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Full text of "The Documentary history of the state of New-York : arranged under direction of the Hon. Christopher Morgan, secretary of State"

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Francis Newton Thorpe 

^^7. A^5 c7, 



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^ ' 







Secretary of State. 

VOL. 11. 




Secretary's Office, ) 
Albany, January 4th, 1849, > 
To the Speaker of the Assembly. 
Sir, — 

By section 6, chapter 260, of the laws of 1848, six hundred dollars were 
appropriated for collecting documents and papers belonging to the State, con 
nected with its history and translating the same. 

1 herewith transmit to the Legislature a document with accompanying maps 
andd;avvings, prepared by Doctor E. B. O Callaghan, illustrating the early 
history of the State. 

Very respectfully, 
. > Your obedient servant, 


State of New-Y'osk, ) 
In Assembly, Jart. 5, 184!). i 
On motion of Mr. R. H. Prutn, 
Resolved, That the Secretary of State cause to be jirinted and bound for the 
use of the Legislature, twenty times the usual number of copies of his report, 
with the accompanying documents, maps, &c., relating to the history of this 
State; also, five hundred copies for his own use, and five hundred copies for the 
Regents of the University, to be used for literary exchanges. 
By order, 


Clerk of Assembly. 

In Assembly, ) 
AprU 10, 184y, S 
On motion of Mr. J. W. Beekman, 
Resolved, That the Secretary of State cause to De printed and bound for the 
use of this Legislature, the same number of copies of the second volume of the 
Documentary History of New- York, as have been ordered of the first volume, 
aad one copy of each volume for euob reporters as the speia.ker shall deaigaate. 

Ey tn-dfer, 




STRATION, --------- 1 





Hon. Louis Hasbrouck, to Dr. O'Callaghan. 

Ogdensburgh, St. Lawrence Co., ( 
^pril, 1849. ^ 
Dear Sir, 

Observing by the papers that you have been collecting informa 
tion relative to tlie early occupation of this country by the French, 
I take the liberty of sending you a copy of the inscription on the 
corner stone of the barracks at this place, (called I beheve Fort 
Presentation,) and Avhich was found at the base of one of the 
stone buildings. 

My father was one of the early settlers here (about 1800) and 
it was given to him as being the " oldest inhabitant." The stone 
is now in my possession, and corroborates your history. 

Cr^x, /?Ti ^ryn u?y^ 'T "^^i- Orri-Tr^f) Hotels 

-^ro^rs^. C^iccuet //j^f 

Yours respectfully, 



Jacob Leisler of •' Frankfort," as he is designated in the Dutch Records, 
came originally to this Country a soldier in the West India Company's service, 
in the year 1660. He sailed from Amsterdam in the " Otter," about the 1st of 
May of that year. After the colony passed into the hands of the English, he 
became a Trader, and we find him in 1672 subscribing 50 guilders " in Goods" 
towards the repairs of Fort James. Two years afterwards he was appointed 
one of the Commissioners for the forced loan levied by Colve, when his property 
was valued at 15,000 gl. on which the assessment was 1,060 gl. In 1678. hf, 
made a voyage to Europe when, with several other New-Yorkers, he was taken 
prisoner by the Turks, to whom he paid a ransom of 2,050 pieces of eight a 5s. 
each for his freedom. His fellow sufferers' liberty was purchased by a public 
subscription, taken up throughout the Colony. He was appointed, in 1683, by 
Gov. Dongan, one of the Commissioners of a Court of Admiralty, and in 1689 
purchased for the Huguenots the tract called New Rochelle, in Westchester 
Co. His subsequent history, as well as that of his times, will best be learned 
from the following pages. 

Jacob Leisler married Elsje Lookermans, widow of Corns. P. Vanderveon, 
by whom he had two children, Jacob and Mary. The latter married Miiborne, 
who was executed with Leisler, after whose death she became the wife of Abra- 
ham Gouverneur. It is a singular and melancholy fact, and one from which 
■we may learn wisdom, that in the heat of those days, Leisler's conn.exions were 
his bitterest enemies. Bayard and Van Cortland, who were of the Council 
that urged his execution, were his Wife's nephews. 

Among the orig. MSS. in this Department, are the public accounts of the 
greater part of his administration — from July 1689 to Jany. 1691. The receipts 
for that period were £4,373- 17-6|. The disbursements, mostly caused by the 
war against the French, £4,894-10-9:1. We have also the Bills of Costs of the 
Crown Lawyers for prosecuting him and his associates for Treason. But want 
of space excludes these papers from this Volume. Ed 



atoinistratian nf titit (inti. tmltt. 

16S9— 1691. 

ana 4/ 

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as ^ 

F^i try 

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:.nA:>Tv:.iV5a'«aA j. 


[From Vol. in See's Office, endorsed, Papers &c., in Leisler's time.] 

To the Governor and Committee of Safety at Boston : 

[June 4, 16«9.] 
Honored Sirs — I make bold to acquaint you of the securing of 
the fort by the traine bonds of New york. Here enclosed is the 
declaratione N: 1: In two dayes after the Go^emor & his Coun- 
sell with severall of their creatures had gained so much upon the 
people that they were afraied & halie of myne company were 
ihey worked most upon had left me, but the second of this instant, 
being my watch in the fort I came with 49 men & entered iii 
the fort^ without the word, nor to be questioned whereupon I re- 
solved jlot to leave till I had brought all the traine bound fully to 
joirie with me, The S^ wee had newes of three ships in sight upoi? 
which I tooke oceasione to allarume the towne & gott five Cap- 
tanes besides me & 400 men to signe the enclosed paper N: 2 
which discouraged the adverse party, and since they have been in- 
ditierent still, The Lievt Governor Nicholls is departed last night 
without taking leave. It is beleeved he intends to goe with Collo'' 
dongane who has lay en in the bay this sixteen dayes. N: 3: is a 
copie of to evidence whereof we have three of the same tenor, 
N: 4 is a copie of an address to his ma^ies sent to four merchants 
with Capt Selock & one with Capt wathland who has faithful] ie 
promised to deliver for to be presented to the King, and depose 
what they know more, then wee declare, I have made one full In- 
ventory of the fort with guns and ammunitione, and found of 33 
great gunesbut fifteen fitt to use of 50 barrells pouder was but one 
that could goe 7 degrees the rest &ct. 3. 4: & 5 some non at all, 
the most part of the country have invited the rest to appeare as a 
counsell of safty two men out of one County, the 26th of this -in- 
stant In the mean tyme the fort is guarded by five companies two 
watches 1| company per night, and the Capt whose watch it is is 
for that tyme Capt of the fort, the Collector in the Custome house 


IS a rank papist, I cannot gett the other Captanes to resolve to turne 
him out but acts still as before The Mayer niedles with no civill 
affaires & discourages constables to keep the peace expecting some 
seditione for to make the Inhabitants odious, there is non acts 
others then in quality of a single Capt, sir Edmond Andross & his 
wicked crew haA-e carried all the Records out of this country to 
Eoston,! hope by the prudent care in the late expeditione at Bos- 
ton have taken care to preserve it, and I request you to take a 
speciall care for it, till our Committee of safety may take some 
prudent care about it, the time will not permitt me to enlarge onely 
I desire your advice in approbatione in our actione, If wee de- 
serve it. and after myne respects I remain &c. 

Jacob Leisler. 

Leisler's Declaration in favour of King William and Queen Mary. 

Whereas our intention tended only but to the preservation of the 
protestant religion, and the fort of this City, to the end that we 
may avoid and prevent the rash judgment of the world, in so just 
a design, we have thought fitt to let every body know by these 
public proclamation, that till the safe ary veil of the ships that wee 
expect every day from his royall Highness the prince of Orange 
with orders for the government of this country in the behalf of 
such person as the said royal highness had chosen and honoured 
with the charge of a governor, that as soon as the bearer of the 
said orders shall have let us see his power, then and without any 
delay we shall execute the said orders punctually ; declaring that 
we do intend to submit and obey, not only the said orders, but al- 
so the bearer thereof committed for the execution of the same. 
In witness whereof we have signed these presents, the Z^ of June 

1689 June 16 in fFort william. 
Major JVathan Gold 

Sir — 1 have send you an answer of yours dated the 5th of this 

instant by the messinger that brought it, with a copy of the traine 

bonds their declaratione & a proclamatione This is onely to en- 


close the paper N: 1: which is a copie of the adiess wee have send 
to his Mamies the King and Queen of England' & which is signed 
by five captanes in behalfe of their company and besides all the 
under officers, No: 2: is a copie of one e^adence whereof we have 
three of one tenor here enclosed, is one coppy of a letter sent to 
each County of york Jurisdictione, If you please to direct to your 
collony & the collony can resolve to joine v/ith the v^holl country 
it would be thankfully accepted by the country, and it would dis- 
courage our adverse party who are dailly hatching & sowing sedi- 
tione amongst us that we are obliged to watch 1| Company dailly 
whereby they hope to weary us out there aryues dailly still people 
of their seed which makes them prick their eares per ad-vice I 
have made one full Inventory of the fort and artillery and found 
of 33 great gunes but 15 fitt to us, of 50 barrells noe more but 
one fitt to sling, a bullet about halfe way the river, the rest goes 
for nothing, we have all the gunes in one posture to play, and 
have fetched 3200 lb pouder out of the toune in the fort and have 
agreed with the pouder marker to mark the forts pouder good for 
40 barrells he is to deliver 28 barrells good, the papist collector is 
still in his office, I can gett noe Capt to side with me to turne him 
out, our Mayer will medle with noe ciAill affaires and discourages 
the constables to keep the pass expecting some disorders for to 
make the Inhabitants odious I have writt to the Governor and 
counsell of safety at Boston & gave them an account of all, I 
have given to you, I desire an ansAver & your advice & further 
approbatione in our actiones If we deserve it, and after my res- 
pects recommend you yours & us in Gods protectione, I remaine 

To the Governor of Boston^ 1689; the 19tk June in fort wm 

The above is a coppy of myne last to which I referre myselfe 
the tyme will not permitt me to send all the coppies sent before 
which I hope you have received by a sloope coming from pensil- 
vania bound to Boston Capt ffitch who has been here & was bound 
in your parts promised us & is able to communicate to you of all 

1 This paper will appear in a subsequent Vol. It would have been inserted 
here, but it belongs to another sett of Doc's. 


(Which was past before his being here to his depart^c to wliich I re- 
•feire mysclie I being intrusted by the committee to keep & defend 
the fort for their Ma'ies Kiiig William &, Queen Mary, have made 
hidd to open tlie letter for the Lieut tfrancis Nicolsone whereof the 
enclosed is a true coppy his creatures formerly in offices have done 
what they could to skaare our people of our actione in secureing 
Uie fort and endeavours to make such Impressione in them that all 
your ships are sold at Barbadoes by wanting of sir Edmond An- 
dross passports and so seek daily for a divisione amongst us I in- 
Ueavour to prevent what I can, the enclosed is a coppy of a depo- 
sitions whereof w'e have one more of Jho: Davids of one tenor 1 
)iave sent six men to Staten Island in the night & fetched him out 
of his house and had him here prisoner of warr in the fort for 
eight days after, which he makeing his excuse of being drunk and 
in a passione had said the word or such to that puipose without 
pny intent was left out by a counsell of warre, but in that lyme I 
have send these eighteen men with orders to disarme all the pa- 
pists, who after they understood of takeing the abovesd man w'ere 
afraid & soe I suppose hid their armes, so they gott but four great 
gunes in one millhouse of Coll: dongan hidden under a blanket & 
covered with baggs of which I have them in the fort, here is one 
ship arryved of Barbadoes he brings certane news of warr with 
England & hoUand agt ffrance, and was published at Barbadoes 
and that Bostons ships were well received there and your actiones 
well commended I am daily working in the fort with sixteen 
carpenters & twenty men which I shall continow till it is truly in 
good posture of defence, I am digging up the old wall wliich w^as 
filled up by Coll: dongan I intend to stockadde the fort round 
and hope within three weeks if it please God to have it compleat, 
I shall be glad to have the honour of an answ^er of this & the 
former and having leave of you shall not faill to advise you of our 
further proceeding In the mean time after myne respects I re- 
commend your Hon: to Almighty God and remain &c. 


Albany ye First day of July 1689, 
The Proclamation for Proclaiming there Majs King William 
and Queen Mary King and Queen of England France and Irland 
fee", being brought hither from N Yorke Imediately upon ye Re- 
ceit thereof y« May & Recorder caused y^ Court of Aldermen & 
Common Council to assemble who attended accordingly and have- 
ing considered of ye greatest solemnity yt could be used in so short 
a Time, appointed y^ Cittzens to be in arms about 12 oclock which 
haveing done they went in ord^ from y^ City Hall up to there 
Maj3. Fort where there Majt^^, were Proclaimed in solemn manner 
in English and dutch, ye gunns fyreing from ye fort & volley of 
small arms ye People with Loude acclamations cryeing God save 
King Wm. & Queen Mary, afterwards they marched doune to y<^ 
City hall where there Maj'^. were again Proclaimd ye night Con- 
cludeing w'^ ye Ringing of y^ Bell Bonefyres fyreworks and all 
oy Demonstrations of joy. — Albany City Rec. 

Anno 1689: 10th July in New york. 
for William Jones in Jfewhaven : 

Honored sirs — Sir the bearer hereof being bound to Newhaven 
I thought it my duty to acquaint yow of what is past since the 
departure from hence of Major Gold & Capt ffitch which I desire 
you after the perusall to send it to them as directed, I have since 
writt to Major Gold & made him acquaint that I had raised thirty 
four men, and brought them in the fort I was denied of some ma- 
gistrates to administer to them the oath prescribed, and after I 
could not find so they are not sworne, yet some of the Committie 
of Safty are arryved & hope they will meet to day, wee expect 
with impatience the ten souldiers from your parts, he that was sent 
was not accepted by the advice of the bearer, the reasone I referre 
to his verball report, I was ordered to repaire the fort out of his 
Mamies revenue since the first of Jime, but there is nothing nor like 
to be, they offer me the peoples entries who intends to dispute the 
legallity thereof I have a carpenter to work, but his work little 
appeares in a fort so out of repaire as this is, our adversaries & 
opposers in our present work keept us in a continuall feare, as you 



will find by the enclosed coppies & what follows. I am informed 
that they haveing knowledge that fifty men was ordered by the 
committee to keep the fort for liis MaUe and that I should beat Ihe 
drum for them, they had amongst themselves listed 50 men who 
intended upon the beat of the drum to offer themselves voluntiers 
to serve his Ma^ie for nothing, If refused by me to pike a quar- 
rell and make some scandalous pretence upon me, If accepted to 
goe fairly in the fort with me & to turne me & the other appoynlefl 
oflftcers out, butt I listed myne souldiers by still drum & they were 
frustrated, then the magistrats who also have been disapprovers of 
our actiones of securing the fort, send to me three of their com- 
pany and acquainted me they intended to ring the bell and meet 
together to administer justice, In quality as Major Aldermen & 
common councill by vertue of the King James his Commission, 
saying they could doe good justice for King William & Queen 
Mary, by vertue of the s^ Kings Commission, how farre wee ought 
to give credit to such sham protestationes I referre to your judg- 
ment being persones who have alwayes opposed their Ma'ies in- 
terest & desired me to defend them from all enjuries they were 
threatened I answered them that I had the charge from the 
country to defend the fort for their Mamies, and so I intended not 
to hinder them, they should also not expect any help from me. 
and I doubt not if they meet as justices, noe boddy should oppose 
them, they did not meet, I sent also for them to come to me, and 
I desired a positive answer of their acceptance or deniall to ad- 
minister the oath to the listed souldiers which they refused to doe 
in the fort, but if I would draw them out they would, which I re- 
fused, soe they ofFerred if I would send them single to the citty 
hall they would administer the oath to them which I proposed to 
ihe souldiers wdio were willing to take the oath in their garrisone. 
and besides they were opposers of our actiones, I sent to Mr 
Cortland alse editor for the kings revenue from the first of June, 
to repaire the kings fort, he answered he had nothmg but the late 
collector had it, he was at Coll: donganes, at his arryvall said he 
had nothing but the entries, I examined a boatman comeing from 
Jersey having heard some rumour of some enterprise upon the citty 
and fort & received the within Informatione N: 1: whereupon I 


issued out the enclosed waiTant N: 2: and gott Thomas walton 
who confesses being in drink and in passione he s<^ something of it 
but remembers not all & knowes of noe designe, he was risen out 
of the bed, in the morning & was not dressed, I have niyne 
ensigne out to disarme the papists, the enclosed is a warrant issiu :i 
forth of Mr Cortland as quality of Mayer directed to the high 
sherrifF newly created by them because we never knew him but 
constable, I heard of the warrand one of our sergeants made the 
s^ pretended sherriflf drunk & so gott the prin" warrant from hun 
of which this is the copie, when I mounted the souldiers newly 
listed I sent three drums through the citty to publish it and desu-ed 
the Inhabitants would be pleased to come to my doore to take 
advice of them & to object agt any they had the least objectione of 
why they should not be trusted with the fort, there is seaventeen 
borne in New york, eight in old England, two french knowen pro- 
testants two Suisse four hollanders & I a germane all knowen 
protestants, our adversaries have & are daily busie to sow the seed of 
divisione & have made a great impressione amongst the burgers 
before I could make them sensible how affaires went, now they 
begine againe to be very well satisfied, they were so fair that the 
company came to 40 men 100, but the people being now 

wholly sensible of the malice of the adversaries are now all Joint 
here is one merchant borne m old England Joint with us & chosen 
by one company to represent them, they have stopt his horse & 
threatened his persone that our burgers will not trust him to theii 
mercy but watches his house with one centry, which is s^ high 
treason by them, they have scattered them to all parts to incense 
the people with abominable lees making them beleeve the people 
are abused by the dutch that I have the fort for the french have 
listed 25 french that I & my officers are continually drunk & in 
drunken fitts committs a great dale of insolency, I desire you to 
be charitable, and I have desired some of our committies that 
dwells here & acquainted of what I wrote to signe it, that you 
may not doubt of what is herein expressed which is but a part of 
what passes I hope before two dayes [come] to one end to have some 
papists disarmed & also those Idolls destroyed which we heare are 
dailly still worshipped, after myne kynd respects I recommend 
you & us to the protectione of Almighty God & remaine &c. 





We declare that notwithstanding our sevarall pressures and 
griviences thes many years under a wicked arbitrarie Power exe- 
cicseil by our Late popish govern^ Co'i Dongan & several! of his 
wicked Creaturs and Pensionaris specialy now under Lieutenant 
Govern r Nicolson we were Resolved to Expect with great patience 
our Redemption from England Expecting to haue parte of that 
Blessed and glorious Deliverance Procured under God by his 
Royall heighness W™ Henry Prince of Orange but when we 
Challenged our Libertie, piopertie and y^ Laws we were Cajoled 
and Terrified out of our Reason but at Last some being Threatned 
by ye said Lieutenant Govern^ Nicolson and a Pistoll Presented 
against the Corporal 1 and sayd to y^ Lieutenant Cuyler that he 
would sett ye Citty one fyer for doeing our Loyall duty we haue 
thought fitt for our Conservation and fear to be Lyable to answer 
for ye Lyfe of every Protestant that might haue perished and every 
house burnt or distroyed If we had Remained Longer In Security 
and alsoe seing daly aryve from severall parts Officers and Sould- 
jers who w^are Intertained by y said Lieutenant governor Nicolson 
In ye fFort besides his severall Souldjers of w^hich few there were 
a number of papists Contrary to the Law of England by which 
new Commers some of y® burgers being threatned of some de- 
seigne against them In few days we thought delay Dangerous so 
we haue animosly Resolved to Live no Longer in such a Danger 
but to secure the fFort Better which we haue under God with suc- 
cess without Resistance and Bloodshed Effected and we declare to 
be Entirely and Openly Opposed to papists and their Religion and 
therefore Expecting Orders from England we shall keep and guard 
surely and faithfully the said fFort In y Behalf of ye Power that 
now governeth In England to surrender to ye Person of ye Protes- 
tant Religion that shall be nominated or sent by ye Power aboue- 
said, these are our most sincere Intentions that we are glad to 

Note.— Papers thu? (*) marked, are Copies of MSS. politely furnished by the 
N. Y. Historical Society, for this Volume. 


manifest as well to y^ Power (abouesaid) that God hes Plaised to 
submit us to, as to other persons to avoid there Reproches that 
they could otherwise unjustly Lay upon y^ abovesaid Inhabitants 
New Yorke the Last day off May 1689, 



There being a Present necessity that a Capt. of Ye fort at New 
Yorke should be appointed to be constantly there attending and to 
Comjnand & order y^ Soldiers appointed by this Committee of 
Safety to Serve y^ fort in behalfe of their Majesties till orders 
Shall come and to order all matters of y^ fortifications of said fort 
necessary at present this Committee therefore doe think fitt that 
Captn Jacob Leisler shall be Captain of said fort as abovesaid Till 
orders shall come from their Majesties, & that the said Captn 
Jacob Leisler, shall have all aid and assistance, if need be & de- 
manded by him from City and Country to suppress any foren 
Enmey & prevent all disorders which Evidently may appear 
dated this 8th of June 1689, Signed Sealed 

Richard Danton [l. s.] Sam' Edsall [l, s.] 


Jean De Marest [l. s.] Mathias Harvey [l. s.] 
Daniel De Klercke [l. s.] Thom^ Williams [l. s.] 
Johannes Vermillye, | l. s.] W'" Laurence [l, s. ] 

Hendrick Jacobsen a corporall in the company of Capt. 
Abraham De Peyster aged about 27 yeares declars that on the 
thirtieth day of may Last past he the said deponent having order 
from Lieut, hendrick Coyler who Commanded the guard of the 
trained Bands In the fort of New-York to place a sentinell at 
the sally port in the said fort and that accordingly he the said 
deponent took with him two musquetiers In order to place the 
said sentinell. But a sentinell Belonging to the Kings Souldiers 
In pay in the said fort Challenging him he called his Corporall 
who declared to this deponent that he had no Order from the 



liieutcnant govern our Capt. nlcolson (he being then not in y« 
said fort) to suffer any of the trained Bands to stand Sentinel] 
there. But that If It were needfull he couhl set on of ther own 
souhljers upon wliich he the said deponent took back with him 
the said two rausquetiers and acquainted the said Lieutenant 
Coyler therewith, who thereupon Resolved to stay till the said 
Lieutenant governour Returned Into the fort, after which the said 
Lieutenant governour Returning Into y" said fort and this being 
Related to him as the said deponent supposed he the said Lieu- 
tenant Governour sent for the said Lieutenant Coyler who went 
to him and Desired the Deponent to go along with him which he 
the said deponent did and being Come up into the Chamber In the 
said fort wher the said Lieutenant governour was and he the 
Lieutenant governour seeing this deponent In the Room In a 
passion Rose up saying to the said deponent yow Rascall what 
doe yow here get yow gon or I will Pistoll yow or words to that 
effect, and Immediately he took down a Pistoll that hung by the 
wall In the said Chamber and further threatening him the said 
deponent drove him out of his Chamber, and further saith not. 
Was signed Hendrick Jacobse. 

Sworn before me this 10th day of \ 
June 1689 In N. York. S 

Samuell Mullforde, Justice of y^ Peace. 

Albert Bosch Sergint under the Company of Capt" Abraham 
de Peyster aged about 44 years deposeth that on the thirtieth 
day of May Last the said deponent being upon the guard In 
the fort of new Yorke under the Command of Lieutenant hen- 
drick Coyler and he the said Deponent Relating to the said 
Lieutenant Coyler that It were Convenient to place a Sentinel 1 
at the Sally port in y^ s^ fort It was thereupon Ordered that a 
Sentinell should be there placed But the said Sentinell Return- 
ing again without standing there he again discoursed with y^ 
said Lieutenant Coyler to speak to ye Lieutenant governor 
Nicolscn about It and while they were discoursing Came a Mes- 
senger from the said Lieutenant Governour Nicolson to desire 
Lieutenant Coyler to Come to him which he Immediately did 


attended by hendrik Jacobsen his Corperall Leaving the Charge 
of y® guard to y® said Deponent and that while they were alone 
he y« said deponent heard high words upon which he Immediate- 
ly drew his men Out of y^ Court of Guard before y^ door which 
being done he the said deponent went himself under the Window 
where y® said Lieutenant Governour and the said Lieutenant 
Coyler and Corperall were to Listen what they said upon 
V hich he heard the Lieutenant Governour Call some on Rascall 
and bid him be gan upon which he Immediately saw the said 
Corperall hendrick Jacobs" came downe who Related to him the 
said Deponent that the said Lieutenant Governour did present a 
Pistoll to y® Brest of hendrick Jacobsen the said Corperall and 
that he the said deponent harkmng further at y® window under 
the Chamber afores*^ did hear y^ Lieutenant Governour say If 
they should any more so trouble him he would set ye town a fire 
and further saith not 

was Seigned A. Bosch. 

Sworne before me this 10^^ (jay ) 
of June 1689 in N York ' I 

Samuel Mulforde Justice of y® peace. 

* Gentlemen — We humbly beg your pardon for our intruding 
thus far on you, and having the honour to account you our par- 
ticular friends, we have with the more boldnesse presumed to 
trouble you, humbly requesting you to do us this Charitable 
favour to deliver this enclosed addres of y® Militia and other inhab- 
itants of our City of New York to his Majisty King William, in 
doeing which you will highly oblidge us, and if a seasonable 
word might be put in on our behalfe as your selves shall best 
think fit. Inclosed is also Coppies of several papers and affida- 
vits, which you may please to peruse, and make use of as you 
shal best see convenient. We will not doubt by your assistance 
of a favourable reception, the bearer hereof Capt. John Sellock 
who has bin an eye witness in this affair can give you a particu- 
lar ace*, of all circumstances and has promised to assist in all he 
can. If this affair require any disbursement as you shall se con- 
venient it shall be gratefully repaid by us. Thus not doubting 


to prevail so far on y"" good natures we take leave to Subscribe 

our selves 

In New York 11 June 1637 Your humble servants 

To our friends Jacob Leisler, , 

M^ Gerard Van heythuysen A. D. Peyster 

M"". Henry Limrey Charles Lodwick 

M"". Nicolas Cullen Jun^. J Bruyn 

M^ Valentine Croeger. N. W. Stuyvesant. 


A. 1689 the 2 [12?] June in N. Yorke 
Major Nathan Gold. — Sir yours of the 5 of Instand is come 
safe to my hand wherein I understand you autoryse our action in 
securing the fort which w^e gat in our possession the last of May, 
God be tankt without Bloodshed, but y^ Govern'" and Councell 
with all there createaures have use all means in maginable to dis- 
courage all the well maendet habitants, so that in 2 days, half 
of the people were afraid and specialy my Compani, ware the 
work with all the art inmaginable for to divert them, but the 2 
June at night I entred in y^ fort to ye gard with aboute 50 men, 
about 30 men absented themselfs for faer, they lett me enter with- 
out any condition for hoes account. In the morning of the 3^ I 
had news of 3 ships comming within the Sand point, whereupon 
I alarmed the tow^ne and gatt the train band in the fort and 
acquainted them upon watt account I garded the fort and tender them 
the inclosed writing which was seigned by five Capt^ and about 
400 mens ho seems all to be animosly agried to the preservation 
of the Protestant religion and the fort for the present Protestant 
power that now Raigns in England, which does not yett putt the 
laest Govern' & his 3 counsels out of hoop to remaine Raining 
still I ame informed the intend to send one a purpose for England 
to act against use : — we send to his Majiste one addrese with y*= 
inclosed seigned by the severall Capt^ & inhabitants I am now 
ferry bussy and cane not inlarge, only I advise that by y^ first, 
rommites ma be chosen and one trusted man send to piocure in 
England some privilleges. I wish we ma haue parte in your 



Charter, being as I understand in the latitude. If possible 1 could 
be informed of the said Charter and previledges it would "he grate 
satisfaction. I tank your m behalf of all that sied yours for all 
your broderlylofe and kaindness, and fully accept of itt and after 
Respekts I recommend you and us all in the protection of the 
Almighty God and remaine your most humble servant. 

Superscribed Jacob Leisler. 

To Maior Nathan Gold in Fairfeld 


Hartford, June 13, 1689. 

Hon^. Gent". — In a declaration of your's dated 31 of May 
last past, we have heard that upon weighty considerations you 
have attacked the fort in N. Yorke and taken possession thereof, 
to keep it in your hands for the defence of your City and the 
protestant religion and people in those partes and for his Mat'e* 
Service ; we have also seen a writing you have published where- 
in you- declare, that upon the arrivall of any orders from His 
Highness the Prince of Orang, now King of England &c You 
will deliuer up the sayd Forte to his order with all the artillery, 
armes and ammunition thereto belonging &c. 

Gent", considering what you have don, we doe aduise that 
you keep the forte tenable and well manned for the defence of 
the protestant religion and those ends above mentioned, and that 
you suffer no Roman Catholicke to enter the same, armed or' 
without armes, and that no Romish Catholick be suffered to 
keep armes w'^''in that government or Citty, and that those who. 
shall be betrusted with the government or command of your 
forte be trusty persons whom you may conMe in. 

And that we may know your p^sent state and what may be 
necessary for us to contribute towards your welfare, we have 
^pointed the Hon'"'! Major Nathan Gold and Capt. James Fitchs 
Esqf« to give you a vissit, and to give their best advice to you 
m any thing wherein they may be helpfull to^you, and we desire' 
that you will be pleased to give them full credens in what they 
shall have reason to discourse with you about and that you give 
them a free ace* of yo"" affayres. - - 


Gent" we shall not enlarge, but with heartj desyres of youi 
welfare & prservalion of of best Respects we bid farell and are 
your assured friends. 

The Generall Court of Connecticut, 

pf their order, Signed John Allyn, Sec'y 

These for the Hon*^ 
Cap^ Jacob Leishler & 
the rest of the Captn« 
in New Yorke. This. 


Capt Leisler & ye rest of ye Capts that have been active with 

you in taking of, and securing ye Fort in this Citty of N. 

York for his Ma^'^s service & for ye preservation & security of 

these parts of his Mat'^s Territories. 

Whereas you were pleased to send unto our Colony of Con- 
necticutt, for advice and assistance as need might be, which 
letter was presented unto our Gen^ Assembly of Gov^ & Company 
in Hartford, ye 13^h of this present time which assembly were 
extremely ready to consider of what might be best for his Ma^^^' 
service & yo'^ encouragement in securing these American partes 
from French and other foreign or intestine enemies: — Wee were 
therefore appointed & ordered by ye afores<^ Gen^ Assembly, 
with speed to come to this citty, to give our advice and promise 
you such assistance as our abilyty & yo"" necessetyes and condi- 
tion may call for. And Whereas we are ordered in our instruc- 
tions, to receive a full ace* of yoi^ motions of late in this Citty & 
ye grounds and reasons of yo' takeing and securing ye Fort, and 
when we came here we found to our amazement ye trueth of 
what we had heard (viz) ye Fort much out of repair, more of ye 
great gunns not fit for service, very few platforms for gunns to 
play on, and by ye account shewed us ; taken by skilfull honest 
men, of ye Powder, that of fifty barrells, but one good, & a con- 
siderable part not fitt for any service, and ye rest would not 
slinge a bullet halfe over the river, & also by informacon it 
appearing to us that Cap* Nicholson, late Lieut Gov^ having lift 
ye Fort who hasted away privately to Singeronis, about seven 
Leagues from Yorke to Coll. Dungan & other parts & some 


popishly affected, where there seems to be some considerable 
gathering of such: and also there being some ill minded, disaf- 
fected, and disloyale persons in the Citty & places adjacent; 
having first don you that justice, noble & Loyall Cap* Leisler, 
whose Loyaltie, courage, prudence, paines, & charge, hath been 
great; and you ye other nobl corragious & Loyall Cap'% Lieu^s, 
Ensigns, Serges and good souldgers in the train bands, that hath 
been active in this affaire, as also Loyall Mr. Samuell Edsall & 
other good worthy and Loyall gentlemen, that have taken such 
paines and beene at such charge, we say we must doe you that 
justice as to owne and acknowledge yo'' good service to God and 
unto our gracious Soverain Lord King William, and service done 
for yo- Country in ye presep'^ation of ye protestant religion. 

And in ye next place we have our advice for yo'' considera- 
con, first, that you yet continue therein of thorough and effect- 
ual! meanes to secure and maintain this Port and other fortifications 
for his Mali's* service, untill you receive his Ma^'^s command 

Sly — That more be expended in repairing ye fort ; fitting ye 
gunns, so as they may be serviceable 

Sly — That no papist be suffered to come into ye fort ; let not 
ye warning given that day his Ma^'^s ^as proclaimed, be soon 
forgotten by you, wherein ye terretts in ye fort was fyred in three 
places, under which roufe lay yo^ ammunition, soe hellishly 
wicked and cruell, a papistical! design to have destroyed you & 
us and ye fort & towne, it made our flesh to tremble. 

High praise irnto Almighty God that you & we, fort & City, 
were preserved. 

4ly — Wee advise that no knowen papists be suffered Armes 
in his house. 

51y — That if it is, or shall be knowen yt any person hath em- 
bezzled ye Armes & ammunition or other things belong to this 
ffort, we advise you to seeze & secure such person or persons, to 
answer for ye same, when seasonably called to an acct. 

61y — If by foreigne or entestine enemies & yoiir hazardous & 
necessitious condition calls for it, wee from our Colony shall be 
ready to aford you helpe & assistance according to our hability & 
yo necessity, in defence of ye protestant religion and in secur- 
ing the fort for his Ma^iea service — your friends pray God to en- 
voL ri. . 2 


couragt' yo'' hearts and strengthen yo"" hands and patiently waite 
lor ye dispose, orders and commands of yoi^^ & our most gracious, 
never equalled, commended &. admired King Willyam, ye very 
best this lower world knowes, whome God preserve long to Reign. 
Soe prays 

Signed Nathan Gold Sen^ 

In ye Fort of N Yorke ) 
June 26, Anno 1689. J 

James Fitch 


Albany, 30 July 1689. 

Arnout Cornelise. — Capt Bleeker came just now from Skin- 
nectady and brings us word that an Indian and a Squaw arrived 
there from the Mohawk army, and report that the Mohawks have 
accepted the presents of the Onnagonques ' which appears incredi- 
ble ; and that their proposition was to wage war against the Chris- 
tians as they understood the Christians intended to exterminate 
all the Indians ; and that it became therefore necessary for all the 
Indians to unite against the Christians — and they now consult 
with the Mohawks as they knew better than they how to manage 
the matter. 

The said Indian stated that some of the Skackhook Indians 
had gone home from the army, so that it appears they abandon 
their design towards Canada. 

Jannetie the Indian who left in the morning for the army, met 
this Indian on the Road and requested us to send up an Express 
loithwith to see and dissuade the Mobawks from accepting any 
presents, but deliver up here according to their Bond & promise 
the said 4 messengers who shall suffer no harm, but by that means 
accomplish a desirable peace ; and he, Jannetie, doubted not if 
Christians came there to the army or the Indians met them else- 
where, but they would be persuaded to deliver up the four messen- 
gers or if they were gone, that they would send out and bring 
them back. 

It is, therefore, our Request that you proceed forthwith to the 
army or where you hear said 4 Indian Ambassadors to our Indians 
1 Called by the English, Penobscots, or Abenaquis. 


are, and do your endeavors to persuade the Mohawks to deliver 
them, liaving promised to act herein as we shall deem prudent ; 
and if their Engagements with said Indians be not too far advanced, 
we doubt not of the good success of the matter, which w^e com- 
mend to God's and your good care. 

Write to us by the Bearer hereof how you find all matters, 
whom you take with you to the Army, and send them all hither in 
the quickest by Ger' Luykassen that we may regulate ourselves 
accordingly. This is all for the present, meanwhile remain 
Your affectionate friends 
was signed, L V Schaick. 

D. Meyer, Mr Wessels & Mr Wendel and some other gentle- 
men expect the arrival of said 4 Ambassadors, being assured by 
Jannetie that they were to be in the morning at Skinnectady. 



Tahousaquathon, and Sanonquierese, and Anogranorum, and 
Owaidahare with 3 other Tionondoges, have informed us that the 
4 Ouwenagonges proposed to them the following : 

Brothers of the 3 Castles — We are now here together to con- 
verse with each other; we are now no better than boys in know- 
ledge and experience. Heretefore we had knowledge, but the 
English surpass us in knowledge for they have treacherously slain 
our Sachems who possessed Wisdom. 

Brothers of the 3 Castles — I stand here as one knowing nothing. 
I come to inform you that ye are now dead men ; ye and your 
whole household, the 5 Nations, and all true Indian Men — for the 
Christians have banded together to subdue us all at once. There 
is no longer any Christian brotherhood; for they have all united 
against us, and ye must not thmk to find on the morrow any 
t-'hristian friends. 



Brotjiers — We now take up the hatchet against the English ; 
they are themselves the cause of this, for it is no small matter thai 
they should send for our Sachems treacherously to slay them. Thi» 
is not a tiling to be forgotten. 


Brothers — We now acquaint you that our entire nation shall 
come to youj but we will first send back an embassy that we also 
shall be on the road coming. Grief at present prevents us speak- 
ing to you. When we return home, then shall we speak also to 
our people and communicate with other additional tribes — and 
moreover what we first shall derive from our plantation. We 
shall then come to you in the harvest. 

Brothers — I am now dead. But we shall strike together with 
the sword without pausing, for I have even told you that all the 
Christians combine together to ruin the just people; therefore I 
say we shall now strike the Christians each on the flank. 

They also informed us that the Governor of Canada encourages 
them to wage war against the English and provided them with 
ammunition; and that they will carry their women to Canada; 
that he will provide them with food and clothing; and that the 
Praying Ouwerages have gone all from Canada unto Ouwerage. 


Anno 1689 : 7th August in New York in the fort. 
Honored sir Governor Treat — I have writt to you twyce and 
understand my letters came to hand to which I referre myselfe 
since I have used, all the diligence imaginable to fortifye & 
repaire the fort the wail is fully compleated, there is seven foot 
very good water & is 36 feet deep, all the platformes renewed, 
all the gunes substantially mounted, the pouder house will be 
ready to day, the pouder is made good and elevates the engine 
from 13 to 26 degrees, we have now in the fort of the kings pou- 
der tounes pouder 6000: lb & 800: lb of the best spoiled pouder 
for salutations & about 100 armes well fixed, we had inventoried 


400: which seemed good in the eye, but when examined amongst 
twelve hardly one fixt, there was a battery imder the fort, which 
being quyte demolished and ruined In place of which I am 
making an halfe moon of 100 foot over grass which defends the 
landing of both rivers & also the comeing in, and it is defended 
easily by the fort we are getting stockadoes & soods to stockad 
S: breastwork the fort according to your advice for which I am 
obliged & hope within fourteen days if it please God to compleat 
all, since myn last I have made Coll: donganes man James Lar- 
kines prisoner of warre for having forged news to discourage the 
folks, It was that the late King James was in Ireland & the 
protestants of that kingdome & of Scotland joined to him in his 
army & that he was in company when Russell (who is gone) 
4lrank the late King James health, but is left out by a councill of 
warre & paroll for his good behaviour was past by Capt Broun, 
the company of Capt Cuiler being at work & when at the spurre 
wanting stones to finish it, resolved to pull doun the pigeon house 
of.Coll: dongane which was made of the stone soe missing & 
went armed with collours & drum without Capt or Lieut: & be- 
gane to breake but being offered immediately 50 load of stone 
at the work they left of & had done very little damage they 
intended at the same tyme to breake some walls and stairs at Gra- 
hames house made of the same stones, but 36 load was given for 
that, wee have noe news but from Boston therefore mentione 
non, the enclosed is a petition of two of your* souldiers with 
which I could not prevaill to stay, so I have given them leave 
as you will see by the answer upon the petition I intend to list 
two others upon your Counties account we are compleat 53 men 
n the fort, & the other five of your souldiers are resolved to 
^tand till released from England they have promised me to write 
to you, & I referre me further what passes to the bearers, & ex- 
^•»ecting the honor of an answer & after myne respects I remaine &c. 


Anno 1689 : the 9th August in fort Winiam 
Honored Sir — The 7th of this instant was my last to you by 
1 sox-luitTs, who petitioned to goe to their parents, who were 


sike, I have received the letter from Governor Broadstreet whicl» 
you have been pleased to send me by the bearer, being advised 
of sir Edmond Andross escape & their diligence about the pursu- 
ance of them we have had newes of his stope at Rhoad Islan.i 
about tuo days agoe, It is about eight dayes date, we have per- 
ceived some expectation by the grandees which no doubt had 
intelligence & hope to see him here, they were much in discour- 
aging the people to work, spreading abroad it was onely my 
notione & ambition to make such doing & hasting for fortifica- 
tion that I was obliged to gett the children who gathered in . one 
day above 100 load stones. The mayor & severall others are 
departed from hence, It is thought now to meet sir Edmund we 
are upon our guards, & hope that they are frustrat of their expec- 
tatione, expecting the honor of an answer of my former and this, 
I shall in the mean tyme advise you of all what passes by all op- 
portunities & after my respects to you and major Gold I recom- 
mend you & us in the protection of the Almighty & remaine 
your &c. 


1689 13 August 

The above is a coppy of myne last by John Moll to which I 
referre myselfe since I have received news from Albany as by 
the coppy of the enclosed your Hon^ may see, whereupon we 
have answered & according to our capacity have complied with 
their desire as by the enclosed copie of my letter to them, and 
ance have verball newes that the people that came from the 
Indianes report that there is killed & taken by our Indianes of the 
french & their Indianes above 500 & the informatione of the three 
men killed was false, the place called Schorachtoge belongs to the 
Magistrates there, who doe still Justice for their Mamies King 
■william & Queen Mary by the oath they have suorne to the late 
King James it is the uttermost frontiers & there are six or seven 
families all or most rank french papists that have their relationes 
at Canada & I suppose settled there for some bad designe &are 
lesser to be trusted there in this conjuncture of tyme then evei 


before the bad creatures amongst us gives me great occupa- 
tione, I have released the eight confined upon their requiest 
after I had administered to them the oath of fidelity to 
their ma^ies King william & Queen Mary in this City, & 
about us we are now God be thanked very quiet, and every one 
since the s^ confinement conforme themselves in watching & for- 
tifieing to the plurality, I have formerly urged to inform your 
Hon"" that Coll: dongan in his time did erect a Jesuite. College 
upon cullour to learne latine to the Judges west Mr Gra- 
ham Judge palmer & John Tuder did contribute their sones for 
some time, but no boddy imitating them the collidge vanished I 
recommend your Hon"" againe to spare us for their ma'ies use 
some great gunes & watt pouder your Hon"" can spare & an 
anajver about our record & your Hon"" good advice I shall think 
myselfe much obliged & after respects remaine &c If your Hont^ 
cannot spare me so much pouder then one tunn of salt peter 


Forasmuch the Committee of Safety do apprehend the difficulty 
& inconveniency by reason of their remote habitants and ye insit- 
ing season of ye year to commence & abide in y^ City of New 
York to advise recommend order, & appoint y^ present affairs in 
hand for the Interest of their Most Exelent Majesties King Wil- 
liam & Queen Mary & due preservation of y^ inhabitants in y« 
province of New York & some others near adjacent towns, it is 
thought convenient and Concluded by y« Committee for y^ most 
Safety of y^ province by reason of Sundry intervals & accidental 
motions which may arise & for the orderly way to direct all 
necessary matters touching y^ ruling & ordering of y'' inhabitants in 
the ProA'ince, it being uncertain whether y« orders shall Come 
from their Majesties, that Captain Jacob Leisler is hereby appointed 
to Exercise & \ise the Power & Authority of a Commander in 
Chief of the said Province to administer such Oaths to the people,, 
to issue out such Warrants, and order such Matters as shall be 
necessary & requisite to be done for the preservation and protec- 
tion of the peace, of the inhabitants taking all ways, seasonable- 


advice with Militia and Civil Authority as Occasion shall require 
Dated y« 16"» day Augt 1689— 

Copy was Signed Sealed as Iblloweth, 

William Laurence [i-s.J Sam^ Eosall [l. s. 

D* De Klercke [l. S.J Jean Demarest [l. s. 

Johannes Vermillye [l. s.J P. De La Noy [l. s. 

Richard Danton [l. s.J Mathias Harvey [l. s. 

Theunis Roelofse [l. s.] Thqs Williams [l. s. 


A: 1689: 19th August in N'ew-York 
Honored sir — I have received yours of the 4 : instant & 
understand the contents I am much obliged for your good advlte 
and have immediately dispatched one boot to Albany with the 
copy of your letter & the news the Mohacks and Sinekoes 
continue the warre with the French, they have lately tortured a 
french priest & had 3 prisoners besides, wee have newes of St 
Christopher that all the habitations were burned & all the people 
in the fort beseiged by land with 2 or 3000 men & twenty two 
vessels by water, wee had an allarum the sixteenth of this instant, 
being occasioned by this gentleman the bearer who came after 
watch sett ariued in the toune five in number without pass from 
your honor, nor to be acquainted here, made them to be suspected, 
sir Edmond Andross company they were freed to the dissatisfac- 
tion of the people who are jealous still that sir Edmond is amongst 
us, the s^ allarum occasioned the confinement of eight ill 
affected peopled in our section, which committment occasioned 
great satisfactione by the people who offer themselves that no such 
was confined, tho always opposed in our action, they would work 
continually with 500 men till the fortificationes were fully com- 
pleated & upwards of 30 bots to fetch soods & palisadoes, the 
fort artillery & ammunition, is now in one posture of defence, one 
water port now made to the westward of the fort & hope in occa- 
sion please God to defend it with my life & fortune for their 
Ma'ies King william and Queen Mary, I desire to know if our 
record? are secured. & offer your honor myn humble service &c. 



1689 25th August 
Honored Sir — I received yours by the bearer & understand 
they continow in answer about the letter of recommendation the 
committies &, I desired Major G-old & Capt ffith that we may 
nave a letter of recommendation to your agent in England to 
serve this province in occasione Inclosed is an act of the 
Comittie about your souldiers to which I referre you, I have writt 
by Mr. Kenrick denick to Mr, James Bisshop & enclosed a 
coppy of a letter from the assembly to Maryland & an other 
papisticall letter opened by me by which you may discover their 
way of cheats & desired him to communicate it to your Honi" to 
which I refeere you since is arrived here one man from Maiyland 
who affirms that at the h^d of patapsque there is murdered ten 
dayes ago wholl families where there is escaped but one woman 
& it is found out by there habits that it was Canada Indians, & 
that at the head of Chaplane river the Indians cut off all their 
corne & opens the fences &. begave themselves in one swamp 
where they were persued & examined & said they were assured 
by some ill affected persons in Maryland that the Inglish 
intended to utterly destroy them at the change of the moon. 
This is all which wee know needful to advise your Hon"^ the ten 
souldiers have had above their provisione which I make Connec- 
ticott collony debitor for. 


A. 1689 28 August in the fort of New York. 
for Robert Treat Governor of Connecticott 

Honored Sir — I have written you severall letters and advised 
you of all that has past in these parts I expected an answer before 
now specially about the four souldiers that had importuned me to 
goe home by which I have giuen you the reasone all myne for- 
mer I am satisfied is come to your hands but of the last by three 
saillers. bound for Boston to the Governor open to lett you have 
the perusall they being so hasty could not have tyme to write to 
you I am Jealous youhave not seen This is then to acquaint you 
that the sixteenth of this instant at night after watch sett came over 


the ferry five aimed strangers & went to Mr. William Merit after 
whom the door and windows were closed immediately a man a 
horseback dispatcht out the gate was open I was called being at 
home at supper, I went for the fort & overheld the man on horse- 
back & called to stope him whereupon he rimne which made us 
all suspect Sir Edmond to be in toun or neare I allarumed the 
toun & sent out severall parties to search Merits house Ned Buck- 
masters house & to bring all strangers before me, they brought 
those five men whom I examined they having no pass pretended 
they had lost him they knew but papists in this toune were 
knowen of noe body, had the post peri to their guide he about 
3| months ago forged newes here from Boston that Boston people 
repented what they had done & were at their wits ends & could 
send out no vessell, ha\'ing no boddy to cleare them, I asked 
him by whose orders he told such lies, he answered that Capt. 
Nicolson bid him to divulge such at long Island, I searched him 
for letters & secured him in the corp: de gard & demanded the 
letters of the other four, he deUvered them & s^^ they had no 
more but what was open I made them surrender their swords & 
sent out twelve men to search Merits houses for portmantles who 
brought me two which were open In which I found about 40 
more directed most part to the opposers of our actions, whereupon 
I sent for the Comittie to read them & in the mean tyme I 
redoubled the allarum & sent for the two Merchants and Buck- 
master about 500 men being couragiously in armes & they with 
severall were unarmed in their houses I sent for provisions to the 
baker by the fort a good friend of sir Edmond would not open 
the doore, I ordered to breake it, & being in watch they found & 
keept an exact account & so I should have been forced to 
continow till I was provided, if a souldier did not advise me 
that Capt Monveill headed my company which I sent, he 
arryving told me he onely enquyred at the ensign the reason of 
the allarume, I demanded if he would lett me have the provisions 
he had in the fort immediately he told me yea 12000 lbs bread 
six barrells pork 4 ban-ells pouder & so I released him & pressed 
noe furder for provisions but ordered to Churcher for strangers & 
sir Edmond in the night they brought phillip ffrance Robert 


Allison Dirk Vanderburg Brand Siaeuler In the morning the five 
companies compleat coming for the fort received orders, then 
came the Baker & Tuder over whom the people were in a rage 
to satisfie them I was obliged to secure them & dismissed the 
company, and upon informatione by M"" Lawrence from his grand 
child from Boston, the quality of the said strangers being but 
slender ground, with the charity I had I released them, I sent 
also for the officers of the militia to release the others but they 
came not that day. Sabbath day following they remained, 
Monday night I intended for them because the two companies 
being to work that day I went home & absented me for two or 
three hours for to write to their Mamies, In the mean tyme the 
s<J prisoners sent for nine fiddles 

[The remainder of this letter is lost.] 


The deposition of Nicholas Brown Aged Twenty three Years, 
the said Deponent declares that he being in the" Service of Y« 
late King Anno One thousand six hundred Eighty Six some time ' 
in July & August, did see Frances Nicholson Y^ late lieu' Gov 
ernor of Y« fort at New York Several times in Y« Masse, but 
especially two times in Y^ Kings tent at Hunsloheath in old 
ingland, being there to Exercise his devotions, & did Y* the 
same upon his Knees before the Alter in the papist Chappel, 
where the Mass was said, that himself, this deponent is ready to 
Confirm and declare upon Oath in testimony of the truth & 
have hereunto Set my hand. In New York this 12*'! day of 
Septem" Anno 1689. 

Signed Nicholas Brown. 

1689 the 13th l^er in New York 

Then appeared before me Nich's Brown & Sworn before me 
the aforesaid to be the truth. 

Signed G. Beekmam Justice 



There was great Joy when Sir Edraond Andros came here 
from Boston & not only here at new York but through the 
whole Country, because we were delivered from a Papist's 
Govoner Thomas Dongan & had now as we thought another 
Deputy Govenor in the fort (Nicholson) who would defend and 
Establish the true Religion, but we found to the contrary, there 
was a cry that all Images erected by Col" Thomas Dongan in 
the fort should be broken down & taken away, but when we 
were working in the fort with others, it was commanded after the 
departure of S"" Edmond Andros by Said Nicholson, to help the 
priest John Smith to remove, for which we were very glad, but 
was soon done, because said removal was not far off but in a 
better room in the fort, & ordered to make all things for Said 
Priest, according to his will, & perfectly & to erect all things, as 
he ordered from that time, we were much troubled not knowdng 
what to say or think & what the Signification was of the premi- 
ses, but we left it to god & providence, who in his time, shall 
make things Appear the Deponent Johannas heard it from said 
Nicholson & told the Same to his brother Andries and that both 
did do the work as was ordered with Peter King, — 

This 26th 7ber f689 the deponent Andries & John Myer 
appeared before me & declared the truth of the above written 
Upon their Oath. 

Signed Jacob Leisler. 


New York Septem 25, 16g?. 
A declaration of Barthomew Le Roux declareth that Co' 
Bayard having demanded of the Company of Captain Munvielle 
in the presence of the Leu* Nicholson & others, of the Cap^^ of 
this City, as they were assembled in James fort of this City the 
reasons that obliged them to Appear in arms the whole company 
whereas they were ordered of their Captains that they should 
watch but half the Company & that they did oppose the GovC" 

LIEUT. GOV. lj:io:.::u. 29 

lid not dc'.lii!. but woul! 
come & keep Guard with the whole company^ & the said Ijiathc)' 
1«. Roux having given him this answer, which was tlie True rea- 
sons, as the Company did then and dotli Still acknowledge to be 
the truth— 

First — That we had a relation in this City, that the Papist 
upon Station Island did threaten to cut the inhabitants throats & 
that the People had left their Plantations & were running the 
woods, & some gone with their familys in their boats and lay 
upon the river & further they threatened to come and burn this 
City & that M"" Dela Prearie had arms in his house for fifty 

2'y. That we had Certain information that there was Eighty or 
a hundred men coming from boston &, other places that were 
hunted away, no doubt not for their goodnes & that there were 
several of them Irish & Papist" & the Governor had desighed to 
take them in the fort y* which they would not suffer — 

3^. That a good part of the Soldiers that were in the fort 
already were papist & that they thought themselves not secure, 
to be so guarded & if it be so that but half a Company should be 
permitted to keep guard, they would not be above ten or fifteen 
men in the fort & therefore they tho^ght themselves not secure 
in the fort so weak 

4t'>. That the same day there was Complaint made that Co' 
Dongan., his Brigantine was fitted out with a considerable Quan 
tity of Guns & amonitions & made Water and provisions & that 
her whole loading was no other than if she had been designed for 
some warlike design & notwithstanding was Suffered to depart 
this port without interruption, these reascms did obleidge us to 
Come with the whole company to secure ourselves, the best we 
couid, against the fears that were put upon us, 

The Answer from Col Bayard to the Company As to the 
matter of Staten Island, it was false for I have (saith he) Spoke 
with a boatman that came from Staten Island & he informed me, 
that all was at peace & Quiet upon the Island & for M La 
Prearie if you, find more than two guns in his house, I will give 
you twenty Pounds, & if you be afraid you shall go to night & 
see if you will, & T will lend you my boat — And as for tile 


Barkantinel have been uboiird iii) st;U & see, she is loaded wltli pipes 
staves & flower and designed for the Maderia as for the Guns the 
Captain told inc that if I would give hiin seeurity, that if he w;is 
taken by the Turk or any of his people to redeem them, tliat 
then he would leave his guns, but I thought that might cost 
possibly three or four thousand pounds if Such a thing should fall 
out & would not venture to give Such Security, and the guns are 
his own, & I could not takt any mans goods by force besides the 
Captain Swears that if any come a board he will cut them over 
the pate, or Knock their brains out. 

As for the other reasons, the Papists in the fort and those 
Soldiers comming from Boston he made no other answer this 
that the governor was an honest man & as for the Papists were 
few & insignificant, & that we were very Unwise to afraid of 
them, I will lend you my boat t9 night, if you will go to Statcn 
Island & Satisfy yourselves, four'or five of us answered we were 
willing to go, then he said I think it is better to let it alone till 
to Morrow Morning & then I will lend you my boat — And so 
accordingly we went the next Morning to Staten Island were the 
first news we had was, that they were afraid to Lay in their beds 
for fear of the Papists & that they heard that M'^ De la Prearie's 
house there were arms for a hundred men, we Spoke to M' 
Vincent a frenchman, that had left his house & had taken his 
family in his boat & went and lay upon the river for fear of these 
relations, M"" Mark told us that about eighteen or Nineteen 
Persons had run from their houses about the Place where he 
lived & lay in the woods through these fears — 

The above relation I am ready to depose upon my Oath as 
witness my hand *" Signed Bartho: Le Roux 

Sworn before Me the day and Year as first above written 

Signed Jacob Leisleb 

I do declare I was present & do testify to the truth of what 
is above written Signed Peter White 

Sworn before me the day & year as first above written 

Signed Jacob Leisler 

Recorded amongst the records of the Committee of Safety the 
26^'' day of 7''«r 1689 p^ me Signed Abraham Gouverneur 

Clk Committee 


TO tul: {;ovkrnor of boston. 

KiSi): ■JlnU September In the fort of New Yorkc. 
IIoNOKEi) Sir — I rcfcnf your honor to all myno former since I 
have lUuU'rslood by Mr Grcverad mine advise to be ai'ceptable to 
your honor, I have received a letter from the assembly of Mary- 
land, whereof a copie is here enclosed, whereby your honor may 
discover the state and conditions of that part, I have also open a 
suspected letter, whereof is here enclosed a copie, whereby is 
discovered some of the papisticall tricks, yesterday arrived here a 
man from Maryland who affirms that ten days agoc was murdered 
by the french Indians 20 families at the head of potoxgie river in 
Maryland, & that the Indianes of great Chaptancler have destroyed 
their corne & fled in a swamp, who being persucd & found 
S<^ they were Skarred by some ill affected people & assured by 
tlie change of the moon they were to be destroyed by the English, 
I recommend againe your honor the care in answer about our 
records & after respects recommend your honor in Gods protectione 
& remaine &c your honors most humble Servant. &c. 


A: KiSi): 2!»th September in the fort of Now York. 

CrKNTLENfKN — I liave received your acceptable letter the 18 of 
this instant & communicated as directed, wee have considered the 
contents with due affection & returne you many thanks for your 
friendly & neighbourly advice, & embrace with all our hearts your 
oilers of a mutuall & amiable correspondance with you, which we 
shall labour to keep & preserve inviolable towards you, & witliout 
fail shall omitt nothing that may appeare any wayes to your intrest 
peace & wellfare as we also doe with Boston & Connecticutt 
collony being of the same opinion with you, that it is the onely 
racanes to preserve their Maj : intrest & to prevent the papists & 
popishly eviil affected adversaries to effect & bring to pass their 
wicked intents & designes ag* their MaUes loyall protestant sub- 
jects throw all his dominions in these parts of America, as we 
have good cause to suspect with you by severall depositions & 
circumstances before us thereunto relating. It is 3 weeks agoe 


that I heard of some of your papist grandees to be at Philadel- 
phia expecting them nearer these parts to conferr with some of our 
papists, & for some bad designc, for the which I made all the 
Inquisition imaginable with resolution to secure them, well If I 
had found them, but I beleeve hearing the absence of Collo" 
Dongan he wis at Rhoad Island where sir Edmond Andross 
anyved the same tyme, having made his escape from Boston 
(where he is now in fast hold again) the s<i dongan is now in 
these parts agam, he hes ranged all the country & is mett daily by 
several! where it may be also they may come, I shall omiti 
nothing if I heare of them to secure them, I gott a printed proc- 
lamation from new England the 21 June of their Mamies King 
William &. Queen Mary to be King & Queen of England france & 
Ireland & have immediately proceeded to the proclamation which 
was solemnly effected, the next day I understood that they are 
also proclaimed at Barbadoes King & Queen of Scotland but have 
seen no proclamatione- thereof as yet, I have detained here a 
wholl week Mr wilhara Hinson & John Hinson expecting to get 
some par^'ir advice from Albany of the negotiatione between the 
agents of new England «& the sinicks & mohacks but understand 
onely that they have treated & are of good intelligence, the s'- 
[ndianes have open warre with the french & their Indianes & have 
for certane kild & taken prisoners above 500 french men women 
&. children they give quarters but to very few but torture them 
as their customary way, the city of Albany suffers the late King 
James souldiers there to keep the fort by themselves & arc payed 
with faire words, there is brought a letter to me by one of the 
old souldiers directed to him by the commander of the s'' fort, 
he offers him a sergeants place & desires him to list for the 
service of King William & Queen Mary soe many souldiers as 
he can gett of Major Brockhouse & Capt: Baisters companies 
both rank papists, & to send them to him, but by 2 or 3 at the 
tyme which is very suspicious, I have done all the diligence 
imaginable, to Joine Albany to us, have caused their Mamies to 
be proclaimed there, but they are luld asleep by some of the 
former creatures to the late Government, of which wee have a 
great many amongst us. We have intelligence by the way of 
Maderes by a man of warre bound for S* Helena, of about 12 


weeks from England, that there were 60: men of warre bouml to 
Ireland, & that all the colliers & ships of note were detained to 
land an army there & 30 or 40000 men was to be landed from 
Scotland & the s^ man of warre had a commission to lake all 
great ships except from Londondary, this is all the newes we haVe 
at present I conclude embraceing again e yom- brotherly offer & 
to sollicite & court you also for a friendly & neighbourly corres- 
pondence, upon all occasiones, I assure you I shall omitt nothing 
that may be serviceable to your intrest to the utmost of my 
power, Since I received yours I understand of one boat coming 
from Virginia four weeks agoe with six men that they were out 
upon piracy to take a Catch going out with provisione, I manned 
a boate to persue & take them, they were brought up & found 
by evidence & inquisition they were upon the s^ designe being 
found in their boat, one graspelling & rigger stolen already from 
tuo vessels whereof I have 3 in prisone, by this you may know 
with what zeale & intrest I am sir 

Your most humble servant 


• 1689: 29 September in the fort of New York. 

Sir — ^being informed by Mr. John Inson that you are honored 
with a charge of a barges in your generall assembly, which hes 
honored us with a letter to which the enclosed is one answer have 
sealed the«ame with a flying seal that you may hav€ the perusal 
thereof and further to direct it to him you know best needful. If 
any thing offers needful to acquaint the s"^ assembly, I shall con- 
tinow the same except you direct me a better way in the mean 
tyme after my respects, I remaine &ct. 


Sir — ^1 thought convenient to advise you that if you send here 
150 ^bs prime tobacco you may expect 14 or 15 shill: per 100 lbs, 
it being for to defray charges of the expedition of Albany, may 
very well be excused of the penny per pound & be a great ease 
for your province 

VOL. II. 3 


Since my above letter was written 1 received Inform atione that 
they of Philadelphia send their pouder to the french, & that Al- 
bertus Brand has declared himself in the follomng expression 
that it was ag^ their prinlls to fight therefore when the french comes 
they are intended to send some of the wisest people to tell thera 
that rather would give their land & goods than to fight & that it 
was all one under whom he lives with such Expressions they will 
render your people odious & suspected I thought convenient to 
advise you that you may take away such stumbling blocks &ct. 


• Hartford Octob. 10, 1689 
Honor"! Sir The occasion of these lines is to inform you that 
we have been & are now at great charge and expences many 
wayes, by reason of the Indian war, & the necessity of Albany 
who dayly expect to be invaded by the French, to whome we 
purpos to send som reliefe, & also a great sickness amongst vs, 
which hath diminished o"^ numbers, besides a great loss that we 
haue mett w^h in our crop, being so disinabled by sickness, that 
we could not gather it in, so that we see o^selves necessitated to 
call in that ayd of ten souldiers or their pay, w<=*> we hau* 
hitherto, granted you for the secureing of the forte at Yorke, and 
doe accordingly [notify] you that we by these, doe from this day 
call in the ayd aforesaid, and shall not allow it any longer, yet 
that you may be encouraged to keep the fort for tkeir Ma^'^^ 
service, if any forreign force should invade you, we shall be 
ready to relieve you according to o"" ability & capacity; we 
dayly expect a setlement from England, but it doth not yet 
come, but hope it will shortly & prevent all occasions of trouble 
and disquietments, both to you & vs. S"" we wish you all pros 
perity & are 

These for the Hon^ie Your affectionate friends the Genera 11 

Capt. Jacob Leisler Court of Conecticotpr their order 

Comander in Cheife of Signed 

iheir Ma^'es forte John Allyn Sec'y 

.n New Yorke. this. 




Whereas, by order of ye Committee of Safety it was ordered, that 
ye Mayor, Sherife and Clerk shal^be chosen by ye Mayor and 
votes of ye freehoklers Come to Peter De La Noy Esq. for 
Mayor ami Johannes Johnson for Sherife and Abra. Gouverneur 
for Clerk who were accord iny^iy confirmed as viz: 
By the Commander in Chiefe &c. 

Whereas ye Committee of Safety have appointed me to con- 
fnme ye Civil magistrates and officers for ye Citty and County 
of New Yorke chosen by ye Protestant freemen of s'^ City and 
County of New York according to returns made by virtue 
whereof I doe hereby accordingly confirm Peter De La Noy 
to be Mayor, Johannes Johnson, Sherife and Abraham Gouver- 
neur town clerke for s^^ City and County of New York, to 
continue in their s^ stations according to ye true intent and 
meaning of ye act of said Committee 

And also do ccmfirm for ye next ensuing yeare for ye City and 
County of New York Hendrick Van Veurden, Aldermanj Goert 
Olphelse assistant -and Nicolaes Blanck, constable for ye West 
^ard: John Spratt, alderman; Gerret Duycking assistant, Edward 
Brinckmaster, constable for ye Dok wara : Robert Walters, 
aldermanj Joannes Provoost, assistant, John Thomas, constable, 
for ye South ward: Cornells Plevier, alderman j Henry Ten 
Eyck, assistant, John Ewouts, constable for ye Northward: John 
Hendrick Bruyns, Alderman; Peter Adolph, assistant, Daniel 
Brevoort constable, for ye East ward: Joannes Van Cowenhoven, 
alderman; Wolfert Webber, assistant; Frederick Lymonse con- 
stable for ye Out ward, and John Brevoort, constable for Harlem 

Therefore are all mhabitants hereby required to give due 
obedience to ye Magistrates and officers, and are to acknow- 
ledge the same accordingly at Fort Amsterdam ye 14 Octo. 
1689 and on ye first year of ther Majestys Reigne. 

Jacob Leisler. 

Note— I am indebted to the politeness of D. T. Valentine, Esq., clerk of the 
Common Council of New-York, for the above Record. 



A. 1689 15 October 
The above is a coppy of my last to which I referre you since 
we have certaine news from new England that they have killed 
50 Indians of their enimies & tooke six captives monks with the 
King* the English have lost S'l^men &2 Indians In the actions 
I had Intelligence of severall persons meeting in a papist house 
where I thought some of yOur fugitives might have been mongst 
them, made me resolve to send 25 souldiers wKo besett the house 
in the night but found non but the family & disarmed the man 
& brought him to me whom I released again upon his parroll to 
harbor no Jesuit nor to intertaine bigger company than tuo in his 
house, we hear from pensilvania that there is lately arryved a 
man of warr katch from England to Virginia, I desire if any 
newes worth will acquaint me with it, we expect tomorrow our 
committees to meet for to resolve to send some forces to Albany 
to secure them from the french next winter, our Indians doe 
daily gett spoile upon them the french prisoners reports that 
warre betwixt france & England is proclaimed at Canada, having 
for present no more to enlarge after my respects I remaine &ct. 


To Capti Abram De Peyster & Capn John De Bruyn com- 
mander of the two respective companies of the trained bands 
in New York to be communicated to the rest of the commis- 
sioned Officers — 

Gentlemen — Whereas Jacob Leisler & some of his associ- 
ates have in an hostile <& illegal manner — invaded their Maf'*^® 
fort at New York & withal infringed & subverted all manner of 
Government by law established within the City of New York & 
Some parts adjacents, not having any the Least shadow of Autho- 
rity from our gracious Sovereigns King William & Queen Mary 
so to do, I therefore considering the Obligations lying upon 
me by the Several commissions as being one of the Council oi 

1 ? Amongst which the King.— Ed. 


this their Ma^'^s Dominions & Col' of the regiment of the train 
bands in New York, both from the Crown of England, neethei- 
of which (notwithstanding the S'' Invasion insurrection, or other 
troubles) are any ways vacated or Supeiceded I find it to be my 
present Duty to the Crown of England & do hereby strictly 
require &, Command you & each of you, that you upon irnme- 
diate Sight hereof desist from any ways, councelling, aiding 
assisting, or betting the illegal proceedings of the said Jacob 
Leisler & his Associates & not to suffer any of the soldiers under 
Command to be made use of or employ'd Upon any service 
Whatsover of the said Leisler either in the fort or Elsewhere as 
being most pernicious, Dangerous & Contrary to the peace of 
Sovereign Lord & Lady King William & Queen Mary their Crown 
& Dignity, but that You and each of You together with the Sol- 
diers under your Command (as in duty bound) do give all due 
obedience to the lawfull Commands of the Cival Government 
Established by law & in particular to those of the Justices of the 
Peace commissionated by the Govenor Sir Edmond Andros, by 
mtue of letter Patents from the Crown of England as being our 
Supreme power which said Commissions I find & do aver to be in 
full force, notwithstanding the imprisonment (yea — Death) of 
any Govenor that granted the same, he being only an inferior 
officer of the Crown & the Commissions being matter of records, 
& therefore You shall faithfully perform their said Lawfull Com- 
mands as far as it Shall be in your Power, so to do, & at all times 
bear good faith & allegiance to their said Matins as you will 
answer the Contrary as the peril Given under my hand & Seal 
at Albany this 20tti of S^er in the first Year of the Reign of our 
Sovereign Lard & Lady King William & Queen Mary Ad. 1689 
Signed N Bayard 


Anno 1689: 22 October in New york. 
Much honored sir — ^Yours of the 26 Septer cam well to myne 
hands for which I returne your honor many hearty thanks, I hope 
the success of the trett by your agents with the siniqucs & 


Mohacks is long since knowen to your iionor, I perceive uls<> 
your great & extraordinary charges & your uncomfortable warre 
with the Indians your enimies discourages me partly of the expec- 
tation the people of Albany have of some assistance of men for 
this winter being in Just fear for some attack & never in a worse 
po^ure of defence then now, their fort being in possession still of 
the old late King James souldiers, Inclosed is a coppie of a 
letter of the commander to one of my souldiers but I perceive it 
is with advice of some of sir Edmonds creatures who still daily 
Avorks for di^-ision, which to prevent I shall at last be obliged to 
Secure some, I am certainly informed that they have offered 100 ' 
lb to rescue sir Edmund out of your custody & bring him here, 
Therefore very glad to perceive by your honors letter that they 
are securely keept with a good guard I am informed your honor 
has received a par'lar letter from a vessell then broke [Wessel 
Tenbrook] of Albany of which I desire your honor for a copie, he 
is a persone who has formerly professed popery, & recanted a 
protestant & been employed by our late papist Governor dongan, 
for ambassador to Canada & understand not one word french, for 
which embassador he has been well rewarded, by both parties 
being a mistery to many, he is recorded at Albany in noe quality 
for that office he has occasioned fourty milles from Albany 
towards the french to build a fort upon his land where he has send 
12 men to guard it, who must be a sacrifice if they come & the 
fort a nest to the enemies as penaquide was, our committie «Sc 
military have voted 50 men to be sent up for assistance at 
Albany, as per enclosed appeares. I give your honor hearty 
thanks for your readines in assisting us with guns & powder, but 
frustrate by your own skarcety, I have bought at Burlingtoun 
1000 lb powder & given order to buy all what may be had at 
Philadelphia & intend please God to send for it by land with a 
convoy of 40 men, & shall endeavor that their Maties may be 
proclaimed thereabout over record, I give your honor also hearty 
thanks for the care, and desire if possible onely for the present 1o 
have a catalogue of bookes and papers there belonging to this 
province, I further desire your honor for a mutuall & neighbourly 
correspondence as occasion shall requyre,in all matters conducing 


to their Mamies service &, I shall omit nothing that may appeare 
serviceable to your intrest & wellfare, I shall add no more but 
that I am sir &c. 


A: 1689: the 30: October in fort William 
Honored Sir: — Inclosed is a letter which was intended by 
Major Savits who departed before I had it ready, Since I had 
the honor to receive yours by John Moll, for which I am infinitely 
obliged, I have newes Since that there is secured in the fort and 
toun at delaware 5000 lb powder, which I intend please God to 
fetch by land with a convoy, the 50 souldiers for assistance to 
Albany are to depart to day or to morrow • Enclosed is a coppie 
of a letter from London by the last ship that arryved at delaware 
last June from doctor Cox to Mr flathan, where your honor may 
see the character & opinione they have in England of sir Edmond. 
Collonell Byard and the late Mayor & custome master abscond 
themselves & cannot be found to answer for which may be 
alleged to them, I desire your honors further friendly correspon- 
dence, after my respects I remaine sir &c. 


A : 1689: 30 October in fort William 
Honored Sir — Yours by Mr Lucas is come safe to my ha)id, 
as also the original letter of Governor Cox, for which I am 
infinitely obliged to you & it hes given me & all the Inhabitants 
that hes seen it great satisfactione, Inclosed is the s'^ letter againe. 
I admire my wine in Mr Carpenters hand should have groun so 
bad, being so good when I sent it about, the 2 pipes sold by Mr 
Johannes de has, whereof he hes the effects. It is my order in 
the letter to pay it to Monsieur dubrois therefore will certainly be 
Satisfied but the letter I believe being in dutch makes you make 
that conclusione I understand by Monsieur dubrois his letter that 
hee was upon his departure for Cap May, hee desires me the 
coppy attested of the proclamationes of their Magics to be King 


& Queen of England flVance & Iroliiiv>l Si.c. whidi is also lif re 
t'nclosed, I have sent one attested by some welchman bound to 
Cap May with orders to desire any sheriffe or Justice of the peace 
in them parts to proclaime their s'' Ma'ies, If refused to do it 
themselves, we are sending 50 men to Albany to secure the fort 
there for their Mat'^s King William & Queen Mary agt the french 
& their adherents Indianes, after their departure, I shall endeavor 
for to fetch the 1000: lb pouder I bought of you & to see what 
money I can send for more, I desire in the mean tyme you will 
be pleased to lett the cooper trimme them substantially & you 
will oblio;e him who is &c. 


A, 1689 23 November in fort William 

Most honored sir the Governor of Barbadoes — Whereas 
wee being in just feares to suspect some ill designe by the late 
Lieut: Governor & severall persons of prin^^ note & others of 
them in authority within this government popishly & evilly 
afFeeted, tending to the destructione of their Ma^'es loyall protes- 
tant subjects here, for fear they should effect and bring to pass 
some wicked designe. The Inhabitants by the encouragement 
of the prince of orange (now our gracious King) his 3 declara- 
tions for their security have secured the fort for their Mamies, King 
William & Queen Mary wherein the country has appointed me 
Commander in Chiefe till further orders from their Ma^'es^ which 
charge I have executed hitherto to the service of their Mamies & 
have God be thanked — brought all things in such a posture tliat 
next God we are in a capacity of defence, only we are daily 
occupyed by some popishly & evill affected people which puts us 
upon many inconveniences & straits & obliges me to have a 
watching eye over all so it is that the 3^ of november in the niglit 
arryved here a sloope from Barbadoes commanded by Cap^" 
Benjamin Blagg he gave me an accompt that six dayes after his 
departure frem Barbadoes he mett with a french ship he tooke him 
& keept him for 48 hours & sold the ship to an Irish who was on 
aboard the s'^ frenchman of warre wherein they permitted the s'' Blagg 


to go 9^ pilot the s'i Irish intending for Maryland but were piloted 
in this harbour as by the copie enclosed out of the s^ Blaggs Jouinall 
will appeare N° 1: In the morning I sent two souldiers aboard to 
seize her as being in the french possessione & had the s^^ Irisli before 
me who produced a french bill of sale without condemnatione &a 
pass for them & the vessell whereof inclosed is a copie N" 2 the 
4th Novem being the birth day of our gracious King which we did 
solemnise with bonefires & resting one ox &c. the fifth was gun 
pouder treason which also we did solemnise with bonefires & 
burning the pope — In which tyme I was not willing to confine 
the s^ Irish, but the sixth I sent for them their chess & papers 
from which they were detained all that whill where I found a 
pass from the Earle of Blerock whereof the copie here inclosed 
n: 3: besides two letters of recommendation both open whereof 
they were the bearer, here inclosed is the copie n: 4: whereupon 
I gathered the oflEicers of the Militia & keept counsell of warre 
being examined by them, they could make no other excuse of 
their escape from Barbadoes as that they were in debt, but we 
found them absolute enimies of their Mat'^s therefore was con- 
cluded that they were to be sent to Barbadoes to your honor 
suspecting them to have committed some other crymes, & made 
an order whereof the copie is here enclosed since we understand 
they have forced tuo warre men with their warriers & that your 
honor was much concerned about their ship so that by a warrant 
I have commanded M"" Thomas Capewell commander of the Bark 
Constant to take them & to deliver them to your honors order as 
per copie n: 5: inclosed, being no better meanes to the conduce- 
ing to their Mamies service & interest then a friendly amicable & 
mutuall correspondancy between their severall goverments 
especially under such circumstances as we now are having first 
according to our bounden duty upon sight of their Mamies procla- 
mation duly proclaimed their sacred Mamies King William & 
Queen Mary according to the tenor of the s^ proclamation, doe 
in the next place sollicite & court your honor to bear us your 
hearty affection & mutuall good correspondancy as occasion shall 
requyre m all matters of import conduceing to their Mamies ser- 
vice & the wellefare of their protestant subjects, I shall omit 
nothing that shall appeare serviceable to your honors intrest, here 


is not* newi^ bi t \vli;.t we have of the tuo Irish, noe ships, any uf:d 
out of EnglanI, having no inort- to add, but that I, am &c. 


St Mary's County in Maryland Nov 26, 1(58!). 

HoN^^^ S"" — Your's courteous letter, directed to y Assembly 
in Mayryland y/^^ is now under adjournment. I have received 
& having y^ hon"" of the chief command of his Mati^^s forces here, 
thought it my duty return an answer by ye first opertunity pos- 
sible. Your greate ciuilitie I have comunicated &• rep^sented to 
all o"^ friends here, who are extremely glad of so neer and con- 
venient a friendship, especially since o"" circumstances are so 
alike, &y« comon danger so equally threatening: we have still 
ye same reasonable & just aprehensions w'^ yofs & ye N, England 
governrn* of a great designe that was on foot to betray & ruine 
their Ma^'^s and y^ Protestant interest through all these northern 
parts the attempts to disarme y^ Protestants in this Province last 
spring, ye overturnes to, & Treatys vf^^'^ o^ neighbouring & other 
Indians w*^ other treacherous & inhumane practices, (too tedious 
for a letter) from ye late govern ^ here, gave us just case as to fly 
to armes at first, so still to p''sist & stand upon o"" guard to pre- 
vent traiterous interprises & o"" oune ruine I thought it convenient 
herew^^* to send you o"" declaracon, w^h is ye least part of what 
we have to say ag^^ o"" Popish politicons, ag^* whom there are 
dayly more discoverie & informacons, of which we have not 
much before us that in any pi'ticular or distinct manner relates 
to ye gover™* unlesse this may be anything significant. We met 
Vf^^ a paper to ye governm* from ye late King James, relating to 
a great correspondency & amity, we were comanded to keep 
^th or French neighbours in America, a copy of which I have 
herew^h gent you, notw^^standing w^h, this is remarkable 
that Collo Dongan sent to us and Virgmia, to contribute 
o"" assistance towards a Warr w^^ ye French, w^h was com- 
plyed wt'i I understand in Virginia, but disobeyed here, for 
reasons W^^ I leave to yo^ conjecture — as also what might 
be meant by settling ye bounds and limits of these Collonies 


unlimitated in y^ s<J paper, besides y^ severall dates and termi- 
nacers thereof towards ye latter end, w^h to much like that 
plotting & designing Councill to becasuall, & therefore plainly 
points to us what was then to be done. I believe o"" greate men 
of this province, some of yours & N. England were a Caball & 
held a great correspondency ags' ye Protestant interest as it 
was & is ye endeavours of y^ Popish world, besides which obser- 
yacon Wee made before o'' motion here from severall and fre- 
quent messages from your parts hither, especially to y^ Priests 
who have alwayes ye Chief Share in y^ Managem^ of intrigues 
agst ye Protestants: Three of o-" Popish Govern'"'* are fled (to 
wit) one Darnall, Josephs and Sewall, w^e have two onely in 
Custody; one Pye and Hill, w°'i three Priests they had a designe 
towards your parts if feare of discovery hath pi" vented, they have 
wti» them a small yacht & Brigantine, if they be not retaken, 
having sent after them, we desire you would be pleased to be as 
kind to us as your circumstances will permit w^h shall oblige us 
to a due requitall, especially if any discovery that related to us 
happens before ye communicacons of w<^'i will be a great advan- 
tage to a genii understanding, & may enlighten to a further dis- 
covery of ye great design that was to be carried on. As to newes 
from England or ye West Indians, y^ last came by his Mat es 
Packett boat, who left England in June, his business only to brino- 
his Mat'es orders w^h were in y^ three distinct letters to Virginia, 
Maryland & Pennsilvania, signifying only a war w^^ France, & 
that we must take effectuall care for y^ opposing or resisting any 
attemps of ye French upon this Province, assuring "his subjects 
here, his greatest protecon, by sending a considerable squadron 
of ships in to y® West Indians & other succors for p''tecting his 
Maties Plantacons in America ; no great matters of news else, 
but all was well in England & ye reducing of Ireland went on 
prosperously; som of opinion that y® p^sent circumstances of 
Albany deserve your greatest consideracons, & therefore no paines 
nor opertunity should be spared, to oblige or secure y® same to 
y« Kings service ag^^ y® French who will doubtless attempt 
something in ye sprinke, we have certaine informacon that a con- 
siderable squadron of men of war, are gone from fFrance towards 


Canada j we have written home by y^ s*^ Packett Boate to his 
Magics principall Secry of State, y« present concUcon & circum- 
stances of us all, wherein we have prsumed to intimate y« great 
service you have done his Ma^'es interest in all these parts, by 
securing so considerable a member of his dominions, w""'' is yc 
Sixth Vessell by w^h we have sent advise of our proceed mgs. I 
begg y® happiness of a line or two from yo"" Honour by y* first 
oportunity vf^^ will oblige us all to a due requitall, especially 
Honor«i S"- 

Yo"" most faithful humble servant 

Jno Coodee 
The declaracons & letters of y® last King 
James, intimated in this have not at 
present been rec^ by me, being very • 

remote frotn my papers. 

J. C. 
To y« Honor^*'® Jacob Leisler Esq. Commander 
in Chiefe of his Ma*'®^ forces in N. Yorke 
For thejr Ma*'^^ Service 


Whereas Mathew Plowman Gent with others did about ye 
Beginning of this month in A Riotous manner beate one of his 
\Jajtie8 Justices of y^ Peace for Richmond County on Staten 
Island, and use other Scurrilous & Contemptuous Expressions 
•.gainst the Kings Magistrates for this Province and Complaint 
oeing made — * 

These are in his Maj^'^^ King Williams name to require you 
forthwith to take y® Body of said Plowman and bring before mee 
to answer for y^ same and in so doing this shall be yo"" sufficient 
Warrant. Given &c. this 10*^ day of december 1689. 

Jacob Leisler. 
T^ any of his ma^'^^ Justices of the Peace 
for the County of Richmond abovesaid. . 



At an Assembly By appointment of the Lieu*. Govern"" & 
Commander Chief of their Ma^'es Province of N York 
December the llt^ 1689. 
Present The Lieu* Govern'' , &<=a 
Pieter Delanooy Mayo' 
Samuel Edsall 
Capt. Gerardus Beekman 
Capt. Thomas Williams )> Committees 

Johannes Vermelje 
Capt. Myndert Coerten 
Roeloff Swartwout 
Having Received Orders from his Ma^'® King William for 
taking care of the Government of this Province &<=a. It was. 
proposed by y^ Lieut. Governi" what members should be thought 
fitt for his Councill to manage the same untill further order from 
his Ma'ies King William Whereupon after a due deliberation and 
consult the following persons were Recommended viz' M"" Pieter 
de la Noy M"" Samuel Staats, Mr. Hendrick Janzen and M^ 
Johannes Vermelje, for the Citty & County of New-Yorke, Capt. 
gerardus Beekman for Kings County, M'' Samuel Edsall for 
Queens County, Capt Tho^ Williams for Westchester County, 
M"" William Lawrence of the County of Orange ;vhome the 
Lieu' Govern"" &ca doth accept of and Establish as such and are 
ordered to take the oath as is provided by the I \w of this 
Province for qualifying them for the said office: w^' is this dav 
accordingly done. 



We the undersigned hereby acknowledge to agree to what our 
comniittee may do or enact for the welfare and allegiance of our 
Gracious Ma^'^^ King William and Queen Mary for the benefit of 
our country and the advancement of the Protestant Religion, 
whereunto we pledge both Body and Lives. In witness of the 
Truth we have subscribed these with our own hands. Ady the 

12 decemb. 1689. at Hurley. 

was signed, 
Hendrick Clasen, Johannes d'hooges, 

Roelof Hendrix in 't velt, Adriaen Garritsen, 

Hendrick in 't velt the mark of Gerrit Cornelis, 

the mark of Tho: Swartwout, 
the mark of Cornelis Gerrits, 
Mattys Blansjan, 
Johannes Juriaensen van Anthony Crespel 

Kingstown the mark of Pieter Pietersen 

Huybert Lambertsen 
Jan Elcinge, 
Barent Kunst, 
Jacob Gerrritsen, his mark 
Agrees with the Original, Luer Jacobsen 

Wm. Montagne the mark of Hants van Etcen 

Mattys Sleght van Kingstown. 


A. 1689: 16 clecember in fort william 

TK love is a copie of my last with all the copies referring 
to it, a\so the second bill of loading with the masters recept for 
the letters delivered to him directed to your honor en the im- 
pressione of my seall to your honors letter, since the departure 
of the bark from the rhoad, I gott informatlrjn of his staying in 
the bay I have sent 3 boats with 27 souldiers with a wasrant <Ic 
instructions to the Liei, tenant whereof the copie is here d 
Mr. Nicolson therein exprest is the brother of our late Lii u' 


Governor J^icolson of whom we were informed by a Justice of 
peace that since his departure on board he drunk the kings health 
with a figure J, they departed to see this morning when I send 
the above s^ souldiers, but I am certainly informed that they 
were sett on shore & have been seen in a company of papists & 
popishly affected people at Amboy, Ifthey are imbarqued againe 
I am in doubt & hope your honor will taku such care therein as 
the cause doth requyre, the eight of this instant arryucd by the 
way of Boston a messenger with tw^o gracious letters the one 
from their Mamies with orders to doe & p^rforme all things which 
to the place & office of his Mamies Lieut: Governor & Commander 
in Chiefe of New Yoik doth or may appertain untill further 
order, the other letter was from their Mamies Counsell signed by 
eleaven of them with orders to proclaim wulliam & Mary prince 
& princess of orange to be King & Queen of England Scotland 
ffrance & Ireland defender of the faith «&. Supreme Lord & Lady 
of the province of new york & all other the territories & domin- 
ions to the croun of England belonging (if not already done) 
which was very solemnly effected the 10*^' instant,! also received 
a letter from the honorable Governor of Boston Lyman Bradstreet 
dated 27 November, he informes me that he had information of 
some of their people that was taken by tuo french men of warre 
upon the coast of arcada, they say that the french told them they 
were near tuelve men of warre that came out of France to sur- 
prise Boston being sent for by sir Edmond Andros who promised 
the country should be delivered to them as they say, but meeting 
with some dutch men of warre they lost of 4 of their ships & 
some on the bank & hearing of sir Edmonds confinement their 
designe was disappointed they went away from the eastward 
about six or seven weeks after the date of his letter some s"^ to 
france some to new york but I believe they are gone to the west 
Indies, he advised me also that he hard received tuo gracious 
letters from his Matie the one approving & allowing what had ' 
been done in reference to the late revolution & authority to 
pi-oceed, the other letter was a command from his Matie to send 
sir Edmond Andros, M-^ Randolph & severall others in safe custody 
to Whitehall, severall ships being departed from England with 
convoy, doubt not but your honor will have all the newes that 


we are able to inform your honor, having no more t# enlarge, 
requesting oncly yom- charitable & friendly acceptance of what 
in hast is here omitted by him who is 

Your honors most humble servant &c. 


[Recoi-d torn.] 
Ordered, that the major Part of the members of the [Council] 
do all things in as full force & virtue as if the whole number of 
[members were] present. 

At a Councill held the same day &,''«■. The same persons 

Ordered that Jacob Milborne be Secretary of this his Maties 
Prouince & Clerk to the Lieut Governo'' and Councill thereof 
tooke his oath at the same time. 

At a Councill held the same day &c* 

The Lieut Governf &<=* 
M>^ Samuel Edsall 
Capt Gerardus Beeckman 
Capt Thomas Williams 
Mestr Samuel Staats 
M"" Johannes Vermelje 
Ordered that M"" Pieter d' la Noy be Commissionated for 
receiving his Mat'cs King William's revenues of this province of 
N. Yorke. 

Saturday Decemb. 14th 1689. 
At a Councill held — 


Lieut Governo"" &c.. 
Samuel Edsall 
Pieter d' La Noy 
Samuell Staats 
Capt Thomas William 
Johannes Vermelje 
Hend'^ Jansen 


Ordered That the Costumes and Accize be Collected accord- 
ing to an Act made by the Assembly for this province Anno 
1683, and the same to be publisht forthwith. 

[Record torn.] 

At a Councill Decemb. 16. 1689. 

Lieut Govern'' &c 
Samuel Edsall 
Pieter d'Lanoy 
Gerardus Beekman 
Capt. Williams 
Samuel Staats 
William Lawrence 
Johannes Vermilje 
Ordered that Capt^ Abraham depeyster remayes in his Com- 
mand provided that he Satisfyed the Lieu* Governor & Council! 
he is duly qualified for that function. 

At a Councill Decemb^ 17,, 1689 


Lieut Govern "■ &c»' _ _ .",,!,, 

Samuel Edsall 

Pieter d'Lanoy . . - 

Capt" Williams ^ „ , *','■, 

William Lawrence .'V . '^,^ 

Johannes Vermelje . , ^ 

Ordered that Capt" Ebenezer Piatt be Commissionated to 
administer oaths to ye rest of the Justices of the County of 
Suffolk " 

Capt Beekman for Kings County 

Samuell Edsall for Queens County 

Capt Tho Williams for Westchester County 

William Lawrence for Orange County. - 

The orders of Councill Transmitted to the Councill Book N", 
20 folio 111 [not found.] 



Whereas I haue received a Letter from the Lords of his 
Mat'«s most honbie Privye Councill dated 29th Ju]y i689 for 
Proclaiming William & Mary Prince & Princess of Orange, 
King & Queene of England, Scotland, ffrance & Ireland (If not 
already done) w^h was accordingly pi'formed at New York the 
lO^h of Decemb"" Instant 

These are to will & Command you with the assistance of the 
Principall freeholders & Inhabitants of y^ County of Suffolk to 
Proclaime their Sacred M^'es according to the forme herewith 
sent at ye Chief Towne of y^ said County, with the Solemnities 
& Ceremonyes requisite on the Like Occasion and y* with all 
convenient speed; and for so doing this shall be yo' sufficient 
Warrant. Given &c N. York Decemb-" IQth 1689. 

Jacob Leisler. 
The same to Richmond, Westchester, Queens, Kings, & Ulster 

Counties; to y*' Citty & County of Albany & ye County of 

Kast Jersey, and one proclamation. 
No'^cE.- -There is an order to the same effect to the Justice of Richmond County 
aate'd 17 DeC. 1689 & to Capt John Longstaf of New East Jersey dated 4th March 
■689^90. '. 


Whereas their was Proclamation made by the authority 
aboves^ tearing date the 16*^ decemb^ instant to give notice 
that y« Costumes and Accize granted by Act of Assembly 1683 
haue and do remaine in full force & that all Persons were 
required to observe y^ same notwithstanding w^h some disaffected 
oei^on hath taken the same from the Weigh house or custom e 
i^Ov'ise doore of this Citty where by Order they were affixed. 
Astd moreover some unknowing or malicious pi'sons have in a 
Co'ntemptuous manner affixed Certainc papers entituled (By them 
English ffreemen of the Province of New York) Containing 
false construction on the wholesome Lawes of England not 
regarding An Act of the ffreemen represented in Assembly as 


afores^ Viz* That the Supreame Legislatiue Authority imder his 
Matics &ca shall for ever be & reside in a Govern"", Council! & 
the People met in Generall Assembly — 

These are to advertize whomsoever it may or shall concerne 
that none from henceforth do dare to deface or take of any paper 
well shall be affixed by the Authority of this Province or City, or 
affix any other Papers without approbation of the said Authority 
as they will answer it at their Perlll. Given &c. this 20t'» day 
of decemb-- 1689. 

Jacob Leisler. 


By virtue of the Authority devised unto mee, I doe hereby 
authorize And Order you Capt. Jochem Staas to take possession 
(in his Mamies King William's name) of the ffiart Orange and all 
Stores of war there at Albany, Continuing in that Command till 
farther orders taking Care y* y*^ Souldjers under your Command be 
Carefull of their duty and Comport themselves orderly in all 
respects as they ought and upon all occasions require y* you Send, 
or speake to y« Civill Magistrates in what may Concerne them, 
for ye Securing his Ma^'^s Interest, and y^ welfare of y^ Inhabi- 
tants of yt County, And y* by the first opportunity you returne me 
a particular Acco* of y« ffort, all Stores of warr, and his Mat'^s 
Revenue in y^ place & what Else in your Cognizance may be 
necessary. Given &c New York this 28"i day of decemb'" 1689. 

Jacob Leisler 

New York Decembr 28. 1689. 
Gentlemen — I haue received yo^ Letters w^h give me great 
Satisfaction of your integrity & resolucon & having received 
Orders from his Mat'^s King William to take care of this Gov- 
prnm* haue sent my orders to Cap* Staas & y® officers & People 
there, by Which you will see how they Shall be setled Likewise 
goes herewith Commissions for yo^ Justices & to keep your 
Monethly Courts, desiring you to send me word by y® first what 


officers you shall choose for y*' Militia that so Commissions may 
be sent you: Entreating you to keep in Love and unity amongst 
your Selves, and as soone that your case shall be stated w^'' all 
y^ advantage imaginable by him that Is 

Yo"" very Loving frind 

Jacob Leisler. 

New York Decembr 2«th 1689. 
Capt Jochem Staas — I have rec<^ yo^ Letters and are very 
well Satisfy ed w^^ your Conduct and Method of affaires Espe- 
cially Keeping a good Correspondency with Cap* Bull, not 
doubting but he will be of great use unto you Since y« Last Post 
sent you I have received his Ma^'es orders for taking care of y" 
governm* in Nicholson's absence taking for my Assistance so 
many p'sons as shall thinke fit I have for y* purpose herew^'i sent 
you a Commission for Commanding the ffort &,c^ and for the 
Magistracy doe order y^ a ffree Election be made of a Mayor, 
and Aldermen, having Sent Commissions for y^ Sheriffe & Clerk, 
and y^ Accise, but not y® Quit Rents because its not due till 25"' 
March next I am willing to have the undermentioned p'sons 
chosen if y® people will Elect them viz^^ Johannes Wendell, Joh: 
Bleecker, Pieter Bogardus, Jacob Staas, Harmon Gaansvoort, 
Gabriel Thomassen, Jeronimus Wendell, Robert Sanders, Luycas 
Gerritse, and for y^ other parts Major Abramsen Jochem Lamberts, 
ffor Schanectede, Viz^ David ChristotTels, Reyer Jacobsen, 
Myndert Wemp, Reynier Schaets Douwe Auckus hoping yt w'h 
the Monethly Courts will be of Ease to them & that King Wil- 
liam and Queen Mary may be proclaimed according to fforme 
and an order Sent to you for yt pm'pose, Likewise the IS^h day of 
January for a thanksgiving, & y you do administer y^ Oathes to 
y*' Sheriffe & y^ Justices of Schancchtede, Likewise you may see 
what y^ King hath written to New England to approve of their 
actings, and a blank band for y.*' Scherifie to scale hoping by yo 
next to hear y^ y® Convention are of another opinion, of which 
pray give a speedy and Exact Account Enclosed you have a 
Letter to y® Civill & Military officers, & y® Inhabitants of your 


city W ** I Entreat may be read to them \\^ all Conveniency and 
dispatch with hearty respects, wishing you all happino^sp T am 
Yo^ Assured friend 



By virtue of authority to me derived by his Mat'^^ Ki"g 
William & being enformed of y® great advantage may be made 
for his Ma*'^ Interest of a Certaine fFort belonging to the ffrench 
King were destroyed I doe hereby authorize and empower you 
Nicholas Rust w^^^ so many as shall voluntarily assist you, not 
exceeding twenty ffive men of y® King of England his subjects 
to goe forthw^*^ unto or ware y« s** ffort named Kadarockqua 
joyned with the Indians in allyance w^h this o^ Crowne as to 
your wisdome shall seeme meete, and do assault attacque and 
utterly destroy y® s*J fFort and raze it down to y« ground, as much 
as in you Lyes to prevent it Ever to be rebuilt againe & y* you 
give Christian Quarter to y^ s<^ ffrench people therein if desired, 
but yt none of them may be delivered into y^ possession of y« 
Indians to Exercise their Cruelty over them, & yt for y« plunder 
you may agree w^h ye gd Indians to their satisfaction w«h you are 
to divide amongst you & to oppose &, to distruction bring all or 
any y* shall defend or assist ye ffrench Interest And for soe 
doing this shall be your Sufficient Warrant »nd Commission 
Given under my hand & seale at Fort William this 28th day of 
flecenib^ 1689. 

Jacob Leisler. 


Whereas the Late King James the Second &ca having abdicated 
the Governm* of England &c^ & the throne being thereby vacant, 
in whose stead his highnesse y^ Prince of Orange is become o^ 
most Gracious King & Soveraigne, W^ee having received his s'^ 
Ma^'es Order for governing this province of New York willing & 


requiring us to do & perform e all things y^ shall be found neces- 
sary for y^ Kings Service & whereas diverse officers both Civill 
& Military have commissions from y« Late Governo' Coll. 
Thomas Dongan & S^ Edmund Andross w^h they vindicate & yet 
to this day assert & maintaine to be of fforce & Virtue as appears 
in an Especiall manner under y^ hand and seale of Col: N: 
Bayard dated 20'!' Octob' Last asserting y« authority of y^ Late 
K: James & his Governor (although it is manifest that they are 
illegal) to y'' great prejudice of his Mat'« King William's right, 
Interest & Soveraignty of this his S<J Province likewise pernicious 
& dangerous to y^ Governm* & to the great disquite & discour- 
agem* both of y« Order, peace & tranquility of his Mamies good 
subjects herein And y* proper Remedies May be applied to take 
of y® fears & Jealousijs thereby occasioned amongst y« s^ sub- 
jects, as also not only for y® present Ease but for future security 
of y« Kings dignity & o"" safety — 

These are in his Maf'^s name to Will & require all every or 
any p^son or p^sons within this province having such Commission 
or Commissions, warrants or other Instruments of power or Com- 
mand Either Civill or Military from y^ aforesf^ Coll Thomas 
Dongan or Sr Edmund Andross, upon notice of this our Order, 
forthwith or as soon as posible to apply themselves unto y« Major 
or one Justice of y^ peace of the Respective Countys wherein he 
or they Live & Surrender y^ same unto them who are Ordered to 
give such pi^son or p^sons certificate of y® same, except the County 
& city of New York & Richmond who are to repaire to fort 
William in pursuance of this Order and all such who shall not 
comply herewith are to be deemed & esteemed as p>"sons 111 
affected to this govermn^ & unfit for bearing office or having any 
trust reposed in them whatsoever & to be regarded as y« case 
shall require. 

Jacob Leisler, 

Fort W>n in New York Decemb' 30, 1689. 



Forasmuch as there hath been detected a hellish Conspiracy 
to Subvert his Mat'^s King W^'s Govermnt In this province 
and that y« same hath been & Yet Is promoted by Latters & 
other pernicious Messengers sent by y^ s^ Conspirato" from 
hence to Boston. 

These are in his Ma^'es name to Will & require You to make 
diligent Search & Enquiry In all bowses as well as on y® Rhoad 
or what places soever you shall Suspect Such Messengers or 
Letter Carriers to be, or whosoever shall travaille from hence 
bound for those parts or Coming thence w'^^out a Pass from 
under my hand y® same to Seize & bring before me w'^ all such 
papers as Shall be found with him or them and for so doing tliis 
shall be your suficient Warrant. Given &c. Jany 3^ 1689. 

Jacob Leisler 
To Daniel ter Neure or 

whom he shall apoint. 



York since the news of Their Ma*'®" happy arrivall in 
Setting forth the necessity of remo\'ing Cap* Fran: Nicholson 
(late Lieu* Gov"" of the said Province) and putting the com- 
mand thereof into [the | hands of such persons, of whose 
fidelity and good Inclination to their present Ma'^ the afore- 
said Province is well assured. 

The said Cap* Nicholson (in imitation of his Predecessor 
Coll Dungan) wholly neglected to repair the Fori and Fortifica- 
tions of the city, and that not without a vehement suspicion, 
thereby the more easily to betray the same into the enemies 
hands, of which he gave the said Province sufficient grounds of 
apprehensions by discovering both by words and actions, his 
disaffection to the happy Revolution in England, and also to the 


inhabitants of the City by threatening to fire the same aboui 
their ears. 

Whereupon the Inhabitants in order to secure the s'^ Fort and 
City for their Ma*-* use and to repair and fortify the same & to 
place the government of the Province in the hands of some of 
undoubted loyalty and affection to their present Ma^* Did remove 
the said Cap': Nicholson, and made choice of Cap*: Jacob Leisler 
with a Committee (who were also chosen by the people) to take 
into their hands the Care and Charge of the Governm' until 1 
Their Ma*^ Pleasure should be further know^n. 

Shortly after arrived their Ma'^ Proclamation to Proclaim 
them King and Queen of England, France and Ireland, notice 
whereof was given to those of the former Councill, and to the 
Mayor and Aldrmen of the City to assist in proclaiming thereof 
with the proper ceremonies for that solemnity, who desired an 
hours time to consider of it, which time being expired and no 
complyance yielded, but on the contrary an aversion discovered 
thereto, The said Capt Leisler accompanyed with the Committee 
& most part of the Inhabitants, did with all the Demonstrations 
of Joy and affection they were capable of celebrate the same. 

Whereupon the Mayor and Aldermen were suspended and 
some persons confined, who were the most eminent in opposing 
Their Ma*^ Interest and this Revolution, and some short time 
after this Their Mat^^ Letter arrived Directed to Cap* Francis 
Nicholson Esqr Lieu* Governor of Their Ma's Province of New 
York and in his absence, to such as for the time being do take, 
care for the preservation of their Ma^^^ Peace, and Administring 
ye Laws in that Their Ma's Province, Ordering such to take upon 
them the Place of Lieu' Governor and Commander in Chief of 
the said Province, and to proclaim King William & Queen Mary 
King & Queen of England Scotland France and Ireland and Su- 
preme Lord and Lady of the Province of New York, if not 
already done, which was accordingly performed. 

. The Inhabitants of the said City and Province conceiving that 
by vertue of Their Ma^* said Letter, the said Cap* Leisler was 
sufficiently Impowered to Receive the same and to act accor 
dingly It gave them a generall satisfaction, whereupon the said 


Committee were immediately dismissed and a Councill chosen 
by whose assistance Cap* Leislcr acts in the said Governmt pur- 
suant to His Mats Order. 

The members of the former Government notwithstanding gave 
all the opposition they could to this Reformation & have created 
a fFaction in the said Province to the endangering y® loss thereof, 
since it happens at a time that we are under continuall alarms 
from the frequent attacks the French make upon our Frontiers, 
so that without the care and precaution aforesaid this Their Ma'^ 
Province was in apparent hazard of being delivered up to the 
Canada Forces belonging to the French King, whereby Their 
present Mats most loyall protestant subjects of this Province 
would have been rendered miserable, equall to their fears, and 
this Province became a Colony of the French. 

And to that height of insolence was that disaffected Party 
growne, that in a riotous manner in the day time they besett and 
surrounded the s^ Cap^: Leisler our Lievt. Gov^ in the street 
treating him with ill Language & threats & had undoubtedly done 
violence to his person, had they not been apprehensive of dangei 
to themselves from the people, who immediately gathered to<ve- 
ther and rescued the Governor out of their hands, seizing some 
of the principal] actors and Ringleaders in that Ryott and com- 
mitting them to prison, and their ffriends and confederates 
sending them provisions to the prison in a superabundant and 
extraordinary manner, designedly to affront and insult the Gov- 
erning: thereupon it was thought fit to order, that no provisions 
should be permitted to be brought them, and they should only 
he allowed Bread and water, but that severity was continued 
towards them only for two dales, and aiterw^ards they had the 
Liberty to have what Provisions they pleased. 

This riotous Action of the Male-Contents occasioned a fiirther 
Tumult of ill consequence to themselves for ye Country people 
upon a rumour that the Governm' was in danger by y^ Rising of 
the disafiected party, flockt into the City armed in great numbers, 
cind notwithstanding the endeavours of the Magistrals to appease 
them, they took the liberty (as is too usual] with an enraged 
tuuititude) to perpetrate revenge on those which were y« occasion 


of their coming, Quartering themselves in their houses for two 
daies and committing divers Insolences upon them, much to the 
dissatisfaction of the Magistrates till they could persuade them 
to return in quiet to their houses, however it was thought requisite 
by the Governm* for the preventing such disorders for the future 
and to secure the publick peace, to detein severall of the disaf 
fected in Prison for a time, some whereof were since fined, but 
all ordered to be discharged from Prison upon paying their Fines 
and entering into Recognizance to be of good Behaviour for the 

The Fort and City are therefore now in a good posture wanting 
only Ammunition. 

The Commissions are called in from those of y^ former Militia, 
who acted under Coll Dungan and S' Edmond Andros, and other 
Commissions granted in the name of their present Ma*'^ to such 
as are well affected to their Mat'^a Interest. 

Upon these our actings for the Securing Their Ma'^ Interest 
m this Pro^^nce and conserving the publick Peace our enemys 
have endeavoured all they can to misrepresent us and load ug 
with Reproach, by terming our aforesaid proceedings a Dutch 
Ploti, because indeed three quarter parts of the Inhabitants are 
descended from the Dutch & speak that lanouage, and they also 
threaten our mine, if ever the Government come into their 
hands again. 

Which that it may not doe, and Their Ma^'^ most loyal and 
dutifull subjects in this province may reap y^ benefit and blessing 
of this most happy Revolution, and not be made a Prey to most 
implacable and Insulting enemies on our Borders, who are ready 
to enter and devour us — humbly Submitting ourselves to your 
Mats most Royall Will and Pleasure 


Memorial of the late occurrences at New York 



Whereas I am Enformed yt y^ Books, records, and other Papers 
relating Queens County upon Long Island in ye possession of 
William Nicolls, Andrew Gibbs, Daniell Whitehead or Either of 
them the s^ William Nicolls being Esteemed as Gierke or Register 
of y^ County — 

These are in his Ma^ie King Wm name to will and Require you 
to make diligent Enquiry for all Bookes, Records or other papers 
Relating to y^ Courts of Judicature or any ways belonging or 
appartaining unto y^ Tryalls by Law in s^ County If in ye pos- 
session of y^ abovenamed p'sons or any others whatsoever y^ 
same to demand & receive, & in Case of Refusall by force to 
seize, com pell & obtaine ye same & deliver unto Daniel Danton 
who is authorized Clerk or Register for y® s^ County taking an 
Inventory & Receipt for y^ same and in so doing this shall be 
sufficient Warrant, Given &c New York Jan. 7th 16||. 

Jacob Leisler, 
To M' John Coe Sheriffe of Queens 

County on Long Island. 


Albany: 15: Jan: 1689-90. 

Mr. Milborn 

You" ResC^ and returne you harty thanks for youre kindness, 
for those Comissions. I received But here thay are littell regarded 
at present, till such time thaij see Leif^ Gou^ Leislear Comission 
or a Coppy from his Majt>e then thay shall humbly submitt, till 
then thay shall Keepe what thay haue in there hands, for his Majt'" 
Saruise — as you shall see more at large By what Cap*" Staats 
now sends downe of the transactions of what has bin don here, 
which if Tuder or W^ Nicolls, ware: imploijed to handell them. I 
question not but thaij would emty there pockits, and make some 
harts shake, pray deliuer the inclosed to M^ D: Lanoij and: I 
shall doe my best ende" to get in the quitt Rents, and to enter 


upon the other see soon as I can: I hope there Blud will not be 
•dlhvayes: hott — in the mein time, patience, with my harty saruise 
presented unto yo" & all true friends I rest, &c. 

your Reall fiend & Saru^ Rich** PRExrij. 

y« word to frend Clark is oyst^i's. 

To Mr Jacob Milborne 
Secry: at ffort William in 
New Yorke. 
about y® begining of Apri last past Ro: Livingston tould me that 
there was ap'sell of Rebels gon out of Holland into England, & 
the prince of orringe was the hed of them & he might see how 
got out a gaine, & should come to same end as Mulmoth did : 
this T can testify. Rich^ PREXxij. 


New York. Whereas Colonell Nicolaes Bayard of this 
County hath Comitted high Misdemeanor* against his Maties 
Autliority in tliis Province as appears by his hand & seale by 
writing Execrable Lyes & pernicious falsehoods 

These are in his Ma^'^ King Williams name to Will & require 
vou to apprehend y* Body of said Bayard w^heresoever he is to 
Jie found & in what place soever he may Be suspected y^ same 
lo Breacke open or by any other violences make way to him in 
Case of resistance or Concealmt^ & his said body before me to 
Hear or Cause to be Brought & all whome shall oppose or any 
wise resist or Endeavor to Conceale him And all Officers Both 
Military & Civill are hereby Strictly required to aid & assist you 
therein as they will Answer y^ Contrary at their utmost Perills, 
(riven under my hand and seale at Fort William In New York 
January 17^'' 1689. Jacob Leislek 

The same for Stephanus Van Cortlandt 

The same for Anthony Brockholdst 

The same for Pieter Jacobse Marius 

The same for William NicoUs 

The same for Robert Reed. 



William by the grace of God of England, Scotland, france & 
Yreland &c King defend^ of y^ faith To Peter de Lanoy Esq' 
Judge of o^^ Court of Oyer & terminer & Gen^i goall delivery 
Gerardus Eeeckman Johannes vermilje John Hendrickse Bruyn 
Benjamin Blagge Hendrick Johnson John Spratt Cornells Plevier 
&. Johannis Provoost Greeting 

Know Yee that we have assigned you or any five of you whereof 
ye gd Peter de Lanoy Judge of o*" s'^ Court of Oyer & Terminer 
to be. one to enquire by the Oath of Good & Lawfull men of our 
City & County of N York & by other ways manners and methods 
by w«=^ the trueth may be ye Better Knowne as well within Liber- 
tyes as out of all mannors of treasons misprisons of treasons 
murthers homicides fellonyes Burglaries and all other Crimes 
oilences & Injuries whatsoever & of their accessaries within sayd 
City & County afores'^ by whome soever or in what mannei 
soever had done Perpetrated or Comitted & by whome to whome 
or with whome when in what manner & if how & of othei 
articles and Circumstances afores^ and any thing Concerning 
the same and y® s'i treasons fellonyes and all other y^ Pr- 
misses for this time to hear try & determine According to )♦ 
Lawes of this our Province, the Lawes & Customs of o' King 
dome of England And therefore Wee Comand you that you oi 
any five of you whereof y® s"^ Peter De La Noy Judge of o» 
Court of Oyer & Terminer & Gen^i Goall delivery to Be one on 
Wednesday next Being y« 22^^ day of January Instant to Be 
held at ye City hall of the said City & County of N York make 
diligent Enquiry unto y« P^misses & all & singular y^ said 
Prmisses to here try & determine in manner & forme afores'^ so 
farr as it appurtaineth to Justice according to ye Lawes of this 
o"" Province & y^ Lawes & Customes of o^ Kingdome of England 
Wee have therefore Comanded y*^ Sheriffe of o^ said City & 
County on y^ s^ 22 of day of January as afores"! to Cause to 
Come before You such and so many good & Lawfull Men of his 
Baylewicks as well without Libertyes as within by whome y'' 
truth of things may be y® better knowne & Inquird. In testi- 


mony wnereof wee have caused y^ seall of o'' said Province to 
Be affixed att fort William the 18*^ day of January 1689 & in 
y« first yeare of o^ Reigne 

Jacob Leisler 

\* Here follows another Commission to hold a Court of 
Oyer and Terminer in Queens County on 29"^ Jan'y 1689. It 
is of similar tenor & date to the above & is addressed to Peter 
De La Noy Mathias Harvey, John Tredwell, Nathaniel Denton, 
Nathaniel Coole, John Town send Senior & John Simmons Senior 
or any five of them. 


Anno 1689 : the 24th January in will : fort 
MoNs: Jacob Malline — Yours by the pretended post peri is 
come to myne hands with the printed papers, for your brother 
which shall be send I give you many thanks for the charity you 
have towards me, that you receive no reports to any prejudice 
ag' me, I have stopt peri in his returne home, and found myne 
letter to your Governor broke open & abused, I intend he must 
keep me here company for a while, thei'efore send one post of 
purpose that his letters may goe forward I have found amongst 
his letters severall seditious one which hes caused me to secure 
& confine Bayard, William Nicholls & the ferry mans wife Van 
Cortland & his wife have made their escape, the bearer Mr 
Elkona pembrock hes the coppy of some of their letters to whom 
I crave refcence of what is past since he hes been present, & 
for the service of the Country undertakes this voyage to inform 
the honest well meaned people verbally what is passed I desire 
if you please the continuance of your intelligence Either to me 
or the Mayer, wee are soe occupied by the wicked people that I 
must breake of and after myne respect remaine 
Your friend & servant 

Jacob Leisler 



To the Honorable Jacob Leisler Esq"" L* governor of the pro- 
vince of New York & the Hon'''e Council 

The Humble petition of Nicholas Bayard 
Humbly Sheweth — That the petitioner & Prisoner since this 
two days, has been taken with an extreme sickness in Body, & 
humbly craves your Honorable Commisiration, the Petitioner 
acknowledging his great Error in disgrading the authority which he 
humbly ownes & Craves pardon for — Praying that he may be 
releaved from his dismal detention, promising to behave himself 
from henceforth with all submission & perform Whatever your 
honours shall be pleased to adjudge against him. Praying that his 
Errors may be attributed depriving from his impatience & vents 
of his foolish passion, & therefore that the honours will be 
pleased to remit his fault at least by rising from this misserable 
Confinement. • 

<&. the Petitioners as in duty bound shall Ever pray 8i. remain 
your Honours Humble Serv*. 
24 Jan'y 1689-90. 
On the Indorsement was written 
The petition of Colonel Nicholas Bayard 
Jan'y 24, 1689. 

Read the 26t'i Ibid. 

I. M. CI. Council 

To the Honorable Jacob Leisler Esq"" Lieut Gouenor of the 
Province of New York & the Honb' Council 

The Humble Petition of Nicholas Bayard 
Humbly Sheweth, that the distressed Petitioner is Still continuing 
very sick in Body and to his great sorrow was heard of the Slaughters 
& Murders which the french and Indians of Cannida have lately 
committed at Schaneghtede, but that which releaves the distressed 
Petition!" to the heart is that the Petition"" should be accused of being 
the occasion thereof — by writing of letters to Albany, for to create 


seditions, which some Malitious j)ersons desighning the destruc- 
tion of the Petitioner, undoubtedly has aspersed, for the petitioner 
has since his departure from Albany not wrote to any there but 
only to Mr Peter Schuyler & M'' Levinston, at his first comming 
down, the contents whereof, are no more but to thank them for 
their civilities & that the petitioner was forced to Abscond himself 
here Since at his landing, a State search was made for him, which 
Letters were sent by his Cousin Casper Teller, & one to His 
Brother Teller relating his private affairs, & to thank him and his 
family for the kindness received at the Petitioners being there, 
which is all that Petitioners has wrote to any persons whatsoever 
either in the County of Albany or Ulster, Your Petitioner there- 
fore humbly Prays that the honors will not be pleased to give 
such credit to said aspersion, as to Cause the distressed Aveak, 
Prisoner, to be continued in Irons within this dismal confinement 
as the petitioner Keeper has by the Honors orders put the Petition'', 
whereby he is Quite disabled to help himself & must unadoubtly 
Perish in this Condition unless Your Honors will be pleased to 
have commiseration of Your honours distressed Petitioner, And 
Since it has been Your honors pleasure to Recommend Your 
Petitioner to inform Your honours of the truth of his behavour 
at Albany last summer, the Petitioner shall therefore inform 
Your Honours, of the full and Sincere truth, as he will answer 
before his god, that he went up to Albany upon no other design, 
but to shun the trouble and hazard of being destroyed here, as 
your Petitioners was informed threatens were made & that 
during his abode in Albany aforesaid, he found all the Magistrates^ 
of that place or Such with whom Your Pett'"" conversed withal! , 
upon all occasions to manifest their utmost Zeal for the Interest 
of our gracious Sovereigns Lord & Lady King William & Queen 
Mary & for the preservation of the peace, & Administring of 
Your Laws in Your said County but were of the oppinion as they 
Several times declared that they were not in any wise Subordi- 
nate to the City of New York (nor the power then exercised 
therein) but that government of that County, was only lodgeil 
within themselves, Untill their Ma'ies pleasure should be known 
persuant to their Ma^'^^ gracious Proclamation of the M^h of 


February An Dom 1688 & Your Petitioners Acknowledge that he 
himself was also of the same opinion, and that he in private 
company with several of them has declared himself in that man- 
ner in which if your Petitioner has done amiss he humbly craves 
your honours pardon for; but that your Petitioner was cal'd to 
be a Member of their Court or made privy to the affairs of the 
Court or County more than he might hear was publick to others 
Private Persons, or was ever present in any of their Courts of 
Meetings (as your Petitioner is accused withall) is altogether a 
false aspersion, except only that Your Petitioner with M"" Ste- 
phanus Van Cortland were only sent for to enquire what they 
both would be willing to contribute or lend to the said County 
for the raising of some forces in defence of the said County, 
against any attempt of an enemy from Canada in which your 
petitioner expressed his Willingness and was thereupon without 
any further dismist & as your Petitioner was retired for Albany 
with no other in trust but as before express'd to which he calls 
god to witness, and would have also stayed there untill the arival 
of a Governor or some orders from our gracious Sovereigns — in 
answer to the Letters which your Petitioner in Conjunction with 
the Lieut. Governor Nicholson & the Council had wrote to his 
Lordship Charles Earl of Shrewsberry, principal Secretary of 
State, & to the Honorable William Blathwait Esqr Secretary of 
the Plantations sent by the ship beaver, & with the said Lieut. 
Governor, with duplicates by some of the other Ships about the 
beginningof June last past, but the mortal Sickness of your Petition- 
er's son & other pressing occurrences necessitated Yom' Petitioners 
return to New York the place of his abode & finding that at Your 
Petitioner's Landing a strick Search was made for his person for 
what reason, he knows not but was afraid that some hurt might 
befall him, he therefore ever since, absconded himself untill the 
arrival of their Maj'^'es Messinger M^" Jn° Riggs when your Peti- 
tioner gave Notice to M"" Frederick Phillips of his being in town 
whereupon the said Mr. Phillips as being one of the late Council 
together with the said Riggs the same night of his arrival came 
to your Petitioners house & gave Your Petitioner the perusal of 
the subscriptions of the two Packets, which he declared were 

VOL. II. 5 


sent by him the said l^iggs from White hall directed (to your 
Petitioners best remembrance) To our trusty and well beloved 
Captain Francis Nicholson Esq"" our Lieut Govenor & Com- 
mander in Chiefe of our province of New York in America or in 
his absence to such as for the time being do take care for the keep- 
ing of the peace & adminlstring the Laws of our said province 
of New York in America; & whit hall certified that altho, your 
said Council (w^ith the said L* Govenor Nicholson who was de- 
parted for England) had been hindered by other domestic troubles 
from officiating for some small time as a Council Yet since the 
Justices of the Peace by virtue of their Commission & their 
Mat'^s said proclamation having performed the same, that it was 
his oppinion that the said Packets in the absence of the said 
Francis Nicholson did belong to your Petitioners, with the rest 
of the said Council, as an answer to their said letters, by the 
Ship beaver, & by them to be communicated to the several Jus- 
tices of the Peace, with further Promise as from M"" Stephanus 
Van Cortland, being also a member of said Council Should come 
to town, & the Council should meet, that he would deliver the 
said Packets to them & take a receipt for them for the same, 
with further assurances that he did not believe that Captain 
Leisler (as he termed your honour) would open to receive the 
said Packets, tho the same were tendered to him, but the next 
morning before the said Council could meet, Your Petitioner was 
informed that the Packets were upon demand delivered to your 
honour, & your Petitioner must Confess that he has been so un- 
happy, as to be of the same oppinion that the said Packets did 
not belong to your honour but to the said Council & Justices, in 
which your Petitioner was also strengthened by several letters 
from Boston By the oppinion of such few persons, as he said that 
time conversed withall, which has occasioned that your Petitioner 
in his letters to John West has most unadvisedly and in his 
foolish passion has altered his oppinion, in such severe and unbe- 
coming expressions, to the disgrading of your honours Authority, 
But your Petitioner never had the thoughts directly or indirectly 
to endeavour for to remove your honor's Authority, by any man- 
ner of force or with any the least danger of bloodshed, but was 


resolved to oe passive and abscond himself till further orders 
from our gracious Sovereighn's Should arrive which your honours 
petition's declare to be the very truth as he is ready to advere 
upon Oath & therefore hopes & most humbly prayes that your 
honours will not be pleased to attribute the petition' said unbe- 
coming and disgrading expressions, otherwise, but as events of his 
foolish passion, neither that your honour will remember any of 
the Particular disjusts which heretofore have been between his 
honour the Govenor, & your distressed Prissoner, but that your 
honour, will be graciously pleased to have compassion with your 
Petitioners Misserable condition, having had all this day a great 
fever upon him, lying in Irons not able to help himself and 
destitute of all other aid or assistance in so much that your dis- 
tressed prisoner must o£ necessity perish in this Calamity unless 
your honours will be pleased in Mercy to Consider his deplorable 

Wherefore your distressed petitioner in all humble manner 
implores to your honours praying for your honours mercy in 
graciously pardoning the Petitioners said folly, or at least not to 
suffer your distressed sick prisoner to perish in this manner but to 
grant the said miserable Prisoner if possible to be bailed or other- 
wise, such relief as his deplorable situation require to preserve 
him from perishing in this Dismal Confinement, the God of 
Mercy will be pleased to dispose your honours for Mercy towards 
your Petitioner who is in duty bound shall ever pray & remains 
Yours honours Most Humble 


N Bayard 


Whereas Capt" Gerbrunt Claessen of Gemoenepa hath desyred 
my Liberty & Lycence to purchase of ye Indians a Certaine 
parcell of Land lying & Being at Kigtawangh upon hudsons 
River within Dutchess County ' being bounded on the West w^h 

1 Now Putnam. 


ihc Great River & y« laiul of Sarah Kierstede on ye North side 
by a Rivolet or run of Water on y^ East side bounded with y* 
great hills on y<= South side w*^ an arm of y" great River afores<J 
w^'' hath not yet been Legally purchased or bough of ye Indians: 
Thess may certify that y^ s'^ Gerbrunts Claesson hath hereby 
liberty & license to purchase of y^ Indians y« said parcell of 
Land, provided it hath not been legally disposed of to any others 
& ye said purchase to Be made before some of his Mat'^s Justices 
of ye peace in y^ s*' dutchess County or West Chester on or before 
ye first day of July next Ensuing y^ date hereof And the Surveyor 
Generall or his DepuCy are hereby Required to Survey the Said 
Tract of Lands'to make a Report thereof into ye Secy^ Office for 
weh this shall Be his warrant. Dated In New Yorke at Fort 
William This 25th Jay of Jany. 1689. » Jacob Leisler 


Whereas I am enformed that there is Severall Barrells of gun 
porwder in ye Custody of M"" John Pell of Pelham within West- 
chester County 

These are to will & require you to make diligent Search and 
Enquiry for the same & what quantity you find to make a report 
unto mee forth^vith. . Given &c february l^t 1689. 

Jacob Leisler 


Honorable SIR N : york ffebruary 14th 1689. 

By these I am to informe your Hono"" of the insolencies of that 
part of this province namely Albany which is hightined & Im- 
proved by Captane Jonathan Bull & those under his command in 
subordinatione to such who terme themselves a Conventione, 
setting themselves up in defiance of his Maties Intrest, to the 
great abatement of his revenue & discouragement of such who 
pursue his orders & commands, and proclaiming him King of 
Scotland & supreme Lord of this province who take care for 
preserving the peace & administering the lawes of this province 
Mhich calls for immediate redress, to that purpose I advise your 


Hono"" of that forthwith Mr ffitch & such who are acquainted with 
our proceedings in his Maties King williams behalfe may conveen 
at such place within your Collony as shall to your discretione 
seeme meet without delay, the kings interest in this province 
depending solly upon the stating of such articles as shall be pre- 
sented by three persons who will receive full power to conclude 
what shall be requisite concerning this affaire, whereupon such 
resolutiones will be taken & presented with that vigour & faith- 
fullness that (by Gods blessing) I doubt not but will discover 
who are the faithfull subjects, & those that are otherwayes, to 
evince which I shall all wayes approve my selfe your Honors 
humble servant &c God willing the delegation may be at Mil- 
ford upon Thursday next. 


Fort WiUiam Feb. 15th 1689. 
HoN^le Sr — Since our other, the sad news of the French w* their 
Indians have killed most of the Inhabitants of Schanectede, burnt 
their houses and carryed their provisions, to a greater number as is 
to be feared, who are encouraged by that convention & Colonel 
Bayard's faction, who haue asserted the Commissioners of S^ 
Edmund Andross to remaine in full force ; the consequence thereof 
is verry dangerous, for that King James and they espouse one 
cause,, but when the persons advised of arrive [toj you w<^^ may 
be some dayes longer than was before expressed, supposing Fri- 
day next it will be further dilated, hoping care will be taken that 
all convenient dispatch may be offered unto them, desiring the 
Lord to give us suitable supplyes of his assistance to doe our duty 
in this sad occasion and that all evil members may be discovered 
and accordingly censured With due respects I am 

Sr yor Honors Humble Serv' 
Superscribed Jacob Leisler. 

To the Honbie Robert 
Treat Esquire Govern"" of 
His Maties Colony of 
For their Ma^'ea Service These 



Whereas John Jennings inhabitant in y® County of Westchester 
hath Spoken certaine words against the Title and dignity of o^ 
Gracious Soveraigne King William 

These are in his Mat'^s name to Will & require you to appre- 
hend the Body of said John Jennings the same forthwith to bring 
before me and my Coimcill to answer what shall be objected 
against him and for so doing this shall be your sufficient warrant. 
Given &.c. this 14'^^ day of fFebruary Anno 1689. 

Jacob Leisler 
There is another warrant to apprehend Samuel- Palmer 

and Thomas Bedient of same County also for having 

spoken contemptuously of the Government. Dated 18 feb. 1689. 


Whereas Severall desafFected pi'sons have augmented sthrengned 
& advanced y^ Interest of Kmg James as much as in them Lyes 
contrary to their Bounden duty & allegiance due to of Sovereigne 
Lord King William his Sovereigne Tittle Crowne & Dignity ; 

These are in his Ma^'^^s Name to will & require you to Secure 
ye Body of Collonel Thomas Dongan w^'^ a Safeguard w^h in his 
owne howse & to apprehend Collonel Thomas Willet Capt^ 
Thomas hicks Daniell Whitehead & Edward Antill ye s'' Persons 
forthw^i' to Convey unto me hither. Given &c, this 15tii Day 
of feby Ao 1689. 

Jacob Leislee 
To ye Civill & Military 

Officers & Sherife for 

the Queens County upon 
Long Island. 


Fort William Febi-ury 15. 1689 
Gentlemen, — Whereas y^ ffrench have surprized Schanegtade, 
& killed & taken Prisonners the most of Their Ma^'^^ Subjects 
burning & destroying ye s^ Place: and fearing too great a Corres- 
pondency hath bean maintained between y^ s^ ffrensch & disaf- 
fected P'sons amongst us. 

These are in his Mat>e» Name to will & require you to secure 
all Such Persons who are resputed Papists or Do any wise 
despise or reflect against this Governm* or hold or maintaine any 
Comissions from the Late Governr^ Col" Thomas Dongan or S"" 
Edmund Andros by Virtue of their Authority derived from King 
James the second & ye same Safely to Convey to mee forthwtli 
Given under My hand & seale this I5tli ifeby 1689 and in ye first 
yeare of Their Mat'^s Reigne. 

Jacob Leisler 

To the Officers Military & Civill & 
y^ Sheriffe of the County of Westchester 
Ye same to Richmond County 
Ye same to y® County of Suffolk 
Ye same to Kings County 
Ye same to ye Counrty of East Jersey 
Ye same to Queens County 


Whereas y^ ffrench have destroyed the Inhabitants & their 
howses at Shanegtade Bearing away Provisions & other spoyles 
wth them wch sharply alarms that Post of albany although wee 
doubt not (by God's Providence & y® numbers upon ye Place) to 
secure the same agst whatsoever forces of ye s^ french Shall ad- 
venture to attack it Yet acording to our bounden duty to God 
ye Kings Interest & ye Safety & p^^servacon of ye good People 
of this Province; — 

These are in his ma^'^s King W^s Name to will and require 
you forthwith (to take Measures as to you shall seem meet) for 
raising fifety men w^^^in your County for y^ s^ Service & Expe- 


dicun vpon what termes soever shall Be agreed on ye same to 
(.lispeed to y^ fort W™ in N. Yorke where all due Care shall be 
taken & Encouragem* given for their further procedure & for your 
assistance herein have sent M"" Jacob Millborne that you may 
advise & Conclude what shall most Conduce to the Ends afores'' 
Given &c. feby 16. 1689 Jacob Leisler 

To Major Gerardus Beeckman & 

others y^ Military & Civill Officers for 

Kings County upon Long Island. 

One of the same tenor was sent to Major Thomas La\\Tence 
and others y^ Military & Civill Officers of Queens County upon 
Long Island & Mr Samuel Edsall was sent thither for that 


Boston Febr 17th 1689. 

Dear Bro. — This by Cap* LodoA^ick who was very furiously 
Attacked by M"" Pembrooke whose businesse I am very well satis- 
fied was the sole occasion of his comming here y® People ready 
to assault him as a Papist and Enemy to o"" Charter, I was 
severall times in Comp"' w^h him & himselfe hath bin pleased to 
be pretty plain & if he hath done no more with you, than [he has] 
done here I suppose he may well justify himselfe o"^ father had 
a venerable respect for M"" Clarkson a Dog of whom should have 
respect this I wish being assured that he was scandalized in 
severall particulars whilst here but Manum de tabula We are 
very sick w^^ y® Small pox blessed be God & family in health 
who all present due respects to you you shall heare by Walker 
& by Lodowick you may understand particulars S"" Edmond 
& Company sayled away ye 14*^ instant In Bark in y^ MehitabeJ 
& o"" messenger 3 dayes before in Marten 

I am yJ" affec*^ Bro' to serve &c 

Addressed Wm Millborne 

To M^^ Jacob Millborne 

In New Yorke 
p. Capt Lodowick C D G. 



These are in His Mat'^s name to will and require you Major 
Hendrick Coyler to give order to ye severall Capt^s of Their Re- 
spective Comps under your Coraand and forthw^h to draw up y 
same & make choice of one tenth person thereout for his Ma^'ts 
service for y^ expedicon of Albany ye same to send forthw^h to 
this Fort for so doing this shall be your sufficient Warrant. Given 
under my hand & scale &c 18'h Feby 1689 

Jacob Leisler. 


By the Leu. Govern^" &c. 

Whereas, there is a great necessity, to settle y^ affaires of this 
province, in a more especiall manner than hither to hath been 
Thought requisite and y^ attacks of y^ French at Schanectade 
calling for more than ordinary succours 

These are in their majt'^s king williams name to will & require 
you to elect & make choice of too proper & fit persons to repaire 
Fortwith to this city empouring them as your representatives to 
consult debate & conclude, all such matters and things as shall 
be thought necessary for ye supply of this Governmt in this pre- 
sent conjuncture of which you are not to faile as you will answer 
ye same at your perill Given under my hand & seale this 20th 
of Febry 1689 in ye second yeare of his Majties reigne 

Jacob Leisler 
To the military & civill 
officers of and ye rest of 
ye Inhabitants of the city 
& county of N. Yorck 

Note. There is among the MSS another writ in the above terms dated 8th 
ApriU 1690, addressed to the same, to which is added a memorandum in these 
words: "Sent to ye severall counties of ye same tenor." 



Whereas severall disaffected persons have augmented strengtned 
& advanced y® Interest of y*^ Late King James as much as in them 
Leyes Contrary to their Bounden duty &. allegiance due to o"" sover- 
eigne Lord King William his sovereignty title Crowne & dignity. 

These are in his Ma^'^s name to will & require you to apprehend 
the body^of Coll. thomas dongan steph van Cortland anth^ 
Brockholes & mathew plowman, with all their accomplices where- 
soever the are to be found and in what place they may be sus- 
pected — the same to Breake open or by any other violences make 
way to them in case of resistance or concealm* & their s^* bodys 
before mee and my Councill to beare or cause to be brought, and 
all whome shall opose or any wayes resist or endeavour to Con- 
ceale them and all officers both Military & civill are hereby strictly 
required to aid & assist you therein as they will answer y^ Con- 
trary at their utmost perill. Given &c New York February 21 
1689. Jacob Leisler 

The same to apprehend Richard TowTily 
Matthew Plowman Emmet 


New York, fFebruary the 21st 1689. 
HonI''^ Sir — The bearers Mr Johannes Vermelye Benjn Blagge 
and Jacob Milborne, are sent to your Honor and the rest of the 
Gent" of your governm* to treat w*'' all concerning His Ma^'^^ 
interest & the wellfare of his Colonyes, to whom please to give 
full credence ; they being fully empowered to conclude w* shall 
be thought needfull in this conjuncture of affaires, to whome you 
are referred for particulars of w^hat hath passed here, and how 
we haue proceeded, desiring the Lord to giue us all wisdome, 
grace and understanding to do o"" dutyes as shall contribute to his 
glorious ends and o'' happynesse, is the prayer of 

Yq"" Honors Humble Servant, 

Superscribed Jacob Leisler. 

To the Honbie Robert Treat Esq'' Governor of His 

Mamies Colony of Connecticutt 



Whereas wee underwritten are appointed by Capt^ Jacob Leisler 
Lieut Governor of the Province of New York & Councill to treat 
w^ii the Honbie the Governor and other Gentl" in authority over his 
Mamies Colony of Connecticut concerning what may be necessary 
and of import for his Mai^ies Service, the peace and safety of New 
York Governm* and the welfare of the aforesaid colony 

Wee in pursuance of Commission to us, granted for the purpo- 
ses aforesaid, dated February 20*^ 1689, and having a deep sence 
of the danger w*^^ Albany and the adjacent parts are in, through 
the French and others their confederates now threatning us, 
present to yor Honrs consideracon as followeth. 

That what number of men were sent from this governm* (or 
shall hereafter be under their notice) unto Albany aforesaid, may 
receive orders from this Authority to their chief officers to comply 
with, and observed such methods and directions as shall be agreed 
on between the s^ Lieut Governor and Councill or their Deputyes, 
and the Governor" and Magistracy of this Colony having no espe- 
ciall regard to those of the Convencon at Albany but what shall 
be in subordinacon to the authority & power before mcnconed. 

That the Honbie Governor &c would please to take into their 
consideracon what numbers of men may be requisite for main- 
taining that post, how long to remaine there, and ye method of 
defraying that charge. 

If Boston or Massachusets Colony ought not to be consulted 
herein, and w^hat may be expected on their part. 

Or if what immediate necessity calls for, ought not first be 
consulted and proper resolucons to be made thereupon as the case 

And that persons be appointed forthwith, to treat w^^ the eon- 
federate Nacons of Indians, and make a true state of the case 
between us, to corroborate and influence them in their perseve- 
rance against the French and Indian Enemyesby the usuall man- 
ner of presents and such other modes as are most apt and suitable 
for securing Post &c. 

Dated in New Haven Johannes Vermel ye, 

February 24, 1689. Benjai^ Blagge, 

Jacou Milborne. 



Gentd — In answer to your paper of proposalls we say that o"" 
sending of Capt" Bull and the souldiers under his Command to 
Albany was occasioned by Capt Leisler's declaring he could not, 
as matters were then circumstanced, afoard them reliefe, and the 
people there with the five nations, earnestly requesting it of vs, 
& c neighbours the Com^s of the United Colly nys aduising vs 
to it & assisting us therein, was for the better Securing of the 
place and those parts for there Ma^'^^s interest, & preseruation of 
his subjects there against the French & papists & other his Ma^i** 
Enymies that might Inuade or attack them 

That being then ignorant of any factions or divisions among 
the Inhabitants there or between New Yorke and them (the con- 
trary whereof) we understand now by your discours to our sorrow, 
for prevention of further mischeife, we doe not think o^Selves 
farther impowered at present then earnestly to intreat & heartily 
to aduise, that the Honii Captaine Leisler and the Government 
at New Yorke in present power would take the most likely, 
hopefull and peaceable measures for a right understanding between 
themselves and the Albanians, for the Safety of the place & 
people there, least the contrary proue totally destructive to 
them, as it did at Shenegdege, and considering those at Albany 
in present power, are persons well acquainted with the manners 
of the fine Nations, and greatly interested in them. We aduise 
that as little alteration or interruption be giuen to those in 
authority there as may be, yea we could wish that if it be 
thought meet, that onely such as papists (if any there be) be the 
onely persons remoued out of the government, for should the 
fine nations be disgusted at it, it may proue inconvenient and 
deeply prejudicial to the publique peace of his Ma^'es Subjects 
in this Country. We desire you to send up your 120 souldiers 
to Albany that you say are ready for that seruice, for our occa- 
sions are such, that we must of necessity call o^ souldiers home 
speadily — as to the number of Men that shall be necessary for 
the defence of Albany, it is not proper for us to determine ; 
yourselves, when you haue considered the danger that may be 


&c. You will be able best to deside that Case & [it] lyes in 
your prouince to doe it, not ours 

As to the Massachusetts aduice in this momentous case, we 
are free it may be taken, but it is your worke to obtayne it. 
We in what is aboue giue you o^ aduice in refference to these 
matters, which at p^sent may be sufficient. As to the Treaty 
with the fiue nations & a further present to be bestowed upon 
them, for o^Selves, we haue so lately way moued towards them, 
that o^ opinion is, that it is not convenient for vs to appeare in 
it, but if yourselves see reason to do something that way for 
your owne acco* being not concerned in the former, we leaue to 
your wisdomes to act therein, according to y® order & instruc- 
tions in the Kings letter. We pray the God of peace to direct 
you & vs into councells of peace, that o^ liues and liberties & 
the protestant religion, which is and ought to be most deare to 
vs, may not become a pray to o^ French & pagan Enemies. 

Pr order of the Governour & councell present 
Signed John Allyn Sec. 
Dated in New Hauen 
Feb 23. 1689 

Postscript. Gent^ hauing seen his Mat'^s letters, in your 
hands, we do not see but the Albanians may find sufficient reason 
to comply with you in the same, when they shall receive due 
information therein. 

pi" order J. A. S. 

These for the Genti Commissionated 
by Capt Leisler of New Yorke 
Comander in Chiefe. 


By the Lievt Governor & Councill &<= 

Whereas Mr Johannes Virmiley Benjamin Blagg & Jacob Mill- 
borne were Impowered to treat with the Governor & the rest of 
the Gentlemen in authority within his Mamies collony of Connecti- 


cutt and the s^ persones having been with them & made proposalls 
(which we have seen) for his Ma'ies interest & the safety of those 
provinces which have not been either friendly neighborly or duly 
answered, but to the contrary with coldness contempt & disdaine 
and further that the s*! Governor & magistrates have abetted 
encouraged & encreased the rebelUon of a certain number of people 
at Albany within this province by ordering their forces sent thither 
to observe the directione of the s'^ rebells named a conventione 
& will not redress us (although it was desired) by an order to 
forbidd their further proceedings As also that wee are well* 
assured the same is supported more especially by John Allan 
Secretary of that CoUony who hath conjoyned with sir Edmond 
Andross & his wicked Councill in August 1688 most traitorously 
to levy sumes of money upon his Mamies Liege subjects by an 
arbitrary & illegal Commissione from the late King James & other 
aggrievances to our great prejudice & the confusione as well as 
contempt of his Mamies government in this province, wee the 
L'ievt Governor & Councill doe hereby declare the s^ Governor 
& magistrates of Connecticatt afores^ to be encouragers abetters 
aiders & upholders of the s^ rebellione & disobedience, and unless 
they immediately controull the s'^ orders, to observe the s'^ Con- 
ventione, those forces so belonging to them at Albany shall be 
esteemed & deemed enimies unto the peace of our Sov. Lord the 
King & the welfare of the province which are to be treated accor- 
dingly And that wee doe expect the s'^ John Allan shall be 
secured in order to be proceeded against for his traitorous offence 
which w^e doe hereby engage to make out & evince whenever the 
Governor & magistracy of Connecticott shall advertise us having 
herewith sent a coppy of his fact committed dated at ffort william 
in New york March first 1689 & in the second year of his Ma^'es 

A speedy answer hereof is expected before the ship departs, 
this now lying in yo^ Province not ours 

By order of the Governor & Councill 

Superscribed To Jacob Milborne CI. Cone. 

The Honbie Robert Treat Governr of Connecticutt 



Hartford March 5th 16^9-90 
Gentlem° — We haue receiued & perused your angry letter, 
stuffed with unjust collumniateing charges, as if we treated you 
att New Hauen with contempt & disdayne, as when itt was don 
with all imaginable canSor & amity & w''' all due obseruance to 
his Majesties interest in these parts of America, utterly abhorringh 
the thought of abetting any Rebells & did w^h all integrity of 
spirrit to our greate cost and charge, send comission'^s last sum- 
merr to york and «ouldieTs to countenance King W™^ &, the pro- 
testant interest ; and when you was nott [in] a capassity as wee 
were informed, to send men to Albany to defend his Majisties 
interest & to secure his good subjects there against the comon 
Enemy, being ignorant of any diuissions att the entring uppon 
that designe & much urged and solicited by the people there and 
the fiue nations, as well as the Comissioners of Boston and Ply- 
mouth to afford assistance to them, wee fully informed your 
Comrs att New Hauen, that wee apprehend itt most conduceable 
to the peace of the country and the Kings interest, that such men 
should be continued in place att Albany that may best maintaine 
a good correspondence with the Moehauks & other fower nations 
in amity with the English, which should be preferred before all 
annumossityes in this critticall juncture, and aduised you all to 
moderation and good compliance. Gentlem" we cannott butt 
judge it ingrattitude in a verry high degree to heap upp such 
unjust Charges upon us for all our expence of money & blood in 
defending the Kings subjects, and what you intend by so ill 
requiteing your louing neighbours, who for fidellity and duty to 
our gracious soueraign King Wm our actions will demonstrate to 
be no ways inferiour to our neighbours round aboute us, as to our 
motions att Albany, our Comiss" to Cap* Bull, & our late & 
p''sent aduise to the gentlem" of Albany will vindicate us both 
before God & our King ; our aduise to them hath been nott to 
contend, but to submitt to the present power in the prouince of 
New Yorke^& to unite as one man to oppose the comon enemy 


As to what you charge upon M'" Allyn, you charge upon all the 
gentlemen of that councill, and he is ready to answer att all times 
what you please to lay to his charge. 

Gentlcm" wee will nott now inlarge yow refleckt upon your 
letters to us, & then we shall need to say no more to yow aboute 
it, butt remaine yowr neighbours the Gouern'" & Cowncill of Con- 

Pr order. Signed ^ John Allyn Sec7. 
The Honor'J 

Capt. Jacob Leishler 
Comander in Chiefe in New Yorke prouince 
Forte William, this 

[From Mortgage Book I. Co. clerk's off Albany] 
At a Convention of y® May Aldermen Commonalty Justices of 
y« Peace and Military officers of y® Citty and County of 
Albany on y® first day of August and ye first year of y® Reign 
of our Souveraign Lord & Lady William & Mary King & 
queen of Engl: france & Ireland &c 1689 
pr Schuyler Mayr David Schuyler 

Dirk Wessels Rec^ Reynier Barentse 

J. Wendel Ev. Banker 

Lievs Van Schaick J. Beekman 

J. Bleeker Jochim Staets 

Jan Lansing Jan Abel 

Albt Ryckman C. Marte gerritse 

kil: v: Renselaer 
Resolved that all public affares for the Preservation of there 
Majta Intrest in this Citty be managed by y^ Mayr aldermen 
Justices of ye Peace Commission officers and assistants of this 
Citty and County, untill such time as orders shall come from 
there most Sacred Maj^s William & Mary king & queen of Engl^ 
fr: & Irland & Defenders of y^ faith 

Resolved since there is news of warr between England & 
France y* y® gent" now mett at this Convention (Jpe each bring 


a gunn with ^ lb of Pouder and Bale equivalent to be hung up 
in y« church in ye space of three days & y' y^ Traders and oy 
Inhabitants be Perswaded to doe y^ same to make up y^ number 
of 50 to be made use off upon occjision 

That ye Troopers bring 200 Slabbs from y® mill of wynant 
gerritse to make a Point behinde David Schuylers 


Pr Schuyler D Wessels 

J. Wendel ' Lev. V Schaick 

D. Schuyler J Bleeker 

Albr* Ryckman Evert Banker 

J. Abeel Capt Sharpe 

Whereas itt is thought Convenient yt at this Juncture of time 
the french yt live towards Sarachtoge shall be Removed from 
thence to Remoove all suspicion which People now have. It is 
therefore y® opinion of y® Justices of y® Peace of this County yt 
Lafleur and Villeroy & de la fortune three frenchmen that live to 
ye northward of this Citty towards yo Stilwater & Sarachtoge be 
forthwith brought hither and Examined, anent such Transactions 
of Keeping Correspondence And Conveying letters to yo french 
at Canida. Yow are therefore hereby Required in his Majisties 
Name forthwith to Repare to Sarachtoge and bring ye said 
Lafleur, Villeroy and delafortune here to Albany before his 
Majisties Justices of y® Peace to be Examined & treated as ye 
Exigency of ye Case Shall Require in doeing whereof this shall 
be ye Sufficient Warrant and all persons are hereby Required to 
be aiding and assisting to y^ Actum in Albany the first day of . 
August 1689. 

The 3d dito 
Lafleur, Villeroy, & Francois three french men from Sarachtoge 
being sent for to be examined concerning keeping a Correspon 
dence with them of Canida upon which was Resolved To Confine 

VOL. II. 6 


la fleur to y^ Chamber of arnout Cornelise till y« witnesses come 
from Sarachtoge to be further examind 

And yt Villeroy stay in Toune till further order 


Albany 5th day of August 1689 

Present as before 
Upon a Rumor brougt to day by four Skachkook Indians that an 
army of French & Indians were Seen on this Side of y« Lake, 
Leif t Rob* Sanders was sent thither w^^ 17 men to make Dis- 
covery, which was found to be false 

Whereas we are Informed upon oath thatt Anthony Lespinard 
John Van Loon Renne Poupor alias Lafleur and Villeroy foure 
frenclimen have last winter endevored to entice some souldiers of 
his Maj«s garrison of Albany to Runn away to Canida & Desert 
his Majt^ service by Professing to furnish them with Provisions 
Ammunition, make them sleds shoos & all oyr necessaries for their 
journey, by all which means they wholly Designed to weaken y« 
force of this Place, & undoubtedly by y* means of such souldiers 
goeing to Canida Convey letters & keep some private Correspon- 
dence with the french there which hath long been suspected It is 
therefore thought fitt by y® magistrates of y® Citty of Albany Justi- 
ces of ye Peace & militia officers of ye s'^ County who considering 
how dangerous such suspected p'sones are in this juncture of time 
yt ye gd antho Lespinard John Van Loon Renne Poupard and 
Villeroy be secured in his Maj's fort at albany till further order 
and till such time The Bussinesse can be further Inspected and 
Examined, actum in albany ye 5th of aug. 1689 

By ord of ye Magestr-. of alb Justices 
of ye- Peace & Military officers &c 
Robert Livingston Cl'^ 
Anth'^ Lespinard haveing heard ye Depositions read in open 
court Confesses y* ye s^ John Sage & William Boyen came to 
him for bread and for french money to goe to Canida but advised 
them to ye Contrary y* they should not goe to Canida for it was 
a very Poor Place & shortly after he went to Boston 

t.lIiUT. UUV. LKSLIER. 83 

Jolrin Van Loon Confesses y* he knew somewhat of there 
Design but advised them not to goe, for when he made an ax for 
John Sage and when he saw Wm Boyen come back again from 
Sarachtoge & asked for John Sage at his house, then he see some 
Rogguerey in there mind and y* they had concluded to Runn away 
& further y' he told maj" Baxter yt John Sage Designed to Run 

Villeroy haveing heard y® Depositions of Wm Boyen and Cor- 
neha Vroman read in open Court said y* John Sage Desired him 
to make a paire of snow shoes last winter but he Replyed had no 
leather, who told him to take barke of Trees yet he Promised to 
make y® s^ John Sage a pare but knew not of any Design he had 
of running away. Itiem y* Will: Boyen asked Inm at Sarachtoge 
for y^ snow shoos who replyed he had no time to make them, but 
when he was removed to his little house he would may be make 
them Wherupon Mathys said doe not make them, who knows 
what ill Design they may have may be they will Runn away & 
then y« will come into a Primmenary 

Lafleur haveing heard y® 8"^ Depositions Read in open Court s^ 
yt a Souldier called John Sage spoke to him for a canoe to goe to 
Canida withall last fall, and whether he could procure such a one 
upon wliich Lafleur Replyed upon what Condition he went and 
whether ]^e would get a passe ye s^ Sage answered he would get 
a Passe of Majr Baxter then Lafleur replyed there may be pro- 
bably a Canoe to be had, and further y® s^ Sage met ye s^ Lafleur 
a Pretty while after here in y^ street in Albany who asked Lafleur 
if he had been mindefull of what he had spoke to him, & whether 
lie could not procure or make him a slee since it was to late for a 
Canoe, & also whether he had Bread for him, whereupon Lafleur 
said no, and whether la Sage had gott a Passe he spoke of, for 
without yt he would neither help him to slee Bread nor nothing 
else nor not see him Passe by his house. 

Item yt ye s<i Wm Boyen had discourse with De Chene at his 
house att ye still water & y"^ La Sage had sent a kitte to Dechene. 


By the Justices cf y' Peace of y" Citty if County of Albany 


Whereas we are credibly informed y"^ diverse persones upon y" 
liite news of y® approach of y® french and there Indians are 
laakeing Preparation to Transport themselfs out of this County 
by which means and bad Example of such Timerous and Cowardly 
People others will be Discouraged to stay and Defend there Maj^ 
[ntrest in this Frontier part of y^ Province, and Forasmuch there 
is no setled government for y^ p'sent in this Province, and that 
thereby it is a duty Incumbent upon us to Prevent any Danger 
and Inconvenience y' might happen y® Inhabitants of our County 
wti may arise by suffering men to Depart y* are able to do there 
Maj^ service if any attempt should be made wee Therefore doe 
hereby Declare That no Person or Persones (except masters of 
sloops & Boats) being fit & able to bear arms who have been 
setled or liveing in this County for these six monthes last past 
shall in ye space of three monthes Presume to Depart or absent 
themselfs out of this County of albany whither they are under y® 
Roll or List of y^ Respective Capt^^ or not without a Passe from 
one Justice of y^ Peace of this County upon ye Penalty to be 
Esteemed Pursued & followed after as fugitives Cowards Runna- 
ways & Vagabonds, & as such to be Prosecuted by ye utmost 
Severity of ye Law, & y* all People take notice thereof accord- 
ingly, given at ye Cetty hall of Albany ye 7th dav of ?ugust 
1689 in ye first year of there Maj^ Reign — 

The lOtii day of august 1689 

A Peticon of ye wife of Villeray Delivered to ye Court whereby 
she Prays y^ her husband may be released from his Confinem* or 
at least to be sett free upon security to answer when he shall be 
called for who being brougt before ye Court Insists mucli 

for his Releasement & Tenders P van wriaglum & Dirk vander- 
heyden for his security 

The Court doe accept of ye s'^ Securities and that they give 
Bonde of one hundred Pounds y' Villeray shall be forthcomeing 
when Demanded 


. The 13"^ day of august 1689 

ri Peticon of Antho Lespinard Jan Van Loon and Lafleur being 
rcud whereby they request that there Bussiness may be inspected 
into & examind that they may make there Defence & so be clear^ 
if Innocent Else Punished if guilty. 

Upon which it was considered by ye Magistrates Justices of 
the Peace Commission officers & Common Council y* ye s^ Three 
Prisoners be bayled out of ye fort giving security each one hun- 
dred Pounds to answer when they shall be called. Provided they 
doe not goe above y« Citty of albany til such time ye Case be 

At a Convention &c albany ye 21 of august 1689 
P. Schuyler May' Reynier Barentse 

D. Wessells Record^ Ev. Banker 

J Wendel Is: Verplank 

J Bleeker Job. Beekman 

J Lansing J Mingael 

Dav. Schuyler Capt Jochim Statets 

albt Ryckman R* Sanders 

Resolved to acquaint ye Inhabitants of y® County ye news y* 
we received of Col Pynchen 

That Pernmaquid was taken by ye Indians and french 45 People 
kild & Taken — also that thei-e should be a ship be come to Quebek 
of Y* french with news of wars Between EngN & france & there- 
fore nothing can be Expected but yt ye french will doe all y* 
rnischieffe they can to this governm* & therefore every one to be 
upon there guarde & take care they be not surprized 

Mr. Wessells and Reynier Barentse were Desyned to Commu- 
iiuate this to ihe farmers of kuiderhook &, Claverack — Capt 
Wendel &John Lansing the People above — Rich<l Pretty & Evert 
Banker at Skenechtady & Canastagiorne. 

The 24ti' day of august 1689 
Resolved that y^ Inhabitants of y*^ County be Informed of y* 
alarm which was last night at y« green Bush occasioned by some 


Malitious Persones fyreing of severall gunns w*h Baale throw y« 
Door and house of John Witment which was done by letters 

The 28to of august 1689 
Resolved y* Barent Gerritse of Bethlehem who is suspected to 
have a hand in y^ late disturbance y* was at Green Bush, or leiit 
Privy to it y* he give BOX security to answer when he shall be 
called for to he Examined about yt Bussinesse 




Albany, ye 28 August! 1689. 

1. We heartily thatik the Brethren for the news they send us 
from Canada, though we have received the news by the Islands 
of the great victory the English obtained over the French in 
burning and sinking sixteen big ships and capturing 12 others, 
each ship being of 60 guns and 400 men ; which captured ships 
the English convey home as you do your prisoners ; and therefore 
our vessels are so long delayed coming because they meet french 
men of war and fight with them. 

2. We lament the death of the brave warriors who were slain 
in the last battle with the french above mont Royall but rejoice at 
the great victory gained by you over them, which we recommend 
you to follow up and not be imposed on by the idle and nonsen- 
sical speeches of the Governor of Canada and not to trust any of 
his ambassadors, for you have experienced his falsehood when he 
kidnapped so many of your warriors, and promised last harvest to 
Canadgegai that they should return in summer ; but we hear that 
5 ships have come but do not hear of one Indian in them. 

3. We hope the Brothers will follow up their victory without 
delay as we perceive the Governor of Canada is now in distress, 
and would be very glad that you should now make some delay, 
that he may ship his bait again to cheat the Brothers. Have there 
fore a l^e^n open eye on the motions of the French and warn us, 


as we shall warn you ; and we hope to see within 30 or 40 days 

some of the Sachems and Chief Warriors here whose feet shall be 

weH greased. ^ 

Pr order 

Rob* Livingston. 

The first day of Sep' 1689. 

Harme Janse Van fiommel brings news y* our Indians have 
taken 5 Praying Canida Indians upon y® Lake who were bound 
hither to doe mischeeffe, & yt severall french were seen upon y® 

Upon which Capt wendel & 6 men were ordered to goe to 
Sarachtoge to examine s^ 5 Indians & to make enquiry of aiFares 

Att a Meeting of the May^ Aldermen and Justices of ye Peace 
of ye Citty and County of Albany ye 2^ Day of Sept A^ 1689 
P. Schuyler Mayr Albt Ryckman 

Dirk Wessels Reed' David Schuyler 

John Wendel Kilian Van Renssekiet 

Jan Janse Bleeker C. Marte Gerritse 

The Maquase Desyre by arnouts Letter that the Magistrates of 
Albany and Shinnechtady would be pleased to assist them with 
Two or three pare of horses & 5 or 6 men to Ride the heaviest 
Stockadoes for there new Castle of Tionondage which they 
remove an English mile higher up & they will pay for it in 
due time 

Which Request ye Court are willing to Comply withall to 
shew there good Inclination and true friendship they bear to y® 
s^i nation have Consented that three pare of horses & six men 
goe thither 

Vizt of ye Troopers Jacob Lockermans of Capt Bleekers 
Company Dirk albertse Bradt & W" hendrickse who did volun- 
tarily p'sent there service 
The Patroon a horse 
Cap* Gerritse a horse 


OlF Capt Wendells Compy hendrick gerritse & Cornells Sling- 
f; !ant; & hans Cross w"' 2 horses. 

^ Albany y« 3^ of Sept 1689 

Resolved by y® Civill & Military officers of yo Citty & County 
>' y« Bastions & Curtaines about the Citty be made & Repaired 
with al speed by y® Several Divisions of y« Companies & y* y" 
gates be Repaired ; 

And yt To morrow there be a full Convention 

Att a Convention &c at y« Citty Hall y® 4*^^ day of Septemb' in 

ye First year of y* Reign of our Souveraign Lord and Lady 

King William and Queen Mary of Eng^ France & Ireland &a 

Defenders of y® Faith Ao 1689. 


P. Schuyler May Dirk Teunise ) 

Dirk Wessels ReC^ Capt Mar. Gerritse > Justices 

Capt John Wendel Capt Sander glen ) 

Capt Jan Janse Bleeker Capt Gerrit Teunise 

Jan Lansing Lieut Evert d Ridder 

David Schuyler Lieu' Jan van Eps 

Alb' Ryckman Ens. Joh: Sanders 

Joh: Abeel 1 

Evert Banker f 

r 1 Tr 1 1 / Assistents 

Jsak Verplankt 

Joh; Beekman J 

Resolved Since there is such Eminent Danger Threatened by y® 

French of Canida and there Praying Indians to come into this 

Coutity to kill and Destroy there Majes Subjects that there be 

Immediately An Express sent doune to Capt Leysler and ye Rest 

of ye Militia officers of ye Citty and County of New Yorke for 

assistance of one hundred men or more for ye secureing of there 

Majes Fort and ye out Plantations of this County as also a Re- 

cruite of six hundred weight of Ponder and foure hundred Bale 

Viz' 200 Two Pounders and 200 four Pounders with some match 

& one hundred hand granadoes out of there Maje^ Stores and Two 

hundred Pounds out of there Majes Revenue which we understand 

is dayly collected by them for to employ ye Maquase and oy' 


Indians in there Majes service for y« Securing ye frontier Parts 
of this County from any Incursions of s^ Indians or French. 

Resolved yt ye floor of ye Stone Point in ye fort be Raised with 
new Planks and Timber and ye Portholes altered & made fitt for 

Upon ye news yt three People should be kild at Bartel Vromans 
dX Sarachtoge by y® Indians 

Resolved by ye Convention yt Leift Jochim Staets forwith goe 
with ten men to Sarachtoge to see how ye matter is, & bring us 
an accompt with y* first & yt he Cito send a Post hither with ye 

Resolved by ye Convention y* Rob* Sanders «Sc Eghbert Teunise 
forthwith goe to Sarachtoge to lye there till further order, whither 
any mischeefe be done there or nott, & y* they goe themselfs with 
sd Indians to Sarachtoge where Leift Jochim Staets will stay there 
Comeing & if Eghbert be not at ye farm y* he take anoyr whom 
he shall think Convenient. 

Resolved that there be 400 Stockadoes Rid for the Citty, to be 
sett up in ye Room of y® old Stockadoes & yt ye Troopers 
bring ---.-.. IQO 

Capt Blekers Come - - . - 160 
Capt Wendels - - - - 160 

And sett them up according to ye Division. 

Major Savage Capt Belsher & Capt Jonathan Bull agents for 
y«^ 3 Collonies of n: England Desyre y- this Convention would 
Depute three or foure Gent" to have a Conference with them 
what will be Requisite to Propose to ye Indians 

Resolved y^ ye May Record' Capt Wend el Capt Bleeker Capt 
gerritse & Mr. Livingston doe meet ye gent" this afternoon k 
advise them in y' matter 

Resolved that there be a fort made about ye house of Bartel 
Vroman at Sarachtoge & Twelve men Raised out of ye Two 
Companies of ye Citty & 2 Companies of y« County to Lye there 
upon pay who are to have 12'^ a day besides Provisions and some 
Indians of Skachkook to be there with them to goe out as skouts 
in y* Part of ye County. 

Resolved that ye fort at ye halfmoon about ye house & barne 


of harme Lievcse be Removed to a more convenient Place & y« 
Mayor & M' Evert Banker to goe thither & see it effected. 

Resolved that there be a fort made at Paepsknee in y« most Con- 
venient Place, & y* Melgert abrah : Claes van Petten marte 
Cornelis gerrit gysbertsen & y® Inhabitants of Paepsknee make 
y« same for there security to retreat into upon occasion & that 
albt Ryckman & John Beekman see it effected. 

Resolved that there be a fort made at Betlehem in the most 
Convenient Place, and y* the inhabitants of Betlehem make y« 
same for there oune security to Retreat unto upon occasion, & albert 
Ryckman Justice of ye Peace & Johannes Beekman to see it 

Resolved that Capt. Gerrit Teunise and y« Commission officers 
of his Company doe order a fort to be made att y« Groot Stuk 
and one at Pompoenik where it shall be thougt most convenient 
since y® fort about y® Barn of Lawrence van ale is judged Dan- 
gerous except yc Bergh with Corn be removed all which is for y® 
Peoples most security, & that y^ People of Patcook doe make 
there Retreat to Johannes Bensings upon occasion & what y® s^^ 
Capt and officers shall doe herein y« Inhabitants there are to sub- 
mitt too upon there Perrills 

Understanding by y^ Commission officers of Schennectady that 
there is no settlement there how or what way they are to Behave 
themselfs if y^ enemy should come, since they cannot agree 
amongst themselvs in yt particular. 

Resolved that M^ Dirk Wessells and Cap* Johannes wendel 
Justices of y« Peace goe thither & Conveen y^ Company together 
& consult what measures they are to take upon occasion if an 
en^my should come, to y« end there may be unity in such extremi- 
tyes, & ye Inhabitants there are ordered to submitt to what ye sf* 
gent" & ye head officers of there Toune shall Conclude upon, upon 
there oun Perrill 

Resolved since we have ReC' Certain Information of some 
Praying Canida Indians lately taken by our Maquase that y^ 
french Design to send out there Indians and french to kill and 
Destroy there Majts Subjects of this County that Dirk Teunise 
Esqr one of there Maj's Justices of the Peace goe to y® County of 


Ulster for y^ assistance of 25 or 30 men to be Ready upon occa- 
sion if any attaque or Incursion should be made on y^ frontiers of 
this County for to secure & defend there Majt^ Interest here who 
is Impowered to discourse with y® Civill and Military officers of 
yt County about y® p'mises. 

Att a Convention &c. 11*^ Sept. 1689 
P. Schuyler Mayr Levinus Van Shaik 

D. Wessells Reed' Kilion van Renselaer 

Capt Wendel Leift Jochem Staets Bleeker Leift Robt Sanders 

Capt gerrit Teunise 
List of men who have taken service to serve there Maj'^ & y® 
Countrey upon the frontiers of there maj** County of Albany who 
are to hav« 12*^ p"" diem and Provisions except Claes Rust who is 
to have y® Command & is to have 18*^ p"" diem who had Instruc- 
tions given him accordingly. 

of Capt Wendels Comp^ Claes Rust 

gerrit Luy kasse 
Jellis funda 
of Capt Bleekers Comp^ Johannes Rutgers 

Rutger Teunise 
of y« Troop - - Frank Salisbury 
of Capt g: Teunise Comp® Joh: gerritse Van Vechten 
Teunise dirkse Van Vechten 
Lamb* Jochimes 
Manuel Cansalis 
off Capt gerritse Comp« Johannes Janse ouderkirk 
Joseph Janse 
By y^ Mayor aldermen and Commonality of 
ye Citty of Albany and y^ Justices of y« 
Peace of y*^ Couhty aforesaid 
Whereas the selling and giving of strong Drink to y® Indians 
at this present juncture is founde by Experience Extream Dan- 
gerous insomuch yt diverse Inhabitants at Shennectady and 
Elsewhere have made there Complaint that there is no living if 
y* Indians be not kept from Drinke, Wee doe therefore hereby 


strikly Prohibite &, forbid in the name of King William & queen no Inhabitants of the Citty and County of Albany doe 
sell or give any Rom Brandy Strong Liquor or Beer to any 
Indian or Indians upon any pretence whatsoever upon ye Penalty 
of Two monthes Imprisonement without Baile or main prise & 
moreover a fine of five Pounds toties quoties, y® ProofFe hereof to 
be made as is Incerted in ye Proclamation Prohibiting ye Selling 
of Strong Drink dated ye 21*^ day of May 1689 which is by 
Proof or Purgation by oath, always Provided yt it shall and may 
be in ye Power of ye Mayor aldermen & Commonality of y« s^ 
Citty if they see cause to give any smal quality of Rom to any 
Sachims who come here about Publick Bussinesse any Prohibition 
abovesd in any manner notwithstanding, given att ye Citty hall 
of Albany ye 12"! day of Septembr 1689 

pr Ordr RoBT Livingston Clk 

Att a Convention &c. Sept 17tt» 1689 
Present, all the members heretofore mentioned. 

The Messenger Johannes Beeker who was sent Expresse to N . 
Yorke with a letter to Capt Leysler and ye Rest of y® Military 
officers of ye Citty & County of N: Yorke according to y^ Reso- 
lution of this Convention ye 4*^ of this Instant being Returned 
was sent for and asked whither he had Delivered ye Letter as it 
Wiis Directed and if he had Received any answer from s<^ Leysler 
to y*^ gent" that had sent him who answered that he had delivered 
y" Letter to Capt. Leysler but had no letter in answer but thatt 
Directed to Capt Wendel and Capt Bleeker and y* he further 
heard Capt. Leysler say, y* he had nothing to doe w*^ y® Civill 
Power he was a Souldier and would write to a Souldier. 

Resolved since Capt Leysler and ye Military officers of y« 
Citty and County of N: Yorke have not been Pleased to Return 
y« Least answer to ye Convention upon there Letter and Resolve 
of ye 4th Instant but sent a Letter to Capt wendel &Capt Bleeker 
signed by Leysler alone which is openly Read, ye Purport of 
which Cheeffly tends to Desyre them to Induce the Common 
People to send Two men to assist them in there Committe, and 
;;(IvisG them further y* he sends them 40 lb match out of there 
Majts Stores and Two Imndred lb of Pouder belonging to ye mer- 


chanls of albany Item 4 small Gunns, but as for money they 
Receive none, neither is itt in there Power to Command any of 
there Militia for our assistance alledgeing yt ye great slight there 
People Rec'd when here Deprives them to oblige Volunteers, 
Insisting again for y* Sending doune of Committes to consult 
wth them and shal then according to there Capacities Resolve for 
ye Publick good. 

That some oy' methods may be used for ye Procureing of men 
if Possible from N: England or Elsewhere for ye Defence of there 
Majts Intrest in this County, and if Christians cannot be procured 
yt some Indians may be gott ^^ al speed. 

Ordered yt Rob* Sanders use his Endeavor to procure the 
Indians of ye Long Reach Wawyachtenok and Sopus to come here 
to lye out as skouts upon ye borders of this County & y* he 
have Letters of Recommendation to ye Justices of ye Peace of 
ye County of Ulster to assist him in Perswading of s^ Indians 

Ordered y* ye assistants of ye Respective wardes & ye Military 
officers of ye County goe about & see what ye Inhabitants will 
be willing to advance for ye Raiseing of some men for ye Defence 
of this County against ye french, and are sent with this following 

Proposall to y^ Commonality for ye mamtammg and paying 
of men in this juncture of time for our Defence against ye 

french, since by the Present Revolutions we can expect no releef 
for or assistance from our neighbours according to there letters 
sent liither, which Charge will be Represented by this Convention 
to ye govr whom there Maj^s will be Pleased to send; that s'i men 
may be pd out of ye Public Revenues of ye Countrey being for 
ye Preservation of there Majt* Intrest in these parts, oy^wise that 
it will be paid by a generall Tax out of ye whole County To y® 
maintaining which men these following persons subscribe viz* 

P. Schuyler. Mayr ^615 : 

Kil: van Renselaer 15 : 

gabriel Thompson 10: 

Marte gerritse 10: 

Dirk wessels 6: 

Jan Lansing 12: 


Joh: wendel 12: 

L. V Schaick 10: 

Albt Ryckman 6:0 

Rob^ Sanders 6:0 

Robt Livingston 50: 

Johannes abeel 6: 

Gert Teunise 5:0 

Da\'id Schuyler , 6: 

Jochim Staets 5:0 

Evert Banker 5:0 

Isak Verplank 3:0 

Johannes Beekman , 4:0 

Johannes Thomase 2:0 

Evert d Ridder 3: 

Reynier Barents ^ . ... 6: 

Jan Janse Bleeker » 6:0 

abraham Cuyler 3: 

harme Rutgers 3: 

anth« Bratt 0: 

Annetje Lievens * 15: 

Margt Schuyler 20: 

Catharina Glen » 4: 

Myndt hannense 6 : 

Elisabeth Van Tricht 3 

Jannetje Gerritse 10: 

Jan Rosie 0: 

Jan Becker 2: 

Jacob Staets 5 : 

Gerrit Banker 18: 



Johannes Cuyler 3:12 

Johannes appel 3 

Jeronimus wendel 4 

P. Davidtse 2: 

Hend: Bries 3 

Jacob abrahamse 2 

Evert wendel 3 

LIEU1. GOV. ft£l&LER. 


Phil: wendel » . — 1: 

arent Schuyler - 6: 

Jacobus Turk 1:10 

Johannes Rooseboom , 2: 6 

31: 8 


Dirk Bensing 1 :10 

Bennony van Corlaer 3:10 

Jacob Meese 1 : 

Jacob Voss :10 

Myndt Frederickse :10 

Johannes van Sante 1: 

The farmers belonging to Capt Marten Gerritse Compc 

Melgert abrahamse £ 

Claes van Petten 2 

gerrit gysbertse 1 

Dorite Janse 1: 4 

geertruy Janse ; 1 : 4 

Cornells Teunise 1 

Cobus Janse :12 

Catharina van d^ Poel .• 3 

anth" van Shaik 4 

Hend: van Ness 2 

P. Lockermans :14 

Teunise d metselaer 3 

And. hanse 1 

Jan Ouderkerk » :12 

Harme Lieverse 1 

Jan van ness 1 

Barent Bratt 

Geurt hendrickse :12 

Roeloff gerritse : 6 

William Ketelheyn 2 

gert Lansing as well as his brothers 




The farmers belonging to Capt gert Teunisens Comp« 

Cornelis Stevense £2 

Lieve winne 

Volkert van hoesen 

Matthys Janse 

Jan hendrikse ^ . 

bans Juriaense 

Jacob van hoesen 

Luykas Janse 


C: gerritsens Comp^ 26 

3d ward 8 

2d ward 31 

1" ward & Convention 292 


Att a Convention &c. 23d day Septemb^ 1689 

Ev. Banker 
Capt Marten gerritsen 
C. gert Teunise 
Leift Joh: Bensein 
Leift Rob: Sanders 
Lieft. Ev.d Ridder 
V: ffabr: Thomson 

P. Schuyler May- 
Dirk Wessels Rec^r 

J. Wendel 

J. Bleeker 

Jan Lansing 

Liv: van Sclmik 

albt Ryckman 

Joh: Abeel 
The Schedule or List of y^ Burgers & farmers names who 
subscribed for y^ Contribution of money for ye Raiseing of men 
for our assistance being summd up amounts to y^ somme of 
£367:6 and therefore not half Eneugh for y^ Procureing of one 
hundred men w^ is judged Requisite to acquaint y^ Commonality 
withall: So y' oy^ means must be used to Procure men, doe there- 
fore Mortifye & make null & void y® aforesaid subscriptions 
thanking y" People who had signed for there good Inclination. 
J t is therefore 

Resolvetl since no assistance can be expected from N: Yorkr 
nor money raised here to Procure men to write to y^ govern'" 


and Convention of Boston for y^ assistance of one hundred men — 
and also to govern^ and gen^' assembly off Connetticut for ye 
assistance of y« like number of men to lye in garrison here this 
winter to secure there Maj^s Fort and ye frontiers of this county 
against y^ french or there Praying Indians ^^hich Letters are 
written accordingly 

Whereas it is thougt Convenient by y® Convention of Civill 
and Military officers of y® Citty and County of Albany yt all 
Possible endeavors be used to Procure y® Indians of y® Long 
Reach Wawijachtenock &Sopusto come here &Lye out as skouts 
upon ye borders of this County to prevent any Incursions y*^ might 
be made by y^ Indians of Canida and Robert Sanders Lieft of 
one of ye Train bande Companies of this Citty being thought a 
fitt p'son to Procure y® same, he is therefore hereby Impowered 
& authorized to use his Endevors in effecting y® same, & y® gen- 
tlemen of our neighbouring County of Ulster are earnestly desyred 
& Intreated to be aideing & assisting to him in s^ bussinesse itt 
being for y® Preservation of there Maj'^ Y^g "VV" & queen Maryes 
Interest in these parts Actum in albany ye 27th of Sep^ 1689 

Att a Convention &c. Albany Oct. 24"» 1689 
Present . 
P. Schuyler May^ Cap* Marten gerritsen 

Job: Wendel " C: Sanders glerm 

albt Ryckman L: Jan van Eps 

David Schuyler En: Joh: Sanders 

Eghbert Teunise Leift Jochim Staets 

Claes Ripse Capt Sharpe 

Ev. Banker gert Ryerse 

The Convention being mett to consider ye Contents of a Letter 
sent by ye gov^ of Boston in ye name and by Consent of ye 
Councill and Representatives wherein they signify there sence of 
ye feares and Dangers we Lye in of Incursions by ye french and 
French Indians & ye need we stand in of some forces to be sent 
for ye enforcing of our garrison wh they would be wiUing to afford 
iVom thence, bi^t there p'sent Circumstances of things haveing so 
many men out against ye Common Enemy to ye Eastward, bei^ides 
y*^ great Distance from hence, y* they cannot doe what they woukl 

VOL. II. 7 



la that Regard, but have written to y^ gov'' and Councill of Con- 
netticutt Earnestly Pressmg them to Provide one hundred men 
(if they can so many) or what they can for our present RelielTe, 
& yt Capt Bull be desyred to take the Command of them ; and 
that they had writt to ye Gov and Councill of Plymouth that 
they would enforce the same motion — by there Letter to Connet- 
ticut, yt it may be sent by y« joynt Concurrence of all y^ Col- 

Robert Treat Esq"" Gov^ of Conetticut doth answer our Letter 
sent him by Cap* Bull which he had Communicated to y® gen^' 
assembly that there Court had taken our condition into there seri- 
ous Consideration, and have Resolved to send us about eighty 
souldiers with there officers as soon as they can effect it, and are 
endeavoring to Procure Cap^ Bull to be there Cap' but hope and 
Expect yt we will pay ye Commission officers there wages, They 
being at so great a charge about ye warrs with ye Eastern Indians 
and oy^wise by Losses throug great sicknesse and mortality in 
there harvest season — yet they think strange thatt none of our oun 
neighbouring Counties should Releave us which lye so farr before 
them wth lesse charge & difficulty then they can Reach, & there- 
fore think it so Reasonable a Request on there Parts unto us to 
take off some Part of there wages, there expenses being so great 
among themselfs, & Cannot raise^men for such service at p'sent 
with great Difficulty & waite our Complyance herewith. 

Vpon which this following was resolved Capt Sander Glenn 
Leift Jan van Eps Ens: Johannes Sanders glen, and Sweer Teu 
nise doe vote in ye Behalfe of ye Toune of Shinnechtady yt ye 
men may be sent for from Canetticut and that they will bear 
there Proportiones of y^ Cherge of ye officers there wages and 
maintain them accordingly. Provided they be under Command 
and obey such orders and Instructions as they shall Receive from 
time to time from ys Convention of this Citty and County and in 
ye time of there not sitting to ye Mayi" & aldermen of this citt)-. 
It is ye opinion of ye Convention yt ye 8 men still at Sarachtoge 
doe Remain ther til further order. 


At a Convention &c. Oct. 25. 1689. 
Present as before. 

It is Thougt Convenient that all there Majts Justices of y« 
Peace & Commission 'officers doe take y® oath of allegiance to 
tlicre Maj<^s William & Mary king and Queen of England France 
k Ireland Sz'^ Defenders of y« faith and accordingly 

?■■ Schuyler may^ & Justice of y« Peace did take y^ oath of 
fiJclily iDcfore Dirk wessells Recorder & Justice of the Peace 

And these following Persons took y® oath of fidelity to there 
Maj'^s before P^ Schuyler raayr viz* 

Dirk wessells Record^ Capt Gerrit Teunise Capt: Marte Gerritse 
Leift: Robt: Sanders Ens: gabriel Thompson kilian van Renselaer 
Claes Ripse Van Dam David Schuyler Robt: Livingston Leif^ 
Jochim Staets: Johannes appel Constable & P' Boss Constable 

Dirk Wessells Jan Janse Bleeker and Dirk Teunise Justices of the 
Peace haveing been at Sopus for ye behalfe of this County to 
Desyre assistance, and accordingly made there application to 
Maji" Chambers y« third time, who gave his warrant to y^ Com- 
mission officers to collect the votes of ye Inhabitants concerning 
y« sending up of men upon accasion for ye assistance of y® People 
of alb. upon which y^ return was by Capt Beekman of ye horse. 
That all his men were willing but Two Capt Matthys that all 
his Company was willing, Capt Garten that he himself and all 
his Comp: were Ready but Capt Paling had not brought in his 

The sd Justices did Insist with ye Majr of yt County that ye 
men might be Prikt y' were to come upon occasion of allarm, 
that they might ye more Depend thereupon, who ordered y* y« 
Court marshall should meet ye 25 of October to effect that 

Resolved that the men that are at Sarachtoge be sent for doune 
and that seven souldiers out of there maj^s fort with Claes Rust 
and Dick albertse Bradt be sent thither to lye there as skouts on 
y^ part of ye County. 

Resolved y' Capt kilian Van Renselaer & Capt gert Teunise be 
deputed to goe to ye Gov^ and Councill of .Connetticut and to 


Return our hearty Thanks for there kinde Letter of*}^ 15th Instant 
wherein they signify y^ they will send about 80 men besides 
officers for our Releefe Expecting yt we will pay y® Commission 
officers there wages who are to be commissionated to treat w^'^ y« 
sil govi" and Councill about y^ officers wages since this county hath 
had such excessive Charges without y^ least assistance & to 
accept of ye men by them Proferd & to Dispatch them hither 
w^h all speed who are to lye in garrison here this winter. 

Whereas we are informed that diverse persons envying y® 
Peace wellfare and tranquility of y® Inabitants of this City & 
County have Endeavored to Raise diverse false aspersions and 
jealousies as if some Inhabitants here should have greater affec- 
tion to ye late Popish king James Stuart then to our endeared 
Souvraign Lord & Lady king William & Queen Mary whom 
God almighty through his great mercy hath been pleased to call 
to y* Throne & to rule over us ; but to avoid all such Jealousies 
thogh we are very well assured that few or none in our Posts but 
doe abhor and Detest all Popery and what tends thereunto but 
on ye Contrarie will with all Cherfullnesse & readinesse abide y® 
oath of allegiance to there s^ Ma^^ as all y^ members of y^ s^ 
Convention have already done 

It is therefore thought Convenient by y® s^i Convention thogh 
for ye present there be no Commission from there Maj'^ to ad- 
minister ye s^ oath that ye Inhabitants of y^ Citty & Coimty of 
Albany & souldiers of there Maj^^ fort doe all take y^ oath of 
Allegiance to there Majts king William &, queen Mary on or 
before the last day of octob"" next ensuing, and ye Aldermen in 
there wards are ordered to administer s*^ oath who will be founde 
at there respective houses on ye — forenoon & y'' justices in y^ out 
plantations to administer the same to them that live there, all 
who are to make Return thereof to ye office of ye Citty & County 
who names are to be recorded accordingly. 

By order of ye Convention 

RoBT Livingston 



The 26th of octob 1689 
Resolved y* Dirk Wessells John Wendell Jan Janse Bleeker 
David Shuyler & albert Ryckman, Justices of y® Peace doe 
repare to there Maj's fort and administer to y® Souldiers the 
oath of fidelity to there Maj** William & Mary king & queen of 
Engi'^ &c, who accordingly with all Cherfulnesse & Readinesse 
took y^'.same (as they were drawn up in y® fort in arms by Lev' 
Sharpe who took his oath y° 19'^ of octob last in y^ full Con- 
vention) a list whereof follows 

Charles Rogers ^ s crts 

Christoph: Barnsford ^ ° 

John holman ^ 

John gilbert > Corpus 

John Thompson J 

Wm Shaw meatros [gunner] 

Tho. Rodgers Drum^ 

gert arentse 

Robt Barnet 

John Carter 

John Douglas 

John Denny 

Wm Ellis 

Robt Farrington 

Ralph Graunt 

Wm Haaton 

Wm bather 

Sephen hooper 

Wm Rogers 

John RadeclifFe 

Richd Tunnell 
Elias Van Ravesteyn 
Ric*^ white 
Ric^ wilson 
Jos, Yetts 
Tho: Wakefield 

These were not present 
being at y« halfmoon 
Tobyas henderson 
James Larmond 
Wm Powel 
James willet . 

Tho. Shaver Refuses [toj 
take y« oath 

Memorandum y® 10 of Nov. 
y« aboves^ men Took all ye 
oath of allegiance 

It is unanimously Resolved y* Leift Thos. Sharpe who together 
with yp Souldiers of there Maj^s garrison have taken y^ oath of 
fidelity to there Majts William & Mary king & queen yt y© s^ 
Leift Sharpe shall Continue in y^ Command of there Majts fort 
of Albany who is to obey such orders & Instructions as he shall 
from time to time Receive from ye Convention of y^ Citty and 
County of Albany, & yt no oyr person shall have y^ Command 
of sd fort till orders Came from there Majts king William & 


queen Mary which we with Patience will vaite for Since y^ s** 
fort is kept for there Maj^ use 

Signed P Schuyler 

Johannes Wenoel 
Jan Janse Bleeker 
K V Renselaer 
Ev Banker 
Joh: Cuyler 
Dirk Teunise 
This Protest was sent aboard of Jochim Staets by y* Marshall 
inclosed in a letter to him & alderman Skaik 

Resolved to write and give our hearty thanks to y^ Hon'*' 
Gov"^ & Councill and Representives of Boston for there kinde 
letter of y^ lO^ii of Octob'' in w'riteing to y^ gov"" Sl Covmcill of 
Conetticut Pressing them to Provide one hundred men for our 
assistance who accordingly have granted to furnish us with eighty 
men w^h there officers hopeing & expecting Paym* for y^ Com- 
mission officers & yt Kilian Van Renselaer & Capt gerrit Teunise 
be sent to Conetticut to return them thanks for there assistance 
and to accept of y^ men and withal to Inform them of y^ mean 
Condition of this place and how willing we would be to pay s,^ 
officers & Souldiers too if we were in a condition to bear it. 

Resolved to write to y^ gov'' & Councill of Conetticut to thank 
them for there kinde letter of y® 15*^ of Octobr wherein they 
graunt to send us eighty souldiers with there officers, hopeing and 
and expecting we will Pay y^ Commission officers, & yt Capt. 
Renselaer and Capt. gert Teunise be Commissionated to goe 
thither and Return our Thanks and accept of y« 80 men & Endeuor 
to have them hither with all speed, who are to submit themselfs 
to ye ordi^s &, directions of y^ Convention, & withall to consult 
^ffth ye Gov^ & Councill Concerning y^ Payment of y® Commis- 
sion Officers. 

By ye Convention of y® Civill and Military officers 

of ye Citty and County of Albany. 

Whereas it is thought Convenient that soine p'sons be Com- 

missionate to goe to y* hon^'ie gov & Councill of Conetticut and 

ye assembly if sitting to give our Cordiall thanks for t'.ere grca- 


kindnesse in Resolueing to send eighty men with there officers for 
ye security of there Maj'* Interest in these Parts, and we confide- 
ing in y^ Integrity and fidelity of Capt. Kilian van Renselaer & 
Capt. Ger* Teunise members of our Convention have Desyred 
and authorized them with all Convenient Speed to goe to y^ 
Collony of Connetticut and Signify to y« hon'^'*^ gov"^ & Councill 
of y* Colony & to y^ assembly if sitting y^ Real sence we have 
of there kindnesse in Sendeing these men, & to . hasten there 
Comeing w^h all convenient Speed, as also to Discourse w'^^ y«-' 
s^l Gov^ Concerning y^ wages of y^ Commission officers earnestly 
Desyreing yt y® s^ Two gent" may be Reputed and Esteemed as 
our agents in y* Behalfe Ratifyeing and Confirming whatever they 
shall act or doe about y^ p'mises, given under our hands & sealls 
in Albany y^ 28*^ day of octob^ in y^ fir^t year of y® Reign of 
our Souveraign Lord & Lady William & Mary king & queen 
of Engl: &c. 3689 

Signed Pieter Schuyler 
Johannes Wendell 
Dirk Wessells 
Ev. Banker 

Att a Convention &c. 

Albany 28*^ Sept. [October] 1689 
Present as before. 

Resolved yt Capt. wendel & Capt. Bleeker Cause y^ gates & 
Com tains of y^ Citty to be made & Repared according to y® 
Division made and there engagement who are to warn there Peo- 
ple to doe it upon Pain of answering whatsoever Inconveniencies 
that may happen by such neglect and each of y^ s'^ Capt^s had 
an ordr given them accordingly 

Resolved y* Since Sundrey members of y® Convention have 
Signned a Bonde for y^ Reimburseing of Robt Livingston such 
disbursement' as he shall make for there Maj^s ace* upon our 
Request y* y*' said Bonde be Recorded w^ is as follows 

Whereas there is at this Present juncture litle or no Revenue 
accrueing to there Maj's in this Citty and County and nevertheless 
diverse Charges to be paid as y^ Reparations of there Maj'* fort 


Paying of ye People that have been at Sarachtoge upon ye kings 
& queens ace* and Diverse oy' Public Charges and altho Rob^ 
Livingston is already Considerable in advance yett y^ Conven- 
tion doe Desyre y* he further may advance upon there Maj^^ 
accompt, such necessary Charges as shall from time to time 
happen and because y® s^^ Livingston may be y® more Incour- 
aged to Proceed, we whose names are undei'written doe Promise & 
Engage y* if y® s^ Livingston be not Reimbursed such Disburse- 
ments as he shall make by y<^ May^ order one aldermen and 
assistant for y« Publick ace* in Six monthes after y arrivall of a 
gov"^ or orders from there now Majesties king W™ & queen Mary 
yt wee will yointly & severally see him p^i & Satisfyed and that 
he shall not sustain any Losse or Damage by Such Disbursem^s 
being by our Particular ord^^ as witnesse our hands in albany ye 
26 of octobr 1689 

P^ Schuyler 
Dirk Wessells 
Claes Ripse van Dam 
Gabriel Thompson 
Dirk Teunise 
Albt Ryckman 
David Schuyler 

Johannes van d' hey den hend: Janse & W'" Hollie took ye 
oath of allegiance to there Maj'^ 

The Convention writt a letter to alderman Schayk and Lief^ 
Staets putting them in minde of what they had writt yesterday 
Concerning ye Reports of Leyslers Intentions to send up armed 
men to overthrow y® government of this Citty, and that they 
would endevor to prevent it as they loved y« Peace of this 
Citty, and mthall Informed them that we hear by a Prisoner 
come from Canida y* y® Indian Prisoners were come from france 
with ye gov"" of Mont Royall and y^ ye gov^ of Canida and 
diverse officers went to france, & therefore consider in what a 
Condition we would be with ye Indians if a Change of Magis- 
trates and a Subversion of y" government should at p'sent be 



Albany yc 29th of octob"- 1689. 
?■■ Schuyler Mayr Davul Schuyler 

Dirk wessells alb* Ryckman 

Jan Bleeker Joh: Cuyler 

Claes Ripse Eghbert Teunise 

Jan nack 
Whereas there was an order made by y^ Convention y^ 25 ^^ 
Instant that y^ men Lyeing at Sarachtoge be sent for and y* seven 
Souldiers of there Majt^ fort with Two oy men be Sent there 
yt can speak y^ Indian Language, and being informed by Leift 
Sharpe y* y® Souldiers were unwilling to goe, they were Sent for 
who told the Gentn that if y^ Convention would engage for their 
Pay they would willingly serve there Majts to whom they have 
Sworne fidelity in their Maj'^ fort; But they would all willingly 
goe with there officer for their Maj** ace* whereever he would 
lead them, & if y« Convention were not satisfied with that they 
would all grounde there arms alleadgeing yt none but a govern"^ or 
he yt had Immediat Commission from there Majts William & 
Mary could Command them out in Such Small Partyes Except 
they engage for their pay 

Upon which it was Resolved y* Dirk albertse Bratt and anothef 
be sent thither to stay there with Some Indians till further order. 

Att a Convention &c. 

albany ye 4^^ of novembr 1689 
Pr Schuyler may Reynier Barentse 

Dirk wessels RecordJ^ Evert Banker 

Johiwendel Jan nack 

Liv: Van Schaik Joh: Cuyler 

Jan Bleeker Eghbert Teunise 

Claes Ripse Cap* Marten gerritse 

Da\dd Schuyler Justice 

albert Ryckman Leif. Rob* Sanders 

Whereas y® members of y^ Convention have given to Robt. 
Livingston a Bonde whereby they oblige themselfs to bear y^ s«^ 


Livingston harmlesse for such Disburse'"^ as he hath now or shall 
make for y^ Publike ace' by our Particular ord^, That if he be 
not paid within Six months after y^ arrival! of a gov^ or orders 
from there now Maj'^ King William & queen Mary, that wee 
w^ill see him paid, & if it should happen that care should not be 
taken for y^ Reimburseing of s^ Livingston, that he should be 
necessitated to Demand y^ s^^ Disbursem'^ of y^ members of s^ 
Convention, It is ordered yt such p'son or p'sons so Paying 
Such Publike Charge be Reimbursed out of y^ Publike Rates of 
ye County, always Provided y^ s'l Charge be for ye Reparations of 
there Maj^ fort of Albany & y^ Charge of y® People y^ Lay at 

Livinus Van Schaik aldermen and one of y^ Justices of ye 
Peace of this County arrived this day from N: Yorke to whom 
the Resolution of this Convention of y^ 26*1^ of octob^ Last was 
Sent, inclosed in a letter to him and Leift Jochim Staas who 
were Desyred after they had Received Information y* Capt Leys- 
ler was intended to send up a Comp^ of armed men to make 
themselfs master of there Maj^^ Fort of Albany and of y^ Citty 
turn y® government of this Citty upside doune & Disturbe y<= 
Peace and Tranquility of there Maj'^ King William & queen 
Marys Liege People, and carry Some of y^ Principle Burgers and 
Inhabitants of this Citty Prisoners to N: Yorke 

That they should Deliver ye Protestation sent them by this 
Convention against Such Proceedings 

Alderman Schaik haveing Received diverse Informations from 
Credible Persones that they had such and such Designs Discoursed 
Jochim Staets telling him he thought himself obliged to Deliver 
ye Protest to Leysler and y^ Committee, which was sent by y« 
Convention of Albany upon which Jochim Staets Replyed he 
knew not what to doe. They would have him Capt of y* Com- 
pany that went up to Albany which was to Lye in y« fort. 

Alderman Shaik answered M"" Staets you know that would Be 
against yc Resolution of ye Convention of Albany who hes Put 
Capt Sharpe to be Commander there, whereupon Jochim Staets 
Replyed they would have Sharpe out, & if I will not accept of 
itt they will putt in Churchill, methinks that it is better that I 


accept of itt then that such a Vagabond as Churchill should 
have ye Command. 

Upon which ye s^ alderman went in with Jochim Staets to y^ 
Committee being y^ 29'^ day of octobr & Delivered ye Protest 
to Capt. Leysler & y® Resolution of y® Convention of Albany for 
Capt Sharpe to Continue till further orders 

The Said alderman Skaik askd, what answer they w^ould give 
him upon y® Protest, upon which Jacob Milborne Replyed with 
Consent of y® oy^ Persons Conveined yt time that he would goe 
up to Albany, & see the "fort there better Secured. 

The Said Schaik Considering y® Contents of y® Conventions 
Letter whereby they earnestly Desyred advice by an Expresse 
if occasion Required, thought Convenient to come up himself to 
give ye Convention an acct off affares not Doubting but that they 
were fully Resolved to Send up men hither to Disturbe the People 
of Albany Since y® day before ye Protest came to his hands he 
himself being in there Committee (about some Discourse thatt 
should have Passed on Long Island) heard Capt. Leysler Say 
amongst oy"" Discourse that they of albany should bring there 
Charter here if they had one, & yt Leift Sharpe & Rodgers were 
Papists all which with severall oy^ Informations he heard while 
he was at N: Yorke 

The Convention did Returne there hearty thanks to alderman 
Schaik for his Care & fidelity in acting so Prudently in y* affaire 
& for Delivering ye Protest which they understand would not 
have been Delivered by Jochim Staets ; & Especially for his 
trouble that He hes been Pleased to take to come up himself 
Expresse & give an acct of affares 

Upon which itt was Enquired by ye Mayi" of y® Convention 
whither there were any Person or member of ye Convention from 
ye greatest officer to y® Least yt any Person had any objection 
against or ye Least mistrust that they should now declare itt. 

Whereupon ye Convention unanimously answered that they 
had nothing to object against any of ye members of ye Conven- 
tion, but that they should be and Remaine in there Respective 
offices and Stations till ordi's from there most Sacred Maj^s 
William & Mary king & queen of England «&c. and tbj^^ they 


would not Suffer that any member Sliould be Disturbed Displaced 
or Removed from this Citty upon any Pretence whatsoever 
if such a thing happened to be done by force Contrare to y" 
Priviledge of this Citty (w<=h God forbid) that ye whole Conven- 
tion would Resent it as done to them all in generall & make 
Record of itt accordingly — 

Itt is Resolved by this Convention to acquaint the Burgers and 
Inhabitants of this Citty by the assistants of there Respective 
wards how y* we have Received Information from N: Yorke that 
there is a Comp® of men comeing up from thence, who Intend to 
Turn ye governm*^ of this Citty upside doune, make thcmselfs 
master of y® Fort and Citty, and in no manner to be obedient to 
any orders and Commands as they should Receive from time to 
Time from y® Persons now in authority in this Citty and County, 
whereby great Confusion will Ensue, Especially, if ye Indians 
Perceive Such Divisions amongst our Selfs, will be in Danger to 
be led away to ye french, & so break y® frindship which with so 
much Trouble and Paynes and charge hath hitherto been Pre- 
served by this governm' which might tend to ye great Ruine and 
Destruction of there Maj^^ Interest in these Parts which s^ men 
so comeing up we hear are to be paid by y^ Burgers and Inhab 
itants of this Citty and County, which charge would be untoller 
able to be born by y^ Inhabitants att this Juncture of time, & 
not only that charge butt by such means cause us to Contribute 
to what Charge they of N: Yorke have been att Since these 
Revolutions, and therefore itt is thought Convenient to Con vein 
the Burgers in the Citty hall & there to Demand there opinion, 
and to answer to Some articles which will be given them in 
writeing to morrow. 

Att a Convention &c. 

Albany the 5^^ day of novembf 1689 
Present as before 
According to y" Resolution taken by y^ Convention yesterday 
ye Burgers and Inhabitants of ye Citty and Part of y® County 
were Conveined in ye Citty hall by Bell Ringing and these 
following Proposalls were made & given them in writeing & 
Desyred to give there answer. 

LIEUT. GOV. LEISLER. 109 made by the Convention to y^ People. In 
Albany y^ 6^^ day of novemb"^ 1689. 
Upon y^ Report of men comeing from N: Yorke 

1 If they be not Resolved to stand for y^ Privileges of there 
Citty and County, and to Resist all p'sons who shall endevor to 
Brake y^ Same. 

2 If they had any objection or any thing against the Magis- 
trates or members of y*^ Convention from y^ Least member to 
ye greatest, That they now would Reveale y® Same. 

3 If they w^erj Inclined to pay y*^ Souldiers wages comeing 
from N: Yorke which we heare y® miUtary officers of N: Yorke 
have Engaged must be paid by y^ Inhabitants of albany 

4 If they had any mistrust of Leift Tho. Sharpe whom y^ 
Convention have Continued in y® fort to be under them, and if 
they would have one besides him to have y® Command of y® 

5 Since we have heard Su( h Strange Rumours, if it would 
not be Very Dangerous to Suffer y® men comeing from New 
Yorke to come into y® Citty, before we have Sufficient assurance 
that they come with a good Intent to assist us as neighbours, and 
to obey the Convention, and not to turn y® government of ye 
Citty upside doune, to make themselfs master of the fort and 
Citty, and t© fetch y® meanest Burger from hence ; and if they 
Burgers would not oppose Such hostility aud force. 

6 If it is not Extream Dangerous at this Juncture to make 
any Confusion Division or change least y Indians who are in 
Covenant with us and depend thereupon should mistrust our 
Integrity and so be brought to Side with ye french 

7 If they will not secure ye fort and Citty for there Maj^^ till 
Such time there Maj^s ^mg william Sc queen mary Send orders or 
a goyernour, and that of N: yorke nor none else be admitted to 
be master of ye same 

8 That they ought to Consider y* ye Souldiers that lye in ye 
fort are no Burthen to y^ Citty nor County but kept maintained 
& paid upon there Maj^^ accompt who are not only nalurall born 
subjects of England but have all (Except one) taken y^ oath of 
allegeance to ye Present king & Queen 


9 If they doe not owne and acknowledge ye Convention of y^ 
Citty and County for there Lawfull Authority till a Settlement 
comes, and if they them will obey as such 

Upon which y® People agreed and Consented to }^ s'^ 

Articles, acknowledgeing y« members of y« Convenlion 

for there Lawfull Magistracy in there Respective ofnces 

and Places and made this following answer Signed by 

forty of ye Inhabitants Principall men of ye Toune 

Whereas y^ Convention of albany have Propounded Some 

articles to y^ Commonality for y^' wellfare of y® Place wee 

underwritten 'Burgers and Inhabitants of y*' Citty and County of 

albanie do Promise and Declare faithfully and Sincerely y' wee 

will uphold and Maintain to y® utmost y^ Previleges of albany, 

& oppose all Persones who shall Seeke to infringe y^ Same. 

2 That we have not y^ least objection or Evill opinion of y^ 
Magistrates or members of y^ Convention, butt Promise to Obey 
them and assist them as faithfull Subjects are bounde to doe 
tliere lawfull authority. 

3 That we are no w^ays Inclined to pay y^ People comeing 
from: N: Yorke, neither can bear such Excessive Charge, but if 
they come as good neighbours & friendes shall endeavor to Treat 
them Civilly with meat and Drink and Lodgeing according to our 
ability. , • 

4 That ye Bussinesse Concerning ye fort is Referred to ye 

5iy That we unanimously judge it Dangerous to lett ye men 
comeing from N: Yorke come into ye Citty till Such time ye 
Convention have Sufficient assurance of there sincere meanmg 
and Intention, Since by no means we can Suffer them to Turn ye 
governm* of this Citty upside doune,*nor that they be masters of 
City or fort nor suffer ye Least Burger to be carried away, from 
hence or molest them. But if they have anything to object against 
any of ye Burgers of this Citty, that they may enter there aciicu 
before ye Courts of this Citty & County according to law 

6 That we juge a Change or Subversion of government itt 
this jucture to be Exceeding, Dangerous in Reference to ye 
Treatino with 3 e Indians, and therefore doc not understand ih^t 


there now be a Change upon any Pretence whatsoever, before y* 
orders comes from there Maj^^ 

7 That wee are fully Resolved with y^ help of god almighty 
to keep Si Secure y® fort and Citty for the Behoofe of our Souve- 
raign Lord & Lady Ki'.ig William & Queen Mary ; and not suffer 
them of N; Yorke or any Person else to Rule over y<^ Same, 
Since it will be Required att our hands when a gov comes & 
n,ot of theres. 

8 That we verry well approve of y^ Souldiers that have taken 
ye oath of fidelity doe Remain in y- fort, & if there be occasion 
for more men in y^ fort to Secure y^ Same yt then Some of y® 
Burgers or whom y^ Convention shall appoint doe goe thither 
and no oyfs 

9: & Lastly: That we doe Esteem ownie and acknowlege y^ 
Convention to be our only Lawfull authority in this Country till 
such time ord"" •:omes from there Maj^*^ whom we doe Relye 
upon for ye good government of y® Same, Praying God to 
Blesse them in their undertakeings for y^ wellfare of our 
Country, Promiseing to assist them wherein they shall have 
occasion for the Preservation of Peace and Tranquility in our 
Toune & to lett and hinder all p'sones who shall Stipr up Mutinie 
arid Sedition to Disturbe our Peace. In Testimony whereof that 
this is our Reall Intent & y* we faithfully will p'form y« Same 
have hereunto Sett our hands in Albany y^ 5th day of novemb^: 

was signed by forty Inhabitants vizt 
Jan Becker the mark of Jan 

H: v: Dyck Cornelise Vyselaer 

Myndert Frederikse G W V P 

Pieter D: Schuyler Wm gysbertse 

Arent Schuyler Abram Isaakse 

W"» Teller Hend: Beekman 

Casp'' Teller Bennony Van Corlaei 

John harris Johannes Th-omase 

A: Teller J Kok 

Jacob Lockermans And^ Teller junJ" 

Johannes Schuyler Francis Salesbury 


Rend: Rensselaer Johannes appel 

John Gilbert Abraham Cuyler 

William hendriksen Jan Bleeker Jun^ 

Isaak Vr planken Johannes Becker the younger 

Antho Bratt Jacob meese vroman 

Wessel Ten Broek Jacob Vanden Bogaert 

Zakel heimstraet Gert vanness 

Warner Carstense Willem ------ 

Mynd' Schuyler Hans Cross H-K mark 
Dirk Bratt 

Att a Convention &c. 
Albany 7th & 8<h days of Norembr 1689. 
Present as before, Except C: Jan Bleeker absent, and C, Marte 
gerritse & Gert Ryerse present , 

The matter concerning y« Better Secureing of there Majt^ fort 
of albany being taken into Consideration this following order was 
made thereabouts. 

Whereas there is a Resolution made by y® Convention ye 26*^ 
day of octob"" Last whereby Leift. Thomas Sharpe should Con- 
tinue in yfi Command of there Maj^s fort of albany till orders 
comes from there Majts William and Mary king & queen of 
England &c. who was to obey such orders and Instructions as 
he should from time to time Receive from y^ Said Convention, 
and whereas we are Informed that Diverse Persones are jealous 
that there Maj^s Fort is thereby not Sufficiently Secured but are 
Desyreous that another Sufficient Person shall be authorized along 
with said Leif Thomas Sharpe to have y^ Command thereof 

It is therefore thought Convenient by this Convention Since, 
y« winter approaches and y^ Long Expected orders from there 
Most Sacred Majesties not yet being come and to Prevent all 
jealousies and Annimosities Concerning that affaire at this junc- 
ture of time, That Pieter Schuyler Esqr May of this Citty 
and one of theie Majts Justices of ye Peace of this County and 
Leif' 01 y^ Troop be authorized and is hereby authorized to have 
ye Command of there Majesties fort and y^ same to keep and 
maintain and Defend for ye Behooffe of there Maj^^ William & 
Mary king and queen of England france & Irland &a Defenders 


of y® faith, and Leift Sharpe be Leift under him who arc both to 
obey and Perform Such orders & Instructions as they shall from 
time to time Receive from y® Convention of y® Citty & County 
of albany that have the greatest Intrest in y® Preservation & 
Securing of s^ fort for there Majt^ behalfe, and y* till such time 
and while there Majts William & Mary shall be pleased to send 
a govern"" or orders for y® governm^ of this Province & the s*^ 
P"" Schuyler May^ to take Possession of y« Same accordingly 
N. B: Joh wendel Suspends his vote for y® p'sent as 
also Joh: Cuyler & J: nack. 
This being Published by Bell-Ringing y® members of y® Con- 
vention went to ye Mayers house, and told him they were come 
to waite upon him and Conduct him up to y® fort who being 
accompanied with some of y® Principle Burgers went up and 
Possession of s^ fort after y® usuall Ceremonies was Delivered, 
& ye sd Mayr with all cheerfullness Received by y® officers and 
souldiers of there Majes garrison. 

Att a Convention &c. 

Albany Qth day of Novemb"^ 1689 

Present as before, Except, May^ & Leif. van Schaik absent. 

The Members of y® Convention that were in Toune did meet 
Together att y® Citty hall upon the news that there were three 
Sloops in Sight whereof one had y® king Jack aboard, and 
hereing that there were a Comp® of Souldiers come by there 
beating of y® Drum, foure of y® Convention to witt Cap* wendel 
Capt. Bleeker Johannes Cuyler and Reynier Barents were sent 
aboard to know on what accompt they came, Jacob Milborne 
who was on board of Jochim Staets Sloop Replyed. If the fort 
was open for his men to march in that night he was answered 
no. That y® May of y® Citty had Possession of y® fort who 
was Commander of y® Same and was Desyred to goe a shore 
where they would Discourse further, who with y® s^ four Persones 
came to y® Citty hall and was bid welcome by y® members of 
ye Convention then Present. 

No sooner was y^ s'^ Milborne come into y^ Citty hall which 
was very full of People, but addressed his Discourse to y® Com- 

VOL. II. 8 


mon People in a long oration with a liigh Stile & Language 
telling them That now it was in there powr to free themselfs 
from y' Yoke of arbitrary Power and Government under which 
they had Lyen so long in y* Reign of y* Illegall king James, who 
was a Papist, Declareing all Illegall whatever was done & past 
in his time, yea the Charter of this Citty was null & void Since it 
was graunted by a Popish kings governour & that now y« Power 
was in the People to choose both new Civill and Military officers 
as they Pleased, challenging all them that had bore office in king 
James Time to be Illegall, and therefore they must have a free 
Election, and much Such like Discourse 

After Jacob Milborne had ended his long Discourse Jochim 
Staets & P"" Bogardus who came up with him from N: Yorke 
asked why ye magistrates did not speak now, now was y^ time for 
to Speake upon which Dirk wessells Record"" Replyed, that there 
w^as time Enough yet, he was nott Authorized at that Juncture 
to make him answer to such Discourse, they had seen no Com- 
mission he had yett and that they were met together to make 
Billets for the quartering of y^ men If they were come with a 
good Intent, which lay Ready upon y« Table, & y^ Milborne 
addressed his Discourse to y® wrong People Since there were no 
arbitrary Power here; God had DeUvered them from that yoke by 
there Majesties now upon y** throne, to whom we had taken ye 
oath of allegiance, for we acted not in king James's name but in 
king William & queen Marys & were there Subjects. 

J^cob Milborne Desyred that ye Mayf Might be Present in y^ 
Convention who was Twice Sent for, but answered y* he could 
not leave his Post which was to keep good watch in there Maj'^ 
fort. Referring ye s'^ Milborne to y^ Gent" that were Conveined 
together and y' he would call y*^ Convention together to morrow 
after y^ 2^ Sermon when they would Discourse the Case further 
with him, this was Communicated to Jacob Milborne who 
answered that ye Record"" Represented y* May"" in his absence, 
and Delivered y^ Convention a letter Signed by 25 Persones which 
was Read y® Contents whereof is as follows 


Fort William In N: York ye 28 octobr 1089 
Gent" — The unspeakeable goodnesse of god and y® unimag- 
ineable benetit which all Protestants Relating to y« Ci'owne of 
England do Receive by the Illustrious armes of the Prince of 
Orange now our Benigne Leige Lord and king as they are unex- 
pressible So likewise they cannot but call for y® most humble & 
unfeigned thanks to heaven and all Expressible Returns of 
obedience to his Majestic 

Therefore to Evince y<^ Same according to our Capacities wee 
y^ Committee or members chosen by y® free and open Elections 
of ye freemen in ye Respective Counties of this Province and 
Councill of warr 

Humbly traceing y^ Stepps and Laying hold of y« Encourage- 
ment given by So Royall an Example have as farr as in us Lyed 
Prevented y ^ Rageing Intrest of y® Roman Catholic Party and there . 
adherents in this Province and not only asserted the Right of our 
new Soveraigne but Reduced most of ye Dissafected to their obe- 
dience and Establisht his Maj^s Interest upon So Sure a foundation 
y' from thence already we fynde the fruits of Tranquility and Peace, 
So we doubt not, but all y* are willing to be Esteemed of ye 
Reformation will Comply with y^ Same — ; and to ye Intent that 
none of his Majes forts or Subjects should be Exposed where 
apparent fears and Dangers of his Professed enemies doth 
Threaten them as wee are made Sencible by yours of ye County 
of albany, we have sent 50 men with arms suteable, which doubt 
not but will bee of Seasonable use for Defence of ye Same, and 
have given full Power to our Trusty and Beloved friende Jacob 
Milborne genf^ to treat with Consult, order doe and Performe all 
things that shall be Requisite for his Majes Service & y^ Safety 
to whom we Desyre y*^ will give Credence and treat amicably 
that soe we may not occasion ye Enemy to Scandalize us with 
or take any advantage of Disputes and Differences amongst us, 
Especially when we are upon Such good Terms of breaking 
of Papist and arbitrary Yokes from our necks forever. This all 
at p'sent from y' Loveing friendes. 

Samuel Edsall 
Jacob Leysler jun"" Piet"" de Lanoy 


Pieter derailt Gerardus Beekraan 

Joh: Beekman Mynd' Corten 

John Slott Mathew harvey 

hendrick ten Eyck Johannes V"" melie 

Jh: Bruyns Jacob Leysler 

Is: d Riemer Henry Cuyler • 

Jean Desmareest Richard Panton 

David Clerk Adriaen van Schaik 

Gerrit Duyking 
Teunis K Roelofse his 


Joh: de Peyster 
marke William Churchill 

Sjort olpherse 

After y* abovesaid Letter was Read y« Record^ ask^ Jacob 
Milborne if he Pleased to have ye People quartered which lay 
aboard, Since y® Billets were Ready who answered no, But de- 
syred Some Provision which was graunted & so Parted y' night. 

Memorandum that on y® lO^h day of Novemb'" being Sunday 
The following letter was Sent by Adam Vroman of Shinnectady 
to y® May which Milborne had sent to him to warne aH y® People 
there forthwith to come to albany and Receive there Rights Privi- 
ledges and Liberties in such manner as if the governm* of king 
James y^ 2^ never had been, or any of his arbitrary Commissions 
or what is Illegally done by his governours never had been done 
or Past, which Letter follows in Terminis: — 


Whereas I am authorized by the Hon^le Delegates or Members 
elected at a Free and Publick Election of the Freemen and 
Respective counties of the Province of N. York and Military 
Council thereof, to arrange and settle the affairs of the City & 
County of Albany according to the Constitution of the other 
Counties of the Province aforesaid pursuant to the interest of 
His Majesty our Sovereign Lord & King and the Welfare of the 
Inhabitants of said Counties. 

These are to advise and require all the Inhabitants of Schinnec 
tady and adjoining places to repair forthwith to the aforesaid City 
of Albany to receive their Rights and Priviledges & Liberties jn 


such manner as if the Government of King James the 2<^ had 
never existed or any of his arbitrary Commissions or any of his 
Governors illegal acts had never been executed or done. 

Signed Jacob Milbourne 
Upon which Adam Vroman sent him this answer; — 

Mr Jacob Milborne, 

Worthy Friend — I have just now received your letter. 
Firstly, I am not a person of quality ; Secondly, the Indians lie 
in divers squads in and around this place and should we all 
repair to Albany great disquiet would arise among the Savages 
to the general ruin of this Country; therefore please excuse me 
as I am a person of no power nor authority. 

Your affectionate friend 

Adam Vrooman. 

By which letter it is Plainly Evident y® s** Milborne Designs 
ye Subversion of y* governmV Confirmed by there Maj^^ Procla- 
mation of ye 14th feb. last, and thereby to Disturb ye Peace and 
Tranquility of there Majes Leige People Especially in this Junc- 
ture when the Indians are Round about us, who much Depend on 
the Present Magistracy that have with So much trouble Pains and 
Cost Secured them to this governm* which if they should see y* 
ye authority here should be troden under foot would undoubtedly 
undertake Some Dangerous Design 

And that it may be apparent to ye world y* ye Design was 
Laid at N: Yorke, ye following Letter writt by hend: Cuyler one 
of there Councill 'of warr as they Term themselfs, to ye People 
of Schinnectady Desyreing there assistance, and that they would 
come to albany, Telling them itt was Resolved upon that they 
should have no lesser Priviledges then they of albany, both in 
Tradeing and boalting which Jacob Milborne would Disclose unto 
them and Such like false notions doth Sufficiently Demonstrate — 


N. Yorke 2 Novembr 1689 

Copia vera of a Letter from London 

All Lands Plantations houses and Lots which were escheated 

\prys gemaekt] since the year 1660 are again restored by Act of 


Parliament. It was communicated to his Majesty who approved 
of it. It will be passed in a few days. Parliament is resolved 
to make a pubhc example of S^ Edmund Andros to the next 
Generation on account of his Arbitrary illegal proceedings. I 
break off herewith as it is too long to enlarge upon. Hearty 
respects to all Noble friends of Shinnechtady. This goes per 
M*" Vedders hand. I remain 

Your friend & Servant 

Hend: Cuyler 

P. S. We earnestly request the aid and diligence of the Noble 
gentlemen there for the promotion of the Public Good in assisting 
those whom we now Send up at Albany's request being to the 
number of 50 men, of whom Jochim Staets is Commander; not 
doubting but the gentlemen of Shennechtady will be preferred to 
those of Albany in the approaching New Government as we 
pledge ourselves to speak in favor of your Diligence. I promise 
to send up to you the first Order which we expect from England. 

We expect a short answer from You by the next opportunity. 

Sir, We have this day resolved that you shall have no less 
Privileges than those of Albany in Trading and Bolting which 
M'' Milborne will explain to you. We therefore request that 
you will exhibit all Dilligence in repairing together to Albany to 
welcome said Milborne. 

Stores out of his Ma*'®^ Garrison of New Yorke for his 
gd Mat'«» Service in an Expedicon to Albany Novemb' 
2 1689 

100 Bulletts divers Calibre 

16 hand Grenadoes 

2 quires Cartouch paper 

8 half & 2 whole barrells powder 

3 half barrels do 

101b loose powder 1 bunch Match & Lintstock 

A Krygs Jack (a flag.) 

100 flints 47 Aire lockes & Bandeher — w^h 

1 halbert 1 Pike heading 1 Drum 


Kiliaen van Renselaer Esq^ Justice of y^ Peace and Capt 
gerrit Teunise who were sent by ye Convention to yc Collony 
of Conetticut concerning y® men which thatt Collony by y^ joynt 
Concurrence of ye Collony of Massachusetts had Promised to 
send hither for our assistance being Returned brings a letter from 
y« goyr & Councill there, how that they are Resolved to Raise 
80 men w^'^ there officers forthwith, that they may be upon there 
march hither upon munday y^ 18th of novemb'" 

The Agreement Concluded upon between ye govern'' and 
Councill of Conetticut and our agents are as follows. 

That we are to afford there Souldiers and officers ammonition 
meet Drink and Lodgeing Sufficient 

That we are to pay to ye officers 8 shil. a day vizt 
To ye Capt. 4 sh. 6<i ^ 
To ye Leift. 2 sh > to be p^^ weekly 
To ye Ens: 1 sh 6^ ) 

If any of s^ officers or Souldiers should be visited with Sick- 
nesse or.wounde, ye Charge of attendance Phisick and Dpctors 
should be borne by us. 

That we are to Provide a Canoe to carry ye Company over 
Westenhook River 

That ye Souldiers arms be Repaired at our Charge if occasion 
Which agreement was appro ven off by ye Convention. 

The Said M' Renselaer & Capt Teunise Report that when they 
come by kinderhook founde ye People Very much Inclined to 
mutiny who were Prepareing themselfs to come hither by Reason 
of a Letter which they had Received of Jacob Milborne to come 
up to albany in all Speed to Receive Priviledges and Libertyes, 
So y' they had much adoe to stop them however some Came. 


Att a Convention &c. 
Albany in y® Citty hall Die Sabbathi 10th novemb'' 
Past merid: A" Dom: 1689 
Dirk weasels Record'^ C. John wendel 

Livinus van Shaik C Jan Janse Bleeker 

Claes Rysse David Schuyler 

albt Ryckman C. Marte gerritse 

C. gert Teunise kill: v. Renselaer 

Capt Sanderglen Reynier Barentse 

Ev. Banker Johannes Cuyler 

Jan nack Eghbert Teunise 

gerrit Ryerse Sweer Teunise 

L: van Eps Ens: Joh: Sanders 

L: Rob* Sanders Ens: gabriel Thompson 

The Convention being met together at the Citty hall Jacob 
Milborne was Sent for, the Record^ Dirk wessells assumed ye 
Discourse and told that he had Received a Letter yesterday of 
ye gd Milborne directed to y® Military and Civill officers and 
Inhabitants of y« Citty and County of albany,but y« Convention 
not being full ye Bussinesse was Delayed till to day which was 
Read being Signed by 25 Persones Avherein was Inserted that 
there were 51 men Sent hitker for our assistance, the Said Mil- 
borne was asked upon whose Cost and charge y^men were come, 
and who were to pay them there pay, Jacob Milborne answered, 
that we of albany must pay them, and that they were hyred at 
25 shil pr month, the Record^ Replyed that that was Repugnant 
to there Resolution and letter sent to N: Yorke y« 4th of Sep- 
tembr Last which ye s^^ Milborne Perruseing founde to be soe, & 
askd all ye People Standing by if they thougt ye County of albany 
would be able to pay y' Charge, who all unanimously answered 
no; upon which ye s<^ Milborne said Then we shall fynde a way 
for it, and showed ye Convention his Commission Signed and 
Sealed by 6 or 27 Persones y® Same that Signed y® letter which 
was Read: The Record^told him that Such a Commission graunted 
by a Company of Private men was of no force here, and that he 
had no Power to doe or order any affaires in albany, but if he could 


sLew a Commission from his Ma** king william our Liege Lord 
then were willing to obey it 

The S*! Milborne went on and made a long oration to y« 
Common People which were got together in ye Citty hall of 
Popish government and arbitrary Power Condemning all things 
which had been done and Passed in ye late King James Stuarts 
time Particularly y® Charter of this Citty and that there ought to 
be a new Election of Magistrates &a and many oy things to 
Stirr up y® Common People, upon which he was told that if all 
things were null & void w^ were passed in King James time then 
ye Inhabitants were in a Desolate Condition, Since many Patents 
of houses and lands were obtained in ye Late King James time, 
which undoubtedly will be approved and Confirmed by there Majts 
now upon ye Throne, and that there had been a free Election 
according to ye Charter and further that they Plainly did Discern 
yt ye gd Milborne by his Smooth tongue & Pretended Commis- 
sions did aim nothing else but to Raise mutiny and Sedition 
amongst ye People which ye Convention had with So rai.uch 
trouble these Six monthes Last Past kept in Peace and quietnesse 
Expecting dayly order from there Maj^s King William and Queen 
Mary and that they had not Spared cost or charge to Secure ye 
Indians to this government, of which there neighbors could give a 
Sufficient Testimony, and therefore, if things were Carried on as 
Milborne would have it, all would Rurm into Confusion with ye 
Indians all authority turned Upside Doune as in many Parts of 
ye governm* was done, to which ye Convention by no means 
could Condeshend, but were Resolved to be quiet & in Peace if 
Possible till ye Long expected orders from there Majts should 
come to hand under whom they acted, and therefore desyred y« 
s^ Milborne to desist from Such Discourse, for that they would 
Dispute no more with him about it, leaveing all till a Lawful! 
Power came, nott acknowlegeing him to have any, and that they 
should Proceed to discourse of quartering ye men who endured 
so much hardship by Lyeing aboard, upon which it was Concluded 
to meet again in ye morning about 9 a Clock to aggree about y® 
quartering of ye 51 men Sent for our assistance. 



That Kiliaen van Renselaer Capt gerrlt Teimise Capt 
Sander Glenn Leift. Jan van Eps Ens: Johannes 
Sanders & Sweer Teunise members of y« Convention 
did approve of y® order made yc 7th & S'h Instant 
that P"" Schuyler May^ should have y« Command of 
there Maj®' fort till orders* from there Maj«s king 
William & Queen Mary 

Die Lunse 11 novemb^ 1689 

The Convention were Intended to goe to y® Citty hall but under- 
standing that there was so great a multitude of People assembled 
together there in an Illegal manner to choose one Jochim Staas 
Leift otf one of y® Train bande Companies of this Citty under 
Capt. Wendel to be Capt of y^ Comp® of Souldiers come from 
N: Yorke, They stayd att y® Record^' house Endeavouring to 
agree with Jacob Milborne about y® quartering of y« men, the 
s'i Milborne Proposeing Some articles which were answered by y« 
Convention and sent him by Capt Marte Gerritse Livinus Van 
Schaik & Johannes Cuyler, but y® s."! Milborne Insisting to have 
y® s"^ men to be under a Superior officer who was to be Com- 
mander of ye fortj Distinct from the Civill function, and that then 
he should fynde a way to pay y® men, which y® Convention by 
no means would Condeshend, but yt s^ men should be under y® 
Comjnand of y® Convention till orders came from there Maj^s 
otherwise could expect no assistance from them, which answer 
was sent him by y« s^ Capt gerritse alderman Schaik & Johannes 
Cuyler assistant. 

In ye meantime the Convention sent messengers thrice to y' 
People Convened att y® Citty hall to Disperse themselfs and goe 
home, they nevertheless went on and choose y® s^ Jochim Staets 
to be Capt of y* Comp® come from N: Yorke by syneing there 
names to near a hundred Persones, most youthes, and them that 
were no freeholders which s^ Place y® s** Jochim Staets did ac- 
cept contrare to y^ order of y® Convention of which he was a 

Yea ye People were so Rageing and mutinous that some of y* 
Convention being in ye Citty hall, were forced to withdraw 



themselfs being threatened and menaced that they were in danger 
of there hfe, all which was occasioned by y® Instigation of Jacob 
Milborne who is come hither with no oy Design then to overthrow 
all, as Plainly appears by all his actions Deludeing yc Common 
People by Promiseing them Priviledges and hbertyes and such 
like false notions and Suggestions endeavouring to draw y<^ People 
off from there obedience due to there Lawfull authority Confirihed 
by there now Majes William & Mary and to fill this Citty and 
County with Divisions factions and Sedition to y® utter Ruine of 
ye same Especially in this juncture while we are Surrounded with 
ye heathen who Seing such Divisions may undertake some Dfes- 
perate Design and Breake there Covenant with us kept so many 
Years Inviolable — 

The Convention being met together in y® fort Sent Johannes 
Cuyler Ens: Job: Sanders & Ens: abr: Schuyler to Leift Jochim 
Staets to know y^ Certainty, if he had accepted of y® Capt. Place 
by Virtue of such an Illegal assembly or meeting of ye People 
chooseing him so who made answer 

[Record is blank here] 

This afternoon hend: ten Eyck was Sent by Jacob Mitborne 
with this following Paper to y* Convention Viz* 

, Albany novembr y^ Hth i689 

Whereas I am authorized by y^ Committee for the Province of 
N: Yorke and y^ Councill of warr for y^ s^ Citty of N: Yorke 
aforesaid to order y^ affaires att albany, and in Pursuance thereof 
have made knowne there Demands unto y^ Convention (or as 
many as would appear) in y^ Toune house and y* Rest of y* 
Inhabitants according to Direction of a letter there Delivered and 
fynde no Satisfaction to my Proposealls, likewise haveing Dis- 
coursed some Points more Particularly with them, whereupon it 
was apointed y* I should Present y* Same in writeing this after- 
noon accordingly I offer Vizt 

That there should be a free and open Election for all officers 
both Civill and Military for ye Citty and County of Albany if it 
hath not been already done 


That a Person should be chosen to Command y« Kings foil. 
Distinct from ye Civill function, 

That the articles for y^ men brought hither may be signed 

That they would Consider of some Particulars Relateing M"" 
Thomas Sharpes Letter 

That they would Produce there Evidence for grounding there 
Resolution which Mss Livinus Van Schaick & Jochim Staas were 
to Enform themselfs off, and act as thereby was ordered 

That they would Returne me all y** old armes in the fort which 
are unfixed in lieu off (or so many) as y® arms furnished y^ men 
wil^all at N: Yorke 

That they would Please lett me know what Stores they have 
for his Maj^s service in his fort, or can command upon an attaque 
of ye french which god forbidd 

Signed Jacob Milborne 

Die Martis 12 of Novembr 1689 

The Convention met together at y^ house of Capt Jan Janse 
Bleeker where it was unanimously Resolved to accept of ye 50 
men come from N: Yorke on no oy terms Then that they should be 
under y^ Command of the Convention, and Since y^ members of 
y® Convention were So many it was Resolved y* Eight should 
be nominate who should Represent y^ Convention and Sign the 
articles with Jacob Milborne, as by y® articles can be showne with 
which Resolution Capt Mg.rte gerritse Livinus van Schaik & 
Johannes Cuyler were sent to Jacob Milborne who Returning 
to ye Convention Reported they had agreed upon y® articles 
which ware ordered to be drawn over fair 

The Convention considering ye many Inconveniences that would 
Ensue by Jochim Staets takeing upon himself the office of Capt 
of that Company that came from N: Yorke by such ah Irregular 
way as was Practised yesterday by the Common People in y® 
Citty hall proposed to him ye said Capt^s Place till orders from 
there Majes Provided he would be obedient to ye Convention or 
authority of tliis Place, y* so by that means all jealousies and 
animosities may be laide aside and Peace & Unity Established, 
& all to goe hand in hand to defend their Majes Interest, butt 
ye s'3 Jochim Staas did flattly Refuse itt. 


Post Meridiem 

The eight men appointed by y« Convention to Sign the articles 
with mr. Milborne to witt, Pieter Schuyler May Capt. Johannes 
Wendel Capt. Jan Bleeker kiliaen van Renselaer Capt Sander 
glenn, albeit Ryckman, gerrit Ryerse & Evert Banker, went to y« 
house of Rich^i Pretty where s'' Milborne was (Except the Mayor 
who had Signed already) and asked if he would sign y^ articles, 
who denyed to have made any such articles which caused many 
Debates, and y* y« s^ Milborne agreed upon ye Point in y^ Pre- 
sence ol s^ Gentlemenj Milborne correcting the Paper himself, 
& was aggreed to make no more Alterations, but to be writ over 
fair & Signed in y^ morning making his excuse that he could not 
attend itt that night. 

While y® s'^ Wendel and Bleeker were att M"" Prettyes they 
were sent for to come to gabriel Thomsones where a great Comp^ 
of People were met together they sent y« s'^ 2 Captn^ Wendell 
& Bleeker up with a Message to y^ fort to ye Mayor yt ye People 
were Resolved if he came not into Toune to choose new military 

Die Mercury 13 Novemb"- 1689 

Johannes Cuyler and abraham Schuyler were Sent to Jacob 
Milborne with ye following articles which were Concluded the 
day before, to Enquire if he was ready to sign them ye oyf Gent" 
being Ready, Viz* 

Articles made concerning ye Receiving of men officers 

and Centinells Sent by ye Military officers of ye Citty & County 
of N: Yorke upon ye Desyre of ye Mayf aldermen Commonality 
and Military officers of ye s'^ County for ye Security of there Majea 
fort and ye out Plantations and Inhabitants of ye Citty & County 
of albany against any forreign or Domestick Enemies that shall 
Invade oppose or resist there Majes king William & queen Maryes 
Intrest, which ye Subscribers as Representatives for ye May^ 
aldermen Commonality and Military officers of ye Citty of albany 
and the Justices and Military officers of s*! County doe hereby 
oblige to Performe these undermentioned articles 

1 That ye officers and Souldiers shall obey and Performe Such 


Commands and Directions jis they shall Receive from time to time 
from ye Eight underwritten Persones 

2 That y« s** Eight Subscribers shall quarter y® s^ officers and 
Souldiers as they shall see Convenient in the Citty & County of 
albany who shall be well fedd Decently Lodged according to there 
quality, Becomeing Persones in such Service att yc Proper cost 
and charge of y« Citty & County of albany 

3 That they shall not be Exposed to any harder Service or any 
wise more Irregularly treated then y® Rest of y® men raised for 
y« same Purpose 

4 That they shall Remain in s^l Service from y« 9^^ of novemb' 
1689 untill the 25^^ day of March as aforesaid next ensueing or 
orders from there Maj® for longer Continuance,* dureing which 
time from there Reception to y« 25*'^ day of March as afores^i 
they shall and must Expect there Pay or wages from them who 
sent them 

5 That they shall be Particularly reguarded if any happen to 
be sick or Lame, or any w^ays Distempered according to Christian 
Care of Phisick and Requisite attendance 

6 That ye s^ men are not to choose any officers over themselfs 
but such officers as are already come up with them 

7 That yfi s'^ Eight Underwriters shall be obliged to pay y« 
Passage of y® s^ men to N: Yorke thus Concluded in albany y^ 
ISth day of novembr 1689 

The said Jacob Milborne said he had forgott some words which 
must be Inserted, Particularly y^ word Committee, and also would 
first have an answer upon his Proposealls which he Delivered on 
Munday Last before he would Sign yc articles, y* s^ Cuyler 
and Schuyler told him they could make no alteration without y« 
Convention, but yt ye answer to his Proposealls was Ready and 
Signd and would be Delivered as soon as he signed the articles 
but not before 


The Convention of Albanye's answer to Jacob 
Milbornes Proposealls which was to be 
Dehverd as soon as he Signd y^ articles 
about y« men — , else not 

That they being y® Lawful! Civill and Military officers of ye 
Citty & County of albany, and accordingly Since y® Proclamation 
of there Maj^^ William & Mary king & queen of England &c. in 
this Citty, have acted in there Respective Stations without ye 
Least hinderance or obstruction from any Person, who are Re- 
solved with ye assistance of god so to continue till orders comes 
from there most Sacred Maj^s ^vhen they will be ready & willing 
to give an acc't of all there actions during these Revolutions to 
such Person or Persons as there Majes shall be Pleased to Send 
hither for yt purpose, thinking themselfs noways obliged to article 
with or Render any account of there Proceedings to any Person 
Except they have Commission from there Maje^ now upon y® 
Throne, which we long have Expected and waited for, & still 
with Patience shall waite till god shall please to send it from 
England from there Majes \^[t^„ William and queen Mary whom 
god Long Preserve 

And if ye s^ Milborne hath any Ammunition belonging to there 
Majes Stores, ye Convention Desyres he would Land it, and let 
them have it for there Majes fort they are willing to give a Receit 
for ye same 

Signd Pr Schuyler Maydr 

Claes Ripse van dam alderm. 

alb: 13 novembr 1689 Sander Glenn Justice 

K: V: Renselaer Justice 
Reynier Barents assis* 

The Convention haveing heard ye Report brougt them by 
Joharmes Cuyler & abraham Schuyler, w^ere willing to come to 
an accommodation if Possible & Resolved to graunt yt ye word 
Committee might be Inserted & was also Resolved if ye s^l Mil- 
borne then Denyed to Sign ye articles to Deliver him over this 
following Paper 


Mr. Jacob Milborne 

Wee are sorry you should give y^'self and us so much trouble 
concerning y® Receiving and Quartering of the fifty men Sent up 
hither by y® gent: of N; Yorke, if therefore there and yr Inten- 
tions be good &Reall fory^ Security of there Maj^* king William 
& queen Marys Intrest and the Safety of there Subjects here 
vv'herefore they were sent, Then y^ Convention Expect y" will 
Comply with y^ annexed articles which we declare was after many 
debates fully Concluded and agreed upon Yesterday, &, this is y^ 
Last Resolution which y« Convention can take in y* Subject, 
neither will they Proceed to any further answers till this 
Bussinesse be Ended Signd 

Fort albany y« 13 of nov P"^ Schuyler Mayor 

1689 in ye name of ye 

Convention of albany 

The S*! Johannes Cuyler and abraham Schuyler were sent y* 
2d time with ye articles to Jacob Milborne who told him y* ye 
word Committee as they called themselfs was graunted, & if he 
was Ready to Sign, but answered he would not Sign ye articles 
with many absurde words as ye s^ 2 persones doe Relate upon 
which they delivered him ye aboves^^ Paper. 

This day Jacob Milborne caused ye Compe of Souldiers Come 
from N: Yorke, which for 2 nights Past had Lyen at Marte 
gerritse's Island to march into Towne & ye Burgers of y* faction 
Received tiiem in there houses without billeting or lawfull 

Die Jovis y^ 14*^ of novemb' 1689 

The Mayor came doune to Towne and went with ye Con 
vention to ye Citty hall, where y^ Burgers forthwith appeared and 
there did Declare ye Rasons why he had Secured there Majes fort 
(since he had heard that diverse were Dissatisfyed at his so 
doing) vizt that he had Received Sufficient and Credible Informa- 
tion from N: Yorke, Especially from alderman Schaick who was 
in there Meeting of there Committe as they call it at N: Y: 
where he heard Jacob Milborne say he would goe to Alb. and see 
ye fort better Secured, Shewing them further three Testimonyes 
Sworne to, by which it did Evidently appear it was Concluded 


upon to make an absolute change of government, to carry some 
Persones Prisoners to N: Yorke, and so to make a generall 
disturbance among j^ People, and force us to Comply with there 
new fashioned governm* Declareing further that he had Sent y^ 
Recorder from time to time with y« oyr members of y« Conven- 
tion to Discourse with Milborne Concerning y« Receiving of 50 
Souldiers, & to enquire with what Power and authority he came 
here Upon which y« Recorder Put them in minde of y^ Discourse 
Past between him and Milborne on Sunday's pight concerning his 
authority, when it was Concluded upon to Consult next day about 
y« Receiveing and quartering of S'' Comp^ of men whereabouts 
they had been in agitation till now ; but See y* y® Said Milborne 
is no ways Inclined to come to any agreem*^ Since it was Posi- 
tively Concluded upon, but when it came to Signing founde 
always Exceptions three Severall times which was y« Reason y« 
Convention did not meet Sooner at y® Citty hall, upon ^\^ y^ 
articles was read concerning y^ quartering of y« 50 Souldiers 
which Pleased y® Burgers very well and wished they might be 
Signed; and Milborne being fetched was asked if Such articles 
were not Concluded upon who Confessed Yess but that he had 
given some Proposealls to ye Convention, which he first would 
have answered and then Sign to y® articles. 

But ye Convention Replyed y* he had Delivered y® articles 
concerning y® quartering ye men on munday morning & ye 
Proposealls on Munday afternoon, and was thereff)re fitting that 
first an Issue should be made of ye articles before an answer be 
given to ye Proposealls, and yt ye answer to )e Proposealls was 
Ready to be delivered assoon as he had Signd to y® articles. But 
Refused in ye p'sence of Twelve men whom y® People had chosen 
to be Present to hear ye Debates between ye Convention and 
ye s'' Milborne ; whereupon a Certain Paper was Read w^^ had 
been Delivered to ye s^ Milborne ye day before, ye Purport of 
which was that they were not Designed to give him any answer 
to his Proposealls before he had Signd to ye articles which was 
approved off by s'' 12 men Since it was Plainly Demonstrate how 
ye s^ milborne had from time to time intended to Delay and 
Deceive them as by ye Testimoneys can appear 

VOL. II. 9 


The Convention Said to y« s^ 12 men that they had used there 
ultmost Endeavors, & asked if they could Propose or think of 
any better means or method they would doe well to tell them, 
and Desyred them to Consult about y^ matter upon which after 
Consultation they Deputed three of y« 12 men to witt Harme 
gaascvoort P^^ van waggelum and Jeronimus wendell who made 
Report to y® Convention then all together at ye Mayors house at 
Ltast Eighteen in number Harme gansevoort being there Speaker, 
That they Concurrd with y« Convention and yt y^ s^^ Milborne 
ought to Sign yc articles, and that ye Convention could doe no 
more then they had done Referring further the mannagement of 
that affaire to y® generall Convention Since they were Resolved 
to trouble themselfs no more about it. 

Die Veneris 15^1" of novemb'' 1689 
Itt is orderd to be Entred how y* Jacob Milborne came to 
ttiere Maj^^ fort of albany on y® 15*^ day of novemb 1689 with 
a Co:upe of armed men, who upon his approach was charged by 
a messenger sent a Purpose not to come without y® gates of y« 
Citty nevertheless Marchd up and made Demand of there Maj^" 
fort who was answered by y* May Pieter Schuyler Esq' Com- 
manded of ye s'^ fort, Thatt he kept y^Same for there Majes king 
king william & queen mary, & Commanded them away in there 
Maj®3 name with his Seditious Company ; who after he had 
attempted to gett into y« gate haveing one foot in was thrust out 
withdrew himself & Comp® to within ye gates of ye Citty, and 
there Putt up ye Kings Jack facing to y*^ fort, and Jacob Milborne 
after he had charged them to Load there gunns with Bullets 
came to y® Citty gate & Read a Paper. 

A Company of Maquase who were come here for y® assistance 
of there Majes Subjects Standing upon y« hill neer ye fort and 
being Spectators to all these tumolts Sent word by hille Pieterse 
ye Interpreters Sister to ye fort to acquaint ye May^^ and ye oy' 
gent" that Since they were in a firm Covenant cliain with us, and 
Seeing y* y* People of N: Yorke came in a hostile manner to 
Disturbe their Brethren in y® fort which was for our and there 
Defence, Desyred y* y« said hille should tell them if any of 


those men came without y« gates to approach y® fort they would • 
fyre upon them and charged there gunns, 

Upon which the members of y^ Convention then p'sent in y« 
fort caused this following Protest to be Read off one of y« 

Fort albany y® 15 'h day of novemb*" 1689 
• Whereas one Jacob Milborne hath with a Comp^ of armed men, 
come up to there Maj^s fort in a hostile manner with full arms 
and Demanded Possession thereof from y^ Mayr of y« Citty who 
has ye Command of y® same, who Declared to keep said fort for 
there Maj^s William & Mary untill there orders comes but y® 
said Jacob Milborne as a Tumultuous & Mutinous Person doth 
Proceed to occasion great Disturbance to there Maj^^ Liege 
People, by again faceing to y^ fort with Loaden arms. Especially 
so many heathens to witt Maquase being y^ Spectators thereof 
who seems to be upon y® Point to undertake some Dangerous 
Design, The Convention of y® Civil & Military officers of y« 
Citty & County of albany now p'sent in y® fort doe therefore 
Protest hereby in their Maj^* King William & Queen Maryes 
name before god and y^ world against y® s** Milborne and his 
Seditious Troops, for all Dammages Murthers Bloodsheds Plunder- 
ings and oy>^ mischieffs which may Ensue by his Rebellious actions 
and charge him & them forthwith to withdraw themselves from 
there s^ Maye« fort 

Pr Schuyler May^ 
and Commander of there Maj^s fort 

The Protest being Read hille akus Sister told y* y^ Indians 
were very much Dissatisfyed & if Milborne did not withdraw 
with his Compe they would fyre upon him, whereupon y® May 
Desyred Doctor Dellius & y« Recorder to goe to y^ Indians to 
Pacify and quiet them for y« Bussinesse was y* a Person without 
Power or authority would be Master over y^ gent"i here which 
they would nott admitt ; the Indians answered goe and tell him 
that if he come out of y^ gates we will fyre upon him, which 
Doctor Dellius forthwith Communicated to y® s^ Milborne at y^ 
head of his Compc in y^ Presence of a great many Burgers who 


made no further attempt to goe to y« fort, but Marched doune y« 
towne and Dismissed his men 

Die Satumi y« 16^^ of novembr A^ 1689 
Notwithstanding y* y^ Burgers according to their Duty had 
Referred y^ Bussinesse concerning y^ quartering of y^ Souldiers 
to y® Convention on y^ 14th instant neverthelesse by y« Perswasion 
of Jacob Milborne some of y« Inhabitants gathered together att 
y« house of Gabriel Thompson, where Sundrey of y^ Very same 
Persones appeard who were Deputed by the People Two days 
agoe to acquaint y® Convention that they Referred y® manage- 
ment of y^ affaire wholly to them 

And these following Persones to witt Harme Gansevoort Pieter 
Bogardus Mynd^ harmense Dirk Bensing and Pr Van Waggelum 
Private but Extream active men in these Revolutions have taken 
upon them to sign a Contract with y« s^ Milborne concerning y« 
i^ Comp® of Souldiersj not only without ye least knowledge or 
Intimation of y^ Convention but after they were warned to y® 
contrary who took upon them y^ Charge as overseers of s^ Comp® 
together w*^ Jochim Staets who was made there Captain, who 
with much Perswasion of s^ Milborne at last was accepted by y^ 
men to be there Cap* y® s^ Milborne went away leaving said 
Company here in such Confusion. 

Die Luna 25 novembris 1689 
Capt Bull arrived at y« Green Bush with 87 men from N: 
Flngland on Teusday following marched with flying Collors into 
Cltty where he was Reed by y^ May^ & aldermen att y^ gate & 
bid welcom, he Drew up his men in y*" midle of y« Broad Street 
aave three .volleys & was answ^erd by 3 gunns from y® fort y® 
men were orderly quartered in y* Citty and extreamlv well 
a I cfpteil. 

The 29 day of novemb'" 1689 
Leift Enos Talmadge of Capt B^iis Company marchd w**^ 24 
men to Shinnectady to keep y* Post as it was agreed upon by y« 
5 gentlemeii ' appointed by y*^ Convention & y'" Capt Bull & 
Jochim Staets. 


Whereas Ensign abrahara Janse is ordered to convey three men 
with thirty horses to woodberry who came here with y« Souldiers 
sent hither for there Maj^^ Service These are in there Maj«s 
name King W™ and Queen Mary to will and Require all there 
IVTajes Subjects of this County of albany and to Desyre all there 
Maj«s Subjects in y^ neighbouring Counties and Collony to be 
aideing and assisting to y^ s^ Ensign and three men in y« Prosecu- 
tion of there journey and to furnish them with such necessaries 
as they and there horses shall have occasion upon s<* Journey 
being for there Maj«« Service given att ye Citty hall of albany y* 
26^ day of novembr in y® first year of there Maj^e Reign A^ 1689 
P"^ ScHUYLYR Justice of ye Peace 

By the Mayor aldermen and Commonality and Military 
officers of y® Citty of albany and Justices of ye Peace 
and Military oflScers of y* s** County 
Wee haveing taken into Consideration ye Lamentable Condition 
of this Citty and County, occasioned by a dreadfull warr threat- 
ened from without, of which our neighbours and allyes have 
already felt y^ smart, as also ye manifold Divisions and factions 
which are amongst ye Inhabitants within, which are fatall Tokens 
for Land & Church, It is therefore thought Convenient to keep 
a Day Extraordinary for fasting & Prayer upon Weddensday y* 
4th of Decemb"" 1689 to Pray to almighty God (whose wrgith 
and anger for our manifold Sinns and transgressions is Righteously 
kindled against us) for Pardon and Remission of our Sinns and to 
free us from ye blody Sworde of our Enemies without and Espe 
cially from ye Inhuman Barbarity of ye heathen, and on ye oy» 
side to bynde ye hearts and mindes of y*" People within, with 
Love and unity to y® Praise of almighty God and ye welfare of 
y<^ Church and Country, Prohibiting therefore upon s<^ day all 
manner of servile worke all Rideing Playing or oy^ sorts of Re- 
creation which may hinder or obstruct ye worrhip of God that day 
Chargeing and Commanding Expressly all ye Inhabitants of this 
(^itty & County to keep ye said fast day most Solemnly, Thus; 
given att ye Citty hall of albany at a meeting of ye Convention 
ye 27th day of novembr 1689 in ye first year of there Maj^" Reign 
God Save King William & queen Mary 


Capt. Sander glenn' Leift John van Eps & Ens: Joh; Sanders 
look ye oath of fidehty to there Majes before P' Schuyler May' 
Justice of y* Peace 

Att a Convention &c, 

albany y* 28'^ day of Novembr 1689 

It was thought Convenient by y® Convention y* 5 of there 
members should be appointed to have a Conference with Capt 
Jonathan Bull & Mr Jochim Staets concerning y^ Souldiers they 
have under there Command here in Toune. 

And for that Purpose were nominated Dirk Wessells Capt Marte 
gerritse Livinus Van Schaick Capt Sander glenn & Johannes Cuyler 
who in ye behalfe of y® Convention told them they had Two 
Companies Lyeing in y® Toune and y* y® out Plantations were 
not secured where y® Enemy first must be expected as Shinnec- 
tady half moon and Canastagioene, Desyred them to consider y* 
some men might be sent thither with all Expedition, upon which 
Capt Bull Proposed to Mr. Jochim Staets to take tenn men out 
of his Company & y* said Capt Bull would take Twenty men of 
his Company make in all 30 men & send to Shinnectady, upon 
which Mr. Staets answered he was but weake had but 46 or 47 
men, & he would not breake his files he must at least keep 10 
files, upon wh Capt Bull Replyed yt he could not Expect that 
they would always be complcat for sicknesse and diverse oy' 
accidents might happen, Mr. Staets Proposed yt Capt Bull should 
send 24 men to Shinnectady &' y* he Staets would joyn six of his 
Comp® with six of Capt Bulls men to goe and lye at y® half moon 
& y^ by Turns one should have y® Command 14 days & then the 
oyr whereupon Dirk Wessells answered that there was no quar- 
ters for 12 men at y® half moon but that some men might goe to 
Canastagioene where 6 could be conveniently quarterd and y* 
was a Dangerous Passe also But Capt Bull said he did not care 
to have his men so Scattered about. 

The s^^ Gent: told Mi^Staes that y® Convention we.e Desyreous 
to know upon what ace' that N: Yorke Comp® lay there & if he 
would submitt himself to them Since they had not seen hiiR 
Ccminission, he answerd he could not doe that since there were 
oy'^ overseers or weesfaders as he termed them appointed over his 


men, but he Promised & would Swear y' nothing should be acted 
or done by him against y® Convention althogh new orders did 
come, &, desyred y^ y® Convention would advise and Consult with 
these overseers upon which they answerd that there was many 
Dissentions in ) ® Place already & by such Confusion and so many 
masters y^ Contention would augment and Increase, M' Staets 
Replied it is now so we must doe as well as we can Job: Cuyler 
asked to see his Commission but Refused to show it and so broke 
off" from yi discourse and Returned to y® former Proposealls 
concerning y^ Sending out men to garrison y® out Plantations, & 
it was finally Concluded that 24 men of Capt Bulls Comp® should 
goe to Shinnectady and 6 of his men to Paepsknee & of Mr. 
Jochira Staets men 6 to y® half moon 

And as Justices of y® Peace they desyred y® Commission offi- 
cers to call a Court Marshall in y« afternoon to setle y® watch in 
y« Toune y* all Things may goe Regularly as was done 

But that which was concluded upon on yc forenoon was alterd 
by some of y® Military officers in there meeting unknown to y« 
5 gent" Viz' y* Mr Staets should send of his men ten to Shinnec- 
tady & Capt Bull 20, but took no care for y« half moon as was 
concluded upon by y« Commissioners of y® gen^ Cenvention 
Nevertheless y* which was Concluded upon by y« Deputies of y* 
Convention & Capt Bull and Mr Staets was thougt fitt by y« 
Convention to be Performed & Capt Bull accordingly sent his 
Leift \v^^ 24 men to Shinnectady to keep that post but Mr Staets 
would send out no men as was agreed upon, but went to 
Shinnectady with some oy" of y* faction, Insomuch y* y« May' 
himself & some oyf gent: were necessitated to goe thither to see 
y« men of Capt Bulls Comp^ quartered 


Att a Convention &c. 

Albany 14t»» Decembr 1689 
Pr Schuyler May David Schuyler 

D. Wessells Record' Evert Banker 

Joh: Wendell Reynier Barentse 

Liv V. Scbaik Joh: Cuyler 

Jan Bleeker Gert Ryerse 

Claes Ripse Kiliaen V. Renselaer 

Alb* Ryckman C. Marte gerritse 

Resolved y* some money be Raised by way of Loan for y« 
Paying of Capt Bull & y® oy' 2 Commission officers come from 
Canetticut according to Contract who are to have 8 shil p"" diem 
itpon which y« Recorder & M^ van Renselaer were sent to Mrs. 
Schuyler who is willing to advance jEIS: for a month without 
Intrest but if it be not Repaid in s^ Time to have moderate 
intrest & y' shee may have a Bonde for ye payment of y^Same 
upon which this following Bill was orderd to be writt 

Know all men by these Presents y* we whose names are 
,»in(lerwritten members of y® Convention of albany doe acknow- 
legc to have Reed of Mrs. Margret Schuyler y« Somme of 
Eighteen Pounds Courant money of this Province which is 
toward y® payment of Capt Bull and y^ oy' Commission officers 
come from Canetticut according to Contract which s<^ Somme 
if it be p^ in y^ Space of a month after y® date hereof then no 
Intrest is to be paid but if it be not justly & honestly Paid & 
Satisfied to y® s^ Mrs. Margret Schuyler her heirs Executors 
ad^s or assigns in ye Space of a month after y® date hereof, then 
we whose names are hereunto Subscrib(Ml doe Promise Engage 
and oblige ourselfs joyntly and severally our heirs Exc" and ad"^* 
and every of y™ firmly by these p'sents to pay or cause to be 
paiil unto y« s'l Mis. Margret Schuyler her heirs Executors 
.administrators «&. asssigns y« s'* Somme of JEIS: — w^ y® Interest 
of )« same at P' cento to be Reckond from y® 18 of January 
next. In witnesse whereof we have hereunto sett our hands in 
..i.ll),xiiy )« day of Decembr 1689 

Kc;-()lve<l yt Dirk albertse Bratt and hendrik gerritse be sent 

■ivj .;;..ii ISiiiUChlOge. 



Albany 16th Deccmbr 1689 
. The Albany Convention having received the following news it 
is sent from the Mohawk Sachems by post to Akus to be 
forwarded to us. 

1. That 10 Nations of Twigh Twighs are coming to the 6 
Nations to destroy them. 

2. That two of the Indian prisoners who were sent to France 
liave returned back home, who say that Ambassadors must come 
to Canida. 

3. That the Oonondages have sent for the Mohawk warriors 
and Sachems and that they must bring belts with them. 

4. That the Mohawk prisoners were to France with the 
Cowherd who was taken prisoner at Onnondage. 

5. That Cadarachqui is abandoned by the French. 

Whereupon the gentlemen resolved to send Lawrence alias 
Jannetje the Indian to Onnondage to learn the truth hereof, and 
to forbid them in our name to send Ambassadors to Canida or to 
receive any according to our Treaty — not to trust the French, and 
if they let them cheat them not to blame us : and to commu- 
nicate the following news to them. 

That 2 ships have come direct from England to N. England, 
which give for news — 

1. That almost all the large Ships of War are sailed full of 
people towards France, to seize it ; full 300,000 men. 

2. That 150 ships are ready to come westward to convoy our 

3. That we have here a brave Troop of Souldiers and if we 
want more, there are full 200 in the Sopus, and 3 or 400 in N. 

This is sent in a letter to Sweer Teunise who shall go to Akus 
to interpret it correctly to him. 

Mr. Mayor Worthy and beloved friend Sr pieter Schuyler. 

Ambassadors from Onondage and Oneyda arrive here just 
now who report to us that I must accompany them to Albany to 
interpret their propositions to you. As it is inconvenient for me 


at present I have taken the liberty to put their meaning on 

They let your Honour thus Know that the news received from 
Canada shall not be communicated before all the Sachems have 
assembled. Your Honour & Johannes Wendel and I are sent 
for Express to be present there as they will not discuss the matter 
until you are there, and then your Honour shall also deliberate 
on it in order to consult with them as to what may occur to You. 

They have again seen three of their Indians who were prisoners, 
but they do not expect to have them back again as they must 
return quickly to Canada. They also assure you- that they are 
not going to lie on their backs in consequence of these tidings 
of peace, and learn to fight only by looking Sideways at it — 
but they shall again grapple with it because Many of their War 
chiefs {Veltovcrsteri) have remained in that Country. 

They also say that had the Governor of Canada sent the 
prisoners back home to us as soon as they had come from France, 
they had in no wise determined on peace, inasmuch as only 
thirteen survived: all the remainder died of Sickness. 

They hear two letters have come lo the Jesuit — one from the 
Govern'', the other from Pere Lamberville. They had consulted— 
to wit, those of the Domine's side — to burn them, but the more 
cunning Sachems advised that they should be opened before the 
full Council; your Honour will then be able to see whether they 
will contain any deception. If, on the other hand there be 
none, they shall then be handed to the owners. 

They also acquaint your Honour that it is a lie that 10 nations 
of Savages came to destroy them, but Ambassadors of 7 different 
Nations have come in Zinnodo Wan ha and restored 2 Seneca 
prisoners and promised to give up 4 more of them as soon as they 
shall have returned home ; also to treat for peace, and say there 
are 3 Nations which would continue the War, namely — the 
Kightages and the Thmghtmghs and the Sawenochques and give 
2 Strings of Zewant with this letter. 

The 3 prisoners from Canada had reported that Cuadarogh(|ue 
IS abandoned and they found 30 barrels of powder there ; ami^ng 
the rest was a barrel of Match in a hole which they inteiK^ed 


to set fire to and thus to blow up the others. But it went 
out of itself J after burning about an ell in length. They 
found considerable booty both in beaver and peltries in the fort- 
Six of the principal officers were drowned after they left the fort 
and fled to Canada, with divers soldiers but they know not how 

They further say that they had proposed this to Duinandougha, 
v/hereupon the Cajadorus answers — If my brothers do not find it 
convenient for them to journey so far, they would come to 
Duinandoughe, and should your Honour inform him of your wish 
it shall be faithfully attended to provided your honour send along 
one, two or three Strings. No more than commending you to the 
Lord with the hearty Salutations of your Servant — ^by my order, 

Jacques Cornelisen 

This 25ti» Decembr A^ 1689 

Addressed — Aen d'E. Achtbare M^ 

Major Pieter Schuyler Residerende tot Albany. 

At a Convention of the Mayor Aldermen and Com- 
monality and Military officers of y® Citty and County 
of Albanie y^ 27*'' day of Decemb-" 1689 

Five messengers called Desagochquaetha Arachkoenichta 
Dehashedis Rashicdeagoe and Adochtirasse being sent by the 
Sachims of onnondage and Oneyde to acquaint us and them of 
New England, that there are three of y® Indians come back into 
y« Country which were sent Prisoners to France, who are Sent 
by them of Canida to Propose a Peace or Truce, but that they 
have Resolved not to hear them till Some Gent^ goe from hence 
to be Present at there gen'i meeting at Onnondage, and there 
Consult what shall be necessary for y^ Publike good Doe Say 
further that there are 13 Indians come back from France the 
Rest being 23 all dead of Sicknesse and that there are Two 
Letters Intercepted which y^ Gov"* of Canida and father Lamber- 
ville had Sent to y® Jesuit in Oneyde, which they keep till y« 
gentlemen from hence arrive there, when they will be opend to 
see what Treachery the french Design 

That thcr& are messengers from Seven of y« farr nations 


come to y« Slnnekes who Speake of Peace havelng Deliverd 
Two Sinneke Prisoners and Promisd to Deliver foure more as 
soon as they come home, and y* three of y® farr nations will 
Continue y® warr. 

They bring further news y^ Cadarachqui is Deserted by y« 
french and that ye Indians have founde thirty Barrells of Pouder 
and abundance of Bever and Peltry there and y^Six of ye Principle 
officers were Drownd in goeing home to Canida from Cadarachqui 
and Sundry Souldiers. 

Vpon which it was Resolved unanimously to Send Caristasie 
Tosoquatho and Jurian three of y* most Prudent Maquasse 
Thither to onnondage with this answer it not being thought 
Convenient at this juncture to Send Christians from y« 

1 Wee are glad to hear y* ye Report of ye 10 nations of Indians 
Westward comeing Doune to Destroy yw is false, and on ye oy 
Side much Rejoyced that Seven of s*! nations are Inclined for 
Peace, which we y® more must Recommend to ye Brethren y* 
yow may have ye Larger Scope to Revenge yourSelfs of y* 
French for ye Blood shed by that false nation, who are now in a 
mean Condition, and think to Ensnare yow with ye 13 Prisoners 
Ihcy have sent for from france, and haVeing obtained Such a 
Peace, will have ye better opportunity to Catch a great number 
of y« People as they did in ye Last Peace, Therefore we doe 
Recommend you (as we are in a fast Covenant chain together) 
not to hearken to ye french nor Speak to them of Peace Since our 
great king is in actuall warr with s** nation 

2 We would come in Person to be Present at y' meeting 
according to y Desyre, but we have Reed a Ship from England 
which brings us Certain news, that there is a govern^ for us upon 
ye way with many Souldiers, & is Expected every houre, when 
we shall Send you an Expresse to Onnondage a horseback hopeing 
to have orders by our Govern'' that ye English may unanimously 
goe and Root out Canida 

3 Concerning ye 13 Prisoners come from france being all that is 
to be founde of 39 our advise is y* yow make Demand of them 
Positively of ye French, being Stole from yow and Deceitfully 


taken in time of Peace, in yc 2^ Place if y^ french there hearts 
were good, they would have Sent yow y« Prisoners assoon as they 
came from france Therefore doe not heare them Speake of any 
thing before they have Sent you back your Thirteen Prisoners, 
But yow need not be afFraid of your Prisoners So Long as y^ 
have ye Jesuit and so many french in y Countrey whom yow must 
keep verry well to be Exchanged as was done in Col Dongans 
timej It is certain they are in no hazard that yow should be so 
hasty to release them, they will nott kill them it not being y« 
Christians fashion. 

4 And for y® Brethrens more Incouragem* we can assure y"^ y^ 
the French king hath his hands so full that he cannot assist Canida 
much, Yow may See this Plainly by there Leaving Cadarachqui. 

5 That they send ye Two Letters writt by ye gov^ of Canida 
and Lamberville y^ Priest, to y® Jesuit at Oneyde hither if not 
already done, and shall Inform them with ye Contents thereof, 
and take Especiall care that the messengers that Return to 
Canida Carry no Letters from ye Jesuit or any body Else tliither 

A true Copy Examind pr 
Rob"^ Livingston Clk 

Att a Convention &c. 
Albany, Die Sabhaihi ye 5*^ of January 16|| 
P' Schuyler May^ David Schuyler 

D. Wessells Recordr alb* Ryckman 

Cap* John wen del C. Marte gerritse 

Liv: van Schaik Kilian van Refcselaer 

C. J Bleeker Reynier Barents 

Claes Ripse Evert Banker 

gert Ryerse 
It was again put to ye vote whether any members of y® 
Convention should goe to Onondage to be Present at ye gen'' 
meeting of ye Indians 

But was unanimously Ptesolved upon y« negative Confirming 
there Resolution of ye 27 of december last since it is judged 
(lannvious to be there if y« Indians should Conclude of any Peace 


or truce which they some times have done notwithstanding all 
Perswasions to y^ Contrare, and since Tahaiadoris cheeffc sachim 
of y® Maquase is bounde thither It is thougt Convenient y* he 
Repeat y® 5 articles sent by Caristasie and Tosoquatho thither 
and withall put them in minde that this is the Prefixed house to 
speake of Peace and all Publike affaires and not Onondage, and 
yt ye Sachim sent for by y« gov"" of Canida by no means goe 
tliither to Treat or act with our great Kings Enemies, and y* we 
hope yt y6 5 nations will not be so mad as to hearken to any 
Peace with the treacherous french at such a juncture when y« 
greatest hopes is of Totally Rooting there name out in America 
but on y^ Contrare take y« wholesome advice of there Brethren 
ye Christians, who knows what is for there Security better then 
they doe themselfs Lastly to Charge & Command them to malce 
no Peace truce or any sort of amicable treaty with ye french 
Since his Maje« Declaration of warr against them which hes been 
bX) much longed for by y^ English nation is now come over and 
as they are subjects of our great King of England Soe they can 
not expect to keep y® Covenant chain Inviolable with this 
governm' and make Peace with Canida while' we are in actual 
warr w^h s'' nation Therefore Remember we have warned y" y* 
if any evill be fall y" you must always acknowledge we gave you 
fair advertisement. 

It was also Resolved y* Tahaiadoris should have a faddem of 
Duffels a shirt and a Pare of Stockings. 

And yt a Belt of wampum should be sent to y^ 4 Sachims of 

Dowaganhaes or farr nations to Congratulate y^ Peace made 

between them & y*' Sinnekes 


Att a Meeting &c. 

Albany January 6*^ 16 1 J 

Present as before except Kiliaen van Renselaer & gert Ryerse absent 

The Convention being mett again to consult about y® affaires 

of y« Indians y® members continue in there opinion y' none of yo 

Convention goe thither to y^ Indians gen^i meeting, but Considering 

Uiat it is of great Import, and that they may be y^ more Certain 

and Satisfied y* y® Proposealls sent to said Indians by Tosoquatho 

Caristasie and Jurian may be Exactly and Peremptorily told them; 


according as it is mentioned in ye 5 articles Concluded upon y« 
27 december Last 

It is Resolved y* arnout Cornelise sworne Interpreter goe thither 
to Onondage withall Convenient speed \vho Desyres y* one may 
be appointed to goe along with him yt understands yo Language, 
upon which Robt Sanders was pitchd upon to goe for his assist- 
ance who upon his arrivall there shall take Especiall Care yt y® 
6 articles be Plainly told to y* Sachims in there gen^l meeting 
which are herewith given you, & further in our name to acquaint 

Propositions to be made by Arnout Cornelise Interpeter 
to whom Robert Sanders is joyned forassistance in y« 
Indians Generall meeting at onnondage in ye name 
and behalfe of y® Convention of albanie over and 
above y® 5 articles sent them by Caristasie Tosoquatho 
and Jurian albany y« 6^^ day of January 16f| 

1 That albanie is y« Prefixed house to Treat and Speak of 
peace with all Sorts of people and y* they who Strive to make a 
Peace or Cessation with y« french must be lookt upon as persones 
who are Designd to make a breach in y^ great Silver Covenant 
chain which hath been So many years kept Inviolable by this 

2 That they must look upon themselfs as they are, to witt 
Subjects of y« great king of England who cann make no peace 
with them who are his Publik enemies You have felt y® smart 
of makeing peace w^^^ the french nation already, when they were 
allijes of our Great king, then you did it without our Consent 

3 That y^Sachim Degannesore who is sent for by the governour 
of Canida by no means goe thither since they are absolute Enemies 
of our great king whose Declaration of warr is now come to hand 
which hath so long been Desyred by y* English nation in which 
Declaration his maj® forbids all his subjects to keep the least 
C'orrespondence with y* false nation 

4 Never could there be greater Disobedience and madnesse 
Committed by people then for y® 5 nation to hudle up asort of 
peace or Cessation of arms w^h y^ french at this Juncture when 
y® greatest hopes are of rooting oat of y^- Very name of y® French 


in america by the English who are Twenty to one of y<= french in 

5 We have sent Arnout Cornelise y* Interpreter accompanied 
-w"* Robert Sanders to be present at y Generall meeting not 
only to Poure understanding into yow, but in our name to Charge 
and Command y^' as you love y® protexion of our great king 
and y* friendeship of this Government by no means to hearken 
to nor make any peace or Cessation or truce with y® french Di- 
rectly or indirectly. 

6 Thatt y« Sachims Endevor to perswade 3 or 400 Indians to 
come towards our Confines ahunting to be as skouts to watch y« 
french Designs for when they most Speak of peace then warr is 
in there hearts and therefore are not to be trusted since they 
have called all there Garrisons together to mont Royall 

Was Signed P' Shuyler may^ 

Dirk wessells Justice 
Joh: wendel Justice 
Jan Janse Bleeker Justice 
A True Copy Examind p' 

Rob* Livingston Ck 

At a Convention of the Mayor Aldermen Commonality 
and Military Officers of y« Citty of Albanie and Jus- 
tices and Military Officers of the Said County, held 
in Albanie Die Saturni den llt'> Januarie A^ 16|| 
Pr Schuyler may Dirk Wessels Record' 

Cap* Joh. wendel Livinus Van Shaik 

Capt Jan Bleeker Claes Ripse 

David Schuyler alb* Ryckman 

Reynier Barents Evert Banker 

Ger* Ryerse kilian van Renselaer 

Capt Marte Gerritse Joh: Cuyler 

A Certain Letter was brougt into y® Convention by Cap* Jo- 
hannes Wendell Signd by Jacob Leysler the. Contents whereof 
are as follows 


New Yorke yc 28th Decemb 1689 

Gent" — I having Receivd orders from his Maj® King Wil- 
liam for takeing care of this Government, have Commissionated 
Cap* Jochim Staas To take into his Possession Fort Orange and 
keep ye Souldicrs in good order and Discipline, and y* y® Magis- 
tracy may be in a good Decorum have Ordered and doe hereby 
Order that free Elections be forthwith made for a Mayor and 
Aldermen whom I have Signified to Cap^ Staas with whom Pray 
Correspond and give all due assistance for his Maj^^ Intrest and 
ye Safety of y* Citty and County y' so Peace and Tranquilhty 
may be Preserved amongst you, untill wee shall Receive further 
orders from y® King, which is y® needfull matter at psent from 
Your Loveing Frinde 

Jacob Leysler 
TTie Superscription was 

To ye Military and Civill officers 
and ye Protestant freemen Inha- 
bitants of ye Citty and County of 

Vpon which it was Resolved by ye Convention to send the 
high SherrifTe of ye Citty and County to ye said Jochim Staas 
with this message 

Whereas a Certain Letter of Jacob Leysler dated ye 28th day 
of Decemb Last at N: Yorke hath been Read in the Convention, 
wherein he writes y* he Jacob Leysler hath Received orders from 
King William for ye takeing care of this Government and 
accordingly Commissionated Jochim Staas to take into his Posses- 
sion fort Orange and Orders free Elections for a mayor and Alder- 
men whom he hath Signified to ye s^ Staas, It is therefore 
thougt Convenient by ye convention now met together that Richd 
Pretty Esq^ high SherrifFe of ye Citty and County of Albanie doe 
Repare to Jochim Staas, and Demand if any such orders from our 
Souveraign Leidge Lord King William be sent to him as Jacob 
Leysler mentions in his Letter, Being Desyreous to see them that 
we may Conform and Behave our Selfs accordingly ; Since y*" 
Preservation of ye Peace of our Souveraign Lord King William 

VOL. II. 10 


as it is a duty Incumbent upon us, So it is our only aim to have 
) e same kept Inviolable in these Dangerous times — 

Signd P'^ Schuyler Mayor 

Dirk Wessels Justice 
Marte Gerritse Justice 
Liv: Van Schaik Justice 

of y« Peace 
Evert Banker assistant 

The high SherifFe R: Pretty Esq^ Returns from Jochim Staas 
and says that he hath Deliverd him ye message & y* said Jochim 
Staas comes Presently 

Jochim Staas appears in y® Convention and says he doth not 
Intend to answer y® Convention by writeing but by Discourse, 
alledgeing that he might be Ensnared by writeing, upon which 
the Gent" did Insist, that if he had any Lawfull Authority De- 
volved from our Souveraign Lord King William upon Jacob 
Leysler, that he would be pleased to show itt, they were willing 
to Obey, and notwithstanding ye orders were not Directed to Mr 
Leysler yet they were willing with all cheerfullnesse to Obey such 
orders as were Comprehended in said Letters, but cannot obey Cap* 
Leysler a&Leift gov Except his Maj* hath made him soe, upon which 
Jochim Staas Replyed y* we knew well eneugh y® King's Letters 
were Directed to Cap* Nicholson and in his absence to such as for y* 
time being take care for y® Preserveing y® Peace and administring 
the Laws in their Maj^^ Province of New Yorke, and further said 
Lett ye Bell be Rung and Lett all ye People come Together and 
then he would show what he had to show, Whereupon y* gent" 
of ye Convention Replyed that they were not willing to Runn 
into Confusion to Convein ye People before they knew what to 
Publish or Declare to them ; and withall Desyred Since he acknowl- 
edged to have a Proclamation for ye Proclaimeing of there Majes 
King and Queen of England Scotland France and Irland &* 
which of Scotland hath not hitherto been done here, that they 
might have there Majes Proclamation to Proclaim there s'* Majes 
accordinly, and they would cause the Companies come in arms, & 
doe it with what Solemnity the Place could afford, but ye s^J 
Jochim Staas answered y* ye Proclamation was sent to him, & he 
would Obey Orders 


Post Meridiem 

Jochim Staas accompanied with P"" Bogardus came to y« 
Convention and there showd an Order from Jacob Leysler author- 
izeing Jochim Staas assisted with ye Freeholders and Inhabitants 
of Albanie to Proclaim William and Mary Prince and Princesse 
of Orange to be king and Queen of England Scotland France and 
Irland &a Since he y«= s^ Leysler had Rec*^ Letters from ye 
Lords of his Maj^s most hon^^ie Privy Councill dated ye 29th day 
of July 1689 to Proclaim there Maj^s if not already done, to 
which Intent he had sent a Proclamation for y^ Same Purpose 
which Proclamacon is made by y^ s^ Leysler and not a Procla- 
mation sent hither by there Maj^^ as y® Genfi of the Convention 
did Conclude and Expect it was. 

Vpon whieh many Debates were made, But Jochim Staes 
Insisted Principally if the Gent" did not acknowledge Cap*' 
Leysler to h?. Leif* Govern^ and Commander in Cheeffe of this 
Province, and whither they would obey him as Such 

The Gentlemen of y® Convention asked if he had nothing else 
to show which Impoured Cap* Leysler to be Leif * Govern^ then 
those Papers now Produced and if he had y« Copies of y« 
Letters Sent by his Maj® for y® Province of N: Yorke, who 
Replyed, If he did show the Copies thereof then yow would say 
it was Milborn's writeing, he Staas shewd a Commission from 
Leysler to take Possession of fort Orange and an ord^ for a day 
of Thanksgiveing, The Convention told Jochim Staas that if he 
could Produce but y® Least orders from his Maje King William 
directed to Jacob Leysler then they would obey him and Submitt, 
Else thougt itt not answerable to Obey his Commands in y® 
I^east, but desyred Copies of those Papers which he shewed, & 
they would Consider y® Bussinesse when Some members of ye 
Convention who were not in Toune were made acquainted with 
itt and give him there answer in writeing telling him withall they 
A^ere Intended to write to Cap* Leysler about it, but ye s<^ Jochim 
Staas did not think it Convenient to give Copies of ye s<^ Papers 
and so went away he and P"" Bogardus together 


Att a Meeling of there Majes Justices of y® Peace ot 
ye Citty and County of Albany Die Sabbathi 12™" 
January A" 16 f| Post Meridiem 
Pr Schuyler Mayr David Schuyler 

Dirk Wessells Record"" Alb* Ryckman 

Cap* Joh: Wendel Cap* Marte Gerritse 

Cap* Jan Bleeker Kiliaen van Renselaer 

Livinus van Schaik Claes Ripse 

Justices of y* Peace 

All the Justices of y^ Peace of y® Citty and County of 
Albanie except Majr Abraham Staas Dirk Teunise and Cap* 
Sander Glen were Conveined together to give there opinions 
whether Cap* Jacob Leysler ought to be Esteemed and aeknow- 
leged to be y« Leif Govern^ and Command"" in Cheefe of the 
Province Since nothing hitherto hath been Produced to there view 
from his most Sacred Majy King William our Souveraign Leige 
Lord whereby the can acknowlege him soe, only takes upon him 
ye Title in Severall Papers which have been showne by Jochim 
Staas yesterday 

Pr Schuyler Mayor his vote is that he cannot acknowlege y® 
s^ Cap* Leysler to be Leif * Govern^ and Commander in Cheeffe 
of this Province nor Obey his orders till he hath showne that he 
hath Lawfull Authority from his most Sacred Maj® King William 
so to be 

Dirk Wessells votes y* same with y® Mayor 
Cap* Wendel is van opinie om dat hy sich Sodanigh Shryft als 
Luytcnant Governeur en Commandeur an Chef, dat zyn verstant 
niet & can besefFen off het sodanigh is of niet & is; 

Cap* Jan Jansz Bleeker is of y® same opinion w*^^ Cap* Wendell 
which being translated is as follows that because he writes himself 
soe as Leif t Govern' and Command' in Cheeffe, That his under- 
standing cannot Comprehend whither it be soe or not soe 
Livinus van Schaik is of ye Same opinion with ye May' 
David Schuyler is of ye same opinion with ye May 
Albert Ryckman of ye Same opinion with ye May' 
Cap* Marto Gerritse is off opinion y* he cannot see y* he is Leif * 


Govern'' and Commander in Cheeffe, before he shows it, that he 
hes it from his most Sacred Maj« King William 

Kiliaen van Rensselaer is of y® same opinion w^^ y® Mayr 

Claes Ripse is of y^ same opinion \v^^ ye Mayr 

The opinion of Cap^ Jonathan Bull who Comands the men sent 
hither from N; England for our assistance being asked says, 
That for any thing he hath either seen or heard yet, hath no Reason 
to Conclude yt Cap' Jacob Leysler is either Leif * Govern^ or 
Commander in CheefFe of y^ Province of N: Yorke 

The opinion of James Bennet Ensign to Cap' Jonathan Bull 
being asked says, y* for anything that hes appeard to him, he 
cannot juge that Cap* Leysler is Leif* Gov^ & Commander in 
Cheeffe of y^ Province of N: Yorke 

While ye s^ Justices of y® Peace were together a Letter comes 
from Cap* Sander Glenn there Majes Justice of y^ Peace at 
Shinnechtady Informing them how that there are five Commissions 
come to Shinnectady from Cap* Leysler for five Justices of y® 
Peace brougt thither by Jeronimus Wendell and Gerrit Luykasse, 
y^ Persones are Mynd^ Wemp Dowe Aukus Ryer Jacobse David 
ChristofFelse & Johannes Pootman, and a Commission to call the 
People together to choose new Cap* Leif * & Ensign and a Toune 
Courte, and yt ye s^ 5 justices come here tomorrow to assist M"" 
Jochim Staas and to Enter upon there office. 

The said Cap' Sander together with y® Leif * & Ensign and 
Sweer Teunise members of y® Convention doe write to the gent" 
that there vote is not to Obey Cap* Leyslers orders, But to 
Protest against his Illegal Proceedings. 

And since we are Informd by Cap*^ Bleeker of one of y® Train 
'band Comp^^ of this Citty that Jochim Staas did ask him to beat 
y6 Drum and call his Corap® together tomorrow to Publish a 
Proclamation sent hither by Cap^ Leysler of there Maje^ to be 
King and Queen of England Scotland France and Irland, which 
Proclamation ye s^ Justices Declare they are Ready to Proclaim, 
if there is y® Least Title of orders for y® same from there Maj®' 
but since this is used merely as a means to Establish Cap* Leyslers 
fiuthority who makes ye 8*^ Proclamation 

It is ye opionion of y® May and Aldermen and the Justices to 


Discharge Cap* Bleeker and Cap* Wendel not to Convein there 
Companies together nor beat any Drums, to Disturbe y« Peace 
of there Maj** Leige People of this Citty, Since y« s'^ Magis- 
trates are Resolved to use all means and methods to Preserve ye 
Peace of our Souveraigne Lord king William & Queen Mary 
and not to suffer y® Least Innovation or Alteration in y* goveri>- 
ment of this Citty and County till orders comes from his Maj® 
King William for y® same, which never hath been hitherto 

Resolved that for y® Preservation of y® Peace of our Souve- 
raign Lord & Lady King William & Queen Mary and y* 
wellfare of the Inhabitants of this Citty and County of Albanie 
the following Protest be Published in a most Solemn manner 
tomorrow, only Cap* Wendel & Cap* Bleeker say they will have 
nothing to doe w*'' y® Protest when they heard it Read 

Whereas Jacob Leysler of y« City of N: Yorke Merchant 
hath for some monthes past assumed to himself a Power to Com- 
mand there Maj^^ Fort at N: Yorke, and brougt to his Devotion 
severall of y® adjacent Tounes and Villages without y® Least 
Commission or Authority derived to him from y« Croune of 
England; whose Ambitious and Restlesse Spiritt, together with 
Diverse of his associates have Indefaticably strove and Endevord 
to bring there Maj^^ King William and Queen Marys Loveing 
subjects in y® City and County of albany unto y® same Confusion 
and Slavery, upon Pretence to Redeem them from Arbitrary 
Power, and to free them from y* Yoke of Popery, which his 
Creatures when Last here did Endevor to Infuse into y" heads of 
y® People and to stirr them up to Sedition and Dissobedience to 
y^ Lawfull Authority Confirmed by there Maj^^ most Gracious 
Proclamation J But he the said Leysler not attaining his aim, 
which was y« Subversion of y*" Governm* of this Citty and County 
(so Extream Dangerous at this Juncture by Reason of y« Indians) 
Continues Still his Malice, and Endevors to Disquiet there Maj^s 
Leige People, by assumeing to himself the Titell of Leif ' Gov- 
ernour and Commander in Cheeffe of there Maj^^ Province of N: 
Yorke, without y* Least Shadow of orders or authority so to doe 
from hismost Sacred Maj® King William, Deludeing the Common 


People and makeing them Believe, y* y® letters w^h were sent by 
his Maj« to Francis Nicholson Esqr his Maj^^ Leif * gov'" and 
Commandr in Cheeffe of New Yorke and in his absence to such 
as for y® time being take Care of y® Preserveing^ of Peace and 
administring y® Laws in said Province of N: Yorke, Belonged to 
him, which he can no ways Pretend to, but on y« Contrary we 
must Conclude are Directed to us so farr as y« County of albany 
is a Part of y® Province of New Yorke and althogh y® s^ Leysler 
IS sufficiently senceible of y« Dangerous Condition y® Citty and 
County of Albany are in, by Reason of y« French of Canida and 
there Indians which we may dayly Expect, haveing Intelligence 
that they have Drawne all there forces together to Mont Royall, 
y« season of y« year being now jnost favourable, if they Design 
to make any Attaqueupon us, who besides are usein'g all Possible 
means to Delude and Draw off y« five nations of Indians west- 
ward from there Obedience and Subjection to y^ Croune of 
England by there Indians Lately come from france, By which 
means there Maj®^ Intrest will not only in y® Citty and County 
of albany but also in y® Northern Parts of america suflfer 
Extreamly, To Prevent which w^e have spared neither cost nor 
Trouble to secure them to this Government. Yet he y® said 
Leysler doth Continue to make new Confusions w^hen Peace and 
Unity is most Requisite by sending orders and Commissions to 
Jochim Staes, Particularly a Commission to take into his Posses- 
sion fort Orange and Diverse oy^ Commissions to sundrey Persones 
of this Citty and County, intending thereby to subvert y* 
grvernment here and Turn all upside Downe, writing Seditioui 
Letters which are come to our hands wherein he orders nev 
Elections for May and Aldermen forthwith to be made whom h< 
hath signified to y® s<^ Staas Contrare to the Previledges of this 
Citty Graunted by Charter, soe y* Great Part of y® Time must 
be spent to Defeat the s*l Leyslers Pernicious and Malitious Designs 
which otherwise Could be Employd to Resist upon all occasions 
y® Common Enemy and for y^ Publike good, and aUhogh y- 
Bussinesse hath been sufficiently Debated with y« s*^ Jochim Staas 
and so many Arguments used as ought to Convince any Rational) 
man, That if he could show but the Least Title of an order 


from our Souveraign Leige Lord King William to y« s'^ Lcysler 
or authentique Copies thereof, wee were willing and Ready to 
Obey him or if he could not Produce Such that if he could but 
Deliver us authentique Copies of his Majc^ Letters or orders sent 
to Cap* Nicholson, wee were most willing to Obey and Perform 
whatever was Comprehended in the Same, wee have by the 
assistance of God durelng these Revolutions taken care for y« 
Preserveing y* Peace & and administring y« Laws in our said 
Citty and County notwithstanding all Combinations and Contriv- 
ances to y« Contrare, and forasmuch as we have seen among y« 
Papers sent by y« s^ Leysler to Jochim Staas a Proclamation made 
by y« s"^ Leysler Pretended Leif * Gov^ and Command^" in CheefFe 
for y« Proclaiming William and Mary Prince and Princesse off 
Orange King? and Queen of England Scotland france & Irland 
&a- together with a warrant Signd by y^ s^ Leysler authorizeing 
Jochim Staas to Publish y« same, mentioning y* he Leysler had 
Receivd Orders dated y® 29'^ day of July 1689 (never yet showne 
to us) to Proclaim there Maj*^^ if not already done, which Titles of 
Prince and Princesse off Orange since they have above six months 
agoe been Proclaimed here King and Queen of England France and 
Irland &^ and we in there names so acted would be a Dimunition 
of there Maj«s Titles, but if they were to be again Proclaimd wee 
Conceive would be of Scotland alone, since it is raentiond in s<i 
Order to Proclaim there Maj^s if not already done; And altho 
ye s'l Staas knows y' there Maj^* were Proclaimed here in albany 
on y® first day of July Last King & Queen of England France 
eind Irland &a in y® Self same manner as our neighbours of 
Boston had done to whom his Maj'^'^ is Pleased to signify his 
Royal! approbation of y® same and gracious acceptance, and 
having Desyred y* s'^ Jochim Staas, that if there was any Orders 
from there Maj^s for a second Proclamation because Scotland was 
not Inserted in ye first that we were most willing and Ready to 
doe ilt with what solemnity y® Place could afford, But could get 
no oy answer of him, then whether we would not acknowlege 
Leyslers authority, and y* he had no other Proclamation then y'- 
made by y® s<l Leysler which s^ Proclamation we arc CrediMy 
Informed y^ s^ Jochim Staes doth Design to Proclaim, bv whi.a 


means he Intends to Erect and Establish Leyslers authority here, 
and so overthrow y^ whole p'sent Magistracy, whereby many 
MischeifFs and Calamities must of necessity Ensue to his Majes 
good subjects since y® Indians have much Depended upon them 
during these Revolutions 

And that it may be Apparent to y« world that we underwritten 
Mayor and aldermen of y® City of albany and Justices of y« 
Peace of -y^ said County have done and still Continue to doe 
what lyes in our Power for y® Preservation of Peace and Tran- 
quilhty among y® Inhabitants of this City and County till y« 
arrivall of a govern"" or Orders from his most Sacred Majestic 
King William which is daily Expected, and to Prevent Such 
Confusion Innovation and Alteration Since it is an Indispenceible 
duty upon us at this juncture, and fearing to Incurr there Maj^^ 
Displeasure for our too much Lenity, Wee doe in his Majes King 
William's name, forewarn Discharge forbid and Prohibite y® s'* 
Jochim Staas and his associates upon Pain of Rebellion to Con- 
vein or cause any meeting or assembly of People to come together, 
wti^in this Citty and County of Albany upon any Pretence 
whatsoever whereby there Maj^s Peace any wise may be Dis- 
turbed; and therefore in y® Behalfe of there Majes Leidge People 
of y« said Citty and County we do Protest against y« s<l Jochim 
Staets and his associates for all Bloodshedds, Plunderings Robbe- 
ries, mischeeffs Dammages, Losses Detriments that may hence- 
forth Ensue by his' or there Irregular and Illegal Proceedings, 
Since such meetings can be looked upon no oy ways then as 
Contrare to y® Peace of our Souvcraign Lord and Lady King 
William & Queen Mary there Croune and Dignity In Testimony 
whereof we have hereunto Sett our hands and Sealls in albany y® 
13^^ day of January in y« first year of there Maj^" Reign a" 16|| 
and caused y« same to be Entered in the Publike Register of y« 
Citty and County Signed & Seald p"" 

P^ Schuyler may' 
God Save King Will" D: Wessels Rec^ 
AND Queen Mary L v Shaik alderm. 

K v: Rensselaer Just: 
Dav: Schuyler alder: 
Marte Gerritse Just: 
Alb* Ryckman aid: 
Claks Ripse v: dam aid: 


The Manner how y* s^ Protest was Publishd on y® 13'*» day 
of January 16 J ^ was orderd to be Entred, being as follows. 

The May with y^ Record' and Aldermen and y* Justices and 
y« Common Councill marchd from there Maj^s Fort (The marshall 
going before with a white Rod) accompanied with diverse of y« 
Antient Citizens, with a guarde of fifty Inhabitants in arm*, The 
May as y« Kings Leif * together with y« Recorder alderman Shaik 
and Cap' Marte Gerritse Justice of y« Peace as soon as they 
came within y« Citty Gates, went with there Swords Pointed ; 
Then followd y« other aldermen and Justices and Common 
Councill and Sundrey Citizens and then the guards and in this 
Posture with Drumms Beateing came to y« Plain Before y« Church 
where y« Bell Rung thrice. Then y^ Mayor made a speech to y« 
Citizens which flokd together, shewing the Reasons why he came 
there in Such manner Then y® Protest was Read in English and 
Dutch, this being done they all went in y® Same Posture through 
y^ Principle Streets of y® Citty and So up to y« fort, where y« 
guardes were Dismissd and thankd by ye May' ye Present Com- 
mander of ye fort for ye Service they had done there Majes King 
William and Queen Mary that day, and ye Protest sent by y« 
Marshall to be affixed at y® Porch of y® Church. 

Evert Banker Gerrit Ryerse and Eghbert Teunise assistants 
Concurr with ye May^ aldermen and Justices in ye Protest and 
think it Extream needful that it be most Solemnly Published who 
went themselfs in Person and see it done and desyred that this there 
Opinion and advice as assistants of ye Citty might be Entred, 

Cap* Sander Glenn one of there Majes Justices of ye Peace 
came to y* office and Perrused the Proceedings of ye Justices 
Enterd yesterday Concerning ye not acknowledging Jacob Leysler 
of N: Yorke Merch* to be Lef* govern^ and Commander in 
Cheeffe of this Province who Concurrs with ye Rest of ye Justices 
yt he cannot be Esteemed So nor his orders be Obeyd till ye sd 
Leysler hath Showne that he hath Lawfull authority from his 
Maje^ King WilHam so to be and desyred that his vote might be 
Entred, and also y* he Concurrs w^^ yc Rest of the Justices in ye 
Protest and approoves of ye same. 

A true Copy Examind By me 

Rob* Livingston Clk 


Albany ye 20*^ of January 16 1| 
Pr Schuyler mayf C: Bleeker 

D. Wessells L. V. shaik 

C: Wendell albt Ryckman 

The mayor and Aldermen haveing Consulted to day how to 
Procure some Christians and Indians to goe towards y® Great 
Lake to Lye as skouts for y® space of three weeks to give notice 
if y® ffrench should come with an army to Invade there Maj®* 
Territory, but could fynde none y' would goe under 2 shil 6d to 

3 shil p<" day, for Capt Bull would suffer none of his men to goe 
alledgeing it Contrare to his Instructions, and while they were 
buss} to discourse s^ affare y« following Indians came and s<^ as 
follows vizt. 

Proposeal made by Cap* Blew Stocking and anoy 
maquase called Deganochkeeri to y® mayor & aldermciD 
in alb« y* 20 January 16|i 
P' Shuyler may' Dirk wessells Record 

J: Bleeker alb* Rykman 

Livinus van Shaik 

Brethren — We have sent by y* 40 maquase Souldiers now at 
Shennechtady to acquaint y^ that they are come to goe out as 
Skouts towards y® lake and otter creek to wath y® Designe of y' 
Deceiver y« gov of Canida to see if he will come and Invade 
our Country again & if we Discern any Progresse of his we have 

4 Indians y^ we send forthwith Post to give y" & our people 
advertisemt Since we intend to spend our time So till y« Ice be 
out of y® water & there design to make Canoes & goe to Canida 
a fighting But we being Poor doe want amunition as Powder lead 
& axes for y® journey, & gave 7 hand of wampum as a token 
desyreing yt y® gov* may Provide them w^^^ Such ammunition , 


Answer to y® s^ Messengers y® SI**" d" 
Pr Schuyler D: wessell 

Liv: V. Shaik J Bleeker 

J. Avendel 

We are glad that y^ take our Recommendations so well and haste 
to be vigilant at this Juncture when y« false french might come & 
fall upon y Country ; Proceed & look out well & give us an ace' 
from time to time how all affares is with y^ & according to y 
Request we have sent to y^ s'^ Comp® three Baggs of Pouder & 
20 Barrs of lead to make use of in s'l Expedition, Desyreing y* 
to make all speed thither imaginable ; & y^ need not fear but 
we shall be Ready upon all occasions if the french should come ; 

The s^ Indians were very thankfull and s^ they would withal 
speed goe to Shinnechtady & forward y« Comp® & hasten them 
upon there march, A true Copy 

Examind p' 

Rob* Livingston Clk 

[For entries which follow in these Records, relating to the Burning of Sche- 
nectady, see Doc. Hist., Vol. 1, pp. 302-306.] 

Feb 10th 1611 

Resolved y* 25 volunteers goe under y*" Command of Leift 
Evert de Ridder together with those men gone to Shinnectady 
this morning and Pursue and follow after y* french & Indian Enemy 
who have carried Sundrey of there Maj*^' Subjects Captives from 
Shinnectady who had this following Commission 

Whereas the french and Indians of Canida have come in a hos- 
tile manner massacred and murtherd Sundry of there Maj'^ Subjects 
at Shinnectady burning y* Towne and caried divers Captives along 
with them ; yow are hereby required in there Maj^^ name king 
William and Queen Mary to Pursue and follow after y^ s'^ french 
and Indians with so many volunteers as shall be sent with y^ and 
ye s<^ french and Indians to kill and Destroy and y^ Captives to 
Rescue and Redeem out of y*' s^ Enemies hands if Possible, 
always Provided yow meet with a sufficient number of friend 
Indians at Shinnectady to assist yow in said Expedition 

Yow are to take Especiall care to have always Spy es and Skouts 


out to Prevent all ambushes in y® march and to keep y^ said men 
in good order and Discipline & y® men are to be obedient to y 
orders as Souldiers are obliged to obey there officers by y^ Law 
raarshall given in albany y*^ 10*^^ day of february 16|| 
To Leift Evert de Ridder 

It was Resolved to Detach 30 men more out of y« Comp® to 
go to Shinnectady ye Mayf P' Schuyler Jochim Staets & Robt 
Livingston were to goe out along with them but after that y« 
Respective Posts and watches were reduced by M"" Wessells Capt 
Jochim Staets & Capt Bleeker they w^ere found so weake that 
they could not spare there men & y® People generally unwilling 
to consent that any more men should go out of Towns not being 
much above 150 men in y® Citty. 

Die Martis Albany y® 11"» day of February 16ff 
Haveing Received Information from Shinnectady last night y* 
no messenger was yet gone to y^ Maquase Castle to warn them 
to come doune it was resolved that M"" Wessells should goe in 
all haste thither to bring doune y^ Maquase and Capt Gerrit 
Teunise to goe with a Party of men now att Shinnectady to follow 
ye Enemies Tract to see if they have a stronger army or any party 
bound e hither to this Toune and comeing to Shinnectady were 
assured that a messenger was gone to y® Maquase Castles, and 
Lawrence y® Indian haveing been out in pursuit of y® Enemy with 
9 men which Lay here in Toune got an Indian Prisoner by ye way 
who was examind and told y* the Enemy were not many above 
a hundred french and 100 Indians y^ s^ Lawrence ye Maquase 
Proposed y' he now had 49 men of ye Maquase & River Indians 
sent from Albany, y' he was Intended to pursue y'= Enemy to 
morrow, for his heart was Broke to see so much of his Brethrens 
blood shed and would Procure some of ye Prisoners back again 
either by force or by strategem, upon wh M^ Wessells proposed 
to ye young men come there with Leift Evert de Ridder ; now yow 
see what that Lawrence ye Indian Intends, how many of yow are 
willing to goe along with him & serve there Majes king William 
& Queen Mary & Pursue there Enemies that have Destroyed so 
many Christians, out of which Compe & of some oy" y^ came 
iVom Albany only 21 went out with Lawrence y*" Maquase on y® 


12 of february being Weddensday, and just as they were furnishd 
and Ready to goe y« Indians of y® first &2'1 Castle came to Capt 
Sanders but y® weather being so badd & such a Rain they could 
not Proceed y* day Expecting y« Indians of yo S'^ Castle would 
be there that night. 

The 12th dito Die Mercury. 
Last night it was Resolved upon to made Ready one hundred 
men to joyn w^h y* 50 men y* were at Shinnectady & w'h y* 
Maquase & River Indians & so pursue y® Enemy, but this day y® 
great Thaw and Rain Prevented there march and quite Discour- 
aged ye People of haveing any Successe, we writt therefore to 
Shinnectady to Mr. Wessells y* we hoped he had sent ye men 
forward that was there and them were sent him last night, Since 
we see no Probability of Sending any more from hence y® weather 
being so badd which accordingly was done haveing advice y^ Mr. 
Wessells had Dispatchd about 90 or 100 Christians & Indians & 
ye Skachkooc Indians w^h were gone by the way of Sarachtoge 
were to meet them together with y® 40 maquase y* were out as 
skouts Lawrence sending forthwith 2 messengers before to 
warn y® s^ 40 Indians to meet them. 

The 13 dito. Die Jovis. 
About 10 a Clock ye Indians of Tionondage ye 3<i Castle of 
ye Mohoggs came to Shinnectady who Rested there that day, 
alderman Shaik Capt Staets & Ensighn Shuyler were Commanded 
out with a Party of men to joyn ye Tionondages and so Pursue 
ye Enemy but comeing to Shinnectady ye Indian Prisoner taken 
by Lawrence beuig given to ye Sachims of Tionondage after they 
had Tormented him he was given to an Indian wooman according 
to there custome who gave him his life, who then Confessed y* 
when he came out of Canida there were 600 men making Ready 
to come out towards albany or N: England, w^h Discouraged 
alderman Shaik Capt. Jochim Staets to Proceed j The more 
because a negro woman of Shinnectady was told ye Same by a 
Span yard y* was among ye french y* a Design was Laid against 
albany. So yt ye Tionondages went out & followed Lawrence, & 
ufler they had been out a day came back again till Lawrence sent 


a messenger that he was within a days journey of yc Enemy and 
Praid them to come up with all Speed then they went & 9 of our 
Christians w^^ Ens: abr: Schuyler, but could not overtake y* 
Enemy y® Christians came back & y^ Indians went on The 
maquase upon our Dsyre granted the Indian Prisoner to be sent 
to ye fort to be Secured for fear of his Running away to Canida 
Capt. Garten Capt PaUng Capt Beekman & Capt Matthys w'*» 
30 men came from Sopus for our assistance. 

Att a meeting of y® Convention of albany ye 15*^ day 
of february 16|| 

Pr Schuyler Mayf D. wessells Record^ 

Div. van Shaik J. Bleeker 

Claes Ripse albt. Ryckman 

Joh: Cuyler Evert Banker 

Capt Marte gerritse Capt gerrit Teunise 

Capt Garten Capt Paling 

Capt Beekman 
Resolved to write to y^ governf & Councill of Boston Connet- 
ticut & Virginia & to yc Civill & Military officers of N: Yorke 
& desyred them to joyn together that Quebeck may be taken by 
water in y® Spring as p"" said letters appears 

Stephen Lee & M'' Davenport were sent Post to Boston and 
Connetticut &. Cornelise Viele to N: Yorke 

The 18th of february 16 1| 
Whereas there are severall houses near y® Citty which stand 
Extream Dangerous & ye Enemy being dayly Expected ye gen- 
erality of y® Citizens desyre that they may be pulled doune It is 
ordered by y® raay^ aldermen and commonality of y® Citty of 
Albany y* y® same be forthwith removed to witt y^house of Barent 
albertse Bratt y® house of W™ hoffmayer y« house of adriaen 
appel, ye house of y^ widow of Cornelise vanderholve, and to y® 
end that y^ same may be effected with y® Least Dammage to y*^ 
owners these following p'sones to witt P^ Winne P*^ Bogardus 
W'n Claese Groesbeek harme Gansevoort Dirk Bensing & JaR 
Cornelise Vyselaer are appointed and authorized to agree with y^ 


owners Else to apprise the same, w"^** s*! apprizem' is to be pam 
by the Publike & to order y* y^ same may be broke off in the 
most orderly way with all speed ; y« s'^ 6 Persones are also 
authorized to Cause all y^ fences & trees standing neer the Toune 
to be Removed & to warn y« owners to doe it with all Expedi- 
tion else to order it to be done, in doeing whereof this shall 
be y*' sufficient warrant ; y^ s^ men are authorized to give there 
Report whether any oy houses ought to be Removed in this 
dangerous time that order may be taken therein actum in albany 
ye igth (lay of february 16f| Signd P"" Schuyler mayr J. 
Bleeker Joh : wendel albert Ryckman Claes Ripse van dam Liv : 
van Shaik Jochim Staets Gerrit Ryerse Reynier Barentse. 

Albany ye 21ti» february 16if 
Pr Schuyler Eghbert Teunise 

D. Wessells Joh ; Cuyler 

Claes Ripse gert Ryerse 

alb* Ryckman Capt gert Teunise 

Capt Marte gerritse 
P' Winne P' Bogardus Harme gansevoort Dirk Bensing & Jan 
Cornelise Vyslaer who were authorized to give there Report 
whether any oy^ houses ought to be Removed from ye Toune 
walls, doe say y* ye4 houses of Barent albertse Brat Adrienappel 
W'" hoffraayer & y® wd^ of Cornelise vanderholve be Removed 
ye oyf houses may stand till further order, but y* all fences Trees 
and oy' timber must be Removed 60 paces without ye City 
stockadoes, & all oy^ things w^ might hinder y® view of ye enemy 
Item yt ye Curtain must be Repaired by Bennony van Korlaers 
& by ye May P"" Schuylers. 

Orderd y* ye houses of Barent albertse Bradt W™ hoffmayer 
adriaen appel & y® wid^ of Cornelise vanderholve be pulled 
doune by y® Companies of Capt Bleeker & Capt Wendel & sett 
up again within ye Citty on such lotts as shall be appointed for 
ye same & y* ye quarter of a Compe doe work at a time & so by 

'J he Mayr aldermen & Commonality have granted to Adrien 
a])i)L; 3® Lott between Jurian van hoese & Reynier Schaets for 


his house to be erected there, tliat is to say so much grounile as 
his house can stand on in front to be on ye Side of Jurian van 
hoese & for W"* hoofmayer y® Lott Behinde between y® Brew 
house of Bennony van Corlaer & y® Lott of Reynier Shaets 
deceased that in so much as y^ s^ house can stand upon in front 
next to y® Brew house Provided y" Lotts of y® s^ W"" Hoffmayer 
8c adriaen appel without y® gate shall for y® future belong to y® 
Mayr aldermen & Commonality of y« Citty of albany & there 
successors forever 

Ordered y* y® house of Barent alberts Bradt be erected on a 
lot of Johannes den wandelaer next to bans hendriks & if y* s^ 
Johannes de wandelaer and Barent albertse Bradt cannot agree 
about y® Price 4 persones shall be appointed to apprize y® same 
yffh ye gd Barent is to pay, & then ye Lott without ye gate 
Remains his but not to be built upon withost order 

Ordered y* all persones y* have fences neer ye Toune be 
warned to Remove y® same 60 paces from ye Toune Stockadoes 
in 3 day's time 

Ordered y® first divison of Capt Bleekers Comp® goe to works 
& Pull doune y^ s^ 4 houses on Munday morning standing neerest 
ye gates, beginning at the house of Barent albertse Bradt which 
house together with y® house of W™ hoffmayer and adriaen appel 
is to be sett up again by y® Inhabitants in some Convenient 
Place within y® Citty & y' by every division both in Pulling 
doune y® houses & setting them up there be at least on Carpenter 
or Two, The house of y® wid^^ of Cornelise vanderholve being 
old and Decayed is only to be pulled doune 

Orderd y' y® gate by harme ganseforts be forthwith Repaired 



At a meeting &c. 
Albany y« 22^^ day of febmary 16|i 


Pr Schuyler May' Ens: Bennitt 

D. Wessells Record' Capt Paling 

L: v: Shaik Capt Beekrtian 

J: Bleeker Ens: Job: Sanders 

Albt Ryckman P' Winne 

Job: Cuyler W«» de Mayer 

Reynier Barents C: Marte gerritse 

Kiliaen van Renselaer Claes Ripee 

Ev: Banker Capt garten 

Capt Bull Capt gerrit Teunise 

Capt Jochim Staets L* Robt Sanders 

Resolved tbat for ye p'servation of tbere Majea Intrest in tbese 
parts & y« Secureing of tbere Subjects in tbis time of war w^i^ y« 
frencb, y^^ all means be used to Perswade all y® Maquase to come 
& live & Plant at Shinnectady lately Destroyed by y« frencb and 
there Indians w^ will be a means y* y^ winter Corn sowed there 
may be Reaped & y® Indians in Readinesse to joyn with our 
forces upon any occasion if y^ enemy should come 

Resolved y* all Endevors be used to Perswade y^ Indians of 
Skaclrikook to come & live & Plant upon Marte gerritse Island 
neer y^" toune whereby y® fidelity of y* Indians will be knowen 
& they Ready upon all occasions to goe as Skouts to discover y* 
Enemy & to assist upon any attempt of y® Enemy — 

Resolved yt ye River Indians liveing at Beere Island and 
Catskill be Perswaded to goe all & live & Plant at Catskill who 
will be Ready on all occasions to be employed as * skouts or 
oywise which will much Conduce for ye Security of our neigh- 
bours of ye County of ulster by thene Continuall hunting and 
Rangeing y« woods 

And Capt garrit Teunise doth Promise upon all occasions to 
send up such number of s'J Indians as shall be Requisite to be 
Employd as afores<i ' 

Symon van Ness and Andries Barents who went out yc first 
w* ye maquase Returning told j they had Pursued ye Enemy to 


y* great Lake &, would have overtaken them had they not been 
Spyed by some of y« Enemy Indians that went out to looke loi 
2 negroe boys y^ were Runn away from them, & yt ye Indians & 
Christians were all Tyred when they came to y« Croune Point 
neer y^ Lake ; some went farther till they came to where ye Ise 
Was smooth where the french had with horses that they carried 
from Shinnectady & skeets & Yse spurrs, made all the way they 
could over y® Lake in So much that our People could gain nothing 
upon them ; whereas at first they went 2 of there days journeys 
in one; neverthelesse Lawrence y« maquase & about 140 Mohoggs 
& River Indians are gone in Pursute of them, & will follow them 
quite to Canida. 

Att a Meeting &c. 

Albany Febuy 23^ 16 f| 

Itt was Proposed to y^ gent" of Sopus to levy 50 men out of 
there County for our assistance to lye in Garrison here, who 
Replyed that they would use all Endevors to Perswade there 
People for a Supply, but by there unhappy Revolutions and 
Distractions Some adhereing to y^ first magistracy oy^ to there 
hew leaders. They cannot Execute y^ Power & Command as is 
Requisite on such occasions People being under no Regulation. 

Resolved to write to y^ Civill & Military oflScers of Sopus for 
y® assistance of 50 men to lye in Garrison here to Defend there 
Majes King William &, queen Marys Intrest in these Parts — 

It was also proposed to Raise some Goods by way of loan 
upon there Maj^s acct. of them that were willing to advance, to 
be Employed for ye Publike — 

It is Concluded to fortify ye Toune w^^ all speed & y* y® 4 
houses standing neer y^ gates be pulled doune to morrow 

Att a Meeting &c 

Albany Febuy 25*^ 16i« 
Pr Schuyler may*" Joh: Cuyler 

D: Wessels Record' Reynier Barents 

John Bleeker Jochim Staets 

alb' Ryckman 
Resolved yt no merchandize either Christian or Indian fitt foi 
cloathing be Transported out of y® Citty upon pain of Confisca 


tion — Bevers or Peltry money or oy^ Treasure & goods not 
necessare for apparel may be sent doune — 

Propositions made by the Sachims of y® Maquase 
Castles to y^ Mayor Alderman and Commonality of 
y« Citty of albany and Military officers of y« s^ Citty 
and County in ye Citty hall y® 25*^ (|ay of february 


P"" Schuyler May Interpreted p*" ' 

D wessels Record'" arnout and hille 

L: v: Shaik J^'ames of y^ Sachims 

Jan Janse bleeker Sinerongnirese Speker 

albt Ryckman Rode 

Reynier Barents Saggoddiochquisax 

Joh: Cuyler oquedagoa 

C. marte Gerritse Tosoquatho 

C. Jochim Staets odagerasse 

L' abr: Schuyler aridarenda 

En: gabr Thompson Jagogthare 

Brethren — Wee are sory and Extreamly greeved for y® 
murlher Lately Committed by y^ french upon our Brethren of 
Shinnechtady wee Esteem this evill as if done to ourselfs being 
all in one Covenant chain But what they have done is by way 
of Stehh by way of Robbery unawars our brethren of New 
England M'ill be sorry to hear of this sad dissaster, but we must 
not be discouraged give a belt of wampum according to there 
custome to wipe of the tears 

2 Brethren Wee Lament and Condole the death of so many 
of our brethren so basely murtherd at Shinnechtady, we cannot 
accompt it a gi'eat victory for itt is done by way of Deceit He 
(meaning y® govern"" of Canida) comes to our Country by his 
messengers at onnomlage and speaks of Peace with y® whole 
house quite hither, But warr is in his heart as yow fynde by 
woful Experience but what shall we say it is y° same as he illd 
at Cadarachqui and yc Sinnekes Country this y^ third time thnt 
lit' lies done so; he hes this is y® third time Broke open y" gcvell 
of cui' li0ii*.e on both ends y^ one end at Sinnondcvvanne an;l y*" oy'" 


here, but we hope to be revenged " there is one hundred of our 
young men out still who will Pursue them to there doors at 
Canida nay y^ french shall not be able Cutt a Stick of wood we 
will lay soe Close seige to them we doe now gather ye Dead 
together in order to There Interrment a manner of speakeing 
amongst them doe give a belt of wampum 

3 Wee are come here from our Castles with tears in our Eys to 
bemoan ye murther Committed by y« Perfidious french at Shin- 
nechtady our young Indians are gone out in Pursute of them and 
while we are now Bussy in Burying the dead y* were murtherd 
there we may have bad news y* our people are gone out may be 
killed also y® same y* is befallen y" may befall us ; we doe 
therefore come and bury our Brethren at Schennechtady doe give 
a belt of wampum according to there Custome 

4 Great is y^ MischafFe y*^ is befallen us it is come from y* 
heavens upon us were taught by our fore fathers when any Sad 
accident or Dissaster doth befall any of y® Covenant to goe with 
all Convenient speed to Bemoan there death, doe give a Belt of 
wampum which they call a belt of Vigelance that is not to have 
too much thought on what is done yt Cannot be Remedied but to 
be watchful for y® future and give Eye water to make y^ Brethren 
Sherpe Sighted 

5 Wee corne to y^ house where we usually doe Renew y« 
Covenant which house we fynde Defiled with blood this is knowne 
to all y® 5 nations and we are come to wipe off y^ blood and 
Sweep ye house clean and therefore pray y' Corlaerand all they y^ 
are in office here in albany nameing y® mayor whom they call 
pieter m^ wessells and m^" Livingston may use all means and 
derect all affares to be revenged of y® Enemy that have done us 
this Evill doe give a belt of wampum 

6 Brethr : Doe not be discouraged this is butt a beginning of 
ye warr we are strong eneugh the whole house have there Eyes 
fixed upon y'"^ and they only stay your motion and will be ready 
10 doe what ever shall be resolved upon by our Brethren, our 
Covenant is a firm Covenant it is a Silver Chain and cannot be 
broke we are resolute and will Continue ye warr we will not leave 
off if ihere were but 30 men of us left we will Proceed There- 


fore pray lake good heart Doe not Pack and goe away if y' 
Enemy should hear y^ at would much Encourage them ; wee are 
of y Race of y® Bear and a bear doth not yeald as long as there 
is a droop of blood in its body we must all be soe doe give a belt 
of wampum 

7 Brethren Be Content Look up to y"^ heavens from thence y« 
Judgment is come now upon us be not discouraged y^ same hand 
yt hath chastised us can heal us; the sunn w*^'' now hath been Cloudy 
and sent us this dissaster will shinne again ami with its Pleasant 
Beams Comfort us Be Incouraged with many Repetitions doe 
give a bevir skin 

8 Wee are Engaged in a bloody warr with y^ french about 3 
years agoe and were Incouraged to proceed and no sooner were 
well Entred and gott prisoners but a Cessation Came and Corlaer 
meaning Col: dongan hindred us to proceed and demanded y® 
prisoners from us we were obedient and did deliver them and 
layed doune y^ hatehet which if we might have gone foreward 
then the french would not have been in y* Capacity to doe so 
much mischeeffe as they doe but now \v(' must dye Such obstruc- 
tions will Ruine us ; if we might have had our wills we would 
have prevented there planting Sowing and Reaping and brougl^t 
them low and mean Neverthelesse lett us be stedfast and not take 
such measures again lett us goe one briskly withy® warr doe give 
a Bever Skinn 

9 Wee Recommend y® brethren to keep good watch and if any 
Enemies come take care y' messengers be more speedily sent to 
us then lately was done we would not advise y® brethren quite to 
desert Shinnechtady but to make a fort there The enemy woul4 
be too glorious to See it quite desolate and y"" Toune is not well 
fortifyed y^ Stockadoes are so short y^ Indians can jump over 
them like a dogg doe give a bever skinn 

10 This mischeeffe is done at Shinnechtady and it Cannot bee 
helped but asoon as any Enemy Comes let nothing hinder y"" speedy 
sending to us y® news by Posts and fyreing great gunnes y' all 
may be alarmd and our advise is y* y'" gett all y^ River Indians 
who are under yr subjection to come and Live neer unto y^ to be 
ready on all occasions and send word to n: England of all and 


lend us there helping hand ; lett us not be discouraged y® french 
are not so many as people talk off if we but minde our buissinesse 
they can be subdued with y^ assistance of our neighbours of N: 
England whose Intrest it is to drive on this warr as much as ours 
y* it may be speedily ended 

Wee Desyi-e y* y"' brethren may Recommend y*^ Smiths not to 
be dear in repareing our arms since money is so scarce and we 
only goe to warring and not to hunting we shall take care to warn 
y® Sinnekes and y^ nations living above us to be in Readiness© 
for we being one they hearken to us and tell of N: England yt we 
shall take care y* y® upper nations be Ready for our security and 
assistance and lett them be ready also with Ships and great gunns 
by water and we will plague him by land we are resolved not te 
goe out a hunting but to minde y® warr for y® sooner y® french 
be fallen upon y« better before they gett men and provisions from 
france as there usuall custome is doe give a bever Skinn 

Answer upon y® maquase Sachims Propositions by y^ may' 

aldermen and Commonality of y^ Citty of albany and 

Military officers of y^ s^ Citty and County att the Citty 

hall ye 26 febry IBi^ 

Brethren — Your Coming heir according to the Custom of your 

ancestors to Condole y^ death of the brethren murthred at Shin- 

nectady is very acceptable, whereby your Inclination to wards us 

is demonstrate, wee must acknowledge that they did not keep so 

good watch as they ought Considereing what a false and deceit 

full Enemy they had to deal with all but that w'' made them secure 

was ye great trust they repossed in the 45 maquase who came 

heire and tendred there service to goe and be y**- out watch and 

to spy y*-' Enemy, which end powder and lead was given them as 

they understood wee wer about hyreing of Christians to send 

thither but wer un happily Deverted by the s^^ Compan'.e off 

maquase who promised to have four posts ready two to goe to 

there own Country and two to runn hither if any Enemy should 

appear for the Brethren did assur us that no freneh Could Come 

heir without beeing Discouered and then would all fall Into our 

hands wee are likewise mindful! how y* y'^ 5 nations last fall wbea 


the gcntlrarn of newEngkl were heir did declare how thoy \VGn1f! 
Encompassc the frenchof Canida that they should not break out this 
winter without being Discovind and Allien upon ;ind die — likewise 
propose by our messeinggcrs arnout and Rob' Sanders at the 
generall meeting of onnondage to have 307: 400 men sent hither 
to be Readie on all occasions but see non 

Now Brethren this Evill is done and Cannot bee Called back 
again, and y^ only meanes the prevent y^ Like for the futur is to 
keep good watch and to have good Courage to oppose and resist 
ye Enemy wee are no wayes Discomfitted for this misfortune It 
is y* fortun of warr wee doe not feare to be Even with the french 
in a short time wee have alredy sent Letters to all our nighbours 
of n: England Virginia and maryland the subjects of y'' great king 
of England and acquainted them of the Evill done heir by the 
french and how requisite it is y' eijips be fitted out with all Con- 
venient speed to goe to quebek and to presse the bussinese there 
more wee doe now send p^sons io N: Yorke and n: England on 
purpose to lay open the Case before them &,^ to move them 
to Rigg out vessels not only to hinder succor comeing from 
france but to take Quebek itt Self as also to send more men 
hither y^ we may then send men along with yw to annoy y* 
Enemy in there Country: In y® mean time we recommend y* 
brethren to Send for 200 m^ii i'vcm y^ upper nations to joyn 
with yw to keep y® french in Continuall allarm and doe them 
what mischectle imagineable and the onnondage and Sinnekes 
roust goe doune y^* river of Cadarachqui and meet ononoy' 
about Mont Royall and annoy y^ Enemy there ; we shall in y*" 
mean while fortify y*^ toune and put our Selfs in a good posture 
of defence y* we may not be surprized as they of Shinnechtady 
were and make all preparations to oppose y« Enemy 

The Brethren see y* we are in warr with france now there is 
no time to speak of peace the french as you will observe have 
fallen on both end of y« Chain Butt not broke it lett us keep y*' 
Covenant so much y« faster w*» never hes had y® crak since y" 
verry first y® Christians came here They strove to lull us as all 
as leep by there Messengers at onnondage Speaking of peace 
and then they were upon y® way hither to Commit this murther 


The brethren need not fear for a Cessation to hinder us to Pursue 
ye Enemy for as we told y^ before y^ king y*' ordered that was a 
papist and a great frinde of y® french but our psent Great king 
will purme y® warr to y<^ uttmost therefore we must all pr^paic 
for warr, It well there fore be verry requisite that y« brethren 
for there better Security come and plant this summer att Shinnech- 
tady upon y^ Land y* kannot be Cultivate this year that we may 
be near to on onoy^ upon any occasion Concerning y'' Proposition 
of y^ Skachkook Indians tis Concluded on some days agoe to 
propose to y'^ Skachkook Indians y« Planting on Marte gerritse 
Island hard by y® toune and y® River Indians y* lived below shall 
also come together to be ready on all occasions 

Wee must Insist and recommend y^ to perswade there of 
oneyde to Send y<* Priest hither for y ^ have Seen how dangerous 
it is to have such persones among y^^ -^yho Informs y® Enemy of 
all y"" doings and discovers all our desyns we shall secure him y* 
he runn not away and when y'' ouner demands him and y° troubles 
arc over shall be deliverd for he can doe more harm in oneyde 
then 100 men 

We think it Convenient y* one or two of y^ Sachims stay here 
and yt a Sachim of each nation be here to assist in y^ managera* 
of y® affaires of y® warr 

was give them G belt of wampum 

Some Duffells Tobaccy 

and some baggs with 

After ye proposition was answerd they gave 

a shout according to y« Custome which 

Signified amen they would Continue y« 

warr to the uttmost 

After y*-' s^ answer 
The Maquase Sachims s*^ you [have heard] repeated our answer 
we are [going to pursue the Enemy and] are not discouraged A 
mistake can [be committed] by y« best and wisest of men and 
we [are resolved] now to persue y® war with all Vigour, We 
have a hundred men out in persute of y® Enemy still who are 
good skouts in ye mean time, we Expect all y'' Sachims of y« 


upper nations to Consult with us, who will come to Condole y* 
death of our brethren murtherd at Schinnechtady you need not 
fear our being ready wee are soon fitted out our ax is in our hands 
butt take care of y*" selfs to be in Readinesse the Shipps y' must 
doe y« principall workc ar long a fitteing out and Rigging we 
doe not design to goe out w^^a small troop as skouts but as soon 
as y« nations come together wc well goe with a whole army to 
Ruine y« french Country; y^ bussinesse must be soone brought to 
a Pereod therefore send in all haste to N: England for we nor y^ 
cannot live long in this Condition we must order it soe y* y® french 
be in a Continuall fear and alarm and y* y^ way to be in Peace 
here Concerning y® Skachkbok Indians in our opinion they lye 
well where they are as a good watch they are our Childeren we 
will take good care y* they doe there duty but as for y® Indians 
y* Live below y« toune them we mean must be sent for up and 
gott to plant and live together to be alwayes in Readinesse upon 

This is a true Copy Examind 

p'" RoBT Livingston 

Att a meeting &c. 

albany Feby 26th 16|| 
Present as before, also, L: v. Shaik Ev. Banker M. 
gerritse L* abr Schuyler R. Sanders gabriel Thomson 
& Capt Bull. 
Whereas it is thougt Convenient y* all fences & Timber be 
Removed 60 Paces from y® City Stockadoes, you are therefore 
hereby Required in there Maj'^s name to warn all people y* have 
there fences & Timber or oy'' materials so neer y^ outside of ye 
fence whereby y«= Sight Rounde y^ Toune walls is hindred to 
Remove ye same in 24 hours time, else must be Removed at 
there Cost actum in albany y^ 26*h day of feb 16|^ 

P"" order of yc Civill & Military officers 

Rt Liv: CI 
To R: Pretty Esq"" high Sherriffe of y« 
Citty & County of Alb: 


Att a meeting &c. 

albany Feb 21^ 16i| 
The Bussinesse being taken into Consideration concerning 
Sending agents to N: Yorke & New England to acquaint them 
off affares here, and to Desyre assistance for y^ Preservation of 
there Maj**^ Intrest in these parts it was putt to y* vote 

And these following vote for a Person to be sent to N: Yorke 
fie one to N: England 

Pr Schuyler May'' Claes Ripse 

C. Jan Janse Bleaker gabriel Thomson 
Reynier Barents Johannes Cuyler 

D. Wessells Liv van Shaik 
C. Jochim Staets Evert Bankertt 
albt. Ryckman abr: Shuyler 

C. Sanders Glenn Kiliaen van Renselaer 

Rob* Sanders 

It is voted by 7 votes y* Joh: Cuyler goe to N: Yorke 5 votes 
y* Reynier Barents goe & 2 y* Livinus van Shaik goe 

It was Resolved nemine Contradicente y* Robt Livingston goe 
with all Convenient Speed to Canetticut and Boston, & declare 
ye Condition of this County, & desyre y* all Endevors may be 
used to Rigg out vessells towards Quebek, & Prevent all succor 
comeing from france & and to Request y® assistance of fifty 
men and one hundred Barbells of Porke and Beefe, & if no men 
can be obtained then ^£400 in money & y' Commission & Instruc- 
tions be given him accordingly 

It is thougt Convenient to write to y® gent of y^ County of 
Ulster yt one of y* gent y* was lately here be desyred to goe 
to N: England with Rob' Livingston our agent to moove y* 
gent" there in ye behalfe of y* County for all Possible aid aa 

And y' by no means y^ Comp® of Capt Bull be draune off but 
stay here till a gov"" Comes or further order from there Maj*^ for 
our Releeffe 

Rob<^ Livingston desyred to be Excused from goeing to N: 
England not judgeing himself cappable of mannageing a Bussi- 
nesse of y' moment: but if y* gent would not excuse him y* he 


might take Capt gerrit Tounise along -with him, Avho knew most 
of y*' gent of y^ neighbouring Collony w^ was graunted 

Resolved Since Johannes Cuyler Refuses y* Reynier Barents 
with all Convenient Speed goe to Sopus & there in our name 
Request Capt Garten or one of y^ gent" y* were Last here to 
goe to Boston along with Rob* Livingston & Capt gerrit Teunise 
agents to Procure y® assistance of 50 men and Provisions, and if 
no men can be Procured, to Procure some money, and use all 
Pressures Imaginable y* Shipping may be Equipd to goe to 
uivade Canida, & y* y^ s*! Person may be at Catskill on Munday 
night in order to proceed on y^ journey, y* s<^ jM"" Barents is to 
use all Endeavors w*^ y^ g^nt of Sopus to Procure 50 men with 
Provisions for our assistance as also 500 skepels of Indian Corn 
for there Maj^s acct. for ye Indians y* goe out to warr ag^t y* 
french, & Comeing to N: Yorke y^ s^ Barents is to inform them 
of afFares there & Insist with y^ authority there for y^ assistance 
of men provisions & money, according to instructions which shall 
be given him. 

Resolved that for v*^ easier managem* of y® Present afFares in 
this juncture y* 6 persones out of y*' Convention be appointi'd to 
order matters who are 

Dirk Wessells Record^" \ 

L: van Shaik / W^ s^ Persones are for yo 

Capt Jan Bleeker I future ,to take y^ Charge 

Capt Marte gerritse / of doeing all Publike 
Reynier Barents V Bissinesse in this County 

Evert Banker J 

Orderd y* y*^ following Instructions be given to Mr. Reynier 
Barents bounde to N: Yorke who not understanding English 
desyre y* they might be in Dutch. 

Instructions given by the Civil & Military officers of 
the City and County of albany to Reynier Barents 
one of the Common Council of this city, who is sent 
to N. York as their Agent. 
1. You shall go with all Convenient Speed to the Sopusand there 
in our name instantly require Capt. Garten or one of the gentle 


men who were recently here, to accompany Rob^ Livingston our 
Agent to N. England, and there procure if possible the assistance 
of 50 men with Provisions, and if no people can be spared, to 
request money to aid in assisting the King and Queens cause in 
this County and that all means be used to persuade them to 
equip ships to invade Canada, and to the End that the said journey 
may be most speedily prosecuted, he will please notify said 
agent from the Esopus to be next Monday at Catskill with Capt 
Ger* Teunise where our Agent shall be to proceed together 
by Tachkanick to Harford, conveying the horses over from 

2. You are to use all means to persuade the gentlemen of the 
Sopus .to send 50 men to our assistance with provision, and if 50 
cannot be obtained, then 30. 

3. You will acquaint the gentlemen in the Sopus with all the 
circumstances here and how necessary it is that we have 50t 
Skepels of Maize for Supplying the Indians, requesting that they 
be pleased to send hither together a like quantity for their Ma- 
jesties ace' There shall be no doubt but such shall be thankfully 
paid for at the first settling. 

4 When arrived at N. York you will have to wait on the 
Governor if he be arrived, otherwise on the authority there, and 
inform them pertinently of all the circumstances that have occurred 
especially here since our last letters of the 15*^ inst that the In- 
dians and Christians who pursued the French, could not bring 
them back. 

5. That they bring all their sea force together to unite with our 
neighbours of Boston to attack Canada. 

6. That we require people here to defend this place ; also some 
young Frieslanders {frissemaets) to accompany the Indians as 
these Complain that no Christians go with them & that they shall 
act in like manner by our young men. 

7 That we here cannot subsist without supplies, to wit of Meat 
& Pork with Corn if things are to prosper here — that provision be 
therefore/sent up with the people. 

8. That you do also inform them how badly off- this city is for 
money to defray the publick expenses which are daily so onerous 



Aat they cannot be met, and that £ be sent us for the 

King's Service 

9 That you do Set all this fully before them according to the 
merits of the case, and beseech them to lay aside all animosities 
and divisions and that every one exert his power to crush the 
Common Enemy. 

10. That you keep an exact account of your expenses during 
this journey which will be allowed you by the public. 

By the Convention of the Civill & military officers of 
y® Citty & County of albany 

Whereas it is thougt convenient y* a fit Person be Commis- 
sionated to goe to N : Yorke to Communicate to y® authority 
there y^ State & Condition of this Place and Confideing in y^ 
Integrity and fidelity of Reynier Barents one of y® assistants of 
this Citty & a member of our Convention, have Desyred and 
authorized him w^^ all Convenient Speed to goe to N : Yorke & 
to hasten there aid of men provisions & money for y® Preserva- 
tion of there Maj*'^ Intrest in these parts & to use all Pressing 
Endevors that they may joyn with our neighbors of N : England 
to fitt out vessells to annoy y** french at Canida Earnestly De- 
syreing y* y^ s^ Reynier Barents may be Reputed and Esteemed 
as our agent in that Behalfe, Ratefyeing & Confirming whatever 
he shall act or doe about y® p'mises, given und^" our hands «Sl Sealls 
in albany y^ 20*'» day of february 16 1 2. and in y® first year of y^ 
Reign of our Souvraign Lord & Lady W^ & Mary king & Queen 
of England &a_i6|9 

Ordered y* y® following Instructions be Delivered to Rob' 
Livingston & he Desyred to Proceed in his journey for N : Eng- 
land w*^ all Expedition 

Instructions for Robert Livingston Gent" Sent by y^ 
Convention of y^ Civill & Military officers of y^ Citty 
& County of albany to be there agent in n : Engl<^ 

1 Yow are to goe with y« first Conveniency to Canetticut along 
with Cap' Gerrit Teunise and such Person as y* Gent : of y*' 



County of Ulster shall appoint to joyn with y« in this bussinesse, 
& if no such Person come to Catskill as is appointed then Avith 
''y s^ Cap* Gerrit Teunise & Communicate to y^ Gov^ & Councill 
of Canetticut the state of alTares here, & in what Danger this Part 
of there Maj^^^ Territory is in, if not speedily assisted by our 

2 Yow are to acquaint them how Requisite it is y* some sudden 
means be used to fitt out vessells to goe to Canida and Invade Quebek 
which is y® Easier and surer way then by Land, since Quebek is 
but meanly fortified, & few men there, y® strentchof Canida being 
Drawn up to mont Royall w^ y® french have fortified. 

3 Yow are to make y* addresse to y® s^ Gov^ & Councill of 
Canetticut for y® assistance of fifty Brisk young men or more fitt for 
traveling in y® woods to goe out upon occasion w^^ our People 
and y® Indians to annoy y® Enemy 

4 After y" have discoursed of y^ mean Condition of this Place 
& how Scarce Provisions are like to be the farmers leaveing there 
habitations, since y® murther Committed at Shinnectady ; where 
great store of all sorts of Provisions was Destroyed, then y" are 
to Desyre y^ quantity of one hundred Barrells of Porke or Beefe 
Equivalent for there Maj«^s use to be Employed as occasion shall 
Require for there Maj^^ Troops that lye in garrison here for y« 
Defence of this part of y" Country 

5 If y« govi" & Councill of Canetticut doe Decline to send 
any more men or no Provisions hither then y^ are to Insist y* y* 
Comp« of Capt Bull stay here till further order from there Maj«8 
since it would be of Dangerous Consequence to draw off s** 
Comp*' at this juncture & Raise jealousies among y® Indians, 
while they are so Eager for more men to Pursue y® warr against 
y® french. 

6 Yow are to goe from Canetticut to Boston and apply y' 
Self to y® govern'' and Councill there, & Inform them of all 
atfares here, what dammage y« french have done & what Subtle 
Practices they use to draw of y° 5 nations of Indians from there 
Dependance on y*^ Imperiall Croune of England to side with y* 
french & how dangerous it would be to there Maj^^ Tritrest if s** 
nations should hearken to y® Enemy. 


7 That y^ only means to Secure there Countrycs from y* 
Incursions of y<^ french and there Indians would be to Equipp 
& Rigg out some vessells with men to Invade Qucbek, & to 
p'vent all Supplyes comeing from france whereby yc french will 
be Discomfited and our Indians Incouraged to Pursue y^ warr 
by Land 

8 That we of this governm* are not able to Resist y*' Power 
of Canida without y^ assistance of our neighbors, & therefore 
Desyre y* fifty men or more may be Speedily sent hither for y® 
Defence of y^ Place and to Pursue y"^ Enemy upon occasion and 
one hundred Barrells of Porke & Beefe for there subsistence, 
which with that dayly Expected from N: Yorke will much Con- 
tribute for ye Safety of y« Place, since y® People here are so 
much Impoverished & Provisions so Scarce by y« out plantations 
being Deserted y* y® forces cannot be maintained without a 

9 Yow are to acquaint y^ s*^ Govern"" & Councill what cost & 
Charge we have been att, w**i y^ Indians, since these Revolutions 
to secure them to this govern m*, & y^ it is Impossible to Proceed 

without y6 assistance of <£ to be Employed yt w^ay w^* 

shall be Exactly accompted for, what way Disposed & undoubtedly 
allowed by there Maj^s 

10 Yow are to strive to make them senceible how usefull ye 
5 nations will be during y'' warr w'^ ye french of Canida & how 
Dangerous it would be to loose them at such a juncture & y^ only 
means to induce them to be vigorous in y® Prosecution of y« warr 
will be by giving them a good example since they verry well 
know y^ y® English here farr exceed them of Canida 

11 Yow are to keep an Exact account of whatever Charges 
y* & y« Persones goeing with y^ from this County are att in yo 
Prosecution of y"^ Journey out & home & whatever y^ Disburse 
over and above y® money now given shall be allowed y^ on 
ace* of yc Publik which if not be allowed by there Maj^^ then 
shall be paid by y^ County 

12 Since it is unknowne to us what occurrences y^ may meet 
v.;.i^;;!i in this Employ. Yow are to act & doe in our Behalfe 


■with our s'l neighbours whatever y^ shall juge expedient & 
needful for y° secureing of there Maj^s Intrest here in these parts 
and Safety of there Subjects, Ratefying & Confirming whatever 
yw shall act or Perform Concerning y® Premises 
Albany 4*^ of March N. B. y® alteration of Chargeing y*^ 
16f 2- Expenses to y® Publike which if not be 

allowed by there Maj^s then shall be p*l 
by y*^ County was made before Signing 
Signd P^ Schuyler May' 

Dirk Wessells Record'" 
Jan Janse Bleeker aldcrm: 
Johannes wendel alderm : 
K. V. Rensselaer 

By the Convention of y^ Civill and Military officers of 
y^ Citty and County of albany 
Whereas y® Exigency of affares here doth Require that some 
fitt Persones be sent from hence to our neighbors of N: England 
to Inform y« authority there, in what condition we are in, & what 
apprehensions we have of y® french doeing more mischeffe in 
these Parts Especially iff" they should gett y« 5 nations of Indians 
westward to there devotion which they Indefaticably strive to 
accomplish, & Confideing and being sufficiently assured of y® 
Integrity & fidelity of our well beloved friendes Robert Livings- 
ton gent: & Capt Gerrit Teunise, w^e have Desyred & authorized 
Impowcred & Commissionated them to be our agents in yt affare 
to treat with & consult y^ hon^i^ Gov^ & Councill of there Maj^^ 
Respective Collonyes of Massachusetts and Canetticut such things 
as shall be Requisite for there Majes King William & Queen 
Maryes Service & y« Safety of there subjects in these Parts 
laying before them y^ necessity of joyning all forces that can be 
procured to Invade the french of Canida by Sea & Land & Put 
a Stopp to there wicked & cruell Designs & also to desyre such 
assistance & supply from them as this place doth stand in need 
off, Earnestly Desyreing they would give Credence to y® s^' Rob* 
Livingston & Capt Gert Teunise, & yt they may be Reputed & 
Esteemed as our agents in y' Behalfe, given under our hands & 
VOL. II. 12 


sealls in albany y« 3'^ day of March in y'' 2^ year of there Maje» 

Reign anoq. Dom. 1690 

Signd P"^ Schuyler May^ 

D Wessells Record"". 

Joh:Wendel^ u _. 
> alderm* 
Jan Bleeker 3 

K. V. Renselaer 

The meaner sort of People of y® Toune were Extream 
Importune w^i> y Magistrates to Prohibite y® Exportation of 
goods who being verry Refractory & unruly y^ Magistrates to 
satisfye them Publish^ this following 

By the Convention of the Civill & Miletary Officers of 
the Citty and County of Albany. 

Whereas there are great Complaints & murmurings among the 
Commonalty because the Traders export their goods, whereby 
many persons are so discouraged that they will quit the place, 
leaving their Majesties interest here and their subjects a prey to 
the Enemy. 

The Civil & Military Officers so as to prevent such mischiefs, 
hereby expressly forbid all persons whomsoever to export any 
Merchandize such as Indian Cargoes, shirts, hnen, cloths, Kerseys, 
Sarges and other goods requisite for the clothing as well of 
Christians as Indians, on pain of Confiscation of said goods for 
their Majesties use. 

But they are permitted to take away all Beavers, peltries, 
money, furniture & household articles, fine Silk stuffs, lace and 
guch like fine articles and goods unnecessary for Clothing which 
cannot be used here — In order that all such may be regularly done, 
Johannes Beekman Jan Vinnagen & Jacobus Turke are ordered 
to inspect the goods in the houses before they are embarked, and 
permit such to be put on board 

And all men are forbidden to depart this County pursuant to 
previous Proclamation dated 7^^ August 1689 which is now 
Confirmed. Done 4*11 March 1690. 



[From Papers &c. in Leisler's time.] 

Whereas One Robert Livingston by the Instigac6n of thi 
Devill did utter* y^ Malice of his heart in Saying that he wai 
Enformed that a parcell of rebells were gone out of holland tC' 
England & that y^ prince of Orange headed them Saying that 
they might See how they got of againe or words to this purpose 
&, that they should Come to y^ Same End that Monmouth did & 
hath Comitted other high Crimes. 

These are in his Ma^'^s Name to will and require all psons 
•w^^'m this Province to apprehend y« s'^ Livingston & bring him 
before me to answer for y® Same & all govern" & Magistrates of 
yfi Neighbouring Colonies are hereby advertized & desired In his 
Ma*'^^ King W™^ behalfe to assist In apprehending y^ s^ Livings- 
ton if w^hin their Jurisdiction as they do tender y® King's Interest, 
y« Welfare of y« Protestant Cause & their Allegiance. Given 
&c March the 1^ ]689. 

Jacob Leislek 
To Capt Benjn Blagge & all others 

whom this shall or may Concerne. 


Whereas a Certaine number of People terming themselves a 
Convention w*^ In the City & County of Albany have vindicated 
ye authority of Co^ Thomas Dongan & Countenanced his & S^ 
Edmund Andros their lUegall & Arbitrary Comissions & proceed- 
ings acting thereby Likewise having assumed to themselves the 
Ruling power by keeping his Ma^'-s foj-t Scc^ Contrary to ye 
Authority of this province to ye great disturbance of his Ma^'ca 
subjects and other y^ good & peaceable Inhabitants thereof as 
also Contemning his Ma^'es Orders & directions not only by not 
proclaiming ther Ma*'es acording to an Order from y^ Rt Hon^ie 
ye Lords of his Ma^'es Most hon^'e Privy Councill dated ye 29th 
July 1689 but opposing & in an hostile & rebellious manner for- 
bidding and hindring ye Same besides many others Seditious 


practises all w^'' are pernicious & destruclive to his Ma^'ca Interest 
yc peace tranquillity & welfare of his Provhice & y^ Governm* 
thereof; & hath been y^ ocasion of Encouraging y" French & 
Indian Ennemies to attack and destroy the Inhabitants of Skan- 
nechtady, to y"^ great weakning of his Ma^'^^s forces in y'^ s<^ 

These are to authorise Empower & Constitute you Mrs Joannes 
de Bruyn Joannes Provoost & Jacob Melbourne to take into your 
care and under your directions& Comand all y® forces nowraised 
in N: York and adjacent Countyes w*'' all ammunicon & pro- 
visions thereunto apointed & forthw^h proceed from hence to Al- 
bany afores'i where you are to Super Intend direct Order and 
CoutrouU all matters & things relating his Ma^'es Interest & reve- 
nue in that County & y® Security & Safety of his people & sub- 
jects therein by treating w^h ye Confederate Indians and other 
Such Methods & Meanes as to you shall seem meet that may 
Conduce to y® End before menconed likewise to proclaime their' 
publishing their gracious Orders & denounce war agst ye frencb 
King &'=^ Subduing Reducing and bringing to their obedience all 
such who oppose y« same & to settle & establish y^ s*! County in 
ye Same Method & Constitution as this his Ma^'^s City & County 
of N. York & others thereunto apertaining & further you are to 
obtaine y® fort Orange at Albany from those of y® Convencon & 
there adherents by due sumons offering them such Condicons as 
may be Agreable to y^ End aboves*^, but in case of resistance then 
you are to treat them as Ennemies to o^ Sovereigne Lord y" King 
his Crowne & dignity y® same to Subdue & over Come by force 
of Arms & all manner of Hostility whatsoever willing and Com- 
anding all psons within the County afores'l to Be aiding and as- 
sisting therein as they will Answer y* Contrary at their utmost 
perills' hereby giving & granting unto you full power & authority to 
Consult Act do & conclude all matters & things for or concerning 
his Mamies Interest & y^ Welfare of and Security of that county as 
yfi case shall require & to your judgem* shall seem requisite, con- 
ferming ratifieng & establishing whatsoever you shall so act or do 
in ye prmisses to Be good Valid & of full force & virtue to all 

1 " Maties King William & Queen Mary," These words arc omitted in the 


Tntents Construccons & purposes whatsoever Given under o' 
hands & Seals &c New York this 4th of March 16S9 

Henry Coyler Benjamin blagge 

vSamuel Staets Jacob Leisler 

Henry van feurden P D'Lanoy 

Joannes Vermilje Samuel Edsall 

Whereas wee are made Sensible of great disturbance that 
hath arrizen amongst his Mamies Liege Subjects in y® county of 
vlster created & heightened by some ill affected psons to y'^pson 
& govemm* of this Province. 

These are to authorize Constitute & Empower you M^^s Joannes 
De Bruyn Joannes Provoost & Jacob Milborne to Consult Super 
Intend direct Order Settle & Establish all Matters & Things re- 
lating his Ma<'*3 Interest & revenue in y® s'^ County & Call in all 
Comissions granted by C^i Thomas dongan & S^ Edmund Andros 
by virtue of power & authority derived from y^ Late King James 
& what Else shall seem necessary & convenient for his Ma*'^' 
prsent Interest & y® Safety of that county, Hereby ratifying & 
Confirming whatsoever you shall so act or do for good, valid & of 
full force & virtue to all Intents Construccons & purposes what- 
soever. Given &c New York March 4ih 1689. 

Samuel Staets, Jacob Leisler, 

Hendk Jans, P D La Noy 

Samuel Edsal. 


March 4: 16S9: in fort William 

Honoble Sir — ^Yours of the 4*^ January & one of M*" Andrew 
Abington of the first of ffebruary I have lately well received, but 
that other you mention I never had, I am sorry to understand the 
sad murder of M^ John paine by our insatiable enemies the papists, 
& though your papish rebellious grandees have sheltered themselves 
in Virginia, I assure you I shall take all possible care & 


apprehend any such persones coming from your government in 
this province without your pass — I perceive that your papists are 
very insolent & couragious, so it was with ours, & that at a dis- 
tance I have of late catched a messinger bound from hence to 
Boston & opened his letters, by which I have discovered severall 
hellish designes, upon which discofery I catched Coll: Bayard & 
the attorney william Nicholls — Coll: Dongan, Major Brockhouse 
Stephannus Van Cortland Major willet, daniell whitehead, doctor 
Reid, Mathew plowman the late Collector, have absconded them- 
selves out of this government to pensilvania or Maryland wee 
humbly desire your honor to take all convenient care to apprehend 
all such persons coming from hence to your government without 
passes that they may be prevented to bring to pass their wicked 
designe hereinclosed is a coppy of a letter received from Barba- 
does wherein you will see how I have apprehended suspected and 
sent 2 Irish rebellious traiters in a pensilvania Bark but were 
conveyed ashore to goe to Maryland, the s^ letter will informe 
you the state of those Islands, for newes of England wee have 
non but old, I received a gracious letter from his ma% directed 
to the Liev* Governor ffrancis Nicholls &, in his absence to sucb 
as for the tyme being take care to preserve the peace & administer 
the lawes in the province of Newyork having Commission from 
the Committies of the s^ province so to doe, I received the s** 
gracious letter In which I was ordered to take upon me the 
government and to take to my assistance soe many of the prin^^ 
Inhabitants freeholders as I thought lilt & to doe all things which 
to the place of his ma^ies Lievt. Governor & commander in Chiefe 
doth or may appertaine for his MaHes service & to the wellfare of 
the Inhabitants — according to the law & custome of the s'^ pro- 
vince, & I received an other letter from the honbrable privy 
councell with order to proclaime the prince & princess of orange 
to be King & Queen of England Scotland ffrance & Ireland de- 
fenders of the faith & Supream Lord & Lady of the province of 
newyork and all other territories and dominions to the Crown of 
England belonging, with all was solemnly affected the 10 december 
last & ever since have been busie to settle the province, but by 
severall ill affected people have been obstructed so much as in 


them lies keeping by their old Commissiones granted by the late 
King James authority, of which I have gott in some per force 
some willing about 150 : wee are resolued to gett them all, to 
our great griefe I must acquaint you of the sad and deplorable 
massacre which happened at skenectady near Albany by the french 
& their Indians the 9^^ of ffebruary last betwixt Saturday & 
Sunday at eleaven of the cloack in the night 200 men fell upon them 
& most barbarously murdered sixty two men women & children 
& burned the place left but 5 or 6 houses unburned carried away 
captive 27 the rest escaped many of which being about 25 per- 
sones much damnified by the french women with chyld ript up, 
children alive throwen into the flames, some their heads dashed ag* 
the doors & windows all occasioned by their neglect of their not 
watching, denying to obey under the command of the Commission 
of Sir Edmond, the s«^ commander being onely spared with all 
which belongs to him a safeguard being sett in his house & he 
himselfe to release the prisoners he desired, last Nover a certaine 
number of rebellious people at Albany calling themselves the con- 
vention & ruling by the arbitrary commission of Sir Edmond and 
encouraged and supported by some of the wicked creatures of Sir 
Edmond, desired from me assistance of men gunes ammunition & 
money being afeared of the french to whom we have sent 52 men 50 
lbs match 950 lbs pouder, boulits &ct with arriving there agt their 
expectatione would not receive them, & were left there by the 
Inhabitants desire, the s^ rebells with their fort keept the Inhabi- 
tants under a faire I have sent up this winter & commissioned one 
Captn with 25 men to Joine with our confederate Indians to warre 
ag* the french at Canada, who were hindered by the s^^ rebells, 
who proclaimed upon paine of being punished for rebells if they 
mett above four men soe they were prevented to goe, we would 
else have discovered the Enemy & prevented that disaster, wee 
have intelligence of 900 men more out in parties to attacque 
Albany & New England, we have sent up forces & three mem- 
bers of the counsell to order all matters for his Mamies intrest & 
the safety of these provinces, they have also presents to the 
nationes of the confederate Indians & to endeavour to strengthen 
them & corroborate their enmities to the french & if they see meet 



to send any of our forces to joine with them ag* the french, If 
by any meanes possible you can with all the speed assist us with 
100 or at least 50 men to joine with our confederate Indians to 
destroy or take Canada, & to advise the Government of Virginia 
thereof & to invite them for the like assistance, they will enjoy 
the benefits thereof with you, & if by Gods blessing wee obtaine 
success, you need never to fear any incursions of any Indian 
whatsoever, the bearer is to stay for an answer at M' William 
Harris neare Chester River, if any ships pray participate me of 
these news specially if any concerning this province, I expect myn 
Ensigne by way of Maryland whom I have sent with letters to his 
Matie having no more to add onely my prayers to God to pre- 
serve your countrys from the like or any cruelties as we have had, 
the Indians will be very glad if they heare of hopes of some 
assistance of Maryland & Virginia, after my respects I remain &c* 

ffort William March 4th 1689 

Honorable Sir Governor of Boston 

Yours of the 8"> instant by Mr pembrock I received & I 
returne you many thanks for the care I perceive you have had for 
our packet, since your last wee have received the sad & miserable 
newes from Skenectedy neere Albany whereof wee understand is 
laid to your woeful 1 account it is such newes as we feared long 
since, Alase what could there be expected of a certane number 
of rebellious people that remained rulling under that arbitrary 
Commissione of sir Edmund at Albany within this province, and 
encouraged & supported by Connecticoatt by ordering their forces 
sent thither to obserue the directions of the s^ rebells named a 
Conventione, being well assured the same is supported more 
specially by that trayterous John Allan the Secretary of that 
Collony immediately upon the newes wee sent a messinger to 
advise the Governor that he may expect three messingers from 
hence with full power to propose to them what may be necessary 
for his Ma^'e? intrest & the safety of these provinces which was 
answered with great disdaine imaginable, soe that wee are denied 
the assistance wee expected from that part to day I hope our 
fonts will depart being already embarqued wee send also three 


members of our counsell with presents to the nationes of the 
confederate Indianes and to endeavour to strengthen & corrobo- 
rate their enmity to the french, and if they see meet to send any 
of our forces to joine with them agt the french att the first hearing 
of the 5*1 newes I immediately made an allarum and in the morning 
disarmed & Imprisoned about 40 commissioned officers by sir 
Edmond who in the afternoon delivered up the same which was 
effected in the night by sixteen troopers, so that I gott in about 
150 Commissiones & our militia well setled, soe that wee are now 
in a very good posture of union & better able to resist an enemy 
as ever, I have seaven in confinement, & a great many have 
abscond themselves with dongan, I shall be glad to understand 
from your Hon^ what measures you are like to take to attack the 
french and what assistance you are willing to afford us, for one 
exploit agt Canada by land or sea (Connecticott having refused 
to advise with us) That soe we may take our measures by it I 
desire your Honor by the first for a Catalogue of all the bookes 
& papers in your custody relating to the province of New york I 
have received letters from Coll: Coode from Maryland, he advises 
me that the insatiable enimies the papists there were very insolent 
& couragious and that some of their grandees rebells are sheltered 
m Virginia from whence they are come with a vessell and with 
force have murdered one Mr John Baine his Ma*'*^^ Collector so 
that they are there as well as here in continuall trouble, Inclosed 
is a copie of a letter I received from the honorable Governor 
of Barbadoes to which I referre your Hono"" and 
desire to Major wintrop who was falsly informed about the two 
traitors therein mentioned That he may be fully satisfied therein, 
If anything further presents for his Mamies service I shall not be 
wanting to advise your Honor & pray the like from you & the 
honour of further correspondance, wishing your Hono^ all 
happiness I am 

your most humble servant 


ffort William March the 5th 1689: 

To THE Governor of Bostone 

Honored sir — yesterday was my last to your Honf This 
morning I received newes that one Robert Livingstone who by 
his rebellione hath caused great disorder in the County of Albany 
and also in the wholl province by maintaining the late comissiones 
granted unto them by sir Edmund Andross & Coll: dongan & 
other directiones which were given by the magistrates which were 
appoynted per Coll: dongan & sir Edmond Andross whereby they 
have caused a divisione & a rebellione, so that they have been 
careless of watching, denying 52 souldiers which were sent up 
under the command of Capt States Inhabitant at Albany chosen 
by most of the Inhabitants there & commissionated by the 
Govern' & Councill in hindering one Capt Ruster who was 
commissionated with 25 men to joine himselfe with our confederate 
Indianes to proceed agt the french, This rebell Livingstone 
being conscious of his crymes & understanding our forces were 
coming up, he upon pretence of going to raise forces at Connec- 
ticutt & Boston for to defend Albany is departed yesterday for 
that intent, as is s^, to obtaine such if possible as may side with 
them & be obedient to their rebellious conventione, I beleeve they 
may expect him againe if the rogue does not rune further which 
I doubt he will if not prevented, by apprehending of him he 
being also considerably indebted to his Ma*ie, therefore have sent 
the bearer Capt Benjamin Blagg or Lievt daniell Teneur to persue 
him with a warrant to that purpose desireing your Hon'' to assist 
him or either of them in the securing the s<^ rebell it will be a great 
service, I will further recommend your Honr not to faill to 
assist us, so well by sea as by land not doubting if you are brisk 
& doe what you can but what we shall conquer Cannada pray 
give us speedy advice to what we may trust that we may 
encourage the Indianes & tell them the truth, This is all for the 
present after my service I remaine sir &c: 

[A duplicate of the above was addressed also to Connecitcut.] 


Hono^^ S*" — Hauing this opportuniti wee thinke i^ meet to Send 
a few lines to prove our respects to you, and to manifest our great 
approbation for what you haue done for y® Securing of y« place 
where you live, also understanding you haue an Order from his 
Excellent Majesty the King for y® settleing of matters in point 
of goverm' which hath been Essayed to be imposed upon us in 
these parts, but could not comply w^^^ being as we apprehend built 
upon y® old foundation of a power w^^ we haue for this many 
yeares groaned under, as your Hono^ Very well Knoweth in many 
respects, therefore hope you will not blame us if we doe not 
willingly Subject to one old bondage againc, but rather use all 
Lawfull means of deliverance from ye same, not in any disobedi- 
ence to Authority whether inferior or Supreame, for Ser we are 
Very desireous to let you understand y* we haue agreed to send 
over to his Majesty both a true Narration of y^ grievances we 
haue suffered this many yeares under an Arbitrary power, & a 
Petition to their Majesties y* we might be rejoyned w*^ Conecticut 
Goverm* as formerly, agreeably to the act of Parliament, yt all 
places (N: E.) being perticularly mentioned shall haue the same 
priviledges they enjoyed in y® yeare 1660 restored unto them, 
w^ii doth encourage us to make our Addresse to his Majesty 
hopeing to obtaine his Royall Favour w*^ other his Loyall Subjects, 
and in y'^ meane tyme to stand up both p'sons and Estates in 
defence of his Majesties Royall Authority togeather v;^^ other 
his Majesties Subjects in those parts against all his Knowne 
Enemies, & if there be need, to afford what assistance we 
are able not laying ourselves open to danger, therefore humbly 
intreate your S"^ to Consider, y* we of Easthampton are a fronteer 
Plantation & lye most open to danger of any Enemy by Sea, and 
are intended Very shortly to send forth our skouts to Montaukut 
and so to y^ end of y Island Eastward y* so if any Shipping be 
scene upon y® Coasts, tymely notice may be given not onely to 
o\ir selves but all over y® Island, & to N. Y. w<=^ we hope be of 
good use for y^ publick safety S^ we humbly intreate of you if 
there hath not been that Concurrence as you may desire, not to 
impute it as to any disaffection to your person, much lesse to yo' 
Authority (for y^ most part of us) being of y® same Religion, 


Subjects to the same King, desireing of God your prosperity & 
good successe in y® place you are in, & that "vve haue a faire cor- 
respondence w*h you, & if you apprehend we are out of y'^ way, 
loveingly to convince us of it, & we shall readily hearken to y® 
same. So we rest your Very Loveing friends & humble serv^" 

Samuell Mulforde 
Eastharapton Samuell person 

March lO^h 16 1| Thomas Chatfield 

In the name of y® Rest. 


Whereas Matthew Plowman Late Collector of this Provinc 
is Runn away having in his Custody Severall Bills, Bonds & 
Entries Belonging to his Magics Revenue not accounted for 

These are in his Ma^'^^ name to will & require you to Seize all 
ye goods & Effects directly or Indeferently belonging to y« s^ Mat- 
thew Plowman wheresoever to be found In this Province & yo 
Same to Bring & Cause to Be brought to his Mat'^s Custome 
bowse wthin this City. Given &c New York this 10*^ March 

Jacob Leisler 
To Joannes Johnson Esqr high 

Sherife of this City & County 

Whereas L* Daniele terneur hath this 12*'^ day of March 16|^ 
Shewed mee a warr* seigned Jacob Leisler for y^ apprehending of 
robert Levingston for wards spoken by him said Levingston no 
time place or yeare mentioned, when they were spoken and where, 
in the said warr*, all Gov" & magistrates of y<^ neigbouring Col- 
lonys are thereby advertised, & in His maj*^s behalfe to assist in 
aprehending the said Levingston If within their Jurisdictions as 
they do tender y^ Kings Interest y^ welfare of y® protestant 
religion and I having with my Councill present Considered the 
warr* and y^ disire of assistance in y*' execution thereof am ready 


to grant it & to secuire s<^ Levingston for a tryall of ye aboves^ 
(/fimes accordingly to this warr* at our next Court which will be 
• elii at hartford y^ Second Wednesday in aprill next or the Court 
of assistance at hartford y^ last tuesday in may next Provided 
any person will apeare to give in sufficient security to prosccuite 
y® s'' complaint and make it good or answer all damages in case 
he fails of soe doing 

Signed Robert Treat Gov 

^ [March 1689-90] 

Honors S» 

Your warr* for seizing M'" Levingston wee have received & 
the answer to it w^h the Govern^ Gave L* terneur wee have seen 
& appoved of it which is our Answer to what you propownded 
in that warr* but as to what you mention concerning the manag- 
ment of y^ designe against. y^ french, at Canada wee are willing 
& free to Joyn with all y^ rest of y^ Collonys, & provinces in this 
Wilderness to do what wee shall Judge nessery to manage the 
designe against y® french the Common Enemy of his Mag^^'^s 
subjects in these parts, according to our ability, we heare you 
have also designed a Considerable force for Canada out of those 
you have sent and are sending now to Albany wee would encour- 
age that notion but it is not Land forces will effect it but force 
by seas is necessary and wee have now writt, to y® Gentleman of 
Boston & must wayt for their resolves till wee hear further from 
them Si" wee cannot ad to what wee have formerly writt to you 
but must advice you to moderation & to make as Little Alterac6n 
amonge y Officers of Albany as may be & also that nothing be 
done to discourage the five nations In Amety with us for if any 
thing be Done that may have such an aspect the damages that 
may come thereby to be answered for by those that are active therein 
you whare so charged w^^ aiding and abetting those rebbells of y® 
Convention at Albany by Capt Bull & our souldiers there to 
prevent any thing that may looke Like an Incouragement to them 
wee have sent for our Souldiers whome Imediately upon y^ arrival] 
of yours which we hope will be to your satisfaction I have not 
to add saue onely o'^ respects & to desire that you should studdy 


ways of peace that nothing may be moueJ that may adminster 
prouocation to yo^s or us who are Your friends & serves the 
Gouern"^ & Councill of Connecticut p' 

their order Signed 
John Allyn Secx 


Whereas I am Informed that one Mathys Brockholst w^^^in 
dutchess County as yet maintains y^ Authority of y^ Late King 
James by Excersising the Office of a Constable & keeping y« 
Constables Staf. 

These are therefore In his Ma*'^^ King Williams name to will 
& require you to Bring yc Body of s^ Matys bokholst before me 
and Councill to Answer for y^ Same & all Officers both Military 
& Civill are hereby Strictly required to aid & assist you therein 
as they will answer y® Contrary at their Perills. Given under 
my hand & Scale at fort W"" in N York this 24*^ day of March 
1689 in ye 2'^ Year of tlieir Ma^'es Reigne. 

Jacob Leisler 
To Jn° Brevoort Constab'o 

ffort William 1689: 24 March 
Major wintrop sir — yours of the 17^^ of ffebry last past by 
Capt Lodwicks I have well received and am obliged for your good 
advice I shall not be wanting in continuing of good correspondance, 
and hope it will be answered it being as you will observe a great 
necessity — for his Ma^'^^s service in these troublesome tymes about 
Albany we are sending up forces & three members of our councell 
to settle & order all things there whereof I have given an account 
to the Hon^i^ Gouernor Bradsted &, have sent him a coppy of a 
letter received from Barbadoes & delivered to give you the perusall 
thereof to which I referre you, Capt Lodwicks is quyte reformed 
since his voyage to Boston declaring that he was better Informed 
of the country criminalls their wickedness & intends to keep a 
better correspondance with us we have newes of Capt Storme 


safe arryvali to London with whom I have sent myne Ensigiie- 
with letters to his Ma'ie, so that we hope by the first to receive a 
gracious acceptance of what we have done having no more to 
trouble you for the present after myne respects I remaine sir your 
humble servant 

[There is no address to the following.] 

A : 1690 : 26 March in fort william. 
Honorable sirs — I received yours last night & am in expecta- 
tione of the other gentlemen, tell them I cannot be able to answer 
your honors Just request onely I rather choose to fall in the hands 
of the Lord then man, & find not that house fitt for such 
generall & great concernes, but we can propose one two milles of 
the toun a good & nett house by Capt. Arian Cornelis where no 
small pox is, but God be thanked the infection is not so great 
nor mortall as it is represented to you, the bearer shall take care 
to inform e you &c. 

Albany ye 17*^ day of March 1689 

J: H: Bruyn ^ 
Joh: Provoost V Com^" 
Jac: Milborne \ 
Pr Schuyler Mayoi 
d: wessells 
Joh: wendel 
Levinus v: ShaykI 
JanJ:Bleeker ^ ^^^ 
Alb* Ryckman 
Kiliaen v: Rens: 
Marte gerritse 
Wee the Commissions^ of the Leift governeur of y® Province 
of N: York, and his Councill find it verry nessesery that y^ Comp® 
of Souldiers sent by The Colonic of Conettekot under Comand 
of Capt Jonathan Bull ought to Remaine here, In Reguard of 


our Curcumstances Concerning the french and there Confedereths, 
and the alliwed Indians being Ingaged\vith us haveing taken notis 
what forces wee are able to Continue for their Incouragement, 
after debatting & Consulting with advysof the gent"! Present doe 
Conclude that y^ s^^ Capt. Bull with his s'l Comp® of Souldiers 
shall Remaine in this Citty & County of alb: so Long* as his 
Majcs Intrest & the Preserving of this Post Requires 
By order of y« Commissioners 


Albany March 20th 1689 

Gents — According to yo^ Expectacon yesterday having dis- 
coursed w*h you : Wee returne for answer. 

That its or opinion your pay being promised by the 4 psonsyou 
named they ought to performe the said promise, and the Law will 
compell them at least to give you Efficient Security upon the 
arrivall of a governor from England, or within 6 weekes time to 
haue your payment, in w^h wee wall give you o"" Assistance and 
constitute a Court w'^^ wee haue no reason .to doubt but will 
answer this end. 

That those who will remaine in the Garrison are at their liberty 
to continue and reasonable that Wee should Subscribe for their 
Pay, advancing somewhat for their present accommodation, and 
Such who are disposed to quit the Garrison are at their Liberty. 

That Provisions shall be weekly allowed them according to the 
former Customer The Kings pay to continue 

[Endorsed, Capitulacon wth the Gai-vison in Fort Orange March 20lh 1689.] 

By the Commissioners for y© Citty & County of alb: y® 
Mayor aldermen & Justices of y® s'^ County. 
Present as before, also Claes Ripse 
Whereas There hath unhappely arose differences w^h hath 
created animosities and great distinctions amongst his Maj® 
Subjects in the Citty & County of alb: 

These are in his Maj^ name strictly to forbid all Persons what- 
soever that they doe no wise asperse Reproach, each other by 
Y»-ord5 or actions to y® Disquietude or discourgement of any the 


good People in this Citty & County, of what rank or quality 
soever, under penalty of being Prosecuted as disturbers of his 
Maj® Peace and the quiet & Tranquility of the Inhabitants thereof, 
(upon Conviction of twoo witnesse before any of his Maj® 
Justices of y® Peace) so far as y« Rigour of y« Law will inflict 
upon them, dated In alb: This 22*^ day of March 1689. 

By order of y" Comm: &c. 

By the Commissionrs for y^ Citty & County of alb: &c. 

Whereas great Complaint is made of y^ Severall Burgers 
under y^ Comand of their officers in this Citty & County of alb: 
that they doe not obey y® Lawfull Commands of their Capt^a 
and other officers appointed over them 

These are to will & Require all Persons whatsoever under such 
Commanders that they in no wise neglect, dispute, denye or 
Resist the Lawfull Commands of their s'^ officers upon Penalty 
of being Proceeded against by the Court marshall (in this time 
of warr) constituted for y^ s'J Citty and County whose insures 
shall be Executed in the most Stricted Rigour, dated In alb: 
This 22th day of March 1689 

By order of y^ Commission''^ &c. 

By the Commissions^ &c. 

Forasmuch as many Persons have given forth that they will 
depart this, County for y^ Preservation of their persons &c. and 
the warr with ye french & their alleyes call for ye Strengthning 
his Maje forces therein as much as Possible may be. 

These are in his Maj'^name to Prohibite and forbid all mankind 
of what ranke or quality they may bee, from fourteen years of 
age, unto sixty years if ould, or under, that they do not Transport 
their Persons out of this County upon any Pretence whatsoever 
under y^ Penalty of forfeiting one hundred Pounds Currant 
monney of this Province which shall be for d'fraying the Charge 
for Support and Carrying on of this Immediate war, against the 
french and the allyes afores<^ Except masters of vessels and 
Seafareing Persons whose Livelyhoods depend upon the water, 
dated In alb: This 22'^ day of March 1689. 

By order of y« Commission''^ &c 
VOL. II. 13 


By the Commission '■^ &c. 
These are to give notice to all Persons within this Citty & 
County of alb: That Peter Schuyler Esq^ is Establisht Mayor 
of y® s'^ Citty and Joh: wendel, Levinus v: schayk, Jan Janse 
Bleeker, Albert Ryckman, Claes Ripse, aldermen, and dirck wes- 
sels, Guiliam van Renslaer, Marten gerritsen, Sander glen, abrah: 
States, & dirck Teunisse Justices of y^ Peace for y® s^ Citty & 
county, and to Remaine & be until further order from his Maj« 
& all Persons within this s'i Citty & County are hereby strictly 
charged that they ac^inowledge Reverence and obey the same in 
their Severall Stations upon Penalty of being prosecuted as 
Enimies to this Province and disturbers of his Maj^ Peace and the 
welfare of y^ Inhabitants of this Citty & County dated In alb: 
This 22'*» day of March and in ye Second year of his Maj® Reign 
anuoq. dom: 1689 

By order of y® Commission's &c. 

By the Commission""^ &c. 
These are to Authorise & appoint you Mess: Luycas gerrltse & 
wessel ten Broek to provide and direct all such Provisions of 
bread as shall be Requisite for supplying those forces W^^ shall 
be at all times sent from hence in the Seruice of his Maj® against 
the french and theire confederates according to o"^ orders as shall 
be directed to Johannis Cuyler as occasion offers, dated In alb: 
March the 22th 1689 

Pr order 

By the Commissioners &c. 

Whereas the Records, Bookes and Papers &c. Relating to y« 
Citty & County of alb: are in the Possession of Mr. Robert Liv- 
ingston and Mr. Johannis Cuyler being constituted Clerk & Regis- 
ter of ye sd Citty & County, 

These are in his Maj® name to will & Require you to deliver 
the s<^ Records Bookes and Papers &c. unto y® s^ Cuyler And his 
Receipt shall be a sufficient discharge, dated In alb: This 22^** 
day of March 1689 
To Mr. Robt. Livingston 

or^- any in whose Costody 

T e same are — 


At a meeting of the Commision''s &c. 

Albany This 22th day of March 1689 
After Consultac^on Relating the present State of this Citty & 
County of alb: in Reguard of y« war with y'^ french and Their 
Confederates, It is Concluded that N: Yorke doth fornish these 
following p'ticulars Viz* 
200 Men 

600 Schiple of Indian Come 
100 Barrills of Pork 
14000 lb of bread 
100 Schiple of Pease 
200 gall, of Rum 
2100 ells Brown osenburg 

100 drest dear skins 
3000 lb of Lead 
400 lb of Powder 
180 Kartrit Boxes 
200 lb of Swan Shott 
^nd that y^ Citty & County of alb: Doe Provide and furnish the 
following Peroells viz* 

6000 lb of Bread 
150 Shiple of Pease 
100 drest dear Skins 
400 lb Pouder 
4000 flints 

30 bark Conoos 
60 gunns 
100 Hatchets 


Albany y^ 24*^ of March 1689. 

At A meeting were Present y^ Commissioners for y^ 

Citty & County of alb. advysing with Sundrey officers 

of ye Militia There, where upon It is Resolved That 

ye following persones be Commissionated, vizt. 

Capt Jochim Staets Corner of Fort Orange always to keep 

under Command in s*^ fort 60 men 

Lievt Jonathan wrigt 

Ens: John Hater 

Pieter winne Toune Major"" 

Capt Johannis wendel 

Melgert Wynants 

Ens: Reynier Barentse 

Capt Pieter van waggelen 

Leift Robt Sanders ;>for alb: City 

Ens: Joh: Bleeker Jun' 

Capt Barnet Luwis 

Leiv^ Marte Klock 


Capt Marten gerritse 

Lievt Evert d'Ridder 

Ens: Zymon van ness^ 

Capt Alexander glen 

Leift Johannis glen ^>for ye County of alb. 

Ens: douwe Aukus 

Cap* Johannis Bensing ^ 

Lieft Andries Barentse 

Ens: Johannis Janse 

Ordered That ye afores<^ Commissionated officers Now are Estab- 
hseth & shall from this time forth Remaine, and be in full Power & 
ye Authority, & ye Authority for ye Militia of this & County To act 
& doe in all matters and things relating Militarie affaires according 
to y^ Rules & decipline of war, untill further order from his Maje 
king William of England Scotland french & Irland «&c. & That 
seaven of ye s'* Commission''^ shall be and are hereby Constilutcd 
& aPointed a Court Marshall To Consult, apoint. Judge, order. 
Censure & determing whatsoever shall aroise under marchall 


notice within this Citty & County whereof Three Captains & 
Toune Major are always to be members, onles in y® Majors 
absence, Then y® Eldert Capt of y^ Fort orange is ever to 
Preside, To whom all Souldiers & others that are able to bear 
armes from 16 years old and upwards are to give due Reverence 
& obedience as they will Answer y® Contrary at their utmost 
Perrill, dated in alb: The day & year first written & in y« 
Second year of his Maj®^ Reign 

By order of y® Commission''* 


By the Commissioners, Mayor Aldermen and Justices &* 
of the City and County of Albany. 

You are hereby ordered in his Majestys King William's name 
to take hence forthwith 17 Soldiers under your command, and 
march with them towards Schagtkook, and take thence (according 
to the Indians' promise) 20 savages with you and proceed thence 
to Crown Point, where you shall remain and keep good watch by 
day & by night — especially detach each day good outscouts and 
spies about half a dutch mile beyond said Crown Point until 
Sundown, and whenever you perceive or meet any French or 
their Indians from Canada you shall endeavour to despoil, plunder 
and do them all injury as enemies, according to the usage of War ; 
and the aforesaid Soldiers are hereby strictly charged to obey their 
officers in all things. 

In like manner Dirk albertse Brad is sent with that view with 
the aforesaid Company of Soldiers as guide and Indian Interpreter, 
who shall advise and consult with the aforesaid officers in all 
things that relate to the advantage of his Majt'^^ interest and this 
undertaken expedition ; and further you shall remain until further 
order at the aforesaid Crown point, unless you are assured that a 
large army of the Enemy is really and truly approaching which 
it is impossible to resist; then you must send a messenger hither 
cith cito and endeavor to do your best as far as in your power. 
Meanwhile you shall occasionally try to make some Bark Canoes 
to be used should necessity require. 

We conclude then that you shall remain at the Crown point 
aforesaid until further order ; that is if you be not necessitated 


as abovestated. Thus given under our hands in Albany this 26^^ 

March and in the Second Year of his Majesty's reign annoq: 

dom. 1690. Was Signed 

J. Bruyn, 

To Capt Jacobus d'Warm Johannis Provoost 

over the 17 Soldiers aforesaid. P*" Schuyler, 

DiRCK Wessels, 
Lev. van Schayk. 

Albany, 27 March Ao 1690. 

Capt Jacob Milborne, We expect that you have arrived safely 
to day at N. Yorck. We are obliged to notify you to procure 
these indispensable necessaries viz. 3 @ 400 unmanufactured horns 
which can be easily had at Nicolaas Blanks and can be quickly 
put in order here ; further as much duffels as you can get, bleu 
baize for shirts, provision 400 lbs Swan shot, 50 Kettles. 

Yesterday evening the Soldiers tormented us considerably for 
blankets, as it was very cold. We went every where and could 
not find any The Soldiers from the outposts, also, whom we 
provided with duffels for coverlets, namely from our o-wn duffels — 
so that our stock which was intended for the Indians is diminished. 
The Soldiers in the fort must also have duffels as blankets are not 
to be had here. 

The picquet proceed immediately to their post. I forgot to 
send to you for 8 @ 10 hour glasses which are very necessary for 
the watches. Wherewith, doubting itot of your diligence and 
speedy return, We remain 

Your affectionate friends 

Johannes Provoost & in 
the name of J. H. Bruyn. 


Albany 28. March 1690. 
List of the Goods sejit from York and received from Mons^ 
Jan Hendricksen Brujn and Johannes Proofoost to be distributed 
among the Refugees of Schoonechtede, to wit — 
2348^ Dutch ells of Osenb: Linen 
3 p^ Serge 
13 p" Stockings 
72 ells pennestout 
and delivered to the Deacons of Schoonectede and the Deacons 
of Albany, to wit : — 

Barent Wimp 
Jan Byvanck 
Johannes de Wandelaer 
Jacob Loockermans 
first, distributed to Sarge 

Barent Wimp 6| ells 

Harmen Vedder 6| 

Symen Schemenhoorn 6| 

Symen Groot 6| 

Arent Vedder 6| 

Amie Widow of Frans 6| 

Willem Appel 6| 

Goosen Van Oort 6^ 

Samuel Bradt 6^ 

Andries Bradt ; 6^ 

Johannes Dyckman 6^ 

Geertruy Groot 6^ 

3 ps Sarge distributed of 79 & | 

List of the Pennestout to Pennestout 

Aces Cornelise 7 ells 

Dirck Bradt. 7 

Isack de Teurcx 8 

Nieces Volckers. 3^ 

Johannes Dyckman 3 

Jan Eps 7 

Loowies Coopeele 3^ 


Pieter Van Olinda ,. 7 

Gerret Jansen 5 

Willem Van Eerde 3| 

Arent Vedder 3^ 

Elias Swart 7 

Jan Buys 4 

Geertruy Groot .• 3 

72 ells 

List of the Stockings 
Marius Vedder one pair of Stockings . 

Symen Groot one pair 

Jan Buys 

Willem Appel 

Symen Schemenhooren , 

Gyspert Gerrets 

Harmen Vedder 

Hendrick Gardeniers 

Samel Bradt , 

Dirck Heffelingh 

Adam Frooman 

Tuenis Carstensen 

Gerret Gysbersen 

The no. of the Stockings 13 prs 

List of the Osenburg Linen 

Harmen Vedder 80 ells 

Jan Eps 70 

Catlyn Barensen 70 

Dirck Bradt 65 

Barent Wemp 70 

Dirck Hesselinge"^ 58 

Willem Appel 80 

Goosen Van Oort 50 

Gyspert Gerrets 80 

Nieces Volckertsen 20 


Jacob van Laer 20 

Willem van Eerde 75 

Cornells Viele 40 

Marius Haegedoorn 40 

Jannetie Schermenhooren 40 

Cornelis Schermenhooren 20 

Citte Bradt 60 

Henderick Gardeniers 40 

Cornelis Claesen 20 

Geertruy Groot 31 

Susanne Tellers 50 

Aces Cornelise 50 

Dieuer vVimp 55 

Anne Harmensen 65 

Tryntie Bosboom 20 

Symon Volcker 30 

Samel Bradt 50 

Tryntie Schaets 80 

David Cristofelsen's children * . . . . 50 

Johannes Pootmans children 70 

Adam Frooman 70 

Symon Schermenhooren 50 

Purmerent 40 

Symen Groot ' 80 

Fytie Pietersen Rosboom 20 

Distributed to Schoonechtede 1809 ells 

List of the Linen distributed in the Bush — ( Woestine) 

Elias Swart ..." 36 ells 

Lauries Coopesen 20 

Isack Teuerx 40 

Jan Buys 23 

Tuenis Carstensen 35 

Binnonie Arentsen [Corlaer] 25 

Dauit Marienissen 30^ 

Elias Gysehng 30 

Arent Vedder 30 


Fitter Van Olinda 35 

Jan Frooman 30 

Manis Vediler 24 

Tuenis Viele 20 

Tryntie Verwy 15 

Claes Graef 35 

Jan Hilt 25 

Cornells Groot 20 

Jan Luycessen 18 

Johannes Dyckman 30 

Lysbet Cornelissen 15 

tf 540 
From the other side 1809 

By me 

Johannes De Wandelaer 

Deacon of Albany. 

At a meeting of Mayor Aldermen & Common Comicil 
holden in Alby this 28 March 1690 
P"" Schuyler Alb* Ryckman, 

Dirck Wesselse Reynier Barentz, 

L. V. Schayck, E^-ert Bancker, 

J J Bleeker, Eghbert Teunissen 

Claes Ripsen Ger* Reyersen. 

Having taken into Consideration how we shall obtain for King 
William's ace' the ammunition and provision which we are obliged 
to deliver from this County pursuant to our preceding Resolution 
adopted with the Hon^i^ Commissioners from N. York on the 22"^ 
March last, and prepare forthwith for the Equipment of an Army 
both of Christians and Indians against our Enemies of Canada, 
and Resolve as followeth — 

Pieter Schuyler & Dirck Wesselse are appointed to get ready 
6000 lbs har'd bread for the King's ace* 
Johannis Wendel 100 prepared deer skins 
Levinus Van Schayk 150 skepels peas 


Jan Janse Bleeker &. Reynier Barentse 60 guns & 100 axes 

Claes Ripsen & Albert Ryckman the materials & expence for 
repairing the following — 30 B, Canoes. 

Evert Bancker Eghbert Teunissen & Ger* Ryersen for 30 Bark 

Joh: Cuyler the 400 lbs Powder 

Gabriel Thomson the 100 gall Rom. 

By the Commissioners, the Mayor Aldermen & Justices 
&ca of the City and County of Albany. 

You are hereby ordered in his Majt'es name to take hence forth- 
with under your command 9 men and march with Jannetie or 
Laurence the Mohawk Indian and his party of savages with some 
Schagtkooks Indians upward about seven miles beyond the Crown- 
point unto the Otter-creek, or some other better place or Rendes- 
vous which you may consider more suitable safer and more 
advantageous — where you shall remain and keep good watch day 
and night, and send out especially good scouts and spies every 
day till Sundown, and you shall correspond daily with Capt 
Jacobus de Warm & his soldiers who are sent to the aforesaid 
Crown point, and mutually communicate to each other all remarka- 
ble occurences, and should you perceive or meet any French or 
Canada Indians, you must endeavor to despoil, plunder and do 
them all injury as Enemies conformably to the Custom of War : 
And the aforesaid 9 men are hereby strictly charged to obey their 
officers in all things. 

And the Officers shall in all things»advise with the aforesaid 
Indian, Jannetie, as to what concerns his Majisty's Interest and 
this undertaken Expedition, You shall, likewise, remain at the 
afores<i Otter-Creek, or at the place you may think fit as above, 
for the time of one month except you really and truly perceive 
the approach of a pow^erful enemy's force, which you cannot 
resist, then you must Cito cito send a Messenger hither, and the 
remainder of Your Company must return immediately here to the 

But if there be any Volunteers, either Christians or Indians 
who will proceed from the aforesaid Otterkill to Canada as Spies, 


to reconnoitre or to take prisoners they have permission so to do, 
provided the post at the aforesaid Otterkill or your sojourn, shall 
always remain fully established. Meanwhile you shall- manufac- 
ture some Bark Canoes which you can use according to Circum- 
stances. Thus Given under our hands In alby. this 31^* March, 
and in the S^d year of his Maj^xs Reign Annoq: Dom. 1690 

J Bbuyn 
To Capt Abraham . Joh: Provoost 

Schuyler P' Schuyler 

DiRCK Wesselse 
Joh: Wendel 
N: B. the aforesaid 9 men are 
Arent Schuyler David Kettelhuyn Tho Sjeer 

Casper Teller Daniel Brad Willem the Indian 

But Teunissen Hendk Jansen van Saragtoge 

By the Commissioners, the Mayor, Aldermen & Justices 
of the Peace of the City & County of Albany. 
Whereas you were ordered in your preceding Commission 
dated 26*^ March last to remain at Crown point till further orders 
as more fully appears in said Commission, and we are now asked 
if any other better sojourn or place of Rendezvous can be 
found — 

These are, therefore, if you can find out any fitter place than 
the aforesaid Crown Point which you Know will be more secure, 
to empower you to do so with advice and consultation of Dirk 
Albertsen Brad and the Schagtkook Indians, on condition that you 
Send out Spies dayly towards the said Crown Point: You shall 
also daily correspond with Capt Abraham Schuyler and his people 
and mutually communicate all notable occurrences. And further 
you shall follow and obey your previous commission in all things. 
Thus given under our hands In Albany this l^t April in the 2"'' 
Year of his Majestys Reign A^. Dom'. 1690. 

Was Signed, J. Bruyn 

To Capt Jacobus Joh. Provoost 

de Warm Peter Schuyler 

DiRCK Wesselse 
Joh: Wendell 




Alby, the 2d April! 1690. 

Mynheer — Mynheer, We again yesterday sent up a Scouting 
Party of 9 @ 10 Cliristians with about as many Indians who will 
( ooperate as far as possible with the party previously sent up, 
again:^t our enemies the French and their Indians from Canada, 
tor his Majestys Interest. 

The Sheriff and County Clerk forwarded also yesterday the 
Minutes and other Books & papers &c. belonging to this City and 
the County of Albany, but found the Registers only to 1^* De- 
cember 1685. And Robbert Livingstons wife said, she has no 
Knowledge of the others. Item, were in like manner. Since, all 
the Excise Books and ^-cs concerning his Majestys Revenue 
because there were reasons numerous enough to secure said Liv- 
ingston, so that he may give explanations of all the accounts. 

N: B. We also Send your Honour enclosed, six sworn 
affidavits against the aforesaid Livingston in behalf of his Majesty. 
Item, herewith goes, besides, a packet of papers which we found 
in an old box in which were also discovered Some articles of 
value {Klyriodie goederen) which heretofore belonged to the 
Canadian Jesuit Valiand. These we have inventoried here for his 
Majestys use until further Order. 

We also pursuant to your Honor's order allowed the freeholders 
of this City & County to Choose & elect 2 proper persons to con- 
sult & conclude at New York concerning his Majesty's interest in 
this conjuncture, and the majority of votes have accordingly fallen 
on Capt Jan Janse Bleeker «& Reyer Schermerhoren, and inas- 
much as there is no sloop at present here in which the aforesaid 
can depart, they shall be forwarded by the first opportunity were 
it only a canoe. At present no more from 

Your Honour's faithful Friends 

Alb. 2 ap" 1690 
Copy van Een brief 
Aen d'Luyt. gov'" 
Jacob Lcysler in 
hct fort W'n tot 
N. Yorke. 




J Bruyn Jan J Bleeker 

Johannes Prov* Joh Cuyler 

Akes Cornellissen Van Slyck of the County of Albany, aged 
about 50 years being sworn on the Holy Evangelists before M' 
Jan Jan sen Bleeker Justus of the Peace declares that about the 
middle of Feb A° 168| he was with his wife Grietje and George 
Aersen at Robbert Livingston's house and that he deponent stated 
and said to said Livingston Thou hast read the King's Declaration 
in English but I cannot understand it — therefore repeat it to me 
in Dutch. Whereupon the aforesaid Livingston answered & said — 
That the King stated that many of his Subjects had run away 
from England to Holland, of whom the Prince is the Chief 
Rebel— and said further, Let him come to Englandj he shall find 
there as good Soldiers *to oppose him as he shall bring with him. 
And further he saith not. Thus in Albany this P* April and in 
the 2id Year of his Majesty's Reign A° Dom: 1690. 

Sworn before Me. 

Grietje wife of Akes Cornelissen, aged about 45 years being 
sworn before Jan Janse Bleeker Justus of the Peace declares 
that she was with her husband Akes & Joris Aersen about the 
Middle of February 168f at Rob* Livingston's house, and that 
she Deponent heard said Livingston state that the King said that 
the Prince is the head of the rebels. And further she knoweth 
not well whether she heard from Livingston or her husband or 
from Jor: Aersen — she, however, heard one of the three say that 
Livingston had also said that divers English subjects had run 
away from England to Holland; also, let him but come to 
England he shall there find as good soldiers as he shall bring 
with him, and she further saith not. Thus, in Alby 1 April 1690 

J Bruyn Joh Provoost Joh Wendel 

Reyer Schermerhooren of the county of Albany, aged about 38 
years being sworn before M' Johannis Wendel, Justus of the Peace, 
declares that he was last harvest at Sweer Teunissens van Velsen's 


bouse at Schanhegtade, where Joris Aersen, Capt Sander Glen, 
Job Glen & Myndert Wemp were present, and that then Jorls 
Aersen was asked if be had heard Rob* Livingston Say that the 
Prince of Orange (who is our King of England &ca) -y^as the head 
of the Rebels who invaded England with the Prince A" 1688. 
Whereupon the aforesaid Jor: Aersen answered, No — I did not 
hear Livingston say so ; but he said this — that in the declaration 
which the Late King James issued against the Hollanders be had 
read that the Prince was declared to be the Head of the Rebels — 
Whereupon Meyndert Wemp again said in the presence of the 
aforesaid Company — Remember this well ; for Joris Aersen shall 
yet make these words good ; and said, further, that he will note 
down in his book the words which Joris aforesaid has there stated. 
And further he saith not. Thus in Alby this l^t April 1690 

Simon Schermerhoren of the County of Albany aged about 32 
years being sworn in presence of M'" Johannis Wendel Justus of 
the Peace declares, that he was last harvest in his house at 
Schanegtady where Joris Aersen came and related to him Deponent 
how Rob* Livingston had' told him that the Declaration issued 
against the Hollanders by the late King James denounced the 
Prince of Orange as the head of the Rebels; and that he Joris 
had shewn this declaration to Dom : Tassemaker at the time 
minister of Schanhegtady, to learn if there were any such thing 
in it, but Dom: Tassemaker could see nothing of the sort there ; 
and as the Deponent afterwards heard that Joris tried to alter the 
aforesaid Livingston's words, he asked Joris if he now denied that 
he had spoken to Deponent against Livingston? Whereupon 
Joris answered, I deny nothing of what I told you herein, for I 
stated the same to the Domine and the whole consistory of 
Schanegtady, and I shall not deny it even should I die the death, 
for Akes Corn^ & his wife were likewise present when Livingston 
spoke so of our Prince, notwithstanding that Akes now says he is 
sick, and his wife says she is only a woman. But, said Joris, 
when they are put on their oaths they will speak the truth, and 
should they not, yet will I do it. Item, Joris said, it vexes me 
much that such slanders should be stated of our Prince as he is 


iny countryman, for I too am an Amsterdam boy. And further 
saith not Thus in Albany, l^t April 1690. 

Myndert Harraensen of the County of Albany, aged about 47 
years, being sworn before Johannis Wendel Justus of the Peace, 
declares that last harvest in his house, he asked Joris Aersen if it 
were true that he heard Rob*^ Livingston say that our Prince of 
Orange was the head of the Rebels'? Whereupon the aforesaid 
Joris Aersen answered No ; I did not hear Livingston say that ; 
but he said this, that the Late King James hath in his Declaration 
against the Hollanders pronounced the Prince to be the head of 
the Rebels, and further saith not. Thus in Alby this l^t April 

J Bruyn, Job Provoost, J J Bleeker 

Capt. Sander Glen Justus of the Peace of the County of Alby, 
aged about 43 years being sworn before M' Jan Jansen Bleeker, 
Justus of the Peace, declares that he heard Joris Aersen say 
several times last summer or last harvest, that it was too much 
reported of him Joris that he should have spoken against Rob' 
Livingston ; and that Joris also said what I heard Livingston say 
of the Prince, Akes CorneUssen and his wife were there then 
present when he read the declaration ; they well know what he 
said^ and further saith not. Thus in Albany this l^t April 1690. 

Present: — 
J Bruyn, Rich<i Pretty, 

Johannis Provoost, Job Cuyler. 

Inventory of some goods heretofore the Property of the 
Father, or Jesuit Valiand of Canada. They are, on information 
of Jan Gowand Willem Hollie, transferred to us for his Majesty's 
interest, still remaining at present, & until further order, at the 
house of Jan Gow aforesaid. Thus in Alby this 1^* April 1690. 
Found in one old chest as follows: — 
22 Bunches of black Beads, also some loose d" 

1 The following was adiicd here in the original but afterwards expunged:— 
"And deponent further saith that he repeatedly heard several persons, in the 
course of conversation say that the Prince is the head of the Rebels; But knows 
not from whom he hoard it." 


2 doz: little looking glasses for Indians 
12 little Patrenoster Chains (Rosaries.) 

1 priest's white surplice; also 2 @ 3 little shirts &«'. 

3 small bunches of Copper finger-rings. 

4 doz tinder boxes with steel & flints. 

5 small papers of Needles 

2 papers of Awls 

1 Compass 

2 Belts 

1 Red matting table cover {strootvnsch fafelkleed) 
1 do Chimney little Valanee [shoorsteen valletje) 

3 parcels of garden Stuff 

1 old ditto 

2 little paintings 
5 burning glasses 

1 handsome pair of womens hose 
27 Uttle books 
11 paper pictures 

3 blank books 

1 pr. shoes & 1 pr. slippers & nothing else of Importance. 
Item found in a Small Basket: — 

1 little bell, weight about 16 lbs. 
7 old axes 

4 old adzes 

2 planeing chisels 
2 old chisels 

1 little copper shears 

1 small hatchet 

1 small square in a joiners bench 

1 small anvil with a horn 

1 hand vice 

1 large Auger 

1 set of bits 

2 files 

3 old dishes 

3 prs of ice spurs, (creepers) 
1 crooked nippers • 

VOL. II. 14 


1 old plane 
3 Rings for 

2 small hammers 
1 iron pick-hook 

Item, some other pieces of old Iron of little or no im- 
portance; of no value. 
Johannis Sand. Glen of the county of Albany about 42 years 
old being Sworn before Jan Wendel, Justus of the Peace, declares 
that Rob* Livingston came last harvest to Schannegtade and 
enquired expressly for Joris Aersen, and said he would give a 
(juart or two to whomsoever would bring Joris, as he was in the 
Bush, for he must speak with him. Whereupon Deponent asked 
what had Joris done. To which Livingston Answered, You know 
well what I heard, sitice I heard Joris hath thus spoken against 
you — Deponent replied, I know it not. And when he Deponent 
afterwards saw Joris Aersen, he asked him, how the matter stood 
about which Livingston had come to him? to which Joris answer- 
ed — If the people to whom I spoke about Livingston have not 
changed my words, Livingston is in no danger, neither have I. 
Otherwise I shall have difficulty; And further saith not. Thus in 
Albany this 2d April 1690. 

Newyork Aprill 2d 1690, 
To the Hon^ifi the Governor & Gent in authority for his 
Mamies Collony of Connecticutt. 
HoNBLE Sirs, — Whereas Captn Jonathan Bull hath by order 
from the authority of your collony, withdrawen the forces sent 
for Albany contrary to the order of those commissionated for that 
post and the expectation both of the Christians & Indian Confed- 
erates, to the great discouragement of the remaining forces for 
his Mamies service in that frontier, In some parts to supply that 
defect, It is desired that Mr. Samuel Edsall & Mr. pembroke 
the bearer hereof, may have license & free leave to beat the drum 
lor raising such volunteers as shall list themselves in his Ma^es 
service for Albany afores*i, & transport the same into this place, 
)r directly thither without any lett hindrance or moleslatione 


whatsoever, Morover desireing your aide & assistance therein, 

which requiest of ours we hope not to faill of, Subscribing your 
loving friends & neighbours &c. 


New york Aprill 2d 1690: 

HoNBLE Sir — The unexpected surprisall of a small village 
called skenectady by the french & their Indian Confederates hath 
so allarmed the fronteer post of Albany & those of new England 
that it is a work necessary to be well consulted how to secure 
that place, the wellfare whereof concernes all the neighbouring 
Collonies; And therefore having certane notice of 2500 french 
posted in Montroyall which advanceth from Quebeck towards 
Albany near 250 miles & an additional strenth of the Indianes 
being expected, may sooner attack our afores^ post then happily 
we are aware of, wee having done what our circumstances & 
endeavours could well contribute, have likewise communicated the 
same to the Governor of Boston, & the gentlemen of Connecticutt 
are likewise advertised thereof, insomuch that wee propose for a 
generall assistance that such persones as to you shall seem meet 
may be commissionated to treat \vith them of new England, 
Virginia, pensilvania & Jerseys relating this important affaire 
here at New york being adjudged the medium between the parties 
concerned upon the 24ti» day of Aprill next after this date, that 
soe we may conclude what may conduce most to the Kings intrest, 
wellfare of the provinces & the prevention if not destructione 
of the enymies &c. 


By ye Assembly Aprill ye 3d 1690. 

HoN^LE S^i— Your letters of ye 4«> March last to Capt John 
Coode, with copy of one from Barbadoes 27 Janury p'ceeding 
to your Hon"" inclosed, hath been communicated to this House, y* 
Representative body of this Province now assembled & met 


together for their Ma^'*'" service who, after o»' hearty thanks for 
your kind expressions anil demonstracons of friendship to this 
Province therein sett forth, thinke fitt to signifie o^ due sense and 
trouble for that sad and miserable accident befell you from y« 
French & their Indians in your parts and the horrid & bloody 
Massacre of your people y^ w** we heartily condole & lament, 
have taken y^ same into o^" serious Consideracon and unanimously 
voted speedy aid and assistance ags* that comon & tyrannicall 
Enemy & disturber of our peace to be sent you, but for y^ way 
&. manner of soe doing & y^ measures therein to be taken for y*' 
more effectuall doing thereof (considering y® present juncture Sa 
ye infancy & weakness of o^" Country) we have recommended y« 
same to y^ Managem* of a select comittee for that purpose 
appointed, upon whose report to this house W^ will be w*h all 
expedition, wee shall be able to give you a more ample & satis- 
factory ace* for their Ma*'*^ service & the seasonable reliefe & 
further security of all their subjects in these parts of America, 
wherein & for all yo"" friendly & kind respects shewne to this 
province; wee shall, what in us lies, endeavour to be in no wise 
wanting of o'^ duty & making such suitable returns & acknow- 
ledgm^s as we are capable of; in y® mean time for matters of 
news & a more p'ticular ace* of affaires, we recomend y"" Hon ""■ 
to Capt John Coode, who will supply p^sent defects of S^ yo^^ 
Honoi-s Most Humble Serves 

Signed pr order & in y® name of y® House 

Kenelm Cheseldyn, Speaker 
To ye Honbie Jacob Leisler Esq' 

Comander in Chief of his Ma*'®^ forces 

in New Yorke. These for their Ma*'*^ Service 

A List of y® Souldjers for y^ Expedition of Albany @ 
25s. p"" Mont and their provision — A. 1689 the 13 
March in Fort william, & are departed on 2'^ april 
with Capt Jacob Milborne 
-f- Gerrit woutersen Serjeant two pisses of 8. 
1- Thomis Chambers 9^ in mony & 125 6d. in duffels 


-j- Henry pyper 12s 6d in duffels 9^ in mony 

-j- Symon Williams of Ranak 1 pc of 8 & 9^ in mony & 

10s in duffels 
-\- Jean Marlett of Staten Island 1 lock & 4s in mony & 

10s in duffels 
-j- Jacob Paers of Rye 9s in mony 
-|- Richard Marten 9s in mony & lOs in duffels 
-f- Richard Walters of Rye 9s in mony & lOs in duffels 
-\- Mattheuw Barends of Westchester 1 pc of 8. & 9s in 

mony & 12s 6d. in duffels 
-\- Francis Mauriss of Staten Island 9s in mony 
-j- Daniell Magdaniell 9s. in mony 1 pr of shoes 
-f- Jonas Stevense of Rye 1 pr shoes & 1 pc of 8 & 9s in 

mony & 12s 6d in duffels 
-|- Hendrick Hendricksen Staten Island 9s. in mony 
-|- Robert Raley 9s in mony 
-\- William Nobell 9s in mony 

-j- Gerrit arentse of N. York 9s in mony & 10 in duffels 
-j- Jean faefre Staten Island 1 lock & 4s in mony & lOs. iin 

-\- Pieter Berry 9s. in mony 1 pr shoes. 
-\- George Sharp 9s. in mony 1 pr shoes 
-}- John floid of N York 9s in mony & 10s in duffels 
-f- Philiph Coome 1 pc. of 8. & 9s in mony & 12s 6d in 

-j- John Mannin 9s in mony 
-j- John Poen 9s. in mony & 1 pr. shoes 
-\- Frans Thomasse of N. York 9s in mony 
-j- John Clark 12s 6d. in duffels 9s in mony 
-f- Charles Twist of Suffolk Bounds 1^ ps of 8 & 9s in 

mony & 1 sword & 1 pc of 8. 
-|- Wilham Ingell 9s in mony & 12s. 6d. in duffels 
-{- Johannes Langestraet of N York 1^ pc of 8. 
-|- Johannes fyne of N York 1^ pc. of 8. 
-}- John Barsett of Rye 1 pr of shoes & 9s. in mony 
-[- Charles Olivatt 12s 6d. in duffels 9s. in mony 
■ -j- William Cornes 12s 6d. in duffels 9s in mony 


f- Jolin Rob from Staten Island 9^ in mony 

j- William haukisson 1 pr shoes & 9^ in mony 

-j- Jean doulier from Staten Island 9* in mony & 125 6rf. in 

duffels & 2 pc. of 8 for dyet & bringing over of peopli . 

\- Thomas hunt Surgeon 9^. in mony & 1 pc of 8 for t' q 

\- Robert Folther 9s in mony 

f- gerrit Tapffen 9s in mony & 9s for to bring a man 

f- Thomas Knight 9s in mony 

-f- Ebenesar Lyon 9s. in mony. 

-j- Thomas Cromwell 9s in mony 

1- William Locker 9s. in mony 

1- Patrick Magrigerie 9s in mony 

\- Thomas Johnsen 9s in mony 

(- Nathaniel Pietersen 9s in mony 

1- John Boyd 9s in mony 

1- Silley 3s. in mony 

1- Robert Cam 9s in mony 

Jan Cornelise 

Johannes Van Tilburgh 

hendrick martensen 

f- Edward ford from the Man of War 9s in mony 

(- Jan Chalender 9s in mony 

Expedicon to Albany 

26 May. John Care 9s. in money ^. ^ , , , , 

r T 1 T> !-• 1 I. f 3s for board 4 loaves & 

«o j-x4^ \ John Robmson 1 pr shoes > 

*^<''"°1 Richard Hill ipr ditto > ^^ '^^ ?"* 

[From another List.] April 4. 1690. 

Peter Henkesson from Staten Island 

Jost Pow; 

Andrew Smith 9s in mony 3s for dyett 2^ yd duffels 

Willem Weaver 9s in mony 18s " 

John Prescott 9s in mony 

Moses Manase Hard 9s in mony 

Charles Masshell 


Henry low 9s in mony 
John Damelse 9s in mony 
Peter Parsone 9s in mony 

H " 


H " 


21- " 


2^ " 


21 « 


21 « 




Daniel Mellton 9s in mony 
Andrew Miller 9s in mony 
Johannes Liekeris 
Thomas Stevensen 

A list of the Souhljers y* went w^h Capt" gabriell Thompson; 
[Supposed to be from Piscataway, Maryland.] 

Capt. Gabriel Tomson 

Leftenant Rodgar Barton 

Ensine Ebennazar Wakeman 

Sargant Joseph Rumsey 

Sargant Thomis Sturgis, 

Thomas Hunt 

Sammuel uail 

Mathu Randall 
Abraim broun 
Josoph boils 
Sammuel Couch 
danniel Gou 
John Ogdin 
John Cable 
Josiah Hunt 
Samuel Shered 
Philip trauis 
Loeling philips 
Thomas Brodgat 
Robord Graims 
Jorge Scot 

James CamioU 
John Owen 
Nathaniel furbush 
Sargant Jonathan Horton 
John forgeson 
Richard feloo 
William Danford 
John Knap 
Richard Cozens 
Thomas Poor 
Philip galpin 
Philip Prise 
Joseph Cable 
John Green 
Isaac Rumsey 
Thomas Mathus 

A part of a List of the 
Jeronimes fan Bommell 
Hend'k Aernouts 
Coenradus Vander Beck 
Jan Keteltas 

Isaac Jan?en Van Tilburgli 
Abram Matysse 
Jacobus de Waim 

People y^ went up to Albany. 
Samuel Yardin 
Harmen Jansen 
Denys A denoan 
Jacobus Colve 
Ephraim Carpenter 
Cornelis Loosic Boswyck 
Gilliam Gcrlet Boswyck 



Martin Beeckman 
Arien Santwoort 
Jacobus vander Spiegel 
Isaac Franck 
Daniel Robotham 
Abram Uytersael 
Alexander Wilson 
Gerret Burger 
Johannes Provoost Junior 
Isaac Bos 

John Thomas ^ 

Matthys de Hart 

from King! 
Peter Brouwer 
Jacobus Monseu Casaue 
Tip.ia Jansen 

Charles fonteyn Boswyck 
Caste Laerse Junior 
Jams Woodert 
John Spaniard 
Johannes Hartman 
Jurian Andiesse 
Pieter Pangborne 
Toraas foot 
Mathys Loftus 
James Weith 
Lowrens hoist Junior 


Theunis Dircksen 
Jan Tysse 
Jan Wertze 

A 1690 19 8ber in Fort William. 
A List of y^ Souldjers y^ are a going up to Albany 

Robert Crafft 8 shill. 

David Mandre Shotlander 5s. 

or 8 s. 
Alexander farle 2s. 3d. 
Brian Rome 2s. 
John Jackmonsse 2s. 3d. 
George Casselltowne 2. 3d. 
Samuel Kickham in plas of 

John Baker Discharged 

Toby Indian 2s 3d. 
Thomas Barber 8 shill. 
William Trip 2s. 
Nicholaes Porter 2s. 
John Wolleston 5s. 
Roburte Pate 2s. 3d prest 
Isaak fran 2s. 3d. 

Insident Charges to send a warrant to y'^ Sheriffe 

' of queens County j£.-4.6 

to sergant Jacob to Cherche Jaques haus for ]3.6 

Chevalier Dau 1 Morgingoun 

1 pc. of 8 to Wm Churcher 6 

1^ pc. of 8 to the Boer who brought the prisoners. . . 6 

to Hendrick ten eyck 9 

The Heer Meyer credit in money £6.3.9 




By the Commission" for Albany &ca. 

Whereas diverse persons within this City and County have 
presumed to retayle Rum unto the Souldiers belonging to ffbrt 
Orange, and the respeqtive Capt^^ commanding such who came 
from New yorke and are since listed under them, which hath 
proved very pernicious to the Kings Interests, the safety of this 
City and County, and the said Souldiers welfare 

These are in his Ma*'®? name strictly to prohibite and forbid any 
person whatsoeuer to draw for, sell, or retayle any parcell or 
quantity of rum upon any pretence whatsoeuqr under the penalty 
of fforfeiting Ten pounds Currant money of this Province for 
doeing such trespasse, and the said Rum to be forfeited. One 
third to be for the Enformer and the rest to be improved for the 
support of this present Warr: Dated in Albany Aprill the 12^^ 
and in ye 2^' yeare of his Ma^i®^ Reigne Annoq Dom. 1690. 

By the Com""^ for Albany &c^ 

Whereas his Ma^'^s Revenue hath been much empaired by 
neglect of Due collecting the Grand Accizes &c* 

These are in his Ma^'^s name to command you M^" Richard 
Pretty forthwith to Gauge all Vessells containing Rum or strong 
liquors wheresoeuer you shall finde the same within tliis City and 
County, and take Acco* thereof according to an Act of Assembly 
and your Power substituting you Collector &ca for the same ; 
All persons being hereby required to conform thereunto as they 
will answer the contrary at their Perrills Given uncier o"" hand* 
y« date aforesaid: 
To Mr Richard Pretty SherrifFe of 

the City and County of Albany 


A List of Persons Departed from Albany without any leaue 
or giving notice 

Laurens (alais) Koehaerder Jan Jacobse 
Jan Laurens Evert Wendel Jun^ 

Cornells Laurens Symon Schermerhoorne 

N B Cornelis Viele Surgeon to send up for o^ want of him is great 

Myndert Harmense 
Abraham Kip 

By the Com^s for Albany &ca 

Whereas there was an Order issued forth to M^" Robert Living- 
ston Receiver of the Kings Revenue for y^ City and County of 
Albany to deliuer unto to Mr Richard Pretty all such bookes and 
Acco*"^ as were in his Custody (or that haue beene under his Charge 
or in his Possession) relating any part of the Kings Revenue as 
aforesaid &c^ and the said Livingston hath absconded without 
giving any order or direction concerning the same by w^h \ns 
Ma^'^s Interest is much abated. 

These are to giue notice unto the s"^ Livingston or in whose 
possession the s*! bookes or Acco^^ are or do know where they are 
placed, that they Forthwith do give notice thereof unto M*" Richard 
Pretty Si,c^ and in case any do conceale, or connive at covering 
the same, that then such shall be proceeded against as those who 
abett & contrive to defraud his Ma^'^s dues and dutyes — More- 
over it is hereby ordered & declared that if the s^ Livingston doth 
not appeare in person in Albany City afores*^ or make returne of 
the same here, at or before the SG'-h day of this Instant Aprill 
according to the true intent and meaning of this precept : That 
then the Said Livingston shall be proceeded against as one that hath 
defrauded his Ma^'e of his dues and rights and broken the trust 
reposed in him, according to the severity of Law in such Cases: 
Dated in Albany this M^h day of Aprill 1690, and in y® Second 
Yeare of his Mat'^'^ Reigne : 

Albany Aprill the 22th 1690 

Ordert-d that the Mill belonging to the Patroon Renselaer be 

ill) mediately fortified against any attack oi invasion that may be 

made by the Enemy, for w^h purpose it is recommemled to the 

CMC & direction of xVJr Levinus Van Schayck & Peter Schuyler 


Esq" for his Assistance, and what by them shall be appointed for 
accomphshing the same, all persons are hereby strictly required 
to be aiding therein with their Persons or what else unto them is 
belonging for that Service, as they will answer the contrary at 
their utmost Perill Giuen under o"" hands the day & yeare above 

Albany Aprill the 22d 1690 

Whereas there is a necessity of breast works to be forthw^^ 
made within the Stockadoes round this City, and that it may be 
more effectually accomplished : Ordered that Cap* Johannes 
Wendel, and Cap* Peter Van Wogolom doe take upon them the 
care &, direction thereof, and what by them shall be found requisite 
for compleating the same all persons are hereby required to assist 
therein w*^i their Persons and whatsoeuer is unto them belonging 
fit for that service as they will answer the contrary at their utmost 
Perill, Given under o"^ hands the day and yeare abovewritten: 

By the Com^^ for Albany Sec* 

Whereas there was an Order issued forth bearing date the M**' 
this Instant Aprill for Mr Rob* Livingston to render up the Bookes 
and Acco*^ relating the Kings Revenue, and a certaine day set and 
time limited for the same or his appearance in this City the Wh 
hath not beene observed to the great prejudice of his Ma*'®* 
Intrest &ca 

These are in his Ma*'^ name to will and require you forthwith 
to Attach all such houses, lands. Goods, and Chattells as doe 
belong or appertaine unto the s<l Livingston for and in behalfe of 
o"" So\ereigne Lord King William & to his Ma*i^ use & behoofe 
whereof you are to make returne according to this Precept Given 
under o^ hands in Albany April 30** and in the second yeare of 
his Ma*'es Reigne Annoq Dom 1690. 
To Mr Richard Pretty Sherriffe for 

the City and County of Albany 

By the Com^^ for Albany &c^ 
Whereas diverse persons haue pretended right and title to a 
parcell of meadow ground pasture belonging unto their most 
excellent Ma*'®^ King William and Queene Mary Supream Lord 


and Lady of this Province of N: Yorke lying neare this City and 
have sold y« same for the use of the Poore to emprove by letting 
it or entertaining sundry beasts to grasse therin 

These are in his Ma^i^^^ King Williams name strictly to forbid 
all persons whatsoever to trespasse thereon by entertaining or 
driving into the s^ Pasture any horses beasts, or other Cattell 
whatsoeuer without Speciall Licence from us Commissionated by 
his Ma*''^^ L* Govern'' of the Province of New Yorke afores^ as 
they will answer the contrary at their utmost Perill Given under 
G*" hands this 30th day of Aprill in y® second yeare of his Ma^'^^ 
reigne Anrioq dom. 1690 And whosoeuer shall attempt to pull 
of deface, or any wayes Scandalize any Order affixed by this 
Authority shall be punished severely according to the nature of 
the Offence w*** its circumstances 
To all whom this doth 

or may Concerne 

By the Com^s for Albany &.c^ 
^ Complaint being made unto us by the Gent^ appointed for 
quartering of his Mat'^s Soldiers in this city & County that M>f 
William Teller hath obstinately refused to entertaine a certaine 
Souldier by their Order sent for that purpose and hath shut his 
door against the officer 

Insomuch that they desire o^ Authority to compell him the s^ 
Teller to performe his duty 

These are in his Ma***^^ name to will and require you forthwith 
to make a forcible entry into the s^ Tellers house, and quarter 
the said sould'" accordingly, and take with you such psons for 
Assistance as are under yo^ Command, in so doing this shall be 
yo"^ Sufficient Warrant Giuen under o"" hands in Albany this first 
day of May in the second yeare of his Ma''^^ Reigne Annoq 
Dom. 1690 
To Lieut Twist Commanding a Comp« 

of his Ma* 63 Sould" in this City: 

By the Commiss'* for Albany &''* 
Whereas strict Orders liaue beene made prohibiting all psons 
within this City and County to sell Rum unto the Indians, and 


the same haue not had due effect, neither beene regarded as they 

These are in his Ma*' es name strictly to forbid all psons what- 
soeuer that they sell noe Rum or strong drinke, directly or indi- 
rectly unto any sort of Indian, or Indians of what Nacon soever, 
and that none do presume to deliuer, or give any Rum or other 
strong Beere or drinke unto any of them upon what pretence 
soever (unlesse such who haue an especiall Licence from us so to 
doe) under the penalty of forfeiting Twenty pounds Currant money 
of this Province the One halfe to the Enformer the rest to be 
employed in y^ Publiq service of the immediate War and in case 
the persons so offending shall not be capable of paying the said 
ffine, then to receiue open Corporall punishm* by whipping at 
discretion and forthwith to be expelled this County: Given- under 
o"" hands this 2^ day of May in the second Yeare of his Ma^i^^ 
Reigne Annoq Dom 1690: 

And that no pson shall go without y® Stockadoes of this City 
to discourse or deale with any Indian whatsoever on penalty of 
forfeiting ten pounds Hke Curr* money and in Case they are not 
capable to pay the same, to be punished as aboves*^: 

By the Com" for Albany &«* 
These are in his Ma^'es name to require you M' Rich^ Pretty 
Sheriffe of this City & County to distraine Twelve Kettles now in 
the possession of Cap" Johan Bleecker, weighing the same & 
promise paym^ (for the Kings service) in o^ behalfe Giuen under 
or bands May the ll^h 1690 

By the Comf» for Albany &ca 
These are in his Ma^'e^ name to will & require you forth- 
with to make diligent search within this City for all Kettles that 
may be fit for the Expedition against the French, and wherever 
you finde the same (as Merchandize) to secure for his Mat'c** 
Service that they may not be transported from this Towne but 
forth comming when occasion requires, as you shall haue farther 
order from us & for sodoing this shall be yo' sufficient Warrant 
given under of hands in Alb a May 12'i» & in y« 2^ year of his 
Mat'<« Reigne Annoq dom 1690 :— 


^ By the Commissrs for Alb^ Scc^ 

These are in his Mat'*^ name to order, & appoint you M"" Dirck 
Wessells forthwith to provide Indian Shoes, Canoes and Axes 
which are immediately requisite for his Mamies Service against ye 
ffrench and their adhering Enemyes commanding all persons proper 
to assist you herein & for sodoing this shall be your sufficient 
Warr* given under o'" hands in Alb"^ May 12*^ & in y^ 2** yeare 
of his Mat»«s Reigne Annoq dom 1690 — 

By the Com" for Albany kc^ 
These are in his Ma^'®s name to prohibite and forbid all manner 
of persons within this City and County that they dare not presume 
to receuie into any how^se, or Cellar, any Wine, rum or Strong 
Liquors except it be first gaged by the Gager Adrian Appel then 
to be committed to the Porters, for bowsing the same, and that no 
Beere be carried from any Brewer, but by the s^ Porters appointed 
by us and that they giue a true account of the same to the Collect' 
of his Ma^'es Revenue for this City and County, euery weeke, 
and that no strong beere be brought to any Retailer or Tapper 
wti» out a ticket from y« s*! Collector upon y® penalty ffiue Pounds 
for euery offence committed by each Porter And that no Carman 
shall ride Wine, Rum, or other Strong Liqi^s fj-om any Vessell 
house, or Cellar without handling by s^ Porters All vessels being 
hereby ordered to land & load at y® Landing place behinde y^ 
Co^t house to be rid through the Gate by s'^ Co^ house & not 
otherwayes upon penalty of paying ffive Pounds for every Carman 
that shall soe offend Given under our hands May the 12'1» 1690 
& in y® Second Yeare of his Ma^'c^ Reigne. • 

By the Com's for Albany kc^ 
Whereas diverse persons dayly wast powder w^^ is of such 
accessary use for defence of this City and County of Albany, 
and although many haue beene advertised thereof yet psist in the 
same : These are in his Ma^'^s name to prohibite all persons 
whatsoeuer w^h in the s<i City and County to burne any powder 
unlesse to kill provision, or for his Ma^'^^ service & benefit of the 
places aforesaid, upon paine of paying for every shot, or discharging 


of Gun or Pistoll (contrary to y^ intent of this order) six shillings 
Currant money of this province of New Yorke, or Corporall 
punishm^ at discretion : Dated in Albany May 12^^ 1690 : 

By the Com for Alb* &ca 
These are in his Ma*'^ name to Order & appoint you M'^^ 
Claas Ripse, en J,acob Meesen dihgently to visit, and narrowly 
inspect the Stockadoes & platformes round & about this City, (with 
such officers of the Militia as y^ To wne Major shall appoint) and that 
what shall be found requisite & necessary to be done for y^ better 
fortifying thereof, you doe by yo^'selves or such as you shall 
employ forthwith performe & accomplish: Giuen under o^ hands 
May 12^h & in the second years of his Mamies Reigne Annoq 
Dom 1690: 

By the Com^s for Albany &ca. 
These are in his Ma^'^s name to order you to examine all houses 
within this City & County and take an exact Acco* of what 
powder is in eury psons possession therein, of W^h all the Inhabi- 
tants thereof are hereby ordered & Commanded that they do 
giue you a true acco*of what quantity they haue, & if they or any of 
them shall conceale any part thereof to be proceeded against as 
contemnors of his Ma^'^^ Authority, and disaffected to the peace 
and Security of this City and County afores<^. Dated in Albany 
the 12^h day of May and in the second yeare of his Ma*'^s Reigne 
Annoq Dom. 1690: 

By the Comi^^ for Albany kc^. * 

Forasmuch as it is of high Concern to preserue his Ma^'^s City 
and County of Albany from the rage and mischief of the French 
& their adherents, who to o'' sad experience haue made divers 
attempts upon the skirts of the same: Wee doe therefore Order, 
and hereby it is ordered that the Posts of Schanechtede, Connes- 
tigioene, and the halfe Moone be forthwith supplyed with proper 
numbers of men to defend the same, and that none do presume to 
})ost any other forces saving at the three places afores'^ at their 


utmost perill Given under o^ hands this 12*'^ day of May in the 
second yeare of his Ma^'cs Raigne Annoq Dora 1690: 
To all whome this doth 
or may concerne 

By the Com'-s for Albany &ca 

Whereas it is judged necessary for to defend Schanechtede and 
to that purpose it is likewise found requisite that a Fort shall be 
erected to defend y^ Inhabitants and oppugne the Enemy if should 
attack the same. 

These are in his Ma*'^^ name to require you Cap'' Sander Glen 
& all Officers & Inhabitants belonging to y^ said Schanechtede and 
adjacent Parts, with the Souldiers there in Garrison, to build a 
substantiall Fort of due magnitude and strength upon that part 
or parcell of ground (called by the name of Cleyn Isaacs) and 
that all are aiding and assisting therein according to their abilitye 
to dispatch and compleat the same, as they will answer the con- 
trary at their utmost perills Given under o'" hands this 13^^ day 
of May in the second yeare of his Ma^'^s Reigne Annoq Dom 

Albany the 30th May 1690. 

You are from hence to set forth immediately to Sarrachtoge 
and so forward to the Carrying Place where you are to make 
your diligent inspection if any Tracks of people are made, or other 
notices can be taken either of the French or their Indians, and 
between the s'l draegh Plaets & Sarraghtoge you are to keep 
constant passing and repassing for the space of 8 days, and if 
you meet wtj> any remarkable thing that is worthy our notice, 
forthwith to dispatch an Indian Messenger, except the ffrench 
Troops should appeare, then to withdraw all your men & obserue 
so long as with safety you can how they march & what numbers 
of them may be guest, and all psons w*h you are hereby strictly 
required to obey yo"" Commands as they will answer the Contrary 
at their utmost Perill Given under o"" hands the date aboves^. 
To Ensigne Symon Van Nes. 


To THE Governor of Boston 

ffort William Aprill 3d 1690: 
Honorable sir — your 3 severall letters by Capt Black I have 
before me, & have seen your proceedings in new England, *yours 
by the Liev* Governor I have before me, the unexpected surprisall 
of Schonectady by the french & their Indianes Confederates hes 
so allarmed the fronteer post of Albany &, yourselves & us, that 
it is thought a work necessary to be well consulted how to secure 
that place, the wellfare whereof concernes all the neighbouring 
collonies, and therefore having certane notice of 2500 posted in 
Mount royall which advanced from Quebeck towards Albany near 
250 mills & an additionall strenth of the Indianes being expected 
may soon attack our afores'i post, then happily we are aware wee 
having done what our circumstances & Endeavors could well 
contribute, have likewise communicated the same to the govern- 
ment of East & West Jersey, pensilvania Maryland Virginia & 
other parts of new England. Insomuch that we propose for a 
generall assistance that such persones as to you shall seem meet 
may be commissioned to treat with them relating the s^ important 
affaires, here at new york being adjudged the medium between 
the parties concerned, upon the 2iS^ of this Instant So that we 
may conclude what may conduce most to the Kings intrest the 
wellfare of the provinces, & the prevention if not destruction of 
the enimies, This is the needful for the present, Commending 
you to god, I remaine 

Your friend & humble Servant 


April 4th 1690, St. Marys, 
Most Hono«° S^ — The within is a copy of what I sent long 
since in answer to yo''^ to ye Assembly, w^h about 5 or 6 months 
being under an adjournment, thought it my duty to expedite it. 
It went by way of Pennsilvania,but considering what a disafected 
interest interposes betwixt N. York & this place, wonder not 
much at ye miscarriage ; I have very greatefully, as well as 
conveniently received yours, March ye 4'^, the convencon of ye 
Rep''sentatives of ye Province being to silt ye weeke after yo^* 

VOL. II. 15 


came, till w<=h time I desiied ye stay of ye messenger to advise 
Low wee could best answer yo^ most reasonable and necessary 
desires, sent away to ye Virginia government, ace" of yo^^ & 
Co'i Steders, desiring a speedy answer and concurrence. I arn 
heartily sorry I had no sooner an ace" of these two Rogues, 
Henly and Walsh. I had them very lately in custody upon sus- 
picon, being Strangers, Irishmen & papists, & coming from 
Martinico, but they much appeald to yourselfe for justificacon 
upon w<=^ they were confined till they would produce a certificate 
from your Hon^ of their good behaviour, W^^ they confidently 
promised, but the sone undeceived us & made their escapes towards 
Pennsilvania, but have made fresh pursuit after them & doubt not 
to have them well returned in Irons & safely secured. I will do 
all that lies in my power to use my best diligence that all sus- 
picious persons w'i>out passes, be secured. I am sorry for ye 
greate defect of duty & unaccountable & oversenss in their Ma^'^s 
subjects to their interest in yo^" partes as well as into many of 
them herew'h us in this province, by v,-'^^ meanes from treachery, 
cowardize and carefulness, that unfortunate & to be lamented 
accident has happened w'^^ you, as to yo^^ desires for some assist- 
ance from this governm*, your Honor may be well assured, that as 
it is our duty so to doe, having his Mamies comands in ye Packett, 
seeming to intimate in ye enclosed to that purpose, so our interest 
obliges vs to secure ourselves by making some considerable attempts 
upon our Enemies, besides ye obligacon you have laid upon vs 
by your repeated Kindnesse and civilities, ye greater example you 
are pleased to remitt us of ye generous & Loyall attempts of 
His Ma^'^^ Governor of Barbados, in order to w^h I have & will 
still continue to vtraost entleavours for your best satisfacon & 
their Ma^'cs interest. As to news from England, we have no great 
matter here ; Ships now arrived, tell us in particular that three 
men of war and two fire ships are coming w*'' a Fleete for 
Virginia & Maryland ; have sent you a breviate of other newes 
that p'scnt occurs. We have noe newes at p'sent of an answer 
to o'^ letters & papers (relating to our affaires here) sent to Eng- 
land. If your messenger returnes (as you intimate) by way of 
Maryland, if his arrivall here comes to my knowledge, I will take 


ail possible to contrive his speedy passage to New Yorke. "While 
I am writing this I have rec^> an answer from ye Virginia governmt 
m answer to o""^ sent thither. Monday was sennight about ye late 
raeasures neer you, that they do nothing till his Ma'^'es pleasure be 
knowne, from whence I never expected any other answer, thay 
write likewise, that one Colb James Nicholson is coming w*^ the 
men of Warr, to be Liev* Gover"'' of Virginia. As to our en- 
fleayors for your service, you have a letter from the convencon to 
that purpose, w*^ whome I have done what I cann & w^h ye com- 
mittee appointed to consider the same, ye report thereof herew*^ 
sent you, cannot at p'sent determine what will be the p'ticular 
result of 0^ endeavours, but you may be most confident nothing 
shall be wanting wherein I can serve 
To ye Hon^le Jacob Leisler Eq"",^ 
Commander in Chiefe of his / Hon'"''!® g"" 

Mat'^s forces in N. Yorke V Yo'' most reall friend & 
— these for their Mat'«s C Humble Servt 

Service. ^ Jn" Coode 

To THE Governor in Boston 

1690: 7th Aprill In fort William 
HoNBLE Sir — Myn last to your honor was by the way of Rhoad 
Island in great haste onely representing to your honor the great 
necessity of a general! meeting in N: York to which I referre 
your honor, 1 have also for the same purpose sent to all parts east 
& west & am sorry that Capt: B!agg was denied, Livingstone 
being represented to your honor such malefactor charged w^th 
treasonable crymes, we have caused to search his house at Albany 
& find that he has conveyed away all box & papers concerning 
his Majestys revenue, having received same a wholl year without 
giving an account so that his Matie will loose considerable thereby, 
he was not able to doe the least hurt concerning the five nations 
more then they did, wee have gott possessione of the fort without 
violence nor bloodshed, & have setled there all things to great 
Satisfaction of the Indianes that was then there present, tuo of the 
chiefest mohacks sachems desired to come to York & discourse me. 


be received the greatest satifactione Imaginable discovering the 
great delusiones the Convention of Albany have putt them under, 
my greatest work w^as to take away the umbrage the new England 
people gave by departing in that Juncture of time & broke our 
order by violence, which was indeed breaking the silver chaine you 
mention & covenanted to, he will that appeare true that your 
agent represents it to his Matie that new England was such w^arlike 
people & like to make him Emperor of this moderne empire, 
but I contribute the fault to no body but their sweet Secretary 
Allan, he rules those parts, his honor the Governor having write 
to me that he had but the name of a Governor & your honor 
feares they will be discouraged to assist us, unless wee accomo- 
date &L ease that matter whei'e rather I must say without abusing 
the good people among them, our calanuties & divisiones are 
indebted to them. If the s^l Connecticott had but done their part 
we had no need to feare our enimies, you & they with us alike 
concerned to cany on the warre & preserve such considerable post 
as Albany, I have invited them thereunto, but was wholly 
denied & of yourselves, I gott no encouragement onely of about 
nova Scotia, but I doe not despaii-e but hope at our meeting you 
will effectually discover the great delusion the Albany convension 
have putt you under in searching Livingstones house, we found 
a case belonging to a french Jesuite of Canada, & some Indian 
Categismes, & the lesson to learne to make their God before they 
eit them, with crucifix it was but how the minister who also 
had formerly great correspondance with the Jesuits, and another 
that deluded all the people there, the Indians have promised us 
to raise more than 1000 men of theirs to Joyne with 400 of ours 
wherof we have raised & sent up 260 men keeping the pass upon 
the lake with a company of Indians & Christians, In numbei 
about 50: that upon the enemies approach we may be tymlie 
advertised, I have sent last week to Connecticutt to beat the 
drum for volunteers but have noe advice of their success, I 
expect also a messinger daily from Maryland, If the above s*! 
expedition is to be caried on violently, & then by Gods bUssing 
wee need not to doubt of good success, Albany must also not 
be left destitute of people to guard it well which can hardly be 


tmly well effected without your & our neighbours assistance, there- 
fore they long to have gott some encouragement by Capt Elack, 
I desire the continuance of a good & real correspondence, being 
the Intrest of his Ma^ie in this Juncture of tyme, pray sir lett 
me have a catalogue of all books ^ papers in your custody con- 
cerning his Mamies province of newyork Inclosed you have the 
Sommary of the fort orange their capitulatione our answer M^ 
Mellines will interpret the dutch, haying for the present no more 
to enlarge recommending your honor to God I reraaine vour 
honors most humble Servant &c. 


A : 1690 : 9th Aprill in fort willlam 

Honorable Sir — Inclosed is a coppy of a letter sent to Vir- 
ginia & Maryland to your selves & counsell by water and land, & 
hope they are come safe to your hand, I am greatly longing for 
an answer of myn by Lievt: Vanbrugg which I understand you 
have well received, I would desire your honor if any letters con- 
cerning his MaHes intrest should be, send to me that it may be 
sent by a trusty persone because we receive non that comes 
through pensilvania, the Maquas oneydays, onondates Cackoques 
& mekehanders have espoused our cause, we have appointed per- 
sones to meet them at Albany in few dayes to consult our best 
way to intercept the enimies march, the Maquaas having given 
us a proofe of their fidelity and courage by persuing those that 
attacked Skenectady, even near their oun home taking and slay- 
ing 25 of them who lodged in the reare & promise to raise more 
than 1000 of theirs to joine with 400 of ours, whereas we have 
raised & sent 260 for that intent keeping the pass upon the lake 
with a company of Indianes & Christianes in number of 50 : that 
upon the enimies approach we may be tymely advertised being 
about 150 mills northward of Albany which post is of like con- 
cerne to you & us, therefore hope being well considered by you, 
you will afford us the greatest part of help desired from yon, the 
aboves*^ expedition is to be Carried on violently, & then by Gods 
blissing wee need not to doubt of good success, Albany most 


also not be left destitute of people to guard it well, which can 
hardly be surely w^ell effected without your & our neighbours 
•.issistance, therefore long for an ansvrer of my former whereby 
wee expect some encouragement & desire the continuance of a 
further good and real correspondance being for the intrest of Ids 
Matie in this Juncture of tyme, we have no further newes of a 
party of franch & Indianes of which we have intelligence that 
they were upon the march the tuo other parties have effected 
their exploit having kild & captivated 99 about biscadray, & the 
other burned some houses near Sallem, the exact damage is not 
certainly known, It is reported of 70 persons killd & captiva- 
ted Boston is fitting out vessels to attack the french by water, 
this is all for the present after my respects recommending yours 
to Gods protectione I remaine &c. 

your humble servant &c : 


Capt. Milborn — Friends and Brothers. After cordial saluta- 
tion. Yours of the 5 April is shewn me. I have got as much 
maize as I could find, which I send up to your honour with Theunis 
Pieterson's yacht. I am busy in getting as much money from the 
King's revenue as will satisfy the people from whom I had the 
corn. The number will appear by the list in the letter. 

Touching the election of the two Delegates from our County, it 
it shall be done on the 15th inst. It was put off until your 
honour's arrival here. I feared a contest about it. I admit it 
ought to be a free election for all classes, but I would be loath to 
allow those to vote or to be voted for who have refused to this 
day to take their oath, lest so much leaven might again taint that 
which is sweet, or our head-men, which probably might happen. 

I yesterday received a letter from Pieter d'lanoy. There is yet 
no further news from sea. I expect quick progress and good suc- 
cess against the French, our enemies both by water and by 


I shall expect to see your honour's arrival here in the (yacht) 
coming down. Finally I commend your honour to God's pro- 
tection, and remain 

Your honour's servant to command, 


Cinghs Thouwn 
the 11 April A^. 1690. 
In the county of Ulster. 

Capt. Jacob Mellbome, 
for psent 



Gent. — Your various letters have safely come to hand, refer- 
ring for the most part to the sending up as much maize as possi- 
ble for the use of his Majisties Garrison ; secondly to the send- 
ing back those who may have come from Albany or the County 
Jurisdiction, without the Knowledge of their Superiors; Lastl), 
that Kingstoune be fortified as well as possible against the attacks 
of the enemy. 

It serves for answer that pursuant to our duty we have made 
every effort to get as much maize as possible, and send your 
Honours per Teunis Peterse 936 skepels maize, and have fur- 
ther ordered that none be exported from our county, so that, 
should there be more, it may be available for his Majesty's ser- 
vice. Regarding those who may have come away from Albany 
County without permission, I could find none here except one Jan 
Jacobse, who pretends he could not earn his victuals at Albany — 
therefore hath requested permission to remain hereto support him- 
self & family, on condition that should the least news arrive here 
of the approach of any enemy, he shall be bound instantly to re- 
pair thither, to assist against the foe. 

Lastly in regard to fortifying Kingstoune, we request further 
explanation from you ; for in all the letters, whether from th« 


Hon'^i® Lieut. Gouern'" or from your honour above, we have had 
no command to fortify Kingstoune ; and moreover the W. Com- 
mittee have verbally ordered that no person should fortify any 
part of the Esopus Hill, until Kingstoune shall be fortified and 
protected, as the chief place of this county; especially as we, 
without the assistance of the out villages, should be very inade- 
quate against the attack of the enemy. 

No more at present, but I hope to see your honors here in a 
short time, and meanwhile remain 

Your humble serv. 

N. Anthony per 

This 11th April 1690 order of Jacob Reitse & 

Jan foke 


Capt Johannes de Bruyn 
Mr. Johannes Prouos & Capt. 
Jacob Millborne 

Hartford Aprill 11th 1690 

Uqj^oble sr — ^Your Letters of ye 2^ & 3^ of Aprill we have 
Seen & as to your desires of volunteers that we understand hath 
been granted but what fruit hath been gained thereby wee know 
not as to y^ meeting you mention at York upon y^ 24^^ of this 
month we cannot Comply wt^ by reason of a meeting ye gent"- 
of ye neigboring provinces have appointed before we heard of 
yours to be at Rhode Island y° last munday in this month (where we 
expect some of yours will be) vf"^ we have Complied w^^ & that 
we may not be wanting in our duty to p^'serve his Maj^'ea Interest 
what we can & defend o^ selves & his Majt'^s good subjects 
we have ordered that two Comp'^"^ be raised consisting of Six 
score & five teen Englishmen & about four score Indians (if they 
can be procured) w^h all speed be sent forth to Albany for y*"- 
defense of that City & County & also to take all advantages to 


supres y° ennimies. But we shall be at great Losse to procure 
ammunicion for them & therefore we request your selfe that you 
will take Care that o^" men may be provided for with ammunicion 
for this Service for we are so bear in o^ store that we must keep 
what we have for o"" owne preservacion If we were well stored 
or knew where to supply o^'selves we should not matter it: but 
w^^^out you can supply us it will be a vayn thing for us to send 
forth o"" men therefore we desire to have youre resolues in y* 
Case what we may depend on for it will be a great guide unto us 
in o"" motions & for provisions of pease bread & porke If you 
can suit us at albany we shall exchange w*h you And pay you 
In wheat porke & Pease at Yorke or where you shall appoynt us 
to pay you in o"" Colony forthw*^ & shall be glad to know your 
resolves herein w'^'' w^i^ o"* respects yo"" Hono*" is all at pr:sent 
From Sr your affectionate frind the 
Govern"" & gen^' Co* of Conecticut 
p. their order Signed 

John Allin Secry : 
To Captn Jacob Leisler Esqr 
Lt Govern^ of N. Yoik 

HoNO^^^ S» — I having not oportunity since my returne from 
narford to enforme you anything of y® product of my granting 
Liberty to y® drums to be beat up for volunteers but of the effec- 
tual! Course of o"^ gen** Assembly to raise two Comp^^' ye Q^e as 
speedily as ever we can effect it to be on their marsh for albany 
y® other to follow after o"" great want is ammunicon we have lately 
heard by a good hand vizt : Mr. prout of great plenty of powder 
In Virginia & if you se need or have oportunity to Sent for any 
please to Bcfrind us w**^ halfe adozen Barrels & you shall be 
Rembourised to content there Seemes not to be any supplie to 
Carry on the warr In o"" partes and very little at Boston its said 
to be sold at P pr pound retaile at said Virginia o^ Colony hath 
pitched on some men to attend y° meeting at Rhode island w<=*» 
was gi-eat pitty it had not been apointed soner we could not well 
doe anything to alter y^ time or place y® notice being so shorte 


but hope some from yo'' partes & westward may be there we have 
no newes to acquaint yo"^ hon^ w^ but w'h hearty desires that 
Counsills & Endcav" may be guided & succeded to gods bono' 
the peace and welfare of his ma^^^s good Subiects so prayes 

Yo'" hono""^ Servant & Frind 
Milford 17th of Aprill 1690 Robebt Treat Gof 

To Jacob Leisler Esqr 

Lievt. Govern!" of N .York 



HoN^^^ Capt de Bruyn, Mons» Provost, Capt Millborne, 
Health ! — These few lines shall serve, whereas news has come 
here that a second murder has been committed by our enemies 
within the jurisdiction of Albany County, I could scarcely belie-v^ 
it at first, as I doubted not but I should at least have rec^ a 
letter about it. But we must now be convinced through the 
confirmation of the people from your vicinity, of the certainty 
thereof. The comunity therefore took it very badly that we 
received no intelligence of it, especially as we had previously by 
express tidings of the first murder shortly after it occurred. I 
request therefore should there be any bad news to communicate 
it to us immediately ; for it is better we should be on our guard 
and the people will feel greater satisfaction. Further 'tis requested 
that a hundred plank and 25 [lbs?J nails may be sent us here by 
the first opportunity for the use of this place to make a centry 
box of them and whatever else may be necessary. We have been 
already obliged to borrow 25 and there are none to be had here. 
Therefore please not to fail. 

Our Representatives took their departure on the 16'*» instant. 

Gent, no more at present, but please to write us here by every 
opportunity, and meanwhile I remain 

Your humble Serv* 

TUs 18.* Apr>. 1690. N. Anthonv per 

Addressed * 

"Acn de E. Gecomitccrde O^'^er of y« Court. 

Capt. Johannis dc Bruyn 
Monsr. Johannes Prouost & 
Capt Jacob Milborne 
present. Albany." 



Aprill the 19th in Fort William 
Most Horor^ S^^ — Your verry acceptable letter by y^ bearer 
I have before me, and with great joy seen your resolt in assisting 
us with 135 English & 80 Indians, if possible only desiers us to 
provide them with ammonition, w'^'i as I understand is your 
present want ; this is to advyce you y*- wee verry tancfully accept 
your neighbourly assistance, & for powder, you may depend upon, 
there shall be distributed to them at Albany. 1 shall also not 
fail to send up bread. Peace & Pork according to your desire, 
therefore you can send it here by y« first oportunitie ; wee haue 
sent up already 300 barils Pork, 200 Bushell of Peas, 600 
Skepell of Indian Korne, 20000 lbs of Bread, 100 Bushel of Salt, 
150 Dear Skins for shoes 2000 yl ossenb'" for Tents & 3000 lb of 
Led, 105 lb of powder and 260 men with watt we cane gitt more, 
hire inclosed is 3 letters received from Maryland with the nues 
to which I referr your selfs: — in y^ beginning of April aryved here 
two Maquaes, Considerable Sachems, who are verry firme & 
received greate satisfaction, discovering y® great delution y® Con- 
vention had but them undertaking lyfe from watt encouragement 
they have observed & here received, having promised us to rayse 
more then 1000 men of theirs, to join with 400 of ours, whereof 
we haue already raysed and sent 260 man, keeping y^ pass upon 
ye Lake with a Company of Christians & Indians, in number 
aboute 50 j that aboute the Enemies approach, we maybe tymely 
advertized: aboute 8 days ago the same watch sent up to Albany, 
yt they had discovered the trake of 12 ffrench & Indians, and 
doubt not but in 2 days should doe some mischief, whereupon y« 
people W'here advertized & ordered to be upon their guard, but 
having so many couwards & Traitors amongst us, who indeavour 
to bulle [lull?] ye people in security, occasions the people to be 
careless — It hapened y* last Sabeday, at Nistigione, 12 myle from 
Albany, y® people there gathered all in one house & keept 
watch, the said ffrench & Indians, finding in the night the houses 
empty, & perseving their retreat, went in a swamp, the people 
going in y^ mourning, each to their houses, were surprized, 9 
Christians 2 negers were kild & captivated, which must needs 


incourage the enemie to further attempt if not prevented by a 
vigorous attake in Canada, About the Meeting at Road Island, I 
had expected you & them here ; we are resolvetl to alter nothing 
in our resolution ; we are fully resolved to carry on the warr 
against our bloody enemye the French and there adhereants j & 
spend our all & lyfe toe, and haue & are in action aboute it ; it is 
too late to fitch y^ Midwife when the chield is borne ; we shall be 
glad to accept & imbrace wat assistance you plais to afford us, 
and use all the means imaginable, & further trust in God. I 
haue a men of warr riddy with 20 gunns & 120 resolute men, 
commissionated for Canada & intend one or two Brigantines if 
possible. I would haue no Provision of the ill affected Bottler 
nor his, nor the lyke person to come near us in our actions, it is 
therefore in vain to send him, becase I shall not suffer him there 
nor any which we suspfect. 1 desire reall friendly and Naigh- 
bourly corespondency ; you may ashoor yourselfs I shall want in 
nothing that may tend for his Matins interest & y® welfare of his 
provinces ; and after my Respekt, recommand you in God's 
protection & remaine 

S"^ your affectionate & humble servant 

Jacob Leisle^l^ 
To the Honorable Robert Treat, 
Governour of Coneticutt. These 

26th March 1690. 

The Indian Sachem Obson w^^ his Brother apeared Before ye 
Governo'" & Council! unto whome s<i Governo^ & Council! ac- 
quainted of o'* New King W"" & warr with y^ French & desired what 
Assistance they Could give in ag^t ye French at Canada Where- 
upon they Answered they should Consider together & should bring 
Answer w^^ all Expedicon & was given to them two y''^ duffels 
two p<^ powder two barrs Lead and three Bits In Money. 

the Sachem whemeach of chiqueta unto whome y^ same was 
proposed & Like Answer was made and given 2 yds cloath 1 lb 
powder 1 bar Lead. 


the Sachem Schipay & his nephew Mamid y« sarae as above 
written & six bits given to them & spended upon them by Samuel 
Edsall Esq>^. 

Aprill 5th. 1690. 
The Indian Sachems of Kightowan, Wessecamer, Wuscawanus, 
did promise to send Six Men and given Each 1 y^ Duffels 2 bits 
&, 2 g^ Rom vf^^ meane to go to Albany against y® French, 

Aprill 19th. 1690. 
The Sachem of tappan called Mendoassyn & a Cap" called 
Wigworakum & say^ that they had sent fifteen days ago twelf 
men to y^ Maquase and Sinnekes & and when Returne shall sent 
more being Strong in all 60 Young Men & was given to them ^ 
ancor of Rum 1 barel sider & to each a duffels Coat & Reco- 
manded to them to be united together w^^^ is to suppress y® 
Comon Ennemy y^ french & their Indians vf^^ they accepted & 
a cloth pilch to Claes. 

New York ye 30 April 1690 
Then delivered by M^s du Bois to the Lieutenant W'" Churcher 
for the Expedition at Albany Five C^o three Quarters Twenty two 
Pounds Lead at Thirty Shill: p 0*° to be paid out of his Majes- 
ty's Revenue of Custome or otherwise out any Tax to be raised to 
pay the Publick Charges, 

Copy Signed P"" Delanoy, Coll' 

Endorsed — Mr. deLanoy Coil's Certificate to Mrs. du Bois for Lead, for the 
use of the Expedition in the year 1690. 

A. D, 1690. ye 30 apprUl : In N, Yorke 
Gentlemens — Last monday arrived heer the Commitioners off 
Boston Plimouth en Caneticot who have been taking off several! 
businis Concerning the Indian war but ar resolved In noting 
mein demand Is off theme to assist vs by land with 500 man — I 
proposed to pay 400 man 300 we send up en 100 man from 
albani en Vlster who most be paid by vs the have offert 300 
man en hoop to optaine the rest Or ]00 man, the shall send 
to ther Ships that are out to go to Canada but the expeckt ouers 


to be onder Command off thers with Kan not be — I made theme 
be troublet abouth allins letter en hoop all will doe well, the 
arivall en expectation off som Indians, Is acceptable nnes to vs 
all : Mest. Delanoy has send 85 Barils Biff en Porke 3 Barils 
led en 1 pig by the first we shall send Bred en oder things. 
Capt Bleeker has the Laus, the with I refeer yom- I have pro- 
roged them when I saa the intendet to work with the Prison- 
ers mest riars desired som guns with iff your seemeth most be 
taken from sloop or petrares for Schonectede with wee Desiers 
ma not be desertet doo It shuld kost 50 soldiers to maentain 
Evert Wendell Is remaind heer by min leve becas his Chelder 
died therefore kan be excused the mayer and me Selvst ar In 
continual compayni with the Comisioners we have advice off 
marsch off the marilanders It Is thougt the will travell by 
land for faer oflf the small poks. I shall further aquaint your by 
the first what further Passes we have gatt a hh^ Rom 1 hh"! 
suger off liveston Comming from Barbados 15 halff Baril suger 2 
hhd 2| ters 3 Barill Rom 4 hh^ malasses for mathew Plouman 
after min Respekt I remain 


Your affectionate frind 
Jacob Leisler. 

I had send Blank Comision for Capt, by Mest Edsall who has 
fild up to Gabriell thomes I hoop he will gitt Courage an Con- 
duck the Comissioners officers war promised ther Comisions heer 
with I have given en beliff the Deserved ; J L 


To The Honobie the Comissionei^s Cap" John D'Bruyn, Mr. 
John Provoost & Cap^ Jacob Milborne Esqrs 
In Their ma*'®^ service at 


Honorable Sirs — Since the departure of your messengers, 
wee have been very much occupyed, that wee have been retarded 
till now to send to your honors Capt: William Masone Lievt 
Walters, & master duffore to assure your honours of myn & the 


councells most humble service, & that you are heartily -wellcome 
in this his Mamies province, where you will find us very coiriply- 
able in any thing that may tend to his Mamies Service & the 
vvellfare of his Subjects in these his provinces, & hope we shall 
shortly have the honor to salute you, In the mean tyme after 
my respects &c. 

1689 The Heer Luy* Gouvernf Jacob Leysler debet 

Aug 9. For 15 green planks for Fort William .£00.11. 

16|f ' ^ barrel of Strong Albany Beer 00.15: — 

Feb. 25. 8 skep^ white peas for fort William.. 1. — : — 
Mch 1. 2 ps bl. duffels long 50: 46| both 96^ 

yard @ 5 st. per yard 24. 2:6 

1690 26 50 lbs lead @ 4| 00.18:9 

• 1 Red Cloth Cloak trimmed with gold 
Lace & its accompaniments for an 

Indian t 3. 5: — 

Item one hundred p^ of eight in Spetie 

loaned for 3 days 30. — : — 

Total 60:12:6 

N York the 2^ May 1690 p"" Anna Cuyler Widow 

of dec^ Hend Cuyler. 

N Yorke Primo May 1690. 

At a meeting of y^ Commissions^ of y^ Province of New 
York & ye Collonies of y® Massachusetts, Plymouth 
& Connecticut. 
It is Concluded as their unanimous Result that In y® Psent 
Expedicon for the Strengthning of Albany y° Pursuing & by ye 
help of Almighty God Subduing y*^ french & Indian Enneraies 
Continnuing in hostihty agst their Magt>es that each of y« Collo- 
nies afores<i shall Provide & furnish y^ undermenconed proporcons 
of Souldiers with Answerable Provisions at their own Charges to 
Be sent w'h all Speed : — 



By New Yorke four hundred 400 

By irlassaclmsetts Colony one hundred & Sixty . . . 160 

By Conecticut Colony one hundred & thirty five. 135 

By Plymouth Colony sixty 60 

By Maryland by Promise one hundred 100 

In all Eight hundred fifety five 855 

Farther Agreed that y^ Major Be apointed by y^ L* Gov'" of 
New Yorke & y® next Cap" to Be Apointed by y® Collonies of 
y^ Massachusetts, Plymouth & Connecticut. 

That All Plunder & Captives (if any happen) shall be divided 
to ye ofl^icers & Sould" acordlng to y® Custome of Wan- 
That All Matters of great Concernemt be directed & ordered by 
y*' Councill of Warr consisting of y® Major w^h ye j-ggt of y® Com- 
mission Officers or so many of them as there is oportunity for 

That y® Souldiers Sent out or to Be Sent out be not Employed 
In any other Service or Expedicon then what is now Agreed on 
w^hout farther Consent of the severall Colonies 

That ye Officers Be required to maintaine good order Amongst 
y« Souldiers to discountenance & Punish Vice & as much as may 
be to Keep y® Sabbath & maintaine y® Worship of God 

Jacx)b Leisler 
William Stoughton 
Sam^ Sewall 
P. D Lanoy 
John Walley 
Nathan Gold 
William Petkin 


By virtue of y*^ Authority derived unto mee I do hereby con- 
stitute & apoint You to be Major of all y^ forces now raised or 
to be raised for y® expedicon of Albany out of this Province & 
ye New England Collonies & Maryland ac6rding to y® unani- 
mous result made w^'' said Collonies ag^^ y^ french at Canada you 
are therefore Carefully & diligently to discharge y® duty of a 


major by Exercising y« Same In Armes & Keeping them In good 
order & discipline both Officers & Souldlers observing Strictly all 
ye Articles In y® Said Result Expressed hereby willing & Com- 
manding them to observe & follow Such orders & direccons as 
you Shall from time to time receive from mee or any apointed by 
my Selfe & Councell Acording to y^ Rules & discipline of war 
Pursuant to y« tmst reposed In You & to Execute all acts of 
hostility against y^ french King his Subiects & their adherents & 
this Commission to Continue during any will & Pleasure only : 
Given &c. this 25*^ of May 1690. 

Jacob Leisler. 


A : 1690. 7th May in forth William 
Honoreth Ser — ^Your last is befor vs. having Considert the 
Contenu I most allow Wath your represent to me therein. I am 
Sori Your vessel! happent Yust at sutche theime when som franch 
heer by their II Caridg provoket the piple Whereby the war 
Stierd up to vs Severite to prevent some off the franch their aro- 
gants who ar hir In greth nomber en thinke It is now ther teime 
We ar distrost at ouer bak and In ouer Bossm We haie Men 
with we kannot well trost with was the Cas 2 was sesed one Clerd 
thoder Condemned then Information was Brought In Court 
When the Suth with I kold en most noth hinder, en so se was 
Condemned for min parth I freli given again His Maiestes part 
a band will satisfie me Ift' Demanded from his Maieste the Inform- 
er's parth Is not at min disposal! but I. prevalle that he shall be 
satisfied with 10 or 12 j6 en somme few Charges ther Is vpon the 
Vessel! Is aprized 45 £ but nu It hapens that we have presed one ber- 
modian for his Maieste Service for the Expedition off Canada en 
that the Oners thereoff Complains that In Bermodes the will starff 
for want off provisions en desires your Vessel! to bring them supljf* 
where for a resonable hier most be allowed to you 

Iff in the foreseid Ikan render to GoevernourKoxe min service en 
your plais to accept It You shall be Welkom to it but I Expect 
him hir that was mister off the wessell to go Pilot for Canada 
a Cording his promis I hoop your will not hinder him but reder 
Incourage him for he Is able to render his Maieste goed service 
VOL. II. 16 


I further refer your to Wath I have Vrit to Mesf Henli being 
publik Concerns en hoop your Will Contribut to vrge the piple 
that the raa be sensble off this aproching en Menasing Storme en 
that the are alike Concerned In ouer Just en necessarie Deling & 
vrg for ther assistance that we ma be able to make up a 1000 
men. en that troe Gods Blessin We ma tak a Way the Causse 
off ouer Misseris. 

Your wille obligie mee with on ansur In the meantime I re- 

" A coppy of a Letter 
to John Tathem at 

7tii May 1690. 


Anno: 1690: 13 May in fort william 

Honored Sir — yesterday departed Mr Pembrock with letters 
to you Just after his departure I received the happy news fol- 
lowing from our commissioners, dated the 8th May, the very 
words are. — ^The great busines of the Indianes is concluded & 
have answered our propositiones satisfactorily with 1800 men 
amongst the five nationes, of which a more par^ar accompt we 
shall send to morrow, yours by the Esopus have received and 
shall attend your further resolves since it is that much will be re- 
quired to the necessary equipping the march if with 600 men, 
the letter by the way of Esopus is the result of the provinces &c. 
& easterne collonies which 1 have sent that way with hopes we 
shall make it up by the help of East & west Jerseyes pensilvania 
& Rhoad Island 1000 men, being but in hopes by their letters 
thereupon hes as I perceive promised to the Indianes 600 men, I 
hope you will not be wanting to promote so blissed a work at 
this tyme to please God & our gracious King losing the oppor- 
tunity and neglecting the season may cause the next generation 
to curse us, therefore I desire you for very speedy help, wee hav- 
ing and are doing daily our best, I further referre you to Mr. pem- 
broke & what is written by him after my respects I remaine &c. 



GouERNouR Treat — Honored Sir, Ye terms agreed on by ye 
Liftenant Gouernor and Connecite for ye volentears to be raised 
for ye ' on to Albany, is twenty five shillings p'^ month, besides 
tiieire provisions and free plunder to such as shall goe out with the 
macqwas and Sinecas to Mont Riall or any place in Canada, 
which incoragraent plase to acquaint your neighbours with, 
whereby you will oblidge you reall friends and neighbers — 

Samuell Edsall 
Elkanah Pembroke 


Whereas There is made an Ordr of Councell dated this day 
to Secure all porke w*** in this City to be Brought to his Ma'ies 
Store howse for his s^ Ma*^'*es service — 

These are therefore in hi§ Ma*'®s name to will and require you 
to make dilig* Enquiry & Search In all sellars stores pack bowses 
and other places where you Know suspect or hear of any to Be 
and take an Exact ace* of y^ names of y® owners & y® q* thereof 
& secure s^ porke in his Ma^'^^s Stores as afores<^ & in Case of 
refusall for opening s^ sellars stores & pack bowses to use all 
manuall force to Brake open y® same to Effect ye Premisses & 
this shall be your spetiall Warrt Given &c this 15*^ day of May, 
1690. • Jacob Leisler 

To THE Governor of Barbadoes. 

A : 1690: 17 May in fert william 

Honorable Sir — your courteous Letter of the 21*^ January I 
have received thought it my duty to returne an answer about the 
tuo irish rogues. I wrote to Maryland & Virginia & gott an 
answer from Coll: Good Chiefe commander in Maryland, in the 
words following I am heartily sorry I had no account sooner of 
these tuo rogues Henly & welch, I had thern very lately in custody 
upon Suspitione being strangers Irishmen papists & coming from 
1 Here the sheet is torn and a sentence or two missing. 


Mortoneno, but they much appealed to your selves for justification 
upon which they were confined till they could produce a certifi- 
cate from your honor of their good behaviour which they confi- 
dently promised but they soon undeceived us & made their escape 
towards pensilvania, but have made fresh persuite after them & 
doubt not to have them well retorned in yron & safely secured 
tliis is all w4mt I could have of them, the frenchof Canada with 
their Indianes committed six bloody masacres in this province 
three, &, in new England three, they have destroyed Skanectady 
a vilage 20 milles from Albany, murdered sixty three men women 
and children, carried captive 27: «&, have committed the greatest 
tyrranny imaginable, ript up women with chyld throwed children 
alive into the flame, dashed others agt door post till their braines 
stuck to it, another murder of eleaven people, and one or two 
committed since last fall, we send 52 men up to guard that 
place, but a certane niunber of people there maintaining the 
comissiones from sir Edmond Andross & Coll: dongan deryving 
from the authority of the late King James would not accept them 
there, but keept the fort by virtue of the s*^ Commission & would 
not suffer any of them to goe & guard s^ village being the fronteer 
but send of their people there, by which meanes from treachery 
cowardice & carelesnes that too unfortunate and to be lamented 
accident hes happened there, the river being frozen that noe 
forces could be sent up the winter, the well meaned people, 
lodged our souldiers who kept guard in the citty whereof the 
french & Indian (in number of 100 men) had advice the Indianes 
would not goe there & so altered the designe & that place was by 
that meanes spared our Indians persued them killd & tooke 25 
frenchmen who gave us an account of severall troops out in a 
designe in the spring to come with 2500 french besides their 
Indianes, your honor great & generous example and loyall 
attempt agt the bloody enimies the french, you were pleased to 
acquaint me besides the foresight & good advice of the weaknes 
your honor suspects the french at Canada, wherein in the great 
advantages his Ma^ie & his subjects may reap by, who have 
resolved to us all the meanes imaginable to prevent & if possible 
destroy them there, and so soone the weather has permitted, wee 


have sent up 250: men more, & sent out 50 men to shout & watch 
the french wee discovered 12 tracks of them & gave tymlie 
notice wheupon all the stragelt people were ordered to come in 
the Citty, which was punctually obeyed except tuo families who 
would first prepare a diner & so were surprized, & the s<l eleaven 
killed & captivated, we have appointed a day here to send Com- 
missioners from all the Government to meet & consult & negotiate 
about the warre, which was assured by some & others with slow & 
frivolous excuses, at last was a vessel taken whereof your honor 
hes a inclosed besides we have here a privateer with 24 gunnes 
150 men who engage to goe with a Briggantine eight gunnes four 
pitteraroes 70 men, one sloope with four gunes tuo pitteraroes & 
50 men by us equipped for td attack Quebeck, Boston hes 
armed considerably some ships & other vessels for to take port 
royall a very inconsiderable place, & puts us in hopes they will 
send them for Canada, but would not engage it. It is certaine as 
your honor remarkes It is now the tyme, the same now to loose 
or neglect may cause the next generation to curse us, our fletch 
please God will be ready within 3 or 4 dayes our people by our 
result is at Albany by them of our neighbors but eighty men, we 
have people well versed in the Indian tongues, we send to live 
amongst them to observe the french motion I had here one of 
the chiefest Indianes with whom I have treated & so possessed 
that he himselfe is gone to all the Indianes prevailed & corrobor- 
ated their enmity agt the french which hes taken so good effects, 
that we got newes from our Commissioners dated 8'^ may 
whereof here is the very words the great business of the 
Indianes is concluded & have answered our propositiones satis- 
factorily, with 1800 men amongst the five nationes of which a 
more particular account wee shall send to morrow to which we 
shall joine 600 men, I have detained the bearer tuo dayes to 
?end your honor the particulars, but the hory kames storms will 
be neer when he may arryve at Barbadoes, thought not good to 
detaine him longer, we have advice by the french prisoners that 
there is troops out to make an attempt near us, wherefore we are 
upon our guards, & if some surprise should happen the people 
living so scattered would cause them to fly here, & make provisipn 


scarce, that with severall other causes hes obliged us to make an 
embargo, but considering the dependence Barbadoes Jamaica & 
Nevis have from these places we have permitted about 50 tunne 
pronsion to be transported to each whereof the bearer is the 
portion of your Island, we hope a good success in our undertaking 
if please God we obtain it, we never need to fear any Indianes, 
If your honor could speedily dispatch some men of warre for 
Canada, it would doe a great service for his Ma*ie & no doubt 
but by Gods blissing could be a great meanes to wholly subdue 
Canada I begg the happines of a hne or two from your honor by 
the first opportunity which will oblige us all to ardint requitall 
specially from &c. 


A: 1690: 17 May in fort William 

Honorable Sir — I have sent to your honor by land the agree- 
ment between the Indianes ,& us, & a coppy of Major Millbornes 
letter of the arryvall at oneidas of the french from Canada, 
which presents to the five nationes & that wee are resolved to 
stand to our unanimous result, I hope all is come to hand to 
which I referre your honor, onely I most add that at the arryvall 
of our people mongst our confederate Indianes they have immedi- 
ately seized upon the five french with their presents, & have 
shared four amongst them, and have sent me the chiefest, being a 
knight with all his papers letters and instructiones, whereof one 
leafe is tomed out concerning this country, by the bisshops let- 
ter of Canada to a priest prisoner, we discover that treasonable 
correspondence has beenkeept by people mistrusted amongst us, 
we have had 300 and od men compleat ready at Albany these 
seaven weeks and can have the other 200 immediately there to 
compleat our number for the intended march and we perceive but 
70 men of Connecticott, and if your number comes not very 
speedily by which delay we are detained from our proceedings &, 
may be so disappoynted that all our good work may be overturn- 
ed to which the french spare noe paines nor costs to doe it, I 
hope our 3 vessells have acquainted your honor of their errand & 


Ihat Some Speedy resolutione is taken to Joine with them, I 
have acquainted Mr. Molline of the horrid designe our adversaries 
have undertaken upon the newes of the late King James his stronth 
in Ireland & how through God's mercy they were prevented, 
whereof 22 are secured in order to their tryall, having for pre- 
sent no more to enlarge after my respects I remaine sir 

your honors most 
humble servant, &c 


Fort William may 19th 1690 

Gentl'"^^ — ^Yours of y« 8th Instant I received y^ 10th Instant 
expecting according your Promise y® next day y® Particulars of 
yo whole Proposition w^h ye Indians after w^h we Lang w^^ y« 
greatest Impatiens Imaginable I have sent Imediately to major 
Gold and yr govern^ desyring them to desist to address there 
Letters so unadvisedly and also that I had newes of Sutch a Satis- 
factory answer to what was proposed to y® five nacons who were 
to assist us w**! 1800 of there Indians for Canada and that I ex- 
pected to morrow the particulars & y^ time appointed for y^ 
jiiarch w^h also I should speedily advice & so resolved to send 
Cap" Blagg to boston with ye same to Spur them for dispatch 
M"" Pembroke is departed before your advise to Maryland & Vir- 
ginia but have sent y® aforesaid advice after him. Since I re- 
ceived your Letter of y® 8th instant is arrived here severall sloops 
from albany but none of yours w<=^ puts us in the greatest conster- 
nacon as ever we where ye more because C adversaries have not 
only in y® towne but all y® Country over to o^ great grief spread 
abroad that nothing was done but drinking and that thereby when 
ye Indians where there was caused Sutch disturbance that ye wid- 
dou Scuyler beat Cap" Milborne & that you where all three forced 
to fly out of ye towne & where gone to Esopes & Peter Scuyler 
vrsiS in y* fort w'*i great many Incredible refiecions w^li daily are 
reproached to our People to o"" great grief and Sorrow we Know 
that it is there daily practise to throw Scandal and Lyes upon us 
to render us odious they have formerly endeavored to posses 


y« whole Countrey I was become a dronkerd we doubt not but 
when we shall have Letters from you we shall be put of y® 
dark we are now In we durst not be inquisitive after newes 
therefore we have sent to Esopes, where we expected you would 
go so Soone y^ business was settled at Albany & you could Spare 
time hoope you are gone again to Albany where this may find 
you all in good health & have given order if you were departed 
to Sent it w^'^ one a purpose that you might know the malice of 
o'' adversaries & to take away all what may give umbrage to re- 
fleckt so wickedly as they do heer now It is nor kan not be be- 
lieved by us but Impossible to stop there Lying mouths I desire 
a speedy answer of all transacions ' when y« gen^i march Is In- 
tended who you propose for major also forme of commission for 
him what for Instrucions is need to be given what People Is 
like to be had at Sopes & albany to compleat o^ nomb^ of four 
hundred what quantity of People of o''^ are dead w^h there names 
& pray send me downe again all y® Letters w**» ye answers I 
have send you by Mr. Cuyler & before the proclamation of war 
o"" three vessells will depart ye — of this instant we expect dai- 
ly newes from Maryland w^h we shall send so soone we have it 
y® Sarge and Lining & Bread you have desired shall be sent by 
y® first I have secured in the fort 180 barr^^^ of Pork vf^^ was 
all what was in ye towne we have an Imbargo Mr Edsall Is 
gone to Suffolk County to Settle all things they having submit- 
ted this is all for y® present. I salute you & Remaine 


Maryland May 19th 1690 
HoNBLE S« — Since my last to you I have received from yo"" 
Selfe Two Letters the first dated the Second of Aprill w^h I re- 
ceived the 21: the other dated the 11^^ of Aprill w"^^ I recevd the 
lO^h of May with a letter enclosed in each to President Bacon in 
Virginia both of which carefully by me sent as directed into that 
Colony, you have herewith an answer to the first which I presume 
intimates the same Coll Bacon wiitt mee that they of that Gov- 


ernm* cann proceed to nothing till the arrivall of their Gouvcrnof 
wch they dayly expect, and then an affair of that nature will 
require the consultation and ad^-ice of an assembly, I hope you 
have long since received a letter from the Convention with anoth- 
er from my selfe by the same Messenger Wee had then some 
hopse, and I did press it with my utmost diligence to send some 
men and armse to your assistance but when wee came to raise 
the men and proportion the charge we found ourselves perplext 
with unconquerable difficultys to performe what wee then soe rea- 
sonably hoped, from the great distance betweene this goverment 
and yo^s, the unsettled state of our present constitution not having 
any orders from England or knowing their Majestys pleasure re- 
lating to this province w<=h soe discouraged our Councells that we 
could come to noe determinate resolucon upon the riseing of the 
Convention nor after till the receipt of yo" Aprill the 2^ upon 
which only thing I sumoned the Comittee May the 12^^^ by whose 
advice this comes when all that wee could resove upon in this 
juncture was to send agents, to whose custody this is comitted to 
wayte upon your Hono"" at Newyorke to consult the best expe- 
dient for the present serice of their Majestyse and to remit an 
account hither with all expedition, by which time wee doubt not 
of the arrivall of the two men of warr of which wee have certain 
advice that they are upon the coast, and that his Majestyse letter 
for the province is on board whereby we shall [be] able to return 
them such further orders and instructions as may most conduce to 
his Majestyse Service and be the better empowered to contribute 
the best assistance wee are able for the same to which end wee 
have ordered both or either of the persons herewith sent and 
recomended viz* Mr. William Blankersteine and Mr. Amos Ni- 
cholls to reside at New yorke as agents for this Province till fur- 
ther orders from hence to them relating, to whom wee desire 
you to give good creditt in what they shall say or consult to on 
behalfe of this Province, for their expences and charges while 
in Newyorke both or either of them are hereby assured of the 
publick fayth — 1 am to meete the Comittee suddainly, where 
will do what possibly is in my power for his majestys service 
and yo' assistance, of which will give you a very expeditious 


account. This is what can possibly be agreed upon at present 
from myselfe and Comittee Comg 
Hond Sr 

I am yr most faythful hum Serv* 
Addressed Jno Coode 

The Hon^ie Jacob Leisler 
Commander in Chiefe of his 
Majesty s ffort: 


Jacob Leisler Liev^ Govern"" & Comande' in Chief of 

ye Province of N York & its dependency's under his 

Maj'i« William y« third by the Grace of God of 

England Scotland french and Ireland defend^ of y« 

faith &ca Supreame Lord of y® Province of N York 

& all other y« territories and dominions to y' Crown 

of England belonging &ca 

. To Cap" William Masson Comand^ of y® ship y® Blessed 

William of New York, Greeting — 

Reposing great trust & Confidence In y® Prudence & Courage 

& Ability of you y' s^ Capn' William Masson as well In Military 

as Maritime affaires I do hereby Constitute and apoint you to be 

Capn of y« s*^ Ship & to take y' Care & Charge of y® same w^^ 

all yf men that now do or hereafter shall Belong unto y« s^ Ship 

Requiring them to be obedient unto You vf^^ all ordring You to 

Obey all such orders as you shall from time to time receive from 

me or other Your Superior officers hereby Comissionating & 

Impowering you w^h y^ s^ ship & Compy forthwith to saile for 

Quebeck In Cannada to warr as to your Wisdome seem meet & 

to assault attack destroy as much as in you Lies & to oppose & 

to distruccon bring all or any that shall defend or assist ye french 

Interest as well as In your Journey to Canada and returne upon 

ye Banck or Elsewhere you Can meete any to take Seize & make 


prize of all goods on Shore or vessells at sea belonging to y^ 
french King or any Inhabitants under there GoA-ernm* as allso 
all frenchmen themselves to take Slay Kill or save Alive & to 
Iniure them in what you possibly Can Comanding you to Bring 
all Vessells & goods that you shall take from them to this Your 
Comission port for Condemnation, & for your soo acting therein 
this shall Bee your Sufficient Comission. Given &c this 19*^ 
day of May 1690 &c In N York 

Jacob Leisler 
A similar Commission to Oapt" francis Goderis of ye Brig- 
antine John & Catharine of New York; to Capt^ Geo Bollen 
of the Sloop resolucon ; to Gerrit Hardenberg of the Sloop Royal 
Albany ; & to Cap* John Swinton of the sloop Edward- The 
last to cruise about Block Island & the Sound. . 


Orders to Cap° francis goderis Comand' of y® Brigantine J^o 
& Cataryn In his Maj*'®^ Service In an Expedicion for Canada 
ag»t ye french & their adherents 

You are to Saile vf^^ all Speed directly for Canada & Quebeck 
their to alarm y® french & to make what Conquest possibly you 
Can by Sea & land & to Stay there for a whole month & if no 
Conquest then Cruze upon y® terra neuf Banckes for some Prises 
& for that time & place you are to obey Cap^ W*" Mason your 
admirall but from ye bankes you are to repaire to this Port wt^i y« 
goods & Prises if any gott for Condemnacion Given under say 
hand at fort W™ In New Yorke this 2Gth day of May 1690. 

This is a true copy of y® or^" received by me from ye L^ 
Governor of New Yorke w^^ I promise faithfully to observe & 
obey in every thing to y® utmost of my power as witness my hand 
ye day & year above written 


Signed Jacob Leislsr 
Sealed & D.D. 
In ye presence of 

Abrah™ Gouvemeur 

Similar orders were given to Capt Bollen 



LDate, about 20th May, K^'M] 
Sir — The prisoner Lafores having been knowen here to have 
committed a murder & condemned at new Bristell being catched 
and evident proofeas above deposed, have thought convenient to 
send to you by Capt. Anthony Low that the s^ Condeinnatione 
may be executed, I hope before now your promised forces may 
be at Albany, If not we with you may receive desperate disap- 
pointments I have here a french knight who was sent to doe 
your and our busines by our Indianes, and if we had been of 
such slow motion as we find new England is, he had certainly pre- 
vailed to our utter mine, I referre you further to Mr. Low, & 
remaine &e. 


Hartford May 25th 1690 
HoNBLE Sir — ^we thank your kynd reception of our Com^s & 
certifie your Hon*" that in persuance of their promises & the gene- 
rail good we have sent Capt. Johnson & his company consisting 
of about eighty to Albany of whose arryvall we have had an ac- 
compt & are raising as many more as will make our number well 
towards two hundred as we hope which will be ready for their 
march as soon as we hear of the readines of the mashachusets & 
plumouth forces to be much before them will advantage noth- 
ing but hazard our men to the small pox now so rife at Albany. 
we request you to supply our men with what is needful in pro- 
vision as also with ammunition according to your Hone's former 
promise and our dependance thereon we are also sending a ves- 
sel with provision for our souldiers & to pay what we may have 
borrowed for this expedition & are in all poynts by Gods help 
resolved to prosecute our intentions made known to you in the 
mean tyme till our provisions arrive at Albany we request you to 
supply our men with what is needful in provision &c. It will 
be necessary that the 5 nations ayde & the tyme and the generall 
maner of their readines be settled with'them by your Hon>"s meanes 
and the same signified to Boston and hither, as much guiding 


the whole motion with us we have written to Boston, giving them 
an accompt of things as they are now with us, and amongst other 
matters have proposed to endeavor to procure Major Genii win- 
trop a comander in chiefe for the forces who we feare is not 
[obtainable & we] also propose whether he will not be fittest to 
comand in chiefe & we are fixtt upon it, as for other great rea- 
sons, so partly because we think your Hon^^ gye may be upon 
Capl. Milborne with whom our souldiers at Albany we hear are 
disgust & ours here are not well satisfied, the chiefe officer must 
be generally acceptable as well as otherwise well qualified & if 
Major wintrop be eyther not attainable or not acceptable to your 
Hon^ we desire you will accept some other person whom the bay 
sheargent may propose which if you doe we shall rest in it or that 
your Honr propound some other the most considerable you have, 
we have character Major Mc . . . may be of good improvement 
tho not Chiefe commander, if your Hod^ think him serviceable he 
is within your trusting, your dispath by sea ag* Canada are high- 
ly necessary to give our endeavours by the lakes the more easie, 
if the small pox gett into the army, it will be the disabling our 
proceedings from Albany, therefore great care should be used to 
prevent it, & if it should gett head, we must consider how to draw 
our forces ag* our enemies by sea or otherwise as God shall direct 
while they are clear of that distemper, we desire you will grant 
the master of our vessel! with his provisions & men your pass 
conduct and directions up Hudsons river to Albany as he may 
need or shall desire, we have not to add [any thing more] & that 
we are your affectionate friends the Gov. & Council [& by] their 
order signed 

p: John Allyn Secretary 

[The P. S. to the above is almost wholly destroyed.] 


Hartford May 28th 1690. 
HoNo^i-E gn — Since our last (although but yesterday) we haue 
intelligence from Albany of very great sickness among the people 
and soldery, that near half our men are sick of fluxes, many being 


the bloody flux & feauors, and one of the Small Pox, the fluxes 
thought to be occasioned by bad Pork, that the Maquaes are 
down of the Small Pox, 5 of them haue dyed, after all which 
we could do no less then comunicate to the Hon'»ie Gov. & Coun- 
cell of the Massachusets, and to aduise whether wee were not 
better to stay a little the issue of those distempers if God please 
to grant it then to rush our men on heapes and render them use- 
less or worss; wee slake not our preparations on this account, but 
as yo"^ Hon"" cannot but haue more speedy intelligence then wee 
of those things, so we desire your informations and aduice about 
it, and what men may be improued with such of the Indians as 
may be wil. to infest the French by partyes, and what resolutions 
are taken with the Indians to haue their strength joyned with ours, 
that one thing wait not for another, as God may by giuing health 
inable unto; wee request that al meanes be used to keep the 
Indians in good terms with us, and that such persons as can best 
influence them be incoraged so to do — Wee haue not to ad, saue 
that wee are yo"" Honr^ freinds & Servants the 

Gov^ & Councill of His Mamies 

Colony of Conecticut 

and p'^ thir order Signed 

John Allyn Secry 
For the Honbie Jacob Leishler Esq"" 

Comander in Cheife at his 

House in New Yorke, This 

for His Mati«s Service. 


Fort Wm 29th of May 1689. [1690] 
Honqb^^ Ser. — ^Yours in date of ye 15th Instant signed John 
llin Secry by order of ye Governor and councell, I have received 
ye 25th Instant & is now before me. In answer, I am glad to 
see that by ye help of God, you are resolved to prosecute your 
comissionrs promise and ye hoope you give us of 200 men, & that 
they will be ready for their march w^h the Massachusetts &, Ply- 
mouth forces. I have already advised you of Cap* Johnsons 


arrivall w* his Compy, they are furnished w^h what they want 
acording to your desire; Your Vessel w^h provisions shall not be 
hindred to go to Albany, but reather furdered and assisted. I 
have been forced to seize all ye Porke out of this City, in ye 
fort — & found but 180 barills; therefore depend on your sending. 
Inclosed is the Copy of o"" proposalls to ye Indians & there an- 
swer, ye gentle™" Comissionrs at there first 2 or 3 dayes arrivall 
here urged us to make up ye number of 800 or 1000 men by 
land & they had 800 by sea already & we here 240, & and that 
they would make it up 1400 or 1500 men & had made a calcu- 
lation upon paper W^^ they showed us, wherein they ingaged New 
York 400 by land & 240 by sea, Conecticut 300, Maryland 100, 
East Yersey 50, whereupon I advised o' Comissioners at Albany; ; 
what force we where hke to obtaine. Ye Indians arriving there 
made them propose ye nomb'' in there proposition exprest, of w^^ 
they cane not go back said propositions being concluded, where 
sent down to us in a Vessell w^h run upon a shole, so that I got 
it but on ye 27^^ Instant, ye 3*^ day after ye Comission^s from y® 
severall Colonies had mett w^^ us, & we desired to conclude o'^ 
result. The Gentle 'i of Boston would not engage that there 
fleet should go in Canada River for Quebeck, only if they had suc- 
cess at Port Royall where they where bound, they believed, being 
thereby encouraged, they should resolve then and acquaint us 
thereof by ye first, but we heard nothing since, only M"" Moline 
advises me that ye 21^^ of this Instant was appointed ye meeting 
at ye Rendevous at Sprinckfield to depart for Albany; we have 
newes that the Indians begin to arrive at Albany. I shall give 
order that none shall go upon ye march but sutch as have had ye 
Small Pocks, because if any should get it upon ye march we lose 
3 men, there can be left no lesser than two men that have had ye 
Pocks by ye sick, I have been very causious & have listed none 
but sutch as had had the Pocks, onely some that has been sent 
to me from the countrey, those that had it not will be fit to guard 
the fronteers, o"^ Fleet is departed ye 26t'» Instant, commission- 
ated for ye designe; inclosed is ye Copy of there order ingaged 
by them, they have particular order if possible to slop at Cape Ann 
& to sent post to Boston to make his Hono^" ye Govern"^ acquaint 
of there arrant, & if possible, they shall stop at Port Royalt to 


invite ye Boston Fleet along w*^ them. I hope being so urged 
by Major Winthrop at Boston as I understand, they will resolve 
to send forces by water, that ye Indians may have no cause to re- 
flect ags' ye promise of o' comissioners made them, w^'' would 
not have been done had ye Gentle™'! of Boston, not put us in 
hope of at there arrivall here. I thought convenient to advise 
you of the particulars so sone I was able, that you may take your 
measures, desiring earnestly to give me speedy & reall advise of 
your proceedings & progres in ye p'^sent warr if of consequence 
by post — having for present no more to inlarge, after Respects I 
remaine S^" Your Hon" most Humble Servant 

Jacob Leisler 
To the Honbi^i Robert Treat Esq' 

Govern"' of his Ma^'es Colony of 


for their Ma^'es Service 

P. S. Pray Sir give Rod Island advise off wath is herein 
mentioned en to send the inclosed post hast away for Boston j it 
is of greth concerne abouth the forces by watter, warfor the ar in 
greth longing as I am inform eth 

Jacob Leisler 


Albany May the 27th 1690. 

Uqj^ble Sk — ^Yours by Manning is received and perceive what 
hath passed in England, and for my coming downe, cannot be 
effected within so short time, therefore stay the ships for here is 
yesterday Jeannattie & Cristagie come w^h an expresse from Arnout, 
and Sachem from Onondage y* ye ffrench send 4 of theire owne 
people, 4 of theire praying Indians as emissaryes, and 2 of our 
Indians, they bringwith them one Onandager, the other Cajoge, w«^h 
were returned from ffrance. Immediately they have sent a post 
from thence to Cajoeges & Sinnekes, to Oneyede and Macquaes 
land, besides this to us here, who desire two or 3 understanding men 
to comeyt speak ffrench forthwith, for they resolue not to speake 
w'^i the ffrench, nor listen to them or hold any consult till they arrive. 


advising us to be upon our guard, fearing they may be upon their 
March or some subtile designe on ffoot. Whereupon M^ Pr 
Schuyler, Robert Sanders, Mons^ Gawsheren, Jean Rose and two 
more, are this day dispacht w^h enstruccons yt they hasten w'li 
all possible speed, and animate the Indians (according to o"" 
propositions) to treat them as Enemyes, either by securing 
them, w<^h if not practicable so to do & bring them hither, then 
to slay them out right, w<^h Cristagie and Jannetie are resolved 
on their parts, & hope ye rest will agree to it. Its believed that 
ye ffrench Cap" who attacked Schanacktede is one of them and 
Lamberville w^^ some more noted persons, therefore this is of 
great import, wee have sent to ye Schackcooke Indians also to 
be ready & resolute, this day to double o^ guards & place Capn 
Johnsons men wdthout y^ towne at Renslaers mill. Wee have 
ordered the Maquaes to send out a band of men to ye Lake, to 
waite and watch if any motions should be made by ye ffrench. 
Lamentable it is that the Maryland & New England fforces do 
not come, so yt it is impossible to Know y^ time of marcking, 
unless we go without them. 


1690. 30. May, in Fort William 
HoNNORABLE Ser — Affter noon I gath a letter off Cap* Milborne, 
Waroff Bovest is com off, part thereofF being off suth greath 
moment, thought necesary to send to your Honour post away, 
that your ma also Juge the State en condition we leike to be in, 
iff w^ee doe not store en dispath away ower forces. I am now 
sending up a France prisoner, iff possible to haue him changed 
for one prist prisoner with the have addopted en he' is a pest for 
vs inongs theme ; pray send it post away forther, that all piple 
may have notise to be opon ther gard, affter min Respeckt I 
remaine — Honnorable S"" 

your Honours most Humble Sert. 
Superscribed Jacob Leisler 

To the Honorable Robert Treat Esqr Governour of His 
Majesties Colony of Conneticott. These 
Post away, haste 

VOL. II. 17 



A : 1690 : 30 May ia fort williara 

Honorable sir — yesterday was myn last by post sent so fane 
as Siandford directed to Captn: Selick to be forwarded by him. 
In answer of yours of the 15 inst & have sent your honor the 
agreement of our Indianes & the order to our vassalls, enclosed 
was one for Boston, Just now received another letter dated 27 
instant Signed John Allan Secretary by order of the Governor & 
counsell In that of the 15 your honor makes mention of Major 
General] winthrope as commander of your forces, If obtaineable, 
Seing you were dubious, I did not mention the lack I had of such 
noble and wordy persone, fearing with yourselves he should not 
be obtained about the particular disgust of Secretary Allan ag* 
Mr. Millborne I thought it not worth my whill to take notice of. 
In answer of yours of the 27 we are glad that at last you have, 
seing the danger you were in with us, & resolved to assist us, 
when we were so resolutely advanced, in readiness to joine with 
our confederate Indians to defend and attack his Ma*ies enimies 
the french and their adherents in our defence, and have joined 
with us, in a firme unanimous result, to effect which wee had pro- 
posed and engaged on very unequall proportiones with us notwith- 
standing equally concerned in danger, never desiring to choose 
& commissionat the Major, but resolved that the second com- 
mander was to be putt in by Boston, for the new England forces 
In which we can resolve to no alteratione, the more because be- 
fore I received any of yours, we have writt to our Commissioners 
and send up a Commission for Major in blank & ordered to fill it 
with such persone at Albany as they thought fitt, and proposed 
Capt. Jacob Millborne whom we know a foreseing prudent & 
eouragious persone, but have noe newes of his acceptance, we 
hope he will accept & doubt not of his capacity and behaviour 
that he will draw the love of the souldiers & contribute what in 
him shall lye to oblige & agree well with the persone you 
shall be pleased to send, therefore desire that you may stand 
to our unanimous result Sl that we may be united, I assure your 
honor I shall contribute what in me lyes to unite. It is the opin- 
ion of our very Indianes that unity is our strenth, we rejoyce to 


understand the victorious success of sir william fFips at the east- 
ward, and pray God to bliss Uiein &, our fprces, to day I have 
understood that in Maryland they, have raised their forces but its 
feared (they being bare of cloathes) of their speedy coming there 
is demanded for cloathing 50 of them 100,000 lb. tobacce (ex- 
cept our messinger we have sent by, his urging may obtaine dis- 
patch) here is arryvd a person from England by the way of 
Maryland who reports that in plymouth he spoke at his departure 
with some master of ships & severall prisoners coming from Briste, 
that there was great preparatione made with eight stout men of 
warre to come to take new york & to make it strong, I hope 
upon notice of any allarurn you will speedily & readily assist us 
I referre your honor further to my former & after my respects 
recommend your honor & counsell to the protection of Almighty 
God & remaine &c. 

P. S. One halff of the Indians are to march to Guadraqua 
[Cattaraqui] en make the canoes redi, the oder halff is to march 
the Canada path, Som ar arived there alredi, the will no doubt 
mak hast wen the heare off the departure off ower shipps en S^ 
William fip's victori, off with I have send advise. J. L. 


Boston May 30th 16SX) 
HoNO^^^ S^ — Acording to ye agreem* made by y® Comissioners 
of y^ Colonies at their late meeting in yo^ City wee raised the 
number of souldiers on o^ part to be Provided & Sent butt when 
they were on their march towards Springfield wee were forced to 
Countermand them & Speed them away to ye Eastward to defend 
their Majf^'es Subjects of the Provinces of Hampshire & maine 
against ye incursions of y^ ennemy who upon ye Sixteenth instant 
did attack those Posted att Casco Bay, Kill'd and Captivated all 
ye persons there men women & children. They first surprised 
Six and twenty men who unwarily Issued out of ye garrison to 
looke after a p:son that was missing of these they killed twenty 
wch were near a third Parte of ye whole number of men. The 
Ennemy then openly appeared, before ye fort & assaulted it by 


y6 space of five days & being About two hundred french & three 
hundred Indians they made their approaches in A Trench & Putt 
so hard to fire y^ fort by flaming Birch Rinds shott at it that on. 
ye fifth day they forced them to surrender before we could have 
intelhgence to reheve them The enemy are so fflushed att this 
Success that they Since have fallen on Welles & Kittery on 
Piscataqua. Upon w^h y^ Inhabitants of C fronteer towns are 
so alarmed that we shall be obliged to dispatch four or five 
hundred horse & foott w*=h are mostly them already engaged in 
defending those partes & pursuing y® ennemy to their head 
quarters If possible. Nevertheless we have ordered about sixty 
men for Albany. 

gr Wm Phipps Arrived this day with y® Governo^' of Port 
Royall two Priests, & About Sixty Souldiers with their great 
gunns & Stores of Warr & other Plunder The Inhabitants have 
sworne Alegiance to King William & Queen Mary. The Fort 
demolished & their Crosses & Images Broken downe: — 

June 24'ii: S"* Above is Copy of what wee were writeing at 
that time. The Reason of not sending till now was Extream 
Loa'chness not to write of o^ Complem* of men being forwarded 
to Albany & 'tis so farr from it at last that wee feare y^ great 
danger Dearefild y^ fronteer town of Connecticot is in, will 
detaine Cap" Colton with his sixty & odd men, in those Partes 
there being as much Likely hood of y® french falling on that 
place as on Albany, butt we hope if it Please God to Bless our 
prsent Expedicon by Sea against Canada we shall find them 
worke att home. Between two & three thousand men will be 
needfull in y® designe which with many hundred wee are flfaine 
to Keep out in defence of y® Easterne Partes Doth to of great 
troubles hinder our sending to Hudsons river by Land and that 
Could not furnish Cap" Mason with any who writte to us from 
nantaskett Intimateing he Could make no stay here. Wee shall 
not be ready this two or three wcekes five Shipps of Warr 
being to be fitted besiiles victuallers ffire Shipps & Tenders butt 
Persons Seerae to be so generally Spirited that supos.^ all Imagin- 
able application will be made to forward y^ undertaking. C611''*=' 


Kendall is arrived Govern'^ att Barbadoes from whence a Consid- 
erable ffleet is gone downe to attack S* Christophers: We are 
glad to hear that y® Mary landers are in their way towards you 
& Connecticot Souldiers w^h you, it will be of very great Concerm^ 
that you so farr gratifie them in their field officers as not to frus- 
trate yr designe God gives Direcion & success in All: 

Yo^ Friends & Serves 
(Signed) Simon Bradstreet Go^ in 

Copy y^ name of y® Councill. 


* * * * should furnish them, but they rather take that for 
their excuse to goe home, yesterday they came before me all 
five in a mutinous way before the whole company threatening the 
next morning to lay doun their armes and desert the Kings garri- 
sone, which in consideratione of new England I passed by & have 
proposed to send the bearer on purpose who is to bring me an an- 
swer that I may know if you please that I release them & list 
so many others for Connecticott collony account for the price 
agreed by the Committee, so I have listed five in the roume of 
the other five whereof I wished long since I had had your appro- 
bation I spoke with M^ Trobridge who advised me to keep this 
till I had your order I have writt you about the eight confined 
persones whom I have released upon their petitione, whereof the 
coppy is here enclosed, the s^ confinement hes & now causes 
great quietness in the toun & country, some of the Inhabitants 
after the s'^ petitione left it to the counsell of warre who would 
not medle with it fearing to discontent some that were not at home 
& had not signed, but I took it upon myselfe & administered to 
them the oath & released them, severall of the s<* so confined 
thought themselves agrieved & desired the admittance to speake 
with me, whereof Capt Tuder thought himselfe the clearest, I 
represented to him that by the proclamationes they were hectord 


out of the late King James, that he remaines slill affected to the 
papists saying he loved them so well as protestants that we were 
rebells, that he laught & relt at the companies & gave ill language 
to the Captn, that he appeiared not in arms at the allarum, & 
suffered to be strained for of neglect to work at the forti- 

ficationes whereby the people were discouraged that if that was 
not anough then I told him that he did contribute not with silver 
gold or pretious stones to erect a Jesuit ColHdge in this Citty, 
but he with Judge palmer & Graham offerred their sones to it 
who went daily twyce to be instructed by that hellish brude of 
Jesuits, without to able to draw on sole child more, do they 
expect no sallary which bring the greatest intrest of the late king 
securing his Raigne & the only way to bring in popry & that he 
had less cause to trust him in such tyme of warre, we find in one 
occasion he did not spare his owne son e, which caused him to 
blush & presently went to work to make the s"^ petition, I desire 
a full answer by the bearer & specially about the great gunnes at 
new haven, if we may have them & upon what termes for their 
Ma^fis use & desire with all opportunity, & desire you to commu- 
nicate this to his honor Governor Treat of whom also I beg for 
an answer, and after my respects I remaine &c. 


Whereas several! persones in a Seditious & rebellious maner 
have on the sixth instant resisted the Militia of the Citty of New 
York to obstruct & hinder the proclaiming of their orders to keep 
strict watch & proceed to compleat the fortifications of the s'^ 
Citty, by which we might be brought in a full posture to oppose 
any enemy ag^t his Ma^ie King William threatning & giving out 
(according to an Intended plott discovered by a letter of Nicholas 
Bayard found & taken out of the hands of Mrs. Judith Bayard 
who was brought before the Councill, to rise e^ have the prisoners 
out of the fort, who with them disoun the laufulnes of the present 
Authority of this government under his Ma'ie, which accordingly 
was done & attempted by them running in a full ryot to the s^ 


Liev*Goyeraor (lonaiiding the prisoners & said ihcy would have 
them out of the fort, wiereupon a great tumult was created & 
the Liev"- Governors persone assau ted in the street, being by the 
s^' ryoters & seditious persones encompassed about, the intention 
of whom was to dv;stroy liis persone & his Mamies Government In 
which tumult one John Crooke stroke the s'l Liev* Governor with 
his Coopers adze with a blow directed as intended to murder him, & 
severall blowes made by others, from which he defending himselfe 
was relieved by the souldiers of the fort & the Militia of the 
Citty, whereupon the Country came in armes by a signe of allarum 
into the fort, which by God's blissing was the prevention of great 
bloodshed & destruction of his Ma^'^s Government And whereas 
parties relate reports of the Strenlh of the late King James in 
Ireland, & take the opportunity of t)me by the March of our 
forces to Canada, to discourage the people & overturne the 
Government established by his Mamies order, all which is perni- 
tious & most dangerous ag^t his Ma^ie King Williams peace croun 
& dignity, whereupon some of the head leaders & the greatest 
disturbers are by the Militia secured in the fort to prevent further 
mischiefe And whereas some of them & others are fled & abscond 
themselves from the hands of Justice, 

These are therefore in his Ma^ie King wilham's name to will 
requyre & command all & every of his Ma'^ies Justices of the peace 
Sheriffs Military officers & others within this province to take due 
care to seize secure or cause to be seized or secured the persones 
here undernamed & give account thereof to the Liev* Governor, 
the names of the persones are Tunis de Key, Jeremy Tothill, 
dennis Lambert, Edward Tailhor, Thomas Willett, daniel White- 
head, John Crooke, Elias Boudinott, Thomas Wenham, William 
Tailyor, Lucas Kiersted, Brant Schuyler, Jacobus de Key, And 
all persons are hereby strictly commanded to keep his Mamies 
peace & be obedient to the lawes & orders in the Government 
established and proclaimed as they will answer the Contrary at 
their utmost perills dated at fort William this 7*^ June 1690 
Signed Jacob Leisler 


Whereas a proclamation of the 3^ June ]6S9 was signed by 
the Inhabitants of this city well intentioned for his Ma^ie by 
which having declared theire intention to preserve the fort & 
country & to surrender it to his Ma*ie King William or order, his 
s<i Ma*ie having since ordered by his letter dated 29<^h J^ily directed 
to us to take upon us the government till further order from him 
which is our intention so to doe being Informed of the troubles 
in Ireland, that the late King James hes there a considerable army, 
fearing that some forces of the enimies may be sent to invade 
this country to prevent such designe, we thought fitt to renew the 
s^ proclaraatione & to have it signed of all the Inhabitants that 
shall be faithfull to his Ma^ie King William that they may persist 
in theire designe to preserve the fort & City & to surrender it to 
his MaHe or order to the exclusion of the late King James, to 
that purpose we injoyne all the Inhabitants of this City forthwith 
to appeare in fort william to declare their intention & give their 
signe of their fidelity with subscribing to this present with us 
declaring that the relinquant to this our order shall be deemed & 
esteemed enimies to his Majesty & country & shall be treated 
accordingly. Given &c this 7^^ of June 1690. Signed, 

Jacob Leislek. 


Whereas Samuel Walker with his brigantine is rideing by 
doctor Taylors in the East River, and there being suspition that 
he will breake bulk & Information being given in of several 
discourses spoken by his people by which sedition & disturbance 
could be created. 

These are therefore in his Ma^i^s Name to will & requyre yon 
forthwith to goe on board of s'^ Brigantine & to bring the same 
to this port & bring the s** Walker compy & passengers before 
me with all papers you find in the s^ brigantine, for doing 
whereof this shall be your speciall warrant Given under my hand 
& seale in fort William this 7th June 1690 &c. 
To Ensigne Joost Stoll & his Assistants. 


Fort Wm 1690 June 17th 

Whereas substantial! Evidence apeared before me declaring 
that Jean Laforay a frenchman now in Custody was Condemned 
for murder at ye Towne of New Bristol and being oblidged to 
take care that ye Neighbouring Colonies shall not be injured by 
Covering any P^sons from ye hands of Justice 

These are In his Majt'^s Name to Command you Mr Antony 
Low forthw^h to receive on board your sloop y^ s^ Jean Laforay 
& him safely to Land at New Bristel in Plymouth Colony afores^ 
unto y*^ Magistracy thereof who are desired to satisfye you for 
vour care & Expenses therein. Given &c 

Jacob Leisler 


New York June 20th 1690 
jJoN^LE Sr — Having considered the good successe of the gen- 
tlemen of Boston, and as I am enformed their great readinesse and 
encouragements to advance ye fForces by sea to Canada, whereby 
his Ma^'^s interest the Countreys benefit & ye destruccon of ye 
ffrench & their adherents in Canada may be advanced, I have 
w'^ advice of the councill, deliberated ye proposall of that excel- 
lent person Major Generall Winthrop, who if he pleaseth to 
accept of it, may be of great advantage to ye ends before named, to 
which purpose I have sent a blank commission to Albany according 
to ye result concluded at this City by ye severall commission""*, 
whereof your ready returne is expected, and those gent° of 
Boston having desired the same, that you would please to 
communicate it, being the p. sent offer of Honb'e Sr 

Your Hon^i® friend & Servant 

Jacob Leisler 
To the Honbie Robt Treat Eqr ^ 
Gov of his Mamies Colony of > 
Connecticutt \ 


New Yorke June 22d 1690. 
S"" — The Charecter which I have before received of you from 
Albany, and now more pticularly from Major Milborne doth 
invite me to render you thankes for your readinesse and zeale in 
the managing and assisting the designe on foot against the French, 
which I hereby desire you to persevere in, and what encourgem* 
I can afford you assure yourselfe shall not be wanting, being 
much satisfy ed with your frequent assistance in advising w^^ ye 
Commissioners to whome I haue written farther thereof, I am 

Yo^ affectionate friend 

to serve you 
To Mr Dirck Wessells 


Forasmuch as diverse souldiers have deserted his Mamies service 
in the expeditione ag* the french at Albany, having received the 
Kings pay & provisiones (without any Just reasone for soe doing) 
These are in his Mamies name to requyre you to apprehend & 
bring before me every such deserter that shall be found within 
this province, that so they may receive condigne punishment & 
all Officers Civill & Military are hereby commanded to assist you 
therein, and that no persons dare to cover, conceale, or comfort 
any such disserter as they will answer the Contrary at their perill, 
Given &c New York June 23^ 1690 
To the Constables of Westchester & Eastchester 

Rey & bredfort. 


Anno 1690: 27 June in fort William 
Honorable Sir — Yours by M^ pembruge & M^ Blackinston, is 
before me, my former being come to your honors hands, to which 
I referre you & to what further M^^ Blackinston may informe your 
honor craving leave to add that we had compleat 400 men these 
seaven weeks with provisions & ammunition according to our 
abilities & finding the threatening dangers of the french to increase 


who incessantly sollicile the Indian nationes whom through Gods 
providence & our commissioners vigilance were prevented & 
■prevailed with to come to Albany the five nationes their kings 
& Ghieftanes in person on the third day of May were assembled 
& proposed diverse articles unto them which succeeded with 
suitable returnes as by the proposalls & answers of the five 
nationes whereof the coppy: is dehvered to M'^ Blackinston to send 
to your honor, at the same tyme obtained a meeting of the 
commissioners of Boston plymouth & Connecticott collonies of 
new England to consult what ought to be done, by them in soe 
necessary a work. It was resolved that those of new England 
: should raise 355 men & maintain them at their own cost & charges, 
*iKi the province of newyork 400: of Maryland we had your 
honors promise & the committie result of a 100 men which 
we have expected long since upon Mary lands cost & charges 
being the like concerned with us to gaine the five natione^. with 
whom w^e are all in a firme confederacie, we have sent your honor 
by M^ pembrock our result wherein Maryland is expressed, & by 
all the large promises from new England & Maryland expected, 
the respective numbers which are so much waited for, the 
Indianes having assured us of 1800 men to joineto our assistance 
now redy to march in the franch territories to prevent their 
assaults, having fresh newes of great preparationes those of Canada 
are making to attack us, of which all we have given notice to his 
Ma^ie, & when we propose anything to the Indianes we always 
insert Maryland & give them for that province presents of belts 
of wampums & others, & if not since some soudiers appeare from 
Maryland, we shall be disabled to performe what we have 
promised to them in the behalfe of your province, the integrity of 
those heathens we have great reason to depend on by severall proofs 
already given us, vizt: their kilhng diverse of their kindred which 
-were subjects to the french King &c. taking &, killing severall 
frenchmen of which they have presented *us wdth three, but what 
is most remarkable is the understanding by our agents at onondago, 
messengers were expected thro the severall nationes from the Gov- 
wnor of Canada to seduce them from their contracts made with tis 
which by the instructions & memories of a french knight here now 



prisoner doth appeare, who was sent with four other french & ffonr 
Indianes which had been carried captives to france in tyme of 
peace & now returned to Albany, otherwayes to treat them as 
enimies to the croun of England, which as soon as they came was 
eflected with all imaginable vigor, the five nationes being mett by 
their chiftaines togither at onondago afore s'l which is their court 
seized them & bound them instantly spoiling them of all their 
moneys presents & what they had, dividing four frenchmen amongst 
them to be treated in their barbarous manner & the knight being 
prin'i agent with his papers was sent to us, we found a Jesuite 
letter to a prisoner Jesuit amongst the Indianes wherein we discover 
treasonable correspondance is keept by some at Albany with 
fi-ench, our ship brigantine & sloope of warre is departed one 
month agoe & have been at Boston to visite them, who I under- 
stand makes great preparationes for Canada, M"* Blackinstone 
will acquaint your honor of the success they had at port royall, 
they gott about 30,000: lb about our messinger from England 
who was onely sent to deliver my letters in the hand of his Ma^ie 
which was effected & caused great alteratione in the proceedings 
of our enimies, of which Mr Blackinston hes a full accompt & 
hes promised to participate your honor with, to which I refere 
you, yesterday we have sent M"^ Benjamin Blagg for our agent to 
his Ma^ie & within a weeke we shall send Major Jacob Millborne 
for another to joine the former, we are of your opinion of the 
necessity there of our adversaries aryving before our messinger, 
made their advantages our former pacquets being taken per the 
french, I desire you to take notice what hes passed, newes 
arryves here King James forces in Ireland hold ground, his Ma*ie 
dissolving the parliament &c, too many evill mynded persones 
prevaill therein had given such unexpected life & vigour to the 
party within this citty, that on the sixth day of June instant a 
rout of thirty odd persones appeared in the street & assaulted 
my persone, one particularly striking at me with a coopers adze 
refusing to pay the tax which was laid by an assembly fairly 
elected to maintaine & support the charges of this warre, demand- 
ing certane malefactors to be released from prisone in a most 
audacious maner, but I striking with the head of my cane in the 


teeth of tuo who let louse my suord which I drew & so made my 
way through them, the tuo coppies of the evidences enclosed 
of which there is more will give your honor a full light ot the s^ 
ryott, twenty odd were imprisoned & fined & bound to thei' 
good behaviour, twelve have complyed ten will not & remaine 
prisoners by all which your honor may see if they could but have 
the power what party they effect, & that we should be reduced 
to our former state, every wind that blowes favorably on King 
James part raises their billowes I referre your honor further to 
what M"" Blackinston informes you & after my respect? &c. 


1690. 30. June in Fort Wm 
Honorable Sir — My last to your Honor was the 20. Instant, 
delivered by our messi'nger to Major Gold, which he tells me was 
immediately dispatched. I had expected an answer before now ; 
It is high tyme to betake them to the March, wee have been most 
this two moneths compleat with 300 men & in expectation of 
Boston & Plymouth forces, to raise the rest at Albany in three 
dayes, yours I understand are arryved there ; I was put in hopes 
by one of your letters, that you intended to make the number to 
200 Englishmen. Just now I received a letter from our Commis- 
missioners of Albany, that one Mohack credible messinger is 
arrived the 22. Instant in Albany, he brings for certaine news, 
that the 18* Instant arryved one Mohack Indian at Onondagus, 
who was deserted from the French armey & left them in a great 
number upon the Lake Sambele, headed by the Governour in 
person, comeing for Albany, and that the Army departed from 
Canada the 8* Instant. Yesterday I had the French Knight by 
me, who told me in discourse, that he admired that the French & 
wee were of one opinion, that this wholl most belong either 
English or French & that we tooke one & the same course with 
them; that they expected ten or twelve men of warr, which 
probably might be there before now, and he was certaine that so 
soone as they arryved, that their army would come by land & 
send their fleet by water, & that it would be a brave sport if they 


should meet one another, <& that their Ships should come with 
Bombs, & he believed they would give us much work, and if we 
had them it should be before August: — The day after we gott the 
newes, which makes me believe it may be so ; wee are ready for 
them & hope at Albany they will behave themselves as men & 
let not one escape. I hope Major Winthrope is departed for 
Albany, which I should be glad to understand by one express yea 
or noe ; the ships Brigantine & sloope I understand are departed 
from Boston to their intended expidition for Canada three weeks 
ago withofit any company from Boston, they not being ready. 
If any newes, I desire your Honor to participate us with having 
for present noe more to enlarge, after my Respects I remaine 
your Honors most 

Humble Serv^ 

Jacxdb Leisler 
To the Right Hon^ie 

Robert Treat Govern our of 

the Collony of Connecticott. These. 


a 1690 1st July In Fort wiUiam 
Gentlemen — Yesterday was my last to which I Referr you, 
You have Referred us to y® Messengers who brought our letter 
but we cane xmderstand nothing of them, my opinion Is they 
came here to consult with there parties If they may safely 
Receive a Commission of mee what alteration in your place, there 
Coming here may cause us, the time will learne, beshure they are 
not well Tutered & keept from us I have writt you our meaning 
'V'hich we hoop you may be able to observe touching the major, 
Inclosed is a copy of a Letter Received of Governour Treat 
which I perceive was lifFt upon the table wherein the major is 
absolutely Refused If Boston & Connecticut sends not their 
Compliment Ingaged In ye Result & approved by y^ government 
they Brook ye Covenant & we are not obliged to any article 


therein the Barers are made sensible y' what we propose about y^ 
Councill of VVarr y* the Cap" by Turnes Every week should bee 
president In said Councel and so in gods name go one without a 
major — Except Cap" Browne accepts of y® place but no other 
whatsoever — Except Machususatts, Plymouth & Connecticutt 
Colonyes Comply fully with there promise y® ffrench Knight 
begins to be moved of [our] march and desires to prevent y* 
cruelties of our Indians against y® ffrench wimens and children 
which Indied would bee generous if possible It could be pre- 
vented we have send Mest^' Stole who has a speciall maxim to 
gaine the people & is able to assist you much in forwarding ye 
Business and if he should go he most be commissionated he is 
true, full mettall able and politique the news of Colonell Slayter 
is quitt vanised It would not hould — ^we have gott yesterday 
the Inclosed nues from neu England En send It for the Everi 
direcktet als the copie, to day the 25 I gott the Inclosed from 
Southampton I wish Ensign Stole was heer En Iff possible also 
Major Milborn we expeckt the franch ships heer the messengei 
raports the ar all ships, pray God to grand & give vs courage to 
resist them after min respects I remain 

Your reall frind to serve your 
Jacob Leisler 
Mdressedj To The Honobie The Commission's Cap^ 
John De Bruyn, M^" Johannes Provoost 
and Major Jacob Milborne Esq^^^ In 


Albye de 8 July In forth William. 
R HoNNO^° S» — Your Letter off the 12 June I have receuet 
also the 10 Barrils Pouder wnth Cold not haue been disposed off 
heer being feri Cors Canon Pouder one offit being feri wek the 
rest for that sort feri goed w^ith I haue receuet In the fort for his 
Maiestes Eus, being feri muth obliged for your honnors Kare by 
1 From this mark to the end is in Lcisler's handwriting. 


with you haue largly Tistified your zeale to ther Maieste Service. 
En your afFectioned kaindnes to the Honnor Interest En Welfar 
off this his Maieste province their Maiest^ Concell heer Joyne 
with me in the retorne off ouer most harty tanks to your for this 
your Kare an Testemony off Kindnes to this governement with 
Is also a reall Service to their Maieste En I assure you both 1 
and the Consull will be glat off one oportunite to retorne ouer 
gratefull aknoledgm*^ to you for it Inclosed Is a bill off Loding 
En Invoice of 32 halff Barills goed floer weigs according the 
Inclosed Invoice with was all we Cold get fright for It Is shipt for 
the Province risco En accound your honnor Is desired to Cas the 
same to be Disposed to ther most advantage En to Satisfay your 
selbst En what ma be wanting shall be footh with send your 
honnor the Barer being Intend to retorne Spedely with whome 
your honor It hartely Desierd to to send vs the other 10 Baril off 
them your honnor Mention whe ar present Ingaget In an acktuell 
whar whit the French off Cannade war we have send one arme 
off 1800 Indians En 600 Christian beseits one Esquader by See 
by with we Spend a greath dell off amonition the Small Ber- 
moedes Sloop, with w^he have Commandet for his Maiestes vs to 
going with ouer Esquader for to allarme Cannadee by water will 
we shall plas God atak them by land has In the mouth off 
Canadee river ficht En taken a ship off abouth 300 tons montet 
with 10 gons Loaden with salt En fish the said Esquader have 
Destroit port royall St John Whar the have taken a Ship mor 
with 10 gons 2 kuthes one Bark all ritchly Loaden In the ship 
whas the fransh Kings store off amonition En other abilemens off 
whar Clods for the soldier whe haue been a will pestert oppon this 
Cost with severall fransh wc?sell who Comitet severall outrages 
wherby whe have ben allarraed till whe wher Informet off ther 
strengt when whe haue sent out a squader En Cleerd the Cost whe 
where also obliged to make one Imbargo for severall resons with 
still Continues only noo having gath In the Crop the Cost being 
Clerd ouer arme opon the march Boston having mad one 
Imbargo opon forfeitur off Uessels an Cargo till xd Considermg 
the Dependence severall off maiestes government have opon 
vs En Boston whe have se Cas to give liberte for som wessellp 
En specialy to suth that have ben fre to render his Maieste 


service In this province for there suply off with the Barer has ben 
one S^ what I have to ad Is my very harty & afFectiond service 
to you En to assure you that I ame with all respeck 

Honnord Ser 
Your most obliget & most 
humble servant 


This afternoon Three of our folks arrived here from Canida who 
escaped from there ; namely, Klyn Isack, the Son of Ryck Classen, 
and one of Capt Boll's Soldiers. They report having been 24 
days on the road, and the Soldier twenty six days from Monrojael. 

They say that Monrojael is not very strongly garrisoned, though 
they fear nothing and think little of us. Nevertheless the Soldier 
or Englishman would very gladly attack it and is inclined to 
accompany our people and gives us great ehcouragement, that the 
opportunity is favorable. 

The French abstain from talking before prisoners & say they 
have heard little or nothing from the Port rojael Expedition or 
of the Indian fight on the Lake 

We further refer to the Enclosed to Arnout Cornelissen. We 
think it right if your Honors consider that Arnout CorneHssen is 
gone, that it should be sent after him by an Indian in order to 
communicate this news to the Indians. Wherewith, after saluta- 
tion we remain, 

Your friends 
This 9 July Ao 1690. In Albany. J. Bruyn 

Johannes Provoost 

Laurents or Jannetie the Indian with his party urge us very 
hard not to omit reminding the Gentlemen again to admonish the 
Indians at Schanhechtade not to let the French prisoners go out with 
them to fight, for we have an example now in our own people who 
have run away from Canada, and that they should be disarmed. 

TOL. II. 18 



Whereas Peter Dumont Andrew fFalourdell &Michaell Anthony 
of Queens County on Long Island, have committed high misde- 
meanours ag* their Mamies authority in this Province, As by 
Substantial! evidences ag' them appeares — 

These are in his Maties King Williams name to will & requyre 
you to apprehend the bodies of the s'' peter dumont Andrew 
tfalcourdell & Michael Anthony wheresoever they are to be found 
& in what places soever they may be suspected the same to breake 
open or by any other violence to make way to them, In case of 
resistance or concealment & their s"^ bodies before me bear or 
cause to be brought & all whom shall oppose or any wayes resist 
or endeavour to conceall them & all officers both Military & Civill 
are hereby strictly requyred to aide & assist you therein as they 
will answer the contrary at their outmost perills. Given &c this 
18th of July, 1690. 

Jacob Leisler 
To the Sheriff of the Kings & Queens County 

& all other the Counties within this provmce. 


Whereas I have undoubted Information that some vessells on 
this Coast do commit outrages & fearing that the same might fall 
on the toune of Southold 

These are in MaHes name to will & requyre you Major Thomas 
Lawrence to command & for their Mamies service to press SeaA-- 
Kity men horse & foot as you shall think fitt all well armed & 
when occasione shall requyre for their Mamies service to press 
fresh horses & what else you shall have occasione for as for their 
entertainment & provisions & other necessaries & them forthwith 
to dispatch for Southold to the assistance & defence of their 
Mamies Subjects there wherof you are not to faill at your outmost 
perills & all officers Military & Civill & others of what rank & 
([uality are strictly required to obey you therein & be aiding & 


assistant to the s*l forces in performing the premisses as they will 
answer the Contrary at their iitmost perills. Given &c fort 
William in New York this 19^^ day of July &c 1690. 

Jacob Leisler 

%* Here follow Commissions, dated 23^ July 1690, to Captn 
Christopher GofFe of the ship Catherine ; to Capt Philip Philips 
of the Bregantin Another to Capt John Weyman & a 

fourth to Capt Rich^ Moon to cruise along the Coast, and endeavor 
to Capture several french vessells in the sound and about Block 
Island which are committing outrages on his Ma^'^^ subjects " and 
have already taken two vessells belonging to this port & severell 


New York 
Whereas I am credibly informed by evidences before me that 
five armed french men are seen on Schutters Island well armed 
and having watch out on trees & being assured that peter deumont 
& Andreu fFallourdell are amongst them who are accused before 
me of high Misdemeanour which persones are fled out of this 
province from the hands of Justice 

These are therefore in his Mamies name to will & require all 
persones within this province & to desire all persones within the 
neighbouring Collonies of New Jersey & pensilvama to secure 
the s<^ five persones & them safely to convey before me at fort 
WilUam that they may answer for their crymes & care shall be 
taken for satisfaction of the reasonable charges in fulfilling of the 
premises. Given &c. 21^* of July 1690. 

Jacob Leisler 
To the Constable of Elizabethtown 
& so foreward. 



HoNBLE Sir — Just now received the enclosed from New London 
& have sent it to you for your perusall also, it was but last night 
one Captain Swinton cald in with about ten men with him bound 
towards n. London with his Sloop & company, S^ to have your 
orders to discover & attacque the enemy, but I saw non, however 
for any care of our or countrys saftie in a time of need wee 
would take all due notice thereof, sir it seems to be a tyme of 
great need & if it be within your compass to add such further 
strenth by more shiping & vessels of force that may be able to 
encounter them &. with Gods blessing to expell if not conquere 
them which would be a service to God our king & county, never 
to be forgotten, or if need should be of some hands or land 
souldiers rather than fail I hope they may be found but what is 
done need be done w^^^ all expedition. Sir I cannot but again 
acquaint you with our extreme need of powder in our collony I 
pray faill not to sell & send us 3 or 4 : or if not so much one or 
two barrells of powder at least & you shall be payed to content 
the above S^ Captain of your sloope desired me to certifie your 
honor of their great diligence to gett along the wind &, weather 
being ag* them and just as they came in some intelhgence also 
made as if the enemies & vessells were bound out to sea but its 
rather thought they waite to doe more mischiefe Sir shiping or 
amunition is not w'^ us but if some force from you should meet 
w* them from Boston it might be a singular oportunity but we 
shall doe what wee can by land to discover & opose and according 
to their further motions shall not be wanting to acquaint your honor 
there with which is all at present that tyme allows me to ad & 
with all due respects shall subscribe Sir 

your loving friend & neighbour 
Millford the 22^^ Robert Treat 

of July 1690 



The humble Peticon of Christopher Goflf humbly sheweth, 

Thiit yo'^' Peticon"" & Prison'' being secured in y« port for Severall 
words spoken by your Peticon^ y® W^^ as your Peticon"" as being in 
drincke does not Remember but nevertheless humbly beggs Pardon 
for ye Same desyring that yo^ bonnets be pleased to have Compas- 
sion w*'J your Peticonr he being a poor seafaring man and that your 
bonnets be pleased to consider him by Diminishing of y® fine 
adjudged ag^* him & that he may be sett at Liberty & your 
Peticon"^ shall ever Pray &c Christopher Goffe 


Present Lt Gov^ ; P D Lanoy Sam Edsall Benjn Blagge Hend^^ 
Jansen — Robt Walters aid, 

agreed that in stead of fiveteen p he shall pay but seaven pound 
ten shili A. G. 


N York, 
Whereas it is judged necessary &, accordingly ordered that y« 
ship Cathrin Christopher Gof Comand"" y^ Brigantine John & Joseph 
Jno Wayman Comand"^ «&, Sloop Content Rich<^ Moone Comand"" 
be Imediately made" ready & Equipped for his Maj''^ Service 
ags* some french vessells on this Coast & ordered that s^ vessells 
be aprised together w*^ y^ goods not unloaden out of y^ same, 

These are in his Majti«s name to will & Require you & each 
of you forthwith to repaire on board s^ vessells & y« same to 
apraise together w^^ y® Remaining Part of there Loading & bring 
Report thereof to me upon your oaths for doing whereof this shall 
be to you & every of you a Spetiall Warr* 

Given under my hand & Seale at fort W"* This 24th July in 
y® Second year of their majt'^s Reign 1690 

Jacob Leisler 
To Cap° Isaac Stevense Past y« office 

Cap" Rob* Sinclaer & niclaes Gerritse Abraham Gouverneur 
W"™ Bearing & Jno. Dissington D. Secry 


It is the Judgment of the underwritten By a warrent derected 
to ouss that 

The Shipe Catren aught hundred pound & twenty je820:00 

The Sloop Content wallued seven hundred pound 700:00 

The Brigtine John & Joseph wallud to: sex hundred ) 

pound S 600:00 

Rob* Sinclaer 
Isaac Stevense 
Will. Dearing 
Nichs Gerritse 
John Dissington 
y® abouenamed Apraisors ware sworne befour mee this 
25^ of July 1690 

Samuel Edsall 

Warr* & returne of y« aprism* of y® Ship Cataryn Sloop Content 
& Brigantine John & Joseph Dated 24*^^ June 1690 


Whereas Joseph Hegeman of flakbush In Kings County on 
Long Island has spoken Several Seditious words ag^* his Majt'«» 
Governm* In This Province 

These are in his Maj^i^^ [name] to will & require you to bring 
y^ body of s«l Joseph Hegeman before myself & Council to 
answer for y® same for doeing whereof These are yo^ spetial warr' 
Given &c New York this 29th July 1690 

Jacob Leisler 

To Meindert Coerten Esq High Sheriff 
of y* Kings County on Long Island 
to bring y** Returne thereof on 
Thursday next. 



Whereas Gerrit Elbertse Stoothof Liev* of y^ troop of horse 
of Kings County on Long Island has in a Contemptuous manner 
denied y® Comand of his Capt" Roelof Martense Schenck 
Espetially when y« enemies where Invading & Comitting severall 
outrages on this Coast by w<^h it evidently appeares y^ s^ Garret 
Elbertse Stoothof hes ill affeccon to this his Maj*'®^ Governm* & 
is not to be trusted in Comand: — 

These are therefore to will and require you in his Maj*''^^ name 
to dismis & discharge the s«i Liev* of having any further Comand 
of s^ troop of horse & to deliver my Comission for Liev* to Pieter 
Jansen of Brookland for doing whereof these are yo^ 

sufficient Warr* Given &c this 29th July 1690 

Jacob Leisler 
To Major Gerardus Beekman Esq*" 

Albany July 31 169<) 

Articles made agreed upon considered between John De Bruyn 
John Provoost & Jacob Melbourne Commissioners appoynted by 
the honble Levt Governor Jacob Leisler & Councill for the province 
of New Yorke of the one part, and the honble John Winthrop 
Esq"^ of the other part witnesseth — 

That the s^ John Winthrop Esq^ do receive a commission from 
the s^ Lievt Governor to command in Chiefe all the forces now 
raised or to be raised for the Expedition of Albany ag* the french 
at Canada, within the province of New York & the Collonies of 
New England etc. under certane conditions following vizt : — 

That the s^ Lievt Governor for himself or any deputed or 
empowered by him or by his means shall at no tyme or tymes 
hereafter issue forth or cause to be sent after or impose on the 
s<i Comniander in Chiefe any order or orders direction or directions 
tending to any contradicting or repugnant to the true intent & 
meaning of the s*^ commission or the result which was concluded 
by the s*^* commissioners convened at New York May the first 
last past — 


That the s^ Commissioners doe further promise and engage for 
and on behalf of the s*! Lievt Governor Leisler that the s^ Com- 
mission by him granted unto the s^ Commander in Chiefe shall 
be acting & executing or performing the true intent & meaning 
thereof ag* the french & adherents. 

That the s<i forces shall be no otherwise employed but directly 
ag* the french & their adherents of Canada. 

That the s<^ Commander in Chiefe shall as much as in him lyes ; 
execute all acts of hostility ag* and to destruction bring the 
french kings subjects & all that joind with them, pursuant to his 
Magics King Williams declaration of warr ag* the french king & 

That all matters of great concernment be concluded by a councill 
of warr consisting of the Commander in Chiefe with the rest of 
the commission officers or soe many of them as can conveniently 
meet together. 

That no more officers shall be commissionated than now are or 
shall be at the tyme of marching the wholl boddy of the forces, 
unless occasioned by death or impotence whereby they cannot 
perform their duty ; then such places are to be supplied by 
commissiones from the s^ Commander in Chiefe which shall be 
as authentiq to all ifitents constructions and purposes, as if such 
had been granted actually by the s<^ Lievt Governor, or the 
honble the Governor of Connecticutt collony, unless extraordinary 
occasion ariseth from detachments etc. 

That the Commission granted by the Lievt Governor Leisler 
shall preside & superintend all other commissions instructions or 
orders relating to the said forces which are or shall be under the 
conduct or command of the Sd Commander in Chiefe during the 
expedition aforementioned. 

That all plunder and captives (if it so happen) shall be divided 
amongst the officers &souldiers according to the custome of warr. 

That all officers & souldiers (if it please God to grant -victory) 
shall be returned to their respective homes equally and impartially 
as shall consist with martial right & possibility. 

That all possible dispatch be made with the forces before the 
Indians be constrained to object ag* our delays which endanger 
this undertaking 


That the honor & service of God be maintained & divine wor- 
ship be performed publickly every day, the Lords day duly 
observed, vice discountenanced & due decorum preserved amongst 

ffinally that the Sd Commander in Chiefs shall [have] power 
to administer doe execute & performe all matters relating [to] 
life or other censures (as the caise shall or may require) with as 
ample power & virtue, & in mannar form & purpose as any field 
marshall may or ought to doe with a regular army or greater 
body of men, — 


Jacob Leisler Esq^ Lu* Gov & commander in Chiefe of the 
Prouince of New Yorke and dependencies in Americah, under 
His most Sacred Ma*'® King W™ of England, Scotland, France 
& Ireland &c, defender of the fayth, supreme Lord of the Sayd 
province & dependencies in America, &c. To the Hon^'ie John 
Winthrop Esq"^ Greeting. By vertue of the authority deriued 
unto me, I do hereby constitute & appoynt you to be major of 
all the forces now raysed or to be raysed for the expedition of 
Albany out of this Province & the New England Collonyes & 
Maryland, according to the unanimous result made with sayd 
Collonyes against the French at Cannada ; you are therefore care- 
fully and dilligently to discharge the duty of a major, by exer- 

ciseing the same in Armes & keeping them in good 
[Seall] order & discipline, both officers & Souldiers, observing 

strictly all the articles in the sayd result expressed, 
hereby willing & commanding them to obserue & follow such 
orders & directions as you shall from time to time receiue from 
me or any appoynted by myself & councill according to the 
rules & discipline of war, pursuant to the trust reposed in you & 
to execute all acts of hostility against the French King his Sub- 
jects & their adherents ; and this commission to continue dureili^ 
my will & pleasure only — 


Given under my hand & sealed with the seale of the prouince, 
his 31. July in the 2^ year of their Mat'es Reigne 1690— 
Past the Office Jacob Leisler 

Tacob Milborne Secr'y 


Whereas y« Sessions of the Geneii Assembly held at New 
Yorke for the said Province on y^ 24th of Aprill Last was by 
my Selfe with advice of my Councill Prorogued vntill the first 
day of Sept^ next. 

These are Therefore in his Maj^'^s King William's name to 
will and require all & every of the members thereof to Appeare 
in this Citty of New Yorke on the ffirst day of Sepf^ next accord- 
ing to Prorogation without any faile or Delay as they tender his 
Majties Intrest & the safety of this Province. Given &c this 9*^ 
of August 1690. 

Jacob Leisler 
To ye Justices of y® Severall Counties of this Province. 


Whereas Nathaniel Person being chosen in yo"^ County one 
of their Rep'sentatiues who appeard at the Sessions of the Gen^i 
Assembly held in this Citty on y^ 22*^ Aprill Last & then & 
theire refused to sit & Act as one of the Representatives afores'* 

These are Therefore in his Majt'^^ King William's Name to 
will & request you to make Choice of an other Proper & fit pson 
in Stead of him the said Nathaniel Pearson to Sitt with the 
representatives In Generall Assembly on y^ first of September 
next & here of you are not to faile as you will answer the same 
att your utmost Perill. Given &c this 11^ August &c 1690 

Jacob Leisler 
To the Civill and Military offices and 

other ye Inhabitants of Queens County. 



Whereas M' Wilhelmus Beekman Senior was Chosen one of 
the Representatives of your Citty & County who by Reason of 
his Old Age & other Bodyly Infirmytys Excuses himselfe from 
the said servis not attending the same 

These are Therefore in his Maj'i<28 King William's Name to 
will and requier you to make choice of an other Proper & fitt 
Person in Stead of s^ Beekman to sitt with the representitives in 
General Assembly on the first of Sept"^ next & hereof you are not 
to faile at your utmost perills. Given &c this 11*^ August 1690 

Jacob Leisleb 
To the Mayr & Aldermn of y« 

Citty of N York 

[Here follows an order in same style & of same date to the 
Inhabitants of the County of Westchester to elect a Representa- 
tive to the Gen^i Assembly in Place of Thomas Browne who had 
'leceased since the last session] 


Whereas by the Charter of privilege granted to the Inhab- 
itants of this province It was Enacted that two Representatives 
should be Chosen by the Inhabitants of the Citty & County of 
Albany & one by the Inhabitants of the toun of Skenectadie in 
the s^ County And whereas John Janse Bleecker was chosen for 
the s<J Citty & County of Albany & Ryer Schermerhoon for the 
toun of Skenectady & so is wanted for the s^ City & County. 

These are in his Ma*ies King William's name to will & requyre 
you to make choise of one more proper & fitt persone to appear 
to this Citty of New York on the first of September next to sitt 
with the other representatives of this province in generall Assem- 
bly & hereof you are not to faill at your perills. Given &c this 
13th August &c 1690 

Jacob Leisleb 
To the Civill & Military officers 

of the Citty & County of Albany. 

l8^ ADittNlSTRATioN OF 


Hartford Aug. 23a IGW. 

HoNB^^^ S'' — By intelligence we haue from the Major Gen' 
Winthrop from Wooden Creek, we understand to our great griefe, 
that the armies march towards Canada though advancd far, is all 
retarded by the faylure of the Indians to accompany them and 
furnish them with Cannoes (which account' he had from your 
Commissioners at Albany) we suppose you cannot but haue a 
full acco* of the whole of that matter and whither it will admit 
of any timely cure so as may render our forces seruiceable at 
this juncture we fear much. It was much our hopes that the 
Bay hauing set out soe braue a Fleet who sayled this day fort- 
night that the forces from Albany would haue happily had, & 
given advantage to the fleet. But we must subscribe to the 
pleasure of God herein If any means could yet be used by 
alarmeing the French (if we can attayne to no better) to giue the 
fleet the less trouble at Quebeck ; it seems to us aduisable to doe 
it ; but if your Hon^ see not any thing likely to be done from 
Albany by our forces that is considerable, we would understand 
it, that we may know what to doe with our souldiers, for the 
sicknesse being so rife at that place it seemes not aduisable to let 
them lye there; we haue written to the Gov^ of Boston, giuing 
him the acco* we haue of these matters, & to haue their aduice, 
& the same we desire of yo'' Hon"^ we wave any thing as to 
priuate persons discontents, saue that Ensign Stedman hath had 
as kind usage as he deserued & we hope your Honor will not 
espouse such interests against vs, as we haue not done against 
yourselfe. Incenderies are great himlerers of publique vnion & 
'action. We are glad to hear of Capt Masons & the other Capt« 
success, who we are informed came in at Nantaskett with seuerall 
good prizes on the 17*h Instant ; we haue agreed with the gent" 
of Boston to send our letters & what we haue from yourself for 
them to Springfield, whence it is theire care to have them passed 
to Boston, & they send to Hartford, and we are to post what is 
for your Hon^" through to your first towne viz* Rye where you 
are desired to give order that it be speeded to you, & what 
you send this way send it to Stanford to Lu* Bell, to whome we 


shall write to forward it as directed, & please if ypp agree to this 

.way of posting, to signify what person at Rye you will haue the 

letters for you deliuered unto — Wc haue not to ad but Respects, 

& that we are your affectionat neighbours 

The Governour & Councill of Connecticutt 

pf their order Signed p' 

John Allyn, SecJ 
Postscript. S"" we are sending M"" John 

Thompson to Albany with prouisions for 
o' Souldiers, we request you to grant him 
liberty to pass & repasse as formerly 

p'" order J. A — S. 
fFor the Hon^^« Jacob Leisler Esq' 

Lu* Govvernour of their Mat'^s Prouince of 
New Yorke in New Yorke — This 

For His Maties Seruice. Hast, post Hast. 

Journal of Captain John Schuyler who voluntarily 

embarked at Wood Creek on the 13^^ August 1690, with 

29 christians and 120 Savages, whom he recruited at 

Wood Creek as volunteers under his command to go to 

Canida to fight the enemy,- 

Nearly about the swamps I met Captain Sander Glen on his 

way back to Albany, because the greatest number returned. The 

aforesaid Sanders had in his company 28 whites and 5 savages 

and came from Tsinondrosie where Captain Sanders had been 

waiting 8 days for the whole corps. — From these Captain John 

Schuyler enlisted 13 whites and 5 savages to continue with 

Captain Schuyler the voyage to Canida and their to fight their 

mutual enemy. When the rest of the company had left us, and we 

had advanced nearly two hours on our voyage, we found 2 canoes 

which had been sent out to spy and which had shot an elk. — After 

we had done eating and had supplied our canoes we proceeded on 

our way as far as Canaghsionie. — 

The 15th day of August we came one Dutch mile above Crown 


The 16th ditto we had advanced as far as Kanondoro, and 
resolved at that place to travel by night and have that night gone 
onward to near the spot where Ambrosio (?) Corlaer is drowned, 
and there one of our savages fell in convulsions, charmed and 
conjured by the devil, and said that a great battle had taken 
place at Quebeck (Cubeck) and that much heavy cannon must 
have been fired there, and that one hundred canoes with savages 
had come down the river from Cadaraqui. (Coederoqua.) And 
about one hour after sunrise we have gone to Oghraro, where I placed 
the first guard and nominated Barent Wemp as officer of the 

The 17 ditto in the evening we proceeded to Ogharonde. A 
Tsenondoga savage of our Company died there ; he died of sick- 
ness ; the Oneida savages gave a wampum belt for the atonement 
of the dead. That day Capt. Schuyler with his subaltern officers 
and the Chief of the savages resolved where they should make 
their attack upon the enemy, and they determined by the majorities 
to fall upon fort La Prairie (Lapplarie) ; whereupon the Mohawks 
gave a wampum belt to the Schaghkock savages as a token to 
stand by each other faithfully, and what they do call "onroghquasa 
In a Goera". — The Oneida savages did the same to the Mohawk 
savages by some handful of wampum, and in this manner this 
resolution was decidedly agreed upon and confirmed with shaking 
of hands {kinsekaje) as well by the christians as by the savages, 
and, moreover, approved by the savages as to whom should be 
their chiefs or headmen, —Carristasio and Tehoesequatho and 
Juriaen the ferocious. 

The 18 ditto, set out in the evening, and about midnight we 
saw a light fall down from out the sky to the South, of which we 
all were perplexed what token this might be. 

The 19 ditto on account of the strong wind we laid still because 
we could not proceed and we were laying about 3 miles above 
the Sandbank of Chambly. 

The 20 ditto we sent out spies along the west side of the river 
Chambly and found there a drawing of a party from Canada and 
14 palisades to which they had bound their prisoners whom they 
had fetched from New England. 


The 21 ditto we proceeded to about one mile below the above 
mentioned sandbank of Chambly, when we again sent out spies, 
who discovered some places where french and savage spies had 
been keeping double night watch, and that the same had embarked 
for Chambly. Then, after having first placed our canoes and 
provisions in safety, 

The 22 ditto we pursued our jourhey by land and travelled that 
day close under La Prairie — the road being very difficult on 
account of the softness of the clay, over which we had to travel, 
so that two of our christians returned to our canoes. Coming 
through the clay we heard much firing of musketry, of which we 
were astonished what it might be. 

The 23 ditto in the morning I sent spies towards th'e fort to see 
how it was ; returning said all the folks were leaving the fort of 
La Prairie to cut corn. — Then we resolved in what manner we 
should hinder them to obtain the fort again, and agreed to do so 
by intercepting them on their way to the fort, but by the eagerness 
of the young savages such was prevented, because christians as 
well as savages fell on with a war cry which displeased the officer 
that they fell on without orders having been given, but they made 
19 prisoners and 6 scalps, among which were 4 womenfolk. 
The first prisoner was examined, asking him, what the firing of 
yesterday at La Prairie signified! said, the Governor is yesterday 
gone away with 800 men and the people discharged their muskets 
at their departure because their scouts had not heard from us. 
Then we fell upon their cattle, we pierced and shot to death nearly 
150 head of oxen and cows, and then we set fire to all their houses 
and barns which we found in the fields, their hay, and everything 
else which would take fire. — Then we christians resolved to fall 
upon the fort, but could not move the savages to give their consent 
to help us to attack the fort ; the fort fired alarms when Montroyal 
and Chambly answered, so that we resolved to depart with the 
prisoners to Albany. A savage of ours was stabbed to death, 
whom we burned in a barn, and we went that day 7 Dutch miles 
on our way back. Then the savages killed 2 french prisoners 
because they could not travel on account of their wounds. — A 
little while after this we sat down to eat and thanked the Governor 


of Canada for his salute of heavy cannon during our meal — they 
fired from the morning till 2 o'clock in the afternoon from all 
three of the forts — That day we travelled to the river Chambly 
where our canoes were laying. 

The 24 ditto we went as far as fort Lamotte. 

The 25 ditto we reached the Sand point, where we shot 2 

The 26 ditto we came to the little stone fort, and from there 
sent a canoe with men to Albany to bring the news of what had 
happened to us. 

The 27 ditto we proceeded to Canaghsione and there shot 9 

The 28 clitto we reached Wood Creek. 

The 29 ditto we have travelled to the little Rapid above 

The 30 ditto of August we have arrived at Albany, under the 
command of Captain John Schuyler. 

A true copy from the translation in the collection of Manuscripts of the New 

Jersey Historical Society, at Newark. 

S. Alofsen, 
Member H. Soc. N. J. 


Hartford Sept. l«t 1690 
jJqj^-ble Sjj^ — By an express from our Captaines at Albany of 
the 27*h Aug-ust last, we are certify ed that the Major Gen^i Win- 
throp is made a prisoner, and that on our officers request to the 
Comanders of the fort for his liberty to officiate in the army, yo"" 
selfe being present at Albany, thair answer was, that if they 
would speak with the Gen'i they might go to York, also that our 
Comissary is under restraint, these are very unexpected and 
surprizeing as well as greiuous tideings to us, and put us uppon 
signifying to you that it was uppon a certain knowledge of Major 
Winthrops fidelity, prudence and valor, that we did solicite him 
to undertake the seruice, and used our interest in the Massachu- 
setts gentn to preuail with him therein, who haveing the same 
confidence in his vertues, did so, and wee thereon recomended 


him to you, who gaue us to understand as grat a value of him, 
and therefore desired his acceptance with his Hone's accepting, 
though he were worthy of a tenfold greater command, he waited 
on you and his Countrey. S^ these things are so radicated in all 
New England, that yo'^ thus dealing cannot raise a jealousie in us 
of anything unworthy so gennerous a soul as is this gentleman, 
and though in honnor to you in your present Capacity we will 
suspend any Censures w^h we might make on your unadvisedness 
in this action, yet wee must in justice remember you of that 
article concluded by the Comics at York, whereof you were one, 
namely, what was referred to the Commander in Chiefe and his 
Councill of Warr, w<^h in partickular are not to overrule. If the 
return from Wooden Creek, done by a Councill of Warr, be the 
matter [which] offends you as its generally said to bee, consider 
how far that article and the reason it [is] grounded on lead to it, 
also that the army being confederate, if you be so conserned, so 
are wee and the rest, and that you alone shouldk judg uppon the 
the Gen^s and Councill of Warr s actions, "\vill infringe our liberty, 
but that wch is worst in event is, that such actions will render oiu: 
freindly correspondence to weake to joyne in future attempts, 
w<=h we may haue but too much occasion for, for if our sending 
our best freinds to joyn with you, proue a pittfal to them, it will 
necessitate our future forbearance, whateuer the consequence bee. 
And Sr you necessitate us to tell you, that a prison is not a catholi- 
con for al State Maladyes, though so much used by you, nor are 
you incapable of need of, nor aide from their Majesties subjects 
in New England, nor could you in any one action haue more 
disobliged al New England, and if you shall proceed in this way, 
you will certainly put al that gentleman's friends on his Vindication, 
be the matter controuerted what it will ; he is of such estate & 
repute as could not shun a just tryal, and if your adherence to M^" 
Milborn (of whose spirrit wee haue sufficient tests) and other 
emulators of the Major's honnor be greater then to ourselues and 
the gen* of the Bay, you may boast of the Exchange by .what 
proffitt you find. 

Sr you cannot expect but we shall be warm with these matters 
unless you preuent us by a timely and hon^le release of th« 

VOL. II. 19 


Major, w^^ii is the thing we aduise unto and desire to hear from 
you with al speed what our expectations may bee on this account; 
we are giueing account of this matter to the Gov' and Councill 
of Massachusetts ; it is justly expected that your declaration to 
us al, of the grounds of this your action should haue been as 
forward as the thing itself. We also moue to set our Comissary 
at liberty since he is of such use to our souldiers as he cannot be 

The Gov^ and Councill of 

signed p' their order 

John Allyn Scot 
To the Honble 

Jacob Leisler Esq' 


Whereas the Sessions of the Generall assembly held at New 
York for the said Province on the twenty fourth day of Aprill last 
was by niyselfe with of Advice of my: Councill: prorogued vntill 
the first day of Sepf instant & his May*^'^^ .Speciall Servis pre- 
venting y'' s^ Sessions ; writts haue bine issued out, I haue with 
advice of my Councell prolongued the s'^ Sessions vntill Munday 
w<^h shall bee the ffifteenth Day of Sepf Instant. 

These are Therefore in his Mamies name to will & requier all 
and every of the Members thereof to appeare att this Citty of 
New Yorke on the fifteenth Day of September instant according 
to s^ Prolongation without faile or Delay as they Tender his 
Majestys Intrest & the Safty of this Province, given Vnder my 
hand & seale at ffort William this Eleauenth Day of September 
in the second yeare of y^ Raigne of our Soveraigne Lord & Lady 
William & Mary of England Scotland fFrance & Ireland King & 
Queene Defender of the fFaith &c. And Supreame Lord & Lady 
of the Province of New Yorke 
To y® Several! Countyes in this Province 

LIKUT. GOV. u:iSLER. 291 

All a Court of Adrairality held in the Citty hall of the 
Citty of New york this seaventeenth day of Septembei 
anno domini one thowsand six hundred & Nyntie. 

Pieter dLanoy Esqr Judge 

Captn Jacob Mauritze 

Mr Gerrett Dow 

Captn Robert Sinclare 

Captn Gerrett Duycking \ members 

Mr Cornelis Plebier 

Mr Pieter Roberdie 

Mr Pieter Adolpb 

Mr Henrick Ten Eyck 
Adjourned till the eighteenth instant 
Proclamation made in due forme 
Commmission for holding the s<l Court of Admirality read a « 
followeth Jacob, Leisler his Mamies Liev* Governor & Coa.- 
mander in Chiefe of the Province of Newyork — Whereas bis 
Ma^ie King William of England Scotland ffrance & Ireland 
Defender of the faith &c by his Letter dated at Whitehall July 30- 
1689: Empowered me to performe all things which to the place 
& office of his Liev* Governor & Commander in Chiefe of the 
province of Newyork doth or may appertaine, & that there are 
severall ships or vessels with their loading brought into this 
harbour of newyork afores*^ (as I am credibly informed) which 
were taken from the subjects of the french King now in actuall 
hostility ag* the Croun of England &c By vertue of the authority 
afores<J unto me derived, I doe therefore hereby make & appoint 
yow pieter dLanoy Esqr Judge of a Court of admirality, Mr 
Ifrancis Rumbold, Captn Jacob Mauritze, Mr Gerret Dow, Captn 
Gabriell Monveill, Major Nicholas de Mayer, Mr Stephen dLan- 
cie, Captn Christopher GofF, Captn WilUam Dearing, Captn 
Robert Sinclare, Captn Gerret Duycking, Mr Cornelis plebier, Mr 
pieter Roberdie, Mr pieter Adolph, & Mr Henrick Ten Eyck 
of the s'l Citty of Newyork & you or any six of you (of which 
number pieter dLanoy Esqr always is to be one) to hear examine 
& determine all causes or actions that doth or shall arise or depend 


between our sovr Lord the King & any persone or persones who 
doe or shall pretend to have any right title or Interest in the s*^ 
ships or vessells brought into this harbour as afores'', I doe also 
appoynt George Brewertoun Register & George underbill to be 
Marshall of the s*-^ Court, & this Commission to be of force 
dureing the time of five dayes after the date hereof. Given under 
ray hand &, seale at fort william the seavententh day of September 
one thowsand six hundred & Nyntie, & in the second year of the 
Raigne of our Sovr Lord & Lady William & Mary of England 
Scotland ffrance & Ireland King & Queen 

Jacob Leisler 
The Lybell at the sute of our Sovr Lord the King exhibited 
by Major Jacob Milborn attorney Generall for & in behalfe of 
our s'l Sovr Lord the King ag* the ship the home friggott as 
foUoweth anno R: R: Gulielmi et Maries &c Secundo To the 
honble pieter dLanoy president & the rest of the Justices commis- 
sionated for the loyall examination & condemnation of the ship 
called «& known heretofore by the name of L'Esperance of 
Haverdu Grace in the kingdom of ffrance Captn Guilaine Bigoir 
Commander now the home frigott, Captn Robert CoUiford 
now master for the time being &c Captn william Masson Com- 
mander of the ship the blissed William & Captn ffrancis Goderis 
Commander of the Jacob & company naturall borne subjects & 
freemen of the kingdom of England &c by way of lybell sett 
forth & shew to your hours for diverse & sundry reasones causes 
& allegations hereafter mentioned & sett forth, to shew cause why 
& wherefore the s<l ship the home friggott formerly the L:Espe- 
rance of haverdu Grace belonging to the subjects or vassalls of 
the french King Together with her furniture gunns & apparrell as 
also all & every part and parcell of her loading now on board may 
not be adjudged condemned & sold at a certaine day & disposed 
of as the Law in such cases makes &, provides. flFrst that they 
the sd Captn Wilham Masson & Captn ffrancis Goderis Com- 
manders of the ships afores^, did receive under the hand of the 
honble Jacob Leisler Lievt Governor of this his Mamies province 
of Newyork & seale of the s'^ province, a certaine Commission 
bearing date the nynteenth day of May one Thousand six hundred 


Nyutie, unto them directed by the s^ Lievt Governor, by vertue 
of his Ma'ie King williams declaration, beareing date at his 
Court at hampton Court the seaventh day of May in the year of 
our Lord 1689 being the first of his Raigne, amongst other things 
it is there mentioned & exprest That all & every of the Governors 
of his Mamies forts & garrisons or any other officers or souldiers 
under them by sea & land doe & execute all acts of hostility in 
prosecution of this warr agt the french King his vassals & 
subjects & to oppose their attempts, willing & requireing all his 
subjects to take notice of the same, In pursuance & obedience 
to his the s*^ Governors Commission as afores'^ to us directed by the 
honble Jacob Leisler, wee the s^ Captn william Masson & Captn 
ffrancis Goderis Commanders of the ships the blissed william & 
Jacob aforesd & Instuctions then received, departed this port the 
day of June last past cruzeing on the coast of nova 
francia (or Canada) near or on the territories of the french Kings 
did come up from the s^ ships then called the L'Esperance of 
haverdu Grace Captn Guilian Bigoir Commander now the home 
friggot under the cull ours & within the Jurisdiction of the french 
King, under which she did defend & oppose us as much as in her 
lay, but being at last seized & caption made by the sd Masson & 
Goderis, she the sd ship appeared to be a french ship & her 
company solely french As by the acknowledgment of the officers 
& seamen confessing & acknowledging & are here ready to depose 
& Justifie the same befnr your honors-if thereunto required, 
The promises considered the sd Captns Crave that In Considera- 
tion of this being their commission port & allegations sett forth, 
the aforesd ship now called the home friggott lately the LjEsper- 
ancc with her ammunition guns tackle apparell furniture, Together 
with her goods wares merchandizes & loading may be condemned 
& sold as the Law in such cases provides & further saith not 
which lybell above written Togither with the depositions relating 
thereto was by the sd Court ordered to be recorded as followeth 
vizt the depositions of pierre Dieusx, Jacques Lehaire ffrancis 
Gilbert, deposeth & saith that the said L'Esperance Guilione Bigoir 
Commander now the borne friggatt Robert ColUford Commander 
doth belong unto the subjects of the french King namely Monsieur 


Leon & Monsieur Lefferrie living at vimflevor near haverdu Grass 
m Normandy within the kingdom of fFrance, The which were 
taken by Captn william Masson & Captn ffrancis Goderis on or 
about the first day of August last (nova stile) rideing befor the 
Isle of persia within the province of Canada in the sd french 
Kings dominions, which sd ship is now in this harbour wherein 
tuo of the deponents are brought prisoners & the other in the 
ship s*pieter not kuQwing the contents of their loading nather 
have observed that any part of the sd loading hath been unloaden 
since their departure from the sd Isle of persia to this time, & 
further saith not &c As their depositions taken before the 
Governor the fifteenth of September instant more fully proport 
The which depositions originally taken in french now translated 
& examined by Mr pieter Roberdie one of the members of the sd 
Court, was found to be true & also attested by Captn william 
Masson & Captn John Cornelis tuo of the Commanders of the 
sd vessells in open Court whereupon after mature & serious 
deliberation of the sd Court It is their unanimous opinion & 
Judgment that the aforesd ship or vessell the home friggot 
Togither with her furniture apparrell & loading &c according to 
the lybell exhibited agt her &c & the witnesses deposing to that 
effect is a lawfull prize & so to be disposed of in the behalfe of 
our Sovr Lord the King as the Law in such cases provides & 
allows of &c 


Province of Newyork 

Atl a Court of Admirality held in the City hall of the 
Citty of Newyork this 11^^ day of September anno 
domini one Thousand Six hundred & Nyntie 

Present : 
pieter dLanoy Esq"" Judge 
Captn Jacob Mauritze 
Mr Gerrett dow 
Captn Robert Sinclaire 
Captn Gerrett duycking [ members 
Mr Cornelis plebier 
Mr pieter Reberdy 
Mr pieter Adolph 
Mr Hendrick Ten Eyck. 

Commission for holding the Sd Court of Admiralty 
[Seal] Read as followeth Jacob Leisler his Mamies Lievt Gover- 
nor & Commander in Chiefe of the province of Newyork 

Whereas his Matie King William of England Scotland ffrance 
& Ireland defender of the faith &c By his Letter Dated at white 
hall July 30: 1689: Empoured me to performe all things which to 
the place & office of his Liev* Governor & Commander in Chiefe 
of the province of Newyork doth or may appertaine, and that there 
are severall Shipps or vessells with their loading brought into this 
harbour of Newyork aforesaid (as I am credily Informed) which 
were taken from the subjects of the french king now in actuall 
hostility ag* the Croun of England &c By vertue of the authority 
aforesd unto me derived, I doe therefore hereby make & appoynt 
yow pieter dLanoy Esq"" Judge of a Court of Admirality, Mr 
ffrancis Rumbold, Captn Jacob Mauritze, Mr Gerritt dow, Mr 
Gabriell Monveill, Major Nicholas de Myer, Mr Stephen delancie, 
Captn Christopher Goif, Captn william dearing, Captn Robert 
Sinclare, Captn Gerrett duycking, Mr Cornelis plebier, Mr pieter 
Reberdie Mr pieter Adolph, & Mr Henrick Ten Eyck of the sd 
Citty of Newyork, and yow or any six of yow (of which number 
pieter dLanoy Esq*^ is allwayes to be one) Toe hear examine & 
determine all causes or actions that doeth or shall anise or depend 


between our Soveraigne Lord the King &, any persone or persones 
who doe or shall pretend to have any right title or Interest in 
the sd shipps or vessells brought into this harbour as aforesd, I 
doe also appoynt George Brewertoun Register & George underbill 
to be Marshall of the sd Court, and this Commission to be ol' 
force during the time of five dayes after the date hereof Given 
under my hand & seall at fort William the seaventeenth day of 
September one Thousand six hundred & Nyntie & in the second 
year of our Sovr Lord & Lady William & Mary of England 
Scotland lEFrance & Ireland King & Queen &c: 

The lybell agt the pink the ffrancis & Thomas at the sute of 
our Sovr Lord the King exhibited by Major Jacob Milborne attor- 
ney General! for & in behalfe of our sd Sovr Lord the King as 
followeth viz anno Regni Regis Gulielmi et Marige &c secundo 
To the honble pieter dLanoy president & the rest of the Justices 
commissionated for the loyall examination & condemnation of the 
ship called & knowen heretofore by the name of the S' pieter of 
Bayoun in the kingdom of fFrance Captn pierre de Clabrier late 
Commander now the ffrancis & Thomas of Newyork Captn 
dennis now master for the time being &c. Captn wilham Masson 
& Captn ffrancis Goderis Commander of the Shipps the blessed 
William & Jacob & company, & naturall borne subjects & free- 
men of the kingdom of England &c by way of lybell sett forth 
& shew to your bonis for diverse & sundry reasones causes & 
allegationes hereafter mentioned & sett forth, to shew cause why 
& wherefore these ships the ffrancis & Thomas formerly the S' 
pieter of Bayoun in fFrance belonging to the subjects or vassalls 
of the french King, Togither with her furniture guns & apparrell, 
as also all & every part & parcell of her loading now on board 
may not be adjudged condemned & sold at a certaine day & 
dysposed of as the Law in such cases makes & provides — 

ffirst the sd Captn William Masson & Captn ffrancis Goderis 
Commanders of the sds ships did receive under the hand of the 
honble Jacob Leisler Liev* Governor of this his Maties province 
of Newyork & scale of the sd province a certaine Commission 
bearing date the day of June one Thousand six hundred 

& Nyntie, unto them directed by the sd Lievt Governor by vertue 


of his Matie King Williams declaration bearing date at his Court 
at hampton Court the seaventh day of May in the year of our 
[Lord] one Thousand six hundred & Nyntie being the first of his 
Raigne, amongst other things it there mentioned & expresst That 
all & every of the Governors of his Mamies forts & garrisons or 
any other officers or souldiers under them by sea & land doe & 
execute all acts of hostility in prosecution of this warre ag* the 
french king his vassalls & subjects, & to oppose their attempts, 
wilhng & requireing all his subjects to take notice of the same, 
In pursuance &c obedience to his the sd Governors Commission 
to us as aforesd directed, by the honble Jacob Leisler, v^^ee the 
sd Masson & Goderis Commanders of the ships the blessed Wil- 
liam & Jacob aforesd & Instructiones received, departed this port 
the day of June last past, cruzeing on the coast of 

nova francia (or Canada) near or on the territories of the french 
King, did come up with the sd ship then called the S* pieter of 
Bayoun — pierre de Clabier Commander now the Thomas & ffrancis 
of Newyork under the cullours & within the Jurisdiction of the 
french King, under which she did defend & oppose us as much as 
in her lays but being at last seized & caption made by the sd 
Masson & Goderis, the sd ship appeared to be a french ship & 
her company solely french as by the acknowledgments of the 
officers & seamen confessing & acknowledging & are here ready 
to depose & Justifie the same before your hours if there unto 
required, the premisses considered the sd Captns Crave that in 
Consideration of this being there commission port & allegationes 
sett forth aforesd, the sd ships called the S*^ pieter now the 
Thomas & ffrancis, with her ammunition guns tackle furniture & 
apparrell, togither with her goods wares & iherchandise & lading 
may be condemned & sold as the Law in such cases provides, 
And further saith not — 

Which Lybell To'gither with the depositiones relateing thereto 
was ordered to be recorded as followeth viz The deposition of 
Adam Christoll, pierre de Clarepincda Nicholas de Castilion & 
pierre Monpon deposeth & saith that the sd ship called the S* 
pieter pierre de Clabier late Commander now the ffrancis & 
Thomas dennis Commander does belong unto the subjects 


of the french King living at Bayoun in the kingdome of fFrance, 
which was taken by Captn william Masson & Captn fifrancia 
Goderis on or about the first day of August last (novastile) ride- 
ing before the Isle of persia in the province of Canada in the sd 
french kings dominions. The which sd ship is now within this 
horbour of newyork, in whom wee were brought hither as priso- 
ners not knowing the contents of their loading, nather have ob- 
served that any part of the sd loading have been unloaden since 
their departure from the sd Isle of persia to this time, & further 
saith not — 

As their depositiones taken before the Governor the fifteenth 
day of September instant more fully proport, The which deposi- 
tiones originally taken in french now translated & examined by 
Mr pieter Reberdi.e one of the members of the sd Court was 
found to be true, & also attested by Captn William Masson & 
Captn John Cornelis tuo of the Commanders of the sd vessells in 
open Court, whereupon after mature & serious deliberation of the 
sd Court, It is their unanimous opinion & Judgment That the 
aforesd vessell the ffrancis & Thomas Togither with her furniture 
apparrell & loading &c according to the sd lybell exhibited ag* 
her & the witnesses depcseing to that effect, is a lawfuU prize 
and so to be disposed of in behalfe of our Sovr Lord the King, 
according as the Law in such cases provides & allows of, — 

P. D. LaNoy. 
Per Cur 

Geo. Brewerton Reg. 

By Virtue of a«Commission from the Hon^^® Jacob Leisler 
Dated the 20th day of September Directed to us John Outman 
Simon Jansen Romaine Lendert Hugen and Garrett Hardenburgh, 
to Repaire on board the Seuerall & Respective Vessells following 
in order to Inventary & Appraise which are as followeth viz* 
The fflyboate Masson nothing butt her ballest 

1 — s — d 
The ffrancis and Thomas ^ 

300 bushells Salt valuacon > 22:10: — 

at 18*1 a bushell is 221 1' iqs \ 



1:10 — 
10:00 — 

7:10 — 
12:90 — 
16: — 

3: — 
2: 5 

36: 0—0 
45: 0—0 

The Thomas and Humphrey 
20 bushells Salt I8d pr bushell is l^^ 10s( 
25 Elke Skins 
Some hhds with soure cider 
The Jacob 
100 bushells Salt 18^ p"- bushell is 7:10 
25 beauers Skins 

40 Elks 

The Pink Charles 
36 minks 
50 beauers 
20 Seall Skms 
36 martins 

100 bushells Salt 18^ pr bushell 
The home fFrigatt * 

20 tonn Salt 
150 kentell fish 
Provisions on board of the 
Aforesaid Vessels menconed 
& Expressed vizt 
4 hhds Beans 
9 barrells flower 
1 hhd Peas 
11 barrells Pork 
18 hhd* Sider Soure 

This is a true Appraisment according to what was Given to 
us by John Conelis one of the Comand" of s^ Shipps to the best 
of our knowledge and understanding of the Lading of s^ vessels 
as aforesaid. 

Sworne before the Judge of 
the Court of Admiralty 

Peter De Lanoy Esq^ 
22d Sept 1690 
Geo: Brewerton Reg' 

£ 1: 










New York Sept 30th 1600 

HoNB^E Gent. — ^Yours of September the 5*^ Instant [qu 1% see 
ante p 288.] raett me at Albany, the contents whereof admitts 
of various constructions, but that no quibles shall ever be on our 
side who have hitherto dealt with all sincerity imaginable, its 
proper to recount proceedings as they are & have been matter 
of fact, whereby the world may have no task to judge between 
us & give sentence according to truth — 

Its notorious that May first, an unanimous result was concluded 
between the commissioners for Boston, Plymouth, Connecticott 
& New York, that for carrying on the expedition for Canada ag* 
the French &c, there should be raised for Boston 160, Plymouth 
60, & Connecticott 135 men, to which New York province were 
to add 400, Maryland had promised 200, but those were under no 
stricter terms than an expectation, not oblidged by contract — 

The gi-eat care and charge we underwent to obtaine the 5 
nations of Indians, as its considerable, so likewise manifest, which 
being secured our greatest point was gained, that the French might 
have no dependance on, or the least expectation of ever obtaining 
them so farre as to become neuter — 

Its true, that our treaty with the Indians, they did promise 1820 
men to goe out with us, but that was a contingency wholly distinct 
from our contract, although we victualled & furnished them with 
ammunition & armes in great measure, for their encouragement, 
expecting that their numbers would have been considerable, 
although by what stratagems they were diverted, is yet too early 
assert, altho we are not unsensible of those who occasioned it — 
of these numbers vizt 755, which New York and the confederats 
of New England were obliged to furnish. New York effected, & 
Connecticott wanted but few, (although by sickness many were 
lost) when Major Winthrop tooke the charge of them, receiving 
my commission & instructions from the commissioners at Albany 
after many debates, and marched to the Houtkill, [Wood Creek] 
being the greatest part of fattigue from Albany to Canada, without 
making any exceptions ag* the number of men from New York 
& Albany, conceiving that Boston & Plymouth forces were com- 
pleated, (tho not a man sent) he undertaking for them, not 


cfFect'.ially, but by dint of imagination, yet nevertheless when the 
s^ Major should have proceeded according to the result, he pauses 
& questions if his forces were sufficient to accomplish his com- 
mission, himselfe proposing great danger, and caused officers to 
vote for their retreate, forbidding peremptorily that more than 30 
christians should proceed on the designe, saying he would not 
march further unless the Indians which promised to goe out, did 
comply with their M'ord & numbers, whereby many were discouraged 
that intended to have gone forward with a parcel of 30 accompanied 
with some Indians, that Killed of the ^ Enemies Catle about 150, 
slaine & tooke their persons 28, burning great quantities of hay 
and fodder & 16 houses, besides Barnes, certified if their numbers 
had been 150 more, they doubted not of taking the enemies 
fortresses & even Mon Reall itselfe. — 

Now not to repeat the unaccountable and unchristian behaviour 
of Major Winthrop, when he first came to Albany, 9f which you 
have had notice by letter from our commissioners, but no answer 
vouchsafed us ; lett us return to facts before resulted and examined ; 
upon what grounds there could be any success ag* our Enemies 
expected vizt. — 

The result being concluded by two of your commissioners 
amongst the rest, who brought their credentialls with them when 
your officers at Albany were summoned to the councill of warre, 
one of your Capt^s objected openly, that Major Gold was not 
qualified for to give his vote at New Yorke afores*^ which h^ 
abyded by & declared that his commission would not suffer him 
to sitt in the s'^ councill, by which great jealousies justly arose 
amongst the forces belonging to this province of New York. — 

This passing & other incolencies committed by your Capf^ & 
Souldiers whoever corresponded with, & adhered to those of the 
convention. Enemies to the present government, untill the long 
looked for Major Winthrop arryved, had their recourse to him at 
Kinderhoeck, and we expecting to have found him a person 
qualified according to the character given, both by yourselves & 
the gentlemen of Boston, vizt, that he was a person of conduct, 
valour & integrity, but to our griefe have found what you had too 
much reason to believe, one who lived in open adultries in despight 


of your lawcs, and other crimes which are the ruines of civill 
government, without the least mark or signe of repentance, to the 
shame of Christians, but forsooth because he was a toole fitt for 
the wicked purposes that your Secretary & Livingston had con- 
tryved, therefore must he be incessantly pressed upon us with 
such importunity that was irresistable, which, when once that 
point was gained, then farewell correspondance with us, nay sent 
him within a script and tooke an opportunity to committ his usurpa- 
tions (as you supposed & he confessed, & thought) there had been 
non to oppose him, M^ Milbprn asking why you afforded them not 
a line, was answered that it was not expected he would be there, 
such despight you did to the authority of that part of this province, 
although you well knew there were commissioners with whom 
had former intercourse after afronting them for their more then 
ordinary civilities to your people j besides his other qualifications 
proceeding fr«m his experience, gained when commanded in his 
Royall Highness the Duke of Yorks guards, hugging the com- 
mission granted by Sir Edmund Andros, whereby once gained, he 
might be amply capacitated to serve liis quondam master, & that 
he may have no restraint upon his dispensing conscience hitherto, 
dares not bind it with an oath of allegiance to King William, least 
he should* break his faith & the trust reposed in him imder the 
Reigne of the late King James — 

And that more then ordinary Juggling was in this matt€r, it 
appears by the comissions granted to an officer of yours for that 
expedition, the one in May of a sound forme and consonant to 
the result, but the other in June restraines to goe without the 
Indians, who after M'' Livingston came to Albany, being by you 
sent & your Major guarded when they were upon their march 
for Canada received a token of Zeewant that they should desist, 
& thereupon returned, which waited for newes arryving, the s^ 
Major answered the plott, & thereupon he proceeded as afores"^ 
(not to Canada) but to dissolution — 

And how such a person can be an honor to all New England as 
you say (that is wrapt up in him) betokeneth something extra- 
ordinary, but ratlier it would become him with all celerity to 
vindicate himselfe or you to press him to it, that the Country, 


which he hath so much abused, may have that satisfaction at least 
to hear his defence which can be non, if he depends upon the 
letter sent me, for its stuffed with impertinent falsehoods, but its 
not altogether unexpected Irom such a delinquant when we have 
received such indignities & shams from your dictators and have 
spit in our faces within our jurisdiction — . 

Nevertheless, it cannot but one day sadly reflect that a people 
professing Christianity so eminently beyond others, should so 
basely degenerat beneath the very heathens when God hath 
wrought so miraculous a work, that not onely calls on, but astonishes 
all the protestant world ; such professions should be settled on 
the Liees &. say that the Lord nather doth good nor evill, but 
trust to your wicked crafts and inventions, through pride and 
presumption despise the delyve ranee, but when you are searched 
with candles, it will be known who are guilty of this accursed 
thing, & your nakednes will be uncovered, wherefore ^'ow who 
have not struck hands with the authors hereof, it behoves you 
arise & shew yourselves men for cause of God & Zion, that you 
partake not of their abominations, is the hearty & sincere advice of 
Your Humble Servant 

Jacob Leisler 


Whereas I am assured of your prudence, ability, & Loyalty 
to his Matie King William and his interest in this Province 

These are to nominate, constitute and apoint you Mess^^Jochem 
Staas, Johannes Wendel, Johannes Bleeker Sen^ Pieter Bogardus, 
& Ryer Jacobz Schermerhoorn to superintend, direct, order & 
controul, all matters and things relating to the City & County of 
Albany, & the safety & defence of the subjects therein according 
to y^ Lawes of this Province, and the Present Establishment, 
likewise that you consult w"Ureat, and other proposalls make, or 
receive from the 5 Nations of Indians or others who are or will 
become our allyes, and also to depress and discountenance all such 
p'sons who have protested against the proclaiming of their Ma*'^* 
Supreame Lord & Lady of this Province, and all their adherents 



and abettors according to an Order by me & Councell made for 
that purpose ; And whatever shall by you be farther acted or 
done for his Ma^'^s Service and the Welfare of s^ Citty and 
County I do hereby ratifie & Confirm e as good & valid to all 
Intents Construccons & purposes: Given under my hand & scale 
this 10*11 Jay of Octobr &c Annoq; Domi 1690. 

Albany. In the year 1690 ye 14 of Octob' 
When Jacob Leysler had usurped y® gov* the following Persones 
were chosen 

John Becker 

Johannes de Wandelaer 1 

Evert Banker 

Hend. van Dyck 

John Bleecker 
Claes Ripse 

' Alderm. 

Luykas Gerritse 
Pr Davidtse 

' tants. 

Gert Ryerse 

Joh: Abeel 

Eghbert Teunise 

Ger* van Ness 


N. Rochelle, 20 Octob. 1690. 

Sir — I have too much respect for your orders not to execute 
them punctually; so that pursuant to what you did me the honour 
lately to give me, I spoke to the principals of this new Colony 
about the nomination of some persons for the vacant office of 
Justice of the peace, but as the condition you require — that is a 
knowledge of the English Tongue — has precluded them from 
making the Election of two or three according to your order, 
they cannot pitch upon any except M^" Straing, saving your appro- 
bation which if you will have the goodness to accord them you will 
obhge them infinitely 

M"" Pinton has also delivered me, this day, an .order to be com- 
municated to the s'i Inhabitants relative to the election and nomi- 
nation of Assessors, Collectors and Commissaries, for levying 
imposing and receiving Taxes for his Majesty's service. The 
time is very short, since it is the twenty seventh instant they must 


be at Wchester, but they look for some forbearance and delay 
from your goodness in case, notwithstanding their diligence they 
may not be able punctually to answer. It is not through any 
unwillingness to exert themselves to meet it, but you know their 
strength as well as I. Notwithstanding despite their poverty and 
misery they will never lack in submission to the orders on behalf 
of his Majesty both for the public good and interest. This they 
protested to me, & I pray you to be persuaded thereof. I am 
with Respect, & pray God for your prosperity 

Your very humble 
& very Obedient Servant 
Address D. Bonrepos, pastor 

a Monsieur . of this French Colony 

Monsieur de Leislar 
Lieut Gouuerneur pour le 
Roy D'Angleterre, du fort 

Willam a La No^e York 


Whereas Capt William Mason & Capt^ francis Goderus pur- 
suant to a Commission under my hand & Scale Dated May ye 
19'h 1690 in obedience to his Ma^'^^ Declaracon of Warr against 
the french King Did make Caption & Bring into this port Several! 
Ships &. Vessels Belonging to the Subjects of the french King as 
by Substantiall Evidences did Manifestly appeare thereupon at 
the Immediate Instance and Request of s^ Mason & Goderus a 
Court of Admiralty was Constituted Septemb^ Last Past apoint- 
ing Peter DLanoy Esq*" Judge of the Court or others or any five 
of them to examine heare & Condemn if Cause were the several 1 
Ships & Vessells So Taken & Brought into this portt with their 
Loadings Goods Merchandize Goods Ammonicon Tackle furni- 
ture and apparell kc^ (amonghst which The flyboate Then calleil 
The Mason now the Katharine Burthen about 300 Tuns) after Due 

VOL. u. 20 


and mature Consideracon and strict examination into the premises 
made Returne unto the s^ Admiralty office on the Libells Exhib- 
ited by s<J Mason & Goderus in behalfe of the Kings Ma^'^ 
Condemnacon of each and every of the s<^ prizes together with 
Their Lading Appurtenances &ca The w^h Condemnacon I doe 
hereby Certify to have proved and due aprove of to be Confirmed 
and doe Confirme and further at the Instance and Request of M'' 
francis Rombouts Jacob Teller & Isaack DeHiemer his Ma^'® the 
King of Englands Leige subjects and fremen of This City now 
Owners of The s*^ ship Condemed by the Name of Mason but at 
present Called the Katharine Doe Certify that they Legaly purchased 
& Bought the s«^ ship at y® Publique Sale apointed for the same 
in this City for wch the vedue Master Jacob Milborne hath sealed 
a Bill of Scale Bearing date ye 23th of 8^^ 1690 which I atest 
to authentiq to all Instants Constructons & purposes. 

%* Another of the above tenor follows dated IQ^h dec' 1690 
for the Condemnation of the french ship the S^Pierre afterwards 


Whereas the Ship Cataryn whereof Capt Christopher GofFe is 
Comand'^ was near Loaden & Charged in this Port bound for 
london Augu^ y« 7*^ last past desired my liberty to pass on his 
Intended Voyage who was retained by reason of Sundry Spanish 
Privateers Crusing on this Coast It was found necessary to 
unload y® said ship to assist other forces for their Maj^'^s to take 
ye s'^ Ennemies who were fitted out accordingly & did their duty 
among vf^^ Cap" GofFe aforesaid discharged y® trust reposed in 
him w^b rcputacon & honnour & furthermore his Mat'®s affaires at 
Albany did require a due returne of proceedings w<=h Could not 
be made but by this oportunity These are to Certify that the 
s*l Ship hath been detained most Espetially for y^ s^ Service to 
Convey the same She having taken in but inconsiderable loading 
since y® time of her Relading as may be Seen by her Certificates 
from his Map'es Custome howse here. Given under my hand & 


Scale at fort William In New York this 24t'' clay of 8''^^ in y© 
second year of their Maj^'-^s Reigne Annoq: D«iii ]690 

Jacob Leisler 
To all Whome these Shall Come Greeting 
Past the office 
Jacob Millborne, Secry. 

L* Gov'^ h, Jansen 

P. d La Noy W"! Laurence 

S. Staets G Beekman 

S. Edsall J. Provoost 

R. Lecocq 
"Vx't.tREAS there are a Certaine number of Men in Queen's 
County on Long island who in a riotous rebellious manner have 
declared against y^ authority of this Goverm*' & have given out 
that they are Resolved to maintaine their Rebellions Contrary to 
y« Peace of our Sovereign Lord y® King his Croune and dignity 

These are by and with advice of my Councel to Suspend y® 
Court of Oyer & Terminer w^h should be held on Wednesday 
next for Kings County untill y«^ s^ Rebells shall be Supressed & 
ye Countyes on Long Island reduced to their Obedience & his 
Majtys Peace in this Province. Given &c. this 26 Octob'" 1690 

Jacob Leisler 

Newtown Octo"" 28*^ in the 2^ year of the Reign of o' 
Sovreign Lord & Lady William & Mary of Eng<J, 
Scotfd France & Irel'^ King & Queene Defendrs of the 
Faith &ca 
Forasmuch as their are many Seditious persons, who without 
any provocation have taken up Armes and appeared in a Rebell- 
ious manner against their Matins Authority within this County 
called Queenes upon Long Island, and under spetious pretenses 


have drawn aside & caused certaine numbers of his Ma^'^^ Liege 
'Subjects to abet with them contrary to their Allegiance & bounden 
duty, and the Peace of o^' Lord y^ King his Crown & dignity, and 
y® security and welfare of the good Inhabitants thereof being of 
Fatall consequence considering the present war with y^ French, 
and the impending dangers w<='' threaten us at y^ Frontiers of this 
Province (Albany) if the same be not secured and defended from 
yc said enemies and their adherents, w^h is much obstructed 
hereby, as likewise proceedings in that behalf are necessarily 
diverted by this Rebellion, and the forces already posted there 
withdrawing themselves through the malicious speeches and 
insinuations of the heads, and ringleaders in this Insurrection. 

These are in their Ma*'®^ name to forbid forwarne, and adver- 
tise all persons within this Province, that they in no wise aid, 
succour, comfort, abet, consent to, or anywise adhere unto the said 
Rebells or any of their associates, but upon notice hereof that all 
such who have unadvisedly beene herein concerned doe-^forthwith 
withdraw from them & return to their Allegiance & respective 
habitations where they shall be preserved in their Rights and 
properties, and peaceable enjoyment thereof, as they will answer 
the contrary at their utmost perills, and tender their Matins dignity 
in this Province, the peace of the Inhabitants thereof, and the 
dangerou^ consequences (of the immediate war with y^ Common 
enemy) vf*^^ may thereupon ensue and to be treated as open 
enemies to o^ SoV" Lord y® King & y^ peace of this Province, 
Declaring hereby that y^ reason of taking up arms is to no other 
purpose but as we are constrained to reduce all to their obedience, 
& assert their Mat'^s Royall Authority, and secure this their 
Province in peace and good defence against all foreigne or 
Intestine enemies : 

Given under my hand and scale by virtue of a Commission to 
me granted by the Lievt Govern^ & Councill at New Yorke — 



Whereas there are Certaine Warr's issued by the Liev* Gov- 
ern^ & Councill bearing Date y® 26'^ Instant requiring the appre- 
hending of Certaine rebellious & seditious persons & bringing 
them hither as also to seize & bear away Certaine papers w^ii 
shall be found amongst them since w^h farther notice is arrived 
of their s^ Rebellions ; 

These are in his Ma^i^s Name to authorize and appoint you Majr 
Jacob Milborne to take what forces you can Raise wheresoever 
you shall come w^Mn this Province to Superintend y« said Orders 
& them to whom they are directed y^ Same to Ord"" direct fulfill 
Controule and in all things relating his Maj''^^ Service to prosecute 
w^ all violence & act of hostility as to You shall seeme meet & 
y^ s^ rebells wholly to Subdue & all others that are refractory to 
y^ Establisht Governm*^ to suppresse in such method & by force 
as shall be requisite ; & all Officers Civill & Military are hereby 
required to be aiding & assisting to you herein as they shall 
answer the Contrary at their Utmost Perill & w*soever you shall 
find requisite to doe in y« p^misses for his Majt'^s Service this 
shall be to you a sufficient Warr^ Given &c. 28*^ Octob^ 1690 

Jacob Leisler 


N Yorke 
Forasmuch as there are many Seditious persons who without 
any provocacon Have taken up Armes an apeared in a rebellious 
manner against their Maj''®^ Authority within Queens County on 
long Island and under Spitious p'tence have Drawne aside and 
Caused Certaine numbers of his Maj'i^s Leige Subjects to abett 
with them Contrary to their allegiance and Bounden duety and ye 
peace of our Lord y« King his Crowne & dignity & ye Sucurty & 
Welfare of y^ Good inhabitants thereof being of fatall Conse- 
quences (^onsulerinr^ v^ present Warr w* y^ french & ye Impending 
Dangers w"*' ttircatwi us at y® fronteers of this Province (Albany) 
if the same be not Sucured Hail defeniled from ye Ennemies & 
their adherents which is much obstructed hereby as Likewise pro- 


ceedings in that behalfe are necessarily Diverted by this RebelHon 
&. y^ forces already posted there withdrawing themselves Throug 
y^ malicious Speeces & Insinuacons of the head & ringleaders of 
this Insorrection and whereas I have received Certaine Informacon 
that y*^ s^ rebells have Been forced to fly By our forces sent to 
Supress them, and that none of s<i Rebells or there Adherents j escape] 
if possible to be prevented — 

These are in his Majt'^^ name to appoint you Samuell Edsall, 
Captn Thomas Williams Esq^'s two of y« members of my Councill, 
or any of you to be Comander of y^ Sloope and over such 

Companies of Volunteers as shall willingly Go with you who are 
hereby required to obey you as their Comand"" and you are hereby 
required to Sayle forthwith to flushing Bay from thence to craze 
to y^ Sound & to Examine all Sloops Boates Canoos or any other 
Vessells your shall meete with & to [secure] all or any Suspected 
persons and examine all papers to Bring them to Mee & you are 
hereby required if you deeme meet to Examine all or any Suspected 
bowses for s^ Rebells and papers and if you meet Maj^ Millborne 
that you observe such Orders and to follow such farther Directions 
as you shall receive from mee & that you returne when you shall 
seem meet for doeing whereof these are your sufficient Comission. 
Given &c. Fort William This 30th of Octob. &c 1690. 

Jacob Leisler 

Past ye office 

Abrah"" Govemeur D. Secy 
One of the Same Tenor and date to Hendrick Ten Eyck. 

Fort William, Novembr 4th 1690. 

These are to Nominate, Constitute and apointyou Mayors Jacob 
Milborne Gerardus Beekman & the rest of the Military Comission 
officers of King's County to come at flatbos and hold a Court 
marshall to Examine heare Conclude & determine all such mutters 
& things w^h shall relate y« s^ Militia in said County or any 
officers or persons w<='> have off*ended, neglected their Duty or 
otherwise trespassed ye same to Censure by ffine Suspending their 
Comission, or other punishm* to inflict Acording to y® Nature of 


their otFence as to you shall seem meet. Hereby Constitutinn- 
any Seven of y® s^ Comissioned officers to be a full & ample 
court whereof Maj"^ Jacob Milborne is always to be one & p'sided 
& whatsoever you shall so act & do in y^ p^misses shall be held 
good & EfFectuall. Given &c. this 4*^ of Novembr In y® second 
year of their Mamies Reigne: & this Comission to Continue for 
five dayes following y® date thereof. 

Jacx)b Leisler 

In Persuance of a warr^t Directed to us underwritten by the 
Honourable Leiv* Governo"" Jacob Leysler bearing date the 5»i» 
of November instant in order to repaire on board the Shipp 
Resolucon to take an Inventory thereof which is as followeth 
to say 

The Hull with masts & yards compleate & 2 square 

topmasts three anchors one stream ditto two ditto 

two cables one Stream Cable & harser One piece 

of Junk Standing & Runing Regging Compleate 

One Suite Sailes at the yards three Boy ropes, 

Spare Sailes One fore course & fore topsaile One main topsaile- 

worne two top gall: sailes Thirteen great guns foure pat- 

tereras eight Chambers with spunges ladles &c. 

belonging thereto, one barrell powder & eight round 

shott eighteen Ton fish by estimacon eight hundred 

weight bread by ditto, five compasses four halfe 

houre glasses one watch glass six lanthornes, one 

suite colours, one chest iron &, Carpenters tooles 

five hundred weight Iron worke one dipsey lead & 

line & one hand lead, twenty water Caske wooden 


Novemb"" This a true Inventory to the best of our know- 

6th 1690 ledge & understandin. 

Geo: Dennes 
Vera Copia J: Wheeler 

Geo: Brewerton Reg^ 


Anno Regni Regis Guliclmi et Marise &c New York 

To the hon^le Pieter D'Lanoy President & the rest of the 
Justices Commissionated for the tryall Examinacon & Condem- 
nacon of the flyboate called and knowen heretofore by the name 
of the Virgin de honfleur in the Kingdom of ffrance Jacques 
Bougour late Commander ; now the Resolution of New York 
Cap" George Bollen for the time being Commander &c. 

The said Cap" George Bollen, William How & John Weeden 
Quarter Masters naturall borne Subjects & freemen of the King- 
dome of England &c by way of Libell set forth, & Shew to your 
hons" for diverse and Sundry reasons causes, and Allegations 
hereafter mentioned to shew cause why and wherefore the said 
fflyboate y^ Resolucon formerly the Virgin de honfleur of fFrance 
belonging to the subjects or vassalls of the ffrench King together 
with their ffurniture. Guns, and Apparrell, as also all & every Part and 
parcell of her Loading now on board may not be adjuged con- 
demned &, sold at a certaine day & disposed of as the Law in 
such Cases makes & provides &c. 

Furst that they said Cap"^ George Bollen, William How and 
John Weeden by virtue of a Commission under the hand of the 
hon^ie Jacob Leisler Liev* Governo"^ of this his Ma^'^s Province 
of New York and seale of s^ Province bearing date the 19*11 
of May 1690: unto the s^ Capt Bollen directed then Commander 
of the Sloope Resolucon by the said Lieu* Governo'' by virtue of 
his Mati« King Williams Declaration bearing date at his Court 
of Hampton Court the 7*^ day of May in the year of o"" Lord 
1689: being the ffirst of his Ma^'^s Reigne, amongst other thmgs 
there mentioned & exprest, that all and every of the Governo" 
of his Mat'®s fforts and Garrisons or any other Officers or Soui- 
diers under them by sea and Land do and Execute all acts of 
hostility in prosecution of this War against the ffrench King his 
vassalls and subjects, and to oppose their attempts willing and 
requiring all his subjects to take notice of the same. 

In pursuance, and obedience to his the said Governors Com- 
mission as aforesaid and directed by the hon^'® Jacob Leisler. 
We the said Capt George Bollen &. William How, being on 
board the Sloope Resolucon aforesaid, and Instructions then 


received departed this Port some day in May last past criizing 
on y^ Coast of Nova fFrance or Canada near or on the Territoryes 
of the ffrench Kin^ did come up with the s^^ Ship or fflyboate then 
called the Virgin de honfleur Jacques Bourgour Commander now 
the Resolution of New York within the French Kings Jurisdiction, 
did defend and oppose as much as in her lay, but being at last 
seized and caption made by the s<i Cap" Bollen William How 
kc^ She the said fflyboate appeared to be a ffrench Ship and her 
Company soly ffrench as by the officers and Seamen Confesse & 
acknowledge and are here ready to depose and justifie the same 
before your hono'"^, (if hereunto required) The premises considered 
y° Said Bollen, How, and Weeden crave that in consideracon of 
this being their Commission Port, and the Allegations Set forth 
as aforesaid. The said fflyboate called the Virgin, now the Reso- 
lucon, with her Ammunicon, Guns, Tackle, Apparrel and furniture 
together with her Goods, Wares, Merchandize and lading may be 
condemned & sold as the Law in Such Cases Provides and further 
Say not. 

Sworne in Open Court ll^h 

Novembr 1690 
Geo: Brewerton Reg"" 


Whereas there is more then ordinary aprehensions of the 
Enemies aproching Albany & the parts adjacent and there being 
abzoulute Necessity to reinforce these post the loss whereof 
would Bee of such fatall Consequence to these province and the 
adjoyning places (if should so Happen through our defaalth or 
neglects which God forbidd. 

These are therefore in his Mag^'^s name to will and require 
you and every of you forthwith upon receipt hereof to select out 
of the County of Ulster one Hondred Good or Eighty at least 
good able men Compleat in armes which shall be Transported to 
Albany for his Ma^'^s seruice at opon the first day of January 
next and thaf at all times before uppon notice of the Comiss^ at 
Albany of the Enemies aproching you send the s^' number of men 


or as many as can be obtained without thelay as you will answer 
the Contrary at your utmost perill and being proceeded against 
as Enemies To his Ma*'® and this province. Given under my 
hand and scale at Fort William this 16*-^ of Novemb^ in the 
Second yeare of Their Ma^'es reign Anoq Dom 1690 

Jacob Leisler 
To Major Thomas Chambers and 
The rest of the Military officers 
under his Direction in the County of Vlster 
Here follows an order " to Capt. Barent Lewis, M' Schermer- 
horne and their assistants" to press 20 men with armes & 300 
skepples peas & 250 skepples Indian Corne within the County 
of Ulster for the Expedition of Albany. 


Whereas His Majt'^s Intrest & ye Security of this Province 
requires in an Espetial manner y^ maintenance and Encouragem* 
of y® Contract made [with] the five nacons of Indians Concluded 
at Albany by y® Commissioni"s May the [3^] 1690 For Corrobor- 
ating whereof it hath Proved very Effectuall by Employing M'^ 
Aernout Cornelisse Viele as agent to reside amongst y® s<i Indians 
at their Court of Onondage & for ye same purposes I have comis- 
sionated Mr Gerret Luycasse w* some others in August last to 
officiate in such capacity, or what might tend unto y® End afores«i 
until y® s<i Aernout should arrive there. 

These are to authorize & apoint you the s^ Aernout Cornelisse 
Viele to be agent for this their Maj*'®^ Province of New York to 
go to Onnondago & there reside or Continue or such other Parts or 
Places amongst the s'' Indians Acording to Instructions as from 
time to time you shall receive from the Commission" at Albany 
ye Same Strictly to Observe, & wherein the Case shall so happen 
that notice Cannot be given to them & an Answer may be 
reasonably Expected from them for yo"^ further direction then 
it is Comitted to your Wisdome & Conduct to act & do Acording 
to y® best of yo^ Knowledge, Skill & Power to act & do in all 
things becoming such an Agent as if you had particular Instruccou 


& directions from mee or y« s<l Comission" w^h may Conduce to 
his Majt'es dignity & Interest & the Security & Advantage of this 
Province for so doing this shall be to You a Sufficient Warr* & 
farther you are hereby Empowered to ord' direct apoint & Con- 
troule y« afores*! Gerrit Luycass & all & Evry p''son sent w'^^ him 
or Remaining of o'" People amongst ye s^ Indians in what shall 
or may Contribute or tend to y® aforesaid Purposes hereby Willing 
& requiring all & Every of Them to obey yo"" Lawfull Comands 
as they Wil answer the Contrary at their utmost Perills Given 
under my hand & scale at fort W™ in New York this 20^^ Day 
of Qb"- in ye 2^ Yeare of their Maj^ies Reigne Annoq D^i 1690 


These are in his maj^'cs name to Will & require you to fore- 

warne & forbid all p^sons in yo"^ Baylewick to go on board y^ 

Ship Jacob W™ Masson Comand"" & that you forthw*^ Cause 

[seal] good & tried Watch to be kept that no pJ'son goes aboard 

of him w^h may Pilote him through helgate & if any 

person refuse to obey you that him or them you seize & bring 

before me to answer for Their Contempt Given under my hand 

& scale this 30 Nber in y® Second Year of Their maj^'^s Reigne 


Jacob Leisler 
To y« Constables of harlem & bouwery 

Past ye Office 
Abra™h Gouverneur 
D: Secry 

An Order by Lieut" Gov^ 
Leisler to the Constables to 
prevent the Ship Jacob 
from being Piloted thro' 
Hell Gate A. D. 1690 


Boston Deem 11 169() 

LefF** Gov"^ Jacob Leisler — 

HoN*° Sir — Y'^ last Reseaued and ans*^ by the way off Road 
Island Sins by the barbadoes. whe. haue. obtained acc^t off 
Ireland being wholy Redust and his. Mag^t Return, for England : 
allso a list of the persons In hold for Suspition. of treason, Gov' 
Slagter. is. daily Expected, with. Seueral. of our. merchant, ships, 
we haue. some hoy and strange. Reports, of actions, and things. 
In ther. Mag^* gov"™ of ther. provens. of N York and Si^ We are. 
ginerally sorry that things are Com. to open arms, espessialy whan 
Settlements, from the. King is deemed, to be so neer.. Sir gustis. 
with, moderation and mersy. is becoming all persons, in pour Sir. 
I must beg your, faivor that I Cannot Inlarge., the gentle man 
M"^ Gray — that is the barer hereof was so kind to me. as." to 

aquint me off his. going to. N York, and now staijs att the tauerne 
for theas. linse. who promisd to. Deliuer — with, own hands, to. yo'" 
hon^ and thow. many hard Reports are flying about by some, yett 
this, genfi has giuen such Report of things, to. me and as. I can 
understand to. others as was sparing of Reflecting and nothing to 
my knoulige, But whatt agrcad with, what you writt me, Sir. with 
my harty Respects I Remaine. y' hone's frind to. Sarve 

Jacob Melyen 

The honour'i Jacob Leisler 
LefF* Govern' 

fort William 

New York — 


New York January the 1st 1690 ] 91 

HoN^^^ S''^ — Long have I waited for an answer to my propo- 

sall relating to persons that should have beene empowered to meet 

at Rye, for consulting what might be requisite in this conjuncture, 

for securing Albany &c, but hitherto have obtained no returne, 


which denotes your unconcernednesse therein. Although 1 rec^ 
Intely a letter of a long date, (vizt) S.ber 1st (signed by your 
^CLretary p^' your order, making no mention of mine sent your 
Hon'"* & the Gen^i Court) butj in a stile as abstrues as it is malicious 
and menacing — 

Certainly, if you believe that 1 dare be faithfull to ye Kings 
mterest or the publick weale, you cannot expect that I should 
omit dealing so plainly with you, considering your behavior to 
me & this Province, by yo^" breach of covenant, insolent obtrusions, 
invading o' Province, & defeating (what in you lay) those 
measures «Sc undertakings to maintaine their Ma*»e^ dignity, to 
secure against and damnific the Enemies of both ; exhorting you 
once againe to make due reflection, and shew some marks that 
may manifest it — 

You cry out as condemned feiends fearing to be tormented before 
yo'^ time ; your dangers not taking that effect to use the meanes 
for pre%enting what impends, vizt, men, money. Provisions, or so 
much as a capitulacon concerning them, but fearfull expectacons 
of the event; you allaying the torment by conceiving of the 
numbers who may accompany you in the misery, rather than 
contrive auxiliaryes for releife ; as appeares by that part of your 
.letter vizt. — 

" You recommend that Albany may be well guarded, and made 
" able to defend itselfe against any of the assaults of the Enemy, 
" w^^ if neglected, it may be a discouragem* if not ye losse of the 
" ffive nacons as well as of that place, w<^^ will be a damage to o"^ 
" Lord thfe King & to all New England, as well as the Province 
" of New York ; farther I am to signifie to you what I have done, 
" with my opinion of what is farther necessary to be done, which 
" you are pleased to say shall be welcome" — 

S* James, highly condemns those Hypocrites, who, instead of 
affording charity, gave the advice only, to be cloathed & warmed, 
although they did not upbraid them with the consequences that 
necessarily must insue their indigence, conceiving their withhold- 
ing from them and their duty, crime suflScient without mocking 
them and Divelry of insulting over them, vizt, that they should 
be called to an acco* for being starved, although (by incharity) it 


was out of their power to prevent. But that ye world may 
see how far you are addicted thereunto. You play the extent 
of the game, ffancying if you can but patch up something 
looking Loyall care in losing the Kings post by your owne 
default, (reflecting upon mee) that it answers the calls of God, 
yo"^ Prince, and trust ye Country reposeth in you. But mistake 
not yourselues, to imagine such ffig leaves sufficient covering for 
your strenious evills, which that you may be more capable of 
accomplishing what already you have not compleated to the 
extent of your treachery, de novo you make the invitacon that I 
would once againe shew you where my strength lyes, thereby to 
consider in your discretion in what part, and how far you may 
consummate the victory you have so long promised to yourselves 
& confederates — 

But my thinkes to have the los of all New England attributed 
to mee, as well as this Province, is too much to lye at stake, for 
when I neuer was entrusted wi^h ye consult^ of any of those 
Colonyes, more then the Suffrages admitted me at ye unanimous 
result in May last, to W^ I referre the world to Judge of ; and 
do declare my opinion absolutely herein vizt. It is indifferent to 
me whether Don Quixote encounters with a fflock of Sheep or 
Windmills — 

Good God, to what excesse do men run themselves into, neither 
regarding morality or the legible proceedings of the Creator, when 
his judgments are abroad and carry such remarkable stamps of 
punishing These Territories, without taking notice of the contro- 
versy, and warning us not to trust to our owne crafty inventions 
or formidable powers, unlesse o*" intenconsare pure, whereby they 
may qualifie us to call for a blessing, and so modestly hope for 
successe, contrary to guile and base arts ; shifting the misfortunes 
(or rather proper effects) upon those who never were thought 
worthy of consulting the enterprize. 

For my part I must owne mine and the iniquities of the Pro\'ince, 
and that we have highly as well as justly merited whateuer may 
befall us, and in a sence thereof acknowledge that it is the Lords 
& long suffering^ that we are not consumed, not only for o^ 
accustomed vices, but in an especiall manner for our ingratitude 


under so marvellous a deliverance, neither dare depend on any 
arm of flesh, farther then the obligacons of my duty & endeavours 
are subservient to o^ great masters requirement and governance — 
I am the same time to acquaint you that the new Indian word 
is Stae or Staw, those 5 nacons hitherto assuring us of their con- 
stancy we entertaine with suitable encouragements ; and wish that 
there was not renewed occasions to remind your unrighteously 
practices in countenancing & supporting Mr. Livingston & others 
to take Sanctuary amongst you, after repeated reasons of ffact 
w^h calls them to justice in this Province, to w<=h they 
relate, and that once at last, you would thinke it time to make 
good what all nations would count obliging to performe (ecept 
yourselves) vizt the Provisions, Ammunicon and other disburse- 
ments to your orders & promises, whereby I may be so much the 
more advanced to do what you threaten me if I should neglect. 
I meant performing my duty withe the money, w^h this Province 
hath entrused me withall & that unaccountable article of yours, 
w^h was altogether mistaken in. Hoping God Almighty will 
thinke upon us for his owne, & the poor Protestant cause sake, I 
am yours as you have uneighbourly dated withall — 

Jacob Leisler 
To the Honorable Rob* Treat Eq^ Gov'* 
& the Honi»le councill of Connecticut 


Whereas his matins City & County of New Yorke hath Been 
of Late neglected in reguard of Due Discipline and ordering of 
the Melitia and I ame credibly Informed that many of the officers 
are wanting to their Duety therein. 

These are therefore to Desire and require you Major John De 
Bruyn that you Doe with all Convenient Speed cause a Councill 
of the severall officers for y^ s^ City and County to be Convened 
& take Such measures & resolucons that the Militia may be 
Settled and duely apointed upon such penaityes as you shall seem 
Good to Inflict on y« offenders who shall not strictly obey such 
orders as shall be made for exercising the same which may most 


Conduce (especialy in this Time of warr) To his Ma^i^^s Intrest 
the Security of This part of this Province and y^ oppositions of 
our Ennemies and for so Doeing This shall be your ^suficient 
Warrant. Given &c. New York This 6'^ day of January &c. 


Whereas there is an act of assembly Entituled an Act for 
Raisino- Three pence in the Pound of all Reall and Personal! 
visible Estate of all and singular the Inhabitance of this Province 
dated y^ Second Octob'^ Last past one halfe Thereof to be paid 
at or before the 21. January Then next Ensuing and the other 
halfe at or before the 25*11 of March next Ensuing & That 
Assessors and Collectors for executing of s*^ Act be chosen by 
the frehollders of each Towne within this Province 

These are therefore in his Mamies Name to Will & Require you 
to chuse the Inhabitants of your County in Each respective 
Towne to meet to make choise of assessors and Collectors for 
the same that so y^ one halfe of s*^ Tax -ma be forthwith Collected 
and paid Transmitted to this City of New Yorke to his Mamies 
Collector General for this Province and the Remaining halfe at 
or before the 25*^ of March next without further Delay as you 
tender his Ma^'^s Intrest and Safety of this province and answer 
the contrary at your utmost perill. Given &c this 25 "January 
To the Mayor & aldermen 

of this City of New Yorke 
The same to the Justices of 

Kings, Richmond & Weschester. 


By the Lieut Govenor &c. 
For as much as Major Richard Ingoldesby without producing 
any order from his Majesties King William or CoP Sloughter hath 
demanded possession of this his Majesties fort not being satisfied 


with the, accommodations of this City for himself and the forces 
under his command being twice tendered unto hirn, unlill such 
orders shall arrive, as also your Petitioner Said Major Ingoklesby 
hath presumeth to issue forth a mandate under his hand and seal 

at arms bearing date the SO^h 1690 in New York, directed to 

Captain Sam'- Moore an inhabitant of this province on Long 
Island willing and requiring him (by virtue of a commission from 
their majesties King William & Queen Mary to the said Major) 
in obedience to their said Majes''^ that they aid & assist us in all 
things & matters concerning to & in fulfilling the said commis- 
sion & that You and every one of yo do aid show & are ready at 
all times, & with speed to assist me in all things, for the com- 
passing & overcoming of. all yet Stand in opposition against their 
majesties, said Command. & that you cause these things to be 
published & made manifest with all speed as may be & that we 
ghall deem 8c account of all such yet Stand in opposition, to be. 
rebels against their said Majesties &c — which is of dangerous 
consequence to this their Majesties said province & the peace of 
their subjects therein — 

I do by & with the Consent of my Council, military officers & 
others, the good inhabitants of this Province for & in behalfe of 
our Sovereighn Lord & Lady — King William & Queen Mary the 
Peace of their Crown & dignity, & the safety of this their said 
Province, hereby declare & solemnly protest against the pro- 
ceedings %f the said Major & all his accomplices for whatsoever 
bloodshed or damages, shall or may ensue thereupon, & do further 
forbid him the said Major Ingoldsby, to commit any hostile act 
against his Majesties fort City or ports of the said Province at 
his utmost perils, give under my hand & seal at fort William 
this 31 January 1690 — & in the 2^ year of their Majesties 




By the Lieut Govenor &c. 

Whereas I am informed that Major Richard Ingoldesby hath 
issued a mandate to raise forces upon long Island under pretence 
of Commission from their Majesties King William & Queen 
Mary for so doing which is contrary to the peace of their Crown 
& Dignity — 

These are therefore to command you & and every one of you 
according to your Commissions from me, by authority of his said 
Majesties King William to Raise all the forces under your com- 
mand to be ready & Compleat in arms both horse & foot to 
observe such farther orders & directions as you shall receive from 
me & in Case of any opposition of Parleys in the performance 
hereof — the same you are to suppress & repell by force & for So 
doing this shall be a sufficient warrent, Given under my hand & 
Seal at fort William this 31'^^ of January in the second year of 
their majisties said Reighn Anno Dom. 1690 — 


Sir — I have received your protest in words against me but in 
the true meaning & intent very pernicious & of dangero^us conse- 
quence to their Majesties said Interest & good Subjects of this 
Colony of New York what I have done has been only to prevent 
such outrages, as have been daily committed by those persons 
you term your Soldiers, I know not how you will answer, the 
firing a shot at my men last night when they were comming on 
board, having given an a^* they were his Majisties Soldiers, I am 
come to protect his Majesties Subjects & preserve the peace, if 
you begin the breach of that it must be at Your door 

I am sir your Humble 
from on board the ship ^ Richard Ingoldesby. 

Beaver the 1^ Feby 1690 



Fort Williani Feb'y the 2n(l 1690 

Yours of the first instant I received wherein you mention a Shot 
tired at your men which I have forth with examined & find it a 
matter of fact, if you please to point those you conceive injured 
to appear, Justice shall be done forthwith God forbid any Under 
my command Should be countenanced in an ill action, I have also 
sent the Bearer, to let you Know, what to my best judgment 
may accommodate you, if you can consult it better it will be 
more pleasing 


Your very humble Servant, 

Jacob Liesler 


Whereas there has been several false & malitious rumours 
Spread about in several parts of their Majisties colony of New 
YorU;; reflecting upon me by some persons, ill affected to the interest 
of their majisties by which their majisties, good subjects are dis- 
turbed & lye under fright & apprehensions of some hostilities 
to be counted contrary to the King's peace, I do therefore pub- 
lish & that no person or persons, by any authority derived or any 
other encouragement whatsoever from, shall molest or disturb any 
of their majisties good Subjects in this colony & that it is my full 
intent & purpose to protect at all your Majisties Subjects in peace 
& Quietness, both as to your persons & Estates in as much as in 
me Lyes according to the Laws of England & constitusions of 
New York dated on board the Ship Beaver the 2^^ of Feb'y 

(was Signed) 

Richard Ingoldesby 

(God Bless King William & Queen Mary) 



Whereas by gods providence certain notice is arrived, that his 
Fxcell^y CoU Slaughter is appointed his Majt'^s Govenor over this 
province &c & that this his Majisties fort & other appendinces to 
the said province are to be surrendered unto the said Governm' 
being daily expected on whose happy appearence his Maji^'^a 
Said orders (as in duly) are to be Cheerfully & exactly complied 
with all 

In the mean time his honor Major Richard Ingoldesby havmg 
a considerable number of his Majesties said Soldiers under his 
command for the service of this Colony which at the present cannot 
be otherwise accommodated than in this City untill his excellency 
Appears — 

These are in his Majis^'^^ name William & Mary, King & Queen 
of England &c to will & Command all persons within this City 
&. province that they receive & entertain & bear all due respect 
& affection unto the said Major, & all under his command not 
offering the least offence by word or deed, but as in duty bound 
to embrace, assist help, & do all good offices immaginables, as 
being Sent hither for their Majisties, especiall Service & preserva- 
tion of this province from their Majisties, & our enemies as they 
will answer the contrary, at their utmost perils Given under 
my hand & Seal this 3^ Feb^y in the Year of their Maj'»«s Reighn 
Anno Dom 1690— 


Major Richard Ingoldesby having demanded Possession of this 
his Maj'i^'s Fort without shewing the least order from their Maj*'«» 
King William & Queen Mary or his excellency CoP Sloughter 
for the same without which said orders it is not to be surrendered 
on any terms whatsoever & several tenders having been made him 
for the present accommadation of himself & forces brought with 


him for his Majt'<=8 service but so it is that he hath altogether 
refused the same &, no less will Satisfy him than the possession 
of, the said fort, which cannot be justified so to do, the major by 
flagitious councellors who to carry on their accursed desighns of 
mischief & gratify their revengefull Spirits (depending upon his 
Majtii^s gracious indemnity for their said crimes which already 
have been & may be committed before the arrival of his Excellency 
though never so wicked) hath presumeth to levy forces by his 
own authority (pretendingj commission from his Majesty & like- 
wise dignified himself by the Sovereighn Stile (us) by which 
Sundry outrages are committed & persons who have been instigators 
rigleaders & promoters of opposing the taxes for Suporting the 
present war, & other ennormities, do head & encourage the inhab- 
itants to take up Arms by virtue thereof all w^hich tends to Con- 
fusion & intestine war amongst his Majesties peaceable Subjects 
of this province & in all probability the destruction thereof if not 
timely prevented of which the said Major has been Sufficiently 
advertised, but contrary to his promise hath persisted therein. 

These are therefore to publish & declare unto all their Majisties 
dutifull Subjects within this Province that it is yet tendred as 
aforesaid that the said Major Shall have all accommodation's for 
provisions Lodgings &c — for himself & said forces or what more 
are arrived, with Sutible housing for such stores of war &c. brought 
for his Majt'fis service in this province, the same to be in his 
possession & ordering untill his Excellx CoU Sloughter doth arrive, 
or his Maj^ies said orders for Surrendering the said fort or province, 
hereby promising that upon tiie arrival of his Excellency or such 
orders, to resighn, the said fort according to the tenor thereof 
declaring that it now is, as it hitherto hath been holden & preserved 
for that intent without any sinister or double meaning or other 
purpose whatsoever ; & all persons without the said province are 
hereby strictly required & forbidden to abet, comfort, countenance, 
aid assist, or any ways to Join with or adhere to the Said Major^s 
Commands as aforesaid, but on the Contrary to oppose resist & 
altogether disregard the same as they tender the breach of their 
allegiance & duty to their Majisty the peace of this province & 
the Quiet of the inhabitants, & good Subjects therem, & that the 


said Major doth forthwith recall the said warrent & lorbid any 
further proceedings in that nature as he will answer for the evil 
effects that thereon ensue at his utmost peril, Given under my 
hand & Seal at fort William feby 4*^ in the second year of their 
Majesties Reighn Anno Dom 169 f 


— Have been used for preventing the same which hitherto has 
proved ineffectual — 

These are therefore in their Maj^'^s said names Strictly to forbid 
all persons that pretend any Authority from the said Major to 
raise forces & Quarter the same upon his Majesties Subjects upon 
the said Island or Committ any Acts of Violence or force what- 
soever, to persist therein but on the Contrary, that they forthwith 
retire of their several places of abode peaceable & so remain as 
they \yill answer the contrary at their perils, which being performed, 
all officers which are Commissionated, are likewise commanded 
to dismiss the forces which are raised for Subduing the same & 
likewise do repair to their several habitations as if Such disorders 
had never been, & so to continue unless just occasion should 
Tfequire the contrary, & the Hon^^ie Major Ingoldesby is hereby 
advertised that what is requisite to be done on his part may 
instantly be performed. Given under my hand & Seal at fort 
W'" this 5 of Feby in the second year of their Majisties reigne 
Anno Dom 169f 


At a meeting of the worshipfull Mayor Alderman, Common 
Council & ofl&cers of the Militia in this City of New York Feb'y 
6ti» 169f 

Major Ingoldesby, [entering] & desiring that he may have 
the use of the City Hall for Accommodating his Majisties 
Soldiers under his command untill better entertainment is pro- 

P. De la Noy May^ Cap* Swaer Olpherts 

Major De Brown Leut. P. Van Brugge 

Captn Day King Leut. Paul Turke 

Comelis Pluvier Ensign De Milt 

Johannes Provoost David Provoost — 

Consented that the said Major doth quarter the said Soldiers or 
so many of them as may conveniently be entertained provided 
that no less interruption or impediment Shall be thereby made 
relating the Courts of Judicature to be held in the said Hall 
as formerly, & of right belongs unto them without having relation 
to the Militia of this City as it is now constituted 

Signed in behalf of the Said Mayor Alderman &c by their 

Signed Jacob Milborne SecrJ 


HoNBLE Sk — I am Directed by the Genlemen Named of their 
Majesty s Councell of New York to give you an Account of the pres- 
ent state of affayres here & to Desire y^ Advice of your Honrs & 
others Concerned in ye Goverm* of yr Maestyes Colony of Connec- 
ticut yt upon which I cannot do better then by Covering a copy of 
ye order taken for that purpose which accordingly I have enclosed 
& because it hath been thought in this City by Many prudent 
persons that Capt Leisler hath had very perticular Advices from 
your parts I am the more hapefull that Nothing shall be wanting 


within your power Necessary for y Majistyes service Sc ye security 
of y^ part of Their Territoryes being in so Near a Neighbourhood 
to your selues 

I am Honbie sr 

Your Humble Serv' 

M. C. Secretary 
To Coll Robert Treat 
at his house 
In Milford 
4 March 169i 

Endorsed on the back of the above : " This received Sabboth 
morning as I was going to meeting the gent" here perusing it 
desired you would hasten up w^^ speed & bring up one w^ 
you, that we may be a full Councill to doe what is necessary in 
the Case. 

pr. Order John Allyn Seer 
March 8th 1690-1 



The Lieu* Govenor Johannes Vermilye 

P: De Lay Noy Sam^ Staats 

Thomas Williams Johannes Provoost 

Hendrick Jansen Jacob Mauriz 

•Robert Le Cock 
In persuance of his Majestys letter bearing date the 30*^ July 
1689 for governing this province untill further orders &c — 

Their Majesties said Interest hath been asserted & defended 
the peace of the Province preserved untill the arrival of Certain 
Ships with Soldiers & ammunitions Under the direction of his 
Excellency Col^ Slaughter who as we are credibly informed so 


"we imdoubtably believe has his Majesties Commission to govern 
this province & further orders concerning us but unfortunately 
Seperated at Sea — 

— Now so it is that Major Richard Ingoldesby Capt" of a Com- 
pany of the aforesaid Soldiers without producing any Instructions 
orders or other power from his Majesty or his Excellency Saving 
a Commission to be Captain as aforesaid commanding him to 
observe Such orders as he shall receive from his Majesty's the 
Governor that now is or for the time being — 

He the said Major did sumn'.on this his Majesty's fort to be 
surrendered into his possession, otherwise upon refusal the Lieu* 
Governor to be Esteemed no friend to their Majesties, King Wil- 
liam & Queen Mary — 

Likewise he the said Major did issue forth a Certain Mandate 
or warrent to raise forces for his assistance in all things & Matters 
concerning to & in fulfilUng a Commission from their Majesties 
King William & Queen Mary, furnishing such who are disaffected 
to the quiet of the Government with Amunition &c, Encouraging 
Papists & other proffigate persons to insult over, & disturb the 
good Subjects of their Majesties — 

Also hath taken upon him to Superintend the Militia of this 
City with repeated provocations against the Commander in Chief 
of his Majesties fort «&c,' notwithstanding due Notice & Caution 
hath been given Lim to the Contrary — 

Farthermore hath abused such who were employed to fetch 
provision of wood for his Majesties Garrison by disarming & 
uncloathing them to search for papers under frivolous pretences — 
And to add to all this, he the said Major did Excite induce 
encourage & head great numbers of papists and french, Amongst 
others of the inhabitants of this City, with force of Arms to show 
themselves in a Rouatous, Riotous hostile manner putting the 
rest of the good inhabitants of this City in fear of their Lives & 
possessions without the least Colour or cause shown, or declared 
for so doing with many more unwarrentable practices, all which 
tend to confusion & destruction being Contrary to the peace of 
our Sovereign Lord & Lady W^ & Mary King & Queen of Eng- 
land, Scotland France & Ireland defenders of the faith &c — theii 

330 ad:ministration of 

Crown & dignity & Supremacy over this province & the welfare 
& tranquility of their good Subjects therein, 

Be it therefore made known, Published & declared & we do 
hereby publish & declare to all Mankind but more especially to 
the good Subjects of their aforesaid Majesties within this province 
yet for the aforementioned Reasons &ca we are constrained to 
take up arms in defence of their Majesties Supremacy over this 
province & the Conversation of the peace & welfare of their 
Subjects within the Scune together with the rights & preveliges of 
this City untill the arrivall of his said Excellency or his Majesties 
farther Orders — 

And to hereby require command & desire all their Majesties 
loving Subjects within this prSvince to aid & assist us fo the end 

Farther protesting Against the said Major Ingoldesby & his 
Confederates illegal unwarrantable & undue practices, & that 
none do presume to Aid & ^sist him, or them therein, as they 
will answer for the blood Shed & other damages, & ill Conse- 
quinces, that Shall be committed. Sustained, or accrue thereby 
but on the Contrary do forbid the same. Yet he the said Major & 
others his Confederates & accomplices do totally desist from all 
unwarrentable practices whatsoever & return to the peace of our 
Sovereign Lord & Lady William & Mary, King & Queen of 
England Scotland France & Ireland defenders of the faith &c, as 
they are in duty bound, according to their several Stations & 
relations, this done & caused to be forthwith published at fort 
William this 5^^ of March in the third year of their Majesties 
•re^ Anno Dom 169 f 


Westchester March 8 1691 
'1 3gR — The occasion of troubling your Honour att this time is to 
iicquaint thatt there is number of People in this County who haue 
Richard Penton at their head who doe denie the Government and 
Vilify all authoretie in this County yea declaring thatt the Com- 


ancler in Chiefes his Administration of the Government to be 
without Authoroty and all proceedings under him to be Illegal 
upon That foundation they glory Themselves of a Turns ; and 
are so bold to publicly declare themselves Leisler's men which 
they presumptiously without regard or respect To Law haue 
abused the Justices in Executing there office by ill wordes anima- 
ting Each other ; so thatt itt is to be feared ; they haue no better 
intention than a New Rebellion, to prevent which if the Principall 
Ringleaders might be sent for to New Yorke and there secured 
itt might prevent the Mescheife of Tumultuos Breaking the Geiyle 
here in this County for such things haue been threatned ; If such 
as oune Penton to be there Major & Penton declares to be hi« 
'Captain and others thatt dare and threaten y° under SherifFe in 
the Executing of his office be fetcht doune It may preuent 
further trouble the Person Principally concern^l is Richard Penton 
& one Robert Bloomer and such others as you may be informed 
further by the Report and affidavets hereinclosed all which is sent 
you by the undersherifFe who can declare further The aspect of 
y® times and the Common Safety of the County oblidgeth us to 
give you this trouble Desiring, thatt according to our bounden 
Duty our humble Indeavors & Service be presented to the Com- 
ander ia Chiefe and Councell Wee Subscribe ourselves 
S"" your Honours obliged and 

humble Servants 

John Pell 
John Palmeb 
William Barnes 


To y« Honbi« 

James Greyham Esq' 
theire Magesties Attorney 

New Yorke 



Gentlemen — In answer to yours of the 6"^ Inst. The Gen^l 
of their Maj'''®^ Councill here suppose their former Lett^ sufficient 
on their part for your proceeding forward to this place w^^ the 
men you have call'd tog«other for their Maj^'^^ service & necessary 
aid of their forces latly sent from England for the protection of 
this Colony. They admire you sould suffer any delay in this 
affair since all your safties as well as the peace of this citty de- 
pends upon your timely appearance on this occasion. Great 
numbers of armd men daily resort to the fort here and it may be 
reasonably feared som designes are .on foot ag^ their Maj^'^s intrest 
and the quiet of their good subjects in this province. I am desired 
to acquaint you that you are to preserve the peace by all means 
in your March hither. The Rest is Left to your discretion. 

To Levt Coll 
Thomas Willett 
8 March 1690. 

Hartford March 11 1690-1. 
Honoured S^ — Yours of the 4*^ Instant with its Inclosed we 
receiued, & as we haue been much rejoyced in the news of their 
Ma^'^s pleasure to make his excelencie Col: Slauter the Governo' 
of their prouince of New York & that he is dayly hopefully ex- 
pected there, so is it o^ greife to hear that those Hon^'® persons 
named of his excclencies councill with the souldery obtayne no 
better Treatment Avith Capt" Leisler, then you giue us an acco* 
of & that the peace of the citty comes under Jealousies or hazard. 
In compliance with your desires to vs for aduice we haue writ to 
Capt" Leisler & have Inclosed it open which please to peruse &, 
seal & deliuer it him as you shall be ordered by the Hon^ic Gen- 
tlemen of the councill It may seem a mean thing to aduise to 
peace &<^ as we haue done & to reflect a supposition of the con- 
trery on capt" Leisler which after the maner of his late dealings 
with vs may find but slight acceptance but as things are we can 
say no lesse to him nor more to your selfe & the Gent"^ of the 


councill & all concerned, then as much as is possible to auoyd 
contest with Capt" Leisler & rather to bear any thing tolerable & 
redressible till his excelencies arriuall, then to use any force till 
then, & as for those aduices we haue formerly giuen Capt" Leisler 
it was onely to Secure as much as in vs lay theire Ma^'cs Interest, 
& we are not with out considerable greiuences from him: which 
time we hope will giue us an opportunety to Imparte for a better 
vindication then we can hope for from him. If he should proceed 
to such rashnesse as to use hostillity against the citty upon notice 
thereof we must attend what we find to be o^ duty to their Ma*'**» 
we hope God in mercy will prevent such things by means of the 
councills pruedence. pray p^sent o"^ humble Seruice to his ex- 
celencie If arriued & to the Hon^^ie Col. Dudley with those Gent° 
Named of the councill which with respects to your selfe is all at 
present from 

S"^ your freinds & seruants the Governor" & 
Councill of their Ma^'^^ colony of Conecticut 
p their order Signed p John Allyn Sec'"y 
Please to conceale our mode 

of conueyance to Capt" Leisler 
Address These 

For the Honoured M' M: Clarkson 
Secre^i'y of their Ma^'«^ Province 
, of New Yorke in N Yorke 
post haste this for his 

Maties Speciall Seruice 

Hartford March 11th 1690-1 
Honoured S" — We lately receiued a letter dated 4th instant 
subscribed by m"" Clarkson Secreti'y wherein is Inclosed a coppy 
of an order from Six Gent" named of the councill to sayd Secret"*y 
to Informe us of some violence used by some souldiers from the 
forte at Newyorke to a Sarg* & three Sentinells as they were 
passing in the streets of the city upon the rownds & that being 
Imprissoned by you Majo"" Ingoldsby their chiefe commander 
desired theire release but obtayned it not, but was wrot to by you 
that he had not to doe there which with other Circumstances of a 


trobleous aspect giues them occasion to desire our aduice, & 
Assistence, we cannot but on the sayd Signification, as theire 
Katies subjects & loueing Neighboures to the Jurisdiction of New 
yorke send you our aduice & desires That in as much as no 
reasonable doubt can be made but that the Ships & Gentlemen 
arriued doe com in subordination to his excelencie Col: Slauter 
& that his excelencie as Governo^^ from theire Ma^'^s is dayly 
expected at Newyorke that therefore you so act & demean your 
selfe as may noe wayes violate their Ma*'®^ subjects peace & safety, 
& what may occur of co^ntrouersy between your selfe & those 
Hon^ie persons of the councill so named be deferred as to 
decission till his excelencies arriuall (which we pray God to 
Hasten) to doe otherwise we think will not be your Interest, & 
though we haue occasion but too much to be sencible of the smale 
Interest we haue in you, yet we designe nothing in this, but what 
may Tend to their Ma*'®^ Interest, & whereas your profession 
hath been that upon their Ma^'^s orders you will deliuer the forte 
accordingly we hope w^e shall here of your dutifull Complyance 
therewith all, which wiil prevent any farther trouble to vs which 
with o'' respects is all at p'sent from the Gov*" & councill of the 
colony of Conecticutt p their order signed 

John Allyn Sec^y 
Addressed These 
For Capt Jacob Leisler, Esq 
in the forte & New Yorke 

Brothers and beloved Subjects of their Majisties in Queens 
Kounty ! 

We are informed and have remarked that the parties in 
New Yorck are now so violent that the danger of the whole 
County being bathed in blood is most imminent ; and as many of 
the Chiefs on both sides call for Peace, it is therefore considered 
by many as the best and only means for King's County and Queens 
County to proceed all together tomorrow at noon to the Ferry 


and to write together a Peace address, that all private questions 
may remain in statu quo and each continue in his place until the 
arrival of the Governor Slater or his Maj''®s further orders and 
that on both sides each shall allow his people to depart to their 

We sincerely trust that it will be signed by both parties such 
as we have given some idea of it for we must act herein as a 
third party. It is therefore our earnest request, and we testify 
also herein our innocence of any bloodshed and of all mischiefs 
which may arise thro' neglect of their duty 

Your affectionate friend 

G. Beekman Major 
Kings Flatbush March 12 

County 169 f 


Whereas divers of y^ Inhabitants of long Island and other 
parts of the Province have already shown their willingness to 
serve their Mamies in coming hither to the assistance of their forces. 
I am directed by the Gent^" of the Council to acquaint you y* it 
would be very acceptable to them & shall be so represented to 
his excellency, Coll. Sloughter, y* you exprest y zeal for their 
Majt'^* service as y neighbours have done 
To the Inhabitants 

of flack-bos. 

13 March 1694 


I am directed by the Gentl" nominated in and of their Majty' 
Counsill to forward to you the inclosed declaration to the intent 
that all there Maj^ies good subjectes may be satisfied of y® reas- 
sonablenesse of what is acted here for there Majt>es servis, and 
allthough in respect of yo^ remoatenesse they haue beene hetherto 
Vnwillinge to dessire yo^ assistance for the Suport of their Maj^i®* 
Intrest in this Cittie & partes adjacent, Yet the haue thought 


fitt to Let you know that if Captn Lashler shall by drawlnge 
greater Numbers of peopell to the fort Vrge a Nessessitie for it 
that you will as becometh his Majlis dutiefull Subjects bee ready 
to furnish such ayd of men out of yo^" Countie as there s*! Maj^'^ 
servis may require which will bee Signified to you as there may 
bee Occation you are dessired to Pubhsh this Letf & declaration 
& soe to convey them from Towne to Towne through yo^ Countie 

To All officers Civill & 
Millitary in y® County 
of Suffolk 
14 March 9f 

Ja. Ebenetys Plat Esq. 
at his house 
in Huntington 


SiE — I am directed by y** Gent^" of their Majt'^s Council for 
this Province to acquaint you y* y^' Comp herew^h ^yt forces you 
can conveniently raise, will be acceptable to y"* & seems neces- 
sary for their Majt'*^^ Service & the prevention of great mischiefs 
unto this Citty & p^^ adjacent w^h w* speed you possible can 

yr humble serv* 
To Coll Townley M. C. Sec 

Capt Bowne 
14 March 169 a 


New York 15th March 1690-1 . 
These are by Advice & Direction of the Gentlemen of their 
Majistyes Councill of this Territory to Inform you of y® necessity 
that this City & y® parts adjacent Stand in of y^ assistance of 
your self & y"" Majistys good subjects of your County, for y« sup- 
port & ye preuenton of outrages, justly feared from ye dayly 
Coming of forces unto y ' fort of this place & to Desire that ) 



will rayse & bring hither with what speed may be so many as are 
Williftg & ready to Shew y Loyalty in Joyning with their 
Majestyes forces here to save themselves & this City from Con- 
fusion & blood. Let such as foliar you be well armed & care 
shallbe taken for Quarters for them, & of y^ Improvement of y^ 
Majestyes Service in all things by 

Endorsed S*" your 

To Majr Ingoldy 

15 MarcL 

Whereas there is just reason to aprehend that some ill designe 
is on hand by. Jacob Liesler & those adhering to him for the 
disturbing if not distroying the wellfare of their Maj^'^s good 
Subjects in this Citty together with their forces & stores of Amu- 
nition by. the Continual Alarms we have from y™ and their gathing 
together in the fort and Whereas we are well asured if yt due 
regard to their Maj^'^^ intrest here and the good & wellfare of this 
place I have thought fitt by & w^^ the Consent of y® gentlemen 
named of their Maj*'®« Councill to desire and require you on their 
Maj^'^s behalf y* you will w' Speed Possible Assist their Maj<^«« 
forces in y« preservation of their Maj^'^s Subjects and Stores here 
from any Violence w^fa Such a number of Armed Men out of all 
y"^ towns in yr County as can possible be spared and here due 
Care shall be taken for their maintenance and quarters So I 
heartily bid you farewell 

To all Officers Millitary 
& Civill in Kings County 
On Long Island. 
Endorsed — 

Dirck Janse Ammerman 
Michiel hanse 

Peter Strycker 

16 March 169 f 
VOL. II. 22 



To Capt Jackson 

It being observed that there are few of you town of Hemsted 
and some other towns adjacent in this City at this time &. being 
assured of y® readiness of your people for y Majestys Service I 
am directed by y« Gentlemen named of y^ Majestys Council to 
write to you advising you to draw together so many of y^ Soldiers 
as are inclind to follow you & March them Hither forthwith to 
assist yr Maj*''* forces here th' No Mischeif happen to y« City 
by y^ present armed force in y^ fort 


HoN^^* SJ* — by direction of y® Gentlemen nominated of there 
Majt'«3 Counsel of this Province I addressed a Letf to yo"" Hon» 
ye 4th Instant givinge you to Vnderstand what matter occurred at 
that tyme in this place Since u'^h Capt" Lashler hath by frequent 
Allarums & Severall other wayes drawne together all Sutch dis- 
affected persons as ware found in the Neighboriehod of this place 
having payed & deteyned Severall Boates & goods in a hostile 
manor & by menacies threates &. Severall other Yndue & disorderly 
practisses givin Just Occation to the Gentlemen of there Maj*'^ 
Coxmsell to Suspect his intentions & that hee may haue some 
designe Vpon his Maj^ies Stores of Amunition & those forces Sent 
by there Majt'*^ for the Suport of this Govemem* & Whereas they 
Canot but Conceive you will deeme yo'" Selfes deepely Conserned 
in the preservation of there Maj^'^^ Intrest in this province they 
haue therefore thought fitt to accquainte you with what hath 
passed here & to dessire yo^ Neighborly Assistance in this Exigen- 
cie for the Suport of theire Maj*'^ good Subjects by afordinge vs 
Sutch ayd of Armed Men as can bee moast Speedely bee drawne 
logether from the Neighboring Townes to the number of three 
or four hundred & due care will bee here taken for theire Kind 
entertainement & that they bee well quartered & provided for with 


I haue here inclosed Sent you a coppie of there Last declaration 
for y*" more ampell information. 

I am further directed to acquaint you that y® Gentlemen have 
before y" your letter of y® Instant & your good aduice y^^in is 

acceptable to them & to assure you that all possible Methods are 
& have been taken to saue y^' effusion of blood & purely to secure 
ourselves y^ Majesties forces & this City from ruine &• Judge no 
Other method then what is above viz: by your assistance to 
shew yt we are able to support ours selves will secure us In 
which you must allow the gentlemen upon the place best to 
vnderstand y^ necessity & if after Mischeifs happen we can but 
humbly represent to y Majesty's our care & sollicitude for y^ 
support preservation & peace of y® place where we are, & from 
which we shall be forced to depart & leave all things a prey to 
y^ rage of very ill Men if his Majestys subjects Next us, shall 
not do what is propper on y*^ parts, y^ Govern* perceive his 
Majestys subjects of y^ Next town very ready to offer y"^ assistance 
but were not willing to do any thing of themselves to aduise or 
allow y' comeing without y*^ directions & therefore do again lay 
it before you & pray your speedy & plain resolution herein. 


To Coll Treat 
16 March 169f- 



That having duly considered the unavoidable necessity of 
puting their Maj^'^s good subjects in a posture of Defence against 
the depredations oppressions frequent alarms and Thretts of Jacob 
Leisler and his accomplices and for the securing the peace of this 
province, wee have Desired the Hon''i^i«^ Maj^ Rich: Ingoldesby 
The Chief Comander of their Majt'^^ forces sent hither to take 
into his care and charge the defending their Majt'e* subjects in 
this proA-ince from any ourtagious and hostile proceedings what- 


so-ever in such maner ami by such proper & just means as to 
him shall seem reasonable Till such time as his excellency Coll'il' 
Hen: Slaughter shall arrive or their Maj^'^^ pleasure shall be 
farther known and wee Desire that all his Maj^'^^ ubjects will 
yeilJ obedience to the said Maj' accordingly 

God Save King William & Queen Mary 


[From a Dutch Manuscript in State Department.] 
We The Lieft. Governor & Council, Burghers and other Inhab- 
itants of this Province, City & County of New York, loyal 
subjects of their Majesties King William and Queen Mary, in 
the presence of God, of Angels, and of Men declare some of the 
reasons of our urgent and pressing efforts and (with Gods help) 
Resolutions &c to defend their said Majesties' Dignity and 
supremacy in & over this Province, the Protestant Religion, and 
to Secure ourselves and our Posterity against all power authority 
or force derived from the late King James or any holding, acting 
from or under him, or claiming to do so by virtue of the Great 
Seal or other Signet whatever it may be, which has been or now 
is again delivered to any peison whomsoever, be their pretentions, 
Interpretations, or explanations ever so plausible, to disguise, 
revive or encourage the same ; notwithstanding those who would 
Invade our Rights and perpetrate their evil designs, ignorant of 
the Truth of our Actions falseljy & speciously represent us in the 
most horrible and hateful light to the World: 

That on Major Richard Ingoldesby's arrival with his Majestys 
troops, proper accommodations were offered for himself, his 
people & ammunition until the arrival of his excellency Colonel 
Sloughter ; or until he should exhibit his Majesty's orders regard- 
ing us. 

That the said Major hath rejected our offer, demanding the 
absolute possession of his Majesty's said fort by the refusal of 
which the Lieut. Govern^ was then to be considered an enemy 


of th(-ir Majesties King William & Queen Mary ; the said Major 
having not the smallest direction or order on the subject from 
their Majesties or Collonell Sloughter. 

That said Major hath issued a Mandate to raise forces in this 
province, inviting and deterring their Majesties faithful subjects, 
pretending to have Commission from their Majesties for so doing, 
though he really could not produce any when thereunto requested. 
That said Major and his Confederates have obstructed and 
Controled the Mayors Court of this City and contemned the 
Civil authority thereof contrary to the terms which he promised 
to observe on which condition he had the use of the City hall to 
quarter his troops. 

That, notwithstanding the aforesaid Conditions, the said Major 
did take upon him to Superintend the Militia of this City, assert- 
ing that no one should go the rounds but himself 

That the said Major or Confederates did suffer and permit 
armed soldiers under his command, in contempt of the King's 
Lieut Governor to pass his Majesty's fort more than 8 times in 
one night thereby to provoke said Lieut. Governor to commit 
some hostile act, which we allow the World to judge of. 

That the said Major & Confederates have caused a false in- 
terpretation to be given to a certain plain letter sent Jiim to forbid 
and not to allow any such irregular proceedings, viz. his people 
to pass the fort as Rounds &c. — insinuating thereby among good 
Subjects, that the said Lieut. Governor did not consider him and 
his Majesty's soldiers worthy to tread the soil of this Province — 
that said Lieut. Governor kept this Province for some foreign 
Prince or State ; though the Words in truth will bear no such 
construction, as by said letter will appear 

That contrary to a declaration of the said Major dated the 
2^ Feb wherein he promises that no one under his command shall 
disturb any of his Majesty's good Subjects, he and his confeder- 
ates not only continue in prison but strip and beat divers of said 
subjects who were about their lawful employments & innocent 

That the said Major and confederates have fomented & in- 
vented seditious distinctions among his Majesty's Subjects of the 


English & Dutch Nations, whereby woeful divisions have arisen 
to a degree of hate that threatens the destruction of each other 
if not seasonably prevented. 

That the said Major hath upheld, encouraged and protected 
avowed Papists in arms who act insolently and put the good 
Inhabitants in fear of their lives by presenting loaded muskets 
at their bodies when employed, according to their duty, in the 
King's Service 

That the said Major &ca. have forbidden the Lieut. Governor's 
Officers to proclaim an order by beat of drum, or to pass before 
the City Hall the customary place thereof, for divers persons both 
officers and others deserters from Albany and Esopus, to shew 
cause for quitting their posts and did and do countenance & en- 
tertain the said deserters amongst the rebelleous crowd to the 
abatement & discouragement of his Ma^'^^s Service 

That said Major &c. have maintained, employed and enter- 
tained some of the French Nation suspected Papists to spy and 
to betray their majesties fortress by night who were taken in the 
very fact Extraordinarily armed. 

That the said Major &"» did seize and stop a boat & people 
sent for Wood for the use of his Majesty's garrison, ill treating 
and abusing them without the least cause or provocation. 

That the said Major &ca ^[^ surprise at night the Centinels 
who were placed for the safekeeping of this City's fortification, 
thus determining to make himself master thereof like an enemy 
in a declared War. 

That divers gentlemen named of the Council, have approved, 
excited and encouraged the said Major's unjustifiable and perni- 
cious behaviour herein by directing their orders to Officers appointed 
by authority from the late King James who by virtue of said Com- 
missions, pursuant to said Council's said orders, have levied (Si- 
continue to levy forces in divers parts of the Province to strengthen 
and prosecute their Godless designs ; which said Councillors 
together with said Major have assumed the governing power in 
and over this Province which they have exercised by assembling, 
and making Judicial acts, without exhibiting or declaring the 
least power or order from his present Majesty so to do, notwith- 


standing application has been made to them for satisfaction 

That the said Major, Councillors & Confederates or their man- 
dates have declared and branded all who deny their authority or 
do not obey their notices and orders, with the Infamous name of 
Rebels, tho' their signal Loyalty is Manifest to the whole Province. 

That the said Major hath demanded the key of the City gates 
which being refused, he hath violently burst the locks and broke 
them open. 

That the s^ Major &«* hath formally demanded the surrender 
of the Blockhouse belonging to this City, as if there were actual 
war between him, his Confederates and his Majesty's faithful 

That s^ gentlemen of said Council have, further, abetted, 
connived at and contributed to and encouraged divers of the 
rebellious forces by quartering them in their houses and comforting 

That one of the Citizens who was seized and abused by an 
officer under said Major's command without any cause or provo- 
cation, was actually beaten by the said Major & reviled for being 
assistant to the Lieut Governor 

That a certain Blasphemous Privateer with other confederates 
& accomplices by and with the said Major did ill treat and cruelly 
wound certain messengers sent by said Lieut Governor to the 
said Major to demand some persons unwarrantably made prisoners. 

That in consequence of the illegal proceedings of the said 
Major together with those of said Council and Confederates, the 
Tax which was Granted by the Assembly for the support and 
payment of the expences of the Government during the present 
war is wholly prevented, whereby the forces levied for their 
Majesties extraordinary service at Albany are discouraged, who 
for want of support it is feared may be forced to desert that post 
on which the security of this province principally depends. 

Besides, The constant menaces & threats against his Majesty's 
garrison by those who under the government of the late King 
James advised and contributed to the encouragement of papists 
priests & seminary to the great discouragement and diminution 


of the true protestant Religion influencing & operating by the au- 
thority of saiil King alarmed their Majesties subjects for their lives 
and Liberties until (thro' Gods blessing) his present Majesty's suc- 
cessful arms pushed the point in such a manner, that no more hope 
was left them. They were then forced to profess Loyalty to 
their Most august Majesties as a cloak, whereby they may possess 
better opportunity and advantages to avenge themselves on those 
who were instrumental in depriving them of power to accomplish 
the former Godless designs and machinations which they set on 
foot with other loose, debauched and dissolute persons of a 
robbing and plundering habit of Life watching until they have 
their opportunity, to make their attacks & spoliations. Of these 
there hath been due warning and advice by divers declarations 
and protestations &''^ hoping that they may thereby reflect and 
desist, if not reduced, from said practices. But so it is, all moral 
means thereunto have been without effect still persisting and 
increasing their numbers both by a crowd of papists and french 
whose greatest hope is considered to be from these friends, being 
approved apostates from the Protestant Church and equal 
destroyers of it, not hesitating to declare their Bloody Resolu- 
tions of which they have been convicted & the perpetration of 
which would endanger the whole Province 

Wherefore being unwilling to deliver Ourselves and descend- 
ants with our Properties to be reduced to such a miserable state 
& Condition as the a\)ove related particulars certainly threaten, 
We have Resolved & do Resolve to resist the same to the 
utmost of our power, at the hazard of our lives & properties; 
united with & assisted by our said Lieut. Governor and each 
other, for the maintenance of that Law & Liberty which God & 
our Gracious Sovereign have granted us, abhorring & detesting 
all such as Brand us with the opprobrious and undeserved 
character of Rebels, whereby they would withdraw us from our 
duty to God, the King and Ourselves to become a prey to their 
Implacable malice & Violence ; with firm confidence that having 
made so plain and clear an offer, namely That every thing should 
remain in the former inoffensive condition until his Excellency 
Coll Sloughter's arrival or until the appearance of his Majesty's 


orders concerning us which is now wished for in the highest 
degree, by all his Majesty's Loyal subjects and true protestants 
who will approve hereof, being driven to our last refuge and 
means of relief. 

Wherefore we are forced to declare the said Major his evil 
councillors and all their confederates to be enemies to God, their 
present Majesties & the peace & welfare of this people and 
Province so long as they continue in such state and proceedings. 
Thereby forbidding them to continue in hostility or to commit or 
persist in any of the aforesaid unwarrantable practices, but to the 
contrary, that they altogether recede and desist from their perni- 
cious designs, intentions and purposes, or aiding or otherwise 
encouraging them; and that they do forthwith discharge & disband 
all the said forces which have been raised within this Province or 
elsewhere, which are hereby commanded forthwith to return & 
repair to their several places of abode and stations and to keep 
the peace of our Sovereign Lord the King as they will answer the 
consequences which may ensue, by the contrary, to God, their 
Majesties or his Excellency Col. Sloughter &c — whether 
Bloodshed or other Mischiefs or Damages, the effects of their 
so just provocations, it being our stedfast resolutions to pursue 
and destroy all such as shall henceforth be found under those 
wicked circumstances aforesaid; trusting in Almighty God to 
deliver us from & to render us victorious over their Majesties & 
our enemies & such impious and unreasonable men. Thus done 
at Fort William March 16*^ in the S^ year of the reigne of their 
Majesties William & Mary King & Queen of England &c Anno 
Dom 1690. 

God save King William &. Queen Mary. 



In Answerr to the Letter this morning from Cap** Leisler to 
Major Ingoldesby &c 

That the Severall Articles of Accusation both ags* themselves 
and the Said Major Ingoldesby in the Said Letter contained are 
altogether mistaken or false aspersion and Calumnies and no 

That the S^ Gentlemen Officers and Soldiers are Immediately 
Commissionated by King William and haue Sattisfied all persons 
that haue desired it in the right of the Said power and are at this 
time in the Service of their Maj*i«s King William & Queen Mary 
and of no other power whatsoever. 

That they Intend and haue in all their Consultacons advices 
and Directions by word and writeing to their Majt'«* Soldiers 
as well as other their Ma^i^^ good Subjects of this Province taken 
care for the preservation and peace of themselves this Citty and 
parts adjacent and that no hostiUtyes on their part be vsed in any 
kind whatsoever 

That they are willing and desirous that there be no manner of 
hostility and blood between their Majt'^s Subjects but that the 
people in armes who have voluntarily assembled themselves in 
defence of their Maj*'^^ forces and their owne Security be con- 
s»ented to beare themselves with all regard to the peace of this 
Citty and patiently Expect the Arrivall of his Excellency or his 
Majt'^8 further Comands and in case this be not accepted they 
diall attribute the Ruine & Death of their Maj*'«8 Subjects and 
the destruction of this City and Province to the S"* Cap" Leisler 
or whosoever else shall make the breach vpon them & the pro- 
jectors Actors and Abettors of Such hostility against vs are 
publick Enemies to the Crown of England and their Maj'ies King 
William and Queen Mary Dated at the Statehouse Seaventeenth 
day of March In the third yeare of the Reigne of our Soveraign 
Lord and Lady King William & Queen Mary over England &.c 
Anno Dom: 169? 



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[From files in Secretary of State's office .] 
A Bill Confirming to the Inhabitants of this Province 
the Full Priviletlge and Benefitts of his Maj^'es Laws 
within this Province 
Bee It Enacted and it Is hereby Enacted by the Gen'i Assem- 
bly and by the Authority of the Same that all and every the 
Inhabitants of this Province may enjoy and receive the full 
Priviledge and benefitts of the Lawes of this Province and Thatt 
no ffieeman be taken or Imprisoned but by Warrant Lawfully 
issued out and that all Courts of Judicature be duely kept and 
observed according to the Lawes in that behalfe Provided and 
that all persons Imprisoned within any Place of this Province be 
Legally tried by the Lawes of the Land agreeing to the lawes 
of their Maj'ies Realme of England & for any such persons who 
are ffled out of this Province be and are hereby required to 
returne to their respective homes & habitacons w'hout trouble or 
molestacon whatsoever — (within three weeks after Publicacon 
hereof) but if any crimes are by them Comitted that they be 
Legally tried before Any Courts of Judicature within this Pro- 
vince as the Lawes do Require and all persons so fled as aforesaid 
and shall not returne in the said time Shall be deemed and 
esteemed as Persons disobedient to the Governm*: 

The repi"sentatives have assented to this bill 
Sept: 18th 1690 (after three times Reading) and orderd«J it to 
be Sent to the Governo"" & his Councill for their 

John Spratt Speaker 


A bill for Amending & fining all persons within this 
Province of newyork refusing to serve in Comission 
of Civill or Military Powei within s^ Province under 
his Maj^'^s Liev* Governor of the Province aforesaid 
& that none of ye Inhabitants of y^ Cily & County 
of Albany & Ulster Leave or Depart the City or 
Countys, aforesaid without Spetiall ly cense of the said 
Authority or Carry of or transport fro n said Places 
any Wares or Merchandises- except swh. hereaftei 
Whereas his Maj^'^s espetiall service In y® P'sent Warr w'i> 
the ffrench & their adherents requires that there be apointed 
several! Officers Civill & Military for due administering y® Lawes 
p^serving the Peace & keeping the Inhabitants In a good posture 
of Defence ag^* said ennemys & that severall persons might not 
refuse or be backward In serving his said Maj^ie In any Employ- 
ment Civill or Military under the Comission of his said Maj*'^ 
Liev* Governo' of y® s*^ Province whereby his said Maj*'^^ service 
&, Safety of this Province might be much hindred & obstructed 

Bee it therefore enacted & it Is hereby enacted by the Gen^' 
assembly & by y® authority of y" same that if any Person or 
Persons Chosen, nominated, Constituted, ordained or Commis- 
sionated by his s<^ Maj^^^^ Liev* Governo'" to serve In any Employ- 
ment Civill or Military w^i^in any of y'^ County es of s^ Proviace 
& shall refuse to accept receive or execute any Comission or 
Comissions unto him or them directed by the said Liev' GovernF 
that then & in such Case y'' Said Person or Persons be amended & 
fined to pay y<= Sume of Seaventy five Pounds Curr* money of 
this Province & by refusall thereof that the same be forthwith 
strained by Warrant from said Liev* Govern^ on the goods & 
Chatties of every Person or Persons so refusing to serve as 
aforesaid Provided alwayes & be it further enacted that y*^ s^ fine 
so Payd or strained as aforesaid sl:all be aplied for his Majti^s 
use In suporting & defraying y** Charges of this P'sent Warr 
against y^ tTrcnch and their adherents in y^ Cily County or toune 
wlicre the same shall happen to be Payd or strained as aforesaid 


Si. be it further enacted by the Authority aforesaid that all persons 
who shall Depart y^ City & County of albany or County of 
Ulster being Inhabitants or ffreeholders Without spetiall Lycense 
from the authority Comissionated by the said Liev* Governr shall 
forfeit & Pay the sume of one hundred Pounds Curr* money to 
be Levied on y® goods & Chatties of every person or persons so 
departing as aforesaid & for any such person whose estate shall 
not amount to the sum of one hundred Pounds that thes*^ Persons 
be fined to y° Discrecon of y® Liev^ Govern'": & his Councill 
which said sume or fines are to be applyed to the use aforemen- 
coned & that no Wares goods or Merchandises shall be brought 
doune hudsons River or transported out s^ City & Counties 
w^^out such ly cense as aforesaid under Penalty of Confiscacon of 
y® same & to be aplyed to y^ use aforesaid except Corn (after 
sufficient store left for the Militia &, Inhabitants of s^ City and 
Counties) bevers & Peltry & other necessaries and be it further 
enacted by the authority aforesaid that all persons all ready 
departed from the said City & Countys do returne w^^in the time 
of fourteen dayes after Publicacon hereof (except absolute neces- 
sity) at their utmost Perills 

Octobf 4th 1690: The Representatives have 

After three times reading this asseated to this bill (after 
Bill is assented to by the Lieu- three times Reading) & ord®^' 
tenant Governor & Councill this to be sent to ye Liev' Gov- 
4th of October in the second em"" & Councill for their as- 
year of their Maj^'^s Reign anoq: sent 
dom: 1690 John Spratt Speaker 

Jacob Leisler: 


[N, y. Council Min.] 

New Yorke, the 19*'' day of March Anno: 169f 
Annoq R R & Rae Will'"' & Maris iiit'" &c 
His Exeell: Gab. Monviele 

Jos. Dudley Chid Brooke 

flfred Phillip Tho. Willett 

Step. V. Cortlandt WilW Pinhorne 

His Excellency Henry Sloughter Esq Captaine Generall & 
Governour in Chiefe over this Territory and Vice Admirall of 
these seas arrived at New Yorke and repaired to the Town hall 
of this Citty and there in the presence of the People Published 
their Matyes Lres Patents for the Government of this Province 
and Territory of New Yorke in America and parts annexed and 
had the oaths by Act of Parham* appointed insteade of the oaths 
of Allegiance and Supremacy and the oath for the Due Admin- 
istracon of his Government Given him by the Members of their 
Matyes Council underwritten administred to him and ordered the 
said Letters Patents be recorded And forthwith Ordered Major 
Ingoldesby with his foot Company to Demand Entrance into the 
flFort who returned and brought with him Joost Stool who was ad- 
mitted to the Governour and brought a Letter from Capt Leisler 
and received answer that His Excellency was Glad that Stoll had 
Seen him in England as well as now att New Yorke and that 
Maj"" Ingoldesby with his Compy should now goe the second 
time to receive the fFort into possession That the Souldiers lay- 
ing down their armes might goe every man to his house that he 
Expected that Leisler Milbourne and such as are called his Council 
Doe immediately attend and that Coll. Bayard and M^" Nicolls be 
dismissed from their Imprisonment to attend his Matyes Service 
being appointed Members of the Council, 

Majr Ingoldesby at his second returne brought ■v\'ith him Mil- 
bourne and Delanoy and being Enquired of for Coll Bayard and 
M' Nicolls the two Gentl" of the Council informed that Leisler 
refused to mak any attendance himselfe or to Dismlsse the said 
Gentlemen Whereupon Milbourne and Delanoy were Conimittod 
to the Guards and the Maj' again Sent to Demand the s'^ Gentle- 


men's Dissmission Leisler's Surrender of the fFort and attendance 
upon bis Excellency all which was peremptorily and with Con- 
tempt refused and then the Governo"" directed the Sitting of the 
Council in the Morning. 

The Councill Mett 20* March 169 f 
Present His Excellency the Governour 
Joseph Dudley ^ Chidley Brooke ^ 

fired Philips / Tho Willet V Esqrs 

Steph. V. Cortlandtr ^^^'■^ WilW Pinhorne ) 
Geo. Monveile j 

Delivered to the Secy. 29 papers sent by their Matyes relate- 
ing to Leisler alsoe five papers sent from Albany. 

Coll Bayard and William Nicolls were sworne of the Council 
and took their places at the board. 

Jacob Leisler Was brought Prisoner to this board and was 
Ordered to be committed to the Guards and took of him the 
King's letter Directed unto ffrancis Nicholson 

Alsoe brought Prisoners Abraham Governeur GerrarJ Beeck- 
man Will™ Churcher Cornelius Plevier Henrick Janse Van Boerton 
William Laurence Thomas Williams John Coe Myndert Coarton 
Rob* Leacock Johannes Vermillie who were Committed to the 


Fort William March the 20. 1690-1 
., May it please your Excellency — This his Majesty's fort 
being besieged by Major Ingoldesby so farre that not a boat could 
depart, nor Persons conveyed out of the same without to be in 
danger of their Lives which hath occasioned that I could not be 
so happy as to send a messinger to give me the certainty of Your 
excellency's Safe arrival & an account of what was published, of 
which I am ignorant still but the Joy I had by a full assurance 
from Ensign Stoll of your Excellency's arrival has been something 
tFoubled by the detencon of Ye two my Messengers, I see very 
well the stroke of my enemies who are wishing to cause me some 


mistakes at the End of the Loyalty I owe to ray gracious King 
&j Queen & by such ways to Blatt out all my faithfull service till 
no^' but I hope have care to commit such an error, having by my 
duty & faithfuhiesse being vigerous to them. Please only to 
Signify & order the Major in releasing me from his Majesties fort 
delivering him only his Majesties Armes with all the Stores & 
that he may act as he ought with a person who shall give Your 
excellency an exact account of all his actions & conduct, who is 
with all the request. Your Excellency's Most Humble Serv* 

Jacob Leisler 

[From the Office files.] 

To His Excellency Colonel Henry Sloughter Cap^ Gen^' 

& Governo'" of their Mamies Province of New York &c 

The humble Peticon of Cap^i Jacob Leisler, Peter DeLanoy, 

Gerardus Beeckman, Tho^ Williams, Johannes Vermelje, 

William Lawrence, Hendrick Jansen, Rob* LeCock, & Jacob 


That Yo^ Petitionrs are certified by Cap° Blagge, that aftel 
hearing of their Case set forth in an humble Peticon to the Kings 
most Excellent Ma*'*' & Councill, he received for answer: viz* 
That Copies of all Papers Thereunto relating should be giuen 
your Ex^y To judge of matters as they should be found on yo' 
ariivall at New York &c. 

That yo'' Pef^^ ^re under apprehension that yo' Ex°y is enformed 
thiit the ffort was Detained (after yo^ arrivall here) in disobedience 
to his Ma*i® or yo^ Ex<=y for some ill designe, when in truth it was 
purposely kept untill yo^selfe appeared, whose arrivall was with 
paine longed for to discharge them & heale those unhappy 
ti*oubles which haue arrisen since Major Ingoldesby came hithery 
as may appear by a Letter sent to Bermuda, & other declarative 
Testimonialls to the said Major &c whorae nothing would suffice 
but immediate possession of the said Fort, & consequently the 


That yor Petition''^ are enformedj they are to be procecderi 
against by other methods, before their Case be heard by yo' 

Wherefore yo*" Pet^s humbly Pray yo^ Ex^y to vouchsafe a 
hearing of the matter before y'^selfe, allowing such time to 
prepare themselves as to yo"^ Wisdome, and goodnesse seemeth 
meete, craving in the meane time Suspencon of other Proceedings 
against them. 

And as in duty bound yb"* Pet" shall pray &c. 


To His Excellency Colonel Henry Sloughter Capt" Gefn'i 
& Governo'' of New York Province &c. 
The humble Peticon of Peter d'Lanoy, Gerardus Beeckman, 

Thos Williams, Plend^' Janse, Johannes Vermelje, William 

Laurence, Rob* Le Cock, & Jacob Millborne, Members of thv 

late Council to Cap*" Jacob Leisler, &c. 

That yo"" Petition's are confined to a Place w^ii will not admit 
of common conveniency for life, & nature whereby they ate 
straightned to make such' applicacons as becomes them. 

That yo"" Petition''^ conceive themselves very happy in jo' 
Excellency with assurance that the equity of their case will not 
abate by so excellent a Chancellor, when seasonable Addresses to 
yor selfe shall be permitted: Notwithstanding their present cir- 
cumstances — occasioned (as they suppose) through harsh 

Wherefore yo^ Petition's ^th humble confidence — attend yc 
Excellency's farther pleasure concerning them. 

And yo' Petition's as in duty bound shall pray &c. 


[N Y Counc Min] 

At a Council held the 23^ March 169 f. 
Present as before & W™ Nicholls. Mr Pinhorne abs' 
Coll Dudley M"" Cortlandt & Mr Brookes are appointed a 
Committe for the Examination of the Prisoners in order to their 
Mittimus to the Common prison of this Citty — from the Guards 
where hitherto they have been held and that they proceed therein 
forthwith, and that they be attended by the Secy and Attorney 

At a Council held at ffort William Henry March the 24*^ 1690. 
Present as before & W™ Pinhorne. 
Ordered that there be a Speciall Commison of Oyer and Ter- 
miner directed to the Judges whom His Excellency will forthwith 
name with S^ Robert Robinson Coll. William Smith William 
Pinhorne and John Laurence Esq" Capt Jasper Hicks Maj"" 
Richard Ingoldesby Coll John Young and Capt. Isaac Arnold to 
hold a Court of Oyer & Terminer For the Triall of the Persons 
imprisoned accused of Rebellion and Murder and their accomplices 
and they or any six of them one of the Judges always being one 
to proceed in the said Court. 

26 March. 1691. 
The remaining Prisoners not yet Examined are referred to the 
former Comitte for Examinacon and such as are by them Judged 
meet to be dismissed the Prison upon Giving bond of the Good 
behaviour and attendance at the next Sessions of the peace of 
this Citty. 


City & County of ? * 

New-York— S 

We John Laurence & William Pinhorne Esq""' two of their 
Majesties Justices for keeping of the peace within the City & 


County of New Yorke as also for hearing & determining of 
divers felonies, trespasses & other misdemeanours within the 
City & County assigned to the Sheriffe of the said 
[l. S.J City & County Greeting 
John Lawrence, 

For that Jacob Leisler late of the City of New 
York merchant hath been arrested for traiter- 
[l. s.] ously levying war against our Sovereign Lord 

William Pinhorne & Lady the King & Queene in their realme & 
province of New York aforesaid for the 
Counterfeiting their Majesties great seal of said province for 
felouniously murdering of John, alias Josias Browne of the said 
City Labourer & for others, high misdemeanours by him perpe- 
trated & done. Therefore in behalf of our Sovereign Lord & Lady 
the King & Queen, we command you, that you receive the said 
Jacob Leisler into your Custody & him safely keep untill he 
shall be thence delivered according to Law & this shall be your 
sufficient warrant. Given under our hands & Seal the 26^^ of 
March in the third year of the reign of our Sovereign Lord & 
Lady Wilhara & Mary King & Queen over England &c 1691 

Thomas Clarke. 

Att a Council held at ffort William Henry the 30th March 1691. 

Present as before ; also Coll. N. Bayard & W™ Smith. 

Absent W*" Nicolls & Chidley Brooke 

Coll. Nicholas Bayard Steph V. Cortlandt & Will™ Pinhorne 

Esq"^^ are appointed a Comitte for preparing of evidences ag^* the 

Prisoners and M^ W"" Nichols M'' George ffarewell and M* 

James Emmott are assigned of the Kings Council in that 


At a Council &« April ye 1. 1691 

Present the Govern^ & all the members, except W" Nicholls 

An account of Macgregeries buriall slain in their Matyes 

service appointed to be audited by M^ Collector & M"" Courtlandt 

and that they also audite all other Accounts of charges before 

his Excellencys Arrivall. 



[From Office files.] 

An Accompt fFor the Wounded & those Men that were 
Killed in their Majesties Service against Lisseler and 
his accomplices 
To Richard Grenard Saddler iFor curing him a gun shot 

wound through both hips 15:00:00 

To James Yeward for curing him of a in the 

Shoulder & cutting the bullet out amongst his ribs 15 :00:00 
To attendance upon M"" Joseph broune in a gun shot 

wound 00.10:00 

To attendance upon M^^ Depeysters negro of a gun- 
shot wound 02.10:00 
To weiuing the Bodie of Major M^crigorie i 01.00.00 
•To weuing the Bodie of M' Pecay 01.00.00 
To weuing the bodie of Wcssell ten broeke 01.00.00 
To weuing the bodie of Leonard Beckwith O1.CO.0O 
To weuing the bodie of Joseph Broune 01.00.00 
To weuing the bodie of Mr DePeysters "negro 01.00.00 
To the curing 1 of his Majesties Souldiers of gunshot 

wound through both the Humerus & radius 10.00.00 



I Humbly conceive I am not holden to make my plea on the 
mdictment untill the -power be determined whereby Such things 
bave been acted. 

— That his Majesty has not declared judicially against the power 
but is yet, (Subjudice) therefore dare not enter into plea, Untill 
Yet determined which I am ready to appear unto according to 
the Kings Appointment, — 

1 This is the rtfRcer who had been previously Commissioned by Gov. Dongan 
to go to the far Indians, and was taken prisoner by the French. See Doc. Hist. 
1. 258 ct seq. His widow and son, Hugh McG. obtained a grant of 15U0 acres of 
land on Hudsons river at a place called John Peaches Creek. No fees were 
charged for the Patent out of respect for the Major's memory, as he "lately I>ied 
in his Matyes service in defence of the Province." 


— The Power is to be determined Judicially before I Plead, 
because it is good until the King determine otherwise. 

— The King had not declared y* power Illegal but his Majes- 
ties Letter Saying until further orders, is what expects by Col" 
Sloughter w^ho had only proclaimed his power to Govern, & not 
to determine concerning the power exercised by us 

— That the Power by which he acted was good untill Col* 
Sloughters commission was read, because no orders from his 
Majesty or his Excellency appeared to the Contrary — 

— That Hendrick Janson, Cornells Ply vier, Robert LeCock were 
committed for the Same crimes, who were admitted Bail fore a 
Riot I cannot Understand how I should Escape if I Plead, & 
because the King would accuse me for giving away my right, & 
I cannot complain of an Act of my own, for By pleading I 
impower the Jury & make them Judges of fact. & how can 13 
men of one County Judge the Government of the whole 
Province? — 

^ At a Council held at ffort William Henry 13 April 1691. 

Present the Governour 

Jos Dudley Chidley Brooke's 

ffred Phillips Gab. Monviele / 

Steph V. Cortlandt W™ Nichols >Esqrs 

Nich Bayard Tho^ Willet t 

Willm Smith ) 

The Judges of the present Court of Oyer & Terminer Pray of 

his Excellency and Council whether his Matyes Letter ' of the 

13* July 1689 Signed by My Lord Nottingham and directed to 

ffrancis Nicholson Esq"" Liev<^ Governour & Command'^ in Cheife 

of the Province of New Yorke in America and in his absence to 

such as for the time being take Care for Preserving of the peace 

&c. or any Other Letters or papers in that packet from Whitehall 

referred to the Governour for a Report Can be understood or 

interpreted to be and Contain any Power or direccon to Capt. 

Jacob Leisler to take the Government of the Province upon 


himselfe or that the administracon thereupon be to be holden 
good in Law 

His Excellency and Council were pleased to Declare their 
opinion that the abovesaid Letters to Capt" Nicholson nor any 
other papers in the packett directed to His Excellency for a 
report Contains any power or direction for the Government to 
the said Capt Leisler. 

House of Representatives for y« 
Prouince of N. York Die Veneris Aprill 17'^ 1691: P. M. 
Upon farther consideracon of y« petition Presented to this 
house by many of the freeholders: and the Inhabitants within 
this Citty & Prouince. 

Resolued. Nemine Contra dicente, That Jacob Leisler Samu" 
Edsall & diuerse others aiding asisting and abetting him. In the 
Disoluing y^ Conuention that was conuened at y^ Citty of New 
York: for y® preservation of y® Peace y® execution of Justice 
and y® securing of this Proumce for their Maj'* seruice King 
Will™ & Qiieen Mary, King & Queen of England &c was 
tumultuous Illegall : and against Their Maj^^ Right ouer this 
their Prouince, beeing A dominion of there Croun of England. 

Resolued. That ye Imprisoning of their Maj*" Protestant sub- 
jects Into dolefuU and nauseous Prisons, and there keeping Them 
by force & violence w'^ out any Comittment or y® assignment of 
any Legall Cause was arbitrary Illegall and against y^ peace & 
dignity of there Majts Croun of England & allso a violation of 
ye Rights & Priueledges of there Maj*^ subjects inhabiting within 
This Prouince. 

Resolued. That y® proscribing & y® forceing There Maj*» 
Protestant subjects to fly their habitations & forsake the Care of 
there famiUes, by w<^h the strength of y® Prouince was much 
weakned: was also arbitrary and Illegal & distracting to there 
Majts Interest in this Province. 

Resolued. That y« Depredations made by the ffrench & Indians 
upon Schenectada & other plantations In y® County of Albany, 
by W^h many of there Maj'^ Protestant subjects were slaine There 


houses burned ; and seuer^^ carried into Captiuity : w^h Seuere 
Loss Is only to be attributed to y^ Disorders & Disturbances : 
That was Raised by TJiose who had Usurped a power Contrary 
to there Maj^s authority & Right of Government ouer This 

Resolued. That y^ seizeing & y® forceable taking away of the 
goods & Merchandise from merchants & persons inhabiting with- 
in this Citty & Province was a violation of there May^^ Peace : 
& y« Distruction of there Laws : & To y^ Manyfest Ruin of 
many of there good Protestant subjects : within this Citty & 

Resolued. That y® Levying & Raising of Money upon there 
Maj's Subjects w"> out Lawful authority; Is arbitrary & Illegal]; 
& against y^ Rights &, Priuileges of There Maj'^ subjects inhabiting 
within This Prouince. 

Resolued. That the Raising of forces ; & keeping There Maj*« 
Fort of New York ag^t there Maj^s officers & Soldiers ; Lately 
arriued, was Rebellious & in prejudice to There Maj^s Right & 
Dominion of This Prouince. 

Resolued. That the Denying the Surrender of There Maj^s Fort 
to his Excellency after his arriuall and Publication of There 
Maj*^ Commission To him was RebelHous and against the Dignity 
and authority of There Maj^^ Crown of England. 

Ordred. For the Prevention of the Like Mistakes and Disorders 
amongst There Maj^^ Subjects, In This Prouince for the time to 
come — That These Resolues be sent to ye Governeur and Coun- 
cill, with the Desire of this house That they would be Pleased To 
give there Concurrance, of there Board thereunto. 

Ordred. That an Adress bee made To his Excelly of y« Reso- 
lution of this house To support & Defend there Majts Right & 
Dominion ouer this there Prouince : as it is now established by 
there Majt^ authority : In ye Administration of his Excelly with 
our Liues and fortunes against all there Maj*s Enemies". 

By ord"" of the house of Representatiues 

Ja: Graham Speaker* 


To his Excell: Henry Slaughter L* Governor general! 
vice Admirall and Comand'" in Chief'e vnder their 
Majtys King WiUiam and Queen [Mary] of New 
York and dependences. 
The humble petition of Peter Demilt Sheweth, 

That he yo'^ petitioner was Comander att the Block house 
assistant to Braiser who with A good Intent keept the same for 
the Ihtrest of their Majty^ King W"* & Queen Mary and for the 
saftie of Vs their good subjects, att which time Mr Braiser re- 
ceived a letter from Lyslaer the contents of which we could not 
understand but soe far as we could perceive it was something of 
prejudice ag* his Majties forces : which soe soon as we perceived 
we Concluded that M^ Braiser should goe to the fFort to Inform 
Lyslaer that we would deliver the Blockhouse to the Major and 
to tell him that we would have noe further to doe with him vpon 
which Braiser went who coming to Lyslaer and discovering our 
designe was threatened and confined by Imprisonmen otherwise 
if suflferred to Come out he had gott the Majors protexon as well 
as wee: Therefore may itt please yo^ Excell, to Comiserate the 
Condition of the said Braiser who I am satisfied what he hath 
done for their Maj^'^s Intrest without any treacherous desigtie 
agt King or goverment and be pleased to pardon what he Igno- 
rantly hath Comitted and as in duty bound yo"^ humble petitioner 
shall dayly pray: 

Peter DeMilt 

To his Excell Henry Slaughter L* Governor Generall 

Vice Admirall and Commander in cheif und' their 

Maj^ys King William & Queen Mary of New York 

Dependences in America and to his honerable Council]. 

The humble petition of Gerrardus Beakman Sheweth 

That yo'' petitioner and prisoner, being by the people of 
Kings Countie on Long Island Cosen to bee their representitiues 
in A Comitie of safetie, which he with Abundance of Intreatie 
and persuasion, absolutely supposeing that itt was for their Ma^y' 
Interest and safetie of the Land acted to the best of his know- 


ledge, without any self end or treacherous reservation -, And the 
reason of his raiseing forces to bring into the fort was to noe 
crther intent, but as he was bound by oath and allegance to keepe 
the same for their Mja'ys King William and Queen Mary till their 
full and absolute power Came to demand the same ; not as itt 
hath through the Malice of A Colerick man happened to vse 
hostilitie ag* their Majty^ good subjects, for his sole intent in 
Coming last into the fort was to persuade Lyslar from such base 
and inhuman actions being soe much Contrary to what he the 
said Lyslar alwayes pretended to him yoi^ petitioner soe that he 
hopes you will be please rightly to apprehend his true intent in 
the matter and pardon what for want of knowledge he hath Coni- 
mitted, w^ho promised fidelitie and allegence to their Msj'y^ and 
all their Lawfull substitutes ; further yo*" petitioner haveing 
sevcrall patients on Long Island very dangerous — prayes for 
libertie to visitt them vpon good and sufficient baile, and as in 
Duty bound will dayly pray. 

To his Excell Henry Slaughter Capt^^ General Vice 
Adm'all and Commander in Cheif unde^^ their Majty^s 
King William and Queen Mary of New York and de- 
pendences in America 
The humble petition of Magdaline Beakman, Sheweth, 

That yo"" petitioners husbandj and yo^ Excell prisoner — 
in fort William, was att the Alteracon of Government A Justice 
of peace & Cap*i of Mellitia Companie on Long Island; att 
which alteracon the people was verry vrgent and desireous that 
he yo^ petitioners husband should appeare as their representitive 
in A Commitie of safetie to Act for King William and Queen 
Maryes Interest and their own safetie against their enimies In 
which station he with A true meaning and good intent, acted 
being dayly perswaded by the minister of that place that he Cold 
not deny itt with honest and A good Consience; but now he do 
planely sees that for want of A right and true vnderstandinge he 
hath been mislead which with A true Contrition he heartly laments 
and acknowledges ; freely submittinge himself to yo'" Excell: 
VOL. II. 24 


pleasure, not doubtinge but yo^ cleamencie will Comiserate & 
pardon what he through Ignorance hath Committed ; who shall 
for the future beware how he acts without A more stable power ; 
And the absolute Intent of his goeing into the fortt these late 
times was to doe his endeavour to apease the wratL and raged 
designe of Lyslar being privie to all his designes & Contrivances; 
which he hath in A great measure mittigated as he Cann if con- 
sulted more largly demonstrate ; further yo*" petitioner hartily 
prayes for A little better accomodation for her husband till yo' 
Excell pleasure is further Known therein and as in duty bound 
she shall ever pray 

Magdalena Beekmans 

Know all men by these Presents that I William Beekman of the 
Citty of Newyorke Gent, am held and firmly bound unto Henry 
Sloughter Esqr Captain Generall and Governor in Chiefe of 
the Province of Newyorke and Territorys Depending thereon 
in America in the sum of one hundred pounds Curr* money of 
this Province to be payd unto the s^ Henry Sloughter his suc- 
cessors or Assign es for the use of their Matyes King William 
& Q. Mary of Engi^ &ct. for the which payment well & truly 
to be made I do binde me my heirs Executors and administra- 
tors & every of them firmly by these Presents Sealed with 
my scale Dated att ffort William Henry the seven & twentyeth 
day of Aprill Anno D^' 1691 Annoqe Regni R^ & Rse Will™' 
& Marie Angi &c: tertio. 

The Condition of this Obligation is such that Whereas Gerard 
Beeckman the son of the abovebound William Beeckman is 
lately convicted & adjudged of Treason whereby the Lands 
Tenefnents Goods & Chattels of the s«l Gerard are forfeited to 
their Matyes And whereas there are four hundred skepples of 
Come in the house of the s<^ Gerard Beeckman which are said to 
belong to Andreas Marshalleck of the City of Newyorke Baker 
for the space of two months last past And whereas the sd Andreas 
Marshalleck hath made applicacon unto the said Henry Sloughter 
for liberty to have use and enjoy the s^l four hundred skeppels of 


come as of his own Right and property which in consideracon of 
this bond was granted Now if it shall not afterwards appear that 
the said four hundrwl bushels of Corne doe belong to the s^ Ge- 
rard Beeckman or att the time of the freason committed or any time 
since hath belonged to the s<^ Gerard Beeckman and that they are 
forfeitable and forfeited to there s** matyes then this obhgation to be 
void else to remain in full force &. virtue 

Sealed & Delivered Will Beeckman (Seal) 

in presence of 
David Jamison 
A Fromanteel 

" Will. Beeckmans bond to the 
Government for 100 1^" 

To his Excellency Henry Sloughter Captane General & Governor 
in Chief of their Majesties Province of New York & depend- 
The petition of Gabriel Minvielle. 

Humbly sheweth that in the times of the late revolutions a party 
of Armed men came to this petitioners house, Who in a forceble 
manner tooke away & convoyed into the fort 7 whole & six half 
barrels of Powder, part whereof belongmg to the petitioner that is 
to say 3 barrels marked PL N" 2, 3 & 4, & four barrels marked 
ML are now at this present time still remaining in the stores of the 
said fort. 

The petitioner humbly prayes that your Excellency Will be 
pleased to order that the said 7 barrels of powder may be returned 
to the Petitioner or that the valine thereof may be paid to him, 
since the property was never altered from this Petitioner, but vio- 
lently & forcebly taken away as aforesaid. 
And your Petitioner shall ever pray &c, 

G. Minvielle 


At a Councill held at ffort William Henry the 28^ day 
of Aprill 1691. 
Present His Excellency the Govemour 
ffied Phillips \ Gab. Monviele 

Mch Bayard f ^ Will Pinhorne 

Steph. V Cortlandt ? ^^ ^\\.o\ Willett 

Chid Brooke ^ 

Vpon Reading a Letter from the Sheriffe of Richmond County 
Giving an Account of severall 'Riotts and Tumults on Staten 
Island and that they are subscribing of Papers 

Ordered That a letter from the Secr'y be sent to the said 
Sheriffe requiring him to secure such persons as are Ringleaders 
and Promoters of such Riotts and disturbances in ord"^ to pi'secucon 
pursuant to his duty and office l 

K Esq" 


Fort Willm Henry May 2d 1691. 

May it please your Excellency. — By the Last Vessel from 
hence I acquainted your Excellency of my Arrivall Here, & y« 
danger that I found the Country in by y« late Management of one 
Capt Leisler who took upon himself without any Direction from y 
Majostyes to rule, «& as it now appears, to oppress tids province to 
a Very great Degree, & upon my arrivall refused me Entrance in 
y^ fort & Garrison of this Province, but by seizing of his principall 
Instruments & by y« Deserting of his own Soldiers which were 
About 300 he was at length forced to render himself prisoner & 
upon him & his, accomplices a Grand Court of Oyer & Terminer 
haue passed & given Judgm* of Death to which nevertheless I am 
not willing to proceed but upon extreamest Necessity untill his 
Majesty shall have advice & his pleasure known therein, Yr is a 
great ferm* in this prouince heightened by y® Neighbour Colonys 
of N: Engl^ & therefore I am desirous to proceed with all patience 
& Moderation that his Majesty may be sensible of y^ Necessity of 

1 The papers here referred to were Petitions in favor of the State Prisoners; 
which the people were signing. For this offence several were arrested, fined 
and otherwise harassed. See post, Petition of Van Pelt, Veghten and others to 
Gov. Fletcher, p. 415. 


a good & perfect settlem' of y^ other Colonyes on the Coast which 
I am Labouring to represent & -if your excellency can by your 
Information from myself or othei's put it forward it will be a true 
seruice to y^ Crown of Engl^ Your excellency hath every day 
reports from y^ severall parts here coming to you that may Inform 
of y ' troubles, disapoyn*, mines & danger y* y ' severall Governm*^ 
by yc french & Indian & by themselves labour onder that I need 
not prticularly enforme you, I ask to be accounted your Excel- 
lency's Correspondent in euery thing that may Import y"^ Majesty's 
service & am perticularly S"" Your. 
To My L'l Inchiquin 


Sir — I have heard several Complamts of oppression and injury 
done to severall Inhabitants of Dartmouth and Little Compton driving 
them from their familys forcing of them to Warr and levying of 
taxes upon them wiChout Authority and other Abuses by you and 
others, their Maty's Subjects ought not to suffer at this Rate and 
asm-e Yo^ selfe if I hear any more Complaints of that nature I will 
take such methods to ease the subjects as will effect you otherwise 
than you are aw^re of at present.! am 

S' Yo« 
Fort William Henry 

May ye Eighth 1691 

To his Excelln«=y Henry Slather Govem"" and Commander 

in Cheife in and Over their Maf'^s Province of New 

Yorke &<=a in America, and to his hormo''ble Cour.cell 

The Humble Petion of Joseph Sackett That yo' Petno^ was 

forced to take upon him an Ofice to Collect and Gather under y* 

Command of Jacob Leisler the taxes and Impositions Layed upon 

the Inhabitants of Newtowne on Long Island in Queens County 

and vpon Refuseall I was to be sued to the [sum] of seventy fiue 

pounds, Now Yo' Petion*" haueing a part of the Said Taxes and 

haueing Likewise deliuered [part] of the Said Taxes To the 


Collectors Order and their Remaining A part thereof : Still in my 
hands, and the acts of tlie said Liesler being made appeare to be 
Ilegall the people : pressing upon your petioner for to Retourne 
their moneys to them againe Now yo^ Petioner haveing p*! pail 
before the aniveall of yo'" Excelly or yo*" Ord^ shall be suferer 
thereby and therefore yo' Petion'" himibly praieth for yo'" order and 
answ*" concerning the perticulars and that yo>" petiont" may not be a 
suferer thereby haveing as cann be made appear always beene against 
Leisler and all his proceeding and your petioner shall ever Prav as 
in Duty always bound. 

The Peticoner referred to [Date, according to Counc. 

Coll. Smith Mr Cortlandt & M' Min., 4t»» May. 1691.] 

Brooke to be Exa ied concerning 

his case. 

Att A Councill held att ffort Will™ Henry May the W^ 1691 
Present His Excell the Govern'' 
ffred Phillips W^^ Nicolls 

Nich. Bayard Gab. Monvielle 

Steph V. Cortlandt Esq--^ 

Vpon the Clamour of the people daily commg to his Excell 
hearing relating to y« Execucon of the prisoners Condemned of 
treasone having had the opinion of the Majo' part of the Repre- 
sentatives now mett and assembled for the Execucon of the 
principall Oflfenders he was pleased to offer to y« Councill his 
willingnesse to doe what might be most proper for the quiet and 
peace of the s<^ Countrey intending speedily to remove for Albany 
And Demanded of the Councill their opinion whether the delay of 
the Execucon of Justice might not prove dangerous at this Con- 
juncture Whereupon it was unanimously resolved that as well for 
the satisfaccon of the Indians as the asserting of the Government 
8c authority residing in his Excell & preventing insurreccons & 
disorders for the future it is absolutely necessary that the sentence 
pronounced against the principall Offenders be forthwith put in 

p Order David Jamison Coun'l Ck 



Council Room, May 16*11 i691. 
His Excellency having sent the Minute of Council of the four- 
teenth May instant referring to the Execucon of the principal! 
Criminalls Condemned of Treason, to the house of Representatives 
to acquaint them of the Resolve of this Board, The same was 
returned underwritten in manner following viz* 

House of Representatiues for y® Prouince of New York viz 

Die Veneris May 15. P M. 1691 
This house according to their opinion giuen : doe aproue of what 
his Excelly & Councill have Don 

By ord of ye house of Representatiues 

Ja: Graham Speaker 


To his Excellency Colonel Henry Sloughter Cap" Gen'', 

Govern' in Chiefe & Vice Admirall of the Province 

of New Yorke & the Hon^ie Councill now Assembled. 

The humble Peticon of Jacob Leisler & Jacob Milborne & their 

distressed Relacons: 

That whereas yo' Petition" having rec*^ Sentence of death by 
the hon^i^ Court of Oyer & Terminer held within this City, & have 
nothice from Yo'' Excellency that Saturday next will be y^ Execu- 
con of s<i Sentence: 

Its Implored from Yo'^ Ex^y & Hono'^ that y^ said Execucon may 
be deferred untill his Ma*'®^ pleasure may be knowne, or such 
reprieue may be vouchsafed them as to yo"^ Excellency & Hono" 
shall in your charity, & wisdome please to direct wholy resigning 
themselues unto your goodnesse & pleasure for disposing of them, 
begging the God of Mercy to influence you w^^ Clemency towards 

And as in all duty bound Yo"" Pet" shall for euer Pray, 

Jacob Leisler 
Jacob Milborne 


CoLLECCONS made on the Dying Speeches of Captain Jacob Leisler 

& Jacob Milborne, his son in Law, who both Suffered in New 

York City on the 16^^ of May being Saturday in the Year of our 

Lord 1691. 
— The great wise & omnipotent creator of all things visible & 
invisible who from the time of our first coming a Shore in the Vale of 
tears, misery & affliction, hath to this present moment protected us 
be magnified. Praysed & Glorified for ever. Amen, 

Gentlemen and fellovv^ Bhethren all I hope in the grace & 
fear of the Lord Jesus, we are not at present unsensible of our dying 
State & Condition, as to tliis world a State which all the Sons k 
Daughters of Adam in this globe must now one after another run 
through ere they can be satisfied with that eternity of which so often 
by Di\'ines is treated of — In consideration of which for death we 
may be better prepared, like penitent Mortals here on earth, we 
Submit our lives. & all that unto us appertaineth into the hands 
of divine protection prostrating ourselves before the foot Stoole that 
immaculate Lamb of God who taketh away the Sinns of the world 
hoping that through his meritorous death & passing our iniquities 
shall be done away & our pardons Sealed on earth before we go 
hence & are seen no more, humbly imploring that not through our 
own meritts of Justification but rather through the merit of him 
that is willing to save our souls, might become precious in the Eyes 
of God & live forever in the Kingdome of Etemall Glory when 
time shall be no more — as to our State in this world among the 
rest of our hard fortunes in this seat of tears it is true we have 
lately on the important request of a Committee choose by the Major 
Part of the Inhabitants of this province & taken (to the present 
gi-iefe & vexation of our poore afflicted relations left behind) great 
& weighty matters of State affairs requiring at Such an he! me 
more wise & Cunning powerfull Pilotts. then either of us ever was. 
but considering that in the time of this distracted Countrey's great- 
ness, necessity amongst us — no such Persons could be found but 
that those that were any wayes, in Capasity of Uniting us afj^ainst 
a Common enemy would not undertake, we conceive for the Glory 


of the protestant interest the Establishment of the present Govern- 
ment under our Sovereign Lord & Lady King W^" & Queen Mary 
&c — & the Strengthening against all foreign attempts, of this con- 
fused City & Province, thbught it a very serviceable Act that our 
poore endeavours should not be wanting in any thing that was 
needful for the Support of ourselves & posterity hereafter whereby 
we must confess & often times against our will several enormities 
have been committed from the day of our first undertakings until 
the arrival of his excellency the Honorable CoF Henry Sloughter. 
who now for his Majesties Sake, we love & Honour & often times, 
durmg our unhappy abode in power longed to see that a periode 
thereby might be put to such distracted orders, as then were raging 
all of which some we must Confess on our side hath been committed 
through Ignorance some through a Jealous fear that disaffected 
persons would not be true to the present interest of the Crowne of 
England some peradventure through misinformation & misconstruc- 
tion of People's intent & meaning, some through rashness by want of 
Consideration, & then through passion haste & anger, which Accord- 
ing to orders for to declare would take up more time than present 
can be afforded, however for every such offence, seeing there is 
no recalling of the same, or possibillity of given further Satisfaction, 
first of the great god of heaven & then afterwards of the several 
offended persons, we humbly begg pardon & forgiveness, desiring 
them every one with a Christian Charity in our graves with us to 
bury all malice, hatred & Envy that therein might be incurred & 
further before God & the World here we do declare & protest as 
Dying Sinners that we do not only forgive the greatest & most 
inveterate of our enemies, but According to that most Excellent 
patron of our dying Savieur. we say to the God of Justice, 
father forgive them for they Know not what they do & so farre 
from revenge we do depart this world, that we require & make it 
our dying supplication to every of our relations & friends & 
acquaintences, that they should in time to ' come for ever be 
forgetfull of any injury done to us or either of us, so that on both 
Side, that discord & dessention (which by the devil in the begin- 
ning was created) might with our dying sides be buried in 
oblivion, never more to raise up to the inflamation of future 


posterity, the Lord grant that the offering up of our blood might 
be a full satisfaction for all disorders to this present day committed, 
& that forever after the Spiritt of unity might remaine among our 
felow brethren continuing upon earth, knowing that in a Strange 
land it is the divine providence of heaven not our desarts that have 
so well protected our mihappy province this day all that for our 
dying comfort we can say, as concerning the point for which we 
were condemn'dj is to declare as our last words, before that God 
whom we hope before long to see that our mame end, totall Intent 
& endeavors to the fullness of that understanding with which we 
were endowed — whe had no other than to maintaine against popery 
or any Schism or heresy whatever the interest of our Sovereign 
Lord & Lady that now is & the reformed protestant Churches in 
those parts, who ever things otherwise Since have hapined or being 
misconstructed & Scandalous reports (we at present must confess 
by divers are thrown upon us) as tho we intended to Support the 
dying, intrest of the late King James & the Contradiction of which 
we need not trouble many arguments, being persuaded that every 
good protestant of this Country who have been for any time 
acquainted with our transactions can from his conscience averre 
the falsehoods & maliciousness of such aspersions, as concerning 
Major Ingoldesby's comming to demand the Garrison after his 
arrival, he but in the least produced any Satisfaction of his power 
to receive the same & discharge us, we would as readily have 
delivered the fort, as he could demand the same, all which seeing 
past & gone is Scarce worthy nothing — 

The Lord of his infinite Mercy preserve the King & Queen from 
all thetr traytors & deceitfuU Enemies, God be merciful unto & bless 
with peace & unity these their Kingdoms unto which we belong, 
God preserve this province from greedy outragious Enemies abroad 
& Spite full inveterate wretches at home God bless the Govenor of 
this place, God Bless the council Assembly & Government now 
Estabhshed that they all may be united to propagate their Majesties 
interest, the Coimtry's good & the Establishment of Piety, the Lord 
of Heaven of his infinite mercy bless all that wish well to Zion & 
Convert those that are out of the way, let his mercies likewise ad- 
minister true Comfort to all that are desolute, grieved & oppressed 


in misery & necessity or any other affliction, Especially the deplored 
Souls of that poor family vmto which we did formerly belong, our 
only comfort, in this case, is that God has promised to take care for 
the Widows & fatherless, reconmiending them all this dying moment 
into the hands of one that is able & willing, to save these that seek 
him desiring them to put their perpetuall confidence in the mercies 
of one that never faileth, & not to weep for us that are departing to 
our God but rather to weep for themselves that are here behind us 
to remain in a State -ef Misery & Vexation 

Gentlemen You will, I hope all Christian like be Charitable to 
our poor distressed family that are to remain among you (as long as 
God please) that you will Join with us in prayer for the preservation 
of our immortal Soules in a kingdom of never Dying Glory, unto 
which God of his infinite mercy bring us all Amen Amen 

Some few Particulars of Captain Jacob Leisler. 

The Sheriff asking him if he was ready to die, he replied Yes, 
& lifting up his Eyes he prayed & then gaid that he had made his 
peace with God & that death did not scare him, & desired that his 
Corpse might be delivered to his wife, and declared that he Educated 
his family as a good Christian & hopmg they should continue, 
accordinly & he said that you have brought my body to shame, I 
hope you will not dispise my family therefore, I have not much 
more to say on this world, for we read in the Lords prayer, forgive 
us our trespasses as we forgive them that tresspass Against us, but 
hereafter we shall appear before God's Tribunal & there shall we 
be judged, our Lord Jesus Christ suffered so much in this world, 
why Should I not suffer a little — 

Then to his Son Milborne he said. I must now die, why must 
you die'? You have been but a Servant to us & further he declared 
I am a dying man & do declare before god & the world that what 
I have done was for king William & Queen Mary, for the defence 
of the protestant religion & the Good of the Country & therefore 1 
must die upon which I will receive Gods Judgment, and then he 
said, when this my skin shall be eaten through, with this my flesh 
shall I see God, my Eyes shall see him & no stranger, when the 
Hrndkerchief was put about his head, he said, I hope these my 


Eyes shall see our Lord Jesus Christ in Heaven I am ready. I am 

Of Jacob Milborne — 

He prayed for the King & Queen the Govenor & Council he 
pardoned the Judge that had condemned him Saying that the Lord 
would forgive him, he was ready to lay down this terrestral coat, 
being assured that hi» heavenly father would cloath him with a new 
one in the Kingdom of Heaven, then to M^ Levingston he said you 
have caused the King [that] I must now die. but before gods tribunal. 
I will implead you for the same, then to his father he said we are 
thoroughly wet with rain, but in a little while we shall be rained 
through with the Holy Spirit The sheriff asked him whether he 
would not Bless the King and Queen, he answered it is for the 
King & Queen I die & the protestant Religion to which I was Borne 
& Bred, I am ready I am ready, father into thy hands I recom- 
mend my soul — 

Mss. Note. — The Original i<kper of which the above is an copy was lent me 
by Mrs. Farmer, Daughter of Abram Gouverneur and the widow Milborne Sl 
Grand Daughter to Captain Jacob Leiiler. New York March— 1770. 


S'l — After my hearty Respects to yo^ Excelly I have Imbraced 
this Opportunity to acquaint you that on my arrival here I found 
this Province in very great Confusion & disorder Leisler & his 
Accomplices had made great provissions of all sorts after Majr 
Ingoldesby's arrival as if they were intended to hold out a long 
seige but the people faild him upon my arrival so that he was 
forct to surrender himselfe yr^fore notwithstanding he had denyed 
in the ffort three times after publication of their Matyes letters 
Patents Leisler and the principle of his Accomplices had their 
tryall at A speciall Court of Oyer and Termyner and were Con- 
demned I was much inclined to reprieve them untill his Matys 
pleasure were knowne but the diseases and troubles of this 
Government did urge me to Execute Leisler & Milbourn I have 
beggd their Matyes pardon for the rest which I hope they will 


grant and the Country is now quiet and in good order I am 
going for Albany to Confirme the Indians in their Allegiance and 
subjection to the Crown of Engl^ having been very much 
debauched by the ffrench during the late disorders here I would 
?p?.re yor Islands what provisions Wee can send having great 
Occasion for my seamen here therefore desire of you not to 
impresse them if they are not suffered to returne it will doe me 
a great hurt & put a stop to further supplyes of provisions from 
this place I have Commanded Capt Kidd for their Matys Especial 
service here but hope in few months he may be with you if his 
wife will let him I will Imbrace all opportuinityes to maintain 
Correspondence with yo"" Excellx and pray the like of you & to 
be cherished S^ 

Yo"" very humble servant 

Copy Letter to 
• • Coll Codrington 


S^ — The Inclosed narrative* will Inform you of the resistance 
made by Jacob Leisler and his associates to Major Ingoldsby and 
the Kings forces on the Govt's' arrivall here on y* I9th March last. 
Hee found the Coimtrey all In armes. Leisler with near 900 men 
in the fort fireing upon the town where he Idlled and woimded sev^ 
of the people after Hee had published his Commission, he sent 
Major Ingoldsby to demand surrender of the fort W^h -^^s flattly 
denyed, however Leisl'" sent on Stoll who knew the Gw^ in Eng- 
land to see if hee was really Come, upon his return to Leisler y^ 
Gov^ sent a second summons W^^ was Likewyse refused, and then 
Leisler sent two of his principall Councellors, Milbourne & Delanoy 
to Capitulate ^ w<=fa w** not bee admitted & they were ordered imme- 
diately to be secured, the nixt day he sent to demand the prisoners 
. 1 In the original draft of this Letter, Slonghter speaks in the first person sin- 
g^ular, as here — "On my arrivall," anil farther on " I found the Country" &c. 
The phraseology was afterwards altered; the governor is spoken of in the third 
person, and the letter is made a communication apparently from the council. 
The alterations are put in Italics. 2. <' Me,-' in the orig. draft. 3. " With mee," 
follows in the first draft. * See post. p. 391. 


but the Gov^ would not receive their Message resolveing to attacque 
the fort by Sea & Land, haveing ordered the man of warr to goe & 
Ly at y^ back of y*' fort, and" Major Ingoldsby to march w^^ the 
Kings forces to y® Fort gate and make a peremptory demand of a 
Surrender oywise would assault them — they then did admitt Major 
Ingoldsby to enter alone, who by the Govi^^ order required them 
I mediately to gromid their armes and march out of the fort, and 
they all Should be Pardoned except Leisler & his Councill who 
they readily forsook the Major thereupon Commanded the K^ forces 
to Enter and brought Leslier & his Councell. to the Gov ' at the Citty 
hall they being taken in actuall rebellion the Goif w^h advice of the 
Councill Committed them to prison & ordered a Commission of Oyer 
& Terminer to be Issued out for their Legall tryall where two were 
acquitted by their comitry viz: Delanoy & Edsall, six Convict by 
their Countrey, and two Leslier A, Millbourn Condemned as mute* 
by the advice of the Judges the Gov^ was Inclined to repreive them 
untill his Maj'y^ Pleasure should be Known, but the People were 
so much disturbed thereat, and the Councill & Assembly did repre- 
sent to Mm the great damage it would be to the K^ service, and a 
iliscouragem* to future Loyalty if the law was not Executed upon 
the principall actors w<=h for the public peace he was induced ^ to 
doe, and on y® 17th of May^ Lesleir & Millbourn were accordingly 
executed — haveing respited all the sentence saveing the hanging & 
Seperateing their heads from their bodys. 

1 " To me and the Cohncil," orig. draft. • This asterisk is in the MS. but 
without any corresponding reference. 2 "I was Constrained" — orig. draft. 
3 The 17th May 1691 was Sunday This date should therefore have been 16th. 
See Leisler'B petition for a Repreive, antea page 375. See also his dying speech. 


N Yorke July 6th, 1691 , 

My Lord — I have by oy'" opertunitys Kissed yo"" Ldships hands. 
This is by my good freind Capt" Phillips to acquaint yo' Ld shps 
that I have at Last reduced this Governm^ to its True Allegiance 
& have Executed Leisler & Millbourn two of Cheife rebells, the 
Assembly have Concurred with me in the Settling a revenue on 
their Maj'ys Service. I just returned from Albany the nearest 


part of this province to the French in Cannaila w<^h p]ase 1 found 
in great disorder but have also put it in a good postur secured our 
Indians who are our best bullwark against the french dissigns, I 
have also detached one hundred Christians who Joine -w^^ 300 
Maquas and river Indians under the Command of Major Schyler, 
who I have sent into Cannada & doubt not but to have a good 
ace* of them they being to be assisted by a Considerable force of 
y« Sennequa Indians who will, likewyse descend upon the Ennemy, 
and assault y™ at severall plases at once, we have a report that 
the french have rece<^ recruits att Cannada & Intend some action 
against Albany. I am now requiring some aid of our Nighbor 
Collonys to put that place m such Condition as may disapoint their 
dissigns. we have sev^' french privateers upon our Coast w^h have 
done some damage to N. England men. I have ordered Capt 
Hix to Cruise from y« Capes of Virginia to y« Capes of N. Eng- 
land to secure our Coast, I shall be glade to hear of yo'" Ldships 
Wellfare whose prosperity & success is heartily wished by 

Yo'' Ldshps 
Inchequin Most 


11 July 1691. 

S'' — I returned to this place from Albany on the 27*^ past 
where I left all things in a very good posture and with much 
difficulty have secured our Indians I found that place in great 
disorder the out Plantacons and Schenectady almost ruined and 
destroyed by the Enemyes during the time of the late Confusions 
here, I have garrisoned Schenectady and the half moon with 
some of the hundred fusileers raised by our Assembly for the 
defence of this frontier att Albany the Remainder with one of 
the Kings Companyes are passed att Albany. 

By the Indians Proposition herewith sent you you will perceive 
their sentiments and what apprehensions they have concerning 
yo"" Government and the rest of the Adjacent Colonyes and how 
far they think you obleiged (being in the same Chain of Covenant 
with them) to aid and assist us against the ffrench our Comon 
Enemy pursuant thereunto I have advised withe the Council who 


Joync with me and think it absolutely needfull for the security 
of this and all the other of their Majestyes Colonyes that there 
be garrisoned att Albany att least 500 men this winter whereof 
they consider it needfull that you assist us with One hundred 
& fifty as your proposicon according to Order of Council or 
Resolve this day now sent you I need not relate unto you of 
how great Import the p^servacon of this place is being the only 
biilwarke and safeguard of all their Majestyes Plantacons on the 
Maine of America and if for want of strength the fFrench 
should Assault and gain Albany how far your Government and all 
the English Colonyes on both sides of us would be endangered 
you can easily Judge for wee have nothing but that place that 
keeps our Indians steady with us and the losse of that might bee 
the losse of them and the losse of them might be the losse of 
all the kings Interest on this Continent I have alsoe upon the 
eceipt of the Inclosed letter from Justice Glenn and for the 
//venting of the Enemyes Descent upon us raised one hundred 
Christians more who with 300 Maquaes and river Indians under 
the Command of Major Shuyler did March to Canada the £2't» 
past to watch the Enemyes mo con and to Improve all oppt>rtu- 
nityes that presents for the surprizing and destroying them the 
Sumekaes having agreed to goe down Cadaraque River with a 
Considerable force and assault them at the same time which I 
doubt not but will have that effect and keep them in such Alarm 
that they may change their resolves of invading us at least divert 
them so long untill we be in a fitt posture of Defence / have 
applyed to our J^eighhours m JVew England for their Assistance but 
can have none soe cannot rely upon them tho' they were forward 
enough to help the late usurper by which it may be easily conceived 
how far they are affected to their Matyes Interest and how much 
this place is endangered if we have not a present and suitable 
supply from you ^ others of our Neighbours Westward The 
Council doth likewise joyne with me and think fitt that you 
communicate some reasons to Concert with me and oy"" Commisoners 
from Virginia Maryland Penns'^ & the Jerseyes of proper means 
and methods for the securing this and their Matyes other Planta- 
cons on the Maine and the suppressing the Enemy and alsoe to 


ugree to a Certaine fund to be levyed amongst us all in proportion 
for ihe raising and paying of men during this warr that if possible 
the memory of the ffrench might be rooted out of America ail which 
by a hearty union amongst our selves and noe [due?] deliberation 
may be easily Effected I doubt not but you are very sensible of 
the many branches that have been lopped off from this Governm(>nt 
in the late Reignes and that is now confined to a gTeat narrownesse 
having only Hudsons River & Long Island for the bounds and 
notwithstanding of the great harrasse waste and ruin that has attended 
them in the late usurpacon yet in their Assembly they have given 
signall demonstracon of great loyalty and true affection to their 
Matyts havuig Establised a Revenue as formerly and raised 20C0je 
for the pay of 100 fusileers and the paying and fitting out the late 
Expedition will cost 2000£ more so that the Charge of this poor 
Province will Exceed lOOOOoG p annum which far Exceeds their 
ability and will alsoe fall short of what is needfull to preserve it and 
how far you are concerned in its prservacon need not be repeated 
for that I hope I shall have y' Effectuall answer which will be great 
service to the Crowne and the only security to us all Since the 
promisses I have rece^ fresh Intelhgence concerning the arrivall of 
recruits in Canada as is fully related in the duplicates of the Letters 
& examinations sent you so that ther is now no time for delay but 
doe expect that you will forthwith send us yo^" quota of 150 men 
Compleatly armed & provided for the reinforcement of Albany, 
w'=h is now in eminent danger the french spyes having killed two 
men that were mowing of hay at Quenestiago within 7 miles of 
Albany — I now send this Messenger express to urge yo^ despatch 
of this matter our circumstance not admitting delays and if any 
failure on yo^" parts, must ly at yo"" doors, and the king fully ac- 
quainted with it, I shall as oportunity presents accquainte you from 
time to time with what occurres, and do expect you will put yo>" 
whole Governm* id such a posture that may be ready to march 
against the French our Comon Ennemy if any Invasion should 


to Virginia Maryland 

Peraisi'a- W. Jersey & Connectietft 

nth July 1691 

VOL. II. 25 



NYorke July 29th 1691 
May it Pleas yo'^ Ldshps — On y® 25 'h Instant Coll Sloughter 
our Late Gov^ was seized with sudden death, whereupon pursuant 
to their Majtys Letters pattents we did unanimously declare Major 
Ilich^l Ingoldsby to be Commander in Chiefe untill their Majtys 
Pleasure should be further known and on y« 27th Curt he was 
sworn to Execute the powers & Authorityes Contained in their 
Majtys Letters pattents his Excelly the Late Gov'" on his arrivall 
here found this Countrey in great disorder Lesleir Millbourn & 
oyrs who had usurped the Governm* having grievously opressed 
the best sort of the Inhabitants, were so hardened in their wicked- 
ness that they would not admitt Major Ingoldesby who arrived 
w**» their Matys forces & stores into the Fort, but on the contrary 
Issued out proclamations of warr against him fires upon the Citty 
Killed sev=iii of the [Kings] subjects the pticulars whereof we more 
fully related in the narrative sent to Mf Blaithwaite On y^ IQ^i^ of 
March his Excelly Arrived published their Majtys Letters pattents 
and Commanded a surrender of the fort w^h was sev^i times 
denyed at last they proposed a Capitulation w^h his Excell'^y 
refused and seized upon Millbourn & delanoy who were the 
Messengers the next day the fort was surrendered Lesleir and his 
Councellors Committed to prison being taken in Actuall rebellion, 
a Commission of oyer & terminer was Issued for their Legall 
tryall, where the two principall Acters Lesleir & Millbourn were 
Condemned as mute ; six convict by their Country and two 
cleared. On y® 17^^ May the Mutes were Executed the rest 
repreived untill their Majtys pleasure were known on ye Q^h of 
Aprill his Excell^y mett the assembly who Chose their Speaker 
and did agree wt^ his ExcelP^ in many things for their Majtys 
service the Laws made are now transmitted to M'" Blaithwaite for 
their Majtys aprobatione The assembly did then adress their 
Majtys wh the State of this pro-j^ince w^h w^e have now farther 
presumed to doe, in a more pticular manner, & humbly beg y'" 
Ldships favour therein, there being nothing requested but Accord- 
ing to the best of our Experience & understandings, is of absolute 


necessity for their Majtys dignity and advantage and the security 
of their subjects here, all w^h is humbly submitted unto j^ Ldshps, 
liis Excell'^y had no sooner settle affairs here but he went to x4.1bany 
witli scv^i Genthnen of the Councill, where he met the Indians 
and notwithstanding of the strong endeavors of the french hath 
so fixed them, that we have cause to believe they will prove con- 
stant to us, the french are very active, his Excell^y viewed 
Schenectidy y« half moon & Sev" o^ out places where he found 
them in a sad and miserable condition occasioned by the Late 
troubles and the french who had desended vpon them burnt Schen- 
ectidy Si. had killed & taktn sev^i Inhabitants he has guarisoned 
Schenectity & the half moon, and upon the reports he heard of 
recruits arrived in Cannada, and of 900 Cannoes making at Mont- 
royall with dessign to Come & take Albany he fitted out 130 
Christians and 300 Maquas & river Indians imder y« Command 
of Major Schyler who went into Canada on y^ 25 th past and were 
to meet thereabout 500 Senequas who promised to go down Cada- 
raqua river unto them we hope they may doe some service or at 
Lest devert their Invasion untill we bee in a beter posture of 
defence having wrote sev^i Letters to the neighbouring Colonys for 
their assistance Connecticut Rhod Island & y^ Massachusetsflattly 
deny us and will not afford us relief we Expect better from Virginia 
& Maryland — there being an absolute necessity of guarisoning 
Albany w^h at lest 500 men for this province as now Limitted 
impossible to raise or mantain y™ yet that Post of so great Import, 
that if it be not preserved, will endanger the loss of all their 
Majtys Collonys on this Continent being the only defence & security 
of them all, we therfore pray yourLordshps to Consider the present 
state of this province who has groaned under unsiportable pressures 
ever since that unhappy union with bosten in the late reign the 
governm' then being so large an extent and the means of Convey- 
ing Intelligence so difcult & tedious that on end of the dominion 
might have been destroyed before the other could have notice of 
it, besides they have so since so poysoned thos western parts with 
their seditious and antimonarchical principles who formerly were 
all signall for their good affection to the monarchy that all the 
Miseries that has since attended this province is only to be attributed 


to that miserable union, In the adress now sent unto their Majty^ 
your Ldshps will perceive, that those Collonys formerly under on 
head & governm^ and wer desired to be reunited has this advantadge 
besides all the oy" occrueing to their Majtys that this place y« seat 
of the Gov^m^ is in the center of the whole & Schenectada w^h is 
the Extremest part of the whole will not ex( eed 160 miles so that 
in two or 3 days we can be advised & give i eleife to any part in a 
short time 


[ante. p. 55.] 

The matter alleadged therein seemes verry wide of the truth 
because Cap* Nicholson & others then of the Councill appoynted by 
Authorty of the Crowne, in the month of March long before any 
knowledge of the late happy Revolucon had taken care for the pro- 
viding matterialls for repairing of the ffort & garrison at New Yorke 
And ye Citty Fortifications were divided uito equall shares according 
to ye number of the militia Companyes in y^ Citty who were allotted 
to linish y'^ shares but it was very remarkable that every Company 
in y^ Town had Compleated their shares of y^ fortifications Except 
Capt Leislers Company who did not finish till about 3 or 4 weeks 
after that he had seized y« ffort to himselfe and when they the s^ 
Leisler & his Complices had seized their Matys fortresse & stores 
under Colour & p^'tence of their Matys service they were applyed 
to their own defence nor does it appear by any words or Accons of 
Cap* Nicholson during his abode here that he had any dislike to the 
s*^ revolution or the least dissatisfaccon to y'" p'^sent Matys persons 
Government or interest. 

ffor the greater quiet & satisfacon of the people the s^ Cap* 
Nicholson admitted Detachments of the Citty Militia & desired the 
assistance of the severall Countyes of the Province as well for tlieir 
Councill & advice as the comon defence to Watch & ward in 
the ffort which gave occacon to Cap* Leisler & others his abettors 
all men of meane birth sordid Educacon & desperate ffortunes by 
inflaming the people wi'ui idle and hnprobablc stories & false sug- 
gestions whilst Cr.p* Nicholson & others of the Councill assisted 


with the Mayor & Aldermen of the City & Mihtia Officers of the 
provmce all Protestants & principall ffreholders were Consulting att 
(he City Hall for the peace & preservacon of the Country to expell 
the garrison force the keys from Cap' Nicholson & assumed this 
military power over their Maj*'®^ subjects of this province w^hich 
poynt being so far gayned the lesser & meaner part of the people 
being overawed by the strength of the ffort were easily induced to 
choose such a Comitte as they were directed for the Confirmacon of 
the accons of the s^ Leysler & others his followers. 

The Gentlemen of the former Councill Mayor & aldermen of the 
Citty were not made acquainted with any order or proclamacon fFor 
proclaiming their Maj*'*^^ in this province but on the Contrary upon 
Riunor of such orders being come to the Towne they sent to Leysler 
& others to enquire of the truth but could have no certaine intelli- 
gence from them and what avercon possibly could be disco- 
vered in those persons to their Majties prosperity & accession to the 
throne their letter to the Secretary of State upon the first newes of 
the Revolucon their Educacon & constancy in the profession of the 
protestant Religion & Continuall affection to the Enghsh Crowne may 
sufficiently evince & the Journalls of their proceedings in those times 
apparently declare. 

The Mayor & Aldermen were not suspended but remayned until! 
the usuall time of election, nor did any of the persons confined in 
any manner oppose their Majties interest or the revolucon but were 
all of them of the protestant Rehgion well affected to their Majt'«« 
persons & Governm* & the Empire of the English Crowne in these 

The Inhabitants of the Province werre farr from understanding 
his Majt' s letter to be directed for Capt Leisler or that any powers 
or authorityes therein Contained were given to him the Letters wAs 
not openly comunicated but when diverse of their Majt'^s gQ^^ 
and faithfull protestant Leige Subjects principall ffreeholders of the 
province desired of Cap* Leysler who had surreptitiously got the 
same into his own hands that they might either have a Coppy or 
heare the same read that they might pay all duty and obedience to 
their Majt'^s Orders accordingly they were not only denyed the 
same but dismissed with menaces contempt & rude language. 

Noe Reluctance or Resistance in the least was ever shewne or 


oflfered to their Maj''*'^ Governmt in the province but it was 
received with a hearty & Unanimous Consent & general joy & 
gladness & the only Opposicon that ever w^as iLade was against 
the manifest irraconal & inlollerable violence & oppression of 
Jacob Leisler & his faction whose Religion before those times was 
as unaccomptable & obscure as their birth & fortunes by whose 
occasion the Ruines of Scanechtadae & other depredations of the 
fFrench & Indians happened & unto whom the same is wholly 

Severall of their Majti^^ Protestant Leige Subjects being without 
any reason kept strict prisoners in the ffort to the regret & amaze- 
ment of the greatest part of the Inhabitants of the Province some 
of the most Considerable persons in a modest & peaceable maner 
without anyarmes whatsoever applyed themselves to Cap* Leysler 
& Civilly desired the prisoners might be delivered upon Baile but 
were disturbed by Leyslers son who came runing upon them with 
a drawne Sword & diverse other armed men whereupon sundry of 
their Maj*'^^ good Subjects were seized imprisoned & without any 
course or Solemnity of Law fined & kept in durance during the 
will & pleasure of the s^ Leysler & his Companions. 

Concerning the Quartering & insolence of the Country People 
in the Citty of New Yorke the truth is verry much abused for 
they were all called in by Leislers Comand & Quartered by his 
Orders & the abuses & Robberyes by them Committed were 
notorious & Exceeding greivous to their Maj^ies good subjects. 

The Notion of a Dutch Plott cannot be applicable to Leysler 
& his adherents the much greater part of Albany which wholly 
Consists of dutch people & all y^ men of best repute for Religion 
Estates & Integrity of the dutch Nacon throughout the whole 
Province having alwayes been manifestly against Leysler & his 
Society in all their illegall & Irregular proceedings. 


Answer to y« 

%* Bayard & Nicolls were the authors of this, & the following papers^ the date 
Oi which is 27. April 1691. 



I find that Jacob Leislaer a man of disporate fortune ambitiously 
did assume unto himselfe the title of Liev governour of tjiis 
provins of new Yorke and Chose a Council of the meanest and 
most abject Common people made to himselfe a broad seale 
which he called the seale of the province with the usual armes 
of the kings of englandt and affixed the same to some unlawful 
grants of lands within this province and Commissionated under 
the same Justices of the pease in whose hearts were mischiefs he 
Constituted Courts of oyer and terminer and tryed severall subjects 
for pretended treason muither and other Crimes he taxed and levyed 
mony upon their majestie Subjects to their grievous oppression 
and great Impoverishment When he wanted more mony for his 
occasions he forcibly robbed and spoiled broake open doors and 
locks where he guessed it was to be found and Caryed away to 
the value of some thousands of pounds in mony or goods and all 
this against the best protestant subjects in the province He 
imprisoned whom he feared without any other Cause than that 
their integritie to the protestant interest and fidelyty to their 
Majesties became a terrour to him some of them after tedious 
Confinement without Colour of law he Whipt & branded and some 
he kept Induresse so long as he hould the fFortt 

Upon the news of Maj"^ Ingoldsbys arrivall w^ith their Matys 
forces under his Command the said Leisler fortifyed and recruited 
himselfe in the fort with such persons as wal from the neighbouring 
Colonyes as in this province who were knowne to be of principles 
Contrary to the Intrest of the Crown when the Major Came to 
New Yorcke he made great preparations as if he were to hold out 
a long siege and night and day was taking in flower beefe porke 
&c: in great quantytyes notwithstanding the Maj"" and the rest of 
flie gent' Commissionated from their Matyes gave him that satisfac- 
con to show their Commisions and tell him that governour Sloughter 
was upon his way Coming hither that they were Come hither to 
defend and protect the Country and that he would lodge his men 
in the tovme and suffer him to hold the fort till the governours 
arrivall this did not answer his ends his Inpatience became the 


greater he sent out his Incendiaryes all over the Country an.l 
neighbouring Colonys to bring in ayd att length fired upon the 
Maj""* Rounds and toock three of them prisoners and att last 
d«clurcd open Warr against the Major and all that would adhere 
unto hiin and discovered as black and desperate disignes as can be 
thought upon gave orders to the blockhouse a fortification att the 
opposite Corner of the Citty where he had a strong garrison Com- 
manded imder liim by one of his Liev^^ brasier to suffer no Soldiers 
nor others whatsoever to appear armed before the same and if 
otherwise to fire att them said he would doe the same from the 
fortt and att length contrived to sally out upon the towme and kill 
all that should be found in the streets or elsewhere in arms and 
accordingly orders and a signe was given to the blockhouse he shott 
a Carman throw the shoulder being in sight of the fort with his 
Cart loaded and Refusing to Cary his load thither and killd the 
Carmans horse fired great gunns throw severall houses of the Citty 
particularly throw the house where he under stood their Matyes 
Soldiers and Amniccon was lodged killed one Josiah browne an old 
goldier one negroc and wounded a gicat many subjectt in the streets 
he had 16 or 17 bulletts in the fire Redhott to fire the town withall 
and had not the guilty Consciences of his weak followers smott 
them upon the governours arrivall (if he Could have effected it) 
he had Cutt of not only their Maties souldiers but every one that 
were assisting them in their defence the noyse and shouting that 
followed upon the Governo"^ landing being come in the pinnace by 
the back side of nutten Island made the hearts of his followers to 
devide. he three times denyed to surrender the fort to the Goveiv 
nour but att laest a Convussion falling upon his followers he was 
forced with his Secry Milbourne and others of desperate intentions 
to surrender themselves and become prisoners leisler and Milbourne 
did shew great stubbornesse upon their arraignment and were Mute 
Where upon they were Condemned many of the people of this 
province have been debauched with strange principles and tenetts 
Concernmg goverment and are not easily to be rooted out new 
england hath had a great shere in these trouble & in poysoning of 
this people many here of Considerable fortune and kno\\-ne integrity 
to the Crown of england whose lives and fortunes have almost been 


Ship wracht are uneasy thinking it Will never afterwards be safe 
for them to live in this province nor can their lives or fortunes ever 
be secure if such men doe survive to head an ignorant Mobile here 
upon occasion, and if some Example be not made of such Criminalls 
to future generacons especially they having Committed barefaced 
and open Rebellion against their Maties authoryty here published 
and declared and his officers and souldier sent immediately from 
ther Majesties Their Government can never be safe in these 

A Narrative in answer 

to their Matyes Let' of 

Leisler &c 

Nicholas Bayard liereby enters his Claime and demand in the 

Secretarie's office against the Undernamed persons for the Severall 

dammages by him Sustained in the times of the late rebellion & 

disorders within this Province viz* 

Imp^ Sot the ffals Imprisonm^ of the s*^ Bayard during the space 
of 14 Months to the dammage of him the s*^ Bayard jESOOO. 
by the hands & means of 

Peter Lanoy Abram Mol 

Samuel Staets Cornells Bulsing 

Samuel Edsal Joost Carelsen 

Hendrick Van Veurden Jeremias Jansen 

Benjamin Blagge Johannes Mortier 

Jan Hendrickx d'Bruyn Johan Markener 

Jacob Mourits Poulus Turcq 

Jan Spratt Jan van G elder 

W™ Churcher Herry Breser 

Arent ffredrix Jan Willemsen Roomer 

Item Sot the several assaults forces Wrongs Spoils & Injuries don« 
perpetrated & Committed in the house and uppon the 
Estate of the s^ Bayard to the dammage of him the s^ 
Bayard ^6200 by the undernamed persons viz* 


Jan Bribout Mattys Cornelisen Dirck ten Eyck 

Willem Tyssen Jan Bennet Johannes van Giesen 

Joris Martensen Arien Willemsen Govert Hollar 

Jacob Jorisen Johannes Tiebout Jurian Nagel 

Jacobus Cock 
Dated In New Yorke this 7'^ of Sepf 1691. 

N. Bayard. 

The Comprizing Bill of the whole charges in the Quarter 
ending the 25'^ Decemb 1691 

fibrfeitures of Delinquents Discounted for by Tho, 
Codrington high Sheriff of the City and County of 
New York 
Levyed from peter Jacob Maiius & Evert Deykin,. ... 85 10 

Levyed from Rip Van Dam 47 10 

from Jacob Morris 76 

from John Provost 47 10 

from Hend: Jansen Van Worden 50 

306 10 
Comprizing Bill of the Whole Charge arising out of the pro- 
duce of the Revenue in this Quarter ended Michel^ 1692. 
ffines & fforfeitures. 
Leveyed from Johannes Provoost by Thomas ^ 

Coddrington Esq. High Sheriff of the City V 45 .00.00 
& County of New York y 

Extracted out of the auditted ace* of 
the Revenue 

p me 

B CozzENS Clk ConcilTi 


New Yorke 

To the Right Honi^ie Maj"- Richard Ingoldsby Esq"- Gou'' & 
ye Hon^ifi Councill for this Prouince of New Yorke &" 
. The Petition: of Else Leisler Widdow of Jacob Leisler. 
Most Humbly Sheweth 

That yo"" Distressed: petition"" Some time Since: received 


Information: by y® high Shrife of this City and County, that, yo' 
petitioner Should remaine in Possession: of the Estates of her. 
Late Husband: Vntill their Maj*'^ pleasure Should be Knowne. 

And Whereas y^bookes: of acc^ts &c &,boat belonging to. Said. 
Estate, are in youer honnor^"s Custodes as also Sume. part: of y* 
Said Estate in the County, of Suffolk being Seized, by. the. high: 
Shrife of Said County & yo"" petinor being Deslitued. of. any 
Maenes. for. y® Support of her Selfe & distressed family: for the 
approaching Winter^ 

Yo^ Honn^s Petitioner therefore Most [humbly craves 
your Hono'^^] consideracon &that your Honno" would 
Mercifully be pleased to cause y** s'^ bookes & papers 
and boat to be delivered unto yo*" peticone"" as allso that 
those goods Sized in Suffolk County may be discharged 
that So yo"" petition'" May rep her benefit of y^ Same. — 
And yo^ Peticon^ras in duty bound Shall most humbly Pray &c: 

Elsie Leisler 


Bartholemew Le Roux hereby enters his Claime and Demand 
in the Secretarys office Against the undernamed Persons for the 
damage by him sustained in the Times of the Late Rebellion and 
Disorders Within this Province Viz* for the sume of Twelve 
Pounds & Ten Shillings for five Barrells of Porke taken from 
him by the Undermentioned Partyes Viz' 

Nicholas Blanck 
Urian Nagell 
William Churcher 
Dated at New York this 7th of 7ber 1691. 

Barth: Le Roux 

To the Honorable Majoi" Richard Ingoldsby esq. Comandr 

in Chiefe of their Majt'^s Province of New York &c And 

to the Hono^'able Coimcill 

The humble Peticon of John Jeronison Thomas Morgan Lawrence 

Johnson John Peterson and Dirick Crews Chauck PalUon and 

John Bedine 

Humbly Shweth vmto y"" hono^ that in the late revolution of Gov- 


ermncnt vnder Jacob Leysler the said Leysler sent [your petitioners 
freeholders] of Staten Island to comand some of the Inhabitants 
thereon to Assist one Johannis Burger vSergeant of the fort vnder 
Leyslers Comand to goe to Elizabeth Towne to secure and seize on 
some porke then belonging to M'^ plowman late Collector of New 
Yorke, vnder the pretence of the said Collector being considerably 
Indebted to the King And was Absented you^" pet^'^ Amongst 
severall others was Comanded to goe who out of true zeal for their 
Maj^'^s service did goe to Elizabeth Towne ,with the said Burger 
and others who did their seize About fifty barrells of Beefe and 
porke the which belonged to the said plowman and was brought here 
to new yorke and delivered to said Leysler, as yo"^ pet^'s are Informed 
did Imploy the same for the service of the Souldiers then at Albany, 
for the security of their Majt'^s Subjects there Against the ffrencb, 
Yet soe it is may it please yo*" honors that yo'' pefs perticulerly are 
now sued by the 'said plowman for the said Provisions at the next 
Court of Sessions at Staten Island Contrary to the true meaning of 
the proclamation Issued out by his late Excellency Collon^i Slaughter 
and y® Assembly yo^" pet^^ Judging it very hard that they Alone 
i'^ould be forced to bare the burthen of it when soe many others 
■were concerned And the whole Country received the benefitt of it 

you'' [pefs] humbly prayes yo^ hon^^ consideration in the 
premises And that yo'" honor's will order the said action to 
cease till the time lymited in tlie proclamacon be expired, 
And in the meane time to Consider some way to ease yo' 
peti"s from the whole burthen thereof, by ordering sattisfaction 
to be made to the said plowman by the publique or by 
Allotting each person that was concerned therein to pay 
their E quail proporceons of the same And yo^ pefs in Dv* 
bound will ever pray &,c* 

Petition of the Persons on Staten Island Claimed ags* & P: 
sented by 




Aprill 19*^ 1693. Apolonia Welch reports that an Indian who 
gives himselfe the name of Cap"^ Billop Sunday the 16'ii instant 
Declared that the number of 350 Indians of Hagen Sack and 
Tapan would make war against Newyorke for the blood of 
Leisler that nothing but a sume of money should make satisfac- 
con that when his Excelly went for Philadelphia the action will 
beginn and that the Indian was sober when he spoake these 
words and further says that as the Govern"' passed her mothers 
house in his coach in the time of this discourse she told him there 
was the man they were talking of commending His Excelly for a 
brave man the Indian said it would then be the better for him and 
that notwithstanding his horses two would be sufficient to dispatch 

And further saith That another Indian came in whom he saluted 
by the name of Captain Busch who asked him why he did play 
the fool to tell what they had designed and took him by the hand 
and conveyed him away And that on Tuesday the IS^h in the 
morning another Indian came in to her mothers house to whom 
her mother said what had passed on Sunday the 16'ii that the 
Indians were to make warr with the English he replyed it was 
true but they would not doe any harm to her. 

John Peterson of New York in America Carpenter, Aged forty 
three years, or thereabouts make oath, that he this deponent on or 
about the one & thirtieth day of May Anno 1689 was at New 
York aforesaid, when the revolution happened there, & this depo- 
nent did then observe most part of the Inhabitants take Arms, & 
possessed themselves of the fort or Citadell & did thereupon 
declare for his then Royal highness the Prince of Orange (now 
our gracious Sovereign) & the defence of the protestants Religion, 
& having Seized the said fort as aforesaid — the Said Inhabitants 
did send to the Captains of the Militia requiring them to repair 
iato the said fort, to Exercise their several commands «& this 


deponent further Say that Capt Charles Lodwick, one of the Said 
Militia Captains had the first Command of the guard after the 
Seizure of the said fort by the inhabitants & that the other Militia 
Captains did amount the said guards by turns amongst whom 
Capt Jacob Leisler deceased did duty in his turn, & this deponent 
further saith that on or ab* the tenth of June following, the said 
Captain Leisler having then the Guard of the said fort the happy 
news of their Majesties accession to the throne arrived' at New 
York whereupon the said Captain Leisler as this deponent has 
been credibly informed & believes did proclaim their Majesties 
King William & Queen Mary with the Consent & approbation of 
the greater part of the inhabitants who assisted at the same & 
further Saith that about a month after a Committee of the 
representatives of the said Province in the nalure of a General! 
Assembly was held in the said City of New York to Consider & 
provide for the security of the said province till their Majesties 
pleasure was Known who thereupon did appoint the said Captain 
Leisler to be a Commander of the said fort (Captain Francis 
Nicholson, the late Deputy Governor being before that time 
departed out of the said Province) & the said Captain Leisler 
immediately, fortified the said fort & City which before was very 
Runious & uncapable to make defence & destitute of ammunition 
& this deponent further Saith that disturbances happening in the 
Town of Albany w^hich is a frontier towards the french Colony, 
the said Captain Leisler did provide & Send men Arms & other 
Necessaries for the defence thereof & this deponent Saith that the 
Said G^i Committee being reassembled about the Month of August 
following & finding it necessary for their Majesties Service & the 
Safety of the said province to have a Commander in Chief, the 
said Committee did elect & Authorize the said Cap* Leisler to be 
a Commander in Chief of the said province till further orders from 
their Majesties — & the said Captain Leisler was acknowledged as 
such by the inhabitants & did Administer the Government with 
great Prudence & Conduct for the service of their Majesties & the 
good & Satisfaction, of the people & this Deponent further Saith, 
that the french having invaded the North part of the said Province 
& Burned, Schanecktade, being a large town Killing a great many 


people & taking Several Prisoners. this deponent & about a 
hundred & Thirty other persons were Commanded by the said 
Cap* Lfisler, to March to their relief being about one hundred & 
forty English Miles in which Service he continued about seven 
months & by the order of the said Capt" Leisler they did fortify 
the said Town of Albany & otherwise provided for the security of 
these parts after which this deponent returned to New York being 
relieved by other Soldiers who were sent to Albany by the said 
Captain Leisler & this deponent further Saith that the said Cap^ 
Leisler did Exercise. & Command in Chief of the Said Province 
& was so owned by the people from the said month of August 
1689, till the latter end of January 1690 when Captain Richard 
Ingoldesby arrived with some Soldiers at New York who as this 
deponent was informed did demand the possession of the said 
fort & Government, & this deponent saith, that he being in the 
block house, with about an hundred others for the defence thereof 
this deponent did see one great Gun, & was informed & beheves, 
there were Two other great Guns planted against the said Block 
house by the said Capt^ Ingoldesby & his party & Saith that the 
said Block House was several times Summoned to surrender to 
the said Ingoldesby & Shortly after did Surrender to him accord- 
ingly the burgers being to have Arms which however were after 
taken from them & more saith not — 

Signed John Pieterson. 
Jurat 19. Febri 1691 
Coram me Magro Cancell 
Signed S. Keck, 

John Vessells of the province of New York in America Chirur- 
gion Aged two & twenty years or there about Maketh Oath, That 
he this deponent was present at new York on or about the one & 
thirtieth day of May Anno Dom 1689 when the revolution happened 
some time before which news came that the Prince of Orange was 
Landed with an Army in England & that a revolution had been 
Made in New England & other places, whereupon a Great number 
of the Inhabitants on the east end of Long Island & other places 
of the province of New York, did Assemble together, & Sent five 
of their Captains to the City of New York requiring the mhabitants 


thereof to lake possession of & Secure the fort, the same being 
the Strenth of the Country, but at this time very ruinous & incapable 
of defence & unfurnished with ammunitions & Stores & this deponent 
Saith that Some few days after the comraing of the said Captains 
from Long Island, the people of New York being under greater 
Apprehensions of danger they did unanimously except not above 
twenty persons some of whom were papists seize & take possession 
of the said fort the deputy govenor being at that time in the City 
at a Tavern & Said that at the Seizuig of the Said Fort Several 
officers of the militia did Join & assist therein particular Captain 
Lodwick & Captain De Peister&that this deponent did see several 
of these inhabitants require Captain Jacob Leisler to require into 
the said fort most of his Company of Soldiers being interred before. 
& this deponent Saith that the said Captain Lodwick by order of 
the inhabitants, did fetch the keys of the fort from the said Deputy 
Governor, who Afterwards departed.out of the said province & the 
Captains of the Militia Did in their turns, keep guard in the said 
fort & City & this deponent saith that Shortly after the said Captain 
Jacob Leisler having the Command of the said Guards in his turn, 
the happy intelligence of their Majesties accession to the Crown 
arrived whereupon the said Cap*^ Leisler did proclaim their Majes- 
ties King William & Queen Mary in the Accustomed places in 
the said City & in several other parts of the said Province, with 
all the Solemnity usual & this deponent saitli that upon the advice 
& direction of the officers & principal inhabitants a general Com- 
mittee or Assembly of the representatives of the said province was 
summoned & did meet the month of Jime in the Year 1689 
aforesaid, who amongst other provisions for the safety of the 
Country did Appoint the said Captain Leisler to be Captain & 
Commander of the said fort till further order from their Majesties, 
& accordingly the said Capt. Leisler took possession thereof & 
did very well fortify the said fort & City & provided ammunition 
& Stores & further saith that sometimes after the said Committee 
being met again & fmding it necessary for their Majesties Service 
& defence of the said Province to have a Commander in Chief 
thereof did Elect & Commissionate the said Captain Leisler to be 
a Commander in Chief till orders come from their Majesties, & 


the said Captain Leisler did -Act accordingly & was owned to be 
Commander in Chief by all the inhabitants both of the City & 
Country, Except Some who were disaffected & had opposod the 
revolution & further salth that about the tenth of December 
following a Messinger arrived with a letter from his Majesty 
directed to Francis Nicholson Esqr & in his absence to such as 
for the time being take care for preserving the peace & administring 
the laws of the said province of New York long before which the 
said Captain Nicholson was departed & the said Captain Leisler 
had the government without the opposition of any others but 
upon the Comming of the said Letters, this deponant Saith M' 
Frederick Vlypson & Stephanus Van Courtlandt did demand the 
same as having been Members of the said Captain Nicholson's 
Council, but the said Messinger & the said M"^ Flypson & Van 
Courtlandt went next day to the Said Captain Leisler in the fort 
Amongst whom it was debated to whom the said letter did properly 
belong & ought to be delivered, whereupon the said Messenger 
did deliver the Said letter to the said Captain Liesler who after- 
wards caused the same to be published in the City & was thereupon 
with general Applause again acknowledged by the people to be 
commander in Chief, after which this deponent being Absent from 
the said Province, did not return there again till the Month of 
May last when Capt^ Leisler M^ Milborne & Six Others were 
in prison under the sentence of Death for some pretended Murder 
& treason & this deponent did Afterwards see the said Captain 
Leisler & M^ Milborne put to Death Accordingly. & this Deponent 
saith that the Said Captain Leisler upon the proclamation of their 
Majesties did Cause the inhabitants, to take the Oaths of allegince 
to King William & Queen Mary, this deponent then taking the 
same himself — & that the said Captain Leisler, before the said 
revolution was a Merchant of a very good Estate both real & 
personal & had very great dealings & during his government did 
Expend great sums of his own Money for their Majesties Service 
& the defence of The province, & further doth not depose — 

Jurat 19 Feby. 1691 coram me 

Mag-ro Cancell S. Keck 

Signed Johannes Wessells 
VOL. 11. 26 


Robert Sinclair of the Citty of New York in a merica Com- 
mander of the Ship Resolution uaketh oath, that he this deponent, 
hath been an Inhabitant of the Said City about nine Years and 
upwards, of three Years since he went a Voyage from thence to 
Jamaica & returned to New York about the Beginning of March 
16S9, wlien Captain Leisler was in possession of the fort & 
government of the said province, as Lieu^Govenor & Commander 
in Chief, & was Acknowledged as such by the generallity of the 
People, & Saith that this deponent found the said City & fort 
well fortified which was done, as this deponent was informed & 
beleives by the said Captain Leisler — The fortifications of the 
said City when this deponent went to Jamaica being runious & 
uncapable of defence to the best of his Judgment & further Saith 
that the said Captain Leisler at Several times did send Soldiers 
& Ammunitions & provisions, for the defence of Albany & the 
Northern part of the Country against the french who had invaded 
the same & burnt the town of Schanhectade & Killed great 
numbers of People & taken many prisoners & done many other 
great Mischief as this deponent was informed &, verily beleives, 
& also saith that there came an account of New Yorke, that 
french Privateers had arrived at Block Island & had taken & 
plundered the same Whereupon the said Captain Leisler imme- 
diately did fit out five Vessels well provided with men guns 
ammunition & provisions & in three days time sent them to find 
out and fight the french privateers. This Deponent being Master 
of the Admiral in the said Service, & Saith that the Said Captain 
Leisler to the best of this deponents observations did upon that 
& other Occasions, act the most that he could for the Interest 
of their Majesties King William & Queen Mary & the Security 
of the Country & also Saith. whilst this deponent continued in 
New York there was a general Assembly held of the representa- 
tives of the Province who made several Publick Acts & did grant 
a tax to their Majesties of three pence in the pound of all 
Estates, both real & personal, & the said assembly did likewise 
own the government & authority of the Said Captain Leisler till 
further orders from the King, & Saith that being a want of Stores 
&, necessaries provisions for the Soldiers, who were sent against 


the French & the Said Captain Leisler net having money of the 
Kings To Supply the same as this deponent beleives he was 
necessitated to press & take divers Quantities of several Sorts of 
Goods from many of the inhabitants & in particular between 
fifteen & Twenty pounds worth of linen & wollon from this 
deponent for the use aforesaid for which this deponent has a 
receipt given him on the Kings Account by M*" Peter De la Nov 
their Majistics collector who also told this deponent there was 
credit given for the Value of Such goods in the Kings Book & 
that the same should be repaid when the Kings revenue came in, 
& this deponent doth in his conscience believe that the goods so 
taken were really employed in their Majesties Service. & not 
converted to the private Benefit of the said Captain Leisler & 
also saith that he did knew Ma the w Pluman formerly collector at 
New York who was turned out for being professed Papists during 
whose Collectorship the said Captain Leisler had a Ship with some 
Vines arrived at New York who did Acquaint this deponent, that 
he had made an Entry of Said Vines in the Custom House & that 
some days after the said Entry was returned back to him by the 
said Pluman & Saith that he was informed that there were not 
above an hundred Pipes of wine in the said Vessel the Custom 
whereof came to forty Shillings per pipe but whether there were 
so many pipes of Wine, or how many of them were Captain 
Leisler' s this deponent Knoweth not & further saith that about the 
Month of September Nno 1690 Captain William Mason & Captain 
Francis Goderis by virtue of a Commission from Captain Leisler, 
did take & Seize from the Subjects of the french King Six Ships 
which they brought into the fort of New York were they were 
condemned upon full Evidence as lawfull prizes in a Court of 
Admiralty. When this deponent was a commissioner & after- 
wards the said Ship was sold at a publick Vendue to the highest 
bidder & this deponest Saith that Captain Jacob Mawritz did 
Buy one of the said Ships Called the S* Pierre & afterwards 
the Francis & since the Beaver for which he gave Five hundred 
pounds as this deponent has been informed & believes and 
afierwards this deponent did very often see the Said Ship in 
the possession of the said Captain Mauritz who repaired the 


same & loaded Tobacco & Log wood in her & was bound for 
England & Holland as was expressed in his bill set up in the usual 
Place, but after tlie arrival of Co^ Sloughter to New York the Said 
Sliips, & the Ship whereof this deponent is Commander which was 
afterwards taken from the French & likewise condemned «Sc Sold as 
Lawful Prize as aforesaid were taken from the persons who had bought 
them by order of the said Governor Sloughter, who declared that 
the Commissions by which the said Ships were taken from the french 
& the Condemnation & Sale of them as aforesaid were all void & 
of none effect as being done by the authority of Captain Leisler 
which he declared to be insufficient & therefore the said Sloughter 
did appoint a Court Admiralty to Condemn the said Ships again 
which Court accordingly did condemn the Ship of which this depo- 
nent is Commander & Captain Mauritz' Said Ship was sold to M' 
Frederic Flipson of the Council at New York, & this deponent did 
see the goods laden by Captain Mauritz as aforesaid taken out of 
the Said Ship & this deponent further saith that upon the amval of 
Captain Ingoldesbey with Soldiers at New York this deponent did 
hear he required the possession of the fort from Captain Leisler, 
who refused to deliver the same without orders from his Majesties 
Co' Sloughter but as this deponent was informed did offer the said 
Cap* Ingoldesby the best accommodation for the said Capt" Ingold- 
esby & his Soldiers in the City & this deponent saith that he has 
been credibly informed by divers persons that Captain Leisler & M' 
Milborne did upon their Trial appeal to the King & desire to be 
sent for England & further saith upon the Election for Assembly 
men after the Arrival of CoP Sloughter Captain De Peyster was 
directed by the majority of voices as this deponent believes, but 
was cryed out for a Rebel & rejected, & one M'" Graham was 
turned in his Steade & this deponent saith that he knew Captain 
Leisler about twelve years that he had a Good real and personal 
Estate & was a Merchant of great dealing & very good reputation 
& further doth not depose 

Signed Rob'^ Sinclair 

Jurat 23d die Feby 1691 n 

Coram me Magro Cancell., Lacon Wm Chilitz 


Daniel De Klerck aged about 38 years inhabitant of the 
province of New York in America doth upon his oath by him 
taken on the holy Evengalists depose to be true That he this 
dcponant about the month of May 16S9 (the exact time he doth 
not remember) was in person in the City of New York aforesaid 
& did then & there see, that the Inhabitants, or the greatest part 
of them did come in fully armed & took possession of the fort of 
New York Aforesaid 

That soon after he this deponent Did see & read a letter written 
from those of the said fort, to the Inhabitants of the County of 
Orange, requesting them with all Speed to Choose two Commis- 
sioners & send them to New York there to Consult what might 
be best & most advantageous for the welfare of the country & 
the protestant religion that the Inhabitants of Orange aforesaid 
After an assembly held of all the Country & Mature deliberation 
had & all matters Duely weighed, did freely unanimously elcKi't & 
chose two fit & experienced persons Qualified for Commissioners 
aforesaid to whom (as also all the other Country's likewise did) 
full power & Authority was given there to consult do transact & 
perform all & Whatsoever they according to their Judgment & 
Advice should think to tend, most to the welfare of the country 
& the protestant religion that the said two Commissioners, being 
come to New York it was thought fit & ordered in the general 
Assembly, that the person of Jacob Leisler should be chosen to 
take upon himselfe the Chief Command of the Said fort & the 
same to hold until further orders should come from England — that 
The said Jacob Leisler being thus Chosen by the general votes, 
to be Captain of the said Fort He did thereupon take the 
Command upon him & afterwards with the approbation & consult 
of the Commissioners in general & of the whole assembly for the 
better Security of the said fort of New York he took into his 
Service fifty Souldiers That the said Leisler was also ordered & 
had license & Consent to fortify the said City the Castle of the 
same & all that was needfuU wnth all speed & in the best manner 
he could & put the same into a Posture of defence That some 
time afterwards by the said Commissioners & commander Leisler 
Joost Stoll Ensign in the fort was nominated & Deputed to go as 


Messinger to England to deliver to his present Majesty — King 
William the letters & Papers Containing a full relation of All 
that had passed — That the said Leisler was also appointed by tht 
said General Deputies in their assembly to be commander in 
Chief of all the said province of New York, & he was so acknow 
ledged & allowed by the greatest part of the force & People, 
even untill Such time that a letter came from his said Majesty 
whereof the said letter was confirmed as Lieu* General & com- 
mander in Chief & was for & as such respected by the people 
which place he did officiate & serve untill Captain Ingoldesby 
arrived there with Several Soldiers (about a year since) who did 
Shortly after raise Several batteries in the City against the fort 
and besiege the same & he continued this his proceedings imtil 
governor Sloughter Arrived there, as he did sometimes after, the 
said beseiging in an afternoon towards the Evening. That in 
the same evening about Twilight the said Captain Ingoldesby 
having demanded the fort, the Secretary Jacob Milborne went 
Gilt to him & desired him to Shew his orders from the Kinf 
which the said Ingoldesby refused to do 

That a little time afterwards the said Stoll was sent out to ? 
whither the said Sloughter was arrived, whereupon being come 
back to the fort, he Acquainted him, that it was the same person 
that was Called Sloughter in England. That the said Evening 
were sent out of the fort by the said Leisler The said Milborne 
& Peter De la Noy Mayor of the said City of New York, to 
welcome & congratulate the said Sloughter. «& also to see the 
letters & Quality which he had from the King, but they instead 
of returning were closely confined, That the next morning the 
said Leisler sent a Drummer out of the fort with a letter directed 
to the said Sloughter whereby he desired him to come & take 
possession of the fort, but the drummer was also secured 

That immediately after the said Captain Ingoldesby being come 
to the fort, the same was delivered up to him by the said Leisler 
& afterward by order of the said Sloughter all was given up to him 
& his men, all which was so done by the said Leisler freely of 
himself & without constraint that shortly after the delivery of the 
said fort by the said Leisler, the said InGoldesby M'as pnrticulary 


desired by him, which he also promised that about half an hour 
after full possession had of the fort, All the Arms goods & Effects 
which the Inhabitants Should leave there should be fairly delivered 
& restored to them which was not done, but to the Contrary 
besides the detention of their goods & effects The men as they 
went out of the fort were disarmed & had their Swords taking 
from them that some days before the said fort was delivered Up 
one Abraham Brasier Ensign of a Company of Burgers lying in 
the Block House of New York upon Smiths Vally came into the 
said fort to make his complaints to the Governor Leisler & to 
acquaint him that the said Ingoldesby's men did Approach the said 
Block house desiring his advice thereupon, what they should do in 
case they should continue near the Block-house or attack the same 
in an Hostile manner That thereupon an order in writing was given 
to the said Ensign by the said Leisler containing that if the said 
Ingoldesby's men should attack the Block house they should 
immediately give a signal By firing a gun & then those of the fort 
would draw out to their Assistance but the said Block house was 
possessed by the said Ingoldesby's men before the said Ensign 
returned from the fort were he remameth Lastly he this deponent 
doth declare That shortly after the said Sloughter had taken pos- 
session of the said fort several of the Inhabitants of the province 
fled from thence as well by reason of their threats, as out of fear 
that they should be ill used by the men of the said Sloughter, 
as they had then already seen sufficient Exemples of the Inhab- 
itants, some whereof were put in prison, & others had money 
extracted from them 

Signed Daniel De Klerck 
Jurat 24 die Feby. 1691 
coram me magro cancell 

This is truly Translated by me 

Ant. Wright, Not. 

Jacob Williams of Chancery Lane in the Liberty of the Rolls 
in the County of Middle Sex Aged Seven & twenty Years or 
thereabouts maketh oath that he this deponent before the month 


of May 1689 & from that time to about the Month of May 3691. 
was resident in New York in America & that upon the late revo- 
lution the Inhabitants of New York aforesaid not being Satisfied 
of the Strength of the Garrison & not Kno\N-ing whether the 
powder there was good proof 15. of the Burghers made application 
to the Council & Mayor and Alderman that care might b^ taken 
of the Powder in the fort, to know whether it was good, & that 
the Garrison might be fortified (for fear of being Surprised in Case 
of an Enemy) & that the Garrison being but Small the inhabitants 
themselves offered & were admitted to do Duty in the fort as it 
came to their turns, that the Captains never came upon duty in 
the fort but sent a Lieut & that whilst this deponent was in the 
fort one Lieut Henry Cuyler commanded a Gentry, one of the 
burghers to be set upon a Sally port whereupon the Corporal of 
the Garrison asked him what he had to do there or to that Effect 
who replyed he was set there by his Officer, the Corporal & Lieut 
of the Burghers was sent for by the Governor & after his return 
the Lieut of the Burghers ordered his men to be at Arms all night, 
that the next morning a Coimcil of war was called, the Lieut was 
called before them and discharged of his as he told the 

inhabitants whose Apprehensions of publick dangerous Mutiny 
increased that immediately after the di-ums Beating in the Town 
most of the inhabitants came & took possession of the fort & then 
one Cap* Lodwick who commanded that night was sent by them 
to command the keys of the Lieu* governor which was delivered 
& his Company remaineth in the fort that this deponent every 5*b 
night afterwards, as his turn came watched with his officers & so 
continued to do Duty till June or July following, that Captain 
Leisler being upon Duty in the fort in his turn Received the Kings 
proclamation 'and did order their Majesties to be proclaimed but 
Stephen Van Courtlandt who was then Mayor refused so to do 
because he said the proclamation was not directed to them After 
which the representatives of the Country met to consider what was 
best to be done & whereupon they found it convenient that out of 
the five Militia Captains belonging to the place one Should be 
Chosen to be Commander of the fort, & accordingly they choose 
Captain Leisler who was commissionated by them & accordbgly 


took possession of the said fort & fortified it forthwith & opened 
the well therein which was Stopt up & the said Captain Leisler was 
afterwards commissionated Commander in Chief of the whole 
Province, by the said Committee & Continued to Govern as such 
till his Majesties Letter Arrived. That this deponent being present 
at the delivery of the Letter Mr Riggs the Messenger that brought 
it delivered the same to Captain Leisler in the presence of M"" 
Courtlandt & Mr Philipse without any force or Compulsion, the said 
M'" Riggs declared that he had seen Captain Leislers Commission & 
was convinced that it belonged to him, & Mr Leisler gave him a 
receipt for the said letter accordingly & that during Leisler command, 
one Nicholas Bayard who was formerly & is now of the Council 
being taking prisoner for some Writings of Dangerous imports & 
for Raising great disturbances in the country, the said Mr Bayard 
did Say that he could not own King William to be a Lawful 
King as long as King James was alive that Leisler thereupon con- 
tinued to Command as Lieut Govenor till Captain Ingoldesby 
arrived which was about January last, was twelve Months who 
upon his Arrivall demanded the fort by virtue of his Captain's 
Commission but Captain Leisler refused to deliver it up till he 
had his Majesties, or Govenor Sloughter's orders, but thereupon 
Captain Leisler did prefer Captain Ingoldesby all Accommodations 
for himself at his own house & to find quarters for the Soldiers in 
the Burgher's Houses till the arrivall of the Said Govenour who 
was then gone for Bermudas as this deponent was informed but 
he refused to accept of it Saying he wanted possession of the 
Kings fort that afterwards Ingoldesby came aShore & assembled. 
Many people in Arms amongst which was some papists & abun- 
dance of French particular one Fumy a papist & raised bateries 
& fired against the fort & Continued in Arms about Six weeks 
& then the Govenor Arrived. After whose arrival the said Captain 
Ingoldesby demanded the fort in the govenors Name but they 
having before had Several false reports, that the govenor was 
Arrived, they did not then beleive it to be true & therefore did 
send one who Knew the govenor, to learn the Certainty thereof' 
who being returned brought word that the Govenor was come 
whereupon Cap* Leisler did immediately send the Secretary & the 


Mayor of the City to Wait upon the Govenor. & to let him know 
that the fort & all things were ready for him but as soon as they 
Came to the Govenorj they were committed to prison without 
being permitted to Speak to him who not returning the said Capt. 
Leisler very early the next morning did send again to Co' 
Sloughter to come & receive the fort & accordingly did deliver 
the same of his own accord & without Compulsion from the 
Burghers who laid down their Arms upon Captain Leisler's Com- 
mand but after the said Captain Leisler & M"* Milborne & divers 
others were made prisoners & the Burghers disarmed but two 
days before the Govenor arrived Ingoldesby fired upon the fort, 
& some few Shots were fired from the fort during which a man 
was killed of Ingoldesby's Side who as this deponent was told by 
Ingoldesby's men was shot by themselves, they thinking he had 
been one of those belonging to the fort by reason he had no 
mark about his arm as were Used by Ingoldesby's men & this 
deponent further saith that whilst Ingoldesby, besieged the said 
fort Ensign Abraham Brasier, w^ho Command the Block house, did 
come & acquaint Cap* Leisler in the fort that the said Block house 
was in danger of being attacked by Ingoldesby's nien & by the 
french desiring order for Security thereof whereupon Captain 
Leisler in this deponent's presence did give orders, that in Case 
of any such attempt the said Brasier should fire a great [gun] 
from the Block House which should be answered by another 
from the fort. & then Captain Leisler would send to their relief 
but soon After new's Came that the Block House was surrendered. 
& so that no use was made of the said order & Brasier remaineth 
in the fort till after the arrival of Colonel Sloughter & this 
deponent heard Captain Leisler & M' Milborne declare after they 
Came from before the court, that they had appealed from the 
Judges there to his Majesty & desireth to be sent to England to 
answer what should bee objected against them, & further Saith 

Signed Jacob Williams 
Jurat 24° Feby 1691 
coram me magro Cancell 

S. Keck ■; ^.-n:^ 'm'^ --/..i ', 


Mrs. Deborah Crundell deposed that about 4 : weekes past 
shee had some discours with the wife of Johannes Clopper about 
a new Governour that should be appointed by y^ King for this 
place, and the deponant saing that she had heard the present 
Commander in Chief Maj^ .Richard Ingdlsby stood fair for y^ 
place the s'i wife of Johannes Clopper answered, no that Mur- 
therers dogg will never have y® place, or words to that effect. 

Sworn before 
N York 1692 Fredick Philips 

9 Juin N. Bayard 

Aug* the 18th 1692. 
John Gardner of Newwarke in East Jersey upon oath saith 
that sometime in the spring Gerryt Duyckins frequenting his 
house was a great news carrier & one day Came for a p'' hand 
screws & said he was a rascall and a great many more at N Yorke 
that Gerry Hollant & Peter Williamse at the point hath brought 
news from N. Yorke that Leislers widdow hath a Lre that her 
son is to be D Gov" Secy or Coll'" It is our day now there is a 
day comming these Rogues haue murdered Milborne & Leisler & 
vnW shortly be hanged for it This Gardner asked what rogues do 
you mean I mean said he Sloughter that is gone to the Devill & 
that pitifull Capt. the Majr Capt of 50 men he is noe more a 
Govern"" then I am but a Murderer what others do you mean Coll 
Bayard & ffred Phillips that haue sold the Countrey to the ffrench 
& Pinhorne I hope to see them all hanged by the heels That his 
friends had wrote to Holland to the states that they haue sent one 
of the states to the King to tell him that if he did not take care 
of them they would & that the King was very Angry & approved 
of Leislers actions. 



io Tfi^)! 


To His Excellency Benjamin Fletcher Cap* Gener" 
and Govern"^ in Chiefe of their Majest'^s Province of 
New Yorke kc. 
The Humble Petition of Thomas Statham of the County of 


Sheweth unto your Excellency That In the Time of the Late 
Disorder by the Impertunity of Richard Panton of Westchester 
& others youre Petition'^ did take a Commission under Jacob 
Leisler as Sherriflf of said County not knowing otherwise but 
that the said Jacob Leisler had Received Letters Patents from 
their Majes*'*^^ King William & Queen Mary Authorizing the said 
Jacob to do the same as by those which were Conversant with him 
did Report for undoubted truths. Whereupon the twenty fourth 
day of ffebruary in the second yeare of their Majesties Reigne 
one Gabriell Legatt of said County did abuse one Thomas 
Williams pretended Councellor to the said Jacob Leisler In a 
very gross manner whereby the said Richard Ponton one of the 
Justices, then made by the said Leysler in the said County of 
Westchester, took upon himselfe (vpon the Complaint of the said 
Thomas Williams) to issue out a Warrant of Commitment Directed 
to youre Poor Petition"^ & Commanding him as he would Answer 
the Contrary at his perill to Take the said Gabriel Legat into safe 
Custady. which was done by yo"" Excellency's poore Petition"" not 
known bett^ And the said Gabriel was under Confinement About 
Tenn hours & then lett out by order of the then Justices 

Whereupon a Court of Sessions held at Westchester in March 
the next following the said Gabriel Logatt Appered @ did 
acknowledge his fault @ all was past By @ forgiven, yet never- 
theless the said Gabriell Logatt — In May after the Arrivall of 
Collo; Slaughter Commenced an Action against yo"" poore Petitio" 
for a Assault @ false Imprisonm* done to him about the Occation 
aforesaid to the value of Two hundred pounds which was Executed 
by Benjamin Collier high SherrifF whereby he was in on undoubted 
fear of Being utterly undone and being a Prisoner and having no 
friend to Councell withall Did Signe to an obligation to pay 
him twenty five pounds Which was the demands of the Said Gabriel. 

Afterwards the Said Richard Phanton by his Refractory language 


Against the Govermt was by a Speciall Warrant carred down to 
New Yorke @ their put under confinement in y^ Citty Hall @ 
their did Remaine Some time after youre Excellency s Arrivall 
@ then was Released upon which the Said Gabriel Commenced 
an accon against the Said Richard by Reason the S^ Richard was 
bound wth yor pettion"" joyntly @ Severally to Said Gabriel for the 
payment of the afores'l Sum of twenty five pounds. 

Whereupon the Said Gabriel obtained judgement against Said 
Richard for fifty pounds, by Default at the Supreme Court held 
at N. Yorke in October last past @ Execution thereupon the Said 
Richards Estate. Theirupon the S^ Richard cominced an Account 
against yq' poor Petition^^^ @ obtained a judment against him for 
fourty pounds @ Cost at a Court of Comon Pleas held at West- 
chester on the eighth @ ninth days of December @ Still doth 
Remaine in Sherriffs Custody @ do Expect daylie Execution to be 
issued out Against him. 

Therefore without Remedy by order of the Common Law to 
the utter undoing of yo"" poor Petition®"", his wife and children 
Unless yoi" Excellencys Gracious favour be to him shewed in this 
Behalfe to Consider the p^mises And accordingly to Grant yo"" 
Petition^ Such Relief herein as to yo'" Excellency may Seeme most 
Agreeable to Justice and Eqvity, And yo^ Petition"" as in Duty he 
is Bound J will ever pray. 

(Endorsed) 7th of Aprill 1693 

Referred to Coll: Heathcote. 

To his Excellency Colo Benjamin Fletcher Esq' Cap" Gen" 
Gov®"" in Chief & Vice Admirall of y® Province of New York 
& dependencyes in America, & y^ hon^ie Councel of ye Same. 

The humble Peticon of Gerardus Beekman Joannes Ver- 
melye, Thomas Williams, Mydert Coerten, Abraham 
Brasher & Abraham Gouverneur, Prisoners in ye Comon 
Goale of this City. — 
Humbly Sheweth, 

That yo^ Peticon®"- being condemned at a 
Court of )yer & terminer held in Aprill 1691 for treasonable & 


follonlous crimes wc'^ God knowes we have not comitted obstinately 
but meaning well & Ignorantly nevertheless we are highly Sensible, 
Si, Sorry for y® Same, & cannot but Implore their Mat'^s Mercy, 
& Comiseracon for our lives, & estates, your Peticon"^^ therefore 
humbly desire your Excelly to make applicacon for y*' Same to 
their Ma*'^^ & In y® meanwhile that you would be pleased to 
Consider our miserable condicon (having been Imprisoned for 
upwards of seventeen monetlis and caused us to be set at liberty 
& peaceable enjoym* of our estates & families untill their Ma^'es 
Pleasure shall arrive. 

And yo"" Peticoni"s as in 
duty bound, shall ever 
Pray &c.— 
Gerardus Beekman 
Johannes Vermelle 
Thomas Williams 
Meyndert Corten 
Abraham Brasher 
Abraham Governeur 
. Endorsed 

The Peticon & submission 
of the prisoners Condemned 
to His Exeye the Govern^' & 

To his Excellency Benjamin fletcher Esqr Capt: generall 
. . ,. and governour jn Chiefe of y® province of New Yorke 

The humble petition of gerardus Beekman jn habitant of y^ toAvne 

of Flatbush 
Most Humbly Sheweth — 

That this petit' is at present jn a bond of good behaviour 
since w^h time hath behaved himselfe as a good subject ought to 
doe, Both to y^ king and his people giving no words of any 
provocation But it is so that on John Tunisse van dyckhuyse makes 
greate defamations against this petit'" Calling him Rough Rachall 


treator & Rebele &c. And threatning to persecute him to have 
Revenge as Long he liveth and what he Could not doe to him 
would doe to his Children, and that he had not suffered halfe 
enough but should suffer more, and other words pass at y^ house 
of M^ Jacques Cortelljou jn y® prence of him and his son peter 
Corteljou a justice of y® peace, and this petif being jn Clinable 
to ye peace wold Reconsile w'h him, but was Refused this passed 
y® 28 of Feb: laest since mad this petit^ his Complaine on y^ 20^^ 
day of this month March to y^ justices of y^ County were y^ s'' 
John Tunisse did jterate his defamations & threatning so against 
this petif jn y® presence of y^ s'' justices who Referred this pelit^ 
to y^ Law w''^ did give this petit^" present protection against s'J 
John Teunisse whoe being a justice of the peace him selfe, should 
not breake and violate y^ peace, jn defaming & threatning this 
petit^ that is under a bond of his good Bhvior therefore this petif 
Craves from his Exellency protection against s^ John Teunisse 
according as yo"* Excellency shall judge fitt & Convenient that he 
may unmolested use his occupations and as jn duty bound shall 
ever pray &c — 

Gerardus Beeckman 

March 27*^ 1693 
This Peticon is referred to Co' Stephen Cortlandt & to 

Gerardus Beekmans 


jvi ,dT 

To His Excellcy Coll" Benjamin Ffletcher Esq^ Capt" 

Generall and Governor in Chief of new York &c &c — 

The humble peticon of John Theunisson John peterson gerard 


Humbly, That your petitconers amongst other Inhabitants 
off This province did signe a Certain petion in the month of 
aprill 1691 to Crave pardon ffor Eight prisoners Then condemned 
in the Court at New York, ffor w*^*^ signing They were seised by 
Thomas Stillwill sherife who forced Them to pay Three pound 


each off your petonrs and other to signe bonds for to pay three 
pound, to Him or else to be Cast In prison where off one did 
Refuse w^h -^-as Cast in prison Till he paid s^ sume upon w*"*" 
news at New Yorke an Order was sent by Major Ingoldesby and 
Council some Tyme after That The persons W^^ signed bonds 
There should be Discharged Thereoff vpon w"^ The afores^ sherrife 
promised -To Restore s'^ sumes off raony to your Peticon^ which 
as yet he has not fullfilled — 

Thereffore your Ex^iy' Peticoners Humble Crave that your 
Exi'y will be pleased To order s^ Money to be Restored To 

And your Peticoners do further Enforme your Ex^'y That by 
and order off Council of New Yorke sent To Richmond that 
j one line destroyed] and be valued but The assessors and 

severall others There having negers doo not pay any Tax for 
Them so That a poore Inhabitant That has no negers must pay 
as much accordingly like Them that Has many negers Therefore 
your petitioners humble crave That your Ex^y will be pleased 
To signify Them iff s^ negers should be Excluded ffor paying 
Tax — 

and your peticoners shall ever Pray 
Gerard Veghten 
Jan Teunisson Vanpeltt 
John Pieterson ^H. ?.ulnHr:'i^ 
Endorsed rov.M.'l 

The Petition of John 
Theunisson John Peterson 
& Gerard Veighton 

read in Council [.Hviivn) 

uoy IfiifT 


To his Excellency Coll: Benjamine Ffletcher Cap^^ 
Generall and Governor of the province of New Yorke 
The Humble Peticon of Peter Delanoy 

That during the administration of Cap" Jacob Leisler deed in 
this province hee your petition"" was nominated and appointed 
Collector" and Receiver generall by virtue of wch offices severall 
branches of their Maties revenue past through his hands for the 
payment of wch money hee did from time to time give ace* to 
the said Leisler for and full Sattisfaccon did make for the money 
soe reed besides your Peticon"^ did advance on his own ace* above 
four hundred pounds the most of wch was to Expediate the Albany 
fforces to resist the ffrench of Canada — But soe it is may it please 
your Excellency that on the arrivall of Coll: Henry Sloughter the 
late Governour he was requir'd on a Certaine day to appeare 
before him and Councill and then and there produce all his accounts 
wch he accordingly did whereupon the said Governour and Coun- 
cill without Audit or any Judiciall processe caused your Peticon' 
to be committed into the Custody of the Sheriffe of the Citty and 
County of New Yorke, where hee still remaines a prisno'" to his 
great damage &c — And hee now being Inform'd tliat your Excel- 
lency hath orders to Inspect said matter from the Lords of the 
Treasury and make report to them of the same He humbly 
supplicates your Excellency that he him release from this his 
Confmem' being ready and willing at all timgs to attend any person 
or persons whom your Excellency shall nominate to Audit said 
accts of your Peticon^ and whatsoever their said Lordshipps shall 
award in that matter he is ready to submitt to, This hee humbly 
oiferrs to your Excellency's mature Consideracon in all humility 
and prays hee may be releasM from his now Confinment and as 
in Duty bound shall ever pray &c. 

Pb DiLanoy 


P^ DeLanoy peticon 
debated in Council 

VOL. II. 27 



Citty of ) 
N Yorke ) ^^' 

The examination of Jarvis Marshall taken before Abraham 
D'Peyster Sg' Major & William Merrett Brandt Schuyler & Isaac 
Van Fleck Esq^^ four of their Majt^ Justices of the Peace for the 
said Citty the twelfth day of May in the sixth year of the Reign 
of cur Soveraign Lord & Lady William & Mary by the grace of 
God of England Scotland France & Ireland King & Queen 
Defenders of the Faith &c: & in the year of our Lord one thousand 
six hundred & ninety four: 

The Examinant being duly sworn upon the holy Evangelists & 
examined Saith y^ last night att seaven or eight of the Clock or 
thereabouts he the Examin' was in y® house of Edward Buckmaster 
of y° said Citty Inholder in Company with one John Windower of 
ye said Citty Goldsmith & severall others and that the s^ John 
Windower did throw a piece of eight upon the Table & speaking 
to this Examinant did say there is your money or to y* effect, that 
be the examin^ did refuse to take itt & said that would not doe j 
upon w'^*^ the said John Windower threw down another Piece of 
eight &. said there take itt that's enough & called for y® scales & 
said but lie pay you for itt, & Immediately did lift up his hand & 
(lid strike y® said examin* upon y« face upon which the said Edward 
Buckmaster being then High Constable & hearing a noise came 
into y® Room & Commanded the Peace ; & the said Examin* 
further saith that after the peace was Commanded the said John 
Windower did say that Leisler & Milborne wer murdered which 
he would make appear & y* he would stand up for Jacobus Leisler 
while he had a drop of blood in his body and that their should be 
others hanged in a short time to Ballance the said Leisler & 

Swome Before us 
Jarvis Marshall A D^Peyster 

Brandt Schuyler Will. Merrett 

Is. Van Vlecq 




To his Excell^y Richard Earle of Bellomont Cap" GenH 

and Govemo'" in Chief of his Maj^'^s Province of N: 

York &^ And Vice Admiral! of the Same &<= And to the 

Honorable Councell &<= 

The Humble Peticon of Jacob Mauritz of the Citty of N: York 

Marriner — 
Humbly Sheweth 

That your Peticon^*" in the time of y® late happy Revolution 
m this provence was one of those that Joyned with Cap" Leisler 
in the houlding y^ ifort for King WilUam & Queen Mary and 
upon no other Acc^* after which and y^ anivall of Govemo''' 
Sloughter you"" Peticon'" was one of those that was bound over in 
recognizance in the Some of ffifty poimds to answer att N: York j 
Supreame Court in Octob^ 1691. Yet notwithstanding her Most 
Gracious Maj^'® Queen Mary of Blessed Memory Deceased was 
pleased by her Order in .Councell bearing date y® 13*^ of May 
1692 to Cleare all those that was soe bound over with all ,the 
proceedings thereupon, and Colk» ffletcher had Effectual! orders 
Therefore. But so it is that whilst yo"^ Peticon'^ was in England 
luB house & Estate was seized on in N: York Under Collar of Law 
&, pretence of forfeiture of his s^ Recognizance, & Ids wife being 
tjien with Child was abused and Kept as a prisoner in her house 
by the Sherriff of s^ Citty with six souldiers who forced in y« 
house of yor Petio«i" with their drawne Swords & rifled & plundered 
ye house. And yo"" Petio^r had Taken by force of his Estate & 
fronj Peter Jacob Moris, on yo"" Peticon^s accost to the Sume of 
iwo hundred & six pounds Eight Shiil^ for which there is by Confes- 
4m of the then Collector one hundred & sixty one pounds ten 
shillings paed unto the pubhcq Treasury to Chidly Brooks, for 
which sume and iiis damage to be Repaid he did in Coll" ffletcher's 
time Peticon, but his unaturallness against yo"" Peticon'^ was such 
that he could have no Redress &<= And yo^ Peticon^ besides s<* 
55ume of money so taken from him had taken out of his Ship then 
at N: Yorke for ye Service of ye Garrison & Country Tliree 


hundred w* of fine powder which amounted to y*^ sume of Seaventy 
five pounds for which he has as yett ReC^ no Satisfaction which 
with his other great Losses & Long &, Tedious sickness & weakness 
hatli reduced him to a very low Condition &*^ 

Therefore Humbly prays some order for his Satisfaction 
and that hee may bee Reimbursed s'l Sumes so Taken 
from him and Seing there is a Committee of the Gener" 
Assembly now sitting for the adjusting y" pubUcq acco^^* 
there may bee some good & Effectuall Care Taken for 
his Satisfaction & Commisserating hisLosses & Condition, — 
And yof Petition^'as in duty bound shall ever pray 

Jacob Mauritz 

At a Councell held at ffort WilUam Henry the lO^i* day 
of May 1699 
p^sent his Ecellency Richard Earle of Bellomont &c 
The petition of Jacob Mauritz Read and Referred to the 
Consideration of the house of Rep^sentatives 

p order of Councell 
B CosEN CI. Councilij 


To His Excellency Richard Earle of Bellomont Capt. Gen'i 
and Governour in Chiefe of his Majesties province of 
New Yorke and y® Territories depending thereon in 
America & Vice Admiral of y® same &<^ & to the Honi*'" 
The hmnble petition of Johannes Provoost 

That in the year of our Lord 1691 the petitioner with 
severall other Inhabitants of New Yorke (who were active in the 
late happy Revolution) were committed to Goale & afterwards 
admitted to Baile they entring into Recognisance for their personal 
appearance att y« then next Supream Court of Judicature to be 
held for y« said Province to answer &«': 

That aftew^ards the Petitioner, Jacob Leisler, Jacob Mauris, and 
others went to England & in their absence y® s^ Recognisances 
were sued forfeited & Levyed on y^ Estate of y® Petitioner. 


That the Petitioner and others under that circumstance (hearing 
thereof) made application unto her late Majesty Queen Mary of 
ever blessed memory that Restitution should be made y'' Pelilloner 
of the monies Levyed by vertue of the said Recognisance who was 
most Graciously pleased to Order in Council that Coll. Fletcher 
late Governour of this Province on his arrlvall in this Goverm* 
should see the same performed. 

That on Coll. Fletchers arrival in New Yorke y^ peti^oner 
preferd a petition unto him & the Council praying that Restitution 
be made of the moneys Levied &c: pursuant to her Majesties Order 
in Council ; who made an Order of Reference thereon to Abraham 
D: Peyster Esq"" then Mayor of the Citty of New Yorke to 
Examine the matter & make Reporte oi what was Convenient to 
be done therein, who accordmgly Reported that he was of Opinion 
that the said money should be Restored to the petitioner. 

That afterwards the petitioner made application unto Coll Fletcher 
that Restitution might be made &c: who answered itt was time of 
Warr that the King wanted money & that he must have patience. 

That the petitioner again made application that the said moneys 
might be Restored unto him who answered he had superseded aD 
the proceedings upon y« said Recognisances (which was not soe) to 
the Great Grievance of y^ Petitioner & others. 

That ye Sum Levied on ye Petitioner by vertue of ye said 
Recognisance (& Ordered by her Maj'^ in Council to be Restored) 
was one hundred eighty seaven pounds two shillings and nine pence 
of wliich was paid to his Maj'^ Collector and Receiver Gen^ of 
this province the sum of one hundred and fourty pounds for which 
ye petitioner can produce his Receipt. 

The petitioner therefore most humbly prays that your Lordship 
& the Council will take ye premises into your prudent consideration 
& Order that Restitution be made unto ye petitioner of the said 
moneys Levyed on him by vertue of the said Recognisance in 
pursuance of her Majesties said Order in Council. 

And ye Petitioner as in duty bound shall Ever pray &c: 

Johannes Proyoost. 

At a Councell held at ffort W™ Henry this IQth day of May 1699 
psent his Excellency Richard Earle of Bellamonte 


The petition of Johannes Provoost Read and Referred to the 
Consideration of the House of Rep^sentatives 
p order of Councell 

B. CosENS Ck Concilij 



*S!he Humble Petition of Jacob Leisler, Son of Captain Jacob 
Leisler deceased late Commander in Chief of Your Majesty's 
Province of New York in America 

Showeth, that upon the late happy revolution Your Petitioners 
said Father was very Instrumental in Securing the said Province 
for your Majesty & being of Known integrity to your Majesties 
ilitierest & the protestant religion, Captain Francis Nicholson then 
deputy Govenor having withdrawn himself from the said Province 
Your Petiti's said father upon the 16*^ August 1689 was by the 
freeholders & inhabitants, elected & Constituted Commander in 
Chief untill Your Majesties Royal Pleasure should be declared 
concerning the province & Accordingly he entered upon the govern- 
nlent & was Acknowledged for such by the People, & was in 
possession of the fort & Garrison which till that time were ruinate 
& incapabel of defence, & did proclaim Your Majesty & Your 
Royal Consort, to be our Sovereign Lord & Lady & caused the 
^tne to be done, in other provinces that on the 10*^ of xber 1689 
Your Majesty's Most gracious letter, dated the dO^^ July before, 
arrived there the same being directed to the said Captain Nichol- 
son & in his absence, to such for the time being, take care for 
preserving the peace & administring the Laws within the said 
IProvince whereby Your Majesties was graciously pleased to 
Authorize the person then commanding in Chief As Aforesaid, to 
take upon him the government, calling to his Assistance in the 
Administration thereof the principal Inhabitants or as many as he 
should think fit, willing & requiring him to do & perform all 
things whch to the place of Lieut, Govenor and Commander in 
Chief did Appertain as he should find necessary for Your Majesties 
Service & the good of the said Subjects until further orders from 
Your Majesty that Your Petitioner's Said Father, being so con- 


firm<?d in his said government by Your Majestys said Royal letter 
did faitlifully observe Your Majestys Command thereby declared, 
& did in all respects provide for the security of the said Province 
as well Against All Attempts of the french (who are very power- 
full in those parts) as papists & other disaffected persons of which 
there were many resident in the said province, that upon the 28* 
January last past Captain Richard Ingoldesby arrived at New 
York with some Soldiers from England to whom Your Petitioners 
Said father offered all sorts of accommodations but the said 
Ingoldesby required the possession of the said fort & Government 
for which Your Petitioners Father desired to see his orders, being 
ready to Obey the same if he had any Such from your Majesties or 
Colonel Sloughter who your Majesties had been pleased to make Gov- 
enor, but the said Ingoldesby, had no such Orders or would not pro- 
duce the same, whereupon your petitioners Said father having advised 
with the principal inhabitants was councelled & directed by them 
t^ Keep & Maintain the possession of the said fort & government 
(in regard the Ingoldesby would not Shew his orders to receive 
the same) until the Govenor arrived or your Majesty's further 
pleasure was known That Ingoldesby thereupon joining himself 
to papists & other disaffected persons did by many indirect means 
to the great terror of Your Majesties liege Subjects in a hostile 
& dreadful Manner assemble great numbers of french & other 
persons &, beseiged the said fort Divers batteries Against the 
same & so continued in Arms about Six Weeks, that on the 19**" 
March last Colonel Sloughter did Arrive & as soon as Your Peti- 
tioners father had certain Knowledge thereof which was not till 
11 oClock that night he did Send the Mayor of the City & M' 
Milborne his Secretary from the said fort to Wait Upon him & 
to offer him the possession thereof but the said Col. Sloughter 
without hearing them Speak, committed them Close prisoners, 
who not returning as Your Petitioners father Expected he did very 
early the next Morning write to the said Col° Sloughter desiring 
him to Come & receive the fort, & according he came & took 
possession thereof upon the 20^^ March but presently After caused 
the soldiers & inhabitants in the fort & City to be disarmed & 
Contrary to all law & Justice committed Your Petitioner & Your 


Petitioners said Father & 26 other persons to Prison pretending 
they ^vere guilty of high treasson Against Your Majesty for 
keeping tlie said fort as aforesaid, & the said Colonel Sloughter & 
Ingoldesby, confiderating with divers disaffected persons to Your 
Majesties to put Your Petitioners Said father & others to Deatli, 
did in a most arbitrary & illegal manner cause him & seven others 
Iryed Judged & condemned to Death for some pretended high 
Treason Si. have since most barbarously caused Your Petitioner'? 
father & Your Petitioner's Brother in law, the said Milbornc to 
be hanged & Afterwards Butchered, the said other Six persons 
(if not since put to death) remaining in prison under the same 
unjust sentence of condemnation & have Seized the Estates & 
creeds and also most unjustly prosecuted Your Petitioner & many 
others of Your Majesty's good Subjects confiscating their estates, 
who for the preservation of their lives have been forced to leave 
the said Province, by which cruel & Barbarous practices great 
numbers of Your Majesty's Subjects are in danger of their utter 
ruin, & the Said Country is like to be depopulated & made 
desolate, the said colonel Sloughter being dead & the said captain 
Ingoldesby since his death commanding in Chief in the Said 
Province who doth continue to exercise great violence & barbarity 
Against Your Majesty's said loyal Subjects — 

Your Petitioner therefore implore Your Most Sacred Majesty to 
take the premises into Your princely consideration & to give such 
orders therein as well for the preservation of the Six condemned 
persons & the relief of Your Petitioner & other Poor Sufferers, 
as also for the preservation & future good Establishment of the 
said Province, as to Your Royal gOGjdness & wisdom Shall seem 

And Your petitioner as m duty bound Shall ever pray &c 



From A 


aty ^NEwYork 

Concerning tl)e Trouiles w^ic/^mjDmed 

- Revolutioiv^ 


Sir, — I cannot but admire to hear that some Gentlemen still 
have a good Opinion of the Late Disorders committed by Captain 
Jacvb Leiskr Si, his Accomplices, in New York, as if they had 
been for his Majesties Service & the Security of that Province ; & 
that such monstrous falsehoods do find Credit, That the person 
before in Commission, & did labour to oppose & prevent those 
disorders were Jacobites, or persons ill affected to the happy 
revolution in England, But it has been often the Calamity of all 
Ages [to] Palliate Vice with false Glosses, & to criminate the best 
Actions of the most virtuous & most pious men — So that the truth 
& Inncency, without some defence, has not proved at all times a 
Sufficient Bullwark against malitious falsehoods & Calumnies, 
wherefore I shall endeavor to give you a true & brief Account of 
that matter, As I myself have been a personal Witness to most of 
them — 

It was about the Beginning of April 1689. when the first Reports 
arrived at New York, that the Prince of Orange, now his present 
majesty was arrived in England, with a considerable Force & that 
the late King James was fled into France & that it was expected 
war would be soon proclaimed between England & France — 

The Lieut Govenor, Francis Nicholson & the Council being 
Protestants, resolved thereupon to Suspend all Roman Catholicks 
from Command & Places of Trust in the government & accord- 
ingly suspended Major Baxter from being a member of Council & 
Captain of a Company at Albany & Bartholomew Russell from 
being Ensign in the fort at New York, they both being Papists, 
who forthwith left their command & departed the province — & 
because but three members of the Councill were residing in New 
York viz, M'' Frederick Phillips Colonel Siephanus Corflandt & 
CoP Nicholas Bayard all of Dutch birth, all Members, & the two 
last for near thirty years past. Elders & Deacons of the Dutch 
Protestant Church in New York & Most Affectionate to the Royall 
House of Orange — It was resolved by the said Lieut Govenor 
& Council, to Call & Conveen to their Assistance all the Justices 
of the peace, & other Civil Magistrates & the Commission Officers 
in the Province for to consult & advice with them what might be 
Proper for the preservation of the peace & the safety of the Said 


Province [at] that Conjuncture till orders should arrive from 

Whereupon the Said Justices Magistrates, & officers were 
Accordingly convened, & Stiled by the name of the General 
Convention Jor the Province of JVewYork; &all matters of Govern- 
ment were carried on & managed by the Major vote of that 

And in the first Place it was by them Agreed. & ordered forth- 
with to fortify the City of New York — 

And that for the better security of the fort (since the garrison 
was weak & to prevent all manner of Doubt & Jealousies) a 
competant mmiber of the City Militia, should keep guard in the 
fort. & JVicholas Bayard CoU of Said Militia recommended to 
give Suitable Orders Accordingly — And that the Revenue should 
be continued & received by some Gentleman Appointed by that 
Convention for repairing the fort & Fortifying of the City, but 
against this order Capt Leisler, who as a Captain was a member 
of that Contention, did enter his dissent ^dth some few others — 

It was also recommended to said Colo^ Bayard to hasten to 
fortify the City with all Possible Speed, who upon the credit of the 
fevenue did Advance what money was needful for materials, & by 
the assistance of the Militia Officers, & dayly Labour of the Inhab- 
itants, had the same finished before the End of May, Excepting 
Captain Leisler^s Quota 

About the Middle of May the Skip Beaver John Corbett Master, 
being ready to Sail for England, the Lieu* Govenor & Council sent 
in her M^ John Riggs, & in Several other Ships, that soon followed, 
letters to the Earl now Duke of Shrewsbury then principal Secretary 
of State & to the Lords of the Committee for trade & Plantations, 
wherein they Signified their rejoicing at the News of his Royal 
Highness The Prince of Orange, now his present Majesties arrival 
in England, in order to redress the grievences of the Nation, & 
giving a particular account of the State of Affairs of this Province, 
& that they would endeavour to preserve its peace & Security till 
orders, Should arrive from England, which they humbly prayed 
tnight be hastened with all possible Speed Which Said Letters were 
most graciously received & answered by his Majesty's Letter 
bearing date 30th July 1689— 


But against expectation it soon happened, that on the Last day 
of Said Month of May, Ca2}tain Leisler having a Vessell with 
some Wines on the road, for which he refused to pay the Duty, did 
in a Seditious Manner Stir up the meanest Sort of the Inhabitants 
(affirming that King James being Jled the Kingdom all manner of 
Government was fallen in this Province) to Rise in Arms, & forceably 
possesses Themselves of the fort & Stores which Accordingly was 
effected whilst the Lieut Govenor & Council with the Convention 
were met at the City Hall to Consult what Might be proper for the 
Common Good & Safety, where a Party of Armed men, came from 
the fcrt & forced the Lieut Govenor to dehver them the Keys & 
Seized also in his Chamber a Chest, with Seven hundred ^ Seventy 
three pounds twelve Shillings in money of the Government, & 
though Col° Bayard, with some others appointed by the convention 
used all endeavours to prevent Those disorders, all provided vain 
(for most of Those that appeared in arms were drunk & Cry'd out, 
They disowned all manner of Government^ whereupon by Captain 
Leisler's persuation, they proclaimed him to be their Commander 
there being then, no other Commission officer amongst Them — 

Captain Leisler being in this manner possest of the fort, took 
some persons to his assistance, which he called the Committee of 
Safety, & the Lieut Govenor, Francis Nicholson being in this 
manner forced out of the Province 

About a week after reports came from Boston, that their Royal 
Highness the Prince & Princess of Orange were proclaimed King 
& Queen of England, Whereupon the Council & convention were 
very desirous to get that Proclamation, & not only wrote for it, but 
some of them hearing, that two gentlemen were comming from, 
Connecticut with a Copy of said proclamation, went out two days, 
to meet them in Expectation of having the Happiness to proclaim 
it. But, Ma-jor Gold 8f M' Fitz Missing them, having put the proc- 
lamation into Captain Leisler s hands, he, without takmg any notice of 
the Council or convention did proclaim the same, though very 
disorderly after which he went, with his accomplices into the fort, 
& the Gentlemen of the Council Magistrates & most of the principal 
inhabitants, & Merchants went to Co^ Bayard's House & Drank 
the health & Prosperity of King W"^ & Queen Mary — with great 
expressions of Joy 


Two Days after a Printed Proclamation was procured by some 
of the Council dated the 14 Feby 16SS, whereby their Majesties 
confirmed all Sheriffs, Justices of the Peace Collectors, & receivers 
of the revenue «&c — being protestants which was forthwith Published 
at the City Hall by the Mayor & Aklerman, accompanied with the 
Council & most of the Chief Citizens & merchants — & Pursuant 
there unto Matt Plowman Being a Papist was forthwith Suspended 
by the Convention S^ Colonel Bayard Alderman Paul Richards 
Captain, Thomas Winham Lieut John Haynes merchants, were b} 
them commissioned & appointed to Collect the Revenue until orders 
Should arrive from England, whereupon those gentlemen were 
Sworn by CoV- Cortlandtj then Mayor of the City they being the 
first in this province that took the oaths to then' Majesties Appointed, 
by act of Parlament, instead of theur Oaths of Allegiance & 
Supreamacy. — 

But as soon as Those gentlemen Entered upon the Office Captain 
Leisler with a Party of Men in Arms, & Drink fell upon them at 
the Custom House, & with naked Swords beat them thence, endeav- 
ering to Massecre some of them, which were rescu'd by Providence, 
whereupon Said Leislerj beat an Alarm, crying about the City 
Treason & made a Strict search to Seize Col^ Bayard who made his 
Escape & departed for Albany where he Staid all summer in hopes 
that orders might come from England to settle Those Disorders — 

The said Captam Leisler finding almost every Man of Sence, 
Reputation or Estate in the place to oppose & discourage his 
irregularities, caused frequent false Alarms to be Made, & Sent 
Several Parties of his armed Men out of the Fort, Drag'd into 
Nasty goals, within said Fort, Several, of the Principal Magistrates 
officers, & Gentlemen & others, that would not own his Power to 
be Lawfull, which he Kept in close Prison during will & Pleasure, 
without any Process or allowing them to Bail, &he further Published 
Several times, by beat of Drums 

That all Those who would not come into the Fort Sf Sign Their 
hands, & So thereby to own his Power to be Lawfull Should be 
deemed ^ Esteemed as enemies to his Majesties ^ the Couiitry, ^ be 
by him treated Accordingly, By which Means many of tlie Inhabi- 
tants, tho' they abhorrd his Actions only to Escape a Nasty Joal, & 


to Secure their Estates, were by fear & Compulsion drove to 
Comply, Submit & Sign to whatever he commanded — 

And Tho Captain Leisler had at first so violently opposed the 
Collecting of the Revenue, Alleging it unlawfu^., as soon as his 
Wines were landed, & that he got in some Power, he forthwith set 
up for himself the collecting of the said Revenue by Peter D Lanoy 
allowing him a great sallary & all the perquisites of that office — 

Upon the 10 of December following Returned the said M'^ John 
Riggs from England with Letters from his Majesty, & the Lords 
in answer to the letters sent by the Lieut Govenor & Council 
above recited. Directed to our Trusty ^ well beloved Francis Jfichr 
olson Es(f our Lieut govenor ^ commander in chief of our Province 
of JVew York, in America Sf in his absence to such as for the time 
being, take care for the freservation of the peace., & administring 
the Laws in our said Province whereby his Majesty Approved of 
the proceedings, & care that had been taken by said Lieut Govenor, 
& Council for the peace & Safety of the Province, with Further 
Powers, & directions to Continue therein till further orders, which 
Said letters the said M^ Riggs designed to deliver on the following 
morning to the gentlemen of the Council to whom they properly 
did belong being an answer to their Said letter, but was Obstructed 
therein by Said Leisler, who sent a party of his men in Arms & 
brought said Riggs, to the fort where he forced said Letters from 
him though some gentlemen of the Council that went the same 
time to the Fort. Protested against it, but he drove them out of 
the Fort, calling them Rogues, Papist, & other approbious names 

Soon after the receipt of said letters, said Captain Leisler Stiled 
himself Lieut Govenor Appointed A Council — & presumeth to Call 
a Select number of his own Party, who called themselves the General 
Assembly of the province & by their advice & assistance raised 
Several Taxes, & great sums of money from their Majesties good 
subjects within this province which Taxes together with that 
j£773.12, in money which he had Seized from the government, & 
the whole revenue he apply'd to his own use, & to maintain said 
Disorders allowing his private men IS** p' Day, & to others 

On the 20th of January following Col^ Bayard & M' Nicholls, 


Imd the III fortune to fall into his hands, & were in a J5arbarou8 
manner By a party in Arms, Diagg'd into the fort, & there Put 
i-nto a Nasty place, without any manner of process or being allowed 
to Bail, though the same was offered for Said Col' Bayard by some 
of the Ablest & Richest Inhabitants to the sum of Twenty thou- 
sand Pounds, either for his Appearance to Answer, or depart the 
province, or to go for England, but without any cause given, or 
reason assigned, Laid Said CoU Bayard in Irons & Kept him & 
M"^ Nicolls close prisoners for the space of 14 months, were they 
with Severall others, that had been long detained Prisoners were 
set at Liberty by Govenor Sloughter. 

And whilst he kept those gentlemen in Prison, he quartered his 
Armed men in their houses, were they committed all manner of 
Outrages, & to give one instance of many others a Party of twelve 
men were quartered at the house of Col° Bayard with directions to 
Pillage & Plunder at discretion, which was bought off with money 
&, Plentifull entertainment, But the same day when the party had 
received their money, another Party came m with naked Swords, 
Opened several Chambers & Chests in said house, & did rob & 
carry away what money & other goods they found, at the same 
time Col' Bayard & M^ Nicolls were taken. Strict Search was 
made for Colonel Cortlandt but he with severall Other Gentlemen 
having made their Escape, were forced to leave their families & 
concerns, & remain in exile till relieved by the arrival! of Colonel 

It is hardly to be exprest what cruelties Captain Leisler & his 
accomplices, imposed upon the said prisoners & all others that 
would not own his power to be Lawful, Neither could the Protes- 
tant Ministers in the province Escape their Malice & cruelty's j 
for Mr Selyns Minister of New York, was most grostly abused by 
i.m/er himself in the Church at the time of Divine Service, & 
threatened to be silenced &c — M" Bellius Minister at Jllhany to 
Escape a Nastj' Joal was forced to leave his flock & fly for Shelter 
into New England M' Varick Minister of the Dutch Towns on 
JVassaw Island, was by Armed Men drag'd out of his house to the 
fort then imprisoned without Bail, /or Speaking (as was pretended) 
treasonable words Against Captain Ltisler ^ the fort, then prose- 


cuted & decreed by Peter D Lanoy pretended Judge without anj 
commission or Authority — to he deprived from his Ministerial 
Function Amerced in a fine of o£80=(^- to remain in close prison 
till that fine should he paid. Yea he was so tormented, that in all 
likelyhood it Occasioned & hastened the death of that Most 
reverend & religious Man 

The French Minister M^ Ferret & M^ Dellic had some better 
Quarters, but were often threatened, to be prosecuted in like manner 
because they would not approve of his power & disorderly 
proceedings — 

None in tlie province but these of faction, had any Safety in 
their Estates for Said Captain Leisler at will & Pleasure Sent to 
those who disapproved of his actions to furnish him with Money, 
Provision & what Else he wanted & upon Denial, Sent Armed 
Men out of the fort & forcially broke open Several Houses Shops, 
Cellars, Vessels & other places where they expected to be Supply'd 
& without any the least Payment, or Satisfaction carried their 
plunder to the fort, all which was extremely approved of by these 
poor fellows which he had About him, & was forced to feed & 
Maintain & he Stiled those his robberies, with the giled name & 
Pretence, that it was for their Majesties King William & Queen 
Mary Special Service, though it was After found out, that whole 
Cargoes of those Stolen goods sold to his friends in this city, & 
Shipt off for the West Indias «&. Elsewhere 

In this Manner he the said Leisler with his Accomplices, did 
force pillage, rob & Steal from their Majesties good Subjects within 
this province, almost to their utter ruin vast Sums of money, & 
other Effects, the Estimation of the Damages done only within the 
City of Jfew York Amounting as by Account May appear to The 
sum of Thirteen Thousand JVine Hundred Sf fifty JVine Pounds 
besides the Rapins, Spoils & Violences done at Col WHlets on 
JTassaw Island., & to many others in several Parts of the province, 
& thus You may see how he used & Exercised an Exorbitant 
Arbitrary, & unlawfull power, over the persons & Estates of his 
Majesties good Subjects here, Against the Known & fundamental 
laws of the Land, & in Subvertion of the same to the great 
Oppression of his Majesties Subjects, & to the apparent decay of 
Trade & Commerce — 


In this Calamity, Misery & Confution was this province by those 
disorders entrawled, near the Space of two Years until the Arrival 
of his Majesties Forces under the Command of Major Ingoldeshy 
who with Several Gentlemen of the Council arrived about the last 
day of January 1690-1 which said Gentlemen of the Council for 
the preservation of the peace, sent & offered to said Leisler that he 
might Stay, & continue his command in the fort, only desiring for 
themselves & the Kings forces quietly to quarter & refresh them- 
selves in the City till Govenor Sloughter Should arrive, but the 
said Leisler instead of complymg, asked M'^ Brooke one of his 
Majesties Coimcil, who were appointed of the Council in this 
Province &, Mi^ Brooke having named M'' Phillips, Col° Corilandt 
& Col Bayard J he fell into a passion & Cry'd What ! those Papist 
Dogs Rogues, Sacrament — if the King should send three thousand 
such I would cut them all off ^ without any cause given, he 
proclaimed open war against them Whereupon they for Self preser- 
vation, protection of the Kings forces & Stores & the Safety of 
the City, were Necessitated to persuade to their assistance, Several 
of their Majesties good Subjects, then ui Opposition against the 
said Leisler. with no other Intent as they Signified to him by Several 
Letters & Messages, but only for Self Security & defence : Yet 
notwithstanding the said Lm/er proceeds to make war against them 
& the Kings forces, & fired a vast number of great & Small Shot 
in the City whereof Several of his Majesties Subjects were Killed 
& wounded as they passed in the Streets upon their Lawful 
Occasions, tho no Opposition were made on the other Side 

At this height of extremity was it when Govenor Slaughter 
arrived on the 19*^ of March 1691, who having published his 
commission from the City hall with great Signs of Joy. By firing 
all the Artillery within & round the City sent thrice to demand the 
surrender of the fort from Captain Leisler & his Accomplices, 
which was thrice Denied, but upon great Threatnings the following 
day surrendered to Govenor Sloughter who forthwith caused the 
said Cap* Leisler with some of the Chief Malefactors to be bound 
over to answer thereat, the next Supreme Court of Judicature, 
where the said Leisler & his pretended Secretary Milborne did 
appear, but refused to plead to the Indictment of the grand Jury, 

VOL. II. 28 


01 to own the Jurisdiction of that Court & So After Several hearings 
as Mutes, were found guilty of High Treason & Murder & executed 
Accordingly — Several of the other Malefactors that pleaded were 
also found Guilty & Particularly one Abraham Govemeer for 
Murdering of an Old Man peaceably passing along the Street, but 
were repreived by Coll. Slarightcr, & upon Coll Flitcher's Arrival 
by him Set at Liberty, upon their Submission & promise of Good 
behaviour — 

At what is here Set do\vn is true & can be proved & Justified 
by the Men of greatest probity & best figure amongst us, If I 
were to give a particular narrative of all the cruelties & Robberies 
perpetrated Upon their Majesties most affectionate Subjects in this 
province, tliey would fill a Voluran, there were no need of a 
revolution here, they were all well Known & the Strictest Protest- 
ants. & Men of best figure. Reputation & Estate were at the Helm, 
it may plainly be perceived by the Several Steps & Measures were 
followed at that time, & by their letters to the, then Earl now 
Duke Shrewsbury. & to the Lords & the Kings Answer thereunto, 
the Copy of which Answer, & Some other papers worthy of your 
Perusal are inclosed — 

As soon as Govenour Sloiighter arrived an Assembly was called 
which upon the IS April 1691 — did present an address to his 
Excellency, Signed by the Speaker, together with the resolves of 
that house which when you are pleased to read gives the conclu- 
sive Opinion & Judgment of the General Assembly of this Province 
of all those disorderly proceedings, for which those Iavo have 
suffered Death & their sentence was since approved by their Majesty 
of Ever blessed Memory in Council 

Many worthy Protestants in England, & other parts of the world, 
being Sincerely devoted to interest have yet not- 

withsanding (unacquainted circumstances & not duly 

apprised of them, have been more easily induced to give Credit to 
the false Calumnies of Byassed & Disaffected persons in this prov- 
ince, but in my Oppinion most of those that have come hither so 
prepossessed — After so here have been Thorowly 

convinced of the & that those men who Suffered death, 


did Zeal for their Majesties interest & the Protestant 

Religion, but being of Disperate fortune, trust themselves into 
power of Purpose to Make up their Wants by the ruin & Plulider 
of his Majesties Loyal Subjects, & were so far ingaged in their 
repeated Crimes, that they were driven to that height of Despera- 
tion, had not the providence of Almighty God prevented it, the 
whole Province had been ruined & destroyed — 

I have put this in writing at your request, to i^ssist your memory 
& leave it to his Excelleficy Coll Fletcher & your own Observa- 
tions, to enlarge upon the Charracters of those Persons, who have 
been the greatest Sufferers, in the time of those Disorders, & of 
their Patience & Moderation, Since Your Arrival also of the disaf- 
fected, & the Causes which you have frequently observed to hold 
this province in Disquiet & Trouble, not%vithstanding all which, & 
the frequent Attacks of the French & Indians Upon our Frontiers, 
this province have not lost one foot of ground during the War, but 
have had considerable Advantage upon the Enemy, which Under 
God is due to the Prudent & Steady conduct & great Care & dili- 
gence of Coll. Fletcher our Present Govenor — 

an eye Witness & have had time through to enable You to 
inform others Which if You please to do, I doubt not 
credit & be an extraordinary piece of to this province 

I am 

Your Most Humble 

New York, Deer 31. 1697 

%• The above Pamphlet is printed from a MS. copy loaned by the N. Y. Hist. 
Soc, the text of which is carefully followed. 


[6—7 Will. III. Anno 1695] 

Whereas in the late happy revolution, the inhabitants of the 
province of New-York, in America, did in their general assembly, 
constitute and appoint captain Jacob Leisler to be commander-in- 
chief of the said province, until their majesties pleasure should be 
known therein. And the said Jacob Leisler was afterwards con 


firmed in the said command by his Majesty's letter, dated the 
tjiirtieth day of July, one thousand six hundred and eighly-nine ; 
and tlie said Jacob Leisler having the administration of the said 
government of New-York, by virtue of the said pou-er and 
authority so given and confirmed to him as aforesaid, and being 
in the exercise thereof, captain Richard Ingoldesby arriving in the 
s;'.id province, in the month of January, Anno Domini one thousand 
six hundred and ninety, did without producing any legall authority, 
demand of the said Jacob Leisler the possession of the fort at 
New York ; but the said Jacob Leisler, pursuant to the trust in 
him reposed, refusing to surrender the said fort into the hands of 
the said Richard Ingoldesby, kept the possession thereof until the 
month of March then next following, at which time colonel Henry 
Sloughter being constituted captain-general and governor-in-chief 
of thes<^ province, arrived there in the evening, and the said Jacob 
Leisler having notice thereof, that same night (though very late) 
took care to deliver the said fort to his order, which was done very 
early the next morning. 

And whereas the said Jacob Leisler, also Jacob Milboume, 
Abraham Governeur, and several others, were arraigned in the 
Supreme Court of Judicature at New-York aforesaid, and con\'icted 
and attainted of high treason and felony, for not delivering the 
possession of the said fort to the said Richard Ingoldesby, and the 
said Jacob Leisler and Jacob Milborne were executed for the 
same.- May it therefore please your most excellent majesty at 
the humble petition and request of Jacob Leisler, the son and heir 
of the said Jacob Leisler, deceased, Jacob Milborne, the son and 
heir of the said Jacob Milborne, deceased, and of the said Abra- 
ham Governeur, that it be declared and enacted, 

Jind be it enacted^ by the king's most excellent majesty, by and 
with the advice and consent of the lords spiritual and temporal 
and commons in this present parliament assembled, and by the 
authority of the same, that the said several convictions, judgments 
and attainders of the said Jacob Leisler, deceased, Jacob Milborne, 
deceased, and the said Abraham Governeur, and every of them, 
be and are repealed, reversed, made and declared null and void 
to all iptents, constructions and purposes whatsoever, as if no such 


convictions, judgments', or attainders, had ever been had or given; 

and that no corruption of blood, or other penalties, or forfeitures 

of goods, chattels, lands, tenements, hereditaments, be by the said 

convictions and attainders, or either of them, incurred, any law 

usage or custom to the contrary notwithstanding. 

"One agent of Massachusetts framed the Bill, while the other sat as Chair- 
man of the Committee, whicl* reported it." Chalmers. 


[1 Hist. Coll. Mass. iii.] Boston Jany 20. 

^' I am afraid that the guilt of innocent blood is still crying in the 
ears of the Lord against you. I mean the blood of Leisler and 
Milburn. My Lord Bellamont said to me, that he was one of the 
committee of Parliament who examined the matter ; and that those 
men were not only murdered, but barbarously murdered. How- 
ever the murdered men have been cleared by the King, Lords, 
and Commons. It is out of my province to be a judge in things 
of this nature. Nevertheless, considering what the proper judges, 
who have had an impartial hearing of the case, have said, and what 
the gentlemen who drew up a bill for taking off the attainder from 
those poor men, have written to me about it, I think you ought, 
for your family's sake, as well as your own, to lay that matter 
to heart, and consider whether you ought not to pray as Psalms, 
k! 14." 

To his Excellency Richard Earle of Bellomont Capi Gen^i 

Gover in Chief & Vice Admirall of his Ma^'^s Province 

of New York &c. 

The humble Petition of Mary Milborne the Widdow of Jacob 

Milbome Deceased — 

Humbly Sheweth — That yo"" Petition''^ husband was in the time 

of the late happy Revolution appointed Secretary of this Province 

untill his Ma^'^s Pleasure should be known therein & Whereas some 

time after the arrivall of Major Ingoldesby yo'" Petition^'^ husbands 


howse was plundered, hee only saving his books of accompts & 
other Papers in his Ma^'^* ffort, but when tlie Fort was delivered to 
Col. Sloughter & yo^ Petition's husband Imprisoned the same were 
(lenyed unto him & since his death imto yo'' Petition^i", which said 
bookes & Papers are supposed to bee in Custody of M*" Matthew 
Clarkson Secretary of this Province the detention whereof is, hath 
been & may farther be to yo^ Petition's gjievous damage. 

Yo"^ Petition'" therefore humbly prays yo' Excellency that some 
enquiry may bee made for Said Books & Papers, to the end they 
may bee delivered to yo' Petition"^, the attainder of yo' Petitioni's 
said husband being by an Act of Parliament made in the 6*^ & 7<^ 
year of his Ma^'^s Reign reversed. 

And yo' Petition"" as in Duty bound shall ever pray: — 

Mary Milborne. 
New York this 14*^ June 1698. 
By his Excellency &c. 

Ordd That M' Mathew Clerkson appear this day 
before myself & Counsell to answer y^ allegations of y® above 

Giuen under ray hand this 16 June 1698. 



Inng gslan&. 

1675, lS7fi ^ 16S3. 



£ s d 

Jeremiah Conchling 193 — 10 — 

Stephen Hodges 243 — 10 

Joshua garlich sen: 104 — 13 — 4 

The: Hand 097— 3—4 

Wm: Mulford 164— 3—4 

Tho: Edwards 091— 3—4 

M^ Tho Chatfeild 238—16—8 

Tho: Osborne sen 166 — 10 

John Corte 100—10 

tVm Miller 090—13—4 

John Hoping 169—00 

Robert Daiton 205-00 

Philip Leekie 043— 6—8 

Hand 11— 

Joshua garlich Ju: 056 — 

Rich: Shaw 146—13—4 

Rich: Brooke 142— 6—8 

Wm fithian 180— 3—4 

Samuel Parsons 085 — 

Arthur Croasy 048— 

Tho: Osborne Ju: 175— 

John Parsons 126 — 

Abraham Hauke 033—10 

John Miller 103— 

James Bird 028— 

John Theller 173— 3-4 

Benjamin Osborne 067 — 


[MS. destroyed.] 223— 

146— 6—8 

..-. 318— 

John Richeson 027—10 

Capt. Tho Talmag 255—10 

John Stretton Sen: 291 06 8 

John Stretton Jun: 090 00 

Misses Codnon 025 00 


£ S d 

Reneck garison 042 00 

Nath: Bushop 177 3 4 

James Hand 058 10 

James Loper 076 00 

Samuel Mulford 083 00 

Joseph Osborne 044 00 

Richard Stretton 264 13 4 

Tho diment , 225 00 

Ebeneser Leek. . . 034 00 

Natha. dorrony 091 00 

Samuel Brooke 066 6 8 

Wm Perkins 230 0; - 

John Miller Junior 030 

John Osborne 196 13 4 

Enoch fithian 067 00 

Benia: Conckling 103 00 

John feild 040 00 

Joanah Hodges 045 00 

Tho: dimont Jun: 030 00 

Tho: Chatfield 018 00 

Edward 018 00 

The totall Summe 6842 16 8 


or— ^:^;o . '^ 

; . ' Oyster Bay the 27th Augt 1675. 

S^ — ^Your Warrant wee haue receued, dated y® 7* Aug* for y^ 
sending in to y® Office y^ Sum of our Townes Estate y^ w^h 
wee haue dun & y® Estate of our Townes is 4900j6. now sent 
by this bearrer M^^ Shakerly. not Elce to acquaint your Worship 
w'h but desiering your welfare I rest yours to Comand — 

12 Nathaniell Cole 


Endorsed To ye Worshipi Matthias 

Nichols Mayor these 

In New Yorke 



AvopBaj\[ Jg puBi 












I— I 





o o o o o 

S3JG3if Z 



sajvaS. 2 


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O O O i-H o 

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sjr8i£ 2 

O O tH O iH 

o o o o o 

saJBaX g 



-s *-s »-s H i-s ^ *-s 







P^ o 

^-o o 






C c3 rt 

l-S l-S *-5 


Q. O 

^ .. 
C3 O 







SS8 8S8SS888§SS8888§ 







saJBaX z 


oo o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o 

S91V9A 8 

^SSS§8S888§S8§^888 8 







9JBai 2 


saJBOjS g 




Caleb Wood 

Joseph Wood 

Samii Wood 

Jn" Green 


Jno Carye 

Epen Piatt 

Walter Nokes 

Rich-i Brush 

Jonas Wood Jun'" 

Joseph Whitman 

Thomas Brush 

Jn" Brush 

Abigail Titus 

Sam'i Ketchman 

Rich: Williams 

Samii Titus 

Jothan Scudder 

David Scudder , 



■<# lO O 00 en Oi CO O >-i O O O <X> t> rn o o o co 
r^iT^Ot-iOO'-iOCNO r-(OOOi-HOOOTl< 

o o o o o 
o o o o o 








O O CD O l^ 

o o o o o 






O O O (N .-H 

o o o o o 



O (N CO O 'Tti 




O <-i Ti* C^ 0^ 








O 1-1 o o o 












3-a c 


^ .. O bJO^ 

2 t> P o P5 

-TJ ^ ^^ 

2 o^ « 

O O (u 

!== '5 O 2 O) 


S ^ .'^ 3 -Ti r^ -r^ 



cu (^ O 



MopBa j\[ 15 puBi 




SJuaX z 

6JB3jf £ 


SJB3X g 

o o o o t> 2 
o o o o t> S 

O O O O O ^ g^ 
O O O O O r^ >-^ 

1-t rl O O --H 

o o o o o 

<N CO O O O Jd 
O O O i-H O p^ 

— — - g 

O T# O t}< o 

o o o o o 

o o o o o 
o o o o o 

i^ t» § « 

kj C fc, C3 




John Paine 

1 heade 18 

10 acres land 10 

2 oxen 12 

5 Cowsl: 3 Yr old 29 

3:2 Yr old 07 10 — 

2: Yerlings 03 

3 horses 36 

10 gotes 04 

119. 10 — 
W™ Robinson 

1 heade 1 horse ... 30 

12 acors land 12 

3 oxen 18 

3 cows 15 

2: 3 Yrold 08 

3:2 Yr old 05 

3: Yerlings . ." 04 10 — 

THE 16TH SEPTEMB^ 1675. 

2: oxen: 5 Cows ... 37 

1:3 yrold: 2 2 yrold 09 

4 Yerl 06 — - 

1 horse: 1: 3 yr old 20 

4 Swine 04 

Walter Jones 

1 heade 18 

12 acors land 12 

1 ox 3 cows 21 

I a horse 06 

2: 2 yr olds 4 yer- 
lings 11 

92 10 — 
John Greete 

1 heade 18 

30 acors land 30 

2 oxen 12 

6 cows 30 

1: 3 Yrold 04 

2:2 Yr olds ...... 05 

4: Yerlings 06 

2 horses 12 

1 Yerling horse .... 03 

4 Swine 04 


Caleb Curtis - ..»...>_ 
1 heade 12 acors of '^" ' ''' '■ ' 
land 30 


Giddion Yongs 

1 heade 18 — 

35 acors land 35 — 

2 oxen: 5 cows .... 37 — 
1: 3 yr 3:2 yr olds 11 10 

4 yerlings 06 — 

2 horses 1 yerling . . 27 — 

7 Swine 07 — 

141 10 
Abraha Whithere 
1 heade 25 acors 

land 43 — 

1 ox 5 cows 31 — 

3: 3 yrold 12 — 

2 : 2 yr old 2 yerlings 08 — 

1 yerling horse .... 03 — 
8 S\\ine 08 — 




Tho: Terry 

1 heade 18 

8 acors land 08 

2: oxen 4 cows ... 32 

2: Syr olds 08 

3: 2 yer old 2 yer- 

iings 10 10 — 

3 horses 1 : 3 yer old 44 

1 : 2 yr 1 yerling horse 08 

1 Swine 01 

129 10 — 

John Tuthill 

2 heads 36 

40 acors land 40 

2 oxen 7 cows .... 47 

5: 3 yrolde ... 20 

7: 2 yr olde 2 yer- 

lings 20 10 — 

3 horses & 1 yerling 39 

9 Shepe 03 

1 Swine 01 

206 10 — 
Richard Browne 

4 heads 72 

50 acors land 50 

8 oxen 48 

10 Cows 50 

6:3yrold 24 

7 2 yr old 17 10 — 

5 yerlings 07 10 — 

6 horses '72 

1: 3 yr old 1 yerling' 11 

24 Shepe 08 

10 Swinp . , . . 10 

Samll King 

1 heade 18 

40 acors land 40 

5 oxen 30 

6 cows 30 

2: 3 yr olds 08 

5:2 yr olds 12 10 — 

4 yerlings 06 — — 

2 horses 1 Swme ... 25 — — 

370 — 

169 10 — 
Joseph Maps 
1 heade l:yr old... 20 10 — 

20 10 — 
Samll Grouer 

1 heade 18 

2 acors land 2 

1 horse 1 Cow 17 


Tho: Moore Jun^ 

1 heade 18 

40 acors land 40 

4 oxen 24 

9 Cows 45 

2 Yerhngs 03 

4 horses . *. 48 

18 shepe 06 

2 Swin^...;. 02 

m .... 


Jonathan Moore 

1 heade 18 

40 acors land 40 

2 oxen 6 cows .... 42 

l':3yrold 1: 2yrold 06 10 — 
4 yerlings 06 



2 horses 1: 2 yrold. 29 — 
6 Swine 06 — 

147 10 

Capt John Yongs 

3 heads 10 acres land 64 — 

2 oxen 4 cows 32 — 

4: 3 yr 2: 2 yrold... 21 — 

4 yerlings 06 — 

8 horses 96 — 

9 Shepe 6 Swine ... 09 — 

228 — 

■ " Mr John Yongs Ju^ 

1 heade 18 — 

24 acors land ...... 24 — 

4 oxen : 7 Cows .... 59 — 
6 Yrlings 09 — 

2 horses 24 

2 Yrlings 06 — 

15 Shepe 05 — 

3 Swine 03 — 

148 — 

Peter Simons 
1 heade 18 — 

M'" John Conklin 
1 head 80 acors land 98 — 

8 oxen 48 — 

9 Cows 45 — 

5:3yrolds 20 — 

9:2 yrolds 22 10 

6 yerling 09 

5 horses 60 — 

3: 2 yrold horses ... 15 — 

21 shepe 07 — 

20 Sw^ine 20 ^ 

1: 3 yrold Bull.... 04 

348-10 1 3581-10^- 358 10 
Jacob Conklin 

1 heade 18 — 

14 acors land 14 — 

2 oxen 4 cows 32 — 

4: 3yr5: 2 yr: 3 yer- 
lings 33 — 

2 horses 24 — 

3 Shepe 8 Swine ... 09 — 


John Cory 

1 heade 18 

lox. 06 

1 horse 1 3 yrold . . 20 


Thomas Rider 

2 heads 36 

30 acors land 30 

4 oxen 8 cows 64 

1:2 yrold 1:3 yrold 06 10 — 

4 yerlings. 06 

24 shepe 10 Swine . . 18 

^ 160 10 — 
John Franklin and John Wigins 

2 heads 40 acors land 76 

4 oxen: 6 cows 54 

1 2 yrold 5 yerhngs 10 

2 horses 1: 2 yrold. 29 

9 shepe 03 

4 Swine 04 




Jeremy Valle 
3 heads 54 

10 acors land 2 oxen 22 
6 cows 3:3 yrolds. . 42 
1: 2 yrol(13yrlings. 07 

1 horse 12 Shepe. . . 16 

11 Swine 11 

Edward Petty 

2 heads 36 

10 acors land 10 

2 oxen 5 cows 37 

1 horse 12 



Simon Greyer 
2 heads 5 acors land 41 

2 cows 10 

1: 2 yrold 1 yerling 04 
1 horse 3 Swine. ... 15 


Nathall Moore 
Ihead.. 18 

4 acors land 2 cows 14 


Mr Thomas Moore Sen"" 

1 head 10 acors land 28 

6 oxen 5 cows .... 61 

2 : 3 y r 2 y erlings . . 11 

2 horses 3 Swine ... 27 


Joseph Yongs 

1 head 12 acors land 30 

2 oxen 5 cows 37 

2: 3 yrold 2 Swine .11 


Isack Reeues 
1 head 1 horse 30 

Samll Yongs 

1 heade 8 acors land 26 

2 Cows 10 

2: 3 yr 2: 2 yr olds 13 

1 horse 12 

1: 3 yr 1 yerling ... 11 

72 — 
Stephen Bayly 

1 heade 18 — 

13 acors land 13 — 

2 Cows 3: 3 yerolds 22 — 
1 horse 1 yerhng ... 15 — 

3 Shepe 01 — 

69— — 

M"" John Yongs marin^ 
1 heade 2 acors land 20 — 

4 Cows 20 — 

1 horse 1 swine .... 13 — 

Samll Glouer 

1 heade 1 ox 

3 Cows 




1 horse 1 swine . . . . 

23 10 — 

75 10 
Beniam Yongs 

2 heads 36 

18 acors land 18 — 



6 oxen 3 cows 51 

2:3yrolds2:2yerokI IS — ' 

1 horse : lyerlinghors 15 

21 shepe: 2 Swine ... 09 

142 — 
Christop'' Yongs Senr 

1 heade 12 acors land 30 

2 oxen 4 cows 32 

1:2 yrold 02 10- 

4 horses 48 

12 shepe 1 swine. ... 08 

120 10 ■ 
Richd Clark 
Ihead 18 — ■ 

4 acors land 1 Cow .09 

3 : 3 yrold 2 yerlings .15 

1 horse 12 

6 shepe 6 swine. ... 08 

John Beoth 

2 heads 36 

17 acors land 17 

3 oxen 18 

4 cows 20 

2:2 yrolds 2 yerlings 08 — - 

3 horses 1: 2 yrold. 41 

3 Shepe 01 — - 

6 Swine 06 •— - 

147 — 
John Curwm 
2 heads 21 acors land 57 — 

6 oxen 6 cows 66 — 

3: 3 yrold 12 — 

1: 2 yrold 02 10 

5 horses 60 — 

2: 3 yrold 16 — 

1 : 2 yrold 1 yerling 08 — 

5 Swine 05 — 

6 shepe 02 — 

228 10 
Barnab* Horton 

2 heads 36 — 

37 acors land 37 

9 oxen 54 — 

8 cows 40 — 

4: 3 yrold 16 — 

4: 2 yrold ,. 10 — 

4 yerlings 06 — 

69 shepe 23 — 

6 horses 72 — 

1 yerling 03 — 

8 swine 08 — 

305 — 
Jonathan Horton 

1 heade 18 — 

36 acors land 36 

2 oxen 6 cows .... 42 — 

3: 3 yrolds 12 — 

5: 2 yrolds 12 10 

2 yerlings 03 — 

3 horses 1 yerling. ,39 

9 shepe 6 swine ... 09 — 

171 10 
Richd Beniamin 

2 heads 36 — • 

39 acors land. ...... 39 

8 oxen 6 cows 78 — 

2: 3 yrold: 6: 2 yrold 23 — ■ 
4 : yerlings 06 



4 horses 48 

2: 2yr: 1: yerling,, 13 

4 swine 04 


Beniam Moore 

1 heade 18 

14 acors land 14 

4 cows: 2: 3 yrolds 28 

2: 2 yr: 2 yerlings . . 08 

4 horses 48 

2 Swine 02 


M' John Bud not being at home 
is lumpt at by y® last years 

accopt at £ s d 


Abraham Cory 

1 heade 4 acors land 22 

2 oxen 12 

2: 3 yrold 1: 2 yrold 10 10 — 

1 horse: 1 yerling. . 15 

5 swine 05 

64 10 

Joshua Horton 
1 heade 20 acres land 38 — 
S oxen 4 Cows .... 68 — 
7: 3 yr 3: 2 yr 3 

yerlings 40 — 

3 horses: 1 2 yrold. 41 — 
10 swine 10 — 

197 — . 
Baranb^ Wines 

1 heade 15 acors land 53 

2 oxen 9 cows 57 — • 

5: 3 yrolds 20 — - 

2: 2yrolds6 yrlings. 14 — 
6 sheep 6 swine.... 08 — 


Isaac Ouenton 
2 heades24 a cors land 60 
5 oxen: 6 rows. ... 60 

4- 3 yr oMs 16 

8 . 2 yer ("> yerliugs^ 29 

4: horses 1 yerling 51 

20 shepe 9 swine .... 16 

232 -233 

Mr Tho HucisFon 

1 heade 14 acors Ian ' 32 

5 oxen 5 cows .... 55 

4: 3 y>- 3: 2 yr2 

yerlings 22 10 — 

4 horses 19 swine., 67 - — 

176 10 - 

Jacob Cory 

1 heade 10 acors land 28 

4 oxen 2 cows 34 

3 : 3 yr 2 yerlings . . 15 

1 horse 4 swine .... 16 


Tho Reeues 

1 heade 23 acors land 41 ' 

4 oxen 5 cows 49 

2: 3 yr 3:2 yr 2 yer- 
lings 18 10 - 

2 horses 5 swine .... 29 

137 10 — 

John Reeues 

1 heade 1 ox 24 

1: 3 yrl yerling 05 10 — 



1 horse 1:3 yr old 

horse 20 

5 Swine 05 

54 10 

Peeter Paine 

1 heade 6 acors land 24 

2 cows 10 — 

2:2yrold:2yerlings 08 — 
1 horse 4 swine .... 16 

58 — 

Dainell Terry 
1 heade 12 acors land 30 — 
4 oxen 5 cows .... 49 — 
3:3yr:3:2yr3 yer- 

lings 24 — 

1 horse 1 yerling. .-. 15 

8 swine 08 ^ • 

126 — 
Peeter Dicisson 
2 heads 20 acors land 56 — 

8 oxen 48 — 

12 cows 60 — 

3:3 yrolds 12 — 

6: 2yrolds3yerlings 19 10 

1 horse 12 — 

1: 3yr l:2yrold.. 13 — 

40 gotes 16 — 

14 Swine 14 — 

250 10 
Richard Cozens 

1 heade 18 

4 acres land 4 

Nathall Terry 
2 heads 20 acors land 56 

7 oxen 8 cows 82 

2: 3 yrold 08 

5: 2 yr 5 yrlings. . . 20 

2 horses 24 

1 : 3 yr 1 yrling .... 11 

18 Swane 18 

219 — 
Samii Wines 

1 head 9 acors land 27 — 

2 oxen 12 — 

4 cows 3 yrlings.. . . 24 10 
1 horse 3 Swine .... 15 — 

78 10— 
M" Mary Welles 

26 acors land 26 

4: oxen 6 cows. ... 54 

5: 3 yrolds 20 

7: 2 yr 2 yrlings.. . . 20 1,0 — 

27 Shepe 09 

5 horses 60 

1 : 3 yr 1 : 2 yr 1 yer- 
ling horse 16 

12 Swine 12 

217 10 

Simieon Beinam 

1 heade 10 acors land 28 — 

2 oxen 3 cows 27 — 

4 3 yrold 1 yerling . . 19 

2 horses 1 yr 27 

3 shepe 4 swine .... 05 

106 — 
Will Colleman 

1 heade 4 acors land 22 — 

2 cows 10 — 

2: 2 yrolds 05 - 



2 yerlings 03 

1 horse 1 : 2 yrold . . 17 

2 Swine . . 02 

59 — 
Calib Horton 
IheadeSO acoi-sland 96 

6 oxen 36 — ■ 

12 Cows 60 — ■ 

5: Syr olds 20 — - 

7: 2 yr olds 17 10 ■ 

7 yerlings 10 10 • 

2 horses 1: 3 yr old 

horse 32 

1: 2 yr old 1 yerling 

horse 08 

2 Swine 02 — 

282 — 

Tho Maps Jun' 

Iheade 15 acorsland 33 — 

1 ox: 3 Cows 21 — 

2: 3 yr 4: 2 yr 2 

yerlings 21 — 

1 horse 12 Swine. . . 24 — 

99 — 
Thomas Tusteene 

1 heade 6 acors land 24 — 

2 oxen 1 Cow .... 17 — 
1: 3 yr 2: 2 yr: 1 

yerling 08 

1 hors 3 Swine .... 15 — 

64 — 
Thorns Maps Sen"" 
2 heads 24 acors land 60 — 
6 oxen 6 cows .... 76 — 

3: 3 yr olds 12 — 

4: 2 yrold 5 yerlings 17 10 

3 horses 2 yrlings 

horse 42 — 

20 Swine 20 — 

227 10 - 

Thorns Terrill 

1 heade 14 acors land 32 — - 

2 oxen 3 cows .... 27 

3: 3 yr old 12 — - 

2: 2 yr old 2 yerlings 08 

2 horses 6 Swine ... 30 

109 — 
James Reeues 

1 heade 24 acors land 42 

10 oxen 7 cows .... 95 — ■ 

6: 3 yr olds 24 — 

5: 2 yr 2 yerlings.. 15 10 

3 horses 36 — 

1 : 3 yr old 1 yerling 11 

3 Shepe 20 Swine . . 21 — 

244 10 
Will Reeues 
1 heade 5 acors land 23 — 
3 cows 1: 3 yr old 19 — 
2:2yr 3 yerlings.. 09 10 
1 horse 6 swine .... 18 — 

69 10 — 
John Swasie Sen^ 

2 heads 36 

12 acors land 12 

6 oxen 6 cows 66 

1: 3 yr old bull.... 04 

5 : 2 yr old ] yerling 14 

4 horses 48 

20 Swine 20 




John Swasie Jun^ 

1 heade 10 acors land 28 

2 oxen 2 cows 22 

1: 2 yr old4 yerlings ,08 10 — 
4 Swine 04 

62 10 
Joseph Swasie 

1 heade 8 acois Jand 26 

2 oxen 2 cows 22 — 

1:2 yr 1 yerling... 04 — ■ 

1 horse 12 

2 Swine 02 

66 — 

Will Halloke 

3 heads 54 — 

70 acors land 70 — 

8 oxen 48 — 

14 cows 70 ■ 

4: 3yr old 16 — 

10: 2 yr old 25 — ■ 

9 yerlings 13 10 ■ 

2 horses.. 24 — - 

4: 2 yr old 1 yrling 11 

30 Swine 30 — - 

361 10 
John Hallok 

1 heade 18 

4 acors land 04 — 

2 oxen 2 cows 22 — • 

2 yrlings 03 — • 

2 horses 1 : 2 yr old 29 

6 Swine 06 

82 — . 
Richard Howell 
1 heade 6 acors land 24 

2 oxen 1 cow 17 

1: Syr old 04 

2: 2 yr 2 yerlings . . 08 

1 horse 1 yrling .... 15 

5 Gotes 7 swine ... 09 


Thorns Osman 
2 heads 8 acors land 44 — 
4 oxen 4 cows .... 44 — 

5: 3 yr olds 20 ^ 

6:2yr 15 — 

6 yerlings 09 

4 horses 48 

1 : 2 yr old horse ... 05 — 
9 swine 09 

194 — . 
Will Poole 

2 heads 7 acors land 25 

2 oxen 8 cows .... 52 

l:3yroldl:2yrold 06 10- 

7 yerlings ........ 10 10 - 

1 horse 8 swine .... 20 

114 — 

Christopher Yongs Jun>" 
1 heade 1 horse .... 30 — 
2: 3 yr olds 2: 2 yr 

olds 26 — 


John Sallmon 
1 heade 18 — 

1: 3 yr old horse. . . 08 — 

26 — 
James Lee 
1 heade 18 — - 



Beni" Ilorton 

4:3yrold 16 

1 heade 


l:2yrold 02 10 

70 acors land . . . . 





1 horse 12 — 

4 oxen . . . . 

2 S\vine 02 — 

8 cows 

4:3 yr olds 

72 10 

5: Syr old 

. 12 10 — 

The totall Summe is 

4 horses 


£. s. d 

4 Swine 


10935: 10:00 

232 10 — 


Southhold Valuacons 

Sarah Yongs 

past Octob 25 1675 

8 acors land 

. 08 


2 oxen 4 cows . . . 

. 32 


To the wors' his ever hon'''^ & much esteemed friend Cap* 
Matthias Nicolls Secretary at N: Yorke theise p^'sent — 

Southampton Sept : 28 : 1675. 

Worthy S» — Wee the subscribed p^sent our best respects to 
you hopeing of & much Desireing your good health &c: Wee 
re^*^ your order or warrant for y^ makeing up and sending to you 
the estimate or waluation of our towne And at length with care 
and trouble wee have effected it: And it exactly amounts to 
twelve thousand five hundred and fourty one poundes xvi' 
viii^: Wee have dilligently aecompted every mans estate vp, & 
that is the just totall according to our best inspection ; Wee 
herein send you not the pticulers, for wee conceive that would 
h%e but lost labour to vs, and noe advantage, nor more satisfac- 
tion, but rather a cumber to you: And therefore according to 
our former maner to y^ High Shereife wee Send you the Sume in 
gross, which wee hope will be Sufficient, & fully answer your 
expectation: Wee crave yo'" favour & pdon that wee could not 
procure it Sooner into your hand ; But hope it will come So 
Seasonably, that wee haveing your Order by the bearer ourloveing 
friend and much respected, Justice Topping at his returne, may 
make paym* : in the most Suitable maner wee can to the Cuiitries 


occations ; But come is but Scarce with most of y^ Inhabitants & 
wee desire that Specie may not bee enjoyned in your warrant. 
S"" wee have presumed to write to the Govern^" respecting our 
estimate, and therein what we have Sett y^ horse-kinde at, & have 
made request to him touching that Subject. If his hon^ bee not 
well pleased. Wee desire yo^" worPP: to bee Instrmnentall as you 
can to excuse our goeing beside that old law or order (which wee 
can not but thinke now to follow is excessive hard and oppressive) 
that rates horses and mares one with another at 12'^ a peece. 
S'" there are so many people everywhere, besides ours, doe Soe 
exceedingly complaine that mares Should be rated at 121'^ ps, when 
hardly the best will give 4"' and many of them not 40^ a peece, 
emboldened us now to accompt them at 4^^ a peece one with 
another which is ii;ore than any one will give — Yet least it should 
fall out (contrary to our expectation and beleif ) that his hon"* the 
Govern"^" Should be dissatisfyed,and that wee may deale uprightly, 
discharge our Conscience for the towne and Duty towards y® 
Cuntry wee have as atforesaid Snmd up the horses and mares at 
4'^ 3 year olds at 3 ^^ two year'l: at40s and year'l at 20^ ps: And 
withall we have collected out of all the bills men pticulorly brought 
in, the just numbers of horses & mares — 3 year olds 2 year olds 
& yearlings: that Soe, if not witestanding our hon^**! Govern' 
Shall See cause, & it be his pleasure to continue them Still at y« 
old rate of 121^ a ps: &c. We crave yo^" favour to view the 
Inclosed acc^ and ad the dilference on y* which remaines (according 
to y^ S^ acct) unto our waluation. And ye" y^ estimate will bee 
compleated: S^ ift is Desired y* at y® Court you will promove 
the alteration of valuation of y^ horse kind: 

S"" Wee are yo^s to Coraand to our power 
Wee are greived to heare of y'^loss Thomas Topping Cons* 

of English blood by y ^ cruell dam- Henry Peirson 

ned pagans and very many are Thomas Cooper 

Sorry the Indians here have theire Francis Sawyer 

guns returned to them. John Faygan 


(Enclosed) lb. s. d. 

250 horses & mares at 41^: ps: 1000 00 00 

19 of three year old at 31^: ps: 0057 00 00 

35 of 2 yeare old at 2ib: ps: 0070 00 00 

29 yearlings at 20s :ps: 0029 00 00 

1156 00 00 

250 at 1211': ps: 3000 00 00 

19 at 81b: ps: 0152 00 00 

35 at 51b: ps: 0175 00 00 

29 at 31b: ps: 0087 00 00 

3414 00 00 
Substracted 1156 00 00 

Remaines 2258 00 00 


Southton Valuacons brought in Ocf 2cd 1675 (Note by the Gov. ) 

13667-16-8 Rate 56-18-1 If The 1156 added. 




I— ( 










8^^8 28^§388SSgS§8SS 


88S§S8S§8S888^8 8888 






sapio jaX ejqj 

S§88§§288 8888§^888§ 



saioq pire naxo 


1 saSutiJaX 




sapio JaX aajq^ 


eaxeni sasjoq 








Charles bridgs .................... 

John Furbosh 

Alias douty 

John Thorn 

William noble 

Daniell patrek 

dorothy farington 

James Clamenes 

anthony fellde 

Thomas stilles. 

richard tew 

William danfard 

John tere 

Rich*! willde 

adward grifen Jun 

richard Stockton 

Jonethan wright.. 

Denis Holdren 

Derek Arason 









sapio aiaA oj 



sapio JsX ajqj 

OC^— <OOOOOOOC0Ol>Tt^Tt*l>CNOi-t 





sa^oq pircnaxo 


S3p[0 9J3X O) 

spio JaX aaaqj 

saj^ra s3SJ0q 





o o 

- ^ s 

a ^2 a a 

^^ o 

tzi O 

ns cj o 

- o 

•■C3 . S Qj • 2 _• • • • CI « 





































2 ^> 










O^ § C g 

.§00 S Q 

3 I- j3 ^ S2 


hed mone for singel men 
Elias purrington 
Jolm farrington 
Edward farrington 
Jonethon fillepes 
Andres depre 
pole denorman 
Edward grifen Junyer 
richerd tendoll 
Thomos mam 
John tayler 
Joseph haverland 
John fellde 

September 29 


Cap Thoms hikes hath not 
yet prought in a list 
of his estate 
This to Secretarie Nicolls att: N: Yorke Lett bee deliuered 

The AcxjouMPTs from Grauesend this 14*f» of the 7*^ Mo*^ 
Anno 1675 of all personns Rateable according to y® Law, as 
allso of there Lands both vpland and meadow Groimd, With 
the number of there cattle namely ; Oxen ; Cows ; horses, 
Mares, and Sheepe as follows 
Impris . 

of: personns the troopers excepted 30 

of: oxen there is 26 

of: Cows there is to y^ number off 107 

of: Cattle of three yeres ould there is 20 

of: Cattle of tsvoe yeares ould there is 32 

of: Cattle of one yeare ould there is 56 

of: Horses and Mares there is 62 

of: Horses of three yeares ould 05 

of: Horses of twoe years ould , , 08 


of: Horses of one yeare ould * 16 

of: Sheepe to the number of 60 

of: Acors of vpland & Meadow ground 935 

By mee nicholas Stilwell Constable .£ s d 

and the Ourseers 13. 14. 3 


Gravesend Valuacons Brought in Sept^' 20*^ 1675 
ExJ L. s. d 
Rate — 13 — 14. 3 

To M'' Mathias Nicoles Secretary at New Yorke this deliver 
Respected Sir — According to your order i have herein Sent you 

the valvation of our townes estate, in the paper ihclosed, So with 

my Service to you I rest yovrs to comand Hetiapsted Sept: 7ti» 


Simon Saring 
Enclosure : — The totall Sume of our townds Esteats doth 

amount to : 11532-19-4 this yere deated at Hempsted this 28 

day of Agust in the yere of our Lord 1675 

Nathaniell Pearsale Clar 

The Retume of y® valuacons from Hempsteed 
brought in Sept 9th i675. Octo^ 25. past 

11532. 19. 4 

To the honeti Capt Nicoles at New Yorke 

HoN^^ S^ — We haue pren^d to your uew the hole esteate of our 
towne as it is giuen in to us the ualewation wherfe of doe amount 
to 57001 the troopers with their horsis being includid tvhich 
deduct if you please 

Jemaica Septic th 8 1675 By order of the Constable and 


Beniemin Coe 
Jamaica Valuacons Brought in Sept 11*^ 1675. 
pastOcr25— 5700 — 
23_15_0 — 




epino -JaA 

spino isA. z 

spino jaX g 

sppio jal 2 

spino laA g 




(N CNOOi-ir-H l-(r-lO 











^ ptrci dA 


^ rl r-1 <N Tin O (?^ 1-1 CN 0< CO O r-, CO o i^i 












c ^ 




. t>J3 : 

^ . • 2 5 fcc 

1^ ^ ^ ^ Qd " O 




^Oi-l(>»OC0C^T}<'<*<-iC0C£iP005'-iO lOOCO IGsJOOTfOO 


r-i O 


j^ o o o <>< o o 






rl O (>( O CO O r-l 






CO o o 




o o o 




r-l O 1-1 


O O r-H T-l O CM .-t T-l O .-. CO Gs( ri en. Ti< .-H O CM T)^ -^ r-1 

2 ^ 

s c s a 

9 a 

- ^ GO 5 c 


"-' c; ^ 







T-Hr-(oo I \ o a CO "^ r-i I 1 locoo [ en oi 


OO r-iOOO(N>-i I €00|i-i 

0005^0}i-(00(NtJ<'H IO>-iOOOr-tOrO 

spino -JDiC 2 


spittO 'laA g 




Tlf CO <N '"^ lO 


O O ">* -^ r-l 0< 


(N C^ <N CN Ot 

1— 1 



spino jaX 2 


spino J9X c 



TJ P"131 tiA 

O"— li— li— ((J^i— li— li— IrHC^ 


t; " c3 .-d 

n^ 'i- tri l^n 

c3 :d 

c o 

CO) t/ 


C/0 Ph 13 5 • • p., ai 

^ h;^ (/2 1> H h-5 hi; ^ I^^o^h:>^ 


O CO (M I I W r-no O O O CO Tj< CO G^ 

(NO iH 



O O r-( o O O O O O O O O O r-i o ^ 

"I o 

O O O O O O O O O O O O O O i-t bC <^ 

f i 

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o rH a, 


<-Hc<(i-ioi-i>-icNOooo<-iO'-<r-( .3 


<>^ lO lO O lO O O '<i< O O tH Tt< O 00 O 3 

.-(i-<T-io.-i(rQr-(eooo t-iOr-ico © 


r-(r-(OC<)i-ii-HT-lt-l.-(i-lOi-ti-HC^ g I 


1 I 

> T 


cj w O g be - , - 


Q.H 1-5 H^ K, i:c5 ^ H ci,!^ 1-^ (/} ^ p:; 124 











Gi CO 

OOr-lcOiOi-iCDCrjOOOTj^CNOOO-^TtiCOG-"^ -^ 


ajaX g 


ajsX t 

ajaX g 

ajaX 2 

8J3l I 


I— I rH>— li— (i— I (?<»— 1 I— 1 r-l(>(i— ( I— 1 I— I 

CN-^'-t(NrOi-i«Ni-ir-icOi-iro lo (N 


(M C< (N CO CO T# (>( tH r-( n^ .-I CO C< Ti< xO rH 


(7< (N -* Tj< CO rh tH tH CO CO CO Ti< (N O CO <N 


c: cfl S c ^ 

Oh ^^ 

o i=: 


0) CD c H '^ ^ ^ 
c 25 

-:> OQ PC; (Zi S -. ?► 




T I I 1 7 7 I I 7 7 I 


■<* CO T# CO lO o 



CM iH 


t- Tl« lO 




>— < 1— 1 lO 

<N rH <N C^ »0 (M 



1-4 1-1 




1-i I-l 





CO (M Ti< 



(M CO 


ir. > 

S V 

t: CO 

c 5« M 

^ ^ 


■ «*- 



Of the Five Dutch Towns [in King's County] Long Island ; 

PRiMO October, Anno 

[Translated from the Dutch.] 


£ s d 
No. 1. Baertelt Claessen 

1 poll 2 horses 1 ditto of 3 yrs 2 

cows 1 hog £61. 

1 morgen of valley 2. 


2. Gerrit Snedeger 

1 poll 2 horses 2 do. of 3 yrs, 6 
cows 4 ditto of 2 year 3 do. of 

1 yr. 3 hogs ^£105. 10. 

20 morg. land and valley'. 40. 

145 10 

3. AuwKE Janse 

1 poll 4 horses, 4 cows 6 sheep.. jESS.IO. 
18 morg of land 36. 

124 10 

4. Gerrit Lubbertse 

1 poll 4 horses 5 cows 3 do. of 2 

yrs 4 hogs ^£96. 10 

20 morg. land and valley 40. 

136 10 

1 Now, Flatbush. 


5. Reyn Aersen 

1 poll 2 horses 4 cows 3 do. of 1 
year 66 10 

6. Stoffel Jansen 

1 poll 4 horses 30 

7. Cornelis Jansen Zeuw 

6 cows 4 do of 1 year j£99 

valley 60 


8. [Paper utterly destroyed.] 

9. Jan Baerentsen 

] poll 2 horses 2 cows 1 ditto of 1 yr 

1 hog 54 10 

10. Jan Coerten 

4 polls 4 cows 3 hogs 95 

11. Arie Lambertse 

1 poll 4 horses 5 cows, 2 d" of one 

year 4 hogs jei03 

22 morg. land and valley 44 


12. Jan Jansen Van Ditmersen 

1 poll 4 horses 4 oxen 8 cows 2 do. 

of 2 yra 3 do. of 1 yr ^6139.10 

30 morg. land and valley 60. 

199 10 

13. Hans Cristoffel 

1 poll 2 horses 5 cows 2 d° of 1 y'" ' ■ 

3 hogs. 73 

14. Arie Ryerse 

1 poll 2 horses 3 d^ of 1 y'^ 5 cows 
1 d° of 3 yrs 2 do of 2 y^s 2 do of 

1 y'-2 hogs £90 

20 m9rg. land 40 

15. Aers Jansen 

1 poll 3 cows 2 d° 3 yr 3 d" 

of 2 y of 1 y 1 hog £88.10 

20 morg. land & valley 40 


128 10 

472 rate lists of 

16. Jan Jansen 

1 poll 2 oxen 2 cows ^£45 

7 morg. land & valley 14 



2 polls 2 horses 10 cows 2 do. of 2 

yr 2 do of 1 yr 2 hogs ^£120. 

16 morg. land & valley 32. 


18 Jan Streycker 

3 polls 4 horses 2 2 horses. . . . 

- cows, 3 do of 3 year, 4 d" of 1 y r 1 hog ^£196 

30 morg. of land & valley 60 


19. Hendrick Streycker 

1 poll, 2 horses 1 sheep ^£43. 14 

12 morg of land and valley 24. 

67 14 


1 poll 2 horses 2 oxen 7 cows, 2 d^ of 

3 yrs. 2 do of 2 yrs. 2 hogs j£104. 

19 morg land & valley 38. 


21 Hendrick Corn: Slecht 

1 poll 2 Cows 1 hog [MS. destroyed. J 

3 morg land , 

22 Harmen Key 

horses [MS. destroyed.] 

23 Jacob Hendricks 

1 poll, 4 horses 3 cows 

2 do of 1 yr. 1 hog [MS. destroyed.] 

20 morg land & valley 40 

— 1 

24 Stoffel Probasky 

1 poll 2 horses 1 do of 2 yr 5 cows. . 

1 do of 2 yr. 2 do of 1 yr j£78 

12 morg. land & valley 24 

' 102 

long island. 473 

25 Corn: Jansen Berry 

1 poll 4 horses 1 ditto of 1 y^ 8 cows 

2 do of 2 yr 3 do of 1 y 2 sheep . , . jeil9.7 
23 morg. land & valley 46 

31 Hendrick Willemsen 

1 poll 2 horses 5 cows ^£67 

20 morg. land 40 

165 7 

26. Lambert Jansen 

1 poll 18 

27 Ruth Albertse 

1 poll 18 

28 Seymen Hansen 

1 poll 4 horses 3 cows 2 d° of 3 yr. . 

3 do of 2 yM do of 1 yr 1 hog ^699 

14 morg. of land & valey 28 


29 Claes Willems 

1 poll 18 


2 polls 2 horses, 1 do of 3 yrs 1 do of 2 yrs 

2 oxen 7 cows 2 do of do of yr 6 hogs ^6137 
24 morg. of land 48 



32 Jan Harmense 

Ipoll 18 

33 Arie Hendrickse 

1 poll [Rem!" destroyed.] 43 

34. Gysbert Jansen 

1 poll 18 

35. JoBECQ Jansen van de Bildtt 

1 poll 18 

36 Floores Croom 

1 poll 2 horses 3 cows 1 do of 2 yrs 

1 do of 1 yr. 1 hog £62 

16 morg. land & valley 32 



37. DiRECK Jansen hoglant 

1 poll 3 horses 1 d^ of 1 y"" 6 cows 
Ihog. je89 

13 morg. land & valley 26 


38 Corns Sebringh 

1 poll horses 1 do of 4 yr. 3 cows 3 d^ 

2 do of 1 yr 

land & valley [MS. destroyed. J 

39 Jansen 

I poll 18 

40 MiNNE Johannes 

3 polls 1 horse 1 cow ^1 

16 morg. land & valley 32 


41 Caterinne Hegemans 

, 3 polls 4 horses 1 d^ of 1 y^ 4 oxen 

II cows 4 do of 3 yr 2 d^ of 2 y^ 
4 do of 1 y' 

4 hogs £215 

36 morgen land & valley 72 


42 Cornelis Baerentse 

1 poll 4 horses 1 d^ of 2 y^ 7 cows 
3 do of 3 yrs 3 do of 2 yrs 2 do of 

1 yr 1 hog £129.10 

18 morg. of land & valley 36 

165 10 

43 DiERCK Jansen Van der Vliett 

1 poll 3 horses 5 cows 3 do of 2 yrs. 

2 do of 1 yr £89.10 

14 morg. land & valley 28 

117 10 

44 Eldert Luykerse 

1 poll 4 horses 4 cows hog £87 

16 morg. land & valley 32 


long island. 4*75 

45. Leffekft Pieterse 

1 poll 2 horses cows 1 d° of 3 y' . . 

4 do. of 2 y d" of 1 yr ^£70. 

17 morg. land & valley 34 


46 Titus Strix 

1 poll 1 horse 2 do. of 2 y*" 4 cows , , 
6 do. of 3 yr. 3 do of 2 y 5 do of 

1 yr 4 hogs £103 

25 morg. of land & valley 50 



1 poll 6 oxen 5 cows 2 do. of 2 yr. 

3 hogs '.. je87 

19 morg. land & valley 36 


The whole Property of Midwout amounts to ^64872 11 

Taxed @ Id. in the pound Sterlg 
should amount to 20 pound 6 shg^ 

Your obedient Servant 

MicHiL Hainelle. 


1 Claes Aerense 

3 polls 1 horse 5 cows 2 of 2 

ys 2 do. of 1 yr ^696.10 

14 morg. land & vally 28 

124 10 

2 Jan De swede 

1 poll 1 horse 1 do of 1 y^ 4 cows 

1 do. of 1 y 1 hog ^£55.10 

2 morg. land 4 

59 10 

3 Baerent Hegbertse , 

1 poll 1 cow £62. 

3 morg. land 6. 



4 JoosT Fransen 

1 poll 2 horses 1 do of 1 y^ 5 cows 

1 do of 2 yr 3 do of 1 yr 2 hogs ^£79. 
19 morg. land & valley 38. 


5 Andries Juriaense 

1 poll 2 horses 2 do of 3 y 8 cows 

1 do of 2 year 2 do of 1 y^ . . . £103.10 

28 morg. land & valley 56. 

159 10 

6 Lambert Jansen Dortlant 

1 poll 3 cows £33 

8 morg. land & valley 16 


7 Hendrickse 

1 poll 18 

8 [MS destroyed.] 

9 Wouter Geisse[?] 

1 poll 18 

10 Seimen Aersen 

1 poll 2 oxen 4 cows 1 do of 2 y'" 

1 hog £56 

8 morg. of land & valley 16 


11 Jean Piettersen Mackenzie [?J 

1 poll 4 cows £38 

8 morg. land 16 


12 Jean Frederickse 

1 poll 2 horses 2 cows £52 

7 morg land 14 

. 66 

13 Johannes Christoffel 

1 poll 2 oxen 2 cows do of 2 y^. . . £42.10 
7 morg. land 14 

56 10 

14 Mr Paulus van der Beeck 

2 poll 3 horses 4 cows 2 do of 2 yrs 

2 do of 1 yr £100. 

20 morg. land & valley 40 




15 Theunes Gisberttse [BogaertJ 

3 poll 4 horses 1 do of 2 yrs 5 oxen 
. . Cows 5 do of 3 yrs 10 do of 2 

yrs 8 do of 1 yr 9 hogs ^6251. 

40 more;, land & valley 80. 


16 Seimen Claes 

1 poll 1 horse . . Cows 1 do of 2 

yrs 2 do of 1 yr 1 hog ^£46. 10 

7 moro;. land & valley 14 

■" 60 10 

17 JuFFRouw Potters 

1 horse 1 do of 3 yrs. 4 cows 1 do 

of 2 yrs 3 hogs 45 

18 Jean Aersen 

1 poll 3 horses 2 Cows 1 d" of 3 y^ 

2doof 2yr 1 do of ly £74.10. 

18 morg. land & valley 36 

110 10 

19 Thomas Jansen Van d[uyn?] 

1 poll 2 horses 3 cows .......... £5*7 

1 morg. land 2 

■ili To-ii VR 59 

20 AcHEYS Jansen Van deick 

1 poll 2 oxen 2 cows 1 do of 1 y £41.10 

1 morg. land 2 

43 10 

21 DiERCK Hattum 

1 poll 2 oxen 2 cows do of 3 yrs 1 

do of 2 yrs £50.10 

1 morg. land 4 

54 10 

22 JuRiAN Blanche 

2 horses 1 cow 2 do of 1 y £32 

6 morg. of land 12 


23 Daniel de Rappallie 

1 poll 1 hors cows [Valuation destroyed. ] 

473 rate lists of 

24 Jerm. de Rappallie 

2 polls 2 horses cows 

8 morg of land [Val: destroyed,] 

25 PiETER Jansen 

1 poll, 2 horses 2 oxen 6 cows 4 of 

2 yrs 3 do. of 1 yr £98.10. 

25 morg. land & valley 50 

148 10 

26 Jan Jansen 

1 poll 2 oxen . . Cows 1 d^ of 2 yrs 
'Sdooflyr je45.10. 

2 morg. of land 4 

49 10 

27 Hendrick Corsen 

1 poll 3 horses 2 cows 1 do of 2 yrs ^£66. 10 
12 morg. land & valley 24 

90 10 

28 Pietter Corsen 

1 poll 18 

29 Casper Cornelise 

1 poll 18 


1 poll 2 horses 2 d" of 1 yr 2 oxen 
5 cows 4 do of 2 yr. 3 do of 1 yr ^£99. 10 
13^ morg land and valley 27 — 

126 10 

31 Rhem Jansen 

3 poll 4 horses . . cows 5 do of 3 ys 

2 do of 2 yrs do of 1 yr 2 hogs jei84.10 

19 morg. land & valley 38 

222 10 

32 TiERCK Stoorm 

1 poll 1 horse £30. 

11 morg. land & valley 22. 


33 Maerte Ryerse 

1 poll 4 horses 8 cows of 2 yrs 3 

of 1 y*- 2 hogs £117.10 

31^ morg. land & valley 63 

180 10 

long island. 479 

34 Abrent Isaack 

Ipoll 18 


2 oxen 6 cows 3 do of 2 yrs 3 d" of 

1 y J662.10 

18 morg. land 36 — 

98 10 

36 Theunis Jansen 

3 poll 3 horses do. of 2 yr. 2 oxen 

4 cows 4 do of 3 yr 4 do of 1 y"" 2 hogs jei51 
23 morg. land & valley 46 


37 Jan Hansen 

1 poll 2 horses 4 cows 1 do of 3 y"^. . 

1 do. of 2 yr 1 hog je69.10 

18 morg. land & valley 36. 

105 10 

38 DiERCK Pauluse 

1 poll 2 horses 4 cows 4 do of 2 yrs 

3 do. of 1 yr je76.10 

12 morg. land & valley 24. 

100 1* 

39 Thomas Lambertse 

Ipo 112 horses 1 do of 3 y"^ 4 oxen 8 cows 
year 2 do. of 1 y^ 4 sheep. . . 

[MS. destroyed.] 147.4 

23 morg. land & valley 46 

193 4 

40 [Name destroyed.] 

1 poll 1 horse of 1 y^ 1 ox 4 cows 1 

do of 2 yrs . . sheep je5 1 

15 morg. land & valley 30 


41 Paulus Dierckse 

2 polls 2 horses 2 oxen 5 cows 

2 do. of 3 yrs 5 do. of 2 yrs 3 do. of 

1 yr. 5 hogs £127 

12 morg. land & valley 24 


480 kate lists of 

42 Jeaw Gerrittse 

1 poll 2 horses 2 cows 2 do of 3 yrs 

2 do. of 2 yrs 2 do. of 1 yr 2 sheep, 

1 hog £70. 

11 1 morg. land & valley 23 

43 BouRGON Brouchaert 

1 poll 2 cows je28 

11^ morg. land & valley 23 

48 Capt" CoRNELis 

1 poll 3 horses cows 2 do of 3 yrs 

1 do. of 2 yrs do. of 1 y £84 

22 morg. of land and valley 44 

49 Weynant Pietterse 

1 poll 2 horses 3 cows £51 

5 morg. land 10 

50 Paulus Michilse Vander Voort 

1 poll 2 oxen 3 cows 1 do. of 2 yrs 

1 do. of 1 y»- £4:9 

12 morg. land & valley 24 

51 Pietter Van Nest 

3 poll 4 cows 1 do. of yr. hog . . £80 
5^ morg. land & valley 11 



44 Adam Brouwer 

1 poll 3 cows 4 sheep & 1^ morg. 
valley 37 14 

45 WiLLEai Brquwer 

Ipoll 18 

46 Jabecq Brouwer 

1 poll 18 

47 CoNRADus Vander 

1 poll 2 oxen 2 cows 1 do. of 1 year £43 
14 morg. of land 28 







62 MicHiL Hansen 

1 poll:«2 horses 5 cows 1 do. of 3yrs 

2do. of ly^ ^£74 

20 morg. land & valley 40 


53 Hendrick Theunese 

1 poll 1 horse 2 cows 1 do. of 2 yrs ^642. 10 

4 morg. land 8 

50 10 

54 JoRES Jacobse 

3 polls 4 horses 3 do. of 2 yJ" 2 oxen 
3 cows 2 do. of 3 yr 4 do of 2 yr 

do. of 1 yr. 2 hogs 3 sheep £-6 

30 morg. land 60 



1 poll 2 horses 3 cows [MS. destroyed.] 

15 morg. land 

56 Jan Cornelise Buis 

1 poll 2 horses 3 cows 3 do. of 

2 hogs 12 sheep [MS. destroyed.] 

8 morg. land & valley 

57 Gerrit Croes 

1 poll 2 oxen cows 3 do. of 3 y . . 

2 do. of 2 y 3 do. of 1 j-^ ^676.10 

14 morgen land & valley 28. 

94 10 

The whole Property of Breuckelen amounts to ^65067 18 

Taxed at 1^ in the pound stg 
. should amount to <£21.2.4d 

Your obedient servant 

MiCHiL Hainelle 





2 polls 3 horses 2 do of yrs 5 cows 
2 do of 3 yrs 4 do of 2 yrs do 

of 1 yr 1 hog 8 sheep ^£138.8 

22 morg. land & valley 44 

182 8 

2 WouTER Gisberttse 

1 poll 3 horses 8 cows 2 do of 3 yrs 

4 do of 1 yi" 4 sheep £109.14 

18 morg. land & valley 36 

145 14 

3 Volkert Dierckse 

2 polls 3 horses 1 d© of 2 yrs. 8 
cows 2 do of 3 yrs 3 do of 2 yrs 

4 do of 1 yr 8 sheep 2 hogs. . . . ^£143. 18 
25 morg. land & valley 50 

193 18 

4 Charles Housman 

1 poll 2 horses 6 cows 2 do of 1 yr 

2 sheep je75.18 

11 morg. land & valley 22 

97 18 


1 poll 2 cows 1 do of 3 yrs 1 sheep je32.8 

4 morg. land 8 

^ 40 

6 Pietter Jansen 

1 poll 2 horses 1 cow 47 

7 Claes Cornelise 

1 poll & 5 morg. land 5^ 

8 De la Forge 

1 poll 1 horse 2 cows 40 

9 [MS. destroyed.] , 
10 [Name illegible.] 

1 poll 1 horse 4 oxen 11 cows 4 do 

of 3 yrs 1 do of 2 yrs 3 do of 1 

yr 4 hogs jei36 

40 morg. land & valley 80 


long island. 483 

11 Albert Hendrickse 

1 poll 18 

12 Jan Caerlese 

1 poll 18 

13 Amador Foupier 

1 poll 18 

14 Jan Cornelise Zeuw 

1 poll 2 horses 2 cows 5 sheep .... 54.2 

17 morg. land & valley 34 

88 2 

15 Evertt hedeman 

1 poll 2 oxen 2 cows 7 sheep 3 hogs 46 
13^ morg. land & valley 27 

16 Jan Korom 

1 poll 2 horses 1 do of 1 yr 3 cows 

1 do of 1 yr 2 hogs 2 sheep .... j£64.8 
3 morg land 6 

17 Alexander Coquer 

1 poll 1 hog 2 sheep JE19.18 

2 morg. land 4 

J 8 Jan Lesquier 

2 polls 2 horses 5 cows 2 do of 3 

yrs 1 do of 1 y 1 sheep j£103 

28 morg. land 56 

19 Capt. PiETTER Jansen Witt 

3 polls 4 horses 2 do of 2 yrs 1 d^ 
of 1 yrs 9 cows 4 do of 3 yrs 2 
do of 2 yrs 7 do of 1 yr 18 sheep 

7 hogs je206. 3 

50 morg. Land & Valley 100 

20 Jabecq Dierckse' 

1 poll 2 horses 1 do of 1 y^ 2 sheep ^£45, 18 
10 morg. land 20. 


70 8 

23 18 


306 3 

66 18 



1 poll 3 COWS 1 do of 1 y'- ^£34.10 

9 morgen of land 18. 

52 10 


1 poll 2 horses 7 cows 2 do of 2 yrs 

1 do of 1 yr. 7 sheep 1 hog ... . ^£90.10 

15 morg. of land & Valley 30. 

120 10 

23 Seimen Haeckx 

1 poll 18 

24 Mettie Jansen 

2 cows 1 ditto of 2 yrs 3 sheep 2 

hogs [MS. destroyed] 

25 Jan jansen 

2 polls 1 horse 2 cows 

26 Hendrick Baerentse 

1 poll 3 horses, 3 ditto of 3 year 5 
cows, 2 do of 3 yr. 4 d^ of ] y 

5 sheep 3 hogs. j£141 

20 morg. land & valley 40 


27 Jan Cornelis Damen 

1 poll 3 horses 1 do of 1 year 6 
cows 1 do of 3 yr 3 do of 2 y^ 4 
do of 1 yr 16 sheep 3 hogs.. .... ^£113. 3 

28 morg. land & valley 56 

169 3 

28 Jan Ariaense 

1 poll 3 cows 1 do of 1 yM sheep ^£37. 4 

3 morg. land 6 

43 4 

29 Cornelis Harmense Vogel 

2 polls 3 sheep 37 5 

30 Pietter Parmentie 

2 polls 3 horses 2 oxen 5 cows 2 do 
of 3 yer 2 do of 2 yJ" 3 do of 1 y^ 

4 hogs £130.10 

20 morg. Land & Valley 40 

170 lU 

long island. 4§9 

31 Jacob Laroille 

1 poll 2 horses [MS. destroyed ] 

32 Philip Berckelo 

Ipoll .....*. 18 

33 Mattheis Jansen 

Ipoll 18 

34 Theunis Gisberttse Bogaert 

8 morgen Valley » . . . . 16 

35 OuFiE Cley 

2 polls 2 horses 6 cows 3 ditto of 2 

yr 3 ditto of 1 yr ^£102 

12 morg. Land & Valley .......... 24 


The assessment roll of Boswyck amounts to . . ^2960 14 
Rated at Id. in the pound Stg 

should amount to jei2.6.9d. 

Your obt Servant 

Michil Hainelle. 


1 Hans Harmense 

1 poll 3 horses 4 cows of 3 y^^ 4 

do of 2 yrs 2 do of 1 yr je97.2 

. 24 morgen land. ..,,..,, 48 

145 2 

2 Jan van Deuenter 

2 polls 1 horse of 2 yrs 3 cows 1 

do of 3 yxs 1 do of 2 yrs ^662.10 

12 morg. land 24 


3 Jan Verckercke 

3 polls 6 horses 2 do of 2 yrs 4 cows 

20 sheep JE164.10 

95 morg. land & valley 192 

366 10 



1 poll 2 horses 1 cow 1 ditto of 2 

yrs 1 ditto of 1 year ^£51 

18 morg land 36 


6 Hendrick Matheise 

1 poll 4 horses 3 cows 3 do of 3 yrs 
3 do of 2 yrs 3 do of 1 year . . . £105 
30 morg. land 60 


6 Laurens Jansen 

1 poll 2 horses 2 cows £52 

12 morg. land 24 



1 poll 3 horses 6 cows .£84 

20 morg. land 40 


8 [MS. destroyed.] 

6 cows £104 

20 morg. land 40 


9 Rhein 

1 poll horses 3 do of 2 yrs 2 do 

of 1 yr £46 

20 morg. land 40 

— ^ 86 

10 Jan Jansen van deyck 

1 poll 2 horses 2 cows of 3 yrs 1 do 

of 2 yrs £52.10 

- 16 morg. land 32 

84 10 

11 Carel Jansen van deyck 

1 poll 2 horses 3 cows £57 

24 morg. land 48 



2 polls 4 horses 6 cows 2 oxen 2 
ditto of 3 yrs 3 do of 2 yrs 4 do 

of 1 yr 12 sheep £152.12 

100 morgen land 200 

352 12 


13 Jean Clement 

1 poll 1 horse 2 cows 1 do of 3 yrs 

1 do of 2 yrs 46 1© 

14 Jacob Bastiansen 

1 poll 1 cow 23 

15 Theys Jansen 

1 poll 1 horse 2 oxen cows 1 ditto 

of 3 yrs 1 hog jE80. 

15 morg. land 30 

16 Theys Lubbertse 

1 poll 2 horses cows of 2 yrs. . . J844.10 

12 morg. land 24 

17 Jean Van 

1 poll 2 horses 4 cows 4 ditto of 2 yrs ^672 

40 morg. land 80 


68 10 

18 Crein Jansen 

2 polls 2 horses and 1 do of 2 yrs. . ^£66 
24 morg. land 48 



19 Arie Willemse 

1 poll 3 horses 5 cows, 2 do of 2 

year, 3 d^ of 1 year jeSS.lO. 

24 morg. land 48 

136 10 

20 Pietter Jacobse 

1 poll 2 cows 28 

21 Theunis Jansen Van Peltt 

2 polls 3 horses 5 cows 1 d^ of 1 

year 4 Sheep jElOO. 4 

24 morg. land 48 

148 4 

22 HuiBERT Stoock 

1 poll 18 



1 poll 3 horses 5 cows 1 d" of 3 yrs 

2 do of 1 yr ^£74. 

20 morg. of land 40 

^ 114 

24 Anthony Vander Eycke 

1 poll 2 horses 3 cows 

12 morg. land [MS. destroyed] 


1 poll 2 COWS 2 oxen 

12 morg, land 

26 Zegertt Gerrittse 

1 poll 18 

27 Hendrick Jansen Van deyck 

1 poll 18 

28 Jean Muserol 

1 poll 2 oxen 4 cows .... J650 

12 morg. land » . . . 24 


assessment roll 

The Property of N. Utrecht amounts to. . . ^63024 18 
Rated @ 1 d per poimd Stg 

should amount to jei2. 12. Id. 

Your obt Servant 

MicHiL Hainelle 


1 Claes Pietterse 

1 poll 2 horses 1 do of yrs 6 cows j£75. 
7 morg. land 14 

2 GiLLEs Jansen 

3 polls 3 horses 2 oxen cows .... ^6105 
10 morgen land & valley 20 



1 Now, Flatlands. 


3 Gerritt Reinerse 

2 polls 4 horses 7 cows 2 ditto of 

1 yr 1 hog £125. 

23 morg. land & valley 46 


4 Wm Van Berckelo 

1 poll 2 horses 1 cow 47 


1 horse 2 cows 1 do of 2 yrs4 morg 

land 32 10 


1 poll 2 horses 4 cows 1 do of 3 yrs 

1 ditto of 1 year ^£67.10 

11 morg, land & valley 22 — 

7 Hans Jansen 

1 poll 2 oxen 5 cows 1 ditto of 2 yrs ^£57. 10 
17 morg. land & valley. . . T. 34 

89 10 

91 10 

8 Albert Ai.bertse 

2 polls 4 horses 1 do of 1 y"^ 7 cows 

do of 2 yr. 2 hogs ^129. 

29 more;. land & valley 58 

• ^ 187 

9 Steuense 

] poll horses 1 ditto of 2 yrs 

4 cows ditto of 1 yr je84. 10 

20 morg. land & valley 40 

124 10 

10 [Name destroyed] 

1 poll 1 horse 1 cow 47 

11 Albert Albertse the yomiger 

1 poll 1 horse 3 cows 45 

12 Dierck Jansen 

1 poll 1 horse 3 cows 46 

13 Pietter Claessen 

2 polls 5 horses 13 cows 3 do of 3 

yrs 2 oxen 2 sheep ^186.5 

59 morg. & valley 118 

304 5 


490 rate lists of 

14 Laurens Cornelise 

1 poll 1 horse » 30 

15 Fernandes Van Cickel 

1 poll 2 horses 2 cows 52 

16 Jan Brouwer 

1 poll 2 horses 4 cows 3 hogs .... 65 

17 Abraham Joorese 

1 poll 2 horses 1 do of 2 jn-s 14 
cows 2 do of 3 yrs 4 do of 2 yrs 

4 do of lyr £U1 

35 morg. land & valley 70 


18 RoELOFF Maertense 

2 polls 4 horses 1 do of yrs 10 
cows 2 do of 2 yrs 4 ditto of 1 

yr 3 hogs ^£152.14 

52 morg. land & valley 104 

256 14 

19 Steuen Coertten 

2 polls 4 horses cows 5 ditto of 2 

yrs jei29 

55 morg. land 110 

— — 239 

20 Jan Kiersen 

2 polls 2 horses cows 2 do of 1 

year £103 

31 morg. land & valley 62 



1 poll 4 horses 2 do of 1 yr 1 ox, 
7 cows 3 do of 3 yr 2 do of 2 yr 

1 do of 1 year jei31.10 

28 morg. land & valley 56 

187 10 

22 Pietter Monfortt 

1 poll 1 horse 2 cows 40 

23 Jan Monfortt 

Ipoll 18 

long island. 491 

24 Ariaen Pietterse 

1 poll, 2 horses 2 cows ^£52 

8 morg. land and valley 16 



1 poll, 1 horse 30 

26 Seiman Jansen 

. 2 polls, 4 horses 8 cows, 3 do of 3 
yrs 1 do of 2 yrs 2 do of 1 yr 4 

sheep 1 hog jei44.4 

32 morg. of land & valley 64 

208 4 


2 polls, 5 horses 1 do of 3 yrs cows 
2 do of 3 yrs. 3 do of 2 yrs do of 
1 yr. 4 hogs 

24 morg. land & valley [MS. destroyed.] 

28 Swaen Jansen 

1 poll, 2 horses 1 cow 2 hogs £49 

5 morg. land & valley 10 


29 Hendrick Pieterse 

1 poll 3 horses 2 oxen 5 cows 1 do. 

of 1 yr. 1 hog £93.10 

19 morg. land & valley 38 

131 10 


1 poll 4 horses 1 do. of 2 }ts 2 oxen 

6 cows 4 do. of 2 yrs 4 do. of 1 yr . . ^6127. 
44 morgens land & valley 88 


31 Jacob & Gerritt Streycker 

3 polls 2 horses 7 cows 2 hogs J6115 

1^ morg. land 3 


41)2' hate lists of 

32 Jan Martense 

1 poll 3 horses 1 do. of 2 yrs 1 do. 
of 2 yrs 2 do of 1 yr. 3 cows 2 do 

of 1 yr £83 

10 morg. land & valley 30 



1 poll 1 horse 2 cows ,40 

34 WiLLEM 

1 poll 2 horses 1 do of yrs 5 cows 

2 do of 1 yr. 2. hogs £11 

12 morg. land & valley 24 


The Whole Valuation of Amsfortt amounts to ^3966 13 


The property is rated as follows 

Each Poll @ Jei8. 

Each horse over 4 yrs old 12. 

between 3 & 4 yrs 8- 

between 2 & 3 yrs 5. 

between 1 & 2 yrs 3. 

Each Ox above 4 yrs old 6. 

Each Cow above 4 yrs old 5. 

between 3 & 4 yrs old 4. 

between 2 & 3 yrs old 2.10 

^''' between 1 & 2 yrs old 1.10 

Each hog above a year old 1. 

Each sheep above a year old 8.6 

Each morgen of land * 2. 

The property above mentioned of 3966 pounds 13 shillings 
@ Id per pound Stg should amount to 16 pounds 10 sh 6^ pence. 
Your Ob* Servant 

MicHiL Hainelle 



^£4872. 11 Rate Bill of Middelwout ^£20. 6.- 

5067 .18 Rate Bill of Breukelen 21. 2.4 

2960.14 Rate Bill of Boswyck 12. 6.9 

3024.18 Rate Bill of N. Utrecht 12.12.1 

3966.13. Rate Bill of Amsfort . I6.IO.64 

£19892.14 Assessm6ntof the 5 Towns® ]d per pound je82.17.8| 

Constable Wouter Ghysberts Verscheur; 
1 poll, 4 horses 2 of 2 yrs, 8 cows, 5 of 3 

yrs, 1 of 2 yrs 3 of 1 yr. 1 hog ^£114. 

22 morgens of land & valley 44 


Jacob Jansen ; 2 polls, 2 horses, 1 of 3 yrs, 
5 cows, 4 of 3 yrs. 2 of 2 yrs, 2 of 1 

yr. Ihog jeil8 

18 morg. of land 36 


Pieter Jansen Meet ; 1 poll 18.- 

Aibert Hendrickzen ; 1 poll, 1 horse 30.- 

Joost Kockuyt ; 1 poll, 2 horses, 8 cows 3 of 

3 yrs 4 of 2 yrs, 3 of 1 yr. 9 sheep . . . i;il2.6.6 
22 morgens of land & valley 44.-.- 


Charel Fonteyn ; 2 polls, 2 horses, 1 of 3 yrs, 

1 of 2 yrs, 15 cows, 2 of 3 yrs, 4 of 2 

yrs, 4 of ] yr. 7 sheep, 1 hog ^£175.-.- 

61 morgens of land and valley 122.-.- 

^ 297.-.- 

Pieter Jansen Wit; 2 polls, 7 horses, 1 of 3 
yrs, 1 of 2 yrs, 2 oxen 12 cows, 3 of 3 yrs 
3 of 2 yrs 7 of 1 yr. 15 sheep. 2 hogs. . ^243.7.6 
50 morgens of land & valley 100.-.- 


1 So in oilg. Ought to be £154. 


Jacques Cossart j 1 poll, 2 horses, 1 of 2 yrsj 

5 cows, 1 of 2 yrs, 2 of 1 yr. 1 hog . , £78.-.- 
18 morgens of land 36 


Pieter Jans Loy ; 1 poll, 1 horse, 2 of 2 yrs, 

1 cow, 1 of 1 yr 46.10.- 

Onvre Klay ; 1 poll, 1 horse, 5 cows, 2 of 2 

yrs ^£60.-.- 

18 morgens of land & valley 36.-.- 


Claes Cornells Kat ; 1 poll, 1 horse, 1 of 1 

yr. 1 cow, 2 of 3 yrs, 2 of 2 yrs j£51.-.- 

13 morgens of land 26.-.- 


Jan Cornells Zeeu ; 1 poll, 2 cows 28 

Cornells Jansen Loy ; 1 poll, 3 horses, 5 

cows, 2 of 2 yrs. 2 of 1 yr. 3 sheep . . ^£88.5. 6 

lOi morgens of land & valley 21. 

109. 5.6 

Adriaen Laforse ; 1 poll, 2 horses, 3 cows, 1 

of 3 yrs. 2 of 1 yr. 1 hog, 3 sheep ... i;68.5.6 
Sh morgens of land & valley 17.-.- 

85. 5.6 

Jacob Dlrckx ; 1 poll, 1 horse, 7 morgens of 

land 44. — . 

Symon Haecx ; 1 poll 18. — 

Joost Dury ; 1 poll, 2 horses, 1 of 2 yrs, 5 

cows, 1 of 3 yrs 2 of 2 yrs 2 of 1 yr. . JE84.-.- 

] 6 morgens of land & valley 32 


Pleter Parmentier ; 1 poll, 1 cow, 1 hog. . . . j£24.-.- 

4 morgens of land 8.-.- 

1 mill estimated @ 50.-.- 


Pieter Jacobsen ; 1 poll, 1 cow, 13 morgens 

of land 49.— 

Volckert Dircksen ; 1 poll, 1 horse, 1 of 3 
yrs, 1 of 1 yr. 6 cows, 3 (^ 3 yrs, 4 of 

2 yrs, 4 of 1 yr. 4 sheep £100.14. 

50 morgens of land & valley 100 



Jan Miserol ; 1 poll, 3 oxen, 6 cows, 4 of 3 

yrs 1 of 1 yr. 3 hogs jE86,10. 

32 morgens of land & valley 64 

^ ^ 150.-.- 

.Tan Miserol the younger ; 1 poll, 3 cows, 2 

of 1 yr £36.-.-. 

4 morgens of land 8 


Jan Loquier ; 1 poll, 2 horses, 7 cows, 4 of 

3 yrs 5 of 2 yrs, 4 of 1 yr ^111.-.- 

28 morgens of land & valley 56.-.- 


Neeltje Jans ; 2 cows, 1 of ] yr 11.10.- 

Theunis Ghysberts; 8 morgens of valley. ., 16. — .- 
Hendrick Barents Smlt ; 16 morgens of land 

& valley 32.—.- 

Joost Adriaens' widow ; 1 horse, 1 of 2 yrs. 

5 cows, 5 of 1 yr ^649.-.- 

25 morgens of land & valley 50.-.- 


Jannitje Schamp ; 1 cow, 2 of 3 yrs 13. — .- 

Michel Parmentier ; 1 poll, 2 horses, 1 of 3 
yrs, 5 cows, 2 of 3 yrs, 2 of 2 yrs, 2 of 

1 yr je85.-.- 

30 morgens of land & valley 60.-.- 


The rate is 12 pomids, 4 shil. 3 pence. Pounds 2931. — .- 

By order of the Constable & overseers of Bushwyck 

P. Clocq, Clerk. 


Roelof Martens ; 2 men, 2 negroes, 4 horses, 1 of 2 yrs, 
1 of 1 yr. 2 oxen, 8 cows, 3 of 3 yrs., 6 of 2 yrs 
6 of 1 yr 60 morg. of land £1. 7.10 

Gerrit Strycker ; 2 men & one negro, 3 horses, 7 cows, 

1 of 2 yrs. 1 of 1 year & 2 morgens of land 11. — 


Albert Albertsen the younger ; 1 poll, 1 ox, 2 cows, 2 

of 3 years 1 of 1 year 3, 6 

Aryaen Pieters : one man, 2 horses, 5 cows, 2 of 1 year 

& 12 morg land 7. 9 

StofFel Janscn ; 1 poll, 1 horse, 4 cows, 2 of 1 y"" 3 

morg. land 4.10 

Clas Pieters ; 1 poll, 1 negro, 2 horses, 6 cows, 2 of 3 

& 2 of 2 yrs. 2 of 1 year and 23 morgens of land 12. 7 

Abraham Jores ; 2 men, 4 horses, 2 oxen, 10 cows, 6 of 
3 yrs, 6 of 2 yrs. 4 of 1 yr. 8 Sheep, & 46 morgens 
of land 1. 4. — 

Jan Martens ; one man, one negro, 2 horses, 1 of 3 yrs. 

5 cows 2 of 3 yrs. 2 of 2 yrs. 2 of 1 yr. & 28 
morgens land 11. 9 

Jan Teunise ; 2 men, 3 horses, 2 cows, 10 morg: land — 8. 6 

Pieter MafToort ; 1 man, 2 horses, 1 of 2 yrs. 5 cows, 2 
of 3 yrs. 1 of 2 yrs. 2 of 1 yr. & 12 morgens of 
land 7. 1 

Jan Maffoort j 1 man, one horse 2. 6 

Dirck Jansen ; 1 man, 2 horses, 3 cows, & 1 of 2 yrs & 

20 morg land 8. 6 

Albert Albertsen ; 1 man, 2 horses, 7 cows, 3 of 2 yrs. 

6 2 of 1 yr & 35 morgens of land. 13. 1 

Jan Alberts ; 1 man, 1 horse, 2 cows & 1 of 3 years. . . 2.11 

Fernandes ; 2 men, 2 horses, 2 cows, & 4 morgens. ... 6. 6 

Willem Jansen ; 1 man, 2 horses, 2 cows, & 3 morg. 

land 4.10 

Hendrick Agasuerus ; 1 man, 1 horse 2. 6 

Jan Brouwer ; 2 men, 2 hoises, 4 cows, 1 ox, 1 of 1 y^^ 

& 2 morg. land 7.7 

Symen Jansen ; 2 men, 2 horses, 8 cows, 4 of 3 yrs, 4 

of 2 yrs. 4 of 1 y^ & 42 morg: of land 17.10 

Jacop Verdon ; 1 man, 1 horse, 3 cows 3.9 

Dirckye RoelfFsen ; 1 man, 2 horses, 2 cows, 2 of 3 yrs. 

2 of 1 yr. & 4 morg. land 5.6 

Hendrick Pieters; 1 man, 1 horse, 1 ox, 4 cows, 1 of 2 

yrs. 1 of 1 yr. & 12 morgens of land 6.11 


Pieter Hendricksen ; 1 maiij 3 cows, 1 horse, 1 of 2 

years 3.11 

Pieter Cornells ; 2 men & 1 negro, 4 horses, 2 of 3 yrs. 

6 cows, 5 of 3 yrs. 5 of 2 yrs. 3 of 1 y'^ & 28 

morgcns land 1. 1. — 

Coert Stevens ; 2 men, 4 horses, 1 of 2 yrs. 4 oxen, 6 

cows, 3 of 3 yrs. 7 of 2 yrs. 6 of 1 y"^ & 60 morg. 

land 1.5.— 

Pieter Classen; 3 men, 5 horses, 2 oxen, 11 cows, 5 of 

3 yrs 4 of 2 yrs. 5 of 1 year, 49 morgens of land 1. 6. 2 
Albert Stevens ; 1 man 3 horses, 4 cows, 1 of 3 years, 

5 of 1 year 7. — 

Steven Coerten ; 1 man, 4 cows, 5 of 3 yrs. 4 of 2 yrs. 

&. 55 morgen of land 14. 8 

Jan Stevens ; 1 man, 2 horses, 4 cows, 1 of 2 yrs. 1 of 

1 yr. & 9 morg. land 6.11 

Rutgert Bruynsen ; 1 man, 3 horses, 2 cows, 6 morg. 

■ land 6. 4 

Marten Pieters ; 1 man, 3 cows, 2.9 

William Davidts ; 1 man, 2 horses, 5 cows, 3 of 3 yrs. 

1 ox, 2 of 2 yrs, 2 of 1 yr. & 25 morg: land 11.9 

Luyckas; 1 man, 2 horses, & 1 of 2 yrs. 7 cows, 4 of 3 

yrs. 2 of 2 yrs. 2 of 1 yr. & 34 morgens land. ... 14. 5 
Jans Jansen • 3 men, 3 horses, 2 oxen, 6 cows, 3 of 3 

yrs. 2 of 2 yrs., 2 of 1 yr. & 26 morgen land. . . . 16.10 
Willem Gerrits ; 2 men, 5 horses, 2 of 1 y"" 9 cows, & 

8 of 3 yrs. & 4 of 2 yrs. & 5 of 1 yr. & 30 morg. 

land 1.1.1. 

Peunis Jansen ; 1 man 1. 6 

Pieter Nefyes 1. 6 

Pieter Tul 1. 6 

The hst of Amesfort amounts to Pounds 19, 8. 1 





Jerdnlmus Jorisen : — 
1 poll jei8.— 

1 horse .... 
6 cows. .... 

2 do of 2 yrs 

1 do of 1 yr. 

2 Hogs 

8 morg. land 






Jan Cornells Damen:- 
2 horses ^£24. 

5 cows 


4 do of 2 yrs 


3 do of 1 yr 


10 morg. land 


Teunis Jansen : 

2 horses .... 


5 cows 


6 do of 2 yrs 


3 do of 1 yr 


4 sheep 




20 morg. land 


Will™ Huicke ; — 

2 horses ^£24 

1 do of 1 yr 3. 

3 cows 15. 

3 do of 2 yr 7.10 

2 do of 1 yr 3.10 
8 morg. land 16. — 

Daniel Rapalie 

5 horses .... j£60. 

6 cows 30. 

4 do 2@3 yrs 10. 

3 do 2 yrs... 7.10 




2 do 1 yr. . . 

24 morg. land 

Jan Aersen : — 

3 horses. . . . 

5 cows 

2 do of 2 yrs 

4 sheep .... 
27 morg. land 










Thomas Vardon : — 
2 horses £24: 

3 cows 


4 do 1 yr .. 

1 poll 

8 mors:: land 







Jacob Jansen Bergen : — 
2 horses ^£24. 

1 poll 

3 cows 

1 do of 1 yr 

3 do of 3 yrs 

1 do of 1 yr 

24 morg land 

& valley . . 





Joris Hansen: — 
Ipoll 18 

2 horses .... 24 

3 cows 25 

2 do of 3 yrs 


1 do of 2 yr 


2 do of 1 yr 


12 morg. land 


Cornells Sibbings : — 






2 horees .... 

2 cows 

3 do of 3 yrs 
17 morg. land 

& valley.. 



Tryntie Korssen : — 

3 cows . 15. — 

2do2yr... 5.— 
2 do 3 yrs.. 8.— 
2 morg. land 

& vly 4.— 

Pieter Korssen: — 

Ipoll 18.— 

2 horses 24. — 

4 cows 20.— 

10 morg. land 

& vly 20. 

Hendrick Korssen:— 
10 morg. land 
Jacob Brouwer: — 

2 cows 10.— 

1 do of 2 p 2.10 
6 morg. land 
& valley.. 12.— 

Pieter Jansen 


3 horses .... 

18 morg. land 


6 Cows .... 

2 do of 3 yrs 
1 do of 2 yrs 

3 do of 1 yr. 




8.— . 








Klaes Arentse:— 

2 polls Je36.- 

4 cows 20 - 

2 do of 2 yrs 5 
2 do of 1 yr 3. 

12 moig. land 24. 


Poulus Dirckse 

Ipoll jei8.— 

3 horses 


5 cows .... 


2 do of 3 yrs 


4 do of 2 yrs 


2 do of 1 yr 


1 do of 6 yr 


25 morg. land 


Liesbet Pouse: 


1 cow 


1 do of 3 yrs 


1 do of 5 yrs 


1 do of 2 yrs 


1 do of 1 yr 


Matty s Brouwer: — 

1 poll 


1 cow 


1 do of 3 yrs 


Jan Frederickse 



3 horses .... 


6 cows .... 


2 do of 2 yrs 


1 do of 1 yr 

14 morg. land 
Joost Franse:- 


1 poll 








2 horses .... 

3 cows .... 

1 ilo of 3 yrs 

2 do of 2 yrs 
1 do of 1 yr 

16 mor, land 








Ariaen van Laer: — 

Ipoll £\S. 

2 cows .... 10. 

1 horse 12. 

1 yearling. . 1.10 
1 morg. land 2. — 

Abraham Ackerman:- 

Ipoll JCIS 

1 cow 5 



Thomas Lammerse: — 
2 polls £36. 

3 horses .... 
1 do of 2 yrs 
7 cows .... 
1 do of 3 yrs 

4 do of 2 yrs 
4 do of 1 yr 
4 sheep .... 

18 morg. land 






,' C lo Ob 

- 172.- 

Willem Joresen: — ' . 


5 cows .... 

2 do of 2 yrs 

2 horses .... 

12 morg. land 






£ "io oh 


Folckert Hendrickse:- 
Ipoll ^18. 

2 horses . . 


6 cows .... 30.- 

2 do of 2 yrs 5.- 

2 do of 1 yr 3.- 

14 morg. land 28.- 

Jacob Joresen: — 

Ipoll. j£18. 

3 horses.... 36. — 
5 cows .... 25. — 
2 do of 2 yrs 5. — 

1 do of 1 yr 1.10 

2 sheep .... 2. — 
12 morg. land 24. 

Joris Jacobsen: — 
3 horses. . . . ^36. 

6 cows 30. — 

2 do of 2 yrs 5. — 

16 morg. land 32 

Cornells Nevies: — 

Ipoll jei8. 

3 cows .... 15. 
1 do 2 yrs.. 2.10 
] do 1 yr .. 1.10 

Adam Brouwer: — 

Ipoll jeis. 

Imill 100. 

3 cows .... 15. 

1 do of 2 yrs 2.10 

2 do 5.— 

3 sheep .... 3. — 
3 morg. land 6. 

Hendrickse Sleght:- 

2 horses ^24. 

4 cows .... 20. — 

21 morg. land 42 








Rendel Evans: — 
2 horses.... 24. 
Ipoll 18. 

Jacobus vande Water:- 
Ipoll £18. 

1 horse .... 13. 

4 cows . . 20. — 
ldoof2yrs 2.10 

2 do of 1 yr 3.— 
4 sheep .... 4. — 

12 morg. land 24 


Machiel Hansen: — 

Ipoll jei8.— 

2 horses.... 24. — 
6 cows .... 30. — 

4 do of 3 yrs 16. — 
5doof2yrs 12.10 

5 do of 1 yr 7.10 
20 morg. land 40. — 

Tlioiiias Jansen:— 

Ipoll jei8. 

2 oxen 12. 

1 horse .... 


2 cows .... 


2 do of 3 yrs 


3 do of 2 yrs 


11 morg. land 


Hendrick Tysen: — 



2 oxen 


2 cows .... 


3 do 2 yrs.. 


1 horse 1 yr 

o. — 

12 morg. land 





Jesies Dregz: — 

Ipoll £18.— 

1 horse 12. — 

Evert Hendrickse: — 

Ipoll £18.— 

1 cow 5. — 

1 do yearling 1.18 

iijgT cifil 

. "• f r 



Akus Jansen 
Ipoll £18. 

2 oxen .... 12. — 

3 cows .... 15. — 

1 do 2 yrs.. 2.10 

2 do 1 yr . . 3, 
8 morg. land 16. 

Ariaen Willemse: — 
Ipoll £18.— 

3 horses. . . . 36. — 
6 cows .... 30. — 

1 ox of 4 yrs 6. — 

4 do 4 yrs. . 16. — 

3 do 1 yr . . 3. 
25 morg. land 50 

Jan Gerritse Dorlant : — 
Ipoll £18. 

2 horses.... 24. 
1 do 2 yrs.. 5. 

1 do 1 yr... 3. 

5 cows 25. 

2 do 2 yrs.. 5. 
2 do 1 yr. . . 3. 

20 morg. land 40. 

Simen Aersen : — 
Ipoll ..£18. 

4 oxen 24 

4 cows 20 

4 do of 2 yrs 10. 



lA 8fifi-|'5 

" r 



1 do of 1 yr 1.10 

1 horse 8. 

24 raorg. land 48. — 

Jan Teunisen 

1 poll jei8. 

2 horses. ... 24. 

4 cows 20. 

2do2yrs.. 5. 

21 morg. land 42 

Jan Jansen: — 

1 poll jei8. 

2 horses .... 24. 

2 oxen 12. 

7 cows . . . . 35. 
2do3yrs.. 8. 

5 do 1 yr... 7.10 
21 morg. land 42. — 

Luickes Teunise: — 
Ipoll jei8. 

3 horses .... 36. 

1 do 1 yr. . . 3. . 

2 cows 10. 

10 morg. land 20. 

Frans Abrahamse: — 

Ipoll iE18. 

2 horses.... 24. 

1 cow 5. 

4 morg. land 8 

Hendrick Jansen: — 
Ipoll jei8. 

5 horses .... 24 

2 cows 10. 

1 do 4 yrs . . 4. 

Johanes Kosperse: — 
Ipoll £18. 








2 horses .... 24. 

4 cows 20. 

2 do 2 yrs.. 5. 

5 morg. 

land 10.— 

Casper Jansen: — 

2 polls . 

3 horses .... 

1 do 2 yrs . . 

2 cows 

2 do 2 yrs . . 

11 morg. land 




Juraen Blanck: — 
1 poll £18. 

1 horse 12. 

2 cows 10. 

Winant Pietersen: — 
2 polls £36. 

1 cow 

1 do 3 yrs . . 
1 do 2 yrs . . 
1 do 1 yr. . . 



Hendricka Sprokels: — 
1 horse 4 yrs £ 8. 
1 do of 2 yrs 5. 
4 cows 20. 

2 do 3 yrs.. 

3 do 2 yrs. , 

4 sheep .... 
10 morg. land 

Jan Smit: — 
1 poll . . 
1 horse. 











Tuenes Giesbertse Bogert: — 
4 horses .... £48. — 



1 doSyrs.. 


6 COWS .... 


10 cows .... 


3 oxen .... 


6 do 2 yrs . . 


1 do 2 yrs.. 


6 do 1 yr . . 


1 dol yr... 


2 polls .... 


21 morg. land 


40 morg. land 




Marten Reisen: — 

Ipoll jei8. 

2 horses .... 

2 do 1 yr . . 
5 cows .... 

3 do 2 yrs.. 
1 do 1 yr . . 

^9 morg. land 





The widmv of Rem Jansen: — 
3 polls je54 

6 horses .... 
12 cows .... 

1 do of 4 yrs 

4 do 3 yrs . . 

6 do 2 yrs . . 

6 do 1 yr. .. 

22 morg. land 

&.vly .... 






lohanes Cristoffelse: — 

Ipoll jei8. 

3 horses .... 36. 
2 cows .... 10. 
2 do2 yrs.. 5. 
9 morg. land 18. 


Willem Bennings: — 

Ipoll ^£18. 

2 horses.... 24. 
1 do 3 yrs.. 8. 
1 do 2 yrs. . 5. 

Rissiert Gibs:- 

Ipoll jei8. 

1 horse 12 



Thomas Jansen op Brack elen: — 

1 poll jei8. 

2 horses .... 24 




Pieter Van Nest: — 

2 polls je36 

3 cows 15. 

1 yearling . . 1.10 

Jan Buys: — 

1 poll ^18. 

2 horses. ... 24 — 

2 cows 10 — 

Dirck Jansen: — 
1 poll jei8. 

3 cows 15. 

1 do 3 yrs.. 4. 

1 do 1 yr... 1.10 

2 horses. . . . 24. 
1 do 3 yrs.. 8. 

30 morg. land 60. 



-\- Jan Cornelisc Damen 
Jan Gerritse van Couwenhoven 
as Clerk 



o o o ^ o c 

OTt<cni>coi>o:)iooot-ooiOTt<-<*t-CDio o 
ot-i>a5<x)oot-a50<-^i>oaiTj(.-ia)xoco ^ 

qi I saJOB 

qi t s3oH 


qs 08 sSaiiJisaX 


qs og SJB3X Z 

C£)G<(CO(rOC^C^C- rH CO<Ni-H '^coc^eo 

qi 17 sjTiaX 8 

CO <N 1-1 rH CO Tl rH t- rH CO (N CO 

qi Q SAiOQ 

rH I— 1 

qi 9 U3X0 

(N CO 

qi £ SSUI1JB3A. 

i-H r-l 

qi Q sjvaA z 

1— 1 rH rH rH 

qi 8 sJ^a-^ 8 

rH (>» 

qi 21 sasJOH 


qi 81 fillOd 



Nys Teunisen 

LofFert Pietersen 

Cornells Berryen 

Laurens Cornells 

Reynler Arens 

Pleter Gullliams 

Theodorus Polhemius . . . ; 

Jan van Dltmersen 

Dirck Hooglant 

Jacop Hendrlckx 

Willem Gullliams 

Pleter Lot 

Harmen Key 

Lowys Jans 

Jan Auke 

Adrian Reyorse 

Titus Zlrachz 

Jan Rems 

Hendrick Rycke 

or LONG ISLAND. '365 

o oo ooo oo o oo o 

Ot-J>l>Oi>iOi:OJ>COOTt<CDl>OiO'-HCr5 C<)CI5>-*OOl>(Nl>CO 

"-iCNr-IC^C^r-lr-li-ll-ICJ^r-l r-li-li-li-ir-l r-ll-lC^CQ i-It-1i-( 

CDOOOOOO00OOOTt<Tt<OO 0000<OOC<»C<(0000 
C0Oc£:OO<X)COTiH<X)a5C£>iO00COCi) COCOCOC-TjHr-icocOcnCNO 

Tt* (^^ iH 

G<(<N '<#lOC0C^^C0Ti^(^(^H C^ coi-ii-* CMOrtl 


fOC<G^lO'-<G^ POCNrH cOrHrl^CO rH iO(MCv:>C0 

CN (N 

r-ICN tHC^C<(t-IC^i-1 C^CO CO <M 


C0t-CN'-<0005C0iOi0OCO TfCOCO»r5C0C0<><t^C<COO^»O 


1' 5 

--1 0< 

1-1 1— * ,-( 

T-l rH rH t-1 

(MTi^CNTj<'^C0fOcOCOC0CO (><C^C^COi-iC^C<((MC0C0CQ^ 

Oq (N CO 

(N^H.-(G^^rHC^^'-'C^r-^(^^'-l i-l.-Hr-^C<>,-lrH,-(rHr-lrHCOi-l 

1-1 C^ rH 

> i 

i-' C ^ 

•-5 3 G S rt 

P.^.S ^' ^ - ^ .- 


!U QJ 

r-. 'i^ ^ M OJ 


^5« t^oJ5 5-^.^ 

p ^ «? r:?^ H <; >^ ^-S 

mo; t, o c 

c! I.- •-• -S « o 



r-l CO 

qi I saiOB 

qi I sSoH 


qs 05 SJBS.t z 

qi I? sJvsA £ 

qi Q 8M03 

qi 9 uaxo 

m g sSuii'J^^'^ 

qi g sJBaX g 

qi 8 sJBaX 

qi 21 sasJOH 

qi 81 SROd 

















I sasJOH 

2 sasJOH 


£ S3SJ0H 

PO lO C^ (>( C^ r-1 

CO 0\ Ol CO 

1- C^ "-H O* •-( 


JO sojov 



CO lO <N rH CO rj< 

« « 

S ^ 





(N CO i-H(N<X)Ti(0'* rl* 

CO C>t '^ r-iiO 


<N <£> rit (MCQ 

(yj ^ cQ ^ ^ 


r-i CO rt (X> rH CO <N 

COCO .H Tl* 


to r-l 






1—1 1—1 



CO 1-1 i-MC^COrl^iXJCOCNCNCN Tt'CN-^COC^'"*©^ 


O (N O O O O lO 00 o o o 
O* >-l (NCOOOiO'^CN'^tO 
(N rH rH 


^ o 

©) <N <M (N CO <?* 

^ "" § g ^ 
f* ^ o 





~. Anno Domo 1683. 

Raphe Cardall j £ s. d. 

7 Cowes 2 11 

1 " of 2 yrs ould 2| 

3 " 1 yeare ould 4| 
80 Acors of land .... 6 8 

4 horses 4 

1 " 1 yeare 3 

14 5 
Joseph Goulding 

3 Cowes 1 3 

1 " of 3 yeares... 4 

2 " of 2 yeare 5 

2 " of 1 yeare.... 3 

3 Horses 3 

41 Acors of land 3 5 

1 head 1 6 

10 2 

Peter Sympson ; 

3 Cowes 13 

1 « 3 yeares..... ;0 .4- 

1 « 2 yeares..... 2^ 

1 « 1 yeare . .... 1^ 

2 horses 2 

44 Acors of land 3 8 

3 : : . 7 7 

John Briggs, "? • ^ * , 

4 Cowes ;.'. Is 

2 " 3 years 8 

1 " 1 yeare 1| 

3 horses. ...... 3 

I " 1 year ould.. 3 

84 Acors 
1 head. 

of land. 

.-. ^i w «o r . 
John Emauns 
7 Cowes 

1 " 3 yeares 

3 " 2 yeares 

2 " 1 yeare 

5 horses 

88 acors land 

1 head 

14 2i 


017 11 

Barnes Jurissonn 
6 Cowes 2 6 

5 " 2 years oulds 1 OJ 

1 " 1 yeare..,.,. P ij 

2 horses......'.:.;. :0 -2: 

88 acors of land. ,.-.€74 

1 head...;. .■...,.,. 16 

::::::;:: X) 14: 

William Gqulding . 

6 Cowes. ...... ..4. 2 

3 " 3 yeares 1 

3 " 1 yeare...... 

1 horse 1 

20 acors land 1 

6 6^ 
Yawcum Goijcliflfe 

5 Cowes 2 1 

1 " of 3 yeares.. 4 

4 " of 2 yeares.. 010 



3 " of lyeare.... 4i 
Ihorse 1 

25 acors of land 2 1 

1 person 1 6 

..,.., .082^ 
John Lake sen^ Jht ;f ri 

7 Cowes , ,... 2 11 

5 " of 2 yeares. . . 1 0^ 

4 " of 1 yeare... g" 
4 horses 4 

88 acors land 7 4 

1 personn 1 6 

17 3h 

Clause Johnsonn 

5 Cowes 2 1 

2 " of .3 yeares.. 8 

1 " 2 yeares.. 2i 

2 horses 2 

1 " of 1 yeare.. ..003 

44 acors land 3 8 

1 person 1 6 

John Lake Jun^ 

1 Mare 1 

1 head 1 6 

2 6 

Martha Wilkins 

6 cowes 2 

1 " 3 yeares 

2 " 2 yeares 

3 " 1 yeare 

2 horses 2 

88 acors of land 7 

12 11^ 

William Stillwell £ s. d. 

3 Cowes.- 13 

1 " 3 yeares 4 

1 " 2 yeares 2^ 

1 « lyeare 1^ 

1 horse 1 

44 acors of land 3 8 

6 7 
John Barnes 

3 cowes 1 3 

1 " 3 yeares .... 4 

2 " 2 yeares 5 

2 " 1 yeare 3 

2 horses 2 

60 acors of land 5 

1 peirson , ^ ......... 1 6 

8 0. 

10 9 
John Briggs Jun>" 
1 person 1 6 

Cornelius Boyce 

2 cowes 10 

1 horse 1 

1 person 1 6 

3 4 
William Williamson 

5 cowes 2 1 

years , 

2 " 1 yeare 3 

1 horse 1 

44 acors land 3 8 

1 personn 1 6 

8 8^ 
Jeremie Stillwell 
16 acors land 1 4 



Carson Jolmson <£ s. d. 

10 cowes 4 2 

3 " of2 yeares... 7^ 

4 " of lyeare 6 

1 " of 4 yeares. ..005 

4 horses 4 

1 " 3 yeares 8 

44acorsland 3 8 

2 persons 3 

Nicholas Stillwell 

6 cowes 2 6 

2 " 3 yeares ould. 8 

3 " 2 yeares 7i 

2 " ] yeare 3 

2 horses 2 

44 acors land 3 8 

9 8| 
Johannus Michaelson 

4 cowes 8 

1 « of 3 yeares.. 4 

iMare 1 

44 acors land 3 8 

1 personn 1 6 

8 2 
John Poling 

3 cowes 1 3 

1 « of lyeare.... 1^ 

2 horses 2 

17 acos land 1 5 

44 " more of land.. 3 8 

1 heade 16 

Sammii Spicer 
9 cowes . . . . 

9 11^ 
3 9 

3 " 3 yeares .... 1 

5 " 2 yeares 1 Oi 

6 " 1 yeare 9 

3 horses 3 

1 " 2 yeares 5 

1 " 1 yeare 3 

100 acors land 8 4 

1 heade' 1 6 

5 sheepe \ l}^ 

Danniell Lake 

1 2 
1 6 

John Tilton Ju"* 

7 cowes 2 11 

3 " 3 years 1 

3 " 1 yeare 4^ 

3 horses 3 

1 " 3 yeares 8 

1 " 2 yeares .... u 5 

2 " 1 yeare .... 0.6 
60 acors land 5 

1 heade 1 6 

Jo: Tilton Sen^ 

5 cowes 2 1 

Ihorse 10 

9 Sheepe 3 

2 hoggs 3 

29 acors land 2 5 


Alse Osborne 

10 cowes 4 2 

5 " 3 yeares 1 8 

2 " 2 yeares o 

5 " 1 yeare 7 .^ 

5 horses 5 



1 15 acors land 9 7 

1 1 5 
John Carsonsonn 

2 cowes 10 

1 Mare 1 

1 heade 1 6 

3 4 
Lawrence Haft 

2 cowes 010 

22 acors of land 1 10 

1 heade 1 6 

4 2 

Elias Dawes 

1 cowe 5 

1 Mare 1 

1 personn 1 6 

Jonathan Bayly . . . . 
Yawcum Goijliffe . . 
William Gouldin<T . . 

2 11 

Per me 

W^ Williamson Constable. 

Graues Ends 
Estimation 1683 






oibA I 

oo'*ri<irO'-HC»ooo >-i o .-lOoO'-HO'-io 

S9J3X Z 


S3J3X g 




ajaX [ 


sajaX 2 


saJaX g 





•ifa . 

-T5 a; 3 M rt 

o c 

: ^-^^ : g • o s s J 

B 5 W^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^S 

' g ^ H ^ S 2 ^ Ji &; ^ J^ 5 5 ii 5n .; -^ 53 

o£ o c: c-^ o c,-^ o£ cu£ o rt^?.9r; 
t-5 E-i *-i Oi ^-5 P,i-s ^-oH'-sH'-sE-ii-ri'-sOOW 


.-«C0rHOOTj<OOO<NOOt-lO— lO^OOt-HC^r-lOO'-lr-l,-! 


I-li-li-li-(r-lOO „ 




rH C^ 

(N O T-H o< O C^ O 



-H O 








I— li— If— li— It—li— li— 1<— tl— It— (T— lO»— 'OOi— lOrHi— It— It— IG<)'— 1»— li— ti— li— I 

• 0^ J ^ n= 

. 1^ . 

. _« _ .►5 .r-* •a) .ii<x'y-'c_,«-w . *-»^ • • . , • . ir^ 

"S S ""■>> o o _, "^ 2'^'^-C 3 c c -^ c k^ ^ o M cd IS ;=:; 

,o li fe -i; .^ c/O „ ^ > ^ ^ - '-x: 1^ o 

-« z: 

VOL. II. 33 





ajaX I 


sajaX z 


sajaX g 






ajaX I. 

--i O O O O 0*0 OOi-HOOOOOOOOOi-i 

sajaX z 


s9JaX 8 









o -;•--; o 3 * 

>^ >^ 

a a 

— c o ij 5 r^ ■-; vi.m j^ oj ? ^ g c^ ^s «•- g g 


















"/i .-ti w 



o O ^ 


-G J ^ 

3 > 

w •- t« ■ h_ 
cs I— ] CO 0) 3-1 

I— 4 O -" +j rK (_ 
i ,/j „ O >G<2^ CS 

C O) <W 

> i/i <-j 3 -rt o (^ 

5 g ^ flj £^ S-^ 



g c ^ - „ „ 

^_D «^ O 



CO C5 




I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 






oioi looioooi loooofoo ooo 

'-''-'I IcNtJhcOCOCNI |i-i i-t|i-l CsJCOCN 


>00 IOOCOCDO^C<JC<(C>? IC0->*COC0r-i-^CqrH 

SpiO 319A I 

0<X5 I'^COCOlOTltt- IrHCq |CO(M'st^Tl^(N(N(^0 

spio ajaX 


spio aj»iC g 





cOTi<Tj<C^THC^Tl< lTiH(?^Tt<C<J'!l<C<<<NCN |ri4CM(N 

p[0 ajaX X 

SpiO 3J3A z 

I CM I I I I l-l I I I I I I I I I I I I I 

I I I I I I <N I I I I I I I I ( I I I iH 

SpiO 3J3iC g 

I I I I I I >-H I I I I I I I I c^4 I I I 


00iOCNt1< ICOrJH I--hC<Ji-i ICN Ii-ir-(i-<C<j<>< 



O O O O O lO O O lO lO o- o o o I . o. o I lo: I 

COCOlOlOG^r-(rOCN'-<r-ir-Hr-li-lG^ |r-(i-l |C^. | 

S3 J OB 



T^COTtlCMCOr-tCOi-l.— I IrH IrHi-lr-'rHrHr-li-Hi-t 


: :3 13 rt 

r=^'c^ s'a 

1-5 <^ ^ ^ f* -- <- ^ • ^ -^ - .- r- -~ - 

g ft ^ o :S II j| £ ;S c£ S :?, -; ^^^ 


Oi --n! O) C ^ 

--0 y 




r-l 00 
I I 

o o 

I I I I I I I I i I I I 



I I I I I I I I I I I I 


lO CO 

o o 

O .-I 

o o 


o o 
o o 

O i-i 

I I 

CO Ttl 

c o 

2 CO -rft 

CO -f CO 
o o o 

I 05 

I CO lO I 1 00 

•xi^poeoi-io<cocN'<*r-ii-( io ^ Fco ic^.l I ] o\ i i Ith i 

Ti*rHC^,-l|I| ^^(j^l^ll 1C}<N|<>«1II| I 

CO|<Nl ^-^r1,-^ r-H C^r-i|ICq||lc^|olj-H^ 1 

coioi:D>ocoiococNc^eo<N'Ht^ Icoco It1<i>cO'^-^coc^c<co<n 

(N (N <M Tl< G<( I 

11 1 T}<<N 1 

1 1 1 C^CNC^ 1 

III 1 

1 1 I 1 1 I 

1 1 .-H II 

1 -< I II I I 

1 1 1 1 1 

1 1 1 1 r-t 1 

II 1 II 

1 .-H 1 1 II 

III 1 

1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 <N 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 

Cv< CN CN 1 CO O* <N 


1 C^ r-t (N r-t ,\ 

1 '-'.I.I r^<^ 

1 r-( ©< ,-1 Tl 

O 1 CO t- >o 1 I 


1 lO 1 ^ rH 1 1 

lO 1 O O CO lO o 

1 O 1 lO 1 


CO 00 o< CO 00 ci.t- I o -^ o o o lo I co i I 

r-( r-li-( I-I rH r-li-HrH 

1 (N I i I I i r-t I I I I I I I <N I 1 I I rH I I 

43 bC £=5 

£ S o. 




SpiO 3J9i( I 

SpIO 9J9A z 

SPTO 9J9A g 


Tt< O^ l^ rf< C£> -^ CO 0< 0< CO CO 


I I I I I I I I I I I 

I 50 Tj< I I CO (N I \ Tne<i 

I »-< I I ©< I C^ I C^ rH 

I I 0< I CO I 1 C^ .-H <N 1 

1 I I I I I I t o« I I 



pio ax9A 

SpiO 9I9A z 

spio ajaX g 





I Tt< I I I I I I I 

I I I I I I I I I 

I I I I I I I I <-H 

I I I I I I I I I 

.-H (M 1-1 i-l r-" <>< 1-t I 

O »0 lO I I I I I I 


I 00 t- iC CN*^* to I <N lO I 

I I •-• I I I 

W H ^^ fcn H H P P^ ec5 ^ ►^ 



.2 CO 


ra CO 










I I I I ' I I i I I I I I I I I I I I I 

,-lrt,-, i-<i-(i-lOOOO'-lr-(Svir-(r-lOrHOO 



^0 -ri* -^ r-t CO -rS* CO CO-^COiJDlO-<*i-lt~-'-IC< 


aiJ I 


aX 2 


3X e 




8jC I 


aA z 


9S. g 




§ • 

QJ _^ 


I) M c3 ^ 



T I I I I I I 1 1 I I 1 I I I I 1 I I 1 



J I I I I I .1 I I I I 1 I I I I I I I I 


ooroc^oo<-<o-ftr>co— <'-ioiOM<covc^Goa'5co 



























c ^ 

^ . 

!S g . (U • . • • 

I ^^ ^ : i ' ' 

oj 1^ Tl o . ?i ^ s-i 

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ooooooooooooooooo o oooooooo 

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o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o oooooooo 


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OOOC^OOCO-rtiGOCOi>ai(NOirO'r^OOtO -^ lOGO^tiOOt^OG^O 

lO ^ Tti r-i.T-i GO lo r- o 00 ro G^ '^ lO CO o ir- o ix>c7)^'-iOo(X<r.': 

O O O r^ i-l O 1-1 O .-1 O <-< O O .-( O r-( O r-( O O O rl i-H O O O 

i-l r-i r-( 1-1 rH 1-1 <>} rH i-t i-H 1-1 1-1 rH rH 1-H C<( O C^ O rH i-l CM r-l ,-( O •-! 


•-' O^COCNCOi-ICQr-ICO lO COCMi-lCOC^r-li-lCNi-lr-l 



(Nr-lO<M(M<MC0i-lOr-((>(OOT-lf-H-^O CO COCOOCOCOOOO 



O O O O O 1-1 r-, O O O O O O O O O O .-1 OOOOOOOO 

O rH G^ r-l O 1-1 fH rH r-l ,-( (7< O -H G<J O 0< .-I r^ O CN O O (?< i-< rH ^ 

•5 : «.^ 



1 I 1 I I I I I I I I I 1 I I 1 







1-1 rH 



(N(N— tiOC0O<NOC0-H.-ir-iOOOC^<N 

ooooooooooooooo oo 


§ "^ : : • • : : • • • ti • * • * * 

S^-^-^^ "='J 2.^ "2 5 g-c S_g S'2 













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>-ICN(NT-<OOt-rHT-lr-lT*li-l— tOOO(N<N<N 




spino JB3X 

spino JcaX 0.W} 

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SJjpv SAVOp 
•Bom pat puuq 




fOC--fCN'*OvOCOCO'-iO<XO<(NOO»0 0« 






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rr ,rt ^N "^ CLi ,, 





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88§§SSS8S 11 


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il 0000000000000000 

00,0 OOO^COOt^I'-iC^ 
O-O C^^r-iOOOOO 


C^OTt<t-c0C0O0:}(NOi-iTi(C0HHCNlr-(OOOC0OOC-^O --lOO 

000000000000000000000. 000000 

88S88g8§8 8§§§§§§88 88 88§§§8§ 








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=3 s _ 


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m • --< l:^ ^ _, 

a; -*-• c qj c 

a v5 ^ s-s « 

S— w >J o — I ^ -, ,^^ fi^-t p-m C^ KT 

S;)_g M ^ Ki ^ <; ^ 



S^ S r- 

. . _ . „ - pq 13 r^ -c 
- ^ = 2 p. § S c "^ S^ « fi 1^ § I c 






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SpinO JB3it 

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(N O CN '-' 


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<V QJ -^ <V S 'f "^ 7r, 

Cjr— -II^i '^ ^ O) ^ 

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»— IrHi— (COi-^r- (rH>— (i— li— lOCN'-^O'— lO 

• ****'**•* 

'. . • I . • • . S . . • 2 • *'fi 



£ s. a. 

James Bates 054:13:04 

These vnderwritten are y^ Remaind>' of y® Inhabitants of yc 
said Towne which having not Brought in their valhiations are 
Guest att by y^ Cunstable and overseirs of y" Towne Afores^' — 

Joshua Jaicoks .... 

Robert Williams. . . . 

Rich^ Osbourn 

Moazcs Emery .... 

Jeremiah Smith .... 

Jonathan fferman .... 

Samuell Raynor. . . . 

Barnat y"^ Taylor . . 

Nathaniell Burcham. 

Fetter Totton 

Jonathan Wood 018:00:00 

JohnTredwell 250:00:00 

Obediah Valentine . . 018:00:00 

Frances Chappell. . . 018:00:00 

Mr Adam Mott 390:00:00 

Script as: as p"" ord'" by mee 
Francis Chappell Gierke 

Solloman Cemans. 
Samuel Emery. . . . 
John Champion . . . 
William Jones .... 
Edward Cornwall . 

John Cornwall 

Samuell Lancely . . 
William Jaicoks . . . 
Rich^ Ellisson .... 
Benjamin Cemans. 

John March 

Daniel Pearsall . . . 

John Ellisson Ju^. . 

Mr Adam Mott Jun^r 100:00:00 

Samuel Denton .... 200:00:00 


The List of ye 
Vallewations of the 
Estates of y® inhabbitants 
off' Harapsted on : 
Long: Island 




Henry Townsend: S^ 050 

Joseph dickinson 038 

John ffeexe 130 

John underbill 159 

John Wright 073 

John Townsend 082 

Georg douning 080 

John Wood 039 

Imps lb. 

Josias Latting 030 

William Hudson 077 

Aron furman: J"" 

.. 080 

Tho: furman 039 

Simon Cooper. 
Job Wright.... 
Adam Wrisht . 




Jeams Townsend 090 

Isack dotty 066 

Samuel dickinson 078 

Caleb Wright. 058 

Abraham Aling 032 

John Roger 058 

Jeams Cok 100 

Daniell harcutt 079 

nathanell Colles 070 

mary willits 220 

Richard willits 090 

Edmund wright 060 

hope Williams 100 

John Townsend 090 

John Williams 050 

Tho: willits, *. . 090 

John Townsend: J"- 050 

daniell Colles 100 

Samuell Andrews 100 

mathy prior 100 

John prior 040 

Joseph Carpenter 100 

John ftrost 030 

John Robins 040 

Aron furman: S"" 060 

Samuell furman 050 

Richard harcutt 080 

Tho: youngs I 040 

Jeams weeks 050 

franses weeks 040 

Tho: weeks 050 

Joseph Ludlam 050 

Georg Townsend 050 

John weeks 040 

William buttlar 030 

Gideon wright 040 

Alee Crab 100 

Isack hornor 040 

henry Townsend Jr 040 

nathanell underbill 030 

Ben: Birdsall 050 

will: hoackshurst 030 

Samuel weeks 040 

Joseph weeks 040 

John Colles 020 

Larance mott 018 

william frost 100 

Edward wright 020 

Samuell tilliar . 030 

John dauis 040 

Joseph Eastland 040 

Ephraim Carpenter 050 

moses mudge 030 

Robort Colles.... 080 

nickolas Simkins 060 

William willson 020 

John Williams 040 

Samuell pell 040 

William Crafftt 090 

Richard Cirby 090 

John fFry 040 

Tho: Cok 040 

Jeames Bleving 020 

John newman 020 

The Inhabytants being at this time sikly and not sending in there 
lists, Acccording to order, the ouersears, ye Constable being Absent 
at roadislond did laye A valewation upon Euery mans Eastate to 
y® best of there vnderstanding According to law. 

A true list p me Edmund weight, deputy Constable 

Endorsed. " Oyste'^ Baye Publique Rates. 1683." 

VOL. II. 34 




' £ s. d. 

Stephen Jarvice Ju^'ir 031 00 00 

Johnmichall 026 10 00 

CapMho-.ffleete.... 178 10 00 

Stephen Jarvice Sein-^ 123 00 00 
Robert Cranfield. . . . 115 00 00 

tho: Scudder . . . . . . 205 00 00 

JamesChichestersei"-131 10 00 

Nath: ffoster 088 00 00 

Rob: Artor.. 039 00 00 

Joseph Wood Cooper 076 00 00 

tho: Higbe.. 032 10 00 

Capt Joseph Baily.. 077 10 00 

tho: whitton Ill 10 00 

John weeks. .. 152 00 00 

John wood.... .... 038 00 00 

Isaac Piatt 177 10 00 

Josepl^wood husband- 
man 158 10 00 

Calleb wood 132 00 00 

tho: Powell 233 00 00 

Sam: wood 137 10 00 

Jonathan miller .... 080 10 00 

Robart Kellam 076 10 00 

Jonathan Harnot ... 065 00 00 

tho weeks 123 00 00 

Jams Smith........ 087 00 00 

John daucie 043 00 00 

John Coxe 090 00 00 

Richard daucie 033 00 00 

Leu«Epenetus Piatt 211 00 00 

John Brush 082 00 00 

tho: Brush 129 00 00 

Richard bruih 106 00 00 

Jonas Wood Ju«'r . . 114 00 00 
Joseph Whettman.. 115 00 00 

Abiell tittus 092 00 00 

Samuel tittus 127 00 00 

Samuel Kicham .... 134 00 00 
Richard Williams. . . 159 00 00 

dauid Scudder . . 086 00 00 

Edward Kicham ... 056 00 00 

John Kicham 08 i 00 00 

Moses Scudder 054 00 00 

Jonathan Scudder . . 122 00 00 

John Jones 079 00 00 

timothy Conklin.... 110 00 00 

John Samons 133 00 00 

Edward Higbe .... 034 00 00 

John Betts 161 10 00 

Jonathan Rodgers . . 204 00 00 
James Chichester Juier073 00 00 
Jeremiah Smith. ... 066 00 00 
George balldin .... 108 00 00 
Edward Bunce .... 155 00 00 

tho Scidmore *. 081 00 00 

John Inkerson 154 00 00 

tho: martin 057 00 00 

John golldin 087 10 00 

Phillip Bell 104 00 00 

William Brodderton 095 00 00 

John Green 084 00 00 

Niccolas Smith 043 00 00 

Edward Rutte 078 00 00 

John Page 040 00 00 

Jonathan Lewice. . . 055 00 00 
John Scidmore Ju'er. 026 00 00 
Jolm Scidmore Senier 030 00 00 

John Aaddams 035 00 00 

John Joanes 018 00 00 

Samuell Griffin .... 018 00 00 
tho:Bii.hop 018 00 00 

This is A True Account as it is giuen to mee 

Isaac Platt Constable 






spio jX I 

spio iA z 

spio Ji g 

CO CO O O 'O o o 

1-1 O O O 1-1 r-( O 

;:^ :3i CO (N c- 00 o 

O O O C5 Tji lO CO 
C<) CO CO O " r^ --H 

O -^ CO o o o o 
CN o o o o o o 

p O O Ti< 00 to rt< 

(N 00 CO rl O CN 1-1 

o o o o o o o 
o o o o o o o 

O t-i o o o o o 
o o o o o o o 

o o o o o o o 
o o o o o o o 


pio i£ I 

pio iJi z 

spio jX g 



CQ l^ l> T-i o -^ o 

o o o o o o o 

O (N CO .-I .-) 1-1 .-I 

o o o o o o o 

o c o ^ ^ S « 













1 3UT.«S 









pio ajTOii aajin 




sung Tj uaxo 




pio a-rtaX om; 


pio ajraif 9Djqj 








Pef Whitehaire 


Thomas Ward 

Thomas Helme 

John Thomas 

Richard Hulse 

WilW Sallyer 

Tho: Biggs Jun' 

John Bennett 

Jacob Longbottom 

John Biggs 

Obed Sayward 

Samii Akerly 

Anth" Tompson 

Willm Jayne 

Jn" Tooker Jmii" 

Thomas Smith 

Benj^ Smith " 

John Smith 


Ot i—l 


OOG^r-HC^c^,-iCO»0'-HOOO.-ir^rHOiO<NOO(N©<(M --^ O O 






o o o 


.-H t:}< r-i 



CO (NGs{ <>(<N C^ r-Hr-ii-H COr-l COCO>-i 



rr: CD b^"^ ^n 1-^ C^ r-l , 







Pio 9xmA OAij 

pio ares A aaiqj 


srnia ^s na^o 


pio 8JCa^ OM.% 

pio aJBaX aajqi 

puiB spu^i 


O O O O O lO 

O O i-i O f-H o 


O O O O r-H O 


O lO CO G^^ Tj< <x> 


O T}< CN O O <N 


o o o o o o 

O O C^ O O 1-1 


O tJ< »-< tJ< rH O 

O CO lO ^ CO Tf< 
CO <N O Oi 


T-i n3 

rH 00 

32 ^ 

S 5 >^ ^ S o 

g ^ P O o T- 



£ s d 

Mr John Budd 350.00.00 

Jarimiah Vaell Sen^. 074.00.00 
John Paine Jun^ . . . 040.00.00 

Jasper Griffing 111.00.00 

Henry Case 035.00.00 

Lott Jonsone 019.00.00 

Simon Grouer 073.00.00 

Nathaniel moore.. . . 046.00.00 
Thomas raooreSenr. 049.00.00 

Joseph Youngs 098.00.00 

Samuell Yomigs .... 084.00.00 

Fetter Paine 056.00.00 

Christopher Youngs. 080.00.00 

Stephen Bailey 103.00.00 

John Bailey 018.00.00 

John Youngs mariner 058.00.00 
Benjamin Youngs. . . 123.00.00 

John Salmon 041.00.00 

M"- John Booth 131.00.00 

John Carwine 131.06.08 

Thomas Prickman . . 042 00.00 
Jonathan Horton. . . . 440.13 04 
Richard Benjamen.. ,133.00.00 
Benjamin Moore. .. . 080.10.00 
Jarimiah Vaell Jeu^. 103.00.00 

John Hallock 080.00.00 

Abraham Corey 076.00.00 

Ann Elton 077.00.00 

Josuah Horton 173.00.00 

Isaac Ouenton 100.10.00 

Barnibus Winds 122.00.00 

Jacob Corey 092.00.00 

Theopulos Case 109.00.00 

Y« Widdow Terry . . 097.00.00 

£ s tl 





John Reevs 

Daniell Terry 

Petter Dickeson . . . 
Thomas Dickeson. . 

Joseph Reevs 065.00.00 

Nathaniel] Ferry 073.00.00 

Willm Wells 085.00.00 

Josiah Wells 081.00.00 

Samuell Winds 082.00.00 

Simion benjemen. . . 117.00.00 

Garsham Terry 084.00.00 

John Goldsmith 121.00.00 

Thomas mapesJun^ 128.00.00 

Caleb Horton 350.00.00 

Benjamen Horton.. 267.00.00 
Willm Colman .... 078.00.00 

Willm Reeves 100.00.00 

Thomas Tuston 066.00.00 

Theophilus Curwin. 084.00.00 
Thomas Mapps Sen^. 244.00.00 

James Reevs 228.00.00 

Thomas Terrill 105.00.00 

Petter Haldriag 040.00.00 

Thomas Osman 228 00.00 

John Osman 050.00.00 

Willm Haliock 236.00.00 

Thomas Haliock. . . . 081.00.00 

John Swazey 202,00.00 

Joseph Swazey 099.00.00 

John Frankling 033.00.00 

Thomas Ridder 166.00.00 

.Jacob Conkling 101.00.00 

John Hopson 083.00.00 

John Conkling 321.00.00 



Willin Hopkins . . . . 

John Rackett 

Jonathan Moore . . . . 

John Young Jun^. . . 
Christopher Youngs. 
Timothy Martin .... 

John Wiggins. ..... 

Thomas Moore Jun''. 
Richard Brown Sen"" 
Richard Bro^vn Junr 
Jonathan Brown 
John Tutoll Sen^. 
John Tutoll Jun^. . 

Samuell King 

Abraham Whitter. . 

Thomas terry 

Gidion Youngs. . . . 
John Paine Sen^.. . 




Edward Peatty 062.00.00 

John Lorring 076.00.00 

Samuell Glouer 104.00.00 

Calob Curtis 108.00.00 

Cornilious Paine. .. . 081.00.00 

Richard howell 098.00.00 

Thomas booth 045.00.00 

John Liraan 018.00.00 

Ebine Dauice 030.00.00 

Richard Edgcomb.. 018.00.00 
John Booth June"-. . . 018.00.00 

Jonathan Reeves 030.00.00 

Ye total] Sume is. . 10819.00.00 

pr Stephen Bayley town clerk 

So hold the Esteemation for 
ye year 1683 

THE YEAH 1683. 

No. of Poles. 

Widdow Hannah 

Howell 267 00 00 

3 John Annings.... 088 10 00 
3 Capt" John Howell 442 10 00 

2 Lief* Joseph Ford- 
ham 459 10 00 

3 Thomas Halsey .. 411 16 08 
5 Edward Howell . . 400 00 00 
2 Peregrine Stan- 

brough 320 16 08 

2 Job Sayre 164 10 00 

1 James Topping . . 249 06 08 
1 Benjamin Palmer. 089 00 00 

1 Josiah Stanbron. . . 130 00 00 

3 John Davess 140 00 00 

2 John Rose 133 00 00 

No. of Poles. 

1 Joseph Post 062 03 04 

1 Simon Hilly ard. . . 023 00 00 
1 Benjamin Hand . . 086 00 00 
1 Thomas Rose .... 047 10 GO 
1 John Burnett 056 06 08 

1 Joseph More .... 083 00 00 

2 Willm Hakelton. . 041 00 00 
1 Thomas Burnett. . 119 06 08 

1 INIr Phillips 164 06 08 

Mrs Mary Taylor 

Widdow 064 13 04 

2 Francis Sayre . , 

2 Isaac Halsey. . . 

3 John Jessup. . . , 
2 Henry Ludlam.. 
1 Lott Burnett. . . 

178 CO 00 
345 00 00 
360 06 OS 
203 13 04 
100 00 00 



No. of Poles. 

1 James Hildreth. . . 030 00 00 
1 Ezekiell Sandford. 060 00 00 
1 Peter Norris 051 00 00 

1 Robert Norriss.. . . 052 00 00 

2 Joseph Marshall. . 058 00 00 

1 John Rain or 094 00 00 

1 John Jennings .. . . 129 10 00 

1 Isaac Rainer 064 00 00 

1 James White .... 092 16 08 
1 John Lupton .... 067 00 00 

^|. Widdow Mary 

"Rainer 166 00 00 

1 Ber,ony Newton . . 067 00 00 
1 Samuell Mills .... 032 00 00 
1 Samuell Lum .... 076 00 00 

1 Edmond Clarke . . 056 10 00 

2 Widdow Sarah 

Cooper 337 06 08 

1 Obadiah Roggers 
Jun"^ 052 00 00 

3 Tho: Travally .... 229 10 00 
1 Mr Jonah Fordham 081 13 04 

1 Josiah Halsey 125 13 04 

1 Christopher Learn- 
ing 053 13 04 

1 Jonathan Rainor.. 197 03 04 
3 Daniell Sayre .... 207 03 04 

Joseph Sayre .... 023 00 00 

1 Benjamin Pierson. 051 06 08 

1 John Laughton. . . 098 06 08 
3 Charles Sturmey . . 198 10 00 

2 Joseph Foste^... 138 03 04 
1 Obadiah Roggers.. 200 16 08 
1 Joseph Peirson.. . . 127 06 08 

1 Isaac Mills 089 03 04 

2 Samuell Whitehead 053 00 00 
1 Robert Wooly .... 118 00 00 
1 Thomas Cooper Junri63 00 00 

No. of Poles. 

2 Joshua Barnes and 

Sam 232 13 04 

2 John Jagger 289 10 00 

2 Thomas Cooper . . 209 06 08 

1 Widow Martha 

Cooke 194 13 04 

2 John Foster 178 06 08 

John Lawrison . . . 254 00 00 
John Howell Junr. 121 10 00 

John Earle 046 00 00 

Christo: Foster ... 074 00 00 

2 Richard Post .... 100 06 08 
Abraham Howell. 043 00 00 

John Post 169 13 04 

David Brigs 040 00 00 

Samuell Clarke: 

old towne 059 10 00 

David Howell.... 077 00 00 
Josiah La-ughton . . 024 00 00 

Ben: Davess 107 06 08 

Nathanii Short .... 030 00 00 
Thomas Steephens 080 00 00 
Gersham -Culver. . 098 06 08 
Thomas Goodwin. 030 00 00 

Isaac Cory 148 03 04 

2 John Bishop Junr. 055 13 04 

2 Samuell Johnes.... 249 16 08 

Abraham Willman 054 10 00 

Henry Peirson 136 10 00 

Samuell Clarke No; 

Sea 113 00 00 

John Woodroufe.. 160 00 00 

2 Elnathan Topping 275 00 00 

3 John Bishop 214 10 00 

Isaac Willman .. 187 10 00 
Hanah Topping 

widow 180 00 00 



No. of Polos 

1 Humphrey Hughes 052 06 08 

1 Thomas Reeves.. 101 00 00 

1 John Cooke 169 00 00 

1 John Mappein 112 13 04 

1 Shamger Hand.. . . 089 13 04 

1 John Else 030 06 08 

1 Benony FUnte 060 00 00 

1 .Joseph Hiledreth. 100 00 00 

1 John Carwithy f . . 040 00 00 

2 Richard Howell. , 250 00 00 

2 Thomas Shaw .... 060 00 00 
1 Edmond Howell. . 240 00 00 

3 Xtopher Lupton . . 200 00 00 
1 George Harriss. .. 137 00 00 
1 Richard Howell 

Junr 050 00 00 

1 Jolm Morehouse . . 064 00 00 

1 Will'n Mason 050 00 00 

2 James Herrick. . . ISO 00 00 
1 William Herrlke.. 059 00 00 

3 Benjamin Foster. . 220 00 00 
1 Aron Burnett .... 037 00 00 

Widow Fowler ... 027 00 00 

1 Benjamin Haines. 140 00 00 
1 Mathew Howell.. 070 00 00 
1 ManassahKompton 018 00 00 

1 George Owen 023 00 00 

1 Thirston Rainor . . 040 00 00 
1 M' William Barker 060 00 00 
3 Willm Simpkins.. 040 00 00 
1 Mr Henry Goreing 018 00 00 
J John Gould 040 00 00 

1 Joseph Whitehead. 030 00 00 
1 Samuell Cooper.. 035 00 00 
1 JosiahBarthallomew0l8 00 00 

1 Onesipherus Stand- 
ley 018 00 00 

2 Abram Hauke .... 060 00 00 
1 Zachary Laurance. 018 00 00 
1 Callob Carwithy . . 018 00 00 

1 John Petty 030 00 00 

1 Thomas Shaw Jun^ 018 00 00 
1 Isaac WillmanJunr 030 00 00 
Robert Kallem. . . 010 00 00 

George Hethcote . 022 00 00 
John Sanders. ... 012 00 00 

1 John Wooley .... 018 00 00 
1 Edward White. . . 030 00 00 
1 Jonat Hildreth ... 030 00 00 
1 John Mouberry . . 030 00 00 
1 Mr Frencham 018 00 00 

• Overseers 

Sum totallis.. 16328 06 08 
Zerobabell pyllips Consta^i® 
John Jagarr 
John Foster 
JoNO Howell Jun"" 
Joseph Peirson 
Southampton Sept' y^ l^t 1683 

A true copy of y® original 1 
by mee 

John Howell Jun^ Clarke 

The Estemation of the To\\ti 
of Southampton 1683 


















1 ^ 







I— I I— 1 





(MCMrH a r-i 1-i <^ 1-i r-li-1 rHrlr-li-l f-H 



Capt Talmage 

Tho Osborne 


Tho: Mulford 

Mr Baker 

Tho Edwards 

John parsons Sen 

Jere: Conkling 

philUp Leek 

Nath: Baker s« 

Joshua garlick 

capt Hoberts 

Nath donceny 

John parsons 

James Drinent 

Samu: parsons , . . . 

W'n Bary 

John Whellen 

Enock fithian .[ 

John osborn 










I 1 i77i7i i777777i i7i 



Or-lCNr-l.-lO'-'r-lOOr-lOOCN'-^O --i O O 











C< (?< CD O TjHO'^COOG^tNOOcOTiHOC^f^fO 

,-1 1-1 r-t i-l (N 0< <-• r-l i-H 


— o 

. ^ gJ i m C 

" C -ri ! 

. 1^ 

Dh O 



54 -C 










OG^'-l'-lr-iC^OCOOOOOOOQt-l'r-tC^CMr-H. Gv<.-(0'-l 


t- --t CO 

GO CO -^ 

o o .-• 

COCO.-HrH(>< O) .-t^lOTH^COCO r-( ^ 






000000 0000000(N 





I— I f— 1 






COi— iCvJG^CN C^tCNC^t— 1 I— 1 

1-4 CO »-l 

.— 1 I— 1 I— 1 

rl ^ rH r-t r-+ Cq 


;3 fl 

-a ::j '-s o 

IJ i? ^ CD 'w O 

o j5 !:!•;;? Pi i^ 








o o o o o 


1 1 1 1 1 

<x> o o o o 


ooo oo 




I I 

1 I 

I I 

I 1 I 

I I 

1 I 

I I I 

I 1 I 


I I 

I I I f 

I I ! ;S 

I Ie5 




• • • • • t-l 


. ..... --a 


• - ! • : w 

* ^ — S c 


c o 



lit ^illiara SD[ingon. 

[From the originals on file in the Secretary of State's Dep't Albany.l 


'/ ^J.'h 

>7 / ^ 

'^ y/J^I^.^ 







Massachusetts Bay. 
William Shirley Esq'" Captain General and Governor in Chief 
[l s] in and over his Majesties Province of the Massachu- 
setts Bay in New England. 
To Samuel Welles, John Chandler, Thomas Hutchinson, 
Oliver Partridge, and John Worthington Esq^^. Greeting 
Wheareas in pursuance of Letters from the Right Honourable the 
Lords Commissioners for Trade and the plantations dated the 28 of 
August & 19 of September 1753 to the Governor of several of his 
Majesties plantations in North America a General convention of 
Commissioners for their Respective Governments is appointed 1' 
be held at the City of Albany in the Month of June next for hold- 
ing an Interview vnih the Indians of the Five Nations and maldng 
them presents on the part of the said Governments usual upon such 
occasions in order to confirm and Establish their antient attachment 
to his Majesty and their constant Friendship to his Majesties Sub- 
jects on this Continent. And whereas the great and General Court 
or Assembly of the Province of the Massachusetts Bay aforesaid 
have elected and appointed you to represent and appear for the 
Said Province at the Convention aforesaid for the purposes above 
mentioned; as also for entering into Articles of Union and Con 
federation with the aforesaid Governments for the General Defence 
of his Majesties Subjects and Interests in North America as well in 
time of Peace as in war. Now I do by these presents impowei 
and Commissionate you the said Samuel Welles, John Chandler, 
Thomas Hutchinson, Oliver Partridge, and John Worthington a 
Commissioners (or any three of You) to appear for and represen 
the ProAance of the Massachusetts Bay aforesaid at the proposed 
Convention of Commissioners, to be held at the City of Albany in 
the Month of June next then and there to concert, with the Com- 
missioners (from all or any of his Majesties British Governments) 
that may be there convened, such Measures as may be judged 
proper for the Purposes afores*! and to agree upon the same; and 
VOL, II. 35 


herein you must observe such Instructions as are herewith delivered 
you, or may from time to time be f^iven you by the Great and 
General Court or Assembly of this Province. 

Given under my hand and the Publick Seal of the Province 
of the Massachusetts Bay aforesaid the nineteenth Day of 
April 1754 in the. twenty Seventh Year of his Majestys 

By His Excellency's Command Samuel Welles 

J. Willard Secry. &« John Chandler 

A true copy Att" Thomas Hutchinson 

Ol* Partridge 
John Worthington 

Province of ) George the Second by the Grace of God 

New Hampshire ^ of Great Britain France and Ireland 

King Defender of the Faith &c. 


To all to whom these Presents shall come Greeting 
Whereas we have Ordered a Sum of Money to be Issued for 
for Presents to the Six Nations of Indians and to direct our 
Governor of New York to hold an Interview mth them for delive- 
ring those Presents, for Burying the Hatchet and for renewing the 
Covenant Chain, with them and inasmuch as the Attempts that 
have been made to \vithdraw them from our interest appear to us 
to make a General interview more Particularly Necessary at this 
time, and that all our Colonys whose Interest and Security is con- 
nected with, and depend upon those Indians should be present at, 
and join in such Interview 

Know Ye therefore That we reposing much trust and Confi- 
dence in Ijie Integrity and Ability of the Honourable Theodore 
Atkinson Esq"", the Hono^''^ Richard Wibird Esq"" two of our 
Council of our said Province, The Hono^'® Meshech Weare Esq' 
Speaker of the General Assembly of our said Province, and Henry 
Scherbourn Jun^ Esq"", also a Member of our said General Assem- 
bly, have by and with the advice of our trusty and well beloved 
Benning Wentworth Esq^. our Governor and Commander in Chief 


of our Province of New Hiinipshire aforesaid, named, made, con- 
stituted, and appointed And we by these presents name, make, 
Constitute and Appoint the said Theodore Atkinson Esq*' Richard 
Wibird Esq^. Mesech Weare Esq"", and Henry Sherburne Esq^. our 
true and undoubted Commissioners hereby giving unto them full 
power and Authority as well as our special Command to repair to 
our City of Albany, or other place where the said Interview may 
be helil and carryed on, and there by the whole or the Major part 
of those of them that shall be pri'sent at the said Interview, for us 
and in our name together with such other Commissioners as shall 
be Regularly appointed from our other Colonies and provinces in 
America to attend at the said Interview to agree upon consult and 
conclude what may be necessary for Establishing a sincerand lastly 
Friendship and good Harmony with the said Six Nations of Indi- 
ans, and if necessary, for us and in our Name to sign everything 
so agreed upon and concluded, and to do, and transact all matters 
and things which may appertain to the finishing the abovesaid work, 
in Testimony whereof we have caused the Seal of our said Pro- 
vince of New Hampshire to be hereunto affixed Witness Benning 
Wentworth Esqr. Our Governor and Commander in Chief of our 
said Province of New Hampshire in New England this third Day 
of June 1754 and in the Twenty Seventh Year of our Reign. 


By His Excellencys 

Command. Theodore Atkinson 

Theodore Atkinson Secy R. Wibird 

Copy Exd per Meshech Weare 

Hen: Sherburne Jun'. 



Thomas Fitch Esq"" Governor and Commander 

in Chief of his Majestys English Coloney of 

Connecticut in New England in America. 

To William Pitkin Roger Wolcot Jun^ & Elisha Williams 

Esquires Greeting. 

Whereas you are by the General Assembly of said Colony 

nominated and Appointed to be Commissioners in behalf of said 


Colony to meet such Commissioners as are or shall be appointed 
by his Majesty's other Governments in America, at a General 
Interview at Albany on the fourteenth day of June next and Join 
with them in concerting proper Measures for the General Defence 
and safety of his Majesties Subjects in said Governments and the 
Indians in Alliance with them against the French and their Indians. 
Therefore in pursuance of said Act of Assembly, you the said 
William Pitkin, Roger Wolcot Jun^ and Elisha Williams Esq'"S are 
Commissioned Authorized and impowered in behalf of this his 
Majesties Colony of Connecticutt to meet the Commissioners 
appointed by his Majesties other Governments in America at Albany 
on the 14'1* day of June next, and in Concert with such Commis- 
sioners from his Majesties other Governments as shall i.eet there 
to consult proper Measures for the General defence, and safety of 
his Majesty's Subjects in said Governments and the Indians in his 
Alliance against the French, and their Indians; and to use and 
pursue proper measures in pursuance of your Instructions from, tlie 
said General Assembly, relateing to the matters aforesaid 

Given imder my hand and the Publick Sea' of the Colony 
of Connecticutt in Hartford this 30*^1 day of May Anno 
Regni Regis Georgij 2^' Magn: Brittain: &c 27'" o Annoq. 
Domini 1754. 

By his honours Command. 
George Wyllys Secrety 

A true Copy Test^. Wm Pitkin, Roger Wolcot Jun' 
Elisha Williams. • Commissioners. 

Rhode Island 
By the Honourable William Green Esq'" Governor 
{ Locus ? and Captain General of the English Colony of