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Full text of "The doctrine of the Divine Ideas in the "Summa de Bono" of Ulrich of Strasbourg: Text and philosophical introduction"

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B.A. (St. Mary's College) 1939 
M.A. (De Paul University) 1944 

TUESDAY, MAY 18th, 1948, AT 2.00 P.M. 

JAN 1 91979 

OF 1 



Professor J. G. Anpison, Chairman 
Professor F. H. Anderson 
Professor A. C. Pegis 
Professor I. T. Eschmann 
Professor J. R. O'DoNNELL 
Professor H. R. MacCallum 

Professor C. W. Leslie 
Professor W. M. D. Long 
Professor V. B. Brezik 


1918 — Born, St. Louis, Missouri. 
1939 — B.A., St. Mary's College, Winona, Minnesota. 
1944 — M.A., De Paul L'niversity, Chicago, Illinois. 
1944-45 — Graduate Studies, Loyola University, Chicago, 
1945-48 — Graduate School, University of Toronto. 






I'lrich of Strasbourg was a German Dominican of the thirteenth century, 
a pupil and disciple of St. Albert the Great. He entered the Dominican Order 
in Strasbourg at an early age, and followed the lectures of St. Albert at Cologne 
from 1248-1252. He was provincial prefect of the German province of his 
Order from 1272-1277, when he was sent to Paris to lecture on the Sentences of 
Peter Lombard. He died there in the same year, before attaining to the magis- 

His principal, and indeed only extant, work is the De Summo Bono, a philo- 
sophico-theological treatise on questions and problems current in the teachings 
of thirteenth century masters. Because this work is for the most part still in 
manuscript, it was necessary to edit the fifth tractate of Book II in order to 
study the doctrine of the divine ideas in his philosophy. The present edition of 
the Summa De Bono II, 5, rests on photostatic copies of five available manu- 
scripts. Of these, Paris 15900 has been chosen as basic. 

The central philosophical problem of the thesis revolves around the doctrine 
of the divine ideas as understood to be the essence of God known as imitable by 
the creature. Ulrich's treatment of this problem lends itself to a study under 
three headings: (1) intellectual operation,s in God, with special reference to the 
causal activity of the divine knowledge; (2) the definition and character of the 
divine ideas, their multiplicity, and their ultimate reference; (3) some "of the 
consequences of the doctrine of ideas, particularly the mode of God's presence 
to things, His providence and His prescience. 

The De Summo Bono, as Ulrich himself indicates, is a work devoted to an 
exposition of the Supreme Good. Within that general framework the second 
book is concernedWith the essence of God, and those things consequent upon it. 
Historians have quite correctly called this book a kind of a commentary on the 
De Divinis Nominibus of the Pseudo-Dionysius. The fifth tractate, for example, 
expounds the signification of the names that express the intellectual perfections 
of God. Thus the divine ideas, conceived as causal principles, belong to what 
is eternally predicated of God, as manifesting His intellectual perfection. 

L'lrich proves the existence of an intellect in God from the fact of providence 
and the finality evident in nature. It belongs to providence to order an end, 
and this activity is possible only through a directing intellect. The divine 
intellect is a substance which is always in act, and never in potency. Ultimately, 
it is identified with the divine essence through which God knows Himself and 
others. But when God understands things other than Himself, He understands 
them exactly insofar as He knows Himself to be their cause, and in accord with 
His own manner of causing. The divine intellect, therefore, conceived as ars 
is the essential cause of the artifact. As causal, the divine knowledge is strictly 
practical, (Ulrich views speculative knowledge as having a reference only to 

the merely possible) and though, for him, the divine causality proceeds by way 
of science, Ulrich expressly rejects a notion of creation that would come about 
through a necessary emanation. The origin of creatures is explained by a free 
creation from nothing. 

The divine intellect is also identified with the divine truth, which creatures 
imitate and mirror in their own way. Things are true in that they exist and 
operate in accord with what has been ordained in the divine art. Hence, the 
divine exemplars furnish a stable and rational foundation for things without 
depriving them of the truth and reality proper to their own being. Truth 
essentially is one, because the divine art is one; but insofar as creatures imitate 
it diversely, through participation in it, truth is multiplied. 

That there are ideas in God Ulrich proves by arguing that every artist who 
operates in view of an end must have the form of his work in his intellect. Since 
the First Cause works in this way, He must have within Himself the forms of 
things to be created. These forms are the ideas. The divine idea is defined as 
the divine essence known as imitable, more strictly, it is a model in accord with 
which things have been, or are to be, made. Thus, for Ulrich the ideas are 
completely practical. Here we have sufficient ground to distinguish what is in the 
divine intellect as idea from what is there simply as known. God knows more 
than He creates, but He creates only that of which He has an idea. The idea, 
in other words, is a causal principle, and not a cogrioscitive one. Insofar as it 
may be considered cognoscitive, it is to be understood as that whereby only that 
which is to be created is known. 

The idea is one with the divine essence; it is regarded as multiple only by 
reason of God's knowledge of the diverse imitability of the divine essence. The 
real relations of creatures to the divine e.ssence and the conceptual relation of 
that essence to creatures enable us to recognize a multiplicity of ideas. Yet, 
strictly, according to Ulrich, it is more correct to speak of the idea of many 
things than of many ideas. 

In general, whatever exists as a distinct effect has an idea in God. Ulrich 
posits, therefore, ideas of individuals and of accidents, as well as ideas of the 
various species. So, too, since prime matter has an essence of its own, apart 
from prime form, there is a proper idea of it; more correctly, however, its idea 
is that of the composite in which it exists. Finally, there is an idea of material 
privation, insofar as this is found in a real being; formal privation, as a complete 
negation, has no idea in the divine mind. 

Because the ultimate foundation of the created order rests on the divine 
ideas, Ulrich finds an intimate connection between creature and creator; so much 
so that God is said by him to be the immediate cause of the being and of each 
operation of the creature. Yet, besides the divine immediate causality, Ulrich 
also admits a creaturely immediate causality, since the two belong to different 
orders. The first emphasizes an ultimate foundation and the fact that God is 
not obliged to work through secondary causes. The second is immediate as 
flowi-ng from the principles of a nature, but it is nonetheless a derived power, 
because it depends on a being other than itself. 

Since the operation of God within things is viewed in the light of the act of 
conservation, God is said to be in loco, not circumscriptively nor diffinitively, 
but only causally. His conservative causality, considered as the ordering of 
things made, is providence. Just as creatures are formed by an idea proper to 
each, so does providence lead these created natures to ends congruent to each. 
Because providence rules all things, chance and fortune cannot function as 
efficient causes, but only as accidental effects arising from the conjunction of 
ends intended in themselves. The consequent optimism of Ulrich is embodied 
in the view that all the events of life, good or seemingly bad, are ultimately 
ordered to the good. 

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The causal knowledge of the divine ideas does not remove contingenc>' or 
freedom from the created order, since God is a cause unproportioned to His 
eflfects, each of which is capable of only as much perfection as the principles of 
its nature will allow. Nor do contingency and created freedom remove certitude 
from the divine knowledge, for God knows through His essence which is completely 
immutable. Further, His knowledge, conceived simply as knowledge, adds 
nothing to the thing known; this remains what it is in accord with the nature 
given it in creation. If it were true that the foreknown necessarih- happens for 
the very reason that it is foreknown, there would be a necessity to deny to God 
a knowledge of those possibles which will remain possibles. The necessity of 
prescience, in short, lies within the divine knowledge, not within contingent 

Ulrich's sources for his doctrines in the Summa De Bono II, .5, are numerous 
and varied; with specific reference to the divine ideas, these can be reduced to 
the following. From Avicenna he derives his arguments to prove the existence of 
God Who as the Necessary Being is a cause and not an effect. The notion of the 
causal activity of the divine knowing comes from Dionysius, who conceives the 
divine intellect as the cause of things by reason of a diffusive perfection. St. 
Anselm is the source of the rectitudinist attitude which views the creature as a 
realized "oughtness", a fulfillment of the divine exemplar. St. Augustine provides 
the Middle Ages generally with a Christianized version of the Platonic Ideas, 
and following him, Ulrich construes the divine ideas as stable forms within the 
divine mind, in accord with which each thing is created. Boethius, .\ugustine 
and .Anselm are instanced by Ulrich in his explanation of the real, if not apparent 
harmony between prescience and contingency. Boethius is the chief source of 
his optimism in his doctrine of providence. 

While agreeing with contemporaries on many points relative to the doctrine of 
the divine ideas, Ulrich differs from them in refusing to admit the idea as a 
speculative cognoscitive principle, and in limiting it solely to the practical order. 
In so doing he threw into sharp relief the fact that the ultimate foundation of creat- 
ures is foimd within the divine mind and outside the order of the creature itself. 
Yet Ulrich's insistence on the practicality of the ideas has possibly a reason 
other than this; it is likely the intelligible necessity found in the very notion of 
the divine idea. God's knowledge extends further than His actual effects, and 
that knowledge would remain the same were there never a creation. Since the 
idea is the form of a thing to be made, it is therefore a creative principle, and not 
merely a cognoscitive one. There is no necessity for its appearance, if there is 
no creation. 

Ulrich's doctrine is thus a logical development of the principles he accepts. 
In this doctrine the ultimate origin of things is explained by a freely creating 
God. Yet all things are rationally established, since their very being is dependent 
upon an intellectual operation in God, Who knows each thing as it is imitative 
of His essence. Contingency and freedom in creatures are due to their inherent 
natures; but the stability and ultimate foundation of these natures is in the 
divine mind. 


Major Subject: 

Mediaeval Philosophy — Professor .A. C. Pegis. 

Minor Subjects: 

Systematic Philosophy — The Staff in Philosophy. 
Latin Palaeography — Professor J. R. O'Donnell. 

■:l> .■•«>^,n«..r-«^^-. ■■»-.„■. -, 


ffee DDotrin-.> cf tho oivin« Ideus in the 
of Ulrloh of ;>tr&sbOirgi Text oau ^hiio 


Qborles Josovsh Fngia 

A tJlMla aataitted In oonforrrdtiy 
with the r i,a fojf the 

in the IMlverslty ol Toronto 

•19« &- 


t^K' !;• g^?77^ 

iKw Dootrine oi the DlTlne Ideas In the - ifnuff ^ Bop^ of 
i/lyioh of oUi^Louxgi 'fejct xxd i^loaopblocl latroduotloa 

Ohaptsr I 

Ohaptev IX 

«te^er in 
flbaj^er IT 

Oheptar 7 
lotes to Pnrt I 


The Fc loosrehioe.! I'roblem 


Ploa of A^rosoat .;ork 

She Oeaaiulity of th« 
Divine Znteileot 

3!he UiTine Ideas 

Oonsequeueea of tba Joo trine 
of the Oivine Idee* 


Chapter I 
(^ptor II 
Obaptcy III 
Obsptctf IV 
(Husptev T 









Scmot traotatus .^aiatixS Ulri oecimdi 

Zn quo agitttf de nooiaitna slgaifio^sntit'is perfecticnes , er~ 
tis latellAotiv&e in Deo« sioit sunt sepientia, scieutia, 
i, «atio, Veritas, fides 

la v^iio probntur intelleotas es^e la 
Deo et de pro]}riotate Rotns e tis 

Osypitaluffl I 



Capltulois II 
Oapitultua XXI 
Oapltalom If 

Oapltul'im T 

OapitaXtua TI 

Oapltulam VII 
Qapltalom Till 
OBpitaloio IX 
Qa itulvui L 
Oapittiloffl &X 
Oa>iltal!im XII 

Oi^itulam XIII 

OapltftlWi XI7 
Oapitulaa Xf 

Oaultutluffl KTl 

D« Eiodo qio Deo* lata Illicit, at (iiiOBOdo 
elt in iptto maaa et s^ulontla 11 

u^llter rctio et fides et aoieatla 
sunt la Deo 24 

Oe Vdrltate «t aaoasBltAte diniajao 
tii'.taY^ «t d« pcaslMiitate torn in 
1/00 (^aam In oriiiaturia 89 

S« conditloaibaji varitatia ut cat 

la Dao et at est In orestarla 49 

Da vorltate nostyi iataUectau et 

de veritate algal 57 

De f^ la It ate et veritete 69 

Oe soleatla del oofiSBonltsir dlota 32 

De boo (^aUter res aunt in Qeo 69 

De Idela In asnte diviaa exletentlbaa 104 

4iae habatsit Ideam in toente dlYlna 116 

tie Inoiaroafoaarlptlbllitate i^ei (laantaai 
«2 haao ooauitlonem i$iao est osae in 

OBtallitUI 123 

'Om inoiroumsarl!>tibiilt&te Bel qiiaat%m 

ai lllfua conditloaeffl ^od i^:^e ee% abi« 

<iae 144 

Ue praeaaidatla dlTlna IM 

0» diapositlona in quo eat de vestigio 170 

:>e parovideatla dixrina, et de Hoo aomine 
Deoa qaod ost aom>«n provid^atlae 189 


«Rpit^llUiB ^IZ 

Oaplttiliia :^III 

U« allls trlbus nominlbua jx>rtlneatl<- 


J6 i&x,o ot dm bis xiaM ad aotltiara ejus 

ooutijiij'en» at oaos0lo it frustr© ;t oti- 
oaara 239 

Japltuloffl XX ^ praedestimtioxM 

Capit liim XX D« oleotlone et reprobetlone 

OapltaloB :UI 

Oe dlleotlone ^)el ut est ^ir inolplom 
eleotionlB, et de iibro vitae In qxo 
ouiisoriptl smt eleoti 

Table cf JlgoB 

Fotes oM Urltioel ^pavetos 



Oa. Ituioxn 
Oapl ^1 him 

Oa italoffi 




















The author wiehes to 9xt<i3nd his ainoetQBt th&a.a 
to tbe eithorittes of the Iiistlt^ito of redieval ^tutilec» 
Totou%Of «rtto -ptooiitod the riatotXla of the menusorlpts of 
the De q^-ipafo Bono of 'Jlrlsh of •Jttashoitsi to Dr. aiton 0* 
Pegls* President oi the Instltate of iiedleiral ^tadieis, who 
divaoted the present worki nd to the '^«▼'.'rfind J« Beginald 
O'Donnell, profesaor of i>- Iftog-rephy in th^? instltate of L*e- 
dieval atuidles and in the Jbiver^ity of foronto, without 
«hose ooristaat help the present text ooald not have been 


oeaptrr I 

jeotloa A 
She Paleogva^t^loal froblem 

Ulrlob of jtrasbottTfip— I^ater Ulrioas FJieBib«rtt do sxi^n^ 
tlna iWM a («eraaB Oomiaioun of the tblrtaenth oeatary, a ^upil 
and disolpl* of aim Albert the areat* Of his llfo we kno» little, 
•xoept that be is said to have folleved Alborft's leotares at Co- 
logne batmen 1846 oxui 12li4* Inaeonob as the tamo la said of Jt* 
Hbosaa A<}iiaa8, It niajr be oonjea cared that Ulyiob vfe& bom some* 
(ioB d'tring the firet yjaarter ol the thirtd^utb oaitary— poseib- 
I9 aroind 1£20 or 1225* 

It is kaoim with move exeotaess that Ulrioh was proviuoial 
prefect ol the Uernan province of the ixaniaioen oraor tetweau 
IZlkmlZTft at this latter dote, be w a rolieved of Lis duties as 
saperlov« «ad «au ««ut to ^^ria to re&j the jefiteaooB» tie died 
thervi>-saddea2^, one mi ht guthero-duriai^ the saoa ^e^r, and be- 
fore he had attained to the ma^struoy* 

These data are oonfixmed b7 ^ha testimoojr 02 John the Leo» 
tor, e ptipil of Ulrioh, «ho wrote in the prolo&ue of bis own 

Jaat auteo haeo oolleota m&xine do libris horum 
dootoroffl laemorati ordinis eto» Iter , F* Ulrioi 
(fioaAam. leeter ajrgentlnenais ejasdum orciiaib,(^i 


qgutnlM flisglatar in tfaeolo^;!'' nooai fu,erlt« aole&tia 
tflOBBa naiiistris iiititiox aon extitit* ut la libro 
sao qixam tarn do theolo, qixea da pbilo^ox^hls eon» 
8orirv;.it evidenter Inaotesoltt at faosoraa ieo- 
torom de soholis ipai'io dgrcBsovom iimaeruu protos» 
tatur» Uiade et postee .DTovinoir^-liutus .Ceutoialea 
laud^bllitov adciinietrato offlolo, Per Is las sd 
legenduJB (ilreotus ante lectiozils Incept lonem ill» 
dem a Donino est as uraptas»^ 

Of nirich*£ vrrltlngs «e peaeess at presout aaly hia j^ 

itWTn ff B ^ ftff r ^ ^i"d of K^iilosophiOQl-theolot^ioal Soneaa, and a 

ZBuatjer of letters* Be is repated to hato «rittou also a oora» 

aeataz^ cm Agistotlc* » liatoogolofar. as wall as a oooBentery <« 

the Saatenaea of Pnter Lovbardt these are lost, ox at least uzi» 

disor'vered as yet* Silson and Cieyor naoe only these worlu as 

belonging: te Ulricb, while aiorlmut adds a oosaeatar/ on the first 

book of the I?e xni^tm . rad a work entitled I^ber ,, de ?'oro Qot^aaioor 


The purpose ni the ^iresent thesis is to presoat cm anolysls 
of the aoatriiio of tho divino idews as found in the liith tx'ao» 
tate of the seoond book of irlrlob'c Pt ^ffllff P"IBff' Beosase this 
wotk is for the isost part still In r/msoript only, it w s neoss» 
sary first to prexmre sa edition oi this aeotion «hiob is iatezided 
to be as critioal as possible* Eenoe before treating of the 
philosophioc'l problerr proi^er, let us tarn our attention to the 
qciestic«L of the text* 

Xhe paJLeogra^yfaiotil problem oonoernin^ iJlrioh*^ work has 


alr««4f 1»a«n quit« «opebl;/ «iMilt vlth by J'^i 

the prefao') of her aaiticm of Book I of the 

Be«au«« ef Mlie« Detfailloa's very thorough tro£.tciont« the 

preeaat eeaaeoript problem h» beea snofa 0la^lifie4s tfaua her 

oritltitte and seleoticn of i-exuisoripts bee la a large eeaBiire 

ftc&lated the iiresent oboloe» iio^ too, (fieetloae relatlw to 

the authentioity of the «vorh, the a te of Its ooapo^itlon, aM 

the plan of arvan^acieat u.o^ .u here omitted , elooe Dagulllon 

has alreaoy treated of them* 

So leas tbaa tveaty-eae different aoiuaorlpts oxist» wbioh 

•eataln Ulfieb's ^ug»rtfi^ either in whole or ia p rt* Of tbeae, 

fille* DaguiUoa bt^s chouea aine for the ouitioa ox the firat 

book* ^beae arei 

rexia Blbiictbeque Sutioaale Ltitia 15S)00 

Loavaia Bibliotheqae Unlwraitalre 3 SSQ 

Hoae Blllictkeque Vatioeine Letin 1311 

^aiat Otrt BibUotbeqiae 120 

Dole Sibliotbeque Miaaioipale 79 

Berlin i roiia^. Isohe ^^taatsblbllothek l«it« electoral 446 

Bfl«B4pa uiiiversitatsblbliothek 619 

lionloh . teatsblbliotbek alts. 6496 

Vieaae HatleactaibibiiotheJc 3924 

Oonditione abroad law made it Irapoasible at i>re8ent to ae- 

oure the last lour aacoed* benoe, this edition la based oa. 

photoatatio oopiea of tte fir;>t five of tbe qlovo list* Theae 

have bean ooll&ted oaiqploteiy alth tbe irurla BihUothesiae 


latioanle 15900 aertiiig as tiw besia of the text» 

Shore Is ao oeed to repeat a long or formal dosorliTtion of 

the five aejmaaripts tued in the present odltloo, sinoe e^.oh a 

desoription is at head in :^a^illon« The following brief re» 

aarkDf faoft-cVBr^ mejr be ap)?eavied« 

Written on two oolanais, with approximately 42 lines to a 
oeloflBU The ooript is ole&r ^tblo of the fiiteontb oentury, 
written throu^tout in the saas liaad» Ohapter headings, however, 
^i>»ai' to be by another hand of a later date* i^oaoroas oorreo» 
ti va been i ade in tbs text, or aaded in the fflargius, the 

oorreotioQS ag; in ovidtincljr henxs ol the sane hend« Site text 
thns ^ves eTide.ioe oi o^ reful revision* In gmteral, this is 
tbe l)88t and the most trustv/ortt^ of the fl<ve mannsorlpta used* 

lArltton in two oolmuxs, with epproxiaateljr 46 lines to a 
ooltuxu The script is no t, enu probtblj^ the clearest oi tt» 
■ live* Tbore are a nu^er of 0B:i8£.lons* and seas honoeetelentat 
tHit in general the text is correot mi mny serve a& a basis 
for the sisend ti(m of the Paris aenasor ipt* Its explloit r»«l«i 
«'FinitoB par fSo::tlai»m iieeot anno Uomini MCOOLXX"* It is the 
oni^ ono 0. tho five that oen be 4ate4 «obsetljr in this way* It 


is also tmiqtie iA that It oontaiiu a work deellai; with the «oul, 
added at the end of the thlrJ book* If thici is not cinrious, it 
ma9 To* the basis of Jlorlttax*s ettributiut;; of a aosateeatsxy oa 

writtsa la two dolnatts «ith sppfoxJjBQtoly 71 liaas to a ool«» 
man* The writio^' is olsaf» «xaot aod oBat* The onl^ difi^aulti? 

In roeciing is precoalisd l^ the ise of seete rather pooaliar abbre- 

— a 

vlotiona, 8'ioh as t for tnrnen^ p for praedlota* Tfao text is 

^ite tru&tvorthjf, vna xa a number of plaoes its reedini; is pre» 
ferebla^ pertioularly with refer aace to the loeatioa of soae of 
the soaroesa Ih« menuaoript appe- rs to ba e? rly fifteenth eeutary* 

Wtitten in two ooluffins of 47 llaas aaoh* This is the coost 
tflffiotilt of 11 to road, as tho writing is bsdly formed, and tha 
iak appears to have f«bded* linoh of the tsact is w«ter;:jsurked, md 
th«re arc» a few peSsa^s ufaioh ere oompleteiy lllagille» Neter* 
tbaless, the text is quite satisfactory, and sppeara to bear a 
oloss oorreletion to the Paris rnaassoript* Da^iillon is of the 
opinion that ths two are altiinate^y derived from the sams oo];^;, 
This manaseripft ie also of tho fifteenth century» 


written in two columns of &1 llnee e^^^ob» Tbib soript of 

tbe fifteentb oentuxy doee not proaent r3:>.oh tiifficnlt;^ in roGil* 

ia<f« «Jtoept in aose o^^aes wi .jre tbs r>hc.ogra}>b7 is ft fault» It 

pocseasos sof;<e oorreotioaa, «tilob appear to b; ve been macle liy 

aaotfaav hand* It la the least trubtworthy of Uio flvo maausovlpt.^^ 

M it eiojods in omleaions, bosiooota leata« redtiplioationa ami 

obajxs^va in .«ord oxaetm i^ag^iUon i!yes0?ved tils text for c«l- 

latlon, lat rejectovi it lor her ilnal x>rXutatJ edition* 1b9 

present work vfroulel lead to an agreenKat with hor poaltion. 

:aestioa B 

The cnoation c: the aouyoea of a vriter*e doctrine is of- 
tea determined hg tt.d nature oi tbe work in qae- tioiu» K^noey «hen 
«e ooce to deter:. loe the Boursee oi rjlriob*s -t^ F I Bflt ^^ ^® ^^ ^^*"'^ 
OC3ioern to as to Itnow whet kind of a «ork he intended it to te* 
.'be treatr^tnt of this pitiblem, however, r>vi&t lor tbe present be 
limited to a3L%iHTa&l evideaoe, sinoe aa Inveatigation of doatrinal 
fiuelitjr to B' .roe m terial would involva a oo^parativc attidy f^ir 
beyond ths soope of tils tbeaia* 

Ibeiy in hiii i^tudjf of ti. j «don of airich'e ^agB^, is so struek 


Ig wlixt h-.: o.ai8 Us P> , <»gslatt ^ eJlaa% ,es tbat ho has no hoal- 
tatloa ia -.1 j ifyin.. It ou a aa the -. j-vl.^ , i^o n-c 


•tlfeucat uji vetitAbls ooomontaire 4«s I^^oii. Dlvitui da lAeiido-' 

;v0»opfit;ite"» iTof©»soir Gllaon i>lso ofa<i/i oter iaee it aa "on® 

sert« dtt oooBaoataifO de Denya l*AVe02Xc>ite' « ..ith the easeiv- 

tlal oorrectaeas of theae views, t^ero «en bo bafc little ar ,u- 

oant* lodged, a odfc- oouapeatua of the table oi ooutuuts would 

be «laost saffioieat to ooaviiioe one of this* Goiisltter, for ex» 

ample, the titlos o-. the v&riou$ tr;ict&tea whioh ^^ to make ttp 

tre eaoonct ;ook of Ulrioh's worki 

Traot&te I* De divlsi ne alTinoraa noivlnoB 

et &|)OoluXitor ue nor.iniLaa tez»- 
poraliti-^r Uo Deo dlota 

Tfas^kte II* Do nomioo iiioimte £ rbstiuitia:; dJU 

'fraotate III« ue nor.lau bonltatiSf ot ^ibl ad«- 

2tB(i%a%e IV Ue aomlue aigolfio^uite aub'^t&utiBffl 

lYaottito T ]}• parfeotloiilbtta eyfeotQe intelli* 

Sfaotate VI i>e ttoaiaiL>u.ii aiYinia peeuiut .ltn& ad ,g 

perfeotl; ar, oix^ratiVi-O : el -.tlao 

!%• fifth tfaotate— the one edited in this thosi&*<»Qxso oar* 
rlea out t: Is tbona in the ^xu Ihua, Obapter II (De aodo qtio 
2aiXi, lnf3llli!iLtt ot ouocicdo Bit in ipa> laeaa et Ba-loatia) axid 
Chiii^ter III (.,ui-Iitcr ratio, iiuee et soiuntiE a-ajit in i>coJ 
oloaoiy p:rKllol the aeteuth ohaptor of th» j^i aivi:f^ia ^(;^T:ii^ibiia».. 


Be ffleat«t ««pliBte» retloa», virtuto, fide, ijoia, Ohupter jlTIX 

Of tt» ihfma {?i^ Dmft treats o> tho nai!e« praeaidtaitlB. r^ ..iid 

fUBff^Mft M applied to GrOd; «.bu seuna n&ssos form the os^ouoe of 

(^ftpter XII of Dloztyuiua* «ovk* S»slda«, Ulrloh ofton dlovolopa 

a chapter by oii'lysing ti doi'inltlon taken oter liter lljjr fro» 

Dionysiiis, aii tua uoee xn Chapter II In ezplninlng the s^aonor la 

wl loh Jod kaows tbo oofu^josite anu tha contlfv^ant oad the rcuitiple, 

lioreovor, Ulrloh shove hl:;solf imsier the influenoe of the )io»» 

ajTslan theology la his lEksl;itdac0 oa tho ^riuas oi th^ t'r^uio:- 

tioa of the nataes of Godt ior examplo» be holds tbac nimes oua 

\m appliea to aod only so or i i.-- to tbe .«rfeotion expresead l\y 

that tUisaam 

lle'verti olea^ , thoagb It m>^ bo Rented that la the maia U1- 

riob'i; wo*k lo a kind of a ooraDentafy on the Oa mviijii^a Notaiailias . 

wo auEit note at loa^t two thin^js* Ulriofa does not follow u 

ol>»d an: lysis of tbo 01 oya on tQxt« as Dt* Xhocsaa does for oj&» 

axpla, in hici ooasajntaries» ^eaomil^f tbo r-a^^ of topics troatod 

In Ulrioh's iseoond book of the 4 ^ ff^l Is broadef than th&t louad 

in tha work of tha rsoudo-Adropaglte* Ttxis Ulrich ijivo» a m<iob 

fuller (leirelo;>nx}nt to the prcblom of tbo alvine idae^ti than is 

fotuid in tbo axemplarism oi 31 qyeius, and oonsidera snob probleisa 

as tbe liusirouinQorii.tlbilitiy of Ood, 61s ubluuity* prodoatlnatioa. 


and reprototioBa oad tbs •Ignlfloaaoe of tfa» iiock of Lift>— > 
problfla» wbioh exct found onOjf eketohily or not at vll In ti» 

laflttoAa there :s aX'nost as oiioh reoson to ohureotorUo tbls 

seetion of the -"^^fim ** " o^oaeatcrj^ on tho first book of tba 

flantMiflaa of Pet»» Lembafd, from Dlstlaotioa 96 to Ustlactiott 

41« ZhuB, DUtlootioas 3£» i^xui 36 oloseljir fBrsllsl the firdt 

•l>rht ohapters of tho -IftHUft r iJiatiaotioot 36 sad 87 the noxt fO!ir, 

aad Dlfitlaotioaiu Ski to 41 tto last Edna alKiptars* B»8ld«Sf 

Ulrioh treses oi a oaaia.^t of other topio£ whioh* wiillo thej do 

not reoolve speeiflo tr»atc<ent in the Lot&bsrd, do so In the oojv 

otsatarles on t^e > ^ntoacefi yfciob «sfo writlmi b^ Ulrloh'a oonkom» 

poTi-riaiia ftms tbe .-lOetlon as to «lie&lMr solanee, ooasidered s« 

telOQjSlng to iiod gaotA to an^^ls emd to nsii Is tan «qtiivooal or uni- 

Voo^jI notion, the dietinotlon bet*««B Ois» abl^m» ^nd esse la on> . 

i ^bts robtia . owi tha qaor^tion it prodeattnatioa o^a be bolped 

by tbo orayore of the saint:, or not, ara x)Oint;s aoaiooa %o Albert's 


gftaasatary on tbe llrst Book of tha A>nt<*aQea ^utd ?lrloh*8 S'laria. 

Bovofor» it may likewiso be stated that it is Just as ^aslble 
%o find par ilel treatiMnt of these vefioos toploa of Ulriob'& 
JlHBm in :.aoh works as tbe VfiBBB Tfl ^o^ iQ^ o^ <kl«juuider of Hales— 
a ■^'Offk whioh, aa «e shall s*e, Ulrioh evidently know* Heaoe, it 


amf be iiett^jY to ate&dQO atteo^ts % obaraotorlse the 
iSSBA (^ t^ijtt.xig other then vrhot it eTidaati^ la— a ./bllo60>>hl- 
oa2^ticoX:<;10£vl eoxoiaetloa ot prcblsttt catx&aA lu thirteenth o«n- 
tary tho;it,ht» 

Oomlxi^^ mxt to the qaesiion of tbe Tar lone in^lvldaal sooroes, 
tM find th t, lite cost r.edleiral atithors|^ Ulriob quotes tfom oo- 
meroas and varied aair^ee* '£ke author ii.ics sited Vaase ffoa the 
aacted «ritera, thro h the Gh-iroh PGtbsvat and inoluuea the C^reeic 
aad /urablaA phllo<iophers, with. . t lorgsttiag; saoh olBB3i<}al exttm 
thora aa :iaiie9a and Oicoro* 

iMcm^ the Obxroh fotbore, uirioh drawa pertlouleri/ frc^s t» 
tafipistina» Jt, Jo!m si Danrsoua, iit# Sregory the areat, :-^. nil/j*y 
af JPoitlera, .:3t« Aatr si^ ;j-ia Jt« ..neeln)» H?» also qaotea tvoai V- do, 
Faif.sutius of f?uspen, Jt» &iai.l, St» JsrotBa* 3t« B3raard« Ori^^eu, 
3t« John Otryaosfcom, nd Hiich oi at. Victor» 

St» Adj^xatiJie holds the plaoe of hoaov nmmg all thaaa^ aa 
Ulrlch quotes fxor.-. at least twe.t;y-a»e different wor^s of tba 
Bishop of Vlp o» ladead, there is sacroeiy a uoctrlasl point 
«hiofc is aot sttpported or doiwloi^od Ig^ rofore?^oe to Aaf^iatina» 
Wot of illnstreticai of aoiroes, tfc? inf meuoe oi <-w 
^istlna otn be onosiderod partio-Alarly <m three doctrinei i^oi&te 
w^iioh T/lriob develops in his .anm^ tho notion of tra'»>h, the 


404tVtaA of tlM dlvins Idoaa, nd the question ol x^'^^^'tiuatioa 

and rei>robat;lo)i* itfa reo>x3ct to the first of these, Ulvleb drevss 

ften Ao^astine tbe outologloal dof iiiitlon of truth as that wbioh 

17 18 

Is, the superioritj^ of truth to our mluda, the ctornlV and i»> 

19 20 

autabiiitjf of truth, and the defioitloa axid sou^oe of faisitjr, 

Aogos tine's influi^noe on thn soocmd point Is not sttrprislnis, sinoe 

the Ohr Istiani^sed version of the Platonlo Ideas wa: trt{ia.:itt d 

to the thirteenth oeatary th. a<^ the n>ediuffl ol tbs fortj^-sUth 

of tho fanoas m Dlveysla, uaestioaltoLS Laa III. »it (Jlrich elao 

derives other notions from .ingwatiae to sabetntlate his own uoc» 

trine of the ideas* Thns, be holds with Au^stiae th<^i, thi.iijs axe 

more trnljf la Qcd thaa thejp ere in thoaselves, tbet the divine 

idseti are ultia; tel^ iduntifiabie v/ith the ?6rbmn f th« Trinity: be 

agreea with him likewise <m the genefal rncda of the tlivlne probonoo 

to thing^>« Ulrioh also (unices use of the .m^stioion aotion of 

the croetion ol infortaeu .etter and ivi.- ^aKe^ent orvlination in 

the fiat of iioii to oxplaln in «hat sense there taajf be en exeiiplf^r 

24 ' 
for prljae matter. ^ith r'^ferenoe to the third point, Ulricb ^uotas 

A i^uaher oi d^iinitions n i.roUHscIuation fmea iugustiue*8 writia^~s 

on bhis verjr dif^iotxlt question» He empbasiaes the Aai^otlnlon 

vit>w th*t the dviaa «^ioction oi the nrsdestlned dOMs not depeni 

on their ;>rits, ^<t that their ..arits uui/oad on jou •- irea eieotiou. 


Ulfioh further akes %ho seisa dletlnotloa that iui^ietlan oioee, tteb 

tf)G «sivlji'. r*. j««clnetlon b«>;ro r t^ier on tho ovll of a Jact ua^ 

iBhosak (g[ |>m^ , pqp»^ r^"^ ¥fo i *h '« on rbo otll of tb sin (a^gjaa 

In ed iltioi, thor ' are a nuiBbor of other dootrinoa dr-«tt di- 

r«ot]jr or isiiiixootly from iUiastlno» Tl»ie c^oh of tho tf'^at ont 

of tbo otorn 1 1'« In Oh«ptor ^11 of the «fwf» oa? *a from the i)e 

I4toro jflji^trio. and nXrlob*3 troatciaat of the orciorliv; of all 

tbia^ ia si«asare, nomber sad wttl .bt finds n oloso pr.r Uol in th« 

y ^ fl^nesl ed .itter«t.T« ririoh'^ ^,:;iatialan eBsoatdallom is 

aiBO oblique]/ sbovn g bis dafiaition of e % , «, as tbe oseonoo dif» 

ftuied tbr i^ Datter-M-es e «st assantio diffiea per r^tarianx» and 

his eqaation or form end aot» Shere la iiot sufficient indioa- 

tion vithin tbo fiftb tractate to eVala«to proporljr Ulriob*;. :.flt«- 

. b?uio b^in : DTit BVLOh hintts as b? doos gliM la«d as to sus- 

peot tfcf t it will bn a dyn'V ism of ioro, retber tbt>n a dya-siism 

of QOt 0!U.«lde of tba order of form* 

tbor Gb'i.roti Tatherc do not &p.«i^r so infl'i<tntial on tb^ 

detelofoent of Ulrlob's thcAig^t* and »re used r'tbov as oorvo- 

boroting witaess* t, John of nam: aavkn is -iuoted prlno^pellj 

with referenoe to the tioriv/tioia !.<jiiu the signlfioanoo of tho dt» 

Vine naaes* From (^rogorj^ the tlreat Ulrioh derives suoh notions 


em the tBannar of (^ci*c togouoo to tfalngB* the x'^ovUeutlal vole 
34 36 

of evil, end en coqjlaaation of tbe £:.aenln:<s of tJb» Book of Llfc<» 

3fe« Jerome ap oerc : oetly In hie role of a «orii^tural ooonentstor, 

«Bd as a ea-iroe oi various tti-nalBtioxta of soriptux^l toxta» Jt» 

Hilar; is the souro* of various ontologieel dofinitions oi truthf 

tnd Origen is utioted both for bis viows on rodastiaation end foy 

his erronecuB dootrlna ooooerning the pvoexlstenoo of eonls* 

St« A/iselm, however, is an ^portent figurs the authors 

q^ioied, end t^at i ri loipolly by reotion of tbe notlcm oi reotltide, 

of ivhiob Ulrioh so ria ;,o h; vo had e Very profounfi i.pi4rooiat Ion. 

It is always daogercns to soamrlse, but If the Casein ian reotittide 

means (nyttiag, it Is, fir t, that tho raotitude ci truth is idea» 

tioal vitfa bh(^ solf-stbci&tont tru&h of GkM, nxui seooJidl^g that 

things are «tat tb y oa^ht to be «hen they are in tbec-aeltes «bat 

they aro in to diviue rlad* Ulriah shows hi ael] fa ili&r with 

both tl.«ao f'uidarontel rwsitions of AiisoJL.^ nti ejcj^roseoe lull ap- 
proval of tbssw Thua be pleoas one snprese truth— God-^et tbe 

^bnsia of all tmo thine x^» eq atea tho notion of reetitide and 

'•£ 43 

truth, and Judges that tbe true oannot he thought not to ta» 

Pinoliy, the Anaelnian influonoe is f.o^t prcnounoed «hm Ulrioh 
jseK <s iuob stntements ea: "Yeritaa eat deb ^ torn essaodi et faoi- 
maii Bio, Biout arte dlvina praefixa eats st unurajiod<^ua dloitur 


kuno yenm <^dido aio es%, vel ^lo opatXii^ sioit ot :d quo<l 


Ij^uua iu ilia utto Qtain&lrxa eat*" Tbeia.eure other .aisoXudan 

doctr^iies in Ulxxot , but noa» move funda^iontQlijf »o then tbie 

ytiOtitauiaiw% attlt^iJe toward tbe trttu 

FiatUi^t ibo ia;.t akriutian Witor «rhose iafiaenod on t/l-> 

jrlah ia %o bo aoijsideyed is Boothius* iVtoet^t foi t»o quotat-ocui 

ara-jn trofs the :>e ?r ait; te on the eanner of God's presenoe to 

tbioga* all other jruforono©» are to the a^ oat>c It tioa»j hi lo- 

JjjgB^i^jA ^''iob iJlrioh naotes li-e.^ieutljf and aocurateljr* .t times, 

Beethiae is used taoteiy to oniif rm or illuatr te a point already 

eatai-iabed, as in thii) coa»iaeratiaa oi cbe existenoe s: thlogii 

in Sod ftub rfltlQaa «ilafarlf )dinla. end the notion of i«rfoot bo- 

lag* Xhe sa e {&«y ^ said of Sbayter xYIII of the . ff:^fiffla on the 

treatoent of oht:noe and fortune, where Boeth-ae is ..loted fre* 

gently in »1 ; ort o; tt.; via . ti^at all thin^ aro itadex the or- 


deri.n^ aacivity ui .<-uu* 

i^oiMs the urrejk ^/b.loi^epher., Aristotle api«ar« a» the /ost 
- iafluoutii'^ia js a .utter of faot, oni; Aufr^stine is quoted aore 
ffe^uenti^ th«^ he* ltit> ^uxiuenoe on Ulrlah is ^«rtioaiarijf 
strong ia peyobolosy, and ishile there ie ao ex .-fQiesso treatcient 
01 (his aubjeet ia the lifth treot-te, it is aleat tbai saoh 
a trdat..oat «oiild bo i au f::ii,;uiy jristcuiiian» tteis Jirich 


bo24s to tho two*fold oper»tlaa oi the Ititelleot— l«u«, tlo i!» 

derL.tan(ii:ig of tbe iodlviellles in the aot ol oonoeptica, . nd 

tb0 eiot of cctapotiap; ^nd cslvldlag in tho ,}tMl0emeiit>wtho exia» 

%eaB« of erior oaij ia tbu jid^seiit, tho fUiustiOia oi iho possllle 

Intolloot 80 the looas of the 8peoi«a« eaui the Ider.ti loatioa 

Of the intolleot In eot with the intoiliglb2« la aot* nris- 

totle*B ]8^ti^.jhv^la|^ ap ^ars ostly aa a b ara« of iliuacriatloioB 

tot vioh notions as the (iefinition of wisdon, tho Ijadoaoiiatra- 

bility of first ixri.ioiploBt ^^^ ^^° differonoe tetw«ea tranal- 

tlYe and itsnaiv^nt aotivlty» There are times «hen Uirloh deirol» 

opt m point so olosely in oo^ord with Ari^botls tl«t be ■•«»• 

to bs playing the pert of a eeansntator on the tejitt as is ezttnx>ll» 

ikt4 in his dsitolopinsnt of the notion of potoneiy dr«m from the 

filth book of the Msta h7L,iafc« She seme is tme of Uirioh's 

devoloiJRnat ot Qbeuwe i^aA fcrtone from the soeond took of the 

^ ^ j tf^j^ffs^ altfacoi^ here it is nrob^ biy that . t* Alter t «as his 

inenediate eo^iroe, as «e shali se<^ shortly» Aristotle is also 

iuMi aa an historioal soMroe for oertain Tlevs on the pro-jooro- 

tioa, and for qpiototions vhioh puroortedly are drat»n from ;f>i onl«- 

&1 62 63 

des, "venus, sad l^otexohos* 

In oontrast «ith his .'nowladge of Aristotle, Uirio^ possesses 

only slight information fro- priaary souroes on Plato* xxoept 



for Mwi qaotatlona from tho XUffHiraffr tririoh lierivss the 

vieiM be attrll]ut«8 to Plato tfctr aeoood^^ry eoarsMa Tis- 

%o%lQ i» tbe souroe iot e orltioae of (x^rtain asveots of tho 

Flatoalo tboory of TormBf while at ieuet one ^niototioa ^ ttri- 

l>^^tad to ihsto is llftod bodily tt<m Boetbittf* Xa Ilk» ma»> 

ttar, ibo uootrliie of tbe Afto> for^y^ which niyioh attributaa 

to Plato la taken liter':: lly from Jt* Albozt the are. t* An» 

otbor seooBd< ry so'iroe of Plutoaiam apT;©ayi^ m tiia Df> Deo o» 

yfi^;!, ^^ of A^liaias* 

ftoth dilaon am &«yer preaant a brief and oooolsa d8felox>- 

Miat of tbe strongljf Heo^i'le tools «id Arebien trend of !rlriob*8 

■etaj^^ioa* There is iwit notig^ eridenoo in the flftb trs-^tr^te 

«lone to aveluete proporly these vlewa» bat thero ia st ieaat 

• iffloient etldenoe to offer some »upj)ort» ^Jlrloh's dapondenoe 

en «.viosona i« both evident and atrowetf* Almost all of Chapter 

IV of tbe fifth traotate, tor exafl^l** flows direotly from AVi» 

oeona's views on dod aa SSfiSftSSsSttUb i/lrioh's Heo-pl tonie 

oast of tbought is ebcwn likewlee in hia notion of divine oat» 

•alitjf aa sor e kind of aa enuaoation* Oensider, tor exfBnpla^ 

qnotationa as ttia foUowii^i "Hsr.eitla divisa« oajas diffn- 

sio eat tofom qiod eat in re*.." { (veram) f-taom eosa babaCin» 

i]tu»tajn aeoundaa ordiuen aataraO eat ante q^aodllbot determiaa» 


toB wroBy «t ««t <ui& prioexuai bouitatun efria-^atiom a i>riMi 

Ofiusu." It i;> iituB, theu, ILat ts^wf^ w\;rt iToo-ilatonlo 

iuXJ.U6n&e« oa Jlriob; we tevo «eea bits ooaceru witt tho J j i^ , ^1» 
^AnlB f"fli''ir^*Hiifli lad his ft;eqi).©ut rofepeaoee to /is^ajtln© aod 

J^oethluA* iioyecver, it le a feot tb«t Ulrlob ve(sa(4i> ^jristotl* 

ae tbc «athor of the Libpr do qpa8 3,i^ e work that ia no» loolsai 

apoa as yttlo lu &q xoe aoc iBsplratioi^ 

^xey« oaa h& ao r««Boaa le douit of the faot that Uixioh 

drew mo&jfa ^' ^'^^ most, of his <^ctetioii» fro seconder;? aourcaa, 

«ether bha& froo a direct knovledg» of the authors whom be cites. 

We have already acted his ae^^denoe on .jrietotle for oortbin hia- 

torioiil views* Three otbor sooroes ^-t least eoteo to .-:Juad, which 

he possibi^ z.lrbt have ased-^Sto ^^teaoeB of Po^er Lombard, the 

ailBm ir^"^"|-^nfi ot Aiafc.:uler of Balsa» bM the works of St* aIp- 

hurt* It 'Quid bo on easy natter to per^llv^l ;^jaot£itiQaB«M.anEl 

ovon i{> ,uotctioui>>« fr ffi these «hree .«a end Ulrlehi &aob paral» 

Isliss, howw)Ver, ia itself 'iroaldl prove no e^re than that tbey had 

e ocjcBoa souros« Savor th:o loss» Ulrich oleariy showa Jag osrtaia 

aii^ on bis cam i^tt, his u&i^enaeuce oa these three* jKios» in 

i3ht^i>ter ZIL, Uixioh ha thlst '^M^istlruifi etlaa in *Ubro Os 

Oorr«ptio£Le at G«atia'prol>st num^^rtua elsotonui Dso eaae oartoffl 

per illnu Apoc&iy^sisi '.ene qnoi h&be£, ae alios &.G^i iat ooro» 


nm tuara\ diaana, flt ,aUig fl,7<A .ngl flaflPr-'yayiAa. BJsJ. ^\l« Wf' 

jlderit. oof t.ts cj->; eieatorma ^T^jraa. l- usl, non i^ot.-^st au- 

i^axi val .lizuU.*" Cliij^ th? ^ert underliaed Is from -ui ustlxie» 

Lcobar*^ altos the ^ox^ si^i.-- ., lutation* a>^ adds %be last [:«rtt 

"id dst, non potast aai/;eri, vsl z^.iaul" ato oooi^jnt* IJJU 

flafa'£ QOurco ia obvioia* 

Jo, too, in %i.3 so of .aex ndef of Halos» la Shapiwr VIII, 

Uirloh attributes a (iaot tiou on t;ho gcnior tiou or tba Son from 

tho Fatte» to ..^laaiaj'ii ijyQftlQ; , ioy^- «»a cn,iotQtion ror lijjr 6rmn from 

tli^ ^0 , 1^010. ^ica « Sot oixj^ Is uhd aa,'^» r^roug rof or <iio« foand in 

iiioxaoiisyf l>4t Al^xaxaiQV Ixqtsj . / after the ooaoiaa Ion of tho 

(iuotacioa «Ids as hie oan ooraamt " t Ita poaltar relatlo anliis 

&% Gltori!i8"« UXricb lujIOitu;; itua ao .i:i>nt in i:)is .«otatioai from 

AaMJUa, ogtiiii clog his iamedisto source* 

;be evideuoe for L'lriob*8 denoad«n<H» on 3%» Altert is even 

Kore olivioQs* Ulrich's fr.) aeat and tweot iidolitjf to tbo t<»xt 

of Jt* Albart |>reo tio; llj^ r'.Xes o<it axi^ posviblXity th t bs ajsd 

Xlbert ere B^roljf i%£iii^' a ooiu'noa sotirce* .'>Jo havo alrsatfj^ noted 

abo^ mus lnat£4&aQ «bore 3%t Albsrt £ierv«d as ths ionediata 

sotiroe Hi c dcotrlao attributed to ilato« Howover, to establish 

the poitt, the dlsaxssion m^y fco llfnitfid to one eliapt«r whora 

the 6'Vldaaoe iss OVc-rwhe lining tb t tHrich drow froia hia toaohar* 


Za Cb' pter XVIIX of Ulrlob's igUBA, 1a ohanoe and fcrtane anel 

fatOf oearljr etory one of the tjaotations «hioh Uirloh add:ioe» 

O&a be dapxio-^tod al&iost JLlteraU^ in the ooeomenterj^ of Jt* 

Albert on the aoooad loox of /jflstotlo'; jaiStiffit* Irioh tak»i 

over nomaroas qotatlonc from tbis work without ohonglng so 

moh as a «ord» This Is cbo ome in the axEORrltta drav/n from 

79 30 61 82 

?fa*aistiu«» alaxandar, Porphy^j^t Jitoletny, Berraes f t Isme- 

8S 68 

SistiuB, nu Firmltltis .- :r.n\o(tnB, wtero the transorlptioa 

Is litor&l* & o matter ol faot« the aame litt^rel traiisariytion 

is fo'-ind in CfUotettons froir, other cnthors, to vhoae orlg^lnal 

work ijlrloh fflght more essilj^ h#5T ' had ecoessi for excmpla, Airer- 

roes, <vu£Fistlne end 4rlstotle* 

There la no intention here of tixaiirus feealt with Ulrioh*0 

8 oho It r hip* He was eoaoeraed with aooroea in the aotise that 

they preaontei e rneana of ooniiroing or explaining his doctrine* 

Be wae not t led to them in tho sense that tha ValiU ity of his ar- 

gumonta wac eo-..i>letely dependent on atithority* Benoe, Ulrioh waa 

q^iite willing to read hie aoaroea in the sriost aooeaaibla fcria 

in vhioh they api>@(>red to him— a willin^es , it i$^t be added, 

whioh he shared with tha ajority of taL> x. .ilow thirtocv^ith oeutnty 



9*01 lOV 

i'laa of ^ TO sent .«ork 

&• has BXtBeOy be«n iodioeted^ besides the edition of a 

text, the prosent tbssis vrlli doal wit!^ what Is ooosidered to 

bo the atral (AlloyOi.hiot i probleo of ttm liitb txaot to— 

XMBBl^f tbat of tbo divlise id«a8« Ulrloh hljusoif baa said tbat 

tbe aeoond book of bis :3ai|Bia is to be ooooaviMd \7ith ;.bo esseaoe 

Of the juprsjse Ck>od« end those thla.a oonoeqaeat on it» »oro 

•pooifloeliy» wo e»e toid that the fifth traotc te is to e»- 

po nd ttd sltaifioatloa oi zhv namos that exj^ress intelle^taal 

perfectioi£is in Jod* /Irioh im» divided this seoliosi into 

t«ontiyi-OD0 ohuptera, ;..l.oso goaorai oouoern Is the» ^><jrleotioaa 

of tho ijQttfKit IntQllitKiiioo— de porfeatiOKibia >ierfeotatlntelli- 

^^p^ttiiivi. The firt.t three ohapteJe ore ooaoerxiod »ith the divine 

under iite.<iii<5« Ohoptorfi IV to 711 tre- t of the truth of fcbo 

divii» m Care, the truth of oreat'iros» end of falsity '.no vanilyf 

in goueral* The diviite ideas form the sisoiflo probXera of v}bcp- 

ters VIII to XI. Chapters XII and XIIX d«»al with the iacirjaa** 

ooriptibllitjr of ^(>d. Chapter xVI with (.ha dlvLi r ;.Ji aoe, 

Obapt^'r :v7 with the dlaj/oaltive Tjower of dod, atxj how Be in re- 

Vealod in ornation» 0\c tvm TI to XTIII ere e disc ur^i.» on 

providonoOt enu uhose ttin^ wMoh seori to be ox^vosed to it: n ely. 


ohanoo and for tone and fnte* Chaptore I , y^ ioa X<ll ar* 
ptopoeXy ibeolo, lo If ^oiu^ ao.ioevoad with predeetlnation and 
xaprobcitlon, ts well a« with the Zove of aoOi a- tbo prinoiple 

of OlQtjtlOU* 

It ap e«rs« ib«]i« that the» very ooare of the dootriae of 

the filth traotGta L e::ntU:i«d la at UlTlob has co »ey about 

the diviue ideasj, taki tboir prv>jtiatil oharaoter. Sheroiore, to 

oououatrcto ou this iu to iitress what is ost ia^ortant in this 

seotiona '.or if iheve is ;aiything oonsoa to tbis dootriio in 

the tMrtooath oontory, it la that tha easeutial dofluition of 

tbo divluo 14oa ooiis^ttts iii i.rod*ti knovl'^ge of Hla «aaeaoo a« It 

in 1 itablo ly tt^ oroatur • If ve leeap this luAda^fltital do» 

finitlon la in-^ it oajT be saea that a trootirtent of the divine 

idoatii o^u fall natqjT Uj^ onou^ into thre ■ divisions; first, a 

Ltudy of the eieuilie^noo of intelleotaal oyeratlona in Sod, sinoa 

it ia said that the divine Idans AepoA on 8od*6 knowlodi^t aeoond» 

1^, the propor definition of these ldo:sj and thirdly, sftre of 

the oQose aenoes of this doctrine* It le to this ayvaagetsoat 

that the diviaioiie of tha fifth truot£<te of >/lrich*e ^?iim)^ n»- 

turalljr lend thenuielves* 

The present thesis wili llAreiore Qooslder ilrat the naes»* 

la^ of intoltoot in Qod, it;; jfoof ^.nd si^tlfio'nee, with spoolal 


referenoe to the sousolltjr 9f the dlvliw soieuoe* fhia 
lacter point req;lreB o^e aonslderatlcn of tba trath and boiog 
of oreatutroB «bs oonstitateJ fc)^» ami 4»p»adoat on, the dlvioe 
loioirlag* Finally, we shall treat nf the knowledge of 9o4 
witti reapeot to ita ooanuniV wl%h «11 latelleotaal oo^iition* 
9he divisitms of the meaiie of icxumime »Moh Ulrloh Nire speoiiies 
«ill bfl iinvx>rt at for the pfO|)ex viOdeXBtaadlng of Qo<l*tt yelationa 
to those thio^ vhlch Be irast know, : aai neverthele».. does not 

fbe next ofaapter «7111 prooesd to a ore exaet aonsideratioa 
of the divine Idn' s in fehenssdl^veSf epsaing with e gbaatal treat» 
BMat of the oenaer la «hi oh thin^ trAf be said to be In (iod* She 
neoeasity oi this eeotlon is ap>«irent from tbo above dofinitlon 
of the dlTl/ie ideas t for If the divios knovlouge is oonstitutive 
of tho ideas, snd if that -nowledgt Is oeasel with refereaoe to 
cro'itnzraa, thoa. thero anat be soae sexuw la wbioh tha oreataxe 
oxlstB in the divine ess^ooo, Thia «ill raise soise probleao VO» 
lative to tho simpliolty of tho divlno esc^snoe and the maltipllclty 
Of oroaturus* This ohapter vili with a consideration if 
how certain thingB whiob India te a look or priv tioa m^ htve 
SI idea in the aivine mlnd« I' tho very bein;? of s .oh things as 
priae matter or privctioa is i^ok, ho«r oan tioy subsist in Codf 


iaA how Osn thc^y be ijiova nlesB tbay do so oubslet? 

Saxfc, wo aball oo;siaer oevt&lu oonse^^ioucea of thle dootrine* 

If (kxi is presoat to eXl tllnge qjr vete&on of the fast that these 

Ideaa ai@ rognfded as the '*6<itstaiitifyla^ forna wMah exist ia 

Bio]» tton thii) ^aoireua oirlptiMilty of ^>od mst to expl&lvesi la 

•u(A a W4igr tb^t His mode of preseaoe to ofeat ires is in no way 

limited by these o/eatures* fhesi, too, if those ideas ave easeti» 

tialiy »r-..Q , tioalf. as IJlrioh «Hi oontendt how oaa oroetures be 

free and oont.ngeiat« if ilod*s forekiio«j^le4fl» of them is tholr oacise 

«od that knowleolge is Infaliiblef Again, il the saise «n'xBQ v;Mob 

prod-ioes a^so oo.iser'res, we ..ust oonsidor tho Joctrioe of provl» 

uenoe, and thos. thliags «tiieh seam to lie oatside tho order of sioh 

provldeaoe: oh^noe ndfortino and fate* 

Fiiially, the conciusloa «ill attesapt to «unaffiat Ulrloh*a 

positicn, Taxuato hi;^ oon fibJitioa^ if a^y, aai ioc te him ia re« 

fereno'3 to other roedieval thiak rs on tlw aaa» problem* 

Sfae Oous^iity of tbo i^ivlne laielleot 

Hm fflodii^Tal philosopberotheolc iaa who kn-aw the ..Itttonlo 

theory of Ideas aoroi.- the j^lyi^iua rui^ the orlti^jue of ATiifeotle 

ealght have cooasloued no aaprprise in fche mind of the hlstorlaa 

had he ohosea to reject the dootrlne of «xe^RplarB ia toto» .vhat 

voom» s«eningijr, oaji the^re t>o in a Otiristi&a <an,ivorsb lor a Datsi» 

org» «ho oaunot c.e< vO« tmt who otsn ozUy ordav-» a god who, bo»- 

ewf fiprer t ha cuay be, will yet litui rivals in th^i l/itolli^'ifcla 

world of i,ke Ideas? For in i'l&tc *g tbo^^ht» tb) ^.. .:. o .ict oaig 

•ubaist iadapOAddutiy of tha Deoiiar^i thay ev«a axdfoiaa a sort 

of tr&isooadeaoe over bimf sinoa he ia -bli^d to work with hia 

ayea fixed upon thei»* She Ghristiaa teaoiter will suroiy r&ooil 

tuxp. a doo trine «hiob« t^eei^es i)redioatinc; divinity of a onlti» 

tude of bain^f r^oaita a class of ;odal8 that oujoy aa a^itouo» 

nious dJ&iBtenoe apart froic the yotg hain^ «ho is sappoaacl to be 

tha father and oauae of tha univeraa» 

Soreovar, Hat: woald explain the reality oi tbe oreature 

by a qgratarioua partiolpation oi theae oreaturea in the Ideaa*» 

a partioipstion «bioh would leave to the oreatare on^y the peeoAo* 

kind of reality that belongs to tt«a Irltatlofi oi' tb@ real* >at 

if tb<t Ohrlstien philosophorotbeologiaa is to acoeit thla, v.hat 


-(26 i- 

kfjtf t a real termiaos will bo find for the oreatiiig aotlvlty of 

a»4t Did not own the pagan j>hilosoi>her ATietotle find it iflv- 

poBsiMe to pleoe the formal oaAaa of a fonaed bein^ oatoidu that 


sow that the phllosophnyo of tha tbirteentb oeatury «eve oaa 

in affiraing tbe oxieteuee of the idoas is an hifitorioal faot« Bat 

it is no lost a taot that Ixttote ttojT ooald do ao, tba flatonio 

dootrlae oj the Forms had to «inddv^ a X''<3l<3tuiLi mouifiodtcion* .>aoh 

a modifiofitioii «ras at hand in tbo teaohlng of St« Jii^istine» Iha 

foyty>8i:^th Of bis Da DiVQtBJB naeBtiaal^^ff UXfM^ «as «all 

kaoNB to the midJlo aa99« ^ik* it i« osoass&yjr to at this poiut 

to noto briafly ita teaot Inga* 

7ha ideas, says iJt* j^iagastiaa are oart^in ori^natiiig forms 

in «hioh things bavo tbair pf inoipleai th^ afs stable and ttaobe&ga- 

able, eternal and imp riahable» fhe^ are tba rules in aooord with 

«bioh all things have been oroated. Mora than that, thoy are tbe 

fery oanaea of the thLn^ to be oxeatod* Sat tbe oai it :1 point 

in tbe doctrine of 3t. Angustine is that these ideas are foiuad, 

not catside, Vjt with a Ok>d« ";jant nam^ie Idoae priioipalea for* 

quaedBsu*«qaae in divina intelligsntia oontiaon<:ar9**Ba8 <^u* 

tea ratiooes tibi arbltraodnm eat esse, nisi in ipsa reate orea» 

toris«** iiugtistine's peoaliar oontrlbation thus beoeoes oleari 

it eiry perbapa be best stioBind up in tbe «ords of an eminent his* 


totriatt of taOiieVal i>i^iilosopt:\yt "AizUli, idS ia«es platoijioienses 

fdul sabslsttilaat &a u. ~ -::, ooimio tme isood» iatdllliilblo^ 

lodeVotuldat da Ue. lut:^ , li.ois raa»0iBble«a au Dim, 

en§radre«»s de tout« 4(tttrnlte p « la fdooiidlta' do sou etve, oaes 

d9 «a vie iutliie «t» vios «Uoe-aSne, e cK^trioo a iear tour de 

tout 1« iTMte"* 

!!*kt't Uirlch of ;b't«asbouYg ha4 oXoael^ eeamted the fortjr- 
eixth q^^^tioa aau wafi dsopV iaipVMiiad lyf Its toaoiiog ttore .aa 
fe» ao doibti f f bl« iiOQtxlxu3 Qleoxl^ d voiops In the li^bt of 
wfaat 4i|^stlno hdd establisfed* It b&a boon noted tbat, aoocrdmg 
to ^^^.r^^'biao, theed laoas uj?e coat* lJid(i la Cho uivluo irJl^t tLey 
vesdit, ibet la, from an opor slon In (fOd* More ao- 
ooreitaly» tb«y ara tbet intollaotaal epor&tion* Again, ut^tia- 
tine eia ri,y toeobae tbat ihune ideas ara oaus^u. witb resi»ot to 
oraatures» Jo, too, Ulriob's disoussion i tbe Intoiiustaal 
op6r»tion8 o£ >oa, ana particralarlj^ of thf* osasal oeioro of th«s 
operations. Is oi prima .m£>ortcuio<) to aa unJeratandioi^ of bio 
doetrine oi cho divixie Ide s« 

Shat tbere la m. inteliaot in (^od la oi&< r from tbe very 

si£:;nifioetteo of bla naae« ..hiob, aocordin^ to John of 'i>euw.Boua, 

OQDBicts in .mivuraai ^ovidexioe* If tbore is a provideneo, 

then,— F no! Uljrich for tbe moment aoauaao tbe point-** the existonoa 


of m. iatelleot la fiod mag be proved by reosoiu In virtue of 

tb» Aylslotollan principle that adaptation to en end 1« tba 

result of tboa- t)t, nrovidenea Manot be withoat iiiidor:;tein(iin^| 

•Ise It ooiild aover orcter to eax end* fhis divine) lAzuiers t'odlng, 

both of itself and of otbera* in identified vltb tbc» uivlna eaaenoea 

30 trna ie this* that as a resalt Ulrioh holds thet the divine n» 

tore is Tiore properly deaa;in. ted by the aane of intaiioct re thev 

then \y that of will, sinoe tba will flairs from tb"^ esr.enoe oniy 

bf (Mans of the latolleot* This divine iutelloet is a sibetaaee, 

«teayt ia aot, newr la potonoty, for tt»»r« ota be ao rooa f r aag 

laaate Idleaass ia Ood» !7hat is «by Ulrioh d<aiies the existeuos 

of a possible intellect la (^od« sad holds thet Be uadoretands only 

iB^ ea ogBat iatellsot; for the poss-bie iatelleot always implies 

a iiassia^; from potBmay to eot* It say even be said that <^ jesh 

dsrstands Rimsolf by a speeies g^vea T»y qe to this iatelleot* Joat 

so long 80 it is 'Uideratood that this species is none otbor thaa 

El';eelf, an.1 is theroiore idezitlmil with Bis cibatsnee. Ihis 

ourrent of fcboo^t runs thr ni :ho!;t Cilrloh'^» preseat^^tioa oi the 

■otfos 01 divime icaowledge* Iatelleot f)iid «ibstafiee are identified 

la God» aat «rtietber CkMl knows Himsoli or others. Bis ^aowlodge 

p l O O— d s by way of V.lo o. .tus* 

Bat whoa Ood uaderstnnds thlass other tbtxa lisuMllf , Be aader- 


•taada tbMi «xaotl^ insofar as B» toov» Rlmself to be tboLr 
•anooa fo bo pyeoieo, en uddiitlon Is nooeOoary to this scate» 
tttio^ God iinAorstfitJds Blmsolf to be the ce.xae of all, oaocy^inis 
^ft BLi 9^» JWaflff^y 0^ gaiUi;^flg» ae know OttXselTOt a» oaosoe of 
Qortaln thlagsf but ifom this faot alone, e do not know the effeot, 
ezeopt la potonisiy, for the vovy rGaeoa that the oifeot does not 
«jLiSt from our r:ore ;nowledg>.' oi it* f ;rth»r aot oast be posited 
90, Oit part« Bat if wo o aid pdotafo an artiut «^«e vory art, 
qaa art, woiid bo the oa»ontisJ^ oauae of the artifact, then «w 
«oald have so e oonoeption of aod*s aanaality && it i«oeeeds bjf 
knowlAugo cf His •Bs«aio** The divixw Intellaot, as ide itioal with 
WM* as a^t» is iadiivioible in Itsolf* Kalti lioitiTt e^i^s trlriob, 

«viseB onl^ 84i6tt this art toaorv-a divisible aa oxtendod in iuatru» 

Ulrich*8 tbong^t, V me '^n- jgh on thia point of nwitlplioity, 
baooaea ao ^euhat cloa^or if «o f How eot tho exatsploa he givoa* 
i^pOBQ «a paait the loreaativo po»u>r of the aer>d to be an inteX> 
laot* Now tha variona oaiAefa to be d> «sloped from that saad ara 
identioal with it, insofar a» thsf ara oo^tained in its they are 
divaraified tg devalopeeat from it« Savarthaloas, that aead, 
(«Moh, f>-?r ifl^oo/ijaibiie. bos baon axidowad v tfa an intelleot) by 
Icsowisg itaalf cs th^» snnroe oi thaaa divaraa m^nbera, thrc igh 


Itself knows theae memliora, no matter bow tag tb«/ doTolop 

txota it* Jifflllerij^y lot ua eup.oco thr.t the llgbt of the 

sun is an Intollsott then» If the light is the 8>il>atande of tb* 

Boa^ this llf^'ht in oaaein^- liiiit cmd oolors woald iOio» ell ita 

•ffeots b/ tasmting itself* 

ftie Mine kind of explaaftira is ff^ade to serve for tba rriaanor 

In «blob Ood knows the things wbioh Be does not e»%8e« na.i^ljf 

evil esoji priv.»tioaa« vor Just a«i an ertlat een r^^ocvjcilse g la» 

tak:> in art beoause it does not bam tbe i^erfeot iora of art* so 

too the First OtsvtQ iwAextit oAa the defects whiah axe inoideatal 

to a seoom) oaaset for perfeot >atowledg9 presupposes even a Know» 

led^ of the ff;9pn« whenl^y n aeooija* r^ oauae ©an deviete from tbe 

divine art* To this i^oint Ulriob will davote ftirther atteatioa 

when be o(x::es to aonaider bovj tbore oan le n diviue Idee for Sioh 

thiaip £M evil or sin or prime :.nttor* 

She SMiMS insisteooe on the o uselltjr ef ths dlvlno intelleot 

is fo-md througbc^it urirj.ok'8 disoussioa of intelleotnal oparBtions 

In Sod. Tins, in pre^ioatin^ WSSA '*^ '^^« Uirioh finJs a {.^eociliar 

propriety in this noiao^ slnoe isg^ tii»:. lu «':4tymolOc,locl doriva» 

tlon iti . p^-i-yfi (Eaid JsajJLar» ^ ^^^ divliks intelleot 1b tba !»eacara 

in aooord ./ith whioh things nat be Jadgat* ^exts oo-ilui aasily 

to aotltipileda but perh- ps suffioiont has baoa said to indie te 

-(30 )• 

the oonsal eftioaef oi tho ditim )aio«te0i 

uo m^ nota burtj, ia ^> a slug oaijr* the oxlataaoo in ui» 

rlob*£2 ihcught oi notioa faadeaaatal to the middle a^je»*» 

aanel^y tbe fEJOt tb&t tbo funcstioa of >j<»lag a otoative ^ouroe 

Of iatellibl)^iiit«y Is roiicrv d to dod aloae* For as dlreot 

raeilt of the oaaaal faator ot iiod*!j imoviaig. His knowleag* oea» 

not be onlirooctl with oars» Oar ^aovXed^ depends on the Intel* 

li^ible; b^t tbo iateliigitJie iieiJttai» on orou *fi kno<.ving« (fcur 

knowlaag» is psBaita; Bie is eotive* Otua pccoaeds hj of ab» 

stvaotiont FJL^ by «egr cf o .s :iity« 

^n interestio,^ :.idelit>bt a^i«af* alee ia airiob*a diaoission 

of uhe uiver^noies in divL.t< ou bunan ooi^nitioa* Xn dlsoaaaing 

the cianner ia arhlofa i>od Iuxuwb tiiai^a^ Ulfioh etatea, in i^o.ord 

with tho ii>ouUo«Dion^cittSa th^t |to Imowa tbe isafeexial i>i^ toriell^, 

tbo iiviaiLle in a onifisci vejf^ the tdi^ipofal wibbc >t tine» the 

continij^nt nsoeasnril^» In i-ooord ah this /^.ensrel procodare, 

«• 4.tit)t ezix3ot bia to a6,y that Ckxil oAderat&adft the finite in an 

inliulte rr.oaner» And j^et he o^a just the opi>08itei "Deas ao^jiuoa- 

oit«..iniinita finite"* Tbe tmatti for this is thr>t Oed oodor- 

ataads the iafinlto in their oeuaei that ia» lix the divine eaaense» 

wi ioh. 86^s I7l«lah in r ther «trense ian^^ui&ise» ia finite in re» 

lation to aod*e inteilf^Hst «hloh eomprebeada it* 'fiere is ne 


ffirther expIaoQtlon of this, nor is tfaere ai^ xaoise Indi* 
MiUmi as to «tiat l8 . eaat l^ tbo la; , ifu i-a. vou If we are 
ta aMoae that tt» iofinito macns tfae oailelted, and apiljr U 
to the plur^io 1 tmifersat the aotln» of Gk)d*e i^«s«mn» as oelug 
finite in relation to Bie intelieoti is still a nUaaii^* one* or- 
hep* there ia here a r:irti>er Ixtdioation of the exait tioo. of 
lntoil«»ot ia ^od* l?aoeli tlMt Ulriah hea tltmeAy atated that 
i}od*s U8t!tre is r-^ora proper ij^ deaonlis ted ^ aa iatellootual 
aparation tl «a hf o volimtary one. i.erbapQ what ta» «aata to 
aicpliaaiae is that wbet io at ^A» brsis of reality ie an iatolleot* 

Let lie next i)roo-;>^ to a ooaaide.Qtioti ol the i>raatlaelit/ 
Of the divitw intelleot* e h&vo acted before Ulrioh*s de :ial 
of a possible intellect ia the dlviuo n&tiirat but there i& room 
for n praotioai intollaot in oar notion of Ooci^ sinoo that in*> 
telleot la tb«: ea^xro of o be things which flow from it« but the 
aT«cilatiTe inteiiect ia not e oeaaa* it i£> oved ij tbin^ which 
therefore ust in ao jawey ba a Btaaaara of it« It vKMld eaam 
therofore th* t there can be no i^oilativo Intelieot either in Jod* 

Sat Ulrloh doe a not mat eaoh a ooxioiiaion sinoe ibax. ^oxa 
«itail a denial of the kno^vleugo of the i^oatiiblea wbioh Hod baa 
not produo<)d, and will not preduaa«.bttt which tte nawrtbalaaa 
oenld* Hanoa Uirieb oonoi isles that the praotioel end «paaulativa 


IntQlleot in God avo identified aa^ y - ^^ pp pt^ but that tbey dif* 
f»y «^^flftrvteffl f P i t^^P^^ffl » ^o' '^od can 'oui^rstaoiii Fioeeli as a a»» 
tagire distinct from all other tuitaree, and liy so understaadijig, Be 
understands Hinaelf epeoal&tlvely* Bat as soon as we add tha 

note of God*; 'mderstsrutin^ Rioaaif ee & oause, bben tbet ifano»» 

ladga balon^ to tb« !«'"otiael orderf baoauiea in knowing Elm» 

self ft6 en effioiont ot^xse, fto Knows the effeot with a preotiOQl 

laio«la4gH W« note here & dootrine wMoh will «pvaer fall-blown 

in Ulrlcb's taaohing of tbo rjrciotioclity of the divino idaes» Fov 

if thay are prootiocl, as wa shell saa tbet tfaoy ojra» t^en tha 

Idaes will bo oriantad to aotion, and will baar pai-tioularJljr on 

%ba «;tttel i idiviuiutl whom Sod haa daoidad to oroeta* 

Sor miBi it bo thrut^tt th. t this a lAesijs on the praotioal 

intelleot oonatitutou rjiy J^^niel of perfaotion in Jad} thajre is, 

in other word8« no atto t to lialtB (io6*ii imowledge to £ kno»» 

lad0Q of Hi self fs n jyTaotioai 0Ki8a# .ia © .; attar oi laot, tha 

oraatiiro and tho oxactor stand In op Ocita relation to the apooo- 

lative aiid praotiael iatoil««o*f Ba tb© craatara, the ajocalstive— 

tt» ^MViTiti^j }mSJ\ii f^THi^ii aUr ■totiff^^"'n<f"r iMPf^^^^m 'i^*%^ i"^^ 

SSSSdSiBBr* ^0 ^^*'^ nobis end of a hi^av ordai* tboi tho x«r< otloal* 
7ha eeaa is <, ita '-therwiae with Qod» His Intellaot finds its 
X>rop(« and in Bimsalfi there oaa be no iiaastion of aoqnlriag fAVthar 


p»rfeotioa tbf o gh oporaUoa* Ho Jif£U»08 y9tfeotiojmi Be aooa 

not reoeivo thesu la ebort, Ria vnovladge, a;, baa baan to often 

aeUlf oauses ttlti^ti ind is not a£>a«e<l t:^ tbeo* 

Tbere skajf aluo be noted tore (/j.yiob's exx>llalt denial of a 

divine aauaality that woald work iBig wa7 of iiooaesarj^ ensaatioa* 

If oaasuUtjr i& sinq^ ' ooacina 1 «^fltuxiSy then the being of 

things is a ooutiuaal fI:uE« and a ocatizttial beoomlng. It wUl 

^en follow that tbo btiing of all thin^ is in motion, ua tbera 

«ill be nothing ixit ohao^ la orontures* Bat Ulriab uod^ tiod 

a definite stability in oatsed thing»* and it la praoisoljr the 

•tabilitor ^f a fised uaso 4)e« fbis aasei^e is deanUeut on a 

fofm adttoed fxom ..atteir, or oaiaed i-y the firtst eauaa, bat a font 

wbioh noaetboloss is perin^sn at in tbo thing oi whioh ^.t is the 

fcnn* ..'baa avians i^a j-otoroat^a^j Uofioitiont ^-aao renia o^t os- 


ueatiaa sta^itla»* «eaae eat ease;itia diffusa x«r mater lao*" 7ba 

bainc of Si tbixjigy in abort, is that of a stable aasaoAe, griaraa» 

taod tgr ttt) i>reseaoe oi a loxs, 

fhe ultlaate axplan^tion oi the being of an effoot is ole^r 

from Uiricb'ti intafpzotatloa of the prorier raening of ;iri. t tallan 

poteoo/* itoytgijf^ £uo potaoctf deno. .in<. tea the ^jovof of obenging 

anotberi Ulrioh would bate it Inoloda even that power ^ . hieh« 

«itlK>at otioa or ohaa&a^ Ood has area tad evor^r thing out of nothing* 


fha laport Jit point is tbet, nhan we «ish %o •ooouxxt ::or the 
otiisin of thiagi»« »re do uut riud it ia u ..&co;i- ;'Ur,v a aiaoion 
of tbs divlQS knowled^ji^ a Mo-pleeojiio ]^hilosOi^dry ia tho 
tfaditiou of Piotinsis end viofluui** «an |X»8lt his See, vjiA %bm 
C^e xieoeauiiriJi^ ^slvos tirth t au.itiplj.oity* So suoh uooesi» 
tariuaism «cista ia tha Obristian UrOd* If B<» oroaiea. Bo oveatos 
1:^ wecy of xncvvla^:, in ie truoi bit Ru oroate» freolj^ cuid froei 
aotbing, not ly a E^ysterioiy ^jul r^coec^jsjr^ j'.itpouriag of hia beingi» 

W9 mag now txuack our atteulioa to a so «vtiet differont ipvob- 
lost tbe onsidoratioti of th futh of the divlae oetura as the 
«spJLauatioa oi tbe tiuch of thljiga» &iBa&au)h m the o^vas^^iltsir 
•f ttko divliia ««laao* bas alroadf bam establistod, lod iaa& uob 
M that soieaoa is itlontiiiod with tha dlvioa na'i,are, it auig saem 
that saob a tre? t.:i)nt is lasxoly vep'^titioua* Bat Jlrioh bm ao 
lataantioa of ploughiAg tbe »etm gromid twioe. in bis txoai aat 
of cruth, bbt) o. phesla b s sblftod from tbe divine ea-n^aoo oo£k» 
ooivod ao oausaif to that sane assoiioc ooaoelvad ti« rrigalatlve» 
in aro oa tbo f^ijsiliar ground of ^^gaotioiaor^Anaeisaaa reotittxda* 
Qod's u wx .tjija of Hin^aalf am oa^sa Icijtbe true loiowledga of lb» 
parfaot artisti the truth of croa&.raa «ili be yeg^ilatad eooordijis 
&i^ tbojr f&ith). ill/ tQytesQat Hit: dlvina axo.-plar in theoaelvos* 

AjCtor a dataiied oorisiderc tion oi she vtgB in nbiok reason 


onn be prediaatod oi Ucd, l/lrloh ideatlfles this ve aoa with 

truth, oud truth with Ood* Tritb la thiis adt^ialiy one with the 

divioo essenoe or uct;ir«» But the aatixve is also Ideutltal with 

tb€ divine intoileot*» Beuoe, Ulriob «en ei^t 

Yeritsa tul iateiloetiAs est vera dognitlo, haLonB 
quidtinid jxjrtiaot cui r ticaejs ^«rl'eotQ» oogaitio- 
ols, Qoilloet, q;od eat oo ^jrebensiva (umituB a»» 
tlvo intellootu, at sino j^ivfitloiia diiit tlosis 
V6l orrorls, et sine viclBaittidiad dls&ivslvae i»» 
<{.iii>ltioni8, icn OKieutiuB ab alio^^ sed e^'iod aet 
oogaltorura OQ'isa»^ 

The truth ci tho latelleot, in sbort, la also eaoaal, and what it 

eeuBOB Ic tho truth of tha careated bsiag» !tfh«re is tbarefore bo- 

t«8«n tho truth of the icaoner ea^i the ti^<?.th of tho known the aoa* 

lAf^dKl oomminity that nbtaina hetwaen eaiae aad al'fect» 

«• are interested i^ri ariiy in the notloa of ore&ted truth aa 

«n ezeirplate of the dlvino art* but before prooeediog to that, it 

is leoeaaar.y to o'usider sa^e prelitainar^ vi we* Ulriph fins a 

two-fold beia,, iu trath, regarded as oas ot the air at treuasoexidental 

int out ions* First, tr-ith boB the bftlag wfaloh in th« order of nature 

Is b >f ore aqjr ietaralnad truths so eonsidered, Ita being ie sepa» 

fated frcm &' tter, act cereijr Viy ^tejf of ab;^traoticn, but eepofate 

beo use it exists in the intctllc-ot of the Fir~t (/ use— "aeoMrihui e*» 

so quod kiHot in Inaiaa lutalldotns primi o^osantia ipaam*'* It is 

in this so Lse that we o n sa^ th^^t truth is rooted in the jrirtnmrnt, 

and not in the ncnii-perBieniMit* it is thorefora eternal and iHaitable 

-(36 i- 


beoauso thoigh tbiags she i Id perish, this tratb will roiaoliu 

The liirootion of Ulriob»a thouj:*t Is bs-'oo.lii4i cX«6»» The i.^*- 

eenant and isixit'^fcle Uels for the truth aad sUbilitj of things 

la to bo Bought wlthiu the intoUaot of the fir t o&uoq axui uot 

oatuiclo it* 

Sbo seoQOki boin^; of tntb arlM» whi^ we oooaider tho oi^tltiy 

of e ore ted ba^ag, UMs tr^th is alao two-fcia. Firat, t\exe 

Ift th;' tr;th ot ms bolng ae e gaallty tstauilised In it iy th« 

First Oeiusc iron wbo» it ^rooe.ida* Ulrloh here quotcc iinselm In 

Ssfot of his cwa vlomi "vt &io s :0)in^u& <\ii8elinara, verit.a est 

ueb^tom es^^ouUl et fdcieudi sis, elout in fttte divioa pruefixa 

est." iSie rootitude of the oreet'tro arieog from the fact ttet 

he cixists tim ox&r* tee in ^ ccurif with «hat has boon crdaincJ in 

%km diviae art* T'or the pro8«nt, «o m^ p^ss over the im^dio tions 

of preeoionce, for inter ocnsideratioa* At this o-^at» «e ahottid 

800 ju. t one poiat-*tb t the truth of H^ fixes the truth oi the 

ore:tare «tiich th. t oronture snst mirror in his c«n wo^» It Is 

in thiu Qense that ld.rloh oaderstaods tho Augnetlnien notion of 

the ordering; «f all things In aunibey, taeasare sad weight* For ths 

divine art in f;lvi:}^s sivaaieH^ order (nd mode to thingc is tbtis 

vecailative of then all* 

!i%e ssoond truth whioh belongs to a bslag tteiillissd by the 


IdPeaeaoe of a quiJlty and a form ,^arantee« the In^iivldaal 

truth 01 U.o iadlvidasl thlng« Whoa It was aeid et cvo that 

tb« 1>asi8 of tbo truth rf th craatare is not to ba saxght 

oatsiide its iirst on sa* ^vidoatly Ulrloh «aa thiaJdng of the 

ult.lmeitd ontclogio&l basis of truth* Ba baa no iut^atlon of 

«£kdawing oreataros «1th the false rsalltiy of a ore Vdpresen- 

tetloa^ as f r sx- raploy a pointed r^aa ni ;fat be e tras &rtifuot, 

eoA yet a falsa moA* Croatares psaa^s their vim truth^ stable 

and partranent, efcm though a« oreatorea they 1 o>. Iniaut^bility 

Igr reason of the matter that is pert of thoir ooiistititlon* It 

la only in this sense that truth me^ be §al;i to begin and te 

oksa.,j<^ aad to oo ue tc be« cinoe it lalwigs proeiseljr to ore&t'«.res 

«ho begin ^ind otsA^ exiA oe&se to be» 

\yith resjiect to the tr'>th of en. entity» Ulrioh j^edloates an 

an::lQgois eonmonlty sxlstin^; bot^eon sUsta-xoe >tad aocldent* That 

«hiob is ooRi")oa to the» is not of ooarae a third n&t^ire, sorrehow 

diversely pertloipnted by both, for tfet woild lead to tho aboard 

position tfavt thure is &o. strlni; which is noithor outcta.ioe or ao— 

oidenta !?ather« «tibetrizioe is to Ideutiflod simply with ^isturet this 

na.ure is trie, b^t an aooldent is tr e, only iaaof ■ r as it la 

is foJtd bolO:iglug to auU^tnoe» 

Fin: lly^ there s in the oroatire the vootituae of a x' Otloal 


veavon directed eitheir %o makiag or doing» In tho lirst o»se. 

It is the truth of er%j in tho^econa, it la the trnth of pn*» 

danoo, « ioh is tegerdoS »3 the hertlt operative of ell tho c.orel 

Virtues» Oa the supornotan^l level, this «eeie yeotit'ido ii. bro i;bt 

at oat by charity and the Infused virt'iot* 

Kow, if th-? divlnn art is th» rai^eauro &aa the rnlo of the 
tnith of o»'», bow o'm we «ay that any felsityf c n lo ioond 
Ltt thing»? rirl(3b*3 aa:v,t«r t^ thia le slmoly that thing le not 
false with respect t the rerfootion of itaown aatare* But the pa»» 
feotlon of that ncitttro ia ci'd'.vtsd, and as orocited It is limited aoA 
antable eud cherctfore potential» The falaity opposed to the onto» 
logical t-nth of e nature is e»ictly this potontiplity of a oreoted 
thins; «hic( oan be aoolu^'^t lly or evon aulMtaatially oheai^jOd» m 
thia yoapeot» no oreatJire .erfectly l^nitatee it£ exe^nplav in the 
divine ind} nor whon it is cornpted does it exist q:^ disposed ia 
the divin© riad» 'To ether cono-valon ie noscible, sliioe thia do» 
fioloucy in iho creatore is nQik»b«ln^ r^nd Sod ofmnot be the eanae 
Of s'loh» Fenoe there j^j, falsity as well as trth in cxeatod thing»» 
b-xt th t f&lslty fcnd tr'j.tb exist tinder different aeeota* Fal;>ity 
maeeurea th^ l«ok of perfection aeeeasarily foon/j in that whish is 
not the ]?eo«S3ery Bain^rt tr<ith ia found in the eaRte bolag in the 

bein^ in th«o rr-.eoaaro in v.hioh it osses.ea a nature proper to 


Itaelf» If It is to bo eeld that P5r©r:rthlixg wf loh la, lo- 

BOtnt 68 It i8( ia true, it r^y llVewisa be «eld that eyietjf» 

29 - 
tb lag «Mob is not, insofaf as It le not, is false* 

Yhla op:nion oc %6 ths ori^;:ln oi felaiiy is farther aup» 

portad V ^^ ^stimoiv ot Jt* lagmtins thrt falsltjr «aa exist 

enlj in that »hlob is, for what ^.toes not exist at all oasaot be 

tvrmatf fala«* Tke> falae, thst is, needs s fotindvtlcti in the 

tblo^. ox in tbo in&olleot, or least in tb'3 words expros^^ixig it* and falsitjr in the into Heat is another problem, but thi 

ontologlocl basis of the false simply expresses the peradoK that 

only what is trae oaa V'O felse, -;noh is the ,T:eaniu€ of sugas» 

t!Uie*s aiKtmpleB in the d 9 , ^^;ilo , ^;:.lea# Vste sia7 sa^t ^^r aacBiapleu 

thj^t the tr^ge«iiai is '^ fslse Bc-otort but he would not he e f ise 

Bsotor unless be ware a trao tr^u^lant again, the pAiatetf horse 

is a false horse only beo^^ase it is a true piotture, 3be ooiniDarlaon, 

BO doubt, llkB all Qomptrlsons, llspsj but, tbo loint is clo: r, Ija- 

lees a thing were, it would act bo true, J&les-! the» false exist in 

the true, it oaa hnve no axir^teneo at all* 

Kich the s^^ie res^ilts ariae from the o osldor tioa of tbe truth 

Of o«r intalleot* It Is not the jnrpos? here to diaoias irlri ;b»8 

payohology of korniiig, sinoo that is a pr^'blem with »hloh tbe present 

work is net ooaoemedi we ere interested how^^Ter in his «zplaaatloa 


Of the traftll «f thd xat*dll >at as a reault of tba divine exes»- 
plav* !SlKi« eStat to di8tliKS>ili>lie« %h» two-folti oporvtion of 
Ihti intdiXoot» u>«il« iomilier by Aflstotl»» Ulfidi go»s ou to 
ie<M9ite truth and orrof in ;.hd ooopoein^ inteiIeot« Hovortho» 
Ittss, bo odds, thero 1« a saiuie In whlob the Intollaot Is alx* 
w«ya true in the work of oo :po: Ition, wh :tbey the l&tGlllti;l>>le 
•pdftles «hloh it oonxioses ere in the oocsposed thing, or notf 
thot la. to setf, the Intoil *ct la eras eVKi «b^a it ualor stents s 
faX«Ql^* Xtils up «vent oontrsmi lotion Is r^iaolved q Ite sl^npiy 
bif un49r-t«adj.n., that when the utelleot oporetes in aooord With 
A 90« or i^iven it i^ tbo Jivlno art, than It uet uo true, for 
It iB iui.iillln«, A netural op.^x tlon flxea for It by the divine 
latoileot* I0 ad. It emrtblng eiee woald lojia t) t\ a .ot;ition 
that ■ tbla^ i.6 Udiitroj/et3*>for i^^islty la a 1. ak««ty its 01m 
natural optkr^itlon* 

Bttt tboagfo It is «aid, c^nd qalte oorreotly, that a ttlng 
la trao by rer..;on of the Fir^t i!ru6h« It is iieaessary at all tiotsa 
to reonil tb&t truth oion li« prediosted es;:.e!itlalxy ouiy of Qod^ 
tfc» i'tim Tmb* in thle sease, the truth of a Oioatad e^itltjf 
doiM not «xlitt iu It hg «ay of inb rtiooe» for Qod is not .ixed 
with oroatore** Sever theleaat thlii t.rutb la proaeat to ore^'tarea 
by way ot ©ffiolont aua «acioiary O'ue ilt-».»-ejaeir.Pf^ltor a t of- 


jElAjfilLlfilr*" teoauM «wry i/orfeotlon «hloli «atiat* in the o nae 
08460 nd Is tcKOti exft pllflfld In the offoot hes bMa censed 
in the elieat* ShJLs leais nat-tyall^ to po»ltla« Id^as in Ood 
even of ««oide&ts saoh a* oolor nad «Armtb* siBoo they are ef- 
foots aud dejjsau icr tfasl» beitic on a oaaa«« 

It a:t9 »tm tb t not evevy truth ia oe aed by the First 
Trutht eu.t«iiy^ it is %r<e that sitt la, lut «bo «ill dnre eassrt 
that it la oa>4ied by God? (rho ox- ;r;ple or ein is e itcd to tfc» 
ttoolo(^ioal nature of the M I'liBiffT Bfllffi ^«t the prluoiple laid 
4o«a bare will be valid for the largar field of rlv^tions.) 
fXLriob aolvea the dlfiioultjr by ad.iittine a oert ia eatity, end 
tberoford a oevtoin tntb to aim but ita eutlty derives by 
reeaoa oi tbe a .b^ot whlob is a faaaan eot| «e r-A^ orUl aia aa 
^ ipe rq^ou^p rio posing a aartain vtivstion la a anbjeot. Soth the 
biufta aot sod Iba subjeot are* sad they derive their truth from 
Ck>d* no ozider;^ teod, then« aia majf have a oertaln tnth, bat is 


•ad by it<ieif, it r^naiaa a larivetlaiu It i eF be retoerhed that 
Ulriah'fi rofereooe to aon «a # m »nf^ ff^tpm^ o ia open to mieinter» 
pretation« if oais< «ere to undariitand it as ra^smng that sin is a 
mental fiotloiB. ja.Qh howt^ver d es not eppeer to be his Tiow. Bb 
ia aifflply trying to exs^reas the f ot that sin, em « def or ity of 
aot« 1^ a privation, and proxierly ia not, uinoA it baa not indej^^u»» 




dout beiut$« To epoak of It, «e -.jjAt endow it with ton» siMrt 
of ro!>litjr, vbioh «o ell the tl e xe&llzo It does not ^^cseesa* 
<Jlrl<:Mi is ivot the ..irst ^ihiloaoj^MS to expe?iaaoe <3ifficalty 
in atteiBptius to i*iXB a positive ao^ouat of a Wiigatiotu 

iiigaia» ve rr^ay ooto Ulrioh's insistenoe on the tmiqiadaMa 
of etoxnal truth ia his enavtiX» to aoesst objeotioou dsel^ted to 
pyovo a nziitiplioltjr of eternal tsrat^ Fox oaEaople, from all 
etovnltj '^^^ ^^nf that the Fath«?r is the Father and the aon is 
the 3<m and the Eoljr Ghost is ti» Voly 9toiit* ?bese »re di» 
stlnot propositloa«« eiooe the^ oertainly have dlstiaot term* 
LdLJanriso, Aasola «ad Au^Astiae both ptc^e that the propocltloa 
'^The so rid will be** wee imcwn to Sod tefose the oorld «ras« liow 
than oan it be said that the oternal truth is e,n0t 

Ulriob finiis the answey aasjr* Tb9 tbosis that 3od icasv 
SMBur eteroally true diverse prcpoeitione «rises from our was °f 
onderstaiiding the simple in a o(»poeite Banaev* A§ the xwreons 
of the Trinity are rselly oac in esssmoOf so they are true by 
eoe truth* Jeoondlyf with resr^^ot to oreeted thin^, there is 
only a ifelatlon of reason betive^ia the divine kao-vledgs nd that 
ploraUlty* Beiorf) the xistesioo ox & aoinpoaiwilng iiitellcot^ fui» 
tiure thingiB oxisted only in the £orsks.cwlsdse cf Ood* a^ exist» 
ing there, thety eujoyed no x>roper nature of their o«a« bat «ere 


true by roastm of tho uaoreotod ditino truth. OloorJ^, tbii*- 
fore, ttx>re is only one ea.%nntiel aod aaGveeted tmth* 

m mfi^ oloso tho dlwCi'-saion of truth with Ulafich's trei.t- 
tannt of the nacnef In whioh it Ic rultlplied» Truth in its «s- 
sentl»! natare is cnej the truth oi oreatod tbin^^s is a ofeused 
and oerlVAd truth* true insofar as the oroatares reprosaut azti 
fulfill the divine rootitud©, But the oreetarcs are ca^y» Cow 
thoa do «c ^«t 238x^7 truths? 

Truth is oae fran the side of the reflftlatlAcf dlvls* yeo1(lt«i«t 

tout it is divt^rse iiusofer ax thixi^^s iiritaeig Imitate this iir&t 

slaiile &rt« Joet as la the o«s« of the hjjsum. artlat» the ::jultl» 

pliclt«7 cf ^be artifecta m^y exfiESDllfjr tlie o»o artistic ftora In 


eooord with vhieb they sero »tade« The sacc thought is expreaaci 

in aoftther peaaaga^ where Ulrioh et&tea that truth, ccosiduted 
•a a ser^ercte quidlt?« in its aasexiae «ad being Is one* But if 
truth is coasiderad aa participt^^ted in dii«rae ^a^^s hy diverse 
Iseinf^, then tiisre are ss caag truslia as there are belnt^* TMa 
diveraity of truth la based on the dlfioroat assure of proper» 
tlon of d oh b^lJie to the being of the First ?ruth« the divlsloax* 
la other words. Is thet of en eualoKHXO, /i&lo^lo Xly on» in ell 
Ita subjoots* 

It is olear that there Is no attMpt hafa to «qplain the 
origin Ox Rultltade from unity, but rather the eaqplaaatloa of 

-(44 ;• 

tha tratb of &a &lx&cdg posited smiiiiliad*» «hem truth in ita 

ease:itl:l n&tujfo Is <:ne* It oaf siqp^ iM said tiua Oirioh Is 
littlG nonoerzjBi with tho orlvrln of "nltlttiJu, et ronct et this 
particuiar .xoc^-at» llo ha:; alroi^d^ rojocted .-atc oruinatloa, con- 
oelved as a R oooaafjr ©fflaxtis of leing} for him nultipllol^ 
b«sins r.t th.".t • n f^nt vshcn en omnlpot4snt Sod Willi:- to oroat* &x 
TlilhA ^ff* ^^ '^ ' •> ^^<3^ ^S| "^^t^ ^^ ^otf voltutsify iz; the «oass 
thrt it apriasi: from a f»e« decisJ.oa li^ Sod, btt en .«t .vtlob is 
likowise intellocttxal, slme the mi whsrotr? God oroates airiAea 
fro» a JSrnowledg© of Pis essitrioe. Ulxlah's jarobleiB Ic tc oxplaia 
« mnltiplioaticm of trith la sn order ^hioh has bosn oreatied* 
Ho does it on thr? basis of partioipation and iinitationr^.torras 
wbloh are adt Itt'sdly anootisfaotcry to sofas, aad vhlob all 
ine^ ast^^ stend in neAd of zacnre proolsicu* Ulrjoh's ce/ml:^ 
•«•as to Ix» that orentnros r<as.,ae pejfiooticins aar.ioijoas to those 
of thsir esn3«*«»jjorf«ations with vrhioh they ate ^adoimd throu^ 
an act of ')reation« Beoaia;:© thece porfootiona cUrro», -ad axs 
tvxaidici 'ipon, the diviii» exeffiplars, th» oroatiire is sai^i to psv- 
tloljsDte !a, geii liaitete the bolne of tba fijot O'.ibo* 

There ter.rAna to '?c-jaldor in thle chapter oriijr the . nowledge 
or Gcd, insofar ac this aatne "soionw" (iifllsaJUft) ^ ooetaoa 
to otery : ind of Intellactaul oosaitloa» Sh;^ diTifclon jf ka wladgs 


«faieh 171« ich here sc!idffiatlx«« pl£Qr« an tmpertaat part in 
his treatment of ^.he irooticaliljy cf tb^ dltlao ideas, as the 
•acje^^dlr-G obapter will show» For ainoe ho htm «rphinslsod the 
ewierl I s ^ot of tho l'vlnf> -nowlng^» it is ciosr that »ome x>ro- 
viaioa nuat b<» rado for c'csh a 'nowleiig© that would bacr upon the 
posBiblas which will rey.eln possltlea, or n.y)Cxo. evils pjaa .rl» 
'Tetiom— .upon thoso thJas»» in short, Tbioh 5od o. lu.ot, or doM 
not a'^oflo» 

fh3 divlri* soloao», consldsrad as identloal i^lth the di- 
vine essence, is of course one* Bit Tietrad m a oainee preoeding 
its effects with ia oternel dnretioa, this BsfKO soienoo mej be 
«cn.8ldtjred In t thre«^fold mannGr; first, as a perfpotion oojuie» 
vp.cnt apon the dlvltu» sieitnrei eoijondlj^, txndsr tho a«peot of ita 
priority to ita effeotaj thirdly, as a a&x^e» Ji^t la look 
mor© (s2.ctely at thpsfi three div'sioKB* 

The fix at edcirta of f iv > aabdivial Ma^ ^gapiei^t^a. £ ciciat ^, fi 

flffiP^^'?^^ AOt^^k?» 9<aV'fU,^<i^ nsAffl^s» acic-ut if- apr..r QU. t lotxls . 

and ftqjL gut Jl,ii^ , :f,ata.^orloe aicta * ^t th^s*» dlvloioas, it v.ilx 

h© Q'i' fit; lent to note culy tbf» definitiona of tho aeooad aud 

the third. Ulrioh doflnos the 3->i>'ntla aiar>liQlB notltlae ia 

thoG/^ words» 

Voioatia bici^t^liois notltia«? nihil add It riper 



<Mttfalltat«o Del oiroa oojaita» q^iiQ sio oo@» 
neoolt poeaate 'jtin* Mil apinrobat, et Q:mln i.'o 
iXJteut feoefo, trme tasna noo fooit aeo faoi«t *® 

It is ttis deflaitloa vihlob will s&fegaATd altiis.' t«:ii;r Ulrloh'G 

dootxios of the practioeaiV <3^ ^^^ dlTioe ide: 8« If the ejo- 

onplarlty of che divine loriae arises from a(xi*s knowlsdge of th« 

Imltabllitiy of His osueaoa, zid if these ez»:. plfjrs sore essentially 

X«aotiouI, it sr.lgfat bo objected tbat dod nnxst aak» emrytbius B» 

teons* iJut airioh has made pdrovisioa (ox a rBowled^ of tfae awKe 

possible* to avoid intvodiolng aeoessitiy into tbo divlns oausajU» 

ity# XLeyo is a gret^t deal of dlffereaoo betvraen defining tbe 

Idevs as exemplars ot thin^ to bo made, and a'jylng tt ct chore 

noat be e^&ompl-.VB oi hXl chiogB known* 

She second definltioa to bo noted is that oi' the aqlentla vl- 
a^nla • By ta£)!:^0 of '«his, thiaga afe present to Ood, either di- 
reotly^ es are thu ;ood» or indireotly, a& sin or privation in t^xw 
Mai* Beneo it Is ole- r tbc^t if there is to be an idea of the 
thingr- vvlioh in their natare Izidioate a laok, the idea «ill tctar 
direotJjT on the being in v;hioh the laofi: is presen|« end only in» 
direotly on tbo -{X ivation qua privaticm» 

the ae^uu j^aeral divisic»! of the alvlne soionoe relates 
to this soionoe aonaldered as prior to it. eoxuieqaent efieots, or 

^(47 >- 

tnoldoital defeots* So oo:uildarod. It ^it^ b« t«vi««d prAfolenfl» 

or forelsnoifledgv, end undor tho 8ij.-«ct of Its ../lo^itiy is ix,e 

aafrirelly rokted t-^ the tester ior» Boaoo it boopet^ks s relc^tion 

to th» creetnrd* Thns foro)ciowl«4fle would not b4av«) existed in God 

iMtf tl»r® n-^ifor been a orentloaj bit knPwled«;o wouid ^w^. Ibia 

Is only to Bfh]f thrt the lBiowl»dg» be%«e n Sod and ore^^ture la^ 

pliee n real relatirsm only on th*» par» of tb& orerturof thojt- 

«iae, rratntioa would be introdaoed Into th© divinity. UlrloL, 

U nuob as Plato, is oon^exnBi v;ith establiahi 15 em is^nt^ibXe 

foundation for the dlvino iiJoas* 

Finally, the lmo«7l«c<9s oi (3od a» a oogiso may bo ooi-usidorod 

Gji institutive of natures, or «a eons^rvin^" and dlreotlna: tbea 

to the iod proposed» These two ecee termed provideade and ^jro» 

dostlnatlciu H'^rnoa It is that tllrioh qiotes tsith apprcvnl the 

familiar UistLnotioa of Kigh of :Jt« Viotor: "^oientie est esp> 

Istentixiiy praacoiontla fat-irona, diepoaltio tvaier-dnrvun^ ras- 

d^Btinatlo sclvaodoron, provldontia sabjaotcnurf'» 

It ray be wortt^y of note here that all the distiuotiona 
whioh Mdtk of Jt. Viotor has estofclisbed msjf e&siljr l>« inter- 
pretad as relating to she praoti al order, Pianos is of the 
exlsteatt dispoeltion ol those beloge that are to be aada* Just 
as pvedestinatioa points to those thet are to be savedi x^rovidaaas 


Is »9lat«4 to AepesaAen.% telags« aaoA while t9fkaeml»Aga U 
of the fivtof*, aod h«noe ne«d not be praotlo&l« there Is a 
foreKnowIedtje that does oo:iaeani that which Is to be pjrodaood» 
'^'vea lA i,he eKenples Ulrloh oho ee to Illustrate his doo trine, 
he shows a notioeaile xirofereao« for those that iaollne to his 
omi xx)int of view» 

l'h« Divino Zdeec 

The faot that ell tbiogs are eeapf^vnilsd hy tho divine 

Boimoe either or ooi^itlonelljf is soBiaod ap in oae 

0ttnte&o«t "Ratione soicfatia* omia diomtiur ab aeterno in i^eo 

fiiisae"* Bat to 009 this pocits an InBedlate problent. How 

safOgtiard the individuaiit? of the real» and the reality of the 

lndlvidaal« if thin^ aro within LkJdf Uirlch's oonoern, then. 

Is t show what is the pro£«r aiffitfioanoe of the statesient that 

all things eteraaliy exist in God* 

Scfg Ulrioh has oo iritention of Identityia^ the reality cf 

things with Qod} so far is bis tho^^t from pantteism that he 

do€s not e<ffe& refer to tttis problsiB* ajeu3 the reason is olear* 

A Qod who operates throu|;h sa intelieot* ideutioel «rith His es* 

sttUM, do « indeed prodioe only that whioli is knoim to Hia* and 

fee luroctaoes tgr knowtngi bat the faot rc^Bsias that H does pro» 

dnoe* Oonseqiaeiitly, Loi'ove prcaotlon things do not enjoy m. 

existoaoe proper to thsmselvest they exist oniy in the knowlouge 

of 6e4« ki\d tho important point to bt^ noted is exactly this— 

the oxiatoiioe oi thin s oniy in the divine knowled^ is not the 

existt^noe jTOfier to a oreated nature* "AntetjEUUB produoereatar 

res, fuoruntt sed non in propria n^ tar at er^ in Del solontia.** 


-160 <- 

ButtSf «twn triirieh sgye oi thin^» th .t tho^ eadatwl «tora lljr 

In 3od, he r:>emis sith vA^istlne tbit tbe iotxu^ or iviOM^i of tbln^^s 

aye etarnally in Jod. Sowh^sre iatm bo s&y that tboi^o toxm& ooo» 

Btitat« tbe proper reelity of oroi tares» 

7b^t ore tares sicy L«t s<'^ld to to la -ioa is estKlilehr.d l^ an 

a fortiori axgAOBnt* Ve sp^y th t r^ thing e^date in its ef.loi nt 

OaaaOf nd doubtleas tbe expreaoion is «aui.^gful <is d ^notioc. a-^** 

istenee in tha active v^cwor oi ttv t ocaao» J^ioh exi6tei^e,hcw>- 

(>Te , i^ at beat only potsutial, nd as ^^toutial ii lb lr<^r« 

foot* ^ soya ^loxfeci type cf exlii'ueaoe id tbat cf a tting oog^ 

alsdd In <> im-^ving Litellact} for there a bhiu^ la« not BMteljf 

potantlclly« «it fotm^llst thet is« Ita form rotuaXly exleU, al» 

bait Intoati'onaliy* Scv/, it is r.;orB proper tc idontiiy a thing 

with it£ for» (rucio) thau it, 1;; to id^iitily acttual beiiXjc; with 

mer-jiy potaiitisl b«ias# Honoe Uiriofa's ooaoiueioaj " viarnvia rea 

diotitar ease in am» oea^a, at otiBai in intellecta o.^oci-oante, 

trcsen TTsa^'la propria dicitrr ae.c in intaiiaQua »iuas in aoe causa 

©f ioi«ate"« 

Bit thara la a tw^-foid oxiataiioo m the ore. tiro in tha 

orentor* la the «ill ami tbe oianipotonoo of Sod, sausidared aa 

an aotive povar, things eiiat, but oniy potenti^^iiyie Bat in tbe 

divine Intellaot, tho very fonts of the orevtaVGs t.iQ to be lo^md. 


for tbo Idoaa are nothing elao then the totm In aooord wl%h 
«faloh ihe oroatare hae been made* Beuoe it is that ulxioh hae 
no besitancnr in aeyloc, that the oreature ia indeed in the 
oreatov» But* aa Ulrioh hiniself says, the oonstruotion ia uot 
•p oaitive* Ttiiate ia no idontifioation, that is, between the 
divine e soaoe and the oroatare aa it exiata in ita proper na- 
ture* wiat does it mean for a oyeature to le in Ck>d? Oaig 
thi»-~»that ita idea is in ««odj ud the idea is the oreotare 
onxjT in the seoae in wbioh it was aaid elove thai the intol» 
leoted foyis of a beit^; mag bo identified with that being* 

It ia clao in this ooaaeotion that Ulrioh jivaa a 
oi^e indioation oi' the pro.xjr boarixig; of E,be idea* She e&> 
iateno' of ideas» in ^rod in . rediof^ted determinativelj^t "Ore- 
atara in creatore***dioivar per determiiiationeffl trahens d*- 

terminatom extra anana rationan, siout a^ta dioitiir hooo pio« 

tut"* Hie parallel 1b olesr, »nd the example ib a hep 3 one* 

A pal&tod pioture ecnbodloa the artistio eatasiplari as realised 

it ia the fulfillment ana deter-^inetion 01 r-he form in the mind 

of the ortist» end the picture has, m it »ere, drawn out that 

foriB* The doatrine of the x>raotioalitiy of the dlTine .deaa ia 

hete plainljT Inuioated* 

ffov in all modea of apeooh the various algal float iona of 


s^nonoeoua terms is detoraiued ty whet is «Mad to tbuss tsrrs» 
3« too with the Various (.v ni-igs of tiw preposition ifi^ Jotas- 
thiag different is meant, for exaagpie, by seeing that a thia^, is 
}jOl plaoe and iA titno* Jlmilari^, there are verioas woys in «blab 
a tbing meof to said to be Ja ^^* Ulrioh distluguasbes oare- 
faily t'Otiveen these three tenost being in the knowledge of (k>d« 
beias in the essenoe ot Ood* aad tolng in Hod le^8|e iq aoientla 
MsJLf oatie in esseatia Jei. eaee in Deo). In whioh of these 
BH^ it be said that the oreatare— th' t is, its idea->ls in OedT 
W bate sesBH repeatedlj that the ditlua uoleaoe is totalijr o&^ 
;;»ehsnsive« Therefore, e^verythiiag that is kaovatlef either in 
Itself or thro gh onothev, is in the tcnovledge of Ood* Bit onl/ 
the iereoas of the Triuity, or the perfeetious of the diviiiity, 
are in the esaeaoe of Uk)d But that «hloh is knoi«a to God through 
Bis essn loe, or thet of whioh there is an ideal similitude ay 
he seid to be in 3od* Oonae tently, tbut^^ in this W9jf STil aai 
privetioaa are ne^mt in Jod, oreatares, of whom there is e di- 
vine esEerfjlar, are* rvoperly «..«akinst therefor'^, ide&s ere lo- 
Oated to ^09.» t^ot Ifl flqlffl^^a m% gaWftlrJla i9\» X^e rea;.Qa is 
apparent* The ide^is are not loo ted in the esserioe of liod, sinoe 
this es:pressiaa is limited to tho sxbsistenoQ of the divine nature, 
whioh would remela ^he sane had thsre never bestt a oreatiosi« oor 


at« they to be positod simply In the kaovledge of Ood, slnoe 

tbe divlixe eoleaoe is co:tytehtm»l^ of laore than will Le ore» 

ated, end the Ideas relate direotly to the pvajtioal* 

Ulriofa fiutber kaovn ttom both Augtistine and Ajuielm that 

a thlag mag aore truly be said to be in dod thaa in Its&lf* 

This Ulrloh Goeopts only with rosorvatloa, or at laest only af» 
ter h vltit^ . : uo the profer uistinotioua* To oaderstaod his point 
of ti(«w, we s^ost distlnguiah a ioar<»fold being of things « and a 
t«o»fold oofnparisca* a thin^: ^«^sy poasess being in (iod, in its 
o«& i>roper a tuve, in tbe ab;;tr otloa of the oognitlve Intelloot, 
and flnaliy the being at^ioh is aoalogioally cosogid to all theset 
Bscosly, the beio^ of a oreattive, lao oattor bow existing* 3o, 
%00f ootr4>uri^on r. y be two»f Id» First « dlfferfint xu}t<irea eaay 
he Qompered with resijoet to a oonBoa referenooi tbis t> rose oaa 
be «aid to bejthe moat i^aatifal of flowers* oeoondly, there may 
he a ea&i^arisoii of th: aarae nabure to itself asoordin^ to a dif- 
ferent oaaaef of existing, lius potontlal boint$ oajn be osmpored 
to actual teia^ 

Zf vre oM^tare tbe being of a oreatara in its proper natture 
to the wbi0h it £.)OSSdscea in Ood, thea the d latum of na^jxa- 
tine and .unselm ia trie, for here the ooix.riaon ia raado on the 
heels of that «blah is oocaiion to theae two kinds of t^att-^tuumXf^ 


tb«t hiob Is aa lot:10i^ll^ oooraoA as the being of a oreature* ^e 

hav. already 8e«a th&t for a oveature to be In led ta&ina nothing 

•lea than for Ito idea to to tbevei lurtfer, v;r ah: 11 set» thut 

this idee is identified with litQ aai ligtit in the divine ecaonoe, 

^0 oonaiderod, thin/x are more truly «here they oen be Ido itifiod 

with the JLlfe cjovi i.ii^% of 3od th{%n thay are in thetaeelves, «ybero 

th«gr exist in e am t^ lie and oreetureljr anner* 

fiut rettall «hat has been eeldt the oreatare dees not exist 

in Qod ;vith tho ^«rfeotion of ita o«a assttufe or esoeuoe» Cooae» 

qaeutljr, if the oompari^>on te ade <m the feaals of the seoond 

node of Qor^pfitlijoii outlined u ove, obvioueljf Jt* Anaelm nd 5t« 

jiu^xtbiae are wrong* Aotaal bel^xg, in uhort, !• more i^orfeot 

end "truer" tban potential l^ing^ ka Ulrloh himaolf atatoa its 

"Ree esse euae proi»rie» natame v^-jrina habat ubl est acta et 

eJjnpiioitor et eabeatlalitey et aeoundaai distinatiooem auae pro» 

priet tia» liout eat in sue n<turaf qaatB abl e^it tantom in pO» 

tentia aaae oauaae et seouzidacB qiiid et indistlnoto, i.iout est in 


&. philoeophiocl traotate is indeed not a plaoe for Joriptrel 

«»igeolt« Slit ihougli inedieval philosophers never looked on ^orip» 

tare as a metephysiost 1^ 1» ^"i^ ^^blI theif often dlaooTered ihil- 

oeophioel doctrines there* Thus, we find In Ulriob*£> exposition 


of two texts of the» Vlll« 3eT>r2l ijoliits of dootrin'^ T JLu«<i.i© 

for the develotffient ol his position on tb-» Jl^laa iue^^* !?h« 

first i^ Jraim fforr: dt. Pauls "QaooiAB ex ipao^ et per Ipsum 

et in loso aunt o-jusT* 

.vrcperly epeas-iag, we era told, tbo preposition ffcsi l^) 

exf«ee..ds «Itber th? efj>s«t of «a extriuaio principle, or tb* 

9oas bst.'!iiitl£.lit^ i biKit pfrtiaaL^r x>riuolple v;itl-. tlteic whlob 

flows fro:s it« Thi: innch derivea rrcm the varitus eiAAiiiiacs of 

11 12 

the prepositlcos a£ u'xillndd 'cy Aristotle a:ul Afefzcos* Fay» 

the», TTlricb finde a «oaiHsr propiititg la tfao aeo oi ox, r -ther 

thftn ^ff at no» tho lati»r «xpresLSe iHs oousa'o^t.xiti&lltf* <:ii£toe 

God le aot s «•^tarial ■iriaoiplo, oouatittttive cf i^^rt or ol all 

of tho ovsfited scilMtaaO'?-, it ro^mi is tlsat tbin^ are eeld to be 

from Elm in th» seaao ol boidg froa^ aa efiiai&nt otuae* -i&^j^n, 

tbay ar > srvld to exist through Blm ligxJUasaa) beoica© the })tepo^ 

sition hof' indio t)8 ; -odium of ox>er' tioa« jiaje .over^f artist 

works through a ? odium of an exe plar of the ertliuot, tblogs 

ey-^:-t thrcigb God Qooordl.ig to aa examcXarjr loraial o^ ^se* I-inally, 

what Is in Jod is In HIb ;b thuu vlx6t: Lb ooutaiaaa i^ in tbo 

'Qt:>iudr« nirioli e^perianoe^ soae difiiQUtjr la oj&pl ialnr this, 

bat n^at his febought ultiat teljr pointe to i« tb«.t ib^ngm are in 

Qod £8 ih&t wMob is uo^ioerved is »ilbin tbe oauod tb^t oooservoB 

-156 J- 

it* lu brief, Ui,riob*s «Kjtositioa of a point oi ^ozlptavo 

has do it oiJ&ct that be regards the effloient, loxmal, exa»» 

pl&xj aad ooriserving oc^ase of oroa tores as b«ia^ oateide thsn, 

«Dd within Joda 

ni« sooond SorlptaVal quotation to Im «aaiysed here for 

Its iitll08opbi»sl oontent la drawn from ii%» Jotaii **^od faotuni 

est in ipso, tlta erat« ot vita erat xux hocrlooflf* fb6 fuadai> 

amtal action bare is tho ii^ugaetinian vlev that the creature 

in the creator aay to Ideutiiied with the vita and iu^ of the 

fourth .iosTjel* The j;iessee» eiqpressss, la Ulrlofa'e o^as, a two» 

fold meaning First, It states the ooiaditlons of the ijaowlauge 

of <lod, aocording to shiob things are in God* This imowledigs, 

ooasidorotf slapl^ as tho eolouoe of »11 that Is, is light} the 

SMBS ItnowlcKige a* «ease Is life* Jeooodl^, the quotation uii* 

plains th3 difjereuoa of a b@ins*s axisteuoo In icA sbA in its 

e«n rtaturo» In itself, a cxeature is not pire light and life, 

sinea It has the defaot of possibiiiV ^^ being» It is (miy in 

Gq^ that It may be trulj^ Oa^led light end llfst ^^st as Jt« Aui» 

ijAstlas says that tto work cf an aritat is alivo, ziot la itself, 

but in the soul of the artist* Finally, it akss oiear that the 

oaussllV of cbe divlas idea Is a fa«t* Xnsef&r as It simply 

Oscisas, the divine idea is life* But sinoe the divine esseaoe Is 


a i«ue iatuiXeot «hich oxeroisoa MU8»lltjr tuT ^ dlffusioa of 

ito«lf« as light does, the aivlne idea naf U» oalled light* 

Ulrioh oouoladM thet slnoo the li««i o«y thus be iaentlfierd 

with life and light iu tioj» tbiaga matjf im eaia to «xiet ia Eia 

oator the asDdot of bsaitjT* ^is io r«^t?:ii;ded ae the explajtx&tion 

of Iioetbitxe* maxist "^lohrun palohevrlBos ifae nuidua asute 

gareoa**! tot irtiat exists as ea id«a exists without the defer* 

cr.itjf Of priv tiojis iound in th. oreatad nature. 

It is iu 'Jt* . ul partioul rljf th»t Ulrlah liads the ^rip» 

tural verifiosti<»t oi the dootrina of xbs divine ideas* Pof 

ultimateijr vhat Jt« f«l realljr asans« sajre Ulfioh, is that the 

oaasal »nu iatell<?totual foreas of things are la Gtod* "Hoo oot 

•aim ratienes oeaeal « et iatelleotuales renui esse in Deo*" 

The ideas ere ia Ctod, anu the ;iori£)tures 8up><ort reasoa on this* 

For reasoa lUi&wise tells via that iatelleotaal operetiMui are 

o<me ia view of «a eadf but be who eote ia viow of u eud ocr» 

talal^ kfc;e the lora of hie work ia his intelleot* aiaoe the 

first o: use open tes la thia «vajf, the iir&t o usn has withia hinw> 

self the foms (vatioaos) oi the tO te created* rtiese 

fonos are the ideas» 

Be«ewr« the «SBte ^tgumutt «as ue^u previoisljr to pfova that 

thli>#i kaoeca bjf Sod asist he t& Blm under tto aspaet of soioaoe* 


sifi^t then, i% olglit b« aefesd, this further preoisiouT In «bat 

MasSf if eas» do the divine ideas differ lYom fcbo dlvlao :rno«v- 

ledge Of things in 09nerel« To onover tbut qaery, it is a«aos» 

sery to give o c« ^t^ilad anu unsjiiio expldn'^tioa o, v.hat jo.isti- 

tatSB tbe idofte* 

Lite Att^stine txTfore him, Ulrioh olerlvo:^ the name iggft frooi 

tlM» Oreek word for form* Eo orodlts >^lsto with the 7iaw that tfa« 

tottcLa exist apvt fron matter, and «Ketewr totma exist in rtmtr' 

tor do 80 onljr iy i itation or the areal and true 1 ora» v/e shall 

have to retarn %9 Ulrioh's gp rooiition of the .1; toalo |^K>sitlon 

later} from the present diecissicu tJlriob oonoludes that the i^la» 

tonlo Xd«« is essentially predtio Ig rnd with this he ie in full 


V.t »io patet qfiod proprie lo aendo nonan idea* 
aoa dioit nisi totmsa i>f otioacw ^'t ideo liout 
Dene eo'^oeo&t res tea sijeoalativa qntm pr ^<i:l08 
oo.nltione, teuson ideoc aon diovintur proprie in 
ipse nisi seouttdna ;^'^3tloa£3 oognitionem* ^t »lo 
potot quoda.aideae seaauuam ram stmt ration s 
prp-etloae qaae ount la intellectu dilvlno»^ 

flie diatinotion et eon what is in the alvine intelleot as an 

idaa, sn>.« what is there as simply ^onown is thus sharply draim* 

The idee is essentially practioel| It bears on that wfaloh is to 

be produo d« This is a note on which Ulrioh insists so raioh that 

it leads him even to fflis.acto ut» Ansistiae* Aftev quotiag tlw 


DionyBlan def laltion of tb - exAsaplars, airiob esUetes this with 

tho definition rA^on tgr >^t* "Utjiatina* 

In id«D reduolt diffinitio Aiitj^stinl in lilro 
L. vIII oiiiia^ 'ibi Bio dloit: ld«iat sunt 

rationas . ^tabiies in useeatl^i ana que* 

nee inoepit nao docinlt et iaantc;ileB 8Smind<xa 
•esei cpila sunt in Deo, et ncai in rebus oro;tia, 
neo ab ois «ooe, ta©«.«ijaa© in dlTixxe inteilitjoa- 
tia pteotioa ooatinontar,"" 

Aagastiae» it is to bo notod, doei:} not include the word "prsoti* 

oa" in his def iaitioa* 

s'lnoe therefore the idea is defiaed es roally oxprossing the 

diviae eaaeaoe as it ia iEDltncle h? the oreature, the reason 

for tho iaaiiitenoo on ita jvaotloeJllty beoQ:-^ oleer» The idea^ 

it ia true, depends on tbe divine soienoe^ and this soicnoe coof» 

aiderad only in itself does not expfess any roit^tion to a or«»«» 

turei Ood'a kaovleage ef tting»^ that ia, ooasidered in itseli, 

remains the aan* whether there ia a oreation or not» But this 

idea is i^euified an ordered to oreatioa, rjid thus it oonnotee 

an effoot to be voaiiaod* 'She lir^t definition of .jx idea rnay 

BOW be foviaed* It Is a pr etloal for:» posited in the ivino in^ 

t«lla«t throagh that very atst wherociy that intelleot i-nojss that 

it will be loitated diversely by orer, tares* 

fhis ralsoa a fresh problea» la not that intolleot one with 

the ivine eaaense» «henoe then h a it isuitiplioityf 7be idea is 


the fornt in aeoord with «hloh the orsature Is made; there o nuot 
be tbe BOBB form for lotb taaa and ass, lor example, if for no ott» 
ev vecson that that thevo Is '6%, ia^ctioe ^vlth his ourt "boo e> 
nia absardtt» eseetU It beoot os nsoescary, in short, to explain 
la i4mti «Anne tbe idea Is one, imA in «b&t sense it is aeiQjr* 

7be idea is one iusofsr as it ai-n he idoiitified «itb the 
ll^t of the tiibt intellect, wbioh is rogrirded as the lirst ions 
of all fortaii* 30 eonsiderod, the ideas do not inhere in Ood so 
as to QLiit>e any oc^mpotiiition in Bim« t<ut exo ooaq^Ietely idontified 
with thei, tii.'npllolfcj* In this uease, there otouiot be max^ forms 
realljr existing in Hie intelXeot« sinoe thero is tienifestljr only 
one divine esseaoo» H-it whon we aes : ^4?ft ^** svsaa that sorce olmple 
esseaoe as it is a lifaotiosl and f^saaijplkats oeiase which tbin^^ imi* 
tata in dil' er«rit »^ys« fhose various bei%vS b-^ar a real rala» 
tion to Iliti esbeaost «^^^ ^®o ^^"^ ^^^ their real diverui|y of retal 
relations to Ood, wo <mder stand a oaltiplioatlon ol ideas* The 
idoof period o^ioaliy, is oo» on to allf beaause it is proper to 
oaefa* Properly, the idea is siguified in tbo plural onljr when ooa^ 
sidered «s aa exaagplary oause, '-nd not vhoa it is idontif iod with 
the divine es^oaoe, or even when it is oonsidored sinpljr «s an ob- 
ject of pr otittU iQiowladijo» mo, to, the plur .i.ty -s OQlJ 
a ploT'li^ oa rdlatiouti* It is prooisely on this aoooojit that 


Ulr Icb iiada It botUZ to epeak ol tax Idaa of mtjt^ thin,:;8 tba& 

meag idea«« "Adhuio autem pi i;is ylc rotor ld«Q iJX'.riunj, ^a-, m 1- 

tf«ae, Tol pluros ideae, qala hio oat tejitan» xjlar all vs roa.,oota- 

«» et ooe rol*** 

Jtowrttelesi>« slnoe ibe nan» Use is antoo^. tbo nar>.>8 predi- 
cated ox liod oternslljf .ad act teporally. It m^y properly bo 
«aid ttet tbo ideas of ell ere Btero^ liy in Ood. This is to ef- 
iifm thet tbo Idea properly expresL.ea a reliction to thlxigB in the 
potier and laxoala^j tga oi Ood* :^inoe the reiatiOEQ i^ otornal, the 
eeaolasion follova* 7kl& U act, of ooarse» to affirm an et^trnal 
oreation» rho idee is otorn&l and i^cetioi-l^ bi^t oro&itlon takes 
plijoe only whoa tm infinitely {)erfeo% tJod wills to oroate from 
nothing Note here, again, the statftrent tb:.t the iiies properly 
tdspeaJai & rela&lan to things* Ulr ich nevor letii tie lorgat the 
praotio xity oi tboae forme» TMs is not to eug eat that the plu- 
rality 01 things glvee rlae to the plurality ot ideas, lor the 
tempot&l oannot a^>use the etaroai» It is rf^-ther the plar 11 1^ 
of ideas .vhioh a uses the plari ii^ of naiareu, aiooe it la in the 
oaltiplex nutebility of the* divine eosenoe that «e are to ee^k the 
ffecaoEt lor the ^tltix)lioity ot oreetares* 

iiinoe (k>d oontaijia in Bimaelf thc^ bigbeat perfeotira offal^» 
eaob tbini; eziets in BIjd eo ordln^ to the mo^t altiinate x^rfeotloa 


of its own fofiB* 31noe Mm p6rf«otl(ms of oreetares ate oknifold 

and ftirl«d, the dlviae eascaoe agBla ma^ be> ooosidered ca one In 

itaalf, but Bultlple in virtue of the mai^ perfeotioiu imitative 

of it# ultipliaitiy oi oro.-i aroa is rngor*ed es a oompeneatioa 

for tba inaoilitiy of x^ oroeted iis mre to imitate p rfeetZy its 

form as ooutainad in ttie intolleot of Qod* Hanoo, (>od is lisi table 

1b a tQO«feld s.axmsff« Fir;;:t, oroatarea differ aooording to tbe par< 

ticip^sion wf Vi'.rloos effeots, «inoe ch^t .^hioh la differe frooi 

that, «faiob is &liv«, «ad & living being differs fron a santiant 

<m6« ^ad ib^ ~:$r«iy seatieat frost tbe rational* 3v^3oadly, cree» 

turee difioi aaoording to tha intensity^ of paVtiolpf tad «rfeotion, 

th*j.8 fioooanting for a hiororol^ nsion^ Intellectual iiaturas* 

Dirioh dre»8 iroa tho Jo Di7ini^ Mttniaibaa a muabor of ox- 

«B^Aea vbioh intend to show how there oaa be en aaesiplar for m.- xvy 

difie?ent ti.izxg»* Briefly, -:ll thasa hfms an a rmtltit do r^ooeed- 

JLttti in ViU-^ca» «mra iron & uniV 'Si^^ai'- so ehow enaloses tbem 11 

«Ith-n it&Qli* ^ust all nuoibert; exist in the mmt jr oaB, '■■&& tbe 

tittlifis tbftse aanb^M advance from aaity« tb? gre ter the osulti» 

tade* Jo,t 0« tbe oauier of oirole is re^iaided as aontaiaing 

all tbe .^oseible radii oi tba clrolc| the olosor tbeso r&dii ap> 

proaoh to tbe oenter, th^ mora thoy tfind lo be ?tnitod 1th it, nd 

^eaaafi! united with it* But ae t^se auae taiii proooed emeg from 

-163 i- 

the oaat^'-y, thsy b«o(K>.* «ora AlvefM aod ulatinot aaong %ham^ 

gelV0s« ^gBiu, the sua t^uxiuir. tos ell y oa« ligbt ytoyot to 

iU«lf» rnd in this 11. bt, it haa ^11 ibe eifeots» 7et as these 

effeots proo«iod from it, tbey aro anltiplied nd diverse* i^ 

tfao Jteetido-Dioayslaa oonclndost "^lUto m&aX^ ia ouas^ oasolum oib» 

emplarle laraeexlatera seo'iottam <m m saxMtaatijt ntledoa tmitlooeB 

ooaosdoB^tU» ect"« By W'y of euicrQetlo&« It mE\jr ^^ saici, th&t 

g fO'iH<jl}ip gets the ide is oae wl t,h the ciivlne esceixoei it Is .lui- 

tlple onljT by reason oi the rolatlonK bot « a th€> es^aesiae ol Ood 

and tbo riertlolriHtlng ore t-xres* 

n» «. x^^sis on t^s otiiel tmlty of th« divine Idea» cad Ub 

ralatlonal flnltlpliolty, £ -rv«s also to s^ew hon far r^^inoved from 

Plato's tbc'ij-^ht this edlaVal thiakor mBg bo coasid^fad to be» Thers 

Is ao lndio«!tioa in Pie to of a^y Idantlty of th<^ Idses with a b>> 

preme OcMl» whatsiper the notion of aivlAlty in I'lato &iv tura out 

to be» PlQto never scys that ^t ie ^oye proper to speak of ^^ xdoa 

of BMoajr» rvtber th^a - ^oi^ Idoest bad he doao «o» be would have fooad 

ft a«>9<^8sary to resow the archetypal world from the sosaogony of 

the T^igya^ a» I'urthar .AJPlstotle 'a eritiolsm ol rlato tor h-vlni, jja» 

neoas^arily duplia tod roailty vMexk% to th^» men of th i;:iiidla 

a^M thct t.ho :-l tcsTiio v.orli! rjr Ideas w.£ jjeopled T7lth a raaltit do 

Of independent <eakltl' -j»- It it this Inae^.on-iQiit n- o;-,.uri:'>.o 


real auXtltad« that Ulrioh would r«NMlp»« fto idea is r «ally one 
te«B«ae the eesesoc of God is venily oae« A real plur' iity of 
lue 5 wo^rld b? B6 abhorrent to 'iliiofa «■ «aild a raal plur^ i^ty 
of Gods» ?her9 is room for c dootrin« where the idees are many 
oaly if tb;!>t nany is understood to be oonstitated by a multitude 
of relatioiia, 

71x16 it la th't; Ulrioh oonsidere hi eelf eafe from the or- 
fors of Plate, though be will otmoede one jioint to him* First, 
let us ooasideT whet tjlzi^h rojeots of Plato* Aooordln^ to UI» 
ri-;h, Plato poaitB o<»rtalii lor as, Gxistiai; o^itaide the dlTine 
nilnd» .nd prior to thing», aa being the principles or .ac^loage 
and Qea r&tion of heiag* seenxlngly (71rich aaderstands the ihuory 
cf Ideus ."vs O'^tliaed in the .2lA^(BttL ^° oon:;titiite a iind of a 
eaaocAQ thoory of emanrtioa and oaas&Xltiyf lor he says that the 
Plrtonic first otiaea le the hyrjostasls of fill forae, ad therufore 
th:> forail principle ef ell ic tx unity» Bit the liefat( liimen) 
flowing fror. t* is first oeise, the t ^^t j sr a*: oruau to the seoood ry 
gode osasos e m>iltiplla tion of idef^s, ml the ^irst divine foms, 
urftiloh iiteral^y flow forth from their principle, ere the geaer< 1 
latontloas of things— 1*^*1 ug, the one, the true and the f^od* Far- 
ther, thrso gonerel Into tlonc ^-«asoaH a o-as' Iity of thoir own, 
weftJ:{^ned, it is trae, Itit still a. le to or-;;' th" '.or:r^ in;;., .ii, .oly 


V«lov tb«m| that lu, the mat home lioala* I'hese in turn o use the 

aetavfltl totrem oad the various graues of formsa The ^^-orld ot orea» 

turoi, therefore, will ha7 > its princlpl«, not in an onvnipot'^nt 

orcotinf Ohristlan God, but iii the atatbematioals and Moeolallj^ 

aoiabars» 5Phl» is the Plato that Ulrioh rejeots* aayJne; with 

Arietotle that to epealc tbis Is to indulge in : ere poetio «e- 


!^t oemxndoffl hjino vis» diolt iiHoso has» ••quod 
dioero Ham osoe exei.pla.ia, et el;; alia per- 
tiolptre »t-!alloq:la eat, ot pootioos die re 
»etai>hcra8* t slo prooedunt ratioaea auae qtil- 
has neceseerio de.:tr'!it positionem idoaramt prop» 
ter (juod stiaei can diiltjeutf r b<ma orroreia ex» 
posaimos, ne ratioGa» nhiloeo hi viderentur vorl- 
tatl fidei edveraerl.^ 

In all ftirneaa, it should be noted that Ulrioh*& expo- 
sjLtion of «hat hn re^tfds as an error has largely taken the form 
of a direct expian&tiou oi hi£ own vlevs, r ther ^ban a poleai- 
oal rafutution of x^l&to* .<e have M<:ia Ulrioh *£i i-.bhorrdJice f 
a world of ideas «hloh .voald be really aitiple &m iaaepecidt^at 
of Ciod* Blti last uaiyais wo^ld «cea to indioete likewise that 
the PI' tonic Ide 8 woald ruin the notion of a Obriatian oreetiou* 
i«rh«pi3 'Jirioh oonaldored Aristotle's, orifciqae of Pl^jto g suf- 
fiol<?'Ut rnetcph^ei» 1 rutut tion* 

fievertheles , there is one soi^e In «hiob Pl^ to «as ri^t« 
se^s Ulrioh, and that wu^ in s^in^ that the divine mind operates 


ttir colli «B iantteble end iierpotecl ax»sipl^.>r,^ not ly one 

fashlcnsd or shaped, Xba .aif^renoe botaeon i'l!.tc >. nd Ulrloh, 

to ta i.-ure, la gre-t» Tho Platocio exaaplnr is ej» i».<3' :.eadoat 

dlvlnl^l the Christian Ido ts oao with the .upreme eosoiioe» 

Ictorthelo»;., In louh, the lojfm wherebiy cfce fforid w.8 

BKtde le oteraal sad unobna.Qat le, "ncl if that dt-?riL<<l nnd 'uw 

aheoe^able form is »h«t JPlato rreaaa bjr aa Intelligi le world, 

Ultioh is iitj willlab* t,o tii, e-.^ vvlth blsa. 

JUrther olarifloatioa oi what Uirlah reuae by idea i{. )oua4 


in his explan'-tion o. the orro? of a oertairi Oiomeat who aaliw 

tednod cha: the oieE-plcra wero not la God, aor werf? ?.hoy sepsK 

»ate L'>:a^j they were cimvly the chlof and aitlm&t© a ong be* 

inss 01 e wjrtain kind» pe^rhefje thejfirst in c g<sv>B, airioh find» 

this view unaoooptabie, sinoe it woaM :©en that sono Ide 8 at 

l9'ti% woald be aeterlal, «hereea tho. idee is a simnlo form Mid 

aapr^TTisly r«rfoot« i«oondly, ©ten the first in a gc^me 1"! a 

•reetture, . nd Itaolf in noad of i-n exu pl^r, sluoo it hat> l>otn 

oreated by sax intelliglblo op^rition in 5od« 

Sherd aro a nnndiQr of different naires vhiofe -'^ i«slf^>lo 

the iAmtt* Ulrioh listt. the i'ollowingt Idea, axe-rilar, re tlo, 

spooies, parGuitjm e^rohefci/iJel world» Tho'^gh tbeae aro utia'^teij 

«11 identified in . ernlng, they eaoh «xpress aa aspect Taiucble 


la doilni.iti tho irond oi Ulrlob'u iho^jiit* Tto laea proper i^ 

denotes tbo I'irat lorm, tb < totn of 11 ioroe, hjf jxnni lijaiioa. 

ia «hlob foy^i^ailtiy Is iOanA in thin^* It is tbis d€>i ;.i|tloa 

«hicb i»<*«Bia to •xj.^lc^'iii rlriob'a state;^nt tbat God Is osuoutlally 

ia all things* juoh bu. 0i^pr9tmicm is «ci ^ittediy dtn^^eroiie, 

or at least oairoless, li^at iririob baa alxeaay mada it abiuidi atly 

«ie r tbat be bus no wish to j.aeat.iiy tbe proper aaiixto Oi orea- 

tafo eaiA oreatov* Henoe to »nj tb-t Sod is ee jutialij^ in tbiuos 

nee4s to bo iutsr^foted* In tbo ligbt oi di^tiiiotions already 

■ade, it i^ay ^ ^utur^i- ted as r.^^auxua tbat tbe fori&oiit7 of tbo 

orei ture on be explained only i>j tbe masaaet of its parti Ip^'tioa 

la tbe flTot lorm, « -oh is ease itiallf wbat tbe crs<. tare is only 

i^ ptirtioi :>&t.Loa« -ii: r3) .eiuloiv aisti-uitxuas oaa be vust expreased 

la Ulriob's own wordut 

EzatBpler eolm vooi tar, iaqaaatuM oraaia ipsum iml- 
t«uti.r* T?> tio V cetar Inqn uttim est slmilitudo 
reram in latwlleow, q'lie simiiit:ao r-^nun in in- 
toli«-ttt Toct.tur r sio 'joram, Ji*olf»8 varo dioi- 
tur, inuaa-ituB lllii simiiitaJo o»t sediom ia ^iO 
De;is o,-ini« 00 noi..jit» i.' «- -ai^jfri: voo tur, iaun»- 
turn seounUiun raex-^cuuni d i^ast De«iii oper^tur»** 
SJaadae erobatyvua voo tar a Jfiat^ne in 2k^j^,iSSL* a^ 
arofaosi q^od ost ;riaao><8t et typos, quoii aot ex» 
ea.pla», ittia nt'j.m btsao idea ooiisitjiificj t rea -oo- 
ton ed offiuoB rea prod (Ottts faaiua unili»^'^ 

MFhat ts^S be noted oapeoialiy in tk» ebovo is tb« fsioiiiar tbeaa 

of the ^.re-Jtiotilitiy Oi ih«i iJet.8, sinoo at le^e t thfoo oi tbe 

-(68 1- 

term»— nxumol r, pfir ulgm, o^ohotiyptl world— oiofdPlj inUiante a 

rolafiion to thlntjo pro:3'ioodl» fb > Idoas tharefofD ioa^ijajar,» tte 

praotlo 1 ad net tfco aiotrjlp.tiv!^. 

Bare let uo toQuill i,t>o viivioioag of divla<d vnowledg» oon» 

■14erod in tho rrovlous oteptor. Uifioh do«a not aijeoifioal^y 

dei 1 with tvb'it m^^ e« sm to le an Introduotlon of jwoo»: ty Into 

tfco dlTloo a tts&lityj bttt be has elreedy prcvidod for auob a dlf» 

flotiltyr. The Jmowloig© of Ood as a salantia BiMpXiola aotltiae 

«111 ©mbraoe U po8sibi«o| 1 it there an be no Idaa of £.u*.h, for 

ld«o . p eor;. oaiy a» related to a crsatar» tjf^duoed, or to be pro- 

diie->d« "Hixat er^jo idaa»» formae ^draotioae seorindum qa.^ea intolleo- 

tiis Jivlnaa produait et prodaolt." The divine idea is ocnetltu- 

t«d by tbe divine inowing, it is traet but it la a si^eoi 1 kind 

of ioiowingi that, aaa«ly, «(ioh beava «a an ossenoe to be imitated 

diversely tj dif^xne oreatires» i^gioeilyt ^^^^ divine idee is a 

a£^oiea of the f^eiuis of the divine soionoe* 

Haoe again* the inaistenM on praotioallty anrvoe to mtak 

oit arioi fto the Pletonio theais» Iho arohetypal world of the 

?laiaa:ze does Inded bear a relation to thiii^ja ];«oduoed. bit tbe 

liatonio ideas, subsist log lnd©ij©.idoatly of tbe Oen^iurge, woild 

res&ain ejsaotiy cbe a ;>.o wh'Jt! or there «as a world of ofeat^ires 

here belo« or not, sinoe the ideas are saxfioieat to tbeoselvas* 


lot so with Uiricb* In bis tb^ o^ht, fcb&t whiob has vsletioa to 

Botfalag ocher x,hea itsoif is the divine essouo^, aud «biXe tb« 

divios idoa is tb<! t essOiioe» the ideat <0» idea, ai^pears only witb 

the possibility of a oreatioa* la short» hod kiod ohosen never to 

create, the ideas would nover have appeared in the divine lnteL> 

loot* 7hl8 is not to iatroduoe lamtai iiitj^ ia Q&i, siaoe it is 

etornelljr true that Ood has wiilod to oveatef that is «hy the 

Idea is amoikg; the name predicated eteraelly of uod sinoe it 

exists eteroelljr in tLe divine oianipotenoe and will. 

Is it x)Osei1^1o now, to define the idea? The idea is aotivejj^ 

one with the divine esseuee, whioh is snpreB^tiXy simple, aud, as 

Aristotle has said, only tbe oon^^oslto is defiualio* ^iaverti^iess, 

says Ulrioh, the divinn ex<xapXex signifies a diversity of essenoe 

and relation* {ience, it can be at least ddsoribad, as Dionyslis 

iadead has donet 

^«liplafia astern esse dieimos in oeo ejcisteutiiun rationea 
substaatifioas et Si .^l^riter praeexii^ieates, quas 
thoologia praedefinitiones vooat, @t divinas et bonas 
vol'ustates existontloa deterxinitlvas et effootivjcis, 
seoandam qn^ supersubsjb^tialis esssntla OBtoia pres* 
doiiaivit et prod ixit, ♦^ 

Ulrioh's analysis of the above definition pi^rmits is to foraulats 

tbe foXlowinis saoxBery dosoriptioni She divine iuea is the 

likeness of the exesiplates, existing outside of things in ths 

first operating (Muuie, that is, in &k)d« There it exists aooordlag 


to the aapeet of tho pr«otioai lntelIeot« «hioh inol:id«8 tb« 

wlllt the Idea !■ pylov to nil oreattires, ot^rnal as 9od Hine«If 

l8« slooo the idoa oxiat» In the divine inteUeot, aiogulaxi^ aoi 

unif ormijrt c»'^ ^^^ prod ^.otlve and oonsorvlng otase of things* 

^Itb ttis dosoriptioa of the Idsa In mind, it remains for as 

to detorraine what thLogs have an Idea in God. She emphasis cm 

the pseotioality of tt-sse foros and the proper nature of oreatures 

in thtvaselves laeds first and naturalljr to the stateeaiaat that 

Individuals properly have Ideas in Gk>d, in suoh a wmy that in JroA 

the team or idea of John differs from that of Ae^rldios» 7his is 

to be axpeoted, sinoe the idea is an operative forci and operation 

terminates in said is oonoomed with the sini^lcor» iThat is why 

Ulriob eon ea7 that ev«m oontreries h«ve an ideat not, however, 

insofar as they are ooutraries, as tho'igh there were sane third 

nat^ire dlstinot irom the things whiob are oontrary. Ttather, 

oontraries Imitate the divine esscnoe only insofar as they ar« 

diverse and dlstinot beinKS* 

^•Oles, too, hdvo an iiiea in GrOd* Bare the historian of 

philosopi^ gd^t wonder if lilrieh is not oonoedii^' more to 

jflatonism than be oares to admit. If the ideas are praotioal 

forms 01 that «hioh is or Is to be prodaosd, why an idea of a 

spealMf la the spcolss also a produoes reality? k proper 

-171 1- 

eoliition to this i^robloQ oan be found caxly in Jlriofa*s notion of 

%be reality of a unitorssl—>aiid aaoh a soluti<m in not iadioated 

in thin aeoti(»i of hie i>turaa« If an intorpretatlon is to b« 

aasayod bore, it cal^ht be auoh on the follovios* The idoa is 

ftxndaBientally ^>od*s casenod knom as oapablo of ialtatioiu If 

tt>at essaace is imitated b? areatturas* distinct and individual, 

«bioh y«t possess the ooiaaon lUeesiess of an essaatiel loatiiire, aa 

idoa may bo admitted for the spaoies insofar as it is a foreaal 

IUdnmss of the mserioaUy distinot<— bit a lltcsaess realised onljT 

in each Individi^l. as a oatter of fast, Ulrioh realised the 

sotlstenfiw of fottsm.X likenesses «Dong individuals, sluoe he says 

that there is a more p<^rfeot distiuotion of speaies in Qod than 

t^re is of individials, sinoo s^ieoies differ formaUy and iadivi- 

daals only mater ialljr» 

In treating of tte oaiisallty of the divine soieuoe Ulrioh 

has alresdy indioated that whatever Iritfa and being the oreatuvs 

possesses is derived from the oreatov by way of efficient and 

sxsBq^lary oansality* Bsaos ai^ perfeoticoa in the oreattire exists 

at loast e s8t!B-)lfirit<;^ r iu tbo area tor* From this irlriah has oosf* 

oladed the «sistenoe of tte idess of aooidcuts, saeh as oolor ani 

«araith, sinoe they are the effects of a oaase* ^heve is a 

f^irthsr reason for positing the ideas of aooideats* /s4:;ittediy. 


aoolcleab^ axo oalj^ Loliitjs Oi t/qiji>^;>-~«i'|irt|,4rn j^.^^j^,y|^i'.-.thftr than 
liein^ in their own right* Sever thoieso, r.ji ooiu'jat Is properly 
• iifooi^:! nu;'ajior of bal.'xg» As e nertloulBr mode, it hat beoa 
QC^«ed bj the flrut a-oBM Oijer i^iij,»^ vhicigb an idea» Tbua white* 
as83 is »IvG«7S fomU in j wl ite thingi tat tbo esaeaee cf whiter 
n«8.. is O'-rtf^ltily n'»» th<.i ■^st.eiio* oi ths thiai< fch t ia wLlt«» 
Sinee thay «re th-- .^^^ti.j,t, tha oau ?ac tav, t.u idee whiob ia 
dlBt.ln/c.iiahod s fi p u , ;,:.,^,o.„ froa tba lde<-. of the aifcjeot ia 

«iiieh it ijUi'roa» 

This la wail lus •iooa, t.!uio i.e jjerbftp^i uo gro t d_f.i- 
trilty ia «cjoptiruj: th view tfc: t tharo is aa idoa for that wi loh 
ie a re- 1 rain-:;» r st I'^aist m £ffl:;is-'.Tflt of a r«-^ i b-day;. Bat 
there ar© c"»rt:ia other thiaae wi.ici- an cocoojit oi thair inhormu 
impdrffotion mflko it difflvilt to see hov. ibere oan u« aa idea of 
then» ^-roog these» 'Uriah iicts rin» .etter and ni-itetlou. Let 
it ba not»4 fir. t cf ii, ti.-C ther ia uo queistiou har oi ho» 
God's nr^ledg» or-breces thace* >>'q b^ve airof.(i^ laeea the ell iai- 
ol aitenas^ oi t^t goiortoe. s.n,. the manaar in ..hioh n^ priv tion 
oo.'-iea ixaAet tbo diviao l^u^io^^o w.icb i.8 liountloi^sm aot ibelr 
Gkvise» Hoit) tl^era is cieation of bhiagi vifalot: ozibt ia some wtsqp 
in act'j*i balaijs» If the i'i" «a r/^tio- 1 felatos to baia^, does 
it also r-^ii^e to prlnie rr^ttor ij»j. yri»' tioa? 


'Jlfioh posiU a ptojyot idea ot prina nailer fov two raaaozta* 

Jnrlae mati if la indaad t« be andetBtood aa «ithout aot «od witb- 

oat lorsi* .1« auab, it la oompletol^ poteutiel* Never ti:)ele8B« aa 

prime oattera it is aa eaaeiu^ diatiuot txcta lirat lorm, aod ao, 

• iaoe it haa a potential being, la a aesuier It ladtatea the firat 

Ml, evea though It dooa ao InperfeatJly* t'lriah xxott^e, without 

ffiaaifeatins api>riyval or diaax>proTal, that aooa aay tbat prima 

laattor baa an idea In (}od iasperfeotiy, onddrataading the iai|jav* 

feetioa aot in the idea, bat in the one iaitating ^t* at sag 

rat0, be ie inslateut on the x>rop(riety ot an idea for prinw antter, 

avea tbo'igb tbare la ia>perfeotl(m in the being of the exen^lata 

itself* ulrlcfa bare aeeiaa to be Inollnlng tovarda the view of 

Sti Aogoatine that dod firat created oatter in the atate of 

informityi eetd ainoe it waa oreated, there nust needa be en 

lde« of it. 

Eia aeoond reason for poaitlng the exiateuoe of an Idaa of 

priase matter la a little eealor to graap* ir^ioie aatter exiats in 

a oompoaite, aa part of the eaaantlal oiMQ^oaitioa of that thiog* 

Evan eir Intelleot in one aot oan ooisprehead a whole with Ita 

oomponent iiarts Inaofar aa tf eae i^erta are ttnited in the form of 

a whole* In llKe fflaoner, the divine idea la bare oouaidered aa 

a kind of iorna totiuay oaLxaiOtixHS all that la found In tbat which 


aotuaily la pvoduoed» so oiulcfetood, thore Is no iniijorteotlon 

Of «qy Xiad associated with the idea of pvloie tnattor, because 

it 4oea aot «cist as a distinot «^atity apart fvoea the «hole} its 

gfial tielns is in the aoHposite, oM apart tt om that it is iniper- 

feot and potoatial* Bense aifiob oonoludest " Ooavoaientius 

dioltar (pod habeat ideaat in ooanxjsito qoam per se". i^ore ooa> 

vo&ientijr» we axe tempted to add» aiid maob nore pxopovljf* 

Ooaoevning privation^ iJlrloh makes a distinotion D«t«e«a 
natariai sad fornaal parlvationt of the first he adssits an idea, 
iKit denies one of the seooud. Llaterial pritation is regarded as 
the esseaoe of a fo» deprived of aotoal being in matter | as suoh 
it ai^ars as a potency and is eqiiated with one of tfao natural 
principles wherely natter is moved to aotaal being* fix other words, 
that wfaioh is not, tat oan be, tends to being* liiaterial privation 
is the eascnee of a form in mattav, aooordintj to potential being» 
31aoe it is an esaenae— even tboagh a potexitial one<**ulfioh adraita 
aa idea oi it, juat as he has adadtted on. idea of prioe aattev 
ra^arded as potenoiy* rthat Jlrioh means is that s'xob a form pos- 
sesses a sort of inahoative being; if it aotild not be, it never 
would be* But preoiscly, it aen be* I'hia Inohoative iotin oannot 
be of itself, sinoe nothing oaa ever oeuae itself i oof aau it aoae 
tfom Batter, sinoe the fom: most exist prior to matter—not 



liiBjpnrLinjr, of aura», lnut «Itb a priority of naforo» Reaoo hia 

oonolusloai "'^tsP «x aihilo indtiota «et ia laeteria a prima oausa, 

•% ou« ilia per iciMu oauaat qtiidqixid oaiuiat, oportet quod hebaat 

iAeaia in Oeot perfsotaa aeoundara qtiod @8t «aaaatia fovtaaa oujayi 

IMToprie eat id«a, set ic^rfeotom Inqasntam hatiet tontua aaa* 

potentiale"» Note again Ulrioh*& Inaiate&O» that «hat»ve9 Ood 

1« Bt «mtes tltrougti ea 24««» If thoyo is ooe fUniaaeatal 
action ia tt>« 7?f i^TBff ff^ff ^t la xarooisely thia» 

Boo Tar, there oan be uo idea for formal prlvatioa, alnoa 

that ia pore aoa-beiag^ Formal privation ia defined aa aasi "a1>- 

sai^tio tollena forma aeoaatoa eaae et aeouAdam eaeontiassT*» 

This type of pvivotion ia d38tractlve of a habit ia aaob a voy 

that the habit oenaot oven be reatored» tririch inatenoea blind- 

naaa and death* ^^iaoe thia privatitai ia pore negation, and 

aegatim is aothiag, it haa ito idea in Qod, either perfeotly or 

iniperfeot]^* H^hct is why Aagoatiae aaya that sine are hidden in 


the light of the divine trtxth heo&i-BG the^r have no sx^ooiea ia 

the light of the divine intelleot* 

Finally, it oan be aaid that Ood knova evil, even with a 
pfeotioal knoifledg** A diatinotioa hovever ia neoeaaary. What 
God latowa praotically. Be kaova through an operative 8oi«ac», 
irtiat He Knoea thro>igh en oix^rativ* aoienoe. Be aotually doea* 


if lax.avileit;e* of evil as praotloal oazuiot bear on the evil 

Itself} else dod woxld bo Its oonso* In tbls sents, Bs knows 

evil onljif \^ the speoulatlTo into Hoot* Nevertheless, if we naloB 

the defixiltlcHi of praotloal loiow ledge aaffioleatlj htosd to cover 

whatever He inona tbro;igh an id«a. In aqy «sy whatever, then He 

iTiOOB evil praotioally sLice Ho knows It throu^ the idea of tfafi 

good* Ood thus knows evil i^T flgftJlflflag '^ ^^ po't of what is 

>no»n; there is no aooidental knowledge on the side of the divine 

Icoower* Ulrich is indeed loathe to dissooiate the idea in a»jt 

way froa th9 peeoti.oal* 

Consequenoea of th« Dootrln* of the Divine Ideal 

Having s»ea what Ulrlo(-i tunddystanda by th« diviua idoaa, 
let us naxt turn out attention to ao.a of tLe oouaequenoes of 
this (loQtriae. For if oreatiuraa ava preaant to Ooci in the aeiiaa 
that tboiv i<iea ia in the divine mind, la thetenot a aeoee ia 
which Gk»3 la proaeat to oveaturaaT It ia Jaat in oonsidoration 
of thia vi«iv that Ulxioh «lU treat of tbo modo of the divine 
ptvieooiSG to thinga* dlnoe this mode is ultiQ»te2jr regarded aa 
being both oaeiaal and oonaervative, the dootriae of providonoe 
followB aa a logioal oonaeqaenoa* Farther if the idea ia eaaeiw 
tielly preotloal, there arlsea the neoessiV of reoonoillOb' the 
iantabilit? of divine aoieaoa «itb the oontingen^ and Creadon 
of the oreated order* i^ovidanoa and i^eaolenoe will then be 
oonaidarad, after ve hate treated of the maoaar in which God ia 
pr^aent to ti lags* 

The fiindaamital point that 'Jlrioh aoom» to wish to fasi>haaiaa 
in hia deaoriptlon of the ixu)lraiDaBorix>til!lIity of :iod ia the 
ianediata oauaality of Hia operations* He points oot first that 
God who producea also oonaervea, and aa a oonaerving asxne laay ba 
said to be within thd tt-in^- oonaervod» ^'videntl.y thia ia not to 
ba tuid^irstood ia a ph^/sioai aoose, for Ulrioh expreaaly deniea that 



Ood oaa be Jolnod to thla^ as a power to a body, or aa a aorett 

to that which is oobilo» ffathor, it is to br '.uidoyatooi as 

neejilng tbat the aot of oonserTatloa, isl.lob flova from the 

tfivine eaaeaoa sad power is proseiat to every port of every being* 

"^ te>o est quod dioit Augastiaus quod ipae est intra oraaia» non 

inoluaus looali do8oriT>tiono, vel dlffinitione, quia «ton eat in 


•is loociiten" 

8« oonoernod ie f'lriah with enearing the perff50tion of the 

ooaservative oaisality of God that a casual reading miglit give 

the inpression that he exalts the oroator l^ detneaaiaii: the orea» 

tare* For he aays that led ie the ^B'tllt^W oaase not only of 

the creation and ooas'^rvation of things, bat even of every 

operation of the oreatare» B^it is this not to make every ore»- 

toxst even the raticaial» a iwre eutOGOaton, blindly working out 

the divLrie wlilT Firat, lot it be noted that Irish has no ia> 

teation of depriving the creature of its proper oaaselity* He 

admite seooudary oauads and ev^oi says that they are litting and 

nsoasaary to the prirft^otioa of the nivoree, since thflcf meuBifest 

oooparetioa with dod* Farther, Ulrioh eay« that the created 

nature is likewise the 1 «Midi ate «aose of its own actions, and 

since acts V a vomot reoei^d from the first oause, 

aod is also the !%}dlate oa-ise of those actions* 7he diffiOAlty 


IlK ftBllsln^ t*o xau^iate oaiiacs of oxx operation whioh is mi-oexlm 

oallj one ie solv«a hj ^tointine out tis^t these tmo •aii«a«-«aoA and 

lb» aireated oat ird~>bo long to different orders, and hoaoo ezorols* 

a diffor«nti :sodd of oausalltiy. 

Do'ibtloSfl tbe e23>lenatlou Is safe wh«3n all the noo«89ery 

di&tinctlQnjs have beoa asdda Porhapa if Ulrloh had toede ol<^a9 

4*^3 1 'j(tv ^^ ^S BO Ineistoat om tbn iara^iaQSr ot the divine oau8«lity» 

hie Yiews «o)ild he loore onderstandal^le* Hov that Ularioh had goc4 

raaaoii for th^Mi, «e OMWot doubt, and one expltmaticat at least pre» 

Bouts itfieli throui$h 8<^vciral rofaarlso b» hinself mo^r^QS* ?{z?^, Ul- 

rioh seys that sinoe Ck>d has produosd all things ixsmediete]^, it 

1« neeessarjF that the act of «onservation should prooeed not (mljr 

throAgli se«<mdary esttses* impBln« vhile sdndttin^ « oatxsality 

^oper to oreatcid natiras, he insists that their oaiisality is not 

teoaose of aa^ Imper feet ion on the part oi tbe first oause* 

Farther, he sc^'S that thojigb Aiigtistine has said that tbe will of 

Ood is the first 4md hi^fheet oetiao of &!). speoles end motion, it 

has pleased tbe "Vanity of pbllcsopherB** to attrib'te th»ae to 

oiber causes* Ho knos that Mllias of Aavorgno* early in the 

thirteenth coatary, had seTero2y oritioized Avioeanien esisnatioa 

as a denial of ;iod*s proxier oausality thro «^hout the whole hier- 

Mdtif of bein^ 3od*8 oa sality. in short, was lisiited to one 


effoot, and I^e ootild roaofa the euoeesaivol/ lower «tegM 

of eiaanation onl^ l^ raediating oatisea* If saoh q view Is what 

Ulrioh alas at crltiolsin^, then his inslst>eiioe on (kxi'a limedlacis^ 

to the very operatioiw of a oreated nat'ire la under stendable* 

What tho dootrlae wcild then slgaifjr mould be a denial of any 

liialt to the divine power, rather than any attempt to derogate 

fyoB the perfeotioa propor to or6at.<res* (Treaturely osisality la 

indaod aotual and real, end that la vbg Ulrioh aaya that the ooet 

divine thine; ia to beeana a oc operator ;itb Crod* Bit it Id 

neo<?8sary to remeffiber that this OEsxsal power is a pertiolpatad 

OB»» and whatever x^erfoioticn any oreat re i^osaeaaea exiati be* 

eaaae it is found in a perieot manner in the first oaae of ail* 

In short, whatever being operates through a ooanunioated power ia 

not proper iy en Immediate oatiae in the aesiae of being an underived 

oanse* "In (luolibet ordine oafiisaram, sola prioa oausa est oausa 

laaadiata, qnia propria virtute oaiii8at»*«et cxnoes seqiientes oaasaa 

sont oft'sao Boadiatae, ooisantoa PUHdimte virtute primae oaise ab 

eis omnibus i»rtioiiiata«*' 

fhe emphasis then is placed on the faot that the power of 

•«•ecidary ea ses is a ooracunlaattid powo;, and witboat this oocznimi- 

oati(»i, seooiidary oaosality wotild not and oo^ld not an.bsist* im. 

objeotion nsigtit ba and* that a weakness is is^lied en the part of 



Oocl l^ the fact tbcfe Be axitt be pfeaent to tbiagi WkUtk I» •MWVSi» 
whereas «hea natare jjeneratee a spooies, it siRultaneoielj glvwi 
the diaxiositlons ndoetftMUy to eoiuerve it a« a stable «p«ol3s* 
3o too the balldlng t^nmiom a billdlog whcax tha builder is absent* 
wt^ tk&n mxat Qoi be oontluttalJsy pree^it to Ifie workt 

Ulrich aoswers that there is & qaestl<^ tore of all the 
differ «aoe betveouL an eaeeatial and aa artificial oaase. The faot 
that sa ertifaot exists iodependently of tie Qoalixnoaa oauoalitjr 
of the artiat roali^ lodioates aa Si&peirfcotiou, sinoe here another 
eaaae than the artiat is ptreauj^^osod— namely» ttw aattt^r of the 
thiols produoed» Bonoe oatural a^psuts are the oausea oal^ of the 
begoffllag toA aot of the fstg beiog of the effeots, ea iLVioeoaa 
haa realised* "'^t boo eat qaod Aviooana dioit ^uod bar^ aet dif- 
ferentia later ageae divlmun et aataralo, quod egeoia fiat'^rale eat 

taatum oeaaa motua et fieri rei« sed ageua divimuo o»t etiam 

oauaa ease rei«" 'There is a parallel heret iost aa the i^eaenot 

of aatiral aauae ia aeoeaaory for the vt»rj beooiaiag oi tto thins* 
ao the preseooe of Qod is ueoeasar^ lor ita bein^-; but ibtt being 
ia oontiououa tuid eodsiriag* Ood ia tiberefore proi^eat %a it every- 
where «uid at all ii U2S* 

l^rbapa the whole polut oou be auaBiad up in aoothar wtt/* la 
ap*aliin{j oi the 8MU3tM»r of tho divine prea<^ae to the eaiiit& throng 


tbe inhabitation oi graoe, Olfich fiods oeoaaion to t|aote /«• 

fftstia» on the mBaniHii ana offeot of this £tfe80noe( **Hon er^^o 

■flAoti 8lo sunt doau Del* nt Itjsa subtxaota* oadat Deas| sod 

slo I^eug habl&at in •anotls« at si ipbe disoesaorit, oadaat"» 

The paxtioalar eauoBple Is applioable to the «hole rax^ of ui^ 

fl^*e argiunsat* Vhe uivloe i^eaenae to things is o&mpletely 

f&t the •alBB ox thoso thini^i, and wlthmt that pveseneo, they 

would not be* i^hat is also «h/ Ulrioh will say later that the 

predioation of «iod*s jpvesenoe to all thiag» is » tenporal foad 

not en eternal predioation, lor «hat it properly oomiotos is the 

not produotiTe of the effeot of oonservation in the creatare— 

an eff'.iot arbioh o»n be only v^hen the oreatare begins to be» 

fhese oonolasions are further stvengihaned by the distiao- 
tioas that Ul»loh drews betwe n esse in pnailus y^bo* sua esae 
ubique as apx>lied to God. fhat viod is everywhere is proved by 
a siaiple ari^jneni* («od is m all things t there is no plaee in 
«hloh there are not some things» therefore, CSod is everywhere» 

Ibe tw-o ezpresciona, however, do not oonvay ezaotiy the 
0««s sM^^alac» the fii- .t,^fl««t \j^ mA%\m tfHt— aignlfie» that 
the powef of the divine essenoo and pfesonoe ooaserves things in 
bsinst aaoording to that whloh they are* &it the seootid' —ess^ 
abiQfie~»Meana that the very plaoo is o used ami cions^^rved* That 


la wlyr Ulriob «e^yo Ood la ia pleo«« thougli not oiroumsorlptlveljf, 

^«aciaa B» givea and oonaervae tfas oatiiro of that plea«» 

v7lrloh*8 dlatluotlcoia are Itidaad noeieroaQ, and It adght 
ttP'«ar that lie is sa otintee s viiig bia pbllosophlo- 1 ^oal Ijy 
the g«aoe of datlnitloiu Bat let as »o fair* v>ordB are notorl^ 
ottaly poor, if the only asana for eapv^Mlaiafi i>hilO£>Ox>bldal «hooghts* 
TTiViob*» distinotiotaa are for the »t3m ot dealfiinai, end not ior 
the aalra of tbomaolvea» >>inoo worda oaa ad; Ittedly be tmderctood 
ia aore than ono aonaOf it is n^oeaaary to datorn^lna preoisalji' ia 
irtiat foB» thejr a'^* to be iutarprotsd in eay partioaiar instanoe* 
It is azlOBiatle that a rJ^lloao^her nuat ai««jra be road in the 
light of 9bat he rreaaa* do if we sak Ulrioh if his doctrine of 
oreatlon through idaaa oaaaa that Sod is in plaoo» be o n Isgi- 
tiiK ta]^ ask ia re!»ira« tshet do yoa raeaa by **in plaoe"? If it 
aaaaa local oiroiunoription, tbea the &iawor lS| no* If it uetuia 
the exeroise of ooxiaervatlvo ami oroativa evisality, tbe toulg 
■ciat be in the affirmative* 

¥hi8 laada Ulricb to aasort that so intijnatti is tbe diviua 
pte»«noe to tbiaga that ia tbo order of nature this presenoe la 
•ompletejjr prior to all else in the tbiag* His i^avellel is ia» 
teraatitt£ and bast aatpreased in his cma «ordst 

Dioitur oatem rea replerl Deo«**et «suterla dio^tuv 


plena loraa««*et dioitav looas Vfiplerl looeto* 

■ t later haoo, :Ti!i:i re-.lotuf matorlu forno 
seoandaia ordiaom oaiturGG qoam looue loo^ to, &i- 
oiit pfiof ost ]pQrfeetlo stibstantialis ooid<su» 
tell» t prlus seouxtilom atttaveB «st ves plon« 
Seo qut^m sua fofma* si^i^ oevua oasa In trs'^terie 
••% ei dare easot >^ forma In oatoria aatiatana 
dat «i esse uetor inatui, ct jjritis eat dare esse 
^odotiBque extern dare «»ase dioti >otun)«^^ 

i>inite Sod ia in plaoe oaljf oanaalJ^g nd not clruufflaorii» 
tiwljr Of evoi dlfiiaitivdly* Be oaanot be aaid to be iooali- d 
Of iooat<^d in pleoet plaoe, in other «ovda, oaanot aot aa a eoa» 
taineir lor tbe divine* Genoe, wlxsn iuigfi &iae and John of Daoaa* 

say that (vod ia not in plioe, the^ are not ocutradicsting BUjf 

of the oouoiusiona th t Uiriob buti x^ruTiousljir eatcibxi&hed. fbey 

«f« fiiereiy taking "in plaae** in ita £»oper naeoinst e^ d«aotiair 

local eniatOiioey nd with i-bia airioh d^eea» Indeod, God oan» 

not be limited or dotermlAed at all» anti hnro fjlrioh i^vea oxi- 

preaaicHi to his view ^ s to the «ey ae illlaitabii.itjr of form» 

Zhat ia, exiatenoe here and no«M.«a emf aa^t (^^«-iatenoe ae sjubjeot 

to place and ti<ne~«>belong£i to forai only as tbt form exiats in 

matter* But (>od ia pure lorm, otui therefore oan be doter iaed 

in no mnnneri Be «catnot be dotoreuiuei b|r pleoet ainoe B» ia iai» 

notorial} nor lag duration* sinoe s<ioh a form is para aott nor 

b^ en inteileot, sinoe the puro act r^reoadeia overy iutelloot* 

BmMa« thoui» Uf9 wH^tA^ «o^ tft to «Ma fe>a9 o^ '»oi^b 



1w pfedl«at«d of Oed^ fe% {)i'op«vlj' «ptelclsg, thej differ* iPo 

be in plbO0 «xpreMea a raletlcm of tbe loo ted baia^ to the 

I>lao«» &at the onl^ relatioa poaaible botweou Uod aod plaoe 

1« that wbloh obtAins betwaon o/tise aod cfie«t* How, to be 

avar^bero maaas aisaply %o be pvaeant to a plcoe» without be» 

lag «antaiirvBd by that plaoe, Just an the logio^i tuiversal» 

«bloh ie not in pifi<», la jret aaJd to be evorywhoro, Renoe, 

•ittoe God la present to pl^'oe Oily through His powoy. It wo tid 

taeat more orope» to aa^r tbot Be is evaryvbere, yetber than to 

•«jr that Be is in 9fetj plaoa* 

fho first general oo:iae.;v)en<ie of the dootrine of the divine 
Idaaa may now be stated» Just aa the idea w^ presemt to the 
divine easeaoe, sinoe it existed there aa a yrnotioal form, so 
the •«Dee essanae Is v res tit t thin^ i^en thoy exist* not, 8ifflx>ljr 
ae «a idea, but with their proper nature* Tho idea wa^:; depeadent 
on the diviae 8oitmot> of the divine eaaeooe* jo, too, thr^t 
oreature, brought into exl8tf>no^ through a oeasal operation, oon» 
tiUBies to depend for Its existeioe on tbe e^asr llty whioh net 
only prodttodd lt« L4it eenserves It* If Ulrioh has auooeed od in 
anything, it is osrtAiniy in establishing'; a stblo basis for the 

From tbe doctrine of the oreatlve and oonaervaclvo oausallV 


of liod to the doctrine of provideaoo is tut a atop» fte «o»k» 
servation of thln^ s iada«d proper to the oroator, einee it 
l8 nsoeseary that tho naJrev «ad the provider of a thlo^ be the 
same^as «Join of D8ma«<ia» observes* Perhaps oae oi the oost 
preoise forouleo ap 'Sars ffhon Ulrieh oontraats providenoe and 
disposition as attributes of Ood, Both api«ar t-M speoies of 
presoienoe. Th®y diffsr in that disposition is ordered oaljr 
to the good, «fcerecs provldeaoo is the foreKtiowledgo of the 
ordering of things mnda, «hett»r they arise frots the orestifa 
oa^so-i^f of iiodf or from the defieien<Qr of secondrr^/ oaasaa* 
rhas, both good and t<Til «ill be S'^bjeot to that apeoios ol i^re- 
soieaoe «hieh is providonce* The two f^mdet^r^ental notions v.hiob 
Ulrioh aphosisea iu bis jootriau of proviueace are tbu o^^ra 
irtiioh (jkKt ex reiaes towaras oraattues, and the optinlsm vhieh 
regards all thia#s ae ultlr.atsi^ ordered to tho ^od« 

The fsot of £«ovidoaos is ole rly ct-nifest, says Uirioh, 
fro the voxy sisfiifiOii2«5« of the napte of iiod, "i-oat nonen a i 
eat« ««i&oo zioren D ^f^a aat noman 8eainad<m» et est n c^en operatl- 
oniai ot diaitur bio ©«";, id oat, Oeas, vol nH'^ecii^ id ost, ou- 
vara vei fovarn univsrsa*** Mora pfailoso hio<^lljr« Ulrioh da» 
rivoB b 8 proof for proTideno^") from his telol gy* All tbiu .s 
are ordered to a det«r ined end| this is poa- ible only through a 

-(67 i- 

tatelXeot deter::.iniat^ tbe eod. Sho uuiveyee is goveroed lik* 

an Btmf^ «hose interaeX <4n4 is est&blisiiod liy tbe oruorijag of 

Ot£tB«fi to a oh other, end wbooe eacternal end is the ^.ood iracuid- 

ad ly tbe leeder oi the arrr^* Ba% ou]^ tbe tir^it Of^a^e «an e»> 

tablisb an end for all ef foots* Eenoo the fitut 0£^iee also r>ro> 

Vides the ..aeaui of attaixiln{$ '«be otid eetablisKid^ exiti chis pro~ 

vision atid oare is «hat is .-aeant Ig provldenoe. «Fast as tbe 

sot of oreatloa estsbils^)^^^^ a n':ture proijer to ouoh oxutiixtef so 

it belongs to ^rovideaoe to lead these created oatares to «iids 

oojograent to eaob* Thus the oare «rhioh God <:%eraia«B towards a 

asttiro ordered to a natarei ood iliffere from th&t exeroised toir?ard 

a nature ordured to a aupernattireil ejad* tbe latter oan attain 

the end of eterael foiieity« aad consequently there is ^ovidod 

for it lesi&^ i>raoex>t8, ^>iraoe, doo trine, nd other lii-.e thin^ not 

applied to th«.) aoat-rational rder« ^Jlriob is repeating Jt» Jev> 

on»} **lToa mvm» torn fattii edulbtores i:>ei at daa provideutla ejtui 

ad incn rt3tr<idinti80 in nos ipso* iajariosi simuo eaades rational» 

in» et irratioaaliuB provideatlameate dio'^ntes"» 

The 8ignifi02^uo6 oi the nacae "providenoe'* appears in what 

Ulricb r -^ards as tk« four aots of .jrcvxuunoe iroc whioh the nasi* 

hae been i!:;pose4* ?hes« are porudunoe, «riboreh/ Ood Know» what ia 

fitting foi- eaoh] tho oare, «heret^y Re ooas^rvM the (joodf good- 


■M«« VfeMtlf B« repels what is harmAil{ and flnallj^» tlw 
0oop» «f protldonso ( eiraalt.ia ur OTidantlae i /.heraliy all things, 
botfa good and vlX ere ovderod %o thn good of tho unlTerae* 
ffaas It le that Ulrisb ^otos irith pevtlmler epproyml the de« 
fiaition 01 provld«ao« ArsanaL fvont tba iseudo»Qlon^8l>ist "Deltas 
«ten oobIt. vidst provldeatia «t boaitate r^rfaota Oirnia oir- 
«niBBploiens et ooutlne is« *>X se Ipse ia^leaa at exoedons omnia 
pYoviueutia Ipaa utoatie"* The piaaliar propriety /Iriah finds 
In thio doflnitlon is that it is ziot so eavA a definition of the 
thl»s eignifle4 m it lo an exposition cf the n^rje, iba fotir 
yertiolples ejqdressed in the d( finitlom Aaliaa te the four «ots 
propter to providenoe» 

;jlnee It h^ s alreed/ been seld that it .olon^ to the soope 
of providonoe to order all thia^ to tbo good, the b; sis of 'Ti> 
rloh*B optiffiins beoaes ole&r» 7hls basis has alroad/ been 
•ketohed im. i[>revlou8 ohepter of the ^Bffifi. ^^^ Olrioh treated of 
the <|aiei£>tlon as to ef.ether jad^^ent ( Jidloiua l Is one of the la- 
telleetoal operations that «aa be predi» ted ot Qed* How the 
•ttt of jade^seat i>rooe«d3 Iqt «S7 of disoarsive reasotiiag, and la 
this sense It oaaaot be predloated of Oodi Insofar as His kaow- 
li»4ai is lafallible, it neod not take ooojisel as to «hat should 
be Aoa*, slnoe acthlag better onit. eooe about than that «Moh Be 


has de«ldad« 

fbttS aoamltted to a Chrlstisa cptiadam« Ulvioh sets about 
•faovlAg how even the untoward oirouBiatttio s of life are realjiy 
produotive oS (.:ood« Firat, he eorisidera th« quantlou of the e»> 
istanoe of evil in general, onoa it ha« beaa e,'rBnt«4i that pro> 
ylA&aov exiiita» Tte oxplenation ia baaed on the faot that thiajv^ 
are {^verned in eooord with t()eir imtares, tho oaoeaa ry aeoeaaarily, 
tho oontingont oonting»atly« fhue, the laevoments of the heaven^ 
Ijf bodies are not -ta», sinoe dod has «Hied to ove Jbt^m aeoea» 
aarily* Bat contingrent thln^ avo riled ooatintsently, as the will 
of a rational orectare ia ruled ia eooord vlth tho ostare of Ita 
iiLt^rty* fhe defeots of saoh a will are eonaeqaent anon its vesry 
nature, ; nd oo-ild be prevoatod ooljr by destroyiot; thct nature* 
Mt to oompt a nat».ro dooa not belong to provido»ed| hmuia eril 
la poauibla throagh the defioiono; of oreeted and therefore Jiimited 
bains, or throigh the free will of o oreeture, endowed wltt. free- 
dom of d oioe* 

■ever tho less, TTirich is iiwistent on the notlox th&u all 
tbiii|CB<M.good rjKi evil, t> > neoesaaV/ and the oontin^nt, sp.^ea 
and indiviauali->are euhnitted to a providimoe, M are therefore 
for the good of tiie whole* This, in thn of<iier of uatare, the oor- 
rtxption of oae is the ^nerotion of motheri the deforialtsr of mons- 


Ues tbs ganeral ddooromj ttK^ «Til of » fanlt ao»» 

MMHiidls %bs worth oi vitta», anJ the evil of punJUhmont ozaIu 

the aivin« Justioo* It might even on ssiJ tb t eioh an cptlr^ 

Isa is the neoeeaery ooiise^ueaoe of » dootrlne «tdoh considers 

a oreatlTe Sod as the first and hl./^ct eanae of tbin^* Aa 

first < n(i hi^eat, B» is beet end wisest» As the uor; ef the 

ovderlo^ of thiags teloogb- to the wise. Be who is ths wisest aud 

i>est ..aat ord<'» in tfcr< ..■sest m! est «sy» The inevitele ooa- 

olision is thi t it lirtootfes looossejpy for tis to ad ire and pr«ise 

all the worvis of pro^idenoe, even those whlah ar.^^^tt to us to be 


fhe faot that all things work toother ante good :Jlrioh tries 

te make olo»r by a atunber nf »xa ples« drewa . alnly fro» John of 

Dopasmts. ftr s* Va<i inst aa is permitted to 9if:i ^r eala itiea 

so that latent virt«ie sigfat bnoou» an axa&ple to othersf afilio- 

tion '.ay visit a man an a otur^ for i-ride or as a mn shaaat for 

sin, or for the instruotion of others* Briefly, tbo view here 

fflalatained la suaeed ap by tte i^eudo-Dloi^fsiust "jed et faotis 

■alls bani^iTM provideatia uti^ir ad ifnortun eat aiiortaa aut i4ro- 

j^iaB attt ooasnaem atilltfttaar. 

OloseJij «oanaoted with ttto oxpoeitioa of orovidenoe is tbo 

ftotioa of fate) iadeed, iJXrioti joes so far en t ids tify the t.o. 


•fUcntljr teollm; fibet it is K^fcf to do so, siiuse both Boetblia 

and tbe Uarwisoeae had dooo It before hiou Ibi^ view oo^isidars 

provideuce «0 am operutlvo eoieuo* whioh dlreots all ejilstliig 

tblaig»! fat« tbea appear, slinpl^ ca tbe effect or tbe fuiflliineat 

of provldenoo» Mt before fjroof>edin.; to sag Klad of «n fiaol^&is 

Of fate, Uirlob aonslders tbe n my* 01 obeaoe cm foruuto, :>lace 

tbese two aeo» to bo oonti^r^r to tbe .satare of proTldoac»» 

Fir^t, lot It e atcted that tbore is ao i»Mab thing a» abenoo 

if ly tbat ia oaaat ^a event .iiroduoed 1^ a ooniused i&otioa, '-oa 

witboat Jiy ooimeotiQa of oaaea* Sbia i» ^ ueoeaaarj/ oo.olusion 

ttom iho viow tbat. pjroTidenoe net only ordura all thin^,;^, lut or» 

dera tbea to tbe ^t>od» Xii&se ia a sensa la «biob abunoe a^n be 

atdiBitte4« and that la in tbe Aristoteiiea seiiae of an end attainod 

wbiob is otbor tbi^n tbv one lutondad| fox xtB^l», a a, n iii^^iag 

« «rave acroaa a lav led treaatire, ot a pevson fioing to tbe 

WMikJsi to sell prodioe loeotB c. friend «hoin be «anted to aee» ul^ 

ffich b:ia<?ver «ill not dmit oh nos in thoiie tbittgs vbiob bsppen 

ae^saariljfy txt. in tbe^^onta of tbo heavenJ^ tcdiea* or even 

in tboee thii^Ea whioh tpJm tlaoo fegalarljf bat not neoaaaarily, 

for hil tbeae ispiy aotioa aiaoorciin^ to ordaixied l^wa* Thin^^a ooote 

a^oat by ebanoe only in o' uos tb t are (xit&ide tbe aeoeseary <jid 

tbe r^grilar* 


Slnoe ohanM Is at -^lag onig In tbo QOntiiig'aatt it Is iioces* 
saiy to di;itlug>ii»h a two-fold order of ocatli\^oaay* Oq8 is tbe 
aoutin^jans ad atroaii.^t. or the inditlorontljr contin.* it, tbe 
otbsv tho ^^^IJWMyj itt ia |?-\^Qi riliUBi or tbe ooatiugeat «^loh hep- 
^:4U( r&rQi^a !2ho first i& relatt4<> ia«UffsreutXy to booor.iu^, cr 
n£i«»boco-aiJtig, j u<i no obi f e cffloiant o& so, bit onij/' c. lOGitsri» 
al cr&usa* 'Shs other doos not ludead have e deter iaed qj ase, bat 
It d0v>3 hav« an aocUeatal effioioat ot^aso, 

3ba fact tbat there is oaiy n eooidsnt^tl ofiioleut oausality 
la those thiot.^ whioh h p^a through <rfiaaoo is cio >r from its very 
natare or dof initlon, for cb noe is that whioh bf^prons uoo^^pected» 
1^, citsXds tbe order inteiidedt Mt «hatev^r •atuies oitside tbat 
wMob is iatanded o^ubos only eooideataliy. Farther ore, la cooi^ 
dental «r-ise maf be rodaoed to a ig flr j^^j osase^ but thlc oniy eaxia 
that tho aooid^t: 1 croald le tininteiligible if there «ere no «suae 
prior tc It* Therefore, if ohaziae is an aooideat''! ouiise, thore 
■ust be a ^et jtf a ise ::)rior to it« 

That this is tbe o^ise is msnifoat from the two^fold nature of 
the end* rirst, there 1& the end aotualX^ intended ty tbe ai^eat*» 
•f.telfl .^^lU^fttlm;», m'1fm^\fii s>'aondljr, t^>re is the end la which 
tbe work aot'iulijf tem^lact'S as a matter of f&ct« ~fm^^ oparit^» 
The lirst is a e&use in Ituelf, the aeoond la oa^y ■■•n aocldental 





osuse* Bat note %bf.% the sooond wet Id not bo, if it wer^ uot for 

tbo f ir&t» rt. .3« I &ay that Z DSt a ixi&nA "b;/ ohaaoe In thu ar- 

ket pXaooi but oaless a doflziito louI dotdr^izied ead had loved tne 

to ijO to the .-narkat plaoc^, the "ftiaGuoa** adetlaig voald aovor b ve 

taksa plsoe* '<»:-ie the Ja.jL Oi^-;f;ia is rodaoad t^> a flaia .«» so 

4 ft ;tontQ. Jtriotl^, tbo fortxitoo» is vsdaoed to two ends, eaoh 

of which is Intezideii in iizekt» Thi.a tho find .^15 of e troaauro 

1& oe-asea both fey the di^iiig of tho greta siid tbs hidiog of the 

treasure* The o& aal &nd the fortitous tlan ep oor aeroly as efu 

feots aaoid^atal to eods directiy x^'opoead aad ietsr ined* Ails 

positiu^L of chaooe amoog thd aooidoQtal oeusos Is as diffinitive 

a position as Ulrich nlshss to aasuma« sixioa ha rcsao^txizes that 

a obuooe ai^i tioa casj^ be broAgbt ab-ut b? al:''Ost :.x\7 uurn; ar at 


wiiiOij 9Teryt!:ias ^hlob hupuena oan tbsn bo reduaed to a de- 

t«y luad 0! i8d« ^^iJ ei^oo it baiongs to providoaoa to r.xdor things 

to a deter iaaU <md, tbo oaly eaaalag opea to f i te is tb^t it ba 

aa expliocsiiaa of Jivino r,rovideaoe« xixt ia aaothor «a?f it is 

tl» :r.Qimar in wbioh x^rovUviooo worka itself oat la tblog-* ^^^ 

ndaain£ of fata ap.^aaru even in the ettla q$ of seooad..ry mMtOB, 

w! lob derire tholr ©Ifloia-iog^ frora tba ditia© goodnass oonEaanloa* 

ted to ibaoi* Saaoad:.ry oaaaos &at if tar the siaax^t ot -n rtii^t. 







«bo by aeans of hie artlstlo laatnuaeAte dl«poaes and artam^a 

tbifi^s*. fiuc the seoot]d« ry o^oae is iU<elf di^xx>::.e<l Xff pzovl- 

dmoe» eaA baaoo tim ditipositioa of prcviitoaoo fuaotloos througb» 

out the entiro crdor of o^ieallliyi s^oh disposition lb £eto« 

Zn order to avoid the tntaateblu fataiii>m i, tor exouple, 

tbo Tplasireesw, Ulrich L.iiJi!si& a. other of hla ieusiXlar double dlstlno- 

tioa»» Thar» is a two^folJ dlepoaltioa in thing»* ^oooa^ry 

oea»«« ar« vcdicifclR to flrt&t eaiutts la tbi^ a(3a«« tb&t tb«7 Ue- 

pend 0a it for thoix b^jlog aii^i offio o^« Zn oat» MKSe, iiea* x^ro» 

vidcnco or fate le inmitable £iad lisaoblle, si 4}a it is ouo with 

en loRUt ble aivloB es&0uo<-'« Bat insofar ej^ uhle ale. position txaa 

Its belne la aaobll« tiilass, it itself is mobile la vitttn cf th« 

priiioix)!* that «t-i tdv jY le reoeived is rooelved aooordiii^ to th* 

memier, of the n» yeoelviag it* ^as Ulriob coaaluutio iLut fate 

do«« not Imposo s0oes«itiy on thlngn» aor take a«r«/ oontiticii'QuiV ^' 

£re« will. 

TGto an bd dafinad in ttxco \a^s* Flx.^t« It 1» a oomplex 

of oausea dai>endeat on the provldond^ of th:> llr«t oaiso* ^eooad- 

ly» it rsiey \^e oo:isid-."(r.*d aoaordiag to the bf-lug It b&s within thr=t 

Tsry ooun^oticn of oauaos* Tf.irdl/, It o^n b« aoii^id.>red Qooord* 

ins to it3 relation to it;^ ef foots, and tbea it is thi^ valo aria» 

ia^; froT, the appliostion of oaa&3s to partioular effects* 




The first emphasis ?s the denpeodonoy and orlsiln oi fate, the seo- 


ond its being, tbe third ito applioation. 

Though fate on be ulti-nat^ly reduoad to providence, the two 
differ essentially. It has already been said that fate is the ex- 
plication of providence; the t\70 therefore cm no nnoro bo idoati- 
fied than on a oease and its effect» Fate da eiidii on providsnoo, 
and not vice-versa, just as the disposition of art defends on the 
praotio 1 intellect of the artificer, anJ not the other way around» 
They h-^ve all the differeaoo implicit in r. mode idoatifed with 
the diviae essenoa, end th t mode fulfilled in the nltiplicity of 

(jprovldontia et fata) difler-int etiam qmntam ad 
oondltiones esseatiarum, xia ultiplicem m.dum 
regendl res habot in se mens divina, simplloiter 
et iinioo et uiiformiter at stabiiitar» t hie 
modus secundum hoc esse est rovidentia» Ille 
auto modus expliOv tus in ea quae ..o et eu dia- 
ponit et diri:^9n8 in .r:Otum - i ; ule distribit-. 
locis, te poribuo, fatun est» ^'t ideo 
nultiplicat ir et coT.ponitur et diversorum -^do- 
rum sit, et uta ilis efficitur. 

It m^y be of interest to note in passing that Ulrich allows for 

a dispositive natur 1 fete in the ir.ove^r.ents of the stars, and a 

voluntaristic fate in the giardianship of the ejood angels. But 

these themselves are reducible to providence, i-nd besides can 

never do more than incline our wills to ■■ course of action with- 

out out ever forcing our decisions» lurhaps the whole discussion 




eonoerning providence and fato oan be rnxsatd ap in the words of 
Jt* Ang'j.stlno} '*i)ivlaa provldontie ooustltrontar rot^ia bicv^na, 
<^m ai propterea quia fato tirlluit, qulo ii«€>/i. Del voJxintetom 
fatl nocizM} fippoUavit, eontoatlcm t«neat, llnipian ootti&^t»" 

The final poiai tb t rej:eina t be expl(?iaa4 Is tbe notion 
of dlTliO pr .solenoe uu it^ veoouolilation «itb tbo i;outln<$enaar 
ind tseed&r. oi tb«3 created order* First, ^t is iieods&ary to de- 
fine iiToolsoIjr what 1« : 6' nt bjT tbe £ore>J3ovfl> of JcJ« 2be 
fore uovledgo of iou ^roporly ei^^iiflea Bis .aowlouti u.^ order d 
to tb© f'iture. It d if for a from the aoienti. sIq, liol. nctitlae 
«hereby Jod 'nows evpn whst H- ..ill not snake, Glnoe th'it wbloh 
will noTor ba prouuood is not prOi)orl,y fufetro» ftxt it uo^-e hate 
a oooaunltisr «1th tbe ftoV , .^ , .'.: o:;rob tic^s. w ioJ-- ie e acaeel 
soionoe» i-roiiolonoo «s reieted to the iaturo, thon, oxpreaiea 
the oraor esta.ilatea b tvveon Of-''iae and ffeot* 'u^.iro %tln-;i. aro 
not the oauae oi feho foreknowlaJg^ of («od, howovor, ainee 
te- pOF; 1 damiot Ofi iS.! tbe t^teriiali It is r&tbor the oOiV^rse that 
la true* 

B^ t to »a!f this osits an its ed la to problem* Bow does ^jre- 
solence not 1 ijObo itooeaalty on tbin^sf It i int-sreatiag to 
note the »3rj foranlotion of thio queatlon} "Kx boo oritur gro7i*» 
aioa dniiti tio aozaGDoaia i>! iloao his et 8& notlai qocciodo ijxt 




8 01 oat la non Imponnt nooessitaten reins'* • It Is al'nost as 

though iJlrich feels that the faot ot aoaiia oaay anU f re doe 

are too evidenb to l d^nled* Be thiit ati it o.^, tbo problem, 

broifly uit« O'.i'Sns to tbi st it that wLlah is forese a o*---^ bo 

otherwise than as lereseen, theu there ts not really a ijito«;leai$9 

of the futire, but onlj a noort< ia opialoa oa it* B t o^ou's 

knowlt»ct^c^ nnot be veduood to opiaion. I'he oboioe T;ben see s 

to be hetweoa the neues»!^ ot° th'/^ diviae i-j^owia^ on the oae 

baBti» ^nU ao.itlngeno^ and freedom on ths other* The difiioulty 

is within the opposition botweea tho oharaoter of soi^noe, whioh 

nnet vo of the aeoessery, au the» ob^ rcotier of the oout iat^ont» 

«hose verjT oaturu is to .^ able to b > therwise th^A as it is* 

Ulrioh Oifers this i^olution to tbo xiroblem* !?be oBusality 

©f th'-> divino soienos, whether it ODor tea tomsdlateiy or ediat»» 

Ijff joes act reaoTo aoux, j.xi&'jna^ I'ros: rxv-its things* First, the 

im edl^ to OiK sality does not exaet th t ell its efieots b ^ oeoes- 

sary, einoe this Is trua only of aa effees ivhiob is proportioned 

to its Oiitise. i^xt urou la a o^^ i«o, inpropor tinned to all Eit: ef- 

feotSy sinoe each is oapt^blc of only se muoh j^^rfeoticsi ats the 

prinoiples 0:1 iu nature will .' llow* Hot every ore.^ tare is sim le 

nor is it otoroal, t:nd tioyoti: -'loss uaoh oreature is irom a s^i&ple 

a)id eternal oaase* iio, too, avery effect need not be aeoesiiary 



wiiob is o ii>ed hf nowutatj inoml^^B*» ^'^ ^o^e oonolasioa la 

all tbo CM • evident lii those effeota .blob (iod triogs alcxit me» 

distoiy, throat^ tb.) oi^z: tion of ^eooiui oerrs e, alnoe tbese of- 

foots i'ollo'A the uondltione of Jl^ proximate o aae ood not oi the 

flrbt* fiat tho aeoo:id ry ot^uses reoeive tholr offio< o^ in ao ord 

vitb tht'ir o«a being, and not eftor sbo manner of the oae who 

aoafora thai ofiloeoy« A fortiori, then, the effeoto of ;• oeoondary 

Oauae, itself oont ^xio^iat, will not be nsoea^ary* 

fbile deixyint? nooeaaity ia tb^) effoot, ririoh ctill insista 

on the oeftitude oi the divine aoio.ic ', s:ao<3 that aoieaoEi uooa 

not epend on the effeot* Considered sinqply ^mder the aspect of 

laowledge, presoienof) adda notbixig to things, «hioh wotld rf>:ain 

exiiotly wb^:i. they ere ii there .ere iio presoieaco. That whiob ia 

ia its n lure aoatint;en.t is neoeasary aa rtno«a, )«oaase tbet whiob 

ia V.novm i»= ooonr.ihfmdad fiooorduig to tbe power :f tho .ao-er, 

i^or«!Over, Ood is eteroel i^na itJUQUa ell things ia ua otornai w(\y» 

80 tbc-t ncthinc; i* i;^st or>i«e|to Bim, kit nil tkiaga are pve- 

aent* la & eeiiae, then, tb<=* divine r«o80i-noe nH^iiy be as id to eo» 

traoe the p'^t ^nd tho future. But fter a tfaiag has beoa erea- 

taAy (}od noma it as prescmt ia its «ma. nature, and not sinply 'a 

presont in the «Jivine ideo» ^inoe, therefore, th t vhich in its 

mature ia oontingeat ia neoeaeavy in itis <»U8 « (k>d ionow it, not 



ly ft fall oioos opinion, bat t^ a most oertain soienoo* 

&i order to ansnnr the uestion «hothor that v^hloh liod fore» 
knovs «ill aaoassariljf happen, Ulrioh distio^isbes a cioiible ne- 
•>)S8ity« First, there Is siinple or absolute neoossity, which be> 
lcn0B to tbe nature of a thiaswthat t^ype of aeoessity <^b.oh the 
dialeotioi n o lis the neoeseitj^ of the eoase ^lent (aoces..itq3 90a.» 
^oi^eatla \ . fko contmry of that «hiob ia ii-^OQ^i.axy is an 
lapossibiiityg thus, it is simply u^oesaery that ell en \hi taot^ 
tal, for its oentracliotory ia pos illo only through e i^struotion 
of the na&ura of maa« iietyadly^ there is a oooditional neoessltiy(» 
or nocessity of th-- ooaaeciueaoe (neoaasitaa anitatie;^entifio )> Thus, 
It is neoassary for the man to «alh whom Z know to ho walking* 
But the osoossity of «ry ijaowlojip doi» not alter th(« fact that it 
is not uooes^cry in th:? nai;ure oj things that the man actually do 

fhs bovo diutiuotiou 1 then appUod to the proposition that 
what flod foreMnoirs «fill awoosuLrlly oomt-; aboiit. No., thnt >vhioh 
is foreknom meg le taken .■netarially or forc^ally* \ thing is oon-' 
sidered formf^liy only an it u- foro.nownt its neosssity arises oniy 
ttom the oooUition of iu< ioio^\'8U It I0, in othor worde« 
aeo«SJ:>ary only with e ocuditloa^l aece&olty* Bat natarially, a 
thing is ooiisidered insofar as it is in its e^uses} if th oausos 
are neoessary, it is neoessary with on absolute aeoes^lt^/, t\€i it 


Is in ita oauaet» «nd onlf as it Is In its o»'ttt >a* 

3ap ose 80r:ie(»ie wetre to argiaiei ukiitator Is foye^xiovn by Giod 

neoessarlly ht^p-idna* But that this (■•■m. «ill sin is loreKnown by 

Ood» 'rh<»rc'foi'e, it la nooeasafy thst he do ein« fTlrloh ;iOl»os 

tbis by aii.;itii<ig tbo truth of the at^to .ant, ut deoying it in 

the aotu 1 thing* "^i alt de aioto sive oca|>oeita, slo eat vara.** 

Si vi^ro do re alve diviaa, alo ost 1 lac*** ^hyt oimply laostuse 

in the lirst & ea that «hlob is 'orekzifjwa is ooti^iidored with the 

aoodibion whvre y it ia cabjeot to the diTiae soiauco* The ae« 

Qeaalty, that is, iio within tba «iiviaw ^nowloigo, na aot within 

the iietare of thy tMng mown» Aa a pjfopoaitlon, it la true, ainoe 

aa Bo^tMus s^^ ys, the f^iture aa raferyed t: th9 iJio«ledga of QoA 

ia uaoeasary through thi t ooiiidition, Jacit oi^ it ia neoeasary for 
soiTieona to »elk irtiom i Know to ba walking» But !71rioh stroriuo isly 
ia»iut ins that if the ergsuneat «ffjpliea to the thing, aepar tt>d 
from til pradiaetion ia - yropositlon ( de re si^t? divi^ |Bf Itfaen it 
ia falce. Ho reasons that in thie o bq tbd thlu^ foroKnovn ia 
qoasidored in its own natur <, withut the ootidition of foreknow» 
l«>ii:;^^« If that bo true, thon there would bo a sl-^f^jle aiai unoon- 
tiitioa 1 urices&il^ in the thing, «nd ita oontradiotory would be 
iapoaaible» But, a^ys Ulrictb» this ia feise, sinoe the nowlt^u^ 
of Sod offlbrao a tboaa poaiiibloa w .^oh ata sbl« ta^BH well s those 



«hioh will not, b;«p;,<en« It epijeexa^ theroi'ore, that tbe total 

oor^proheaslvuneao ol tho divine aoieno^ is ,ba ultirat^te tBi acax 

for Ulrlob*B roi'is^l to adrrilt an absolute aooesalty in ibc aa:.Lixe 

of future tbings» Eenoe, lot as rotnrn to our sjrlioglsm» Is it 

Irao that this forerno\sn suesa ains neoeasinirlljrT Yos, a^^jfa Ulriob, 

but nniy true by a ooadltioa, v/hioh is i;p^|soi r fts his i^o^oxxa re 

j^JBlUSUOBU ^^ ^<s ^°t ^^^ iaaoxar aa bia aotioaa ar*'* o£uaed^ ainoe 

tbe oonditioaal neoaaeity of tbln^ dees aot ofa£>iiee tha aatura of 


let 'la epproroh the problan ia a slightly differ at : amior. 
Wben it Is SfiU that Qod tQXvi:n>M6 that a mea %ill sin, ther for? 
ba (saat aia, tho jousiaslon is ireiid, if tha aateoadeu^ ^ ^ xy 
neoeasary* but tbaro are two tMags iiapliad in tha : ajor pra Isat 
tha a3t itself of forknowln??, and the thixis; iorokaown» Tho firut 
la iiiidla0d aeoeaaafy, ;-iit i,r.;o second OPaaoc o >i:n,;ly u'oeaaary, for 
the vary faasoa that it dapaads on a fi^tura oontlag^^at» «bose aatara 
is that of the man vvba will sin* Eanoa it i^ on that side ehi^oiitolg 
oontingeat, and the antooedaiit qcsuxoi oaaae a oeoassary ociiu)X.uiioxu 
FiKa thi» nooassity ad ittdd in tbe aot of fcreKUowing le not to l>« 
ander^tood as a n oasalty of oosotioa, at only of innat iility, 
sinoe the divina /Uioarle.;gti as .sno»tla.ige ig isv^ut^bla* 

It Biey fairly to asKed wbathor or not Ulrioh has solved tho 



pvoblem im^illoit in the epparont aoatrau lotion betimeii Ood*« 
pr68oiona« eoui the (3?eat'ire*& ooAt^i^puacf* la foiraes- to L'l- 
rloh it ehould be noti>d that he bi^iseli tolu tba diffioaltyt 1' 
aot the Iffi > Btfibiiit/ ox QanlainifiK faqw tha two are roooaoii«d« 
'*diout ia aouia eeiiaii;^ nihil ease ouiveraaie dioorut* quia ipu* 
noa potoat i.stiB ooaprebondore, add inteileotvis, sio atiam in» 
telloctiB aoBte» viat Oiplt qu liter Deas oontiagetttla non ooap- 
tini^ntar oo^oaoit* quia Ipsic bo« non potest*" (Jlrlob bcs 
fo-iadi a naeaaaicy within tha divlna kaowiag« )nt a oontin«$eaai/ 
within tMnea* >vbdn ha aka «baaae thia oontingaaoy, ho a-.ut 
anaw <r th^t it telongii to the ^toig aatave of tbingfa* That looks 
auaploi-ialjr 1^^* a»^ing thr.t a thing ia oontingant bao ^nse it 
ia ooQt^n^ut* -oil that meg be x/reo aely tha anaver* Ulrioh 
wtMilii uod cab tad JLjr be roaci^ to aa ctl^ tha Las'ie of the origin of 
oontia euoiy t; tho uoctrine of frae eraation, btit ao .tiiiganoiy re» 
ce^ns a p rt a thai araatod n&i,are« The pro lem of :./ bolenoo 
aivd oontlnganfigf la not i>XQoi»9l</ thn problem of the origin of things* 
Bath praaoltmc end oontiiv^noiy are takaa aa faotsf ^ot the ne» 
oaaaity or the one doos uot obviate tba oi^her* Jltitaixials , aa 
w ifeid ebove, it ifi bis xvit aal to daz\f a knowladga ot tba 
future poa:.iblaa to Qod uh»t forbi'l) 'rlriah tc acoept n abaolnta 
naoaaaity in tbo oontiii^^ant oraor* ae bevo aitQuajf aaan that tha 

• U^3)« 

X^aotloc llty t the divine Idee* did uot onteil £i de^ilol oi cbe 
kaovledgo ol ihoutif thLig» which «rill lU)t be, bat oould* ^, too, 
if the poi^footion of tbo Jivine soioooe r«aaira« that there l» « 
kaowlodgo 01 the tutur aontio^ent audi oi the erel^ pos- ibla, 
iu»o*asitiy o zuiot ba introdaeod into the oye&ced order, for that 
voald 11m t the Tisrfeotion of Ciod* .uj that of ooora* is ontbink- 
able, not bi:>oati8e Sod is gri^^iuito sl^ ^o^^ited aa /«rieot, lut be« 
OSise aoy liiparfectiou in Ck)d (^ObZis that He is not» E noe» >1» 
rloh oono^tides to oouti.igdncgr tbr ogb aa intelliglblti aeoes^'ity* 
Mid not thf a^^h a J ctriue of . ©ro vciiiatarisci ia oreafcloc* 





l^ WSJ of ooi;eitision, let ae fir -t sainmarlse tbose points 
esp^aielljr pejrtlneat to tbe dootrlao of tbo iiivlxie id«ii-s In the 
tbought of rdriob of Jtra.boiiyg* We have •«•» that the divLne 
soieooe ia »^aaal with xeiipoat t - 11 tb % is« th&t the v@tj 
truth and b.<iag of the- cheated order Is fouMl(>d oa cbe truth of 
ihe divine iatelleot* It la lueofrr a GotI o^iierecec tbroi|^ a 
>;nowledge cf Lis en tt:axie tbv t the jeas apr'<»ar« ft» Idaes» thoa, 
rre (lothixxg else then th>e divine eseeaoe knovn as diversely Ini» 
tailo lity the oreetire« rheL,e Ideati exist fr u 11 oteruitj? la 
God, oiia with His essenoe, multiplox only by virtue of a i.iiiti* 
tude of rolations of the lartioipai^ors to that essenoe* X'bere 
is In Qod io. ide& o^ what -vor is an efieot of His aausal flower* 
Th'is, primarily the idea relates to the InUividual stib^-taaoe whioh 
is the tariBlms of Goa^s orcatlv;- ^olivity* ooideats have been 
ased also, cjosi tbo>igh tbeir beia^ is de^^adeat -n . /u tar.oe, 
they differ esi^eatially from stibst-noe* 7bere ia, therefore, an 
idea Of tNis in the divine ind* iTine matter, a an easanoe 
djistlnot from first form, h . iox idaa of i%o om, bbcagfa more 
proxierly its idea i& fouxid with referoiioe to tbet in whioh prlo» 
■atter exists, a^ne^y tto comx>osite sub^t^tnoe, inhere is an idea 



alao of the speoies, xid, within the divine idecB, th»f« is a 

mora perfeot ^Istxnotion of b ;«oi«s th'.n oi lauivldu&ls, slnoe 

Gpoeles differ tQtoBXlSt a*^ indlTidoals only .istorUlly* The 

fin 1 point-^end the r.ost iaf>ortant«»is the fact thnt these ideti» 

«re hold to belong; to tbo pr otioal order eloae} tho idea is de» 

termirv^^tively in the difinn essenoo* It relatee «mly to tbet 

wt'ioh is to bu prodaoe:J« 

this lotistenoe on %h^ prQctioeiitjr of the ld«s& is the m««k 

tht^t sorves to set Ulrioh ff from his acnte-porsrles, and at the 

risk of rr-jy.tltlon. It nvy bn sroil to satafflarlze 'Jlrich's proolso 

poaitlon on this jcini* Jbe ide^ s are r^otlotl end not 8i«c.* 

iative forsas; it is aoocrding to those i:«G3tiOel fornu^ that th<? 

divine iiitell«ot roda^es, .nj hfis prodacod oreojturLjij» or over, 

what 3od h~& not -«(le, and «ill not oalo», does not beve an idea 

in Elm, boasaae the idea as a prsotloel form oa^esaes e r la» 

tion to an of.ect« It Is true that ^rtoh alloiPB for varicas 

eynonodouc narie» with rospect to tho ideao* Thts h» s^ys that the 

!<!«« la f^n exomplarg insof. r as ^^11 thinga icdtate 1%, &ud a sjijcn» 

Oies inaof&r as It is the edHmwteroby Ood rnows ti In^-a* TMa 

ffliyf see.:, to cUow for a Bpeoulatlve fnnotlon of tbo idea, ainoe 

Cod, as Ulrioh hiicself^.sts, knows more tbaa He prouuoes* Tet 

Ulrioh's r@i)aot3d inoistonoo on the j rc.oticellty of the idea eottss 




to foroe as to ilmxt the epeslea as e oo^c&olblve ^^iediooi to tbe 

raecos vh^ret^ doa r.uot^a i^bat he nates» God ..oou indeed kaow «11 

things, aota 1 «xui . «veljf possible; but He has ideai- only of tkat 

whloh aetatlljr will to made* Ail olso other then tho praotlo 1 is 

kacwn oai3 ly tha ^oia^tJa ala^yliJiis not^tlaeff ad the idea oauaot 

tbsroforo l>;< a .ediom of [jaovJLedge within the specaiatiV'.^ order» 

Beaoo, In this dootrine, the idea doos indeed have its uoaroo with> 

in tho depths 01 tho Jlvino esoenoei tut It uoes not boar on this 

esse ioe otxly aa it is eei^&ble of l» ing t^artioipaced^^it ^.oints di» 

reotiy to otontiel 11*1 tlflliast ion* In short, 'lod inows mtat He 

prodrioeag btit Bv.» does not produoo ail ttu-^% he ^:nows, sino^^ Ee pro» 

dmoes only thc^t of «Moh He has tho Idet* 7fae idea is -a. oreatite 

prinoiplei a-t simr.Iy a oo^-iioaoltivo ono* 

In none of Ulriob*s greet ooatoi pornries Is there this aeto» 

iasisteaon' on thfi idea 6 ;raoi.ioHl« la xjy other points, ><lrioh 

does not diffor essentially from Jt« ;Jfcart or Jt« Itomaa or ^t« 

ficn^V'intaro» Tbas, St» rhocA<s too dei'lneti tbe idea as th estoaoo 

of Ood Known as Qap: bie of teln^ porticlpated, and with this de» 

finition iit* Bon tonttire is in subatential agreeissat» ot. Gilbert 

falls to give a pruolae definition of bis o«n, bnt ho too wo'.ild seom 

to be la snbst' ntlcd aisreB«0at .vith tbf; rbov^» position. Ttrther, 

It is true thc^t in .base aten^ as in Uirloh, tbe &in>1 of knovleuge 


«bloh is the divlafi idea 1l orlentod towards otlon, nad b ars 

alto^at^dr <m tbo areata l>l9« This Is pyir/:aiil^ trae of ^it* ThonM 

wbo sajrs thnt ttio id&a, jj3ro|»rljr t»p<9t:.kljai;« la the form of en o» 

psrsble tMng« -nd tb^t It is .rdered to tb^ Vsrj loiot^ of thliie$s* 

But «bsre Uliioh d.ffore from his oontomc>or ries Is la his 

4lootrine tkk't there is en idoa only ot that wi^ob will aotualij^ bs 

QMatst* <vl03tfinde7 of Halas, for axi^mple, sks «bother th^ ex» 

•aplar;^ » nz-9 Is snoidxi of with raforeaoe to all pos^iilos« and 

h« auswrs in tho affirmative that tba eaMCipI&ry oease is related 

to all that oan be prodao d, eT««a though it oever aotusliy is* 

llaaeatar appealc for preol to Augosline who sajrsi **Otin ipsao (!«• 

deeo) n-J-cue oriniit^jr aeqie interaant, seound'Am oaa tamm. forraeri 

dloitar quldo id orlrl xal intdrirl uotest» et ogaae qaod oritur 

•t inter it"» Auj-tistine oleutly osat th» ideas to inolude ell 

the po« iblea» &nd to this interi>retati(m .ILart and Thossas and Bona- 

vaateve «ere tme* 

8t* Albart in his oosmentary on the aj pfttei^offs do- s indeed 

••MS to ineline to the view that the ideas belong only to the rao» 

tl^l order» TtiO be askst "&& Idea siat in raonte dlvina in ra» 

tlone solbiiis speoaiativi veX pr»otloi?** end be nswers th t they 

mast iNilontf to tba praotioel, sinae tbey are ad faoionda. .d -r • 

therefore e::»B3pl?.rB of the operable* Sat in his jhllMI Tf? ^o^o*tifce 

he efli)besises at length that in aooordanoe . itb the thoa^t of Jt* 


Aagastine, the Mee relataa %o - 11 i^ostiblost «Ten to thos« that 

nevttr ooato about* Sot sbcR^ld It b<> objeo(ed« t^^ «eys, tbat the 

pMBir. i<3s vi ioh nover h^^ppen, in no we^ flU?e« siaoe t.hoy ao exist 


in the ulTlnu i-otiuio,'/* >jo, tioo^ w.t.* Thofliee, evcm ttoti^^ he bits 

Imlstod oa the ordering rf the d.vlne ideas to tbo fr&ctionlyis 
«ill log to e-tR it tb- t tho liifto MO XUio to the oroiy possible» ■ h 'S 
be defines the idea lb a prlnoiule both of knovledge tiui of the 
generation of thlagt>* As a priuoiple of t tiing aotu lly to be 
made, it in o- lied en exe v}lar, ni is related to the iraotie' 1* 
ta.% as a oo^rno^oitlw tufiaoipl:». It ia oelled e r{,:tiQ^ -ad is re- 
lated Roeoalativeljr to «11 thin^ wMnh are Kuovm by ^oH^ even if 

they neter oome atout» St* Bonaveatire sini^lj sayst "(Idea) Ji- 

oit Iti «msitaten divinae voritstis in exprir^ndo et oognosoendo 

MBK> uiod e t Deo pos^lbile*'' 

Olaariy, thea, Ulrioh Jllfers from hie oonten^r ries in his 

refkiaal to posit in iod en id^^a si the n^ereljr poseiile. it is 

trie thit bo hi «elf has dofined ths diviiie idea 6>s "dlvioa 

s^tle sab r- tioos imitablxis divereliaod^ ^nd if iiadtie stress 

is plfioed on tb^ j:i) it mas seom tb- t the idea sboald re- 

fsr else to the fxss: ible» £<it 'iricih's o«n reijeeted denial of suoh 

a pOfiltloQ ro. cvf'ii jiy a-hisiit^ as to tbe n' tion of tl • imitaLls 

in his thnrtgbtt it R^et, that is, refer to that wi ioh will Imitats 


the divine «aaftnoe, end net to tbet wbloh mer lif 9csu lAt tis 

mot» further that Ulrioh Ioshb notbiag if hio pot ill on* for he 

!• ono with hlo o^tompotrirles In iiff Irving tb' t (}cd Knove ;>11 

ttlni^, ai fie •aoHra then through E1& easeno^'* but yberea» for 

3%* Alb«r« -n<l St* 7boffi«a and at* B nev<»ataro th» Idaa aa 

aeon ao ^iod >nnWE Himself aa «spf bio of bolxu^ !DSf tiilpefeeflt Dl- 

rioh .T.alat-int tb t thv :d r j-j- Oi>. .y h<... .iou /uovvb ihi t His 

•aaoflce will bo partl^lp: tad* 

It m- jT to said th^t, Jaat as tho eapreasloniaia of 3t. Bon -* 

Veatur:* Itjye s^jeoial e.nh eis on tbo !«irt plcj^edi by tt .^ord, ooiv> 

oaived £>b laEi^rea- ion &Ad Truth, In tbo gouer< tion oi Idera, &o 

Ulrlob'a dootrloa mere 7 lays s ^ociul a^pbaals on tbe rational 

feondatloa of tbe oreature, 9ithr<it difforin, eeeo al lly from hie 

ooatj!::por' rlea* 7bat ::.sjr bo true« \iVkt It doea not aaatr. tc tell 

th« whole 8tory« d^ioh a l'o>iadsti<m Is nresnt eXao In tbe doo- 

trlnaa ot thosa «he hold thet tho idaa^ b leag to tha aps^alatlve 

order* Bene >, thore snet bo aome other reaaon far Olriob'a atand» 

B» bi«^olf baa uevar explicitly atatod it» other than t^ inaist 

tka% the Idaac are ordered to effeots* perhapa ve oan drew aooM 

inferenoes ef out own* 

There Is et iesBt one defiaita reaalt aohlevod by a doctrine 

Of tbe iir<-.otioellty of the ideeei ior whoever boiaa to atioh a lOO» 


tfia» thereby aeparatos kinself fron ng ffeo^i'l^tciile cjtplao» 

afcloa o^ bhe oriaia o^ tbiiit<,t^« How tber^ ^ a fiuite ladloa- 

tiooB ibac l/lriuh falr»(»ii' wq& i^'weure oi this* for h«3 oeasiree the 

"vala i^iiotiOpberi»" »ho a^b.tlt'ted a aeo&aaitg (tLjaa' tiou for ibe 

ahrl^tiea «ioetrlae oi creatioa» i^bo tbesd "v. ia iMiouo bdii^" 

«ore is not. iiUilo< t«d« ml i% is at leeist lir.ely {.tat AVlO'^ium 

la s^^eoiiC* For the viouatU :n mi^rurud ioosi^^ts of - eoriea of 

•RtaBfiti £18, b;j, J miug with a Fir^t utiixalgl»^ eaa axtejAXo^^ aXtl» 

aatei^ to tbe .etter of the oorpor««;l wO' Id» From this First rlo» 

olple, a series of lacoiii^acos af«» gonerr ted aooeuarlly, from 

tho iir^t dovvii to th^ toatb £iad I st» the Amsmi Ixitdlleot* It ia 

this !> St iatoill^aoo wbioh t^ its aat oi tbiai-lag prod>i;j«»s 

hown 801 is ■ nJ the lo^jf elo^ents of she tiaite world* 

Bat tboigfa the AVio^toaiatt Sod is not a oreetor, this is uot 

tb« sole poiat 01 ?'s r^jeotioii* la AVioetxna, th<« aoces- arjr 

fsaeretion oi tbo tan lataliigenooa .raeuas tb c there is a prcduo» 

tioa, b<t e prod etioa wMoi ig aot oye: tlon. .»t&t Jlriob weate 

is piaoisaijf a produatioa ubau J^ a otdatioa* Avleenaa's i^ir^^t 

irrinoiple, ia ij&owiag bimseil* e^ives vise to a series of Latc^lil- 

ge;iLO«s, asob iodnpoadout ox bit» bdlaj.> She oroatures oi this tiui- 

vor^e ap aar oaiy lete ia the o aaatioa, &Bd ewe thoir beiag to 

the Fir-t iriaolplt» onijr cedieteiy, if at all* But the Cbristiaa 


Ood In knowiAg; fUmteit ^nevat >8 sn ld«a, eternsii^ idantifiad 
with tile osiidaad* 4bat i^«a» t^jints iifaotlo&l, io:^ ros a oroatiou 
fox tbe Uivlnd will 1« brotit^t to bear tpaa it« <k><x Is thus the 
Im edlat«) OHuse ol otaatures» It is roes&onable to Infer , t,hett, 
that. Ulxloh*^ r ?p<><ited iaaiabexuio on &fae pr«oi.lo£iilty ol the idioaa 
repr<^cexitB dotoradnod e.fort id eepa te himsself itotst the ileo> 
Plt^toaisa In wfcose general fra %t>r$c hla vu doctrinr of beix^ ii«»~ 
volope* One oi tht» ttigoa of tbs6 aopeff tlon 1b a lioa «ho ore' i,ea 
thr a;,h an Idoa (.bat Is HIb es oiiQS^ and iu>t throu^^ aa. Intaillgctno», 
Inforlor, sad yet Indep adaat ol Hlr.» 

Firtt«r« It is uoi. Ulffioilt to sea that Ulrlob finds an iAt9l«> 
llglbla oeoeasity for iba ot&nfioeiit^ of thoaa ideas* Be insiute 
tin» and tiise a^ia that <3o. a 11 thioga, ami Bq kacns then 

thrcagh His ea>daco« dit wc ild aot Sod's knov/ledga remala axaotijr 
«bat it is, if thor ^ uavay had betm a oreetlon? Eonoe the oreatlve 
aau tha ooi^n eoitl^re p»l.rioi£.i' oj ,. iUGS erj .... 8i.-atiy the aa-.e 
in Sod* Oruntad a eraatloii, end ^ ore tloa th^vt prooeeda hg a eanaal 
8fllenoe« tbo laiot?2oilge of His oasoaoa ae act. lij;' to b pertioipeted 
ffliiBt differ in & ; o wciy froci Bla kaowieaj^ ol that, ae..' oauc^u.-.e ere- 
i$ as OQp^bla of I'Olng pcrticslpp: ted* Th'^j dlffsrenoe io not e rati 
one« t' Ut anra* sinee c U ero agfead in dnxi^lng anjr raal diatiaotion 
between the uitino oc^nst-lity ; nd tb^s divine BOxenoi^i cut it Is a 

-(112 )• 

dlffereno<^« ¥ho oaly aeoe«uity 'Jlrioh a/a finci lor cui luea is 
if there Is to bfi a ore&tire who imitates it* That is tii«: r&eaoa 
for tba ][>r^c>tio llty of the dlvina Idee&i that is the aii^ wbcrei/ 
b» br.6 sot Kimself uprri from his .• iiow cL.rioo.ith a ■ itiry pbii- 


IBM* t» itart X 


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of Book n hx-s been eitiOonoed» Ot» .^ei&wail^r, 6., "Fine 
neae UetMrli^ferong -us der Saxaia'^ de Bcoo Jlrich^ vcn irase» 
ba»g und ndere Efendeohriften in im^brioh", .,,ci taot rift f'.>ir 

7 For a eomplete formal v^et^orli^tlon of tfae .Asaasoriuto, of» 
Dfagijiiloa, J*, Op. JJU in the pages iudio tedt 

ifajrla 15900 up» 3&-40 
loav&ia D 320 p]> 62-92 
Yatioen 1311 npm 92-94 
Jt* Cmax i£Q pp« 46-50 
Dole 79 pp, 44-48 

e Of. :»a^illon, J», OP. Qit. p« lid 



9 ibid, p. 4t 

10 Shery, i'., O,?., '^L'Crigl.nallte'da Plee do la Parana de Boao 
d*i;lrioh do trasbour^', Re mto-Ytaaiate. 1922, p, 860 

Ulxioh rofors to his work as "Liber de aixaxA bono" (of. od* 
D«guilloii, op » qX \m p» i« Inolpit of tyaotate I). Tho 

epijellQtion Jtuamg da BoflO by v;biob Oaguilloa oonsl^toatly 
Yofors to this work m; y bo win^ to Jbary* f bs lUioa is 
8- tiflftiotory for reference, as loag ss wo realize tb- t it 
it is aot round in Ulrlah hi.a 4f» 

11 diisozi, ^,, fln», (0,.%, n. 517 

12 Cf» fable cf oon tents jrcw;. fron the Tiexma ffisnnsoript in 
Daariilloa.J., 9Pf ;,U« !'• i^lS 

15 Of* Ohap* lit ^°'<^^ 1^^ 0' ^b^ present thesis edition* Also, 
of» Ohap« III, notes 34 and 52t Chap* 11, aotos 112 end 20'.t 
Ohai). .\Y, ..otG 309 

Uhloss otherwise Inuio ted, referonoes to iriob'B De Jamae 
Bono oited in tbic thoi-is will bo ttom the lifth traot;.t« 
of Book II* Th'is, it will be oeoeaeary to ^ive only ohapter 
niuoeretion, oluti tbe :«i^ of tbe thesis on whicb tbe rMfereuce 
-.Till be foiibd* Beferenoes ^ Ofiapter and note will be io'iaA 
in tbe oritioal e^ rctus, beginnioij on pa^^t: 323 of Pert II 
of tbe present tbeeis* 

M absp» Illy p. 24 

]£ Of. \x\mr i>p}},%9^MiArm rt-u^ liqffftay^U ^* 3^-41 (,id ci^^raa 

AqtisSf ^x tj'oo^t'pbia Oolle^i i»* Bonaventar^ie, 1916) Vol* 1, 
p* 2sa-2<9 

16 Cosiparot 

In I o.nt, d. 3BA, ;.rt. 1 Ohep. ¥1X1, p. 8» 

(ViTes 26, p. 176) 

In X ^nt* ii, 37a, art. 4 Obap* XII and XIIX 

(Yi^s 26« p. 321) 

In Z ^:\%, d* 41B, art. 1 Ohap» AL£^ p* 288 

(Vives i:6^ p. ^>39) 


17 Ot.ap* V, note 46 

18 Ob i). Y, note 60 

19 Ob -p. ?• note 94 

20 Ohti>. VI X, note Ifi 

21 Ofaep* IX, note 106 

52 Qhap» X, note 14 

iZ Ohop» 211« notes 6S and 88 

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27 Ohip» XIX, note 216 

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29 Qhap* XV, note 2 

90 Cbap, IVt x>P« 3^^ 

31 For a study of the 6tai>lu'Blo f bolotf la the ^jfalleteylv 

ef Ulrlch of .>tr ..boirg, of* OrLteuisi, J ay tin, KM£iSr 
alter Uctbe» aoiateeleben Band X (Huebber, !£unohea, 1936) 
pp. 202-213 

32 Cf» i)hep» 1« notes 6t Ohap* XIII, note 116} Ghain iV, 
note 312 1 Obap* .^VI, note 73 

53 OhcATj, :J[I, note 53 

84 Ohap* XVI, note 464 

36 Ohai>« XX.X, note 446 

36 Obui), VII, nctoB 61, 65, 6b| Ohap* XVI, note 19| Ohap* 
XXI, note 122 


37 Cbap* IV, note 12; ahap« V« noto 4,7t (3hop« TI, aot« 65 

38 Obep* 7J?, note i4| Cbap* JLk, not« 96 

39 Obap* XU, aoto 96 

40 ^f« oU AnseJjB, Da Yei^tf^f ^ X a&« HI* i'L 1£8, 478-47d; 
46&-4fi6 (3. iUisolaii opera ot ala dd« F*;i« ;iohffiltt, -ie» 
oovii, 19SS, Vol. 1, p. 1Q9-191) 

41 Obap9 V, note 74 

42 Obcp» V, noto OS 

45 Ohap» T, xiot0 107 

44 Ohap, T, note J.29 

4fi For esEtv.ple, the ode of Jod*8 presenoe to t ingsi Obap* 1>^, 
n-te 106| Obap» KII, notes 72,73«234t f nd iba oonucya ivoo 
Of divine >^«8Cieaoo end huBs&n tre < wiXlt Cfaop* XIV, X29, 
132, 160 

46 Chap* XXXI, notes 7X, 213 

47 Chaj). IX, note 96 

For the nhilosopl^y oj b9^'i^tty in the system of Vlxiah of jtrsis- 
loiita, of. '3fab.:.etna, ..ttrtin, Jio dex llsiah ;i.a3lberti ^M-cji^ 
1^\BB A>ff .^'-.vkl'J.ft (~ lt..^'mi.;Ler, /Oa^a, Muaohea, 1926)j De lttoy:i3, 
Bdgar, . taidas il^-rsthatM...iie Kadieiiftle (7empelhof, Brug^, 
Belgle, 1946) Vol, 111, p, £62 ff. 

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S3 Ohei>. HI, note 83 
64 Cliai>. I, aote 60 


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56 Ohap, V, note 110 

67 Obap. XII, not© 7l 

66 Chap» 17, note xbl 

69 Ohai}. X7II, notes 16, 62, 77, 96, 106, 120, 134, 167 

60 Of. ttd views attributed to tEpedooieu, ^nazagoras and 
j^ttiiiiSOTaB on tbe ideatlflo tion of oppOGit^s* ^ep* ¥Z, 
notes 134, 56, 56 

61 Chap* 11, notes 47, 46 
6£ <n}ap« XV, note 20£ 

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66 Ohap* XTI, nct« 676 

67 Ohap» X7XX, note 260 
66 Ohap* xrill^ not9 306 

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71 Obap, X, !>• 6 

72 Obep* II, p, 13 
78 Ohap* 17, p« 47 

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76 Of. Obap» aIX, t% 276. Feferoncse to /lO^stine is De Qonek'. et 
itfiiifiU X, 13, 39, L 44, 940 


76 Cf. i. Lonbardl Sent. I, D, 4 J, oai). 1 ( I, ;^ 249} 

77 Of, Alextuaer of HcjIog, f,i|y^ppr Trrff?^' -'*• It In .il« 1, 
traot.V, 8O0» 1» q» anioe ( Ad OIoxbb Aqixco, t*x t/ijo- 
gr [ihl Oollogll Ja Bonevonturrie, 19S4) Vol* 1, x>* «^^ 

78 Cf# iOto 67 sa.i | ,i ; ,a 

79 Ohfip. JiiVIIZ* note 66 

60 Gb»p» XTXII, aot« 73 

el Ohap« ^^ZII, Boto 76 

62 Oi-iap» :1VIII, aol9s 204, 21i), SZii, S70 

83 Gbai>. Xflll, uote 76| of. iJt» Albert, In 11 ihvsio. 11, 12 
(VlVB* 3, iH 143) 

M Ohdp» JOrill, aotc 369 

8S Ofc<.-:., .Vill, aote 74 

M Ohdi^, aTIII, note 293 j of* ^t» Albert In I ?• 
traofo X7t q* 67, M. 4, art. 4 (TlTea 31, i>* 690 

67 Shap. ^III, no tea 323, 334 

66 Of. RaiUI, K«K«, gtOQy? ^ ,th?, i^O rtf^oq of gt, TtJOffig^, A^iUgflf 
(^ImulGM» Harcitiette a, JTr^as, 1946) p. 7, ^Ybero or, Fand 
obMYVaa that iSt. '^ha . & smeti as ''cfftotae llko e g^atlessaa, 
tbot Is, iiiexaotly"; "e^^id'u go .era! point Ic Uiet the thir- 
teenth ooiit <.ry philoaopheriij did not share the ^odera sobolara 
001» ern for the vsrifio tloa of soirees. 

69 Of. (Jlriob 01 ;jtrasboiirg, De v>ii.aicf;ff , Bqa^. Z, traot» 1, ot:.* 1 
Prootalq» («4« Daffilllon, p. 1} 

90 Ooatpare the foUowln^i; at:«i.ailion« of the divine Ideeat 

3t» BoB^^^tu^i Int^iligendua Isitar eat uaod hoo aoc.ea 
idea aignifioat diviaam esaeatiatr. in ooir.psratioae uiTe in 
raspaafea ad •feataraeu (Zn I dei^^ » d» 36, c^rt. xnieas, q. 
8, «Offina. /^ Olaras au^ a, ox typo^^a.'hie Gciie^i j. bon- 
avoat <ee, Tol. 1, i^. 608 


at» yhc: ap ,f.:.l^f^s^t 8S9 itla saa «at idea reroiu* not at 
easo-.tla, sod at intoUeota« Bea auto» ore»t&e txon. iu:i> 
tantur j>erfeote dlTiaare eaaeitlam* undo aaaetitle uon 
aociipitir absolute, :>od aio proper tiono oreaturse flenda^^ 
«a Ipaan divloais oaae tiam. ( i. ei.tlo Ulap» Da ¥erltq% e,. 
4* S, Qft* 2} ed» i\:aiuiO£met, lurls, Lr'tKioiiieux^ ldS5 
Yol* 1, p» 66) 

^llt^k 9i -^tyflg^? rffl. ''t ideao ulbil aliud aioaat (ffiao 
ea8eu;.l{i .liviAa aa^ re. tioao Imitabills div»rsl3K'da (Ghep* 
1, p. 108) 

li ?b«re exists no word la "iis-ieh to feYsoaletd proper ij;^ tbo 
I>ioA73if3ji axi>rdaaioxi uhiofa Ulrioh '.;3eii to treaei^te the 
idaa aa tha aabatantlfl»^ ratio ajLiateatian^. QU uion^ciaa. 

ORAi^^ IX 
1 Cn the indlapexidence of tbe Pl^itouie Xaaaa» «f» giBMtf>B | Seo 

2 For Ari8totlo*f orlti ,uo of the Platonlo Idea, cf« Msiilf 
sbSSXOL If 9 

acO« S} ft 40, 30 

For a hitioory oj this toxt, of. «^rebmemn, i« " ^«8. hi* 
Attest. aaa quae:; tie dt. Ideia", Hiiloeo.Msoh^SJab. h.ah. 
45,3; 1930 pp. 297-307 

4 ail£>oa, v., , L*^SDrit da la Ailosoi^ia ye ieVal^ (Pcaria, 
Trln, 1944) 3^ap. VIII, >■. 161 

5 TJlTiQh, -^Mlia Iff g"T\Of 0^ap• Z, ]> It of* also it* Join 

Uea aO0ii0, Da Pide t .hodoM I, 9j ;.■(> 94, 638 

6 Of. Aristotle, Kets h'/aioa XI. 8 (1066a 26)* Ulrioh'e owa 
views that iat 'li^ot i basic bo providoaou i& ubotHn in 
Jh; p. aVI, i^« 194| s.<-i<^ i^ "aim ordixiete in deter.; in, itius 
lixxea egitar, hoo gtibermitui* i::iiqao Intelleotui pceiostitaeate 


T Seo prima «aasa potest in oaas^iuio eb alio regi, a@o ivro» 
vldentla potest ease sine latelXeota^ al^. ooufort conva* 
niearia ad oo laa^endum flneo* (Ulriob« (%ai>» X, .;» Ij 

6 iJJLL. .*• 2 

9 illd. p. 3 

10 Hid. .,. 4 

11 JJ^JL^a r* !^< X*^^ enira Imelleottis qui eat exa ii«a In at: q>iJo 
dem iiiJlTlslbiii:^ est» ued oi^toaeue in Instfttoaata diviisitiiia 
eatf Ita ,uod fojrciaii] r:rtifloiati» quae oat ipsa, exaOi itur 
per pi jrtes per divarsa Liettromtrnta, vel per eadem diverala 
pt^rtibua formae artl» auooesslTe j-aiotua/ka» 

^ libid* !>• 6 

34 Chrp, il, fi, 11 

10 Of. fof exa plat (iJeiia) oa fiBllter etieis dioitur de Deo, in» 
q'linint'm ipse est oauac mantis perfectea in ^'-a^lis loais« at 
owntia i> rtioli> ^' ^ i^' aet;ra ratiouail, ut maatis dae* 
(3bcp« Xl« p» !£• 

ipsa Intelleotaa priiius tieounj ua r&tioaeta hujus !;erfeotioai8 
est oa.isa 'uxivooc. o ali' ooejaitioola* II, y» 1& 

(Oeas)«**oogiiOBoanido 8« van tn eioqalioasi oeasaa oaBlam (sompool* 
biiiam at «nnlt, oompositicaia, uive sit la rebus, siva in 
aaroi oa, oogaoaolt OBmi.v ootaposlta» Obap» IX, p« iX 

1$ CShap. 11, pp* jL7*>ie 

IT Ofanp* II, p« Idtlnfiaita eutt> ooit'^ioaolt, ^ala iMiolta sub» 
a xnx, saao ijOtaubiae«*«-^d ooguoaalt ea finlce, quia noa ooF.f- 
nosoit ea treiiaaiudo <>iper ipaam« »i<Hit no. tar intalleotnis... 
iied ooj^icsoit ea at s'lat In eae» oaoaa, quae eut Ipsc dlvlna 
eaaantla, «.j-aae aao Inteileotai est ilnita ^jHoe eaer. oixQTrekendict 

If Qhap* X, p. 9 

19 Ohap* X, pp* S»? 


20 Chap» 17, pp« 95->a6| Oh?p« T, p* 61. Ulriofa's laoedlaU 

so-.j-oe for tMs is '.zUoibtetSiy Aibovt* Of* s>t« .Ibert, 
DO Uizltato lat- Ueatofi V (Vi»eg », p. 452) where Ufcerl 
cays< " otii» est aotig dOBejatiae et dif^ueio*'" 

21 OhniJ. IV« p« 5U 

22 In siGunatlon, those mj.ya arst 

1} oeusal^ter, ■.^ia est ^.«.1»^..;. tor ratioaio 

8t per elmliitidlBom ad ratiooem artiiiolalem 

3t per slmliitadlnem ad ratlemont ut oogaosoitlva est 

4t per slmilltudiliuMa adi ratioaeat in^aataiD eut iuteileotis 

QO poyaoas 

&t per slrliittidine ens Id q<xod parfectloais est la rucioaan 

abap« III, vit 24*^ 

28 Chap* n^ I', SO 

24 Obap* V,pp« 4&»60 

S5 OhH}^ V. v)» Bit of. Jt. Anaeim, Pa Varlta^ .UIl» iL 156, 
466 (ad, ao att. Vol. I, p. 196) 

26 Gbap* V, p. 6X 


27 Obap» T, !>♦ bS 
M (%ap« ?• p» 56 

29 Ohap* VII, p. 71 

90 Chap* ni, p# 60] cf« ^jt* .'Jigustjlae ^JoJ^ipt^ p 11« 10,16{ iPL 
32, 678 

«I 4rla£0tle, P* Ani„,» III, 6 (4308 26 if) 

32 Ohap» Tl, p* 62 

83 (}bai>* XI, p* 121 

34 ijjsi, 

36 Oh«r.« VI, pp. 66-67 



06 cioioiit;lfi Dei poteat ooaclteffMPi pvlOD aaouadltim (j,urja est 

est ooxtQQtio ooasoquttns divlaoa n; tiireat. (Ohap* Till, p« 63) 

£ieeunao« ausitur soientia (itiaoodoiii lutioneiB idriocltatis 

•use et^ effootus ot OBaaoa defoocus incldeatos. ( ibj|, ... . . ;;• U4} 

I'ertiu, iicuBlt-ir «olentie eaousdom retlonms eavMaa* {iijJtd.*P* ^7) 

39 Gb&p» VI XI, p» o4 

40 iJI^M» 

42 Ohap. VIII, p» 37j of* alao Righ of St. Vlotor, Dp ie^oytyreatlp 
I, p^-rt II, CO. • Ixj L 176, 210 

1 Obap* X3L, ^ £9 

8 Cf. Jt. oigiatla» pQ :;lVa^ji^ uaetitl^aibas LCaill^ t^, 46; 
i'L 40, 30 

4 Che.:. lA, p» 89 

fi . ahat'. I.i, p* 91 

6 Ofcap» i^» i>p. 90-91 

7 it* ittiiuatiao i}e OenoBi ad Uttoron V, 25,33| i-L 84, 338 
(Oi$a 28, 8U0, 111, part 2, p. 167) 3t, umelm jglff^ftfi^ ft. 

XX:a7j iL 1C6, lt.9 (od. 6oL itt I, i:* 6S) 

6 Chap» ZA« pp* 94»96 


10 5QBU xl, 36 

11 Arlatotle, .^altoJjSlfla. V,24 (lOEr^a SG-lOSjSb U) 

12 AtB».oea In Y liatpir>^ > t*0« 29 (Vol, VIII, 135t b) 
(Aylstotelea 'atflq;>lqr«laonun Llbri XII, aim av vols Cordu- 
iMtusls In 80d«m ooMnaatariis* Voactlis ^rxid Santas, 1£64) 

13 airioh Is thlnidjii; of ;jt, Aagiistln»» Of» St, ,Viis»t jJaJiJSaiia, 
Be^l .JUyili PL 42, 660 (Ck3«X 25, noe* V, psft S, r>* 663} 

16 DKIOj» 

16 £&fiQ)> It 9 

17 01. i»t, ^iag. In. Joen. ' Taq^;. i'ff oU I,17j i'l 36, 13e7-.U»6 
■■•'SO, UQ ikin. aa ,JLtt. ?, le, 3l| rL 34, 33L»332 (OJKL 
88, seo. ill, part L, r^ 166) 

16 St. ^safc-'atine la Jol.u. Ta.i.;. tract. 1, ij L 36, 1367 

19 iJhap, XX, pp. 92-93 

20 Bootfc.a. , M Qoi^oli>.tiaae i,-fallo«Q hlae lit, M, 9j n. 65, 76« 
(od, FortOsoud ^J» &>2) 

(3oetil i)e Oonsoietioa . bilnso,jhiae ?, eti. uirie:ra8 a Porti 
iJaito, Loudon, burne, Osto» and aashbo-Arae Lt<.i. 1926) 

21 Ghap, X, p. 104 
£2 JLkiiL* 

»3 3t. >^s* '^ Mirer- .A>.o:.t. i^^OIIl. q, 46; .L 40, 80 

24 Oh.Qp, .\, p. 106 

26 Chap* X, p« 106i of« cit» mo» Sjj»jJif% ^'*nt narni^ie Ideai 
priaaipctlaa for: m* ., Modf^aa vei rabioaeb reram i>tebll6s at» 
qae laooonutr biic»8 u<ae l]j8ao lorrnati-o i;on S'xnt, rio jxtr hzo 
detettxae ao se per oodo modo 808« hfitenl«i^ g^me In ilYins 
intalll^ontia oontiueutvtr* 


26 Ohepw X, p« l(K>i t Itlees aibil aliad diouit ^ACLa esseatla 
divine aab r<.nloue L itabllls dliroreianda. 

27 Cii^p* Xt V* 1^« <^t* -t* ilixartt >adQ oo Judiolo mellis dici&aar 
rauiiunuB iJofi 4iaa ouitae ideae* £a I Jeat« d* 2£'-, -rt» 9 
(Yives £6. p. 193) 

t0 Oba|>« JL, pp. lifl»lQ& 

89 DlOAysluB, ^ ?h^k\^ MfflilftJllaat ▼. 8eo, S| i^ 3, t;19 

For the Ufouilation of John Sort sin which Ulrlab iioed, of. 
J24gB]Qjj3Qf^««.T)eop^il uoiuant I'ooMmble joq o-awagss ettri* 

SO ijiiji, 


31 Arifitotlo, ;.^ta^4tfffiffl^ i» 9 (eep» 990^ U20) 

32 Ohap* 2.« pt>« 111-112 

23 iristotie, j^atanfa;sloa I, 9 (998« 20) 

34 Obap» 2« !>• US 

36 ikWb» ^e '!«»• i» Attgiotiaien» Of, ^etraaU X,St ^ L 32, Be6-.6c;9 
(GfT'I. '66^ 860« 1, ;>^ rt 2, p» 2«>£l)t 9eo ^^lato q 1 em in hoo er- 
ravit, quia <^s^:» fflanduLja late ill; ililaa dixit* ••'xndam qtiippe 
ille iutalligibllaa minonpavit Ipaam retlonesi eerspiterxiaffl f^tcr^e 
iaooaBWtamem» qua feoit D«a8 Bundius, qaaa qui ue^yat eai^e, so- 
qaitav at diofit IrratiotiaMllter i>eum feoisse qio6 feoit* 

36 Of» Dionj^siaa £^ UitriaJ B TTl^ilfflitlillB ▼« seo« 9} eQ 3, 623 

QU Hiao S« liaxlieis, .iaholia in lib- Da Giv. Sonu Vt x<i 4, S51 

37 Ohoipi» £« p* 114 

36 Cimx»» XI Z, p« 1234 

3b« notion of "Deaa for aos" tb t Ulrioh b s hmmi o^'x>h sislr^ 
1» not, of oourea, peculiar to bin* It is fotuui eer«eialij in 
tbu ''I2e lliloa Totma OaxunBf' cf Boiort tirossotcbte (Beitraga ^av 
CSosohiohta dor Phil» dea Bflttolaltera, Baud JJL, Bcmstar 1918} 
«liare tbe forming aotlon of dod is llkeaad to a seal tb-:^^!, la 


Iffipressed os initei'i the form yrtnaina only a loa^ oa thu seal 
Is ap xieda Zbe iaeaedlate goi^roe of Ulrioh's dootrlae oi Ood 
M 1^1^ ^ft''m^ oruse. In the sense of aa <^3^-..t^ar , g oause, le 
probatly derived from .Libert» Of* jt* Albert« In Z j^* L^tpiaa 
gbeol, Tvbot. XIll, q« 55, q« 2, art» 1 (Vivos 31, p. afi9) 

r;9 Ohap* X, p. HI 

40 Cf* Note S59 of Obapter II q;^pyft 

41 ObQp* XX, p« 118 

42 AVistotle llBtatabyslQy YII^ 6 {103la 1) 

43 Dlcnjfslus ^e Jiv^ 5oc^ V. aoo, 8| i« 3, 023 (Dioaj^si&oat p« 340) 

44 Ohap» A I, p* 122 
4i Obapt X, P» 109 

46 Chap« XX, p. 122 

47 Ohap. XI, p. 121 

46 Ibid. 

49 J*, ms* H ggttt fltf '4tiV^ I, 3, 8| I, 4, 9{ PL 34, M9 (OJr-:L 
26, aeo. Ill, Mart 2, i>» 7) 

£0 Ohap* XX^pp* UU.119 

51 i^iap. XX, p, 120 

62 {%ap. XI, p« 119 

69 8». Aag* yiinrr. in .isalmQa XYI. 34, 13i L 36, 147 

64 Ohap» XI«i>121 

OE&i^t? XT 
1 Ohap. XXZ, p» 124 


Chap* ill« £>» 12A. For tho r forwuw to ■%• ittg^ietla», of* 

Do flaa, ad T.itt. VllI, 26, 46{ i>h 34, 391 (Q^cL 28, «eo. Hi, 

part 2, p. 266) 

3 Chap, &II, p* 126i Pens «tni Wt I^bma taMrtlatft* aoa ««la» 
orcationls at QotisarTatlcoi* venuB«»»«9d etlas oajasllbet 
oporis <3rQt\pita9* 

4 Chay* aVIII, o. 2b2i iJeius Ijjitaf omnlet quae ociBwt i^e» pto- 
viA&atism oa(Kj*it, ©e vjiod ii»9 opertar lo» IntellcotKua et 
ertemt et quamvla x'^' ^^^ XJ^laolpeUter omaia efiioiat, tauoa 
at dli^itaa «aaseiitatis et diviaioa» ooopi^r!^ tioait aoa de- 
ess t oniiKeyso.O'd ooaiaanioatae stmt otmms bouitates aetuva- 
liter ooias nioabilGs^o &ro(,u.r etiam per a«9ai4aB a usas, 

8 Ohap» All, i>p, 12 v- 129 

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61Sb ff, 

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10 Chap. XII, p. 124. Of. Avioaaaa islfij^;^* VI, 1} U 91r t> 

11 dt. Aug* iiarr. in .saliaoa O.ail,!, 4| i'h 37, 1632 

12 Ohep. Xlli, !>• 154 

18 Chap» Xlll, p. 144t 01. elso p. 246t rx slo propria D«at 
»8t ia looo, at o aa rven» natur .-■ looi, ot vlrLJit»;-, 
Xraasaa^tive eutom diolttr esse ia lo«e« saouadtun uaod 
eaee in looo aumitar oorport iitert eio eaim ia looo est 
qued implet leooBw ^'t all liter Daoa eat ia looo, vel 
replet «tim Ti oontaativa, at aatara looi« 

U Chap. ^11, p,>» M&.24A 

IS Ut. A)iS, De Diver, :, ;., aat. L.a.XIll. q, 20| x L 40, 16 
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1« Ohav0 ^ll, p. ICO 

17 Oliarj* mi^ p. iJa 

18 St. Jota Dan* Pe Mda OrtboJoata IZ* S9| PG M, 963i HeMsse 

est ouaUa: factor oa eseo eoriua qaae SAZXt ot pfovlsoraia* 

19 Ohap* aV, p« 175 

20 Obap. ':TI, p. 169 

21 Oh&p« XV Z, p« 194 

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25 3t. Jerome 9flmi„ fai Pfll)a8".q I.lf PI 26» lSe6 

S4 DloqjrelM Pa JiTix^ f ffffUjA t^V'H ^^^t ^ 3« ^^ (Dlosj^sl^^oa, 
p» 680) 

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87 at. Jofci Dam, ge fide Q gthft-iiffPtf^ II» 29| P(} 94, 966 

St DlonyBlttS ^. P3.n^4g ?^W,tollftfl, !▼! ^ Sf ▼»* (Di njraiaoa, 
p. rll) Fo» 'Jl<loh*e ilaiwlopRimit» of. Obao. .vVZ» pi>. 200» 

29 ot* John Don. Da yide Orilodcam ZI, &9| .(i 94, 96St Ho«tMus 

Forteaoae» pp. 122-12S) 

80 Of. Boethius, i)0 Qoaaolation» Ailoflo.jfaia» T, i:'. It f L 69, 
6Sv) (tj:d. Fortesoae, p. 137) ti^l quldem, Inquit, »11 iuia 
«venttui teaererle motn aullacfie OttmaotloBM saoaarcua pro- 
duottuB oastUB esse def lalt, nihil otmino oaffOD e«ee ooaflrmo, 
et pfaater subjaot^ rei elealfioationein inanem prorsus 
voo«D esse deoerno. 

31 Aristotle, ■ fays las 11, 6 (WSb 10 ff) 

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38 Obep. .{VIII, p. 244 


XVIXI, p« S44i Kx boo ooaoladlt Itillosopbuc. qaod 
oai.'-is 9% lozt'Uic aunt Inflnltsi uula infiait^> i.^asuat ei- 
(i«t aoeidere, Bi«it lufi.iitis de oaasls i>088it ail tile 
Wnire od iooom abi i vonit aaloua auost uu«m noa lAitetuiit 
ibl invon.v«« 

Fo» the ref«fQno« to iriatotle, of» . hya^oa II, 5 {197a 7) 

35 Ohap* aYIXX, p. S51 

36 Oh p» AVIII, pp. £ii8-2i33 

37 Of. :iU 8r«»«oif7 th© 3* eat KL Eomil. la ^anK. I, Hora. Xi 
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seo. V, pa t 1, p. 2o9) 

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44 Chap. JLZV, p« 166 

45 7iia atatdsieut of tbii dlffioulV Is Boethieat 31 alioysom qaam 
Iffa«viaa« •tuit ctotorqaaerl vel^at res r^raovlaee^ aoa erit Jem 
flnaa praasoleatia fUturi, cjj .otias opiaio laoerte, 'juod 

de iJeo oredero aofaa Jadioo» 01. i)e Oonsolatlane h l loaooh^ftfl 
. Y, i^. 8} ^L 63, 639 (ea. Fozte&oue, p. i4:5i 

46 Ohap* AXV« pp. 168-159 

47 Ghap^ XZY, pp. 160-161 

46 Ohap. X£T, p. 169 

49 BoetbiiiB ..^ Jog» fail. Y, i» 6| PL 63, 661 (etl. Forteisotxe, p. 


•0 Oliqp» Xt?» p. 104 

52 Obap» XIT« pp* 166-167 
60 Ohap* AX?y p« 161 

1 .ttae e'ltem no» feoit i)eui8, uao f^'0t*2ruB eet« Ideam aon 
hebent in Oeo^ qtUa, ut hablttua est. Idea iu.^ atiuB forma 
prootioa <iloit r06|«oc;jn ad ef^ootaea^ Ohap» XI, x>« l£l£ 

A\nt ergo Ideae formae praotio^a saoundiuB qias iatalloetaa 
divlnua or^aturaa prodoxlt at .'rotiuoit* Ob£ip« XI, p» 116 

OaVBudtim ost ab errore dlountium qaod idee int^. xxtum ad 
leticaom aomiilc ae.uailtor aa babat eA oo&iitlouom u^ou- 
1st if am --it r»sotioaD« Oben» X, p» 11? 

2 abap* ^ p* 111 

3 Oloo or go quod Dtaa par lata 11a ot^us or;>nl^ oparaaa omoia ad 
eimilit'diaan; essaatiaa stiaa prodaoit, noa quidom at ossein 
tla, se.i ut intellecta* Jt* Ihomafi ^qaiaa, ,.jaaeatlo Qistu 
Da ?aritata. ilI,8flod, iSaadoanat "Vol* 1, p. 66) 

Ipsa divln/' eaeeatta eointellAotls dlv rsis proiX>rtioaibus 
rav*uB cd «aai .^at idao ■Ani:iaoaJusqti6 col» It\| ^« ad 6 

4 tit* Boa^ Tdatxro In I Jj^uiikf <^» 36, art* anltsua, q» 3 ( arreotX 
I, p« 60d) Of* addition:^ 1 exampX e of texts, s'asBiarized by 
lAw vttiBfr ohl editors in a aoholion on th«> divine idoaa la 
▼ol« 1, pp« 609-604 of the od r^ oanito of Jt« &oaaVentu.ra 

6 Ooii'o lutam ^ntalligando se iiiti^iliglt oBniai «t ualtitixdo 

idaarniu non «at ox pert* sui«*«aed tautam Inteiligiter es ta- 
lationa Idaatoruai ad ii)au«u Jt« Albart la I ^SSOJU» ^» 9B^* 
art 6 (nwa 84, p» 192) 


dinantuy ad obug tutujom ot» Shota'-B ii.q.uia • .|ii- eatio uit^p» 
Pe Yojfitate. Ill, 7 nd B (ed* iiandoimet I, p. J7,98) 

Of* ot* Booaventure In I aeftl^ » d. ^« &rt* onisuui, (|* 4 
(Qufirrachi 1, p. 610) Jt. Ibert In I a-. Janaaa ft,ooX« 
tr Ot. 13, qji &5, ia«2, a.2 (ViV a 31» p • &6L»5&3) 

la ^uural, the v>06itlon tbet the ideas beei" oa the slngalaJr 
stoma direotl^ iron at« i>i,-?i8tia«i Singcile Igitar rroprlla 

railoult 8 sunt ofeata. jf^ pAYvrBJ^B '.^•-eaUffftAVfla i^^HU 
q» 46« ^ L 40, 30 

7 Alflxeoder of Halwe, .JLBrfla J^ql. p, II, q. S, a>« 2, o« 3 
(QtK^rvaohl IX, }> 20) 

6 dU <in&istlne l>e QlVuysls .m^^t» I^aIII. q, 4dt ^ L 40, SO 

9 St* /atdft In I ^a.t. d* 3SI^, art* 8 (Vivo^ 26, p, 192 j 

10 at, iibost la I : . ^. ^-.fcva 'j!he<s^ , truot. Is, <j* &6, in,2, a.f, 
solutio (Vivea 31, ij* bob) Eere Is Albert's proof of his 

inod »1 aofiBideratiur (sell», idaa «at tantoitt vex f&otomm 
vel t'loodoroffl) ia oaaurarlaia eat qaod dioit iiXi^totales la 
i'fxorluae qiO«j fa^^o et non iaposiaibile ijoaito, > >40d aool» 
dit out i&lsaat et aon. iiaposslbile* Poa&uur <]rgo lod i^ae 
feoit talit»r x^'^'^^^^^^^^* ^e uittuf qxoA f oit Ills nou re> 
8X>ioimis ad se at ad ideam iUloa* I'rgo faoit seomd in y^t>> 
gatjtloaffl aon tv^bens ainA &<3 fovdua et ratiouieffl operis 0ui« 
"r'tigo f Oit vol ttGaoiciiut op'.is »el iifrfi.tioa>>biilter. Eoo 
«iteffl ft.lsom est et imposolllle* ' rgo positio fals v>t ira* 
posaibllla* Uji|^«, p« 5^) 

11 fho questioa oi the dootriae of tb« oraotioallty of tba diviaa 
idetas in the ;>hiIo@opiy of Jt« thoaas ilquiaas saesia to b« 
opaa to scue question, or at least ia need of int or pre tat ion. 
In the |-|i'3r-iBa Tff fflolo^j l'^^ I* ^t 3« ^^ ^^ ^'^=^* ^^'^^ b® defines 

ti e idea broadly ta an eate kI. t and a XaSJLa« tbe iirj^t i« « 
creative mediiua and tborsfore jpraotioali the aeoond its a 
oognoaoltlve principle, and as :>iioh is related to al- ti lags, 
knom V Ood, fl.^oia U Vh?,/ MTQr at (^tf ^^V'-e QWQ ^P%o to4,f|f> 
It is tMs latter Intor. rotutioa of th Iu'-qs th t Ulrich 
vefiiBOB to ad it* 



Bat Tbomc.s * vi»«» '.vs expressed la tiie £>f Yeyytelc Ba«m to 
bear onoh laoyc closely on tbe sain* x^in''' tb t Uiricb wlab«« 
to 6ct<^bJ.i8h« Tbas, ot, 7haffi«« says tb. t tbo idoai, as B^^eou- 
latlve. Is axton£ldd not oiU^ to thet whloh Is to be tsHae 
(faoioiuia) bat also to these thinga »! iob ere prea£Kt and 
slxeedjr siad** (Do Voritai^» IXIfS) Fartber, tb« idea 
t>gorierljr , velat«s oaijr to t.bat lacml^ga to wbevebjr a ttlag 
0" n be forttiod} aa4 aaoh l^aowledg» Is ^«aotiOi 1« eitb»* 
sotu. lly or virtually. (IkM..) 

Hbmk ot« ?boaaB asJcs blrself If there is an idea in tbo di» 
via* fflind t thosQ things vbiab ar« not, and beve n;t bean, 
and will net be, he maaifeate &oa» beaitanoy* ^bet be eotaally 
scys is: C-jub Daos de his quae faoore )>otoet, t.ray£nvl8 aumqtuiim 
sint f ote noo f=tar.v., hfibot, oOs^niLirto.-: virti iitor psuo\,i^ 
0(^m, relinquitv.r quod idea x>oa8lt oasa «^na q-iod neto et^t, 
n-^o fiiit, aoo erit, non tanen eo r;o<io aiout ost >i mm qu^e 
aimt, vel orunt, vol fUerontg qiXa na ea q'lao sunt vei orunt 
wi fuorunt i-jroiii'ioeada, li tarinliiacttr ex pjrojjoiito divintve 
volifitatis, non &item od ea ques neo sunt, neo eruut, neo 
fUoronti at ;^io Lujuamodi habent quoda-iinodo iizdoterminctas 
idoas* ( bp Yer^tqlip III, 6) 

fha text of the tJe Yerit^t;^ would oQBm to in^loate that th« 
term "r&tiO" of the .Jtrng^ g^eologifi^ would be regarded lur -'t. 
fbomf a ets indio&tin^ tbe idea «mly Isaproperly, or at least 
indetc^r inaioly, Henee whoa Ulriofo inai;>ts ib^ii tbo idea is 
«holly ijrrotiotl, he iu saying nothing with «hiob 3t. Then, .s 
«anjiot agree» 

IZ ijU Boa 'VO:itur In I :J , o...t» « ti» 3S, art» Uiaioufi, q* 6, ad» 3 
( '.u^rraohi I, o. 612) 

13 OLep» X, p« 106 

lA On tbe notion of Bonavantur ian exjjreasioaiac, 9t% e&r^eol&ljy 
In I ji^iQJtf ^* ^9 ^^'t*« unicua, q* r, ad. £ et ad. 3 ( jaarruchi 
1, pp* mo^&oli }if fgfl^Mtlt 9|t?ykU ^» 2, ^, 3 ( .u^^rr ohi v, 
p« ^{ pp.l3-'24j For oil exoolleut amaoary ci this ijoeltioa, 
of, Oiison, v,^ :.*-!a»rit do la ihilosophie ^.^dievale (i^ris, 
Vria, 1944. Jlrr... '. lii, ,., i.;.6ff, 

m At io&rnia ,i,MiUia> I>'»4} f'. 104-XOB 


fats n 

fft fftMat? ^:m., ^ok ii, Tr&ota.o 6 

Ulrloh of Stresboavg 




lu uo agltur de no iiiibu^; slgnlflcantibue 
ptrfoctioncb ptrtis lai;elleotlTae in Deo 
sioit sunt-^ t^aplentla, eclentiay mens 
ratio, vcrituo, fides 

CAi^ITOLUM ^iiiaau. 

In c,uo probatur intelleetue aese in Ceo 
et de proprietate i^ctue ejus 

Intellectua in Ceo osee constat ex hujus uraialt 
4 5 

eignlficato quod est prima oraniuoi causa , et ex nordnie rations 

quae, secundum Caaasoenua , oon^iatit in univert»all prorideutla. 

Nee enlm prima causa potoct in oaueando eb alio regi , neo provi- 

dentia potest esse sine inteilectu, quia oonfert eowrenientia ad 

oonsecuendum flnen» 

(^annris ceoundim mtionem Intt^llierGndi, ferret intel> 
J 1> 

leetue in Deo rationem potuntiae , Inquantum Deue intelligeodo se 

et alia habet operatioaes , taawi seouodum rem est ipsa essentia 

divina, quse inter noialna exprimeatia perfeetloneui naturae divlnasy 

aumpta a perfeetionibue miturle cieatia, propriiseime nominatur 

aoffline intbllectue, quia haec est altior natura inter oamest Qnde 

dicitur la )Llbro tie Causlp quod boc nomine nominatur noisine sul 

prinl causatl. 

Et magie proprle dieitur divina natura Intelleotue quam 

▼oluntasy £:;ecunduni rationem no.&lnum, quia intelleotus propinqulor est 

- 1 - 

- 2 - 

natura* quasi voluntas , tanquaa Inmsdiatitti; fluene £b Ipsa; quia 

16 17 
secundum ordlnam naturae , volunl'S fltilt ab aosantia oedlante In- 

telleotUy eicut patet in oidiae openua i^itaruoi potentlanim. Ideoc^ua 

Deu^y qui catteat per eusa eeseatlam oouEsllt&ta uoItocb, smgis propria 

dicitur causal'» par inteilectua c,uam aacundium slic-uod aliud cttribu- 

tum, tlcut ex effeetibus patat» ouls oonir forna, ex hftc ' uod est ab 

ipso, est allquod habeas de natura Intelleotualltaticy par cuaa '^teet 

fieri actu Intelligibilie, intantum cuod alicui pbllosophl dlxerunt 

intellectuo cn'^e ut formain in ooinlbue entlbus; quod taiasn falsum est. 

Bonltas autem vel Veritas et alia siiBilis noa sunt ipta natura rei in 

^5 24 

se, sad per ordlnea ad fines vel ad alicuid aliud bujussxxiii . Ratio 

auteia laijus est quod Intellectus / est in cuo primo potest ssse ratio 

oauealitatis » cuia ipee soIuib est porfeeta oausa propter eeparatio- 

nea elev&tionis super naturaa, et propter aufficl^itiaffl rui ex s* 

in regioine in cau^ando. 

leoeese est autea intelleetum divinum esse ejus sub- 
stantlam, -uia aliter asset potentia ab ipso distincta, et cum p&r 

30 31 
se aotum tiX> quod intellectue et intalligere sit solum cuid divlnum 

et aoblle et insigne quod &»t in ;ubstantiis separatism eeC(Uitur cuod 

■- V 

haee omnia habet Deu&^ non per se, sed ab alio i::ibi accidentaliter 
oonjuncto, wuod p ttet esse falsum, quia tunc nou esset prima causae 
quae priow et eeaentialie eenea est ossiis nobilis et insignis 

- 5 - 


perfectionis. Per hoc enim PhilOKOphus in XI MetaphyaicAe probat 

prlnaa cnusam intslllgero, CiUla aliter non esnet natura int«-ll«e- 

tualls, 60 per hoc nihil haberet insigne, cum conctet naturam non 

intellectualoa nihil fcbere nobile eive insigno • 

57 58 

(tea autea ecundua PhiloeopteLim intellig»r« ait dup- 

liciter, ccilicety in habitu et in actu, divinum intelligere semper 

eat in actu, cuio si. cuaadooue eaaot in habitu, tunc pziaa aObstaii- 

tia erset otioca ab innata eibi opercitione, et cub fiex^t actu 

intalligena, tune autaretur de prUoa perfectlone in seomdum, et 

do habitu in oparntlonea, et imitaretur de otlo in opua» et ante opus 

haberet intellectum ut dorai«i8« C^ae omnia oontat ease impos- 

sibilia in prima fubf^taatia. 

Oua etifeffi sit duplex intellectuB, scilicet poseibilie 

et ogcne» Deue non habet intellectum poscibile^, ted tantum intelli» 

git intellectu agente. Ideo ealm preedietuia eat intulligere ejus 

temper esse la actu. Si enia intelligeret intelleetu possibili, 

esset £Ui8 intellcctuc conformis no.itro iitellectui et non differet 

suum intelligere a no^tro, ot mum intellit^ere non esset substantia 

eua , et auue intelleotug erit in potantia et, et exiblt in aeta 

41 42 
per intelliglbile, et illud intelligibile oportet esse in lumine 

alicujus intellectus ; gentis, per quod educet intelleotua de 

potentia ad actum. £t cum agens ;dt nobillue p tiente, / ut dicit 46Tft 

- 4 . 


JtogustiaUE et ?hiloc;ophuji in III £e i^ma , rimus intellectuE noa 


«srit aobiliiisi^sus et opti/mi^, red hfi-ict E.liu.. meliorem 8« j et suum 

intellifcierQ, cuod t-st sua feUcitus, aon -rit perfectum, £:ed erit 

outt laoore, ruia ost cua aiotu, ;ui aeceesario lassitudinera inducit 

la ©o cuod ^iovetur uiotu eibi cooavtturali . ^unlitrr omnif? raotus 

se habdt ed pilmum (mobile • Hon er^o Deus :io intelliglt, 

50 51 

Solum etiwsi ce inteilij^it ut rpeciem per s« objectam 

suo iiitellectui, I^r quod ilia species non est «liud !ih ipso, i;ed 

62 5S 
est idei i;;'si per substantias:, 5i enin per aliud a re intelligeret, 

non difforr'^t sua'a intelligere a nostro, et aon -Rset suua intelli- 

gex'e neceseariam necessitate inirautabilitatis, ebo ettet contiu^fenE} 

quia illuc aliud, ex hoc ioeo cuod est aliud, potr st inesee et .ion 

inesse, sicut et in nobis. £rit etira suura tntelligere vilific^'tio 

Ipsius, et non erit quid divinusi et optiaura, cuia, licet intcllectus 

noster inte!lir<?Qdo etiaa; vilior» se non vilificetur, sed perficlntur 

56 b7 

propter hoc cuod illud viliut- lecipit eeue sub luce nobiliorie et 

agentis intellectui^, taraen Intellectue, ui est ootimus, et nullum 

habet intellfcctum iclloreaB , re vilificatur si Intelligit aliud s se 

c.uia, cum intellectue secundum > ctum \miatur intelligibili secuadu-ti ao- 

69 eo 

turn , ut cicitur in III Do AnimK , iatellectue priious intelligeado 


aliud a se , cuoc' aecesgario ogt viliu£ ipso, cura ipse sit optiimiia, 
uaitur viliori ae, noa axistcnti in aliqua luc* intellectua 

- 6 - 

aobilit&ntis ipeuo, quia tunc llle pfirduceret priiaua Intollectua in 

acta, dt ess«t nobilior noblllcslmo, Egeet ergo fugienduo prima» 6Ub- 

stimtl^^e, ne uac^as aliquid secuodua actum Intelligeret; cuac etlam 

absurda sunt. 

latelligit tam«tt onaia alia Inquantum ee cognoscit esse 

oatttaa oaaaiuo, ut dicit Theauetlus • i;jiod dictum insufflclens est, 


nlfii intelUgatur cum addition©, ecillcet, inc,uantum intelllgit s* 
esaa causaa secundum £?uua 3odua csueandl. Nam ex hoc eolo cuod aliquid 


cognoBOlt ;;e ut oausaa, non cognoscit e&usAtum, nisi in ir^tcatla. 

Qoalle co^^nltlo in Ceo non est. Est auteju suue aiOdUB c&asalitati£ 

per iBOdUf» artlflois / ■:ul est Ipsa sua r.xs easentiallter caueans 46Tb 

ertiflci .ta. Ilia enla quae per &e solum cau&at per erestlonem, 

cognoscit per illaa artoiy quia talis ars cognoscit formara arti.s a 

se procedentem in esse artifloiati, iXla vero ...uae causat natura 

operante instruBentaliter, cognoscit etian per eaodes arteia. Iste 

73 74 

enim intellectus c^il est ars ipsi , in s« quldeai IndlTlsibilia oat 

ead sxten«ws in in^truiaenta divieibllls o&t, itu quod foniaa axtl- 

flelati, ruae est iijse, exssouitur ^er uartee per dlvorsa instiument*», 

▼el per eudea dlversis partibus formae «rtls suceepsive infor-aata, 

Onde talis intellectus infceUlfTsndo e indlTlsibilixer intelllgit 

formao artls procedwitem a tie In InetruaentH, at per inatrumenta 

In aaterlaiB, per seipsuia nihil a. copdto nccipioidOy red o-ania facit. 

- 6 - 

Sintile hulc potest duplex sumlt uitom :1 ponaaas rirtutem 
forajf.tivam in yemlne "spe vera intellectum, elcut a philorophlc Inter- 
dun Toc tur. Tunc enia itte intellectu» j)©r rura jubetnatiiua opeiatur 

fomaai ounlu^i aeobrorusif une, secundura "uod sunt In Ipso^ oaat idaa 

ipsi EUbst&atiae, et quanto plus reoedunt ab Ipso, tento plue diver- 

Bificintur eb ippo intellectu et eb Invicera. Et taiien oognosolt per 

79 iO ' 31 

8«ipsua lllQC tonma quentuaeumoue reeedunt ab Ipao, quia aLlter 

per suam eBsentiam non opur&retur eae. Allud exan^jlum est in f>ole, 

84 36 86" 87 

si isAgineinur lucem solis est» Intelleetua, et Ilia lux :it 

substcntir tolls; ^Ic enim huec lux caueando luaaa et eolores co^;- 

39 30 
nosocndo se, co^oecit et ilia caueeta a se. Siinlliter eet in 


Neo ex hoc secjuitur cuod Ceus «ntequam eausaret res noc 

cognosceret «as» Cflls. sua caue-^re, in u. itum e; t pua operatic , aet&ma 

est, licet csusatuffl te'a::»orale eit* £t ideo eodeoi aaodo novit ea anto» 

quaa faceret quo novit ;uando fecitf vel pOEtnuain fecit. £a veto c,ua« 

nutaquam fecit nee faeiet, potest tamen facere, etisA cognoeeit eogni- 

tiont- practica in isfcteria, ct Intelliidt ea uno, / ct tamen deter- 47ra 

94 95 

minate eeit cuoclibet, . Sirdlit.ei' ea c,upe fUerint vel sunt eine 

96 97 

ipso, Bcilicet aula at privatlones, de cuibus J oannis i i Slay 

ii ^co factum ert nihil» intelliipit Deus» eieut srs scit peccnta 

93 99 ICX) 

artie per hoe, mod non habent perfectam fOrmaa artie. Undo 

- 7 - 

ttrs dlvlna opcrane la ojziibue cauals eeeundtalis deterniinate intel- 

llglt quemlijct dafcetj-a incidaatc;- g% causa dcfieionte, cuia rectum 

101 " 
eet judex eui et obli;ul, ut dloitur ia li':>ro De Anl;aa » £t ante- 

quan fiunfc ImjuciBOdi, coijaoecit eadeia ars oames aiodos quibus ab 

ipsa leviari potest, et eXitxis. queliter deficlet causa secundaria, 

cuju<3 conditionos perfectc et deterioijyite &clt. 

Slcut autes in Eeo noa est inteilectue possibllle, sic 
lOS 104 135 

Philoeophus vult in eo non 6i;se intalloctuo epeculativura 

ssd teatuis priicticua , CpeouletivUE aaiat inteilectue, cass. non 

pOEsit esse in Beo per speclfea\ difforentem a sua eubst&ntia, oportaret 

cuod EEset in eo per ^niaai essetiti&ffi, iasujaatua ilia est siisilitudo 

onmlusj et cuod in tali corsiauxi plux'ibUE. siailitudiae nulli per 

107 108 109 

oper&tionesi sppropriata cognoecitur , hoe solum in univsrsala 

et in potantifi cognoscitur, Cuir, ergo potentiulic comltio non pit, 

110 111 112 

nisi intellectus potentialia aive poeeibilia , non est in 

Deo scoculativuB intollsctus, c^iout nee possibilis. tied intel- 

loctus sigene ';ui non agit s^scies ia iat6?,lectun po^sibileaa noce&> 

B«rio est r.ctivuB ipsuruja fonaarua in verltate su^rua tiaturerum, et 

per consecuens est prbcticus. Tjilio ergo ..set intellsotus diviuus 

in ccgtiitione aliorua e ce, Oxm ergo Dcsiti non hiibet v.ropriani eui 

ipsiuij oognitioneQ alism e. cooasmi sciesitia, coraprehendente 


ounie, ut dicit lUonysiuB, VII c&f itulo Ee. Divinls Nordnlbus , 

- 3 - 

iatellectua Dei, erit practicas tim in sui coyaitione, qui£- per euam 

cogaitionem caus-tit, et cogtiitio causate est practiea, quasi etlom 

in coyaitioae tdiormn a ee; quia illf* cogioecit cognoacendo se 


eeee o&usaa, ut dlclt Dionjsius . Bed haec ratio noa prooedit, 

nisi supponitur / .;uod Deue nor* operetur totam rem, eed mitteria 47rb 

eit netem^y et iiiei ^ni^ponuuur Deu& t&ntus esse inimedi?tum princl- 


pium principiorua rei et propri state j; rei causfiri ex principiis; 

©t utrumcu© horam falsua est, iit ideo essentia divint, cujus dif- 

fu&io est totum quod est in re, scilicet , materia et for!A& et 

omnes proprietates, est pro-iria et perfecta eiailitudo cujuelibet 

rex, £t ideo per ipsam non 'mt la potentia, i^od determinate oog- 

no&citur unumMUodcue etiaia tpeeilative, eicut p&tet in visioae angel- 

orua in Verbo. 

Nee ex hoc quod ponlBUs Dei intellectum atiara practicun 

esse aliquid divino intallectoi derogatur, ;uia, licet intelleetus 

epoculativue, ui est htibitus lunlnis perficieatis Intellectug! possi- 

bilens ultima perf&ctione, sit uuid divinieeimum et ootimim in t&li 

124 ' 12£ 
h&tura, in oua est ii.te intallectue possibilis , et sic nobilior 

12(: 127 

intcllectu praotico, qui , eecunduai Philosophum la III De Anima , 

•8t principium aotue per rt^tlonem appetibilis exlctentie eytra intel- 

123 129 

ligeatea et moventis ejus appetitum , taioea intelleotus prooticus, 

cujus flni£ 6:;t intra ipsum, et operando nihil acqulrit, red oimee 

- 3 - 


pejfcctionf^r- diffundlt, ac per l>oc cu scientin non eet cnuBata 

a rebut, , ed o£t rerna oanium ^^riafi ceuisa,, est iiobilior intsllectu 

gpeculGtivo , ui etir.a f5i -. vpcculftti. nihil rccipit, t'^mtm. nihil 

152 155 

causat, eecuaduD Philocopbam in III Pe Anima . Unde cum secun- 

duo Diooysium intellij-ere divinua ;dt cause, rerua propter eful 

perfect Lonsm, proprie iatelleot'JE divinus est practicus, non solum 

specolntivue . In signuia bujue, Vf rburo pptemi intrll«>ctus frequentsr 

in Ecripturu ijouitur ut Verbua prcctlouaij uod o&t ^rs pl«oa r<3tio- 

1J6 157 

nana oisniun ▼ivsntlu», ut d.lcit Auguetinus VI ge 'frinitste . 

Onds Josjmig i t Onmla pci- i.-guja f-icta gunt et gln^ ioeo f-.ctuin 

159 ' 140 

est nihil . ^t Hebreepy xi ' Fide crediniuc aptate esse s&eculp 

vsrho gal ut cy inviilbllibu:: vlslbilis- ficrent . Psalgus t Dipdt 

et f.-.cta lunt . Capie;'\ti.':!.e xvi : V .r bua tuum cuod , sanat om nin» 

m taTien secundum rstionem lo:uimur potlus quan» eecundum 

rem, tunc isti duo intell^ctuc, :ui realitcr unus; sunt in leo, dif- 

145 144 

ferunt , quia eeswitifi dlvlna / pr&etar rationeni c"UBa« cat 47v& 

etiaa natura setps-s distincta sb oaaiibus cre&tis nat'iris. Et ideo, 

siowt Deis intueado ae ut ceusa-r. iitelligit se intellectu t->ractico, 

ita Intuendo se recundua id uod est, intslligit se intellectu 

8p«culativo. ft elcut cognoseendo ?e ut efficientera causam cog- 

nosoit effectus cognitioae pr)?ctica, ic cognoscendo 8« forsEm 

per praedictaa efflcientiai participata» vel participabilem ab 

- 10 - 

onnlbuEf cognoKclt creaturas intelleotu s^peculatlTO per speelem cur» 
est omolUi-n eimllitudo* 

cAPiTOLUM bwamm 

Ob aodo ;uo Dcus latelliglty «t quomodo fit 

in Ip&o aeas at s&plentla^ 

HeaBf eeounduB Dioayslua , dlcltur de Ceo r^ttloae Intel- 

leetue eesentlallter et oaus&liter) creentlaliter quidea, ouin intel- 

leotus, seeundoa ▼•ram hujus ao:;>.nie ratlonem, sollus Del est* Quae 

vcro latlo eonsirtit la purlt&te lucls Intellectualls, cuee nihil de 

obumbr«s.tione pocslbllitatls et potmtiae aaterl&lle habst adolid^uui . 

£<olus enlra Ceu£ or^bet Intelleetua agent «a sine possiblll, ot neo 

ao.aiaBB nee «agcll carent posslblli Intelleotu* Unde Averroea In 

Ooayato ^laar III Be iglma ponit eum In intelllgentiis, quia allter 

neo 3drari po&8«it, neo h bere Intel llglbllla, 

Natura autoui (,uae In se dloltur inteilcetuCf In compare^ 
tlone &d intellecta vociitur seac a measuraadOf in^uantum intellectus 

. er babltum -rlndplorum est prlmum metrux , alTe prima regula, od 

quaa omne verua exaailn&tur, et scltur esse Terum cum hulo regulae 

7 8 

concordati et cuod dieoordbt, seltur esse faleum, Onde Daraaseenaa 

9 10 
II Ilbro, }:XII caoltulo t mena dljudleans oplnlonen, eIto Tera 

est sire falsa, judlc&t verlt; tea. Onde sens dlcltur a metlendo 

ot excoglt-indo et dljudleando. Uoo autea propriuQ est lllius litel- 

leotae qui est oausa reruia, it«i uod ruaellbet res est T^ra inquaatuB 

lllUB intelloctuiia Isaltc.turj et quantum deficit ub ejus representatlone, 

- 11 - 

- 12 - 


tontua eti- Ta ccdit '•■ Vf?ritate eu&e naturae; et nor: est e converoo, 

15 16 

i.,uod ille intclloctus sit v(;ruB propter veritutea rei , quia 

nihil 'cci'jit u rebue. Sic cnia aon est la intellectu no-jtro cui 

aecipit / Ji rebus , Bt prima ciiuea et regula veritatie coaslstit 47vb 

13 19 

in rebuB , et Veritas iatelicctus consslijtit in conformitate 

ipeius ad rem, et noa e couvcriso, nisi tocundua nod varwa et 

•l 22 

faleuia sunt in animti secundum ?hilO£X)pham ; ttc enisi prima regula 

et caUBfi eiuu intellectue est. Sic etiax non est in xntellectu an- 

geiico, cui, licet non uccipiat cognition em a rebus, tmsen s.cclpit 

a priffls causa, et ^u .ntura el per illuiBiuationcs conforuuitur, tantum 

habet verit.itis; et ubi non conforafitur, ibi, sjecuadum Dionyiium 

bnbet confusionea dissisdlitudinii;; ie^aorentiae. Et ita i>tellectus 

angelicas, p«r diTinum uod in re babet, est meneurj^ verit^itis prout 

est in ipso intellectu { et cua non sit c&usk. rerua, non ett meneura 

veritatis rerom, ita cvu>d, propter conformitatesi .^:d ipeuiu, .:it in re 

Veritas mae naturae. P&tet er^ quod laeiii ,:)roprxe ciicitar de Ceo. 

26 ^7 

^""'^ft xi I Ilspersit supcrbo^ etc . 

Cauealiter aut&n dlcitur c'.e Eeo, incuantwu ipse est 
causa esentic u&rfectae in angelis b.9ni&, et mentis p^rticlpat&e 

29 SO 

in natura rutionuli, ct sientis daestonum , non inc-uantum est mens 

SI 52 

rationis dcprcvatae, ctiia aio siagis debet appellari casue a aente , 

propter r-uod Dionj'dLuE in eie .-^onit aacntea concupiscentlam. £t 

- 15 - 

qulri haee aena est suprooum dnlmae noEtrao, ut dlcit Augustlnus 

XIV £e Trlaltcte , secundum ^vum Buprersam potentiam inest nobis h&bitus 

nobllissiisus, Litipientia ficllicet, secundum Philesophu^a X Ethicorum , 

ideo etiam, aecuodusi ratlonen Ottatia, tapiflutla Deo attribultur cuad- 

rupllcl rstlono cecundua Dionysiuia, 

Priaa est quia r ecuadum reraia ratlonom hujus nootinle, 

solus Leus est sapiens, ul? saplentlsi secundum Philosophiira conslstit 

in co^ltlone Del et ooolum dlvinorum per eeusas eltlssliaas et prlmas; 

et Del perfectua cognitlonem et corapreiasnsivaia, quee sola eimpiiclter 

imperittlxta ett Ignorcnti», {«lus ipee habct. Divina etiem oianifi, slve 

elnt rubstantlae dlvinae et saparatao , rive ?int prlaee dlvlnae peiv 

41 42 

feotionls emanatloact, ut ens, vita et hujus ^odl, solus Ipse 

oogno&clt, ln< urmtua est prima causa Ipsorum. Et Ideo ^olus vcre 

45 44 

est eupiens / Romenos xrl t Co,'|tut.i, ;-.oli epientl . I'eo . Glospa t 43^8 


ut sic Intelllgaoue :iOlum Deua sapl«iteiii , vioat iatelllglaius solum 

4r 47 

pottjntem . Dnde ^:nonides dicitt solus Deus iiabet hunc bonorea, 

Id est, hbino saplentiam prae onulous honorabil <i^, ut diolt PhllO£0;;i]us 

43 49 >S0 51 

I Mcitaptpreicae * £t Ideo Ibldea diolt Philoeopfaus quod saplentla 

6:; 55 

dloltur ^roprle scientln dlvin», quia maxlae DeuK h.-'b8t earn, et 

non est .posses&io touuna. Id est, conveniens bo; inl incuantux boao, 

sed secundum ruod allquid dlvinur. ert in nobis, rule boao est nexus 

«andl et Del ut dlcit Heraes Trlsneglstlu» in ^,ibro De Deo Deorum , 

- 14 - 

Et c^uaavlB scieritia pariieipata a aobit fit ^pdculotivfa, ut probbt 

Philosoprius In I teetar->hyalct.6 , iusatsaf pZ'out esu In 13<i)0f est pr.tctica, 

quia et ce cognoscit ut e^iUi;ila et uiiioiu dlvina ^^vv illoun c&^ui^aia. 

v>ecunda ratio e^l suia eolu;:. est. ^jer :8 aapiens, id est , 

noa per partioipatlontta, bed p6ji eeaaabiun. Terbia eat cuia Ipe* 

est Causa oi&uis B'ipienti&e. Lcclesl&stictt^ 1 ; Qstnla s&pi^tla a 

Coittlao Deo , sst^ sive sib s&pientia. co;Xsuaittir dicta &d omnem sclontiam 

&9 60 

•t arte» , sivo sit tiaplaatia dictu mIua r.ecuadiui convaaieatiaB 

in genere. Qu^ie est cogoitio, Liout dicib ISlon^sius la VII capitulo 


De l.iviiil;^ iJOialaibus , .uod non peco^t ^b int.^t'Ott«( diceac soneoa 

ip30& esse rauonaniii^ s^pieatiae. Oaais eaiis una n&turu convenieae 

diversis imporfeote, it& :;aod gr(id;:4Tiim deficit ia els, ect eb uno 

priao erfootive et furaiali^er csuaunte, & quo illi graduu gradatim 

distant, et per illaun ciistaabiadi grudutiia la eis dsficit ill'>. natura* 

Hi. enia effeotivo Uuioura »t non forualilcr causaret» esset causa 

aequivoca» quae aecessario le&ucitur ad ctiueaa uoiTOCais priorea se, 

et aoa e&set prXiaum in illo geaere. Sad cogoitio est huju^ aodi 

n- iuru, - uia in otsnibus creuti^ est secundu.'u luperfectiondm potentiat- 
lit&tis etiata in angelisy et e«eanduat Avcrroeia , in intelligentiis, 


la nuibu£. ipse dicit esse iritelleotum poesibileia; sed to^aen in 

intelleetuali m^tura est in priiao gradu perfectionis. Ratio autem 

est intellcctue obuinbrstue, et sensus soluu retinet gonerie naturam / 43rb 

- 15 - 

quod est cognitio. Ergo est ; b uao priao unlrooe «t foraallter ef- 

ficiente oaueu co^'nitionex. bed a quo uaivooe eausatur allcua 

natura, Ita quo(^ o^nis ejus perfeotlo est per aoeeseua ad lllas 

c&u&fimi at osnlB i .perfeotlo est per dietantlaa ab ipea, illud 

perfeotlssloum «et in ilia naturaj ergo, illud prlonia ti^uod est eauM 

o^tiOlL oogaitioaig eet perfectlesiaua ootfniitiruQi. Hoc aute?. est 

priaus a.atsilacbugy ^ive prima meaa rationo capientir.e perfectlesi'riaE. 

I^jse ergo seoundUiU r^^tioaeiK iiujue perfeetionie est causs unlvoca 

oioois cognitionis. I'ropter iioc etia'^ i^ristotelee» ut dicit 

i^sxr&tiMs , seneit otmem oognitioaeat ^rofluere a prima nstura 

cognitiYa. £t praediet& riitio «ex» suapta ex epistula ^ristotelis 

De Priaci.j4-o «Jniv'sreit-ti^ • 

72 75 

Kuartu ratio est faaec quoc coavyait ;aeo perfectio Deo 

sccuacuza esaaentiiun, »icut et Oianis all:-;, perfectio as Leo dicitur; 

74 75 
propter queta &>:ces£{ua sapieatia divina litultitia vocatur. 

I Cprinthio^ i s ^od ctuituiu j^a t Eeiy g&jietiti l s est hOisin^bus . 

Sicut eniat Gxponit IJionj^sius , hoe non solaa dicitur quoad aoa, qui 

opera eapientiae divinae, t'cilicet, inciuaationi^ et paeeioaief 

quorum rutiones igaoramu£!y stulta reputamue, siout ibidem prae- 

79 30 

nieit ApoatoluB t ^raedicaaus Chrtstua qptQin.3^ , eatlbus 

81 82 

etultitiaia | sed cuia couEuetUiu e&t Ih&ologir- dicere prlv.<;tive , 

as 34 

id Qst, privare vol nega^re a i>eo ea ua« sunt in Deo coatraria 



p«0iloaey id est, proprietate oppoelta , prlvatione} : icut clarle- 

eiooiu lu acn '^icunt Invitiblle vel caliginoa, tic ergo .tultltla Dei 

est excellen? .^nia t^.^^pidntin, 'uae nobis est occasio stultitiae, cua 

r»tioni connuoritae sensibue infixi secundua iptan JudlcHOUs r^tiones 

diTlnaa, quae e$t nicer iosaaj et ideo talie dellber^tio huraana est 

error. Hi vero volunais non errare, aon debeaus divina iatelligcr© 

secundum oeatea noistran, id ect, r»tion^B prout ipaa aatur^diter 

95? 95 

cognitlonett suait ; sed debeauc diviaa intelli£,ere , ut dlcit 

Cioi}y&ius seeimdiui virtu tai illaai quea / habet nens nogtro ad 43va 

inspiclraiduin intelligibilia, ^<uae est unltio per vuan conjugltur 

ad ea quae eunt rupcr tps&m, quae ezcedit naturaa aontic praedicto 

aodo (.umptaa. Haec cnis virtui» est ulticium de I'Oteati:^ uobilitatis 

uiioiae , quae est id quod dirimim c^t in noble, scilicet, divina 

ia^/.go et uimilitudo, per ^uam tota sniaa eoajuncta eet inteilectualibus 

per oonforiuitattBa naturae. lilt ideo, cum ocmis cognitio sit per eiai- 

litudineai, ; ic cognOBCit intellectualia et divina, et cognoscendo 

unitur ais per tubinhaesionei, Unde Diooysius, VII capitulo Do Divinis 

Sopinibtts i est rur&iue divinissima Col oogoitlo ^^:^e oat per ig- 

99 100 

noranti&flj oo^juta aecjcidu.3 unitionoa , Uiindo aeas ab omnibut aliis 

recedene, postea «t seipsa'n dludtteaa, uaita es% sup&replendentibus 

radii», non scrutabili profundo tapieatiae illuadnata. Et quia 

Veip^ua cogaoncendo Deuc co^piosci» onmia, ut ilia cogoitio est cauea 

- 17 - 

reruo, Idao duo reaumtur suwa intellectun, 

Prloua eFt 'luod ^.on dep«ndet c.h intelligiblll, eicut noiter 
intfellectus oui eeusatur ab Intelllglbllibus. Et Ideo intelleotus se- 
cundum fcctun dlcitur relatdye ad intelligiblle, plcut et renfus et 

105 104 

opinio et rseno, ut dlcitur in XI Met' physicEQ , Fed cum, 

hoc Ipiiim fuod er.t, non depondeat n, '^ed e cortv-rEO, intcllectuw 

dirinut tecnndum esec non de;endet a re^us ("uemra est C2uss., ^^«4 e 

converro, elout arlifloiatu dependent ab tntellectu artificis. 

Eecunduia est /uod suum intellljj-^re non secuitur uodum 

rerum intellectartm, ed est ; ocundura T^>dura fiul -prisd. et per e objc-eti, 

105 * loe 

quod on': ips'^ rnssentip, sui intellectus. Ideoqus ut dicunt Dionyniue 

et Philooophus , Iteuc ao^iOf?cit "naterlalia lEsnate-rlftllter, et inflalta 

finite, ot divislbilie unic© , et composit;.; eiaplicitcr, o.t tOf>« 

i>oralia intuaporf.llter, et contint^entia nececsario, et nee ast uni- 

vercalis noc piirticulriri^ sua cognitio. Horuu eiiini :v;itio ast quia, cum 

oo^nosoat omnia per imau lucea, co^^oseit ea prout i-unt in ilia luce» 

Oronia autoa quae alitor mnt in euis naturi<i praedictis modis sunt in 

liioe divlni intallectus, sicut .atuit in exe^plls / supra positis in 48Tb 

vtrtute forriativa, et in solo. Patet ergo propositus, 

110 111 

l«e teiassi eequitur ex hoc quod Deus n<m eclat res prout 
112 115 

Euntj iunt eaia raateriales et co.npositue et caetera hujueiaodi, 

quia haee est duplex, 9Qgno scit ree prout :unt . Vol enim li jjrout 

- 18 - 


puot dicit condltioae.:- actue cOtjaltionis cjoiif or :;-.wtl itiiperj*eotioil 

rei ; qualitei- ooncedendijw ast I5«uq non aOj^uoacoro rap nrout sunt j 

Tel dicit Goaditioaaai i^ slut cotjniti; &t tunc ijogaoscere res -rout 

lie 117 113 

sunt ett co^occere l^^aas habere omnee conditionee perfeo- 

tionis vel xuperfectioneB .iU; & Jii^eat, St : ic Deus oogaocclt roe 

prout £Uat, Soit ctiim ,uod itityi-iKlia ^axit .auterlalia, et conpoelta 

soli esse oo:upositi.y et eic de alii;>; .uie c&u/& cot^oscene oaui3£;'tu:a 

per aeip;>a^ aon aoloa oOk^oscit sa ^uae ipea iafluit oauBi.tio ; 3d 

etl&ia cogaussit sol disfii.iii,lii.adla<5a. a ^^uolibet caioalo; e^ p«r 

oon&e^u9U£, uogao&oib oautictu dict>ii.illit>udiaiu et ;.^odu4« 

Ex i:oc putet ^.uod sclaatia diviaa acv>tlvaca ast uoiitrae 

soleatiae, ruia licet oor.i.auaii^ r&tio aoieatiai» , ia;;uantaa uujus- 

modlf sitaaulogice dicta de acieatia C«i di nostr'»» ti.4ea jsouadUiD 

praediotas tpeciales ra'wi.oiiofc.> aclsutiii® d^viais^», tioa csoavauit boo 

noisea soieai.ia.6 aofetrae, -.a.-c ^ coatriiucio eti&a si^plicia cosi- 

1 or 

poaeaco cognocicit et lOJUtterivJ^a materi&litar , at, a<3tcma cua 

oontiauo et teo.pox'*». insupor Dsi scientia est activra, aoctra 

pasiiiva; ilia 6st oausa rdru<A, aa&tra d'va.;uta & r&bag . Int .lliglt 

cuidea I«us ma teri>.ilib liUiKaterialiter, cuia tioa r.tatrahit speclem 

a co:upo&itOf ;;ur.e ^pocie^' luoludit la &e iii&i,erxauL i.\u oiauE intel- 

liglbiloa, ; «c par eu&jB eee«atic.iK, cuac: penitus Liioiatc-rialls est, 

iiitelilf:it ipsiLii co^posituu. Co£;no£cit t^uneu noa . .>luni tormaa, 

- 19 - 

aateriaa, quia ejus causa est. Infiaita autem cogaoccit» 

cuia infiaita subuunt suae potentiae, 'u>^m ipse oognoseit eeeundum 

tot&iii iUantitatem TirtUidetOf ui^e mwusuratur ajd objecta, eecundua 

Philoeophua in iibro pe Caelo et Muado . £ed cognoscit ea finite, 

cuia noa cognoscit •& transeundo super ips'oa, sieut no.^ter intel- 

155 134 156 

leotus qui iateXligLt unu:a prius et idiud poeteriue; / uia 49ra 

tunc infinitum eesot finitua, ^^uia cuod pertr&nBltiu- faabet terainos 

et est f:.nitua« Sed oogsoseit ea ut sunt in .sua eauea, quae est ipse 


diriaa esseatiit, qune euo inteilcctui I'inita est quae earn conipre- 

157 188 

headit « Proptei i30c tfrnen etiaa PsbIibus dicit uod e^APieatiae 

1S9 141 

Dei noa. m-t nuaerua . Et Apostolus vocat cognit.ioaea thefcauroe 

papieatiae et gcienti^e recoaditof in Cijisto . nvisibilia etiaa, 

id est, oontinua oognoseit indivlsibillter. Quia fecundum Philosophum 

in III Le Aniaa , eiiaa notter int^llectue dlTieibilia intelligit 

una slia}:lici et inolTiea oomitione, in umtuia ea accipit units in 

foziaa oontinuitatie ^ueA abstrahit a rebue* ^Ito fortius ergo 

144 14S 

hoo uno aimpliei intuitu indivisibiliter cognoscuntur in deitate , 

quoniaifi yidentur in pri.'u:: siii:;jlici foroia exeuplari. 

Uulta Tero intelligit uoice , cuia licet intelleetue 

accipiens a rebus oialta fox^ualiter noa tntelligat, nisi inquantua 

diversltate illarxim formarua deteminatur, nee culte aateilaliter 

ut sunt indlTidUM iriteliigt.t, niei reflexioae ad £a!isuffl, cirersimode 

- 20 - 

ad divcrsas f'peeles eenelbllee termiaetur; timta intelleotus, in- 

tslligeas per formam az'tis . roeedaatem ad ree, omaia ilia deteraln«;ta 

cogiiitl(»ie cogno&clt» ut uzuus sunt in arte, ricut mm e:qpOfdttta est* 

149 150 

£t haee act ratio «^aiia Deu^ non solua scit saults &imul, :red 

etlaa Oflal& simttl Intelllglt» et aoa Tr^iatur de uno Intel ligibili in 

cllttd; cuaarle nos !?cire guides: poei^umis ,lura, sed non ntelligera 

slinol Rotu plur&y contingct cuia, cum oper&tionoe dictinguantur secon- 

dtun objecta, intclleetU£ nostcr intolligenc plum ut plura , scilicet, 

per species diversae, necese-rio facit hoc per plures Oijerationes, 

cuae si^itul in uno simplici este non poeamt "Uia siiaplex ad cuod : e 

convertit totsllter ee convertit» et ab uno simpliei ncm potest 

isk 153 

esse nisi uami. Sed etiaa no; ter intellectus plura simal intel- 

ligit una aotione intellectus curado intelllgit e& ut unus, secundum 

154 l&b 

Phil0E0p]3um in III De Anlaa , sicut quando ootaparat intelligibilia 

adinvicfla eecundum affiziafitionem / unlue ab alio. Shilto fortius, 49rb 

ergo, sic est in Isto intelleotu, nui oimia uno intelllgit» 

Gosipoeita quoque intelllgit sloipliciter, OMipoeit» enira 

secunduiQ . uod distinguuntur u dlTisibillbus fnjint compoaita eseen- 

tifili coapositione, scilicet, ex materia et forina, vel ex pluribue 

fflaterialibuEi, ut znixta, siout dlTlsibilia sunt compoeita oonpoeitione 

cuontltativa» Haee taiaen comaiuniter dicuntur composlta ozonia ubi vuom. 

est in alio, et de ipso praedic^iTi potest, yel etlaia piaedicatur» 

£i eic oo>'flpr«handLt et Ipeeg res et «tiam o!3&nati<Hiee'. In nobis 

1S3 leo 

enln alius est intelleetuB indiTisibiliura et incoiaplexorum, qui 

•eap«r est veras, et cdius est Latelleotus coGiponeoe Qui vel est 

162 165 

Terus Tel faleus, secimdum Philosoplsjua In III pe Ania a» Et ilia 

eorapoaitio exprimitur in or'itione, quia intelleotus accipiene a rebus 

neceesario absolute primo apprehendit quiditates coaparabilium, et 

post haec ooa;:arai ea ad invicesi secundum coiapoeitionem et dlri- 

eioaea, et tcrtio ilia com'^osltio exprloit la voce. In Deo autem 

haeo Intellectuum distlnctio esse non potest, cuia ipse cogaoe> 

eendo re unam siaplicerj er.u&&m oimiura coapooibilium ot omuls conipo- 

sitiooie, five sit in rebus, eive in rermone, oopnosc&t omnia ista; 


et cie oogaosoit ea simplieiter, nt dictua est. Propter quod etiam 

uno verbo euo plure. dicitr^ouadum illud Psalaii t Semel loeutus est 

Eeus, duo haec audivi etc . 

Temporalis vero cognoscit intampor alitor, id est^ eeter- 

nalltor, cuia teaporalitas Tel conf^ecuitur ex suoceeiya cognitione 

unius iutelligibiliB po^t &liud , sicut dicit Philosoptaus in III 

171 172 

De AnJTaa quod inteilectus dividend eontlnuua, et dirisim partea 

post parteiu intolligms, dividit etiani te^ipust et Augustinus etien 

174 175 

angelicua intellectua sic dicit aoveri er tenipora; rel eun 

reflexione ad seneun accipit all uid sub determinata differentia 

176 177 

tesporie, cieut dicit Philosopbus quod faetorua et futurorua 



- 22 - 

173 179 

intcllectUB t??mpore hpbet; ▼©! In'ueatua ea quae inmeditt© sibi 

ualta sunt in rebus ipse intelieetuB coe:p(mlt per medium. £t Ita 

heec coapositlo est actio / taatum intellectus, qufle «ictio neceesiiiio Adra. 

eet In tempore; vel metepfaorioe sxirapto tesonore est in Intel lectu 

angelorus cognitio laatutina et vespertine cecandun Augu^itlnum ex 

dlTersit^-te raedll ,jer .^uod oognoscunt* 

Ex praedictis autca patet nihil tellum eeee in intel- 

135 184 

lectu divino. Son ergo intelligit tenjporalltsr» Et oropter i rlfiniia 

horum apad l?eum non est vjeiesitudinip obuabratio » Jeopbl i 

13e 137 
Propter secundusn, oamia axmt ei i «mini seen tl am praeterltortua, 

quia quidquid scirit, soit, nee dubit.-tioncm vel conjecturam de fu- 

turie etlam cuae in rerum ni>tura oianino future snant, ita cuod neo 

in ee, nee in suis oaueis naturalibus est praesene» quia in prima 

eausa eanper virtuti inent. Et pix>pter hoc etiam tr^lium per re cog- 

nitio eet Deo propria, ricut @t esse primam oausam, Isaiae xli i 

Annuntiate cu&e venture aunt in futurls et teiemus quia dii eetis 

l92 ~ 198 

▼08. Et cunt £ub differentiis teni;x>rua oignificiitur Dei cog- 
194 195 

nitio , hoc est ?ropter scitorum mitationem. Propter tcrtium , 

nihil cognoscit di^cursira cognitione :U6 oognoscitur cotnpositua 

per c(»iponentia, et o^usatum per causam, sed per siaplicem intultum 

omniust in causa, c,uae eet ipse. Propter tmartua est sua eognitio in 

stabili et plena luce • 


- iiS - 

Coatingoatia «Ami oogaosolt neceee.-^rlo et non contin» 

genter, quia oognoeclt ea in sua oauftallt^te, ot Ipse est omnium 

eaasa necesaarla, quia coatlngmtia effeetus est ex ceusa ejus pro- 

pincitta per defoctun ex dietantla a prlao neovsearlo} et ideo 

cogtiosclt ea incontlng«iter, cive infaliibilitar et irfiautabiliter, 

CaQ etiam eogoltio universalis git per id quod a re abstractum 

est, quia xmlvoreale est unua de oultle et in nniltiSy et oogoitlo 

particularis sit id cuod est propria oatura rei, patet quod lata* 

cunt cifferMitiae cognitionis apeoulativ&e ^cceptae a rebus • £t 

ii02 ^QZ 

ideo scieatia practica oaueans res ita cognoeoit osaiia deter- 
minate cognitione, ^iout supra exi^ositun est; quod aeo est universalis 

^4 20b 

nee particulaxis. £t ideo patet f&lsaoi esse opiaioneai ATloeimae 

206 ;X)7 208 
et Algazelio et Isaae philosophorum qui dixeruat Deoa / 49rb 

CO ^o score res in universall et non in particular! • 


vualitter ratio et fides et scitaotia sunt 
in Deo 

Kationea <,uofiUe dicit tianysius dici ce lieo, Wuod 

intellij_endU3i est secunduai id uofi ptrfectioiiis est in ratiorie, 

ct aon £.ecuacua obunibrationeru, id e^t, recunciura ^uoc. ratio dicit 

intellectua obiuabratua ex connaturalitate ejus &d Beneua ct pioan- 

tasiasa, per qu^ja habet co^iaoecer .- cum coatinuo t tt:-;ii!.ora, '..t secun- 

e 7 

dum discursivara disciplinara, ut Dionysiue cicit. Sic etiaffi i;lia 

oiiinia Deo attribuuntur » • uae ex creaturis accipiuntur, tic ergo 

9 10 

Dionjcius dicit rcvionei L-eo conve.oire ex ".uiacue cuusi», 
11 1^ 

Primo cousaliter , i,Txia eet largitor rationis proprie 

dict&e in ho;axnibu&, et tfientis, '..uto est ratio cOiCiiouiiter suiapta 

pro Qtani poteatia cogaoicitiY& ixxuujctt et cepferfebaj cu&litt-r GregoriuB 

anf^eluiii vocst ani?B&l retioncle; ct B&pienii;-e, cu; e propter potissiatum 

ueua rationis ituio vocatur, 

Secuado, ei* ai.^alitudiao>- tid i-atioaeaj artlficialejii, ;ui\e 

per -formaoi artis a'^uea est omniuui artiricit^liua; ars btilA est cecunduu 

latlonea rt;ota>2 fstctivus habiC/Us, ut axcit ir'iiiio;:opbu£i . ^L-t aic 

cicit Cionysius f uoaiam Oiiiaiuia cautfiS uniforaiter in eei.yso prae- 


Tertio, per similitudino^ri ad r&tioaeu ut co^pioscitivK. bct« 


Et hj^ec est :.:ecuncuia pfailosophos duplex» una u-'-.e voc^tui- iaformatio. 

- 24 - 

- 25 - 

Bed ab Arlstotel» Toc&tur intelllgenti& IndlTlsiblllumf scilicet, 

cuffi intellectus inoomplexa quidit^te rei Informatur .u&e ebstracta 

est a re, et ideo eet tlmplex, £t tic dicit EdLoni^eiuB cuoaiara 

oaneiB rifflplidtatem divlneis siayliflcetur ratio, inquaatura, scilicet, 

eognoBclt oamia una prlaa :;impliciseinai foraa, aon abftrscti^. a rebus, 

aed CHuaante rce. ilia voc^.tur fides, et ab Arictotele vocatur in- 

tellectus co3ipon«\B, cu»nco, acilicet intellectua a&setxticndo affir- 

mat alicuid de !Lli(\io, vel neg£:t alivuld de alicuo. («ui aasensus 

ex discursu syllogistico, ui est ex causa in causatua efficltur. 

Et per slmilitudiuem ad banc rationem , cuarto modo ratio 

24 26 

dioitur in Deo. / Uade dicit i^ionysius t et quoniam per oimia 50ra 

Tadit, oami eauec^li ^oieatia eognosc^ido gradatini, noa ex parte sui 

intellectue, sed ex ordlne caugatorum asque ad finem; id est, noTl- 

BCiaaa crei turem <-,uae est proprie aihil, Lt ideo ibi eet finis, ut 

27 'd3 29 

£loqula dicunt • Sapiaitiae vili t Attinrit a fine uscue ad finera , 

Quiinto, >er sisdlitudinaia ad id ouod perfeotionis est in 

SO 31 

nature rationis. Probnt eoiia Philoeopbus in III De Aniina cuod 

Intellectua poseibileit, 'ul est ratio, oportet esse inioixtum, id est, 

non ai:!(tvua oateriae, ut forman ejus vel virtutem organic&is} et 

oportet mm esse sepfjratUBi & natura oianium intelligibiliiua, ita r,uod 

nulli hnbet allquld oomroune. £t sic dicit Dionysius t et ab onini- 

1ms qucntum :,d separetioneoi, et suuer oania cu^mium ad inamixtionemy 

- 26 - 

CjUa ela7::tut ••% wmaw oonocs oondltiones aaterialem supersubaibnti&liter, 
S£ 36 S7 J58 

id eat» 8ttp«r boo uod hcec conveaitint alie^l crdatura* abaolut* , 

scilicet ratio divina. £t per hcno ultla&a caus&atf petct verua «BBe 

la, cuod in ; rinoi,io ^ae eapit&Ii dixiaas de D«o dioi ruUon«B 

aeeuadua id '^uod «st -.erfeetionie. 

Et quia JuJB patuit «:,uoQ fldtts est bbbiiue rt.tioaiey IdM 

40 41 

propter rsvlloaeffl dicit Dionyslus etisa fidea Iieo convenirc • tied aoa 

•umit fiden banc in t.^li eoisj^iuoit to, tdeut a phlloaophla aiaitur , 

48 44 

quiet sie n<K3 eet in I«o, t^ed .^olum in r.^tione ooa.t'er«nte ; sed eualt 

t)tm ••otudua uod ert conreama la virtutem dirinem, Qualiter est 

▼irtuB theolo^iaa, et hsee do Deo aoa dleitur ^«ecandum i.ivo^rrac\>ionmi 

B;j«cifioae differentifie, vUb.« ei;t cpeoulun in a^iigsEintSf, id eet, 

4ii 49 

■poculatlo in divino lumine ; sed secundtst pcrfeetionflia mi feneris, 

quod est oo0iitio divia&e veritRtia, seeundua uod Apostolus, I 

C printhio jg ii vocnt ipe- ^i st^^iecHaa» cuam n«K> eoij^scity oiei i^piritu 

51 62 

rcvelante. Uade et Dionyeius diffinlt fidem seoundux p&rfeotionea 

istea dieensi circa ▼erit»t»:3 diriuum, ut circa objeotum, e^t divine 

fideei id est, fides diet» do Deo sieut eirea totoria cognitionea, id 

•sty «Hjectiia totaliter oognitum cognliiJLone immda sb oisni obtoarit'^te, 

et aon «irooea / ex defectu nrguiaenti; ' uiu, scilicet , £iAmo eat SOrb 

argunentua ^on a^usreniiy a. Hebr^^eo^ xl , c\x^e, scilicet fides» est 

at&^nene iio&iutabilitsr C'C^deatiuia collocbtio. ^MOd. exponit dupliaitert 

- 27 - 

B7 58 69 

aoillcet, passive, oum dloitt ua» Ipsos eredttntos collocat 

60 61 62 

In verit'^ttt, collic«t dlvln« ua« aola :^r e est objcetum 

I'ldel In Ofmlbus friioulis in ua colloc;;tur, r^uia ia Ipsa taa;uaa 

64 6S 

in loeo acturnli aoster Intellootucy in quo totain ejus nsitural* 


deeicLerluo lerrain^tur, laatobillus cul^soit , ':uaai ras in buo loco, qola 

violMiiar ]:<ote6t iada laoveri. t^ad crediRitea, ut Ibida:^ dldt Diooy- 

C7 63 

sitts , td-bil Bovebit e vealtate fldal, vel ^ictive. Id aet, -ntiod ipsl 

credentee in fa collocant veritstna, Onde cubditx et in ipsis, 

scilicet credentibue, veritat&s. collocat, :;uiA BGcundua Philosopbua , 

intolleotit: possibilis act locus Intel ligibilium. Onda rerltss dlvina, 

71 7'^ 

inqu atua eet loman convincens no£ti\ua Intel tectum nd iaeaobiliter 

eon&anti<mr:u:n trticulie, «io i^si. colloant no» in verltsta hrticulorua, 

Et sic dlcitur fides fundanentus tib Apostolo et pubstrntia rerua 

iUiSSiadarura, Inc.uantua vero Ipea fuo lumina priao locatar in Intel- 

loetu ut in rationa «jus, nlic. sint objaeta tilsillA intellectui» 

et per tiaiilltodlnasi cognoeeantur, eic ipre eollocstur in noble, et 

e»t ■rggua&ntuin non atijuxaatlum intran&mitabile idantit&te, id est, 

par idtntitataa unitionis rd divin& da aa m; ra dixiaue qua oauaatur 

77 79 

in nobis iusut&bilitae ss^pi^itiiia. Onda iosa u&rum infra dioit t 

n 30 

ignorantia aet ansper trtuiid.tioni8 causa, ecilioet, de opinione 
in opinionei^. Once istud est expoeitio ejxie, uod dixit, menaaa ool-> 
loci»&io ciaplioaa Teritc'tia oo^iitionea aiaa Innuisitione, in eimpliol 

81 32 

lumiiie divlnOy ^isaplicl Intuitu ooi-.ttosc^ido h^bontibus or#dmtibu* 

p«r ip&uo lumen fidal . Ecee patet cuod nihil i-aperfeotloois onitur 

la hfte «iifflnitione «t eie fides tr . neuratur in D«ua II Tiaotheu n iit 

a rx?a. orodiami. il^e fldelis . oenaMi«^ ^. Unde B&pitatia D«i, incmantua 

est cognitio oredoodorua a nobis, et oaus« univoc& cognitionie fidci , 

fldM in Deo voc tur, 

Eatio «tisa «r diEOuraua eyllogistieum est in nobis causft 

/ «t subjectum eoieatiae; secundum uod eeientia dlstinguitur oontra SOra 

eapientiira, cujue subjectuBi aat intellectus altisiiiBUs seeondua 

87 38 

Fhiloaophum « £t ideo sicut flies» sic etlasi .«^olentia distinota 

39 90 31 

a rations s&pisntiae , Deo attrlbuitur , eua didt Apostolus t 

In cuo iaint oxneg thesKua ri sapien t iae e t iioiwititoc • Cua tnxim Deue 

eui oognitione co^ioseit &li& a se, in';tifu»tUB e cognoecit, dioitur 

de eo aapienti&f quia ills est eognitio divinorum. Incuantua yero 

alia a $• cognoscit per causaa k^xxsm ipse est, sic dicitur de eo 

95 96 

seientii* <,uia scire est eof^^tio per e&u&a»» ut dieit Philosopuus } 

Be aute» ubub suat* 



!)• y^prlti^ta et necessitnte divinae aaturae 

•t d0 t^selbllitite t^as in Deo ^nisja in creaturla 


Hroc tf Uo, ut dielt Tionysius , est existoae exietentls 

Veritas; id est, r- oio eet veritae } uae veritas «£t exL^tsae» id est, 

existentia et esse exLstentie, sailXoet, Dei, qui soIub e<«t; t^aen 

siout Deue est iaee mius Intel lectus aecanduin reo, et ^enundua ratio- 

nea diversus , diverse hie attrlbuuntur, sic etiua Deus oet uaa priaia 

Veritas. Cuae dupliei r«itioae iaielligitur, cillcet, Veritas ,uae 

naturae» et vtiritas sui intoIlEtetuB* 

Veritj;iS aaturae divlaue est eeeuadus rea ipss sua easentia, 

b ' 
aed 8eouacu% rrtioaea addit verit&e sup^^r eeee ipeua inteatioaea pro- 

priet(^tia, ut dieit Aviceona in VIXI tr&etutu euae aet&phyeiy»^^ • 

Sioit eniit c.uod Veritas cujuscua ue rei eet proprietae eui esee, ;Uod 

steoilitua eet ei, id eet, in ^otu perfeotuai, :ui& proprietus n&turae 

non consistit in ;x)teati» m.terise sed rn forma, at in ^eta deteraiaante 

potenti: ;Ti 'd epte •■ oeciali» a&turee, Haec sutes jroprietae noa dicit 

proprietr. tea ex p»rte eubj<^>eti e3(ir.^t«}tea, cue iLlud dioitur propriua 

quod ewnreait soli et eenper; sed dieit proprietatea prnedioetl mouii- 

dua cuaa sli^ttid dicitur ;roprle ali«ui attribui, cujue coapleta r£vtio, 

« otta aoaaa praedio^^ti iapoaltur, in ipeo invenitur, Ecilicet, aetua» 

liter sine potentia, et ri&bitualiter rine privatioae, et siapliciter 

- 23 - 

- 50 - 

•la* Mlstlone vcsl detoreiia-stlontt ejue iu allam neturrjim, «ft easenble» 

liter cine DRrtioi "fttioae. ''uia v«ro talle natura sua mtureli Tir- 

10 11 
tute / non >.oteBt eeee daetituta , et ideo addlt Hilorius in V SOrb 

libro Ce Trirtlt- t.e et diclti null! dublum est veritatwa ex naturu 
et ez vlrtuto eesa, ut veims: triiioun est quod apic& ^Iracoua, et 

«rlfits Tall&tua, et folliculis deourst»^, et In farlnoa ooaalnutua, 

et in p.^nein coctmi, et In oibum siunptuaif reddiderit f'x ee naturea 

IS 16 17 13 19 

pe.ni8 et mmuc . Oum orgo esse divlniin omnia praedlcta haboat f 

ut pateMt, hiifec sf.t veritiii;' divintvo actur&e. 

Vtrltss sui inteilactaa est ▼em cogoitio, tuibens r^idquld 

■jertinet ad rstionem perfeetae cognitionis » scilicet, "uod est 

omniua com >reheneiva fsctlvo intellectu, et pine privntlone dubi- 

twtionis vol ©rrorie , et sine viciseitudlne dleouraiwae iauisi- 

titmls, non cnu&atua &b eliOf -ed -uod ett oof^itorua eausa. 

Ab hao verit' t« divinse netarao eausetur Teritas renuif 

©t ideo nowen verit«tie eattlogicr; cozswanitf^te dicltur ds cre^^tyira 

et creatore. Ft «iteat verita» cocsplex& in orutione dividitur in neoes- 

aarlua et osBibllen^ »ie etm^) haeo ▼erltae, secimdua prRedletwa eo^a- 

Bttnit'it'iia sumpta, dividitur in necessarl^nR et ^^osslbileci u pidlo^ophis. 

St lleet necese^irium :vuXti» odis dlot.turf tajaeoy :^eeundu.^^ Pbiloeopbua 

^7 28 29 

in Y aie , tB;>hyglQae , unu? ^ct prlaoipalie itoduo a t^uo oanes alii 

Kodi derivantur, scilicet^ neoe:;8lta» «b(»)lutaf auae est noa ^>oeee 

- 31 - 

81 »2 ?i« 

alitor • 'iua.-a Anselaue in II lllro Cur Pmy Bde^q voort la- 

Butabilltctlti aeo«B8itrt©ii rel invinclMlii coartsatiuej -rutf. etlam 

354 55 

Phlloeophus probat ibidem juod oe olum est iv.:.iitnbllo; culs, ut 

probat A7le«an» , necerparlua per p.« non poteat «cbo cauziatusi, ,\xiz. 

alitor aon © get per ?e neeaas'.rluff oo :uo<J on^ie caus«tua, i;er se coi- 

aidert.t^iia, sin© sau c^^UfR, uon iui et «eun nece:: f &riuM, et ita aoa est 

oer 06 aeeersnriu-s. Oportet cti:-j:i hoc ne^tf.s'j.x ua esse cnussa onnlam 

S8 99 40 41 

alloruB| ut urohett Aviccaaa par hoc , \^iod omaiuK poisibiliuai eses 

dcpsnde-^t, vd puai» c<iaj?bic. Curs ilia non po.^sit h':bora cssa ;>o»slbile, 

4^ 4S 

cul^ tune a;?ect euiipsiue ceMe& , oportet quod c«U8a haee eit id 

quod ett p«r re neccssrrluie. 

Quod auteiB t t c&uss et non set ofus&tua, illud aon oontia- 

git / plu'. h?^; tre, uid uod «x ee hab«^ semper hr:^et, Et ei contln- 61ra 

geret ij^som plus h'ber«, hoc nec«6sario eociperet *b alio, <=t et at 

ceueatuK, «^od vei-o non coatinj'it plue fjib«re, non p-oteet aliter at 

alitar he Urbere, fed est siaflieiter iasautabile, ula aliter ea 

habere o«t pluo habere, Erfro p«r te necees riux est plapliclter ii»- 

aut«bila • £t ex oppoeito patet quod ostnie cra^ tura a»t aflitabllle» 

ita uod nt!6 omainodo InstttsbilltaB t)otest el co-nmuniceri , £-iout non 


petat>t ai oonjiunic^*xre cuod non ^it eaueatUB, .uia oaa« CAUsetua 

racipit ab Klio, ot onoe tala contingit plus hi<)b<;re>j et pt:r eoasacueaa» 

contint'it ipauD itltter «t nlitcr te h:.bera , ot ehee nutobile* Hnec 

- 32 - 

eti{.ii verit-as tocj tur a sulbu&d»» ^ailosophisy deblbuni, sic sfse «t 

iap08«l'oXle «i oppoeitua yooaviurunt protdbltum akse., et r;iediu/& Inter 

iiadc, scilicet cujua eese oi<pead«t ab aLlqua onus& , vooavdmnt pos- 


tile iniBSi^to a«oM8cilo at poesiblli, uznia sohxtn est aeoca» 

cariaaiy scilicet prlaa ceusa, ot orsoia elia aint }:)0£sibilia« wuod 

•ic ,;rob<it Avieenaa • Si aulUt euat per se aecet-stftri»* tune Inteatio 

aec«£8lt :tle «si Lntentio goaari& divle& ^er differoatiaSf vel e&t 

intcntio £peei«dL pr^edicat& de siaf^ularibue diversie. Si dices prx^so 

atoctOf vei illiie differentiae .nint ubctantlales, et tunc 0{>ortc:r8t 

quod llli^e diifereatlae aoquirermit ei eeee in r-otui quia, llc«i 

differ«ati; e non oonetituaat uidit^teis sul geaerlB» «o cuod non 

codont in ejue diiTinitione» tusiea aoquirunt el esse ; ctu. Sed ipsa 

qulditas nec«a6ituti8 e&t ip&ua &t:se la {lOtu; quia neoessitas, alcut 

at v^ritaa, notk odt suiditiis cltietmiei ib e&aa, aiout aolfflalitae 

vel aiiud jxajusioodl) eed eat ip^uai asisa noeasaariua* Ixiso etiaa 

istaa differentiaa oonstituant ulditatea buI gtaerie uod a&t 

neca: eit&aj et hoc est Impoeaiaile» oua slat postariores ipsa* V^l 

ititae diffarentine runt ^,ccldant8Ia^y et tunc, aaa : ccidens non 

dlvRrslflcet subetantlrta^ oportet nsee naeen&vrie, :uae non nlai 

aceidentibua dificruntyunua esae in easentia, Et cum Ideia omaj^wt 

5d U 

natUB alt facere id«& ai non diveraa , dlvaraltae horua accideatiuiB 

- 58 - 

non conee'.uitur uiia^ ucsentiam, cod eroat ex / c&usls extrineocis, Slrb 

et ouiii non Gxistsnt© illu non ciffei-ent, et nautrua eoi-ao; dietinctua 

ei.8Gt ntceeeaiiUB per a©, neoetsit.-.s propria utrlusque est acculaitn 

62 es 

eb jilio u aOf et erit aec&soai'ium per ti6 neoeesaiiuia pei allud ©t 

aoa pfcr sej -.uod iterum e^i ihtpoe&ibile. 

64 65 

Keo btlum potet;t clici t>ecuado i&odo, ecillcet , (;Uod 

iuteatio aecebsitatie sit inteatio spooi«if (-uia oua indlvidua s\mt 

66 67 68 

unus in eas&atiii Si.eoiei, cifforaatia tantuai poaee Indlviduantia , 

oi>teasua. e^t Jiua cuoc» iioc in u^^cess&rio aoa potest etsBm Non ergo 

sunt plura neoessaiia p^r g«, c^ed &o1uq uaum • £.x hoc sequitur oamia 

70 71 

alia «Ese possibilia, '^ula, secuactu Avice.inaw , necessariiua et 

po£sibile supriu^cto isoilo &ujipt(i dividuat ens ut diff&reati&e iia- 

iuediatae. («uod dicitux co;,ui2aaiter de creators et cio&turt-, 'mla sunt 

75 74 

ut CQiXti& et ccLUsatuiu. Sub iioc autem ;itodo cu;aprehaadit Philosopbue 

eti&ii illud aeoe.^aarlu.a juod aoa poteat aliter ee h&;>dre, non }uibsns 

hoc a ae, sed h gu& caufe^-. Dude Cora.a6ats.tor divldit illuui .nodum in 

asceeaiiiiua siapliciter et necassariua pv-;r aliud, .luis vel consideratur 

itt t« in -iuo ect per, ct sic ect aecassariun einpliciterj 

vel la eo in uo eyt participative, et nic sst neceassrium per aliud 

& quo illud participat. Et sic petet quod i!;tud necesserium est 

73 79 

etiax po&sibile aocundua! praedictua modua pOBaibilltetis, Si vero 

sunatur posslbile pro contingenti, ruod potest sliqusado esse et 

- 34 - 

allc.uanc:o non scae, Uoc est aediui^i inter htoc nocc-sBtu ium et int'-r 

30 31 3;.' 

]>0£sibile et contreriusi , ,uod ausjcuam .^otest &ese, ut dicit 

PhilotophuB et probat la I De Cae lo at liundo , cu/ile iXJiaibile eet 

Oi^ae generabile et corruptibile, 

Pocsibilitcs tamai, uco iaiic mccesscjio conveiit, non 

est ita iaifcxiigfcada ut aulti wxporraat. Dicunt eain :uod prima 

causa csiueat per esseatiaa suam, Caup.a autcen per esisentiam £efar;er agit 

35 3e 

secandu-n ictua, et effectus ejus esl contlnuus ofriuxuc ab ilia 

causa, w.icut dies est coatinuusi fluxus lu.'ainiE eolig ia aeiniephcriua, 

et vita eet continuus fluxue aninae 1a eoi^puE. Ergo euee oanium 

rerum set coat.inuuB fluxuc et coatlauuia fiei-i, .uoc . iae coatiauo 

37 33 

iafluxu / cau£&e priiuae aec ad laoaentua existert potest. I't Slra 

sic etia;.! esse perpetuoraa :ioa est abcolutc aeceEsariuo, aon poteas 

aoa esse, £ed i:M condicione iaf iuoatiae jaimac causae, et tsst «:>Ese 

posei/ile, ;uif. £e;i;i>er est ia jsoteatia aicrut t-uodda^i fieri, 

Ex hoc eaiiTi dicto , eccuitur quoc esse omaiua rit ia 

..otu, cuia tlcut aotus fast foraia pOLt iorsitini, ita ©ese onaaiua, ia- 

quaatum est coaciaua renovttio iafluxus pria&e ctueae, est foraa 

91 92 

esse i^et formaia utt-'^^i ©^ cuia totufi sit actus existeatis ia 

potcati&y et actus iuperfeotus, oaiaia suat hi potoaii^ et aihil ia 

actu, et ttee omnium eat i ;pcrfectua et aihil est pcrfectuia. tied 

jii aoa est actus pi-rfectat;, etiaja non e.,t &ci-u.i i ...oi-feclsif;, quia 

- «8 - 

aunt} «t kamon hoc ccmi^t-'t ooi>« falsua* 

Licanuus > ::t uod «i:£9 rex^la c£t essantlao siaatit^ Lciiicwif 
9C 97 

tojnUkOf '.iUaa vul de !f.c;uuri>: bduoitUTf vel & prinsa causa eaUBatur» 

ei ^urtfMadb ia re cuju^ eat fors^a. Iijuson cere rci^um goaerftbillua s»» 

euadiw «ffluxma at, refliuua : ai uiua £ei «.erldllua v&riatur, et ratioae 


bujua hbi>at pjutfweritiut» prui^ttuis ct ^turu^a; '.uia («.'aaea ipsa efficit 

39 100 

esise in i^j^po^ito vt»l la u^ttrla, «t caa&4^ secundn neo 0.:Qe nee 

101 lOii 

eAU&«rd h.ibat ai&i ^> pri^iux cuU6a , id 00 veruta »&i ^uod »lne 

virtu to diviaa o^^*sat<i ia u6U8^ outurali aec ad s.-omuntiui a&aeret esse 

eujuli:»at xnl. 

2is.ciif.lii. ,uo iU'> uoa tua;;. coavenitsatih , i^uiti f«ilsum «et quod 

lvu«i diei a5nv.inU6 riu^i.t a luo© eoiie, : ed est i;it«»n'.io ■■«■cuncu.:; oris 

epiritualo g^inruta per fonaale^a »iOtiou9tu lu«sitj t'in« siiatoriali aj.ter»- 

iiono. Et i&*o aoa ett .a tere cecuadus eijiu» .antsrialo, px^ptf-r ^::uod 

aoa ,oi«0t i^aiaero In ipso abiientc e^ctivo , aiau':^ nee ««Qsibild In 

e«a&u. Vita, ifdxo, iocuaans. ;UOc; dlcitur opwrr-tio, in contiauo 

fluxu C'.tifiistit, v.ui;» hticc Tito .'jrlao eet ia cord^» et ey. ipso opfirti 

▼it&e, wictn vwi^oulo Oj/irituti, fluunt conciaue ii corpoe. 8ed 

106 loe 

boc dc vit.t pi'opri« uiota, uac viy«atious «^t dfse» noa est 

▼«run» iui& huec vita 10a ett uliud suaa Maima diffusa in eo ,uod 

▼ivitf elcut lumun «Li lu?. diffusa / ia perspieuo» «t esse sst 5lTb 

- sc - 


•ccentlt.\ii,fi, fft-x- aL.te2*itiii. E4 -.uotl iiis ti;litts est, etiic; ae-«o»- 

Burim-J ai-,:llciter ^Tole:t «oOo "ici j ostlbilu, .uod ut i/it'^lligs- 

tur, .'.olL^dUTi *;;t ;iOc cua ^.^iclbilt- i.i»incu;u rLilOi-CplssE: in 7 

Metfir.hy:dC')C> di3s.ti).r e ^lOt-jati*,, lot. ^lodic; diclLur sicut ^otealiu, 


Ktl. aules ,olv;:itx.. caiplsx ; ua;* ^^■, i-i-«itla. -wHttu vase 

euuaatur ub ^'.ctu; Id L.\.t, iv foru^; jt :.u CiUil coipoib c«»uectur ~x 

▼ictroric foi'axtJ i:ui)r;r iiuttizi». a, uiu .^o.. coavoiit ijl ut coriWiB iit-t; 

tuao aai& or<(.xi C5r^x;ri ooav&ai:'ut; .«d lac.uaatUM t;:.. Itoc coivu^^» ^^ ^<i 

114 116 

potmtiuy 1(£ fej^t. u KiJsitezica. Uadu xn iliis pxaeoipuv:- 6jI i£ii 

quibuii cc;3iauwUi' ..uits^lu «.Ut^^i' roiJi<iiiu« 

116 117 

i?otfcati& afctivfc ; eouacu.:. «ri«.4&iil«a in V ^pthii ij^aLc^^^i 


el ceeaiicua Avicsa:is;a , .iulti^ilicitcjr cicitur, ilaea «vala -otuatle 

i>i'0i.a'i4 t<?le«Us voci'ttU', ijii.'.e eet ^-otsatis: i-.tiae 6ub co.idaswttto 

120 121 

actus vel kibitAat * Cicit ergo /vicenae iuod xassiftA potest; tli» 

set proprie noaea VHlorls asiiriu.llijra virtutua, cer qu«.ir» clue lQp»3^.- 

1^ 123 

aento feciunt aniiaaleie cpcrationnr , cujuo r-urnnum ett^enUiia 

▼ocatar virtua, 'juae et-t ultinjwra <fe potcntir., ut rioit Arlctottlea , 

Bt «b ttHC ^teaitic dldtur llluc poitibilc cuod boc r-odo potefit la 

oporatioa^'p bttJucEoti. tt -,uir. jiettntinis ?niiaf<a in leuis trr^n: f <>riBUB 

IkiS lii6 

«ctlicot, iuteileotua tt volunti.tiss, ipse tic eet pOEsi'-<ili& ctkkJ 

iatellfrCtUB «jut t'Oteae ■-tl «d perfect! esiaaai oyarbtionwi 

- 57 - 



dloitui- ijApciftt^ibxlw -.tiou »aa tiOttini,, vex uX^ixcultM- potet;., la 

t^auuodo ^uwco 4<ioxwui ^tt»titb» L^bi&u^xiB ex ^ua aii<.tuiu 

(iifi'iuuIlMr ^jtiXii»ux, el i&oilititii oi^teibtur o^tnt^iijutft dii£i6iX&&f 

scilicet» o^jvihUioitCi) viitutaiu, <ik i&«:o t.««i<>i^ istx nt.uxtuii vxrvuitig 

noiainuabux-. ^,a«:.!iivii> c>niib t'iii.xo£.cix«& >ov«i>btxii& <»% i^o^ liu6X-Wii>t.w t>iti% 


(iictii vOL68t&£ adu est in i^;«&, uXki ^riaci^iuiu «t|^«aui / «t. priucx'- S2ra 

piUA &0a ».f,maiiX u£i. llL>6ib«^ yotuuti*.*». It fa£KS SiOdo Gxoxuur psii- 

si'jxlt;, uoo i.ii:r I'^oc ,-oi««vabeu ^Jui^&i. ia pr'^&<ixct&. Uad« baauaciaw 

suoci xu i^tjo ^ix^.<tu.«> uuju:>aiOCl virtu L<»t.y ^ciixcei>y b^^.^-ieatioovty 6cx«atlaa 

juebilxj&a, ttel*iWvt;Jt 3t uu j •i^.;JioclLf ;iio iUd£-Ui2t «;i,t ipse ^S£>ibill,&« 

£t i«ota4us. op^elt&a isit/OV«alisu., \we «>gb inf^rnitai. p.d £u*Jut>sodi 

op«r& ex ;.jriT&t,ion£' veX ii<i....rfec'<ioa4. uuju&»x>ci x^uitut, cdcitur 

bli ,aid lJi^oi.aibilo* 

Tcrbio Tiouo olcitui ['Ot&titas ^juxam rioa est principiv^ 
151 is;: 

deductate ratione.ti s. su^ r<»etituciaai Quulib«»r 8pi»ci&ll ^odo fci-tlwudo, 

(,:aa« fifrt rirtui- ..oi.>xlii, didlui ,.ot*sts.i5 . ive forliludo, uia 

f&cit xatr«pica£ in a^gitfaioaa t.<drribillua« £t sio poesibliia 

- 53 - 

dlcitur fortis, et i^)o@elbllic dicitur tl::i*it» «t iAipoUatlft hule 

yoteatctl oppocitft a^t ti^siditrnR. Et ; uin p».8cl(ma6 in Pee aon 

Ofidunt, mm dicitur ipse :o; eibilis «ic. 

«unrto vuKiQf ut r.iclt Ari; tot«les , cioitur potestne 

propria, a ur omis ali& pot«£rtes danomiaatury cur\e eiBt piinoipiua 

panantfttionis in slio» !'ecundui& uod «et diud. Dieo sutaa 

jffflmdua uod etit faliud . aia nu«ndo uo idea eibi «st prlncipiua 

traamut£>tioai8y ut cuia ncioicu: n^st eeipsu»; -ed ttxitea secuadoa 

aiiud «et ipse ttaneaaxittinB, soilioet, seooaduffl artois (aedlolnaef et 

sMundtM idiud est Ipse IrsatrnxtnUxe, (!;oilioet, i?eoundt» asaitatem. 

&t haac potently dicitur ijo«sibile uoc oti^st fooare trimaatttfitioaea 

140 141 

in «lic«uo ,>er prinoiplu» uod babet in ^a* It »ic praeoipua es^t 

poaalbllis c^ui, in am isimaaa» oiaaisa iaaovbt) et taule >ot8ntiaa opponitur 

aacuadua ratloaea ispotentia e&uaata ex oaranti hujus priacipil» sive 

hoc sit i>Br ejus eeufiifflocuAi abnegatioaem» siisut awniehus dicitur iispotesis 

ganer&ra, sive elt fter privntioaeo ab eo quod «ptuffl antua ert habar* 

aed non tunc, ut puar est iapotenn geaerere, eive p^r priv «tlenem nb 

eo :.uod B,tum ntun ept bftbere, ut vir dioitur i M»ten8 geaemre. 

<<aod «ut<>iB h'^ec t>otenti<« voc?^tur ;>ot&stae trAnamutfmdi tliud, secundon 

opinionem / Ari <totelis diotua est, f^ui nritmtt effioi^xi" oonit priaua 5;i^b 

aMvaae» (uod caufeat per viotun . Unde cecuadom noe ynteet hnoo 

peteetaa too» ri .>ote6t»e caussodi eliud, ut includ&iiiu£ etlaa poteatataa 

^%* ~ 

illeai cttp D«UB ?ine aoiu et laii tloae crorvit onnin de nihil 

•t f-^viit In operibur airftouloeic laut ^t ore- turas . ine so&u* 

<^iii:,o aodo poteetas dlleltur qua «11 tild oabst prin-> 

olpiua, nai f:olua perfieleadlf ed otiam bene p^rfloiemSl , Tel 

146 147 14a 

p«rflel«ndl . eeuiuhia praevolunt tea , Id e; t, ieut blisuls 

priae «Ic^it t volontattts hsbuit. It opposita iso^^otentla •! 

160 151 

•st oua all ttle cotttst sllc;uid perflcere, tvd non bene, vol 

16*i . 165 

aoa ilout ia&lttit, ut ii ^|( M i>— iuA>ul>»re dleiaus oua qui 

potest quice^a ussdulKref c>ed seie, at naa ut Tellett et i**euaduji 

154 1&& 156 157 

lume :>ote8t&tem diolsue illuc ^x>telbile ocba ^ uod pria> 

16d 169 

cipiuffi talic modi actuo htxi et In 8« | «t imposslblle quod hoc 

principio e^rot all .ao piaGdlctorua trium aodorua iiopotantiaft* 

Et i.ooucuta hoc n»dus: ts% Teue -jo^sibllis » reounduo uod dieiaas 

les 164 

«IS sliced ^!r6e .iOtentla ordlneta, £leut pr«tedieto :^do dieiaua 

ma poseikllea .;otenti& &bcoluta« 

berto nujco dleitur poteetas pot«atla per haliltus n<itural«8 

&d noa patiendus) oaaino, ut c&eleatla{ vel f d non da fr.eili sut«a(idua 

166 167 

in: p«ju8« El i.-uf;ot«atia ei opposits> «st ex priTstioae hujue 

habitue; et ha«« euat '^&e .eouncu^ uasa speci&m utlltotis Tooantur 

168 169 

poteatla et inpotenti&t «deut alinuld dicitur corrui>tibil« 

▼•1 incorru-:tlbile» franglbile vel non franidbile, Et similiter ia 

oanibus -lu a. do ; otentlih pfi^siTox-viis ciict& eunt in Vf Meiaonm ; 

- 40 . 

et b«c poicstcite «et poaelbllci oaac IXlud ouod vlrtut» suae n&turae 

se in s0 coatinare potest, Hi, ideo sic Coue est poesibilis ilia po~ 

teste te cuae seotuu^uia Dicmysitua est finoc at aoa e&der« v»leao 


172 17£ 

6«ptiao BOdo dicitur poteetas oeifcLpborico in aattaia- 

aeticus, cu&ado ull xiid uoounciuii; Ix&giaaUonea sine aotu et matatioae 

eat ^riacipiua .Hlteriua* U»cuadua qu€iai syoijuai dioitar X luclidie 

qttod liaeae in ^lOtentla oosueanlcantea dlcuntur, cufirua superfieiea 

c^uoorutaa, ticiiicetf «uai» ips: e in ^e duetne ooaetltuunt, una coo- 

Bttois aupcrficdes nuaorat* 

Mlrabilius cuoque / eon^t;» et trusen vcrua est -iMOt 62ra 

X)eu& etiatt impoteoa pote;,t did : iae ceroj^atione suae poteatlae, 

Quia poteatie p&:.8iva nulla in Ceo eet. Ipaa enim aagle ^roprie 

173 179 

Yocatur iap-jteatia est iofiraitua, ut dieit Philosopfatis in 

I tte Ga(e;io fct SSunoo • Dicitur mxU^t. et ipaa noltipliciter seoun- 

131 18S 

dua Arlstotelea in ▼ Metauhysieae • Qno mode potentia ad boo ut 

mutetur db alio recuncu-: uod ett &liud| sio autea po^uibile dicitur 

quod p«r pot«iti;uB ordinatm eet ut fiat, et ij^poeeibile uod oon 

est in potwitie aateriae* 

13 S 
£ecundo laodo non olua pfitieadi c ed etlaa baoe et 
184 135 

optiae patiffixdl potentiu, id eat, cua alir;uid h^bet diepoeitionea 

foraalea, ad hoc ut fnciUus in :aeliu& co:iautetur } et poeeibile 

- 41 - 

dleltur uod ;^er himc pot«atlam potest «MOdarl faciliter. 

137 183 

Tertio aodo potentia dleltur ad f&olllt«r BUtan- 

dtt« 1b d«terltt«f sl«ut allquld dloltur oorruptiblle ▼•! frsngibilo «t 

hujttsatodi* £t haee potentia dlolt duo eelllcet, prlvptlmea prJAclpll 

praeserTKntle oasnlno a autebllliate In deterlua, et prlvRtionem dls- 

poeltlonis foraalie praaccrvsntie h faolllt-te hujus arutcbllltatle 

et dlspoaeatlf In jielluB. £t 'UixnUw ad prlnui, opponltur potest&tl 

sexto sodo dictae; cuiiatum vero d ^eoundua oppoiltur tea 1111 potes» 

tatl 'tt.'ia etl :& oatcsrlall potentlae praedletae. Et ll^t Ipsa 

secundua ;ua« radioen: clt lapoteatla prlvaaa aaturales poteatlaa, 

tUMn quia seeuadum Ipeaa est tsutabllltae, Iceo potentia vocatur* 

£t potentia nsturalis el opposite vooatur ia]:iOtentla| ett tales potentiiie 

•igniflcantur aua dleltur ^vIiQ^lid poeee oormapi vel mori tsI peeoare 

▼el defioere* Et ideo, cus Deut dleltur iaciortalle et iepoesibilis, 

193 194 

noQ posse peeoare aignificatur ut i^.>otea£i» Ita teaen c;uod baee 

iitpoteatia eet n.turalle potentia» et tujuaaoci potentia eet ncturalis 


A ittpradicto wodo noeeeeitatls derivutur neeessitaa con- 

dltioaaiaf qua alicuid non potest suiter ce hi^Htref vel ex suppositioae 

eeee rei, id eai, ai allquld debet oeneerreri in Tita» sieut eibue 

et spirare aeoestaria fuat anlisalibus; vei ex suppositione bene ecee 

rel} acilicet sine ,uo non contin^t aliquid bonum ease rel Eine cuo 

. 42 - 

ooa contiagit ftxpttlll audua sleut diQlMM B««mi»&rlaai nwighre / ££vb 

ad eliquea loooat ed acoiplcndua peeonlba» v9l ^'tt»9re ph&rmaelaa «tiv« 

potionwB lAacatiTsa «£ expsllcndua febr^a* Vel tertlo jaodo dieitur 

aee«60&riuB cuod aon potei^t. alio aodo t£« tribervf i>roptGr via ali- 

oujus vlolentl, cui ipai» resistcre aon potetst, et cuIh in operantl- 

btts per volun&:tt«B tale est involuntarlua, et omne isTOluatariuA coa- 

202 205 

triotat. Ideo bene dlclt i^venius poetu qood oane tale aeeeaearlUB 

204 20fi 

eet fleblle. ifropt^r ^uod eilria probet Philoeoplaae t&le aeoe«> 

Bfiriua non cadere in aeBpiterari ot IsiBObilisi, viia, ut dlotusi est , 

t«lla non i;)Oaauni habere, quod taaaa aeeeeaerlo h.^^erent, ei via 

£07 208 

patientorf quia vinoene Ip&e virtue infereatia violentiaa alictuld 

pooeret in eis uod .rius non larbt. 



He coaditioaibus verlt tis ut efst In D«o 
«b ut eizL la cre<.turls 

(4i&3tvl0 Torita» coABBinitur dlota :lt coooanls cree^tori 

et ore:^tur&e, taman ceaandMm perfeottm rr.tlon«« jvropria «st Deo, et 

SMien ejas est s*<»iadua iilud a,)Ocaljrp8i t Hjiec dicltt amen, testl^ 

fideli^ . Haee «oim verlt&s est necesaltiii) «beoluta quam mulbae, 

seevmdum Arictianaia , consecu^mtur c^nditlones soli Deo conveal«at«8* 

Oportet ealB ipse non ess« aau&is^tum, et* e&se ccusa oaalus , 

ttt imura probatuai est. Xttm, oportet ipsua «ese aeoeaearium per 8«« 

«t non per ftliud, axis nee«£8arium -:er allud habet ess* per alittd» 

•t eet c&ueatum. Itos, ipmia ttd «is ttbtolutua, et aon rels<!txuB 

ad alittd «tli'iiua re&ll rele^^lcme, ula vel ei^eet relutio proprle dlote, 

«t tunc hoc nec«s«8t-lu& eeset poeeibile, dependene ab alio «;ecundum 

0«se« ula relatlonua esse «ct s4 allud s» habere; vel eaeet rel&tlo 

••euBdum did; ot ilia fundatur super T^roprietatea 0aperaddit«m sub- 

staAtla* relttlTl» vu&e est noeldene. Et slo hoc neceesarius potest 

3 9 10 

plos haberoy quod itspsrobatuia e&t • Itea probattim est eupre quod 

aon potest eeeo nisi unuia. Item, opoi tet Ipsu» esse otnnino 1 isutebile, 

ut probstua est prr boo cuod dlctus est quod non joteet eliter se 

habere, quia in i>oc eat ratio sraitKtlonl» / • 5Sra 

Xtsn, oportct ease oimiao simplex, quia Tel haberet 

- 48 - 

- 44 - 

eosposi^ionem eisitentiaiea, @t buno d»>&«t ofcue&iua; vol oomooaLilonem 

13 14 

ciiMUB ATiceanc voc t ex uidliKte et «sstt* £t tune itexnim ereei 

causbtua, .{uib., cuia in tali ooisiposltiCNCie ««^18« rton sit QUldltas nee 

le 17 

conctituat ea«y oport«t -uod cotaitetur »am , e«<i soa oo>ait tur ireea 

per em, '.:aia tunc culdita« oe^eb aata euus aaae» < ui6 illud luod 

19 20 21 ;'.2 

ooaitatur &lt«ruB postoriua e&t ipso. £^go ooKltatur ipsoa 

«X o«aea« «t est oiMs«tua seomdua eaee, Vel haberet com^x>£$ltlondui 

•z Bttb8tanti& «b ooidanta; iuod «..t i<i£>o^6ibiie, :ula Ilia noa 9ft 

Bin* coepositione Maeatiale* V(»l h^ineret co-^.vocltioaea ex saa uidi<» 

tat« «t i.nt4mtionu necossitKtis» quod est Jut.poe&ibilei ula val nee»»- 

oltas depcasdet & Xiiditetef ita <;uoc noa potest esse i'in» •&, et tune 

eseet a3coesita& K^^ptor (.Liudj vol aon dopeodet tb oa, et tuae 

24 i;6 

i^miditcis ipsH no?i «at absolute nacefiSDurlay :ui& noeaeslt.e adv&iiii. 

fti tajauuuis acclcent) aa^MirtibilOf ante ottjus is^drentusi non habult necaa- 

aitatcB* Tbrsf>f non e»t composltua^ ead osmlno tjii^jlux» 

It^st oportat ipauffi olua aaea oaolno ptirfectua et plua 

qui.a perfoctua* bi «tdm ellcuid parfaotionla ei deeaeet, reduceretur 

&d filiquod parfectUBt, tdout nd eeusami et ^1 alliuid Bui eiflueret 

extra Ipcucay posset alitor :a tiebere; dt &i non «tgaet plue cuaa 

parf»otua, tioa asset priim causa oainiua, una sol& vara cuuj»& ast, 

28 £9 

quia alie virtu ta «Jue e«uaaat , c^uia, ut dlcit Co.m&aatetor oupar 

Librun Lp Oattais. corspletum suawris cuffidana tit per eaipsuia. 

~ 46 - 

non potest tamin csueare.effluendo p»r ee et a s« in Alio, 

Ilea IpfiMffi ol'ia est yiOTB, nihil h&benc falsltatls, 
quia, ut diclt Avicenna , oanes rea ^^oeslbiles, ^xout sunt la s^elpeis, 

8uat fslsae, i?o cuod eoiua uidltatee, coaelderatae in f© rine relrtioa© 

fcd neectaee erse» h*ibent priv^ tionom et non a?»e, liir oppoeitOf «ri^, 

n«»oeessriuaj :^>b80lutttm a tail relatione imbet aimpllclter erse et verl- 

tfttOB, et aihil habet falelt^^tls. 

Item oport«t i^-Bua esee botiitatoai ruraa, ula, ut dldt 
krioKins. I Icut malitla naturalie «gt pjdvaiio sub^tantibe, / vel &&rb 

utlllt itle dl^poeltlotiis subatantl^e , £lo boail&e e£>t er-ee rei vel 

dlepoeltlo p»rfdotionis esee. Dnds cuss neee^elttfs e£:sendi alt porfeetio 

25 56 

•sscndi, et posalbllltBst^ it ejuadea Isperfoetlo , p&tet solum necea- 

»nricjt ease purna bonit teisi* 

Item oportet ipmra colua «»m pajraa intelligentlea, cula 

ooois et f-ol/. jietura eat intellectualls, cuae est inmixta, id «at, non 

mixta cus isueriuy et est aeparit» ab intelliflbllibus. Solum «utca 

neQeesariua per se perfects Obt hajuseaodi, .;uod fcilicet nee m:bet 

■at«rlsm in eiui conpoeitlone, neo r.lic,tt&a i^otentlea tlid.l«& ataterlRey 

per hoe luod est in potently et pu^rfectibilie act per «ctum , nee 

habet conditionetv .aRterltlee, ut ait hie et nunc; 'uie nihil hfbet 

4a 41 A^ 

co^Aseone cua m^rtterln et cum potentiL, Ergo patet veriteteoi tie 
Ceo «66« proprlan* 

« 46 > 


Hfte concitioa-- s n ocst^ii, et i-atiorius collrotae -unt 

d« VI capitulo prliEi trtsctw-tue Mfet auKv felcfa^.- ;iviGenn6e, et de IV 
cai^itulo oct'-vi trtictetos. 

cosieistenE In hoc -;uod proprle coovoniat el naturri sjiae cuiditatiB 

detertdla^^tis ipsun ad unum i-jjecl'I': eas, (ilatlnctu::: .;■ >AilF, t vtrtua 

eotteerv0n£ illaa 3£tux&», i;t riauc uidOE iiJi-erialiav/r <Siouat esse ia 

rebus; ."-ed forrsr.lltcr £ub ratioae v<-rltstl3 dic-mt rat/ioaca ejus cora- 

46 47 43 

plsri psr ir.t*jlKctj'a, contradiceates in r»c Hllfirio et Aur.«U£tlno 

49 60 51 

et M-ictotell et Aviconnae cai Oianes iiaac veritatea dicunt ipeum 

esse rei , aullera facientes aeat-ionprn ce p-aiae» 


quoc aiaterisle est riae foracli, Uluc orgo cujuB uldlit&s aon «set coi^^ 


••.v<.}.f::ii-A ;. Int&Ll^ctu, v::' no > c^sii^ot, vrrtjca , v<;l i'ljus VM-ua :.ue3a 

illUv CUJU& cuXditae est xi i,)'c<,i.lf ctu» suoc faiijU;« u^i., ^.jUifj lapis in 

^rofundo terrae aijseaaciituiii et aa^'t-uaa vIbue-, aiiail faiaus est veruc 

lepie uaE ille ~>j. .-lc^^u ...-. Innitunlur tasea i eI ver 'O -- liiloyophi 

diceatis ..uoci vt:*aa ot fsltjUa suat in iatsliectu • Cum t&maa Ptiilosopiiua 

itji aon loquatur de v ritete rt^;!, sed -use consistit In c'5n-,>oaitiotae 

latellectus, / xace ibid«a cxaiii, ticiiicet -n V'l i^^ftf fi pxjLJ^-Eic^-a . ini- SSra 

siediate post pra©dicte ver: a, subdenti ; circa vHro siaplici*, cdlicot 

£1 '^- 

reritas, et "uid est, id ctt , irv^ritac difflait ionic, ne'e ia suaitb est . 

- 47 - 

Patet er^-o quod rvritaa ssibjocto ooaveirtitur cuo eate, 

licet i eoundun int«itioneia diffomt nb Ipeo, ',ul» ilia inteatlone 

nulluu ens oreari ^otc^t. £t Ideo «10 et tqi-uib non tirnt aoi^lna 

syoiMiliiay et non nuj.'.torie uaum nddlUir alter! , cuai dloiiur i\oo eet 

vore ens; isd vera» dtmosiini^t tuac en&« et non est appositlra 

coastioictio. Pttet etit-Ti ,uo :odo differt ab lnt«atlon« bonl , de ctia 

supra determinavlsms; acilicet, t.;uia bonam dielt entis perfect ionem 

in sua nsxturs} verua autex dieit ropviwa ao<}ita habMidi illan perfeo* 

67 63 

tloaen. Onde .ecuadUB r^tionfla intentio boai prior ebt Intentioae 


Cum eutem vcrua propter aaldtum suae pr«edicfetionlF probetur 

esM unuB do priais intentionibus trBn^oendentibus, oportet ipsin habor* 

duplex eesOf eicut et niania &lla tr^AScandentie. Un'^aa ecse habet in- 

quantum ^ocunduss ordineBi naturse q .t ante cuodllbet deterirdnatum 

verua, et est una prlraaruB boaitatua cffludntium a prittiK oau»a. ii^t 

noCf ecse oat «ojjaratusi & 3Uitex*lay non oolua ceeundum «b- 

f traction eoiy ut raathoaatioe» tod etioa soeundua ease !;UOd habet in 

71 7^ 
luoiae i&tolleetus priasi ct^ucaatis ipeua , ut alia matspi^sie&Lia» 

£t sic una eet Aroritai$ oanlun veroruia ; ecuadoa Auftuotlnua in libro 

75 74 

fcolilo .uioryifB et, twsundua Meelaim in libro Ijq Voritate , eicut 

75 76 

uauffl est toai^ae oanium teaporalius) et secuaduK Dloaysium rndiug 

diyiaus uauc e&t f ^eounoue^ tjUOd est a Beo, -uia &b uno iia^Jiici aon 

- 4a - 

7a 79 

est nisi unua; ic etiiiiu • oritae est LuiiutabiliE, 

Per uoo eniia AugustiauB pro::at in ii; ro De Llbero 
Arbitrio x'sritiitoa suuerioraa esse ;aeawe aoptra, cuia aon autsitur 

sicut .a&ne noijtra, Et AaselHBis dicit: oanino vid'O lectitudinea, 

sive vorit^tea iraautabilens aoraiaaerej cuife, i?icut dicit Augusti'ius 

in libro lqIIIq -.uJQiUit , veiitas redicstur ia perm&neate, et non in 

aon-ptraiaaeate, -^uod veitua eet, inf-uantua Veritas funcrtur in sola 

prime causa praedicto aodo, ted sicufc id ^uoc iunoutur i : non 

pennanente, nccees&rio cua iaso isutatur, ut cicunt / i«if,Tistiaus 53vb 

et Philoeo hus , sic e contrario ;uod funcatur in pcmanente oer- 

laAUet cine iriUtr.tione, i^go - eritae . ic est icmitabilis. 

Ex hoc prob&t Aucustiaus uod iosa veritr^s secundum ns8« 

non oet in rcbur , '-uia reous interiuntibui., ir^nat v-^riteG; ruod -lOn 

poteet esse 5i par esee fuadaretur i.i eis. £^t aute;?. hoc dictum vorum, 

scilicet cuoQ, rebus intereuntibus, Vianet Veritas, oo axodo '-uo jhilosophi 

dixeruat et bene, sicut secunciua fieri naturale nihil potosx fieri ex 

nihilo, ^ic e converse ex alicuo non potest fieri niliil. Unde cum 

coirumpitar, forae speciei aanet in potaatia generie uace oxivit, et 

onoia genera ei deotruaatur, nianeat in primis foricie primaruia intea- 

tionuin; et illee secundum esse t^.lic resolutioai; 'ion dev-endent ab eeee 

detcrjiiaataruia rerura, cuie prius non depeadet ^ecundua esse a post'>riori, 

37 33 

Bed a solo luiaiae prim/iO causae depandet secundun eree, bed posito 

- 49 - 


•0 quod«t f ll-nild eee» Iprur; aiAnet, o.TjalbuK allie destnctis, 

Brgo pntot ropoeitua. Eic enlr. vtiiia ©ft f-uod dicitur la Libre» Ce 

Caugjp , cuod prisma CRBce for!S«ll~ plus ir.flult -uea eecundo, «t '',uo<! 

priaa iafluit, secxiodo no-, lnfl.uente, 

Sic etir,- ve.ujz ert 'ruod diclt /Ufnietinun in ll>ro .Tell» 
92 93 

loaiioruB ct AncelEUr» V' rlt?.tQffl «ecc sctemers co rtorio eetomltr.tlfl, 

cuo dlcit AuguEtinuc In ll^^o pe Igaapytalltnte Ania&e nihil n&gls 

OBS* aetcmuQ qua» oit clrcall, el 'uod duo et trla sunt quinque, 

aecipiena aet'rraura' pro ineoffis-utablll, slcut hiloroohi vccaat univsreale 

cetemuK, Undo etism eetRmltstem vexdtstie probet nd hoc, ut con- 

cludfct ixaortalitstea aalaee, nucc eet ejua cubjectum. Probat taacn 

97 98 

Aaselsaus ",uod etian non rosslt ht:ber© prlnclpius! n©c flnomj niod 

el intelli/?8.tur de vtritfitc jm dioto «odo «uapts, tune non :>otBf:t «fs© 

veruo, liisi suppoait? exi tentia rerum} ruia, uod res prlue cint, et 

99 100 

▼erltas non eit, bed incipi«t ecce, vol mod rerit&e dejslnet «see , 

r«bu8 adbtto persanantlbur» i£ipof.slblle est, cum rcrita« euia ente con- 


vartitur. ila,giE taaien conant vsrb» mxa , -uod hoc Intslllgftur do 


vorit.-te i»tR / eecundu!'^^ ©spo uod Hbet in praescientie Eeij ut &4r« 

lOS 134 

olc est ipsa Ipese t^ufs not <mMB . Cum enlsi hnec rerita», in se 

8umr»t«i, cf.ue^t» sit, necoft- lio lirhet pus© dur».tionlf> principiuo, 

106 106 

quia &UO loco probabiiBU» oi^na o«aeatun habere eui^ duratlonis 




Probat etip.-a ide-a Anselmus «^uod Veritas etiaia non ootest 
cogitari non esse, par hoc uod nemo potest coj^itare quando non 

fuerit rerum alicuid epse futurum, vel cuendo deslnet hoc eese rerai 

allquld aes» praeteritua, Louitur ftutem non de «sgitatione informa- 

tionls, qua aliruis conclplat h«eo rerbe, fed de cogitatione fidei -^ua 

meaite coneentiat sic ^sse. -uallter dloit Philocophas quod •?rincipia 

non posBvint corde did non esse vera, Et adhnc eic gua ratio nihil 

concludit aisi de veritate praeeciontiae civinae, in cua, aola verua 

fult alicuid ar-se futurua antequaa immdus crearetur, et in cfua etiaa 

114 116 116 117 

maaeret veram fuieee si onsnia in nihil modo redigantur, 

Bene onira potest coj^itare nihil verum fulsse creaia 

veritate, coin noc ipsa Veritas nee rea vere cre-^tae fuerant. Vel si 

loquitur da veritate orertta, tunc ratio non valet, nisi suoposito quod 

Bit aliquls cogltans, et aliqua cogitptio. Tunc enim Iviee positio 

destrueret aelpsnji, et ideo est Irapossibilis, quia si cogito v^ritatem 

120 la 

non esse, cogito Vtoc dictum verum esse , scilicet Veritas non est • 

Sed Ipsum ion est veram nisi veritnte. Ergo, cogitando veritaten non 

122 125 

ease, cogito veritatea asse • Sed nihil i.-aT>edit cuin voruai possim 

eogitare veritateni creatara tunc non fuisse, cuando nee res fuerunt, nee 

co^itans, noc cogitatio. 

Aliud est esse verit&tis quod est esse nctuele, cuod habet 

ex differsntiis detHrainantibus Ipsam, Slcut enia dicit Avieenna , 

- SI - 

lus habllla, patet '.^uou^ licet o^iiziii; (U'Qt;itur«i ueu^nclutii su.-.ja wO&aibl» 

litiiteai d«pandt»&{. d pri^aa / causo, tsua-^ ;uuai eate non e»t csatiauaa &4rb 

fiiiiri, :j«d 96i &otus ci»8«ati!;.e «rssaeati^i* TX bicui «^ ^i& du^bas 

•t>&«» riii dui^licluiir aiuaituaf iiu c/ouc illud i,&&i,f ,uoc ^«cunc'c laado est 

a^ociiiiaxiu», prLiiO sodo «»bt pobsibile^ &ic eti^ua vtxltas^ quae ff^y,mthtft 

Augustinuae tit oatitiifc rel, duplex ett. 

Uaa ©wt sue^e (i»tr pi'oprieta.b sfctv, uaiut^cujasciufc quod atabi- 

litua 0tt «i b tttiau. oaLU»& & ^.ua proc&dil* -nUae ^^ttalu conuidit in 

aufica'o» ^x2«cKiuxt> et UieAsura, .utit» uliie g^Lu.albus voc^it. Au^uistiaus 

uxkiw&tesiy bouittwtttiif vcxittxtdfii. 2X aia {."«jt^s-iadua Aa&eloa&i vf^riias 

est uftbiuia ofcettadi at fucieadl tic, eiout artfe dlvlzis prtLafixum ©ci, 

ii>l uaubt c^uod'viue dldtur wuuc vcium .u^oulo «ic &:;«t, v&l sic opbr&tur 


&icat «t fiib ^uod i^tiUBi la iila «urtct ovdin&tua o^t* F.t quia lIc eee« 

i-«i «&l Qi7la«i ai'Ui re^'ulii&u.;;; ad nttater^i^f ;Ui o^ixd. rei £poci&'» piaebet, 

6t &d poadue» ,uoc ooai rel ordlnca praeeu&t, &t ed xe&sur&a ^uas oanl 

rei pr&fefl^t ioouuist, ut dloii Augu&tiaus in libro tJaper Ga neeia tt 

o«a« zegulaluA fn>% rfectuAf idoo r.ic dicit Aas^lmue /-uoJ luicc 

vfifit&s eet recti tudo • £t quia ba<*e ooaf oral tine cr&iitur&e ad arteo 

diviaaa ooa niei inte llcotu capi potest» aicut at ipsa ars, ideo dif> 


finieado dicit Anettlmat vuod vcrit&a est raetitudo p-Qla CiCote 

- S2 - 

porcpptlbllii:', Et -uia ojooia, .-Iv© fiat si^oti, siv« r&e ',-«•« iuat ab 

opera aostro nrt€ dlria» ooiiit^iul, vult l^-i-e ,^od Oiaai's» ::ive .iafcur&lia, 

sire laores h^^ilau», sive v-irbu h&o vbritatte ysra 6uat« 


Bt hfieo varit'.c slve r«ctitudo, iii;ua:ituui -tt «a jjiurte 


regulcatls, raa «stj ted lij«;ui»)itu;fi sit -sx piurta re^uiatorua, uu^« dlver- 

olraode imitrvatur uuuu :>rii£sm rejjulaai si.i,jll<iiB .-irtiss, sic Yftriatur s»- 

cuadu-T rsff. Gic etli'a /orltae, itlvo recti tudo, aev.eitia esl, nee 

habens ..rinclpixim aoc fluei^f xan^i^atKui coaaii^lit eseantioliter la pz-iao 

regulante; qulu In^u iiituui ,>«!.rtloip-^tlve 4»« iu. rtin^latiSf ijie incipit 

«t desialt aiffi ola* Sic dtLnsa. web ips^ innoitabilia» iicut ot ipsa 

are diviaa, ini^>usatuia ^<u.'<il tUi:- idi.OG rv'ctittido in i^ea re^-uxa; i.aa«a etiaa 

AaaeLoi int«uitlo sst >.aod 1 i<iiutubilia ^ii hacc reutiiudo, ^r^^ut Cidi ia 

robusf cuia, tji-ve res .«utefcir jive ..ariiijii , . e..ii>er „ic aaaet siaut ia 

ille arte ordiaiitua eotj -mmq a<!>cii«saria / fucit, i.;;Jui-(»bili5A, ot couwin- ^*''^ 

141 lA^ 

geatiu faci^ iuitixbiliu . ru. yoeita ciutcaa liac ordirictloae divlnae 

aepionti»iC, vcrua est ;,>iod uu<jc variut»» non jTOteat ooglliiiri ixoa noet), 

...rout consistit in ipsa ;.irta, -tuia aec praeiei-itua noc raturua pote&t 

oogitftri fi«ri vhI fs.ct*ia er.,'e, pacanJusi illosa «rteu, .iiai fdcuL in ipe* 

fuit ordinatum • 

Alia oEt veritt.s iueo e»t pro^jrium caste uaiuscujua ,Tia 

quod stabiliium er^t per p«»Eisaantia5i «uae -uiditatiti ot forace, aticju 

bI Ipenia ease ex parte mat«riae sit instabi.le. c,t ideo ceoviaduiQ 

. SE. 

▼artetRteia entiua varl'^tur, ct eua rebu» iriclpit ot deainit et Ecatatur, 

quia, licet pr-edictr; Tcritur., -.uee eat rectitudo , auh ojoiiuni in- 

quantua eft 'ueacara <;xtrineeea rebuc, clcut te:;?us OEnlua 1 9x^.0 rtliuai imua 

•6t, tsBcn, rals i-ts TrorltnE ret prapriotns Intrlneocn I'cbu», neei;i.$jirio 

6«qultu7 aodut rems, '.asiawis «Uia ravatoia «d illtus VuriVtwa r,Ua3 est 

rectitud'o, rslvtvl x-rslt ollr^ualiter ilia opiiiio A?isi« dlcit v rita^ 
143 149 

t4Mi forT.allt.e.r aonplstsrs la snl'na, no '::uod coap.-iratlo oreaturfcfe 

«ire tirtificlttl a^ sTts.^ osi In. latellociu, licet raallo i-i;i!HUtttio sit 

ex fola productloae onivoca uniua ox alio, ilcut est dojai» ex doGU>, 

151 152 

et fc£-niLas ex aaaitute, ut dicit ?LL10i.opha& in VI ^at.'y.hy«i{oatt ; 

Uoun in jaa diotg, alhil rutioziis lihohi, 

la gsnore vatasi, voriluteai rerox dLvidit Avioti^ma In duo, 

cui& vol ^,ani roa aaturus, vsl <3uat roe cuae sunt $b op&ro nostrti* St 

eic «tisuB duplex ott Veritas, fcciXiast v&ri'it^ n&tuxae, et vo.ritafi reo> 

tad i:«.wioai&* 

Veritas nutuics cicivar co.-sovmitdi- de natara cUbi^Uiati^tft «t 

de a&lura acoio«atie ea oosaualtfit^ 'iua e&i^ dioltur de els caiiiEiunlt&r; 

eoilicvt, co.nsiUQltat« aaaloi^i&o, ion ita 'jUO^ ilXud couixuao alt ali iua 

natui^a div«r&Lmo<ld p<articipata, o:uia tunc «li-^uid se&«t >^7UOd liec aaaet 

eubctantia n&o aocideniiy scmS ale, uod illci nature niuiplielter est 

•ubfitontia, eb in ^coidente :ion e^t, nisi in-iuantoLti est ellouid eub- 

stantiae, ut diclt Philo&opbUB • t'l-opter cuod «tiiua c(atio.ul p£dlo89;>hi. 

-> &i . 

161 158 

MX. dloitur in I l%\>i^JiifXi^^i , aoa dixuruat versj «as aiai oub- 



Sacua-iiura / '.uotl v^i© me tcv illuci ^uod ost tli^.uit ofr- 64vb 
eontia cb alile dl^^Cliictst^ uuJua i<clu;» o«tt 'j»8«i^« uuot aub ctiiu^i uici- 






acoiaoawcdif -t^od 0ii« ^..uui>i.1;iv°<ii:. visuti d»&8 • 

Vol «fkl^iu dioivxix" 3iaj ip^uu oit<ii ucclU(Kit:.dti uubatant^i^^, 


«lout lii dicud ouidj.' ttjw :fiui*lvuia vitsua ;.uo ua vu;;i uiiuia luoicli. Ifuui- 

dua itcnijt dlcit sub^i#iai;iu)u p'3iv>cdeuua -llu^iiijOw^taa ^.eouaUuu aiu&d a4H 


oidoit&lcy Vu<jd Obb u^iae iuibUv^tivuLi; ;<i(; ^c«3ic«ia& i3t>t eau* 

Umie et>iuu ^cuidBuj u ..ubctoatit. ooujstitaliai » ot la tiju4.> 

169 170 171 

diffirxitioae a<>dltf at. puuuib Ja j.^.^'^cloti» «^.^pliu» tula^ eiaut> 

dioit; i.vlQ&uxu , o>;<a« -^uod ooatJ'wiUiit v^lXHuld la <iiiiiii stst diiTiaiULruJi 

ipsiuQ. £1; ideCji ciib±>ouai>i<,: tiU^trc^oU., aiuil .i4&uwu dt» auwui-u cuuidtatlsf 

naqac iu tb, asqua ir. inuoll^tu^ &icut oioil de> uslare iay6Xli«i(itur si 

noo. t^it ■ otU6 luoiuif itvouudom ^uea uet l.^Uw&tivab vibus* £t; idoo 

aco-^dcas ust tiJAtuta ..^dUi;, gvubl^^'wlae, ..ui '^xxi^ imbstaati&>. ia aullo 


- S8 - 


(;ual8B arodaij .ub^tflaUac a&fc vjUtvlitafj et i-lc tf« alii», Et ulf eie 

stcoideau ©at «n^, ott. etlaeE v^ra ear, taaj^a postcxiu-^ qufln cabctEntiu, 

Cua ftiaitt ;ubet;atl.^ divldi.tur per y-otenlilcx et r.ctujr., 
177 179 

etLaiA ia tubatm-l-i vara tus pr«iiri»j oat mib^ittjitl^ "ctu Brirten», 

sUitk iXli ij!uu<a «t-iie ^-e-r l-.c^Uk» rtf-bllltuE ©£*. Proptor -uod cti/jjc 

lllud isoiuis tet tisiJLiciter eo„i, \uiu caa dieo ^ p;ltgr licit. ar . hoc v^j-huo 
179 180 181 

fg ^ 6XgaifIc2;it &£.^« ut MSuUi» egredlcat^xi tib uitc, ricut luccre 

a luoto* Ac(>u3 i.ut«ut non ^otit&t dgredi alri >'. n^tura &otu criatcntey 

quia i^owentiii. «at» aun asi-tv. T.i'jiO, ti^jai'ic /uur ibl -.otAi aaa, uoa in 

potcnttitu. Uu& i»(iiittm ;^i^.&di<iUi ClrifiLo / tdt ^sauIoj^^^.» et ibl non ^'Sra 

©jjortusli &iTiBua siia.iioitei- piawdieuri ue dlyl>-i«atlbuey iifn^ dfe lllo 

d« ^^o posterius dlcibur, tanooa jnaeUiot^Wr dub d0t6r..;inatloaG 

Bo^ qutiui xsb^z^tC eas \,^ov<ixmi&, Man «ai ^ma tal^ajilleitery a«d et>t 

184 135 

qttLdMB aiodaa «avis} ^roj^wer ^uou, &i. coneluoltur (da c>»t homo 

ia potflotia, «rga *&% ijaisa, «st i&liaci* ^i^ucuiiciJUfi '^uid «xi ^istp Il- 
eli«r; Us&a ola lll«> pot«ati& (^«t«rRia&a%« ^aclxa&tur ed hua^ 

183 139 

▼el iilua tieUia, 9t lioc aoa J3&Det iilal per aabitum ttetuis «t 

fox-zuid, ^ic «tlfc» i«atua habet Vurltc.tis usatusi hnb^t d« dota. 

%M okLoti > i3if>li6it*ar «t actu, '^iiod oet substenil* 
19 C 
uo^ iO0 f diyidltiir ^^ecundua rat>i«it«a rerit^iis in neesofiaritta 

- se . 

•t tn r^etlblle, uo^ potest allter t'e li bera, ew A^t, c^riuj^txUiJL». 

Rlnllltor *«? ir. -tJtrnti': dlviditur tii;.lioiter, .uie vel iilud eas 

194 195 

cdvenliuntee ^•d'lclt -it^ntlr enr ud ^c^Ain, jiciil ; cclcent: cat tsSwcMitia 

cner -ml r»J>j''o*^'rr l^llua -^t.'mU-?^ <:.;t •■tab iacoii^itiua , tr Jisi-uta-. 

tione pnl edtictnr rd rptun cffcct'tB sy I'lo .u-^jocto ;,uo6 ^loprii 

posrlblT.? Toc-tur, sicut oryiic for:. coii;oi"ea ^jotcatlii «Et ia at;.«riaj 

193 199 

T-cl ept nib'"ctMTr>. Incoapletua, cujue coaplaLio tt tctus Licii^it 

Inciplt «BB?* 

SI rtitc» varlt-is tit reotltu<5o valiaais ^jr^cUcae, T*i 111« 

r«etitutfn ost r.d fsclondas; et :ic f-rft verltts .'irtia, ^uit ire est cua 

200 201 

rr.tion* r^cta fcctivui' habitus. i v*)l est rectitudo ao ag<aiidua, ^t 

si Ills rst cecuadua vlrlatc-ia aAtura3.ii'i;r aobis iiaser"&aa, tunc est »«> 

seatlalitar v&zdt&g yrudcTtvAucif jiati est oua ratione ri.icta« 

OpsratlTus hAbltue ^artiolp&tlve autua dst oiinl\ia virtutoia .^Jx^eXiuu. 

204 20S 
£i rero cit cHD6rfl«ttui-i»li «lodo, sric eat ractitudo nuaa couTert 


cr^rites et r.lif-c virtut«.F iafaa-.6» C&aticorum i; fie ^tl dllik'unt 

te, 7ol «ct rectitude ute attenditur in Oi>ere, ia-=u»atua ©st 9ffsctue 

et cinaua dlcponitioai? int.^rioris } tt ic ejt rerltor '^uaa secuaAm 

PhilOEOphom est virtu.', .rpecialis, oil fnlsiUiS hijrpocrlBls caciirarlatur. 


▼«^rltAt« eigtil 

£x hsc ▼''jritate r«i ccueatur veritse iatellcsctua aoetri, 

i;uitt ipce cognoocit ftccipiwndo ^ rebue* td eaia Ipee nihil acd- 

peret a rebus, ; eci eceot c*ug6 rerun, v@rlt(xs rerum oaasaretur ab 

©Jue verlibt» potiue qua& e oonvsrao, ticut ce .atellcctu E«i jam 

dioUi3i cvt; scilicet, ' aocl vcrlt&e j«»ru» ei;t, icctitudo re^iilata 

eecundua sjuis rtsctitudlae>a. 

ist auteai duplex iatelleetue, socuadus Fhiloeopiaim ia 
4 6 

III L e Aniaa , dividdiodo«llectua pet oi^era • tic enia c,ua«d«ffl 

•8t latelligeot-ie inciviftibiiluai, cua© ab «liis phlloaopM^ vocatur 

iatailectuo iaior-atims, :;cilicfct, qui eiiapliei t;uidlt«te abstracta 

inforia?itur; vol ei iaioi-mfctur aiiiiiao «ouatiabill coipoeiito, hoc eft 

inquaatUio ip^u» ei»t per unan foroaa totiua ualtuia ia uacub aaturaa^ 

ut cu« aat riallt'.r tjuaencio, iatelligo dietua lioc, hoianwi ess* aei- 

6 7 3 

aua . <*iod probat ihiioeopauii ibidea cic i eicut roprlua objeotua 

E4K18U8 perticulari» «at suua propriua fceaaibile, ©ic proprlum objeetua 

IntcllcctUE eet r^uiditae Abstracts et univoiasll». Ced nulla ootsntla 

faLlitur circa ..ropriua cuure obji^ctus , cuie p&t • aetlvum nihil 

lapriait, nisi i-uea speoiem par i,ua« e^t aotivum. Ergo t&lis intel- 

leotUB non fallltur, ricut nee esnsue fallltur circ«i ixoprium obj actum. 

- 57 - 

- 53 - 

Alius ect iotolleotue oosipoasna, ul mtttxmai bli^uid dc 
11 12 

alic.uo f vol ndi,%i allcuid ab &Ii. uo ; et TOc&tur i^ ali'.ulln;.fi philo> 

15 14 IS 

so-^hlp fiaee, u-mdo, scilicet , tails ooHiiopltlo ooapr<»headltur 

liuod Ciodltur ense vera. £t ills «.atallcctus est varwe et falmi 

17 13 19 

eeaundu» Philoeophua ^ uia, slcut Finpedooles dixit , in compo- 

sltlone ttr«turn« cuod priuc fuanmt el«acat& separata p9r dl^oordia» 

sire lltsti sttarurt contr&rlaraa ru&litatuja , jiasi oapll» multonui 

^raaaorua tine oerric«y ^ive ..ine oollo et eolligatione amloitiae, 

cum ta*»»» genual ba tan habeaat sd invlcoa ex uaitr te oicterlae et 

^ IZ 

convsnlflntia «llcuaru» nuelitntuA, et oost , per asdoltiasi eeu con> 

cordi»«n eoT».T9aiunt in imo <alxto, sic eti&a» est ia ^ntelleetu; suia 

k1 ipse OQ-np<Hiit ea ruae f^ibl oonveoiuntf eet ipse rerusj Tel el 

£6 ;i7 

dlslunirlt en ner neeationen cuae inter : e aon conveiiuatf vextiB ei^ti 

{ii auten ov-poeitis / ioodls operatur, faltus est . S6ra 

Eat er^ hsee veritiis in intelleotu, eieut ia subJeotOf 

et etlrm filial taa el optieslta* Fed In re eat ?iout in caase, quia 

om rlnf^slarlua Incomnle-wrum necue ven« sit nenue falaua , Veritas 

hvce' ccnfletlt \r\ (Towowltinn*», -uae ec>!3positio onnee eaaaas eua« 

tsb^t in lntpiT*»ctu, scilicet, cauewa effici«mteta, uia coayOBitio 

c^'n^Vvioni!' nnn n»t in rebttSy sod unio uoius oua altoro cine sedlo» 

et qfJ9llbet noQ «fit ni^i uaa, ?ive ;:it. uaua «ubatantialit&r, cive ait 

unan slcut subjeotua («t acoideDs* latellectus voro aon aceiplt uniones 

> 59 - 


tmitts oua altcro , oial Mowntei luAi» MNMi qood habei unua in alio; 

•t hoe «CM aieiiificutur :;«r verbaa aotme oofapoattlonmiit ^-uod «at 

oopdk awlia in oration*» F&tet erno cuod uolus int«lLcotue faeit h«ao 


Hslliterf ^ateriali» 06U»6 taaju» ooapo«itioni«y id est p 

•a qoAt eoBpoimatttZ'y sunt in voxo intdlivotUf uls prftddioat« &t sub- 

J«ot& «nuntle:tlonuB cooiponuabur et cULviauntur pi-out isuat in lumina in<- 

telleotue u^^^entis. £x coaaunicabllitete anim Toraae causatur com» 

paratio ejus ad plur?., ut .dt in eis, et prredloatur de eia* Goonnuii- 

Z-7 53 

ca.iilitatctt auteia non rtnbet in'uuntxia «et oonjunota aatbri&e» val 

te»o ali^uid, ^ed prout ert sapar&ta, et ^toc &alua h<%bet in intallc^etu. 

Finulis dtiritu oauea Ln int&llectu coneistit, quia talis 

ooapttaitio sit ut in XoaXna abstralMnte oouponibilia xnteLleotua 

adipieoatur eeipsua, ot fiat intalleoius ad«;.>tus. Patet ergo uod 

totua esse ooapositioni;^, et pm: eoni>eciu«ie Terltatis u,^b9 o^t in 

coapositione , est in intelleetu* 


M«igifi eutem eit-t ivsa miua de falaltate, quia vsrua in» 

tellectus ad adnusr fund utur iu i-e; falsua sutc« nihil eat in re, sed 

trjitaffl e&t ens «pud intailectua* Est taaea et ipaua falmia praedlctie 

■'•■ 45 

aodls in intellectu , ui& :3etiundun Phllosophus in V I ?ieta^ky£icae 

Veritas intelleetua pxinoip&liter eat ia ooaiioaitione, quia Veritas 

nagatiooi» fuadatur au^er varitutaa eoa^aitloais. V- rua est ^lia 

- ro - 

tociaea non scps lapl^o-", -ui- l:-i3f7 >-.r,t r'-tloar.Ur;. nnt'o r oppot'lto 

frjLttilcis, -due -lihll «t;t ir. .":,, co,icl£tit In dlv.l^-lono. vurua «^ivislo- 

noa f;dt -L"it:llvjctw3, / st i,;8c ^.atellcctuc tvbjiciuur oidsn eivliiaii; 66vb 

«t quae dlviduutur, dividuetiir ^:rout i-n*. 'n liaslcr* intei:?fctuc ad 

finea ietun, .laoc^ :.nt<;llcctuc dlpiec-t:;!- oelpcun in Mc, 

Ctuaatur taisiin r» cite 8 f- rebui:, <":ui£ cnxJesa divoreiraide 

iccc^ita ..uat jjrincipia rcr'j;c, ';uec fftlnn runt pri-tclplj^ oornitlonis, 

•t per co.ic&.uunfe -rczAa cr-u/o.^itionl;; ia ir.lollectM, vit jirotfttuR est 
47 49 

a rtiiloeoplio . Zl iuu> »..liTiuit>jU- <i&«c w/rilui, '.itUie t.i,t e<!or,Ui.tio 

risnui tat inWllecoutiif i..ucac!o acillcwt, GOi:,^;oeltlo iniellcctui' rundstur 

s«ouauii3 ualt.itvu rerua, «iUer-^u uar est itx alia, Et itiao '■i>run oic 

aoa (s^w uid aisoiutu», ued ral-i i,ivu% . al- i.j;*;- aii-sc-iuatio relationsa 


FU'irujit u-a(a:i tuulti ^UlloaOijid, iUL a. «aavcrso dixiraat 
veriieteitt r«ru;j coiifiiet..iro in r'iipiireatiri, it,., ^uod uld juid alicui tp- 
i>vir4t ^er opialonofa vo". p-Ax' se.iiu:», quea i.soi Jicuat ii"!«a GCi--<.i cum 
iatcllectu, ;io3 v^raai »jgi, ati's al c->ntr3dlct>rLa divtraig 7l<2aant.:r* 

MtiO !Ut».l «OiUffl fult ■Sila 0U3 ?:nl32- alt l;14gD <3t. roSiiltfttlo i)\t8l- 

lijoatiae iaovontl:-. orbeii, ipss est ;aotor naturae, ;-.lsut at Intalli- 

ejftatia , i'.rsii In o-saisu'-i, slcut saotor eet caura raobilis, it» f?>ra3, 

qua« est in .iO'/o.-iti, a»it cc^usf. foraa© :.;u£€ act in .lobiLl, Ergo rsrawi, 

..'iA6 «ct ii «mlaa, est causa formno naturi^lia st ens in n^tur& 

- €1 - 

seciuitur foraaa opiaionuja tt aestimationua. In hoc erro conteneenint 

64 65 56 

Pj'thagoras , Aaaxagoras eb L^upedocles , et alii [-.hiloaophi oitcm- 

centes ad seafua .'i« esse la faecioatioae, 

tied er, hoc, ut dictu«a eat, tecuitui- contradictorla esse 
vera sijul , et uod nihil it necQCBsaluiii, uxn aiiaii semyer potest 


esse uodem riodo, &t quod ila vora erunt cua,s apparent la soaaie ticut 

in vlt,ilia, vol cu le vicentur re.aot'; slcut proprie , vel ouae videntur 

60 6l' 6 id 
ex infirai -ate sicut uae judicaat saai . uae omnia com tat esse 

falsa, Guie., licet caisui sit aotor naturae, non taaea ? st notor ejus ia 


toto univerto, sad ti.ntura ia uo uaiverso , scilicot ii cor.x»i.fc tibi 

uaito, it ibi a«tuia bene eecuitur formas piactic;..s Mniaae, / 5era 

praecipue cum pr-:r volunti^teia et appetitUBi ordioantur ad opus, clout 

ia irfc, et in tt ore, et x'x concupiscontia moveatur spiritue et sanguie 

et membra corporis, Et i.L'ailiter eet ia aliie pessionibue» 
te c7 

Et vi. vcruifl et-t uod dicitur d« fftsclaetione, tunc ef- 

fectue :^uea aaiaa laifriaii, in corpora j'lieno non est Ejii;»c, i[i..niantuiB 

f^aJLsia. est, uIr ion c^nveait cuillbet aalsiae, sed hujus tuairaitie est, ia- 

c.uaatUBi piirticipat piae aliie aaimabus virtutes collestos, par i;uas i2i- 

ciutat naturaja. £t naac virtutau sequitux naturam reruoi et non appar- 

eati£.3i ar.prthensionii; snimr.e . Ontie relin^uitur ' uod vera aoprehensjio 

70 71 

aairaae causetur c rebuc, et oportct •"uod i,;sa secaitur res, ot non 

e converco, Et ic dicit Au^itiEtiau? i-. libro Sollloruiorum j vsrum 

- b.. - 


d»t 'iMoC ilii- aft ut c-.>i:jiit.'>ri videl'^r, _i valit at. ^ttic, coj^aoacttsro, 


tunc -iUi.lit£r:sa."» ue i-aojllcclu;. aa-i^oai-l t^^'-jcias -at^jlligibiici;, ia^iper 

varus '^irlitf .^v» 1^ ^u IL^ ;..l.'.f >^vti ,.^u* ^i iulc vuriu^ti oou v.&1» 


liuatl fie Lat^llioUu dictuai --^ti, ^mt, dtl.a<a Cc pii**itatiittj 


ij^tfo yira ofili .1 aaa« aaa« Eti ic.&& s'^itui Uiua >it) ^xjaau coo^omii » 

CJJiv^'l'Js'l^-* .^^'i«i"^iii-i , '.iiiouiuria;! &c;.-;suuni. 

la uiX-taf acllijo'^y Cv..ipuijiuio:ii.i; db uivitflouxii r^^iu..!, i-uixi. ct^i&bi voces 


▼ol n'^a iiist, o^uvlo ufti vorfe vol rtii*»*, -(.ain /wi'itaai uit^ul cuafeijiklt 


in .'jda^'Xintiana ejus d .dgrsttiM. St i-lc tliuit iuguttiaui^ in libi*o 

p a , yprr^- f^cll-; io n .n xod vcrltni* *'>st •^ua ouvi5u«ii^iu' id v|uod utv., I"t 

fillRiluc t v<iriim ort assireet.'^tlviia oswo. 

'•«uod cute::: (?icinuu vococ iir.3«3 not at; jinf^fif^iua uQi^aee^ 

tjUidnn etile iatjllii-unt» ricu-n. maia conui-'i-tua iatullcctua doaciiuc-tr» 

eA l«n?rinotlanen, / et quia iliius org^Tivia oot In anteriorl i-^rto 6erb 

cntilti , «t f.d illiui iicrvcntt .-fpuplr' tup nor in . uo vox i'i^', i<i«0 

irtftgl nt-.tio sencirst Ibi in taritionea roi in Toce, Et cic ciicunt 

. 65 - 

0l0^ficattts fl«rl in voce, 

8«d hoc aihll oonut£.t ••&• ex kioOf c^ul^ ri, ^eouadum eos» 
86 87 

•y i'^i», rurt(j -^oy. h«»b^t In »• int«ntion»F> r<4, icreaoret ej!!^ndem in 

*«dift!it», et cum «e- us.litnr «*« h«b©»>t rretieetu cujttpeum'iue mdlmitiBy 
''«lll*>«»t Int^lll^er^ Tor-uentem in -uoejacue Idlomet*} cuod falaua eet* 
Ur>d9 ^Ic^n&Xft no*' •^nx h«>>»t «yic In^fcit'itlone «^tf awoltu-s, ryod tlgmui 
?!lt huj'.i? vl lljAu» r«if *>t if'fvry :.n\ n'"scit iriBtlt»ut.l(>n«n siiml aoa 
intelllrlt lo^nentem» PI to,»«»fin eon'il'^wrrtnr hoc rijnum, nor» ut slgmuBf 
•«d ut rer ■ti««d«n r«»Moni? ox'dinntp ''>*»r i»ooBltlon«B %d ilaeltua ad 
Rll'iiid !!lpnifiof^nr»>i«, tune 'W** slpnum i*it v^nim lirf t&lmukf 


t5«wp«r or»»t.lo, «*Tt «>oo w«d plcmificnndo f««it id ad cuod «si, et 

p*?T«t. m'f»m n?t«»r«»r», est ▼•jr^ ilia Terltf^tA :Ua« «x natura «t ▼eritat» 

eon^intlt, 'Jt dlclt HilAriuB . ft jie rilolt An8«laa« c;uod veritae 

«nuntlsttonls ei't irm ftclt -iuod debet nifolficAado id ad ';uod i»- 

p09ltua est, five lllud it vemia slve f&lsua. 

Becuitur «tlam «x dietie cuod •!- Veritas eeeantialiter dicta 

ftiimBtur, unB tsntua est v^ritMs , liiout una t«atus est priaa eBMntia* 


Bt hftc ▼'^ritf-te «iml* «unt ▼««*, non in^xattreater, c,ui« Detts r^nis aoa 

co-s-nipflfttur, pad eiremnlwriter et efflol«iter, nis ongnie oerfeotio qua» 

etot in e^iasia et onue<!^to ex>'r;iril<?tur, et oaus&tur in «ffaetu a ottuse* Et 

h*<>c f>*t «nr(k9r>l«ritfiB non f>olua aaeoadaa ideas ertisi cualiter etiaa 

oalor et color et hujus^nodd etlaat cxeaolaria hnbeat in Dao) fed ftecundua 

- f < - 


turn a«<3«nd'Jiii «•^pentin-? «t yetrin^im «BBf», prout est unus Tuson 

100 101 
t je^c^ndcng jsi rtftt re luptlmn t «l.c It^rura est, verfla?? ma, «ujus 

ps^tlclpation» oml^ runt -^forn • Sed al «jnatur rBciindwn oit»^ -^rt 

•;«rtlelnitT dlvsrt^lfsodl / •> dWe^fls, slo tot e'lnt ▼eti.t^toB ;uot «unt S'.va 

«Witt!», Zt ■i'^ A^.EolTir dl^ifJit -"rTrlt-itaTi in veritnte signl »t r«»l, 

«t ■T3r1.t"Lt'^ rai •lL-?!flit in r^rlt^te n-^turne ot ijvnrtn. Toannij' 111 : 


»ir:n'i"a n5.»ur ■*. :, ut fiimp »*3t rl -^lu^ i/^iff» '"el ?int slraa d«ta, ut 

•?9rb;, ^t ut «ircilu-a g'-iT^lf^.^at utw, ot -'I'tllla, OjJu»? diviylonis 

ratio ^^it'-it ir lastri •^VIuIoq'? y.i 'TTi fsositn, ■>*. ««^t utr&rutj dlvleio 

'l07 108 

divislo analofri rj-, uivju *»at In Tirjl^ta analojic^ di-^tla ; !«d 

iiiSH dlvoraifl'jr.t'jr s'SffiT^^JT dl^eTfST '»<y^^•9 srovjortl^wl» nd lll'id 'waf», 

loa lio • 

sicut ua« nujsro est satiitas ,-U£ »iaiet:'l ?i;t fa»iuB, ^ urln«, 


et dicta et sstdlcln^. £lo sal.t uaa ect vsrltr.s rai ^uao ©H alio ^~^o 

in rir, at i^lltor in r>tall?ctu, Pt ?llt«r in sl^o. 

Dibit ant etlia rH'^I an v-?re diotus sit MOd oaanis 

US 114 

verits-s Fit c^usfctu a oriso vcro, ciJS par.cata 96Stt ait vor-iBj 

Rwee veritsB non «■■t la Dffo, clcnit nrc ipBuai ncccfttuir.. Sftd lll.ud 

fuod ir-j^'-lubillter prob»t<«« c;?t, ton«n<tut!i •ml, r-r-^oclpu« c^£ etiaa 

Ai^brociuc Eupor Ulud I Coriat.U.O£ xii i Stmo poieet dioTe Eoailntt^ 

Jea^8 , stc^ cIclL yucd omac verua h cuoouaquo dicHtur a Splrita 

EsACto e. t . Idea etlaa ^robct iUxsaetinus in libro LXXXLll HUfaaetlo- 

tuM r-ict oiaaft vtJiuai a verlt-^tc verux e;.;t. Est autea yerit&s Csue* 

I'^uu! igitxir euotorctoi l^b. t oaaae reiiiut* PccoatUB aut«%, lnqu«ntum 

1~ -' 1<.X 

voritfstea ii!ib©t , eet & priaa veritate, iuia Toritatea habat sicut 

entltatBot, uoilieet, v«l x^tlone eul subjoctl» ^uoo ect actue bus^auej 

vcil eat ene ratioale cost] oaen tie priTatlonaa eua suo cubjeeto; t«1 

«U.8B in orctione illsxs oonpoedtlon^a £;xpi*iBientle« S(;.ee mia oaala 

eunt a Ceo, Sad xn;uantu& peecctua p 't, :ie aei privaiio at noa anc) 

at Idao aec est verum , c.'ula haoo aoQTaria&tur* uod atlas aapra 

dlxiaai& vdruB adoere taper ens* lorte sillcal vldetur fclsua oua ana 

biae veit> aoa potest intelligl ncc » coaverfO» Telle esila non solua 

convertuntur £ecran<^u» t-^Jippo^ltaf £e<S atiem eeouxdua / intentiottec sunt &evb 



Sad dleaodua ett ax£ hoc aod , ad hoc MOd sli^.tts dlf- 
farant aaeanduai iat«niione&, ion lauuirltur suod unua pos^^^lt Intelligl, 


mpposito ^uod «Itarua non ail, -ul& aooidans tine substantia intal- 

ligl non ^ooteet , :•«<> mffiolt \\xo^ rotio unlue psj-sat latdligii non 

eoint'slleota ratione blt>.rluu. Et ^ic osb in propo:^ito, ula «is 

i;:j ISO 
aoa potest intalllgi, isuppo&lto uod ipeum non eit rurixsif ao quod 

Teritae eet mtio aacuariui^ ;.u&s ens aet objeetua intdllactuSf slout 

per boait^t«a Mi obJe«tu» «{^tltos» S«d teMO «m poiMt Intel- 

lil^f aon ooasldortttA ration» T«rlt&il0« slaut «as ^lOiesi intelllgi 

lis 134 1S5 

»itie col <l«t insliirtlane Ad rouriutt •«£• siftbilitua huio 

naturae» vel llli • 

ifcilta eti.'A obalstt^r* Tidoatur ol uod ex prticdletls neose- 

sarlo eoacluditur; ficllleet» uod tantua rit ;ma Veritas acterna. 

im 1S3 140 

8«« Dtue plurcE vera s«lt rib aetemo» et uod Pat&r ctst Pater, «t 

l^llius est Flliue et i:^plritus t^nctae @st :7plrltus isanotue unt pnp(K 

•itioaes dlTttTM* dlstlnctao peoee torsinoc suos* Srgo ^ibaat 

dlTorMS vorltatee, et oonctt^t onjuslibtt «arua verit^tes •««• 

A«tomaa« Itoit: Attga&tlaa£ in libro ^olllo uioru» ot An Minis la 

ll'sro tc Verltr^te ^robant ftoo, per Toritntos l&torua smmtiabillua^ 

mmdua fUUirma ue.e, vcl &ll':uld eroaadua «sse oon ineaplssa, per !)oo« 

qnod £d ^0 all ;ttaa(U> mm full verua, oppoeitua fult varua. FjTjgo 

verltue c eata fult ab aatcroo* 

S«d oaaie baee eet, fselle refallere, ri cdvortaaos 

'uiod plttra dieuMtur aolrl a Deo, propter retlonie ri*tp«ovam eolceitlse 

146 147 

euae a& plur'^, et n':}a Itr. ^uod Iprs ut la Doo i^mt, plara elnt, 

f^ttitt ipse eoijaoeelt plura uolce. Proporitlonea etlaa de divinia 

feraatee aiot »b Intjsllecta aortro, intellii-eate ^isplloia coa{>oi»itet 

H Idee aat«c:tuuii eeoet Intelleotuc C9iii;i>onea0, omlao non fuerunt, 

149 150 
nli»l la praeeeieatla Dal, £t Ideo neo fueruat falaaa aea 7«rae, 

- t-7 - 


nisi verit&ue pr/^escientia© diviuae, in ,ub osania unura Funt. hjee 

euteui talium ropOEitionuia i;uno ips&e pcrponac ciivinao, ■ uae sicat / 57ra 

euat uaa etceauiti, it& vera sunt una verltate, 

AugUBtinus etiaa in ijujuKiiodi arguraentic non intcaidit 

probare verltatuiii ero&taai esae aetemam, ni^i eicut Buuiadictura ftst, 

scilicet , secancuia cuoc incoaimitsbile dicitur aet'-muin. Cuod patet 

ex irujc ' uod ex ilia incor^autabilltrite pro^*.':.! ir.r>iortalitB.tos sui rub- 

jecti quod est anima rationulic. iled etiam Aaet^liiais in llbro De 

165 156 

Vei^tf.te expoait hujusmodl ergimeata quae ipec posuerot in aionologion , 

Uace cicendum c.uod uando nulla crcatura fuit, nulla fuit 

propogitio; et icco nulla tr.liujn f\iio vera, niKi Tcritate incresta 

in pi asBCientic lei. It iceo prtct ' uod nee pluree v*:ritatf.s rnint 

eetomae, nuc verlt&s alicujus etiutitiRbiliEj vel etiain ipsa uairer- 

seliter dicta veritac eet ab oetei-no. 

Nee vclefc si uis objiciat cx>ntradictorlf:m *?sse veram, si 

fiffiraativa non est vera: cuia illud principium , uo cicitur de rruo- 

libet affirm- tio vel nef^atio, intoiligitur Eupiiogito cuoc enuntistio 

160 Itl 162 

sit, et :,uod res Bint u£j[Mja una de alia ennntietur, et uod sit 

intellectus haec cosnpononsj ^ uia con Lradictorii;. et contrarietas 

et . i-dlia .'.unv. iiuc-i-deatia conECcuentia proi30sitione;x! xclatam ad re^n, 

ut ad cwUGa^j ?us© vexitetis, et ad iiitelli ctu;!i, ut .-id faciene corapo- 

sitionem. Unde cuui nulla fuit proposltio eo ::uod non fuenmt allcua 


subjielbllirt vol praodloabllia, n^^c fUit inWllectus o^iuwoamsy tune 

1C4 165 

a«tttra oontradlotoslarua fUlt varc, v«I falea; quia falaua , cua 

ait privatio verif r«liA uit euua subjoetua esEo. Propter .uod baae 

c:neiiditur _\xot o<mtrudictJ>rl& aoa l\ilt vera, 8«d tton "uod fult 


iKodwB ?ii»cio otina mcpaadoBdiw «st «d ijsilla eophlsaatA, 

leS 1G9 

quibu* ^.robsatur Veritas orsctft esM iadafieioiB in futurua; quo»- 

X70 171 

vie mlm hoc vexiw eit, t«a«a -i valimtaie dlviaa raa in aihiluis 

redJUrant , ^teriret om^a veritae oraaia» 


C4i>I?UL0U iiEPTlSam 

Co falaltute ot vnritat* 

Sic eutoffl Veritas dioitur stulti.iliclUr, rlc etiaa opposita 
4 6 

•i falaitas nao«£isario dioitur :aaltiplioit«r. Prixa« sutca verltati 

falftitos / aulla oppoaitur, quia cua falsiti>.« sit privatio, 1111 soli S7xb 

Yeiituti opponitur cua« priTatione p^jraisowri potest; cuod In priiaa 

verltate noa contingit • 

Dieuat tsjaen cuidam op,M>6itus bojusf dieaatea quod falaitaa, 

una icoluffi dleltur falsas d«M«» opponitur rerae diTiaitati, noa aiout 

pi'lvatlo habitulf a«« aiout liaplex neg&tlo affiraetiozti» sad aloat 

nogatio la goaare opponitur affirmBtioai ia genera , ut bono et ncm 

boao* Et exesipluifi ponuat la '^^o, uod licet» in uantum nooat» nam op» 

10 U 

ponitur attatao bonOf oui nihil nooera poteat | teaen, Incu&ntua est 

uaifacttts boniy &ic evuxiuo bono opponitur selum. Falaitaa autem noa 

15 14 
dioitur opponi rcro .uia nooot» &ed ,uia «lat dafeotua Yari) at ideo 

potest opponi prizi&a veritciti. iiatio aorua diet! eat quia dioitur 

Deuteronomii x » »a decopti faeUtie vobisetia Bculpt-a rlnilitudiaqB . 

Idoluai argo eat falsM vari Dei imilitttdo. Sod aiout dicit Auguatlnus 

in libro fc olilonuiorum : fali-ua ec^t ^luod a veri k-ioilitudina lon^a 

•at, taaan iit>! ana ad rertJia noanullaa iait&tionsa, eui ilia falaitaa 

opponitur* Srgo patat propoeitua. 

- TO - 


tlnua fandr.tur 1^. vcrc. It, tiioo -uc proirrivlic aoi.vlnlt> .lac i-i^- 

flcstuB su: tlnant f-ilsa'a diooro rjo^;;ai!.ii in ij-jaori;, axaJL i.iuuv 

nriT.rtio dioltur negrjtlo ii ^c^-. .i-<? tuofii-tildll,^. aiLil out-viu 

ercsttja f.tJECisptVrllc crt aor/^i; divinl'. tit; I'-owi."-^ . . ._., -ipC 

«olU'i! -uantuw fa2 arrmoas otilnioaaia iu.ri&'Uffl, St iieo ilia fuiti- 

tt.8, -Ti- idoluT. o't falsas ;Ssarj n-^n art ia re nisi .icut in c»^s*, 

eed in atistlsatione bo-dnua., vcl ct'tuo Iso'.iti^^n* . I'x-cpto: ,uod 

otiam idolun g<>lus *!,»incu,.otiv;: dlcitur deug £C-cuachiiu ii:;.ttu iipofctoii t 

ygy-!i Hd. fcuat ''•■; ,1 ^.'g^T.t-y.,. dlj-.etjg. tt connot: t ^■.)ioC i:alAiv:i intsl- 

leetur nan o ;x?r:itur vcri'.-.ti ^-cdi. '.>.-MS.-^liia. ■..•^oi.xxi: a.-iliua «itt, uia 


E^cunrTs /ia;'UBlinuni syjlu.:ii non o/ipO;iitur cursw bsno, n*>o c^it / Ii^cjc 67va 
dlv^Tr: jod r-'E-luit nocml, vit -u.^s? . i* eiialaa'AW beNHOflf «.uit. noai- 
;r.eaVir .T.cli ocaslrtlt i;i dimiautionii 

7?ritcs autesi ci^ft^ta, ut sacra diotua Gr,t, uno oiodo 
dicitcr eaiit-'-i naturae r:^i. i'r3prl.i siva ,-bt.olui. (wrif'.lar ^ccuxidua 
?,-uod Tcritss ^Et iafiiTlL'lo actus :.i ^otenti«, sive taiaatur '.n cJifii/*!*^- 
tioae Ad rtific: cRuaaa iixss.yl^r^u at e.fficiottt«a, t«©iiiciU'i «iuod res 
dicitui- •7irr, wuando .,io ast, aioUtt in asnt* divlna ori!lafctua eet. 
Faialtaa roro opj>3i-ita Jade vorltr^ti est sotentialitaf. rorum crcwtfirua, 
c;tta pOBSunt .:3itiiJ'i rion .alnn t!^c*j.i<iusi accicti&nti.i, firk! otiss» in im'o- 
tbaatia posoiailitiat© coiidltlonf- tb ut r.*^cs-a^iH, vel ijcf-s-ibiliute 

- 71 - 

•bsolutU) ut gonarubilln «t oomiptlhillu. Ac p^r hao non erf«ot« 

ifoituntar sumi exoffiplar, necy cu&ndo corrutapnatur, sunt sic eicut dis- 

posits B-Jjit in monto div^ln», tuIa hio def foetus noa oet h D«o ul, ut 

JO 51 

dlclt /A!^t3tinuf> In libra LXZXIXX 'Otaeiitioisuia, non est eaae« aoa e0M| 

6ttQ conseciuitur r«£ per ciist&aulaa diealmilltudiais a Deo. Et ita 

«uJea rub aat vorn Incwintu» coneistlt ia perfocticme HfODriae nalwr&e, 

«t falgs <ist iaqusntujs deficit s pdrfeotlon* «8»« n«oestarii. Nihil 

InpecSit Oiipoeitt divirtis rfctionibua la©f;e« eld«a, etiam si ^imt eontra» 

dlctorla, Et sic eicut oaaj© i:!onua crentua peraixtua ett ^llqu» 

nelitlc, flc «TOO yeruffl persilxtua eat f«Isit«te. i^.t ppia ; oIub D«ttjB 

56 56a 

y^rfiy , ; paaie , hoco rafaaciRy , Roaenog lit ; «t mulU» foartlus^ alia» 

cr&ttura» ho^iae igaotilioroc, 

Haec fRlelter- in .:^CJipturft vocatur vanitaa, Lccl»ei>6tie 

i * ViJaU-as vnnitti^tfa^ eto.j et inirs, »^ oaala v&nl , t . fis • Bi» 

sutts dolt Amn l Ut B vnftit; tiufflf quia duplex ast veaiLfcaj uat. ouae con- 

eistit in, 'it'turt;. rui, a .ue v nit c~>apo£ltuB evane&oerey ccillcety 

qu^oico oLliv,uld i£ublto eorruiapltixr; vel in f^e Tt»! CtUO&d nos, scilicet, 

5?^ 40 

cua dlajwijrei,, |^ca6 xxiv t £t jy^f lyaauit lab , ocaiJ4& eoxy p. £t 

eic sooun'^» iHeronyatum Taaitas (U.elt unitabilitutea, qua alicuid / 57irb 

42 41 

a iiriori «>tetu ^o «vtweecit* Uncie «^lia &ri^ja»liJ.tia habot i^ro 

Taaitae yQait.:;tu&f vaporea fUad ei> «urea t^iUMiy cufi^e cito tiolvuntiu'* 

H i?ie vaniU'.s est idvsi «^iuoti fiuaitae} propt.^r quod etiiui heeo 

- 72 - 

i2 44 

«ll<9l«il«il9 ia ccripUsr*. citi oajunijuufcur. In Pg-lt» : Ot culd 

45 46 

dil ijitls yfj>lt..tgiu^ ^ g'--o « Cl oL's e ; if. «ist terrcan, cues jsunt Teaa^ 

quit ai uKbr&. trvnttunt, Et lt«ru!a '^anlBiue i Veruaita iam vanl ftlii 

hoxiau^ ul.c » Et .uwvJo ue unura pro a"*!© noaltur, ut ibi, Teruat ajBw a 

49 SO * 

.uaivci\.i.>..::^ stc . Itoc e'.w enim icet -.luo-d alibi «Sicitur cecun- 

caa iiioroasyiatua t g. v Cj. , yi i-r^ ;. U tiXijf; m'.:-<? oaml^ hoao s> oadi^ . 

La, ouioibaj: aatf» hi» iU«!Kl.;clu« cAisitur as btt?if.lit«^r pro 

faloitatfi, vUtvs est aatsris iseadaoilj «t fd<t vi;*nltac onpcnltxir v^^i^ati, 

Eioitar Jiutaa ciaolittra uoa eolua vanitp.a, ssd yanitag v yiltati ^m^ ut 

eicut in Cent^eo Cantl<;orjtt ^ later axnla ««.mlna, nycallsas cisrKwi 

ost&aditur, ita hlc vtialtatie asijjnitwdo ;Boa«trotur, ut dioit HierQay- 

66 se 

mum , -uiti croiibura ,ua« ex sui iausi-f^ctioae in «e vanitas ast 

57 68 

in cosparafeione ad perf icfcloassit diviaHa , art cuaai aihll . Et ideo 

eat v^nitiiit v.nnitjitam* 

Alia dst vmnltH» qu&e cc^uaiatlt in dporctiono! rei, ;uaa 
59 61 

d«Boribit r".iilO0O^:hiS quod voAum est q\i<vi est &d aiic^uaa finem 

et non includit iliua, Et r.ic itcrria vimitae CBt in rebus, ia 'u&atua 

fej>p«tunt eese divlnuaj id ast. esse ;.8rii8tuuM *t inccjmmutsbilej 

et raULoa» illiu^' -^•-At qaid^aid agunt, wt dioli i'txiiosophae • i'ed 

tac^si oullu res iiOo i,'arf .cts, e>t id«o ^ecundo (f.icit vsnii-ius 

vtinitatuia, scilicet in c*, «it in opsrstiono , ut iai- dioUtn est» 

£t '-(Ui& bonl rutio conciotit in Tina, im^a v«nlt«i.8 oat aalitia rerua. 

- 78 - 

et opponitur [>onltati. Qade iIiero:i.. loufi t si cuaota fcoit D«af , 

Qoeaodo oanin vaoitc*. De hoc seoundo uodo Viiolt tit», lo^jUltur 


A|>0Etolu3, iioaa noa viil , cua elicit» ya-iltati oreatura rubjepta est 

aon volon» ; id est, non »e«cudua Euua coEideriuje oaturale, »<d propter 

eua qui B ttb jeoti eaa. ecilicet, servliuti co rru ; ;t ion ie , / ut Infra sub- 68r« 

ditj s««andua ^Mod oasaXa oreaturt ect &liqua.llt«r corn;, tibilie, 

Quaonrie «ere Ineorrupblbile dedLderot. 

Qubjecit aute;i Dqus oreaturaai l&xie S'^^Tituti non eia> 

pliciier» c,*ala "r^c coavcuit creiutuxao iac/Uftntua «et ox nlhilo sed 

eecuncuK stfttura hujus sceculi, , i^opter onforisitatem ad statam «ml- 

taalea hosaiaie, ioq 'Olua in \\oo »t tu, sed etioa in statu innocontise, 

72 75 74 

Haltat flQia nuti^tionsb et oultoc Eoodoo requirit Iste st&tuS| qaa« 

eiatUE apiritaalie futuras gloria» aon recuirit. Subjfccit, inqua» in 

8p«, id eet, in ordiae &c illu:.. fiatsu i piritualea , cuia et iosa 

77 73 73 

ereatura sty .t id est , iir^sutabitur in statu» libertetie ««rilis 

30 31 
fosul^tus aetus et .natationis &d glorias taatae incorruptibili- 

tatiti et pexfcotioais et lrLaitabilit8ti&, sicut polGst oa-saMoiouri 

er-eatorad a oroatore, i^ecundua status rloriae congruenteia statu! 

baatitttdlnie » cui aet varue st&tus filioroa Dei, 

t^Aia butea t^pecitditsr Apostolus Intcmdit loc-:ui de boo 

Yanltiito patet per illud quod cequitur t^ enia txporLsento 

-uod o^i^ifc cxcitura. :;ciIicot .;Arituali6 et cor;^ral.if- ot cor::)oeita 

- 74 - 

8& 3€ 

ex<,u«, tufl—dl Bcit c? deslderio pi •^sdletot pcrfeotioais; Ita 

cuod tr&niHi4ptlve tuaondo huac gemituxa, eti?jK eaeali ingwdseunt jro 

d«ftiii*tio i>&lutlk noetr&e petr c^uas: eonui ruina restaurotor, et p^r hoe 

•orun fwiiciviifc QU£(Witur cccuadun illu'J laetae i Anreli p&^i^ tt"iaj[e 

ilt^bunt . It saifiifce fceatco ;„ij t-^iECuat :>ro perfect Jone fu«© folicitatis 

ia feioriH 00X1)01^^, suic, recumiu.T Augostinun , ex l-ioo daaldcrio re- 

d'-i 91 

Iturcuntur f. ^urftcta cub fc-licltfite in Dei c9Rteaol«t.lon«». Ppfi^BM g t 

92 ■ 
t ^ <iiXp«Cit; fit .ustl ovc » rt fattj:.:.,'.e , iraorf opton ua j ^^ropte r Torbum 

D&i. al&aeat y<?(ip xata^fc , cicwatcgt ugvufi'tio Conine ,-f.nctue et^veitijj 

94 95 

fete » X^jocalypis vi • £t -T.rttirit / Clo/g & ; cum labor» operatur, SJrb 

acilicet, iila O(pi;ratione xiu .?roudle*i!iii oesiderlus iaplere studot • 

Qui labor netapborice etiam e.t in sageli^ f^ectindum tllur» A22SSX22i5 

93 99 

iv : iX ro ^uiaa noa hy. b ab^nfe die »d ^octo , ate » , us que adMc in pTti»" 

seati tempore. 

&ecunda est v*:rltes aoria, eiva "^oo sit absolute teouadom 

rttctitudlnas rEtionic nMtur&lisi slve <:^c eit in e<Miparatione Ad prlsaim 

regular ju^tltlat, ^u.-ie louf- ttt ; civt- noc fit in ordine effeetu? ©t 

•1|^ «;o £i&^cltioncai ho^ioic Intoriorie per boo picnlfieatam, 

aiout op^rt bon% exteriora eunt ^ipMiy fcdlioet , offectu» bonltatis. 

£t pxis5.e coadiwioni hujue verit^tis op>>onltur falsitss, 

qtts« coasiatit ia de<ieptioati ^-acsisals oe<^ecatif ad peoc'itum contra 

CjOajccuaoue virtutea ieor«la:ii, t^dcunduo cuod osnia cialua cfX i^orans. 


- 76 - 

108 104 136 

ut (iicunt bocr&tes et iirlstoiolee • C»ft« falBlt&s ««mlaciua 

lOe 107 108 

▼OMtur in PpaliBO t £t Quaeritls aaryiapium j id est, bona 

coiaautabilie c.uae beutitudinem proial t,tunt, r«d noa olvunt» Et rocatur 

109 110 

•%!«■ Taoltaa* J /3i-enda« li i Aabul^croat poat vaxutc^tec . et 

venlf&ctl gu^it t quia, nollicet, in his poaaatie finmi in els suaa 

baatitudinea quaarunt inveaire, at, mno finem ion includuat* 

^cun^ea coaditloni op:)Onitur falsitss, < ttaa ooacistit 

111 112 

in Igaor&ntia Eai, id est, in peccaiis quae sunt contra divinas , 

•It* ibaoXogioafi, virtut^sj '^:ua ignoraatia ignor^^c if^orebitur. Qup.e 

falsitae atian Taxiit&e voeatur la libra Sapiaotiao ubi dleitur quod 

vani sunt onmey boainaa in uibus non rubaat ^^apiaatia, ula per 

115 116 117 

ipMUi excluditur homo a fine eua , scilicet, v^jra bectitudine 

113 119 

quam, taicea , m onnl opera 3uo oeeiderat at intmdit* 

T^rtiae conditioni opponitur f&leitr.s ^pocrlsie et jai^CH 

tantiaa, cuia oioie ^ypocritt, C£:t et taaacax; 9t talis superbia baae 

vaoitae voestur, uia cltitadin«R» quasi intesadit, aon ooasacuitur; 

IW 121 

gad , oaaiit , t^ui ; e exaltat huniilla.b4. , t.ur • Oade dieitur in Jo^ t 

Tcrtia est vurit«i« causata a rebus, &ive In iatellootu 

not»tro, siva in elga»i et / tuic op^oslta fedsitae dividitur a SSva 

lii4 1?.6 
Piiilosopbo la V BetKPhrslcaa in cuattuor species. Oaa est quae 

ooneistit in com{x>Kitioae xntolleetue; scilicet tutmco imtslli^ctue 

- 76 - 

cosfii-oait les sibi Qoa cottvtaieat«>£, tiva norrlnt invlcem convenir*». ut 
Bunt fuloti poseibiliii, ut cua dico ta scacre euc pt*Fj rive in:po»- 
fiibiiia tint corvpobitu , ut dla-ictrua etre coma*n«tr»bil«r l«terl. 
Vol oonsistit in civitione eonj„; rI inrii «i>, ruee divipa non runt, ^al 
•liaa cirlffibillK noii tunu, i:j:Lric ffleltatru ciclt PMloroplais ssse 

i'aisivstsa r«i, .ula, scilicet, ica-.ediata CMieatur b r», f>t in orRtione 

causiitur a r© ^.«diruiitt iiatellectu, Et Mguet'nnp in libro f-oXj. lo- 

151 ' ISi 

quiorum ijrobst dLc vtuiti ie.i coaKietere fji rsbu* rclllcet nicut 

in causa, Qui& LCoa ia libro I'*:-. 7f;ra ''-.ell -lone probrt faleltj'ten 

aoa «sbO ia rebuc, cuis i-«g noji f'iHuni, 'U;;« nihil q11u6 ostendunt 

i?s ife 

ijUam sua» speclea, ::od tfoni'is <*P3« fulaitetaa r«rum in oninione 

ejue vUl putst uii.uld est a cuod non «igt, aicut in awbjocto . Et 

XifiMS vftiUiS 8.'it , ;.iv8 f.ilsua f'im'tur forssllter, ut oua dicit Intel- 

l(*otu.« inconv<;»aieat«A cos^poeltianets» vel divli^ionen! •■•e fRlssn} civ* 

«ua&tur iae.tei"ijJLit&r, ut cua iatfeJBfiCtue fRllltur, «it credit nsrum 

Lt do iawj fsilaci?; nult'Aia disfnitet /^upustinus in libro 
;:oliiu...uionjua uade caur>etur. .'3jpponit misi illud quod ipase dixit 

140 141 

ia libro I)q Vera .KelilQiie , c^licet, nxo6 f«j.6ltn0 est cua Id 

^tutur esse cuoii :xoa iie.t« «t .uod «llr uld ^t^tur eene aliad, Kst ex 

14£ 14S 

aiailitudiae ac ipcuis, '.uod r>ut«^n ntm nrt ilLu<< uod 'mtntur 

144 1-1 f.. 

e»ao, agt s\ •.lisjiiailitudiae • i.t idee ua«rit dlffaee ot 

- 77 - 

di£j^t<'t a i'aleifc&6 ilia o use tux ex &fii?iaili«t.loac uatus ad 

alterua, vel ex ditsioiilltudi se, 

17 14a 

beti totii fe-uci diteiSJtstio soj/itur per i»c uoc dictaus 
ietaui ffei»it.--t«iB accipi ub intsliecta duyHci^Pi-J uao .od3 secu'idura 


oitur ei uoc aoej re» noa est illud ^uod latGll^ctut concipit de Ipsa, 

etlsja fii nuHsm h-nbest 'd i;>cuffi r:i.-::illtuciaea, ?icut ett rare.-, lu.-a 

Augusiinl ul c.ioit Inpice - i;^- < or^eatua, cua nifcil .i-aiiitucinie 

fa3b«f;t 8d lp8f.c, TiK'c l"j ed,".tur eio et'se. Alio .-cotJo rocuncuia intol- 

Isetua / -rx± est fides- ccllicet, cub» Lattdlcctu erei^it rio ©E«e 5ivt 

sicut coM'-onit. v-1 citvidit, :t ale tuat ii^ec duoque if duobus 

ceus'intur; ocilicct, oftceritlo iatsllectap '.nine noce ssrio e urrtur 

ex iialLltutino rura^ adir.Ylcea; •■uir., oun I ^tellecta» i.f>i»t«r -;;o- 

cipions a rebus aon diclt uaum €>»»© ; Hud, nisi unl%«tf»!a «iadiltu- 

<5Iai3 j<d .alnur in «i» iavciint; et necJi-iAi'^ sat ffclsit : conce tloala 

iat'illsctas; tt a-tc cvat&tar e. dilT-n-ta^i: rsraa rl:2,i''. iaa, r>;r uuac 

eniJ nop. eyi; its. iii is , icJt ijoncajjit Iritolleotu.-, 3 ic'ao etism 

ubi f3.l».it.:e oat ..Iti^ dftaejjtioai.', lll^i ctfU:.j.tur ix ols differoitii 

ise 1£7 

Bine sia»iiituciae . Et «jUia coa,>l«tlTUa La jf^tloiH' f^Liitatifi 

1&3 169 

est dLLrs*rreaT.-v^, iceo dicit ^iu^'Uiiliaas in lijro ^oli:iO ' uiore'a 

'.uoo ti riilituao ««St aatur vt-rit-tii, '-t cit yimilitudo fElsitKtie» 

. «rtii» ta3i«tt 'id fallaol'^ia utniatue ieciuiritur, -cilioet, 

- 73 - 

ft; pftrmtl? per dltsiviilitudine^, (dcut «tlaa ett la fallaois isophls- 

tico, i(2eo dicit 1 Iden .iOd f si u :. «ex. uod a verl ciaiilltudlne long» 

abeiit, ed tojiaa hahet ad -verua nonnullaat Inltstlone», £1 tassa siai- 

lltudo pix>prlo sunatur K«cun<Jus uo'. dlcii Boethiue 'uod Idsr sst 

r©ru3» dlff«r«ntiu'-! «sdcsi -unlitM', eic sol.i Biailltudo includons utrua- 

f-ue dictoroa «ft axfficif'ns cttui« !'<illacl««. 

16,? 165 

Becund^ «l^lflcHtio r;««a ponlt PhllOi-ophus est etiam 

la ?olo intelleetu in appreiien.- lone IncOsiplcxorun, ▼«! otiem C9::pld9:« 

ies lec it? 

orus; ccillcet, cum vel videatur esee quae pinplicltcr non samtp 

ut UBbr»« vidwiiuv ^sEe corpora, oropt<>r flgurae et motu.", cua tr^aea aoa 

Bit umbra nlri privntlo luaini? ex interpOKltloas corpOTle, opacil 

169 170 

rel quia sunt .uid«ii, eed iWMi a'>prehenduntur ut sunt , red -ppr«- 

hcoduntur ut ipeaf) rosf;, cuai int t^atum eorum . iollltudiaee, ut 

ylMBitei—ta In oamiJLs appr«h«aduntur ut ipsae res «endbiXes praeeentoc* 

Si Bi« aMvetur aniaa ad aa ti'oore Tel delect^tione* 

172 17S 

Kt haec ett rilio u; ro huac dicuntur eeoo f&lsa 
eeomdOB Augustinua , et noa Ilia cuorua sunt Blsilltudineay sleut 

boa» plotus eet hem» falflnu» et ncm e coarerso, homo ect falsa pictur&y 

/ et uabra «?8t falaum corpus, cor. me vfi^ro non eet falsa umbra, ot 69ra 

fturicalcum est falHom aureun, et non e oonT«ri;o dlcloug aurum eae» 

falsum aurloiiloum} cuia «(Mnduot rionjslua in eavi.-b. et causato non 

mdmlttitur convarf;io adaequationls vel ansimiletloniBt* «^ed dlolmus 

- 79 - 


effectaa asgiailari causactf et nou e cotirrerro. Ft mc eat propter 

^irooosltioaex yine not't . riacipalltstesa la tcrnino ajL-lfflilstionl*. 

Obi or.o «ft eodem rstlo, scilicet, ^uod allc^ua nature est crin- 

oipallor alt(?r.>., ibl rainus nobile Jisel.idlittur noiiiltori , »t non • 

COave.;.o, Hftec f-utrrc -lEilitU'-O 9ft c^Ui;- f'ileitntiE * Et Ideo 

pstet c^usa prsedietoru». 

Terti'» node, clicltur falBitse in cemoni noa ri^aolibet, 8«4 

quando nor^en yel dlffialtlo no«iinis nttrlbultur «lleui vel In toto 

dlvarso, noa iolun raouncum aatursus ced etiam secundum euhjectaa; 

vel attplbuiwur diTor; o in parte . Ce priao e t M^aplua oim '^oioen 

vel diff initio triaa.:juli AttJibuitur circtilo, te s^ecuado est exeapiua, 

ut el aurua 'dxtua cum alio aetello cilsatur si'?. illicit ar aurura . 

PlxL ;iut9K .loa ^olu:a uocuodua asturaa piad etlaa iecuncium 

13C 187 

tubjt'ctua roptor erroroa A^ithoiii phllosophl qui dixit aon debere 

diffiniri nisi onus psr unua no<:iea» ct noa ^»«r genus et dirrcareatic m, 

139 190 191 19iJ 

quia ilia dicunt naturHo divera^.s « £t ita incidit ibi jaia 


diettt» BodUE fftleit^tist Hoc i^niir. ciotuift erroneua ust , qui» cua 
nihil dlfflaibile t^it ni£;i co^poeltux, oportet necess&zio sUtod in 
diffinitione i>lur& pon&ntui', ^M'^b tajion uaux £unt in uno ^ubjecto com- 
posito essentialitiir, ut cua eubet^ntia diffinitur, vel in uoo «ibjeato 
oomi)osito ex eubetAntia et aoeident^, at cun aceidenr^ diiTfinitur. 
Tuno eois nee«£e<3 est £UbJc:)ctun oaere in ^^ccidentit diffinitione} 

- 80 - 

194 196 

©t per con^a.uenfi potest ibl poal «tl«m diffiaitio ubftantica , 

It mm xiommBL et diff initio li^^itentl^^LO &Lt«rl naturae, scilicet 

•cddcotis, ftttribu*tur, noji taaiea est ibl fftlsitKti, :ui& diffinitur 

eoaposltu» ex ;ubitantl& at ;-cc3^9nte. Quie duo» licet ::int divcre&a 

137 198 199 

n*turs9| tumrn niat una; eocuadun ease et :^ubJecto , teoun- 

200 iOl 

dua homo siodu» Torn piotura et i.'B&t'O / h?i&iai^ eet falioiE hoao o9rb 

202 208 ^4 

Bdcandum Att^uetinufs , uifA no isn howiali falfo oi aitribuitur » 

'^aifrto T.odo dlcitur iM>3«3 fal&us, -ui o:*. liiibltu secundua 


©leotionea» libeatfer fiafcilt i3Uju.-aiocLi oratioaea fair-a© , la '^ulbus 

attribuitur diverrio ab bis caibus coar«niuat« 

Et hip ':ulbu? conveniunt non attribuuatur, et hoc ion 

proptvr sllud nisi sx sola libidiae aentiaidi, i^couadum illuc Joeooie , 

CUB loquitur aendecium, ©x pioprii:? locuitur, v- olt.. zeaday est^ etc» 

In oisaibu.s ftutem hi£ aocis felsitetia» p»tot :uod verua 

;i09 ao 

dloit Augustiaus quod res <|tt&9 oaaino aon c. t, aon ust fal£>«f 

quia vel «rt la re, vel in intellaotu vol in orctione* Ex quo otiaa 

»equitur ;Uoct fAleltnr »it ^iriv tio vrilatl^, quia set aegatlo voritatia 

relinquaac subjdota:^ cust aptitudiao* £t id^o l\iad&tur la «nie, et 

par eons^e; uens in vero, cicut :a£dum in boao, «.,ui& alia ratione «et illud 

.^11 212 

Terum, at alia ratione o. t fslaua , «lout exeaplit'lcat Au^^ctiiius 

in libro Solilot,uorua t truK^due non ec'set falaus Ht^etor nisi eciset 

vtanis tr&gwiUEj et oquue pictuc noa oi?r>«t fa?LCU!i «'.uue» niai es&et 

- 81 - 


▼era plcturaj et :ioi ^sysat fal8«i (imatiatio, nial e-^i.':t vtrc iocutio, 


Et hoc raodo etia-" ncnrRntur dicta /^u^ustinl ,uod falsitat ::ion sit in 

rebus slcut slicu» nr.tur&, »t cuod taaen it la rebue^ ut priv^tio 

qune aon ot^t rine fiubjecto. 


De Soientli) Del cousuniCer dicta 

Te verlt.itc divinne a^turae et divini intellectus, oua 
alii» Incidoatibus '??. conpn rati one i.;3iu£ nd oreoturam, tantua dietua 

eit, Et !>Oet specia.lfjT. concider-tionea diriaro fcisntice, eecundua 

cuod ipea dietinjpitur contra :,apieatia?i, ot flccm, ot prudent.Ua in 

D«o, lo. u*umir do ECicntia Pei prout aoc eft co 'iaiay fid oajaaa 

cognit i-oaeT» .ntellectus-iLa?.. £"ic eniMi eolwatiiiffi «sse in E^*o ircriptura 

4 & 

test?:tur , cun dicit eua jredere super Caerubiia, id «sst , pleaitudia*» 

6 7 3 

sciontifte I n Prnlino «t I>aalelis iii , :ui.j. jjloift aoientia eat eolius 

Dei JO: :=©5sio, ut licit Philosophur^ la I Metaot^'g.icae , Posecesio / 69vft 

aut«n, ut dicit Horaes TriKaegistuc , est iicnuLo vjuleti douinii in 

hie quae sunt post, ut naturalia conE*;UBntij, ncturr^a. It id«o Deus 

11 1^ 15 

tiio eddet EMper pleoitudinea Eci&ntidie, <,uia ipfte c^st pcipat^ayuf 

, Dc)jilpUij , I Kej^^ja ii , 

Eationc ;:.uoiiUe ideia ^/robetur, ;ula auyi'a proanviauti quod 

nihil ineigne h^bet Deu^, &l too }u«bet auturba la^ellectualen; ut per 

coase<',U8ni3 op^r;;tlon8ia c^nseueatcsi ill&is natvuTta^ .\ii.a. nulla oatura 

16 17 10 

deetituitur su^ o^ieeutiitli o^.z'^itioney et osaae intelloctuklaa 

19 20 

co^itioaea lAa vocfiaaa joxauti'<u « lioo cx-^-o diotua sit contra 

illos c;ui dlx-^rant ,,uooodo scit Zbua, *jt al ust uciefitio in Excelco. 

ut cicitur in FaElao . 

- 33 - 


Quottodo etlaa Dsu2 slic,iui a se corta et ^lopria 

ecisatia , i>i\a ^La^osia, rpnia o&la , et non eati&, cuprc cxposiuun 

est. Sed quic Ita :it contr^ lllo^ ^ui dicuat quid novit; t^eua, ct 

quod gc^ caIl:TiafeJi ludlcat ( Jot -jcrii) , pj'obat j'salaais dicsnp: ;.^i 

p l;.uit^vU ^aro3. ::oa r.ndlct r-tt;; .. 'ucsi dic&t : quldquid tat ia 


oauQSito fe cnusa , illud p^.f -ctius est In esasfi* Tt idea eci«itia 

£2 55 

ot cerfca , eti^.^ pfurticulsaiuii et iJLionEJ, eet In Dso, 

S4 U 

QUis ullter cBEot el &li .uid eddibile , ot aoa escet ^jsrftsctji, 

f^od «tiara 80ieatl(> dirina noa rit uniroca noetrea 

37 53 

scienti&e .-^.:pr" i-r^biitua est; jod nuac otiaa yrobabiajue cniod aoc 

59 40 41 

•at univocn eelentlnse angelica», .uLa, eua sua scientia. ^st causa 

42 45 

oatiliu, raram ^. est caue-ft .«eieritlae engelicae • 5ed inter cau.'iam 

bab«at«a la t9 •sseatielltei' «di';uiiB p^rfoction^ , at cauastvm bab«oB 

•(M partltfipstivo non c>"<teft «cse uaivocatio* Lrgo ;> tet intoatua» 

Soicntia «tiaa I2el, propter divcre«is raitionegt dividitur 

la ftOlMti&a speoi^Ii rations? diet -s, et pr6esei«3tlam slve pravrip- 

deatlaa, et dispoMtloae^, et pr?.ed«3tlni>tionoa et providsatlam. Cum 

•nia eoientia Del elt ctuss praeoodens suos effsctos» duratlone aat^rai- 

tatiSf 30tdr>t con^ider&ri tripliciter • 
PriifiO , geoundun .uod est perfectio concequene divin«a 

naturaiat ot ic voo'tur tcientia, uho mbdlTlditur in sapientiaia 

qua / E«ue seipcUA oo^ioscit ut naturon distinctam ab ouoiibuf. 59rb 

- 34 - 


oau&atis ; et in ;;cienti&xi i>i..iyliciL notitioe, lu&c aiiiil ;.ddit lU ior 

solam aotitirn; tcilicet, a-c cpiiron^tionca n ,c cfiusalitateai Del 

circfe cognite , cuie Ic cop.noscit peccats, vjUJie non bporobat, et 

omnia cur© ipse potest f^-cexe, ouf.e ttmen nee fecit nee facittj 


de ua notitia in rs.qao t iXu- a loa^t, co./aoL-cit . U ia scieatic^ia 

vitioni^, id est, ure est -q socils vIbue teasibilie tuafcura eorura u&b 

55 54 
prfiesenti: punt Efeo secunduia iora;.a iaenlra, cive dirtrcte ut honr,, 

sive iidiiecte ut p »ccpts. Fie enia scit OiuniK bow et .Tiala sUiS fuerunt 

fcS 5C 57 

et sunt et enint . He qut scientiu, r.cclceic;sx,icii Kxiii : Oculi 

53 53 eo €1 

Doaial aulto lucidiores : irnt cip^r solem . Et Ad Hebreeos iv : 

Omaiig nudt. et «pf . rt-ri fun t pj^ilis e.ius. It in :cienti-i<a approbatioais 

quae secuncu.. Au uetlnua ert ooa^lacentip r-rsorie in cogaito, ^U£jJ,ter 

tsiitUia cO;.,aoscit boas. G gaeeie i : Vicit peu s cuact-i Quae fecerst 

etc . Lt ia srcient : a::: laetajhorice dictna, 'u-; illud dicitur aliculs 

scire, cujub scieatiiji cue co- 1. ceatia ostendit in se esse per caa- 

suetudxaem opcriiia, siout Qic^iuu&: i; te &cit hoc bene f^-cei-c-, cum 

t5 te 

frequenter ft li senter hoc facit, Et tic dicitur II Petri ii : 

Novit Loffliaue jxLob de to . tr.tione e rL-sre etc . 


SecunciO .uoco, urdtiu" ucieatia .-ecunduja r .tionea 
prioritfitis tus^e ad effectus, rt ojuies d©fcctu£ ineidonteB, -t tic 
dicitur px 'leecianti;-, sive piaevideatia, lua aj.! uid gcitur et videtur 
oculo intellectu;= priuscuR.a fiat. Fiopttr c,uoc etia^, licet sis/iificatua 

- - 85 - 

hujUE nomini,- .it .••.etoi-rnim, non dependens a crnntura, taaen rrxtiono con- 

notatae prioritatis, cuae relative dicitur ad posterius, dicit hoc 

noiaen respectum ad crraturam et relative ad ipsaa dicitur. Et idoo in 

Deo non er<f:ot praeEcientif., ei nulliie res fuisoent futuraej red tt-men 

fuisset et efifiGt jji ioso .scientiaj nee fcameai secueretur aliqun mutatio 

71 72 

in Deo , cuia ilia relatio in ipso tantaoi secundum / rctionem. Sed 60rA 

75 74 

tsiitum secueretur rmitatio C' '^nturne, id est, quod i^^ca non efset 

future, et ideo non ttubetsat fcientia futuroru-i in Teoj id eet, 

scientiae signlficatee in Deo t;ub tall relatione * 

Et ejc ;.oc non sequitur cuod al^cuid abstractnin t^it Deo, 
73 79 " ' 

sed tantum > uod illud ouod in eo est, tall nordne relativo non potest 

significari. Mec etiam ? ecuitur ex hoc quod Dei tjcientia sit cum tem- 
pore sicut nostra; cuia, cum dicitur Deug scire futura, tempos ponitur 

Ibi ut conditio rel scitae. Quae conditio cognoscitur a Deo qui onmia 

scit certitudinaliter secundum ze, et omnes reruai conditiones, et non 

ponitur temous pro conditiotie ipsius sciraitiae, sicut noetsr iatel- 

lectuE intelligit cuia tempore, eo quod ipse coraponendo unuin cum altero 

eccipit SGce rei sub rations -.ctionis; et tsli? esse laensura est 

teaipus. Ideoque cuidquid intellectus aostar intelligit, vel per ora- 

tionem exprimit, hoc fecit cum deterrainata differentia teaporis. 

Haec ergo in Deo non est, cvii o;5nia cine compositione intelligit. 

36 37 38 

Onde eodem modo cognoscit rem cum est, sicut piaescivit futuram . 

- 96 - 

Xd«i int»lllg« in allies «.JUollilibus, eeiUoei» proricicntia, pr8edeetlna<- 

tiono, dla^x>fdti(Mi*y uIa aulXua Ittoruia in Deo oci^etf ti creutura 

89 90 31 

ponatur non esBe , nee futura fuieeot • 
&c boo eticufi ^K.tGt quod in Df^o n<»i net propria zcasaoria 

praetcritorua, Ileet ^ciat pr&etorita, sieut eet in eo rleio prne- 

94 95 

eenliuai ei praseoiantia futurorua* quia oeooria itnnllc&i caoditionoa 

tOBporls t non E'^lua ciret^ ooi^ltua, eeA etia<a oiroa oognitioaan 

IpaaSf quia «at oum tfcieniaatione praeterlti toaporis, ci ast posterior 

eofciito. Et idoo etiaa ect pottiatia (Oiisk&e saasitivaa uae cogno»- 

eii CUB eooditiotxibus aatarialilma» cu/ e «unt hie at nuae, st non aat 

para aaiaaa iatellectivae, .^uae oognoaoit tan turn uniTcraala, cuod 

iadii'f&rmter a* habot ad oono t«ttpae, nial traaflmptiTa diestur 

98 99 

mworia» si0ut eua AugUBtinttd poaii ipeam parteia ira^.tdnis} at 


propter baao oaeaia , non eet eiaila da aoaoria / ad praadicta. 60rb 

Qaaarie autea, eacun'tua ration»» nosLniBf praeeeiffistia 

sit oonrjunif; ^d dispoeitionaa at praadaatinationaa et raprobationoa» 

taam appropriate interdua accipitur pro reprobationa at diriditur 

contra praedestiaationaa saeundoa illwn rations» a propriationie 

lOH 10 J 

(lua «am dlvidantiuQ i etinet noaen cosnsamia divisi» r^uod nihil 

104 106 
addit super ipaua^ ut cua divldituir propriua in diffinitioaea 

et propriam paesionca^ et non ^TOpter antonoMal— | quia, lioat 

roprobfrtio sit elentia at e^ttsa effieiAs rapro'iitiMiiSf cuaa est 

- 37 - 

pocnS) tuun noa ort nii^i Bl"!>lex aotltla eju&, udd ^er se eet objeotuza 

reprobotioaie 'aio6 est »tl «• Ft itm .dcuacua id «^uod princl-ale 0st in 

noninCf nihil «ddit rup^r prK«Bei«titias, sieat prM)d««tinatio con- 

notat causalitatem gretise et gloria* • £t la toc ctiTieianOf cub hoe 

mw^ro ooAprohMnditur roprob;.tlo. 

Tertio x>dOf turaltur <:'oimti» rocundua rntionam oaueae^ 

•iT« ut praotiea sdaatiu praooodm» •flaotua» Et boo «at triplicitcr, 

•nuia Yel i»t« effectue oat iat-tituiio naturaraa, at ?ie est dispoeitio 

geounduc illud %jientia<» vlii i Djljjponit omnia wavi^t gr; at iteruo, 

TnKf to poprif "tc . ) ?ul e-.ri aaturaruai eonaarvaftt* at directlo 

•ana in flnaai » vel xjct oxeaturae beetificaiio^ mm kls quae ad hoc 

«ULtponunt; ei cic est praadaetiaatio. Unoo dieit Sago da Saaeto Victor» 

US 114 

in iiantantlj^g ^^^s * solsntla est exietaatiua, prKesoieatla 

futurorua, di^positio f^ciaadoziUBf praedeatinutlo ealrandorusy prorldflatia 



rienat otiaa uldam tton soliua aeiaatiam Cai, ut eet oeusa 

U6 117 

rarua^ taabara raiioaae respeetuim ad Cowa, i<Gd etlaa dlount 

eeiantiaa Dei ut cognoaeit &o connotara realoB reepeotuoi parsoaarua 

lid 119 

divin&nu ad invioaoit :uin diolt AnsalBus in ProalogJon t In hoe 

quod nuMtta apirltua iatelllgit a; ?at«r ganarat» et Filiue geaaratur* 

Ei c;uia intelligara sa ponlt ^i3lilitudin•m habere / ipud ae, ©t ita BOra 

ponitur ralatio unius et blterlus. i^\xod diotua non ^«toBt intellli^;! 

- 38 > 

de scientl-t proprie dicta^i quia ilia ««t atlurlbiitai ——lital», 

••eum'ua ;\xoi Deu^ eognor6«r*t 9«, etlAta el per&onett n^ eacfloit dis- 

121 IZZ 

tlACta« in Deo, non eofpaltlme per eiailltudlnem, ut ietl clount, 

quia boo e«Mt roflecti u.,>er ^t^» uod noa eet . ine osaooaitioaef ut 

dioitur in Libro Te CRueis sod oogoitlone ,rT >. .^encl ijit. Sed intol- 

ligi t^otest do f eiontia u^^propzlate dicta, quMO «et verbaa, uo ipto 

Pater oogBOftMQdo te et oaai«L a so dieit so, «t «ania alia rerbo a 

60 prooedonte in p^rfeota ^ liRilitudine dui intell&etuf. £lie ooia 

viTMm ici^t uod intelligero oot gonororo, et <^<uog zoionti/^ dicit 

eimilitudi&ctt oui bub&re apod &e, eo 'sodo quo Joaaoie i t yerbiim 

•r^ ^py«Jl Vmn • 


2 8 

Le hoe , cuallter r^s aont in £«o 

Batioae ^ci&atlr^e otmi-i. ciountur ab ueterno in Ceo 
b e 

fuisee . Jfisaal:^ 1 » .uo<g f' q^ua ett. in ij.o t I U Tat . Oad« 

Attgaetinue Super G«>»aia ponit tales r8tl«ie;s. I-eur opcr&ne or in- 

toU«et>UB oon i>otalt producere nisi elbi aots, £ed non on tie non eat 

eolsQtin. Ergo aato<mrta t>roducei entur roe, fUeruat, end non in propria 

natura; «rgo , in Dal BOienti^j. 

9 10 

Ad hoc autea intelligendim, notsadun e«it ' uod|» coawria 
rM diostur ease la sua oaue&, st «tlaiB in intolloetu co^noEccnte, 

tas«a aa4^u propria dieltur esea in intellcecu cu&is in :xi& e&usa cf- 

fioiaataf quis Y«riue »^«.10 r«i dioitur i £& res» qiuua acaa peteatiale 

la tola .ot«)tiia oetlTa existent die:^t\ur ipsa re», ifulto fortiua» 

12 IS 

ergo , ibi dieitur ..roprie nagis esfe res in suo e&t secoadun rbtionoa, 

at alitin ±,ecancua c us&lit'^tes, .uua in %w> eat tnntua altsro ;i;odo« 

Sad raa rib aatamo fuerunt in Dei osnipotmtia at voltmtcte tantua 

eaeundttm ease ;>oieaiiale poteatiaa RCtiTee, In &cicotiv% fueront ab 

aatiirno, non colu» at in j.otaatia oauaaa, seoundua illaa peei«a aeieo- 

tijua, cuaa tupra Tooeriaiui diepoeitionoia, red etiea cuia, at dioit 

14 li 

ittgustioue » / rerua ratioaea ^ib uetemo euat in ipe«o« Temporaliter COvb 

atiaa dicuntur ucse in Lso ut in ooacerTsiate» seeundim illud 

89 - 

- 90 . 

17 18 19 an 

Actttu» t ijfi iutio ylvimuc etq « , ratione provldsatiae, uue ttlaa 

•p«elee solsotlas est, jiioct indudat In ^o potwitiaa et voluat&t«Bi^ 

in'iUantuo praetica scl«itl«> bbu Onde ^anoti oxlk.t«atiaa rerum ia 

B«o potius aitrlbuuat ;^cieniift« cuaa potentia* tqI Toluntatl» licat 

•tiwB s*oundum ilia ettrifoutn }iOa0it hoc diol» 

£oi«ndan r^uoque est quoci haoe trla different ui superiue 

«t Inferlnet ess* in Eei«iiia Dei, aeee in Ceo, ct eeee in eesantia 

Del, rule cua, 8«ounc>ua Prieoi&nua diotionoc conci^ifioatiTa^ teneaa- 

iur ad Tia adjunetorua ais» haae praapoaitio jLji aot&t divarsas habl- 

S4 25 

tudiaes i^acuadua divt»rBa adjunct», ut oua dioiau;; ease tiliquid in 

toto, et in looo, c^t In teiapore et iujusaodi. Ondt: atisc in pro- 

26 27 

poaito , 60Q« in aoiaatia C«l aet aeaa eo^tua ab eo, cira illud <it 

soibila ^er .a, ut nv>iturac catiua, idTe sit taatuai aolbila per alitid, 

ut aala et oouas privstiones* 

la too autaa &88«, eieut mine propria da iioc locuiaar, non 

a«t id«a suod sabjaeare oper&tiool ejua , ut tuidam expoouat, siout 

opara nostra diountur aetiO in aobiE, Aila eorua douini siunae* Sad 

est idaa uod per aaMttiiea aaaa co^^tum ab eo, val rationaa 

idoalaa tiabaia in Doo. Cualitcr auda et priv.itionea in lieo oon .unt» 

laee atita» ia easaatia Dai eat vel sabali^tere natura* 

dirlnaa, iiiout peraoaae .unt in eseaatifi, vei est eeee attributua 

parfeotioois n&turae diviaae, ^ued non per inbsarentiaa aed par 

- 91 - 

idantltatew «^et in lo&a. nualller nulla oroatura est in Deo. 

£t »le pabet nod oao* cuod est la eesaatl* cliirlna eel in 

D«o «t in soi«atla Del, et aon e coavt.-.rso, at oma» quod est in Doe oet 

in BOientiA Col et noa o conrerso , qulh, licet soieatia Dei «^It 

D«m, et Bio eeeontia divine rati one : i ipliclt?^titi, Ideo ula unua iiod> 

que in Doo . errst «laa propriety. ton / idtso diff extmt in modo attrt- 61ra 


84 35 

Mec obst&t bulo -uod diclt Anseloato cuod erestura in 

orestore eet cr«atrlx essentia, uifc in tj&c looutlone, 11 in crsatoye 

aon didtur per opposition ea, ut ^rit 8«isus orertura, quae est par 

opooioa in creaiore, eni creatrix e; eentl , -iuiu hoo fcleua est* 

Sed dlcitur r er dotoradaattionoa, et oet dotenainatio treihonB doior- 

■ix&atuai extre m«a retioaeai, «lout oua dioitur hotso pictue. Et 

ideo eie eroaturfi in oreat»re nihil aliud est ^uea Idea ejus in Deo, 

quae dioitur Ipoa ore^tui'e, siout reuio rei voo^tur 1^8« ree; et 

p&tet cuod Ilia idea est ore trix easentia. 

^alitor etiaia ab aotenxo res in Deo fUenmt dioitur 
4k 43 

Joann ls i t ^uod f? eturn e^t, in iy^o TJta er: t« et vita erat lux 

~44 46 

l^'sinum • £x uo ^«eoundua Augustinua suoitur cuod ere turae in 

Deo eunt vlto et lux, uia -uod specialiter dioitur, cuod erat lux 

47 43 

hoaiaaai. hoc dioitur propter ^pecl«l«B etodum eonforaitails ad 

lueoB intelldcttts dlYini, incuantua boao est ad laaglaaB ei 

- 92 - 


•tallitudiaca D»l* Propter <iuaa I!«U8 aon oliw est lux in :ua «9» 

SO 51 52 

8«atia, &ed lux est etiaa piurtlolpata in sola rational! aatura 

later oeanift oorporalia. Unco potius est tiaae epp-oeitiva constructio 

<|iun deaonlnAtivaf ut sit Mustts vita erat luy respeotu oiBnium • 

lax «St hoalin» aatanoaastiee pr&edicto oco inter naturae oor or^es} 

9«d p9r olalsterlum Incara&tiotile est haec lux hODlaua pr&e onnibus 

ereetoris. Onde eubditt et lux la t^ae^^AP luoet etc . 

Hoc autoa dlctsa trlplloiter ex,>oai potest. Ono rjocio, uod 

M^risantur conditionos £cienti&e t)el aeoundus < usa res runt in Ceo. 

Ilia enia noa solua eet eognltio, rations oujue res in Leo aint lux, 

sed etiaa est o^usa oognitorua, rationo cujus res in Ceo bunt vita, 

seounclua quod vita vocatur illud quod, ad aodua vit&e causaliter 

dietae, est indefld^as prlnclplua ssse rerua / sieut Philosophus dioit 61rb 

in VIII Phycicorua uod ootue eoelesies eet sieut Tlta vlTentlbus 

61 e^ 6S 

ojiaibus • Sic eniea propter haee ooiO , clxerunt Stole! philosopoi 

quod Dea« est anlaae itsundi, uotu et ratloae caiadust gubemaaSf ut 

dielt Augastinus in llbro lie pivltcite Pel • 

€6 ee 

Secundo , sxtoonltur uod dlount haee duo dlfferttitiaa 

esse rerua, prout sunt in Deo et ^rout in proprlls naturis tnint. Saa 

In proprlls naturls hsbeat defeotua posslbllltetis in esse et 

€7 68 

obuabratloale in essentia, Qula nihil <»et fura aetualls lux intel- 

63 70 
XectuOf nisi prlaa causa. Sed ut cunt in Deo, ele sunt cua 

- 98 - 

es£;aitiM, tiuae non solum ylvit, &ed est ipsa vita, cuae nihil posai- 

bilitatis vel BM>rtalit>&ii8 habet, et est lux pura intelleotuelis 

et purus actus. Propter <;uae duo, Jacobus dieits In Petre lami- 

75 74 

nun, nog esse traasBmt.-:tionea in ease ved obuabrationem in ef- 

gentle . Jacobus i« 2t ponit Augustinue ^u ;j :jr Jo«uin«iB bujus exem- 

plua in aroha, cuae in opere non s' t vita, ssd in arte est rita, quia 

vivit in aaicia artificis. 

lurtio ntodo , exj onitur quod haec dicant modus causali- 
73 79 
tatis divinae ideae , quia inquanUus o«ueat, sic est vita praedioto 

BOdo* Inquentum auteta eausat per essentiaia suaai, Tuae est pure lux 

int ell @ctu alls, ad inodum luois ex sola eui diffusione, sine alicuo 

praejaoente sibi si-uilia produeens» sic vocatur lux* 

^ecunduai lioc folvuntur auaestiones cuibus quaeritur quare 
80 91 82 

non potius dicontur e;it'.e e;.iusata in Deo potentia, sapientia, 

voluntas , cum ieta dicsnt in Deo raticmeai oausalitatis, et cuare non 

84 35 3€ 
potius dicuntur esse in Deo ens et v. rum et honxua, eua ista sunt 

prima partlcipata a Deo, hatio enira priaii est quod nomine vita* 

intelliguntur potentia et voluntas, et nomine luois intelligitur 

sapieatia, £t Insupor haec duo, siilicet, vita et lux, exprimunt 

39 90 

ista , non olum recindum id cxxoA sunt, .«icut suis nominibus expri- 

snmtur, sed etiam sub rritione relationis principii ad orep.turas / flva 

ut praedictua est* Ke.tio autee seoundi est v.uia, eeoandum iUas 

. 94 - 

oonail>iOn9By r&r non &unt ia Deo ni^i o&usoXitori t9& runt la ji-opriis 

aaturit. Ht&d «iouadua ^rdediobat conditioaae , vea in Dm» ot uimt sua 

eeseatia et sunt caus& r«rua in i^raprile ecxieteatlis* 


Et seouod» tttlam pr£iedLotez^lx expositionua ooltur '"Uar* 

r«B sub rationo pulciiri&uclioia uiouatur eeve in Deo. Fs&Ijm^ t Pul» » 

97 9d 

fi,>^^^lH^<^o afirt HfWI <^ffk« ^t Qoetldu; ia libro fef pot^eela^Q^^ t 

pulcarua puloliez-ri£U£ iptie auaciu:^ 3MR\t;e gtrens} scilicet, uie «mt ibi 

sin* G(»forsdta&e privationua, Uefoz'Sitkatiusi naUu-ais rei'U» oreatarum . 

£t pr&«ciiMd ruiio ;^uidrl coovcoit, aia^ ut ;^:unt in taa lux, >.uae st^oun- 

cum CionysiUB coincidlt ia eanaeai ra&ionoa cua ,>uicu'0« £t propter 

hoc utltiir Jo&nne^ tcdi isoco lo .uandi, .uod non dioit ai^ipliciter ey.vt 

ia i>-so ri\ii. e: luy ^ red pria» dleit uod ai>t vit<i. ot ulteriue Cjuod 

102 103 

v^ta er--it lux f ut aciatur -.uod bonit&s, ';uae in ttaatua est dlf- 

fuslva ess», ut 'iiclt Diouyclua , vooatur vita «t i>ulcnritudo ^uae 

est lux plritu&lifi) in Deo unum punt* 

105 10« 

'Sd. esdMi expoiTitioaa oonclucunt Auf;:u8tinus et Anselous 

cuod res veriuc ::unt in Ceo Ussa in oeipBls, uia in eeipele ount 

Btatabilfis et ve«pere et tenebrii* In Deo aute» tunt vita et lux* 

108 103 

Quod diotoxa uic intalligeaaua &&t t res hf^beat qu&druplex ee&e} 

i:oilicet in D«o, ia proj^riu natura^ et 99»e abiitractionie in nostro 
intellsctu} et uartuta^ vuod aaalogice <toaiaaav est ad o<mia ista, ^:uod 
eet «see ore.<turae quocu;u.;Ue ^.odo exi&tentie* Si^imiliter otiaa 

- 35 - 

•<mp{iratlo «ft duplex • Ona &et dlvtrmnui n&iurarun in clique 


ooomiiai, ut cufi clciUii' roes oat pulohorrisus florum. ilia «et 

qua» est cJtEisdem naturae ad selpsoa s«cunchis dlvereun esse, seillcet 

UZ US U4 116 116 

ctut ooxpsratur •»• .jotcntia ad «as produotua Id acta, 

rel ene secundum 'uld sid «as alnpliciter, 

bi «rgo ia prtediein ooatparailoa» att«ttd&tur oriouu laodue 
eoaparatloai&y buno eroeasua aoa ^ttendltur raouad-ia id in cnxo e^st 

eoaparatio, cum illud sit ooaaima at uaum} sad ettanditur cecundoa ipsa 

ooaparat» oA < uaa habot re illud co:aauae tecuadua priae / et porterlUB. Clvb 

Et sie lat«nuunt praedloti auotores c^'>apetTara £;eeux)dudi «issa ad priiaua 

BOdua Bcoundua ration»» qtuurti, quia omie com. aratio est in ^Uquo 

eo>wuai utri ue comparatorua, qola cio aolua pj-ocedunt» at nacasaario 

119 123 

condudunt ra&i9naa «oiiubj aeiXlcat qooi ras verius ;>uat ubi eunt 

▼Ita at lux at crestriz aaa«iiti%f scilicet in Doo, qusm ubi sunt 

autabUes et ▼acpere et t^tabra at ere? tura, isoilicat in propria 

natura • 

6i varo att^adatur seoundue «odas oomparBtionis t\me cua 

Taritas rei «it pi-oprietsia s^ui es:?», uod sts^bilitux e&t al , nan 

a.saat ilia ooa;,*aratiO varKj ted poiius cos •sue suae pivpriaa naturne 

▼arias habet ubi est c;ctUf at ; iciplioltar, at a8fi«atialiter at seeun» 

dua dietiactionaa cuaa proprieti^tisy siout est ^n sua natura» cuaa 

ttbi ast tsatua in potenti& suae oaaaaa at aeoundum uid at per 

. 96 . 

siailltudlnem et Indirtiacta, ?icut eet ia Peo, 

Int«rdUA ;uonu« ia Ccrlptura dicitur oreRturn escs in Deo 

Bocvmduo tnrtiii (ruperlus i:!>sit'ir.: e3r;>oclt.l<aenj id est, yecunfJuss rr tlaiea 

127 123 

teaporalle «ffectue connottiil, ut in illo verbo «;uo<1 deArnto 

11^ 150 151 

po8t« s'jait Apostolus, /.ctue xvli : hy ipsg_ylyiinaj ^ aovenmr 

15;i ISS ' 154 

•t gaimie , Dlcit itiia AugUitijju:; p«r hoc vorbma o«-t€»ndi Deua 

iodssiaentor ^porrsri ia hie quae erc&vit] et probat hoo dioenst ii«cue 

a&ia tsiai^xiaai sjua eubat&ntl^ lic in illo st^^bue red cum aliud timxa 

156 187 

quara ipse» aon altter la illo eiwis nlei luia id operatur cTiod 

vivlaus. ruoreiaur et fUiBU£. uko trie coiaantur cfiCirjd'.'m ilia trls .uae 

153 159 

idflft Apostolus pooit iiQn,sxio^ X t vimniHin ex ipt^o ot per iprua 

140 141 14£ 

et in ipBO aunt oagtiti . Mna «x ipso, ut ex ceuaa per «• opeTsmto 

YivicMBj et pci' ii>sum, ut per cfaU^saa ooopfl'r«nteM mOTreawir Ln ':uod- 

libet opus; et in ipso ut in oonMarranttt £ur<{Ui>, :'c>cundiui oos« con3er«> 

v&tivua et durans* 

Posflunt taaen haec trla triplioiter coasiderari: scilicet , 

f^ecunduci idoi, vol rcoutidua iuae rctlonos, vel seoKbtdua rAtlonua appro- 

printlcnea « Prino aodo dicit Ambrosius in seownc!o libro I'e Sprltjtt 

146 146 

,S fii;tct.Q cuod hiiac tria habent eftadesa vLn. / et unum in hia, aVue 62ra 

oottsiiaile intclligitur, ucilicet, uod unura horuja incluc'it hIIh, 

Oua enin rtto in Deo clat vita ct lux ati^ja cecuadua cauealitateaif 

patet ruod in ^^^uuntum f^uit in Doo vitn, ela runt ox ipco; ct inruantua 

- 97 - 

sunt in so lux ideallsy stc soot ; sr ipeua, i-^leut artirici..ta per 

«rtemj et Itn er??o in Tao tnoluclt cili^: duo. L'iitillter «tiHn, esa© ex 

Ipso Incluclt duo^ scilicet^ aii3« per lu&ua, ,<ropt»r -otiUB eauaali- 

tcti», culn opflr tur per eaploafclFja; ct «cae in i,90, proptsr iacuta- 

billtfitem operantlfs, per Ct^^m e&dcjs oosplaoeatl» Ui> plaauit non ens 

flsz'li i-lecet enE pcrBsaaars» Elc -^iaia voeat m u^ie xon suat t.E.acuaa 

14aa 149 

fa -r^ag sunt , ?^a> Geaggje prlao , is nue lps« dbdt, fiat illud 


x..cvja|. vidit, essq '^onum . Its etlEia per i.?3'ia; esee '■':Mili.. meludit 

slia duo, ulu ipe* arfcLf6x pri}3ue« ex ^uo sunt c-^tsiiei, est ipsa sua 

«re, per cw»» operstur; et prr o:mdea «rti?3 ^tmlft gub^raat et coaservat, 

Sa^mdo .^kkJo vult Dioaysiue Ln I? os itulo f'O tlvlaig Koni- 
152 l&S 

aibu» htaeo non did siocuadun caadea r&i^ionctt. H»ec proepocitio 

ex dieit oRueallt .tea, Biout at h'lec prfopositio ,gg, »ed ttmma divorsi- 

aod«) quia, ut diclt Aunufitinue in libro Ee Httura 3o!^ , h^ec ^lebeait 

•Q sicut atporiuB et infexius, eo c uoc non convtiz^untur, Onno enia 

<;aod oat de ellruo est t^x ipso, et aoa e cowrerso, trj la ci'euturie et 

orertoro, > uit- in eret turis, filius eot do patre et sr. p?itre, £©d docxus 

qu.nm nedifieist est «x ipso ut non de ipso, .?ed de llgois ot de 

lepidibue. iiisilitor ia cro^tore, ^uia Filius lei sst ox Patre st d« 

Pair»; ced creaturoe i<unt ex i, »o et non de ipso, r.uls, non sunt de 

ipso, ,ul& aoa sunt ce 3Ub0t&nti«» gun* 


iustio auteiTi hujuf dioti est («uia, secundu:a Philoeophua 

- 93 - 

159 1S9 160 

in V MetyroixYslcae , ex nil- uo -ese dicitur t.ll uld sex 'nodlE. 

Itl If^ 1(5 

Priaio sicut ey mf^teiia pi-opin -u- vel runota. ttcundo , sicut 

ex prisjo noventc, vel, ut conniuaiuf dlc-imur, rdcut ex jrlncinio, sicut 
16& . . » 

pugns est ex convitio. Tertio, rlcut rr p- rtVmf. Gf?sentiali^us 

lt'< ' 1C7 

naturan co-positi / co nponeatioue , sicut corijut; est ex mftt©rl=, ©t Ciirb 

forms, prtet uod etian in insR reeolvitur. c-unj-t:?, sicut px cosrv- 

ie9 170 

vile.aento suae nrtur e, sicut pr>ecie£ est sx differentia, ^uinto, 

cecundutn onsnee tiiOdo. pr«edicto? pinu'' , ricut filiuF *Pt ex p':tre et 

astre , cui?, aster est ss; taris,, pater est efficiens et formsle orinci- 

piua. tcxto, et minus :>rt)prie i;ater onn«?£ dictoc laodo?^, dicitur ^li-.uid 

e. ex sli .'JO uod eet -ort il'uc, ith V-aai r-Moi -aanent ibi ali-uod unumj 

Bcilicet, ubstentia te rjoris, < uce est nunc te aporis , uod ideia est in 

toto teiav?ore , iicut dioiaue ex die fit nox, id &Kt, O' t diem. 

Haac tsaen civicioaea reducit CoM;.ientator ad blmfaabrem, 
scilice^, aod alicuid dicitur fiori ex ill uo, -/el.Eecundum treas- 

uaiUfetione^n uaiut, in itei'ua, ut in cuin ue ■aodir, vel eccundua conseruentiaa 

i7v? lao 

uniuE pott sltirum, ut in texto modo . Curu anim In eo cuod dicitur 

131 13ki 

alicqic etse ev alio idgnifio tur alir.uid fieri et mut&ri, in 

Oiaaibue picedicti liodl;.- nan. consiceiRntur niKi. duo, ccilioet ipea 

principia fiori, et idc eat priuum aeabniraj et ordo iMtctorumj et 

sic est secundum Dsembrum, Inter Anec taiuen prinjum nembrum 

6Upt?rloruEi six neaororuw divisionic in ^iL'iteriaiibuE ncxiae proprlum 

- 99 - 


••ti eed la rsatablllbusf cecundua BMabnm oagis ost proprium» 

Et . Ic p^tct '..uod ..]t>pria lO'^uendo pra«positlo ^ 

potwit die«r« intus retloae» cxtriasloi principii in u« easuall , rel 

potest eaa boo dicore con8Ub{:t«nielit;;vt«a «orua cdlnyicca. Baee autea 

praopocitlo d2 «oaper dicit coni$ub6t«ntlalltat«Bf quia proprie dioit 

priaeiplus aateriaXOf ^aoc latrat L^ubeiantit.ia rei* Et alo patot quod 

ro8 dicuatur e&sa ax Doo e:ooundu;(i xt.tioa«iB projiclpil urflci<»bifi. Cieua- 

tur cuteiL ticse i^.r ipriatt ;eeuncuA rstloaea Cimscie foraalie axwaplarls, 

quia, eua h' oe praeposltio per oicut modiua p«r .uod eei opera(,io« 

•xwqdar artiflcis etln» est secundum railon«s Intelligaadl medium 

la? 133 

operandi* In uute:» dicitur eusc ticut in oontlneniGf tecundua 

a>brei.eo6 i t .-oxti^nt^cug o.ania v^^rpo virtutip uine ; iiia lieot, 

eecundunt Philosophua in liro Ps Aaim a , oontrario .i^do :URu&tur eseo in 

ali^^uo in corporalibus et in ^piritualibus* ^.^e spiritualia in cor- 

18^ 198 19< 

poralibue sunt diffinitive, &oiiicet quia oua corpus unua dioltur 

«see in aliOf tunc / iliud quod intu;: est oontinetur at> asabionte* 6£Ta 

Cum autea anifita cicitur -i. &e in corpore, tano a convcrso illud "^uod 

intut 9»%, satinet aoAtiene se* Tsaoa hoc non ootcst eaee in spiritu 

inereato et iiLT.en^^o* ted m .u^-ntuai ipt>e est intra aivnl- non incluaiSf 

tiio continet osoaia eeunom . isiilitudinea eplritus ere&ti; oA in- 

quaatua est extra oania oon excIusuBf sic corttinet oania eoundum 


traneoaptioneis (> contLnerrts corporaii. Sapientiae 1 t S piritug 

- i:)0 - 

Poalnl reulevit ortwa torraraa. ,t r;oc uod contlnet oicnlr etc . 

Onc« praepoeltlo ia iro^rie dlcit coatiaentl. aj et oontiaeaa 

propria est ooaserraaa» Ideo a tet raiio huju:» exposltloois. 

Tsrtlo aoda, clcit-aujijut'tiaus ,uo<i ha«o non tamt con- 
fuse aceiploEiday .-ed refei*(md?i sunt distinct® sd parsons s| aon proprle, 
quasi UGi, st aon alii j vel uni ^&gis alterl, red ap- 
propriotc, bic enia uia , ut dlcit Au^stlnue , 'spud Patrea re*i- 
det auctorit&L- yriacipii, eo juoc l.veo ^-fintua h>- b«t ratioaea priacipii 

sine r-itione prlnsipiAtl ©t aoa FlliuF, aeo Splritus Saactus. 

a09 210 211 

Propter cuod dicit Joannes in jriacijio ayaag*?lii i tfc^ 

212 :as 
V ii-bus ; Ideo, ax jpao ejat oaa^n , Hebr&aos 11 : C-:ui ea^a 

214 215 

^sjaci.irj.Ci.t. fecllicet , CbriKtue , et :ui : .aagtit'lc^atur ey uno 

oaaee» ©«ilicet, ox Ceo ?<.traj ande se-juitur, ^^roptor •u.-is caut^am noa 

216 ^317 

coafuaijitux fr&trca eos voc~ro . Et qui:'- Tllius Tfjl e!«t virtue 

213 ;ad ?.2l) 

Bel fct cupiaatia ejue, ut dicitur I Csfinthlos i , per qure duo 

opsratur oiaaia op«roa8 per int tllsetua, ideo ^ Tinis cr ipffuw . fscta punt s 

Joaoaifc 1 J .'cilicct, a Eco Pfttre, 

Propter -uod etiem Peter dlcltur du>lloiter op-iXarl per 

Filium, Naa ia';Uantum : t o^snms, hebet virtTtea operandi} et Inruaa- 

tua eet ipse 8u;j virtuS) - Ic Oixx'jtur per r-e} Inqu'cntua Ruten oper&tur 

ead&ai virtute ut co saunicfts Fillo, ile opcratur per Filiua. Siihilo- 

fflinUE, tfjEon, laqu?Jitua lll»^^ virtus ^st ipse Plllup, fIc etisa Fillue 

- 101 - 

224 C2fi 

pex 0* •pwe^iur» aed non r. »e; ^^Ia per Guta ««•antira opcr&tur 

.U(.ay i&adn» bel>ot «b &lio* 

flee £iolus hoc, i ad «Uaa ItitozxSua dlcitur flilue oper&ri 
227 22a 

p€r ?atrea| quifc tiia«i bae; ^^ra^poeitlo per aot<it aedium in 

C2iuealitr;te, noa eet alsl cuplesc isediua: ecilicet, virtue per q-uaa 

&li'..ulc c'ueat» et Inclruiaontum ,uo 111.^ vlrtui; utltur, quod licot in 

divinis aon tit, / toaieo blI ibi «11 ul? operans virtute ab idio scceptt. G2Tb 

229 ;:50 

nUando ergo pr&eposltio diol unodium prlioo :aodo, tunc dicit priaci- 

pslaa auot:ritateffi in tiuo cs-euedi , et cttbauotorlt.< te la op&r&ate, ut 

2B2 255 

cam dloo beJLlTue per regeoi expugnebit hoc caetruffl* It eic Filiue 

oper&tur p«r i'&isrQsa, 

Quc^do su tesi dicit uediua ueeondo :uodo, tunc e convta-so natat 

{iub&uctoritatem la isuo cAsu&il «t ttietorltatem in operante» ut cun 

dlco I rex praedpit hoc per uua;dua« £t ;.ic Peter oper.-itur p/er Filiuaiy 

et aon e co2iver;:o» Inqu^ntua vero Fftl«r operaatur cHtr intolldotuaif »lc 

opnratur p«r &rt«3& s^iaia* U&ec autea ors duplicie reitioniii est in divlnls) 

£cillcst» srs qtias s«ou)dua rationos inteilig«adl ic^c p^^rfooiio artlfl- 

• «7 

cisj et ars quao est verbua intollectua ariifleie re&litor jroculon& 

ab ipso* £t priao oiodo eet ipe& ecs&itla ?3.trie« «t ideo opi.rando per 

259 ■ Z'lO 

ipauB f oper<:iturper otaa oesantiam et per u», ^allter Deus operarl 

pos»«t , GtittS. vi non sbsent per&ooae dl3tlnot&e* 

Saound» mo6o act sa^icntia ^enita» c^iva vcrbum artlflci&lis 

- 102 - 

Intellectu&y cuod asi ropriua Fiiil, ut dicit Au^^uttious ; et per 

illeB turteia ooa dleitur Petor opcrerij t;icut, rtlfex per euaa artta^ 

quia tuao Fllluc perflceret Pctrtua ad, at Pfiior £.11 uld 

h&beret b Fillo} ;uod f&l£U£ e t* Ked la'/uantvia b".iOC ere periroii&llB 

eei arc eegaaia/'lie, ao.i eoluu vere fettd etl&ni &ppropri&tti« ^ic P^bajr 

£46 24€ 

dicitur operarl per Flliuraj ic «st » opc;rstur per otseatislea sibi 

&ri«ay :u&«* etit Ipt» Fllius appropri&te* 

U7 £43 

Siailiter in ciio omnia ai.i.ropri*atup Lpirltui ocacU), 
2-49 i:60 

quia praapetitlo iaportbt ooatiaeatiiLa rerun la Deo, u&ie est 

per providentliiiB. Sicut euteni dlclt Hooyslue: id uuod movet euperiora 

ad provicion&ii nlnua iiebtatlim est &e»or. i.ul& «rgo iplritue i^r-nctua 

6£t &^or proprie et approprii le, iceo in ipso sunt osmik, ««oundutt quod 

raa exlsteotec in propria, a{<tur£. cicuatur eaae la Deo} tui» hoc non 

potest euse, oi&l ut in oonT;iaeate per ooar^^i Tationwt* '^od Idoo 

dice, ' uiu - eouadua uod r»e per :;ui sixilitudlnea eunt in arte 

dlTlnUf cic eppropriatur hoc rerbo JoapjBis I : uod factua op t 

ia^ Ipao r^ «rtit , 

Rotandua «at cuoc^e r:uod jei«ati« I?ai» ia.ttantua / 6Sra 

BOiantia o^t, non uo motat eli:.:uea reepeotuss od oruNturea, cuia si 

oreetorae aon fU'-t-seat, n»e futur»« eseent , nihiloninue es;3et in 

i:60 ^ei 

Deo p:oientl8 non ft>Ium niti ip&ius, sad etiam «Mioiua C:Usc £ubuLsent 

suce potentlHt«>. Dixi aute.-n Inruentuia ftcidatiuf <.uia inc.uaatun 

- lOS - 

slgiilflcbtur in oidlae sd cr«aUu-&Sf sic conno ^?^ offeetua in o. t^tura 

vol priieacnieB vel futuruof at r»cp«etitn ad ere&iur&a, &lout i>rluB cleitur 

Bd post^rius; ut oua dioitur pr&e«eleatla, praedeatlnatlo et c;lsiilla« 

268 264 

Cus! etiosi £!«us non alitor aoso&t futum -..u&m Jam faet&y ut Au^8~ 

linue didt , p lei quod clout : jtura eont in eo vita et lux, .ic 

etlHM uTftetwrita euat in so vit^--. et lux, vuia prnit:t.ritv>ruaj idea ii«,ai- 

isbiliter ost in eo, sul praetdrits praoa«:itiallter cognorcit; et 

retlone hajue Idese , dlcitur res in lp..o vita at lux. 



De iceiF in rnente diviaa exlstentibuB 

2 5 

Idef.. in Eeo etee prob>;tur per illuc ".i >• ; Joannis .uod 

erpotltuia C£t; scilicet; -suod fr.ctum e stp In l^ap vit a er.-.t|i et v ita 

4 5 
ernt lux . Hoc ect onisa rotiones caussles et intellectuales rerua 

esse in Deo, Propter quod etisiis p^-.temi i"it'--llectuf. verbura iacuantum 

est i.iagO Patrie, hHbentis in se cresturarunj ideas etiam ha" et ia se 

7 3 

Oinaia; sicut p^t^t per illud Collo seasii: i : vU i est irii&go Dei 

inyjslbil ig^ jouj.: -t xa i,> ;;p co-id ita ^uat uaiversa ; et infra ; Oaaia 

per Ip. ua et , in i:?£0 cre;:t& cuntp ot o.uaia in ^^e c o » Nee aliter 

iJ U 

potest intelliii iliud Hebr&eos 3d. ; Fide Lnt' -'lX itJLaut; aetata esse 

e aecul-- verba Dei, ut c.x invicibH.ibu{;^ vielbili-. fierent , lavisibile, 

«aim verbura iatelloctus, vx uo fit et procedit visi 'ile, est ratio 

et idea effectu.^ in intellectu aa-tiflcit; uia sic eet ibi douius ex doao, 

et S4:inite.s ey tanit te, ut cicit r'biloeophus . Et propter r.anc appro- 

priatioaeji dicit Auguctinus f^.uod .ui negst idese esse aegat Filiurn Dei 

esse • 

16 17 

R&tioae etiftffi ideai probrtur , ^^uid^uid eais operrtur per 
13 19 -^0 21 

intellectum , et noi a cnpu, vel a fortuaa illud opir.tur per 

iatentionem finis; et / per conue^iueaE iisbot in fno intelleotu et scit 63rb 

retioaem ou ris eui, Priraa caupc est hujusaodi, eicut supra probatua 

est. Ergo haV'et spud £e rrtioaes rerum cret tura;a, quae ratioaee suat 

- 104 - 

- 105 - 

£5 24 

ld«&« • Ideovac- philosophl coacordltor \yoo smseruat ni ax eie 

3^ ^ 

aellue eansaruni. 

Dlcltur luitem idea &.b £Cooj ^ uod est forma } et seeundua 

Platonsa f forma cieitur lu&sl forls immb» p«r Bcpar&tioneB a isateriaf 

Z7 23 

qola eie £01ub h&bet oete wre tornale. Propter -uod idea Plato 

forsas in au»teria «xiiteates noa dixit esse vera foraaa^ rui& non 

haboai ees« forael6f .--ed m4.t8riale{ £ed TocaTlt ea» is&giaes vuraroa 

forsaru&y uae C8ue&ta« cunt &b illia formic >.uae foris i-uat eeeuadum 

loitationeai irSaruoi forciaioiBi • Lx ic ^'."i'^et ,uod ^>roprie loqueodo» 

aoaan ideae non dlcit nl&i fon^'.aic pr:;Cticam« It Ideo, licst I^eus 

co^-Tioeoat res baa epeoulBt.iva qiujs prr^ctice oogpliionCf taaen idoae 

non dicimtur nroprle in i:>sso nisi ^ecmadun pr&oticam cognitioaea. 

54 7iS 56 

£t sic pi.iat uod , wicut ideae secunduia rsa «lUnt 

r&ilon«6 reruB pr.'cticae -u&e imt in Intel leeUi diviao, et cua lux 

illius iat(<lleoi<u£ eit pi'iaa fonaa omniua foraurum, ure est oane lllud 
53 89 

uod perfectlonis eet in uaaibue cr's .i>aris, uaai \m*m et sissplieea 

dirarsae rarua psrfectione.- dlTarsixoda p&rticipaado isdtantur; oatet 

cuod ipsa aadaa lux eat idea prlsia oaaiua; et fonaae rerum in ipca non 

witttpar lnha*r«ibi<^r::y ut diverc&e cb ipaa, faeiantea ooapoeitionem 


euB eay eed umt ibi per oamittedaa idantitstea et Eintplieitataa* 

42 4S 

Et 8ic int«llie:itiur v^sibua illud, Libri De Cayaj ,a uod int©lll- 

gantia art plana for^s» 

- lOf - 


Ex boo p&tet cuod in £eo aoa sunt fox-iaae pluies realit«r, 

ruia jam dictt lux divini intRliectus, quae est idea oijaiua, est ipsa 

egeentiH divina. bed quia nomei ideao super ratiOiieiB essenti ^g »ddit 

rationera formae practicae et oxeaolails, v.uca divarsiuiode res Ir.itantur, 

ideo ;)ropcer divorsaia re&lvs. relstionem ad ipfcam / accipiaus ia ipsa CSts 

47 48 

divsreas relationes rstionie , iecuncuia r^uas ills. Idea est cojinunii^ 

oonium uod sia.^liE ©Ft oropriii, Lt cic dicit Auinistinuc ia libro 

LXXXlIi Cuaestionum uod Fin?;ul& sunt propi-iuc cresta rationibue, 

nee y^ rstione h-^mo nu£ asinus ; hoc eaim sset e^-surdum, Et pi-opter 

hanc plurslitsfcem, "t diversitatem relationus» cicltur in ilurali aumero, 

quoc ideas sunt in Deoj et Ad Heuraeop xi , dicitur in pluri'li numero 

ut ex iavisi-dlibui; visibiliG fiereat » 

Hafii idea triplicitei coneicer'turj rcilicet, pecundum id quod 

est, et .;ic est una essentia divine| vol tecundu.ii uod est objsotua prac- 

£5 64 

ticae cognitionis, et ic iterua est necessario una in ©o qui plura 

65 86 

uno oofjaoaciti vel secuadua uod cause, ezemplaxis est ^ et sic in 

pluiail nuii-rio coaeicerantur , --.uia non significr-tur ; ecuadum id 

quod est, ised securidua I'feapectuin ad ea ruorui» est princiolun» Qui 

respectus plui'ificatur £ocuncum aailtitudiaa'a •riacipirtomm, Et quia 

h&ec pluxalitns est taatua .nultituco reppectue , et ilia uiultitudo est 

taabum con t-igni flea ti ex rlgaific&tioae rep-lis relationi-. alterius ad 

ipEumj eicut ey sitfnificatioao assisiilKtioair -idtorluc r-d me. 

- 107 - 

eaxiei^lTict.tur ettX&a ci;&llit>uoo amI «d i^iAna, nuilb la se facta 


St Idfto etiuic^i iH Idaa divina t^m um eonsarvant plurallta- 

64 es 

tesi vocaado eoK Ide^-is, ^.t mu&\U£jK cioiuiw in Deo plures tm&b Idaas 

eii.:alfic&ndo pJUiralitctsa, Lt sulwo •si.aufc deo&gui& dlcaxe nultae idea» 

esse in Deo, .uia, ■iU3mvl& o-onifc t^lurs.iltJwtA it :iiultltudo, c«<caradua 

cuod. SEUlLltiado euaiivur ab^iolu'-fi pro coe.c«.rv&t,i<ine «x aait, c*c,inQum 

quo& 4ailtwi£ o^poaiiur aaii loMiia fet^cuadaa ,uoci aaitiiudo i>uaitar relft- 

Live, «t 9p(>oaitur &d ;;>mcu£, < ic idUi.tu:ii sddit. uper pluiaiii^atea ei 

aumcruiT, -ji& osni^ £ultitudo cat nuiierue ive plU4&lit.»fa, i<ed aoa e 

C3aver<»0} s'oia sic duo aon uat, .ed ta^tu% i>aucaa* St iddo 

aiauz re&plci'jacujB KF>t ia propoeito ^^.uod dicualur lauilae iuttiia La I>«o 

69 70 

quMi plure£« Adiuc bute^t «agls dlcerotur ide& jlurlu^ .,u >.u iaeae» 

vel pluias Ibaae, -uia hie est taaoua plttr&ll(>a» z«sp90suufii «t aoa 

rsl • 

Moa iiolua / autcs idea o£t ab aatemo in Ceo ea^ in eSrb 

7£ /4 76 

pluralif loea* oanlua ab aetez^o suat in i>eo , c,uiit tioc nomen idsa , 

licet dioit re»peotuua :d c^9-^;^uru!a, noa Lajoa ouaeraadua ert inter 

noelaa tcapox-uliter dicte de Dao, luia dlcit res^eotua 1^6 res prout 

soat in potentia «t -r^eseieatla t^i, abl rei- eunt ab aett^mo. £t 

id«o Hie r9sp<?otus eet ««tcrous; 9t qasavi:: reo, ut uat in Deo, non 

79 30 

sunt divert>;.c<y '^&acn at clvoraa» rdlotioaofi r&aleB .'d dlvins.^ eee&ntiHia 

- 10a - 

cecundua dlvevKua awdoa lialt£.tioais ^ aeterao fUcront in coleatla «t 

p9teaii-i ^i, M^ tolTlL ..ualitor .Uiillbet natara suo ^.odo cuaa e:^£cntlas 

islisretuif «t ;.iOtentia j^roduotiva. ceu&«t aaaBsU'ia.;Uo n&1.uraxc w>i&cu&dua 

propriot:jt*a tu*:* peifccticnis tx ialtfttioas; bujus id«ae. It idee per 

reepectuu ..^d itilae r«ti3n.e£. z&rus^ ^atcrnas, »>b aeterno l\4drunt in Ceo 

iooeci in plurcli conbignii'icuxco* 

^uaNvi^ argo ;.'luraHt-A£ .'.it psr recpectua Ad reb, t-,aai«n 

Boa «i^t uiceaduai .-uod ^uralitc^e rorusi £it caaa^; pl-ar&iit&tis ide&rua, 

ouis teiporfclo aon it cuust. tetcrtii; ed ^o^iui s coavcrco, pluralita» 

ideai-u» «tti csar» plurslit.«t.if rerjsa, cuit e>; lioc Cfcusatur pLursiitf.s 

n&turaxuua, uod e&s«ncit divinia ^&l sultia :sodia laiitabiiiji; et ida^e 

aitiil sliud dicunt qusa eoaoati^ja dlTiasis sub rstione ijiit:^bilia diversi^ 


£bt autsi- ipsi aulti^liciter ijlfcabllic, licat i'- aae. et 

0iiaplex« suia h.T:b«t la se perfeetioaea o:Aiua ganaruis, ita \uoa ua«sU6»> 

qu« r«» C6i iu ipsi ::ecuaduia su^ laa perf ea^ioaeia iUfte proprietati» et 

propriae r&tionie* H Idao «st unax la natur^j, aultipldx ia virtu t«) 

barus porfsotinnuis. Qjh rgo aulluc effftotu;:. formaa hsne perfeote 

Isltarl poasit, dttpllei r itionc est i^s& divereiaods Loltebilis; eoX- 

33 89 

lic«ty vel ; eeuadua particip'itlone'-c dlversfizniA psrfeowioau 'Ju3y 

sleut uliter ipatiA lititivntiir «ntia toatua "uiui ▼!▼&, st Tive tantua 

aliter quas «oatienda{ et aic ds aliia { val t^scuadun iatentioaes 

- 109 - 

•JUtdMi pArtlcipaWe perfeotionie, ^eeuadum .n&jorem et «laorom ao<MM0«M 

ad C^rUKy aicut ^a a^.tura inkelleotuctli, allter ipvitm linitstur ejus 

imago, scilicet hoso, .-uaia eigaaouluia / raa» -lailltudinis. 64ra 


i^cc t?oium diversti t-ed ettaa 'jonurarle. unaa fora&n >iano 

ieiteatur, ut dicit Lioaysiufi V csnit-ulo Ds Pi v ial t Nojiiqlbus ; uia 

•upra in cApitulo dc suiio probevlaas contr^riett'tej» non. esse in rebue 

35 96 

eec»4nduru ao'i unt, . sd Ke<jviaciuffl uod j vt-ri e:^so «t b boao 

dsflci'Jtit. Ei 3io n&nc foi-mam aon iniU>atur, sed eb ipsa dikt>&at per 

Qi&ciBilitudiaeat. iinda con&raiia, nou m u&ntua contreria, . ed in- 

UUitatuiu sunt dietinotae aalurae, iijsit«^%ur px^audicteja ide^ffl» icut 

ei aliu ua4xa divcrsfi euat* 

% hie pfetei. ijoluuio - uaj^stioni» -;ua uaeritur ' unra 

dicuatur idaaa .^luru^y eo /lou lu^ea sapi^riviaa, qqo soientiue nee 

i3 100 IDl 

artee noc plura Tuzba^ scilicet quia eapiaatia , toioatia et 

ara f stiuK. xfL cratturic. aon ^aultipiiean Uu^ «CiOunduM ras aatarialiter 

e\»afitbe>, .ed gacuadusi ^iult.iplic&t<ionea eju^, i>cr ^uod la Intallaotu 

oopiotiCuntar. Zi nuia aio oioaia la £«o uao cogaoaouaturf ideo praa- 

dicta in ciaKUlaii tantua do Lao dicuntur. 

Nee obatat ^i wain objioiut. .,uod ^hilosopiOis dicit >^uod 

KOieatia rafcrtur £. bcibilti» uia hoc e^t Tsrua da i>oi«3aiia cau«^«.ta 

ft rebus. Sciaatia aute:i lei ref : i iur ^oluui ad illud cuoc. ip£«« per 

as (.-cit, tiod w;ut uu« «; et i^a aoiwitie. aeo rutioae ripii» 

i'ios^ti, .,uo& est ••eunduiQ ratiooMi iatellijEflOdi parfaotio dirLrxi 

- 113 - 

int«liootusy nsc ctlita »;t;cuncius con ti golf icetua reepectua ctclt in 

pluralltttoa. It slailo judicium ett dc a^ientia et erte. Verbua etiaa 

non diclt re&ptictua renlex nici '\d lo uentonj ot i;io luxua ect. 

^tllter uate2\ iiaua ;.o8«iit ^.rsa ox«sii>lhr divor»orua osten- 

dlt I^loayt'lac in V ccpitalo Dt,- livinlp lotnlnibu^ per f.iult' ©^©apl?.. 

Priarusi eut de unitf;t,jj> in lu» omois auaftrue uniromltor pruoxietitj 

et Male auaerus unitttx in ipta, et iarusntaui 6b unltsU pi^oocdit, tantun 

dlBeei-nitur, et in Jiultliudinesj &gitur. £ecrundu« est f.uod centru« oirw 

cull habet oiiBi©!? lia«MJ,«i tU:»» i«5 olrcMafaroatiea dud i>or>Euat in js©i.:>eo 

114 115 

unifoi^iter, st 'jmjnlura ccnti'o uat i.ropiQ<..uioret, t;mtum etif.ra 

Ipfii Ci^-itix» et Inter ;.e uniuntur; et t.uantua / dlttrnt tb ipso, 64x% 

117 118 113 

tantum etifca plus inier >e. Tertium cci .uod io tot» trOtorua 

aetur&, id est in naturn uaiversell, -uce consistit in y.lrtute «t 


metu nujtoris cueleelis et laobilia, ratiaaee oaoie p8rtioul&i*is 

naturi.6 ualt&e sunt, et . ocinduQ uroosssuat eb Ipsa divoraificaatur. 

wu&jrtudi o£t nuod in aniua sunt uniforniter ooaes ^toati&e, .uibue 

providot totl corpora, ^acl«» sAcundua ^^rooossua ab ipso in p«rfootlc»n%tiii 

diverftoruQ organorusi nxiltiplioantur. wuintua er.t la : ol&, ui uno nuo 

luaiae geaar&t oiauiu, et 1^ uaifor^niter ia ■..« hubet osaaia a^xeiS 

eaucfctt. ac ipt^, cu&e eecuadum prooesoua ab low aultiplicantur* Unda 

126 liie 

coaciudit Eionysius ; nailto awgis In c^aUss O'liaium exexplaria 

praexi^tore ^eeuadua uansi, oipersubeLaatiAlam uoitionem ooncedendua ei:.t* 

- Ill - 

K&bot etlaffi b^ so LCw diversa a>)iain«f ruitx vocAtur IdMi, 

•««mpl«r, rftlo, , pecle», p^ra<Jl^-nf, nuadus'iltyp'iB. Id««. ©nia vocatur, 

id eet, forma p: ii.u eicat ''A>| ust laatrorl» j-rl3;a , -uif^ e-et forme omaiua 

fara&rua , cajus .jurtiolp?tlone foraalitts est in 0!«aibu» «Is • 

Exenplsr cutsm vacatur, la oiaalt ipgua isiitftalur. ^-i^tio 

vooetur, In uanlui est riailltudo i-arux, -uifc jlsilituco rerua in 

intPllcotu YOCitur r.;tlo earum . fipecit'S v.r^ dlcltur , ia ;atntua 

ilia tiailltudo wiit "aeifiuni ir. uo lous onai^ cogno^cit. Parfdi&TW 

vocatur, la unntua cecuadura recpsotum ;.-d ipeiia Caus apereVjrj quia pstra- 

dlg)se dieitur a pare. ?uod ftst Juxt'^, at doaaa.. miti-to 3 In i, - uael 

docene op«r«rl por illua ..loc ju;ttii est, ;-icut e»t lorraa ligflJ. «d 

«iuaa dlrigitur fecturs calcel, 'iuadus ctirja .ircliitypua, id <3st, priaci- 

paliter ex©!Bplari;3, vocnt^jr a ?1 atone la Tlg^eo tb aroiios . iuod set 

princeps, et typog. ;:uod est e:ceaplar^ ia uaatua Idet coaeis- 

nificut respaotua »d oncies res pj-oductsi» hujus rmndi, ?'ic etiaia dicit 

fioethiue , j wipdam p«nte gerens '?ti? . 

N&c F^eetisaadijiB »3»l uod in poneado ido&s incl^iaaue in 

:ao la 

errore^ Platonln "vel Cleiaofntia nhilonopbl. Pl&to erJ-a du^licftS 

ideas pomxit* ussdars c.rc;i^fie for^ss, {cllicst , Keparntrs, «nte 
1'.:- 144 

res eytfitentoB, .,uae cunt prlr.clpls f>cl<s?ntiRe pt generRtlnnle 

rorua / . Nee sunt in fnente dlvina, : ed sunt luaea «ffluoas a priiBS e4va 

causa , quod est l^posttsls oaniuK loraariaii, jicut lusen ooi-portle 

- iia - 

Oiiaivua coloruaij ^^ i»i-out wis» ari'iuuiac cb xmo jjrin;o t-iarplici, .<^c oet 

uaun. lit Idco cii>i^it ooalud foroiitlo prlaolplux cls uni.< ^^e^; ^eo prout 


«at 2(£i3a divimu: uomaualcRtua a. p^trs deoruai (i9i:ran(ii£ dLit; &d jiit 


i-ia ISO 

pi-isuod cii7ia&e, ;.u«c< uat goaaralos xoroa ini,QAuioai>i,, at sunt eae, 

unua, voTuai, joxiuffi ct, .isdiii., .io &aplius aultlplioantuv . 

puz-bicipaU. in ei;;, cuusuat foraas illoa ..uao proxiuoa grscuii abua- 

brttiioal» iu-iiais ooaiaalis aabdafc ; soiiioet, foma;* aatiitaaitiofia, 

prti«cipae uuiaarorua, .uiu iiXi inter !aata«>iflutleu priaa et slapli- 

cloia eutia iiua»* £t audva x^iiMM Tdi-auio fiUttuaafctloasy vir&uia 

iaUDllc Ota alia et divlai iuaiais la sLa ob\isaT&'ii, >:od axon uxtincti^ 

o«U8&at foi'dUiS ra* cjiii ipoi» obujaoi'utiiaj scilicat, ;foraiaa nsitaralofc, 

et oaaoa isbos gr&dus for^tiraa* 

Dixit auouadna ass-a j^':5x c<i» exiatera extra aatariam, lUici 

tutbeat luaeo diviuusi aub^ctcatifioiitiii ipe«tf in «ess foraali. ^^uod luiaen 

08 1 &ate Qtttwriskffl* Et idao dixit itu& Qnmii Ideaa prftecipiu, i;uia noa 

soluia i'orii> nat«ri6ta Cifiueat» cod etina fora&a jsujue ultimi gx>adl, 

▼irtute formta'afH praeeodea tiu.'o grHduuSf osusunt formes in jtt^it^ila 

«xiatentdB» in ^uibus iuaea praadictus occrambit. £t oroptttx' hoc etiam 

lei " 
dixit i&ai.U(tsiiii.ic& mats ]iriuoipia rerusi antursiliuia • 

- 113 - 

Tot&Q eutea hanc dlTlclon^ formarum ad bimembrea reduc«ne« 

dixit unum, cllicet, lumen uod est eh uno simplici printo , et multa 

particlpantlh illnd lumen, esse prima principia oamiuni) et secundum , 

aumerorum ratioaeo omnia products erse e deo deorum ostendlt in I 

162 164 

Timaei * Et .©cundun hanc vi.-jm jam dloit Philoeophu» I aetaphysiof 

quod dicer e ideas esse exemplaris. ot eis alia psrticipsre vanllocuiura 

est, et aetephorae dlcexe poetical /• Et sic proc€»dunt rationed suae C4rb 

uibuB aecec^sario destmit positioner:! idesruai propter cuod etiem tain 

diligenter hunc eiTorem exposuioaus ne ratloncs ohilosoplii videreatur 

veritati fidei adversari, 

Alias ideas posuit Plato in mente dlvina, ut patet in I 
Tiioaei ubi dioit eum operari ad ex«splua sincerae et perpetuae et 

iQLiutabilis proprletatis, et non ad exeinplar factum et elaboratus. £t 

secuactua hanc viRm nos supra processijausi et huio Aristotelee con- 

sentit, neo contra hoe procedit all ua suarum rationem. Et sic dicit 

Augustinue in libro De Ordine Universi s non erravit Plato dicea» 

.-aundum intelligibileai| voccns nninduo intelligibilea rationem sempitem&ii 

et Inconututabil^B cus fecit Deus mundum. ^u&m ui esse neg&t, sequitur 


ut dicet Deum irrationabiliter fecisse ciuod fecit. 

Clemene auten phllosop]x.ts dixit ex^nplaria non eftee in 
173 171 175 

DeOy nee erse . eparata , . ed pzijicipaliora inter en tie dixit esse 

exemplb aliorum, forte ucus ilia ratione cuoc, cum unum::,uodcue 

- 114 - 

isurotur numcro ^\ii §muaA»t «pcrUt cuod etlna eailt m.ris ooaposita 
owncasurmtur prini*! i iaulicioribusj ot ainiaie uEntitRte, Liaxlole 

17-3 179 

autcm vlrtute. It Ilia .unt eliorua exsmpla, nc use alia coa- 


a«n8ur@atur • 

Eed l»c reprohi't DioaLyslus f c«pitulo f^ El viols Noalnibug 

duplld rcublone* Friaa est :udd noaon pxestjileris dlolt elapliown forsuaa 

132 134 

(ittaa eola «et perfects oool ^ener» perfdctlonis, et est proprie 

foras, alhil habene atiteri»litutis, £9d hae condltlonsB non ;unt ia 

i3£ lat 

ellcuo cailua cr^^piorua, tied In sola eesarttl^ divlna • Tr^p Icie 

phtlOBOpnus, vooane «atla oooposlta «t laporfeota reepectu perfection!» 

dlrUib&f et rtli uid aaterlell ^. j^tie haboatlftf ideas sllonun non pro- 

133 133 

cedit in ^emone euo por propria et perfects et siaplicia 


Seounda r&tio «st <tuiay «tlaa ni concedRtur uod h&eo rlnt 

execqilarlay nihllo dnuc> o^^rtet ante ipsa sese ipsoxtun exes^iplarla, 

191 132 

( uae ?unt / in D«o} < ula i:>criptura dioit ore^turas a^bls ostaaea» 6bxm 

••ss a Leo, rum ut aasur pOi:t ipeas, at po.'^^t ultiasim finem, rel 

prima principiua in < uo nostra Investigatio rnlescat} sed ut poet 

194 135 

istoriim nroportionales eo^itiooe-a, :ureua egamar ad oanium causaai 

c,uia ex uo at be«e prima intelli/^ibili operatlone crcata nmt a 

IS 7 198 

Leo, op-^rtet luod etiaA ipsa exwsplaria hsbant in Ceo. It ita 

- 116 - 

dlotuA buJUB pbllo&ophl non conulucit suum inttmtuin, 

EiraBtpl&rla :uico dvsoriblt Clooyclus Ibidcio dicensi cz«ii»- 

plarla dioiau» ess* rtkiioaui», (dcut ^ijoilltudo rei, ei Intontlo ' um coj>> 

aoaoiUir rus , fw(^J > g ejus vooHbUi- tfju^tofttlj^ jmalum .uoouia ue aodo^ 

fciir«i pt^r BSy sivs In «^lio oxltjit&abi ti ubtitwaUfiofcB » ' uia aanibtie sub- 

bibulidui trlbuimtji »t I'iiyayiMjiLk^ '^^ ^''^t unifoxAitkir» u:. cJ.clt «lis 

^Ob 106 i)7 

tr«n«l«tio f Dra«it<>.ifetsat»|>. iu ^ut, cAt« x^ts oailatsntfrs in Cao» 

seouaduK rationed aomini», .-iiaat «>i'& in .x-ill'io6j «.lUuibviB (.ecundua rem 

•Imt. ipfte i/ttUbl ^^fefr, V.u^oiyg^^ ^l»,1rftij.mft;g,,%ftft,fr, id «St, preedstsiw 

iaiaatioQ6iSy uiUtb <U> cettfejctio lii coa»iila tdTiau oifrialtuui o&t detttr^ 

<^Q 210 

iaioiittt de tiiigulie a«ituri& , quoc laKiituenciuiB etret «:t ualltor 

kXl 212 
voui't, i^iftyff?p iii > iAijiU/vfiHv;.^ sajlcnU&a Lsi, > ura^;- 

lialtioa— S4I— uloraai itiSMSt. » 1>(^ «>«=<'* pxAucoadiMi^tionsiii) &i divlnas 

bo)Mbf vQlt^ifetes. ia.:Uiuai.uiu fc>.wi>^iiax«t .oat ^wiuuu j^ibciici iatclloetue, 

r^ul iaclutiib vuluui* b«ia. ^ukuvI^ uiviuo voluat^it, uiiiavife. lii &• una 

215 216 

eit, tuBM p«MS sXmt^ ;^AilUpiio«Ltai • I'^ulaiufc i iix ,ai&lU in oanos 

volualvv»* ojuk. c^cuauusi umc voluuW't«ifry 6ai^y|tfcUl<r;t*atifaj| 4 ^ ^ffffP^^"" 

i:17 218 

caui^«> i>x'X<ua cinu»tiuu, ^ftov, 0.iiiai.l ojua*^ p<iir ^i.S6aU.£A i Id eet , ab 

e-atamo coauiiio bt i>i'opi'ObitOy ^.t pi-ocaxlL iu <r<wt^orb. 

It. su«»<avii> :..frcuuuuu; t'lulobapuau aiiuil .;:liriaii I poeslt 

nisi. con:,^siUia, Ibituc «xea^l;.* dviuoAf JLa>.u8nu.i2 . cQuadua ii.;,ioaaa 

aoaujaift divjittu sitt/tiria^kt , fiuillutit. c;^;; tun Lib.» divlooffl ot relntiwien, 

- lie - 

222 228 

sic potest dlffinlrl dlffioitioiM ^,ub« i&ntua explui&t aoainis 

rfttlonea. Sic ie ratioae priml <vxeatpl«riE sunt &ex« Oauat 6st uod 

est Espeoles et r isiilltudo extern platoruOf et / lie diclt m tionof €Sra 

»3dLet«atiwB . SeeandUR «st ruod forle sunt , ^xtra oiaacs ree in 

priaa onusa oper'iinte, sscundua prismn «xempl&rj el ic dicit la teo , 

TertittB est uod runt in Deo Lvcuadua ratlonea intellc^ctus pr&otiel 

qui inoludit voluntatsmi et ideo ut in subj^eto ?unt in intelleotu* Et 

sio dicit uas tftfcolopls prfcediffialtiones voc::t » L% suat objecta 

■; «^ , 

▼olunt'tisi et sio diclt difiamf b^abs Toluata^g , -uartua est quod 

priora suat osmibus er«i Uiris, $t cum his nihil :;riu6 »it nisi aetemum, 

sunt netema } et cic dicit prfas&xi t ten tes « «uintua eat vuod babent 
£51 ^5i 285 

fs ed ruoduB inttillectus in uo .unt ct sic dicit ffiaaylarityr , 

sine uniforaiter. ^axtuia nut uod cunt cause, rerua produetiTa; et ^ie 

dioit s acundun ues gapfirn;b£tantiiilis essentia oto. ; et oonservativa} 

et ^ic dicit subettjxtifioas» 

In idea r«ducit diff initio Auguetini in libro LI2XIII 

<- vw £OC 

^.uaestionmn , ubi sic dicit* iceae runt rationee rerua stabiles 
in L;££eatia suit, u&e aeo ineepit» nee dessiait , et isueutabiles 
••euBdtta esse; ui^ sunt in Deo» et non in robus oreatis;, nee &b els 
&coept«iO» at pFopttsr hoc .. ecimCua autstionex rarua Buitt^tur, ^iout 
est in ntobir-, Mae in divins intelligeatia prr.etica continoitur, non 
saciiaduB co;npo8itioneir; ed ^ecundu» oaniaodsa identitatem et ^-impll- 
oitataa , caa Ipeae noc oriantur neo intereant f ,aib stabiles 

- 117 - 

Fimt. Secjnthia «an taam formarl dloltur 03n« illud uod oritur et 

interire :>ot«»Bt. 

Ejf his sstet cuocJ oonoorditar philocopal . t ^fjfictl dl«mt 


i4Mi« dicor* formAG practice e «(> noa : peculatlTaOf gicut noe supra 
xationen faujus diet! npelenAviaue « £t lueo caveaduiu &at sb anrors 
dlccntiura uod Iobs, <,unntaa d r(it,ion»:ca noutiniaf iie<;ualli;«)r »« habet 
•'d coimltton'm .«^»revl.l»*ti▼ea et DrKctloaa, > uasnria Lecuaaua usua lo- 
f^uentium euiBntivr nro for-na co-Tnitionis ortcticae» 


ijAu6 ai,o»HJx«t iUucu& la ««ate diviua 

«tiat oiftt» iticfee i'oiMbt» ^iiicticue isccuuciua u; e iateiiuot-ue 


4 £ e 

7 a 

~.ui~> i&u&. c^t ;.|>«iiCii>i> bxx'xtiiica<.4.&^y ^iiusi ii££iibUuii xdiiU£katur ^ecuauuifi .uo<! 

potwftLf (it A£.tsri(i^ «tit ciructas £«i , Afc.b«t iccc& in »ac daplisi r3.t>ioad« 

iJaotaodo c:»cunutui .uoc et t «<fcti*uti«-. 6i<;tAaat& coiitra ror:ajaa; eu . ic 

abUt;^ esse i.a pO(;eafaia isoXua» c»b &lu i^pcfi'^Cbe iiutauoi' ^ctus ,yri.Aua« 

i<t aio dloaat c,iju.d«a.4i >.iudu x;up«ixi.'tscb» iuio«1; iu«(<A>ii ia Iwo, xba U(> iiu» 

perfdctlo aon labulllg&tur ia ideuf cd ia laitoa^^e acua* ricb^i. taaen 

spsci^ii ration» in i«a idwa^ ;>ratjri<uo • '£t '^loit' uuac isi .«rrtiCtio- 

li 14 15 

a*a dioit Att||uut;>iau& ia iiuro ^ji^ar Uaaa^ia ^uod aon «Ki, disUuat 


dixie. Deua f lat cogla^ a'i^ t&rxiji , aaa jiriaaa fiabut hi£omLis.& la-vtiilae, 

quls foi^a&x voroi aon i^ittutur i-npurlacUo» oua dii^sixdliis &q so .uod 

i/ id 13 

euzaia «t ^iriiBitaiJ est, i.nror<i>itat9 vuGcam uuadit ua uihilo^i, 

h>«cuiiao aou3» i.a;u:uitaa c^b ia ;:otaposit9 bssentiali 

- 113 - 


- 119 - 

COttpOBitua aecuacua osanit^ £Ufa. oompoaoatift, in .u«auiA iHii ; unt uulta 

ia foram totiut, :ac iuea ci.*iau etv iortaa wtiuto coapositl, sacuadua 

osacla u&ii In i^go huu«, .-icufc vtinm. ■-. I^eo cecuricutu nisac idean M-ocucitur. 

■S>t tic porfeoiu uauut ioefeja iu i-tto, -,ui?i sic est xa sctu, «t noa ,-ecua- 

haattx, in coupoaiio, et non est «tins fonee» nisi eeuncum scse rabioais} 

ev idea, caa tit ior»ai. practtoj/, ;K>ULue reeplcit ess* roi ttacE rettloniB. 

CciaYenieatius cicit>ur uod u&')&£t Ide&in ia co->:pocito .u«iR p&r so, ut 

patet &x cictiii vcroi& i^ugustiui • 

Lt: 4^ij.v -Uijae eti«ia difi'ioiie est inte?vii^ero •'uaiiter 
27 26 

idefia h&beat in Deo, biv« uit ;.jiivi>.i:io i0&6ox-iti.lis , / i-use «ec «»* €i>Tb 

;£9 so 

eaatlei fora&d i>riv&tfi. e^ee »<oUtKli La aawrxn, et «at untm de prin-> 

cipiis naturalibus «ecanatu i'liilotophuua in I Ffay&lopruia , oer quaa 

soTctur seterla ad ^.ctutile ecee; nive t^lt priVivtio rorsu-xlii-, use est 

abnogatio toLl^is torm&a seoitruium e^^ee «t -eenmdum '^mientlaja* tX 

irieo 'lb io£jk non ejt regrocsus cic j&tiitua, „icut o»ecltas aet privcitio, 

54 Sb 

▼ el aors . Prinio eaxsi modo uloto . rivatio est malibi» aciterlae 

•t turi.dtudo »t j^tentiaitt'iE ecuonuim Phiioeoph'm s ■ u»»» dlouat dis- 

eiailitualaers »-. ^uta;^ dono et perf«*ct.6. piiicaritudin^ et acta puro • 

Et fcecuado aoao dicta priraiio ^-sx. «implicitnr non ens, et ret. aalu» 

tiuae «tiHM Dw» non reniiiilRtnr • 

S9 40 

Et iioet quidsra dicani 3rivas,ion«n ; rino rnodo diotaa 

- ISO - 

41 4£ 

nullo Tndo hehere» ld»f .- In Ceo, %f.n^:i ^t.lvp h'"»et. ir^«»-«'a In Be» 


ottpw BiitMi.".» cut* «««wndu'? Phllopopln» ipee ent 9Fe«*ntl.a f»rtRae ia 

44 ^S^ 

inchsntio forR,r.« in r3v.t«*rlft .% nrl«ft om?sir. ?«lt, ala «».x ?« n-m ect 

ca» ni^ll Ihl IpJil nit cnJi*^*, ut flidlt *tt;nistlnuR , nsc ©«t wt 

«uterity "Ula forsift «^st prior »"^«»1»«» Srf»o ftsr nlhllo induct» o«t In 

astftrl'» B ^rl-j» c^y«*s, it <i\yn 111» »»«p lefwn r;au«i#t -^iW^njld cs\i«*t, 


8«T»tl4 far?!»-* eujue r^roprl?» ^v^t l-***, r«<3 i no^rf >»cb«<n In •u^ntu'n h^^bet 

« 7 

?«<? s»(Mn<Jo '9^'io 'flet'' Tlv^itio, irin sit. vim n!*s»?tio 'labi- 

tuf. s tuyceptl'?!''.!, .«*• «"r^'*!© nihil 6«^ , non h-'h'^t ids?im rsfir ■« In 

Duo J ^«illoci, n«»o r»ftrfcete, nsc lnyerfaict*» ?»d h*bfft idesc^ in / €0rft 

5f 57 

?yo oor^cltio, ^leui dlclt PM^'opo-'-Ms In VII ?aSs2iJteSiS£? *'"*<' 

S3 S? *0 

prlvpt,i«jni f»t h'^lt^^o ?t»t tm? rnf?erf.*p ri'tlr la intoU^ctn, Et 


pBCOftti « lumne tu<« Y«»r!.trtl8 a^rc^^dyntur» ;ul» In loe«» t^irinl 
tatfllcctuff ';^*»«lna non '-iV^fnt. Ft Idoo et5.i»a in fi» nan puat -rlt» «i lux. 

- isa - 


?t eIc elil.^m cUcunt '^i?id8« -v.od r.clft, cu» aen hobeant ld«tta 

la I?co, qtiac ftst tertlum nr?»cticRr' o^.Taltlonls, non iornofccntur a Leo, 

nisi 'Ci^ltle ^ncciji.vt.lva Tiot'» njor" exposito. Gnrs «n.lra diclt Pris- 

f^6 67 63 

citauc '•'loc' v«rbB prophr.tlca ciefdtferfrnt inflnitlvjm, ««-raeretur , «i, 

c«2 dico, rr-u»; «cH 'n^l'Ja, hoc* v«''mj* nelt *"'f"?it jrophetlean» iljmlflcr.Qg 

ecienfciara pr?c*lcpn , no-'' Cens o:.-- n^tiT-. rci ■«ntljt sctret ^-nftlua, ?t 

70 71 7;i /6 

cuo(J f?».c:?'ret aslu?., :ul^ awn» c^o<J t^.llter eelt facare , hoc 

fF.clt. ti tsrffi-n diciisu?» rtBT»* ll\u(? 'Tr«5t.ic0 sfslrl 'uxJ scitur aosuia- 

qur T.5'-: ; or idf!?*, sic ^fr fleynd»i!a prsfdictoruas, Dsa» pr-^ctica rcleatla 

ecit "sslit, '\jIj< w^oif-^lt p» oer idest! boni, wt p»iur« «xposltum set* Et 

eecun^^ur. hunc ■aoj'-.'.~ difn't. ralti .nod Ij-up asla coEnnscit per «coldani*. 

wuoi T«ri?E est, it»», -nod li pg.r r-cc ldg ng r<sferj^t:ir ^d v??r4« retion^» 

T6 " 76 77 73 

r.jit&risc act'jsj id. sst, px parte coi^iiti, ;jod non h-bet asturaa 

'x:- ;.er r.c corTio^ici posplt, vol spf-cles hrJiere in faftpllectuj ''t noa ax 

parte cognoectmtif^, .-uic corjiltio per sccidea» est debilie et Infirms, 

et ideo aon tsist la Tgo , 

Accldoatla etif^n Uftsvis potius Ant, fli-iniA '^atlr luaa 

en tic, ut jJU]>rR er^iosltutn «pt, h^.bent t.?r,«^ idcvjc in Cso eecundua luod 

31 8:.' 35 

«sunt iiocVi Epecialen «isfondi , emir»''tl In r«ro i*nt« • prii»a causa 

par Idonn op rrjito} glout. / enim cicit Philorophuf in T Phyfieonja CGrto 

'^•KU'd clbedo dlfftsrt Ab nlbo, etlass -v^findo eecundum eo»e ©et in ioeo, 

*-ijI« est c.BRentla <ilvf<r?p «b i.»fto , St fie «fcinT. vccid^nif h^bet 

- 122 - 

idmez tecunduin mtioneui, distiacta^a ab idea su'oj©cti. Propter <;uoc! etltuu 

36 37 

Plato posuit ideaa fsllcitati;. et, piniiliter tsliorum sccicentua, ut 

33 39 

dicit FhilOKOphuE ia I Ethicor-i:a . Sed tfuaen In pi-osecuendo non ex- 

pOEuit dictua cuuio nisi ce icei^ cubctnti^e. Propter cuoc PhilofOphtus 

90 92 93 

in I Metapbyeic: e concludit contrs Ipeuia uoc debuerit etiem poaere 

Ideas riccicentium, 

Uoa aolita utesa gpeei' , sec etiasji individua oubwit proprias 

ideas ia Deo, itt c.uod ia Deo sli.- est r&tio Joaanis qucE Aegidii , 'uia 

ice*) est forma oper-itive, et oper'.tio est circa siagulsria .une punt 

pluie et diveisp.. Lt ideo forma ?>rtie rub diversis rationibus refertur 

£d ipcam, iilcut et oporatio Dei, uan in e, ratione horua plurium ter- 

Kinoiua in ulura'i consic»ifiC' tur, cu:; dicitur in PsKlao i V irtutem 

97 93 

operjii su pi xia ann t opulo l-juo . (^uia tr^raen s.^ecicg foi^aliter 

dix'ferunt, et individue tnntua per mcteria'n, ideo peifectius est distinct Lo 

ratioaum in Deo resi>ec^u GivbrE?ii"j.-3 c-jecieraa uaa reepijctu pluriuia 


Quae autem non f ocit tous, nee facturus set, ideais aon h&beat 

in Deo, nui*^ ut ;-.Rbituffl oat, ic'ea iacu'.ntum forme prrctica dicit les- 

pectuffl ad effectum, Co/noecit t?;.-aen ee Deur :odo supra exposito, 

scilicet, in :us o^nnipotpatio et cognitioae sur^e essentif.r secundum 

onnen jioduT. uo ipse isitari potest e creeturs. i,ui Todi potentie sua'. 




9« iaeiroaasoriptibillikte tkti c«uiuitua &d 
baao oi»ditioae(a la&e est eesc in oomibue'^ 

Et siout eeoundmn pr&odictas Ideas» ooalc c^tiat In Ceo vita et 

luXf sic e eonverso Ceus est in otmibus rebos rsttioae ecixuaduia Idtftrun» 

innuAntum ^^Jtni tubtjtaatiflce» rstiones eadetsntium) ut dlcit Pionysius , 

quia «adea oeu»» rue» jrodudt rem / etl&a consenrnt 'jti-oductaa. Propter f:6T& 


quod dicitur t.c iiebraoog I s Port^nscue oaala eubetantiflctitioae coa- 

serrcitloniG vcrbo virtu tie stttMs ; id est, verbo inteXleetuali «t Ideall; 

uuod est 7irtu£ cueeas et concenrans oiaale. 

Et oun haee oausg la productioai> rcma nihil .^Ibl prftemj^» 

poalty e«4 rolus per e oonl:; producet , oportet etlem oed por elp^sea 

OBtoie products ooaj£>ervety et aon olum per medlsie ofiusee, esleut 

pMloeophi dl3«ruat oaala laferlore coneerv^rl vlrtute dlTina, (uls ozones 

eattsae eeoundf^rlae eoaservs-ui vlh eauts&ta vlrtute dlrlaa ab els divarsl- 

node partldpata, elout etl&a eadea ▼Irtute cuat, et ceasae sunt; et 

•le «nin unua prima ;:olua posuerunt esse linaedlate a Ceo» et «mla 

alia Bedlr;te. 

Propter ' uod etltus la ooaeervatlme eioiillter dlxeruai 
U 12 

quod «JttBdatt est utxuatmai olhll enlai consez-vat res alel ccucs rel • 

^aeenv:ac auten OHuea ooa. xxl&i d»r suaa es««itlam operatur» Ita -uod 

14 ^ B 16 

sua operatlo ost esMatla^ Ula ^1 par he coneerv^t ren 

- 1^ - 

- 124 - 

se et a«oundum aaa»» «msie purtee» at ^ eouadua oml» en» inturlore. 

•t exterlore» B«a«s«erio pmr mum •uatatlim, cjues est Ipam opor&ilo» 

oonservatlools, e^t intru rea coaeanratemy dlcut et ipsa operetlo» iscgp , 

ey Ipso ,uod oimift stmt in Ceo vlte et Inx, oportet Eieo«0«&rio CeuA 

esseitiallter eaee in oaaibu^ rebuts» Onde Jeremjae jdi t NvnacitjLd np /i 

ff9,^j;^"' ^'t tc^yrpa ^};o^^mpleo? t^g|<jintj.^e 1 s fcoiritut Loainl reoieyit 

p rbfea terrfenw stc . 

Det nutea £eus per iir^c eonBerr.^tioaeBi rogaae oaaes rM 

«nMta» ipnMtwr ouod co'wi;itiBceatur cum els» ut dicltur in ULbro L'« 

Caug^y f dcut ipiritus eroftlue per esscatialeiB unlonoa conciiacetur 

corporl; et boc» ittl& est Ibi forse ossoIim» simplex» u&e est ;vuum estie 

•t «ift operaulo et ma virtus} et «lout per se coe esMotlft dlffert ab 

oaalbuc ore&tls, uic etlaiB seoimdua ease eat divisa ab oBolbue 8«aua<» 

dua virtutea, eo aodo < uo lllud dicltur aeparatum / (;uod nee «ct virtus ^vb 

oorporuile, nee Tirtue la oorijoro, aieut aotor conjuactus mobili 

dicitur Tirtu:^ in cor^ioxe, i^io nee Ceus ulll rel conjungitur. >uia 

ergo propter banc formal! taiaa potest Deua «see in oaaibue sine eui 

dlTieione, ui&, acilicet» forsa obqIc de ^e eat ubl ue et aeiq>erf et 

non dividitur, nisi par p&rticlpationea eoaralaocatur all uibus indlTi» 

5€ 57 

duantibuB , et formalltas talis eat attoditia fortsae» i^icut e coavorso 

oi^tio eju£ oua SAteria est ipeiue diffonUitio, Ideo dicitur 
▼ii » '^od ub i u o vit>|it , er eui ]3ut^dj,tiaia e ^. 

- X;ifi - 

Et InfrAt Et i^ieo nlaiX laulaatua incurrit j.n etm i id est, non 

conttLtaolc-tur eoi^bue in t,uibus oit, ,uia coat: ctu oontaemiari non 

pottidt, aiaL .u<Ki r<ue«ptivua est peregrin&e i presc^iooig. 1% hoc 

Qda ooatinglt, nisi habenti B&teriaK univoo«f n^o contingit ouilibot 

httbeaii a&terisa, a«d oportct quod l^tebeat aatcrlaa unlTOO« diot«a 

4S 44 

cua ioaterla e.£«stl8* iropter C;^od Philo&optaas dicit in I *tateon>a 

quoc codluK non reeepit peregrln&e i'apreB6i<Kie« • 

Ceitur «ti&a ex lioc uare Leua non oontjecuuntur condltionoe 

iUae, ttue concecuuntur foraas oreatati sxisttsitee in rebusf gcilicet, 


(,uod aunt (Uaatft« per ftO0id«is, ut fors&« oorporales, cuas sunt 

£iut&biles etitiiu i^ecanduK gtiier^ '^iooca ot corruption«»£, uoo per »ccidene 

■»Y«tur looalitsr, , ciiicet, sjotu corporis, iuoc afflciuntur affections 

oozporie, ut £ai3&, uod virtue sua «at proportiooata oorpori, ut patet 

in niotore ooeli* Osala enis aaeo eonaoquuntur foraem ox hoc cuod 

60 61 

poralxta est oorpori, ▼«! uaita el secundua esse, ut fora& corpori 

▼el eicut aotor aiobili, vcl utroque oodo) c.uod £eo non oonvcait* 

tiabetur atiaai ex hoc intellectue ejus ..aod diolt Gragorius 

64 bB 

In Moralibue : C«»& Ipee neaet intra oanla et interior ost per 

•ubtllliateB fsmu^'lls LiapUoitctie, per Ufaa, cuss oani creature non 

67 63 

■olm est in eodaa loco , ■ ed etiam, ut dlolt Augustinue , interior 

act intirols / noetrit, vula nihil ite intlaua est noble cula tilt aztra (f7ra 

allud. ^od etlaa in nobit; e&& aaltoB ••eundum alli^ld iMi, ^icut 

• 126 «» 

anim am mmmMw —h i mmm yatc ittot Mt tn •^twlibet pnrf ooraori», 

^9 GO 

sUan Bi z^MuaduA JiafkaeiliiiMi dieatux* tota «esc in toto cor;joxl« 

&•«• «a%M ••eaaUallter et poUtttiiOltor, id 9»t, »«ouadiui k>t«a m«i 

potmti$a» a qua paroeoALt aoUi£< eoastunratloole, «et la "«nllbet parte 

euj««Xlb«t r«l« Bt :jae est ohm} dloit Auguviimis uod li>se est 

intra «aiii-^. at rlrtut eonesrrsns « son iaelttaus loosli deecriitiaae 

▼el difflnitioao) uin non eot In «d« loc6lit«r« 

Zpe« Mit extim aaoia, exterior ;>«jr aaipiit^ditteaf mm 
M £5 66 €7 

tfiiMm&iaair, fed iiesdaeitr^tis » ua ipeis In uibas eet aee 

oirou!3reribitar nee diffinitur. Dade dieit Aagueiioni' "f rTltlifBIH * 

Xktm »8 si epetioan «agoiladiae opiaeaRir Ceus p@r euaitj^ diffkmdiy 

eiout husus «It Xttx diffttaditur, sed ^leut 8ai^«»tls ocm eet major 

in au^ore hooine, aec aioor in a^Morey aee aiaor in uao aaa la daetms* 

£t bcNB e^t < uod dieit Au^stinus ^ioed eet extra aaaia praedioto aod»» 

74 73 

aoa sjiclttaus aande «tisst &it iatra sttpradiete oodo , ml non et»- 

oltteus per diataaeleaeai ijouitltatlTaa estx« r«s. 

74 7S 

XpM> est i^aper aisnie» sttperior exieteae per poteatlaaiy 

rviitk aoa olu« ei"t Iatra ree ut ooa^err^ias eee la .?aiE aatorle » sed 

77 7d 

etiaa eic ued 4e ^e ^viOteet fao«^ ooaira Ipaanni aaturalea pe» 

taatiaa ruid^uid ToXuerit« ia-iisatua per rtitioaee eliedieatialee 


tagastinaa -ammS eet eaper eaai^^ .^ r prae«ideatica potmti&e» rtoa 

- 127 - 

31 82 

elcTatue fieeundua situs vel looua. Ipse «at otoaia, inx'erlor pmt •«•- 

tentatioaaa qua , ut fundtimeQttmf suetent&t omia} et Ideo trsaeuaptlTe 

84 85 

diclt Apot'tolue I itoMUaantum allud noao potest poaera etc . ; rlcut 

8C 37 

etiaa dlcit Augustinus < uod est Infra oimia traneui^tlTe, noa de- 

pressus «eouaduia differentlaa looalea» 

(i^ia euUm D«uai essa la r«buB nihil novl poait in Deo, std 

potius diclt oau&alltdteis Ab Ipeo proeedeatam la cons^rvatlone z^rtuif 

ld«o sine eul matatioaOf ex ^ola oreriturarun mtatlono, Deue inclplt 

•sse in rabus de novo product!?» et deslnlt osaa la rebus csorraptle, in 

qulbus prlus fuit* ^dos cuo<"ue ulbas D«fas aet in rebus dlvldlt Angus- 

tinus In libro Ad Dardftmia in duo aaabra, dlc«i&} can Caus ublqus sit 

totuSf noa tsnea In oaealbus nabltst* Idc hoc «qIb suisitur ^,uod Daus in 

39 90 31 

rains «St val comaanlteTf vai per inbabltatlonea; at «at haec dirlslo 

ualue unalof)^ seoundua ratlcman effactuom «^iul iaplloantur in iioe, uod 

£)«U8 dleitur esse in rebue. wuod taaen analogua lloat dlc^tur da in-> 

hsbltatione per prius, et c<i; coianunl nodo par postoriu:?* «to uod inhabl* 

tailo pr&eauppcml t ine&se co^iiunltcr, at addlt noblllorsa aodua «sssodl , 

QUaa sit siodue ooatounli;, tcj&en oe nautro aodo dldtur seeundua ,uld f 
94 96 96 

sieut ens dlvldltur in ens r.etxL, 'uod est alapllelter eae , at in 

•ns potentla, suod eet ene i^ecuacua uld; t*cd da utio «ne «odo dldtur 

97 93 09 

slapllclter ula <^criptur& Bi'a:jllclter diclt eua «sse In omibue . 

100 131 102 

fee per boCf uod Ipse dldtur inbabltare in all ulbus, notatur 

• 188 • 


iiittod ipse iraas^at ab ounlbue in ^uibus set ooaaHKLter, uasl ibi «uMatf 

•t ooa iiio, qulft ilia lahabitatlo aon dielt ftlic:uid noTun in Ceo, :.ed in 

oraatura. SI ideo aoa oppooitur traasitui Dei, red dicltur a /tti&to volun- 

104 lOS 

tnli§ crfecLivi^*} &cilio«t quia volunlat,^a sanctorum fAcit in <^« 

<^uicte aaaere per aatores fruitionits, ine lioc uoo epargstur per capi-> 

dilatcm in di versa bona inutabilia* 

flSodus etiftsa uo Dflue eoaaunlter est in rebus di^iditur a 

Gregorio la ires iooos» Clcit eaiai Gregoriuc ^per Cantiea quod Deus 

OOBOttol awdo oosaibus rebus iaest praeewatis, potentiGi, substantia; cuae 

tria i^ijpiificant perfeotua «odua divinae oauealit&tia in consenrations, 

uut^e c )n&lfitit / in tribue oonditionibuKi sci licet, uoc ipse eet bujua €7v« 

tfffeotus oauM iaut^U^ta, priaia, siapUciesiaita* C«iusa eaia, luae sua 

praeseaiia olroa e-ffectun operator, e£t eauea lsn<$diata cuia eauee «sediata 

•Ct per dist&tttisjK ab effeotu • B&nt tiul^rst e^t c^uea istr^iediats noa 

eoluB oreationii- eb conservf-tionis rerua, ut nrob&tuni est , eed etiaa 

oujuslibet operis cres^rae. Et cum rioc etiaji etit causa aedlKta ' uia ilia 

uaa numoro op^ratio causutur » oatura erttat&, operante virtute prisat 

causae, ;ualiter Deus est ejus oausa aedi^ita, sleut efficiene oer instru- 

aeotua; et caicatur & C«o per ^& operante , ualiter Ceus est causa 

liMcdiata} cuia aliter isult&e nfcturbe diversaxu» operationua nee secun» 

11 ii 
dam esa« a«o SMsndiia eenserratioaea essent Deo conjunota* , et non 

•i'set Tenia illud Joagnii^ i t glng jpto» id est i^ine &x& praes@ntia. 

- 129 - 

factual cat nl^^. Id est, nuXlb astuia, ▼•! .vll juld 2i&taralltor ezisteas, 

eleut Qxponlt Au£\t£tlauE lllud u<n\ praocddit, E^cllieotf oanic p^y 

Ipfun facta fv^t . 

It .1 objlcitui- .uod titiE nuaero oper&tio aoa pocest ease 

liMtrum. 1 HuedlrtsruiQ cftUEKrum reeuadua Idem gonae perfpet<ie oflUoclitRtla» 

«o miod lllarum diversarua esusarua naeaaaarlo sant dlveraa op#ra, quae 

etiaa neoeesfario td dlrersa operFt& tcrsiin&atur, respoadendun eat uod 

latac eaueae non sunt ejusden g«aerle, occ ejuaden laodl Ln oauasodo. 

Igltur aihil rohibet ula t&Ilum cttusarluffi poaslt oeso uaue effee» 


tue* ft seoooduB banc iaoduai, verua est ' uod dlclt Aaguetiattr» la III 

117 113 

libro re Xrlnitete t Toluatae I>el priaa et cumme. ofiU£& est omaius 

apeelerum et notionum. 

fied plerla lue aon app&ret, lceo^:UQ placuit v&oltatl phllo>' 

sophorua etiaa eauala allia ea atirlbuere» Naa eefiuacusi priaaa atodusf 

ad sensun p&tet uod unac^uaecue nature est eausa suae aatur«dlE opera* 

tioni^i eieut calor ealefaeit, et lux illu.^alaatf @t imllla. iVee teaen 

suat lllae o&ueue propter i?.perf€Ctlonea causee / prli&fie^ f^niia ipsa 67vb 

oaaea effeetus secundarua eauaerua per i-,e oper itnr perfects coucalitate; 

•ed «UBi propter hoc, ut dlvlnissiaa oobllitae noa cee^set cre&turae» 

120 la. 

aed eseet el coscuniCKta • ^Icut enla dlolt lloaysiue , dlriais- 

elBua est Dei coop6rater&<s fieri, sellioet in c&usan&> t<UB Tlrtute* 

Sine boe sola, (tas oreatua non easet perfectiia, 'xxia deeeeet el 

• 180 - 

noblllor dlf'fer&nti« dlTldeas «iB, cus ipsoa dlviditur la oauena et 


Ex hoc «utem uod D«U8 dlcltur eeec In rebus potentla, 
scilicet t Gua propria, i:ignifio:;^tur ipse esce priiaa c&aefi coneer- 

vRtionis rerua, ct osaiua operum earua aatureliua, uis cua operatio 

referstur in duo, eoillcet in ipcium oper»aai &t in viz-tutfls ouft operatttr^ 

cuj.Hclter dicltur ftli<;uic opf«rnri por elJLud, fine mediente &lioj uiv»- 

«odo, fciout laedlante inetrtiaeato coopcrentd, »t eio T^as imaeiSiate 

operatar, incu{>niusi ipe« sue pr««»flotia eet in r«bue, ut «upra ex- 

pocitua eiit. Oade <'ic oper«aB d6t priaclpale, ei oedlua est ^eoundarlua* 

Alio aoda, mediaate Tlrtute «Iterlus, et vIq in uolibet ordine csu» 

e<inia, irol& priaa ocusr eet eauea i^iixedlataf quia propria virtuto 

oaueat» et non par »licujus &lteriu6 virtu t«a sibi costtunieatam} et 

oaraee i&equentse o&ttscie eunt oauaa» aadl&tae, caassntes siodiante virtuto 

primae causae ab els oaaibus p.u-iicipata • Zt lIo Philogopiais solas 

1350 ISl 

prlawn cauros vooat i^x^diatan in • uars ipse docet reeolvere 

152 15?. 

oanos "uaestlonce in llbro i*9sterioj.-uffi et in II Ph ysioor ja » ?Julto 

fortiuti ergo, oauss. quae est prisft^ extra ^tmue erlt boo, osoundo otodo^i 

causa itsmedlata oonrenr^^tionie r«r\ua, st oaahi-n operua IptaruiBf tuia 

1S4 lu ise 

tt£t in rebus poteatio) id est , it« uod , licet haee operetur etiaa 

137 153 

per alias oausas, taaea sua virtute operatur , et alie faolunt hoo 

153 140 

•suh Tirtute* Et Idso €x hoc ;>«tet uod soojittu* cuod ipsum esse 

- 131 - 

luqu-atuni aute-a / eubttantia Oaua est in oanibus, iic est > 3ra 

ipee c^usG Eiuplex, cujut Tirtu et Oi-eratio non dlffi^runt » sue aubs- 

141 14;i 

tcjitis.. Propter la>c eaiai necees^riua att eum etee iia illlu per 

L^ubstantiiji, in uibuc lua rlrtus Oiier-tur. Oade dicit iiil<.iiu& in 

14S 144 146 

Vm lijro Ce Trial t?:te ..uod ubi cu: uimt ibi eeee intelligitur, 

l^t 147 

Propt' r ..cod iiuguf tinue in libro B e Prpesenti- iJei ttribult a;~tur? 6 

divinae iacorporeitoteu uod Deu; • dest totus rebus o-ini'>us ot eingu- 

lie. Heec f:uta • incoj\joreitas ej-^t L.ii-i,>\. l, t,iv« ior.iiiitJ.s 

a*i.tur;:.e, et simpUdtaB, ui»i tormi in siniplici •i-esentl- coasistit, Ix 

150 151 15;i 

eiinplicitEta outai give fornialit,^te sunt subtilit tes » i icut 

in eleraentia qur^e mrgie foi.Hellori- sunt , tubtilior: sunt, et s-ij- 

154 155 

plioils arr.bitue quia ou^nto eII «id est inplieius et fomalius 

t?Jito est jaajoriB amitun. Et er. hXe duobu: ee uitur .leciss ilo uLss- 

tlicissiinusi xabire omnia, loa sorjjrs it." quod ex a .nitu su-e forma- 

lit-tifc 'dsltei.T eBScntiftlit-r, p«3 etl: i eic, uod ey su^tilitpte 

penotrct ^itl. -..■'. cujuelibtt cr -utur?.»:;, uvikumc; . u& voit ei^ ± xj ui--- 

secundua Pnilosophuai subtile o&t penetr; tivua ^j rtiu:3 et p^rtie 

.. rtfuni. Pro tcr uod dicitur Ac dcbraees iv t yiyus, est £.;raQ Cei ; 

it)9 leo 

Glofcfca : iu est, -Piliug, de uo ■-^.••.pientit'e xviii t o nipotrn s 

sorjQ tuu- etc, ; et '^ffic x in reima productione et cone rv- tione, 

et •joietrs.'ilior ouial gla c io acipitj. ; id eet, uocu;; u»^' ert^^to 

- 152 - 

16. 168 

^Qnatrntlvo ei sub till; \ula poeuit in ^^^xemplua aellae '.uod la 

corporalihwi potnlt Invaair* , otjL'SlUSyEHJfi ^*li peaetrationo vts AXe 

ad dJT lelooaa i id «tt, dlviees anla&e nature», :;uod non olusi m-t in 

Ipess tote enlflin ted etipai in parti buf^ pJur a olafift y sb cnlsuuidoi 

166 167 

corporis » id «et Boneusllteti^ , et Boiritns» Id esti ratioale, oia 


utrtu3:,ue ixatarB» coneerrat et in ipe» operatur; uoque / jpe r^i ngBn^ f^rb 

169 170 

usm a «4 d lTJaay natairg -s ooapaayuB t Id ««t, fuoruacuo ue caopoai- 

toru», Juantuacua u* int elbi coapaota et unit», et wedu , IlapAB ^ i<? eet» 

171 172 178 

In intiaa unlueoujue ue rsl. nt ideo «st dlggretor » id est , 

Inspector «t cognitor |po^t;Htion .jua • 

Kr hoc pf'tct utie cqIub Eeue In «ni?» no «tr*^- '.«st, «t rjfiC 
anyaluas nee daeaon nee alicua all* Eubsteatls illabl potest TJwiti 

iiostr««f quia Deus noa est in i-^sa, ut eontenoura In continent», cod 

siOBi sua op<4rGtione, ouae est Gua ese<mtift aobiear oania* Cre^turam 

176 17C 

8>tteiB noa est posslbile sic esae la anlme, at patat ex praedieti» • 

Et idaa cua ipsa diffiniatur loco, onset in a(> «it in continante; itod 

eiaplici essaatlao conyenire •:ion pott^et p vuia locue est eli'Tuld cor- 


Soitur «x iioc otiam ratio ejus TJOd didt M;^:u0tlmi« In 
179 130 131 

libro Ad Dardaowa , cici enla nisi «tultiasima noeult Lpirltum 


banotun noa habere locum in nostro corpora, r^iod Id egt, uic losum 

133 134 135 196 197 

tota anioa nostra inpleremt , Quia ipse «ot In ipa» anima , 

- 1'«- 

et JMlfco fortiuB cu~i r>j\ine, In eoda^ looo, uln nee ^nin^ nee tfTus lociia 

occu cjit. i'l'optor >-!0c etl :i m. tu8 sniritu?, scilicet am.elus vel 

CvGwion cua f-niae ^xjtett ebefc ^a codem oojrporc hominlr. ttuitiuEr etiKu'i 

dicitur ui? Irratlonr.' iliue, -ul- tritiUiS e?t Inclvisr ^icnjt espmtl-; , 

uic (; .. i-oco, uir^ divlcuj . uaicua loca no.-i ?oi,tit ej.xo ruei ci- rEorar. i.a 

eesenti , &a tistiis i.rpedlrl cllcubi slrrwl esso noa potsuht; uia 

Deuts ep:;c in rolnii. connot t effctun in c tura, Et idpo conv nit 

trinituti ntione co .^sunlt e.^ierati-.c, ot ite aoc '6&rio persou&tj 

omaee Biiail si-int ii oraoi uc. it uod hoc sit injur r^tio p? tet ex 

tioc, 'uon ubi modus e6ee?ici :. . . .-ili.. ue Deo r'itione det;:rf.'JLn-^tae 

.«i>rBoat:e, ibl Ills swduc- noa convonit tribat:; olu? enim Filius prr 

riOdua tTibcttati; li;: uniortle eet ia aatura burnsne. 

O.JiJonjnt tn:2*si uidc.4 contrt prnedict:', i.uod ':.ajorit ?er- 
* 194 

fcctioais ett .^see / i^fficer-: quod ule voluerit in sur. absentia *8va 

196 196 

cuttffi c-reeBenti'., ut octet in n- tsjr.O.lbue, et li • rtificiflibas 

197 193 199 

et La oalibuB , -uixi auturj. genercas aoa :oluxi dnt epcciea , red 

etiaa cii-positioaeB con^errsntes nb 5'.lt*5rf»ntibuf ad coi^ru tioaeis ipociei , 
;JD1 202 

Jiiailiter tirtlfox ftcit uoaua coat, iv i^nSi ia J»ua foraa, ftic-ra -b: oate 

lertifice, liex ©ti^ ^3 l.apotoaE etiset • ui non -corset guberasre, nisi 

prr-esens. r^,'© aoc :x>tius l>30 trlbueodua est ^uriti uod neeeceariuiB 

ait yu-: ete ia locjut; u&a jruDcr^it^t» 

- ITA - 

Sei. si ir-tlo dlctoniT las;>lo.ltur, inveni^ar lllud esec 

i?.j?:iTfectioalr, uod dicta's eet -eoe perfeotionir. u^-xl enia opus 

generftntie vel -rtiflcis seaet .«in*» eir, caug: t«jr qt hoc, uod Irtee 

CfittEse prseRUpponant slM Fllr-jn cnufjri», ?clllcet cifteria-T»; ruiri^ ut 

dlclt CoitincntPtor my-^r I> Sjetf-physleae , nrtura fecit forTnas» er 

Ecteris et arc In laaterls, non art arteria; et 111*» !n«teria, rub- 

etftndo formee ; ecundum crse, ©st c^uca eonppj-vntlonl» forrasa. Constat 

rute.n perfoctiue e»so, cuod cnuaa nihil ibl in omamndo prfiesup- 

ponit, 'ed CP-USBt totafa r«m , et ormln 'iune sunt la Ipl»?, et siae 

illiue c«o.fl8e ;-»r«eB«>nti'», non v-^itast coriEenrari res, ut supra o 

:i09 aio 

bstuffl eei. F.t hoc est jod ivieennf< dielt , ruod ineo est dlf- 

tBr9nt,i!\ iator triMS di^lnuis st onturelo, i":uod fi^enff nsturale oet 

t.'mtufli eaus» aotns et fieri rel, .ed ^^rvns dirinus ert eti^.» cnusa 

ftswe r.-^i. Et Ideo, -Ictj*. fiin« pra8B«ntie o&usae n'^turslie, non noter-t 

©see Jleri r»i, it?*- cine preesenti» t'ei aon conslstlt 9«mi elicaJuR 

reia 'suod eti»»^ rsx i-oirs't «bevai! gubemare, cause eft, ulf. sua 

pot«njtis differt a sua mibstr-ritlss et c-ji» hrec otsjitlw noa sit Ka.lor 

secundu» snibjaoti nagoltudinea, sed laen&ursiur ad obJ«cta , r>ua 


potaatis extendltur extra soaa mibetantlaa, ' uod 1 non sit, e^t 

dlainuta potentl-'». Et non Of^t dubium c^n ^tsjorlp wrfootioalp ??et 

Bi«pliclt58 111«, '•-Tif* pritBa eauurt opt nihstnatialiter 'Tiid-uld sbet, 

«t idao efjpentielitee Ibi it ubi sua r^unt, / scilicet , virtue et f'lrb 


- 1S5 - 

^ecultur quoque ex praedlciis quod Dcuf non dobet dlol 

ecee in illis creaturie, '.ua.9 :ri£7ilficantur noafiine dlceute aaturaa 

oua deformitete corru^^tionis, nisi cum detenainatione in u&ntuo creaturae 

aunt, quia Teuza ezse in 2^bu£ oonnot^tt osufalitatem diTinnm. Ft id«o 

Bignificai*etur teas esse CQUsa oorpa tioniv^, si diceretur Deus Qnse 

in putrediae vel in peccetore rel in deoajone, nisi add&tur , iacuentua 

creKturao mai '^^uod faltum est, quia dlcit Augustiaus in libro LXIXIII 

219 220 

suaestionum '•lO'i aon est cjiusa tendendl .nd non ecse cuse eesendi 

causa est. ^^^eci^ili -luo :ue insuper ratlone xioa debet Deus did esse 

in peccatore, vel in daesuone, ,ula haec dieont intelleotualea aaturam, 

et Ideo ."inalficstur Ceus esse in eio ceeandura npedalem raodure cuo 

ipse 08t in :^lo Intellectijell natura, coilicet per iahabitationwa 

gratiue, nisi addatur quod eat in eis in^unntunt creaturae annt. Adhuc 

autea rainun roteist did uod i-pirituc c^notus sit in talibus, 'uia 

Spiritus i-anctus non dicitur esee in reb»Js, nisi per inh-abitfiatem gratiaa 

quae el a )propriKtur, Nam, cpiri tue diedp linae effup iet fictua . 

Sapientiae i • 

225 226 

Augustinus etiam cuper illud Joannis >vii i Dt ubi 

ago sua et i ll lo aint aeouct ^ didt cuod boni nunc fclituo ^odo cum 

223 229 
Ceo sunt in. u an turn vident eua per fldem, et beat! perfects oum 

250 2?1 252 

lllo £>unt , ul£. fruuntur eo et vident eua slcuti est. Uall 

▼ero non sunt cum lllo, ut caeci in luce non sunt cum luce. Et 

- 156 - 

mirura vldetur cuomodo ali.ui i-imt in Deo, et noa cua D«o, prfiociijue cam 

ipse die? t in ii.>ro ConfeEt^ioaum t saecum erap, «t e;o tecuai aon crauij 

cuDi t litaa unuia istoxom uon jiossit intclligi sine :lio nisi h-^;r;c 

praepobitio pum cicat as socle. Lionets cuia oilncip^ilitete in ablativo 

cui deseruit, tticut dicinus iiervum ire cum doioino, ct .ion r con-/erso« 

isea sic potius de^-juit AUfTWstiaus e csonvoreo dice-ret tecum eram 

et Ui •■.lecuin non era», ruia bic aec cum -^ejictif! est, / sec: e coaveruo. e3ra 

i:39 -40 

Ad honm c-rgo iutelligentiaa notanduQ est fuod res 
cuadrupliciter dicuatur esse in Doo; scilicet, per slalitudiieraj 

Jor.nnl£ 1 t (yupd f actum eet« in i.^go vita erati et p»?r cau soli tc tea, 

ut ubi: Ijx i vgo ct y:T L-^s'^m -t in i so f;u '.t oa nia i per uaionsn 

M4 „45 

csrit5;tis, I Jot:.ini,K Iv : Qui rs&net in c rit,"te, la Deo p-ianet ; et 

per Itoo uod i >se su.i rfieeentia s-nbit o;iUii&, ut Actus xvli : In io^o 

yiviauE etc . 

243 ;;49 

Similiter etiaffl haee preiepoeltio cum ■miltipliciter 
:c;&0 261 

dicitur . ^uandoue enira f-:uniitur, aon iFcuaca- r- tionem '^enerit, 

id est , ia a: turf prEepositionie ':U£p, ex hoc '"uod trsasitiva est, 

notf'.t divereitstes, sed secunclura ropri^nj r-^tloifin trntnm; et sic 

potiue i;.i)ort?t ideatitotea jmcin dlver&oinia aesocittiono"., sicut 

dicitur Bliruit coaferro seaiia et eiisiilia, Et eIc i"~s esse cum i-eo 

est ide . .uod esse in I'eo priao ..odo eesendi in D^o. PgiiLlmus t 

Pulciu'itudo ^y.ri leeua e&t . 

- 157 - 


Socundo -jiQCOf suadtur ut prfidr^orltlo cifTiificeas ooei«t6t«a 

lisutu&e relxT,ioai5, Et hoc eat dupllcit.Gr, -ui&. vel ills, iociotae est 

ia nlicuo extrineeoo, rcllicot, in loco, ticut «oz-uui ,ur.e sunt la 

eodes loco, unuts ciioHiar «sse cua blio et e convereo} et sic otsnls res 

eet cuqv Leo, uif; Ibi ej?^ ubi cro»itur« ect ; et ic, cua Deo oeee eet 

ECO ?.C1 262 

in Deo esse , uarto saodo diceadl esee in teo t vel ilia soeietas 

«et in durctiono, siout conteraporaaeuia uauo dicitur esse cum alio, et 

•St idMt €800 citm alio ',uod eese quaado aliud est. Ft wdc Ceua 

eat c'iffl creetura nunc ©t a coaverso, rula uuado creatura est, Deus eet , 

et hoe ten:M>re r^ut^ndo Ceneert, ereti^iure est* Vel ill& ocietas ost 

in all'^.uo intrina»co, et uoo tliter ost in cresturis inter ee, cuaa 

inter ci'eeture» ot crsatorenj quia ia creeturia est par p&rticipatioaeai 

allcuju£> ooaauais utrioae ossociEi torus, cicut Pstrus can J<:ieobo eat 

in QAtura haaaa»^. In ere&turae vero respcctu crestorie est eeeundum 

hoo, ijuod creatura participftt / ipao cro&tore. ^uae pcjrticip&tio Dei etrb 

in seipto, «:?t non ;;olim in euo tffectu, ett colua in crc^sUirt ration&li 

por fe-ratiaa vel glori&a. Et .-ic jueti in oe siundo unt cuss Eeo, at 

:i70 ^71 

teuB CUB eiu, Juxta illud Epa inus v o biocf^^ii iiui.a fuiaLia cua ep ^ • 

Et b«ati p«trfeotiua hunt cua Doo; et Teua cura oie, vuia perfect» ipso 

fruunbur. £t sic eeso cria Deo <ist ide': aiod ease in Coo, turtlo 

utoAo osiOtinciL in Deo. £t 3ic »&li non mmt oua Deo, ' ui& non pf rtici- 

pf^t ipeus per grt.ti.6^ ▼«! ^lori&ni, ?ed t.^tuai nunt in Deo ut In 

- 153 - 

aoblaate oaala nui prasMatla, c,ul «st ,uartu:> aodas esseadi la Deo, 

elcut oadoue ssi in luue albl cireuafueo, sod aon ecc cuts lucOf ^:>ortlol-> 

pCAdO lp8&a« 

Teriio isodo ::xk3itur 11 eua ut praeposltlo Igalfloaas a^aso- 
ciatloaoa, Clfferaat auttn &oelet<<ie et &sftOols'tlo «lout eisllltudo 

l\T7 278 ::79 

et assiailatlo, scilicet , uod uaum dlelt aaituaiD rfllatlonem, 

<.iO ;i31 ^^2 

&llud autesi dlclt r«letloaes uolus nd i.liud . rladpale, et aon 

coaveri^o, sieut Icsaglnest ct prototypon cicisKis esse sixllle, .'od non 

ciolawt ^^rototjpoa «etL-ailarl iat^iiai :TUfaQ, --od © conver;o, ut dlcunt 

CiDnyslue et lill&rius . f% Ic ri&ec pr&«poeitlo dlclt prlncipa* 

llt&tea In &uo casu&ll. Et ld«o ccaotl dlcuntur esce cus Deo, et 

noa e oonTerto* .uod aut.ea dlclt Auf^Adtinuiii , & coaverso, sdcum 

•rae, scilicet , seouodua tuabitua prGeaoaCl&Q, et ego tecua non 

eris^ eclllcet, secuadvus tul psroepi,loaoa per gratl&a, saouttdnn dlverca 

aigaiflcatu hujuf^ pr&eposltlonl::, non t}.%Odt contrstrlatstaa. 

Ula &ut@^i ^aodus us, ut dlcltAuguatlnus in eplstola 

290 291 J^g 

Da Qrlt.lne Anlaae , Deua plenlus et epeolallus ast In alloulbas 

craaturls cuaa In his, lu qulbus teintua co>ST.unlter est, tilout &nlna 

In slneullc partlbus corporis ecsantlallter est, et t&men In allla 

Intcnsluis, in allls readasius opun tur, e&t per Inhabltanten gratlr.m. 

CuA rxuiea Dausln oonlbus Elt, tfoien In his tc-:ntum did tur Inhabitare, 

quia aoe faolt doauu s^sa rive teapltta suiuQ, ut exponlt Augustlnue 

- Ic9 - 

in j'-; ciati epietulaj uv doraus e-.-x. .:<-bitt-tio ejus cujue est comuB. 

?i9!. .'::97 r;98 299 

Et hoc eat dictaniy < uia , ticut horx> plenlus ibi eese dlcitur 

ubi iiiibitr.t, sic Deus iaiu-.bitaie dicitur ubi est pcrfectiori uodo, 

ooauainiter suraendo uo ipse potest fceee in crefttura , 

Divicitur aute.'i» icte aK>dus in cuattuor ;-odos giaereles, / t3v4 

^jUic vel inhebit&t per gratiara hebitualeaj cu. liter est in oiriaibuE 

S02 505 

juEtis c.uibus protrdeit : In lu^bitiiilio Xn ex.: et inambulcbo . Vel 

per ratione-a ten ;orali£ orifrinis} .uallter fult In tolt )a;-tre Dei, 

504 .^5 

^etthel i ; <aod eui.:i in e& n-.tu ai aet . Vol por gralitac unioois 

substaitialis , id est, in personal qu "liter est in folo Chiristo 

507 303 

hoaine, in c.uo hsbitnt ooaiiE pulc-ritudo deitatie co por&litor. 

Vel per grativm pro ^ratif, id oet, per glorisa - uc.e datur pro praesentie 

grfetiae atritoi et ic est in beatis. Ft 'uir gratis, per cueas est 

iiaec Dei iahabttetio, ^oteet habere vel in wunere vl i'l vieu, ideo 

Augustinue in libro Ad Dra'crnms cistinfrjit cuod DeuE esl inhabitator 

.uorundc nondum co 'ooscentium Deum , ut t^unt parvuli beritisati, et 

tU 512 

non quorundam cotmoccentif-m Deum, scilicet , cui non gicut ^eu m 

SL5 314 

glorificint, i^grasnoe ii . 3eutisei.'!ii autem eunt till uibus lioc 

est Deum h^b-^re ^uod noEt-c ; scilicet aotitia frultionis, eive ispcrfecte 

in praesenti, tlve perfecte in gloria, 

Praedictae ergo divifciones eufficienter dividunt -aoduia 

uo DeuE proprie, per r.ufiia lubst&nticn, diversiraod© est ia rebue. 

- 140 - 

dlvereii:>u non ect ex p;a*te Del, t^ed est ex parte rerus, 

ut pntet ex prnedlctia. figurative autoa lorueado, pluree (.mnt alii 

aodia Est «nia la .peoiebus i>uur£UB3atl Euoh&rifitlae Cr^rirtus az-oprle, 

tecujacaa hio^ait^^tem, st per c»ao<Mlt«ati»« iinlcnls ert Ibi rere 

Christl divinity s. Ill Keg-offi ▼ill : Dixit Ik>ffii nttc yt inbabltarct 

ia aebuge. » I*t etiaa in teaplo, Fajlwut t poainug in teaplo 

s.:i 5:2 

aencwo feuo , per iiiudt:oilea aft-EoriroH nosiinit- dlviai, iicut dicitur 

tZZe. 32? 

jofituc efise J ^ laeis grife ?->otBma . HI Ksyja Tili et II Paya- > 

e='-/ ect; 

j lj.poueaoQ vi : Aedlfic-s.yl co-aua aoaini lei Isra el . Uacs infra 

eubiiit: cr B:p af credibjlp eat ut a^bitipt Peue eua hoatnlbus su p ^ y 

terraai .ed . e,d , boc / tegtua fscta est et g. 63Tb 

Set <,uoqu& in eocleel&y eicut patorf^dJ^&s in dooo, 
523 829 

•Ive rex in zegno, ul& splrltu suo quo sguntur fllil C*ei Ipeaa 

gubcmst, et in idecredit, sicut c&Jut eet In corporo. Onde etiaa 

351 552 

Toes.tur C08MS Eyi I Timotheum ri et Geaeele xxvlii 1 Hon q^A rJLp 

. ejLlttd n^^l doaut X-ei » It ideo praeaiBlt» ^}irp logi i ;ius cat tn lepo isto • 

7.M 5?!5 

Voeatur eti'. » regnu.'a co'iloniffi Me-tthei xix ; et Glosea eyponlt» id 

est» eccleein Justorum, Voc(^vt,ar .uo';ue oorpue ct^^ltls, uod eei 

556 557 

Cbristas, Ad Co;}.losen6^8 I i Xpee est c^pg^ corporis eeoleeief . 

553 «53 

Et Ad Epbeeoi;. ▼ t sieabre samis ooroorle ejus • 
*40 541 

l*t ItMroa la coelo Mfttbel ill i Pater aogter ^^u^ 

M2 545 

es in coella . Et Pbllosophue dlcit in I De Caelo et Muado uod 

- 1-41 - 

hoBines» qui coiifiteutur Loua et ejus potcetitteu croandif ooa- 

veniuat in loco hujus oorporis priai mobilis,. ;ul« est locua epiri- 

546 .,vL 

tuFjJ.U3i* Led taoaa alter est hoc secundoa fideis .luus ;^ecuadum 

philoEoylilaj% quiii Tidec ^onit coelum e2n;)ireua, in .uo tknxs dicltur zoe; 

ponendo continenE ^to ooottato; Id a£.t, ..uia Deus pwr glorium iaiiabitat 

contantof ia jcino ooelo, sicut in loco coagruo huic felicibutl. 

Philouopiiib Iccuitur i«atua ±9 coelie qui per actus laYeoUgeirl 

poesont; &t in illis est pur ini'lue:^ti<aisi smxc rirtutis uaiverssills &d 


ooaea* SiaUitsr i:piritue taacfcus fuit ia flatu, xx ; et in 

ooluabtf Uarci lil et Lua^o iii ; «t ia lga«i» Apibu^ ii ; at in 

£54 S65 

his oxaibue ciaal , elcut «dga^tuB ia ^igao ui, in te, et in euo 


25t 567 

licit eaiJt Auguotiaua ^^f iS ^ Maaii^^tinua : ia s« iuibitat 

JttOBf &pad se b&bio&ty apud :« est; >,u&e tri& iaet&pboriee iatelligenda 

Z^3 «59 

•unt» la « aaiia Peue dioitur j^abitare ia^,u«jcitua ipse sub diver» 


eie r&tionibuQ (^aeidexctue habot coodition^c loci respciCtu / sui 70n 

Ipsiuc* t«Me oooditio est £uetoati;tio ::;iTc oonaQnratio loobtl; oii 

•nisi lioc suppo«itu2i .^uod eet ticub ia propria Tirtute ot in firaa ot 

non valaate ec»d«re fortitudine ooatin«tur« ««uao Tirtu£ eet ipso Hmx», 

et voc&tur quwido^ue locue Ceit I»t4&e xvlii t v,iuie£>caa et co a~ 

a jLi^*^^*^ ^° ^<>co aeo « HU&ndoviue voo&tur cofcra;it It.r&ifej^ xLv t LixLt 

.^•C4 5C6 

«agolus -.ui fuitin coelo ecipireo, in cocjo coa^qp^aa^ etc .. ut 

- 142 - 

insinuotur nohilicj-.6 oujus loci . '.uendO' uo voc uir lu>:. I I'lno- 

567 S63 

tiioua vi t Lu cem itih.HOltfit Inccefisib llcm. ut pulchrltudo hujus 

inhsbitfc^tiones etiam aonptretur, Et hoc est -uod r Sanctis vocntur 

coelu;» trinibatis. 

l^citur L.uL-.:;i • :ud .q esse vel he i tare, ita uod prse- 
£70 J71 

iiositio aon notet distinctionotu, eicut Jp -nnis I : Vcibum ers-t , 

57-: 57S S74 375 ?7C 

soud Dcuia , Augustinus , ,.icut = lius atnid r.lium , ui;; non 

suaitur ut iJA. uid poacns, tied ut suum Otjpositi.'m negene, cicut Augus- 

377 373 

tinus freuentor dicit divin.^ noiuina, use mnt sbEoluta, cici 

fed se, id est, non ftd Pilud. Et sic set hie £ens;U£ 'uod ;.pud se habi- 

t&t, id Gst, non ia aliis per uodua localis coartrvafcioaip, tiam in 

cuibus habitit or-r gratifaa; et a^ud ;e est, id est non i.-i cliis 

per -odu:a iadigeati£.e, Licet in «it: sit essenoialiter, pri^esenti-^^litGr 

et potenti&lib'.fi. Unde ^*u^^ui tinue ibideia subdii: non '..rgo saneti 

sic unt donus Dei, ut i Sb subtracts, c&dat Deus, ??ed "ic ^-^v- '^^bitat 

in esiic^is, ut si i:.ise discesserit, cridaat, 

ia hoc secjuitur < uod noa ert concedendum uod Deus est alibi, 

vgI ia ^Lio ueu in Leip:o, cuia reguls est di«l«>ctic&e uod li "liuF, 

rRtioae coonumei ationis, dicit univocationem connuaeratoi^a in 

uao co-jLiiuni . Propter ruau noa :"'icitur uod iriO.tee est alius asinus, 

sed alius; hoao; et rtitioae divcrsitctis significaret in jroposito 

Deum aon esse ia eeipto, sicut cuxa cicitur Lortea est 

- 1*5 - 

&llbl ..u«B 1'd.o* t:;i..uitur quod non ei^t hlo* £t Ideo hujufxaodl locu- 

ilonos Bicniflcnreat/ Dcua ssno in loco Tel in rsbus eodeai ^odo TOrb 

•icut est, in eeipso. Zt ineuptr aotiU'etur .uod noa stiset in seipeo 

et uti'jo .us horoa falcua oat, red bca* coaoederetxu: f:.uod Esue est ia 

CO et in uliis. 

CAPiTULoy rsciMDM T:r.Tin« 


E« inclrcarascrlptlblllt%tp Dpi rurnium «sd 
ill&fflS condi wionea^ uod ipstt^ eet^ ubl^u* 

? 3 

toua ::U0( a« «ase ubirue Scrlotura tpstntur, pHr.lmue i 
9 10 li 

Quo ibo 8 spirits tuo Fitc. F-t Job xl t Fjc celg io r ooelo_ prt^ .'t 

12 ■ 15 

c.uld ffclc r? ^rof^Jtidlov Icf orno etc » K<itloae qaoyu* i«5e3ti pit)- 

batur, rclllcot, uia probttu-n est c^od I3«uf: ef*t. in ogalbue rebusj 

sod in oami loco Mint rns-edua resj ervo est ublr-ue» 

Nee taoon credcndua est ideira Itnlficarl cum dicltur tt-ua 
•e«« In oaniHis rebus, et '^rue abl.ue; '.uia, oua Jlcitur aces in oaal- 

bu6 rf?bue, .ij-nificstur -uod Ipse, suae e&seati&e ©t yirtutit» yreessatia , 

est c&Ubfu et^69 con i^erv^t ionic rarum in «sssOf ^6Cutt<J^ id quod ^unt* 

i>ed cua dicitur eaeo ublcue, non olun • ignificttur *uod Ipee causet 

19 20 

et oonfiervet Ln onse Id :uod efcit locue, s?cilic6t, coelusi uod eet 

locus ignis, ot ignea, qui ee.t locus soris, et £ic de aliis; .ed otl^ta 

notetur ip&e, i.T^esantia suae ^ubLt&ntiae et vlrtutls dare at conisarvar* 

onai loco rirtutecs et noturea loci, in ^uentua locus «et. vUsg virtutti» 

>?3 24 

aailtae sunt, scilicet, genor&re , con^oiTare et locatua oontinere } 

t«3t«i, ex irioc .,uod r*eu£ «fit in Ofonlbu? rebut , sequitur Deua esse ubi- 

^u•y suppoeita t:;uod loc» sintj f,uie ex boc eenjitur uuod cit in .ua- 

libet re eaeundus effeetua suee naturao in «see et in conae^'vatione. 

Onde etiy.3! in loco in ufJitu» set, sec.ultur Deum ectte, ite ,uod d*t 

- 144« 

- 145 - 

et coaccxrat h^ac awtura.* oani loco* Tixi mt«t fU,>)p;;iuo .yjoC lo^a 

sint in rerun n&faara ; quli. -i poms-aus tiullur^ locua «-g^i, wt taiaesa 

i? 23 

9;0e e^iritiis ooelecttis, tunc vcram ei-lt L^un evfiA la uaai re ; 

aec tcaen vsrjn oilt, Efiua e»?® ubi'^ue» 

?0 «1 52 

Df-u.: auto- c-icitur esee ia loco in p£:i;lac;) i L^ua i^ 

loco rtactJ f^ zo. ocd hoc coaveait Dao pi'OiJxifi ©t uraaiaimpi.iv«i*j |>i.'0- 

prie fjUldsB , ; ecuadua uoc ht.eo pr^ic^oeitio ^^a aca / ..uioitur cdouo- 70Tft 

(Sua iBodua quo corpus uauifi cicitar zvce la alio, ■ ed tecoaouin :5>ocIua 

quo splritvu dieltur easa la corpors. Licit eaiai Philofeopiua iu 

libra L0 Aalga ^ofi oua corpus dicdtui* estj© in r,ii';UO, tunc dst 

in ipfo ut cc>nt«ritum la cQatin^nte. E<^ csuia ^uUua". dicitur esse in 

*- -■ 

corpore, tuac set in ipi^o sicut coa tineas la coataato. £t sic pr»» 

59 40 

prie Cous etft in loco, ut coas^rraas a£tur.i.& loci ct vlrtuteuu 

rxaas'iiaptl're eutes dicitur c&£« la loco, 3«eaadta& ■C'iod asss ia loco 

suiaitur cor^rslitisrj rls caie ia loco ^j^t uod i^plet locua. it 

•iailitor Dsu^ e&t ia loco, at zdplot eus vi coateative et aatura 

loci « 

Cicitur autoa rss repl«ri £60. It;aia» vi t t*!^» 9ft 
AZ 44 

oanifi torra tdoriu ejus j «t a»t*ri& dioitur repleri for»*, ;\iia 

45 46 

rino ea dioitUi.' iat-ais ut VyCU^L . Cgtu&ly i , £t dicitur locu» 

47 43 

repleri Xocato. Geaesie i t r»|)l<^te fya , »» , m^JB » Ht inter luu»e 

49 50 

prlus r&pldtur nui;.&rla. foraa eceuauusi ordiaefi autursc Quaa 

- 14f « 

locus loccto; cicut prior est perfoctio .ubrtantisllf;«ntnli. 

Et prlu» 8«KiaA«iux litur^m ci-t re? pleac Ti'-o -uam "jri for^, nils Teua 

eum in aatcrla ost ei eego; ed forrasi in »» terl« erlett-nc d«t 

•i Gsse uatwiiaiiwUifl, *-t ;iiat est dt..-z estt -luo^cunrue ^.uea der* essQ 

distiuctuat • 

58 5? 57 

Ut uutea ;;ciitur ,uod Dwue singu^K-i-rt taodo ®i>t la Trco , 

sci6a;:iUa vUO<I trl^ilicitoj; iaH'^uid dicl«ur ocse In locoj ncilicot vcl 

53 60 61 

oirciaeorlptiTt, ;iOiliuet '..uaado all ,uid Itc- includitur in mper- 

ficie eoryori» iuabitati;:, ^4uod euctiesi sunt dli»i«?nsion«3 Ipsiuc oua 

on. 6S 

uiia&niioaious .vapcrficiwi uisblsvitifc , It*-- ouod diTs^^nrionss utrluscne 

ftd uuui£ coaia*ne;ii tor^nua co^al n«ur; 31 sic taivum C3r:ivus eat in 

loco. Vdl fedcundo f uirrialtivs, .uaado 3.11' ;uid nulls^si l«fas loci 

seciultur» aiii det^i'aiaiitioafeu tfi unu.v. loeua, It.^ stuod noa sit In 

67 63 

alio* -uialiter tni^-li wuat in loco, i,icut saeije- in Scrlptur® 

f9 70 

dlcltur la tali vel iii tali loco esse • 7«1 i,«rtio, "iod nullem 

eonditlonaa loci ffeCiUltur, £;tc tiuitua sue prtes^ntia ©euEist et con- 

rervKt locuia in n&ture lodi et £.lc solus Dsut ££:t in loco, 

Per bac i>atet int^llectur illius ..uoc didt Boettius 
et Aaealaue ouod leus / a«-t libi'v.*;, i,uii. adest oani locoj t-cillett, 70Tb 

a0do £upradicto, ite ^raod tsxa. prd&etmtii;:. «;fei6S}ii&li et virtu&li pro- 

ducit locuin, et dat «i HHturaei «»t vixtutttK loci, et d£.tus cos- 

serrut* £t eiudit An(?9lauti Iti »iOuoloKion ^uod, ti ueuc^ lo' uendi 

- 147 - 

««taltterety melius dloeretur Tour eeso ous loeo outis In loco. Pluc 

74 76 
enia elcniflcftur contlaerl sll'uld cub dlcltrir ease in slio ru«H 

oua dieltur esi<« oun «lio* 

77 73 

wicut etlan metf! )tioric<^ Deuf. set iu looo, iieoundus QUod 
79 ao 31 

•88« in looo est sevul lenim loci, ut dldt Anseloui? ia ^noloP tlofi • 

d-d *" ~ 35 

i>ia ipse HBtRpliDjri CO tllcltar locus , sicut ^ Philoeooho in III Fe Anjaa 

intR]l«otu8 8Jec>)l«itlv'is vocstar lowis epftciemm, ulti cupra proh«tua 

8Rt riod ipse «pt coel'jss. Hoc tsiaen intellifdtur triplieiter . Ono 

modo, rf»f 5»ct'j !?al Inslij», nui« hc loo'j.u looi r? in 9 ootit'srrst, Efe 

sic dlcit BasiHscenue J Ip-^e «nisi --ui ipeiue est locue. Alio .TOdo, 

respeot^i omnium ar^jitursnim, I-1 u^ntua «d «iailttudinea loci aiabit 

omala enia imm«aeltfcte, et conEervt @&. Tertio .lodo, «ijecialiter 

oicltur locus t;.'irituua «t an^elorua , intra ..uwia currunt juocua 'ue 

jaittantur, ut dicit Beda Uiper JMcam , in^ruantua rg uioduia loci 

ipee ssu tn :,ufj« orania fuo defiidario laovaatur, ^t in v.,uo pei' frui- 

9;d 92 

tioneta c^uieRCunt, ^nd^ cum diolt Au<^$stluttfi libro LiXXill 

94 95 

,y uae>tiormB cuod bexxs uoa ess, Locut., ; locus jjrTjprtej ist ideo 

subdity locus «U3i9 ia spatio est. 

^&ra7ifl irip Cilo^iiau^^ I/«Uit esse in loco, tej&en uon dab«t 
dici locHlifi^ aao loc&tum , sola loc&le ddnoaiaatur a loco, ut r^ihil 

oeaoiciaHt. alt«rua, aifi n^ituraia su»^ ponnt eiro& 1,:>»ub. Li id«o niiill 

97 93 

est locale, riiil liuod it& eel in loco -jUod oonet^i'vat ooadluionea 

- 159 - 

«t aaturxja Idoi i-lra iiarrociic, ut id uoti slrcuaycribltar, al/e scaun- 

dua: p&rt;_2i, ut I'lui -.aoci loco difflrtltur. ..uo;-aE aeutma aonv :uit 

lili ,ui oiua ^eouaciuji ri-.tia.iea (yiMSS.'S ect in loco, i'iifiiliter loc^tua 

ati. iilud qaao 6i,ii / iQ,o C'^^/wum, iva cocteaiui*; ■ uod it«raa Ceo 71ra 

a.ja coa^atit, • £t ^ra^t^r h.dac rj-.tiouoQ dlaiv i-m^uEcLaus la libio 

10 £ 
ULXijiil »-i^i,6>,1.5aua 'iU'Xj r-Ai:? 4J» Jst «illcubi, ula .^uod eiicubi 


e£t ^0 itiaiJtur Ijooj ;iUi:. sl^nvU i^articularc ^.-oait cljtiacti-jnea 

104 106 

loci ciica loctiw^ffl» «uod eut.e& ;i:»xitLi&'Uu' laco, corpus est, at 

illud ti^iL coTp'jrikl&, vel a naturt- oorporie, v^^l ;* ^ropriijttitfc ©Jus^ 

'^Uiie 8£t osert det&raiaatus sd uauu lociai, -,jwli;,«i Daor^scinui cicit 

105 109 

at urte^ria:^ 4U(>c! spii-ita;* cr-tati in -^osi^ rsilioa» isoitjatl spiritu» 

ooi'^ioraleij iont. SJaa orijt) Leufe eat alieabi, 

Oua auWu dlcuat L'cauticr.n'jr, in prliao ilbro ct Au^-ac-tiaue 
ia libra U.I2111 ■>use'sti.osjrt t^um .joa etr.» in lojo, euaiuat erso ia 

loco vropviif id est, los5;diUr, ..ieat sunsit ■•^hilosopbr-ig in libra 

115 114 116 

fbgreicoraa ubl dl:ti.i^ic. laoCas ccecncJi ^, Aodlt t«aen Liaaacenus 

o,uoti locus iei dicitui- ut piuc p-: rtici^at opsiaLioaea et |-r&tif.:a ejuii , 

117 117 

et ubi a£aifeEt,K sit ejUB oaeri-tioj ticut, li'liSS Ixvl j co«laa 

113 113 120 121 

dicitiiT ae<l ttp ct terra b fflibcllya jg ^ms,. ejn?» £t etitm 

1 '■■'■. If» loo 

oicitar locut. ojus ia ?^&j^ escuaclua illud i It crit in sol® 

I'^t 12e li;7 

tififrtinitlBil'"' '"i'lr • ^^^^ ^<3<% *^^ ^tfi. inteillgsacuBf VJts^&i 

- ii3 - 

i'ropterst E*us dicttAir colas e£,=6 y,irfJL:,ue, .,ui» al>i.,u6 aiirawj-, 

•at ..uit'i'JB crrantoe dixorjnti cci i.aj.u^t.r i-i.^ if-^-e ubX^.ud oaiieatl«JLiter, 

p^*«^«nlti^.litsr, pote?iti?JJ.ter. tec vult dlcoie I^iAat5c«inut. "uou ciua Deo 

151 is;: 

lo .ultur ubi^uc i(t jaa dicto .wdo, cfettiiftiaAiui- aiicuif ioeusj 

cuod hoc non ^;. t ijit-siliicidua cuit <i*isr.sia«.tioafc iul3 3w..iiii.-c vi.Lvxati« 

itt loci^, .ed riMoie .'^eclalii- ftfriCiiis, 

184 1?S 

fora6lit.btis ei .:^^>lrltutjllt&uib, ^j.u st.:^ «i&tv coavt^iii» ei 


•jUF.orwatt uti idat oiiduj? (itt, ^Uwol Itae locclis. •ii£&&, Ub ciittiw xjototja y 
1?.3 153 140 141 

■,vu> ito u t'jurltu tuoi id 6»t», u >^rt.vieaitiit lua, .,iuie est ubi^u• 


tua rar.L'^a? / 71pb 


Kt^tlone eti&s ida:^ fixlcitux, ^uia .^uoc c^^nveuit. d.aai 
forafce siecuadua euft-i! aaturaai , i&a -iuod o^iposilua «a( *>: ctifcu ips-iue 

a BU& iie.tiiraf per i^KdxUaieis sju» cost exxruau& uc^tax'a * i.xuu, ^i 

punii> splritu::, nllvLl iiahcar. u« \u.t.«iri^« nac da k^oodiUloaibuM 

seteriiilxbus. L.eGl &ieut «£e4 bea^or, sia etl^is esse ubl^ue ooaruuit 

oami for«&e nxli^ten'vl in t'ua a<Atur<i.t it& t^uod «00« ^ilo «t auao aoa 

convanit «I, .tic-i Ia.,uantu£ -^.x iiBiadrt-ioat: la aaCsri^ exoidit a sua 

- 150 - 

netura, et eecultar concitiones .ir:.t€>riales. Ergo etlaui ii&o ratione con- 

veait Deo, ■Topt-'T 'uori dicitui Saulentite vii : At ti:unt u bl'.u^ 

■ ropt&r gua .a .Tiundit lfciji? id est puritatem spiritualit imi^aterlalitvtis, 

Quia eateni forratliteti et s-piritualitati intcllectuall 

dpponiUir ocaai: detnr;uin>.tio, ecei;r-;u lo scf uitur iuia-sujti spiritum non 

deturEiaeii loco, niir oainiao imasterlalis est, nrc duretione», «-uia 

telle formr :urus • ctijs est, nihil h- bene de nottntls; et iceo nee 

incipere ntc CGS^iurh ix>tesi,j nnc iatellectu, uic- ttAxr. actus omnem. 

iatellectum pracvenit. Et tic bene probnt Dsaiascenue solu.r. i'euro 


ess*'; incircuiascrintibilem in I libro, capitulo >A'li , uir: circura- 

scriptibile est cuod loco vel teai)ore vel compreheasione intellec- 

tui coaprehenditur. Inciicumscriptibile vero est rnoC aullo horum coa- 

prehcaditur. Et sic 'pttet :uod inciroj.-ascriptibilits e, ua tyun dicitur 

incircuuiEcriptiMHe, non coluin nogat circumscriptionem proprie diets, 

quae est secundum loc?uir,, ■ ed eti^sn circr.iraecrl :: cionea coairsuniter dictaa 

fid oaine illud cuod at siocur. loctti !,b ali uo continctur. £-t ic cicit 

ISl 152 

E*anifisceiius iblcem angelum circuiiiEcri i tempo^ e, cuia incepit , 

et loco uia est alicubi, et co .spreheasione iatcllectus crenti. 

152 154 

Cui8 .: ti&ia Deus aoa f>olum sit iacircumEcrlptus sed 

etina iacircuaccriptibills, i:icut et-iaffl est inco^.prehensibilis} 

pstet ..uod i30c joci Deus «f;t ubiue aoa . olua oicdt ; CLun, uo 

157 153 
CeuB est / in o;2u loco, :?ed etiaia dicit aititucin«a "us it& 71va 

- l&l - 

intieter3slnabiXl^ «et Qb.lur« divloai t,uod t>i poaatur par iapo; bibil* 

iofiziita •&»• loca, Dtu» iaaea aulli desstsot. Propter ouod dloitur 

161 16^' 

Job xi : IL^L OBip^pi oocj ,Op et , it>f^ndior iaJTerg Q c tff » , uia .u?»»- 

iibtt dlflraneioaett leoalm avm. isai&iBitate exeedit. 

16S 164 

Sx qiio p&iei v^uod Ili^ Cioc propria leo coavenlt» 

quia a«C ooaffiuoioabils eet erealujiie, elout perfoet« foroalitiics Ia« 

oaoi pot,enti«JJLt&ti noa i>ote^t ai&i soli pria&e e&UB&« ooaT«air«« £t 

eiejt noQ olu^t cotsjxuxicari oreatur&e cuod non i-it oreaturSf tiaaMm 

ifci ie« 

fitlwB fii t«oe noacn eoaet in &otumf t>cilicety uod I«ue eat 

ubisue, qikim est in oaaii looo .iu i est, ttdtaue proprie at per sa lo^ uaado, 

coavenit soli Leo* 

Unde Aj^roaiu» in libro Da bp^ritu umcto et in libro 
hm Yria;LU>e prob«it ^piritua i/imctua •BBt Deua, ot non ^uiritum 

oraatWRy axIb ipea raplat oflniftt quod patat iatu(»iti £ia<^LLs cuae 

Tidaatur esse ubi uo. Si aoia eit ubi ue ii^^nua disDtrlbutlTum loci» 

tone non eonvenit unlv^reali ':uie ipautt non ent in oinnl loco; cum tasen 

170 171 

dlc&t Fbiloeophue ipsna aaaa ubique, soeundna uod 11 ubi ue cicit 

indiffuroatiaa ad looaa» ale unlTeraola aaqualiter ce habet ad oai- 

175 174 

nam locum. Meo obstet si nriiSUB unlv«rsale, et formala lumen 

affici«ia a prioo , dioatur oeee ubi' ue <-uia partici.-^tur ab onini- 

Imai <:;uiay licet ipcua In .«^e unua citi» et Ic saoundua Indifferentiaa 

176 177 

ad locua sit ubicuo, taiaen cetsindua uod partieipetur , r:ic 

- 162 - 

dlTi&ujs etit la dlver«»s abtar«8( nuaero et sp»ole ct g'sa^rs et analoglB 

diffi>reat«f* IX ilc aon est umis all .uid ubl U9» 

InsupKJr • est la 11 ubiip*, solllaat cum dloltart 
173 179 180 

£•«• 9*t ubi ,u«, et (KMBaunct all uocs dioitur «ef* abl< ue, r-ula 

131 132 

ibi aotfttur b&bitudo concerrAntls vxi ooaearratt»* Haee aut«a notatur 

13 S 
iMtbitado ft>raa« ad m. xa ,ux6u£j ebt . ecund'ia Bim^i ^t ie non '>roprlo 

suBitur hoo nooea • 

fmr &9 «iiaai los>u«aco, alhll aliorja poteat esea ubi ue» 
136 13? 

itHMHTue «pile , lloet ;^li la ofimlbue partibuE univer;^!, ..uia aeo 


per 0« «at ia looo» ted r»tioa« aubjeeti, aoo '^«er ^& ost ubl iue» c^ed 

ration» partluB. ^ailit^r si ^joaaaus waum oorpu» eoee l;otua uod est 

in looo mijus xaxivurtii, illud per s« non eat nial in / vino looo; &ed 7lTb 

par acoiaena» r£iuLon«i partiits est ubl .rue. Twiendo «ti«^ oplnioufMB 

Au«\i»tiai uod anlaa tot& £;it In ^tiallbet part» oor|>orle, tune ai 


poaaRtts nibil «>>«• prt^iecer unusi i^oaJLiifla» «alaa Ilia aat ubl>~ue per 

•eoideaay »eilio»t« : eoundun ««•« uod habat in ooraora^ ^ed ea«undua 

195 194 

•e ifniapta et aoparatn a corpore, looo dlffinltur. ^ie «ti^ja per 

iiooidene dioitur aaiina vegetabilla t«1 aeoaibilla xn anlaalibae 

aaulosia, ut di«it rhiXoix»|>^a in I ]^,MiS&» ^oit eUaie ylo»t^ 

19d 199 

super Illud fff^M « vt^dter eurrlt a«rao eJu^. ,uod ▼elocitaa 

ubl^uo est • juod iatellie^fenduis est «odesi BOdo uo de aliia 

uai?urj0itlibut olotuw est* 

- ISS - 

^aiasits tilMi Mpr« pro Mtai M^pssriious esse ublcua, et 

esM ia cumi looo* et utrun ue inreaoiatar aatm dlctuia de Leo uia 

fcfcptaitl&e 711 dlcltur t AttiaiTit ubl ue ate » } in Pfealao 

«uiCBi diciturt in oani loco>tioaig tto» tam^i, •■1 pro- 

prl«t«teffl locutioais laspiciuMs» non eet Idas esse ublquef et ^.^r In 

omaX looOy ,ule «08« in Oiaal looo, ratione praaposltionle dlcit ti&bltu«> 

dinoA looBtl ad locua; si, ou» hoc iit secundum deteroiaationoB ad 

'.iOd ilO £11 

looua , .i^ua dietritmiua oul tcddltur dlelt uolversua loel 

212 ait 

eua dlstributlone loci* £ed aese ubitiue, eicut dldt Boethiue , 

dieit tantua adesso loco, . Ito^ ut dlcit Aaoolouo , «oee cum oani 

loco, sicut pfttot pMT hoc» uod universale, ' uod in nullo loco est, 


dlcitur ubi'.uo «««se a oixilosophia* Katlo t^utc;» hujus set uif: aese 

in dlelt (iUal^BcuB ae praesaatlea rel in tnll loco; et Ideo ai^nua 

dl;:itrlbutl<vua, \\xoa. est t^lfua, tantum ;:ic in cossatnl dlstrlbult pro 

omai ubl • x'ropter quod, lloet secuncus udd traaitferendo haeo ia 

218 21i) 

dlvln&, &uferlBUS ml ua^ i.iip«irfeotlonis $=unt, et .sic utruo ue eorua 

k;20 ::..l 

I>eo convenl&t, taMn secundum proprletatea dersaoois, nagis proprie 

conv«But Ceo «ese ubl ue quaa eese In osmi looo, 

Adtauc autoffi Aiaas propria :unt iataei Ceus est liic, ral 

Ibi, Tel alibi» 4Ui« haee dlcunt differentia^ loci, uae non can- 

voaiunt, olsi his c.uae loco continentur, / cula Deus indifferoater 72ra 

se httbei ad mmeB locum* ul& t&a«n reelpluntur a ^anctls, ideo 

- 164 - 

latolllgeiadiie .uat caa res'^tion» i&ip«rfeebloai£; at soilloet , nolua 
aotaai I^a «dent* Loco, ek aon locitlea «8a«« 

laperfectisaiae. nutea ent hueet Ceus est aXlbi 'ueis hio; 
OUJU0 ratio diets d&t* ^1 taae» &ppoaerctur copula diooado L'«u« 06i 
Alibi «tioa ;uns hie, ^une mugin as^at propria; uia tunc per 
copulaa yiu&tt oopulf't siaili&y not^retur Deus esse in utro ;ue looo 
•t neutri <i««s8o. Mm taaon ooacoaenduA e&t C«uffi nuscuaa easo„ ut 

dioit i^fU^itinuB f CiUia non olua trsasaaptive, sod etiam proprie 0% 

propriissiae dicitur Doa« oeoo in osni loco , ^ti>cun<:ium uod prfto- 

pocltio non dioit habitvuiia«a loc&ti &d looua sed causae ad «ausatum* 

Qualiter euaiitur teaper cuis ijpiritu» dicitar esse in oorpore, 

Ix presdiotis fncile oat videre uod osee in oaisibus rebus, 

•t esse ubi ,ue non convenit Ceo ab aetcrao} uin, licet baec sipd- 

ficaat «Abitua diviaao lAaeasittvtii!, tasen connotant effootuB 

coaeerv&tioais in ci-@&tura} et ideo aoa poecant dioi de Deo, nisi 

•X eo wuoc creatura easo ooepit, ticut docdnus et creator • 

Zdoo .ue suOG dloil /iabroeiut in libro g»__«Jpiyitu ranct<> proprium oese 

civjjiit&tio, uod in oanibut et ubi ue eoaper est, non in tellig«fidujs 

d« saapor •etornltatie, &«d toaiporis* 


Da prf.escientla dlvlnft 

FrasBeimtla I3«l elgiifleut soimtlaa D«i In ordinem 

ad futurja, it ic&.T, tlcul cupUjy est Cel soieatla, ccilicst, 

ciiBpIiole notitiee @t a^ probationir., .-do duullolter ordlaatur praas» 

S 4 

olttttia ci£ futurwB ; ui«, el ; ig^ficat ordiaetn : cientiae rl»» 

pilcls notitlae, ad illuci fUturuA uoc! Deus solute tali eeleatia 

aoTlt, noo aon «et nisi salum) ui&, licet siji>pllci aotitla eelat 

eti> :i: oastia ;,Ufce Ipse potest f&ecriiy ted noa faelet, tasen 111& noa 

sunt futur&, £t ideo aoa ; l^ilficctur Ibi olei ordo dur&tioale» 

ua eeloitia h9± duration* aete-mitaii« praeoodot asla Hituxct} et 

aon slg^ficstur Ibi ordo os^usae ad csusatutn, "uia iugu^^tious 


^per / Joaaa^ probrt pra«8eieatl?^a Dei non esse oattsaa naloruBy 7;;>^b 

per l/}0 uod tunc ilia es.-^^nt u^:; ootiusu&a aliorua uorua aala 

raeeciTlt; et :;ic f&lleretur L^L p: lesoientie , Si vero ig^i- 

float ordinem f^eittttiae beneplaeiti ad illii futiira» Quae tali 

acientlti norit Deus, ;.io preeecientia non aoluin dieit ordinesi 

durationie» ^ad etiaa eeaa»« ed c^usatumi uia ofiteajfos est 

supra uod talis . cientia eet coufia acitorum* £t sic dlcit 

10 U 

Augustiau& in Vi et XV libro De Triaitate ^uod non ideo leus 

aorit ree uia sunt» Led ideo r^uat r.uia norit* 

- 166 - 

- 156 - 


£x hoe pKtet >uod future noa sunt ^&usa praescleatiae 
£ei, quia t«ai;:or&le ssset ouui^a aoieral* Dldt taacn 0rl£;«no6 

ii>m?er Eolatnlaa ad JF;oaanos i Hon proptcrea oet tllquic vel ertt, quia 

scit Deius lllud futurau, ««d quia futuinia eet , Ideo a t)«o citxxr ante- 

quaa fuit. Led priaua ietorajB iatelli^eaciua est de aalls tsatua, 

quorum ^^eniiii: 1«! noa est e use. SacRUKbM irero 7el dleit taatua 

c&uuaa i.ia,& ';,u& aoa, ▼«»! (U.cit oaue&n ooasequ4ifltl&£| et aon coa- 

ti«qu«atl:£, ^aXiter cfrectui ooaaludit suam causaa, f;lcut e 


£« £Oc graviaeiiaa ori&ur dubitatiO' ooBcajnits pbiio^^ophi» 

«t aoacii&s quoM9do praeeeiantie aoa iapoaat noocfisitatem rebus, 

19 J3 

atm £olua illie vuorua oitana. est, cam sit causa acoasaaria et in- 

aadiatfe, oujus «f foetus cenper est naoossarius; ed etlai» illis ruorus 

OMiMtua o&t ut eolentia, acllicat, salie rutoris, quia eti&« nosizti 

sdeatlu non est oisi neceiMMSloraa, ut didt Philo&opfaus • Oade dicit 

Boethiufi in ulti>Tio libro De Coasolationa PhilOf^oo hLae i si sliornw 

qu6« praeriv&e soat dstorouswri Talaat ree praevi»ad, Jan non orit 

flrau. praeeoiaatia futuri , S9d potius opinio itieerta, ciiod de Deo 

26 27 

ereder* aefaa judico. SI dicig, sicut dioii JUigustious in libro 

Py UibCTO Aybltrio , :,uod, eiout aeaoxia tua non eogit facta cesc 

tSi»m9 praeterlMunt, .io Cmw aoa oogit praeseiantis sua faolenda 

quae futura iomt i et Telie aolTcre p^a^idieta dia«ntio uod 

- 167 - 

pr»eflOi«itio non iopoait n^ceieltetca faturls, hoc nihil «etj ouia «d 

Jl 3^ S8 

oinue Be .uitur '^uod naesssorio eronleat si saat / praeBeita» siout ykr^ 

6e<:,ultur n(foes»&2'io ilia fuicse -uorua sat meiooriaf licet lllaai necee- 

sitatea non i/^pon&t aetaoria rebue prcsteritic. Et C/Uoous^ua aodo 

coaeedatur i;uod onnia future nfcCes»M-io ev<aniant, semper ^e uitur 

Qildl oese ooatiag«os« et nihil «see a easu vel a fortuna, ct nihil 

osee liberiuB arbibriua* £t per oonse-uoas, aec virtus «11 qua erit f 

neo Titiua, et ini.;uuat est punire peccantce et remaeroro bonos; nee 

vulet ali'uid ooneiliuMy neo Mt locus spai vel precua ad Ceuaj et 

peooata no&tra referuatur ia ossiiua bonorosi auctoren, eicut in 


£«d quia solvere ion est ignor&ntis a^dum, ut dicitur In 
^^^ MetaptereiC|ae , idao praeoogQCseeadua est nodoa bujus cuaestionis 

existere in oppositloae racioaii? ecientiee et contingentiaef quia^ 

cua &cieati& per certitudines cLirferat ob opinione, non potest esse 

nisi necee&arioraa; .,ai& si eof-'Tiitum posset aliter esse, non oeset 

41 4-^ 

«jus aoieatit^ sed incerta st fallaji oj^inlo* £ contrfcrio , etiaa 

45 44 

con\'iu«^sai. uod potest &liter .se hnbcre, nan potest esee scitua 

45 46 

▼el praesoitua; ^uia :i repaiGutur esse necessarium, hoc non esset 

eoienti^, i.ed error, ti vero ootTioscitur siout est, tunc cum ipsum 

43 49 50 

possit filiter ee habere, oot^oacitur fallibiliter et Incerti- 

tudiaaliter. Et hoc iterum non est praescientia vel ;joi»iti& » red 

- 163 - 


opinio, ^peci-litor a)ii«K dlffioalttis eonelstit in 1111« qtiorun otlaa 

e«ue« est ;}rt^sol«atla Del, ut p&t«t ex preedietls* 

t^eimduB OKt ur^ quod nihil horun tolllt & f\jturis eontln- 
gmticua* Catta«llt&« culdstt «eiontiaQ rei - raesoienti&e Dei non 

f«cit ut treciifctur sa neeesvario erenirs, "^uiaf sicut supre habitun 

ceiy £»eue la c^udi^do operiitur i^:ediriic, ut per ..e cause t et 

operatur mediate ia:usntua secundis oausis Tirtuten eausandl trlbuit. 

PriHua }aram ion exiglt ;UOd om«B effectus dlrini slat neovsBEtrii, 

<,uia, 'iiaado dioitur uod oasai^ sf f ectue e»t neceseerius oujus proxlaa 

et l«.-»ediEt£i c»u8a est neceeOvnri&f hoe VAnim est de emxea ^ropoz^ 

57 sa ' 

tiim&ta ftuo effectui} uae eti?!.Ti -propter hoo sioduA ^uua p<mit 

59 eo 

olroa effectua. Deus auteoi est e&UBa l»iproportioatit«/oauii mo 72vb 

«ffoctui • Et ideo raoduffl ^tua perfects non potest poaere eiroa 

euua offeetU£&, c.ula affectUE non est c- pax tantae pcrfceticHiisi 

8«d uaieui \ue tantuia ooisBanicat de laodo uo quantum ipsun eepasr 

est ex prinelpiis guae iiaturste* Liout non ^^ecuitur >uod oenls 

effectuB sic oet si-^pl^-Xf <,ul£ est a prlno siisplieissliaOf neo 

quod liit aetemu» cula est a cause aeieraa; it» non jse^iuitur 

quod eaai» ettectnu sit neoess&rius aula omisatur a pr&eecientia 


70 71 

SeeanduiB praedLLc torus eiiailiter aon imponit ooa- 

tinseatibuB neoessitata»» Qui« effectus qui est &b all .ua prima 

• l&d . 

oausAg — dimithW «aiud» Oiadi »» aaqultur oonditlonoa oattMnw 

proxloaxum, et loa prliosc o*u«««« Et hoc sst Idao < ulu c&usalitas 

pri/aa« oausik* non bttinglt effeotun^ -^.Isi atedlantlbus onueisi jiroxiiolet 

..use illaa oau»ailtaie« recipiuat :;eoua(^ui oodua nntur»* aua» , et 

eeouauuK aociua ditntls) ^iout ccesbuit aolis -ui obXi.uo ciroulo eist neoee- 
•aria eeasa f89«raU.<Bili»* ii«o ttifflea aeeeaee «at geaeratioaaa flari, ula 
potest esse lapadliMsituja in oausls proxiaie, sicut Ia Iooo parpetua 

frisi<iitatie. ^lo enia vor» didt «'hiloeopme In II lie Gaaeratione m% 

Co r ru itioae .uod futurus .uie i-acectart» noo incedat} et ftoXoaMts ia 

7t 77 

C^n^lio ui o dicit .uod ^«pians ^ioaio Uosiin»tur &Gtri;>« kliuiliter 

argo praeeciaatie £i«i, ilcet eit. o-^use neoasserittf taaen oau8«ado per 

causaa ecundac, produoit e:n'ootusi cecaaciua laadtta osusfixua proxiaanui 

ia coatiagaati£if val ia aac^asit te, et aoa eacundua suua mocua» 

&l»ilitar pruaseioatia Dei in u&atua est ^ci^itia» <^t non 

eauMf aoa isponit naoeasitbtem rebus futuris, iui& neceesitt s non 


inducitur ia effectu, oiei a «oa eausa* £t ideo u2 mo praasoiantia 

30 31 

nihil eia adjieit, lasnent aiout ossent £i aon ea^et pr&esciontitt • 

£t est axeaploa Boetuii in hxtifioiatis) ilia enia Tidaous fieri, nee 

taaan fiunt ali<.ua oogaote aeoes^itatt:, v^uia tuno euperflua asset ere* 


vcUae «utesy dum fiuntf carent neoeasitste dxistendi, ilia / etii^.'a 7Sra 

prius'^UGA fient , sine* neoessitbte futura sunt* ^go bujusmodi cuat 

futura oontingentia. bee praescientia nihil eis adjloit; ergo etiaa 

- leo - 

praeeolte aaaent contin^'enitlu, Hee all uld eat t.uofi lsipedi»t «Tiln 

illud, uod la £ua n^tura est contlngens, et potest «liter se habere, 

poeeit preeaelri a Ceo» \ile prout eet in sua preeeclentl^^, noa eat 

contiagens, red necoss' rluc, licet is. sua oaturi sit oontiagaact qui& 

oaae quod cojtnoscltur , noi eecunciuin sui via, feed seoundura eo^rno»- 

c«ntiuai eomprckenditur facultutoa, eo cu.od oaine judicium eft itctua 

JudiermtiS) r.t uctus perficitur ex propria potectate opersntie» et noa 

ex idieac neture , 

Ideal etiam patet in «xemplo, uia «aadeie ras alitor oog- 

noccit ceastta quaa r&tio , uif. Ecnsua cogTiosoit in particulari et 

ratio in universale» Deue «ateat &etes^3^& est, et sua praeseientia 

•tt aeteraa • £rg9, oaaie csgaoscit : ecundum modum aetemltetis, ita 

quod , i:icut suae aeteznitati oihll est praeterituiB vel futvirus, sed 

9E 93 

onmia ttsapors sunt el praosaitia , ita otiaa sua prri&Qcientla cog» 

94 95 

noKClt praeterlta et future; et cogaoecit haee esse praeteritSf et 

96 97 93 

haeo e&&9 futur»; n<>o tardea cogndsoit ea ut praeterlta» vel ut 

futura, £ed oaaia eagaoacit ut praeseaila| <iUia dicitur, lio elesiastipi 

99 100 

xxiii I poiai ao Deo anitecuagi oreferentur omiiie ^unt aaftltf eio. id 

e&t, eodsiB aodo cogaitioaie, et vosj. porfeetua r j BaolQit ostaic. uie 

10 ii 
aliter outatio esset ia eus cognitlone. 

Conetat autem ,uod ^^t perfcctxua oognosolt ea ut pra«- 

•catia in sue aatura, et non rolua ia sua icen vel oeusti, 'irgo etiaa 

- ICl - 


quando futun- eritnt, ?ic e« cotpoviti fldlicet, ut aibl pr»e«entiG, cum 

lOfc 106 

•tlaa in rua natura fijerunt jfutur^^» Nihil nutMi eet Ism mntingtntt 

107 103 

in 3ulf. onusla (iii^n'io neceseerluu it ipswa oere dura eyt. Krgo, 

illud \ucd in sua n&turti coatin£;Qn£ oet, OMiene ei^c contlncon», «st 

no .111 

neooac^riua qxioad Boun; at ideo non fall^ci opinione eed cer- 

tl&aiaa e Deo cognoecitur. ii«9o est ratio Boot/iii / in ultimo 75rb 

115 114 

libro tii Conro l Ktioae , Onde etirja pro sMsjori p»rt« praohcbita 

disDutetio trp.cte ect. 

i« hoc potet luire Binile bale aon pctect «ese in aoetra 

ccientic, scilicet , huIr lp,';rt aceipitur fe rebusj et id«o eei uitur 

nat»Jiram rerxa, d© certif. iiabenaio cerVoa upprehonBionea, et de 

113 119 

contini-ientibu :. futuric hsbet opinionea per »iga6 faliibilife. Undo 

120 121 122 

dleit ?)oethiuG , deut in nobis sensae nihil «Gse univ«)r»«de 

61cerety uia ipr»8 non potest ipeya cos rohonderc, ©ad intellectus, sic 

etlsa iatolleotus nocter rix capit ualit«r Deue contingentie non 

lk:< 1;£S 

contlngaater oognoseit ^ qui& ipso hoe aon potest* 

Axpliue «tiaa pat«t uade» oritur distinctio necessitatis 

12-e 127 

qu«n Ibldcffi ixmlt Boetoiue , scilicet , cuod ect qua^daa neovseitae 

•lapleXy «:~>iout necsssA est omnos no!B.n'<8 esse »ortal«*i 'U«ta 

Ansolmus in Libro de ffoocordia Praeec^.'^nti fc» et Libari ArbltTij^ 

ISO 151 

vooAt neoesftitatcRi ntiturae rci, et dialeeticus rocat earn noeea» 

«itatos consecu^itis, i-t ost »diii a&cassitae oonditionalie, ut 

- 162 - 

tt«e««8« 68t «u» f-ibulrr* -n«i »ela nmbul^iroj tiM» Ane^lnuu ?ooat 

a«e*acltnt0m roruentem , ©t loj^cl nt^eecaltntf^n aon0e<"u«ntl&e» qua* 

n.lhil ««ee ooglt . Oritur «li-j Jtieo cJlfMnctlo -ucn^uai e-d pro- 

posltUB* Pwrtlnet pt hoe «od r'r'''^<"Jj.t.uK #i D*»© du .Hotter poteet 

eunif roiliceti «Rtfirlr.lltor, id prt , uod nrKoccituw ti-t k Ceo, 

non in ueniua est arporcltum f fed in^'uatntiUR cr.% in euir- cautsis» 

^t nlOf oi hfibet OKUf>««s nrcoee^rirciy et^t In run ruturr. nncoecAriua 

139 140 . 141 

neee8»lt'!t« abeolutci, vus elmfllcitfr nec*62erio cveniunt , 

null» nddltft oonditlone, ut "oIps» orlrl err- 3, V«l forRallt*^r, lii 

o8t, in tt«atus 9»% oraeBUlfeuBf «t f lo rteeesee c«t Ipriia pei-vstilro 

145 144 
neoeaeltuta hujup ooadltionl^, ct.lrja ri 1;.'.?U3: in run n:«bura eet 


i'er hoc rolrltur objeotto, nin dloitur r.uod Id cmoA r«u» 

praeseit non ix>it»?t non «nrcoire* 31 «nia «at TX>9i?lhile ipn^a non 

«▼Mira , tunc ;ed poa^bur alhll, e^ultur lispoieiblla, <ui«y foliiO 

poasibil« posito, uod «ac-uitur non e«t laijoaalbllc , licet fox-ta 

•it f&isus, ut dlcit Phliot cphuij in libra Po Gi!«narat;^qna et Corrup~ 

tione , / Hie autaa ae<iuitur impoaalbilS', scilicet, uod dlvina 78va 

Boifoitlu sit fftl«e« Ergo lispoeaibile est pruaeici'^un noa ey€<nlre| 

aad t^uod iRiposRioiii» 6;.t ao.n «svenir^, atfcasee stti «venir®. Zrf^, 

149 l&O 

pr FcacituB a Dao aecessa ast «vealra • &x hoc -irftio «let 

*• 168 - 

quid' uid pr&e?oitun sst * Ceo^ nee««it« »«t evealrei led htmo 

prftMoitiw «et 8 I>eo • i^j:|-o asoesee «st Ipsaa pseeore per IIImi 

r«fiilfta t 4bri f i^orl p cuod ex aajore cie n«3C6c>8ftrlo «t eiaore de 

inseaef eequitur ooncluclo de nocecsario* 

^Ivitur floiat iftud per hoc, vuod oubi dleltur cuod praee- 
1S3 164 155 

cltuB e Deo noa potest non «iveaire» vel aeoess* est eveaire, 

du lex eai locutloi qui vel potest eeee de re, vel de dieto, eiye 

qui»; potest esse co:apoeit6 vsl dlTisa* Si t>it ce dloto ire com- 

15d ISB 

poeita, flc est vera ; ui» tunc «uisltur illud praescitua rub con- 

ditlotto qu.^ subjscet ^cientiae Cel, at. tiif.f ut dlelt Soethius f 

futurua, du£ nc divinHra aotitlaic refertur, est aeoess&rium p«r condi« 

lei If?. 

tlouem diviane Qotionis» eicut neeessaritta est alirmen embulsre 

16S 164 

dum ruabulat • ^t ideo ecit ^;easaSf pr&esoit^ua a Deo, upposlto hoo 

cuod praeeeieatla sit de ipso» i^poeslblle eet aoa ev^ilre, vel 

necesse e:?t evealre nGoeseitat» nao conditlooAta, :lve eonse .ueatiae» 

et non nsQeeeitete abeoluta, slve conee<^uentls. latmo» ipsua ocm««queas 

16& 166 

la sue nature potest ee&s contiageast quia» ut dioit 3oethiu6 , 

aeeessitae condltioaalis noa trahlt eecua aeoessitntea :>laipllceB et 

abooltttem, ouia ipsaa noa faoit pi-opria natura relp t:Qd adjeotio 

ooi:uiltioni-.> rei , oisi alniplrx atioeesitae ooa&ii;<tat in ipsa nature rei* 

169 170 171 

bl vero est de re, .ive divlsay sic est falsa» 

quia tunc I'RS ^rbe&dta &uaitur In ^ui natura sine oonditione 

- 164 - 

175 174 

praescientiae. Et ideo notaretur ibi esse siaplex necessitas, 

et ejus contradlctorium simpllclter asset iinpossiblle, et esset 

sraisusi id quod praeedtam est a Deo in sua nature habet necessi- 

tatem ereniendi, qua iapossibile est ipsum non erenire. Quod falsum 

est, cum praescientia Dei rit coatia^entivun futurorum t uae possunt 

173 179 

non evenire j nee taiaeaa pequitur ex hoc cuod ipeum possibile est 

non evenire. Quod ergo hoc fit conpoesibile cum praescientia oppositi, 

quia primo sumitur res / absolute, secundo sub conditione praescien- 75vb 

tiae, sic ergo in tupradicto argunento, pi sumatur res praescita in 

conclusione, sicut sumitur in inajori propositione, secundum quod ipsa 

vera est, txinc conclusio est vera j scilicet, quod hunc peccare, 

inquantum praescitum est a Deo, ect necessarium necessitate conditionis, 

quae non imtat contingentiam naturae rei. Si vero aliter sumitur, 

est fellecia compositionis et divisionis. 

Habet tamen haec re "^onsio gravem inetsntiain ex hoc, 

quod haec distinctio tsmtum tenfet in formic: separabilibus a subject© , 

Onde haec sine distinctione falsa est: cignum album possibile est 

esse nigrum. Sed cum dico hoc est praescitum a Deo, sigaificatur 

subjectum sub ratione a "uc non potest separari, quia quod eemel est 

scitum a Deo, non potest non scitum. Ergo distinctio non habet 

locum in proposito, Sed ad hoc est respondendum c^uod haec objectio 

locum habet ouando ponitur ailiqua forma circa subjectum sumptum in 

- 166 - 

c,uec Ita cotitreri&tur nsturae pramilctttlf ':Uod ipeus tila~ 

plleiter li&po^eibile est convealre f.ubjeoto. Sod pr&etelfati* Cei 

aihll potiix. oiroa praeseltum, et ideo, aan«ate re in ssodo isaa* naturae» 

nccesiiiitee eEt in Ipsa» lri< u& est in Dei pr&eucientla} sicut 

191 192 

ncoe^sQ 6£,t ts ouirore e1 ago ^i-deo te earrere ; ctim taaoa h»e 

sit ax llbero «ii^itrlo; ^t ideo loooa habdt praedlcta distinoilo* 

Arspllus «utem reBt;.t achuc dictLictio ox alia re^ila 

dialeotlcadf fcollicet, ':uod in oiml vera ooneequeatia, si ontecedons 

•8t ceceseeriua c^istplioiter, tunc non solum c&usi&t; aeocseitatea 

oonee'iUGs^tinef &ed etioa c2on£0'uentis. bed cum dico DeuB oroeecit 

197 193 

hunc pecoetunm, ergo ipse oecosbit, enteoodens est eiapll- 

cit«r neoesearitta, et non ex poeltioae vel coaditione, ctil& ^st 

aeteraus et iBa&tt&blle, at ooneequorns ee uitur &d ipfuim, ut notua 

••t ey pruehabitis* i^-a» aon solum caueat necaoeitaiera conc«!c,ueatia«, 

0«d etiaa ooarcK.u^itie, et ideo peoc&tun noa erit voluntariua* 

Kespondemat autem aa ]:ioo ooacorditer ooaes doctoree 
204 i06 

cntic;ul , et bene, ruia regula ilia Tera est otn aatecedans est 

eiaplieitcr necete&rlum; / et tjoc no:i est in propoeito, uia» cua 74r« 

m€ 207 

dicitur: Deus praeeeit huac peooatturua» duo ibldea iapoi*tsntur} 

scilicet» actus pr&eBoiendi et ipsua praesjoituay >uoo est actus 

•gre00uru8 a pra««cito . x;t licet» ouanttia ad prlsoi^i r^oi-ua, .it 

hoe bntocedeas necoee;'-rlum» taaeo» cuantua Rd recundua, depnidet 

- lee - 

212 21S 

ad futuruffl coatiagt-GP . rt Idao a parte ill:, sbaolutc- sat coa- 

tLifeCnsj ct nan c J. apllcit&r, esd secundura .uld acciplt nsoeEaitrtteai 

scilicet, escfundum -uod cadlt sab rclantie, quia soi«ntl5. .■aodua vuua 

aon poalt circa ecltum, rt Ideo Loe 2nt»o^«ns noa csusat ebao- 

lutftm nocesritiitEm coasacaiatis, ed t'^nlaa Q^c^ErltTtsa ooasecuentiae 

ot caaditloacl®;a, It ideo ta idem, ;l diC'itur la pr^e- 

terito: Dwas arj«rcivit imas pjcccturuia, ;'ilft licet haec oropo- 

sitio , -.uoad ;ctura jraftBOic^c;!, ,it de iiraQtsrito et ideo sit 

aeco38.iric ptT r«gulfia dl^lecticorua, ;uod onae dictua d» praotsrito 

Y«ram ct sffirni&tlv-ia cat aecocsrrlua, ta.T.aa, ,uo&d 'ictum .ui sig- 

flific.-itur eirsB suras a scltc , depcadet itd futurua, t't *:ic est 

coatiagaaci ';Ui?- praetorltum diceas rcspectiua vA futurua potast assa 

coatiai; iasjuaatum depoadct ad f-jt^rua , ita .:uod ?ot'5St non 

^veaiTQ, ^uic futuras quia luceder-i ;ioa inccdot, ui; dicit Pliiloeopha© 

ia II Do Geaeratloae ct Corn:, .;.io;io > llcoS inquaatara pritoterLtusi 

222 228 

est, sit aeceaeariua, ,uia vjod fuit praetor! ta-8 aon potest aoa 

foiaso praotoriuua , L.uaavi-? posnii n«a «sco futuruia, iiijpyditio 

oauais ';,uae .a aajori parte «rant ordinatae ad effactun» St ideo 

itflrua aon 2«quitur, srgo ille de ascasplt^-ts poccabit» niei d« 

aee«8sit£to coneequantiae tantus. 

<^od eiuteni dixlimiB pracdlctum aateeadoas essa n«oes-> 

earlua quond aetum prn<30cleadi, intelli/^iisu^ i>0Ct ^*^^ "^^ aocesaltata 

- 167 - 

corctloTilc, ed d« n{.ce?Ei:-.t,e iiii-uttbilitctit. £1 eniis uiaSiltur 

tn Ccue poeslt ncn iTRtxciro illud -.«oc prceBcivlt vcl praa»- 

clt, dloeof^uai est. -ruod, ui pxxjpoiilllo olI coayoaita, c;it falw. ; 

cuii. eet'ft EOicui! '.uod rupp^cdto i.uoji tlisUid sit & D«o {.rit«s- 

cltuB , jvEkH / Deut: lllut aon iTRftsclrti, It L&cc aec cijcal 74rb 

it» Deo 9tti> poctuat, :,uifl coat-raclictoria luat, ate vici-iiia, uia 

tunc Del eci&aU.6 gsisct iuL^jLllie. £1 vaio &,3t, propobltio divlsa, 

254 ;-:55 i:56 

&lc «&& verfcf '.ui& iatollocta& ci7ijau& llj&rriiiM& est ) 

llbeitce autsa. yOt«itlsi.e ratioaaiii, vsl iatfcilcct,uU.iii, cjaeic?tit 

itt obll^ivionfe <5eterTaiji;i*vi3ai;:; a;^ aaea ptrtat ^wauiadistioais, 

per r^uae potest v>ie3illbet suum actios facdre» vel :iaa fiiecrd» 

240 241 £42 

£t eieut Deui? ;^ote3t :33n racers illud :;uod fc.oit, Ita potest 

aoa prassoire Illud uod pxaassit siae sutatioac pre.ecclaatia«, 

'•jula su-altur praeecitua afltcris-lltsr tsntun , st aoa foraiaiitsr. 

Ct !?la posse adi^uld :icm operarl, aon dlolv auw^-tioaeai p(jieit.l»e» 

ged llbertst^ra ejus fed octMis, 

Veo oiniUit iuile si sii^aificatur l8te 'lotus la prsteterlto, 

dl<Mtt^ Dime potnnt aoa praesoire .uod ;>rae«eiTlt« quia in £el aete)>> 

nitate, nihil traaslt i.n oraetoritua, ;fi& totttn est praeeeaa i et 

Ideo haec est dupl«^'Z, s^ioMt et pr<iediota« Cuih ergo dixious banc 

oeee aeoeBB«ria!3f Deu& priieeelt vel oraesclTlt hunc peeoaturuBf 

its- '.uod non potest illud Bo»a pr&oeoire, coajuactia latolUgendu» 

- 1G3 - 

est, ut tallf/; autablllliutGn, tt aw «iivlsi.'a, n« i.s;wrtet coac*ionca vel 

obllgntvloncT», Und« pi''0% -.;'a<v2 falsti a^t T'aopontjio ?Jorundaja, dlcantlua 

ppHadlctura snte^jtid^insi noa .frtluia non «?esJ« necBuaari'ia, in' Uisatujj» de- 

pa'idet <'d fuUiraa, I'ed fttiij'j -uoad fvofeuja iiraeifclendi r.-.t,ioneia IxuJub, 

&ssi«Tumt6s !;UOd Tgu.. ;^otoy;; non praceciro iLlud ,uoe psa(.jcil, tcI 

prboscivlt; i.,uiB noa c^utxiriMis , ;ij'p.ttw-.Ui>i»ositfi pi-atscicatiu Etii 

clrcii hoc, sn conoacuen:: fit, U'jceaef-riue. obsuluttrj v.t t'ic i^rues- 

254 265 

cituffi « Ht'O ncccuDriiQ u^t iiKsscitua , t;t .ion pctsst uon oi^a 

Et licot cire Tel clt oju» eeeo , ut dicit AutUttlaus 

in. XV Ee filr.l.t£tc ^ tsccn leufc potest, non i^^eir^ -.uod colt, &ed nott 

potest noa ORse '"UOf: ett, uia aLttributt dlvina sfenrsnt mxua proprie- 

ta.te«; et idco otisEE Vve.bcnt <?l-7^rcos "^sodos flttribuen(^i, mia dlclrws 

Eeum ccire -mod non vult, / ct i.C ^iroprietistos ;olentifte jj'jTtlnist 74Ta 

liberta». Ad pi-oprlettits^ BUtix. erce r.p.turfclia psrtlns-t ftcternltJie» 

£lsillt«r uo .ir distlngucaduffi est,, caic. ■ ureritur fin Efeus posEit 

pr&oBCire ;uoq non pri.eectt, v«l cclxe selenti':. rifioals 'luod n&eclt» 

▼el i'OBBlt plurfe pr&eeolrei vel ealr« lUia praesolat vel seifat. Cot— 

po»lt«e eain felcae ?unt, ul« dlcuat autatiomem ia Eeoj divlsae vero 

260 kCl 

veree .unt, uia Deuf» pote£5t, wilts faoere quee json fecit, nee 

fsclet. St ill!£. xxoii pra«scit nee ^olt s>ol«>ntic. ▼isloniE$ «t taa^n, si 

ea fucsi'et, sa prftesclret , <.\xX& sua pr&esoiantla oaue«iret ea. 

- 1^9 - 

S&a Sfii®» co:;c£d?n<IvW est c:uo^ Ttd elen^l? poselt. ^.tnai 
264 * 266 

^1'OiA.^r Loc, ..uie potrst r.on :.circ .uotf cclt, trI ""uo»! posyet 


autfjiiiitoia tit ^i ofcxiatciitl r.i ^ci tiidlai ffrtditnwcatu», ut dlcitur 

in X I'i, C^.afc3i;.;'uioa^ cl Corni-;!ilo^b , "I ': illl^.ra' j'imlnutlo sit ab- 

IfulxQ a ^rfetei-ibtoiiti £*£;iivUdiat, tfijUcr^twr .uod , .-nipporltc quod 

fccloitriu. liii. .it tiatse ^usntitatis \uod nua^^-raa scltoniii, .^t noa 

£70 £71 272 

aiVlici'ii > v^i'-'*" ei rlivu-.d fiddi f^?. desi, Tlnde iirtffe 

locit/ioaci. aon wC.uuatur cj; Ittl.. i^raesRlEKlr. , lisi secimrfiia quod 

iil«. Buat c-^iiipDeit?.e» 7"t Idao slts^. licit er fnlsee sunt, «t ".-in 

dlctiaj^uadao ut ilia*. 

Huuc .Tutea ...uro de prrppct-^ntlii In corrrjnl dirlamr, r-u»- 

litcr ;'.i>n l^.poar.t r.ocecaitstea rohn?, ©ti'^'fr «^e ;-rriedectir.ntl<no «t 

royrobctione latc-lllsendc cunt; et -«tcblt t'ne oncordla praedestl- 

rt.'.tloalB et re^probillonip! et ll^orl trbitrli. 

De dispoeltione in uo e: t cie Taetlui^-O 

^i. position a» la iJeo u&se k^oriptura tesi.-^tur» w-apleatiii» 
Till t Elep^iit o s mi-: , t-tia T ite r> Et nod non tolum in £«o sit, lieut 

in oauc^ diepoeitionie rerua» eed eieut in dispoaeate -.>«r intelleotum, 


probfet MF:u£tlaui! in llbro ^yer Geyiegja , traot<>aL^ ii-lud Saoleatla» 

5 4 

xi I teoitt in MCoeurG. nuaero et Koad e te dit:po;5u ie.t^t quia rel ba«o 

eunt La oi^i^turisy y«1 in crcfstotej aon in Cie-itaric, vui& sunt rnetti» 

«t ei oimia fiicta diep08it& eunt la Xs, ipa^ eticua dleposits svaxt 

la seipBle} >,uir. si in alii& / eseeat dispoEit&f t^on oenla Deuis in 74Tb 

his dispoeuit* £r^» redl uvub ritfliBbrua Tojnua est; soilicet» uod ^H«e 

sunt extr^ cre&tur&s in ore&tore, et Cjuod dispostiis6« '^^^" ^," m<n3^y■ 

a 9 

etc » « est ossoia dieposuiss* in »•» cui est aencurr, oaai rei, modus 

prsofigaas» et numerus osaii rei spaoiea pra^soe, et .joodus oainen 

r«a sd c^ttietot trfthcas. 

11 12 

Oi aute^ illud ;UOc: auctorit£tc eonstst| rsti«ie suoue 

firaetur» pru.ecognosc«idua etX c,uid dicltur per rioaiea* Noteadua ergo 

15 14 

-uodf ::ieut cicii Coaasoeauc ia libra II , e^vl^ulo IZII , ordo est 

later eoatiiliusi, judieiun, dispoeitionem, «leotionea et operatlonea« 

';ui£^ priii» oe oporaacie «st coas^iliuiaf id est^ ^.ppetitus in^uisitivuis 

de ids rebus» :tt&« in ^lohia sunt* Secundua oet judleiuia, uo judi- 

c^isuc :uic melius. Tertio ut dlspoeitio, ua cuis disponit et fmaX 

- 170 - 

- 171 - 

quod judloatiui «ffi ex eoaailioi «t vocatur Mntaaiia. iiOf^rto est 

eleotiOy cua» duobue ::ropoelti», hoc «.Iter! prneoptuoue. I^ind« sit 

lapetu» ad opus* 

Igc hoe patei ^«uoc dispoeitio ia *joble est eaatwitla de aXL- 

quo feeleado» r>leut coneulte judlecitaB eet fieri. Ooia ergo OEsoia c^n« 

d« Dee dicuntur eeoundua cuea perfcotdonttai, tiJitf iapsrfectioae cu&m 

habet in ore. turia suaanfeur» eie eti?.» est in ^i^opoEito. h% id«o, re- 

iBoto o!mi «o ^uod didt dubitutioaea vel ignor&aftiaAy dispo&itio D«i 

•t>t prcctica praeooacoptio la &rte divine de rebaa facieofdis» et de 

aodo procuoLioai£{ ^oilicet» ;j«eimcua congxuitutea locorum, et 

teiapenuB, «t aiailiua oondiitioaua, et ce eiodo cAijUfcllbet rei produetae; 

aeilicet» ut alt in aeasure, misere et pcmdefe in tali perfoctioae 


boaitfttisy ^ued ereature sit yeatigiuia crcatoria. Ncsy ««eeundua imgus- 

tinua in IV libro fcuaer Gtaaosi» , haec euvLta^-Atcx- dicta euat ia aolo 

OJreaterei £ed fermaliter diets et inha«raater sunt tentuu in cret^turie* 

Juxtt< eundem oodaa, oania tt:^e eaumerat Daaaseesius in Ceo 


sunt* Haa / cc»i:>iliua aeoundus i^iiperfeoticmea dubitai^ionia in I«o 

25 7Sra 

noa est, ut oicit Dettaaeeaua , pro;»ter quoc in Leriptura a^gatur ab 

2(5 27 

eo conailiari cum alio a fcoj Jsajiae xl i Cun nuo iniit oensiliuni » 

Scd seoxmcun olaa perfect ioatsja buo&ni oon^iliiy trsnefertur hoc noHM«i 

ia D«u«* t}ic auten voo^tur con:.iliui3 illud aeoretua oorcis de <J.l ^uo 

agendo, .uod nan niei rations p&rfeotae pnidenti&e nttrusi potuit inveoiri 

- 172 - 

29 30 

Iftti^rl. tic floiji eoa»iliuai de Deo dlcltur, laa^ jt e xl t 
51 Zii 

atab it • ^1- ^fOf 1 I Omaicj. operr t^ir steun dmi CQI» - 

IZ ' 84 

ii^lua vo lu^tatip ej tgjjn uia tsiia in creatione Ua Tsriarua rerun 

qttaa iaaff&olle nodo reereaLionia goieris tuaaai» ot in sllle alsd- 

libua, ab «aicmo fult ab@eoadlta In acpleatia dlvlab coacoptlo de 

faoiacidie tallbas, quao aon solum nulla cra.sta prudentla poaglt lavoolre, 

sod aao ex habltu la o:>cro posslt oogaosoere, nisi revelaate epirltu 


I)«i« EgfrfWii 111 t c,u^e elt d lgpenga Uo eaoraaeaU . abaoondiU a 

Judlolusi 'iUoque aoa dioltur de Deo, eeoundxia uod dloit 
53 40 

dlacmrma rAtl<ml8 ad InYeetigaaduia an all uid elt melius ;u8a illud 

41 42 

quod oonalllatuffl eat, aed reemdua quod dlolt circa eonillluia cog- 

nltlonea tblls lafaillbllle r'iloniSf pmr cuea alhil seliua poaslt fieri» 

48 44 48 

qusB Illud Tuod ooQalll&tuffl est» Elc «nla dlolt Cemaseenus In 

4e 47 

libro Ilf ct<pli<ulo XXlX t neoaaae eat ooala» ruae prorldentla Hunt , 

43 49 

seouwiuai reotss rt^tlonea et optima et Deo dec^itlselaa fieri, et 

noa eat aellue fieri , quia lllae ratiwiea ex mua profundlt^to &aepe 

Ita l&t«»t noe, cuod oppoalta noble r&tloa&blUora rldentur* Ideo 

dieitur la Peelao » j^utta l u po a;. reLenptbilla g\mt Judlo l a ejus » 

benteatla .uocue dlspoeltlonis, ilcet in lobla dlc£t oon- 


cluelon«% practlcbm, coaeluea^ ex Judloio, > uae sat ouni inttentlone 

b? 54 

.'iffectuj rd pros&^ueaduB illud uod ooneillfltua eati ula ut dicit 

- 173 - 

U 56 

ItummMmai» • / si Judio t «t noa dillgit illud ouoc Judioatua e&t, 76rb 

67 S3 

aon dioltur seotentie) taa«a In Boo nan :ic nimitur , ula lpe« noa 

oecDoeoit uQua ex sOlo. bod dlclt la Itao Inf-aiibllea at Iflait&bll^ 

praM>^lnii&lon«m «ffeotus» ^.acunduffl r^uod per <Mni& eongralt ratlooi 

judioli dlTlal» Haso est eaim eeataaila aaatalls» seqaadua Jttdlelum 

prudttntlao. Unde dLoit dicimt Avieeooa et Ic»aao in libro I^ Ztftin j^- 

tioaibufl , B«at«iii& est oone^iio dlffioltiva et oertiesiaa alterlufi 

6S €4 e.b 

partis oontradlotionls» JLlie voro t>. t eaaieatia Del judiealla , tsI 

••ouadua judieiua ju£titikef qoaa Seae per ora prophetaxua proaaUg^ivlt p 

••omdua ordiaen eaaaarua iaferiorua. i^ cuia illbe ia^tablle» aunt, 

ideo dielt Gragorius quod heus noa autHt ooa»lIiuiay ed aflaieatiaa» 

e9 70 71 72 

ut ptitet X&aiae x»jcviii et iaecaiclifl xxxili et Joaae 111 • 

21@ctio varo, prout hlo euadtur, non dlolt praeopt^tlcmea 

eoaparatlonxs uolus ad allud, nee otiam oiolt illuia g^pocl&l«B aodua «leo> 

7< 78 

tloai&iy uo £Oli salvaadi elect! unt aetmnllter a Doo ) sad dlclt 

proposltua dlviaaa voluntatis da quoouav.ue faeleado, ricut dlBpoait*» 

est* Coa ergo Deus oaaia operatur per artlfioialeiB intnllectua, et 

ab lllo nlidl poeslt fieri, oisl cub dlsposltlona praedlcto siodo suapta, 

77 78 

patat cuod aaeacs'ila ratlooa eaaoludltur diapoaitionea In 


SI Heat dicpOfiitlo dlvln.-;!. In uantua eat pvaetlca, Im- 

plieat dlTin&a voluatataa, et Ln u&ntua t>3t oMisa soltoroa, laplieat 

- 174 - 

potentisat, taaan neoandaa prindpalea aoalnie rationed , p«rtinet ad 

seientiius divin&ia, la cua ecouadua ratlonee exeapl&r«8 oiaala imt or«e- 


ordiaat^. St qui» hoc attributum approprlatur Verbo Divino, Idao 

dlolt CJioasa super priaciplum Geaesl» uoc Deus uao axnto oocretur in 

?erbOf ojBiifi disponendo , ■ i^ogis a la i pso con^ita^ cunt uairorga| 

CoIlog«tt<«e I I Gt paruffl infra» Owais por 1:. et in ips o cre^ta 

34 86 

eunt ) eeillett, eo^ndam uod conceptue rei ipsa res Toc^tur, 

Ab luio diapoeitione, effieleatia Ipelus ▼ooctur dlapositlo, 
36 37 33 

■•euadua qjod tri& dietinguuntur opera lnii priaa , seilicot , 

creationic, dispositloniu, oni«ita«. Et ultariue, / ips« efffeotua 

90 91 9ii 75ra 

ipelus Glficientia« dlepoaitio voe&tur • tsaplqatlRO vii t ^ 

jj^pi aa d |.gp08itioo»!a , o rbi tgrrftrun » Et cuarto, laijue effeotu» babi- 

tu&liter intertl ia aatur*! rerua. Pi'oductio ad ?'Ctja ti, perfeetioa^s 

est etiftji dii»pot»itlo. fcapie atiue viii : ^.spoait paaia susyitgr» 

£t ha«c diepositio propria «st effae^e provid«iti8@. Unde aocthlus 

in IV libro De ConcoIs&iQft< ^ i pi-oridwitia est diylna r&tio in ouwao 

9£ " 96 

o:ailum priacipe oonstitut&f cua ounota disponit. 

£x hae pat»t quod dispoeitio, ^ecuadua priaolp«X«B nomioie 
retionooif dieltur id quod essential! ter est in Deo, cum effsotu in 

creatura hrbituoliter conrsottto potiug uem aetUBliter, eo tiod aeeuadum 

ratioaesi, cisposltio est prior elections -use fucit l:^petua ad opac • 

£t Idoo coarr^it Coo ab «etemo, sicat nt pr-ierclaitis vel praadostiaatiOf 

- 176 - 

100 101 102 

•lout et elmllic. Idaoqaa baeo eflai«nti& dlvioi ooa&llli ▼oc<:tur 

pyB efifi itlo .■ aepuloru a» ^h»pq g^ 111 . S«d Lecuadua «lies elgnifiof»* 

tloaee pra«dlct«&y convcmi'(^ taatua 'ix tea>por«» .,ui« rel dlelt operaU-oneat 

divlnaa cus t^otUAll effects 1» cre«tura, «■«! cioit eolua affectum. 

Pr««Bci«ntl& ergo Doi oonrnuni» «at, recundun retionea nomiai»| 

ad dlepMltloaeB et proYldentiaa* Sad h«L«e duo inter 8« diff«ruat 6«can- 

104 105 

ixm r&tionas aosi^aua penee objeeiSf eoillcet» «^ola dispoeitio eei 

prbssolMitis f&clendorua ab i;i>so I3«o, ut patet tsx prftodlotis* Et idco 

noa est oiai bonoruaj et el»plieit«;r quidaa asm est de m&lo oulpi-.e* 

lOf 107 

tt aido autea pottiaa «et, incu&ntua eet Ju^ ta et bona , cleat dlcitur 

Isajlca XX3C t Pra eps-tata o;et ab b^jTJ. » Id est, a die «ateroltstls quaa 

praacecait diea teioporlg, lophetu ; Id eet, geiMsnai unde Doxinue sui^t 

aammt gabanae i a yege p r fieparata^ i Id esL, a Deo. £.t Ije ttteronoial i 

xx3cil t goitQ » hae c ^«dits sunt apud ae. etc . Provldeatia autc» «et 


pra«8Ci«aitla ordinntieniE faotorua, r^lve a teo, ut sunt omaia uoaa, 

US lU 

slve ab alXqua oausa deflcioate faota sunt, ut sunt mala, slva 

QHturae eive pownae , clye oulpaej c,uae oaal& prorldontls / ordinat 7&vb 

la boaua. 

Ex quo autea proprlue effeetus distposltionis, pmr quaa 

eua oauea cotjnoecitur, eet ▼eetlglum Del in oreatura, coneletena la 

117 11» 
aeaaura , nuoero et pondexa» Ideo, ut ejue notltla plenlua 

h&beatur, eoleadua c,u(x^., :,ui«t foraalls perfectio est bonua oonis 

- 176 - 

oreatarae , noa Eecuadxia id uod est, iiod ia'juantuB eat all uid dlvlni 

bonitatis, 'luaa est osols bonl hominy ideo ipsa rocatur vostigiua 

ereatorls, et crestura pfir ipeaa, noa solum a £<anctl8, :«d etiaa a 


Oaa «Steffi voetlgiun eit quid oor^x>rale, pt^tet <:uod do 

dlTlals dleltur traasumptlvo, h^t «utea sisilltudo saoundna ■ uaa sit 

transuaptio, uoil, siout vsstiglua cat siadlitudo ia elieoa aatura 

iapreesa ex ootu, per uoc gunltur «^Jua notitia cujuie est ▼estiglusiy 

li;S 1£4 

cleat oerrl at bujuwodi enisialia investlgantur; Ita forms euju!}- 

llbet ereaturne est similitudo Cal &couaduai natur&a foraales, quae e^st 

in aliens nature! $ nature dlTlaa, secundum illiue for&i&litatie deter» 

niaationaai in ne.tur&a c>aeialc^« £t est ilia eirailitudo reliota in 

creature ex 3<otu Dei p«r OQaee oreatur&b, eecuncum ordiaataa p&rti- 

cipt^ lion est • In Iioc enlrs rolo f;Otu» areatura aeainiilstur orlmo actui* 

Mas secuiiduis oaie lllud r,uod eat potentiala, ere&tura «st propria 

nihil, eicut dicit Augustinus , et ideo per hoc potius aet diaaiailla 

oraatorl Quaa isiliei, niei ln< uaatua ilia potaatis habet propoi^ionea 

1^ toxmam, 

Oaais eutam fttnn F^d rtoc .uod i^it bonus rei, tria habet* 

Onu» est 6UR detaradarta cuidites, per ouaa aet perfeetio rei seoundua 

eeaantiaa, dane ei idit6t«fi talis vel talis spaelei, et eeoiado» 

•«§#, fjUod £etu£ 'rseeatiae formce» H&ee autem duo facit per duo* 

- 177 - 

Perficlt ealni in esse, inquantum includlt in se naturam eatis communis; 

Bed perficlt secundum es sen tiara / secundum propriam certitudinem, id 76ra 

esty certam et determinatam dlffereatiam, determlneinteffl et con- 

trahaitem ens comsnune ad specialem naturaa. £t ideo sic foirma est 

duOy et est numerus ataterialis. 

Secundum est natura similitudinis primae causae quae, licet 

per talem deterrainationem naturae sit obumbrata dissimilitudine, 

non tEtmea omnino est sublata, Et sic est in ipsa raensura rei, non 

secundum quantitatea molls , sed secundum quantitatem nobilitatis 

152 ' 135 

naturae, sicut, secundum Philosophum , cuodlibet mensuratur minimo sui 

generis. Nam secundum cuod forma rei plus vel ininus habet si ml 11- 

tudinis hujus , secundum hoc, natura constituta per ipsum, plus Tel 

minus habet nobilitatis. 

Tertium est quod ex hoc tecundo consequitur , quod ipsa 

137 153 

a potentia sui subjectl desideratur non habita, et araatur habita } 

sicut omnia deslderat sumimui bonum. Et sic est ipsa pondus, trahens 

140 141 
omnie naturae appetitum ad sui desiderium et amorem. Sicut 

enim motus ad formam est naturale desiderium, incuantum ipse est 

opus non KOlum naturae, sed etiam intelligentlee, scilicet primi 

fflotoris, ita cuies in forma aoquisite est naturalis amor ejusdem, 

inquantum etiam hoc est opus primae intelligentiae. Sic enim dicit 
14S 144 ' 145 

Augustinus ' ood lllud quod est pondus in corporalibus, hoc 

- 178 - 


•St aaor in splritualibus. £t sio beois dlcitur £«pientl6 , p xl i 

Onnia la nuaero, poaderc- et raeasura dlspOBUlBti . Onde sicul foraa 

ia :• ®3t cifflilitudo diviase «sasdatine, Ita h^-ec trlnitas est slalll- 

tudo triaitstls pertioaei-usi in unc nQtura dlvlaa* 

61o 8U2santur lu)6c trla ecuadum uod eeeentlellter flont la 

r«ba,8 iptis. -,ufeliter aoa tuat. lm\xt, ut dlcit iuguttiaue In IV llbro 

Sqper Geaeaia , iiecuacua vero id '-iuod soas-ara osaal rei nodua or^ie- 

figibf 4it aumi^ruf oisai r<?l specicm ar&ebet » c;t pondu^- ssaai^s ran &d 

i:-l ' 162 

«tttietea et > tabilitatea: trahit , versoitsr et r-iagulerlter ««t qui 

oaaia dotenaiaat, JToxaat / 3t ordiaat* £lc eaiffl pr&sdioatioae p^r 76rb 

cauE^ua haeo de I'so dicuatur, at op«r&tio diviass eaueallt&tis e£t ipse 

Hmxi» Uade qiU.aL baec brie, euat la crsaturs aon oIuk r&tioafl» sua« 

1£4 185 15f 

boaitatie » i^i^ed etiaa railoaes etia» crsationiSf sttoundua qua« 

exaunt creaturae a creator©, ideo beae dicit Baailiue Super Pyoverblfc 

163 " 169 

quod sunt -uacdsLiis sapiaotlae rationos» ;uae aat« omaia in^ert^ euat 

creaturls, id est, Ilia ipsa rati?, t^gt quam uau» uodcue a sapleatia 

ICl IGi 

prooreatum @t<t j per qusa sapientle&y taenia claiaat et oreator^u 

maoa Leua profltetur* 

?riao eai« oaatiuni ratio et isoientia rerom oroducta e«t, 
tune deiado ipgte imbetaati&e. Hoo autea latellicoadaB «et ordiae 

a&turaet ale eaim suemrls. prtiedlcta trla teouadux id niod euat, eint 

rstioa«s ooa&ec;uaat9e a&turaa foraiao, teat^, iaquaatum suat sapieatla 

- 179 - 

166 16fc 167 
ereets , d« -uo ix iclo|4^tp^iel I t p£is» __o?miua ,^e&ta e£| 

sa pientia ; id est, inruantum reti«m«?r jixat « recRindiia 'uae Ipsa foraa 

163 170 

et tots nature rei fluit a prima osusr sub talibue aodis , uod 

oameE IntueatOH Inptrjimt de ipeo ore-t-or©, qualiter tunt saplentis 

create, htbctttis in fc ."nateilEliter notiti«jn Del, cuae ost ver» 

gaplcnti.':. vualitcr etir-a gpeciRll rstion*' ruat effeetus divinsai 

soplentice. £ic sunt priore ipse iabBt«nti« rei, ieut etisn ipse 

esltus r&i & cue c&uea prior est ipso Oi^us^to; siout eala dloit 

175 174 

AuguEtiau£ libro V t^jtgcr Ggnee^q c^uod si iafid«les vldereat ^rdiaea 

qui est in m«EBbris cujuslibet sxni^hUa, tionn« claaaient ne [oincto cui- 

d«Sk te^^orib £ou3, e i^uo u:t oisaiua aensuraru» xodur, otnoi» pluralities 

nuaoarorua, oninis ordo pondsnui, a gulem&tioac mundi eessr^t, 

ix hi& patet <iUOd, seeundusi expositioaea Auguetini, Teeti- 

giu;» cuod l^.e© p<Hiit ia libro IDe Nat»ir& Bpni , ecillcot, sjodas, 

sp«oi^y ordo, e;:t idiaa eua iUo c.uoc poaitur &*pi«i&tia« xi • f^odus 

«ttis «st ii«Bsara pra»fix& oisai rdi, a aaaaura ein» &«aearB, cui ««quatur 

177 173 

■4uod d« illo est, ut dlcit Mi^tuiitiaus ia IV / libro '>^pfiT Geacej^ • ^^^^ 

bpteciob autem est aunex-us otiuflattte at> «o cui, ut dicit ibidem i^ugus- 

tiau£ , eet auaoruc siae a\imerd, ^uo forsantur osnia. Ordo sutMi est 

130 131 

poadUf cau&:>i'aai ab eo ::ui , t.&cuaciu.ii Augustiauai ibidam, eat pondus 

aiae poadere, .uo oaiaia relnruntur ut quiesotiat Uaoo c^im oaaia ast 

Lf»B per osuaciJsi, -ed aihil boroa eet per iaha«r«ati&a« 

- 130 - 

1S2 198 1S4 

In Idw; redlt lllud ruod idea jonlt in Ubro. 
13S 13e 137' 

^» Triaitate , scilioet, uaitae , tpeclee , ordo, caa f«re •tiaai 

133 139 

aoalaa eadais slat. Sod t^iaea proponitur yilc vestigium t-ub lUis 

nonlnibuf^ sdcunduai qu&e sxiiraesius rspraeantant personam divinas, 

Uoltabea Boiz. Toout lllud cuad prlu» TocuTlt su^c1mi« ei uod priue 

Tooatua est nuaaras; quis. forsa, lio@t clt aus«zus aaWriallfi in- 

'.uantua coupositti est, innuaatua taaen detarain^indo ad apeolrsi unit oe 

in ':e in quibue nzt, rlc ect \nit&£ et species» Sed sub ru»lae 

unitatis» wuae est priacipium nuaeri* coaronieaiius appropri&tur Pitri, 

qui «et SiUixnu orij^ o;:2xiu£ rsruta, ut dicit M^stinns in iibro ye Vera 

194 195 

ft«}.igloi^ ff • SpdcieB autesi ;iudlt hio Au{^j:^tinua pro .peoio;sitat« 

giae fora'j, five pulciiritudiao rai, .-iecundua cuod dicitur, .peciee 

Priaai di^a set -^perio, eicit ipse expoait ia ?I De T ria l tots • 

Et iooc «at icesa quod in alio vciStigio vou^rit oodua, et in «lie 

vooatur aflosurei '^uic^ ipaa foraa, noa insuantum &at uabra» sed inquantua 

•»t ali'-.uld prLiiae lucie» ^ucto e&t ipsa pulchritudo, eat pulclirltudo 

oujuslibdt aaturasf bed .ub ration* apdoiei givs palcl)ritudinl« aAgii» 

potest &pi>ropriari ^iliO| rul& ipe« perfeetiseiaa pulc'iritudo, ut 

dieit ^gufitinu^ la libro !>«< Vera ^^liytang in^uantua est iaago 

Petx*ief Bulla «x p^rte ei dieaiailis* Ordo e;.utea utrobi us «odea 

nom^e aig^oific^-tur} et ej.propri.&tor Spiritui U&acto» cui approprit:tur 

boaitas, c.ula ratio fini»| cuaa oztio dlcit| ooaplc-t in cre^turis 

- 131 - 

rAt.lou««ai biani* 

XW 19» 200 

Olterius etiiaa , aust hoc vntitlgli) r<eound9 iugustial 

id«B est tej-tiuiu, ;aod idea poait ia libro >^3lilo yaiarua , seilicot, 

▼axuAf pulciu-ua» boau&» Bas uuitae aaterlftllc ous« set forae, et 

eil6a varlttifi / rei, ei, pulcijrlVado et speciositi-e idea sunt. Bonuia 76vb 

ftat«ia rx«>a «iutitiu^ coutuauiit^.!' ^ro to;,a raUoae ru^i ia qu& coa&i^tlt 

booit^Sf ,,ai& sic iceis «.stiet dl7idaa& dt di7i&aa{ ^ed rusitur pro 

rb&ione fiols, ^a&e ect eti&n> i-t-iio ordiai£ at posderi^i» 

205 206 

In iciea etiiiai redit laod exjjooit £upcr Cs aticuai , eoi- 

lioet» uousif veras, boiux. Ssaa. u:2ua ect ipse forat>. in ee» voras 

incuentua est ciaillta^o priaAc ocaa&tj alitor eoia aon etret reran 

en», KGd r^^Mua ox porsixtioae 3on ectic, et vanua cz vcrtibilit£.ttt in 

nihil» Bonus satoa Uvuaitur ut priuts. 

In idea etina aedit id c:Uod 03.poait Aujuctiaus in libro 


L^jQilll iiaacstioaua , scilicet» uod oonstat, 'tuod ooai^ruit, uod dis* 


©emit, llna foraa est per mun coaflt«t ree ia esae 6ubBtiinti6li5 ©t 

quod ciscsrait gradus aobilito.tia; et ruod ooa^ruit; in .usntua est 

finis* it» ;ioat ipse ibid«i oetendit, ex iioa miadtor euffieicntia 

partluB ve»tigii, quia aon sunt ^iure la «ubetantia r-^l (jUaa s\mt 

qamgtioaa» d» re* Istas autsn irjnt trjituie tros; scilicet» «n 

as E16 

eit» et ^c patet ei ooaetat; at un hoe tr»l aliud sit, et iioc 

p&tet par ditstinctioneiii uniue c;b alio; et utnua probendum rel 

iaprob^ndua elt» et boo p&tei .1 eongruit* 

- 182 - 


Dnde pstat quod vftne multl Isijorant qui volunt hoc 

diveraificare; cula secundum istnra eTipopltionea Au.^stini , "irestlgium 

quaereadua cfct in ipsa Eub?t«ntia rel| ln(m«atun »nt nlailitudo prinae 

causae, Et p«t«t ex pr^-odictis ;uod sic in r-ubetantia rei aon sunt nisi 

220 221 222 

ieta trla . Onde sic non potest ^iliud vastigiua fiagi, aec 

eXieua. lunt pluros partes vestigii, cui-i ipsa forma est similitudo dlvinae 

225 224 

6£seatic.e , ct est oaaino i:oyan&j,isi ssse '.dens cm his tribn?. Vide 

ergo tjuod Ia erccturae ubstRr.tis noa ast ::iisi potentia <?t nctue, et 

vestigium tfintJEi suaiitur oenes rctus, inruantum est b->nit.f.s relj et 

ilia iategrc.tur tx ..olis fcupr&dictis tribus * 

227 223 

laeupbr in divlnle / n>n Rst niei ereentia , et pf.rconse 77ra 

et C3neev-i«atia SBeeritieicj et ©esentiGS Testiginn es-t Rssentis. formae, 

Tree «utem ejue naturae njnt vestl(jlua trinitctis persoaarum, et 

aedium horam, scilicet, nobilitac Rt pulchritude cr?»Situree, includit 

ojfluie conEec;uentiw. substantiam, in r;ulbns illc naturn Lmitatur 

nobilitatea dlvlnae nyfairtse, Et ic ox utracue o«Tte non potest rliud 

suiiii veetiglum in essentialibus cre?«turae« 

Taaen ;uie, ut dicit Philosophue in 711 Metp.p tiga icae 

boaum rei eti;.;nj in accidentibuE coneistlt, secundura nuod etiam 

laaLiisn.vticae scieatlae, qu6.e de accldent.'slibus sunt, determinant de 

bono» ideo sic aults vestigia possunt in cresturlc aesifjftari. Et 

255 256 

ipsa Philotopbuc T'ddoia ponit uauai, -cilic^^t, ruod differMitiaa 

boni sunt . ped&i:, ordo at cociriiGnsur&tio* It Philoaopbl cuidea intentlo 



mgt quod haeo camaatur in s&theio&tlcis. £i elo eptttin aet fonuif 

•ti ciroa ali^ul«3 eaQ&t«aB flgur&) ordo v«ro flgurae ud opue ooti- 

gruua flgurbtae, eleut figure rotund» dtitar Tlaii, ut triaa^alsrls 

obloaga odomtui. Coa.:<eaflareU.o autea 8«t in pz-oportinae priaci- 

piorua fijjur&e adinTioas» et ad subjsetua. Po&sunt t^^en suni in oaoi 

a&tur& &ccid«itie« it tuno «peei«8 est i^sa forma scoidentalis £>eouackia 

•aam certituciaoa, Orcio autea est ipsa ewBounie aatura «ccicentlfi, per 

quMi sociuitur cubttaatiaat* Goaoeosurfttio auten eet proportio ejus ad 

prindpia subj-^'Olif ax uuitaa oritur* Possuat etiaa Iveo intolli^ in 

(mb«t&atialibu&; et : io poesunt r«duel ad &upr£« posita veeti^a, 

ut patet intuanti* Hota tanea suod Philosopbus &ddit ruartua meadsrum» 

ticilioet cat ersiinii lion efa, vuoc tfiui-.a £.ocunoua re:a non differt a priorlbus 

tribu», ,ssd dieit reduotionca ipsonw ad terainua porfectionie. Ex 

his p«t«t quod ec&indott rationea vestigii» bonitae «tit in robuc intentust 

::',46 p*7 

c.uod , t^icut dioit Aurubtinut in libro / fcg Mature Boni , osioia in* 77ra 

qucatus siOdar&tii. at speoiocs^ et ordinata euat, bonfA eunt* 
249 ;^50 

Patet etiaa ex auetoritate ^gustini in libro ^oay 

t fneaim ^uilc tiUpuriui; posit«i oat, • uod veetigiua ast in osni oreetura^ 

qui« oania erofttura bst foraata , 01a ossa sit a foroa* Eloaan autcra 

oraatoraa propria bio sunitur* ut nan ooBpr«»hcodat ooncraata, <<,ula tuno 

iretur in infinitua; vol aodua osaot £ine oodo* et ;.>io do aliis* Uaca 

••oundum Au^^utitinua pou^t dici ^uod b£eo tria «tiaa dispoeitu sunt 

- 184 - 

ia ««noire (iu&« est eine mvaawcm, et in tammro sino outacro, «t in 
pOR(t«r« cine ordiae; «ieui priaa non daaosiinsuntur nisi ^ foriia ez«9gq>lc<.rl« 
Qttla autea p&rtes vestlgil iaportant deteraina&lonMi at dietinctlonetn 
aiioujue r«ti ab uliie, Iceo illud quod , licet quantum ad suom esseo- 
tiam Xitsdiiitua :>itf teaen ^ocuruiua esss «t virtute» est ousnibuis oosa» 
xumicatua, illud dioitui' iuitto triu noa h^bare. Sicut dicit 'nnu^rosius 
in Boy&eaero;:! lucis nature ©at ut aoa eit in numei'o, ,:'oncere ot 
a«j»ura, ut aiifi «rti^turs, uis ut in eodea dicit j non in eplendor* 
taatuia« ed in ossil virtute, nature luci^; prob.'»tur; is^oiliovtf in- 
quantua «st inBtruaeatua corporua c^eletitiua, .,uo virtutem su&a iai\m-> 

:f7 SCO 

dunt inferlorlbuB ; sic eaim. yoI in luce, Tel in virtute, vsX in 

utroc.ue, lux ooi&sainis est o:anibus rebue oorporalibue • 

26« ::r?, 

(%iil& vero perfeotio rei : eouade can^ietit in op«r&> 

2<^i ""es zm 

tion» 8U& optia& , &t psrfeotio «et booua , Idoo etiaa baee tria 

seoandua Aa^^.uetinua , s«oilicst, liiodus, ^pooic^s et ordo, cunt in com- 

p&retione m hominea pnTttae bonl Tirtutic* Virtue ania est nodus, in«> 

qaaatua «odiflonndo «otum debitie circaai&tantiit, f&oit «ua «as* bonua. 

£t est spaolee, in lu&nto^ Inform^ndo i^^tium, virtuosua pulcliritudiaa 

apeoitdi ip^uffi ornr^t* Hsl iiutca ordo, in urmtoa dirigit in felicitAteea, 

eiout in jtinea. £t non olua «uat bfi.@c ia h&bitu / virtutic, £ed 77Ta 

•iiaa io '^.ctibusi, ut dicit Augustinuc IV libro ^upsr Gonesia , 

aa^e enia h&ec in riiobillbus t&ntuaaodo et oorporalibuB ania&dTei-ti 

i:71 £72 

pOBsunt. etlijs moosur» all tiid &tandl, nc> It Irrevocnblll» 

et liBiaoderatfi progressio* £t est nu»eru:i ^ rr$ctlonua 'Mdlod ei vlrtu> 

i;78 ii74 

tuo, uo ab etuliltlae ceforiatt; te 'd ? u-lentloe forjcas decuscue 

k;76 276 :>.77 

collleltar • Et cft ponda». ..^.oris ▼oIunt^;tlSy ubl appnr«fe cut^intl 

273 279 

qttldcu* In ftppeiendoy fugi«;ndOy pr&epoa«ado, pOi5tpon«ado(:ue pendator • 

Et hoc vesti/^iua p .r .'ilua oulpse :lbi opposltum aiiapll- 

oltur cornmpiturj od awlua n turec, id est, ; rival lo, non corratuplt 

tot^litei ▼» a&tur&le» ui» Utao corrum^eret selpeus, ula 

prlT&tio non est i^iae ^ubjuoto• f>c.tlo uutoa differentl&c est ula 

233 i231 

aedua n&turae non eet para ^ulYatlOf ;lout aalun oulp&e, i-ed ,20tlu8 

;j82 ' seas 

•«es^i^r fundatur 8up«>r for-nam contrariaa, nuae ia e bona eft; : ed 

la eoapai'atlone ad contrariua :;uod prlr&t , dloltur umlua. Et Ideo 

Bolua culp&e tollit 6i"pliclter bomia albl oppoaltum, et nihil ^jonlt 

foroallter in rubjceto. Halua yero nvnturee, tollGndo unua bonuat, oait 


£et eilam & uoc icut perf actio et onxim a&torale 

tMXkt in >aolbu£> crot^tls, dlTars» tejoen non ?x>lvM .specie et generc» -ad 

•tlaa eeuadtm analoglast, icut splrltu&lia oerfeetiora sunt cornora- 

237 6-33 

llbus, at Incorruptibllia corrupfcibillbue , sic etica ha.;c, in 

quibu& Taatlglaa eesaatlule conslstlt» diverslflet^itur. Insuper eua in 

p«t«itll8 aala&e alt toa ▼eatl^iua anturele cuca eti&si bonltatia 

utor.-iUay »int h;^eo duo In «le seoun. urn dlvereae retlones* i&a potentia. 


- lac - 

289 ^'9'3 

lacuentuia est \u&ed&a ncvturr., ii;bet veetigiua naturale, etiaa eodein 

noob ,uo etiam in foriaie t.ccidaitfilibu5= pote-t iioc vestis^iuia / ctEign-irl. 77vb 

iied in u*iQtua ott pottntiG, id est, viitui. op i.tiva w-cancua ijuaaauc» 

aodu.Ti, cic in et est vestlgiaa «orie. 

wunt aute:.; ii ec tria p.-rtec virtuialcs unius -vini, tearuea 

totiur» potciitativi, cujus ■jote&tfe.t in Oujaiijua p-i tious consdgtit, Bed 

in una et cupreoa taatua com letur. i.ic enim bonitas m tuine coaeistit 

in o.aaibus p-rti :u£ veetigii, eed toi.i«i in ultiiao o- rte coiayletur, 

cji& illud conclucit alif duo, ct addit rr^tioneia :>oniy in u&atum 

bonua «ct. -.lUae est ibtio cesicierii et fiaie. Hoc enia includii. yrr- 

fftOtioneiu, u& forsi» 3st pei^fectio, u.a ex ;;u« attura ex psrticipe- 

^ione divinte p«;rfec;.ioalt;. 

vuis fautom, uu su 'le dictum est, aoraen bcai uaaao ue trtns- 

fertur &d atJLua, j.ropter liOc, eti&ia illae pfartes vfieti^ii cu^ado ue 

dicuatur de nt'.lo. Uacie ^ic vere dicit ^euetinut in libro De_ Nature 

3qajL hUOc i;fc*jc recipiuat dettpi-^nuoioaea .mli, ticut dioitur afclue 

modus, et ij.1 i*pos'.,olo su^cits mali ot .nelus ordo. ««uijidorue eti'n 

species noa. suuitur jro pSite boniL tip for.-jae, eed ro ips£ forma , 

inquiini/uai ae. et in £© li ec tri , '£% ^ic vorura. dicit •'ni^.uetinuE in libro 

LJ.XiIII su^estio aum cuoc ttJitum aocu^ ali de specici privitioao 

repertua est. Sara ei euaeretur t.;/8Cles pro p2;i t*; vestirii, otiur- ::alu3i 

diceret privationGa ardinis cpedei, "uif. ia Lllo oonsistit ratio 

boni priacipaliter . 

- 137 - 

508 S04 306 

Quia «tiaa bonun, ut aoble notua est, non eut in 

Dto pmr esMailast iaao . lo ■ap^rbomie »st» . ed tantua Mouaduai csusaa, 

£i sic eeooadua b&eo irin, qut;e Luat ouaerusy i&ensura, poadae» coasl» 

daratur etiaa bonus in creatore (»«cuacua Augafetlmm j uifc, ^iout 

S03 809 

didt Idonyslus IV c&pitulo Le ilvxait Moain^-bm , boaua Bt ut 

EIoq\ii& dicunt ex cuo; ut ex causa effieleati, osnia mbeistoat in 

propriis certitudinibu£(, et sunt i^r aeturaa eatis. It lio o&u8fillter 

ipse est noasrus, .vieut ez eauta parfeeta deduota at in ;U0 ataie / 7dra 

oon?:i£tunt sicut in potent! plantati(me| Id ast, plant&rlo principio, 

unlvoce procucento ex £e, icut a priao axeaplarl pr&ctico, ostnee oor- 

fectisnes; oustodlta per cftaBclitatea et oontenta per £imilitudinea in 

eSMatia dlTina* Et bic ceuealitar «et ipsa aaaeura priaa; et ad .uod 

oonis. convartuntuif ; icut ed priaua finea. hi, aio est pondus osni» 

in se incliaans* Onde ^ubditt et qisea daeidareat oanla* 

Iterusy Mie transitu .% Dai per er«k;tttras non aoXvm «st pw 

opus creationiEf &ed aiiaa par providaatiaa) propter quea dieltur Deus» 

ut diclt I^eaasettius s a(6</ quod ect eurrere per osniaf foreodo ipsa, 

ideo o^ere providentiaa Dei Teetigiua ejus voo^ntur in criptur^, 

c.ui& per consenrationeis rerust in &uo ozxiinfi! inveetlgstur unue liubszv- 

515 S16 517 

nutor Biundi, ut dioit Aup^uatinue at D&aaso&nus et Cle&ntbaa 

philosophies • Est sutea providaatia uoiyersali^ uniyer&allter su^pte, 

eacuaduB ^uod ei est eara d^ oamibus» et de illis vestigiif^» «^^uaa 

- 183 - 

tvmt ordin«8 renu in se^ ^t ia antibus cait, e% conrwiieatla et per- 

B&na:itley per «uod soitur ouadus r«gl «apiwttls providentla , et 

522 228 

aon c^su» ut dlcltur In libro Po Hatetra It<» oi ya « J:t pormntur «xoiBpla 

d0 nftvl reete iaeadttite intsr fluctue, et ia horologlOf et in ^pbera, 

qvLtm fMit PoBsldonlut «d aiailitudiaaM aoius pXanvtarua» ana» oonia 

eapleaa aeit arte faot» es&e at ragl* Cloitur Job t Foraitai^ 

Tagtigl^>. L'a i o oapyahendfp • 

SS7 823 

Eat etiui provldKitia «niverselia datfsrmia&te svnpta , 

eacundutt c,uod Ccue ^citainistri: t res ia respostu ad iMoiaaa ▼•! punisndo 

251 352 

hoAinea psr raxua eiibts>aetlon«m , vel iapandandP «1 banaficia propter 

utilitatea» et de llliua pi'ovidwiitlaa ▼eetigile» u^ae sunt Judlda 

Dei, dicitur Ad_£>saaa2£ ^ * »u aa iaoo apr eha]aus j.,bj L]4 s tsunt j^di oja gju,g» 

Est tertio / speci&IiE proridttitia Dei circa r&tioaalan 73rb 

556 SS6 

oreiituraa, eeoundua ;'Uod |>oa ^ . st D ao fura ^a bobufi» saeuadoa 

Apoatolua , at de ejus vastigiis, quae euat lex aaioralia et lax 

Boripta, dicitur Job i Topti ;^a ejap i; «eutfc feet, s?ef aanf « 

CAPI70U» JUbcimu tnvjn 

t« proTidantls divln&, «t d« hoe noailne D«faB 
qxtod 9st aoraesa prcrvideatia* 

Hoc noaoB Lvas, ,u«aUMl «d prlaua •Ignlflc&tua, uod «at 

ratio a ^ua Laponitur aoaon, l^lfieat providcntlaa | 'Mis, 5ieut 

5 4 
diclt U&ximxB super 211 c&^ittulo Dloaysli U r ivia jg Noajoibugii hoe 

noaea ®^°^ , -uod '-pud aoe ost Deuc, du&s i::^ bet deterBln:^tlon«6 «pad 

^5 6 

Greeooe, rule rel derlTstur eb hoc Terbo di^M-j ^ cuod est Tideoi rel 

contesplor, Ive coacidero, quia oania eirmaspiciti rel eb hoc rerbo 

d^*^, «^uod est ourro; huIs oaola providentiu circaitf eo circuitu do 

7 3 

quo dicit Bo6thiu£ in IV libro £< ConsoXatioge , Ordo» in uit, nsJLdoiB 

euneta eofflplsoiitur, ut c.uod a ceBigntita ordlnia x%tloaa deceaeerit^ 

itoc licet in sliusi tamon ordinGC relabaturf nee >uid in refoo pro- 

11 12 

vldoatiae liceat taaeritfttl • DsjAaseenuD auteo libxt> 1, o&pitulo 
IS 14 IS le 

III dlcitt Ljost nomen ui est, uod ect id«B oua no>.aiae bonl , 

ot oet priioum Inter nosiin» Dei, hoc noaea hvxt est nosten secundum , 

ot eat ooaea oparatioait;; et dicitur hie @^o/ » id est» Deus» vel ab 

17a 13 

, id eetf eurerc , vel forere uniTarea soeundua illud Qcooaj Lp i i 

Spiritus Dei f ereb; tur super a;u«a; id e«t, ineibebst ct forebpt, ut 

19 ,, 20 
dicit &li& trimsl^tio } vol &b <^((?«/ , id ast» crdene* Ot enia 

21 22 

dicitur isiiteronoisii It , et i»d Hebraeoa xii t peu e noetcr ii^|4 ll 

- 189 - 

- 190 - 

eogfc^B^aH^y osnoffl s&Iltiaia s&k • ^^^ ^ Bi'i'rB^L ^ ^^ ^^^^ ^ coneiderando 

.:;& 2e 

oaniti iioouacum illud H<sbr«L«o« It t g ;Jiala nu^a »t , aperta sunt ocullf 

c.lup etc», 

£x <;ui.bu» oonlbus eolllgitur •ouoc ix>c aoaen» (;uaBtu» ad 

priaun .uua i.lgaifioi^iua« eet noaan providentl&e ])«1 « sscundua qucttuor 

ejus opera* vu^e sunt pmdentis, ' ua seit / cuod unlouleuliue congrult» 7dTa 


•t oure qu8 boa& coniervr^t, ei tertio, bonltas c.u£ noooasata repel* 

lit, et M-aartOy providesitiae droultue quo aon uolus boa» &eA etiaa 

■aid cuaa permittit oMlaat &d bona* Ft tdc ^loc noaen desoriblt Elo- 

nyalue XII Cipltulo re liyinlp Hoa^LiM-^^ » ciceasi doltf^s dloitur quae 

osola videt ^/rospeotu reglalaie, ;'lcut frequaiter dicitur la eariptir&y 

S5 S6 

Vldeat Loaiaue et judlcet ) et Gqaogty jodi t Dnde > n ;EC:ue bodle dloitu r 

la raoate Do ajgue videbit » Prorideotla curae do que dicitur S&pieatiae 

58 " ' 88 

xii » Mec agt aljuti JJeuB i » iiaam tu cul our& es^ de oaaUbuy pg p^* iy1^r*^'"h 

fe plclgQ^ t i?cilicet y aoa .oluia boa&, rod «tisa aala, olroaospectlone 

ordiole qua ut ciotura eat, cunota co%l\'Ctitur, et bonltste perfeota, 

42 45 

qua aoA soluoi jlaouit omnia fieri, «»d etltiiii frcta pl^^o«it ut con« 

44 4£ 

aorventur; Genesis i : Vidj L.t, ij ^s cua<yta ,ufc(» feocrtit etc » j oniaia bona 

4€ 47 

continea& , consustaado stale, ae ipse a&la coasuna&at boaix, C\.q etisA 

contineatur bona in ^ua n^tura, ;,tt&ia aoluffl privnt et corruapit, et soipea 

iikpleae onoia deducenco tln^-ula eecundua soaa » paclt^tse in ^'roprioe 

Xinet, la ,uibu£ psxtidpant iji-oportioniditer iaiosaia bonua ut fiaoM 

ultioum} et axcodeao oionia ,aovid«ntia ipsa utoatla, uia regit ree ita 

- 191 - 

quod aon perolscetur cum els» 

£!x ills p?aet isijue dlffiaitlonic, mlei am «si dif- 

fiiuitio rei : Ignificat*», ^uae j.irsplex fest, et diffiaiil non potest} aed 

ef(t expoeltio aou nls* Et Ideo ponit quattuor «otu. & uibui^ noaon Loe 

50 51 bZ 

iaposltua ett. Sed cuentum »d Id cul loposltua ost nomen , ' uod 

6S 54 55 

«et eecunduBt ejus sigolflcatum , sigalfiont Ipeim natur&2i dlYinaa 

pr&9 osioibus aliie £i«l noiclalbos uoMd nost Sa» p«r oper* provid«atiee 

57 59 

priflum Kcolpiimis £«1 oo0i[)itloneffl netur&lesi. Opera Tero oretitioale 

et irjttitutloni» n^turue >otlus per pi^pbttts?» ■xLom per philoeophias 

cognofccuntur» Onde hoo 'uoc. i^oribltur Opnesle i , roctt Gergorlus 

Utper Ir.gecialGl«B prophetl^a da praeterito. Propter uod ootiue argu- 

ei e£ 63 

aMitua , per uod ia ILhro Uf iiatur& Lgoyua probatur cuod I)«us sit » 

«UJBltur h providentifi / a cue acmea ii^i dlcitur. £t ^Ic vere dldt ?3vb 

64 65 

AisbrosluK in I libro £*« Triaitfc.te vuod Deus rtoaen est naturae. '^Ia 

v«ro rec non eoaserrtintur nisi virtute suae cs.\i&f.e, sole pri^aa et 

C7 63 

uolTercellfi o.isnium e&uLs. est univeresliter oaoloa eimserv&tiT&f per 

proTldentlsm proprise virtutis* Et eeundusi uod hoc noiaen Deue dici^ 

tur a .vrovld«itia ^ecundua verfectlonea t&llc r-^tionis , clo r«o nozsea 

71 72 

Deo 9deo roprlua est, r,ula neo coa^inlesrl potest cre^tur&e , eicut 

78 74 

nee couu:iunicari oi potest quod non sit a priia& ceue&{ c.uia ei 

eIlo,uid contineret se, v&l alls propria, et non depeadente Tlrtute, 

illud noti asvvt i.b aliquo o U}.atu3, Et slo Ipee diolt, Deuteronoiai^ 

- 19S- 

re 77 T» 

xm^ll t flAite ,uoc ago . ia bolue» ex, aon sit t^liufc Deug p raeter 

— . Iiit probat toe per o ■>: ra providenti&e, dleens» Ego occtdam t'tc » 

3J 81 

Ideo cioitur Sftpjentla^ xlv t IacQii^|ij.cabl]|,e boo noctin l&uidlbff^ 

ItK^uantuic tasioa i>rovid«ati£.a cuam Ceue esplet por f&tun, 

uie actus px-OTidenti&e pertiolpaatur « oreaturie, et per ooafcxi^a» 

84 35 

aoBca liei. £t lIc dioitui- I ooriataioi viii t ^1 >-ulcem uat dll 

a8tt,Iti . £t dlolt G10R6& > dleltur eaia £«tte tribus aodist mb£t&zv> 

37 38 

tlT« Lvae trinltitei uade pr&eaislt Apostoloii t auXjUts Leus aisi uaug } 

39 90 

ad«ptlve , Id eeiy per graii^a cdoptloolct ut anctl} uade dlolt 

91 92 

ApoetoXus t ffl 'UJ.d^xB cunt dll .aultl ; ouncuiit tlva» daaaaaee at idola. 

98 94 

Dad* ibld«B dleltt N&a et: jL ya ; fr , - ul GicMalox- dil, Glosss t a 



£i p&iet .uod baeo dl^lelo non est unlvoca , i,\xi& noaan 

le convenlrct dlvidM&tlbua asquallter» Hec atlbja est divlelo 

noQ-inie ec;ulvool, ula tuac rum eaeet In diverels no^inibue raepaotua 

ad tBUUB actursB. ^«d o&t dlyielo caslOi,'!* cule aoaoa Vei propria 

at prlao aonrcali oi cul Goav^olt ubHtanti&lltsr} ct secuadarlo 

99 130 

ooavaalt participant! bus dlvlnlts.tea ; Icut ^r^ctl, ui c3iclt 

Gjlo^ca Ibidem ; / et Ivroprllsloa oenv^olt illie In ^bu« 79ra 

lOii 10 S 

nihil dlvlnlt£ tie o&t, uoillcet, neo osswatlallter, n&o par- 
ticipative, ed tuitum iuantua ad fala a cetlis<->tlo!ifla boalnua, :.ieut 

- 193 - 

104 105 

sunt iclola. Et ideo ibidoa cicit Aposlolue ; Lciinus./;;,yLlj Idoluia 

nihil , Ltt ia ::aiacto . wloEsa t id est,, illud ^•.rad putsbant bcep 

Idolua. Et in .ur-ntiim Leu. .ubetantialiter cicout est c aca c;iYini-.atiE 

103 109 
in omnibus participantibui: ipB^a, et principslittr hie solus e; t 

110 111 
Deu8 xoprie dictus, ideo in ;-:criptura voci:tur ipse Deus d eo rum , ut 

per hoc vel antonos£8ie notetur, vol rceu etuc causae ad c»u65tuia, 

secunciura Dionyeium • 

Licet etiam Haymo super dictum V' rbua i postoli dic^!:. 

nau fr-cili pOEse inveniri in iicriptura engrlot aperte deos vocari, 

propter otvendua vicinuia erroreia, cui?, ^ropier nobilitatea nnturae pu- 

tarentur substinoiall-v,ir dicti dii, tamea W-onyruuF- XII csraitulo 

Coelestis iiiercrG' dicit theologl'-ii vocM't deos cotlestes siipor 

116 117 

no£ esseati-is. Dnde ^ertegje iii : Erltis EJcut dii ; et in Psalmo 

113 119 

li ji fortes tr^ i fee etc » £t coc r.'itionule e&&, "uia Dei pi^videntia 

praecipue pf:r eoiTim ;iiiniBterit-».i exi^letur . 

1 J. . l<:z 1£5 

wecundum cuod iaomines dii vocantur, lioc est 

BWltipliciter.; ' uia vel p^.iticioant officium civiaae provideatise, 

l-'5 ' l.;6 

ut prselsti J ct fie cicitur Exodi xxil s Dii.'; Tooa d etreh es, et 

li;7 " 

principi .>opuIi tui ;ion iaeledices . Vel f- i ticipsmt -ctuia divinae -rovi- 

dentiee in ectibue hier'.rchicis per lu3»en divinae saotsati'-ef ut projvetae 

lia i.:9 

et docloreej in Paalao i jEi^o di::i dii ■^pti;.^ etc . , uod e7riX>nit 

- 194 • 

1» 151 U2 185 154 

JoannJrS x : Illoa di xit deos &d moz serao D»l faotus «st » 

Vel est uErticipatio uaatura sd ,4> testa tea rairaculorum, Iptodl vi : 

Eoce congtltiil to Deua Pharaonle . Vel eet partioipatio per gratiaa, 

136 1S7 153 159 

vel per feloritia, Psalaus » Deue stetdt ia syn&ssx» d eorua 

IncipienE tsaen, ..ul dixit in corde £UO. aoa est Leus , 
141 142 143 

negat provideati&m sdesee Ceo # a / -iUa hoc nomcn iiapaeitum 79rb 

144^ 146 

est. In quorum persons dicitur, Ecclesiafctcs ix t Vj Ldi ;ub tole , 

neo Yelociuia eege cutbub etc.; eed teajj^ug casumotte ia oi 3 nibu§ « ted 

contra eoedeai dicitur, Eccleei«ete|5 ri t Ne ue die £ coram antrelo^ 

143 149 160 

non eet jrovidentls etp , («uidouid enim ordinate in determi- 

151 1££ 

nbtus finea agitur, hoc gabeitiatur aliquo intellectu praestituente 

finem, Sed univereua ad icodua exereitus agitur in fiaeai suum intra 

secundum ordinea csussram t.d invicem, et in finem fuum extra, scilicet, 

in bonuia intraitum s duce exercitu&, ut dicit Philosophus la XI Met^.;ay£icna . 

155 15€ 

Et continue nos iaoc ipeua experiaui-. Ergo gubejpnstur intellactu , 

157 163 

cujus est Oisnibuti ceusatls prseetituere finem. Et l!K>c 3x0:1 est nisi 

169 ItO 

causa prima} et curfe i^ est providentia certa • irgo, habemue non 

eolum uod providentie eit, sed etiam cuie sit cujus est omnibus pro- 

161 162 

▼idere. Onde dicit Damascfiouu XXIX capitulo II libri 1 neceese est 

cundffin factorea es^e eorua cu&e sunt et urovisores} aliter enia ut«rt!U« 

les 164 

ecset in imbeoillitate, hlc quiden faoiendi, his autev providendi. 

165 166 

Videtur taaen bpicuro base cura proridentiae non 

. 196 . 

ooa^MtL eeuA p&rfoctas befititudinffin in Ceo» <M& ipso diclt beatltu- 

dlaaa congistere in quiete et vacatlone osoalua suaenta , ut dicitur 

ia I libix> ro N&tura Deorjm j et ideo oegat e D«k> pravideatiwa, 

ised ipse aultlpliclter dtadpitur* Unua est cuod cttra 
Ih»! aon fctt cua Itbore operis vel paseloae follldtudlnls, at culete 

indigocitl ccd ei Telle est 0;/eraii, j.i)i jiixit ct facta .^ont • Secua- 

dUB est suod dclectatio ut beatltudo auacuaja est In uiete, niai per 

aoGldflOa) scilicet, iaqurntuia rules iatercipit laborem ct afflictlonen. 

£ed eeaiper per le caanl&tit ia ellub opar£</&ioae aaturali , perfect» 

ot aon i<^pcdlb&y ut dlclt Phllosopfaus , ot exporlntento Eciiaue, 

17f 174 

Sicut aut^ oree;uio in£titalt naturamf ?ic orovidentla 
ree institutue deduclt in cai;^-ruo£ eibl / finee* Bt Ideo dicit ' 73Tb 

176 177 

Bloa;?^^6iu8 Iv o&pitulo £« ijLvjLalfa a i O i aiaibuf t cicut provideatia 

uolusoijufr.ue naturae est ealTatiT&, per ^e aobllia proridcrt ut per 

179 133 

ee i&obilia, et iota Juxt& proprietbteu totius et uniuscajus> ue; 

131 13 ii 

soilicety est .jro>7ld«atia reoundua cuod provisoruia n&tura sue- 

cepit provlelvae bonit<a^e£> iQrgL&siiae providsatiae» proportlon&blliter 

attrlbutnb unicuit,ue« It bujus exeaplum in nnturallbuc ponlt ?hllo~ 

eoptaus in XI aetE.{jhyBie8e in ptLtrefunillag aaipiae doaus. Ibi enia 

184 136 

reglaea patriefamilias perf&ctc ttusoipiunt liberi propter aaMrtm 

petrle, ailill :i,:entes licentiofie* ^ervi «uteta auecipiunt illud iio- 

perf&ote« quia ex tiaore susclpiuni/, et iat^rditia delinquont • 

- 196 - 

B«sti&« Tcro i:9np0T ob eo enraatf niai lacxu^^tua vlolentla aguntur. 


Sio enia vult ?hilo::Opbu8 "^uoc priaa causa annia ordinat in boauni 

su£4; sed ezorbltf: tlone lll&a ordia&tioiMa tcsxrant, ut filii, £a &ut<HB 

quae .'nmt. fret ueater sunt < lout &9nri» et vula peraixtas haboat 

191 Id'd 

eibl (0611 lias aoa attLsituat bonum ualvarsi, nisi in uantuo reguntur 

193 194 

ab Ills :uae sunt s«&i er. £a vera cuae raro fiunt :U!Xt icut 

196 196 

bestial, et aon diriguatur in >joaua unlver&i, nisi uod freno eorua 

197 19a 

qua* auat *««>j;>ery et ^'^uae eunt fr6;,ueater« 

til cut autaa providentia «et dlvorsiaoda diver sarua natur&ruaf 

ittt alitor eet eorus oi&e ^r&eter fiaeai niituralaB ordin£«tur in fines 

eupcraaturalea, qu&a eorua quad t&ntua in finae aatur&lss oidiufaatur; 

199 aoo 

cxila nils praetor oosmamia benefida ororidat e« por Cjuae, 

«•ounduQ auuiraa ilberi arbitrii, poftsuat coaBe{;<ui finasa aaterna» 

felicitaiiat scilicet, legve» pr&eeeptaf gr&tica, Tirtutee, liiaen » 

!:.ctioaes , doctrinae «t isdlia. £t propter heno praerogativui ciioitur, 

;i04 ios 

Sfa'^llantifia xii » Qua aaa» rayyaUa dlspoolt no . ^ . it iiabet 

Ji06 £07 

etiaa ipsa providentia speolalia aomlna, -^ula Toc&tur pr&sdestl» 

natloi Tttl pra«8oieacti&f vel electid. Lt vula hie est perfeotua 

provio«atia« / effectue ^uo crcatura perfeote deducitur in i'inaB ultieuiay 73vb 

idea, propter ejus affectum p :^^uandocue nagr.tar ab alit,uibuB providentia* 

lilj ' .111 4i:i 

I C orintV-iog ix I j| uie ; .uj.{I Deo gurfe e st d<e bobup i et Htebacuc i i 

£t faoieE i^u.afcs ueai piaceE atari:.-, et cuaal reptilia aon bfabaatU 

- X97 - 

218 214 

dVLceatein ; ubl dlclt lHoron^ muij in origioalli noa swms %Ml 

Tetui Adulfcitores Doi ut dua ;rovid©atiua ejus ed isM retrudlausf 

iil7 iiia £19 220 

itt noo ipsos injurioel oimxe oondimi retionaii»i2i et irrfetlo- 

2££ 228 

Ex liit se-\ii far ^lutio u^^iQutioalB IJionysli qua 

ipse quacxlt quofiic^ ^la t:ia'i., uxiiite&t» proviutinll£>» Qoc esdia cat 

2^4 22S, 

ideo Quia tii-ovidasti.'. guU;raat quodlibet £ocantiu.a .uaa nfitureo, 

aecossaria ac«t»cet.iia, ut cranfc codlcatie; ©t ideo in illitj non inoidit 

!!:<.luai, at, ut oicit AviccAina , Miiar orbou lunae non est suilua. Et 

IdfiO nisua erruverunt p]iilou>pM .uidaa, tui i.ropter iiapuritiaiii 

scienti&« de ogtris dixerunt xAforiora^ Id dst, plHntas «t aiiii^i&lia^ 

regi provldeatia -.uie a»tcua&ur %x 003:jeturailbue sibi ;^isilllbuij ^ 

C9«lsetia Etutaa dizoionl ^otius cuai agit^ori qu^.is prOTidsntla 

£29 £50 

guberaarl , ut dlcltur in II Physlcorum , eo cwys vld^b&nt pleaet«8 

v!:trl&ri in :'>-0tibus euiCf ^..uitt. ^oveutur ,uazu|suue diroctdy suundo'iue 

retrogrtt^d, ot qu«ado-:;ue a£.ceaci«ado oi c^uaado^ae d««ee:icisado. Sisi- 

liter «tie» contingentia coutingeuter reguatur a provideati», ufc 

voluai&fi cecuadua asturaic rut*© libortrtis» Et ideo ii.-;6c dofieiunt 

saepe ia op«rlbus suls, et illi cefctus imt rasiiun nuturee vol sunt 

culpaej et tamea ^iOC reraitt>3re pertia'at &d provider tisua, cuiu ejua 


r&tlo coneistlt in leturaruia ooat^^axTatione . £t idao aoa j:>«rtinet 

£SS 254 

ad ipe&a corrutapcre natursia, ut vel continH«Rtia eodon nx»do «MiNnr 


- lie . 


ten©Gt, vol liharuE urbltriua oogat, £t Ideo errant illl qui per 

inordini>toe cventuf. in hujuciaodi coatln£Gntibur, ut uuod serenllt s 

6Bt in vere, et plult cutrndoaus in r.eace, dlxertint coeleetla regi 

piovldeatla, / et noa hrec inferiors, 30ra 

s»oc'. onis: o.:jiln, t?;». asle uii boiae ^ tra neceaui^ria 

c,u&a contlngeatiB, tin ape dee quca iadlvida*, rtrgc&ntur provider tia 

pi'obatur rlc. Ad ^ vuiecuat ue p<rtingit orcio providcmtiae, ilia sub- 

sunt eides! providtntiae. Scd ordo provldeatiao omnie. ^.ttia&lt, 

quift ojaaio ordiaaatur aci ilicuot boauia uaivorei, xntaatuai ~uod, 

el per allc:a&x Bualitlaib uqo uuco r^b Ipeo deflciuili stbtlu alio mo do 

In Ipeuffl ordlneatur , sire ^tlt »cdum neturae, .ultt corruptlo ui^lue 

est g9n«ra^lo cdleriu;;, et cefonelta* tBoaBtroruie eosi:^eQdat ottcorea 

proportlonis nctur&lie; l/e t:lt malust culpu*, '.uib illud el 

coa.uc;adat bonettttt^n rLrbutlCf et per pofloaa cotui'if.adat dlvln&a Jus- 

tiil&a* Ergo putet propo&ituai. 

Dldiur r utoa oi-ovldentiu, secundum Boethluo in V 

w42 ^4S 244 

llbro De Cor^solntj.Qne , n<m quasi providentla :ula cdeatia Del , 

Infinita praeterltl ot futiud epatia QQ&pleotQTiOt ovaxie, cua&l jaa 

i.46 247 248 

geraatur consider&t, ot Idw non est prueacieAtla cuuhI futuri, 

ecd noieiibia numquEni dcficlontls ia4;t£uatlaa; lad prOTideAtl& dloitur 

qnael porro a rebus infinis conctltutay quad nb excel ao rerun 

ilSO ^61 ^Bii 

cacuaine cunota prospidtt* Otlaur autem etlaa noe aonlne 

- 199 - 


proeedsotla®, ut eu^ara habitua eat , aoa clgnificnado coaditlorna 

•elti a DftOf ut ab e« ^cdtum (.st^ ted potfaia prout in sue natura 
futurun oBt* 

riffinitur ruoque providentla loultipllciter, Doaascenus 
ZUZ Ofttdtulo II llbri ^^onit du;i diffjlnitloaee, Pi<la« est dat« 
per effectual, cum dlcit piovideatia es« ea uae ex Deo «id exleteatia 
eit caxa, Uaec anJU our a ect f&tura, cuod eat effectue provld«ntiif4«« 
Seounda d£.tur aacuiuiua cuod provldaatl^., tasuiuaa px&otlca solentia, 
la £:e coacipit voluntatoA, ciua dlolt provideutla out voluatae I^if 
id e«t, ratio raeta cuiA voIuat«^te. U&de Ipso aoatiu subditt ncoesaa 
«at onoia c;U&e proviceati& flunt aooundua r«>otaa ratioaea fieri, 
propter quun, ecillcat, voluatatea, dBtni& qu; e oimt, .«uie efftiotuis 
provldoatia / eat aLrcti «itLi, tniBcipiunt dttduotionaA in cuos flnaa. 30rb 

Doothlus in IV libro ta Consoiai^lopLe poait ftlias duf-e 

dlffinitlones. Prio^ drtur do provideatia prout est i;oieatia oporatlra» 

Onde diolti prorlduntia ^e^ civi:i& rutlo{ id «ist, rutiooalls laodue 

in divioa intailigentla exlftens, c,aae a&iltlplicec: rebua regeadis 

Mdoai statult» ous Ipsa la so silapliciter «it h\ suboo ooniua priadpo 

ooastltuta; qxila prRodletus aodue , oust rafertur extra sttitaa 

iieS ;dG4 266 

diviaoai : d •& :,ue9 vidst a^que dl.Hpoait, tunc non ..'rovidantia 

••d fatua appolXatur) quae aoilicst r&tio, ouncta propter uni^ar- 

•alltut«ii pro^dtntlao dleponlt ordlnando in fiovai» Eectmda vero 


dlfflnitlo est huju5 expositio, Eiclt «alsi provid«ntl«i eet eiaplcac 

«t imaobllls forau rerua genarjiadarun ♦ 

^70 271 

Probat etlaa DanaoocnuB Ceust reotisslae .'Toridere, 

quia D»u6 «at optiasis et 3apieeitl;:sii>iE. Optiaue autoa provldet» 

qolai «aor sive boalt^e movet aUijeriora a4 i>rovtt.iorioia r.inus habsntiua. 

Sapleatissliwis aut«a ojitino eii roctiKsLme provid*t, uia «lltrtr non 

«8set sapl«tts» cura a&ptentls rll; ordiriare, ut dldt Phllosopteas . 

Er£;o Deu3 optlae et reotieei.-ja pjwldct • Et ex lioo conclaclib 

274, 27S 

quod oisaia prav^idflntia» opera oportet .'.(Mljieri «t laudar» et 

iaporocx^tats auoeptare, licet inultiii: &pp£jreaat l&justa. 

uivldlt etlao DauascMnue ^aodos pruTideatias. Oum enlm 
£73 279 

cesundua «luu provideati& £i9i sit 70lu;it&£ Del, et ^ee dlTida- 

tur la voluatatea slgnl «t roIuatat«& beaeplaoitly et haso ultorias 

▼el sit Toluutas aatecedeas ral TOluat;.s «»nti»qu«i£, » ewi'idua roo 

iQuliipllccs i.unt provldoiitia©, vaAadaa eaia euat aoauadua &ccop- 

238 ;^4 

t&tlOQ«;a» seilicotf .,u%& eoit^lst i^ecuadus voI;mtateA ruitocedttiteTi 

qu&o t^atUifl e£;t bonoruA} quL<;i pur ips&a vult otuxsti hoatia^^s c-alvos 

ridrl* £t &d 2.0C i.-rovldet Deu£ legca et doctrluan et ' acraasnta^ et 

* :^3S 236 

slallla uaiverealla r»sedl5< omnlbue cosEuale, '..uaedaa sunt 

8e<jundux coaoeseiimca eonm ,u&e ia aobie non sunt, cuas explet 

voluatae conft^uens* nuae est respeottt mnll poenae, ^% etisa 

r«8p(»ettt ikall culpa», ln';u»ntua poena est • / Quuedas runt SOra 

fteoundua oontMtlonem eorua maloiuia u&e in noble runt, "uae sunt 

- 201 - 

msla culp-. , uoru'i n c <;cc •.oluncfcE Dei. a-itcceden? rr c conf-e uens, 

sed FOlum y^ermifsio , -.uae est voluntas ^ieai. Modium leiabruia prae- 

dictee dlvisionic subdividit ioaa i'RinaBcenuB in coacesEiooem dis- 

pensativ.'iTi, oi'uditivc'a bo et-lutesa, ot in concet:rioaem desperativaaj 

ad finsleia pualolonera; scilicet,, uc.ndo too faciente oimia cuae Kunt 

tid t-oiainis stlutem, ptrifianct boaio iacui-er^ilis ex propilo p/opositoj 

tunc ©niai iredittir in finelem perditione, ut Judas. Dtracue etiBo 

concfcssio voc&tur darelictio, 

ConcesEio -t.. i.i_i dispensativa, ul- eet eiMditiva hd salu- 
tea, secundun Dt-aftsceaum sit oultiplicitcr, Concedit enim Leus 

jUEtum incidere in calemitate; , u« sua latKitj virtue aliiti eianifeeta 

'601 M£ 

fiut in txemplua, ut in Job , ot in Phobia j vel ut per oporationem, 

aestiraatsm inconveniontea, .--gnuai ':;uid et rnirshile dirigatur, ut per 

505 i04. 

crucera, salutem hoainuaj vg' ne sj^cidat juetus e. coatcifntia bona, 

vel incidtt in euperbia, ut in Paulo ; vel derelincuitur uie ad 

teinpus in faruditioneu tliofum, u\, ia Lazsro et livite { vel in 

507 £03 

gloriam Die sine peccato, ut in c-i>eco n&to ; vel ut elii eyci- 

509 ko Sll 

tentur ad epem et desiderium futur&e rloriee, sicut cua 

a&rtyrGS videaais peti ^ro ilia epe, zelus no t- r accendiour. Oonce- 

ditur etiaa uis in nef&rirja incidere operation em in diiectioneia 

alterius paeeioni ■ detcriorif;, ut elittuia in virtutibus permittit 

- 202 - 

Deuf CKdere in cj>male ▼itius, ut ex casu venitais in eensum proprise 

iofiroit'-itifc huailietur. Omnc-e t'.-^v.n irto. lOdoe eumEmtia coraprehendit 

314 Zll 516 

Dionyelii;. IV cj.pitulo E-e rivinlt Noaiaims , dlcens ted et fectis 


onlis benigne providentie utitur, sut ed iopoxTan, scilicet ui ft ciuat 

vel patiuntui' es, eut aliorum, iro.-jrisia vel co oKmnea utiliLptera, 

Adcit etiaa iieda divisioni DemBsc&ai duo.-: odos; ecilicet, 

quoc condedltur -uis puniri fed purgaadua Deccatua, ut in Ivirrls^; Nunseri 

>:il ; -'juaado ue in tii'uditionems vivoiTiin , ut jsofaia aet';ma 

iiic / incipi t, ne credantur peocfite airncre iaputiitR, ut in Herode t33vb 

et Aax.iociK> , it sic iunt novom -ndi concecsionis hujus. 

Id aatoa . uod iu stu^^oj e/a ducii viros divinos et 

523 5^3 S30 

prophetts, intantua ut Pealiaista conuaeraturt faeae .-aotos , ,. ei^se 

PtKJes Sttoe et eiessus oaaie effugos . est .uod, oxictente ^.rovi- 

deotia optlrfil cui vult, ot otrentissimi ui cotest jutte judicero, non 

solum nitla boaie ct boan .o.alis evoniaiai., seed iasup r m&la bonis 

oraeTaleant et eos afflifrant. Ft de hi c ; U' •^stioae eet vetas ouaeri- 

coaia, Onde fccclesiasto j p ix * -fic esi,, pessLatua inter oiaiiiH c ut^e su b 

.-Si " " Jsi?" " "" £53 ~ "" ' 

aoj-B fiuot . ^ uia e&de:- cunctls gveniuat . Psaiiiais : iaci -iuteia 

i.>&eae moti :a>nt pgd*:;6 etc » ; et slibi ; ex acrsona m.-xtyruni dlcitt 

N jtiao 3itc;:ii rev:><?ulla ti et_£oarudisti_ aos. Jer c-aiae xii : >vUar e via 

i3,-'iorja ^/j-Qsperntur etc , Habacuig i t ^ur r e rcsp ic is contcap tores 



ft t. caf eo ncuXcfi nte iai'lo .luEtlorem ge » Clonisius cuor,ue VIII capi- 

tulo De piv inlr NoTalnibu g et Boathlus IV libro He Con; oljatiofi o eandea 

tractsnt f;uc.eetion«i, 

Ect autoa olutlo hujus :Uiiestloalc .uod bone et aalu, u. © 

cicuntur «venire boai , vol 'alls, tripllcia sunt, Quaadaa onln ount 

luae per : o, ex offectu dlvinafl providentia, laBeparabiliter conre;,Tauatur 

viirtuts'is et pcccatua» In IvLs non potsst culpnri prtrrldentiu, '-.uifi 

sic ceaper mall inflicas at Ijcnl felicea ;:unt folicit^te prbesfiDtis 

status, ox'ie in perfccta virtuta ooat-iftit. 2t per oomjaQueoa .ic 

544 7Ab S4i 

•eaper bool praesdantur et soli puaiantur ; ui£y ut didt aotttiiius , 

547 ?43 

id jjropter '.uod ali.uid geritur eet ejus praejaiuji, et felicltaiB eefc 

54y sec 2£1 

propter • u»:b oaal» gsruntor, tua & bonii> suaa a ia.'ili6, E 

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ooatrcrio autera hujus boni ubtrftotio isi eria ot inffellcitas eet at 


555 564 

Virtuosi etiasi ^fOt»itu;i t:\int, ut ipaua noiaen oiitoadit * 
Zl& 556 

Virtus eaim dicitur c.ueti uiy viribus nltcmt, ut didt Boethios • 

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Virtuosut; aateu i^xa tI natur&le nltitur , ;,uii. int<BlleGtu vere 

«uineeta a turplbus dieceniii» et yoluntute sequitur Jtidiciiui i^tel- 

leotus, st pnr utrustquc liorua / udipiscitur t^-aod (appetlt, uoilicet, Slrei 

beatitudineB* Z% h&joo ett vera poteeta;:, :;aa HUli» potest iiuplbx-e 

nbtureld officiuaf ot per ^ioc adipi&oit ^'uod ou^it. Nco coc &llqua 

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tIb oulerre poudt, icut con. tut de vixtute* iie&ti «lUter. dll 

- 204 - 

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santf ut dlcit Bosthluo j ot Philoaoptus dlclt, cl luidoa fiunt 

er ho^inlbuE dli ob Bwgnltadinoa virfcutiiij et consteb cuod haec est 

366 867 

suaasa felleitus -;uod hoao delficatur prjrticipaLlone delt&tis , 

Hac all ,uoc inforVardua deroxu;.t vel dlalnuib iienc fellclt£.tsBi, 

secuadua quod <?5nLidcratur virtu a uocundirj oe, i:icut recundum statua 

cirilea, cicit Philoeo bus dsforaarl felioitttem per dlffortunie, 

quia vlrtuoeo o:r&-d& laiju a-,odl cadunt ad utllitateaj quia els bene 

571 m 

utanco convertit oe, sibl y«l in cxeaplum ririutls» vel in oor- 

573 574 

roctioacB . Et oonutat uod illud lmoC &d utillteton virtutis 

eet aon dofora&t neo ciisdaait fislicitatein* 

E coatrai-io outea Plato dicit iiaj..robo6 exercere c*uod 
liboat, 'Qd non pocse explertt uoti de&lderant; <oloa butea espieatee 

po>££<5 axpLex-e quoci decid^raiat, c,uiiiL noa ^cluia iapotentes tiuut <fX 

579 330 

l)dc .uoii n&tur&iu orficiusi i^^re aoa poseunt; sed eiaile uU- 

iiXkld ftciuat, CU4U b<jf:.tltuciaea ab Otanibus oacaralltor deeidsrataa» 

aon per n&Vur&l«ie virtutoe^ e«d per iaoaturalssi cuuiditatefay coaantur 

ftdipiscif ut ei <;ui6, noa vaXaas p«dibu3 inosddro, aaai;>ui£ reperet. 

Cftd sllau JaiB app&r&ia 60x\uit .otestat} qua oppzlfjunl bono;;, licet 

quAatutc ad ipLuia 6autorit{it«Mtt r^gimioLs potestsc t it, et a Deo nit, 

taJMtt» ^ur<atua ad <:J>U8Uu, i,upot«atla eet, et ni^n est poteetne} r-.ula 

oimic potiBfitae appetetida e^t , et respeotu alioujuu est, et 

alii^uo taoCo e^t ia oaiaipoteat6. cied poc.t.:^t,ii& faci^idi mala aoa est 

- 205 - 

£.ppct«itd«p cttib non ])0t3et ori^iottrl s& bonua, nt nihil t&liuoi apoetendum 

©etj noc eet rfespeota alicujus, Cjuia asaluia nihil ect , nee in Too qui 

0£t osRiipoteas et potent ior his -U'e jjocaimt in aalo . 

Et Ijoc i>ct«t intipicienti, cuia nee intellectu cit;cemunt / 31rb 
SiK) 591 

eaoaoduB cuod oiais aalus e£/l l^aoronsf neo ▼oluntato f^oquuntur 

natural eat appatltUK} &c p^r Loc eti':>s natur^m hoi&anws perdlcerunt, ot 

vortuntai' in peoorinaffl onturaiay oik intellsetus per ^a^drsionaja fit 

{ihantiiiiia, &t volCiat&» it oupidit^s, sivs senaibllis Rppetltus, «t 

Z^^ 59£ 594 

quod plus eet, .Isj.liaiter sit sslui. et noa ens, secrmdu-A -uod n<» 

«ae dioit ^^riv&cioaem perfeeti aau&i quod dlffialf>n« leetLius dicitt 

est vjttod ordineu retinet .ervetqus naturaa* Malue butea deordlaatiMi 

est s ^tto fii&y «t uc.tur<in luuBaaan couvertit in belttin<si«. Propter 

iiVLOG Pluto axe vere posult tr&nscjrporutioaeai &aiBtinM} quia in 

SjUsigti diciturt ifo iao euj in oiaore eeaetj noa latellexlt; coac» - 


^I tra tiue est juaeatia etQ . ;iie quoque verificatur iiluiij '-.ul iiiiUit a ,^ 

«aiafaai ssavM la ..oc aundo» ici &vit, aecundufi vitaa ani.B«l«6, "ua est 

oe boc ceneibiie t&undo, peycet etif iidcunoixtt illa<3 nctun^rd ..u& cst 

suprA Buncus, £t pi'optiir hujUi.-.moui boniliil&tioaesai ^ 

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iaoBlni»» elicit «^U4~a«<liAue MX^^i. illud Jo«nnl8 i bine iuso 

xcat.UM etit niJiijL p ..uoc: peccutua nihil «stf et nihil fiunt hodsinee 

ooa pec>jantj gcilicet, JjisU«4itua ocvli sunt, licet ri:^tione irub- 

jeoti taujus prlTutioais., ulisuid e^nt. Liu «ateia «iicidere a diifnitste 

- ^i - 

divina cujua non genus uoue, et propriauj naturt»itt coijBiut,E_i© in pecus, 

ot fieri nori ens et aiiiil, ut tamen uoi tara dlvursax-uai pas;: ionua in- 

centi'ic, ot loci continua remoreioae cousci&ntiriu, secuntiuia v.uoa oicit 

Auj-uettaus in ii -ro '^nf'--csioriu.m : juseieti, Boiaine, et sic eat, ut 

oranip iaordia&tus aaiaiUi tioi ipai roaaa cit, a-xijaa uiseiit at iafeli- 

ciwse 8t poena est . Una© ij«tfct proijositua, 

lapuaitas aut'sai, ce ua concuaeritur PsjL j ius t ^&lo vi 

s po^-a in l uoa , au,;.et i^tius u--.r. aiauftt iifiac infellcitat«a, iiuet jk>c 

vulf,o non viaea:.ui^, uis iayaai-as priv;.t uj ei& pojinaia, .,ua6 bona ott, 

quia Juf:t& C8U, lit conttat cuoc cujuslibet booi privatio a adEtro 

auget ejus misiiriasi, Incu >ir cuui :aall bonot prcaunt , taiseriorys 

sunt ex ijoc ipso / :,uoa noc posaint, iicut inicerius e&t elle et 31va 

faeer© pecoatum, uod probiitua csL esee p<^T te "dserlitm, uam vclle 

trint-iui, _t CjUfinuO diutiufa i.oc pOfcsuat, l.-into iturum inf'ilicioi"t6 sunt,, 

quie peccatum peccf^tOf et per coasecuenSf niiseriaia miseritie accuoiu- 

l&nt, iaf elecioree ue t;un& idi uob cruciantj uia, ut cicit Dionytius 

IV capitulo Le Livini^ :jo-;i:L i. Lbvs , puniri naa tst aclua, ais est 

justuia, !~ed fiexi poena dijinuaj -.uife hoc tontum per culpjsm uae 

419 4Z0 
sisspliciter mala est, ot aieeria est . ti-oia ergo a&li ptr iioc quod 

alioe puaiiint , fitJit digni poena, :;t non illi -ui puniuatur , 

patet propofcitum, Haec est responsio ^etiiii in XV libro Jue y ongo- 

Itition e. undc etiaia collectu tunt ea cuae pre edicts sunt. 

• lOT» 

Seomdo, cunt c^uaodaa qua* sd eiiifortuaiua vel diffortuniua 
3p«et'.atf Bloui eunt boaa «t oala tcaporella, £t in hia preaolpo* 

Tldetiur esse confuelo* Smd noi out, quia pxudantie providently* est 

9in£,ulls «iptara ea que« ad toaperieai «t aanitatwa sutirua sentiua pcr> 

tinenty f'icut [vrudaae a»i BcdLeus» qui unicui ue , eiy* rf no slve in- 

finao, ^oit is%uio--re ea qua« ejue st&tul congruuntf ^lye ilnt duleia, 

dive £;aaf«, tic ^u'vtj);; ;.ingali8 aptat convenlcatlfl diviaa provi- 

dentia, cuic £i ^iruig jui tua lafinua ast «nioo , it a uoc per ad- 

▼araa exoidarlt ab inaoctntlH, par quaa aon potolt retlnere for- 

tunaa , parcit ei I^ua &b advarsis» sicut petet in populo Habraao 

482 4S5 

qu»ndo oolult juistitiiuai» Unde pro illo t^ipore dioit Pgalawp t 

Jtm^^Qr fu i ^ etfenia a&nuL etp . Si. autara ali uir est ttmtaa inaoeantiaa 

454 436 

at perfaoLionls, ( uod da ao vera did j^asit foraoau ilia asetoris 

456 487 

Graeoi taataatiat viri .&ncti cor^s ^i'ladificaverunt vlrtutea ; iamo 

con tinware ati^sa corporalibus raolaatiis nafaa judicnt jroridcitie, 

4S9 440 

ttt patat Jo&nair ultimo t file puw volo aaaure. etc. iJi autan 

allcuis Justus aac proeparltate asolleeceret ad oonsaatieadua peccato, 

rafranatur adver&itatibue, ut ,>».tat in laTid • 

kUr^.ndo<ua etiaa proapara ^uceadit / bonia» at ponuntur Slvb 

in potasiata propter coaHune bomiB» ut oscubar&no ratund&tur intprobitee 

445 444 

ttt psiat in Eaaohla at Joeia • £i autea alicui Just! foirtaa ount» 

at perfocti oont«i»ptorec t8st;x>r&llam in 1111 £:, ut didt Dionyaius» 

- 208 - 

VIII oapitulo te Clvlnl:. ?to;ainibua , Jusiitiae dirlaae hoc est px-opriua, 

nmi siollire et deetruere optlaonia aiilaoeltstea teaporediua donationlbus. 

Bed collocure Ipsos in -nfl<^3dblle. 8t«tlone, scilicet, later »dT«rs&* 

446 447 443 

Qttldam etiaa plus aequo mstmmi cuod ferre possunt; alii 9ti»m 

449 4S0 
plU£ aequo decpiciunt q<Kid f«rre non poesr^nt; ui Petrus oun dixit t 

Nog te n*^gabo , Hoc in expsrifflGatuiB eui trietibue ducit Ceus. QBldea 

etlaa pt^rcnittuntur mala p&ti tA eseoiplua et aoiaatlonea aliorua» val 

«t mala, .u&e aoe bic prmnint, ad Caua ire oompellant, ut dlclt 

4U 466 

Gregorlug euper illud ?sslsl » Bulti .Uc^.tae sunt iriflry&ltatee 

corua pogteR : ecelerfvveryn^ • Et eio pstei quod Inconfuse Justie iraac 

467 463 

proepera mmo adrerse sniccetdunt , et aliiii! taixtfi uro (>ualitbte aaiaorua 

469 460 
oontlngunt* («uare autea mail asla patiuntur in proapto* Ratio eet, 

eeilicet, uia po^na orcinat culpam, vel ut ipd «ajaidantur, vel 

4€2 4C6 

ut alii a peocutii^ deterreantur , 

Prospera outem eis? . uccodunt, vol uropter hoc c^od ali- 

quorum nature non est adeo pracoeps (;uo€ etiaa per acJrerea pxa«oi«> 

pitar(mtui- in pejUBj I'roverbiorua ill t 8e Tprt^ egegtete eQa:>lni|ft B 

466 467 

furey etc* ) vel propter lioc, ut cum quie ioaa fortuaea c(»spiclt 

468 469 

ee demeruieeoy autat soree in aellus, ae dum aetuit aiaittere for- 

470 471 

tuaam , aequiiiaia cereli; uit; Tel fit boo propter bonus coonamef 

ecilic&t, uoc ublinaatur mall; yel ut .«er eos exercitentur bonl; 

47S 474 
▼el ut per eoc affligantur &lii mali , uin etiaa nail inter m 

- 309 - 

aequflunt oonveoirf», cui:: titinn a c«ipel£ dlsseati&nt. Et esc irioo sa«p« 

475 476 
SttBSUi orovlderttlr^ vTotuXit imsigae oilrhoulua , ut 2il1os hulII bonoe 

f&eiant . Nhjs dw inlcu^t c peaalaie pitiuntur, etudent die&iailea 

473 479 

«e«e «is c;uo6 / oderunt, ^eoundua quod Gragorluci in ttoralHyup 82im 

ex,:^onit illttd Fealoi t IX ia ^^^i.>.yblt iaclue. Inoandltur paupey . 

431 432 4dS 

It fa&eo rsispottBio collccta eot «x IV libro Bootoii £e Qopi- ' 

aolytionc at VIII capitulo Idoniaii l;e -t-ivinia Hoadnlbua t at eat ree- 
434 436 436 

l>oneio qua© contiaetur Eocleai&stejg V s ^1 ▼Iceyis eiltumifia 

ffffiay u ff etc . leaaus aat <#oc excalBO tyrrano uxoelslor eet fortls 

483 499 

tyrtduuze » .ula noa eat fortitUv.o cu. t.r terras tjuaa al valaat ai 

490 4.>I 

ooap<.r«rl ate . Jo|) xl • £t super toe daaMmaa sunt fortiores alii , 

aoiliuGt, funi^tsli boni qui n>ii i:«raittunt daaaoncs vel :.-ialos isoninae 

aliquid laadere alloc, aial ~ui ntuia rorldentin baouaduia pr -ddlotaa 

49£ 494 

ratloae;; ordlnat* Ineuper unlver&aa terrna rex« id est , Trnxa, 

lajparat rorrlaati, id aet, oiaaibue, turn bonis <,uam 11(^.18» aagelia et 

49S 496 497 

hoffilnlbuSf Ecilior^tf ut nihil poaoiat , olal tuantuffi ipsa permleiarit 

493 499 

providantia, cuia, ut dlcitur in Pg, f] .30 t Fr^eceptuia poeult et non 

oraatarl bU. 

lortio unt bcmr, at taala futurl sae^ili, et Heat ststul 
601 602 

Tlaa cosftpct&t preadletai^ quae ▼ida'^r confuaio retionibua supra- 

dietiSy taaan, oiua jas aon erit locue corrcictionie val aalloratioolay 

ao quod audi erunt obctitieiti et !:>oni oonfirmatl} tunc ita easaot haeo 

- 210 - 

confUidOy uoc nulla ioanet cuaeeblo, cois Deas redcft tuno uolculru ( [| 

504 £06 

f^ yiciua Oix-ra guia ^ ut dloltar ia P salao , et in II Co rlnttdo^ ▼ : 

Omaefc noe afini; f eeMLi'e Oj^ortet ante trlbun-.l C:;ri3ti «t^ . Et ; ie euea 

S06 507 deteralaat Pp^sJIilWrtf diOMis t Intell igiJt in ^lovlseialff 

. apruai veyuataa e a propter dolot: oopuiatl eos et9 . 

DtruA au&«B i>rovlQ«ati& Ixapdn&t aeesssdtfjteia rebus toI 
aoa» ciitie scitur ^&r illud uoc tvUpr& do i^r- Oboleatii^ dietuB est* 




r« allic txibu£ Qooinibua pertlnentlbue ad 
provldentlaa* In ..uo ost ds leglbus aetorniu 

Ad provideatlas; divlnam tria csonouiruaty a quibue Oeus 

noiBinAtur rat lone prorvidontise. Propter cuod etiam Cdonysiue» XII 

oapitulo De I^ivinis / Moolnibus , haeo trie noaina oonjunglt cua hoc 32rb 

noolae teas,, Onua o. b pr redden tia , qua ad Ipsuai pertinst pro8pic:«r« 

Eubjcetis, :.ropter aaortt» 'vui wUperiora oovet ad s>roTld«Qtiaia ^inue 

ixabentiusi. St slo est r«c nos9«ai I)oalnu0. ^ecuacum est ips» actus 

roglaeolfi uo Peu^ gubemat cuncta • Et ic crt noc aoiaea rex, 7@r» 

3 9 

tlua «8t cx>dus regioiaic c;ao eusun» rex oaola de regit , quod aon 

eOiTialscotur «ut «la* £t Idoo nihil lacula?<tui3 iacuirlt in eum , Et 

sic est X200 aorada &^anctue« 

U lii 

tiotctltatls noaea, qu aivie partidptitive multis oon?eniat ^ 
utiiOta s^^cra Seripturs elaaiat, tamen» seoundum pcrfectaia noninis ratio> 

14 15 16 17 

attiu, ; roprium ect Deo . Onde ^flffXi^fi ^^^ * B«tt^9>aa noatep 

fdoriae c&nctv^ t et I ReiaxB 11 t Hon est, snnctug ut set l:omjiaut: . In 

iUa nutera exc' llentisslisia be^^toruza ceraphla l:QrtmoIogla, .uae habotur 

Is&lae Tl , hoc ao!3«i trlplloivtur» noa rolua wropter trinitatea perao~ 

narusi, sed etlsja quia noaea eanctitutla tria clgnif Loat; eclllcet» 

21 22 

Bxindltiaa, gecuadma lilud LeyJtlol xi t >-"nnctl est o tSf >-,uia egp 

C'-nytub , £uffl . Et hoc oet in Graeco ■^/"'J id cct, i.ine terra. In I-atino 

- 211 - 

- 212 - 

fiutem dloltur . u&si i.-;nfiiine tiaotum, uia f*^^^ P ^1>» ^ esniailne 

kS 24 25 

Bundaaftutr» «ecuaduQ Hebraeoe Ix . Ah boe etiua osaxla, quae ad 

ueua ntundatioaic c^ratU.i£y ut r orifloifi l^jg^li^y et «lia ad eultua 

27 £3 

cati^'Ul rltus periinentla , ^el irpiritu-ilisy ut aacrifiol<'% aorl te&- 

tasenti, ct oonia efaa* «d «orun d«e«it«a Mlebrationcm «mt ordlaata^ 

?0 51 

esnets vocaniur frequenter • ^odue • 

beouacio, ;:igQlf Lcvt firmltet«B, Dade I $m£vm 11 , post- 
25 54 
Qurua dixit t Hon ;98t esj i^ ctue . ut eat loaiam pii exponeado ub^ltt »4 

8fi 56 

aoa egt forti« rlcut Pcua nof-ter . Hiac legoe r s^actlf Icata» voceatur» 

<^ul& poeols flraata* taint. T&rtlo aodo eaactlt&s est coiantiay scire 

iaoi&ao uee sd Deua jueta sunt, ut dldt Philosophus In libro Dc Bonl j p 

58 59 

Laudibus . baplet^tjtap x I Dedlt 1111 iscleatiafi sanctorum. 

£t pctet c,uod o:.3albU8 hlc :x>dl8 . iunctltae / Ceo ooavenlat ; iiirs. 

iaaes slgnlflcatum rlsatSf unde cll^ deeoendorunt, est aundltla. i^ropter 

q-aoa etiaa all(> in ejus intellootu inoluduntar» uod enls aundu^i ct 

puruQ f taa in tiaturallbue ours In morallbtts^ flraua est, propter in- 

tegrltateat euorua prindploran m&h iujurltas «^iruaplt. iiiijaillt<a> 

45 46 

•tlaa qui sundus est in oons'cieati' pr-Aeclpue Ilia sdt &>claatla 

praetloa, ruae ad Ddun jttrta sunt^ qulj sine iptto non ^o^set aee* mundusi. 

47 43 

, £y9d j, xxxlv t ifullup t-Mci tt^ n^T i-tt innoeeas est . 

£t Ideo rioayslus , Siecuaduat rolaa h&nc tlgnlflcatlonoKf 

difflnlt hue aomea dlcensi ^a^ctltae gat aundltla libefe a senrltute 

- as - 

49 SO 

llMMmi&t«tl£ ioeurrandi allqua.v ls!gttndltla.s, id est » ao oaal 1»> 

3unditl«} collicetf non sMlaa turpi tudioic natural is, ouaa bab«ttt 

ownir qu«e ex oatoria aaturuliter g(»iersntur, cuia priv&tlo, cuaa 

turjitudiaMt «aleriae ^rocjt Philoeophus , e&t princlpiua IpMrua, 

iMO «tiaui eolua a «Ivforodiafce eu'^uslib^t 1 ^pt^rf <i«tl9nl6f sed etiaa 

ft colpa, por u&a n@ce&i:it.:v<s:a oecoundi ::abdnt tHNttWIi in oc i;t!r>tu; 

64 54a 

et perfecta. scilicet» i>flinditla set ^uee oebet Tuldf^uid ad verao 

laundltiaa pertiacfc . £t hoc «st lllud cuod aon rolua a naoassltat* 

praadlotsruffi icicamditlfirtua; libenia oat» ;:ed iaru or neo potenti^na ab* 

80luta<a nee concitionataa ba:'etf uod oadat in alicuea cartiai; cuia, ut 

dicit Aviofiima , joteatic ad oalaa tLllcuid isall est* £t oaniao . id 

«et, ?ecunc1ua suarjsaa intontionoia, iat^eulnta ) ni^ll» art ilia cur «> est 

69 60 ei 

ejus 'uae In infinltaa clers^ta «st eupor CKmaa !sateri-;!3, et osaiem 

condl1>ionaa >3:sterialem, at supar oimam parfeetionan ortjaturaroa, ut earua 

lAparfectlonitnis «saoalari noa possit; quia propria macule tuia dioitur 

uoc vel ay oontactu altorius, ut in Infarioribus, vcl ex propin^ui- 

tate ad aliud ineumdatur , ■ icuu c:icunt philoeophi lunam habere ntaeulaa 

illiua uahrae, qune ia losa vicetiir ax ▼icinit&te sd asteriaa ele»«o-' 

6S ce 67 

torua* Et patet uiod eanctltae aoliup Eei est, Jpp r<r : See» 

inter eanct >e aius Vfertit neao JiagMt&bilif. ct ooeli aon >;unt ij^tr^ci^ j-F^ 


gf^PPJggtu ej^fi . 

Coasin&tioniB / hUO ;ue soaea, et eI pr rticiptitiva aultig 82rb 

. a4 . 

dlvloltus fit ooa :uaicntuffl , si quidta mat dii aault^ et 6o;aial laultl. 

tti dicitur, I Corigthiap vlli , tasxm in psrfecta aoainis ratloae pro- 

75 74 

prluia nciii«i Dei est. Pjaaj-mufi t to ainus no— a «et illi , Ideo dicitur 

75 76 

iSi^yjik xvii 6t Lt^aieUa lilt Ju eg doalaus Imxa lolue . Dlcit auton 

Aabroalus in I Ufaro De Irinit^;^^ quod Coainus noaen est potestatis, 

aonine potestatis inoXudwe suporpositicmaa ,ua« in hae potest )te fun» 


Dade Ditmyelue , ejcplic^ns ossnia In :.oc noaino inelusa» 

dlffinit doadnacionwB slot doainai»io e.t non t^ip tyua eycessug ^^ejorua t 

alia translatio h&bet sttbditoi-uffl t at hoc est iaqueBtuai ect noaen rel«F> 

tiTuia secundua rt^tionea su^erpoaitionls» B96 pOi'Eesde. quia cum 

3;^ as 

diontur relF;t;ive ad eerrua» eieut seouodum Philosoplua in Ithicis , 

34 35 96 

servus eat inetruaeatua aaiaataa, ale e <K>nver80 , omne instruaeatas 

deservieas usui Titae est eezvu:^ inaniniatusi :.n2Fill:;^er aliquii: dioltur 

33 33 30 

dojiinus rerua suainia* E»odl 3adl t Dojainus doaue apulipabitur ad 

91 92 

deoe etp « { omaic exten£i7e, ulo nihil secundus aaturam deeet el, 

sed liabet perfectioaes omaes onmiua gMnerua) pei-feeta , Id est, sine 

adaixtlone oujuelibet defcctus) ct owi)aoda« quaatua ad intentlonea, 

cua non .^olua n&;:iet ea sine defectu, sed osala babet in ^-uas»; p yO.- » 

chrorua et bonoruff , in cuibu£ includltvur onuie cuod a .sufficlentiaa 

96 97 

vltae pox>tinct« £2 <;aa p&r &uf f lulentian secuitur, cole nihil el 

aceresoere potest* Et Ideo llb>^z>e oparatur ..uldquld operatur, et n<m 

- 216 - 

aerceacrl:; Lexritute, qua mmtctim elloujus uUiit^itls suae ex opor« 

•uo cooeesuatur, licut crantura «x opere mo all<^ld tt&illtatlf! clbi 

93 99 

aequirit, Eb Ideo Avlcatma diolt ,uod tolue Lvas ert liberalie. 

130 101 

Xt Aut^elJLaus VIII lloro iMoer Geniiffj ji diolt sic t Deut rolus 

vezus DottlnuB eat^ <^uia aon illl ad r.niija, ^ed lui aoctraia utiliUit«i 

10< 108 

serriaue* Mam ei aobif Indlgeret ex Ipso, verus Dooilnuc n(» 

•fl»«ty 00« p«r noe «Jtts Jurer^tor aMecsltas» sub qua Ipee . erriret* 

Bi hoe ost ouod dlcdtur in fff*slifff * pj,xi Dofglno , Deus aw ^ ea tu^ 

qyoalfcia >oapj>im .itftozian^ nori , ai^ «j • 

£t f Ic / atot cualitcr i^er o cuffieleatia rtquiritur SSr 
ad r&ti«i«n fluperpositionie doodnif uia varo otia^ uloit ralftiioaMi 

lOd 109 

ad Bubditua, ^1 ^loteatata praeeldaatlr ooiapellltur obodir* • 

Ideo tnibditi et fortltudo» uaa omxla ixiitul suo subjloiat, vera. 

quantUB ad lopennlxt m rcwioaer. no . ai » scilicet, ut nihil (>oteaii>2e 

eit adislxtumf ed isit punis ctus; &t pedargy id eat daficere, -icut 

sedici dcfeotmi Tiriutis naturalle vooant vjus casua) g^pi v&laft f f 

lis 114 

aclLicat, aon tolum &b:olutu pofiieibilitate sad atlas conditioaata, 

quia alitar iorv&ret virtutean «uaa par iafluaati^a ulterius, c,uod 

U6 117 

•acaaaaiio aaset superpo6it\Bn ai, ticut eauaa effeotui; et aon 

118 119 

aaaet i«ra et vara ratio eup^rpoaiticmis « sad aeeet paandxta sub- 

120 121 

jeetiooi* tX per a>poeitiQiiaB» catie piitat cutMiodo sit nojien 

propt^ia Dai Iiomlaua* 

- ae - 

Ro3( rlailitcr dicitur oreatus rll tiis p rticip^tlve a 

rege, Oado ?rovferbiorua ▼ill » Per ae regeg reaiai^t . ced 

1.^4 12S 

gocuncium perfoctiua r 'ioncaa noiilais est Ceo proprltia. Eatft^r x t 

126 127 

Domine , fl, ■. u i rex aoEtor ee r oluj g, Et I Ti;::ot fapqg ▼! t Beatua 

123 129 

et EOlus ppttid;: f e3i regaua c tp« Et flo la iiac perfoctioae dif- 

f iait Dloayciua reaaxxm, & uo r«x dicitur, diceapi r efjauis est dls- 

trlbtttio i:®cuncui:i ordines eapimitiee dlvinae, et dii^tates, ct moritua 

oapaeitatl:- singuloxua. Boo enia rooat PhilocophUB a Etbtcis dlstrl- 

butionera, CiUandO dividit Juetitlma in Ju^tltlam coaaattatlvoa, cuks est 

eeoundu^u aoqu&litera ; rlasaetricara, sive cueatitatlEy et in justitiaa dis~ 

trlbutl7um, ruae est seouadua aeiuaLltote» gmxtetrioasi, sive proportionie* 

Et Ideo Plato dldt datorosi fortaoruin dax e fonsas s;«anad«m K^rlts 

oaterlae* Propter quam ee>,UBlit3te» propo!ti<mic, use eet oua inaequ&ll» 


t&te cuentltetiSf Scriptur» saepe a lieo rewn-et perronnrum acoep- 

tlonem • 

OboIs fini;:. • uif, uniculcue rei dat proprlua flnea, ^i est 

156 157 

BU& ar«tujraXla oper&tio oasiibUL, eelp^ua aex iste oonetituit fin«a 

ultinwai et inter .ieoc cxtreraa, rmiltoe poeuit siedloe fines, per -nios a 

proprlis fioibus ad ultisaut fiae» :;«!rting««it omnia, unumquodcue iioo 

isodo. Hi. &X1.31 ac c:ur;a utllit&lem, et aon ad bonus co<n;sttne / ipcarua 3Srb 

reruQ r<uua, regiiaen pertrr^heret, non essct rex, ted tyrr&nu&, oecundum 

140 141 

Fhllo&ophum ; quia tyrrranis eet ui non intondlt bozxun corvnune, sod 

- a? - 

tantttB propria» utllltateB, &t otmli: ordlai.f cula slowt finem ponit, 
ftlo etiaSy por 8pti.iudln«B aatureloa et deelderlua n.ituraiLo , rlarTUla 

la prcedictoe itaaa ordinat et ittcilaat. '£t oaais legis, Bcllicet, 

n* iur&liit in oaiaious, rtvlion&lia la aagslle «t tioalnibue, Et rerlpturt^« , 

Blve it lej: vetue elve aove, per cuae legse ordia* ts in finea in- 

bmdlt uroducure ia lp&U£i unuracuodque sAouadaa aodua suae nstura», eel- 

llo«t, aftturtilla OKturftlltor, &t ratioa&li& eocundum llberua arMitr] 

Et oatoit. oroct^^ . id ect, i/ttlohritudlnlf,, aula omala ordiaat la boaura, 

145 146 147 

QUod aomiae fiais intQlllgitur , et la polelmui, cuod la oraatu 

aotatur, vel .notaet cici» quod per legee laduolt dlspoiltlaies wA 

149 ISO 

fla«a qu&tt suat oraatue olagoStfrusi. De quo, Gjnepip 11 t IgjLtuy 

151 152 

perfttcti puat coelua gt terre^ gt osmis omatue ejae • &p«eialiter 
16S 164 156 

fcutesa tioc est in rstioafili ere tura , ule, ut dldt Phllosopfaue p 

oani& Ittgielctor, per aaeuefiictioetea operum vlr-^utua, Intendlt cl^es 

156 167 

dacMire ia b&bituia virtutie, ht illae Tirtutee, ut ld«a Phllosopbus 


dioltf :mxt dispoeitioaee uerfeeii ad optioun» Ee cuo omatu dloltur, 

, £ccltigl.fa!:> , inrll t vSeoindua, ce vec^■▼it lllua ylrtt>te . 

Propter tioo, ^uia ngpum ect dlstributlo legia» iin>catiir 

160 lei 
Doaiime leglfer ao&ter» ot coajuaruatur baee t Coaii^ias r e x ao; t^r i 

16E 165 164 

laalaa , ciiod osae ' uoc &b ipso ert, perfeetioais etian ia ipso 

165 168 

eetf ut ia c^uea uaivoca* Ideo etias lex est la £«o a qna «Mawa 

aliae Justae legee effioiuatur «t exenplaatur, el cut oitaiia Justitla «at 

- 213 - 

a BU£ jtt&titliii* Onde Cg^ t terooog^ JL axxill i In deactera eji iig y 1<3 est. 

In aeterixitt te ejue, .uia jLongltudo di ^p^ a in cgxtsra ojus t ?iovoy^4TUffl 

iii I leji icnwa. id eet, dlviaa «t coaeumptiva loi-ultatie, cr^ie, 

169 170 

Conlxw^ aoeter l^nis con^vaaeog ett » P^uteronoia^ i iv . Et ideo 

171 172 

Augurtinue vocat eua legem &ci.eraaa« 

Qttaovis autesi lax seoundus priania aonilnis l^nifiev^tuiaf 
176 174 

•«Llleet, reecaadUB qviod dioitur & legendo dt & ligendo, ut dioit 

leldoras in II llbro fXyaQlog ioruia , elt tantua lex e<cripta mS leeeaduas 

17G 177 

pr&eoeptr. 0t ^rohibitc, ot ed llgioiiutt per p0flQ«8 / et prasoia; 3Sva 

178 179 

tiuMQ» In^^uontus ad r.ttouadua nomiais .'sle'^ificntuni , cuod ert id cut 

iaponitur noaen. Ipsa ratio Juris regulane ad ju^^^te operandua lex eutp 

siout ort lex n&taralis in noble* Onde dicit Isidorue in II libro 

131 182 18S 

Etyaolok-ioruy } si retione lex constat, lex erit oana cuod rfttioaa 

constit&rit, ot ale lox e^t in Coo, ^«ta ut dlolt Dionyaiusy VIII capi- 

^^^o I>9 f JY^J^a teiainibua » ju.>-:titia laud^iitur Deue, sXeat in onaibus 

dlgoitetea dlctrlbuens; id est, secuncua vuilusoujuaque proportionem* 

186 18e 

ijoc QQia p^rti lat ad juetitiaa cdstrlbvitiv>;ua. H&no 'Autam distri- 
bution's 1 :ga regulut &d rationaa proridantiaa, :ui& Ilia «cat ratio 

la BUBoo ijrinci:e conatituta •..vny Deue euaota dlsponit, ut dlelt 

133 139 190 

BoatiiiuB • Ipi»a orgo r^tlo «at lax divine* it quia Juatitia 

191 192 

divla^< otaoiH ordinat at taanain^t, ut dicit ti(msaiuB , idao beae 

notiflc.-^t Au^jie Linus h«ac lagaa in llbro te Ll^ero , Arbitrio , dieanst 

- 219 - 

ttt brerlter legis aetcmae aotloasn expllaam» ea est -^un JusUia est 

ut oimia t-int ordinatiesiaMf eellicet, nan ^olua rstlonali-, red etlao 

a^^turtdifi; qul<^, ut dlcitiiiaa in llbro wollloct^ i l^^ff i » Dbul e;L't cujue 

196 197 198 

leglbuft roiftntur i^li» t curais euoe sldere peragunt • Ei 

Boethiua in I Ee Coai-ol&tloge t logeaque pcti -idera oogie; et in II 

20) 201 

llbro t aotema lege poeitua o?lp ut coart^t gaailtuiii nihil. 
202 205 

Gua pro7identi& divina r&uc sit » pttet uod lex Qetaroa 
Detts est • Eed dlfferunt r-^^tione haeo trla, ouifi Deue etit Ipse :;ui 

proridet; providentia set r^tio qua providet; lex itetcma est ratio 


quae providet &ecuadu^ '^odua Ju;3titlae dlss^rlbutivue • Et quia haeo 

r&tio est intelleotus praotiol , qui inoludit In se voluntateir. et 

poteatlnsfi, ideo lex proprle in Ceo est ^ecunduai fciaatlcja Intelleetue 

pr«etiel. Ideoi ue dleit Augustioue in llbro J)e ?era RelitJ-oae t lex 

•eieraa est inooossutabilis bonitaa • Sed tEimett cuando ue tttribuitur 

:aa 211 21;: 

potenti£ti, uia dlolt AuguetLmie libit» i xiper Genesip , cuod Deae 

itlS 214 

aatur&s Gaue>et bonit.- te , et volunt tea ordinnt poteetate. Lex 

auteB £>6terna est que Juetum ee& otaola ordlnatiseiati esse. / 38vb 

Qusado^ue etiaa attribuitur bonitati Toluntatis dirinaef 

quia dis^>ositio quae eit reounduis :..unc ratloneia cive lege» eldest appro» 


priatur, ^;..>ientiae xr t In migeyjooiyie. diffpone nfi . JMB ^ ii^ Mleeri- 

eordia autea Dei non ec';. > emio, p^ed bonitas juae beaeroleQti.He • 

^la etisa hmee lex est ru.lo Justue distributionltf ideo etian 

- 2ia - 

£3) 221 222 

Intcrdua cttribuitui- juc^titl&e, w&pltijitiae xii . Cua t;i£ . r;g3 

Justus. Juote, otai^A digpoai , !^ . iiempur triaca oft * sBsentiale, 

siicu'w et |;iovidffiitiii et ucientiji, 

. Et quia aiagis pioprle yrtiast ad intoUeotuji, ideo t&- 

sentialiter sumpta , ht-ec 1 x EiOpropriatur iilio, . ui .ft, intellectus 

pttexiaus, 6t lOjjOu, ic cct,, r.-.tio i-t iu-w x^atris ple:ia ietioauut , ct 

iasupcr i.i urjitura ipse est, judex, cui Pater de4|it oionc ^u Uiciaa . J paaaifc 

V « Judex cuia ir ^et justitliua Isgio spud tc, secuiidura y&a judic^t 

tfeiic^uaia justum laiiiaalua, t lex aaiaaia, ut dici.. PhiloaOi-ihus , Uade 

2S0 2?! 252 " ;;55 

etiua dicitur , Codice de Testibui: , 1' x omnluxa, cuod oinnla 

jura in pectore prinolpis. . unt. Icieo:.ue etiaa Chrit-tus jude;: est 

Lp&L. lox eotema, tecundu-a ufcii judicat, ^ ula ipsfi eet lex, cecuadua c,u&ai 

Deut. judicet oamii: de U£ jucicrre nulLus ;X)test, It hceo auctoritae ot 

rstio uuat *Hi,-uetiiii in LAijro i^c vtra ;.fcli;:i oae . Lixi autem essaiw 

iL >.,•£' 
tisliter Buaptcv, quia quando ,ue fccse legem fippropriatur «-piritul 

St-ncto prftedict»tione pf r cf«saia. Unce cup r illud I\piaaaos viii : 

Itx Epiritus vitae, dicit Glogsa , Lpiritus i-jnctue, ui dooet ouid 

agendum .il, ct . ocuaauB illud i^'salali : Iiec est ui se abscondfct a 

c alore ejus, dicit Glogs s , ic est, a c^piritu br^ncto, ui est lex et 

testiiooniuia, clc* 

241 • 
^Bpliua, c,uia illu 1'jX aive r>^.tio est causft fefficienB 

242 24S 

et ©xeaplari» oaals oidin&tlonis rei ua, xn ,ua res exietunt per 

- zso - 

220 zn 'iZZ 

iaterduB aUribuitur justltiao, Sttpieq t ^ , ^ xU • Cum sia «rao 

JiJi8lAi£ft J itBte •'^WiIq diepoaia . S«Mper taasn est abtributua ecseatlale, 

siout «t procidentia et r-cierttla» 

Et 'uia ^nia.^s .>roprle p?jrUa»t ad iitelloctum, id» a»- 

226 £28 

BOitlEllter ooKpta , h-iec la» av.propriBtur Fillc, qui aet intallectue 

pat«rnus, et logOfi, Id est^ ratio et aro Patri:; piona rntionxim , et 

losupcr lacuoatua ipse oi:X judex» cui P&t«r dynlit oaae ^ludlciua . Joan^y 

T • Judox eni'a Juetitii^m legiir a^d c«f . ocuadua cuaa judloat 

tarn u»^ J u; turn aaiittattun^ et lax ^isata» ut dicit PhllocoDhu£ . Undo 

£53 251 252 ^^55 

etiii^ dicitur , ci^ltulo Do rectibue , lf>x oaoiiuif cuod oa&iia 

Jura in peotors prlaoiplB sunt. Xdeocue etia.-a ChrictU!< Judex o^t 

ipsn lex aetomay socunduia ufi^ judient, ':uia ipse eet lox» eocuncua ciiaa 

Dottt' judio&t 3'imie de ua Judlo^re oullus potest. 1^ booo ftuctorites «t 

ratio sunt Au^^ustlni in Libro Do Vora R eli^tmf « Dlxi sutem esooo- 

tlalitor euoi'ta, quia cu8ndor<ue eoeo legom a. oropri«.tur Spiritui 

Saacto praedications per causam. Onda ruyer illuci hoaanofe viii t 

lex gpiritue yitae . dicit Glo^sa , .Splritua Mictue, cui docet uid 

agtadus alt, et secundua illud Psalml \ M^ ff «st ui e abooCT(idiat a 

calore e4 ufiy dicit GjLosga , id est, a Cpirita Banoto, qui est lex et 

teotiaoniua, etc* 

An^iiaa, cuie ilia lox five ratio est cau&a effioiens 

242 245 

ot oxe&plaria oanis ordinationis rorua, in < ua res oxlstunt per 

- ;i2l - 

ii'U 24fi 

dlvintuB diepoeXtlaQ«B , et quue multlpllciter ,^uat in effectibus» 

euat uaus realiter in cctuco, rod taaoa o^^U8& pluree r««poetUE bab«t 

ad Ilia plura} Idao etiaet lox ««toms una est In a*, et realiter» aed 

taMB t>d dlTsrcofi ordinec Jurtitiaa dletributlvao pluras habet roapectus 

rcttioais* Et ideo -Icut idea, sio et b^sc lex la plursli ponitur* 

Oade / Au£U£tiatta in libi-o De Ceteeliizandiu i:iudibut:- t oovit Ceus 84r* 

ordineira daeermtee ca ania&Sy at sx earum Jtteta aifierieordia ia- 

farioree psrtoe: cr>^!aturee conTeni^itiasiijaie legibua adairendaa diapeo- 

sationis ordioara • 

2bZ 255 

Idem , libro fia J4^iFff ^''^i^^^ dicitt aetamaa lof^a 


notio art ncburaliter aobie ixapreesa, cuod non potest intelligl da 

ipsa lege ia «•; quia Apostolus, l<o , !aaap , E 11 , traot^ne rationaa jurtltitt» 

,i56 267 ^53 

distrlbutivae , qua alios elegit, alloc deeeritf exol-'-aiati 

tt ltltudo dlvitiarua sapl^tiae etp » Et ipse Augustinuc in III libro 

:.C0 ii61 

Conlg^ aau» uioiti igaorabaa Juctitia» rsrea «x JustissisM lege 

IMf qu» foraareatur re^ionuai ;aor6B« Sed Intelligitur de ipsa lege 

ia all purtioipf.tione in a&turull Intel I&ctu novstro. £io enia prooedit 

^64 265 

probatlo Aut'UBtiai • Oubdit eaia i ea enia est qua justum o&t ut 

onaia eiat ordiaatieaiaK, Qaaerniur enim a nuolihet aa hoe iaijreeaoa 

•1% asiisuie suae» et notun: dieet uti^ue luod sic» 

C^eirrle eeouadun rea, Deus sit ipsa lex aetarna» MUia 

reenter ect ia Deo* tuaea aecundax i:itionesi voluatf.a Dei ubjicitur 

- 222 - 

269 ZTO 

lailu ieyi, aon iubjoc-ioae co.ictioni:!, ula p sicut dloit Anael- 

auii L'j libro Cur Cgttj5,.H0j3O , oum E'Ws llbar ;it, nullt log! subjecetj 

sed sfubjootioac liberslic el v3lunl'.»rlso c<snforn8tloai?} "ui oua 

lege, iiocuaduj -uem modua dlcit Hilui'ius in li^jro De .yaod ,p t non 

•xueqaaaus vel oouparaaus Filttn P-irl, sed rmbjnctiua Intclligl'SUB, 

et loqoiaur Eeoundum diviasji a&turca, at -unt verb'? conellll. ITt Infra t 

si ui£ Flliua D«i obeecutux Pstrl in creatlone oaniun non coafltetur, 

«natheaa sit . S- »c aaia aubjoctio non ^nt -uiaorlVstlE v«l ssrvltutla, 

sod it secuadua r-^tionero priacipiatl, In-Hiintuai hujusaiodi est , 

ii79 ^79 

et noa secuacurs rem, aoo &«caadu:^i rr.tionen priacipiatl, ut est 

in divLiii} ?el eel obedient It e nirsi ad Eittimten, 'uae obedientiK 

280 281 282 

est retpeettt P*trie aajorie «a iscijoritate de qua Kil-Arius dieit 

^8 234 

in I libro re Trinitt^te c-.uod P&ter donaatis wictorltBte major oot 

Filio, icoundja / illud Joyjirvig xiv t Pater a&jor me eot | red Filius 34rb 

■i&C .37 

alaor noa est cui uau» erse donttxir, ; ecundun» illud Joaanig x t 

Ero «t -jater , uaum «'ua^g . Et ita hsoc obodiently est conteneuB in 

ordiiKitioaes aetem&o legis Cg s:is?.ione Filii in -aindua, c;Ua« Icgea ao- 

ooplt Filius n Pntre, Et l'*' ec collooutio legls vocr tur ueado' ue 

praeoaptK Pistrls» it, .vecunuu,» liojxc sub j cetioaeis, olicui yontrnt fub- 

:.uct3rit'':tca in Filio, sicut auctorites priacipil eet in Prtre, Et 

hr.QO eubjcctio tubttuctorit^tic aet eti&B eeeuntlum lege» aeierasa ^ 

;tt3 ipe& veritbc ordiaatci est ordine netur&e, 'uo alius est ab 9lio« 

2M 29S 

BOB quo 6liug out pilor alio , ut dictt Aagaetlnuc • Ond© otla« 

boo r:uod dielt, quod aon exaoquaans rel aoaii<Qr«iBU6 Flllua Ptitrl, norx 

dlolt inaenifjllt«tea Filli ad Pptrea in r;uantitfite, ced distlnctloaea 

••eunc.u?. nuctoritatea priacipli ot «Itteatis , et subauctorlt^ toa 

prineiplati st !nls«l« 

Eiailltor, obcecutio la actu ererttioais non dicit secun- 

darlaa Tel lastruoMntalea cooperatlonesi, fed dlcit ooneortlun Filil cua 

f&tre In eedwa operationa, per vtrtutoa Patris eaodea aumcro ,- coeptua 

a Patre. Per ouaa tccojaioneri dicitur Pnter oporari par Filiua, its r,uod 

preepositio dicst euctoritttea In Pttro, ot «ubauctorltatea la Filio, 2t 

iceo dicitur Filius obeer'ii Fatrl, et non e converso, -rule tollua nuaa 

dicunt crlacipilitat«n in uno respeotu altariuR, non reclpiauc coavorcio- 

nea in ceuse a eaunatia, i-ecuaduia DlMjysiuia, H cc;dt«lo r.^ TM, vtn^^ 

300 SOI SO^ 

Woffllnlbi)^<|» , ut la .ginem dlcitaus ei Eiaileia cujus eet Inago , at 

non e converso. 2t siailltsr est inter principius et principiatum* 

SOS 504 

Oada Faoindua hcnc obcacutioaeia dicitui-, Proverbioro» rill t Qua eo 

fraa cwocta coa-oneos » Si hoc etlaza fult soeundum coneea^nia in legea 


letem^is fccei.'taa a P&tre, ut in ordino ooaia ereerantur. Onda 

ibides dielt gaplentj.e s ^b aatamo ordj.natn , ;nig » ChristUF autem 

••cuadua tauoroiQai an uiroa fuit par an^elo^ :iab p^temia lagialationibus 

ordlaatUBy ut dleit Dionysiue, IV o«i^pltulo Cofilestle Hierarehiaa , 

ut ibidem dleitur , obcdians subditur patemls diBpoeitloaibue. £t 

- £24 - 

elc / ;>£tc-t> 'uoC Itiiu ut lege toterau aon tecundtu::: couotionesy cuia 


voluniiurle coRiiensitj .td elout Jd uod rei:^tur cti. vib r? ; iiilae. 

leiOK dicit Aucu: !,iauf , p|g Tera Icl ir ioino ; uctvirawa 
ZU Slf 

I«gea muudic ejiieiLa ff:s ett^t ooL.i3U>score, judlctxt) ncn est fas • £t 

prlKUa liorusi f etet, .uis. prlnoipiuc, - uod e.t ejus inprescio in in- 

m 213 

tollcc'U noftro, ott &<iturU.itcr ivJlii: ir^eitusi , tccundus uod Justus 

519 z^ sa 

aet oonia eece 3rdiaati3&iffl&» per (,uod cjue notitla nobles nfitur^liter 

e&t inusrt;.., wecuadua :;.atoJa &:? IjOc ;;rob:itur, ;:uia jui^iciu.'a ce re :iun tit 

aid ;^er priaoipia i^rioifs. ipgt re, Oad© e«tiaa judiciua de lag*, £ci- 

licet dn fit juata vel ion, onortst uod fiat por priacipio juris, prtora 

ipsa Ids;*» *^"t ""-ioc .'-do n^n hfibct loeuia, uia lax aett-raa ctt prisiua 

:>rinci^>Lua a quo derivaatur otsaia i-riacipia jiirlsj st ideo non dcbertsus 

S24 ZZ& S26 527 

Judio^'.ra hcao legoa, otiaa cuu seoua':!us o;ue faoit Dcua ilia 

S28 S29 

cuee aAir iajusta vider.iur. Ssd, ut cicit Daxai.c<siuc , oaiai- ^^ro- 


vldentiie opors. oportat .li.rail et laudars at lap rscrutate accipcre. 

Ab bac aetcma Isga OTsmet- rliao loges dcrl'Tttntur, ruia 

«•plentis dlTlrxa, c^--.c ®st ipsa Isx aot^ma, dicit, Proverbjp rujt 7iii , 

for ue r ogea regmnt st. l-jj,:.!^. go ndlt orea ^^ B^P deee munt » Onde ;.'tt6t 

f^uod nanei le^es Tcr'-t&e ab ip&n euafc, r.c per iioc tti'.n It^x atturalis 

555 554 

ab t[.«a ast, ^uin oaiia lex sci*ipt,& vel ei-t ojus axplicatlo, vcl ejus 



Ot aut«B hoc melius p.iteGt, perourr-^tnus ad sinijul* • 

- 225 - 


tat oair» triplex lox, ccill':5st, n-nt-arnLls, i-l-inn, et himaaa» Lex 


nntnmTls cupdnj^:;!^» (sat, tJaiR •si'it. d« quR diclt Boethlu» It II H>ro 

5S7 S£a SS9 540 

I>? C o iisol t ioae ! re:i srL^a lljat torraa no a polago rsgans» 

et c^^ftlo l"s «rans mjor, Et l<1«.a dldt do «xJea iiaarc, '.n III £2_S2S&2r 

Ml S4^ 543 344 S45 

Ifltlone : Quls log*»» d«t amaatlbusT Major lox amor oet 

albl, Lo. yltur saX&A do .laore osturali nsturs-a partitrul'-rls, cjun, ufc 

Ipse ostendlt, cu39iriet roe u :.K»tit / et -aBat consoj-Tratiotisa «ui «jj-ce, 84Tb 
S46 S47 

qtum ?hlI05ophan voc.>.t 9«.;® divinu^i ,uod oiait app'.-tuat, Bt 

rattoaa ilHua v,i;;;iint AJld^uli.'. n^i^nt, fX cua in Iwnc rinsni oKinia ordl- 

am'orlt, -jt o>^<!lnata .r-rodyc^t In l^mjn, «ecundtwsa oroportlon ;a aujus- 

libet a&turno, v«l cone&r^atic'o ea ea£e;a ixuasro vsl srjeclo » lex i.ctema, 

^». Jnstua est ut oimis slnt ordlaatlsEiiHa, patat hriac legos eausataji 

esse fib Ipaa • 

S"cuade. 1^-x naturalle -sat fntun, -;U?td llgi-.t mi« Iwna^ftWIl- 

tste r?.'.* Tratehtl'^s, "t flllDquln to'aer*» fluot'Jr^», Cuti Rut<?m 5« f«.to 

erlt ; firr/^, uro^^i^lsiTW? ipsua matanro- ar -rovl'^ontl'-i dWnf^, ur.<5 art 

5SX 562 

l»x neteme. H^ nc l'»g««i roct '^oethlus vn T^ TiSro tg CoifoXfetlone 

altsnm ea^rra , uis» 'iot rcisor nftturw?! unl-'erse"* 1 ? «^.'W etl«a con- 

trwi' 3utua tdbi con rerunlnr, et pe ju^nnt sd univeral C''»nr'^)'"V'- 

tloa»a. Et nicwt utrar,u« pr«odicr;tr.i« nntartillum l?;iuai non 

▼ocaiiiu* % philooophtt? m;\or et dasiderlu:?» inte".leotual«, im;uantua est 

- i:2e - 

556 8t7 8M 

sctu intellc-^ctus priai , ..Uf.litar dicit Phllosopbue cuod 

569 360 

nfiturne opus est opus intclligsatias* Sic stism as&i 

vocatur lex , non tioluaa a ligfsndo, sed otius uin «et explicstio 

legl» Juttitlae dl^lntis in rebus, parti oipsmtibu? Juctss Toi dictri- 

butlonee, IX in res continue oxac-uuntur aotus ad quod 

inclinfit 6ltf;rutcr iste coor, vt i^oc «ifficit lox auoria virtu t« 

864 568 

legic -letomae, elout ©ti;*j8 virtuta providantine, idao pfitet 

quxllter •?ic OKinia sunt rvib lege aotcma, 

Et qul« X«*x est c;raece-;tuts justitlafc, uod i;ul L'atlot obedit 

led et praeoeptori, ideo ld»pi amor vociitur prrvecet'tun diTinum • 

263 * 569 

Psulaug : P ji'&affenttts i > oeuit^ st non ■^ribit . Et. Joa;-e Iv i 

370 ' J71 571tt 

Prfeeceplt Peuf» y«ito calido * Et ibidem , secundum nlian 

372 573 

litter&a c«aa peolt Aut'Ustinuf £>) fflejr flepeejLa dicitur /t Preecepit 55,.^ 

IJoBirme , TQr aij,^,et per ciips l ^ ^enWf €t ,;.lc-'- Auguet'.nus uod aovcb-tu^ 

veraie inj'tiactu niturso, sicwt ojanie anlas- raoretur, 1 eon'/eroo 

orgo p CieJiturt- euis aoti'^e hoc pr&oceptua iaplenm, movent hoc 

prRfece.yto vlrtute Icgis ■ et rate, dicitur oh^dire Deo, fJi-ro i iv s 

Ven t ufi et at^re o'n?d lttat e l, Istse runt. Isgeo de -uibue , Jgre ajiB g 

578 ' " 579 "~ 580 

Txxl I Ei <<. ef ecerin t^ j-fiSSS. * irta e ^ rsa «e cj^g . PrsemlElt enio 1 


-.ui drt eoleia ija luainf- dl e^ etp » 

Tertia est lex mturali*, quae est rfttionis notio , ut 
335 534 535 

retio, id eit , d'^llber? Lira cstt eed ut QKturf< «et cuae est 

habltu. universfiliua prinoi. iorau jurie in igeadi.:, ui i proeui e^t 

- 227 - 

sae 387 

prictico iatoil^otu t tui crstaioae, .icut etiuJB iatsllectufc 

epeoai*. ti <;'«:: iv bet t?>: futi Uuturf. hs.bilua pi Irxci^/ioiua rpecul^tivo;u;4. 

£t lioc propria voo.' jue ;i4i.Uirule et Iwx atluralis, uia praccfepta 

juetitiie contiact. Et ipsa est lex db ./aa., fejjaao a li » HuJU£;i.oc ;L 
590 591 S92 

nihil aliad cit ^Ub]& a£.t.uruli;^ rcctituuo InLellsctucf tuae eet r«gula 

priaa, ad uiia omniuia tititaucrua recti luclo raguJEtur, cui pricis pritiotpia 

Zdb 596 

egeadonta ^vcr 6 coocorciaat » c,t Ideo v^tr i-.« not;- iiuat, ct Iiii«ic 

recti tudo sit lu nojie iacuentua coco, i-^*ig:o Ccl et sijailitudo , ©xis- 

tens ojit «rf'jctuB et eze^upltr incrc.itae rectitudlalE, \U« i ett 

aauarau ica, i;atet haec lefaCa aivturai .a ecf»? ?. Ic-^'O aut-jine • 

599 400 401 

.Uiirte lex m-turulis oat clvc ja^ ntturale , uod 

40i. 405 

all' uaiiE parti cl.>:iwio c: » jua dioli Juils ttaUiralis , Et ov h.oo 

solo vociitar lox V6l Jas; i.icut I'lxilotJo^laiw, ia I Ilbro Dc- Aoiaalibut; , 

diaib 'iniifialifc ii/owi.*d r*^ja«sa vit«»a, ita mo^ cuaedam h^nbent regoa 30l- 

404 406 

lioituui circa ae, ■ ujiedim aunl 6<spitttiti£ , ,u.ted&:a uatat..i, et 

406 4.07 

qusedtia L&rga «t auj^aniaa, et ^uti«dii:d cniut ingeoiosH , ..uaoduri 

verecunds, ot '..uaedan aaasuete* ^u&e tbm&a asaiiia aoa i^gtmt rat^ioti^a, 

cuic ut ibidtxs dicitur, nnicuil uod ivibet diacretiouesi / ;^luii uomo 35rb 

et'tj eed lotiut?, at dicit. L-KaaBcesiUB , ia oxl cguatur ispotu aaturr-lis 

ftr-petltuc. Sed 'Tilr tll'j a.;>^3tilU5i incliriRt «d ouera sinllia sii- 

qualiter IIHb Iwasnle operibue^ -iuro boao facit s«cunduin rationale 

- 223 - 


Judlciuik;c;tfc Oiituri^lis, Iceo ipfau ut .'la voc^tiir lex atLurftlit,. Und« 

diclt Isidoruw iti II Etj-uolo/Jlorxf ; Itx a.'-tur.lis sat .u»ih at.tjr« aanit. 

;saiaali. coc^it» ut etl coajunciio ^rit et f»ata:.3, St idea dicltur 

juh-ti de jure afturtll, Et ideo, ^icut ittud, ln-u:>ntua etl atturt. 

rei, te-t b eo e- -__uo ect ipt^o asturr, dc ia Uijatuis tet i;nrticip«'^lo 

Juris, rive le^ie a-'itaraiic, <;uie ;..r3pi*le tic toc^lur, cat ub oad^i lege 


Lesc diviaa coi^uLat^tux* in novo et yeteri i«ti£.iuat9nto. ILi 

do norv&. quid«ui uoa e^t clubiuia ;ula ipsci qH s. lege aetcrni, quiu cjuii 

l«!gi*lt.toi' cc',. rilluf' Lei, ui -cKi :olu/u ©Lii'^Llslitcr, ed oLitsa a^.— 

proprlfite, cet ijjgi. l®x asileiTia, Et Ouuai.': ia t^.fecraucuio ecclwil.^e 

417 418 

f*cta sunt gacugcua txc?5slur ..aa .slxt.tua ic "luc :..ont . f , L"ic eftija 

boc '?c.rbua Ixodi ©Tponit Apostolus Ad Ilcbrgeoe viii cue dioltt f ,\ii 

exc- r a^^ilxri ct u a!:i\\£ desy -rviu xij,^ eopUfcti ur;!^ icut r&cpoaua ctt Llo^si 

Sed lex vetus, cuia in -"lultiy cantrs-jls. vjdc"' tur hale aovf© 

le^i ruir. cojiccoii. libellu.ia iupudii, et ocio hubtre iaisaicua, et talion*» 

421 422 

sumero de lasddnto, vu/is a&iiti lox nova dasaaat , aon vid&tUT n&ee iib 

eedea le^a a 'iue etit Itjc aoTE-, Et ideo Menichci dicunt esa «sso a 

malo priocipio, i;ul& sv ipCR est aalt^ cua sit lex inortis et yatust^'s lit- 

terae, ouae operatur in rioblr oanwa concu-decentiiia par ruta revixit 


peec&tuia, neduceas et occiQens* H&<?c tnir, o.aiie libecitur iU>aaao<; vii • 

S«d Qua Cotflinufc dici^t, Ma tthaai ▼ t Hon veai i^olverc 

l<iawB. atjci adltoler», ;iui Woatm apwotut ut. dl;:solv£.t ooera dlt-boli f I 

Joaonl . s ill p pttet etiea noa 6e«« a prlnclpe toaebrarua, dlNboloj . ed 

4;d6 427 423 

potiusy euB adimpitjre / legem n<m ost aisl lUud cuod in se dSr& 

4gd 4S0 

tuib«st «xptmore, p£.tet cuod lex nov& «st in veteri, Aeoundum illud 


Eaochleli e i i . u? si eit rota la aodio rota e quia aoralla sunt eadem, 

et alia o.^otl h- o nt eo adinvioaQf &lcu» 1 AUiS ad £JLtjn^tua. Qwf^^ «» im 

432 453 

in figura oontingebanb lllls » I Coriottdo s sc • Ideo utraMuee est 

ab eodea prlncipio, scilicet, o lege- et.ra£.* Propter ..uod DomiouB 

dioit iliua QDgnuifl fUtuxua in regno ooelorua, ui le^ea lllaa fqparjlt 

et dowerit » aattbaci y • £t diets et praeeQi.-tn illiu«! legie Tocat 

dicta «t pr&eo«iit^ Dai* titr.t.;.^ej^ xv et xxll 

Oumlb varo use ccmtrarietatea aonant» ConiinuSf Mattbaal v 

reduoit ad oonoordiaa» ^ula, exponera voiena vetorc^a legaia, pr&aai£lti 

Mlai abundaverit j ttfe titi u vastra uXus u ra i^ QrJt.b ar ua et Pharlaoorua 

459 '" 
et£«, ut o^tanderet ea u a ipse ^ddit solua e8t>e expoeitionsis in ten- 

440 441 

tionia legi&» .u&ntua erat la £&. >.&c: uod ali.^ur paraiait^ hoc 

fuit per apulicAtionem illlus legit &d conditionaa uominuffl illiuti atntue, 

442 445 

eicut Pbiloeoptaua in |:triicljp dioit da re^:ula Leabia» quam oportet 

444 44S 

•&se pluabeaia propter indolf^bilitatem lapidi^ illiua tcrrae* Quod 

446 447 

taoeo abfoljita illud ^uod Cooinus idcidit e^set in intcllectu 

443 449 
legle, p&tet per hoo uod I^omlnue libollua reptadii reprob&t per 

ipsaa legeSf prioo par illuc Gtnebia ii: Era nt duo in , g am e un .a» Et 

- 280 - 

461 452 

QUO. p ri BitytWl iil*ctioQl£. proxlml «xiMUli probat ad oanes tiominea 

per parabolaa d« SaoaritenOf contra illvun nui useslvit ^'uls est aea? 

454 455 

proyjJMs , <uia Jerosoliaitfie et .^friaaritani inimici fuerunt , poena 

cuor,tt« trllonisi non reprobatur si fiat zelo Juetitiae; sed a Doaino 

prohibetur , no fist aopetitu vlndictae* 

Apostolus cuocjue seipstim fol^/it ibidem , cuod praedlctonim 

OBoiua oausa eet pecc turn, id ett, foaee, ced occasio fuit Imx, incunntum, 

ut cicit poeta , nitiaau* la vetitua, eemper cupizDuecue negstum* Masida» 

turn aute:n ::;a^nctua: esse et Ju&tua et boaum probet per lioo suod faeicnde 

contr& ipsuo, non faeio c u od volo. roluntate n? tur?>li interior! s hominis 

45a 45aa 

qua condelector legi Lei, sed cuod odi malms hoc facio . Nee tamen 

culp&nda est providentia oujue / occaslones aaloruai potius tollere quam d5Tb 

induoere, ouia p&r ^^oc uomo per experiential propriee Infirraltatis humi- 

llatUB, iaploratione divini euxilii greti m ?.ccepit, oocrantera ut velit, 

et coopersntsB ut perflciat lllud uod lex praeceplt. 

4 461 

Ponit autem Apostolus ibld«n cuazidaa legrm cum dicltt 
462 463 464 

Vjldeo aliaa legem in meabris aeie repuf^iaotem l eg! mentia» id 

465 "466 467 

est, legi nsturali , incu&ntum ipsa condelectiitur leg! diTlnae; et 

taaen utracue eerua contraristur • £t per hoc, mala sit, (icut dicit 

ibidem • Cuoniam aihl aal u m adj&cet. videtur ruoc non sit a lege 

Getema. Sed BCleadua est quod realiter naeo lex nihil aliud est cuam 

ipsa nAture potentiarum eensualitfttia, cibi relicta per priTationem 

- £81 - 

pgUmm liMKe e n tiae. P»r qua» dlleetlonM appeiit obj«otfi sibl aaturalia 

qttmsUbot ill&itim potantlexua. Use in hoc plene subduatur ration!, et 

111* objeeia 0uat deleotabilla o&roif, - uao contreri&ntur bono 


^teet er^^ tuxcc lex vuadrupliolter acoipl» r.ellie«tf 

JNTO Miture sensualiteitlst «t £io est » Deo a c;uo ett oeaie naturaj vol 

473 474 

pro natura Ilia ut potest deflclre in suo »iotu« Wueliter Apoe- 

tolu0 vocat earn legem aeabroruffl » £t «ie est el iioc ex dietantifi a 

priaa et perfeeta ooueftf et ;>er bac «^uod est de olhllo» Vel inquantum 

ligat itA neeeseitateo peoeandi, et oio voc&tur ab Apostolo lejc pecoatl ; 

et bIo eet ab eo r uj. peecc t .•>'^ iifi^tiOy ut clcitui I Joann^p Hi , ^ci- 

lioetf 6 diabol0. Et sic super illuc fcoaanoe ril t ;uod febitat in ae 

430 431 

peccatuia. dieit Gloeea , id est, lex eax^is ad uan diabolug ut ad 

e:u 7. Icire-i ; ccedlt. £t tie est eontrH leges netMUaa^ (niu, ut dicit 

432 43S 434 

AU(:U6tinus in libro De I4.bero Arb^ty^p , ous mene irrutionalea 

435 486 

aaiche »ottt8 regit, illud dominetur in lioniine eui dooiaetio in lege 

aeteraa debetur; vel incu^ntan h ec deforBltas eauaatur ex eubtractioae 

437 438 

vigorie rationie, -.u&e prius laJbaerens Dee per Innooentitira, per^ 

feet« virtute potuit eibi inferiores pot«atiae tubjugsre* Ft ale est 

Jueta poena dlTinitus infliota» quae, ut dicit Glosee Homanorua Til, 

eet oorra, tlo aeaenc in corpore, teacns robur dlTinae / sententlae, 8£ra 

49£ 435 

qua legitiae faotua est ut <^ul non obediunt suo u eriori, el noa 

- 252 - 

serrlat cuua iaforlus* 


Le>. Imraans. oonsistit in Jure posltivo; et Ipen etiaa 

contrarin Tldetur «ae* aetemae le^ potiu» cues elt nb ipsa, pr&e- 

496 437 

cipue uoaiam , ut dlcit Au^etinur^ In libro De Libero Arbltri ^o , 

fflulta conoedit bVu« iapunita relincuit «use per dlviaem jrovidoatiaa 

493 499 
Ju<iieaaiur. Conaetllt culdaa Tim yi rapvllere^ pr< t^elpuo in oo- 

SOO 501 

cftsiooe hOi^inuiBy q^xiin, ut dlelt Aupuetinue , peoc»tum oet, ula 

non eit niii ex oui^diiete* Peraittlt autea 3iaplle«ei fomicntionea, 

502 505 

et Lliaillf;^ O'laina une noa inmlt • S<id cum Jus poaltlvum «BaBSTorlt 

•X jure m turrtll, ut cldt rulliue la II Rhetorieaa , et prob»tur per 

lioe quod jus poslti-vuia nihil ■liud evt niai ordla^tio jurir. attursli» 

in pertiaiaribufc c^i^sibUw, >.?uod partieul^re neee&Bprio efflult a «xa- 

auni et univeri-dU regula juri<:, p>.&et cuod haee luas. ab eodem rinoipio 

odt r oust l«g« nf^tur^if ccilic«t , a lege aetemc.. Ondo dlelt Au^ue» 

606 iK)? 508 

tinue in Ilbro pe ]fflb e ro Arbitrjo : la lege huauna nihil ert jUi>tu£] 

Ciuod noa ex aetema lege eibi !»»lne8 deriT«crerunt • 

ObJeetionM -utera rolvlt Au^iu^tinue ibidoa per boo <~uod 

n<m aecuitur ex hao legea teiaoralea est^e contraries legi aetemae, £>ed 

611 512 

ease InehoetRm ainuacue perfeetuBi} a&i t^mso Ju^^tasi, eti a In his 

in Cjuibue deficit a lege aetema} ^ui» oust finic ejus eit ooneiliritio 

pa«l8 inter bo&Lnee imoeritoe, inordioatfit eeeet si ed alia se extenderet 

514 615 616 

qtBU» quae ad suiua fin^m .^urtinent, et mat ordinate • Et per 

confienueas, jueta est folum cum && prt eolpit cu, c ad liaac p^cem 

pertinent , et conlraria orohibet ei punit, it > ic oa tuae sunt 

liooinls oon^r; Deuia eolua juste ispuniot. relin uit, raecipu<; si res- 

trictio &b illls induceret disturbstionem sooietrtis husaenae, sicut, 

eocundua Auijuetinum p extoriiinavio fiiti'etrLcum induceret adultt.ria, 

quae sunt contra bonua ooiussune, isiuiliter illud sine ■uo pax senrajri 

non v^teet» cui« judex non potoet ubicue ev&e prcoEens, non solum 

praeterit lex ralinquenao / ea impunit-c, red etirj& ooncedlt jueto 3irb 

CjUOd vim vi .' epellsi a licet , uuin aou prfifccipit iiOCj nisi illit 

ui ed hoc ex officio teaentur. Alios «nitca suee voluitati relincuit 

et hoc promultJit, ut tsxref-itur violenii cura sciant licitc r-ibi posse 

resist!. Heec est seritentia verboxnm Aur.u6tin.i in lijro Be Lihro -^^r- 

bitrio , 

Gumque aetsmuHi ;it totum i:2il, . t ideo .it im.-utabile , 

lex aeteraa est ir^autabiliBj et tamen eecuadua earn lex vetus necundum . 

littei'£.ia .■autata est, et o&r csua 1 x tojaporalie r',cte fertur, rectec.ue 

isutttur, ut diciii ivu:uBtiius la I lihi-o La Libcro Aibitr io , ■ uia, 

sicut oomefc aatur^e etit^ mitai.Aee Earn, in Leo eiaiplicitei et ir,i- 

mutabiliter, sic cuid'uid ju:;titiae est hfic la lef.e aetf^raa est 

siniyliciter et iaisut'.bilit' r . ^t. nullum jus pcrfectt ipsum ex- 

primit, red unum uod' ue s&cuadum surm po: sibilitcteiB ipsom p-rtioipnt 

et imitetur; et ex diversit- te modorua n-ticiivandoRuenntur divcrea 

- i:54 - 

Jtira, ei divers» atiaa •jueden Juris p aceepta, Ei c,uodllbet cuunto 

plus per Blallltu<31n€as actt»Cit »6 ipf;r>ia, toato i;^aut«>bills est et sagls 

S36 657 

uaitua est { at uc^ato por derive: tioaa^i uniue nb eltero ttRgls slirood 

Jus dictat nb Ipsa, tuito iBUltlpIlcius est in praeocptls et lautnblliufi. 

CS3 5S9 

Onde mi.c lox vetuc, quaatim ad flgur&tive , fult lex anlmclle, at 

^40 641 542 

ouQ lex n&turee sitlox aontiillE; et cpirltualle, et parfaotio ejue 

sit lex gratiua» .< tet -.uod ratione bujus disttmtlaa a prlaui «pirltuali 

545 544 

lege» lpa& autebills fisit, cua aliea duae sunt Inottteblles ; et cum 

545 54e 547 

gicut ju^te positu fUit in statu anlaall, ita juste t^blata 

fult ab homiolbus i^pirltu&llbus. It r&tio utriuMjae Ju&titlaa diin- 

plioiter et aoioe in lege aatemc est • 

S«d Jus poeltivu?i Hdixuc sapllu? dlstai a lege prloi in> 

tellectue, ouia iaasrstta eet in istis p riicul<aribus et ta&tcrialibur., 

quae universali regula eompr^hoidi ne<~ueunty uia mutentur secundum 

tenpora et locus et alias negotiorjm cirouaetaatias. Propter QUOd uno 

551 55:^ 

tempore alicuid expedit peci oomauaitaiis , «it tunc Juete atutuitur» 

et alio toaporc, nutato eti^tui reram et noiBiaua et teuporie, boc ipsua 

effioerit paoi. / £t tunc Ju^^te sutetur par oontrariua Hatua, eeounduc 36Ta 

ili**" £pttiey xiii t Hep putare d ebetiy. :i diverya ^ub^eiaas ex aniwi 

664 ~ 656 

ijioslri IcTltbte reoire »?d pro cixali tat^ e t ne corsltate tearjoruy • 

0aLa«t3 'uhoo radLoneH juetitlae parioum exeaplar justitine, id eat» lex 

aeteme, coapIeotltuTf quia ip^u» divrsa et inter ee oontraria. stntuta 

- £85 - 

666 £57 6Sa 

divsrsistode iffliiantux. Ond* oh tot ^\xod otl«a eoatrarl&s leg«e 

reduGuatur ad legea aetemaau 

Ex hie pf-tet l&gee iaiques, eua clnt dwrlationee a rectl- 

(.adine &etem»e logiet at patot ex hoe .uod :imt devlstionee a leg* 

6^ 561 562 

naturaXi et dlTins, non eree a lege a*t«m& , nisi ut u per» 

Biii«atc^ t&a.;u'.ia & ckues rlno vuc non et non c^icut a prlnelploat» lp«a»« 

&6S 664 565 

Dade Isalae x i V»e f;ul coadu nt legee tal u&g . Kt dlclt «uctoritae 

quod Ceufs aulllue roi est ultor cujue est auetor» 

/t^r.cliu&f oua lex aetc^ma oomplectatur in ee oaae illud 

567 568 

quoc ju&titine er.v la aliis le^j^-bus, paiet etiosi ruod vlrtutea 

legasa mhet in ib, eed dlvisim explio&t ees j.d lecibus, a ;e derivatie» 

qttaattua «d ee -uae his ▼•reibue eonti-nenrtar: .uuttuor ex verbis rirtutea 

colli^:* l^gi&j pexttittit, puttiw» iap«r&ty ut^e Tetai • i;;;ed tune 

noaiae peraissionie tri& cotaprehenduntur, iroilioet, peraisrsio indulgentiae, 

£70 £71 

.quae eet alaoria boni, I Coyintoiop vii : aoq «ute«_iecun^Mj;Sr 

dtt j|.y<mtla» cl(y) f non ceCMadUia iajjerittf , Et permisslo suffiol«itieef 

«7? 574 675 

quae est siaorie oali, ae m&Jue coatin^;«t. Mst tha e i xLt t 


Moyses -cI eordie vfcstri p^raisit vobls etc « Et poraiesio 

577 573 

coQhllii ia superero^^&itiottlbtte i cuee ooas^ilia, in uaatua bujue- 

573 530 

siodi p aon ^elua aon ha'jeot eoaotioaaa abg:oltttaai, cioee aoa e»&i% 

in libero fexbltrio, sed nee b^beat aec6S0it?>te>x conditionst&ait -M^e 

eet «7. ^uppoeitiono deveolaadi in fiaea felioitati;' eterose» sed 

- 28« - 


siaplloiter rellncuitur optionl nor.traa. Pern is «lone s^ Toeeatur cua 
538 534 585 

de leg* ftgltur , 'ulf>. nulls leg* eA corunt obFerrantiam li^-aaur ; 

cu«arrie, uantusaci doctriaaa legls» ooaEllic vocentur . £le ania 

ooDslliura pluE diolt uas nuda peradcei** Ua*o est oermlrelo de cue 

Ai>oetolue Ad flebrf eO j f ri : Hteo cjgidaa fedaauep si permJBferlt liwi§ / iJtrb 

id eetf nobi;. hoc «psse f«5cieootim inepiraverlt liuod eat c-aciliua divinu». 

i^imiliter In <}unlt>ionG latclllgitttr eoasunltlo poena*, 

quaodo poea& consi&tit in b^itentia diviaa* £t per ««adea rationem 

ju£ititl&* intelllgltur reproialtisio, et praealetlo boie iseritorj^, culs 

•jusdea juris eet peocata punire» et marlte reminer&x-e. Volunt etlaa 

v!uid*a iiie &djie«re opera indii'f&reaU.ei, aon intelligeates niid 

locuuntur, cui* ciibil est indiffeteaa in operlbus huiaaaie. Id est 

ia operibus rationiii deliberativae, quiae ccIbl ordlnat lex. Et ideo opera 

iodiffer^itlay quae ex se nsc bool^atos aeo e&litiam istportrnt, et 

591 £92 

etiaa ex p&rte operaatie indiffereatift e^int , qu&e sine Judioio 

rationls: fiurit» tii leges aon pertinent. 

fii suteia {.cire eu, iiate c,ui eubjieiantur buio leg!» coa&l- 
dena^Mi eet quod subjtiot.o veX dicit tantua ratione» recti et reg- 

eali.8» eecuaduia ratioaem int<slllgeadi» eiae Oisnl real! inferioritate) 

et eio 8upr& dixiauc voluntstea diTlnam et Filiuia li^el .iibet:&e legl 

{^eteraue in ee tumptae tuittui, et non prout ab aliis leglbuo eet 

£94 S35 596 

participata; vel dicit lainoritattm regularl per leges ad IpeaB 

- 287 - 


Bttctoritutas legis* £t .^io dioit Au^tietiiuis ia III libro CopfcsBJoaua 

S93 533 600 

quod flttbjloi logl aetemae ost cupIlolt«r t vol «Jae puoltlonl 

601 e02 

Tel etles praaalntionl • Priao laodo, oanee asll «ubeuat legl actcmaey 

que Justum est Ofsia eoee ordin^itlssiaB^ Et iciao 1.^86 ooae Balua cul 'io 

ordlast per pooncon* £t eaoundua cmndao nodUBy etlan bsatl eubsunt 1111 

legl, < uIh eeouxuSuiD ««a aerlt^ eoruia ordinantur per piKseduQ, Unde 

604 €36 

clclt Augui^tinue in llbro De Llbero Arbltrlo t lax aetems eat 

euBbae ratio per ^,ua« mall roieorlaai , bonl bonam Tltas aerentur. 

Secundus .^sodux e^t dupllcitor teeundua AaMlaua la llbro 

pur Deusi Hoao | scilicet, 3<3aiaduiA subjeotionen neturalattj at aio 

dlolt Auc^uetinu^ ia llbro fig, Hvltate Dft j. , nihil leglbus euoifal oretitorls 

ordim&toriscue tsubtrahdtur, a quo p&x unlvereltatie adminlstratur; 

▼el secundwa subj aotioneia rabloaalea &iTe TOluatarlaa. / Et boo du- 37ra 

pllclter. Dnoaodo secuodj» uod lex dicitur a llgeado p«r coaotloaem 

poenae. £t i^lc ease sub lege dlolt asceselteteni conctioaie condltlo<- 

609 610 

netae. £t sic Ju&to aoa ee-t lex poeita, I Tlisotheaff 1 • Glosep t 

Gil eli: 615 

Id ett f i-jposltaut gupra Ipsum sitet «1 doainatur • ::J.o malls 

ex titaore lenrlli •!• obedleatlbus conveolt. eue.e Mb lege* Unde 

616 616 ei7 

super lllud Psolmj. i i^^ lepe toaial volu|it«s eJug. dioit 

618 ei3 e;:o 

Glospa I ui In lege est volxmt&rl* obadit legl; ctil sub lag» 

estf secundum legos agltur, ae4MBelt.ute tJ.i.ori8 oosctus* Seeundo sodo» 

eecuaduia cuod lex dloltur fi legeodoi ei slo sube&ee l«gi diountur, cul 

. £88 • 

proa^toa h beatos volunViteBi ad b«»ua sola instruct lono agendo i-um ob~ 

e»,uuntur instruentl. £t. rae adJtuc est duplioiter, c,ula vel Idgitur 

l»x aetem» in ee, ut vldectur Id L;uod volitus aat, & Ceo; at i>le bool 

62S €S4 €25 

sunt (iub lege aeteraa. Undo super IHud Pealql i £ t cugtodiam 

626 627 

le f te a , tasa seapor. cicit Cessiodorja t ecit per hfoac umbraa lagis 

ad Ji^tteriua neternf^e legis asccadl . Vel legitur tan turn in elgnle 

divinae voluntatis in lege natur&li et divlna. Et sic dicit Augue^ 

tinuE in Ubro Ee Libero Arbitrio t Juetoe sub aetema leg» egeip» 

652 635 

exiatiioo; sic enia de Ohrlcto dicitur, Galatyf i i JUisit Deue filimn 

»uus ffcctua sub le^a . 



2 S 

Pe :'ato, et de hia ctia» i.d notltiida ejus 
rsCiUiruatur, qoaa t-uat eaeus^ fortuni», con- 
tittgoas^ et ooo&tio «t frustra @t otloirum 

fatuttf (Hua ««cuaduci Botthiua sit axplictlo dlvina* provi- 

cteeaiiae, cam ;>rovl<iaatia ao&iflc&aiiua «et* i>ec ijula eaa« ration! con-> 

trarlarl vid«ntur oaooe et fortaa&, pi t^edatermigaadua eat d« his. 
8 » 10 U 

«:>ieat &atea dieit doethlus la V L» GoaBOlatio a» t ai 

cttls «v^atuia teaerarlo taotu auUciquA oettesrua ooonectioao proi&ietaa 

ea«ua oese dlffloil, niUil oaoino Ottsua essa coafiruo, uir; noc teaoere 

15 14 

ftll-^ic; fieri ;;otest , outa praridantid in orclaea / euneta josreeat, 37rb 

nee all uid pot@;;t fieri ex nuUei cause, ui ooc fieret ex nihllOj 

^uod est iai;0&3ibil0y cui;;- nihil es oihllo oxi;..tF{re vera seateawia @£ty 

oui a«Kao um uae Teteiua rafragatus «et* :?ec k-.baervmt hoc .-12*0 fuad&- 

Bfnto ocinium rationus aaturaliust* £i --^ «isvle ipei hoe t&ntua iatelli- 

i;«r«at da O'usa ai^tariali, oon da efficiante, vaaiea eadea r«tio est 

utrobi ue« 

Si vvro e&was val fortuna diffiuiritur eeuadun /^riutotclaa 
18 Id 

in IX PhysicoxiMa , sei licet , <\moc g&i»x& vel fortune ast cum all uid 

2Q 21 

oujttspiam rei gratis geritur , et aliud t-uibaedaa de e&ut>is cuas in~ 

tandebiftur otitingit» ut dicitur in II Phyeieorua t huIu oua fre'^iientar 

axpari^au- sic fsuita fieri, .uod nullue i>ote&t ifjior&i-e boo, ut 

- 2S© - 

- 240 > 

fill ..uis fodit agriMi &d f&oionaua sepulclu-oja, et invenlt thes&urj.3i sb 

alio Ibldaa r.bsoondltusi; ot vadaas ad forum ad til uid eaoadtuiy invonit 

amicus yi&& videre desldorabat, et eiailia, Clfflnit autora Boathlus 

c -sui^ QOiauiunivor, ;jroul etloift ooBpleotiteir fortuasa, diceoii cuisutt «bm 

inopiaataa ex ooariu«Qt.lbU£ causist in hie quae ob alinuid geruntur 

evcntvtja, Hunc coacursua cau£urua f&olt fatua, in .xiaatu-ii, cie 

proridttatl&e foat^e deecGadoti;^, craactc ails looi& tc^oorlbusqua* 

Cum ergo Augustlnus In libro LTIXICXXI ;U.'4e , s1^1o^j i;ia ^robat nihil caatt 

f iwri, per uoc uoc illuc tuiaero fieret, @t tkon j,;«r ,>rovidet3ti:i;j, non 

Ci^nuludLt ui^i &ocunc:ua pri-asa ueeeptionaa cueus* 

la (uibue autea poasunt eveair^ cU'Suc et fortun&y datormln^t 

52 55 

AristoieXes in II Pti^-sieprajft • ^orua oola cuae fiunt, VL^odeai e«Bper fiuat 

54 SS 56 

eodea siodo , ut ijatet in aotibus oo«;lorua, ut in ortu et ocoasa ai'» 

57' 88 

derua. £t h^sc sunt <;u&e a?.beat c«uteas datcrRiin&tas» et ordlaatsa , 

53 40 

•t neceeetirias , cuae s«ap«r aorcnt eodem :30do« Et Ideo cula ibi 

4X 42 

non potest esse conriuxuf novus oaua&rosi in eis, nihil eat a casu vel 

4S 44 

a fortune. ^Uftaeaa veio fiuat frec;u«iter, gcilicet , uae bubeat 

oausas orcin&tast, &ed non n&o«seariaa« £t propter priaua iiorua float 

46 47 

frequenter ) propter eoundua voro , non fiunt semper, / ula oausa 

non neoessaria ^m^ndosue hnbet contrarian isipedlea» ejus effioientiwB» 

£t aee est ov^eus tcI fortuna, ^uia oua hibeaat eaasae ordin&t&8( noa 

ftuat b e^tuslc per i ccidens, et pr^eter preeoi^nationem oonourrentibus* 

. S41 * 

» 61 

QtMMtfwB aniOL fiual praeter h;.oc et ex;^a buec } et in bi& dialt 

Philouopbufi aJJLi^uc ileri ft oaea et ;;. i'ortuna, 

2«t «ttt&ia extra iaoo duplex oonlln:,eau» Onum est contlageae 

fkA utruollbet. Id est, quoc ladiifcrontcr e hebet ad fieri et &d noa 

fieri, sicut pjobulare vel aoa an^ul&ro, ^uleecere vel non uieEcere. 

S7 i3 69 

8&eo eaia 6c^eaipl& /Icxondri et TbemlstcU. • Hec obstat boc cjuod 

.uidtia, aegttato::» ull iiLd dsae ^d utrusliiiet, dlount coatiagaa£. b.6 

tttrualibet eece citod noa ii^ubet. c>"aa^i.iH} nt hoe aon est ni utruKlibet , 

^uia CU2 ipsua ox dttobuo sit aon «ae, ecilicet, ox bo et ex dsfeotu 

causae, et ex imo t&ntust &Q ht^bet ad esse» aeilicet» ex otenti?, eo» 

s«!x4i, ip£u^ ;<lu£ ;:« b£;bet %d. aoa esse <paffi ad «ssej et it» -iiioc est 

ad utruallbet aon eat ad utnuulibet; uod e«t laooselbilc. 

C^lvltur enioi hoc, ula prima eotu'a .:ropoeitio f&lsa 
6S * e4 

•ft» Quoianris enin eontio^aas &d utrunlibet non habe&t c^^us^^ja p«r 

0« efficleateBi, quia nulla esxiGo. effioleat' est ad utrualibot, t^rmen 

65 ee 67 

hs-bet ccuMia a..-torial©m, u^e , ula de r© ladiffereae act ad op- 
ed 69 
posita, ut pz-obatur in IX Motaahysleaa , ideo effeetus seeundua 

Ipsas conslaer&tus est ad utrualibet. 

Bx hoc : e'^uitur ''uod casus et fortuna non tuat circa 

71 7Z 72 74 

boc contiui «m , ut di(»mt Alexvioder et Thealstlue et Averroes » 

7S 76 

et PorphQrrlue } nocnrls Avleena::i in tnio libro Phyeioorun dioat 

oontrnriuiTt} ui-i, ut dloli' rhllocophae , Qusaa et fortuan redueuntur 

- £4?. « 

tid causj.'m a.ffloi.onttw« Et jjrobat. prr }»c < uod OHsa&li'^) et fortuita val 

fiuat ab iatollsctu o^/smnte, ve\ ■; aatur?'j Id est, i uoau» ue o^n^rante 

73 79 

l>ttr twMlua nature « in hoc quod oon d«li!>er'?t* Sod utrum'-ue horun isst 

OSU&& sfflciensf ergo prsddiota soat i:Ub oauai «fflci«at« • Contingens 

31 S2 

feUtoa &d utruslibdt non reduoitur ad oaudam e.ffioi«nVxB« sod «d 

»«t«ri'ilea, / ut pro^iaVaa «st, Et p«.tet per «x«a»|xlUB, Pluer« «liB vcl 37irb 

98 34 

aoa pluere, si coaslderotur r&tione a£.teri'H£3, ad utrumlibet ast ) aed 

si dicatur piurer*! la tvleae, tan<5 aoa rit ad «trumlibet, sed est fy»- 

qu«nter pro ter forrs'-a et «fflcientea. Ergo j>«it«t oropoeituia. 

Allud &st con\i^v:«as r«ro, eive ut in p>$ucioribuSf seilieot» 

< uod non Labet ckussuji detsmila&tata 6t uer se, eed tasien h):bet o^ueaai of- 

flcleaige per accident., cui conjunota est ocuct. dicjX)QeaB in op^x>nitU8i, 

sifiut «0t pluere in di««>us eanicultiribuo* Et cul& habet oouesa f idao 

sit, vuib «uitea oaueti ll«»e est p«r eeeldene» et oppoeitun iui effectuc 

Itsibet cautsos ordini^t&a in nature , id«o oppositus effectu^ rit fr»-> 

cu«itcr. latud t:Ut€!3 r&ro fit • 

Uad© pfttet errtre eoe qui aegant «11 uld «see hujucsaodi 

ccAitingens, oroftf^^r hoc uoc dlount uoU ci <>li uic fit in pauoioribus» 

91 ' 
illuc aon h bet cau8' a efficientsaaj q«ia ei Jiaberet cf»ut.-.>ra ordinatea 

in nfiUir Tieret frequenter, t non raro. iied «.uod non hiibet o^-'xtt^am 

32 9S 

•fficient .a xxaa est eorua qua* flunt , ccili et, n&c in pluribue nee 

in p.'Uioiorlbue* Brgo contingtmc in p&uoioribus nr«n eeit oontingons in 

> 248« 

pcucioribuai -.aod est iaiXjyaibilo. 
fiujus eaim lioluti* est ouod hoc contlnf?oaE noanull;Mi 

h«b«t causiia sfficientcMB, sed noa h-^bat oeuc-ia ordlaataa, sod tantum 

po? &oei(i«a&9 <:u:& causa dispononto ad oppoaifeaa effccbun» £x quo 

«tiaa pstet boc con41a;ea£ redud ad oaue- a «ffAoiantea, Ft circa ietud 

Bolaa Euat oaeae et fortune aecuadusa ^reedictos p3iiloaonh.og^ eb etiam 

gf i m uua ii)6ua Arlstotelea • i^iaayie sals Ipge priao ual-verti.illtep 

93 99 

dloi^t mod oaacs dicunt ilia esae a fortams. uae «xxijt extr» hoc, 

100 101 

l»lllc«t , extra «a .,uae fiunt sospar efc ..uae fiunt fp«cu«jter, »i 

e:* ilLii, verbis oco*i6loaea erroris susiijserlt Avlcenna «o uod fisbo 

10 S 104 105 

pxa«dicta contin£entla sunt extra tj>o, tKaen ipso Ibldoa eubdit i 

106 107 

«eaifoistua orgo for^mtm esse la his u&o in minoribue fiunt. 

lasupsr )BUa «xoapla swaper ::unt ia coatiaseata ia pauoioribue. / Uade 33ra 

cua dixit i^t;. «3S6 la his quae siat extra hoc, iatellcxit d© his coa- 

tiagentibuo ciua» coaaunicant cam hia uae fiunt eaaper y«l frequoatcr, 

109 UO 

in IJSG uod ipse reducit «d caUBfja efficiontoss, clout et ilia, et 

aoa ad ci.usAja auterlisJ. .-;';, sicut contiageae ad u tnmlibet, 

Cu« auteu dlxisui: c-i!^a et fortuasua esse do nuaero oeus^ruxs 

•ffloioatlua, Xntcllexiaus ^iOo do cuias por < ccideac, ut patet ox dif-> 

fiailioa® CAius} uifi iaopiantus est prtietor intoatioaes, et oaae 

eeueane pr*et<?r intentioneRi csusfit per sceldeos* Ex boc eef^iitur '.uod 

erravoruat philosophi qui poeueruat caeua eseo priaea oauoes eooll 

• 244 . 


vol ."sllazujA roruiTi, aula ousi ocma per accidcas redoeetur Rd per pt, 

114 U6 116 

et illud ad c,uoc! &li uic reducitur eleut ad cur-nn elt prlus Ipso , 

oportet aite Xslae causae per &ccid«nt; e»»e alias c-'^uraa p^T se, 

Ba«o te&ea zeductio non fncit uoc por seolceas fl«t per ^e , sleut nee 

aooldaas ftit &ub:^^tet)tic< ex ooc cuo^ &d eub&tantlaa rcducitur. 

Ui uitox cclutur .ttOduc: imjue rciduetionie, notcndua eet 
<^aod cecuacux Phllouopi&im casu:: «t fortune ru?3t ia his cur* flont 

proptci' all' ueis rin«&y .iiin &uat, in iiic c.uee fiunt & naturt:, vel e.b 

iatellfeotu -.uoruffi utruActte £.git propter finem* £«d duplex o£t finis, 

tioilicet, fiais Intoationic operazttie» et ille eat oausa p«r ;?e t^uia 

oovet operaatsx; et finis op^rit^, c,ucsi operoas aon inttrndit, e«d oporatio 

intondiKitie £vliuQ finca :^.d ipciua torain^itur. Et ideo sat o&ue« per ao- 

cideas, ~\uXn opart^e agit ad ejus conisccutiones, non sooudqub \xo6 ipsvuB, 

cula Ignorat ipsua, aed in< uaatua coaee>;uit.ur sd finea intcoitus, et ia- 

125 124 

cludltur eeusrliter et virtualitor in ipso; et talis sunt a casu 

l^b l^G 127 

et a fortuna. £;t iceo p^tet uod h.-^eo sunt ocuea* per aceid«a8« 

et tg!3«n cicut ad e'ius»ra redueuntur .id caus&m per ?e; scilicet, sd 

flaea i»er i^e intratua* l«>oo si bone ooneideremas fortaituai, c&us^tur 

ex duobui fiixibus per re inteatis, uorao vel otrjm-uo ert h ,;ropo6itOy 

eiout inveatio th«»i:'euri o»u0f tur ox imo propoaeate f cere EeiMlciorumf 

izi 1?3 

et ex eltoro pioponeat^ ipcua abscondere } / vel alterum est a <3arb 

propODXte et altcnm a aatura, siout. oua iar^tio tbeamiri eauei«tur 

- 24£ - 

laO 131 132 

mx propoaentf! fr.cerc - apajlchn:;;; et ax n? tura lalaor?-.!! cti&e 

thetieurusi Ibi roduxit , 

IM 1S£ 

Sx prROdiotlR ooTcludlt ?Mlo?ophus daocx-ipticweo 

fortua'-.a prout. in ae etlm ;.i)li.c->t> aucuso, uui» diff initio coapl©- 

tier «at ctj^m difflaitlo Bos'^^hil • E^t ;..utera iii-.-sc diffinitioi 

fortun- est o^aura scjcm<5;u! ; ccdd«ai? ia >i:i con'.ia.j'aitibus .i>i.ia ia 

X57 188 
mlri'^ribus, id eet in peucioribue, flunt, cooiuiduis propoeltvLU 

oor-ja (;Ua9 fluat nrovjt-^r hwc, id ©jtt, «b .■.(^•«itibUd propter intoa- 

140 141 

tiorj«»a fiats J lu.' o euat intellcctus pr. cU-cus, et nttuj'a ccmsuniter 

142 148 

aun'jta pro otani oporcintc focuac^xn lastiactua aaturtiO, ut tsunt otiiaa 

vegetabili^> ot cxiisx. g^sicibilic, £t dlfforuat illae (iuae diffini- 

tioacis, ^;uij!i pri.7,s cl;tui" dc rortua<i ^ecuadum so, ei iu^a vnaun&ii dutur 

de Ij^nf- inr;u8atu&i esit e&ug&* 

OoB (iute: ottsualo val roz'toitUB dlcatur «^ ije>c esee 

cniiwttci per £.ccldeic, uit. pi,uCJt£r iateatiouuffl oper&atii; pixjptfcr 

147 143 

rine» iaciduiit, propter jtioc noa rolusa illo E&nltne dicitur fortuity. 

qui.e fit ?i wuis per &eci<i«ae | cetaiaduji ?'cei<J«»n& iCTiOi«a n cnus& per 

ac, eicut cua all iulc oondetur et s&a&tur cua tioc non intmderitj p#d 

eti'.'^ ci illud iu:old€in£ cit propiai.uuui <^u»&e per h%, slout cum eOLicuis 

propter refrigeriua vtidlt ub veatum, vel propter ^^ol&oiusi v;.>dit aub 

e«stui3tf et saai^tur. £t quoci plue €£tj ti illud "«uod praetor Inten- 

tioa«a scaltativ I'laGitur^ .it oiuuua ejus p«r :>«, ^dhue Baait&s est 

- 246 - 


foi-tulub, ut si aliquifj ao£civii& virtutdm acanoaet^e, Liuipta ipsa , 

evficuaretur \ color- et t-anarttur, eeset ataiUiB fortuita, .uia 

otonia &tint ^raetcr latcutioneu agentia per sej; ct ideo sccidens nuat 

per accldene. Et giioiliter lat(:lligeaduQ est de oimibus fortuitis 

et casualibus* ^t per hoc /ilexiui&er et Theoietius eolvunt (-uaestloaen 

Arietotelis super !iOc, .\xtm i;jse insolulta relinquit, 

157 158 

i<K. hoc concludit ^'hilosoubas ^aod c&euif ot fortuna 
sunt Infiaita el svmt incognitt^ cui& iul'inita poeamt eidem hccidere, 

sicut infinltis de ctiueis potet^t ulir^uis venire ad looim ubi inveait 

aaicuQ suu&i « cues aon intendit ibi inveaire« £t por hoc est / etiom d3va 

incogoituai cuidquid taijusmodi eet, qui& efffectut; non cogposcitur niei 

per c&us£m Euim fitiitam ct ordin- tan, ut remper eut ut frecuenter, 

Et sic est etian in aliic cautic per &ccideai;f sive illud accidflns 

sit propinmuiii cFiUe&e per iye, scilicet, uando disponit ad effectui&f 

ut cum robuBtus tedificat, vel voluntarius, vel elicuid hujusaodi; 

les ice 

aive oit remotum ab ipsa , quia nihil diepooit ed effeotu», ut cum 

dico Bttsicua aediilcfit, et infini^a iiailia cuae eidem ^ccidere 


fiifforunt autea fortuna et casae, ut dicit Philosophus , 

duplicitert unosiodo, sicut ipaeicc et genus, ruia c&sut est in plus 

quam fortuna, quia oimia r^uao sunt in hie quae propter fin«n fiunt, 

caeualia sunt ouando non fiunt propter illud quod aceidlt ex fieri 

- 247 - 


Ipeorita , jeC pruetcr intentioiea operaatls eveniuatj cire lllud 

171 172 

opsr^nc Bit nr.turri rive iatelltctua, slout, trlpoda a oasu ;3©eldit 

fiio, quoti cedoe fecta oet» Id est., spt« ad uodsndum» Fortuan varo 

propri© dlcti tontua est in Li» ;Use fiuat praetor inteationtiin r.b 

intclleotu srfxtico, ut probatur ox hoo fjUod fortvm!» oet in taatum 

de rationc follcit.stis cecimcvi.'a isr^odoum suua poe&e £uapte.e ; quia, 

ut didt i'hilocophu^ , ipct viOctur vel id&r. fciidtritl rsl proprie 

ipsEjs CC3C, Efc propter }»c , tnatuja laent «is t:uibu£ in ooafermtibus 

ud vitca iac£t bene contiai^re vol aaie; et ex utix>cu6 istoirua t,'jn.tuai 

coartsaiL opereatibus per volunt^ teti daHberiitivaa, et noa coavsoit ia- 

fininatis, ne ue iafaatlbue, :ie ue beetlle, %rir ciclt. PhilosophuB } 'uia 

lao 181 

bctue ijccundun FhiloeophuE: in Etl&icdB ciro£ concurroatia i^d Tltaa 

non eet, nisi volant"^ tit: d«liberatlTa«, et felicit:ie est oaprsxLa ut 

132 135 

cioitur in II |?h ypiQQyya , Id eat, bonu^ .ctus : ocuntfua perfcctsia 

134 1S5 

vXrtute^} ot ideo eti^xa fortuna et,i, oiroe vitca aetueleai. iixiaues 

< ut«tt imee de fortuna propris dicta, uia fortune stet'-ptacrice diets, 

eollicet, '.ua« ncm concii-tit ix\ ^otiono eoi-am uas fortanata dicuntsr, 

ted in paesioav, cum ell uie cire^ hi-j^o op(^«tur s. rortun£i, id est, «a 

c,u«e eiaiilia intnt fortojnve, dicitur etias in^mis^itis, alcut dixit / 337b 


Prot&robos whilosopbut; bene i'ortun£.toe nBan l&pitiee e> cuibus aras 

deorua fiuat, ;Uoai;i,i uonorentur, c^iii ,ittt«a coajuacti eia coaculceatur, 

191 192 

Sscunda difrereati& «t»t , qu&a eti:ua iaaxiaaa dlffsr&ntiaa 

- i;4o - 

198 134 

Phllorophus <51olt , ";U?ua hnbet cnga» aRtjrnlls ad fortunns, sci- 
licet, uod fortolti nventUi! otnjst» est tota *xtrfc, .-uia fiai» fortultue 

195 196 

totus est axtr»; crjn cui .jccldit. Sed cahuc solus la o >ore na-turfe» 

h?.bet allca^a o-'ttjiHai intra, rscllicet, n-turiilaTj, olcut sum /iicmstruosi 

pnrtws flunt 3» runsrjfTultita ^antarlAO, v^l ejU£<J<ja tiiviinutl ^no, v«l 

ex e-orrj Jtime -llaujus' princ-.pli In -a-.ttrln, Snd t^'^ti-sa voc lnt«l- 

ll-jenrtirs sest rlc, fiiod lUe .iff-istu?! riol^'^ijt. aoaB-ldoj-ari trioHciliorj 

199 20 

Mnorwdo 19T co-nper ''t,1.on«fR nd n- taas^Ji ^.-.sruicBil. '-"'.-.i ttov«oi«a j <at sic 

TOOfit ooi? ?hilo..'ophir op.flual«fi t-ul*; efficiuntur pi- ot^^r intQati>.\9« 

hrjun nnturr«. Alio .-^('rt per *?,tip;->rfi.tlon'X! -d hsas pr-rtiauliroa 

n-'.tv.r-'js r5n■!^•mtf?Ia, prwit !_>??,• «.Kt Li siietscriti, id sst, fid virtutea fornia- 

tiv»5a, proixt ipsa est. In satcTlaj id «st, r^d -rirtutcm forcatir., rj i>r&ut 

eet i.rt seeBln?- dtirw^nens lp*wa «t tQrmtn»» Et .'Ic ipse Arietotelec in 

203 204 

llbro ,1^ , Apirj;! j.v»nf , ot PtoloacwE In li' ro !\' yctlvltg tlbys t'icunt 

Ifttfr netivitfitoe ocpo occ^^lom tne in miturti pi rticul<.rlj «st oouv.slo 

r.inuF set ■'Upr Cf sub^ oo ruor: cuc^Ufi e»l cuura per «tocifienso Occ elo 

205 ^6 

cuten non pnt ctAjr. , ecd est qura^o proptsr 4dicvl<; inold«Xi,£ 

csaestux* RlinilA vb <-lio, fiivts hoc lii tlicujue mi thcentii^, cicut 

nimta sua c-br.cnti- est oscnsit» y©riculi nrvl» , t?u!2 t»Tu«:n niidl 


ct-tjcatj rivr ^Tcc ,:it i-.Iicu^£; rsi prfcei.mtl&., rlcut occr ioac'», daauul 

?ao 211 

•llmlc (^IdLtur cera irraninstfo, vel rll^uiiT. innuendo , vel 

- 24d - 

212 213 

diaatio nli :ttii circa priaoipiiia ... .teri:J.«, ^.^oytcr .uam virtus 

formailva i:inai;u"i*loa cffectua i;roduolt« Turtio aodo, p&x- cosipara- 

tioa&-<s lui nrtUTi'ua uni 'ercoli^j ot &lo &«»cunomu Ptolomeun huju^raodi 

217 213 a9 

■ ualitfis proveaicne cy citu et ax rospt-etu tWllarun ia Itora. 

qua / MMHMi caCit itt aistrice-'i 3:5t gilbus; gi'jii&i.tici drat uriacit^iu 39ra 

pi-oaoswioiKadi talse aativi'U.teui ot ssp«*tuai ccit cuoci iiio froc.uanter 

evuxit. Unde, cua i:<lc hab&aixt cuus£.ai par i-'tiiy non sxnjit ^ff^iitub eafrwuilee 

aeo occfioionatl. 

«uod &ut*;si us^uo nuoo exposuiisis ^ scilicet, o&suja eaa« 

C£tU£ej3 pc'r r.ccldan&f &@cum"u:^ uod l.^se £st i^uaus uoatin«in^ sub a» 

fortunsia, probet Pbilosopbui^ ex Ipso nocdnQ, uoc iioia«n cjn^a in Grsieoo 

veait ab hoc aomLne rrt; , gtrfi ,« Uade p.itet :uod duo vuisa rea elg- 

aiflcaiat . Fruetra autea «st 'taod aptuaa amiua aet can^eCiUi eli uaa 

~.i3 ^3 ' 253 :i5'l 

fines, stiea non ooasequitur j sicut aiicule deaabulsaB propter 

depreesior.ea cibi, fru; trt dleit »« detiabulnsae id hoc non o«i- 

i^eCjUitur. IxL>d:fii0 i^teiu ^.uod a^;lum xv:iusa &st,, ^uia non dioltur &I1~ 

c;uld frustra fioid ai aon conssK^itur finan ntultaa iateationls operantis» 

256 257 

n««.tum eo -;uod iOl noa «clJ-ps* tvir, ridioilosua <^rit. Ergo etUisi casue 
QXlt qaaado ali'^.uld ondlt a fine iatcato* ergo fiai^ tiuats cau8«.t. ci'.stte 

- 2i>0 - 

arit p^':.etcr la wO.; cloaca ..gbatii^j «.« tali£ abtto&gudo e&.i csusi^ per 

I^ bos pulct :^uocy ; <Iiolt Cu^.^oa'^i^or bu^ci- II 
258 iiSi 

rirvilMrup , '.uxsvis ^^Xi^H^i. at la^eaa ide:; iOr^t , tew&caa diArer^t 


c<^su£ vv-ro cliclLui' i.-: .uontur: c;^eratio amilt ixi fiudb aoa iAt4.ntU£i« 

rhilo^iOphuc (.ii.:f,^i« ibldea ,;"C oodea r.ccipit I'l-u^trt. et v;ja,uu. Lt 

24S ^44 

r-li .ui piiilofophi dicuift ettixi otlcpi.^ cua iJibobut ico!.: cstt . 

Qkioc! tpoaa io liat,tui lo?iiia& acn c. t voiiiai, Uaa ruma eel qiioc de ue 

non eet tptaa a;:.ttia ut sit cuusi, dicajut utllilafci;; vol nocuAen>.i, 

glcut i\t tuytue cj.4;iti iiiLctcv tntcatioacaa ct iadigcritiba., Idtoiii vocutur 
246 247 243 

243 250 

rtticns jttftiie :°cceueltftit, et intcalloat i-ice ut;jLlil£.ti£ . / 89rb 

Std rrtlone (fifftruat quir. :.ctue, -ui is a coaslflerjitui' , vaxui« 

2S2 2-S 

c'tcil'jr; et icc.usntyE Y^nils.tei osleaslit it, levitutea apers^tiu, 

^Icltur otLoius, t-t Icfro t^att in vitiui# 

'■vAiaBvl? ffUtcffi ".uswJea fsrtun'^ sit ..cda» tcilicct, .uiiado 

prr.ft».r Intrntl^atfl evesalt Lo.Eiai OLl-fjia &cvcrfcum, et ia&«tifia eit boaa» 

scilicet, >.-aaaco l-r-aua cvt-ail listiiai pir.titcr iatentisaeji, ttLica dlctt 

"286 ^se 

Philocophufc ittod '.aaado luuec p-rva suat, laaoalnita sunt, -.uia 
nlh.ll aatcat jtraum hn.^lni:, «t idoo aoalaa noa aiersatur, oarjisfo vsro 
rjnt clrce n^.g^je., tunc boau fortxaf:i vooi-tui oafortu::lua, ct slIe 

- 251 - 

fortuna vocatur diffortuniuni vel infortunium, • uia cum fortuna 

< 258 259 

organicae felicitnti deserrtat eufortunium decorat ipsrrm, et 

ii60 2C1 262 263 

facit ad expedltum felicitttis actum . Et diffortunium 

contribulat felicem, cuajmric felix eis decent er utatur; et ideo 

notajilem differentiam facienti- in statu hominis nomina specialia 

264 ' 265 
acceperunt. Nee contra haec dicta est quod Boetiiius probat omnem 

266 267 
fortunam esse bonam, quia per providtatiaa divinam cedit homini in 

268 269 
bonum, nisi i vse sbutendo ea frciat earn sibi malam. Nam aos 

loquinair hie de fortuna per se; qualiter ipsa iadicstur secundum 

id quod efficit, Boetiiius autera loquitur de ipsa per accidens, 

secundua cuod vonit ille effectue. in usum nostrum, 

Cum ergo probctum sit cseura et fortunam esse, nirum 

videtur si fetum esse possit, -quia omne ~uod :^it c cr-usa deterrain^ta, 

et secundum providentitin ordinatur ^simpliciter ad ali'.uem finera deter- 

minaturai, j-oc secundum praeaissa non sit ? casu vel a fortuna. Sed 

275 276 
si fatum est, tunc ipsun est .^>odus perfectus a divina providentia 

277 273 

in res, Cui modus omnibun rebus preestituit causas, forraas et 

ordinem, ut dicit Boethiue in IV De ConsolKtione . Et it», omnis 

opferatio naturalis vel involuntaria est e causa determinate', ut 

280 231 232 

dicit Plato , quod nihil eft / cujus ortum non praecessit 89va 

233 234 

legitima causa . Et similiter sit etiam simtjliciter loruendo 

propter finem determinutum , ex rao frtura effluit a providentia 

- 282 - 

cttae nihil inordlnr turn relln uii« Et dioo siTsplieltor, ul» "URntum r>i 

bttie Tel ilium <.ul tinma Ictua non intendit, potcf^t i. te fltils non esse 

detertainstUE} eed finis propter nostrhr. positionwa non ott.vl convertl 

^e 287 

la noa fines* Et aoo fieret si id uob vere est finis hujue opere- 

tioais; ui irte .on'-.tur earn Int/cader©, non eet flnie deterainstus, .«si to 

.uod ipse eua non intead&t. Et Ideo siapliciter lo uendo ii'.tc operfitlo 

est propter finsas. Ergo &i fatu/s est null» actio naturae r&l TOlunt»tis 

est easoitlis» £a«e est objectio i>vicennae in suo Ilbro PhyBioorua^ 

Ad horuc er^ Intellectuia, con£idere«us pri«ao '<uic rjoo 

nomine eignificetur, t«^s igitur o;::;ni& c.iias ouusijt per providentism 

csascitf eo sUoq iv.ea op9riui.ur per intellectum «t s^rtoa} et nuaatrlE por 

se princip&litsr oonib offLcLai*, tujaea ut dignita^s csusalitatis et 

divin&u cooi erationis non deeseet aaiverttOy oui ooaaainic^vt«« aunt 

osmes dlvin&e bonitir^tes naturaliter ooasainloebilee, operntur atlaa per 


^ecuncas ckuv: &. £t ill£.e eunb ordin»tae duplioiter feoundua duplieea 

^"92 298 

iaodua j, rovidenti&e. Cicit eniis Augustinus VXII libro Super Genesi gi 

uod gemina operatic laovidentiMe repcritur, jwrti-a aHturalie» per 

uaa dat ligais et hsrbie increaentuai, ! artio voluataria, par operetio- 

nea aagelorua ct hominum* ^ecunduo: prisaim netuu: rovidcntiae est 

ordo naturelifi Ofus&rujs 'uem ph.ilosoph.1 deteratincnt, scilioet, uod 


priso Quat ceucae uniyer&£ie8y scilicet , ooelesti& et ^u0tu& eorum^ et 
sub illis £unt caus&e p&rtical«u at;. Cum ergo unanie c>rtifex» opersas per 

- ^65 - 

lastrumeotua, dl&i.ot>ltl9ne& :.rtis instrumentls lnf\i:idtit neesMarlOy 

dls^Msltio dlvlnse orovidentirie tsilc ooimoxlonl ea!ua«ruai infunditur. 

"Ergfy haeo disoositio rovlceatioef iafusa toil i^ti ooTinrxionl o^oi- 

eanutf fetum Tocetur, ut diolt BoetUlue , prout phllosophl de fato 

lO'^uuntur. Sed cut a turn nd meaadam / operatlone?. , rovidentine» dl»« 83Tb 


;08itlo provideatlae divlnft*^ -uha Diooyftlus roc^t legem diviaitKtiS( 

seemduK u<^2a ultlaa reduountur per ascdlt!, et media per priaa, et ;>rlaa 

redueit per selpfum^ &X uiaXls et boaie aagelit st ho-aiaibus utltur 

ad lacucend^iai fiaea dlspoeitua sd varloe cffectus n; tur&e* Fetua 

etlsa TOCiAtar Ke<»adua Stoicos .ui ^:ubetsiitias sep&rat&s poauerunt, 

S06 307 

cu&e faaJttSBodi officii^ intenceruat , ut p&tet oer Apuleluia la 

llbro Dy Ceo £ppr&tlg « £t ex ooc p&tot esse nefas futxm aeg&re. 

Maeo futeiu dispoeltlo potest dupllolter oonrider&rl; uno- 

Bodo aecuadu» suen eseentlAu et oeiise», u- o e&t irimoblllc provideatie 

Del, £t £lc (it^t unuia uld , ,ulfe ab uno lilaj^llel !K»& est oIeI uauni. 

Ei e«t iu'i.aoi'iie .ui& in cmisa liasMyblll fvindfetur} et eet . ecuodua 

511 512 

BoethluB UHK repile regene, et eieut vinculum oontLneos rec . 

Siei oqI» effeetus p»rtieulf^^re& mttabllet; et vvrii referontur «d aotoa 

el«a«Dtorum, et :r>otu9 eleaeatorun nC aotu^n colBstiun, et laotue cocla&- 

tiu!D ed r^oVaoi priouta, et aotue ^jriioae &d orliBum aotore» ct ud divinein 

provldentiria; et niei divers» recir^it &c unuisif et ni&l aohillt 

ligftreatur ed i-anobile pri:auti, ficret tanta diversites «t sutabilittis 

- 254 - 

la rwbaa uod res natur&c ^K^rireai in t«ipel£* £t ale Boethlus ei 

818 519 

£«fn«oe In Libro MaturU-lua u aeeclon uia diount i'&tua 6&^e aeeseeirliim 

et iBMUtftbll«» 

S«oundo modo oonsider&tur fiecanduu ence, eooundum uod 


«et dlspotlUo inh&erens re u^ aoblllbus, ul dioit Boethlus • £t ele 

S22 S2S 524 

cadit In laultltucilae»^ •iuiti dlelt Phlloeopius uod prop')rtionallter 

est esse forto&e ceounclum dlvereibate«a >i^.terlae in .ua est. Ft slo 

526 527 

etlsn In emielft nfiturallbue unlvergallbu^ et neeesssrlls est li»- 

:»obile) i=&& id C6usl8 eontingentitus est siOtllGy ula, ut dlclt ?tolo<» 

■eus la itttedripartlto , licet ooeleetis ef feotue iuusobUls / elt, dOra 

aon ia^fld >;.rticlpatttr i£i.:ioblllter, ulu pertlclpatur par ellud} Id 

est» per eleaenta, :acie cole coutr&rlis di:ip06ic.ionibu? lapediunt 

coeleetiua effectua; et per acoldensy Id est, yvr do^e ../roptdr ';uod 

reelpltur eecunduu aoduia reolplcatis* £ic eaia vere dlclt Phllosophus 

555 554 555 

In II Pc fcoiaao «»♦• ^lifjitlt wod effcotus supftxiorls rsrlatur, 

S5e 537 

slo bane connult^^ alUc oon^Ulle opportualorltes outsntur. £t 

&lc patet cuod fatua non xxx}nlt re^s aeeeesltat^iy neo toilet coa-> 

tlag«ktlaa, nee llberam f.rbltrlua* 

553 559 

Caala tamea uldam i»:erltll, praettlpue £^lourl , 

dixerunt f&tua utroque praediotoi-ua nodorum eeee Lisoatsblle, et ex 

boe ee^^^ultur uod imjOQit neoesaitatesa oaaibuw eeuels partloul'iribus» 

540 541 54£ 

•tiaa llbero urbitrio, ot ulterlus ex hoc se^.ultur aon easa 

- 2&S - 

culpam nee virtuteffi, u.t aoa .ua»^ aiti in ac^lbur. ui .;uni la lOtG&Ute 

no&irt, sint- coc.ctioac necessit titj Ideo AufTietlnus in V libro S^_^%vitsXe 

Dei dicit ordinerT! crusrsrjis nc uo nonsi^^^-ais necue fnti votiabulo s-,,)GllasiuB» 

;-;•! MS 

tec ipv'c £U-'Gii rai-ioneiii hajua dict-i, cicanr; -•otse fcvja c i:;ndo 

S4e 547 " 343 

appellrre , aisi hoc nomen cOlet jam in alis re intelligi, uo coica 

543 £50 

iioniinuiB noluaws incliai-re. ^uam r&tioaeai plenius ey.oonit in 17 

De Civilr;;te Dei , dic&nsx li ei-Ls verbit" lo uuntur ohilot-oyiii; aoois 

auteai sd certr^n regulasi locui fas osi., ne veiborua liceatis, c-tieo ce 

rebus Uf.e liLc pirnificentur, i^piaa gigatt opinionea. Ft nisi \oq 

dlctua £ic iatellif itur, coia i jse cancadst id esse . uod los vocsmus 

fr'itum, scilicel, orCinea eive ir.pley.ionem ciiuesruso, et n<=pet noraen f -ti, 

?6C 557 

erit.i,:ce ei i contr&rius ui dicit I.i IV libro ^'u per "--eQesia : dura 

res cognoscitui , aoa est de vocabulis leborandum, Cic etiaa ^^regorius 

in uoroiliK. de Epiphanifi robi-t fatua non ersc. 

'aultipliciter a•a^£^ diffioitux tstuBj po:i!£t oaim tri- 

pliciter consider&ri. Uaosnodo, eecunca'a / primuia ejus LrocetrStun a 90rb 

provldentif., ^ic diffiiit io.xia Herar-f Trlcaegistiur in lioi-o D-v '^e tura 
3€1 36Ji ' > " , 

I Eeorum , et ApuleiuB , lod f • tiuia, uod Graecf* voct-tui €tj*<*Ay^t.<^>7 

3€3 ^ '^ 

est Cf.usarum coaplexio, ex pfovidontis primfets c&ueae dependeas. £t in 

idem redit diff Initio 3o«.x,hii in V Dc ConEolationc ' -or" ^ i. i i <»■ t 

inheerejQS re'ue ::o'-'ili -Ui. ditposiMo, po^i ueiE piovideatia i-uis uneque 

ncctit orcinibuE. 

- 256 - 

S«auado biocio coasiclerii uir aacunnu» •••• quod bubet in 

ordina et connections cauearun; et elo est vis oonneetioni) causarun 


superlorua et infer lorua :?rHeceden£ in sua «que CMmsata. £t :io dlf- 

fioit Ipsuffi Final tiu& A&'uraaoadus cuod fatua est colligenti& ex 

Btotibut &£trorua vl^ et ef ficbeitta ^«haas. £t in ides cdnsantit Ptolo- 

570 £71 

sma ) fed aoa nosiltxat fatuia, red vocat ipsum ▼Irtuteia coa^itcl- 

X&tioais» IX icaa didt Saneoa IV libro Pg Btaxefieiio , ouod faUut 

nihil ellud est <iU&A s«riea ImpleyA e»us6ruia* 

5T5 r)74 

Tertlo r«odo conriderutur «ocundam relationem ad effectuo: ; 

•t ric oet r«gula effeotuua oaciiua et operua, proysnieaB ex applioatione 

c&ucarua sd effeetuei pi^rtlculexaa. Et heeo regul&^ ut eat a prlns oauen, 

•t ut consideratur 1q eua esEeitln, et ut p9r «see est in oautds necee- 

S76 376 

sarllsy est nevessaria; et eie eat iansutbbilie , licet secundum esse 

quod ;vtb«it 1:1 proxlaiie e'^uais «matetur* it <.u8ntua nd orimun honw cidt 

Seneca in libro pe tuaestlonibus auturalibua nihil aliud esse fatua 

quBin nccessitiile:^ oamlua rerum et aeticmum u&ia nulla vie posait irrua» 

perej c^uis. ordincsi fp.ti aet&mc rorua faeioa regit» oujue b<':eo inia& 

lex est etare de ceteix>* 

Ex his patet dlffercntib inter providentiaa et fatua. Dif* 

ferunt snia ««switinlitor, sicut cause et oauaatua. Dlfferunt etiaa 

quantum :j.d conditlemes essentitutia, cula aultlplloea oodua regendi / dOrm 

res habet in se aeas divina, £ia,.lioiter et unioe et unifonaiter et 

- 2b7 - 

«taMlUMw. £t hlc «odnn Moaadua hoc esse eet ,<rovideritla. 111« 

sutem HoduCf explicrtUB in ea qufte sovet et diepoaiif ot dlrigene in 

iftoiu<Q eln^la dlsirlbuts lods, fomle ae ieanoribusf fntua est. £t 

id«o aultipliofttur et cotSjjonitur et clvorsorja rAodormm alt, et outabllis 

efficitur, Et Ideo tlcut «st &d intellect^JS retiocinatlo, et sd id 

'uod est id (xuod i^gnitur, et &A &etcmitute/a t.<Hapusy at ad aediuB punc- 

tua circrilu^, itct est f&ti series uobilis "id providentiaa stebllem eia» 

plicitetea, uaec est s«nt«ntiA Boethil in 17 De Coaso lntj on e • 

S85 ~ 534 

Hnheat convonicntifcja edinvicea, ut i^ldea dioltur, 

ouod fetua pendet ex providoitia, r lent ceus&tum ex cnusR» et e-leat 

tota diepositlo artit'y < uts est in intstruaientls et in opera tlonlbus 

i i^ruaentorua, r>eadet qt forme preotlel iatelleetu? «irtificie. Ex hoo 

537 533 

(>«cludit Boethlus CiUOd omii& -.Ucte sub fato sunt , cunt ctian sub 

S99 590 

proYldentitif oua Ipsuia fatun ei eubJfioe"t , <^ed non e conTerso; uia 

sliud est ftitua ©:>naii tsre in sliuibuc, -Imt in his in cuibus 

f&ttia exeroetur, ot allud tml esee aub fato, scilicet, licut sub die- 

poneote et regente Ipsua vel efficient :, Onrie prtet cuod illud non 

est rub fsto, In ' uo dleporlto fati priao hnbet etee* 

Cippositio auteai fati nptarslis prla» hrbet esse in ordine 

•t sotu coelorura* Et ideo ^ubetantlee coeloroa et ordo et ntotue non 

c&duat rub fetall dlsposltiotte» eed csdunt rub provldentiii, uie »b 

Ipta «oat emeata, et s ipF« oontinentur et gubemnntur. c^iMlitor 

- ?^ - 

dleyoeltlo fatl voluntf-rli prino hthat esso in tagcllr,, st Ideo ipsl 

Bub f*to non CBdunt, sod t^b reginin* provldentlac, Exeaplum / 90Tb 

fkUtea hujuc ^oait 3oethlus cuoci!, .slcut in oliculo ..uaato nliruis 

circulua »»gl» dietf t a centra, tf-ato f54»t;it :noveturj et cuod oro- 

333 400 

pin'Tiiue oat. centi-o , ulnu;; raoveturj et cuoc conjunctum eet c^sitro , 

illuc £tat; ita Quod loriiriue cifcoedit per dlpBlallltudineffl n primp 

iR«ttts, taato fit aobiliuc. Kt id«o «fijoribuj? fnti nexlbuc in;7lica- 

tur, ,uod fstua est dispoaitio repjw -Jbiliua; ot caanto lliwa rerua 

cardinea ▼ici^ius petlt« tsnto plus a fato Hrai-ua esw, uod ^i -upor- 

404 406 406 

▼cnientis h^dserit flradtQti m>t\x cturea» ft^ti, uo^ue supar^redl- 

tur firaitatOB • 

SicuU aubca dixiaus fa'»ua aftteml* aon isponere rebue mib- 

Jsoils falo aecftSiiitaWsiy .ic isul&o rortius; h^^c verum est de fato volun- 

tario, uiu licet coatiliua pi'-ovldantiae divinae iaoutabile ait* 

0UJU3 execulio ost \v3c firiAiu, temoo sea tea tie £-««p« sEut:^iur oubd etiam 

prosuli:nt id«m fatua» Et in»uper etinv. ipsuA eonsilluia nuil&s istponit 

rebus absolutaz» neo«9sit&ta«» ut supra probavlisue* £t ideo etlm 

409 410 

Stoioil pl'dlotophi , oul fat«l«tB dlapoeitiont^ po£uerunt eEce la 

virbutlbas epirltuallbue» i'.cillaety In dlis^ incorpoxele «t in da»- 

oonlbu&y dixeruat faUia eese tmitnblle; uif diyerunt It^ta» Tirtutee 

fi«pientia esse pr^nsALv^B, ii&pimxtic aui&a aniai« seapor potest plaeerl} 

et ideo dixerunt pn^edioL^e virtu ^<e& pi&oebil@a esse per prices et 

- 259 - 

caorlflei&f ut aon erogeat ea c.uae dlsiiosuerunt* Sed noe h&ee uai vero 

416 414 415 416 

tea offare d«bMU8 , ^.uo propltio ojiaep (;U&e providentiae 

Qlnlstrl riobla pli.<c&ti eunt* 

417 418 418 

Aapllue etiftB Eolendi» est nuod no&trom Il^erua 

srbitrlua utrl :ue f&to ubjicttnr; ex. aeturo tamva oogitury eed iaolinatur. 

CAiod snla feto voluntsxlo subjicl&tur, .^^tet per actus cuetodlae angeloniia 

circH noB, ,:er cuos provocant / ot excitent not &<l aialua decliaanduffl, 91ra 

et tion'im effloaciter voiondum. vuod autes noa oogaiur per Ipsuit p«t9tf 

•iUia actus aageloruia uoa h, bent circa nos, «ui sunt purg&re, illuai- 

421 42i; 

ntO'e et pcrfioerc^ i:uat omMn iifesuoptio ciivinaa«atiaey ut dieit 

lioayslus VII caoitulo Coeyj^tir tilfcrarchi^s , Et ideo is::iSGiate non 

opvrfitur circs nff'-'ctua, ssd icdlante Intelleota aofctro. Quioiaqu© 

A'dB 426 427 

autea affactue ©jvstur i.ecunt5ua jucicium ijitc-lloctuE, tunc libera 

&(.^t et eina noeersit-ate. Ergo ptitet propoeitua* -uod «tlnn rubjiciritur 

fa to nt-turali pstet per hoc, uoti per Judioia a«troruA raulta pra«- 

cOf^no&ouiitur futura 'suee eubsuat iibei*o arbitrio, et fra ueator evaniunt* 

v^od ^oA ^jceect esse, niiii i:.ti effeetas easoat in ordine fatal!, non 

aolua ut ia eiguo, . od otLin ut in ct-us*. 

Hue taaea all iUa aoo&:a8it!i/wii urt^itur per illud f&tum, uia, 

0U& otmis c&usa agena pf;r corporsusA instruseatuM effeotua corporal ea 

necese&rio produc&L, et j. .; uauijj i-w oper^tur circi» corpus t*.ntua, ttiem 

- k:60 - 

482 488 

Botor coelesti:^, oporuie per juun atoblle ut per guuoi latitruaentuffly 


isuaodiate opera utr UAtuss cli'c& corpus no&trum • Niixll pote&t iiasat&r» 

lib«rua Brbltriua, aisl por oisposltioaen corporis, ^lout ▼ideomti aalaaa 

&fflci frequonter lllis p^ssionibue, sni qu&s ooaplexlo corporis dle- 

iiooitii e&t* Ciorpue sut^h^ noiL^trust nan h&b^t poi.est'it8a acoesaltatis 

•upftr iiboruffl rbitcrlusi, caa ipcua elt poteatia -uae nulliua corporis 

est «.otus , ssed Uuitum potest iaclinr,re appotltuK s«ii:ibllom, quia 

cor.jori unituB eat. It ille ult«rius alllclt appetitas llberi erbitrii, 

qui& «i in e«d«a dseeatia «saiiri&& coajunstuc set. £t cjq ri;..petitus 

liberi iBXbltrli ait supwr rensibilea, ot potentlor ipeo, 'mIh hthat 

ipsuQ sovcre seeuiK^ua appetituia naturae, non ooteat cogi ab iuso, quia 

potentiug non potegt coj^i sb iajjotetitiori ; aed votsst llberua r.rbi- 

triua £6 iapsum oonvertere &<i Judiclu^i r^t^ionie eecuen'Jum, et per boo 

441 442 

arerti ;b line perversa Incliaafcioae» Ergo non cogitur a fato» 

44S 444 44£ 

Oade dleit Ftoloiaeus :uod sapiens hoao do«ln»tur aetrls* / dlrb 

Quia taaen laajor tmxltitudo est ,:oniinua aequeatiua pasaloaee cuaa 

aapiantlua, cui secjuimtur reetaia r&tionea, iceo ut in pluribua, erenlunt 

•a mae praeoogno&cuntur por lioc fatum, eiiaa cuae ;:-ubsuBt libero 

urbltrio. Sad tamoi saepe aoa ev^iiisit. 

Objeetio ( uocue, ua supra probatua fntua non eoee, non 

vsleti quia, lloei in pi-oridentit divins, nihil eit casuale vel fortuitum, 

taia«m effectu.'- ali<;ui in aui nrtur". ix^esunt bujuefflodi eeee, et hcbent 

« 261 -. 


Isti effectue c&iiviifi Icgltiau-e effectu." per oecic^np, Illius enia 

Cdu&ti li/gitlria aon est ocusa por e©» . ed }.cr ::ccidaii£, et ieterjsi cauti".rua 

«^«ruuioaoB noa euat d«terainsitae nc iamc effoctua, siout «d fine», 'ula 

illt Qetetrain^ktio eetet zioceEEerio per Inteationeis operantiti, ;us© idc 

rcspectu iaijucjaoni ori'ectuc- aoa est. Uiido lo.i Lixspter aortrfea poeitio- 

450 451 452 

nea, ec-c ^ropttr rcnt^ TGrietatem illud ;J0(5 est, pruoter inteiv. 

tioueffl oi>s)r«atls oBt f.-^jiie ptii- :.cciu<3n&, ct aoa ^or ee, et fit aoc in 

paacioribuo. '-oii liRa^a finit «ssest finis par ce, si est-et finia in- 

boutut ab opfci'&ritG, et tunc ficsrot hoc^ ut in ,)lurlbus, ut p&tet ia 

e%oci^lLt> supra ^«ositle • 

Gorpus quocttc Chrieti tdlouibus vidotur aub fa to Atinse, 
4S& 4Se 

quia etfclle in eju? ortai t.pp«ruit $ et feet» fu* tj^ocialibus t£C~ 

poilbus ipse a.-ECii.pEit cura dixit aoadUM vcniL hortii aen. et tegpuB , aeua 

aoiiduffl sdvervil^ . fed hoec outtit- sji-ort. i.Ie:iR .unt, . uic cua nrtivitas 

453 453 

ejuss ct conceptio (axllc n&tur/li logo fr.ctae eint , patat haec sub 

fftto aofri fuine». Inffuptu', i^icuw pot»8t&ic-s l<e.buit poacAdi eAintas su»% 

4eO 461 462 

et ne£«3 iJOterat e43ja tollsre oo nolente , eic su&aiu» ad onnla alia 

hebuit AiuA oor^ue la fua potd»tat« sine neoeacit-tta fat&ll« Unde etlaa 

oua lll«t utttlle «i fwsulcretur, potiue Stella fiiit cub ipso, qntm ipse 

sub fato i:t«ll8&^ «t bor«> &ua vel temjma ^uu» noa fait ftsto deter- 

4C4 4e5 

aiasta » (^ec uoiiutt ruuLone betamaQ sapimtii^e. 

Bi sutea vocajBU£ fatum eauesm nece sarian in ae, cu&e 

- 2ez «. 

467 468 

xxnobSiinaio / >iroducit oisacu; sffectuB u-UiiDe, aimt Epicure! 91f» 

469 470 

cilo«bcat , sic iUi,ULtiaui ia V libro 2e Civitat6 tol iaduclt vorijue 

Aenli dicsatisj dux eo suauae phtcr, fcltl::;ufr poll doailnttor, uod- 


C'vitac^tts plikcalt nulla pr.rcacd mora ae^^, cucunt TOlentf"» f&ta, uo> 

Idtit^ti)! uri.huut. Zt, dlcii; Au^nntlnubi }ioo ultliro vertu f^tu app«lla~ 

472 475 

vit, ciiod 6u;xrt tfJLxsrtit jivuasi potri» volunls.t«iu . Bt conseatit la 

hac «vUiTuailnus dicea&i divine ^•I'ov-identict coniitltuuntur re^» huin&aa; 

f,u6u el propt*>rct. cuit; f^ito tiibuit, c'^Ik Ipdcj?! Dei voluntutea fetl 

noidiae appell-ivit » eoatcr&tian tencat, linf;ttna oorrl£;p.t* 

i^l Buteo iioc sodo suapto fstOi aon Eolun attcadfitur id 

473 479 

cui riomen in. onitur, sed etiwE id a uo noaea lapoaitar, fio Verbua 

4d0 481 432 

I'si, :mo i;)?r dixit o^ facte, tu a^ Q-git. , a^oroprista fntua 

voot^t Aut,ti8tinu£i iu eodeta libro, sic dicenej «si favaa a fsxrido, id est» 

434 43S 

ft lot^.uendo dictua inteilibaaae, aon abnuliaie t'oriptua eesc in Psalao t 

£egel. ideet, inoOieuTutablliter, loout-ys est J^eu j, .Ft Job t S«S£i_i£" 

cuitfUr Eeu6 etc » 

437 438 

2i3illlter dicisms de fortuna . Si enltt BUprs. dicta 

Bodo suBJ^tur, sic dicit Auguet-iau? ia V libro De Civltetc^De^ i causaa, 

quae dlcamtur fortuitp.e , unde otita fortuns riomea tcceoit, no» millR» 

esse diciaus i;oc lctente«, Bi vcro «umr^tur oer rolstioncs; ^d 

prlmcB CKUsaas doduceatesa fortwuAa In f.laois fortuitua, pIc ibidem 

dioit: ctvear for-{^iiti-.s tribuiinur vol Tco voro, vnl quorutslibet 

- £C8 - 

SijirituuE voluutiiti, Si aatun; r^uaj-n-iur t-ooanduui errort* guntllLu)'!, rul, 

495 494 

ri-VUtaate*. ia ;.o«©&tat.© rortaiiw-i; eoaaslw-wirf-i f?«?^lc;lt''.ten5 .rt Infall- 

citatea, uLva .jTOptar iioc TiJJd h-iee in reba» «artarloribus, 


aiiru -^uit, ut uicit i^hilafcopiac la II Hy/siaon^ s fort'iiiu «crfc pro- 

436 487 

iiiii .uii feli.ciU.ti, <:■.- «aiiisal. fcliciti&ta"a -sbc* «xtuh et !>onua 

ciiviiau.i» Jlserwiuu rort-mfaa »t»te dlvlaum nuusa, et sfeatuarijuit vi ".ian^jlua 

til iiioiiiiii. nod era">- la rotu jixoptor varietal :.:., «fe caecua propter ia>- 

provlueatla'a inTortuitCiiJuJi, rft i.'i iedl state nlbua «st ia neciotnle 

aigrus / proplsx dus-fc i-oLj-tea T'^i'tuaui^, ;-sU&e -.uat eat'ortuniua et in- 9lTb 

49d 499 

fortuaiaa, lit tic Augustiauc ia libro .r.etr;..ctljauia retractat 

^luoct dixdrc.l (le fortiui^f* 




f utec'. buju: .^;ocJl opcratloaes auia-:l6i; i^uttt refpectu »llcujuc objtcti, 

9 4 

ut ©£t in o fciintd, ton at «Bt la f*ur. nfitur., £t ailiil ponlt hajus- 

fflocl Oi«sr.tio circ« rea ut oct in tU;; :i .>ui . , icut vitut '..;.(, u^'j^cti 

▼lelbilis, fion ut ©et in . u? mtura» rtsid ut p«r 8;>eci8m est in vitmj 

ot niliil ,>3nit. circi. ?i£lhils, Eod t-nnturr. • i£?iiricr tur unua roc ectua 

7 d 9 10 

h::bere ac L.liuc. i^fa ici«» i>ut;&ivi locutio , cuia dicltur hoc ▼Ideriy 

non ^loait in i'& viiu «diquaa aBseloneei, sod rcspeotuia objeoti ^^ opera~ 

tione?n, ut ILlud objoctu;r. v u ^a videntc-y ot noa in <jropriti ai^turw, 

sula iic nullai^ relhtionesi ad vicentoa, 

Ondc' etlaa in xopo&ito, ropORltau aiser^odi crrjutuiue, 

<iUoc 6£t ^j'a&deetin<':.t>lo, noa ^e% roi^poctu creature» in i>uc>. natura, ^^ed. 

13 14 

i-out iJi in crentores • u«<lit«>r 1 e© «et ore/>.trix eeeentlfi • Und© 

etiaa cja i-o.;:3t:ii, ^ L ;.i'^ *.uu£, .o,tet aou ^jrhi^ceefcia' tio cinLfli- 

16 17 18 

citer Oct C«i£, at non . : c etina .>riiiclrH<lit©r ponlt 

allculd in !^. «tn»»,,, ut ett in rua ncturn, t-'wd ut *si In !>}o, i'-lc secun- 

duet rrtioawa ia 6t;lli:-?«idi i)oait ralfctionej-i op^rrstioni». efc ojjt'ctl ad- 

iavloer.; et illaa r©l?<tionei.i ere turae, ut est in iJeo, ad iianc 

opcriJtiooQi.1 xj^oiiic V i-. ii^ivfc locutio, cuis eli'Uid dicitur proedestinsrl , 

- ^64 - 

- ?.C5 - 

•t lp8f;a otiat-j iin;.)ortJit dcawtaln? tio, rua rH uir cldtur praodoetlnntus, 

Hihiloml^fi tcjaen, uir iaxspoaltua l^el est «fficcx et ia- 

Butabillr cauici eorura uorjm eet propOEitua, Idoo conaotctur in hoc 

noain© effcctu;; gratice et glori«G con? ecuturu£3 ; se<? rirntflc- turn 

aOisini; ndhll dicit nl i tiivLn-.j) oEseatlta. Ilia 'uuetu noaiae, xiuq 

n<m cicuT'.. hujusawcl a;>or{(tiontT, uae non est mpra smtcTliiai, sefi 


ept yupur obj ctp. tsiattJKa , -ed dlcunt Dei i^ctLonta ^a vcl sfflclt 

Ipsda ren / vel eli uict in ipi-e r«, til. uea tsffeotum rincip'. liter 92r« 

p«iUQt in 1: sa ereatiirsy i;,ul itli?aiflwutur in possivo, ut caia dlci- 

tur tll'uid cre&rl « Et ab loco it deaoaloc-tiOy ut cia eli uic dicitur 

or«r^ttia eeee vel creetuii , ijic eaim distinimlt rhiloroptau© in li. 

51 S2 55 

MetsiAygJes» inter actionera uee eet esuper HiHtoriua, in rua ali- 

S4 ■ 
quia «fficlt , ot inttr action*?» u^e est op?rsJ,io con i; tea; in 

•6b 56 57 

op«?rtinuf.', Et Idao nihil efflcit »i<jtuBliter txti'fi ipgutn i'©d forte 


i-t eat prRedet'tiaBtlo speclwllfi «aodur rovidontiae uo 

58 33 

D«ue ■«rovidet rittionQli er<* tuss©, nee illup; ■onua! totum coaolec- 

titUTy tec iMai-uja dlcit Hi-:;:: , rcy<-ic®ioi n uf-O ;upre TOc::7iaKlB ro- 

vic^iti<-:%is (ccc^iit&tionif y ut noa j^lua art voluntHtle antecedentlSf red 

•tieta ooa£0(.;Ueati» <i'-. ; osix-c^r offlcrx eBt, Et ideo est infelUhills 

rcduotio rrititm&liii Oi «i t>ui>>u in fiuoa £>ti;j«raaturala> «•«t'^.^m^e t:loid::& , 

ft^etfr per aediua t'U;>oraj-.turt.lea, i:ci licet, :-«r grati-^a. £t propter iioc. 

- ice - 

pr&edcstla lio '^^Lt ^eieatle practice ,uh6 lacludlt vjluat£t«ta et potential, 

miia voluntos ©Et de t.-'litei rclto et ^'Otentis, Et "TOptcr hr-^c duo, 

extendit. >e vr, iiluc icituri j;ro>e( Ufcaciiaj ci, It' :iOc uor -jBt !:.dentl-'<e 

practlcsc ei cat o^ee* «.uae aute;.'. : otentine et \-oluntatis runt in 

i Gr -or v^dui .;roprlef,fctU3, ; icut Gtii^m supra de rovldentie dletua eat; 

44 45 

et icoc -u^aoo ue trii>uitur voiantiiti. Ut cicit rji^-ULtinus ; pr?-©- 

cieetin.' tio a^t .^er propoeitua ?iii.erenci. *Uf-adO' uc tribuitur retentive. 

4C 47 

Onde cicit Au^etJuius in libro lie i*racceetinatione » ;.i'.edefetinatio 

4-3 19 

eia« pitiescientia essie non poisi^t. s.UE.ido ue r:Utaa tribal tur opcra- 

&0 61 

tioni cu£x@ est potoatiae , ut cun in '^.->det?iIibro cicit AUi.ti3tinua t prne^ 

dastinatio est pratiee praop&ratio* 

fociiitcr BMtfta li'uet Jam :.uod prtedestinutio est aetcma, 
bk 55 

cuia probata!! ott jaa uod ipsa est Deuc* £t oi connot^it alicuea ef- 

lectua in cre^turs, iioc non est, nisi icut effoctut int?lli.;?itur In 

causf. prnecedente effactu:?., ut p.-itot ex i ro noniae -'trfHidertinationis , 

cuod dicitur ur-sl pieec c<:i cestin&tio» Et Ideo cicit tantuE diviaa. 

volunt' te:3 secundurs rstionen". causo.e habitualib, non &ctualis, et toe 

conveait l*eo nb ^etemo, 

Patet etiem / J-;3 inteLlectus dlverBsru'si difflnitionua, 32rb 

Auguetinu: eais in li^ro Iks Fide a d Potruff dicitt . r^edeetiaatio ert 

praapfirstio in rcieatl;- et volunt&te Dei {Xatuitae coa&tioniti, its at 

- 267 - 


gloria etlwas iioc aoiairie co^prshmidaiur, oulai ipsa «si frrstla -ro 

i^Tfatift > jQaaalj. I . Unae huju^ diffiaitioai. exrOanutlo ent Ilia 

>-iU£a jX>ait Aufc-uetiaufr ^n liiTO ps Voc atioa i, ^ w rinotorun i uoc praede»- 

tini^tlo e£it praapaz^blo griitlpe la pr.'^eeeatij noa la prceseati ^t; tu 

cum ^rteijo rat lone SiCtcmti, sed uae gretla no vis dr.tur in nrftosaBtia 

61 (ik es 

vit£.e < totu y et gloria© in futuro poet sjorte»» Et eicut n?;ec 

diffiaitio oxploa&t praeaiisseia queoitus ii.6 ^.ffeotusi recpr^iratlonie, etc 

est ali& diff initio Ful^cncil e?,^x>neae eaa -uaatAis ad r.ttionmi prf^e- 

psrabionisy et cuantua «d .odus ofius^indi» Cicit eoii&i prfuedoetiuntio 

ect pruescientic practice-, f?! praeparatio In --iTopOBito volun-atie b«ae> 

ficiorum Cei principsliua , umg unt ^T" tie et glori?, -ulbuc ^ene- 

ficiit ccrtlseiae fu&ntua sd inf&llib lilt :j tea prseeciontls» I>el, ut 

est in ipso leo, :iber«ntur, vel u sl^Xo in uo fuerunt, ut est in 

nobi^, Tel in uo rscse jiotuerunt» ut, est in nngelis, '-uicum-ue llberaa- 

tur j>er ipua beaeficia, 

Alictd ut n diffini«»do dicunt Intgrpret-^tionea» noaioiay 
fjulc diount preedostin- tio est alicujuii in finer» ceetin'-tlo, Et 

8;ad.tur -ib /iu;/u?tino, ui dicit in llbro Dc Vocgti o ne Sanctorua : : uid 

0rt pr.-^t)c;e2tin<.-io, liisi «jestinatio sai.cujus7 Eet outesn duplex dee- 

tiafitio, ;uia est aorulTOcua ad protsoacre, sicut c'lcitur II 

Corlathlos i Dnu&cu lscue i >Tp\^t c^stiOfKyit in , corde etp , ^ Et II 

iiacli^i^eboruai 11 dlcitur de Eleazrro uog destin g. vit non daittgre 

- ii63 - 

72 78 74 

X\liclta ttbc » 2t Ic est adaaittcre, sicut coanainiter sunitur , 

araedeEtinntio eVi utro< ue dlcitur, uir. cusatuni td Deun or- edcHtiasn-tftn 

7f 77 

Bumitur , de?tintJre ctst proponars; ned ••.uantuta ac diieociontem prae- 

destinati in fines ultlnus;, ale : astioatlo ifXn eet laiEeio ejus In fiaeo, 

7a 79 

secundu 1 uod lr;s« e.t in pr?-eKcle'ntiu divine , Et ;ic ruihet aaec 

deciiUfiwio ijriacipiuui, scilicet, propofcitusi / Dei, ot mediuta, scilicet, 3^va 

gratiaift, «t -rln^a, cclllcet, i:- temea beatitudiaea. Onde ista prae- 

01 32 

desti.n&tio , incipieas ab j^ett;rao , oii'igitur i>er teaiais totius cursuc 

Itoiiin in - ut&mita tea* 

3?) 34 

Cub vero dicat A;.oeU>lu£ Ad £pt»ao6 1 : Ife^jrit ^^os^ Gloega , 

piiiedettinaado, cnte a uad i eon t^ltu tion^ i et AufaEtiaue In libra £ft 

36 3t 37 

Verbis ■i>u>0t;tO) Li t tract&ne Idao Terbuai, dlc&tt eliguatur ~ui non 

Buat, nee errst ctti eligit; vf^let '.uod prf;ed»jBtinatlo set aorj entixia in 

39 * 30 

sua mturc, er.tlua t .^en in I-^i :cientla , ut distintnilt Au^nistinus 

bu'jcr Geaea^m , nul^ cditer propofitUTj voluntatl:> divlnfiO ©t rcientia 

92 95 

Dei practice non e: set respectu i;>sorua, nee i-poA dei^tlnuri posient 

in fiaem, ut > robatur uer rsoc, '^uoc eorua ,uae null© aodo sunt, f^cilicct, 

nee in sua nf>tura, nee in s'cionti Dei wTr^cticr^, non ooteet esse or^e» 

deat'inp.tio, ut suit ille cuae nusKuam fuerunt nee erunt, Et sic 

36 97 

Origtaes , tr- cttns lllud §oS§9a§ *• * -04 arrt^destia-tug egt Filiug 

Dei, dicitt ceetincitio eet cjue cui est, cui& ipae pcmit littor&ait 

vu^. d eptii f^ -it^g e^t Fij liuc Dei» 

- £69 - 

Et licet sit reep-'ctu rhf.ion':!!. c..-. . i-uiije, ion : -u-a o;;t 

respectu oanlum sapposltonini hujui; as'turae » ciua iose dicwt, ^s ttLaei 

XX t :aulti..ryiwt, vocKtij p r-uci v^ro el ?cti; u.l« licet ad ceueatn aerua- 

liter :e a:>-et .rimri ctutr., it cuod differentic pi-rticipstionunj di- 

vinae bonit'tis' eoluni est e:. hoc, cuod Cfiueetfi nr>a hnbent bb tx6 ip.saa 

Becandui feec.ur.leg carvecitPte a ditpOEitionli;, i fcraen ornsnda ex r^tione 

101 10 k! 

suee espi^tir e dieponit in ordiiie, wui Becun(!uja /lUrUti-inu^ etieon 

eat disp'.iriura. 

Unde enm t)?- cdectinatio lix causFindoruia et futurorum, est 

solum illoruri ' uoi-un voluateg Eoi vult niirererl ex rr tion&bill elec- 

tione BUfie sapieatise, at :.rob t «ipo-:tora.s, J-oaif-nos ix , dicens» 

Cum cni m aoi^djta nawi esseat iif;"ivlt:^te ex ut ero. scilicet Ic^au et Jacob, 

Et hoc dicit, ne differantia inter eos credatur fecisse purgatio unius 

2.3 orit-lneli p<.r «licua .sacriiicia, sine ?uibus aiiu:. in orife-iaali aaa- 

sieeet, aat all u id eid£^t;n t. boni ^ ut ;-tiI4,. rioc ftdditur, / :i«' difforen- 92vb 

tis;". int 1- eot feoiose c.( cdaatur .exit vel deaeriia aninisrun:, exietea- 

106 107 

tiua aatf» corpois ia coi.ip'^i'i^"JS &telli=-, ut Origeaes , delira:nenta 

Platoaib ^eoutue , Cixiu, ui fiecanotn electioaem oapieati-^e diviacie, 

duobufc iTiopositie rationabiliter t.lteruia alteri preeoptaatls propositua 

volunt-tis Leiraaaeret; id c£.t,'^&nerc ot toideretur aon ®x operibus 

ut ex C£us; uoritoris, quia aulla eraat, ut pri&aisit, sed e?: vocaate; 

110 111 

id ett, ex Eola Cei volunt'iLe, Cnde coacludit infra : 'irpo cu.iuc 

- 270 - 

vult ajgeretur . Lt tic cictua est Geaegla x>v : it; .{or . ervlet ainorl . 

Et ut hoc prooet fuisse eecuncua ,;rouositu» lolum divin^e volunt:-tis, 

114 lis 

rdcit, icut i;criytUf: est ^J&lachit- e I : J- cob dil-Bxl , dilectione 

scilicet r- edegtintitionit, hs&'j. odio -abui ^ odio repro-etionis. 

lie 117 

Idem probf^t per illud Eyodi rscxiii : Mlscreor eui 
113 119 120 , Sed Apootolue oooit littersdi Septuaglntee, .-cllicet , 

la l; 

itlaerebor cujufe aip'^rebor , Et uIg .jrofuad diTln^e S6pienti?ie scrut&ri 

aeoulfflue, ~eciindu!B ;ur a juoici*. tel <unt sby?£UB rjiulte , ideo, r-tionem 

juetitipe in pr edettinstione «uoruadatn prae aliis» ignoraauB, intantum 

cuod super hoc exclsaet Aj^ortolue, Ad '>omsnos xi J • Ititudo divitiarum 

125 126 127 

etc. rt ideo dicit .u^.u.uiaut iAi,-v.r Jognneat , trsct^'ins illud jTof-nnls : 

Nea o venit d me aisi t' tor neus treyerit eu-n , dicit: suem trahat, et 

cuem non trahat, ^uzre ilium trahat et irtUii ion ti'shst, -.oli ve:le judi- 

care, ei non vis errure, 

l^d 130 

wuaerens t&iaea Apoetolu?; ibidem et dicene, NuiP uid 

ini'-uitas ctt, a.vud Ifcua , docet ao£ ,uo:;;oco xa :;.:;C diecretione coptiOECfiSiUS 

aihil oEse injustitiae, . ed Of.tensioneu; divitiaruja gloriOB:e uee boni- 

151 152 155 

tr.tir, per exemjluffl in figulo iuti ; ui si osiair vner lutea 

f ace- et fed usuin contuaeliosiiai, nihil injuria e faceret iijuiuado luto se- 

154 156 

cuadum debitua suae asturse, si coattiT&ret et reddoret ei quod 

suurn GEf^et, i^i nutoa alicue vretx ax eodeni luto for,za ^^rtif / sic 9Srfi 

156 156 

orant , quod poaset dici illud poetaet materi&m superabat opus. 

- .'.71 - 

•t feic fiani rts» in honor*"?, wc c-turr-tur eot s«?pleitir. et benevolontis 

157 1S3 159 

artlficii- sine m€>rito neteriatj, ut Plfto lo'-ui'fcur . Sic enin» 

orlfcinalif. cui; R« ;n clvorBe peccr.ta i-i seclpituti, oane.-- fuiaaiei uns nssefe 

perditlonis (u«?s:i mhu-z lutu:s, Untfe :i omaec nos In int«rltus ire pt-r- 

140 141 142 

mlfiseet , recundua aerits aobie retriHiiscet; *^t Ideo nihil iaL.;ue 

egieeet. ti ergo ©jt rols libera lit' te euixe bonlt- ti» :>ropoeuit rIIcuos 

fncare v^.tn frlorine, et ~:iecrlcorc;i.. |, ut ciicitur, J^.coHl ii , punyr- 

yyKltnt ; Glossa » id eel, lu * iponltur j Judlclyj, It noc psr ^etie^ 

OEtsncit suam bonitstes, Nee est iajuetitla cr -Tte eorua < uli^s 

iiiseretui , r;iii*j non olur. licet, ; »d etl ^ dsoet eup:^ ^oiltfiteai} nee est 

injastitie «x p^rtc eonun cuibu.- ivi: retur, :uln non solum licet, red 

146 147 

•tisJB cecc»t -UfliS boftitfttcffl; nf>c Sit Injuria ey pnrte «oru-n uoc non 

pra«d«etinevlt, cuic^ nihil overuerunt. i^ed n)Ot«st el.- did illud 

143 153 

ijijitthfeai XX t ^a non Licet U i A uod ▼olo ffecerc : ;cilic«t, cam 

151 I6;d 

tulerie suoc tuua est. Hec est oir inaequalitiis r^coeptionie pGr> 

gonsrum, • ui;; cub seojn<?ua jui» bnaana tit loouf glorlfloptioai ubi 

conditiofies perooiRruai eunt net uftlep, rjec ibi it .-ceo; tio per^'onHn^m, 

multo fortiur, «bi de «ni. jir ss-t-. picitionic Deus elegit »1ioj' , non 

colua Tier grfitific^tione^, sed etl-a p&r rstionea, ion eet acceptio 

1c r 

perfonnrua &pud I'eun* 

166 157 163 

Angeli ergo , oum iosi ntiaa pe<r 9rciin^:tioneB 

aoteral propositi l«i ^cceporint In tempore et gratina et gloriaa. 

- ZTi. - 

i>*»r r,ua» liber:; ti ;.aat xiaei^atioau pifieservf^tioois a sdrcrla, in qua 


C&oere potuerunt per ll-jervua fcrbitriuai, d« qu& liborutione dlclt PsuLaus s 


QuIr alrBrtoordic tua nHK^ -^ ^.u^r rae et erulsti a a te Q^c * • &unt 

prHCd»£txnallf et etlam suapto no^^ne px-;.'.edeetlaatioaL£ : lout Auoe- 

tolua, i>oaaa06 iz , utitur LjsOf £cllic$t( ro>jO£ito stiaereadl. 

1€& ' 166 167 

bod an ipsi ist alll becitl nuac pofsunt dlel / esse 


pr!ii«de&iin<itif dubit»tur a aultis. bed diowidum ^d iioc :,aod pra«~ 

destiaHtus otest .-ual ,>r:rt,iclpieliter; et ?'.ic et.i*aa, ^itioita gloria, 

(>ote£t txiiqui^. did pi-u&ceetinbtac , -^uia de prueteri&o vsrus est 

cicere quod Lena eua prsedeatianvit, nieut preeteritua euisltur oua 

C8 feeteano dicitur. -ai potest ujai noaiotlitsr, ^itsi noaen verbals; 

«dt tiiQC glorifei eusltur dupllciterf i'cillcety vel la s9, ut eiit finie 

praed«stiaationl6f vel eoundum mxL cottinu«tlon«a. ««utilit^r (;ui per 

s^rvitione^fi gcjiuat ot biburit dl via&ra fi;.pieatj.ff a, f ndinic ceuriuat ct sitiunt y 

Ut dicitur, L(;;;clepiti.acici xxiv , 

173 174 

Prisso odo est Judiciue priiedet^tinatiooie , sicut eura 

dLxiiBUE de prp.csoie-ntia; (,ui.>s si uji'^-tur eeoundua reia . i(^fic':^taii9 

'■lUae est ^.ropo&itua Del ' ive vouiiiii£y cio adhuo istl posaunt did prae- 

desstinstl, ^uiii vjluatat Lei ueaper eet in eodea actu eodo» nrado. bi 

vero cuauitur t.ecuacua r&tloiea noalniSf i^uod didt destlnationeoi 

cujue i 1 finea in prfiegdeatist I-ei, «ntet;uaa hoc fiat in effectu, vane 

bcatus aon oteet did pr:ied3&timitU£>y <.ui6 jat» est in i.lo ad -^uod fult 

- ^73 - 

pmMd«»tlaatut>« ^i^eoundo uateta aodo , <ujili unt orckedesbiaaclf (tula .sic 

173 179 

continue intrant in r'udlua Lo.aini . 

Ac i%OjB&nOf i dicitux etiaa Cariftus pr«ede£tinatu8. -ui 
^rDedeetiaituc ept , intuit, iilius Loi ia virtu te, w^ic enira ©xpoaunt 

132 18S 194 135 

illua locuEs Aii^roBiUE « i>ugu£tlnu& et Oricsnoe • Led Auiru&tiriue 

dicit illHia preecettiriiicionea j^otce int<3lii,;i vel de !is.turii huaiaaa, veL 

136 137 

de peroona divinay Ln^^Ubatum a«t in nstura hUineae • Pri^o aiodo est 

seaEUB cul praed8."tlnft^s e^t y id est , cujus aotur» hunaaa per i^Btlant 

aon ex meritit;, prfsviaa est etre fjlXiuc Dei l a virtute . id eet, ualendo 

fillo Dei in uaitate persoaali, ^qt qu^a hov-io noa dioltur f llius &doptionis, 

sed ' eru6 filiut Dei . 2t jIc oullii relincuitur dubit.-^tio, uia pr^e- 

dertinatio et^ma prattceeeit husi:.afi9i aatui&a in Christo, et per ^Tntkusi 

anionic destitiKte est humaaa nh.tur& in aaao dlgaittttaa. S^ cuia ha«o 

191 192 

exjObitio extoitti est, ideo Au,;^»iinu£ praefert / r-eeuncua TOduia, 

lai 134 

scilicet qui ut «st persoau, existeae ia hatnan& a&tura, prseds»- 

195 196 

tiaetus e^t; id sst , at- uetex-ao p^r grtitif^ siae laerltie pibe~ 

ordioatufi eet» -.uod bit I'ilius Tei in virtute, ut bxieteas ia buiona 

a&tur&, licot ;ecuntui divi.-ia.ri n turaas, hoc noraea ei ait ab eeterao» 

Et tic itci'uia aateceseio et deetiaatio aoa dicuntur ro^^pcetu Filil T^i, 

aiei ut e«t coa;^icoTe2tU£ ii :xature asmimptf:. iX rio dicitur ia 
£00 tOl 

: Beatug '-.ueJi clo;:it t,i etc » 


VURistvi» 6ute:. ;)r'. ©cfcstiajitio it oanls crebturae rttio- 
aalit: coicaiaiter, ut ;it cigtributio pi-o e'i'^aeribus siaguloi-un, et aon 

- 274 - 

pro fela^^ulie goavruok, tauaenf non o(aai& crcaturiHi r&tion»lii: hebet se la 

eodeta modo ad praedesfcintitioaoaij ::ed homo iutbct antecessiofieai cetemi- 

202 .05 

t!:ti8 njd tuaa per?!oaa3i, <-t nuituraia, et oidinem naturae ad gr.ti-.ja , 

et grt'tific 6d glorian, fiecundum perfectua ia gratia in tt&tu vine, Anrr«- 

lu6 fcute . cuidtrci 6-atecfeseionea setemitftle ud ruea ;,iorcontini ut 

natiu-tm . i^ed ::ecmicu3i lllos cul dicunt sos non esse croatog in 

gr-.tla, h-hent ordinwv. tea;ierls «t n".turee nc rrati&is, ded non 

gretlf^e «d glori:. , nisi toiux orcinffin aaturaiera, .uia dxeuat eoe 

giorlaa cu« grsti . c.^isee. i^ecundua illot voro oui dicuut eos 

orftfttoa in gratia, non :;:bent antce^sslones aaturae ad j^ratiaa sccundua 

toupue, seA gTBtiaid ad gloriar;:!. 

Christu» suten} noa h&bult entee^ssioneia 8et«^t'nit:^.tlB nd 

pereonea^ »ed tantua ad folt©raia neturarufu, -lec n*^tur? c st. j:rr.ti!.,tn u:ilonie, 

vel ^ratiaffl habitualea, nee svaturae vel j,»r6tiae ed glori?i;a fruitionle, 

quae set preestlim eseentiale, v^ed t/intua ^.d gloriaa iopasaibilit.'itis 

anlaa« et glorificrtionie cox-pcrie per dotes • Et ic :iitet f,u&lit(?r 

e» cuce inol'JQuntur in praedestinstione per prius et poetcrius .unt in 

< iversis • 

AaplluCf prt.od«^ttinotio suspta rolum ceeuadua noslni* 

et; fflolo^lRaj qu8 dlcitur ;u«rl pi ■ ooed^ni? deatlnstio nlicujut la fu«a»- 

216 216 

oumcue fine.Q; lio dicit Aui^Ui;tj.au8 - uod T.alis praedQ^tinctae cunt 

poMEUie* £1 vero isuajltur proprie, secuncua ouusb si|:7iifieatU2B cul 

- ?lb - 

iapocitux eft, licuo ruprt tactu<a ©at, ciclt '.'Ur* rui dejtinr.tur, Et sic 

ZIB 219 220 

est) tnntuia r&tlontiili; n^tur&e; et ciclt / etlaa ea per <.ui)e at 

;i21 222 3 

in ^ uod rli.ulg def-tinatiu-. Et :;ic dicitur piecdeetln&tlo esse de 

bonlg salutarlbuEf qule cset praeporatlo gretiae et gloriae. f-x quo autena 

piropOGltua Icereadi set prttodeBtiaatio, et proposltum hoc huL eet co.ijtiu- 
225 VM 

iiitex' fid cinus recpoctu omqIuti aoaiaua recundum illuc? I Tltisotheuic 11 i 

i,-;5 226 

i>,ul vu % \, oiariii:? , hoiaii ne t; . al-y-pL fieri . IX insupor eiTcctus coot-equantur 

qui» dicitur, Jt jt9obi 1 i ^ui c i 05i ; ;^ibufc , ^^jtTlueqt'T . 

Dubiu-u est opud vuoBdsia ^uoaodo preedeeLinatio, ■ uae pit)b,.ta 

eet noa o&^e omnls ratiort&Ii:; mituri^e, nan £it salte^i rcspeetu osniuus 

uo.ulnum. Unde re^iooaceadwa vat ad hoc ':uod pr^ndictae euctoritctes loqu- 


uatur de j^ro.aptitudiac voluatttiE aatccedentie divinse, Prficdeetinetio 

autea est volont^tli» oon20C:uenti(:; «t ic:eo, secundu.'a rationea Intel- 

^55 224 

lit ndi, ^irLeEcientiaa voluntntis prfecdettlnatorum ad 

perceptionem et ueusi gr&.tla& tule^» p«r <;.uem ad glorlasi ^.t^rtingaat, sicut 

•tiasi oadeu voluntas conferendi glori&a pr&caapj^oait aorita nortra exie- 

tere in prasaoieati» 1^1, vel etiaa in £ua a&tur&. Et Ideo {"lio noraln* 


voctitur voluntas concitioaritfe, Pstet ergo cuod hoc propoaitua ailaerendi 
noa s;oluTi ciclt voluntttea daadi, u.vntua eet ©x i>arte Dei, u-?© eequali- 
ter Gst retpectu onaaium, ted dicit voluatntea dendi voluatiirie acoepturia. 
Quae voluntes, loi foIuji secundum rationen ijufficientl»>6, ted etiaa 
etcunouia ri -ioacm ef flcientiit.' -.n. obsUiCuli resROtione, causat i:uod 

- 276 - 

praeparat. Et ideo dlcuiit f ul<?K..i uod praedeBtinptio didt reletioiem 

ad eccipientea. Ergo, cum not» oames hociinnt- .«^Int tnle.s, prtet ouod 

non omniu.ik iiominuei est praoclestinetlo* 

Auf^ustinuE etlsin in libix) De Cprreotione et Gratia 
^59 ;:4Q 

pz^bab nuraeruni eli^ctoiaiia Deo ^ see certiiia per illud A;jocal: oils ill : 

Ten e uod hti ->es ns allu ; rcciplat ooronc^ia tu'-jn . dicens: si alius non 

est accQutuinis , niei ille pj.rdiderit, certup est eloctort!.!i nu'nerusj 

id est, aon ouest aut^-ori vei Tiinui. £st autea haec certitudo iatel- 

luctue pracfciei fui duo coraplectitur, scilicet, infallibilitrtera / 

^45 94ra 

scientite, et i.'aautabilitrteia voluntatis» Cum autaa duplex sit numei-us, 


ut dicunt Peripf.tetici et i»latonici , scilicet nuaerue foiiaalip, sive 

nuicerus numerons, sive quo nuaereroue, ui idoin est in oanibus numeratis per 

ipeum, icut clcit i-'hilosophus uod idea eet densrlue decern ovua et 

decern cenun; et nuaMrus iafterialie rive auaerus nuiier&tus, cui est 

ipsee res nuaeretae, vicetur ratio iiufustirii tc :tum probare pmedes- 

tinationea certasi esee cusntu??. ad nuat^jrum formaleta, ui non potest augeri 

alio non praedeetinalo • ccipiente coi-onta, et illo eem non aaxittente , 

nee poteKt ainul jraedec Linato all- uo cadonte et elio ei noa sub- 

ttituto, Et si tfiliti fubctitutio fi&ri potest, ut textuf dioit, vid^j^r 

vfira esce opinio . uorundam diceatiua nuraeruia ijeterlalem prsedesMaatoixira 

aon utBt: uertujn. 

Sed ftd ^ioc dicendum est cuod Augustinus probet 

- 277 - 

utruacue nuacrou qese ccrtujEiy per Ivio cuod probct alterum eorum asae cer- 
tua praedestiactiofii . -ai'-e duo ciclt, «ollicet rcieatiam et caur^an, 
;.ui& .lec KCica'-i:; ^lOieEJ. ..£■. . auacro rox-.-iisIi sivs E?-leriale , nisi 
Sit «cieatis la uaiversall, uae eat in :.jOt«siti';- et lapenTeota, ct Ceo 
non convenit} noc causa non crai&aiit'sr, c&d ;>tr intfll^'ctua et in- 
tentionen opoi&as circa :ioc oU;>x>situa deter^iinjiue, ut ipffua est eb 


aliifi discretua ;>*? electioaea « rjotest ijaion-^re hoc deterainttum 


auppoeituia cadero a«b hoc auaeio forsidi eoru;a f^uae «legit, St pra«- 

ciiwe d© I«30 noc verua «gt, quia Rlit«ir fuuirua rioc «ua iateret « St 

cfido;3 ri'tione etiara aliua» prHedestia-iturj discrete co>mo8oit , f5t sic 

6© oingulis • Epgo Oisines pr 'tec ee Lint tos discrete copioscit, . ui sunt 

Quacruc ii^tei'ialic pr&t^coetio&torus;* 

dubstitutio liute^ ilia, ..usis ipse textus Apocelypsis et 

2G1 262 

Augustinus ianuuat etee -osdbllwB, mia alitor frurtrn nioaeret 

•tta taYzo quoc i^a-^sret ae tioo (^)ntiajL*<^ret cuod ia,^£sibile est con- 

tingcrcy intelligitur recuadiui ^;uod haec refsruntur &d iibert&tea air- 

bitrii; uia e.ic preedectimitue potest abjicerc eoionaa, ot praeecitus 

potest asiauaere. Sed -i bx:cc / rcfe-raatur &d ipsaa Tel praedcstiaa- 

tioaea, ^aMOtsibile ect is>c i^. K-iit,..r fieri, Et pott;.t -lOc intoLligi 

L'65 ;:£€ 

taa dc corona pr&eseatis vitae justiti&e, cuju£> fructua uno 

2e7 .^63 

c&deaite & t^rati^ aliuu percipit ^ui est in carit< te, -mae osmia 

aerita iacit coiiauaia, i.^Xi~J^ otiarn de coioaa£ ju£titii.e, uia 


- k7S - 

■«aeii in patrla jiaudebuat de omaibut; bo.iie, '>uibug glorlficitue est 

r«is per vuoeeuicfiU?? rui ftll'-u<,n<io fuerunt de eorua collegio , 

Qunlltez' t.-ijien i^iredefctlrva-io uon -..ipanftt nccessitatem 

llbero Rrbitiio, et qualller laijUi,a;>di locutioaes into i lipantun pr&e- 

cestinatUL pdte^it d&an.'irl, v©l r;r6e3cltfe salvftrl, et sn leui: ijopcit ncm 

pra€Kj«stinfeese i-ueni jafic^Sestinr^vit, et praedspL.inr»re ciucaa noa prs©- 

tostin&vlty et siailifs oaniaj satl" t^ciuntur per wt rtiRe de pr^^esclenria 

dixious. QiUftllter certitudiai praed©ttLa:.tioni£ n>yn aoviaat. ;:.unt taowi 

alicufl® euctoritrtoB cune videntur ai contrnrlari, ^jid Moyces prae- 

CGBtin-itut; dixit, Eyodl X3txl : Aut dl"»ttt« eia hanc noxais, aut dela 

rac de libi'o i:i ■ uo .crlpsi^ti ze , vonstet autem c^od ipse scriptug 

:i74 ^-76 

fuit la libro ornedestiafctloalc. Et in Psalao diciturx peleantur 

de liv.'ro vl-7cntiua . Et Ita videtur prredestinr tio crte snit-abllir, et n.-^n 


S«d nd hoc dicencu-n est f uod Peslamp lo' uitur de Rcriptis 

irt llhro vituC secuiiciua prceEeiiUis juttitiara ttntum, C.ualiter libor vitas 

273 279 :i30 

non ost liber pmodoetiaiitionis. ktoysee vero illo dioto voluit 

so conmimer&i'e txjoulo, ut, eesent ; l3ul t«ar,UBa itnun corpus, wira Ipe» 

^32 £38 

e^rst caput} f.uod unuie corpus vel sIjsuI saererctur daranf^rl vel mX" 

vferl , ut cle sulr ^a^^ritlt Deur ;>opulo psrcfiret, de uo per rpoas con- 

ettib£o Hoy^ii -uoc ;e non d'-m' itt. I't IdGO loquitur per Impossibile, ut 

- i:73 - 

•it seamsi aut diaitce els noxa;a , sut ze ccbee dnnnare euro Ipsic, 

cos <;uibuE ©cO viaua jMm. Zt hoc ©at i^posciblie, quia tunc deleret eli- 

qusa ds libra pr-.edostinfetionit, cecuacu ■.\ucm .oguds etiam dicit .Apoe- 

236 ii87 

tolus , JiOmaaos.- ix J Qptfab&u: e.<,-o i ae auat..r>aft. id eat, ceparatus* 

qsge / a Christo pr9 , , |):T.tribus ntc-i^ t id o&t, opt&baa na it?'. fratriJms 94va 

scp^ratie & Uariato pocso c;?njuagi, et per illft» uaioner.> cuia j;, 

fiaii quasi ccparatus, ut ^eo sieiito diviaua uonsiliua do &oi-ua ^jerditione 


239 £90 

Grsgoriuo etl&m in Moralibup , tracten'- illuc Job xxidv : 

C o;itertt ^ultof et inj\ug.ei:£bij.c' ,1 cw stMt fac ic t sliof oro eii. ^ dicit* 

locuffi vit'ie, allls ("eccrentibue , slii ortiuntur, imi ipi^e lo uitur 

292 235 

de loco in ■ cclesla recuncum i.ruesentem jut titiaa quia ecclesl& 

234 ^35 

ttuaquem est pine llcuibui. cui cunt in gratia, c;uotcu!r.c ue Inde ea- 

cidantj 6t aon loquitur ce loco praedestinRtioniti, c« c,uo ticitur, Joaanis 

296 ;-37 

^^■^ * Ia_ d.Q§Q Fa tri e -n^^ i aaasipne^ a mltr.e t'Uat . G lp . a,? ^^ t jam in 

praedAS tinti lione • 

Ittja, illuc I^ut^-roaoinji i ; r:qiaiau u I;eus p&truaa 

aostro i' u.'a eddat ad hone ttuaarum, dicit Glosaif ; ciiffinitua apud Deua 
oO-o" f-Ol 

cvii novit - ui Euat a.lm.;.. *i% j nuaerr.t auXt itudinea ete llitnA a. Et 

ita videtur ponee au^wri nuawi-us ar?iedeetinatorua. £t ad hoc dicawdua 

7m ' 304 

est quod lo :uitur :;ojf?es «z r.ffectu caritati» ;:eeunduu status vitae • 

(,U8litex aoa t«i«sur conloraiari hoo hi volito, -ad in ssoao volencij id 

- 230 - 

est , ut TtllHif) cuod JjtAxt vult uor velle «x pictete nrturfie vel c-irl- 



Si iilitGr, Bup.r illuc La^^oae v { ^«ujpeb^^tur autcta rcta 
eoroa, ticit Qlpi^ p a . : nan tot ir.lrant dc Judfieig cuot mint pi'tedesti- 

a&tl ad vltam, Et it& vieientur uiinui nuacruK ^r fedestinntoxnir., £'e<J 

Gloppa locultur cecundua .iIue leapue ;jri.altiv£.e cccleeise, Cuod teapus 


figurebatar per piscftioaem Apocbolorum, El titac edeo pmici ex 

809 SIO 

JudJieic intre.erunt eecleslwa quod Apostoli, .'i scj.toree faoaintia , 

a« eonv&rterent ad gentes* In fiao nutom e&eoull, .':iulti ex ale iti-> 

Sll 51^ 

trK'unt cui unt preedeitia.%ti, t'ecuadu» illud Ps&lnl : Cr^n'^ertentur 

Ex k.;UO or go pi'eeoeatijuitlo tecundua eaom clfyaifloatum al^dl 

ponit circ^i x > edsetinetUKi, et £;r»tifi ?rnes«t« all'.u.ld poait gIvcm ipeua. 

515 314 

Beao dicit Gj.QBpa Jjcjinig 1 ruod .'.bHus fuit Methanaell ooj-'noecere 

utr&aqua ntitursa In Chriato uao eese prr.edestln'tua, et / asjaere rtib 94vb 

acbrfe legic, bed sd euaiGtur prf.2destia» ut causa accecsieria ia se, 

216 317 

sic iterura veruQ dioit Gj-pcfta pr&9diot& • £ed tunc eet eoaps ratio 

duonaa ad \inu!s illorum. Cua enUi orc^edestin;: tlo fuerlt tt^is illorua cui 

fucruat U-- ubi-a Itgie , .utta t-ti'-u illoinm ui fuez^int ia luce ; ratiae, 

melius I'^llt ^«tthfeneeli (?s£;c de nusifro pri^edestiriatorua «mb luce gratia* 

5ia .^33 

quf.ia ecse de nuaero praedcBtlnatorua «ub unbra legip, • scundua illud t 

Sc&ti ocuXi ul vidertt , uae voe vicietis^ etp , , bed Jioc iodo euapta 

- ;ai - 

pr&edestinc «ionc, si coaptatttur ficee vel gratia ad piaedestintttioasi;, 

'6ZS ' 5£4 S2S 

tfiato «xetdloret iiraocieetiaaiio, eicui gratia fiaaiHe cxotMlLt 

gretifca praesenti? Juctitlg-e. 

QuBBTvis Rutoa supra dixioug prriodefitinationsm rctio- 
nabilett esse, aaa tcassn diceaou;a f.'ct ip;>ea cuus-.ri ex r.oritl:., . uin 

."ii con;:icfci-etur pr;.edostiaatio ; ecuaduru re, tic ost pi'aepbratio 

grtituitite donfctioniii, ut tiicit /iUj.;usti;iUL in libro pe J^ice ac Pstraa • 

It tiic triplici i^i'tioae asa jwteet ceuesri ey aerlt-lEj scilicet, ration© 

eetei'nituti&y sua illis paratio piaececit conn j.^rati»ey et per ooase-.uene 

Ofisn* aeritua, «uia pofitsx'iui; non est c'iuea priozit, nwc toaporal© aetorni. 

552 53S 

Et 1 ecundo , rstione ^i^h^-ionx.:^ ,u;i& ett in voiua-w.-Lu diviaa, cuao 

'^54 S56 SS6 

eet priaa causa o»niu3 <.uue in ruo proposito p&r£.t, treo etiam ipfia 

opo:anc in 11 ero r^i^bitrio vel pt-r ipsuci, ett i rima cauer.. ounif .-a^riti 

opsrum et u&bituuaiy i^x suibui. &ot virtus ;;icxe:nui .uae praep&i't^vit in suo 

proposito, -t non © coavorso. Tcxtio, iutioae li'-«iralit<4tie, ut probat 

*uguetiau. ia Ilbro ii^tracts: tioaa/a , ex ilio £.rguaisato Apoetoli, 

B ^fUfjaiOl i X X Ee lii ^. u ^-i-e Kcpuadu:» elacripgeia^ , t.yi-t i ae , , fc&lv&e fyCtae ^xiat t 

540 S41 

8l autca pytitif . scilicet , ipes ei ctio, ut ex c«usa aeritoria, 

& !lio ui n p.;r?-Lij> ^ia^a .ton Gft virg^ticf red Juptitia rtnldenc potiue pro 

serltlc CU&» donane. 

Si nutera tuas^tur secundua effootuiQ suoa , sic t>ropriuci: 
ef rectus esjufc .set gratis , et gloria ai^n est eju^ efitctae, nisi 

- 28^ - 


incuentuiB eat ftUt.uid ^rratl&e. 2x i)r?^«dlctu iwatet r^aoc prnedestlnatio 

MS eleetio rrstL e, Iv ufcntu;a ; ia«: •',j.i..ritie donatur . Gloria nutoa, 

/ il .^eciiacuja £« sua- Ur, rotribuitur pro :»erltxy, cule Eouo rtddet 96rA 

uaicui lie Justi* opera. GrutlKT. uutea aullfi cerita pri?«iC6uuat, cum t^i 

ipsa oaueeteir otaae mcrituij et gloria, ias,ui!Lntu.rt redaitua ^ix-o iaeritia 

CjUee sunt ex trs,tia, i^ic X-aus ia aoitilR coronnt Cfiatua eu.n dona} et 
549 360 

cic Ipea voc':.tur .Tjrfitl?'.. niro JOj&„-«nig i , Ergo proprius 

effeotue prReoe'itiaati-onis ost /:r6ti;, ii ; e, et i-j rfitiony ; uti p?-<rtici~ 
p»t« ft gloria, 

ilt gic prfiece^vlnatio Item-, r.ujAntuE cci neuti-u:^ effectum 

euua, inqu^ntua suus ■^ropriuc effcctUB eet, habet cous&ni seritorlaai 

36E S55 

c.uIb licet Avicenna divldat c&usaa in efficientoa tt disponeatem, 

et grstips r^.ficcdat ali;uE dispositio li^jri aibltrii, tuaen ilia 

non ett ditr-positio c'e ua locultur Iviceona» et quae c&us&e nomen 

S56 257 

24©retur, Hhcc eni.-a ?Bt ttdia diKposltlo ruee tollit contreaium 

foraae, et inducit Oianis ..uibas ai.tfiria safficieQter tmbilit'^tur &d 

forana, ui. eit pr»^portio potwatlt-e .-id actua. Tolls autom non est 

illn dlci»£itlo, cuia at^c tollit poocKtua oppogltum pratiB«, aec suf- 

ficientsr bp.bilitr.t «ubjsctua nd grfitiiia, ced Viftlde iaperfects. Et 

ideo neo aerituia otert vocRri proprif>, nee ceuse neritori», nuia 

StO 361 

sioritua eat proportions turn in-h&aio, ot cnuea eet ex que da niJCes- 

&it«tt« («cuitur aliod. ^«d Toc:^tur racriiua congrui, uot^ ect deterainatio 

- zn - 


diaiaueor. de raticme ioriti. sU>i« r&tlo ooasli;tit la sotualitftt© 

roportioai ad pr'^e'siamj t.-uae tra«i cit lilt dlcpoaitio. 

Dixeist .,uendo> ue Au,:;UgU.aUB •.iU»c i, ea eit licer ■U'-.-a 

•X aobie este cr«cidit, et noa per grutir^» ftt p«r ipcaa dixit nos 


aeteri prttinti. beo uoc retrectsvit, orobnae p<er IHud I gorjntnlog 

5i7 sea 

lii : i^ltci i. rice:, ifi oodea cuiritu. fidea noa siiLer «ss* ex 
nobis, nisi eicut ^liis £«i don-i, scilicet, noa ex aobi^i tifficientious, 
Bed oongentittitibiic* Und'^ ii't& diepositio est |;(i)r hoc ciod hoso hb" 
stinet Bb operlbue eccjitorum, ot oiationc et Jejunio et elMMsynla 
et eonfesf-io-.e re h^bllitiit .-d gratitjn. 

Irtc etiiia effectue p-aedeetinstionis sulto siau;? -otr-st 
hf.b«r« oauBcuB 6ffioi«ntci:i iccuadua f-fficientisja aierlti, / futm 96rb 


aecunduat ceue-st dleponsntea; uiM, cuo. sute;& i,x$»eaiiua in uoli ^et 

genere nihil rit, fct priaa e&usa in gaiers sit gratia r«&pectu osinie 

acriti, - liia 'aovet etis^! ipsua 1 Ibei-uja &rbitriua, nihil aerlti 

potest epiie ante i.awa, ^uhtnvis etiam flc oecundus^ cff<5ctU6 pr^e- 

destlnstionie, Intvu'^ntua huju»"^di «st, aon iinbost c«us's meritorisiE, 

Lieut nvc grati- , t'aoa, pecuaduin id ^uoci e?t, h»!b«t oaucf:.:» !n€ritorLan , 

cvuse punt i,'^6« opfir» pr&tlre. 

Ex his; '.>f^tet ■ u^ liter praedeetin^tio juvstur or^itionLbUB 

■«actorur., ut (licit Gregoriuc ia i^ ialofp | et orobwt hoc yt-r illud 

Qen«eip vtt t teo recs tus pst I ^'&'^^c Dorainum pro uxore bu&^ ^uod ereet 

- 234 - 


fcterllle ; , ' ul ey >iu divl^ , c ua, n ^^t dedlt eonp eptma Rebeecae. Tunc enia 

conceutus fui; Jscob, uea Ibidem Script'irE oeteidit -"«eo :>rr;0dos- 

tlnmtuffi, o i liit,! jif/jpr c cr'.-iGt :a.n^:i . at o.^teadltur t. O'^.nO!' Ix . 

ExaeapT iist i«*. centurlono converso ad oi-tionca Domial » et la 

Paulo coavcrno 'id or^tioaea i;tephani • 

ih.iic «-nim orrjxii. non intellicuntur d« pr&edei^tia^tlone 

in «e, cuia sic fldjutoriu?a non ftabpt, cue eit seiaper efficax ▼oluntns 

Dell Cmlg ^Ic ao^lttvit fcoiri t'ira jDpr.ial. lealae xl ; sed quantu^Fi r.d 

effectual fratiwe, uin -ic unue «.eretur »lt6rl prlnaa gr?)ti&«, vel 

535 Si4 S35 

aarlto eoa^i^ii ttiOitUffi » niout ett A'^ritua hvairii cxmntuai- 

cuaa>.ud iSfincti. Gun saXm gori -ifit confci.'Aafc ^;^.fef:io;iteS fauj ufe tera oris . 

536 ~ " 237 

ui. dicitar, i^aiano g viii , et probi tur, II Corin thioe iv : ic enim 

'.,uod ig Mi" oseoti eat ;co aegtaaeJia et, lave, atq» . itri vix sufficit .■;erituiri 

333 539 290 

ijoainis, ;iji soil, quod via Justus s'lvtipitui . I ?otru£ iv . 

Unde dicunt pi-uaeat&s virgince fatuiex de forte , nnn ?:u*fi nobis et 

voblfl ptCy M.atimel xscv • Unde 4,uod atiam ad rlitui sufficiat, (,x 

59 S 594 

coaj-^ruitiite divla**e oonitiitit ett , vel est «erito conciipni; qualitcr 

Ciurirtue oonibus aeruit grrtlrua et glorias:; ut dicitur Hebraeog ▼ t 

Conettjpii |, 1iU8 f?:Otut) est oimipu . obtea;>ei-83tibu t sibi causr. . scilicet 

aeritojrin, ? slutie ceteroRC . '£t sic dicuntui- elect! in ipso unte 

593 5936 

Quadi con&titut.ione<3y et in ioso prrecestlnsti . Euhaaop 1 • 

Quod &ut«3 di^l'mie do ecjutorio oration!; 

- '^it - 

intelilf^andur'; net etiais de adjutorlo cujuscuincue alt&rius coopera^ 

tlonlfcy / suo allculij Tiini&ter l>9i It in proaotlone salutif aainaziuRf 3&va 

eive ;iOc ^it ecrundu'i cOiar-sanici^tionea aeritoiu:», eive sit per doctriaem, 

401 402 

▼•1 aliiUid tisdl*. wic eaiu; dlcitur, I Ooiintnlot ii i t j^ 

40.^ 404 

pjLftnt&vi^ Apollo rl ewrl t. teas .'JUtt^Ti etc . Et iafra t Dei c^ ila 

Bttjntjs faG.iutor^g , 

Frofuodior autets c,u&e&tlo est an aeltets prseeeientit! 

aeritoruffi sit o>2U&& prhecactiaiitionis* Et o^ae^' aocloree dlcmt quod 

potej::t «£66 rctio pi ;ted<sstlom>Cioni£ ex ^xo'te «ffeetuSf sed OfiUSi^a. aon 

poteat nribers praedei^tlai^tio. ^6d .^me .^r&ejudicio cico ^uou, iiiUjpoaitfi 

praedeatiaationis pi«ehabitG ciffiaitione , tcilicet, -uod oonfiideratur 

In ao, val in ^aio eiYoetUf prKadestinibtionc In he oons>icein.tu, si 

raaliuer ce ea locuaBur , blc nee o^bet causua, cum priiaa eausaip 

aao h&bet rationemy cim ::^lt iatellectas divinus, cui «at prijEsa r-^itio 

Oi&niua; ot cic eat yirovldGntia, sU.'.e set ratio cui^ C6U« cuncta dls- 

410 411 

i onity ut dicit ioetliluii , wi vero locusaur reouacui: rL!^ione:3 iatel- 

412 as 

li,vatdiy quit^e tnautt fund^.tur in divinis , £iecuncum hoc uod unuat- 

quodtiue oo.vat ibi autua ^^ropriatatam, sic h^ibet at fia&'i .-^tovrntam, 

oon aud@o cicere c^us&ia firxalen* £t hnbet etiaa rationaa reguianteiB 

&0, secu-icua re^ulaia jU£titi>':ie. dtibei ~ulde«s flnem caoventsin, noa 

quidaa oerit.i ia prcaecieatia, uir. aec Ticrit« in cua ntture eunt fiais 

417 419 

ejus , \uX,ii finis eat aobilloi eo cuod est ad flnoia, nee etiaa prout 

. 286 > 

sunt in pro«8ol«atl&» quia ^dc sunt ipsa pruedestln: tio. Once didt 

Au^stinus in iinro lie Fr? : aoa uia noe t%les futuros 

•••• pr.ioccivlt, ideo eiei;it, uL > :..'fc(ait! t^lea par eleotioaest gratiae; 

s«d aeaet fiaem ijicua cuun boni:.' tern; s,uia sclut unlv©rsa propter 

satMtlpeua 0;.;r' tup eet Lou:Lnu& aatura Bue,e bonit- tie, ..U'e est coa- 

!BuaiCi.tiv>% faUA, ii/uuia raovcrate ejut, co^uainicetioaeai ia n;;;turarua 

Ini.titutioae, j ecuadua unluscujus uc cnpficitsitesa, ita propter eandea . 

bonitate:.., . j.jr.. : j-itL-i^tctJ^i Tci pr&ctiouu CiC ia-op-ititunj ciffuadendl 

i,^;;>;:a bonlt-tcxa ia clisllitudiau doaox'uui ^xutiae s^tcuncun a ibura^n Rutva^ 

•cilicet, ut en. acibus per volunt«tea / . ccipieodi oo iTainicetur, ©t 9fcVo 

424 4^B 

siao ejus vilific: tioae u o ets&et, si coaterai^e-iti «ut eura d/iretar 

-i^6 4;^7 

prB«d«8tlanvit i:oee, tnturoe volunterie pt.rticip.'--tion©m diviaae 

423 429 4?0 

boaithtic , et reprooent coati apcorcf . Et ric cicit .^nbrosius 

4?1 <S2 

ex per-oaa Deii illi gratia» quem scio ijC ne in toto cojr-de 

455 4^4 

pOGt eiTorea revoreurua. Hoc eaia est dare cui danduoi ott . ^pn 

eaia dtiacf e tuat u-cj^cf.ritae oroeiti. r.ut :;.',i^ctua c^nibus • 

Uabat etian r&tionesi, ut pntet turn ex i.oc uoc ipsa est 

atxtas apecialifc provideati-.u, uat {.eajnaua i;oet .ium est cispositio 

socundaa r^tionen: fietcr-nara, '.u?ai etina a» toe uoc ipaaa iaciucit ia 

^e voluatittts £«i coacecueatea* <uf.s ideo voc'^tur etiim voluatee 

conaitionstAf cuia vult :;*oc quod yult ecuadum o'saimodeia coaveaientiaa 

retioauia ; api^itiae Del, cui oanit^ irjf saa gapienti^. fncit. ut 

- 237 - 

<S8 440 

dicitur ia PmIbo . Propter cuoc etinn Apostolui., Ad Ronanos xl , 

alietur ad eapleatiaa C»l tn dlff&rentin prKedeftlriAtionlf! et repro- 


btttioais, cuu olcitt altltuuo civitigrua yaplcntJHtt , et c. it 

eecuadUB rhllotoj.hua , fi-pien?^ eet ul PClt rstlonea opprl?» St hf\»e 

r&tlo consirtit, ii pi , -^icisatia ;.dt,or;jia, coa'sunitei- .sJS;enco ".• i-lt» 

445 444 

pro scritl? coabTai i*i dlgiJOpitiOQe ad £rati&a. Ouce suprn diri- 

teus ctioc pr.iodeetin.'itlo dicitur la r©f peetu td accipitutes , non praut 

stunt in £us aiitur^;, ed ut :u.nt in Dei prc<esoieQti&» itt, 8io dicit 

447 443 

Au^mstiaa:; ^Ujaer , yt<tJB.coi«ff , a^plicms illud c,uod dicitur, aalaciil^ 

449 450 

i * Ji'COb cliX exiff, ctp. ifc-cc, In uit, voluntas t«i inju -ta esBe non 

potest, venit eai:r: ce occulti. eiiair muritis, Et fuia Petrus Loarfjfti'dup 

non vicit h*60y ideo in tiententiis euis 6up!:r hoc ▼<--rbo dubitctionem 

aotaa lelin'-uit in^olut^iai. 

Est suten differentia inter csusr.ra volunt- tis ct ejus 

rationea!, > uia cru&a "il^j-itsti. non est aisi finie -ra'/ent ipcan, : ui 

est extra ipsais; ticut CftUS's necessfulo esssntiellter diffei^t ab ef- 

fecUi, hRtio nuteai ao.-i ejiirit in intelleotu opprnnte p-^r Intentioneo 

finis, UA egt intra i; K.-.ia, / nlf;i difiei*enti"a recuaduci aoaiiauai ratio- 95ra 

nex, icut i'.itelleotus primus ast ld«a <saa volunt^jte, et t.-trsen i,.saai 

4bb 456 

diri^t tn fi.'sem intcatum, r^ecundu;*; :;odusi convenientijssiffium . Coa- 

sidertt.? fiutes prafeueKtine lions li tuo r^ffsctu, aic, .icut voiuntas Dei 

467 463 

•st ex part© voliti effsctUE , poteet procodere ex tsliQUa cause.. 

- 238 - 

ex cufi TOluntuB Del hunc elfectum produslt; ur.o caus&y i'\'.uantu.'a 

fccii banc sfff.ctaa oidLnr.tua, cal njtlo .-ecundfti;; > at a Leua dlcitur 

G.11: uid •on -iOijS» ^otfcatia orcinate, uod t'Kiica ^t4bt potentic >.b- 

c<olule, &lo •tie.ia cffectus prttedeetin- tionis c eotJ'^du;^» cul est gloria» 

,;.;.ct CRU;;f..ia ^.roprie dictiiJk, ^cilieet, erituje condi?;ai. !^e<i piiaue 

4 CO 
eiu8 el'f-jotu;.-., £Cillc;3t gratia, hnbet c&usAffi iisproprlo dict^^i , u&e 

est t'intuji dlspoeitio coa^Truit,&tifc, et voc- tui TiOjritun conri-ui, Et 

ii.tce cftusee voc;jitur rfitlo i«s proedeptin-.tionic, incuimtum lunt 

rntioner. ju:titlre pr-- edcEtln^tionls ■ UF.ntuie ad efff<ctus, slcut juatum 

est llli dire ^Tt'tinjs, 'ui :e aa rj>e hcbllitHt» et -son llli » ul 

contcHiait, r-t juftuffl ert ei dare i;rn©3jlu3i ul meruit, et noa 1111 

qui deBerull. 

111; enini c,ua8 dlxlmus de erue&litftte, vel r»tiwi© 

prpcdeetla-itionlE, ooala etir.a intelll.'enda tuat do rcprob&tloae aetexaa 

elbl opposite • 


De elootione et iGi^robttione 


Encotlon«a frec.uenler r^ttrlbuit :^cripturf. Eeo . Eo;ie£oa 
5 4 5 

i « £.leait n o i in i:go; Joaiin ti- xili t *^eo... QJo - uos ologerim i Pg» Inus t 

feaactus cuecs oXeglBtl. etc . fc«d hoc 'ntellirend-ia est ecunraa nodum 

7 3 

illorxia losiaua '.:Ue© in aobis aii uid diount imp rfoctionis j et tnaea 

dieuatur ce t«o, fcoiiicot, j'olua f«cunda;2 id < uod jjerfactionis est In 

ela» Ma« aoratnx olecr ioaie ;ij.i. uxc aabat J. : e i ;.perf ectionis, rceundum 

quod In nobis «et; '.ula gecundua Philoc^oprum in III EthlcorJa > electlo 

ect concluaio crsnse aeas coai'riliuia, .uod conoilia;a oEt u&estio u^e non 

10 11 

convcnlt ni&l dubit,t;ji&i. j-t ideo dlcit C«;2asc3nu^» 7,111 cc/itulo, 

II libri , -;UOd electionea La l>&3 :ion diclawr, non enia coasili^tur 

t&atii if53orantia« eni^: ect consriliEi*!. ]>-■■ «o eair. aod copioscitur, 

nulius ooaeiliatur, / £i autc:a coaiiliuia est i;;-nof ^ntiae , oanino ©t >€rb 


Si sutG.Ti euciitur CQa:.ilia-". :vocuacum suprBhai-jituai ^iodum, 

sic .'Otiu? cicit pcrf»ctlone:a rapienLiae qua» igii9r&ntii^;a. £t Ideo in 

tcrlptur» attribultur Leo. JJnce ett«^m eiectio, Cinee-uens t&le conelliu^a, 

aon eet igaoroatlQe, sed est dl&cxetio ejus uod ccltur bonuai esee, vel 

futurua esE* ^b nlio c;uo >citur aelui^ esse prfefcEentiilitfii, vel ia 

futuro} et -ic vicctio (.-^t -n Teo, , iuioc ajtca ciscrotio potcEt ctse 

- 289 - 

> ;>90 . 

in projKJElto soloj et ; ic elctctio e&t eeteraH, c.ula — t «ate r juadj 

cot^6tlt|Uttoaett p ut clcitur, iichesoe i ) vel sit m execatione pro;jo- 

sitl in opere; et lic est elecvio t«niiioraliE, elv» ijaec aXl discretio 

(i aerea psrditioais por finalea grstiaa, si e .it rolua per praeseotea 

li 19 

gratlais, rlTe rit Intuper ^rodu* disnltatle, . Icxit elegit Seul et 

Judaa. Cum eutes oanis diccretio .it saparatio nb alicws coamai, 

dieoretlo electionls est vel tx «is ^ui CJranunlcBat in una Q' turey 

iafaota culpa origlafiii, uae e scnctig vocstur uaa maaaa oarditionip, 

vel ex ele < ui ey iUa ordiaeti Funt in uaum fiaem; ct hoc hsbent 

eeannae. Uada pui electi ?imt noa cicuatur electi ex irratioaabilibue , 

sad ex humana a^tura, Et cuod dicit JhniwiBt £go eleei vQs de aindo , 

saasuc ctt. Id eet, de itoiuaibuij isundemis. 

Ot autotn eclfttur oxxio aaturalis latar ttulta cuae Eeo 

attribuuntiir, aoteadum c.uod prfiescieatici est pritrrua inter oRBiia, cula 

oaaia alia ipsfca praesuppoauat. tilvjctio sutew. Dei pr*jecedit cl-ctio- 

aas» cuia, ut dicit Cnaaecenue ibid«B , ubi supra, poet dii^positionaa 

cuae eat Judicium, ■ uod rr.eliue .' it, «t risoi' ojusdec, fit electio, ruia 

haac dispositio est ?anteati&. £> ;ua eaateatic, duobue praejaeoati^us, 

28 -^9 

ellidLtur aoc prae Elteroj et htiec raeelectio est electio, ut ibidaa 

cioii LiBt^tccaUf. ^Icctioac» bq uitur piaedcetia'^tio i^eounous illud , 

homet^u^fi Ix i ut : ec^pdug e le ctioatia ;;ro;joeitua Lei eetomum, :uod est 

praadeetiaetio, naaoret , r.i:tio ^ut*::; hnjua act solum prfieletlo uaiue 

- ;?91 - 

58 ?4 

prae alll& ^^d con£!ccueti(2ua ultimua fineaif '^-ui?;, secundun / Philoeophaas jSiva 

clectio cfct tantua eorua uu© t>xint »d fiaem, et, aon i^^iilue finis, 

Prasdeotins tio ftutca, jaupor ordlmtion«Mi in flaem, acdit 

dautin-ttlonea ejus in illua finesm, per collEtionea cjorum 'Ine cuibue noa 

attiafoUnUir ill© finis; ct -yod p'r additlone est, necessfirlo p:jstoriuc 

est. Po: t prRed estlnntionea ordXnnt Apostolui.-, i oraanpe viil , voc.tlo- 

nem, non solua ortliae nr. tur^e -«id eti.-ja durr.tionis, ula prn«deatia'<tio 

©»t aeteraa, et vocrstio ^et t.intus! tesporBllsj ruin vel ©ot voc'tlo 

sensibllic rl-e vtrbo, • ive scaonitione ciijuecuavus r«i oceasiontiia con- 

vereionis ti-ibuentis allcui, clcut dicitur Mirathael ill t Vocfivit eos ^ 

▼Wite ;)0.^t acy etc . -t hflac •>atet esa« tea-Torsloa, ?el eet vooetlo 

58 59 

int>^rior et spiritnellsj et htA«c est deductlo renia ad coaasunionwi 

dlviaee "'Onlt'tic» Onde eti«is in Graeoo noi».en boni venlt vel ah aoe 

verbo jou),/3iS.^ Id eet, voco.~fiG. fuis oismis vocat bonitaa ad sul cohjju- 

aionem; vol ab hoc verbok^A.^ id est, cj-f-ap, .'-ecunruai illud P rover - 

V ioru ffl : fcjapl en ti ? . cl t -ai '-. t , in pi r t el s . 

Et Iviec vocitio cet trlolex. Una eat non entlua fd 

ecee naturae. h% ruis recuncura i^u astinura id mov. est, ia-^uentua 

ect, bonus «st, ideo ?et in hoc ooiawunicRtio bonlt«;ti9« Tecundn est 

entium ed conscrvfrtionem cEs<e, per =.a ja • rtioiuRnt bonltatfeia Dei 

44 46 

in esse divino. Et do his dan bus vocstionlbuB dicitur, KoBR;Tf>a ▼ 

Qui voc:-t ee u&e non sunt taiacuea e£ 'uae cunt. Tertie. est vocatio 

- 292 - 

ue non ease oalpae ad esse gratis^* £t haae ««t vocstlo curb coajunsit 

47 43 43 

Apostolus i-rsedeettaatloni ut effectura losius. Once Closg^ dlcit t 

vocHie est oogttitlone.. ce Lfi- '; Id eet, per grtitlaa px*a«(T«a- 

tentnaj Juv&re at fldee h&beMtur: et ptr ubssquentera f^ratia» Juvtre ut 

aabulet per dil».otionaB» £t p&t»t cuod oanla hn^c teaporall/; fint, 

Addit otlfiifl ides Aooatolus t -tuoy voc vit ^ u ot -- et 
Jtyyt iftoavi t» Unde v.tet uoci Ju?tlfic»tio ?5e<iultur ▼oeraioaeraj < uod 


vemm eet ex parte lostre , uln yoc«-.tlo est tAatu» ejus ouod utitur 


ratlorxe, uod olua potest apprehendere vocea» ut vox ectj / Id est , ^Cvb 

laquKUtua est isl.aiflcetlv» ad ^Lacitun. Tt iCeo dlolt «ivocationem 

nostrl liberl arbltrli a coiapl&c&nti;j peoontl in detestAtlonen ejuedeia, 

60 ei 

et io Hraorem Eel, Juetlfleatlo autei: fit per Jus'tif icon tie gratia» 

infusionera. Ft petet cuod .ritauat ect clsposltio «d eeoaacum* 

I4.xlauE autes sic eese esc parte nostra, ;uia ui conei- 
62 6S 

deretur ordo inter imec ex mrte Dei effioientis, heec sic noa vocBt 

no£:, ni^i :>• r gratitim, pi aeveaientos nortrua llber\s:a fj^bitriu--! ut velit. 

Et elc ju tificntio 5>retliie t^ior est vocation©, alcut caus» prior eat 

64 65 

effectu. Kecuitur ruo^ue ibidea t suo» j|tt.-tlfioc.Tit. illos et Ba|«- 

niXic avii:.» mi.rnificatlonc dignitfctie filiatloniB divinne, et magnlfica- 

ticme o^ntinui aupientl grati. o et seriti, ot tnndea, ■naftnifict^tione 

exetltutionin in i^gmv. felicit»tit* »etem«e. -uirL^svis enlat multi sint 

&lli aodi speoiales nuibus Dau£> &uos ioagnifieat, ttunen > uia noa deeoendunt 

- *^s - 


a general! prs&ecieatif. et pit:^ed«£t:.£u\tioney ui e^t g«a«rall8 « sad uixt 

privilegl6 pjiucorua, icoo Ipel non rsertinent ad lopoeitaa, 


£x preedictiG w*-.vuii,ui' uoc, c . r ^li, ere -10 ; it ooluai 

leg«r« SlUcucs: extrc co...jiuaeffi aa«eui9 p<^rtilLionie> per grr.ticua araeeeatMi. 

s«d etiam iasu, er trtra cor^^nltatGa orcin-itoi-u^a ex nfetura r^c unuia 

fiae:;i, ui cet Dci-tii-uoo, hq effictoiter pi-octuceacu». i^saa ia iLLua 

finely ©t hoc non tit aisl ;>er gratisun fin&ie.TS, cuoc electio cotoma 

dlclt gri'tiic:! fiatil&a in . roposito Imi; et cu.. telle or<;iaetio noi »it 

nisi ^r&edectitUitoruay i>.stet uoc aoa j.uaiua as'ilnoic, ect electio, 

iiicut nee piiedOBttnetio, El uicrat eoui-ili^ie; est rjitlooic prp.ctio»«, 

!.;U."6 J. i, ^.i«^iji.ii/ vjluatiitt^, itt «tiii-i eiec^iOy uf.e etc concluBlo 

ex caasilioy e&b iatoll&etut praotici; uud rt^tione coniccta* voluat&ti&y 

ottribuitur interdum Troluntcti, i>icut et pr&«d««tixuiktio. £ i-e^p i t 

Q.mi:^ , ecugcu a corifcili-a'i vai-^>it tie- e.ius . 

Baprobaiiio vUo:^ue uetoraa, cu3 t^it peoit^^s providontise 
epeel&lis, / u:^ Imxe providet crc^^tur&e raU-oaeli, est intc<llcctue 97ra 

practicit inclacKitiin in ce volantfate:^, eiout &t> providoati:.^, £t 

77 78 

iceo, <j javiii 6^ p<^t& repron/.bi aLixil addat supra praesciaatlaa 

Dei 6p«ouIativBj«, cub« li^v^l GiMi^ir^, no ',uoc £eua naa c&us6w in so 

i&aliti&a, taa«a ex ^ arte Dei repz-obantie, duo disiitt scilicet, 

79 30 

praeecicatiiim speculift^ivaa i^mli culpae finalie, ot poenae aet«ma« 

31 32 

ia aUcuo , <&% pr^oticisntiuiii ^x.uocic&n, inoludenton in ee TOluntatem 

£>ei consecueat&a, .uug si&iita paaeeu^ponit respeotu laali poaoee 

- 294 - 

«^«ma* tentuxa, r>uia a^o volmt^te Bomper ordlnnt culi)«a per po^ne^f 

et ob aeterao yraepMrnt poens. pe'ec&toruoiy eecand'i.Ti illud 3lrttth&el xxv t 

^ul pr&egyirstua est dlaholo et an^reXls oJue » Et iseeunduo Fu?. 3:«ntlu« 

Bio dlffi;ilturt reproatio Del est preesciaatla «i^eoulatlTa 3»liti»« 

culp:^e in ulbur4aa, yia non est oanlum, non. finieadfie, id ©ct, fiaels 

aalitlce, ot .jpaeparatlo, la r.etemo Eel proposito, poonae non termlnan- 

d&e, id esty - etemse. 

Obdur uxo eu:..-. ., a ndo;.ue {.ttririuiiiur Leo ri-.tione tuijue 
36 86 

r«probfitionie. hoaaapg ix t ufe^, indurtit » Pjcoui vii t Ego 

37 36 

I ftdurabo cor ejue » Et Jereala» » Indwrnstl cor aoitruB ae tiagr««>8 

,tP. £t . Ic -cicetur Dcus esse cm'/USo mail • It Ivmo dubitationom eolvit 

Au^^atinue Ad ^iytW j B , dicttnst ^orx obdur&t Daus l~<pnrtiendo aaliti&ra, 

91 92 

sed non i .^artl^ido gr?;tlaa. Kt Ad Slapji-daftuia ucuii iioe «xponendo, 

dleiti obdurare :uos<i£i5 pecctitorea £)eue dicltur, .ula eds&rloordlaa suae 

justifioixtlonie on l&rgit-ir, non ula ispellit ut 

Sed ux h£G rnitiono \rid«tur s^ui cMod, rurmvis Loa» iujus 

Rftli non :<it causa p<.ir . e, tfiaun sit a&n&u pt^r «coiciens!» removando pro> 

hibene, id oct, abtrehendo gr&tl»a Jiua b&bitaa a Qulciusdaa} ^ult. seouv» 

94 95 

(iua Phlloeo >bass in VIII Ph:.'»lcorua , Id quod reoovet obstaoulum nolus 

aovct per accldonB; at ;uot' fdt ecltea occ:i! io poccstl / non largieado 97rb 

grBti£.ja juttlficatioQii, uis sa^ru o;:teadisus illui; cfc. e occasi^neai 

allcujue 63C enjus ebsentln ^li uld fit. Lt Ucet tioc in n»tur&llbU8 

- ^96 - 

proprle noa e>lt oauen, quia nihil agit rxL «f eotue coneecutioacBy taaaa» 

quia culpae aceo rous o&t ul obiaittit sicut ,iii co.vittit, ic'eo oc- 

catio in talibue re;' ^,^0 L!»ata, :-t ■ ui occ! cion- : c . aii i_,t, i ;. - 

aum cedifisa videtur, ut cicitur Pi ;ystua Ad Legoua Aculliaia; id eet, 

cui occicLit. Et noc de Deo coDtirc ispiua est. 

Ac i*oe c-r-go .volveatoe cici^aus ..uoc. in obdur&tioae cuo 

sunt, icilicet, i^ce uotus volunt&tis pyrtiaeciter iidivserentls mslitlftc 

ijrOiJfccr ; e, Et pnt&t i..uod £ua.iUni bonua aujus nott etil c; ust pur eo^ 

nee p^r accidens, a&c occaulo, ^ed voluntcs ceflciens. r&ue autem eolua 

se orbet lic hoc, ut p .raiitt^at, .-Jt ijao jubi-a, nuit est de rctlone pro- 

videatir^e) &t . ic ud&cribitur obduratio ut ccus^iQ sine qua tioa. Et 

102 lOS 

secuado eel Ibl oauaa lujuc def&ctaic roluntutis tul eett sub- 

trecwio adjutorii fxatic^e, vel liabit£i.e prias^ vcl non pensae po&t lapsua, 

rvl utracuc sodo* £t h&ec i^ubtraccio vel coosiderrtur ut poena oon- 

104 105 

aequc-inr culpaia) ui . ic hevm @fit ouu&a per ee, sicut «tiaa cujus- 

106 107 

lii>et olteriur ju^tae ji^oeaae ', at vie iatelIipe»dao :unt praedictae 

auctorit.c.te£« Ondc iu.aistiaue Ac t;^i>ttvp eubdit post praedicta vaiba: 

(,uibu6 enia aoa iap^^rtitur} ut aoa iiipertiatur iv>c cigoi uot, boo 

{aer«itur* Vcl con^ideratur ut oauen vel ut occixsio eulpae; et :ic 

ux uarte Del non ert, .cd or. part^ nostra* Hoc Doue est causa nee 

lU 112 

occ^sio ujU6, -ula c^us^ rtssoveae prohiQens ir.ii'nUid op(:ratujr { scilicet , 

ud ;,rohlLeati& reaotloae's, at occ»c;io e ,;Ubtr&hit, ne cua opera lapcdiatur 

- .i36 - 

effectuo. t'cus :^;^ut«if 9«gq)«r oodfti oodo : • hnbcttfi ad ooola, oonibus 

pr&.e66a« cat rd coriaunlcrjiduzi p.t canr.( rv^n&Mi coaaunicetaa sues boni- 

tfitera in eie ia danlu :iy4,ur!»e . tiat-, Et id«o, -nod jfTHtia habita 

prohlb«\£ 6 pdccnto ceflclt, ert s x jioc uod voluntae / «vertlt se ab 37va 

ejus influfflitia, ,-ln« uu nihil fubdctit, it uod non «pponitur 

gratia est er isoc • uod Tolunt&c re elon.^P.t a Deo in legiwiera dlssinili- 

tudlaip, C'-L'3 r^tii! ei ^ j;.esen£ Iw, et itet fcd ostium et gulrlt . 

U4 lis 116 

Apociilypgia ill . Unde diclt AugustinuL Saw^^r Jocnnea t mall non 

117 119 

8'mt ouQ Deo, ut caecl In luce non eunt cum luce. Ergo p-itet cuod 

Seas aoc act c&uei^ p -r RceideKir, nee occncio obdur&tionla, 

Haee cutKiue obdurtstio vocRtur pftccatua in i'plrltua 

Effnctua, in^ u^ntus ert I'opofitua rinfilit,f-r non po«iit<eidiy ,-:otua 

«X sole nBlltia» id eet, ac l.oo In i poeaitentla f iraatusa, ut liberiua 

nils peccat. Clc oiiai est Kpeoiale peccstua, 'ula speclnloei actus 

121 li2 

ur^et. £t ic describitur su, or illud, P-oaaaop 11 : ge cut^dip 

IkS 124 ' 12S 

iiui -ltlaa e t , cor irspQ^teoe etc » , ihl Glog^ e i cuod obduretio 

est induratse in T.Alitlc 1 1 3f.liti& sepitip crtiaeei-, ^cr Mrnr. fit 

hoioo i^a oea^tcne» I^iriti^ i.ui ;.uiBitur idc c'ecundua transuaptionem 

1^5 12c 1^7 

a durltla nfituriJJ, , r^ocundu^ uod didtur in IV Meteororma : 

123 129 

mo lie est cuoc &d t actum oedlt intra selpeua) duruis auton oot 

suoc non c.&it, ced reel; tit teagentl* £lc onia tela cor non c©dlt, 

130 ISl 

ced reBlstit Deo tKn,:enti Ipftira ■?fr b<^oflcia, vel per flagella, 

vel asalleo ci»tcr«ibl ^t^triM^.f ui ^;.t vi.r. ,:u Lei, 1 1 ultls siailibus. 

- 297 - 

IS^ 155 

Qusadocus Tocf^tur z'eprobatlo, cua tuper lllud 
154 155 

i3f « v.uea vultp iadurtit p dicit Glotsa : obdurctio est 

nolle aa.£Grerl* ?(..tet ^xittau uod iioc iropocltua non ;.lL .oiondi est 

reprob£iUo. C«<1 G lftCB j g t Ibldea dloit uac reprob&tio alia eet ab 

bot&mo^ sollicetf cuae ctmEistit li . olo propot'ito civlno* It he«e 

noa 9b\, obcariilio i uae t&atum oet tiiaporalis* Alia eet tcsi^orallSf 

quaado £«us c«t«Bt&tiaie pecca^i coiazoiesi cliiuea noa A.rprob&.tp ut 

effeetutn ^^uae boait^tlf el iapoadet, ■ ul eat gratia, sod ^ubtrahendo 

projicit eum. Wuasi reprobatioaca Co^ainui; ignl flp»t| cua qoibufidaa 

139 140 

dicitt ilvcgio vos , scilicet , eoieatia &i;orob&tioaie* Onde 

Sapieatiae ix : Noll ae reproburo ^ puerjs tuis » it p£..tet .uod 

hoc est idea quoc obduratio* 

Wuaztdoque voc tur sxcciecetlo. / Oaoc I Corlathios iv i 97vb 

gieu;; imJV.e t{tec.ili eacaec:ivit .nqfitee iafideliua . --t aoc eet in uantua 

per ooc peccatua Inl&LlQotAit. :.iaolicue, per malitiae, ita sit 

14S 144 

igooraae i^ioraatia in p&rticul^a^i; qu;dJLt&r acoundua Phllosoplaia , 

osaois aalui est ignoreas , 'uod lufi^i nnturule suae ecientia* ia 

14G 147 

uoivoreali agaido^-Ui.: oojnitioae non ^^teat yczd «re • Et sie 

149 149 

cioitur , t&pieatise ii : ii^caecavit eos aaljltia •o»i yiu vuoliter 

Gtiua X;ioa^aiu& dicit uod t:uU.uffi da«acmi£ e&t pbaatusla protorvu. 

vuando ue voc-tur obBtlnfetio quod coiapoaitur ab gjj, 

•t tonui iatcrpoaita, i.cilicit, Quaei Q«le tentio* Hiaodocue etim 

- 298 * 

non ciclt epeoiale peccotuHf sed dlcli vel h&MtualMi r«Bi.beatlaa 

legit fiersbroruai contrs left\^: -..icntip, iualiter est poaio coaeeruenc cul- 

i^aa orlginale-5, ot -j^t etifiO in pnrvulis, Onde AujyuBtiaus , trftctcna 

165 164 

i;imS fu>aaaos 1» s ityea-JayiLJjiSiiill* dicit : meritum obdurationis 

est peccstum totius aastte dauaucae. Vol dicit r6pu@i«ntiaiB ialnibi- 

lit<5tie Skd gr'=tiF.ra, ,une reiin;ultur .i;i subjectio, . uoc! ett Hoima, a» 

obftaeulo obctln&tae voluntntls* Et kIc est {>oenn conp©c:uoa£- l;«no 

rpeciea poccRti in »Jpirit»ia Senctuia, v.u;i© «ena est o- renli-j. (Trtxtiae, 

et nsturaliuE hsbllitatua vulneratio. Vel ounitjr eecuacua uoc dicit 

156 166 

Augustinup ii libro De Pr»ed»gtiaatlww^ t:fm , ct or^iB , ubl dieitt 

167 153 169 

obduraiio riihil a'iud eet euaa Dei obvisre roandatie, Oace pgalcMs 

160 161 

dieit : li odie si, vo ce;:: oJus: tiudi^^rltlsf ;:;iJlite obdurere cards ogtra ^ 

ytc « It ^io e£ t i^c:t«>rall8 conditio coneecuoae omae sortale paccatum* 

Ad e^plstionea auten •^ruia luae dicta et ciceada 
1C4 1C6 

sunt do ills qua* pertinent ad cioitia» Col, £oieadu.-n est aod 

QuldaB, '.ui aoKinalss vocuitur, dlcunt Deun selr« cuidcuid scivit» 

non lOlua refcrcntee tioc ac i^s ab eo seitaa, uia irac oulli dubiua eat, 


sod etifis Kd eauntic ilia. Dicunt enia unicatem dictlonis vel oratioais 


noa conaletero in aodo coaei^aifieandi, so6 in rs ::^ignificata. Et sicat 


grsxmatid dicunt ar^ue. / ~ba. ««tuiy eet unua aoai«j, it& etiaa haeo» 9^ra 
Christus ncLecetur ex vix'gine, linte^uur. iu^c floret, et Ciirletus natue *6t 
ex vlrginey i.;oetquaB hoo factuQ est, mat uaun «umtl&bile} ''.ula ad idm 

- 299 - 

tenpue referuntur. Sic «xim nunc dleeretur Christus nr.pcitur «ar 

virgine, nisi slgniflcfiretur ice^ te??:.jus, et er pet elluri enuatiabile 

a praemiBSO, It -ic rilcunu ^.u^g onunt..'-. ile, ■ uod cnl - .-■•t vema, 

eawper est verua», resap^r Idon raenene. Oade oane verjm eclnt Teue, 

petet ruo6 uoricua ue enu.-jtl^iblli? f emel scltur , lllud reaper .- clt, 

172 173 
Puncnmeat-uu -joe* hujua oplnionie ect o.-tnino ir- 
174 175 

retionsle * Onit&s enlJB uniu^cujuerue totius conri'tit ia imitate 

BUsrum p'^^rtiura csBentifsHua;, Pnrs eutess cssenticllc orA^tioni: non 

177 173 

eet roc sittnificst», cum extra Ipsua sit , et 'jf bent f e art In- 

vicem ut r©l.Htlv« oppocit», li- utuitua mint sigau» ct '^Ignetua, £ed pars 

ejus msterlelie eet subjeetua, e-t forausLli© est prredioatum, Coa- 

BijjiiflcetuBi «HjteT. aomlnis vel verbl div^irEificf't Ipea» dictioaep, 

cue: lEciat uiV'-isci v:>cci e?: clTersis llttcrij?. ht ruaaa- 

vls graiaaiiticus vocet .rn-^dlota;. uau.:-. no.aea, propter initat«a princi.ijii 

noailais, in oujuti ▼ariatione otfle v&riatur slgnificf>tua ;ufiffl «» 

18 £ 
variatione finis, ergo eti-ii: enuntiebiiia ex bIb constituta divers» 

exmt. £)t in hoc c^nsantlt Philo^^phusy oxprec^sa dloeas ia llbro 

Praodlo&raWitoru^ , .uod swiaa orat,io, .-ijie buI -iut tione, ^ct f,uandocue 

rera, '.ueaidO' ue fals&, aatt-tlone facta ia re. Uade e^cuadum iioc, dicendum 

eat uod cum f&'. s'lni non cubsit Loientiae Ceif loc anuntia >ile, usndo 

fuit V- ^x•ua, ecivlt j^s, tec cua f? etaa est falsua, ion soit Ipsuai, nisi 

Bumutur aUiterlaliter, ia aontua est res rstionis^ co^iposit* ex 

- soo - 

tulibue dlctionibue et B^llujit^ et llt.t.erl6, Et eic :\on ^oit Ceus cuid- 

cutd scivit. ?I©c ta.i€,n «x joo autt-tur Lei ocicatie, r.aia, ut dlcit 

PhilOEophue ia libro Poetex'ior ^a , tripllcitur corMwapltur sciential 

scilicet, corru,.tiona 80ienti&, et / corrujtlOQo iicibilis, et obli- 95rb 

vione» Kt i liaum uidea et tortium faciunt muintioaen in rciente; 

aediui& au.u::i .oiXL,n T\ot\ fwcit iautatione.a, lisi i.i icicnti.-- .uue est 

Qco«|>tt< a ccibilc, ot refcirtui' ad lpeu« reali relatione. In icientie 

«utf»r teij cicit mitntlonevA realea ex parte fdbllie} r-id in tclentla 

E«i non dicit aici jev:iOtionoa relfttionit. rationis, vji^e rel; ti<mee 

ian&ecuatur et corrumpuatur per ciut' tioner» ejue in uo haeo relstio 

«9st r«t)JJLterj «it iir;&o re.^^otio rc'if..uit>aj.£ rc^tioais ex uoc est , ciuod 

solbilo filter eet nunc uaia ^rlu^, et hexxa cogno^cit unanicusa 
189 190 

rem s«aper eicuti egt , -ul?; Imaatabillter oopraoecit niitHbilia, 

te dllcctione 1^1 ut «»t priaclpium 
electlotil.'-- et cc 11 iO,.^'7tt&e in ' ua 
ooa.oriptl aunt elccti*" 

fl 4 

Supr det'i^JT.iativiaus de uaiore EqI iiocundu e, uo 
dllihit 6G et oasnin, Lt \iX:^ insuper dirimuc uod ips? dllyctio, 

CUE cre&turam dlliLdt, est ,rior Gloctioae, et ejus ■^rlnciidua sccua- 

(iua I'^tioaci;, iceo xrs -.oe cs.dtulo itersi-o ce t,rsore Lei crit 


-uod 'UtG-D tenr oral; dllignt Scrlptura frs-ruenter 

teetrtur, et nor noc ippaos prob^ivtajue ^u :ra . Et hrec dUectio, rurn- 

turn fid :.rlnci,:'Iem fljrnlficstua, est ©«d©s cue dil&ctione «~u» Dens 

dilieio ■., ui v-ct o.jcrKiio dlrln<'!e voluntr tls, uj>© eet ipse Dour. 

&9d inra-'Titua ©rt rntio oaaie lir.ereiif; dis'rihutionis , ex hoc con- 

notst effoctua In ere? turn existentea In solo -^roposlto volunt? tie 

dlvin^ie; bIc secinctusi r.' tianeta dlfffirt ib lilt dlloctione, et ert 

ratio elcctio-ils et rtedeetln .tlonls, £t la'U-ntua cormot't ef- 

fectum coaaunicstuffi crectur^e, sic ciffcrt tb ©a etiso, ut tea orele 

eb seteino, et potiue est effoctua electlonis una «jua cau26« 

Prirao er,p odo, dilr^ctio Dei ert ristema c-ocundum 
illud Jgveaitie »c3d t In c; rit^.te .(>r^ot-ds. dileTJ te. C&cuado 

~T5 ^— ^ — 

aodo est tca;x3r&ll£, siout ormla Qo^iae luae dlcunt ectualca effectum. 

- Wl - 

- S02 - 

le 17 

••ouaduin .llud ticpientlae rii : ym^ ca dil iglt t9un„ iLei cua up 

13 ■ 19 

fnt fi sapleotlo igimbiu».^ . Et tic toue / de novo dicitur dili^-erfe, »JTa 

^ :il 

^oanpift 3civ I Poter ^e\is> dlli'.c-t eua . Piiiao etiwB aodo , dicta 

diloctio nihil oliud est cwsi ooui-jlaceatio voluntatis Lei ciic« honi- 

tnViA ;iu a, «j,<pi"chenstra ut partlolpi-tp.': I.^. c;'»^turie, ut ssovvaa iotcra 

▼oluntnt«ia bd piopobituai co x-ouaicbnci at concferrsadi ip&ara bonitritea; st 

it^ co'inotat effectuR h&bitUiliso, Zt idoo pstet -,uod, lioet reeliter 

iZ ;iS 24 

xiaec dil&ctio sit b^dots. eua dilectionc que Deus diligit bonitatsiB 

euei3 in oe, taa^n differt eb IpBt : ecuacun tpecialrjo rationoa o joctl, 

et r^eouncut-s co -.not.".tione<r. effvetus, in tue o&usa eristetitie. £ec secundo 

modo sua t&, dileotio nihil ; liud est luoa coai;l£oentiay rooveas ad 

&ctualem «ffeotum coa'iunlc&tionit ot con£&ivationiE tuti« bonit' tig. 

Dad« sft«pe dicitur, Geaegi^ i t Vidit i>U£ •. ■uod aeeet banua » 

NU&eritur autea n quibutideia an Ceus suoa» dili^ist 

or«« turen, et tm tantua diiigz^t eam slcut t'o. .uorura £olutio v^ntet 

■^9 50 

•X preedictisy \\xLr. si li ^u.:.;!^ deteraiact dilectionem ratioae 

actus ei^ificcti, ;,ic evaasa» dilipit lid.uid diligit; quia ' u&elib«t 

oper;;tio Dei z-ocedit ex tots EUt. potentia, uae cuiaaa et iafiniti. 

SI 52 

eet, Hi. autois deteroinet ipsiua r&tiono effectus connotati, .io 

51 ZA 

non diligit eaa suaaMy quia plus poiseet ei de bonitite sua eortnunl- 

o&ie; »t nulli oo^:jaunic&t »a.a ut ipsA-i eet nMSLia. bonitae, ^uia nee 

comiunici: bills esit in ttll exoesett • 

- SOS - 

1« coupr.-r&ticme ^utca, dioo cuoci ;1 sit cox.'orntio 

diXiiOticMUiJi adinvioeoi secuacuiB uffeotuis, cul est o:\nii^ dll"ctioaic 

tecundus rens vol ijeouacUub rationea, uul ei'foctus est voile bonuat 

dil&oto, .'.ic L&na plus diliglt se cul vuXt ^UflGUira bonua» ;uaa erftaturtua 

37 53 

oui vult pcrteia ttntAxm all uaa ^ni. fci etitm elt cov.otr&tio 

eoruo ..ciiavicem, cecuacua i.uod differunt per r&tlon«^ objeetl, "le 

iterufl o&gis diliglt ee '<u&is c;: t3?«turasy ut lilud larigX^ «t ndauE non 

poa..tur cceuiuiua re» cire&^ ectua la 6«» ced clro« rrtlonea oojootl; ruis 

■«gic clliglbile e«t sumsuat bonus in le cuaua / per pfirticipntioneniy 33Tb 

41 42 45 

diiBinutum In pcrf eetione ; sod si . it cdj't'irstlo ii uctu seounduiB 

44 45 
86, sic null» est ooapi.rasio, uis fjctus unue est voluntatis "uo 

D«us dill it bonus s^uum» five In so, sive in partlcipeatlbuc, 

46 47 

vtuia tiut«a Deua allcui a;-.turs« , ccilicet, r-itioriili, 

43 49 

propoeuit ab aetferao ooiMuaicare eusa boait&t«» aodo speclali vel 

50 51 

eupemtturall, et ia tempore «tisa ©oaKUnicRvit aliis satea taatum 

52 65 

aodo commini et aaturall , ideo ' ui^ndo ue sp9ol2ditcr dicltur Deus 

64 65 S€ 57 

ips&o dlligere , quin aullaai cklina elo diliglt. Sapiontlna xi : 

Parcia otaaibu;: uoaifcia tui- tuat ^ omaif ^ Doaljac^ xd, faaac . aal K^rg. it 

quia naec diiectio oonnotat effectua j^r«tl&e vel >lorlne, -uee re- 

srobis non jjroponlt i:a_ oadera ch ■ etorao, »t rttaado'ue Deus cliouibue 

61 G^d 

cubtra.J.t, ideo Deue tales aon dicitur dili,7ere, ; ed odiase, 

tS 64 

Kolachiae 1 et hoBcaoB ix t S^m ocJLo ti. bu^ . bed dilcctio co ::minicy 

- 204 - 

-Uf'.e aot^t cffectusi boni aaburalig, noa h&bet oppoeltutn bonua, r.uia 

illuc bonua Liii^tibus ooaoiunicKil U2.atiui in &« est. Et tic tflcltur 

ee C7 €3 

i;a::iantlae xi : ^ lll;J.s oaois et nihil odistl eorua etc » Uad© 

p&tei cuare p^r se lo .ut>aco noii dobet eld Leue praescituu 

Tt>l pecc&torem. 

Dilecbio otl^;si Del reepcctusi rtaiools h&bet ad oi'd-^turam 

dileoi«ffi} et Ideo, ilcet In re una tjit, taaon rntionlbue re&pectuiun 

&C diverea ailtiplic&tur eecunduai rAtlonea, et ic poaitur eompar&tlo 

in i^Bfe. Han *?! tuiartur ©x p-irte Lei cillgoatlE, -ul tieualiter se 

iifibet «^d oBSilay nie aec^ualitej dilii;it oaaala, ut prtet per hoc quod 

71 72 75 

clcltur t^a plentliic vi : A ; g^u^Ilte^ c«$t llli cure 0!rjni">UE. scilicet, 

cure rovicenti&fe. i^icut nuten cidt DionysiuB 17 capitulo le Clvlg^ls 

74 75 

HoniinlbuB , divlnue «uaor ext&sia facit, uets -nonBtrent proridentiae 

7c 77 

Bupt.rioniR lid iaferiora < Obi aequeliL cura, Ibl eequelie dilectio. 

78 79 

Ratio autea Uiijus eet cuia oaniua est \mf coaBunl;^ rstlo, "ecuocua . 

quaa & C«o dlllguatur, uae eet cua .onltaB. / d vero ;.j:s".tur bocua- 39rs 

dua effcctaa oonnotatua, £ic a&gis dlligit ilia c,uibue ab tsetemo pro- 

po»ult i>lus .uae boait-tie coaiunlcare, «t coBounicat In terapore quaa 

■ uiuas ainus. Et ecuadum dlvarsitatem horua effectuuat, rolvuatur 

multee quaestla.ies de his co:ap&rQtloaii:>u& • 

Una e«t co.i. kmtlo cmgetorum »d i;oadnes. Et :.uentusj na 

done m-turtlla, i-lue dlligit angelos cuam bo'oiaes, tula hosK) a^.l auitug 

. 305 . 

85 84 85 

est t> & ulo -dquo &'> &n. cllfif ut dicit Psalaus • -«uantua vero «d 

doaa> gratifto, ut .^ub lllis ©tlac osr, i ehendaatur conn glorlfte, «at duplex 

eomoaratlo; uula eecunduu] donu i ex gr. tiik datum n&tur&« Jumaaeey plus 

36 97 

dlleadt ijouineau Hoc eni.-o est donu)i> do cuo JOHrmXe lii i £l c Deuff 

dllexlt jBunduffl i Glossy i id est, a- ui.uft i-.i : '., at f i liu a suua _ etg . 

Et in hoc aoe aa#;eLi£ pr^efert, Apoetolug Ad il ebrgeop 1 dioenisi Suy- 

90 ' 91 

cttaa « ajh^e^ og apargfaeadit « £«d secuadun; don?' pr'-ti/-*' par-.analls , vel 

«et eorapfcintio lecuatui r; tionea juetitlr-e cicli^ibutiva';; et, sic e« 

h«b«at ut iii7(c«dentl& et eycsse-'y veL ut uer-Udll;:^ i cuia ouldam horaines 

qaibued?'^: aar^^eLir runL u.>,riOies in piorij, »t jer c''ni:e' ueni in TP;tiB, 

«i e conver&o , et > uidr..?! gunt sur-reisici aagelis socuales; vel ect, o%^- 

: 'I .tlo «cundu.n (•ongnioitit.o ad i.TKtuila!!! c',->nu.u n-iturre, Et sic 

Chrietus .>oao et aeats 'Irgo , rsotsr ejus, iruat 'Uper ossnec ohoroB 

97 93 

ansftlorum « St Idco in ele nsturn haiHwraa est dilocta super otsttAe 



Alia eet coittpfiXBtio inter hoaiiries» soilittOty hotr.lniB 

praosciti exl^tentlfa in prsisBeati gratia, ad pr«iedestia«tur3 exictentaa 

in praecentl pcccn^o, Et ibi dicendaa eet < uod secuaduM effectusa, ut 

nunc, dili^lt plu8 pr^iesc tua taica; ed secuadu-n effcctun t-itpllciter, 

aelloreia / plus dlligit prjiftdoetiaa turn, • ni e&t consecutio gloriae 99rb 

per fintilea gratiais. 

Aapliue inter ursedeetinBtos eet «osspf ratio, ua 

- 306 - 

quaeritur >.a Deut plus fiiliftit pi-aedestinatura pert:efveri»nte'S ia in- 

iioceati' uar. ;X)enitentern, £t dicendun ert nod vol est co:upar&tio 

status ad statua sinipliclt&r, secundum solsia statuurn r-tionea;, ;uoriia 

teaen uter ue o&t effectue dilectioiiE diviftae; et sic plue dilirit 

ifiaoceati n, aia ille c t ciEiiior t-oi-tU£ iat^ntua uod non contin dt 

ad ioEUQ resurgcre, secundu i illud A-:os v : Doniui. Israeli i „ cceidit . 

105 "' i3e 

aon Rdjiciet ut resurpvt. Oncle cicit Au^stinus VIII Super 
107 103 109 

GeneKJin s Cui eine .,;.li cxperisento placet bonusi, it; ert , ut 

sntecusm boni fiTr.mis6ione;u sentitt, oligst tenere ne ammitt&t, juper omnes 

homines pr'^.edicandus» eet. Vel est co^oaretlo : tftuuta scc^jncui. r tionem 

110 111 

grsiti- ej et ic, ubi abundaat delictum , su pcTiibj ad .nt ^rr-'-tir^ , u&e 

«fct Dei grfituit-i voluntvis; ^ui-^ Tjsjorie greti&e est dftve gr&ti-,Bi contra 

merituiii mjh sine aerito; tt ^o plug diligit jocnitente-ji uaa i. mo cent em, 

et angcli conforirdores divLi&e voluntati lue (jeude-it super poeniteate::n, 

Luc^e yv . Vel est cor-: -.'iratio horu^ vt taum sccjndurs orninen oroviden- 

tlse diviate eov distribueaitcin. Et :ic ;.e iubfmt ut cxcedenti'ini fct 

exceesa. Cum eniia oanir. coo'^cre -.tur in b on uT. .dc cui cccuncua oropp ^itiia 

lit ^' " 117 

orfeedestinstionis voctiti suat t:&ncti. eti-ic Dr;ccf!t& , ut dlcit GIqeec , 

BCilicet, cum 'jrovidentir, ideo pcrnilttat c&dero, ut reeurget Jiumilior 

et genr ntior et cautior, t-ixli.s poenitens r.ellor ert ct asgif i'co 

dilectuf ; u, a innoceas, ui confidonf s> ianocentii. , coniidit i a t-erbjs 

- RD7 - 

ut gjcit Jfcregilos . hetaisJBUB «et in opt^rl^ju» c.-:rit tis. Super illo 

enln / vcr' o, ciclt HiersaymiF cuod Iobo utitur contra vlrginec. 33va 

i>t sic Itarua c© ostensioae ti»a illufctriG «Irficull .rovidentifi© divinae, 

aojus ©si gu&diua aiigelorum ' w.m de ttvdCo jurto Jurtltle© innocontlae. 

£t ale cXiionit Beds Jjoc erHum, et «it ex^niplum cjuc ruod dux belli 

plUB dlllgit illu... jailitea quo port fugrim, con^'orpUB fortifer, 'lortcm 

proait, ■ uas ouai rul nuaoxi&ijs fugit, nee um-..uaa fortitf^r eglt, 


£1 autcra Innocenc, coasirior&ns circe re praerogntJ vaa 
gretiiie Del, totu fervors carltRtit' In Bcum fertur, ut -.v.tet in Johenne 

3«iptiptt; in RUBtcrlt' te vitae 8ui*e, illu;n Eeue pluf dili^it. Unde Ibidem 

dioit Bedai &unt jurti de r.uibu:^ tr^atuGi e.«t gaudlun ut eie nullua 

poenitene praeponi ^^oocit; cui est .-i noa sunt cnnjcli .r^-lom-s, t-'imen 

bono recipiurit, et i . laniou?: eu hu-siliant, 

Iteo eet cojaiR.ra'oio r-ecundu» riilcction*»» oua nog dilifrimuc 
ISl 152 1?5 

D«ua • Cua eola Ipse dlont Froverbioi-ua viii i £go cilligentee 

ae_diiijo, vicetur cuod pXuB dili.-entoe e plus dillfst. £od initantia 

videtur esse JoanniE ultiiao , ubi Petri recponeio so runei-tion^j 

Doaiini diceatiea ^ili;;ifc a t? jj hip a.i^7 prol?stur C-iristi tcetitaono 

1S7 IZd 

eubjuagentle, Pt<p<^e ove:^ ^mns » Et tumea subditur pcrum pojst : Con- 

vertimj ^etrue yjicilt ilium digciEmlu;^ m;^ djl i/eb-i.t Jeei»g t rcilicet, 

159 140 

non eolua sed «latonouifiEtice, ut dioit Glorira . Sed nd hoc dicendusa 

- 908 • 

est 'uod cun ilie, ^i plus Deu» dillgit im-er &r«edeBtln"tOK, jiujut ' vn = 

Csz*itJ!«tia eb eo rcepcrlt, illo ulu« <illigitur a Teo, t© Petro rutea 

et Joanne» t-u^e sit ln?«6r «job coaperatio post nlFslonem Splritus i ncti 

ignoraturj ;uia ia ilia vislbili ai-»ione increatoe c^ritatis, iksrlptura 

14S 144 

int'jr eos non diEtta^njit . iied j^tG hoc Ecriptura praedictj^ hebet locua , 

et potugt dici luod ;e habuerant sicut oxcedentia vt exceesa; ovlXu 

dileotlo cnia nor dilitriaus / Deum .'el coneicerp.tu. tecunt^tim effootu't 99vb 

operua; ct ic Joannes excecfiit Petrua in virginitfite, et iin- ts benig- 

nittte, et in derotione ceritatis circa Chrietun in sa. Et propter prinaia 

147 143 

horua dlcit <^l.'ine8 ©na iaagis fuisse Chrlsto cilftctam; Au;UBtinu« 

149 ^ 163 

autttm propter tertiuaj ot CaryeOBtiswie ^rooter sacundua. Vel eecun- 

d'oa ipeam carlt'itefn uae eet for«ft o -eijinj et e converso P'strus 

exe«aelt Joannoa, at cicit ^utuetinus ^per J oema«w> • Et iurobntur oc 

ex selo Petri c;.i* prae 'ani-a;- reEi>ondlt pracconiusi Cr-rieti contrfi er- 

rentes In fice, "t dixit: ij es G nri Uut. etp » ; M&ttMoei svi : et 

cua undis marl; ut r,a Ciiristuci veiAi«c t cou-icyiw eueue fuit y fjt 

cja «ratea voluntptea iiebuit .oou&i in c&rcer^i et in oortea ire s 

et oua «>ltt8 &rat:X,ua i^aiitltudinea invasit, et absoidit servL auriculan • 

Unde petet <-uod cuentuji Hd donua virginltetic;» > t in&ncuetudinie et 

derotionis, Joannes oAgis fuit Chrlsto diioctuc; et .uantua ad donua 

perfectiottls in vit.-. contem; 1^ tiva, '.uae 6d cevotioneao pertinet, Sed 

quantuffl sd d;mua ceritotiu fervidee, per «elun sd Chrif tura in :« et in 

- J509 - 

suit z mbrtc, mngit dilexlt PetrujR ; et cuentun ad «.rfectlon*» 

▼it&e actlv&e, ad c.u«a ?elue C6.rlt*=tlE inflfia^&t, recundua lllud 

1S9 160 

fea^ I iMlvL$ tiogjU.s t upe poiiedit a^ • 

Et non olu-i! in cffecttiuiB, rod etien in siimis dileo- 

tiOfiiB, ii^.bucrunt re ut excedenti» et esccecea. Cua enlia Incorruj tio 

1^2 les 

p, r o y j. |aii!a ffi^lTit peo , eppQ , ul ' Icitur Se pi en tie , et fflp-n euetudine 

lf4 les 

ru'-ciT:;l;;tur I nei tua verbuip^ ut dicitur Jp-cobJ. i , et cevotione 

tr«hetur post ssponfua in. ocore unguaatoi-u m e.lue . ut cicitur Cfe ftticox-uf} 

lee ~ " 1£7 

i , r;c sigfliliciaidua uod in his effectibus plui:; dilcctus fuRrit 

Jonanes, gijuuia dilcctioalc corifiMii/s tyhitwit / ei Christuf., rcilicet, L:X)r» 


opeoielis fnaili.'.ritfiti.-:, .uiji aujt; u iu ax oil uo tocroto :-uo eua er- 

ie9 170 

clueit, et «i tolntu pioaitoreis o.tftndit , et mp^r pe-etuc ejus in 

171 172 

coent rt'cubuit , et t-ucj loco tui laetil "n filiun :^u'^ftituit , et sic 

175 174 

e\m voluit eua wmnere conec venifcas eua ..c t i'jiuliior vocf^ret 

£t &ic ei^us dilectioni^ vocetur dileetio, ^ic ?b hoc fsigno vocatus 

est Joexinee dieclpulue uea cij.lgebat Jegue , cuia fclltor noc eliis 

non innotuit, Cua uuie-Q f' ::vid& caritJij: , eri'ecte amicura Dei constituat, 

qui i^icusy ut dicit i'hilosopbue , est filter ipse, et facit coaosmiA 

177 17a 

c,ue© etmt emicorjm, Ideo in eignum hujuB doni Chiirtus Petro suun 

179 lao 

aoaen tribuit , id cc-t, Petrus a potra, ©t loco sul funds^-aentua 

131 13E 

fidei, et c?unit fideliu» oua cubstituit . Piopter cuod Dionysiue 

IV c' pitulo i'e Livini;^' !<>.ibug vocst ejm pun an et porfectisei- 

184 13& 136 

naiD theologoirur. Mui.nitf:t«n • Inauicr, oua or»e osnibus renrie 

- 510 - 

fld«111ia« saper oaartin bona euf> conetltuit , f ccleelara ubo p»8tox-all 


curr.e eiedendOy ot regnum coeleste suse potcsttitls clavibus comoittendo , 

Cum rutea teas Chrl; tua pro nobir trsdiderlt in pretiua, 
dubitant alii'ui r^n plur; dlloxsrit ".; tur.-.a hulc ;>retio cofapsratea cuaa 

ipsum pretlua» ted haec dubitJJtio locua iv.berei., si hoc tradltione 

pretiua cooeumptuai, vel diaiautua fulEsct, vel nh emptor© elisnatoa ; 

190 191 192 195 

quoras .-unil fuit hie . Unde cum f,ratiu uai.onis excedt;t 

134 195 

omaia dona ere?.'turis coiaaunicate , patet uod Dcue huioRiiam n.^tur?im 

Chridi diligit &xpr,r oaaee ciofcturts. Et "aia fisjicitls addit -uncr 

dilectioaea autuam rel&Lionea aaori; , fundatena / euper coaUBunicf.tioncn lOOrb 

in Man vita, et co.^aialcation<«rt cum teo in vits aon hftbeeat, nlei rul 

ssunt in ertitife, j,w?tot c.uod, Ileet Deus dllig&t Oinnea creninrt-A, 

taaen oalcitiji» ao« hsljet aiei «d fttactoe, tecundiis illuc Joannie : 

jBffl aon dico?. ros ecrvo s yed aaiicog . fct hoc est €5? eel leas tionor 

193 ^^00 ;.:oi 

eenctorua, de ruo i^sa^lja^ . ^ « »ihi p.utea , nlair; l' io aor > :iti /u nt 

205 Jc04 

Et quia istt ftinlci ot' ue vita, .uper quaa ^aicltia 
fvmdrtur , 5uat irorlpta in libro vitee, Ideo prremiesis anneeteadae 

est tractct'JB d& hoc libra x'itrie , Ot oute-u r^tio n):^lni8 5ci-*:tur, 

.:07 ^Jd ^03 „10 

ecitmdatr. eet cuod non denojcinetur hie li'-or a vita atturao, 

<;X1 >clS^ «lIS 

culfe tune riT'n apeoialiter tes* t reepcctu iiitlonslie n«turae , 

i.14 ;:is> eie ai7 

cua omni;: La Deo wUnt vit£ , et omair» in ioso aoveontur et 
vivant ; et sic nee dlcitur e vitt floriF.e, uia, Apoet^ ly pjB.l p 

- sn - 

>r , dioitui tile iV-:er esee .'eeuacium ueai judioebl^iUr ^eouacuB o «ra 
aoj;tr;>, Uadc ii^ec arsn ctt conti'ientla jiriieojii, nisi jiiout lllud oPt 
^a tuft c- use» iaeritoric, Et rx hoc etisjs u? tet uod non dlcitur a vita 

afetur^e, uie f^ecundun ill*» non fcsei Juclcium; ©t eU«^m coia eit 

-i^ i.iJ4 ai& . k;6 

lif" » i.:i j».. iegit t'euB , opoftet uod ibi fccripte sint illorum 

notaina -ui Leo vivunt. it hoc non convenlt ffi&Ilr (ui t;>ntuia 

vivunt vita acturno. Unr.e ureroriuc didt iuod li^er vitae nihil 

fiiiuc est • Ufjffl judicie, tc ceaoniia; tar s • itt opci-uxa ..■.^:ri toriortt-n 

in gratia, 

Lioej' ert:o coatinsat rori, turrm huju? vit£e vol sujaitur 

»d litteraa; 6t ic dicitur Eccl eg iastici xxlv : / Haec onanir , lib o r lOOvt 

vitfao ; Cl oesjB. s hie liVtr ert vetus et novua teetGoentaas, sel- 

licot, c.uiE iactruit viUiia; vel dlcitur t ecandua ;;i.licgOiiaLi. ^t 

hoc du, liciter, quie vel st liber In uo egt vits rrati/;.e es- 

IcM ; 59 

seatiftlittT, et ccuBtlitute oeritorua , et exen;piiE opr.rua. IX 

sic Chrirtus hoao ect Ilber vitfie, sccuacua illud Ar o<;aly;>^ig xx t 

A]li us Ijo er s.p':r tuc «gt cyti cgt vituc- i Gloc ^a t ic eet, Christus, :.ui 

tunc oamibu;;. eypsrecit. t^^alamp : Xa li rj tuo ot\ne^ ; criber .)»ur. 

Vel continet Mac vitaa ttatua inteHectaaiiter, per siallitucineas 

preescientire; et .Ic liber vitee oet r? escientie Dei, -uae ftillx aon 

244 ' :i46 £46 

potctt, u;- clclt Au,'iie(-inuE XV ciipitulo XX libri X^n. Civit&tje 

L47 AS Z4B 

t'&i . cit &ic do liLro vit^o ost noeter hie e:«r!K}. lit pet«t 

- 512 - 

ZtO 251 

uuoc eic «»t «ssentin divia&, ub ; ..fcciiai raiLanB «ignifictite. 

?ropttir 'uod eti,-. .^ ua .> nis ^.ttrlbuuntui a. r-c-nt! c divln-^e -j't nuic 

llbro coav&niunt, 

Aliter i'.utws. a paaemiuei^ iiociis dicltur Iih«r vltae non 

ircnsXtlve; ecilicet, ui ootine&t iciiptura::i vitfie; rod iatrjineitive, 

Lcilicet, iibor ; ui ott vlU', Ix &lc *«u<ustinus XIV caoitulo ^iX 

iitifrl pe Clyitate 0e^ tracteas illud Apocalypgla rx ( ftllua 

57 ;;S3 

Xlbgr spcrtijs ■ gj^tf, . .a , !. j:i;.l vij^uc. oicit eic: Liner Llla .uced&m 

,-S3 .;< 

vis civiao cat itttelligt>no& > ^aa fiet ut oui ue o.->«r« sue ix}tif~ 

Tci muia *:; .AK^^ix.. refii'ocentur, u&e aialrum noaen lifcrl eceepit» la 

«« «^l:>po uocf. simodo legitur cuodp e^i faolantef recolltxu'. bed cua, 

eecuacui'i iMnc vuetoritatfta, it; ia iioc Lioro Iferaiur ^oie oicut vitn, 

aon ciciiur libw vitae propter eoal^^tu^ ia LibiO, ced propter c:»»- 

tinens , -uoc cet wctisntia divinti, ouae fsst vita» 

Cua ia ^reshfcidU^ auetoritnte «ULcit Augurtinus librura 

▼Itae «ees ^rct^&tcieatirim I>&i^ dicit hoc ii tioao tr aeuAj tioaie 

nomini^ libri taatua. Uade clcut detursu.n<i^io viia« bckiitur llbio, 

cum dicitux' lir^er vlt^^*» its intelli|;:cflda aet scdl pr^i^KcitatiaOy ut 

dle&tur -uod pr;<cseienti(i, vit? c est lirjer vita* ; vt noa ur/iesdoatl» 

la cai luiiiw ::^e &uu UiS^jtiiy / uic uic est cie bmic et i..all^ iuturia» l(»rb 

Potent tfiffica icera x rntXano llbrl scciplf quia praoscicatla lit>€fr 

- 515 - 

▼oeatur psr slailitudinem; slcut fsaiui liber Ed^tie «mriira continet ti»;© 

in i 'po le^mtur, rlc el' ' -jr of:cl«.'^tl> D«l coatlnet sliailltudlneffl 

futuroram. It Idea tlli> -uee sxiaillt-idLnem iceftlca aon liiabeat la 

.^71 :.7< ..73 

ttiO , ut aala , non Punt in pr«escientia t«i ut in libro, .ed 

tani-u;i .'oac, t-t ■■•ain nan aicivUr pr:.t;j:;ientia I»;-! ii n-r rtvSi>ectu OTiniun 

d74 ^75 

bonomtSy iceo f^d aonen llher »dditur vita, ut cMiEAie ^it uoc 

p^&eecienti^ L-el, in. Uimttsci ^tf;s grstife per slisilitudlnen ideslaa 

in ir« hRbet (:><?. tjcript em , est liber rltnc. 

Ex boc Bccjultur uoc non dieiuir li er vil6e res.^jctu 

tei, :Uie D«is iiui ii; out iaoecientira» Lt el objlcitur 

k^ ~^~ 

uod su cr illud fgBl»4 « i;<» .I|S ..ntur c!e Tibyo y lvptitlura . dldt 

Glosea ',uod liber vlYcntiMB e-et l*td natitifc, at LUj. cetoct objrotio 

de preoecientia, iv.ti><m<iettcuai ej>t uoc C^tocsa loquitur de U?I1 notitla 

238 ;i3S 

'•■UR© li^'!*'!- ^I'Viftn '■*--■ t-irf^r i>ot.-.r;t es» hoc , ; uod i'-'i cohtinetur j>>s 

noto per gioilitucilneffi] tanUim» Deuti aute;'^ seipsuia non coj-noiicit per 

Conticerf-ncua uo«-ue cat uoci cia prreeclunli^, 'une 
fall! aon potest, it vlttie, ut cicit Auruetinue , oportct cuod 
i^ i,.j ti^ .ioa uaiv©rB«li^, ed ceteneinrits fclonti ^-vltomm, Detcrioi- 
ae^tio ill» est c^cuoduri dietlnc'viontiia opcreatium, ui<i f^ocundua iil08» 

op&rfc dlstinguatur aucnix): t iceo 0;)ort»t Ivmc "Inru» continerc* 

239 -30 

ctiesj ioBoa uoru<2 e. t vita; If j4ao iv : Orijac;:, uj. rprip ^ t».^ 

ri^ t in yitf in JtJXU&Blt?.g ; at noa liulot, clout nee »■'!£ cantinet. 

- SL4 > 

^2 iBZ 

&ipar lllud t&aea }mc!\ ^ x : -.) .uia aoalnsi vest m etc. , 


dicit g|.Q;«tsa t si ui« ootl«ctlu :;i'. e tfjxr»- £ Lris o^^r» gosiiorit, 

per hooj -^Uiioi littorls «anot.-tua, apud Doi / .tosnriais aetemali.t«r lOXi-a 

est &' flxus* Q&d ibl ooeleetis et terr^jfctrlf» o er;^ non vocsntux* o era 

platlvaa • 

CuTi. ue llbrr e^ide-^ flsjaa oontlncut u-r -vijirjt I voo« 

poaumtf ut dicit Fhilosophiis . Saa sciael emsoun -«aiet irrevo<Kibilc 

;^9 800 201 

verbii» , . cri:.'ta ..«ri.'etueatur, I afl ^ ^^y y ,ffi>r^|f ^ adv : Flacult 

i'-J . . 


uC eil fid :.e:ac>r ia i3. It icieo ilii jjoli dlcuatur roprie scripti etse 

ia libit) vitf»e, uofUQ stabilii; vit; cecuacitui f {^atiea eot ia 

ijrfcescieatici Dei, Et idoo ivu^.er iiiud tJOBaao ji ix t p_t_ o. t or^duR ^ 

SOS 306 ' 

diyiti&|S glorii^e sutte» dioit G ^ oai P j ^ :Uod illi , uibus df.t* est 

gr&tia tasui» ia u@asi, at «kiul ««t Jude;:, ^jeounduia Juttitlriu cui 

503 309 

dos<;2viunt » dicitatur licribi in lioro vit*i«ti od JuxUi praescien- 

310 511 

ti a nuaquiua ibi ? OJipti fuorant. IX sic eti&a BUi>c-r IHuc ? , e''-lr3i 5 

Sl»i S15 'S14 SIS 

Del^entur p,^ lil^ro vivait^uia. ciicdt .^2jg»g£|^ i {joc noa acci- 

SXe 517 518 

pi«!i&i& est do iilis :ui ibl ucripti jfUcrani, tc^ de illle 

319 ZZi 

c^uiy securuAim speia eufisif ^^e iusoLiptos putunt» Onde ;>&tet uod 

eic do illo libro nibll est (.dXibile* Quod \,vmM slictii ibi 

- 51b - 

scrinti stnt, li tfjita-a nco«perMnt grriti'-a It usua nd Le:ij.ai0, st 

noa •«. t-rvcaioncu ., .,0 jxaoniua, j.robat praedicti: Glossii Tfoaa^m Ist, 

per i»c <.ui>d tiUida-i 0: illiSf toilbuc Dojaimir disit, lAtcae x , Hosln^^T 

vestTH ecrlpta «unl in coellr* «bierunt retro ut dlcltur is&mis. vi 

S«c t-unc consicerantlaM ©rt ",uo<^ pr:;ecclentiR vlt«« 

duo coaplc^titur. Un'Ja cet ipsa vlte fortar-lir, secutuiyus ruan ee- 

StO S31 

seatiem • ^uac vita est ^yatia vel opere iacritoria, et hfiec vita 

8«Bp«r o&aet / ecriptfc la notitis Dei. Ft idea respectu ipsius, achuc lOlrb 

praescieatit Dropiie liber dicitur, CcoincuM oct haoc OBd^^ Tit?i, 

noa fioluE i Ji v liter, red eti^a &ffective dicta; id est, eeoijidun 

Mtiod borDlnea , cujus < ^t, jui/tificat» Et hoc ion sesipbr iaanet in 

Dai notitie, s&d rolu::: tuac unado et:l, ut i^upra dixiaaie t«uia noa 

?,S€ £S7 

sras:.<er f:oir« quidt uic civit . Si enia ipse cof9io:::ceret buac %'ivcre 

vita grati&e, post ueia ji'i eo oxcidit jxir ptJCCKtua, fclFua euotsset 

sufte :ci£sititte» ot r^LLleietu: Deut. I;t icao :t;{jpectAi huju&f pimeeciontia 

'el aotitia Ifei cicitur iibcr, teatu;^ ,.uuatuss ec partt>a ruiioals libri ; 

rcilicet, usntua cc i;)c uod eontin'.tur 11 rte-i' si mn^» et non u-ntua 

bc ot&bilitfittK;. 

Et t'-^aen pntf^t «??- aiprahabltis nofJ h^.ec imft€i''llitae 

tst. fj-; j^ci-bc cj aiti, '.V .uvLiuLoat- ,\cieati<'.,« itdj -. v icej Ui'-i^ siout 

541 54;; S45 . 

jslmts propria poesunt dici rwiptl In Hbro vltae , in ueatum vitis 

eorun ut auno ub r>et«mo ctt prfxoaciw, it& ucaco desinlt Eclentia 

- SIC - 

546 846 S47 M8 

Dei ojis© ce vitfc eoruri, ite quod non t^ctu vit^-jat vita 

gretiac, tunc <5icuntur delwi rie Ilbx-o «>dau , nulla Kjut&tionc facte 

in 11 -r', ped la eo ui Ky.cldlt a gr.ti,' . Ptsulaue i Celc&ntur ce 

libro vitf>e • J,t iniUraiuEj teua hoc i-unaittit, dioltux eos deXero, 

I;acod ^ >:x?dl : ui , ^gccirgerit ia ate ^ , de'^e o eua dg Libro a<o » Elcit 

ttm&n GIOKca hoaajy s Ix t.uoc tfeica socurKiafa prueaeotia juetiti&ia ibi 
364 565 5Se S57 S63 

cilpti eunt , ct Ju>tt Judicic dcieri videntur Juctitiaa , 

et Jiisrt»» rr.oeclaitlsa nua uaa ibl :-cripti fUcrant: icut e contra 

s^lisUley &cilicet , i; •^cuatlui.^tue» vidotur k'^L u^soribi cus ?.;ilu8 

er,fr>e oegialt, ',ui t?'^aeo r.eirandu3 .r: agci«itiaa nua.sUom cefiiit • 

t&t.. ^.-r-:^ dicit vide-fcii- dalcrl Intcllit'Oncui; cr^ ^, cw 4.»>- 


ictionu v&ra , < u»« oeaet .ublfitio ejus uod v^^crititttm ost, se^r^ndua 

2iutEitlonoffl fact/^a In libro, frills eniia dclatio non ort Ibi» aed vldetur 

ibi ©gse / propter isoc cuod, sait&ta relatioae .^^li^sAjus ad soieatiam lOlva 

dlviaasf «tiea de.'^init reticmie relatid siof.entiae divina« ed ipsum. 

SirailittJr «ti«a, ,}ii^ocet?<,iaai/u;j vid«tur ibi ndscrlbi c\jia jutitiTicatur 

non adsoi Iptlone, per cucsn aXic^uid de novo pon&tur in prue£cicnti& 

Lei r«&literf r nod prlu& non fUerlt ibl ; boo enis ncm oi^t verua; sed 

vid«tur propter novta re lej; rvT^iioneo ipelue uc iamc libruia, per 
S67 363 569 S70 

nssi rotionie r^l&tlo onitur in lir>ro • Kt tu^nc re&lan 

roX&tlonoift, vel €iju£ sfutationos;, vocet Glospa ;:,diroripti(Hiesi in 

libro ^ecumkua ja£tiii£us divlaass, iter suaa ille, cul est in (>;r8tl&» 

- 817 - 

37i: 87» 

digtnia eoi rlta aetoraa^ et deletionen ce Ilbro ceoundiua ^w idflm 

Justitiaffif per quam deolinsntos in obllgatlonfla adducet vomitaxa» 

376 £76 

cua opor&ntibu8 inicuitaiea» ut dieii Pea lmig . . Dnde «adea GLosaa 

377 ~' 273 

dldtt do ju^tilic^ Judiost& Dear, ma ce pracscioaila, :\)ia 

JttetltlB, non t^L prae8cl«»tlu» crusn cci u uc cJl :uls dst dlgous 

vitti. Praaceiemtlusi voi'o sualt Gloe^ Ilia : «Hsuadua cuam plenejo 

381 S8;i 

bxbdt rati<maa liber vlt&s* Et 8ic nihil ibi de novo se^lbitui-^ 

noc altnuid '^criptua deletur, 

SaS 594 

Ex hoc .jetat quid ast insilicltor in libro vitae 
soriptua «6«« » scilicet» ■iOQH in ^jz-i^eedentia Del ^secundua finalua 

^raii&a* Zte^ iiiid eftt vlderi ii>i .' ci-iptua naB9, aivt: esse «iO ibi 


Doriptua secun&m iq>«B put;r«; boc onla c't t>er erfeotua pr&eseatie 

gr&ti&e liantiro faia^ira csoajecturaa d« .im^scientia flaoli» grstiae, 
Itea uid est s«cunduja vuld, elvc t;eeuadUM ;jb t-fsi-Qn juctitiaa, eset 

soriptua; scilicetf esue in prroBCitiiix- i^i et;c'.Hiuu.;. r '1 : a qua 

«jccidot. Ita:a uid est videri ibi edscribi, ccllicet, ad attemuini 

scripturuBi cecuncum no-jum effecwa gr&tla» nova relatione roferri» 

vel praeaoientiiua te!n;X>ralis gratlae «d t>ffeotuia ^.rotaioi* Ittvr. uid 

eet i-sd© deleri, rcHlcet, propter essua a jrrati», aon hubore ia 

ju;:titit dtvlaa / neriUiB vitofi uoc ^liMz. ;^ ..ult; et ideo hoc ideiltuia lOlvb 

333 . 

aon eet aubeeee sdeatitie diTinae. Pntst «tlos ouod oihil ibi 

aerlbitur sub oooditionef uln onaiia relata ad Doi seieatitisi sunt 

prteecntia et r-beolute a veece^ii-» 

- 513 - 

Differt etl a iioei vltu*, ge«indum r-tionajj nofTiiniUB , 

£ :eientl»4 et '.r^epcienti , icut s-.inu» co raanp et meslo oooBune» 

Eiffert eti; v. u .rreder.tia xioac, ui;. est illiue slisplex prr,eBclentia 

cuJUB pr-eceatin' tio ect prscpt r-lio in yroposlto efficiendl. iUifus- 

SaS 534 596^ 536 

tinus t men TX llbro De Clvltatc tei , eyyoaeae illtd 

Apocaly- sir XX : ui non mnt scilr ti 1« llbro ritf e, rlssl iunt la 

~~~ 593 599 

stnfuuta I gni^ et ' ul;>>ajrl{: . dicit» non Deua liber ille cotameaorat, 

ae obllTrlone f«ll/itur, red pr «coEti-iatioaea» eorum si^ificjit uibue 

aetcme diibitur vita , i>ed ipr^e pr^edertionEtionem ibi nirnlt non 

proprie, ^eo pro pr^ cEcicnti eju;: cujur «st praeticr^tinttlo, Undc in- 

401 40i2 

aedif te sabdlt t a^ ue vni.:.. eon non noecit Eeus, et In hoc libro 

405 404 

legit ut £citit, . ed :^otluc i sn prsrrcientl» ejus de illis, uae 

fblli non potett, lir/«3r viti;0 «;6t, ^> eacleu i;uocue auctorit^.te 

A poc6j.y,.si , b f LUbe Jms dicti. ect, pc^tot intellectus illius uod dicitur 

406 407 403 
ibldea , : cilicet , j udjLo s ti sunt aortui <;> his Ujie &crir)t" 

ertmt 1ji Xibrit? » ; cilicet, contcieati; ruffl, et in libro vitae ; ui», 

sieut DeuK mulusi •ton coj^nnoEcit, nisi per cofectum b r-ua bonitite, Ita 

licet liber vitae non cantiaeat pccctta, tiiaaen, in .urntaa en, de 

cuibuc hoTiiaem Mccie't liber conycifntiae, non conveniunt cttib llbro 

vitee, sic scluntur diija« Oijse iiorte* 

Cieunt taiaen uidam nod liber ▼itee ost prsoscisitia 

▼ItAe r>atoaomactice dict»«y '':U^e est vite glori^e* Et sic id«si est 

- ?19 - 

ccrlvtua esfce in llbro vit'^e et in coelltj. t-ed diets f:anotorua non 

CTneordant :!t tote, «i ,? tlue volunt llbniffl vltne eess / prse&clen- 102r6 

ti.:. ;i.<..i.iti il'lu. vlt?^o bonta.,, :.t, ic diffoi-unt . crl^;i'j:i. i;i-^; xa 

libit» vitiC, f«t crlptuffi ec-sti in coelle, • uia, sieut ri?cedenti?» p 

Deo in tcrrc Kcribeatur, uci hoc uod tr.bcrnacul/- eorua ?. .xo genie 

et iXQt; iinl e. yoc v ..r-^nt go -ig;- , Uf. in terrr. , sic ;.ccet2entes ad Ceum 

«cribuntui In eo^do ^j- r praepauttioae-a satasioniE <»elestii;, - ioui 

41S 414 

cicltur ^o\r . :i x,h xiv : In doao ?&trlg mejL , n <«l alor^■^p !mi , Lt-.e .-.aak» 

Once prfctcieatia pjrriesdl : ro jortionxtl acrivO ost conscriptlo ia 

coe Is; : od praeecienti' ."a^riiti, la usatua est ip^a c?;uii!s prse'sii, 
CDt liber vit-.e. 

Et -ictut lier Tlteic iiabsst < crlptnrea ^eouadua iirai»- 

4 ft 

8ent«''S /urtiti , .1 ecundum ;-*it-Tn-' ■■: vr- «r cienti'-n, it?, etlr- 5.?i 

coeio ciicunlur *ii jji «^criuti reouicur^. pt':f»itixm, uod dcbetur eie i;&- 


cuacuja pri«c.eeitt!js justltifia » ut illi ai abiei"unt retro, cs illis 


de '.^uiijuy cixforat i».-siaus, Lucog % i H o^inr. vectrb .crlp tu v ^x nt in 

00#liB « Alii . unt ibl eri'''ti seouncusi prti^omiun ^iraep&rrtna in Doi 

prsedestiafctione, ut, 11' I d« uibut, I lebr seoe xll : cGleai oia > T i- 

4*.'0 4;.a 

aitivorua ul co nbCri^Dtl s^PA Al P^ji^j^j^* G ]Lo£.a : id est, scrip ti 

suai C'Ja €>if, '?t In orcmc- eoniru, ,ui unt in cocli • Dicit etiiui uoc '. , xBjixi HOC cicit, .it olia cicebentur j.fitreB conecripti, 

scilicet, illi ;Uorua noiBin^t i o rr-tor habuit cripta in c:>i-cm6 out. 

Et hujus distinctioaie r&tio eet uiu «r- ©niua, Ive m£«itio coeloatie. 

- 8iS3 - 

praeparatc est r.b fcetemo, eeoi.idufl illud Jocjmia xiv : I n doao 


P atric ae i .u tmfcionc jv /tult&o &uat. AujiUStiauB ia Le Fraede stia&ti oae 

4k;5 '" ~ "" 

elicit : et tcrjoji <- r mr-ritum, '-UOr! potfist esse r.ino pereeyverejiti'. , 

praepai-atui' in t.%5..iijOi e, bxcut ioideiu cubditurs It ai ;..>i ero et ;)rae - 

427 4^:3"' 

p^ravero voMs locu .: e::.c. Unde /iu^:usti'iUE ibide/i distintnit 

duplice/a praep&ratioaax, rcilicou, praeparationoni / In prsedeetinatione, 10;drb 

et in oijcr tionc, queia dicit esse fidea. 

It cuamvie vita gratise iipirltui Spjicto & oro-^ri^tji-, 
4i:9 ' ■ 

Jo&nnig vi : bpiyitus est :ui vivi f ici-i, . o ,,;i;,i, vi or vii^j.t:, ui ed 

BCientiiun portinet, ' uia est praescientia vit&e, e /nropiij.tur Verbo uod 

450 ' 431 

est Dei enpienti > ut dicitur I Cor|.flt hiO£ i . Unop cicitur In ^cRliap : 

la cs :ite li.>ri ; Clocse : in P.?.tre, ul est caput raeuir. ui urn liuer; 

cui?. dlcitur I Goriat^tiog xi : Caput ^ ha-Jstj X/SUK} cciijtufa est de ae , 

id eat praefinitua. Hec t; :awn diceadufTi est hoc est^e propriurt J-'ilii, ficut 

aec pii escie-itin aec cffectuc vit-:.e eont ei proprie, red coiiuauais aint toti 

Trinlt/ ti. it ideo no.aea libro non trtsnefertur in lean secundura suum 

fitri; u; litei ..'St '.b elio ; cilptuf:, .ui; tunc isioortai-et esse s.b alio, 

et Qon ijsse uid absolute dictua, .ed i^elrtivej sed eecunduiu uua ef-se; 

rualiter est continentia i.licujus scientir.e per suf. signs» 

ht ■ u*ijnviE idea hujus iii^ri un»; tit ct si.nplcat » unmen diverslo 

retiontbus reft.rtur ad rit.-.ia divorsoruni, et per banc relationom 

- 521 - 


tit U2kicui< ue propricy it:i nod -ton coafut^e , t;«d dltstincte rsluccat 

453 440 

ibl lerita rl -! ulorutn. Et propter dlvf rpiti^teE ittei-un rotionum, 

siouC in plur&Ii lde?& dicimub esec in Deo» Ic etinta . oriptuxaQ 

44k: 445 

poetuaue dicere er-se in hoc libro» Hoc colus Deus Ibl legit» 

444 445 

eed etlsm ouajes bcfti ibl iegunt xaiiones su«e olectionis, ^uae 

i-jodo iLitent vidonco l^n Ma, ficuti eet t«l pr.^escientiaas. -ulo eet 

eaia joc ibi necciant ubi scioitea oamie eciu-it, ut dicit Grefiorlus 

44i 449 

in lij- lOKJi ^- • Mill voro ui lalientur ne vicecnt gloriaai Del, ut 

4W .' 61 

dlcitux- I. jjlpe xatvl , socvindura lltteraa noa legent In preesrlentia 

t seentl&litcr dicta , rtm enuBalitor. Dicuntur eb AuBJutlno ibl 

4i-4 465 46i 

legere, ;ui ojus virtiitoia Iegunt tn pro -riio coasclsntlle . 


OorpoB doviptorom l^oolMlwitiooraflt Latinoru,m« ait,lo 
Vindobonoasls» Tlndobooao aiMd 0« aeraldi ldd6*1919 


Series aroeca. i-aria apid (kiraior et VIi^^ob 1666. 
1S2 Toloaos 

Patvologiae Otirsua Oooplotus» Aoc^iraat» J, ?• MiflMt 
Soriea LGtine» Paris smA QaxnlBS @t Ml^^ 1)}76* 
C£l Volumes 

QtUtTfatfai editions of cbe worKs cf AieKrujdcr of Halds^ 
St* Boa&veatare, and of etex IiOmb»rd« iul Qlevt'S A(^as, 
«X typogrfipble Col leg! 1 ;ieao1tl BoaaTeatiuras* 

Samsorlpts of the i^MHff^ iiiHt Itfflaf? (>^ Ulr.cb of difaAbourgi 

jI Dole Bibiiothe jtt« ikmlolpale 79 

j^ Louirala Bibllotheque Uhiveruitalre D 3S0 

St ^alnt Otaer l:ibliotbe(|ae ISO 

X i^ris BibIloth«q!ie Hotionale u ila. 15900 

X %>n» blbliothegue Vetic&lae i^tln 1211 

So ten and Critloal Appavatoa 


1 Oa^t librl seouxidi !< S2 

2 ^ailVB 33 

8 iatttlleotum S 94 
4 ptiioBm L 

OBnluB prlflut oeasa D 

• at. JoMO, Dam. Da Fide Or» 

thodoaa I,9j iO 94, 838 
7 ab alio in oausaxuio 
6 <^it latelligencli sarvet D 

9 MJL Bl^lfioat B 

10 potentlalltar L 

11 retltmos Op 36 

15 ex Sf 
19 Uber da Oaiiais. V| «d. 37 

Bardeobawov, p. 168-169 

All references to t Is work ^ 

«ill be to Bardenhewer *s 39 

editiont "Die p^eudo-Arlsto- 40 

tellBohs .iohrlft aeber am 41 

jrelue Jute, bekarmt ontev 42 

dam nor^n *Llbe* da CaaQle*" 43 

Frelbur^ira-BreiegBU, 1^62 44 

14 L hos p nd th an op@n a «rit- 
^n superacript» j^lma? 

Ifi Ossit &amiuuam ratloaei:*** 45 

Toltmtas 45 

16 <^it 47 

17 aattiram 46 

16 ^il^ aticm LOT 49 

19 iiaU ^ 60 

£0 M^ 8« T 51 

21 aftta fieri D 52 

22 tantom 53 

28 la ordina D 54 

24 ad aliitd all ^u id hu.]usmodl OPI.55 

25 Af^d aaonndtun 1 55 
24 j^d baee «at ratio ? 57 
27 «eparatloaae L 58 

26 Ofait L 59 

29 asae T> 

SO SH^ ^ 60 

31 quod T &1 

Oniit Ot)?f 


iiriut. JialAfiiUL* XI I,9|( 1074b IS) 

Tho soriba aonatioas rafara 

to tbo books of the 'leta^j^ysioa 

la a west that iiidioatoa that he 

did not ooasidor "little alpha** 

a» JSn* II. The present thesis 

work «ill oonaider this as Bk« 

IX, sad will number the r>tber 

books aAoordliit!,ly« 

babat L 

Psdt oam 9onstet«*»ii3^-igno ? 

Arist. Je ijaiitaa 111,6 & 6| (430a 20j 

4»lb 25) 

intelli^-ere seouadom rhilosoj^m L 

id est TD 

t^it ot 8UlU3««*8lia 

Otoit et illud iateliigibile D 

oxjortorot P 

edaoat Lf eduait 

at. Aij^. 99 }^m ^t^ \MU -"^"t 

16,38$ PL 34,467 [CdP'L ::6, seo. 

ill, part 2, p» 402) 

^i»t« De Anl-af. 111,6 (4S0a 17-:0) 

Qnit sed babot...cieiioreB se "D 

Add aiai J 

oonaatirali sibi 

OGi|J,t qaaliter... mobile 

objeotam por se S 

Add se P 

Otait L 

Qait P 

quidtta Y 

Acid quia L 

ipee ov 

meliorom Intellootam 

fleouadiuB aotam uniatur late 111^1* 

bill I) 

i\xiaU Of Anifi^ 111,7 (4Sla) 

pfSH^it qala ouau*.a se L 



6Z 82l8tente tX)u>? 

63 Osmla OOV 
6t obsoufa Q 

66 qaaataa Qp 

67 Omit D 
6(j motua 

69 ips9 D 

70 Oijoo 

71 Ml i^ ^f 

72 earn S 
7S Ipse D 

74 (piideffl in 8« D 

75 MA P«' <^ 

76 eanden 

77 foraias OST 
76 lanantam L 

79 ««Ipsss D 

80 Cteit LJ^ 
61 alias 

88 sMoadwD 
as soisatiam LT 

64 8lo op 

m s^^ ^ 

86 Ml ita 

07 Ita i' 

86 lax baeo 0^ 

69 oaiiaata Ilia 

90 ex Op 

91 oi-eratlo sua 

92 oom LDl 

9i Ml lice^ V 

94 Ml e^^an D 

9ft qftiae sont veX fUorlat ? 

96 asteria D 

97 j££&* ifS 

98 ocvjaoaoit L ; A\dd et P 

99 at 

100 Ml «A V 

101 A»lBt. i26-AjaJm 1.5 l4Ua 5) 

102 f iaat LD 
108 Hon Invenl 
104 in eo vult L 
lOt non vult in eo D 

106 Ml <^<^^ tcracn non eat veram 
at petobit ? 

107 pertiolpatloneo 

106 aipvopr lattur L 

109 qpit L 

110 OttAt D 

111 poteiitialiter i:* 

112 poasib inter p 
lis Ml pos.ibilla P 
114 oomprehendentem OF 

116 Dlonyslo» Ce My. Rom. VIl»Uj 
PG 3,Q70 (UiOBjrsir.ea, p. 400) 
trirl^h qiotes Dioajsi a la the 
traoeiatlon of John Joraain. Henoe 
refereaoes will also be ijiTon to 
"Dtonysiaoo—Heoaeil uonn^jit ^'au- 
seaible des »iYragea attribaeB an 
SttijTs de 1* ureopa^'ei Qesolee, 1937 
If the vefereaoe is <mlj a general 
cmo, vfith no <|eiotetion, refetenoe 
«111 be to I'd Z only. 

116 essentian LST 

117 alia 

lli> Diot^sias, Ibid. (Dlonyaiaoat. 401) 

119 Ml q od L 

120 sit materia LDDT 

121 pvoprletas 

122 Ml aatura D 

123 QbH. VD 

ir4 porfectibiliB P 

126 clt CD 

126 quia eniffl L 

127 Aliet. De /^Jma 111,10 (433a 9-21) 
126 Ml etiaa D 

129 apx>etitam ejus D 

130 et D 
ISl a i vino 
132 Qnlfc 

138 Arist. a« ^»*m« zix,6 (430a U) 

134 Dionysjus De DJT. Ijop. VII,2j i'G 3, 
(167 (Dicmyslaea n. 393) 

135 Omit D 

136 rations D% oait L 

137 St. Aug. Be Trinxtate VI, 10. U| 
PL 42, 931 

U(^ .&BLL ''t sine* ..nihil UV 

140 SS3^ ^1« S 

M^ i£^* ^txxil,9 

U2 ^iflj^ xTi, 12 


145« aiiierunt la Deo ODVp 

U4* propter T 

14^* oeaaur^ efflcioutem L 

146« ( ^^ I 

oiv.ftKa IX 

1 i^ traotatus P 

2 Dlc^yeias .ve ^iv. Horn. VII, 2 ; 
!Q 3, fc70 

5 AVorroes In Da Anlma III, t.c* 
to (Vol VI, iJiv-lBS r) 

4 Raforeaoas to worroas wlii bo 
f jr OS ** Avar role . . • In oames 1 1- 
bfos irist toils. Veaetiis apjid 
Imtoa 1^62-1174 

4 operatlone V 

6 Oalt P 

6 ^od LOV 

7 i^ slo I. 

8 dicltar h 


XO 3t« Joaa» DaT., IJe Fide 'rtho- 

do:tA il, 22j ^0 94, 942 

XI Dentiexido L 


13 <3^'AS C 

X4 fli -t o 

16 ^i-iia D 

17 QF i| i^ ,t slo e ilts.,,rolRis L 
16 in rebus ooiibiotit LOV 

iS Q-^Jt^ la rottis,..! -te.lootaa 

20« Inqaaattim D 

£X A»i«t. L^etft YI.4 (X0£7b 26J 

22 r^it 

23 Caq it ixt llloalaatioaea D 

24 I>loa r,i 6, De Gael, Ki,r. VII, 
PO S, 2J6 

2£ ^filil wrltas ? 

24 iiiUL.l, 51 

27 Ofi^t etc; ^uu ocrtiiB s li UJV 

26 "te^t P 

29 aaiffle L 

30 .tdd In.iUGatam eat oeafi et V 
3X et 

32 Ctait a raonte L 

33 Dlonysios Oe Oln No.-n« VII, 2; 
la 5» 667 (Dioxvyaiaoa p«S92) 

34 ^dd in nobis (TO 

9 dt* iug. Oo Jrlnitate XIY, 6,11, 
i-L 42, 1044 

36 Aflet. -tLlj. X,7 (1177a 24) 

37 DloiV3iJS >! uiT. Horn. ¥11,1; 
iG 3, Q66i.co7 

38 arUt. iiaiae^ I,i-2 If. (9e2a) 

40 j^BliUt "^v^ slat aeporatae 

41 pevfeotlorea L 

42 jlAA WoRBt, onom, verua 
48 2ai|^ rvl, r.6-27 

44 aiAaaa ioxbordi in Vxiist» ad Far. 
XVl, 26-27; .L 1^1, 1532 

45 8 pie atom Doas D 

46 i^^t sloat«,,potentoro 

«7 ;iotad in AJflst. :.Q^a:;^i7 . 1,2 
(ab2b 71) 

48 .iflst. 1 iJ . 

49 ibl i* 

fiO ATiat. Meta;>bj. 11,2 (983a 7-10) 
5X Add almpiijitor 
52 '>.it 0, i>roprlo aloltar D 
S7 Deaa .nexioia LV 
64 Uor^oe TrlaffiOgiatli» De Oaatl- 
mttpqf A4fiae (Fer etioa. Vol 
IV »* 296" 

56 iiij.jti. i^jfefljjfey» I»l (38la i4-i*eib XO) 
66. et 9 

57 qiod LOV 
^8 ^oq Xi, i, 1 

^9 i^t ad.«»artaa 

60 . oXom diota OD 

6X .^i«L^ 

62 Uionyslua De iJiv« >'oa. VII, 2, 

-lU 3, 667 ( Ji on,/:, laoo, i> 39X-?;92) 

68 in D 

64 aefloit in eie L, a it in la D 



^^'g» t^9lr» VII, i; 

{VI. VI, loltl 

66 i^ijyii. D| ociit^ ta .«n In, ^^ gam e 

67 prisio L 
60 (^f^ D 

69 i^ ergo LD 

70 Noa luteal 

71 Ifon inteal 

73 ^A^ . "^i ^'iod Deo ooaTenlt boao 


r^ 3^ 666 

I .^Sj^ i, 2C: 
f^d qui do.:. L 

privatiuiies V 
Omit T 

Tel DP 

oppositlte I. 
aivo 0, u 


aoolpit 0| eooiiita .^Itioiun D 
-A^d , se^vuid^ua ru ntiif fiosttet^ id 
'8t, i^atiojiem proat ipsa otit-raJU 
ite» Ovt,aitioiit>m ooolpit a rebus 

»4.Dionj.i-i8, De , L'lT. -,'9 , > VIIj iQ 

3, 666 (jicsiyai oa, p» ^6&) 

poY qaam L 


aiout L 

iJiaa^ii s Je Div. H(^vi. VII, 

3, 671 (Dlooyai ce, 

imionoai P 
luO ab aiiis otoni as T 

102 ooasoti uatur DV 








4 36) 

103 C^ait ^ ^ 

104 A*i«t. ^«»«i»^. Nil» 7 (lj72b 22) 

105 sioilt n 

106 iJioii^-iUB i)^ , ;.'lv, ^^onu F11.2;; 

iH 2« «70 (^lojviii ia, p. .^..-99) 

107 U-bor go a<>'a3|.^ VII, ad. Barduii- 
faevv r, p. 172 

106 uaitiva OF 

109 Oait 

lio c it V 

ill salt 

li£ Oait 

UZ O.At P 

llfi Add ooe^ltad D 

116 proufc 8 nt res 

117 C^t 
116 M0 

119 >l,t 

120 Add «Nairn 

121 8t J) 

122 dissiffiilitadinifi o isem 
l/;3 <^t u )iG.««iiQientiae L 
124 jyi^ soieutia 

1£& est S 

126 ibil O^^i' 

127 Add est S 

12& a rebus » uaata LV 

1£9 Oait L 

ISO Qpit hi su D 

131 Hon lavcoi 

132 ita P 

123 inteUir^it D 
IM Qeait D 

136 alteram 

136 eum 131 

137 00(:.pret.ti.ndat J<i^? 
136 gg^ LOV 

1S9 Jggg^ssin, 5 

140 QeloB. Ii« 3 

140 ^iguatiauB '£■ 

141 sapiuntiam CS)| sM. divinem 0.>V 

142 x.rl^t> I>r Ajaiaac Ii:>S (<5aa 26) 
UZ Oait 0| oaia S 

Ltfi Ondt la deitate LDT 


U6 Omit L 

147 unitiv© L'^i' 

I'^d MA, iutelllep^t L 

X49 (;i^lt 

ISO oo^^oosoit 

ISS IntoXleotuA ttoster D 

l&S ■itial plafa 

i&4 Avist. i2g.itaL&& XU.6 

(<3 b 26) 

Intellootaalio L'V 

adinvioi^ intolU^ibiUa D 


Ipsas i> 

est alius f 

Id 06t D 
161 isa UT 
16£ 9% l^ 

Arista ibid* 

vel n 

dlati.iOtlo haeo lataXleoteuua 


oeoAia Ifita 

M^ Ixi, 12 

MA, M'ia ^ 

AYlst» ;^|^- 

dinal I 

$U i'lg* l)e ilan, nu Litt. VIII, 

S0,S9| ^L 134, 3.6 (So L 2t, 

aao.lii, p rt 2, ,.. ££9) 






j^ ex L07 

&»li»t. Do ..>ai:...a 111,5 (-iSOa 33) 

pdffootorum L 

ta- sua P 

Cfafit Y 

Qaft 1) 

39t 23,40t 29,46$ . L 34, Jil,.' 
.16 (0^>i 2«, sea, ii, , a t2, 
p, I2i-l£7| i27-iL8 
«••• talloffi D 

6ttlt i- 











a tf , .. ergo 

J^^OQb» i, 17 
aibl a 

tel OF 

uoa Lt OiJiia 

Isai» xll, 23 

f iture 70 
eigaifloat f 
«oo:nitlo Dei 

la 8 tab ill ot pleoG ItiQS ust 

sue oofpaitio P 

i^d non 


6istrect m S 

eat P 

a rebaa aeooptaa L 

aaplautla 7 

Ilia OP 

falaan patot F 

AVioeaoa Katft^j ih yji YlII, 6 

.f9r-Ji60ira {V nioe 1606) 

Algasel ^jQtai^^y. p xry I, m, 

6 (Qd. l(^U3i;i', J, I., ..t. 

lilobaai'.; Gcllega, Toro to, 

1933 J p. 71^73/ 

ti m Zsra^'xl id ..or do .<ifi^- 

in .ijfohiTes d*Hl8toir© Uootr nal» 
»t lltt/!r&ire d-? ^ojaii a^, 1936, 
Vol. 13, iH 88t« 

Xsaas <lor« aot oxplioltljf h.antl^a 
that CrOd i aowt t( .^ si.-i.y'lsir« oai— 
tarsalij. Ik^ does sejfi "Aftif.rJt 
v.??o«,»<»e«t pra<»'®ditiont ot »«- 
arisatloaie at OG^iaidorstioaa ut 
i'Qffioli't ijaod 1 tendlt. ;;;i .tis 
avitea opinsaorit iiiosa^ oit indi- 
vidaa.xaou suar ptfes^ntla i-ptii 
int J.ilt,;^ritisia*,« loeitias .luod 
Spool 38 aatornaa uoa «ia^^mt'if* 

ohapi-sr m 





















1 A4d traotatau qulntl OP 

2 OMit ID 
Z Dlonysiua 8e Div. gOfn. 711, 

S i 4t i-tJ 3, cj71 

Md Dee» 


disoursam T 

DloasairxB a^, ^^ift, ^900 VII. 

It 1« S, 666-867 

a%lHfib unt.r i>oo 

Dtowyti-.G l)e, Dfey.J.SBt. Vil, 

5; PG ?, ff7i fDica^'slaoa, 4 

aontrealre l/oo V 

I^riaa ^ 


Hoia. I0| ?L 76, 1X10 
Ariat» thic* Uio. ?I,4 (iUOa 9 
Dlciaysias ijuia. (OionjBieoa 40tij 
secruuiam pbilosopbtam est Of 
soo-itiiiuo) philo: ophoa est U)T 
flxlat. 09 Aaistii 111,6 (43Ja 26) 
Coaooriinj;:; tbo n; f^e "forr^atlo" 
as applied to the fir&t opera- 
tion of tho intalioot, jl. iVer- 
roei Ift Ul ,%? ,a» t.o. 21 
18« DicoyBluB ^ ' ^M ' (Dic>n^L.iaca,4v^) 

if /ufiat. MJaisia in.y (^»>fc 2) 

oonscntinoiJo Lj ac£;o itiaiido in- 
to lie ctus 

ab im 

a P 

oan<t£JB Ii 

DioHi^ lis, 
^'^* J ^4 potent ia 
26 uadla ¥ 

dlGtt UP 

j^SSft ViU, 1 

Qal^ us(|Di« ad f inamf j|^ eto. , 



i-kfiet. Pe A:iir=fi 111,4 1423a 20) 
%lt id est aoa -.ixtira D 
nalli all uid habet 
Dioxtj^.iae ibid» 



36 supra LfV 

37 Jtoit P 

36 alttoliita DVP 

39 rationara de Uoo a ol lbt 

40 DioxKyuiiiB ibid. 

41 dicit iJionyfllua Deo oooveairo 
etlacn f idem y 

42 Qait D 

43 Omit DT 

44 oompoaante ? 
46 verltatea OD 

46 ei ^ \ t, D 

47 qtJO 
46 speoulo D 
49 in Imnlzie uiviao IDV 
^0 I Coy, ii, ij & 10 

51 etiaffl V 

52 Dionyo ta. it-i.^. (Dionjsi oa 4u9- 
4X1) ?■ is pQSsaea ctt .vhloh 

Ulrloh 00 .'-.oats foj aeverai pbh©s 
is aa foXloffSt Eaeo ratio aat 
•implex et exiateus uxisteatis 
vevitatis, oiroa qaam siotit 
leaiuiam et noo-erronaam totoroja 
ooexiition©«3 di'fiaa fiuos ©at; qua» 
est manens eredoatiua collooatio 
^ae iatos oollooat in varitate, 
•t in ipsis Teritat©:., iatrans- 
mutabili Ideatltete, sirapXioaa 
vajfitatifi oo^iitionem habaatibas 
orodeatibufl, Ul eaim oognitio ©at 
unitiva eonun t^xl noTonmt ig» 
norontia autem eat sanipo» trana- 
aatttaiioiiis oaaaa, et divioioale 
ignoreuiti ox ae ipso orodeutam 
ia tetltate eaoitniaam ear oaom 
saaottua aihil roaoTQbit a caiaa 
q,uae oat soo';.ndum teifs fiflem, 

lanDOtiXia ot latrafisaRitabiXis 
identitata, {treisX, of »jaraiia) 

53 nuula c}Oj;;,ai iioae ir 

54 .Qb^ LDV 
66 £o]t, xi, 1 


64 exrxmitar J, 

ST qoi ir 

Be Oait I. 

69 oellooot orecid ttoa W 

60 aiviaa soilioet D 

61 «oloQ 

62 Mfc par se D7 
66 qfiO i/^P 

64 noetrl Y 

66 ^^ •oi«adl V 

66 f»qi)ieaoit I> 

67 DloB^uiaa Unii^t 
66 ipse 

69 OioQiyeius ibid- 

70 AXlsU '^ Anl^ iu,4 {42Sa27J 

71 ooavortotts U>V 

78 intollBotura noBtrtim L 

^ SBitf ^^« i 

7& alait Z. 

76 &^^« 1 

77 U1(U^, iilst? ( iOAjfsieoa, 

76 Ml «^ ^^ 

79 l^osatitla ejas CD 
60 tffaoamutc^tlaais D 
81 lumine n 

62 bomiallKie i> 

68 Dloujrt .us I't i^> 
64 Il^Jya. il, 1^- 
66 Md eulffl n08 l» 
66 i^et P 

•7 A»isU ^:ota;.hv> 1,2 (982e f i J 

66 ML »8t L 

89 i 4 ^ quae L 

»0 tribtita? LV 

91 SaJiSM^ lit s 

f'^ iilft absoonditi iX) 

98 Deo D 

94 Doo D 

95 soi.utia 

96 ktii.U i^Jia^. 1,3 iSeSa 24) 

>i60t -gta L;. 1,1. (yei b ) 

OEv^^'^ XT 

1 Add treotataa quintl IP 

2 oioaysl 8 jQ :j1v« :;orj« vii. 

4j PS ?, i;71 ( Diouyaifcoa, 409) 

3 Qp^^ ratio est Veritas L 

4 Qait my 

5 ipsam CD 

6 AVloeiiaa ^aSaiby» 71 II, 6; f, luor a 

8 Cbilt D 

9 proprlMffl 

10 dlstLicta Y 

11 <>i^ DY 

18 St. Biirx^f De Triniteti ?s ^L 10 131 
13 OBdt LP 

16 Init UO 

16 vlraia L| vlni P 

17 diviouin esse P 
16 supra D 

19 habeat preedlota 

20 varac Y 

21 perfectioais V 

25 OQB^ehensive Y 

23 qa.a0 oat D 

24 errores Y; erronua P 

26 «sEP-sata D 

26 Air St, ^^tar;hyy Y,4 (1015 a 34) 

27 oveatore Y 

28 Onit LOT 

29 1111 Y 

30 sine T 

31 Ai^^ so qaod o»aio«n oaasetua per so 
osoisat la per seoooslderateoa sloe 
sua oattss hon hubet esse aeoessarioa 
et Ita noa est per se aeoeasariam 

38 an. Ansa la Qar Deus porno? ii, ifl. 
PL 1C6, 422; {vii/. .iiiael',ii op, o aia 
roooaS'xlt F,:i. Sotmitt Vol. 2, i„ 123 

34 Arist. it.' ids 

36 SaULV 

06 AViottuia l^tapby 1,7: t 7?r at 

37 «od V 

88 et LO 

40 lait V 

41 Otaifc LO 

4£ oause «uiipsius LO 

44 09oe P 

'^A ^lift ^^otit noiut.aomai'.mioari L 

49 ,M. 1* V 

60 AvloAona ibifi 73V ab 

51 v«fitatis Y 

&2 Istaa ? 

53 '"hi^t 

M Qjclt; L{ ost P 

51» ellqiiid D 

66 Istso .; i.fftire.tiae stlam V 

67 diV?>rs^l'iciit Li) 

66 est iJt ait seper uatum 

60 Liulstlnote L| dlstlaote Dj 
disti lotorum P 

61 evgo P 

6£ neaeBsaYian per »a D 

625 (felt a 

64 haeo L 

6b Cteiit 

66 uad0 V 

67 Mi.v 

6ti iaaividoa m 

69 aod uJOUEa soluia UV 

70 rteit Y 

71 -Vioenna i). , id« 

72 C^Llt 

74 JfUU liotB^ohj Y.4 a 1015b 1 ) 

75 jQciit ^; vverroes li.ota« V,& t*o*6 

77 it a i-V 

76 Impossiblle D 
79 is tad 

60 ifflpoasibile OYiP 

bl > u^^ et iJOD 

62 f^^^ a 

88 Ajriat* aa Ooelo Z« 11 (£uub rf) 

68 lu i<zimo Oeseill «t .'■:aaai P 

64 ibil «^ 

M Ml <l'-ii ^ 

86 Qcrdt L 

67 fxiuu L| i'^4d asee C£> 

66 prlmae oeusaa Lf <lb4t CD 

90 raaolatlo I) 

9S entie D 

9S iyy^est OY 

M quia 

95 «mm om 

96 a Y 

97 <I« 01» 
96 qoa D 

99 08t L 

100 Omi^» add eat est 

101 potest 
lOS. Onlt ODn 

iOS Qij^aaimqaei U)V 

105 propria B 

106 quod LO 

107 j^ ipaa D 
106 exiatontla P 
109 Oailt OY 

uo Axist. .^asasbjo v. 12 (ioi9a ss) 

111 duplex po teat la LDY 
U2 aoaaata L 
lUI qaod P 
11 4aalt 
115 -aalt Y 

116 g^t 

117 Aria tot. ibld > 

118 Avioeixaa IV,2 f. i»4va 

119 atatas 

120 babitos vel aotus 

121 ..vl««aaa jyj^ 
l£2 oatuvalea o 

12S operatioaas aalmalas i¥ 

124 Of. Ari.t. -tL. ndam. 11, 1 {219a 38) 

IM est C 


126 qola iN 

IST ij|4 ejaa 

Ua «fflMX Mt Lf 

129 i-3*lMtad vooat'ir V 

131 Omit L 

132 OBiit L 
lfl8 Ciiac 

IM rist, ij£;feaiibJt.Vtl2 (1^19a 15) 

13& trcBisnutatlQais 

1» i^ Ipsi V 

187 •«navit D 

136 ftwi^ arteQ3«*»ueouxKiuun D 

ISB quia D 

UO alio LOT 

Ul Qftit 

142 Ajfist* ^t^pfay aI. 7 &&t 
(ia72aff); AifiO, itJEgla» 
¥11,1 (242a 19 ti) ior .Ar- 
istotle's doatrine oi' the 
p»in» moTer. 

143 diclt-ir !) 

144 quao L 
146 cgisndi 

146 iii^^xiaH L 

147 voluntatftr. ID 
146 allquid D 

149 Impatleutia •! oppoelta V| 
op oaita ei lm}^^)Oteutia L 

150 qiiaodo C 

151 ot L 
IfiS «io T 

153 Jlolrnis earn arbuiare D 

154 'li?i,t L 

156 potons L 

136 ease poesibile ? 

157 ^^ habet T 

158 prinoiplo V 
169 In 8« hatet LY 

160 Qnit «alis.^.principio V 

161 li]]{)OS8ibills L 
168 dloooEtf ? 

168 not I 

164 dloenas V 

166 «atariaUs D 

166 Mt D 

167 faoJaaMOdl D 

i6e vol LTD 

160 SlO 

170 .\»iat« ^iSi^at» IV, 1 (378b 10) 

171 Diooiys-'ia Pe , jiv> NtKa» .ai,2| 
fO 3, 970 (Jioi\/8iaoa, 630) 

172 Qnlli 

173 M^ qa«9 OP 

174 '\iolldis ^'ImtiT^V J^ del, 2 

( 'd« Uollr^rg, Loipsig, 3*6alio«r« 
laS62 Vol. Ill, p. 1) 

178 oom 

176 lapotons etiam L 

177 Otolt OP 

178 Impotantia voost iif L 

179 Qait at dlcyit ihlloaophaiai 
r^^ aeouoiLi la i'hllosophum L 

160 I lwV8 not iOiOid the doctrine 
Of pesaive potanoy here* .t» 
»ath9Jf :-..ta. hv. li, i 

101 Aoflat. :.ota,.hy. T,i2 (loldb 18) 

I8S a1> L 

163 alio 

184 optme et iMme 

168 quo 
1S6 autattur L 
187 ^Ak L 

166 ai^t \m 

lu9 baJaft:.odi p 

190 potextlae atorlall ISf 

191 JMl !• 

193 aal,t L 

194 aoa P 
196 alt i; 

196 at 

197 aBU.I>«^ 

19fi !:^t alia>,id...eontia,it P 

199 Qs^t i. 

£00 alitov L.^7 

201 ^tt. L 

£02 Of» ATist. lletaohg 7.6 (lJl8a 29) 

SOS Qalt 9 

£04 .-uflst. ibid (1015b 14) 


204 PhUo80phi2 probot LDT 

SOfi ho« LD7 

806 aai^aradiotum «at ''^7 

207 vinooret 1« 

I Aj ^ d txaotatus (|iintl OP 

4 qaod V 

5 Avioeiina 'MJUiiM^'^^^^t l^t 
£• J6Tb 

^ '^^ ^ '-^t essa oaiSA orailam P 
7 Qait L 

3 Ml pc b°<} ^J^o^ diaom Mt 
qaod noa ijotoat F 

10 sai«a pvobatuia est LIV 

II Otait 1 
12 Mt OP 

12 Avictana iJBlftiM» It 6: «* 
72irai on th-.. simpi^jity of 
the !7eoe8se Tsse, ol'« vvio*, 
lliitaial:^w> VI IX, 4} f* i>9vb 

U tie D 

15 eonpotito utv 

16 Ipsa» V 

17 iUam T 
16 Id V 

19 MX ad im 

20 alter o 

21 oorLCOirii,tatar V 

fit lULUP 

88 cpia 

24 Ipea quiditas L 

28 absolata Op 

S6 Qait D 

27 aait D 

88 oouat S 

W ttifr^y ^e ,0fl)Atft8 It «4* Baf A*''- 

80 oomplacumtOB & 

81 A1l,|8f ■■ attetoL* I* ^t ^« 74« a 

S2 halMwa Si 

38 kflamuMB Itota lig. VlI1.6i i, l^Qs a 

3* ^it dispositioaiE a lae P 

36 laapsrfeotlonls f 

38 solan T. 

57 slo ¥ 

3d aooldona L 

39 et 

40 SMk^ 

41 .qbjjl ^ 

42 .iiM ^« ^ 

48 haae j'V» 

44 ex P 

46 «t D 

48 oompelll T 

47 St« Eilary Dc Trlnitato T,8t P& 
10, 131 

48 3U Mis» JloUloo» II, S,&t PL 

48 AY 1st. idSiU^ '^«^ (^^^ ^^^ 

80 Airioaana Matatjfcg. VIII, 6« f,100a 

51 Ipseea D 

52 hjii^ at L 

53 oouvuoiat P 

54 Mi M^ Q 

55 vel L 

58 visas nihil V 

57 iriat. ;^:ota.,titf« VI, 4 (1027b 25) 

66 loq itar I<D 

69 ibi L 

60 sabdlt "m 

81 aollleet d 
62 kxint» i\fi^» 
88 «ubjeoti D 
64 fevam Y 

68 Or^I,^ , ab ill tout ione boul T 

66 anlt ? 

67 MX illu i) 

86 iJaL* V 

69 datevediiaato LO 

70 Q #^ c^od babet L 

71 ^>alt J. 

72 BiCRlt 

78 &U mi^ ^ollloq. 1,15,29} i-h 32, 


75 cpla P 

76 oloajavxa ^it^ ;,iAya„ ;i^fli^ IV,6| 

77 est OBU 

7ti potest ease ui9 

79 £|g|jj^ LO0| «st Veritas T 

6i Stm ^ig» «?e ULb, arb. II, 

12,34t J L 2S, JL2S9 
62 Jt* 'iaselo, IX.- Vay. JUIIfPl. 

l^&,4£»i:j (od, oohcdtt II» p.l;/6) 

32» &64 
«4 lllaa L 

ee JU Aiig, De Lib» '^U II, 12, 

34) i'L 32» ia>-J 
(>6 Arist. ^L.aiQ> 1,7 U90a5 ff) 
67 aolottt solom a 
66 depenaaat T 
69 aliud L 
90 U^ffijf P^ qgii.S,Aig It ed» Boraen*. 

howor, p» 163 
ai oifobat L07 

92 3t» 3^i,;» aoliloo. II, H,3t PL 32 

93 Jt. ..isei lonol, JiVXII| xL 1^6, 
16U (ed. Jo(mitt I» *>• 33) 

I, 4, 6s PL32» 1024« also De lIo» 
•^to. II, 4:^» 2a| iri. 82» 12&1 

96 est 
9« et I. 

97 ^t. A Jielm ibitl» 
96 ot 

99 vel L 

100 Qait LP 
^^^ Qqit D 
102 et i<0V 
108 Qait U) 
104 out LV 
101> 3xeataia P 
106jaB4i W7 

107 Jt. -ioeici i(VJ^ » also, .^o . V . ^-y > 
S.t iL 166» 47& (ed. >o^ itt i, 
p. ISO) 

106 qoLia D 
ls>9 Ctait P 
110 AYlet. :de taring. ZV,6 (lOlla 10) 

112 neiine L 

115 Qqit Y 

114 C^ it L 

1-L& -^4 etlam 

116 nihllom D 

117 Otait CD 

116 ezdogitavi P 

lid aliiiiaid L 

120 Qn?l«i OP 

121 (^,t verita» nan. eati ^qfi Vi^rl- 
tatoB &oa esse P 

122 ^BJ^ Op 

123 VBte LDT 

124 iVioextna ^tft^to. 7IlI,6t fa^^r b 

125 ^^ Wiiffi L 

126 Tjoseibilitatem suam 

1L7 met, mJiMiMj^ "»1 (^'^3^ 30) 

128 St. Mg» aoliloo. 1,1, .'t II, 
4»7| tl 32, b7G, 677j of. ai^o 
2sJQLiJb Vi. iO»12, i L 42, 932 

129 at, Anaela De Ver» Jll» rL 154>» 
486 (ed. 3ohK.itt I» p. I^j6-19i)) 

130 bOQltae T 

131 M4 eio cp 

132 aait L 

123 at. .'di^ fe st?at., la^ u^tf IV, 3,7) 

PL 36,299; (C^L 28,8eo.iil, liojea 2, 

p. 99) 
134 i»t» ksaoha '^ Yer. aI| .L 1M»4&0 

(ed, o i;aitt X, p. 191) 
186 Ajd^ teritatam 

186 ^t. AiiseliB» Hii^ 

187 ijiautuffl LU70 
136 quantum LUfYO 

139 est otiam L 

140 maziet 

141 Qyit et...isEital)ilia D 
US etlaai DP 

163 nee fUturaffl nee praeteritom Vlff 

144 j^gij^ nlsi...orJiaatMZ& L 

145 ,4^ vol 

1^^ Qa^l '^^^^ ®s^ reotitudo L 


V,7 (1017a e) 

147 all nic liter saliwrl possi* Lj 
aalvari aUqunliter poaelt l^ 

246 Yaritatem dlolt U 

149 A^d ad of «atoran D 

150 J^ aat P 

Ifil VII ^: 

162 jriat, -JStaL^hy. V1I,7 (10S2b 11) 

2S8 AfiOQuna ; , eta .^. 1,9; f« 74r a 

154 da eie did tar V 

l&S aij^lex W 

l£i6 Airisto teles V 

ifi6- Ajiat. u^^tei/hy,' 

167 Oftdt Oi- 

Xfid ^BiJLi ^ 

160 alia D 

161 Qsdk ^ 

16£ ft»f*t c>im«*«ei3at D 

165 aliquid ¥ 

164 ^Bik ^ 

166 aatem 

166 Qait L 

167 caotiwa i^ 
166 aioat P 

169 petet LO 

170 ox 

171 alo D 

17£ .wioanna itata;Ay> TIlI,S:f*99t a 

173 1 mtatio 

174 qaoniam 9 

175 in nallo ijanero rjotast ool^ 
looore deter iii to 

176 iSjAA gate tant Jam 0| jjj^ ease 

177 et 
176 et OP 

179 est retXnm DVI" 

leo 6teit D 

161 egrodiena D 

162 idao LO 

IBS ptaediaator LUV 

164 bee TP 

166 ho«o est u 

166 aiU*a V(8iglilaf ) 

187 SMk^ 

166 ^^ ad 

lc9 pey aotam babitas 

190 babet ta^itom LDT 

191 iA OD 

192 Omit W 

195 dioltar P 
194 Ctoit Y 

196 Omit in se L 

196 Quit quod*.«i:i!30mpl9tum V 

197 i^iiji, eduotim«»»offeotum| tji^ 
ad aotoin effeotuoB 2« 

1^8 Quit CP 

199 actio 7 

200 rocrta ratione 7 

201 habitue faotimia 

205 operatio 

2C^y »ooto V| operatioae P 

204 t'-mc Ufi 

2>J5 Qait D 

206 Qentio. 1,3 

207 disx-Oiiitioals inter lor la 

206 QU AflBt. !thla IJ^a, lV,7j 
(1127b 2b ff) 


I MA. llbri aeoondi OP 
Z entiB L 

3 diviao OYj Oc^.^ P 

4 Aiist, De AtiL-i^q 111,4 t429a 10- 
16) I also oba ,., 6 {430L :a) 

5 difideado opefa per IntellGotAa 

6 i^4 alboa L 

7 Arist. i>e Aniffls III, 6 (480b 27) 
7 Pfailoaoffcaa urobat L 

6 aio ibidem D 

9 objeetuin SN^um V| stuim proprioot 

ob^ootum P 

1<) iML slo(it.*.fallitur P 

II alio OP 

12 Qnlt vel nabet«»«ali^O 

13 soilioet qtiando D 

14 Mi. slo «^T 

15 «^prol'onditor :;}? 

16 lataileotua ille Op 


It; ibJjJLi {430a 26 ) 

19 dioU L 

20 (piaiitetufii eoatroriartuB CD 

21 prlas D 
S2 slve LVD 
SS slout 7 
84 Qralt L 
26 Quit OP 

26 dlatiiisait U> 

ST p«y nv^tioooB ea LDV 

26 ^EBII. 8l a* (ton} est L 

£9 efgo baee Veritas est 9 

50 sia^liim VP 

31 aeque Tdriua xke^oe fale'ja sit L 

32 omar*8 suas o»{sas 

55 --fAM intell«ota8 eat 
34 alio UPf 

36 Oait id eet{ ^M. In 

56 oonKonitate L 

57 oootaanltateRi L 
36 et D 

39 inqtontam 

40 Ofoit D 

41 ^iM »t '^ 

42 profxisitioaa ID 
49 ■e&ia ast eutOBi L 

44 in intelleota : raediotis media 


46 iUfist, ■i9ta.^hj;> VI ,4 (1027b 26) 

46 Cft^t L 

47 ,riat. ibi^ ^ 
46 qiod Wf 

49 super i/V 

60 ^ vol V 

61 osasetuA et esfxaa L 

62 j^ aoeli C 
65 opiaatlcuuua D 

64 OU ArlBt» j:£6ta,ii7. I,S (986a 22) 

56 at, \*ist. i^etc .Iy j.I?.4 (10071»«») 

56 Of* .iXist* illK&U* 1*4 (lu7a 30} 
Z an unable to so^bost a eaa» 
iag for ;ffiffoiagt;^9aft» ulrioh'8 
i>oeition is tL t ctese j>h iceo h- 
•rs hel truth to be a matter of 
opinion end therefore identified 

67 esse siml vera 
58 emit D 

69 proprie slouc ro:;.ota D 

60 ^udioant^xr i 

61 a^Bie L 

68 Qnit P 

68 .QoyUL sed* ••naive rso V 

64 pra9diot&« L 

a6 a4 01' 

66 on id as D 

67 Cjal^^ t (iuotii dicitur J> 
66 la oliano oorpore L 
^9 jQimO 

70 eeusatar IS 

71 Cfeilt V 

72 ^t. .!is. iiaiUfix* n» 6, 8t 

i>L 32, 666 

78 qSiOA 

76 Omit I 

76 eti&D est intaliiii^adaffl 0% 
QbbI^ etiam H 

77 qoaa L 
7® Qff^t LT 

79 Afiat^ QQto;:. I, 5 (4b 5-10) 

60 dioitar 

61 opi,t h 

BZ at, vae. Pe Vera ^eliiifr jUUVI, 

66| ih 34, 161 

63 6t. Eil- ry De grla. V, S| i^L 

10, 151 

66 ibi generet DT 

66 .Q^j^ si***boo F 

87 pKi^ ex hoo quod 0| Add ee- 

oindcuB eos t- 

on eandaai eandem ae^aulitor <} 

ii9 0!US L 

90 eisuim sive 

91 illad uy 

92 cit. Hilary il^id. 

93 tiU ha Do Veriu II j PL 168« 
470 (ad, Joboltt 1, p. 177) 

94 illud U;V 

96 voritas est L 

96 ex 

97 ^ftf 

100 Jfloob» 1,17 

101 AfLL etlam 

lOe Moia WBtA aunt V 

103 St4> AnMlffl J^jJ^j. 

104 Jamr 'fiiit44 
lOfi Qnit L 

106 9m<^ I. 

107 ffnit L 

108 aa«loglo« In ormi us dlotis D 

109 oflOffl 01' 

110 aioltur Uff 

111 alio modo est 

112 Bit dlottit& 

113 Tlaftus 

114 oauAata alt D 
116 Qnlt D 

116 I Qog» xii.S 

U7 D«aa L 

118 3U ^broae Qomtaent. in yiilat, 
I ad Qag. t iL 17, 266 

119 St. Mb* De Jiirora^ ,aoost 
iiy,yjj^ q. 1} .1 4:, 11 

120 habet voritatam LDV 

121 ea 

122 Qnit 

125 iktUb 3^ ^^*o °-o ost wnuB IJ) 
124 Omit L 

^L25 C |:^^ ad boo iUOd 

126 «uldjeoto 0| o^<fe sulistsatia V 

127 non potoat inteillgi 
126 qxia Oit^i SS^^ ^t D 
129 QbI^ 

laO quia 

"LS^ JM. intalleotas OP 

132 nm^t nftn,..intftni. t B 

1S3 eua 

ISA ^A e^ 

136 ad Msa ^opsism L 

136 halo V8l ilii naturae L 

137 sit tontuB U> 
188 soilioot n 

139 iMlV 

140 Add qtiod L 

Ml vevitatam «anuB 

M2 St. Aa«» JteiUaii» 1I,2,2, PL 82,86« 

243 Of. 3t. Aiwelffi ^oJ£t£» vIUs 

IL 168, 484 («d. .joi^^-tt I, .197) 

144 ftait U)V 

346 faollo est 'o 

146 «aae soieatla 1 

U7 tit ipsa Of Ctoit at S 

148 CNBola U) 

1£0 aoa 1 

lei solentlae V 

162 fevae I^ 

153 .^Bil L 

164 lanutelbilitate Uft 

155 pctmit L 

lfi6 ^t. Auaelffl ;jQ|aol. As^ ^XXlt 

PL 166, 183 (ad. aoboiitt Z, p.46) 

157 qfni t ¥ 

158 ease D 

159 M^ de L 

160 qaoram f 
IGl altera Y 

162 ^g^ bio V 

163 ^raHi* ^ 

164 falsa L 

136 9na falsaa D 

166 relln(|iatoV 2> 

167 f^^t beae ooi^adltar quod 0{ (^l | t 
<|ii.od D 

169 Indefialona ease 

170 falaam D 

171 CtAt 1 

172 reaioontur 0| rediret V 

GHax^^ VII 

1 ^^ traotattts <|a,inti OP 

2 veritate 

3 Qplt U) 

4 q«i* L 

6 igltur D 

6 sclaa 


7 Ifimlsovfi} <ivi&(' ijO%e»% in>» 

8 oontenlt U 

9 in geoeve opironitut af fir- 

10 Op y)a«tur V 
U ai^t 

12 bono 3USB0 LDV 

13 Qslk 

14 op.oalt'ir 

15 'i^alf <v» ^6 

16 Yobifl LDTT 

17 Qpit LD 

16 St. v^'. .iaiiiaa- IX, 15,29| 

19 ot. -og» ^qUA?-,!* "• &»16« 

i-L 32, 692 

20 neo LD? 

21 neg&tiva X> 

22 dialiviens S 

23 .aait LO 

24 i^«at OP 

26 1 Gpr. Till, 5 

S6 dloant'ir LOf 


28 habltum Uff 

30 iid4 ^3*^ ^ 

u* 2* :!, 40, 16 

31 9[«^t In libro LSCXIII aaestionuia 

32 fiaq^ilto» P 

33 000 D 
3ft OBdt L 

36 Jf j^ ^ oam D 

36 :.d,& a-item 1ST 

8&a 3tttiu 111, 4 

Hi '-"-i^t^^p* 1,2 

86 jQg^et iafira*««Tealtas D 

39 i^« x:ilv,3l 

40 ex LD? 

41 at» Jerc-o In T^Qoie. s Pi 23,1066 

41 W» «%ata CVt ^^nit aao D 
4ta 3U Jeroiie ibid. 

48 eliquotlens heec D 
44 i:£fi^ iv,3 

46 SsAk ^ 

44 &l06sa Lombard i ia rsal» lv,3 
PL 191, G5 

47 xaai. L£i,10 

46 S:d3t^ 

49 fifyr xiixvlU, 6 

60 (^It D 

61 P»#i.<lo-KloroAy# Byeviarlim 

£X 26, 12eL.1262 

BA Jaal iK^f, 11 

64 haoo )>VD 

6fi J**, Jefor* to ^gfll^f H. ^3,1066 

64 ex 9 

fff dlvizifim porfRct-onom D 

68 9ia8l nihil «st L7 

8t Arlst. iygJQ. IX,6 (197b 25} 

60 Cta^it Qu.od est 

61 A/^d ordlnetoffi 

62 dlvlaom 9 

63 &xlBU :>«* Kni^m IIt<^ U^& 29) 

64 ooBpotatione 9 

46 dU Jevo-e !^bH» 

64 IMKM tsolt D 

47 JBS* vill, 20 

64 alic'-ieliter est LD? 

69 «c nihilo est D 

70 QjjXk ^ atatum L 

71 fatijamBodi P 

72 itaiiV 

73 trahit D 

74 (^1 D 
76 antam D 

76 a-ieTabilPPB DVt ajieoialen L 

77 Boa« 7ili, 21 
76 iji^ id eat 
79 InRKtabiiltef D 

60 mtctioBum 

61 et D 

62 inoorraptlonls L 


boaitatU L 


aaptimo L 


Ctait «.j'lOii setiiiitiur < 



Tenltas D 


JiSak Till, 22 


.^Ist, retanhv. V, 29 (1024b 17) 


Ml, slant 


Onlt 1/ 


d« 8 




ri.lna eorom L 


oo£i.t^ositlonam ? 


Ififii^ suaii, 7 


ktuu ny^j. 





36, 68i il 34, 4. 3 

(oja 20, 

^SJUl^ tit in*.«re D 

SQO ill, pnrt 2, i)« 



ot, ^ib'» >iolilo^« 11, 5,0» 



iL 32, 889 


.iaai- oxiif e 


Qgj^ ]) 


:idd oto 1#''0I' 


Jt. M«. De Vera Rolij^'. .u^v¥It 



PL 34, 162 


j^yeflalgp» vl, 9,10 


.Sait OP 


Hon inf eni 


lerum D 


student D 




Cteit D 


^ti si oat In aub^eoto I«I?r 


42222« iv, 6 


^xud siout in aabjeote h:ij 


Cb4t eto* L 


3t. Aug* afiJm2S^ lit i'l' 32, fm 


prinam jastlticM» to&ilam 


3t. ^«. Do Vora PeliK. ^aK- 

qua» «gt BeoB L 

64| x^L 34, 160 


honor la P 


Iliad L 


^^ et 07; et D 


id Ot oXivLA P 


seotuadum uod D 


Op^,t D 


Of. Plato, Lawa I, 

86Sb fft 


et 0| Orn^t eat D 

i-rota^oraa. 353-360 




.uriat. ^-^4^^ ^<'i.q. 

Hi, 1 


Ad^ (^a« «at in affirmatiooa T 

(lllOb 2B) 


loq^iltar D 


▼ooetur QMadaoiom 




jJtsJ^ ^V, 3 


falsltatem istam T 


"Tmlt la ^8elmO**»mendaoiu[nt 


iaiormatiyem l' 

Md Aag'atima 07 


dt. Aug, ^,9^,^oq* H» Ifi. 29t 


J^g^tft* ii, 6 

PL 32, 899 


AjyUaaaa L 


at D 


31 i 




dlviaa V 




J,a^t:;t» 2III, 1 


abl etlam 


(^it Y 


disaiffliUtudlno P 


homo exoladittti* L 


00Q^l3tam 7 


ji^d petftntiali 


Mgtiatiniiis diolt V 


Buo fin* 


dt, Auig. ijaUifiii.» II» 7, 13| 


i^ homo LD 

PL S2, 891 




3i. Aid* rf9^iA9H* lit i^» 29| 


|^]^« zzlll, 12 

PL 32, 896 


Jot xi, 12 


Boathltia <?offiPt ^^ ^aa/g^ iorp^» 

1| PL 64, 66 {Q^.l p. 166) 

•f» also te.y.glAQfe v.\0* ^mi» 
Z?| FL 64, 1118 

16fi apaolM 

164 g it LD 

166 ilBIJUL 

166 itett. ^^ 

167 ijjIA vel 
166 slut mlta» D 

169 • Qi^t Vel.*«sa&t D 

170 Ml tamen D 

171 Ista V 

172 Offlt at«>>ei>gQhondaatur 
17S dloontar LuT 

174 i5t. ig. 49r^UffiM,« lit 6.12; 
|>I. 32, 890 

175 est U> 

176 DioAyaiaa ^^ ^JYi ^yn^tll, 7| 
iVJ 3, 646 

177 sed Of' 

176 i«io?itatem D 

179 Omit 

IbO Bctgis noblll D 

161 falsitae 

162 ratio U)? 
lOa Qsiit LOV 

164 aeoiiadULia pairtem L 

166 «io^jlioiter axxwa dlootor h 
164 Hon inv ni 

167 SS^^ 
166 .Mil ^ 
169 lUas 

190 dlversas aataras D 

191 ^It a 

192 Ibi inoldlt D 

193 0«i4.t Oj oBt erroansu» P 

194 etiaa ponl 

186 substmtlae d iff initio S 

196 «ubatcintiao dilfiaitlo » 

197 sint 

196 sea ritaam ^^sse siat uaom B 

199 subst ^xtia P 

£00 falsa P 

201 Qait D 









at, -ug, liiijU 

SJ^LL Beaiuiuua«»»attrlb:iittur T 



SAOondan Joazmem T 

ilfiAHa, Vili, 44 

Of* at, Mgustiae's "^i «aim 

faiStUB est, estt »i o.oa est, 

noB ast faiagau aoliioa. n, 

15, £9) i-L 32, 696 

^■~\ t noxi aat P 

Qral^t ODV 

iiii iilad DV 

iit, lag, aoliloq. H, 10, 18| 

PL 32, 693 


Of. jt« Jiotg, aoiiioQ» II, s,t>i 

II, G, 16t ?L 32, 86c, 892 
sc-xioist ut D 

mASfut fill 

1« i,d,^ traotatus quintl OP 

2 nat«ias divizieG 

2 iaoidaatalibas 

4 ostandit D 

^ i^UUl i<J est» Add et 

* MasiM. lxxi^2] xoviii, 1 

7 jl2flB* iiii ^5 

6 qaod D 

9 AVlat. M|fl^>|^ I, 2 (962b 30) 

10 Son iuveui 

H ^iliil Ugu;, Bio eedot D 

12 pleural it utera 

18 Qpi^ D 

14 I iBfi» ii, 3 

1£ dislimis D 

16 iM.« ^ 

17 eai 

16 natulan 

19 ooip&itioa£«at 'it i Irirtnalf D 

20 Tooeaus hio solQutl«m L 

21 SUJ^ l.;^!* U 

zz ssaijt. D 

23 propria ot oetta aoleatla L 

24 f^f)** qaaiB omla L 

25 .i^ q.ila V 

27 pXobaDA 

26 ftiit D ; ij^ ;i[Olii, 9 

29 diooyot D 

30 a 6aasa%o in eaaaa !• 

31 Id 

32 oerte at perfeota 

33 Add «at L 

34 nisi slo t'oao 

35 all I. id «aoet ai ecldibila 

36 i^el^LU 

37 probaona 
36 Add etlam 0| uoa & 

39 sit 

40 A|^d etlam S 

41 Q^t 

42 rerom osmiom 

43 ant,-elloae soientlaA 0| ^^**««an,,elloao S 

44 x^'^^otlonam aliquan 2) 

45 slTe 

46 ooiuldorari tylpUoltay L 

47 M& i>odO D 
46 dlvldltar J> 
49 oxeatis LD 
60 oognitam Of oognltlta V 

51 ^^ li^ae D 

52 JJiSj^ oxxjtvll^ 6 
63 sunt iixaeseatia 3. 
M ol 
56 i^Bli ^ 

56 simt« ftierunt at axoat D 

57 xMil LUVj y.pQle. xxlll, 28 
56 'fait Ot- 

59 Offiit D 

60 sole D| Ml ®to> '^^^ 

61 £^ Iv, 13 

62 t« /ag» ^'flifi jry» -n itaalm» I'J^Ml 
2| PL 36« 33(1 -B^**' ^ ^^°^* 
IX, (,. 162 PL 34, U7 (OSBL 26, 
•eo.iil, i>art 2, ?♦ 187) 







Sia^ 1, 31 


SiaXX »^0 (iioltur U)T 
XX Petri ii, 9 
( ^ gi ^ oto« LOD 
toixo 0| tantom i> 
saqaitiur U 

ia See allqiia mtatlo 
tontexm in Ipso eat 
aerator Lf neq liar 1}{ aaqaetar f 
qila D 
ratioae D 
subtVaotua LDV 
Otoit OD 
idem P 
aed V 

intelleottis aoster L 
quid L 

ouiB «laao 

fUtora PT 

poaatar oreatura TiTV 

,^gU^ 8i«*«e8sei ijid &i creator a 

poteutlallter non usset 

eaaet I>| fui£i; e |» 

qfio ODT 

In eo est 



f^nlt OD 

Ofnlt OD 

SU M|r« Bp. TI ad Hebridiua. 

3, 6t PL SS, 70 

et pvopter boo etlata Lt i roptev 

hoo ooaioo D 

uiuun T) 

1 Iliad ODTP 

<>»«* D 

aapva f 

<|eiOd D 

effeotOB V 

107 «upra P 

106 gloriafs et &&tieiB Hi j^i 
at gvetlae t 

109 sub 

110 HBBfi v^i^* 3. 

111 9mlifi «to. LOD 

112 la «a/om flner^fi direotlo L; 

•t eanua in tiamri difeotio Dt 
la «arum finam 
119 Ui^h of ^t. Tiotor, Da Jflor^.» 


xu jam ^ 

115 Omit fit eat OUj .JjJ. ease at D 
11* Omit habere*. «reBijeotuam D 

117 dioont titiam D 

118 dlvinaram p&xaoaarwa 

119 iitm Anselm, SbbSIJul ^^^XMl A 
L&IIIj i-L 158, 166,209 
(ed. *»otiaitt I, n50j 73-74) 

120 Omit LD 

121 nitii L 

122 MsL 80<* ^ 

128 Liheif de QftisiS Jgi.AlVt ed. 

Bardenhowov • 175,177 

1£4 In LJf 

126 bone D 

126 Omit L 

127 Joan,» 1,1 

128 jfc^eto. 9 


1 i^ traotatoa qaintl P 
« >i^t da boo VD 
8 Bint TD 

fUlasa In Deo 

4 jiaaju i» *^-* 

7 ;it. ^u^, I^ fr9tti a^ ^i^** ^* 
17 J xL 34, 334 {QS^L 26, boo» 
ill, p« S« p* 160) 


.SciJ D 




eat nota&dom V 


dioantar D 


aato ergo fortiaa D 


OBgla pi-oprle 


q* 46| PL 40, 30 


rationes rorum D 


A^d re-«i • 


AQt» XVli, 2B 




qtila D 


Qalt D 


reapeotua D 


Hon Invent 






eliqold ease U> 


Qaqit in proposito 


amis V 


ejaa operstloni LD 


ia«n eat U> 


oogaitaia eaa« T 


sad D 


attrilmtaa D 


Qaai^ et oteDa«»«e oonvorso LO 


hoo U> 


St* Aaielnj I^xtnol» v^^wIV; PL Ifie, 

169 (ed. Jobmitt I, p. &3) 

Be»e ikiBoijo soys the oreetxre is 

in the ** prima aaiieutla". In Ohat^ 

iOU-Vi, ibid., in aiother oonnuotion. 

ho flails "prima osseatia" by the 

nacae "essentia oreatrisc?'. 


eanaos sit L 


QaiX ^v 


dioo T 


Add slo 


Otait OQVP 


t9a ab aetavne T 


iStSBu» ^« 4 


perfeotua f 


SmiX et»*.homijai\nit A^l^ ^^<3* "^ 


m 3%m Aa«i lyJftfin. Vang. X,17| 
PL SB, l3ef«3U96G} of. a-fio j^S. 
Qen, ad Utt. V, 16, Slj PL 34« 
SS1»S32 (OJ^L 28, eo. ill» 
part S, p« 166} 

4e ot L 

47 Omit D 

46 ooaforr&ltatem D 

49 per it' 

50 Oa^t D» etlom lux «st L 

51 ratioaablll i' 

52 oreatare L; <^ ,i,t 

63 Ctaiit 0| hlo D 

64 hoalanm 

66 or«atar^ LDV 
66 hio D| Omit V 

57 iSiSHi* ^f ^ 

56 Omit 1) 

69 id LDY 

60 Ajist. Avsio. ?III, 1 {2b0b 1) 

61 onailus vlvon.itouLB D 
66 boo LQO 

65 Qpit P 

64 mobiUs D 

66 JM -io^o ^ 

65 St. -^»ig. De Qlv. ijoi IV, 31,2» 
PL 41, 86 (0- L 40, ii^rt 1, p. 

66 diaant V 

67 potantla 

66 lax actual is Uff 

69 Omit 

70 Qflit D 

71 taluoritfitis Lj moralitatls ? 

72 J^iQQb. !. 17 

73 Add T>9Biiibilltp.tifl L 

74 OM LDT 

76 St. iuig. Ifi Joftiu - vmi';. I, It 
fL 35, 1367 

76 axtd D 

77 Ctaiit ly 

76 in Deo L 

79 Ctait OD 

60 potiua mm 0; Cefit potiis 

61 dioanteir LV 

62 boaitas LCD 

63 OGUvata ••&« L7 

64 Ctoit LOV 

65 ^^ esse i)eo rationam oaasall» 
tatis, et (fioxo non jxitiua . L* 
eiuitar inecae 

66 (Mt LU 

67 yatione 
66 qaare D 
69 baeo deo 
to Omit ODP 

91 Qait D 

92 Add s iie 

93 ratiouaa T> 

94 Oait Wf 

95 quia V 

96 £§Sj^ xlix, 11 

97 jaali 

W Boetbiu;} oe Con. . hil . Ill, 1,5, 9 
PL 63, 756 (ed. Forteaoue, p, 62} 
BafarenOGs to the De. Joii. .^11,^ 
will be ^iven to the Fort©.4c>.© 
editloa at woil a. the PL. 
De Oo.i* 111!., Lltri V, -uiUlt 
AdrlanuB A Forii ^xto iLOjouioa, 
Burat, 'atea & tfaebbo raa j.tdl. 1925) 

99 cwusatoroffi 0} oraatorarum T 

100 Dloa^aiuB U& .Av^ Xoitu iv,7a G 3, 

101 j3^ vjdod acait A^ jft cam D 
log evat lux vita 

103 Ctoit D 

104 Plonyaiaa Pe Dlv. :^om^ IV, 1,» 4, 
PO 3, 694-5, 636-9 

106 Cit. iiifi. Oea sii Utt. V, 15,31; 
jrL 34, 332 (0. L2ij, uec. iii, 
p-.jft 2, p. 158) 

106 dt. Afi.ela ..lor^ojl. x.IVi i'L 168, 
li.9 (ed. oOlmitt I, ., 53) 

107 vel p 

108 i^ quod L 

109 qaadriiplloiter OVP 

110 duplex eat Li^V 

Ill jtoit ovt 

112 8i ODP 
lis ox^fatar T 

US Mitmi L 

116 pvedaotiim ad ens D 

117 Opl^ V 

119 .SdiUlI) 

120 j^aUL Ot qaia D 

121 lax et vita 

122 aiout 

125 teneb«a0 

124 natara propria 

126 at D 

126 propria C 

127 d« P 

126 AJata» P^non^npi I» (Loeb 
Oiassloal library, Loadon, 
Hdiaemann, 1921; p« 361} 

129 Qpdt LO'jy 

150 i^flj^ xvil, 26 

151 ^^Bt W 
l:s£ daplioitef 10 

133 dt* Aug, pft Qftftt art h4^WW. 

12, 2S| i'L 94, 304-305 (0:^3. 

26, ueo* iil, > rt 2, i^. ^09) 
104 OBtexidit Ui 
las suans oap 
196 ipso 

137 Iliad L 

138 ,^8d L 
18i iSS^ xi, 36 
UO £bH ^ ipso ° 

141 ocnia sunt S 

142 C^t D 
US Oteit LP 

144 fatl(»«m ap, ropriatioals Q 

145 tit. ^.bvoso ag ^T?Aym gaa»» 

Ifi. m* ^1« Ms FL 16, esOt 
of. ai«o 1,1 id . II, 9 & lOj 
fL 16, 621-625 

Mt O^t D 

U7 qpla UVO 

148 et P 

Uaa Rom . Iv, 17 

^9 i2&&« 1« pes- im 

150 at 0$ item f 

161 i)al^ D 

152 DloQ^sliis Do Di'v. SOiB. 17,9; i-a3,706 

168 faoo uao 

1B4 at, Au». ae yatara Bonl.wTlT. 
PL 42, 660 (C^' L 26, aoc. vi, 
pavt 2, p. 666) 

155 at Vf 

156 Qnit P 

167 Omit U)Y 
156 ,^^ in t.oo 

159 in T t ATlst. j^|£t* Vf^ U023a 26 t 

160 ijaii. 

161 Add modo OP 

162 Ctoit n 

168 i^ modo op 

164 Omit 

165 ftait D 

166 «Q^poaeatibj.B naturem oonii^oalti D 

167 Otoit 
166 propter CV 

169 ootspletivo VP 
i70 4|ji4 sua V 

171 prac^diotos modos 

172 vel D 

173 tini^^. 0% mfitre 

174 XfetlJ^ liDT 

175 f\^\ D 

176 temporie L 

177 ^voiso0» In y Mit^t)htf . t. o. 29 
{?ol. VII J f, izov t) 

178 Otalt Vf 

179 ed D 

180 Qeiit OP 

181 Otalt I> 

162 Bi^ifioat 0| «ignifioQfir ? 

163 eat /:.a6'i8 D 

164 oauaeli 
1S6 ipacroa ISfT 

166 ^is^ 0| est eti£a LO 

167 diountar 17 
166 Qeait D 

169 illod Gebvaeae T| Heb> i, 3 


190 .'jrlat. n*> An^ffu» i,& (411t 6) 

i91 qala 1> 

192 oorpore 

193 quod crxm T| inqunatum WD 

194 dicitur uaam V 

195 Id V 

196 diol 

197 m.t LD 

198 et W9 

199 Qg4f slmilltudinenuA.fcraaaaBi^ 
tionecs V 

SQO 3qn» i, 3 

^^ Qnlt ete« LD 

202 A^ q la ? 

£03 i4eoqae 

2'J4 iit» -as, SaJSL^ VI. 10.12| 
PXi 42, 951, foz tbe openiag 
wofds uf thie uotatloaa :f« 
also, ^ ^t»- I9 6) .L 42, 


206 eltdV D 

206 Q Ue «nia sio D 

207 Jt, /uig. Pa 'frin, IT, 20,29t 
^L 42, 906 

20e ndque LD 

2o9 liTopterea D 

£10 D 

211 Joaa. i, e 

212 vere L| jj^t evat I* 

214 <felt iJt 

21s Olrlstoa Mllloet D 

216 eoB fratros L 

217 retio ue L 
2li> I S£i> I, 50 

219 pzoptey LU 

220 ,4gi D©U8 P 

221 jop p,» I, 3 

222 aat L 

tS3 Ofc^t Bio r;|laxii Flllas 9 

M4 sed LD 

226 Filius dloltur 

227 am T 

228 notot V 

229 Hv^onlam T 

230 A4^ baoo D 

231 eoixsall P 

232 Qait OD 
23« dioit D 

234 oaosali P 

235 Qpifc oaxiueli In D 

236 dioitu» 

2S7 «£tam ®^ ara^cartifioift CDp 

236 «xlatd^tia 

239 Ipoaua W 

a&O OciAft L 

241 potest 1> 

242 £»t, Aag. i)e i^lft. VII, ^,1« 
PL 4$, 933 

243 hakeret oliqcild 

244 i^ etiam 

245 lalfe Id est: Ml «t D 

246 S'liUD 

247 O^iJ.^ 

248 appToiariata» ? 

249 qaae 
260 a iJV 

^l Diouyoius De I;1t. Boai. IV, i2| 

.a 3, 710 

^2 isixaa.6 provisiofiSffl 

253 nrn^ti 

254 sont psr Eii slfidlitidiasa 

255 jQsau 1« 2-3 

256 Oait Oi/rjf 

257 Qalt LP 
256 mo T 

259 f lis sent 

260 in iJ«o eeset D 

261 Q^^ t 

262 ^jiXk <»^f^ dicltiiZ} ^^ est V 

263 Ctoit V 

264 ellter noD. nosoit P 

zm at. Aug* '■niijfg. Ill t:-^^^, xux, ii| 

PL 36, 677 

Sift ttt dioit ii'ig-iatimis P 

267 pradse&ter P3 Qfi{ lt r 

266 Quit 

269 Qiuit L 


1 ^tjJ4 traotatas qulatl OP 

2 esse 1a l>ao D 

3 Jftp n> ill» 4 

€ Qait -t Vita o»at ODP 
fi qaod factiun est In Ipeo 
erat tlta ot iux V 

6 terlsoB patemi intolleotas liTT 

7 0p4 , t li» 

8 •:iolofl. i, ifi 

9 ilia LDj QoloS» if 1? 

10 JBaJDi^ xi, 3 

11 j^ad ? 

12 pKooedlt ot fit 

13 ^rl8t» I^tanhg» VI 1,7 {1052b 11) 

14 This is orob-iW-y dao to a mia- 
joadiaji c' ^^« ^^ilw't, who says: 
"Item ia litoro lie» Civ. uol uioit 
Plato ideas posuitj et eas q i 
asgat, iafidolem eea© non ambi- 
giti q^la Filiom D«l aegat". 

Jf. 2U Albert In I Jent» d, 35 
E, art. 7, 4tb obj, Vives 26,p. 

St* Aug» does trojit of the diviae 
ideas in tte '^ ^iiv- Pei' VH» 
£•; rL 41, 216 (CJ^ L 40, x>,34St 
bat ho io a aot medto the state» 
meat Ulriob attribatea to hini» 
3t» 'Shoi' also hat. the quota- 
ti a Jast as Ulrioh ha^ it. Cf« 
lit* Tfcorot s Ifi I ;^9t« w* 3S, <1» 
2, ar. luJsJLaL^ l^^t ^ 

16 probat OP 

17 (jiicnaa.iae D 

le r^it per intollootuna..Ji4. 

19 ft^ t DP» q^:4t 0t noiu..a 

20 A|dd vol Oasu 

21 lllo i) 

22 Ctnit 

23 ideae sant 

24 hoc coueorditer 
Z& Offllt ab. ..fortaa D 

26 Of. Alist. ^JetaiJiy. I,ft (987b 7 J 
On the iinnotcrlal eabsisteooe 
of the i latoaio For s of. .jeiat* 
Jtfuta.uhy. I, 9 (991b 3) 

2T Teres ^ 

26 Arist. ibi^d . 

29 xeita& P 

30 ot I¥ 

51 Qsit LTP 

32 i3BU.V 

33 t ff;^a V 

34 quid V 
3B Siut V 

36 ^ ,4 enia UVP 

37 iijii «io ^ 
30 ^lae 

39 est pcrfdotioais D 

40 faoi utia OI/VP 

41 ^yL 8 impllolter LD 

42 jii^ et gjoi , ad<j| sioat 

^ I<iber de qateia lAj dd. BaVdeoi» 
henev, p. 178 

44 ideae V 

45 qui 

46 propter ditroriia.:. ratiouom reaism x 

47 rertua ratioois 0| dlTersas ra- 
tlonis relatioaes D{ relatioais 
Vatiouis Vf divsrsas ralatiouis 
ratloues L 

46 ita est idea Wm 
49 quoniam P 

80 jt. Aug. P? ^^ygyg \^\^'^?^t ^^ , IIU- 
4. 4fit ^ L 40, 30 

61 £!£]^ xi, 3 

62 QBTllfi ^V 

68 est iteros IDT 

64 iAi ast V 

68 oao plare D| mo T 

66 ost oeusa exemplar is D 

57 ooosiguifigatar LTt si^iifioatur 

l2x plarsll nuaer S 

68 plurlfioatioaua D 

59 Vetloolu JT 

60 ^s^ res,:cotu8. ..tantcun P 


61 oooslgnlf lo^ ta 

62 sio y 

63 oonsifoifioant U>| oonsis» 
aif ioant tantain 

64 eoa vooondo D 
66 Ottit LUV 

66 pl)iv@> T 

67 Oadt 

66 «jiiia nen D 

69 «96 D 

70 idea» h 

71 baeo I^ 

72 reriuB L 

73 aunt a% aeteroo D 

74 fi ffft ti ia Deoj 4vid Ideee D 

75 Ideae ¥ 

76 V 

77 diout i)V 

76 yeBX}eota« lUe D 

79 ftalt temea at dlvevsas Lj ^* 
at T| q|r^,t. dlvarsae 

60 Add ta3i«i L 

61 Qa^f t a% aftterno 

65 ex at LDTP 

65 eola D 

64 mXtls modU est 1^7 

66 Biltlplloltef L07 

67 perfeote baao for sum IDT 
66 perfeotloaes i) 

69 rationam d 

90 iijL*«B £) 

91 Qnlt et eio 6e aliis VT 

92 irait:::tir lj«u& 0? 

93 beuo oAam formam T 

94 Dloiv^slas De l)lv- Horn. 7,7 
PG S, 622 

95 tttVO ^ 

96 beaet S/^ a I> 

97 .aaU V 

98 O pit qua ^laerituy 

99 Qnit Li) 
luO Tsjrba 

101 saolentia saple»tia Y 

102 ^i^ 0at>leiitla 

108 onitltauinem D 

104 tan turn la alo^larl DT 

105 AT let. ^f ^niffii Illf^ (430e 4) 
206 fortar 7 

107 Omit W9 

106 ilia ID 

109 eonAigaatujB 7 

UO iMi ^ 

111 ergo Lt etien D 

112 Dloa^ysius, De i^lv. gom. 7, 7| i^ 
3, 619 (Dioxxysiooa p» MS) 

113 In 07 

114 qca.aa^o D 
116 taato D 

116 qu.mte D 

117 taato uT 

lie Otelt Ot ^^ distant 7 

119 Onlt P 

120 Oait id est» .ajfl. et LD7 

121 oooss LGDi Afid et 

122 oxxifors^iter sant l7 

123 solo T.OD 

124 hatoat 0» babet ia se 7t halNiBs 9 
126 Add diaeaa P 

126 Dioa^siaa De Dlv» liO , ;a « V,6j KJ 
3« 623 (Dionysiaoa p. 369) 

126 Cai^t LD7 

127 priaa materia 
12ti formaroB osnituB 7 

129 aliis 

130 ipsoffl oenia 7 

1^1 SiSikk i^uLia***roriua D 

132 eorum 7 

133 vooetur 

134 foraa ligpai est 

136 rlato, gl.:aeL| ,gi trails 1. of Ohal» 
oidias, • 166 ( Frag* rhil. Jraeo* 
7ol 11, FirfTiln-i^iJOt, t^bris, 1667) 

136 id T 

137 Boeth, Pe Jo... . hil. Ill, ii.y, 
fL 63, 766 (ed. Fovtesote, ^.« 63) 

139 ^ai^m 

140 r^ tbe Platonic Forras ets p(i:iciples 
9t kmwled08 of* ut* ma» pt Dlv. 


30« As pri4Siplae of boia^;, of* 
AX.sU :~etQ,.hg^ I, 9 (391t 3) 
Cf. xlut.0, . bao^p laOd 

141 eaae 

142 soilioet formos T 

143 rem D 

344 gsiwvationls et 80i<»ntiaa D 

146 OBlt 

346 ooasa i^flsa T 

146 Plato TlflBfi8;ia » tranu^ 1. f 

Of.alolJiiS • 169-170 

14,9 in 1) 

l&Q fuadtintoz T 

1£1 prlfflM foriaa» U>t pf ioe T 

1£2 slo aocii.lVir Boultlpllslter D 

IfiS partioixjata T 

164 bafeent Ituduis eefflinalls D 

156 ilia OP 

156 sloipiioia U) 

157 et r 

1S6 oaueafa 

159 ftrdt D 

160 foraa D 

161 oatturallcun reram 9 
IVt priao Blfl^Utol S 

160 Plato XiflfflBfft traasl» of 

OhalvJidivB !>• loO 
164 aeptlfflo Uk 

164 Arl8t« riBtaphg 1,9 {9911a 26) 
166 ezeaiplaria esse D 

166 Oalt IJir 

167 i'lato ^j ijli faaaqf i * ttan-jl» of 
Otaloidlu», p. le? 

166 Shla &p..0aia to ba an la- 
terpretatloa of rlstotle* 
1 b&V9 not ioaxui anj toxt 
of .rlatotla to justliy ul- 
rloh'c state: eut* 

169 St. Aog. smna^ I. s,Zt 

PL 32, 666-6(39 (C^' L S6, 8 0. 
1, part 2, p, 18) For the ref» 
to il&to, 01. iiaaSilSLt traiial. 
01 Ch&loidlas, p. 166 

170 Deus fooit 

171 partlolpate D 

172 Of. UlOAyaiu», IJe 01 v. i:?0fa. T,9| 
P6 3, 623 (iJio^/siao.. 361) Cf. 
also ii. Mox. Joholi^ la lib» je 
PlV. Horn., in Jai^. V, ?t ^0 4 

172 ^^ SatuB 

172 partloipata D 

174 ««oaBdtui D 

175 Mi, eatia D 

176 i>4A <I>iO<3 

177 mxuRiroatur D 

173 vero U)? 

179 omia S| allcjEia LO 

160 ooEamensareatQjr OD 

161 oapitulo quinto D 

l£i2 Dl0Ayt>iie ^ vi7. Horn. V, 9| i-G 

3, 626 (Di 0X1^8 iaoa, 361-362) 
169 aoliUB D 
14i4 propria L 
186 Omit Y 

166 seel soltua In essentia ^uTiua L 

167 mtabilitatis LTtsortalitatls S 
166 partioipat D 

189 OBdt D 

190 eort» 

191 JiBB. i, 20 

192 nobis oreacuras 

193 Qait D 

194 proportiouabilem 1 
196 erlsantix LODP 

196 etiaffl 0? 

^® ikUl i|»a a'xamplaria..«ita 

199 OBtlt 

200 Jiotu&xu» De Jiv. IJQBu Y,6| PO 
3, 623 (Dioiv78laoa« 860) 
'*Kxeaplaria autea esse (iioiiau in 
Deo a&lstentlam ratlones subste»» 
tifioafl at Bitmnxliititei pvaeexis- 
tentes quas thoolot la iifaedof iaiiio«> 
ues Toout ot iiviuas et bona* 
voluitates exibteutioa aeter ini- 
tivos et effect iTt^, seoaudcis ^^em 
aaiXtrsabsta-itiaiii} essentia ooiala 
pffee4eflnivit ot produxlt". 


201 C^lt LT 

202 oujas 
SU8 la IX) 

204 subcia tout lam V 

206 DioDifaivim l>e Ulv. Hom^itld » 
fgaaal&tion of Oootue rid*» 
g«aa PL 121, IISO (uiou^sitioa 
p. 360) 

206 ii^alia 

207 V«a 
206 tit D 

209 d«ter laaye OP 

210 or eat rlst add res 

211 I^yUl» iii. 1^11 

212 {Biltiformla Lift 

213 aioss ?• lon^ardi in >'p« 
•d Fph* lilt ^ 192» ^^0 

214 llo«t P 

215 f ^ii speoies «at quo laest oa» 
t-arae ejus 

216 isai. ox, 2 

217 omala ptir esao.itiam pxaodlf» 
fliiivlt li^t po' oeseatia-n stiem 
omala pvaedlfiliiivlt T. 

216 Oalt Id Get Y 

219 in ▼ 

220 Arlat* ^Jt&Mf Vll,5(103la 1) 
2^1 sigalfioat divorsa L 

282 taeen 

8S8 ez«nplifioat Of eiq^loat P 

22i pviiinm 

286 tti^t 

226 alt OP 

227 Bint D| Omit V 
220 Omit D 

229 Mi e* *^ 

230 aeterna s nt D 

231 s« habent DY 

232 Ojqlt x>ra*^<*3il8tont68««*dlolt L 

233 alisTl loiter P 

234 rfcdt -^to. D 

236 ^t. An«« Qe uiwr. :mflt. LnXTTT 
q« 46| IL40, 30 

236 Bubst ntlalea LD 

237 deficit V 

238 per ). 

239 .yUL et YF 

240 aeo lutereant noo orlaatur D 

241 id Y 

242 Qait Lro 

243 assigoavlaaa 

244 oavidziduiD ab errore est 


I AjdJl , treetetuu iiuluti QP 

^ jQBii nento dlvloat ^^ jeo Y 

3 prod'ioet Y 

4 et D 

5 areata LD 

6 mente Sei 

7 aade Y 

8 twrtun nam D 

9 iid<i ergo V 

10 Qait 

II Qnit 

12 pronrlem Ideam LYf ideam pro» 
prlem in Deo S 

13 Mi<%t 

14 Btipva L 

16 St. ug. Ite Sen, ad Utt. I.3,8| 
PL 34, 249 (CiT I. 28, sec. Ui, 
pert 2, p. 7-8) 

16 fiat ae et tibi 

17 ao Y 

18 ozifonaitaB 

19 qaae D 

20 imita sunt DY 

21 babeant OP 
2£ Qait UTDS' 

25 eioat OY 

24 3t* &ng« ifcia» 

26 aiitem LD 

26 Omit D 

27 Ideas L(^ 

28 materia L 

29 privetae OP 

30 aotualltaa D| aotaalltatis L 


SI J^X ioU ..^iisiJif 1,7 {191a 12) 

SS Onlt Li)V 

S8 tollit LfJV 

34 slout oa^oitas est privatio Tel 

mors I et ido ab ipsa noa est ra- 

gfessos ad habitum 
36 dioto a»do D 

36 iurist» iyjLl also chap. 9» 

37 paro aota DV 
30 oislffillQittar T 
39 dlount U> 

^^ Q"^^* aallo modof a ^^ non D 
4B Ipsa habat in Deo Lt ideam ba> 
bet ia i^o TOt (JB^ Ideum in 
JL)«o»»*0eo D 

43 AVlst. ^iJBK&i&* If? (19 b 22) 

44 8io LDT 

47 salipsios 

48 ^U AB6» tfB, (^OTA M ^Alilft Z»^t 
28; rh Sft» 2S6->^67 (Oi? L 26, seo* 

ill, pert 2, p, 20-21) 

49 etiam LDT 
60 oanaat WV 

32 anit Qe 

53 B99xxsio vero modo Ii 

54 ot £> 

66 nlel Oj OrJl ^ t soilioet».»!» 

66 prime 

67 .flst^ isaJtauk- Vil, 7 {1032b «) 
60 «MlMlT 

69 O^t D 

60 JiBUli 

61 hanua 0} M^ soilioet, qaod non 
habeat ideam per se ? 

63 at. mgt 'n^ir. in .B^h::» X?I 
?L 36, M7 

64 XbLLt L 

65 oogaosoontur 

66 N(m Invonl 

67 MijaeatMi WD 

66 sioat LOS 

fi^ A<?d oequlttuf L 

70 Qssdt V 

71 feoit L 

72 tall solontia VJf 

73 sio id 

74 qaldam 
76 Qnit L 

76 aeagoer L 

77 tero L 

76 matariam Li) 

79 in Deo ncm est D 

eO i)^^ vere Lj vori D 

81 raodo V 

62 aodi aaseodi speoiales 

83 A^^ prioo T 

64 Arist. .hvsio. 1,3 (le6a iB\ 

66 .SisJJl c{tiia.««lp£io 

66 jfeJiL et simiXiton add aiaat lD 

87 Ctalt P 

66 ClG^t 

ti9 I have txot sound an axpl^oit 
state ent of suoh hj «uristotle* 
xt^rhaps a ooaoiuaioa from 
KthlQ. iTio. I, 4 (lJ9ba/ .iiere 
j'urlstotle aajfa that aijart frcaa 
the eaiv geodia that brin^ ha]; i. 
mse there 1- a self-sab- is t^ut 

90 Qait 

91 A*l8t. i;^iaii^, 1,9 {S>9Qb l4)-30) 

92 deberet P 

93 pone re etlaai ? 

94 Po;ri 0| alia est ratio i«trl 
qaam Itaxlffli ? 

95 est 

96 racy^» ax, 6 

97 emsintlat LCD 

^Q Q^ fAt populo Kiof a^ii fir. ^lentiia I, 
99 non hebont ideam 
l.»0 tofflijiaeai P 
101 jjfcail V 

OHAi=r^.T? XII 


I Al^ traotatos 9»JAti Of 
B Ad,^ yelua T 

8 DloajreloB Ue Jlv. aoa. V, &t 
pa 8, GES (ivloAysieoa i>,360) 

4 &^ i« 3 
oaae L 

6 produoit D 

6 Cknlt XiJfV 

9 solan iiriann LO 

10 in oou&erv&tlone etiam L 

II qola LDY 

12 rerua D 

13 esseutiaffl saata D 

15 oiai D 

16 QOrjiarKt D 

17 etism D 
16 Onit L 

19 .^iii boo V 

20 qaia 

21 ilsiaiat.«Kiii» 24 

24 q^l .t or ben toPtartun ▼ 
£& oausatas P 

26 oocamisoetov S 

27 Ltbflf da Qmal». XlXj ed. Bsrd- 
enhever» p» 161 

28 Oqlt IfP 

29 €mlt OP 
SO (iitona 
81 i^ Mt D 
S2 eaiffl ? 

18 mill T 
84 soillMt <|tila i^T 
;£ omaizK) D 
84 liodlvislbililtta LD 
87 talis foroalitas 

38 ooninlxto 7 

39 ^AP« vii, £4 

40 dfto. Vil, 26j On it et iafre L 

41 vi^iettur D| est receipt ivam T 

42 qg^lt a«o oQ!itiatsit*«*uniVooe L 

48 j^Btj^ LOP 

44 Of* AslBU P» Oaelo I, 8 (270b 1-20) 

4B impfeasionea peregrluas D 

44 qxoi Lift 

47 afflcitnr P 

4d proportioaata est Tdy 

49 Ctoit 

50 C^t LD 
61 Onlt D 
5£ at D 

63 iutellootus illiut^. gyegorii LD 
54 at. urog. M. ^ral> II, 12,20| 

PL 76, 666 

56 id «at L 

^^ Qp ^ t per sulrtjilltstent add sabtlll» - 
tatem LD 

57 looo eodeffl 

68 St. Aag. Qoafess. Ill, 6, U| PL 

32, 686 (CiJ-'L 33, uoo. 1, part 1, 
p. 53) 

59 «t LDV 

60 dt. Mg. Pq grlzu VI,6,e| PL 42, 

61 iJt. Aiig. fla aen. ad Utt> VI n, 
26,461 ?L 34, 391 {OsiBL 88, 8«0. iU, 
part 2, p, 266) 

62 ooneervationis D 
83 Cfailt -I VP 

64 in mensuretls ? 
66 <jiia LD 

66 Ipae D 

67 non OP 

68 iJt, /ioe, T^pt q^,-w,..Wli; 4, Hi iL 

33, 836 {OS I 57, p, 90) 

69 SUzaui OP 

70 vel OP 

71 3t« Aug. »e GeiU ad Utt. VIII, 26 , 
4ej i*L 34» 391 (J L S6, aeo. iii, 

part 2, p. 266) 

72 J^ ormia IJ) 

73 .StUkL Q°Q «Koluaa8...iBodo D 

74 Qnit ODV? 
76 sur»a D 

76 natorla saia 



iUDk ^ 



natajrarua U) 



X^miv, 6 



iJt» Aug. ^VW* 



elatu* 1/7 






quia D 


I ii2JL« lU, n 



iji^ ^vaetet id 

quod positum 


eat Cbristas Josos P| i\di3 


vel feoeve eto* 



dt« iiUi> .i^y^^ 



Intva V 



Jt. ^g» r-t^ ji.„-,.VU. 



.L Sa, 837 (Oo 

L 57, p, 

» 90) 


69 onnilnfl 

90 ^s^^ 

91 baeo est divislo D 

92 Bultiplloaatar 

93 qp.od L 122 

94 ■'to^t L 123 

95 eoB slttpliolter 124 

96 Omlt Oi^ 125 

97 ' ntu iT,6| Ooloa* iii.U 126 
96 diolt &lfn|>llaiter L 127 

99 robttB 120 

100 la L; Qnit ODV 129 

101 Ctadt -J 130 

102 ootat DT 131 

103 hia LDT 132 

104 j^ hlo 7 133 
106 foolt V 

106 spefgBtox D 

107 3f* the note oa this citation In 
P* iOTibaVd X SosiU d« 37, o. 1 

(Q, I, p« £30i ""rrat Mat^iater 134 
oitsaao uraeoviom oum trule intel*l36 
lezerit iSlo&aa Orainaria (Ad Qa2>> 136 

tlcc V 17) ffxjus taatuio pa»8 ost 137 

Gragorio, ilia aatem verba non« 138 
Vsxao arroxem Ma^Uotri secuti stuit 139 
m» alils ^holi^titiois, ctiam Jt* 240 

Bonav. biot i-Htl, ct*3, q* 2, et 141 

^t« ^horaas Juama I, 6, Z 142 

10c . 4^ soilioet 143 

at probatom est L 
^i^dd in ,t Inoipio oapitali. T 
a^<^ Tirt ite ijriraae oausaa D 
oonjunotee Deo H) 

iit* Aug* ]f\ iT?a^' KVen«« X|, 

i» 13} i'L 36, l36i:>-l;-^6 

et J7 


^t. Aug. De gjfin» ill, 4, 9| 

i.L 42, 673 

Add et V 

latao V 

ooncreata itUV 

i;ioayuiue Pe Div. Norn. 17.1; 

PO 3, 696; on tto dootriiie 

that ea^sality is tho c.ost ^i- 

vlaa of attributes, of» i'wid» 

Sdo* 21, 1} 3, 723 

0{>ei'atioaaffl 7 

Omit 7 

quae L 


Oalt L 

et D 

participutae LOT 

dooat ipse 

solvere D 

QsM. St ^t add eti^ U) 

Cf« ATlst» J^JL&JiS^ 1» 3* tost» 

igfia^yfCj^* 1,2 v^ere Aj-iatotle 

disouases tieat ea'seg bJit I 

have not icvaxA whore ho & Us 

only the first oa^ee iamedlate 

operaticBBm 7 

Qnlt Id est 

QsA^ it& quoA; add qiia L 

Add propria V 

operator saa virtu te D7 

patet quod seiiuitiir ax boo 

ipaam D 

eoa est op 

in illis esM iff 

liU Hilary 29 t*'^ VIU,24, PL 

10, £63 


144 A4d IpSBB GD 
146 Q«lt S 
U« id^ dicit 
UT St, Aug. ^if^. c:l.vv^?11. 4. 
2fi| i^L 38, 837 (OiiKL 57, 

p. 95) 
146 luoory^reitetl LT 

149 btijuffioodl ^.m) 

160 est. ^>: sumltttr P 

161 subtilitas OVj auUiiis D; 
saUiXias f 

15S sont 

153 east iornaliora 

164 Bi^liaa OP 

166 ^l\ Qir 

16« i^tUO 

167 AX 1st. Da i^n. ot ^cifgiP.. 
II, £ ISSOa 1 f) 

168 Keb, 17, 18. "VivoB est erdm 
aersK) k^l, ot pendtroMiioz' 
oaait gladlo eaolpitl, at ijer- 
tlaenoa oeqae ad Jlvisloaem 
aalaaae ao «piritae oompagBua 
ae nateXlATttn et dlsoretor oo- 
gltatloium et Intentlonam ooir- 

159 aiosae ~» Loc^ardi In Fij* ad 
Bella iv xL 19t« 432 

160 §sSl* ^Vili, 15 

161 Oomloe Uf Oooiliie otc* V 

162 Cteit D 

163 Omit L 

164 Q^t iiOtest In venire 3 
166 aaima tote LD 

166 oorpae V 

167 sensualitea T 
166 pextlnsexui qaoqtie 

169 atecpia S 

170 diversae iX)D 

171 OMjasllbat 0« .QyH id est*.» 
atkiasoiijasque D 

171 dicoretoroja V 

173 <Mt( 1«> esti ^1 ot L 

174 ooGiutiaswi U 
176 Vel D 

176 dlotlfi 0P| BUfVadlotls L 

177 non ix>te8t oouvenlre 1) 

178 Ctait Y 

179 Jt,, ILid. 
160 qij^ p V; ^d4 non LO 
lei q pi ^ t D 

162 Mil ^<1«''^ 

163 aofitfa a^ilnia T 
284 ii^ aoilloot 7D 
166 (fiod soilloet B 

186 nostra 

187 anlAa Ipsa 

169 alloubi impodiri D 

190 Jj^ soilloet 7 

191 Omit V 

192 ocaies pefsonao T 

193 ftnit D 

194 post 80 7 

196 i^ la l.7| ^^ in stta 

196 fhiit et in urtlfiolaliltts 

197 oiviiibua TPt omissXilns CD 

198 J^ la D 

199 neo dat spooiein soloa 

200 in^ «io L 

201 avtifez sl-Qlliter L 

202 abstrabsnt D 

203 non LD 

204 potlus hoo D 

206 Of. Aterjoes In Kata Lv. t.o. 16{ 
7ol 7III, 242r b) ibiu.,AlI, 
t.o* 13 (Yol. VIII, 298T a) 

206 ^^ eat 

207 oom L 

2u6 Q^ jl^t tot an. zem) ad jA , totuia ease L 

209 Avioonaa mtmitsl 71, 1{ f.91r b 

210 diolt ^Tioanna D 

211 11. ^4 a^ns D 

212 Chat i) 

213 nansaretvur 9 

214 objeotom D 
S16 ultra U7 

216 ,1^ sua LU7 

217 soiXioet 

218 ^^ nisi L 


219 S%m Ant» a» Hit „W -gfl^ 256 

L2L.W.III - q, 21| xl* 40, Ifi 267 

280 qui V 256 

221 nan dial debet Dm» D% «11- S|>9 

Ol Dana VP 260 

20S signifioetiuf Uj si^ifioa- 2«l 

retexr T 262 

223 SSBkk^^ 263 

224 ^Bi^ i» 5 264 
2SB sikxira 266 
226 Joan» xii, £6 266 
22? lUl i.V 

228 fUdeat T 267 

229 illAm 266 
260 IIU 269 
231 perfeota o'om illo sunt beatl 

LD 270 

262 sioat Uil 271 
266 ^t« Jtg* i2£a£S&» ^ 279681 PL Z7Z 

32, 796 (CJa 66, seo, i« 276 

part 1, p« 226} 274 

264 et L 276 

266 neo iutaUigl pos^dt U)V 276 

266 pvinoipiato D 277 

237 iiitsoillaet V 278 

266 Opait W 279 

239 enlffl D 260 

240 inteUootus liDT 281 

241 nultlplioUer 232 

242 ijufa, i, 3-4 266 

243 HoBh xl, 36 

244 Omit I> 284 

24£ I iSMi^iA. iv« ^6 266 
246 -iJt» zvil, 26 

246 Omit xviis Vl^f ii]|i|. at 266 

^ratua diolt k 287 

247 Omi^ eto*i ^^^ iroveinar et sa- £69 
ana Li> 269 

246 iiaiji. l.m 290 
249 tripUolter i) 

260 dioitar tvlplloltev S 291 

261 (ftaoAo a 292 
tt2 .QiUi. id est D 293 

S68 ilnU >^ 294 

264 anltat4a Lt diwrsltatem B S96 

266 aloit V 

itl^l. xUx« 11 

sooietate Q 


eat oracttafa nV| <?pdt eat L 


«aaa oaa Ji%9 eat aasa in Dao T 

par «fiartuiB modtui eas^Kidi in uao D 

Md alo S 

anam D 

eat !i 

quando l>eas eat,oraabEura aat 0) 

a oonverao D 

et Q 

l«tma OdB Joanna Of c>odQfvidlua 

qam Joanna L 


ORlffl L 

tamrai W 


pavaipiando S 

aaia 9 

Onlt D 

Oum D 

dloat D 


folnus l< 

( ^% , L 

Of» Dioqysiaa % Div , » :'oa» II« 5,6| 

fO 6, 646 

Htn InTani 

^t« <»ug« i222yCSS^ '^-* 27, 38{ XL 62, 

795 (03KL 63, aeo.1, port 1, > 224) 

id eat 


at D 

^l^ ooflBzuala D 

3t* Ulg, 

722(0oM. 44, p. 

apiritualltia L 
<a^^t in quiba^ T 
0(»poVl D 

at» ^uig» sbj ai*^ 

L, 2, 4t t'L 66, 


¥MU ^* i6» i-i* 

83, 636 (Oo JL 57, p. 93-94) 


296 quod ODT 

S9T Bio i) 

296 plenus L 

2^9 Qailt ibi oeuei ^^ iaMM L 

000 ,^]|^ Ipse V 

301 ^bASL oocaBmiltef«»«creatuya 

a02 promlttit V 

SOS aa^labo JUT 

808 II Oor> Tl, 16 

306 A^U de lipirltu JaiiLOto est D 

306 fOfOEais 2. 

807 pleaitado D 

808 divinitatis Of 

809 3«, ^mg* Fpt g¥^:^^U 6,21| 
i'l 88, 640 (J /i- 57, p* 99) 

8X0 Omit D 

8U Qnit I£ 

312 ii^ Deum D 

812 22a» i» 21 

SM hio V 

316 pr add iota orgo divisione I4 
pteadiota outem divisiouis Dj 
praadiota ergo divlaionlt 

316 Qni> D 

816 XIX ^ast» ▼iii» ^ 

819 sooaudot seoondo est 9 

^520 i-i^i^^ z, 6 

321 ^U ^ 

222 ,^d selXioet T 

SSSa ijyui* oxif 7 

328 XXXJtei^ ^lii, IS 
324 II i'agaiJD. Ti, 2 

825 Qait II Parraip. tl QD 

926 et sio de alia 0} ( ^t etc S 

326 n iiiiaUii» vi, 10-19 

827 tertioa :> 

826 et 

329 «anoto '^ ^Ji sive 
880 Bio D 

331 I Xlia» lliflS 

332 Gayi» xxviii, 17 
383 liinr xxTiii, 16 

834 Sfttl* 2^ 12,14,23-24 

336 Hon luveai 

336 qoloa* 1, 16 

337 oori>orlB oo^it '^a Ctlt oori«« 
oaplti» CiUOii est Ctrist'ie; ad 
Ool* i; ir«e 08t 

336 Rph« V, 30 

339 gall Vj hda quarto D 

340 et 

341 ?-fa|t, Vl, 9 

343 Avlet* De Oaelo et ^ttndo I, 8 
(2701) 6) 

344 qui L 

345 aXliul i/)D 

346 hio D 

347 iababitot L.D| inhabitat per 
gloriam V 

846 lllo LVD 
349 Mk ^O^ ^ 

361 Maro . 1, 10 

352 OBlt Hj iifl^ Katt» I f 

358 I^gq . lii, 22 

353 ,iaS, ii, 3 

354 «Uit ¥ 

355 ainom LC} signifloattUB T 

356 etiam V 

357 Rether, dt, A-x^» ' n^xr, ia .tBnX . 
CDUm, 1, 4} PL 37, 1632 

356 dloitur Deus L; eoim Deue di- 
oit!ir la se D 

359 8io LD 

360 00x18 ideratur V 
861 oonaidevetio D 

362 at V 

668 igfii* scviii, 4« 368a laai* xiT,4 

864 ooeJuai D 

866 eaoeiuiam LHDV 

866 .2BI^ <it««*lool Oi Add eto» P 

867 I ,2ISl« Vi. 16 
866 habitaofi V 

670 Omjlt ? 
871 iiSfiS» i, 1 

373 dt« AUg« uerr. In .Bal» OiCtll, 
l,4f J^L 87, 1632 


374 iJOSt W 
376 #an D 

376 qjLa» iX3f| qui t) 

377 Cf* Jt« M«. Q»nt>A M»j^ II 
ia,l| xL 42, 769; .-'o 'Jrln. 
VII» 5, 10| i.L 42, 942 

378 Omit L 

379 Oalt id eat{ i^ non L 

380 ^yy. 9t i* 
361 s^d V 

382 :>t» Aug, ^Uiarr- iii -b 1. 
QJQUX, 1, 4| iL 37, 163S 
993 idUL alfaae 0{ et V 
384 ^^14 qxod I> 
366 Qiilt ' t lnsaper***sel|i80 D 


I i^ tfaotatae quintl OP 
S <l« Inolyoaasoripto :Jeo l< 
8 haoo I> 

4 Otalt lllam oondltlonfita) A^^ 
hoo V 

5 Onit i> 

^ J^BVI 't Mil 3M« D 

7 abiquo esse ODV 

3 ilfii* woucvlll, 7 

10 r^ijt L 

II i£]^ xi, 6 

12 oolclor T 

13 Cbiit L 

14 Chiit la orattl 0?P 
16 act D 

16 ptoosontia saae essentlae et 
virtu ti» L 

17 Add et OB 

18 emsBt P 

19 oonservat 

20 C^nit Y 

21 Cfcit Y 

22 .aBU.C 

23 Ml«^ ^^ 

24 oontinero looatoffl Y 
28 Mi lows U) 

26 Qnit Y 

27 est D 

28 O^lt in orml rej -^^1 , ublque ▼ 

29 Omit Deam e6se*«»erit D 

30 dioitur SI torn Dens V) Addd gplioitey D 

31 M*"- ^ 

32 raal« Uvii, 6 

S3 <|^la P 

34 Ch-ilt Y 

35 iVjrist. flff ftnirnfl It^ {409b 2) 

36 Omit L 

37 Opiit dioltar essej^;^ est D 

38 at D 

39 MA. dioitur D 

40 Gtait P 

41 loco Y 

42 Isai» vi,8 

43 Md aeBesJB i D 

44 ^ae 
46 fide 

46 iiSil* i«2 

47 Gen. 1, J:2 

48 4dd roplota 

49 repletcur priis L 

50 seoandiua oxdiuem aat'iras laaterla 
fore» D 

61 Ottiit Y 

62 ftoit ciaia Detun. .. forma 
53 Cbit ODY 

64 disti actum es^e 

66 singular iter P 
56 non D 

67 est in looo singcilari mode 
58 dioitar aliqaid D 

69 2aik ^^ 

60 ita qnod D 

61 Qnit V 

62 Qg^ t vittod oauein#»«ar.blouti8 D 

63 utriasoae diioensiones Dl 

64 terfflinem oommnom 

65 Qqit D| sooondam Yt a,dd mode f 



a,4)| «Plata L 


angeias 0M% 9 


Sjsg^t xi^x,li UMlSi* llfl-l 

?ob;liffl& ill.VfVi t^BiJinu 




esse in tall vol in tall looo 



Boethins De i'rinitcte K: PL 

64, 1252 


^t. ii-nselfn ^MSl^ X^"^!. 13» ^^ 

168, 175 (ad. ^oh Itt I, tJ, 4uJ 




quid D 






et D 


Aif^ etiaa 


Oq^t D 


eequitur D 


iit* j^^^selffl, UiiJisi» 


looa« dioitur 


^lat. I>R,WJ,,a 111^4 C4Eafl27» 


^^ proxiioo oapit'ilo, ixiragra. bo 

itltimo 7 


triplioiter intQlU&lfcu* IDT 


iSjSSi ^> ^} '^i Mf 381 


tali P 


%^t et Hngelorua D 




Itad» Tn r»rt.« -.^WAM^M^m i;»- 

jjSaULlLia I.l; i^9lt 13« 


oeml L!V 


^aado 0| StiAJL ^ 


iii la rrjf 


jt, .^og, Pg Pi^igff „-.a^Pt* 

i^gyaJUU q- 20« ^i-^Of ^ 


Bivmtm V 


looatiiB D 


SiO D 


Ctalt Dt aeyirat VP 


Id 00 


^Jlin D 

101 coareailt D 


•jt* -'^o* JLkJktL* 

103 t«netar D 

104 oorporo 

106 id aat T 

107 iJt. Joaa* Don» I ^ Fitie Cr» 
tbouoxQ II,3g ?a 94, B67 

106 Of, Jt. ^rei!,. "• !/k)r&l . II, 
3, ?| . ;. 75, 567 

109 spiritas inoreati L T 

110 Jt« joun. Dan* i>e Fide Or - 
^tiodoxa I, 12} .;^> 94, 881 

Ul Si* >iac;, ll-id> 

112 Qp4 t sttflmit».«ln loco LOOP 

115 A*l8t. .hv;.ij. IV.S (210a J4*24) 
114 3t. JCiiii, Jem, 11 l | d , « 

118 aicit D 

116 ggratiam et opera ti ones eJaK 

117 dioitar I isfi^ Ixvl,l 

118 £44 eJtiB T 

119 ^g^ dloltur 

120 soabeUiun terra 07 

121 itemm L| eoclesia Of 

122 qmi^ L 

^8 -^sal . xviii, 6 

124 Eloxoa./ml>UB jV 

128 in sole iOsuit taberaaoalun 
eto* h 

126 QBit D7 

127 (j^od OP 

126 aelam Deaa dioator L?$ On it D 

129 Oalfc D 
ISO Dei 

131 loans Os quae V| qaod Pt lo ftl 

182 ^ 7 

133 C^ilt I (»rltteia b;t doleted) 

134 abi^e eaite U7 

136 gpilt L 

186 iasSf* Iv, 24 

137 S<» inteal 
1.16 respondot 

140 (^ ,t OP 

1^1 jgpftl» oxxxviil, 7 

142 abique ^uae est OOP 

148 Id D 


144 naUftam mjtM 

l^ M^ i^ ijtiOil«*«natara D 

i46 pama est i) 

146 iatckllaotam Offlnem Of Intol»- 

leotom eonuB t 

U9 ^U Joeaau Doa. M ni9 ^f^lf^- 

dQXfl 1« I3t i"^ d4| i^^ 

160 lQoir<3umseriptibile 

161 ,it« tioea* Dam* JLkM.* 
]££ insipit 

IfiS Oait L 

164 olraaiaeoriptus L 

166 et D 

166 ex L 

167 quia 
166 ilia D 

169 p«9 imposslbile pooatar V 

160 esse infiaita D 

Idl Job »if 6 

162 Omit L 

163 hoo L 

164 hoo ita L 
166 QB^t Oi' 

166 aonat LD 

167 ^t. ^broa '^g ■^i,'UU'4 '^m^lJQ 
l, 7, 61| .-L 16 

169 i-aex^do- .aL» >^a , Trliu 1,111, L\; 
iL 17, 636, 540 

169 nX L 

170 «rist. M^8-t.7^t .9»^» I» Sl 
(67b s;:) 

171 j^yji. 8ecrandix0>«««ubl'.{ae D 

172 jyi^ ia 
172 Qait D 

174 Ixustsa fornalo D 

175 ijgiasx oaasa T 

176 <^t ad looam 

177 QsJJi Gb 0Eaaibiis.««pMrll«i9«lcif 

176 Deas dloitar 

179 esse Oi>f 

160 j^t D 

161 notet V 

165 notat V 

les Q fflj^t ooiia ■rvaatis,..lMbltado 

164 OEiit hoo ::x4mea| .i^ f^u hio 9 

186 et D 

Ibd ^^ 1-» 

167 sia^ ^ 

168 nial 

169 uilias L; faujusmodi 7 

190 Oait 

191 Jt. A-aa. I>o Trin* VI, 6, 6, rL 
42, y29 

192 qnit D 

196 iM& V 

194 et L 

196 diTiditur DV 

196 Of. Aijffit. i>e AaiiBa III>5t411b 19j 

196 Psal. csivli, 16 

199 q^e 

SOO est ubis^ue 

201 diottm esse LUf 

202 §jgj^ Vii, 24 
206 j>d^ quod I^ 

204 sttlnt^iis OP 

205 et D| ftiiit T 

206 i^BBl» oil, 22 

207 Ctait D 
206 ejus DT 

209 Qiait ad lootta P 

210 ai^i dlstribiti ? 

211 Qnit 

212 ut 

215 Boethlua De a?r..a . IV j il 64, 1252 
214 Avleenmi np 

214 3t. .nselm .^22^];J^ Xll, 13| 

PL 166, 176 (ed, oohiaitt I, p, 40,' 

216 abit^s esse dloitar LV| ubiijiie 
esae a philosophis Jioitur D 

216 Qnit D 

217 tibique 

218 tVansferiToia 
£19 preedi.otonuB CV 
220 taatoA D 

22X Ojtt^ t D 

222 QEit 

«2S ii^ in V 


2£4 Omit I. 
22& est JL 

226 propter "V 

227 notat'ir Lj ^ d^ etiam L 
226 .-id^ et utV0(|iie adesse D 
229 dt. Aug, %fti qfcv^ Yj» 6, 

18« PL 33, 838 (0;i i 57, 
P. 96 } 
280 j^jjtt trp:jBii.'nj)tiV0».»looo i) 

231 sitiiUfioot LV 

232 et 
239 i)Bi> D 

294 <^ , 4 , tOrt5>ore P 
^36 ^'it siout (lomiixis et area- 
tor D 
236 A. brosius dioit ▼ 

236 at* Amb, Ib^. 

237 Ctait 


1 Add traotatuB quint 1 OP 

2 D«i OD 

3 ftitara Uf 

<*( t ^ti lATt soienlla D 

6 SSbJX V; sola T 

4t ^I» 35, 1776 

7 lllorim U)T 

8 liXae-iOiontiB D*! L 

9 ptafsaeieatiao 

10 Md. in 7 

11 at. iuig* iJaJ&ilb -^V, lg,22{ 
tL 42, 1076 

12 i^ alo € 
19 Ofliiiaae i' 

14 Origea ^HPgf ' ^?^gv^^l 1 9tf ]^iB» 

VI 1, 30j iO 14, 1126 
IB lait L 

1« MX V 

17 Ottit i)? 

16 at L 

19 qtiaroa l> 

20 Oelt OP 

21 totitua 7 

22 Of, -.srklit '-thAg» f^io» VI, 6 

(1140b 30) <^,lfli]Jh ^"•'t- It2 
(71b 15) 

23 BoothltiB ^?9 gffat -,tiU^ V, x^. 
3t I'L 63, e39| (ed* ^ortesoua, 
p» 143) 

24 aoa jaB iDff 

^ fat^rrl preaaolmtla 

26 Omit 

27 sQo 1) 

26 3*, Aug. De Ub. Jb. UI, 4, U| 
PL 32, 1276 

29 oognoaeit LODP 

30 mint ftitusa 

31 iiaua P 

32 quia I. 

33 eveniont L^i evenireat S 

36 oet ? 

36 et 

37 refereatav W 

38 ATlst. MSMMf ni,l (»9«a 2») 
89 oonai&tere T 

40 pst 7 

41 Qcait D 

42 e convoroo D? 

43 {^\f' qioA potest Lm 

44 i^KUL? 
46 patetur D 
46 «St LUT 

'^^ ^^^ ^^^0 o<2^'< >dd tautsn LV| 
Qmi | t 0QU8 

48 )3089et LOT 

49 a©' alitor D? 
60 faliaoiter LOD 

51 QOicatia Vel praesoiontla 

£2 at D 

53 Onit D 

64 easeodi V 

66 dinai sffeotua 09 

66 oauaa prralma et inaaodlata 177 

(^7 jQbIL quae.t.effsottt 

68 amuB taoUuia Li/7 

69 sad Daoe LO07 
60 Qqit LO 


41 «Mi suo efleotul lfflproj[)or tio- 102 

nata F iOS 

62 aaae P 104 

68 oosmmioet taatom Uf lv>& 

64 Ctait IJV 106 

65 sit S 107 

66 est V 106 

67 ae tor nam L 109 
66 Qn^t L 110 

69 dfit 111 

70 simplloiter L 112 

71 Qoa imt^ait aimpllolter C 113 

72 oeaas prima ? 114 
725 (^t et hoc^oo'iBse 

74 saao nat itae i-''^? 116 

75 ^.Xlst. Oe Oea. et Oor>m>. IZ,llt 116 
(3?7b 2) 117 

76 itoiooaeas Se^i-tiloanii^a vorbis 116 
4-6 (46Vb~&7rb) 119 

77 dOBloabitif OB 120 

76 gait u^T lao 

79 l£idioattir 121 

80 aait 122 
61 ;^ae9eita D 120 
6« Boetb. S^,, ffoft, #-b4t^ ▼• P 4t 124 

.L 63,643 (od. Fortesoue, U9) 

88 oardaat L 125 
84 fiunt 126 
66 Oalt OP 

66 00. itor T 127 

87 Ctait T 126 

68 vatlo qa,am bgzisus d 129 

89 prodaentia V 

90 sterna est D 

91 gait ita quod I jdi^ ideoutie P 

92 (fait 130 

93 4dLi. 'S'^SO ^ ^1 

94 oogit T 132 
W oott 1> 133 

96 i2BiU.^P 184 

97 oogit V 135 

96 Opjl,t n>eetarita.«.at P ls6 

99 rooU. xxUi, 29 137 

100 OGsaita ^37 136 

101 espioit LO 139 

•ai L 

et L 

tefflSB LOS 
oauea T 

qoando D 

neoeasafiaffi eat ooatiagens P 

SsAk ^ 

oertiaalae Q 


Boethiaa Pe Qoa. .iiil. T, je 6t 

PI 68, 662 (ed. Fo7tesaae,p.lfi9) 

(fion L 

Cteit U)Y 

babet D 


iytb^at i.DV 

^^Ut LDV 

Boe^.aa ibid . 

luiiyezaale esae P 

ooatiogeoa L 

eontin^joa noa eoatingeatey 

ooii^oeolt Deoa L 

..v^d oomprehendef e 8 

Boethiue Ibid » (ed. Forteaoue 

p. 161) 


Qnit y 

kit» oiaelia De Oomacrd» r^ e- 

seientic Doi oMr. yp^ .rh. ,., i, 

0» 2; ii, il>6, 6uy-5iu (ed, 

^ah<ir.itt IZ, p, 249-250) 

dialeotlol OVj Dio^iyaitui L 

vooaat L>? 

dt* Aaselra ibid. 

ooaseqaentea L 


poteat dupli alter LDV 

4^ id m 

praeaoitiuB eat 

aal if 

qiuie L 



a«oeaBaxia CD 


QTonient i' 


eTenlr© WY 


i\44 ^^^ '^ 


Add t»rl 9 


Jjg^si eaim«..«f«gnLif« 


O^t qtiia faleo»»«i3)p0WiUl«& 


Of. ATlst, /^ijft^,^, a^9l< I #12 

^MaSkO^ 711X, 6, 2661) 10 

1 haV0 not fooad Buob a te;xt 


80lt L 


.QgliSL ergo praosoitoa»** a venire 


ergo Ll> 



lilat. tooiir. rior. !,.• 

{30a 16) 


aai,1; YP 


iiii;aL«gt a 


r)t?:ftt noa potostj adU neooSM 

oat D 


J^jiJ; V 


Orn^t D 


j^ail»! 8it| Add s fainter D 


tmo D 


veva est ? 


BoQthltts iJp, ggfta ,.|;U* ▼# i>6j 

rL 63, 641 (a, FortosouQ ji» 

161 ) 


not it lam D 


hiuxo ii)V 




Adjjl non T 


0U1 r 


BocthiUB 1MU« 


neoeaaitas D 


Omit Of 


^"iMt, si vero; ^^ aeetAodario 


sit D 


t no l.V 




(fait L 


ineaae D 


oontrad lot lone» 


aui D 

IVY ooatingeat 

178 2S^ qxoA falsuia..«eVQnire D 

179 itapoaaibllo S 

160 atitom 0| Omit q-aod ergoi idd 
qoaal f 

161 Add modo 

162 praedioto D 

188 veva eat iV 
164 et D 

106 ratio 7 

186 dlGtlaotlo h 

^■^ M^ pf aedlotaroB, seilioct, 


1S6 aoittta oat I> 

189 reapoadeadoffl oat LDT 

190 all qua toraa. poo it a Wf 

191 iditibi ') 

192 i^giX fi^ ego**«oiirr€ire 

193 Mi tibi '^ 

194 dabitatlo 7 
196 ^ta^t 7 

196 aeit Vf 

1^7 i^ ipsoa D 

196 ipaona 

199 simplioiter est DV 

200 .itsy, per D 

201 i^j^ notoffi est I ; ^j |d patet T 

202 Oialt OP 
206 ita 7 

204 antiqai dootoroa 2.1)7 

206 quando D 

206 oolt 1.7 

207 .aaU 0| Ibl 7 
2t« roportaatar 

60^ praeaoioatlae Sol 

210 Qadt egroa»<rua a i>r«solto D 

211 bio S 

212 ooatingeaa jtotunua Lt Qaiit D7 
218 est absolute 

21ft ponit 8 

216 Qait L 

216 Ctoit 7 

217 Qtiit L 

216 praepoaito 7 

S19 praoeoito D 


SiO ffait potest* • • tMtvutwn DT 

«ft! ATlot. De Goii. Qt :ingg.ip. II, 

222 solt i' 

iZS futunin LD7 

224 fUtuVcun LCY 

2se .aaJJt. J" 

226 i8t« L 

iS^ uoa po0sit 

2B6 id D 

£29 f&lsa est U/f 

230 esset D 

191 j^Msoltoffl a Dso 

282 Iliad 0eas D 

SSS tn Deo slnnl 

2M si(»t S 

23fi litoffl ▼ 

236 ^S^ Q% hm 

237 «^d© -Df 

238 <j^em L07 
2S9 sttittiffl W 

240 .^yl^ ideo T 

241 noa potest 

242 Id a!fi 
245 id S 
£44 Ctolt 

245 j^aeteritam D 

£46 dioioue i) 

247 A^^ esse S 

243 allud ▼ 
£49 rase n(m D 
;ao ^B^v- 

261 id D 

25;: s-ip ocita LDV 

253 Qrit D 

264 aeoesearia 

255 praesoieatia 

£96 natcurae V 

2B7 dt, US* SaJSEiJL» ^» M,2Sj 

I-L 42, 1076 

266 dioendua D 

£69 j^aesolre pees it 

£60 9»^^t OP 

261 noo DV 

262 ^gH ea Ot praesoivet ea f 




caret D 
quod LlTir 
pOSSit D 

/jrist* ge Sen. 

'\ ,N^py»-i2* 1,5 

(320a M) 

aBtpliortuB ? 

illae LDT 

^Bjijt, istla predmlasls; .>d^ 


dioeadae D 

oraw^u 3:? 


















.g|£S.Tiil, 1 

5,11| 6«12t '^l' 34, 30>>.^U1 
{C3FL 26, sea« iii, p. 2, 
p« 101.102) 
Stg!^ xi, 21 

eaiffi D 

Add etlma 

ia bis Doas D 

luuBBSO et ponders D 

^fiB^ 3ci, 21 

diiipoeaisse oooia 

aao»ro8 T 

id Li)T 

Qn^t D 

iii P} JM, «t f 

^t» Joaa, Dam, De gjde Otho- 

dofta Ily 22 1 iO 94, 946 

Omit T 


perfeotione D 

.^Bll <>lspo8itio Deif ji^ uis- 

poaeadi D 

dignitatem D 

.^idJ^ut sit D 


51 Md B 

22 Of, 3t. Mg. 3e San, od Litt . 
IT,6| i'L 34, 301 (Oa^^^v 26, 
seclii, xx^.rt 2, p« 102) 

es .am.D 

S4 Omit P 

26 alltjao L 

28 id LDT 

29 iSl ^1 Q 

80 Ipai- Zlvl, 10 

31 ij^ et 0} ^^^ otc. LV 

52 ' f} h Qp « i, 11 
28 (Ma«a 

M natciranui OD 

Sfi .^ Del L 

S7 babite V 

38 '••p^s. ill, 9 

S9 ratioolnationia LSf 

40 ad 

41 oonsideratom D 

42 oonsiliatam V 

43 Id LDY 

44 oonsid9r&tiuB D 

46 St, Joaiu Uaeu B9 f 4<>B <aftfa<^ 
4flA ^I* 29) K} 94, 963 

47 0^| ; providontia flouts ^fjjd 
pTaeviaa sunt 

46 i^69 D 

49 i^at CD 

50 ii^ et ^D 

51 aq a» xi, 33 

32 oxolusem I. 

53 id D? 

64 oeasidoffatom B 

66 St* Joan* Dam* D<9 Fide (Mrtto - 
i|28& "* 23; «G 94, 946 

B* a^t 

67 sio non (ID 

66 ^dd. (Matentla CD 

09 StJtSi P^ OBuiaf A|14 potentla 

60 ealm eat D 

61 Hon inveoi 

62 laaae Israoll Liber de Def i» 
ttltionibn ^ifad. ikkokle, j»7, 
in*lrobives d'Hltstoire yoot* 
et lltt* dtt aoy, "^^*t Vol, 
11, 1936, ,m 340} «^iexk» 
tonoia eot oorta ea; nrehesM» 
«lo uniua oontradioti (%) * 

68 dlvijii L 

64 Judioii L} Judiois 

«6 Cte4|; Y 

66 dlTulgavit 

67 Istae T 

68 St* Greg, K, ?iQgfl^n^p, v^i, 
37, 46f iL 76, 1144 

69 ifial* xsxTili passim 

71 lisal)^ Kzziii 6-11 

72 ijH^s, 111, 1-10 

73 at D 

74 «olom ? 

76 a Deo aeternaiito» JJ) 

76 e|>erat«ir L 

77 naoessario L 

78 Qait L 

79 iUU.!} 

80 Vatioodm nomlnls 7 

61 attrituitur L 

62 loa Inveni 

83 diaposita D 

^ £2l2ft« i« 16 

66 res Ipaa T 

66 sed V 

67 Qnlt D} pviiM P 

68 Omit D| per 

69 Qttit D 

90 ba^OM D 

91 fooatuLT dlBpositloaom V 

92 j^2j, vli, 17 
98 Jbb^ vlll, 1 

9* Boeth. 30 Oon. Phil, it, p. 6, 
PL 63, ei4-oi5 (a, Portoswze 
P* 123) 

96 Ctalt L 


96 qiae V 

97 dldt DV 

96 prior eot 

99 et D 

100 oait py 

101 divina 

10£ ooosllil divini m 

U8 Spha^* 111, 11 

104 ratioals L 

106 q[aia, solUoet L 

106 ¥oeatai* D 

107 alo et 0{ 8io enla V 
106 lul^ zsx, 33 

109 fhophos ijOrj !l?epfaoth D 

110 aptt» IV* 22; a- ),afQ. Ix, 42 
iJlrlot) derives "gehoxma" from 
!?oph6th prolmbly as follow t 
Gehenna Is dorived from 0«* 
exrnon, the valley of the sons 
of Banon* where In Topheth wao 
looatedc (Of* ZV Jeca. zxll, 
10) luluore uotes that Go- 
henna Is derlvod from the 
valley wfaeroln the idols of 
the Boaa of tho Hebrawe were 
loOated* Of« lUbsoaSLi* ^IV,9,9« 

111 Dea.%» aacxll, 34 

112 solentla V 

113 Onlt i)P 

114 defioi^nte oaaea G 
116 Q fqlt slV8 poensfi ? 

116 qaee D 

117 iAd et L 

118 Ctelt 

119 oroatora D 

120 onmlbas ▼ 

^1 Qft^t BeQitndoBUt.Bigdlltade D 

1S2 aotltla ojas LdT 

i^ ^ t et hujaemodl aulmalla D 

124 slfflllltar L 

125 pavtlolpatlonom ordlnatan U) 

126 Id Dj Oalt ocme llludg Add 
esse V 

1S7 Omit Bloat diolt ^i;^tliui8; 
^ A seoondum Au^stlmm LP? 

IS? nag.JaBi# .a I, 7, 7 J jlL 32, 
62(i.829 (0.>i:L 83, sgo. 1, 
part 1, p* 314) 

126 qgiW L 

129 Qm^t S 

130 est oemlno V 

131 raobUlB V 

132 C3f« arist* Aietauhv. a, 1 
(1052 a 20.27) 

133 aiiO ? 

1S4 SiaXk 

186 txijas sloillltuulnls LUY 

136 seqaitar V 

157 a materia o 

186 noa hablta deslderatur, et 
hablta atnatur 

139 snom 7 

140 deslderll V 

142 .Qo^t D 

243 3*. .^'. SSJ^UB^ VI, 10, 12| 
i-L 42, 932t Be Olv, Dei. XI, 
26| ?L 41, 842 (Gai: L 83« seo. V, 
part 1, p* 564) 

144 id 07 

M6 asit D 

146 Ja^u* xl, 21 

147 disposlta It stmt dlsposita D 
146 Omit UN 

U9 ;Jt. .toy, ae. Geu. ad Lltt. lY, 
3, 7j IL 34, 299 (OoTL ES, 
seo, ill, part 2, p, di)»99) 

160 Oait 

IBl Jii, ille 0? 

162 jM ita D} Ista 07 

163 rutione 0} j^ soilioet divlnae 7 

164 bcmitatia suae 

165 «atioae D| jj^ dlvlnae 7 

166 Qnit D 

167 ot. Basil .BflBUia. 7| ±G 31,1768 
166 cctiaedan saiit L 

169 ifldi Ja 

160 Qnit D 

161 i^ et V 

162 Qnit 


,^d Jei V 
Kaolin 1.4 

sunt vatiooes 'UJV 


a pvlaa (Muse eub talllMUi 
laodis floit LD 
akatovalitev 9 

at* .iU«. D« Sen, ad Lltt> 7, 
2£, 4B8 i-L 34, 237 {Oaf:^L 26, 
•ec, ill, part 2, p* 166) 

dt« \ag, Dfl Matara BoaA I, 
^ jtJL 4£i, 563 (C./L 25, soo. 
«1^ part 2« u. 6&6) 
4§ iT3a ;d,« 21 

c>t. >a^. ^ »kui. ad lAtt IV, 
4, G| i^L 34, :>00 (0,?X 26, 
seo. lii, part 2, p* 100} 

re:«£tfi the text l^om i at 
diolt lbld«:n«*.at eo o^l 

^t* Aug. liM* 

id L 

i4lL ibidoffl V 

MZtO i> 

3%m -tig. ^,9. -tf^f^ VI, 10.12, 

i-L 42, 932 


^Ji et 

boo I> 

zepraMteutat T 
Id Dt Idem Y 

prout D 
In 86 oa V 

St* AXIS» '^ ^"»» I^ollo;. U, 
21| 21X1, 87; (.L 34, i3l| 
196 hi «xait lyf 












196 ;iU iiO^ De grin. YI, 11,11^12, 
PL 42, 9?J^932 

197 3U ^e» I>e Vera anlia, XLIII, 
Oil iL 34,169 

198 seouzido voutigio DY 

199 ^^InY 

200 «aia D 

201 Of. at* ^>ag» >ioll , loq» I,l,3t 
aolilOQ* II, 4,7| <l 30, 670, 

202 a^ ipsa LDY 

203 StiLik ^ 

2^ O ^lvV ratic«ie».,rei 

205 pooit Y 

206 6tm Bernard auger Qaatiqg. sormo 
xi, 6, L 163, 626 

207 et D 
206 Mt I3Y 

209 etiam D 

210 iliad l>| Ctoilf LV 

211 3t» iiog, Pe Dlv, ./^ pP-fif-TT IffliiH^, 
q« 16| i^h 40, i£ 

212 rea ooastat Y 

213 AjJ^aubstaatlalis 

214 taitbiffl sunt I 

215 bi D 

216 illod f 

217 atnm^a op 

218 vani 

219 St« i^gs» J0 a«n. q4 ^tt > lY, 
6,12| r'L 34, 301 (Oa L, 26, 
seo« lii, pciTt 2, p« 102} 

220 pvaediota LDY 

221 j^ taata» D 

222 et C 

2ZS MSttitiae dlvinae Y 
2M i4«m aeooadaa» esse 
2» pvaadiotia 

226 ,Q92JL vMe«..tritits ID 

227 esse D 
226 pevema 

229 Oteit D 

230 alia D 

231 jj^ aliad 

(X077b3a- 1078a 5) 
883 eQOldentalikis D 
234 in c««stiiris 2X>83unt D 
886 ATlat» iJit^A» (107&b 1) 
2M 4« dlff iniUosM L 
28V oBmnxea&txit U>| aorvantar p 

ssa ^i^ ho3 Op 

239 triaae^all L 

MO ^j^BOjiltil D 

Sil ejus xnropoTtlo D 

)l|ft 0appO3ita '1 

848 Arist« iblt^. 

Bowever, I hcvo ziot bo«a able 
%o flM four differences of 
tho good berei urlstotlo lists 

as spaoies of tb» beotitlfal, 
«hloh is equated «itb thj good* 

244 eoruB LOD 

846 aoa tautaia 

247 s«« Aas. P9 ffatt goni int pi- 

48, 5£8 (0. L 26, so* vi, 
part 2, p* 656) 
£48 Oni^ L 

849 sed Opf appavet L 
260 qgoiarto Y 

861 Stt Aug* Pff qfflia «a lA^t 17, ^t 
PI. P4, 299 ( C JJI. 26, seo« Hi, 
part 2, p« 98 ff ) 

2^ 0^4 * 

25» 3t, Aus« PI g^fl^ P^ '4tt IV, 

8, 6; *-L 34, 299-SOa {Z.xj.L 

26, 800«lii, part 2, p« 100) 
2&4 qood V 
266 Oqit D| quia V 
2S6 alt OP 
26? St« Aateose Tki ^^eimrtm I, 9, 

34t PL ]4, 143 (0 L 32, 

port l,p« 37) 
256 ttnlt L 

259 iijjja, oornoralltajB V 

260 sioat LCD 

^^ iMl sio*»*oorporalit)a8 T 

262 autan S 

263 seoimda rel Hf 
£64 optinuffl D 

860 Vma L 

266 txaeo tria etiaxo L0| Q p |it 
atlaa S 

267 ot. Aug* Da ggtora Boai 
XXIIIi FL 42, 858 (J L 25, 
soo* Ti, ,>art 2, p. 6^} 

266 est; booam eat D$ Ctafit 

OSiiO V 

269 et L( iiade 7 

270 St, Attg» Pe Q&am pd Utt. lY, 
4,dt PL 3i, 899-300 (Ojfl 
26, seo« ill, part 2, p« 100) 

271 et 

272 irratioaelis 0P| irratiotu^ 
bills D 

273 (jaa 

274 Dena.ue 

275 toUitur D 

276 ii^ubi 

277 qiantl LVj Qaiit D 

278 <|aidc|al4 D 

279 peaditar D 

260 natorale T 

261 i^aat If 

262 atLpra D 

263 b<maffl T 
284 prlvatar 

265 totoo Ui 

266 Cta4t L 

267 C.Mit Qt inoorniptlbiiia ia- 
corrai^tibllibtta D 

288 Qai^ OP 

289 la LVD 

290 to LVD; Omit 

291 est in ea IVD 

292 tantum L 

293 iacludit DV 

294 dosiderati V 
296 leteuD V 

296 Opit D 

297 -it. Aue. Oe Hat. Boa^ XXIIIt pL 
42,558 (Ci;'L 2e,8eo,7l,ii6rt 2, 
p* 866) 






hjlkd viuod hi bonl » 










enim D 


Q^t non ©at 

Omit OV 

of. ^t. .ag. ^|9, ;:^t-iyfc^ ^r 

alL VI; *L 42, 563 (C./ L 25 

uoo. vl, part 2, i>m 0S7) 

Of. also iflflt^J^^^^On ^U ' 

PL 40, £36 

C ^t 

Bioivaiis 3e i'lv. Uoo). IV ,4; 

K> 3, 699 ( L^ioii/sinca I6fc) 

plaatatlo J 

propriom Uff 

;it. Joaa. Dm. Ja Fidd Crtho» 

doaa I, 9| i^ 94, 638 

Add etlara ODV 

. t. ^Vag* Da iJen, ad I.itt. V, 

21, 42t i'L 34,336 (OJHL 2t, 

soo. ill, p rt 2 p. 166) 


Jt. Joan* Dm* ua F3,ae rtho» 

doxA II, 29| r^i 94, 963 

Of. Oloero -^ Ih*'''^^^ ^oroa 

ill, 6,16 (id. Mmellor, 0. 

F.W,, Ll;jel80->ro'il)ne», lo98; 

Yol II, iXAjJt it, p. 112) 

est ei I* 

aoiotar V 

^jovlde^tla sa_lontla D 

Oioexo :j^ f'fflturn Deog^jun IX, 

34, 07-66. (ed. «Sieilor, Vol. 

n, v> rt iv, > 77) 

ponont L 

aepiolons 7 

Job xl, 7 

326 oomprehaudons D 

327 enla OD 

326 aai^)ta detorr Inata 

329 Offil; 

330 ^^ ia 

331 Sibtraotionea 
SS2 eldem i/V 

3SI iUia OP 

33$ Rom, xi, 33 

336 olroa Detui 

336 Ctoit D 

337 I Qor. ts., 9 
3Pfi ifikstxlii, li 

OBaiT^T? xn 













«H^^ {<raatatu8 qtiati Of 

SisUt. ai&olfloet ipiovidentismt 

^^ eat aomen provldeutlae L 

ISon Invoni 

xi LP 

id LDV 

aive m 

Id OP 

Boathiao Pa Oon. rt-ll. IV, i 6; 

PL 63, 620 (3d. I'Qcteao'ie p. 130) 

teymlnari LO} romoaererl T 

uid la U) 

jt. Joan» Dam, Pe Fide Ofthoaojca 

I, 9| ra 94, 6:^6,636 

Omit OD 

idars est T 

quod id&u oum aomiaa boui est P 

pfionm P 

create LOp 

i, 2 

19 Of. dt# Jerome Uber ^obreiooroa 
^Gestionno ia Genes in» IL 23, 
^^ Oalt id eat Oirere...etbia 


ZX l^t. IV» 24 

55 Bab, xii, 29 

56 ^^ Iv, 13 
24 opera D 

27 flpi^^ eto. 'D 

26 bifi L 

29 JiAJi,D 

80 .ML ^ 

^ <gxo Q£> 

82 qaa T 

33 Dloai^8iu8 Pf PIlTi Mm» XIX, 2, 

i&S, 970 (Dioxvysii:oa,&30) 

34 qaa 7 

35 Eiyq» v| 21} I He /;^ xxlv, 16} 

X isiaJLiSf 3di, 17 

M Saa^ nil, u 

8T ^it do qaa «HoltuP D« Ot^t 
dicititr ? 

09 Gait LV 

40 id est U) 

41 quae ? 

42 tal D; q^ae 7 

45 pladuit lum solum D 
44 SjWi< 1, passim 

46 QfqjLt eto» L 

46 oontingena ii 

47 Q0i:V9.IIBJ)da V 

46 in 

49 jSkiL' 

60 0^ 1 , t Bed qU8ataBk»*est 0? 

51 est no en lj>oai.txm D 

62 quod P 

65 Qttit P 

64 Qsi^t- qaod«»»Bignifioatua B 

66 eeaoatoa 
64 qaaatoffl D 

67 prima 

58 oogoltlonom Del 

69 Qea» i, .' 

60 Jt. &reg« !;. gQoil in ^soefa. 
1, H&r. 1{ ^T. 76, 786 

61 0|^^ t i«lmo»«»ar(5UB»atam D 

62 Gioero i>e SaUiXti OooT'Xiti I, 2,4-6 
(ed, Kiellar, Vol. II, ijatt i», 
p* 6} 

63 soit T 

64 Of» dt. Affibroao tie Fide ad iiratj- 

gga& I*X*9t i'^ 16* ^63 
66 eet notson D 

66 ooaservator 3 

67 Oait 

66 OQJt om8a*»*OBBiiaa D 

60 seoiuidiim boo ^od 

70 rationis talis 0; talis ratioais 
pt^rfootionen f 

71 cviod D 

72 naturae 

73 Onit OF 

74 .>.dd aon 

76 Otait 

77 suffl QJTjr 

78 Omit L 

79 Qv-^t. ^juli, 39 

80 Jai^ xiy, 21 

81 Omi,^ ay 

82 diviziam LD 

88 jrmjrtioipatur V 

84 I 3s£f 'iii» 6 

86 Bloat 

86 fiiggfiA. LomteJfdl la I Oor. vil.i,5j 
PL 191, lu04 

87 dioitar L 

88 I ii2j> viii, 4 

89 adepte V 

90 tit 

91 1 Qor. 7iil, 5 

92 dli oalti a!int OP 

93 I QSJb^ 'ill* fi 

^ "iQSSa iXMKbardi ibid. 
96 tinivool LTj ^:»it -ja^ie ibidem sini^ 
Tool Q 

96 eat etiaa VU> 

97 etiam T 

98 oeannnloaretar D 

99 dlwrsitates D| deitatetn ? 

100 j^ sunt X' 


loe ^M. --«» ^ 

X03 ueitotis UT 

104 aait et iddOf i^L • ^«^^ ^ 

106 Z i2a£.* viii.S 

10$ aiosB;.. Loml>a<dl la I Oof. 
▼lii,4; :L 191, 1602 

107 deit«ti8 uy 
106 ijropte* ? 
109 boo ny 

UO i>«xt. x,17{ oJL&iij» xl'ix»! 

Ill ot V 

lia Ji'. DlOAjsloB Da DiT> aom» XII, 

. Cr 3, 971 
lis Of. Qlo>fta LOGRboYdiin I Cov» 

»iii,b-7i : L 191, 1604 
114 oep ttio xii D 
US Diooysias ^j^ 0;H , el« t'lor» :ait 

^Q 3, 294 
U6 Jitti^ ill, 5 

U7 ijiai* xivi, 10 

118 SiBiJi ^^^* '^ 

U9 diolttiJ V 

1£0 ooopletaf L09 

121 aed L 

122 /i^d autoa V 

123 oalm P 

124 peurtloipat 

125 prolati 

126 MsA/* xxiil, £6 
li.7 fext of tho uotatioa ap- 

petsra corrupt in raanaeorlpts; 

I have teaa laafcle to find 

suoh a c^aotatloa ia tbo book 

of iroTerbs, 
126 ?&Hl- lxajd, 6 
129 Qgiit oto« L;> 
ISO JQ<yi> X, 35 

131 itt. «cilioet V 

132 D«i «ertao OP 

183 .atkL^*" 

1S5 rjtod. vll, 1 

136 jJLJt!* Ixxcifl 

137 Stat 3 

188 «yaosogis V 

159 ^j|4 eto» S 

MO iafiiL* xiii, 1 

Ul 0189 LSV 

142 %H^ LD7 

143 ^o 

144 ISSQJL» iXf 11 
MC 00«lo V 

146 velocloretB Q? 

147 S2fii&^ v*6 
146 Qq^ t oto* L 
149 gait ID 

1£0 determlziate OD 

151 ordinatoffl 

152 agltiU OP 

1^3 jQnil Intyaa.aSuum D 

IM /jriafc. ^Aetaivhg, JJI, 10 (l07ba 12) 

IfiS guberaaatuf L 

1S6 Jjyt ®Jii" 

167 hio D 
158 ^^ a 
lfi9 QbA^ DT 

160 demoostraaaa 

161 at. Joaa. Dam. Do Fide Ortbodnx^ ij. 
29t 10 94, 963 

162 JSS^ oaiLi1t)iis...e8t D 

168 est 
164 quid«» L 

166 Of. Soto 166 be^oty 
166 lajna oirrera L 

166 oi«e»o iiijaMa-2sasaa-ii 20,63 1 

(ed* 3ii0ller,V 1. ii, ^x-rt iv, 
p. 21) 
1*9 anit 

170 ijg^« KTfxU, 9 

171 ,4^ et >D 

172 ;jri«t. Ithio. !^io. 1,7 {1097b 22 - 
109aa 16) 

178 eaia 
174 «ioat D 
1T8 redaolt L 

176 ^^ in D 

177 Diemsivui Pe Piv. Npnu lY, 33 
PG 3, 734 (Dloaysieoa y. 3£ ) 












faa3f.iflia D 
proprietate D 
natura j;>i'oviaonuB D 
i'Jiiet, mt&i'b if* XII, 10 1 
(1075ei 20) 
requiem LVj Omi^t, 
QntLt LD, reote V 
voliriuuimt 3 
ab eo BSBiper U 
voluit 0| dioit Q 

Qmit i)V 

slbi habont 

oataras C| ^j^ et ideo D; 

M£L «t V 

«Item WV 

sunt i>| sint raro D 


0|Si^t Oi» 
flunt P 
pro.ter ? 


iUutainetionos f 
Ow.i% Vi :.M ot x' 
Jiat)« xli, 18 
dispoals V 
■Inlt LD 
et L 
boo OP 
defootam V 

I iSai.. ix, 9 


^t. Joroise Ooma, la Kafc-Oi.Q. 
X,li xL 25, 1206 
do V 

'"^t i)*ovidoatiain ejuflj a4|3 
^«ovidentla Jei ? 
inJ'xriOBOS L; ii^^y i ibl 









i^^ von L 
xistuyallum L 
IrrationabllloiB L 

yionytilue Oe Jlv. ?^om, IT,33| 
ttJ 3, 734 (ed. jioAy8laoa,,;«309) 
.\M1 Oj in Deo jV 
(jaicliibets V 

Of» vio. Setflphg. ix,6| f. 105-106 
«bore thia ia icund at least ad 
aenaojn« FoweTor» ,v oonna do re 
«^ 0xplioit2jr ••Omnss autom oauaae 
mall aon invenliuitur ia his q^jao 
simt B'lb ciroulo iuaae" (ibid.) 
zxatsxralibas L 
agitari ossa 
ordinal i D 

Cl. ATlet. iiSMii» II#4(|96a 25) 
Qa|ti$ I<| etlam V 

in ooaaartatioao aatutrerom wT 
soo n 

s^per eodem nodo PT 
propter V 

teia bona quom mala J) 
Oait ordo provldentiae D 
adiinattur i) 
ojrdtaantar M 
etian D 
Qmi^ D 

Boothi'i3 Do Oon, ihil , V,p.6| 
i^h 53, 660 (ed. Portesoio p. 159- 

^Si± pVOTidoatla 1> 


ao L? 

gBruuatur 0|gB»Ht ir V 

^14 ocGiplectezis D 

quod V 

qaod ? 

tameu 1>V 

nos etiam 
Mi «t »8 Ordt V 


ttt titWti V 

tS6 at. Joaxu D-m. Da Fida Cytho- 
^SIMlJU ^9t X . 94, 969 

2S« Boethlaa .-jc Qoa. hiU IV. i-. 
6t rJL 63, B14«-cX6 

S57 nota.8 L 

2fi8 .iul ? 

259 Ipse iJ]f 

£60 siotas L 

261 taaen Df noa T 
26S «raaefartuy D 

265 aovet DV 

266 ad qaa« 

266 ^iliL«»fe L 

266 quia L 

267 Aaiveraa OPf ^^^ tono 0$ 
i>4 li^ sutetaatia ? 

266 i^ forsa ^ 

269 gefoadayuia OP 

270 dt* Joaiu Daia* JLliM^ 

271 oevtissloM LD 

272 jriat. i:<^taphsr. I,2(962e 16) 

273 Cff|.t t)ula«,#i)rovidet U 

274 Omit 6 
276 admlrara 

276 apparaat L 

277 at* Joen* Dam* ikJU.* 

278 Qttit ^m 

279 Toluntaa alt !• 

280 dlvldantar 

281 OUT 

ZQii mmt ;:mltlplioe8 

262 oosQplet U) 

284 .Jblnreviatlon covript In 

P a»t! mb I?) 

286 alia 1.0 

266 cgxaa 

267 ftalt Y 
286 In 

269 c ;i^,^t poena eatliulA. poena Y 

290 quia&r. 

291 f^^|t- qma* sunt !> 

292 Ctoit 

298 fcomitislo 

;:it« Joan. Uan. Ibldi it} 96,MI 

296 Otdt 
2M favonta U) 

297 btuu LD 
296 enlm L 

299 ^t. JoQu. Dm, Ibid. 

800 at D 

301 jiak i-ii 

SQ2 gpb. 11 

303 exoedat 

304 .idii. sua 7 

306 IZ Qor. xil, 19.31 
806 JiiO^ KVl, 19-31 

307 gloria 

308 ^jgfiQj» ix 

309 in WDl 

310 at OD 

312 permittere 

313 veal end o D 

314 oaiJitulo iv L 

316 Dloaysius de DlV.Ko;a. iY, 33j 
PO 8, 734 {OlODirslaaa p. 311} 

316 fas L 

317 aat 
31£ tit 

319 ion Invaal 

320 igm» xil, 10 

321 ^ando -^ 

322 bonoruffi U) 

828 oaaere peooata 

324 Pev the tradition as tfce pinlah- 
a»nt of Berofci, ot. Joacordsi^ti^ 
Bibllomm Junrcfu^^i,^ Vnlggf^i^f^.,..ii^^ 
tlonls ..ixtl Y .'oatiilaia Mflffff 
^ 'Mi a il» .jt 003 

82S I j^j^« vl, 0-16 

326 aunt 

327 eiwniant 

328 £gif^ iaudl, 2 

829 modoa 
880 Qttit 

381 0uoa i^das Y 

382 hda ease 07 



laaXl -LOT 



Qgtit 1^ 



..-sa^ ix* 3 









Ptel^ lxit.11,2 



.sal, xli 11,10 



jefem» xllg 1 


£fikgib> 1,13 


teiteffl Oi* 


Add et unr 


Of|it L 



boui i»lo aeispei* DV 



S^SJJk ^^ ta&ii. poniont'ir D 



Bo.^hlaa iJift poa, |3j;^. IT, 


x^ 3i x'L 68, 797 ( d. For- 


te so^te, p* iio) 



illad LOV 






Gialt D 



Itt OP 



in 0? 






«aim T 



OS tend it li«tis nomen 






Bo©thi.iB p^ Qqft, ^Jii^, I?, 


^•7i .It 63, 62S (ed. Fortes- 


oae, p« 134) 



nitet Lg nltatav D 



ve»a Or 



a turpi bis bozvesta 



4dd ab OP 



oifdsrl i^ 



vi P 



Boethlu» De aoa. : li. IV, 


-1» 3j i-'i' 63, 796 (ed, Fortoe- 


oae, p« xlo) 



.iriat. i;thij. 'io. VII. 1 

(U45a 23) 



Biat D 



deifloatar D 



dlviaitatia WF 



diffortuaium D 



Arist. tiics. :i3. I.IO 
(ilOJb 26) 


virttiOBa u 

Omit T 

eacoroitum V 

oorniptioaem P 

id D 

vel D 

Of. Boe .hiua De Oon- rtil. IV, 

jr« 2,' iL 63, 796 ( od. Portosixia 

p»106) for Ulrioh's soaroe for 

thla qaotatioa. Of, eibo iiabo, 

Qorgj^ 607oj ^loibladeB lJi4e 

poas'int l> 

faoeret faoore po«89 P 

ddsiderlua 9 


oataraliter ob omaibue DV 

ao PTP 

Qnit LV 

ipsa LDT 

^^ qoaa 

est Qp oteoda D 


qui r© 

C^W In soalo; Ad|^ raalojo T 
quia L 
ooaaequontur V 

Omit D 

qmit m 


Boe tb las ibid. 

vertit n 

^* ^beedfus 249| Mono 61t..,g|2g«^8l 

£KaiL)> xlTlii, 21 

On it oomparatus oet jaQiou).lu Wf 


ifi^« Jdi, 26 

iijljl bujuasi iii V 

aU Aug. In Jo.^. Eiteaig, 1 1,1, 13 1 

PL 35, 1386 

dam D 

est P 

Qnit L 

3t« .Jig. Ooaf. Z,12,19t iX 32,670 

(OS^a 33, s9C«i, a.t 1, i„ 17) 

/iild at 



oo^isequitof LTi aelatur 





i.Bixl» Ixsii, 8 


^g|i« Z, 35 


J^ &%(U cv 


«ain D 


Lni^orla L 


hlo nos D 


foaittnt D 


3t, areg* M. Hftral. X>nri« 13,21{ 



Pi 76, 360 



I have not foonu the pl&oB «here 


aicurlce -laenao Y 

(Jregoiy co-anaats on j,-Bal« x»,4 


IV ,22« 


i^aal. rv*4 

fQ 3, 724 (^^losi^siaoe p* 



tedt postea aooeleraveront 






Ot^t D? 


alionia Dg allorais qualltate D 


aliqaoB LD 




ponlunt D 


patiantai Y 




Omit Y 


Oait OY 




a.>it V 


detineatav LO; doterreautur P 


pRideaUa<' L 

mrltten above lino with no de- 


AjJd cor port V 

letion of detineentur* 


adaptet L^Y 


r^\% LUY 




k£^,f «Ht, 9 


d iter «a 7 


i2B4lL9t<i« 1« 








86 ooospioit D 


i^al* sxxxi^ 26 


9p4V *wb oDBtuitj dd metaej38 L 




fortaaam emitter t; im 


Omit Y 


propter hoc bonam Y 


Cir, Boetb. Pf 391}« , hU. 



«aMSOaanttiy ID 

1, 6t i^L 68, ei9 (oi. Fortoo* 


bonl S 

eae p« 126) for tho aoiroe of 


Ot LD 

%h» ^4tatlo&* 


miraottiis V 


i^ halKtertut 


et I 


cjoBttiagi Y 


faoiont L 


ftiit ut i-ufcot ") 


aaM dlssimilos Dg Qa|t esso Y 


j't^flf;.' xxi, 22 


Hoa in^nl 


^^ fifl"^* 3^ ^t B«»(t« 


^^ (x) 2 


enim B 


M^ etiaa D 


IT ^. xvl et aeq* 


.^iX ®^ ^M V 


ZY %fe» xxl et seq. 


ratio LV 


Dlott/fllnfl Da Mf- Boa. YIlI-Bi 


«GtiO V 

iO 3» 8W (DlOflmsiaoa j 

> 440) 


Soole. V, 7 


at U) 


aolunnas ID 


alltiil -^t Qliis V 


Qait eto» ^ 


C^^t DY 


axmatoe Y 




pOSSit D 


490 iisk zli S4 

491 C^ lt ant fortiores aiU| 
Adu eodiumt lores sttat alii 

492 bonl sage 11 

493 et LD 

494 soilioet L0? 

496 p«ssltf} poasont V 

496 iJnU. ''^ 

497 per Is it 

4i96 Qpi,t >it aioitart «oM dloit 0* 

Cteit dlolteir X 

499 j^a&ifi cs^lvlii, 6 

600 M^ hxio Lf 4^ , el praoseatl 


501 Omit U) 

502 rationls 

503 ntrl^t Oj tuBO Deao teddet D 
804 rsai. 1x1, 13 

606 II fiaiji V, 10 

606 Paal. Liodi, 17-18 

607 «im dioit Li.V 
606 ^041 etc* m 
609 static» U> 

OBAi'iT-p A.7II 

X A j flfi txactatuB uinti Of 

5 modis D 

8 enlffl Df Aait V 

4 Dion^fllus p^, JVt ggflto XIX 

x'O 3, 970 (^ioiyoiaoa d.SS?) 

8 X^i'^^solcmtla D 

6 seoantio LT 

7 oanote g veroat LOf 

8 aoaen op 

9 regit sio L| sio regit omnia 

10 eo D 

11 saaotitas 0| ^y^ enim D 

12 ooxivenlt D 

14 propariam Lf est j^z opviaia U 

18 Deoa L 

16 2^, 111« 62 

17 Otai,t boiiadio turn uoiaen; .afLd 
bejaedio Lf , ^ , j^ Del 

18 1 12S# 11, 2 

19 la^i. vl, 2 

20 ^^ babet V 

21 JgS.* xi« 44t Oof inthiOB xl I, 

22 quoaiam LUVP; .^cid at JV 

23 Omit Oj A^ iQgua ¥ 

24 .M^ ^« 22 

26 Ob L 

84 a4^ qciae 1 

27 paytlaentur Y 
88 aeovajaenta D 

29 i^tfl. psi^tlaent 

30 A 4 , d In V 

31 Cf. I'^a^. Xii,16t23cll,31;xxc«26 

32 I 2S^ ^U 2 

88 dlxent Dt dlKaxat V 
91 «eoota D 

38 ^gg. eat V 

36 aaictitao T 

37 Onlt 

36 Of. at. -J.b6»t la I tfalQ. tr. ?, 
cap. XI t Vivos 7, iJ» t2}t "^ano- 
titas autem, at die it ibilosop ;s 
In libr4 'De Bono LaaciabiIilKie* 
est Virtua scire faoieoa qaae ad 
Daom et dlvina Jaut£< sunta** 
On this work attributed to aj>la- 
totle, of* "Avist* Latlnae" ( 
«ome 1939) p* 73-74 

39 Sap. £, 10 

40 oonvenit IDV 

41 etlam V 

42 est 

48 ^g, est T 
44 purltas T 

46 eiziza 
48 sit 

47 lSy)d. 2XiT, 7 

46 semper i.{ propter se D 


49a Dion^Kitxa ue DiT> Horn. aII.Sj 
. iJ 3,970 (i^lonysiaoa p»526) 

60 CjLlt Id eat D^ 

61 natoxa 

62 ..vist. .h^;«lrt. 1,9 (192a 25) 
for notion of i^rivatlon in 

64 .vdd sio 

64a Cpit quaei Ai^ e qua Wf 

66 peytinont ad VGtmi fflOBditlcm 

66 id 

67 vlo» «jgj^ XT,2; f* 86r a 
56 JUaoaoalatom ^ 

69 (pod f 

60 inf imim 

61 eletattui T 

62 Omit D 

65 noQ V 

64 avxadatixt V 

66 at 

66 Dei sclius u 

67 j2j2k ^E^* ^ 
6$ ^fait L 

69 ^^it &unt«.«eja8 LOjPD 

70 pctrtiaipatione D 

71 ooommioatttm sit Lk>T 

72 I Sfit« vlil, 5 

73 iSfii. ixvii, 6 

74 ij^ et D 
76 Jad» xvl,3 

76 ^00» Ui, 46 

77 .t. l-ibroee B^, n«^, .ft^ ^y»> 
tiLijona 1,1; IL 10, B53 

78 OpJ-t no&iiic yoteatatis D 

79 Dionvsias i>e ;iv» Hopu XI 1. 2 
iO C, 970 (Uioiv/si os i.. 529) 

Bj.^ J>^ J4Y< afm* ^X| ^'^ 122 
1166 ( iotij^cifioa »• 629) 
^'l- ^^-* £€oanJtun r&tionem LDT 

62 dioitar U 

83 /^lst. : thio. 310. VIII, 11» 

(11611> 4) 

64 siosit 

66 etiam D 

36 InstnuBsatalitar h\N 

67 t. I .- rvioBB 
66 IMS^ judi,86 

69 Dc»nimie L{ Qn4t 0} Deaa 

90 ,t ^^. oos Xsr 

91 g^it. «to, .aff,d et oai ID7 

92 nan» rum LDV 
92 perfeota D 
94 qvLmi T> 

96 beatorun T 

96 quod CD 

97 Oteit Y 

98 Avlo, :v!3ta. 71,5 J f. 94irb-96ra 

99 i>ais soloa LD7 

100 at* Ang» i^ ffeft» # ]fm» VIII, 

U, 24; L 34,3e2 (C L 26, 
seo. lii, 9.-n 2, p. 248-249) 

^1 Qe4* dioit slo IX) 

102 60 7 

103 wjia yjS 

104 ^al» 3CV,2 

106 Omit Ciiic«iiaa,*,6^8 IVi 

1,06 suffioientia pev se V 

10? •aprapositlonls D 

lOd qnae D 

109 ^ et U)V 

110 mlmi 0} nltui 7 

111 C M t ^ 

112 def&otos 

113 C^t solum LJY{ /idd poasiblle OF 
124 poss bilitate abeoluta LVf 

116 cpa D 

116 Qnit 

117 «uprapositttia D 
116 Qnlt Teva D 

119 supyaposltlonla D 

120 Add hano rroV 

121 (|ualites D 

122 all<fiXs ereatua l> 


^^^ S^iX ^l ^0 pyopvium est V 

1^6 nmo L 

127 I gla. Tl, 16 

128 Qtalt etc» J 

129 QB^t in haa i^rfeotlooot 

130 Dioay» ikUaa 

131 A»l8t. ■■\)r,;.Q^ -.^q^ V,2-3| 
{U30a ff) 

1S2 dt. AiiKsrt iaJL^aaJ^, d. 

36B, art. 7 (Vlves 26, ,;. 

^ tb© hiatorlo' 1 sfsiiro©» of 
the dootrino of the '*datoy 
forn;arttnf of» tiiB note in 
tbe Ottawa edition of the 

^affffu^ '^^•nh of it, Thos. a. 

1,45, 8 

135 eaope sovlptura L 
134 aotet D 

155 eAoeptionem pefsonama :jV 

136 lp«o L» 

137 Btctait LV 
136 Cfait 

139 return LDT} origloism o 

140 iufiat. JLtUiSjuiiia» viii.e 

(X160b 1) 
^1 Cjaipt 0ocund-Am rhilosopbnm 

aaia t^ttoiaxs CP 
MS iaUl ^ 
243 aojfiptae V 
144 saope 
105 nomen OP 
146 late lleotueli toy 

i*7 q^t OP 

US Omtt D 

349 .osa^ 11 

1£0 Ideo IX} 

151 eoeli LT 

152 eor:tm L 

153 est hoc l?7 

154 nat!iJ a V 












An«t. rthio. y^q> x,9 (iieoa 6) 


-?lBU tbia. ;,g(iiafi« J4) 
v'qaiV xvii, 2 
ocnjtineiteir 7 D 

ia&l* ^i^^li, 22 
^-dt^ c.!7.1a 0| ^ia 7 
iailjg. et D 
A #l In ipso OP 
est lox 0? 
JH^^ X!a:lll, 2 
^roverb» iii, 16 
Oeoa LDV 
J^gjli* iv, 24 

CJf. St. Aug. £ejAbArb.l,6a 
-=L 52, 1226 
«am D 
Qnm , OP 

Oa , lt a logondo et I. 
Isid. ■ tvaol, II, 10,2 
fel L 
Afl,4 poy 
q'Aanfeaa ODV 
sigalfiaatam aojainla 1) 
Add lot LOijj iox ost siout V 
laiii, ZLmi>fi 11. 10,3 
i^UJL I? 
qnldquld D 

Dioaycius .Pe Sly. ;^«^ m VIII, 7; 
i G 3, 8t?4 { Ulonys iaoa j)« 433) 
homo D 
Omit im 

»o«tfciu3 De aon. .rii. it,p. 6 , 
?L 65, 8U {ed, Fortesou© x>»123j 
propria 7 

Dionysias Ibid, 
^** Aug. Do Lib. .Jf^. 1,6,15; 
i L 32, 1229 
.saaa B 


196 iroosRtax D 228 

197 sua P 229 

198 Mi -* Boeth't'is in I L>e 280 
On» hi* l©t,-©a quia patl 851 
sidora pore .tmt; 232 

199 Boetiiae Dg Oon* .fa.l^ I,I4.6| 
PL 62, 634 (Oii* Fortosoao o* 

200 BoethiiB Pb ffffiati FkUtHt ^* 
3| .• L 63, 676 (ed. FortCiiOae 

!>• 37) 

201 ooastet hd^i 233 

202 j^ Igitur D 234 

205 ^j^ aio L 23B 
204 ^t 

206 i^ a 236 
206 Oa^t 8€>c<mJu.'n«*«ai6tributivae 237 

2J7 x^aotiais X< 

206 Of. :3t. Aug, |)g V^y, P9iJLi» I, 239 

19, 56j L 34, 147 240 

209 Veritas 00 

210 ^i^ ootavo V 241 

211 aupfa D 

212 est, -us* Oe aea^ ad litt, VIII, 242 
28, 44; L 34, 369 (CJ L 28, SiS 
•eo. ill, pert S, p, 262) 244 

213 »oltw)tete V 24fi 

214 ljonit0t«s V 

2I£ (xnnia J'x^too est U 244 

216 .^d etiam LD 247 

217 ^u^ XV, 1 246 

218 CiP^ , \ siwio Iwn-'VOleritlaej .-4 ^, 

sivo bot^avslontia L 249 

219 ,i4^ jovldentiao D 2S0 

220 -inDm jn, 1 261 

221 ait 262 
2?X qtait ODVP 253 
223 dispone 8 L> 

AM .QaLSbl) 284 

2» Qff it 255 

226 S^BiJL^ 266 


at. 4ag* i)o 'Sxktu VI, 10, 11| 

IL 42, 931 

Jo, f^ V, 22 

<vjfist. v:tb. Uio. I¥,7 (1132a 21) 

aajjs ]} 

dloit OP 

Of, God, Jut^t. VI, 23, 1» ,)• 

'£eataKOutle, au seiisao* (Oorpua 

Juifis Civiiis IX, Berolln, a ud 

»c'i(]ruT.£in^, 1914) 

Moro oxaotij, of. Ditieat* 1,1V, 

1] " ...uod priacipl pi »iit, le^ia 

habot vi^Jo^eal", (ibid,, p, 3i>) 


^pi quoniia L 

.OJiVls i^L 32, U7,16l 

iB^jsm oeao L 

Hp /a» vlii, 2 

GlpsB^ lombardl in I'osiu vili,22 

rl 191, 14?.2 

gaal. xviii, 7 

S^lPPga QP^^^^i^-^fl ia Bsal* '^viilt 
i^i 134, 871 

Ss&k ^i^«> ratio J ,J^ siao ratloae 

nrdinlQ V 

qao L 

dispositloaem divinaa Liff 

aultiplioantur lODt autliplioatujr 


esaantialiter 9 

C^lt V 

St» itaig. Da Oataoh. Pad. 1,18,30; 

i^L 40, .-^SS 

dispensatlonlbaa D 

ernare LV 

•* ^! &d^ etititn in \.Uf 

Jt. Au;-% Do Lib. &rb. I,6,lfit 

PL 32, 1229 

nobis ojutfitalitet L 

BotP» ilf 33 

Juatitia diatributivcM rationes D 



SB6 aiiqiios V 
W» Oc^lt c:)i' 

666 (CtS'L 53, seO, I, i-art 1, 
P* 84} 

262 Cblt L 
S6S sua L 

184 MSl 4^ ^P 

265 Otait CP 

nV St. Aas, L'o Lib, arb. 1,6, 16| 
iL 32, 1229 

266 tttmm VJV 

267 (Ufferentlaa ratioBom LT 
246 aubJtaif V 

269 eio ¥ 

270 C^ ^it L 

271 Of, 3U Aiiaelm ayf j^fM .pffiag 
n, 18; >L 158« 421 (ed. 
Sobrnltt II, p» 12S-1231 

272 i\<^ saae D 

273 trt. Hilary UWy 1?^ USimn 
PL 10, 611 

275 ,^t. Hilary ibid. 

276 igl«t 

277 Otedt OF 

278 064 i) 
299 sod f 
280 Ckplt D 
241 Omit OP 
2^2 Otalt I 

283 3t, Kll&ry |,fff ^rlUr K| i»I. 10, 

264 doitatis 

2M nalt LOD 

267 ii^3k.-.30 

£Ce idieo *. 

269 aonoeesus 

290 (juendoqae vooatar 

291 prlnolpiencli L 

292 f^^t s«30axuiua legem aeterxxaffl] 
/4 4 aeteraa I) 

29J5 tyinitas V 

^^ Q ^t aon qao,..aUo 











St» -.ttij. Be griiu VI, 3,4-6 J 
rL4 2, 926-927 

eacae^Ui^Qsir LO? 
n» vent la D 

^ , 4 esse D 

Dicoycine De DIy. Ean^ 1x^6» 

^0 3, 914 (DloA^Bleaa x>« 466) 

4esti8 I. 

•'M,t. Qujus eat lajaeo L 

^■rqv. viil, 30 

ego U> 

i;tallLdioitiir.«*ftilt D 


■rrcv. ?ili,23 

IsglBlstcrlbas V 

DloiVsias L)c Oael. Lieraf . If,4a 

J-G 3, 162 


voluatato L 
Qpit LP 

-*• ^^^e» j;>e,Yigy^,?oW> i ,31,661 

?I 34« 246 

.4^ in y 

jQS^ noa est fast ,^^ vevo oofaaD 


justa D 

soilloet P 

propter D 

poteatiu ? 

est 3 

hie boo V 


.,^H^ fisse 
«a D 
Jtt£ta o 

St» Joan. Da . .,^____ 
II, 293 !<} 94, 963 
1: U)or waiter D 
-Tov. Vill, 15 

iidd et 

• De Fide or t^ff^DH 


53« C^ t ^I^T 

3r.7 Oait V 

336 cxithliis Qq (^(^ .fai,j^. II, M. 

6| JfL 63, 716 (ed« Fortesoue 

D. 66) 

339 Omit LDV 

340 pelagciB V 

341 Bo.-tbiii8 De Qoiu i bll. ill, -.;• 
1Z^ ih &Zf 765 (ed* Fori^esoue 
p« 101) 

342 aat ].07f 
348 f?||4t 
344 anorem V 

346 est eaov 0| Qc^^ V 

346 ^io<3 D 

347 <\rl8t. De Aalcoa IX. 3 (41Sa 

848 opevatlonom 

849 iM v«l T 

350 ipso ir 

351 ife^i. W 

362 Brethlus De Goiu xMl« IV,K« 
6s ±^L 63, 821 (ed* Fortesoue 
p» I3i-li52) 

963 amorom alternoffl '^ 

864 se 0} sibl aautao Vt ia se P 

856 Inoliuatlo non Y 

36« ^fait D 

367 dioant /hiloaophl D 

358 Of, Llbey de Oonala IX8(««J» 

Bardeohewey 171) 
369 sioat P 

360 mim W 

361 ..^ et nsp 

362 exQequatuT L 

368 inollnatar 
864 ideonae 
Stt Qqit op 

866 lait P 

867 Omit divinomj sM. ^ V 
366 ijjEii» oslviii, 6 

369 isS^ if, 8 

370 ^>oatlaus LDV 

371 Cjaijl^t veato oalidog sM, oto.D 
371a iSS^ iv, 7 


Jt. Auai. De Gen. ad :.itt. IX- 

U, 26« ' L 34, 403 (CJ'L 26, 

seo. ill, yatt 2 x->« 2&6-266) 


dioendo iX)? 


usa» T 


etlam L 


.ijiU£, 40 


quo L 


£a£j£i,. XXJtl, 36 


Qalt L 


ei D 


Cto4.t ©to» L 


non D 


Add at Dj -Omit Id ©at; ^dd Idem 

qa^t V 



jij^i^ lex eoilioiet V 


in P 


sua l¥ 




jiBah. 1^ ^ 


leges OP 


3ibl ipoi L 


&l^d, baeo V 


est 0P| Oait 




.'LAjL '1 


Ct^iitf pr i no ipi a* • • oonoor d oat P 


et slmilitado Del L 


divina L 


Clait OP 


MJi V 


lex aatovalis sive jos oata- 

rale est D 


Qg^t JNta«*.nattiyslls T 





4j,dd ot LDf 


Ctoit LD 


(Tmlt L 


vrist. De .aiiaal. I-l {4U6b 24) 


Jt- Joan. Dam. p^.^^do «"Tt o- 

dQga II, 24| PO 94, 955 


'XAt ad ojK^ra 


Isici. ;f 91. V, 4,1-2 


III, 7,12| PL 

412 ipsa 

413 (ilolt D 

414 in institatlo i) 
41fi 2sAX^ 
416 TOterl et aovo I 
41t Qalt 
416 Jl^* xsv, 40 

419 ^jj^ vUit 6 

420 .Qi^eto. IV 

421 (Uota D 
4^2 .M i<i«« ^ 

423 ^t* Aug» iffiJUL» 
32, 388 (Oj' a 33, seo 
part 1, p. 6S-64) 

423a JSbB^ Vil,l-2& 

424 M^tt. V, 17 

425 jQBft. ill, 6 
4£6 W en D7 
&7 earn 0} earn P 

426 Id Y 

409 Oplt llla«.,babeat| Md. ^ 
izuilgeat D 

430 itoyL ^ 

431 vzeaiu 1, 16 
*32 I ^Qt, s, 11 

433 Ideo^a t 

434 lUaa legem n 
436 }£attm V, 19 
486 £tott< ^ XV, 1^ 
4S7 jifij^ V, 20 

438 QfUi^ t ooxibs-mm et ^barlaa»» 
oruffl D 

439 addiuit cy 

440 O pt^t 
**1 Omit 

442 ^iVlstotelea D 

443 ijrist, I tli> Hie. V,10 U157b 

444 indoeibllitatam 
446 lapitem L];7 

446 1(2 ? 

447 aMit 

450 Sis&^ iif ^ 

451 extend it ^B 
































ad bomiaoe pfoltat P 
tBeoB «at L 
ioa* X, 29 

es^oit D 

oraiaetov uSJf 

SSSS/» Vllf 3 i 4&7a Ot. ^^3,4,17 

odio L 

Rom. Vii, 16 

Id Y 

SB^ vii, 23 

^lUL allaa ^ 
l«gsB aliam D 

^j^ diolt Dj .j^ qaam diolt 0?P 

yff,R^ig^.?. ^'^7P 

^d id eat L 

Oeait Y 

etiajB L 

eontyarietux Y 

SoHu vii. El 

potentialis D 

delectatilia sint Y 

rntea op 

iUa natare VJf 

a D 

Gt, Rocu vii, 23 

ex D 

aaOi, Til, £3 

Z ^ff<^»^p,^fi iii, 8 

gOQ. Vii, 17 

tt3.og^ loUtardi in Rom. vii, 17| 

PL 191, 1423 

Omit n 

"lidt in iibro 

i)t. -.vs. De Ub. Afl-> I#e,I88 

PL 32, 1231 

ifrationolis cp 

id lY 

oujua Y 

qvii LO 

•i 0P| Deo ittheerena UY 

(bit D 

03,0. aq Ixjmbardi ib;Ld. 

Otua Y 


Omit noa obodi mtj Add objioiuut 















In nultlS LD 

sab Ox' 

u^iLJOdO Or 

^t. MXS* ^ ¥^* -^fe' 1«6|14| 

iL S2, 1227 


Jl;* Aug» ^1^)1^* 

Of. Qio«Pii ^T<?a»t ^NW II «^6 

,t« Agb« I, 6,16» 

^L 32,1229 
aetorsaa DV 
Justam oat 
deterrltiavertiat D 
St* A!ig* AkM» 

!Ullll8{SU.^Bqa« T 

oonservatlo h 
Omit LT| sdd D 

«rdlneta STuxt D 

CIS Bolam LDf 

pertinent iiao^ia D 

disoop^tio V 

3t. Vig, De Oldiae r?,12j 

: /- 32, 10 .0 

8 altar i D 

eaas ablqae <^ 

OBlt D 


(^t Lj| ut y 

ex officio ad hoe 

BOioat LODV 

icmitabilis 1) 

St. ^ig. Do Lib. rU I,6,16| 

PL 32, 1229 


nmi^t OF 

o^ t alo $;id(iil(l«»«iiamtoblli< 

ter 7 




C^tf et diversat ^4^ imlvorea L 




j^^ metric allqaodf ^d Idosi 


fl^iVatoB n 


.^&LL '^-'^V 


gratisA Y 




ejtie p rfeotio LDY 


9p|t L 


taisesi TP 


juisto L 


estt est posita P 




eat Y 


eat ainplioiter et unite in 

lege eeterzia LDV 


qsM " 




^aliter l 


ggJUl* ZTl, 9 


tcmire levitati LDV 


iiM 3t(3* V 


Otni^t D 


Mi quQliteY 


lego 7 


fedixoaatur D 


sunt ODYP 


J^ in ' on torn 


Qmp. Of 


^^.tf ot noa»»«ii^8aa L 


ig^ X, 1 


ondant n 


ot. F^l^:»ti^i8 .id i.oniiaia I, 

i9,16| iL 6t, 167 


regat i id ld7 


potet qiod etlaffi LJV 


Yirt te 


Hon Li veal 


I Q31,, vii» 6 


baeo 7 


dioo aeoandom Indalgeatiam DV 


qaa© 07 




Mall» zi£, 6 













-■> §i^ Dens 7 

ooaoiUl V 

supeverogeuitlbua h 

CMt 7 

Qtatt UDD 

bal>9t U7 

opiniool D 

agtmt LDT 

ooiiser^a itlaffi Lj observativa 

0| obeervatlonsm D 

voccntdV L 
Hfl^r» vi« 6 
OQivBlllatio D 

a:'.it :?7 

TOi V 

minoreB D 
CpiLt D 

;it. Aug» (?,pflf Qtr Ipfwa ni, 

8, i4i .i4 31, 6'.>0 l«ii«>'^ 

3S« soo. 1« £XiVt 1, p* 67) 


duplex L 

^^ praorj.latio&l L 

J^'4 vol etia ..raeooptloxil -Oj 

vel uraa: iatioixi 7el piaitloni 


efl 7 

th 88, 1229 

aaliUam W 

at* Anflfllm 0>ir Dean Homo U, 

I63 ^ L 1^, 421^34 ( ed. 

i»ehmitt II» i)« 122ff) 
3t« Asxg» I^ Qj.y« Jel . XLi, 12, 
St i'L 41, 640 (a^ L to, soo« V, 
7>art 2, p» S94) 

1 Si£a» I, 9 

610 iUfieJUL I^ombardi in Z Tin,. 1; 
PL 198, ZZl 

611 ;^alt id eat 7 

612 supor LOP 
619 Add S9d 7 

63A iJaii 1^1 Ad4 taiien P 
616 aai>jra D • 

616 PsqI . 1, 2 

617 ^^ txlt D 

616 SXosaa Lombardl la ,i.;.i. Ij PL 

619 quae L 

620 voloatafl L | p illegible 

621 ^ it ^% ad bio eat D 

622 qaSd L7j Oalt id D 
628 tupra 

684 Qait Oi' 

6^ ;£afi^ Oa^Vlli, 44 

626 Oaaaiodons ■^poaitio in aalte» 
gjoggai ::. 170, (361 

627 sio OP 

628 asooadera L 

689 la aivlaa© volantatl» in aignla 
630 St. Aug. 3)8 Lib, ..^b. I, 15, 34j 

.PL 32, 1236 
*31 Of!^% aub aeternai ...da sabosae 

diviao ie^je D 

632 aiait im 

633 Gkalat iv, 4 

OBAi^'''^ X7IH 

1 ■''i# tfaotatus qalnti OP 

2 vel 

3 e^as notitiam l;3I7 

4 Jj^ e% 7 

5 et natura oontlngentia 7 

6 iJalfciD 

7 Boethius !>,? q^fli, ,.;t^a.» 17, -.6, 

PL 63, 618 (ed. PortosO'».e p, 123) 

e aio 7 

9 ealm 


n P? g rtt ibiM»^« 
If PL 6S, 630.631 ( "^4. 
Fortesaie, p« 137) 

X2 xnlla 

15 po0sit Vi>| Add potest P 
M .,^3Ul ^ ordliwm Ot ordlne 


16 yucsom Dj Qa^^ T 

16 Omit 

17 @t OP 

16 Vfiat. iliMla.' 1I#6: 1196b 10) 

19 -^ it 

20 geritur gratia 
81 .ifli q;iod ? 

22 ocase V 

29 aec^e L 

24 igaorari L 

25 c^od 

£6 ibidom Qb alio LT 

2f Boethias il^ia« (ed. Fortesoae 
p. 136) 

29 aiiqaea I/) 

90 0t to i>OPibus V 

SI 3t* Mgl» DQ Qiv* ...aost> 
m;^ 3,I ^ t q* 24s »!' 40, 17 

32 mst. itizaiiain.4 (laeb ff ) 

33 f iont semper Y 

84 Q fait B 

36 ^d onaiilKis 

36 Omit LV 

57 liit 

58 vjJBit ©t ordinatiUf D 

89 ^t baso*»«nieoe88ttVia« C 

40 jajiynt 07P 

41 Qa^t W 

42 et 

43 QfaAt ^f 

44 Qfsit W 
46 O^aL OP 
46 Cgsi , t V 

43 q^^ LDT| cum aon 

49 ordlxtatloaem L 

60 voro VOf 

61 boo LOV 

62 .wiet* xtorsiq, V,3 (196t 23) 
68 fieri aliqna 7 

64 Omit LD7 

68 et n 

66 et LV 

67 aaten 

68 Of. 3U ilfcort In II rh.BJ^^. 
tract. 12, 12 (Vlvee 3, p. W4) 

69 bctio DV 

60 f^l^ gaod.«.atrumlibet 7 

61 haboat 7 

62 ao 7 

68 Tore I^ 
64 habet OP 
66 Oalt T> 
66 %l% W 

91 eet iadiffereaa L7 
66 Cteit DP 

69 A»l8t. MS&MaL^ 9| {l^ea 29) 

70 donsideratas ssoundaia ipsam "> 

71 3t. Albert i^J^, (Vlvee 3, p. 143) 

72 Omit LO 

78 Uf. St. ..ibert ll^d. 
76 jf. ut. ibert lbid> 
TO of. Jt. Albert ibii» 

W ATioenaa .julfiaientia I,12|f, 21r 

W Afiat. ji^s^j^* 71,9 ( isea 1) 

76 pe» 7 

79 atitvalibet LD 

60 8tib eoase effiolent aoat 

61 Oait 

^^ iilil oaasaa 

63 tii ratloa» mater iae ooiisidGretur 
eat ad atramlibet Li)7 

64 JMID 

^ M 4- plnribiis 

i36 oanota D 

67 4^ et P 

60 in aatara ordinatan LD 

^ .^JU. l»tiid,..flt i) 

90 SaSkL QU<x^ diount qaod cp 

91 I>ubT 

92 Cbiit 


98 M± al OP 

95a httJaaMCrdi P 

94 ooELBaa UJT 

^ ^^% •ffioiaiitem««»(MU« S 

96 iJClsU -taraltu ?,6 (197a 5) 

9t imiwrsall V 

98 ilia dldont 03P 

99 ez C 

100 id «at Urf 

101 ex 

102 ObI^ 

103 (Mt OP 

104 Ibi OP 

106 irlst. jJbUU 

106 j^ est L 

107 igitar ? 

108 ntslt U) 

109 ipaa >m 

110 redaountur LV| xedaolttix 

111 a4t Lj et D 

112 Omit OP 

113 J^i^ T 
U4 16 
lis allod D 

116 SSlX pvlQ^ Ipsof ::>,d , d i^iiom 

tesipord L 

^'^ .^Ul, sit prlu0a«»oaaaara D 

lie Ogit bafio taTieiu^^se 

119 soioiuiam T 

120 -Jiat. ibid. (196b 19) 

121 < ^t L 

122 ilia OP 

iStS oonoXadituY 

124 v@l L 

126 Vel L 

126 ffait ODP 

127 aait 

128 alio I<D7 

129 abaoondento L 
190 a L 

131 \fl. d alter o proponents ipmut 

absoondere P 

ISI ffliiebili 

1^ prodtioit D 

154 Arlst, ^MalSL' n,5 (197a 6) 

IM dlff liiitionem L 

IM EoethiuB 1)6 Pan. ?fa^. T,p. 1, 

II 63, 831 (ad« Forteaoao p«138) 

137 Siall ^^ 38t| ^uid et I 

109 pvaetor 

340 c^i U) 

141 non L 

142 Omit L 

143 In^tinetionem D 

144 Is^ae L07 

146 ax boo dioantar L 

146 propter T 

147 iUa sanitaa non aoluffl L 
146 forttuaa 

149 Acfd quia praeter intentiouem 

160 propter V 

161 ee 

152 est 

153 quae fiont P 
364 in L07 

266 A^erroee In II liuaio- £j t.o. 

66 (Vol. 4« D9Tb-70ra) 

366 Afie totalis qaaestionem ID? 

167 Ajlat, xhvaia. 11,6 (197a 17) 

168 for tuna at oasaa L 
159 Qnit .0 

160 siaSJi cv 

161 twLiva D 
168 <vsl V 

168 ^d per D 
164 ^^ dioo or 
166 ipso I 

166 qi.o6 hlN i 166a @i Vt 

167 k»ist. ibid> 
WS anit 

169 f iunt V 

170 aoffom 

171 iM,^ ^ 

175 Ctadt im 

173 propria P 

174 tantuia 

176 sttoptom 

17ft Arist, ibid. (197b 3) 












Qri4t D 
©t OVP 

-risU Ibid, (1971) 7) 
Of. ^irlst, :'iikt ^i,Q. in.3j 
(UI2a 19 ff) 
ooztforeatia OV 

iorist* AyslQ, 1X^6 (I37b 3) 
Add Tel LD 
Omit JDi» 
'3rait DP 
:ldd in L 

Cf. -rist, -i-JsiQ. 11,6 
(197b G) 
et ? 

est differeatia 
dlotam V 

Jfist» iyi^ (i9Tb S3) 
vooati vooat Pfallosopbis LUy 
Intuc LD 
Oait lii/V 
sailio«« CD 
O^^t LD 
Omit D 

j^Q]^ (|ale offioiuntuf P 

ASist* rig ^flt /iftofl^W 1V,4 

(?70a 5) 

CI, jt. Albert ;r II ^UysAO' 

tfaot* 11« 17 (ViTe<. 3, p,lfi2) 


aliqaou T 

ail(>ai4 ttanaatar LT 

slotit aaata eat oeoasio perl- 

oull naVl6 sua absentia 7 

Ctoit im 

dl9ltu.r aii^:al0 D7 

i^gyj^ tel all ^ia ixuBxondo OP 

extra LD 

A44 , effeotiva sive S 


iiU St. vlbert ib^d. 

ouiTeysule U) 

quatltitas L 

218 Onlt L 

219 '.^flit DV 

220 di(KLut U 

221 sioat 

222 sappoaaifliui LDT 

223 (biit D 

224 OQiiOlplezis D 

286 Afiati t'hvsJQ. YI,6 (197b 22) 

2«« Qi^t LDf 

227 6igriifiea»e LiJ? 

226 ot LV 

229 ^^ ipsnm LT 

230 ^jg^ dloitiuf D 
£21 ombttlans D 

232 dioittir D 

233 fti^t D 

234 aRAulaase 
236 OoiAt P 

236 :^it L 

237 frustra dioat so LT| dioit ae 

236 Averroes la II Pbvsig, 2, 
t.o* 62 (Vol. 4, 72va) 

239 sunt 1 

240 yuant^im 

241 Oait nop 

242 iriat, ibi^. 
843 ease D 

244 <Mt P 

2^ Qtn , lt 

246 etiam vooatu* 

M7 Qcflit LD| (iuod 

248 oit. Sreg, 
PL 76, 800 

249 ^titiae OP 

260 volantatlB D 

261 aonsideratos S 
862 Omit V 

263 ostendit tmitatom ? 

264 nt 

266 AriBt. ibid. (197b 26) 


267 deaerviet felioitatl D? 

268 ^^ et Y 

269 dooeat D 















Aftd felioMa P 

Qb^ i ^ o& e>xpo\iltaai felioitatlBt 

Add tffiimm 

eotivao D| Qfti Ji ad expaditom 

fe iioltntis aotfiaii 4|dtd fell* 

o«ffl 0s:>edltttm ad aotae fell* 

oltptla T 

Bo'thioa Pe Gon, i-fail. Hr,i^,7j 

VI &Z, 823 (ed* Fortesoao p* 

133-1:'4 ) 

dloitj diclt Boethlas L 

ocdixnt LD 


enln <^ 

sibi «am D 

hi a locialmr T 

Uiad L 

lete 7 

Q..4 ,t probatiUB slti ^\^ pvobelnv 

motua P 
perfaotas raodas 

BoetliJus S^ gffBf mh 1V,P, 

6} 2L 63, 616 (ad. Fortescae 

p* X23) 

sioat I.V 

Plato ^^piy^R. traiisl* of 

OhaloJdiaa, p, 157 


iJtocoaoQXit iff 

o ,}U£ or turn iegitlcia oeusa 

son pr^^ooBBit 

A^d inait I. 

Md <j).ia LD 

hoo L: iliad m 

«sset LO? 

U 21» 

Ch^t LV 
%j.1f per se D 









SU Aoa, ije Sen, au Utt. vm, 

9,17, -L 34, 379 (0-^ L 26, 

BOO. iii, part 2, p. 244 ) 

C ^lf quod g'onlna 1« 

opera lAT 


Otolt D 

baeo e«go 7 

Boethlaa Pe Oon. Ail, ly.i'.ej 

I'L 63, 016 (ed« Fortesoaa 

r* 123>124} 

ill^ d is posit io providaatiae 

Of» DicnyBiuB De Djy» Sqm. IV, 

1$ x^ 3, 696 (Dioqysiaoa p«liO) 

ia D 

C3ai,t D 
•t LT 

Of, Heaesiafi m H.te.yp %ni^ni,Vti 
-C^XVIlj iO 40, 752 

intondazit L{ latendereat DT 
For tbe role of aapareta aab- 
ataooes in tbe aff&ira of maa. 
Of. A]:jaleias, Da Deo 300^^4 |p 
VI ( ArjulaiuB, Opera o Jiia, 
^Sideadorp-Hlideabraiad.part III| 
Upslaa 1642} p» 26) 
nirioh*s rofaranoa in Note 8C^ 
90mm to I» that Apuleias tsm 
porta tbe ^toio i^oaitiosi on tbia 
point* I biVo beoa iinablo to 
find a direct refereaoo in tbe 
"D© i>eo iiooratis", 
<jilod D 
Offilt OP 
BoethiuB ibid. 
Add 9% 7 

jjg^t dt motea al^jineatorua p 
id eat V 
Oait D 


Boethiaa JO Qoa, Lil. lY, x.6| 

PL 63, 617 (ed* Fortcsoae p. 126) 


Vol I, F, HaaBQ», iJLpfiiGe, 
Teubaer 1893; p, 20j,204) 

319 aecasaario L; ru t-orcle .» 

820 aait ?> 

321 £oothias ^ Jon» :bll. IV.i-^ 
6t xL 65, 615 (ed. Fortesouft 
pt 122) 

322 at Of ^4 j at SP 

323 i>jriet« .:fita.>lMr« mi, 6 
(lOdSb 1^} ioae oj&mple liter«> 

alljf ia dt» Albert , Ia IJ^ tI^ s. 
2,20 (ViV88 3, p* lb6) 

324 propovtlonGbilitey 

325 est 0} 9nlit ^ 

327 ftait Llil 

328 ai, ^t» Aibtirt ibld. 

329 Chilt 

330 taatua Ot tautam aoa 

331 iapegadiuntL; iopadiaQt Y 
338 000 le^i torn CV 

333 .^4 libvo 

334 vrlst. ^? ^-A^a g^r >>fflffimvB IZ, 
(4&31) 26) £>ame exanple litaY- 
alljr iA Jt* 

335 soie&tia L| aaperior 
3M aiout T 

3fiF7 i^ et 

336 Ctalt D 

399 Jt. ib&Tt fa U .1\Yg;tg» 2,19, 
(Vivos 3» p* 154) 

340 OSC D 

341 etiaa 
842 ^B^O 

343 iit. Aug. De Qiv. Del V,9,3| i'L 
41, 150 (C^' L 40, soc* T,pert 
1» P» 225) 

344 ocKUiam U) 
343 poss«n T 
8ft« ai..«Uajrl LD 

847 solaret Li^j jolent ▼ 
348 ^^ iXL D 
849 IkOialnibua LD 

abort ibid, 






350 voluirjiB 

Sol St. \a^^ P9 Qiv. De^ i,23, 

i^L 41, 300 (OJKL 40, soo* 

T, ^)«rt 1, p, 404-465) 

C^ij^ LDt louuendi 

hia V 


inoofl^lexlonsm T 

5,11, PL 34, 300 (OJ u 26, 
aeo. iil, part 2, p. 101) 
CBxm ^ 
Toonbultua D 

DEBIL* I|^l rL 176, U12 
otiera D 

Of. eaoleuiaa aialoiaifi 
"jmetifl gri «K^t;iati. iOUIX ; 
L. Apal^iTie, oy^ onaxia, 

Oideadoifp-Hiideabraad, ilijelae, 
2842, p, 330) 

ikeoe «aajBplo literally ta 3t. 
All»ert i;ffi, t; .^g^fl. 2,19 
(Tlfes 3, p. 153) 

362 iJt, Llbon ibid. 

363 Otait e:£ ^* «videatia, ^J£ ©t 
•flUdiaroM 0? 

»64 Boethins jbjd . 

366 ftnit 

S66 Ctalt e»t sio...otaoartai D 

367 ^j^ a D 
366 iB 

369 at» Albert ibid . 

370 at. Albert ibid. 

371 Onit V 

372 iieneoa De Beneflaiia iv,7,2 
(Vol. 2, p. 64) 

873 Omit 
374 effi^tas L 
376 ]JQ^. Bic est 07 

376 ImmobUlB lq? 

377 3eneca .^atar. .^seH^. u 35, 
(Vol. 1, p, 200) 

we at D 

879 eacplloitus L 



outablle I 



Omit D 



ih 60, 617 (ed, FortSGoae 


p. 126) 



id^ «tian D 



Boethias ibid. 






Omit LV 



Boethias ibid 



Boat sttb fato ? 



etieun C 



subjioiat P 



atdt I.DV 



regens L 



Omit L 



SMbstantia T 

, 436 


faoili T 



Omit D 






Bothloa, WjH, 



Omit i;y 



.QbLL iBioas*.»oentze D 



dlsoendit Dg .^j^ at P 



fatlbas CP 


quontaiB ^ 



auperoae cientaOt Baperaae men- 


tl Vi:^; 8 iparnae meat la D 



f Imitate Oi* 



qiod iOT 



inter itatem D 






.t, -Ibert la U ,fe^^g, 2,19; 


I VI tea 8, i^, 154) 



fi'Oilem D 



Omit D 


at CD 



Omit D 


debeBUB offer re ? 



Bul Dti^ovldentiaB vii D 



protidt>:itiae suiae 



Cfait LDV 



Omit T 



-i,4A ©ti<4e* »^ 



gtiod DT 


et D 

Oait D 

Dlwvoius De Gael. liiar, g, Tn 

S| ^a 8» 210 

qaandOiiae T 


raovofeir affeotuB je 



Ctxlt OP 

natiiralem Of 

opetatar op 


.QaiJL V 

freqjesnter affioi L 

aotiis est LTD? 

M^ eo D 

rect i tttdiaeaa i; reotum ordinem T 

impotenti ID 

appetitaB D 

pervertl D 

adverBa 7 

ii^oloaaeas Qeatiloatli^ verbis 

4-6 (46vb-47rbj 

donlaabittuf D 

co^oBOontar L 
auteiB D 
hajas LD7 
id V 

at patet ia pluribuB ejoBoplis 
supra poaitls Lj ttiao lieret 
hoo in plaribae at isatet la 
oxemplifl Biipra posit is OD 
vero L 

IM^ 11, 2-10 
iSSa^ 11,4; Vii, 6 
faota im 
sit 7 
potuit 1.7 

461 a LDT 

464 doteyislaato Lf del^yBina* 
torn D 

466 fatun voootius 7 

467 prinoipalitor Liff 

4^ bt, HeisAsiae Oe Hafar^ Bo- 
IBJAla ^LIY; i^ 40, 791) 

469 dixieRuit U>1 

470 Jt. iig. Pf g3,ft M«T, .i 
^■141, Ue (Cii"L40, aocV, 
part 1, . £21) 

fhexQ is a Yafiant oa tbe 
firet ilna of the AagtiBtiae 
text Oi jenrtoa*s verse, from 
tba maouaorl ts of the oclogna 
tra(litl<»i. "R.e ifsitiont Is "dux 
agf, wiUoh traJition is ovi- 
detttly foilo ©*i iii Olrich's 
m.3a}xacrii)tB» For tfao sou oe 
* of the potation from ooneoa, 
cf» vp, 107, no, U (Vol. S, 
P» 350) 

471 dnotua IW» 

472 fieri L 

478 Toluatate L 

474 at» Aug* mj2ixt-2aiv.ij 

PL 41, 141 (QJ'.h 40,seo. V, 
part 1, p* 209) 
476 qaisqaam hOY 

476 appaUat I.D7 

477 attendttoxs LDT 
476 iyji. L 

479 sad 

480 (^od L7 

481 i-f-(^l. ;!CU8li, 9 

48S fatum ep ropriete i.T 

468 iit. /.ois. P^^ gjvt P^i V,9: 

f L 4i, ISO (0J^L40, lioo, V, 

paft 1, p. 226) 
464 lacRum in 
46D i-sfll» Ixi, 12 



^^xxxiU, 14 

UloeBBU 07 

h^ oto« 

Jt. uxti. De Oiv> Dei VyOy 

PL 41, ifil {oj;l 40, e-o. 

7, art 1, p, 226) 

fortoita L 

(iioonue 7 

dt. ;aio;. ibid, 

stare o 

vel L 

ATlat. ^Iiyaiq. il, 6 (197b 3) 

■anotora L 

Otait L 


St. Attg^ HetraoU 

PL 32, 686 (CJ L 

part 2, p, lo-2£| 

1.2; I,3j 

36, seo* i. 


1 iiljL traotatas quiati CP 

2 operatioaea bujasiaodi L 

4 Omit LOD 

^ iddl •ensibilis 

6 U/^ ut est 11 

7 haliere res^jeotum 7 

6 iUU,o 

• id£ ««t 7 

10 honio LO 
U id 

12 ratiooem L 

13 in D 

3A /^dq| diTina D 

16 quod 7 

16 neqae 

17 Oni^ B 

18 i»8»aeatieliter 7 

19 at D 

20 praeiJoatinnri dioitur 

21 Oinaaoutlo OPp 


22 super V 

25 Qqi^ D 

24 Istani 

25 pva8»eutlalltM 7 

26 Qtalt V9 

£8 oaaseorl DT 

29 aioittir ali(;iilcl esse oreatom 

ao at V 

31 .^Ist. I..pta:h7. U,e (1050a 24) 

32 enpra D 

88 a U)} P fell 

34 effloitur D 

35 qs-ilt 

86 offeolt V 

87 ,^£i £ieotuidu.m D 

88 «t DT 

39 iii aon D 

40 p^obevimie S 
*1 '>it 

42 per LV 

43 dat el V 

44 Qttrlbaittur 

« 4 , .i'^i Jt,g| p i)^o* I,q»i2: I 40,115 

j,-L 44, 966 

46 Oat^ ptaedeatinatio..* lyisti- 

47 3t# Aag. Oft. tPlfi^i^t v<^ffi},U, S,19| 
rl 44, 976) 

46 eoiemtia V 

49 ottribitir 

50 potentla D 

51 3U A<ig« ibid. i'L 44, 974 
62 (^t DP 

53 ipse 

54 Omit 1) 

65 T>raede3tiaatioiils noaXa» V 
56 keudo./iUg* De Fide ad Petram 
XXXY, 78| PL 40, 776. Of. F^l- 
gent a» ilSUUM It3S,76j PL 65, 

•f Ita etiaa ut iilo»la 

56 Joaa. i, 16 

89 iJt. Aug. jLjto f'savi»» _ , ^■.atto.u a., 
19 J PL 44, 97t> 

60 stauiffl V 

61 stotun L 

62 jgjl. etata T 
6» elo 

64 i>t# Aag» Pe pgjiio r'jys9;^yripatlse , 

XIY, 85: L 45, 1014 

66 prluolpalia OP 

66 solejotlae !'| saie.tiam D 

67 qaaeoomqae L 

68 ^^ (HOd V 

69 OS» St. Aug. Do DiT. aoeat. ad 
^Amollo. I,q.25 L 40, 114 

70 II Qor. ix, 7 

71 IX Hao. Vl« 20 

72 Ctelt CD 

78 S^Ak ^iO <»t LDTP 

74 dioitur D 

75 deetloaatera D 

76 sunl CD} eaua Y 

77 Add ttt P 

78 Dei 

79 hlo L 

eo ,4gyi. ast i 

61 destiaatio LUT 

62 j^ et L 

88 y-ohea. i«4 

84 Sloas: Lo bardl in Kohsa. ij 

iL 192,171 
e5 verbo 
86 St. Aag. >i ;ra0.aa ::.oa. A^vVI,4t 

iL 36, 178 
67 Iliad L 
66 erat 

89 taatum L 

90 praeeoieatia T 

91 3t. iUis. PP .Sei^t # Ln,t. V, 

18,86; i^L 34, 331 {OSn. 28, 
seo. ill, iJ&rt 2, p. 161) 

92 Qt^t 

93 praodestlriarl D 



i^BJJ^ soliloot noo Q 



ueo L 





Ub, I, 6| PG U, 849 



ia» If 4 



portst L 



oreatoyee LO 


^tt» XX, 16 


Qnltf taDOu«..disx>oult D 


JU ^iuer. De Olv* Doi XI.v. 



i| /X41, 640 (a/ L 40, 



T, part 2, p, 395} 






Qnlt 07 



£flsa, ix, 11 



operibis V 






yoouta» deilrnreata Plfctonia D 




Oait LD 


lofu. i:i, 15 


J^^H^t zzx, 25 


prebdt boo OST 



i-akijii;» if 2-3 






^,^^» xicjd.ii« 19 



al8«»ebor OV 



C^p ldOBu*«vola<it«o S 



diflsrdnUeo D 



Qa^4,t '<?7 



^i^^ ix, 1£ 


irf-oaor- t(.rl 



&ii,lm 3CK.y,7 



^SB^xif 33 



dt. ,.ug, ft^ fcTofflt ^'TaxAi 



6,2j i'L J», 1607 



.■,4^ vorbom L 



ififiO» Vt M 



j^eto» L 






2ssb 1k.« M} ibldere Apostolus 





jia3a> iXf id-si 



iJBlJJL qU ait MM. qfl.G»i P 


sod 07P 

slbl CV| aed DjlSSa evnatat 
crdioore V 
Ha Inveiil 

t^f^ ot said otlam noa quendo 
eranuc aatvira filii irao, ut 
dieltar ;A. 11, scllloet; 
ox Innato nobia vliio Y 
.^g^ &i eaim T 
Ctelt D 

iniqui D; a^djj ^ ia aobis 
proposiissot OP 
a^SiSk* iiflS 

qioB^^ ^fUittfiT^ifl in Jaoob. li 
(;ll08sa <^rUiiiaria, oim expo» 
sUirao I,yro lUtorall et 
iioriiU jaeoaoa .dditloaiboa et 
»oiioi«» evo..» Beslloaa.UP. 
do Lsiitiouorff et L.f^« do ITaffi* 
taslburg 1506-1506; Tol Tl. p, 

>.d^ eorujB 

iiaUb act, ISj ^^t Mt LP7| ^jd^ iv 
qaod jnihl L 
tulejfis ta h 
stlen Lj7 

glorlfloatloals «j glorlfioatlonl 


personaniffi aooeptio ID? 

©tiam Ipsi LDT 
praeordlaetloaem LDV 
Qait OP 

prlvatiotals I£ 

JiS&kf IxzXf, 13 

i^SJU a mi LY| .kdd aaiznasi sasaa T 

.Bg{l» iz« 14-19 
boaU elll 


167 i^ D 

168 d biom D 

169 ^^ Jam tV 

170 et 6io etiam Qliq-ila poteg^ 
dloi lifaodestinataB habiia 

171 Ipsum LV 

172 ^sslkf 2xiv, 29 

173 videndtua D 

174 <i« ];»fi«4«atinatlcm« OD 

175 iomltiur LY 

176 aomltttr IV 

177 seonado aodo eatem 
176 IntrtHit oontiima L 
179 'iJ^tt. joct, 21 

179 J^O'xi OP 

XiiO RcBa. i,l 

181 Omit i 

182 Q^tSSM. Lo bardUu Ttooi* i; 
PL 191« 1213-1314 

86, 1907 

IM Ovigen tft Vffiklit, a^aOffii • 
Ub, 1, St xti 14, 649 

166 StMm i^nb rdi in 80.11.1 
xh 191, 13U. Of. ;;5t* iug, 

186 nature OPt ii^^il. 

167 qg^l id etit U 

166 in Jiaatura est in natiua tetmena 

189 onienda I^t Aniemdl D 

190 itoi fillas LV 

191 exo^ta 

192 St« Aug* ibid. 

193 qal «oilloet 1> 

X94 gait pajTBoaa exiateaa 

196 M ^ j: id aat 

196 ab aetecno Id eat P 

if7 tpla 

198 hoo ei uatura L} hoo est 

notaan V; /tdcj ut '© 

Sd9 tibl D 

200 Paal . xliV, 6 














4a£ teraporl» L 

iJlij^ in ufcot;a vlaet a^igolaa 

habet qiBxuSiem anteoeasionan 

aateirnltatla «d i)&tsoaam et 

natiuraa et ordinem natavaa 

ad sratiaffl 

^Si^ ea3^Zns«»*aatavam LOD 

i.. 316) 

L S3, 



^t LOOT 
q,ni L 

^j^ eaae D 
aed D 
Cfcit D 
gloriom D 

sola 0] rful^t h 
qa«ffiORtmq:ae I> 

iit, /iU{j. _^ 
939 (oarL 67, 
sad D 
et V 

Oait OP 
Oalt ODVP 
4t^|ii , taatum D 

Q|ait ad mlzuia LO 

Cfclt cp 

eo^ ideyantuv 17 

JlSSiSk* i» 6 
offlaeataif OD 

Add supra paragrapho lioet 
eit est V 
eateeede^itls voluntatis LT| 
A^a et 
voro LD? 
AM at 
aeientisen LD 
prasdeetlriationie f 

oom ergo V 

3*. Aae» De aorreT>. et Srati^ 
XllI, 39t ^L 44, 94:J 

il, 4 


Sit naaoriB V 

£40 ia29SL* illfU 

S41 sad OP 

£iS y80»ptiir<.is L 

245 C ^t est Q'>.tem| ,^^ oam ergo D 
244 c^zae li:^ 

246 eBt f 

84« A»Ut. ...tmiiJ^IV.ll (219b 6) 

UJ Arlat, tr/slo. IV,U(224a l) 

£48 Ctelt 

£49 tpmo 

410 amitteiidce T 

851 aliquo Tffaedastinato 7 

»2 Cf, ^t. /Vig, Do Oaggan, «t a>a- 

J^ XIIIi iL44, 940 

£68 destination! 

£iB4 oalversale D 

260 MX^ 

Z&$ |^^„ neo 

257 C^t LOST 

^6 A44 at aetfaffi iatet D 

269 oogno9oit>ilis D; oogaosoat Of 

oo^osoit diaoyata 

260 alls 

361 rfleaiunt 

262 faoaet 

263 easat WV 
2<J4 n^ t 
if^ <| LDf? 

266 fmottts OP 

267 q^A ^ ^ 

266 pra-^oipitl 

269 de oolleglo eortaa 1 

270 ontafs L 

271 y^o^> soucil, SI 

272 BIS Bcripalsti LDT 

273 ante V 

274 fUlt 80»li»texs Ll37i ©rat 

£7» .aUii» Ixvlli, 29 

276 J^ est 

277 f^^U Isirlil, 29 
276 Omit ¥ 

279 aitam Vf 

280 JMIS ^ 

2£il at OP 

262 Ji^BJJL unum oorpae vel 

266 (^t D 

264 saivarl wl daasuuri 

£tt i^ bew» D 

266 Mil<^<i !> 

267 jQfi^ ix« 3 

268 aeparatla fVatriboB C 

269 6U 9ros» I* Moral. jy:V,8,19| 
PL ?6,S31 

£90 isjfe asuciv, 24 

291 dloendantilms L} offond^oitllna V 

292 (JiiA^t ia eoclesie 
296 /4 ^ » tiam 

294 oaxaisiem eooleaia LVi Qpflt eo- 

295 quQORimque U) 

296 Joatt* xlVy 2 

(i^r©, ?ol» V, p» £t7T} 
296 12S|^ i, a 

£99 q^ufM ''fy,^|jftflrto m Dmt* i 

PL 119, 460 

800 <po LV 

60:L quae 

302 qn^^ 

303 Omit 
804 Viae VP 
a06 i^ et V 
606 Latu v^S 

307 (^teff,ffi Wtofif^a ^ ^0« V 

(l^ffa Vol.V, p. 138V) 
800 plaoaturofli LT 

309 peuol eoolaslam 
ex Jadaois Of 

310 ZJaro . 1, 17 
Sll id D 

S12 .i^aai, iviii, 7 

313 Olooaa OrdiaarlQ in Jo«a. i 

['if re Vol«V, n» 191) 
3^4 Joan, i, 45>&1 
33£ pro 

316 btae 2. 

317 pfaedlota Ciloaaa l?; aioasa 
praadiota D 


316 Qnlt D 

319 Omit 

320 lilatt. xlli,16t iJio. x.2g 

821 .^yJi.^t<^ ^ 
82£ C^ \ tlA«6 Tel gratia) Aild 
fidells liosia V 

323 Otnlt 

324 final iter 

325 ^«aoodit 0; oxoellit D 

826 iid^ pavagve^o et lio«t sio 7 

827 vatioiietl(9tt 

326 oan^oar tux Ji| conslderatuf ? 

329 Onit In iilaro op 

330 ..eeiido- ij« A)Q yiao ad Pet>am 
^DXV, 78; rL 40,776| of. Jt. 
ROeeoti 18 Ma ^19? I» 36.7*1 
fh 66, 708 

831 ooraparatlo Oj praeijaratlo D 

382 Qt^ , ^ fldea Tel gratiat ;>f?d 
fidolis iiogaa T 

383 i^ «x LY 

336 Ipse 

337 Os±% D 

338 Jt. .-ixg^ .aaiiSflS^ I. 23,2t i-L 
32, 621 (OiiFL 36, seo. 1, part 
2 ,p.Ul-li2) 

889 .^ffii» Ki, 5-6 

860 iig& l2se LV 

341 la e at 

342 autua effootiini LJ? 

343 ejas affeo^as LuT 
364 prsemlsaa U)V 
86fi donat nm 

866 raddit 

347 ( ^^ nm 

848 tiaiatna oorooat 

849 Toaator Ipae 
360 Jpa^ 1, 16 

3fil oxonxisLB efi'eotus suae D 

368 ATioezme J^j^ VI, 1{ f* 91c% 

363 ditidlt OP 

364 pfeeoeait 
366 tano L 

366 btjoa L 

•"^ -4^ f orraa D 

8M hebllltetoy L 

869 (^t L 

860 proportioaataB est 

361 jasjitV 

3<32 deolinatlo V 

863 iiM. m>riti V 

864 Stm -ug. Hetraot . 1,23,4: i^L 
32, 622 ((Xj L 36, seo. 1, 

pert 2, >>• 112) 

365 noa dixit LV 

366 OBri^t LCD 

567 I Qor. xil, 9 

368 ftait 
868a .^d, se I 

869 O/^t X)?? 

370 qua© LOT 

371 sio 3ti£sm JJ3T 

372 hcibot OP 

373 Og^ biout ueo«««iaaritoriaa D 
874 dt, arag. :;^ Dialog» I, 

8 J PL 77, 166 

376 ^82^ xCT, 21 

876 sterllia easet L 

^*'"'' i3aBi.xxv, 23 

370 Jg^ ix, 12 

379 Joojo . iv, 63 

SQO ^j2j^, vU, 56 

861 aitem m 

302 Igjy^. xl, 13 

308 <:^it 

884 CMograiteiBi DO 

886 Cfait OP 

366 ^sSk» vlil, 18 

387 II i2fit. iT, 17 

388 quia V 

369 Justus Tix ? 

^^ I ^^tyi iv, 18 

^^ ^i*i et Tobis L 

392 lifltt> zxT, 9 

393 eat diTinae bonitatia 01»^ 

394 etiam V 

395 q^ b. V, 9 

896 oonatuogsator mt 


897 iidd vitae OOP 

S9e praedoatinaxl 
S99a £LttLg&i it 4 

899 dixevo L| dlxl D 

400 QBlt LD 

401 aive OP 

402 I j2aj.« iU, 6 

403 .^tm, ^<^tis aiitem eto* LV 

404 I ^SL* Hit 9 
4C£ ante 

406 pftiAbabita dlstliictlona 
pratedsatinatioaiB LDV 

407 lo^iknr 
4v% qfriij D 

409 Ckadt vV 

410 Bodthliis De Oofi» .bil. IV»P*6t 
PL 63« 614 iod» Fovtesouo p* 

411 ML d« «a D 

412 iu divlols fundatar L 

413 super Lj7 

414 Qal^ D 

41fi regalautesi ratioiMm V 

416 Omit D 

417 e4a« finis LT 
41D at T 

419 lit, ftiis* p^, ,nM§imU igaacl» 

XX)L, aat ^I. 44, 966 

420 s^O ^P 

4S1 naturae 0D| yatl«ae f 

422 motentem OP 

423 eaatn 

424 ft»i* D 
426 dar«t L 

426 aooaptataras L 

427 volaatdt«8 L 
426 VOlantatiB LD 

429 oontao^atorea ? 

430 3t« AiutooBO Qofnaent. iii ^^nist. 
qd Bom. lx,15j . X. i7, 142^0 

431 glorias L 

432 Cteit OD 

438 «St etiim LDV 

434 Qa^t LS 

435 Ja&&. Til, 6 

436 ftoathlus ibid. 

437 SsSjt. In oe D 
489 jQsUJb. ^T>i sal 

439 i;aiy,« dii, 24 

440 Ijip ffu xi,33 

441 Oait ODVP 

442 ttr« Arist» ^SJteuiiXj» if 2 {902al0) 

443 dlsponando L 

444 ^^ oiroixm priaoiplam o i>ltull 7 
44£ r60ipio-:tes 

446 Qc^t 

U7 oU "atii, 2X1 .DiV, -uaest. ^^syjy^^ 

q« 6Q| i'L 40, 7ii 

446 ibl 0} 1111 VP 

449 iQ^ i, 2.3 

460 in jaotitia 
481 oooaitiaslne L 

468 Pet, Lo;nbard Joat. I . d.xU» 0.2; 

( * X» p. 264} 

488 quao Uff 

484 prius L 

466 dirlglt Ipsam Uff 

466 Qwiivoniontea L 

467 (^l^ 'Jj^ 

456 «ffaotas volitl Wf 

459 otieatsm tuao U> 

4^ ftniif 30llioet»*»dlataia 7 

461 ^4 habet 

462 ilii 0; dare ill! 
465 9% 7 


^^O^e«3tatas cxulnti QP 
i. 4 



4 JQfBt- idii, 10 

5 i^flal* lalv,5 
4 Oroit ©to. L 

7 dioijoit oli-i!ild 

6 porf >oti<mia '^ 

9 Aflst, vjiiU-iiia^ in.2 11112a 7) 

10 ooneralt L 


11 ale UiVt ^>Tiit 61 

1£ iiU Joaa, Dam» pe Fide Ortho. 62 

doxn II, 22| !<} 94, 946 63 

15 issaoxm%i» P 64 
lA superhabltam LOVt habitom D 60 

16 ali<(io 66 

1« lfi^t&.* if 4 67 

IT aeoonaiim •^'V 66 

18 Cbiit site sit lueaper) jj^ «la 89 
inscltuit i- 60 

19 ad gradtos L 61 

20 qxae l.'^uY 62 

21 (|aae L? 6S 

22 irretioaailbiis Wf 64 

23 iSJM» ^» ^9 66 

24 ab 66 

26 priBtUB «St Li)T 67 
S6 praeaappoolt LD 66 

27 at« Joea» Danw i2U^ ^ 
26 |ffafOTi«« el«otio Oj 70 

Qmit fi 71 

29 Jt. Joan» Dera. ^l|; ^« 72 

30 Qait 73 

31 SSiSf ix, 11 74 

32 i^ ;«!iia alootlo «st V 76 

33 (^dndan L 76 

34 aflat, ^'th- KlQ. 1 1 1. 3 (U2b 12) 77 
36 Qait L 76 

36 2^^ U, 30 79 

37 Umtt* iv, 19,21 60 
36 yel LUV 61 
39 ooiioe|itionem D 62 

41 ixox, i, 20 64 

42 3t. ims* ^: .tJty^rt ^Mffiit» 

L&fcvIII> q. 24; i>L 40,17 

43 partlolpst Oi' 

44 la S 65 
46 Hcac^ iv» 17 66 

46 ^jcne L 67 

47 ^ji£ alia P 86 
46 aiQsflB liombaral in ^om* vili 69 

i^L 191, 1460 90 

49 Qi^t LDOP 

50 ^^ id L 


Add e% 

ibidem OP 

BQfn» Till, 30 



Omit id .«t LVD| .ailii «* ^ 

eva<m' tionom 

et np 

Justitiae ?; Justifioenti D 



Omit OP 

Bpm. Viii, 30 


alnt nalti D 

ut ^Qaeralie est LOT 

ipsa 2>0 


Qait LY 


■fi , u solum 
K^bea, 1,11 
atiten) OP 
Omit OP 
inoludeas T 
addit L^y 
super LD 
-^.d Dei 

dd mail OP 

Opdt in aliijioj A^ , ^ , q«»o 0? 
in se inoludeatem D 
JlaU^ XXV ,41 

Ion iaveni* fot lUlgentlaa* vinH 
oa reja-obatlon Otm Dq Yeritate 
^fift^^q^^^^^o-^i? X, 6.7; .L 65, 
HOHU Ix, 16 
ISS^ vii, 3 

I^ai. Ulii, 17 
malitlae T 

at, ag. >ip* 63iOIV. 3,14| PI 33, 
679 [QSfl 57, sac. ii, p!^»fc 4, 
p« 167) 


40, 121 

98 peaoet IDT 

94 II 0; ?il YP 

98 Arlat, ibJK&AA* Tin »4 (S&bl) 24) 
9$ peooanai OD 

9f «alpa op 

M Qigaataa IK, 2,80 (Oor us ^rls 

OiTilia, ^onatBenmixa&ot t Beroliu. 

1922| Vol, 1, p. 160b) 

99 adhaerente 
IQO neo T 

101 2siJi ^^0 Qi«*««aauiae «Lie 
lOS iiBlll D 

105 fjtft 

10ft Ji^ ejus T 

106 ^jLJL ejas oauea Or 

106 Jastas altar laa Of 

107 aUeiius erijaslibat poonae 
jastae D 

108 it» am» ji^iX^ She ftwct as 
Aogviatiae has It reads > 
"^laerioDis avraq a soeritiuQ ob» 
dorationis ot Inveninua. 2<ierl- 
to an.-i'.que paooatl univoraa isaa- 
aa dennata aat* Heo dbdarat ^e- 
at Impertiendo Eialltiwn, sed 
nOa l<q[ja9ti«ido Biserloordlaaw 
<«aib«a «aim non lispartltur, 
nao dlgnl sunt nea marontov} 

at jiotlii'^ at non lapertiatar 
nao dl^tilsunt neo merentar» 

2tia text Of the a ^ ^ ^ i Loo- 
«afdi (BL 19S, )462) dooa 
read as trivlob reports it» 
fhla ie i^obabiy Ulrlob*t> 
soaroa for the cnotation* 

109 bio 

110 (^t LD? 

Ul ^M. et V 

112 aed Of Offiit Li;T 

118 JSuLk a^ ejaai j^ oia 

116 St. nJiH. ia-iIfiflBft-i2«ifi.» n, 

1, 19} rL 36, 1366 

116 eniiB LD 

117 at 

116 Md on» 

119 ooa floallter D 

120 qala libarloa 

121 saSJL 

122 SSSB^ ii« ^ 
125 j^ tuaa; ¥ 

1^ Oait et«« U) 

125 ^^ qald L>7F 

126 XfetLL ^^'^^A^'^'Q ^i^O'i «ilolturg 
^ff«^ Tidetur LT 

127 Ariat» Keteei. IV ,4 (S62a 11*21) 
126 nH^.t ad taotomi ..dd attaotua OD 
129 Omit L 

180 Qfflit aad rasistit L 

131 Qg^t 

132 ,J[^ bdaratio sciiloet Y 

133 Qait D 
13ft Hare. U,16 

^^ tii-Qij^^ Lffc.bardi in Pom» is 
i-l 191, U63{ of» ^t» ms» 
:Qe piT« 3imp« I, .:»2 , 
15t . L 40, 120 

136 aiiO^afi iomb&rdi ibia» 

137 aon D 

136 at L| in 

139 Jiis^ ziil, 27 

140 qp}Ltf p 

141 jJi/gyjL» ix, 4 

3A£ II i2ac* i^t 4 

143 i^t V 

144 A»Ut. J4toLJAfi^ HI, 1 (lUOttI) 
IM S^JIX ig9aorantia»»*ig7iorans h 

IM ^aUT 
147 oogaosoara f 
246 JtsLl 
U9 i^gj^ ii« 21 

160 Dionysitts e Jiv» noa^ W,23; i^ 
3, 726 (UioivrBiaoa p» £U0) 

162 St. .MU;. Fp. JjaiV. 3,U, i L 33, 
879 (crL 67, secli, riert 4, 
p. 167) 


154 Qyit h 

10fi xYaedsstiiiatioal* L 

i£AU& IV ,4« PL 45, IMfi 

1£7 eet olhil aliad 

166 obdHVcjpe L^ oteidlre 

160 Ofl^t r^aalciis ^ioit; A^q Ipse 
Lj OaAt (iiolt V 

161 .Qai^ aolUe.,,Testra iV 

162 esse 7 

168 eUfiffl Cf 

164 dlota 8!mt et dioenda LO 

166 est aolenduffl L 

166 qald V 

167 oration! a Tol diotionla 
166 sio Oi' 

169 elt U>V 

170 abl D; non 7 

171 soivi. 

172 Ctolt 

ITO ^^i^ ratlouis 

174 irjratloaebile )m 

176 <K^aaiMt iT 

176 peirtiam au&ram 

177 cKuo 8it axtYa ii«ua LCV 

176 (ki^t e% habent{ ^4 ha1»oatla 

179 QTJ-t 14) 

loO eut 

161 aignifisata 

1^2 Offilt L 

las 9x D 

164 Avist. O&teg. T (4a 24} 

186 Omit Y 

166 A»ist« ,^'.l^/t« lOflt. 1,6 
(74b 52) 

167 y«Alea aatatioaea D 
18S est 6X boo LDf 

169 Cfait L 

190 Ajdd «t hoo ab aeterno 

ORl^iB .vXI 

2 (jjftj^t In qao aleoti D 

4 qpia T 

6 ^BiUL <?ko dillglt ae 

6 oreatara L 

7 eat V 

6 anptra probavlima T 

9 quia OP 

lU i^ at 

11 oxiatente CP 

12 dileotioula T 

13 est pot las L 

14 jtjUfiSft» X3UL1, 8 
l^ aemadtXB qiod S 

16 slant L 

17 i^Vm vil, 28 
16 JM.t V 

19 nova 

20 ias&* ^"^9 ^ 

21 prlB» oodo etiam L 

22 dlatinotio ? 

23 idea; idem sit ha90 dileotio 

24 in L 

25 ^^ eadttm T 

26 ef feotoffl antaalem LIT 

27 iSAiiipassiB 
26 diligit OP 

29 determliuat I^ 

30 detWPnlxiatloDem 

81 aio 

82 detormlaiat LOD 
88 poesit el plas ? 

91 de Ka bcsiltate LDT 

86 a«»«Mii 

86 operetlo T 

37 aliqaaffl tantom L 

38 On^it T 

39 Ipaartn L7| Ipaoxuffl D 

40 Qnlt LD7 

41 iaperfeotioxie nf7? 
4£ qala IDP 

48 aatoffl LLl 

^ ^felt aotos lums ost Of A,dc| anluB 

titat otii»& w S 

47 ateaPxrea 

46 bonltatea maB 

49 et LY 

50 (i,&p, wml D 

51 iMJt 

62 mporaatavali T 

64 iMl 

86 mlla f 

66 alia P 

57 jijiiip xi« 27 

•9 qtioail«u3 OP 

91 (^1 OP 

60 allqulliua ]Jeaa U)? 

61 telem V 

68 dloltur ttcoa T 

68 iiai» 1« 6 

64 J|2{3» ^ ^ 

66 deuotot D 

M .^6Ib ^^« ^ 

6Y iid. 9^«« '^i^ ^ 

66 Oalt P 

69 «atione 

70 epetatlo Y 

71 i^s* Ti, 6 
78 e«(pa U) 

76 till aura est Y 

74 Dloiisrsl'ta Do Jlv» Hon». IV,1S| 
xQ 5, 711 

78 <siara noP 

76 super lora ODY 

77 Add Inde OY 
7© lloat 

79 (^od LD 

81 opevatioulbos 

82 oporetlo 

33 est r inulttia V 

64 palo tainns dlKiiotitae est Of 

jjwle mlmui mlnaitus est P 

86 £bll* Vlii,6 

86 est enlm Li SjaLk, «^^ ^ 

87 iafiB^ ilif 16 

66 iilo&aa^ nvdinarla in Joeiulilj 

PL lis, 366 
69 HaJL* 11, 17 
90 i^t 

92 Otaif OP 

93 qualla ? 

94 qta^t LDV 

96 et OP 

98 J3em, Beata YlrgO| kOd l^ria P 

97 aagelos V 

96 dileota est LD? 

99 oomparatlo est D 

100 StSkX '^'^ ptaedestiaattin existe»» 
tsai i>d, (| , at praedaatlnati ex» 
latent is 

101 gi^ In D 

^^ ilSUl ^i^ tit2no**«effe9^ui d 

103 Oait u 

104 vMi fflp T,l 
106 %f<^ L 

106 ^iSbl iib'O Y 

107 ;>t, iuiti. ^ Qan> ad I^^|. vni, 
U, 32| iL 34, 386 (Oi! 1 26, 
£90« 111, port 2, p« 263) 

106 Oait 

^09 ^^Bkk i<l 3st} .uM et S 
1X0 iU 

ui ^aa, V, 20 

HZ per D 

116 Jijj^ xv, 7 

U4.SSl^ VUi, 28 

115 ot 

116 peooatores D 

117 &2fiS£A I«s>terdl In Rom* vili ; 
PL 191, 1446-1649 

116 pormlttlt L0i3Y 

119 Heo Qiagls L 

120 ji^ est Y 

121 iejiSS^ 'Vlif 4 

122 Jt# Jorooo Ooromont. ir^ iT^Fff-'^- 
^gfffeff.tea n, 7, 4| L 24, 
786 (Oavi., 69, p. 96) 

VSB anagle LO 


eiti,o IV, 16: .i 92, 52 J 

125 Otnlt n«o iiBkuaai .4 4 vel D 

126 8io OP 

127 tanto «^Pj toto V 
126 Bede ibid. 

129 Cteit mllas po«alt»a« CP; 
^^ xBillo poanlteatla 0| 
& ^ mlla i^enittu poenltani» 
tie ?} nenitoa D 

130 ^^nlt 

131 D«a8 T 

185 ProTi. viii, 17 

134 89 diiic^^ntee L 

135 jlj^a&^ sxl« IS 
156 comofobetotr LDV 
137 otua LD 

189 Joaiu 23d,» 20 

139 .^d simi>lioit«y D 

140 Non Ittvenl 
341 (^ t ab eo L 

MS dlsoernlt LT 

144 halMtt loaim x^aedlota sorlp- 

tare LDV 
U6 at IS? 

146 .^^ soilloet LT 

147 Bon luTenl 

148 St. I^s* Iff JgfiBt Vtafi»-'^I^f 
21,4| rL ?6, 1971 

140 "^ero StP 

160 at. Joan. Ohrye. M Jptm^T 
Bomil, S-OCIII, 3j C- S9,192 

151 f^t Yel sooandom 

152 St. iug. Ibid. 

155 iiii Pilias i>ei vlvi '14 Onit 
•to. L 

154 Matt. z<vi, 16 

166 KalL» zlv, 26-33 
1S4 Matt. xxTl, 35 

167 Jtet&^ ^EXVi, 51 

156 OhflatoxB V 

1£9 iifiLi Ixvlil, 10 

160 i)B4^ ootoedlt met ^d eto. T 

161 ssAi. 

162 otiao Deo{ LCD; ••>« I>aaa T 

163 i^. vl, 20 

164 insoitum Of inflnita D 
166 ifisak» i. 21 

166 i^i^. 1, 3 

167 ^JsAk P^a dileotuej .^dd prae- 
dlleatoa T 

169 «1) m 

169 soil V 

170 i2sj^ xili, 26 

171 isMi* ^iit 23 

172 Jo«n- j^lx, 27 

173 irolttlt e«im C 

174 fipfin^ 3ucl, 22 

176 iaaa» xi, 25 

17« JUflst. >th. -aa. IK, 4 (U66a 31) 

17T diatl V 

178 Oaiit 

179 ^jiJ^ xTl, 18 
160 suota 

181 oa.jltis Lf oapit 3 
162 ^aj^ «VI, 19 

183 DiorvaiuB i)e Dlv. ?fflm^ in,2t 
la 3, 662 (DioAjraleoa p. 236) 

18« jaoveotiesl;»» tD? 

185 «aaomm vortioem L 

166 ania L 

187 «ttbatituit 

188 llallL* ^1, 19 
169 elevatuB 

190 hoo veroB ? 

191 Si^y 

192 anit Ionia 

193 Gxaluit 

194 ^^ data Vj ^^g^ la omnlhw L 

196 Q^ Vf 

19« diHeit 

197 j2£M» 2T, 15 

198 horua 

199 ,j£ai. oaaocvlli, 17 

200 .Qb^ Bihl etttem D 

201 sunt honor atl 

202 ^,^ oto. L 

203 aalt LD 

204 i^ ista D 

206 fondata U> 

206 Qnit 07i> 

207 ooiislderacidam L 
206 ( ^^ 

209 aoQln tKUr 

210 .jj^ vitae OD 

211 8i5eoiellte» non OP 
812 Qmit 

ZiZ oVdQturae 3 

214 slnt V 

216 Tita 8>xat D 

216 'toit LD 

217 Ut fll»; Omit V 

218 ..isii et Bint ? 

219 .^yji, et slo ueot .d<^ sad b1* 
«it vlta L 

220 AQoa^ XK, 12.15 

221 (,>alt V 

222 eylt i) 

225 ]i>da8 loglt im 
224 .i^ Vita IDV 
ZS^ insoripta ibi L 

226 sit LDV 

227 Oteit LD? 

226 opia Og ^4 ia D 

229 tamsa OYf t Mi. '^o^ ^ 

8S0 «^aisi D 

231 vit, Jreg. . ^jiiai, .^3.Y, 

6,16} lL 76, 296 

^^ ^^ao^^' 3QCiV, 32 

283 ooatlaet Oi^ 

284 iyilg^ '>rdlnaria in ooll« 
xiiv; ^L 114, 746 

2a6 ajo'9xm et vetus 

287 f^i^ 

256 Onlt V 

2S9 msrlto Dj marlti V 

240 ^iiiS^ zx, 12 

241 Soa inToul 

248 £§sJi^ a^xvili, 16 

245 tantam} teuittom vitam ? 
244 xxlv 0£fVI* 

246 Om^t L 

»4f su ma, tfff g^Tff PffA XA, 16, 

PL 41, 6il| (0;iPL 40, Boo. T, 

P^Pt 1» p« 464) 
^^ t^* 
84t Qnit QJ> 
260 Ctol^ L 
2SX noffiine L 
262 xxii V 
268 axlT ODP 
264 libvo D 

268 dt. Atie. P» Oiv* Qei lA, M| 
PL 41,660 (0.- L 40, aeo. v, 
pert 1, :>. 462) 

266 ^iijSii,* XX, 12 

267 aptna ? 

260 vltea "^i lat* 7 

269 Intelliipada «st LD 

260 tmloilque ? 

261 llberi libuv oobmii Y 
862 eo L 

268 3t, k'ls» i;>e 31 V. Js^ , JLv, 15 j 
PL 41, 661 (Oi'L40, seo, ¥, 
part 1, p. 464) 

264 Ctait 

265 hse OP 

266 Qddita 

267 ^^ it a late lligBrula..* vita© 7 

268 Cte^t LD 

269 iitoi 

270 ^^ per ovp 

271 in Deo non hal^snt 7 

272 ^^ sunt Gp 
278 j^oULat mala D 
274 lib»i 07 

276 at sit a-mBOM 7 

276 Onit L 

277 adflojfictaa Li aisoripta T 

278 qui L ' 

279 jJu^ B 
260 Oait D 

221 j^y. dloltur op 

222 jia^, ISTlii, 29 

283 5iaiaa '^dloaria iu Poal. Ixviii* 
PL 191, 689 


JMB pet«t% hel^M I 

267 at, Aug» j^Uiii 

263 differimt UN 

Z&9 otlaffl oontiaore 

290 iAai« if, S 

291 Cfalt D 

292 I^iff » X, 20 

293 CjB^t CM» 

. L 114, 266 

296 ii.pO8t0li 'L> 

296 ooutraiplatiTsm et aotivam LT 

297 Omi^ D 

296 Of. < riuU OL-to^. VI,(Sa 34) 

299 ,J^ at aioit poeta V 

300 aorlpto LV 

801 X Maah. xiv, 23 

302 setmomm cmottta •zemplan D 

303 QaiX^ 

30A aota. ix, 23 

308 ^3,qi^|fi Itodbat&i In Horn* iz| 
.L 191, 1467-14U& 

806 llUs Cp 

307 earn 9t &ixim d% f) ffli,t L 

306 mute L 

309 8eo^Jadam LO 

310 est OP 

3U iaai.. IJWiil, 29 

5i2 Qait 

318 ^mm ^"»^«iB»ifl in sal. 
Ixvliii X 113, 980 

334 .1^ enim LD 

315 aon hoe Y 

316 aeelpiendom est noa D 

317 sibl np. Qnit 7 
316 insori tl Y 

319 ,M. i^i ^ 

320 soriptos MM L 

321 al <?D| eifliplloiter P 

322 boo LS 

328 desoripti 

384 ^|J^aa«a Locnbavdl la Foro. lx| 
rt 191, M67-]>368 

886 2^g^ X, 20 

326 retvorsum DOP 

327 J2fiB^ vi» 47 
326 taiaen im 
329 vltee 

380 essentlara saam 

381 operatlo Op 
882 llltri 
833 Qnit 

384 homo at OD; bono Y 

386 tiloat V 

386 praosoivit L 

387 QgUi D 
386 Ipsa L 
889 soleatla 
340 j^ tiintiun 
841 dioi possuat L 

342 vita 

343 vltao 

344 (ieserlt D| deBint 7 
346 ^^deslnit D 

346 id sat Y 

347 Qaiit CP 

348 Tifaat aeta LDY 

349 do «otftti libro LDY 
^0 isal» Ix^ilit 29 
351 viveatium L 

^^ «ifiA» xccii, 33 

368 aioafft ]..0R>bardi in Fom* ixs 

IL 191, 1466 

364 inaorlpti '^17 

366 Qait D 

366 J^ Jastitiam Y 

867 videnta* dole»! LD7 

356 '"Jmit Y 

359 ooutvario L 

360 aoilloet alicpis Pf ncaie ^ 

361 deainit 
862 feto ")£ 

368 rolatio ralionls 

S64 iMi L0D| .Jd ibl 

366 iM non fuerit LDl/7 

366 reletloneot roalem 13? 

867 Quit 

866 «olationis 


369 03}lt In libro OP 412 

«70 q ^ t 0? 412 

371 SlQsaa Lombard I i^d. 418 

872 ^^ is V 414 

873 ^jM '^^^s^ ^ *^ 

874 obligatloofis W 416 
876 ia^ xxvil, 3 417 

876 SifiiaSL I^oibarai 1 1; Id. 416 

877 .aalLD 419 

878 eat 420 

879 GJigaus sU IJ)T 421 

880 lUam L 

861 planaffl ratlcKOda hatot l) 422 

862 Ibi nihil D 423 

863 qjxi 424 

864 I4 fi sorlptaa 4^ 
886 'iBit D 

%6 ae ecaa L 426 

867 inaoriptm OFt ^^t Ibl CP 427 

866 4^80ilicet D 426 

369 Of At V 

390 i>78«i8eijealiam Q 429 

891 noBiiaia OP 480 

898 a V 481 

898 zil CP 432 
394 Omit OP 

398 Jt. Aag, De Oiif. Del :-La. 18} 488 

iL41, 661 (0u'L40, seo. v, 484 

part* 1« p* 464 438 

896 et V 486 

897 *\oo p« XX, 15 487 
396 Ideo I.{ ibi cum D 486 

899 late JV 489 

400 ^jygJU^eonuB 8 ^gaiiio.«t«**vitaI> 440 

401 3%9 iuig. iJ2ii!» 441 

402 >it D 442 

403 Omit LQD| soleatifi P 443 

404 (^1 LDT 444 
406 antoffl 441 

406 iJiSfi* XX, 12 446 

407 ijii qod V 447 
406 boo LOO 446 

409 aiout. 7 

410 qqft D 449 

411 Ibidem f 400 

raal» xiviii, 12 

terria L| ^^ aollloot CVP 

ifiai^ ziv, 2 

mltae mtmaionsa OP 

Ipeoffl eat LDY 
Qait D 

^Skk ^^ seouadufiw.vjastltiam T 

lag» X, 20 

J^« xli, 23 

aorixiti ^ 

Glossq 1/Oinbardi la Hob* xiif 

>L 192, 606 

libvo L 

Of, at» Aug. De Bono Psgset. 

VIj PL 46, 999 

Jft^T\r xlv,3 


G*» ^^« J^ae. 1>e Praedest. 

ijasiai* Illf 7t IL 44, 964-966 

^gm- '^if 64 
1 ijai.. 1, 21 

jiSSlkt» xxxix, 6 

Sloaaa Ordin^rl^ in <«al.xxxlX| 

(i^rJre, Vol, S, p. 143) 

1 Qqy» xi, z 

Add v'O; riaia L 

Impojptarotur T 

Qnit DY 

ala^lex sit et una LV 



haroa L 

6ioiaous idaas LT 

Qnit OP 

C ^i^ 

i^ ibi 


aaaoioat L 

JU Greg* ^^, ijlalog. IV.SSi 

PL 77,376 


JS^ xzvl,10 


4il ettauidariaa h(Sit Ad^d^ ailam V 

453 Of, Jt. -oig. tf^ J^v,, tffti, iX, 
14| IL 41, 6.0 (GJ^'L 40, ow, 
ft part 2» p* 433-) 

4^4 q^ao DV 

466 l«glt T 

466 oonsoytils IDf Add at sapra 
diatom est T 


l-art I 
8eotl<m A 

Primary »varo«B osoo ly Uirloh of ^itraabcarg la B y .s^ jtBEO,, po^ o II »5 

iiaacti .k.bro8il &-.>ora OL-jila (PaVifl. 1060-1082) Kigjie Latta 
Patrology Vol. 14-17 

SooAtl Affil»o8il QDoy , a* Reoei^siit OaroluB i>obenkl (Viu(}obonao« 
fta£PB«t Upsla6,1097) Oor tts oeri'toroffi i^eolosiastiocrum 
Lstlnoroa Vol. ZZ^S^^iA 

jJiagftitTliii ^'^r 

;:ieAati Aaaelail oveta. Ch ala, {Pf>r is« 185^1834) llisae Latin 
Petrology Vol» 156-169 

jtouoti Aaselmi oi»ya «y^^ft* Heo«tn8ult FrsuiOiBous ^aleslns 
ij«fa£)ltt (SeoovU, 1938) Vol» 1-S 

Amileii OijQira o...ii£.. idited ly Oadftadorp-Hi idaaira^id 

(Upoiaa, 1&4S) 7ol» 1^2 

ATa^BUB liWft^WJiflW • ^^ited in the Lool» Olaasio-^l Librer/ 
(Lo^oa, 19S1) 


^\tf, <f9^>a 9^ ,<,{kir^<;'U^9 translated into "asliBb. K<Ji»«4 
by Hofis, w«D« (Ocford, 19S8) Vol» 1-1£ 



flmirii I iif I -^u 

Let in Petrology YoX. s2-4? 

idanetl Aareiii Augistini asEJLa» Qoxpx9 Jo'iptomui To» 
oilast ooruffl Ij.tiiiorttm* ' dltio oonsilio ot icq.)oasla 
Aoadamtia littorarum oaesiafoe vindoboi»msxa« (Vindo- 
\meat ]»66»1S19} She following are the worJu of .u- 
gastiHA, oited l^y Ulrioh, whlob appear In thla i cries* 

flflnlftliillWa ULb'i XIIX* HooenBult p. lOaoU (Lipslae, 

1£96) 7ol. 33 

Da Qt-witata ^ei Librl Xill, Rooeosuit "• Hoff&aa (Lipslae, 

1899) Tol. 4d 

Pe QancBJ ed Lltta>aa Llbrl Xll« Hooaas it J. .yotvi (Lipslae, 

1894) 7oX# 2C 

Enlflt^lae. %»Oflm lit A, C^lldl^otun (Urelae, 1^94) Yol,57 

qiywt^t^ ia BeatafatthcaL. ^oeiiBult J. ^jfotie ( Ui)8iae, 

Xa9S) Vol* S6 

yp , tg^tl,on'tm Ubifl Duo, ^©oeasuit ?« Kooll (U^^si^^e, 1692) 

Vol. 36 

4Vo>Voe» iiimmlltUp et intyodactioneg ia omna» litro» 
.yiutotelia (Yeaetils. 1662-1674) Vol» UlA 

AViOtaoa Qipftta nbllGsODhinQ iveixioe, leOQ) Vol. 1^^ 

;isiaitl BsslUl Magnl Oaosafeae oaeya ogialn (Paxie, 1666) 
Migoo Gfeek Patrolotjy Vol* £3.50 

B«4m Veaafabilia ^ifmiB fBlffilia (l^'iSf ItOft) llfsne Latin 
i'atroloor Tol« 90-96 

3« B«rnardi abbetls pVisil Olayaa Vallenals oi ^ya orania 
(i'Qjris, 1079) Miyao Latin iatroloay Vol, 182-166 


xH^etil Q.x^ya qffli^fi (Parla« IdBZ) MiffM Li tin xatrology Vol* 

Aoldl Vanli ^evorlni Boethl ila r.nnflolf;tione ^tiiosoohlae. 
Heoogaovit .^Uilanua a Forti ~-oato (London, 1925} 

Anioi '^aaUl J»tQ»lixl Boetii In I«ago<^^ P^rphyril QcHBmonta» 
Ftioeusult • Brandt (:^i>6iao, 1906) Vol* 46 

94o^y9> jsarofta tetun^ 

Uloeroai» iiaroi ruUll o . uo^a fioaala» '"dited by 0«F» Mueller 
{Uix>lae» I&e9.l69e) Vol. 1^10 

iSenotl FulgeatU 'ptsoopl Pu.pen&ls Oi^ra oixuiia (ii ris, no 
date) iiXgaa Latin P. trolotar Vol* S6 

.an^tl af«gorii lapa« I oognom^nto Ka^il onera omia (farla, 
1902) Iljae Latin iatrologr Vol. 75-79 

Oxford, 1956) Vol. 1-4 

Bogoais 4e .^enato Vlotore op^vn onyiia (I'erie, 1679) SI9M 
latin iatrologjr Vol. 176-177 

Isaao Israeli m^r da Dlffinitionitam. dited by Mnokl*, 
i»'S» ia .robiVQfl d*Ei;>i. ire ■JQ'aliri^r^fl^-^ ^ i,^«f«T'^'y^^f« d.^ 
Movoii ;.j» (i-fcria, 1938) Vol. IS, £>• 7.32 ft. 


Ubri U,» Veoocootlt ^. M* Uodsajr (a^cmiil) Vol, 1-2 

Sfinotl a^ebil nioroayml Q-.era omlg (P-ori», 1677) aileM 
Letln ratroioaf Vol. 2S-.30 

iaaoti 'bsebli KioroAysd ^ Eiey^p^i^tB Pronbxtura Libri TI. 
^«olesiGtftloartta I^tlAOTam Vol* l>9 

3anetl Joannis Ohrysoetomi opera oania (i'ai'ls 1^.63) Slgae 
Greek i' -troiogy Vol. 47<*63 

Jotyi of JJameaoiia. .:t. 

iGUOtl Joaonls DaasBSoezd opera «BBJa (Paris, 1634) Kigiw 
Greslc Patrology Vol. 94-96 

3mioti losimi ^QhQlln in oigra B. Dica^sli (ifcria, 1089) 

liit^ie Jraoit i'_fcroiojjy Vol. 4 

y?^f m^am^ 

Petri Laxbardi Hagiator Seatontlartun . risiesaia 
(P?.ri8, 1879) Migaa Ifitln Patrology Vol. 1^1-192 

Ubfi s>«ntentiafiiEi i^etri lacbarai (Ad Olaraa A<iaa8, mfi) 
Vol. UZ 


Piston OoaTrefi ciont-letea. fexte ^'tabiit et Traduit per H« 
Oroiaet (r rir., Iy25 ) Vol. 1-13 

Plato g^pe^eiiB. rrenalfcUon of Cfpleldlia* Fr-wri^ita hilo- 
S9,^9fW :'ftSk999rm (^wAo IfiS'} Vol. l^ 


■Ut^QF M9 amgJlftt i^i« |)6eaiio> ristotelisobe ^ohrin uebey 
aas roia* CJate, liekanut nator dem naism Ul>e» de Cmisie. 
'.dlted ^ Berdenhew^r (Froilur- la bx&lasm., Ib82) 

iSBftOti Dloi^sil .^eopngitae otaejfa pe^^fl^ {BaxU, 1889) 
Mpw OrMk Patrology VoX« 3 

:^iony3iai^p~.Heaafiil doimant I'eiiaet^le dee ouvrag^s 
attril>UAS en Umcyfs de l'Aroox^tr«ae'. D««elQ« (Peris, 19S7) 

Origenls QSSM&JmAA (i*- ^le, 18&7) Migne (»Mk iatroiogy 
Vol* 11-17 

erid. .^ibllan ^. 

?• civldioB Haso JBSiaa i'lfcfl III» 5'elited by B.Brandt 
(Lelpale, 19X1) 

;Maeotte i«oil «aaaai Omia t^aae a loera^ifi^p dated by ?• 
Buse {Ux«iac, 1093) Vol* 1-3 

gAqffff Oft ^^ 4fty^s^i'MgB 

n Jtrabi 9MP?ff ?CTia,ft (i^-ris, 1679) Hlgae Latla 

^- . -j,ar Vol» ii»-iu 

j^ ^^-^g - ; j&gosUl.oae J^re Utter XI et ; 

a»,.'a Xiog ..,^,.^ at Belial? (BaallaiM», 1506-160ij) 

Vol» 1-6 

fiwrK§ Qa V«T 

Ottgnn^ larly, aiv4,^^pt. tofiUi|»\ti^,- ■i^y- ^eoegnovlt Kffaaatt 
i£li8SAJia^ Reo i#iovit ;'. KoafHsen. Qoi^ax ^,^11^^^^^^,^^}^ 
Hoogoggoovlt »* iorue^r (fiesollai, 1922-1924) Vol. 1-S 


3eotJloa B 
lYlrnayjr souroes osed In the x>l:lloi)ophl0' i Intxoaaotion 

aaaotl j^i^lbertl M&gni opega ona^ i fi ' 0'^**^^ ac i;^boy© d#0# Borgnet 
(irarls, 1Q93) 

P^ WtifltQ Jn.t?U9ftfea.ft Vol» 9 
la. I ^'iito^tleram Vol, 26 

Alexandri 6al« iHim gf ^olo^lf^ (^ Oleras A^iiias, 19S4) Vol. 1-3 

Affitftoi ti» 

3«mti iuwels OTXira eng^la (ivrle 1&&&-1&64) Mi^e Latla Patrolog? 
Vcl« lSa.159. 

Jaaoti itielin l Qt>;ra OfTal/sy* '^ooeriffxlt F.a# Sete.iU (.,Qoovii 1936) 

Vol. 1-3 

PeVefifeflLto xL 158; ed, johmitt Vol. I 

Mono In ion ih U&Qt ed. iioliniltt Vol. Z 

Aflstctio, iVor^^v. tfaaalated Into 'Rnglish* diteel \>s ^osa, iV»D« 

•iansti ; raUl Aug etlni ^ff'^ffl W^fl (-t^rla IMlolti??) MlsQ» 
' ietin raitolosjf Vol« 32-47 

Janotl ; /iixj^-^^^ tini opera* Oorpus Uorixitortus 'ooU&stl- 
oorua li-tiacraitt (Vtndofco/ia© 1866-1319) 

m amirfltg nk ^'^ «it oj l 4o 


i'h 32| (WFL 28 

1S64) ?ol. 6 

^tioenaa onara o; ni- (Twilw, 1608) 

BoeUi Pe Qoaaol^tioae itillosoiAiaa Libri Y. ?»»eogaoTik 
iidriaaae ^ Fortl iioxto (Lc:.dcu, 1926} 

done'.! BonMronturae 9Wfn "fif*i\^ (-^ Ol&r&s A^ss, 192S} 

Ift ^ tfmlffltlwMi Vol* 1 
I?? iPQtffltiU gbrktt Vol. 6 

fi»o6«t ste Dft qa^flfl ?ffli Oagy-ftfl: bo-or, t ton.u Baar. 
Beltr ^a ^ar Josohlafata Jer .hiloc o., aee Llttelalta« 
B«Bd U (IBaaster, 1912) 

BUeonls de ^* Vloto»© e^^fa oriaila (?<• ris, 1879) 


iiattQtl uswbil niercmjfiai ^ffjffl "flFTIi^''- {i"'i-o 1677) 

Ubyl Jan tontiarmn i-etri Loosbordl (Ad Olaras Aquas, 1916) 
loU 1 

Pluto i g ,l ff /e ^pqB » ftarieU of Ohaloidias, F»affaeq%a ■tr'hilotionhorani 
M-iaSifliB Vol. 2 (rorls, 1867) 

gaeado-Mottgsiita the iueoje dte 
Pe yjyJLnle gotalaibi^ SQ 9 

v^aetll-^ohord ;jari .tores Qxdinia .Taodiaatorum Vol. I 
(i^^ns, 1729) 

-• Womoe /jiin^tl» uaestio Dlaaitatio Da Toifc-te. ditod 
by llaadonaet (i-cric, 1925) Vol, 1 

;>• 3nioc;»e Aqulnt-'oie ijl^mifl ffi ^olot-'iag. Pd» leonine ( 9om8,lii67) 
Vol. 17 

air lob of JttBatoaatf 

BsflMcovipts aaed In ptopRtitioax of teacti 
i^rlB Blblioth Ae Nstlozx- 1© L tin 15900 
l«Bt»la Bibliotlieuo Tatio- ine u 3S0 
jiaint Otaer BikllctbOi^ue 120 
Rome Bibllothaqae VaUoolne }«tln 1311 
Dole Bibllothe :a« Manioipel* 79 


cvililam of Atttev^e De IBilTOfflO la Q|»»e^ OTftJ^A ^ I-oniJon» 


(From Q Sfimo* fl3A neg&ilve iu tbe library of tbo Xaecitttto 

of &sedioT8l ^tu^iieo, Iforoato, 0am Ua» 


;Soo nAmif Mtir««s oa Ulriob of Jtrasboavg aad Albert the ixBa% 

J. aac^?.tillon Lf, -Jiciao Je Bono .i'Ulfigb de Jtraaboufg» JLatro- 
duQtion et giUua writiaa* (l^aria, 1^30). 

V» Deibmrt Die ri',e..ntaiskfaro des AlWrfaiii M>.f{ffiig (I^li^lg, 

T", O» BmyiM vtttd«« d'ysthetiuai» radiorale Vol. ill (TO:.. «1- 
hof, Braf^, 1946) Chap» tt, i/d. £62-277 

F.. iJiiaoa "L' jae falaonafi» 1« Ches Ibert Le artuKi", -jro Lives 
d*Bistoiro Joat,?i;iLile ot Litter- Ire da Kojrea ,.tf? vm. 14 
Irr.rls, 1^4 S) 

J« aoeifia» ;)eB hi. .Ibortiia h ima.s Lehre Toa der KOttl^obeq 
y^'^fr^Mt '^ffl^ai bQao-^d.Teg ,^ar .Qh^abtiaiag d^r Yorcot-ou-?- 
imd :3QbiQbflala labia de. Jlrlah vcu /.r.-aabagg, (oia%* 19;'s2} 

lf« arabstaoa "utudi^^a uabor Ulriob vun Jtra5l>arg", FiH^ltto^lHf*' 
Ifobea Selato^ilolea. Baud I (Utiaobea, 1336) 


lt« Jfatoann Jia it IJlrioh aAgal-ertl ..bha.idian^- Da 
£Uall£fl. Hfianoh», 1926] 

of Balnffln the r^oatglafl of ^lstv?r okbart of loohhoia 

F« J^elat&x "Seiiix&g» jeuv ArlatoteieBbenutziaxi^ Alberts dea 
arossan", rttAgaPil^J^tafae rfate^ab Vol. 46 (fHUa, 19381 

i-» rbevy "L*OxlgiaalU« «lu l^a do la Smmm 6k> Bono d*Ul» 
rloh Je Jtrasbciref , Renae ghotniste (ot, Maxlxaln, 1922) 

E« Wtlsvollev "Kiae auae Vobetliatarwae aua dev Soaraa da 
Dfjtto Ulricbo von 3tra;.sbirg, und m-idexe E adsohriften 

la Innalraob", rtgUaS.hf^:! U' SfltfeotAfiSbe g^'^'^lPfA'? 
Vol, 59 (I<»ii*%, 193&) 

Secti<A B 
6«aerai works on probleaa and hlatory of thirteenth oontit^ phlloso^-^ 

0» Baeojaker "««Itolot eln ihiiosopb and Setarforsot>er das 
Ull Jabrhtuuiertc", ii^qUffii» jttf fl?^q'i«?^^fr? cj s .ii^4ovj;>.,,^4a 
da^ j^ittoi itarB Buty 9 (Mtiastev, 1906) 

(fe^Vla, 6tb @u., 19S4} 

gimoij ,.■ ^ 1 toa a OotaornlQ (PorU, 1913) 


K. fUlMon L'^ntafit im 1« fhttoaiifc*» MMietaie (PbiI». 1944) 

. :^ h.U?:, . :i rvL . 0.;»» ilg. (ixrls, 1944) 

' , '•poii.fsiuol iioint ThoBB» a oritlcue oaint ■mbiistino'', 
jJttitirQa q'Bi i t ira DootrlMl* at Utter jyo du U^sm ^ig. 
Tol, 1 (i uris, 1926) 

da Motfen .^ Yol, 4 (.-eriB, 1929) 

0. v-.iorieiJc HeT)ogtoira dea Maltfe» en ttWQlOKlfl tf» ^^&X^ m 
jmi ^leelc (i^ftrls, 193S) ?ol« 1-8 

M. Grateiaaa EittelalterU ahoa aoiatesiefa lllnab«« MM) 

,. I . - ^ "porBobBae»» ti«tor die l&teinlsobfln ufiatoteiet- 
^bersetsmg (lee Ull J&br bander ts", Baitgaap air iouoi iohte 
(^er i>Mloso fcie des ittckUtoJg M. I? (Honater, lyl6) 

tk> , . "G'Xi^iio.tino ui EoofbelKj C,.,j il tr uattoro delie 

opere di Jfisi. tole », Poat.fiQi& iMlvcrslta 3rc;:oria3a& 
Kl.oollanea Hletoria© . ontif loc e Vol, >1I (R oe, 1946) 

-, "1)98 hi» vi: .8tlm« cnaestio de idal»", -tfai Ip- 

so LiiiChGfi Jahjrbaoh Vol. 43 (FxMa, 1930) 

C B. Ecakiae ^todies In the Elotor? of ■:aax.v&l wQ^.^itoe 
(Oombrldgd, 19S4) 

A-ff^fltotflle» L^tla:iai oodioee aesorlp«it G. Lsooxb« 
(Korao, 1989) 


P* Jaandonnot ^imt de ht&tent et X' y^yroisroe iatla en 
Ull y^ftOk UmTaia, 1908-1911) 

;v*C. OifXs at. ghosifts «i/Mi the iroblgm of the 3<m1 li the 

yUytagfltb QsrA^Of (Toronto, 1934) 

Say ton. Qeorflie 

0^ {Sm rork» 1323-1924) 

t^ber-i^9»3oj^or "Pie Patfiatisohe nnd aoholestlaebe .^elt"» 
ariindriait der aeaahiohte der :hiloflOi>^«^ Val. II {batlia^ 

Vol* 2 (Lo)ivaln, ld42) 





p Toronto, University of 

Univ Thesis,Ph.D.,19A8. Fagin, ^ 

T C.J- The doctrine of the Divine 

Ideas in the "Summa de Bono" 
of Ulrich of Strasbourg...