AY. isj 

blefs thee : becaufe they confers with freedojiiy be- 
fore the. kings and powers of this world, that great 
name of thy only begotten Son. Before whom the 
angels and archangels, the thrones and dominations 
iland) and with dl the troops of the heavenly ar* 
ciy» fing a hymn to thy glory, faying without 
ceafing : 

Holy» Holy, Holy is Sandus, San£lusy 

the Lord the God of ar- San£his Dominus Deus 
mies. The heavens and Sabaotb. Pleni funt cceli 
the earth are full of thy & terra gloria tua, Ho^ 
glory, Hofanna in the fanna in txQt\£\s. Bene- 
hig|heft heavens. Blef- A\Qm% qui venit in no- 
fed is he that cometh in mine Domini, fi9fann0 
the name of the Lord, in excelfis* 
Hofanna in the higheft 

May the Lord be with you. R. And with thy 

fr*"^' Let us pray. Petimus. 

^T TE befecch thee, O holy Lord, Almighty 
VV Father, Eternal God, that thou wouldft 
be pleafed to blefs and fan£tify this creature of the 
olive-tree, which thou madeft to fhoot out of the 
fubftance of the wood, and which the dove return- 
ing to the ark brought in it's bill : that whoever 
receiveth it, may find prote£lion of foul and body ; 
and that It may prove, O Lord, a faving remedy, 
and a facred fign of thy grace. Thro/ R. Amen. 

Let us pray. Deus^ qui difperfa. 

OGod, who gathered what is difperfed, and 
prefcrveft what is gathered ; who didft blefs 
the people, that carried boughs to meet Jefus: 
Uefs alfo thefe branches of the palm-tree and olive- 
tree, which tby Servants take with faith in ho- 
nour of thy name : that into whatever place they 
be carried, the inhabitants of that place may ob- 
tain thy bleifing \ and thy right-hand prefer ve fiocDi 
Yot. U. O 

t6o PALM-SUNDAY. Prociffion. 

Hofanna in the higheft centes : Ho f anna in ex- 
heavens, celfis. 

Anih. The Hihrtw Ant. Pueri Hihra$* 

children fpread theirgar- rum veftimenta profter- 

ments in the way, and nebant in via, & clama- 

cried out faying : Ho^ bant dicentes : Hofanna 

fanna to the Son of Da- F'llio David: benediSus 

vid: bleiTed is he that qui venit in nomine Do- 

Cometh in the name of mini, 
the Lord. 

May the Lord be with you. R. And with thy 

Let us pfay. Omnipotens. 

O Almighty and Eternal God, who wouldft have 
our Lord Jefus Chrift ride on the colt of an afs, 
and didft infpire the crowds of people to fpread 
their garments, and branches of trees in the way, 
and to fing Hofanna to his praife : grant, we be* 
feech thee, that we may imitate their innocence^ 
and deferve to partake of their merit. Thro' iHe: 
fame Jefus Chriji our Lord. R, Amen. 

Then begins the Procession, in the ufualformr 
during which ^ fome of the following Anthems an* 
fung : the Prieft or Deacon having given notice^ bj 

Let us fet out in peace. Proccdamus in pace; 
R. In the name of R. In nomine Cbrijii. 
Chrift. Amen. Arrun. 

AtiTHRMS during jhe P&ocESSioN/ 

Matt. xxi. 

Anth.\t rH EN the Ant./^VM appropin-' 

VV Lbrddi-'ew ' V^i ^"^^'^^ '^®'"*'^ 

nigh to \ Jtrufilem^ ^ he nus Jerofolym'am^ mifit 

ient two of bis difciples, duos ex difcipulis futs, 

faying : Go to the vil- dicena : Ite in caftellum' 

lagc that is. Qv«c*againft quod contra vos eft :! & 

you i and you will find Jnvtm^u^ ^uUum afmae 

Pr^uffuM. PALM-SUND AT. 


the colt of an afs tied| 
upoD which noBian hath 
fat I loofe it, and bring it 
to me. If any one aCIc 
you any quefiions, fay : 
The Lord wanteth it. 
Theyuntied and brought 
it to jffat'% and laid their 
garments upon it; and 
he feated bimicif on it. 
Othera ipretd tfaer gar- 
meiits in the way^ othera 
<ut hranobes fnHH the 
trees s and thofe whofol- 
lowedi cried out: H9» 
Jtmnm^ bic&d is he who 
Cometh in the name of 
the Lord, and bleSed be 
the r^^ign of our father 
David \ Hefanna in the 
bigheft heavens. O Son 
of David have mercy on 

Jnth. When the peo- 
ple heard, that 7f/ax was 
coming to JirufaUm^ 
they took palm- branch- 
es, and went out to meet 
him : and the- children 
cried out, iaytng ; This 
is he, who ia to come 
for the ialvation of the 
people. He is our fal- 
vation, and the redemp- 
tion of ^^/. How great 
is he, whom the thrones 
and dominations go out 
to meet ! Fear not^ O 


ailigatum, fuper qt^m 
nuUus hominum fcdit^. 
folvite, & adducite mihi. 
Si quis vos sntBrrogaverit, 
dicite: O^us Domino eft 
Solventes adduxerunt ad 
Jefum^ & impofuerunt 
ilh vcftirnenta fua ; & fe- 
dit fuper'eum. Aiii ex« 
pandebaht veftime A ta fua 
in via alii ramos de ar- 
boribus fiernebant; ic 
qui feqoebantur, clama- 
bant: ^i9/42ijfri7,benedic- 
tus qtii venit in nomine 
Domini : benedi£tum 
regnum patris nodri Da^* 
via: mfonna in excelfis» 
Miferere nobis, Fili JD«- 

jtnt. Cum aodiflet po- 
puTuSy quia Jefus vehit 
Jerofilymam^ acoeperunt 
ramos palmarum : & exi- 
erunt ei obviam, & cla- 
mabant pwrri^ dicentcs : 
Hie eft, qui vchturus eft 
in falutcm populi. Hie 
eft falus ndftra, & re- 
demptioT/r^//. Quantus 
eft ifte, cul throni & do- 
minationes bccurrunt ! 
Noli timere, iilia Sion : 
ecce Rex tuus venit tibi, 
fcdens fuper pullun a- 



^iifthter df Si^n: bc-» 
hold thy ICing comsth to 
tbee fitting on. an: afii't 
cok, as; it:. is wntten. 
H^tl.OiKing^the aeator 
of 'the world, .'.who art 
.come to redeem tts. 
^«t^. Six days before the 
iblemnity afthcPaffiviry 
when the Lord was co- 
ming into the city of Je^ 
' rufaUmj thechildreh met 
-him^ and carried palm- 
branches in their hands; 
' and they cried out with a 
loud voice, faying: Ho- 
fanna in the higheft hea- 
vens : bleiTed art thou 

fina;, ficut (criptum eft. 
Salve Rex fabricator 
mundi, qui venifii redi- 
■mere nos* 

Ant. Ante fex dies To 
lemnis Pafcha^ quando 
.venit Dominus in civir 
tatem Jenfolymam^ oc- 
currerunt ei pacri : il in 
mantbus portabant .ra» 
mos palmamm ; & cl»- 
mabant voce magna, di- 
centes: Hofaima in ex* 
celfis : benedi£lus qui 
venifti in muhitudine 
mifericordix ttiae: /fisH 

who art come in the 

muhitude of thy mercy : fanna in excelds. 

Ho/anna in the highcft 


Jnth. The multitude 
goeth ottt to meet their 
.JCcdeemer with Sowers 
and palms, and payeth 
the homage due to a 
triumphant, conqueror: 
the GentiUs proclaim (he 

Ant, Occurrunt turb« 
com florihus & palmis^ 
Redemptori obviam, & 
vidtori triumphanti dig- 
na dant obfequia : Filium 
Dei ore Gentis predi- 
cant: & in laudem Chri'- 

Son of God : and their JH voces tonant per nu- 
voices rend the fkies i^i bila : Hofiinna in excel- 

thcpraifeofCAr^/: Ho- 
fanna in the higheft hea- 

Antb, Let us faithful- 
ly join, with the angels 
and children, fmging to 
the conqueror of death : 
No/anna in the bighcft 


Ant. Cum angclis & 
pueris fideles invenia- 
mur, triumphatori mor- 
tis chinantes : Hofatma 
in excelfis. 

Jtab. A great inulti- ' Ant. Turba.' multay 

quas convenerat ad dieol 
feftum, clamabat Domir 
no : Benedidus qui venit 
in nomine Domini : Ho^ 

tude that was met toge- 
ther at the feftival cried 
out to the Lord : Blefled 
is be that cometh in the 
name of the Lord: Ho* fanna\xi^xxx]&%K 
fimna in the higheft hea- 

At the return of the Proceffion, two or four 
Chanters go into the Churchy and /hutting the door^ 
with their faces towards the Ftocc&on:, ^ng the two 
firjl verfes: Gloria, laus, i^r. which are repeated by 
the Prieft and the others without the Church, Then 
they that are within, ^ng the other following verfes^ 
and they that are without j afttr every two verfes^ 
anjwer^ Gloria, laus, &ft*. 

TO thee, O Chrijiy 
be glory, praifes 
loud : 

To thee Hofanna^QxitA 
the Jewijh crowd. 
R. To thee. 
VftI]ratV% monarch, 
Davia's Son proclaim : 
Thou com'ft, blcft 
King, in God's moft holy 
name. R. To thee. 

Angels and men in 
one harmonious choir, 

Tofmg thy evcrlafting 
praife conspire. 
R, To thee. 
Thee //rtf^-rs children 
met with conquering 
palms ; 

To thee our vows we 
pay in loudeft pf-lms. 
if. To thee» 

GLoria, ]aus5i ho** 
nor, tibi fit, rex 
Chrijie redemptor : 

Cui puerile decus 
prompfit Hofanna pium* 
R, Gloria, laus. 
Ifrael es tu rex. Da* 
vidis & inclyta proles : 

Nomine qui inDomi* 
ni. Rex benedi<^e, venis^ 
R, Gloria, laus, 
Caetus in excel As te 
jaudat cselicus omnis, 

£t mortalis honto, & 
cuniSta ercata fimul. 
R, Gloria, laus. 
Plebs Hekraa tibi cum 
palmis obvia venit : 

Cum prece, voto, 
hymnis, adfumus ecce 
tibi. jR. GIoi12i^Um\« 

s&f. . PALM-SUNDAT. Mrfu 

For tbee on earth with Hi tibt p9JKir0 iblvc« 

bought they ftrew'd th« 

To thee in hearen wc 
fing ifieiodiotts praife. 
R, To thee. 

Accept thb tribute^ 

which to thee wc bring, 

9 As thou didft theirs » O 

good and gracious King. 

R. To thee. 

bam munia laudii ; 

N^ tibi regnaQti pan» 
gimns ecesmdoB. 
R. Gloria, latis« 

Hi placueretibiplaceat 
devotio noftra. 

Rex bone^ rex clemens, 
cui bona cunda placeot* 
R* Gloria^ laiifi.i 

Jffitr thu ihf Subdeacon inoch at the d99r wM. 
thf foot 9f thf cr&fs ^ ; %Mcb himg\ opmed, ibt Pro* 
ceffion g4€$ inn thi Cburtb^ fi^i^i * 

R. As our Lord enter- 

ed the holy city, the He- 
hru) children declai-ing 
the refurte£tion of life, 
# With palm-branches, 
cried oat: Hofatmd in 
the higbefl heavens. 
V» When the people 
beard, that Jefus was 

R. Ingredienfe Do^ 
mino in fanSani civita- 
tern, Hebrmfrum piieri 
refurredlioneni vitse pro* 
nuntiantes,#Cuin ramil 
palmarum Hcfanna da- 
mabant in excelfis. F^ 
Cum Audiflet populus^ 
quod J^fui veniret y^o- 

coming to Jtrufelimy Jolywiam^ exierunt obvi- 
they went out to meet am ei.#Cum ramis, bfc^ 
him, and # With palm* . as ateve t9 V* 
branches, i^c. as above 

At Ma(s M bold tbe Palms in their bands during 
ibe Paf&on. 

MASS. Introit. P/. xxi» 

T ORD, keep not thy X^Omine, ne longe 

I J help far from me; l J facias auxilium 

look to my defence : de- tuum a me, ad defeor 

^ SoBH entering tbe Church, and fame remaining vitheiutt repr^ 

ftnti 9ur Jtate in this mortal life ; in wbich^ tbo* we ari not in bca^ 

vm , yet t»ejein m tbepraifes ef God luitb thojs that are there i mndf 

live in bopett that tbe gates of heaven will U opened t^ uiiytk^ 

tKr/fsttf tke crrfs tf ChriiU 

Maft. PALM-SUNDAY. 165 

liver me from the lion*s fionem meam afpice li« 
mouth, and reicue me in bera me de ore leonis, 
my diflrefs from the &acornibusunicornium 
horns of the unicorn, humilitatem meam. P/l 
Pf. O God, my God, Deus, Deus meus, re- 
look upon me; why haft fpice in me ; quare me 
thou fof Taken me ? They dereliquifti ? Longe a fa- 
are my (ins that keep fal- lute mea verba deli£lo- 
vation far from me. rum Domine^ 
Lord, keep not,€sff . to Pf. ne longe, iff r. to Pf. 

COLLECT. OmnipotenSk 

O Almighty and Eternal God, who wouldft have 
our Saviour become man, and fufFer on a 
crofs, to give mankind an example of humility : 
mercifully grant, that we may improve by the ex* 
ample of his patience, and partake of his refurrec- 
tion. Thro* the fame, tsfr. 

No other Colleft is Jaid this i<i]. 

EPISTLE. Phiiip ii. s, lu : 

BRcthren, have the famefentiments Je/us Chrijii 
had; who as he 'had the form* of God, 
thought it no robbery to equal himfelf to God : ne- 
verthelefs he degraded himfelf taking the form of a 
fervant, being made to the likenefs of men, and in 
Ihape found as man.#He humbled. himfelf, and be- 
came obedient unto death, eventhe death of the crofs. 
For which. reafon God alfo hath exalted him, and 
given him a name, which is above all names: that 
at the i\2ime.oiJejMS.^ every knee ihould bow, of 
the things in heaven, and on earth, and under the 
earth : and every tongue confeisr'that the Lord Je^ 
fvs ChriJ} is in tbeglory of God the- Father. 

GRADUAL. P/.ixxii: 

Thou haft held me by' Tenuifti manum dex- 

my right hand, and con-' teram meam, '& in vo-' 

duded me according to luntate tua deduxifti me, 

thy good will, and raifed & cum gloria aflumpfifti 

« £x/J, Nafyrt. b Htr€ gU kned Aowu% 

•* • - 

1^8 PALM-SUNDAY. Mafu 

ho\i^ they might, by ftratagem, apprehend Jefus^ 
and put him to death. But they (aid : a. hfot on 
the feftival-day, left perhaps there fliould happen a 
tumult among the people. C. And when Jefus 
was in Betbania^ in the houfe of Simon the leper^ 
there came to him a woman having an alabafter- 
box of precious ointment, and (he poured it out 
upon his head, as he was at table. And the dif- 
ciples feeing it^ were angry, faying : S. To what 
purpofe is this wafte i For it mieht have been fold 
at a good price, and given to the poor. C. But 
Jefus knowing this, faid to them : f Why difturb 
you this woman i For (he hath performed a good 
work towards me. For the poor you have always 
with you, but me you have not always. For this 
woman, in pouring ointment on my body, has done 
It for my burial. Amen I fay to you, that where- 
foever this gofpel (hall be preached in the whole 
world, it (hall likewife be told, what this woman 
hath done, in remembrance of her. C. Then one 
of the twelve, called Judas the Ifcarioty went to 
the chief priefts and (aid to them : S. What will 
you give me, and I will deliver him up to you i 
C. And they ordered him thirty pieces of (ilver. 
And from that time he fought for an opportunity of 
betraying him. Now on the firft day of the feaft 
of unleaven bread, the difciples came to Jefus^ fay« 
ing r S. Where wilt thou have us prepare to eat the 
fctffiver ? C. And Jefus faid : f Go into the city 
to a certain man, and fay to him : The Mafter 
faith, my time is at hand : I will keep th^pajfover 
with my difciples at thy houfe. C, And the dif- 
ciples did as Jefus had ordered them, and made 
ready the paj/over. And when it was now even- 
ing, he went to table with his twelve difciples. 
And as they were eating, he f^id : f Amen I fay* 
to you : one of you will betray me. C. And being 
much troubled, they began every one to fay : 5. 
Is it Jy Lord i C And he ^Lufweun^^ faid : f He 

Mafs. PALM-SUNDAY. 1^9 

that dippcth his hand with me in the difh, the famf 
will betray me. The Son of Man goeth indeed^ 
as it is written of him : but wo to that man, by 
whom the Son of Man (hali be betrayed : it hadi 
been better for that man, if he had never beea 
bom. C. Then Judas^ who betrayed him, an-^ 
fwering, faid : 8. Mafter, is it 1 ? C. He faid tn 
to him : f Thou haft faid it ^* C. And while they? 
were at fupper, Jefus took bread, and blefied it,^ 
and brbke it, and gave it to his difcipies, and faid ;. 
t Take ye and eat : this is my body. C. And taking 
the cup, he gave thanks, and gave it to them, fay- 
ing : t Drink you all of this : for this is my blood of 
the New Teinment, which (hall be fhed for many 
to the remiffion of fins. But I fay to you, I will 
not drink henceforth of this fruit of th6 vine, till 
that day, when I (hall drink it new with you in my 
father's kingdom. C. And having faid a hymn, 
they went out to mount Olivet. Then Jifits faith 
to them : f All of you will be fcandalized in me 
this night : for it is written : / willjirike tbejbep^ 
herd J and the /beep of the flock Jhall be difperfed. 
But after I am rifen again, I will go before you 
into Galilee. C Then Peter anfwering, faid to 
him : S. Thouzh all the reft fhould be fcandalized 
in thee, yet will I never be fcandalized. C Jefus 
faid to him : f Jrnen^ I fay to thee : this night oe- 
fore the cock croweth, thou wilt deny me thrice. 
C Peter faid to him : 5. Tho' I were to die with 
thee, yet will I not deny thee. C. And all thedif- 
ciplcsi Ukewife Aid the fame. Then Jefus came 
with them to a village called Getbfemani^ and faid 
to his difcipies ! f Sit you here, while I go thither 
and pray. C, And he took with him Peter and the 
two fons of Zebedeej and began to be fad and for- 
rowful. Then he faith to them : f My foul is 
ibrrowful even unto death ^ : Stay you here, and 

^ Bzpl. It is ti tbwfayeftt « BxpU / am (tisud with # 

Jgrrtw .capakli of JmUiag M indto my Iift% 

Voi^ IL P 


v^jUch' wkh me. C» Asid goinr a litde tedwr^ he 
fell on his fiioe, and prajm* utying: fO mj^fii^ 
ther, if it he poffiUe, lei diia cup paft from: me* 
l^evertfadeft, ncn as I will^ hut as tbo« wik. & 
Aad oomiog to Us difeiplcs,. he fonndi them flecp- 
ing: and to Pttir : f Whatf Could yaa 
not watch ono hour with me ? Watch and pmjr, 
that you enter not into temptation; The iprit m^ 
deed ia leady,. but the flefli is weak. C. Ho went 
away anon the fcpond time, aOd pnyed, figmg: 
t OMnjrjTathert if this cup cannot pais ftooroit^ bat 
I muft drink it-,, thy will be dcm C 
came again^ and found them aileep; fbrtheireyea 
were hoivy* Aaid. leaving them^ he went again: 
and prayedi the third time, faying the fame wocdsi 
Then he coneth to his di&iplea, and faith to tbtnc 
t Sleep on now, and takevour reft: behold tbs 
hour is near, and the Son of Man (hall be b e tr ayed. 
into the hands of finners. Rife, let us go : heboid' 
he, that will betrav me, is at hand. C While he 
was yet fpeaking, behold Jndai^ one of the twdve^ 
•came ; and with him a great multitude with fwordr' 
and clubs, fent by the wtf priefts and^ld^of tfae- 
people. And he that betrayed him, had gnren thems 
ligiud, fayik^: S. He whom lihall kifs, is the man» 
lay hold on htm. C. And coming forthwith to %* 
yitf, he faid : S. Hail, matter ! C. And herkiiGsd him» 
And yefusfdH to him: f Friend, for what art thou 
come i C. Then they came and laid hands on him, 
and took him. And behold one of them that were 
vnthjeftts^ ftretching forth his hand, drew hislword, 
and miking the high priefi's fervant, cut off hir 
ear. Then Jejiis faid to him : f Put up thy fword: 
again into it's place : for all that take the fword, 
ihali pcrifli by the fword. Doft thou think, I can- 
ix>t aik it of my Father, and he will give me prefent* 
Ijr more than twek'e legions of angels ? How then* 
jhall the faiptures be hilfilledj which foretell thzt 
thus it mu& be. C In thn Cum^hmt ^e[ut faid to- 

Mafs. PALM-SUNDAT. 171 

Ae Biidtitude : t You are come out, as againft a 
higiMmymafl, to take me with iwords and clubs. I 
{ax daily with you teadune in >tbe temple, and you 
ieioed me sot. C. And aU this was done chat the 
writings of the proiriiets might be fulfilled. Then 
all his difciples abandoning him, fled awsir. Bat 
ihey bokiiog J^fiu^ brought him to Caifhas^ the 
high prieft, wheie the Scribes and elders were af- 
Sanbled* But Pear followed him at a diflance, 
even to the high prieft's court. And going in, he 
fiit down with the fervants, to fee the iflue.. And 
the chief prieAs, with all the council, fought falfe 
witaefi againft Jifur^ that they might put bim to 
dcadi : but they RNind none» the' many falfe witnciles 
had come in. At laft, two ialfe witnefle» came, 
sndiaid : fi. This maa&id ; Icandeftreys)»um^ 
pie of God, and after three >days rebuild it again. 
C. And tiie high prieft rifing up ftid to him : S. 
Anfifvereft thou nothingto what thefe men witncA 
ai^unft thee f C. But jefus fpoke not. And the 
high prieft iaid to him: S. I conjure thee, by the 
fiviBg God, to tell us, if thou art the Chrift^ the 
Son of God ? C. Jtfm faid to him : t Thou haft 
fold it. Moreover I fay to you : hereafter youihsil 
foe the Son of Man fitting at the right hand of the 
power of GUmI, and coming in the clouds of heaven. 
C. Then the high prieft rent his garments, faying : 
8. He hath Ua^emed : what rarther need have 
we of witnefles f Behold you have now heard his 
Mafphemy : What think you i C, Arid they an- 
fwering, (aid : S. He is guiky of death. C Then 
they ipit in his face, and bufteted htm ; and others 
ftrock him on the face with the palms of their hands, 
foying : S. Prophefy to us, O thou the Cbri/f^ who 
it is that ftmck thee i C. Now Pftir fat without 
in the court : and a maid came to him, faying : 5* 
Thou alfo waft with Jifus of Galiiee : C. But he 
d^ed it before all, Uying : S* I know not what 

. ijt PALM-SUNDAY. ^ Mafs. 

thou fayeft. C. And, as he went out of the gate» 
onother maid faw him, and faid to thofe that 
were there : 5. This man alfo was wkb Jefus of 
Nazareth. C. And he again dented it with an 
oath, faying : I know not the man. And a little 
after, (hey that ftood there, came to Peter and 
' faid : 5. Certainly thou alfo art one of them ; for 
thy fpeech difcovereth thee. C, Then he began 
to proteft and fwear, he knew not the man. And 
prefentiy the cock crowed. And Peter called to 
mind what Jefids had faid : Before the cock crow- 
eth, thou wilt deny me thrice. And going forth 
. he wept bitterly. And when it was morning, all 
. the chief priefts and elders of the people confulted 
, againft Jf/uft to put him to death. And they 
' Drought bim bound, and delivered him to Pontittt 
Pilate the governor. Then Judas^ who had be- 
trayed him, feeing him condemned, touched with 
repentance, brought again the thirty pieces of filver 
to the chief priefls and elders, faying : S. I have 
finned in betraying righteous blood. C. But they 
faid : S. What is it to us ? Look thou to that. C. 
And cafting down the pieces of filver in the temple, 
he departed ; and went and hanged himfelf. But 
. the chief priefts taking the filver, faid : ^. It is not 
. lawful to put it in the treafury, becaufe it is the 
price of blood. C. And having confulted together, 
they bought with it the Potters- field for the burial 
of ftrangers. For this reafon that field is called 
Haceldama^ that is, the field of blood, even to this 
day. Tben was fulfilled, what was fpoke by the 
.prophet Jeremy^ faying : And they t^k thirty pieces 
ofjilver^ the price of him thai was fet at a price^ 
whom they bought for a price of the children of lirael, 
and they gave them for the Potters- fields as the Lord 
appointed me. And Jefus flood before the governors 
.and the governor afked him, faying: S, Art thou the 
King of the Jews I C. Jefus faith to hjm : f Thou 
f»yeh it. C, And being accufed by the chief priefls 

Mafu PALM-SUNDAY. 173 

and elders, he anfwered nothing. Then Filatt faith 
to htm : B. Doft thou not hear how many tefti- 
inonies diejr urge againft thee ? C And heanfwer* 
ed bim not to any word, fo that thejgovemor won- 
dered exceedingly. Now at the (eftival-day the 
goremor was wont to releafe to the people (bme ont 
prifoner, whom they pleafed. And he had then a 
Tery notorious one^ called Barahhau And they 
being al&mbled together, filau faid to them: 
S. which will you that I releafe for you ; Barahhas^ 
or Jifus^ who is called the Chrift ? C. For he knew 
thc^nadcommitt^himoutofenvy. And as he was 
fittmg on the judgment-feat, his wife fent to him, 
iaying : S. Have nothing to do with that righteous 
man $ for I have fuffered very much this day in a 
dream, upon his account. C But the chief priefts 
and elders perfuaded the people to demand Barahhas^ 
and deftroy J^fus, Then the governor anfwering, 
faith to them : S. Which of the two wil] you havt 
difcharged i C. And they faid : S. Barabias. C. Tlie 
governor faith to them : S. What then fliall I do 
with Je/us^ who is called the Chri^ ? C. They alt 
fay : S. Let him be crucified. C, The governor re- 
plieth : S. Why, what evil hath he done f C. fiut 
they cried out the more, faying: S. Let him be 
crucified. C. Then Pilate feeing he could not 
prevail, but that rather a tumult was raifed, took 
water, and wafhing his hands before the people^ 
faid : 5. I am clear of the blood of this righteous 
man ; look you to it* C And all the people an* 
fwering, faid : S, Let his blood be on us, and on 
our children. C Then he releafed to them Barah^ 
has ; and having fcourged Jtfus^ he delivered hhn 
up to be crucified. After which the governor's fol- 
diers took Jefu$ into the common-hall, and gather- 
ed about him the whole band : and having drip- 
ped him, they put on him a fcarlet cloak ; aiWl 
twified a crown of thorns, and put it on hk b^iid^ 

174 PALM-SUNDAY. Maf^. 

with a reed * in his right hand. And bending a 
.knee before bim» they fcofFed him: faying :.S. Hail, 
.King of the Jews. C. And they fpit on him, and 
taking the reed, firuck him on the head. And 
after they had infulted him, they pulled off the 
xloak, and putting on his own clothes, led htm 
iiway to be crucified. And as they went out of 
theaty^ they found a man of Cjrene^ called Simon, 
and they compelled bim to carry his crofs. And 
they came to the place, called Golgotha^ which fig- 
nifieth a Calvary ^. And they gave him wine min- 
gled with gall to drink ; and when he had tailed it, 
he would not drink. After they had criici^dbim, 
they divided his garments, cafting lots;. that it 
might be fulfilled, which was fpoke by the prophet^ 
.iaymg^ Tbey divided my garments among theniy atuf 
ibiy cafi lots for mjf veftun. And they (at down, 
'and watched biin. And they put over his head his 
caufe in writing : THIS IS JESUS THE KING 
OF THE JEWS. Then were crucified with him 
,two thieves \ one on his right hand, and the other 
on his left. , And they that pafled by, reviled him, 
jQiaking their heads, and faying : S. Ah ! Thou 
Ihat defiroyeft the temple of God, and in three 
.days buildeft it up again ; fave thyfelf. If thou art 
the Son of God, come down from the cro&, C In 
like manner alfo the chief priefts, with the Scribes 
and elders, fcoffing him, faid : Si He faved others, 
ut cannot fave himfelf : if he be the King of Ifrael, 
et him now come down from the crofs, and 
we will believe him : he trufted in God, let him 
iLeliver him now, if he love him ; for he hath faid : 
lam the Son of God. C The thieves alio, that 
were crucified with him, reproached him in the 
fame manner. Now from the fixth hour, there 
jiras darknefs over the whole earth, till the ninth 
hour. And about the ninth hour Jefus cried out 

. ' a Or, Cane, k £xpl. Aflau lubenfculU^ &c. af Malt" 


Mafs. PALM-SUNDAY. 175 

with a loud voice, faying : f ^h ^^t hrntme fa^ 
ba^bani f C. That is : f My God » my God, why 
haft thou foriaken me ? C And* fpme that ftoed 
there, and heard him, faid : 5« He calkth EUas. 
C» And forthwith one of them ran, and taking a 
Sponge, filled it wkh vinepar and put it on a reed, 
and gave it htm to drink. But others, fiud.: S. 
Stay, let us fee whether Elias will come and deliver 
him. C And Je/us cvyiug again with a loud voice, 
■gave up the ghoftf. And. behold the veil of the 
temple was rent in two, from the top to the hot* 
torn : and the earth trembled, and the rocks were 
rent afundej, and the monuments were ojpened *: 
and many bodies of the faints, wiio llept, arofe 
And going out.of their monuraehts, after his refur- 
re^oo, they camemto the holy city, and appear- 
ed to many* But the Centurion^ and they whi 
were with him watching Je/us^ feeing the earth- 
quake, and all. that had happened, were very much 
^fraid, and feid : S. Truly, this man was the Son 
of God. C And many women were there at a 
diftance, who had foWov/edJe/its iiomCdliUey and 
bad waited on him: among whom was Maiy Mag^ 
dalen^ and il/i7rjr the mother qfjames znd of Jdfeph^ 
and the mother of the fons of Zebedee, And when 
it was now evening, there came a rich man of Art* 
matbea^ called Jofeph^ who was alfo -a difciple of 
Jifus. He came to Pilett and begged the body of 
Jifus, And Pilau commanded the '.body to bo 
given him. And Jatftpb taking the body, wrap-* 
ped it in a dean linen cloth, and laid it in a new 
monument of his own, which he had cut out of a 
rock. And he rolled a great (lone againft the door 
of the monument, and went away. . And Mary 
Magdalen was there and the other Mary^ fitting 
over-againft the fepulchre. 

* Hert mII kneel dcwn^ tnd paufefir a vfbife^ indmlging ibofe «m»- 
tuttt of the foul that muji arijt in a Qbrifiian brtafi at ilbi tboKgjbtt q{ 
the Cod-maM fj^/'r/jr^Jir turJStt^ 

176 JPAL1V15UNDAY. Miifu 

Hir$ ii fnd: Qeluife my lieait, fsfi. 4ts f. xvi. 

NOW dK next day, which followed the day of 
the pmparacion,uie chief piiefts and PkanftH 
came together Co Pilate^ fayiog : Sir, we remember, 
this kiSatx faid, while he was ye( alive : After three 
,daTs I will rifir again. Commaiid therefore the fe- 

Eulchra to he guvded till the third day : left perhaps 
is difciples come and ileal him away, and then 
lay to the people : He is rtfen from the dead. And 
ib the laft error will be worfe than the firft. Pilate 
fiiid to them : You have a guard ; go and keep 
watch, 9M you know heft. And going away, they 
iccured the fepukhre by placing guards, and feeding 
the Aone» 

My heart hath long Improperittm expee* 
borne rn)roach and mife* tavit cor mtum It mt(e« 
ry : and I looked for feme riam : ti fuftinui qui fimul 
one to condole with me, mecum contriflaretur, & 
and there was none. I non fuit. Confolantem 
ibught for oaeto comfort me aaasfivi & non inve* 
me, and found nqne: ni : oc dederunt in efcam 
they c^ve me gall to eat, meam fcl, & in fiti mtk 
^ vinegar to drink in potaverunt me acctOb 


GRant, we be&ech thee, O Lord, that what 
hath been offered in the prefence oi tby divine 
majefty, may procure us the grace of devotion, and ^ 
tffeduaily obtain a Uefied eternity. Thro'. 

COMMUNION. Mait.xxvu 

Father, if this cup Pater, ft non poteft hie 

cannot pa& away, but I calix tranfire, nifi bibam 

muft drink ^it, thy will ilium, fiat voluntas tua. 

be done. 


MAY our vices, O Lord, be deftroyed, and our 
righteous defires fulfilled by the efficacy of 
tbefc my&ttks. Thio\ 

Mi^nday. HOLY WE E K. 177 

In private Mafles, faid without the bleffing of the 
Palms, in/lead ef the Gospel : In the beginning, 
is /aid the Gospel. asabove^f. 155* 

The Little Chapter. Brethren. Beginning 
cf the Epistle to %i p. 165. Hymn, ^. 127. V. 
and R. as p. 122. Prayer. Collect as Mafs. 


Introit. 7 TUdge thofe, O Lord, who hurt me; 
^f' 34* )'%! defeat thofe that aiTauIt me : take 
thy armour and (hield, and come to my affiftance, 

Lordj'my mighty Saviour. Pf. Draw thy fword, 
and flop thole that are in purfuit of me : fay to xtky 
foul : I am thy falvation. Judge, O Lord, isfc. t$ 

COLLECT. Da, quafumus. 

GRant, we befeech thee, O Almighty God, that 
we, who, thro' our weaknefs, faint under fo 
many adverfities, may recover by the pailion of thy 
only begotten Son. Who, with thee and the Holy 
Ghoft, liveth, £sfr. 

LESSON. Ifaias\. 5, 10. 

JN thofe days : Ifaias faid: The Lord God hath 

"^ opened my ear ^, and I contradidl him not : and 

1 turned not my back on him. I have given up my 
body to thofe that ftruck me, and my cheieks ta 
thofe that plucked them : I have not turned away 
my face from thofe that abufed me and fpit on me. 
The Lord God is my help, therefore am I not 
afliamed : therefore have I made my face like a 
hard rock, and I know that I (hall not be put to 
fhame. He is at hand who juftifieth me, who will 
declare againfl me ? Let us fland up together, who 

c JEi^Z. ?i fSe Jbearing bis v$ice and infiruBUni^ 

278 HOLY WEEK. MAnia,. 

k my adverfary \ Let him come forth to me. Be- 
hold the Lord God b my bdper, who is it thct wilf 
coodemn me ? Bebdd they fhall all be deflroyed 
as a garment, the moth imill eat them. Which of 
you feareth the Lord, and heareth the vxMce of his 
iervant? He that hath walked in darknefs, and 
hath no light, let him hope in the name of the 
Lord, and rely on the Lord his God« 

Gradual, /y. 34. Arife, O Lord, be attentive 
to my trial \ my God and my Lord, undertake my 
caufe. V. Uraw thy fword, ftop thofe that are in 

purfuit of me. 


T^ACT. Deal not, O Lord, Ufc. at aitvi^ 

G O^S P E L. J^hu xu, I, 9. 

SI K dajps before the Paffover^ Jtfus came to 
BfthamiU where Lazarus had died, whom Jf' 
fas raifed again. And they made a fupper for mm 
there : ftad Aiartba waited, and LaT^arus was one 
0f thofe that were at table with him. And Mar^ 
look apound of very excellent fpikenard,and anoiot** 
itA the feet of J^fus^ and wiped VAsl foot with her 
Jiair : and the boufe was filled with liie odoyr of 
the perfume* Therefore one of his difciples, Juda^ 
the Ifcarioty who was about to betray him, faid : 
Why was not this perfume fold for three hundied 
pence, and given to the poor ? And he faid this* 
not becaufe he cared for the poor, but becaufib be 
was a thief, and having the purfe, carried what was 
put in it. 7^^ therefore faid : Let her alone, that 
(he may keep it for the day of my burial. For yo» 
iiave the ppor always with you, but me you have 
not always* And a ^eat multitttde of the 'Jiwt 
)(new he was there \ and they came not only on 
account of Jefus^ but to tee Lazarus^ whom he had 
laifed from the dead. 

Off^j^tohy. P/. 14a* DeliN^ mt (com my 


cnemiffj OLofd : to thee have I fledf teach me 
to do tl^ mil: becaufe thou artmy God. 


1^ RaA, O Mmig^cy God^ that bring purified bjr 
w thepoiveiM virtue of thb fiicriflce, we may 
srrive mA mtttr parity to the author and infti* 
CnttMrtBHOofc Tiiio • 

CoMicuwoii.^ Pf. 34* Let them blufli and be 
aftamrJy wbo Rjoice at my mtsfortmies: let them 
be covered with oonfbfion and fliame) wbo %nk. 
mafidoofly againft me. 

POSTCCMilMUNION. Prahemttmhis. 

LET thy bdy myfkries^ OLord, infpire ns 
with divine fervour: that we delight both in 
their dfeft and cdebration. Thn>\ 

Let oi pray. Bow down your heads to God. 

Pratek. Jt^uva MS. 

SEIp us, OGod, ourialvation : and grsttt that 
we mxf celebrate with joy the memory of 
beiicfitt» by which thou haft been pfeafed to 
mleera os^ Thro*. 


larTRotT. l\X/'^ ouglit to glory in dM crofir 

Gal.b. ) YV ofourLoidyj^iGii^. in: 
whom is our ialvatioB^ lilcy and munefiion : by 
whom we have been iaved aiid delivered. Pf. 60. 
May God have menj 00 u»^ and Uefs us : may 
his countenance (bine upon us, and may he take 
ptfy oa us. We ought to glory, (sTc. /# Pf. 

COLLECT. Omuuttns. 

O Almighty and Everlafting God, grant that we 
may fo celebrate the myfterics of our Lot&^% 
paSoB^ M$ to -oktsdo ib/pzpdiau Thio' lh« tMM< 

i8o HOLY WEEK. Tnifi«i. 

L E S S O ^f. Jer. xi. i8, 20. 
TU thofg'days : Jeremizs/aid: O Lord^ thou haft . 
'^ (hewn it me, and I have known it : then thou 
didft difcover to me their defigns. And I was as a 
meek lamb, that is carried to be facrificed .* and I 
knew not that they formed defigns aeaiaft me, fay- 
ing : Let us caft wood into his bread, and cut him 
off from the land of the living, and let his name be 
remembered no more. But thou, O Lord of hofts^ 
that judgeftjuftly, and fearcheft the reins and hearts, 
let me fee thy vengeance upon them : for to thee 
have I laid open my caufe, O Lord my God. 

Graduax. Pf. 34. When they were trouble* 
fome to me, I put on hair-cloth, and humbled my 
foul in fafling : and I will yet continue to pour 
forth my prayer in my bofom^. V. Judge thofe, O 
Lotd, who hurt me : defeat thofe. that aflault me : 
take thy armour and fhield^and come to my affift- 
a nee 

according to Mark, Chap. xiv. 

jfT that time : After two days was the feaft of 
•" the Pajfover and of unleavened bread, and the 
chief priefts and Scribes fought how they might 
take Jefus by craft, and put him to death. Sut 
they faid: S. Not on the feaft-day, left there 
fhould be a tumult among the people. C And 
when Jefus was at Bethanta^ in the houfe of Si* 
mon the leper, at table, there came a woman 
having an alabafter box of very coftly ointment 
of fpikenard ; • and breaking the alabafter box, 
flie poured it out on his head. And there were 
fome that were vexed within tfaemfelves at it, and 
faid:: S. Why was this ointment wafted? For it 
might have been fold for more than three hundred, 
pence, and given to the poor* C- And they mur- 
mured againft her. And Jefus faid : f Let her 
alone: Why do you difturb her ? She bath done a 

fBxpl, i will continue wj htmhU ^oflinrt of (ra^er, vdth 9^ 
Jhadn^Umdon ntf breafi. 


good work on me. For you have the poor always 
with you ; and whenfoever you will, you may do 
tbeoi good ; but me you have not always. She 
hath done what (he could : and is come before- 
hand to Mioint my body for it's burial. Jmut I 
{d3f to you: Wherever this gofpel fliall be preach* 
ed throughout the whole world, this aJfo, which 
{he hath done, (hall be told for a memorial of her. 
C. Then Judas the Ifcariot^ one of the twelvet 
went to the chief priefts to betray him to them. 
And when they heard it, they were glad, and pro* 
miCsd to give him money. And he (ought how he 
might conveniently betray him« Now on the firft 
day of unleaven bread, when they killed the Paff" 
iffiTj his difciples fay to him : S. Where wilt thou 
have us go, and prepare for thee to eat the Pajf- 
wir f U. And he feodetfa two of his difciples, and 
faith to them : f Go into the city, and there will 
meet you a man carrying a pitcher of water, fol- 
low him; and wherever he goetii in, fay to the 
mafter of the houie : The Mafter faith : where is 
the gueft-foom, in which I may eat the Pajfover 
mth my difciples ? And he wm fliew you a large 
upper HTOom ready fiu'niihed; and there make ready 
for us. £7. And fals difciples went, and coming into 
the city, found ^ery thing as he had faid to them, 
and made ready the Pajprvtr. And in the evening 
he came with the twelve. And as they were at 
table, and eating, Jifus faith : f Anun I fay to you : 
one of you that eateth with me, will betray me. 
C. And they began to he (ad, and to fay to him fe- 
verally : 5* Is it 1/ C He faith to them : f It is 
one of the twelve, that dippeth his hand with me 
in the diih. And the Son of Man indeed goeth as 
it is written of him.: but wo to that man by whom 
the Son of Man (hall be betrayed. It had been 
better for that man if he had never been born. 
C And while they were eating, Jifus took bread 

Vox-. IL Q. 

i8l HOLY WEEK. Tmfiaj. 

and bleffing it, broke it, and gave it to them,, and 
faid : f Take you this^ this is my body. C And 
having taken the cup, giving thanks, he gave it 
them : and they all drank of it. And he faid to them : 
t This is my blood of the NewTeftament, which 
fball be ibed for many. Anun^ I fay to you, that 
from now I will not drink of this fruit of the vine^ 
untill that day, when I (hall drink it new in the 
kingdom of God. C. And having faid an hymn, 
they went out to the mountain of Olivss. And 
ytfus faid to them : f You will all be fcandaltzed 
this night on my account : for it is written.: I will. 
Jirik$ tbi Jhipbtri^ and thi ftaep JhaU h$ difperfed. 
But after I rife again, I will go before you into Gtf- 
ItUe. C. But Peter faid to him: S. Tho' all the 
reft, (ball be icandalized on thy account, yet I will- 
not. C And Je/us faid to him: f ^f'ten Tfay to 
thee, that this very night, before the coclc hath 
twice crowed, thou wiltdeny me thrice. C, But 
he (^oke ftill more vehemently : S. Tho'I was to 
die with thee, I will not deny thee. C And they 
all faid the fame. And they come to a farm called 
G^tbfemani^ and he faid to his diiciples : f Sit you 
here, while I pray. C And he taketh with him 
Peter undjames^ zndjebn: and he began tofear^ 
and to be Heavy. And he faid to them : f My foul 
is forrowful unto death : ftay you here, and watch* 
' C, And when he was gone a little farther, he fell* 
flat on the ground: and he prayed, that if it might* 
be, that hour might pafs away from him : and he 
faid : f Jhba^ Father, all things are poffible to thee» 
put away this cup from me : but not what I will, 
but what thou wilt. C And he came and found 
them deeping. And he faith to Peter : f Simen^ 
-doft thou deep ? Couldft thou not watch one hour i 
Watch ye all and pray, that you fall not into 
temptation. The fpirit indeed is willing, but the 
flie{h IS weak. C And going away again he pray* 
€^j faying the fame words. And Ktuming, he 

Tmfiky. HOLY WEEK. i8g 

foanA ibemagxin afleep, (for their eyes were hea- 
vy) 4iDdtbeyiknelie not whftt to anfwer him. And 
he Cometh .the tthird tiftie, and faith to them : f 
Sleep on now, and uhe your reft. It is enough : 
the boor is come : behold the Son of Man 'ihall be 
betrayed 'into the hands of ikiners. Arife, hti us 
go: behold hethat wiH'betray m^, is near. C And 
ivhile be was fpeaking, came ^Juias the Ifcaridt^ 
one of the twelve, and with him a great multitude^. 
ivith fwordsand clubs, fent by the chief priefts, and 
Scribes^ and elders. ^And he that betvayed him« 
had given them a fignal, faying : S. Wbomfoever I 
iball kifs, that is he, feize him, and carry him away 
warily. C And when he was come, going imme* 
4)iate]yuptohim, hefaid: S, Hail, Rabbi! C. And 
kified him. And they laid hands on himy and-foi^ 
zed him. And one of thofe that were* prsiBnt,. 
drawing his fword, ftruck a fervant of the high> 
prteft, and cut off his ear. And yefu^ anfwering, 
ikidto them : f Are you come out as it were agaiim 
a thief with fwords and clubs to- apprehend me I I 
was with you every day teaching in the temple, 
and you did not take me. But the fcriptures muft 
be fulfilled. C. Then his difciples leaving him, 
they all fled. And a certain young man followed 
him, having a linen cloth caft about his naked 
body : and they feized him : but he, having thrown 
off the linen cloth, ran away from them naked. 
And they led Jefus to the high prieft ; and all the 
priefts, and Scribes^ and elders were met together. 
And Peter followed him at a diftance as far as into 
the high prieft's court, and (at with the fervants at 
the fire, and warmed himfelf. And the chief priefts 
and all the council fought for evidence againft Je- 
fus^ to put him to death : and they found none. 
Tho' many bore falfewitnefe againft him ; but their 
evidence did not agree. And Tome riiing up, bore 
lalfe witnefs againft him, faying: S.We ourfelves 


i84 HOLY WEEK. Tir/Af. 

, heard him fay : I will deftrov ibis temple made whb 
hands, and in three days I will build another not 
made with hands. C. And their evidence did not 
agree. And the high prieft riline up in the midft 
of them, a(ked Jifusy faying: S. Doft thou not ati* 
fwer any thing to what is aUedged againft thee by 
thefe people i C. But he was filent, and anfwercd 
nothing. The high prieft afked him aipin, and 
faid to him : 5. Art thou the Cbrifi^ the &>n of the 
blefled God i C. And Jifus faid to him : f I am. 
And you (hall fee the Son of Man fitting at the 
right hand of the power of God, and coming in the 
clouds of heaven. C And the high prieft tearing 
his garments, faid : S. What farther want have we 
of witnefles i You have heard his blafphemy : what 
do you think of it ? C And they all declared him 
guilty of death. And fome began to fpit on him, 
and to hoodwink him, and to ftrike him with their 
fifts, and to fay to him : S. Prophefy. C And 
the fervants buficted him. And when Piter was 
in the court below, there came one of the high 
prieft's maids ; and when fhe had feen Petir warm- 
ing him, (he. faith, looking at him : S, Thou alfo 
waft with Jffus of Nazantb. C. But he denied 
it, faying : S, I neither know, nor underftand what 
thou fayeft. C And he went out before the court- 
door, and the cock crew. And again, when the 
maid faw him, ihc began to tell tnofe that ftood 
by, that he was one of them. But he again denied 
it. And a little while after, they again, who ftood 
by, faid to Piter : S. Thou certainly art one of 
them ; for thou art a Galilean, C, But he began 
to curfe and fwear, faying : I know not the man 
you fpeak of. C, And prefently the cock crew 
again. And Peter remembered what ye/us had faid 
to him : Before the cock croweth (wice, thou flialt 
deny me thrice. And be began to weep. And 
early in the morning the chief priefls with the el- 
ders and Scribes^ and the vitvole covicvdU confulting 

Uy. HOLY WEEK. 18^ 

ber, carried Jtfui bound, and delivered him 
to PilfitB. And Pilau afked him : &. Art 
the King of the Jrwsf C%^ Biit he aRfwering^ 

him i t Thou fayeft it. C And the chief 
IS accufed him of many things. And PiUtU 

1 him again, (aying: S. Anfwereft thou no* 
; i See what great things they alledge againft 

C. But 7^f ftill anfwered not; fo that 
\i wondered. 'Now oathe feftival he was ac« 
«ned to -releafe them one of the prifonerSi 
nfoever they (hould defire. And there -waS 
zsSki' Barabbas^ that was in prtfbn with fome 
rs, who in the riot had committed murder, 
the mul^tude being come up, began to require 
: he always granted ihem. And Pilate an- 
ed them, and faid : S. Would you have me 
fe to you the King of the Jews? C. For he 
1^ the chief priefts had delivered him up out of 
. But the priefts ftirred.up the multitude ra*' 
to have Barerbbas releafed to them. And P/« 
infwering again, faid to them : S. What then. 
Id you have me do with the King of thr^ytvi ?' 
)ut they again cried out i S. Crucify^ himv 
Vnd Pilate faid to them : S, But what harm 

he done i C. But they cried out the more : 
>ucify him. C And P//^/^, being-willing to 
fy the people, releafed Baraibas^ and delivered 
!> them y^j, being firft fcourged^ to becruci- 
And the foldiers ted him into the court of 
)alace, and they called together the whole com* 
^, and clothed him in purple : and wreathing a 
m of thopns they put it on his head^ And they 
m to falute him : Hai^, King of the Jews! 

th^y ftruck hJm on the head with a reed: 
they fpit on him, and kneeling down adored 
. And after they had thus infulted him, they 
: ofF the purple garment, and put on him his 

clothes, and led him out to crucify him. Aii4 

0.3 * 


they obliged a man that was paffing by, one Simon^ 
zCyreman^ coming from the country, the father of 
Alixandir and Rufus^ to carry his crofs. And they 
bring him to the place Galgetha^ which is inter- 
preted, the place of Calvary *. And they gave him 
wine mingled with myrrh to drink : and he would 
not take it. And when they had crucified him, they 
divided his clothes, cafting lots for them, to kmw 
what each (hould take. And it was n$w the third 
hour: and they crucified him. And the title of his 
taufe was thus vfxxttm: THE KING OF TH£ 
JEWS. And they crucify with him two thieves ; 
one at his right hand, and the other at his left. And 
the fcripture was fulfilled, that faith : And be was 
reckoned with the wicked. And they that paflcd by 
blafphemed againft him, wagging their heads, and 
faying : £. Oh I Thou that deflroyefl the temple of 
God, and rebuildeft it in three days, fave thyfelf^ 
and come down from the crofs. C. In like man- 
ner the chief priefts with the Scribes j infulting, faid 
to one another : S. He (aved others ; hut he can- 
not fave himfelf. Let the Ch-i^^ the King of Jf' 
raely now come down from the crofs, that we may 
fee and believe. C And they that were crucified 
with him, reviled him. And at the fixth hour there 
was darknefs over the whole earth untill the ninth 
hour. And at the ninth hour Jefus cried out with 
a loud voice, faying : f Eloi^ Eloi^ lamma fabeuf*. 
thani? C. Which is interpreted : t ^^y God, my 
God, why haft thou fbrfaken me I C And fome 
of the flanders by hearing him, faid : S. Behold, be 
calleth Elias. C. And one running and filling a 
fpunge with vinegar, and putting it on a reed, gzve 
it him to drink, laying : S^ Hold, let us fee, if Elias 
come to take him down. C And Je/us crying out 
with a loud voice, expired *• Ana the veil of the 
temple was rent in two from the top to the bottom. 
And the Centurion^ who flood over-againfl him* 

« Or, ScuiU. * fitrt all Wtl, ani ^fu 

ruifiaj. HOLY WEEK. 187 

feeing that fo crying out he had expired, faid: 
S. Truly this man was the Son of God. C. Artd 
there were alfo fome women looking on afar olF: 
among whom was Mary Magdalen^ and Mary the 
mother of Jamis the lefs, and of Jofeph^ and Sa- 
lome ; and when he was in Galilu^ they followed 
him, and ferved him ; and many other women that 
were come up with him to Jerufalem. 

HiTi is faid: Cleanfe my heart. Ordinary^ 
p. xvi. 

AN D when the evening was come (becaufe it 
was the preparation before the Sabbath) 
Joffpb of Arimathia^ a noble decurioo, who alfo 
was expeding the kingdom of God, came and 
went boldly to PilaU^ and begged the body of 
Jifus. But Filatt wondered that he was dead al- 
ready. And having fent for the Ceniurionj he afk* 
cd htm, if he was dead already. And when he 
knew it from the Centurion^ he gave the body to 
T^ojeph. And Jofeph having bought a linen wind- 
ing-iheet, and taken him down, wrapped him in 
the winding-(heet, and laid him in a fepulchre that 
was hewn out of a rock : and he rolled a ftone at 
the entrance of the fepulchre. 

Offertory* Pf. 139. Keep me, O Lord, 
from the hands of the finful man : and from unjuft 
men deliver me. 


MAY thefe facrifices, O Lord, we befeech. 
thee, which are accompanied with healing 
fafts, mercifully repair us. Thro*. 

Communion. Pf. 68. The Judges in the gate 
fpoke againft me, and they that drank wine, made 
fongs againft me. But I poured forth my prayer to 
thee, O Lord : it is time, O God, to fhew thy 
good will ta m/| according to the multitude of tbf 

««8 H O L Y W E E K. PTHbafdaf. 

POSTCOMMUNION. Sanaijicatknibus. 

MAY tbcfc thy holy myfteries, O Almighty 
God 9 both cure our vices, and become an 
eternal remedy to us. Thro/ 

Let us pray. Bow down your beads to God. 

Prayer. Tua not. 

MAY thy mercy, O God, purify us from the 
corruption of the old man, and enable us 
to put oo the new. Tfarp'« 


i^TROiT. ) A T the name of J^Jus let every 
PbiL 2. J jlJl ^"^^ ^®^» ^f things in heaven, 
on earth, and under the 'earth : becaufe the Lord 
became obedient unto death, even the death of the 
crois : therefore the Lord Jffus Chriji is in ibe glory 
of God the Father. Pf. lOi. O Lord hear my 
prayer, and let my cry come to thee. Ac the name, 
Wt:. to Pf. 

^ftir the Kyrie eleiTon is faid : 
Let us pray. Let us kneel down. R. Stand 
up again. 

I. COLLECT. Prajla. 

GRant, we bcfccch ihee, O Almighty God, 
that we who continually are puniflied for 
our excefles, may be delivered by the paffion of 
thy only begotten Son. Who Ixvetb, ^c. 

1. LESSON. -^iWlxii. XI : Ixiii. i, 7. 
Cj^Hus faith thi Lord God : Say to the daughter 
-* of Sion : Behold thy Saviour cometh : behold 
Tijs reward is with him. Who is he that cometh 
from Edoniy with d)rcd garn\ents from Bofra ? He 
\t beautiful in his robe, walking in the greatn^fs of 
his ftrength. It is I, that fpeak juftice, and am 
theproteftor that faveth. Why then is thy gar- 
mentrcd^and thy clothes \i\L^lYvd\^\}c^^XVi^^ lev tiie 

mdmfday. HOLY WEEK. 189 

ivine-prefs ? I have trodden the wine-prefs alone • 
and of the Gentiles there is not a man with me : I 
have trodden them in my fury, and trampled on 
them in my anger : and their blood is fprinkled on 
my clothes, and I have ftained all my garments. 
For the day of revenge is in my heart : the year 
of my reward is come. I looked about, and there 
was none to help me : I fought, and there was none 
to affift me : and my own arm faved me, and my 
own indignation helped me. And I trod down the 
people in my fury, and I made them drunk in my 
indignation, and I brought their ftrength down to 
the ground. I will remember jhe mercies of the 
Lord, the praife of the Lord for all the things, 
which the Lord our God hath bedowed upon us. 

Gradual. Pf. 68. Turn not away thy face 
from thy lervant, for I am in diftrefs : hear me 
fpeedily. F. Save me, O God, for the waters have 
entered even to my foul, I am funk into deep mire, 
and there is no footing. 

May the Lord be with you. R. And with thy 

n. COLLECT. Deusy qui. 

OGod^ who wouldft have thy Son fufFer on the 
crofs, to deliver us from the power of the 
enemy : grant to us thy fervants that we may obtain 
the grace of his refurredion. Thro' the fame. 

IL LESS ON. Jfaias liii. 
TN tbofe days : Ifa.hs/aid: Lord, who hath be- 
•^ lieved what they have heard from us ? And to 
whom hath the arm of the Lord been revealed ? 
And he (hall (hoot up like a young fprig before him, 
and like a fucker from dry ground : he hath no 
form nor beauty : and we faw him, and he had no- 
thing (ightly, that we (hould defire *■ him : as being 
defpifed and the laft of men, a roan of forrows and 
acquainted with infirmity : his countenance was, 
as it were^ hid, and defpicable, wherefore-wc valued 

* Or, ^f Jbtew Sim aai. 

190 HOLY WEEK. fFidmfd^. 

him not. He hath truly taken on himfelf our in- 
firmities, and hath borne our forrows : and we 
looked on him as a leper, and as one ftruck by 
God, and afflicted. But it was for our iniquities 
he was wounded, and for our crimes was he brui- 
fed : the chaftifement for making ourpeaoefell upon 
him, and hy his bruifes were we healed. We 
were all gone aflray like (heep, every one had turn- 
ed afide to go his own Way : and the Lord laid up* 
on him the iniquities of us all. He became an 
oblation, becaufe he himfelf would, vand he open- 
ed not his mouth : he fhall be led like a fheep to 
the ilaughter, and like a lamb before the (bearer 
' ihall he be dumb, and open not his mouth. He 
was taken from confinement and from judgment **. 
Who (hall* declare his generation i For he was cut 
oiFfrom the land of the living : for the wickednei^ 
of my people have I ftruck him. He (hall give the 
impious for his burial, and the rich for his death : 
becaufe he did no evil, nor ivas deceit found in his 
mouth : and tbe Lord was pleafed to cru(h him in 
his weaknefs. If he (hall lay down his life for (in^ 
he (ha/1 fee a long pofterity, and the will of the 
Lord (hall be fulfilled by his hand. For that his 
foul hath laboured, he (hall fee and be fatisfied. 
This my righteous fervant (hall make many righ- 
teous by his do£lrine ; and he (hall bear their ini- 
quities. Therefore will I beftow upon him many, 
and he fiiall diftribute the fpoils of the ftrong : be- 
caufe hib hath delivered up his life to death, and 
was numbered with the wicked : and he bore the 
(ins of many, and prayed for fuch as tranfgreiTed, 

Tract. Pf, loi. Lord, hear my prayer, and 
let my cry come to thee.^ V. Turn not away thy 
face from me : and whenever I am in diftrefs, give 

b £xpl. Sueb was JiJ %urty of the Jewi to fmt bim u deatb, tbat 
tbey confined bim not any time in prifin, nor permitted J>im to go 
fbrmigb a regular trial* Or, He wai taken off by opprejfionf and oB 
wftfufi fente»ct* ' 

^fdaf. HOLY WEEK. 191 

me.*' V^ In whatever day I fhall call upon 
bear roe fpeedily. V* For my days have va- 
l like fmoke : and my bone» are as if they - 
Tried in a frying-pan* V. I was blafted like 
afs, and my heart withered : becaufe I for- 
I eat my bttad, V. But thou, O Lord, wilt 
ind have mercy on SUn: for the time to have 
r on her is come. 

acuording to Luke, Chap^xxiu 

' that time : The feaft of unleavened bread, 
vhich is called the Pajfover^ drew near : and 
[lief priefts and Scribes fought how thev mi^bt 
ifus to death, but they feared the people. And. 
I entered into Judasj one of the twelve, who 
urnamed the i/cariot^ And he went and talk- 
ith the chief priefts and magiftrates, how he 
t betray him to them. And they were glad, 
bargained to give him money. And he pro- 
I to do it. And he fought an opportunity to 
y him without any tumult. And the day of 
ivened bread beine come, on which it was ne- 
7 the Paffover mould be killed : Jifus fent 
' and John^ faying : f Go and prepare for us. 
^ajfover^ that we may eat it. C. And they faid : 
^here wouldft thou have us make it ready ? C 
he faid to them : f Behold, as you go into the 

there will meet you a man carr]ring a pitcher 
rater: follow him into the houfe where he 
n, and you fhall fay to the mafter of the houfe : 

Mafter faith to thee : Where is the room, 
re I may eat the Paffover with my difciples i 
he will fliew you a large room ready furnilhed, 
there- make ready. C. And they going found 
J thing as he had told them, an^hey got ready 
Paffover. And when the how^V^as come, he 
t to table, and the twelve apoftles with him. 

he faid tp theoi.; f 1 have earmftly dt&tt^x^ 

igz HOLY WEEK. fTfJnifik,^ 

eat this Pajfovir with you before I fufier. For I 
declare to you, I will not any more eat thereof, till 
it be fulfilled in the kingdom of God. C. And ta- 
king the cup, he gave thanks and faid : f Take, 
'and divide this among you. For I declare to you, 
I will not drink of the fruit of the vine, till the 
kingdom of God cometh. C. And having taken 
bread, he eave thanks, and broke it, and eave it 
to them, »ying : f This is my body, which is 
civen for you : do this in remembrance of me. C* 
He took likewife the cup, after he had fupp^, fay- 
ing : t 'I'his cup is the New Teftament in my 
blood, which fhall be (hed for you. But behold the 
hand of him, who betrayeth me, is with me on the 
table. And the Son of Man goeth indeed, asit is 
decreed : but wo to that man, by whom he (hall be 
betrayed. C. And they began to enquire amone 
themfelves, which of tbem it was, that (hould 
do this thing. And there arofe alfo a difpute among 
them, which of them feemed to be the gi^ateft. 
And he faid to them : if 'T^^ kings of the G/n- 
tiles lord it over them : and they that have power 
over them are called benefadlors. But // is not f# 
ii fo with you : but he that is the greateft among 
you, let him become like the leaff ; and he that 
IS the chief, as he that wattetb. For which is 
the greateft, he that is at table, or he that wait- 
cth f Is it not he that is at table i But I am among 

^ou, as one that waiteth : and you are th^, who 
ave continued with me in my trials. Ana I pre- 
pare for you a kingdom, as my Father hath pre- 
pared it for me, that you may eat and drink at my 
table in my kingdom, and fit on thrones, judging 
the twelve tribes of IfraiL C. And the Lord uid : 
•f Simofiy Simofif behold Satan hath fought you, to 
fift you like wheat : but I have prayed for thee, 
that thy faith fail not ; and do thou, when thou 
art once converted, ftrengthen thy brethren. C. 
And he laid to him ; S% Lord, I am ready to g<» 

Wiimfda,. HOLY WEEK. 19^ 

with thee both toprtfon, and to death. C. But he 
faid : 1 1 tell diee, Pettr : The cock fhall not crow 
this day, till thou thrice deny that thou knoweft 
jne. C. And he faid to them : f When I fent you 
without purfe, and icrip, and (hoes, did you want 
any thing i C. They fiud : S. Nothing. C. Then 
he faid to them : f But now he that hath a purfe, 
let htm take it, and like wife his fcrip : and he that 
hath no fword, let him fell his coat, and buy one« 
For I fay to you, that which is written, muft alfo be 
fulfilled! in me : And hi was numberedwith the wickid. 
For the things that relate lo me, are accompliihed, 
C. And they faid : S. Lord, behold here are tW9 
fworda. C And he faid to them : f 'Tis enough.' 
C. And going out, he went, acccording to his cu- 
(\om to the mount of Olives. And his difciples 
followed him. And when he wascon>e to the place» 
he laid to them : f Pray, that you fall not into 
temptation. C And he withdrew from them about 
a ftone's caft, and, kneeling down down, he prayed^ 
Crying ' t Father, if it be thy pkafiire, put away 
this cup irom me: but Ttot my will, bat thine be 
done. C And an angel from heaven appeared to 
htm, ftrengthning him. And being in an agony, 
he prayed the more. And his fweat was as drops 
of blood trickling down upon the ground. And 
when he arofe from prayer, and came to his 
•difciples, he found them fleeping through fadnefs. 
And be faid to them : f Why do you fleep i Rife 
and pray, that you fall not into temptation. C 
And as he was (ayingthis, behold a multitude, and 
be that was called Judas^ one of the twelve, head^i* 
ed them, and d^ew near to J^fiis to kifs him. But 
y^fms faid to him : f yudas^ is it with a kifs thou 
Wtrayeft the Son of Man ? C. And they that were 
with him, feeing what was to happen, fa!d to him : 
5. Lord, what if we ftrike with thefword ? C And 
one of them ftruck the fervant of the high prieft^ 
Vol. U. K 

194 HOLY WEEK, mdmflay. 

and cut off his right ear. But Jefus anfwering, 
. faid : f Hold, ftop there. C. Atii having touched 
his ear, he healed him. And Jifus faid to thofe 
that came to him, the chief priefts, and magi- 
ftrates of the temple, and elders : f Are you come 
with fwords and clubs as againft a robber? When 
I was every day with you in the temple, you never 
Iflid hands on me : but this is your hour, and the 
power of darknefs. C, Then they feizing him, led 
him to the houfe of the high prieft : and Piter fol- 
lowed at a diftance. And a fire being kindled in 
the middle of the court, they fat about it, and Pe^ 
tir was with them. And a maid>fervant feeing 
him fitting at the fire, and having viewed him, 
faid : S. This man was alfo with him. C. And he 
denied him, faying : S. Woman, I know him not. 
C. And a little after, a man alfo feeing him, faid : 
S. Thou too art one of them. C But Peter faid: 
S. O man, I am not. C And after the fpace of 
about an hour, another affirmed it, faying: S* 
Certainly this man was alfo with him : for he is a 
Galilean. C, And Peter faid : S. Man, I know not 
what thou fayeft. C. And immediately, while be 
was yet fpeaking, the cock crowed. And the Lord, 
turning about, looked at Peter, And Peter re* 
membered what the Lord had faid : Before the 
cock croweth, thou (halt deny me thrice. And Pe^ 
ier went Out, and wept bitterly. And the men that 
YiAAJefus^ infultedhim, beating him. And they 
alfo hoodwinked him, and ftruck him on the face ; 
and they aiked him, faying : S, Prophefy who it 
was that ftruck thee ? C. And many other things 
they blafphemoufly fpoke againft him. And when 
it was day, the elders of the people, and the chief 
priefts and the Scribes met together, and brought 
him to their council-hall, faying : S. If thou art 
the Chrijlj tell us. C. And heVaid to them : f If I 
tell you, you will not believe me. And if I afk you 
4e/^ ju(/iiotts^ you will not ^vi^i m^^ tvQt let me 

Wnz/Aj. HOLY WEEK. 195 

»- But hereafter the Son of Man fhall fit on 
e right hand of the power of God. C Then 
ey all faid : S, Art thou then the Son of God? 

And he faid : f You have faid it 5 for I am. 

And they faid : S, What farther need have we of 
itnefles ? For we have heard enough from his owri 
outh. And they all rifing up, led him to Pilati. 
lid they began toaccufe him, faying: S, We have 
und this man perverting our nation^ and forbid* 
ng tribute to be paid to Cafar^ and affirming him^ 
If to be the Chnjl^ and our King. C. And Pilate 
ced him, faying : S, Art thou the King* of the 
nvs? C. And he anfwering, faid; f Thou fayeft 
C Then Pilate faid to the chief priefts, and 
opie : S, I find nothing criminal in this man. C. 
it tbey perfifted the more, faying:. S. He ftirr 
th up the people, teaching ail over jfuJea^ begin- 
ng from Galilee to this place.. And Pilate hear- 
gGalileey afked if he was a Galilean, And as foon- 

he knew that he belonged to //^r^^'s jurifdicSion^ 
: fent him to Herody who at that time was in Jer- 
tfalem. And when Herod faw jfefus^ he was very 
iad I for he had been a long time defirous to fee 
im, becaufe he had heard many things of him, and 
oped to fee fome miracle done by him. And he 
S^ed him many queflions ; but he made him no 
nfwer. And the chief priefts and Scribes flood by, 
)nftantly accufmg him. And Herod with his ar- 
>y treated him with fcorn, and infulted him, cloth:* 
>g him with a white garment, and fent him back 
> Pilate. And Herod and Pilate were reconciled 
) one another that day ; for before they were at 
iriance. And Pilate calling together the chief 
riefts, and magiftrates, and the people, faid to 
lem : 5. You have brought this man before me, 
( one that perverteth the people ; and behold, ha- 
ng examined him before you, I find him not guilty- 

any of all thofe things vou accufe him of. No, nor 

R 2. 

X9€ HOLY WEEK. Weimfitij. 

Herod neither : for I fent you to him, and behoU 
nothing is done to him, as if he deferved death. I 
will chaftife him therefore, and difmtfs him. CNow 
on the feflival he was obliged to releafe them one 
nan. But the whole multitude cried out all toge- 
ther, faying: S. Awav with this man, and releafe 
Barabbas \ C. Who had been put in prifon for a 
fedition raifed in the city, and for a murder. And 
Pilate fpoke to them again, being defirous to re- 
leafe Jefu$* But they cried out, faying : S. Cru- 
cify hiro, crucify him. C. And he faid to them a 
third time: S. What harm hath this .man done i I 
£nd nothing in him, for which he defervetb death : 
I will therefore chaftife him, and then releafe him. 
C But they perfifted demanding with a loud voice 
that he might be crucified. And their met in* 
creafed. And Pilate gave fentence that their de- 
mand (hould be compfied with* And he releafed 
to them him for whom they had petitioned, and 
who had been put in prifon for murder and fedition ; 
but Jefus he delivered up to their will. And as 
they led him along, they laid hold of one Simm a 
Cyreneafif coming out of the country, and laid Uie 
crofs on him to carry after Jefus. And there fW- 
lowed him a great multitude of the people, and of 
women, who lamented and bewailed him. But 
ye/us turning to them, faid : f Daughters ofje* 
rujalem^ weep not for me, but weep for your- 
felves, and for your children ; becaufe, behold the 
days will come, in which they will fay : filefled are 
the barren, and the wombs that never bare, and 
the breafts that gave not fuck. Then they fhall 
begin to fay to the mountains : Fall upon us : and 
to the hills : Cover us : For if thf^y do thefe things 
in the green wood, what will be done in the 
dry ? C. And two other malefadors were led 
with him to be executed. And when they were 
come to the place called Calvary^ there they cru- 
ci&cd him^ and the ihieve^^ out ow xht li^ht hand» 

ftidmfday. HOLY WEEK. 197 

and the other on the left. And Jefus faid : t Fa- 
ther, forgive them, for they know not what they 
do« C. And they, dividing his garments, caft lots 
for them. And the people ftood gazing on him, 
and the rulers derided him with them, faying : S* 
He faved others, let him fave himfelf, if he be the 
Cbrifij the chofen one of God. And the foldiers 
alfo infulted him, coming to him, and offering him 
vinegar, faying : S. If thou art the King of the 
ynus^ fave thyfelf, C And there was alio an in- 
icription written over him in Gnei and Latin and 
Hsirew letters : THIS IS THE KING OF 
THE JEWS. And one of the thieves that were 
hanging, blafphemed him, faying : S. If thou art 
the Cbrt/lj fave thyfelf and us. C, But the other 
anfwering, rebuked him, faying : S. Neither doft 
thou fear God, becaufe thou art the fame under con* 
demnation i And we indeed ar^ju&ly/oj forwe re- 
ceive the due reward of our deeds : but this man hath 
done no harm. C. And he faid to J^fus : S. Lord^ 
remember me, when thou fhalt come into thy king- 
dom. C. And y^/us faid to him : f^ Amsn^ I fay 
to thee : this day (halt thou be with me in para- 
dife. C And it was now about the fixth hour, and' 
there was darknefs upon the whole earth until the 
ninth hour. And the. fun was darkned : and tho 
veil of. the temple was rent in the middle. And 
y^/iis crying out with a loud voice, faid : f Fa- 
ther, into thy, hands I commend my fpirit. C 
And (&ying this, he expired. * And the Centurion 
feeing what had happened, glorified God, faying : 
S. Indeed this was a righteous man. (7. And the 
whole multitude of them that were prefent at that 
light, and beheld what had happened, went away 
ftriking their breafts. And all his acquaintance, 
and the women that followed him from Galilee^. 
flood afar off beholding thefe things. 

* Htre all kneel and pauftt 

igS HOLY WEEK. »ii8 

Here isfaid: CleMife mj heart, ^OftDii 
p. xvi. 

AN D behold there was a man named ' 
who was a fenatbr^ a good and juft ma 
had notconfented to their council nor their d 
and he was c( drimathea^ a city of yudea^^ a 
peded himfelf the kingdom of God. This ma 
to Pilate i and begged the body ofjefus : and 
it down, wrapped it in a winding- Iheet, and 
in a monument hewn out of a rock, in whi 
ver any man had been yet laid. 

Offeetorv. Pf. loi. OLord, hearm] 
cr, and let my cry come to thee : turn no) 
thy face from me. 


ACcept, O Lord, we befeech thee, the 
ings we have made ; and mercifully 
chat we may receive, with pious iemiments, 
we celebrate in the myflery of the pafl 
our Lord. Thro' the fame. 

Communion. P/. loi, I mingled my 
with tears, becaufe when thou hadft raifed r 
thou didft caft me down, and I withered as 
but thou, O Lord, continueft foi ever : the 
arife, and have mercy on Sicn^ becaufe the t 
have mercy on her is come. 


GRant, O Almighty God, that we may 
lively hope, th.t thou haft given us ( 
life by the temporal death of thy Son, repre 
in thefe adorable myfteries. Thro' the fan 
Let us pray. Bown down your heads to < 

Prayer. Refpice. 

TT OOK down, O Lord, we befeech the 

I J this thy family, for which our Lord 

Cbr'ift fcrupled not to be delivered up into the 

of wicked men, and undergo the punijQimi 

the croH. Who Uvtth. 

Fih. ». St. JOHN if MATHA. 199 


she SAINTS. 


f>ltOM the eartieft ages of Chriftianity, the fiiithful 
' aact every year on the mnwerfarj day of the death 
the Mariyrs in the dinrches, or chapels, whkh were 
nfnaUy m the tdaoe where their bodies, or fome (acred 
remains thereof, had been buried The altar was placed 
on their tombs ; and from thence came the cuAom of al- 
ways patting ibme relicks in, or under, the altar- ftones. 

The facrifice was not offered to the Martyrs, but to the 
God of the Martyrs, (to whom alone it is due) to thank 
him for the courage and IlKngth he had given his kr^ 
Tants, and for that ftate of blifs, to which he had admitted 
them* Such was the origin of the feafls of the- faints ; and 
we ought to keep them with the fame fpirit, with which 
diqr were inftituted ; that is to fay, the worfhip we pay 
In honour of the faints, ought to have God himfelf for it\i 
ebjedl. Our adorations and refpe6b terminate in God-; 
and we confider the faints only as powerful friends, whofc 
credit and prayers may obtain for us, from the ^oodnefs 
of God, thofe helps our fins make us unworthy to obtain 
by our own prayers alone. 


N. B. I/any of the following Feafis fhould fall on 
« Sunday, ^M^ ^Doubles or oeniidoubles, th§y 
are transferred to tbg firfl vacant day : but of 
Simples, there is only a Commemoration madi 
of them during Lent, both at Mafs and Vefpers ; 
and the lafl Gofpel is always of the day. On 
Doubles and Semidoubks, there is always a 
ICommemoration of the Feria. 


St. JOHN ^/MATHA, ConfelTor. A Double^ 

As in the Common, p, cxvii. Tn the Hvmn is 
faid: Deferves that wc» Prayek, CoVVtCi «t 

loo 5?. APOLLONIA, 6fr. Fekg,io. 

Iktroit. The mouth of the righteous man. 
fFitb the reft. Common, p. cxviii. except : 

COLLECT. D/iiJ, qui perfanSfum. 

OGod, who, by holy y«A», was pleafed by thy 
heavenly diredions to inftitute the order of 
. the moft Holy Trinity, for the redeeming of cap- 
tives out of the hands of the Saracens : gram, we 
befeech thee, that, by his merits, we may be deli- 
vered from all captivity, both of body and mind, 1^ 
the affiftance of thy holy grace. Thro*. 

5/. A P O L L O N I A, Virgin and Martyr. 

The Commemoration. Anth. Com^yO fpopfe. 
V, In thy comelinefs. Common, p^ cxxvii. Pray- 
er. Deus, qui inter caetera, ib. p. cxxviii. 

At MAS S. 
Collect. Deus, qui inter cxtera. Common, 
p. cxxviii. with the Secret and Pcstcommu- 
NioN following* 

St. SCHOLASTIC A, Virgin. A Double. 


As in the Common, p. cxxv. Prayer. Col- 
led at Mafs. 


Introit. Thou lovedft righteoufnefs. TVkh 
the reft. Common, p. cxxxv. Or, All the rich, 
ib. p. cxxxv iii. except : 

COLLECT. DeuSy qui animam. 

OGod, .who, to recommend to us innocence 
of life, was pleafed to let the foul of thy blef- 
fed virgin Scholaftica^ afceud XoVitvittv'\u\Vi^(h3!Jj8 

Frf. 14,15- ft. VALENTINE, 6?r. aoi 

of a dove : grant, by her merits and prayers, that 
we may lead innocent lives here, and come to thy 
eternal joys hereafter. Thro*. 

5^ VALENTINE,' Pricft and Martyr. 

Tbi CoMMEn&o&ATioN. y/;f/i6. Thls laint. F. 
Thou haft crowned. Common, p. Ixxix. P&ay* 
BR. Collet at Mafs. 

^/ MASS. 

COLLECT. Pnejla^ quafumus. 

GRant, we befeech thee, O Almichty God, that 
we, who folemnize the feftivalof bleiTed Fa^ 
iiHttniy thy Martyr, may, by his interceffion, be 
delivered from all the evils that threaten us. Thro\ 


BE appeafed, O Lord, we befeech thee, by the 
o£^rtngB we have made ; and defend us from 
all dangers, by the interceffion df blefled VaUntine^ 
thy Martyr. Thro*. 


MAY thefe heavenly nayfteries, O Lord, re* 
pair both bur fouls and bodies \ that, by the 
interceffion of blefled VaUntine^ thy Martyr, we may 
£nd the tfkAs of what we celebrate. Thro\ 


Ti^ Commemoration, yfnth. For to them. 
K Rejoice. Common, p. xcii. Prater. Deus» 
qui nos annua^ ib. p. xcix. 

Collect* Deus, qui nos annua. JFitb the Se- 
cret aoJ POSTCOMMUNIQV. CoMttlW^ ^« XC\X« 

202 St. PETERV CHAIR /Vi. 18,22. 

St. SIMEON, Bilhop and Martyr. 

yft V E S P K R S. 
The Commemoration, y/nth. This faint F. 
Thou haft crowned. Common, p. Ixxix. Pray- 
er. Infirmitatem, fb, p. Ixxx. - 

jft MASS. 
Collect. Infirmitatem. ff^ith the Secket and 





J greater Double, 

I. V E S P E R $• 
JUas in the Common, p. cili. except :^ 

H Y 

ON earth whatever 
thou (halt tie, 
Bleft Peter^ heav'n (hall 

ratify : 
And what thy pow*r 
fhall here unbind, 
Above in heaven will be 

fign'd : 
At the laft day thoult 

judge mankind. 
To God the Father 

glory be, 
Eternal Son, let's fing 

to thee 
Tranfcendent praifejand 

to thy name 
O Holy Ghoft, be end- 

lefs fame : 
To three in one give all 
the fame. Amen. 

M N.' 

QUodcunque !n orbe 
nexibus revinxeris, 
JLriC revindtum, Petrei^ 

in arce fiderum : 
Et quod refolvit hie po- 

teftas tradita, 
Erit folutum cceli in alto 

vertice : 
In fine mundi judicabis 

Patri perenne fit per ae- 

vum gloria, 
Tibique laudes concina- 

mus inclytas, 
Sterne nate, fit fuper- 

ne fpiritus. 
Honor tibi decufque : 

San£ta jugiter, 
Laudetur omne Trinitas 

2. At A N T I O C H. 203: 

Thou art Peter. V.TutsPeirus.R.Et 
nd upon this rock fuper hanc petram sedifi* 
build my Church, cabo Ecclefiam meam* 

i. Thou art the yint. Tu es paftor 
of the iheep, O ovium, Princeps Apoftov 
i of the Apoftles : lorum : tibi traditae funt 
e were given the claves regni coelorum, 
>f the kingdom of 

Prayer. Collect at Ma6. 

IS made a Commemoration of St. Paul. 

b. O holy Paul the Jnt. Sanfte Paule A- 

le, the preacher of poftole, praedicator veri- 

and do£tor of the tatis, & dodor Gentium^ 

f^x, intercede for us intercede pro nobis ad 

d, who chofe thee. Deum, qui te eleeit. 

Thou art a chofen F> Tu es vas eledio- 

, O holy Paul the ms^hn&ePaulezpo&ole. 

le. R. Preacher of R. Prsedicator veritatis in 

ruth all over the univerfo mundo. 

Prayer. Colleft at Mafs. 

rROiT. The Lord fettled. Common, p. cvi: 

COLLECT. Deus, qui heato. 
God, who, by delivering to thy blcflcd Apoftle, 

Peter s the- keys of the kingdom of heaven, 
give him the power of binding and loofing : 

that, by his interceffion, we mav be freed 
the bonds of our fins. Who liveit. 

3f St. PAUL. Deus^ qui multitudimm. 
God, who, by the preaching of bleiTed Paul 
the Apoftle,didft inftruA the multitude of the 
Wes : grant, we befeech thee, that, while we 
rate his memory, we may find iha tff%&& ^l 

204' 5/. PETERV CHAIR / 

EPISTLE. I Pet. 1.1^7. 

PETERs an Apoftle of Jifut Cbrift^ to the 
ftnmsers difperfed throughout Prntus^ GalatU^ 
CappadcaOj AJia^ and Buhynia^ ele£l according to 
the foreknowledge of God the Father unto the 
fandification of the fpirit, unto obedience and 
fprinkling of the blood of Jefus Cbrifi: may grace 
and peace be increafed unto you. Blefied be God, 
who is affo the Father of our Lord Jefms Cbrj^^ who, 
according to his great mercy, hath regenerated us 
to a lively hope, by the refurre&ion oijefits Cbrift 
from the dead, to an inheritance that is mcomip- 
tible, undeiiled, and whicb cannot fade away,. le- 
ferved in heaven for you, who» bv the power of 
God, are preferved thro' faith, for the (alvatioa gpt 
ready to be revealed in the laft time. For which 
you will rejoice, though now, for a little while, yoii 
muft be affli£ked with manv trials ; that the trial 
of your faith, more valuable than gold, which is 
tried by the fire, may turn out to your praiiie, elory» 
and honour, at the coming of our Lord Jffus Ciriji. 


Let them extol him Exaltent eum in ecde« 

in the aflembly of the fia pfebts, & in cathedri 

people, and let them feniorum laudent eum« 

praife him where the /^.Confiteantiif Domino 

elders fit. V. Let them miferieonJise eius : &mi- 

give thanks to the Lord rabilia ejua filiis koffii* 

for his mercy, and pub- nam. 
Vxttk his wonders to the 
fons of men. 


Thou art Peter ^ and TueaP«/r»x, &fuper 

upon this rock I will banc petram aedificabo 

build my Church. F. Eccleflam meam. F, £| 

And the gates of hell portas inferi non praeva- 

fliall not prevail againft lebunt adverfiis earn: & 

it: znd I will give ibee Ub'vvi^b<>^Uvcsregnicoe* 


Fa.t2. ^ A N T I O C H- 205 

thekeysof tkekingdoin lotfum. f^. Quodcunqu^ 
of heaveiir F* Whatfo- ligaverU foper terrani 
ever thou {halt bittd eit erit Itgatum & in c(£lis« 
eart^ iball be hound in F. £tquodcuhqae(blve* 
beaireik ^. And what(b<» ri8(ijperterranr,entfalu* 
ever tboa ihalt loofe on ttun & ift coelis* 
eacths (hall he loofed ia 

GOSPEL. Afati. xvi. 13, 79^. 
that timi : J^s came into the territories of 
Caforia Pbilippi^ and afked bis difcipks,. (slj^ 
ing : Whom do the people fay the Son of Man is I 
Ani they anfwered: Some iay he is J^bn the Bap^ 
tifl^ others that be is Eltas^ others yenmiai^ er 
iomr one of the Prophets. Jefus faith to theiii»: 
But whom db you fay that I am ? Simon Peter an- 
Iwerine, faid : Thou art the Chrjfi^ the Son of the 
livine Uod. And J^fus anfwering, faid to him : 
BIe£d art ^on Stimon Barhna \ -for flefli and blood 
haA not revealed this to thee, but my Father^ who 
n iff hevvM. And I lay to thee: Thou art Pmr^ 
wbA on this reck I wilt build' my Church, and the 
gBC)e» of hell fliaH not prevaH againft it. And I 
will give thee the keys of the kingdom of heavens 
mat wftatibever thou Aalt foefe oit eardi, fhall be 
leofed in heaven^ Gft£ao» 

Thou art Pettr^ and Ta es Petrus^ Sc fu- 
tipon this rock I will per banc petram sedifi* 
build my Church : and cabo Ecclefiam meam : 
^e gates of hslf (hill not tk ports inferi non prae • 
prevail againft it : and I valebunt adverfus earn: 
will give thee the keys of & tibi d^bo daves regni 
4he lungdom of heaven; coelorum. 


MAY the inttrcei&on, O Lord, we befeech 
thee, of bteffcd PeUr the Apoftle, render 
the prayers and -offerings of thy Church acceptable 
VoL.lL S 

to thee : that the myfteries we celebrate in his ho* 
xiour^-may obtain for us pardon of our fins. Thro% 

Of St. PAUL. 

SAndtfy, O Lord, the ofierings of thy people by 
the prayers of thy Apoftle Paul: that what is 
acceptable to thee, becaufe inftituted by thee, may 
become more acceptable by his interceffion. Thro*. 

Preface ^Apostles. Ordinary>p. xxW. 

COMMUNION. Matt.xy'u 
Thou art Peter j and Tu es Petrus^ ii fii- 
upon this rock I will per banc petram ^ifi- 
build my Church. cabo Ecdefiam rneam. 


MAY the facrifice we have offered, O Lord, 
fill us with a holy joy : that as we publifh 
the miracles thou hafl done in the perfon of thy 
Apoflle Peter^ fo we may abundantly, through his 
j)rayers, receive the effects of thy mercy. 

Of St. ? Mi L. 

BEinz fan£lified, O Lord, by thefe faving myf- 
teries, we pray that we never may be deprived 
of his intercef&on, whom thou haft appointed our 
.patron and guide. Thro'. 

. xxm.^rxxiv. 

VIGIL i?/ 5/. MATTHIAS, /A/ApofUc. 

ift M A S S. 

C O L L £ C T. Dtf, quafumus. 

G^ Rant, we befeech thee, O AUnighty God, 
f that the venerable fblemnity of thy blefled 
Apoflle Matthiasy which now we are preparing to 
celebrate, may increafe our devotion and advance 
our falvation. Thro\ 


WHile full of refpea for the Apoflolick dig- 
nity we offer up to thee, O Lord, thefe fa- 
crcd myfleries s g^'stnt, we befeech thee, by the in* 

Feh.2^9r2S. Sl MATTHIAS; 207 

terceffion of bicfled Matthias thy Apoftle, whofe 
triumphs we are preparing to celebrate, that thy 
people may ever put up their prayers to thee, and 
obtain their defu-es. Thro'. 


BEing appeared, O Lord, by the prayers of thy 
holy Apoftle Matthias^ grant us forgivenefs,. 
and a remedy againil all future relapfes. Thro'. 

XXIV. or XXV. 
St. MATTHIAS, Apoftle. A Dvuble oftBtfeconi. 


Jll as in tht Common, p. Ixvii. Fray£R« 
CoUea at Ma(s. 

MASS. Introit. P/. cxxxvlTu 

TO mcyO God, are Ti ^IHI autera nimis 
thy friends exceed- xVX honorati funt a- 
ing honourable: exceed- mici tui, Deus: nimis 
ingmighty is their power, confortatus eft princip^-* 
Pf. Lord, thou haft tried tus eorum. Pf, Domine, 
me, and haft known me : probofti me, & cogno- 
tbou haft known my lit- vifti. me : tu cognovifti 
ting down and riling up. feffionem meam, & re- 
V» Glory. iurredionem meam. V.^ 


COLLECT. D^us^ qui beatum. 

OGod, who dldft add bleilbd Matthias to the 
number of thy Apoftles : grant, we befeech 
thee, that, by his prayers, we may be always fen- 
ilble of the efie£b of thy mercy. Thro'. 

LESSON. A£fs i. 15. 
TN tbofe days : Peter rifing up in the midft pf tfie 
■* brethren, (the number of perfons aftembled to- 
gether being about an hundred and twenty) faid 1 

S 2 

2£>8 St. MATTHIAS. Rh^trts. 

Men and brethren, the fcripture mmtk be Atlfflled, 
which the Holy Ghoft foretoUi by the aiouth of 
iXn/iV concerning Jnias^ wha was at the head of 
thofe, who took Jefus^ and who was of oitr BHfn- 
ber, and had a ihare of the fiioie intniftrjr* Ajid 
he indeed purcbafed a field with the price of hif 
iniquity, and being hanged, burft afiiader, and his 
boweh all came out. And this waiyi well known 
to all th^t dwelt at JerufaUm^ that in their langus^ 
the field was callea Hactldamoy that is, la field of 
blood. For it is written in the book of Pfalmt: 
Let their habitation become defolate^ and Ut thers bt 
mne to dwell in it: and his bijhoprick let another 
take* Wherefore it is oecefiary that fome one of 
thpfci who have been in our company all the cioie 
that the Lord Jefus went in and out among us, (be* 
ginning from the baptifm of John^ till the day on 
which he was taken up from us) be chofeo to be 
a wkneis with us of his refurredioa. And they pif-' 
fented two; Jofepby called Bar/abas^ who wiis 
furnamed the Juji% and Matthias. And they pray* 
cd, (spying : Lord, who knoweft the hearts of ai], 
(hew which of thefe two thou haft choTen, to take- 
the pbce of this minidry and apoftleflitp, from 
which Judas by his crime hath fallen, to go to his 
own place. And they gave them lots : and the lot 
felt upon Matthias^ and he was added to the num- 
ber of the eleven. 

GRADUAL. Pf. cxx5dviii. 
Thy friends, O God, Kimis bonorati fiint 

are highly honourable : amici tui, Deus : nimii' 

exceed mg mighty is confortattis eft principa- 

their power. K. I will tys eorum. V, Dtnume- 

attempt to count them, rabo eos, & fuper are- 

burtheirnumber exceed- nam multiplicabuntur. 
e^h the iands of the fea. 

Tract- Thou haft granted. Commo)^,^. Ixxxi* 

Gospel. Matt. xi. it. |>.<vu 

Marcb^ St. C A SI MIR. 209 

OFFERTORY. Pf. xliv. 
Thou wilt makethem Conftitues cos princi- 

nders over the whole pes fuper omnem ter- 

earth : and they {hall ram : memores erunt 

be mindful of thy name, nominis tui, Domine, 

O Lord, from genera- in omni progenie & ge* 

tton to generation. neratione. 


GRant, O Lord, that the prayers of blefled Mat^ 
ibiasy thy Apoftle, may accompany the offer- 
ings we make to thy holy name ; fo that we may 
be both deanfed from our fins, and defended there- 
by. Thro*. 
PREFACE ^Apostles. Ordinary, p. xxiv. 

COMMUNION. Jktatt.xix. 
You, who have fol- Vos qui fecuti eftis 
lowed me, {hall fit on me, fedebitis fuper fedes^ 
thrones judging the judicantes duodecim trl- 
twelve tribes of ^fraeL bus IfraeL 

POSTCOMMUNION. Pra:^a, quafumus. 

GRant, we befeech thee, O Almighty God, that^ 
by virtue of the facrament which we have 
received, and by the interceffion of blefled Mat- 
thias thy Apoftle, we may obtain pardon of our 
finsy and peace. Thra% 




St. CASIMIR, Confeflbr. A SemidoubU. 

The Commemoration. Anth. I will com- 
pare. V. The Lord loved. Common, p, cxviii« 
PLAYER. ColIe£l at Mafs. 


2JP Si. THOMAS. JM5vc»7i 

Then Un^M Commtmon!&mirfSt. Lvctus, 
Pope 0nd Martyr, Antb. Tbb fiOnt. ^« Tboi» baft 
crowned* CqmmqH, p. hodx* Phayse* D«ii»^ 
qui nos l^atit i>« ^. IxaoUit. 

^M ASS, 
Iktroit. The mouth of the ri^teovs inan» 
With the refty as in thi Common, /. cx^i. §xceft : 

C O Ir L E C T. Diui^ qui inter regaleu 

OGod, who amidft the delights of a courts 
and the i|ttra£tive fnares of the work), didft 
pfeferve holy Cafimir conftant and faithfiil in thjr 
fervice : grant, we befeech thee, that, by kia inters 
cefiion, thy people may dcfpife the things of tbit 
world, and eagerly ptirfue tbofe that are everlaftin^ 

Here^ 4ft the Secret j»iPo3TcoMMVNiow,4!^ 
ter the Commemoration rftbe Frria^ is modi 
enf of St. Luciyi. Colmct. Deua, ^ iua 
beati. Common, p. Ixxxiii* 

"""""'"""""*""'"'" VIL 
St. THOMAS e/^ Aquino, Confeibi emd Doaoc; 

A DeuHe^ 


Jll as in the Common, p. cxvii, At the Mag* 
NiFic AT. yfnth^ O excellent, p. cxiii. Prayer:* 
Gollea at Mafs. 

In the firft Vespers is made a Commemora- 
tion (^f SS, Perpetua ^^rfFfiLici^TAS, Martyrs^ 

Anth, For to thtfe >/i7/. Iftarum eft enim 
belongeth the kitigdom regntim caeloruin, quae 
of God, who contemn- contempferunt vi^am 
tng an earthly life, have mundi, & pefvenertmt 
obtained the rewards of ad praemia regni,^ & Ut- 
an heavenly kingdom, verunt ftolas fiias ia fa»* 
and have wafhed their guint Agjoi, 
garments in the blood of 
the Lamb, 

Marcbi. St. THOMAS. 2rt 

K Thou haft crown- F. Gloria & hooore 

cd cbcm with glory and coronafti eas» Domine« 

honour, O uotd. V*^ R. £t conftituifti ea^- 

And thou haft placed itiper opera manuun^ 

them over the works of tuanun. 
thy hands. 

Paayir. Da nobis. Common, p. ezxxiv; 

Ikteoit. He opened his mouth. With the 
reft^ as in the Common, p. cxiv. iX4ipt what fol^ 

COLLECT. D^us, ouiEcckfiam. 

OGod, who, by the wonderful learning of bleA* 
fed Thomai thy Confeflbr, haft illuftrated thy 
Ghurch, and enlarged it by his virtues : grant, we 
befeech thee, that we may underftand what he 
taught, and in our lives follow what be pradifed., 

Hirgy andntthi SacRET ^niPosTCOMMUNioN^ 
if masU a Commemoration ofSS. Pbrpetua* Vc^ 
CoiXiCT. Da nobis. Common, p* cxxxiv. 

LESSON, mfdom^iw 

IWiftied for it, and underfianding was given me: 
I prayed, and the fjfMrtt of wifdom came upon 
ne: and I preferred her to kingdoms and thrones t 
afid riches I cftecmed as nothing in comparifon of 
her* I compared not precious ftones to her ; fof 
all gold, in compariibn of her, is Hke a little &nd;. 
and filver {halt be accounted as dirt in her iight. I 
loved her above health and beauty, and reCoTved ta 
take her for my liglit, becaufe her brightneiis fuf- 
fereth no eclipfe. There came to me alio witl^ 
her all good things, and very great honours by her 
bands, and I had joy in every thing : for this wif- 
dom went before me, and I knew not (he was the 
mother of all thcfe things. I learnt her without 
diflembling, and I impart her without envy, and I 
not hejr €xc€^Dc'kc%* For (he is aa \Q&u\\ft. 

212 5/. JOHN of GOD. MarchZ. 

treafure to men ; and they that make ufe of k, are 
made partakers of the friendihip of God^ being 
commendable for the gifts of his wifdom. 

4444444 { 1 1 1 1 { { 1 { { 1 { { r l- 

5/. J O H N (7/ G O D, Confeffor. A Double. 

All as in the Common, p. cxvii. Prayer* 
Collea at Ma(s. 

Introit. The mouth of the righteous man. 
fy$th the reji^ as in the Common, p. cxviii. except 
what follows: 

COLLECT. Deus^ qui beatum. 

QGod, who didft grant thy kmntjobn^ being 
inflamed with the fire of thy love, to walk 
without hurt thro' the midil: of flames, and by him 
didft inftitute a new order in thy Church r grant, 
by his merits, that the Are of thy charity may cure 
our difeafed fouls, and obtain for us eternal reme* 
dies. Thro*. 

GOSPEL, Matt. xxii. 35. 
jiT that time: 37?^ Pharifces came /^ Jefus: And 
•^^ one of them, a doSor of the law, put a queftioit 
to him, tempting him: Mafter, which is the great 
commandment of the law? Jefus faid to him; Thou 
Jhalt love the Lord thy God with thy whole heart,, and 
with thy whole fouU and with thy whole mind. This 
is the greatefl and firft commandment. And the 
fecond is like to this : Thou Jhalt love thy neighbour 
OS thyfelf. On thefe two commandments depend 
the whole law and the prophets. And the Phari^ 
fees being gathered together, Jefus aflced them, fay- 
ing: What think you of the Chrijl? Whofe fon is 
be \ They fay to him: David's, He faith to them : 
How then doth David in fpirit call him Lord, fay- 
ing: Tie Lord faid unta mf Lard: Stt thou on mj 

iMkrc*95io. ^/. FRANCES, 6?^. 413 

rigii bandj untill I mate thy enemies a foetjtool fer 
thjffeet. If Dmiii then call him Lord : how is he 
his Ton ? And no one was able to anfwer him a word: 
nor durft any one from that day put any more que- 
ftioRs to him. 

^/.FRANCES, Widow. A Double. 

As in the Common, p. cxli. Prayer. Colle£l: 
eU Mafs. 

Introxt. I have found. fUth the reji. Com- 
mon, p. cxiiii. except : 

COLLECT. Deus^ qui beatam. I 

OGod, who, among other privileges of thy 
grace, didft honour thy hand-maid blefled 
Frances with the familiar company of an angel : 
grant, we befeech thee, by her prayers, that we 
may be admitted into the company of the angels. 

The FORTY MARTYRS. A Semideuble. 

The Commemoration. Anth. For to them. 
V. Rejoice. Common, p. xcii. Prayer. Collect 
at Mafs. 

Introit. } rTpHE righteous cried out, and the 
^f* 33' J X Lord gracioufly heard them : 
and delivered them from all their diftrefs. Pf, I 
will praife the Lord at all times : ever fhall hia 
praife be in my mouth. V> Glory. 

COLLECT. Praftay qmefumus. 

GRant, we be(eech thee, O Almighty God, that,, 
as wc have feeti the courage of thy VioV^ Ylbx* 

214 a. G R E G O R Y. March 12. 

tyrs in the confef&on of thy faith, we may experi- 
ence their kindnefs in interceding with thee for us. 

Epistle. Heb. xi. Common, p. cii» 

Gradual. P/I 132. Behold bow good and 
delightful it is for brethren to live in peace. V. It 
IS like the perfumed oil which from the head came 
down all over the beard of Aaron. 

Tract. They that (bw. Common, ^. xciv.— 
Gospel. Luke vr. ib, p. xcviir. 

Offertory. Pf, jr. Rejoice rn the Lord, 
and be in tranfports of joy, O you righteous $ and 
be glad, you upright of heart. 

'£rcifulk,0 Lord, look on the facrifice which 

we offer thee ; and grant, by the intercef- 

[Ton of thy Martyrs, that it may increatis our devo- 
tion, and avail to our falvation. Thro*". 

Communion. Matt. 12. Whoever fliall da 
the will of my Father, who is in heaven ; the fame 
is my brother, fifter, and mother, faith the Lord*. 

POSTCOMMUNION. ^afumu$. , 

WE befeech thee, O Almighty God, that wt 
may one day receive the effe£ts of that 
falvation, of which we have taken the pledge in 
thefe myfteries. Thro'. 


St. GREGORY the GREAT, Pope and 

DocSor. A Double. 


All as in the Common, p. ciii. at the Magni- 
ficat. Anth. O excellent, ib. p. cxiii. Prayer. 
Colledt at Mafs. 

Introit. O ye priefts of God. Common, 
/. Jxxxui. 

March 17. St. P A T R I C K. 215 

COLLECT. Deus^ qui anima. 

OGod« who haft rewarded the foul of bleiTed 
Gregory J thy fcrvant, with eternal blifs ; mer- 
cifully grant, that we, who are opprefTed by the 
weight of our fins, may, by his interceffion, find 
relief. ^ Thro' 

Epistle. 2 Tim. iv. Common, p, cxiv. 

GRADUAL. Pf. cix. 
The Lord hath fworn, Juravit Dominus, Sc 
and he will not repent : non pxnitebit eum : tu 
thou art a prieft for ever es facerdos in aeternum 
according to the order of fecundum ordinem Mel* 
MiUhifedich: V. The cbifedech. ^. Dixit Do- 
Lord faid to my Lord : Sit minus Domino meo : 
thou on my right hand. Sede a dextris meis. 

Tract. Blefledistheman. CoMMON,p.lxxxiv. 
Gospel. Matt. v. ib, p. cxv. Offertory. My 
truth, ib. p. cxii. 

^^ Rant, we befeech thee, O Lord, that, by the 
^^ interceffion of blefled Gregory^ this facrifice 
Knay be of benefit to us, by the offering of which 
thou waft pleafed to cancel the fins of the whole 
^/^rld. Thro*. 

Communion. This is the faithful. Common, 
f. cxvi. 
^ pOSTCOMMUNION. Deus, qui btatum. 

OGod, who didft equal blefifed Gregory thy 
Bifliop in merits with the reft of thy faints, 
mercifully grant, that, as we celebrate his menu>ry, 
(b we may alfo follow his example. Thro'. 


St. PATRICK, ConfeiTor and Biftiop. J 


Thi Commemoration. Anth. O Prieft and Bi- 
(hop. V. The Lord loved. Common, ^. cv. 
Prayer. Colled at Mafs* 

ti6 St. JOSEPH. Marcki^ 

iNTRorr. The Lord fettled. WM tb0 nfi^ 4r 
in At CoMMoir, f. c?i. ixttft: 

COLLECT. Dius^quk 

OGod; who waft pleafed to Tend YAtSkA PairUk^ 
thv Biihop and Confeflbr^ to preach thy (lory 
to the Gentiles : grant, by hi» merits aod prayers, 
that we may, through thy grace, be enabled to 
keep thy commandments. Tbro% 

St. JOSEPH, Confcflbr. J D^nile rfthefteml 


L V E S P E R S. 
Tie Psalms as en Sundcys, j^. xK. esteept the 
Iqfti which is : Pf. 1 1 6. Laudate Oomimim onmesw 
Common, p, Ixvni. 

Antb. ^Aceb begot Je- 
J feph the hiif- 
band of Melrhi of whom 
Wasbont^Witf, who is 
called the Chriji. 

j^itb. The afwct* (xtf^ 
Ariel was fent by God to 
a virgin efpouied to a 
toandF the hotifeof ZXi^ 
vUj whofe name was 
Jefepb^ and the name of 
die virgin was Mary. 

jthth. When Jtfary the 
mother ofjejus was e- 
fpouM to jejepby before 
they had lieen together, 
ihe was found to be with 
child bv the Holy Ghoft. 

AntD. Her hufband 
y^/i being a righleoue 

jffttm ^j^aev0 ititenfi ge^ 
^ mutjefifb vi- 
nim Awt'iity de ^[tiaina** 
tns eft yefuf^ ^i f ucatw 

Ant, Miflweftangeliia 
Gabriel a Deo ad virgi- 
nem dte^oinatam vbo.y 
ctn nomen erat *foptph^ 
dtiomaDiavid^ icma^ 
men virginis 

Akt. Cum eflet ^e- 
Ijpoofsdz maXttyefuAfa^ 
ria Jojepbj ancequam 
convenirent) inventa eft 
in utero habens de fpiri- 
tu tuo. 

.^it. yofepb vir gus, 
oun-efibt joftus, A nollec 

Manbi^. Sf. JOSEPH. 217 

maa, and not willine to earn tra^ucere^voluit oc* 
expoTe her, intended to cuke dimitfiere earn* 
put her swav privately. 
Jmib. The ang^l of 
the Lord appeared to 

2'^^^ ^P^' 7'fiPh 
i w David, fear not 

to take Mary thy wife : 
ibr that which is concei- 
ved in her, is of the Holy 
Gboft: Ihe Ihall bring 
forth a fon, and thou 
Ihalt call his naoM Je^ 

'little CHAPTER. Prw.xxviK. 

3pHE faithful man (ball be much praifed, and 
[ ' be that is the guardian of the Lordy (hall be 


L£ T beav'ns bright npE, J^fepb^ cclc- 
' hoft thy praife pro- J[ ^"^^"^ agmina coe- 
daim, litum, 

Aad Chriftian Quires Tecun£tiieroneiitChft- 

Ani. Angditt Domini 
M^ip2iuit Jffitpb dicehs: 
yo/epb^ nli DaviJ^ noli 
timers accipere Mariam 
cfonjugem tuam: quod 
enim in ea natum eft, de 
Spiritu San^ eft : pariet 
autem filium, & vocabis 
nomen ejus Jefum% 

relbund the feme, 
79M in chafteft wed- 
lock tied. 
To th* ever-Vir- 
Thy pregnant conibrt 
br^dLs thy reft. 
And anxious aoubts di- 

fhirb thy breaft : 
Tin th' Angel thy fuf^- 
cion heals. 
And God, made 
man, reveals. 
Thy arms embrace 
Jthy new-born Lord ; 
With him thou £i'ft 
from //leraJ'srwordi 
Vol.. IL 

ftiadum chori. 
Qui clams meritis, juoc- 
tus es inclytae 
Cafto faedere Vir- 
Almo cum tumidam 
germine conjugem 
Admirans, dubio tan- 

geris anxius, 
Afflatu fuperi flaminis 

Conceptum puo- 
mm docet. 
Tu natum Dominun 
ftringis, adexteras 
Mgjpti prof ugum tyi k^ 
qucris ^^sQSi \ 

?i8 *. J O S 

Him throe days loft thou 
. fiod'ft agaifl» 
And joy fucceeds 
In th' other world have 
iaiota their Uift^ 
And wear the palma d<» 

ferv'd in tbb ; 
Thou crowo'd with 
greater happtnefi. 
On earth doft God 
., poflefi. 
Pardon our fins, great 
One and Three, 
Leit Jofipitt prayers 
7 bring us to thee ; 
Sphere wemay fingioud 
hymns of praife. 
For endlefs years 
toddaya* Jlmiiu 
V. He appmated him 
Lord of his houfe* R. 
And chief over all he 

EPH. Ifcfrfi^. 

Amifium Mpnis quseris^ 

& invenisy 

Miftena gaudia fle^ 
Poft mortem re]i<)iiot 

mors piaoonfecraty 
Palmamque emeritoe 

|loria ftreipit : 
Ta viveos, fiiperia par^ 

frueris^ Deo» 

Mifi/ortB hoation 

Nobis, fiuni^Tiias^ 
parce precantihua 
^ 7^P^ meritiB fidtra 

icapdere i 
Ut tandem lioeat nos iibi 
perpetim . ' -: 
'. Gratum promere 
canticum. jimm. 
F. ConftttuitetmJD^- 
minuni domua &m. R. 
£t principem QBmi&pof* 
f<;fltonia fiiae. 

from fleep, did as the 
,^gel of the Lord com- 
manded hioiy and took 
his wife* 

Anth. Jojtpb rifing ^nf* Exmpmi yo/eph 

"a fomho fecit, ficut prse- 
cepit ei w^elus Oowni, 
& accepit conjugem 

P&AYSR. Colled «/ Maf^. 

Introit. The rlghtcQus man. CommoKi 

COLLECT, Sanaiffima. 
y*^Rant, we befecch thee,"0 Lord, that the merits 
^^ of the fpoufe pf thy moft holy Virgin-mothof 
jDia/ be Aftfting to us *, ^xs& ^Vi^X ^^f^ ^waot ob- 

Morcb t^. St. J O S E P H* ai^ 

tain through our own weaknels^ may it be grant- 
ed to us by his prayers. Who liveft. 

Lesson. Bcclus. 45. Commov, p. cxxiX. 
Gradual, ib. Tract. Blefled is the man, ib. 
f» cvii. 

GOSPEL. Matt.u 18. 

WHen Mary the Mother ofJe/M was efpoufL 
ed to Jofipbf before they came together, 
flie was found with cfa^M by the Holy Ghoft. And 
y^ftph her hulband being a righteous man, and un^ 
jnlling to expofe her, thought fecretly to difmifs 
her. But while he was thinking on* thefe things^ 
iiehold an angel of the Lord appeared to him in bis 
fleep, faying : Jofepb^ fon of David, fear not to 
take Mary thy wife : for that which is conceive(| 
in her is of the Holy Ghoft. And (he (hall bring 
^rth a fen, and thou (halt call his name Jefus : 
4or he (hail (are his people from their fuis. 
. — Oftertory. My truth. Common, ^. cxii* 


WE pay thee, O Lord, the homage we owe, 
humbly befeeching thee, to preferve ia 
lis thy gifts, by the prayers of blefled Jo/epb the 
hu(band of tlie Mother of our Lord Jyiis Cbrtfl^ 
thy Son, on whofe feftival we ofier thee this iacri- 
fici of praife. Thro' the. fame. 

Jofepb^ fon of Davids Jofipbj fili David,, nc 
fear not to take Mary timeas accipere Matiam 
thy wife : for that which conjugem tuam : quod 
is conceived in her, is enim in ea natum eft, de 
of the Holy Ghoft. ' Spiritu San^ eft. 


MEar us, O merciful God, and vouchlafe, by 
the interceffion of blefled Jofepb, thy Cbri- 
j to preferve in us, what thou baft beftowed 
upon us. Thro\ 

■ T,a- 

220 St. JOSEPH. March iqi 


V sAiu Sj as in the firft Vespeks, p. 2f6» 
Jnih.rjfyHE parents Ant. TB;ant parentes 

I Jefu per omnes 
annos in jeru/abm^ in 
die folemni Pafchae. 

X of^z/wiwent 
every year to jerufaltm^ 
on the folemn feaft of 
l!hc Paffivir. 

Antb. When they re- 
turaed^ the child Jffus 
remained in JnufaUm^ 
and his parents did not 
know it. 

Antb. They not find- 
ing Jffui% returned back 
to jerufaleniy feeking 
bim: and after three 
days they found him fit- 
ting in the temple in the 
midft of the Doctors, 
hearing them, and a(k- 
ing them queftions. 

Anth, His mother faid 
to him : Son, why hail 
thou done To to us ? Be- 
*hold thy father and I have 
fought thee with forrow. 
Anth, Jifus went 
down with tnem, and 
came to Nazanth, and 
was fubjed to them. 

Ant. Cum redirent^ 
remanfit puer Jefus in 
ynufalimj & non cog- 
noverunt parentes ejus. 

Ant, Non irwemcntes 
^iftintj regreffi funt in 
^irufaUm^ ; requirentes 
eum : & poft triduum in- 
venerunt ilium in tern- 
plo fedentem in medio 
DoiSlocum, audientemj 
& intcrrogantem eos. 

Ant. Dixit mater ejus 
ad ilium : Fill, quid fe- 
ci (li nobis fie f Ecce pa- 
ter tuus, & ego dolenteSi 
quserebamus te. 

Ant. Dcfcendii Jefus 
cum eis, ic vcnit Na^ 
zarethy ic erat fubditus 

71>i Little Chapter and Hymn as in the 
firft Vespers, p, 217. 

K Glory and riches 
are in hishoufe. R. And 
his righteoufnefs abideth 
for ever and ever. 

F, Gloria & di vitiae in 
domo ejus. R. Et jufti- 
tia ejus manet in fsecu- 
lum faeculi. 

Anth. Behold the faith- Ant* Ecce fidelis fer- 
ful and prudent fervaut> vu^ & ^tudens, quem 

Jkkra2i:,2S. J/. BENEDICT, GV. 221 

whom the Lofd placed conftituit Dominus fa« 
over his family. per familiam fuam* 

Pratbr. Colled at Mafs. 


St. BENEDICT, Abbot. A Double. 

JU the Office as in the Common, p. cxxiii. 


A DiiuUi 9f the ficand Rank^ 

L V E S P E R S. 
PsALMfi as in sW Common, p. Ixif. 

Jntb.rrS H E angel Ant.H /Tlffus etl Oa^ 

X * Gabriel was 
fent to Mary, a virgin 
e^cifed to Jefeph. 

Anth. Hail Mary^ full 
of grace, the Lord is 
with thee: blefied art 
thou amongft women. 

Antb, Fear not, Ma^ 
tjy thou haft foufid/a- 
vour with the Lord : be- 
hold thou flialt con- 
ceive, and bring' forth a 

Anth. The Lord will 
give him the throne of 
his father David^ and he 
ihall reign forever. 

Anth. Behold the 
handmaid of the Lord : 

hrtel angelus 
ad Mariam^ virginem 
Atii^xSdK^KiJofepb. ' 

Ant, Ave Martay gra« 
tia plena, Dominus te- 
cum : benedi£la tu in 

Ant. Ne timeas, Ma^ 
rioy invenifti gratiant 
apud Dominum : eece 
concipies & paries fv- 
lium. '; 


Ant, Datit ei Domf- 
nus fedem David patris 
ejuS) ii regnabit in aeter- 

Ant, Ecce ancilla 
Domini: fiat mihi'fol- 


222 "tbe ANNUNCIATION. Mm^cb 25. 

be it to me according to cundiun.verbum tuunu 
thy word. 

r*^ LITTLE CHAPTER. I/aiabvil 

BEhold a virgin (ball conceive, and bring forth 
a fon, and his name (hall be called Emma' 
nuiL He (hall eat butter and honey, that he may 
know how to refufe evil, and chufe good. 

llykN. Hail God's bright Mother. Common, 
f. Jxvi. 

/'• Hail Mary^ full of V. Ave Marla^ gratia 
grace. R. The Lord is plena. Ri Dominus t^ 
with thee. cum. 

>fii/i&. The Holy Ghoft Ant. Spiritus Sanfius 
(hall defcend upon thee, in te defcendet, Maria^ 
O Marjy and the power & virtus Altiffimi obum- 
of the Moft High (hall brabh tibi. 
overihadow thee. . 

Prayer. Colled at Ma&. 

Iktroit. All the rich of the people. Coif- 
MON, p. cxxxviii. 

COLLECT. Dius^ ^ui de hiata. 

OGod, who waft pleafed that thy word, when 
the angel delivered his meflfage, (hould take 
fle(h in the womb of the bleffed Virgin Mary : give 
ear to our humble petitions, and grant : that we, 
who believe her to be truly the Mother of God, 
may be helped by her prayers. Thro* the fame. 

LESSON. //. vii. 10, 16. 
jNthofe days : The Lord fpokc to Ahaz faying : 
-* Alk thee a fign of the Lord thy God, either 
unto the depth of hell, or unto the heavens above. 
And Acbaz faid : I will not afk, and I will not 
tempt the Lord, And he faid : Hear ye there- 
foi€, O houfc of David : is it not enough for you 


Maub 25- Xhe ANNUNCIATION. ^^^ 

to be tFOublefome to men ; but you muft be 
troublcibme to my God alfo ? Therefore the Lord 
bimfetf (hall give you a fign. Behold a Virgin 
ihall conceive, and bear a Son, and his name fhal^ 
be called EmmanueL He ihall eat ^ butter and 
honey, that he may know to refufe evil, and to 
choofe good. 

Grai>ual. Grace is fpread. Common,^. cxlv» 
Tract. Hear, O daughter, ib* p. cxxxvi.. 

G O S P E L* Luki i. 26, 38.. 
T that time: The Angel Gabriel was feht 
from God to a city of Galilee^ called Naza^ 
retbj to a'virgin efpoufed to a man, whofe name 
was Jofephj of the houfe of David: and the vir- 
g^i's name was Mary, And the Angel being 
come in, faid to her : Hail, full of grace, the Lord 
is with thee : blefled art thou amongfl; women. 
And when (he had heard this^ (he was troubled at 
his words, and thought with herfelf, what man- 
ner of falutation this (hould be. And the Angcl 
faid to her : Fear not, Mary^ for thou haft found 
favour with God. Behold thou (halt conceive in 
thy womb, and (halt bring forth a Son ; and thou 
(halt call his name Jes:us. He (hall be great, and 
flull be called the Son of the Muft High ; and the 
Lord God (ball give unto him the throne of David^ 
his father; and he (ball reign in the houfe of 
Jacob for ever, and of his reign there (hall be no 
end. hnA Mary faid to. the Angel: How (hall 
this be, fince I know not man ? And the Angel 
anfwering, faid to her : The Holy Ghoft (hall 
come down upon thee, and the power of the Moft 
High (hall over(badow thee. And therefore the 
Holy one, who (hall be born of thee, (hall be call- 

* Expl. Butter and honey, 9r rather cream and honev, wtfi the 
jUp food given to children j and the meaning is, that Qhv\& fioulU 
hi as really a man^ as be was God, the true Emmanuel, or th§ 
Perfon^ in whgm the diviae laXxatJhQuld b( united to (6a( ej'maa% 

124 ^i ANNUNaATION. Martlk 25^ 

ti the Son of God. And behold thy obofin Biiza-^ 
htthi (He hath alfo conceived a fon in her old age 1 
and this is the fixth month with her, who is cal«^ 
led Ihe barren woman ; for vrtth God nothing flialt 
be impoffible. And Mary faid : Befadd / ^m the 
handmaid of the Loid : be it imto me accor^ng 
to thy word. Credo. 

Hail, Mary^ full of . Ave^ Maria^ gr^iS 
grace, the Lord is with plena, Oominus tecum : 
thee : blefled art thou benediAa tii in mulieri- 
amongft women ; and bus ; & benedifhis fruc- 
blefled is the fruit of thy tus ventris tui. 


STrengthen, we befeech thee, O Lord, in ovk 
fouls, the myfterics of the true faith : that 
We, who confefs him, that was conceived of a 
virgin, to be true God, and true man, may, by 
th6 power of his faving refurreftion, de&rve to 
come to eternal joys. Thro' the fame. 

Preface. On the annunciation. Ordinary, 
f, xxiv. 

COMMUNION, //vii. 
Behold a Virgin {hall £cce V irgo coocipiet, 
conceive, and bringforth & pariet Filium : & vo". 
a Son : and his name cabltur nomen ejus Em-^ 
fliali be called Etnmanuel. manueL 

POSTCOMMUNION. Gratiam tmm. 

F)UR forth, we befeech thee, O Lord, thy 
grace into our hearts, that we, who, by the 
meflige of an Aneel, have known the incarnatiofi 
of thy Son, the Chti/i^ may, by his paflion and 
crofs, come to the glory of his refurre£lion. Thro* 
.the fame. 


Mas in the firft Vesbeks, ^. xx\^ txce^tr * 

Jprit%. 5/. F R A N C I S. 225 

if/ /A^ M A G N I F I C A T. 
Jtith* The Angel Ga- Ant. Gabriel Angelut 
hriil rpoke to Afary^ fay- locutus eft Maria^ di- 
ing : Hail, full of grace, cens : Ave, gratia plena^ 
the LfOrd is with thee; Dominus tecum; bene- 
Meflfed art thou amongft di<^ tu in inuliei ibu^* 

Prayer. Collect at Mafs. 

^H ^m ^H ^H J*. HA wb ftlfe mM IM mA *^- »Ta ^a Ja J« *.L. al- aIb Ja ^L alk 

r^fe^ F E A ST S y A P R I L. 

5/. FRANCIS (/PAULA, Confcffor. ^ 


All as in /^/Common, p. cxvii. Prayer* 
Collea 11/ Mafs. 

* Introit. The righteous man. JFitb the refl. 
Common, p. cxx. except : 

COLLECT. Deus^ bumilium. 

OGod, who exalteft the humble, and didft 
raife bleffed Francis to the glory of thy faints ;» 
frant, we befeech thee, that, thro' his merits, and 
y following his example, we may happily obtain 
thofe rewards, which thou hafl^ promifed to the 
humble. Thro*. 
' Epistle. Phil, iii. 7. Common, p^ cxxii. 


MA Y the offerings, O Lord, of thy devout 
people, which we lay on thy altars, be plea« 
I thee, and advantageous to us, by the merits 
of bleffed Francis. Thro*. 

POSTCOMMUNION. Sumpta, Domine. 

MAY the heavenly facraments, O Lord, whidi 
we have received^ procure foi ua^ Vl, \!cv^ 

226 Si. ISIDORE, ^c. Aprilj^s,i\. 

interceffion of blei&d Francis, thy Confeflbr, all 
ncceilary helps, both for this life and that which is 
Co come. Thro'. 


£/. ISIDORE^ Biihop, Confeflbr^ attdl>oacu 

A Double. 

V E S P E H S. 
Ai in thi Common, p. ciii. At the Maonifi« 
CAT. Anth. O excellent Doctor, ib. p. cxiii. 
pRAV£|t. Deusi qui populp, /^. /. cxiv, 

Alias in the Common of Doctors, p, cxiv» 



A Double. ^ 

^iii}/^^ Common, ^. cxvii. Prayer. CoI« 
\t(kat Mafs. ... 

. Introit. The mouth of the righteous m^n* 
With the rejl. Common, p. cxviii. except :-^ % 

COLLECT. Deus, fui Ecclefiam. 

OGodi, who wail pleafed to illuftrate thy Church 
by the virtues and preaching of bleiQed yifh- 
centy thy Confeflor ; grant us, thy fervants, that we 
may be both inilrui^ed by his example, and by the 
afTmance of his prayers be delivered from all evil. 


St. LEO, Pope, Confeflbr,tfff^I>o6tor. A Double^ 

As in the Common, p. ciii. At the Magnifi- 
cat. Anth. O excellent, ib. p, cxiii, PrayeH^ 
DeUs^ qui pDpuVo> t&.f%cdt^ 

il I J. 14.. St. HERMENEGIIDUS. ^27 


Introit. He opened. With /6r refi, Com- 
HOK, f. cxiv. ixefpt : 

ListoN. Bcelus, xxxix. Common, /^. cxvi.-*- 
Jhd Gospel. 4Af//. xvu tfx abrotj p. 205. 




if/ V E S P E R S. 
The Commemoration. Jntb. This faint. VL 
Thop haft crowned. Common, /. Ixxix. Pray- 
er. jCoUed at Mafs. 


C ox L E C T.. Viats^ qui biatum.^^ 

OGod, by whofe holy fpirit blefled Hermene^ 
gildusj thy Martyr^ was tau^t to defpife an 
earthly crown for an eternal one: grant, we be(eech 
thee, that, hy his example, wt may learn to con- 
temn the thiogB of this w>^iU, anv ^x our hearts 
on thofe more valuable goods of the next. Thro'. 
Qpsrs^. iMkg 3^iv. Cqmmon, ^. Jxxxi 



MUS, Martyrs. 

■Lr .7lr Commimoration. Jnth. For to them. 
F. Rejoice. Common^ ^. xcii. Prayer. Colle<5l 
41/ Mafs. 

2a8 S/. ANACETUS. Jprilif, 


COLLECT. Prajla^ qumfumus. 
g^ Rant, we befeech thee, O Almighty God, 
\X that wc, who folcmnize the feftivals of thy 
holy Martyrs, Tiburtius^ Valerian^ and Maximus^ 
may likewife imitate their virtues. Thro'. 


WE befeech thee, O Lord, that the facrifice 
we ofier thee in honour of the birth-day 
of thy Martyrs, may loofe the bonds of our fins, 
and procure us the gifts of thy mercy. Thro'. 


BEin| filled by thy heavenly gifts, we humbly 
befeech thee, O Lord, that what we perform, 
as a homage due to thee, may avail to our falva- 
tion. Thro'. 


St. ANACETUS, Pope ttndMzxtjT,. 

7]^^ Commemoration, ^it/ifr. This faint. V* 
T'hoa haft crowned. Common, p. lxxix« Pray- 
er. Deus, qui nos beari, ib. p. Ixxxiii. 

^/ M A S S. 
Collect. Deus, qui nos beati. Common, 
f. Ixxxiii. fVith tb$ BzCKBT 4ind PostcommU'^ 

NION folhwing^ 


!?2J^ BLESSING of theWATER. 


THE ofe of water among mankind, whenever 
they had a mind to expiate their faults, to 
renew their folemn engagements, or to enter upon 
exerdfes of piety and religion, is one of thofe uhi« 
verfid pra&ices every where found, where there are 
mny footfteps of an outward wor(hip remaining. It 
was no invention of the heathen nations, but a prac- 
tice that came to them by primitive tradition from 
oiir£rft father jfdam after bis fall, as an acknow- 
ledgment of being defiled with fin, and expreffive of 
that purity with which we ought to approach God. 
It was continued by Afofes among other primitive 
praiSices preparatory tofacrifice; and is ftill found 
at the entrance of our Churches; and the fprinkling 
therewith is the beginning of our facrifice on the 
Iblemn appointed day of reft. Salt is mixt with the 
water to keep it I'weet, and the one and the other 
are folemnly confecratedy that is to fay, are with- 
drawn from all profane ufes, to be applied only to 
thoie of reli|ion. The Charch attributes no fuper- 
natural ttkct to this fan^lified water, but what ic 
may pleafe God to grant to it, in order to (hew the 
force of the prayers of his Church, or to recompenfe 
the faith of fuch as ufe it with the refped due to 
what hath been confecrated and fet apart for the ufes 
of religion. The faithful therefore are to receive 
this fprinkling of water with great humility, and a 
forrow for their fins, reciting the 50th Pfalm in 
whole or in part : And afterwards to take fome of 
the water home with them to ufe with faith and 
piety, according to the intention of the Church, at 
getting up, and going to bed j in ftorms of thunder 
Vol. IL a ^t\^ 

ii ri^^ B L E S S I N G 

and lightning; in the time of temptation and fick^ 

V. Our help is in the V. Adjutorium nof- 
'iiame of the Lord. trum in nomine Domini. 

R* Who made both R. Qui fecit caelum 
heaven and earth. & terram. 

rbe EXORCISM * of the SALT. 

IExorcife thee, O creature of fait, by thj^ living 
God, by the true God, by the holy God ; by 
that God, who, by the prophet £//z/i/j, commanded 
thee to be caft into the water to cure the barrennefs 
thereof; that thou may'ft, by this exorcifm, become 
beneficial to the faithful, and healthful co body and 
foul to all, who make ufe of thee; and that in what 
place foever thou (halt be fprinkled, all the illuflons, 
and wickednefs, and crafty wiles of Satan may be 
chafed away, and depart from that place ; as alfo 
every unclean fpirit, commanded in his name, who 
is to come to judge the living and the dead, and the 
world by fire. K. Amen. 

Let us ()ray. Immenfam, 

O Almighty and everlafting God, we moft hum- 
bly implore thy infinite mercy to vouch fafe to 
blcfs and fandify this thy creature of fait, which thou 
madeft for the ufe of mankind, that it may be to all, 
who take it, health both of body and foul : And that 
what(bever (hall be touched, or fprlnkled therewith, 
may be freed from ail uncleannefs, and all aflaults 
of wicked fpirits. Th^o* our Lord Jefus Chrifl 
thy fon, who liveth and reigneth with thee, in the 
unity of-the Holy Ghoft, Grod world without end. 
R. Amen, 


IExorcife thee, O creature of water, in the name 
of God the Father almighty; and in the name of 

a Expl. By exorcifm n meant a form o/* adjuration, or a religious 
£4runonjt h ^^'-^'^ ^^'^ ^f^t^ malignant fpiriti are driven avjay^ 

• Of the WATER. ni 

yefui Chriji his fon, our Lord ; and by the pow«r 
of the Holy Ghoft ; that thou may'ft by this exor- 
cifm receive efficacy to chafe away all the power of 
the enemy, and be enabled to caft him out, and put 
him to flight together with his Apoflate Angels, by 
the power of the fame Jefus Chriji our Lord, who 
is to come to judge the living and the dead, and the 
world by fire. R. Amen. 

Let us pray. Deus qui ad falutem. 

OGod, who, for thebenefit of mankind, makeft 
ufe of the element of water in the greateft fa - 
craments, mercifully hear our prayers, and impart 
ihe virtue of thy blefling to this element prepared 
by various puriAcations: That, this thy creature, 
made ufe of in thy myfteries, may receive the ef- 
fects of thy divine favour for the chafing away De- 
vils, and curing difeafes : And that whatfoever {hall 
be fprinkled with this water in the boufes or places 
of the faithful, may be freed from all uncleannefs, 
and delivered from hurt : Let no peftilential fpirit 
refide there, nor any infedlious air: Let all the 
fnares of our fecret enemies be removed : And may 
whatever is contrary to the fafety and repofe of the 
Inhabitants of that place, be put to flight by the 
fpriiikling of this water : That the welfare we feek 
by calling on thy name, may be fecured from all 
afiaults. Thro*. R. Amen. 

At the mixing the Salt with the Water. 

May this fait and water be mixed together in the 
name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy 
Ghoft. R. Amen. 

V. May the Lord be V. Dominus vobif- 

with you. cum. 

R. And with thy fpi- R. Et cum fpiritu 

rlu tuo. 

a 2 \-^\ 


Let us pray. De^s inviHa* 

OGod, the author of invincible power, king of 
an empire that cannot be overcome, and ever 
magniiicentl V triumphant ; who reftraineft the forces 
of the adverie power; who defeated the fury of the 
roaring enemy; who, by thy might, conquered his 
malicious aflaults : We beieech and pray thee, O 
Lord, with fear and humility, that thou wouldft look 
with a favourable countenance on this creature of 
fait and water, enlighten it with thy goodnefs, and 
fai!£tify it with the dew of thy bounty : That where- 
ibever it is fprinkled, by the invocation of thy holy 
name, all infeftation of the unclean fpirit, all fear of 
the venomous ferpent may be chafed away : And the 
prefence of thy holy fpirit be always with us, who 
implore thy mercy. Thro*. R. jlmen^ 

At the Sprinkling. 

Anth. Thou flialt 
fprinklc me, O Lord, 
with hyffop **, and I fhall 
be clean: Thou flialt 
wafli me, and I fliall be 
whiter than fnow. 

Pf. 50. Have mercy 
on me, O God, accord- 
ing to thy great mercy. 

V. Glory. 

Antb. Thou flialt 

V* Shew us, O Lord, 
thy mexcy. 

R. And grant us thy 

V. O Lord, hear my 

Jr. And let my cry 
come unto thee. 

Ant, Afper^es mc,^ 
Domine, hyflopo, & 
mundabor: Lavabis me, 
& fuper nivem dealba- 


Pf, Mifecere mei Dc* 
us, fecundum magnan^ 
mifericordiam tuam* 

V. Gloria. 

Ant, Afperges me. 

V, Oftende nobis, Do- 
mine, mifericordiam tu- 

R. £t falutare tuam' 
da nobis. 

V, Domine exaudi 
orationem meam. 

R. £t clamor meus 
ad te veniat. 

;^. May 

* £rp/, Hyflbp w« n/rrf i^y tht Jevrs at a fprinkler^ to throw, on 
/uch at v/er$ utulttm^ mfoicr m»t wtb the ajfcei of tbe wRm* 

Of the Vf AT EK. v 

F. May the Lord be F. Dotninus vobif* cum. 

^ And with thy fpirlt. R. £t cum (piritu tua; 

Let us pray. Exaudi nos* 
TTTEAR tts, O holy Lord, ahnighty Father, etcr^ 
■ 1. nal God, and vouch&fe to fend thy holyAngel 
Irom heaven, to guard, cherifh, prote^, vifit, and 
^fend aH that are aflembled in this place. Thro^ 
Cbrift our Lord. R. Jmen. 

^^▼^^^▼▼▼▼V V W V V V V V ▼ V W V V V V T V V V W V V V • T '4' 


F> ^\UR help is in F. \ Djutorium nof- 

V^ the name of jljL trum in nomi* 

the Lord. ne Domini. 

R. Who made both R. Qui fecit coelum 

heaven and earth. & terram. 

F. May the Lord be F. Dominus vobif- 

with you. cum» 

R. And with thy fpirit* R. Et cum fpiritu tua« 

Let us pray. Domine "Jefii. 

OLord Jefui Chrtft^ the bread of Angels, the- 
living bread of eternal life, vouchfafe to blelV 
this bread, as thou blefledft the five loaves in th^ 
defert : That all that talle thereof, may receive from> 
thence health of body and foul. Who liveft and 
reigneft world without end. R. Jmen. 


WE are aflembled, Chriftian fouls, on this 
facred and folemn appointed day of reft,, 

a 3 by 

fc At thf-VzxSStiAJi^h fi'.ces o/bread, cut into little fiectSt are Uef» 
fidt am J difirihuted to the faithful in tcketi of communion and ctarity^ 
Tbo' (J tnorv not fpr *uhat reafan) this ceremony is not ufed at pre* 
Jert in England, ai I meatiorfj ike bltjjed bread /« tie intrcdudtury. 
f^ifcoarfe, i thcvgbt it tvoutd not be amfs to Jet du*son the hrm of 
kl^ff^i it. •' -^ 

^ Tte^t^yeiSf publicaticns^ and /axxuUar inflru^ioos slid 9t r&c- 


by the orders of our mother the Catholick Cburcbf 
to a£Sift at the holy facriiice of the Mafs, and to of« 
fer our hearts u> Almighty God, thank him for the 
bleiEngs he hath beftowedupon us from the mo- 
ment of our birth, and particularly the paft week ; 
and to humbly befeecb him to continue the fame &«• 
vours, and to affift us by his holy grace in all out 

And in as much as charity, and the Chriftian reli- 
gion, oblige us, particularly in thefc publick aflem-. 
blies, to join together in prayer to Almighty God, 
to beg ot him, whatever may be necefiary for our 
neighboi^r, and ourfelves, either with regard to foul 
or body; let me exhort you to offer, with attention 
^d devotion, this great facrifice to Almighty God» 
as an honiage due to him, and in acknowledgment 
of his fupreme power and dominion over you and 
all things ; in fatisfa£tion for the fins of the whole 
world, and your own in particular; in thankfgiving 
for all bleffings received, and to beg of him a 
Continuance of the fame : As iikewife ror the peace 
and exaltation of the holy Catholick Church, the 
propagation of the Chriftian faith, the extindlion of 
fchifms, the converfton of hereticks and unbelievers: 
For our holy father Pope^AT. for all Bifhops and Pa- 
flors of the Church, efpecially for our fiifhop N. 
fhePxelate of this diftri6t, and all that have care of 
fouls under him ; that God may give them all the 
fpirit of knowledge, prudence, and charity, to an- 
nounce faithfully his word, and edify by their lives 
and converfation. 

And as St. Paul commands us to pray for Kings 
and Princes, and fuch as are in high ftations, we 


Parifh-Mafs^ on Sur^dayt, heyend Sea, either immedietelf after tb^ 
Cofpely or before the Lavabo, are called in France tbt Pr8ne, from a 
Orcck word Jignifying the Nave cftke Church, the place. lokfre they 
are read to the people, There is fome 'variety in them in different 
Churches j and as I mentioned them in the introduflory difcourfey 1 
thought it would not he dijagreeable to the fdithful to preJetU tbcmwitb 
i be. form ofpnt abridged for their irf.ruiiion. 


ivill offer our prayers to God for the King of thefe 
realms, and all the Royal Familyi [for i& Lord of 
this Manor] for all Maeiftrates and Officers of ju- 
ftice, that it may pleate God to give them all his 
holy fpirit, and the gift of ftrength to maintain. us 
in peace and quiet, and duly adminifter juftice. In 
a wordy 1 exhort you to pray for the perfeverance 
of the good, the converfioh of (ihners, for women 
with child, for all the Tick, for the fruits of the 
earth, and^all the neceffities of this congregation i 
and particularly for N. who hath a confidence in^ 
and deiires to be recommended to your pious pray* 

Let us therefore fay for thefe intentions the I22d 

\0 thee have I lift- A D te levavl oculos 

Xx, meos,*qui habitas 


ed up my eyes,* 
thou that dwelleft in the 

Behold as the eyes 
of fervants*are on the 
hands of their matters : 

As the eyes of a hand- 
maid are on the hands of 
her miftrefs:*So are our 
eyes lifted up to the Lord 
our God, until he hath 
mercy on us. 

Have mercy on us, O 
Lord, have mercy on us :* 
For we are filled with 
contempt exceedingly. 

For our foul is exceed- 
ingly filled :*We are a 
reproach to the rich, and 
a fcoS* to the proud. 

r. Glory. 

Lord have mercy on 

in coelis, 

Ecce ficut oculi fer* 
vorum,*in manibusDo- 
minorum fuorum : 

Sicut oculi agqllae in 
manibus domins^fuse :* 
Ita oculi noftri ad Do* 
minum Deum noftrum, 
donee mifereatur noftri* 

Miferere noftri, Do- 
mine, miferere noftri :* 
Quia multum repleti fu- 
mus defpeflione. 

Quia multum repleta 
eft anima noftra:*Op* 
probium abundantibus^ 
& defpe£lio fuperbis. 

F. Gloria. 

Kyric cleifon. Chri- 




us. Chrift have mercy Jle eleifon. Kyrie elel* 
onus. Lord have mercy fon. 
on us. 

Our Father. 
V. And lead us not in- V. £t ne nos inducas 
to temptation. in tentationem. 

R. But deliver u^rom 
evil. J men, 

V. Save thy fervants, 
O Lord. 

R. Who put their 
truft in thee, O my God. 

Vn Be to us, O Lord, 
a tower of ftrength. 

R. From the face of 
the enemy. 

V, May peace be on 
thy ramparts. 

R. And plenty with- 
in thy walls. 

V* O Lord, hear. 

R^ And let my cry. 

V. May the Lord be 
with you. 

iJ. And with thy fpirit. 

R. Sed libera nos \ 
malo. Amen, 

V. Salvos fac fervos 
& ancillas tuas,Domine« 

R. Deus meus fpe- 
rantes in te. 

V. Efto nobis, Do- 
mine, turris fortitudini9» 

R* A facie inimici. 

V. Fiat pax in virtute 

R. £t abundantia in 
turribus tuis* 

V. Domine, exaudi» 

R, £t clamor meus. 

V, Dominus vobif- 

R, £t cum fpiritu tuo» 

Let us pray. Deus refugtum. 

OGod our refuge and flrength, fountain of all 
goodiiefs, mercifully give ear to the ferveni 
prayers of thy Church, aiid grant, that what we 
a(k with faith, we may effectually obtain. Thro\ 
Laftly, fince the Scripture teftifieth, and the 
Chuich teachcth, that it is a holy and falutary 
thought to pray for the louls of the faithful depart- 
ed; we will pray in particular for thofe of our pa- 
rents, relations, friends ai^d benefaflors, and fuch 
of this cono^reiiaiion ?.s sre /one before us fand 
efpecially for the foul 0/ A', for whom Mafs willhe 


^n N. next) and in general for the fouls of all 
litbftil departed, that by our prayers they may 
ve refrefliinenc and comfort. 

:t us iay for theie fouls the 129th Pfalm. 

ROM the deep I T*\E profundis clama« 

cried out to thee, Jl^ vi ad te, Domine :* 

>id:*Lord,hearmy Demine, exaudi vocem 

r. meam. 
;t thine ears be at- Fiant aures tuas inten* 

re*to the voice of dentes,*in vocem deprc- 

^etition. cationis meas. 
thou (bouldfl: ob- Si iniqultates obfef* 

iniquities, O Lord:* vaveris, Domine:*Do«^ 

9 who (ball (land mine, quis fuftinebit I 

\T with thee is pro* Quia apud te propiti'* 

ion :*And becaufe atio eft :*£t propter le- 

Y law I have waited ^ gem tuam (iiftinui teji 

lee, O Lord. Domine. 
y foul hath relied Suftinuit anima mea 

is word :*My foul in verbo ejus :*Speravit 

hoped in the Lord, anima mca in Domino, 
om the morning A cuftodia matutina 

li even until night •* ufque ad nodem :*Spe« 

^frael hope in the ret Jfrael in Domino. 

>r with the Lord Quia apud Domtnum 

is mercy:* And mirericordia:*£t copi* 

him there is a plen- ofa apud eum redemp* 

redemption. tio. 
id he himfelf (hall £t ipfe redimet Ifra^ 

m Jfrafl * from all //,*ex omnibus iniquita* 

iquities. tibus ejus, 
ernal re(l*grant to Requiem seternam* 

I O Lord. dona eis, Domine. 
td may a perpetual £t lux perpetua*lii« 

'ihine upon them, ceat eis« 


F, May they reft in V. Requiefcant in 

peace. pace. 

R, Amen, R. yfmen. 

F. O Lord, hear my F. Domine, exaudi 

prayer. orationero meam. 

R. And may my cry R. Et clamor meus 

come unto thee. ad tc veniat. 

F. May the Lord be F. Do'minus vobif- 

ivlth you. cum. 

jR, And with thy fpirit. R. Et cum fpiritu tuo; 

Let us pray. Ft deli urn. 

OGod, the creator and redeemei of all the faith- 
ful, grant thy fervants remiflion of all their 
fins : That by pious fupplicationi> they may obtain 
that pardon, which they have ever deiired. Thro* 
Chri/l our Lord. R. Amen* 

By the Orders of the Catholick Church N. day 
in the enfuing week is a faft, or abftinence, being 
the Vigil, orN. N, is a holiday of obligation, be- 
ing the feaft of iV, which you are to fandlify by 
(reftingfrom fervile work) aflifling at divine fervice, 
hearing the word of God, and meditating on holy 
things. And remember, that what is the moft 
agreeable to God on thofc days, is to avoid fin, live 
in peace and Chriftian charity with one another, 
and faithfully to obferve his holy commandments, 
that departing this life in the ftate of grace, you may 
immediately be tranflated to the kingdom of heaven, 
thro' the merits of Je/us Chrift our Lord. Amen. 

The ORDINARY of the MASS adapted to the ufe 
of the Y^ when they go /^Communion, and 
when they do not, While the Prieji is vejling^ fay 
the following prayer* 

PRoftrate in fpirit at the foot of thy holy altar> 
I adore thee, O Almighty God. I firmly be- 

Of the MAS S. xi 

lieve tli?»t tliv M^-fs, at which I am going to aflift, 
r. i;r ' .cnfice of che botiy and blood o^JefusChriJI 
iuy ibn. Gra/i! J !Tuy'aifift thereat with the at- 
tention, refpefl^ and awe clue to fuch auguft myfte- 
jies 5 and that by the mcrrts of the vitStim there of- 
fered for me, I mvTtlf may become an agreeable 
fjcrifice to thee, who liveft and reigneft with the 
fame Son and Hol^ Ghoft^ one God world without 
end. Amen. 

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and 
of the Holy Ghoft. Amen. 

Pr, I will go up to the Pr, Introibo'ad altare 
altar of God. Dei. 

P, To God, who re- P. Ad Deum, qui lae- 
joiceth my youth. tiiicatjuventutemmeam« 

Pfalm xlii. 

Pr, "TIE thou, O God, Pr. TUdica me, Deus, - 

11 my judge, and 
diftinguifh my caufe 
from the nation that is 
not holy : From the un- 
juft and deceitful man 
do thou deliver me. 

P. Since thou, O 
God, art my ftrength, 
why haft thou caft me 
off? And why do I go 
forrowful, while the ene- 
my afflideth me ? 

Pr. Send forth thy 
light, and fulfil thy pro- 
mife'' ; they have led me 
on, and brought me to 
thy holy mount, and in- 
to thy tabernacles. 


J & difcerne cau- 
fam meam de gente non 
fandia : Ab homine ini- 
quo & dolofo erue me. 

P. Quia tu es Deus 
fortitudo mea, quare me 
repulifti? Et quare trif- 
tis incedo, dum affligit 
me inimicus \ 

Pr, Emitte lucem tu« 
am, & verltatem tuam ; 
ipfa me deduxerunt, & 
adduxerunt in montem 
fan6lum tuum, & in ta- 
bernacula tua. 

P. And 

d Lit. Thy trut\ This word truth, in *f-- Pi^n,* particular fy^ 
it aivoaji taken for ibe iertaia aicomfi'JjJii,in., orfulJ,lhng if a fr^* 

iSl The ORD IN A R Y 

P. And I will go up 
to the altar of God, to 
God who rejoiceih my 

Prt I will praife thee 
on the harp, O God, 
my God ; why art thou 
forrowful, O my foul, 
and why doft thou di- 
fturb me ? 

P. Hope in God, for 
him will I fiill praife: 
He is the faviour I look 
for, and my God. 

Pr. Glory be to the 
Father, and to the Son, 
and to the Holy Ghoft. 

P. As it was in the 
beginning, now is, and 
evermore fhall be world 
without end. Amen. 

Pr. I will go up to 
the altar of God. 

P. To God, who re- 
joiceth my youth. 

Pr. Our help is in 
the name of the Lord. 

P. Who made both 
heaven and earth. 

Jfler the Prieft hath /aid the Coniiteor, the people 


P. Et introibo ad al- 
tare Dei, ad Deum, qui 
laetificat juvemutem me- 

Pr. Confitebor tibi in 
cithari, Deus, Deut me- 
us ; quare triftis es ani- 
ma mea, & quare con- 
turbas me \ 

P. Spera in Deo, quo« 
niam adhuc confitebor 
illi : Salutare vultiis mei, 
& Deus mens. 

Pr. Gloria Patri, & 
Filio, & fpiritui fan^o« 

P. Sicut erat in prin- 
cipio, & nunc & femper, 
& in iaecula fseculorum. 

Pr. Introibo ad altare 

P. Ad Deum qui lae* 
tificat ju ventutem meaoi* 

Pr. Adjutorium nof- 
trum in nomine Domini. 

P. Qui fecit coelum 
& terram* 

P. May Almighty 
God be merciful to thee, 
forgive thee thy fxns, 
and bring thee to life 

Pr. Amen. 

P. Mifereatur tui om- 
nipotens Deus, & di- 
miiSs peccatis tuis per- 
ducat te ad vitam aster- 

Pr. Amen^ 

P. I 

Of the MAS S. 

, I confeft to Al- 
ity God, to blefled 
y ever a Virgin, to 
lAMicbael theArch- 
I, to blefled John 
3apiift^ to the holy 
i\cs Pgtemnd Paulf 
11 the Saints, and 
ce, O Father, that 
/e grievoufly fitined 
ought, in word, and 
ed; "^ thro' my fault, 
my fault, thro* my 
eding great fiault. 
refore I befeech the 
zd Mary ever a Vir- 
bleficd Michael the 
langel, blefled ^ohn 
Bapttft^ the holy 
le Saints, and thee, 
ither, to pray to the 
1 our God forme. 
r. May Almighty 
have mercy on you, 
ve you your flns, 
bring you to life 
. Amen. 

r. May thcalmigh- 
nd merciful L^rd 
t us pardon, abfolu* 
and remiifion of 

• AfTiin, 

r, O God, if thou 

P. Confiteor Dto 
omnipotenti, beatae Ma- 
ria femper Virgini, bea- 
to Michaeli Archangelo, 
beato Joarmi Baptijia^ 
fan<9is Apoflolis Petrp & 
Pauls., omnibus Sane* 
tis, & tibi, Pater, quia 
peccavi nimis cogitt- 
tione, verbo & opere, 
mea culpa, mei culpl, 
mea maxima culpa. Ideo 
precor beatam Mariam 
(emper Virginem, bea- 
turn Michaelem Arcban- 
gelum, beatum Jcannem 
Bapt'ijlam^ fani^os Apo- 
ftolos Petrum & Paulum^ 
omnes San^los, & te. 
Pater, or are pro me ad 
Dominum Deum nof- 

Pr, Mifereatur veftri 
Omnipotens Deus, & 
dimiffis peccatis veftris, 
perducat vos ad vkam 

Pr, Indulgentiam, ab« 
folutionem, & remiffio- 
nem peccatorum noftro* 
rum tribuat riobis omni- 
potetis & mifericors Do- 

P. Amen. 

Pr. Deus tu convcr- 

'ere ali ftrike tkeir hreajit tbrkCf to exfrejs tbeir forrno and 
iBi^m fpr tbeir Jim* 

OL. IL b 

xiv The ORDINARY. 

turn to us, thou wilt fus vivificabis nos. ' 
give us life. 

P. And thy people P. £t plebs tua Iseta* 

fliall rejoice in thee. bitur in te. 

Pr. Shew u8jO Lord, Pr, Oftende nobis, 

thy mercy. Domtne, mifericordiam 


P. And grant us thy P« £t falutare tuum 

falvation. da nobis. 

Pr. O Lord, hear my Pr. Domtne, exaudi 

prayer. orationem meam. 

P. And let my cry P. Et clamor mcus 

come unto thee. ad te veniat. 

Pr. May the Lord be Pr. Dominus vobif- 

with you. cum. 

P. And with thy fpirit. P. Et cum fpiritu tuo. 

Pr. Let us pray. Pr. Oremus. 

IFhen the Prteft goes up to the altar 

TAKE away from us our iniquities, we be- 
feech thee, O Lord, that we may be worthy 
to aflift with pure minds at the celebration of thefe 
tremendous myfteries. Thro' J^fus Chrlft our 
Lord. Amen^ 

When he hows down before the altar. 

WE befeech thee, O Lord, by the hierits of 
thy Saints, whofe relicks are inclofed in this 
altar, and of all the Saints, that thou wouldfl vouch- 
fafe to forgive us all our (Ins. Amen. 

Here^ at folemn Mafles, the Pr'tejl incenfeth the 
altar ^ and then rtads the Introit, which feek in it's 
proper place. Then thrPrieJl and people fay aU 

Pr. Lord have mercy Pr. Kyrle elelfon. 

on us. P. Lord have P. Kyrie eleifon. Pr. 
mercy on us. Pr. Lord Kyrie eleifon. P. Chri- 
have mercy on us. P. Jie eleifon. Pr. Chrijie 
Chrijl have mercy on us. eleifon. P. Chrijie clei- 
Pr. Chrijl have mercy fon. Pr. Kyrle eleifon. 
on m. P. Chrlji hav^ Pr* Yk>jv«.' ^Vdfavv. P. 

Of the MASS. 

J on us. Pr. Lord Kyrie elcifon. 
mercy on us. P, 
have mercvon us. 
L#ord have mercy on 


Lory be to God on 
• high, Andonearih 
I to men of good . 
^ We praife thee, 
blefs thee. We a- 
thec. We glorify 
We give thee 
ks for thy great glo- 

Lord God, King 
raven, God the Fa- 
Almighty. O Lord 
s Chrljl^ O only be - 
Ml Son. O Lord 
, Lamb of God, 
of the Father. Thou, 
takeft away the fins 
le world, have mer- 
n us. Thou, who 
ft away the fins of 
world, receive our 
er. Thou, who fit- 
at the right hand of 
Father, have mercy 
IS. For thou alone 
he Holy one. Thou- 
e art the Lord. Thou 
e art the Moft High, 

1 the Holy Ghoft in 
glory of God the 
ler. Amen, 

Ixpl. To mankind^ which is 
and kittdtiefst 



GLoria in excelfi^s 
Deo, Et in terri 
pax hominibus bona vo- 
luntatis. L^udamus te. 
Benedicimus te. Ado- 
ramus te. Glorificamus 
te. Gratias agimus tibi 
propter magnamgloriam 
tuam. Domine Deus, 
Rex cceleflis, Deus Pa- 
ter omnipotens. Doriii- 
ne. Fill unigenite, Jefu 
ChriJIe, Domine Deus, 
Agnus Dei, Filius Patris. 
Qui toUis peccata mun* 
di, miferere nobis. Qui 
tollis peccata mundi,fuf- 
cipe deprecationem nof- 
tram. Qui fedes ad dex- 
teram Patris, miferere^ 
nobis. Quoniam tu fo- 
lus Sandlus. Tu folus 
Dominus. Tu folus 
AltifTimus, Jefu Chrifte^ 
Cum SancSlo Spiritu in' 
gloria Dei Patris, A^ 

the ohjeB of Cod^s gwdv/ill, fit" 


xvi rhe ORDINARY 

Pr. May the Lord be Pr. Domious vobif- 
with you. P. And with cum, P. Et cum fpi- 
thy fpirit. ritu tuo. 

Then are faid the Collect, Epistle, Gradual, 
or Tract, all which feek in their proper places* 
At the end of the Epistle is anfwered: 
p. Thanks be to God. P. Deo gratias. 

Before the Gospel, while the Priefl is bowing he^ 
fore the middle of the altar ^ fay : 

CLeanfe my heart and my lips, O AJmighty God, 
who didfl cleanfe the lips of the prophet Ifaiah 
with a burning coal: and vouchfafe, thrp' thy gra- 
cious mercy, (o to purify me, that I may worthily 
read and attend to thy holy Gofpel. Amen, 

^ May the Lord be in my mouth and on my lips, 
that I may worthily, and in the manner I oughti 
read and attend to his holy Gofpel. Amen. 

Pr. May the Lord be Pr. Dominus vobif* 

with you. P. And with cum. P. £c cum fpi* 

thy fpirit. ritu tuo. 

Pr. The continua- Pr. Secnientia, #r, 

tion, tfr, the beginning initium fancti Evangellt 

of the holy Gofpel, ac- fecund um N. 
cording to N, 

While the Priejl fays the fare going words ^ he marks 
his forehead^ lipSy and hreaji with the fign of the 
crofs: do you the fame : and reverently bend your 
hody^ when you anfwer: 
P. Glory be to thee, P. Gloria tibi, Do- 

O Lord. mine. 

Seek the Gospel in it's proper place^ and Jl and up 
during the whole time it is reading. At the end 
ofity anfwer: 

P. Praife be to thee, P. Laus tibi Chrijle. 

o cyiji. 

f jit foJemn Mafles the Deacon afts the Prie/ts b'cfling on his 
knees t nvitb the book of the Gofpcls in his bands, btfore bt goes tt^ng 
it, andfbt Friefi Jaji tbt blcffin^ tt6w»e, tban^itt^ the ^rfin^ 

Of the, M A S.S. 


At tht end of the Gofpel,yiy with the Priejl^ when 

. he ktjfes the book : 

' By the .words of the Gofpel may our fins be blot* 
ted out. Amen. 

Believe in one God •^Redo in unum De* 

\^ um Patrcm omni- 

J[ the Father Almigh- 
ty> maker of heaven and 
earth, of all things vifible 
andinvifible. And in one 
Lord Jefus Chrift, the 
only begotten Son of 
God, And born of the 
Father before all ages. 
God of God, light of 
light, true God of the 
true God. Begotten, 
not made, confubftantial 
to the Father i by whom 
all things were made. 
Who, for us men, and 
for our falvation, came 
down from heaven^; And 
became incarnate, by the 
Holy Ghoft of the V if gin 
Mary^ and was made 
MAN. He was alfo cruci- 
fied for us, fufFered under 
Pontius Pilate y and was 
buried. And the third day 
he rofe again according 
to the fcriptures **.. And 
heafcended into heaven, 
fits at the right hand of 
the Father. And (hall 
come again to judge the 

potencem, fadiorem cceli 
& terras, vifibilium om- 
nium, & invifibilium. 
Et in iinum Dominum. 
fttm Chriftum^ Filium 
unigenitum, Et ex 
Patre natum ante omnia 
fascula. Deum de Deo, 
lumen de lumtne,Deum 
verumdeDeovero. Ge- 
nitum, non fadlum, con^* 
fubftantialem Patri ; per 
quem omnia fafla flint- 
Qui propter nofr homi^- 
nes, & propter noftrant 
faiutem defccndit de cce- 
lis; Et incarnatus eft de 
Spiritu Sando, ^x Maria 
Virgine, & homo f ac- 
tus EST. Crucifixus 
etram pro nobis, fub Pon^ 
tio Pilato paffus, & fc- 
pultus eft. Et refurrcx- 
it tenia die, fecundum 
fcripturas. Et afccndit 
in coelum, fedet ad dcx- 
tcram Patris. Et iterum 
venturus eft jUdicare vi- 
vos & mortuos ; cuius- 

S From thffe luords to : was made man : aU knee/. 

fc Expl. jis the Script urei of the Old Tejiamnt bad foutoJd: 


• •• 


The O R D 

living and the dead, of 
whofe reign there fliall 
be no end. And in the 
Holy Ghoft, the Lord, 
and giver of life, Who 
proceedeth from the Fa- 
ther and the Son ; who 
together with the Father 
and the Son is adored, 
and glorified ; who fpake 
by the Prophets ^ And 
one, holy, Catholick and 
Apoftolick Church. I 
confefs one baptifm fot 
the remifiion of fins. 
And I expe6t the refur- 
redionof thedead, And 
the life of the world to 
come. Jtrnn. 

. Pr. May the Lord be 
with you. P. And with 
Ihy fptrit. 

Pr. Let us pray. 

I N A R Y 

regni non erit iinia. Et 
in Spiritum San<^m, 
Dominum & .vivifican- 
tern, qui ex Patre, Filio- 
que procedit \ Qui cum 
Patre & Filio fimul ado- 
ratur, & conglortficatur; 
qui locutus eft per Pro- 
phetas. £t unaip, fane- 
tarn, Catholicaro & A< 
poftolicam Ecclefiam. 
Confiteor unum baptif<« 
ma in remi^onem pec* 
catorum. £t expedo 
Ferurre£btonem mortuo- 
rum, £t vitam venturi 
ffficuli. Amen. 

Pr. Dominus vobif- 
cum. P. £t cum fpt- 
ritu tuo. 

Pr. Oremus. 

Here follows the Offertory, which feek in 
it*s proper place* 

Thi OBLATK)?^ of the HOST. 

ACcept, O holy Father, almighty and everlaft- 
ing God, this unfpotted hoft *^, which f thy 
un woi thy fervant offer thee, the living and true God^ 
for my own innumerable fins, offences, and negli- 
gences; and for all here prefent: as alfo for all faith- 

1 Expl. Revealed to them xabat they foreteld, 

k Expl. The bread by anticipation is called an unfpotted hoft, be» 
caufe all the prayers that go before^ andfblloio the confecraricn, have 
s reference to the moment of eonfecratinn, xvhen tbt vi^isor bectmes 
prefent, and is offered to Gcd. 

Of the MAS S. xix 

ful Chrtftians both living and dead, that it may avat) 
both me and them to eternal life. Amen. 

When tht Prieft puts the wine and water into thi 


OGod, who, in creating human nature, diJft 
wonderfully dignify it, and didft reform it 
agaJQ by a ftill greater wonder : grant that, by the 
myftery of this water and wine, we may be made 
partakers of his divine nature, who voucbfafed to 
Decome partaker of our human nature, namely 
ye/us Chrift thy Son our Lord, who with thee and 
the Holy Ghou liveth and reigneth one God world 
without end. Amen, 


WE oflfcr thee, O holy Lord, the chalice of 
falvalion, befeeching thy clemency, that it 
may afcend before thy divine majefty, as a moft 
fweet odour, for our falvation, and for that of the 
whole world. Amen. 

When the Prteji hows hefore the altar • 

A Ccept us, O Lord, who come in the fpirit of 

/T^ humility, and with a contrite and humble 

heart; and grant that the facrifice we offer this day 

in thy fight, may be pleafmg * to thee, O Lord God. 

When he makes the fign of the crofs on the bread and 


COmc, O almighty and eternal God, the fanc- 
tifier, ble& this facrifice prepared for the glory ' 
of thy name. 

1 Expl. *rbe Sacrifice $/ the Mafs h neceffarily pleaHng fo C9d «f 
itftlf^ Jince tbe viflim there offered, is he, of^whom the Father Jaiat 
This is my beloved Son. But the oblation, ^vbich Jinful man makes 
rftbis v\€t\m ; tbe vows and prayers nvbich accctnpany fi6« oblation \ 
and tbe communion, by which be partakex of what bath been offer* 
•dy may be performed in a manner difpleajing /• God, And as tht 
oblation, communion, and prayers make part of tbe facrifice, it is 
Motoonder we beg Cod's gract to go through with it, fo as it may b» 
pleafiDg to btm^ 

XX The OR D I N A R Y 



BY the interceffion of blefled Altcbaf J the Arch- 
angel, who ftandeth at the right fide of the 
altar of perfumes, may the Lord vouchfafe to blefs 
this incenfe, and receive it as an odour of fweetnefs* 
Jt the INCENSING of the BREAD tf»i WINE. 

MAY this incenfe blefled by thee, O Lord, 
afcend to thee, and thy mercy defcend up- 
on us. 

Jt the INCENSING of the ALTAR. 

LET my prayer, O Lord, afcend like incenfe in 
thy fight; and let the lifting up my hands be 
lilce the evening facrifice. Place, O Lord, a guard 
upon my mouth, and a gate of prudence before my 
lips, that my heart may not wander after words of 
malice, to feeic excufes in fin. 

IVhen the Prieft returns the Cenfer to the Deacon. 

MAY the Lord kindle in us the fire of his love, 
and the flame of everlafting charity. Amen. 

At the Lavabo, or when the Priefi wajhes his fingers. 

Pf. XXV. 6. 

I Will walh my hands among the innocent, and 
go up to thy altar, O Lord ; 

That I may hear the voice of praife, and publifli 
all thy wonderful works. 

O Lord, 1 have loved the beauty of thy houfe, 
and the pbce where thy glory dwelleth. 

Deftroy not, O God, my foul with the impious: 
nor my life with men of blood. 

In whofe hands are iniquities : their right hand 
is filled with bribes. 

But I have walked in my innocency: refcue me, 
and have mercy on me. 

My foot hath ftood in the right path : in the af- 
fembly will I blefs thee, O Lord. V. Glory "»., 

» Thh Glory ii.omitted in Majfet of tbt Dead, 

Of the MAS S. xxi 

Whin the Prieft hows in the middle of the altar. 

REceive, O holy Trinity, this oblation, which 
,M^ make thee in memory of the paflion, rc- 
furre6tion, and afcenfion of fefus Chrift our Lord ; 
and in honour of blefled Mary ever a Virgin, and 
of bleffed JohnX\\z Baptijl^ and of the holy Apoftles 
Peter and Paul^ and of all the Saints, that it may. 
avail to their honour, aftid our falvation : and that 
they may vouchfafe to intercede for us in heaven, 
whofe memory we celebrate on earth. Thro' the 
fame Jefus Chriji our Lord. Amen, 

Then the Priejl turns towards the people y and fays : 

Pr, Pray, brethren, that my facrifice and yours 
may be acceptable to God the Father Almighty. 

P. May the Lord re- 
ceive the facrifice from 
thy hands, to the praife 
aivd glory of his own 
name, and to our bene- 
fit, and that of all hia 
holy Church. 

Pr. Amen. 

P. Sufcipiat Dominus 
facriBcium de /nanibus 
tuis ad laudem & glori«^ 
am nominis^fui, ad uti* 
litatem quoque noftram, 
totiufque Ecclelias fuas 

Pr. ^Amen. 

Then follows the Secret, which feek in it^s 
proper place* 

Pr. World without 
end ". 

P, Amen. 

Pr. May the Lord be 
With you. ^ 

P. And with thyfpirit. 

Pr. R^fe up your 
hearts on mgh. 

P. We have them 
raifed up to the Lord. 

B Expl. I'befe words an the conclufien of the SscRHT. Tbt Pwhfl 
raifti bis v^ue to renevt tbt ottttuiw ^ mU frtjeni^ thai thej ma§ 
join vntb him in prayer. 

Pr. Per omnia fsecult 

P. Amen. 

Pr. Dominus vobif- 

P. Etcumfpiritutuo, 

Pr. Surfum corda. 

P. Habemus ad Do* 

xxii The O R D I N A R Y 

Pr. Let us ^ive thanks Pr. Gratias agamtn 

to the Lord our God. Domino Deo noftro. 

P. It is meet and P. Dignum & juftuai 

juft. eft. 


This Preface is find on all days^ where no other is 
appointed J and in Majf^s for the Dead. 

IT is truly meet and juft, right and available to 
fnlvation, that we always, and in all places, 
fhould give thanks to thee, O holy Lord, Father 
almighty, eternal God, thro' Chrifl our Lord. # By 
whom the Angels praife thy msijefty, the domina- 
tions adore it, the powers tremble before it, the 
heavens, and heavenly hofts, and blefled Seraphim 
with common jubilee glorify it. Together with 
whom we befeech thee aifo to admit our voices of 
praife, with moft humble acknowledgment faying; 
HolV, Holy, Holy Sanctus, Sanctus, 
is the Lord God of Hofts. Sanctus Dominus De- 
The heavens and the us Sahbaoth, PIcni funt 
earth are full of thy glo- coeli & terra gloria tua: 
ry: //^yi««tf tohim who //^«w« in excelfis. Be- 
is on high. Blefled is he nedidtus qui venit in no- 
who Cometh in the name mine Domini, Hofanna 
of the Lord. Hofanna in exceHis. 
to him who is on high. 


From Ash-Wednesday to Passion-Sunday. 

IT is truly meet and juft, right and available to 
falvation, that we (hould always, af>d in all 
places, give thanks to thee, O holy Lord, almighty 
Father, eternal God, who by this bodily faft re- 
ftraineft vice, raifeft up the foul, giveft virtue and 
rewardeft it, thro' Chrifi our Lord. By whom the 
" Angels praife thy majefty, the dominations adore 
iXf the powers tremble before it, the heavens,i and 

O/ tbe M A S S. xxiii 

heavenly hofts, and blcfled Seraphim with common 
jubilee glorify it. Together with whom we be- 
feech thee alfo to admit our voices of praife, with 
mod humble acknowledment faying : Holy, ^c, 
as p, xxii. 

From Passion-Sunday to Mandy-Thursday 


IT is truly meet and juft, X'g^t and available to 
falvation, that we fhould always, and in all 
places, give thanks unto thee, O holy Lord, Father 
• almighty, eternal God. Who appointedft the fal- 
vation of mankind to be brought about on the tree 
of the crofs ; that from whence death had begun, 
from thence life might arife again ; and that he, who 
had overcome by the tree, might on the tree be over- 
come himfelf by Chriji our Lord. By whom the 
Angels praife thy majefty, the dominations adore it, 
the powers tremble before it, the heavens, and hea- 
venly hofts, and bleffed Seraphim with common ju- 
bilee glorify it. Together with whom we befeech 
thee alfo to admit our voices of praife, with moft 
humble acknowledgment faying : Holy, ^c* 
p. xxii. 

On all Sundays throughout the year^ where no parti- 
cular Preface is appointed. 

IT is truly meet and juft, right and available to 
falvation, that we fhould always, and in all 
places, give thanks to thee, O holy Lord, Father 
almighty, eternal God. Who, together with thy 
only begotten Son, and the Holy Ghoft, art one 
God, and one Lord : not in a fingularity of one 
perfon, but in a trinity of fubftance. For what, 
according as thou haft revealed, we believe of thy 
glory, the fame we believe of the Son, the fame we 
believe of the Holy Ghoft, without any difference 
of diftindlion. So that, in the confeilion of the true 
and eternal Deity, we adore a diftindion in the ^i- 

xxiv The ORDINARY 

Tons, an unity in the eiTence, and an equality in the 
majefty. Which the Angels and Archangels, the 
Chirubim likewife and Seraphim praife, and ccafe 
not daily to cry out with one voice, faying: Holy, 
i^c, as p. xxii. 

On thi Feasts of the B. V^ Mary. 

IT is truly meet and juft, right and available to 
falvaiion, that we ihould always, and in all 
places, give thanks to thee, O holy Lord, P'ather 
alnughty, eternal God : and that we fliould praife, 
blefs, and give thee thanks on tbe^^of blefled Mary 

, ever a Virgin ; who alfo conceived thy only begot- 
ten Son by the overfhadowing of the Holy Ghoft^ 
and, without loiing the glory of her Virginity, 
brought forth the eternal light of the world, J^Jus 
Chrijt our Lord. By whom the Angels, ^c, es 

from this mark # in the Common Preface, p* xxii. 

On thi Feasts «/ Apostles <?»</ Evangelists. 

IT is truly meet ar\d juft, right and available to 
falvation, humbly to befeech thee, O Lord, that 
thou, O eternal Shepherd, wouldft never abandon 
thy flock ; but continue to prote<ft it by thy Apd- 
ftles : to the end it may always be governed by thofe 
whom thou didft -appoint it's Paftors and thy Vi- 
cars. And therefore with the Angels and Arch- 
angels, with the thrones and dominations, and with 
all the heavenly hoft, we fing a hymn to thy gloiy, 
ever faying : Holy, i^c. as p. xxii. 


PErmit us therefore, O moft merciful Father, to 
join our filent prayers with thofe of thy Mi- 
nifter, which he is now pouring forth to thee in our 
name, and humbly pray and befeech thee, through 
yefus Chriji our Lord, that thou wouldft vouchfafe 
to accept thefe gifts, thefe offerings, this holy and 

. ** Annunciation, Vifitation» AfTumption, Nativity, PrefentatioA, 
Conception, Venerable Feftival^ 9r Solemnity, Mcwdingf thedsy* 

Of the MAS S. xbc^r 

fpotlefs lacrifice, which we offer thee, in the firfl: 
place, for thy holy Catholick Church ; to which 
we hefeech thee to grant peace; as alfo to preferve, 
unite* and govern it throughout the whole world ; 
together^ with thy fervant N. our chief Bifliop, 
n[ the Bilhop of this diftri6l, and N. our King. 
As alfo all orthodox believers and profefTors of the 
Catholick and Apofiolick Faith. 

At the Memento, or Commemorative Vxzytvfor 

the Living. 

BE mindful, O Lord^ of thy Minifler, who is 
now interceding with thee for us, as alfo of 
thy fervants N, N. [Here mention thofe for whom 
you pray in f articular, '\ And of all here prefent, 
whofe faith and devotion is known to thee, for 
whom we offer, or who offer 'up to thee this facri- 
fice of praife for themfelves, and all that belong to 
them ; for the redemption of their own fouls, for the 
falvation and fafety they hope for, and now pay 
their vows to thee, the eternal, living, and true 


BEeing united in communion with thy Saints, 
we blefs thee, O Lord, 7or the favours thou 
haft beftowed upon them, and honour the memory 
of thofe thou haft been pleafed to honour ; and in 
the firft place that of glorious Mary ever a Virgin, 
and Mother of God and our Lord ^efus Chriji, 
# As alfo of the blclfed Apoftles and Martyrs Peter 
and Paul^ Andrew^ fames^ Johny Thomas^ James^ 
Philips Bartholomew^ Matthew^ Simon^ and Tha-* 
dee ; Linus^ Cletus^ Clement j Xyjius^ Cornelius^ Cy* 
priany Laurence^ Chryfogonusy John and Paul^ Cof 
mas and Damian^ ana of all thy Saints ; by whofe 
merits and prayers, ^ant that we may on every 
occafion be defended by the help of thy protedtion* 
Thro' the fame Jefus Chriji our Lord. Amen. 
Vol. n. c 



Whitt the Prieft fpreads his hands over the bread and 

wine J fay as fellows: 

WE therefore befeech thee, O Lord, graci- 
oufly to receive this oblation, which thy 
Minifter now oiFereth to thee in our name, in that 
of this congregation, and of the whole Catholick 
Church, thy family ; difpofe the days of our mor- 
tality in peace, deliver us from eternal damnation, 
and rank us in the number of thy eledt. Thro' 
Chrijl our Lord. 

Which oblation do thou, O God, vouchfafe,. 
we befeech thee, in all refpefts to blefs, approve, 
ratify, and accept, that by the defcent of the Holy 
Ghoft, (whofe power is almighty) on thefe ele- 
ments of bread and wine, they may be changed 
into the body and blood of thy beloved Son our 
Lord Jefus Chrifl ; as he himfelf changed the bread 
into his body the night before he fufFered for us on 
the crofs. 

^t the elevaficn of the Sacred Hoft, mah an a<S of 
faith, and adore the vidlim of your falvation ex' 
pofed to your fight under the veil of bread : Then 
go on thus : 

MAY the fame holy and almighty fpirit work 
the fame change in this creature of wine, 
which we believe thy Son our Lord did the fame 
night before he fufFered, taking the cup in his fa- 
cred hands, blefling it, and giving it to his dif- 
ciples to drink, now become that blood, that was 
filed for the redemption of mankind. 

Here in like manner^ as above, adore the blood of your 
falvation with a lively faith and mofi profound 
humility : Then go on : 
IVTOW, O Lord, calling to mind with the great- 
Jn^ eft gratitude the blefled paffion of thy Son 
Chri/i our Lord, as alfo his refurretSion from the 

Of the MAS S. xxvii 

dead, and his glorious afcenfion into heaven, we 
oflFcr thy moft excellent majefty, of thy own gifts 
beftowed upon us, a pure, holy and fpotlefs vi£lim ; 
the holy bread of eternal life, and the cup of our 

Look down therefore upon them, O Lord, with 
a propitious and plcafmg countenance, and accept 
them, as thou waft pleafed to accept the offerings 
of thy righteous fervant Abel,^ and the facrifice of 
our great father Abraham^ and that which thy 
high prieft Melchifedech ^ fi jred to thee, a holy fa- 
crifice and fpotlefs viflim. 

When the Prieft hows before the altar. 

IN the pofture of fuppliants, we bcfeech thee, 
O Almighty God, that thou wouldft com- 
fxiand thefe our offerings to be carried by the hands 
of thy holy Angel to thy altar on high, there to bo 
prefented to thy divine Majefty, that as many of 
us as affift at this oblation of the body and blood 
of thy Son, or partake of this victim, may be filled 
with all heavenly bleffings and grace, thro* the 
fame Chrift our Lord. Amen, 

jit the Memento, or Commemorative Prayer for 

the Dead. 

BE mindful alfo, O Lord, of thy fervants N. N. 
[Here merit ion thofe of the faithful departed you 
in particular pray for : Then go on"] Who aie gone 
before us with the fign of faith, and reft in the 
fleep of peace. To thefe, O Lord, and to all, 
who fleep in Chrijl^ grant, we befeech thee, a 
place of refreflimcnt,' of light and peace. Thro* 
the fame Chrift our Lord. Amen, 

At /i^ Nobis quoQUE peccatoribus 5 when the 

Priejl Jirikes his breaji. 

TO us alfo, tho' finners, as we rely on the great 
ahd many inftances of thy mercy alone, vouch- 
fafc to grant fame part and fellowlh\p wxYiXVj V^ 

c z 

xxviii rhe O R D I N A R Y 

Apoftles and Martyrs, with John^ Stephen^ Ma- 
thias^ BarnabaSy Ifnaitus^ Alexander^ MarallinuSj 
Petir^ FclicitaSy Perpetua^ Agathoy Lucy^ Agnes^ 
Cecilia^ Anaftaftay and all thy Saints ; into whofe 
company we befeech thee to admit us, not in confide- 
ration of any merit of our own, but out of thy gra- 
tuitous mercy and pardon. Thro' Cbrijl our Lord, 

By whom, O Lord, thou didft at firft create 
thefe elements of bread and wine, and now haft 
fanftified the fame, making them the body and 
blood of thy Son, the living bread, that came down 
from heaven, and haft given them us for our food ; 
fo by the fame "Jejm Chrijiy with him, and in him, 
is all honour and glory rendered to thee, O God 
the Father Almighty, in the unity of the Holy 

Pt\ World without Pr. Per omnia faecula 
civd. P. Amen, faeculorum. P. Amen, 

Pf\ Let us pray. Inftruflcd by thy faving pre- 
cepts, and following thy divine diredions, we pre* 
fume to fay : Our Father, i^c. 

And lead us not into Et ne nos inducas in 
temptation. P. But de- tentationem. P. Scd li- 
livcr us from evil. bera nos a malo. 

DEliver us, we befeech thee, O Lord, from all 
evils part, prefent, and to come ; and by the 
interceflion of the bkfled and glorious Mnry ever a 
Virgin and Mother of God, and of the blefied Apo- 
ftles PtUr and Pnui^ and of Andrew^ and of all 
the Saints, mercifully grant peace in our days ; 
that, thro' the aftiftance of thy mercy, we may be 
atways free from fin, and fecured from all diftur- 
bance. Through the fame J^/us Chrijl our Lord 
thy Son, who with thee liveth and reigneth God in 
the unity of the Holy Ghoft. 

Pr. World without Pr. Per omnia faecula 
end. P. /f/zz^;/. faeculorum, P. Amen. 

Pr. May the peace of Pr. Pax Donjini fit 
the Lord be always with fem^^x Noblfcum* P. £c 

Of the MAS S. xxix 

you. P. And with thy cum fpiritu tuo. 

JVhen the Prieft breaks the Sqcred Hofl^ and puts one 
part into the chalice ; fay : 

MAY the facred body and blood of our Lord 
Jefus Chriji now mixt together in the cha- 
lice, be to all that partake thereof, or affift at thefe 
iacred myfleries, efFeduai to eternal life. Amen. 

Lamb of God, who Agnus Dei, qui tollis 

takcft away the fins of peccata mundi, miferere 

the world, have mercy ^ nobis.. , 
on us. 

Lamb of God, who ta- Agnus Dei, qui tollis 

keft away the fins of the peccata mundi, miferere 

worM, have mercy on us. nobis. 

Lamb of God, who ta- Agnus Dei, qui tollis 
keft away the fins of the peccata mundi, dona no- 
world, grant us peace. bis pacem. 

N. B. In Mafles of Requiem, or of the Dead, 
injiead of : Miferere nobis : Have mercy on 
us : is faid: Dona cis requiem : Grant thent 
reft : And injfead of: Dona nobis pacem : 
Grant us peace : is faid : Dona eis requicn> 
fempiternam : Grant them ererlafting reft. 
Nor doth the Prieji or people Jir ike their breafis^ 
as at other Majfes^ The following prayer it 
alfo omitted. 

The Prayer before the Kifs ^/ Peace. 

LORD Jefus Chriji, who faidft to thy Apo* 
ftles : 1 leave you peace ; I give you my peace : 
regard not my fins, but the faith of thy Church, 
and vouchfafe her that peace and unity, which is 
agreeable to thy will, who livcft and reigneft God 
world without end. Amen. 

q /it tbefi Koords, ivry time tbty are rf^eated^ all Jlrike <£»«4> 

c 3 


At the giving the Ki(s^ Peace '• 

Pr. Pence be with Pr, Pax tecum. U. 
thee. R. And with thy £t cum fpiritii too. 

OLord Jefui Chrijt^ Son of the living God, 
who, according to the Will of the Father, 
with the co-operation o\ the Holy Ghoft, didft, by 
thy death, give life to the world ; deliver me, by 
this thy moft facred body and blood, from all my 
iniquities, and from all evil; and make me always 
live up to thy commandments, and never fufFer me 
to be feparated from thee, who with the fame God 
the Father, and the Holy Ghoft, liveft and reigneft 
God, world without end. Amen. 

A Prayer, when you go to Communion. 

LET not the participation of thy body, O Lord 
Jefus Chrijf^ which I, tho' unworthy, prefume 
to receive, turn to my judgment, and condemna- 
tion; but let it thro' thy mercy become a fafe-guard 
and remedy both to foul and body: who with 
God the Father, in unity with the Holy Ghoft, 
liveft and rcigneft God, world without end. Amen, 

IVhen you do not go to Communion, fay : 

MY manifold fins and imperfections, O Lord, 
make me unworthy to apprbach thy holy 
table, where the food of Angels is diftributed to thy 
children and faithful fervants : but give me grace 
to overcome my pailions, and to blot out my fins 
by a fincere repentance : that, after having tried 
myfelf, I may venture to cat thy facred flefli, and 
drink thy precious blood ; without which thou af- 

r Hen, according to the Rubiick, and the univctfal prn^^ice of the 
Weftcrn Church, tie Kifs of Peace it to be given ^ in tohen cf that 
mutual charity, tvkicb all ought to bring ivttb them to this myflery 
«/'chaiity. /« foJemn MaiTes the Dt.acon receives this kifsfrom the 
officiating Prieft ; he gives it the fub-deacon, from lUfhcm it goes 
through all the Clergv. In priv.»te Mafles, the Clerk holds forth 
to the l*ricft on inftrumeni called the Pax, to kifs, whjib te after- 
wards kiji'e'h Limjelf 

Of /*(? M A S S. xxxi 

fureft me I can have no life ; who liveft and reigncft^ 
with the Father and the Holy Ghoft, one God 
world without end. Amen. 

When the Priejl having adored the hhjfedfacramenty 
rifes upy and takes the facred hoji in his hands ^ 
Happy, O Lord, are they that receive the bread 

of heaven, and call on thy name. 

When the Priejt firiking his hreajl fays : Dominc, 
non fum dignus, fay thrice : 
Lord, I am not worthy thou fhouldft enter un- 
der my roof; fpeak therefore but the word, and 
my foul fhall be healed. 

When the Prieji receives the facred hoft^ fay : 
May the body of our Lord Jefus Chrift preferve 
thy foul to everlafting life. Amen. 

When he hath received the facred hoft^ and is pre^ 
paring to receive the chalice^ fay : 

THOU haft fed, O Lord, thy fervant with the 
bread of heaven ; let him now take the cup 
of falvation, as thou commandedft thy Apoftles, 
and call upon thy holy name. Let him call on 
thy holy name with thankrgiving ; and do thou 
defend him from all his enemies. Aqd may the 
blood of our Lord Jefus Chriji preferve mc foul to 
everlafting life. Amen. 

[Here^ if you are duly difpofed^ you go up to the 
rails to receive the holy Communion. For the Mafs 
being the facrifice of the people, as well as of the 
Prieft, it is agreeable to the intention of the Churchy 
that the people jhould partake thereof^ before the af 
fembly be d'if miffed by the: Ite, Miffa eft. Moreover 
the PosTCOMMUNioN, which is the proper prayer 
of thankfgiving after communion^ being common to 
Prieft and people, // is 'to be wifhed they would com-^ 
municcte at the proper time^ that is, immediately 
after the communion xf the Prieft. jfoin tberejort 

xxxii The ORDINARY 

with the Clerk in faying the Confiteor with a true 
forrow^ and compun£fion for your fins* Then the 
Priejl having f aid : May almighty God have mer- 
cy on you, forgive you your (ins, and bring you 
to life everlafting. R. Amen* May the Lfprd, who 
is almighty and merciful, grant you pardon, abfo- 
lution, and remiffion of your (ins. R* Amen. He 
takes the Sacred Hoji in his handy again turns ahouty 
and fays : Behold the Lamb of God : behold him 
who taketh away the fms of the world. Lord I 
am not worthy, ^c. thrice. Repeat thefe laji 
words with him thrice yjiriking your hreajis in token 
of your unwcrthinefs. Then having the towel raifed 
above your breajiy your eyes mcdejlly clofed^ your head 
Ukewife raifed up^ and your mouth conveniently open- 
id. receive the holy facrament on your tongue rejiing 
on your under Up \ then clofe your mouthy and fay in 
your heart : Amen : I believe it to be the body of 
Chri/Iy and I pray it may preferve my foul to eter- 
nal life. Then withdraw from the rails, and when 
the Priefl receives the firji and fecond ablution^ or 
wafhing of the chalice, fay : ] 

GRANT, O Lord, that what I have takei» 
with my mouth, I may have received with 
a pure hcj^t ; that as I now receive it in this mor- 
tal life, it may procure me that which is eternaU 
And may, O Lord, thy facred hcidy and bloody 
which 1 have received, cleave to my foul, that no 
ftain of fin may rcmarn in me, who have been fed 
by thy pure and holy facrament, who liveft aiid 
reigneft world without end. Amen. 

When you do not go to Communion^ in (had of the 
two foregoing Prayers, Jay the following one, 

IT is my own un worth incfs, O Lord, and not 
having fubdued my unruly paffions through my 
own floth and indolence, that have deprived me of 
the happinefs of partaking in reality of thefe facred 
myitericB. But deprive me uq\. ttvuitl^ of the effedb 

Of the MAS S. xxxiii 

thereof ; rather let fome mites from thy holy table 
fall on my famifhed foul.- Inflame it with thy love, 
giv^ it a fpiritual hunger and thirft after this^nou- 
rifhment, and permit me not to pine away, thro' my 
own unworthinefs, floth and negligence, for want 
of this heavenly food, which gives immortality* 
Thro' Jefus Chrijl our Lord, Amen. 

Thin fay the Communion, as In it's proper place* 

Pr. May the Lord be Pr, Dominus vobif- 
with you. P. And with cum. P. Et cum fpiritu 
thy fpirit. tuo. 

Pr. Let us pray. 
Then is faid the Postcommunion, which feek in 

it's proper place. 

Pr. May the Lord be Pr^ Dominus vobif- 

wtth you. P. And \ftith cum. P. £c cum fpiritu 

thy fpirit. tuo. 

Pr. Go, you arc dif- Pr. Ite, mifla eft, «r, 

mifled, or^ Let us blefs Bendicamus Dominot 

the Lord. P. Thanks P. Deo gratias. 
be to God. 

ln>Maffesof^t(\\i\tm^ or of the Dedidi injlead of 

Ite, Mifla eft, is faid: 
Pr. May they reft in Pr. Requiefcant in 
peace. P. Amen. pace. P. Amen. 

IVhen the Prieji haws down before the altar ^ fay : . 

MAY the performance of this my homage be 
pleafing to thee, O holy Trinity, that the 
facrifice, which I, tho' unworthy, have offered up, 
by the haiids of thy Minifter, in the fight of thy 
divine majefty, may be acceptable to thee, and, 
thro' thy mercy, may be a propitiation for me, and 
ail thofe for whom it hath been offered. Thio* 
Chrijl our Lord. Amen. 

Pr.Ti ^AY the Almighty God, the Father, Son, 
^VA ^'^J ^^'y Ghoft blefs you% P% Ancn* 

xxxiv rbe ORDINARY 

Pr. May the Lord be Pr. Doininus vobif- 

with you. P. And with cum. P. Et cum fpiritu 

thy fpirit. tuo. 

Pr. The beginning of the holy Gofpel accord* 
ing to John, 

P Glory be to thee, P. Gloria tibi^ Do- 

O Lord. mine* 

IN the beginning was the word, and the word 
was with God, and the word was God. The 
fame was in the beginning with God. All things 
were made by him : and without him was made 
nothing that was made. In him was life, and the 
life was the light of m^^n : and the light (hineth in 
darknefs, and darknefs did not comprehend it. 
There' was a man fent from God, whofe name 
was John, This man came for a witnefs, to bear 
witncfs of the light, that all men might believe 
through him. He was not the light, but came to 
bear witnefs of the light. He was the true light, 
that enlighteneth every man, that cometh into this 
world. He was in the world, and the woild was 
made by him, and the world knew him not. He 
came unto his own, and his own received him not. 
But as many as received him, to them he gave power 
to become the foris of God, to them that believe 
in his name. Who are born, not of blood, nor of 
the will of the flefli, nor of the will of man, but 
of God. And • the word was made flesh, 
and dwelt among us (and we faw his glory, the 
glory as of the only-begotten of the Father) full of 
grace and truth. 

P. Thanks be to God. P. Deo gratias. 

jts of tin as the Mafs of a Saint is faid on a Sun- 
day, or on a Vigil, or any other day y that bath 
a proper Mafs appointed \ then at the end of 
the Mafs ^ inflead of the Qtzi{^f\,ahoviy is faid 
the Gofpel of that Sunday, Vigil, or other day» 

• Here all Kneels 


Prayers after Communion. 

WHAT return fliall I make the Lord, for 
what he hath beftowed upon me ? I will 
oiler him a facrifice of praife \ and my heart, tranf- 
ported with joy, (hall fing canticles to the Lord, 
who hath heaped his blefHngs on me. He hath 
given me the bread of heaven ; a poor mortal crea- 
ture, furrounded with infirmity, hath eaten the 
bread of Angels, a mofl delicious food, which be- 
ftows immortality on thofe that eat it worthily. 
The Lord himfelf hath become my food ; and the 
food he hath given me is his own ileih, which he 
gave for the life of the world. O divine Saviour, 
how great is thy love for thy children ! How good 
art thou to thofe, who hope in thee, and feek thee ! 
Thou ha(l prepared for me a plentiful table, to 
give me ftrength againft my enemies. Now there- 
fore in the midft of dangers, and even in the flia- 
dow of death, will I fear nothing, becaufe thou 
art with me. Abide in me, and let me abide in 
thee. Continue to beftow upon me this heavenly 
bread, and grant that, after I have eaten thereof, 
my hunger may be encreafed. Let me labour all 
my life for that food, which remaineth for ever, 
and which thou alone canft give. Let me be fo 
ftrengthened thereby, that I may be able to walk 
on to thy eternal mountain, there to fee thee face 
to face, and adore thee with the Father and Holy 
Ghoft, one God, world without end. Amen. 

Tihen you may fay fame of the following Pfalms. 

Pf, 115. Credidi. Pf 26. Dominus illu- 

minatio.' Pf 138. Domine probafti.— r 
Pf 120. Levavi oculos meos. — Pf 147. Lau- 
da Jerufalem. Jnd conclude with the Nunc 
Dimittis, as at Complin, You will find them by 
the Index to the Pfalms. 



xxxvi T E D E U M. 

A Thanksgiving. 
Which may hi f aid after Mafs {txcett in time of 
pennance) or on occafion of any puhltck or prrvatt 

THEE, fov'reign rf^ E Deum lauda- 
God, our grate- 
ful accents praife ; 
We own thee Lord, and 

blefs thy wond'rous 

To thee, eternal Father, 

earth's whole frame. 
With loudeft trumpet, 

founds immortal fame. 
Lord God of hofts ! to 

thee the heav'nly 

With founding anthems, 

fill thy vaulted tow'rs. 
The Cherubim thrice 

Holy, Holy, Holy, 

cry : 
Thrice Holy all the Se- 

rap him reply. 
And thrice returning 

echo's cndlefs fongs 

Both heav'n and earth 

thy majeftydifplay; 
They owe their beauty 

to thy glorious ray. 
Thy praifes fill the loud 

Apoftles quire. 
The train of Prophets 

in the fong confpire. 
Legions of Martyrs in 

the chorus (hine. 
And vocal blood with 

vocal mufick join. 

Te Dominum confitc- 
, mur. 

Tc aetemum Patrcm 
omnis terra veneratur. 

Tibi omnes Angeli, tibi 
coeli & univerfae Po- 

Tibi Cherubim & Sera* 
phim inceffabili voce 
proclamant : 

Sanftus, Sanfhis, Sanc- 
tus, Dominus Deus 

Pleni funt cceli & terra 
majeftate glorix tuse. 

Te gloriofus Apoftolo- 

rum chorus, 
Te Prophetarum lauda- 

bilis numerus. 

Te Martyrum candida- 
tus laudat exercitus. 

T E D E U M.^ Kxvii 

Jy thcfc thy chufch in- 
fpired with heavenly 

Ground the world main* 
tains a fecond part ; 

Knd tunes her fweeteft 
notes, O God, to 

The Father of unbound- 
ed majefty ; 

The Son, ador'd co-part- 
ner of thy Seat, 

And equal everlafting 

Thou King of glory, 

Chrijl i of the moft 

Thou co-eternal filial 

Deity : 
Thou, who to ftave 

the world's impending 


Vouch faPd ft to dwell 

within a virgin's womb: 

Old tyrant Death dif- 

arm'd y before thee 

The bolts of heav'n, 

and back the foldings 

To give accefs, and 

make the faithful way; 
From God's right hand 

thy filial beams dif- 

Thott art to judge the 

living and the dead : 

Vol. II. 

Te per o^bcm terrarum 
fandta coafitetur ec« 


Patrem immenfse m^e^ 
fiatis ; 

Vencrindum tuum vc- 
rum, & unicum Fi- 
lium ; 

Sandum quoque Para- 
clitum fpiritum. 

Tu Rex gloriae Chri/le: 

Tu Patris fempiternus es 
Filiu8> I 

Tu ad liber«ndum fuf- 
cepturus hominem, 
non horruifti v^irgiuls 

Tu devifto mortis acu- 
leo; aperuifti creden- 
tibus regna coeiorum* 

Tu ad dextram Dei fe- 
des : in gloria Patris. 

Judex crederis cfle vcn- 
turus ; 

xxxviii • T E D E U M. 

Then fpare thofe fouls TeergayquaefumuSjtuii 

for whom |by veins 
have bled* 

O take us up among the 

bleft above, 
To fliare with them thy 

everlafting love. 
Preferve, O Lord, thy 

people, and enhance 
Thy bleifing on thy own 

For ever raife their 
' hearts, and rule their 

Each day we blefs thee, 

and proclaim thy 

No age (hall fail to ce* 

lebrate thy name : 
Nor hour negle£l thy 

everlafting fame. 
Preferve our fouls, O 

Lord, this day from 

Have mercy on us, Lord, 

have mercy ftill. 
As we have hop'd, do 

thou reward our pain. 
We've hop'd in thee, let 

not our hope be vain. 

V> Let us blefs the 
Father, the Son, and 
Holy Ghoft. R. Let us 
praife and extol him for 

Let us pray. 

£iiDulis (iibveni, quos 
pretiofo fanguine re- 
demifti. * 
Sterna fac cum fanSis 
tuis in gloria nume- 

Salvum fac populum 
tuum,Domine: &be- 
nedic hxreditati tuae. 

£t rege eos, & extolle 
illos ufque in ster« 

Per fmguios dies benedi* 
cimus te. 

£t laudamus nomen 
tuum in fseculum: & 
in faeculum faeculi. 

Dignare, Domine, die 

ifto : fine peccato nos 

Miferere noftri, Domi* 

ne : miferere noftri. 
Fiat mifericordia tua, 

Domine, fuper nos : 

quemadmodum fpera* 

vimus in te. 

V. Benedicamus Pa- 
trem & Filium, cum 
San6lo Spiritu. R, Lau- 
demus & fuper^xalte* 
mus eum in fxcula. 


Deus cujus, 
God, of whofe mercies there is no number, 
and of whole goodu^f^ tK^ Uesifure is infinite : 

-T E D E U M. xxxk 

Ve humbly thank thy moft gracious majefty for 
he favours thou haft beftowed on us ; ever befeech^ 
ng thy clemency, that as thou granteft our re- 
ueft&, when we humbly a(k thee, fo thou wouldft 
lot forfake us, but difpofe us for the rewards of 
he life to come. Thro' Chriji our Lord. R, Amen. 



J^AT U R DAY, from the beginning, was the day apN 
5 pointed to be kept holy, in memory of God^s having, 
reated the world in fix days, and reding on the feventh^ 
tut as it was on a Sunday xhii Cbrijl arofe from the dead, 
ic Apoflles transferred the folethnity of Saturday to the 
unJay, During the rage of the moft violent perfecutions, 
ic primitive Chriftians never thought themfelves exempc 
rom the obligation of fandlifying this day, by afTembling 
irith their brethren- to hear the holy fcriptures read, and- 
artake of the holy myfteries. For when the heathen 
Imperors had forbid the religious afTemblies of the Chri* 
ians under pain of death, St. Fi^oria told the Judg<$ : 
tuas at the affemhly and the celebration of the myfteries with 
he hrethreni for I am a Chriftian. St. Saturninuf the 
le Prieft declared at the fame time, That they had cele* 
rated the mjfteries of the Lord without fear^ becaufe they 
mid not be omtted: For our lazvyhys he, /o appoints, and 
» teaches. And in the fame manner another Martyr an* 
vercd : We held our meetings and we always meet on th$ 
anday to read the fcriptures of our Lord, Such were the 
rntiments, fuch the behaviour of our pious anceftors ia 
le faith of Chrijf. 
The obligation therefore of affifting at the holy facrifice 
f the A/ct/}, and of hearing the publick inftru£lions, which 
le ancient Church called hearing or reading the fcriptures^. 
I an- cfTential part of our duty on Sundays ; but not the 

d a 


whole duty of the day. For the law of God obliges ns 
to (kndify the whole day ; and for this reafon there 13 1 
publick and folemn fervice both m the forenoon and after- 
noon, which thofe, who underftand their religion, do not 
caiily abient themfelves from, or think they have compli- 
ed with the duty of the day, after they have heard Mais 
in the morning. 

Our religion obliges us to abftain from all unneceffary 
fervile work or bodily labour (but more particularly from 
fin) , and as to diveriions, (tho' fuch as are innocent and 
modeft may be allowed after the time of publick fervice) 
St. Juguftin heiitates not to declare the modifh diveriions 
of balls^ playsy Wr. more contrary to the fanftiiication of 
the SMtitb, than fome ufeful fervile work. Let therefore 
Chriilians remember their chief.concern on ^irxu^j^x ought 
to be the fan^liHcation of their fouls by prayer and a kiv. 
ous meditation on the duties of religion. 



Our Father. Hail Mary in JtUnce. 

^. /^ God, come thou ^.TT^EUS, in adja- 

v^ to my affiftance. X^ torium mcuoi 

R, O Lord, make haile intende. R. Domine, 

to help me. ad adjuvandum me fe- 


Glory be to the Fa- Gloria Patri & Filio,* 

ther, and to the Son,^ & Spiritui Sandto. 
and to the Holy Ghoft. 

As it was in the begin- Sicut crat in princi" 

ning, now is, and ever- pio, & nunc» & femper,* 

more fhall be^ * world & in fsecula faeculorum. 

without end. Amen, Amen. 

Praife be to thee, O Laus tibi, Domine, 

Lord, King of eternal Rex atern» glorisB. 

Jnth. The Lord fiJv4. AnX. Dixit Dominus« 



Pf. cix. 
IE Lord faic] un- 

to my Lord : * fit 
n m/ right hand: 
:il I make thy ene- 

I Lprd (hall fend 
he fcepter of thy 
from &ion : * rule 
1 the midft of thy 


inefliall bcthefo- 
ity in the day of 

Ixit Dominus Do* 

mino ineo:*fedc, 
a dextris meis : 

Donee ponam inimi- 
cos tuos,*fcabellum pe- 
dum tuorum. 

Virgam virtutis tuas 
emittet Dominus ex Si* 
on ;*dominare in media 
ihimicorum tuorum. 

Tecum principium in 
die virtutis tuae, in fpleh- 
ght, in the bright- . doribus fanftorum : *e)c 
• the faints :*frofh utero ante luciferum gc- 
omb before the nui te. 
ir I begot thee. 
Lord hath fworn, 
will not repent:* 
rt a prieft for ever 
ing to the order of 

Lord on thy right 
iiathcrufhed kings 
hyof his wrath, 
hall judge the na- 
he {hall accom- 
leir ruin :*he fhall 
leads in the land 


the brook (hall he 
n the way:*there- 
all he raife up his 

Juravit Dominus, & 
non j5fenitebit eum:*tu 
cs facerdos in sternum 
fecundum ordinem Ji/^/- 

Dominus a dextris tu- 
is :*confregit in die ir« 
fuae reges. 

Judicabit in nation! • 
bus, implebit ruinas \* 
conquafTabit capita in* 
terra multorum, 

De torrente in via bi- 
bet :*propterea exaltabit 

T. B. Glory be to the Father, fcfc. is /aid at 
the end of every Pfalm. 
h. The Lord faid Ant. Dixit Dominium 



unto my Lord : fit thou Domino meo : fede a 
on my right hand. dcxtris mcii. 

- Jntb. True and lofting. Ant. Fidelia. 

3r Will praife thee, O 
[ Lord, with my whole 


leart :5in the aflembly 
of the righteous, and in 
the congregation. 

Great are the works 
of the Lord :*exquifite, 
and agreeable to all his 
defigns. * 

His work is his praife 
and glory :*and his juf- 
tice remaineth for ever. 

The merciful and gra- 
cious Lord hath appoint- 
ed a memorial of his 
wonderful works : * he 
hath given food to them 
that fear him. 

He will for ever be 
mindful of his cove- 
nant:* the greatnefs of 
his works will he publifh 
to his people, 

To give them the in- 
heritance of the G^«- 
//Vrj;*the works of his 
hands are truth and juf- 

True and l^ing are all 
. his ordinances, confirm- 
ed for ever and ever : * 
made in truth and juftice. 

He hath fent redemp- 

COnfitebor tibij Do- 
min^, in toto corde 
meo :*in condlio jufto- 
rum & congregatione. 

Magna opera Domi- 
ni i^exquifita in omnes 
voluntates ejus. 

Confeffio & magnifi* 
centia opus ejus :^& juf- 
titia ejus manet in faecu- 
lum faeculi. 

Memoriam fecit mi- 
rabilium ruorum,miferi- 
cors, & miferator Dortii- 
nus :*efcam dedit timen- 
tibus fe. 

Memor erit in faecu- 
lum teftamenti fui :*vir- 
tutem operum fuorum 
annuntiabit populo fuo, 

Ut det illis haeredlta- 
tem gentium;*oper* ma- 
nuum ejus Veritas, & ju- 

Fidelia omnia man- 
data ejus, confitmata in 
faeculum fxculi : * fafla 
in veritate & aequitate. 

Redemptionem mifit 

t Or^ Sought afttr h^ all tbat XaVt ^leajurt tbaeiVu 

V £ S P 

tion to his people :*be 
hath appointed his cove-> 
nant for ever. 

Holy and awful is his 
name :*the beginning of 
wifdom is the fear of the 

All underftand it a- 
right, who pra6life it :* 
his praife endureth for 
ever and ever. 

jfnth* True and loft- 
ing are his ordinances, 
cpnfirmed for ever and 

Anth^ In his com- 

E R S. xliii 

populofuo:*mandavit in 
acternum teftamentum 

Sanctum & terribile 
nomen ejus i^lnitium fa* ' 
pientiae timor Domini, 

Intelle<5tus bonus om* 
nibus facientibus eum :^ 
laudatio ejus manet in 
fxculum fa^culi. 

Ant. Fidelia omnia 
mandata ejus, confirma- 
ta in faeculum faeculi. 

Ant. Ininandatis. 


Pf. cxi. 

BLefled is the man that 'DEatus vir, qui timet 

feareth the Lord : 
in his commandments 
fhall he take great de- 

Mighty on earth (hall 
be his feed :*the gene- 
ration of the righteous 
(hall be bleiTed. 

Glory and wealth fhall 
be in his houre:*and his 
righteoufnefs endureth 
for ever and ever. 

He is rifen in darknefs 
a light to the upright :* 
he is merciful, compaf* 
fionate, and juft. 

Acceptable is the man, 
thatfheweth mercy, and 
lendeth ; he fhall order 
his words vf\l\i /udg- 

dominum:^in man- 
datis ejus volet nimis. 


Potens in terra erit 
femen ejus : * gcneratio 
rediorum benedicetur* 

». ' 

Gloria & divitiae m 
domo ejus;*& juftitia 
ejus manet in faeculum 

Exortum efl: in te- 
nebris lumen reftis : * 
mifericors, miferator, & 

Jucundus homo, qui 
miferetur, & commodate 
difponet fermones fuos 
in jud'tclo ;*c^\x\k\ti«X^t- 



mcnt :*and he (hall ne- 
ver ftaggef . 

In eternal reraei»« 
brance ihall be the righ- 
teous man :*he (hall not 
fear a bad report. 

His heart is fteady to 
hope in the Lord ; his 
heart is ftrengthencd :* 
he (hall not dagger till 
he defpife his enemies. 

He hath diftributed, 
and given to the poor : 
hisrighteoufnefs remain - 
eth for ever :*his power 
(hall be exalted in glory. 

The finner {hall fee 
it^ and be enraged : he 
(htU gnafh his teeth, 
and pine away:*the de- 
fire of finners fliall come 
to nought. 

Jxth. In his com- 
mandments (hall he take 
great delight. 

Jfiih, Let the name 
of the Lord^ 

PRaife the Lord, ye 
fervahts of the Lord:* 
praife ye the name of the 

Let tjie name of the 
Lord be blefled :*now, 
and for evermore. 

From the rifing of the 
hn- to the feuing ihci^'* 


num non commovebi- 

In memoria aetern4 
errt juftus:*ab audicione 
mala non timebit. 

Paratum cor ejus fpe* 
rare in Domino; con- 
firmatum eft cor ejus :^ 
non commovebitur, do<r 
nee defpiciat inimicos 

Difperftt, dedit pau- 
peribus : juftitia ejus ma- 
net in faeculum fasculi:* 
cornu ejus exaltabitur in 

Peccator videbit, & 
irafcetur: dentibus fuis 
fremet & tabefcet :*dcfi- 
derium peccatorum pe- 


Ant. In mandatis ejut 
volet nimis. 

Ant. Sit nom^n Do* 

Pf. exit. ^ 

LAudate, pueri, Do* 
minum: * laudate 
nomen Domini* 

Sit nomen Domini be- 
ncdiiSum :*ex hoc nunc 
& ufqtje in fasculum. 

A foli9 ortu ufque ad 
0CQ,^(\xra.*laudabiJe no^ 



•f:* worthy of praife is 
the name of the Lord. 

High is the Lord above 
all the oations : * and 
above all the heavens is 
his glory. 

Who is like unto the 
Lord our God, who 
dwelleth on high :*and 
beholdeth what is below 
in heaven, and on earth. 

Who from the earth 
ratfeth up the needy 
one : ^ and from the 
dunghill lifteth up the 
poor one ; 

To place him with 
the princes : ^ with the 
-princes of his people. 

Who maketh the bar- 
ren woman dwell in her 
houfe:*the joyful mo- 
ther of many children. 

j/nth. Let the name 
of the Lord be blefTed 
for evermore. 

jftttb. We who are 

WHen I/rael vrent 
out oi Egypt :^ 
the houfe ofsf acob from 
a barbarous people : 

yudea became his 
fan^uary : * IJrael his 

The Tea faw them^ and 
fled : ♦ the Jordan ran 
back to itsfountain-hiad. 

men Domini. 

Excelfus fuper omnes 
gentes Dominus :*& fur 
per omnes coelos gloria 

Quis ficut Dominus 
Deus nofter, qui in altis 
habitat :*& humilia re* 
fpicit in coelo, & in ter- 



Sufcitans de terra ino« 
pem :*& de ftercore eri- 
gens pauperenii 

Ut collocet eum cum 
principibus :*cum prin- 
cipibus populi fui. 

Qui habitare facit fte« 
rilem in domo :^matreni 
filiorum Ixtantem. 

Ant. Sit nomcn Do- 
mini benedidum in fae* 

Jnt. Nos qui vivi- 


IN exitU Ifraet de M- 
gypto : * doeniis Jaeoh 
de populo barbaro : 

Fafta eft Judaa fanc- 
tiiicatio ejus \*lfratl po- 
teftas ^us. 

Mare vidit, & fugit:* 
Jordanis converfus eft 



The mountains fkip- 

Kd like rams:*the hills 
:e the Iambs of ewes. 
. What ailed thee, O 
fca.that thou didft flee?* 
and thee, O Jordan^ that 
thou didfl; run back to 
thy fountain-head ? 

I c mountains, that 
ye fkipped like rams ?* 
and ye hills, like the 
lambs of ewes ? 

At the prefence of the 
Lord the earth trem- 
bled :*at the prefence of 
the God of Jacob. 

Who changed the rock 
into pools of water:* 
and the ftony hill into 
fountains of water. 

Not unto us, O Lord, 
not unto us :*but unto 
thy own name. give aU 
the glory. 

For thy mercy's fake, 
and for thy fure pro- 
mifc :*ncver let the Gen- 
tiles fay ; where now is 
their God ? 

For our God is in 
heaven :*he hath done 
all things whatfoever he 

^ The idols of the Gen- 
tiles are but filver and 
gold :*the work of the 
hands of men. 

They have mouths, 
but the/ ihall not fpeak ;* 

D A Y- 

Montes exultaverunt 
ut arietes :*colle8 ficut 
agni ovium. 

Quid eft tibi mare, 
quod fugifti?*et tu Jor- 
danisj quia converfus ei 
retrorfum I 

Montes, exultaftis fi» 
cut arietes /*et colics fi* 
cut agni ovium i 

A facte Domini mota 
eft terra :*i facie Dei 


Qui convertit petram 
in ftagna aquarum:*5( 
rupem in fontes aqua* 

Non nobis, Domine, 
non nobis :*^d nomini 
tuo da gloriam. 

Super mifericordil 
tua, & veritate tud :*ne 
quando dicant Gentes: 
ubi eft Deus eorum i 

Deus autem nofter in 
coelo :*omnia, quaecun* 
que voluitf fecit. 

Simulachra Gentium 
argentum & aurum : * 
opera manuum homi- 

Os habent, & non lo- 
c[ueatur;*oculos babeojt, 

V E S P 

lave eyes, but they 

not fee. 

ley have ears, but 

hall not hear:*they 

noftrils, but they 

not fmell. 

ley have hands, but 

hall not feel ; thev 

feet, but they ihail 

^alk :*neither (hall 

cry^out v/ith their 


t thofe that make 

, become like unto 

:*and all that put 

truft in them. 

he houfe of IfrOil 

hoped in the Lord :♦ 

their help> and their 

he houfe of Aaron 
hoped in the Lord:* 
their help, and their 

hey, who fear the 
I, have hoped in the 
I :*he is their help, 
their proteflor. 
he Lord hath been 
lfulofus:*and hath 
bd us. 

e hath blefled the 
e of I/rael :*hc hath 
ed the houfe ofJa^ 

'e hath blefled all, 
fear the Lord :*thc 
; with the great, 
lay the Lord ilili 

E R S. xlvu 

& non videbunt. 

Aures habent, & non 
audient :*nares habent^ 
& non odorabunt. - 

Manus habent, & non 
palpabunt ; pedes ha- 
bent, & non ambula* 
bunt:*non clamabunt in 
gutture fuo. 

Similes illis fiant, qui 
faciunt ea :*6c omnes qui 
confidunt in eie* 

Domus I/rael fpera- 
vit in Domino :*adjutor 
eorum, & protedlor eo- 
rum eft. 

Domus Aaron fpera- 
vit in Domii)o :*adjutor 
eorum, & prote£lor eo^ 
rum eft. 

Qui timent Domi- 
num, fperaverunt in Do- 
minp :*adjutor eorum, & 
proteSor eorum eft. 

Dominus memor fuit' 
noftri :*& benedixit no^ 

Benedixit domui If-- 
r^^/: * benedixit domui 

Benedixit omnibus, qui 
timent Dominum :^pu"> 
fillis cum majoribus. 
Adjlc\al Doiavcixx^ ^>x^ 



heap his blejfmgs on you :* 
on you, and on your 

Be ye the bleiTed of 
the Lord : * who made 
both heaven and earth. 

The heaven of hea- 
vens is the Lord's abode * 
but the earth be hath gi- 
ven to the Tons of men. . 

The dead fhall not 
praife thee, O Lord : * 
nor any of thofe who are 
gone down to hell. " 

But we, who are a- 
live, blefs the Lord :* 
now, and for evermore. 

Jntb. We. who are 
alive, blefs the Lord. 


per vos:*fuper vos, & 
fuper Alios veftros. 

Benedi8i vos iDomi* 
no :*qui fecit ccelum &. 
terram. ^ 

Ccelum coeli Domi- 
no :*terram autem d^it 
filiis bominum. 

Non mortuilaudabunt 
te, Domine :*neque om- 
nes qui defcendunl in in- 

Sed nos, qui vivimufi, 
benedicimus Domino:* 
ex hoc nunc, & ufque in 

Jnt. Nos, qui vivi- 
mus, benedicimus Do* 


MY foul*doth mag- 
nify the Lord. 

And my fpirit hath ex- 
ulted*inGod mySaviour. 

For he hath looked 
down on his lowly hand- 
maid :*and behold from 
henceforth all generati- 
ons (hall call me blefTed. 

For he, who is the 
mighty one, hath done 
great things for me ;* 
and holy is his name. 

And his mercy, from 
generation to genera- 

tt Expl, To iU fiact 

MAcnificat * anima 
mea Dominun,. 
Et exultavitfpiritusme- 
us*in Deo falutari meo. 
Quia refpexit humili- 
tatem ancillae fuse :*eece 
enim ex hoc beatam me 
dicent omnes generatio- 

Qiiia fecit mihi ma^- 
na, qui potens eft :*& 
fandlum nomen ejus. 

£t mifericordia ejus, 
a progenie in progenies,* 

of departed fou/u - 



tion,*is ftuwn to thofe 
who fear him. 

He hath exerted bis 
ftrength by iiis own 
arm : * he hath difap- 
pointed the proud ones of 
the defigns of their heart. 

He hath caft <down 
the mighty ones from 
the throne :^and raifed 
up the lowly ones; 

He hath (iHed the hun- 
gry with good things ;* 
but the rich hath he fent 
empty away. 

He hath upholden his 
fervant Ifrael: * being 
mindful of his mercy. 

As he promifed to our 
fathers : * to Abraham j 
and to his feed^ for ever. 

timentibus eum. 

Fecit potentiam in 
brachio fuo : * difperfit 
fuperbos mente cordis 

Depofuit potentes de 
fede :*& exaltavit hii- 

Efurientes implevit 
bonis :*& divites dimifit 

Sufcepit Ifrael ^MtxMm. 
fuum :*recordatus mifc* 
-ricordiae fuse. 

Sicut locutus eft ad pa- 
tres noftros : ♦ Abraham^ 

& femini ejus in fsecula. 
^fter the Anthem /x repeated y is laid the proper 
Prayer, which is always the Collect of the 

On all Sundays, from tht fecond Sunday afier the 
Epiphany to Paifion- Sunday (except on Doubles, 
and within Oftaves) are faid the following Com* 
xnemorations, called the Suffrages. 


Of the B. 
Anth. TTOly Marj^ 
JlX ^ccour rhe 
tniferable, affift the de- 
jcdlcd, comfort t-hofe 
that mourn ; pray for the 
people, intercede for the 
Vol. II. 

V. Mary. 

Ant. jPjAnSa Maria^ 
i^ fuccurre mife- 
rfs, juva pufillanimes, 
refove flebiles ; ora pro 
populo, interVeni pro 
clero, intercede pro de* 



clergy, plead for the de- 
vout female fex : let all 
be fenfible of thy aid, 
who celebrate thy holy 

A'. Pray for us, O holy 
Mother of God. R. 
That we may be made 

D A Y. 

Toto-fGcmineo fexu : fen- 
tianc omnea tuimi jura* 
men, quicunqtie cele- 
brant tuam fanftam 

^. Ora pro nobis, 
fimfla Dei genitrix. 
R. Ut digni efficiachur 
worthy the promifes of promiffionibus CbrijU. 


Prayer. Concede ms, 

GRant^we befecch thee, O Lord God, that we, 
thy lervants, may enjoy conftant health both 
ot body and mind, and, by the glorious interceffion 
of bleffed Mary ever a Virgin, be delivered from al! 
temporal affliction, and come to thofe joys that are 

Of the Apostles, 
Anth. nEter the Apo- jtnt. JpEfrus Apofto- 

-^ lu5, & Paulus^ 
Doftor Gentium^ ipfi 
nos'docuerunt legemtu- 
am, Domtne. 

F. Conftitues eos prin- 
cipes fuper omnem ter- 
ram. R. Memores c- 

tui. Do- 

runt nominis 

-* file, and Pjw/, 
the Doftor of the Gen- 
tiUs^ taught us thy law, 
O Lord. 

V. Thou wilt make 
them princes over all the 
earth. R. They fhall 
be mindful of thy name, 

Prayek. Deus^ cujus. 

OGod, whofe right hand faved from drowning 
bleffed Peter walking on the fea, and deliver- 
ed his fellow ApoAIe Paul^ when the third time fhip- 
wrecked, from the bottom of the fea ; mercifully 
hear us, and grant that, by both their merits, we 
may obtfiin a glorious eternity. 

Of St. George. 
Jrith.'J TE that would yfnt. /^ 
J[jL come atter v^ 

U 1 vult ve- 
nire poft'me, 

V E S P E R S. .li 

• . « • 

me, let biai deny him- abneget femetipfum, tol- 
felf, take up his crofs^ lat crucem fuam, & (a- 
and follow me. quaturitie. 

F. The righteous F. Juftus ut palma 
man fliall flourifh like florebit. R, Sicut ce- 
the palm-tree. R. He drus Libani multiplica- 
(hall thrive like the ce- bitur. 
dar of Libanu 5. 

Pit AVER. Deus^ qui not. 

OGod, who, by the merrts and prayers of blcf- 
ied George thy Martyr, filleft the hearts of 
thy pcc'ple with joy ; mercifully grant, that the blef- 
fings we aflc in hM namei we may happily obtain by 
thy grace. 

/Vr PiACE. 
jlmk. ^^Rant peace, Jnt, T^A pacem, Do- 
\J O Lord, in . A-/ mine, in dic- 
our days, for there is no bus noAris, quia non eft 
one to fight for us, but alius, auipugnet prono- 
thee, our Grod. bis, niu tu, Deus nofter. 

F. May peace \>e on F. Fiat pax in virtute 
thy ramparts. R, And tua. R* Et abundanti» 
plenty within thy walls, in turribus tuisv 
Prayer. Deus^ a quo. 

OGod, from whom are all holy defires, righte- 
teous counfels, and juft works, give to thy 
fervants that peace, which the world cannot give ; 
that our hearts being difppfed to keep thy com- 
mandments, and the fear of enemies taken away, 
the times, thro' thy proteSion, may be peaceable. 
Thro*. Amen, 

F. May the Lord, F. Domlnus, tfr. 

i^c. R, And with, ^c. R. Et cum, feTr. F. 
F. Let us blefs the Lord* Benedicamus Domino. 
R. Thanks be to God. R. Dcogratias. F. Fi- 
F» May the fouls of the delium antmae per mife- 
faithful departed, thro' ricordiam Dei requief- 
the mercy of God, reft cant in pace. R^ Amcn^ 
in peace. Jmen, 

e 2 

ni complin: 


When Complin is not [aid immediately after Vef^ 
pers ; after the V. msiy the Ibuh, and our Father 
in Secret y is /aid: 

V. May the Lord V. Dominus det no- 
»rant us his peace. R. bis fuam pacem. R* £t 
And life everfafting. vltam aetemam. Amen. 

Then is faidtbe Anthem of tbeB. F. Makv, 
as at the end of Complin* 


The Reader begins: 

RAY, Sir, give me TUBE, Dominei be- 
your blcffing, * J nedicere* 


AY the Lord Almighty grant us a quiet 
night, and a happy end. R. Amen. 



The SHORT LESSON, i Pet. v. 

jyRethren ; Be fober and watch ; for your adver- 
^-^ fary, the Devil, goeth about, like a roaring 
lion, feeking whom he may devour : whojn reftft 
ye ftrong in faith. And thou, O Lord, have mercy^ 
on us. 

R. Thanks be to God. R. Deo gratias. 

F. Our help is in the F. Adjutorium nof- 
name of the Lord. R. trum in nomine Domini. 
Who made both heaven R. Qui fecit coelum 5c 
and earth* terrara. 


i The reafoH why the Deacon, and all tther inlerior Miniilers, or 
thofe that perform the funSiioni of fucb, ajk the Pricft** er Biihop^c 
bleffing, hefore they read any publicR Leflbn, ri, that none are to Jake 
mfon themfehtei to preach or ioftruft, tUltbey are lega/iy deputed and 
feta% Hence no inferior Clergyman preacbetL or in/lruffeth in the pre-' 
fence of a Bifhop, or V^itft ivithout leave f which it given by a prater 
fa Cod /or his tnahling gract^ 

% %'V N D A Y S. 


A/tiT our Father in Secret^ ibi Celebrant fajfs the 
Confileor ; aftsr which the Quire anfwtrs : 

V. May almighty God 
be merciful to thee, Yor- 
give thee thy fins, and 
bring thee to life ever* 
lading. i2. Atmn. 

V, Mifereaturtuiom- 
nipotens Deus, & dimif- 
fis peccatis tuis, perducat 
4e ad vitani sternam, 
jR. Amen. 

Thin all fay /A/ Confitcor, as p. xiii. Afar xvhicb ' 

the Celebrant j&yx : 

F. May almighty God 
have mercy on you, for- 
give yo^ your iins, and 
bring you to life ever- 
lafting. R, Amen. 

V. May the almighty 
and merciful Lord. grant 
U8 pardon, abfolution, 
and remiffion of our fins, 
R. Amen. 

V. Turn us to thee, 
O God, our Saviour, 
R. And turn away thy 
wrath from us. 

V. O God, come thou 
to my afliftance. R, O 
Lord, make hafte to help 

F. Glory. Praife be, 

A nth. Have mercy. 

y. Mifereatur veftri 
omnipotens Deus, & di- 
miffis peccatis veftris, 
perducat vos ad vitam 
aeternam. R. Amen. 

V. Indulgentiam, ab- 
folutionem, & remiffio- 
nem peccatorum nof- 
trorum tribuat nobis om- 
nipotens, & mifericors 
Dominus. R. Amen. 

/^. Converte nos, De- 
us falutaris nofter. R. 
Et averte iram tuam a 

V. Deus, in adjutorl- 
um meum intende. R, 
Domine, ad adjuvan- 
dum me feftina. 

V. Gloria. Laus tl- 
bi, fcfc 

Ant. MifercrCr 

Pf. iv. 
HEN I called f^ 

upon him, the 

God of my juflice heard 

me : * when I was in 

flraits, tlioudidft fctme 

U M invocarem, 
exaudi\ it me Deus 
jultitiae mere : * in tri- 
bulatione dilatafU miht. 

at large. 

« 3 


C O M P L I 5f 

Have merq^ on me : * 
and now hear my prajer. 

O ye children of men, 
how long will you be 
dull of heart? ♦Why do 
you love vanity, and feek 
after lies ? 

But know that the 
Lord hath made won- 
derful his holy one : * 
the Lord will hear me, 
when I cry out to him. 

Be angry and fin' 
not:* be forry on your 
beds, for the d^figns you 
form in your hearts. 

Sacrifice a facrifice of 
righteoufnefs, and hope 
in the Lord : * many 
fay, who (heweth us 
good things ? 

The lightof thy coun- 
tenance, O Lord, is 
ftamped upon us : * thou 
haft given, gladnefs to 
my heart. 

In the fruit of their 
wine, and oil : *are they 
grown rich. 

In pcrfefl peace :*will 
I deep and take my reft j 

For finguiarly y, O 
Lord, in hope^thou haft 
fettled me. 

Miferere mei : * & 
ezaudi orattcmem meam. 

Filii homtnum, uf- 
quequo gravi corde ? * 
Ut quid diligttU vani- 
tatem, & quaeritis men« 
dacivim i 

£t fcitote quoniam mi- 
rificavit Dominiis ianc- 
tum fuum : * Dominus 
exaudiet me, cum cla- 
mavero ad eum* 

Irafcimini, & nolite 
peccare : * quae dicitis 
in cordibus veftris, in 
cubilibus veftris com- 

Sacrificate facrificium 
juftitiae,& fperate in Do- 
mino : * multi dicuhf, 
quis oftendit nobis bona? 

Signatumeftfuper nos 
lumen vultus tui. Do- 
mine : * dedifti laetitiam 
in corde meo. 

A fru£lu vini, & olei 
fui : * mukiplicati funt. 

In pace, in id ipfum i* 
dormiam & requiefcam ; 

Quoniam tu, Domi- 
ne, fingulariter in fpe,* 
conftituifti met 

* Expl. Sin not in ywr anger, 

J Or, %nlcn I vfat aband^id and aUntt 

^n %^b"^ DAYS. Iv 

Pf. XXX. 

rT thee, O Lord, have 
1 hoped, never let me 
be confounded: * hut 
according to thy juflice 
refcue me. 

Turn to me thine 
ear :*make hafte to re- 
icue me. 

. Be unto me a prote<Sl- 
ing God, and a place of 
refuge : * that thou 
may'ft fave me. 
' For my ftrength and 
my refuge art thou a^ 
lone:* for the fake of thy 
own name wilt thou 
bring me oul*, and feed 

Thou wilt bring me 
out of this fnare j which 
they have hid for me : * 
for thou art my protec- 

Into thy hands I re- 
commend my rpirit: • 
thou haft redeemed me, 
O Lord, the God of 
truth ». 

Pf. xc. 

HE that taketh up 
his abode in the 
aid of the Moft High :♦ 
fball remain under the 
protedlion of the God of 

He (hall fay to the 
Lord : Thou art my 

IN te, Domine, fpe- 
ravi, non confundar 
in aeternum : * in jufti- 
tia tu4 libera roe. 

Inclina. ad me aurem 
tuam :*accelera ut eruas 

£fto mihi in Deum 
prote£torem, & in do- 
mum refugii;*^utfalvum 
me facias. 

Quoniam fortitudo 
mea, k refugium meum 
es tu : * propter nomen 
tuum educes me, & enu- 
tries me. 

Educes me de laque« 
hoc, quern abfconde- 
runt mihi : * qAioniam 
tu es prote£lof meus. 

In manus tuas com- 
mendofpiritummeum : ^ 
redemtfii me, Domine, 
Deus veritati^. 

QUI habitat inadju* 
torio altiflimi: * 
111 protediione Dei coeli 

Drcet Domino: fu(- 
ceptor meus es tu^ & re- 

* EfrpI, fn)0 art aiwayt tru€ 19 th^ wor4. 

Ivi COM P L"'i ^¥1 

proteflor and my re- 
fuge : * be is my God, 
in him will I hope. 

For it is he, who hath 
delivered me from the 
fnare of thofe that hunt- 
ed me :*and from tbeir 

With his (houlders 
will hey?/// cover thee : * 
and under his wings ihalt 
thou ^/// hope. 

His truth "" (hall en- 
compafs thee with a 
fhield : * thou {halt not 
fear the terrors of the 
night : 

Nor the arrow flying 
in the day, nor the mif- 
chief ftaiking in the 
dark :*nor an aflTauIt, or 
thfe'noon-day Devil ^, 

A thoufand ihall fall 
on thy left, and ten 
thoufand on thy right :• 
but to thee he fhaTl not 

However thou (halt 
contemplate with thy 
own eyes:*and thouflialt 
fee the reward of finners. 

Thou truly, O Lord, 
art my hope:*very high 
haft thou placed thy 
place of refuge. 

There no evil (hall 
come to thee : * nor 

a Exp J. The eft El of bit prottu'fe Jkall he thy fhield. 
* £ipi; Aragtng pefliUntUl air at no«Ji doj» 

fugium meum : * Deus 
meus, fperabo in eum« 

Quoniam ipie libera- 
vit me de laqueo venan- 
tium : * & a verbo afpe- 

Scapulis fuis obum* 
brabit tibi : * & fub pen- 
nis ejus fperabis. 

Scuto circumdabit te 
Veritas ejus : * non time- 
bis a timore no£lurno i 

A fagltta volante in 
die, a negotio perambu- 
lante in tenebris : • ab 
incurfu, & Daemonio 

Cadent a latere tuo 

mille, ic decern millia i 

dexteris tuis : * ad te 

autem non appropin* 


Verumtamen oculis 
tuis confiderabis : ♦ & 
retributionem peccato- 
rum videbis. 

Quoniam tu es. Do- 
mino, {^s mea : ♦.at^ 
tiffimum pofuifti rcfu- 
giuni tuum. 

Non accedet ad te 
malum : * & flajxelium 

0/1 S U N D A Y S. 


any fcourge come 
thy dwelling. 
)r to his Angels 
he given a charge 

thee : * to guard 
in all thy ways, 
hey (hall bear thee 
heir hands : • left 
ips thou hit thy foot 
ift a ftone. 
I the afp and the ba- 
(halt thou tread:* 
thou (halt trample 
le lion and dragon. 
nee he hath hoped 
le. I will refcue 
; ♦ I will protect 
flnce he hath 
7n ^ my name. 
s (hall cry out to 

and I .will hear 
: * with him I am 
is diftrefs : I will 
e him, and make 

^ith length of days 
I (ill him : * and 
(hew him my faU 

Pf. cxxxiii. 
OME now, blcfs T?CCE nunc bcnedi- 

f*^ cite Dominum : * 
omnes fervi Domini, 

Qui ftatis in domo 
Domini, * in atriis do- 
mus Dei noftri. 

non appropinquabit ta« 
bernaculo tuo. 

Quoniam Angelis fuis 
niandavit de te : * ut 
cuftodiant te in omnibus 
viis tuis. 

In manibus portabunt 
te : ♦ ne forte oflFendas 
ad lapidem pedem tuum. 

Super afpidem & ba- 
filifcum ambulabis : *& 
conculcabis leonem &L 

Quoniam iil me (jpe* 
ravit, liberabo eum : * 
protegam eum, quoniam 
cognovit nomen meum* 

Clamabit ad me, & 
egoexaudiam eum:*cum 
ipfo fum in tribulatione : 
eripiam eum, & glorifi- 
cabo eum. 

Longitudine dierum 
replebo eum : * & often- 
dam illi falatare meum. 

the Lord :*all ye 
mts of the Lord, 
^ho ftand in the 
z of the Lord, * in 
:ourts of the houfe 
ir God. 

Kpl. Acknraoledged me to he tie true Cod, and rejj^entdny 
rph That lam kit Saviour ^ 



In the night ftretch 
out your hands towards 
the fani^uaryi* andblefs 
the Lord. 

May the Lord blefs 
thee from Sion^ ♦ who 
made ^both heaven and 

Jnih, Have mercy on 
me., O Lord) and hear 
my prayer. 

P L I N 

In nodibus extoHlte 
manus veftras m fane- 
ta,' ♦ & benedicite Do- 

Bcnedicatte Dominus 
ex Sion^ * qui fecit cce- 
lum & terram. 

Jnt. Miferere mihl, 
Domine, & exaudi ora* 
tionem meam* 

H Y M N* 

TO thee, before the 
clofe of day, 

Creator of the world, we 

With wonted mercy us 

And from notSlumail 
harms proted. 
Let no vain dreams 
difiurb our deep, 

And nightly phantoms 
from us keep; 

Satan fupprefs, that by 
his wiles, 

Our bodies know not 
what defiles. 
Merciful Father, bend 
an ear^ 

Coequal Son, our pray- 
ers hear, 

O holy Spirit) hear dur 

Who reign all three eter- 
nally, jfmen. 

TE, lucis ante ter- 
Rerum creator, pofci* 

Ut pro tud dementiif 

Sis praeful, tc cuftodia* 

Procal recedant fom^ 

£t nodium phantaf* 

Hoftemque noftrutn 

Ne polluantur .corpora* 

Prasfta, Pater piiS- 
Patrique conipar unicC) 

Cum fpiritu Paradito, 

Regnans per omme fecu- 
lum. jfmen» 



iHOU, O Lord, art amongft us, and thy 
holy name hath been called * upon Us : for- 
us not, O Lord our God. 

Thanks God. 
. Into thy hands, O 
> # I commend niy 
. Into thy hands, 
r'hou haft redeem- 
t, O Lord the God 
uth. I commend. 
y be to the Fa- 
Into thy hands, 
referve us, O Lord, 
he apple of thine 
R. Proteft us un- 
the fbadow of thy 

R. Deb gratias. 

R. In manus tuas, 
Domine, # commendo 
fpiritum mcum. In ma- 
nus tuas. V, Redemif' 
ti nos, Domine, Deus 
veritatis. Commendo. 
Gloria Patri. In manus 
tuas. V. Cuftodi nos, 
Domine, ut pupillam 
ocoli. R* Sub umbri 
alarum tuarum protege 

The SONG of SIMEON. Luke li. 
AVE us. Ant. Q ALVA nos. 


ow doft thou dif- 
thy fervant, O 
J, * according to 
(¥ord, in peace, 
nee my eyes have 
, * ^^ promifed ^A" 

^hicb thou haft now 
ared, * to (hew un- 
1 nations. 

. light to enlighten 
Gentiles : * and the 
y of thy people If- 

Nunc dimittis fervum 
tuum, Domine, ^fccun- 
dum verbum tuum, in 

Quia viderunt oculi 
mei, * ialutare tuum ; 

Quod parafti, * ante 
faciem omnium populo- 

Lumen ad revel atio- 
nem Gentium :*ii glorL- 
am plebis tuse IfraeL 

^r. We ate called toy pfple^ the p€9pU •fG^d, S» are ChrUU* 
« « mire iv:.t.<r.t tr^niuT edited after Chiifi, Vfk» it the Lofd 

Ix C O M P 

Jnth. Save us, O 
Lord, waking, and guard 
us fleeping, that we may 
watch with Cbrift^ and 
reft in peace. Alleluia. 


Ant. Salva nos, Do- 
mine, vigilantes, cuftodi 
no8 dormientes, ut vi« 
gilemus cum Chrifio^ & 
requiefcamus in pace. 

The following prayers are always faid, except on 
Doubles, i?;/^ within 0£laves. 

LORD have mercy 
on us. Chrijl have 
mercy on us. Lord have 
mercy on us. Our Fa- 
ther. In Secret, V* And 
lead us not into tempta- 
tion, is. But deliver us 
from evil. I believe in 
God. In Secret. F.The 
refurredlion of the flefh. 
R. And life evcrlafting. 
Amen, V. Blefled art 
thou, O Lord, the God 
of our Forefathers. R, 
Thou art worthy of 
praife and glory for ever. 
V. Let us blefs the Fa- 
ther and the Son, with 
the Holy Ghoft. /?. Let 
us praife, and extol him 
for ever. V. Thou art 
blefled, O Lord, in the 
heavens above, -ft. Thou 
art worthy of praife, and 
glory, and honour for 
ever. V. May the Al- 
mighty and merciful 
Lord blefs and preferve 
us. R.Amen. ^. Vouch- 
fafe, O Lord, this night. 

T^YRIE clcifon. 
JlX. Chrifte eleifon* 
Kyrieeleifon. Pater nof- 
tef . In Secret. V. Et nc 
nos inducas in tenutio* 
nem. R. Sed libera nos 
a malo. Credo in Deum. 
In Secret, V. Carnis re- 
furreSionem. R, £t vi- 
tam seternam. Amen, V^ 
Benedidus es, Domine, 
Deus Patrum noftrorum. 
R. Et laudabilis & glo- 
riofus in faecula. ^. Bc- 
nedicamus Patrem, & 
Filium, cum Sando Spi- 
ritu. R, Laudemus, & 
fuperexaltemus eum in 
fxcula. V, Benedi£lus 
es, Domine, in firma- 
mentocceli. ^.Et lau- 
dabilis, & gloriofus, & 
fuperexaltatus In faecula. 
V. Benedicat, & cufto- 
diat nos omnipbtens, & 
mifericors Dominus. R, 
Amen, V, Dignare, Do- 
mine, nofte ifta. /?. Sine 
peccato nos cuftodire. V, 
IVliferere noflri, Doxni- 


ne. R. Miferere noftri* 
f\ Fiat mifericordia tua, 
Domiiie, fuper nos. R» 
Quemadmodum fperavi- 
mus in te. F. Domine, 
exaudi orattonem ineam. 
Rm £t clamor meus ad 
te veaiat F» Dominus 
vobircum. R. £t cuia 
fpiritu tuo. 

0» S U N 

) preferve us from 
► F, Have mercy 
, O Lord. R. 
mercy on us. F. 
Iiy mercy »0 Lord, 
in us. X. Accord- 
the ifutt we have 
thee. F. O Lord, 
ly prayer. R. And 
Y cry come unto 
F. May the Lord 
th you. R. And 
hy fpirit. 

Let us pray. Ftfita. 

.SlTy we befeech thee, O lA>rd, this abode^ 

and drive far from it all the fnares of the 

r : may thy holy Angels abide therein to pre- 

us in peace -, and may thy bleiling be always 

May theLord,£3i'r, /^. Dominus, &^r. R, 

Et cum, t^c. 

F. Benedicamus Do- 
mino, ii. Deo gratias. 

id with,{^r. 

Let us blefs the 

R. Thanks be to 

''AY the almighty and merciful Lord, the 
^ Father, Son, and Holy Qhoft, 'ble& ami 
ve us. R, jfmen. 

Thfn is faid the Anthem as Jvllows : 

the Complin ^Candlemas-Day inchfrjiy t§ 

ML Mary! Queen 
of heav'nly fphcres! 
whom th'Angelick 
4. hoft reveres ! 
fruitful root! Hail 
facred sate. 

AV E Regina co?- 
lorum r ' 
Ave Domtna Angelo- 

rum ! 
Salve radix! folve porta! 


Ixii "The COMMON Vefiiru 

Whence the world's light Ex qua mundd lux eft 

derives it's date ! orta ; 

O glorious Maid, with Gaude Virgo gloriofa, 

beauty bicft ! 
May joys eternal fill thy Super omnes fpeciofa, 

Thus crown'd with beau- Vale, O valdc decora, 

ty and with joy. 
Thy prayers for us with Et pro nobis Cbriflum 

Chrijf employ.^ exora. 

V. Vouchfafe, O fa- V. Di^nare mc lay- 
ered Virgin, to accept dare te, Virgo facrata. 
my praifes. R, Give R. Da mihi virtutem 
me ftren^th againft thy contra hoftes tuos. 

Prayer. Concede mifericors, 

GRant us, O merciful God, ftrength againft 
all our weaknefs : that we, who celebrate the 
memory of the holy Mother of God, may, by the 
help of hermterceffion, rife again from our iniquities. 
Thro' the fame Jefus Chriji our Lord. Amen, 

V, May the divine V. Divinum aiixili- 

afliftance always remain um maneat femper no- 
with us. R. Amen, bifcum. R, Amen, 

Our Father. Hail Mary, I believe. In Secret* 

Tbe COMMON of the B. V. MARY. 


Pf, cix. Dixit Dominus, p. xli. — Pf. cxii. Lau- 

date pueri,' p, xliv. 

Pf* cxxi. 

I Am rejoiced af what T -/Status fum'^a his, 
hath been told me:* I j quae didla funt mi- 
we are to go up to the hi :*in domum Domini 
houk of the Loid. iblmus. 

fi Of the B. 

' feet have flood * 
courts, O Jeru- 

'ifaUm^ which • is 
4ilding like a city:* 
)re parts are joined 

thither it was the 

went up, the 
of the Lord : * 
ng to the ^ ordi- 

given to Ifraely 
c praife to the 
^f the Lord, 
there were pkced 
dgment-feats : * 
Igment-feats over 
ufe of David, 

for what makes 

peace of Jerufa* 

and may plenty 
ill that love thee. 
J peace be on thy * 
•ts : * and plenty 

thy walls. 

thfe fake of my 
;n, and my rela- 
* have I fpoken 
on thee. 

the fake of the 
oT the Lord, our 

* have I fought 

/>^. M A R Y. Ixiii 

Stantes erant pedes 
noftri : * in atriis tuis^ 

'Jerufalem^ quae sedi- 
ficatur ut ci vitas : * cu- 
jus participatio ejus in 
id ipfum. 

Illuc enim afcende- 
runt tribus, tribus Do- 
mini : * tcftimonium 
IfraeU ad confitendum • 
nomini Dominic 

Quia illuc fcderunt 
fedes in judicio : * fedes 
fuper domum David. 

Rogate quae ad paceni 
funt yerufalem ; * & 
abundantia diligentibu^ 

Fiat pax in virtute- 
tua : * & abundantia in 
turribus tuis. 

Propter fratres meos» 
& proximos meos : 
loquebar pacen} de te. 


Propter domum Do- 
mini Dei noftri : * quae 
Avi bona tlbi« 

I. Or to the tciHmony, that is, the ark of fife tefiimony of 

In thy ftrcngth, or fortifications* May thou befecurefrom 
ki of foreign enemies, tfiui may plenty be within thy walis*^ 

f 2 

Ixiv The 


Pf. cxxvi. 



ISI Dominus aedi- 
iicaverit clomuin:4( 
in vanum ]aboravenint, 
qui sedificant cam. 

UNlefs the L6rd 
himfelf ihal! build 
up the houfc'.^in vain 
have laboured the build- 
ers thereof. 

Uniefs the Lord Ihall 
guard the city : 4^ in vain 
watcheth the fentinel 

It is in vain for you 
to rife before the light :« 
rife, after you have taken 
your reft, you whq eat 
the bread of forrow : > 

Since he will give 
fleep to his beloved 
ones : 4& behold children 
are an inheritance from 
the Lord ; the fruit of 
the womb, a reward. 

Like arrows in the 
handof aman ofmight:i|( potentis : 4^ ita filiia- 
fo (halt be the children cuflbrum. 
of thofe who have been 

BlefTed is the man, 
whofededre is filled with 
them : 4^ he fhall not be 
confounded, when he 
fhall fpeak to his ene- 

Nifi Dominus cufto* 
dierit civ ita tern : 4^ fru* 
ftra vigilat, qui cuitodit 

Vanum eft vobis ante 
lucem furgere :ii(furgite, 
poftquam federitis, qui 
manducatis panem do* 

Cum dederit dilefiis 
fuis fomnum : it ecce 
baereditas Domini, filiis 
merces, fru6lu8 ventris. 

Sicut (agittae intnanu 

Beatus vir, qui im- 
plevit defiderium fuirm 
ex ipfis : ^ non con- 
fundetur, cum loquetur 
inimicis fuis in porta. 

mies at the gate. 

Pf. cxlvii. 

PRaife the Lord, O T Auda, Jerufalmj 
Jerufalem :^^r2L\k 1/ Dominum :*1iuda 
thy God, O Sion. Deum tuum, Sion* 

g Expl. // is in vain for thofe in grief and under mitfortuntt tt 
tvafte tbemfehes with watcbingt and caret : let them quietly uje 
their lawful endeavours, andfubmit to the ivill ofGcd'^Jlnce be wiH 
cm^inlj afford refl and eafe to kii beloved ones% 

T/. Of tire B. V. MARY. Ixv 

Quoniam confortavit 
feras portarum tuarum :^ 
benedixit filiis tuis in te; 

Qui pofuit fines tuos 
pacem : * & adipe fru^ 
menti fatiat te. 

Qui cmittit eloquiurae 
fuum terrae : * velocitcr 
currit fcrmo ejus. 

Qui dat nivem ficut 
lanam:*nebulam, fkut 
cinerem, fpargit. 

Mittit chryftallunt 
fuam ficut buccelias : ^ 
ante faciem frigoris ejuf- 
qui fuftinebit ? 

Emittet verbum fiiu-m, 
& liquefaciet ea r^flabtt 
fpiritus ejus, & fluent 

fuum Jacob: * juftitias, 
& judicia fua IJraeL 

Non fecit taliter omni 
nationi : ^ 5c judicia fu^ 
noa manifeftavit eis. 

>r ftrong hath he 
r the bolts oi thy 

: ^ he hath blef- 
hy children within 

is^'he that hath fet- 
peace within thy 
*r§ r^ifwith the ^ fat " 
Teat fcedeth he thee, 
'is he, who fendeth - 

his orders to the 
I : * his orders go 

"is he, who fendeth 

\\ki^ flocks of ^oo\\^ 
)rinkleth his hoar- 
like aflies. 
e fendeth down his 
like mouthfuls * : * 

can fland the cold 

e will fend forth his 
I, and it fhall melt 
ray : * his fpirit will 
the, and the waters 

flow again, 
^is he who maketh 
vn hrs command- 
ts to facoh : * his 

and ordinances to 

e hath not done thus 
very nation : * nor 

he made known hrs 
to them. 

ixpl. lihe fnefl 'wheat four, 

xpl. Large baiUfiones^ as big at a mouthful of bread* We 
frequent injiances of the prodigious Jixe of thefe ftones, wbicJ^ 
) I be i/UJ/hms of tre4S, cut the faces of travelUn^ 6f«w- 

f 3 


Ixvi The COMMON Veffirs. 


HAIL God's bright AVE Maria ftdla, 
Mother, Hail! /\ 
Perpetual Virgin bleft : DoMater alma ; 
Sea-ftar, by which we Atque femper Virgo 

' fail. 
And gate of heav'nly Fselix coeli porta* 
This Ave we to thee Sumens illud Avi 
From GabriiTs mouth Gabrielis ore, 

rehearfe : 
Let peace our portion Funda nos in pace, 

And Eva\mmt reverfe. Mutans Eva nomen. 
The flnner's bonds Solve vincla reis, 
unbind, - • 

Our evils drive away ; Profer lumen caecis. 
Bring light unto the Mala noftra pelle, 

blind ; 
For grace and bleiEngs Bona cun^ pofce. 
Thy felf a mother . Monftra te efle ma- 
fhew, trem ; 

May he receive thy Sumat per te preces, 

Who, for the debts we Qui, pro nobis natus, 

From thee would breathe Tulit effe tuus. 
our air. 
O Virgin chafte and Virgo fingularis, 
Whofe virtues all fur- Inter, omnes mitis, 

Preferve us undefil'd, Nos culpis folutos. 
And make us meek and Mites fac, & caftos. 
Our lives preferve Vitam praefla puram, 
from ill. 
To blik fecure the way •, Ucr ^ata tutum i 

^efpiri. Of the B. F.UARY. Ixvii 

That Chrifi our fouh Ut videntes ye/twiy 

may fill 
^ith joys, that ne'er Semper collastemur, 
Let's praife the Fa- Sit laus DeoPatri; 
ther's name } 
To Jifiis glory be ; Summo Cbrifto decus ; 

To th' Holy Ghoft the Spiritui Sana©, 


3ne honour to the three. Tribus honor unus. 

Amen. Amen. 



APOSTLE fignifies Env<y^ or Embaffhdor^ becaufe the 
Apoftles were the Envoys or EmbafTadors of Jefus 
'thrift, fent by him to preach the Gofpcl to all nations, 
«rith a promife that he would be with then>and their 
ucceflbrs, all days, even to the end of the world. We are 
hercfore to look on them as our fathers, lince it ^vas 
hfough them we received the precious gift of faith. -We 
jught like wife on their feftivals, in a particuly manner, 
o give thanks to God for having made uaT members of his 
4poftoltck and CntbolUk Church, and impartially examine 
he condudl of our lives, to fee, if while we fubmit our 
eafon and underftanding to the truths the Apoftles taught 
Tiankind, we bend our wills to the praftice of thofedi- 
nnt precepts they left behind them. This grace we 
)ught to beg of God ijn their feftivals through their 
powerful interceffion. 



The Psalms as on Sundays, p. xli. except the tajt^ 
which is Pf. 1 1 6, Laudate Domlnum omnes,: 
as after the Anthems. 

Ixviii rhe COMMON I. Viffirt. 

Ant. TjrOC eft prae- 
X!jL ceptum me- 
um, ut diligatjs invicem, 
ficut dilexi vos* 

Ant* Majorem cha- 
ritatem nemo habet, ut 
animam fuam ponat 
quis pro amicis fuis. 

Ant. Vos amici mei 
eft is 9 ft feceritis ea, quae 
praecipio vobis, dicit 

Ant. Beat! pacific!, 
beati mundo corde : qdo* 
niam ipfi Dl^um vide- 

Ant. In patientia vef- 
tra poftidebitis aniraas 

M cxvi. 

LAudate Dominum 
omnes gentes \ 
^ laudate eum omne) 

Quoniam confirmata 
eft fuper nos mifericor- 
dia ejus : % & Veritas 
Domini noanet in aeter- 
Anth. By your' pa- Ant. In patientia, 



jyRtthren^ you are not now ftrangers and h^' 
•*-^ reigners : but you are fellow-citizens with 
the faints, and the domefticks of God, being built 
on the foundation of apoftlcs and prophets, Jz/wx 
Chri/l himfelf being the chief coiner-ftone. 

a Expl. 7'i?tf Lord lyili tc ever true to bii jvomije* 

Anth. rir^HIS is my 
\ command- 
ment, that you love one 
another, as I have loved 

Anth. No man hath 
a greater love, than to 
lay down his life for his 

Antb. You are my 
friends, if you do what 
I command you, fays 
the Lord. 

Anth. Blefled arc the 
peace-makers ; blefled 
are the clean of heart; 
for they ftiall fee God. 

Anth. By your pa- 
tience you (hall poiTefs 
your fouU» 

P S A L 

PRaife the Lord all 
ye nations: *praife 
him all ye people : 

For his mercy is con- 
firmed upon us: *and 
the truth* of the Lord 
remaineth for ever. 

I. Vifpirs. Of A P O 

H Y 

THroughout the 
world let joys 
Let praifes echo thro' 

the (kies : 
Heaven and earth with 

joyful quire 
To praife th' Apoftles 
now confpire. 
O you, true lightj of 
human kind, 
And judges of the world 

To you our hearty vows 

Hear your petitioners 
ITie gates of heav'n 
by vour command 
Are fmenM clofe^ or 

open ftand ; 
Grant, we befeech you 

then, that we 
From fmful flav'ry may 
be free. 
Sicknefs and health 
your ppwef obey ; 
This comes, and that 

you drive away : 
Then from our fouls all 

(icknefs chace. 
Let healing virtues take 
it's place. 
That when our judge 
returns to weigh 
Our adlions at the dread- 
ful day. 

S T L E S, fc?r. Ixix 

M N. 


Ccelum refultet laudi- 
bus : 

Apoftolorum gloriam 

Tell us & afira conci- 
Vos faeculorumjudi- 

Ct vera mundi lumlna^ 
Votisprecamur cordium^ 

Audite voces fupplicum. 

Qui templacoeli clau* 

Serafque verbo Iblvids^ 
No6 a reatu noxios 

Solvi jubctOy quaefumus* 

Praecepta quorum pro- 

Langttor4a]ufque fenti*- 

unt ; 
Sanate mentes langui-' 

das ; 

Augete nos virtutlbus. 

Uc cum redibit arbiter . 
In fine Cbrifiut faeculi. 

Ixx The C O MM ON H. Fe/pm. 

Nos femplterni gaudii 

Wc may with him again 

To live in joys that ne- 
ver end. , 
To God the Father, 
and the Son, 

And Holy Spirit, three 
in one, 

Be endlefs glory, as be- 

The world began, for 
ever more. Amen, 
y. Their found hath 

gone all over the earth. 

R, And their words to 

the utmoft bounds of the 

Concedat efle compotes. 

Patii, fimulque Filio, 

Tibique, San£ie Spiritus, 

Sicut fuit, At jugiter, 

Sxclum per omne, glo- 
ria. Amen, 
V, In omnem terram 
exivit fonus eorum. R* 
£t in fines otbis tcriai 
verba eorum* 



Anth. They (haP de- 
liver you up to their 
councils, and fcourge 
you in their fynagogues : 
and you (hall be carried 
before kings and gover- 
nors on my account, for 
a teftimony to them and 
the Gentiles. 

11. V E S 

Antb. rx^HE Lord 

X hath fworn^ 

and he will not repent 

it : Thou art a priell for 

Ant. Tradent enim 
vos in conciliis, & in fy- 
nagogis fuis flagellabunt 
vos: oL ante reges & prae* 
iides ducemini propter 
me, in teftimonium illis 
& iSentibus. 

P E R S. 

Ant. TUravit Domi- 
j nu8, & non 
paenitebit eum : tu es fa- 
cerdos in aeternum. 


Pf, cix. Dixit Domlnus, p. xli. 

Anth. The Lord hath Ant. j uravit Domi- 

fworn. nus. 

Anth. May the Lord Ant. Collocet cum 

place him with the prin- Dominus cum principi- 

ces of his people. bus populi fui. 

fpers. 0/ A P O S T L E S, ^c Ixxi 

Pf, cxii. Laudate pueri, p, xliv. 

'b. May the Lord 


}h. Thou haft bro- 

J Lord, my bonds 

zx : to* thee will I 

ce a facrifice of 

ped, therefore have 
rpoke;*tho' I was 
ht exceeding low. 

id in my furprize:* 
ankind are liars. 

hat ihall I render 
; Lord,*for all he 
done for me I 
v\\\ take the cup ^ 
/ation,*and call on 
ame of the Lord, 
^ill pay my vows to 
/ord before all his 
e :*preci6us in the 
of the Lord is the 
I of his faints. 
Lord, I am truly 
ervam ;*I am truly 
fervant, and thy 
maid's fon. 
hou haft broken my 
s afunder :*to thee 
[ facrifice a facrifice 
aife, and call on the 
B of the Lord, 
will pay my vows to 

Ant. Collocet eum 

Ant. Dirupifti, Do- 
mine, vincula mea : tibi 
facrificabo hoftiam lau- 


C Red id r, propter quod 
locutus fum : * ego 
aute.m humiliatus fum 

Ego dixi in excefTu 
meo :*omnis homo men- . 

Quid retribuam Do- 
mino, * pro omnibus^ 
quae retribuit mihi I 

Calicem falutaris ac- 
cipiam,*& nomen Do- 
mini invocabo. 

Vota mea Domino 
reddam coram omni po- 
pulo ejus : * pretiofa in 
confpe£tu Domini mors 
fan£loruin ejus. 

O Domine, quia^go 
fervus tuus, egd fervti^ 
tuus, & filius andlte 
tuae, » 

Dirupifti vincula 
mea: * tlbi facrificabo 
hoiiiam laudis, .&. no- 
men Domini invocabo* 

Vota mea Domiiio 

\x\>\, J ivill pour cut a libation on bit altar, in tbankfgivinf^ fir 
vrfi£ Javed me* 

Ixxii r^^ C O M M O N II. Vejpen. 
the Lord in the fight of reddam in confpe£lu 

all his people :*in the 
courts of the houfe of 
the Lord, in the midft 
of thee, O Jerufalem. 

Aftth. Thou haft bro- 

Jnth. Going they 
went and wept, when 
they caft their Seeds. 

WHEN the Lord 
brings back the 
captives of Sien : ^ we 
fhali ^ be like men in 

Then fhall our mouth 
be filled with joy :^2Lnd 
our tongue with exulta- 

. Then fliall they fay 
amongft the Gentiies ;* 
The Lord hath done 
^reat things for them* 

The Lord hath done 
great things for us :^we 
^re now in joy. 

Bring back, O Lord, 
our captive people, ^llke 
^. torrent in the fouth«P 

They that fow in 
tears ,^(hall reap in ex- 


omnis populi ejusi'^in 
atriis tlomus Domini» 
in medio tui, JerufaUm- 

Ant. Dirupifti. 

Ant. Euntes ibant, & 
flebant mittentcs femina 

cxxv. . ' 

N convertendo Do- 
minus captivitatem 
AVtf»;^fa£ti fumus ficut 


Tunc repletum eft 
gaudio OS noftrum :«& 
liiigua noftra exultati- 

Tunc dicent inter 
Gentes : % magnificavit 
Dominus facere cum 

MagniHcavit Domi- 
nus facere nobifcum:<(f 
fadi fumus Istantes. 

Convene, Domine, 
captivitatem noftram,^ 
ficut torrens in auflro. 

Qui feminant in la- 
crymrSj^in exultatione 

'•*> Lit. We were. But the context dire&s it tb be in the future^ 
and $t, Apguftin interprets the loheU fft^hn 9/ ^ur future and fnul 
deliverance from the bondage of corruption. 

.p £xpl« Bring back thy people from their captivity, Kohicb will 
flhthem lufithjoy, as a torrent offrejh nvater doth the inhabitants ^ 
the hot, burnt' up countries oftbefouih. 

fpirs. 0/ APOS 

»ing tbey went and 

4(when they caft 


t returning they 

come .with joy, ^ 

he their (heaves. 

ith. Going they 

TLES, &?c. Ixxiil 

Euntes ibant, & fle* 
bant,9|emittentes femina 

Venientes autem ve« 
nient cum exultatione,^ 
portantes manipulos fuos. 

Ant. '■ EuAtes ibant. 

th. Mighty is their Ani^ Confortatus eft 
*, and thy friends principatus eorum, & 
inoured, O God. bonorati funt amici tui^ 


Pr% cxxxviii. 
)RD, thou haft T^OMINE,^pro>aftt 

tried me, and baft 
n me : iie thou haft 
n my fitting down, 
(ing up. ^ 
ou haft known my 
hts afar ofFr^mV 
ind my line ' haft 
I thou haft forefeen 
y ways : * when 
was no fpeech on 

old, O Lord, thou 
:ft all things, the 
nd thofe of old :^ 
formedft me-, and 
thy hand upon 

^ me, & co»iovifti 

me :4(tu cognovifti fefli- 
onem meam, & refur- 
re£lionem meam. 

Intdlexifti cogitatio- 
nes meas de ionge tiKfe* 
mitamineam^ & funictl* 
lum meum ihvtftii^ftt/' 

Et omnes vioft meM 
praevidifti i^lquia non ^eft 
iermo in lingUi mea. 

Ecce, ' Domlne, itis 
cognovifti obvnia) h^vif*>- 
fima , & antiqua :4Ktu' for* - 
mafti me; &-poftiifti fu- 
per me maiHim tuam. 

|r knowledge is too Mirabiiis h&z eft fci^^ 
;rfut.for me :4&it is entia tua ex me :^on- 

»1. B9th at rtfi^ and in off ion, 

cottduO of life, the ruU of mj anions, ""Tii an a!/iffin tt' 

and plummet of tte mafoMm 

1. Even in the xuomb <fmy mother, aifi9H at 2 wotfeimHtj 

rji hold ef me^ ai tb^ own, 

I. U. g 

Ixxiv 9:t^ C O M M O N II. refperu 

^reaty and I cannot reach 

Whither (hall I go 
from thy fptrtt ? m And 
from thy fiice whither 

If I zSztxA to heaven, 
thou art there :^if I go 
down to heil, thou ait 
alfo there. 

If I talce my wings in 
the morning^^and dwell 
it\ the fartheft ijles of the 
fea : 

Trufy. thy hand will 
lead me thither :« and 
thy right hand fuppEort 

. And I faid : perhaps 
darknefs ; may conceal 
me : t>PV5pr night, itfelf 
will ftine on me in my 

For darkneft (hnll not 
be dark to thee, and the 
night (hall be light as 
day :«the datknefs of the 
^ne and. the light of the 
oiher 18 the fskmt U thee. 

For thov art in pof-. 
fe£on of my reins *:4i; 
thou haft proteAed me 
from my mother's womb, 

I will acknowledge to 
thee, that thou art awful 
in thy greatnefs t*woa« 
derful are thy works, 

forlata eft, &; non potero 
ad earn. 

Qiio ibo- a fpirits 
tw>i mEt quo a fifrcic 
tud fogtamf 

Si ajcendero- in coe« 
lum, tu illic es :4((i de^* 
eendero in infernuni, 

Si furmpfera penna9 
meas diluculo,4|^ babi- 
tavero in extremis ma- 

, Etenim illuc manus 
tufrdeducet me:^ te* 
nebit me dexfera tua. 

Et dixi : forfuan tene- 
brar cooGukabunt me:* 
& nox illumfnatio mea 
in deliciis mpis. 

Quia tenebrae nonob- 
fcurabuntur d te^ & nox 
ficut dies illuminabitun* 
ficut tenebrae eju», ita ic 
himen ejus. 

. Quia- tu: poftdifti re- 
nes nieoi :4|(fufcepi({i me 
de utero matris meae» 

Confitebor tibi, quia 
terribiiirer magnificatus 
es :4(mirabi]ia opera tua, 
& anima itiea cognofcic 

i]r iaul knoweth U mdiiM. 

well. i 

t a boi)e of mine is Non ^fi occuhaCunt 

rom tbee, which os meum ^ te, quod fe* 

Of oie Jft iin^ret '^ cifti in occuha :^ Tub ^ 

ly whole fubftanctt ^antia mea m iiiferi6M^ 

: h>wer parts of the bos ^teirae. ' 


Imperfe^um fneum< 
vrderunt oculi tui» 8t\a 
libro tup omncs fcrfben- 
tur.-ii^dies fbrmabumiK!|; 
& nemo in eisi 

Mih! sutemnlmiiii ho- 
norificati funt amici tui, 
Deut:^inMS conforta« 
tus eft principatut co* 

Dinumerabo eos, Ic 
fiiper arenam multipli* 
cabontur :4(€xurrexiy &: 
adhuc fum tecum* 

ly eyes did fee my 
fed being, and in 
ook were all parts 
m : m they were 
rd day by day, and 
of them iefirt^ * 
t to roc, O Ood| 
lends- are exceed- 
lOQourable : m ex^ 
ng mighty is their 

Will fet about to 
>er them, but they 
\e found more than 
anda of the fea :m 
) upi and am ftill 
thee, y 

thou, O God, wilt 
le wicked intyt men 
loqd begone from 

Si ocddert«, Dcufi 
peccatores : 4|( viri fan- 
guinum declinate a me.^ 

taufe you (ay in Quia diciti6 in cogita-^ 
thoughts : m^ they tione :^accipient in va- 

rpl. In lie tvwth ofwtf mother ^ ^ much ficrtttJ from tbejlgi^ 

, as if in the howtlt oftbi earth* 

cpl: Thou didfi behold met when I was flill an embryo in th§ 

yfmy mother, Etftry part of my body noas noted dewn, as it 

n a book : the formation loas progrejp've d^ after day, and' 

' completed before it*s appointed time* 

cpU / attempted it^ but was fiill where I was, loft in.tht.4^f^ 

tion of thy power, 

g » > 

Ixxvi rb€ COMMON iLr^fpnu 

(hall receive thy cidet 
in vain. • 

Lord, have I not ha« 
ted them that hated 
Ihee ? 4( and pined away 
at thy enemies i 

I have hated them 
vith a perfefi hatred *M 
and they are l^ecdme 
enemies to me. 

Try me, O God, and 
know my heart :4iwxa- 
mine me, and know my 

And fee \i^ a way of 
iniquity be in me:4(and 
lead me in the everlaft- 
ing wav. 

' jIntL Mighty is their 

mtate avitates tuas. 

Nonne qui odenint 
te, Domine, oderam ff 
& fuper inimicos tuos 
tabcfcebam i 

Perfedo odio oderam 
illos:4(& inimici fadi 
fimt mihi. 

Proba me, Deus, & 
fcito cor meum :«inter- 
ro^a me, & cognofce fe- 
mitas meas. 

£t vide (i via iniqui- 
tatis in me eft :#(& deduc 
me in via eterna. 

Ant. Confortatus efi. 

Little Chapter and Hymn, as in tbi firft 

Vefpcrs, p. Ixviii. 

V. They publiflied the 
works of God. 

R. And undcrftood his 

V. Annuntiaveruot 
opera Dei. 

R, £t fa£ta ejus in- 


Anth. Be valiant in 
battle, and fight with the 
old ferpent : and you 
(hall receive an everlaft- 
ing kingdom. 

Ant. Eftote fortes in 
hello, & pugnate cum 
antiquo fqrpentc : & ac- 
cipietis regnum seter- 

z Expl. jill the promifei of an ettrna! abode in heaven are vain 
te the wicked. 

hFiffers. 0/ ONE MARTYR. Jxxvii 


THE hsAj l/ldftyrs coiae next after the A^ftks^ in 
wl^ofe lionour thc'Chnrch hath inftitntea feUivals. 
This honour it due to them, for having borne teftimony 
to the truths of the Chriftian Religion before the Pagans, 
and for having (ealed this their teftimony with their blood, 
mnd given their lives for Jefus Cbrift, The Church thanks 
God for the eonrage and confbmcy he gave them, and 
propofes their example to her children. It is true, ive 
do not live amongft Idolaters, againft whom we have our 
faith to defend: But the number of Libertines and had' 
Cbriftians is very great, before whom we ought not to 
be alhamed to (hew, that we profefs a religion that is 
holy; and for which we ought to be ready to lofe all, even 
our very lives. Such is the grace of conftancy and refo- 
lotion we ought to beg of God thro' the.interceffion o£ 
the Martyrs. 

I. V E S P E R S. 
The P s A L M s jx (m Sundays, p. xFh Except 

the lofty uflmh is Laudate £}on[unuflb omnes, 

as p. Ixviii. 
Jntb.YTE that fhall Jnt.^^VI me con- 

before men, him will I coram bomtnibus, con- 

alfo confeifl before ttiy fitebor tc ego euin cd- 

Father. ram patre meo* 

Jnib. He that foHow- ' jtnt. Qui ffequitUr 

eth me, walketh not in me, non ambulat in te- 

darknefs, but ihall have liebrts, fed- babebit lu- 

the light of life, fays the men vitae, dictt Domi- 

Lord. hqs. 

Jnib. He that ferveth Jrtt, Qui mihi mi- 
me, let him foHcyw me': nifirat, me fequatur : & 
and where I am, there ubi ego fum, ilHc fit & 
alfo let my fervant be. oiioifter meus. 

>/i/^. If any one fhall Jnt, Si quis mihi- 

fcrvc*me, my Father, mtniilraverits honorific 

§ 3 

Ixxviii rbe COM M, N 1. r#/>m. 

who is in heaven, will cabit eum Pater mcus, 

honour him, fays the mn eft in coelb, dicit 

Lord. Dominus. 

Anth. IdefireiFatheft Aai. Vole, Pater, at 

that where I am, there ubi eeo Aim, illic lit & 

alfo my fervant may be. miniftcr meus. 

LITTLE CHAPTER. Jamtsi. im. 

BLcfied is the man that endureth temptation : 
for when he hath been proved, he (hall re- 
ceive the crown of life, which God hath promifed 
to them that love him. 


God, the lot, the T^EUS, tuorum mi- 

crown, the gain, 
foldiers in thy fervicc 
flain ; 
Make us forfake our fm- 

ful ways. 
Who meet to fing this 

martyr^ praife. 
• This faint, eftceming 
wordly joys 


Sors t 

& coronaj prsemi- 
um ; 
Laudes canentes marty- 

Abfolve nexu criminis. 

Hie liempe mundi 

As pleaAng cheats, de- £t blanda fraud um pa* 

ceitful toys, . hula. 

And bitter too with fe- Imbuta felle deputans, 

cret gall. 
Nobly for heav'n fcorn*d Pervenit ad coeleflia* 

them alL 
He bravely ra» his 

painful race, 
And lopk'd his torments £t fuftuiit viriliter ; 

In the face; 
For thee he fearlefs (beds Fundenfque pro te fan 

Poenas cucurrit forti' 
■ te'r. 

his blood, 
And wades to heaven 
thio' the flood. 

Sterna dona poffidet. 

Ihrifpers. Of ONE MARTYR. Ixxix 

To thee, thou gracious . Ob bob. pt'ccatu fup« 

Lord) wc fly, 
Bcfcieching thee with 

^ humble cry. 
That, on this Martyr's 

triumph, we 
From fin may be ab- 

folv'd by thee. 
To God the Father, 

and the Son, 
And holy fpirit, three in 

Be equal glory, endlefs 

For an eternal length of 

days. Amtri. 
V. Thou haft crown- 
ed him with glory and 
honour, O Lord. jR.And 
haft placed him over the 
works of thy hand. 

plici ! 
Te pofcimus, piiffime, ' 

In hoc triumpho Mar- 

tyrls . 
Dimitte noxam fervulis. 

Laus & perennis glo- 
Patri fit atque Filio, 

Sando fimul paracllto. 

In fempiterna fascula.' 
V\ Gloria & honore 
coronafti eum, Domine. 
R. £t conftituifti eum 
fuper opera manuum tu- 


Anth. This faint AnU Ifte fan£tus pro 

fought even unto death lege Dei fui certavit uf- 

for the law of his God, que ad mortem, & a ver- 

and feared not the words bis impiorum non timu- 

of the wicked; for he 
was founded on a firm 

II. V E S 

It; fundatus enim erat 
fupra firmam petram. 

P E R S. 

The Psalms as on Sundays, ^. xli. except the 
laji^ which is: Credidi,^. Ixxi. The An- 
thems, Little Chapter, and HymNj as 
above in the firft Vefpers, p. Ixxvii. 

V, The righteous man 
(hall flouri^ like the 
palm-tree. R. He fliall 
thrive like the cedar of 

V: Juftus ut palma 
florebit. R. Sicut c6- 
dras Lfibani multiplicar 

Uxx TH t: OMM ON Mafs. 

Anth. He that is wil- Jbn. Qui nilt venire 

ling CO coctie after mt, fM>ft iDe, abnegecicmet' 

let him deny himfelf, ipfuiii, & toilat crucem 

take up hi« cfoft, and iiiam, & fequatar nsie. 
follow me. 


I N T R O I T. Ecclif. xlv. 

THE Lord fettled OTatuit ei Dominw 

with him a cove- J^ teftamentum pads, 

nam jof peace, and made & principem fecit eum: 

him a chief, that he may ut fit ilU lacerdotii 

have the honour of dignitas in a^ernum. 

prieftbood for cveu Pj. 1 3 r • Memen to» Do* 

Pf. 131. O Lord, re- mine, Dm^i'dj Si omnis 

member DavtJy and all manfuetndinis ejus. Fr 

his meeknefs in Juffir^ Glojria. 
ing» F* Glory. 

C O L L E C T., Infirmitafem. 

HAVE regard, O Almighty God, to our weak- 
nefs, and, as we fink under the weight of 
our doinge, let die glorious interceffion of bleifed 
N. thy Martyr and 5i(ho|), be a prote£tro(i to us.^ 

EPISTLE. Jantis i. 12, 19.^ 
T\Early belcvedy BlefTed is the man that endureth' 
•^-^ temptation : for when he hath been proved, 
he (hall receive the^rown of life, which<jod hath 
promifed' to them that love him* Let no man, 
when he is tempted, Tay that lie is tempted by God; 
for God is not a tempter to evil ; and he tempteth 
no mam But every man is tempted^ being drawn 

' Of a MARTYR and BISHOP. Ixxxi 

arway by his own concupifcence, and allured by it. 
Then when concupifcence hath conceived, it bring* 
eth forth fin : but fin, when it is completed, beget- 
teth death. Be not therefore deceived, my deareft 
brethren. Every bcft gift, and every perfed gift, 
is from above, coming down from the Father of 
Hghts, with whom there is no change, nor (hadow 
of alteration. For of his own free will hath' he be- 
gotten us by the word of truth, that we might be 
fome beginning,' of his creatures. 

GRADUAL. Pf. Ixxxviir. 

I have found David Inveni David fervum 

my fervant: with my meum, oleo fan£to meo 

holy oil have I anointed unxi eum: manus enim 

him : for my hand (hall mea auxiliabitur ei, & 

help him ; and my arm brachium meum confor- 

fhallftrengthen him. F. tabiteum. r. Nihil pro- 

The enemy fhall have ficiet inimicus in co, & 

no advantage over him: filius iniquitatis non no- 

nor the fon of iniquity cebit ei. 
hurt him. 

TRACT. Pf.xx. 

Thou haft given him Defiderium animas 

his heart's defire : and ejus tribuifti ei : & vo- 

haft not with-holden luntate labiorum ejus 

From him the requeft of non fraudafti eum. F. 

his lips. V, For thou Quoniam praevenifti e» 

waft before-hand with um in benedi£lionibus 

him in the bleflings of dulcedenis. V. Pofuiftl 

fweetnefs. ^. Thouhaftr in capite ejus coronam 

ht on his head a crown de lapide prctiofo. 
of precious ftones. 

G O S F E L. Luke xiv, 26, 34. 
jiT that time ]c(\isfaid to the multitude : If any« 
•^^ one come tome, and hate not his father and- 

« Expl. Tbat toe might be, as it w<rtf the Jitftlni% tj tii cr*w^ 

Wou II. 

Ixxxii ne COMMON Mafs. 

mother, and wife and children, and brethren and 
fillers, yea and his own life alfo, he cannot be my 
difciple. And whofocver doth not carry his crofs, 
and come after me, cannot be- my difciple. For 
which of you, having a mind to build a tower, doth 
not firft fit down and reckon the charges that are 
neceflary, whether he have wherewithal to iinifli 
it. Left after he hath Uid the foundation, and is 
not able to finifb it, all that fee it begin to mock at 
him, faying : This man began to build, and was 
not able to finifli. Or what king, about to go to 
war againft another king, cloth not firft fit down and 
think, whether hebe able with ten fhoufand to meet 
him, that with twenty thouCind cometh againft him. 
Or elfe, while the other is yet a -far ofF, he fendeth 
an embafiy, and defireth conditions of peace. So 
likewife every one of you, that doth not renounce 
all that he polTefleth, cannot be my difciple. 

OFFERTORY. Pf. Ixxxviii. 
My truth and my Veritas mea & mife-^ 
mercy are with him : ricordia mea cum ipfo: 
and in my name fhall & in nomine meo exal- 
his power be exalted. tabitur corAu ejus. 


MErcifully receive, O Lord, the offeiings de- 
dicated to thee by the merits of blefted A^. 
thy Martyr and Bifhop, and grant they may be a 
continual fupport to us. Thro*. 

C C) iM M U N I O N. Pf, Ixxxviii. 

Once have I fvvorn by Semel juravi in fane* 

my holy name: his po- to meo: femen ejus in 

ilcrity Ihall remain for aeternum manebit, & fe- 

ever, and his throne as des ejus ficut fol in con- 

the fun before me, and fpe£)u meo, & ficut luna 

as the moon perfect for perfed^a in aeternum, & 

ever, and the faithful teftis in ccelo fidelts» 
wiinefs in heaven. 


; fed by the panieipacion of thy facred gifts,. . 
befeech thee, O Lord our God; that vre 
the efficacy thereof bv the interceffion of 
I. thy Martyr and Biihop. Thro'. 

lotbtr M A & S' of thi /ami. 


priefts of God, O Acerdotcs Dei bene- 
^fs the Lord: O i^ dicitc Dominum: 

an^ humble: of hhOCx & humite^^ corde, 
raife God, Pf. laudatc Deui».' Pf. Be- 
: wQfkt of tne nedicite omnia opera 
>Iers the Lord, Domini Domino, lau«^ 
tims and ex.tx>I date & fuperexaltate 
ever. K Glory*, eum ia faecula. V'. Q\o^ 


O L L E C T, Dius^ am ms beoti. 
od, who^ by the yearly lolemnityof bleflcd' 
L thy M^tyr and Biftop, rejoiceft the heatt^ 
lithful : mercifully grant that wcy who cele^ 
18 martyrdom, may enjoy bis protbftron. 

KP IS TL E'. 2 Ckrru 3j 7. 
hren: Blefled be the God and Father of our 
rd J^efus Cbrtfi.^ fhe Father of merciea, and : 
d of all comfort, who comforteih m8^ id all 
)uIation ; that we ma^altb be ab|e.€^ <qoi^ 
!m, who are in anj^diftrefH by tbat eficou* 
:nt, wherewith we are ^h comforted by 
For as the iufieringi of Chriji abound in ue i 
thro' Cbrijl our cooifort aboundeth* No^^ 
;r we be in tribulation, it is for your exbdr- 
and falvation : or whethe;. we be comfortMf 
your confolation : or whether we be encou- 
tt is for your encouragentent and falvation^ 
is effe<£lual for the enduring of the fam^ C>s{* 
p which we sACo fuffer; that our Yvo^t fox ^^^o^ 

Ixxxiv The COMMON .Mafs. 

may be ftedfaft) knowihe, that at you are partakers 
of the fufFeringSy fo (hall you alfo be of the confo- 
lation in Chriji Jtfus our Lord. 

Thou haft crowned Gloria & honore co« 
him with glory and ho-, ronafti eum. V. £t con- 
nour. V» And fet him flituifti eum fuper opera 
over the works, of thy manuum tuarum. Do- 
hands, O Lord. mine. 

TRACT. Pf. cxi. 

Blefled is the man « Beatuaf vir qui timet 

that feareth the Lord; 'Dominum; in-mandatis. 

he delights exceedingly ejus cupit nimis. V, Po- 

in his commandments, tens in terrd erit femen 

V, His feed (hall be ejus;|eneratioredorum 

mighty upon earth; the benedicctur. ^.Gloria 

generation of the righte^ & divitiae in domo ejus; 

ous (hall be blefled. V. & juftitia ejus manet in 

Glory and wealth fluill faeculum faeculi. 
^/ in his houfe ; and his 
rigteoufnefs remaineth 
for ever and ever. 

GOSPEL, Matt. xvi. 24, 28. 
yiT that time : Jtfus faid to his difciples : If any 
*^ man will come after me, let him deny himfelf, 
take up his crofs, and follow me. For he that 
would fave his life, (hall lofe it : and he that lofeth 
his life for my fake, fliali find it. For what doth 
it profit a man, if he gaiiis the whole world, and 
lofe his own foul ? Or what (hall a man give in ex- 
change for his foul ? For the Son of man ihall come 
in the glory of his Father with his Angels: and then 
will he render to every man according to his works. 

OFFERTORY. P/. Ixxxviu. 
I have found David Inveni David fervum 
mj fervant : with my ho* meum : oleo fan^o meD 
ly oil have I ano'mud u\x>a .^>^tw\ \ iEc^\\>ai.^ ^aim : 

a MARTYR not a BISHOP. Ixxxr 

My hand fliatl mea auxiliabitur ei, & 
him, and noy arm brachium meum confor- 
flrengthen hin|. tabit eurn* m 


tnSify, O Lord, the offerings confecrated to 
thee: and, being appeafed thereby, mercifully 
upon us, by the intercefEon of bicfled N. thy 
tyr and Biihop. Thro*. 

hou, O Lord, haft Pofuifti, Domine, in 
n his head a crown capite ejus corona m de 
eclous ftones.' lapide pretiofo. 

iSTCOMMUNION. Hac ms Communlo. 

[AY this communion, O Lord, clcanfe us 
from fin, and, by the interceiBon of blefled 
hy Martyr and Bifhpp, maice us efFedlually 
kers of this, heavenly remedy. Thro*. 

f a MARTYR, not a BISHOP. 
MASS. Introit. Pf. XX. 

^HE righteous man, TN virtute tua, Domi- 

O Lord, (hall re- \^ ne, Istabitur juftus : 

in thy might : and & fuper falutare tuum 

^all be tranfported exultabit vehementer : 

joy that thou haft defideriism anim^e eju« 

I him : thou didft tribuifli ei. Pf. Quo- 

t him his heart's de- niam' pr^vrnifti euni in 

Pf, For thou waft benedidijonibus dulcc- 

e-hand wiih him in dinis : p^ifuifti in capite 

bleflings of thy ejus coronam de lapide 

tnefs : thou haft fet prWofo, V% Gloria, 
lis head a crown 
recious ftones. V- 


OL. IL h 

Ixxxvi The COMMON Mafs. 

COLLECT, Profftoy quafumm. 

GRant, we befcech thcc, O Almighty God, 
thjt we, who celebrate the feftival of blefled 
A. thy Martyr, may, by his interceflion, be ftrength- 
cned in the love of thy name. Thro'. 

LESSON, mfi. X. 

TH'E Lord led the righteous man through the 
right ways, and (hewed him the kingdom of 
God, and gave him the knowledge of the holy 
things: he honoured him in his troubles, and fi- 
j)i(bed his labours. ^ He ftood by hitn againft the 
deceit of thofe that would over-reach him, and made 
him honourable.. He kept him fafe from his ene- 
mTcs, and defended him from feducers ; and gave 
him a ftrong conflidl, that he might overcome, and 
to let him know that wifdom is mfghtier than all. 
This wifdom forfook not the righteous man, when 
he was fold, but delivered him from finners. She 
went down with him into the pit, and in his bands 
fhe left him not, till fhe brought him thefcepterof 
the kingdom, and power againft thofe that oppref- 
fed him ; and fhe wed them to be liars, who accufcd 
him ; and our Lord God gave him eternal glory. 

GRADUAL. Pf. cxi. 

ElefTed is the man Beatus vir qui timet 

that fears the Lord: he Dominum: in mandatis 

delights exceedingly in ejus cupit nimis. V* 

his commandments* F. Potens in terra crit fc- 

His feed (hall be mighty men ejus: gcncratiorcc- 

upon earth : the genera- tor un) benedicetur. 
tion of the righteous 
iball be bleOed. 

TRACT. Thou haft given, Pf. xx. p. Ixxxi. 

GOSPEL. Matt. x. 34. 
jfT that lime Jefus fa!d to bis difciples : Do not 
-^ think that I am come to fend peace upon 
ear^h ; I come not to fetvd ^^2ic^^ \i>ax \J\^ fword. 

Of a MARTYR^ not a BISHOP, Ixxxvii: 

For I am come to fet a man at variance againft his 
father, and the daughter againft her mother, and the 
daughter-in-law againft her mother-in-law^ and a 
man's enemies (hall be they of hjs own houfehold. 
He that loveth father, or mother moie than me, is 
not worthy of me: and he that loveth fon, or daugh- 
ter more than me, is not worthy of me. And he that 
taketh not up his crofs, and followeth after me, is 
not worthy of me. He that findeth his life, (hall 
lofeit: and Ke that fhall lofe hislife for my fake, (hall 
find it. He that receiveth you, receiveth me : and 
hcthatrecciveth me, receiveth him that fent me. He: 
that receiveth a prophet in the name of a prophet, 
iball receive the reward of i prophet : and he that 
receiveth a righteous man in the name of a righte- 
ous man, (hall receive the reward of a righteous 
inan. And whofoever (hall give to drink to one of 
thefe little ones a cup of cold water only in the name 
of a difclple, Amen I fay to you, he (hall n9t lofe his* 

OFFERTORY. P/ viii. 
Thou haft crowned Gloria & honore co* 
him, O Lord, with glo- ronafti cum, & confti- 
ry and honour, and fet tuilH eum fuper opera 
him over the works of manuum tuatum, Do* 
thy hands, mine, 


REcelve, O Lord, we befeech thee, our offer- 
ings and prayers, purify us by thefe heavenly 
mylteries, and mercifully hear us. Thro'. 

COMMUNION. Matuxvx. him that is "will- Qui volt venire poft 

ing to come after me, me, abnegetfemetipfum: 

deny himfelf, take up & tollat crucem fuam,, 

his crols^ and follow me. & fequatur me. 

h 2 

Ixxxviii The COMMON Mafi. 

POSTCOMMUNION. Da^ quafumus. 

GRant, we befeech thee, O Lord our God, 
that as we rejoice on the feafts of thy faints 
in this life, fo we may enjoy their fight for ever in 
that which is to come. Thro'. 

Another MASS of the fame. 

INTROIT. P/.lxiii. 

THE righteous man T iEtabitur juftus in 
fhall rejoice in the I j . Domino, & fpera- 
Loid, and hope in him : bit in eo : & laudabuntur 
and all the upiight of omnes reif^i corde. /y. 
Jieart (hall have praifc. Exaudi, Dcus, oratio* 
Pf. flear, O God, my nem meam cum depre- 
petiiion, wlien I pray : ' cor : a tiniore inimici 
deliver my foul from the eripe animam meam. V% 
fear of the enemy. V. Gloria. 

COLLECT. Prajia^ quafumut, 

GR«nt,, wfc Icfcech thee, O Almighty God, 
ihdt,by the interceflion of bleffedMthy Mar- 
tyr, wc may be delivered from all temporal adver- 
fities, and our hearts be clcanfed from all evil 
thou^rhts. Thro'. 

EPISTLE. 2 Tim. ii. 8, 1 1 : iii. lo. 
T\Eirly beloved f on : Be mindful that the Lord 
7//wf Cbrijl^ of the feed oi David ^ is rifen from 
the dead, accorduig to my Gofpcl, wherein I labour 
even unti> bonds, as an evil doerj but the word of 
God is not bound. Therefore^ endure all things 
for the fake of the eleft, that they alfo may obtain 
the falvation, which is in Chrift Jefns with heaveply 
glory. — Chap, iii. But thou haft fully known my 
doitrine, manner of life, purpofe, faith, 
fering, love, patience, perfecutions, and afSidlions: 
fuch as came upon me 2X 4ntioch^ Iconium^ and at 
l.j/}ra: what perfecuuorvs I etvdured^ and out of 

Of a MARTYR, not a BISHOP. Ixxxix 

them all the Lord delivered me. And all, that dedre 
to live godly in Cbriji JefuSj ihall fuffer perfccu- 

GRADUAL. Pf. xxxvi. 

When the righteous Juftu* cum ceciderit^ 
man falleth, he (hall not non collidetur ^uia Do- 
be bruifed ; for the Lord minus fupponit manum 
puts his hand under him. fuam. V, Tota die mi- 
F^ All the day he ihews feretur & commodat : & 
compaffion, and lends : femen ejus in benedic- 
and his feed fhall be blef- tione erit. 

TRACT. Pf. cxi. Bleffed is the man, as 
ahovi^ p. Ixxxiv. 

GOSPEL. Matt, X. 26, 34. 
jjTthat time Jefus faid to his difctples : Nothing 
•^^ is hid, which (hall not be revealed, nor fecret, 
which (hall not be known. What I tell you in the 
dark, fpeak ye in the light;, and what you hear 
%ohifpered\n the ear, preach ye upon the houfe-tons. 
And fear not them that kill the body, and are not 
able to kill the foul : but rather fear him, that can 
deftroy both body and foul in hell. Af^ not two 
fparrows fold for a farthing f And not on^fthem 
(hall fall on the ground without your Father #.But 
the very hairs of your head are all numbered, rear 
iTot therefore ; better are you than many fparrows. 
Whofoever therefore fliall confcfs me before men, I 
will alfo confefs him l^efore my Father, who is iu- 

Thou hall fet on his Pofuifti, Domine, in 
head, O Lord> a crown capite ejus coronam de 
of. precious ftones : he lapide pretiofo : vitant' 
afkcd of thee life, and petiit a te, & tribuifti ci. 
thou. didft grant him it. 

h ? 

xc ^ifr^ C O M M O N I.n/>m. 


MAY our devotion, O Lord, be acceptable in 
thy fight J and may his interceffion, on 
whole fellival we pay it« make it available to our 
falvation. Thro*. 

CO M M U N I O N. 
Let him, who Terveth Qui mihi miniftrat, 
me, follow me ; and me feauatur ; & ubi ego 
where I am, there alfo fum,iUic&minifterme- 
fhall my fcrvant be. us erit. 


BEing fed by the participation of thy facred gifts, 
we befeech thee, O Lord our God, that we 
may (eel the efficacy thereof, by the interceflion of 
blefled N* thy Martyr, whofe feaft we celebrate. 


L V E S P E R S. 

Thi Psalms as on Sundays, p, xli. Exttfi 
ihi lajiy which is : Luudate Dominum omnes, 
p. Ixviii. 

jintb. T TOW great Ant. /^Mnes fanfti 

JLX torments \J quanta paffi 

have all the faints endu- funt tornienta, ut fecuri 

red to come fafe to the pervenirent ad palniam 

crown of martyrdom ! martyrii ! 

Jnth, The faints are Ant. Cum palma ad 

arrived at their kingdom regna pervenerunt fanfli: 

with palms : they have coronas decoris meruc- 

merited crowns of glory runt dc manu Dei. 
from the hand of God. 

Jnth, The bodies of Ant* Corpora fane* 

l/je faints arc burkd m Xsiwita \^ ^-a.^^ Cc^uk* 

'^ers. Of MANY MARTYKS. xci 

: and their names funt: & vivent nomina 

live for ever. 

fh, Yoii martyrs of 

ord blefs the Lord 


th. You Quire of 

Ts blefs the Lord>in 


eorum in aeternum. 

Jnt, Martyres Do- 
mini Dominum bene- 
diclte in xternum. 

yfnt. Martyrum cho- 
rus, iaudate Dominum 
de coelis. 


H E fouls of the righteous are in the hand of 
God, and the torments of death (hall not 
them. They feemedin the eyes of fools to 

but they are in peace. 

3me, brethren, let O Anflorummerltisin- 
thebleedlngQuire il^ clyta gaudia 
\ fiohts and crowns Pangamus, focii, gcfta- 

que fortia : 

our fong infpire, 
verfe to fing the 
nobleft kind 

F vidlors is inclined. 

*e champions of thy 
name, dear Lord, 
e bv the foolifti 
world ahhorr'd : 
:hey elleem'd it de- 

flowers and of fruit. 

thee they fcorn'd 
leir threatning foes, 
ir furious rage, and 
cruel blows : 
hook in vain their 
bowels rent, 
'heir courage never 

Glifcens fert animus pro- 
mere cantibus 
ViSorum genus opti- 
Hi funt, quos fatue mun- 

dus abhorruit, - 
Hunc frudu vacuum^ 

floribus aridum 
Contempfere tui nominis 
y^«, Rex bone caeli- 
Hi pro te furias atque 

minas truces 
Calcarunt hominum, fae* 

vaque verbera : 
His ceiEt lacerans forti- 
ter un^iula. 
Nee carpfit penettt.- 

xcii r.6^ C O M M O y I. Vefpirs. 

Like flaughter*J iheep 
the ihokc they take, 
No inurmur) no com- 
plaint they make : 
A fpotleu mind, and 
feailels heart 
Give patience in the 
What voice, what tongue 

the happinefs 
Dcfign'd for martyrs can 
exprefs ? 

Crowns,that with bright- 
eft glory (hine, 
Their bloody brows 
Thee, fov'reign God- 
head, we implore 
Remove all harm, cure 

ev'ry fore 5 
Grant peace, that we 
may fmg thy praife. 
For endlefs years and 
days. Amen. 
V. Rejoice in the Lord, 
and be glad ye righteous 
ones. R. And glory all 
ye upright of heart. 

y// /A^ M A G N I F I C A T, 

Csduntur gladias, more 

Non murmur refonat, 

non querimonia : 
Sed corde impavidomens 

bene confcia 


Qua? vox, quae poterit 
lingua retexere 

Quae tu martyribus mu- 
nera praeparas ? 

Rubri nam fluido fan- 
guine fuigidis 
Cingunt tempora lau- 
Te, fumma O Deitas, 
unaque pofcimus, 
Ut culpas abigas, noxia. 

fiibtrahas i 
Des pacem famulis, ut 
tibi gloriam 
Annorum in fericftv 

canant. /Imen, 
V. Laetamini in Do- 
mino, & exultate jufti : 
R^ Et gloriamini omnes 
refti corde. 

Anth, For to them be- 
longs the kingdom of 
heaven, who dcfpifing 
the life of this world, 
have obtained the re- 
wards of the kingdom, 
and waflied their gar- 
ments in the blood of 

Ant, Iftorum eft enim 
regnum coelorum, qui' 
contempferunt vitam 
mundi, & pcrvenerunt 
ad praemia regni, & la- 
\;erunt ftolas fuas in fan^- 
guine agni. 

Mafs. Of MANY MARTYRS. . xciii 

MASS. Introit. Pf. Ixxviii. 

LE T the groans, O TNtrei in confpeftu 
Lord, of thofc who X ^"°> Domine, genii- 
ire in fetters afcend to tus compedi^torum : red- 
:hec: render to our neigh- dc vicinis noilris feptup- 
}ours fevenfold in their lum in finu eorum : vii*- 
)ofoni : avenge the blood dica fanguinem fandlo- 
>f thy faints, which hath rum tuarum, qui effufus 
leen fpilt. Pf. O God, eft. Pf. Deus, venerunt 
he G/«//7^j have entered Genies in haereditatem 
hy inheritance, they tuam : polluerunt temp- 
lave polluted thy holy luni fandlum tuum, po- 
em pie ; they have made fuerunt Jerufalem in po- 
ferufalem a ftore-houfe morum cuftydiam. /^. 
or apples. F. Glory. Gloria. 

COLLECT. Beatorum Mariyrum. 

WE befeech thee, O Lord, that the folemnity 
of thy blcfled Martyrs and Bifhops A^. and 
V. may be a protedion to us, and their venerable 
)rayers recommend us to thy mercy. Thro'. 

LESSON. m/d.Wu 1,8. 

THE fouls of the righteous are in the hand of 
God, and the torment of death fhall not 
ouch them. In the fight of the^nwife they feem- 
id ro die: and thtrir departure vvas taken for mi- 
ery : and their going away from us, for utter de- 
huciion. But they are now in peace. And tho' in 
he fight of men they fuftered torments, their hope 
s full of immortality. Afflicted in a few things; 
n many (hall they be rewarded, becaufe God hath 
ried them, and found them worthy of himfelf. As 
;oId in the furnace he tried them, and as a vi(Slim 
>f a holocauft he hath accepted them, and in due 
ime there fhall be refpetSl had to them. The righ- 
eous fhall ihine, and run to and fro like fparks 
mong the reeds. They fiiall judge the nations, 
nd rule over people, and their Lord (ball reign for 

xciv ne COMMON Mafi. 

G R^ DUAL. Exod. xv. 

God is glorious in his Gloriofus Deus in 

faints, wonderful in his fanSis fuis* mirabilis in 

majefiy, and performcth majeftat^, faciens prodi- 

prodigics. V, Thy right ma. V, Dextera tua, 

hand, O Lord, hath glo- Domine, gloriiicata eft 

rioufly difplayed it*s in virtute : dextera ma- 

ftrength: thy right hand nus tua confregit inimi- 

hath defeated thy ene- cos. 

TRACT. Pf. cxxv. 
They who fow in Qui fcminant in la- 
tears (hall reap in joy. cryniis, in exultatione 
V' Going away they roetent. V. -Euntes i- 
went weeping, and caft bant & flebant, mitten- 
their feed. A^. But at tes femina Aia. V* Ve- 
their return they fkall nientes autem venient 
come with joy carrying cum exultatione portan- 
their (heaves. tes manipulos fuos. 

GOSPEL. Luke xxi. 9, 19. 

ylT that time Jefus /aid to his di/ciples : When 
"^ you fliall hear of wars and feditions, be not 
terrified : thefe things muft firft come to pafs, but 
the end cometh not as yet immediately. Then he 
faid to them : Nafion {hall rife againft nation, and' 
kingdom againft kingdom. And there (hall be 
great earthquakes in places, and peftilences and fa- 
mines, and terrors from heaven ; and there (hall be 
great fign?. But before all thefe things they will 
lay hands on you, and perfecute you, delivering you 
up to the fynagogues, and into prifons, dragging you 
before kin?s and governors on account of my name. 
And this (hall happen to you for a ** teftimony. Lay 
it up therefore in your hearts, not to ftudy before- 
hand how you (hall ar/wer. For I will give you a 
mouth and wifdom, which all your adverfaiiesflull 

^ Expl. This Jhall be an occafion to yiu of hearing tejiimony to wu* 
Or, It fifall be a confirmation of the truth of ibe goj^elf wbenjoufuf* 
ftr thus for mj dextrine* 

II. Vifpers. Of MANY MARTYRS, xcv 

not be able to refift, or gainfay. And you (ball be 
betrayed by your parents, and brethren, and kin- 
dred) and friends: and fome of you they will put to 
death. And you (hall be hated of all men on ac« 
count of my name : but not a hair of your head 
(hall perl(b. By your patience you (ball ^ poiTefs 
your fouls. 

God is wonderful in ' Mirabilis Deus. in 
his faints: he is the God fan£lis fuis : Deus !/• 
of lfrael\ he will give rael\ ipfe dabit virtutem 
power and (Irength to & fortitudinem plebi 
his people : bleiled be fuas : benedidtus Deus. 


ATtcnd, O Lord, to our earneft prayers, which 
we put up in memory of thy faints : and (ince 
we truft not in our own rrghteoufnefs, may we be 
helped by the merits of thofe, who were well plea* 
fing to thee. Thro*. 

Though they fufFered Etfi coram hominibus 
torments in the fight of tormenta pafli funt. De- 
men, God only tried ustentaviteos: tanquam 
them r like gold in a fur* aurum in fornace proba- 
nuce he proved them, vit eos, & quafi holocau- 
and like an bolocauft he fta accepit eos. 
accepted them. 

POSTCOM M UNION, ^afumu^ Domim. 

BEing filled with thy faving myfteries, we be- 
feech thee, O Lord, that we may be helped 
by their interceffion, whofe feftival we celebrate. 



The Psalms as on Sundays, p. xli. Except the 
lofty which is: Credidi, p. Ixxi. 

e "ExpL Tcu Jhall enjoy peace of foul under all tbefe trials by fa* 

xcvi rbe COMMON II. Vifpers. 

Antb. Thefe are the Ant. Ifti funt fandi, 

faints, who gave up their qui pro teftamento Dei 

bodies in testimony of fua corpora tradiderunti 

God, and waihed their & in fanguine agni lave- 

garments in the blood of lunt ftolas fuas. 
the Iamb« 

Anth. The faints by 
their faith conquered 
kinji;doms, they afted 
righteoufly, and gained 
the promifes. 

Anth. The youth of 
the faints, like thatof the 
eagle, Ihall be renewed : 
they fhall flourifti like 
the lily in the city of the 

Anth. God will wipe 
away every tear from the 
eyes of the faints : and 
there {hall be no more 
neither mourning, nor 
crying, nor pain ; for 
their fird ilate is now 

Atith. The abode of 
the (aints is in the king- 
dow of heaven ; and they 
are now at reft for ever. 

Ant. San<Sli per fidem 
vicerunt regna, operati 
funt juftitiam, adepti 
funt repromiffiones. 

Ant. Sanctorum, vc- 
lut aquilae, juventus re* 
novabitur : florebunt fi- 
cut lilium in civitate Do- 

Ant, Abfterget Dcas 
omnem lacrymam ab 
oculis faiKSlorum : & jam 
non erit amplius neque 
luflus, neque clamor j 
fed nee ullus dolor; quo- 
niam priofa tranfierunt. 

Ant. Irf cceleftibus 
regnis fandlorum habi- 
tatio eft ; & in acternum 
requics eorum. 

The Little Chapter <7«^Hymn, as in the 
firft Vefpers, p, xci. 

V. Exultabunt fanffi 
in gloria. R, Laetabun- 
tur in cubilibus fuis. 

V. The faints in glory 
fhall be filled with joy. 
R, They fhall rejoice on 
their couches. 

Anth. The fouls of the Ant, Gaudent i.i cce- 
/Ii/n^s, that have foUov/d \u 2^iv\mx fanftjrurn. 


yj. Of MANY MARTYRS. xcvu 

fteps of Cbrift^ re- qui Chrifli veftigia funt 

e in heaven i and be- fecuti : & quia pro ejus 

fe they flied their amore fanguinem fuum 

xJ for his fake, there- fuderunt, ideo cum Chri^ 

they rejoice with Ji§ exultant fine fine, 
iji for ever. 

Another MASS of the fame. 

INTROIT. Ecclef.xWv. 

ET the nations re- OApientiamfandorum 
f hte the wifdom of j^ narren^ populi : & 
faints: and let the laudeseoruoinunriet Ke- 
rch publifli their clefia. Nomina eorum 
[c^. Their names viventinfaeculumfaeculi. 
I live for ever. Pf Pf Exultate jufti in Do- 
>ice in the Lord ye mino : re£):os decet coU 
teous ones : his praife laudatio. F. Gloria. 
>mes the righteous, 

COLLECT. Dius^ qui nos concedis, 
k God, by whofe favour we celebrate the feftival 
r of thy holy Martyrs N, and M grant we may 
y their fellowfhip in eternal blifs. l^hro'. 

LESSON. TVifd.y. i6. 
^ H E righteous fhall live for evermore : and 
their reward is with the Lord, and the care 
em with the Moft High. Therefore (hall thej 
ve a kingdom of glory, and a crown of beauty 
e hand of the Lord : for with his ri^ht hand 
he cover them, and with his holy arm will he. 
id them. His zeal will take it's armour, and 
ill arm the creation to take revenue on his ene- 
. He wiH put on juftice for a breaft- plate, and 
"ill take true juJgment inftc^d of nn helmet : 
ill take equity for an invincible fhield. 

0L« IL i 

xcviii The COMMON Mafu 

GRADUAL. Pf. cxxxiii. 

Our foul, like the Anima noAra, iicut 

fparrow, hath efcaped pafier, erepta eft de la- 

from the hunter's fnare. queo venantium. V. La- 

V. The fnare is broken, -queus contritus efi> & 

and we are at liberty : nos liberati fumus : ad- 

our help is in the name jutorium noftrum in no- 

of the Lord, who made mine Domtni, qui fecit 

both heaven and earth, coelum & terram. 

TRACT. Pf. cxxv. They who fow, p. xciv. 

GOSPEL. Z«i£ vi. 17, 23. 
jiT that time: Jifus going down from the moun- 
"^ tain, ftood in the plain, as alfo the company of 
his difciples, and a very great multitude of the people 
from all Judea and Jerufaltniy and the fea-coaft 
both o(Tyre and Sidon^ who were come to hear him, 
and be cured of their difeafes. And they that were 
troubled with unclean fpirits, were healed. An<l 
all the multitude fought to touch him, for there 
came forth from him a virtue, which healed all. 
And he, lifting up his eyes towards his difciples, 
(aid : BlefTed are yoii poor, for your's is the kingdom 
of God. Bleiled are you that hunger now, for 
you {hall be Riled. Blefled are you that weep now, 
for you (hall laugh. Blefled fhall you be, when 
men {hall hate you, and when they {hall feparate^ 
you> and {hall reproach you, and caft out your name 
as evil, on account of the fon of man. Be glad in 
that day, and rejoice ; for behold your reward is 
great in heaven. 

OFFERTORY. Pf. cxiviii. 

The faints in glory Exultabunt fanSi in 

Ihall be in tranfports of gloria: lastabuntur in cu- 

joy : the>^ {hall rejoice bilibus fuis: exaltationes 

on their couches : the Dei in faucibus eorum. 
high praifes of God fhall 
be in their mouths. 


TE bring thee, O Lord, the offerings of our 
devotion ; and may they be acceptable to 
(1 honour of thy feiius, and, by thy mercy,? 
ble to our falvation. Thro'. 

1 1 fay to you, my Dico autem vobis a*- 
s : be not tenified mici« meis : nc terrcami- 
►fe, who perfecute ni ab his, qui vos pcifc- 


OSTCOMMUNION. Prajia nobis^ 
iant, we befeech thee, O Lord,' by the mter- 
ceffion of thy holy Martyrs N, and M that 
we have taken ^ith our mouths, we m^y re* 
with a pure foul. Thro'. 

Another M A S S of the fame. 

I N T R O I T. Pf. xxxvi. 

HE falvation of the O AIus autem juftorum 
righteous is from j^ a Domino : & pro- 
-»ord : and he is teSor eorum eft in tern- 
prote<Sor in the pore tribulationis. Pf 
Dfdiftrcfs. Pf Be Noli aemulari in malig- 
inuilous of evil- nantibus : neque ^ela- 
: nor ■ envy them veris facientes iniquita^ 
vork iniquity. F* tern. ^.Gloria. 

13 O L L E C T. DeuSy qui nos annua, 
God, who by the yearly folemnity of thy holy 
Martyrs N. and N. comforteft us thy people j 
fully grant, that, as we rejoice at their merits, 
ay likewife be encouraged by their example*.' 

EPISTLE. //^*. X. 32, 38. 

uhren : Call to mind the former days, where- 
1, after you were enlightened, you endured 
It conflict of fuiFerings on one hand indeed 

i 2 

G The C O MM O N Majs. 

bv reproaches and tribulations » being made a ga- 
zing-ftock : and on the other being companions 
^ of them, that were ufed in that fort. For you both 
had compaffion on them* that were in bands, and 
took with joy the being ftripped of your own goods, 
knowing that you have a better, and more lading 
fubftance. Do not therefore lofe your confidence, 
which hath a great reward. For patience is ne- 
ceflary for you, that doing the will of God, you 
may receive the promife. For yet a little while] 
and he that is to come, will come, and will not 
delay. But my righteous man liveth by faith. 

GRADUAL. Pf. xxxiii. 
The righteous cried Clamaverunt jufti, & 
out, and the Lord heard Dominus exaudiviteos: 
them, and deliver'd them & ex omnibus tribula- 
from all their tribula- Uonibus eorum liberavit 
tions. F. The Lord is at eos. V. Juxta eft Domi- 
hand to thofe who are nus his, qui tribulato 
afRidted in fpirit : and he funt corde : & humiles 
will favc the humble of ijpiritu falvabit. 
TRACT. Pf. cxxv. They who fow, p. xciv. 

GOSPEL. Matt. xxiv. 3, 14. 
ytT that time : As Jefus was fitting on mount 
^^ Olivet^ the difciples came to him privately, 
faying: Tell us, when fhall thefe things be? And 
what (hall be the fign of thy coming, and of the 
confummation of the world i And Jefus anfwering, 
faid to them : Take heed that no man feduce you. 
For many will come in my name, faying : I am the 
Chrtft : and they will feduce many. And you ihall 
hear of wars, and rumours of wars. See that you 
be not troubled. For thefe things muft come to 
pafs ; but the end is not yet. For nation (hall rife 
againfl nation, and kingdom againft kingdom- : and 
there (hall be peftilences, and famines, and earth- 
quakes in places : now 21U thefe things are the be- 

. Of MANY martyrs: z\ 

iigs of forrows. Then (hall they deliver you 
be affli(5ted, and fhall put you to death : and 
hall be hated by all nations on account of xti^ 
?• And then fhall many be fcandalized, and 
betray one another, and ihall hate one another, 
many falfe prophets fhall arife, and (hall fedu^e 
\ And becaufe iniquity hath abounded, the 
ty of many fhall grow cold. But he that (hall 
vere to the end, fhall be favcd, 


he fouls of the righ- Juftorum animae in: 
are in the hand of manu Dei funt, & non 

, and the torments tanget illos tormentum. 

ickednefs fhall not malitiae. Vifi funt ocu- 

I them. To the lis infipientium mori \, 

of the foolifh they illi autem funt in pace. 

ed to die \ but they 

1 peace. 


£ appeafed, O Lord, we befeech thee, by the 
oflFerings we have made ; and defend us from 

ingers by the interceffion of thy holy. Martyrs 

nd N. Thro'. 


''hat I fay to you in Quod dico vobis in 

lark, fpeak you in tenebris, dicite in lumi- 

ght, faith the Lord : ne, dicit Dominus : & 

what is whifpered quod in aure auditis,. 

in the ear, preach praedic^te fuper te6ta« 
on the houfe-tops. 

>STCOMMUNION. Hac nos ccmmunio.. 

[AY this communion, O Lord, purify us 
from fin, and, by the interceffion of thy holy 
:yrs N. and N. make us partakers of the joys 
raven. Thro'. 

i 3 

cii r^^ C O M M O N EpiftUs. 


E P I S T L E. Heb. xi. 33, 39. 
jyRethnn: The faints thro' faith fubdued king- 
^ doms, pradlifed righteoufnefs, obtained the 
promifes, flopped the mouths of lions, quenched 
the violence of fire, efcaped the edge of the fword, 
recovered flrength from weaknefs, became valiant 
in war, put to flight the armies of the aliens. Wo- 
men received their dead raifed again to life. But 
others were racked « not accepting deliverance, that 
they may might find a better refurreSion. And 
others had trials of mockeries and ftripes, moreover 
alfo of bands and prifons. They were ftoned, they 
were cut afunder, they were tempted, they were put 
to death by the fword, they wandered about in fheep- 
fkins, in soat-fkins, being in want, diflrelTed, af- 
GMXtA : oF whom the world was not worthy; wan- 
dering in deferts, on mountains, and in dens, and 
in caves of the earth. And all thefe were found 
approved by the teftimony of faith, in Cbrijl Jefus 
our Lord, 

GOSPEL. Matt. xi. 25, 30. 

AT that time Jefus anfwered and faid : I give 
thanks to thee, O Father Lord of heaven and 
earth, becaufe thou haft hid thefe things from the 
wife and prudent, and haft revealed them to the litde 
ones. Yea, Father; for fo it hath feemed good in 
thy fight. All things are delivered up to me by my 
Father. And no one knowcth the Son, but the Fa- 
ther : neither doth any one know the Father, but the 
Son, and he to whom the Son fliall be willing tore- 
veal him. Come to me, all you that labour, and are 
heavy laden, and I will refrefli you. Take up my 
yoke upon you, and learn of me, becaufe I am meek, 
and humble of heart : and you (hall find reft to your 
fouls : for my yoke \s (v^cet^ ^lud m^ burden is light. 

Of a CONFESSOR and BISHOP. ciii 




IN the five or fix firft ages of the Church, thofe were call'd 
Ctmfejforsy who confefled Jefus Chrift before the Pa- 
gans; particularly if tortures accompanied this their Con- 
^tSion, as was generally the cafe. In after times the name 
of C4mfejf(ir was given to fuch as confefifed Jefus Chrift by 
the purity and fanftity of their lives. There are different 
degrees of Confejfors: fome of them were Bift?opsy fomc 
Prieftsy and Dolors of the Church; and by their intercef- 
fion we ought to beg of God paftors full of his fpirit, and 
capable of reaching the truths intruded to them. Others 
vt trc. Monks ox Solitaries i and it is thro' their intercef- 
fion we ought to beg of God the fpirit of retirement and 
pennance. Others lived in the world in different ftates 
and conditions. But they all lived without any attach* 
ment to the things of this world ; and defpifed whatever 
is tranfitory, to give themfelves up to God and his truths ; 
and mortifying their bodies by pennaiice, they underwent 
a fort of martyrdom in the perpetual mortification of their 
paflions, and denial of their own will. It is to the imita- 
tion of thefe virtues that their fealls ought to animate us; 
and, on them, we ought to have recourfe to God, that, 
thro' their intercefiion, we may obtain his enabling grace 
to follow their Heps. 


The Psalms, as on Sunday, p, xli. Except 

the laji^ which is : Laudate Domlnum omnes, 

p. Ixviii. 

Antb. T^Ehold a great Ant, TT^ Cce Sacerdos 

X) Prelate, who Py magnus, qui 

In his days pleaded G0J9 in diebus fuis placuit 

and was found righteous. Deo, & inventus eft juf- 

Anth, There was none Ant, Non eft inventus 
found like him, in keep« (imilis illi, qui conferva- 
ing the law of the moft ret legem excelfu 

civ The C O M 

jfntb. Therefore, ac- 
cording to oath, did the 
X'Ord make him great 
among his people. 

jfnth. Ye priefts of 
God, blefs the Lord ; ye 
feryants of the Lord, fing 
a hymn to God. 

yfnth. Thou good and 
faithful fervant, enter 
into the joys of thy 


BEhoId a great Prelate, who in his days pleafed 
God, and was found righteous : and in the time 
of wrath became an atonement. 

M O N I. Fifpers. 

Ant. Ideo jurejurando 
fecit ilium Dominus 
crefcere in plebem fu- 

Ant. Sacerdotes Dei, 
benedicite Dominum ; 
fervi Domini hymnum 
dicite Deo. 

Ant. Serve bone & fi- 
delis, intra in gaudium 
Domini tui. 

H Y 

THis Cbrijt's confef. 
for, whofe great 
The faithful thro' the 

world proclaim. 
With glory did this day 

. To joys that never 

Jf It be not the day of his deceafe^ change the two laji 

lines thus: 

M N. 

ISTE confeffor Do- 
mini, colentes 

Quern pi£ laudant po- 
puli per orbem, 

Hac die lastus meruit 
Scandere fedes. 

Deferves that we fliould 
on this day 

The higheft praifes 
A pious prudence, ac- 
tions mild, 
Chafte manners, not 
mth crimes defiVd, 

Hac die Ixtus meruit 

Laudis honores. 

Qui pius, prudens, hu- 
milis, pudicus 
Sobriam duxit fine labe 


Adorn'd his fober life. Donee humanos anima- 
ti]l disath 

Thefe holy adlions 
God fo pleafe, 
I'hat ulcers, pains, and 

each difeafe 
Obey him| and by power 

Their place to 
health reiign. 
For this we pious tro- 
phies raife. 
And (ing this folemn 

hymn of praife ; 
That, by his prayer 
th' Almighty may 
His grace to us 
To him be glory, 
power, fame. 
Who rules the world's 

weIl-order*d frame ; 
And fills the bright ce- 
leflial throne, 
- Myflerious three 
and one. Amen, 
V. The Lord loved 
him, and adorned him* 
R. He clothed him with 
a robe of glory. 

vit aurae 

Spiritus artus. 

Cujus ob praeftans me- 
. . ritum frequenter 
^^ra, quae paffim jacu->> 

ere^ membra 
Viribus morbi domitis, 


Nofier hinc illi chorus 
Concinit laudem, cele- 

brefque palm as, 
Ut piis ejus precibus ju- 
Omne per aevum* 

Sit falus illi, decus^ 
atque virtus. 
Qui fuper coeli folio co- 

Totius mundi feriem 

Trinus & unus. 
V. Amavit eum do- 
minus, & ornavit eum. 
Rn Stolam gloriae in- 
duit eum. 


Anth. O Prieft and 
Bifhop, and worker of 
miracles ; O good (hep- 
berd of the people, pray 
to the Lord for us. 

Ant. Saccrdos & Pom- 
tifex, & virtutum opifex; 
paftor bone in populo, 
ora pro nobis Dominum. 

cvi r/.^ C O M M O N Ahfi 

MASS. Introit. EccUf, xlv. 

THE Lord fettled OTatuit ci Dominus 

with him a cove- j^ teftamentum pads, 

nanC of peace, and made & principem fecit eum: 

him a chief, that he may ut fit illi facerdotii digrii- 

havc the honourof pried- tas in sternum. Pf. 131. 

hood for ever. Pj\ O Memento, Dominei 

Lord remember DnvIcI^ Davids & omnis man- 

and all his mcckncfs in fuetudinis ejus. ^. Glo- 

Jujfering^ V, Glory. lia. ' 

COLLECT. Da qu^fumus. 

GRant, we befeech thee, O Almighty God, that 
I he venerable folemnity of bleiied JV. tby 
ConfciTor and Bifhop, may improve our devotion, 
and flrengthen in us the hopes of falvation. Thro\ 

LESSON. EceUf. xliv. and xlv. 

BEhold a great Prelate, who in his days pleafed 
God, and was found righteous ; and in the time 
of wrath became an atonement. There was none 
found like him in obKerving the law of the Moft 
High. Therefore by oath did the Lord make him 

!;reat among his people. He gave, him the blef- 
ing of all nations, and eflabliflied his covenant on 
his head. He acknowledged him by his bleflings: 
he ftored up his mercy for him : and he found fa- 
vour in the eyes of the Lord. Chap. xlv. He raifed 
him in the fight of kings ; and gave him a crown 
of glory. He made with him an eternal covenant ; 
and beftowed on him the high priefthood, and 
rendered him happy in glory ; that h.e might per- 
form the prieftly office, (ing praifes to the name of 
God, and offer him coftly incenfe for an odour of 

GRADUAL. Ecclef. xWv. 

Behold a great Prelate, Ecce Sacerdos mng- 

who in his days pleafed nus, qui in diebus tuis 

God. V. There was placuit Deo. V» Non eft 

none found llke<.him in inventus fimilis illi ^ qui 

Of a CONFESSOR and BISHOP, cvii 

keeping the law of the conferVaret legem £x- 
Muft High. celfi. 

TRACT. P/cxi. 

BLefled is the man, T>£atus vir qui timet 
thatfea^pth theLord; j3 Domtnum, in man- 
he delights exceedingly datisejuscupitnimis. V, 
in his commandments. Potens in terra erit fe- 
^. * His feed ihall be men ejus ; gcneratiorec- 
mighty upon earth ; the torum benedicetur. V. 
generation of the righte- Gloria & divitine in do- 
ous (hall be blefled. V. mo ejus : & juftida ejus 
Glory and wealth Jhall manet in faeculum fae- 
ht in his houfe ; and his cull, 
fighteoufnefs remaincth 
for ever and ever. 

GOSPEL. Matt. XXV. 14, 23. 
jjT that time Jefus fpoke this parable to his dif^ 
•^^ ciples : A man going to a far country, called his 
iervants, and delivered to them his goods. And to 
one he gave five talents, and to another two, and to 
another one, to every one according to his proper 
ability : and immediately took his journey. And 
he that had received the five talents, went his way, 
and traded with the fame, and gained other five. 
And in like manner he that had received thg two, 
gained other two. But he that had received the one, 
going his way, dug in the earth, and hid his Lord's 
money. But aftef a long time the Lord of thofe fer- 
vants came, and reckoned with tkem. And he that 
had received the five talents, coming brought other 
five talents, fayingr : Lord, thou deliveredft to me 
five talents : behold I have gained other five over and 
above. His Lord faid to him : Well done, thou 
good and faithful fervant, becaufe thou haft been 
faithful over a few things, I will fet thee over ma- 
ny : enter thou into the joy of thy Lord. And 
■ be alfo, who had received the two talents, came and 
iaid : Lord) thou deliveredft two talents 10 isi^ *. V^^- 

cviii The COMMON II. Fefpirs. 

hold I have gained other two. His Lord faid to him: 
\VeIl done, good and faithful fervant : becaufe thou 
haft been faithful over a few things, I will fet thee 
over many ; enter thou into the joy of thy Lord. 

OFFERTORY. Pf. Ixjcxviii. 

I have found David Juveni David fervum 

my fervant : with my meum : oleo fando meo 

holy oil have I anointed unxi eum. Manus enim 

him. My hand (hall mea auxiliabitur eiy & 

help him, and my arm brachium meum confor- 

iball ftrengthen him. tabit eum. 


MAY thy faints, O Lord, we befccch, caufc 
joy to all thy people : that while wc cele- 
brate their merits, we may experience their patron- 
age. Thro*. f 

This is the faithful and Fidelia fervus & pru- 
prudcnt fervant, whom densquemconftitu*tDo- 
the Lord placed over his minus fuper familiam 
family, to give them in fuam : ut det illis in teto- 
due feafon their meafurc pore tritici mcnfuram. 
of wheat. 

POSTCOMMUNION. Pne^ay guafumus. 

C"^ Rant, we befeech thee, O Almighty God, that 
J 'while we return thee thanks for what we 
have partaken of, we may, by the interceffion of 
blefled A'', thy ConfeflTor and Bifliop, receive ftill 
greater favours. Thro'. 


TT'/ Anthems, Little Chapter, and 
Hymn, as in the fir/i Vefpers^ p. civ. — 
The P s,A L M s /7J on Sundays, p. xli. Except 
the lajiy wh'nh is : 

Pf, cxxxi., 

REmemberD/w/V/,0 Ti ^Emento,Domir.e, 
Lord rei^and all his xVjL ^^ /V:*k on - 
n;eeknefs /.7 fufftring^ m% ma^afuetudinis ejus. 

0/ ^ CONFESSOR 4^»i BISHOP, cix 

How he fword to the 
Lord i^and mdde a vow 
to the God of Jacob, 

I will not enter the'in- 
ner part of my houfe : ^ 
I will not go into the bed 
whereon I lie. 

I will not grant fleep 
to my eyes :^nor flumber 
to my eye-lids : 

Or reft to my temples: 
till I find a place for the 
Lord :^an abode for the 
God of Jacei. 

Behoid we 
in Epbrata:^ we have 

Sicut joravit Domi- 
no: 4|(votum vovit Deo 

3i introiero in taber* 
naculum domus meas:4& 
fi afcendero i« ledum 
ftrati mei. 

Si dedero >romnuni 
oculis meis : ^ & palpe- 
brismeis dormitationem. 

£t requiem tempori* 
bus meis; donee inve- 
niam locum Domino :m 
'. £cce audivimus eam 
in Ephrata : ^ inveni- 

found it in the fields of mus eam in campvs fyl« 

the foreft. 

We will go into his 
tabernacle : ^ we will 
adore in the place where 
his feet have ftood *• 

Arife, O Lord, go to 
the place of thy abode :* 
thou and thy holy ark. 

Let thy priefts be 
clothed with righteouf- 
liefs i^znd let thy faints 

For the fake of Da* 
vid thy fervant, * turn 
not away the face ^ of 
thy anointed one. 

The Lord hath fwom 
to fulfill his promife to 
Davidy and he will not 
make it void : * of the 


.!. Introrbtmus in tuber* 
naculum ejus :^adorabi« 
thus in loco ubi llete- 
runt pedes ejus. 

Surge, Domine, in re- 
quiem tuam :^tu & area 
fandificationis tuae. 

Sacerdotes tui indur 
antur juftitiam .4&&fanc- 
ti tui exultent. 

Propter David fefvum 
tuum,4^non-avertas faci- 
em Chrijii tui. 

JuravitDominus Da^ 
wVveritatem, & non fru- 
ftrabitur eam :^de fruc- 
tu ventris tui ponam fu- 

« Expl. JVbere be bath fettled, and taken uf bi% abode 
♦ E«pl. Re/ufe not to leak uptn him. 

Vol. IL k 

ex The C 6m 

fruit of tby womb will I 
place one on thy throne. 

If thy children obferve 
my covrnam :«and tbcfe 
m^ precepts^ wbkb I 
will teach them: 

'And their children aU 
fo for ercr, « fhall fit 
upon thy throoc 

For the Lord' hath 

M O N II. Fifths, 

per fedeiR tuain. 

Si cyftodierint filii tui 
teftaflsentum meuin:^^ 
ic teflifDonia mea bcc« 
quae docebo eos : 

£t filii eorum afi|ue 
in fsciilumi 41 fedebunt 
fiiper fedem tuam. 

Quoniam elegit Do* 
minus £/«« .*4ieleff 1 1 earn 

chofen Srtn : m he hath 

chofen it for the place of in habiutionem fibu 

his abode. 

Thii is my abode for 
ever :«here will I abide 
becaufe I have chofen it. 

I vill plentifully bleia 
her widow : m I will fill 
her poor ones with bread* 

I will clothe hek* priefts 
with falvation :4iand her 
holy ones (hall rejoice 

There will I fbew the 
power of D^^;4il have 
prepared a lamp for my 
anointed one. 

I will cover his ene- 
mies with confiifion : ^ 
but on him (hall my 
fanflification ^ flourifh. 

K l^he Lord led the 
jiift tnan through right 
ways. R. And hefhew- 
ed him the kingdom of 

Haec requies meaio £e- 
culimifieculi :4bic babi- 
labo, ouoniam el^i eaia 
Vicfuani ejus &nedi* 
cens benedicam : «pau«. 
peres ejus fitturabo pani- 

Sacerdotes ejus induam 
falutari : m & fandi ejus 
exultatione exultabunt. 

Illuc producam comu 
Dawd :mpzmvi lucer- 
nam Cbrijio meo. 

Inimicos ejus induam 
confufione i^iuper ipfum 
autem ei&orebit fan£lifi- 
catio mea. 

F. Juftum deduxit 
Dominuspervias rt&zs, 
R. £t oftendit illi reg- 
num Dei. 


c Ex pi. I will fi>rw I have chofen him far my holy one, andwf 
arur.ti>g or confnrating him^ vi»» C\i\\&, kiw^of the wb^e worUt 
/hall have it*s ^Jffci^ 

4 CONFESSOR tf;ii BISHOP, cxi 


The Lord loved Ant. Amarit eum 

id adorned him : Dooiinus, & ornavit 
clothed htm with eum : ftolam glorix in- 

of glory, and duit eum \ & ad portat 
d htm at the gates paradlfi coronavtc eum* 
In the fecond Vcfpcn (>/ PO P E S. 

'. Whllft he was Ant. Dum cilet Turn* 

i(hop, he feared mui Puntifcx, rerreiia 

; on earth » but uoi\ metuit^ fed nd ccrlc- 

d glnriuuilk to ilu ro^^^A glorbiui i^i- 

veidy kiogoonM. gravit. 

Of thi itme. 

>ther MASS. Introxt. Pf. cxxxi. 
r thy prlefts, O O Arerdoies tul, Do- 
rord, be clothed \^ mine«induantur]ur- 
^hteourncfs, and titiam, & fant^i tui ex- 
faints rejoice ex- uUcnt. Propter David 
;ly. For DaviJ^ fetvum tuum non aver- 
'ant's fake, turn ats facicm Ckrtfti tui. 
ly the face of thy Pf. Memento, Oomine, 
d one. Pf. O David, ic omnis man- 
:membcr David^ fuetudinis ejus. V. Glo- 
his meeknefs #« ria. 
f. V. Glory* 

O L L E C T. ExauMy ^uafumus, 
AR, O Lord, we befeech thee, the prayers 
ve offer on this folemntty of bleflfd N. thy 
or and Bifhop; and by his interceffion, who 
f ferved thee, deliver us from all our fins. 

EPISTLE. HeL vii. 23, 27. 
7ren : There were formerly many high priefta 
cej/ively ; becaufc, by reafon of death, tkijr 
»t fufFered to continue. But J,^/ui^ for that. 

k 2- 

cxii ne COMMON Mafi. 

he continueth for ever, hath an everlaftmg pried- 
hood. Whereby he is able al(b to fave for ever 
them that come to God by him ; always living to 
make interceffion for us. For it was fitting we 
fliould have fuch an high-prieft, holy, innocent, 
undefiled, feparated from finners, and ' made higher 
than the heavens : who needeth not daily, as otbtr 
priefts, to offer facrifices firfi for his own fins, and 
then for the people's : for this Jifus cmr Lord did 
once in offering himfelf. 

GRADUAL. Pf. cxxxi. 
I will clothe her priefls Sacerdotes ejus indu* 
with falvation, and her amfalutari, &fandiejui 
faints fhall rejoice ex<- exultatione exultabunt. 
ceedindy. /^. Tliere V. Illuc producam corno 
will I mew the power of DaviJi paravi lucernaffl 
David i I hare prepared Cbrifto meo. 
a lamp for my anointed 

TRACT. Blcfled is the man, as p. Ixxxiv. 

GOSPEL. Matt. xxiv. 42, 47. 
j^T that time : Jt(\i$fa/d t9 his difciplts: Watch 
-" ye therefore, becaufe you know not at what 
kour your Lord will come. But this know ye, 
that if the mailer of the houfe knew at what hour 
the thief would come, he -would certainly watch, 
and would not fuffer his houfe to be broken open. 
Wherefore be you alfo ready, becaufe, at what hour 
you know not, the fon of man will come. Who, 
thinkcft ihou, is the faithful and wife fervant, whom 
the Lor<l hath fet over his family, to give them meat 
in due f^afon? Blefled is that fervant, whom, when 
his Lord fliall come, he fliall find doing fo. jfmen^ 
I fay to ypiJ, he (hall fet him over all his goods. 

'. OFFERTORY. P/. Ixxxviii. 
'•*^1y truth and my Veritas mea & mife- 
flicrcv are with him : riccrdia mea cum ipfo: 

• Expl. Raijcd ah*vt all tbe be<w;enj,\\x» V3 Vu a{c4T.ji<jK. 

Mafs. Of DOCTOR^: cxiii 

ind in my name ihall & in nomine meo exa!- 
lis power be exalted. tabitur cornu ejus; 

S E C R E T. 
\ ^AY the annual (olemnity, we befccch thcc, 
I VJL O Lord, of holy N. thy Confeffor and Bi- 
nop, render us acceptable to thy mercy ; that, by 
his facrifice of propitiation, he may both receive a. 
)appy reward, and obtain for us the gift of thy 
iieicy. Thro*- 

BlefTed is the fervant Beatus fervus quem 
vhom the Lord, when ' 'cum venerit Dominus, 
le Cometh, ihall find invenerit vigil antem. 
vatching. Amen^ I fay Amen^ dico vobls, fuper 
o you, he (hall fet him omnia bona fua conlti- 
iver all he hath. tuet eum. 

POSTCOMMUNION. Deus fidellum. 

DGod, the rewarder of faithful (ouls, grant that 
we may obtain forgivenefs by the prayers of 
leficd iV. thy Confeffor and Bjlhop, whofe vene- 
ible feaft we celebrate. Thro*. 


TCbiy art either of a Confeffor and Bifbop, ai 
above y p. ciii. or of a Confeffor not a Bi(hop, 
as below J p. cxvii.. according to the quality of 
the Snint, 

>/«/. O excellent Doc- Ant, O* DovSor op- 
>r, lig;ht of the lioly time, Eccflcrio? faniStx 
hur<:'!, b^irHV 1 N, io- lumen, bcatc N, Jivn^ae. 
;r of the divine hv/, lei^is amator, de^.ecidCL; 

k 3^ 

cxiv rbe COMMON Mafs. 

pray to the Son of God pro nobis Fillum Dei. 
for us. 

MASS. Intrott. ' Ecckf. xv. 

HE . opened his TN medio ecclefiae a- 

mouth in the ^ peruit os ejus; & 

midlt of the aflembly, implevit eum Dominus 

and the Lord filled him fpiritu fapientise & in- 

with the fpirit of wif- telle£tus : ftolam gloria; 

dom : he hath clothed induit eum. Pf. Bonum 

him with a robe of glory, eft confiteri Domino, & 

P/,.h is good to praife pfallere nomini tuo, Al- 

the Lord, and to fmg to UiEme. F. Gloria, 

thy name, O thou the ' 
Moft High. F. Glory. 

COLLECT. Dius, qui populo tuo. 

OGod, who didft give to thy people bleiTed jV.. 
for a miniftcr of eternal falvation; grant, we 
befeech thee, that he who was the inftruiilor of our 
life here on earth, may in heaven become our inter- 
ccfTor. Thro'. 

EPISTLE. 2r/m. iv. I, 8. 
7\/T0 S T dearly beloved brother : I charge thee 
•^ '^ before God and Je/us Cbrift^ who wiB judge 
the living and the dead, by his coming, and his 
kingdom : preach the wora, be inftant in feafon, 
out of feafon, reprove, intreat, rebuke with all pa- 
tience and doctrine. P'or there (hall be a time, when 
they {bill not endure found do£trine, but, accord- 
ing to their own defires, they will heap up to them- 
felves teachers, having itching ears : and will turn 
away their hearing from the truth, and will be turn- 
ed to fables. But be thou vigilant, labour in all 
things, do the work of an Evangelift, fulfil thy mi- 
niftry : be fobcr. For I am now rerdy to be facri- 
ficcii : and the time of my difToIution is at hand. I 
have fought a good fight, I have finifiied mj courfe* 
J /)a vc kept the faa\\. &a \o \Jcv% \iift^ there Is laid 

Mafs. 0/ D O C T O R S. cxv 

up for me a crown of juftice, which the Lord, the 
juft judge, will render to me at that day : and not 
to me only, but to all thofe, who love his coming. 

GRADUAL. Pf.xxxvi. 

The mouth of the Os jufti meditabitur 
righteous man ihall ut- fapientiam,& lingua ejus 
ter wifdom : and His ton- loquetur judicium, r, 
gue ihall fpeak judg- Lex Dei ejus in corde 
ment. F> The law of hisr ipfius, & non fupplanta- 
God is in his heart : and buntur greiTus ejus. 
his feet {hall not be 
tript up. 

TRACT. Blefled is the man, as p. Ixxxlv. 

GOSPEL. Matt. V, 13, 19. 
jfT that time ] cfus /aid to his difciples : You are 
•^ the fait of the earth. But if the fait lofe it's 
favour, wherewith ihall it be made fait again ? It is 
good for nothing any more, but to be caft away, 
and to be trodden on by men. You are the light of 
the world. A city feated on a mountain cannot be 
hid. Neither' do men light a candle, and put it un- 
der a bufbel^ but in a candle-itick, that it may give 
light to all that are in the houfe. Let your light fo 
(bine before men, that they may fee your good 
works, and glorify your Father, who is in heaven. 
Do not think that I am come to deftroy the law, cr 
the prophets. I am notccme to deftroy them^ but to 
fulfil them. For, Amcriy I fay to you, till heaven and 
earth pafs away^i one jot, or one tittle fhall not pafs 
from the law, till all be fulfilled. Whofoever there- 
fore fhall break one of thefe lead; commandmentF, 
and (hall teach men fo, he {ball be called the leafl in 
the kingdom of heaven. But whofoever {hall do 
and teach them, the fame ihali be called great in the 
kingdom of heaven. 

9FFERTaRY. P/ xci. 
Xbc righteous man JuAus ut palma flore- 
flialJ Soufilb lik^ the bit ; tcul ^^4i>»^ o^^^ x^ 

cxvi the COMMON Mafu 

palm-tree: he ihall thrive Liban9 eft, mukiplica- 
like the cedar onLibanus. bitur. 


LE T the pious pr'ayers of thy holy fervant N. 
never be wanting to u$, O Lore! : that they 
may make our offerings acceptable to thee, and 
always obtain for us thy pardon. Thro*. 


This is the faithful and Fidelis fervus & pru«> 

prudent fervant, whom- dens, quern conftituit 

the Lord placed over his Dominusfuper familiam 

family, to give them in fuam: utdet illisintem- 

due fcafun their meafure pore tritici* menfuram. 
of wheat. 


LET bleflfed N. O Lord, thy Confeflbr and great 
Doftor, become our advocate, tlial this thy 
holy facrifice may procure our falvation. Thro*. 

jtnothcr LESSON of the fame. 

LESSON. EccUf. xxxix. 6, 14. 
CT^H E righteous man will gi\'e his heart to watch 
•^ early to the Lord, ihae m*- Je him, and he will 
pray in the fight of the iVioft High. He will open* 
his mouth in prayer, afiJ make lupplication for his 
fins. For if it (hall pleafe ihe great Lord, he will 
fill him wiih the fpiritof underftaniMng: aad he will 
pour forth the words of hts wifdom as (howers, and 
in his prayer he will confcfs to the Lor J. And the 
Lord (hall direct his counfel, aoid his order of life,. 
and advife him in his difKcuhles. lie wiJlihew forth, 
the diTcipline he haih learned, and (hall glory in the. 
law of the covenant of the Lord. Many fhall join 
in the commcndatiun of his wifdorn, stttd'the memory 
a fit fhall never be foi gotten. The remembrance of 
him {hall never be h)ft, and his na:ne (ball be in re- 

CONFESSOR, not a BISHOP, cxvii 

)rocIaim his wifdom, and the Church (hall 
1 his praife. 

:oyiMOti of a CONFESSOR, 
not a BISHOP. 

I. V E S P E R S. 

• Psalms are as on Sundays, p, xli. Except 
he laji^ which is : Laudate Uominum omnes, 
'. Ixviii. 

jfnt. TTVi 

LORD, thou 
deliveredft to 
/c taleAts: behold 
I gained other five* 

b. Well done thou 

fervanc, who haft 

faithfal in little, 

into the joys of thy 

i. This is the falth- 
id prudent fervant, 
1 the Lord placed 
} is family. 
ih. Bleffcd is that 
It, whom his Lord, 
he (half come, and 
c at the gate, (hall 

fh. Thou good and 
ul fervant, enter 

.TTLE Chapter.* Beginmfig of the Leilbn 
to this mark%^ p. cxviii. Hymn. Ifte Con- 
feflbr; as p. civ. 

The Lord loved V> Amavit cum Do- 
and hath adorned minus, & ornavit eum. 
R, He hath clothed R. Stolam %loiv» vdAntX 

^Omine, quin- 
que talenta 
tradidiftTmihi : eccealia 
quinquc . fuperlucratu$ 

Ant. Euge ferve bone, 
in modico fidelis, intra 
in gaudium Domini tui*. 

Ant* Fidelis fervus & 
prudens, quern conftituit 
Dominusfuper familiam 

Ant. Beatus illc fer- 
vus, quern, cum venerit 
Dominus ejus, & pulfa- 
verit januam, invenerit 

Ant. Serve bone & 
fidelis, intra in gaudium 
Domini tui. 

cxvii? The COMMON Maju 

him vv th a robe of glo* cum. 

'^' At the MAGNIFICAT. 

Anth. I will compare Ant. Similabo eum 
him to a wife man, who viro fapicnti, qui sedifi- 
builc hii> houfeonaroiid cavit domum fuam fu- 
rock. pra petram. 

MASS. Introit. Pf. xxxvi. 

THE mouth of rhc /^S jufti mcditabitur 

I'ghteousmanfh^ll V^ rapientiam, &lin* 

utter wifdiftti and hi« gu-a ejus loquetur judi- 

ton((ucf1ull rpfMk jii^'^- eium: lex Dei dun In 

inencthelawiifhlsQod eorde -ipfiui. P/T Noli 

is in h!i heart. Pf. B« smulari in malignanti- 

not emulous of evil do* bus : neque zeliveriifii- 

erSt lior envy thofe that ricntet iniquitatcm. V% 

work iniquity, V, Glo- Gloria* 

COLLECT. Dius^ qui ms hiotl 

OGod, who comforteft us by tbe yearly folem- 
nity of bleflcd N. thy Confeflbrj mercifully 
grant, that while we celebrate bis feafty we may 
imitate his a<9ioni. Thro*. 

LESSON. Ecclef. xxxi. 8, 1 1. 

BLefied is the man^ that is found without blemlih; 
and that hath not gone after gold, nor put bii 
truft in money, nor in Creafures. Who is he, and 
we will praife him ? For he hath done wonderful 
things in his life. # He that is proof in this point, 
and is perfe<5t, (hall have eternal glory. He that 
could have tranfgrefred, and hath not tranfgreifed : 
and could do evil things, and hath not done diem. 
Therefore are his goods e(labli(hed in the Lord, 
and the whole aiTembly of the faints dull publifll 
his alms. 

GRADUAL. P/xci. 
The righteous man Juftus ut palma flore- 
/baJJ ilouriQi like the \>a*,Cv:utCedrusL/^ii/iJ 

Of a CONFESSOR, not a BISHOP, cxix 

palm-tree ; he (hall nsultipKcabitur In domo 

thrive like the Cedar on Domini. V. Ad annun • 

Liiattus in the houfe of tiandummanemifericor- 

the Lord. ^. To publiih diam tuam» & vefitatem 

thy mercy in the morn- tuam per no£tem« ^ 
ing, and thy truth by 

TRACT. Blefled is the man, as p. Ixxxiv. 

GOSPEL. Luh xii. 35, 40. 
^ T that timi Jefus /aid to his difcipUs : Let y^ur 
•" loins be girl, and lamps burning in your hands ; 
and be you like men looking for their Lord, wh^n 
he fhall return from the wedding : that when he 
Cometh and knocketh, they may open to him im- 
mediately. Blefled are thofe fervants, whom the 
Lord, when he cometh, fliall find watching. Amen^ 
I fay to you, that he will gird * hnnfelf, and make 
them fit down, and he will come forth and ferve 
them. And if he come at the fecond watch, or if 
he come at the third watch, and find them ib^ blef-^ 
fed are thofe fervants. But know ye this, that tf the 
mafter of the houfe did know at what hour the thief 
would come; he would certainly watch^ and would 
not fuiFer his houfe to be broken open. Be you then 
alfo ready : for at what hour you think not, the Son 
of Man will come. 

OFFERTORY. P/ Ixxxviii. My truth, 
MS p, cxii. 


WE offer thee, O Lord, in honour of thy faints, 
a facrifice of praife, by which we hope 
to be delivered from all prefent and future evils. 

COMMUNION. BIcfTed is the fervant, 
as p, ciii. 

« Ezpl. Tte a towel, or apron before bim, at Chrift did when bt 
im)tjb§d thi dijci/flgs /eei. 

cxx 7:&tf C O M M O N. 


BEing refrefhed, O Lordy with this h( 
meat ind drink, we humbly befeech the 
we may be affifted by his prayers, on wtioi 
we have received tbefe (acred myfteries. Ti 

Tbi Psalms, Anthems, Little Cm/ 
and Hymn, as in tbe firft Vefpers, p. 

V. The Lord led the V. Juftura < 

juft man through right Dominusperviai 

ways. R. And he hath R* £t oftendit l 

ftiewn him the kingdom num Dei. 
of God. 


Anth. This man de- Ant. Hie vir de 

fpi fine the world, and tri- mundum, H tern 

umphmg over all things umphans : divitis 

on earth, laid up riches condidit ore, mai 
in heaven both by word 
and deed. 

Another M A S S xf tbe fame. 

INTRO IT. P/.xci. 

THE righteous man TUftus ut palm 

fhall flourifh like the J bit ; ficut 

palm-tree: he (hall thrive L\bani multiplic 

like the cedar of £i^^»ftj, plantatus in dor 

beingplantedinthehoufe mini, in atriis 

ofthe Lord, in the courts Dei noftri. Pf* 

of the houfe of our God. eft confiteri Don 

Pf, It is good to praiie pfallere nomini ti 

the Lord, and to fing to tiffime. V. Glor 
thy name, O thou the 
MoftHigh. ^. GJory. 

COLLECT. Adeflo. 

A Trend, O Lord, to the humble praj 
prefent to thtc otv \i\^ ^vi\^uv\\vc>j ^ W 

)/ a COI^FESSOR, not a BISHQP. cxxi 

hy Gonfeilbr ; that we, who h^ve iiq confidence in 
)ur own righte^ufnef^, may have the help of his 
irayqrSy who w^^ fo pleafiag to thee. Thro*. 

E P 1 5 T L E. I C$r. Jv. 9, ijl. 
jyRithnn : W^ are made ^ fpe£lacle to the WQrld^ 
^ and to angels and to men. We are fools for 
Chrifi's fake j out you are wife in Chrj/i : we are 
weak, but you ate ({ro^ig; ypu are honourable, 
hut we withput honour. Even unto this hour 
we both hunger and thirft, and are naked, and are 
bufieted, and have no fixed abode. And we labour 
working with our own hand$. We are reviled, and 
we blefs. We arc perfecuted, and we fufFer it. Wc 
are ill fpoken of, and we intreat : we are become 
M the refufe of this world, the off-fcouring of all 
cvco till now. I write not thefe things to (hame 
you ; but I admonifli you as my deareft children9 
m Chriji Jefus our JLord^ 


GRADUAL. P/.xxxvi. 
The mouth of the Os jufti meditabitur 

righteous man fliall ut- fapientiam, & lingua 

ter wifdovn, and his ejus loquetur judicium, 

tongue (hall fpeak judg- Lex Dei ejus in corde 

ment. The law of God ipfius, & non fupplan« 

is in his heart, and his tabuntur pedes ejus. 

feet fball not be tripe up. 


TRACT. BlefTed is the man, as p, cvii. 

GOSPEL. Luki xii. 32, 34. 
A T that time Jefus [aid to his difcipUs : Fear not, 
•^-^ little flock, for it hath pleafcd your Father tor 
give you a kingdom. Sell what you poiTefs, and give 
alms. Make to yourfelves bags, that grow not old, 
a trcafure in heaven which faileth not ; where ne 
thief approacheth, nor moth confumeth. For where 
your treaure is, there will your heart be alfo. 
Vol. IL 1 

cxxri ne COMMON Mafs. 


The riehteous man. In virtute tua, Do- 

Lord, &all rejoice in inine,Iaetabiturju{lus,& 
thy power i and he (hall fuper falutare tuum ex- 
rejoice exceedingly that' ultabit vehementer : de- 
thou haft faved him : fiderium animse ejus tri- 
thou haft granted him buifti t\. 

his foul's defire. 


GRANT, wcbcfeech thee, O Almighty God, 
that our humble offerings may be acceptable 
to chee, for the honour of thy faints, and purify us 
both ifi body and mind. Thro\ 

COMMUNION. Matt. xix. 
Amefiy I fay to you : Amen^ dico vob!s : 

that you, who have for- quod vps, qui reliquiftii 

fook all things, and fol- omnia, & fecuti eftis 

lowed me ; fiiall receive me ; centuplum accipi- 

an hundred-fold, and etis, & vitam aeternam 

obtain eternal life. poflidebitis. 


WE befeech thee, O Almighty G<m1, that, by 
the interceffion of thy holy Confeffor N. 
the heavenly food we have received, may defend itf 
from all adverfity. Thro*. 

Another EPISTLE. Philip iii. 7, 12. 

T> Rethren : The things that were gain to me, thofc 
•^ I have accounted lofs for Chri/i. Farthermorc 

1 count all things to be but lofs, for the excellent 
knowledjTC of Je/us Chriji my Lord : for whom I 
have fufFercd the lofs of all things, and count them 
but as dung, that I may gain Chrijiy and may be 
found in him, not having my own righteoufnefs, 
which is of the law, but that which is of the faith 
of Chriji J'efus : which is of God, righteoufnefs in 
faith. That I may know him, and the power of 
his refurreilion, and v\v^ kWow^v^ ^^ \\\s (affeiings, 

Mafu 0/ ABBOTS. cxxii! 

3€ing made conformable to his death : if by any 
means I may attain to the refurredion, which is 
From the dead* Not as tho' I had already attained 
\o tbaty or were already perfeS : but I follow after, 
if that I may by any means lay hold of that,where- 
unto I w^^ jilfo. laid hold of by Jffui Chrifl, ^ 

ia>»tci»uiwi< M »f'WO rnniiiiitiinrtrtnrnrmifmninimTiiTiminnn'rtriirffffTrirrr iTTtmrr-Ti-rT m tnnnii m oiinni i 


V E S P K R S. 
Alt as in /^/Common tf/tfConfefTor) not a^\^ 
iho{^ p. cxvii. 

I N T R O I T, The mouth of the righteous^ 

COLLECT. Intircejfio. 

MAY the interceflion, O. Lord, of blelTed A^. 
the Abbot, recommend us to thee ; that 
what we cannot hope for through any merits of our 
own, we may obtain by his prayecs. Thro'. 

LESSON. Ecclef. xlv. i^e. 

HE wai beloved of God and men : whofe me- 
mory is In bencdidtion. C/jJmade him like 
the faints in glory, and magnified him in the fear 
bf his enemies: and with his words he made pro- 
digies to ceafe. He glorified him in the fight of 
kings, and gave him commandments in the fight of 
his people, and (hewed him his glory. He fanSified" 
him in his faith and meekncfs, and chofe him out of 
all flefh. For he heard him and hisvoibe,and broughc 
him into a cloud. And he gave him his precepts 
face to face, and a law of life and inftruotion. 

Lord, thou waft be- Do mine, prcevenlfti 
fore-hand \yith him with eum in bcnediclionibus 

k Expl. / mAy lay b^ld of or (,hteun that crtivn of glory, fur jbe 
obtaining of luiicb Jeius Chrift to</k me into toe r.umbtr of iiis Jcr- 

1 2 

fexxiv The COMMON Hdtfu 

thy fweet bleffings ; tbou dulcedinis : pofciifti in 

haft fet on his head a capite ejus coronam de 

crown of precious ftones. lapide pre tiolb. V. Vitam 

V. He afked of thee fife, petiit a te» & tribuifti ei 

and thou haft given him longitudinem dierum in 

a length of days for ever faeculum fasculi. 
and ever. 

TRACT, Bleffcd is the man, as p. cvii. 

GOSPEL. Matt. XIX. 27, 29. 

AT that tiiM V^Xxx faid to Jefus : Behold wc 
-" have left all things, and have followed thee, 
What therefore (hall wc have P And jefus faid to 
them : Amen^ I fay to you, that vou, who have Al- 
lowed me, at the regeneration % when the Son of 
Man {hall fit on the throne of his ikiajefty, you 
alfo ihall fit on twelve thrones, judeing the twclft 
tribes of IfraeL And ^vtxj one that hath left boufe^ 
or brethren, or fifters, or father, or mother, or wife^ 
or children, or lands for the fake of my name, fliAl) 
receive an handled- fold, and ihall pofiefs life ever- 


Thou haft granted Defiderium animic- 
him, O Lord, his fouPs jus tribuifti ei, Domine, 
defirc, and haft not dif- &voIuntate labiorume* 
appointed him of what jus non fraudafti eum. 
he afked. Thou haft fet rofuifti In capite ejus 
on his head a crown of coronam de lapide pre- 
precious fiones. tiofo. 


MAY blefled N. the Abbrtt^ int^rcrrfe fdr M* 
O Lord, that the offerings we have laid on 
thy altars, may avail us to falvation. Thro'. 

COMMUNION. Z«*^xii. 
This is the faithful and Fidelis fervus & pni- 
prudent fervant, whom deiis, quelh cbnftituit 

i Exp]. At tht Ttnev3a\ of all tUin|^t, wlien <Uat& mid fin fitU 
ii aSoiiJbedf at tht giorioas comi»j cj C^uft.. 

Of a VIRGIN afjd MARTYR, cxxv 

:he LfOrd placed over his DomibusTuperfamiliam 

amily, to give them in fuam, ut det illis in tem- 

lue feafon their meafure pore tritici metifuram. 
3f wheat. 

POSTCOMMUNION. Protegat nos. 

MAY the receiving of this facramcnt) and the 
interceffibn of bleffed N. the Abbot, pro- 
te6l us, O Lord, that we may both copy after the 
virtues of his life, and experience the help of his 
interceHien, Thro*. 

The COMMO'N of a VIRGIN ajid 



THE ftate of Virginity is perftftly agreeable to tHc 
Chriilian fcheme, whatever obje£lions human po- 
licy may make againft it. God himfclf, become incarnate, 
recommends it by word and example. St. Paul bedows 
the grcatell encomia ms on it; and* in every age of the 
Church, thofc that prelcrved their virginity, were always 
fooked on as the nobleft portion of the flock of Cbrtft. 
On the feftivals therefore of virgins, we are to beg of God 
the grace of penevcrance to the end, for all thofc who 
have voluntarily, by vow, undertaken that perfcfl ftate ; 
as likewife for all, that puriry of mind ncccffary in every, 
ftate of life, and jvithout which we cannot fee God. 


The PsALiMs as in theCohiMON of the 3. V. 
Mary, p. Ixii. 

^n/i.'TpHIS is a wife A/.TTT/EC eft virgo 

J[ virgin, and X -t f^^pi^ns, & una 

one of the Number of de numero prudentum. 

the prudent ones. 

Anth, This is a wife Ant, Hsc eft virjyo 

vj:giri, whom the Lord fap!;;ns, quani w*omiiiu» 

foJiKl watching. vii;ilantem iavcuU.- 


J 3 

cxxvi "the COMMON I. F^J^ers. 

Jnth. This is fee, 
who knew not the bed 
in fin : flie (hall have the 
fruit of her yirtue in the 
reward of holy fouls. 

Jnth. Come, ihy cho- 
fen one, and I will place 
my throne in thee» 

Jnth, This is the 
beautiful one among the 
daughters of Jnu/alem, 

Ant. H«c eft qusb ne- 
fcivit tuomm in delldo: 
habebic frodum in ref- ^ 
pedione animarum fiinc- 

Ant, Vcni, ele^a mca, 
& poham in. te tbronaoi 

Ant. Ifta eft. fpeciofa 
inter filias jerufalm. 


jyRithren : He that glorieth, let him glory in the 
"^ Lord : for it is not he, who commendeth him- 
felf, that is approved, but whom God conHBendeth. 

H Y 

REgard our vows with 
gracious eye, 
O Jtfus^ crown of pu- 
Son of that chofen wo- 
man, who 
Was virgin chafte, and 
mother too. 
The whiteft lilies pave 
thy way. 
And Quires of virgins 

round thee play, 
O gloribus bridegroom, 

who doft blefs 
Thy brides with endlefs 
Which way foe'er thy 
courfe doth bend, 
Chafte virgins on thy 
fteps aUtni^ 

M N. 

7ESU, corona vif- 
Quem mater ilia con- 

Qua fola virgo parturitj 

Haec vota, demens, ac- 

Qui pdrgis inter lilia, 
Septus choreis virginum, 


Sponfus decor Us gloria, 

Sponfifque reddens pr«- 

Quocunqiie t^ndis, 

Sequuntur, atque laudr- 

' a VEROIN and MARTYR, txxvii 

ranntng after cWe, Poft Ks canerites curii- 

do raife 
r notes to (ing loud 

t beg mbft hMftbly,^ 

thi^t 6ur fehfe 
ftel thy he^y^lf 

he'er be wounded 
by thofe darts, 

ch poifon, and de- 
file our hearts. 

o God the Father, 
and the Son, 

Holy Spirit, three 
in one, 

.onour, glory, fame 
and praife, 

an eternal length of 
days, jtmen. 

. In thy comelinefs 
3eauty. R. Go on, 
eed profperoufly, 

Hymnofque dulces per« 
Te depreeamur fupi» 

KoJKris ut addas (enfibus 
Nefctre prorfus omnia 

Gormptibnts Vulnera. 

Virtus, honor, laui, 
Deo Patri cum Filio, 

SanSo fimul Paracliu^ 

In faeculoram £ecula. 

V. Specie tua, & put*- 
chritudine tud. R. In- 
tende, profpere procede^ 

& regna. 

th. Come, O fpoufe Ant* Vem,fponfaCirf- 
^'hrift^ receive the ^/, accipe coronam, 
i^n, which the Lord quam tibiDominusprae- 
I prepared for thee paravit in seternum. 

MASS. IntroiT. P/.cxviii. 
!pake of thy law in Y Oqtrebar de tefti- 

1 J montis tuis, & non 
confundebar : & medita- 
bar in mandatis tuis, que 
dilexi nimis; Pf. Beati 
immaculati in via, qui 
ambulant va \^^ \>)r 

he prcfence of kings, 
J was not afiiamed. 
t I meditated on thy 
imandments which I 
d exceedingly. Pf, 
led are the undefikd 

cxxviii rbe COMMON A&/J. 

in the wayt who walk in mini. V, Gloria. 

the law of the I^ord. V. 


COLLECT. Deusj qui inter caUra. 

OGod, who, amongft other miracles of thy 
power, haft beftuwed the crown of martyr- 
dom even on the weaker feac : mercifully grant, 
that we, who folcmnizc the feaft of blefled N, thy 
Virgin and Martyr, may, by following her example^ 
come to thee. Thro'. 

LESSON. EcclefA\.\^T^. 

I Will give c;lory to thee, O Lord, my King, and 
I will praife thee, O God, my Saviour. I will 
give glory to thy name ; for thou haft been a help 
and prote£tor to me ; and haft preferved my body 
from deftru(5lion, from the fnare of the unjuft tongue, 
and from the lips of them that foirged lies ; and in 
the fight of all that flood by, thou haft been my' 
help : and thou haft delivered me, according to the 
multitude of the mercy of thy name, from the roar- 
ing lions that were ready to devour me : out of the 
hands of them that fought my life, and from the 
gates of afflictions, which compafledme about: from 
the opp:efIion of the flame, that furroundcd me, and 
iji the miJft of fire I was not burnt. From the 
depih of the belly of hell, and from an unclean 
tongue, and irom lying words, from an unjuft king, 
and from a flanderous tongue. My foul ih^Jl praile 
the Lord c\en unto death, becaufe thou fuccoured 
thofe that truft in thee, and delivereft them from the 
hands of the Gentiles^ O Lord our God. 

GRADUAL, /y.xliv. 
Thou lovedft ritjhte- Dilexifti juftitiam, & 

oufnefs, and hatcdilini- odifti iniquilatem. V* 

tj'iity. K Therefore Propteiea unxit teDeus, 

God, thy God hatii a- D:;U5 tuu;i olro liclilia:. 
noiiiied ilicc with an oil 

I VIRGIN and MARTYR. cxxix 

TRACT. Pf. xliv. 

, (pOMkofCbrifij Veni, fponfa ChriJIi^ 

he crown, which accipe coronam, quam 

d hath prepared tibi Dominus praepara- 

; for ever; for vit in aeternum ; procu- 

love thou didft jus amore fanguinem 

blood, r. Thou tuum fudifti. F. Dilex- 

righteoufnefs, ifti juftitiam, & odifti 

itedit iniquity ; iniquitatem \ propterea 

e God, thy God unxit te Deus, Deus 

ointed thee with tuus oleo Ixtitias prae 

of dadnefs in a confortibus. V* Specie 

Kcellent manner tua & pulchritudine tuS 

\y compahiens. in tende, profpere proce« 

7 comelinefs and de, & regha, 
go on, procee<l 
•ully and r6ign. 

G O S P E Ir. Mdtu XXV. r, i^. 

)at time JtCus /poke to bis Ji/ciples this fafa* 
: The kingdom 6f heaven mall be like to ten 
who, takingtheirlamps, went out to me<;t 
egrbom and the bride. Now five of them 
>li(h,and Ave were wi(e^ But the five foolifh, 
:akeh thrir lamps, took no oil with them : 
wife ones took oil in their veiTels with their" 
And while the bridegrbbm tarried, they all 
ed and flept. And at midnight thtre Was t 
!e : Behokl the bridegfoonfi conf^eth, go yt 
iifieet hini. Then all thbfe virgins arofe, 
imedthetr 1am\)s» And the f66li(b ones faid. 
ife ones : Give us of your oil, for our lamps 
; out. The wife ones anfWeredj faying : Left 
: not ehoogh for us and for yous go you ra- 
hem that fell, and buy for yourfelves. Now 
ey Went to buy, the bridegroom catne: and 
t were ready went in with him to the mar- 
fid the door was fliut. But at laft come alfo 
T Yirpus^ fMy'wg : Lord, Loti^ o^^«^\^ ^Ki< 

cxxxii The COMMON Mffi. 

Rot be moved. V. A impetus laetificat civita- 

fwift flowing river re- tern Dei: fandificavitu- 

joiceth the city of God : bernavulugi fuum Al- 

the Moft High hath tiifimus. 
fandified his tabernacle* 

TRACT. Come, (poufe, as p. cxxix. 

GOSPEL, if/tf//. xiii. 44, 52. 
AT that time : Jefus Jpah to bis di/cipUs tbispa' 
^ rabie : The kingdom of heaven is like a tret- 
fure hidden in a field : which when a msui hadi 
found, he hideth // agairty and for joy thereof goetfai 
and felieth all that he hath, and buyeth that field. 
Again the kingdom of heaven is like to a merdisnt 
feeking good pearls : who, when he bad found one 
p^arl of great price, went his way^ ^nd fold all that 
he had, and bought it. Again the kingdom of he^ 
ven is like to a net caft into the fea, and gathering 
together all kinds of fi(hes. Which, when it was 
filled, they drew out, and fitting by the (h^re, they 
chofe out the good into veffels, but the bad they 
^aft away. So (hall it be at the end of the world. 
The Angels (hall go out, and fball feparate thr 
wicked from among the righteous : and they (baU 
caft them into a furnace of (ire : there (hall be 
weeping and gnafhing of teeth. Have you under- 
flood all thefe things ? They fay to him : Yea. He 
faid unto them : 7 herefore every fcribe inftruded 
in the kingdom of God, is like the mafter of the 
family, who bringeth forth out of his treafure new 
things and old. 


Grace is fpread on thy DifFufa eft gratia in 

lips : therefore hath Gpd labiis tuis : proptereabe- 

blefTed thee for ever and nedixit te Deus in xter- 

ever, num, & in £eculum fae- 

^eJters. 0/ MANY VIRGINS, fcf^. cxxxiS 

[i> ^Ercifiilly receive^ O Lord, the ofFeringis coit- 
\S/]L ^ecrated to thee, by the merits of blefied N* 
hy Virgin and Martyr ; and grant they may be ai 
:ontinual fupport to us^. Thro'. 

COMMUNION. P/. cxviii. 

1 have done what was • Fecijudicium & jufti- 

uft and rights O Lordy tiam, Domine, non ca- 

et ndt the pf oud calum* lumnientur mihi Tuperbi: 

liftte me : I have walk- ad omnia mandata tua 

^ upright in the ways dirigebiar : omn«tn viam 

rf thy commandments : iniquitatis odi4> habuk 
I have hated every evil 

POSTCOMMUNION. Dhinl muneris. 

F^ing plentifully fed with thy divine gifts, we 
beleech thee, O Lord our God, that, by the 
interceffion of bleffed M thy Virgin and Martyr, 
we may obtain eternal life by partaking of them. 





All as in the Common ^/One Virgin an^MsLt* 
tyr, p. cxxv. except: 

V. Virijins fhall be V. Adducentur rt^ 

brought in her retinue to virgines poft cam. R. 

the kins:* R» Her rela- Proximae ejus afferentur 

tions fitall be prefented to tibi^ Domine. 
thee, O Lord. 

^yf//A Ye prudent vir-- Ant. Prudentes vlr- 
gins, make ready your gines, aptatc lampadcs 
Vol. IL m 

cxxxiv ^e COMMON Mafs. 

] jmps : behold the bride- vcftras : ecce fponfus ve- 
groom comes : go forth nit, exite obviam ei. 
10 meet him. 

jlll as in the Common of One Virgin and Mar- 
tyr, p. cxxvii. except what follows. 

COLLECT. Da nobis. 

GRant, we befeech thee, O Lord our God, that 
with a conftant devotion we may celebrate 
the vidlories of thy holy Virgins and Martyrs N. 
and N. that, tho* we cannot folemnize them as we 
oughti we may feek their prayers with all due bu- 
mility. Thro'. 

EPISTLE. iCor.y'u. 
"ORethren: Concerning virgins I have no coni- 
•^ mandment of the Lord : but I give counfel, as 
having obtained mercy of the Lord, to be faithful. 
I think therefore that this is good, for the prefent 
neccffity, that it is good for a man fo to be*. Art 
thou bound to a wife ? Seek not to be loofed. Art 
thou loofed from a wife ? Seek not a wife. "But if 
thou take a wife, thou haft not tinned thereby. And 
if a virgn marry, fhe hath not finned thereby: never- 
thelefs fuch (hall have tribulation •' of the flefli. But 
I fpare ' you. This therefore I fay, brethren ; the 
time is fhort : it remaineth, that they alfo who have 
wives, be as though they had none ; and they that 
%veep, as though they wept not ; and they that re- 
joice, as though they rejoiced not ; and they that 
buy, as though they poflefled not j and they that 
ufe this world, as though they ufed it not ; for the 
fafhion ^ of this world pafleth away. But I would 

a Ex pi. T(7 remain as be is* 

b Expl. Wordly cares and foliicitude for their children and family* 
c Expl. I tvould fave you theft cares and anxieties^ by wijbmg 
you to remain Jingle. 

d Expl. Every tbir.g that hath on'^ an dutwerd appearance is tran' 
jS/^ry and of a Jbirt durai'iar,^ 

yf a VIRGIN, not a MARTYR, cxxxr 

ve you be without foJlicitude. He that is without 
vife, is folJicitous for the things that belong to the 
>rd, how he may pleafe God. But he that is with 
vife, is follicitous for the things of the world, how 
may pleafe his wife ; and he is divided. But the. 
married woman and the virgin thinketh on the 
Ings of the Lord, that (he may be holy boti> ia 
dy and fpirit, in Chrijl Jefus our Lord. 

O O K down, we befeech thee, O Lord, on 
^ the offerings laid on thy altar, on this feaft of 
y holy Virgins and Martyrs N, and N, that a« 
Du haft beftowed g^ory on them by thefe facred 
^fteries, fo thou may{t likewife grant us pardon* 

">| Rant us, we befeech thee, O Lord, by the Jn- 
J terceffion of thy Virgins and Martyrs, to re- 
ive with a pure mind, what we receive with our 
juths. Thro*. 


?tf COMMON of a VIRGIN, not a 


Jll as in the Common ef a Virgin and Martyr, 
p. cxxv. 

MASS. Introit. P/. xUv. 

rHou lovedft righte- TT^Ilexifti juftitiam, & 

teoufnefs, and ha- \ 3 odifti Iniquitatem \ 

ift iniquity ; therefore propterea unxit te Deus, 

od, thy God hath a- Deus tuus oleo laetitiae 

•in ted thee with an oil prse confortibus tuis. V. 

gladnefs in a more ex- Pj\ Eruflavit cor meum 

m % 

cxxxvi The COMMON Mafi. 

ccllent manner than thy verbum bonum : dico ^ 
companions. V. Pf, My go opera mea regi. 
heart hath uttered good 
tidings : my works I re- 
fer to the king. 

COLLECT. Exaudims. 

GIVE car to us, O God our Saviour, that 
as we celebrate with joy the folemnity of 
blelled M thy Virgin, fo we may improve in the 
afFedlion pf piety. Thro*. 

EPISTLE. lOr. X. 15: xi. 1,2. 

nRethren : Let him that glorieth, glory in the 
^ Lord : for not he, that commendeth himfclf, 
is approved : but he whom God commendeth. 
(Jha[>, II. Would to God you could bear with 
fomc little of my * folly : but do, bear with mc. 
For I am jealous of you with the jealoufy of God. 
¥or I have efpoufed you a/i to one hufband, that I 
may prefent you as a chafte virgin to Chrj^. 

GRADUAL. P/xliv. 

In thy comelincfs and Specie tua & pulchri- 

beauty go on, proceed tudine lua intende, pro- 

profperoufly and reign, fperc pracede, & regna. 

P\ For thy truth, meek- V* Propter veritatera & 

nofs, and righteonfnefs manfuetudinem, &jufti- 

fnall ^^y rij^ht hand alfo tiam, & deducet te mi- 

Icad thee on wonderfully, rabiliter dextera tua. 

TRACT. Pf. xliv. 

'Hear, O daughter, Audi jfilia, & vide, & 

and fee, and be atten- inclina aurem tuam : 

tive : for the king is ta- quia concupivit rex fpc- 

kcn wiih thy beauty. K ciem tuam. V* Vuhum 

All the rich among the tuum deprecabuntur 

people fhall come with omnes divites plebis : 

entreaties before thee : filiae regum in honore 

« Expl. So be calls csmmending bisijdft tbo* forced to itftr the 
good &f bii JlQi}(.% 

r VIRGIN, not a MARTYR, cxxxvii 

Jaughters of kings tuo. V. Adducentur regi 
honour thee. K virginespofteamrproxi- 
ins ihall be brought mse ejus aiFerentur tibi. 
ler retinue to the ^. Afferentur in laetltia 
: her relations (hall & exultatione : addu- 
efented to thee. V. centur in tempi um regisv 
y' fhall be introduced 
joy and gladnefs ; 
fhall be introduced 
the temple of the 

OSPELr Matt, XXV. as above, f. cxxix. 

OFFERTORY. P/. xliv. 
e daughters of kings * Filiaeregum inhonore 

tuo : aftitit regina a 
dextris tuis in veftitu 
deaurato, circumdata 

ur thee : the queen 
)n thy right hand in 
•e of gold, with a 
ty of other orna- 


tA Y the offerings, O Lord, of thy devout 
people be acceptable to thee in honour of 
lints ; by v\^hofe merits they have cxpcriwced 
in their affliiSions. Thro'. ^ 


he five wife virgims 
oil in their vellels 
their lamps: and at 
ight there was a cry 
: Behold the bride- 
n comes ; go out 
leet Cbrijl the Lord. 

Quinque prudentes 
virgines acceperunt ole- 
um in vafisfuiscumlam- 
padibus : media aurem 
no£le clamor fa^lus eft : 
Ecce fponfus venit, exite 
obviam Chrijlo Domino. 

.HOU haft fed, O Lord, thy family, with thefe 
licrcd oblations : ever therefore comfort us 

m 3 

cxrjcviii The COMMON Mafs. 

with her interceffion, whofe feaft we celebrate. 

Another MASS of the fame. 
INTROIT. P/.xIiv, 

ALL the rich among T TUltura tuum dcpre- 
the people ihall y cabuntur omnes 

come with entreaties be- divites plebis : adducen- 

fore thee : Virgins fliall tur regi virgines poft 

be brought in her retinue eam : proximae ejus af- 

to the king: her relations fercntur tibi in laetitia & 

fhall be prefented to thee cxultatione. Pf Eruc- 

with joy and gladnefs.' tavit cor meum verbum 

Pf. My heart hath ut- bonum : dico ego opera 

tered good tidings : nf>y mea regi. V, Gloria, 
works I refer to the 
king. V. Glory. 

Collect. Exaudi, as p. cxxxvi. — Epistle. 
I Cor, vii. p. cxxxiv. 

GRADUAL. Pf. xliv. 
The king is taken Concupivk rex dcco- 
with thy beauty, for he rem tuum quoniam ipfe 
is the Lord thy God. F, eft Dominus Deus tuus. 
Hear, O daughter and F, Audi filia & vide, & 
fee, and be attentive. inclina aurem tuam. 

TRACT. Hear, O daughter, p, cxxxvi^ 

Gospel. Matt, x\\u p. cxxxii. — Offertory. 
Virgins {hall be brought, p. cxxx. — Secret. 
May the offerings p» cxxxvii. 

COMMUNION. M.^ft. xiii. . 

The kingdom of hea- Simile eft regnum coe- ^ 
vcn is like a merchant lorumhomini negotiator! 
feekir^g good pearls : and quaerenti bonas marga- 
having found one ol 2< u\^^\ v^veuta una prc- 

Of a MARTYR, not a VIRGIN, cxxxix 

great price^hegave all he tiofa, dedit omnia fua, 
had, and purchafed it. & comparavit earn. 

POSTCOMMUNION. Satiafti, p. cxxxvli. 

<rhe COMMON of a MARTYR, not a 



Introit. Sinners have laid in wait, p. cxxxix 
Collect. Deus, qui inter caetera, /.cxxviii* 
Or^ if there he more than one. 

COLLECT. Da nobis. 

GRANT, we befeech thee, O Lord our God^ 
that, with a conftant devotion, we may ce- 
lebrate the viftories of thy holy Martyrs JV. and N. 
that, tho' we cannot folemnize them as we ought, 
we may feek their prayers with all due humility. 

LESSON. Ecclef li. p. cxxvili, 

GRADUAL. Pf xliv. 
Thou lovedft righte- Dilexifti juftitiam, & 

oufnefs, and hatedft ini- odifti iniquitatem, F. 

qtiity. V, Wherefore Propterea unxitteDeus, 

God thy God hath a- Deus tuus oleo laetitise* 
nointed thee with the oil 

TRACT, Come, fpoufe, p. cxxix. 

Gospel. Matt.xn'u ^. cxxxii.— Offertory. 
Grace is fprcad, p. cxxxii. 


REceive. O Lord, the offerings we bring on this 
folemriity of blefled N. thy Martyr, by whofe 
ijiterceflion we hope to be delivered. TIm;>\ 

cxI sn6^ C O M M O N Maff. 

If then be more than one^ 


LOOK down, we befeech thee, O Lord, on the 
offerings laid on thy altar on this feaft of thy 
holy Martyrs N. and N, that as thou haft beftowed 
glory on them by thcfe facred myfteries, thou mayft 
Hkewife grant us pardon. Thro'.. 

COMMUNION. P/.cxviii. 

Princes have perfccu- Principes perfecutiTunt 

ted me without caufe ; me gratis, & a verbis tuis 

and my heart hath trem- fora«idavit cor meum: 

bled at thy words : but I lastabor ego fuper elo- 

will rejoice in thy com- quia tua, quafi qui in- 

mandments, like one venit fpolia multa. 
who hath found rich 

POSTCOM MUNION. Aaxilientur. 

MAY the myfteries we have received, O Lord, 
be a help to us; and, by the intercefSon of 
blefl'ed N, thy Martyr, caufe us to rejoice in her 
continual piotedion. Thro'. 

For more than one, 


GRant us, we befeech thee, O Lord, by the in- 
terceffion of thy holy Martyrs, to receive with 
a pure mind, what we take with our mouths. Thro*. 

<ooooooo«oo«oooooaoooooooooooooaoooeooooooo c ofl8ooeoa .-ooeooeeoooaoooecoM poooaoooocooaco 

neither VIRGINS nor MARTYRS. 


WHEN we celebrate the feftivals of tliofe faints who 
were engaged in the married flate, we ought feri^ 
oufly to meditate on the virtues by which they fanftified 
themfelves in that fcate of life. A profound humility, 
jpunty of heart, and an eXiiC\ cow^V\'a.Tw^^\'NkK the diuies. 

Of HOLY WOMEN, (£c. cxli 

d untired patience under the difficulties of that ftate 
life, rendered them agreeable to God. Thefe are the 
rtues the Church honours in thefe faints, and thefe arc 
s virtues we ought, to beg, for all engaged in the married 
te, on the feafts of thefe holy women. 
The Church likewife honours fome, who, after an irre- 
lar courfc of life for fomc time, received of God the 
ice of true repentance ; and were fo inflamed with the 
/^e of God, that the ardour of their love rendered them 
noil equal to virgins. Let us beg of God, thro' their 
erceflion, the fpirit of true repcniancc, and that charity 
It covereth a multitude of fms. 

. I. V E S P E R S. 

Thi Psalms ai in ri^-CoMMON oftbi B. F. M. 
p. Ixii. 

^/j/A.T T THile the Jnt. T^UM eflet rex 
VV king was 1 J in accubitu 

I his couch : my per- fuo : nar dus mea dedit 

me ient forth a fweet odorem fua^fitatis. 

yfntb. We run after ^nt. In odarem un- 
e odour of thy per- guentorum tuorum cur- 
mes ; the young vir- rimus : adolefcentuls di- 
ns have loved thee ex- lexerunt te nimis. 
Jnth, Now the winter jfnt. Jam hiems tran- 

paft ; the rain is over fiit ; imber abiit & -re- 

id gone : arife, my love, ceflit : fuf gc, arnica mea, 

id come. & veni. 

* Thit and the f^Uovolnf Anthems are taken out pftbeCui\\dt of 
nticles, or Song of Solomon, lakicb is a dialogue hetvoeen the bride* 
9sm and the bride ^ and the ccmpanions of the bridegroom and bride j 
tt is, heit»een Ghrift and bis Church, and the hoiy fouls it contains* 
the firfi Anthem the Church fpeaki in the name of tbofe holy fouls* 
thefecond the bride /peaks -to the bridegroom. In the third the bride^ 
oom fptaki to the bride. In the fourth he invites her to a perpetual 
ion tvith him f elf after having ban delighted with the odour of her 
rtues in this time of rain and tempefts. /• the laft, the lieanty and 
ppineji of an holy Juul is celebrated^ after it bath entered the bea* 
nly JcrafaJem, 

cxlii The C O MM O'N I. Fe/pm. 

jfnth. Come, my cho- Jnt. Veni,ele<Sla mea. 

fen one, and I will place 
my throne in thee, 

jfnih. She is beautiful 
among the daughters of 

& ponam in te thronum 

Jnt. Ifta eft fpeciofa 
inter filias yerufgUm, 

LITTLE CHAPTER. Beginning of the Lu^ 
SON to this mark #, p. cxli\r. 

H Y 

LET'S praife this wo- 
man, who endu'd 
With more than wo- 
man's fortitude. 
Exalts her fandlity and 

In evVy plagce with glo- 
rious fame. 
Such holy love in- 
flam'd her heart. 
That fhe abhorr'd the 

poiPning dart 
Of worldly love, and 

bravely trod 
The narrow way that 
leads to God. 
A body grown with 
fafting dead, 
And mind with prayer 
moft fweetly fed, 
Conveys her faul above 

the (ky 
To joys that laft eter- 
Fountain of courage, 
Chrtji our king. 
From whom alone all 
great things tpuug,*, 

M N. 
TpOrtem virili pec- 

Laudemus omnes fxmi- 

Quae fapditatis gloria 

Ubique fulget iftclyta. 

Hxc fan£to amore 

Dum mundi amorem 

Horrefcit, ad coeleftia 

Iter peregit arduum 


Camem domans je- 
Dulcique mentem pa- 

Orationis nutriens, 

Coeli potitur gaudiis, 

Rex Chrijie^ virtus 
Qui magna folus efficis^ 


for help we fill- 
ers fly, 

ro' her prayers, 
ur humble cry. 
od the Father, 
nd the Son 
y Spirit three in 

!fs glory as be- 

irld began, fo 
ermore. Amen. 

thy comelinefs 
ty. R. Go on, 

At the MAG 

The kingdom 
1 is like a mer- 
feeking good 
who, having 
le of a great 
e all he had, and 

WOMEN. cxiiii 

Hujus precatu, qusefu- 

Audi benignus fupplices. 

Deo Patri fit gloria, 

Ejufque foHFilio, 

Cum %^\x\\xiParaclitOj 

Nunc & per omne fae- 
culum. Amen. 

V. Specie tua, & pul- 
chritudine tua. R. In- 
tende, profpere procede, 

& regna. 


Ant, Simile eft rcg- 
num coelorum homini 
negotiator! quaerenti bo* 
nas margaritas: inventa 
una pretiofa,dedit omnia 
fua, & comparavic earn. 

I A S S. Introit. Pf. cxviiu 
'ound, O Lord, Cognovi, Domine, 

judgments are 
i haft humbled 
/truths. Pierce 
with thy fear; 

tremble. P/. 
re the undenled 
y; who walk in 

of the Lord. 

quia aequitas judicia tua: 
& in veritate tua humi- 
iiafti me. Confige ti- 
more tuo carnes meas ; 
a mandatis tuis timui* 
Pf. Beati immaculati in 
via; qui ambulant in lege 
Domini^* V- Gloria^ 

cxliv The COMMON Mafs. 

COLLECT. Exaudi. 

GIVE ear to us, O God our Saviour, that as 
we celebrate with joy the folemnity of blcf- 
fcd N. fo we may improve in the a(Fe£iioa of true 
piety. Thro*. 

L E S S O K. Prov. xxxt. lo. 

WERD (hall find a valiant woman I The va- 
lue of her is as of things brought from afar 
off, and from the utte/moft coafts. The heart ©f 
her hufband truflcth in her, and he fbaiU have no 
need of fpoils. # She will render him goed^ aod 
not evil, all the dnys of her life. She fought wool 
and flax, and wrooght it by the contrivance of her 
own hands. She was like the merchant's ihip, 
bringing her bread from afar off. And (he rofe in 
the night, and gave food to her honfehold, and vic- 
tuals * to her maidens. She confidered a ftefd, and 
bought it; and of the fruit cf the labour of her hanjs 
(he planted a vineyard, ohe girded her loins with 
courage, and ftrengthened her arm. She tafted» 
and faw her management was good: her lantpfcail 
not go out by night. She put forth her hand to 
ftrong things, and her fingers managed the diftaff. 
She opened her hand to the needy one, and ffrctclr- 
cd out her hands to the poor. Stte (hall not fear 
for her family in the cold of fnow : forall her houfe- 
hold are doubly clothed. She made for herfclf a 
thick garment ; her clothes are fiHc and purple. Her 
hufband is honouraWe at the gates of the city, fit- 
ting with the fenatcrs of the land. She made lidcn, 
and fold it, and delivered girdles to the CanaamU 
Merchant. Strength and beauty are her clothing, 
?.nd (he (hall rejoice in tlve laft day. Sb« opened 
her mouth to wifdom, and the law of mercy is on 
her tongue. She looked well to the ways of her 
houfe, and eat not her bread in irflenefs. Her 
children rofe up, and called her bleffed j and her 

* Or, She allot t(d to each ftiaiJ her appointtd ti'Ofkt So tie Sep* 
tua^'mt tranjtate it fnm the Hc\i\tv{% 

Of HOLY WOMEN, cxlv 

d alfo commended her. Many daughters 
3red up riches : but thou haft outdone them 
^pmelinefs is deceitful , and beauty is vain : 
woman that fears the Lord (hall be praifed. 
er of the fruit of her hands : and let her own 
commend her at the gate of the city. 


:e is fpread on thy 
lerefore hath God 
thee for ever. V. 
f truth, meeknefs, 
rhteoufnefs, fhall 
ht hand alfo lead 
1 wondefuUy. 

T R A C 

?, fpoufe ofChnJij 
the crown, which 
rd hath prepared 
:e for ever, V, 


lovcdft righteouf- 
d hatedft iniquity; 
>re God, thy God 
nointed thee with 

of gladnefs^ in a 
excellent manner 
:hy companions, 
hv comdine fs and 

go on, proceed 
roufly, and reign^ 

L. P/. xHv. 

DifPufa eft gratia in 
labiis tuis ; propterea be- 
nedixit te D^us in aeter- 
num. /^. Propter verita- 
tem, & manfuetudinem» 
& juftitiam, & deducet tc 
mirabiliter dextera tua. 

T. P/. xliv. 

Veni, fponfa Chrijliy 
accipe coronam, quam 
tibi Dominus praepara- 
vit in aeternum. V. Di- 
lexifti juftitiam, & odifti 
iniquitatem ; propterea 
unxit te Deus, Deus tu- 
us oleo laetitiae prae con- 
fortibus tuis. V. Specie 
tua & pulchritudine tua 
intende, profpere prece- 
de, & regna. 

5PEL. Matt, xiii. p. cxxxil. — Offertory. 
rrace is fpread, p. cxxxii. — Secret. May 
le offerings, p, cxxxvii. 

Du lovcdft righte- Diiexifti juftitiam, & 
>, and hatedft ini- odifti iniquitatem: prop- 
L. II. n 


cxlvi ri&^ C O M M O N LP 

quity : therefore God, terea unxit te Deij 

us tutss oleo hetit 
confortibus tuid. 

thy God apotnted thee 
ivith an oil of gladnefs in 
a more excellent manner 
than thy companions. 

POSTCOMMUNION. Satiafti, p. c: 

M as in the firft Vefpers, p, cxli. exd 

V. Grace is fpread on F. Diffufa eft 

thy lips. R, Therefore in labiis tuis. M* 

hath God bleiTed thee terea benedixit U 

for ever. in sternum. 

jft the MAGNIFICAT. 

Jnth, She opened her 
liarid to the needy one, 
and ftretched forth both 
her hands to the poor, 
and eat not her bread in 

Ant,- Manum 
aperuit inopi, & { 
fuas extendit ad ] 
rem, & panem 
non comedit. 


I. V E S P E R S. 

The Psalms as on Sundays, p, xli. Exc 
la/ly which is': Pf, cxlvii. Lauda Jeru 
p. Ixiv. 

Jnth. T TOlinefs be- 

II Cometh thy 

houfe, O Lord, for ever. 


jfnth. My houfe (hall 
be called the. houfe of 


dinem dierum. 

Ant. Domus m 
Rius oiaticnis voc; 

rs. Of the DEDICATION, 6?c. cxlvii 

. This the houfc Jnt, Haec eft domus 
Lord is ftrongly Domini firmiteraedifica - 
t's foundation is ta, bene fundata eft fupra 

id rock. 
. . The houfe of 
rd hath a good 
ion on a folid 

. All thy walls 
precious ftones, 
: towers of Jeru- 
re built with jew- 

firmam petram. 

/^nt. Bene fundata eft 
domus Domini fupra fir- 
mam petr am. 

^^ Lapides pretioft 
omnes muri tui, & tur- 
fes Jerufalem gemmis 

TLE CHAPTER. K^^^^btginnlngoftbt 
KSSON to this mark^y p. cxlix» 


'J?/^w>whofe name y^OEJeftis urbs, JerU' 

ontains \^ falem^ 

heav'nly peace, 3e4ta pacis vifio, 

ch in thee reigns ; 

ving ftones raife Q^ae eel fa de viventibus 

ee fo higk, 

lars beneath thy Saxis ad aftrat toUeris \ 

ivement lie : 

ed like a bride in Sponfaeque ritu cingeris 


IS of Angels on Mille Angelorum milli^ 

O forte nt^pta pro- 

lory of the Fa- Dotata Patris gloria, 
beautiful and Refperfa fponfi gratid ;. 

ee wait. 

ippy Bride, whofe 

>w'ry is 

larming Queen, 
om the fpoufe's 
ace is feen ! 

Regina fpjmofiifima] 

n z 

cxlviii The C O M M O N I. 

City of heaven, ihiniog 

Govem'd by CAnV?, the 
prince of lignt. 
Thy gates with ori- 
ent pearls array'd 

For all ftand open, and 

Who follow clofe Ui' un- 
erring guide 

Of virtue, and by tor- 
ments try*d. 

Suffer with patience for 
their Lord, 

Find here a plentiful re- 
The wholefome chi- 
zel often went. 

Many a faving flroke 
was fpent; 

And th' architeft dealt 
heavy blows 

The ftones to polifli, 
that compofe 

This pile, and join'd 
with fit cement. 

Renders it*s roof mag- 
Let evVy tongue and 
place proclaim 

Of God mofl high the 
holy name ; 

Of God the Father and 
the Son, 

And Holy Spirit, three 
in one : 

To whom be power, 
glory, praife. 

For an eternal \cngftv ol 
days. Atntn. 

Chrifto jugata pr 

Cceli corufca civ 

Hie margariti 
Patentque cun3i 

Virtute namque 

Mortalis illuc di 

Amore Cbrijti p< 

Tormcnta quifq 
Scalpi falubris 

£t tunfione pluri 

Fabri polita mall 

Hanc faxa molei 

flruunt ; 

Locantur in fafli 

Decus Parent 

Sit ufquequaque 

Natoque Patris i 

Et inclyto Paroi 

Cui laus, poted; 


Of the DEDICATION, ^c. cxlix 

This is the houfe V, Haec eft domus 

Domini firnilter aedifi- 
cata. R. Bene fundata 
eft fupra fiimam petram. 

I Lord ftrongly 
R, It hath a good 
tion on a Iblid 

At /A# M A G 
^. The Lord hath 
led his tabernacle : 
is is the houfe of 
in which his name 
be invoked ; of 
it is written : And 
me fliall be there, 
he Lord. 

N I F I C A T. 

Ant. Sandificavit Po- 
minus tabemaculum fu^ 
14m : quia haec eft don 
mus Dei, in qu4 inv.oca- 
bitur Qomen ejus ; de 
qua fcriplum eft : Et erit 
nomen meum ibi, dicit 

MASS. Introit. Gen. xxViii. 
SIS is an awful rT^ErribiHs eft locus 

place : here is the 
of God, and the 
)f heaven : and it 
)e called the palace 
)d P/. How love- 
z thy tabernacles, 
>rd of hofts! My 
earneftly defires, 
ints after the courts 

jL ifte :• hie domus 
Dei eft, & porta coeli : & 
vocabitur aula Dei. Pf. 
Quamdilefta taberna- 
cula tua, Domine vir- 
tutum ! Concupifcit & 
deficit anima mea in a- 
tria DominJ. V. Gloria., 

: Lord. V, Glory. 

COLLECT. Deus^ qui nobis, 
God, who reneweft every year the day of the 

coniec;ation of this thy holy temple; and 
cfl us always in health to the celtbrating, thefe 
1 myfterics: hear the prayers of thy people, and 
, that whofoever (hall come hither to afk any 
ig of thee, may rejoice in the obtaining all his 
fts. Thro'. 

LESSON. Rev. XXI. 2, 5. 

ihofe days : I faw the hrly city, the new yeru*' 
lem, coming down from heaven, from God,, 

" 3. * 

d r*^ C O M M O N Mafs. 

prepared as a bride, adorned for her hufband. # And 
1 heard a great voice from the throne, faying : Be- 
hold the tabernacle of God with men, and he will 
dwell'With them. And they fhall be his people, 
and God himfelf with them will be their God. And 
God will wipe away every tear from their eyes ; and 
death fliall be no more, nor mourning, nor crying,- 
nor forrow (hall be any more, for the firft ftate is 
pafTed away. And he that fat on the throne, faid: 
Behold I make all things new. 

GRADUAL. Pf. cxxxvii. 
This place was made Locus ifte a Deo fac- 
by God^ a myflery above tus eft, inaeftimabile fa- 
all value; it is without craraentum; irreprehen- 
reproof. V. O God, on fibilis eft. V. Dcus, cui 
whom quires of Angels adftat Angelorum cho- 
attend, hear the prayers rus, e?caudi precesfervo- 
of thy fervants. rum tuorum. 

TRACT. Pf. cxxiv. 

^ They, who truft in Qui confidont in Do- 

the Lord, are like mount mine, fizut mc>r\s Sion : 

Sion : he, that dwells in non commovebitur in 

*Jerufalem^ fliall never aeternum, qui habitat in 

be moved. V* It is fur- Jerufalem, V. Montes 

rounded by mountains : in circuitu ejus : &Do- 

and the Lord himfelf en- mihus in circuitu popuU 

compaffeth his people fui, ex hoc nunc, & u(- 

both now and for ever, que in faeculum. 

GOSPEL. Luh xix. I, 10. 
jfTthat time : Je/us entcTiDgxn, walked through 
-^ Jericho* And behold there was a inan named 
Zachcus who was the chief of the Publicans*, and 
he was rich. And he fought to fee Jefui^ who he 
was : and he could not for the crowd, becaufe he was 
low of ftature. And he ran before, and climbed up 
into a f)'camore-li^e, ih^t he mi^ht fee him : for he 

* Expl, Chitf of tht nciivtri 0/ ibt ^ubUOi Tcutiwfey 

Of tbe DEDICATION, &?f. cli 

s to pafs that way. And when Jejus came to the 
ce, he looked up, and faw hini, and faid to him : 
cheusy make hafte, and come down : for to day 
luft abide in thy houfe. And he made hafte, 
i came down, and received him with joy. And 
en they all faw it, thev murmured, faying: That 
was gone to be a gueft to a man, that was a fin- 
'. But Zacheus (landing up, faid to Jefus : Be- 
d. Lord, the half of my goods I give to the poor : 
i if I have wronged any one of any thing, I 
:ore it him fourfold. Jejus faid to him : This day 
alvation come to this houfe : for this man alfo is 
3n of Abraham. For the Son of Man is come to 
k, and to fave that which was loft. Credo. 

OFFERTORY, i Chron.xxxx. 
x)rd God, in tbe fim- Domine Deus, in fim- 
:ity of my heart have plicitate cordis mei Isetus 
»y fully offered all thefe obtuli univerfa, & popu- 
ngs : and I have feen lum tuum, qui repertus 
:h great joy thy peo- eft,vidicumingentigau- 
, which are here pre- dio. Dcusl/rafi^ cuftodi 
t. O God of I/raely banc voluntatem. 
ferve them for ever in 
i difpofition. 

What is included within this [ ] is omitted^ iftht 

prayer he faid without the walls of the Church. 
>|Rant us, we befeech thee, O Lord, our peti- 
J" tion [that all of us, who are prefcnt in this 
irch, of whofe conlecration we celebrate the an- 
erfary feaft, may pleafe thee by a full and per- 
\ devotion of body and mind :] that whilft we 
\x thee thefe our vows, we may, by thy help, 
ain an eternal reward. Thro\ 

COMMUNION. Matt. xxi. 
iy houfe {hail be cal- Domus mea, domus 
the houfe of prayer, orationis vocabitur, di- 
\ the Lovd: in it citDomvnusvm^^^xtt!^ 

cKi ri&r C .O M M O N II. Vefpen. 

whofocver adcetb, recei- nis qui petit, accipit, & 
veth, and he who feek- qui quserit, invenit ; & 
ethy find^ th : and the pulfanti aperietur. 
doQr (hall be opened to 
him that knocketh. 

POSTCOMMUNI9N. Dim, qui de vivis. 

O God, who, out of living and choice flones,pre- 
pai eft to thy majefty an eternal abode, help thy 
people at iheir prayers ; that as thy Church is cor- 
porally, (o it may be fpiritually, incrcafed. Thro\ 


All as In the firft Vefpers, p, cxlvi : Except what 

follows : 
V* Holinefs bccomcth V. Domum tuam,Do- 
thy houfe, O Lord. R. mine, decet fanditudo, 
For a neverendlng length R. In longitudinem die- 
of days. rum. 

Anth, O how awful Ant. O quam metu- 
is this place: truly it is endus eft locus ifte : verc 
no other than the houfe non eft hie aliud, nifi 
of God, and the gate of domus Dei, & porta cce» 
heaven. li. 

On the DAY of the DEDICATION 

of a CHURCH. 

All the Office as above ^ p. cxlvi. except at Mass, 

COLLECT. Deus^ qui Invi/thiliter, 

OGod, who containert all things invifibly, and 
yet, fi)r the falvation of man, vifibly mani- 
fefteft the figns of thy power : niaJce this Temple 
famous by the majefty of thy abode therein : and 
grants that all whr> incet here to pray, may obtain 
the blcftings of thy comfort, in whatever tribulation* 
they have lecousfc Vo \.\-^^» TVW^ 



3 God, the author of the gifts which are to be 
confecraced to thee, pour thy hleffing on this 
oufe of prayer, that-aTI who call on thy name ia 
:, may find the help of thy protefiion. Thro'. 


WE befeech thee, O Almighty God, merci- 
fully to hear all thofe, who pray in thi^ 
•lace, which we, tho' unworthy, have coiiiecratej 
o thy name. Thro'. 

)» the DAY of the CONSECRATION 

of an ALTAR. 

Ml as above^ p. cxivi. except at Mass. 

COLLECT. Deus^ qui ex omni. 

OGod, who formeft to thyfelf an abode in all 
thy faints, give a heavenly increafe to thy 
3uilding, that we may always be afhfted by their 
merits, whofe relieksVe pioufly embrace. Thre^'. 


LE T thy holy fpirit, we befeech thee, O Lord 
our God, defcend upon this Altar, both to 
fanctify the offerings of thy people, and to purify 
the hearts of thofe that receive them. Thro'. 

POSTCOMMUNiON. Omnipstens. 

O Almighty and eternal God, fandtify, by the 
virtue of thy heavenly bleffing, this Altar, con- 
fecrated to thy name ; and grant thy help to all who 
hope in thee; that we may receive hefe the efficacy 
of thy facraments^ and the effeds of our pravers. 
Vol. 11. 




HAil, Holy Mother, O Alve, San£bi Parens,^ 

who di<3ft bring j^ enixa puerpera re^ 

forth the king, who reigns gem, qui coelum, tcr- 

over heaven and earth for raroque regie in fscula 

evermore. P/. My heart fseculorum. Pf. Eruc- 

hath uttered good ti- tavit cor meum verbum 

dings : I refer my works bonum : dico ego opera* 

to the king. F. Glory, mea regi. V. Gloria. 

COLLECT. Concede nos, 

GRant, O Lord God, we befeech thee, that wt 
thy fervants may enjoy a conftant health of 
body ami mind, and, by the glorious interceflion of 
blefl'ed AJary ever a Virgin, be delivered from all 
temporal afHidions, and come to thofe joys, that 
are eternal. Thro*. 

LESSON. Ecclef. XXIV. 

FROM the beginning, and before all ages was 
I created ; and I i&all not ceafe ta he in the 
world to come : and I miniftred before him in his 
holy abode. And thus was I eftablifhed in SioH^ and 
Cook up my red in the holy city, and niy empire fs 
in JerufaUm, I took root amidft an honourable 
people. it*s inheritance is in the lot of- my God, and; 
my abode is in the midft of the faints. 

Thou art bleffed, and Benedida, & venera-^ 
worthy of our refpedls, bilis es, Virgo Marioy 
O Matyy the Virgin, quae, fine tadlu pudoris, 
who, without prejudice inverita es Mater Salva*> 
to th.y Virginity, didft toris. A^. Virgo Dei Ge*- 
become the Mother of necri^ quern totus non- 
the Saviour. K. V'wgitY- c^^^xt ^\Vv?»^ la ti>a fe 
iuothcr of God, Vie,b^- tfiiixxtx \\SK«t?^^ ^-^g^^ 

Of the B. V. MARY 

an, was (hut up homo, 
womb, whom 
>le world can- 



T R A 

ce, O Virgin 
thou alone haft 
d all herefies. 
o didft believe 
ds of Gabriel the 
rel. r.Whilfta 
thou didft bring 
1) that was God 
an ; and after 
rth didft remain 
irein. V. O mo- 
God intercede 

C T. 

Gaude, Maria Vir- 
go, cun£las haerefes fola 
interemifti. F. Quae 
G^^r/V//jArchangeli die- 
tis tredidifti. P. Dum 
virgo Deum & hominem 
genuifti ; & poft partufh 
virgo inviolata perman- 
fifti. V. Dei genctrixi 
intercede pro nobis. 

GOSPEL. Luke, xi. 27, 28. 

hat time: While ]ti\xs /poke to the multitude: 
certain woman from the croud, raifmg her 
Paid to him : Bleffed is the womb that bore 
nd the breafts that gave thee (tick. But he 
''ea rather, bleiTed are they, who hear the 
f God, and keep it. 


u art truly hap- 
facred Virgin 
and moft worthy 
raife : for out of 
rofe the fun of 
ufnefs, Chrijl our 


Felix namque es facra 
Virgo Maria^ & omni 
laude digniflima : quia 
exteortuseft fol juftitiae, 
Chrifius Deus nofier. 


\Y, O Lord, by thy own mercy, and the 

interceflion of blefied Mary^ ever a Virgin, 

lation procure us peace and happine/s both 

life^ and m that which is to coccift* T\\vJ 

clvi MASS 


Bleflfcd is the womb of Beata vifcera Maria 
Mary the Virgin, which Virginis, quae portave- 
bore the Son ot the cter- runt aeterni Patris Fi- 
nal Father. lium. 


HAving received, O Lord, what is to advance 
our falvation ; grant we may always be pro- 
tedcd by the patronage of blefied Adarj^ ever a Vir- 
gin, in whofe honour we have offered this (acrifice 
to thy majefty. Thro*. 

For the SIC K. 

Introit. 7 TTEAR, O God, my prayer, and 
PfAW, ) JLjL defplfe not my petition: look 
down upon me, and hear me. Pf, I am become 
forrowful in my exercife : I have been frightened 
with the voice of my enemy, and at the diftrefs die 
finner hath brought upon me. V, Glory. 

COLLECT. Ommpotens. 

O Almighty and everlafting God» the eternal 
falvation of them that believe in thee ; hear us 
in behalf of thy fervants, who are Tick, for whom 
we humbly crave the help of thy mercy, that, their 
health being reftored to them, they may render 
thanks to thee in thy Church. Thro'. 

If the Jick perfon be near the point of death. 

COLLECT. Ommpotens. 

O Almighty and merciful God, who haft prepa- 
red for mankind the means of falvation, and 
the rewards of eternal life; look down, in thy mercy, 
on thy fervant now labouring under the extremity 
of lickncfs J and W iViQU \.^^ Q.Q\xw&i\:t of his, or^ her 

I^or the ;S ICX. clvii 

foul, which thou haft created : that,'9it the hour of 
death, it may be prefented to thee, \^y the baoda of 
the angelsy wi^put (pot. Thro'. .- i 

E P I S T L E. Jamij v. 13, i^'. 
jyRetbrtn c Is anjr tif you fad i Let him prayj la 
^ he cheafM-4h thrnd l Let him fingpfalms. Is 
any one lick tmotog-yoii'? Let him bring in the 
priefts "of the Qmroi, and 4et them pray over him» 
anointing him With oil in the name of the Lord^ 
and the prayer of faith Ihall fave the'iick man : and 
the Lord fliall^raife hiiA up: and if he' be in fms, 
they (hall be forgiven him. Confefs therefore your 
fins one to another, and pray for ene another, that 
you may be faved. 

Gradual. P/l 6. Have mercy on me, O Lord» 
for I am weak : heal me, O.Lord. F. All my 
bones are difturbed, and my foul is in anguilh. 

Tract. Pf. 30. Have mercy on me, O Lord, 
for I am in diftrefs ; my eye, my foul, and my heart 
are difturbed with anger and pain. F. For my life 
is fpent in grief^ and my years in groans. F My 
flrength is weakened in my poverty, and my bones 
are dried. 

GOSPEL. Mitt. viii. 5. 

yfT that time : When Jefus had entered into 
-^ Capharnaunii there came to him a Centurion^ 
befeechinghim, and faying: Lord, my fervant lieth 
at home uck of a palfy, and is grievoufly torment- 
ed. And Jifus faith to him : 1 will come and heal 
him. And the Centurion making janfwer, faid : 
Lord, I am noit worthy thou (houTdft enter under 
my roof: but only fay the word, and my fervant 
(hall be healed. Fori m]rfelf :im atnan under au- 
thority : but having ipldiers under me \ I fay t6 this 
man: Go, and he gOethr'and to another: Come« 
and he cometh : and to my fervant : Do this> an4 

Vol. II. • 

dviii A VOTIVE MASS, 6; 

he doth it. Aitd when Jejks had beard tt 
marveiied ; and filid to them ffiat foUowec 
ififi/» I fay to you : I have hot fbtfiid ib ^rea 
In i^tf#/. ^ And I (ky.tO'you^it^Cfiim'iuil] 
fcom the 'eaft adcl the weft«!aiid iluUmc 4ow 
Atfraham^ 7/(9^% aod ^#r#^ in the louydom c 
veo:*but the children of-the kiiMBJona flull I 
out into outer darknefi) there fludl be we 
and 0ia(hing of teeth. And Jrfus faid to tfa 
iuri$n : Go, and as thou haft believed, fo be 
to thee. And the iervant wai healed at tba 

OFFERTOHy. P/.liv. 

HE A R, O God, my prayer, and defpi 
. my petition : look down upon me, ani 


OGod, by whofe pleafure the moments 
life are numbered, receive the praye 
ficrifices of thy fervants, for whom, in theii 
nefs, we implore thy mercy ; that we may i 
in the health of thoie, whom we now apprch 
danger. Thro*. 

Ifthejick per/on be near the point ofdeai 


*ff^ Eceive, O Lord, the facrifice we offer i 
K^ fervant, who is near the end of his, oi 
life; and grant, that by it all his, sr her, (Ins n 
cleanfed awayy that he, or (he, who is cbafli 
thy appointment in this life, may obtain t 
reft in that to come. Thro'. 

CoMMUKxoN. Pf. 30. Enlighten thy d 
ftance on thy fervant, and by tny mercy fav 
Lord let me hot be put to ihame, iince I have 


POSTCQMMUNJQN. Deus, iflfirmltath. 

OGod, the Angular aid qF huciaa wcakiieis^ 
{hew the power of thy help to thy fick fer- 
ants : di^t^ being ^fl^fied' by thy mercy, tbey may 
ome Lq heaj^ 9gaia to thy holy Cburch. ;. Tt^Qr* 

If the Jick pirfin bi near tbi p9fnt &/ deaths 


W£ befeech thy mercy, O- Almighty God, 
that thou wouldft pleafc to ftrbngthcn with 
hy grace thy fervant by tie efficacy of thefe my- 
leries : th^t the Enemy may not prevailagainft him, 
ir her, at the hour of his, or her death, but that he, 
>r file, may p^fs to. eternal life with thy aiigeb. 

»«########### #'$ # ii(!= # # # 


To be fold at the choice of the Prieft after the proper 
Colledi, on days that are not double feafts. 

For defring f/^^ .Prayers of the Saints. 

C O L L E C T«. Concede^ qutsfumus, 

GRant, we befeech thee, O almighty God, that 
the interceffion of holy Mary^ the mother of 
Cyod, and that of all the holy Apoftles, Martyrs, 
Confeffors, Virgins, and of thy Eleft, may every 
where bring joy to us ; that, while we celebrate 
their virtues, we may find their patronage. Thro' 
the fame* 

S E C R E T. 

BE appeafed, O Lord, with the offerings we have 
made 3 and, by the interceflion of blelled Mary 

O 2 


For a Congregation •r Family. 

COLLECT. Drfendi. 

PReferve, O Lord, we befeech thee» this family 
from all misfortunes, t^rb' the interceffion of 
blefled Mary ever a Virgin ; and, as they in all hu- 
mility proftrate themfelves before thee, do thou 
mercifully defend them from all the fnares of tbeir 
enemies. -Thro* 


REceive, we befeech thee, O almighty God, 
our devout oblation ; and, by virtue of this 
facrament, defend thy fervants from all adverfity. 


TTAving received the offerings of our redcmp^ 

I y_ tion, grant, we befeech thee, O merciful 

God, that, by the celebration thereof, we may find 

thy protection againft all adverfity. Thro'. 

For Peace and Concord in a Congregatioi^ $r Fa- 

COLLECT. Deus, larghtfr. 

OGod, the author of peace and lover of charity, 
give to thy fervants true agreement with thy 
holy will : that we may be freed from all the temp^ 
tations that difturb us. Thro'. 


BEing appeafed by this facrifice, grattt, we be* 
feech thee, O Lord, that we may not be 
loaden with the fins of others^ who beg to be freed 
from our own. Thro'. 

POSTCOMMUNION. Spiritum nohh. 

POUR forth on us, O Lord, thy fpirit of cha* 
rity : that thofe thou haft fed with one bread, 
thou mayft make of one mind by thy mercy* 

Thro'... in the umty. 


Aguiffft Perfecutors and Evil-doers. 

COLLECT- Hojiium. 

CRuib, O Lord, we befeecb thee, the pride of. 
our enemies \ and, by the power of thy r^h^ 
land, fruftrate all their maiicious andobftinatede^^ 
iagns. Thro*. 

S E C R E T, 

MAY ^e, O Lord, by the virtue of this facra-* 
ment, be both cleanfed from our hidden (ins^ 
md delivered from the fnares of our enemies. 


LOOK down on us, O God our protedor, and 
free us from the danger of our enemies, that 
Bve may ferve thee without any difturbance. Thro^ 

In Tiny Neceffity. 

COLLECT. Deus refugium, 

OGod our refuge and ftrength^ fountain of all 
goodnefs, mercifully give ear to the fervent 
prayers of thy Church, and grant that what we aflc 
with faith, we may effe&uaily obtain. Thro'. 

^^ Rant, O mercifid God, that this facrifice of 
\J our falvation may continually cleanfe us from- 
aHour guilt, and defend 013 from all adverfity. 


WE have received, O Lord, the facred gifts 
of this myffery, humbly befeeching thee, 
that what thou commanded us to do in remem- 
brance of thee, may be a help to our wealcnefs.. 
Thro'. Wholiveft. 

In any Tribulation. 

COLLECT. Nedefpiciuf. 

TURN not away thy eyes,' O moft merciful 
God^ from thy people cry vug o\]iX \a xJm^^ V^ 


their afflj^on : but for the (^ry of tby owd name 
relieve us in our necciEttes^ Tbco\ 


MEfcifiilly Mceive, O Lord, the oiFerings, by 
which ttiOM vouchfaieft to be appp;U'e<i» and 
by tby great goodnefs reilore us to (atety. Thfo*. 

POSTCOMMITNION. Trlbulationeiit. 

LOOK down mercifully, O Lord, we befcecb 
thee* on our tribulation ; and turn away the 
wrath of thy indignation, which we juftly deferve. ! 

Thro'. , 

In a Famine or Peftilence. 

COLLECT. Da nobis. 

GRant us, O Lord, the cifcdb of our humblo 
and pious prayers : and by thy goodnefs deli- 
ver ub from this famine or peftilence, iliat men may . 
know fuch fcourges proceed from thy indiguatiofli 
and ccafc by thy isercy. Thro\ 


OGod, who by the food of thefe gifts nourifbeft, 
and by the facramcnt thereof rc/teweft both 
fubitanccs of man, mercifully grant, that the help 
thereof may be warning to neither our bodies nor 
fouls. Thro*. 


FEED, O Lo'^d, we befeech thee, wkh corporal 
food, thoiir whoR^ thou arc pleated lo nouriib 
with thy eternal myfterie^. Thfo^ 

For Rain. 

C O L L E C T» Deus^ in quo. 

OGod, in whom we hve, miove,. and have our, fend us, we beftcch thee, a fcfafonable 
rain ; that enjoying fufficiently the neceflkries of 
this life, wc may, with greater confidence, dcfoc 
ikofe blel&ng& that ace ^U\u9\« TVi(Q\ 



BE appeafed, O Lord, with the offerings we 
have made : and fend .us ^be aid of a feafon- 
able rain. Thro'. 


GRant, O Lord, we befeech thee» a wholefome 
rain $ and water from heaven the drought of 
the earth. Thro'. 

For fair Weather. 


HEAR us, O Lord, crying out to thee, and 
grant us our humble requeft of a dry feafon: 
that we, who are juftly affli£led for our fms, ma]^ 
experience thy clemency and mercy. Thro*. 


MAY thy grace, O Lord, always go before us, 
and follow us ; and mercifully receive, as 
Confecrated t/) thy name, the offerings we bring for 
the remiflioi of our fm^ : that by the interceflion 
^f thy faints, they may avail us all to falvation. 


WE befeech thy mercy, O Almighty God, 
that thou wouldft ftop the overflowing of 
tain, and (hew us thy pleafing countenace. Thro'. 

Jgainji Storms. 

COLLECT. Adomotua. 

MAY this houfe, O Lord, we befeech thee, be 
defended againft all the aflaults of our fpl- 
ritual enemies : and may the prefent dreadful dif- 
order of the air ceafe. Thro*. 


E offer thee, O Lord, our praifes and fa- 
crifice^ in thankfgiving for the {2lvo\u% \^ 

Jtgeiiift a Mortality meng tit Cattl 

COLLECT. Deus, qui. 

OGod, who comfortably rewardcft ih 
of men in the benefit they receive ci 
brute' bealts ; grant, we befeech thee, that t 
not be taken from us, vrichout which we 
able to liibEfl. Thro'. 


BEin^ appeafed, O Lord, with the laci 
oiler, meccifulfy grant us the aids 21 

ances of this life. Thro*. 


MAY ihy faithful pe^)e,0 Lord, rei 
faleffing, which may fkve then both 
and foul : and may they always pay thee 
mage, and always find the blei&ngs of tb' 

I VERS PRAYER^S. cbcvii 

if virtue of this facrament, cle^nfe av^ay, O 
Lordy the fins of thy fenrant : and gi^aAt that 
;race may always enable him worthily to per- 
his duty. Thro'. 

>STCOMMUNION. Ornnipeurir. 
Almighty and everlaftttifi; God, who hslft ap- 
pointed thy fervant to (land before thy altar; 

to praife the power of thy name : grant him by 
facred myfteries the forgivefnefs of all his fiost 

he may always worthily ferve thy diving ^idBf 

. Thro'. ' 

/ir tbi GjA (f Tears. 

COLLECT. Omnipotens. 

Almighty and moft merciful God, who madeft 

water fpring out of a rocic.for thy people in 

thirft ; draw from our ftony Infiaas the tears of 

pundion ; that we may truly bewail our (Tnsy 

through thy mercy, obtein pardon thereof. 


IErcifully look down, O Lord, on the offer- 
ings we make to thy majeAy for our fins~; 
draw Kom oureyes a torrent of tears, by which 
burning^ flames we deferve, may be extufgutfli- 


IErcifttlly pour forth on our hearts» O LorS 
God, the grace of thy holy fpirit \ which by 
I and tears may make us waih away Che ftaios 
ur fins, and ooiain for us the defired par^on^ 
o'^M unity of the fame fldly Ghoft* 

P^r the Rcmiffion rfim. 

COLLECT. Deus^ qui nullum. 
I God, who reje<^ft none, but thro' rcQeo^ 

f ^iiiccai-r mercifully reconciled to t^t^^x^ 


finnersy mercifully regard the humble prayers of us 
thy fervants, and enlighten our hearu : that we j 
may 1^ enabled to nilfil thy cocnmandmenti. f 


liif AY this facrifice^ O Lord, wbidh we oSa 
^'^ fof our fins, be acceptable to thee : and may it 
avail to the falvation both of the living and the dead 


HE AR the prayers of thy family, O Almighty 
God, and grant : that the holy myfieries we 
have received from thee, may, by thy grace, remaia 
uncorrupted in us. Thro\ 

For thofe that do Publick Pennance. 

COLLECT. Ommp§t€ns. 

O Almighty and everlafting God, forgive, ac« 
cording to thy great goodneis, thy fervaots, 
who acknowledge their ofFences before thee ; that 
thy mercy may more powerfully prevail for their 
pardon, than their guilt calls on thee for juflioe. 


GRant, we befeech thee, O almighty and moft 
merciful God ; |hat this faving facrifice may 
immediately free thy fervants from all their fins, 
and prote£l them from all adverfity. Thro*. 


O Almighty and merciful God, who defireft more 
the converfipn, thaapunifhment of everyone 
that repents, and confefles to thee : look down up- 
on thefe thy iervants^ and, by the facred myfteries 
we have received, turn away from them the; wrath 
of thy indignation, and forgive them all their fim« 


For fuch as are under Temptation or Tribulation* 
COLLECT. Deusy qui. 

O God, who joftifieft the wicked, and dcfircft 
not the death of the finner: we humbly ie- 
feech thy divine roajefty to defenti, with thy hea- 
venly grace,, thy fervants, who truft in thy mercy ; 
and preferve theni by thy continual proteftion; that 
they may always faithfully ferve thee, and by no 
temptation be ever feparated from thee. Thro' 


E REE us, O Lord, we befeech thee, by the 
power of thefe fecred myfteries, from our own 
guilt, and forgive thy fervants all their fms. Thro\ 

Tl>r AY the myfteries we have received purify us, 
^^ we befeech thee, O Lord, and free thy fer- 
Tants from all fm ; that thofe, who are oppreiTed 
with a guilty confcience, may rejoice in the fulnefs 
of thy heavenly remedy. Thro\ 

Againft Evil Thoughts. 

COLLECT. Omnipotens. 

O Almighty and moft merciful God', regard in 
thy goodncfs our prayers, and free our hearts 
from thedifturbanceof all perverfe and evil thoughts, 
that we may become a fit abode for thy holy fpirit. 
Thro'.. .in the unity of the fame. 


WE ofFer thee, O Lord, this facriSce oFour fal- 
vation; that thou wouldft cleanfe our hearts 
from all unclean thoughts, and preferve them un- 
hurt; and enlighten them by thcf grace of thy liolv 
:fprrit. Thro'. the unity of the farhe. ' / 

POSTCOMMlfNtON. ^Deus.qui, 
God, whoenlighteneft every man that ccmc^h 
into this worlJ, enlighten, we befce^ii ihte, 
Vol. IL p 




our hearts with the light of thy grace; that we may 
always entertain fuch thoughts as are worthy of, 
and pleafing to, thy divine majefty, and fincerely 
love thee. Thro*. 

To beg Continency. 


INflame, O Lord, our reins and hearts with the 
fire of thy holy fpirit ; that we may ferve thee 
with a chafte body, and pleafe thee with a pure mind. 
Thro'.. .in the unity of the fame. 


BReak afunder, O Lord, the bonds of our fins; 
and that we may offer thee this facrifice of 
praife with perfedt liberty, and a pure mind, grant 
us again, what thou didft formerly beftow upon us; 
and fave us by pardon, whom thou vouchfafedft to 
fave by grace. Thro'. 


OLord, our help and protedor, affift us : and 
may our mind and body flourifh again in per- 
fe<Sl purity, and a renewal of chaftity; that by this 
facrifice, which we have offered to thy majefty, we 
may be freed from all temptations. Thro^ 

For Humility. 

COLLECT. Deus, qui. 

OGod, who refiflefl the proud, and giveft grace 
to the humble, grant us the virtue of true hu- 
mility, of which Chrijl was the perfeft pattern; 
that fo we may never provoke thy anger by our 
pride ; but, being feniible of our own nothingnefs, 
may be filled with the riches of thy grace. Thro' 
the fame. 

AY this facrifice, O Lord, obtain for us the 
grace of true humility : and take from our 
h^ixxi^ the coacupitc^uc^ ^^ xjaa fefti aad of the 



»s, and all worldly ambition : that by a fober, 
\, and pious life, we may arrive at eternal re* 
irds. Thro'. 

POSTCOMMUNION. Hujus, Domint. 
/f AY the receiving of this facrament, O Lord, 
■*• wafh away the ftains of our fins ; and by the 
i£lice of humility bring us to thy heavenly king* 
m. Thro'. 

Far Patience. 

COLLECT. Deus, qui. 

)God, who didft crufh the pride of our enemy 
by the patient fufFerings of thy only Son : 
int, we befeech thee, we may be truly mindful 
what he fo charitably endured for us, and by his 
ample bear all adveruties with a patient and un* 
iurbed mind. Thro' the fame. 


^Ercifully receive, O Lord, the gifts we offer; 
**• which we with devotion prefent to thy ma- 
ty, that thou wouldft grant us the gift of patience, 

/f AY the facred myfteries we have received, O 
'* Lord, reftore us the favour we have loft; and 
3cure for us the gift of patience, and prote£l U9> 
der all misfortunes. Thro'. 

For Charity. 
COLLECT. Deusj qui. 
\ God, who turneft all things to the advantage 
of tbofe that love thee; quicken in our hearts 
afting and lively afFedlion of thy love ; that fuch 
fires, as are infpired by thee, may never be de- 
ued by the afTaults of any temptation. Thro'. 

\ God, who reneweft us to thy image both by 
thefe myfteries and thy precepts ; perfeft our 
ps in thy ways, that we may uu\^ o\iX.2ia^'^^ 

P a 


this facrifice we have ofl&red^ that gift of charitj) 
which thou haft made lu hope for. Thro'. 

'XJi A Y the grace of the Holy Ghoft, O Lord, 
^^ enlighen our hears : and abundantly rcfreih 
them with the fweetnefs of pcxfed charity. Thro'... 
in the unity of the fame. 

F$r Devout Friends* 

COLLECT. Deus^ qui. 
/^ God, whosby thy grace^haft enriched tbehetrti 
^^ of all thy faithful with the gifts of the Holf 
Ghoft : grant to fuch thy fervants, in whofe behalf 
we addrefs thy mercy, health both of body and foul: 
that they may love thee with all their ftrength^ a»t 
perform thy will with perfe& charity* Thro*.« 
in the unity of the fame. 

"LI AVE mercy, O Lord, on fuch of thy fervants, 
•*■ •* for whom we offer this facrifice of praife to 
thy majefty : that by thefemyfteries they mayobuin 
the grace of thy heavenly bleffing, and the glory of 
eternal happincfs. Thro'. 

TT Aving offered thefc divine myfteries, we befceck 
^-^ thee, O Lord, that this holy facramcnt may 
procure them peace and profperity, for whomwc 
have offered it to thy majefly. Thro'. 

For Enemies. 

COLLECT. Deus pacts. 

f\ God of peace, the lover and preferver of cha- 
^^ rity ; grant to all our enemies peace and true 
charity : forgive them all their fins, and, by thj 
power, deliver us from all their wicked defigns. 



T) E appeafed, O Lord, with the facrifice we ofFer, 
-*-^ and mercifully deliver us from our enemies, 
and grant them the pardon of all their fins. Thro'* 

TiT A Y this communion, O Lord, free us from 
^^ orfr fins : and deliver us from the fnares of our 
enemies. Thro'. 

For fuch as are in Prilbn or in Captivity. 

COLLECT. Deus, qui.. 
r\ God, who didft deliver blefled Peter the Apo- 
V^ file from his chains, and fet him at liberty un- 
hurt by his enemies : free thy fervant from his [<9r 
Bcr] confinement ; and fet him [^r her] uiihurt at 
liberty by his intercejflion. Thro'. 


X^ AY a copious blefling, O Lord, defcend upon- 
•**•■• thefe offerings : which may free thy fervant 
from his [^r her] confinement, and make us fpee- 
diiy rejoice in his \_or her] deliverance. • Thro'. 

' \/f Ercifully, O Lord, hear our prayers: and, by 
•* '*' the facrament we have received, free thy fer- 
vant from the chains of his [or her] captivity,. 

For fuch as are at Sea. 

COLLECT. Deus^ g<ui. 
/^ God, who didft lead our forefathers ihro',the 
^^ red Tea, and preferve them amidft many tribu- 
lations, finging forth praifes to thy name; we hum- 
bly befecch thee to proteft thy fervants at fea from 
all dangers ; and, after a happy voyage, bring them 
fefe to their defired port. Thro'. 


Ty Eccive, O Lord, we befeech thee, the prayers 
-•^ of th^ ferva;7r5, together v^iih vhefe o&m^\ 

P 3 

dxxiy MASSES 

and defend thofe from all dangers, for whom we ce- 
lebrate thefe thy facred myfteries. Thro'. 

l^Eing fandlified by thefe holy mjrfteries, we hum- 
•*-' bly befeccb and entreat thy majefty, O Lord, 
that by the wood of the crofs thou wouldft with- 
draw from all fin, and mercifully deliver from all 
dangers I thofe for whom thou permitteft us to cele- 
brate thefe heavenly myftenes. Thro*. 

For the Living. 

COLLECT. Prattende. 
TjRotefl: thy fervants, O Lord, by the power of thy 
•• right hand : and grant they may feck thee with- 
all their heart, and obtain of thee what they aikas 
they ought. Thro*. 

S E C R E T. 

'DE appcafcd, O Lord, by our humble prayers j 
•*-^ and mercifully receive thefe offerings of thy 
faithful, which we offer thee for their fafety : and 
grant that the prayers and vows of none may be ii> 
vain; but that what we afk with faith, we may ef- 
fedlually obtain. Thro'. 

POSTCOMMUNION. Da fidelibus. 
/^Rant, O Lord, thy faithful a conftancy in their. 
^^ faith and hope in thee ; that, being groundedf 
in thy love, they may, by no temptation, ever be 
drawn from then- integrity r Thro*. 

M A S S E S /^r the DEAD. 

On the Day of the Death or BurlaL 

MA S S. Introit. Pf Ixiv. 
f^ Rant them, O Lord, O Equkm aeternatn do' 
^^ eternal reft; and let "^ na eis, Domine; & 
apcrpetual light Ciine on lux perpetua luceat eis, 
them. P/» A\\7mu\>t- Pf- T^ d^cet bymnus, 

For tbt DEAD. clxxv 

cometh thee, O Lord, in Deus, in &ion\ & tibi 

Sion ; and a. vow ihall be reddetur votum in Jtru^ 

paid to thee in Jerufa- faUm : exaudi orationeoi 

Um : hear my prayer : all meam : ad te omnis caro 

flefh (hall come to thee* veniet. Requiem (ff r • 

Grant them fefr. to Pf. to Pf. 

COLLECT. Dius, cuL 
/^ God, whofe property it is always to have mercy 
^^ and to fpare, we humbly prefent our prayers 
to thee in behalf of the foul of thy fervant N. which 
thou haft this day called out of this world ^ befeech- 
ing thee not to deliver it into the hands of the ene- 
my, nor forget it for ever j but command it to be; 
received by the holy angels, and to be carried into 
paradife ; that, as it believed and hoped in thee, it 
tnay be delivered from the pains of hell> and inhe- 
rit life everlafting. Thro*. 

EPISTLE. I Thijf. iv. 12. 
T>Rethren: We would not have you ignorant con- 
^ cerning thofc that fleep, that you be not for- 
rowful like others, who have' no hope. For if we 
believe thatjefus died, and rofelagain ; even fo them, 
who have flept in Je/us^ will God bring with him. 
For this we declare unto you in the word of the 
the Lord, that we who are alive, who remain unto 
the coming of the Lord, (hall not prevent them 
who have Sept. For the Lord himfelf (hall come 
down from heaven at the fignal and voice of an 
archangel, and at the found of the trumpet of 
God : and the dead, who are in Chrijl, (hall rife 
firft. Then we, who are alive and remain, (hall 
be caught up with them in the clouds, to meet 
Chrijl in the air ; and fo (hall we for ever be with 
the Lor<]. Wherefore comfort one another with 
tbefe words. 

Eternal reft give to Requiem asternam do- 
them, O Lord^ and may na els, Domicv^^ &. W& 



a perpetual li^t (hine 
on them. V. The me- 
mory of the righteous 
man (hall be for ever ; 
he (hall not fear an evil 


T R A 

Relcafe, O Lord, the 
fouls of all the faithful 
departed from the bonds 
of their fins. V. And by 
the afliftance of thy grace 
may they efcape the fen- 
tence of condemnation. 
V. And enjoy the blifs 
of eternal light. 

rhe S E C^U E N C E. 
'Tp H E day of wrath, T^IES irae, dies illz 

perpetua luceat eis. V. 
Pf. III. In memoria 
eterna erit juftus; ab 
auditione mala non ti- 

C T. 

Abfolve, Domine, ani- 
mas omnium Adeliunr 
defun£lorum ab omni 
vinculo delidorum. V^ 
Et gratia tua illis fuc- 
curente, mereantur eva* 
dere judicium ultionis,. 
V. Et lucis aetern^e bea- 
titudine perfrui. 

^ that dreadful day. 
Shall the whole world in 

afhes lay. 
As David and the SihyU 
What horror will in- 
vade the mind. 
When the ftrid Judge, 

who would be kind. 
Shall have few venial 
faults to find ! 
The laft loud trum- 
pet's wond'rous found 
Muft thro' the rending 

tombs rebound ; 
And wake the nations 
under ground. 
Nature and death fhall 
with furprize. 
Behold the pale ofieiider 
rile ! 

Sol vet faeclum in favilla; 

TefteD J2//Vcum Sybilli. 

Quantus tremor eft 
Quando Judex eft ven- 

Cundla ftridle difcuflfu- 
Tuba mirum fpargen* 
Per fepulchra regionuni) 

Coget omnes ante thro- 

Mors flupebit, & na- 

Cum refurget creatura^^ 

For the D 

And view the Judge with 
confcious eyes. 
Then fliall, with uni* 
verfal ^read. 
The facred myflicic book 

be read> 
To try the living and the 
The Judge afcends his 
awful throne ) 
He makes each fecret fin 

be known, 
And aU with (hame con« 
fefs their own. 
O then ! what intVeft 
fhali.I make. 
To fave nf>y laft impor- 
tant ftate, 
When the moft juft have 
caufe to quake \ 
Thou mighty, formi- 
dable King ! 
Thou mercy's unex- 
haufted fpring 1 
Some comfortable pity 
Forget not what my 
ran Torn coft. 
Nor let my dear-bought 

foul be loft, 
lo ftorms of guilty terror 
Thou, who for me 
didft feel fuch pain, 
Whofe precious blood 
the crofs did ftain ; 
Let not thofe agonies be 
Thou, whom aven- 
ging powers obcyy 

E A D. clxxvii 

Judicanti refponfura. 

I^^iber fcripcus profe- 
Id quo totumcontinetur, 

Unde mundu9 judicetur^ 


Judex ergo cum fede« 

Quidquid latet) appare- 

Nil inultum remanebit*. 

Quid fum , raiier, tun 

Quem patronum roga- 

Gum vix juftus fit fecu* 

Rex tremendae maje- 

Qui ialvandos (alvas gra- 

Salva me fons pietatis. 

Recordare Jefu pie. 

Quod fixm caufatuae viae^ 

Ne me perdas ilia die. 

Quaerens me, fedifti 
laflus : 
Red^mifti, crucem paf- 

fij8 : 
Tantus labor non fit 
Jufte Judex uluoiu^^ 

clxxviii M A 

Cancel my debt (too. 
great to pay) 

Before the fad account- 
ing day. 

. Surrounded with ama* 
zing fears ; 

Wbofeload my foul with 
anguifh bears ; 

I figh, I weep, accept 
my tears. 
Thou, who waft mov'd 
with Mary^s gtief, 

And by abfolving of the 

Haft given me hope, 
now give relief. 
RqeiS not my un- 
worthy prayer, 

Preferve me from the 
dangerous fnare. 

Which death and gaping 
hell prepare. 
Give my exalted foul 
a place 

Among thy chofen right- 
hand race. 

The fons of God, and 
heirs of grace. 
From that infatiate 

Where flames devour, 
and ferpents hifs. 

Promote me to thy feat 
of blifs. 
Proftrate, my contrite 
heart I rend. 

My God, my Father, 
and my Friend, 

Do not forfake me m 
my end. 

S S .E S. 

Donum fac remifli 

Ante diem ration 

Ingemifco tai 
Culpa rubet vul tus 

Supplicant! parce, 

Qui Mariam 
£t latronem exau 

Milii quoque fpe 

Preces meae nc 

dignae : 
Sed tu bonus fac 

Ne perenni cren»c 

Inter oves locur 

Etab hxdis me 

Statuens in parte < 

Confutatis mal 

Flanimis acribus 

Voca me cum be 

Oro fupplex 

Cor contritum qi 

Gwe cMtwa mei 

For the DEAD. 


Lacrymofa dies ilia ! 
Qua refurget ea favilld 
Judicandus homo reus. 
Huic ergo parce Deus : 
Pie J^fu Dominc, 
Dona eis requiem. 


may they curfe 

ir fecond birth, 

e to a furviving 


;reat creator of 


ty man compaf- 

1 find. Amen, 

GOSPEL. John xi. 21, 23. 
'at time : Martha faid to Jefus : Lord if 
u hadft been here, my brother had not died, 
now that even now, whatfoever thou (halt 
od, God will grant it thee. Jefus faid to 
ly brother ihall rife again. Martha fays to 
know he will rife again at the refurre£lion 
aft day. Jefu$ faid to her : I am the refur- 
md the life : he that believeth in me, altho* 
dead, fhall live : and whoever livcth and 
1 in me, Ihall never die. Believeft thou this? 
to him : Yes, Lord, I believe that thou 
7*r//?, the Son of the living God, who art 
to this world.' 


Jefus Chrifi, 
rlory, deliver the 

all the faithful 
1 from the flames 
md from tht deep 
jliver them from 
I's mouth, left 
illow them, left 
1 into darknefs : 
: the .ftandard- 
it. Michael bring 
to thy holy light: 
to Aoraham and 

srity. V. We of- 


Domine Jefus Chrijte^ 
rex glorias, libera animas 
omnium fidelium de- 
fun^lorum de paenis in- 
libera eas de ore leonis, 
ne abforbeat eas tartarus^ 
ne cadant in obfcurum : 
fed fignifer Sanftus Mi^ 
chaely repraefentet eas in 
lucem fan(Stam:#Quani 
olim Abraha promififti, 
&feminiejus. A^. Hoftias 
ii preces tibi, Domine, 

laudis oSeilmvA \ \u l\x* 

clxxx MASSES 

fer thee, O Lord, a fa- fcipe pro animabus 

crificeofpraifeandpray* quanim hodie met 

ert : accept them in be- am facimus : fac 

balf of the fouls we com- Domine, de morte 

memorate this day : and fire ad vitam. # C 

let them pais from death olim, (^c. to ^. 
to that life. « Which 
thou, ^r. to F. 

TJAVE mercy, O Lord, we befeechthee, o 
-" foul of thy fervant N. for which we ofia 
vi£tim of pratfe, humbly befeeching thy ma 
that by this propitiatory (acrifice, he [or ihe] 
arrive at eternal reft. Thro\ 


May an eternal light Lux asterna luces 

ihine on them, O Lord, Domine, # cum £1 

^together with thy faints tuis in aeternum: 

for ever : for thou art pius es. F. Requie 

merciful. ^. Give them, ternam dona eis, 

O Lord, eternal reft : mine : & lux peq 

and may a perpetual luceat eis. # Cum . 

light ftiine on them. # tis &c* to F* 
Together i^c. to F. 

Rant, we befeech thee, O Almighty God, 
the foul of thy fervant, whith thisday hati 
parted this life, being purified and freed from ( 
this facrifice, may obtain both forgivenefs and 
j)al reft. Thro'. 

jt/ier Dominus-vobifcum, the. Prieji fajs 

May they reft in peace* R. Ami/t* 

And the bJeffing is not given. 

On the third, feventh, and thirtieth dayafti 
iectajcy \L^% is Jaid at above ^ except ; 


For the D E A D. clxxxi 

COLLECT, ^tefumus. 
A Dmit, we beftcch thee, O Lord, the foul of thf 
■**• fenrant N. [the third, fevcnth, $r thirtieth 
day after] whofe deceafe we commemorate, into^ 
the fellowffaip of th^ faints, and refrefh it with the 
perpetual dew of thy mercy. Thro'. 

I^Ercifully look down, O Lord, we befeech thee, 
•^ . on the ofFeringi we make for the foul of thy 
fervant N. that being purified by theie heavenly 
Viyfteries, it may find reft in thy mercy. Thro*. 

ti Eceive, O Lord, our prayers in behalf of the 
*^ foul of thy fervant N. that if any ftains of the 
comiption of this world ftill ftick to it, they may 
W wafhed away by thy forgiving mercy. Thro'. 


the iNTRoiTt Gradual, Tract, Sequence^ 
Offrrtory, i7«^ Communion, as p. clxxiv. 

COLLECT. Dius indulgentiarum. 
r\ God, the Lord of mercy, give to the fool [or 
^ tbuls] of thy fervant [pr thy fervants] whofe 
umiverfary we commemorate, a place of comfort, 
I hq;>py reft, and the light of glory. Thro'. 

LESSON. 2 Maech. xii. 43. 

r^ tbofe days: Judas^ the valiant commander, ha- 
ving made a colieiStion, fent twelve thoufand 
ieces of lilver to JirufaUm^ to have facrifices of- 
ttcA for the fins of thofe that vtttt dead ; having 
;ood and religious thoughts concerning the refur- 
e6Uon : (for if he had not believed that fuch as were 
.ain, would rife again, it wouk) have been fruitlefs 
nd vain to pray for the dead) and becaufe he con- 

Voh. U. ♦ p 

alxxxii MASSES 

fidered, that fuch as made a pious end, had plenty 
of grace ftored up for them. 'Tis therefore a hdj 
and wholefome thought to pray for the'dead, that 
they may be freed from their uns. 

G O S P E U Jobu vi. 37, 40. 
jiT that timi : Jefu% faid to the multitudi of thi 
•" Jews : All that the Father giveth me, {ball 
come to me : and him that cometh to me, 1 will not 
caft out : for I came down from heaven, not to do 
my own will, but the will of him that fent me. 
And this is the will of my Father, who fent me, tbit 
I lofe nothing of all that he hath given me : but dut 
I raife it Vkp again at the laft day. And this is the 
will of the Father, who fent me i that every one, 
who feeth the Son, andbelreveth in him, may have 
life everlafling > and I will raife him up at the laft 

^^y- SECRET. 

TpAvourably hear, O Lord, our humble prayenia 
" behalf of the foul [or fouls] of thy fervaot, [ar 
fervants] the anniverfary of whofe death is thisdaj, 
for whom we offer thee this facrifice of praife : that 
thou may'ft vouchfafe to admit it \or them] to the 
fellowfliip of thy faints. Thro'. 

r^ Rant, we befeech thee, O Lord, that the foul 
^^ [or fouls] of thy fervant, [or fervants] the an- 
niverfary of whofe death we commemorate, being 
purified by this facrifice, may obtain both pardon 
and eternal reft. Thro'. 

The COMMON MASS /(tt /i&tf DEAD. 
*Thi Introit, Gradual, Tract, Sequence, 
Offertory, and Communion, as ahvt$ 
p. clxxiv. 

COLLECT. D4us^ qui inter* 
For Bifbops or Pricfts departed. 
^\ God, by whofe favour thy fervants were raifci 
^^ to the dvg^mi^ ^t ^vfca^^^ ^or Pci^s] and li 

Fcr the DEAD. clxxxiH 

honoured with the Apoftolical fun&ion ; graiit, wc 
befeech thee, they may be admitted to the eternal 
fellowAip of thy A[M>(Ues in heaven. Thro*. 

COLLECT. Deusj venia largitor. 

For Relations, Friends, and Benefadors. 

/^ God, the author of mercy, and lover of the fal- 
\^ vation of mankind ; wcaddrefs thy clemency 
jn behalf of our brethren, relations, and benefadors, 
who are departed this life, that, by the interceffion 
erf bleflcd Alary ever a Virgin, and of all thy faints, 
thou would'fl receive them into the enjoyment of 
eternal happinefs. Thro*. 

COLLECT. Fidelium Deus, 

For alltbi Faithful departed. 
^\ God, the creator and redeemer of all the faith- 
^^ ful, give to the fouls of all thy fervants depart- 
ed the remiffion of all their tins ; that, through the 
help of pious fupplications, they may obtain the 
pardon they have always defired. Who liveft. 

LESSON. iJ/v. xiv. 13. 
jN thofe days : I heard a voice from heaven faying 
■* to me : Write : Blefled are the dead, that die 
in the Lord. From henceforth faith the Spirit they 
reft from their labours : for their works follow 

GOSPEL. Johnvu 51, 55. 

AT that time: ]q(us /aid to the multitudes of the 

■^^ Jewi : I am the living bread, which came 

down from heaven. If any one eats of this bread, 

he {hall live for ever : and the bread, which I will 

ve, is my flefh for the life of the world. The 

'iws therefore difputed amongft themfelves, faying: 

ow can this man give us his flefh to eat ? Then 

2efus faid to them : Amen^ Amen^ I fay to you : un- 
i& you eat the fleih of the Son of man, and drink 

* p 2 

clxxxiv MASSES 

his bloody you (hall not have life in you. He that 
eateth my flefli, and drinketh my blood, hath 
eternal life : and I will raife him up at the lift 


For Bifliops 9r Priefts. 

4Ccept, O Lord, we bcfecch thee, the facri- 
iice we offer for the fouls of thv fervanti 
»p9 \9r Priefls]; that thofe, whom m thiilife 
thoti didft honour with the Epifcopal [#r Prieftly] 
dignity, thou may 'ft join to the fellowfliip of thf 
faints in the kingdom of heaven. Thro\ 

For Brethren, Friends, and Benefadors. 

OGod, whofe mercy is infinite, gracioully 
hear the prayers which we thy humble fer- 
v«int8 offer thee ; and grant to the fouls of oar 
Brethren, Friends and Benefafb^rs, on whom 
thou didft bcftow the grace to ecnfefs thy nsnie» 
the pardon of all their fins by thefe myfieriesof 
of our falvation. Thro/ 

For All the Faithful departid. 

LOOK down favourably, we befeech thee, 
Lord, on the facriAce we offer for the fouli 
of thy fervants ; that as thou waft pleafed to be- 
ftow on them the merit of Cbriftian faith, thoa 
wouldft alfo grant them the reward thereof. Thro', 

For Biftiops or Priefts. 

/^ Rant, we befeech thee, O Lord^ by thy merd- 
^-^ ful clemency, which we have implored on be- 
half of the fouls of thy fervants Bifliops [or Priefts]: 
that by thy mercy they may eternally enjoy his pre- 
fence, in whom they bo^ed and believed. Thro'. 

Fer the D E A D. clxxxv 


F^r Brethren, Friends, and Benefaflors. 

^^ Rant, we befeech thee, O almighty and merci* 
^^ ful God, that the fouls of our Brethren, Friends, 
and Benefadlors, for whom we have offered this fa- 
crifice to thy majefty; being, by virtue of thcle my- 
fteiics, purified from all fin, may, thro' ihy mercy, 
receive the bleffing of perpetual light. Thro*. 


Fur All th$ Faithful it^ttd. 

f> Rant, we befeech thee, O Lord, that our hum- 
^^ ble prayers in behalf of the ibuls of thy fervants, 
both men and women, may be profitable to them ; 
£> that thou inay*fl deliver them from all their fins, 
and make them partakers of the redemption thou 
bcft purchafed for them. Who liveft. . 


Far a Pope, 

COLLECT. Deus^ qui inter fummof, 
^^ God, who wafl pleafed in thy providence to 
^^ have thy fervant N, reckoned among the chief 
Paflors of thy Church ; grant, we befeech tbee, that 
he who reprefented the pcrfoa of thy only Son on 
earth, may be added to the company of thy holy 
Prelates in heaven. Thro' the fame. 

A Ccept, O Lord, we befeech thee, the facrificc 
•^*- we offer for the foul of thy fervant N, thy chief 
Priefl : that as thou didft honour him in this life 
with the Pontifical dignity, thou wouldft add him 
to the company of thy Saints in thy heavenly king* 
dom. Thro'. 


X4' AY thy mercy, O Lord, which we have in- 
^^ plored, affift the foul of thy fervant N. our 
chief Biihop ; that hy thy clemency He may enjoy 
his prefence, in whom he hoped and believed. 

Per a Bifliop or Prieft, as abovi^ p. dxxxiv. vij 
in thifinguler number^ 

For a Man diaafid. 

COLLECT. Inclina. 
TJ Ear, we befeech thee> O Lord, the prayen we 
*^ addrefs to thy mercv; that the foul of thy fer- 
vant, which thou haft called out of this world, maj 
be received into the kingdom of light and pencei 
and be numbered aihong the blefled. Thro'* 

/^Rant, we befeech thee, O Lord, that thisfi- 
^^ crifice may avail the foul of thy fervant, by 
ofFering of which thou waft pleafed to have tbefitf 
of the world cancelled. Thro.' 

"D Elcafe, O Lord, the foul of thy fervant from 
•*^ every chain of fin ; that in the glory of the re- 
fur re£lion he may enjoy reft among thy faints and 
clefi. Thro'. 

For a Woman deceafed, 

COLLECT, ^afumus. 
CHew mercy, O Lord, we befeech thee, accord- 
^ ing to thy great goodnefs, to the foul of thy 
hanfjmaid ; and being now delivered from the cor- 
ruption of this mortal life, eive it part in thy eter- 
nal inheritance of blifs. 1 hro'. 

Vl' AY the foul of thy handmaid, O Lord, wc 
•*■ befeech thee, be puiified from all her fins by 
virtue of this facrifice^ without which no^ one wai 


For the DEAD. clxScxvu 

ever delivered from fin ; that, by thefe propitiatory 
myfteries, Ihe may obtain thy mercy for ever, 

^jl^* AY the foul of thy handmaid, O Lord, enter 
'*•'■• into the participation of eternal light: of which 
eternal mercy (he received the pledge in this (acra- 
flsent. Thro'. 

For a Father dr Mother. 

COLLECT. Deus^ qui nos. 
God, vi^ho haft commanded us to honour our 
Father and Mother : mercifully (hew pity to 
^ the fouls [or foul] of my Father and [or of] my 
>^ Mother, and forgive him [or her] their [or his or 
^ lier] fins '; and grant I may fee them [«r him or 
V licr] in the joys of eternal life. Thro*. 


r 11 Eceive, O Lord, the facrifice I ofter for the 
f '^ fouls [or for the foul] of my Father and [or 
\ 'of] my Mother ; and grant them [or him or her J 
' <ternal joys in the land of the jiving : and afTociate 
I me with them [him or her] in the blifs of thy (aints« 


\ 11^ AY the participation of thefe heavenly myfte- 
. ^^ ries, O Lord, I befeech thee, obtain reft and 
' light for the fouls [or foul] of my Father and [or of] 
' my Mother; and may thy grace crown me with 

them [or him or her] for ^vcr. Thro'. 




For the USE of the 

L .A IT Y. 



TTje Child being brought to the Church-door^ and 
placed on the God-mother* s right arm -y the Prieji ba^ 
ving ajked ifs name^ fays : 

JPr. T T THAT doft thou afk of the Chqrch of 

VV Go^ • ^- ^^^^^ *• P^' What wiU 
Aith avail thee ? J, To fife everlafting. Pr. If 

Ibou wouldft enter into life, keep the command* 

ments : Thou flialt love the Lord thy God with 

thy whole heart, with thy whole foUl, and with 

thy whole mind ; and thy neighbour as tbyfelf. 

Then the Prieji blows thrice on the face ofth^ chiUU 
4ii it were in contempt of the DeviU and fays : 

Pr. Depart from Wm {^r her] O unclean fpirit, 
and yield place to the Holy Ghoft the comforter. 

Then he makes the fign ef the crofs an the child^€ 
forehead and breafl^ f^yi^g ' 

Pr. Receive the fign of the crofs on. thy fore- 
jiead, and in thy heart: pra6life the heavenly com- 
mandments : and let fuch be thy conduit of life, 
that thou may'ft now become the temple of God, 

a ExpU The facrament of faith, viz. Ba^tijm^ 

Vol. 11. q ' 

cxc B A P- T I S M 

Let us pray. Preas n9ftras. 

GRacioufly hear, O Lord, webefeech thee, odr 
prayers ; and Imt thy continual protedion 
guard this thy chofeit fervant M now marked with 
the fign of (he crofs of our Lord, that obferviog 
thefc firft IWftrufHonsiDf the gKatnefs d* thy glory, 
by keeping thy commandment^, be \or Ihe] may 
deferve to attain to the glory of a new birth. Thro' 
C/!^r^ our Lord. R. Amin. 

Tbem hi lays bis ban J cm tbi cbiltTs bead ^Joying: 

Let us pray. Omnipotens. 

O Almighty and eternal God^ Father of our Lord 
Jefus Cbrift^ vouchfafe to look down on this 
thy fervant N. whom thou haft been plea:(ed tocali 
to thefe firft rudtmentt of £aith : tsSke from him [r 
her} all blindnefs of heart : break all the bands of 
^atan^ by which he [^r Ibe] bath been bcmnd : opea 
to him« \ir her] O Lord, the gate of thy merqri 
that being feafoned with the fi^ of thy wifilo«t 
he [or flie] may be freed from the filth of all con- 
cupifcence ; and, following the fweet odour of thy 
precepts, may joyfiiUy ferve thee in thyChurch, and 
daily increafe in perfection. .Thro^ the (ame Chr'ifi 
our Lord. R. Awun. 

rAf BLESSING of the SALT.* 
Exorcife t^ee, O creature of fait, in the name of 
God the Father almighty, by the love of our Lord 
"Jefus Cbrijt^ and by the power of the Holy Ghoft. 
\ Axorcifelkee by the living God, by the true God, 
by the hctfy God ; by that God, who created thee for 
the benefit of mankind^and ordered thee tobeblefled 
by his fervants for the people that come to the faith ; 
that in the name of the Holy Trinity thou may*ft 
become a wholefome myftery to drive away the 
enemy. Wherefore, we befeech thee, O Lord our 
God, that fandifying thou wouldft fandify, ahid 
bleffing xhou wouldft blefs this creature of fait, that 

* When uje u made «/ /a/t drtsdj bhjfsd^ tbit f^ngii omttttd* 

0/ C H I L l5 R E N. cxcr 

it may become to all ihat receive it a perfect re- 
medy, and may remain in their hearts, in the name^ 
of the fame Lord ^efus Chriji^ who is to come to 
judge the living and the dead, and the worjd by fire^ 
JEl. Amen, " • 

• neri he puts fame ofthifalt In the ' child* s mouthy 
faying : 

N. Receive the fait of vi^iCdom, and may it be to 
thee a propitiation unto life cverlafting. R. Jmen^ 
Pr. Peace be with Pr, Pax tccam. R. 
thee.. R. And with thy £t cum fpiritii tuo, 

Let us pray. Deus patrum* 

OGod of our forefathers, O God the author of 
all truth, we humbly befeech thee^ gracioufly 
vouchfafe to look down on this thy fcrvant N, and 
as he [or (he] has taded this fait the fii^ food, do 
ubt permit him [^r her] to hunger any longer for 
want of heavenly Food ; to the end that he [^r flie]" 
may always be fervent in fpirit, joyful in hope, and 
always obedient to thy name. Bring him [or her] 
O Lord, we befeech, to the laver of regeneration 5 
that, with thy faithful, he [or (be] may deferve the 
eternal rewards, which thou haft promifed* Thro' 
Cbriji our Lord. R. Amen. 

Another EXORCISM. 
T Exorcife thee, O unclean fpirit, in the name of 
I the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy 
Ghoft, that thou go out and depart from this fer- 
rant of God N. For it is he that commandeth thee, 
,0 curfed Fiend, who walked upon the fea, and 
ftretched forth his right hand toP^/#r, when finking. 
Therefore, curled Devil, remember thy fentence; 
mnd givehonour to the living and true God: give ho- 
nour lojefus Chriji bts Son, and to theHoly Ghoft: 
and depart from this fervant of God N. For our 
God and Lord Jefus Chriji hath voiAchfafed to cali^ 


him [cr her] Co his holy grace and bleffing, and to 
the font of bapttfm. [/f/r# bi fnahs tht hgn oftht 
crcfs on tbi chiUCs fmnbeadJ] And this ngn of the 
crofi, which we maker on his {or herj forehead, 
may'ft thou, curfed Devil, never dare to violate 
Thro' the fame Jifus Cbrtfi our Lord. R. Anuiu 

Then bt lays bis band again on tbo cbiU^s bead: 

Let us pray.- ASurnam. 

OLord moft holy. Father almighty, eternal 
God, the author of light and truth, I htktch 
thy everlafting and juft mercy in behalf of this thy 
~ rvant N. that thou wouldft vouchfafe to enlighten 
him [or her] with the light of thy knowledge: 
clearue and fanflify him [or her] : give him [^r her] 
true wifdom^ that being made worthy to receive thy 
baptifm* he [or fhe] may perfevere in firm hope, 
righteous defigns, and holy do£lrine. 'T^hro* Cirifi 
our Lord. R. Jmen. 

fyhin tbi child is brought into tbi Churchy 
Pr. N^ Come into the Church of God, that thoa 
may 'ft have part with Cbri^ to everlafting life. 
R. Jmin* 

ff^hin thiy an comi into tbi Church tbi Godfather 
and Godmother fay thi Apoftles Creed and tht 
Lord's Prayer. Then follows this other 


IExorcife thee, whatever unclean fpirit thou art, 
in the name of God the Father almighty, and 
in the name of Jffus Cbrijl his Son, our Lord 
and judge, and by the power of the Holy Ghoft, that 
thou depart from this band-work of God N. which 
our Lord hath been pleafed to call to his hoTy tetn- 
pie, to the end it may become the temple of the \ 
living God, and the Holy Ghoft may dwell there- ! 
in. Thro' the fame 'Jejus Chrifl our Lord, who is 
to come to judge the living and the dead^ and the 
world by &ic. R* Amt^. 

0/ C H I L 1> R E N: cxciii- 

When he touches the ears and noAHIs with fpittle. 

Pr. Efbetha^ that is, be opened^ to an odour 
of fureocneft. - And be thou, O Devil, put to fiightj^ 
For the judgment of God againji thee is at band. 

Pr. N. Ooft thou rencmoQc SatoJi ? A^ i re- 
nounce him. Pr. And all his works \ A. I re- 
nounce them. Pr. And all his pomps ? Al I re-» 
nounce them* 

Then be anoints the child on the breaji^ and hi' 
tcueen the Jboulders^ faying : 

Pr. I anoint thee with the oil of &lvation \w 
Cbrifljefus our Lord, that thou mayft have eter- 
Bal life. R. Amen. 

Pt. N. Doft thou believe in God the Father 
Almighty, the Creator of heaven and earth ? A. t 
do. Pr. Doft thou believe in Ji/us Chrtft his only 
Son our Lord^ who was born and (iiiiered for us ?* 
A. I io. Pr. Doft thou believe in the Holy Ghoft,. 
Ibe holy Cacholick Church, the Communion of 
Saints^ the forgivenefs of fms, the refunedion of' 
^ body, and life everlafting? Am I do. Pr. 
N. Doft thou defiK to be baptized i A. Ido de- 
fire it. 

Then- he pours the water on the child^ faying : 


THE Father, and of the Son, and of the 
Holy Ghost. R. Amen. 

Or if there be a doubt whether the child hath been 
kaptized before or not^ he fay % : 

N. If thou art not baptized, I baptize thee 
w the name of THr Father, and of the 
Son, and of the Holy Ghost. R, Amen. 

fVhen he anoints the head of the. child with the 
holy Chrifm. 

Pr. May the almighty God, the Father of our 
Lord Je/us Chrijl^ who hath given thee a new birth 
by water and the Holy Ghoft, suid hatb gnoited' 

q 3 

cxciv BAPTISM, 6fr. 

thee the remiffion of all thy fins, ma^ he, 7 faj^ 
anoint thee with the Chrifm of falvation, in the 
fame Jifus Cbrift our Lord, unto life everlafting^ 
R. Jmtn. 

Pr. Peace be with Pr. Paxtibi. R.Yx 
thee. R. And with thy cum fpirttu tuo. 

K^ben he puts the white garment on the child. 

Pr. Receive this white garment, which may'ft 
thou carry fpotlefs before the tribunal of our Lord 
Jffus Chrijly that thou may'ft have eternal life. 
R • Amen. 

When he puts the burning taper in the chilis 

Pr. Receive this burning taper ; and keep thy 
baptifm without reproof: obferve the command- 
ments of God ; that when the Lord (hall come to 
his nuptials, thou may*ft meet him, together with 
dl his faints in his heavenly court, and may'ft have 
eternal life, and may'ft live for ever and even R« 

LaJUy he fays : 

Pr. N. Go in peace, and may the Lord be witb 
thee. R. Amen. 

Tie Priejl then puts the Godfather and God- 
mother in mind of the fpiritual affinity cofi' 
traced hy baptifm between them and the child^ 
baptized, as likewife the parents of the child, 
which makes marriage between them not only un- 
lawful, but null and void. He alfo admonifiep 
them to acquaint the parents not to let the child 
He in the fame bed with them or the nurfe^ till 
it be a year oldy left it Jhould be overlaid ; but 
to take care of it^ and bring it early to be in^ 
Jiru^ed in the Chrijiian do^rim* 

The ADMINISTRATION, fcfr. cxcv 


The Bifhop turning towards thefe that are to he 
confirmed^ fay 


Bp. T\^AY the Holy Ghoft dcfccnd upon you» 
XVjL ^"^ ^^y ^^^ power of the Moft High 
preferve you from fia. R. Amen. 

V. Our help is in the V» Adjutorium nof- 

name of the Lord. R. tpum in nomine Domini. 

Who made both heaven R. Qui fecit coelum & 

and earth. tQrram. 

V. O Lord, hear my V. Domine, exaudi 

prayer. R. And let my orationem meam. R. 

cry come unto thee. £t clamor meus ad te 


V. May the Lord be V. Dominus vobif^ 

with you. R, And with cum. R, £t cum fpi- 

thy fpirit. ritu tuo. 

Let us pray. Omnipotens^ 

O Almighty and eternal God, who haft been 
pleafed to bring forth thefe thy fcrvants to a 
new birth through water and the Holy Ghoft; and 
haft granted them the pardon of all their fins; fend 
down upon them thy fevenfold Holy Spirit the Com^- 
Sorter from heaven. R. Amen. 

The fpirit ot wifdom and underftanding* R« 

The fpirit of counfel and ftrength. R. Amen. 

The fpirit of knowledge and piety. R. Amen. 

Mercifully fifl them with the fpirit of thy hdtr^ 
and marlc'them with the fign of the crofs of Chrift 
to everlafting life. Thro' unity of the fame. 
R. Amert. 

When he applies the Holy Chrifm, he fays to each 

one : ♦ 




cross : and i confirm thee with the t 
Chrism of salvation, in the name ofthb 
FatuiH) anj> oh the Son, ajai^qb the Holy 
Ghost. R. Anuiu 

Thin the Bijhop lightly Jlrikis on th$ dheek the 
ftrfon confirwudy f^J^^S •' 
Bp, Peace be with thee* 

Anth. Ratify, O God, Ant*- Confirma hoc, 
what thou hail perform ' Deus, quod operatuse» 
ed by our miniftry, from in nobis, a templo (anc- 
thy holy temple which is to tuo, quod eft in ^tru* 
in JerufaUm. V. Glory. Jalem. V. Gloria- R. 
R. As it was. Sicut. 

Anth. Ratify, O God. Afit. Cotifu: ma boc^ 

V. Shew to us, O Lord, V, Oftende nobis, Do- 
thy mercy. R, And grant mine, mifericordiam tu- 
us thy falvation. am. R.. £t falutare tit* 

um da nobis. 
V. O Lord, hear ray F. Domine, exaiidr 
prayer. ^. And let my orationem meam. ^. £t 
cry come unto thee. clamor meus ad teveniaCr 

V. May the Lord be F. Dominus vobifcuitt. 
with you. R, And with R. £t cum fpiritu tuo. 
thy fpirit. 

Let IIS pray. Deui qui. * 

OGod, who didft give thy holy fpirit to thy 
Apoftles, and by them, and their fuccellbrs, 
wouldft have it given to the reft of the faithful r 
mercifully look down on the miniftry of us thy 
humble iervants, and grant that thofe, whofe fore- 
heads we have anointed with the facred CJkrifm^ and' 
marked with the fign of the crofs ; the fame holy 
fpirit coming down upon them, may mercifully 
make their hearts a temple for his glory by abiding 
therein. Who with the Father and tbe fame Holy 

» During this pra^er^ and \iihat fdivwi^ Juch m b^vt betn Cf(s* 

Of PENNANCE. cxcvii 

Shod liveft and reigned God world without end. 
R« AmeTtm 

Then he fays : 
Bp. Thus fhall every man be bleffed that fcar- 
eth the Lord. 

Bp.^KfThY the Lord blefs you from out of Sion^ 

jy/x. ^^^^ yo" "^^y f^^ ^^^ profperity of Je^^ 
rufalem all the days of your life^ and live for even 
R. jimen. 


The Penitent having carefully examined his con^ 
fclence^ and excited In his foul a true forrow for his 
fins^ with a firm purpofe of avoiding them^ and what'- 
ruer occafion may lead to them for the future ^ kneeling 
down by the fide of the Briefly fays : 

PRAY to God for me, Father, for I am a 

Then the Prle/i fays the following prayer by wap 
of a bleffmg: 

XiTAY the Lord be in thy heart and on thy lips, 
-*-^-*" that thou mayft make an humble and entire 
confeflion of all thy fms in the name of the Father, 
and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghoft. R. Amen* 

The Penitent then having fold the Confiteor, as 
p. xii, acquaints his Confeflbr with his ^ ate ofUfe^ 
(If he be unknown to him) mentions when he was laft 
at Confeffion, and If he has performed the pennance 
enjoined him tie then^ with great humility and 

forrow y accufes hlmfelf of all the mortal fins at leajl^ 
which he can call to mlnd^ ufing no difguife^ nor omt«> 


ting atty circHmftanfe that may nthgr aher thi nature^ 
Br conjsderably aggravate the circumfliince of ajiffiiu i 
Having mentioned what he can call to mind, be con* 
eludes thus : 

For thefc, and whatever othcf fins I have com- 
mitted in my whole Wfe, or cannot at prefent call Co 
mind, I am heartily forry for the love of God above 
all things, I purpofe amendment, and beg pardon 
of almighty God-, and pennance of you my gboft^ 

' Then tie Priejl having given proper etdmonitiens^ 
and enjoined afalutary pennanccy tf tha Penitent ii 
Kuly difpofed for abfolution^ he fays : 

May almighty God have mercy on thee, forgive 
thee thy (ins, and bring thee t9 life evMlafiing* 
R. Amen. 

Then^Jiretching forth his right hand towards the 
Penitent, he fays: 

May the Lord, who ii sdmighty and naerciluK 
grant thee pardon, abfolution, and remiifiaa of ail 
thy fins. R. Jmen. 

May our Lord Jefus Chrijl himfelf abfolve thee, 
as I, by his authority, now abfolve thee from every 
bond of excommunication, and interdidl, as far as 
I am empowered, or thou ftandeft in need. More- 
over I abfolve thee from all thy fins in the name of 
the Father, and of the Son,^ aad of the Holy GhoU 
K.« Amen, 


May the Paffion of our Lotdjefue Chrift^ the me»- 
fits of the bleficd Virgin Mary\ and of all the Saints; 
whatevei: good thoumayft do, or whatever evil tboa 
mayft fiiiFer, avail to the remiflioa of tky fins, aa 
jncreafe of gracei ^^ ^^ rewards of eteinal life.^ 
£• As^in% 



Jfter the bans have been puUiJbed three feveral 
riolilays or Sundays, ^n^/?^ impediment is difcovereeti 
\be Prieft^ in the prefence of three ^ or two witnejfee 
%t leajl^ quejlieneth i^e parties (who ought to it ac* 
tompaaied by their parents^ or relations) nneeming 
their confent to enter with one another dnto the mm''* 
ried Jiate^ andfirji he fays to the bridegroom : . 

Pr. N. Are you willing to takeM here prefent 
for your lawful wife, according to die rites of our 
holy mother the Church i A. I am witliAg. 

Then he fays to the Bride : 

Pr. N, Are yoq willing to take N. faereprefent 
for your lawful huihaiMl, according to the tM% of 
our holy mother the Church i J. I Mm willing. 

Then the Btide is given away by i6fr Father^ or 

fome Friend: and if Jhe was never married befor^^ 

flie hath her gloves off: if a widow^ Jhe keeps them 

on. The Bridegroom takes her right band in his 

right handy and thus engages himfefto her^ faying : 

Bridegroom. I N. take thee N, to my wedded 
wife, to have, and to hold. From tliis day forward, 
for better, for worfe, for richer, for poorei:, in fick- 
nefs and in health, till death do ub part, if holy 
Church will permit it : and thereto I plight thee 
my troth. 

Then they part hands^ and join them again. 

Bride. I N. take thee N. to my wedded huf- 
band, to have, ^c. at above. 


OF THE Father, and of the Son, and of 
T>R£ Holy Ghost. Jmen^ 


Thin the Bridegroom lays fimi gold andjihir cud 'i 
the ring 9n ihi hook. i| 

*Thi Bleffing ef the Ring. 
V. Our help is in V. - Adjutoriom not 
the name of the Lord, trum in nomine Domini 
R. Who made both hea- R. Qui fecic coelum & 
ven and earth. V. O terram. F.- Domiiie» 
Lord, hear my prayer, cxtiudiorationemmeaoi. 
R. And let my cry come R. £t clamor meus ad te 
unto thee. K May the veniat. V. Dominus vo- 
Lord be with you. R. . bifoum. R. Ex cum fpi- 
And with thy ipirit. ritu tuo. 

Let us pray. Benedic. 

BLefir, O Lord, this ring, which we blefs in diy 
name, to the end that (he, who is to wear i^ 
preferring an inviolable fidelity to her hufband, 
may remain in thy peace and good-will, and live 
always in mutual Ibve with him. Thro' Chriftim 
Lord. R. Amen. 

Then ihe Bridegroom taking the ring frem iU 
Trieft^ and holding the right hand of the Bride in Us 
left handf fays : 

Bridegroom* With this Ring I thee wed, this gold 
and filver I thee give, and with my body I thee wor- 
Ihip, and with all my worldly goods I thee endow. 

Then putting the Ring on the BrideV thumb, he 
fays : In the name of the Father. Then he puts it 
on the forefinger^ faying : And of the Son. Then on 
the middle finger, faying : And of the Holy Ghoft. 
Then on the next finger^ faying : Amen. And tbert 
he leaves it on. 

V. Ratify, O Lord, ^.Confirmahoc,Deus, 

what thou haft perform- quod operatus es in no- 

ed by our miniftry. R. bis. 72. A templo fando 

From thy holy temple, tuoi quod eft in Jerufh 


li is in Jerufalentp 
ord have mercy on 
?. Chri/i\i^vt mer- 
\ lis. r. Lord have 
y on us. Our Fa* 
Vc. V. And lead us 
ito temptation. R. 
leliver us from evil* 
ive thy fervants. R* 
\ put their truft in 

O my God. V. 
them help from thy 
uary. R. And from 
\Sion prote.A them. 
Lord hear my pray- 
R. And Ipt my cry 

unto thee. ^.May 
/ord be with you. 
Lnd with thy fpirit. 

I M O N Y. cci 

Um. y. Kyrie eleiTon. 
R. Cbrijii ^\ti(oTi. V. 
Kyrie eleiTon. Pater nof- 
terȣsr^. ^. Etnenosin- 
ducas in tentationem. 
R. 3ed libera nos a m^Ioj 
V. Salvos fac fervos tuos. 
R. Deus meus (perantes 
in te. V» Mitte cis. Do- 
mine, auxiliumdefand^o. 
i^. Et de S'tBH tuere eos. 
V* Efto eis, Domine, 
turris fortitudinis. R* A 
facie inimici. ^.Domine 
exaudi orationem meam. 
R. Et clamor meus ad te 
veniat. V. Dominus vo* 
bifcufn. R^ Et cum fpi« 
ritu tuo. 

Let us pray. Refpice. 
DOK down, we befeech thee, O Lord, upon 
thefe thy fervants, and vouchfafe gracjoufly to 
r this thy inftitution, by which thou haft or- 
d the propagation of mankind ; that they wh»^ 
oined together by thy authority, may be pre- 
i by thy aid. Thio' Chrift our Lord. R, 





BLESSING of a WOMAN witk' 
CHILD, when in danger. 

UR help is in the V, A Djutorium nof- 

X\, trum in nomine 
Domini. R. Qui fecit 
coelum & terram. F. 
Salvam fac anciliam tu- 


name of the 
. R. Who made 
heaven and earth, 
ave thy handmaid. 

^L. U. 

ccii The BLESSING | 

R. Wbo puts her Cruft am. R. Deus *nmi9, \ 

in thee, O my God. F. rperantem in te. V.Efio 

Be to her, O Lord, a illi, Donine, tunts for-, 

tower of ftrength. R. tttudinis. J{. Afaciein« 

From the face of the e- imici. f^. Nihil proficiat 

nemy. V. Let not the inimicus in ca. R. £t 

enemy orevail aeainft filins iniqoitatis non ap- 

her. R. Nor the ion of pooat nooere ei. F. Mit- 

iniquity hurt her any teei, Domine, mixiKua 

more. f^. Send her help, defaodo. R. 'Exit Sin 

O Lord, from thy fane- tuere earn. V. Domine, 

tuarjr. R* And from out exaudioratiofiemmeam. 

offi#irprotedher. V»0 R. £t ckinK>r meus id 

Lord hear my prayer, te veniat. F. Domimis 

R. And let my cry. come vobifcum. R. £t CHfli 

unto thee. F May th» fpiritu tuo. 
Lord be with you. R. 
And with thy fpirit. 

Let us pray. OmmpoUm. 

O Almighty and eternal God, who haft |iYea 
thy iervants in the confeffion of the true faith, 
to acknowledge the glory of three divine perfoas, 
and to adore them as one God in the pow^r of tai* 
jefty ; we befeech thee, that by the ftrength of this 
faith, this thy handmaid may be always defended 
from all misfortunes. Thro* Chrrft our L()rd. R. 

Let us pray. Doming Dius. 

OLord God> creator of all things, ftrorig and 
terrible^ juft and merciful, who alone art goo4 
and compaffionate : who delivereft J/ragI from all 
misfortunes : who didft make choice of our fore- 
fathers^ and fanftify them by the gift of thy holy 
fpirit : who didft prepare, together with the Holy 
Gboft, the body and foul of glorious Afory the Vir- 
gin, to become a fit habitation for thy Son : who 
didft caufe John the BaptiJI to be filled with the 
Holy Ghoft) 2Livd X^-^^ Ici vtic Hvooib of hU m^thlr; 

Of a WOMAN with CHILD, ccfif 

receive the facrifice of a contrite heart, and the ear- 
ned requeft of thy handmaid N: who humbly in- 
treateth thee for the prcfcrvation of the tender fruit 
of her wonib, which thou haft .granted her to con- 
ceive : preferve thy fervant at herbringing-forth,and 
protcft her from all the wiles and infults of her cruel 
enemy, that, by the a^iftance of thy mercy, the fruit 
of her whomb may come to this light in fafety, and 
be preferved for a new birth, ^nd may conftantly 
ferve thee in all things, and obtain eternal life* 
Thro' the fame. R. Amen. 

MAY God have 
mercy on us, and 
blefs us :*may he make 
his countenance (bine ' 
on us, and have mercy 
on us. • 

That we may know 
thy way on earth:* in 
all nations thy falvation. 

May nations praife 
thee, O God :*may all 
the nations prai(e thee* 

Let the GentiUs be 
glad and rejoice : * be- 
caufe thou judgeft the 
nations with juftice, and 
rule ft over the Gentiles 
on earth. 

May the nations praiie 
thee, O God, may all 
the nations praife thee:* 
the earth hath yielded 
her fruit. 

' £:^1. May be eaf a 



DEUS mifereatur 
noftri, k benedi- 
cat nobis : * illuminet 
vultum fuum fuper nos^ 
& mifereatur noftri. 

Ut cognofcamus in 
terra viam tuam :*in om» 
nibus gentibus falutatt 

Confiteantur tibi po- 
puli Deus :*confiteantur 
tibi populi omnes. 

Lztentur & «exulten| 
G/«/^j ;*quoniam judi- 
cas populos in aequitate, 
& Gentes in terra dirigis.^ 

Confiteantur tibi po- 
puli Deus, confiteantur 
tibi populi omnes :*ter- 
xa dedit fru^um fuum.. 

faviurabU lo^k mi uu 

€civ f*^ C H U R C H I N G 

May God, our God, 
blcft us, may God blcft 
us : * and may all the 
bounds of the earth fear 
him. Glory. 

V. Let us blefs the 
Father, and Son, and 
Holy Ghoft. R. Let 
us praife and extol him 
for ever. V. May God 
give his Angels a charge 
over thee, R. To pre- 
ferve thee where-ever 
thou goeft. V. O Lord 
hear my prayer. R.kni 
let my cry come unto 
thee. Vt May the Lord 
)at with you. R. And 
with thy fpirit. 

Benedicat nos Deusi 
Deus nofter benediat 
nos Deus:*& metuant 
eum omnes fines teme. 

V. Benedicamus Pa- 
trum, & Filium, cum 
Sando Spiritu. R. Lau- 
demus & fuper-exalte- 
mus eum in faecula. V. 
Angelis Aiia Deus man- 
detde tc. R. Utcuf- 
todianc te in omnibus 
viis tuis. K Domine, 
exaudi orationem me- 
am. R. £t clamor me* 
us ad te veniat. V. Do- 
minus vobifctun. R.iX 
cum fpiritu tuo* 

Let us pray. Vi/itfB. 

Vlfit, we befoech thee, O Lbrd, this dweDing, 
and drive from it, and from this thy handmaid, 
all the fnares of the enemy; and may thy holy An- 

?;els dwell in it, who may preferve both her and the 
ruit of her womb in peace : and may th v bleffing 
be always on her: fave them, O almignty God, 
and grant them thy eternal light. Thro'. K.Jmin. 


MAY the bleffing of almighty God, the Fa- 
ther, Son, and Holy Ghoft, come down up- 
on thee, and upon the fruit of thy womb, and re- 
main with thee for ever. K. Amen. 





The Wcman^ who affir thildh{rth defirts tc eonu It 
Cf"' (b to givt God tbanks^ and r(c<«v« the Pr'ujft 


Of WOMEN. ccv 

tgy imels down at the Churcb-d&ifr with a lighted 
' in her hand^ and the Prieji fprinklet her with 
water J faying : 

y. A DJutoriirm nof- 
Jtx, trum in nominf^ 
Domini. R, Qui feci( 
c«elum & terrain. 

Jnt. Haec acciptet be« 
nedi£lionem a Dominoi 
& mifericordtam a Deo 
falutari fuo ; hxc eft: 
enim reneratio quaeren^ 
tium Dominiun. 


DOmini eft terra> & 
plenitudo ejus :♦ 
orbis terrarum, & urn* 
verfi qui habitant in eo. 

Quia ipfe fuper Ruiria^ 
Ajndavtt eum :*& fuper 
flumina prseparavit eum*. 

Quis afcendet in mon^^ 
tcm Domini ?*Aut qui^i 
ftabit in loco faniSo ejusf 

)UR help is in 
the name of the 
. R. Who made 
heaven and earth* 
\th. This woman* 
receive a blefling 
the Lordy and mer- 
God her Saviour ; 
le is of the gencra- 
of thofe tfa^t feek 

iHE earth is the 

Lord's, and - all 
it containcth :*the 

of the earth, and 
at dwell on it. 
T it was he who 
led it above the 
^and fettled it above 
vers. * 

ho is he that (hall 
) to the mountain 
J Lord ?*Or who is 
at {bail abide in his 
place i 

whofe hands are 
ent, and whofe 

is clean : * who 
not ^ taken his foul 
ri, nor fworn againft 
righbour in deceit, 
lat man (hall re- 
a blefling from the 

EjtpJ, S^orn-ffiljefjt to the prejudice of tisown fitU^ 

Innocens manlbust & 
mundo corde ;*qui non 
accepit in vano animam 
fuam, nee juravit in dolo* 
proxirno fuo. 

HIc accipiet bencdic- 
tionem a Domino :♦&: 

ccTi Tie CUV K C H I N G 

Lord : * and merqr of mircricordiam i Deo (a 

God bis Saviour. 

Such is the generation 
ef thofe that feck him :* 
of thpfe that feek the 
hoc of the God of Ja- 

Lift up your gates, O 

?^e princes; and be ye 
ifted up, O you etemsd 
gates :*and the King of 
glorv (hall enter. 

Who is that King of 
glory ?*The Lord, who 
IS ftrong and mighty; 
the Lord) who is migh- 
ty in battle. 

Lift up your gates, 

ire princes ; and be ye 
ifted up, O you eternal 
gates :*and the King of 
glory ihall enter. 

Who is that King of 
glory ?*The Lord of ar- 
mies; he is the King of 

inth. This woman 
ihall receive, tfr. 

Thin the Priift leads her into the Church ^ faying: 
Pr. JEntcr the temple of God, adore the Son of 
blcfled Mary the Virgin, who hath made thee mo- 
ther of a child. 

lutari fuo. 

Haec eft generatio 
quserentium eum:*quae- 
rentium faciem Dei Ja^ 


' Attollite portas, prin- 
cipcs, veftras ; & eleva- 
mini ports aeternales :* 
& introibit Rex gloriae. 

Quis eft ifte Rex glo- 
rise ?*Dominus, forus & 
potens; Dominus, po- 
tens in praelio. 

Attollite portas, prin- 
cipes, veftras ; & eleva- 
mini, pprtae aeternales:* 
& introibit Rex glorix. 

Quis eft ifte Rex glo* 
riae f * Dominus virtu- 
turn ; ipfe eft Rex glo* 

Ant. Haec accipiet. 

F. Lord have mercy 
on us. R. Chrjfi have 
mercy on us. r. Lord 
have mercy on us. Our 
Father. F. And lead 
us not into temptation. 

F. Kyrie eleiTon. R. 
Chrije cU'iCon. F. Ky- 
rie eleiTon. Pater nof- 
ter. F. £t ne nos in- 
ducas in tentationem. 
R, Sed libera .nos a ma- 

Jl, But dtVivtt u^ ttota W. V. Salvam fac an- 

Of WOMEN. ccvii 

evil. V. O Lord) fave cillam tuam, Domine. 
thy handmaid. jR. Who R. Dcus meus, fperan* 
puts her Cruft in thee, O tern in te. V. Mitte ei, 
my God. V. Send her Domine, auxilium de 
help, O Lord, from thy fando. R, £t de Sion 
fandtuary. R. And from tuere earn. V. Nihil 
out of Sion prote<5i her. proficiat inimicus in ea. 
V* Let not the enemy R. £t iilius iniquitatis 

Srevail againft her. R. non apponat nocere ei. 
for the fon of iniquity V* Dominc exaudi ora« 
hurt her any more. V. tionem meam. R. Et 
O Lord hear my prayer, clamor meus ad te veni- 
U. And let my cry come at. V. Dominus vobif- 
unto thee. V. May the cum. R. Et cum fpi- 
Lord be with you. R. ritu tuo. 
And with thy fpirit. 

Let us pray- Omnipotens. 

O Almighty and eternal God, who, by the bring 
ing forth of blefled Mary the Virgin, haft 
changed the pains of the faithful women, when they 
bring forth, into joy : mercifully look down upon 
this thy handmaid, who is come with joy to thy 
Church to give thee thanks ; and grant that, after 
this mortal life, by the merits and intc-rceflion of 
the fame blefled Mary^ {he, together with the fruit 
of her womb, may arrive at eternal blifs. Thro* 
Chriji our Lord. R. Amen, 


MAY the peace and blefling of almighty God, 
the Father, Son, and Holy Ghofl, come 
upon thee, and remain with thee for ever, 
iv. Amen* 

rhe VISITATION of the SICK. 

Pr. T)Eace be to this Pr. IfJAX huic domui. 
J7 houfe. R. And XT ^* -^^ omnibus 

to all that dwell therein, babitanjubus in esu 

ccvUi r^^ V I S I T A T I O N 

7biM fprinklimg the fick firfm^ tbg bed^ r^mf 
and all prefimi^ hi fays the Anthem, Thou ihate 
iprinkie. Then he exherts the fick per Jen to canfej' 
pen. After which he fays : 

Pr. Dear brother, [er fifter] if the Lord be h 
good Us to reftore you to health, do you not purpofe 
to avoid (in with all your might, and keep his com^ 
mandments to the beft of your power / ^* I do pur- 
pofe it. 

y. Our help is in the F. Adjutorium iiof« 
name of the Lord. R. trum ifrnoq[iine Dominic 
Who made both heaven R. Qui fecit coelum k 
andeartn. K May the terram. f'. Domiiiia. 
Lord be with you. R.^ vobifcum. R^ £t cud» 
And with thy fpirit. fpiritu tuo.^ 

Let us pray, htroeat. 

OLord Jefus Ckrifi^ may eternal happinefs, di^ 
vine profpcrity, a fcrehe joy, a fruitful cha- 
rity, and evcrlafting heahh, enter this honfe toge- 
ther with us thy humble fervants : may the Deviti 
never approach this place, but let the Angcb cf 
peace be here, and may all evildrfcord abandon tbii^^ 
houfc. Difplay the power of thy name in our be- 
half, and give a bleffing to what we do : fandify 
the entrance of ub thy humble fervants. Thou who* 
art holy and merciful, and remaineft with theFa« 
ther and Holy Ghoft world without end. R. AmenJ. 

V. May the Lord be with you. R. And with- 
thy fpirit. 

The Continuation cfihe Holy Gofpel accordingL 
to Luke. 

ylT that time : Jefus rlfmg up to go out of the* 
-^ fynagof»ue, went into the houfe of Simo%. And 
the mother-in-law of Simon was ill of a great it* 
ver: and they befought him in behalf of her. And 
he ftanding by htr, comrt»anded the fever, and it left^ 
htr : and getting up i^nmediately (be waited on^ 
them. And wUu V\ n<i^^ {^'o&x^ ilU Iht^ had any 

Of the S 1 C K. ccix 

Tick of various diftempers, brought them to him. 
And he, laying his hands on each of them, cured 

R, Thanks be to God. R. Deo gratias. 

V. May the Lord be with you. R. And with 
thy fpirit. 

Let us pray. Refpice. 

LOOK down, we befeech thee, O Lord, on 
this thy fervant labouring under this bodily 
mtimiity, and rcfrefh his [or her] foul, which thou 
didft create : that being amended by thy chaftife- 
ments, he [or fhe] may find himfelf [or herfelf] 
cured by thy heavenly medicine. Thro' Cbrift our 
Lord. R. Amen. 

When he Jiretches forth both hands over the head 
tf the fick perfon. 

Pr. They (hall lay their hands upon the Tick, 
and they (hall be cured. May Jefus the Son of 
Alary y the Saviour and Lord of the world, by the 
merits and interceffion of the holy Apoftles, Peter 
and Paul^ and of all the Saints, be oierciful and pro* 
pitious to thee. R. Amen. 

V. May the Lord be with you. R. And with thy 

Let us pray. Dominus yefus. 

MA Y the Lord Jefus Chriji be with thee to 
defend thee: may he be within thee, to 
preferve thee : may he go before thee, to lead thee : 
may he be behind thee, to blefs thee : who with 
the Father and the Holy Ghoft, in perfedl unity of 
Godhead, liveth and reigneth for ever and ever. 
R. Amen, 


MAY the bleffing of God the Father almighty, 
and of the Son/ and of theHolyGhoft, come 
down upon thee, and remain with thee for ever. R. 
Amen. * 

ne COMMUNION of the SICK, 

tVhen tbt Prie/i brings the bkffid facranunt int$ th$ 
room white thejtck ptrfon if, hi fays : 

Pr. TJEacc be to this Pr. TJ AX huic domain 
JL^ houfe. R. And J^ ^« Etomhibw 

Co all that dwell therein, hahitantibus in ea. 

ThiH pUcing the hUJfed fgcrament 9n « arpertl 
§n a UibUy with a Ughud taptr^ be aJ$res it on bif 
kntiSy and all thg rtft remain kneiUng^ Thjm h$ 
fpr inkles tbejick per/on and the room with holy umtir^ 

faying : 

Jnth. /TpHOU Ihalt fprinkle me, O Lord, witfc 
X byilbp, and I ihall be cleaofed : tboi( 
fhalt wa(h me, and I (hall become whiter than fnow^ 
P/. 50. Have mercy on me, O God, according to 
thy great mercy ; and according to the multitude of 
ihy tender mercies blot oiit my imquity. V. Gkr/. 
Anth, Thou (halt. 

V. Our help is in the V. Adjutorium noftnim 
name of the Lord. R. it nomine Domini. R. 
Who made both heaven Qui fecit caelum & ter- 
and earth. V. O Lord, ram. F. Ddmine,exaudi 
hear my prayer. R. And orationem meam. R. £t 
let my cry come unto clamor meus ad teveniat 
thee. V. May the Lord V. Dominus vobifcm 
be with you. R. And JZ. £t cum fpiritu too* 
with thy fpirit. 

Let us pray. Exaudi. 

HEar us, O holy Lord, Father almighty, eter- 
nal God, and vouchfafe to fend dowB*thy 
holy angel from heaven, to guard, cherifh, proted, 
vifit and defend all that dwell in this houfe. Thro'' 
Chriji oiir Lord. R. Amen, 

Here the fickberfm^ if he hath not before done iU 
makes bis confejfion in private^ and the Priefl gives 
him abfolutien. Then either thefick perfon^ orfomt 
one in hisjiamt /aj$ the CoY&xwt. And tfc< Prieft 

Of the SIC K. ccxi 

having fat d^ Mifereatur tui, (ffr. ^jj?^ Indulgent! am, 
Abfolutionem, l^c. as in Ordinary of thi Mafs^ 
p. xiii. takes the facred Hoji in his handy andjbew-^ 
tng it the Jick perfon, fays : Pr. Behold the lamb 
of God; behold him that taketh away the fins of the 
world. And then adds thrice : Lord I am not wor- 
thy thou fhouldft enter under my roof : fpeak but 
tbe word, and my foul fhall be healed.' 

When he gives the Eucharijl^ he fays : 

Pr. T) Eceive, dear brother, [or fifter] as a pro- 

X^ vifion for thy journey, the body of our 

Lord Jefus Chriji^ to defend thee from the wicked 

enemy, and bring thee to life everlafling. R. jimen. 

But if the Eucharift he not given by way fl/" Viati- 
cum, the Priejl fays^ as ufual: 

Pr. TiyT A Y the body of our Lord Jefus Chriji 
JLyJL preferve thy foul to eternal life. 


^hen the Prieji wajhes his fingers in fome liquid^ 
which is given the fuk perfon by way ^Ablution, or 
ibrotvn inta the fire. 

V. May the Lord be V. Dominus vobifcum. 
with you, R, And with R. £c cum fptritu tuo. 
thy fpirit. 

Let us pray. Domine fan5le. 

HOLY Lord, almighty Father, eternal God,, 
we, with a lively faith, befeech thee, that the 
facred body of our Lord fefus Chriji thy Son, may 
be to our brother, [or fifter] who hath received it, 
an eternal remedy both to body and foul. Who 
liveth. R. Amen. 

Pr. TQEacc be to this Pr. T^AX huic domui. 
Jl houfe. R, And J^ ^. EtomnibuB 

to all tbat 4w«U therein* .habiiaaubut \u «aM 


Tbtu bg givis tbi tick perfon tbt crucifix /• Idfs^ 
and fprinkUs bim^ the r%9m ctnd all prefcnt^ wA 
h$ly water J faying the Antbcm^ Thou Ihalt fprinkle^ 
as ah&vc^ p. ccx. Tben be fays : 

V. Our help is in (he r. Adjutorium noftrum 
name of the Lord. R. in nomine Domini. tU 
Who made both heaven Qui fecit codum & 

and earth. V. May the ram. V. Dominus fb* 
Lord be with you. R, bifcum^ R^ £t cum fm- 
And with thy fpirit. ritu tuo. 

P&AY£R. Introeat, a% p. ccviii. 

PRAYER. Oremus. 
X ET u« praj^ and befeech our Lord Jcfus Cbr*^f 
I ^ that blemp^ he would blefs this houfe, aoi 
sdl that dwell in it, and that he would appoint a 
eood angel for a guard, and make them all km 
mm, and confider the wonderful things of his lav: 
may he drive from them all the power. of the ew- . 
my, deliver them from all fear and dtfttirbaoce, ml 
preferve them in health in this hbule. Who irick 
the Father and the Holy Ghoft liveth autH reigpcth 
God world without end. R. Amen. 

Let us pray. Exaudi^ -a^s p. ccx. 
Tben is /aid the Confitcor." jfnd the Priefi 4tf-. 
vingfaid: Mifereatur, £^c. tfffi/ Indulgentiam : k 
goes on thus : 

Pr. TN the name of the Father, and of the Soii» 
J^ and of the Holy Ghoft : may all the power 
of the Devil be extinguiihed in thee by the laying 
on of our hands, and the invocation of all the holy 
A ngels, A rchangels , Patriarchs, Prophets, Apoftks, 
Martyrs, ConfeiTors, Virgins, and of all the Saioti 
together. R. Amen. 


Of the Eyes. 

BY this holy un£tion, and by his own mofi grest f 
mercy may the Lord pardon thee whatevir j 
thou baft oSend^ \>y \V^ ^x» B^ dmen. 


Of the Ears. 
' this holy un£tion« and by his own moft great 
mercy may the Lord pardon thee whatever 
haft ofFenaed by thy hearing. R. Amen. 

Of the Noftrils. 
' this holy undion, and by his own gfeat mercy, 
nay the Lord pardon thee whatever thou haft 
ded by thy fmell. R. Amen. 

Of the Mouth. 
' this holy undlion, and by his own great mercy 
may the Lord .pardon thee whatever thou haft 
ied by thy tafte, and by thy words. R. Amen. 

Of the Hands. 
' this holy unwion, and by his own moft great 
mercy may the Lord pardon thee whatever 
haft ofFcnded by thy feeling. R. Amen. 

Of the Feet. 
' this holy uni^ion, and by his own moft great 
mercy may the Lord pardon thee whatever 
haft ofFenaed by thy walking. R. Amen. 

jOvA have mercy on y. Kyrie ele'iTon. R, 

?. Chrj/l have mer- Chrifte eleiTon. V. Kyrie 

I us. T. Lord have elcifon. Pater nofter, 

y on us. OurFather V. £t ne nos inducas ia 

ret. V. And lead tentationem. R. Sed li-^ 

It into temptation, bera nos a malo. KSal- 

ut deliver us from vum fac fervum tuum. 

/^. Save thy fervant. ^. Deus meus, fperan* 

^ho puts his [^r her] tern in te. V* Mitte ei, 

in thee, O my God. Domine, auxilium de 

end him {or her] fanflo. R. £t de Sion 

frorp thy fanftuary. tuerc eum. V* Efto ei, 

nd from out of 5/«« Domine, turris fortitu- 

£1 him \or her]. V. dinis. R, A facie inimi- 

o him [dr her] O ci. ^. Nihil proficiat in- 

^atowerofftrength. imicus in eo. R. Et ii- 

rom the face of the lius iniquttatis non ap* 


enemy. V. Let not the ponat nocere ei. V. Do- 
enemy prevail againft mine, exaudi oracioned 
him [or her]. R. Nor meam. R. Ex clamor 
the fon of iniquity hurt meus ad te veniat. V» 
him [or her] any more. Domtnus vobifcum. R. 
V. O Lord hear my £t cum fpirltu tuo. 
prayer. R. And let my 
cry come unto thee. V. 
May the Lord be with 
you. R. And with thy 

Let us pray. Domine Deus* 

OLord God, who haft made this declaration 
by thy Apoftle ^amei : Is any onefuk amon^ 
you ? Let him J end for the Pr lefts of the Churchy ad 
let them pray over him^ anointing with oil in the nam 
of the Lord^ and the prayer of faith Jhall fave thefiA 
man J and the Lord will e a fe him^ and if he be infih 
his fins Jhall be forgiven htm : Cure, we befeech thcc, 
O our Redeemer, by the grace of the Holy Ghoft, 
the difeafe of this lick perfon, heal his [or her] 
wounds, and forgive him [or her] all his [or her] 
fms : and remove from him [or her] all pain of mind 
and body, and mercifully grant him [or her] pcrfcfi 
health both inwardly and outwardly, that being le- 
ftored by thy mercy, he [or flic] may return with 
liealth to his [or her] former employments. Who, 
with the Father and Holy Ghoft, liveft and reign- 
eft for ever and ever. R. Amen, 

Let us pray. Look down, as p. ccix. 

Let us pray. Domine fan^e. 

OHoly Lord, almighty Father, eternal God, 
who by pouiing the grace of thy bleflingoa 
fick bodies, doft varioufly by thy mercy prefcr\t ; 
what thou dift make : gracioufly affift, while we ' 
call on thy name, that having freed this thy fer- 
vant from ficknefs, and reftored him [or her] to i 
Jiealth, thou xs^vi^ xivfeVvm^w ^^v\by thy right I 


hand, ftrengthen by thy might, and defend by thy 
power, and reftorc him [or her] with defired fuc- 
cefs to thy holy Church. Thro' Chrifi oiirLord. 
R* Atneif» 
mik**^%*^*^fli^'flt^ *^ ^ Ik ^ * 



YrieeleiTon. CAr/- 
y?rele'ifon. Kyrie 

LORD have mercy 
on us, Chriji have 
mercy on us. Lord have 
mercy on us. 

Holy Mary. Pray for 
bim [or her.] 

All you holy An^Is 
and Archangels, ri>ay 


. Holy Jisl. Pray. 
• All you choir of the 
Juft. Pray. 

Ho\y Abraham. Pray. 

Saint y^ifr/i the BaptijK 


All you holy Patri- 
archs and Prophets. Pray 

St. Peter. Pray. 
jSt. Paul. Pray. 
St. Andrew, Pr^y. 
. St. John. Pray. 

All you holy Apoftles^ 
and" Evangelifts. Pray 

All you holy Difci pies 
of the Lord. Pray ye. 
All you holy Innocents. 
Pray ye. 

St. Stephen, Pray. 



San^ Maria. Ora 
pro eo [or ea]. 

Omties faniSli Angeli^ 
& Archangeli. Orate 
pro eo [or ea]. 

Sana* Mil. Ora. 

Omnis chorus Jufto 
rum. Orate. 
SsLti&c Jbrabam. Ora. 

San(£le Joannes Bap' 
tijla. Ora. 

Omnes S S* Patri- 
archs & Prophets. O- 

^2Lt\&t Petre. Ora. 

SantSle Paule. Ora. 

SanSe Andrea. Ora. 

izn&cyoannes. Ora. 

Omncs fanfli Apofto- 
li & Evangeliftas. Orate 
pro eo [tfr ea]. 

Ornnis fan£li Difci- 
pfuli Domini. Orate. 

Omnes fandi In no* 
centes. Orate. 

Szn£ic Stephane. Ora. 


St. Lawrence. Pray. 
All you holy Mstftyrs. 
Pray yc. 

St. Sylvejler. Pray. 

St. Gngnj. Pray. 

St. Auguftin. Pray. 

All you holy Biihops 
and Confeifon. Pray ye. 

Sk BittidiSf. ?t2ij. 

St. Francis. Pray. 

AH you holy Monks 
and Hermits. Pray ye. 

St. Mary MagaditiH. 
St. Lucy, Pray. 

All you holy Virgins 
and Widows. Pray ye. 

All you ffien and wo- 
men faints of God : In- 
tercede for him [or her]. 

Bemerciful. /^. Spate 
him [or her j O I^rd. 

lie merciful. R, De- 
liver him lor her] O 

Be merciful. R, De- 

From thy wrath. De- 

From danger of death. 

From an evil death. 

From the pains of hell. 

From all evil. De- 

From the power of 
the DevU< DeVvv^i, 


Omoet faa^ 
tyres. 'Orate. 

San£le Sihejier. 

Sande GregorL 
San£le Augujline. 

Omnes ftnAi P 

ces &ConfcfIbres. < 

Sande BinediSe 


Omnes fahdti t 
chi & Eremitae. < 

Sanfla Maria 
daletii. Ora. 

San£ia Liir/ir. < 

Omnea tzxhSut 
gines & Viduae. C 

Dei: Intercedite] 
{or ed]. 

Propittus efto. 
Parce ei, Domine 

Propitius efto. I 
beraeum, [^ream 

Propitius efto. J 
bera. • 

Ab ira tua. Lil 

A periculo n 

A mala morte 

A paenis inferni 

Ab omni malo. 

A poteftate Di 

Of a SOUL DEPARTING. ccxvii 

By thy birth. Deli- Per nativitatem tuam. 



By thy crofs and paf- 
fion. Deliver. 

By thy death and bu- 
rial. Deliver. 
' ^y ^^y 8^ Pr^ous refur- 
reSion. Deliver. 

By thy wonderful af- 
ceniion. Deliver. 

By the grace of the 
Holy Ghoft the comfor- 
ter; Deliver. 

In the d^y of judgr 
snent. Deliver. 

We finners. R. Be- 
feech thee to hear us. 

That thou fpare him 
•£«rher]. We befeech. 

Lord have mercy on 

Chrip have mercy on 

Lord have mercy on 

Per crucem & paffio- 
nem tuam. Libera. 

Per mortem & fepul- 
turam tuam. Libera. 

Per gloriofam refur- 
reftionemtuam. Libera* 

Per admirabilem af- 
ceniionemtuam. Libera. 

Per gratiam Spiritus 
San£ti Paracliti. Libera^ 

In die judicii. Libera. 

Peccatores. iJ« To 
rogamus, audi nos. 

Ut ei parcas : Te ro- 
gamus, audi nos. 

Kyrie eleiTon. 

Chrijis eleiTon. 

Kyrie eleiTon. 

**^- Prayer. 

DEpart, Chriftian foul, oAJt of this world, in the 
name of God the Father almighty, who cre- 
ated thee : in the name of Jefus Chrift the Son of 
the living God, who fuffered for thee : in the name 
of the Floly Ghoft, who fanftified thee: in the name 
of the Angels^ Ar change Is ;^ Throne Sy and Dominations^ 
Cherubim and Sernphim : in the name of the Patri- 
archs and Prophets^ of the holy ApoJ^les and Evan- 
' Z^^^fl^'i ^^ ^^ ^^*^y Martyrs and ConfeJTars^ of the 
holy Monks and Hermits^ of (he holy yirgins^ and 
of all the Saints of God, let thy place be this day in 
peace, and thy abotle in holy Sion, Thro' the fame* 
Chriji our Lord. R. J men. 


Prayer*. Deus mifiriccrs* 

OGod of mercy ! O God of goodnefs ! O Gody 
who according to the multitude of thy mercies 
forgiveft the fins of fuch as repent, and gracioufly 
remitted the guilt of their paft ofi^ces ; mercifully 
loolc down on this thy fervant N. and grant him [r 
her] a full difchaige from all his [#r her] fins, who 
snoft earneftly begs it of thee. Renew, O inoft 
merciful Father, whatever is corrupt in him, [^rbtr] 
through human frailty, or by the deceit of the Dt* 
vil ; and being united to the body of thy Church, 
make him [or herj one of thy redeemed. Take 
pity, O Lord, on his [or her] iighs, take pity on his 
[or her] tears, and admit him [or her] to the facra- 
ment of thy reconciliation, who hath no hopes, bat 
in thee. Thro* CAr^onr Lord. B^. jtmen. 

Prayer. Commendo te. 

I Recommend thee, dear brother, \or fifter] to al- 
mighty God, and leave thee to his mercy, whoft 
creature thou art; that having paid the commondebt, 
by furrcndering thy foul, thou may'ft return to thy 
Maker, who formed thee out of the earth. May 
therefore the poble company of Angels meet thy foul 
at it's departure; may the court of the ApoftUs come 
to thee; may the triumphant army of glorious iWar- 
tyrs meet thee ; may the crowd of Confejfon with 
lilies in their hands encompafs thee; may thejoyfiii 
choir of Firgitts receive thee; and may a happy reft 
be thy portion in the company of the Patriarchu 
may Chryl J ejus appear to thee with a mild and 
cheerful countenance, and give thee place among 
thofc, who are to be in his prcfcnce for ever. May 
thou be a ftrancer to the hoirors of darknefs, to the 
gnafliing of teeth in flames, and to excruciating tor- 
ments. May ujy Satan with his attendants fly 
from thee : may he tremble at thy arrival accom- ; 
priiiied with Angels, and fly to hide himfelf in the . 
dreadful chaos of eternal night. Let God aiifc» 
and his euemv^s \>« ^\\\.\» 'Kn'^vv -awd may all who* . 


hate him, fly before his face. Let them vanifh like 
fmoke; as wax is melted by the fire^ fo let finners 
perilh at the fight of God : and let the righteous 
feaft and rejoice in the prefence of God. May 
therefore all the legions of hell be confounded and 
put to (bame, and none 'of the minlfters of Satan 
prefume to ftop thee in thy journey. May Cbriji^ 
who was crucified for thee, deliver thee from tor* 
oients. May Cbrsfl^ who vouchfafed to die for 
thee, deliver thee from eternal death. May Chrtft^ 
the Son of the living God, place thee in the ever- 
verdant meadows of paradife ; and may that true 
Shepherd ever reckon thee among his Iheep. May 
he abfolve thee from all thy fins, and place thee on 
his right hand, together with his eled. May thou 
fee thy Redeemer face to face ; and, being always 
in his prefence, fee the truth which is revealed to 
the eyes of the blefled. Being thus placed among 
the bleffed, may'fl thou for ever enjoy the fwcetnefs 
of divine contemplation. R. Amen. 

Prayer. Sufcipe. 

REceive thy fervant', O Lord, into the place of 
falvation, which he {or flie] hopes from thy 
jnercy. R. Amen, 

Deliver, O Lord, the foul of thy fervant from all 
danger of hell, and from all pain and tribulation. 
R. Amen. 

Deliver, O Lord, the foul of thy fervant, as thou 
delivered ft Enoch and Elias trom the common death 
of the world. R. Amen. 

Deliver, O Lord, the foul of thy fervant, as thou 
delivcrcdft Noah from* the flood. R. Amen^ 

Delivcr,'0 Lord, the foul of thy fervant, as thou- 
deliveredft Abraham from the midft of the Chalde* 
ans, R. Amen, ^ 

Deliver, O Lord, the foul of thy fervant, as thou 
deliveredft Job from all his aiHictions. R. Amen. 

Deliver, O Lord, the foul of thy fervant, as thou 


deliveredft Ifaac from being facrificed by his father 
jibraham. R. Amen. 

Deliver, O Lord, the foul of thy fervant, as thou 
deliveredft Lot from Sodom and the flames' of fire. 
Ra jfmm* 

Deliver, O Lord, the foul of thy fervant, as thou 
deliveredft Alofis from the hands of Pharaoh King. 
of Egypt. R. Amen, 

Deliver, O Lord, the foul of thy fervant, as thou 
deliveredft Daniel from the lion's den. R'« Amen. 

Deliver, O Lord, the foul of thy fervant, as thou 
deliveredft the three children from the iiry furnace, 
and from the hands of an unmerciful King. R. Ameu,- 

Deliver, O Lord, the foul of thy fervant, as tboii 
deliveredft Sufannah from her falfe accufers. R* 

Deliver, O Lord, the foul of thy fervant, as thou 
deliveredft David from the hands of King Saul and 
Goliab. R. Amen, 

Deliver, O Lord, the foul of thy fervant, as thou 
deliveredft Peter and Paul out of prifon. R. Amen, 

And as thou deliveredft that blefled Virgin and 
Martyr Thecta from moft cruel torments^ fo vouch- 
fafe to deliver the foul of this thy fervant, and bring 
it to the participation of thy heavenly joys. R. 

Let us pray. Csmmendamus. 

WE recommend to thee, O Lord, the foul of 
this thy fervant N, and befeech thee, 
Lord Jefus Chr'tfl Redeemer of the world, that as 
in mercy to him \or her] thou becamcft man ; fo 
now thou wouldft vouchfafe to admit him \or her] 
into the number of the blefled. Remember, 
Lord, he \or ftic] is thy crc:iturc,t. not made by 
ftrange Gods, but by thee, the only true and living 
God: for there is no other God but thee; noR« 
that can work thy wonders. May bis \cr her] foul 
find comfort in thy fight; and remember not his [fr 
her] former (Ins^ woi w?.^' of thcfe cxcefics, wiucb 


he [or flic] hath fallen into, through the violence 
of paffion and corruption* For although he [or (he] 
bath finned, yet he [orflie] hath ftill retained a true 
faith in thee, the Father, Son, and Holy Ghoft; he 
\j9rttit] hath had a zeal for thy honour, and faith- 
fully adored thee his [ar her] God, and the creator 
of all things. 

Let us pray. Deli^fa, 

REmember not, O Lord, we befeech thee, the 
fins and ignorances of iiis [^rher] youth; but 
according to thy great mercy be mindful of him [or 
her] in thy refplendent glory. Let the heavens be 
opened to hiro [or her] and the Angels congratulate 
bim [or her]. Receive, O Lord, thy fervant into 
thy kingdom. May the Archangel St. Michael^ the 
chief of the Heavenly Hoft, conduit hijn [or herj. 
May the holy Angels of God meet him, [or her] 
and bring iiim [or her] to the city of the heavenly 
yerufalem. May biefied Peter^ the Apoflle, to 
whom were giveathe keys of the kingdom of hea* 
ven, receive him [or Ifer]. May holy Pfl«/, the 
Apoftle, who was a veflel of elcftion, help him 
[or her]. May holy John^ the beloved Difciple, to 
whom were revealed the fecrets of heaven, inter- 
cede for him [or her]. May all the holy Apoftles, 
to whom was given the power of binding and loo- 
fing, pray for him [or her]; May all the blefled and 
chofen fervants of God, who in this world have buf- 
fered torments for the name of Chriji, become his* 
[§r her] advocates ; that being delivered from this 
body of corruption, he [or fhe] may be admitted in- 
to the kingdom of heaven, thro' the afiiftance and 
merits of our Lord Je/us Cbrifi^ who iiveth and 
reigneth witl^^j^ Father and the Holy Ghoft world 
without end. R. Amen, 

When the fick per f on feems to be jufi going to ex^ 
pirey the Creed is faid aloud by thofe that are pre- 
fenty and the Prieji frequently fprinkling with holy 
watery fays : 


V. Deliver, OGod, 

his [or her] foul from 

the fword. R, And rc- 

fcue it from the paw of 

the do^. V. Deliver him 

[or her] from the jaw of 

the lion. R, And re- 

fcue him [or her] in his 

[or her] diftrefs from the 

horns of the unicorn. 

V. LfOok down upon his 

[or her] foul, and deliver 

it. R, Refcuc him [or 

her] to the confufton of 

our enemies. V. Grant 

him [or her] light in the 

evening) by which life 

may never fail. R. And 

let everlafting glory* fol- 
low his [or her] happy 

death. ^. Mary^ mo- 
ther of grace, mother of 

mercy. R, Protefl him 

[cr her] from the ene- 
my, and receive him [or 

her] at the hour of death. 

*Thin the Prieji taking the crsfs in his hand^fa^r, 
V. Behold the crofs P\ Ecce crucem Do- 

of the Ix)rd ; you his mini ; fugite partes ad- 
enemies be put to flight, verfse. R, Vicit leo de 

R. The lion of the tribe tribe Juda^ radix David. 

of Juda hath conquered, 

who is the offspring of 


V, Erue a framea, Dc' 
us, animam ejus. £. 
£t de manu canis libera 
eam. V. Deoreleonii 
libera cruni, Domine. 
R. £t de cornibus uni- 
cornium humiiitatem e- 
jus. f^. Intende animx 
ejus, & libera eam. BL 
Et propter inimicos nof- 
tros eripe eum. V. Lar- 
gire clarum vefpere, quo 
vita nunquam decidat. 
R, Scd praemium mortis 
facrae perennis inftet glo- 
ria. F. Maria^ mater 
gratiae, mater mifericor- 
diae. Rn Eum abhoftc 
protege, & hora mortis 


Then he gives the fick perfon the crucifix to kifs, 

V. We adore thee, O V. Adoramus te Chri' 

Chri/i^znd we blefs thee. Jfe^ & benedicimus tibi. 

R. Becaufe by thy holy R. Quia per fandam 

crofs thou haft ccd^emtd crucem. tuam rederoifii 



Of a SOUL DEPARTING, ccxxiii 

; world. V- Into thy mundum. V. In manus 

nds, O Lord, I com- tuas, Domine, commcn- 

;nd my fpirit, if. do fpiritum meum. ij. 

dou.haft redeemed us, Redemifli nos, Domine, 

Lord God pf truth., Deus veritatis. 

Then is faid the Creed again ; an J then : 
Lord have mercy on Kyrie eleifon. Chrifle 

, Chriji have mercy eleifon. Kyrie eleifon. 
I us. Lord have mer* 
on us. 

Our Father. 
F. And lead us not F. £t ne nos Inducas 

to temptation, if.. But in tentationem. if. Sed 

iliver us from evil. libera nos a malo. 

Let us pray. Domine Jefu. 
' O R D Jefus Chriji, by thy agony, and moft 
^ holy prayer for us on mount Olivet^ when 
\y fweat became like drops of blood falling down 
1 the ground, we befeech thee that thou wouldil 
3uchfafe to offer and (hew to God the Farher al« 
lighty thy bloody fweat, which thou pouredft forth 
loft plentifully for us, in thy excefs of fear and an- 
uifh, in oppofition to the multitude of the fins of 
lis thy fervant our brother, [or fifler] and deliver 
im, [or her] at the hour of death, from all the di- 
j^efs, which he [^r flie] feareth he [^r fhe] hath de- 
jrved ior his [or her] fins. Who with the fame 
'ather and Holy Ghoft liveft and reignefl for ever 
nd ever. R. Amen. 

Let us pray. Domine Jefu, 

^Lord Jefus Chrijl^ who didfl vouchfafe to die 
for us^^crofs, we befeech thee, that thou 
vouldft voL^P^e to offer and (hew to God the Fa- 
her almighty all the bitternefs of thy fufferings and 
)ains, which thou didft endure for us miferable 
inners on the crofs, and particularly when thy moft 
loly foul departed from thy mofl holy body, in be- 
lalf of the foul of this thy fervant, ou\\iiQ.>3RR,\^\«»t 


filler] and drliver him [or her] at the hour of deatk i 
fiom all pains and fuiFciings, which he [^r (he] is j 
apprchcnlivc of havin^ defervcd for his [^r her] fins. ^ 
Who with the fame Father, (5*r. R. jtmcn. 

Let us pray. Domine Jtfu. 

LORD Jei'm Chriji, who haft faid by the mouth 
ot thy Prophet : / have loved thee with an eter- 
nui hve^ fityiu:; tbeiy have I drawn thtett 
me : we befcech thee, that thou wouldft offer and 
fhcw to God the Father almighty that fame charity 
of thine, that drew thee down from heaven to un- 
dergo the bitternefs of thy fufFerings, in behalf of 
the foul of thy fervant our brother [or fitter] N, and 
deliver him [^rher] from all thefufferingsand pains, 
which he [or fliej is apprehenfivc of having defer- 
ved for his [or her fins] : and fave his [or her foul] 
in eternal glory at this hour of it*s departure. And 
thou moft merciful Lord Jefus Chrifi^ who haft re- 
deemed us by thy moft precious blood, take pity on 
the foul of this thy fervant, and vouchfafe to bring 
him [or her] to the ever-flowering and pleafing 
meads of paradife, that he [or flie] may live to thee 
by an invifible love, fo as never to be feparated from 
thcc and thy elcft. Who together with the fame 
Panther and the Holy Ghoft liveft and reigneft in per- 
fect unity for ever and ever. R. Amen. 


Let us pray. O fuavijjime. 

Moft fwcet Lord Jefus CkrijU by that love, 
,^^^ wliich made thee the moft worthy, moft in- 
nocent, aiid moft tender Son of the Father's love, 
become man for us, to be wounde^ud die for the 
falv.ition of mankind : pardon thy ^^nt, our bro- 
ther [«r fifter] A^ every thint; he [or (he] hath of- 
fended ill by thought, word, and <di^z^^ by his [n 
her] affections, motion'?, powers, and fenfcs of foul 
and body ; and for the true remii&on of his [or her] 
fins, moil facitd LoiA "Jerus^^^tixyxvvsi \$r her] the 


fpiritual light of thy mofl ardent charity. By which 
thou didft wa(h away the fins of the whole world ; 
and to make up for all his {or her] neglecSb, add the 
jherits of thy moft facred pailion ; and apply to him 
.[or her] the fruit of all the good works of thy eled, 
yfho have been well pleafing to thee. R. 'Amen* 

1/et us pray. O ghrhjijjinu. 

OMoft glorious Lord Jefus Chrjjl^ in union of 
that ardent love, which forced thee to be- 
come man, and die in anguifb of mind on the crofs, 
we appeal to thy fweet charity, that thou wouldfi: 

Sairdon thy fervant our brother [or fiftcr] all the fins 
e [or fbe] hath any way committed, and by the 
great merits of thy paffion, fripply his [or her] omif- 
lions, and let him [or her] experience the fuper- 
abundant multitude of thy mei-cies, and difpofe of 
him [or her] in a manner pleafing to thee, and ad- 
vantageous to him [or her] : fill him [or her] with 
fweet patience, and true repentance ; and grant him 
[or her] an entire pardon. P'ill him [or her] with 
a right faith, a firm hope, and ardent charity, and 
with pious and holy difpgfitions ; that his [or her] 
Ibul may joyfully expire in thy fweet embraces and 
kifs of F>eace, O moft merciful J^fus^ to know, praifc 
. and enjoy thy eternal glory for ever. R. Amen. 

Let us pray. Sacratijfime, 

OMoft facred Lord Jefus Chrijl^ we recom- 
mend to thy infinite mercy the foul of this 
thy fervant our brother [or fiftcr] N. according to 
the greatnefs of that love, with which thy moft holy 
foul recommcn^jd itfelf to thy glorious Father on 
the crofs : hun^^p)efeeching thee by that ineffable 
charity, with wmch thy divme Father received thy 
moft holy foul, that thou wouldft receive the foul 
of this thy fervant with the fame moft ardent love. 
Come, moft fweet LfOrd Jifn$ Chr'tji^ redeemer of 
Vol. II. t 


fouls, we befeech thee by that lamentable voice, bf - 
ivhich, going to die for us in thy human na- 
ture, and fpent with the labour and pams of 
thy AiiFerings, thou criedft out, thou waft aban* 
doned by thy Father: keep not, O fweet Jejuiy 
thy merciful help from thy fervant, in this hour of 
affliflion, when now weak and fpent he [or (he] 
cannot call on thee : but by the triumph of thy holy 
jcrofs, and thy faving death, entertain thoughts of 
peace, mercy and comfort, and not of afflidion: and 
deliver him ^r her] from all diftrefs : and accord- 
ing to thy accuftomed goodnefs, O good Jefus and 
fweet Father, deliver him [or her] from the tor- 
ments due to his [or her] iins, and bring him[9r 
her] with joy to eternal reft, R. Amen. 

Let us pray. O intemerata. 

OSpotlefs and ever blefied Virgin Marj^ who 
art a help in anguilh and diftrefs, merciMly 
corhe to the aftiftance of this our brother [or fifier], 
and, in the name oijefus Chrift thy Son ourLiord, 
put to flight all his [or her] enemies, and proteft 
nim [^r her] from the power of the hellifh dragon, 
and from the dreadful fight of him, and froin the 
fnares of all the evil fpirits \ and refcue him [«rher] 
from all diftrefs : to the end that he [or fhe] may, 
together with thee and all the blefled fpirits, fing 
forth praifes to o\xi Lord God in heaven. R. 

Let us pray. SanSfeVlichztl. 

HOLY Michael the Archangel, aflift this foul 
before the tribunal of the fupreme judge. 
invincible warrior, come to the aid of the foul of 
this our brother [or fifter] in hj^H^her] laft mo- 
ments, and defend him from the l^mih dragon, and 
from the fight and fnares of the evil fpirits. More- 
over we befeech thee, that thou wouldft mercifully 
receive at the laft gafp his [or her] foul, and take ; 
it into thy bofQav»3iw4<;^\:rY it to a place of refrelh- | 

Of a SOUL DEPARTING, ccxxvii 

, light, and peace with our Lord Jef us Chrijf^ 
liveth and reigneth with the Father and Holy 
ft one God world without end. R. /frnga. 

When the foul is depart ed^ is fat d: 

)me to his [or her] 
mce, you faints of 
J meet him [or her J 
angels of the Lord ; 
I receive his [or her] 
# And to prcfent it 
le Moft High. V. 

Chrijiy who called 

receive thee, and 
the angels lead thee 
the bofom of Abra* 
: #To receive, Vc. 
ternal reft grant him 
ler], O Lord. R. 

may a perpetual 
fhine upoo him [or 

# And to prefent^ 

9rd have mercy on 
Chriji have mercy 
i. Lord have mercy 
s. Our Father. In 
*t, V. And lead us 
nto temptation. R, 
deliver us from evil. 
Eternal reft give to 
[(?rher]OLord. JZ. 
let a per^iual light 
; upon hfl||lr her]. 
*rom the gates of 

R, Deliver bis [or 
foul, O Lord. r. 

be [or flie] reft in 

Subvcnite fanfti Der, 
occurrite Uli angeli Do- 
mini : #Sufcipientes ani** 
mam ejus :# OiFerentes 
in confpec^u Aitiffimir 
V. Sufcipiat te Chriflus^ 
qui vocavit te, & in fi- 
num Abraha angeli dc^ 
ducantte. #Sufcipientes» 
£s^tf. V. Requiem aeter- 
nam dona ei, Domine. 
R\ £t lux perpetua )u- 
ceat ei. #0^erente8, 

Kyrte clciTon. Chrijie 
ele'ifon. Kyrie eteiTon* 
Pater nofter. In Secret. 
V* Et ne nos inducas in 
tentationcm. R. Sed li- 
bera nos a malo. V, Re- • 
quiem aeternam dona ei, 
Domine. £.£t lux per- 
petua luceat ei. V, A 
ponta inferi. R. Krue, 
Domine^ animam ejus. 
V. Requiefcat in pace. 
R. Amen. V. Domine, 
exaudiorationem meam» 
R. £t clamor meus ai 

t 2 

ccxxviii The OFFICE 

peace. R. Anun. K. O te veniat. V. Do 
Lord, hear my prayer. Yobifcuo). R. £ 
R. And let mv crj come fpirita tuo. 
unto thee. f\ May the 
I^rd be with you. R. 
And with thy fpirit. 

Let us pray. Tihi D$mi9e. 

WE recommend to thee, O f^rd, the 
thy fervant N. that being dead t 
world, he [^r (he] may live to thee : and wt 
fins he [or (he] hath committed through I 
frailty, we befeech thee, in thy eoodnefs, mei 
to pardon. Thro' Ctri^ our Lord. R. vi 


fbe 0¥F ICE cf the D E A 


According to the obrenrttion of the great St. ^ 
<* we arc not to dbabt but that the faithful 
*' ed are affifted by the prayen of the holy Chiu 
^* facrifice of our falvacion, and alms, fo as to be 
** by almighty God with more mercy than their 
•• ftrvc. For the univcrfal Charch oif Chnfi hath 
** taken care, according ro a traditioa recciyed fj 
** fathers, to pray for thofe who died in the com 
** of the body and blood of Ctrifi, when (he s 
** them in offering the facrifice, and eaprefly rake 
•• that it is offered for tliem. — f— It is therefore o 
** doubt that thefe pradices of the Church are h 
" to the dead : but they are fo only to thofe, wh< 
•• have been fuch as to dcfervc to be able to reo 
" therefrom. For as to thofe, who have left thei; 
'* without that faith that afts by love, and wit! 
** defence of the faerament of faith ; jj^would t 
** purpofc for them to receive thefe duuSs of pie 
*' their relations, as they had not the pledge or toke 
** of during their life: either becaufe ihey ncFer ha 
•• vcd, or had received in vain, the grace of God ; a; 
'* amaiTcd to themfelves treafures^ iK)t of me^cy 
*' wrath.'' 



e living. 

Of the DEAD. 
V E S.P E R S. 



Will pleafe the Ant. T^Lacebo Domi- 
Lord in the land 1 no in regione 


P/ 114. 
[ave loved the Lordj TTXlIexi, quoniam cx- 
>ecaure he will hear .1 3 audiet Dominus* 
; voice of my peti- vocem orationis mese. 

;caiife he hath in- 
d his ear to me :* 
fore will I call on 
juring my days, 
he pangs of death 

furrounded me : • 
langers of hell have 
J me out. 

found diftrefs and 
: * and I called on 
lame of the Lord : 

Lord deliver my 
:*theLord is merci- 
md righteous, and 
jod taketh compaf- 

he Lord talceth care 
e little ones : * I was 
ght low, and he de- 
ed me. 

urn therefore^ my 
to thy reft : * for 
^Qid hath'been good 

or he hath fnatched 
oul from death ;*my 
from tears, and my 
from' falling. 

Quia inclinavitaurem 
fuam nrihi *>& in diebus 
meis invocabo* 

Circumdedenint me 
clolores mortis :*& peri- 
cula inferni invenerunt 

Tribulationem & do- 
lorem inveni :*& nomen 
Domini invocabp. 

O Domine, libera a- 
nimam meam : * miferi* 
Gors Dominus, & jufius, 
& Deus nofter miferetur. 

Cuftodiens parvulos 
Dominus : * humiliatus 
fum> &liberavit me. 

Convertereanima mea 
in requiem tuam : ^quia^ 
Dominus benefecit tibi« 

Quia eripuit animam> 
mcam de morte :* ocu»- 
los meos a lacrymis, pe- 
des meos a lagfu.^ 


ccxxx ne OFFICE Fifpifs. 

Therefore will I pleale Placebo Domino, *m 
the Lord,^tn the land of regione virorum. 
the living. 

Jt the ead $f every Pfalm, is Jaii: 

Eternal reft*grant to Requiem aeternum* 
them, O Lord. dona eia, Dooune. 

And may a perpetual £t lux perpetua ^ lu- 
light^ihine upon them, ceat eis. 

Ant. Placebo. 
Ant. Hei mihi,DaB)i- 
ae, quia incolatus mets 
prolongatus eft ! 

Pf. cxix. 
Cried out to the Lord A D Domimim, cum 

J^^ tribularer, clafBt* 
vi :*& exaudivtt me. 

Domine, libera ani* 
mam meam a labiis ioi- 
quis,^& a lingua doIo& 

Antb, 1 will pleafe. 

Anth. Alas, O Lord ! 
my ibjourning is pro* 
longed ! 

4 in my diftrefs, • and 
he gracioufly heard me. 
O Lord, deliver my 
foul from wicked lips, * 
and from a deceitful 


What will be done to 
thee, or what will be 
brought on thee, *• for a 
deceitful tongue. •* 

The fliarpened arrows 
of the mighty one,*with 
deflruAivc burning coals 
Alas ! that my fojourn- 
ing is prolonged : I have 
dwelt with the inhabi- 
tants of Cedar : * long 
hath T[\y foul fojourncd. 

I was peaceable with 
thofe who hated peace : 
♦when I fpoke to them, 

Quid detur tibi, aut 
quid apponetur tibi fad 
iinguam dolofam I 

Sagittae potentis acu- 
tac^^cum carbonibusde^ 

Heu mihi, quia inco- 
latus meus prolongatus 
eft: habkavi cum habi- 
tantibus6V^/^7r .•*multum 
incola fuit anima mea. 

Cum his qui oderunt 
pacem, eram pactficus: 
*cum loquebar illis, ex- 

b Or. Whai ^oft «r •({•uama^^e noUl 4ccruf io 4 deedjtfnl^ <almh 
niaiing tcniut f 

V^fpn. ' Of the D 

tbey fell on me without 
a caufe. 

JntL Alas i O Lord. 

Anth, Tbfi Lord pr^- 
ferveth thee from all 
harm : may the Lord 
mil pr^ferv^ thy life. 

E A D. ccxxxi 

pugnabant me gratis. 

^jv/. Hei mihi ! Do- 

Jnt. Pominus cuftodit 
te ab omni malo : cufto^ 
diat animam tuam Do- 

Pfp cxx. 


I Lifted up my eyes to- T Evavi oculos 
wards the mountain^: JL^ in montes: * unde 
*from whence aid will Vieniet auxilium mihi. 

come to me. 

My aid is from the 
Lord, * who made both 
heaven and earth. 

May he not permit 
tby foot to flip :*neither 
may be flumber, who is 
thy guardian. 
. Lo^ he will neither 
fleep nor flumber, *who 
is IJraePs guardian* 

Thy guardian is the 
Lord, the Lord is thy 
protecSor, * i/ is at thy 
right hand. 

The fun fhall not burn 
thee by day : * nor the 
moon by night. 

The Lord prefervetb 
thee from all harm :*in ay 
the Lord prefertrc thy 

May the Lord preferve 
thy coming inland going 
out : * now and for ever 


Auxilium meum 
Domino, * qui fecit cce* 
lum & terram. 

Non dcr in commo* 
tiooem pedem tuum '. * 
Deque dormitet, qui ci|« 
fiodit te. 

£cce, non dormitabit, 
neque dormiet,*qui cu- 
ftodit Jfrael. 

Dominus cuftodit te, 
Domious prote<£tio tua^ 
^fuper manumdexteram 

Per diem fol non uret 
te :*nequa luna per noc- 

Dominus cuftodit te 
ab omni malo : * cufto- 
diat animam tuam Do* 

Dominus cuftodiat in- 
troitumtuum, &exitum 
tuum : *ex hoc ilunc & 

dcxmdi The 

Jnth. The Lord pre- 
fefveth thee. 

Jnth. If thou fhouldft 
obferve iniquities, O 
Lord ; Loid, who fhall 
ftand it. 

Pf, cxxix. 

FROM the deep I TTX 
cried out to thee, \y 

V Dom 

OFFICE Vejptru l| 

yfht, Dominus cufto' 
dit te. 

^nt. Si iniqultates ob- 
fervaveris,DomiRe : Do- 
mine, quis fuftinebit. 

U Lord :*Lord, hear my 

Let thine cars be at- 
tentive * to the voice of 
my petition. 

If thou (houldft ob- 
ferve iniquities, OLord:* 
Lord, who (hall ftand it i 

For with thee is pro- 
pitiation :*And becatrfe 
of thy law I have waited 
for thee, O Lord. 

My foul hath relied 
on his word : * My foul 
hath hoped in the Lord. 

From the morning 
watch even until night :* 
Let Ifrael hope in the 

For with the Lord 
there is mercy : * And 
with him there is a plen- 
tiful redemption. 

And he himfelf (baH 
redeem Ifrael* from all 
it's iniquities. 

Jnth. Ifthoufliouldft 
obferve iniquity. 

Anth. SUg)[\l t\<>t^ O 
Lord, the nvoiVl Qi \V^ 
own hands •^ 

vi ad te, Dominc:* 
ine, cxaudi vocea 

Fiant aures tua inten- 
dentes,*in vocem deprc* 
cationis meae. 

Si iniquitates obfer- 
vaveris, Domine •.♦Do- 
mine, quis fuftinebit? 

Quia apud te propiti- 
atio eft : ♦Et propter Ic- 

fem tuam fuftiniii tej 
Suftinuit anima mea 
in verbo ejus :*Speravit 
anima mea in Domino. 
A cuftodia matutina. 
ufque ad nodeni :*Spc»' 
ret IJraei in Domino. 

Quia apud Dominum 
niiferieordia :*Et copi** 
ofa apud eum redemp" 

Et ipfe redimet 7/r^//j 
♦ex omnibus iniquitati- 
bus ejus. 

Jttt. Si iniquitates ob* 

Ant. Opera manuum 

yefprn. Of the Ti Z A D. 

Pf. cxxxvii, 

IWUl praife thee, O 
Lord, with my whole 
heart :*for that thou haft 
heard the words of my 

In the prefence of the 
angels will I fmg to thee: 
♦1 will adore thee in thy 
holy temple, and praife 
Ihy name \ 

* Becaufe of thy mercy, 
and becaufeof thy truth^ : 
«for thou haft fhewn the 
greatnefs of thy holy 
name above all others. 
" 'Ifi whatever day I call 
on theci hear thou me :* 
thoo wilt greatly gdd 
ilrength to my foul. 

hu all the kings of 
the earth praife thee, O 
Lord : * for they bav« 
Beard all the words of 
thy mouth. 

And let them fing the 
ir^ys of ihe Lord :*for 
great is the glory of the 

For the Lord is on 

'.- high, and feeth the things 

below : * and the high 

things he knoweth at a 

difta nee yr^/Ti him •'. 


COnfitebor tibi. Do- 
mine, in toto cor- 
de meo :*quoniam audi- 
fti verba oris mei. 

In confpeftu angelo- 
rum pfallam tibi :^ado- 
rabo ad templum fanc- 
tum tuum, & confitebor 
nomini tuo. 

Super mifericordia tud 
& veritate tua :*quoniam 
magniticafti fuper omnc 
nomen fanclum tuum. 

In quicqnque die in- 
vocavero te, exaudi me :• 
Qiultiplicabis in animi 
mei virtutem. 

Cooiiteantur tibi. Do* 
mine, omnes reges terrae: 
quoniam audieruQt <^m« 
oia verba oris tui* 

Et cantent in viis Do- 
mine :*quoniam magna 
eft gloria Domini. 

Quoniam excel fus Do- 
minus, & humilia re(^i- 
ctt r*& alta a ionge cog- 

i Expl. Becaufi tboi$ bafi JvlJUlei ttj frmifu 

^ Expl. Even the bi^hejt tbingi art fiill at an immenfe difaati 
fr$m b.m» 

ccxxxiy The OFFICE f 

If I walk In the midft Si ambulavero i 

of diftrefS) thou wilt pre- dio tribulationis, 

ferve my life:*for thou cabisine:*& fupe 

haft ftretched forth thy inimicorumineori 

hand againft the wrath tendifti manunfi tu 

of my enemies, and thy falvum me fecit d 

right hand hath faved tua. 

The Lord will avenge Dominus rctrlbi 

my caufe :*0 Lord, thy me : * Oomine, i 

mercy is for ever : flight cordia tua in fzc 

nr4 the work o( thy own opera manuum t 

hands. . ne defpicias. 

Antb, Slight not. Ant Opera ma 

y* I heard a voice V. Audivi voc 

from heaven, faying to ccelo dicentem mi 

roe. R. Bleiled are the Beati mortui, qui i 

dead» who die in the mino moriuntur. 


Anib, Whatever my Ant. Omne qu< 

Father giveth me (hall mihiPater,adme^ 

come to me: and him &eum,qui venita 

that Cometh to me^ I will non ejiciam foras. 
Hot caft out. 

The following prayers^ both here and at I 
are /aid kneeling. 

Our Father in Secret. 

V. And lead us not V. £t ne nos in 

into temptation. i2. But in tentationem. I 

deliver us from evil. libera nos a malo. 

Pf. cxlv. 

PRatfe the Lord, O T Auda anima 

my foul ; I will X^ Dominum, 1 

praife the Lord during ^^ Dominum in 

my life : * 1 m\\ 5wc\^ \» ^'^^^\%\^^am.Deo 

V4ifpers. Of the D 

my God, whilft I have a 

Put not your truft in 
princes i¥knor in the fens 
of men, who cannot fa ve. 

Their breath (hall de- 
part, and they {hall re- 
turn to their mtf/)&/r earth: 
^n that day (hall all their 
devices come to nought. 

But blefled is he, 
ipirhofe hdp is the God 
of yacob^ his hope is in 
the Lord his God :4evi^ho 
made heaven, earth, and 
fea, and all that is in 

Who keepeth his pro- 
mife for ever ; doth ju- 
•ftice to thofe, who fufFer 
Wrongfully :^and giveth 
food to thofe who hun- 

The Lord releafeth 
thofe, who are in fetters : 
*the Lord giveth fight 
unto the blind. 

The Lord lifteth thofe 
that arecrufhed^y a fall: 
4f the Lord loveth the 

The Lord is the guar- 
dian of the ftranger : he 
will prote£l the orphan 
and the widow :^but he 
will deftroy the ways of 

The Lord jQiall reign 

E A D. ccxxxv 

quamdiu fuero. 

Nolite confidere iq 
principibus :^in filiisho- 
minum, in quibus non 
eft falus. 

Exibit fpiritus ejus, & 
revertetur rn terram fu- 
ani :mn ilia die peribunt 
omnes cogitationes eo- 

Beatus, cujus Deus 
yac0b adjutor ejus, fpes 
ejus in Domino Deo ip- 
fius :^ut fecit coelum & 
terram, mal-e, & omnia 
quae in eis funt* 

Qui cuftodit veritatem 
in faeculum, fecit judi- 
cium injuriam patienti- 
bus :^dat efcam efurien- 

Dominus folvit com- 
peditos :*Dominus illu- 
minat caecos. 

Dominus eriorit elifos : 
4ieDominus diliglt juftos. 

' Dominus cuftodit ad- 
venas, pupillum & vidu* 
am fufcipiet : ^ & vias 
peccatorum difperdet. 

Regnabit Dominus in 

ccxxxvi rbe OFFICE Veffttt^ 

for ever ; he is thy Ood, faecala» Deus ttras, £/m, 
O Sion^^Uom one gene- 4(in generatioaem & ge- 
lation to another. nerationem. 

Inftgad rfthi frregmg Pfalmy mt Lauds fV fnk 
thi Pj, De profundts, p. ccxxxii. Thm isfmii 

V. From the gates of V. A porta iiiferi. JL 

helL R. Deliver their Erue, Dookine, animal 

foulsy O Lord. V, May corum. V. Requiefant 

they reft in peace. R. in pace. R. Amen, F, 

j/miH. F. O Lord, hear Domine, exaudi orado- 

my prayer. R, And let nem meam. R, £t da- 

my cry come unto thee, mor meus ad te veniat. 

V* May the Lord be V. Dominus vobifcum. 

with you. R. And with R. £t cum fpiritu tuo. 
thy fpirit. 

Let U9 pray. Abfilvi. 

ABfoIve, we befeech thee, O Lord, the ibul of 
thy fervant N, that being dead to this world, 
he [^r {he] may live to thee : and whatever fins 
he \_or (he] hath committed through human frail- 
ty, we befeech thee, in thy goodnefs, mercifully to 
pardon. Thro' 

This prayer is faid on the day of /^^ burial. 

On an anniverfary : Deus indulgentiarum, 
p, clxxxi. and fo of the other proper prayers ac- 
cording to occafion^ which you will find after tht 
Mafles/or the Dead. After the prayer is faid: 

F, Eternal reft give to F. Requiem aeternam 

them, O Lord. R. And dona eis, Domine. R* 

may a perpetual light £t lux perpetua luccat 

ihine upon them. F, eis. F* Requiefcant in 

May they reft in peace, pace. R. Amfn. 
R% Afnen% 

Of the ly ^ A D. ccxxxvii 

Father. Hail Mary, I believe infecret, 


The Invitatory. 
fE king, to whom T3 ^g^"^* ^"* omnia 
all things live, # j\. vivunt, # Venrte, 
let us adore. adoremtts. 

Jnd it is repeated twice 9ver, 

Pf, xciv. 
me, let us rejoice "T TEnite, exultemus 
n the Lord : let y Domino : jubile- 
C to God our Sa- ftius Deo falutari noftro : 

pr£0ccupemus facLent 
ejus in confeflione : & 
in pfalmis jubilemus ci. 

let us prefent 
es before him to 
ite his prai(e : and 

; king, &c. as a- 

the Lord is the 
[jod, and a great 
above all Gods : 
le Lord will not 

bis people : and 

hand are alhthe. 
s of the earth ; 
I looketh down on 
:^heft mouI.^uins. 
.onac, let us adore. 
• the Tea is his, and 
adtf it : aiid his 

fctilcd the dry 
come, let us adore, 
ill proftrate before 
let us weep in the 
ce of the Lord, 
nade us : for he is 
ord our God : and 
L. 11. 

Regenj, &;c. 
Quoniam Deus mag- 
nuB Dominus, & rex 
magnus fuper qmnes 
Deos: quoniam non re- 
pellet Dominus plebem 
fuam, quia in manu ejus 
funt omnes fines terne, 
& ahitudines montium 
ipfe confpicit. 

Venite, adoremus. « 
Quoniam ipfius eft 
maic, h ipfe f^xit illud: 
& aridam fundavcrunc 
manus ejus: venite, a- 
doremus,& procidamus 
ante Deum : plor^mus 
coram Domino^' qui fe- 
cit nds : quui ipfe eft 
Dominus Deiis noftcr : 

ccxxxviii The O F 

we are his people, and 

the (heep of his pafture. 

The king, &c. 

If this day you (hould 
hear his voice, harden 
jiot your hearts, as you 
did, when you provoked 
him, the day you tempt- 
ed him in the defeit: 
where your fathers 
tempted me, they tried, 
and Taw my works. 

Come, let us adore. 

I was forty years with . 
with this race of men, 
and I faid : the hearts of 
this people are always 
wandering : and they 
have not known my 
ways : aftd I fworc to 
them in my wrath, that 
they (hould not enter 
my abode. 

The king, &c. 

Eternal reft give to 
them, O Lord, and may 
a perpetual light ihine 
upon them. 

Come, let us adore. 
The king, &c. 

F I C E Mutba, 

nos autem populus ejus, 
& oves pafcuae ejus. 
Regem, ^c. 

Hodie (i vocem ejus 
audieritis, nolite obdu- 
rare corda veftra, Ticot 
in exacerbatione fecun* 
dum diem tentationis in 
deferto: ubi tentaverunt 
me patres veftri, proba* 
verunt, & videruntopen 

. Venite, adoremus. 

Quadraginta annis 
proximus fui generationi 
huic, & dixi : Temper hi 
errant corde : ipfi vero 
non cognoverunt vias 
meas, quibus juravi ia 
ira mea, (I introibuot in 
requiem meam. 

Regem, &c. 
Requiem aeternam do- 
na eis, Domine, & lux 
perpetua luceat eis. 

Venite, adoremuSi 
Regem, bic. 

This Invitatory is only fat d on All Souls-day, ani 
the Burial-diiy ; on xvh'uh days the three follow^ 
irg Noel u ins ore fa'id^ and the Anthems art 
doubled. At other Times only one Nodlurn w\ih 
Lauds are faid^ in this order: On Mondays 
^WThurfJays the firft Noflurn : on Tuefdays 
and Fridays the fecond : on Wednefdays ani 
Saturdays //a* tlurJ. 




Of /Z-^ D E A D. 



\b. Dired. . 

:rnd, O Lord, an 
ear to my words ;^ 

I unto my cry. 


attentive to the 
of my prayer,* O 
ing, my God ! 
to thee will I pray: 
u, O Lord, in the 
ng wilt hear my 


the morning will I 

before thee, and 

that thou art not a 

that approveft ini- 

e abide near thee : 
unrighteous ones 
n in thy fight. 
lou hateft all who 
Iniquity :*thou wilt 
y all who utter lies. 

le Lord will abo- 
e the bloody r^nd 
ful mant^butl, in 

ill enter thy houfe: 

II adore in thy holy 
e full of awe of 

ad me on, OLord, 
y righteoufncfs :* 
; my way in thy 


Aiit. Dirige. 


VErba mea auribu» 
percipe, Domine^ 
^intdljge clamorem me- 

Intend e voci oration i^ 
meae,*rex meus, & Deu& 
•mcus ! 

Quoniam ad te orabo: 
^Domihe, mane exau^- 
dies vocem meam. 

Mane adftabo tibi, & 
videbo : % quoniam non 
Deus volens iniquicatcm 
tu es. 

Neque habitabit juxta 
te malignus :*neque per-^ 
mancbunt injufti ante o- 
culos tuos. 

Odifti omnes qui o- 
perantur iniquitatero : -^ 
perdes omnes qui lo« 
quuntur mendacium. 

Virum fanguinum. & 
dolofum abominabitur 
Domjnus :*ego autem in 
multitudine mifericordiae 

Introibo in domum 
tuam :4^adorabo ad tem- 
plum fandtum tuum in 
timore tuo. 

Domine, deduc me In 
juftitia tua: * propter 
inimicos meos dirige in 


ccxl The O F 

fight becaufe of my ene- 

For truth is not in their 
mouth r^their heart is alt 

Their throat is a ga- 
ping grave, they a(9ted 
deceitfully with their 
tongues : ^ judge thou 
them, O God. 

Let them fail in their 
defigns : exterminate 
them for their great and 
many wiclcednefles :*for 
it is thee, O Lord, they 
have provoked. 

And let all rejoice, 
who hope i« thee :*they 
(hall for ever leap for joy, 
and thou (halt dwell a- 
mong them. 

And all, who love thy 
name, (hall ^lory in thee: 
^: fvjf thou wilt blcfs the 
righteous one. 

Ivord, as with the 
f!-»icld of thy kind love, 
*ibou haft cove:cd us. 

Juth, Diretft, OLord 
my God, my fteps in thy 

jifith^ Return. 

IORD, rebuke me 
^ not in thy fury : •* 
nor chaftife me in thy 

'i'ake pity on me, O 
Lord, i'oi 1 aiji n.^aV:;^ 

F I C E Mam. 

confpe£lu Cuo viam me- 

Quoniam non eft in 
ore eorum Veritas :«cor 
eorum vanum eft. 

Sepukhrum patenseft 
guttur eorum. Unguis 
fuis dolofe agebant:^^ 
judica illos, -Deus. 

Decidant a cogitation 
nibus fuis : fecundum 
multitudinem impieta- 
tum eorum expelle eos: 
4f: quoniam irritaveruot 
te, Domine« 

£t laetentur omnes 
qui fperant in re:4^1ax- 
ternum exultabunt, ft 
habitabis in eis. 

£t gloriabuntur in te 
omnes, qui diligunt no* 
men tuum :^quoniamtu 
benedices jufto 

Dominc, ut fcuto bo- 
nne voluntatis tu£,*co- 
ronaili nos. 

'Int. Dirige, Dominc 
Deus mcus, in confpcc- 
tu tuo viam meam. 

Ant. Convertere. 

DOminc, ne in fu- 
rore, tuo arguas me: 
iie «ieque in ira tua corri* 
pi as me. 

Mifereremei, Dominc, 
q^uoniam infirmus fum: 



ts. Of' the 

le, OLord,formy 
are fhaken. 

d my foul is great- 
nayed :^but thou, 
rd, how long ? 
lurd) O Lord, and 
my foul r^fave me 
f mercy's fake. 
' in death there is 
vho will be mind- 
:hee :^and in hell* 
hall praife thee f . 

lave tired myfelf 
ny groaning, I will 
light waih my bed: 
1 water my couch 
ny tears. 

eye is difturbed 
age :^I am grx)wn 
nidft all my ene-^ 

ay from me, all 
ho pra^life iniquir 
)X the Lord hath 
the voice of my 

s Lord hath graci* 
eard my requefh^ 
>rd hath admitted 

ulljny enemies be 
(hame, ^nd great- 
nay ed :*let them 
to flight and {hame 
)eecl ily. 

. Return, O Lord, 


DEAD. ccxli 

^fana me, Domine, quo- 
niam conturbata funt 
ofla mea. 

£t anima mea turba- 
ta eft valde :^fed tu, Do- 
mine, ufquequo? 

Convertere, Domine, 
& eripe animam meam : 
^falvum me fac propter 
mifericordiam tuam. 

Quoniam non eft in 
morte qui memor At tui : 
^in inferno autem quis 

Laboravi in gemitu 
meo, lavabo per fingulas 
nodes ledtum meum :* 
lacrymis meis ftratum 
meum rigabo. 

T^urU^tus eft a furore 
oculus meus :^inveteravi 
inter omnes inimicos 

Difcedite a me •mnes, 
qui operamini ifiiquita- 
tern :iiK|uoniamexaudivic 
Dominus vocem fletus 

Exaudivit Dominus de 
precationem meam: <ie 

Dominus orationem me- 
am fufcfpit. 

Erubefcant, &contur*- 
bentur vehemcntcr om- 
nes inimici mei : ije co:v-> 
vertantur & erubefcant 
valde. velociter. 

Ant. Convertere, Dot 


« Or, in tLt gravd 


and rcfcuc my foul : for 
there is none in death 
will be mindful of thee. 

The OFFICE M^tm. 

mine, & eripe anioiam . 
meam : quoniamnoneft 
in morte, qui memor lit 

Jnt. Ne quando. 

Anth. Left at any 

OLord my God, in 
thee have I hoped: 
•Xffavc me from all my 
purfuers and deliver me. 

Left at any time the 
niemy fcize my foul like 
a lion ;^ whin there is 
none to refcuc me nor 
favc me. 

O Lord my God, if I 
have done thus :*if there 
be iniquity in my hands: 

If I have rendered evil 
to them that did me 
harm :*]et me defcrved- 
Jy fall dcfencelefs before 
my enemies. 

Let the enemy purfue 
my foul, and feize it; 
and let him traniple out 
my I'fc on the earth ; * 
and brir.r^ down my glory 
to the duft^ 

A rife then^ O L^^rd, 
in ihy wra'.h ivici'nd fhew 
thyfclf c;i high in ^// the 
borders of my cneinic.'. 

A'^tl ailfe, O Loid 
mv C7'.ti, for tlie jud;;- 
ment thou hail^'int- 


in te fperavi :«fat- 
vuni me fac ex omnibus 
pcrfequentibus me, & 
libera me. 

Ne quando rapiat, ut 
Ico, animam mcaro;« 
dum non eft qui redimat, 
neque qui falvum faciat. 

Dominc Deus meuf, 
ft feci iftud r^fi ^ft ini- 
quitas in manibus meis: 

Si rcddidi retribuenti- 
*bus mihi mala :9ifdecidani 
meriio ab inimicis meis 

Perfequatur inimicus 
animam meam, &cr4n- 
prehendat, & conculcct 
in terra vitam meam;«& 
gloriam meam in pulve- 
rem deducat. 

Exurjre. Domine, in 
ira tua:*& exJcarc m 
Hr.ibusinimicorum meo 

Et ejcurge, Domine \ 
Dcus me us, in nrnicerto . 
quod mandafti :*& fyn- 
aoT;ea populorum cir- . 



Matins. Of the D 

the nations fhall fur- 
round chee. 

Wherefore afcend a- 
gain thy high tribunal: 
^ the Lord judgeth the 

Judge me, O Lord, 
according to my righte- 
oufnefs :^and according 
to my. innocence. 

The wicked nefs of 
finners {hall have an end, 
thou thyfelf (hall guide 
the righteous one :^thou, 
O God, who fearcjieft 
the hearts and reins. 

It is juft / Jhould ex- 
pe6i my help from the 
Lord>^who faveth the 
upright of heart. 

God is a Juft judge, 
■fnighty and patient : ^ 
doth he every day exert 
his wrath t 

Unlefs you change, he 
¥i^-ili brandifh his fword : 
9|Fhe hath bent his bow, 
and got it ready. 

And in it he hath fit- 
ted inftniments of death; 
^-he hath made his ar-. 
rows of burning fire. 

Behold the zuicked one 
hath been in labour v/ith 
injufticc :-:;c-he conceived 
grief, and brought forth 

He Oi^encd a pic, and 
funk it :^:and is f^Jien 
into the pi: he made. 

E A D. 

cumdabit te. 


£t-propter hanc in al- 
tum regredere : ^Dolni- 
nus judicat populos. 

Judica me, Dominc, 
fecundum juftitiam kne- 
am:^-& fecundum.inno- 
centiani meam fupcr me. 

Confumetur nequitia 
peccatorum, & diriges 
juftum :*fcrutan8 corda 
& renes Deus. 

Juftum adjutorium 
meum a Domino,^ qui 
falvos facit rc<Slos corde. 

Deus judex juflus, 
fortis, &paiiens:*num- 
quid irafciiuc per fingu- 
los dies ? 

Nifi converfi fueritis, 
gladium fulim vibrabit : 
*arcum fuum tetendit, 
& paravit ilium. 

Et in eo paravit vafa 
mortis :*fagittas fuas ar- 
dentibus cffccit. 

Eccc parturiit injufti- 
tiam : * concepit dolo- 
rum, & peperit iniquitar- 

Lacum ^peruit, & ef- 
fod it eum v^lz incidit in 


His grievances {hall 
fall back on his own 
head imznd his wicked- 
nefs come down on his 
own crown 

I will praife the Lord 
for his juftice :4^and will 
fing fo the name of the 
Lord the moft high. 

jfnth. Left at any time 
thi enemy feize my foul 
like a lion, when there 
is none to refcue me, or 
fave me. 

F. From the gates of 
hell. R, Deliver their 
fouls, O Lord. 

The OFFICE Matins. 

Conv'crtetur dolor e- 
jus in caput ejus :« &io 
verticem ipfius iniquitas 
ejus defcendet. 

Confitebor Domino 
fecundum juftitiam ejus: 
4^& pfailam nomini Do* 
mini altifiimi. 

jfnt. Ne quando nr 
plat, ut leo, animam me- 
am, diim non eft qui re- 
dimat, neque qui falvua 

f^. A porta inferi. & 
Erue, Domine, animas 

Our Father, jfll in Secret. 


SPare me» O Lord, far my days are nothing. 
What is man, that thou magnideft him? Or 
why doft thou fet thy heart upon him ? Thou vi- 
fiteft him early in the morning, and thou fuddenlf 
trieft him. How long wilt thou not fpare me, nor 
let me alone to fwallow down my fpittle I I hav« 
finned, what ftialM do for thee, O thou.guardias 
of men ? Why haft thou fet me oppoftte to thce^ 
and why am I become burthenfome to myfelf' 
Why doft thou not remove my fin, and why doft 
thou not take away my Iniquity ? Behold I (hall 
now Aecp in the duft : and if thou feekeft me in the 
mornins, I ftiall not be. 

R. 1 believe my Re- R. Credo quod Re- 
deemer livcth : and at dcmptor meus vivit: & 
the laft day I ihall rife in novifiimo die de terra 
ai.iin from the earth :^ furrc'durus fum :#Et io 
And I {hall fee God my carne nicd vidcboDeum 
Saviour in qiydvvn flcfh. Salvatorem meum. /^. 
/'. Whom 1 n\5t'i\l ftii>\ ^'"Axv \\'l\3»\>^'^ C\w!a c<^ 

Matlm. Of the D E A D. ccxlv 

_fee, and not another, ipfe, & non alius, & 
and my eyeis (ball behold oculi mei confpe£luri 
him. # And I (hall fee, funt. # Et in carne, ^c. 
i^c. to.V. to V. 

II. LESSON. Job. X, 

MY foul is weary of life, I will Jet go my Speech 
againft myfelf ; I will fpeak in the bitterneft 
of my foul. I will fay to God : Do not thou con- 
demn me: tell me why thou judged mc thus? Doft 
thou think it right to calumniate me and opprefs me, 
the work of thy own hands, and help the defigns of 
the wicked ones ? Are thy eyes of fleih P Or wilt 
thou fee as man feeth ? Are thy days as the days of 
man, and are thy y.ears as the times of man, that 
thou (houldft enquire after my iniquity, and fearch 
after my fin ? And fhouldfl know that I hzve done 
no wicked thing, whereas no one can deliver out 
of thy hand. 

R, Thou, who did ft R. Qui Laxarum re- 
raife Lazarus from the fufcitafti a monuifiento 
grave,* when he flunk :# faetidum :#Tu eis, Do- 
Do thou, O Lord, mine, dona re'qiiicm, & 
grant them refl^ and a locum indulgentise. V. 
place of pardon. V. Qui venturus es judicare 
Thou, who art za come vivos & mortuos, & Ut^ 
judge the living and the culum per ignem.#Tu 
dead and the wo? Id by ei$) Domine, i^c, to V* 
fiVe.#Do thou, O Lord, 
tsf A to V. 


THY hands made me, and falhioncd me whol* 
ly round about, and doft thou thus fuddenly 
calt me down headlong? Reftiember, Ibefeech thee, 
that thou madcft me like clay, and thou wilt reduce 
me to duft again. Didft thou not milk me as milk, 
and curdle me like checfe ? Thou didft clothe m^ 
with (kin and fle(h : thou didft put me together with 
bone^and fuiews. Thou didft give me life and mer- 
cy, and thy care of me preftrved my breath. 

ccxlvi ne OFFICE 

R. Ldrdy when thou 
(halt come to judge the 
world, where (hall I hide 
myfelf from thy angry 
countenance? # For I 
have finned very much 
in my life. V. I tremble 
at what I have done, and 
blufh before thee : when 
thou ihalt come to judge, 
condemn me not. # For 
1 have finned, ^c, to V. 
V» Eternal reft grant to 
them, O Lord : and may 
a perpetual light fhine 
upon them.#For I have 
finned I Uu 


Anth. He hath fet me. 

THE- Lord is my 
(bepherd, and no- 
thing (hall be wanting to 
me :*he hath fet me in a 
place of pafture. 

He hath brought me 
up near a refrefhing 
ftream:*he hath brought 
back my foul. , 

He led me in the 
paths of righteoufnefs,* 
for his own name's fate. 

And was I to walk in 
the midft of the (hadow 
of death, I would fear 
no harm,*for thou art 
with me. 
, Thy crook and thy 

R. Domine, < 
veneris judicare ( 
ubi me abfcondan 
tu irae tuse \ # Qu 
cavi nimis in vit 
V* Commifia m 
vefco, & ante te 
co: dum veneri 
care, noli me cc 
■nare. # Quia p 
i^c, to V. Rcqu 
tcrnam dona eis, 
ne : & lux perpe 
ceat eis.#(^ia p 

Ant. In loco* 


DOmlnus rej 
& nihil m 
erit :*in loco paf 
me collocavit. 

Super aquam 
onis educavit m< 
mam meam con^ 

Deduxit me fi 
mitas juftitiae, * 
nomen fuum. 

in medio umbrae 
non timebo mala 
niam tu mecum 

Virga tua, & 

. Of the DEAD. ccxivii 

vc been my com- tuus,*ipfa me confolata 


i haft fet before 


mbte me. 

\x haft anointed 

d with oir:*how 

il is my cheering 

thy mercy will 
me clofe*all the 
my whole life, 
that I may dwell 
oufe of the Ix)rd,* 
le length of days. 
. He h^th fet me 
ce of pafture. 
. The fins. 

Parafti in confpedu 
meo menfam,*adverfus 
eos qui tribuJant me. 

Impinguafti in oleo 
caput meum :*& calix 
meus inebrians quam 
pra£clarus eft ! 

£t mifcricprdia tua 
fubfequetur me * omni- 
bus diebus vitae meae. 

£t ut inhabitem in 
domo Domini,*in lon- 
gitudinem dierum. 

Ant^ In loco pafcuae 
ibi me collocavit. 

Ant. Delida. 

P/. xxiv. 
thee, O Lord, A D te, Domine, le- 

XjL v*vi animam me«- 
am :*Deus meus, in te 
confido, non erubefcam* 

I raifed up 
'my God| in 

1:* ^ 

) I put my fruft, 
not be put to 

her let my cne- 
le that wait for 
all be confound- 

all thofe be con* 
I who a£^ wiclc- 
ithout a caufe. 
1 me, O Lord, 
ys :^and inftrudl 
hy paths, 
le me by thy 
and teach me :« 

k Or, According 

Neque irrideant me 
inimici mei :*etenim u-> 
niverfi qui fuftineiit te, 
non confundentur. 

Confundantur omnes 
iniqua agentes*fuperva- 

Vias tuas, Domine, 
demonftra mihi :«& fe- 
mitas tiias edoce me. 

Dirige me in veritate 
tua, & doce me ;«quia 

to tbj pnmifet 

ccbtviii The O F 

for thoU art God my Sa- 
viour, and for thee have 
I looked all day long. 

Call to mind, O Lord, 
the many in/tances of thy 
compaffion,*and of thy 
mercies from the begin- 

The fins of my youdm* 
and ignorance do not 
thou remember. 

Remember me only in. 
thy mcrcy,*for thy own 
goodnefs fake, O Lord. 

The Lord is merciful 
and juft:*therefore will 
he give finners a law in 
the way. * 

He will S\tt& the mild 
in juftice :*hc will teach 
the meek his ways. 

All the ways of Ac 
Lord are meicy and 
truth,*to ihofe who feek 
his law and ordinances. 

For thy own name's 
fake, O Lord, wilt thou 
pardon ray fin :*tho' it 
beexceeding great. 

Who is the man, that 
fearelh the Lord ? ^ He 
hath appointed him a 
law in the way he harh 

His foul (hall dwell in 

F I C E 

tu es Detn Salva) 
us, & te fuftin 

tionun) tuartim, 
ne,*&. mifcricor 
tuarunn, qua? a 

Dclifla ju\ 
meae, ^ & ignc 
meas ne memine 

Secundum mil 
diam tuam ^ m< 
mei tu:4(pn5pter 
tatem tuam, £>oc 

Dulcis & tt8t\ 
minus :-9|^propter 1 

fern dabit delinc 
us in via. 
DKiget manfut 
judicio : ^ docebii 
vias ftias. 

Univerfae viae 
ni mifericordia & 
memum ejus, &tc 
nia e}us. 

Propter nomen 
Domine, propit 
peccato meo : ^ m 
efl enim. 

Qiiis eft hom< 
timet Dominum? 
gem ftatuit ci ir 
quam elegit. 

Anima ejus in 

J Expl. In this mortal life, *wbUJj is the way H*a better, 
•will give finmn a Ijcw tn) ip b^^ 



ift of good things :4^ 

s feed fhall inherit 


e Lord is the fup- 

si thofe that fear 

^and his covenant 

>e made known to 

' eyes arc ever to- 
the Lordj*for he 

>luck my feet out 

Dk down on me, 

ake pity on me :^ 
am forlorn and 

le troubles of my 
are many :i|&deliver 

lold my abje£t ftate 
ny turmoil : ^ and 
e me all my (kis. 

tifider my enemies, 
their number is in- 
;d ; ^ and their ha- 
:gainft me is unjuft. 
thou the guardian 
y foui, and refcue 
^let me not be put 
me, fince I hope in 

le guiltlefs and up- 
have (luck to me :« 
ife I look for thee, 
elivcr Ifrad^ O 
•♦from all his tri- 

the D E A D. ccxlix 

demorabitur :^& femen 
ejus haereditabit terram. 

Firmamentum eftDo« 
minus timentium eum:^ 
& teftamentum ipfius ut 
manifelletur illis. 

Oculi mci femper ad 
Dominum, « quoniam 
ipfe evellet de laqueo pe- 
des meos. 

Refpice in me, & mi« 
ferere mei i^quia unicus 
& pauper fum ego. 

Tribulationes cordis 
mei multiplicatae funt :^ 
de neceffitatibus meis 
erue me. 

Vide humilitatem me- 
am & laborem meum \% 
& dimitte univerfa de- 
liiSla ntea. 

Refpice inimicos me- 
os, quoniam multipHcatt 
funt ; ^ & odio iniquo 
oderunt me. 

Cuftodi animam me- 
am, & erue me:^non 
erubefcam, quoniam fpe- 
ravi in te. 

Innocentes & re£ti ad 
haeferunt mihi : ^ quia 
fiiftinui te. 

Libera, Deus, Ifrael,^ 
ex omnibus tribulationt- 
bus fuis. 




jtntb. The fins of my 
youth, and my ignoraoce 
remember not, O Lord. 

jtnth. 1 hope to fee* 

THE Lord is my 
light and my fal- 
vation, 4|e whom iball I 

The Lord is the pro- 
testor of my lifej^^ who 
ihall make me tremble ? 
Whilft the wicked ones 
^raw near againft me,4( 
to eat my fie(h : 

Thofe very enemies, 
Vfho zOiStcd me,4(are 
themfelves become weak 
and fallen. 

If therefore whole ar- 

jpiesxlraw upazainftme, 

*my heart (ball not fear. 

If the battle rife up 
againft me ; 4^1 will ftill 
keep up my hopes. 

One thing have I a(k* 
ed of the Lord, andjih^t 
will I perfift to a/k;« 
that I may dwell in the 
boufe of the Lord all the 
days of my life. 

That I may fee the 
beauty of the Lord,iKand 
vifit his holy temple. 

For he hereto/ore con- 
cealed me in his taber- 
nacle :t&in the day of e- 

Aftt. DeIi<Sa juveiT 
tis meae, & ignorant 
meas ne memineris,! 

jfnt» Credo videre 


DOminus illumu 
tie mea & fa 
mea,«quem timeboi 

Donninus protedor 
tae meaes^a quo trc 
dabo ? 

Dum appropiantfu 
me nocentes,4^ut ed 
carnes meas : 

Qui trihulant me i 
mici mei,4&ipfi infirs 
funt, & cecidcrunt. 

Si confiftant adverf 
me caftra,4^Don time 
cor meum. 

Si exurgat advert 
me praelium s4^inhoc( 

Unampetii aBomii 
hanc requiram;4(utinl 
hi tern in domo Dow 
omnibus diebus v: 

Ut videam volup 
tcm Domini^i|^& vifit 
templum ejus, 

Quoniam abfcor 
me in tabernaculo fi 
iieindiemalorum prou 

ns. Of the D E A D. * ccli 

e prote£^eci me in a me in abfcondito taber- 

part of his taber- naculi Aii. 

\ placed me on a Inpetr^exaltavitme: 
on high :^and now . ^& nunc exaltavit caput 

he hath raifed my meum fuper inimicos 

above my enemies, 
vill go round, and 
a vidim In his 
nacle with (bouts 
y :^I will ting and 
rm a hymn unto the 

:ar, O Lord, my 
, by which I have 
out to thee :*have 
^ on me, and hear 

jthee my heart hath 
myfacehath fought 
*thy face, O Lord, 
; ftill feelc. 
jrn not ^way thy 
from me t^ieturn not 
1 thy wrath from 

thou my help \^ 
:e me not, nor flight 
D God my Saviour. 

•r my father and my 
er have abandoned 
&but the Lord hath 

care of me. 
me, O Lord, a law 
^ way liieand diredt 
> the right path be- 

of my enemies. 


Circuivi & immolavi 
in tabernaculo ejus ho- 
ftiam vociferationis : ^ 
cantabo, & pfalmum dr- 
eam Domino. 

Exaudi, Domine, vo- 
cem meam, qua clamavi 
ad te : ^ miferere mei, 2c 

Tibi dixit cor meum : 
exquifivit te facies mea : 
^faciem tuam, Domine, 

Ne avertas faciem tu- 
am a me : ^>e ne declines 
in ira a fervo tuo. 

Adjutor meus efto : * 
nederelinquas me,nequc 
defpicias me, Deus fa- 
lutaris meus. 

Quoniam pater meus 
& mater mea dereli- 
querunt me : ^Dominus 
aute'm aflumpiit me« 

Legem pone mihi, 
Domine, in via tua : e|& 
&dirige me in femitam 
redtam propter inimicos 

X 2 

cclii • Tbe O ¥ 

Deliver me not over 
to the will of them that 
affliiSl me : ^ for unjuft 
witncfles have flood up 
againll me, and iniquity 
hath belied itfelf. 

I hope to fee the good 
things of the Lord, ^ in 
the land of the living. 

£xpc<£l the Lord, a A 
manfully : ^ and let thy 
heart be (lout, and wait 
the Lord. 

/f/itb. I hope to fee 
the good things of the 
I>ord in the land of the 

r\ May the Lord pkce 
tht ni wiih prir.ces. R, 
With the princes of his 

F I C E Mativ. 

Ne tradideris me ia j 
an i mas tribulantium mc: 
^Fquoniam infurrexenint 
in me teftes iniqui, & 
mentita eft iniquitasfibL 

Credo videre bom 
Domini, « in terr£ vi- 

£xpe<S{a Dominum, 
viriliter age i^&confor- 
tetur cor tuum, & fuftioe 

jfnt. Credo videre bo- 
na Domini in terra vi- 

r. Collocet eos Do- 
minus cum principibus* 
R. Cum principibus po- 
puli fui. 

Oiir Father, in Secret, 
IV. LESSON. >^xiii. 

L*;. O chou anf/cr me. EIow many are my ini* 
^ ijuiiies and fins : Make me know my crimci 
. r:.J c^i:ences. Why hideft thou thy face, and 
(Minkell nic thy enemy ? Againft a leaf, that iscar- 
ri'- J awny vviih the wind, thou fliewcft thy power, 
arul puifiicft a dry ftraw. For thou writeft bittff 
ihincs ajxainfl: mc, and haft a mind to confumenic 
for the fins of my youth. Thou haft put myfr^ 
in the ftock^ and haft obferved all my paths; and 
them haft confidcTcd the fteps of my feet. Who 
am to be conlumed as rottcnnefs, and as a garmc^ 
that is eaten by the moth. 

R. Remember me, O R. Memento m^i 

God, for n>y life is a Dcus, quia ventus eft wj 

>. z 

E A D. ccHii 

ta mea, # Nee afpiciat 
me vifus hominis. Vm 
De profundis clamavi ad 
te, Domine^ Domine» 
exaudi vocem meam. # 
I^ afpiciat, i^c* to V» 

ns. Of the D 

# Neither let the 
f man fee me. V. 

the deep I cried 
3 thee, O Lord, 

hear my voice. # 
cr let, l^c. to V. 

V. LESSON, yohx^^r. 
"AN born of. a woman, living for a (bort 
time, is filled with many miferies. He co- 
forth like a flower, and is deftroyed and fleeth 
ladow, and never continueth in the fame ftate. 
joft thou think it meet to open thy eyes upon 
I one, and to bring him to judgment with thee? 
can rhake him clean, that was conceived of 
an feed ? Is it not thou, who alone art ? The 
)f man are (hort, and the number of his months 
)re thee : thou haft appointed his bounds, which 
)t be pafled. Depart a little from him, that 
ay reft, untill his wi(hed-for day come, as that 
e hireling. 


Woe be to me, O 
, for I have fmned 
ly in my life ; un- 

Whither fliall I 
but to thee, O my 
? # Have mercy on 
when ibou comeft 
e laft day. V. My 
is greatly difmayed, 
do thou, O Lord, 

it. # Have mercy^ 

VL L E S S O N, Job xlv. 
r T H O will grant me this, that thou mayeffi 
}/ protect me in hell ^, and hide me, till thy 

xpl. jimong tbt dead, in tke place tf departed f&ulibtf9r4^ ttr 
of Cbrilt 

» 1 

. R. Hel mihi, Domfne» 
quia peccavi nrmis in vi- 
ta mea: quid faciam mi- 
fer ! Ubi fugiam ni(i ad 
te, Deus meus ? # Mife- 
rere mei, dum veneris in 
noviifimo die. V. Ani-^ 
ma mea turbataeftvalde,. 
fed tu,Domine, fuccurre 
ci.#Miferere, £sf f. ta Y. 




wrath pafs, and appoint me a time when thou ivilt 
remember me ? Shall a man that is dead, tbinkeil 
thou, live again ? AH the days, in which I amnov 
in warfare, 1 expe:£l untill my change come. Thoa 
(halt call to me, and I will anfwer thee : to the 
work of thy own hands thou wilt ftretch outdij 
right hand. I'hou iifdeed haft numbered my flepS| 
but pardon me my fins. 

jR. Remember not my 
fins, O Lord, # When 
thou (halt come to judge 
the world by fire. r. 
Dircdl, O Lord, my way 
in thy fight. # When 
xhou^i^c.toY. /'^ Eter- 
nal reft grant them, O 
Lord, and may a perpetu- 
al light fliine upon them. 
TfcWhcn thou, ^c. toV. 

m. N O C T URN. 
A/itk. Be pleafed. Jnt. Complaceat. 


Pf. xxxix. 
ITH earncft ex- "T? Xpefians cxpeSavi 

Pv Dominum:«-&ia- 
tendit mihi. 

pc(S^ation have 
I waited for the Lord :^ 
and he hath lent an ear 
to me. 

And he hafh heard 
my prayers : •* and hath 
brought me out of the 
pit of mifery, and out of 
the dirty miie. 

And he hath fet my 
feet on a rock :*and di- 
fcflwd my ftejMi. 

£t exaudivit preces 
meas : ^ & eduxit me de 
lacu miferiae, & de luto 

£t ftatuit fijpra petram 
pedes meos : ^ & direxil 
grefius meos» 

iZ. Nerccordertspec- 
cata mea, Domine, # 
Dum veneris judicare 
faeculum per ignem. F» j 
Dirige, Domine Deui 
meus, in confpedu tuo 
viam meam.# Dum ve- 
neris, iffc, to V. r^ Re- 
quiem aeternum donaeis, 
Domine, & lux perpetua 
luceat eis.# Dum veoe* 
ris, fsT^. to V. 

ns. Of the 

id he hath put in 
nouth a new can- 
: ^ a fong to our 

any (hall fee this 
awful fear : ^ and 
their hope in the 

elTed is the man, 
e hope is the name 
e Lord : ^ and who 
not looked up to va- 
; and lying follies. ^ 
tiou haft multiplied, 
ord my God, thy 
lersi^i&and in thyde- 
none is like to thee. 

have attempted to 
: them, and tofpeak 
lem : ^ but they are 
e number, 
crifice and oblation 
defiredft not ;^but 

opencdft my ears 
le. ° 

urnt-oiTering and 
fFering thou requi- 

not : "if! then I faid : 
>ld I come. " 
[n the beginning of 
ook it is written of 
that I was to do thy 

DEAD. cclr 

£t immiiit in os me« 
um canticum novum : ^ 
carmen Deo noftro. 

Videbunt multi, & 
timebunt : « & fperabunt 
in Domino. 

Beatus vir, cujus eft 
nomen Domini fpes e- 
jus : ^ & non refpexit in 
vanitates, & infanias fai- 

Multa fecifti tu. Do- 
mine Deus meus, mira- 
bilia tua : ^ & cogitatio- 
nibus tuis non eft qui fi* 
milis fit tibi. 

Annuntiavi & loiutus 
fum : ^ multiplicati funt 
fuper numerum. 

Sacrificium &obIati- 
onem noluifti ; ^ awres 
autem perfecifti mihi. 

Holocauftum & pro 
peccato non poftulafti:^ 
tunc dixi : £cce venio. 

In capite libri fcrip- 
turn eft de me, ut face- 
rem voluntatem tuam:« 

xpl, IdoU ard idolatrous prafiicet, 

xpl The ears ^/'Chrifl, as maMt tvere opened to bear and obey 

imandment of Cod with regard to the plan of tbe redemption of 


xpl. Tbe typical facrifces were no longer required by Gtd^ 

tie time for the real vi^tm to appear tvas come, 

«pl. In the beginning of GeneHs, immediately mftr the fall cf 

t p-imife was iftjdi that tbe feed of the leomjnjkould erufi c&« 

y:&^ O F F I C E Mai 


will : ♦ 'tis what I have 
icCireij O my God, and 
that thy law fliould be ia 
the centre of my heart. 

I have publimed thy 
juftice in the great afflem* 
biy : « lo I will not re« 
Drain my lips : thou, O 
Lord, knoweft it. 

Thy juftice I have not 
hid within my heart : m 
I have publifhed thy truth 
P and thy falvation. 

I have not concealed 
thy mercy nor thy truth 
*from the numerous af- 

With-hold not thou, 
O I^rd, thy tender mer- 
cies from mc :* thy mer- 
cy and thy truth have al- 
ways been my fupport. 

]^r evils without num- 
ber have fur rounded me : 
m my iniquities ^ have 
overtaken me, and I 
could not look up. 

They are more than 
the hairs of my head : 
and my heart hath fail- 
ed me. 

Deus meus, volui, & 

Sem tuam in medio o 
IS mei. 

Annunttavi juftid; 
tuam in ecclefia magi 
«tcce labia mea i 
prohibebo: Domine, 

Juftitiam tuam f 
abfcondi in corde me( 
veritatem tuam, & (a 
tare tuum dixi. 

Non abfcondi mifi 
cordiam tuam, & v( 
tatem tuam « i cone 

Tu autem, Domi 
ne longe facias mifc 
tiones tuas a me:i|i 
fericordia tua & ver 
tua femper fufceper 

Quoniam circum 
derunt me mala,quor 
non eft numerus:^co 
prehenderunt me iniq 
tates meae, & non pc 
ut viderem. 

Multiplicatae funt 
per capillos capitis m 
*& cor meum dereliq 

head df tbeferpent, and fa execute the gracious 'will and defiga tf 
xuitb regard to the redemption of mankind, Or^ in capite iibri, 
^gniff thjoaghout the v^hole book, ai vot only the prophetical 'i 
iiagt. hut the while biftory of the people of God^ and the eeremi 
precept t pointed htm out* He was the end of the Ivw, 

P Expl. The certain promife of God, and the accomptifkment ti 
oft the falvation of mankind. 

<| Expl, Ibt iai^uitici of maiiklttl) ^cUb CVk^^^ t<iok $» bim't 

r. Of the D E A D. cclvii 

)leafed, O Lord, Complaccat tibi. Do- 
mine, uc eruas me : ^ 
Domine, ad adjuvan- 
dum me refpice. 

. Confundantur, & re- 
vereantur fimul, qui 
quaerant animam meam, 
^ut auferant earn. 

Convertantur retror- 
fum, & revereantur, ^ 
qui volunt mihi mala. 

Ferant confeilim fcon- 
fufionem fuam^-aif qui di- 
cunt mihi, £uge, £uge. 

:ue me : % look 
O Lord, to help 

them be all toge- 
It to confufion and 
, who feek * to 
i^'ay my life. 

them be put to 
ind fhame, 9iewho 
le harm. 

them forthwith 
heir own confu- 
• who fay to me, 
Aha. ' 

all who feek thee, 
Lpd rejoice in thee: 
et thofe who love 
Ivation, ever fay : 
he Lord be glori- 

tho' I am poor 
eedy : * the Lord 

care of me, 
ou art my help and 
otedtor :*my God, 
no delay. 
\}u Be plcafed, O 

to refcue me : O 
look down to help 

'h. Heal, O Lord. 

efled is the 
/ho confidereth the 
and needy one:* in 
ilday will the Lord 

Exultent & laetentur 
fuper le omnes quaeren- 
tes te:*&dicant femper: 
MagniBcetur Dominus, 
qui diligunt falutare tu- 

Ego autem mendicus 
fum, & pauper :*Domi* 
nus folicitus eft mei. 

Adjutor meus & pro- 
teftor meus tu es :* Dc- 
us meus ne tardaveris. 

Ant, Complaceat tibi, 
Domine, ut eripias me: 
Domine, ad adjuvandum 
me refpice. 

Ant. Sana, Domine. 

/>/. xl. 

man T^Eatus qui intelligit 

jj fuper egenum & 

pauperem :4ein die mala 

liberabit eum Dominus. 

r him. 

^ £xpl. A taunting and insulting mann^ •/ J^bm 

cclviii ne O F 

May the Lord pre- 
fervc him, and grant him 
life, and make him blef* 
fed on earth : ^ and deli- 
ver him not up to the 
will of his enemies. 

May the Lord help 
kim on his bed of Tor- 
row : thou haft turned 
all his bed in his fick- 
nefs. • 

I faid : Thou, O 
Lord, have mercy on 
me : ^ heal my fouK for 
I have offended thee. 

My enemies have 
fpnke evil againft me:^ 
When will he die, and 
when fhall his name pe- 

If one of them came 
in to fee, he fpoke vain 
things :^his heart heap- 
ed up iniquity to it's felf. 

He went out, ^ and 
fpoke unto the reft. 

All my enemies whif- 
pered together againft 
me .'^againft me they de- 
vifed harm. 

An unjuft defign they 
formed againft mc:^ but 
will not he that fleeps 
arife ac:ain ? 

For the man of my 
peace *, in whom I pla- 
ced a confidence : mh he 
who eat my bread, hath 

F I C E. -Mrtitt. 

Dominus confervet 
eum, & vi viiicet eum, k !' 
beatum faciat eum in 
terra : 41^ & non tradit 
eum in animam inioii* 
corum ejus. 

Dominus opem ferat 
illi fuper lediuni doloris 
ejus : ^ univerfum ftra- 
tum ejus verfafti in infic- 
mitate ejus. 

Ego dixi : Dominc, 
mifcrere mei:«rana ani- 
mam meam, quia pec- 
cavi tibi. 

Inimici mei dixerunt 
mala mihi: Mit Quando 
morietur, ic peribit no- 
men ejus ? 

Et fi ingrediebatur ut 
videret, van a loqucba- 
tur :*cor ejus congrega- 
vit iniquitatem fibi. 

£a;rediebatur foras,l» 
& loquebatur in idipfum. 

Adverfum me fufur- 
rabant omnes inimici 
mei :4i( adverfum me co- 
gitabant mala mihi. 

Verbum iniquum con- 
ftituerunt adverfum mc: 
^numquid qui dormit, 
non adjiciet ut refurgat? 

Etenim homo pacis 
meae, in quo fperavi:* 
qui edebat panes meos, 
magnificavit fuper me 


» Expl. The man v>itb xvbom I lived in peace and intimacy, vlp 
Jiidai, wbdtn 1 fti witb n»j bread, n\x» at \be lajl f«^f rr. 

f. Of the D E A D. cclix 

great treachery to fupplantationem. 

Tu.autem, Domine, 
miferere mei, & refufcita 
me : ^ & retribuam eis« 

In hoc cognovi, quo- 
niam voluifti me :^quo- 
niam non gaudebit inU 
mtcus meus fuper me. 

Me autem propter in- 
nocentiam fufcepifti :^^ 
confirmafti me in con- 
fpe£tu tuo in seternum. 

do thou, O Lord, 

[lercy on me, and 

ie up:4(and I will 


his have I known 

>veft me :^becaure 

emy is not to tri- 

over me. 

i thou haft upheld 
reafon of my in- 

ce :^and thou haft 
me in thy pre- 

for ever. 

fled be the Lord, Benedi<3us Dominus, 

3d of^^^/ from the Deus Ifrael a faeculo & 

ning, and for ever- ufque in fseculum :^fiat9 


jlnt. Sana, Domine, 
animam meam, quia 
peccavi tibi. 
Ant. Sitivit. 
P/. xli. ^ 

S the hart panteth /^Uemadmodum defi- 

^^^derat cervus ad fon- 
tes aquarum : ^ ita defi- 
derat anima mea ad te^ 

Sitivit anima mea ad 
Deum fortem vivum : 4fe 
quando veniam, & ap- 
parebo ante facicm Dei i 

:4efo be it, fo be it. 
thi Heal, O Lord, 
»ul, for I have of- 
d thee. 
tb. My foul. 

after the fountains 
ater : ^ fo doth my 
pant after thee, O 

y foul hath thirfted 
the mighty and li- 
God -.iieWhen fliall 
ne and appear be- 
the face of God ? 
[y tears have been 
3read both day and 
t :*whilft every day 
fay : Where is now 

Fuerunt mihi lacry- 
mse meae panes die ac 
nod^eiirdum dicitur mi- 
hi quotidie : Ubi eft 
Deus tuus? 




Thefe things have I 
bore in mind, an4 pour- 
ed forth my foul : ^ till I 
go to the place of the 
wonderful tabernacle, to 
the very boufe of God ; 

With the voice of joy 
and praife :«the noife of 

Why art thou fo for- 
rowful, O my foul?^ 
And why doft thou di^ 
fturb me ? 

Hope in God, for him 
will I ftill praife \¥isht is 
the Saviour I look for, 
^6 my God. 

My foul is troubled 
within me : ^ therefore 
will I remember thee 
from the land oijordauy 
and the mountains ef 
Hermon^ and the little 

Deep calleth upon 
deep, j|& with the roaring 
of thy water-fpouts. 

All thy furges and 
thy billows^have paiTed 
over me. 

In the day-time the 
Lord fent mercy : ^ and 
1 fung a canticle to him 
by night. 

I have a prayer to the 
God of my life :*to God 
will I fay : Thou art my 

Why haft thou for- 

Haec recordatus fu 
& efFudi in me aniaa 
meam : ^ quoniam tr 
fibo in locum taber 
culi admirabilisy u( 
ad domum Dei; 

In voce exultati< 
& confeffionis : ^ fo 

Quare triftis es, s 
iha mea ? £t quare c 
turbas me ? 

Spera in Deo, qui 
am ad hue confiteboi 
li :^falutare vultu^t 
& Deus meus. 

Ad meipfum an 
mea conturbata efl 
propterea memor ere 
de terra "Jordanis^ 
Hermoniinty a mt 

Abyflus abyiTum 
vocat,^in voce cata 
tarum tuarum. 

Omnia excel fa tu 
flu6tus tui ^ fuper 

In die mandavit 1 
minus mifericofdiam 
am :^& no6te cantic 

A pud me oratio 1 
vitae meae i-H^dicam D 
Sufceptor meus es. 

Quare obli t us esn 

X. Of the D E A D. cclxi 

me ? ^ And why ^ & quare contriftatus 

> forrowful, while 
!my^afilideth me ? 
lile my bones are 
ed,^ my enemies, 
iflrefs me, infult- 

lile every day they 
me: Where is now 
lod ? ^ Why art 
forrowful, O my 
md why doft thou 
3 me ? 

pe in God, for him 
(iillpraife >^he is 
iviour I look for, 
ly God. 

th. My foul hath 
:d after the living 
when (hall I come 
ippear before the 
f the Lord. 
Deliver not up to 
»eafts the fouls that 
thee. i?. Nor for- 
r ever the fouls of 
XH" ones. 

incedo, dum affiigit me 
inimicus meus I 

Dum confringuntur 
oiTa mea, ^ exprobrave- 
runt mihi, qui tribulaat 
me, iniraici mei : 

Dum dicunt mihi per 
fingulos dies : Ubi eft 
Deus tuus ?^iK^are trif- 
cis es anima mea, & 
quare conturbas me ? 

Spera in Deo, quoni- 
am adhuc confitebor il- 
li :4jeSalutare vultus mei, 
& Deus meus. 

Ant, Sitivit anima 
mea ad Deum vivum : 
quando veniam & appa- 
xebo ante faciem Domi- 

V. Ne tradas beftiis 
animas confitentes tibi« 
R, £t animas pauperum 
tuorum ne oblivifcark 
in finem. 

Our Father, in Secret. 

FY fpirit (hall be wafted, my days (hall -be 
I (hortened, and there is nothing remainetk 
e, but the grave. I have not (inned, and my 
bideth in bitternefs. Deliver me, O Lord, 
I ace me near thee ; and then let any one's hand 
againft me. My days have paffed away, my 
,hts are diflipated, tormenting my heart. They 
changed night into day, and after darknefs I 
)L. IL y 

.^clxii rie OFFICE Ahtm. 

I.opc for lig,ht a«ain. If I wail, hell » is my houfe, 
iuul I ha\c made my bed in darkncTs. I havefaid 
I J ruttepncfs : Thou art my father: and to the 
worms : You arc my mother and fxfter. Where 
ihcn is now my cxpeftation, and who confidcreih 
my paticiicc ? 

A'. While I fin every R, Peccantem me 
<^ay, and repent not, the quotidie, & non mepae- 
Kar of death difturbeth nitenteni, timor mortis 
ii^c : m Hecaufc in hell conturbaC n)e : # Quia 
tliore is no redemption: in inferno nulla eft re- 
have mercy on me, O demptio : miferere mci, 
God, and fave me. V, Dcus, & falva me. V, 
Sa\c me, O God, by thy Dcus in nomine tuofal- 
name, and refcuc me by vum me fac, & in virtute 
thv might.* Bccaufc,iirV. tua libera me. # Quia, 
u V. i^c. to V. 

VIII. LESSON. Job. xix. 

TH \L flcfh being confumcd, my bone hath 
cleaved to my fkin, and nothing but lips arc 
left about my teeth. Take pity on me, take pity on 
mc. at Icaft you my friends; for the hand of the Lord 
huth touched me. Why do you perfecute me like 
liod, and glut yourfclves with my flefli i Who will 
grant me that my words may be written ? Who will 
^»rant me that they may be marked down in a book 
with afi iron pen, or in a plate of lead, or be graven 
wlih an inftrumcnt en flint ? For I know that my 
Rcilecmer liveth, t.tA at the laft day I (ball rife out 
of tl.c earth : And I (hall again be clothed with 
my fkin, and I fnall fee my God in my own flefli. 
Whom I myfclf ihall fee, and my own eyes behold, 
a::d not another. This my hope is laid up in my 
bu:':!m. , 

R. O Lord, judge me R. Domine, fecundum \ 
not according to v/hat I avflum meum noli me; 
ha\c done: I have done judicare : nihil di2:nuin • 


ins. Of the 

ng worthily in thy 
: therefore I be- 
. thy majefty5#That 
, O God, wouldft 
5ut my iniquity. F, 
h me ftill more, O 
, from mytniquity, 
rieanfe me from my 
That thou, ^c, to 

DEAD.* cclxiH 

inconfpeftu tuoegi : ideo 
deprecor majeftatcm tu- 
am, # Ut tu, Deus, de- 
leas iniquitatcm nieam. 
V, Amplius lava mc, 
Domine, ab injuffitia 
med, & a dcIivSlo meo 
munda me. #Ut, ^V. i9 

'THY didd thou bring me forth out of the 
)f womb f O that I had been confumeJ, tha^ 
ni^^ht not fee me-! I fliould have been, as if I 
lot been, carried from the womb to the oravc. 

not the fewricfs of my days be ended Ihortly ? 
r me therefore to vent my grief a little, bcfor^i 

and return no more, to a land that is vlark i:iid 
red with the mift of death ; a lapd of mifery 
Jarknefs, where the fhadow of death, and no 
*, but cverlafting horror, dwelleth. 

, Deliver me, O R. Libera me, Do- 
, from the ways of mine, de viis inferni, qui 

portas aeneasconfregifti ; 
& vifitafti infernum, & 
dediftieislumen,ut vide- 
rent te, # Qui erant in 
poenis tenebrarum. V, 
Clamantes & dicentes : 
Advenifti, Redemptor 
nofter.# Qn\ erant, vS*t\ 
to V. Requiem aeternam 
dona eis, Domine, tc 
lux perpetua luceat cis.^fj 
Qui erant, Js'c 

who didft break it's 
;n gates, and didft 
hell, and didil give 

light, to fee thee, 
ho were in fufFer- 

in darknefs. F, 
ig out and faying : 
J arteome, our Re- 
ler. # Who were, 
V. Eternal reft 
: to them, O Lord, 
lay a perpetual light 

upon them. #Who 


cdxiv .rhe OFFICE. 

Whentoir thi nine Leflbns an faid^ in 
foregoing R. is /aid: Libera me, bf 
p. cclxxviiL 


Anih. The bones. 

Pf. 1. 

HAVE mercy on 
me, O God, 4|e 
according to thy great 

Xud, according to the 
multitude of thy tender 
mercies, ^ blot out my 

Wa(h me ftill more 
from my iniquity : # and 
cleanfe me from my fin. 
For now I acknowledge 
my iniquity : « and my 
fin is always before me. 

Thee - alone have I 
offended, and done evil 
in thy (iglit : •* that thou 
may'ftbejuftified in thy 
words, and overcome, 
when thou (halt judge. 

But behold I was con- 
ceived in iniquity :*and 
in fin did my mother 
conceive me. 

Behold thou loveft the 
truth : ^ the fecret and 
hidden things of thy wif- 
dom haft thou made 
known to me. 

Thou {halt fprinkle 
me with bjffop, and I 

Jtnt. Offa, 

nam miferic< 

Et fecund u 
dinem mifera 
arum, ^ dele i 

Amplitis I 
iniquitate m 
peccato meo 

Quoniam i 
meam ego c 
& peccatumi i 
tra me eft fei 

Tibi foil 1 
malum corar 
ut juftificeris 
bus tuis, & 

Ecce enim 
tatibus conc< 
^ & in pecca 
me mater me 

Ecce enin 
culta fapienti 
nifeftafti mih 

Afperges i 
& mundabor 

Lauds. Of the DEAD. 


(hall be cleanfed : ^ thou 
fbalt wa(h me, and I (hall 
be whiter than fnow. 

Thou flialt make me 
hear jo]^ and gladnefs :^ 
and the bones that were 
humbled fhall rejoice. 

Turn away thy face 
from my fins : ^ and blot 
eut all my iniquities. 

A clean heart create 
in me, O God :^and an 
upright fpiritrenew with- 
in my bowels. 

Caft me not off from 
before thy face: * and 
take not thy holy fpirit 
from me. 

Reftorc to me the joy 
of thy falvation : ^ and 
Vf\l\\ a perfedl fpirit 
ftrengthen me. 

I will teach the wick- 
ed ones thy ways : ^ and 
finners fhallbeconveited 
unto thee. 

- Delive/ me from bloody 
O God, the God of my 
falvation : ^ and my 
tongue fhall extol thy 

Thou, O Lord, wilt 
open my lips : * and my 
mouth Ihall publifli thy 

For if thou hadft de- 
fired facrifice, I had ve- 
rily offered one :*whole 

me, & fuper nivem deal- 

Auditui meo dabis- 
gaudium & laetitiam : ^ 
& exultabunt offa humi- 

Averte faciem tuam a 
peccatis meis :^& omnes 
iniquitates meas dele. 

Cor mundum crea ii> 
me, Deus:^& fpiritum 
redlum innova in vifceri- 
bus meis. 

Ne projicias me a fa- 
cie tua : * & fpiritum* 
fandum tuum ne aufera^ 
a me. 

Redde mihi laetitiam 
falutaris tui : ^ & fpiritu- 
principali confirma mc. 

Doccbo iniquos vias 
tuas :^ii impii ad tc con* 

Libera me de fanguini- 
bus, Deus, Dcus falutis 
mere : ^ & exultabit lin- 
gua mea juflitiamtuam. 

Doniine, labia mea 
aperies : ^ & os meum 
annuntiablt laudem tu- 

Qiioniam fi voluiffts 
facrilicium, ccdiffem u- 
tiquc : "K- holocaudis r.oa 


cclxvi rbe O F 

burnt-ofFerings will not 
delight thee. 

A facrifice to God is 
an affiided fpirit : ^ a 
contrite and humble 
heart thou, O God, wilt 
not defpife. 

Deal favourably, O 
Lord, in thy good-will 
with ^/0»:«thatthe walls 
of Jirufalem may be 
built up. 

Then wilt thou ac- 
cept a facrifice of rtghte- 
oufnefs, oblations, and 
whole burnt- offerings :♦ 
then Ihall they lay calves 
upon thy altar. 

Antb. The bones that 
we humbled, (hall re: 
joice in the Lord. 

jinth. Hear, O Lord. 

A Hymn becomcth 
thee, O God, in 
^/0;r;«and a vow (ball 
be paid thee in Jeru* 
fa lent. 

Hear thou my prayer : 
'Ht before thee (hair all 
fie(h come. 

Wicked deeds have 
overpowered us : 4e but 
thou wilt pardon cur 

Blcfied is he, whom 
thou haft chofen and ta- 

F I C E 



Sacrificium Deo fpi- \ 
ritus contribulatus :«cor \ 
contritum & humilia- 
turn, Dcus, Don defpi- 

fienigne fac, Dominei 
in bona voluntate tui 
Sion : « ut aedificeDtui 
muri JerufaUm, 

Tunc acceptabis facri- 
ficium juftitiae, oblatio- 
nes & holocaufta :«tunc 
imponent fuper altare 
tuum vitulos. 

Ant. Exultabunt Do- 
mino ofTa humiliata. 

Ant. Exaudi, Domine. 


TE dccct hymnus, 
Deus, in Sicn:* 
& tibt reddetur f otum in 

Exaudi orationcm me- 
am.: « ad te omnis caro 

Verba iniquorum prae- 
valuerunt fuper nos :#& 
impietatibus noftris tu 

Beatus quern elcgifti, 
& aflumpfifti ; % inhabi- 

Of the D 

\hyfelf: ^ he fliall 
ti thy courts. 

fhall be filled 
le good things of 
ife ; * holy is thy 
, wonderful in 

r us^ O God our 

r,*thc hope of all 
jnds of the earth, 
the difiant Teas. 
)u who didft fettle 
ountains by thy 
ength, being arm- 
h power : * thou 
ighteneft the deep, 
s roaring waves. 
I Gentiles fliall be 
'cd, and thofc who 
t the bounds of the 
(hall be frightened 
hy prodigies :*the 
ngs and evenings 
\o\x make joyful, 
ou haft vilited thy 
md thou haft plen- 
watered it : * thou 
nriched it exceed- 

e river of God is 
with water, thou 
ot ready the food 
people : * for fo is 
nd prepared, 
rnch plentifuKy the 
vs thereof, increafe 
oduce:*the tcem- 
irth (hall rejoice at 
lling dew» 

E A D. cclxvii 

tabit in atriis tuis. 

Replebimur in bonis 
domus tuae : * fandum 
eft templum tuum, mi- 
rabile in aequitate, 

Exaudi nos, Deus Sa- 
lutaris nofter ;*rpes om- 
nium finium terras, &in 
mart longe. 

Praeparans montes in 
virtute tu^ accinfius 
potentia :*qui conturbas 
profundum maris, fo- 
num fluduum ejus. 

Turbabuntur Genies^ 
ii timebunt, qui habitant 
terminos a fignis tuis : * 


Vifitafti terram, & iir- 
ebriafti eam : * multipli- 
cafti locupletare earn. 

. Flumen Dei repletum 
eft aquis, parafti cibum 
illoruin : ^ quoniam ita 
eft praeparatio ejus. 

Rivos ejus inebria,. 
multiplica geninrina ejus: 
4&ftil]icidiis ejus laetabitur 

cclxviii ^he OFFICE 


Thou wilt bountifully 
blefs the whole courfe of 
the year :*and thy fields 
fhall be filled with plen* 

The paftures of the 
defert (hall be fat :«and 
the hills be girt with joy. 

The rams of the flock 
are clothed, and the ral- 
lies fhall abound with 
corn :¥fs they (ball (bout, 
and fing an hymn. 

jtnth. Hear, O Lord, 
my prayer, all flc(h (hall 
come before thee. 
Jnth. Thy right hand. 

OGod, my God,:*rto 
thee do 1 watch 
at break of day. 

My foul hath thirfted 
after ihcc :*hovv exceed- 
ingly my ficlh alio ! 

In a defert laiul, and 
where there was no 
tract nor water ; -:r as in 
the fanctuary I appeared 
before thee, to fee thy 
might anJ glory. 

For thy mercy is bet- 
ter than many lives : * 
thee my lips fhall praife. 

Thus vvi!l 1 i)lcr5 thee 
all my life : * and at thy 
name will 1 iiit up my 
hands ^. 
a Exjl, XciVi lift u^i cr J:.ti:l' fcrtv, mj lands, and call v^sxttf 

' Benedicescoronxan- 
ni benignitatis tuae \%k 
campi tui replebuntur 

Pinguefcent fpeciofa 
deferti : ^ & exultatione 
colles accingjBntur. , 

Induti funt arietes o- 
vium, & valles abunda- 
bunt frumento :^lan)a- 
bunt, etenim hymnuoi 

yint, Exaudi, Domi- 
ne, orationem meam,ad 
to omnis caro veniet. 

Ant. Me fufcepit. 


DEUS, Deus meuj, 
^ ad te de luce 

Sitivit in te anima 
mea>:i&quam multiplici- 
ter tibi caro mea ! 

In terra defertaj&in- 
via, & inaquofa \ ^ fic in 
fandlo apparui tibi, ut 
vidercm virtutem tuam, 
& gloriam tuam. 

Quoniam melior eft mi- 
fcricordia tuafuper vitas: 
•>i^kbia mealaudabuntte. 
Sk; benedicam te in 
vita mca :*& in nomine 
tuo Icvabo nianus meas. 

Of the D 

my foul be filled 

1 marrow and fat- 

^ and my mouth 

3raife thee with 


call thee to mind 

bed, in the morn- 

.11 I meditate on 

rbecaufe thou hail 

ny help. 

1 under the covert 

wings will I re- 
my foul hathftuck 
o thee r^ihy right 
lath upholden me. 
ey, my enemies ^ 
ought my life in 

they themfelves 
50 down into the 
below :*they (hall 
:Iivered into the 
of the fword ; the 
n of foxes (hall 

: the king (hall re- 
n God ; all (hall 
DraiTe who fware ^ 
n : * for the mouth 
h as evil fpoke, is 

E A D. 


Sicut adipe & pingue- 
dine repleatur animsi 
mea :*& labiis exultatio- 
nis laudabit os meum. 

Si memor fui tui fuper 
ftratum meum, in matu- 
tinis meditabor in te : * 
quia fuifli adjutor nieus. 

£t in velamento ala- 
rum tuarum exultabo, 
adhaefit anima mea poft 
te : * me fufcepit dextera 

Ipfi vero in vanum 
quasfierunt animam me- 
am ; introibunt in infe- 
riora terrae : * tradentur 
in manus gladii, partes 
vulpium erunt. 

Rex vero laetabitur in 
Deo, laudabunturomnes 
qui jurant in eo : * quia 
obAru6tum edt os lo« 
quentium iniqua. 

Pf. Ixvi. 
have TAl 

AY God have TT^EUSmifereatur no- 
mercy on us, and JL/ (Iri, & benedicat 
js :*may he make' nobis :*illuminetvultum 
)untenance (hine * fuum fuper nos, & mife- 
us, and have mercy reatur noftri. 


pl. All Jh all have frlory and praife, tvb§ enter into the eove- 
the king, the MelTiah, oftvhom David zoas a type\ andfwear 
ce to hintt and ufe his name in the moft facred aSs of religion^ 
}A, Maj be caft a /avourabU look on ui% 


ri't o 

That wc may know 
thy way on earth :'^in all 
nations thy falvailon. 

May nations praife 
thee, O God ; *jnay all 
the nations praife thee. 

Let the GefiiiUs be 
glaJ and rejoice : * be- 
caufc thou judtjtd the 
nations with jultice, and 
ruleit over the GcfitUes 
on earth. 

May the nations praife 
tliee, OGtul^may all the 
Ij at ions pr^sir^i t'nec :'-^iiie 
ciiith haih yiclJcd her 
fill it. 

May God, our God, 
blefs us, may God blefs 
us : * and may all the 
bounds of the earth fear 

Anth, Thy right hand 
hath upholden me. 
Jjith, From the gates. 

F F I C E Ladu 

Ut cognofcamus in 
terra viam tif^ni :*in om- 
nibus gcntibus fakitare 

Confiteantur tibi po- 
puli, Dcus ; * confitean- 
tur tibi populi omne?. 

Laetentur & exultent 
Gtnies: * quoniam judi- 
cas populos in aequitate, 
& Gentes in terra dirigis. 

Confiteantur tibi po- 
puli Deifs, confitcancar 
tibi populi omnes :*tcrra 
dcJit fjuciuin fuiim. 

Bencdicat nos Deus, 
Dcus nofter, benedicat 
nos D^us : * & metuant 
eum omnes fines terrse. 

Jlnt, Me fufcepit dex- 
tera tua. . 

Ant, A porta. 


The Canticle of Ezechias. If. xxxviii 

Said : In the midft of 
my days, * (hall I go 
down to the gates of 

I fought the remain- 
der of my years :*1 faid : 
I fliall not fee the Lord 
God in the land of the 

EGO dixi : In dimi- 
dio dierum mco- 
rum, * vadam ad j^ortas 

Quaefivi rcfiduum an- 
norum meorum :*Dixi: 
Non vidcbo Dominum 
Deum in terra viven- 

^ Ex^U tbi ^hce of de^aricd fuuU» 

Of the D 

ill all fee man no 
,*nor inhabitant of 

[y generation is 
led away, it is fold- 
and gone,*llkc the 
erd's tent. 
/ life is cut ofF, as 
weaver : he hath 
le off, while I was 
t beginning : * be- 
morning and evcn- 
/ilt thou make an 

?ckoned till morn- 
hke a lion hath he 
ed my bones, 
twixt evening and 
ing wilt thou make 
id of me : * like a 
Dw's young will I 
I will mourn like 

y eyes are weaken- 
vith looking up on 

>rd, I fufFer much, 
er thou for me :* 
can I fay, and what 
he anfwer for me, 
\ he himfelf hath 

ill recall before thee 
y years, *in the bit- 
Is of my foul. 
Lord, if this be 
aiui the life of my 
be in fuch things as 
; thou wilt corrcft 

E A D. 


Non afpiciam homi- 
nem ultra :*& habilato- 
rcm quietis. 

Generatio mea ablata 
eft, &c convoluta eft a 
me,*quafi tabcrnaculum 

Praecifa eft velut a 
texente vita mea: dunt 
adhuc ordirer, fuccidit 
me : * de mane ufque ad 
vefperam finies me. 

Sperabam ufque ad 
mane :*quafi leo fie con- 
trivit omnia ofta mea. 

De mane ufque ad 
vefperam finies me :*fi- 
cut puUus hirundinis fie 
clamabo, meditabor ut 

Attenuati funt ocull 
mei,*fufpicientcs in ex- 
cel fum. 

Domine, vim patior, 
refponde pro me:* quid 
dicam, aut quid refpon- 
debit mihi, cum ipfe fe- 
cerit ? 

Recogitabo tibi om- 
nes annos meos, * in a- 
maritudinc animas mesp. 

Domine, fi fie vivitur; 
& in talibus vita fpiritus 
mei: corripies me, & vi- 
viScabis me : * ccce in 

tclxxii rhe OFFICE 


me, and prcfervc my 
life :*behold in peace is 
my bitternefs mod bitter. 
But thou haft deliver" 
ed my foul from deftruc* 
tion :* thou haft caft all 
my tins behind thy back. 

For hell will not blefs 
thee, neither will death 
give praife to thee :*nei- 

thcr will they, who go 
down into the pit, look 
for thy fure promife. 

The man alive, the 
man alive, he ftiall give 
praife to thee, as I this 
day: ♦ the father to 
his children fhall make 
known thy truth. 

Save me, O Lord :♦ 
and we will fmg our 
pfalms all the days of our 
iife in the houfe of our 

Anth, From the gates 
©f hell deliver, OLord, 
my foul. 

Anth. Let all that 

Pf. cxiviii. 

PRaife ye the Lord 
from heaven : * 
praife ye him on high. 

Praife ye him all his 
angels : * praife ye him 
all his hoft. 

Praife ye him, O fun 
and moon : * ^praife ^'e 
him all ye ftais siudVv^x., 

pace amaritudo mea a- 

Tu autem eruifti ani- 
mam meam, ut non pe* 
rirct:*projecifti pofttcr- 
gum tuum omnia pecca- 
ta mea. 

Quia non infernus 
confitebitur tibi, neque 
mors laudabit te : * noa 
expeflabunt, qui defcen- 
dunt in lacum, veritatem 

Vivens vivens ipfc 
confitebitur tibi, ficut 
ego hodie : * pater filiis 
notam faciet veritatem 

Domine, falvum me 
fac :* & pfalmos noftros 
caniabimus cun£tis die- 
bus vitae noftrae in domo 

Ant. A porta inferi 
erue, Domine, animam 

Ant. Omnis fpiritus. 

LAudate Dominum 
de ccelis:*laudatc 
eum in excel fis. 

Laudate eum omnes 

angeli ejus : * laudate c- 

um omnes virtutes ejus, 

Laudate eum fol & lu* 

na :*laudate cum omnes 

s. Of the D 

alfe ye him you 
ifls of heavens : * 
let all the waters 
2 the heavens praife 
ame of the Lord, 
or he fpoke the 
, and they were 
: : * he gave his or- 
and they were ere- 

5 hath eftabliflied 
for ever and ever;* 
ith appointed an or- 
and it (hall not pafs 
■ • 

aife ye the Lord 
on earth,*ye mon- 
of the fea, and all 

e fire, hail, fnow, 
and iiorflis of wind, 
lo execute his or- 

e mountains and all 
lis :*ye fruit- bearing 

and all ye cedars. 
: wild beads, and all 
atile : * ye creeping 
2.S and wii>ged fowl, 
et the kings of the 
1, and ali their peo- 
*the princes and all 

udges of -the earth ; 
et the young mtn 
maidens, let the old 

young praife the 
e af the Lord :*for 
Tame alone is great. 

OL:, li. 

E A D, cclxxiii 

Laudate eum cceli coe- 
loruip :* &aqusomnes, 
quae fuper coelos funt, 
laudent nomen Domini. 

Quia ipfe dixit, & fac- 
ta funti^ipfe mandavit, 
& creata funt. 

Statuit ea in aeternum, 
& in fseculum faeculi : * 
praeceptum pofuit, & noa 

Laudate Dominum de 
terra,*dracones & omnes 

Ignis, grando, nix, 
glacies, fpiritus procella- 
rum, * quae faciunt ver- 
bum ejus. 

Moutes & omnes col- 
ics : * ligna frudtifera & 
omnes cedrl. 

Beftias, & uni«'er(k 
pecora :*rerpentes & vo- 
lucres pennatae. 

Reges terrae, & om- 
nes populi ;*principes & 
omnes judices terrae; 

Juvenes & virgines, 
fenes cum junioribus lau- 
dent nomen Domini : * 
quia exaltatum eft no- 
men ejus fulius. 

cclxxiv The OFFICE 


Be his praife in hea- 
vcn, and on earth : • for 
he hath raifed on high 
the power of his people. 

This hymn is for all 
his holy ones ; * for the 
children of I/raelj the 
people that drawcth near 
to him. 


Sing to the Lord a new 
fong :«Ict his praife 
refound in the afTembly 
of the faints. ^ 

Let Ifrael rejoice in 
him that made him : *and 
the children of Sion ex- 
ult in their king. 

Let them praife his 
name in a dance: * on 
the drum and pfaltery 
Jet them fing to him. 

For the Lord is well 
pleafcd with his people: 
* and he will raife up 
the meek to fijlvation. 

The faints (hall exult 
in glory : * they (hall re- 
joice upon their couches. 
The hiuh praifes of 
God aie in their mouth : 
*and two- edged fwords 
are in their hands; 

To execute vengeance 
on the Gentiles : * and 
chaftifemcnts on the na- 
tions : 

To bind iWvt Vm^^ \a 

Confeffio ejus fuper 
coelum & terram : ♦ k 
cxaltavit cornu populi 

Hymnus omnibus fane- 
tis ejus,*filiis I/rael^ po, 
pulo appropinquamifibi. 


CAntate Domino 
canticum novum: 
• laus ejus in eccJcfia 

Laecetur I/raei in co 
qui fecit eum: • & filii 
Siffn exultent in regc fuo, 

Laudent nomen ejus 
in choro: * in tympano 
& pfalteiio pfallant ei. 

Quia bene-placilum 
eft Domino in populo 
fuo : * & exaltabit man* 
fuetos in falutem. 

Exulrabunt fanAi in 
gloria : ♦ laetabuntur in 
cubilibus fuis. 

Exaltationcs Dei in 
gutture eorum : ♦ & gla- 
dii ancipites in manibus 
eorum ; 

Ad faciendam vindic- 
tam in nationibus: *in- 
crepationes in populis. 

Ad alligandos reges 

Of iibe D 

*and their nobles 
handcuffs : 

xecute on them 
gment decreed : 
IS the glory r/- 
or all his faints. 


fe the Lord in his 
(Suary : * praife 
:hc firmament of 

; him for his 
deeds : * praife 
ordlng to his ex- 

: him with the 
trumpet :*praifc 
the pfaltery and 

urn on the drum, 
le dance :*praife 

the firings and 

him on weJl- 
; cymbals; praife 
cymbals of joy: 

that breatheth 
c Lord. 

Let all that 
h praife the 

heard a voice 
:aven faying to 
. BlefTed are the 
^ho die in the 


E A D. cclxxv 

eorum in compedibus :* 
& nobiles corum in ma- 
nicis ferrets. 

Ut faciant in eis judi- 
cium confci iptum : * glo- 
ria haec eft omnibus fanc«» 
tb ejus. 


LAudate Dominum- 
in fandlis ejus: * 
laudate cum in firma- 
mento virtutis ejus. 

Laudate eum in vir- 
tutibus ejus : * laudate 
cum fecundum multiiu- 
dinem magnitudinis e- 

Laudate eum in fono 
tubs : * laudate eum ia 
pfalterio & cithara. 

Laudate euro in tym- 
pano, & choro : ^ lau- 
date eum in chordis & 

Xaudate eum in cym- 
balis benefonantibus ; 
laudate eum in cymba- 
lis jubilationis: * omnis 
fpiritus laudet Domi- 

jfnt, Omnis fpiritus 
laudet Dominum. 

y, Audivi vocem de 
ccelo dicentcm mihi.. 
R, Beati mortui, qui iil 
Domino moiiuntur^ 


cclxxvj rhe OFFICE Lauix. 
^/ /A/ B E N E D I C T U S. 
Jnth. I am. Ant. Ego fum. 

The Canticle of Zachary. Luh i. 

Lefied be the Lord T^Enedi£lus Dommns 

X3 D^us Ijrael: *qula 
vifitavit, & fecit redemp- 
tionem plebis fuae. 

£c erexit cornu b^ 
lutis nobis, * in domo 
David pueri fui« 

Sicut locutus eft per 
OS fan^torum, * qui a 
fseculo Tunt, proplata- 
rum ejus : 

Salutem ex inlmicis 
noftris : * & de manu 
omnium, qui odeiuat 
nos ; 

Ad faciendam miferi- 
cordiam cum patribus 
noftris : * & memorarl 
tedamenti fui fandi. 

Jusjurandum, quod ju- 
ra vit ad Abraham patretn 
noftrumj * daturum fe 

Ut fine timore, dc 
manu inimicorum no- 
ftrum llberati, * fervia- 
mus illi 

the God of Ifrael: 

* tor he hath vifited and 
ranfomed his people. 

And lie hath raifed up 
a powerful Saviour ' for 
us, * in the houfe of his 
fcrvant David, 

As he promifcd by the 
mouth ot his holy one:*, 

* his prophets from the 
beginning : 

Vo fave us from our 
enemies: * and from the 
hands of all who hate 

To aft mercy with 
our fathers : ♦ and keep 
in mind his holy cove- 

The oath which he 
fworc to our father A- 
Iraham ; • that he would 
grant us. 

That being deliver- 
ed from the hands of 
our enemies, we (hould, 
without fear, * ferve 

With holinefs and 
righteoufnefb in his fight, 
* all our days. 

And thou, O child, 
(halt be called the pro- 

In fanftitate & juftitia 
coram ipfo, * omnibus 
diebus noftris. 

Et tu, puer, prophcta 
Ahiilimi vocaberis: * 

\ V\X.» A bv» of JaV«a\w*^ 

Lauds. Of 

phet of the moft High : 

* for thou (halt go be- 
fore the face of the Lonf 
to prepare his way : 

To give his people th« 
knowledge of falvation 

* for the remiflion of 
their itns. 

Through the bowels 
of the mercy of our God, 

* with which the day- 
fpring from on high hath 
vifite^ us; 

To give light to them, 
who fit in darknefs, and 
rn the (hade of death : * 
and to guide our feet in- 
to the ways of peace^ 

Antb. I am the refur- 
jreftion and the life ; he 
that believeth in me, al- 
tho' he were dead, fliali 
Jive : and every one that 

the D E A K. cclkxvii; 

pra&ibis enimante faciem 
Domini parare vias ejus : 

Ad dandam fcientiam 
falutis plebi ejus : * in. 
remiffionem peccatorum 

Per vifcera mifericor- 
diae Dei noftri ; * in. 
quibus vifitavit nos orl- 
ens ex ^to* 

Illuminare his, qui in 
tenebris & in umbra 
mortis fedent: * ad di- 
rigendos pedes • noftros 
in viam pacis. 

Ant. Ego fum refur- 
re£lio & vita: qui cre- 
dit in me, etiamfi mor- 
tuus fuerit, vivet : & 
omnis qui vivit, & credit 
liveth, and believeth in.* in me, non morietur in; 
vne, (ball nevor die. aeternum. 

The reft as direSied at Vefpers, p, ccxxxiv. 
y ^ /i^.^* M/<K /t h^'^Mi tv?hrti ti^^fs ^(^fs u\r**Mt tif^n ^r^rtr jv^ft' 


For ADULTS, or grown-up people. 

The Priefl fprinkles. the cprpfe with holy water ; 
then fays the 

Jtnth. yF thou (houldft Ant. Qjl'iniquitatesob- 

1^ fervaveris, Do- 

Snth. X 
ties^ O 

obferve iniqui- 
ties^ KJ Lord :. Lord, mine ; Dominc, quis fu- 
who (hall ftand it ? ftinebit ? 

yy. cxxix. De profundis, ai p, ccxxxli. 

^/i//;. If thou ftguldft. Ant. Si iniquiiates.. 


I ': 1. '..-.- ; z I 

■-■»•• "•"it 

— »m^m 

I. ^ 

^ - <fj 

^* - . 

r-j. i 


-eT -• 

"- T.^ 

» -• 

^ v;:j : 

a T" 

T"- -..- 



at dreadful day,# 
n heaven and earth 
[hake:# When thou 
come to judge the 
! by fire. F. \ am 
1 with trembling 
read, while the ex- 
ation is coming on, 
future wrath. . # 
n heaven and earth, 
V. V, That day is 
of wrath, of cala- 
and mifery : a great 
»itter day. # When 
{halt come, ^r. to 
V, Eternal reft give 

in die ilia tremenda,# 
Quando cceli movendi 
funt & terra :#Dum ve- 
neris judicare faeculum 
per ignem. V. Tremens 
fa£lus funi ego & timeo» 
dum difcuffio venerit, 
atque ventura ira. # 
Quando coeli, ^c. to V. 
V^ Dies ilia, dies irae, 
calamitatis & miferiae : 
dies magna, & amara 
valde. # Dum veneris, 
&fr. to y. V, Requiem 
seternum dona ei, Do- 

V. Kyrie elei'fon. R. 
Chrijh eleiTon. F. Ky- 
rie ele'iTon. 

mine, & lux perpetua 
n [^r her] O Lord, luceat ei. /J. Libera me, 
lay aperpetual light ^c, to V^ 
upon him [or her], 
eliver me, 6ff. to V, 
Lord have mercy 
;. R. Chrtft have 
yon us. V* Lord 
mercy on us. 

Our Father, in Secret, 
Here the corpfe Is fprinkled and incenfed, 

V. Et ne nos inducas 
in tentationem. R. Sed 
libera nos a malo. V* 
A porta inferi. R, E- 
rue, Domine, animam 
ejus. V. Requiefcat in 
pace. R. Amen. V* 
Domine, exaudi oratio- 
nem mcam. i^. Et cla- 
mor meus ad te veniat. 
V. Dominus vobifciim. 
R. Et cum fpiiitu tuo^ 

And lead us not 
emptation. R, But 
sr us from evil. V. 
1 the gates of hell. 
)eliver Kis \^or her] 
O Lord. V. May 
r ftie] reft in peace. 
'men. V. O Lord, 

my prayer. R. 

let my cry come 
thee. V. May the 

be with you. R^ 
with thy fpirit. 

cclxxx 7:6^ BURIAL SERVICE 

Let us pray. Deus^ cui^ as p. clxxv« 

Anth. May the An- >/«/. In paradifum Jc- 
gels lead thee into para- ducant te Angeli: inad- 
dife : may the Martyrs ventu tuo fufcipiant te 
receive thee at thy co- Martyres, & perducant 
tning, and bring thee to in civitatem fandamjif- 
the holy city oijirufa- rufalem. Chorus An- 
Um. May the Quires of gelorum te fufcipiat* & 
A ngets receive thee, and cum Laxaro quondam 
mayft thou enjoy eternal paupere aeternam habeas 
reft with the once poor requiem. 

The Blessing oftbe Grave, or Mould* 
Let us pray. Deus^ cujus. 

OGod, by whofe mercy the fouls of the faith- 
ful enjoy re(V» vouchfafe to bJefs this grave, 
and appoint a holy Angel to guard iti and free from 
the bonds of all fm his [or her] foul, whofe body 
is here buried ; that he \or fhe] may rejoice for all 
eternity in thee together with thy faints. Thro' 
Chrlji our Lord. K. Amen, 

Here the Pr'iejl fprinkles and incenfes fhe ccrpfty 

and grave or mould -^ then is /aid the 
Anth. 1 am the refur- AnU Ego fum refur- 
rccticn. redlio. 

Canticle of Zaciiarv. 
Bcnediclus Dominus Deus Ijrael^ as p. cclxxvi. 
Anih, I am the refur- Ant. Ego fum refur- 

rc^ftion and the life \ he rcclio & vjta ; qui crc- 
that believcth in me, dit in me, eciamfi mor- 
tho' he ^crc dead, (hall tuus fuerit, vivet : & cm- 
]ivc : and every one who nis qui vivit & credit in 
livcth and believcth \\\ me, non moiietur in se- 
me, fliall never die. icrnum. 

Kyrie cJciTon with the rejl to the Prayer, as ahovt^ 
p. cdxxix. hi th^ mean time the ccrpfe is again. 
JpiinkUd I'jiih holy Ufatcr*. 


Let us pray. Fac^ iquafumus, 

DEal fo favourably, O Lord, we befecch thee, 
with thy fervant ^departed; that he [or fhe 
may not receive the punifhment due to his [or htx' 
fins, who in defire obferved thy will: and as in this 
life a true belief united him [or her] to the focicty 
of thy faithful, fo in the other may thy mercy Join 
him [or her] to the Quires of Angels. Thro' Chriji 
our Lord. R. Amen, 

V* Eternal reft give to 
him, [or her] O Lord. 
R, And may a perpetual 
light fhine upon him 




V. Requiem aeternam 
dona ei, Domine. R^ 
Et lux perpetua luceat 
ei. V, Requitfcat in 
pace. R. Amen, V. A- 

nima ejus, & animse om- 
nium nJelium defunfto- 
rum, per mifericordiam 
Dei,requiefcant in pace. 
R. Amen, 

V, May he 
reft in peace. R. 
V, May his [or 
her] foul, and thofe of 
all the faithful departed, 
ihro' the mepcy of God, 
reft in peace. R. Amen. 


For LITTLE CHILDREN departed before the 

ufe of reafon. 
-///?/>&.]% /FAY the name Ant. OlT nomen Do- 
IVl of the Lord J^ mini bencdic- 

be blefled. tum. 

Pf, cxii. Laudate pueri, as p. xliv. 

Anth^ May ^he name. Ant. Sit nomea Do- 
mini benedi£lum : ex 
hoc nunc & ufque in 

Ant, Hie [5rhaBc]ac- 
cipiet benedidlionem. 
Pf. xxiii. Domini efl terra, as p, ccv. 
Anth, This child (hall Ant. Hie [or haec] ac- 
receive a blcffing jFrom cipiet benedlftioaeca i 

of the Lord be blefled: 
now and for evermore. 

. Anth. This child Oiall 
receive a blefling. 

cclxxxiv T*^ BURIAL SERVICE 


AL L ye works of 
the Lord, blcfs ye 
the Lord: ♦ praifc ye 
him, and extol him for 

Ye Angels of the 
Lord, blefs ye the Lord : 
♦blcfs the Lord, ye hea- 

All ye waters above 
the heavens, blefs ye the 
Lord : * blels the Lord, 
all ye powers of the 

Ye fun and moon, 
blefs the Lord : * blefs 
the Lord, ye ftars of 

Ye rain and dew, 
blefs ye the Lord : * all 
ye fpirits of God, blefs 
the Lord* 

Ye fire and heat, blefs 
ye the Lord : * blefe the 
Lord, ye cold and heat. 

Ye dews and hoar- 
froft, blcfs the Lord : ♦ 
blefs the Lord, ye froft 
and cold. 

Ye ice and fnows, 
blefs ye the Lord ;*blefs 
the Lord, ye nights and 

Ye light and dark- 
ncfs, blefs ye the Lord:* 
hlefs the Lord, ye thun* 
<kr and clouds. 

E. Dan. iii. 

BEnedicite omnia ope- 
ra Domini Domi- 
no : * laud ate, & fuper- 
exalte eum in faecula. 

Benedicite Angel! Do- 
mini Domino :*benedi- 
cite cceli Domino. 

Benedicite aquae om- 
nes, quae fuper coelos 
funt, Domino :* benedi- 
cite omnes virtutcs Do- 
mini Domino. 

Benedicite fol & luna 
Domino : * benedicite 
ftellae cceli Domino. 

Benedicite omnis im- 
ber & res Doroino:* 
benedicite omnes fpiri- 
tus Dei Domino. 

Benedicite ignis & 
aeftus Domino :*bcncdi- 
cite frigus, & ae(his Do* 

Benedicite rores & 
pruina Domino : * bene- 
dicite gelu & frigus Do* 

Benedicite glacies & 
nives Domino :*bcncdi- 
cite noftes & dies Do- 

Benedicite lux & te- 
nebrae Domino :* bene- 
dicite tulgura ^ nubcs 



Let the earth blefe the^ 
Lord : ♦ let it praife and 
'«xtol him forever. 

Ye mountains and ye 
hills, blefs ye the Lord : 

Benedicat terra Do- 
minumr : ^ laudet & fa- 
perexaltet cum in fae- 

Benedicite montes & 
colles Domino : ^ bene- 

.tieblefs ye theLord> all dicite -univerfa germi^ 
ye things that bud on the nantia in terra D9mino. 

, earth. 

Ye fountains blefs the 
Lord : ^ blefs the Lord9 
all ye feas and rivers. 

I e whales and all ye 
things that move in the 
•waters, blefs ye the Lord : 
« blefs the Lord^ all ye 
birds of heaven. 

All ye vi^ild beads and 
cattle, blefs ye the Lord : 
^ blefs the Lord, ye fons 
cf men. 

Let Ifrad blefs the 
I^ord : % praife and extol 
, him for ever. 

Ye priefts of the Lord, 
blefs ye the Lord i^blefs 
ye the Lord, ye fervants 
of the Lord. 

Ye fpirits and fouls of 
the righteous ones, blefs 
yc the Lord : * blefs the 
Lord, ye (aincs and hum- 
ble of heart. 

Ananias^ Azarias^ Mi- 
faeU blefs ye the Lord m^ 
praife ye him, and extol 
him for ever. 

Let us blefs the Fa- 
VoL. IL a a 

Benedicite fontes Do* 
mino : ^ benedicite ma- 
ria & ilumina Domino. 

Benedicite cete & om- 
nia mjse moventur in a- 
qu is Domino :^ benedi- 
cite omnes volucres cce- 
li Domino. 

Benedicite omnes bef- 
tiae & pecora Domino:^ 
benedicite filii hominum 

Benedicat Ifrael Do- 
mlnum :^laudet &fuper- 
exaltet eum in fsecula. 

Benedicite facerdotes 
Domini Domino : % be- 
nedicite fervi Domini 

Benedicite fpiritus it 
animse juflorum Domi- 
no -.^benedicite fancll & 
humilcs corde Domino. 

Benedicite Anan'ia^ 
Axaria^ MifaeU Domi- 
no : * laudate, &.fuper- 
exaltate eum in fxculn. 

Benedicamus Pat rem , 

cclxxxvi ^it^ PENITENTIAL 

thcr. Son, and Holy & Filium, cum Sando 
Ghoft : 4^ let us praife Spiritu : ^ laudemus, & 
and extol him for ever, fuperexaltemus eum in 


Glory, i^c. Gloria, £ffr. 

Jlnth. Blefs the Lord. yfnt. Benedicite. 

F. May the Lord. R. And with. Let us pray. 

Prayer. Deus^ quL 

OGod, who by a wonderful order haft regulated 
the employments of angels and men, grant 
that thofe, who are always miniftring before thee ia 
heaven, may defend our lives here on earth. Thro'. 
R. Jmen. 


Anth. Remember not. Ant. Ne reminifcaris. 

Pf. vi. Domine, ne in furore, p. ccxU 


Pf, XX xi. 

HAppy they, whofe "r^^^^^Vquorum remif- 

iniquities are re- iJ fae funt iniquitates: 

mitted : * and whofe * & quorum tc<Sla funt 

fins are covered. peccata. 

Happy the man, to Beatus vir cui non 
whom the Lord hath imputavit Dominus pee- 
not imputed ^ fin, * and catum, * nee eft in fpi- 
in whofe foul there is litu ejus dolus, 
no guile ^\ 

Becaufe I was filent Quoniam tacui, inve- . 

" did my bones grow teraverunt ofla mea:* 

1 Exph Of vubofe Jim God bath n9t kept a rigorous and exaS 
account^ Kor treated bim a'cordtngly. 

m Expl. fTbo dbtb not deceive Limfelf hj a faljt ^nd fretenid 

n Fxpl. Becaufe I corfeffed nnt rny firiiy I lofi all my frengt'u 
finijicd by the bont- •, I rcmaimd in languor and fiu^idity^ tc<- 
'"Mirbfianding my cr^rj out. 


♦ wbile I cried out 
vhole day long. 
3r day and night thy 
I was heavy on me : 
)fred and tumbled in 
anguifli, while the 
1 was thrufled in. 
[y fin I then made 
vn to thee : * and 
njuftice I no longer 

faid : I will confeft 
lift myfelf my inju- 
to the Lord : * and 

didft remit the im* 
' of my fin. 
or this" (hall every 

° pray unto thee, 
proper feafon : 
nd even in a deluge 
lany waters, * near 
they fliall not come. 

*hou art my refuge 
ic diftrefs that hath 
•mpafled me : * do 
, in whom I exult, 
le me from thofe 

have befet me. 
P will give thee un- 
anding, and inftru^ 

in this way, in 
:h thou art to walk : 
^ill fix on thee my 


L M S. cclxxxvii 

dum clamarem tota die. 

Quoniam die ac no<5le 
gravata eft fuper me ma- 
nus tua : * converfus 
fum in aerumna mea^ 
dum configitur fpina. 

Delidum meum cog- 
nitum tibi feci : * & rn- 
juftittam meam non ab- 

Dixi : confitebor ad- 
verfuQi me injuftitiaitx 
meam Domino : * & tu 
remififti impietatempec^ 
cati mei. 

Pro hac orabit ad te 
omnis fanflus, ♦ in tem- 
pore opportuno. 

Verum tamen in dilu- 
vio aquarum multarum : 
* ad eum non approxi- 

Tu es refugium me- 
um a tribulatione, quae: 
circumdedit me : * ex- 
ultatio mea, erue me a 
circumdantibus me. 

Intelle£lum tibi dabo^ 
& inftruam te in via hac,. 
qua gradieris : * firma- 
bo fuper te oculos meos«. 

a 2 

xpl. E-very one made holy, by Being fcparated y>cw the reft of 
ndt by the knotvUdge of religion and the means of fal'vation^ 
in a feafonable and acceptable iime,Jue for the like mer<y^ awt 
f the fame means, viz. an bumble confeffioa of bit guilt % 
'.xiX. Cod/jHah to tbe bumbU and penitent ftnaer» 

cclxxxviii The PENITENTIAL 

Become not like unto 
the horfe and mule, * 
who have no underftand- 

1 With bit and bridle 
bind the jaws • of fuch, 
as keep not near thee. 

Many are the fcour- 
ges of the finner, * but 
him that hopeth in the 
Lord mercy {hall en- 

Rejoice in the Lord, 
cjui leap for joy, O ye 
li^hteous ones : ♦ and 
praifc him all ye right of 


Pf. xxxvii. 

OrJJn thy fury re- 
buke me not : ^ 
nor chaftife me in thy 

For thy arrows arc 
fixed in me ; -Mt and thy 
hand is flrong upon me. 

Nolite fieri ficut e- 
quus & mulus, m qui- 
bus non eft intelledus. 

In camo & frarno 
raaxilias eorum conftrin- 
ge^ ^ qui non approxi- 
mant ad tei 

Mulca flagelia pecca* 
toris, ^ fperantem au- 
tern in Domino miferi- 
cordia circumdabit. 

Lsetamini in Domi- 
no, & exultate jufti :» & 
glofiamini omnes recti 



There is nothing 
whole in my flefli by rea- 
fon of thy wrath : * nor 
is there eafe to my bones 
by reafon of my fins. 

For my iniquities 
have got above my 

Omine, ne in fu- 
rore tuo arg'jas 
me : ^ neque in ira tua 
corripias me. 

Quoniam fagittse tux 
infixae funt tmW\ : * & 
confirmafti fuper mema- 
num tuam. 

Non eft fanitas in car- 
ne mea a facie irse tux: 
^ non eft pax oflibus 
meis a facie peccatorum 

Quoniam iniquitates 
meae fupergreiTae funtca- 

q Expl. The penitent hegs of G^ that be tooa/d Uy all under * 
falutary rejirainty zvbo other^vijey by tbe frailty of their nature, wcu!d 
xvitbdraivfrom bim. So tbeCfcurct ^re(cribei io^bcr children falutfrj 
J>ft^icei of worf ideation ar.4 ftnnanie,* 

PSALMS. cclxxxiar 

put meum : nnt 6c ficut 
onus grave gravatae Tunc 
fupcr me. 

Putruerunt & corrup- 
tee funt cicatrices mese, 
«a facie infipientiae meac. 

Mifer fadus fum,- & 
curvatua fum ufque in 
fineiTi : tota die con* 
uiftatus egrediebar* 

f and like a hea- 
^ht are now too 
>r me. 

ified and cor- 
are my fores, ^ 
>n of my folly. 

become mife- 

and go bowed 

^ all the day 

forrow I walked 

ny loins are fill- 
illufions : ^ and 
i nothing found 
ny fleih. 
afHidled and ex- 
ly diftreiled : ^ 
^d out in the 
g of my heart. 
, before thee is 
I defire : * nor 
oaning hid from 

leart is quite di-f- 
myftrength hath 
rfook me : ^ the 
ht of my eyes is 
longer wiih me. 
friends and my 
)urs ¥tf drew near 
me and {iood up. 

my near neigh - 
cod atadiftance: 
hey made ufe of 
who. fought, my 

Qaoniam lumbi met 
impleti funtilludonibus^ 
# et non eft fanitas in 
cariie mea. 

, Afflidus fum & hu- 
miliatus fum nimis: ^ 
rugiebam a gemitu cor- 
dis mei. 

Domine, ante te omne 
defiderium m^um : ^ & 
gemitus meus a te non 
eft abfconditus. 

Cor meum conturba«- 
turn eft, dereliquit me 
virtus mea:- ^& lumen* 
oculorum meorum, it 
ipfuro non eft mecum. 

Amici mei & proximi- 
mei ^ adverfum me ap*^ 
propinquaverunt & ftc- 

Et qui juxta me erant 
de longc fteterunt : ^ &c 
vim faciebant, qui quae- 
rebant animam meam.. 

thole that fought £t qui inq^uirebanir 

a a ^ 


me harm, uttered lies: mala mihi, loctiti funt 
m and contrived fnares. vanitates : «^ & dolos to- 

all day long. 

But I, as deaf, heard 
not: ¥t: and as one dumb, 
who openeth not his 

And I was like a man 
that heareth not : ^ and 
hath not in his mouth 

For in thee, O Lord, 
did I put my truft: m 
thou wilt hear me, O 
Lord, my God. 

For I faid : let not 
my enemies ever triumph 
over me; * for while 
my feet are tottering, 
they fpeak great things 
againft me. 

But I am prepared for 
fcourges : * and my 
grief is always in my 

And I will publifh 
my own iniquity : ■» and 
I will bear in mind itiy 

But my enemies are 
flill alive, and are be- 
come too ftrong for me : 
* and ihcy are many 
vho hate me wrongful- 

They who return e- 
vil for good, fpoke 111 of 
n^e : ^.c because I follow- 
ed what wa^s \\^V\i, 

ti die meditabantur. 

Ego autem, tanquam 
furdus, non audiebam: 
♦& ficut mutus non ape** 
liens OS fuum. 

£t faftus fum iicut 
homo non audiens: f 
& non habens in ore fuo 

Quoniam in te, Do- 
mine, fperavi : * tu ex* 
audies me, Domine, 
Deus meu8. 

Quia dixi : ne quan- 
do fupergaudeant mihi • 
inimici mei : ^ & dum 
commoventur pedes mei, 
fuper me magna locuti 

Quoniam ego in fla- 
gella paratus fum : * & 
dolor meus in confpedu 
meo femper. 

Quoniam inlquitatem 
meam anuntiabo : ^ ii 
cogitabo pro peccato 

Inimici autem mei vi- ^ 
vunt, & conficmati funt 
fuper me : ^f & multipli- j 
cati funt qui oderunt ' 
me inique. 

Qui retribuunt mala 
pro bonis, detrahebant<|j 
mihi : ^ quoniam feque* 



Forfake me not, O 
Lord, my God : ^ de* 
part not thou from me. 

Come thou unto my 
aid : ^ Lord^ God of 
my falvation. 

Ne tierelinquas me, 
Domine, Deus meus : ^ 
ne difceAeris a me* 

Intende in adjutorium 
meum : ^ Domine De- 
us falatis meae. 


P/1 1. Miferere, p. cclxiv. 


Pf. ci. 


OLord, hear thou 
my prayer : ^ and 
let my cry come unto 

Turn not away thy 
face from me : * in 
whatever day I am di- 
ftrefTed, incline thine ear 
to me. 

Whatever day I call 
on thee : ^ hear thou 
me fpeedily. 

For vaniflied like 
fmoke, are all my days : 
¥(! and my bones arc dri- 
ed like fuel. 

I am fmitten like the 
grafs ; and my heart is 
withered : * for I for- 
got to eat my bread. 

With the noife of my 
groan ing,^iemy bone hath 
cleaved to my flefh. 

I am become (ike the 
pelican of the defert : ^ 
I am become like the 

fcreech-owl in the cot- 

Omine, exaudi 0« 
rationem meam : 
^ & clamor meus ad te 

Non aVerCas faciem 
tuam a me : « in qua- 
cunque die tribulor, in- 
clina ad me aurem tu- 

In quacunque die in«- 
vocavcro te: ^ vclbci- 
ter exaudi me. 

Qui defecerunt, ficut 
fumus, dies mei : ^ & 
oiTa mea, ftcut cremium, 

Percuflus fum ut foe- 
num ; & aruit cor me- 
um : 9S& quia oblitus fum 
^omederepanem meum. 

A voce gemitus mei, 
4ft adhaefit os meum car- 
ni meae. 

Stmilis fadus fum pe^ 
Ticano folitudinis : ^ fac- 
tus fum ftcut ny6iico- 
rax in domiciliOr 


I have kept awake:* ■ Vigilavi :* & fii<2us 

and am become like the 
lonely fparrow on the 

The whole day long 
my. enemies upbraided 
me : * and thofe who 
praifed, fwore againft 

For aflies, like bread, 
I ate : * and my drink I 
mixt with tears; 

By reafon of thy wrath 
and indignation : * for 
having raifed me up, 
thou caft mc down. 

My days, like a (ha- 
doWy have pafled away:* 
and I am withered like 

But thou, O Lord, art 
for ever: * and thy me- 
morial from age to age. 

And thou arifing wtit 
take pity on Sion : * be- 
caufe the time to take 
pity on her is come. 

For the ftones thereof 
are dear to thy fervants:* 
and they (bail have pity 
on the land thereof. 

And the Gent He f &all 
fear thy name, O Lord : 
* and all the kings of the 
earth tJjy glory- 

Aim ficut pafler foiitarius 
in te<^o* 

Tota die exprobra- 
bant mihi inimici mei:* 
& qui laudabant me, ad- 
verium me jurabant. 

Quia cinerem, tair- 
quam panem, manduca* 
bam : *■ & potum meum 
cum fletu mifcebam; 

A facie irae & indif- 
nationis tuae :* quia ele- 
vans aliififti me. 

Dies mer, ficut um- 
bra, cTeclmaverunt : ♦ & 
ego ficut faenum arui. 

Tu autem, Dominc, 
in seternum permancs:* 
& memoriale tuuni in 
generationt m & gencra- 

Tu exurgens mifere- 
berts 5/W;*quia tempus 
miferendi ejus, quia ve* 
nit tempus. 

Quoniam placuerunt 
fervib tuis lapides ejus:* 
& terra ejus mifertbun- 

Et timebunt GentiS 
nomen tuum, Domine:^* 
& omnes regcs ter/J& 
gloriam t44aiD^ 


he Lord hath built 
1 ; * and he fliall 
:e feen in his glo- 

lath had regard to 
lyer of the hum- 
nd hath not flight- 
r requeft. - 
thefe things be 
for another gene- 
:*and a people to 
ie, (hall pralfe the 

he hath looked 
rom his holy place 
h :*the Lord hath 

down from hea- 
I earth : 

at he might hear 
oans of ihofe in 
: * that he mi^ht 

the children of 

at they may pub- 
S!on the name of 
rd :*and his praife 
ttfakm ; 

len the nations 
ogether,* and the 
there'jf^ to ferve 
faid to him in the 

of his ftrength:* 
wnefs of my days 
known to me. 
1 me not back in 
dft of my days : * 
eneration to gene- 
are thy years. 

L M S ccxcili 

Quia aedificavit Do- 
minus 5/W; • & videbi- 
tur in gloria fua. 

Refpexit in orationem 
humilium:*& non fpre- 
vit precem eorum. 

Scf ibantur haec in ge- 
neratione altera :*& po- 
pulus qui creabitur^ lau* 

Q^na profpexit d e. ex- 
cel fo fando (uo:*Domi- 
nu3 de coelo in terrain 
afpexit : 

Ut audiret gemitus 
compeditorum :*"ut fol- 
verct iilios interempto-* 
rum : 

Ut annunticnt in Sion 
nomen Domini :*& lau- 
dem ejus in Jerufdlem \ 

_ * 

In conveniendapopu- 
los in unum, * & reges, 
ut ferriiant Domino. 

Refpondit ei in vid 
virtutis fux:*paucitatem 
dierum meorum nuntia 

Ne^ reveccs me in di- 
midio dierum meorum: 
* in generationem & gc-» 
nerationem anni tui. 

ccxciv r^&e? PENITENTIAL 

Initio tu, Domine, 
terrain fundafti :*& ope- 
ra manuum tuarum funt 

In the beginning, O 
Lord, didft thou create 
the earth :*and the work 
of thy hands arc the hea- 

They (hall perifh, but 
thou endured :*and they 
all, like a garment, (hull 
grow old. 

And like a cloak (halt 
thou change them, and 
they fliall be changed :* 
bu: thou art dill the 
fame, and thy years (hall 
not fail. 

The children of thy 
fervants (hall have a 
place of abode : ^ and 
their feed (hall profper 
for ever. 

Ipfi peribunt, tu au- 
tem permanes :* & om- 
nes, ficut veflimentuni, 
Vetera fcent, 

£t ficdt opertorium 
mutabis eos, & muta^ 
buniun^tu autem idem 
ipfe cs, & iinni tui duo 

Filii fervorum tuo- 
rum habitabunt: 4^ & 
femen eorum in bsoi* 
lum dirigetun 

P/, cxxix. De profundis, p, ccxxxii* 



OLord, hear thou 
my prayer with 
thine ears, hearken to 
my petition according to 
thy fure promife : ^ 
hear me in thy juftice. 

And enter not into 
judgment with thy fer- 
vant : * for no one li- 
ving (hall be found righ- 
teous in thy flght. 

For the enemy hath 
purfucd m J fou\ ; ^ Vk^ 


DOmine, exaudi o- 
rationem meam: 
auribus percipe obfecra- 
tionem meam in verita- 
te tua : ^ exaudi me in 
tua juditia. 

Et ne intres in judi- 
cium cum fervo tuo : * 
quia non juflidcabitur in 
confpeAu tuo omnis vi- 

Quia perfecutus eft 
mvvxilcus aaimam me* 


brought down to 
;arth my life, 
e hath put me in 
feme places, like 
ilead of old : « the 
lifh of my fpirit is 
great for me, my 
t within me is dif- 
called to mind the 

of old ; I medita- 
>n all thy works : ¥t: 
the works of thy 
Is did I mufe. 

have ftretched forth 

lands to thee : ^ my 

like earth without 

T is to thee. 

iiickiy hear me 

, O Lord : ^ my 

: faints away. 

'urn not away thy 

from me : * for I 

thfft be like thofe 

go down into the 

et me early in the 
ling hear thy mer- 
i)e for it is in thee I 

[ake known to me 

way in which I am 

alk : ^ for to thee 

I raifed up my 

efcue me from my 
r>ies, O Lord, to 
have I fled : ^ teach 

L M S. ccxcv 

am : * humtliavit in ter* 
ra vitam meam. 

Collocavit me in ob- 
fcuris (icut mortuos fas- 
culi : ¥tt & anxiatus eft 
fuper me fpiritus meus, 
in me turbatum eft cor 

Memor fui dierum 
antiquorum, meditattts 
fum in omnibus operi- * 
bus tuis : ♦ in fa£tis ma* 
nuum tuarum medita- 

Expand! manus meas 
ad te : 4^ anima mea fi- 
cut terra fine aqua tibi. 

Velociter exaudi me, 
Domine : ¥ie defecit fpiri- 
tus meus. 

Non avertas faciem 
tuam a me : ^ & fimilis 
ero defcendentibus in la* 

Auditam fac mihi ma- 
ne mifericordiam tuam : 
^ quia in te fperavi. 

Notam fac mihi vi- 
am, in qua ambulem : ^ 
quia ad te levavi ani- 
mam mcam. * 

Eiipe me de inimicis 
meis, Domine, ad te 
confugi ; « docc tac Csc^ 

ccxcvi 7*^ L r T A N Y. 

me to do thy will, be- cere voluntatem tuamt * 

caufe tbou art my God. quia Deusmeus es tu. 

Thy good Spiritihall Spiritus tuus bonus 

lead me to the righteous deducet me in terrain 

land: * for thy own rcflam : • & propterno- 

name fake, O Lord, ^men tuum, Doniine,vi- 

wilt thou fave my life vificabis me inaequita- 

according to thy juftice. te tua. 

Thou wilt bring forth Educes de tribulatio- 

firom diftrefs my foul: ne animam meam:'«& 

* and in thy mercy wilt in mifericordia tua dif- 

thoudeftroy my enemies, perdes inimicos meos. 

Thou wilt deftroy £t perdes omnes, qui 
all, who diftreis my tribulant animam me- 
foul: * becaufe I am am : iiequbniamegofer- 
thy fervant. vus tuus fum. 

jinth. Remember not, Jnt. Ne reminifcans, 

O Lord, our offences, Domine, delida noftra, 

nor thofe of our pa- vel parentum noftro- 

rents, neither take thou rum: neque vindi^am 

vengeance on our fins, fumas depeccatie noftiis. 

7^/ L I T A N Y. 

LOrd have mercy on T^ Yrie eleiTon. 

us. JV . 

Chriji have mercy on Chrifle elei'fon. 

Lord have mercy on Kyrie eleiTon. 

ChriJi hear us. Qhrifle audi nos. 

ChriJI gracioufly hear Chrifle exaudi nos. 

God the Father of Pater de ccelis Deus: 

heaven : have mercy on miferere nobis, 

God the Son, * Re- Fill, Redemptor mun- 

deemer of the world : di, Deus: miferere* 
have mercy. 

The L I T 

God the Holy Ghoft : 
Have mercy* 

Holy Trinity, one 
God: Have mercy. 

Holy Mary : Pray for 

Holy Mother of God : 

Holy Virgin of Vir- 
gins :. Pray. 

St Michael: Pray. 

St Gabriel : Pray. 

St Raphael: Pray. 
. All ye holy angels 
and archangels : Pray 
ye for us. 

All ye holy orders of 
blcffed fpirits : Pray ye. 

St John the Baptijl : 


St Jofeph : Pray, 
All ye holy patriarchs 

and prophets : Pray ye. 

St Peter : Pray, 
St Paul : Pray. 
St Andrew: Pray. 
St James : Pray, 
St Juhn: Pi ay. 
St Thomas : Pray, 
St James : Pray. 
St Philip ; Pray. 
St Barthohmy :. Pray. 

StMatiheiv: Pray. 

St Simon : Pray. 
Vol. II. b 

A N Y. ccxcvii 

Sptritus San^e Deus : 

Sanda Trinitas, unus 
Deus : Miferere. 

San<Sa Maria: Ora 
pro nobis. 

Sanda Dei Genetrix: 

SanSa Virgo Virgi- 
num : Ora. 

San£le Michael: Ora. 

Sandle Gabriel: Ora* 

San(S^e Raphael: Ora. 

Omnes fanfti aogeli 
& archangel!: Orate pro 

Omnes fanSi beato- 
rum fpirituum ordines : 

San^e Joannes Bap- 
iijia : Ora. 

SamSe Jofeph: Ora. 

Omnes fandti patri- 
archae & prophetae : O- 

Sanfte Petre : Ora. 

San6te Paule : Ora. 

San die Andrea: Ora. 

Sandte Jacobe ; Ora. 
~ SarkJle Joannes : Ora. 

San(5le Thoma : Ora. 

Sanfle J aerobe : Ora. 

Sandle Philippe : Ora. 

Sandke Bj-rtholsffuce : 

SaniEle Mattha:e : O- 

Sanv5le Simon : Or** 

• •• 


St Tbaddii : ?ny. 

St Matthias: Pray. 

Sc Bamaby : Pray. 

StLtti/: Pray. 

St Mark : Pray. 

All ye holy apoftlet 
and evangeliftf : Pray ye 
for us. 

All ye holy difciples 
of the Lord : Pray ye. 

All ye holy innocents : 
Pray ye. 

St Stephen : Pray. 

St Laurence : Pny. 

St Vincent : Pray* 

St Fabian and St Se^ 
iaftian : Pray ye. 

StJ^hn and St Paul: 
Pray ye. 

St Co/mas and St Da- 
tnian : r ray ye. 

St Gervafe and St Pro^ 
tafe : Pray ye. 

All ye holy niartyrs : 
Pray ye. 

St Sylvefler : Pray. 

St Gregory : Pray. 

Kt Amhrofe : Pray. 

St Augujline : Pray. 

St yerome : Pray. 

St Martin : Pray. 
St Nicclas : Pray. 
All ye holy bifhops 
and confeflbrs : Pray ye. 

All ye holy do£lors : 
Pray ye. 

St Anthony: ?t^^'. 


SanAe TbadJ^e: Ora. 

San&c Adattbia: Ora. 

San£le Barnaba: Ora. 

San£ie Luca : Ora. 

San£le Marce: Ora. 

Omnes fandli apofto* 
li & evangeltftaD : Orate 
pro nobis. 

Omnes fain^ii difcipu- 
li Demini : Orate. 

Omnes fan£ti inoo- 
centes: Orate. 

SanAe Suphane: Ora. 

San<Ele Laurenti: Ora. 

Sande l^incenti : Ora. 

Sandi Fahiane & Si- 
haftiane : Orate. 

San£H Jeannes & 
Paule : Orate. 

iSandi Co/ma k Da^ 
miane : Orate. 

Sandi GervafikPrc 
taft: Orate. 

Omnes fandi mar- 
tyres : Orate. 

Sandc Syivejler: Ora. 

Sande Gregori : Ora. 

Sande Ainbroft: Ora. 

Sande Auguftine: Ora. 

Sande Hieronyme : 
Sande Mar tine: Ora. 

Sande Nicolae : Ora. 

Omnes fandtt ponti- 
fices & conreflbres : 0- 

OiTlnes fandi dofio- 
res : Orate. 

^^w5ic AntQnix Ora* * 

The. L I T 

St Bennet : Pray. 
St Bernard: Pray. 

ANY. ccxcxx 

Sande Benedi£fe : O- 


San£le Btrnarde : O^ 


St Dominick : Pray. San£lc Dominice : O- 

St French : Pray. 

All ye holy pritfts and 
Levites : Pray ye. 

All ye holy monks 
anJ hermits : Pray ye. 

St Alary MagdaUn : 

St Agatha : Pray. 

St Lucy : Pray. 

St /Ignes : Pray. 

St Cecilia : Pray. 

St Catharine : Pray. 


S;xnQ.c Franci/ce : 0-» 

Omnes faofti facer- 
dotes icLevitae : Orate 

Omnes fandi mona- 
chi & ercmitae : Orate^ 

San£la Maria Mag^ 
dalena: Ora. 

Sandla Agatha : Ora» 

Sandta Lucia: Qra. 

Sandla yfgnss : Ora. 

San<5la Cacilia : Ora* 

Sanda Catharina: O^ 

St Anajlafta : Pray. San<Sla Anajiafia : O^ » 

AH ye holy virgins 
and widows : Pray ye. 

Al) ye men and wo- 
wtn faints of G^d : In- 
tercede for us. 

Be mercifu} unto (ts : 
fpare us, O Lord. 

fie merciful unto us : 
Gracioufly hear us, O 

From all evil : O 
Lord, deliver us. 

From all fm : O Lord. 

From thy vyrath : O 

b b 

ra. . 

Omnes fanftae virgU 
nes & viduse : Orate^ 

Omnes fandti & fanc- 
tae Dei : Intercedke pro> 

Propitius efto: Parce 
nobis Doqiine. 

Propitius efto : Exau- 
di nos» Domine« 

Ab omni malo : Li- 
bera nos, Domine. 

Ab omni peccato : 

Ab ira tua : Libera*. 



' From a fudden and 
unprovided death : O 

From the deceits of 
the devil : O Lord. 

From anger, hatred, 
and all ill will : O Lord. 

From the fpirit of 
fornicatioa: O Lord. 

From lightntng and 
tempeft: OLord. 

From evcrlafling 
death : O Lord. 

By the myftery of thy 
holy incarnation : O 

By thy coining: O 

By thy nativity: O 

By thy baptifm and 
holy faft : O Lord. 

By thy crofs and paf- 
lion : O Lord. 

By thy death and bu- 
rial : O Lord. 

By thy holy refurrec- 
tion : O Lord. 

By thy wondciful a- 
fcenlion : O Lord. 

By the coming of the 
holy Ghoft the Com- 
forter : O Lord. 

In the day of judg- 
ment : O Lord. 

We finners : We bc- 
fecch ihee, \\t21x us. 

A'Tubitanei & impro« 
vita morte : Libera. 

Ab infidiis diaboli: 

Ab ira, odio,&omm 
mala voluntate: Libera. 

A fpiritu fornicatio- 
nis : Libera. 

, A fulgure et temp«- 
ftate : Libera. 

A morte perpetua : 

Per myfterium fanSae 
incarnatioiMS tuae: Li- 

Per adventum tuum: 

Per nativitatem tu- 
am : Libera. 

Per baptifmum & 
fan£tumjejuniom tuum: 

Per crucem & paffio- 
nem tuam : Libera. 

Per mortem & fepul- 
turam tuam : Libera. 

Per fan£lam refurrec- 
tionem tuam : Libera. 

Per admirabilem a- 
fcenfionem tuam : Li- 

Per adventum Spiri- 
tus fandli Paracliti : Li- 

In die judicii: Libera. 

Peccatores : Te to- 
^*avu«^ audi nos. 

rhe L r T A N r. ccd 

hat thou fpare us: Ut nobis parcas: Tc 


hat thou pardon us : 


hat thou vouchfafe 

ring us to true re- 

unce : We befeech. 

hat thou vouchfafe 

overn and preferve 

holy church : We 


hat thou vouchfafe 

eferve ourapoftoliclc 

ite, and all orders 

tie church in holy 

ion : We befeech. 

hat thou vouchfafe 

umble the enemies 

^e holy church : We 


'hat thou vouchfafe 

;ivc peace and true 

:ord to chriftian 

;s and princes : We 


^hat thou vouchfafe 

rant peace and uni- 

o all chriftian peo- 

: We befeech.. 

"hat thou vouchfafe 

Irengthen and pre- 

e us in thy holy for- 

' : Wc befeech... 

That thou raife up 


Uc nobis indulgeas:. 
Te rogamus. 

Ut ad veram pceni- 
tentiam nos perducere 
digneris : Te rogamus. 

Ut ecclefiam tuarti 
fan£lam regere & con- 
fervare digneris : Te ro- 

Uf domnum apoftoli?-- 
cum, & omnes ccclcfia- 
flicos ordines in fanflS 
•religione confcrvare dig- 
neris : Te rogamus, 

Ut inimicos fanftae 
ecclefiae huniiliare dig- 
neris : Tc ror;amus. 

Ut regibus & princi^ 
pibus chiiftianis pacem&. 
veram concordiam do?- 
nare digneris : Tc ror- 

Ut cunfto. populoi 
chiiftiano pacem & u-- 
niiatem largiri digneris : 
Te rogamus.. 

Ut nofmetipfos in^ 
tuo fanfto ferviiio con- 
fortare, & confcrvare 
digneris : Te rpganiu?. 
Ut mentes noftrns ad 
minds to heavenly .cceleftiadefidcriaerigas;. 
res : We befeech.. Te rogamus. 
That thou render e- Ut omnibus benefac- 

iiv! gocd to all thofe toiibiu iioltris fcmpittTr- 

b b 3. 

Cecil 7^ L I^T 

that do us good : We 
befeech. . 

That thou deliver our 
fouls, thofe of our bre- 
thren, relations, and be- 
nefadors from eternal 
damnatbn: Webefeecb* 

That thou vouchfafe 
to give, and to preferve 
the fruits of the earth : 
We befeech. 

That thou vouchfafe 
to give eternal reft to all 
the faithful departed : 
We befeech. 

That thou vqucbfafe 
gracioufly to hear us: 
We befeech. 

Son of God: We 

Lamb of God, who 
takeil away the fins of 
the world : Spare us, O 

Lamb of God^ who 
takeft away the fins of 
the world : Hear us, O 

Lamb of God, who 
takeft away the' fins of 
the world : Have mer- 
cy on us. 

ChriJI hear us. 

Chrijl gracioufly hear 

Lord have mercy on 


na bona retribuas : Te 

Ut iinimas noftras, 
fratrum, propinquorum, 
& benefadorum noftro- 
rum ab aeterna damna- 
tionp eripias : Te roga- 

Ut frudus terrx dare, 
& confervare digneris: 
Te rogamus. 

Ut omnibus fidelibus 
defun£lis requiem aeter- 
nam donare digneris: 
Te rogamus. 

Ut nos exaudire dig- 
neris : Te rogamus. 

Fill Dei: Te roga- 

Agnus I>ei, qui tollis 
peccata muiidi : Parce 
nobis, Domine. 

Agnus Dei, qui tollis 
peccata mundi : Exaudi 
aos^ Domine. 

Agnus Dei, qui tollfs 
peccata mundi : Mifere^ 
re nobis.. 

Chrifie audi nos» 
Cbrifie exaudi nos. 

Kyric ^kifen,. 

rbe L I T A N Y. 


Cbriji have mercy on 


Lord have q[iercy on 

Chrifti eleiTon. 
Kyrie eleiTon. 


Our Father. In Secret. 

V* And lead us not V. £t ne nos inducas 

into temptation. in tentationem. 

R. But deliver us R. Sed libera nos a 

from evil. malo. 


UGod, com^ thou to 
my afliftance : % O 
Lord, make hafte to help 

Let them be con- 
founded and put to 
fhame, ^ who feek my 

Let them be put to 
flight and (hame, ^ who 
vwifh me harm. . 

Let them be forth- 
with put to flight and 
fbame, ^ who fay to me, 
Aha, aha ^ 

Let all rejoice and ex- 
ult in thee, who feek 
thee : ^ and let thofe 
who love thy falvation % 
ever fay : May the Lord 
be magnified. 

But I am poor and 
needy : % O God help 

Pf. Ixix. 

TPXEus in adjutorium 
\ 3 meum intende : * 
Domine, ad adjuvan- 
dum me feflina. 

Confundantur & re« 
vereantur, ^ qui quae« 
runt animam meam. 

Avertantur retrdrfum, 
& erubefcant, ^ qui vo- 
lunt mihi mala. 

Avertantur ftatim e- 
rubefcentes, ^ qui di- 
cunt mihi, £uge, euge» 

Laetentur & exultent 
in te, omnes qui quae- 
runt te : ^ & dicant fem- 
per : magnificetur Do- 
minus : qui diligunt fa« 
lutare tuum. 

,Ego vero esenus.&. 
pauper fum rinDeus, ad* 
juva me. 

*• Expl. Who ufe tsunting snd infiltiig f^eechn'to mim 

« £xpK Lgv€ t^ tieir Saviour , or itfrt r« ht fyfwd ^ c£it« 


ne L 1 T A N T. 

Thpii art mjr helper 
and my deliverer : m O 
Lord 9 make no delaf • 

K Glory be to the 
Father, ^c. 

R. As it was, i^c. 

V* Save thy fervanta^ 

Rn Who put their 
truft in- thee, my Go<L 

V. Be to us, O Lord, 
a tower of ftrengch. 

R. From the iace of 
ti)e enemy. 

V. Let irot the ene- 
my prevail againft us. 

R. Nor the foo of 
imqutty hurt us any 

V. O Lord, deal not 
with us according to pur 

R, Nor reward us ac- 
cording to our iniquities. 

V. Let us pray for our 
chief Wfliop AT, 

jR. May the Lord pre- 
fervc him, and prolong 
his life, and make him 
happy on earth, and de- 
fiver him not up to the 
will of his enemies. 

V. Let us pray for 
tnir king; 

• R.O Lord, fave the 
king, and hear us in th# 
day we (hall, call up<.'n 

beiator meus es tu:.« 
Doinine» n« mortris. 
r. Gloria Patfi,tfr. 

R, Sicut erat, &r. 

V^ Salvos fac fervos 
. R, Deus meus, fpe<^ 
rantes in te. 

V. Efto nobis. Do- 
mine, turris fortitudinis. 

/2. A facie inimici. 

V^ Nihil profkiat iniF 
micus in nobis. 

R^ £t Alius intquita.- 
tis non apponat nocere 

V. Uomine, non fc- 
cundum peccata noftra 
faciai! nobis. 

R, Neque fecundum 
imquitates noftras retri- 
buas nobis. 

V, Oremus proponti- 
fice noftfo A^ 

R, Domihu$ confcr- 
vet eum, & vivificet e- 
um, & beatum faciat 
eum in terra, U, non tra- 
dat eum in animam ini- 
micorum ejus. 

V. Oremus pro rcgc | 

R* Domlne, fa^vum . 
fac regem, & cxaudi 
lies in die qua invoca? 
\mQ\us le,. 

r^tf L I T 

V, Let us pray for our 

R, O Lord, for thy 
own name's fakc,vouch- 
fafe to render eternal 
life to all thofe who do 
us s;ood. 

f^. Let us pray for the 
faithful departed. 

R, Eternal reft give 
to them, O Lord, and . 
may a perpetual light 
fhine upon them. 

F. May they reft in 
peace. R, Amen, 

V, For our abfent bre- 

R, O my God, fave 
thy fervants, who put 
their truft in thee. 

F, Send them help, 
O Lord, from thy fanc- 

R, And from out of 
Sion protect them. 

y. O Lord, hear my 

R. And may my cry 
come unto thee. 

V. May the Lord. 

R, And with. 

ANY. cccv 

V. Orcmus pro bene- 
faSoribus noftris. 

R. Retribuere digna- 
re, Domine, omnibus 
nobis bona facientibus 
propter nomen tuum, 
vitam xternam. 

F. Oremus pro fide- 
libus defun£li$. 

R, Requiem aeter- 
nam dona eis, Domine, 
& lux perpetua luceaC 

F. Requiefcant in pa- 
ce. R. J men, 

F, Pro fratribus no- 
ftris abfcntibus. 

R, Salvos fac fervos 
tuos, Deus meus, fpe- 
rantes in te. 

F. Mitte eis, Domi- 
ne, auxilium de faiuSlio. 

R. Et de Sion tuere 

F, Domine, exaudi 
orationem meam. 

R. Et clamor meus 
ad te veniat. 

F. Dominus. 

R. Et cum. 

Let us praj'. 

OGod, whofe property it is always to have mer- 
cy and to fpare ; receive our petitions, that 
we, and all thy fervants, who are bound by the chain 
of fin, may, by the compaffion of thy goodnefs, 
mercifully be abfolved. 

TtEar, we befcech thee, O Lord, the prayers of 
•*■ ^ thy fuppliants, and pardon us our fuis^ vlui 

cccvi rfo t I T A N Y. 

confefs them to thee ; that 6f thy bounty tboii fnay'ft 
grant us pardon and peace. 
/^UT of thy clemency, O Lord, {hew us thy un- 
^^ fpcakable mercy; that fo thou may'ftbothao 
quit us of our fins, and deliver us from the puntfh- 
nicnt we deferve for them. 

r\ God, who by fin art offended, and pacified by 
^^ repentance, mercifully regard the prayers of thy 
people, who make fupplication to thee : and tarn 
away the fcourges of thy anger, which we deferve 
for our fins. 

/^ Almighty and eternal God, have mercy on thy 
^^ fervant xV. our chief Bi(hop, and dire<^ him, ac- 
cording to thy clemency, in the way of cverlafting 
falvation, that, by thy grace, he may defire the 
things that are agreeable to thy will, and perform 
them with all his flrength. 

"t IT'E befcech thee, O almighty God, that thy fer- 
^ ^ vant our King, who, thro' thy mercy, hath 
undertaken the government of thefe realms, may 
likcwife receive the increafe of-^ll virtue: where- 
with being adorned, he may avoid the enormity of 
fin, an J, being rendered acceptable in thy fight, 
come at length to thee, who art the way, the truth, 
2nd the life. 

f\ God, from whom are holy defircs, righteous 
^^ counfels, and juft works, give to thy f<:rvants 
that peace, which the world cannot give; that our 
hearts being difpofed to keep thy commandments,^ 
and the fear of the enemies taken away, the times, 
by thy protetSion, may be peaceable. 
T Nflame, O Lord, our reins and hearts with the fire 
'*' of the holy Spirit ; to the end we may ferve thee 
with a chafte body, and pi cafe thee with a clean heart. 
f\ God, the creator and redeemer of all the faith- 
^^ ful, give to the (o\:h of thy fervants departed 
the remiffion of all their fins ; that, by our pious 
Aipplications, they may obtain the pardon they havs 


rbe LITANY. cccvS 

Levent, we befeech thee, OLord> our a^ons 


by thy holy infpirations, and cairy them on by 
gracious a^ftance; that every prayer and work 
turs may always begin from thee, and by theo ■. 
appily ended. 

Almighty and eternal God, who haft dominion 
over the living and the dead, aivl art merciful to 
whom thou knoweft will be thine by faith and 
] works; we humbly befeech thee that they, for 
>m we have purpofed to offer our prayers, whe- 
this prefem world ftill detains them in the flefl>, 
iie next world hath already received them di- 
;d of their bodies, may by the clemency of thy 
I goodnefs, and the interceffion of thy faints, ob- 
pardon and full remiffion of all their tins, thro' 
Lord yefus Chrifl^ who liveth and reigneth with 
, in the unity of the Holy Ghoft, one God world 
lout end. R. Amen. 

\ May the Lord be V. Dominus vobif- 

\ you, R, And with cum. R, Et cum fpi- 

fpirit. F. May the ritu tuo. V. Exaudiat 

ighty and merciful nos omnipotens & mi- 

^ [jracioufly hear us. fericors Dominus. R« 

4 men, V. May the Amen, V, Fidelium ani- 

5 of the faithful, de- niae, per mifericordiam 

eG thro' the mercy of Dei, requicfcant in pace. 

1, reft in peace. R. R. Amen, 




yhen the bleffed Sacranrent is taken out of thi 
tabernacle, is fung iv hat follows : 

I Saving viftim, /^ Salutaris hoftia, 

pledge of love, \J 

o opereft heavVi Quaecoelipandisoftiuini 

gates above; 


By hofiilc wars we are 

Be thou our force, Aip- 

port, and reft. • 
To God the Father, 

and the Son, 
And holy Spirit, three in 

Be endleis praife : may 

he above 
With life immortal 

crown our love. 

Bella premuDt hoftilia, 

Da robur, fer auxilium. 

Uni Trinoque Do- 
Sit fempiterna gloria, 

Qui vitam Hne termino 

Nobis donet in patria« 


JTjifi is fung elthir the Te Deum, as p. xxxvi. 
in publick tbankfgivings^ or Pf. xix. Exaudiat, 
for the king^ p. cccx. or Pf. xc. Qui habi- 
tat, pAv. in the time of tribulation : or feme 
other Pfalm at the choice of the officiating Prieft, 
After which follows the Hymn : Pange lingua; 
or at lenjl the latter part of it : Tantum ergo. 


Sing, O my tongue, 
the myftick rite 
Contrived by wildom in- 
finite ; 
Containing, in the fhape 

of food, 
The glorious flefli, and 

precious blood 
Shed by the fruit of no- 

blcft womb. 
The GentiUs' king, to 

flop our doom. 
For man he came, was 

born for man ; 
From a chaftc maid his 

life began ; 
On eait\\ V\t\W4^ tit\<\ \x In munJo converfa- 

T^Ange lingua gloriofi 

Corporis myftcrium; 

Sanguinifque pretiofi, 

Qucm in mundipretium 

Fru<Slus ventris generofi, 

Rex effudit Gentium. 

Nobis datus, nobis 
Ex inta^hd virgine, 

^ii^acWA vo^o^ 


ne BENEDICTION, cccbi 

The feeds of heav'nly 

truths below : 
And then, with lading 

love, to clofe 

His life, this wond'rous 

way he chofe. 
That ev'ning, when 
•* that fupper paft. 
Which with his brethren 

was the laft. 
The pafchal vifiim ha- 
ving eat. 
And clos'd the law in le* 

gal meat ; 
He with his hands for 

food beftows 
Himfelf on twelve his 

wifdom chofe. 
The word made £fe(h, 

by words he faid. 
Turns into flefli fubftan- 

tial bread : 
Wine too he makes his 

blood divine, 
Tho' fenfe cries out : 'tis 

bread and wine. 
But hearts fmcere are 

jibere infur'd 
By faith' in words of 

Chrift fecur'd. 

TO this myflerious 
table now 
Let knees, and heart, 
and G^nfes bow \ 
Let ancient rites refign 

their place - 
To nobler elements of 

Sparfo verbi fecnine, 
Sui moras incolatfis 
Miro claufit ordine. 

Infupremx no£te cae* 
Recumbens cum fratrU 

Obfervata lege plene 

Cibis in legalibus; 

Cibum turbse duodena^ 

Se dat fuis manibus. 

Verbum carp panem 
Verbo carnem cfficit ; 

Fitque fanguis Chrijli 

Etfi fenfus deficit : 

Ad iirmandum cor fin* 

Sola fides fufficit* 

TAntum ergo facra* 
Venercmur cerntii ; 

£t antiquum documen- 

Novo cedat ritui : 

grace : 
Vol. II. 

c c 

cccx PkAYEUS for the KING. 

What otir weak fcnfcs Praeftet fides fupplemen- 

can't defcry, 
Let ftrongcr faith the 

want fupply. 
To th' undivided 

Three and One, 
To God the Father and 

the Son 
Hcfanna^ honour, jubi- 
Praife, glory, benediftioft 

To th' holy Ghoft, whofe 

equal rays 
From both proceed, be 
equal praife. Amen. 
V. Thou haft given 
them bread from Yi^z- 
\tT\y Alleluia, iZ. Which 
abounds with whatever 
is delicious, Alleluia, 

Senfuum defedui. 

Genitori, Genitoque 

Laus & jubilatio; v 

S^lus, honor, virtus quo- 

Sit et benedi(3io : 

Proccdenti ab utroqirc 

Compar fit laudatlo. 
V. Panem de coelo 
prdeftitifti eis. Alleluia, 
R. Omne deled^amen- 
tum in fe habenteoii 

PRAYER. Deus^ qui nobis. 

OGod, who in this wonderful facrament haft 
left us a perpetual memorial of thy pafSon : 
grant us, we befeech thee, fo to reverence the fa- 
cred myfteries of thy body and blood, that in our 
fouls we may always be fenfible of the fruit of the 
redemption thou haft purchafed for us. Who 

P R A Y E R S /ar the KING. 

Pf. xix. 

MAY the Lord T^Xaudiat te Domf- 
hear thee in the Py nus in die tribula- 
day of diftrcfs : ^ may tionis : ^ protegat te no- 
the name of the God of men Dei Jaci^t. 
Jacob proiecX X.\vc<:* 



May he fend thee help 
from his fanftuary: ^ 
21 nd from out of Sion de- 
fend thee. 

May he remember e- 
vcry facnfice of thine : ^ 
ami may thy holocauft 
be fat. 

May he grant thee 
thy heart's dcTire : ^ and 
bring to efFc6l, all thy 

We will rejoice in thy 
falvation : « and in the 
name of our God will 
we glory. 

May the Lord fulfil 
all thy rcquefts : ^ now 
I know the Lord hath 
faved his anointed One. 

He will hear him from 
his holy heaven : * in 
might is the falvation of 
his right hand. 

Some truft in cha- 
riots, and fome in hor- 
fes : ^ but we will call 
on the name of the 

They are fettered and 
are fallen : m but we are 
rifen, and {land up. 

O Lord, fave the 
king: ^ and hear us in 
the day we call on thee, 

c c 

Mittat tibi auxilium 
de fah£la: 4^ & de Sion 
tueatur tc« 

Metnor fit omnia fa* 
crificii tui : 9|& & holocao- 
ftum tuum pinguefiat. 

Tribuaft tIbi fecu.n- 
dum cor tuum : * & om- 
ne confiliuu} tuum con« 

Laetablmur in faluta- 
ri tuQ : eie ^ in nomine 
Dei noftri magnificabi- 

Impleat Domious om- 
nes petitiones tua$ : ^ 
nunc cognovi quoniam 
falvum fecit Dominus 
Chnjium fuum, 

Exaikdiet ilium de 
coelo fan£to fuo: ^ ia 
potentatibus falqs dex- 
ter ae ejus. 

Hi in curribus & ht 
in equis : ^ nos autem in 
nomine Domini Dei no- 
ftri invocabimus*. 

Ip(i obligatt funt, & 
ceciderunt : ^ nos autem 
furreximus, & ere£ti fu- 

Domine falvum fac 
iregem : ^ et exaudi no$ 
in die, x]}xi invocaverf* 
mus te« 


F R A Y £ R. We befecch^ as >. cccvi. 

Anotbir P R A V E R. Dius^ qui. 

OGod, who art the ftrength and fupport of 
thofe kingdoms that (erve thee, mercifully 
hjcar our prayers, and defend thy fervant our kjpg 
from all danger; and grant that his fafety may 
conduce to the peace and welfare •f thy people. 

Apostate, Heretick, §r Schismatigk, ^c 

rTbi perfin to h neoncilid^ .being brought to the 
iburcb-door^ ir thus fUiftiomd by the Bijhop or 

^ ir\0 you believe the twelve articles of the 
I 3 creed i J. I believe them. 

^ Do you believe in God the Father almis^h- 
ty, the Creator of heaven and earth i A. I De« 
lieve in him. 

^. Do you believe in JefuS ChriJI his only Son 
ourLord i A.l believe in him. 

^ Do you believe he was conceived by the 
holy Ghoft, and born of the Virgin Mary ? A. I 
believe it, 

^. Do you believe that he fuffered under Pori' 
tins Pilate^ was crucified, died, and was buried ? 
A, I believe it. 

^. Do you believe that he went down into hell ' ? 
A. I believe it. 

^ Do you believe that on the third day he rofe 
again from the dead ? A. I believe it. 

^ Do you believe that he afcended into hea- 
ven, and fitteth at the right hand of God the Fa* 
ther almighty i A. I believe it. 

^, Do you believe that he will come again td 
judge the living and the dead i A, 1 believe it. 

1 1E.X^V% Tbe ^loce of deported ^Qu\t« 

Of an APOSTATE, i^c. tzcyCm 

^ Do you believe in the holy Ghoft ? A. I 
believe in him. 

^. Do you believe the holy cathdlick church, 
the communion of faints ? A* I believe it* 

^. Do you believe the forgivenefi of fins \ A, I 
believe it. 

^ Do you believe the refurreftion of the flefh, 
and everlafting life I A. I believe it. 

The £ X O R C I S M. 

IExorcife thee, O unclean fpirit, by God the 
Father almighty, and by ^ifu$ Chrl^ his Son, 
that thou depart from this fervant of God, whom 
our God and Lord voucbfafeth to deliver from thy 
errors and voiles, and bring back to our holy mo- 
ther the catholick and apouoltck church. Let hi^ 
lay his con>mands on thee, O thou curfcd and 
damned fpirit, who AjfFered, died, and was buried 
for the falvatioftof mankind ; who overcafric thee, 
and all thy might ; a«d rifmg again afcended into 
heaven, from whence he is to come to judge the 
living and the dead, and the world by fire. 

Here the Bijhop or Prieji makes the- fign of the 
crofs on the fore -head of the per f on to be recon-- 
ciledy faying : 

Receive the fign of the crofs and of Chrlftiani- 
ty^ which havi-ng formerly received, you did not? 
keep, but being unhappily decchved, yoa di<l deny. 

ff^hen the per/on to be- reconciled is led into the' 
churchy the Bijhcp or Prieji fays .- 

Enter again the church of God, from which 
you have imprudently fl rayed ; and gratefully givef 
thanks for having efcaped the fnares of death. Ab- 
hor all idolatry, rejeit all heretical [<7r heathenifli, 
or Jewifh] fupeiftition. Worfhip God the Fa- 
ther ahnighty, and jefus ChriJI his Son, and I he 
holy Ghcvft, one living and true God, an holy and 
undivided Trinity. 

c c 3 


Let us pray. OmnipoUns. 

O Almighty and eternal God,- receive with a 
fatherly tendernefs this fheep, which thy 
might hath fnatched from the jaws of the-wolf^ and 
mercifully join it to thy flock; that the enemy may 
never rejoice at any lofs of thy family, but that thy 
church may rejoice at his [«r her] converfion and 
deliverance, as a tender mother doth for finding 
her fun. Thro' Cbriji our Lord. R. Amen. 

Let us pray, Dius^ qui. 

OGod, who mercifully repaireft man, whom 
thou wonderfully createdft to thy own image 
and likenefs: gracioufly.look down upon this thy 
fervant, that what he [«rihe] hath loft by biindnefs 
and ignorance, and the deceit of the devil the ene- 
my, thy mercy may pardon and ablblve : and that 
he [or Ihe] may be .reftored to thy altars, having 
now again partaken of the communion of truth. 
Thro' Chrijl our Lord. R. Amen. 

^ Do you believe in God the Father, the Crea- 
tor of heaven. and earth? A, I believe in him. 

J^. Do you believe in Jefus Chrift our Lord, 
who was born and fuffered tor us ? A, I believe in 

^. Do you believe in the holy Ghoft, and that 
the holy catholick church is the communion of 
faints ; as alfo the forgtvenefs of fms, the refurrec- 
tion of the flefli, and everlafting life after death? 
A. I believe it all. 

^. Do you renounce the devil, and all his an- 
gels r A. I renounce them. 

^» Do you renounce every feft of hcathenifm, 
or heretical wickednefs, or Jewiih fuperflitioa^ 
A* I renounce them. 

^. Do you defire to be admitted into, and live 
in the unity of the cavholick faith i A, I do defue 

Of an APOSTATE, 6?^. cccx^ 

Let us pray. Domim^ Deus. 

OLord, Almighty God, Father of our Lord 
Jefus Chrifty who haft vouchfafed merciful- 
ly to deliver this thy fervant from [the errors of 
heathenifm or\ the lies of heretical wickednefs, \or 
Jewifti fuperflition} and to recal him {or her} to 
thy church ; do thou, O Lord, fend down on him 
\pr her] the holy Spirit the Comforter from hea- 
ven. Vi,.Amen. 

The fpirit of wifdom, and underftanding. R» 

The fpirit of counfel, and ftrength. R. Amtn. 

The fpirit of knowledge, and of piety. R. Amen. 

Fill him [^r her] with the light of thy bright* 
nefs, and let him [^r her] be marked with the fign 
of the crofs to everlafting life, in the name of •ur 
Lord Jefus Cbrj/l. R, Jmen. 

J PRAYER for ohtaining an INDULGENCE. 


AN Indulgence is a favour granted by the Church to 
penitent finners, whereby, in coniideration of their 
performing fome particular adls of religion, fpecified in 
the grant of the indulgence, the whole, or part of the ca- 
nonical pennance formerly enjoined for particular fins, is 
relaxed and remitted. If the whole be remitted, the In- 
dulgence is called Plenary, if only a part,.4t is called ah 
Indulgence o^ feven years, f cur years, two years, ox forty 
days, according to the part of the Canonical pennance to 
be remitted. The Bifhops of Rome alone at prefent grant 
fuch as are plenary ; the other Bifhops in their refpe^live 
Dioccfes feldom exceed in their grants that of forty days^ 
Hence it appears that an Indulgence is fo far from be- 
ing either a leave or permifiion to commitlin, (as is fome- 
times pretended by thofe, who venture their falvation on 
condemning do^rines they either do not, or wiUnot un« 
derfland) that it is not fo much as even a forgiving of fins, 
but only a relaxation of the punifhmeni due to fins already 
forgiven in the £icrameut cf pennance. 

cccxvi jf P R A Y E R fer gaiting 

That the Qmrch was intnifted with foch an authority 
by CArifi^ and hath io every age eacercUcd this authority, 
moft be acknowledged by a1l« who are not ftrangers to 
Scripture and Church-hiftory. St. PmU had juffly ez- 
commanicated the ince(luoi]sCinjvi£rtf»; but^ in confide- 
ration of the fcrvoar of his repentance, he reftored him 
again to the (acnuneots and the commnnion of the faithful, 
in confeqaence of the power of Iooiing» as well as binding, 
which Cbrift had left in the Charch. And in the pri- 
mitive ages we meet with nothing more frequent, than a 
relaxation of the canonical pcAnaiicea>at the intreaties and 
reqneft of the Martyrs. 

The followbg decree therefore of the Conncil oifrent, 
$iff, 14. df Refirm. cannot but be applauded by tvtry fober 
and difpafllonatc man. "As the power of beflowing Indul- 
** gences was granted by Cbrift to the Church, and as the 
f< Church, even in the moft early ages, made ufe of this 
*< power... the holy fynod teacheth and appointeth the ufe 
«* of indulgences, fo very falutary to Chriftian people, and 
«« approved of by the authority of the (acred Councils, 
*< to be reuined m the Church... but dcfires that modera- 
•• tion fhould be nfed in the grant of them, according to 
" the ancient and approved ufe of the Church ; left, by 
** too much cafe, the difcipline of the Church be enerva- 
*' ted. ' Tut deliring likewiie that the abufcs that have 
** crept therein may be corredcd, ihe orders in general 
** tlve aboliihiiig all trafBck for gaining the fame.'* And 
deiircs all the Blihops to apply *' proper remedies to what- 
" ever abufes may Lave arifen from fuperftitioni ignorance, 
"and irreverence, in the ufe thereof." 

The conditions upon which alone we can receive the 
effefls of any Indulgence, are, i . To be truly forry for our 
iins. 2. To have a finccre defire of fatisfyihg for them 
3. To fatisfy as far as is in our power. 4. To have ob 
tained the rcmillion of fin as to the guilt of it. <;. To ful 
fil tlie a£^s of religion prcfcribcd for the obtaining the In 
dulgence; fuch as fading, praying, vifitirig chmches, gi 
ving alms, receiving the blefTcd Eucharifl, &f^. 

The Prayer. 

O Almighty and cvcriafting God, it is with con- 
fufton of countenance and contrition of heart 
that I prefent myk\4 \w ^^^\^ ^^^>m^ ^ WmllitY on 

An I N D U L G E N C E. cccxvii 

my bended knees before thy divine Majefty, whom 
I have offended moft grievoufly by my manifold 
crimes and offences. Great hath been their enor- 
mity, and fuch as thy juftice would have punifhed 
with eternal torments, had not thy mercy interpo- 
fed, and faved me from thy wrath by the blood of 
thy holy only Son,which hath been applied to my foul 
by thy minifter in the facrament of pennance. Thou 
haft again therefore, in thy infinite goodnefs, admit- 
ted me into favour : thou haft placed me again at 
thy table with thy children, and fed me with the 
food of life, and the bread of Angels, But I can 
never forget my paft ingratitude to thee, O my 
God, my Father, and my King, I deteft again all 
the crimes I have ever committed againft thy di- 
vine Majefty. I acknowledge, that tho* thou haft 
taken away my fins, there remaineth yet a punifti- 
ment due to them. The difcipline of thy Church, 
tho' ever unchangeable in the fpirit that guides and 
directs it, requires no longer thofe external rigours 
of pennance formerly prad:ifed, and which I know 
the enormity of fins demand ^ but thy juftice is ftill 
the fame, and fin muft ftill be fatisfied for. This, 
my God, I have in fome meafure endeavoured to 
do, and will ftill increafe my efforts to perform in 
the beft manner I am able. 

" But do thou, O God, confirm and ratify what 
thy Vicar on earth hath done. He hath opened the 
trcafures of the Church, and I may now apply to 
my foul .the fuperabundant merits of Jefus Chrtji^ 
thy only Son, and thofe of all his faints, which are 
his own gifts in them, to fupply all the defefts of 
the fatisfadlion I have or may perform for my fins. 
Accept therefore the alms, fafts, and prayers 
which I offer to thy divine Majefty. I pray not 
for myfelfonly, but for the whole Catholick Church 
all over the world. For the fupreme Paftor there- 
of, the fuccefl'or of St, Peter^ the chief of thy Apo- 
ftlcs : for the Prelate, to whom ihoviVv^ft. ^i^vasw^- 

cccxviii A P R O F E S S I O N 

ted the care of thy flock m this diftrid, and for all 
the Paftors, who labour under him in the falvation 
of fouls : for the Prince appointed by thee for the 
government of thefe realms. I pray alfo for all 
Chriftian Piinces, that they may live in peace and 
perfect concord, and avoid all the profanations, 
horrors, and dcvaftations of war. Look down al- 
fo, in thy mercy, on all thofe unhappy fouls that 
know not thee, the true and living God, or rcfufe 
to believe thofe truths thou haft revealed to thy holy 
Catholick Church, or obftinately remain feparate 
therefrom, and by fchifm deftroy that unity, which 
thy only-begotten Son appointed to be kept by all 
his difciples. Grant this my humble petition, I 
befecch thee, O almighty God, thro' the hmeji- 
Jhs Chri/1 thy Son our Lord, who with thee and the 
Hdy Ghofl: livcth and reigneth one God world 
without end. Amen. 

1 ill i i 1 S i i i * i I i i ! i i : t : I 


Of the CATHOLICK FAITH puhUJhed by Pope 
PIUS IV. ufually made by Graduates, &c. in Ca- 
iholkk Countries. 

IN. N. with a firm faith believe and profcfs all 
and every one of thofe things, which are con- 
tained in the Creed, which the holy Catholick 
Church maketh ufe of, viz. I believe in one God, 
the Father almighty, i^c, in the Nicene Creed, at 

I moft ftedfaftly admit and embrace Apoftolical 
and Ecclefiaftical traditions^ and all other obfer- 
vances and conflitutions of the church. 

I alfo admit the holy Scripture according to that 
fenfe which our holy Mother, the Church, hath 
held, and doth hold, to which it belongs to jud^c 
of the true fenfe and interpretation of the Scrip- 
tures : nekTatt vj'vW V ^v^i Va^^ ^tA v^ter^ret them 


otherwife than according to the unanimous confent 
of the Fathers. 

I alfo profefs, that there are truly and properly 
fsven Sacraments of the new law, inftituted ty Je^ 
Jus Chrijl our Lord, and neceffary for the falvation 
of mankind ; tho' not all for every one, vi%.' Bap-- 
ttftn^ ConfirmaUoTiy Eucharijl^ Pennancej Extreme^ 
Un^ion^ Order^ and Matrimony \ atid that they con^ 
fer grace : and that of thcfe, Baptifm^ Confirmatiottj 
and Order cannot be reiterated without facrilege. 
I alfo receive and admit the received and approved 
Ceremonies of the Cathofick Church in the folemfl 
adminiflration of all the aforefaid facraments. 

I embrace and receive all and every one of the 
things which have been defined and declared m the 
holy Council of Trent ^ ccfncerning Original Sin and 

I profefs likewife, that in the Mafs there is of- 
fered to God, a true, proper, and propitiatory fa- 
crifice for the living and the dead. And that in the 
moft holy facrament of the Euchariji^ there is /r«- 
ly^ really^ ?s\d fubjiantially the body and bloirdy toge- 
ther with the foul and divinity of our Lord Jefus 
Chriji: and that there is made a converjion or change 
of the wliole fubfiana of the bread into the ^ody^ 
and of the whole fubjlance of the wine into the 
blood \ which converjion or change the Catholick 
Church calls tranjubflantiation* I alfo coiifefs that 
under either kind alone Chrijl is received whole and 
entire, and a true facrament. 

I conftantly hold that there is a Purgatory^ and 
that the fouls therein detained are helped by the 
fuffrages of the faithful. 

Likewife that the Saints reigning together with 
Chrijl are to be honoured, and invocated, and that 
they offer prayers to God for us ; and that their 
r clicks are to be refpeded. 

I moft firmly aflcrt, that the Images of Chrijl^ of 
the ever^Virgiti-mother of God, and alfo of other 

cccxx A PROFESSION, 6fr. 

Saints ought to be had and retained \ and that iut 
honour and veneration is to be given to them. 

I alfo affirm that the power of Indulgences was 
left by Chriji in the Church, and that the ufe of 
them is mod wholefome to Chriftlan people. 

I acknowledge the holy^ Catbolick^ Jlpoftolick^ 
Roman Church for the Mother and Miftrefs of all 
other Churches ; and I promife true obedience to 
the Bijbop of Rome^ fucceflbr to St. Peter ^ Prince 
of the Apoftles, and Vicar of Jefus Chrift. 

I likewife undoubtedly receive and profefs all' 
other things delivered, defined, and declared by the 
facred Canons and geiieral Councils, and particu- 
larly by the holy Council of Trent. And 1 con- 
-?demn, reje£l, and anathematize all things contrary 
thereto, and all herefies whatfoever condemned, 
rejected, and anathematized by the Church. 

This true Catholick Faith, without which no 
one can be faved, I N^ N. do at this preient freely 
profefs and fmcerely hold ; and I promife moft con- 
Aantly to retain and confefs the fame entire, and 
unviolated, with God's affiftance, to the end of my 

-•- »■ * A A. >■ A -♦- A -*- -•- ■•- A. A ■». >- A ■». A ■♦■ -*■ -*- -iL ■»■ .>■ .* ■♦ ■• -*■ A -♦- A .It ,f, ,f, .f, 

▼ WV^ " " " " " • # W '•F ♦ r V '* V V * V '♦' V V V V V v V 'V V V V # V 


o r T H E 


I Submit whatever is contained in this 

STOLICK SEE, (wherein resides the 
VISIBLE HEAD of the church of 
Christ on earth) to that O F T H E 


LAND, AND OF the whole CATHO- 
LICK CHURCH, in whose communion 


Jpril 17, 1763. C. C. C. A-D. A, 



PSALMS contained in ibe Second Volume. 

P/,iig, \D Doimnum cum tribularer — ccxxx 
a4. jljL Ad te,DomiDe, levavi animam meam ccxlvii 

a». Ad te kvayi oculos meos — vii 

31. Beati quorum remiffe funt — cclxxxvi 

40. Beatus qui intelligit — -* cclvii 

III, Beatus vir qui timet — — - xliii 

149* Cantate Domino, caoticum novum — cclxxiv 
110. Confitebor tibi, Domine — • — xlii 

137. Confitebor tibi, Domine — — ccxxxixi 
115. Credidi propter quod — Ixxi 

4. Cum invocarem • liii 

129, De profundis dama^ . — -»— ccxxxii 

6». Deus, Deus mens, ad te de luce — cclxviii 

'69. Deus in adjutorium — ccciii 

66, Deus mifereatur nofhi — cclxix 

114. Dilexi, quoniam exaudiet — — ccxxix 

109, Dixit Dominus — ■ xli 

7, Donaine Deus mens — ccxlii. 

101. Domine, exaudi oradonem — — ccxd 

6. Domine, ne in furore tuo arguas — — ecxl 

37, Domine, ne in furore tuo arguas — cclxxxviji 

138. Domine, probaiii me — ■ Ixxiii 
2$, Domini eft terra ■ ' ccv 
26, Dominus illuminatio mea — — ^ ccl 
aa. Dominus regit me — ccxlvi 

133. Ecce nunc benedicite Ivii 

19, Exaudiat ■ cccx 

39, Expedans expedlavi 

US' In convertendo — 

113. In exitu 7/r^^/ — 

30. In te, Domine, fperavi 

4». Judica me, Deus 

121^ Lsaetatus fum 

145. Lauda anima mea — '— ccxxxiv 

147. Lauda, Jerufalem — - Ixir 

148. Laudate Dominum de coelis — — clxxi i 
150, Laudate Dominum in fandis ■* ccixxv: 

Vol. 1L d d 

N D E X. 

P/. 1x6. Laudate Dominum omnes 
III. Laudate pucri — ^— 

xio. Levavi ooilos ^ — — 
x.^x. Memento, Dominey David 

50. Miferere mei, Deus ^ — 
X26. NifiDoimnussedificaverit — 

41. Quemadmodum — 

90. Qui habitat ' 

64. Te decet hynnui 

94. Venite — — 
5. Verba mea — 


— Ixviii 

— ccxxxi 
— cviii 

— cclsiv 
- hav 

— cclix 

— cdxvi 


Bencdicite omnia — 

Bencdi^us Dominus Deus 

Ego dixi — 

Magnificat — 

Nunc dimittis — — 


- cclxxvi 

— cclxx 
-^- xlviii 


INDEX to thi HYMiNS and PROSES, 

Ave Maris ftella — 

Ave regina — ^ — 
Audi benigne conditor 
Coeleltis urbs JerufaUm 
Deus, taorum militum 
Dies irae ■ 

ExuJtet orbis 

Fortem virili pe<^re 
J^u^ corona virgiuura 

Ifte Ccnfeflbr 

Pang^ lirgiia 

Quodcancjuc in orbe 
Sancftoium meritis — 
Staba^ Mater — - 

Te Deum — 

Te Iqfeph celebrent 
Te fucis — 

VexiUa Kcgia — 


• Ixi 


— cxlvii 

— Ixix 

— cxlii 


— civ 

— 2ca 

— xci 

— 14; 

- 217 

— \a 


O F T H E 




IredioDS — - 
I. Sunday in Lent 19 







Ember- Wednelday 


II. Sunday in Lent — 49 
Monday ■ 



Thurfday • • 

Friday — — 
Saturday — — 

III. Sunday in Lent — 


Tuefday — — 

• Thurfday 

Friday — 

Satuiday — — 

IV. Sunday in Lent 
Monday — 


Wednefday — — 

Thurfday — — 

Friday — 

Saturday — — 


Monday in Pailion- 


"Wedrefday — - 

Thurfday — - 

Friday — — 
















The Office of the 

feven Dolours 

the B. V. Mary 

Saturday — - 

Palm-Sunday — 

Monday in Holy 


Tuefday - 

Wednefday — 








The particular Of- 
fices of the Saints, v ,^^ 
from Feb. the 8th ^ ^99 
to^/ir//thei7th. ^ 
The Bieffing of the Water 1 
■ of the Bread v 

The Exhortation, or ") -r 
Prone $ '^' 

The Ordinary of the > - 

Mafs 5 

Vefpers on Sundays — xl 

Complin — lii 

Common of the B. > 1 -. 
WNary 5 '^* 

of ApofUeSjCt^. Ixvii 

of one Martyr Ixxvii 

' of many Martyrs xc 

of a Confeflbr ) 

andBiihop 5 ^^" 

oi Do(5tors — cxiii 

of a Confcf- ) 

for, not a Riihop J ^^"^^J 

of Abbots — cxxiii 

of a Virgin ) 

and Martyr 5 
— of many 7 



iZrc O N T E N T S, ^f. 

Common of a Vir- "^ 
gin, not a Mar > cxxzr 
tyr 3 

of aMar-> 

tyr, not a Virgin 5 

of Holy Women cxI 

of the Dedi-^ cxlvi 
cation, ifc. J 

A Votiye Mafi of) ^i. 

xhtY^.f.Mary S 

' For the Side dvi 
P^crs Prayers at the >^ 

OKMce of the Pneft \ /^ 
MafTes for the Dead axsof 

The Adminiflra- 7 ^i«.«^«. 

— of Confirmation cxcv 

— of Pennance — cxcvii 
— - of Matrimony cxdx 
The Bleffing of a Wo- 1 

man with Chfid, > cd 

when in Danger " j 
The Churdiing of) ^ -„ 

Women $ ^^ 

The Vifiution of the ) ,.,^-: 

Sidc 5"^ 

The Coramumon of) 

the Sick 5 «^^ 

The Adminiflration^ 

oftheSacramentof > ccxi 

Extrcme-Unaion j 
The Reoonuoenda- 

don of a Soul de- >ccxt 




The Office of die ? 
Pead jccxxix 

The Burial-Ser- > , .. 
▼ice for Adults 5 cc^xxyn, 

ForIitde5 ^i^ J . 
4— « h cdxxxi.' 

The Penitendal \ 

Pfahns 3 

The Litany — 


Prayers for the 
The Rcondhad 
of an Apoftat 
Heretick, ifc, 
A Prayer for gain- 
ing an Indul- 
The Declaration of 
the Author 






*^ s 

«p ^' :^