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Full text of "The Dobyns-Cooper and allied families of Ballou, Bramble, Coulter, Credit, Duval, Henry, Kemp, Larew, Lyon, Norwood, Perry, Pierce and Taylor"

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Ballon, Bramble, Coulter, Credit, Duval, Henry, 

Kemp, Larew, Lyon, Norwood, 

Perry, Pierce and Taylor. 



Hdnnibal, Mo. 


Geological Survey, Lansing, Michigan. 






Lor. r.KA.Mi'.LE. ('()rLTi:i{. (m;i:dit, DrvAL*^HENKV. Ki:.Mr, 


Ill Ociohcr. 1!M»(>. the junior inithor oT tin's woi-k had a painplilct 
])i-iiiti'(l oil aiiotlHM- hiancli of this raiiiiix. 'IMic ohjecl in jicttinii, out 
tliis |»aiiii;hi('I. which is similar in scojic, is to <iive tliosc inten'stcd 
an cai-l.v oit|)<ti-i iiiiii v oT using' sncli inroniial ion as has heou oli- 
tainccl. At a rmiire (hite it is hojted that the two publications niav 
he (•(•iiiliiiicd. aioiiii with inforniation still to he ohtain('(L and iirinlcd 
antl hound in a iiiaiiiicr which may he more suilahh' and lastiiij;. 
With the names of the allied lamilies presented in the title, we have 
only mentioned Iciiiale members of the Dobyns family who have be- 
come allied into other lamilies by marriai2,e. Inasmuch as the 
greater portion ol this history is given to the deseendants of .lames 
Dobyns and Sarah Cooper, sister to the great grand fat her of one 
of the authors, it was als(t ihonght advisable to incorporate her 
name in the title. The history begins with the first Dobyns who 
emigrated to America. A ])aniplilet has already been i»rinte<l giv- 
ing the history of the descendants of Jacob Cooper, brother of Sarah 
Cooper Dobyns and great grandfather (»f the joint author. ^\^ F. 

In presenting this information, we lia\'e rollowel a chronological 
order for the members of each family, with the direct descendants 
of each ])erson down to the |)reseiil as iai- as possible. This ar- 
langemenl is facilitated by rerereiice imiiiiiers and back ri fereiices. 
as will be observed in the text. We trust that it will serve the j)nr- 
pose (juite sufficiently. 

FIRST <a:M:itATio.\ i ix amkkka ) . 

1. Edwar<l Dobyns was iiorii in England. December 7. 1747. lie 
landed in New ^'ol•k and iiioxcd into Ciilp<'iier Co.. \'a. During the 
Hevoliil ioiiary War he t(»ok jiart in a number (d' engagements with 
Lieutenant .\pollos ( 'ooper. and. according to Win. Kay Dobyns. 
was present at the surrender of ( 'ornwallis at ^'orktown. \'a.. in 
1782. .Mter jieace was establislH'il lie moved iiilo Mason ( "o.. Ky. 
According to Mrs. .\nrelia .\. Kalloii he married i-'rances llowe. 
She was itoiii May (i. 17r»l. and died dan. L*l». isijl, in .Mason Co.. 
Ky. l-^dward D(diyns died A])iil 'A. 17!I4. and is either buried near 
Fleniinasburii or in .Mason ( 'o.. K\., according lo niost sour«-es of 
information. Their children were: 



-. 'I'linmas I)(tl».\iis. Ikhii .\(.\. 1'.). iTTti; dit-d .Iiil.v :;. 1Sl".I. 

."!. .hlliics |)nli\iis. ni;illi('(l Sjirali ("(Mtpci-. S(M' i»;ll"l<:i:iiili 14. 

4. Will. 1 ><»l»\ IIS, lioni •) line lT). 1774: died April 7. 17^1'. 
.". IMward hdliviis. sec paia^rapli i:i7. -^^^ v - 

• i. i;ii/,ai)('lli l>(»l»\ns. s«M' |»aia«;ia|)li K'.S. 

7. ('ailKM-iiic Doliyiis. Ixiin .Mav .".1. 177'.l; died Maicli ITi. I7s.~(. 

5. ("Iiarlcs l><ilt\iis. sci' jiaiaui aiili \'.\U. 
!>. Iliiticli h()l»\iis, see i»aiauiaitli ir)S. 

1(1. Maiy l>(»l»\iis, see ])ai-a_ura|tli l.~)!». 

11. Iteii jaiiiiii I ►ohyiis. see parajivaiili I'in. 

IL'. l!(Mr\ I >(iliyiis. sec paraiirajdi Kil. 

i:'.. Baldwin l»(il.\iis. lioni daii. s. 17li;'.: diiMJ .Iniic Ti. I7li::. 

11. .lames Ihiliyns. see jiarajii-apli 1. line '■'>. was Ixnii .Manh •_'. 
177lI. ill < "iil|»e;iei- <"«i.. \'a.. and died -Inly I'l. 1SM4. at Fleiiiiii<isl)ur<i-. 
Ky. lie iiianied Saiali ("(toiM'i- Sejit. ll. 17'.M. at W'asliiiiiitoii. .Masdii 
('(»., Ky. Slic was Imh-ii Jan. IL'. 177(i. in l.oiidoini ("o., \'a.. and 
(lied Oct. ;'.. lsr»i. at Ilannihal. Md. Her latlier. Ajudlos Cooiter. 
lived in i.(»nd<niii Co.. \'a.. and sei-ved as a second lieutenant and 
as a lientciianl in <'a|ii. ("Iiarlcs ^\'est■s conipany known als(> as 
Reuben r>iiscoc"s <<inii)any. Third \ ii-^^inia He.uiiiicnl, commanded 
by ('(d. Thomas Maishall. Kevolut ionary Waw Commissioned seo- 
oiiil lieutenant. Fell. !». 177(1: inomoted lieutenant i ]»i-esnmably tii-st 
licnicmint). An,u. 7. 177(1, and was killed Sept. 11. 1777. at the 
battle of Hiandyw inc. Tiie maiden name ol' the iiiolhci- ot Safah 
Cooper was Sarah I\<*ed. daujiht(i- oT Wm. Ki cd. a N'iriiinia cidonial 
soldier. She also had two bi-olhci-s, Robert who iiioxcd in Tennessee. 
and .Jacob ( 'oopcr. i;rcat ;iirandra(liei- ol' the joiiil author (d' this 
Work, who resided in Kentucky and Indiana. She niaia-icd ai;ain 
after the death of hci- hnsbaiid. .Vpnijn^ ( "(lupci-. .\ com]dete history 
of I lie dcsceiidanls (d' .la cob < 'ooper has already been priiilcd. .lames 
!)oltyns was either a W'hii: »ir .lelVersonian in politics and a I'.aplist. 
lie was lliiih SheiilV (d' I'-leiiiinn Co.. K\. .\ccordinu lo .Mr. C. X. 
i)ob\iis ol' ('oiaiinji'. .M<».. he assisted in llic kiiliiit: ol ('hiel' Tc'uni- 
seli ai ilie I'.alih' of Thames in llie second war wiih (ireal lliilain. 
Their cjiildreii wcr(>: 

riiiiai (a:M:i;.\rio.\. 

l.~i. .\|iolIos Coo|i<'r I ».. born Scjit. ■_'(», 17!*."). 

Hi. I'raiic<'s l>oi»yns, see jiaraiiiaph "JS. 

17. (leorjic W'ashinutoii I ».. .see ]iara,uraph IWK 

IN. lalward |tob\ns. see paraLZiapli IL'. 

I'.l. Kli/.abeih hdbyns. see paraiiiaph \'-\. i 

L'O. .Mary Reed hob\ns. see paiauiaph ('•!'. 

L'l. Thornloii l-'arron I >.. born Sept. L*. isus: died, uiimarricd. 

( »cl ,-.. ISL'S. 

I'll, .\senalli hobyns. see parai:ra|>h (i7. 

1'."!. ("harlolii' Reed i»(d>\ns. see paramaph 7l>. 

24. A\'iii. hdbyns. honi. Jniic !». ISlC. 

'2~*. .Iniiics Reed Holiyiis. s(X' ]iili;iiii;i|tli M)'^. 

I'd. is rraiji I >()l»_vns,' sec |);ir;ii;ia|tli 117. 

27. Julia Ann Lcticia Dolnns. see ijaragi-apli i:J4. 

2S. Frances Dolivns, s(M' itaiau;ra|ili 14. line lt», was Ixn-n Marcli 
11. 17*.I7. the second cliihl of .lames Dobyns, and niaiiied Sanmel 
I >. ilcnrx. Tliev liad lln-ee children. 

rorirnr ckxhratiox. 

A\iii. Henry, see ]»ariiiira]»li '-.K 
(Te(M<>e Henry, see parajirajdi 80. 
Mary Dorcas Tfeni'v. see ]>ara;iira])li ol. 

211. W III. Henry moved to California Avhen quite a lad. lie and 
family are all d<'ai]. 

;!(l. (icoriic Henry died in Cincinnati. Ohio, leavinti' a wife and 
three eliildren. »>lie afterwards married again and moved into 

81. Mary Dorcas Henry was born May 10, 1S'2~), and died May 
28. ISC". She married James Samuel Kainey, Jan. 17, 1840, at 
Sharitsbuiji. Ky. He was born at ^^'inchest(M•, Ky.. Aug. 4, LSI!), 
and died Nov. 28, 1884, at Covington, Ky. His occupation was sad- 
dler, i)olitics Republican, religion Presbyterian. His father. Win. 
Samuel Kainey, was born in North Carolina and married Kulianna 
Lindsley of Jventucky. He was a ]irofessor of languages al Mt. 
Sterling, Ky. Their children were: 

Edward Kainey. 

Edward liaiiicy. 

Susan K. Kainey. married -T. T. Leonard. 

Ann Kainey. Chillicoihe. Mo. 

James S. Kainey. married Mary D. Henry, see ]»aragrapli :'>!. 

Tieliecca M. Kainey, married Hiram I'ark. 

-Maria C. Kainey. married W. (). (loodloe. 

H. day Kainey. married Lou AN'allace, Chillicothe, .Mo. 

The gi-andfalher of .lames Samuel Kainev was Judj*!* James 
Kainey. He was born .\uu. 1, 17."S. in Xoiili Carolina, and died 
Sept. ir,. 1841. 

< liililicn of James S. Kainey and ^Liry Dorcas Henry are: 

FIFTH <a:.\i:i:ATio.\. 

82. i'dwaid Alonzo Kainey. born March 7. ISIl. He mairied 
Carrie Kay. an<l is said to be al llie Soldiers" Home, (^iiincy. 111. 

88. (Jeorge Dobyns itaiiiey. Ikhii Xo\ . 2(i. |S17. ("le\-elaiid. ( ). 
84. John Parish Kaine.x. born .Ian. 1». 1S.~)(I. Sturgeon. Mo. 
8."). Susan l-]li/,abelli K'ainey. see ]iaiagraj)h 8S. 
80. Carrie Stockton Ivainey. born Sejit. 8, LS.IO. address II to X. 
9th Street, Cincinnati, Ohio. 


.'{7. IIciiiv ('lav Kainev. Imuii Scjit. i:*.. isci'. He manicd Kate 
Kciiijtci-. A<Mi-«'ss. (>li\<'i-. ^^^il;llI and Ivaiin-v. ( 'iiiciiinal i. Ohio. 

M"^. Siisaii I-3lizalu'tli Kaiiicy. sec line '.\Tt. was Itmii .Inly S, 1S.")4. 
ai Sliar|»slinrj:. i'.aili Co.. Ky. Slic was iiianicil \h'r. 1. ISS,"). at 
< "(>viii;:l<>ii. \\\ .. In .luhii Tv id- Mctccr. wlm was also Imni ;il Sliarps- 
Itur;;. Jan. I's. Isll. 'I'lic maiili ii iininc i>\ liis nmilici- was ICIi/.alK'tli 
Hill. Ills ii((ii|iat ion is lainuM-, icli^ion I'ii'sIin icijan. |ii»liii(s Ke- 
liul»li<aii. [Hisiotlicc rnlnniliia. .Mn.. \\. W I >. No. I. 'I'iicii- cliihli-cn 
art- : 

sixiii (a:.\i:K.\rniN. 

LtMinaid Kaint-y .Mcicci-. lioiii .liil\ 11. 1 '^^7. 
<;ny i:ilswoiili Mciccr. Iiorn Oci. I's. IS'.H. 

Ill iKii »a'M:u.\'riox. 

.*>li. ( icor^^i' \\ asliiniiinii |)(»liyns. set' ])araL:ra[iii 14. lint' 17. was 
Itorn F<*l>. 111. 171t!». nr in 17".»7. and nianicd Kfiicrta (Oulifr. They 
had jonr riiildrcii : 

i-oiK I II (a:Ni:i!A'iiox. 

.Mar;iai('l holiyiis. died unnianird. 
Saiah .lane hohyns, s<^c jtai-a<;i-a|ih 40. 
lit'iiix llasr(nn. sec i)ara<:ra|»li 41. 
I]\arni»' I >ol)\ ns. died iiniiiariicd. 

Ifl. Saiah .lane hohyns iiiaiiicti .VH'icd Norwood, 
inloi-nial ion ol' one child. 

I oiil\ havo 

Kii-iii (a:xi;i;Aiio\. 
Ilciii\ W. Norwood. Mi. (■.iinifl. K\ 

I'orurii <a:xi:i:Ai lox. 

11. llfiiiN I'lasidjii I >oli\ ns. son ol (Iro. \\ . l>oli\ns. sec para- 
j;ra|ih :i'.t. was hoin .\|iiil :'.n. is.'.ii, ;il Sliar|islMii!n. r.alli Co.. Ky.. 
and di«'d No\. 7. r^77. He was nianird .Ma\ 17. 1>"7I. lo Nannie 
\'ir,i;inia (ioodman. Sh • was lioin S('|ii. 111. \s\:\, ■\\ .Ml. (lilcad. 
.Mason i'o.. Ky.. and is now liviiii; al I'h-niiniisliiiiu. K> . llcr lalluM-. 
Firldinj; Lewis (Jundnian. was horn in .\ llu'iiiiai 1 < o.. \'a. Her 
niothcr was llli/.ahcl h .Moss \\allini:l<'id. iit-niy !'.. hohyns was a 
lawvcr. ("irrnil ricrk aial served iwo icrnis in I he Keiilinkv le^is 
lalnic. Ill- icsidt'd al I'leminiishnri:. K\. ('hildren ol Henry It. 
lM)li\ns and Nannie \'. iloodniaii: 

K I FT 11 (;i:.\i:kati()X. 

(looi-iic T.oiiis |)()U\iis. sec i»;ii-;i<ii"ip!i ll;i. 
Henry Uascdiii holiyiis. see paraiiiapli 411). 
41a. (leoi-oe Louis holiyns was boni (>(t. 17. ISTi*, ai I'lciniii^s- 
l)iii-g. Ky.. and was married April 7. P.MM. near Helena. Mason Co., 
K\\. to Lillie liell (Irillin. She was horn Feh. IS. 1S77. at Val- 
paraiso. I'orter Co.. Indiana. Her lather was dosejdi <li-it1in and 
the niaid<Mi name of her mother KelM'cca Uaseome. .Mr. I )ohyns is 
a Methodist, in ]»oliti(s a hemocrat and resides at I'rhana. III., 
where h<' is storekoejtei- in the IMiysics Hejit.. I'niv. of HI. 


PnnI 15as(oni Dobyns. born Feb. IL*. IIM).-). 
^^'In. Hniery Dobylis, born March :il. IDOC. 


41b. Henry Bascom Dobyns, born March 21, 1875, at Flemin<»s- 
l)ni-,u. Ky., and was married Oct. 1(», ItMIO, to Louie F.ell PoUitte. at 
^Ii(idleboro, liell Co., Ky. She was born Sept. H, 1871), at Kectors- 
ville. Mason Co., Ky. Her father was Wm. Thonms Follitte, and 
lier mother Annie Eliza Cooper. Mi'. Dobyns is a I'arnier and book- 
keeper, in ]»olitics a Democrat. Their children are: 


Vir«j;inia Claire Dobyns, born July 10, llMll. 

Wm. Harold Dobyns, born Oct. lo', 1002. 

Henry Pascome Dobyns. born Nov. ."», 1!H)4: died Jan. 1. 1005. 

Xannie A'arina Dobyns. born Nov. (>, 1!HM;. 


42. Edward Dobyns, see ])ara<ira])h 14. line 18. \\w rourlh child 
of James 1). and Sarah ( 'oopei- Dobyns, was born March 27, ISOl. 
The followinji account of his life is taken from a clipi»in.ii |»rinted 
by a St. Louis paper and ])i-<'served by .Mrs. Anrelia Aiuia Pierce 

i:io(;i;ai'H1cai. skktih. 

The object of this sket( h was born in Washinjiton. .Mason county. 
Ky.. March 27. ISOl, where he resided only a lew years, his ])arents 
removinji to the adjoiniii<.i- county ( Fleming i. in which the days of 
his early youth were spent, enjoying only the limited educational 
advantaiies of that <lay. His lii-aiHllather, ICdward Dobyns. was of 
Enjilish descent, and came to America lonu before the Kexolntion, 
settlinji in Culpei»er county. \'irjiinia. While Kentucky was a part 
of Virjiinia he remo\('(l to that portion w liidi is now Mason county. 
F^dward Dobyns raised a family of twelve children, one of whom 
was James Dobyns. the father of Maj. ICdward Dobyns. James 
Dobyns possessed a tine intidlect. well educated, and held otlicial 
and personal intercourse with the Marshals. Lees. Coburns and Gra- 


liMiiis. at that tiiiu* i-esidtMits of that iioitioii nf Kciiturk.v. T'lidei- 
the ohl cniislitiilion <»r tlial stale he held llie otlitc (tt liij:h slierill' 
of his (•oniil\. lit' was srhooletl in the |iiilMi|iles of Ml-. .lelleisoii. 
ami took an a<ii\c | in \\u' polilical ()uestioiis iliat a<iitate<l 
Keiitiirky ill the foniiaiioii of her lirst const itiiiioii ami ajuilica- 
t ion i(» ronjiress for lici- admission as a slate into the I'nion. it liein;^, 
llie liisl stale aiiniilled after the adoption id' the federal coiistitn- 
tioii. 'I'he nnither of .Maj. I>(tli\iis was a daiijihter (d Lieutenant 
Apollos ("ooper. who fell at tin* head of his cotnjian.v in tlie battle 
(d' I'.randx wine. After his tleath she was taken, raised and «m1ii- 
eated Itv her ^raiidfa I her. < "ol. William iieed. who ai an early day 
emiiiialed i«> KriMniU\. His father, -lames holiyns. and Sarah 
<'(M(per. were marrii'd in W'ashinuton. .Mason eoniity, Ky.. in the 
year IT'.II. and raise(l seven sons and six daiiL;lii<'rs. (d' whom thrtn? 
sons and two danuhlers are now li\ ini:. 

The sniijeii oT this sKflrh was married in .Miss Anna \\'ise in 
.May. ISL'L'. (d' .Mason eonnt_\. K<'ntncky, a lady of most excellent 
jnd;:nieiii and ("hristian character. She ^really aided her luishaml 
in his earlier sirnuules in advancing his forinnes and act|nirin;i the 
wealth lie succeeded in olitaiiiiim. Mrs. hohyns was a consistent 
meinlter of ilie I'lapiisi clinrdi. now called ilie ••Second IJaptist 
church." ol Si. j.nnis. and dnriii;^ llie y<'ars she was connected with 
it she was ever ready lo eiiiia^e in whatever temled lo advance ils 
iM'.st interests. 

A m;i(;irr i:x.\.mim.i;. 

She was a dev<iled wile and moihei-. and in all the relations of 
life an exc«'Ilenl example. Slu' died ai the a<:c of .'(I years, in lull 
faith of <iaininji ilie resi iliai aw ails ihe ri^liieoiis. Iler lasi wurds 
were '".Ml is well." .MaJ. hohyns removed with his family l(» St. 
Koiiis in the fall of isiTi. the city havinj;' then a popnlali(»n (d' alxini 
Ii.OUd iidialdtanis. Here he resided ahoni forl\ years, dnrinii which 
liiiM' he held many iinv^iiinns of Inmnr and iiiist. l"'(»r many years 
III' was a memlier nl the hoard of aldermen, was chairman (d' the 
cummitlee on streets and alleys, diirinu which lime, in connection 
with Tnl. Ueiio i'anl. city eiiiiiiieer. was consiriicied llie wharf in 
from ot llie city. The idd Spanish iiiaiii n\ lois ahinu the river 
front called for llie wat«'r's ed.i;<' less a '•low iiiii palli"' a imldic 
lii;iliway jiiveii h\ llie Spanish i:o\«'riinient in all llK'ir rivers, and. 
as the ;:ranlees claimed in llie river, j^avc rise lo ureal oltslacles. 
The cit>. In avnid iliese. pusli.d llie Mississippi riv<'r sniiie hiindretl 
l^i'i from ils nld shore, so as to form a wharf larue enouiih in ac- 
cominodale ihe yiow in^ commerce of the place. It was a work of 
^leat maunilnde. and of doulilfiil jiraci icahilil v , vel il was success- 
fully accoiiipl islied. lie was cliainiiaii nl llie coiiimill* I waler- 

works. and aided in llie conslruction of ihal ureal work, thoiiuh 
then Iml a minialnre ol ihe mauiiilnde of ilie piM'seni urand system 
<d wal«'iw<M-ks of Si. I.onis. MaJ. holivns was twice elected l»y the 
leuislalnre as siale direcior nl llie I'.ank of llie Stale ol Missouri 
and .s<'rv('d i w o t»'rins in thai |iosilion. lie was a|i|ioinied by the 
leuislaliiic one nl ihe coiporalors of the I'loainu'irs Savinu instilu- 
lion when the direi tors, in order lo piii ihe institution in opera- 


lion, had each to advance a (-(Mlaiii aiiiomii lo sccui-c the i»a\ incnt 
of rent of oftico and clcik liirc This hank lias since hccoinc the 
slroniiost west of (he Mississijipi. In politics Maj. Dohvns was 
educated in the school of Mr. -lelTerson, .Mr. .^^a<lis()n and others of 
that period. He took ac(i\e part in the contest that con\ulsed his 
native state, Kentneky, from ISIS to ISl*,"), arisinii Ironi what was 
then known as tlu^ "Kidief and anti-Itelief" and the "Old Court" 
and "New Court" (piestions of that (hi.v. 


Arrivinji in Missouri immediately al'tiM- the election of Mr. .Vdams 
l)y the house of rei»resentatives, ISio, lie aided in the foiiuation 
of the Jackson <»r Democratic party of Missouri, with all the old 
Di'inocrats of that day. such as Col. IJenton. (Jen. ^^'m. H. Aslil(\v, 
Senator Lewis F. Linn. (Jov. -lohn Miller and others, he had jjer- 
sonal and political intercourse, and attended all the Democratic 
state conventions. 

Di IS."!) he A\as nominated l>y tlie state convention as a Demo- 
cratic elector on the \'an J>nren licket. in the memorable "loii 
cabin and hard cider cami)aii»n" of 1S4(). and was elected by a 
la r^e majority over the Harrison and Tyler electoi-s. In lS4.~i he was 
ai;])ointed, without a])plicatiou. by President Polk, i-eceiver of jaib- 
lic moneys of that land ottice for the district of Missouri, and was 
made a disbnrsini*' otticer by the secretary of the treasui-y, and while 
holdinji this position hundreds of tlionsands of dollars were received 
and disbursefL 

In this connection an imicb'ut may be menticmed. At the close 
of the four years, for which he was a])pointe(L his accounts for 
recei])ts and dislnirsements of the lar<»e amounts which ]»assed 
throuiih his hands were made out in due form and forwarded to 
the secretary of the treasury and he went otit of oHice. and turned 
over to his successor, liichard 1>. Dallam, the olti<-e and all books 
and jiapers. Scune twd months afterwards he received an official 
communication from the secretary of the treasury. iuforinin*>- him 
that his accounts as late receiver of ))ublic moneys, had '"been re- 
ceived and referred to the ]iroi)ei* accounting ollicei-. who tinds from 
a thorouiih examination of all moneys received and disbursed for 
the four years that yon are ituh'bted to the uovernment in the sum 
of (i:> cents, which amount you are hereby directed to dei)osit with 
the assistant treasurer in St. Louis, taking therefor tri])licate re- 
cei}»ts. seiulinii' one to his office, one to the commissiiuier of the .uen- 
eral land office, and retain the other." 

This was ](i<)m]»tly comidied with, and some time after am>ther 
communication was received, informing him that his accounts lia<l 
been balanced and closed, autl his bonds for |L~)(I,()(MI had been that 
(hty cancelled. 

Ills I'lItST MAKKIA(a:. 

Maj. Dftbyiis in his first marriaue was the lather of two children. 
the oldest son, .lames Milton Dobyns. wli(» died in Is.'n. He pos- 
sessed a fine mind, and recei\-ed a th<»rou;ih education. ha\in.<i at- 


tein]<Ml Kciniicr cdlleiie aiid SliurllelV. nml ((Miipleted liis edm-ationnl 
rolirst' ilT I'riinctnli cullciLlc. New .It'lscV. wliiMc hv ^i-;uln;iTt'(l with 
Imiioi'. Hctiiniiiii; liuiiu* in (Iriiijiic iicjilili lie souj:lit in rt-stoiv it 
l»y tiiivcliiij; in Mexico ;iii<l other jihui's. Imt it was uuavailinj;. 
His death was a snnitr of ihc d<'c|i<'St jiriel in his parents and many 
liieiids. Theii- simoikI thihi. Maiy I', hohyns, re(<*ived a liheial 
education, and is a most attradiv*- ami accomjilished yjtiinjr h\dy. 
Maj. Dohyns was married to his second wife. Miss lOlizaheth \'. 
Snmiail la (hin^ihler of .losejth l\. Snmiall. ICs().i. Mayslick. Mason 
«-ouniy. Ky.. in ]x~>-. She is a hidy <»l' snjierioi- mind and educa- 
tion, a de\oied <"hiisiian ever ready to en<;aii<* in W(uUs ol henevo- 
hMice. Their only chihl. .loseph S. h(tliyns. was horn dune 24, 1S."(4. 
and receixed ;i lull colletie course ol education ami uraduat<Ml at 
Westminister «-ollejie. Fulton. Mo.. iImmi in ciiar<:e of l»r. N. L. 
Hice. its president. He is now a practicing lawyer of excellent 
standinn at the liar of Si. jjuiis. w Immc lu' has resided since 1ST<», 
and is meeiinjii wiili a dej^ree of sin<-ess in his jirofession, coni- 
mensurale with his indomiiahle enerjiy ami perseverance. 

.\N IIoNKSr I'ol.niciAN. 

Maj. hohyiis liclon.ucd lo lliai class oi' ii icians who. however 
w id(d.\ lliey may dilfei- with opponents in reiiard t(» luinciples. whal- 
«ner may he ilicir \ie\\s respcriinu men and measures, are always 
honest, and who e\ci- liaxc lli<* interests and the welfar«' of the 
country at heart. lie was of that cl.iss who helieve it to he the 
duty of every citizen to unite with ilie party whose principles he 
tlnuijiht to lit' riiilil. wilhout wfi^hinu il>^ dmnces of success or de 
feat, and to do all that h<' could htuiorahly and fairly, to aid in 
achieving a \icinry foi- if. Such men may he cdusidered ••old- 
fashioned'" li.\ many. Imt still it ma\ he douhted hy some whether 
tli<' rc|iiescnlal i\e poliiician of ilie present day is wiser than the 
lounders of the j:ov«'rnmeiil , an<l their immediate successors. I'n- 
foriunaiely for years there Innc heen loo many who are willing to 
strive for the sut-cess of their party, regardless of the end to he 
attained, m- tlie means emplo\e(l in mhicxinj; success. Maj. I U>hyns 
has ofU'u conirihuled articles on historical suhjects to ihe papers. 
He was called upon li> tlie historian. I'rof. I'lihu 11. Sheppard. 
.'■(•ci-elary of the .Missouri Historical Society, for a statement of 
the lads <onneci('d wiili the lalal dm! lietwem Maj. TlnuMas T.iddle 
and il<m. Spenc«'r reiius. memlu'r of cdn^ress from .Missouri, in 
which hot!) jiarlies fell. This account was furnished and tiled with 
the imi'oitant pajiers of the llislorical society. Ahout the same 
lime he wrote a series of articles signed •■•h'lVerson.'" puhlished some 
lifteen yi-ars since in the I'ulion Tele,i:raph. In these articles he 
<;av<' the links thai form the chain o! title to the Louisiana terri- 
tory. TIh'sc papeis were presented li\ < ien. Nathan Kamsey. presi- 
dent ol I he Missouri llisinrical sdciety. and tiled in the archixcs 
of the society. To the author of these articles, in the preparation 
of which much eare was exercised ami a i^reat deal of invest i<:a I ion 
and a close examination of \arious autlnuities necessary, the thanks 

of the socie|\ were \<i|ed and «'llt( led UJion its recorils. 


More rt'tvnllv lie wrote a scries of ;irti(les over the si;niialiii-e of 
■*'01d Line Democrat." in wliicli lie <;avc an account ol' the ionna- 
tion and workin«>s of the Democratic i)arty ol' Missonri and a his- 
torical sketch of the i)arty. and the distiniiiiished men who tiiiiired 
as its leaders dnrinii' a jieriod of nearly tilty years. .Vn ailicle 
in the Sontherii Review of .January, 1ST.'». entitled "The Cause of 
the Dissolution of (leu. Jackson's Cabinet." was received by him. 
and the many errors contained in that ;irticle were ex])Osed. lie- 
sides traciiii;' the true cause of the dissolution of that cabinet back 
to the cabinet of .Monroe, where it had its orijiin. it also defende<l 
(Jen. Jackson against char<>es made against him of the violation of 
international law. in his couduct during the Seminole war. and ex- 
];osed some stati'iiients of Mons. de Toegnevilk', respecting American 
denuH-racy. A caustic re\iew of a paiier read by Kev. Dr. McCosh, 
president of I'rinceton college. New Jersey, was next ])iddished by 
liiiii. in which tlu^ many errors contaiiUMl in the statistical state- 
ment of Dr. .McCosh were exiK)sed and the South defended against 
the attacks of Northern writers. 


U]ton the announcement of the death of a daughter of Col. I'en- 
ton. .Mis. Susan \'irginia Benton P.oileau. wife of I'aron I'oileau. 
minister plenipotentiary of France to Peru. Maj. Dobyns wrote 
and ])ublislied an api)ropriate and bejiutifnl tribute to her memory, 
and tliat of her distinguished father. To the ^lason county Ken- 
tmky Historical society he ]ires<Mited a pajier in which is given the 
biograjiliical sketches of some of the eminent citizens of St. Louis, 
Gen. Wm. H. Ashley, Maj. Kichard Graham (grandfather of lion. 
IJ. Ciiaham Frost i, and others, who were connected by marriage 
wiili prominent families, in that ])ortioii of Kentucky. This ]»aper 
which was extensively in coiiijdimentaiy terms noticed and re- 
published in K(Mitucky pajiers. received the distinct i(ui of being en- 
rolled among the arclii\-es of the society, hi a skelcli containing 
some reminiscences of the administration of Mr. .Madison during 
the war of isii'. is given an interesting account of the first visit 
of (len. \\\[\. Cami)bellc Freston to the ]»residential mansion, when 
about IS years of age. The incidents connected with this visit, 
Ills iiilroduction to Mrs. Madison by the |)resideiit, and by hei- t)» 
Miss .Mayo, afterwaids Mrs. Gen. Scott, and .Miss Coles, afterwards 
Mrs. Andrew Stevenson, lor a h»ng time speaker of the house of 
representatives, had a rare roinli of romance and retinement, and 
are related in excellent style, and in his peculiarly fascinating way. 
In tliis article he also described another incident of thrilling in- 
terest, of tlie ]^>ritish Hag. captured by Commodore Terry on Lake 
I']rie which was borne to Washington city by a young lieuleiiaiii 
of the navy, and in the east kmmii of the mansioii. surrcumded by 
cabinet officers and foreign ministers, was presented by him to the 
wife of Fresident Madison mid by her waved to the large as- 
semblages as only a Mrs. .Madison could. 

His article exjiosing tlu' historical blumh^rs of CampbelTs Ga- 
zette of ^lissouri." and his defence of Mrs. Gen. Jackson, were b<»th 


<il)h' and iiitcivstiiij; |ta|i(Ms. Slioitl.v afieiwaids lu^ wiute a series 
^}\' inteiestin^ aititles einillt d. "KeiiiiuisteiMes <»! Si. Liuiis in ISiT).*" 
«:i\iiij: an affuiiiit of the rlniiriu's and clei-jiy. llie mediral iirufes- 
si(»n. tin* IkmmIi and har. and ilie r'lly ji<t\ (Miinieni. liie waTeiwuiks 
and •ttlu'i- tii> iin|»n»\«'nu*nis in ilie eaily |iaii <»! ilic century, and 
an liisiuiical skeltli ol tiie men and jiolitirs (d that day. AnotlitM- 
aiiiric liuni iiis pt-n. eniiilcd ••|'.eni<in and havis.*" ajipeared soon 
alifi-. in wliirh he siiow cd iliai Mi-. I>a\is was w ronu ami Mr. I»en- 
loii was riiilii. in slatinu lliai liic Sonili wnc the siqiporlers of 
tlie ••.Missonii comitromise." and llial Senahn- Thomas ol Illinois, 
instead of lion. Ilrnry ('lay. was the i-eal author of the ".Missoiiri 
<'!ni|iromis:'."" as shown in tin* record <d' the votes in tlie senate. A 
liio^M-aj hie sUcich of iln- laic I'.cNcrly 'riukcr was next juihlished. 
Next another of ihc tiisi deaf and diimh a^iylum estaldished in 
the rnilcd Siaics. uiv in^ the credit of ihc cslaldishnient of that 
institution lu lion, .\nios — 

Tin: Asiir.ruroN .vnh \vi:i;s'n:i:.Tur.ATV. 

The ne.xi articles <d his wci-e two ujion the Ashhiirton and 
Wehster treaty of 1S4L'. in which he shows the <;rear injustice done 
to the I'nited Slates in the ahro.uat ion of the treaty line as tixeil 
in tin' treaty (d' |iea<-e of \~s:\. on which much labor was ln'stowed. 
in ihc careful reseaich lo show ihe jieojirajihical lines and historic 
facts connected with the neiiol iai ion. lie wrott' a caustic review 
of ••( lath's" i.Mfred Town.semrsi leciure in Si. Louis ujion the 
;;reat men (d' the reiiuldic. in which he defended .Mr. .lellVrstui. Mr. 
llaniillon. .Mr. and .Mis. Madison. .Mr. and .Mrs. .Monroe, against the 
slurs cast u|ion their fair names. lie has more recently written a 
lieanlifnl iiihuie lo ihc memory of his old friend, the late duduc 
.Monl^omery I'daii. Il is iioi olleii there is one in whose chara<ler 
arc comldncd more of ihc cicmcnis of a line man: mt one mor- 
conrleons in his denieamu-. or more ol»s»*r\ani of the rules of pcdite- 
iic^-s. nor was an\ man less dis|iosetl to 'j,\\v c<»untenance to au\ 
ihin^ thai excn bore the aiipe, nance of w lonu. Fearless in ad\o 
calinu what was liulil and in dcnoniirinu eirnr or corini>l ion. he 
was (Ncr irm- aiil de\(i|ed in his liiemis: a ctmsisteni memlier of 
the c|iui-cli. and look a iivcdy iniciesi in all ihai concerned ils 
lirosperily. and also ol the edncaiional insiiiniions connecied with 
il. His advice was idlen souiihl by the leadinji men. and his jii- 
llueiice was strong, when he (hose to exeii il, in fa\or of or in 
op|tosition to any measure. 

In duly. isTii. in llu- hemociaiic stale convcniion called lo noini 
nale landidalcs foi- ;:overnoi- and other slate »)nicers. a motion was 
mad<' ami carri(*d. invitin;j: him lo a seal as an honorary member 
of ihe con\enti(»n. This was a liiuh honor, conb-rred upon a veteran 
heniocral who had Ion;: and laillifnll.\ borne the lu>al and burden 
of political campai;;ns: and the incident proved thai (he youn.^er 
hemoii-acy are slow li» foriici those* who have .urown old in llu* 
service of llieir (ounlry and party, and thai the friends and co 
laborers of smh eminent men as iJenion. I'.lair. rellus. .\shlcy and 
Linn are still respech'd and honored. .Maj. hobyns beiii;.; called 

li]t(tii, \\;is I'ondncTt^d l"t llic speaker's stand amid loud a-pjdanse and 
(lelivt'ird a brief. Iml apinttiiiinte address to llie coiiveiit ion. 

At the nieetinii <d' tlie I »einocra1 ic state conxenlion lonr years 
afterwards. lie was a^^ain invited by resoluticni of the ImkIv to a 
seat as an honorary niend)er. heinu inlrodnced to tlie eonveiilion Ity 
ox (iovernor ('has. V. -Johnson, lie addressed the honorahh' body, 
coniiratnlalinu- them in view of tlie fact of Ihe noble material out 
of which I hey were abont to select a slandai-d bearer for j^overiior 
and other state otlicers. for the cominu contest. He retired amid 
jireat applanse. When, in the beuinnin.u- <d' the presidential cam- 
paiun in ISTi;. a Tilden and Hendricks club was formed in Fulton, 
Maj. Dobyns. on account of his a.uc his diunitied Ix'aiinii' and j-reat 
experience in pidiiical iM:itterF, was ele- ted i»resident. a ])Osition 
he tilled to the entire satisfaction in every respect of all the mem- 
bers of this clid). wliich soon urew to be a lariie and inllnenlial 


Although Maj. Dobyns readied his S4th year, he was as vigorous 
in mind and body ;is most men who are iiiiich youn<>er. which is 
evidence that he had a remarkably tine constitution, and that he 
had led a ]>rud(Mit and temperate life. He was rejiiilar in his 
habits, of a livel.\ and cheerful disposition, and took deej) interest 
in all matters of imjiortance, wlietlier relating to ])olitical. reli<iions 
oi- social attairs. A warm friend of the yonnu — lie took d(di<ilit in 
conversinti with, encouraiiinji' and instruct inji them, and whenever 
he discovered evidence of more than ordinary ability in any yonnji; 
man he never failed to recoonize it; nor did he lose an opjiortnnity 
to assist ill developinji' talents, which too many would prcd'er to hide 
or ci-ii)j)le. 

Maj. Dobyns" \ iews of the nature and j>enins of the uoverniiKMit 
Ih' iiiheriied I torn the revolntionary fathers, anIio lorced the iMijilish 
<>(tveriinient to recognize in the tr(Nity of ]ieace of ITs:!. which (losed 
the revolutionary war. the indepeiKh'iice and so^•ereignty of the 
revolted states and colonies, and for the advocacy of these ])rin- 
ci])les held so sacred he was. in ilie madness of re\(»lui ion. banished 
from his home, an exile on account of his jtolitical opinions, leaving- 
a home of refinement and of liappiness, where nothing was wanting 
that could c(»ntribute to the comfort (u- hajipiness of its owner, 
and dwelling for many years among strangers. 

An ample fortune, the fruits of many years of toil and careful, 
honest thrift, vanished from its possessor because he would not for- 
sake the cause which he believed to be right. One may well c(»n 
elude that the man. who. advanced in years, stood thus tirnily 
and endured these inflictions had scmie regard for his c(»nscientious 
convictions and jiossesseJ no ordinary degree of fortitude. 

The first two children of the ncM geneiatiou were the son and 
(biughter of Edward Dobyns and Anna \\'ise. .losejih S. Dobyns 
was the only child oi ICIizabeth Sumrall Dobyns. second wife of 
Edward Dobxns. 


roiUTii (;i:.\"i;icATi»».\. 

.I;iiiu*s Miltuii l»iili\iis. wild (licil in l^."ii. Sec liin^rajiliiial 

sktMcli (»r .MaJMi- I'd ward I)<tl.\iis. 
.Maiy i;. l>oli\iis. (»r wliicli tlu* rollowiii^ aciduui is laken 

liiiin ihf St. Lniiis (ilnlic. Sept.. PJIHI: 

The death i>\' .Miss Maiv K. iMilivns a (cw davs a_u<>, in ( ialvi'sion. 
T«'.\.. s«M-\t's as a sad rtMnindcr \n iddci- ciliztMis dl' Si. Lmiis ol' the 
si iii-iiiu liuu's of ili(* civil war. dnrin^ wliicli she was ilic center of 
a sensational episode wliicli iiad iastiiiii inlliicncc on liei- tlirouuli- 
onl lier life. The remains ol Miss i>olivns were liron^hl to St. 
Lonis. and in the |iresence ol iiianx old and disi inmiished friends 
laid to i-est in the family Im in Uellefonlaiiie cemetery. Anionji 
those I'l-eseiil oil this occasion was ive\-. ^\'illialll holiyns of St. 
.lose|ili. .Mo., a relative of the family. 

Miss .Mary \]. holiyns was the danuhter of .Maj. lalward Doliyns. 
who came to St. I.oitis from Le.\iniilt»n. Ky.. when it was a small 
I'reiich town. lie liecaiiie proiiiineiil and wealthy iH-re. and his 
mansion at 'rwcllth and r>rooUI\n Streets. l(»i:ether with the sjiaci- 
ons ^fonnds snrroiiiidinii it. forme(l a striUinu feature ol' early St. 
Louis. .Many facts concerninji .Miss Dohyns are rtdated hy .Mr.s. 
W. n. Tiilisoti. who was a consin. her ni(»tlu'r l»ein|L; a sister ol" 
Maj. hohyns. .\hont the lici^inniii^ of the civil war. .Miss Uohyns. 
known Iiy her fiieiids as .Molly, was the recoiiiii/.ed helle of St. 
Lonis. her l»eaut\ and accomplishments jnaking hii nniversally 

i;.\.\ tsiif.i' iiaiM sf. i.oi IS. 

( >ne nl the tiaucilies ol the war was the killiiiii' of ("ol. .lolm .M. 
W iiiier, formerly iiia\or ol Si. Lonis. wlm had uoiie into the con- 
federal!' aiiiix. Mis remains were lnniiiiht to St. Louis and taken 
to the home in .North St. Lonis. .\n immciise concourse ctf peojde 
asseiiihled lor I he funeral, and as the feeling in the cily ran hiuh 
at thai time it was consi*ler(>d advisahle liy the provdst marshal 
in chaiLie ol ilic ledeial disirici lo dis|»erse the la'owds and eiifoice 
a (piiet intcriiieiii nl the ImkIv. ("ttl. Wimer was an uncle of .Miss 
hoii\iis, and she. Iieiiii; |n-esciil on the occasion, and an ardent 
soiithciii s\ mpa I hi/.er. cxiucssed hei^ell so loicilily that she was 
arrested. Sniiseipieni ly she was oi deicd aua\ and e\<'ntnally sent 
to Toronto. <'anada. where she spent several vears. The feelinji 
eii|nendered liv these events was siicli that the hohyns family wei'e 
never content in St. Lonis ai^ain. .Maj. hohv ns went to Kentucky, 
allerwards to .Mexico. .Mo., where he died. Me was liiiiied in 
Itellelontaiiie, where his daughter also now rests. .Miss .Mary, al- 
thoiitih periodicallv visit inn St. Lonis. has spent her life away from 
here. She lived loiir years in roiiland. Ore., uoinu Ifoiii there to 
<'alilornia, iheme to (iilvesion, where she died. 

.losejih Siiiiirall hoKv lis. see lHoi;ia ph ical sketch of -Majcn* 
I '.dw aid I >o|iv lis. 

I lUKii (;i:m;i;aii()X. 

4:J. IOIi/,;il'('lli hoWyiis, tillli child (tf .lames and Sarah I )()h\ ns, 
8ei' parajiiapli 14, line !!•, was Ikm-u .hiiie 17, 1S(I:{. She married 
lleiu'v Taylor in 1S2!), at Fleiiiiiij;shui-j'. Ky.. and died An.u. (!, ISTl*, 
at S]ti-in.ufi(dil, Mo. Henry Taylor was horn in ISdj in Niruinia, 
and dit'd in ISdi; at Si. Louis. Mo. His reliiiion was i;a[dist. 
Their children w<'re: 

FOURTH (;f,xi:i{atiox. 

44. Sarah Ann Taylor, born ISIU, unmarried. 

4."). Kli/a Taylor. i)orn 1S:>:>, nnirried, no children. 

4(i. James W. Taylor, horn IS:^."), nnniarried. 

47. Animie M. Taylor, horn is;{7, see para<ira}»h HI. 

45. Kdward D. Taylor, horn ISM! I, married, no children. 
4!i. Henry Luther Taylor, horn 1S42. 

r.d. i:iizaheth M. Tax lor. horn 1S4:), unmarried. 

.")!. Amnne M. Taylor, see ]»ara.iira]>li 47, was born in Jefferson 
county. Ky.. and is living' at Harrods Creek in that slate. She 
nnirried AHred K. Shirley in 1S,~)!>. He was born in ISMS in Jeffer- 
son county. Ky.. and died lher<' in ISS."). His father, Walter Shir- 
ley, was born in Jetlerson county. Ky., and died there in 1S48. 
Tn ISMt; he was man-ied to T"]li/-al)eth Harrington. She was Itorn 
at or near Shelhyville, Ky.. and died in liiOi* at Chicago. 111. Walter 
Shirley was a Presbyterian in Ixdief. occupation farmer, as was 
also his son. Alfred E. Shirley. Their children are: 

ril ril (JEXERATIOX. 

.-)•_». Janu's 1>. Shirley, born IStid. unmarried, in Arkansas. 

."i;!. Alfred ^^^ Shirley, bctin ISIW. in Jelferson Co., Ky.. un- 


.■)4. Lillie !•>. Shirley, born 1S(;7 in Jetfei-son Co.. Ky.. unmari-ied. 

.".". Henry \]. Shirley, see ])aragraph ."")!•. 

.")<•. Florence L. Shirley, see jiaiagra[)h (iO. 

57. Alfred I*. Shiidey, i)orn in \S~~). 

oS. Lottie Annie Shiiley. see paragraph (IL 

.")!). Henry K. Shirlex-. see paiagraph .")."», was Immu in LS7(i. and 
married Mary Fenley. They have one daughter 1.". years old. 

()(l. Floi-eiH-e L<'(' Shirley, see ]iaragraith .■")(;. was born in is7r>, 
and married .Minor r.rodks NN'ehster. They liaxc no children. 

(11. Lottie Annie Shii-lcy. see paragrajih .~S. was born April I'll, 
1880, near J.ouisville. K,\.. ami was married July 14, 1S!)(», t(» Adon 
Eugene Woodell. He was l»orn in bsc»!) al IJaleigh. North Carolina. 
His occui>ati(ni is railioad man. religi(»n I^])isc(»palian. They have 
no children. Kesidence Harrods Creek, Ky. ; present address, Ha- 
vana, ( 'uba. 



• ill. .M;ir\ Ii<M'<l iJnIiyns, stv jiai-ajinipli 14. line Jn. wms l)<)rn 
Mav :'.. iMMi. jiccdrdiiiji to "uiroriiiatioii scut im* by Mrs. Saiali A. 
Fields, iiiiil the plarc as I'lciiiiiijislinijr. K.v. Her liusltaiid. Laliau 
ISiaiiiiilc. was Iturii in N'irj^iiiia. They had lom- children. 

Foi inii (m:ni:i£.\ ri<»N. 

li;'>. ('hailcs Kiduway r.r;iinl»h'. 

<il. I'laiiceiia I5ranilih'. 

(ir». (icui-jic Itiihyns I5raiiilili'. 

(Ki. Ilch'M .Mail- i'.raiiihle. w hn \\;is Imh-ii al Kiph'y. I'.idWii ('•)., 
(>iii(». and niai-ficd ;ii Si. I.imis. .Mci.. in Win. ( Mniiston (lihsnn. !lo 
was Im(|-ii at IMinlnii-iih. Scot hind, and died Oct. -D."!. at St. 
Lonis. Mo. 'I'hc rollowiiii: sketch ol' his lile lias lieeii jireiiai-ed liy 
.Mrs. l5alloii: .Mr. Win. ( >. (lihson was one of roiif liiotliei-s win* 
<aine lo iliis cnnniiy in 1N."!1. and lainlcd in New Voik in .Iniie 
aliei- a si.\ weeks" voyaj^e. lie iiaxcllcd li\ sta<;e lioni New York 
aci(tss the Alleiihanies to ilie (Hiio l\i\i'r ami down Ity llat boat to 
< "iminnat i. aniviiiii at liie i>eiiis(»n ilolel. at liiai lime the only 
hotel in ill:- iilac'. Ills iiikIc. Tcier (lilison. was one ol' ilie most 
siiccesslnl mcch;ini<s in the city ol < Mnciniiali. and at his death 
was rated a nmlli-niilli(nuiire. lie was the t'onndei- of the (libson 
hons<' in that city, besides ;i nnmlu'r oT liandsoiiie and snbsianiial 
bnildiniis which oiii.iinenl that place. .Mr. Win. ( ». (iibs(ui came 
to St. Lonis when ii was (piiic a small ciiy and bnili tip a lar.ue 
tfadi' in the tii-oiciy business, owniiij: his siore and <tthei- bnild- 
inj;s. a beanlilnl home on Calianne I'lacc. and vacant lots on which 
ills soil, ('hai-les. erected .iiid sold nine laiue residences on N'ernon 
Ave. lie I he son oT William and Maiy (!ibs«m. boin in l\]din- 
lnir;:li. Scollaml. llie son ol piinis. retiiied I'l-esbylerians. Ills son. 
('liailcs. niaiiic(| Miss \'eia hanicls of Si. I.onis. lie is in llie real 
(•state business in Si. I.oiiis on ('licsiniii Si. T.oili are members ol' 
Ihc I'iisi I'l i'sb\ iciinii ('hiirrji. 'riicii- cliildren were: 

I'li'Tii <a;.\i;i;A iioN. 

("Iiailcs r.iamble ( libson. married .Miss \'era I>ani(ds. 
.\da < libscni, dei cised. 
iOlla (Jil»son. 

Ill iin> oi:m:i;.\ iioN. 

• IT. .\senaili hobyns. si-e paranra|ili 11. line L'L'. was born .Ian. 
Hi. IMl. She was married lo .Mr. rredii and died at Falls City, 
N«'br;iska. 'Thcv Ii:id a laiiiily of cIliIiI cliildrcii. 

icrinii <a:M:ii.viiox. 

(JS. .M;iiy ("redil, iimiricd .Mr. Ilaiiiia. 

t;:i. .Marcellus Credit. 

7(1. lalward Credit. 

71. \ iiiiil Credii. 



T.cwis ('. CixMlir. 
7o. Sarah lielle ('irdit, uiairii'd Mr. 'iMiniiiitsoii. 
74. Frances A. Credit iiiiirried Mr. Marsh. Falls rjty. Xehr. 
7."). Charldlic Credit, iiiarriid .Mr. Vales, ^lacoii, .Mo. 

Tinnn (;rxei:atiox. 

70. ('liarh)lte lieed Dobyns. see ]»ara<irai»]i 14, line '2:\. was 
born Jnne _<). ISli', ncjir Fleiiiiniiisbnrji, Ky.. and died .hme 14, 
18!J0. She was niariied in Oclctber. 1S:U. to .lonalhan Tierce, lie 
was boi-n Jnne -S. ISl.'i, at I'.onrbon. Ky., and died -Ian. 4, 1900. 
His occn])ati(ni was that of niei-chant. The lollowinii,- sketch of his 
life ajijieave!] in a Hannibal. .Mo.. })a]ier. and has been ]»reserved 
by liis danuhler, .Mrs. .Vnrelia Pierce IJaHon: 

John .Mnrray Fierce, related to the Earl of .Mansfield, John .Mnr- 
ray Pierce, eniii;rated fi-on» his estate in Enj^land to New York in 
177(i. \\'ent fi-oin there to -Taniestown, Yi\.. and entered Iand:'then 
served in ihe war of the Kevolulion till its close; then moved to 
Jiourbon connly, Ky., when Kentncky was part of Mr<>;inia. and 
lived to be IdS years old. His son, .Mordacai IM'erce, was lirst lieu- 
tenant in Col. Owen's coni]tany, and was at Ihe battle of Ti|»])e- 
canoe and Hi\'er Raisin, and led ihe charjie with (len. Taylor at 
Fort Tecuniseh. war of ISli*. Jonathan Pierce, son of Col. M. 
Pierce, took charjie of his father's estate in Kentncky, near ^lays- 
ville. His Itoyhood was s|ien1 in tliat state. -jHc married in 1S:U. 
moved to (Ireencast le, hid., and from there to Missouri, stop- 
ping- at St. Lonis long enonjih to chanjie boats, and came to Hanni- 
bal in is:;7 on the steamer IJosalie, Cajil. Xeal Cameron (of Saver- 
ton) made the trip by walei-, 1akin_u thi-ce weeks to jiet to St. 
Lonis. Landed on ^lay 4. She broke her nnlder on the trip and 
the cajttain hired a New Orleans ]»acket to take her back to St. 
].,ouis for lejiairs at a cost (»! .*$.")()(). Then again started n]) Ihe 
river and landed after a week's voyage in ILinnibal, when it was 
a small landing. His brother, the laie Jmlge Washington Pierce, 
of ^^'aco, Texas, and his brothei-in-law, L. < '. hobyns. were with 
liim. and they bnilt a house on an island near the month of Pear 
Creek, which has since disa]t])eared. At that time Hannibal was a 
small landing, the booming, coming town. He was called out to 
jjrotect the border of the stale from Indians, and also to settle 
the dispute of the Ixnindary line between Iowa and Missomi: also 
the M(»rmon war. Wis bnsiness life was connected with the his- 
lory (tf Hannibal for a half cent my, being almost a tixture on 
Main sti-eei; had charge of the shiiijdng department ol' the whole- 
sale lionse (»r the late T. K. Seliiis lor twenty years. In later y<'ars, 
in the grocery bnsiness with his son. K. H. I'ierce. since the late 
Civil \\'ai-; closed onl in 1S!):5 and r(Mired from bnsiness. In 1S:?7. 
he with his wife nnited with the .Methodist church of this city 
under the pastorate ol' Pew .lainison. and was ilie oldest mendu'r 
of the clinrch living. He helited to organize the chnr<h in the 
"Sehool Honse on the S(|nare." when all (h'uominations took their 
turns every Sabbath. He was known by all early settlers in Marion. 
Shelbv, Monroe and Ivalls conniies. ol this state. 


The lallii'i- of .Joimtliiin lMei-<-i' w;is Moidacai IMei-cc, who was 
boru at or iioar Paris. Ky.. and who look an adive pait in the 
war of 1S12. His cliildi-cn were: 

Aiiiiic. nianicd Win. (Joodwin. 

. Jonathan, inariied ('harlunc l>olt\iis. see ]»ai-aj:ia]ih T(». 

J)e\i-_v. niaiiied Nickels. 


Green ltni\u. 




His jirandrathcr. Jolm Pierce, came from S((»thind 1o James- 
town. A'a.. in I77<i. and afterwards moved to Kentn<k\. Ilis wift' 
^\■as Sarah Parnard, <hin!Lihter of Jonathan Parnard. They Iiad 
a family of nine children: 

Mordacai I'ierce, mentioned above. 

Col. ^\'m. Pierce. 

^lartha Pierce, married .Mr. Ames. 

St. Clair Piei'ce. 

^N'innie Pierce, married Williams. 

Jacoh Pierce, never heard from ihem. 

Samuel Piei-ce. ne\er heard from llieiii. 

Charles Pi(M-ce. married .Miss Monsmiili. 

Anna Pierce, married .Mr. l-'iruand. 
His j>i'eat <;randratliei- A\as -lohn .Murray Pierce. I-^arl of .Mans- 

The children of Charlotte nnhxiis and Jonathan Pierce are uiven 
in the follnw inu list : 

FOURTH (a:Ni:ic.\i'n»\. 

77. dames .Madison i'ierc(. Imrn is:'.(i; deceased. 

7s. Peander !{ylaml Pierce. Itorn IS.ts. deceased. 

7!i. lldward Holmes Pierce, horn is:',!l. siniile. He held the 

(illire of <iiy collector of Ilanuihal. Mo.. Inr t\vi» terms. 

Ml. Aurelia Anna Pierce, see ]»arai;ra|th N(i. 

M. I'^ranci's Asenalh Pier<(', see pai-aiiraph S7. 

XL', .lulia .Madoiiia Pierce, see |»ara!iira]ili SS. 

s:'.. Sarah Adelaide Pierce, see iiarauraph I'lii. 

N4. lOlla Noiali Pierce, see |>ai-a.iirn|th HM. 

So. Charles Wesh'y Pierci', see paraiiraph lliL'. 

SCi. .\urelia .\niia Tierce, see jiarauraph so. was horn in JsKi, 
at Hannibal. .M(».. and was married .March •_'7. ISC.ri. to Cieorjje 
\\'asliin^l()U P.alldU. He was hmii al .\slie\ille. N. C.. and died 
in IS7I>. at St. Louis. .Mo. Ilis lather was .\nihiHi\ P.allou and 
the maiden name oT his nioiher l!li/,alielli ('(toper. .Mr. r.allon was 
in the medical deiiarluieui nl ihe P. S, .\. and resided al Si. Louis. 
His i-erminn was Pajitisi. His wile, .Mrs. .\urelia Tierce P.allou. 


the joini nullior nl lliis liisiorv. is cnjiiijiod in liicnii-y woi-k ;unl 
was on tlic st;ilV oT (1k' <'(>l<niial .Majiuzine and (dlicr niaitazincs 
and ]>a|KM-s. She is conti-ihtitor lo INicuis ol' Anicrii-i. n\' wliicli one 
iseleeliun is inscrti'd, "'Vhv Ariiiv Kcccssioiia I.'" 


Tliio I he land today, willi martial steps, and slow 

The Iti-avo ai-ni.v soldiers, in i-ecessional jio. 

IJearinu ahdl. to Ihe IniH'zes on liiuli. 

The lla.ii «»l <>iii- Coiinlrv, a nation's piide. 

And llie l«lne arched dome, with their music ring, 

As one vast chorus, in Orchestra uiand. 

|)own thro altars, that are co\ere(l with bloom. 
^^'here oi'uans peal forth in <iiaiHl old tunes. 
^^'here Lillies of ]>eace, and hriiiht Immortelles 
IJear lo\in_i> tributes for the Mem(»rial. 
Their ranks are thinninji', in this march thro life. 
These veteran soldiers with battles rife. 

Soon the drum is heard. wi(h its mutlled tones, 
As on tliro the streets and lanes they come. 
In their forward march, to cities so still. 
To kec]) the last bivouaek on the distant hill. 
To cover the iiraxcs. with the flowers of May. 
Under the Koses the Ulue. with the Tallies the (Ircy. 

Soon, many will ])ass from their ranks away. 
TIk'sc i)iliiiim soldiers, of the Blue and (Irey. 
W'imliuii alouii. like a river at sea. 
T'ntil last in the ocean of eternity. 
Soon the boatman will call to ferry them, o'er 
For the (Jrand Kecessional. on the Everjireen shor<'. 
And their names in sKuie. like an untold ]u-ayer. 
Of a (h*ar bouiiht jieace. thro the fortunes (»f war. 

^Fr. and .Mrs. llalloii have one child, unmarried. 

fii-rii (a:.\i:i:.vTio.\'. 

Georjie Anthony Ballon, born Nov. I'l'. IMti. lie is connected 
with a New York publishinji luuise and is unmarried. 

Fot'irni (a:Ni;a.\'iioN. 

87. Frances Asenath I'ierce. see ])ara^raph SI. was born in 
1848. at Hannibal. Mo., ami was marrie<l in 1S(;4 at that place 
to Elijah Llo.\(l Kimmell. lie was boi-n in JS4L' at \\'illiams ('en- 
ter, Ohio, and dlod in ISSJ at St. T.ouis, Mo. He was entiajied in a 
railroad occupalion at St. Louis, was a Democrat in ]»olitics. and 
a Methodist. His father was -lohn I5owman Kimmell. the maifh'U 
name of his mother Abijj;ail Lloyd. The chihlreii (»f Mr. and .Mrs. 
Kimmell were: 


FiF'Jii (;i:m:kati«»n. 

JfjliU ricltf IviliiliM'll. liiiiii lS(;r». (lied M;ll-fli -~>. 1SS2. 
Daisy Natalie^ Kiinincll, Itorii IsT'i. died .hiii;- L'7. 1>7l*. 
Glcndolcnc* .Mxitic Kiiimicll, Imi-n issii. 

I'oiuTii (;i:xi;UA riux. 

88. -hilia .M;idoiii;i rierce. see ]»ai"iiii"i|ili M'. was liorn Auji'. 28, 
1S45. al llaimilial. .Mo., and was iiiaiiicd A|iril 11. ls(i4. to John 
(lilliouseu. lie was Itoiii ()ii. !i. \s:',U. al Sjii-anklc Mills, .lettVi-soii 
Co.. I'a. His lalluM-. lienjainin (lilliousen. was horn .Maitli ;i. 
ISll. at Harrishiiri:. I*a.. and died \)or. .">. IS!),", at Kalioka, Mo. 
He niarrii'd Maiia Sj)rankl(' al (l(MH<i(*vill(*. Indiana <"o.. Pa.. No\. 
28, 188H. Slu' was horn -Ian. 2!i. ISU, at Hniitinjit(Ui. Pa., and 
died Auii. 27. 18!)!). ai Kalioka. Mo. Tier lather was Fi-edciic 
Sjnankle. and licv mother's maiden name .Maiuai-et I'echell. Mr. 
Penjamin (iilhonsi-n was a stoni' mason, in [lolitics a Prohiliii ioii- 
ist. and in veliuion MelJiodist. The childi-eii of Maiia Sin-ankle 
and Jienjaniin (lilhonsen were: 

Frederic S. (lilhoiisen. horn Anu. 10. 18:U. 

Klias S. (lilhonsen. 

Lnzetta S. (Jilhonsen. married Tlnunas ('nrts. 

.John (lilhonsen, maiiicd .lulia .M. i'icicc. mentioned ahove. 

William ( Jilli(»iisen. horn . I Illy. is;!7. married Saiali 1'. Clark. 

Mar.iiaict (iillionsen. horn Ajiril. 184o. single. 

Henrietta (Jilhonsen. liorn Ang'. 28, JS4tt, married ()irin 

Ketnrah Ciilhonsen. horn Dee. Ki. 1848, sin^h'. 

-leinsha (iilhonsen. horn An<i. 17. 1S,')1. married Lester heiir. 

Kesor (iillionsen. horn -Ian.. 1S.~)(;, married -losie Davis. 
Tlu' jirandrather of .l(tliii (Iillionsen was I'.lias Ciilhonsen. who 
was the inxcntor of the lirst steam distillery in the I'nited States. 
He niarri<'d lOli/aheth Prown of rnicui ("o.. Pa. .Mr. I'lias Cil- 
lionsen was also a larmer, and in helit'l a Lutheran. 'I'lieir eliil 
dren were: 

.lolin Samuel. 

itenjamin. iiieiilione(l ahove. 





i\al lieiine. 


The .nieat jLiramiralher of .John (iillionsen was Dr. I'rederiik (iil 
honseii. who was h(»rn in Preiiien. (iermany. Me resid<'d in ^'ol•k 
«-(mnly. Pa., and was a eelehraled [ilivsician. lie was iioisoiied 
on aeconiil ol his Lireai in-aetie<' and iio|iiilarily. In reliiiion Ik.' 
^^•as a Lntheran. His children were; 

ICIias. inentioiKMl ahove. 



Annie, nijinicd .Idlni S|)r;uikl<'. 
Tollv. ni;iri-i('(l .lacdl) /iiniiu'riii;iii. 
Ilclsv. iii;ii-i-i('(l Mr. Sliilil. 
The cliihli-cn of .Iiilin .M. IMcrcc ;ni<l -Idlin < lilliduscn ;ire. 

Ill ■III (JKXKU.V riox. 

81). William I'dwai-d (lilliouseu, sec paraiira|)li I»7. 

00. ('has. ^^'esIey (lilhoiisen. see pai-auraph !IS. 

01. Lottie A. (li]h(»us<Mi. born Ajir. L'!», ISdli. died Aiiu. 17. 1S70. 
Oi'. .lohn Paxon (lilhoiisen. see paramiaiih 00. 

0:>. i:rnest I). Oilhouseii. hoiii .March :\\. 1S74. sin.ulo. The 

Dalles. Oregon. 
04. :Mah]e F. (Jilliouscn. l.oni Oct. 10. 1870. died Au.u. J<l, l!Mi:5. 
Uo. Clarence V. (;i!honsen. hoiii Aj»i-il (». ISSl, died .hil\- :>0, 

0(1. Nellie M. (iilhouseu. born Dec. 1 i. 1SS4. sinjile. I*. ( >. The 

Dalles. Oreuon. 

07. \\'illiaiii !•;. <iillionsen. see paragraph SO. was born Feb. 1. 
18(ir», at Kahoka. .Mo., and was married at Hannibal. Mo., in 1801, 
to ^linnie Ilollynian. She died at The Dalles. Oregon. May 23, 
lOOr). Her lather was -lohn Ilollynian. and the maiden name ol" 
her mother was Euinialene l>ii-d. Mr. Gilhoiisen is a larmer, in 
})olitics J'rohibitionist. and a Methodist. His ihildren are: 


Emmalene Oilhouseii. born at The Dalles. Ore., in 1S!>:5. 
Leila (Jilhoiisen, also bom at The Dalles, in ISOO. 


98. Mr. ('has. ^^^ (lilhoiisen, see itarajirajih !>ii. was born nt 
Kahoka. Mo.. March 10. 1S()7, and was married in May. ISOl'. near 
Kahoka. to Miss l-]tta rhillii»s. She was born in Aiiunst. 1S74. at 
W'ayland, Mo. '^ler mother's maiden name was Miss Mott. .Mr. 
Gilhoiisen resides at (,'anton. .Mo., where he is a ]»hoto<irapher. In 
politics he is indejiendent : relijiion .Methodist, lie was aiiain mar- 
ried to Anna llankson of Keokuk. I believe that the children are 
by the first wile. 

si.xrii (;i:xiiU.\iiox. 

Glenn Gilhoiisen. born .May 11. 1S04. 
(^Jarnet M. (Jilhonsen. born .May i::. 1S!)S. 


00. John Faxon Gilhonsen. see paiauraph '.H'. was bnrn .\pril 
30, 187L at Kahoka. Mo., and was m.iiricd Aug. .".0, IS'.Mi. to Isa- 
belle l»!ay. who was also born at Kahoka, Oct. L'K, 1S74. Her 
lather was -lohn (Jrav; the maiden name of her moilier was Marv 

Bender. -Mi-. « Jilli(»iisfii niiis a laumliy ai Wliar « 'lieer. litwa. Tii 
l)olitics he is a luember of tlie ri-oliihitioii ]iany. lelijrion :Metli(i- 
dist and an evan<;elistic sinj^er. Has led The sinuinfj in a nnnibei- 
of revival meetings. He is clMii-isTiM- and suiierintendent of the 
Methodist lOjiiscoital Snnday school. Aiu-ndcd .Miss(»nii Slate Tni- 
versity, and <ii-adnated from the Kahoka Hi^h S(1m»<>I in 1888. 
Their children are : 

sixiii <a:Ni:uA rioN. 

LanrjMice (lilhonsen. 1mm ii .hnic 1*7. IsiiT. 
Paul 1 >. <lilhonsen, die<l in infancy. 


100. Sarah Adelaide Tierce, see |iara!i:raiili 8:1. was horn in IS.II. 
at Hannibal. .Mo.. an<l Avas nnirried to Thonnis Wilber Fields. Avho 
was born at Codcrich. Oniaiio. Canada. His father was James 
Fields; the maiden name of his mother Mary Ann North. ^Ir. 
Fields is a jewelei- residinii at Kahoka. .Mo., a .^lethodist ami in 
IKjlitics a IJepnblican. They liaxc one <liild. 

Fii-'Tii gf:ni:u.viion. 
Charlotte ^Miner Fields, died Anj-'. 8, ISS."). 

Fotirni <m:ni;u.\tion. 

101. Ella Xoiali Pierce, see ]tara<iiai»h S4. was born at Hanni- 
bal. .Mo., ami was mariied in .May. ISTl. lo Henry F. Hakin. who 
was born Feb. lMI. \s:){\. He died ()ci. IL'. T.MM. The followiuji- 
obituary m)tic«' yiven in the Hannibal ••Morn.iu';- Journal." jjives a 
sketch of his life: 

;Mr. Dakin was born February 20. 18.~0. at Harveysbnri:. Ohio, 
ami at the time of his dealli was a^cd ri4 years. When 18 years 
of ajjie he came to Hannibal an<l has resided hei-e <'ver sim-e. On 
arriving licrc he entered ilie employ of llellard \ ^'t>use and laier 
worked ['i,v ihe firm of»n ^: Sons. After llu' death of the elder 
l>ac(Mi. .Mr. hakin accepted a position as travcdiuii salesman for a 
St. Louis lionsc. which he hebl foi- scNcial years. 

In ISTs the deceased formed a parlnership wilii S. 1'. (ii\an and 
opcMU'd a iiroc<'ry store. In issi' he formed the Holmes 1 >aki)i 
Ci<;ar c(iiii|iany with l'. .M. Holmes and was adixidy connected with 
the c<mipaiiy uniil the lime (d' his deaili. beinji iis jiresidenl. Start- 
ing in a mere shop ihe Imsiiiess of the company e.xpaiuled under 
the able manajienienl of .Mr. hakin nniil now a larue faiiory is 
devoted lo ils business. 

.Mr. hakin was also inslrunienial in oruani/inu ihe Sni iy<"ar*e 
Hunting- and i"'ishin|:j Club, ihe clid» lions<' of which is across the 
Mississip|ti ri\er from liannilial in Illimus on the Sny. He has 
been jiresideiii of the club e\('i- since it was formed, and always 
look an aci i\(' inleresi in ii. 

.\[r. hakin was married in Hannibal in 1S71 lo Miss I'lla l•ierl*^^ 
daumhler of ihe lale .loiialhaii I'ierce. who slill sur\i\('s. In a<ldi 

lion In liis widow ilic (Icrcasrci loaves tliroo sisters — ^Irs. AN'. M. 
Ihirlord ol St. I.ouis; Mrs. < Icorjic AV. Hawk, of Wa.vncsvilli'. ()., 
jiiid -Mrs. .1. K. I.attliaiii ol' .Malcoiii, la., loiidlMM- with lour Iti-olliers. 
W. J. DaUiii and A. II. hakiii of Ilaiuiihal: Kcx . W. S. hakiii. of 
Port Gibson, ^Miss.. and Millard V. Dakin. of New York riiy. Mr. 
Dakin only loaves one cluld, Horace E. Dakin. of llanniltal. 
^.Irs. hakin resides at Hannibal, ^fo. 


Horace lOdwin Dakin was born Oct. !l. ISTl*. and was mairied 
to Daisy Illinois . lames ai Xorfolk. \a.. Oct. lM). 1S!»7. They have 
three cliildreii. 


Kdwin Francis Dakin. born Hannibal, :Mo.. Dec. 1'.). 1SI)8. 
Viriiinia Sinclair Dakin. Itorn Hannibal, ^fo., ^[arch ol, 1000. 
Kowena Dakin. born Hannibal. Mo., Jnly :5(l. 1!M)2. 


102. ("has. "\A'<»slev IMerce, see i»araura])h 85, was born in \S7)~), 
at Hannibal. Mo., and is married to Laura Van Hook. He is eni- 
])Ioyed by I he Northern I'acifie R. R. company and is located at 
Jamestown. X. D. They have no children. 

TiiiHn (;i:xi:i:atiox. 

10:J. James Reed Dobyns. see jjaragraph 2."). was born ^farch 11, 
1S14, accordiu<>- to his son, Davis P. Dobyns. Maysville, Ky., is 
j^iven as the place of his birth. He wa>< nuuried to Jane Stewart 
and Mary Craft. The latter died in July. 1S40. He was a car- 
penter and contiactor for years; failed dnrinu' the war. He after- 
wards was a United States railway nuiil ajiont. Afterward he 
eante to Oregon. Mo., and lived with his sou, David P. Dobyns. He 
died tliere Jan. 20, ISST. The children u\' James R. Dobyns and 
Mary Craft are: 


]l)l. laiima Dobyns. born in IS."):;, died in infancy. 

W~). Alonzo L. i)obyns, see jtaraiiraiili ltl8. 

1(H;. r.yron Dobyns. born in Si. Louis in 184:], died in 18(5(1. 

107. Da\id I'. Dobyns. see para.uraph lb!>. 

108. Alonzo L. Dobyns. s<'(' para-iraph Id.", was born in St. 
Louis, Feb. 22. 18:{7. and was married to Josephine llarion. She 
was born Jniu' 0. 184L in Alsace Lorraine. Her lather was An- 
toine Harion. and her mother's maiden name was Kosine Conrath. 
Mr. Dobyns resides at ir.i:} Franklin Ave., St. Louis. Mo., where 
his occupation is carpenter. His piditics is Republican. 

lOU. David Pollock l)obyns. .see jiaragraph 1(>7. was born Jan. 


1'5, 184."). ai St. Ldiiis. .Md. Ih' was inaii'uMl lo ICiimia riicci-: Ikm- 
iather was |)r. W. A. (Jreer; liei- inollici-. .Mar.\ .Mason. 1 Kniuji, 
llie Civil War. Mr. iMthyiis (Miteiinl Tlu* I'liidii Army, aud was 
W(niu(lfMl in action in battle in lS(il. He recovcit'd and i-t'inlistcd 
in 1S(;4. lakinu' pait in the haltU's of Franklin and Xashvilk' 
in 1S<)4. Learned printer's trade and has been editor of the H(dt 
('(ninty Senlinel. |tnl)lished ai ()rei:on. .Mo., for the jiast 'Ai) years. 
Nov. rid. 1!KI7. he was elected president of the Northwest Missouri 
Press Association. His children are: 


110. Lulu hohyns. seo paraj^iaph 113. 

111. I'dwin P>. Dobyns. see jtarajii-aph 114. 
111'. Leiuli r>. I>obyns. see para^iajdi llTi. 

113. Lulu Dobyns was liorn I >ec. 11. isTl. and is married to 
^Mias. 1). .Mark<'r. They reside at Denver, Colo. 

114. JCdwin Heaice Dobyns. see jtara,ui-a])li 111. was born duly 
4, 1874, at ^lacon, .Mo., and was iiiarri(Ml .July .">. 18117. at .\htcon. 
to \'iola .Mercer, who was also born at .Macon. Feb. i*. 1S7C>. Her 
lather was 10. H. Mercer. .Mr. Dobyns is a train disjiatcher livins; 
at IKlL'-.'ird St. Ft. .Madison. Iowa. Tn jiolitics he is neutral, re- 
ligion Protestant. Their children are: 

SIXTH (a:Ni:iJATn).\. 

(iladys Dobyns. born at .Macon. .Mti. 

David Kayinond Dobyns. born at I-'t. Madison, la. 

ini^'iM! (a;xi:KATiox. 

11."). Lei<!,h l»oone Dobyns, see paijiiiiaiih ll'J. was born Nov. 
30, 1878. at Oregon. .Mo., and was married to .\iina Pelh' ('lark. 
Nov. 4. IIMIL'. ;ii 15eloit. Kans. Sh(> was born Oct. I'l. 1S7:'.. in 
• lewel county. Kans. Ibr lather was Ceo. W. ('lark, liie maiden 
name o\' her mother Martha \l. Chenoweth. Mr. Dobyns is a tele- 
grajh opcratoi- residinu at ('heveniu', ^^'yominu. a Mason and in 
jiolilics Kei»nblicaii. Tlicy have two children. 

SIXTH (a:xi:i{A riox. 

Dorothy ('hrisline Dob_\ iis. born Sept. L'7. I!>6."'>. 
Leigh Clark i>obyns. l)orn Sei»i. lb. llMi.".. 

'I'll iia» (a:xi:KA riox. 

117. Lewis ("raig Dobyns. see jiaragraph 'Jii. was born Nov. 111*. 
1S17, at IMemingsbuig. \\\ .. and was liist maiaied to Charlotte 
Partridge, .May Id. 1SI7. She was born -Inly :!1. is:!."., in 
l\;nglaml. and died December L!. is.-jl. at Keokuk, Iowa. .Mr. 
Dobyns was auaiii mairiel ai K( okiik to .Mar\ Kobinson \\'eaklv 


Mnv i. isr»tl. She \\;is li(ii-ii No\ . H*. ISi'l. ;il Iiiinii. I toddridji'O 
('(t.. W. \'a. SIic (lied .M;iy S, 1S7.~», at K('(>kid<. lici- lallici- was 
• loliii \\'«'akl(\\ . The Inlldw iiiii sUctcli of Ia'wIs ("raiii l><)l)yiis lias 
bi'oii riiniislicd l»y his (hiii.uhicr. .Mis. Sai-ali A. K('iii|i: 

Died of iiiaiiil ion. al his hninc in ihe >\'i_iilitiiiaii Iniihliiiii. at '2.i~t 
]). 111.. .Monday, .Innc 17. I'.Hil. Lewis Craiii hoI»yiis. a^cd s:; years, 
(i nioiil lis and IT days. 

I!e had !i\ed i\'2 years in Iowa and liad been <-oiirni('d to liis hed 
ahunl eh'ven weel<s. Lewis ('rai«>; Dobyns was born in l'h'niin<i' 
Co.. Ky.. \o\-. L'L*. 1S17. On his father's side lie was of Ihi.ulisli 
descent. His lii-andfalher. l^lward Dobyns. came In .\nierica ioni; 
bel'nre I he KeNointioii, hinded in Xew York and from Ihei-e went 
to ("iil|!e|)er connly. \'a. lie removed to Kentucky wliile that 
region was yet a jtarl of \'irt;inia. to that part wliicli is now .Mason 
<-<»nnt\, and leared a raniily of 12 cliildren. one of wliom. -lames 
Dobyns. was the father of the subject of this sketch. Lewis Crai,!*' 
Dobyns is the last of the family. 

He was educated ir, the celebrated Di-. Xelson's ^lissionary 
School in <^)uincv. III., and a private hijih school at the same jdaee. 
He A\as the first jinblic school teacher in Keokidv, towa. He also 
tauiiht in Fort .Madison for three years aud in Fairchild and ^H. 
IMeasant. Towa. TIkmi condncled a private academy in P^irminii- 
tou for three yeai-s. He followed the ])rofession of teaehinji, for 
25 yeurs. and nund)ered anions his ]>u]iils some of the most ]»romi- 
nent men in the state of Iowa, amonii others ex-(Jovernor Drake. 
who obtained all liis cdncation under Mr. Dobyns' tuition. 

He entered the service of the Towa State Insurance Co., of 
Keokuk. Li., in 1S(>(>, beiny' its first general aucnt. His territory 
was the 4(1 southern countfes of the state, and he often walked 
from one county seat to the other, when as yet no roads were made. 
Owing to his advanced age and infirmities he sevei-ed his connec- 
tion with the company in ISS!) to the regret of all connected with 
Ihe institution. Since liis ictirement he has. with the assistance 
of his dangliHT, .Maiy l]. I >obyns, done a small local liusiness. 
The deceased was one of the best known men in the city. He 
was very active in the jmrsuit of his business, and this same 
activity and zeal characterized his life in all his walks. He look 
a keen interest in public affaiis. and through close and constant 
reading he acijuired a large ac(|uaintance with state and national 
atfairs. and his jxMsonal ac(piaintan<-e with ]inblic men almost 
equalled his knowledge of excnts. He was a life-long IJepiiblican. 
voting' lii-st I'oi- I'l-esident Hai-riscm. of 'ripjKM aiioe lame, and he 
continued active in jiolitics nji to the lime ol his last illness. H(? 
was a M<'tliodist from his <'aily youth; a dexoni wdi-shijiper. He 
was a good man. beloxcd by iiis fauiily and his legitiu of friends 
and resjiected and lion<ti-ed by all. 

He will be missed in iIm' conimnuity as well as in the home and 
liis death causes general regr<'t. 

Three sons and two daughters out of the family of HI children 
mourn his death; namely. .Mrs. Sarah A. Kemp, ol Ihireka, Calif.: 
Chas. X. hobyns. editor of the (Maig Leader, of ( 'raig, .Mo.; Cicero 
W. Doli\iis. I >es .Moines, la.: IMward ^L Dobvns. of this citv: and 


^larv E. Ddbyiis. of ilu* Hi^li ScIkkiI icinliini; foi-co of ihis city. 
The funei-ul services will Im' held at the ("eiitial ^I. K. Chiiich at 
eijiht o'clock ^^'e(lnes(lay iiioviiiii^. from thence the remains \y\\\ 
he taken to Keokuk on th<' !»:l'(l train, \ ia I he Rock Ishnul. to he 
]ilac(^l beside his second wife. I lie motlier of the children present 
I who was laid at i-est 2(5 years a<i<)). The only danuhter livin<»: 
liy llu' tirst wife. ^Irs. Sai-ah A. Kemji. ol' ('alifornia. was not ]ii-es- 
ent on account of an invalid hnshand. 

The children of Lewis Craiji Dohyns by his tirst wife are the first 
1V,() jiiven in the followinu list. The remainder are b\' the secotid 


ForuTii (a:xi:i;ATiox. 

lis. Sarah Ann Dobyns, see jtara^^raph 124. 

ll!t. Charlotte E. Dcibyns. born 1 )<*c. 12. 1S.-)(I; died in IS.")!. 

120. JOdward M. Dobyns. Ixnii Ajtril .'Id. 1S,")1 ; bacheloi-, living 

at Oskaloosii, la. 

121. ('has. X. T)obyns. see ])ara,iiia]»h \'.V.\. 

122. Cicero W . 1 )obyns, born Dec. IS. IStil ; unmarried. 

12:5. Mary i:. D(»ityns. born Oct. 24, ISf.C. ; teacher in public 
schools. Oskaloosa. la. 

124. Sarah A. Dobyns. see paragraph lis. was born .\pril 22. 
1S4S, at Farnungton. la., and was niarrie<l Nov. 'A. lS(i."», at St. 
Taul to Wni. A. Kemji. lie was born Dec. I'.i, lX'-\~i, at r.altimore, 
Md.. ami died Mai-ch :\. IIMI,"), at St. -lohn. ()r<'gon. His lather was 
Joshua Kemp; the maiden name ol' his mother Sophia ("ole. In 
l»oIitics he was Kepublican. and a ndnistei- of the Methodist Chur«-h. 
as well as fainiing some at ('or\allis. ( )regon. His wife lixcs at 
Lents. Ore. Ilei- childr<'n are: 

I'MFTii (a:.\i;K.\iio\. 

12."!. I'.abe. born Se|»l. l!t. ISIiC. died Sejd. 21. JSiir., and is buii«'d 

iieiir Clearwater. Minn. 
12(i. Lewis .losliua Keni]i. se<' paragi-apli l.'U. 
127. ^^'m. A. Kemp, see paragraph i:!2. 

125. Twins, born Aug. 10, l.sTl. died Aug. 10, ISTl. buried near 

liarlholomew . .\rkansas. 
12!). Henry X. Kemp, born .Iun<' !». IST."); killed at Silver Polk. 
Ore.. .\\\<j, :',]. ISSC. He is bui-ieil at Coi'v;'llis. Ore. 

l.'^O. yellii" .May Kemp was boiii al Cor\aHis. Ore., -lune I». ISS.". 
She attended I Ik- llojnies business college of I'orllaml lor one year, 
afterwards went lo a |iri\ale school al the same plare for special 
instruction for the same length of lime. Served an apiirenlicesliip 
for the millinery hade and is now working al llial ot-cuiial ion in 


]:>1. Lewis .Idslm.i K('in|). sih' pni-aiii-ipli 1L'<;. horn nciU' Fair- 
haven. Minn.. Ani;. -'2. ISCiT. lit' nunricd rinia 15. I.cud ;i( Cor- 
vallis. Ore., fluiu' 1). 1SS7. He attended the Oreuon Slate Ajii-i- 
cnllnral CoMeiie at Corvallis I'oi- a time, then entered the mill hnsi- 
ness and is now part owner and nianaiicr of the Tahte Ko»k l.nnd>er 
Co., of Cascadi's. Wash. He was ajtpoiiited jiost niasiei- (tl' Leuts. 
Ore., but was (•()nipeII«Ml 1o resign liis position on acrouiit of (lose 
<'onfinem(Mit. Tliev have one cliild. 

SIX Til (a:.\"i:i;A'i'ioN. 

Bessie lone Kemp, born at ('(trvallis. Ore., Feb. 1»'». 1S81). 
Married in ItMIT. 


132. William Andrew Kem]». see ])ara^raj>h 127, was born June 
27, ISfil), near A'ermont, 111. He was mariied at Portland, Ore., 
Ai>ril 14, IIMM;, to Mrs. Florenee Hand v. 


13.3. Charles Newton Dobyns. see paragraph 121, was born at 
Keokuk, la.. A])ril 3. 1858. He was married Ajtril 1. 18110, to 
Clara P». McXabb, who was born at Cialliopolis, ()hio. Sept. 17), 
187(1. Mr. Dolnns is editor of the Corning "Mirror," Holt Co., 
Mo., a Ke})ublican in ]»olitics and a I'resbyterian. He has i-esided 
in Holt ('o. since 187!). They have six children living to ]»er]»etuate 
the Dobyns name, and I am indebted to their lather for tluMr names 
and birthdays, which are here given: 


Lewis Craig Dobyns, born March 2, 1S!)1. 

Dick Dobyns. born .May 15, 18!12. 

Mildred Dobyns, born Aug. 27. 18!I3. 

Sterling .Morton Dobyns. born July 11. 18!)8. 

(Meineiit Dobyns. boiii dan. 25, P.MHI. 

Chas. Ned Dobyns. Ixnn Ajail 12. l!Mr_*: di-owned. 

Louis<' Dobyns, born Aiail 2!>. 1!M)5. 

Til Il;n OKXKKA riox. 

134. Julia Ann Leticia Dob\ ns. see paragra])h 27. was born Aug. 
2, 1821. the youngest child of .lames and Sarali Coojier Dobyns. 
She married Dr. James Lyon. Mrs. Sarah Kemjt writes that 
she is buried at Hannibal. Mo. Her hnsband died dnring the war. 
They had two children. 

Foru'iii ta;xi:uA'riox. 

i:'.5. Richai-d F. Lyon. Cth Iowa Inf.. Civil W.w. 

L'ti. Delia Alherton Lyon, niai-ried lIiMun Derr at .Montrose, la., 
in 18(52. She was on the stage. They had several chil- 
dren but ap]»arently (»nly one is now li\ing. 



(Jeorge Den-, address unknown. 


l.'IT. IMwai'd Dolivns, see ]tai'ii^i-aiili .'. was Ikhii I'di. 7. 17T(». 
an<] died dan. H. ls:!l. Hilary l)(il)yns j^jncs ilic nanirs n[' ilie Hd- 
lowiiiii cliiidi-en : 

III lUH (JK.XKltATlitX. 

15. F. Dolivns. :\Iexi((). .Mo. 
Thos. d. Ih.hyns. 
Silas hnhyns. 
Heury Dolivns. 


loS. Idizaltelli i)<d)yns. see ]tara,iirajili (i, was Imrn dune '1. 1777. 
and died Aim. !''• !''*'•»-• ^I'e married Ilenrv Dnval. who is hnried 
near f>])rinjiti(dd. .Mo. His widow ami laniily lived near Kansas 
r\\\- Mo. 


I'annic .Man in. 
^la.u^ie Decker. 
r.ettie Duval. 
Mary Du\ai. 
(liles Dnval. 

SECoN 1 ) ( ; I : .\ i:k.\ t i uN . 

V-V.). ('iias. D<d)yns. see ]iarai:ra]tli S, was Imhu .\uu. s. 17M. in 
Cul|te|iei- ( "o.. \'a. He \\as married to ICli/.aix'l li Torlcr. lie died 
Fell. L'Ll. ISL'j m- jSL'S. Tlieir cliildi-cu and dcscendaiUs. ar(iii-din<; 
lo 11 ilary I ►oliyns. \\('i-<' : 


1 ll». .Malinda Doliyns. see jiaraurapli 1 I.". 

111. dane 1 ►oltyns Kirk. 

1 ]■_'. i''i"Mir('s Doliyns Kcniion. 

u:;. doiiii r. Dohyns. 

144. laillici- i;. I >oli\ ns. killed in ISCl. 

14."). .Malinda D<ihyns. see iiaraurup'' ' '"• nianicd Tliomas 
Lai-('\v. 'riicir ijiiidicn are: 

Inl Kill (;!:m:i;.\iion. 

1 i<l. .M;ii\ .\ nil Larcw. 

117. .\dcl,iidc l.aicw. sec pai aLiia j^li I III. 

lis. Jane I'oiici- I.aicw. sec |iaiai:ia|ili l.-iO. 


]4!l. A(U'l;ii(it' L;ii('\\. iiiiiiiicd Sihis |)u\;il niid liad I wo cliildrcn : 

FIFTH ge:xeratiox. 

^^'iIIi;^ll Duval. 
I,ulii I>ii\al. 

Foritrii (;km;rati()X. 

l.~)U. .lane I'oiici- l.arcw. set' paia^iapli 14S, iiian-it'd Jaiut's J. 
Howe, and had scNcial cliildi-cn as are liere j>iven : 


1.")!. Tlidinas L. Howe, see pai-aurapli \~u. 

l.~L'. Coiicliit ITowe. 

l.").",. Mai tie Howe. 

154. .lennie i\ Howe. 

l.~.~. AcU'laide Howe. 

1. "■»(;. ^^'illialH Howe. 

IT)!. Tlios. L Howe, see ]taia<iTa]»h ^~A. niarried Lena Umris or 
I'.iirrick and liad a son. 


James Howe, married Jane A. Howe. 


1.j8. Enoch Dob.vns, see |iara<'ra]tli '.». was born June ."), IIS-I. He 
had four cliildreii as far as known, whieh are here aiven : 

llllUl) <a;XERATIOX. 

Thos. I!. i)ol»yiis. 
Edward Dohvns. 
Letitia Hixson holiyns. 
Frances hohyns. 


ir»!». Mary i>ol»yns. sec iiaiaurapli 10, hoiii Scjil. 1^4. ITS."), and 
died Auji. L'l. ls:;i». She was married to Mr. I*«^iy. They had a 
dan^hter. '*■ 


.Mary reiry. 


KtO. lienjamiiie Dohyns. see paraurajih 11. was hoin .hinc '24. 
17S8, and died Feh. I'S. 1S14. lie niari-icd Nancy I'orici-. dan.uh- 
ter of dohn ami .lane Toricr. The\ had a son. 


111 iKii (;i:xi-:UA'ii<»N. 
Fleiniiiii l>nliviis. who difd m-ai- I'alnivrn. .Mo. 


.laiiM's I'.. 1 >(iliviis. 
-Maiv I', hew ill. ( "olninbns. ^lo. 
Anna K. Ildiiiiir. Lancaster, Kv. 
lU'rtic Tiiislcy. Warrt'iislmrg. .Mu. 


Kil. lI('i-i-\ l>iili\iis, sec iiaraui'.il'li 1-. \\';is Imhii .liiii 


Kcv. ^^■Ill. Kay Moliyiis of Si. .|()se|i|i. .Mci.. is ul ilic niiiiiion thai 
he was hoiii in .Masdii ('(».. Ky.. Init is iiid smc. lie was iiiafiied 
to M;iiy I'oitcf. dauiihrcr ol' .lulm and Jane I'di-tcf. He died I Wm-. 
11, 1S37. Theii- children and t:i-andchililien. as uixcn liy William 
Kay and Ililaiy holiyns. are: 

'riiiiM) (a;xERATi(»N. 

Kil'. dames II. ])(tl)yns. Imhii \h>r. 111. ISl 1, and married Saldna 
Snin<'i-ell. Lived ai <"(duinlms. ddhnsnn ("n.. Mti. 

103. Ueiijamine l-^i-anklin iiniiyns. see |iaiaL;raiili 17(i. 

1(;4. .Idhii r. Kohyns. 

]((.". I'^rances .M. I )ol»yns. imin .hil> 4. iM'd. and died .May 17. 
IS'.H). She is lini-ieil in .Masdii ( "d.. Ky. 

Hitt. Hilary K. I >dliyiis. see iiara<ii-a]»li ITU. 

KIT. I'^iaiices daiie hohyns. Masdii * 'd.. Ky. 

K)S. Adelaide Dohyns. 

Kil). -Idlin 'I'lidiiias holiyns, died .March J. \s')~,. and is hiiiied ;il 
< 'oliijiilins. .Md. 

ITn. IN'ii jam ine I'lanklin I »dliyns. see ]iaiai:ia|ih Kii!. was Imh-ii 
Fell. L*. 1S17. at .Mayslick. .Mason ("o.. Ky. In 1S|S he was mairietl 
1o .Mai-^ai-el Kntli .Man-ow at ("dlnmlnis. .Mo., ami died I'el». L's. 
at ("dinndins. .Mo. She was Ikm-ii No\ . 1."). ImT), and died Auix- •>1. 
1S7S. at .Mai-shall. .Mo. Ilei- lalliei- was Kohei i havis .Maii-ow. j >. 1 >.. 
and the maiden name ol' Jiei- niolher was l-'li/abelh Ka> . .M f. 
I>dl(yns was a |iliysician. in pojitics a henidcfal. and a ('amii 
liellile. lie resided al Maxslick. Ky., and <'dlnmlnis. Md. 'Theii 
childi-en were: 

Kdiurii (a:M:K Aiiox. 

I7L .Mary Kerry Ddiivns. hoin Mai-cii :.. IM'.l: <lied Se|pl.. isdS. 
I 7l!. .Idlin IkdlieiM I )dl)\ ns. Iidin Match :',]. js'.it. manied .Miss 

Lily Wel.slei-. 
1 7.">. -lanK's l-'rancis Kiilicsoii l>oli\ns. Iiorn I •<■<•. •;, Is.'iL mar 

lied .M iss Ldii I »irk M nriay. 
171. I'.eiijamiiie (Iiaves I »dh\ ns, JKnii .Inly !>. jsrili. ilied anliimn 

ol' iSCiS. 


IT."). \\illi;iiii Kny Dolixiis. Ikhii .M;iy 17. \sr,\, -.w ( '(tliniilms, Md., 
and was inai-ricd .lime WK ISSIt. ;il St. Louis, lo .Mary 'l'ri|(k'tte 
JJucklaiKl. SIi<> was Itoni -Inly 11. IStiT. at St. Louis. Ilcr latlici' 
was Thomas AUfcd IJucUlaud. and her niotlicr's maiden name was 
Mai'V l^ilcn 'riiiilctlc Mv. ltol>yns is the minisici- oT tlie I'Misl 
I'resbytcriaii riniidi at St. .loscpli. .Mo., and is in politics a Cleve- 
land Dcmocral. lie is a mcmlier oT the Sons of the American 
IvevoluHon oi-i:;iiii/.al ion of St. .losejili. Mo. Tliey liaxc two cliildi-eii. 

j-ifiii (a:M:KAi'i(».\". 

Mai'i>ai-el Hutli l>ol»yns, hmii -Ian. L'l. HMK!. and died Dec. 

18, 11)03. 
M-Avy Vx:\\ Dobyns. Ixun Nov. !». lOdC. 

•iiiiiM) gkxp:katio.\. 

ITti. llilaiy K. hohyiis, see ])aia^rai)h l(»(i. was Itoiii Dec 1."!, 
ISl'L', and mairied .Miss Annie ( 'hiistiaii. Tliev liad four childi-eu. 


James P. Dobyiis. 
Lizzie K. Dohyns. 
Frances Doh.xns. 
IOd<^ar L. Dobyns.