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Full text of "Documentary history of the state of Maine .."

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Maine Historical Society 






The Baxter Manuscripts 








Copyright 1900 
By the Maine Historical Societt 


The Thurston Print, Portland 





IN looking over the proofs of this volume, as it is about to 
be published, it strikes me as not impossible that some 
may question the wisdom of printing the numerous petitions 
relative to land grants which it contains, because of the 
limited number of persons to whom they appeal. I wish to 
say in reply, should such a question arise, that I have found 
such material of the greatest value to persons in locating 
residence and determining dates in family history. I 
have had cases myself where one of these documents would 
have been worth much more to me than the price of this 
volume, hence I have printed them in the belief that among 
the limited number of early Maine documents in existence 
they may not prove valueless. 

The next volume, however, will probably comprise mate- 
rial of more general interest. 


61 Deering St., 

Portland, Me. 


1641 Sept 

. 2 




1650 Mar. 






1653 Mar. 









1663 June 


1665 Aug. 



1666 Oct. 


1668 Aug. 








1669 Oct. 


1670 May 






1671 June 


1672 Mar. 








Last will and testament of Thomas Cammock, . 1 

Statement of Nicholas Shapley, .... 2 

Deed, George Cleve to Henry Watts, ... 4 

The deposition of Edward Starbuke, ... 5 

Deed. George Cleeve to Joseph Phippen, . . 6 
Deed. George Cleeve to William Smith and Andrew 

Brown, 8 

Answer to N. Shapleigh's Petition, ... 10 

Deposition of Humphrey Cadburne, ... 10 

Deposition of Richard Commings, .... 11 
Petition of Capt. Bryan Pendleton, . . . .11 

Petition of William Phillips, 14 

Deed. William Phillips to Abraham Heaman, . 17 

Commission to D. E. & J. L., 18 

Order to commissioners, ...... 19 

Deposition of Edward Naylor, .... 20 

Deposition of John Davis, ...... 20 

Deposition of Eobert Booth 21 

Deposition of John Sergeant, 22 

Deposition of Roger Hill, 23 

14 Warrant for meeting to select constable and jury, 24 
Warrant for election of officers and exercise of mi- 
litia company, ....... 25 

Deposition of Richard Hitchcocke, .... 25 

Letter from Brian Pendleton to Major Gen. Leverett, 26 

Deposition of William Cole, 28 

Proceedings of Court vs. Major William Phillips, 29 
Bond William Phillips to the treasurer of the 

country, 29 

Petition of Major William Phillips, ... 30 

Petition of Henry Sayword and order thereon, . 31 

Petition of Edward Kishworth, .... 33 

Petition of Robert Gardner, 34 

Letter George Fountaine to Richard Cutt, . . 3 4 

Deposition of Mrs. Sarah Morgan, .... 35 

Order of court pertaining to regiments, . . 36 

Sentence of Henry Greenlande, 37 

Edward Colcord referred to court in Yorkshire, . 37 

Petition of Katharin Hilton, 38 

Petition of Nicholas Shaplelgh, .... 40 



1674 June 





1675 Feb. 


June 17 

April 2 




















1676 Jan. 




















Petition of Nicholas Shapleigh, .... 41 

Letter George Manning to John Freke, . . 42 
Deposition of Thomas Skillion, ... . . .44 

Complaint of John Freke, 45 

Deposition of William Pitt, 46 

Letter from Daniel Denison, 48 

Petition of John Roads and others, .... 49 

Commission — of Capt. Peter Rodrigo, ... 50 

Deposition of James Debeck. 79 

Deposition of George Manning, .... 85 

Communication for Maj. Pachard Waldron, . . 88 

Letter George Ingersol and Lieut. Augur, . . 89 
Letter John Davese and John Wincoll to Major 

Walden, 90 

Letter Thomas Gardner to Gov. Leverett, . . 91 

Letter of Richard Waldorne, 93 

Receipt of Thomas Huse to Daniell Wakley, . 97 

Petition of James Andrews, 98 

Letter from Capt. Joshua Scottovr to Gov. Leverett, 99 

Letter from council to Capt Scottovp, . . . 102 

Order of council, 103 

Order of council, 105 

Petition of William Griffith, 105 

Petition of Henry Jocelyn and others, . . . 106 

Petition of Joshua Scottow and others, . . 107 

Letter Richard Waldern to John Leverett, Esq., . 108 

Council's letter to the secretary of state, . . 109 

Petition of Daniel Landon. 113 

Letter of council to Maj. -Gen. Denison, . . 116 

Order in council, 117 

Petition from Thomas Gardner and others, . . 118 

Letter from Edward Rawson, 119 

Order to George Munjoy, 120 

Letter from Edward Crick, 121 

Letter to the general court, 122 

Letter from Wm. Hathorne, 123 

Letter from Daniel Denison, 124 

Letter Robert Pike to Daniel Denison, . . . 125 

Letter from Richard Martyne, .... 125 

Letter from Daniel Denison to Edward Rawson, . 126 
Letter of Wm. Hathorne to the governor and general 

court, 128 

Letter from Daniel Denison, 131 

Answer to complaint of the lord states general, . 131 

Petition of George Manning, 136 

Letter from Richard Martyn, 136 

Letter from Richard Walderne and others, . . 137 

Petition of Joshua Scottow, 139 



1676 Oct. 19 Letter of Brian Pendleton to the governor and council, 
Nov. 14 Deposition of John Layton and others, 

27 Petition of George and Hannah Manning, 

Dec. 4 Order of council, 

Letter Edward Kawson, secretary to Major Waldron, 

14 Letter from Daniel Deuison, 

Jan. 3 Letter from H. Brunett, 

1677 8 Letter Ichabod Wiswall, Sylvanus Davis and Thomas 

Moore to the governor and councill, . 

22 Francis Card's declaration, 

Letter Samuel Symonds to Edward Rawson secretary, 

29 Order of council, 

29 Instructions for Major Richard Waldron, 
Commission to Major Richard Waldron, . 
Feb. 5 Commission to Lieut. Thomas Fiske, . 
Mar. 13 Major Waldron to impress provisi<>ns, 

19 Petition to Joshua Scottow, .... 

26 Petition of Thomas Fitch, .... 
Petition of Ambrose Berry, ... 
Petition of John Libby, .... 
Instructions to Shuball Dummer and others, 

Apr. 2 Order to Mr. David Middleton, . 
18 Letter from Ricliard Waldron, 

23 Report of Sylvanus Davis and others. 
May 3 Order to commissaries, ..... 

5 Letter of council to Major Gendall, . 
17 Petition of Timothy Wily and others to counci 
23 Instructions to Samuel Wheelwright, 

27 Petition of Edward Rishworth and others 

general court, ..... 

June 6 Motion of eastern deputies, .... 

15 Letter of Edward Rawson secretary, 

15 Order to Major Gookiu, 

Letter of council, ..... 

21 Order of council, 

22 Major Clark's commission, .... 
22 Instructions to Capt. Swett, .... 

28 Warrant for Sargeant William Coleman, . 
28 Request to the governor and council, 

July 1 Letter from Moxes and Indians, 
Journal kept by Mr Manning, 
Petition of Andrew Brown, sr., . 
Letter to Capt. Brockles and others, 
Maj.-Gen. Denison and Joseph Dudley to treat with 
the Indians, 

16 Petition of Joseph Bemmiss, ..... 

17 Letter from A. Brockholts and others, 
25 Warrant to Marshal Joseph Webb, 

to the 








1677 Aug. 18 Letter of A. Brockholts and others to the goveraor 

and council, 191 

Sept. 1 Soldiers' charges, 194 

Oct. 8 Letter from Andrew Johnson, 196 

Petition Joshua Scottow to the governor, council 

and general court, 197 

Order to people at Black Point, .... 198 

Petition of Joshua Scottow, 199 

Letter of George Munjoy to Major Thomas Clarke, 200 

Letter Henry Jocelyn to Edward Rawson, . . 202 
Depositions Samuel Wheelwright and Joseph Storer, 202 
Petition of Lydia Scottow to the governor and council, 203 

Execution and return Mason vs. Rishworth, . . 204 

Petition of Edward Colcord, 205 

Petition of Edward Rishworth, 207 

Petition of George Munjoy, 208 

Commission of Lieut. Francis Johnson, . . . 211 

Thomas Scottow's complaint, .... 211 

Petition of justices and other inhabitants of Maine, 213 

Letter of Edward Tyng, 215 

William Start vs. Edward Griffin, .... 216 
Warrant to constable of town of Falmouth, . .218 

Petition of Jeremiah Dummer and others, . . 219 

Pemaquid fort, 221 

Petition of Edward Tyng, 222 

Petition of Bart Gedney, 222 

6 Petition of Jeremiah Dummer, Simeon Stoddard and 

Walter Gendall, 224 

12 Concerning Richard Wharton's title, . . . 225 

Petition of Edmond Gale, 226 

Letter from custom house in London, . . . 226 

Commission of Capt. Xicholas Manning, . . . 229 

Petition of the Province of Maine per Edward Tyng, 230 

Petition of Hannah Jackson, 231 

Petition of Ambros Berry, 231 

Confirmation of Sylvauus Davis and others, . . 232 

Petition of Walter Barefoot, 237 

Petition of Nicholas Davis and others, . . . 238 

Petition of Ephraim Herrick 239 

Petition of Richard Adams and Edward Ewster . 240 

Petition of Edward Tyng, 

Petition of Robert Lawrence, 

Petition of Joseph Phippen, sr., 

Petition of John Skilling, . 

Petition of Andrew Brown, 

Petition of Andrew Brown, jr., . 

Petition of R. Huniwell, . 


1678 Apr. 




1679 Mar. 















1687 Jan. 


. 241 

. 243 

. 245 

Petition of Dominicus Jordan, 246 



1687 Jan. 12 Petition of William Burrage, 
Petition of John Howell, 
Petition of John Pamer, . 
Petition of Eoger Vicars, . 
Petition of Francis Xeale, 
Petition of John Attwater, . 
Petition of Thomas Walton, 
Petition of P. Hinckson, 
Petition of Robert Eliott, 





June 16 

















1681 July 26 

1687 Oct. 28 

Nov. 5 

Petition of Edmund Gale, 255 

Petition of T. Scottow in behalf of Joshua Scottow, 255 

Petition of John Hinckes, 256, 257 

Petition of George Turfrey, .... 258, 259 

Petition of George Bai-ge, 259 

Petition of Bridgitt Phillipes, .... 260 

Petition of Edward Woodman, 261 

Petition of James Stilson, 262 

Petition of John Maine, 263 

Petition of John Swarton, 264 

Order to John Cook, 265 

Grant of land to John Swarton, .... 267 

Petition of Elizabeth Rowdon, 268 

Petition of Vines Ellacott 269 

Richard Seccombe's petition, 269 

David Phippen's petition, 270 

Petition of John Usher, 271 

Petition of Joshua Scottow, 272 

Ames Andros's commission 273 

Subal Dummer's petition, ..... 273 

Petition of Elizabeth Clarke and Ann Graves, . 274 

Petition of John Alcock, 275 

Petition of Bridget Phillips and Samuel Phillips, . 277 

Warrant for survey of Walter Barefoot' s land, . 278 

John Brown's petition, 279 

John Hinck's land, 280 

R. Sacombe's land to be laid out, .... 281 

R. Lawrence's land to be laid out, . . . 282 
Warrant to survey land of Sarah Johnson and John 

Hincks 282 

Warrant to survey land of Edward Tyng, . . 283 

Survey of .Joshua Scottow's land, .... 284 

Survey of David Phippen's land, .... 284 

Survey of Pierre Baudoin's land, .... 285 

Survey of Thomas Shippard's land, . . . 286 

Letter from John Payne 286 

H. Amory and Samuel Leache to George Turfrey, 287 

Petition of Richard Powssley, 288 

Petition of Richard Seccorabe, .... 289 



1C87 Nov. 9 




Dec. 2 








1687 Jan. 



1688 Apr. 


1687 Feb. 





Petition of inhabitants of Scarborough, 

Henry Watts to Andrew Brown, 

Joshua Scottow's land " layd out," . 

Petition of Dominicus Jordan, 

Letter from Sylvanus Davis, 

Letter from Francis Hooke, 

Letter from T. Sanford and R. Sanford, 

Petition of George Bremhall, . 

Petition of John Smith, 

Petition of M. Paulling, . 

Petition of Nathaniel White, 

Petition of John Wallis, 

Petition of Robert Lawrence, 

Orders for John Cook, 

Orders for Lieut James Weems, 

Petition of Abraham Collings, 

Survey of David Phippen's land. 

Petition of John Harris, . 

Petition of John Spenser, . 

Petition of John Cornew, 

Petition of John Ingei-soll, jr., . 

Petition of James Ross, . 

Petition of John Lane, 

Petition of Thomas Clayce, 

Petition of Joseph Weber, 

Petition of Mary Weber, . 

Petition of John Whidden, . 

Report upon Thomas Cloyes petition, 

Petition of Samuel Ingersoll, 

Petition of Edward Davis, 

Petition of Edward Bennett, 

Petition of John Teney, .... 

Return of survey of John Skillings land, 

Ruth Yorke's deposition, 

Deposition of Benjamin York, . 

Deposition of Richard York, . 

Petition of Robert Elliott, . 

Petition of Mary Hooke, .... 

Petition of Samuel Walker and B. Blackman 

Warrant to George Farewell, . 

Letter from Edward Tyng, .... 

Petition of Rowland Young, . 

Petition of Philip Horman, 

Petition of T. Woodbridge, 

Petition of B. Woodbridge, 

Petition of George Felt, .... 

Petition of Enoch Wiswall, 

Petition of A. Adams and William Rogers, 


337, 339 
. 339 



1687 Mar. 14 Petition of John York. 

Petition of Richard Short, 

Petition of Samuel Picke, 

Petition of Ambros Bowdin, sr., 

Petition of P. Denmark, sr., 

Petition of Nathaniel Fi-yer, .... 
Petition of Bridget Phillips and William Phillips 
Petition of George Burroughs, .... 
Petition of John Osborne, .... 
Letter from Joseph Dudley to Col. Edward Tyng 
Petition of P. Fletcher, .... 
Letter Pendleton Fletcher to Mr. West, 
July 28 Petition of Pierre Baudoin, 

Petition of inhabitants of Kittery, . 

Petition of George Hiskett, 

Petition of Thomas Doughty, 

Petition of John Ball, .... 

Petition of John Sharpe, 

Petition of George Little, 

Petition of John Bonighton, 

Petition of P. Denmark, .... 

Petition of Thomas Blashfield, . 
Petition of John Royall, .... 
Petition of Joseph Harris, jr., . 

Petition of Samuel York, 

Petition of John Pratt and John Pratt, 

Petition of Dominicus Jordan, 

Petition of Jeremiah Jordan, 

Petition of William Sturt, 

Considerations concerning Indian grants. 

Petition of William Sayer, 

Petition of Robert Hob, 

Petition of John Starkey, 

Petition of John Coomes, . 

Petition of John Sanders, 

Petition of Nicholas Bartlett, 

Petition of Ralfe Turner, 

Petition of John Pamer, 

Petition of Nathaniel Fryer, . 

Petition of John Grover and others. 

Petition of William Custen, 

Petition^f John Edgcomb, 

Petition of George Page, 

Letter from Edward Tyng, . 

Petition of Abraham Adams, . 

Petition of John Pratt, 

Petition of Richard Starr, 

Petition of George Munjoy, 


, 348 
. 350 
. 353 
. 354 
. 355 
. 356 
. 358 
. 359 
. 360 
. 362 
• 364 
. 366 
. 367 
. 369 
. 370 
. 371 
. 372 
. 374 
. 375 



1687 July 28 Petition of J. Tucker and G. Hiskett, . 

Motion of J. Dudley and others, 
Complaint and Petition of Robert Lawrence, 
Petition of Jedediah Jordan, 

1688 Apr. 10 Petition of Peter Howsing,:; . . . , 

Letter from Robert Lawrence to John West, 
Petition of James Andrews, . . . . 

16 Petition of Joshua Downing, 

17 Report of Lieut.-Col. Ting and Capt. Davis 

Mrs. Whitwell's claim to land. 
Petition of George Gray, 
Petition of John Lane and others. 
Petition of John and Isaac Jones, 
21 Orders to Capt. John Cooke, 
30 Petition of Samuel Jordan, 

Country Road, 

Petition of Richard Secombe, 
Petition of Nathaniel Fryer, 
May 1 Petition of John Veerin. .... 
3 Petition of Edward Woodman, . 
8 Petition of JohnWryford, 

Goods, etc., to be seized, .... 

21 Country road, 

Petition of George Speere, .... 
Petition of John Payne, .... 

2 Petition of inhabitants of New Dartmouth, 
Petition of John Atwood, 
Petition of John Tucker, .... 

22 Certificate of selectmen of town of Wells, 
Petition of R. Seccorabe, .... 

June 4 Petition of T. Boarman, .... 
7 Letter from Thomas Sharpe, 

23 Warrant to James Graham, attorney general 
Petition of E. and J. Andrews, . 

Petition of John Nicholson, 
27 Report of Edward Tyng, 

Petition of George Turfrey, 
July 16 Warrant, 

John Cooke's commission, 
20 Petition of John Wiswell, . 
23 Petition of John Payne, . 

Petition of William Baker, ' 

25 Petition of Jeremiah Dummer, 

27 Complaint of H. and S- Lane, 

28 Deposition of John Swarton, . 
Deposition of Henry Comes, 
Examination of John Riall, 
Letter Pendleton Fletcher to M. West, 




403, 404 



1688 Aug. 18 

Sept. 2 











Oct. 1 

















Letter from Edward Tyng, .... 
Letter from Edward Tyng, .... 
Deposition of Thomas Stevens, 
Letter from Edward Tyng, .... 
Letter from William Stoughton, 

Letter from J. Pipon, 

Letter to Sir E. Andros, 

Letter from Edward Tyng, 

Letter from Edward Turfrej', 

Letter from Edward Tyng, 

Letter from Jo.shua Pipon, . . . . 

Letter from Sylvanus Davis, 

Letter from Edward Tyng, . . . . 

Letter from John Tufton, .... 

Letter from Edward Tyng, . . . . 

Letter from Edward Tyng, 

Letter from Thomas Trefry, . . . . 

Letter from Joseph Dudley, 

Examination of Moses Eyares, 

Petition of David Edwards, 

Examination of Henry Smith, 

Examination of Samuel Holman, 

Examination of Patrick Keen, 

Petition of Elizabeth Ryall, 

George Turfrey's land, . . . . . 

Order upon the petition of John Tucker and 

Hiskett, ....... 

Reply of Maquase, 

Petition of Nathaniel Wallis, 
Information relating to petition. 
Petition of John Holman, .... 
Petition of William Gilbart, . . . . 
Petition of R. Nickolson, .... 
Petition of P. Munjoy and others, . 
Petition referred to Benjamin Blackman 


Petition of George Ingersoll, jr., 

Petition of George Ingersoll, sr., 

George Felt and others, petitioners, . 

Petition of John Skillings, . . . . 

Petition of John Ingersoll, .... 

Petition of Joel Madiford, sr., 

Petition of Robert Morrell, 

Petition of Thomas Bacor, . . . . 

Order to John Cook, 

Petition of Joseph Ingersoll, . . . . 

Deposition of Henry Tuxbury, . 

Petition of Joshua Scottow, . . . . 




. 449 

. 451 

. 454 

. 456 

. 458 

. 460 

. 462 

. 464 

. 466 

. 467 

. 469 




1688 Mar. 28 



1689 Apr. 12 


May 11 



June 1 






Order concerning soldiers at Saco, .... 470 

Petition of Lieiit.-Col. Tyng and others, . . 471 

Letter to Governor Andros, 472 

Testimony of S. Greenleafe, jr., .... 472 

Testimony of George Little, 473 

"Warrant for assistance to Capt. John Floyd, . 473 

Order for Capt. John Floyd to repair with his men to 

Saco river, 474 


Warrant requiring Capt. John Floyd to 


Letter from Ed Randolph, 

Letter from council to Colonel Tyng, 

Letter from Falmouth, 

Petition of inhabitants of Pemaquid, 

Order from council for safety of the peopl 

Letter from Elisha Andrews, 

Petition of inhabitants of Kennebeck river, 

Petition of inhabitants of Falmouth, 

Letter from Francis Hooke, . 

Letter from James Weems, 

Testimony of Isaac Prince, 

Petition of Nicholas Manning, . 

Letter from Elisha Andrews, . 

Petition from Newtowne, . 

Proposals with reference to eastern parts 

Letter from Robert Lawrence, . 

Letter from Anthony Brackett and others 

Letter from Silvanus Davis, 

Order to Lieutenant Weems, . 

Information of George Heskett, 

Letter from Thomas Hinchman, 

Letter from James Weems, 

Alliance with Maquas Indians, 

repair to 




Last Will and Testament of Thomas Cammock. 

Know all men hy these pntes that I Thomas Cammock of 
Black point in y" province of Maine in New Enijftd in Amer- 
ica Gentl" for div'"se good causes & considerations mee here- 
unto especially moving;, as allso for the suine of fifty pounds 
sterling to mee in hand paid before y^ ensealing and deliv- 
ering of this p''sent Deed, doe at this time declare my last 
will & testamS wherein next after my soule bequeathed into 
the hands of Almight}' God my Saviour & redeenier, I doe 
freely & for the causes abovesaid give and bequeath all my 
lands at Blackpoint aforesaid together with all my buildings 
goods cattells & chattells and all other my personall estate 
whatsoever, vnto my wellbeloved freind Henry Jocelyu 
Esquire to be by him possessed iinediately after my decease 
out of this life, & after the decease of Margritt Cammock 
my now wife, & from thenceforth to be his ownc lands & 
goods for ever, to him his heires & Assignes according to 
the true intent &, meaning of these presents, for which cause 
I the said Thomas Cammock have appointed this my last 
will to be made irrevoakeable. And for the due perform- 
ance hereof I doe bind my selfe and my wife Margritt in 
the suine of one hundred pounds starling vnto the said 
Henry Jocelyn his heires & Assignes, Provided alwayes 
that I Thomas Cammock doe reserve onely out of this my 
deed of gift, five hundred acres of the said land to bestow 
Doc. Vol. vi. 1 


at my pleasure, the bounds thereof to begin at the river of 
Spurwink & soe taking the breclth thereof vp the said river 
soe far as the bounds of my Pattent goeth, & soe towards 
Bhick point till five hundred acres be ended, & allso all my 
part of Cowes & uther Cattell now in my possession, & 
for all 3'® rest of my lands & goods aforesaid, I doe againe 
vpon mature deliberation bestow at the time aforesaid, vpon 
the said Henry Jocelyn whome I doe by this my deed de- 
clare to be my heire of all my lands & goods, except before 
excepted in this p'sent deed. In witnes whereof I the said 
Thomas Cammock with the free consent of Margrit my wife 
have caused this p'sent writing to be made my act & deed 
& have herevnto subscribed both o'' hands & scales this 
second day of Septeml)'" 1641 

Thomas Cammock & a seale 
Margret Camock & a seale 
Sealed & delivered w"^one bason of 
Alcommy in liew of all the rest the 
property of which was altered in the 
p''sence of vs 

George Cleeves This above written is 

Richard Tucker a true Coppy of the 

This Instrument Entred originall word for word 

in the ReCords of the examined the ll**" of 

County of Yorke April! 1670 

by Edw : Rish worth ReCor. p Robert Howard 

19 : July 71 Not : publ massachusitt 

Colonise novse Angi 

Nicholas Shapley. 

fferiland y^ 8"^ Septeml/ 1648 

Invoyce of Goods shiped abord y® David off 
fferiland Capt Nicholas Shapley Commander 
ffor Accounts off George Kirke Esq"" & Brothers 


Imprimus. 13. ])uts off Maclere wines ^ I s d 
mor. 5. buts off Cannaiy valued at > 

14' p but on w*" another ) 252 : 00 : 00 

6 hhd oft* Sugar wayed neett 2743' ^ 

valued at 12'^ p lis > 137 : 03 : 00 

Canuas Vitry : 7 : peeces containing ) 

797 yards at 18" p yard is 5 059 : 15 : 06 

22C i. 10' off Cordage at 2' p C is 044. 10. 00 

2C i 10' off wooll is neat 258' 

valued 18" p is 019.. 17. 00 

Hhds valued at 2' 10^ is 002 : 10 : 00 

Som 10 hh" off salte valued at 10^ p hh 005 ; 00 : 00 

128 y*^ off Dowless valued att 009 : 12 : 00 

120 Verginia at at 3' p peece is 018 : 00 : 00 

547: 17 : 06 
A Bill of Debt deue by M-- Richard ^ 
Right of New England 5 020 : 00 : 00 

p a band off' Derby fteild to be Receaued 040 : 17: 00 
By m"" Bruster fibr 1 2 : par of worsterd ^ 
stockings at 8^ p par & on par off > 
shoes : 5" w<=" wer not paid ftbr )o05 : 01 : 00 

18 Semakes at 8* p p 

7 pasengers 613 : 15 : 06 

Dauid Kirke ftor ray sonnes = 

I Cap : Nicholas Shapley Confess to haue 
receued abord y® David off fieri hind 
y® goods aboue speciffied by partic- 
ulars ffor y'^ Acounts of Georg Kierke 
Esquier & Brothers : ffor w'^'' I 
proniiss to do my Best Indeauer ffor 
y*" selling off' the said goods ffor 
them : & to Retorne the proceed off 
it at fteriland to the Right Worship- 
full : S'' David Kierke Knight y'' next 


Spring the Danger off the sea Ex- 
cepted wittnes my hand the Eleue 
of September : 1648 

Deposed the 6th of the 6**' m'' 
1649 before me Increase Nowell sec"^ 

Deed. George Cleve to Henry Watts 1648. 

A Coppy of A. Wrighting. 

Witnes these presents that I George Cleue of Casco gent) 
Agent for Collonell Alexander Rigbee president and pro- 
prietor of the province of Ligoni) Doe by Authority De- 
rived from him) Give Graunt bargain and sell vnto Henry 
Watts of Blew point all that Neck of land scituate and 
lying in the villadge of Black pointe : and Next Adjoining 
vnto A Certaine parcel 1 of the River that parteth that Neck 
or peice of land from another. Comonly called Cookes 
pointe) Southerlie home to the River) and from thence 
North westerlie horn to the Ashen Swamp, together with 
all the Marsh Ground laying Easterly and Southerlie horn 
to pigstie Creek) Excepting Tenn Ackers Neare the River 
formerly Graunted to Mr ffoxwell) Together with all the 
land to the River that parteth this Graunt and Cookes 
pointe up along by the said River or Creek to the Head 
therof, and from thence North westerlie to the head of the 
aforesaid Ashen Swamp Together with all the land and 
Marsh within this boundary supposed to be five hundred 
Ackers bee itt more or less, To have and to hold all the 
said lands and premisses of and from the said Allexander 
Rigbie and his heirs for ever vnto him the said Henry Watts 
and his heirs and Assignes for ever/ yealding and paying 
therefore the yearly Rent of one farthing an Acker for Every 
Acker heerin Contained for ever) at the feast of Michaeld 
the Ark Angell every yeare to bee truly paid vnto the said 


Eif^bie his heirs or Kent Gatherers or Assignes for all ser- 
vices and demands) and iff itt shall happen the said Kent 
to bee vnpayed it shal bee alwaies lawfull for the said Kigbie 
by himself) his heirs or Assignes to enter into an part of 
the premisses and the destraine so taken to carrie or drive 
away prase and sell Detaine and keep till the said yeerly 
Kent bee paide with all arrears thereof and this Graunt to 
bee enroled According to Constitutions in witnes heerof I 
have heer vnto sett my hand and scale this last day of Sep- 
tember in the yeare 1648 
Witnes us 

Thomas Greenslade George Cleve 

his «-— V— t mark 

Jane Cleue 
her y^ mark 

This above written Graunt was 
Entred into the book of Records 
by Mr Henry Watts his desire 
the 4**' of July 1657 and is a 
true Coppie therof as Attests 
tfrancis Neale who hath the 
said book of Records in his 

" The deposition of Edward Starbuke." IJf March 1650 
The deposition of Ed : S[tarbu]ck 

This deponant saith That about three yeares since or 
there aboutes he being at Kittery togeither with Major 
Sedgwick m"" Hill m'" James Oliver, & others. He heard 
Major Sedgwick desire m' John Treworthy to give his vnkle 
m' : Nicho : Shapleigh an acco' of all his transactions about 
his vnkeles estate. Whose answer was that he had noe 


acco* to render vnto him ; in regard he had transacted noth- 
ino for his Acco^ ; but delte all vpon his owne Creaditt, as 
you Major Sedgwick well know, for he lefte me only two 
fishing shallopps, and gmised to send me a supply out of 
England, but failed me, and therefore I haled vp his boates, 
and there they lye still to be scene at this day. 
Taken this 14"^ m-'ch 1650 

before me Ed : Godfrey 

Deed. Q-eorge Cleeve to Joseph Phippen. Sept 30 1650. 
These presens shall witnes that I Georg Cleeve 
Agent for Collonell Allexandar Rigby p'"sideut and pprietor 
of the p'vince of new England haue given granted bargand 
& sould & by these p''sens doe grand sell & Confirme vnto 
Joseph phipen sener one hundred Acres of Land togethar 
in wood vnderwood pastar or tillag 

therin Cascoe bay in the said p'vince & by the 
River side Comonly called Casco River to begin at the Long 
Creks movth & soe vp along the Crek to the next brok of 
fresh water westward & soe vp by the River side to the next 
Long Creke & so from the said bounds to runn in to the 
woods westerly vntill the said A cars be ended To haue & 
to hold all the Lands & p'mises vnto him the said Joseph 
Phipen his heayrs & assigns for ever of &, from the said 
Allexander Rigby his heayrs & assigns, yelding & paying 
therfore yerly & every yere the Rent of tooe shillings & six 
penc vpon the nyne & twcnteth day of Septembar & allso 
doing homeig to the Courts of the said m"" Rigby in the said 
gvince & allso yelding & paying to the "King of England 
one fifte part of all the govld & siluar Oare that shall be 
found vpon any part of the said p'mises for all sarvisses & 
demands and if it shall happen that any of the said Rent be 


behind & vnpayd being Lawfully demanded it shall be 
allwais LavvfuU for the said \\V Rigby his hcayrs or assigns 
or rent gatherar to distraine vpon any part of the p'niises & 
the destres so taken to chas & drive or carry away & to 
prays & sell vntill all the said Rent be paid & all the arears 
tberof & this grant is to be recorded according to the Con- 
stitutions of that pvince & to be farther Ratified & Con- 
firmed by the said p'sedeut m'' Rigby & his hears at all tymes 
as shall by the said phipen be Required by him or his ayres 
acordino- to his Counsell Learned in the Law for his farthar 
Confirmation & sure making therof — In wittnes hereof I 
the said Agent haue herevnt sett my & scale this 30"' of 
September 1650 

witnes vs 


Johny /Y\^^^:iH'« 

his mark 

John Richesonne/ 

I the within named Joseph Phippen doe by these p'"senis 
assigne ouer the within Deed of Sail, with all my right title 
& interest, of & into the within Bargained pMnisses & euery 
pt & pcell there of, vnto my two sons Joseph phippen & 
David Phipi)en both of Casco Bay & to tlieire heires & as- 
signes for euer : To Hau : & to Hould all & singuler the 
p'"misses & euery pt & pcell there of as within mentioned to 
theire only & pper vse & vses for euer they or any of them 
paying the within mentioned rent, dues or dutye as is 
within specifyed : & for confirmation heare of doe bynd me 


my heires, executors & Administrators firmly by these 
p'^sents ; as witnes my hand & seale, this second day of 
July in y*' yeare of our Lord God one thousand six hundred 
sixty & seauen : Annoq^ Regny — Regis Carolii Secundii : xix 

Sianed Sealed & deliuered 

in the p^sence of ^^^^P^^ Phippen 

Edward Hillard 

Wilt DoLinton 

Nath : Wallis 

Hilly ard Veren Sen"" 

Deed. Greorge Cleeve to W"'- Smith ^ Andrew Broivn. 

A Coppie of A wrighting 

Bee it Known by these presents that I George Cleeve 
Gent/ Agent for Alexander Rigby Esquire president and 
proprietor of the province of Ligonia doe by Authority 
derived from the said president Give and Grauut Bargaine 
Sell and Confirme vnto William Smith and vnto Andrew 
Brown both of Black point Village in the psmct of Ligonia 
five hundred Ackors ot land together scituate in the Village 
aforesaid that is to say four hundred Acers and fifty Acers 
of upland to begin on the southwest side of that point of 
woodland in the Marsh on the North East side of the River 
of Black point, that part of the River which Runeth up 
before and neare the house of Henry Watts which point of 
wood land hath bin formerly Called Cooks point and now for 
ever heeraiter to be called Bowrkees con>e together with fifty 
Acres of Marsh Ground thervnto Adjoyning. that is to say 
twent}^ Acers of j\Iarsh at the Northwest side of the said 
wood land and Adjoyning ther vnto, and thirty Acers of 
Marsh Ground on the south east side of the said [)oint car- 


ieing the same Bredth Easterly with the woodhmd all lying 
betwixt the River aforesaid and pigsty River. To have and 
to hould all and singuler the premises heerin specified to 
them the said William Smith and Andrew Browne their 
heirs and Assignes for Ever, of and from the said Allexan- 
der Rigby his heires for ever in free and Common sotquidge 
doeing fealty therefore to the said Allexander Rigby and his 
heirs and yeilding and paying therefore 3'eerly the Rent of 
tooe pence for every Acer in this devised premises, the Acer 
to Containe Eight Score powle in length and one powle in 
bredth and the powle to containe sixteen foot and A halfe, 
and it is also Graunted vnto the said William Smith and to 
Andrew Browne that for the first tooe yeers after the date 
heerof that they shall bee freed from the payment of the 
whole Rent, and for the Next tooe years from the payment 
of half the Rent of tooe pence, and after the said four 
yeares heerin Expressed to pay to the said Allexander 
Rigby his heirs or Assignes or to Any of their Agents 
Steuards or Rent Gatherers the full Rent of tooe pence an 
Acer which will Amount for the five hundred Acers to the 
sum of four pound three shillings and four pence, and if it 
shall happen that the said Rent or any part therof shal bee 
behind and vnpaid at the vsual times when it should bee 
paid that is to say on the five and twentieth day of March 
and the nine and twentieth day of September every yeare 
then it shall be lawfull for the said lord or his Agents or As 
signes to enter uppon any of the premisses and to destraine 
and the distress so taken to chas' or drive away and to 
detaine and keepe vntill the said Rent bee paide with all the 
Arreare. and this Graunt is to bee inRowled according to 
the Constitutions and the land laid out and Measured at the 
charge of the said William Smith and Andrew Browne 
within one yeare next after the date heerof According to ray 
Instructions in witness heerof I the said George Cleeve 


have here put my hand and scale the nine and tvventyeth 

day of September Ano Dominie 1651 

George Cleeve 
Witnes us 

Michaell Mitton 

Peyton Cooke 


Thomas - / ■ Celkin 


Answer to JV. ShapleigK s Petition 

Att a Counsell held at Boston 8^" March 1653 In Ans-" to 
A peticoii of Nicholas Shapleigh Desiring that Due & speedy 
Course might be taken that an Execution graunted him by 
the County Con*"* at york agn** the estate of Hugh Gunnison 
may be served according to lawe y*^ marshall there having 
binu Affronted in y'' pformance of his office thereabouts, as. 
Appeares on y® Depositions of y'^ marshall Rob* Mendam 
Jn° Tucker & nicholas Lux that were present to Asist him 
The Counssell Judgeth it meete to declare that the marshall 
of that County hath power b}' lawe to Raise meete and due 
forces in y*^ County and all or any y'' Inhabitants therea- 
bouts are bound to Aide & Asist the marshall & CounstaI)le 
in the Serving that execution to effect And Order that the 
Secretary Issue ou* an Attachment Agst the pson of Hugh 
Gunnison Requiring him to Appeare before the next Gen- 
nerall Court there to Answer his Contempt of Authoritie & 
Rescueing his goods extended on by virtue of an Execution./ 

Edw. Rawson Secrety 


The Deposition of Humphrey Cadburne 

This deponant being duelie sworne saith that he hath 
heard M'' John Trcworgey say more then once that he was 


no Agent for his vnckle m"^ Nickolas Shapleigh but Actted 
vpon bis one credite & futber m' Jobn Treworgey said he 
had hailed vp those boates his vnckle m'' Shapleigh bad lefte 
in his hands & that m' Jobn Treworgey said he bad biulte 
otther boates vpon his one acorapte father this deponant 
saith that he saw too boates balled vp which M' Jobn Tre- 
worgey said weare them his vnckle M' Shapleigh lefte in 
his hands & the said boates lay vpon the rockes vntill the 
weare staued or torne to peiceses & futber this deponant 
saith not — 

Deposed this. 5. of Aprill. 1653 before me 

Tho Wioofin 


The Deposition of Rich* Commings 

This deponent testifieth y* M'' Jn° Treworgy did bale vp 
on y^ He of Sholes those two boates w^cb m'' Mch° : Shap- 
leigh left with y* said Jn° Treworgy the next yeare after y* 
said M"" Shapleigh his departure for England, & y' those 
boates soe hailed vpp did there reniaine vntill they were 
stau'd or torne to peeces & further saith not 

Taken before me this 10"' of Aprill 1653 

Brian Pendleton 

Petition of Capt. Bryan Pendleton May ^^, 1658. 

To the Honored Generall Court of Magistates 

att Boston asembled this present mo'' 1658 

The Humble Request of Brian Pendleton of Pascattaquak 

Sheweth that in the Last month Aprill : it happened that 

two seamen beinge drawn out of our River in a Canow the 

one of the s'^ men beinge Ded wdth Could or ffrost the other 


beinge much ffrosen came into oure Hand : & beinge made 
aquainted with it wee tooke what course wee could ffor his 
good : but seeinge his nesesity Required better meanes I 
hired a man & a liorse & sent him to hamton wheare the 
Charge will be greate whether hee Liue or Dy — 
My Humble Request therefore to this Honered Court is 
that they will bee pleased to giue such order from this Court 
that I may haue power to Rayse the s*^ Charge ffrom the 
severall townes on the River (videleset) ffrom portsmouth 
Douer & : [Kittery ^J which may be an Incouragment to y'' 
seruant ffor to put himselfe forward in time to Come in such 
workes of Charity & shall Rest at y'' servise at all times in 
what I may. 

The magis'' Judge meete that y* 
charges incured in Reference to 
the frozen person be borne by 
the Inhabitants of y^ Riuer & y* 
it be Raised y'' Select men of 
Douer Portsmouth & Kittery in 
sequall parts & by warrant from 
y^ s*^ Select men Raised & Dis- 
chardged paid vnto Captaine 
Pendleton vpon account If theire 
brethren the depu*s Consent 
heereto : Edward Rawson Secret 

Consented to by the deputyes 
24 3'' : 1658 William Torrey Cleric 

Cap* Pendleton. 

p Curiam. At y'^ request of Cap* Pendlton, for their 

resolution whether Kittery is Included 
in this order of court, the blotts y'of 
not w*''standing. 

» The word " Kittery " was written in the original and erased. 


on Hearing ot w^ y* Dep^ of y® sever- 
till Townes had to say in the case, 
The Magistrates Judge meet to resolve 
23.(8)1661. r Simeon the affirmative 

& further y^ Cap^ Pendletons 
ace', abt 20^ 6^ 9^* is allowed 
The Magis*s haue past this w'^ 
Refference to the Consent of theire 
brethren y** Deputy** hereto 

Edw. Rawson Secret 

The Deputies Consent not to the first 
pt of this returne but Consent that 
Cap* Pendleton be payd his money 
aboue mented by the two townes 
exprest in this order. 

William Torrey Cleric. 

29 May 1661, Consented to by y* Magis^s 

Edw. Rawson Secret 

In Ans"" to the Request of Cap' Brian Pendleton The 
Court Judgeth it meete to order that the seclect men of 
Portsmouth & Doner Doe forthwith by an Assessment on 
the Inhabitant' Collect & Gather the some of tenn pounds 
eight shillings & four penc' out of each Toune & Deliuer 
the same to the said Brian Pendleton as sattistaction for so 
much by him expended on a frozen person y' some yeares 
past came into that Riuer whose charity this Court Judgeth 
it meete to Encourage & order his Sattisfaction as aboue is 

Originall E R S. 


Petition of W^ Phillips May 15, 1661. 

To the Honor'^ Gennerall Courte Now Assem- 
bled In Boston, 
the humble petition of William Phillips of Boston now re- 
siding at Saco whereas there is A Law (title mines) wherby 
Encoragem' is presented to any that will Adventure for the 
discoverie of miner', that they shall enjoy the profBts theroff 
with a fit portion of Land, for twenty one yeares and also 
liberty graunted to purchase the Interest of any Indian in 
such Land where such Mine shall be found, Your petitioner 
having beene at a Considerable Charge to search out a place 
where he hath some ground to Conceive there is a mine and 
hath likewise purchaseed the Land of the trew Indian pro- 
prietors (And not being willing to adventure any Large 
expence there vpon in respect the s'' Law seemeth to leaue 
matters something doubtfull (as to perpetuall proprietie) 
notwithstandin such purchass) Humbly desireth that 

this honor'' Court would please to Confirme & perpetuate 
the s'' purchass that he may enjoy the same by the Appro- 
bation of the hon"""'' Co"^ in fee as other purchasses ; which 
Land both where the minerall lieth ; and the land adjoyning 
to it bought of the same Indian being noe way meete for A 
plantation. In w'^'' respect yo'" s'' petitioner hopeth it will 
bee noe way to the prejudice of the countrey fully to con- 
firme the same and more espeacialy as to the mine or min- 
erals of the great charges your petitioner hath 
allready expended (when he shall come to make vse of the 
same) must necessarily expend, it being remote from the 
sea and wages of men and every thinge else beinge at such 
a high rate that the Improvem* thereof would rather vndoe 
then enrich yo*^ s*^ petitioner in case he should be in any 
hazard of the Loss of his disbursm*' after the tearme of 
twenty one yeares. 

And further your Petitioner maketh bold to begg A Con- 
firmation of another ])urchase of Land bought of an Indian 


sachem which is likewise noe way convenient for any Eng- 
lish plantation, and may bee of vse for accomodation of the 
s*^ mine. 

If these desires of your petitioner shall be accepted of this 
Hon°'''' Co" your petitioner shall acco* it as a very great favo"" 
and as allwaies, soe for ever pray for the peace tranquillitie 
and prosperitie of yo'" hono"' persons and the Collonie which 
the Lord hath setled you in. 

And humbly sub- 
scribeth himself your very humble 

Will Phillips 
Referred vnto my hon'''^ 
and Beloved freind Cap' 
Thomas Clarke to appear 
in my behalf iff any thing 
be further desired 

Saco May 15'" 1661 

Returne of the Comittee vpon this petition./. 
Allthough the law seeme to phibitte any pri- 
uate pson to purchase Land of any Indian in 
any Case exept this of the petitioner, yet, for 
the incouragement of the petitioner touching 
the hopefulnes of a discoury of mineralls, 
The comittee thinke meet that ; Capt waldron 
m"" Edward Rush worth & Leift frost or any 
two of them do view^ the lands petitioned for, 
& inquire of the indian title & purchas & cer- 
tify to the next session of this court the quan- 
tity and quality & what is elce requisite in 
the case, by a certificate vnder any two of 
their hands, all to be pformed at the charge 
of the petitioner ; vpon the returne wheroff 
the court may gratify the petitioner w''' the 



grant or confirmation of such lands as may 
be for his incoureagmcnt in his designe to him 
& his heires for euer as they in their wisdome 
shall see cause datted the 27"> may 1661 

Daniel Gookin 
Eleazer Lusher 
Edward Tyng 
moreou"" for the incouradgem' of the petitioner, that the 
court declare it is their resolution & purpose y* the peti- 
tione"" shall receue no pjudice : in shewing the land to the 
comittee & if his discou"" prooue reall it is the intent of the 
court that himselfe & heires shall haue the benifitt therof 
w''' a sutable gportion of land, & y' no other pson interuene 
to his p'judice, datted. 28*'' may 1661 

Daniel Gookin 
Elea : Lusher 
Edward Tyng 
The Deputyes approue of the returne of the Com- 
ittee in answer hereto, & doe order that the 
psons Nominated to view the land p'"sent this 
Court with part of the mynes at the next 
Session of this Court when they are to make 
report of what they find in the case with ref- 
erence to the Consent of o"" Hon''d magis** 

W" Torrey Cleric. 
The mao-is'' Consent not 

18 June 


Edw. Rawson Secre' 

Deed. Wm Phillips to Abraham Heaman. 1663. 

Know all men by these presents That Whereas I Williams 
Phillips resident at Winter Harbour in the Province of 


Main, am indebted & doe owe unto in'' Abraham Heaman of 
Bidefoi'd the full sunime of one hundred ninety seauen 
pounds fifteen shillings in part of a Bill of two hundred 
thirty two pounds made in y® yeare 1658 and given then 
unto Edmund Downe Atturney to the said Heanuin, y^ 
which Summ I the said William Phillips & Bridget my wife, 
doe ingage to pay unto the said Heaman, according to y® 
aforesaid Bill of two hundred thirty two pounds And for 
the better security Wee the said William & Bridget doe by 
these presents for our selues, heires, Executors and Admin- 
istrators, doe make over Enfeoffe & sell unto the said Abra- 
ham Heaman, all that our one quarter part of one Saw Mill, 
with all one quarter part of all the geeres & wheeles and 
whatsoeuer thereunto belonging with one quarter part of all 
the loggs & boards that the said Mill, may produce, as also 
one quarter part of one dwelling house, which stands about 
one quarter of a mile from the said Mills, with one quarter 
part of all that tract of land, which lyes from & beyond 
y® sayd house, on the South side of the river, either to the 
North, East, South or West, being on estimation four miles 
square, bee it more or less, together with one quarter part 
of all y^ trees, meadows, river rivoletts and other conven- 
iencyes whatsoever, whether it be by Mines, Miueralls or 
any other wayes. All and every part & parcell Wee the said 
William & Bridget doe now stand truly & legally possessed 
oflf, and shall secure & defend our title against all and every 
person or persons whatsoeuer laying claime thereunto, from 
by or under us. In witness to all the aforesaid premises 
wee the said William and Bridget Phillips haue hereunto 
put our hands & scales this twenty Ninth day of June in y^ 
yeare of our Lord 1663„ ^-—^ 

William Pliillips( l. s. j 

Bridgit Phillips /'l. s.) 
Doc. Vol. vi. 2 


Signed sealed and delivered unto s*^ 
Edmund Dovvne a former Agent of s'' 
Heamans, in the presence of me 

^^^0 Jn^c 


m"" William Phillips &,• Bridgit his wife personally appear- 
ing acknowledged this to be their act & deed August 1** 1681. 
before me William Stoughton Assist* 

Recorded at the request of s*^ Phillips & his wife, this In- 
strument, together with the acknowledgment thereof in the 
549 page of the 5"' book of Records of the Not^ publick of 
the Massachusets Colonic of New England the said first of 
August 1681 

f~ Robert Howard not^ Pubt colonise 


Commission. 1. Auq. 1665. 

The Geiiall court of y^ Ms 
To D. E. & J L 
you or any two of you are hereby fully authorized & ira- 
powered to repayre to the Countyes of Norf. & yorke pass- 
cattaway & y" lie of Shoales & to call before you any or 
eu'ie person or persons y* haue or shall act in the distur- 
bance or revileing of the Goverm' there setled according to 
his ma"*^^ Royall charter to this Col. vuder y"^ broad scale of 
England & to pceed ag* y™ according to y"" demerritts & the 
lawes here established & to do any act for the setling of y* 
peace of y® s'' places by declaration or otherwise according 
to yo*" good & sound discression appoynting constables & 
associates for the Courts & Keeping of the same according 
to the articles of agreement made with the people of y"^ said 


Countyes respectiuely, & for y® better enabling you herein 
all offic" military & civil, & all other y^ Inhabitants of this 
Jurisdiccon are required to be ayding & assisting to 3'ou for 
y® ends afore said, as you shall see meet to requier and in 
case you shall find it more expedient you may send for any 
delinquents as aboves'' by warrant directed to any the offic''s 
of this Jurisdiccon or such other as you appo3ait for y*" ap- 
p^'hending of y® persons & causeing them to appeare before 
you in such place as you shall appoynt wher after examna- 
con, you shall further pceed as y® matf shall require & w' 
you shall do herein make return &c to y^ next Generall 
Court In testimony whereof wee haue caused the Seale of 
the Colony to be hereto Affixed Dated in Boston the 1'' 
of August 1665. 

E. R. S. 
The mag'' haue passed this on y'' 

R Belling 
The Deputyes Consent hereto 

William Torre}'^ Cleric 


It is ordered by the Court that the Treasurer of the Coun- 
try Doe procure & deliuer to the Comissione" for Setling 
the affaires of the Eastern parts the some of five pounds a 
peece in money in case they goe together personally & also 
pay such bills as shall be charged vpon him by them for y® 
eflfecting that business, 

the magis*^ haue past this & desire their brethren the Dep- 
uties Consent heereto. 

4 August 1665 Edw. Rawson Secret 

Consented to by the Deputyes 

William Torrev Cleric 



The Testomoney of Edward Naylor aged : 32 : yeares or 
ther Aboutes Sartitieth that haueing the Charge and Com- 
mand of Negew Belonging to Penobscott ffor the ace* of 
Coll^ Tempells : Now : S"" Thomas Tempell That In Aprill 
1662: Leiueftennant Gardner: Commander of Penobscott 
for y*" sayed ColP Tempells Accompt Writt : to me that 
ColP Tempell had Lost y'^ fortes & that Cap* Thomas Bre- 
dion had Taken Poshion of them & had Dismised him & 
the Rest of the men from y^ sayed Tempells Imply : & 
Sarues & Plased M'' Gladman Gouernar of the forte & other 
oiFeseres & Soldiers : the sayed Gardnar : haueing Receiued 
Commishon from y° sayed Bredon : & : Commanded mee In 
his Magestys : name to Declare : to the men that they wear 
the all Discharged from Coll'' TempUes Sarues & to be opon 
the Accompt of Capt Thomas Bredion from that Time & 
allso : they sayed gardner sayed that Cap* Bredion : had a 
Commishon from his magesty : opon the obedences of which 
he Sorendred they fibrt & Trad : & y" Goodes : 

Deposed in Generall court 25 of octobe'" 1666 

g Edw : Rawson Secret 

Deposition^ Aug. 13, 1668. 
The Deposicon of John Dauies aged 41 — Saith Since the 
Last court at yorke holden by the order of the matitu- 
sits and maijor Pendellton had his orders from them he gaue 
me order to warne all the millitary men in our Towne to be 
in the training plase to heare and see the orders that was 
Com and aCordingly i did speke in the metting house and 
maigor Phillips stod up and demanded by what atority i 
had don this and Captaine pendelltone sayed that he had 
gaue me the order to doe what i had done maiger phillips 
then after seuerall other words did wish all the people 


to hciue a Care what thay did doe this was in publike and 
the men warned did not mete and afortnight after maiger 
pendelltone did set up awarant on the meting house for all 
the inhabitance to mete to gether to chuse otisors to atend 
the Contrys sarvice which being don maigor phillips pulid 
it downe as he did one and said if there was a hundred he 
wold pull them all downe and furdar he said it mite be as 
much as his neck was worth to let them stand there and 
more maiger phillips said that Captaine pendelltone was a 
lawfull asoshat 

Taken upon oath the 13 : of Agust 1668 

Before me Brian Pendleton 



August 13 : 68 : The Deposition of Robert Booth aged 
&& : yere 

This Deponent saith y* when major l)ryan Pendlton gaue 
order to John Dauis to call a meeting for y*^ souliers to a 
peare before major Pendlton y*^ next morning major William 
Phillips : stood vp & demanded by what authorytie John 
Davis did call y' meeting : then major Pendleton answerd 
I gaue him Authorytie according to my Comission & y' I 
shall shew when they meete me & further saith not consern- 
ing Allso on y^ first day of august last major Bryon Pendle- 
ton writ anote to Publish a towne meeting y*^ next day 
being sabbath an order was i)ut vp in' y'^ meeting house dore 
by Major Pendltous order requiering y*^ in habitants y*^ sec- 
ond day in y'^ morning to make coyse of a Counstable & 
other officers Which order being redd by major AVilliam 
Phillips y* sal)bath day morning ; major Pendlton said here 
is one word wanting that is y'' ))lace wher to meet : 
major Phillips aforesaid ; answered ther is euery word 
too much allre'^ for y* is no legall warning : y' is none of 


your office Capt Pendlton you are no legall asosiate : & y*^ 
said maj pillips tooke away y* writing saying he would keep 
it : this deponent soposed it belonged to him to keep & 
major Phillips replyd it is lyke you may haue a coppy of 
it : further more ther was a warant brought in y*^ first place 
by Nathaniell Masterson & deliuerd to Simion Booth 
Comiss — to call a towne meeting to chose officers which 
warant major William Phillips & nV ffrancis Hooke desird 
to see it but Simion Booth was not willing & as this depo- 
nent heard y® said Booth Counstable say y' they would haue 
it from him or or they would send him to prison so he let 
them y^ said major Phillips & Mr : Hooke see his warant & 
they keep it from him. 

This deponent afirmeth all in this deposition to be done 
in referenc to y*^ Alattatusits Authorytie & further saith note. 

Taken vpon oath the 13 : of Agust 1668 

Before me Brian Pendleton 



The deposition of John Sergeant, aged neere 36 years. 

Who being sworne saith, That John Davis (standing up 
after evening exercise, upon the next Sabbath after the 
court that was houlden at Yorke, for the Massachusetts &) 
warned the souldiers to assemble themselves at the meeting 
house to hcare what order the Court had taken, concerning 
Comission Officers, the next morning at Sunn riseing. or 
there about : M'' William Phillips stood up & asked him who 
gave him order to warne this meeting? Major Pendleton 
stood up & made answer y' he did. Maj. Phillips sd. Gen- 
tlemen have a care what you doe. Farther this Deponant 

saith not 

Taken vpon oath the 13 ; of Agust 

1668: Before mee Brian 'Pendleton 




The deposition of Roger Hill aged about 33 yeares. 
This Deponaunt being sworne saith That upon the Sab- 
bath-day night, next after Yorke Court for the Massachu- 
sets John Davis stood up after evening exercise warning 
the Souldiers, to meet the next morning to heare what order 
the Court had taken concerning Coinission Officers : Maj"" 
Phillips stood up, & demaunded by what Authority (or who 
gave him order) to warne this meeteing? Maj'' Pendleton 
stood up & answered that he did. Maj'' Phillips demanded 
what Authority he had. He replyed that in the morning 
he would shew his power. Farther than this the Depouant 
saith not concerning the occurrances of things at that time, 
Onely that Maj' Phillips cautioned the People to take heed 
what they did, whereupon some stood up & answered that 
they neither could nor would come to the meeting. 

Taken vpon oath the 13 : of Agust 1()68 
Before mee Brian Pendleton 



The Deposition of Roger Hill aged. 33. yeares. 

Who being sworne saith that vpon Munday being a fort- 
night after the warning of the first meeteing by Maj"" Pendle- 
ton viz. (the third day of this instant) there being some 
conferrence, & contention about the pulling downe the war- 
rant that was put up for the Towne to meete to choose a 
Constable & Jury men against the Court to be holden at 
Yorke in September next. Majer Phillips sd betore him & 
severall persons, that he did pull it downe & would keepe 
it. Maj"" Pendleton asked him if he would not let him have 
it, He answered he would not The other repl^'cd that it 
would do him no good. His reply was, that he could not 


tell whether it would or not. Robert Booth sen : made 
answer that it did belong unto him, that he might sett it 
downe in the Towne booke, maj'" Phillips answered that it 
may be might let him have a coppie of it. Farther, maj"^ 
Phillips sd that if there were an hundred warrents he would 
pull them all downe if he were not hindered. Maj'' Pen- 
dleton told him that it would be his wisedome to sett 
still as M'' Hooke did. To whom he replyed, that it was 
noething to him, what m"" Hooke did. Some persons have- 
ing formerly given out woi'ds, that those who were for the 
Bay government their necks might stretch for it : This 
Deponant, haveing heard of it, he spake of it at this meet- 
ing above expressed, in the presence of Maj"^ Phillips, who 
immediately returned this answer, that it might be so for 
any thing that he knew. Farther this Deponant saith not. 
Onely that he heard Maj'" Phillips say, That he could Prove 
that Maj"" Pendleton was not legally chosen an Associate, 
for the Majer part of the Province did not make choice of 


Taken vpon oath the 13 : of Agust 1668 

Before mee Brian Pendleton 



These are in his Maj*''**" name & under the Authority 
of the Massachusetts, to require the Inhabitants of the 
Town of Sacoe to Assemble at the meeting house at Eight 
of the clock in the morning on Munday come seven-night 
it being the 24 day of this present mounth, then & there to 
make choice of a man for a Constable & two able men for 
the Grand, & Jury of Trialls, to attend the service of the 
County Court at Yorke, held upon the 15 day of September 
next, whereof faile you not. The Constable when chosen 
is to make a true returne. And the sd Grand Jury men 


are to bring in what presentments they shall gather in the 

meane time. 

You are to take notice that Robert Booth sen. is appointed 

Clark of the writts for Sacoe (by the Court) to serve the 

ensueing yeare 

p mee Brian Pendleton 

August 14. 1668. 


These are to give notice to the Trayne Souldiers of this 
Towne of Sacoe that they are hereby required in his Maj"*^ 
name & under the Authority of the ^Massachusetts to meet 
on the first Munday of September instant at the ordinary 
place of Trayning neere to Leiu. Hitchcocks house, then & 
there to make choice of such officers as are wanting in the 
Company & to be exercised in Millitary Discipline accord- 
ing to Law. You are also to take notice that every 
souldier is to bring in to the feild such AiTiunition as is 
allowable by Law or such as are equivalent therevnto 

p me Brian Pendleton 

The Deposition of Richard Hitchcocke aged 60 yeares 
who being sworne sailh that on y*' Lords day next folloiug 
york cort in July 68 John Davis stood up and there desired 
y* soldiers (in y*" meeting house) to meet Capt. Pendleton 
next morning to heere his order from y^ Court sent him. 
Mager Phillips stood vp immediately and demaunded who 
gaue that man Athority to do it, and Ca})t Pendleton anserd, 
he did, then m'' Phillips said where is your warant, the 
Capt sd his Comission should be shewed the next morning : 
this he demanded to my best memory twiso : Then did m"" 
Philips turn to y*" people and spake unto them, neghbours 
I desire you to take heed how you act and under what 


Athority you Act. ffurthermore this Doponant saith that a 
litle before the Court held as abouesd, the Justices of our 
Towne issued forth a warent for the peple to mete to make 
choice of a deputy to goe to Yorke to keepe courts at y® 
same time the other court satt I supose on halfe of the 
housekepers was not there, but those y* were there thoate 
it not met to chose one neither did choose any. Some of 
them I think did answer they coukl not medle till y^ difor- 
enc about ye gouernment was reconcild 
Taken vpon oath the 18 of Agust 1668. 

Before mee Brian Pendleton 


Letter from Brian Pendleton to Maj^ Cren. Leverett 

Winterharbour Aug 21 1668 
Maj'' Gen : Leverett Kind Sir 

Maj"^ Phillips wilbe ready (I question not) to excuse him- 
selfe in all that opposition of his, in words or actions as 
being noe lett to the peoples meeting to chuse officers, 
the which I leave to yo'' owne judgement and consideration, 
of those evidences that already have been sent downe by 
the Marshall Gen' all being said & done in publique. And 
now since I heare he hath gcured some hands, to signifie 
that the people s'' the would not act in the Government un- 
till the difference should be reconciled. The w'"' that you 
may the better understand, please to take notice : That 
some small tyme, before your Court held in July last at 
Yorke a warrant was Issued out under the hands of m"" Jos- 
lyn Maj"" Phillips & m'' Hooke to require the Towne to treat 
w^"" you at y' time : Our people accordingly mett, but I 
suppose not one halfe of the houshoulders, at w'='' time some 
made answer y^ they would not act as is sd above : but 


those that did speake spake onely for themselves, & not for 
the Town, neither was it any Towne act, w^" I affirme as a 
wittnes, being there present, & another Testimony, you 
have here incloased. 

Since my last to you, & that the Marshall Gen : was here 
I sett up other papers at the meeting house, the Coppies 
whereof you have incloased here, endeaouring If I may in 
a loving & peaceable way obtaine subjection to the Massa- 
chusetts Governement. what the Issue of it wilbe on Mun- 
day next I shall better know. Had the boat stayed till 
Munday night you should have been acquainted w"' the 
successe. how ever, by the first you may expect to be in- 
formed. On the last Lord's day Maj"" Phillips being pres- 
ent he made a very large speech after the Evening Sermon 
of all the occurences, betweene the Marsh : Gen. & him- 
selfe, as he did aflfirme. The matter were to tedious to 
write at large, but the scope I gather up into these 2 heads. 
(.1.) That wheras he had opposed the Massachusetts trom 
y® Marshall because he did desart the cause, but w^ould go 
down to Boston aboute it. (2.) To render mee as odious 
to the people as he could, & as his great Enemie, in this 
great trouble of his, more perticularl}' in sending up a beast 
at the Marshalls request for the carrying of him along with 
him to Cap' \Yaldrens w*^'' I did not w^*' any disrespect at all 
to Maj'' Phillips but w"' respect unto those whose principle 
Officer the Marshall is, w'^'' I shall alwayes be ready to doe 
as the Massachusetts shall have occasion to make use of 
mee. Here is incloased the deposition of one, that saw 
maj"" Phillips pull down the warrant. If need be you may 
as I am informed) have another Testimony viz Indigo Pot- 
ter of Charlestowne who is now in Goodman Cumbeyes 
employ. // = // = 

This that you have above expressed was intended to have 
beene sent by Cumbey it being written that very night he 
went away but I was prevented. 


Yesterday being the 24 of this instant (the clay appointed 
for to choose of[ficers] in Scarborough a considerable num- 
ber of persons were present, viz above 2 [as I] feared so it 
proved, that Maj'' Phillips ample speech to the people the 
[day] before his departure, did more harme as in compli- 
ance of their spirits to the [Massachjusetts Government, 
then any thing he did before to hinder yo'' proceedings. 
[There we] re but 7 persons that did adhere unto mee. The 
rest (viz many of them) [saide] that they would not 
act, except wee could shew something from his [hand] 
and them thereunto. Others departed silently away. I 
doubt that this [will e]ffect others in the severall townes, & 
provoake them to make some [complaint] in referrence to the 
Court in Sept. next, but I leaue it to yo"" [honors] consider- 
ations as not knowing what to advise. As the case stands 
[nothing is] done among the people. Wee are altogether 
without any Governm' [but such] persons as cannot Gov_ 
ern themselves, will make of it (& doe) you Thus leaveing 
the businesse & your selves, unto the wise, and [pow- 
erful h]and of the King of Kings, & Lord of Lords, ever 
begging that the [bless] ings of the earth, that Prince of 
perfect peace, would graunt [us that] wee may whilst wee 
are on earth lead a peaceable & quiet life 
honesty Amen 

I rest Your humble servant to be cornanded 

Brian Pendleton 


The deposition of William Cole. aged. 41. yeares 

Who being sworne saith That the day b.efore the people 

of Sacoe were to meet together there being a warrant up, 

by the meeting house doore, for that purpose, to warn them. 

This Deponant saw Maj'' Phillips (after evening exercise) 


pull down the sd warrant, & roule it up together, the day 
he pulled it downe was upon Sabbath day August 2. 1668. 
Taken vpon oath the 21'^ of 
Agust 1668 

Before mee Brian Pendleton 


Proceedings of Court vs. Major W"^ Phillips. 

Att An Adjournm' of y'^ County Court 28 
July 68 26 August 1668. 
In the Case of M"" W" Phillips. The Court on perusall of 
the Euidences together w"' what he said judged it meete to 
require him to giue ffiue hundred pounds that he will for the 
future peaceably demeane him selfe to this Gouerment; or 
otherwise that hee giue as before his owne Bond in ffiue 
hundred pounds for his Appearance before the Generall 
Court, at their next Sessions when called to Answer, what 
shall bee alledged ag' him, & that in the meane time hee will 
demeane himselfe peacably to the Gouerment, standing 
Committed till this Sentence bee performed : hee refusing 
both was Committed 

vera Copia Attesf 

p Edw. Rawson Eecord"" 

I William Phillipps doe bynd my self vnto the Treas- 
urer of the Country in the Some of five hun- 
dred pownds that I will not acte in any place of 
Authority in the pvince of Mayne, — nor opose 
the Authority of the Masethusetts, but Reest 
quiett accordinge to the Writtinge I sett my 
hand vnto with others in Comition with me, at 


Yorke: dated July y« 7*'^ 1668. In Wittnes 
Whereof I haue herevnto sett my hand and 
Seale In Boston the Second day of Septemb'" 
Signed Sealed and Wilt Phillipps Seal 

Deliu''d in p''sence of 

James Oliver 

James Everell 

Petition of Maj'' W' Phillips 

To the honorable the Gouernor & the Rest of the 
honord Majistrates Now Assembled 3^^ Sept'^-" 1668 
The humble petition & Request of W"" phillips of Saccoe : 
sheweth that whereas your petitioner was by an order of 
the County Court held At boston August 26"' 1668 Comit- 
ted vnto the Keper of the prison of boston there to Re- 
maine vntill he performe the order of the said Court Sine 
which your petitioner hauing drawn vp a bond which hath 
bene presented to the honored Governor And Major Gen- 
eral which Bond woold humbly Desire yo"" hono" to Con- 
sider of: which If to satisfacktion that then my Releas may 
be ordered If otherwais then I humbly Desire that you 
will be pleased to take Cognisance of the matter And Let 
I Come to a hearing before your bono''' that a finall Isue 
may be made of It : I am the Rather Nesesitated heervnto 
by Reason my health Is Impaii;ed An I finde my body not 
fitt for Durance. 

Know all men by these presents that I w™ Phillips of 
Casco bay Doe firmely bind myselfe heires ex- 
eccuto'^s & Administrato''s to Richard Russell 
Tresurer of the Massachusets Collony in New 
England & to his Successo's in the poenall summe 
of fine hundred pounds sterling by these pres- 


ents the payment to be made to the said Richard 
Russell or his Successors on all demands, as 
witues ni}' hand & scale this Day 

of September 1668. // 
The Condicon of this obligation is such that if the 
above bounden w"' Phillips shall personally Ap- 
peare before the Generall Court at their nex' 
sessions to be held in Boston in octobe"" nex* 
when called to Answer what shall be alleadged 
ag' him for Interrupting of his maj'^^ Authority 
& Govern m' setled in this Colony & that in the 
meane time he will demeane himself peaceably 
to y^ Gove''nment then this obligation to be voyd 

or els to be & remayne in full force & virtue 

Sighed Sealed & deliuered 



in p'^esence of vs. 


Petition of Henry Sayword and Order thereon 

To the honoured Generall Courtt now Assembled 
att Boston the 15'» of October 1669 
The pettiton of Henery Sayword humbly sheweth : Thatt 
whearas your peticioner haue benne an inhabitantt in this 
Countery for the space of thirty two j^eares and vpwards, 
Since hee Came from England, in all which tyme hee hath 
benn wholy employed in ffollowing his calling in building of 
Mills and such like, haueing there by neglected looking 
after Land, for him selfe and family, as others haue done, 
by which Calling by the blessing of God, hee hath bene very 
benifitiall to the Countery, and many persons therein though 
through Seauerall afflictions by the prouidence of God, itt 
hath bene butt little, to his owne benifitt, but most Espe- 
tially by reason of a sad prouidence that hapned in buring 
of his mills att Yorke, wheare in your petitioner Lostt 


aboue a a thousand pounds, which hath brought him much 
bee hind hand, for the recouering of which in part. There 
are seauerall workmen to whom your petitioner haue bene 
very benifitiall by instructing of them in his Calling, Thatt 
Volantaryly offer him there helping hand, Moreouer alsoe 
Seauerall of the towaie of Wells haue informed your peti- 
tioner, of a Convenient place for the seating of a Saw Mill 
vpon a Riuer Called Cape Porpose Riuer, That hath alsoe a 
small tractt of Meadow thatt may be sutable to accomodatt 
such a dessio;ne, butt most of the Timber and alsoe the Mead- 
dow is Conceived to Lye outt of there townshipp or any 
other, nanelj^ in the vancant wilderness butt wheare the 
Mill is to be raised and sett vp is within the bounds of 
Wells and your petitioner hath the grantt of the towns men 
for itt with many Encourgementts 

The humble requestt therefore of your petitioner is thatt 
this Courtt would bee pleased in thatt place to grantt your 
petitioner Such a Quantity of Meadow and vpp Land, as in 
your wdsdome you shall thinke meett and Convenientt, with 
liberty of Timber to Saw vpon the Land a Jacientt, which 
may bee by Gods blessing, a supportt, and meanes to helpe 
him in the Clearing of his Engagements, and after his de- 
sease, may bee left as a memoriall of your Worshipps fauour 
to his wife and Chilldren and your petitioner shall as in duty 
bound Euer pray. 

15 (8) 1669 In answer to this pet. The Deputyes Judge 
meete The pet'' haue libertie for the Cutting of Tym- 
ber vpon the riuer Aboue mentioned for the Improue- 
ment of his Saw mill so as he Intrench not vpon any 
mans proprietie with refference to the Consent of o'' 
Hon'"^'^ magis'" hereto, 

William Torrey Cleric 
Consented to by the Magis'' 

Edward Rawson Secret 


Att A Geuerall Court held at Boston the 12^" of octobe"- 

In Answer to the petition of Henry Sayword humbly de- 
siring the favou"* of this Court to grant him a quantity of 
land & meadow w^'' liberty of Timber to sawe vppon vpon 
y^ Riuer comonly called Cape porpvs Riuer & the land adja- 
cent &c The Court Judgeth it meete to grant the peticone"" 
liberty for the Cutting Tymber vpon the said River aI)oue 
mentioned for the Improovement of his Saw mill so as he 
intrench not vpon any mans propriety = This is a true 
Copie of the Courts Grant as Attests Edw : Rawson Secret — 

Petition of Edw'^ : Bishworth. May 12, 1670. 

To the Hono''^ Generall Court now assembled at 

I being chozeu Deputy by the Majo"" part of the ft-eemen 
of Yorke to Attend the publique service of the Countrey at 
this Gener" Court vnto whose acceptance I stood vncapable 
through some offence which I had given to y^ same for 
whose satisfaction these may certify all whom It ma}^ Con- 
cerne, that through fears of some future troubles, & want 
of Indemnity in case this Hono'"'^ Court had not reloived In 
tymes of danger, I being ps waded that by his Majestys let- 
ter I was discharged from my oath, taken to this authority, 
did accept of a coiiiission before applycation to the same, 
w'in I do acknowledg I did act very Imprudently, & hope 
through god*" assistance I shall not do the like againe, but 
for tyme to come shall Indeauo'^ to walke more cercum- 
spectly in cases soe momentous/ craueing pardon of y'^ 
honor"^ Court for this offence & yo"" acceptance of this ac- 
knowledgment of your 

vnfayned servant 
May : 12. 1670 Edw : Rish worth 

Doc. Vol. vi. 3 


The Deputyes Judge meet to accept of this acknowledg- 
ment & doe remitt his oifence & desire o' hono'^'^ magis^s 
Concurnmce herein 

William Torrey Cleric. 

Deposition of Robert G-ardner. May 27, 1670. 

The Deposition of Robert Gardner whoe being Sworne 
saith that m'" Henry Greenland said unto him, y* he would 
putt our Shipps Company vpon a braue purchass which 
should be by seazing on y^ person of m'' Richard Cutts & to 
carry him for England & y' it would be effected with a Greate 
deale of ease by earring of y^ ship to Pascattaway & that a 
small Number of our men mioht o-oe & take him selfe & 
cause him & his seiuants to carry downe on theire backes 
such money and goods as wass there to be found & that he 
was sure the purchass would be worth Ten thousand pounds 
and that he would maintaine the doing thereof in poynt ot 
Law for that the said Cutts had spoken treason against the 
May the 27"' 1670 

This is examyned and Sworne be- 
fore me John Hun king Comis"" 
vera Copia taken out of y'' County Court 

Records of Doner & portsm" as attests 

Elias Stileman Cleric 

Letter George Fountaine to Richard Cutt 
From aboard of y'^ Marmedin in y° Isles of Sholes 

28"^JVIay 1670 
M-- Richard Cutt 

S'', Although unaquainted I doe Kindly salute you, my 
present occasion of writing consearns soe much yo'' saftie & 


my honuour y' I caunot delay any time to aduise you thereof, 
to'' about 5 dayes past there came on bord of me of yo"" 
Neighbours by name Henry Greenhuid who pretended some 
former acquaintance w"' some of my Men, specially w*^ one 
Gardner whome he hath Imployed to speake to me about 
an unworthie designe as g the Inclosed deposition you may 
Know, but I would first tell you and the Countrie I would 
scorne to embrace or giue eare vnto any such heineous in- 
tents but in all respects to y^ utmost of my power am readie 
to serue you & y^ rest of them, had I been but sure y* the 
Law of y^ Countrie would excuse me I would in halfe an 
houre hange y* unworthie man y* would faine by promise of 
getting great purchase Corrupt me to doe my Countrimen 
harme w'^'' I will neuer doe. what I haue at p'"sent sent is 
desireing you to use yo'" owne will in following the Law on 
this man, & may be for yo' further safety, pray lett me 
heare from you p the first, my loue to majo'' Shapleigh mr 
ffi:yer & yo' selfe I remaine 

yo"" fiaithfuU fi'riend to Comand 

George Fountaine 
vera Copia taken out of y° records of y*' Countie Court of 
Doner and portsm° attests 

Elias Stileman Cleric 

The Deposition of M"^ Sarah Morgan the wife of 
M'' fi'ranccs Morgan Aged about 51 years 
This Deponent saith that shee being in M'" Henry Green- 
lands Company After the said Greenland had said that M' 
Kichard Cutt had spoaken treason And the Kings Com'* 
were gone nothinge being Donn against the said M"^ Cutts 
by the said Com^' as he the said Greenland did conceiue : 
And said (being much exasperated) that bee the said Green- 


land would goe att England himselfe Butt hee would see the 
said Cutts gsecuted And further saith not. 

Taken upon oath y"^ 29 June 1670 
before Elias Stileman Comis'' 


This Court Considermg that the Regiments are multiplied 
from three to sixe since the law was made requiring the 
Serjant Majo''s of Euery Regiment to draw forth his Regi- 
ment once in three yeares to exercise them in millitary dis- 
cipline=Doe Order that hence forth the Regimentall meet- 
ings shall be in this following Order i : e Suffolke this 
present yeare. 1671. Norfolke including y® county of 
Portsmouth & Dover. 1672. midlesex. Ann° 1673. York- 
shire Ann" 1674. Essex Ann° 1675 Hampshire 1676. & 
so to be Continued in this orde"^ successively from time to 
time. & the majors of Norfolke Yorkshire. & Hampshire 
are allowed towards their expences & entertainmens occa- 
sioned by that service tenn pounds apeece respectively for 
the time of that se''vice to be paid by their respective County 
Tresure's and It is also ordered that henceforth the Allow- 
anc of twenty pounds apeece granted forme"'!}^ to the Major's 
of the three old Regimen*^ shall be paid by the County 
Tresure''s respectively for such their service anything con- 
trary hereto conteyued in the millitary Law Sect. 2 : not- 

The magis*' haue past this their brethren the Dep- 
uties hereto consenting// 

P Edw. Rawson Secret 
l^t June 1671 : 

Consented to by the Deputyes 
William Torrey Cleric 



Henry Greenlande appearing before this Court and being 
legally convicted of many high misdenieano's, i e. endeav- 
ouMng to disturb his Ma*'®^ Goverment here setled, revileing 
the Courts of justice, and the Mag'^ in base & vnworthy 
termes and making quarrels & contentions among the Peo- 
ple, in a very ptidious manner, with gfane swearing & curs- 
sing. Is sentenced to pay a fine of 20' in money, and to 
depart the limits of this Jurisdiccon within two months 
next comeing, & not to returne againe without the license 
of the gen'all Court or Councill, On poenalty of being Se- 
verely whipt 30 stripes, & to pay a fine of 100^'' and not to 
be admitted hereafter to be a Surety or Attorney in any 
legall process, and to stand comitted vntill the fine of 
20'^' be sattisfied 

In Court of Assistants 

21. 3. 1672 voted affirmatively 

as Attests Edward Rawson Secret 

Edward Colcord referred to the Court in Yorkshire. 

Edward Colcord for his reviling of Authority is Refterred 
to the nex* County Court in yorkshire, where he comitted 
y^ fact to Ans"" for his so doing, and that he Give in his bond 
in forty pounds to y^ Tresurer of the Country y* he be of 
Good behauiour till the said Court shall haue heard & deter- 
mined y^ Case & y* [he] Appeare at y'^ s'' Court & Abide their 
Sentence that the Secretary send a Copie of y* Judgm* w'h 
y^ Euidenc in Court now Ag* him to the clarko of y' Court 
that so his Case may be duely heard & determined as eui- 
dences shall then make it out ag* him// 

past : by y*" Court Edw. Rawson Secret 


Edw. Colcord in open Court acknowledged himself his 
heires bound in forty pounds to Rich Russell esq"" Tre" that 
he will Appeare at the next County Court to be held in 
yorkshire and Ans'' what shall be laid to his charge for revil- 
ing Authority and Abide y'' Sentenc of y"^ Court & in the 
meane time be of Good behauiour 

21 : May 1672// E R S 

Petition of Katharin Hilton May 22, 167^. 
The Petition of Katharin Hilton 

To the much Honored Generall Court, assemled at 
Boston May 27^'''^ 74 Humbly sheweth 
Much Honored 

Yo'" Petition"" being through age, and weakness of 
body disenabled, to wait upon you personally, 
doth presume upon yo"" Honno''s Candor, to pre- 
sent these Humble lines, by my loueing son, M"" 
John Gillman in the behalf of my Deare Brother 
Shapleigh, now" in prison by reason of A fine 
imposed upon him as I desire noe waye to Coun- 
tenanc, or inCoridg any misdemeanor or breach 
of Law, soe my tender respects to my Brother, 
whom I haue Nursed at my breast, (which I 
Cannot forgett) makes me presume to motion it 
to yo'" Clemency, that Avhat may bee remitted of 
his fine without injury to Justice, (might be 
done) I Craue pardon for my bouldnes, being 
a stranger to most of yo"" worships, though 
knowing some of the ancient, (now with god) 
that I may intimate that about 38 years since, 
m a time of great scarsity, in this land, our 
ffather layd out a good estate, for the supply of 
this Country, & the setleing some part of it. & 


in A season of there want, supplyed them see 
reasonabley with provitions, that it was thauck- 
fully accepted, and acknowdedged by the Author- 
ity then in being ; since which time god hath 
depriued us of our father, and my self of two 
uery worthy husbands, and this stroke in the 
Close of my life, upon so Deare a brother, who 
w^as a great support to me, dothe vrge me to 
presume to Craue, that lenity, & fauouer from 
yo'"selves, towards him, and my self, ( whos Com- 
fortable subsistance under god depends much 
upon his Enlargment, & yo"" Abatem' of his sen- 
tence) that what may stand with yo"" wisdom, 
and Justice, to remit, or to alter as to specie 
may be granted, His imprisonment thus long 
haueiug been very Afflictive, & dammageable to 
us both, hereby yo'' Humble })etitionor hopes, 
that gods name will be no way dishonored, nor 
any Brother encoraiged in Eiuell, but yo'" Hon^s 
rendered as honnorable by yo"" Clemancy, as 
ffamous by yo'" Justice, and our selues Com- 
forted, and releiued and truly oblidged allwayes 
to pray for y^ deuin blessing upon yo'' honors in 
yo'" weihty Concerns And soe I am y"" 

distresed Supplient, 
and da\dy orator at 
the throne of Grace. 
Katharin Hilton 
May 22 day 1674/ 
yo'' Suppliant also presumes to Intimate that her Dear 
Brother was Instrumentall by an order to some of Road 
Hand to make seisure of the persons upon whose Account 
he now suflers wdio w^ere returned and receued Coudigne 
punishment by this Authority. 

K: H 


In Alls' to the petitions of Nicholas Shapleigh and Kath- 
erin Hilton his Sister The Magis^s Judge meet to orde'' y' on 
y^ s** Nicholas Shapleigh' payment of two hundred pounds in 
mony to thd Tresure"" of the Country the rest ot the fine 
shall be respitted during this Courts pleasure & y'' s"^ Nich- 
olas Shapleigh Dischardgd the prison, the Magis's haue 
past y^ their brethren y*^ Depu*** hereto Consenting. 

Edw : Rawson Secre'^ 

Consented to by y" Depu*'' 

W^ Torrey Clerke 

Petition of NicJi' Shapleigh. May 27, 1674. 

To the generall Court and cheife authority of 
this Colloney now essembled in Boston whom 
I honor in the lord./ 
The humble peticon of Nicholas Shapleigh sheweth 
That whereas on his last peticon or adress vnto this 
Court the peticon"" vnderstands the court was pleased 
in answer therevnto in theire lenity to abate 200^** of 
my exceeding great fine and likewise am sensible 
that therein I did nott soe fully condemne my selfe 
as I ought — therefore yo'" peticon'" humbly cranes 
and intreats that my omission may haue a candid 
sensure and acknowledge that I did inconsiderately 
and out of foolish pitty receiue and conceale William 
fi'orrest and two others being in a sudden hurry my 
compassion ouer comeing my reason, but you may 
rest assured I was under a surprise and did nothing 
therein premeditated, soe much to the prejudice of 
sober gouerment, all w""'" I hope you wall please to 
consider soe as to abate much of the major part of 
my fine remaineing, and alteration of the spetie, as 
may bee within my capacity, otherways my dispersed 
small estate will nott bee able to beare itt without 


vndoemg to my family, great prejudice to my credi- 
tor's and Imployers. w*=^ I hope is not the desire nor 
intent of the court, prayeing the lord of life to bee 
yo"^ guide and yo"" well being in him is the great de- 
sire of yo"^ supplicant. 

May it please you further to take cognissance the 
foregoeing was a coppy of w" was presented to the 
Court of assistance in my behalfe of w'^'' receiueing 
noe reply in answer I am in duty concearn*^ to make 
my further adresse to this cheife authority assem- 
bled, who rightly vnderstanding my case, doe gswade 
my selfe, the designe of this authority' in makeing 
Correctiue laws are not for distraction or ruine of 
any pson or family but reformation, w*^*^ I hope will 
bee the effects that will ffbllow as a warneing. suffi- 
cient to my selfe and others, hereby the honor of 
this court may bee sufficiently salued and preserued. 
thus waiteing the lords pleasure (who is the Com- 
mander of hearts) for yo"^ fauorable Construction 
of this Address in hope of acceptance from yo"^ 
Supplicant — 

Nic. Shapleigh 
The 27"' S-"" 1674. 

30 May 1674. 
In Ans"" to this petition the magis^s See^ no cause to 
make any furth'' Abatement then the Court of Assist- 
ants on his peticon in march last made to him = their 
brethren the Deputies Consenting. 

Edw : Rawson Secret 

Petition of Nic^ Shapleigh. 

To the Generall Court now assembled in Boston 
Where as I am informed the Court hath beene pleased to 


inact and order me to pay fifty pounds now in hand and one 
hundred & fifty pounds more in three six mounths after 
(personall security being giuen) my request and desier is 
that the Court would be pleased to accept in Lew therof my 
self and Estate bound for the gformance of said order per- 
sonal security being uerie difficult to be by me obtained if 
at all my Estate lying now ingaged to the Tresurer of this 
Collon}'^ : 

Therefore my secondarie mocion and request is that if the 
Courts pleasure be not to accept of my tender as abouesaid 
then that the Court would be pleased to order the relink- 
quishment of my estate that I may thereby be Enabled to 
Comply with yo'' order otherwise I must remaine yo*" 


Nic : Shapleigh 
6 June 1674 

In Ans"" to y^ pet icon y^ Court ordered y* on y" peticone'^s 

giving such sufficient & sattisfactory security his engagem* 

of his house & land so farr as it respect the Country as to 

y*^ Criminall pty shall be Dischardged. 

Edw. Rawson Secret 

Letter George Maniyig to John Freke 

S* Johns Riuer Nona Scotia the 27'^ decern]/ 1674 
M^ ffreak 

Sir after my humble Seruice presented to you, this is 
to left you vnder stand that one the 4"' of this instant 
1 mett w"' the duch and Cap' Roads to the Eastward 
of douakesc bay wher I was piledged of all my pel- 
try and by Reson of my Resistance they mad prisse 
of all ou"^ goods and vessell, and shott me thorow the 
hand and Cutt eTames one the writt arme for James 
his Cutt is allmost helled vp againe butt mine is I 
hope vpon the mending hand, they would haue Sent 


me away in my boact aboue 250 leages of frome any 
of ou'^ English harbours butt by much intreting toke 
mee and my Company in the vessell againe or ells 
I must neds haue perished. I and James being 
wonded and non to help vs butt the ffrench man flbr 
y« boy wold haue gone w*'' them, they haue, vpon 
Condition that wee goe w*'' them resstored vs the 
vessell againe — butt whether they will goe I Canuott 
giue you any account of itt, they haue since in S' 
Johns Riuer on the 21"' of this Instant taken a barke 
of Major Shaply of piscatque, that Came tirome portt 
Royall they hauing serued them the lieke Sause, I 
desier you to acquint my wife of itt and tell that I 
am thanks l)e to god in good helth, 
Sir I am very much trobled att ou"" : losse and Crosses 
butt must leue all to the will of almiet}^ god, I haue 
nott soe much liberty ffor to writt a word to any one 
butt what I haue gotten done by Stelth I hauing the 
opertunity of itt by y'^ Majors. barke and hauing de- 
siered one of the young men that belonged to hir to 
writt to }^ou being that I cannott haue liberty, this is 
all att present James desiers to be remembred to 
You and presents his Seruice to all his ffriends and I 
w'^'' am att all times to Comand- 
Sir Yo' most hu'^ble and obeiediant Seruent- 

George Maning 

I desier you help my wife if shee 
hath occaition of any thing and I will 
satisfie att my returne- 


iior m'" John Ifreak Merch^ 





Deposition of Thomas Skillion 

The deposision of Thomas Skillion Ai^ged About 29**" years 
Sworen Saith that About the ninth or tenth of this p''sent 
month of Nouember Thomas Michell M' of A Small Vessell 
Come into Casco bay Edward Evines & som others with 
him in the Vessell & they said the ware bound to the french 
at Eastward & ware Equall partners & shoores to Gether 
& there vessell was at seauen povnds p month affter the 
Rate to them that ware with them this Deponent Dwelling 
on A Ilond Nere where the Rood with there Vessell Thomas 
Michell with som of his Compony Come to his house & 
Thomas Michell Asked this deponent what Creatures ware 
on hodg Hand this deponent said nothing but hodgs there & 
then they loadid tharge Gons with Bollots. This Deponent 
seing that) Asket them whether the w^ent A fouling with 
Bollots the Answvred yes the Could Kill A singell Dock 
with A bollot & when there Boot Retorned the Deponents wife 
said it semed to her ther boot was Almost laden & on the 
14th djjy the sett Seall & went out of the Horbour & torned 
A poort of An Hand where m'' Georg Munjoy had sheepe 
on {& this Deponent Hues on) & their Boot was on Bord) 
& A littell After this Deponent hord A gon shout of on the 
Ilond) & This deponent ran to see how it was & why the 
Gon went of ther & when he Come Thomas Michell with 
his Vessell lay a littell of the Ilond with his foreseale on the 
mast & his Mein Seall Shaking in the wind & his Boot on 
shore & his men had taken on sheepe in the Boote & I meet 
on mon Corring with Another Abord which he did) I tould 
them : soe this is A brave trade is this yovr trade) the An- 
swered yes we most doe Any thing for A lining) & said it 
was none of youre sheepe & soe Corried them on Bord 
mitchell vessell as she lay of & then the Scales Away) only 
he Asked If the wore His sheepe) If he had the would not 
haue killed them) & on day After was fovnd A great yew 
Shout through with A bollot or A Slvg to the Best of my 


Judgment by the place where the killed the other which 
Sheep was m'^ George Munjoy & forth'' saith Dot. 
Thomas Scilliu appeared the 30'" of DeccQibr 1674 & made 
oath to what is aboue written & on the other side to Every 
part thearof Before mee 

Brian Pendleton 


Complaint of John ffreke 

To the Hon"^" Goveruo^' & the Rest of the Hono^'^ 
jNfagistrates Setting in Councill at Boston 
ffeb'v 15° 167* Snn 

The Complaint of John fiVeake of Boston — 
humbly Sheweth./ That whereas yo'' Complainant had a 
Small Vessell under the comand of George Manning bound 
home on her Voyage from the Eastward, was by accident 
met withall in the River of S* John, hy John Roades & 
some Dutchmen his complices in a small Vessell, sometime 
in the month of December last past ; who overpowring of 
them with men piratically Seized my said Vessell & goods 
on board her & have wounded the Master of her & another 
of his Company & doe still keepe both vessell goods & men 
as by a letter from the Master given in to yo' Hono''*- 

My humble Request therefore to yo"" Hono""^ is, that 
you would bee pleased to take some speedy Order 
for the Seizing of the saide Roades & his Complices, 
by Comissionating meete persons whome yo'' Hono''^ 
Shall thincke tit, with such aide as may bee requisite, 
to goe out in a small Vessell. & range alongst the 
Coast. & to seize & secure the said Roades & all his 
Complices & to bring them to Boston for due tryall. 
they being out upon a pyraticall Account. & having 
Seized severall of the goods of the Inhabitants of 


this Jurisdiction, besides yo'" Complainant's & it is 
veiy probable will doe much more mischeife without 
yo'' Hono''^ in your Wisdom's finde some Speedy 
course to prevent the same. Submiting mySelfe to 
yo"" Hono''' Wisdom. & dispose therein 

1 Subscribe yo"" Hono""^ 

most humble Servant. 

Jn° ffreke 

Deposition of TF'" Pitt. 

Will Pitts Aoed about 45 yeares beino^ Exammed doe 

Testifie and Say 
That vpon Munday the 21"' day of Decemb'' last past, 
being in the Barke Tryall of Kittrey (belonging vnto Maj° 
Nicholas Shapleigh) w"' one Isaac Chippien o' Merchant & 
Geo : Walton Jun'' m"" w"' his frenchmen that were shipt at 
Port Royall, wee putt into S* Johns River the day aforesaid 
(coming hither from Port Royall where wee had made o*' 
voyage) and there were taken by a Certaine Barke Com- 
manded by a Dutch man, named Peter Redreguo Cap^ and 
noe other Dutchman with him, but there was with him John 
Rhoades, Richard ffowler Lieu*^ and three other Eno;Iish 
men namely Oho. Mitchell Edw""'^ Vrin & John ffarmer, who 
did vpon the following day take from vs the whole gduce of 
o'" homeward bound Carguos (Consisting of Beaver Moose 
other ffurrs Bief Hides Salte flower Cloathing) Excepting a 
very Inconsiderable quantity of Hatchets & Kniues, with 
a smale quantity of pviss"' to bring vs home, and further the 
said Pitts doth affirme, that the aforesaid Rovers had for- 
merly taken Geo : Manning and in taking of him had shott 
him in the hand, and Cutt his mate over the Arme and de- 
taynecl them with the rest of his Company prissoners and 


the Barke in w*^'' they were taken, And further doth not 

Taken vpon Oath this 24*" 12"° 167| 
before me 

Richard Cutt Comt^ 

I Isaac Trippier aged about 28 yeares doth Testifie as aboue ; 
and furiher that y" said John Roads vpon his Coming 
aboard did present his pistol to my breast w"' a great othe 
that he wold kill me or words to that porpos. 

Isaac Tripere made oath to the aboue writting 
& also to what he hath more aded this 2'** 
March 167| Portsmouth 

Before mee Richard Cutt Comit® 

Isaac k Trippier Sworue in open Court to what is aboue 
as form'^ly in open Court y'' 17 June 1675 & y' Jn" Roads 
was the first man in handing out y'' Goods : to w'^'' last Georg 
Maning also deposeth : 

as Attests E R S 

Isaack Trippier on his former oath added and affirmed on 
his oath that y*" Cap* Roades being on l)oard w*'' his owne 
hands tooke the beaver out of the Cabbins and told him Goe 
tell majo'' Shapleigh that he should provide a better Cargoe 
for them y^ next time 

as Attests Edw. Rawson Secret 

George Walton also on his forme"" oath adds that being pres- 
ent at the time doth testify to y'' same as y'^ trueth. 

Edw Rawson Secret 

Isaac Trippier on his former oath affirmes that Rich'' touler 
was y« person y* tooke his two suites of clothes out of his 
cabbin & carried them on board Mitchells vessell 


Georg Mailing testifieth on his former oath that he saw 
Rich'' fouler to weare on of the cloathes of s'' Trippier 

Deposed y« 17 June 1675 E R S 

Letter from Daniel Denison 

Much Hon S"" 

you are not ignorant of my engagement to Major 
Pyke that he assisting Major Walderne upon that streight 
at Nechiwannick I would not faile him in case, w'^'^ you see 
by his letters he claimes & for the performance thereof (ac- 
cording to my Comission) I gaue orders in my Regiment 
for a force competent for what I intended, only proposing 
the desigue of visiting the enemys head quarters but not to 
be attempted without further order, but doe see it I feare 
not forsable, the difficulty of getting men, is beyound my 
former beleife ; I am now aduancing to Major Pyke to Salis- 
bury hoping I shall haue 50 Musquetiers to follow me, when 
I am there upon the place wee shall aduise how to dispose 
of any or all of the men, & except there be extream neces- 
sity I thinke shall be able to affoord them no more then the 
comfort of our presence for a while, our parts as Topsfield 
& Andouer, being affrighted with the sight (as they say) of 
Indians which I haue not time to examine till my returne ; 
I thinke I had not troubled you with the last within which 
I remember viz that John Lines son of wamesit was amongst 
those very lately that assaulted the English about Piscatoy, 
It is hardly imaginable the pannick fear that is upon our 
upland plantations & scattered places deserting their habi- 
tations, which upon my returne I hope to remedy, I am 
sorry to heare the Newes from Hadley & Conetticut, The 
Almighty & merciful God, pitty & helpe us, in much hast 
I breake of 

your humble seruant 

Daniel Denison 


Petition of John Roads ^ others 

To the Right Hon'^"" Governo' & worshipfull 
Majestraits The Hounoiable Court of Assist- 
ence now assembled 

The Humble Petition of John Roads : Ranle judgson. Fet- 
ter Grout And Richard ffowler Convicted Prisono''s 
Humbly Shewth 

That yo'' Petitino'^ haueing ben Arraigned before yo"" hon- 
no" for Pirrazye. and haueing had a faire tr^all : stands now 
by Law Legally Convicted : the Jewry haueing found them 
Guilt}^ according to inditemen* : w'='' bespeakes a Sentence 
of Death to be pronownced vppon yo"" poore petitino""* ac- 
cording to the Exactnes of Regar oil' the Law : but being 
Contieous to ou' Selues that what wee haue thus acted to 
bring ou"" selues vude"" this predicament was not from anny : 
Mallas of heart or Contrived wickednes to designe anny 
thing in a pirraticall manno"" to the prejudize of anny mans 
person or Estate, but out of ftbolish ignorance and svpose- 
ing ou'' Cap" pretended Comision or ordo" would a boare 
them out : w'^'' we now finds proues insofitient to ou"" Rewen 
& therefore sence God in his Mersye hath prevented that no 
mans life hath ben Lost, in anny of ou^' Attempts and y' yo*" 
Honno""** being a Chancery to medicate y" Regiir of the jus- 
tis of the Law, we doe humbly fly to yo'" honno" fo"" mersye 
before Sentence is passed : w'^'' yet Lyeth in yo"" Honno"'* 
brests to Consider Satisfaction to y^ psons injuried. we 
should to ou"" powre Answare : and the Gt'atieous Spareing 
ou"" liues may be a meanes to i)ut fewter optunitye in ou"" 
hands to be not only more servisable to ou"" King & Cuntry 
but by a santified improuem' of such a Clcamencye nuiy 
prepare ou'' Soule for a Chang w^'' God knowse at present 
are very vnfitt for another world : thus beseeching yo"" hon- 

Doc. Vol. vi. 4 


no" Grace & favou"' to 
bouud shall euer pray 


yoy petitino" as in dutye 

John Roads 
Handle Judson 
Petter Grout 
Rich. fFowler// 

Ich Cap : Petrus Rodrigo, &c., &c. 

Dit is Cap Peter /^ C c\^ Rodrigo s Marck 


2 Aprill : 1675 
Own'' by RandoU Judson to bee 
the power by virtue whereof hee 
This Comission & its Interp'"tation was read in open 
Court & was owned by Petei' Rodrigo : as he y* Gaue 
it & also by Randal Jn°son or Judson who Reed it 
& acted on it (in open Court this 27 May 1675 

I Cap* Peter Rodrigo, giue full charge and power vnto Reg- 
ner Jansen with his Comrades or associates, to trade, 
recourse ; and saile vppon the coast of the lande of Noua 
Scotia, which wee haue taken by the sword and to keepe & 
mainteyne possesion till the further order of E H : M : H : 
M : H : the Prince of Orange Earle of Nassou Baron of 
Earsenelbogen &e\ : Actum in Nassyas the 10 : De- 

cemib: A° : 1674 
This is Cap' Peter Rodriges s raarke 

This agreeth in Substance w*'' the Dutch aboue written 
beinfe translated out of Dutch according to the best under- 
standinge of yo"" humble Serv* 
May 17'*^ 1675. Simon Lynde 


Plea ^ Atisiver of Peter Rodrigo ^ others. 

Cap" Pette'' : Rodrigo : & Cap" Cornelius : An- 
dreson : And theire Asociates : oflScers & Soul- 
diers belonging to the Prince of Orrange & as 
his subjects Inhabitants In his highnesses Ter- 
rytories, in New Holland Allias Nova Scotia, 
And now Prisono" in the jurrishdiction of the 
Massathusetts Collony in Nesv England, &c ; 
There Plea : And Answare for theire Defence 
against what they stand Charged with, and Im- 
peached of as Pirates ffor Acting Pirazie on Sev- 
eral! vessells belonging to the inhab^^tants of the 
aforesaid Jurishdiction// 
May it Please yo'' Honno""" the Honiio^'^ Bench : 
[(And also the Gentlemen of the Jewrye //)] 

To take notis that wee thankefully acknol- 

edg the Hon'"'^ Benches Fauoue' in a Redy 

Answareing ou'" Petition by vouchsafeing vs 

to Express our Broaken English b}' way of 


And, that wee might not be too Capicous, therein 

shallin shortt p''sent this Hon'''^ Court [(& Jewrye)] 

as a direct Answare. to the Tenor of our inditement 

as wee stand Impeached of Pirazie or being Pirates, 

wee doe say that wee are not Guilty neither in Act 

nor yet intent neither are wee Contieous to ou"^ Selues 

of anny thing that wee haue Done that is either a 

breach of anny Knowne. or may so much as tend 

either by ou"" words or acts injurieous to the Liber- 

tyes or Gennarall Privaleadges of this yo"" jurishdic- 

tion or Comon : wealth, but if anny of yo"" in haby- 

tants haue Sustayned Loss by vs they haue benne 

only ptickeler psons Private Intrests occationed by 

them selues (or there owne Seekeing) and not ours. 

in theire Presumeiug To lutreanch vppon our Great 


Princes Rights and Priveledges Gained him from His 
Declared Enemies by the Blood & Svvoards of his 

Leige Subjects amongst whome wee arenombread, 

Yett not withstanding had anny of those yo"" Inhab- 
ytants tibund themselues Agreeued there was a more 
regular wa\' for theire Releefe w'^'' they might haue 
had : Naimely. that vppon Makeing theire Complaynt 
to this Authoritie. We should vppon the Least Sum- 
mons, from the Cheife Authoritye of this Place, in 
honno'' to our Prince, and Vindication of our Selues. 
so farr Honnored them, (being Desireous of a Con- 
tenewed ameable vnity & Commerce of Trayd as 
Naighbores. and being subjects to such Great Princes 
in Loue pease And ametye with each other) as forth- 
with to a Dispatched a shallop awa}- with not only : 
one to Give ace"" of our actions : but with soffitient 
Effects to a Answared anny Civell action in yo"" Law, 
and then if by Law ; wee : Could not a warrented 
our Actions : we ware Redy to Giue and make the 
injuried psons sattisfaction ; w'^'' in our Aprehentions 
would A benii far better then such Lidirect And 
hostiele proseeding against vs : that Except by the 
wisdom of yo'' Autliority be not tymely Pevented will 
inevetal)!}- invoulue the subjects of a Potent Prince 
and yo"" CoiTion : wealth : wiiare euer they meete in 
such Brieles & discontents, w'^'' yet by a Preuden- 
tiall : Care may be Preuented) but if not) as will 
hardly Bee Determaned : with out : a Declarative 
warr : from ou"" Great Masters : (Which God fforbid) 
that anny of our Blood should be shead to be so. 
Omyiius. as bespeake so sad a Conclution : for as its 
ile medling with Edg tooles its as ile inter medleing 
to vsurp Princes Prerogatiues & Priveledges : But 
to pseed in giveing the Honnor"''''' Court [(& Gentle- 
men of the Jewrye)] ffarther Satisffaction : and to 


Confirme what we have Asserted shall by way of 

I''' Give a breefe accompt of ou'' Actions & tranceactions 
as they are in truth : 

2'y Wee shall Giue the Grounds and reasons for ou'' so 
acihio; to vindecate w* we haue donfi. 

3'y Wee shall Present yo" with a Breviate of the injuries 
wee haue sustayned and Severall ilelegall gseedings. 
agst vs, by sume of yo'" inhabytants By w*"'' both 
Court & Cuntrey will better see who may be most 
justly Termed Pirates, and in the fourth & last place. 

4'y : Wee shall Present sum Genarall Conseptions : bounded 
by either Precept or Example of either Law or 
Practis of this Jurisdiction or sum of the inhab- 
ytants thereof for our farther vindecation. as we 

the Honorable Court 

doubt not there by : so to Euince [(both bench (and 
Jewry)] of the Legallytye of our actions as not only 
our innosensy in Guilt of that whereof wee are im- 
peached will appeare to the world l)ut that the Guilt 
of our Adversaryes in justis will Lye obvieous to 
the Same Censures : wchich with the whole : shall 
Submisiuely Lcaue to the Canded judgm* of the 
Hon*'^'^ Bench [(& Jewr^'e)] with which not trouble- 
ing yo'" Patience ff'arther shall : Conclude- 
1" Therefore with Leaue may it please the Honor"'''® 
Court. [(& Jewry)] to take Cognizence that wee are 
parsons whome by our Aleigance are swoarnc Sub- 
jects to the Great Prince of Orrange his heires And 
Sucsesers : and as such ware the Last yeare vudo"" the 
Couiand of Cap" Vrinc Arnhoutson : Comano^ of the 
fflying horse fFrigott whome Receued from the Re- 
nouned Governo"" : our Princes Roprescntatiuo at 
Carrysavv in the west-indias as a Genarall ComitioS 
in our Princes Naime in Genarall tearmes : Compre- 
hending to take Plundo'' spoyle and Poses anny 


of the Garrisons Townes Terrytories Priveleadges 
Shipps Persons or Estates belonging to anny of his 
highneses Enemies : that are at varyence and in acts 
of Hostility against his highnes & the Great states 
of Holland.. 

A accompt thereof to take : and the Tenths there of 
Secure & all Princely Prerogatiues indeauo"" to mayn- 
tayne for the Honiio'' of ou'" Prince according to our 
Power : and Alleagence. 

in psueance of w'^'' Coniition our Frigott Arriued at 
Yew yoarke dureing w'^'^ tyme of our abode theire to 
recrueit with vituall Cap" John Roades came to vs 
from Boston : who Gaue our Comand'' such a Satis- 
factory accompt of his acquaintence on the Coasts of 
Nova Scotia and occada : and Rasionall Probabilities : 
of makeing ou''selues Masters thereof to ad to or 
inlardg our Great Princes terrytories it being then 
Mantayncd and Possesed by the french our Masters 
Im})lacable and Declared Enemies in open hostillitye 
wee did with a vnanimus Concent all conclude to dis- 
patch the Designe as an Honnor"'^'® Expedition to 
w°'' end ingaged Cap" John Roades as our Pilott 
haueing Swoarn him to a leagence of our Prince the 
Prince of Orrange. our master, and then admited 
him one of vs. our Princes Leige Subjects whare in 
Due tyme wee Arrived on the Coast of Nova Scotia : 
and Landed at Penobscott the Enemies Principle 
Garrison the w'^'^ in storming after a shortt Dispute, 
by Gods Blessing quickly made our selues Masters 
Thereof, but haueing not sotitient strenth to Leaue 
to Garrison the Place, wee Demolished the tfort and 
fired suiiie of the houses of the ffrench : brino:ing 
a way the Artillerye & Plundo"" And after wee had 
made our selues masters also of S' Johns. Mathyas 
and Gamseake & severall other Places ot ffortifi- 


cation And Trayding howses of the ffreinch and 
Brought away the Plundo'' and Principle Persons 
Prisono" wee did not only Burrye in two Glass Bot- 
les at Penobscott & S^ Johns vndo'' Ground. A tru 
Copia of ou'' Cap* Coniition and a Breviate of the 
Maiino'' of takeing the said Places by the Swoards of 
the Prince of orringe subjects for his hignes vse but 
also left both att Penobscot and Jamshoke Sume 
men of the poorer soart of oure Cap"''*' the former 
Inhabytance whome had submited to be subjects to 
our Prince to whorae wee gaue libertye to trayd and 
orde''d to keepe Possion for his highnes till farther 
ordo' or SuiFi of vs Retorned theither// 
wee then Coming a way in ou"^ fiVigott to Boston where 
after you"" Authorytie wasaquaiuted with our Comision 
and Enterprises w*^'' was so farr satisfactory to them : 
as manufasted theire Aprobation theireof by Admit- 
ing vs to dispose & share ou"" Plundo'' & sell our Mar- 
chandize & Plundo'' to the Inhabytants heere, yea 
ou'' Caniion or Great Gunfis being Bought for the 
Safe gaurd & vse of this very Collohy whare our 
Cap* was Adressed to by several! traydors to the 
Eastward belonging to this Jurrisdiction : to Grant 
them. Libertye to trayd in those his higneses the 
Princes of Orranges : psinctes taken by vs but by 
our Comando'' in Cheife was Refused whome Replyd 
to them that if there was anny Priveioadg of trayd 
to be had it did pperly belong to his men : who had 
with him ventered theire Lines with the Loss of 
there blood for it : And therefore all such psons 
vppon the Perrell of there being made Prize on was 
by him forbid Comeing to trayd on those Coasts, 
within our Masters psinctes. &c/ Yett not with- 
standing did suiii of these psons : in Contempt in- 
trench on our Priv Hedges as is heere after Expresed, 


ffor after our ffrigott was Goii ffroni Boston : and the 
Cheife Comando'^ had Given Cap" Petter Rodrigo & 
Cap" Cornelius Andreson with 8 more of there Con- 
soarts an ordo"" to Retorne to new holland : Alias nova 
Scotia : & ocadda our Princes Lands (w*^'' after wee 
had Gained it by the Swoard Called it as afforesaid 
New holland) And ordors from him theire to trayd 
keepe posesion & in what vs Lay : mantayne our 
Princes Prerogatiues theire = till farther ordor : 
either from our Masters in holland : or himselfe. 
Wee then did with the Assistence of suiue Creditt 
in Boston fitt a Cople of smale vessells out & went 
to new holland : Alias Nov"^ Scoti^ whare as we ware 
on our coasts : 

The ffirst English we mett with theire was one billiard 
of Salem whome finding him trayding on ou*" Coast 
Comanded him aboard whonie iuiediatly Submiting 
and Complayning of his l)ad voyage And that he was 
ignorant of our being theire we Returned him not 
only his vessell and Goods againe. but also all there 
Peltry And after we had Bought sume Nesesaryes of 
them Paying them theire Price for the Same we dis- 
missed them : with an Admonition And warning to 
Com no more on there Perrall to trayd theire with 
in our Masters persinctes. 

The Second English vessell wee tooke was William 
Waldron : whome we had for warned severall tymcs 
not to p''sume to Com to take away our Priveledges : 
of trayd on therre Perall of being made Prize on by 
vs : yet in verry Contem]:)t as wee may say he Came 
to take our trayd from vs : whom when we found 
him that he had ben trayding with the Indians and 
was vppon our owne Coasts wee tooke him and made 
, Prize of ownly his Peltry And after A Civell treating 

them dismised them with is vessell and other Goods, 


The third English Vessell : we tooke was George Man- 
ing whorae was forewarned both by our Coniando'' of 
our ffrigott & our Selues at Boston : that if Came to 
trayd theire in ou'' Princes Persinctes wee would 
make Prize of him : but now finding of them that he 
had ben trayding wee Comanded him al){)ard And 
demanded of him weather he had Anny ordo"" from 
the Honor^'^ Governo'' or Authortye of this Place, to 
Com and trayd there or Anny Lett Pass from anny 
Authoritye of this Jurishdiction he tould vs no : So 
then finding his Peltry aboard him wee only tooke 
that from him : and Cively treating him : we ten- 
dread him also a Pass to Goe free from being againe 
Examened by our other Consoarts and also A Letter 
to m'' John Freake his Merchan' that wee would Se- 
cure his Peltrye by it selfe & send it to Boston (with 
others) in the Spring. And if we did not then and 
there Cleare to be a Leagall Prize would Retorn it to 
his Imployer againe, and in the mean tyme haue 
afaire Corr}^ spondensy wdth them : to which End the 
said Maning went aboard his owne vessell And theire 
invited Cap" R(Klrigo aboard, whom (after that Civ- 
ell vsedg) he had Privately designed to murdor : 
haueing prepared a Pistell charged with a Brace 
of Bullotts vndo'' his Pillow And whilst he Avas a 
Drinkeingin his Cooke rot)me to a Pistolled him Butt 
was Discovered by the boye aquainting Cai)"Rodrigo 
to Looke to him selfe informing of his mastors De- 
signe which Caused the said Rodrigo forthwith to 
Com out vppon the Deck : and rann to the Cabbin of 
Georg Maning according to the boyse information 
And found the Pij^toll theire Loaden : as aforesaid 
whome after he had in few words sharply Reproued : 
Georg Maning for his treacherous and Murdorous 
Desijrne. Cales for his owne Boot and Goes aboard 


his owne Vesseil : whare had not beii Long;, but 
vnexpectedly Geo: Mailing haueing had all his 
Gunns and Blunderbuss Redy on his Decke at once 
Presented his Gunns at va Leueling them each one 
at our men vppon our Decke, Desineing at once to 
Cutt them otf, and then to Surprize vs and Cutt off 
the Rest. And whilst they ware Thus a ffireing at 
vs, as God in his mercie and Wisdom, ordored it. 
there Powdo'' fflashed in there Panns and there Gunns 
Did not Goe ofi' (to Admiration by w*^'' Meanes wee 
may all thanke God theire hath beiih no bloodshead,) 
the w°'^ oure Men : Perceueing at once Leapt Downe 
for theire Armes. Cryeing Cap" shall wee be Killed 
without ffighting for our ; Liues : at w^^ word in 
A Maize euery man of vs hasted vp his Armes, and 
forthwith Gaue them such a Charge : as Comanded 
him aboard vs. then wee thought that wee had Good 
Reason to Condemne him wholly for a Prize but 
instead thereof wee only tooke his Goods and Gaue 
him his Vesseil : againe and would a Dismissed, but 
he so ernestly beged and Besought vs that he might 
stay with vs, and that wee would take his Vesseil 
and men into our Seruis at whose solicitation wee 
hired of him his vesseil with him selfe & men : and 
ingaged to Pay hiui Seauen Pounds, g month : it 
being his first pfer & full demand of vs. 
The ffourth and Last English Vesseil wee tooke : was : 

Majo"^ Shapleigh Barque whome wee flfound by Seu- 
erall Papers that they had not only trayded for Pel- 
try l)ut was Com. with pvition flroni Port Royall to 
Releeue ou"" Enemies at Gamshoke w*^'^ Place had 
Reuoalted ffrom vs : w*^'' actions to vs was Ground sofi- 
tient to make Prize thereof, but we only tooke from 
them y*" quantitie of three Beefes and a few skynes and 


after a Civell Vseadge of them Gaue them a dismis- 
sion :) &c After w'^'^ wee ware betrayed by Georg Mail- 
ing to Cap" Sam : Mosely. whome at the taking of vs 
wee ware at one tyme psued And chased wMth vessells 
vndo'" both English ffrench & Dutch Colh)'-s Cap* 
Sam" Mosely fEghting vs vndo'' English Collo''s And 
had Putt Both force and men aboard the ffrench : and 
Georg maning fireing vppon vs vudo"" Dutch Collo^^s : 
w'^'^ manor of disiplyn and actions wee vndo''stand 
not : And therefore with submision Desiere Cap" 
Moselyes Comission : may be Produced and Read to 
the Honn"'''* Bench [(and Jewrye)] that so it may 
Appeare weather the Cuntrey And Authoritye will 
vindecate not only such theire actions Butt liy fforce 
bringing of vs from out of our Princes Countrye 
Gained him by the Swoards Leige Subjects and also 
his Accomodating of our Princes Declared Enemies 
with both force men Amoniton & pvition against vs. 
and thereby to disposes our Great Prince of his 
Rights Priveleadges & Prerogatiues So Honnorably 
Gained him, 

Thus may it Please yo' Hou"''"^ Bench [(& Jewrye)] 
we haue Given A shoart accompt of our Particuler 
acts and tranceactions as they are in truth : & : Now 
with Leaue in the second place shall shoe by what 
Powre or the Reasons of our thus farr pseedings and 
wherfore wee haue thus Acted// as viz". 

Because wee Looke at and beleeue Cap" Vrin Arnhout- 
sons Comissid To be soiitiently Lawfull and war- 
rantable for the takeing the fore Mentioned Places of 
Nova Scotia w"> the Priviledges and trayd thereof To 
Ad to his highnes our masters Terrytories and also 
a like Confirmed Lawfull by this authority as by ou"^ 
Second Conseption heereafter : expressed// 


2'y A second Reason for ou"' thus acting is because wee 
ware ps waded and doe judg the ordo"" wee had from 
Cap" Vrin Arnhoutson : as our then Cheife Comando'" 
had it ben only verbaly ware Equivalent with his 
Comision : vnto vs : that was Equally Concearned in 
the stormeing & takeing y"^ same : Butt more Espea- 
tially for the Keepeing Possesion & mantayneing our 
Princes Prerogatiues & Priveleadges w*^'' wee had for 
the Honno'' of our Prince before so gained by our 
Swoards with the Loss of our Blood and Perrill of 
our Liues// 

3'y : Because of the great pvocations of: and Insolences 
Comited by the English in theire first abuseing and 
Plundering our subjects And Conquered Places be- 
fore euer wee Assumed to medle with anny of yo"" 
inhabytants vessels. w°'' is more fully Explayned 
heereafter in the first & second Recited injuryes wee 
haue sustayned// 

4'^ : we had sofitient Reason because wee ware not vnsensa- 
ble that y'^' verry Places thus for our Prince Gained 
him by vs hath in all Changes of Goverm* ben a 
Lowed a distincke Priveledg Place of Trayd : And 
all psons Attempting so to trayd with out Licence 
from the then Present gpriato's to be made Lyable 
to be made Prize on : and that both vessells and 
Goods, w'^'' Propriato'"s at p''sent Vee owne ourselues 
to bee in the behalfe and for the vse of the Prince of 
Orrange to whorae only we are Legaly accomptable 
for what wee haue donue// 

5'^ : Because we ware farther Sensable that the Author- 
itie of this jurrisdiction hath taken such Cognizence 
of our Last foregoing Reasons as hath made it a 
Ground to Establish a Law : as an inhabytant. To 


zeise both vessell and Goods of anny so trayding in 
the persincts of this Juvrisdiction : and therefore war- 
rantable for vs to mantayne those forniar Priveledges 
as we mind the vindecation and niantayneing of the 
Honno'' Prerogative and Priveledges of our Great 
Prince in this his highneses : Territories Gaind him 
by vs As atforesaid// 

6'^ : Because wee being ilitterate ou''selues : or at Least the 
principle of vs : The Consideration of the Aproba- 
tion : of the Authoritye of this Place. Aproueing of 
ou'' Comando" Comision : Manufasted l^y Admiting 
vs not only to sell and share our Plundo"" heere but 
yo'' Authoritye Eyeing our Great Guniis. for the vse 
& safegaurd of this verry Jurrisdiction, Confirmed 
our : judgmen" in the Legality of our gseedings : and 

7'y : Because those Coniando" of the vessells wee did so 
take & make Prize off ware only such men whome 
wee had forbiden and Given fore warning not to Com 
to trayd or p''sume on our Priveleadges in those our 
masters psincte vppon the Perrill of Being made 
Price : w'='* Ave Legaly might : according to the Practis 
of Suiii of the Inhabetants of this Jurisdiction when 
they had the Powre as ppriato''s of the very same 
places witnes the Case of Cap' Spenser & others : but 
wee ware so favorable as tooke only there Peltrye : 

8'^ Because further what wee haue acted hath not l>in out 
of anny Mallace or Prejudize. wee haue to this Cun- 
trty or ile will to the Authoritie thereof but out of a 
tru Souldiers of ffortunes intrest and Vallou"" and an 
vpright Honnest heart to Mantayne the Honno'' Priv- 
eleadge & Prerogatiues of our Prince w'^'' wee haue 
Lately Espoused in his highneses Intrest in new hol- 
land Allias Nova Scotia, &c 


And thus haueing Given the Honno''*''''' Court sum 
Principle Groundes and Reasons w^'' we make for 
our Defence and vindecation : shall in the Third 
Place with Leaue give the Bench [(and Jewry)] a 
short ace"" of the injuries wee haue Sustayned : And 
Abuisses given vs : by yo'" inhabetents and then Leaue 
to yo"" worships Breasts to Consider : weather wee 
haue not benne sofitently pvoaked to a acted with 
farr Greato^' Seuerritye then as yett wee : haue doiin : 

!•' Gamshake ffort. w'^^ wee Left for a Garrison for those 
that wee Left behinde in w*^'^ wee putt sum of the 
Honnestest and Poorer soart of the formar Inhaby- 
tents. that submited themselues to vs : in y*" Posses- 
ion theireof ••. and to Keepe the same for the vse of 
ou'' Prince vntill sum of vs Retorned : but George 
HoUett. Rich. Suiet And John Greene : in octobe"" 
Last went to Port Royall : & from thence Trance 
Ported ifrench men : our Enemies to the said ffort & 
setled them theire : ffurnishing of them : with Arms 
Amonition & Goods, that when wee Came to S* Johns 
Riuer : in order to Posses the said ffort : The ffrench 
so setled by them maintayned it against vs and being 
winter time w^ee Could gseed no farther but Re- 
treated to Penobscott and the other of our Conquered 
Places whare wee found those wee left there wel- 
coming vs and Redely yealding there obedience to 
vs : w*=^ thing when Com to vndei^stand wee thought 
it straing. that yo'' inhabytants should not only in- 
deauoer to Cercomvent vs of the Priveledges of our 
trayd with the Indians, the w'^'* they might one 
would a thought haueing taken there share thereof a 
beiin Contented : and not a medled with states mat- 
ters : in furnishing the ffrench ou'' Enemies : and 
suporting of them against y® Dutch (with whome you 


are at Amytie) and that in ou'' Princes owne Cuntrye. 
80 that how this is Consistant with the Late Articles 
of Peace made I)etwext our Great masters, wee Leaue 
for the wise to judg. 

2'^ The inhabytants of Pemequid or quack & severall Eng- 
lish IBshermen Came to Penobscott whare did not 
only Breake. vpp : the Plankes of our Demolished 
ffort and Gott out y* Iron worke and Speikes : & 
Carryed them away : but also Robed pilidged & 
Plundered ou"^ Poore Subjects theire. w'^'' wee Left 
to keepe Possesion for our Prince till we Retorned. 
of all theire pvition. and store w'^'* wee Left them for 
to sustayne thei'c Poore ffamelyes in the hard winter, 
that nessetatees the men to Leaue there wifes and 
children to Joyne with the Indians, and with them 
Runii in the woods a hunting for there tiamelyes to 
Keepe them from starueing whilst yo"" English had 
taken there pvition as aforesaid froui them that when 
wee Retorned, those our Subjects presently welcom- 
ing of vs : Gaue vs a ptickeler acconipt thereof with- 
all Declareing to vs, that the abuises they so Receved 
from the English was tenn : times worse, then when 
the Dutch first cauie and tooke there ftbrts. and all 
this was done Iiefore euer wee offered to take anny of 
yo"" vessels: according to our third Reason, before 

3'y : On : March the !()"> Last Thomas Coole of Nantaskett 
on of yo"" Inhabytants : Came to Maythijas a place 
whare wee had l)uilt A Trayding howse and Layd in 
a stocke of Goods, the said Coole Comes a shoare 
with his boat full of men : Armed with Gunns Pis- 
tels swoards whare finding but foure of our men 
takes theui at a Disadvantage : surprizes ther psons 


Prisono''s Riefels and Plundo''s ou"" howse and Car- 
ryes away all ou"" Peltry and other trading Goods : 
Plucks downe our Princes fflagg as it was fflying & 
Carryes our men Prisono's aboard his vessell and in 
pticuler binds Randall judsons : Arms behind him 
and torned him ashoar for : foure nights & foure 
dayse without anny shelter or Couering in that Could 
Season : but in that Condition to be left as a pray to 
the mercye of his Enemies had they found him : and 
all this without any Powre or Comision from anny 
Authoritye So that how farr this Lookes like Pirazie 
wee Leaue the impartiall to judg :// 

4'y : Geo : Maning after that Ciuell vsedg shewed to him at 
our first takeing of him : that he should so secretly 
in a treacherous way, Contrived and Designed to 
' Murdor our Cap^ & after discovered and our men all 
aboard our owne vessell : to Com vp vnexspectedly 
and Attempt to tire a broad side of smale shott vppon 
vs : who Could a done Less in there own Defence 
then wee did : yett wee Rewarded him Good for his 
Euell as witnes Geo. Manings owne Letter : to m'" 
John : ffreake. this Likewise wee desire may be 
Considered : with its Cercomstances. 

S''' vppon Cap" Moselyes takeing of vs : this Geo : Maning, 
Reuoalts fro vs being then • vndo"" both our Comand 
imploy & hire both for Men and vessell : and with a 
Lye in his mouth he betrayes vs. and afterwards fires 
vppon vs or ffights vs vndo"" Dutch ou'' owne Princes 
Collors : and how like new England Pirazie or Pirates 
this may be tearmed : w'^'' Law ot Pirazie Defines 
those : that Rise vpp in Rebellion against there Com- 
ando" marchan'* owno^s or Tmployers : to be such wee 
Leaue to the impartiall oppinion of both this Hon- 


jj(,j.abie Bench [(and Gentlemen of the Jewrye)] to 
judg : c&c.//. 

6'^ : Whilst wee ware thus taken by Cap" Mosely : hee had 
liefore : flurnished a flrench man our Enemie : with 
both men & force to assist him against vs. and after 
wee so submited : he Plundo''' vs of all wee had Got- 
ten the whole Winter, not only by ou'' Swoards from 
ou"" Enemies : but all that w'='' wee had trayded : with 
the stocke w'^*' wee Carryed out of Boston : with vs. 
and also our owne Goods & the Remaindo'' of the 
Goods w'^^ wee had on the Credit of those Merch** in 
Boston, to whome wee are still obleiged, and thus 
Brings vs all away from our Princes Cuntrey : Leane- 
iug it to be Sirprized by ou' Enemies, whilst hee : by 
his Consoarts Reapes the Great Benetitt & Advan- 
tadg of our Spring trayd, and that with our Good^ 
And wee kept Closs : Prisono'' all the while, and not 
Admited neither ou"" owne nor yet a Copie of our 
Comision or ordo" from : Cap" Vrin : Arnhouthson : 
ou"" Cheife Comando'' and Papers taken from vs By 
Capp" Mosely, by w'^'' wee should better be Capassi- 
tated to make our Defence, Although hath ben Re- 
quested of Cap" Mosely severall times ; and how 
farr these actions are Consistant with the Maintay- 
nence of that Amycable Peace Made betwext ou"^ 
Great masters : for there Subjects in these Parts thus 
to act Wee Leaue to the wisdom of the Prudent im- 
partialy to Judg whome are the Trancegressers : &c// 
Thus may it Please the Hon'''''« Court [(and juriie)] 
haueing Given suui. shoart accompt. of the Princaple 
Injuries, wee haue sustayned Craue only yo'" Patience 
to Give vs Leaue. with Submition, in the fourth And 
Last Place to Present you with sume few Consep- 
tions of ou"" owne as an Aditionall matter for our 
Doc. Vol. vi. 5 


defence And Confirmation of our Reasons before 
recited & that Grounded vppon either Precept or 
Example of This verry Jurisdiction, viz"- 

V^ Wee humbly Conceue : if our first Comison Given 
Cap" Vrin Arnhouthson by vertue of w°'' wee tooke 
the Cuntrye, be warrantable, & by Law Loyall, then 
as we ware gportionably Concearned : & Parties in 
that Expedition all that wee haue acted for the keepe- 
ing Posesion & Manta3^ning the Priveledges of the 
Same for the Hofiiio'' of ou*" Prince is alike warrant- 
able and by Law Legall : for if the Cuntry thus 
Gained becoras thereby pperly the Stats of hollands 
Land : then all the interest and Priveledges of trayd 
in those his highneses gsincke Belongs to the Hol- 
lando''* likewise, 

2'y Wee Humbly Conceue : that the Authoritye of this 
Place when they first saw our Comando'* Comision 
and had a full & tru accomp" of our Actions : in 
there wisdom : had not benn well & fully : satisfied 
in the justis : or justness and Legalytie : of our En- 
terprizes, they would not a suffered, anny such 
Goods or Phmdo^ soe vnjustly to a benne Receued. 
or Sou Id Amongst yo'' inhabytants : By Reason (Re- 
ceuers And takers in A sence : are termed alike) 
But rather : by a Discountenanceing the same : would 
A boar a testymony against vs as an Euterprize vn- 
Lawfull : and so ilelegal &c. 

Butt ou"" Comision and Enterprize, by this Authori- 
tye was so well Aproued on & satisfied in : as boath 
ou"" Comando'' & men : ware Civelly treated and 
Admited to share and sell our : Plundo"" to yo^'Lihab- 
ytent : and ou'' Great Guiiiis : Bought By yo"" Author- 
itye for the farther Safe gaurd And vse of this verry 


Collony : and therefore vnto vs : Confirmes our En- 
terprize, and Actions to be boath Lawfull warrant- 
able and Legall : By w'^" this Authoritye, also : hath 
Confirmed our first before Recited Reason &c as we 
humbly Conceue. 

3.'y Wee Humbly Conceue, that should wee out of zeale 
for the Honno'" of ou"" Prince : through our want of 
judsmen' as being ileiterrate : or misvnderstauding of 
ou'' ordo'^ Goe beyond our Coiuision in anny of the 
acts wee haue donne. Wee are accouiptable only to 
ou'' Prince for the same : at whose marcie wee are, 
who is sofitiently Responce''^'*' to make Good anfiy 
injurie his Subjectes doth : (weather it be Reall or in 
Pretence) vudo"" a Collo"" of his name or Athoritye : 
hee haueing Security given in Holland from all pra- 
vateteers to make good y^ same before thire Comis- 
ion is granted them. 

4'y Wee Humbly Conceue that as our Accusations touch- 
ing Life, that we beleeue the Authoritye of this 
Place is gper for the tryall and Determenmg this our 
Case (at Least without a joynt Consent) by Reason 
the fiact wee are Charged with was donne in the Hol- 
lando''^ Cuntrye : fi*arr Enough out (with submition) 
of the Powre of the Charto'' of this jurishdiction, 
the Case and matter in differrance arriseing there by 
sum English of the inhabytants of this Collony : in- 
treanching vppon the Prince of Orrange : ou"" Great 
masters trayd & Priveledges in his owne psinetes r 
and that anny ordo"" or Comision from either anny 
Authoritye or ppriato"" to impowre them : soe to doe 
but at the ownly Hazerd of theire owne fortunes of 
being made Lyable to be made Prise off: 

5iy Wee Humby Conceue ; againe : that the EsontioU Part : 
of this, Differrence Lyeth Not so Much in the Meum : 


& Tuum : of Single gsons Intrest properly as mat- 
ters of Genarall Priveledges and Princely Preroga- 
tiues : and therefore none but ou'' Great masters or 
sume imediately Authorized from them is Legally 
Capiable to take Cognizence thereof: so as to Con- 
tradict vs or hindo"" vs in ou"" dutye as obleiged by ou"" 
oaths & in Honno'to mantayne to ou'' Powre, for ou' 
Prince all fformar Priveledges in this ou"" Case vntill 
wee are Contradicted by ou"" Superiou''s of ou'' Great 
Masters Leige Subjectes.// &c : 

6.'^ : Wee Humbly Conceue if yo"" Honno"^' Please : only to 
Consult yo"" owne Lawse and Records and but Exer- 
size yo'' Refletiue fiaculties : by Lookeing back on the 
Practises in yo'' Remembrances : you will find such 
Parellel Cases with ours to bee tearmed warrantable 
and Legall :// 

That Putts vs to a startle how wee Can be questioned 
for ou'" Lines with Pirazie : without Breach of yo"" 
owne Law Page 143 Granting Libertye for straingers 
to haue Equall Priveledges of justis as yo'' owne 
inhabytants, without Parshallitye.) and that w^ee may 
Cleare this ou'' Argumen* wee shall indeauoer to 
Euince the Honno'able Bench [(and Juriie)] with 
the truth of ou'^ Assertion : by Sum pticuler In- 
stances : w'^'' wee may appeale to the Contiences of 
Sum of yo'' Hoiino''^ Breasts for the verrytie of a 
Good Part theire of: viz"// 

1*' Instance, Majo'' Sedgwicke, that well knowne worthy 
Comando"^ : whome in his Comision for these parts 
doubtles by pticuler instructions was designed agst 
new yoarke, the Dutch being then declared enimies 
Although his Comision at Lardg against anny of the 
protecto""' Enemies (if suiu of vs then ware not mis 


informed) but when he Came heere. before he Could 
Gett Redy : newse of peace betwext the two states 
Came that torned his Expedition another : way : to 
those verry ftVench ft'orts : w'^'' pUices after so taken : 
became the then states of Englands : Lands tra^^d 
and Priveledo-es. w'^'' was bv this Authoritye Counted 
warrantable and Lawfull : A Case pellell with our 
first before recited Reason : whare ou'' Cap" Comision 
though in Genarall tearmes. against ou'^ Princes Eni- 
mies yet pticulerly Expressed to Com to these Parts, 
on the Coasts of Vergina against tha English : our 
Enemies : as the Dutch ware then, but sence our 
Coming Into these parts the welcom newse of Peace 
Came betwext ou'^ Great Masters, that torned ou"" 
Expedition another way : to the makeing ou''selues 
masters : of the selfe same fforts and Places now 
Gained from ou"" dechired P^nemies : and therefore 
those Lands : trayd And Priveledges, of Nova Scotia 
are now properly becom : the staits of Hollands Pro- 
prietye and so with submision wee humbly Conceue 
alike Lawfull & warrantable, 
Instance, Those ofiicers and souldiers : majo"" Sedgwicke 
Left behind to keepe posesion, Looked at it as 
theire Dutye to mantayne those Priviledges of trayd 
in those parsinctes : w'^'^ they ware actiue in Gaineing 
by the Swoard, for doeing of w''' they ware not 
deemed Pirates but by this Authoritye such actions 
then : ware accompted just and Lcgall : a Case Par- 
elell with ou'' Second before recited Reason wee 
being psons Equally : ingaged in the Gaineing the 
Place with the Loss of ou'' Blood and Pcrrell of our 
Hues and therel^y obleiged to mantayne the Prive- 
ledges. thereof & therefore ou"" Actions therein a 
Like Lesall :, 


3 Instance. Both in Majo"" Sedgwick & CoUonall temples 

tyme and all other chang of Goveimen* those ves- 
sells that hath Presumed to a traided with the In- 
dians : in those psinctes without Lycence from the 
Propriato" hath Ben deemed by this Authoritye 
Lawfull Prizeis (to pticulerize. the Case, of Cap* 
Spencer not out of memory :) A case pelell with ou'' 
3 : before Recited Reason : whare : we being for ou"" 
Prince, till further ordor the present gpriato" such 
vessel Is : Coming not only without ou'' Leaue : but in 
Contempt to vs after fare warning, to vsurp from vs 
our trayd, and Priveledges : becoius Legaly a Like, 
Lawfull Prize,// 

4 : againe, for ann}' Private inhabytent in this Jurrishdic- 

tion to zeise and make Prize both of vessell and 
Goods, of anny : so trayding in this Jurishdiction it 
is by yo"" Law Page : 75 : warrantable : w*^*^ Case is 
pelell with ou"" fourth : before recited Reason : whare 
wee in like nature Acting for the Priveleadges for 
ou"" Prince in his Territories may with submision to 
yo'" Honno" Judgm" be a like warrantable// 

So that we thinke w^e may say, we haue either by Pre- 
cept or Example of the Practises. or Lawse of this 
Cuntry : for to justifie the Legallitiie of what wee 
haue donne, without being deemed Pirates, the Cer- 
comstances of w'^'' with submition shall Leaue to the 
Breasts of the Hon"'''*' Court : to seriously Consider// 

Butt seventhly and in the last Place without troub- 
ling yo"" Honno''* farther wee Humbly Couceue : that 
if the Authoritye vppon heereing and Debateing our 
Case see Ground to aquit vs as wee see no Cause to 
the Contrarye, yett wee Cannot but pswade ou'' Selues 
that there must be Such a Comodations propossed or 


found out as Rationaly might Reconsile all psons 
agreeued or injured on hoath sides : that so ou'' mas- 
ters might heere only of the Amicable according of 
theire Leige Subjects in these Parts of ou"" Great 
masters territoryes : 

Thus may it please the Hon"''"'^ Court haueing vouch- 
safed vs yo"" Patience now to beare with our Copia- 
ousnes : Excuseing ou'' obserdityes Pardon ou"* 
Bouldnes and Accept of this ou'' Deffence, and dec- 
leration as wee are not only in the vindecation of 
ou'' persons Arraigned for ou"" Lines, but the Honno'' 
Priveledges and Prerogatiues of ou"" Prince w*^'' as 
swoarn subjects : wee are in good Contience to ou'" 
God : tru valou'' as souldiers and Loyaltie to ou'" Lord 
and master obleiged to niantayne to the Last Drop 
of Blood : in ou"" Bodyes And surely then : wee that 
hath so oft Hazearded and -jeoperded our Hues for 
trifels or things of Nought : wee hope shall not vppon 
so Honnorable accompt : be afFrieghted at the threat- 
ing of Death : for its not that wee fesire. being Con- 
sieous to ou"" Selues That it is not imposeble for men 
by the subtlety of there Adversaryes to l)e Cheated 
out of there sweet Hues when in justis they Cannot 
be taken from them : l)ut blessed be God that we 
haue not only Ground to hope but beleeue ou"" Lott 
is not Cast in such a place but amongst mersifull 
judges, and men so feareing God as we doubt not 
but will judge for God: And then: will: before 
judgmen' Consider That what wee haue Donne and 
acted against anny of the Inhal)ytents of this Jurish- 
diction, hath Benne, from the Reasons Before Ex- 
pressed, and not out of anny Piraticall Designe, or 
raallas to the Cuntrye, but in Ilonno'' and Aleigence 
to ou"" Prince, and if we haue Earred therein : wee 



hope the the H()no^al)le Court will impute it Rather, 
to ou^ ignorance, then auny Mischeife Designed by 
vs : and thus Beseeching the Hon"'^''^ Court with the 
most favourable Construction : of ou'' Lynes : to way 
the varrinus Cercomstances of this our Defence in 
the Ballance of a tru and impartiall judgmen*, To 
which End that Wisdom may be a directorye therein : 
wee doe Submissiuely Conclude Subscribing ou"" 
Selues, Loyall subjects To ou"" Great maste"" : the 
Prince of Orrang And yo"" Honno" Closs Confined 
Prisono" to Doe with all in justis 
As Wisdom shall Dirrecte : 
wee Subscribe : forou''selues ^ 
And our Asociates > 

or Soldiers ^ 

the marke of 

Petter 2 a Rodrigo 


the marke of 



Jn° Rhoades 
Randall Judson 
Richard ffowler 
Peter Grant 
John Thomas 
Jn" Williams 

all these in open Court owned this 
psipe'' or their Declaration to be their 
(lettenc to y^ Court as 17"' may 
1675. E R S 

A Postscript to be Annexed to a Dec- 
laration Given from Cap^' Pette*" Rod- 
rigo : & Cap'' Cornelius Andreson theire 


Asociates being officers and Souldiers, 
belonofino; to the Prince of Orrano;. 
and as his Subjects & servan'* in haby- 
tents in new holhmd alias nova Scotia 
And now Prisono""* in Boston in N : E : 
beino^ in Answare to theire Charge of 
Pirazie for w*^"^ they stand impeached 
by the Inhabetants of this Jurishdic- 
tion w'='^ s'^ Dccleration : in the Penning 
was designed there defence in this 
Court of Assistence but in the intrem : 
being Called to an Exainenation before 
the Hon^"^ Court of Admaralltie is 
theire Lodged with other Papers : w'^'' 
wee presume is in Redynes for this 
Hon"'''^ Bench And jurye to Call for: 
in ordo'' to Reueiw : the Same- 
May it Please the Hon'''''* Bench // 
And Gentlemen of the jurye// 

As wee are in defence fo"" ou"" Liues give vs Leaue 
that wee may haue all Euedence heard that is for vs 
and Cognizence taken thereof as well : as well : as 
Cerconistances against vs : And to Make ou"" defence 
with a Subinissiue Bouldnes as becoms y® Cause & 
Honno"" of a Prince : whose Subjects & Servants we 
are : & his honno"" Priveledges & Prerogatiues wee 
Looke in Good Contience we are bound to mantayne 
with the Perrell of ou"' Liues accordino; to ou"" Powre 
and a Leidgence and Sence as straingers of a nother 
Nation wee ar not Denyed but flauorered to Express 
ou'^ Broaken English by way of Decleration & so to 
Answare for ou"" selues to what wee ar Charged with 
so well as wee Cann : to that End wee humbi}- De- 
sire that all ou"' Papers Lodged in the Court of 


Admaraltie as well tor vs as agst vs may be heere 
gduced and ou'' ordo*^' from Cap" Vrine Arnhoutson : 
also the Euedences we haue there for vs ; togeather 
with ou'' decleration Contayueing thirteene Pages : 
w'^'' Given there as our plea & Answare for ou'' De- 
fence, may be againe Read : and delivered to the 
Gentlemen of the jurye to Consider the Cercom- 
stances thereof according to Law : this being done 
wee haue litle more to say for ou'' selues : then what 
is in them Contayned : so that if anny pticuler of vs 
is accused or Charged with anny thing y' is not Con- 
tayned in these ou"" Declerations we doe not joyntly 
Consearn ou"^ Selues therein but Let or Leaue anny 
such pson in pticuler to [answer] for them selues ; 
only with Submision to the Hon*"'' Court the im- 
provement of all ou'' Declerations and ordo""' wee 
would make for ou'' selues is this 

V^ wee humbly Conceue : that if the Land and places in 
Nova Scotia Gained ou'' Prince from the frence his 
Declared Enemies be now pperly deemed the Hol- 
lando''^ Land then all the trayd and priveledges of 
the place as hath ben in all Changes of Govermmen*^ 
is the hollondo'^^ likewise and y' in ou'' Aprehention 
wee haue Reason to be leeue it is so : please to see 
ou' 1** & 6 : Reasons & ou' P' & second Conseptions 
in ou"" said decleration : and therefore ou'" actions in 
mantayneing our said priveledges hath ben by vs 
Legall & not piraticaly designed : 

2 Wee Say of the Hollando''^ Land & Priueledges : then 
with Leaue & submision wee humbly desire to be 
satisfied, by what povvre or Authoritye this jurish- 
diction challenges a Priveledge in that Land : or at 
Least such a powre as to fetch vs the Hollanders 
Subjects & Servants : from out of this there owne 


Lands : Left there by their Superio''s to kecpe pos- 
esion off & trayd in till farther ordo'' : vide ou'' 4"^ 
Conception And if anny Law for it then with Leaue 
& Submision we desire to to know by w' pticuler : 
Express Law or statute of this Cuntry it is you act 
by warranting the same according to the Expressions 
of \'o'' owne : Lawe margent : titled Civel Prive- 
ledges : in page 1 : of yo"" Law Booke// 

wee humbly Conceue that anny pson or subject acting 
by either ordo"" or Comision from there Superiours if 
in the Execution of there office or discharge of theire 
trust comited to them : they act nothing but what is 
either Expressed or implyd in there said Comision or 
ordo'' all such parsons doth then act nothing but what 
there said Comisio or ordo""** soe Given : will beare 
them out in it, vide the pticaler Cases & Cercom- 
stances in ou"" 6 Conception of ou"" said decleration, 
And fourthly 

And Lastly that our ordo" from Cap* Vrine ArnHout- 
son ou'' there Cheife Comander by Express words 
doth impowre vs : to trayd & keepe posesion : for 
our prince till farther ordo'' See ou"" Respectiue ordo" 
Rightly Read & interpreted And what wee vndo' 
stand is therein implyd by (Keepeing posesion) And 
warranting ou'' action : wee shall : with Leaue & Sub- 
mision in short demonstrate, viz" 
Wee humbly Conceaue : that the Expressions : of 
Keeping posesion in our ordo" is indiffinatly and in a 
Genarall Sence Spoaken : and not to be vndo''stood 
to keep posesion of a part and Let the othe"" part of 
eithe"" Lands or priveledges to be taken from vs : 
with submision that is not the meaneing : but if we 
mistake not it is according to ou'' Powre to keepe 
posesion of and mantayne all : the Rights Priveledges 


& Prerogatiues for the Hono'' of ou'' Prince as well 
as the Land : otherwize wee Let the Cornell be taken 
from vs & keepe only the shell : And that wee may 
more Clearly Euence the truth heereof, shall by way 
of an Allution : with Leaue & Submision p"^ sent a 
Case :// 

Admitt anny of yo'' honno" Goeing out of towne, 
Cals on or two of those yo"" Servants yo"" honno""^ Can 
most Confide in : and deliver a Cabinett w^^ many 
Pretious Jewels in it to him or them : with this 
Charg to keepe Posesion of the same for yo"" Hon" 
vse till forthei- ordo""' : without pticulerizeiug the 
jewels : in the Cabynet : although yo*" said servan'' is 
Consieous that there is such treasures in it although 
not perticulerly expressed in y"^ Charg or ordo'. Now 
may it please yo'' Honno" should such Servants or 
psons be privie to or knowing of anny to Com and 
take a way but on of those Jewels and not accord- 
ing to his powre and strenth withstand hin w^ee doe 
humbly Conceaue yo"" hono""' : would haue just Rea- 
son to Count y' servan^ vnfaithfull and Condemn him 
for breach of trust : and on the, Contrary should hee 
vpon anny discovery or notis of anny of those psons 
that had taken any of those Jewels in his Charg as 
aforesaid : forthwith svrprize them before they Got 
out of his house and so Recove"" those Jewels againe 
for there master before they had made an Escape 
wee humbly Conceue such servants are not blame- 
worthy but rather by there masters will be Comended 
for there faithfulnes in there trust : ordo"" or Charg: 
Comited to them to keepe posesion : ofl" with Sub- 
mision & Leaue wee looke at this alution to be gper 
as as a Case gelell : with ours : for our ordo" are 
Expresly to keepe posesion now : ou"" Coasts are the 


howse : the Land or places is the Cabynate : the trayd 
and Priveledge are the Jewels & treasuiye : we are 
the Servants whomc are to ou''selaes Contieous of 
this treasurj'e in the Cabenet : our Prince & the 
states of holland is ou'" Cap' vrin*^' ordo"" as ou"" then 
Cheife Comando'' : is ou"" Charg : our Adversar3'es : 
are the vsurpers to take ou"" Jowels from vs ; & wee 
haueing notis thereof are the sirprisers according to 
our decleration and Recovered ou'' masters Jewels 
againe, in discharg of ou"" trust : for w^*^ action we 
are impeached before yo'' hono" vudo"" a spetieous 
p^'tence of Pirazye : y® w''^ when y® Hon"'''® bench & 
Jewrye, hath Considered y*^ Cercomstance of ou"" 
defenc they will : we doubt not but haue Reason to 
p''sensent a more Charitable Compleaction to the 
world of vs : being Consieous to ou'"selues that what 
we haue don hath ben according to ou'' Powre in y® 
obserueing ou"^ ordo" to keepe posesion : & therefore 
w**" submision what we haue don is Legall.) But 
againe as the honored Governo'' is pleased to say if 
we mistake not his worship : that ou"" Capt : Vrine 
Did tell his bono'' : that he Gave no powre or Leaue 
to vs to take ann}' English or prevent them to trayd 
w'^*' Admit he did say so yet that is no rule for vs : 
(being ignorant thereof) to be vnfaithfull in ou"" trust 
Exsept wee had had the the like ordo"" or heard y* 
like Expresion from him or at Least a few Lynes 
from the Honored Gover"^ as a Lett pass by anny 
such vessels, & therein Giveing vs a bint of any 
such Expresions by ou"" Cheife Comondo'' to his 
Hono"" and then had wee not in obedience to such a 
word although but verbaly Spoaken : yet as Coming 
to vs from the Hon"''''= Governo' would a ben so Cre- 
dential! to vs that if then we had taken anny such 


vessell or Goods ou'" Adversaryes might a had sum 
speatieous Ground to a impeached vs ; & we a 
thought ou"" selues Les Excusable, but as our Case is 
Cercomstanced : according to truth in Good Con- 
sience : wee Looke at ou''selues obleiged to stand 
vpon our vindecation & with submision shall Leaue 
to the Hon''''' bench & Jewry to Consider this like- 
wise, Thus may it please the Hon""''* Court wee 
Leaue ou*" humble Conceptions : and actions with all 
y* Cercomstances wee haue made for ou"" Defenc to 
be impartialy Considered with the Hon'^'"® Bench and 
Gentlemen of the Jew rye : & in the whole if: judg 
we haue acted ilegally & more then ou'' ordo''s will 
beare vs out in : wee pray the Court would rather 
Atrebvte it to ou*' ignoranc & ileteratenes than anny 
Designed Mallace or prejudize eithe' to anny of this 
Authoritye or priveledge of this Jurishdiction but at 
p'^sent submiting toy" Canded judgm* of y*" Hon*''''^ 
bench & Jurye to act in justis : as wisdom shall di- 
rect : we shall Aqueis : and as Loyall subjects & ser- 
vants to y'' Princ of Orrang our Great, master : doe 
for ou"" Selues & Sociats : Subscribe 
yo'' Honno''s : Prisono" 
The mark ^T^ of - ^^^ marke of 

Cornelius Andreson 

May 17"^ 1675 
Imprimeis, with Leaue, 
May it Please yo*" Honno", 

Vppon the Penfiing of ou"" Decleration we thought ; 
wee Should a had ou"" Triall by a Court of Assistance 
& a Jewrye Therefore is ou"^ said Decleration ac- 
cordingly Directed to the Hon*'''* Bench and jurie : 

capitaine rodrigo 


w'=** now being otherwise but instead there of: a 
Speatiall Court of Admarraltie, Oidored for this 
Expedition, wharein theire is no Jurie madie vse on : 
w'=" wee are very well Sattisfied in : Counting it ou"" 
great hapines and Advantadg that the Cercomstanc 
of ou"" Defence Corns only to be Debated before & 
with such wise judges, who soe well vndorstands 
not only marshall or millitary affaires as souldiers. 
but marritane, ast his Honnorable Court of Adinar- 
altie. Wee Doe : Therefore. Humbly Pray yo"" Hoii- 
no" to over : Looke the obserdities in the Reading 
and Consider ou"" said : Decleration : as Reall from 
ou' selues : and now properly Directed to this Honn 
Qj.abie Court of Adinaraltie for wee ware ware Loath 
so much to deface ou"" Decleration by : raceing Cleane 
out what was obserd therein : And had not time to 
ingross the same againe : So yo'' Honno" Exscuseing 
yo"" Su[)lycants heerein : shall : as in ou"" Petition, 



The Deposition of James Debeck aged Twentie six 

yeares or thereabouts Testifieth 
That being hired vppon monthlie waiges by M"" John fFreack 
on a Traideing voyadge to the Eastward in a Shallopp Calld 
the Philipp George Maning M"" : was on the fourth day of 
Decemb'' last Seizd and Robb'^ by Peter Andrego John 
Rhodes and C^pa in manner followeing. As wee were at an 
anckor neere to Mount desart Iletts homeward bound, Came 
to vs Rodrego ; Rhodes Edward Vrim and Tho : Michel! in 
another Shallopp They toulde vs wee were they they lookt 
for, and fourthwith Commanded ou'' Sckipp*" aboarde, which 
hee obeying they then sent five or six Hands a boarde of 
ou"" shallopp whoe opened the Hatches, and Carried asvaie 


all ou'" pelltrie of P>erie soarte aboard of theire vessell 
which being done I fletcht ou'' Sckipp"" back againe whoe goe- 
ing downe into on"" after Cabbim bad mee hand him downe 
twoe small gunns which lay vppon the Cuddie that he might 
putt them out of the way. One I had given to him And 
the other I had in my hand readie to Reach him ; Where- 
vppon presentlie Rody and his C^p. ffired in vppon vs with 
theire small shott saying, and swearing they would Kill vs 
all three and ffire ou"" vessell, pretending wee took vp amies 
against them, by which vallie sd Maning was Shott thorough 
the hand. And Calld to mee you Dogg Come a boarde, I 
gott into the boate to goe to them and Capt. Peter mett 
mee and sunderie times struck at mee with his Cuttlash and 
I fending to save my headd was by him Cutt through the 
Ellbowe. After which the^^ Concluded to turne wee three 
into ou'' small boate to shift for ou"" selfes ffowrtie leauges 
from the succou"" of anie English, At which wee being sadlie 
dismayd beggd wee might rather bee shott to death, or Else 
Carried alonge wth them, But to whomever wee soe ad- 
dressed ou''selfes Tvrned vs of alledging they Could doe 
noething without the Consent ot y'' whoale partie, till at 
last One Randall Judgson Throade mee downe vppon the 
Deck, stampt vppon mee severall times and Tould mee you 
Dogg you Deserve to bee Kiild- 

The next day they halld ou*^ vessell aboarde of theires, and 
took everie part and parcell of ou"" goods out of vs leaveing 
vs noething but ballast m the houlde In which Transaction 
of Piracie Edward Vrim and Tho : Michell were Concernd 
as y*^ Rest ffor still as they did see anie thing they had a 
likeing vnto, They would Call to theire partners to hand it 
to them, as two Quoiles of new Roape and Sundrie other 
odd things besides. This being done, at last It pleased god 
they Resolved to take vs alonge with them, In order to 
which putt Peter Grant Commd'' aboard of vs with some 


others, and soe Carried vs as theire prisoners, Till Rescued 

by Cap' Mosslie — . 

Sworne in Court 17'^ May 1675. by James Debeck 

as Attests Edw Rawson Secret 

Owned in Court on his form' oath 

24th May 1675 in Court Edw Rawson Secret 

Owned in Court 17 June 1675 on their former oath. 

as Attests Edw Rawson Secret 

owned also on y® former oath as to Judsuns E R S 

James Debeck on his oath Added that Jn° Rhoades came 

one night aboarde y^ s" Manings vessell & lay in his Cabbin : 

to keep possession — 

E R S 

2" Aprill 1675. 
The Examinacon of the several! prison" brought in 
by Cap' Sam" Mosely are as follow eth- 
Jn" Rhodes Examined S"' that hee came from the East- 
ward w''' Cap' Mosely being asked whither hee had any 
comission hee Answered. No being asked why hee fought 
ag' the Kings colours hee answered, because that they with 
Cap* Mosely fought under ffrench colours, dutch colours & 
English colours & they thought they should haue noe quar- 
ter & therefore fought. this was owned to be the trueth 

by Jn° Rhoades in open Court 25 May 1675 E R S 

Peter Rodriego Examined, S'" that his name is Peter 
Rodriego & that hee sailed from Boston to Nova Scotia 
withe power from Cap' Vriu Aruelson which power was 
written at the beare in Boston, & that the s"^ Arnelson put 
the Scales to it — S"" that hee hath taken two english ves- 
sells one from George Manning the other from Walton, & 
that goeing to the Eastward, Stopping at Casco, hee was 
one day asleep in his cabbin. & his men, went ashoare & 

killed four Sheep & brought them aboard. 

Doc. Vol. vi. 6 


Owned in Court by Peter Eodriego 24 May 1675 this his 
Confession on examination to be the trueth & in open Court 
as Attests 

E R S: 

Cornelius Andreson. Examined, S"' that he came now 
from round pond neare Mascone Ishmd, S"' that hee hath 
taken two English Vessells, one from Waldrou the other 
from Hilliard. — owned that he had took two vessells vnder 
his power but deliuered them againe only took the Peltry 
from them : = E R S 

25 3mo 

Tho : Mitchell Examined S"' that hee lives neere Maul- 
don — & that hee came last from Penequid & that hee sailed 
in a Vessell part of her his own — & that the privateers hee 
carried with him tooke Some English Vessells, that hee him- 
selfe was in her & one Peter Rodriego comanded her ; but 
it was against his s'^ Mitchells will they tooke the Vessells 
& that he eat of the mutton that the company on board his 
Vessell tooke away from m' Moantjoy which were in num- 
ber ffour, And that Rodrigo, Grant, fibwler & Rhodes com- 
pelled him to pilot the Vessell from Johns into twelve 
penny harbour where they plundred one Lantrimony & 
killed his cattle. 

Randolph Judson — Examined S"' that hee came now 
from Matchias with Cap' Mosely & that hee was one of 
Cap* Rodrigos company & was at the taking of George 
Mannings Vessell Waldrons Vessell & Hilliards Vessell & 
that they tooke them by virtue of the coiiiission to Peter 
R()drio;o & that George Mannino; was wounded in the hand 
& James Debeck was cut over the arme by Cap* Rodrigo. 

owned in Court 17"' June 1675 E R S 


Edward Youring Examined S"' that he went out in a Ves- 
sell with Thomas Mitchell upon a trading voyage to the 
Eastward, & that going along the Shoare Cap^ Rodrigo & 
the Company on board theire vessell tooke George Man- 
ninsfs & Waldrons Vessells. 

Eichard ffowler Examined S"' that hee was in company 
with Peter Rodrigo & sundry others when they tooke 
George Mannings & George Waltons vessells & goods & 
that hee was onshoare at casco & ffetcht on hoard theire 
Vessell some Sheep from off an Island saide to bee m'" 
Mountjoy's & that Tho : Mitchell sent him on shoare for 

them Saying )there was noe body lookt after them 

y' examination was owned as a])oue writt 17'*' June 1675 

E R S 

Peter Grant Examined S'" that hee was in company with 
Peter Rodrigo & sundry others when they tooke George 
Mannings & George Waltons Vessells & goods by order of 
theire Cap* Rodrigo & that hee was ashoare at Casco & did 
help take the Sheep on board & ffetcht wood to make the 
fire to dress them with & eat part of them- 

Peter Grant owned the 1'* pt of this Confession as to be 
w'" Cap' Pet'" Rodrigo &c. 

John Williams Examined S*'' that hee is a cornish man. 
Sailed out of Jamaica with Cap' Morrice, was taken by the 
dutch & carried to Carrisaw — came hither with Cap' Urin — 
Arnelson — & that hee went from Boston in comp'' with 
Cap' Peter Rodrigo & sundry others & was in comp'' with 
Cap' Peter Rodrigo & sundry others & was in company & 
acted with the s'' Rodrigo & the rest in tho taking of George 
Mannings Vessell ; but was ashoare at Machias when the 
rest were taken- 

John Tomas Examined S"' that hee was one of the com- 
pany that sailed with Cap' Peter Rodrigo & sundry others 



& was present at the taking of George Mannings & George 
Waltons Vessells ; being asked whither hee did not kill a 
ffrenchmau ; hee denyed it ; confessed that hee did shoote at 
him ; but knew not that hee hit him — 

Taken & read to the several persons 
& owned by them before us 

John Leverett Gov"" 
Edward Tyng 
the parties all owned in Court their 
Seuall Confessions as aboue written being 
Read to them in Court of Admiralty 

17 May 1675 

* VIZ. 

c Jn° Dennis 
^ Pilgrim Simpkins 
John Seely 
Jn° Lave^'dure 
Tho Cole Deposed 
to y^ oath by y^"^ 
ag* Judson 
on y'' long side only. 
17 June 75 

E R S. 

The Deposition of Thomas Cole and 
Company * Testifieth thatt being att 
nescaque where three of the Six men 
thatt was thare came aboard and 
John toms being thare aboard did 
svvare dame him thay would have 
the Ketch before she went outt of 
the bay butt being weake att thatt 
psent tune thay would be frinds with 
us thatt day and enimies to morrow 
where upon I th6 said Cole told him 
lett them gett there Crue together 
and some should blede before thay 
had the ketch : John Lauerdure fur- 
ther sayeth being ashore with them 
the said John toms sware dame him 
he would weaken our vessell takeing 
me for M"" Coles mate whereupon J 
Lauerdure told him the Contry was 
troubled Att them for takeing of 


eno'Iish uessells the answer I had 
from him was before he would yeld 
to auj order that the Contry Could 
grant to Surprise them he M^ould be 
the first man that should plant agun 
l)efore the gouernors dore to driue 
him out of his house further these 
deponents sayeth being At Mechias 
where Cap' Randall Judson Came 
aboard and being seuily yused ex- 
specting itt had bin a uessell to 
Supply them butt finding to the Con- 
trary he was trovbled for Coming 
aboard and the said Kendall owning 
of his owne accord thatt whatt thay 
had ashore thatt itt was all Man- 
nings=wheie vpon I the said Laver- 
dure being ashore with him the space 
of three owers Thomas Cole and 
John Sealey was troubled for mee 
And after sun sett the said Cole and 
Sealey Came ashore knoeing whatt 
thay would doe to us and whatt thay 
would doe to the Contry surprise 
him and goods for george maning 
thatt the right owners might htiue 
there owners again And further 
Sayeth nott — 


The Deposition of (xeorge Maning Aged thirty 
years or there Abouts TestifEeth/ 
That Being sent out By the Latte ^NP Jo" freke a traideing 
voyadge to the Eastward in y'^ Shallopp Called the Philipp 




































































































































Was on the floworth day of Deceml/ last surprized and taken 
in adowake Bay to y® Estward of Mount deZort By Cap*^ 
Petter Rodrigoe & Cap* John Rodes In Mauer as ffollowing 
I Being att An Ancor as aboue said they came vpon vs 
w*'' theire Duch Cullers fByn and Comanded mee aboard By 
Cap' Petter Rodrigoe & their vpon I went w"' my Boatte : 
on board of their vesell and being there hee Ordered mee 
to bee theire detained, & Went him Selfe w*'" seu""'' of his 
Comp"" on board of my Shallop & theire Opened the hatches 
& tooke all my peltery & Caried itt on board their owne 
Vesell and alsoe Seu""" other things and then they would 
haue me sett my hand to a papier that they had taken 
nothing firome me, butt w' was of the groath of that Coun- 
trey butt knowing of itt to bee ffals I Refused soe to doe 
but I desiered him to Showe me his Comition by Vertue of 
w'''' hee was Soe Impowered to acctt as hee did, vpon w^*" hee 
said hee would goe and iiech itt and then brought a lards: 
paiper w"> Seuer""^^ Sealls an Extract, butt nether Read itt 
nor would sufer me soe to doe, butt only asked mee what I 
thought of itt to w"^'' I Replyed nott hauing opertunity to 
hear itt nor to Read itt I Did nott know butt itt might bee a 
Lawfull Comition, vpon w''' hee Demanded my Invoice of 
y® goods I had, I Replyed againe that his people hauing 
rumedged my Chest & Cabin that some of his Comp'' might 
haue itt butt hee asking of them tliey all denied itt, wher- 
vpon I went on board to Looke for itt and their found itt 
and then being down e in y'' Cabing James Debeck handing- 
one of the small guns that was on the downe before I Re- 
ceud the other ther was an vproar amongst them and they 
presently ffiared in Seu""" Shott vpon vs by w'''' I was 
wounded in my hand and presently Comanded James on 
board of their vessell and much abused him in striking; him 
many blowes w*^"' I heard and alsoe him Crie for god sake to 
Spare his Life ; after w'^'' y" Cap* hauing broake his Cuttles 
a boutt James he presently went aft and fetched my Cuttles 


&, Came forward to mee saying wher is this dogg maning 
I must talke w*'' him alsoe wher vpon I Beged them to Spaire 
my Life. Sume of them Replyed that if I would Come vpe 
I should haue noe harme, butt Coming vp by y*' Scuttell I 
Receud seuerall blows vpon my head w'^'' soe stuned me 
that for agood Space of time was depriued ot my senses 
nott knowing where I was thought throwne ouer board and 
Caried one board of their vessell and keept me prisner till 
the next day wherevpon they Concluded to send me away 
yfth j^y boatt and hall my Vessell ashoer and burne here ; I 
then heareing of theire sentance ; I Beged Cap* Rodrigoe 
that I might nott be sent away soe Considering the Condi- 
tion I Was in and y'' time of y*^ yeare & wounded as I am 
liee Shaking of his head replied that hee Could nott doe any 
thing in itt w'''out y" Consent of y'' Rest of y* Comp^, where 
vpon I Adresed my selfe to Cap*^ Roedes he then Replyed 
w*'' an oth saying Dam you what doe you Come to mee ffor 
Can I Clear you, then I Adresed my selfe to Randell Jetson 
desiering of him j^ Like hee then w"' y'^ Like othes told me 
if I had my desarts should bee turned ashoar vpon an Island 
and there to Eatt the Rootts of the trees, wherevpon I de- 
siered that I might Rather bee keept as a prisnor amongst 
them and goe ALong w*^'' them then to bee doe soe by, w'^'' 
Could not bee granted. Then I desiered that I might bee 
putt out of my troubles and End my days att y*' Mast, they 
then hering of What I said Withdrew them selues Consult- 
ing what they should doe w"' mee and hailing Tho : Michells 
Vesell on board of me and toke outt all my goods and pro- 
uision Except a Small Matf of prouision pretending itt Was 
to Cary mee home and gaue nice my Vessell againe, butt 
By Cap* Roeds & Tho : Michells Doeings was fforced to 
Condesend to goe along w"' them, & fturther Cap' Roads 
did before my going frome boston thretne John King that 
if hee went to the Estward w"' me hee would be y* death 
of him & iff itt had nott ben for y'' rest of their Company 


hee had suffered, The niet before I sailed frorae boston T 
demanded of Cap* vrrin iff hee did grant any Comision to 
Cap* Roades or any of y'* Comp" that went w*^ him ffor to 
take any English men, I desiered him iff hee did hee miet 
Resolue mee of itt, where vpon hee replyed hee had nott 
nor would not grant any, and that I had as much liberty to 
goe as any one as they had, and Wishing mee a good 
prosperus voyadge wherevpon hee departed, 

After wee sett saille ffrome Adowaket to Aplaisse Called 
Muspeka Racke where I Caused ou"" boatte to be histed outt 
and went aboard of them ; and Desiered that they would 
looke vpon my hand finding my selte in much paine, I de- 
siering they would Clear me ffor I was afraid of loosing of 
my hand, and they Replyed itt was afleshe wound and their 
was noe fear of y'^ Cure soe would nott lett me goe home 
butt was forced to goe withem and further sayeth- taken 
vpon oath in open Court the 17"' of June 1675. 

As Attests Edward Rawson Secret 
Georg Maning on his forme'' oath owned y^ testimony 
on his forme"" oath to y^ trueth as to y* gt of Judsons 

17 June 1675 

E R S. 

ffor Maj^ Rich'' Waldron : 

Hauing Acquainted the Council w"' w' I aduised yow the 
fifteenth Ins* I am Comanded by them to order yow y* forth- 
with w"' 50 or 60 souldie''s vnder yo'' owne or m'' Plaisteds 
or some othe*" Sufficient Conduct yow march to Pennicooke 
supposed to be y" great Randevous of y^ Ennemy where 
you may expect to meet Cap* Mosely, who is ordered 
thithe'' & hath sufficient Comission to pursue kill & de- 
stroy them, wch also you must attend as yo*^ worke vnless 


such as shtill willingly deliuer vp their amies & themselues 
or sufficient hostages to secure their peaceable behauiour 
yow had need take along w*** yow : a Chirurgeon. & make 
all possible expedition. A great part of our forces are at 
present at Hadley &c. 
Boston August 17 1675 

Daniel Denison Maj' Genl 
By order of y*^ Counsill// 

Letter. Creorge Ingersol to Lieut. Augur Sept. 10.. 1675 

Lief* Angur 
Yesterday morning ; being y*^ 9"' : of Sep* : was heard 
three gunnes, & was seen a great smoke up in y^ Riuer 
aboue M"^ Mackworth's whereupon I caused an alarine, but 
could not get y" Souldiers together, by reason of w*^'^ I was 
uncapable for y* day to know y*^ cause thereof, & what y® 
issue might be ; but this day, being y* 10"' : of y'' said 
Month hauing strengthened my selfe, I went up with two 
fils, & and when I came to y° place, I found an house burnt 
downe, & Six persons killed, & three of y* same family 
could not be found, an old Man & Woman were halfe in, & 
halfe out of y^ house, neer halfe burnt : their owne Son was 
shot through y*" body, & also his head dashed in peices : 
this young mans Wife was dead, her head skinned, she was 
bigg with Child, two Children hauing their heads dashed 
in peices, & laid by one another with their bcllys to y^ 
ground, & an Oake planke laid vpon their backs, while 
we were upon this discoucry we saw a smoke, & heard two 
Guns about one Mile or more aboue in y" same Riuer, we 
judge y'' be a company of Indians, but how many we know 
not ; y"" tore I would intreat Major Pembleton & your selfe 
to send to me, each of you adouzen men ; I shall y" goe to 


see whether it be according as we thinke or noe, pray post 
this away to Major Walden ; thus takeiiig my leaue, I sub- 
scribe my selfe ; 

Your loueing friend 
Leif : George Ingersol 
Concerning M" : Purchases ; y® Indians killed none, but 
plundered only : atKennebeckalso seuerall houses plundered. 

reed from L' Ingersol this instrument y® 10 of y® month 
aboue by W^ Sheldon to be posted to Major Pendleton. 

This reseved this 12"' of S'" & thought not any time to 
daylay, & Hue in security ; but desire your ; diligence in 
furderence ; the security ; of the Cuntery ; which the desire 
& prayrs of your frinde 

John Daves 
Jobe Alcock 

Letter '•'■ Jn° Davese ^ J-nP Wincoll to "-Major Walden'''' 

Septemb"" 16"' 1675 from blackpoint about 1 a clock 
Major Walden 

Hon'^d Sir : yesterday morning wee Marchd 
from Wells & at night about 9 a clock came to this 
pomt & after a litle refreshing went vp to Leiut Augers at 
Dunstun. where in the ,day time before there were two men 
shott at in the Marsh (as they were carriong hay) by 3 guns 
out of the l)ushes by the Marsh but the indans were not 
then seen ; but scene after there were 3 guns more shott off 
about halfe a mile off & two of the Indians scene goeing by 
a hill on the .n e. side of Dunstun : wee stayed at Dunstun 
all night & in the morning sent a small ptie to the s*^ hill 
but they returned & saw nothing but some tracts of In- 
dians feet : we stayd at Dunstan till about 8 of clock & then 


went down to the point & so to black point & by the way 
wee mett with Messengers from cascoe who informed vs that 
on tuesday last there was 2 houses burnt & two men kild : 
as also since we came from Dunstun came messengers after 
vs that Informed vs that there was 4 Indians seen goe cross 
some pt of the marsh & some of them fired as they marched 
& seemed to goe toward Cascoe : wee find our souldiers 
verrie short of Aminition & that they have is verrie bad, & 
the bodie too small to answer the present nesessities of these 
parts, & the dangers on everie side so apparant that wee 
scarce know which way to march o'' intent is for cascoe this 
night : I pray hast away suply according to yo'' discretion : 
& not haveiug time to In large I rest 

Y''s to be Comanded 

Jn° Davese 
Jii° Wincoll 

Letter Tho' Gardner to G-ov. Leverett 

Pemaquid Sep 22l 1675 
Honnored Sir I thought it my duty in our present 

feares & dangers to Inform you how things stand with vs 
vpon the Newes of the Suksese of the Indianes to the South- 
ward & the Robing Lattly of sixe or seven Houses in Kenni- 
bek River but Espechally Killing of Nine persones in Casco 
the Inhabitants of these parts ar fled & Left their houses 
Corne Cattell & all to the Ennimy (if Anny) & Cannot Ex- 
pekt but the End will be A famin if thay line thay ar fled 
som to Damerels coue but most to Munhegan wher may be 
thought most safty thay want Powder & shott for their 
defence at the Hand Sir I Conceiue the Reason of our 
Troubles hear may be occcationed not only by som southern 
Indianes which may Com this way But by our owne Acct- 
ings & Because I much doubt of such Accting do ernestly 


desiere Advice & ordere Sir vpon the first Newes of the 
wares with the Indianes at Plitiiouth diuers persone from 
Kenibek & Shepscott gott togeather makeing them selues 
oficers & went vp Kenibeke Riuer & demanded the Indianes 
Armes who Came downe Quiettly & Brought & deliuered 
thear Armes how thay wear Treatted with Captain Thomas 
Lake Can Better Inform you then my self & now I vnder- 
stand Liutenent Sillvanus Davis did Againe Requier their 
Armes thay Refused to deliuer them & Kept in hold as I 
vnderstand his men sent to them for to or thre daye but at 
last sent them Away without any farther harme to persones 
or goods my doubt is seing these Indianes Amongst vs line 
most by Hunting as your Honnor well Knoweth how we 
Can Take Away their Armes whose liuelywood dependeth 
of it. 

And seeing these Indianes in these parts did neuer 
Apeare dissatisfied vntill their Armes wear Taken Away I 
doubt of such Acctions whether thay may not be forced to 
ofo the trench for Releife or flight Aojainst vs hauino; nothing 
for their suport Almost in these parts but their guns Sir to 
dayes Ago thre Indianes Came to me from saint Georges 
Riuer as it is Called whom I Sent to fetch som of the Sag- 
imouers from Kennibeke Riuer to me that I might treat 
with them who willingly went but by the way thay mett 
with an Indian who told them he came from thenc & that 
thay wear fled into the woods as he thought & Could not 
speke with any) so these persones Returned & brought me 
this Newes whom now I haue sent Againe to see if thay 
Can find anny of these Kennibek men & to bring them to 
me to the End Aforsaid who haue promised in sixe dayes 
to be hear Againe & bring vs Newes how things stand or 
the persones Sir I do not find by Any thing I Can discerne 
that the Indianes East of vs ar in the least our Ennimies 
only fly for tear from Any boats or English thay se & good 
Reason for thay well Know it may Cost them their Lives if 


the wild fishermen meet with them Sir I douV)t wheather 
we should Kill these Keimibeke Indians it" we meet with 
them that haue not Killed any of vs & who those persones 
ar that haue Killed our frinds in Casco or Robd the houses 
on the south side of Kennibek doth not yet Apear I supose 
it ma\ be som stragling persones from the Southwards Most 
persone think fitt to go into the woods & Kill or sease on 
All Indianes thay find but for my part I hearing thay ar fled 
from their forte & Hue in the woods think such procedings 
will not only be frutles, but ouerbalanced with Abundance 
of Danger but do think best to get our selues into as defen- 
sine A posture as we Can Thus Sir if you will be pleased 
to let these Bearers to Returne w^ith powder & shott for our 
suply & your orders & Instruktions in the premises & your 
prayers to god for our Asistauc which we Craue you will 
Obleadg him who is your Vnworthy Servant to pray to him 
who only hath wisdom to direkt you & Power to help vs all 
in our Need that his Asisting presenc in all your weighty 
Afayers may be with you 

[Superscribed] Thomas Gardner 

To the Honnored — 

& Esquier John Leu[eret] — 

his house in Bos [ton] 

these with all due 

Douer 25"^ September 1675 
Much Hon^'' 

My Absence from home (being this Week at Eastw** :) 
hath Ocation'd) yo'' hearing nothing from me Soe long but 
being Just now return'd this evening thought it my Duty 
w**" an expedition to giue Ace" of the state of y* Place. 
Since I sent away Cap^ Dauis w"' about 50 men at y^ ene- 
mies ffirst Assault of those places (haueing ffurther Infor- 
mation of their killing & Burning Accordmg to yo' direction 


raised a gty of souldiers out of Douer & Portsm** & w"' an 
Addition of Some from Kittery I did my Selfe Aduance 
eastw'" for y® fturther Succour of those places but before I 
came soe fiarr as Sawco (Cap' Dauis being gone to Falm'^ 
where the first damage was done by the enemy I had Ad- 
uice of y' enemies Marching Westward flailing upon Scar- 
brough & Sawco killing & burning on Saturday & Sab- 
l)ath day last at Scarbrough they killed an old man & 
Woman & burnt their house & at M"" Foxwells two young 
men Were kill'd being att y^ barn about y"" Cattle the enemy 
y" Aduanced tow*^^ Sawco riuer w'^'^ is not aboue 4 miles 
distant from y' Part of Scarbrough & there fell to burning 
of houses, y* People before haueing Intelligence ffrom an 
Indian calld Scossaway of y* time w" they Would come 
deserted their houses most of y™ repairing to Maj'' Pendle- 
tons but M"" Bonighten & Some other ffamilies to Maj"' 
Phillips s on Saturday Morning y* Indians rifled & burnt 
Seuerall houses on y'^ north Side y® riuer among w*^'' M"" 
Bonightens was one he being the night before fled to Maj'' 
Phillips's while said houses were burning a pty of y™ 
Judged about 36 Ind"^ came ouer y* I'iuer in english canooes 
& w" come Ashore cutt holes in y" & turn'd y™ Adrift but 
all this time finding noe men they went to Maj"" Phillips 
Sawmill & P' Set it goeing then on fire & burnt it & af- 
ter w''^ did y*^ like to his corn mill it being Judged to be 
their design therby to draw y""' out of y*^ house & Soe to 
Surprize both y"^ & itt but Maj"" Phillips being flforwarn'd of 
their comeing made Some Small defence about his house 
haueing w"^ him of his own ffaniiiie & Neighbours to y* 
Number of 15 men besides women &, Children in all about 50 
the bushes being thick w"'in shott of his house could not at 
ffirst See Ind" but one of y*' men Perceiueing a stirring Among 
y® fiearnes Maj'' Phillips looked out of his Chamber Win- 
dow y' Way & ffrom y"'=® was Imediately shott att & slightly 
Wounded in y" Should"" (2 more were alsoe Wounded Af- 


terw''* y* being all the harm done there) after w°^ y* Shott 
came thick w"^'' was Accordingly Answered ffroai wi"'in but 
no Indians as yet apear'd but onely Creeping deck't w*'' 
ffearnes & boughs till some time after they gott a p"" of old 
truck wheels & ffilted y°' up w"" boards & slabbs for a 
barricadoe to Safeguard y^ Driuers thereby Endeauouring 
to burn y" house haueing prepared combustible matter as 
birch rinds pitchwood Turpentine & powd'' flbr y' end but 
they in y® house gceiueing their Intention Plyed their shott 
against itt & ffound Afterw''' their shott went through a 
little before they came at y*^ house there was a little wett 
ground into w^'^ ye Wheels sunk & y' obstructed their 
driueing itt fforw'' they Endeauouring to gett it out of y^ 
dirt again by turning a little on one side thereby layeing 
y'"Selues open to y™ in y® house w°'^ oportunity they Im- 
prou'd & made y™ quitt their work & ttty but Continued 
fireing at y" house all night till Sabbath day Morning about 
9 a clock & then they Saw y" Indians at a distance March 
away they Judg'd between 20 & 30 & Some of y"" w'" 2 
guns but before they went they sett fire on a little out 
house & in itt Iiurn't Seuerall hogs Since w'^'' ^Iiij"^ Phillips 
is remou'd down to Winter harbour to Maj"" Pendletons 

where I found him after this y" Same or another Party 

of Indians went to Scarbrough to a Place call'd Dunstau 
where L' Alo;er beinor Abi'oad \v*'' 6 more well arm'd beins: 
about their Ocation.s mett 14 Ind"^ complcat in Amies in 2 
ranks he retreating a little tow''^ his house y'^ Ind'"* Aduanc'd 
& tlbllow'd w4iereui)on he fac'd y" y* 1'' rank of y* Ind"» 
fired & orderly ffell in y® rear of y* other L* Alger w"' his 
6 men fired & pccined they Struck Some of y'" whereupon 
they Imediatel}^ fled they being at a Considerable Distance 
none of y" Rec'' any harm but Notw^''standing all this 
neither my selfe nor Cap' Dauis nor any pty I sent out th6 
I had y" in those pts 120 Souldiers could euer See an hid" 
therefore Considering y*^ Weaknesse I left our pts in nearer 


liomew'' by tnkeing Soe many thence & the little hopes wee 
had of meeting w"' y' enemy who Assoon as euer they dis- 
couered a gty of Souldiers in one place fled to another & by 
Reason of y*^ Vast Inconueniences Attending a March in y' 
Country ocation'd by many riuers Marshes, &c. I thought 
it most prudence to Ccmtract y*" people into as Small a 
Compasse as may be in those townes & there make some 
fortification to to defend y^'selues haueing left about 60 
Souldiers in garrison at Sawco Scarbrough & Falm*'' fibr y* 
defence of those places & flFor their help in gathering their 
corn & Secureiug their prouicoris bringing y* Remaining 
forces back w*^ mee to their seuerall towns again haueing 
likewise ordred Wells york & Kittery to garrison y'^Selues 
fibr y'' own defence y® distractions of those places by Rea- 
son of psons being ff"orc'd to fibrsake y'' Plantations & leaue 
their Corn & Cattle to y* enemy doth portend Ineuitable 
want &C'' to ensue unlesse god by his extraordinary proui- 
dence doe preuent, their case being Considered beg yo'' 
Thoughts & direction aboutt it w*"*" w° Rec^ shall be readily 
Attended by 

Hon'"'^ S"" yo-" Humble Seru" 

Richard Waldorne 
Att A Council held at Boston the 16 October 1675 

To Majo"" Bryan Pendleton m'^ Humphry 
Warren Left Joshua Scottow & m"" George 
Munjoy any or either of them? : 
The Council being Informed of more then Ordinary Suspi- 
tion of Lef Thomas Gardiners still tradeing w'** the french 
& Indians, to the great dainger & trouble of the English & 
encouragment of the barbarous natives now in Hostillity 
Judge meete relateing to the not only discouery of but the 
prevention of so daingerous a practise to Orde"" Authorize 
& Impower yow or any or either of yow" to Inquire into the 
s** Complaint examining all persons as John Abbot of pis- 
catqua Riuer Jn" Lux w"' such weomen as there lately saw 


certeine frenchmen to Come ashoare at Pemacquid & Carry 
vp theire moose & beva"" to Lef^ Gardiners house as also 
such fishermen as did disarme the said ffrnchmen (or others 
yow know or heare of Cann Giue testimony of & Concern- 
ing such daingerous practises & on yo'' strict examinations 
yow finde the said Gardiner Guilty of tradeing w*'' the In- 
dians Discouraging the English by his warrants or othe''wise 
taking their depositions before him & forthwith Cause him 
and any othe''s that haue binn abetto'"s w"' him in like man- 
ner to be brought Downe to Boston before the Go & Coun- 
cil to Giue Ans"" fFor such his Evill practises= 

By y*^ Council Edw. Rawson Secre* 

To the Constable of Pemacquide or any other oflScer there 
yo'"" are hereby Required in his Mny^' name forthwith to 
Aprehend Left Thomas Gardiner [and his abettor's] and him 
or them forthwith to bring safely before the GoQuo'' & Coun- 
cil in Boston to Ans' what he shall be chardged w"' for traid- 
ing w'"' the trench & "'' Indians since these barbarous Indians 
haue Raised & gsecuted a Cruell warr ag* the English : 
heereof no* to faile. 
Dated in Boston the 18"' of octobe-" 1675 : 

By y® Council Edw : Rawson Secret 

This is to Certify to all Captains Comissione" Constables 
or any whom this may concerne in any part of this Juris- 
diction that M"" Humphry Warren w*"^ those w"' him & their 
Amies & Vessell is hereby freed from all Impresses during 
this voyage. 

E R. S. 


Receiucd l)y vs whose Names are vnder written vidclicett 
Danield Wakley, & Thomas Hues, by order of y^ Comitte 
Doc. Vol. vi. 7 


now Sitting att ffalmouth by order of y*^ councell att boston, 
of M"" James Andrvews Senior of ftalmotii one barrell of 
powder being by estimation one hundred weight wee Say 
received by vs, by order & Comand of y*^ Sayd Comitte, 
one barrell of powder of M"" James Andrews as aforesayd as 
witnes our hands this 21 of October 1675 


Tho Huse his mk 

Daniell Wak 

his mark 
Witnes vs 

ffrancis Neale 

William Rogers 


To the Hono''d Governo'" and Councell James Andrews of 
Casco Humbly Sheweth that m"" George Munjoy and Leif 
Ingerson of Casco with the rest of the Comitte there by 
their warrant did send to my house to demand of me a bar- 
rill of Powder : and I haveing but one Barrill in my house 
which I had purchased for the defence of my owne famaly 
and the rest of my neighl^ours that were come into my 
house for security : I refused to deliver the same : where- 
upon the said Comitty sent their warrant to bring me before 
them : So I went with the messengers to m"" Munjoj^s : and 
there the said Comitty kept me as a prisono"^ till such time 
as I had Engaged to deliver the said Barrill of Powder to 
such persons as they should send for it : whereupon they 
then sent men with me to my house to receive it : unto 
whome I was forced to deliver it and they carryed my bar- 
rill of powder to mr Munjoys house : and so I and my poore 
famaly with the rest of my neighbours that were come into 
my house for security were left utterly destitute of Powder 
where by to defend our selves against the violence of the 


Barbarous Eniniy- Thus leaveing the p''inisses for yo"" Hon- 
0*^8 consideracon humbly intreateing yo*" Hono''s releife here 
in — 
I reniaino 

Yo"" Hono''s Humble serv' 

James Andrews 

In Ans"" to the peticon of James Andrews Complaining of 
himself to be Imprisoned in m' Munjoy'* house till he deliu- 
ered his barrell of powde'' to the orde"" of the s** M"" Munjoy 
Left Ing''soll & othe's Comittee w*^'' he was forced to doe as 
Appares by a Receipt presented It is Ordered that the 
Comittee forthwith deliuer to the said James Andrews 
twenty pounds of his powder backe againe & make him 
Just & due Sattisfaction for the same. 

By y^ Council Edw'' Rawson Secret 

Letter from Capt. Joshua Scottow to Gov. Leverett 
Nov. 6, 1675. 

Honourd S"" 

After all due submission to yo''self w"" the Hon- 
oured Councill these are to declare y" state of o"" affaires at 
p'sent, since y' by Jo : Shurt o' men being sent vp y*^ riv'' 
to secure those barnes of Corne left w''*' accordingly the ap- 
plyed y™selves to doe & to repaire o"" water mill (being o"" 
onely releif for grinding) they met w^'' no opposition nor 
could have sight for 3 dales of above one Indian vpon the 
•3'' of this Curr' they having finished one mans corne & vpon 
loading of it in canews 29 of o"" ptie being there were as- 
saulted & surrounded b}' at least 60 or 80 Indians & had 
bin all [cut] of had not Scr* Tippet come in w"' his ptie to their 
timous releif who was on y*" other side river to help wheat 
&c out of another barne wherevpon the enimy retreated into 
the bushes it l)cing a toggy day could not soe well discerne 


w* execution they did vpon y™ more y" disinabling one In- 
dian soe as to leave his Speare behind him, much firing on 
both sides owne of o^'s wounded one drowned by hasting into 
a Cano, next day a souldie"" of his owne accord went 

downe y* marshes & hallowd & an Indian came vp to him 
being of Piscataquay & his acquaintance they pleed & 
smok't a pipe of tobacco togither, the Indian having laid 
downe his gun & he seemingly did y'' same, a small riv"" pting 
ym (^ye larger narracofil C. winkall & my Self have sent to 
Maj"^ Walden to be conveyed vnto o"" Maj'" Genii I refer y"^ 
Honours vnto) y*^ substance of y^ discourse was they will- 
ingly would have peace, & kept 2 women, two casco chil- 
dren, foure men prisoners to dl'' vp if it might be &c if not 
let time & place be appointed & they would fight y® english 
& as it was misreported vnto C. Winkel & myself they 
would stay 48 houres for an answer but it seemeth it was 
y*' next day, the Indian gave his signall next day but none 
having an order to treat him [our] men [took] care to secure 
the wheat threshd out, & a shallop being there to fetch it if 
they sent none to discourse him, vpon w*^'^ the enemy had 
done y^ day before & y' during the parlee fired stackes of 
hay & some houses, o"" men y* afternoone being pinched for 
want of bread & victualls, could not be prvailed w'^ by their 
officers to continue in y* faruie house w*^'' they had fortified 
vntill further order w'''^ was designd a retreating place vpon 
fighting y", though a small riv'' pted y" & y^ Indians ren- 
dezvoux, in order to fighting y'" I had visited y* next garri- 
son & drawne of w' I durst to assist o'' souldio's vp y^ riv"", 
but towards y*^ evening vnderstanding o'' mens resolves, sent 
y™ vp bread &c with an exp^'sse charge not to desert y^ place 
w*'k)ut further order, but it could not come to y™ soe as to 
hinder their moving downe w'^'' was vpon the 5"' day Curr* 
in the night, next morning we designed y^ settling y™ all vp 
assoone as y^ tide would pmit & had orderd all to y* end, 
but vpon y" sight of the enemies burning of y' house w'='' 


they had fortified & of my barne ot Corne w'^'' was left un- 
burnt there, w"' advice of Cap"^ Winkell & the rest of y* 
otficers, we altcrd o"^ desiijne & this day purpose w"' all o"" 
strength to fetch in the Inhabitants Corne, left in their 
deserted houses, the enimy firing all before y'" in w'='' doing 
an opportunity of fighting y™ may all&o p''sent w'^'' o'' soul- 
die" long for but we want fixed ai'uies [most] of those sent, 
not serviceable & two or three disinabled in o"" last ingagem^ 
please to dispatch o"^ supply of tiints &c sent for in my last 
to Maj'' Clark we are in distres for want of y'°, especially 
bread not having two dayes bread left at a Cake a day w'^'^ is 
y® allowance I reduced o"" souldi''s into at first coming, w'^'' 
bread is borrowd from fishermen & my myself, we have 
no grinding neerer then Piscataquay, not else but begging 
prayers & y' y* Deluge of sin w*^'' I gceive is among o"" soul- 
die"^ aswell as Inha])if* nniy be stopped by reason wdiereof 
this overflowing scourge pursueth vs (this place being now 
y^ seat & center of the Easterne war) Casco Quenybec 
being all quiet & peace as by yesterdaies intelligence I 
understand, I humbly subscribe myself 

Yo" & y^ Countries 
most humble serv* 
Josh Scottow 
ffrom y* Head quarters • 

at Black point at 3 : o clock 
in y^ morning this 6^'' 
9ber 1675 

May it please you to take notice 
that instead of the 50 designed 
here are but 38 sent div''se of y"" 
msufficient for service & some 
soe mutinous that we caiiot with 
safety inflict y" punishm' they 
deserve, for the pursuing of my 


Comiion to effect there is need at 
least of 100 men compleatly armed & 
bread sent, for fiesh I hope we 
have enough 

J: S 

Letter from the Council to Capt. Scottow Nov. 16, 1675 
Cap'' Scotow 

We receM yo"" letter & saw another sent b}' yo''' to majo' 
Walderne ; wee peeve the Indians ; do somtimes ; alhiriim 
you & obstruct the getting in prouisions & corne, If such 
an other oSture as that indian made y*^ met y^ Soldeiur in 
y* marsh for a treaty of peace to delifil y"* English prisoners 
should be made, againe, wee aduise & order you shall 
Apoint to treat w'*' y"" & see what terms you can come to & 
a cesatio of amies vntill their offers ma}' be considerd by 
vs, & eudeu'' to procure the deliuery of y® prisoners & wee 
will deliuer as many of theirs y* are at Boston ; peace is 
better y" warr if it can bee obtained vpon good terms, & 
som pledges or hostages giuen ; for security, as for A sup- 
ply of more men wee cannot comply w"^ you therin, wee 
haue so many places to strengthen y' wee cannot doe all, 
wee are sure you haue as great a proportion as most places, 
of the like concern, : wee here you want neither corn, flesh 
nor tish & so long you can not be in straits & though yo"" 
mill ly at a distance yet a samp morter or two will make a 
supply to p''uent any great sufferings as for sending of 
Bisket, wee, dare not giue y* p''sedent for all other places 
garisond by the country soldiers are prouided for with vict- 
ualls by the people they secure, it is enough for y"" country 
to pay wages & find Amunition, our Armies y' are in motio ; 
require more y" the country is well able to I)eare especily 
yo'' cnsterne parts are concerned to case the publicke purse 


what they may : because : wee know of nothing y' way eGl 
put in to it, from thence ; Therfore wee desire you to 
make the best Improuement you can vv'^ the strength you 
haue for yo"" owne deftence & offence of the enimy vntil God 
send better times ; wee haue inckjsed the printed laws to 
restreyne mutinous soldiers let y"" be read to y^ Soldiers ; 
And notice taken of y^ y^ transgrese ; & if you find yo"" selfe 
to weake to deale w*'' them let y'' Ringleaders bee sent hither 
w"' euedence of y*' fact., wee haue not more at p^sent but 
desire the Lords p^sence blessing & protection of God to be 
w"' & oGl you all 

Remaine yo"" louing freind 

post script if you find our 
Soldiers any Burden or inconvenience 
to you You are Authorised herby 
to dismisse y™ or any of y™ either 
heither or to majo' Walderne 

Order of Council. 

kit A Council held at Boston y« 9'" of December 1675 
p'sent The Council taking into their Consideration 

GoOn"" the p'"sent state of the Towue of Wells in 

nr Bradstreet respect of the vnsetled frame of the luhab- 
Cap* Gookiu itants there in this Tyme of Dainger To 
m"^ T}'ng the end that there may be some Remedy & 

m"" Clarke for the future a better mannagement of Af- 

faires there in orde"" to the Safety of the 
It is Ordered And Appointed that the LeifteniT Jn° Litle- 
fcild Doe Effectually Apply himself to Comand in cheife all 
that are capable of bearing Amies in y*^ Towne & to orde' 
them in the best manner y' may be for their mutuall safety 
who are hereby seuerally recjuircd &. co:uanded to Obey him 


& Attend his orde'^s in all respects vpon poenalty of being 
reputed & dealt w"'all as false to y'' interests of the puhlick. 
In all matte's of moment y*" sd Left Jn" Litlefeild aduice as 
much as may be Consult w*'' m"" Sanjuel Whelevvright & W 
W" Symonds 

And for the better effecting of w* may be needfull It is 
further ordered that nr Sara : Whelewright ni"' W"' Symons 
& y*" s** Left Litlefeild be & are heereby Impowred to be a 
Comittee or y^ majo'' pt of them by warrant vnde"" their 

In Case there be need to Impresse all such persons pro- 
uission Amunition or othe'' things w"'in theire owne Towne 
as shall be necessary & Canno* otherwise be had And y* 
Council Doth also Declare y*^ y'^y expect & Require y* all 
persons belonging to y*" sd Towne & y* may be vsefull & 
helpfull there Doe in no case Desert the place to y^ weak- 
ning of y*^ hands of those y' are willing to remaine vpon 
poenalty of being liable to forfeit all their estates & interests 
in y' towne & y^ order is forthwith vpon the receipt thereof 
to be published by Lef Jn° Litlefeild to y^ Inhabitants of 

By y*^ Council E R s 

p'sent The Council mett 18 JanQy 1675. The 

The Goti Council hauino- Receaued An acco* from 

m"" Brads* majo"" Walderne relating to the Indians 

Maj'' Gookin already come in to him & Expected to Come 
M"* Danforth in It is Ordered that it be left to him & 
nV Tyng left Peter Coffyn by their best discretion to 

m"" Stoughton secure the men Come w*'' their Amies and 
m'' Clarke to Imploy the Weomen & children to Gett 

_^^ ^__^ their livings to preuent charge to the Coun- 
try and Also to procure more to Come in 
and what euer shall Come in w*'' their Armes to secure till 
further order from the Council and that the majo' from time 


to time Give account to the Council of what shall be don 
therevpon, and for effecting thereof It is left to y^ niajo"" to 
Iraproove whom he sees Cause 

past E R S 

Job Alcocke being Complained on for neg- 
lecting to obey the Majo' Waldren' warran' 
was sentenct to 

Order of Council. 

It is ordered by the Councill that the Secretary forthw*'' 
issue forth warrants to the Constables of the several 1 
Townes, to Sumons in the persons mentioned in a list from 
ffalmoth & Blackpoint as delinquents in departing from the 
Garrisons where they Were {)laced contrar}^ to order ; also 
those mentioned in a list from Saco & Yorke to appeare 
before the Councill on munday next the 24° instant at •!• 
a clock to answer as aboues'' informing himselfe of ('ap'" 
Scotto or others where the s'' persons are ; also to send a 
warrant to the Constable of Bilrica to Sumons in Simon 
Crosbey to appeare before the Councill at the same time to 
answer for his neglect of the Country's Service for which 
he was impressed,/. 

Councill adjourn*^ to munday 24° instant at one a clock. 


To the Right Hono'^'^ the Gov'- : & Councell now 

sitting in Boston January the 24*'' 167| 

The Petition of William Griffith 

Humbly Shcweth that yo"" Petitiono"' hath a great famaly and 

some of them have beene Sick for a Considerable time 

and his famaly have their whole dependance upon his labour 


and imploym* : and about three months since yo"" Petition'' 
was Prest to goe out in the service of the Country to Black 
Point : and Considering the urgent necessityes of his fam- 
aly, he was forced to hire a man to goe out in his roonie : 
and agreed to allow him ten Shillings g weeke : and also 
that he should have all the Countryes pay : which said man 
hath beene at Black point above three month : Now Yo"" 
Petitiono"" humbly Craves the favo"" of yo" Honor's to consider 
that he is a poore man and hath a great famaly : and to pay 
Six or Seaven pounds out of his Labour besides the main- 
tenanc of his famaly, (in this time when traiding is so dead) 
will be Exceeding difficult : therefore humbly beggs that yo"" 
Hono'^s will please to give order for the release of the said 
man by him hired as aflbres'^ (namely Samuell Johnson). 
So shall he for ever pray for yo'' Honor's &c 

William Griffith 

granted that the man 

bee sent for home, & that 

hee haue an order for that end. 

Petition of Henri/ Jooelyn ^ others 

To the Honorable Gov"" & Councill 

The humble peticon of the Inhabitants of Scarborough 
Whereas by the good hand ot fav'' of God & En- 
couraging })rotection wee have hitherto bin p''served from 
the rage & fury of the heathen, & though sundry have left 
()■■ Towne yet the subscribers doe intend not a man of vs to 
leave our station without a speciall order from yo'' Honours 
nor without the leave of o'' Comanders if yo' Honours shall 
think meet to incourage o'" continuance by vpholding a small 
garrison among vs otherwise to send vs convenience for o"' 
transporting from hence we not being Capacitated to beare 
the charge of it o'selvcs, we humbly conceive it will be an 


expedient to mtuiitaine the English intherest in his Ma*'^^ Do- 
minions & jo' honours happy government which we heartily 
pray for y*^ Continuation of, & we furthei' are bold humbly 
to suggest, that it will not onely tend much to y'' daiTiage of 
the whole Countrey but to y"" dishonour of y® nation, that a 
place soe naturally seated for defence vpou which there hath 
bin soniuch laid out to fortify should either be dismantled 
or deserted to y*^ publique enimy, it being the frontier & if 
not supported the whole County in all probabillity will be 
ruinated. In hope of yo'" Honours further ftiv° we humbly 
pray for yo'" peace & gsperity. 

Henry Joceh'u 

Raphe Allanson 

Pet p Shaw 

XT \\r ,4^^ John Tinny 

Henry VV atts -^ 

mrke Sam : S Oakeman Sen'' 
Hen : ^A^ Berrkins jj^^.], 

John Cocke Geo : -4- Taylovrs 

Daniell U Moore Joseph Olliver 

Petition of Joshua Scottoiv ^ others "■1676.'" 

To the Honoured Gouerno"" and the rest of the Hon- 
oured Counsell Now sittinge in Boston./ 
The Humble request of vs whose names are hearevnder 
written ; in the behalfe of the County of yorke, request yo"" 
Honours Consederation and assistance ; in this our distresed 
Estate and Condition ; of the Inhabitants in that Conty 
Consarninge our Conion Enemies ; the barbarous Hethen ; 
who indeour to insult ouer vs ; but p the Blesscinge of God 
heather to he hath Keept vs ; vnder his protection : we fly 
to yo"" Hon" ; for releife ; requestiuge yo'' Care heare in ; we 
humbly request 3'our hon's, that Care may bo taken for o"" 


present releaife and destruction of o'' said Enemy : we hum- 
bly Conseaiue as foil 

Impri./ That the Contry would be pleased to Ereckt or 
Setle Two Garrasons viz* one at Cascoe bay ; the other at 
Wells or Newchonicke ; w'^'' we leaiue to yo"" hon'"^ Conseder- 
ation ; with Souldiers in Euery Towne to be vnder the Com- 
and & Conduckt of Sume men w°'' may be Chosen p yo"" 
honers ; out of Every said Towne ; both for the destroyinge 
of o'' Enemiies ; & securinge the said Townes ; 
2) That order may be Giuen to those men Irapowred ; 
that noe man neither old nor younge, doe desart the townes 
they now Liue in, w*out Concent, and approbation of those 
soe appoynted ; or not w'out Consent of the millitia of the 
said Townes ; 

3 That yo' hon" would be pleased to Conseder our ina- 
billity & vncapablenes of Cariinge on this warre our selfes ; 
but with your assistance we are willinge to o"" vttermost 
4) The premises beinge well Considered ; and the Gar- 
rasons soe settled & well improued ; may be Much for the 
destruction of the said Enemies ; and Incouradgment of 
Traide*/ all which we leaiue to yo"" honors Consederation 
and remaine yo"" Hon''' Humble Sarv"' 

Josh : Scottow George Munjoy 
John Davis 
Sam" Wheelwright 
John Litlefield 

Letter Richard Waldern to John Leverett Esq. 
'^ about 1676r 

Sir M"" Colcord was Implyed by my selfe and m"" moody in 
the case depending betwixt the Country and george and 
mtison and spent many days in procuring Euidences which 
were sent to England : and dcsiereth some Recompence for 


his time spent his pertickler arrant will shew : but this I 
Cann say many days he did spend in the seruis and he de- 
siereth me to signify the same to you which he hopeth you 
will put him in some way for it he being very poore. 

Your humbell seruant 

Richard Waldern 
To John Leverett Esq'' 
about 1676 — 

" Councils letter to if Secre^ of State " 5 April 1676. 

Right ho*"* 

Y" may please to remcmb'' 
That in Decemb"" last wee did by o*" hon'''' John Leueret 
Esc|j present to y'' hon"" a short narratiue w*'' a printed pap 
Declaring: the state and condicon of this and other his 
ma*'*'' Colonyes & plantacons in New England (in reference 
to a warr wee were ingaged in w^'' the pagan natiues of the 
Country) humbly to be rep sented to his Sacred Ma"'' : A 
better account (as to the yssue thereot) wee then hoped, 
wee should have bene able to haue giuen by the next convey- 
ance : but such hath bene the wise and oQruling providence 
of almighty god, that o"" losses & calamyties, hath since 
that tyme, bene much increased and augmented, and there 

is none amongst vs that can tell how long, o"" holy god (tor o*" 

sins) pmitt theis barbarous heathen to afflict and distresse vs : 
Wee shall not p'"sume to giue y"^ hon'' the trouble of repeat- 
ing what forffiily wee informed, as to the beginning & ryse 
of this warr : but humbly p''sent to y" the pceedure thereof 
and what hath befallen vs since that t^^ne. 

About the 10''' of Dec"" last, wee w"' the Colonyes of X : 
Plymouth & Conecticott sent forth about 1000 men, w*'' 
some Indians in Amyty w"' vs, against the Narragansetts 


one of the greatest & most considerable people amongst 
theis barbarians. Whoe notw^'^standino; all their former 
ingagem*s and pmises had ayded & abetted Phillip Sachem 
of Mount hope and other o'' Enemyes and Dealt treacher- 
ously w"* vs. Theis marching in the depth of winf (a tyme 


judged most expedient to distresse them) into the Narra- 
gansett Country after much hardshipp indured, assaulted 
them att their head q"' in a rude flfort, they had made in 
agreat swampe, or groue of trees and vnd'"wood, where vpon 
o"" knowledge & the confession of some captiues then taken 
many hundreds of them were slaine, their howses or wig- 
wams Destroyed, and they dryven from thence about 40. 
niyles vj^p into the Nipmug Country towards Conect. Ryv"" 
whith"" our tibrces pursued and slue many of them : but not 
w"'out some consid^'able losse of o' owne in o'' first ino^agem* 
att there ffort, where wee had slaine about .70. & twice soe 
many wounded, att the last pursute not aboue .3. or .4. 
Our forces hath bene out since in the pursute of them more 
then 100. myles to the westward and oQ Conecticott Ry v"* : 
but cannot meete w"' anybody of them, their maiier being to 
remoue from place to place almost eQyday, leaueing their 
WO& & children in hydeous swamps & obscure vnaccessable 
places, of w'^'' the Country is full and the men sometymes 
dispceing themselues in small pties all oul the Country and 
by ambuscadoes & secret skulkinge soe infests the passages 
and highwayes that many teamest's h;ith thereby been cutt 
of. And then againe on a suddaine multitudes of them 
gath'"ing togeath"" falls vpon o"" out Townes (w'^'' for their con- 
venvency of tyllage &c. lined dispced agreat Distance from 
one anoth'' soe y' it was impossible to p^'serue more a few 
fortifyed howses that were in those Townes, the incursions 
ot the Enemy being soe suddaine & haueing in a few howres, 
fyred the deserted howses & barnes &c. are as suddainly 
fledd into the woodds and hyding places, before any releife 


could possibly come vnto o"" people, whereby it is come to 
passe that many in o"" Country Townes and ffarmes are de- 
stroyed & many of our people brought to great want & 
extremyty both in this Colony & that of Plymouth, and 
some Townes vpon Conecticott Ryv"" and the like in that 
pt of the Country to the Nor ward of Paskataqj Ryv"" called 
yorke River forfflly the Province of Mayne. May it please 
y' hon' to be furth*" informed that imediatly aff the begin- 
ing of this warr by Phillip Sachem of mount hope in the 
Jurisdiccofil of Plymouth, it was suddainly dispced all ou"^ 
the Country .2. or 300. myles from Kenebeck noreast to 
the vtmost bounds of Conect. Jurisdiccon southwest, as if 
it had bene a p'"meditated Jesuiticall contriuance complotted 
long before, and though wee indeav'"ed to the vtmost of 
o' power, to releiue and succ"" (att o"" great charge both by 
sea & land) those Townes & plantacons to the Norward of 
Paskatacj Ryv'' yet by reason of their remote liueing, one 
from anoth"" & the incomodious scituacofil of their Townes 
they could not l)e p'"serued : but are mostly destroyed, nuiny 
of the people being slaine, and the rest retyrcd to places of 
betf secur^^y. Wee judge according to o"" best computa- 
tion, that since the begining of this warr there hath bene 
slaine of his Ma"''' subject aboue 500. seflall Townes or vil- 
lages some wholy some in pt ruyned. the howses burnt not 
easyly to be numbred : the people much destracted, hus- 
bandry and trading much obstructed, & scarcity of bread 
corne & oth"" pvisions nmch feared, if god should pmit o^ 
Enemys furth"" to p'"vaile, and hind"" o"" planting and reape- 
ing, as vndoubtedly they will indeav"" to doe the vtmost of 
their power. 

Wee haue expended in the gsecucofil of this warr more then 
2000^ agreat some for soe poore a people in a wildernes w*^*^ 
yet wee should cheerefuUy vnd'goe, could wee see but a 
gbable way how we might secure w' remaines of his Ma"" 
interest & o"" owne yet remaines agst o'' barbarous & blood- 


thirsty Enemyes, o"" great want for the carrying on of thi>s 
warr and bringing of it to a good conclusion, is money, 
some amies & a few men many of o'"s l)eing lost or disabled 
for service since the begining of this warr and very many 
hands necessaryly imployed in makeing fortificacons &gvid- 
ing habitac5ns for multitudes of people depriued thereof, 
ffor such is the raaner of o' Enemyes fighting flying retreat- 
ing & incursions w''' many oth'' advantages that wee judge 
it much easyer for the people of this Country to Defend 
themselues agst many thousands of a forraigne nation then 
ao-st. .2. or .3000 of theis barbarous heathen. Att o"" 
first comeing hither vnd'' the Countenance & gteccofil of his 
ma''" royall ffather of blessed memory more then 40 yeares 
since it was o'' great care to see all the people vnd"" o'' goQm' 
well armed & constantly trayned, that wee might be able to 
defend o'"selues and p^serue the Country agst any inuasion 
of Enemyes. the Inds. then had few or noe firearmes and 
we had strickt lawes ghibiting the selling of them any vnd' 
seuere penalties : but in a short tyme they were furnished 
by the french & dutch w^'^ as many as they could buy & soe 
now haue as many as they desire, and many of them doe 
affirme they are incouraged and animated by the ffreuch att 
Canada (who also as they say haue gmised them recruites 
■ of amuniconl and ayde of men this sumer great quantyties 
likewise of amunicofil they say haue bene brought to them 
by some Dutcha whome they name) ffrom ffort Albany, w<=" 
wee h:uie much reason to beieeue, for in winf both by their 
owne confession, & by some p'son'^s wee tooke it apped 
they had l)ut lyttle. Wee haue intimated thus much to 
Maj'' Andros the GoQn'' of yorke who wee hope will doe his 
vtmost to p-'vent the like for the future. Wee are not 
vnsenceable of w' concerne the keepeing of this Country, is 
not onely as to o' owne welfaire but as to his Ma"^'' interest 
in seQall respects & therefore shall willingly spend o"" lines 
& o"" all for the p'servacofi thereof, humbly beseeching y-" 


hon'' to l)eleeue th:il the losse & sufferings that hath befallen 
vs hath not gceeded from want of care in the goGlniS or 
conduct & currage in the comand'' or soldiers whose reso- 
lucofile and forwardnes in ingageing vpon to great disadvan- 
tages is rather to he bhimed, yet soe it must be or the 
Enemies not fought w^'' at all. Wee are vnwilling and 
ashamed, but necessitated to make knowne the trueth vnto 
y"" hon"" that for the carrying on of this warr & bringing of 
it to agood and hopefull conclusion, wee want money amu- 
nicofil & arnies for the Country is become poore & brought 
very lowe./ 

The contynuance of his Ma"''^ smiles and royal 1 fav"" vnd' 
whose shadow & princely grace wee haue bene contynued a 
people hith^'too will deeply oblidge vs by Duty & many obli- 
gacons already bound to implore the blessing of heaven 
vpon his Ma"''' pson royall fiamyly & goQm^ And that y"" 
hon' may be blessed here & eternally blessed hereaff is the 
earnest prayer of/ 


His Ma*y' most loyal 

& y"" hon" humble 
past by y" Council 5 Aprill 1676 : E : R : S. 

Petition. 1676. 

To the Honored Governo"" & Counoell 
att Boston — 
The Humble Petition of Daniel Landon — Sheweth That he 
being Prest the 20"' of October last and sent on y" Ser- 
vice of y'^ Country to y'^ Eastward where he served 
three Months under the Comand of Cap' Scotto, In 
Doc. Vol. vi. 8 


which time once upon a Scout passing over some Ice 
his horse fell under him and brewsed his leg vei-ry soar 
and broak his Guii also and after, being dismist by Cap* 
Scotto and being at home, when the Maj"" Gener" propounded 
for Vallenteers under y"' Coinand of Maj"" Savage, Consider- 
ing the great necessitie of relieving y^ adjacent townes w'^'' 
the Indians were then Consuming, Yo'" Petition"" Volluntarily 
& freely listed him selfe under his Coniand, to y® Service of 
god and y*' Country, the which still I beliue is my Duty as 
god Inables me and by his providence Calls me. After I 
Came to Hadley I had such distemper In my body that 1 
am not yett freed of & hath Exposed me to grate weekness, 
besides a grate pain in my head & swelling in my face that 
for sume while I Could hardly eat bread, and in our March 
homeward from Hadley, almost Ever since have had a 
tedious paine with some swelling in that leg that was for- 
merly hurt at y° Eastward w*^'' T Judge is fro y® fall I had 
there, & still abides me, and being left w*'' Cap*^ Sill at Sud- 
berry, and not able to Continue in March w'** him when he 
went from Concord I assayed to march w"' him but finding 
my selfe not able desiring leaue to Come home, and his 
dismiss but he told me he Could not dismiss me, and so 
being Left behinde at Concord I was foine to hier a Horse 
to Ride home, and Now Yo"" Humble Petitioner Humbly de- 
sires you would be plased to dismiss him, who is and shall 
be alwaise Redie when god shall In able him, to serve the 
Country to his uttmost power. 
21 Ap'' 1676. y*^ peticone''s Request is Granted 

Edw** Rawson Secret 

These are to testitie l)efore whome it may concern, that M"" 
Scottow of Boston, being w*'' us when y^ men were killed 
upon Sacho sands, at the first hearing of the guns fired 
there w*'' consent of M"^ Josselin gave y*' Alarum att our 


garrison to y" whole towne, drew up such of us in our amies 
as were at home, dispatcht our Corporall to call in such as 
were abroad, as also the said Scottow was very Angry with 
John Mackshuwne, for saying that Captane Wincoll and his 
Company were all cut off, telling him though some might 
bee killed, and the rest ffled yett it might bee to gaine y^ ad- 
vantage of ground as it prooved, as also at the same time 


[hee] 1 seartcht the armes and amunition of us which were 
drawne up, exchanging y^ armes which were insufficient for 
his owne ffixed armes, and that hee suplied every man of 
all those that were sent forth, and wanted, both w*^ powder, 
bulletts, swan shott, biskett, and a dram of y*^ bottle out of 
his owne store, there not being at the same time one pound 
of powder in y*' towne that we knew of but what they rec** 
from Scottow & that the said Scottow did alsoe upon the 
fist alarum enquire whether some of us might not be sent in 
a shallop or in Canows to y*" releif of those men, it was 
answered that they could not bee sent w'^ safety neither for 
y* men nor for their armes because of the sufi' of y'' sea, 
the wind blowing ffresh vpon the shore, the said Scottow 
with the consent of M'' Henry Jossclin did w"' as much pos- 
sible speed as they could dispatch away about twenty men 
over our fFerry to march I)y land to the releif of that pty 
under y^ charge of Serjeant Olliver, Yea so many men did 
they send away that some of us complained against them 
saying they did not doe well to send out so many of their 
husbands and Children supposeing that if they should haue 
been cutt off wee had not strength Left at the Garrison suffi- 
cient to defend o''selues if assaulted, Yea, wee doe ffarther 
testitie y* the said Scottow Acted therein to the uttmost of 
his power for when some of the company manifested a back- 
wardness to the releif above in Vexation hee threw his kane 
upon the ground saying hee would through up his Commis- 

' Erased in the original. 


sion and never meddle more w"" it, and alsoe that wee could 
not answer it to god, men, nor owne consiences vnless we 
used the utmost of our endeauour to releiue those men, in 
testimony of the truth of what is above written wee have 
heervnto signed and shall to the substance of the whole 
depose if called thereunto by lawfull Authority. 
Black point July y« 15"' 1676 

y'' mark of Hen: -^ Elkins John LibbyH^ 

John Y^ Libby Rich : Wilkins j^^r 

^^^^ Andrew // Browne 

_^ _^Bio:ford 

Thomas flfrancis jm White 

Anthony row — ^ 

Thomas Cleverly Peter P Hinxen ^"^ 

Henry ^*— Broo- 

The pmises aboue written 
I attest to be truth giuen 
under my hand this 18 July 

Henry Jocelyn 


Letter — Council to Maj. Gen. Denison, Aug. 14-, 1676. 

Before you Gott ouer to winisemet Came a post 
Informing from m"" Jocelyn m'' Burrow^ of falmouth about 
10 Instant was sett vpon by the Pemaquid Indians & kild 
& carried away ten men sixe weomen & sixteen children= 
The Gouerno'' & Council now mett Doe Orde"" you"" selfe 
forthwith to Rayse such force out of Essex Norfolke & 
Portsmouth Doner w*"^ Kittery york &c as you Judge Suf- 
ficient to pursue Repell & Destroy the Ennemy. Cap' 



ffrost & Ensigne Arthu"" Bragdon : of 
& in case there be Kittery haue binn Coniended as meete 
not sufficient psons persons to haue the Conduct of the 
there you are out said forces in those pts^& what els yo'"' 
of Portsmouth Douer Judg meet to Raise Such forces to be 
Norfolk & Essex to in a Readines to march [and] them 

place as you see meet the Ennemy is 

said to be a two hundred. 

14 Augustl676 

e ConciliQ E R S 
To Maj^ Genl 
Dan : Denison : 

Order in Council 

Boston the 20^" August 1676. 
p'sent M"^ Munjoy you are hereby Ordered & 

Dep' GoQ Impowred to Impresse an able master 

m' Tinsr & seamen to man the vessell in w*^'' m"" 

Maj"" Clark Rishworth fiueteen hundred of bread 

is now in for the supply of the forces 
sent unto Casco bay for the expelling of the ennemy = and 
Considering the distresse the souldiers may put vnto for 
want of their provissions as also the distresse of the people 
on m'' Andrews Island you are hereby required forthwith to 
dispatch the said vessell away w^'^out delay & deliuer the 
said bread according to yo"" orde"" from m"" Rishworth for the 
Ends aforesaid & for the speedy releife of those on the 
Island the chardge whereof is to be borne by that County 
& shall be secured = 

By orde'' of y'' Council Edw'^ Rawson Secre' 
To the Constables of Boston 
These Require you in his Maj'^^ 
name forthwith to be ayding and 


assisting m'' George Munjoy iu 

the Impressing of men & seing the 

order uboue performed & not to faile 

Dated as aboue// By y^ Council Edw^ Rawson Secre' 


Petition from Thos G-ardner ^ others inhabitants of 

Munhegon 21 = 1676 
Honered Sir I thought it my duty having this opertunity 
to let you vnderstand our distresed Condition we the Inhab- 
itants of Pemaquid being fled to Munhegon for the saueing 
of our Lines from the barborous heathen who haue killed 
Most of the Persons dwelling at Arowsuk in Kenibek Riuer 
& for ought we know Captayne Thomas Lake we being 
Com to Munhegen do finde the Hand vnprouided of Powder 
& Espeshally of gunes we do therfore Intreat that with what 
speed may be Gunes & Powder may be sent vs we Judge 
ther Cannot be fewer gunes sent vs then forty the fishermen 
being gennerally without we farther Judge that without 
helpe sent Either to Setle A garison vpon the maine or oth- 
erwise as your Hon''s Apoynt the Hands will quickly be 
deserted & the Country left to the Indianes The Cause of 
the Indianes Riseing Apeares to vs to be threfold the first 
& Cheefest being the Coming of diners Indianes from the 
westwards who by ther perswation & Asistance have set 
these Indianes on this vngodly Enterprise The Second 
Cause being the perfidious & vnjust dealing of som English 
as we Supose who haue StoUen Eight or Nine persones 
from the Indianes About Micheas River & Caried them 
Away the Indianes being Incensed for their lose we desier 
that Enquiry may be made of one Lawton that went in A 
Cach of Mr Simon Lines one John Lauerdore being of Com- 
pany About it. The Third Reason which thay likewise 


Render : tliuers the last winter for want of Powder died in 
the Conntry haueinof nothing to kill food & thay say that 
After their present Crop ot Corne be spent this winter thay 
must Starve or go to Cannade our Request is farther that if 
the Honored Counsell think it not fitt to settle A garison 
for the defence of the Contry som Vesell may be thought 
on to fetch Away distresed flFamilies of which ther ar many 
not farther to Trouble your Honnors but Intreting god to 
be in your Counsels & to blese them shall rest your distresed 
Servants & Pettetioners 
John I Allen Thomas Gardner 

George Bickford Richd : Oliuer 


John ci' \ 'J Pamers mark 

Honord S"" 

That of majo'' Walde''nes to yo''self Came to hand 22 Instant 
& by it The Council was Informed of y"" vncerteine Intelli- 
genc & Condition at present of y^ Eastern parts together 
w"> the Indeavo's of Majo"" Waldron & the othe'' of y" Com- 
ittee to be doing the Council hath Ordered me to write two 
or 3 lines to Majo'' Walde'ne & orde"" him to be dilligent 
in his endeavor's & Speedy in his Intelligence to yo''self 
& the Gotilno'' of the state of AfFayre' there, tha* so 
meete & speedy Remedies may be speedily & seasonably 
Aplyed as occasion p^'esents, &. to lett y'self vnde'"stand 
that the forces to be raysed or y^ are Raysed by yow 
in Essex they are left at yo"" dispose to send by water 
sea or land to those parts as you shall Receive any 
Intelligenc any place stands in need & they may be of 
Reall vse to put a stop to the Ennemys Rage & to 
pursue & destroy &c. in the meane time till furthe"" Intel- 


ligenc Comes to order their being in a Readines on all 
occasion'. S'' y*" GoOno"" Continues full of payne day & 
night for y^ ten day^ in great ex'rmity. Going to him 
last night to shew him my letter I wrote according to y*^ 
Councils order to GoQno'' Leet of Connecticott to desire him 
to acquaint Y*"" Gefilll Cour' or Council y' ou'' Council Con- 
curring with their Intimation' accordingly desired a Com- 
missione'^s meeting to be at Boston 22 Septem for y*" 
Colonies to Consider & determine of all thino-s Relateinjr 
to the warr : y^ GoGl desird me to Issue ou^ warrant for the 
app4iending of Henry Lauton & W" Waldron & Comitting 
them to prison w^^'out bade or mainprize in orde"" to their 
tryall for Seazing & Carrying away a 30 Indians where on 
Sagamore & his squaw to y'' Eastward was a pt. wch I did & 
Henry Lauton is fast in prison & so I doubt no' bu* will the 
othe' be by & by & Waldron^ vessell stop' y' is bound out I 
haue no' to Adde But my respects & se'"vice to yow Remaine 


You"" Humble Servant 

Edw'' Ilawson Secret 
Boston. 23. of Augus' 

Boston the 27"^ of Agust 1676 
M'" Geo Munjoy Jr. 

Your tformer Order vnto Cansoe & Kenebecke River, vpon 
further intellegence haue appoynted you vnto Welles : theis 
are to order you with all speed to saile thether there deliuer 
your souldiers and two thousand waighte of Bread with the 
amunition, In wch, vse all Ex[)edition, wch Beinge done 
you are discharged Excepte the nessety of the place Call 
for further helpe ; the Lord Bee with you & prosper you In 
your worke 

Tho Clarke sig' majr 


Letter from Edward Crick 

Hon'-'^ Sir 

My Orders is to Accquaint yo"" Hone"" by al oppertu- 
nitys of our proceedings wee sett saile one Mundy neight 
the 27 of August m"^ Munjoy being our master then one 
board, I had Along with thirty four men besids my self 
although major Clark told me of forty men we A Riued att 
york one wensday 29 following and we that neight marcht 
to wells whar we found them generally in fear and tharfor 
wellcom to them, for newes we haue heard of 250 Indians 
that is com into major walden in this town of wells thar 
hath been now & then An Indian seen and some hath heard 
them talk near thar habbitations butt vppon Serch we can- 
not find Any, we being informd that thar was 3 Indians 
that was seen att m"" sawoods sawmill gathering of corn we 
march* to the place but found none & from thence to y* 
Higher falls which is (8) mills beyound the Sawmill, whar 
we haue seen thar places whar they made thar His and 
Rested corn as we soppos, by Information of A post cam 
this morning throw this town goeing to major waldens that 
thar was thirt}' men besids wemen vppon Juels Hand and al 
Kild to six which made ther Escaps & one of them was shot 
throw the arme noe moor att p''sent but my prayers to god 
to preserue your Honer and desir yo'' prayers for vs I 
Remaine youer Honers and Contrys Humble Servuant 

p:dward Crick Lii" 
from wells this 7 of 
Sep* 167G 

it may like yo"" Honner thar was 37 men that was inlested to 
com with me butt three of them is left behind thar is Robert 
millard A Cooper that was hired by Lif" Ingrini who was 
Aboard butt did gett Ashoar Againe we know not how, and 
thar is one Joseph Johnsonn and one Cristopher porttingall 
that did belong to Cap' Huls company thar is seauerall of 


our men that are trobled with the flux one John Biickman 
is soe ill I question whar he will Recouer some of o"" men 
wants clothing shoes stockings sherts wascots drawers hear 
is none to be gott hear tharfor I desir that yo"^ Honer wilbe 
plesed to send some such suplys if yo"^ Hone'^ pleas 

To the Hono*" Geiierall Court now Assembled 
att Boston ; /->^^-*^ 
May it please y"" Hono''®'' Court, o"" nescesity may Excvse o' 
Modesty, if Our daly Iniportvnities doe press two hard 
vpon yo"" patience, for to speake things as y^ are, o"" case at 
present seems to bee more y" ordinary dangerovs, Consid- 
ering y* nearness of y" Enemy now in o"" borders by whome 
wee daly Expect to bee Svrprised, if not speedily gvented, 
diverse of o' men being drawn of from vs into y* Army, 
wherby wee are made y® more vnable to helpe o^'selfes, & 
y'fore if it please y*" Hono'' Covrt soe farr to Consider as to 
Setle two Sufficient Garrisons in o"" p*% One at N. Wonake, 
& Another at Cascoe or where y" Hono'^ Covrt Sees Con- 
venient whereby y^ part of y'' Covntry left may be put into 
Aposture to hold thing where they are & repell y® Enemy, 
& Supply the three towns with A competency of men for 
their defence, or otherwise wee must l)e Constrained to 
desert o'' places, rather then to Expose o''selves to y® fury of 
A merciless Enemy, whome wee are not able to w^^stand, or 
Secvre our Selves Ag''. 

Craueing pardon for o"" bouldness we Subscribe our Selues 
y"" Saruents to Command. - _ 
Septembr y* 11*''. 1676 : George Munjoy 

Sam" AVhelwright 
Ju° Littelfeld 


Letter from W^ Hathorne 

Cascho 22*'> Sep* 1676 

Att 9 a'clock at night — 
Hon^" S"" 

I have not had any thinge to writte or any thige worth 
Information, wee came Into these parts y^ 19**' Instant, 
when wee catched an Indian ; Sagamore of peggwakick (& 
took y® gun of An other), who Informed vs that Kennibeck 
Indians were to Come Into these parts that night or the 
next day he told vs that y^ Indians In these parts are not 
above 30 or 40 fighting men & that these keep vp at Orsy- 
bee or peggwackeek, which is .60. myles from vs, he saith 
he know of noe French men among them as y*" Inhabitants 
Informed vs, wee found him in many lyes, & so Ord'' him 
to be put to death, & y*" Cochecho Indians to be his execu- 
tioners ; which was redily done by them, this day, going 
Ouer a River wee were Ambuscaded, but soon gatt Oiie & 
put them to flight. Killed dead In y" place but one Indian ; 
Named Jn" Sampson, who was well Aquainted with maj' 
Waldens Indians, they say he was a Captainc & he was 
double Armed which wee tooke l)ut such are all y*" Euamyes 
they Kill, wee find itt very Difficult to Come neire them 
there is soe many Rivers & soo much broken land, that they 
soon Escape b}-^ Canoes y° Country being full of them I 
would Intreat your Hon''' to Ord'' something Concerning y* 
state of affaires here, many Inhabittants of y*" place being 
Come to take off there Corne & Kill there Cattle only they 
want some helpe from vs. I know not whether itt may be 
for y° Interest of y'' Country, for all to Stay ; & If Wee goe 
Into y® Country to peggwackick we can Leave none, I De- 
sire your Hon""^ Advise & Command this Also. Wee have 
had noe bread this three dayes I suppose y*" Reason is y^ 
Contrary Winds, because I have sent to M'' Martin twice ; 
haue had one returne but noe bread, Wee can doe well 


without vnlesse we goe vp Into y*" Country while our peo- 
ple are In health as they are generally praysed be y® lord 
for itt ; I Humbly Request your Honour to Remmeniber my 
duty to my father & loue to Rest of Friends If you have an 
oppertunity, & soe I Rest 

Your Hon""* Humble Servant 

William Hathorne 
The Indian that was taken 
told vs that there be 20 Eno^lish 
Captives at Peggwacckick ; 2 of them 
men, & that Cap* Lake was killed, 
they say that Kennebeck Indians kill all — 

Letter from Daniel Denison Sept. £6, 1676. 

the inclosed give you an account of the Easterne parts 
which I thought necessaiy to dispatch to you, that suitable 
orders & necessary prouisions might be conveyed to them, 
upon the first account of y*' disaster at Cape Nedduck & the 
desire of those of yorke Comunicated to me by Major Pike 
I haue ordered him to send 20 or 30 shoalers to yorke to 
comfort them, I can ad nothing to the intelligence nor con- 
ti-ibute any aduice I suppose Majore Walderne hath fully 
informed you of the state of those parts. It cannot but be 
full of difiiculties to deale w"' such a skulking enemy, espe- 
cially in such a hideous country. The God that hath saued 
& deliuered us from a more numerous enemy, will doubtles 
in his owne time perfect his worke begun & restore unto us 
our former peace your present aduice & orders (wherein 
I pra}' God to Guide) is the earnest desire of 


Y"" humble servant 

Daniel Denisoo 
Ips. Sept: 26 at 8 at night. 


Letter Ro¥ Pike to Dav} Demlson Sept. 26, 1676. 

Much bon'*^ 

S"" Sine my first this morning from Cap* Daniell now 
another from m"" martin requesting present order or help for 
besides w' in y'' morning of Cape Nedick vnderstand that 
Lords Day 2 shott down at Wells pray s'' yo"" present Direc- 
tion as to y*' present exegent y* will admitt of no Delay I 
haue ordered from portsmoth y' thay send such present 
relief as them selves Judg may be spared w'=^ thay only 
desire order for : as to II of sholes pleas to give your order 
w*'** I shall obserue as to a present suport hope a more ample 
suply will soon be made 
I am s"" 

Yo"" humble servant 

Ro : Pike 
Salsbury Sept 26 76 

To y® bond maj' Gen" 
Denison thes p'^sent 

att Ipswich 
hast post hast 

Letter from Richard Martyn 



This serves to cover A letter from Cap* Hathorn 
from Casco bay in w'^'' I suppose you will vnderstand their 
want of bread w""'' want I hope is well Supplyed before this 
time : for we sent them more then 2 ni waight ; w'='' I Sup- 
pose they had last lords day night : the boat y* brought the 
letters brings also word y* Satturday night last the Indians 
burnt m"" Munjoys house & 7 persons in it : y* is his house 
at y® fishing Hand the Sagamore of Pegwackick is taken & 


kild & one Jn** Sampson by our army : but the enemy is 
doing mischeife Apace — on Saboth day last A man & his 
wife namely one Gouge were shot dead & stript by y« in- 
dianes at wells yesterday at 2 of y*^ cloeke cape nedick was 
wholly cut of only two men & A woman w*'' 2 or 3 : chil- 
dren escaped So y* we Expect now to here of farther mis- 
chiefe euery day : they send to vs for helpe both wells & 
yorke, but we have so many men out of our town y* we 
know not how to spare any more your Speciall Speedy ord"" 
for the Impresing some from y" Shoales will be of good vse 
at psent : S' please to give notice to y^ Councill y* Supply 
be sent to ye army from the bay for they have eaten vs out 
of bread ; & here is little wheat to be goten & lesse money 
to pay for it Supplyes may as easily be sent y"" from Boston 
as from hence : & should their be another armay com among 
vs as I suppose there must Speedily be wee shall be very 
hard put to it to find bread for them : the lord direct you & 
vs in y« great concerns y* are before vs : w"> dutifull Service 
psented in hast I remaine 

S-- Yo' Seru* 
Richard Marty n 
portsm" Sep* 26'>» 1676 

Letter from Daniel Denison to Edw'^ Mawson, Secy 
Sept. 28, 1676. 

yours of the 27 instant came to my hands about 10 
at night being then in Bed & uery ill yet notwithstanding 
by breake of day I gott up, though then in a feauerish dis- 
temper to impart the contents thereof to the deputy & 
major Hathorne, but by reason of their distant lodgings 
Could not understand their minds till they judged it impos- 
sible for them to reach Boston till late at night, you may 


expect their answer from themselues. I would haue assayed 
to haue come had they so concluded, though hopeles of 
reaching Bo5«ton this night by reason of my present distem- 
per. I had hoped that my former reasonable excuse might 
haue satisfyed for my absence on Munday last, And though 
it be true Major Walderne spake much to me & the Deputy 
(as men that apprehend themselues in danger usuall}- doe) 
yet I did not upon all he said apprehend any necessity of 
my presence for his dispatch. I perceiue the failer is ill 
resented, & therefore as a punishment, a burden is imposed, 
which I cannot undertake nor beare. I shall not willingly 
omitt any thing that my place or duty obligeth me unto, & 
accordingly haue by order of the Council raised & dis- 
patched those forces under Capt : Hathorne with Comission 
orders & instructions, which if it be the councils pleasure, 
I shal yet continue to doe to ni}^ best skil. But to prouide 
& furnish them w*'* prouision & amunition which must be 
had from Boston, I thinke it needles for me to undertake 
otherwise then by representing their wants to the Govern"^ 
& Council, or at most giuiug orders to the Comissaries to 
dispatch them w*'' speed, which I suppose would be more 
effectually done by an order from the Authority upon the 
place. Further 1 neuer understood or intended the forces 
now on foote further then yorkshire & did almost assure 
them (for their incouragment) they should not be employed 
further East, if therefore any thing be expected to be done 
at Kinnebet Pemaquid Monhegin One I dare not undertake 
it but intreate the Council to take order therein, who under- 
stand the state of those parts, & necessity of take^ care 
thereof, wherein I am altogether a stranger & unacquainted, 
& [must be done by those that came,] ^ which phices as 
Intimated in my last may best be secured by the persons 
that are concerned therein, at least w"' the heipe and assist- 
ance of some Suffolke men. I cannot judg more forces 

» Erased in the original. 


necessary for the defence & security of yorkshire, then are 
there at present, if well improued, if more should be 
required they will not at this time be easily raised heere, it 
being now harvest which calls for all hands. Any perticu- 
lar directions from the council shall be attended, which I 
thinke under correction should be drawne up in an order & 
not crowded into a letter, the messengers stay, bids me (w"' 
my seruice to the Govern'' & Council) conclude 

y'^ humble servant 

Daniel Denison 
Ips. Sept : 28 at 9 mor : 

It were in vayne to tell you of 
the extraordinary disapointment 
would be should the Court haue 

M*" Edward Rawson Secretary to 
be Comunicated to the Govern' 
& Council with speed. 

Letter W^ Hathorne to the Gov'' ^ G-en^ Court 

Wells. 2" 8 : 1676 || 

Att. 9. Clock morning 
Hon^-^ Seiiat" 

I Received your Ord% of y*- 16"^ of Sept% on y'' :25*: of 
y" same. In Answare to w*"'', I have sent Cap' Hunting, from 
hence to Maj"" Walden ; y'' Occation of our Returne was y^ 
Sad news of y" Enimy, burning Cape Nettiok & Destroying 
y® people to y*^ Number of .6. or 7 psons besids those of this 
Towne, which are .3. two of them y'' 24"' y« other 27"' of 
the month — In our Returne we mett, w"' divers things of 
Concernment, w'='' I Ingadged to Aquaint you Hon*" w"* ; 


Imp'*' att l)lackpoint, the people there are in great distrac- 
tion & disord', I know not of former Neglects but now they 
are a people vngouerued, & Attend little to y' Gouernicnt 
there established Soe that y*" most of y*" towne will desert 
y*^ place» though we told them of a law they were Ignorant 
of w*''^ we think we doe pfectly Remmemb'' of 20' penalty 
for Any that Desert y° frontiers, w*^'' we thinke is most 
Rationall y'= Inhabittants there having little to doc ; wc are 
Ready 1(^ think they might better be Imployed there then 
many of ours, who have famillys att home & a Considerable 
Charge, to be breife Cap* Joslin & C Scottow desire an 
Expresse fiom your Hon""* they having had noe knowledge 
of y'^ law. 2'y Maj"" Pembleton At Winf Harbour w"' whome 
I would have left some men ; as Also w*'^ M"" Warrin they 
made there Objections ; The Maj''* were these that he could 
not Subsist lonii- & he had as good Remoue while he had 
some thing, as to stay while all was spent. Therfore vnlesse 
Country send a supply or maintaine y® Garrison there; he 
cannot hold out, M"" Warren is otherwise minded but I can- 
not Enlarge, supposing Majo"" Clarke Can Informe your 
Hon''*. Since our Comming Heithcr we have consulted y*^ 
Millitia, who Informe vs that the mind of this towne In Gen" 
is to leave the place, & though y*" Hon'^'' Court or Councell 
have formerly giuen an Ord"" concerning them ; In pticule'' 
yett yy now begg that it might be Renewed & that your 
Hon'''* would ord'' as to there Numb'' of Garrison Souldiers 
soe to maintainance, they being poore yet many of them 
willing According to Abillity. The next thing I shall 
trouble your Hon" w"', is y*' dissatisfaction that is amongt 
our selues ; about y*" drawing y"" Indians off, & Majo"" Wal- 
dens liberty, to Command off Cap' Frost, w*^'' he pretends 
to have, the w^''' are two thirds & more of y"-' Army, Cap' 
Sells Company & myne being not aboue .9. or .10. fyles 
now, who are Judged here not more then is nessesary, to 
Garrison this towne & york, we would be bold to speak 
Doc. Vol. vi. 9 


our minds further, & Crave that your Hon" may not be 
offended at vs, or Receive from others false Infornition. 
ThQ Indians thus dravvne off by themselves as long as they 
have only Ind" Speritts, will doe little or noe seruice for y*^ 
Country, who In tyme of Ingadgment have euer took y*" 
English for there bullwark & will not Charge to Any pur- 
pose vntill y*^ Enemy ffly, I think some of vs have had tyme 
to be Aquainted w"* there manors As to my selfe I would 
Humbly Request your your Hon"^' to call me home ; though 
I have An Earnest Desire to doe god to y'' Country service. 
Yett there is a Straing Antypathy in me Against lying in 
Garrison. Here is many of our Company sick of violent dis- 
temp"^ one of myne is dead & two others I much feare. 
The lord derect your Hon"^**, & giue vs, your servants pru- 
dence to Act by your Ord'", According to his good will & 
pleasure, I Remaine Your Hon"^* Humble Servant now & 
ever William Hathorne 

To the Hon^" y^ Govern'^ & 
y'^ Gen-^' Court of y" Massa 
thusetts v^v^ v-^v-o.^ 

// In Boston 
Hast post Has' v^%^^ 

Letter from Dan'' Denison 

Honord S' 

you will understand by this Bearer the state 
of the Easterne parts & our forces there, it seemes when this 
post came from thence Capt : Hathorne had not receiued 
my order sent by Major Walderue for their march up to the 
Enemies head quarters which I suppose they will readily 
attend if furnished w"' victuals w'^'^ they cannot haue there 
I suppose a fortnights bread & cheese w**" powder & bullets 


for 260 men will be as little as may he & that to be Speeded 
to Pascatart to M"" Martin or Major Waldcrne for the vse of 
our forces. I am sorry so much time hath beene lost about 
Casco to little purpose & now they are drawne southward 
& divided, to their great discontent by an order of y"" Coun- 
cil the 16 of Sept : I suppose upon Major Waldernes sollic- 
itation, w'='^ would undoe all, but I haue by your later order 
contradicted that order & by name required all the Coinand- 
ers as Hunting, Sill & Frost to attend the orders & coinands 
of Cap' Hawthorne & ordered him twice to March to y* 
Indian Quarters where the women & children are as also 
more than 20 English prisoners & to take a convenient 
strength giuing notice to y° Towns to stand upon their 
defence in the meane time w^'' such assistance as can be well 
spared. I hope the Council will take order to make the peo- 
ple keepe their stations, & hasten prouisions w'^'' M"" Martin 
as well as this Bearer can assure are not to be had in those 
parts. I haue not further to add but Comennding you to 
God subscribe my selfe 

your humble servant 
Daniel Denison 
Ips : oct : 3 : 1676 

Answer to Complaint of the Lords States general 
To the Kings most Excellent Majest3^ 
The answer of the Governo'' & Councill of the Mattachusetts 
Colony to the complaint exhibited against them by the ex- 
traordinary Embassado'^ of Lords States Generall of the 
United Provinces January 22° 167^ which came to o' hands 


Sep"" 3^^ 1676 That Capt" Jurian-Aronson, Comand' of the 
Ship ftlying Post horse of Curassoa, haveing received Com- 
ission from the Governo' of that Island made himselfe Mas- 
ter of the flbrts Penabskop and S* John, belonging to the 


ffrench and scituate upon the River Pentagouet in the North, 
of America in New=fFrancc, and having left part of his men 
there for defence of the s'' place and to trade with the In- 
habitants thereabouts : The English of Boston have thought 
fit by force of armes, to attack the men left in garrison — in 
the s** place making them prison''^ and raceing theire ffortifi- 
cation made upon no other consideration ~ but because they 
would not suffer any Holland"^^ there ; which being an open 
violation of the treat}'' of peace &c. 

That Capt" Jurian Aronson, Comand"" of the Ship fflying Post 
horse of Curassoa came into the harbour -in the Mattachu- 
setts in the yeare 1674 : and applied himselfe to the Gover- 
no"" to have liberty to come up to Boston - to repaire & 
revictuall his Ship, hee having been at the River of Pente- 
gouet and there made himselfe Master of the ffort & brought 
the ffrench Governo'' his prison"", Shewing his Comission for 
what hee had done which Comission was against English as 
well as flrench — , the Governo'' having the proclamation of 
the peace agreed between his Majesty and their Lordships, 
granted him the s'' Capt'^ liberty according to his desire to 
come up with his Ship ; who informed the Governo"" that 
hee had not left any men to keepe possession of his con- 
quest, but had dismantled the ffort and brought away the 
gunns. The Capt" having fitted his Ship and dispatched 
his business hee came to the Governo"" to take his Leave 
and have a permit for Sayling ; at which time the Governo'' 
asked him if hee had given Comission to any to goe and 
keepe that Country or any part of it, or whither hee had 
given to any a coppie of his Comission to that end ; hee 
said hee had given no Comission nor a coppie of his nor 
would hee give any, for that hee would not make himselfe 
liable to answer for others actions, this was in October 1674. 
at his departure hee left in Boston severall that had been of 
his company in the former action ~. viz' John Rhodes a Bos 
ton man and four other English -two of them of Boston- 


with one Cornelius Andreson - a dutchman - and Peter 
Rodrigo a Iflanderkin. The Governo"' hearing that there 
were of those men going forth to those parts, sent for John 
Rhodes, being informed that hee was the principall, and 
demanded of him, whither hee was goeing, hee saide a trad- 
ing to the Eastward, being whither- hee nor any of the 
Company did not goe to take Vessells that were coasting & 
trading there, he answered no, nor had they an}' Comission 
so to doe. 

In December following William Waldron made his com- 
plaint to the Gov"" & Councill that upon the Seas coming 
homeward, hee was met with by Cornelius Andreson- John 
Rhodes and some others in a Vessell, out of which they 
fired two guns at him and comanded him to anchor — , they 
came on board him - and forceably tooke from him , 
beaver - with other peltry & small ffurrs to value of about 
£60 stert. & carried himselfe & goods by force on board 
theire vessell and there forced him to Set his hand to a 
writing drawn by John Rhodes that they had taken from 
him nothing but peltry and had taken it in New Holland - 
after, in flfebruary 167f John ffreake Merchant made com- 
plaint - that hee had a small Vessell under the comand of 
George Manning bound homeward on a Voyage from the 
Eastward, by accident was met withall in the River of S' 
John by John Rhodes & some Dutchmen his complices in a 
small Vessell sometime in the month of Decemb'' last past -, 
who overpowring them with men - piratically Seized s*^ 
Vessell & goods on board her-, had wounded the Master 
& another of his company and kept both Vessell goods & 
men - ; Severall other of his Ma"" Subjects complained, 
some of them being of the Jurisdiction of the Mattachu- 
setts that the s'^ persons had robbed & plundered them ; 
who prayed that some course might bee taken for theire 
Security against them - : Whereupon the Gov"" & Council 
takins: the same into theire consideration — what miijht bee 


requisite to bee done for the securing of the Inhabitants on 
shore & the Navigation by Sea, conchided it necessary to 
send forth -that they might bee certainly informed by 
what Comission the s*^ persons and theire complices had so 
acted, and in case of theire resistance to brins; them in by 
force, and for that end comissioned Capt" Sam" Moseley ; 
who in pursuance of his Comission Seized & tooke John 
Rhodes Peter Rodrigo Peter Grant Thomas Mitchel and 
Edw'' Yoiiring in the vessell that Tho : Mitchels, whome 
they hired for a trading Voyage as by Charter party ap- 
peared - afterwards hee also tooke the other Vessell 
wherein Cornelius Andreson- John Thomas & John Wil- 
liams with others were, and returned to Boston - with 
them -the 2'' of April 1675. Capt" Moseley bringing his 
prisoners before the Governo'' and Magistrates at Boston, 
who Examined them whither they had done according to 
Uie complaints exhibited against them in Seizing goods & 
vessells &c. they owned the ffact but denied that they had 
done it piratically : then it was demanded of them by what 
comission - they had done what was done in taking vessells 
& goods from his Ma*'*^' Subjects in a hostile way, and by 
what authority they had robbed & plundered the Inhabi- 
tants of this Colony all which was fully proved against them 
by honest men upon Oath whereupon Peter Rodrigo pro- 
duced a paper w"' three Scales according to the inclosed 
Coppie. Cornelius Andreson produced another of the like 
tenor without any Scale, which gave them no power to Seize 
any Vessell or goods onely had liberty to trade, keepe th 
Country & Saile upon the coast ; for which they were not 
Seized and imprisoned ; but for piratycally Seizing the ves- 
sells & goods that belonged to his Ma"*' Subjects and so 
were comitted in order to theire triall. Peter Rodrigo John 
Rhodes Richard flbwler, Randolph Judsou, Peter Grant and 
Cornelius Andreson — by the Grand jury were indicted 
severall}' by theire severall bills for such theire pyraticall 


practices and after by the Jury of Tryalls all but Cornelius 
Andreson found guilty ; for which they were sentenced to 
death ; but after repreived, and upon theire humble petitions 
to the Generall Court wherein they acknowledge the just- 
ness of the Courts proceedings, the s'^ Court pardoned them 
for their lives, but banished them the Colony upon pain of 
death unless they should obtain from authority leave to 
return - So that what was done in prosecution of that 
matter was not done because the English would not sufler 
any Hollanders to be nigh them — , but to prevent & sup- 
press the pyraticall practices of English, Dutch or other 
Nations ; of them that were brought to tryall there was but 
one Dutchman - ftbur Englishmen - & one fflanderkin, 
wee did not nor do judge it tolerable for any Government 
much less for a Goverm' deriving theire authority from his 
Ma"" to Suffer any under pretence of theire useing the name 
of any Prince or State from whome they have derived no 
power -to associate themselves and by wayes of hostility 
molest peaceable and quiet minded Subjects in theire lawfuU 
occasions : So that had the matter been truly laide before 
the Lords States Generall wee doubt not but theire Lord- 
ships would have seen the justice of o"" proceedings at Bos- 
ton both by the laws of God of all civill Nations as well as 
the Laws of o"" Colony, & no cause of complaint against the 
innocent whose principles profession &, practice are against 
such proceeding as the complaint imports : and wee doubt 
not by the clemency & Justice of his Ma"'' o"^ Sovereign to 
bee justified in these o"' just proceedings & have not been 
any violato'* of the treaty of i)eace between his Ma"'' and 
theire Lordships. 

This letter or narrative is past by y* Council to l)e sent to 

one of his MajMes Secretary' of State to be presented to his 

Maj'^ as an Answer to his Majtys CoiTiands. 

5"' of October 1676 

Edw'^ liawson Secret 


Petition of Creorge Manning. 
To the honnored Counsil Oktober 9 — 167(5 
The hvnihel Petteshon of George Manninge 
Sheweth that his Eldest son George Manninge hath hen a 
sowldger in the contries servis this therten months and his 
fiunele sofers for want of his help at horn he being in jers 
and havinge no other help in his calinge hut hem he cam 
horn som two months ago and was at hon) thre days and 
was prest ovt aggayn and is now at Wells your Pettishoners 
humbel rekwest is for a dismishon for hem and yover 
Pettishoner shal Ever pray as his dvty is. 

Letter from Richard Martyn Oct. 16, 1676. 
Much Hon''^ 

These are to in forme you y^ George Davis an inhabi- 
tant of Zacadehock was very much wounded at Rousick 
Island when the Enemie did the mischeife there, but escap- 
ing w^*'' his life the first port he came into was our River 
in a very dangerous condicon : Cap' Stileman & my selfe 
thought it our duty to take care for the preseruation of his 
life & curing of his wounds, prevailed w**^ m"" Jn° fletcher 
Chyrurgeon in our town to take him (& another in like con- 
dicon w'*' himselfe) in to his house & to Administer w' was 
needfull to him in ord' to his cure : w'^'' he did & hath per- 
fectly cured him of his wounds though w^'' a great deaie of 
trouble & charge for w''' he demands Six pounds : the man 
having lost all his estate is vncapable of making him sattis- 
facon : wherefore we that have Imployed the Doctor desire 
yo"" Honors to send vs A line or two who shall sattisfie him ; 
we thinke it doth not belong to our Couty to do it, becavse 
the man reced his wounds farr from vs : but by y^ Country 
in whose seruice he was when wounded : I shall say no more 


in it but leave w"' yo"" selves humbly desiring yo"" Answer : 

Yo'" Hon" Humble Serv* 

Richard Marty n. 

Portsm" 8'": 16'" — 167G 

The Magistrates Judge Meet -That Major Apleton be 
speedily dispatched to Pascataq, to take the Charge of all the 
forces there or to be sent with full Commission to ^Manage 
the whole affayre & that y^ Xew force be with all expedition 
sent by water & other wise, with bread and other Necessa- 
ryes for their supply. 

19. 8. 76. Past by the Magistrates their Breth- 

ren the deputyes Consenting 

J Dudley per order 

Consented to by the Deputyes 

This was evaccuated by y® Court by Pet : Bulkeley 

y*ir order & Comission to majo"" Geflll.// Speak^ 

*' 23 oct. 1676 : & so not entrd. 

Letter from Rich'^ Waldern <!• others. 

Portsm" 19. 8"^ 1676 
Much Hon'^'^ 

Being upon y* occasion of y* Alarms lately rec'' fro y* 
Enemy mett togeth"" at Portsm" thought meet to give yo' 
Hono"^ our sense of Matfs in y' pt of y'^ Country in y^ best 
Mann"" y'^ upon 3''' place in y^ p'"sent Hurry wee are able to 
get. How things are now at Wells & York wee know not, 
but ))''sume yo'' selves will be informed ere y^ comes to yo"" 
hands p y^ Post sent fro y" Cofnand"" in chiefe w*"'' (as we 
und'^stand) went thrO y' Town y^ Morning. Only thus m'^'' 
wee haue learnt y* y"-' P^nemy is Numerous & about those 


pts, btiving carried all clear before him so for as Wells. 
That hee is gceeding towards us & so on toward yo''selues 
y*" Enemy intimates & y" thing itselfe speaks. What is 
meet to bee now don is w"' yo'selves to say rather than for 
us to suggest, however being so deeply and nextly con- 
cerned humbly crave leave to offer to Considern. Whither 
y** secureing of what is left bee not o"" next Work rather 
than y" attempting to regain w* is lost, unles there were 
strength enough to doe both. It seemes little availeable to 
endeav'" ought in y*" More Eastern places y* are already 
Conquered, unles there bee severall Garrisons made & kept 
w*'' provision & Amunition & what may be suitable for a 
Recruit upon all Occasions, w*^'' to doe (at least y' Winter) 
cannot say y' y*" profit will make amends for y^ charge. 
Sure wee are y* o''selves (y* is y^ County of Northfolk w"' 
Douer & Portsm°) are so far from being capeable of spare- 
ing any fforces for y' Expedition y' wee find o''selves so 
thinne & weakened by those y' are out already y* there is 
nothing but y* singular Prouidenoe ot God hath prevented 
our being utterly run down. The Enemy obserues o"" Mo- 
tions & knowes o"" strength (weaknes rather) betf y" wee 
are Willing hee should, & gbably had l)een w'^*' us ere this 
had not y*" Highest Power over-ruled him. And that Haver- 
hill, Excetf &c are in like p''dicam* w^'' Dover «&c seems 
apparent, & hence as uncapeable of Spareing Men. Its true 
there is an Army out in Yorkshire who will doubtles doe 
what may bee done, yet there is room enough for y*^ Enemy 
to slipp by them unobserued, & if so, what a Condition wee 
are in is evident. Our own men are not enough to main- 
tain o' own places, if any Assault bee made, & yet many of 
o" are now on the other side of Pascatac]^ River. Wee 
expect an Onsett in one {)lace or other every Day, & can 
expect no Reliefe fro those y^ are so farr fro home. If it 
should bee thought meet y' all y'^ Men y' are come to us & 
other parts of y'' Jurisdiction from y*^ deserted & conquered 


Eastern CouDtry should bee ordered to y^ Places y' are 
left on thayr own side of y'' River, y' so o""^ may bee recalled 
to theyr severall Townes, it might possibly bee not unavaile- 
able to y^"" Ends ; Especially if w*''all some Indians miirht 1)0 
ordered to these parts to bee upon a perpetual 1 scout fro 
place to place. Wee design not a loosening or discourag' 
of y^ Army, who rather need strengthen'' & Incouragm', for 
we verily think y' if by y'^ good Hand of Providence y" 
Army had not been there, all y*^^ Parts on y*^ other side of y^ 
River had been possest by the Enemy, & perhaps o'selves 
*^oo ere y^ Time. But what wee aim at is that ourselvs also 
may bee put into a Capacity to defend o^selves. Wee are 
apt to fear wee have been too bold w"' your Hono" but wee 
are sure our Intentions are good, & o"" Condition very bad 
except y^ Lord of Hosts appear for us speedily, & wee 
would be found in y* Use of Meanes, commending o' Case 
to him y' is able to protect us & direct yo^selves in order 
thereunto, & remain 

M^'' Hon'^" yo-" Humble serv*' 

Rob* Pike Richard Waldern 

Richard Marty n John Cutt 
^W" Vaughan// Tho : Daniel 

Petition of Joshua Scottoiv Oct. 1676. 

To y* Honourd Gnrall Court now assembled. 

The humble })etition of Josh. Scottow humbly 

Whereas yo"" petitioner hath by sufnons from this hon- 
ourd Court bin drawne from his habitation at Black point, 
to appear before you, to answer such vnjust charjjes as were 
drawne vp ag* him, as by yo"^ honourd selves hath I)in 
declared & himself vindicated, during w*^'' vnhappy buysines 
w^ damage hath befalne both y*" Countrey, but especially 


himself to whonie & family it will be exceeding pinching, 
which he doubts not had bin ^yvented if he had bin there. 

Yo"" petitioner humbly craveth, that y' vessell designed 
to transport souldio'^' &c to Piscataquay, may be ordred to 
saile as far as Blackpoint w*^'^ is not above 7. o 8 houres 
further with a faire wind, whereby the Countrey will have 
opportunity of full intelligence how matters are there & 
there will be incouragem' to div'"se small vessells who are 
ready to goe to bring of w' may be left of the mines of y*" 
ftbrt & habitaons if burnt, & allso w* Corne & Cattell is left, 
there being above 1000 bush : of graine left in y"" storehouse 
& fishhouses, & above 300 head of great Cattell & about as 
many sheep, besides, hides, beif & gvisions a part belong- 
ing to yo"" petitioner & y^ rest to div'se of the poore Inhab- 
itants w'^'' have not y*^ least bit of bread tor their releif, 
which will further oblige yo"^ petitioner to pray for y"" Hon- 
ours peace & gspity. 

this petition is referred to Major 
Denison to Do therein as he Judg- 
eth Meet, 
past by y* Magis*^ their brethren the deputies hereto 

24 octobe"" 1G76 Edw- Rawson Secre* 

The Deputyes Consent hereto provided M"" 
Scotto beare the whole Charge of this aflayre 
Dureing the whole time that the vessell is Im- 
ployed about it o"" Hon''' Magis'' hereto Consent- 

William Torrey Cleric 

Consented to by y'' Magist* 

Edw. Kawson Secre* 

»• c- C? O) o* 

fl. a p s ■j 3 .v,.^tters conserninge my selfe & the state of 
ell il I Winter Harbor / / aboute the 14 


Letter Brian Pendleton to the Gov. ^ Council. 

Honored Govenor & Counsell 

Much Honored Gentellmen I am will- 

1 S i ;? S ? c. ino;e to giue youre worships a breef naration of 

(Ki s^, s- ^ o a Z- ^ ^ " 

" « £, p 3 "^ 3 • i-» o .1 , i /• 

fp o » = » ^ » UK 

"^sS go 

2 i ^ 1 1 5 "" of Octotjr .76. iu the day time wee heard 
^ 2 ^ J 3 i much shooting at blak poynt but could not un- 
« s ^ §'• § a. derstand the ocasion of it but did suppose it 
^ i I ? S ^ had beene onely the people that weare goinge 
- Il «i ^' away did it to take theare leave of those that 
"^ I ? s ^ a stavd behind : in the afternoone wee saw boates 
I o " ^ i " vnder sayle cominge away thence & w" thay 
1 "S J I'i "^ came against [apoynte] of Land thay fired many 
m ^ S I -g ^ oruns which wee took to bee in farewell to vs. 
« o g " a*^ at last the hindmost boat Cominge vp 3 of Oure 
s S » ^ 5 * vons men took a canoo & went oute to sea to 
« S §«< s ° nieete that boate & w" thay came to them thay 

told them that black poynt Garison was taken and all the 
people gon exept M"" Josselen & 2 or 3 old folks hoe would 
not goe away but stay theare : & theare weare 500 : of In- 
dians & 300 : of french & 100 Indians at m"" foxwells house 
& that if you loue y"" Hues bee gon as soone as you can for 
thay say thay will bee with you to morrow morninge or at 
night at farthest : w" ouer soldiers heard this newes thay 
weare as mad to make away as euer I saw any men & fell to 
tomblinge vp oure goods to get it aboard & with all plun- 
dred vs of many things w' thay Could if my bak was turned : 
oure fishermen alsoe hasted to get away sopposinge it noe 
boote to stay heare against such a niultitude of enemyes : : 
w" I had got such goods I could a board & my family of 
women sexs 1 told oure soldiers if they would goe & keepe 
the Garison I would never leave theuj soe longe as I could 
live : but thay would not heare of it : soe that if I would 


haue stayed alone I mite I should have noe Company : the 
fishermen had but 14 men & hoyes & but 8 seruisable guns. 
After wee came to puscatta theare Came in 2 Caches with 
soldiers vidz Thomas Moore & Siluanos Davis : the Maj'' 
General} sent away Sarjent Tippin with soldiers to blak 
poynt & promised mee if oure men which went by }'"' in a 
boate of oure owne of Winter Habor with 8 men in it) that 
if oure men would asist theare company into blak poynt Gar- 
ison then thay shold com back to Winter Harbar & asist 
oure men ; oure men did asist them in & insteed of asistinge 
oure men Tippin did prese oure compnie & force them to 
stay by him, soe that our desine in savinge oure goods & 
for which thay went, was frustrate : & while thay weare 
stayed theare against theare wills : came the 2 Caches from 
puscateag with Thomas Moore my old aquaintance hoe 
promised mee to doe mee all the good hee could & w" hee 
came to Winter harbor with the Rest went ashore to ouer 
house & killed my teame of 4 oxen & Plundred much of 
my goods which for want of Roome in the vessell I could 
not cary away ; of which goods I cannot giue account at 
present but shall giue in it vpon oath afterward as now for 
the oxen, which is heareinclosed ; much honored I may say 
with good Jeremy pitty mee pitty mee oh my frend for the 
hand of the Lord hath tuched mee. God hath emtyed mee 
from vessell to vessell the Lord my God bringe mee foarth 
to leaue nothinge behind but dreggs of Corruption that I 
may yet prays him in the Land of the liueinge hoe is the 
health of my Countenance & my God : Thus desireiug the 
Lord to guide you all youre waytie ocations & cravinge par- 
don for my boldnes in trobling youre worships Take leaue 
& Rest yours to same as in duty am boun d 

Brian Pendleton 



The (icyjosicon of Jn" Layton Jun' & Benjaminc 
Trustrum & Robert Booth all of Winter harbour. 
These deponents say y' they all of them heard Cap' Tho' 
Moore of Boston (Com'" of y*' Rose Ketch y' went to y" 
reliefe of y® Eastward) say y*^ we had Majo*" Bryan Pendle- 
tons foure Oxen about y*^ begining of this instant niounth 
of Nouember, & further Jn° Layton & Robert Booth say y' 
y° said Cap' Tho^ : Moore said y' it was free plunder, & fur- 
ther saith not 

Sworne this 14° Nouember 1676 
before mee Elias Stileman CoiTiisr 


To the Honoured Gouernor & Council 1 Now Assembled 
At Boston 
The Humble petition of George Manning & Hanah His wife 
Humbly Sheweth 

That whereas your poore petitioners hath A son of theirs 
Now In the Seruice of the Country att wells Named 
George Manning & he haueing Bene In the Seruice of the 
Country eleuen months before this Eastern Ex[)edition & 
was at home but four days before he was prcst Againe for 
this present seruice haueing now bene in this seruice About 
thirtene weeks our selues being grown Aged & he the onely 
helpe And stay that we hauc vnder god the Rest of our 
Children being young humbly Suplicate your hono" to take 
these things In to your Serious Considerations And graunt 
A Releas to our said Son from that Seruice he Is Now In 
which shall Ingage your poor petitioners as In duty bound 
for your honors peace & prosperity Euer to pray. 

This Request is Granted by y" Council : 27'" Novemb'" 1676 

Edw. Rawson Secret 



Whereas the Council hath i)inn Informed that there are 
many necessitous psons in y'' seQll Townes brought in dis- 
tresse by y" Indian warr w'='' they as yet haue had no pticu- 
\'Av Account It is y''fore Ordered that the muster out such as 
they shall depute vv^'^ the Selectmen of euery Towne in this 
Jurisdiction, doe forthwith take a list of the names of all 
such persons, Inhabitants, or strangers, resyding therein 
membe''s or non membe''s w*'' what losse they haue suffered 
in their persons or estates and are in Distresse by [the In- 
dian warr] ^ and that they Carefully & speedily make 
returne thereof vnder their hands to the Council sitting in 
Boston at or before the eighteenth day of this Instant 
December that so they may make an asquall distribution of 
what is or shall come to their hands for y'' Releife of such & 
hereof they are not to fayle. Dated in Boston 4*'' of 
Decemb*" 1676. 

By y« Council E R S. 

Letter JEdiv-^ Rawson, Sec^ to Major Waldron 
Majo"" Waldron 

I am Required by the Hono''ed GoBno'' & Coun- 
cil to acquaint yow that it is their desire & you are ordered 
forthwith to signify to the Select men of Kittery York Saco, 
& the Rest of y^ Townes in yorkshire, that they are Required 
forthwith & w^''out delay according to their promise made 
by those they sent downe to the Council on 5 of October last 
to Giue acquaint for their neglect in not prosecuting of the 
orde"" of the General 1 Court in february & may last for y® 
speedy Raising & Collecting of nine Contry Rates & such 
others the Tresurer shall send his warrants for for the de- 
fraying of y" charges of the warr y* it be speedily levyed & 

' Erased in the original. 


payd in to y'^ Tresurer of the County &c that yow quicken 
their motion// & give an account of their forward proceed- 
ing therein// making Returne of the names of any you shall 
find to Giue any obstruction thereto 
4th Dec'- 1676 

By y® Council Edw Rawson Secret 

Letter from Daniel Denison Dec. 14-, 1676. 

Much Hono'-'* 

I receiued yours of the 11 Instant referring to a 
letter of mine to serg' Tipping, published Iw Walter Gendal 
w*''' occasioned a mutiny. Concerning %\'hich business be 
pleased to accept this account. When said Tipping came to 
Pascataqj (the only time that eucr I saw him) with a Com- 
ission from the G' Court to possess Black point, upon his 
desire I furnished him with more men & prouisions and lik- 
ing the temper of the man hasted him away with a boate of 
Major Pendletons to ijoe with him to Black point, & by him 
to be ayded backe to winter harbour, when Nety & Mog 
came in to Pascataqaquey they Sayd they mett Tipping 
neare Blacke point and sayd he commanded them under his 
Lee when there, were about to fire on them Snapping at 
them, being all druncke, which indeed I did not beleiue 
though they affirmed it to my selfe M''Moodey &c. upon my 
returne I wrott to the Govern'' & council an account of the 
want of amunition &c in these parts and receiued this an- 
swer, that Black Point garrison was upon the charg of M"" 
Scottow, and not long after, from M'-Moodey, major Pendle- 
ton &c had a great Complaint ag*' Tipping brought by 
Walter Gendal as that he detained Major Pendletons men 
w4i him, that he tooke from Gendal Corne of his owne w*^'' 
in his returne from Kennebecke he had fetched from his 
owne barne intending to haue brought it to Pascataq for the 

Doc. Vol. vi. 10 


releif of his family there with much other stuff, adding that 
Tipping sayd all was theirs whereupon I wrote to Tipping, 
blaming him for detaining major Pendletons men & boate, 
& telling him he mistooke his errand if he thought they were 
sent only to serue themselues, for certainely it was to secure 
the place & assist any inhabitants in the recouery of their 
owne &c : and this was the substance of my letter at the 
utmost, (for I had not then an ill opinion of the man) this I 
comitted to M"" Moodey & possibly unsealed, that those of 
Black point that were at Pascataq, might be incouraged to 
goe thither to assist & saue what they Could there, not im- 
agining he would haue sent it open, which I suppose he did 
not, for he wrott himself as others did, as Tipping informs 
me, all w°'' Gendal instead of delivering him published to 
the people there other order or letter I neuer sent him nor 
was I concerned so to doe after I understood he was wholy 
at the charg of Capt. Scottow, nor euer imagined my letter 
to him should haue beene published to his souldiers, which I 
beleiue was Gendals artifice to obtaine his owne Ends or to 
reveng himselfe of Tipjiing : But I shal not further trouble 
you presenting my service rest 

your humble Servant 

Daniel Denison 
Ips. decemb : 14: 1676. 

Letter from H. Brunett Jan. 3, 1676 

Boston y« S'^ of January 1676 


I haue Beene sensibly Affected with the Losse of your 
Sonne, together with the takeing of yo^ Ketch As to the 
Latter I offer you my Seruice to Endeauor the Regaininge 
of it from the Indians As Also of the prisoners which they 
haue. If you doe designe it. Cause mee to Knowe it. 1 


may bee heere about a month. I am goeinf^e to penobscott 
"\yth ijions"" de Marson who is heere with mee Who hath the 
command of our Coasts vntill Mons"" Chambly shall Arriue, 
hee hathi dispached A connu for the ruer of Keue?jeck — With 
french, to know in what Estate the Indians Keepe your said 
prisoners, and what they doe with your Vessells, wherefore 
at the s*^ penobscott wee shall haue full Intelligence of said 

I Assure you S"" that I am 

Yo"" humble Seruant 
H — Brunett 

Letter Ichabod Wiswall, Silvanus Davis ^ Tho. Moore to 
the G-ov"" ^ Council 8 Jan. 167^ 

8. January : 167^ 
To y^ Honoured Governour and Councell of y^ mas- 
sathusets : 

May it please your Honoures : whereas you were pleased 
to encourage us to present you with our present thoughtes 
how the ruines and desolationes by the heathen may be 
salved and the like or a further progresse westward may be 
prevented wee are bold under considerationes of y^ premis- 
ses to tender our present thoughtes as tending thereto with 
submission to y^ maturitie of your wisdome and prudence. 
1 provided that thinges of this nature might be effected in 
time proportionate to the discourse thereof: ire: without 
any tedious delayes we apprehend that the present season 
may be judged properly expedient to retalliatc to y'^ 
heathen the injuries offered to and forced upon y*" english. 
If a considerable number of able men were sent forth with 
orders that one party land in Cascoe Baye near mare-point : 
and another party at peniaquid with coiTiission to move 
towards Abaquedussets and Dararascottey or sheepscoat 


fortes in such proportion of time that neither Abaquedus- 
sets men nor Dtimrascottey men might haue releife from 
eich other but be universally allarmed and distressed if not 
distracted by war : during which time a small [force] with 
a flag of truce not finding Madockawandoe at New= har- 
bour might saile to penobscutt and with much ease S 
without expence of bloud make prisoner of him and 
thouse with him : 
2 yet because we ordinarily say that winter never rottes 
in y^ skye : and the usuall time for Snow is in this and y® 
next month : we apprehend that if the mohawkes were em- 
ployed in this service they might Save much English blood 
and cut of much of that expence which will otherwise rise 
unavoidably : we meane if the shoare were in some places 
garrisoned the fishery (which is the staple comoditie of the 
country) may be continued and the mohawkes might from 
thouse garrisones be supplyed with w* they want from time 
to time : which would much encouradge y"" in this expedi- 
tion and render our expence more inconsiderable and their 
work more easie & speedy : 

Your Honoures Humble Servantes 

Ichabod Wiswall 
Siluanus Dauis 
Tho Moore 

The humble peticofil of John Start ; Tho : Bigford, 
& Hen : Libby on behalf of y" selves & rest of soul- 
dio''s at Black point 

To y® Honoured humbly sheweth. 

Gov-" & Councill 

assembled at Boston Whereas yo"" poore petitioners 

according to an order from The Hon- 

ourd Giiall Court did as volunteers goe forth vnder conduct 

of Serg' Tipping for recovery or discoQie of y* flbrt at Black 


point," & made an aj^reem* w*^ M' Scottow in order there- 
vnto, w'^'' agreem' their Coniand'" could not pforme by reason 
of a prohibition from y^ Honourd Maj' Gfinll, they being 
according to said order imp''ssed vpon y*" Countries service 
vpon y*" 1. Nov'' hist, & having ever since indured much 
hardship for want of clothing & lodging, by reason whereof 
some of vs who were sent sick to Piscataquay there dyed, 
& the rest of vs in great need of necessaries as Ser* Tippings 
Ire to said Scottow doth testify. 

They humbly crave that y^ value of one month or two 
pay may be sent in clothing to their Comander to be des- 
tributed as o*" necessities may require, & we are y*" more 
bold in o"" request being informed, y' y® Comissary at Bos- 
ton hath in his hands left of y*" last Easterne expedition such 
clothing &c as pi'obably may save some of o"" lives, the 
granting whereof will be a great incouragem* to vs all in 
pforming of duty, & ad further obligation to pray for yo"" 
Honours peace & prosperity. 

The ans"" to y' pedition 
vide Booke : 8 JanGy 76 

E R S 

Francis Card's Declaration. 
ffrancis Card his declaracion the first of ther begin ing 
Asfust the 14 the Indenes cam to richard hamand and there 
kiled richard hamanes Samell Smith Joshua grant ther part- 
ing ther company : 11 : mem cam up cenebek reuer to m}^ 
house and ther tok me and my famelley prsnowes the rest 
of ther company went to rousek and ther toke the gareson. 
About a fortnet after they cam down cenebek reuer and so 
went downe to damrescoue and there burnt howses and kilet 
catell ther coming back parted ther company on party went 
to Jeweles Ileand and the other party went to Sakerehoke 


being in number about 81 thoes that went to cakerehok 
toke a shalop from thence came to canebeke reuer and ther 
went to ciling and destroying of catel and howseing for they 
had intelegence of a catch and a sloop at damarascoue and 
going ther they toke the slope and ciled 1 man they being 
inunher about 80 the nezt they mad up ther forces went out 
to l)lack poynt being about 100 fey ting men and is now at 
tow fortes about 60 at a place with 6 or 8 wigwames betwen 
the 2 forts I being cared to pemequed I herd a french man 
tell the Idenes that casten was uery thankful to them for 
what they had don and tould them that he and his men would 
help them in the spring and that he would se for pouder 
this winter. 

four Inden wemen cam from canede and did tell the indenes 
that the gouerner of canedy did thank them for what they 
had don and towld them that they would help them with 
100 : men and amunesion now they be short of pouder as I 
her them thre relat onto another that they had about 2 
galons and a halfe at that place whe I cam from now the 
best plae to land men is in casco bay and in cenebeke reuer 
the OH place being 8 miles the other about 14 miles from the 
fort wer I was kept and if the arme do not go now wnth 
sped they will be gone 40 miles further ny in the contrey at 
the first takeing of me they cared me up to taconet and the 
men coming down they browt downe me and 2 men mor 
for fer ot our ciling ther men and childr for thy kept ther 
women and children at taconet all the somer asson as the 
warme wether doth set in they do intend to go awa to 
taconet and ther to bild 2 fortes for ther is ther fishing 
places and planting grownd Sqand doth inform them that 
god doth speak to him and doth tell him that god hath left 
our nacion to them to destroy and the indeuys do tak it for 
a truth all that he doth tell them because they haue met with 
no afron now moo: the rog he beins; com agan to the fort he 
doth mak his br[agj and laf at theenglish and saith that he 


hath found the way to burn boston and doth make lafteres 
of your kind entertanement they mak ther brages how they 
do in tend to take ueseles and so to go to all the fish- 
ing ilandes and so to driue all the contre befor them so 
even reckening to be agret noumber in the spring, ther is 
a gret many endenes at canedy that hath not ben out thes 
somer both of eanebeck and of damroscogin ther for aget 
many of thes do intend to go to canedy in the spring to call 
the indenes to eanebeck and they do giue giuftes both of cap- 
tiues and of goodes to the ester inendenes haue them go out 
with them but as yet I do not know what they do for dock- 
ewando and Sqando ar of seuerell Judgmentes and so have 
parted and dokewando doth pretend loue to the english they 
do use our english captiues as civilly as we can ezpect by 
such a pepell. 

that this is the truth declared by mee 

ffrancis Card 
the 22 of Jeneuery. 

Letter Sam' Si/monds to Ediv^' Raicson, Secretary. 
Janv 22, 1676. 

M' Secretary 

The app'heution of people here being so much for sending 
forth against our easterne enymies I thought good to 

1 examine the grounds they goe vpon : First is the Season 
of the yeare. This tis said, that now is the fittest tyme, 
and that it will last (according to former yeares) till the 

2 begining of March, or a weeke in March. Concerning 
mony Though that be a very vrgent thinge, yet if pay 
be sure, if is not soe necessary for p^sent, as the savctye 
of mens lives is. It may be supposed that if it should 
cost the country 1000' in the expedition, yet it is not 
comparable to the daiTiag we may expect. The country 


wilbe soe in feare that they will not dare to plant &c The 
desire & expection of the Townes here about is for it, for 
some of Rowly, haverhill, Newbury, having had occasion 
to be with me have expressed as much, & scarce a man of 
an other minde (that I can pceive.) If we send not 
fourth now we must gvide severall strong garrisons merely 
for defence which throughly considered, & the daiTiage 
otherwise will cost 10000' its likly, and if we sende in 
the Spring or in sum"", Its but what they (the enymy) 
doe desire. They then can shift by their canoos & we 
loose our labour, as we have form^ly done. And there 
wilbe more danger of ambushcaders, then now, the trees 
be naked &c. 

3 They haue done what mischeife is knowne already, and 
what if they goe over the Line ? Shall we not pursue our 
enymy? and have they not our people captive there, and 
doe they not at pleasure sende for powder, & doe they not 
kill cattell when they need? and if that were granted, 
will it not at once distroy our fishing, & the best of our 
Timber &c? 

4 from Salem to the east, will count themselves vnsafe (at 
(p''sent) if they be lett alone till the Springe./ 

S"" if the counsill doe sende, two things are desireable first 
that there be choyce men in each Towne, for such a pur- 
pose, and secondly that tyme be not lost in consultacofil, 
but pursued with speed./ 

Thus I have written to you, and you may vse your liberty 
whether you will acquaint any of the Councill with it, 
yea, or noe./ But you may easly gesse what I thinke 
you should instantly doe. 

S"" your loving frende 

S : Symonds./ 
Ipswich 22'" of January 167G./ 
ReC^ 5 Jafil & Read in Councill 


Order of Council. Jan. 29, 1676. 

The Council upon the information of ffrancis Card a pris- 
oner escaped from the Indians at Kinnebeck of their security 
& possibillity (if endeavors were timely used) to surprise 
them in their quarters Considering also the representations- 
made to them by Major Waldern M' Whelwright &c of the 
estate of the English in those parts together w*'' their earnest 
desires tha' some speedy helpe might be afforded at this 
season to assaile the enemy & thereby hopefully to secure 
those parts & to preuent their further ruine, upon the former 
& other considerations the Councill haue ordered that 200 
souldiers be foorthw''' raised fitted & furnished w"' all expe- 
dition for the sayd seruice & that they be under the Coinand 
of Major Richard Waldern who shall haue Coinission for 
the conduct of the s'* afi'aire And that all the s'' forces shall 
be at a rendezvous at Black point on the 8 of febr : next, 
which forces shal be raised & fitted out in manner following 
viz 60 men out of Doner Portsmouth & eastward to be 
euery way fitted & furnished w"' anmnition, prouision & 
vessels for transportation at Pascataq, for the effecting 
whereof Major Waldren is hereby empowred w^'' Authority 
to press vessels provisions amunition in the places aboues'', 
and That Major Gookin is heereby empowered to impress 
& haue in a readines 80 Indians & 20 English of his regi- 
ment at charlstowne or Boston on the fift of febr : ready 
to be embarqued on vessels for Black [)oint &c. And that 
Major Clarke haue also in a readines out of his regiment 30 
able souldiers armed & fitted for such a seruice as also so 
many uessels & seamen as shall be sufficient to transport 
the s'' souldiers of Suffolk & Middlesex English & Indians 
to Kinnebeck & to attend the seruice, with authority also 
to prese & furnish vessels & sovldiers w^'' so much prouis- 
ion & amunition as shal be suflScient for 6 weekes Also 
that M. G. Denison out of the Countyes of Essex & Nor- 
folke press & send 30 able souldiers w'='' shal rendevous at 


Salem the 5 of febr : from whence he is also impowred to 
impress vessels & seamen prouision & amunition for 6 weeks 
seruice & to send them to the GH rendevous at Black P' all 
w'"' shall from thence attend the direction orders & Comands 
of Major Waldern who is heereby appointed Comander in 
cheife for this present expedition to Kinnebeck &c. And 
for all Amunition & all other things necessary for y* s'' De- 
signe & persons to be Imployd therein is left also : to y* 
power & Care of the said majo''s respectively to see y* sea- 
sonably & effectually they be provided & furnished and all 
Comissaryes are hereby Required to Attend & accomplish 
their orde''s accordingly 

29"' of January 1676 past Edw. Rawson Secret 

Instructions 29 Janv 1676. 

Instructions for Major Rich. Walderne you shal repaire 
to Black point w"> the 60 souldiers under Cap* frost that 
you are authorized by y* Council to raise in Dover Ports- 
mouth & yorkshire, by the 8 of this febr. where you are to 
take under your coiTiand the other forces from Boston & 
Salem under the couiand of Capt : Hunting & Leiftenant 
Fiske & other sen oflScers. from whence w"' all expedition 
vv"' the aduice of your Comanders & m"" W you 

shall aduance towards the enemy at Kinnebeck or elswhere, 
& according to the proposed designe, endeavor w"' all si- 
lence & secresy to surprise them in their quarters, wherein 
if it please God to succeed you, you shall to your utmost 
endeauor to saue & rescue the English prisoners. 

If you should faile in this designe you shall assay by all 
meanes in your power to disturb & destroy the enemy, 
unless you shall haue such ouertures from them, & may 
giue some competent assurance that an honorable & safe 
peace may be concluded w"' them, wherin you must avoyd 


all triflinir & dcliiyes & with all possible speed making a 
dispatch of this ati'aire not trusting them without first de- 
livery of all the Captiues & Vessels in their hands. 

If you shall in conclusion, find it necessary to leaue a 
garrison in Kiiiebeck wee must leaue it to your discretion. 

you shall use utmost expedition as winds & other advan- 
tages will permit least y" season be lost and Charges accrue 
without profitt. praying god to be with you — 

20 JanQ 1676 past E. R S 

Commission Jan. 29, 167 I j 

J. L. G w*'' the consent of the Council). 
To Major Richard Walden 
Whereas you are apoynted Cod in Cheif of the 
forces now to be raised ag' the Enemy the pagans in the 
east for the assaulting the at Kinnelieck &c haue ordered 
the rendevous of the s*^ forces at Black point the 8 of febr : 
next doe hereby ordered & Authorize you to take under 
your Comand & conduct the s'' forces w*^'' you are to require 
to obey & attend your orders & comands & their comander 
in cheife & you to leade conduct & order the s^ forces for 
the best seruice of the Country against the CoiTion enemy 
whom you are to endeavor to surprise & destroy by all 
meanes in your power & al officers & sooldiers under you 
are required to yeild obedience to yo"" Comands [as alsoe]^ 
to endeauor to recover the English prisoners from out of 
their possession you are also to governe the forces under 
your Comand according to the Laws lately enacted by the 
Generall Cor' you are to attend all such orders & comands 
as you shall receive from time to time from the generall 
Court Councill or other superior Authority, 
given in Boston. 29. Jan. 167? 

past E. R S 

' Erased iu the original. 


Commission. Feb. 5, 16? / 

To Lieuetenant Thomas Fiske 

Whereas you are appointed by the Governor & Council 
to haue the Conduct of sixty souldiers of SufFolke Essex & 
Norfolke in this present expedition to Kinnebeck under the 
CoiTiand of Major Richard Walderne Comander in cheife 
you are heerel)y ordered & Authorized to take under your 
care & Comand the s** Company of Souldiers requiring them 
to obey you, as their Leiuetenant & CoiTiander, whom you 
are to lead & conduct on this service of the Countrey to 
persue kill & destroy the enemy or make them your pris- 
oners, And the s'' Souldiers are heeieby required to obey 
you as their Comander, and your selfe to attend all orders 
& comands of your Coniander in cheife, & all further orders 
or instructions you shall from time to time receiue from the 
Gen" Court Council or other Authority, and this shall be 
your warrant. 

Dat : Feb. 5 : 1676 

Daniel Denison, Major G" 

Major Walden to impress provisions, ^c. 

Major Walden is hereby ordered & Im powered to rayse 
provisions in the Countyes of Dover Portsmouth & York for 
the supply of y® garrison, soldiers & others Distressed in 
the eastern parts & give receipts, keeping Account thereof & 
is hereby Impowred to appoynt Meet persons to efl'ect the 

past 13 Wh. 76 
E : R : S^ : 


Petition of Joshua Scottow 19 March 1676. 

To the Honoured Gov"" & Councill now assembled at 

The humble petition of Joshua Scottow on behalf of him- 
self & the rest of the Inhabitants of Black point who have 
any estate there left 

Humbly sheweth. 
Whereas a Company of volunteers were by Consent & order 
of the last Sessions of the Honourd Gnatt Court assembled 
at Boston, sent forth vnder Conduct of Ser* Tipping for 
discoSie & settling of y* garrison at Black point, w'^*' designe 
was carryed an end at the charge of your Petitioner, though 
it was looked at to be soemuch of publique concerne, as 
there was a vessell & men imp'"ssed at Piscataquay by warr* 
from y® Honour** Maj*" Gnalt to have effected it, at the Coun- 
tries charge, had not yo"" petitioners vessell come in the 
interim & diverted it, whose successe was y* settlem* of a 
garrison there, which proved a sanctuary & refuge to six 
Captives who thither fled, & w^'out other ransome were 
there rescued, and allso it hath bin a receptacle to div''se 
sick men turned ashore by M' Moore, one of whome is there 
at this instant, w"^^ garrison was vpon an exp''sse sent to yo"" 
Honours reduced to the number now it is. 

There being now vpon y*' place as it is credibly informed 
300 head of Cattell if not more, belonging to about 30 In- 
habitants, the most of w*^'' gsons are now vpon y*" place, of w'='' 
number of Cattell your petitioner hath not above 15 : his 
stock being Killed vp & above twenty barills, togither w"' 
eighty bush : of Corne spent & now reserved for y* vsse of 
y® garrison : the said Cattell being most milchk Cowes & y" 
rest working Cattle are now soe poore as that they will not 
(there being div^^se rivers to swim) beare driving by land, 
& hay is not to be got for their transportacon by water, 
that yo*" Honours will please to consider the necessity of 
some poore people who have not above two or three Cowes 


left foi- their subsistence, that there may be incouragem* to 
ye garrison at least vntill the Cattle may be brought where 
they may be p''served, & it is humbly conceived that it will 
not be long before the determinacofil from his Ma"*' relating 
to y* County may be knowne, & in y*' meane time vntill we 
are declared not to belong to yo"" Governra' (which y*' Good 
Lord avert & grant it never may be) it is with all humility 
conceived, that we may crave & vnder God ought to depend 
vpon the gtection of this Collony, according to the late law 
established for settling of garrisons in all frontire townes 
and should this garrison be throwne vp, & the Inhabitants 
left to y^selves, should any disaster by slaughter or Cap- 
tivity befall y™ it is humbly conceived it would be a greif of 
heart if not repch to y^ Countrey, however vnworthy a peo- 
ple we be of your protection, thus humbly craving the Can- 
dour of yo"" gracious acceptaon, your petitioner shall ever 
pray for yo'' Honours peace & p'servacofl as in all duty he 
is bound. 

Josh : Scottow 
this petition Referd to y^ Consideration of y® Council 
when fuller 19*'> March 76 

E R S 

To The Honor'' Governor & Councill now Sitting In 

The Humble petition of Tho ffitch 
Humbly Sheweth 
That whereas your petitioner is very Much straitned In the 
Carying And end of his Buisenes In the Way of the trade 
By Reason two of his Men Are Ran away from him & Can- 
not As yet be heard of soe As to be Brought Back Againe 
& haveing A Servant of his which was prest away Into the 
Countrys Seruice this Indian Warr Sum time In August 
Last & Left In Garison At Wells where he still Continues 
your petitioner humbly desires your honours to take Into 


your Serious Consideration his present Case & Condition 
for want of his Aforesaid Servants & order A Releas of that 
Servant of his now at wells from his present Service if your 
hon" shall soe see meett that he may be In part Againe 
Suplied for the Carying An End of the work of his Trade 
wherein you will oblidge your petitioner As in duty he Is 
Bound to pray for your hono" peace & prosperity, who 
subscribes himselfe your Humble Servant, 

Thomas fitch 
Boston March 26'" 1677 

Rich : godfrey : is his : name 
The petitione''s Request is Granted by y« Council 26. 
M'-ch 77 

E R S: 

Petition of Ambrose Bery. 

To the Hone'"d Councell now 
Sitting in Boston 

The Humble Pet'°" of Ambroes Bery 

Humbly Sheweth 

That Whereas yo"" Humble petion"^ Haueing been att 
Black= point one y^ Service of y*' Countery and Been Very 
sore wounded and Been undo"^ y" Docters Hand this Fine 
weeks here in Boston, And noe Friends here to support me 
in this time of my neccessity, nor haue Reed nothing for my 
pay, And my Doctor hath Left raee, by Reason that I haue 
not to pay him. Therefore this is to Humbly Request you 
that you would Consider my Distresed Condition, and Grant 
mee wherewith that I may not pish in this my Condition, For 
my Wound is now at y^ mending hand, and if it bee neg- 
lected my Life is gon. Besides I haue not wherewith to pay 
for my Quarters since I came into Boston which is as 
abouesd Fiuc weeks, Soe Dcsireing yo"^ Hon""' to take it 
into yo"" Consid'^ation and wey ray Distressed Condition, 
and Grant this my Huml)le Address unto you and you will 


Obleidge yo"" Humble Pet|^ To pray as in Duty Bound 

Ambross Bery 

To y* Honoured Governor and Counsell now Assem- 
at Bostone 
The Humble Petition of John Liby Sin"" Late of 

Humbly Sheweth That the good and pieous report that was 
spread abroad, into our Natiue Land of this Country, caused 
your Petitioner to come for this Land 47 yeares agoe where 
he hath Ever since Continued but now by the Incursion of 
y* Barbarious Enimys, had his houses burned ; and his 
Catle and Corne destroyed, soe that yo' poore Petition' is 
in a very Low Condition, beeing about y^ age of 75 years 
Therefore not any way Capable to procure A Livlihood 
neither hath he been noe wayes Chargable to y® Country 
hitherto, but yo"" poore Petition"" and his wife with smale 
Children was mentained from perrishing ; By 4 sonns of 
yo"^ Petitioner whereof one is Latly kild at Black point of 
which two one was brought here to Boston about Tenn 
dayes agoe and died last night. And the other two Sonns 
are at Black point, and hath been there this 9 months. 
Therefore yo"^ poore Petitioner Intreats yo*^ Worships Seri- 
ously to Consider of yo"" petitioner helplesse Condition by 
ordreing that his two Sonns be dischargd from y*' Garrison 
at Black point. May it please yo"^ Worship first to Consider 
of your petition"" age 2'' That hee haueing 9 in family which 
hath there dependence vpon the Labours of yo"" petition''s 
two Sonns, namly Henry Liby and Anthony Liby, Z'^ That 
yo"" petition"' Beseeches 3^0"' Worships to Consider that 9 
months is agood time to Continue in Garrison and that few 
or none ever Continued soe Long in Garrison Soe yo"" peti- 
tion"^ hops that these Considerations being but Seriously 


Considered off; will move yo'' Worships to Grant yo'" peti- 
tion"" an order for y*" Discharging ofyo"" Petition'' two Souns, 
which wilbe a meaue to preserue yo"" petition'' & family 
from perishing. Soe yo"" Subplicant with his wife and Chil- 
dren shall have great cause to pray for yo'' Health and 
Happynese and subscribe himselfe yo'' poore Distressed 
Subplicant John Liby 

Instructions given vnto Mr Shuball Dunier, & Mr 
Willam Symonds in the behalfe of Yorke & Wells, 


touching these grticulars for y® obtayneing wof they 
are to make applycation to y* Houo'^'^ Gouer & 
; That some seasonable & Certen course may be stren- 
ously prosecuted, by the vse of all possible & Eeffectuall 
means, to destroy the enemy both in there persons, & 
Corne & w* other guissions they haue for y'' subsistance, 
: That this course bee Endeauored & continued vntill y° 
Enemy be fully & throughly subdued, 
: That the souldgers wee haue with us may bee contin- 
ewed, & not taken off by Interchanges, w''by such as are 
supplyd are taken off, & those y' are in want are put 
vpon us/ 

: That y' may bee a supply of cloathing & other necessa- 
rys for y® souldgers, 

: That a satisfactory answere may bee resolued to y^ prem- 
isses, for o"" further Incouragem* in reference to o'' staying 

or othervvise, 

Job Alcocke 

Ric : Bankes for Yorke 

Abr : Preble 

Sam : Wheelwright 

Jn° Litlefeild for Wells 

Francis Litlefeild 
Doc. Vol. vi. 11 


Order. April 2, 1677. 

To M' David Middleton, Chirurojeon 
You are hereby ordered forthwith to address yourself to 
Cap* Samuel HuntiDg now going forth on the Country's ser- 
vice to the Eastward with him to Goe as Chirurgeon, his 
directions & commands you are to Attend as to dilligent 
attendance & using your best skill & Improvements of the 
Emplaisters & other medicaments delivered to you by the 
s^ Cap* : Hunting for the best & speediest releife of all 
wounded & sick souldiers, looking vp to God, for a bless- 
ing on your Endeavours= 

dated in Boston, 2'^ Aprill ; 1677 
By order of the Goti & Councill 
Ed : Rawson, Secret 

Letter from Richard Waldern 
Cochecha IS*"^ April 1677 
May it Please yo"" hon'' : 

I haue lately Rec*^ Some lines from Ma]'' Gookin inti- 
mateing an order of y*' hou"* Council for y^ Sending mee 10 
Ind"' to releiue & Strengthen y' gts w'^'' fauour I gratefully 
Acknowledge but of the Said 10 are but 2 come from Cam- 
bridofe & 3 from Ipsw'^'' 2 of y'^ latter being old & unfitt for 
Seruice w'^'' must dismisse again to Saue Charge — 

Maj'' Gookin hints y* y^ Ind"^ Auersion to comeing hither 
is not w*''out Some Reasons of weight w'^'out telling mee 
what they are but am Since better Inform'd of their Com- 
plaints from y^ Seci^etary Viz' of my Improueing them to 
labour about my own Ocations w'^'out any Allowance & 
their dissatisfaction w*'' my Prouisions. flfor y^ flformer I 
did Employ Some of y"" 5 or 6 dayes but p'^ y'" for it to their 
then full Satisfaction. Indeed w" I sent out men to Cut 
wood ffor y'^ ffire they Went out w*^ y"" as our English Soul- 
diers use to doe to prouide wood to make y"" Selues a fire. 


I think Some of y™ in my Absence were ordered 2 or three 
dayes to Cutt bushes on y^ Side of y^ Comon Road w^'out 
^ch jjQ Pqs^ qy other could Passe w'^out danger of being 
cutt of by an unseen enemy. 

As to their Prouision know not why they should unlesse 
because I did not keep a Maid to dresse their Victuals for 
y™ but ordred y™ to doe it y™selues. I did not discouer 
any Kind of dissatisfaction till Peter Ephraim came & after 
y* nothing w'^ Content y"^ but they must goe home. W" I 
had y^ 1** Intimaton of those Ind"'' Seen up Mirrimack I had 
Ordred 20 forthw**" to haue gone out w'=" might haue pre- 
uented w^ after happeu'd but through the S'^ Peter's means 
they were grown Soe high & Vngovernable that was fibrc'd 
to dismisse them. 

Since my last wee haue been & are almost daily Alarm'd 
by y® enemy An Ace" of y° Mischeifs done Presume yo"" 
hon*" haue already had. — 

11"' Ins' 2 men more kill'd at Wells 12''^ 2 men one woma 
& 4 Children kill'd at York & 2 houses burnt 13"' : a house 
burn't at Kittery & 2 old people taken Captiue by Simon & 3 
more but they Gaue y" their liberty again w^'out any damage 
to their gsons, 14"' a house Surpriz'd on South Side Pis- 
cataq, between Portsm° & bloody Point a young man kill'd 
& 2 young Women caried away thence, 16"' a man kill'd at 
Greenland & his house burn't another Sett on fire but y° 
Enemy was beaten off & y*" ffire put out by some of our 
men who then recouer'd alsoe one of y*" Young Women 
taken 2 day's before who S*' there was but 4 Ind"% they run 
Sculking about in Small pties like Wolues w^ee haue had 
pties of men after y™ in all q''ters w'''' haue Sometimes Re- 
couer'd Something they haue Stolii but can't Certainly say 
they haue kil'd any of y"' Cap^ ftrost is after y"' in York- 
shire, ffrom Black point you will haue y*" Intelligence of y® 
Enemies March, tfrom Cap' Scottow to whome haue sent 
Some letters from Tippen. - 


I add noe more at p^'sent but Coiuend You to Gods Protec- 
tion who hath hitherto & is able still to be our Guard 



Yo'' Very humble Seru" 

Richard Waldern 

Silanus Davis Si" others' Beport Mec^ 23 April 1677. 

To The Honore*^ Goua''nar and Counsell of Boston Thes 
Humbley Sheweth 

Thatt whare as wee ware By the Comand of Majo"" Richard 
Waldren ordred to stay att Kenibeck Riua"" thare to Bwild 
A garison in ordar for the settling of thooes Esteren parts 
of The Countrey & all for the subduing The peagen enemey 
wee ware Lefte By the Armey in a very Sad Condition if 
the enemie had made an Assalte vpon vs when the Armey 
Lefte vs wee shoold nott haue Bin able to with stand them 
for wee had noe fortification naitho"" Iron worke nor Tooles 
to efecte ou'' worke all Though Store of Iron worke & Tooles 
ware Taken from sundrey Houses the Heathen had Lefte 
standing in Kenebeck Riua"" and allsoe from the Ruens of 
whatt howses the heathen had Burned itt was all Carrid 
aboard the visells soe much as things Riped of The Doares 
of Howses thatt was standing That The Enemie did nott 
Disstroy naither Coold any poore man thatt had Loste all By 
the enemey and did Uenture thai''e Lifes along with the 
Armey in hopes to presarue thatt Litel the enemey had 
Lefte in his Howes or vpon his Land itt was tooke from him 
and mad plunda"" Wee Coold gett none or verey Lite! of Any 
such nessesarys to fitt ou"" garison By Reson whare of wee 
ware in forst to send on of ou'' men far Abrood from ou' 
Garison to pike vp Iron worke & Tooles such as wee wanted 
for : ou"" supleys whilest the Reste of ou*" men att home did 


Labou"" exceding harde to : make vs a shelter to Blinde the 
Eyes of The enemy ou'' Hard Labou' By day & ou"" waching 
By night with ou"" Bare Lowanss of prouisiaus atmoste 
Brought ou'' men on kepable for : sarvis Butt itt plesed god 
to kcepe the Knowleg of ou"" weake Condition from the ene- 
mie Otha'^wayes as wee ware Lefte wee ware a prey for 
the enemey to destroy vs at The Tooles & Iron worke 
that was Lefte vs to fitt ou'' garison ware onley one Iron 
Crowe one pike And thatt one of ou"" men Brought from y'' 
Indian forte one ould mattoke one ould Broken spade 
one Broad Axe — one Broad Axe worth Lite! or : Nothing 
2 Addes — 2 Alges about 30 speekes about 200 nailes 
Besides a smat quantetey of Burnid Spikes & nailes that 
had Bin piked vp att the Rueens of Acozock which Spekes 
& nailes one in 10 : woold nott drife 

Ateste Siluanus Dauis Coman"" 

Authonie Brackett 
Andrew Johnson 
Shaw Jr 
Jeremiah Hidsdan 
Marke j\\ ]\ Rownd 
his marke 

William /)\\ ^ ^^^er 

his mark 


Boston 3^ day of May 1677. 

It is Ordered that the Comissaryes forthwith prouide one 

hundred p'' of Shooes one hundred p*" of Stockings forty 

wascoats & forty drawes with two barrel Is of powde"" to be 

sent by y^ s*^ Comissaryes to m"" martyn for the supply of 


the souldiers at & wells & york w*'' a thousand of bread w*^'' 
40 shirts & bulletts 

By the Council Edw'' Rawson Secrety 

" Councils letter to y^ Major Grenll ^c 5*^ May 77" 
Much Honored S"* 

These are to Informe yow that yours to the Hono''d 
GoGln'' Dated the 3"^ of may was Rec*^ the 4*'' Instant at night 
Also this morning the Goiino'' Rec'' a letter from majo"" 
Pinchon dated 2'^ of May Informing of the ve'^y Curteous 
enterteinment at Albany by GoGlno"" Andrew who shewed 
himself ve'' Ready to Assist them in their treating w"' the 
Macquas & at their request Dispatcht away A messenger to 
the cheife Sachem' of the said Macqua' who came Readily 
downe 7 of y^ cheife w*"" whome Maj"" Pinchon & m' Richards 
had oppetunity to treat w**" them & declare to them that 
there had bin long frendship w'h them & the Colonies & 
how much the Contiuuanc thereof was desired presenting 
y'^m w*h three seuerall presents of peage Duffills a 9 Guns 
& some poude"* after a pause betweene each - w4i was kindly 
Accepted & presents of 3 Girdles of peage Returned w'h 
Assurance of their Glad acceptance & Resolution to en- 
deavo'' & kill ou"" Indian Ennemy at kinnebeck &c as farr as 
Cannada, y' they had killed and taken 200 of ou*" ennemies ; 
some signes Agreed vpon for their Coming to ou"" Planta- 
tions for a two months now other signes Agreed vpon for 
two mon**"* more, the first signe by order from the Goiino' 
& magis*s now mett I haue sent you three Copies one 
whereof yo"^ are desired to dispatch to maj'' Pike & majo"" 
Walden (& by yo''self in Essex :) Giving caution to them 
that they be ve'"y circumspect in making it knowne to y* 
English out Plantations, to the Comittees of militias or 
cheife office'" there only as you see meet that it be not dis- 
couered p'judicially to any of y° English & not to the Indi- 
ans & that there be by yow due orde"" taken In each Planta- 


tion to Accomodatate the macquars so coming yv^^ necessary 
Provissions freely : not els at present but my se'"vice to yo^ 
& yo'' Lady : to the Hono""*^ Deputy & his Remaine S"" 

You'' Humble Se''vant 
Edward Rawson Secre*^ By ord'^ of 
the GoGno' & Magis'* 
Boston 5"^ May 1677. 

Signes for the Mackqua^'s or Mohawkes whereb}^ to come 
Securely to ou"" Plantations// 

The signe for the first two monk's to be a green bush put 
into the muzells of theire Gunns advanced of all that are in 
company together & one man to Goe out before the rest w'*^ 
it & one at a time to come w^'^ a Green bush in his Gunne- 

Petition 1677 

To the Hon"' John Leveret Esq'" and the other "Wor- 
shipfull Members of the Councell now sitting the 
humble petition of Timothy Wily trumpeter Hum- 
phry Millard Samuel Bull, Henry Sparkes Shewing 
That wheras they have been sometime imployd in the Couu- 
treys service under the Command of Captain Hunting and 
by a Judgment of Maj"^ Waldens they were ordered to loose 
their wages in their time of service, haveing undergone 
some other Considerable degree of penalty, and finding the 
sentence fall heavie upon them doe humbly repaire to y"" 
Honours for a releife : Withal 1 professing It was not any of 
their intentions, to ofiend Authority or any by doing what 
was done about the wheeles. And had it been unjust for 
them to take off the Iron from the wheeles, they cannot 
understand how the said Maj*" Could Very justly possesse It. 
fiurthermore, the Judgm' was not unanimous, and wanted 
the approbation of Sundry of the Assesso''s as they have 
since acknowledged. Yet they desire not to Justifie them- 
selves wch either the Law or the hon''able Judges shall de- 



clare their dislike of: But begge that every failure of such 
in their imploym* and especially themselves in this case bee 
not too far urged upon Least it should prove a discourag- 
inent to them and others who as they have ventured so are 
still ready to expose their lives and all for their King and 
Countreys service. 

Which beino' o-ranted shall oblio-e 
y"" petition's to pray 

Timothy Wiley 

Humphrey Millard 
Samuell Bull 


In the name of the rest 

This peticon Refferrd till 

major Waldron Comes 17 May, 1677 

(May 18"^ : 1677) 
Instructions given to Mr Saiiill Wheelewright chosen Dep- 
uty, for the Towns of Yorke & Wells by the sayd Towns, 
1 : To Indeauo' fi^Hy to vnderstand the mind of the Gen- 
erall Court in what Capacity Wee now stand in. In ref- 
errence to the Carriing on of the charges of this grsent 
warr, wherein if hee find any obstructions respecting our 
Articles, hee is to declare our willingness to cast our 
selues vnder the publique charge for the carriing on of 
grsent & future warr, & for payment of such arreas as 
are already due, with Continewance vnder such Coinon 
charges for the future as the rest of this Jurisdiction doe/ 

Edw : Rishworth 
Henry Sayword 
Ric : Bankes 

In the behalfe of 
[the behalfe of the] i 

Town of Yorke, 

1 Erased in the origioal. 

Jos : Bolles 
William Simonds 
fr Littelfild 
In the behalfe of 
the Town of 


To M' Jn° ffairweather M"" Jn° Morse &c. Comissaiys. 
You are Ordered forthw"' w'^out delay to prouide one 
thou [sand] of bread w'^ some tobacco & a litle Rume w^'* 
one hundred or two weight of cheese one Barrell of powder 
& shott proportionable to be in a Readines w^'^in an howe"" if 
it ni[ay] be as also to Impresse a meet vessell Iraediately 
to trans [port] twenty souldie''s w**" said Prouissions Imedi- 
ly to Blacke [point] to be deliuered to Lef Tipping for y^ 
Se''vice of the Contry, Av-'^out delay, hereof faile not Dated 
at Boston 23 ot May 1677 
By orde"" of y^ Gohl & Majest Edw Rawson Secrety 

Petition. 27 May 1677. 
To the Hono""'^ Generall Court now Assembled at Boston/ 
The daly Molestations & Massacers which wee haue mett 
with all from our cruel! & sculkeiug adversarys, by whom 
wee are Constantly oppressed & destroyed, Casting us into 
wasting & Consumeing difficulty% as that he that runeth 
may easily reade our destinys, to bee afflicting & ruinous, 
things amongst us being come into such a low ebb, that wee 
are noe longer able to support nor secure o'"selues, vnless by 
some future supply ; Our humble request y'^fore to y' hon- 
o'"'^ Court is, 

That you will bee pleasd to send us 20 or 30 souldgers 
able men to bee at the disposeing of the Militia for the vss 
of o'' Town, with ammunition ; Cloathing & victualls, for y"" 
Mantenance, ffor although o"" charges hitherto haue not risen 
soe high as amongst others of our Neighbours for the Man- 
tayneing of souldgers : wee had them not for to provide for, 
nor were our Estats soe able to doe It, j'-et in proportion 
wee haue not been short to Tntertayn foraine souldgers nor 
mantayn our own at home, w" called out for the good of the 
whoole : w'^by w* wee haue had for our own support is 


almost exhusted, & by our late loss of diverse vssfull men 
by the Enemy, & otherwise, soe disinabled, that without 
some speedy helpe, wee are out of a Capacity, either to 
secure our selues, or mannage our Occasions for our future 
subsistance, soe that if this bee not granted us. Necessity 
will inforce vs to desert all, w'^h will bee more prudence 
now whilst wee haue something left, then at last w° all is 
gone, for y® enemy lyeth Constantly about us, & hath begun 
to rifi^le our forsaken places & destroyeth what wee haue, 
w^'by wee haue little cause to expect any cessation of there 
continewed outrages aganst our grsons or Estates, which of 
o"" selues wee are not in any capacity to gvent, this is our 
Case, w'^h we hope this Hono'"'^ : Court will Consider craeing 
pardon for o*" bouldness, wee take leaue to subscrib o' selues, 
yorke : 27"' of May : 1677 your hmble & poore distressed 

Edw : Rishworth 
John Danes 
Job Alcock 
Arthur Bragdon 


To the Hon^'i Generall Court June 6, 1677 
A motion of the Easterne Deputies 

That Whereas there are verry manie of the Inhabitants of 
the Countie of yorkesheire and of the countie of Dover and 
Portsmouth that haue left their Habitations & garrisons and 
are gone into other parts of the country, our humble request 
is they may be ordered by this court to returne and those 
that remaine may be comanded not to depart without licence 
from authoritie vppon their perrill : and that those young 
men that are out of Imployment & not capeable of provide- 
ing for themselves may be Impressed into the service of the 



this (lay you''s of 14 Ins' at 10. Came to our bono"' Goti' 
hand not till about 5 y^ morning & is now before the Coun- 
cil who in orde'" to the Act of y^ Gefilll Court for the vig- 
orous prosecution of y^ warr ag' the eastern Indian Ennemy 
to vissit them at their headquarters and to be at black point 
26 Instant haue ordered y' you''self forthwith rayse thirty 
fou"" able English Souldiers compleate Armed w"' Amies & 
Amunition to be at the Eandevous at Charls Towne on two 
& twentieth Instant at one of clocke where vessells are or- 
dered to be in a readines by y* time w"' prouissions of all 
sorts in them Ready to saile away w'^ them, not doubting of 
yo"" Readines to serve the Country at such a Juncture : 

Remaine S'' 
Boston the 15"^ of You"" Humble Servant 

June 1677 Edw*^ Rawson Secret by 

orde'' of the Council. 


June 15'" 1677 
It is refferd to Majo'" Gookin, forthwith to suply Leift 
Richardson & his gty at Chelmsford w'" prouisio agel nes- 
cary & to order him to scout & range y^ woods betwne 
merimack & pascatawy Riuer & ended to kill & sease y® 
Lurking enemy in those parts for wch the majo"" is ordered 
to encourage y"* w'^ a reward : of twenty shillings for euery 
scalpe & forty shillings for eQy prisoner or y'= prisoner. And 
also to make vp his number 25 men=& to order y™ after 
some time spent, thenc to Mar to Blacke point garison & 
their to bee at the ordering of Liftenant Tipping vntill fur- 
ther order from the Council the time of Rendeuooze at 
Blackepoint is to bee the 26 of this Instant June if possible 

// past Edw*^ Rawson Secret 




This day the Council mett & In order to the act of the Gen- 
erall court for Raysing their proportion to meet w**" our 
Confoederates forces at Black point on 26 Instant Ordered 
that you"" selfe forthwith Impresse & send twenty fowe'' able 
souldiers out of y® County of Essex well accomodated w'*^ 
Arnies & Amunition, to be at their Randevous at Charls 
Towne on 22"^ Instant by ait of the clocke where Vessells 
are ordered to take them in & prouissions w''^ them : as also 
100 bushells of Indian for prouission for the macquaes. 


The Councell upon Consideration of y® Dificulty of At- 
tendance upon Dover & york Courts for either Courts or 
partyes Concerned by reason of y^ Enemyes Lying in those 
parts, Do adjourne y® Court to be held in Dover the Last 
tuseday instant unto y^ last wedensday in October & york 
Court to be held first tuseday in July unto y*^ first tuseday 
in November next : 
21 June 1677 By the Council 

Edw'' Rawson Secret 

[The following was written on the same paper as the fore- 
going Order] 

Orde"" to y° Commissary^s to 

prouide. 100. or 200^ of Sugar Ordered that Leiftennant 
w*^ like proportion of to- Benjamin Swett haue a 

bacco// E R S Comission for a Captains 

place & that he be the 
conduct & cheife of Comande'' of the English & Indian 
forces now Raysed & to Goe forth on the Se''vice of the 
Country agt the Eastern Indian Enuemy ; as also to order 


& Dispose of the maste''s & marriDe''s & vessells now 
Going on said Service for the better raannagement of that 

affaire : 
of those Souldie''s now 
w"' him at his Returne to 

be in Ordered that j^ Souldiers left 

in Garrison' by Cap' Swayne 
after that Cap' Swett hath l)r that be orde^ the 

dismission of them to their homes & such as he sees m [eet] . 

''Major Clark's Oomission 22 June 77." 

Jn" Leveret G"" [with the Consent of the] ^ Councill of 
the Masachusets Jurisdiction in New England. 
To M. T. C. 
whereas the forces now^ raysed and going forth against the 
Eastern Indian Enemy have been committed to j'' care & 
Conduct of Cap : Benjamin Swett referring him when ar- 
rived at B. P. to your advice & order These are therefore to 
Impower & order your self when Arrived with all possible 
care & prudence to advice & Manage y*" s'' forces to the best 
advantage against the Common enemy by enabling them 
either to March to y*^ Head quarters, which yet without y^ 
Advice of the officer's vpon the place & good probability we 
would not Hazard, or to other service against their p''ivate 
lurking places or for y*^ strengthening & preservation of y® 
frontier towns according to Instructions & orders given to 
B^ Swett, as also you are ordered with one or More of the 
vessells & such part of the force as you shall see Meet to 
sayle for Kenebecke river & if Major Andros &c arrived 
there to treat & Comply with him in Making an Honorable 
& secure peace, or otherwise for y*' Publiq, benefit, allwayes 
therein taking Care to secure the Hono'' of our prince 

* Erased in the oriffiual. 


y* english Nation & the Just rights of y« Masachusets 

past 22 June 1677 g E R S. 

Capt : Swett 
you are ordered with the forces now raysed & by your 
Comission put under your Command to repayr to Black 
poynt & there use all possible dilligence by scouting & oth- 
erwise to und''stand the State & 
if y« Head quarters of Motion of the enemy & with your 
the enemy by Advice of force assayle & annoy them as 
Major Clark & those Much as in you lyeth [if a] i 

upon the place be if any other small quarter of the 

possible to be as- enemy lyes near & your force be 

saulted you are or- in any Measure Capable in a short 

dered to March time to visit and fall upon them 

thither with all you are accordingly ordered with 

your force all yo"" force Indians & English to 

Make your March thither & assalt 
if otherwise no service against the enemy ofer, advising 
with Major Clark to whom the Councill doth refer you for 
Advice you shall with your whole force March down towards 
Pascatq^, or the backside of winter Harbor wels york et cet : 
if possible to discoQ the lurking places of y" enemy & fall 
upon them 

after which you shall supply out of your Company the 
places of y^ old garison soldiers which went out under C. 
Swayne or other dismissing them, & lodge y® remaynder in 
most Convenient & Necessary places for the Countryes Ser- 
vice & in such Companyes that upon future exigent or order 

' Erased in the original. 


you may Call y™ again for further excursion or expedition, 
keeping good Correspondence with Leiu* Tippen giving 
account to y*^ gouern"^ and Councill of all occurrents 
Dated at Charlstown y" 22"^ of 
June 1677 g ConsiliQ E. R S. 

To be released 
Sam'i Clark 
Isaak How 
W™ Hopkins 
W'° Stanley 
Moses Whitney. 

Warrant, ^c. 

For Serjeant Will"" Coleman, 
yo" are in his Majestys name required to impresse one able 
Soldier, well fitted w*** fire Armes & amunition, and cause 
him to appeare att Fort Hill the 22^^ Instant, by one of the 
Clock in the afternoon there to attend the service of y® 
Country, w'^'' is in obedience to an order from the Serjeant 
Major, hereof fail not, & this shall be yo"" warrant. 
June. 18. 1677. 

John Richards : // Cap* 
Josiph Dill prest 
John barker hiered for him 
by Will. Colman 

William Colman Aged thirty foure yeers or thairabouts tes- 
tyfy & saith y* he being ordered to Impress Josiph Dill for 
y^ Contry saruis in this Expedition to y"^ Eastward y° s'' Dill 
did one y® 25 of this presant Juen did present Sackerry 
Crispt to sarue for him y® sd Crispt before I Cam vp to 
y^ towen had hyered himselef to goe in Cpt hinksmans 


Company but at Last Crispt hyerd John barker to goe in 
bis Rome for Dill & a Cording to my worrant I did Retorn 
bim & barker to same in tbis Expedition & Crispt paid sd 
barker tbirty sbillings in Mony in my presants & tacken & 
Harker accepted tbe service & arms accordingly 

Sworne to before tbe GoQ & 
Council tbis 28 June 1677 by s'^ 
Coleman Edw*^ Rawson Secret 
Jn° Harke'' owned y* be bad Rec*^ 
tbe tbirty sbillings of said Cole- 
man for s*^ Josepb Dill.// 


To tbe Hono"^"^ Gov-^ and Councell 
now sitting in Boston June 28 : 1677 

Tbe Request of tbe Millitia of 
tbe towne of Concord — 
Humbly sbewetb tbat tbe millitia of tbe said towne receive- 
ing a warrant from tbe worp" Maj"" Gookin to impress foure 
men for tbe service of tbe Country : and being informed 
tbat tbose tbat were to be prest were intended onely to 
Scout about Cbelmesford ; and tbe said millitia not being 
able to obtaine tbose persons tbat were intended and desired 
tbey sent foure youths promiseing to releive them within 
one week after tbey went but so soone as they came to 
Cbelmesford tbey were conducted to blackpoint where they 
now remaine. 

Our bumble request to yo'' Hono""' therefore is : that you 
will please to consider bow unfitt these youths are for the 
Countryes Service : Namely Samuell Stratton John Wheat, 
John Ball : & Thomas Woolley : : and tbat tbey may be dis- 
missed from tbe said Service : and be returned home with 


the first that doe returne, so shall we Ever pray for yo"" 

Hon" &c 

Timothy Wheler Cap 

in the name of y' 


Moxes ^ Indians W. H. Sp d reed hy Mrs Hamond 
1 July 77 

Havino- English friends I have sent Mrs Hamons to tell 
you that we have been careful of our prisners this is 3 times 
we have sent to you & have allways mised of you govenour 
of boston we would find your [mind] you find us all way 
for peace you allways broke the peace I would entreat 
you to send us a Answer of this [letter] by Mr. garner or 
Mr. Oliver If they be not at home send Mr wesell but 
send non of them that have been here already we think 
that them men that you sent before were minded to [shoot] 
us Mrs Hamons and the rest of the prisners can tell that 
we have drove Away all the damrallscogon engins from us 
for they will fight and we are not willing of their company 
we are willing to trade with you as we have done for many 
years we pray you send us such things as we name pow- 
der cloth tobacko likcr corn bread and send the captives 
you toke at Pemaquid 

governor of boston we do understand that Squando is 
minded to cheat you he is mind to get as many prisners as 
he can and so bring them to you & so make you believe that 
it is Kenebeck men that have don all this spoul 

o-ovenour of boston wc have bin cheted so often & drove 


off from time to time about powder that this time we would 
willingly se it furst & you shall have your prisners we can 
fight as well as others but we are willing to live pcsabel 
we will not fight without they fight with us first 

here is 20 men women and children that is prisners most 
of them was bought we have not don as the damrellscoging 

Doc. Vol. vi. 12 



engons did they kiled all their prisners at the spring we 
would have you com with your vessel I to Abonnegog Mr 
Garner can tell that last somer that we did Agree and it was 
Squando Angons that did all the hurt 
William Woum Wood 

hen nwedloked 
his H mark 









mr thomas 

. . . gov of boston this is to let you understand, how 
we have been abused, we love yo but when we are dronk 
you will take away our cot & throw us out of dore if the 
wolf kill any of your catell you take away our gons for it 
& arrows and if you see a engon dog you will shoot him if 
we should do so to you cut down your houses kill your dogs 
take away your things we must pay a 100 skins if we brek 
a tobarko pip they will prisson us becaus there was war at 
naragans you com here when we were quiet & took away 
our gons & mad prisners of our chief sagamore & that win- 
ter for want of our gons there was severall starved we count 
it kild with us whenever we are bound and thrown in the 
siler this doings is not like to mans hart it is more like 
woraon hart now we hear that you say you will not leave 
war as long as on engon is in the country we are owners 
of the country & it is wide and full of engons & we can 
drive you out but our desire is to be quiet as for exsampl a 
hors was kiled by som yung boys & we are were to pay 
40 skins 


Sfovernor of boston this is to let you to understand how 
major walldin served us we cared 4 prisners abord we would 
fain know whither you did give such order to kill us 
for bringing your prisners is that your fjishing to com & 
mke pese & then kill us we are afraid you will do so agen 
Major Waldin do ly we were not minded to kill no body 
Major Waldin did wrong to give cloth & powder but he 
gave us drink & when we were drunk killed us if it had 
not a bin for this fait you had your prisners long ago [Sen- 
tence unintelligible.] Major Waldin have bin the cause of 
killing all that have bin kiled this soramer you may see 
how honest we have bin we have kiled non of your Eng- 
lish prisners if you had any of ours prisners you wold a 
knocked them on the hed do you think all this is nothing 

deogenes madoasquarbet 

Journal, kept by Mr. Manning 
1677 A Journall of a Voyage from Salem in y* Ketch Sup- 
ply to Cape Sables, Against y'' Indians that took y* 
fishing Ketches. 
July 19 Set saile about 10 of y*' clocke at night, w"' a 
moderate gaile of wind at W S W, out of Salem harl)0ur. 

20 Cape Ann bore W N W about fine leagues, see seuer- 
all shallops & one Ketch, belonging to piscatiqua. & y' 
Isle of Sholes, Richard Reof, Shalop gaue us 4 pickled 
Cusk. y« wind at S S W, steerd away N E E, a fresh 
gale, ou"" inen all chearly & tolerable well, about 3 of y^ 
clock see a Ketch steering away N N W, gaue her chase, 
& fetched vp [w"'] her but night comeing on left ou' 
chase, & steerd ou'" Course again E N E 

21 Thick & foggy weather y" wind at South Caught fish, & 
heard a Gun which was north from us, aboute 2 itt clcard 
vp and spied a saile, & gaue her chase & gucd to be a 
M H Shallop y^ made fish at Montenicus who Informd us 


of a peace made between Cap' Nichols at pemaquid & 
Moxis w**^ 7 sachems more, whose names we could not 
know, which sachems haue brought in one Captiue, & he 

purchased a Considerable number more, & are gone for 
them Also y' Squando would not consent to y' peace, 
but vnd'"standing y® resolution of y* other sachems aboute 
a conclusion of the peace aboue .said, Imediatly falls vpon 
7 or 8 captives & kills them. & flyes in his p^'son to Can- 
ada as some Indians reports Squando w*** those verry 
Indians, y* concluded a peace as abouesaid, doe say that 
those very Ind was at black point & did a great Exploitt 
against our English they receiueing noe more losse then 2 
kild & 2 wounded lighting them in an open feild only a 
few small bushes, alsoe this verry day y^ sachems have 
Engaged by articles of peace to send away to pannop- 
scutt to Informe dociwondo & his company of a peace 
Concluded & for to l)ring him to assigne y^ same, about 6 

y^ wind come vp verry fresh, at S W & Continued all 
Night, & we steerd away S- E- E* 

22 About eight this morning y'' wind dullerd, & hasey 
thick w'eather, & y® wind came about 2 to N W & cleard 
vp, aboute 10 of y*" clocke to N, thick weather & Raine 
& soe continued til y® Next Morning. 

23, The wind at N. Spied a saile she bore N of us it 
proud a ship from Libon y^ Coand"" Cap' pyr in y^ ship 
Distance from y^ Cape 16 She was bownd for bos- 
ton to ivJ oxe, y*' wind at East taked & stood to y* north- 
ward about fore in y'^ afternoon, Thick & hasey weather. 

24 Thick & hasey weather & Raine y'' wind at S Caught 
a great quantity of fish about 2 in y'^ afternoon cleard a 
little steerd away N E Came into thirty fathome of 
water, soe came to an Anchor, thick foggy & Rainy 

25 fosfofy thick weather little wind A N. still at an Anchor 

26 foggy thick weather y* w N E at an Anchor, broke 


ground & stood in N N E 3 leagues In Came to in 16 
fathom water, y"" to E S E lightning Thund"^ Kaine very 

27 still foggy y^ w S S W about 10 or 11 in y^ night 
heard y'' Rout of y" shore N N E 

28 foggy weather noe wind. 

29 foggy weather wind S W 

30 foggy weather noe wind about 6 came to saile w"' y^ w 
E N E tolerable clear, stood of S E E 3 houres y" stood 
in 3 bourse N. y" Came to in 40 fathonie of water, blew 
fresh Raine. 

31 Raine y" W N N E fresh gale Came to saile aboute 
Eight in y'' morning stood in E. N. Much AVind & Raine. 
y^ wind back to y^ N W. About 12 head sea, clear 
weather njade land, Cap Negroe distance Hue leagues, y^ 
wind westerd, stood into y^ harbour see a ketch, Vm- 
phry Combs y' knew nothing of y^ Ketchs takeing. Came 
to an Anchor about 5 a clock., Capt Prices ketch. 

Aug. 1 AI)oute 10 came to saile & went away for port 
Latore coamding Capt prices ketch Vmphry Combs to 
goe along w"' us y*" Wind N W little gale & clear weather, 
came to an Anchor there about 6 of y^ clocke but could 
not see any vessels, aboute Eleven we came to saile & 
in goenig out we ran aground, & lay there till tiood that 
tioated us againe, 

2 Aboute 3 in y^ Morning we came to saile & aboute 8 got 
y^ length of y" Cape Clear weather y'' wind at N W, Ex- 
changed Jn° Dowster for Jn° parker one of Vmphry 
Combs men because he was some wat accquainted w"' y® 
harbours about y*" Cape to y^ westerd as y*" passage passes 
Islands came to anchor in 6 fathom of water aboute 6 y* 
Ca[)e bares 8 S E distance Hue leagues, in a braue Rood 
where we see many braue places for harbours but could 
not discouer any thing, but heard three hollow of y* 


3 Came to saile aboute 6 in y^ morning <fe stood to y® N. 
ward of y'' Road & see seuerall Cricks y'' wind W S VV, 
Saild vp three leagues Verry vncertain soundings from 7 
fathom to 2 & then aground, but being near y*^ top of 
high water we got off againe & stood back into fine tath- 
ome & came to ; being near Ebb, A few hands went ashore 
vpon an Island where there was a place newly burnt alsoe 
they see y*^ halfe of a block w*"' was Re fired, we was well 
shutt vp in to y^ sound & y*" Hand bore W S W, about 4 
or 5 it was flood & came in thick of fogg & noe wind & 
soe did p''uent us. 

4 This Morning clear weather y" wind W S W aboute 7 of 
y^ clocke Came to saile & went to y" mouth of y" Road 
Keeping y'' eastern shore aboard, where we made a very 
good harbour or a deep bay, we came too in 7 ftithome of 
water & sent ou'' boat to discouer itt & the}' steerd E, 
they sounded & had graduall soundings from 5 to 1 fs. but 
it was high water then ; sandy ground, y" wind S W Came 
to saile about 2 of y*" clocke & steerd away for y^ seal 
Islands & aboute 6 of y*" clocke Anchored on y^ East side 
in 10 fathoe of water, & there rid all that Niirht. 

5 came to saile about 6 in y^ morning steerd awa}^ for Gar- 
nett Rock, y'^ wind S W y" Garnett Rock bore N. by W. 
from y'' Great seal Island, & from y'' Gannet Rock pur- 
pose for to find Inskitt harbour but Came into great Rip- 
lings & shole water & verry Rocky ground, & was in 
verry great difficulties ; for we went about to y'' N & in 
standing to wards Cape f'sue ^ we made a very braue & 
large harbour into which we steerd & had braue soundings 
of (obscure) fathoms of water & stood so soe farr in itt 
to discouer what we could, & y^ wind still y*" same, did 
not come to an Anchor, but likly to be faire weather, we 
stood vpon a wind ouer y* bay for ponnobscutt, aboute a 
11 of y* Clocke, & that harbour we Judge to be up'' f'sue 
harboui" (?) 

' Cape Fourchu ( ?) 


August 5 Latitude by observation 44.06. departed from 
Cape f'sue itt bore NEE distance 2 leagues stood away 
w E by N. in y^ 24 bourse we ran 33 leagues. 
6 aboute 1 this day we made Mount desert & itt bore N 
W" N aboute 5 leagues, & aboute 5 we made Mounte- 
desert harbour & y" wind being Just in ou' teeth, was 
tbrcd to tack & in tacking we see 2 sailes gaue them 
chase, to y" Eastward they steerd away East, itt was 
aboute 11a clocke at night \vhen we came vp with one of 
them, which was a Ketch, & itt was francis Garlands, & 
there was 6 trench men on board, soe we brought them 
by y' Cry & caused y" to Come on boord of us, & in y" 
mean time y*" other went away from us but Enquireing of 
them what they was, they said they was a barke that had 
been but five dayes from Boston that had y'' Gou'ners 
passe, soe we tacked to & againe that Night, 
7 & in y'' morning stood vp into a great Riuer, & about 12 
or 1 we see a Conoe Coming from y* land, w'^'' was very 
fearful! of us & w^ent ashore againe, soe we ventured in 
^v^h ye jjjj^j ^ spied a saile coming downe y* riuer, soe we 
stood ofl' y" wind being at S. & y^ riuer lay N & in tack- 
ing aboute standinj; to wards the westward, we made her 
to be a Ketch, we bore vp vpon her, & she claped close 
vpon a wind & shott into a Cruell & most formidable 
place, that if we had shott a Cables lenght more on head 


we had lost Ketch & men, but we came too, & had a 
stout scurmighs w*^'' them & they all left y'' vessell & be- 
toke them to y" Rocks, which if it had been Artificially 
made it Could not haue been better contriued for there 
designe, & by this time itt was sun sett soe we came to 
an anchor w"'in halfe shott, & Rid by them till 2 or 3 of 
y* clock in y*" morning they allmost continually fireing at 
us, itt being calme dc a very difficult place we Roed out 
by which time we had a gaile of wind at S S E, then we 
went to seeke for ou"" Ketch that we tooke, & when we 
had found them, we steerd away from Mount desert 


8 harbour, & 7 or at at night came to an Anchor of of y* 

9 y^ wind being fresh at north we came to saile & stood 
too and againe som little time, then steerd away for pe- 
nobscut & in y'^ offin we see 2 saile that Stood to y^ 
Eastward, & we gaue them chase but it proued little wind 
& Calme ; y^ wind came vp to S W & we still p^sisted in 
our chase, & gained vpon them but night comeing on, & 
hasey weather we left ou' chase, & stood to y* N W for 
to look for ou'' prise & little wind all night 

10 Calme aboute 12 y*^ wind sprung vp at S W, little gaile, 
stood into y* shore till 12 at night then tacked & stood to 
y^ Sward, 

11 about t) this morning we see 2 sail in w**" the shore we 
tacked & stood w"' them the wind being at S. they steerd 
away for Monhiggon, into w'^'' place we followed them 
& itt was Jn° Pumrye & Gen. penn3'well, toward night 
little wind & verd aboute to y^ Westward & then to y" N 

12 aboute 6 this Morning came to sail & sterd away S W W 
tor Cape Ann y*" wind at N N E, aboute 12 y" wind dul- 
lend & vered to y^ S W, & about 8 little & at N. 

13 this moriniug Made Accamenticous y*" wind at W N W. 

Petition of Aiidrew Broivne Sen^ 

To y^ Hon'"'' Gouernor & Counsell now 
Assembled at Bostone- 
The Humble Petition of Andrew Browne Sin'' Sheweth 
That wheras yo"" Petitioner had all liis houses Burned to 
Asses ; and his Catle Destroyed by y^ Barbarrous Enimys 
soe that yo"' poore subplicant is in a very Low Condition 
having 9 Smale Children wherof 7 : of them and himselfe 
is not any way Capable nor able this 2 years to procure A 
Liulihood ; neither has he been any way Chargable to Towne 
nor Country ; But yo' poore petitiou"^ and his wife with 7 


smale Children was Mentayned and withoulden from per- 
rishing by two Sonns of yo"" Petition"" namly Andre Andrew 
Browne and John Browne they both was Impressed here at 
Bostone in September Last to goe to Kenebecke vnder y^ 
Command of Cap' Thomas Moore and y*^ said Cap' Thomas 
Moore at his Returne then from Kenebecke y** abouesaid 
Andrew Browne And his Brother John Browne both then 
was Left at Black point Garrison where they euer since 

Therefore yo"^ poore Petition"^ Humbly Intreats yo"" worships 
seriously to Consider of his helplesse Condition by ordre- 
ino- that his two Sonns be discharged from y*" Garrison of 
Black point for there is 9 in yo"" Petition^s family that hath 
there Dependence vpon the Labours of y*" said Andrew An- 
drew And John Browne/ 2d That yo' Petition"" intreats yo' 
worships to Consider y' : 9 : or 10 months is a Longe tim to 
Continue In Garrison ; 3^ That few or any hath Continued 
soe Long in Garrison ; soe yo"" petition'' hopes that these 
Considrations will move yo"" worships to Grant yo' petetion"" 
an order for y'' Discharging of his two Sonns, which wilbe 
a meane to preserue yo"" poore petition' from Perishing, soe 
yo"" petition' with his wife and Children shall haue great 
Cause to pray for yo' health and Happy uesse, 

Andrew Browne Sin' 
This Request is Granted to July 77 

E R S 

Letter to Capt. Brockles cf- others 


You's from Pemaquid by the Hands of majo"^ Thomas Clarke 
of July 3*^ 1677 we received, & therein perceive your 
freindly & forward Inclination for the procuration of a set- 
lement of the Inhabitants of those easterne parts who haue 
been so great suflere's in the vnhappy warre, the same hath 


been Considered by us & the result of our thoughts are 
that you' selues being now vpon the place, & not hauing 
yet been Concerned in any Acts of Hostility against them 
may Sooner obteyne Credence with them for the redemption 
of those miserable Soules Captives in the hands of those 
lutidells, and for the Setlement of a peace w% them if to 
be obteyned with Hoiio"" for the accomplishment whereof we 
haue sent Ou' Trusty &, welbeloued freinds majo' Generall 
Daniel Dennison & Joseph Dudley Esq"" two of ou"^ Majes- 
trates fnlly Instructed to effect the same with such othe''s as 
are knowne vnto & desired by the Indians in a late Aplica- 
tion to us by the principall Sachem of the Kennebecke 
Indians w4i which Gentlemen; if yo"* please to Joyne you 
assistance it may be a Comon benefit to His Majesties Inter- 
est in these parts &, resetlement of those parts ; 


wee are your Humble Servants. 
The GoQno' & Council of the 
Massachusets, In their name & by their 
Orde' signed Edw*^ Rawson Secret 

MaJ Q-en^ Denison ^ Joseph Dudley to treat with the 


At A meeting of the Gouerno*" & Council of the 
Massachusets Jurisdiction In New England held at 
Boston the tenth day of July 1677 
The Gouerno'' & Council having read & considered sundry- 
letters to them directed & sent from Wiunekemet ; & Moxes 
Indean Sagamores & from some other Indians about Kenne- 
beck l)y the Hand of M's Hammond an English Captive, 
Late an Inhabitant of the abouesaid place w"' refference 
thereto haue nominated & requested & doe heereby Author- 
ize & Impower, major Generall Daniell Dennison & Joseph 


Dudley Esq' forthwith : with such meet attendance as they 
shall Judge meet to Imbai-quc themselues & saile Directly 
to Pemaquid & acquaint the Gent" there from New yorke 
That the Kennebeck Indians &c haue made an ouerture of a 
treaty of peace & the deliuery of a))out twenty English 
prisoners, for the obteyning of whom the Gouernor & Coun- 
cil haue sent you to take any oppert unity that may be 
offered for the setling of a peace w^'' the English and for 
that end doe desire & promise themselues theire vtmost 
assistance vpon the place. 

Hauing aduised \v4i the aforesaid Gent" of the speediest & 
best way of Coming to speake w4i the Natives either l)y 
sending out the Squa or otheruise, yo''' shall endeavo' to 
Sattisty those Indians that the Gouerno"" & Council are Igno- 
rant of those many Injuries by them Complained of, which 
had they been made & prooved to them ; they would haue 
endeavored to haue had sattisfaction made them ; and that 
the persons that haue don the injuries were disorderly' per- 
sons that liued out of our Jurisdiction ; And that for the 
time to Come such disorde's wee hope may be prevented, 
by a more orderly & full setlement of Gouernraent in those 
parts : 

If the Indians will be draune to deliuer their prisone''s 
yo" may make a suiteable returne or recompence & the 
greater hopes yo"^ may Gather of theire desire of Amity or 
peace the larger may be the Recompence especially if they 
will send to Squando & the Amoroscoggin Indians, & can 
bring them to Come to treate w"' 3^ow in order to a peace, 
or vpon their refusall to Joync their forces for the Suppress- 
ing of them ; which treaty yo" shall not attend vnless 
Squando will Imediately recall all the scattered & sculking 
Indians aI)out our Plantations or the Kennel)eck Indians 
make warre vpon him. 

If Squando or any for him appeare yow may acquiiint 
him that the Gotino' was wholly Ignorant of any Injury 


offered to him or his child at Saco ; And if by any treaty 
yo'" Can bring him to a Cessation or peace yo''' shall doe it 
vpon the best termes yo"' may for the Hoiio'" of the English. 
In all you"" Negotiation w*^'' English or Indians yow shall vse 
yo"^ best discretion ; and shall mannage it so as may consist 
w'h honnesty & Hoiio'^ 

Att you"^ returne yo" shall dismiss the Garrison at 
Blackpoint, or otheruise dispose of them as yo"' see 
meet prouiding against losse or wast of what may be 
remooved thence 

By the Goue'^no'^ & Council of the Massachusets 
Jurisdiction in New England & signed by their 
orde' Edward Rawson Secret 

Petition of Joseph Bemmiss 

To the Hon'd Governour, and the Rest of the Hon'^d 
Majestrates, now Assembled in Boston July y^ 10"' 
The humble Petition of Joseph Beiniss, Sheweth vnto yo"" 
Hono'^s, that yo*^ Petitioner hath a Son whose name is John 
BeiTiiss out in the Army, and is now Ressident at york, at 
the Eastern parts, vnder the Comand of Lieutenant Alcock, 
by Reason of which, his absence is such a Dainage, and prej- 
udice, to yo*^ petitioner, who is Aged, and weak in body, 
not able to go forward with his Husbandry, y* he is not able 
to Subsist, without Assistance, wherefore yo"" Petitioner be- 
seecheth yo"" Hono" to Consider his Condition and infirmity 
of body And Release his Son to Come and be an Assistant 
to yo' petitioner as formerly, being in great necessity of 
him. I beseech yo''' to Grant my Request which if yo"^ 
Hono"" please to Grant, it shall oblige yo' Petitioner to pray 
for yo' hon" health >&, prosperity 

Joseph Bemmiss 


In ans"^ to this pet icon tho 
Request is Granted & oi-de"^ already 
Given out for y' end before y^ was 
presented By y* Council Edw. Rawson Secret 

10 July 1677 

Letter from A. Brockholts ^ others 


We writte you by Majo"" Clarke July the S**, in 
answer to yo" of June 25*'', wherein wee acquainted you 
with our having taken possession of these parts of his Roy- 
all Highnesse Government, according to our Cofnission and 
Instructions ; Wee then told Major Clarke of our Intents 
to make a Peace with the Neighbour Indyans, if they should 
desire it, the which wee happily effected yesterday, with 
the Indyau Sachenjs of Kenebeck which are all betweene 
that River & Penobscott :~It is done upon Condicon of their 
forbearance to make Warre upon any of his Ma'*^^ Subjects, 
& delivery of all English prisoners to us here ; 
Of the first they have engaged to give Notice to all their 
Ind^^ans, together with their friends & Allyes, Wee prom- 
ising to doe the like to the English, that they may likewise 
forbeare all Acts of Hostility, & for release of the Captives 
they hope wee will see a Meanes that theirs may bee releast 

Wee have sent this Messenger M"^ W"" Sturt from hence 
expresse to let you know what wee have done in these mat- 
ters, who wee have ordered to stay twenty foure houres for 
your Answer, how farre you think fitt to bee concerned in 
the Peace with these Indyans, & what you will please to 
doe, as to the giving notice to those under yo"" Coniand, 
to forbeare any Act of Hostility, as also touching the Re- 
leaseraent of the Indyan Captives with you, upon the deliv- 
ery of the English by them, (which wee thinke to bee very 


Wee are informed that the Indyans that were under 
Squando, have deserted him, looking on him as an Impos- 
tour, & hhime his, & that hee went privately 
away with one or two onely with him, about two dayes 
after the late Engagement at Black Point, and as they sup- 
pose he is gone for Canada : 

Wee have not farther but expecting your Answer, remaine 


Yo' most humble Servants 
Antho : Brockholts 
Ca : Knapton 
Matthias Nicolls 
Fort Charles in Pemaquid [Superscribed] 

July. 17. 1677. For the hon'"^ the Governo^ 

and Council of his Ma"^^ 
Colony of the Massachusetts 

In Boston 

The Cheife Sachem' name of Kennebeck w*^^ whom wee 

haue made the peace is head of all the Indians from Piscat- 

aqua to Ponobscott Squando' men & all y^ Rest hauing put 

themselues vnder him. 

This was omitted in ou''s to the GoQno'^ & Council 

A true transcript of w' was Inserted in m"" Taylo'"s letter to 

be Comunicated, as Attests E. R. S 

To Marshall Joseph Webb: 
Whereas A Dutch Ship Riding in Piscataqua Riuer (most 
of the Company being ffrenchmen) loading or loaden w"' 
masts & suspected to be for the vse of the ffrench, the mas- 
ter of the said ship having broake his word w"' y® Gou'^nor 
in not clearing the said ship to belong to the English These 
are therefore tf) Require you in his tnaj'ies name, forthwith 
to Repaire to Piscataqua & to Enter on board the said ship 


and forthwith to take the Sailes on shoare making stop of 
her till he Come & make a full Clearing And all marshalls 
Constables & other officers millitary & Civil (if neede be) 
are alike Required as abouc to be Ayding & Assisting to 
you therein. 
Dated at Boston the 25'*' July 1677 

By the Council 

Edward Rawson Secret 
you are Impowred to Impress a hors 
or horses as you need w*'' other neces- 
sary* on account &c 

Letter A. Brockhollt Si" others to the Q-ov*' ^ Council 
Aug. 18, 1677. 

Hon*""*"* Gentlemen 

Yo" of the 25**' past in answer to ours by m*" Sturt, con- 
cerning the peace with the Indyans, wee received at his 
returne, wherein you arc pleased to intimate that as to a Ces- 
sation of Armes & a mutuall Returne of Captives, you were 
willing to condiscend, on Condicon that the English in 
their Custody bee delivered to us, & the vessells lately 
taken, tackling & lading &c with a Restriction for the Indy- 
ans not to come neare your Plantacons : The Indyans with 
whom wee had made the Peace (waiting as well as wee, yo"^ 
Result upon our Message,) wee acquainted with the heads 
thereof, & enjoyned them to the observance of that Caution 
of not coming neare yo"" plantacons, bounding their Prog- 
resse by Casco bay westward (as more certaine then a ten 
miles Limitt :) A while after Capt Scottow arrived here 
(with six Indyan Captives) by whom wee rec" yo"" Letter of 
the 3P'' & after him vSquando the Sachem of Saco, with the 
Sachems of Anil)useoggan & Pequagick came here, being 
desirous to bee included in the Peace made with their Neigh- 
bo""', which wee consented to (although Exceptions might 


h;me beene made against some of them) being willing to 
make the Peace as generall as may bee ; Wee layd the like 
injunction on them as on the former, but the greatest diffi- 
culty was yet behind, concerning the Restauracon of the 
Ketches, none of these being concerned in their taking, & 
indeed wee did looke upon it, to be a kind of Imposicon on 
us, As if you had no desire to bee concerned in the Peace, 
proposing so difficult Termes, from the w*''^ neither in yo"^ 
first or second Letter, you doe in the least vary, Although 
in the former part of that by Cap* Scottow, you say (yo*" 
Case being so circumstanced, as before recited) that you 
shall rest & confide in o'' discrecon to perfect the same for 
yo"" & the English Inteerst ; The which being followed by a 
subsequent jmsitive Clause, of returning the Captives if the 
Condicons of yo'' preceding Letter were not performed, 
made yo"" Ctmfidence in us of small value./ Besides this, 
Gent, give us leave to tell you, that the Captive prison'^" 
being brought hither with the Condicon afore menconed, 
& those so publickely made knowne, by yo"" owne people 
(to Indyans as well as others) It was like to spoyle all 
wee hnd done, & make a new breach, Some of the looser 
Indyans throatning to rescue the Captives by force (there 
being then about 60. of them here) & they told us of 
breach of promise in not delivering our Captives, they 
having brought in Eighteene, besides M" Hamond, who 
they releast to us, (though they tax her for breaking 
her ParoU) intending to bring in all the rest, being neare 
such another number, & that wee should keepe sixe of 
theirs close prison"^", before their faces. To the which in- 
deed wee had litlc to say, but by authority & good words 
restrayned them till Madackawando's coming who was sent 
for, but came not before yesterday, & very happily wee 
concluded a Peace with him likewise this day, including a 
Surrender of the Ketches &c. which hee with his Indyans 
assented unto, almost contrary to our Expectacon, Wee 


having but slender hopes thereof, & no great Grounds, as 
not apprehended or thought on, in the peace first made : So 
many of them as Madackawando hath or can procure, wee 
haue great Confidence hee will deliver as hee hath engaged : 
As to other particulars relating to these affaires, wee shall 
not give you farther trouble about, but referre you to Capt 
Scottows Eelacon, who for a fortnight hath beene an Eye 
wittnesse of all passages here : Wee had five Captives 
delivered up by Madackowando at making of the Peace ; 
(which Capt. Scottow takes with him) & wee delivered up 
the six you sent by him (there being but foure of them 
really Captives or prison" of warre, the other two (misera- 
ble creatures) had too long beene innocent sufferers, & yo'' 
Charity in their Redemption, will without doubt have its 
Reward : Wee sent sixteene Captives the beginning of this 
month to Piscattaqua, & two others were taken on bord 
Capt Silvanus Davis about a week since, to bee carryed to 
Boston : 

When the others come in, wee shall take the best Care wee 
can to send them to their habitacons or friends, & shall like- 
wise 2:ive notice of the Ketches at their Arrivall : Wee 
thanke you for the Caution you give us to bee careful! of 
the Indyans Treachery, It is not of to day onely that wee 
are acquainted with their Tempers, so shall not Neglect our 
selves or dutyes, yet would not bee too much posses't with 
a groundlesse Jealousy of them : Wee hope God almighty 
will give a blessing to the Peace now made with the Indy- 
ans, & that it will be firme & durable for the Generall Good 
of our Nation, which hath beene very much our aimc, & 
shall be the daily prayer of 


Yo"^ most humble Servants 
Fort Charles in Anth° Brockhollt 

Pemaquid Aug : 18*'^ Csesar Knapton 

/ 1677./ Matthias : Nicolls 

Doc. Vol. vi. 13 




For the hon'''^ Governo'' and 

Council of his Ma"^« Colony 

of the Massachusetts 


At Boston 

g Capt Joshua Scottow 

Q. D. C. 


Soldiers^ Charges. 

Common Arrer' ffor Souldiers Charges of the Late warre 
Granted and allowed by the Cofnittee of Millitia of Wells 
from the first Begininge of the Late Indian warre vnto the 
first September 1677 

To John Wells i : 07 : 18 : 07 ' 

William Sawyeard i : 12 : 08 : 00 

m-- William Simonds 1 : 26 : 12 : 11 

Ensigne John Barrett 1 : 01 : 03 : 00 

To m-- John Busse 1 : 19 : 17 : 06 

To Joseph & Benjamine Storrer 1 : 44 : 07 : 06 

To John Cloyce i : 24 : 05 : 01 

To Abraham Tilton 1 : 07 : 00 : 00 

To William Ashley 1 : 09 : 05 : 10 

To Merebate Litlefield i : 38 : 05 : 00 

To Robert Wacum i : 03 : 09 : 02 

To Joseph Crosse 1 : 33 : 01 : 07 
To William Hamond for himselfe ^ 

To & Jo : Gough Estate > ^ 15_: 07^: 06 

To Jonathan Hamonds t : 01 : 03 : 03 

To ff'rancis Litlefield 1 : 62 : 06 : 01 

To Leif' John Litlefield 1 : 55 : 10 : 04 

M^ Samuell Wheelwright } : 48 : 04 : 11 

Samuel Austine 1 ; 83 : 10 : 02 

M-- Joseph Bowles 1 : 90 : 01 : 04 

To Nath : Cloyce i : 16 ; 03 : 10 



M-- Ezekiell Knight 

: 05 



James Oare & Henry Browne 





Thomas Dowty 


: 02 

: 06 

Ezekiell Knight Junio' 




Roger Giiburd 




Emanuell Dauis 




Thomas Litlefield 




Samuel Storrer 

Thomas Baston 

: 04 



Jeremiah Storrer 10 = 00 = 00 




ffrancis Backhouse 

: 08 



Thomas Couzins 

: 02 



Goody ffarrow 




Israeli Hardin 




To George Pearson 




To Peter Cloyce 




To John Barret 




To Abraham Collins 




To Goody Mountigue 




To peter B 




To Nath' Masters 

• 05 



To John Driscoe 




Elisha Hooper 




John Eldridge 




Terne ouer the lefe 







Abraham Tillton 




Edmon Littelfeld 3:6:0 

719: 4 

[: 2 

Totoll sum is 

719 = 4 = 2 

Sam" Whelwright 
William Symonds 
John Littlefield 



Letter from Andrew Johnson. 

Black point Octob-- y^ 8**^ 1677 
Honour-^ S'^ 

May it please your honour I thought it good to acquaint 
your honour desiring you would be pleased to take into Con- 
sideration our desperate Condition and Estate y* we are 
here left in ; in y® midst of our Enymyes w''^ are dayly 
about us ; and haue killed Seuerall Cattle this day about 
three miles off from us ; insomuch that we being so weake 
are not able to goe out against them to hinder them nor yet 
to fetch in Cattle for o"" Selues ; being but fourteen men in 
all of us ; they are very many of them here in these partes ; 
therefore I would humbly desire your honour would be 
pleased to send us more helpe if you se it meet for us to 
stay here they haue not as yet made any assault vpon us 
but I know not how soon they may they being treachours a 
barbarous Enymye Not Else to trouble yo"" bono"" w^'^all 
I rest 

Yours and the Countryes faithfuU 
Seruant to Command 
Andrew : Johnson Serj' 

Black point Octob-- y^ S*"^ : 1677 
Cap* Scottow 

S"" After my humble Seruice gsented unto you ; these 
are to acquaint that o'' Supply is most of it all spent there 
is not enough bread left for to last vs aboue a weeke or fort- 
night longer and o' Tobacco is all spent likewise my fellow 
Souldiers wants shoes stockings westcoates & drawers & 
Coates y*" weather Comes on pretty Cold and therefore I 
would desire you would make what despatch you can ; like- 
wise S"" A dram now & then would not be amisse S"" I would 
desire you would get an order and Send it here to Command 
the Inhabitants if any Comes here to be helpfull to us to 
beare duty w*'' us we being so few on us its uery hard for 


US As for news the Indians are uery rife here round about 
vs and haue been discouered Seuerall tymes by us this day 
they haue Killed Seuerall Cattle about Oakmans plantation 
how many and where I cannot as yett informe you Not Else 
att gsent 

I rest S' 

Yo"" Seruant to Command 
Andrew : Johnson Serj* 
flfor Cap* : Joshua Scotto 
att his house in 


To the Hon' Gover" & Councill with y-^ Generall 

Court now sitting in Boston, 
The Humble Petition of Joshua Scottow on y*^ behalf of 
himselt & Sundry of y" Inhabitants of Scarborough, &c 

Humbly sheweth 
That whereas your Petitioners have disbursed In Provisions 
for y^ Support of y® Garrison at Black point, for the Releif 
of Severall Armies that have passed to & fro Eastward, to 
a considerable Value above one hundred & fifty pounds as b}"" 
y® Acc° given in by Lef Tipping & otherwise doth fully 
appeare, being by y^ s'^ Tipping Impressed according to an 
Order of y^ Hon'' Councill Some of your Petitioners being 
hardly pinched, & others In distressc for want of Provisions 
for themselves & familyes, not having hud any opportunity 
to Plant this yeare, by y*" Extremity of y^ Indian Warr. 
Your poor Petitioners therefore humbly crave your Releif 
Clemency & Consideration of their Conditions, so as that 
you would be pleased to Order the Payment of their dis- 



bursments, In such a way, as your wisdoms shall think most 
fitt & convenient, which will further oblige them, as In all 
duty they are bound, to pray for your honors peace & 

The Deputyes Judge meete that the pefs 
IQth gth_ 77 |3g referd to proceed for Satisfaction as the 

law Touching Disbursments Doth Direct, 

desireing the Consent of o"" Hono'** Mag- 

ists hereto 

William Torrey Cleric 
The Magistrates Consent Hereto 
provided after such proceedure, 
y® Accounts be remitted to the County 
of York for payment our brethren 
the Deputyes Consenting 
11. 8. 77. J Dudley per order 

Consented to by the Deputyes 
William Torrey Cleric. 

Vpon the Reading the Letters from Blackpoynt 
Do order that the persons there Concerned take Care for 
Supply & Maintainance of that garison at their own Charg 
or be Instantly Drawn off. 

y^ Magistrates have past this, our brethren y« Deputyes 
Consenting J Dudley, per order 

17. 8. 77 

Consented to by the Deputyes 

William Torrey Cleric 


Petition of Joshua Scottow 

To the Hon'^ Govern'' & Councill with the Generall 
Court now assembled at Boston 
The Humble Petition of Joshua Scottow on behalf of 
himself & y® rest of y^ Inhabitants of Scarborough, 
Humbly sheweth, That whereas y^ trecherous Enimy, since 
y® peace made at Pemaquid, have burned 2 houses at Casco, 
& are now killing up your poor Petitioners Cattle, which 
were about 200 left, for whom they had Provided Winter 
meate, That your Honors would please to Incourage them 
with your further Protection, by y'^ Continuance of those 
Souldiers which are now there, or so many as you shall 
think fitt. Humbly Conceiving that if y® Garrison should be 
deserted, y® Enimy would bee much Incouraged to make 
further Inrode Into y*' Next Townes, looking at y^ English 
to flee before them, Our Selfs y® distressed Inhabitants dis- 
couraged, being Reduced to y® Loss of that little left, & put 
upon to make application for Eeleif unto a forrain power, 
which how Honorable it will be to this Government, or how 
consistent with their Oath of fidelity may be questioned, 
unlesse you please to declare, that they may so doe, & how 
prejudicial! it may be to y® fishing trade & publick weall by 
strengthning y® Claimes of y** Monopolisers thereof, is left 
with all Humility to your Honors Consideration, If that 
you should think it Inconvenient to Grant our Request, 
That you would please to Order w*^ Amminition &c is of y" 
Countryes upon y*^ Place may there be left, for the Incour- 
ageraent of y*^ Inhabitants, if such a Number should Pre- 
sent, as In Probability may be with their Safety, Leaving 
y® whole to Gods Gracious disposal! to guide you In what 
Your Wisdoms shall think best, they shall further pray as 
in all duty they are bound for y® Continuation of your 
happy Government in peace & prosperity. 


In Answer to this petition the Deputyes Judge meete to 
grant the pefs all such Arines & Amunition as are now in 
the garison at blacke poynt belonging to the Country for 
the Defence of the same the quantitie to be taken notice of 
by some Meete pson appoynted, & that a like proportion be 
returned when cald for by this Court or Councill & also that 
all Such the pefs Inhabitants of Scarborrough who shalbe 
engaged in the vpholdinge of this garison to be ffreed from 
all Country rates while they shall so doe with refference to 
the Consent of o"" Hono'"'^ magists hereto 

William Torrey Cleric 
18**^ 8"^ 1677 Consented to by the magists 

Edw*^ Rawson Secret 

Letter. Q-eorge Munjoy to Maj'^ Tho^ Olarke 

Worsh" S-^ 

My bereauements hath Necessitated me to trauell 
Againe ouer The Great Depts that I Cannot Attend Courts 
for passing bils) yett I haue made bould to trobleyour wor- 
shipt with these lines Requesting your Assistance for the 
Getting of what the Court pleasure is for laying outt the 
Easterne bounds for twise Going East that Cost me Consid- 
erable & 6 p' of Eight I paid in Borbados for forming the 
draft vnto m"" Witherington) is the value of 3" of Sugor & 
haue sent vnto my wife to Gitt som one to be there not 
Els at p'^sent 

but Remeane your Humble Seruant 
George Munjoy 
Great Hand pascataqua Indorsed 

21 Octo"" 1677 To the worsh" majo"" 

Thomas Clarke 



The magis*^ Judge meete to orde' the Tresure"" to pay m"" 
George MuDJoy the some of five pounds : for his paynes 
their Brethren the Deputies hereto Consenting : 

Edward Rawson Secret 

The Deput' Consent hereto provided that It be payd out of 
the rates of the County of yorke & desire the Consent of o"" 
hon'"'' magistrates hereto 

William Torrey Cleric 

21 octobe"" 

1678 Consented to by y« Magis*^ 

Edw*^ Rawson Secre* 

present the Gofin"" Major Walden & Major Pendle- 

Sam : Symonds Dep* Gou*" ton from your selves by sever- 
Symon Bradstreet all Letters we have receivd 

Daniel Gookin Information of Squando & the 

Daniel Dennison other Indians east their Desire 

further to treat the English of 
ysse parts for a more firm peace & that Major Shapleigh & 
C. Champernoon are Desired to Advance in that matter as 
most acceptable to the Indians, if themselves or any other 
persons Judged Sutable by your selves for such an occasion 
be obtayned to treat them they may In the name of the 
Governor & Councill promise them a Safe Conduct coming 
& returning hither in way of treaty whether any thing Con- 
cluded or no as Mog formerly Had if otherwise they may 
take the Indians Demands, of which our selves here may 
Consider & give Answer. In the Meantime advising as the 
Spring Cometh on to be upon your watch & guard for your 
own security — 

not els but Remaine S" 

you' freind & servant 

Edw** Rawson Secre* By ord"" 
of the Council 
d'"" of March 77 


Letter Henry Jocelyn to JEdw^ Rawson 

My request to y" is y' y" would be pleased to procure for 
me pay for y^ prouisions Cap' Tippen pressed of mine at 
Black point according to his certificate here sent by Edw^ 
Houn who I have made my assigne to receiue it and 
what he shall doe here I shall allow at and euer rest 

y"^ freind and Ser^ 
Kittery 18"^ Aprill 1678. 

Henry Jocelyn 
M"" Edward Kawson 
Secretary these 


The testimony of Samll Wheelewright aged about 40 
years & Joseph Storer aged 29 years, or y' aboutes Tes- 
tifyeth that the bread w^h Mr Munjoy brought to Wells in 
the yeare 76 ; w'^h bread was Delivered to y® Country soul- 
dgers y® great part of It as they did March to y^ Eastward 
w"*" quantity the said Munjoy sayd was nineteen hundred 
weight, or y' aboute, 

Samll Wheelewright further testifys y* Mr Munjoy sayd y* 
hee had fiueteen hundred weight of the abouesd bread by 
ord"" of Majo"" Clarke of Arther Mason which M'^ Eish worth 
bought of the aboue sayd Mason/ Mr Samll Wheelewright, 
& Joseph Storer testifyed to y'' truth of y' there testimonys, 
& Mr Wheelewright to his addition, vpon oath 17 : of Sep- 
temb' : 1678 : before mee 

Will Symond^ Assote 
Vera Copia transcribed & Compard 23 Aprill 78 

g Edw : Rishworth Eecor. 



Boston y^^ 25 : 2^ : 78 : 
These are to certifie y* on y^ ninth ofy'' eleuenth 1676 
there was pressed of M'^ Henery Jocelins two barrells of 
beefe & one hundred twenty two pound of mutton for y® 
seruice of y^ country at Black point garrison/by me/ 

Bartholomew : Tipping Lieft"*^ 


To the Hon^ Govern' & Councill 
now sitting in Boston, 
The Humble Petition of Lydia Scottow 
on the behalf of her Husband, 
Humbly sheweth That whereas your Humble Petitioner 
having better Considered on the Eminent danger of her 
husband, since y'^ Hon*^ Councill last sate, so that if y*" En- 
imy should rise up against them (as they daily exspect, & 
they have said they would since the peace made) they being 
able to make but small Resistance against them, being but 
four In y*" Garrison, & them at his Sole Charge, he being 
not able to mantaiu more. Wherefore the Premises Consid- 
ered, It may not seem Just & Equall to your Honors, in 
such a Case so circumstant, not only to afford your Peti- 
tioners Husband some meet Number of Soldiers, six or 
eight, as your Honors see meet, on y^ Countryes Charge, 
as may be in point of exigence & extremity, as none knowes 
how soon it may come to that, to enable your Petitioners 
Husband to defend y^ place, & prevent y"^ Barbarous Enimy, 
to make Inroade in & march further into the Country to y*^ 
great prejudice of y*" Country & people thereabouts, before 
it be too late, thus leaving y® Country & my Husbands dis- 
tressed Condition to your Honors wisdom & Justice, take 
leave to Subscribe myself. 

Your Honors humble handmaid 
Lydia Scottow, 
The Ans"" to y* peticon is in y® booke 
The Council vnderstanding &c 10 JaQy. 


Execution, ^ Return Mason v. Rishworth 
To the Marshall of the County of Suffolk or his Deputy 
You are required in his Majesties Name to levy by Execu- 
tion upon the estate or person of Edward Rishworth in 
mony the sum of eighteen pounds, four shillings & nine 
pence with two shillings more for this execution, and deliver 
the same unto Arthur Mason which is in Satisfaction of a 
judgment granted him for so much (including the costs of 
Court) by the last County Court held at Boston, and hereof 
you are to make return according to law, and may not faile. 
Dated in Boston 18*"^ October 1678 §)nn By the Court 

Is^ Addington Cler. 
I Depute Henry Williams my lawfull Deputy to levy this 
Execution makeing return thereof according to law, witnes 
mine hand Novemb"" 11- 1678 

/ Joseph Webb Marshall of Suffolk. 
This is a true Coppy of the execution granted ag* m"" 
Edward Rishworth, and the Deputation attested 

g Joseph Webb Marshall 

Jan'y 27*'' 1678 Then this execution was read to m"" Edward 
Rishworth at his house in yorke, but not Served then 
by reason of his Sicknesse as attests by me 

Henry Williams marshall 

Aprell y** 24'*^ Then this execution was extended vpon y** 
1679 body of m' Edward Rishworth at yorke who then 
was not In Capacity to be brought to Boston neither 
by land nor by watter as it doth appeare by a Certificate 
vnd"^ y^ hand of Cap* Davis of yorke and others as attests 
g me Henry Williams Marshall Deputy 

The Charges (beeing 70 miles to m'' Rishworth house at 
york : where 1 twice went through m'' Mason Importunety) 


in my Apprehension cann not be Lese Then 50* A time, 
or more) howsoever am willing to referre it to this hon'*^ 
Court ; not doubting but they will Consienciously Consider 
y^ Charges at Such A Season of y*^ year as I went 

Henry Williams 
Marshall Deputy 

Charges in y® Action Contra Geo Munoy in y*^ same Action 
at yorke Court — 01 : 6 : 4 Comenced by Edw : Rishworth, 
Octob-^ 1678 

Petition of Edward Oolcord March 6, 167^ 

To the Honoured Gouerno'" & Councill 

Now assembled in Boston, 
when Major Waldrine Went from the General! Court of 
Boston about May last was Two yeares : when he returned 
through Hampton he requested m'' Edward Colcord to Come 
to his house wheare he showed me the Complaint y* was put 
into his Majesty against the Masathusetts Majestrates, w'^in 
he said the said Mason had Charged the Majestrates sume 
thinge to this purpose w'='' I heare relate y*^ they had taken 
away the Gouerment of the people ; & burnt the houses & 
banished seuerall psons ; vpon w'^'^ Major waldrine desireing 
me being an Antient Inhabitant in these parts ; to speak w' 
seuerall Inhabitants theire, y* weare antient inhabitants to 
speake to the truth theireof ; who gaue in o"" testimoneys 
to the truth for yo'' Honours Vindecation : & to accomplish 
this it Cost me Eighteene dayes tyme : & one weeke Com- 
inge hether w'^'' was in the prime of Sumer : for w'='' I desire 
Boston 6'^ March 167f Edward Colcord 

I hope yo'' honours will giue me at least tenne pounds 
for I really desarue it & more, for I was noe sunuer absent 
but post was sent after me / vale / 


At a meeting of the Councill 
7. 1. 7f 
In answ*" to this Pef it is ordered that the Coufil Court to be 
held at Yorke in July next Do examine the grounds of the 
Peticcone''s clayme & so farr as he hath been employed by 
order from authority in those p'* tha* they take his ace* & 
make him allowance out of their Treasury 

Ordered by the Councill 

J Dudley per o'' 

John Davess aged 73 years or there abouts, testifyeth 
& sayth y*^ about the 16 of July last past, I being bound 
for Boston, Meeting with Mr Geo : Munjoy at the Great 
Ysland at Pischataqua fell into some discourse with him 
w^'in I tould him, that I thought Mr Rishworth had a great 
deale of wrong about fiueteen hundred of bread, w^** Mr 
Munjoy brought from Artter Mason of Boston, w'^h Mr 
Munjoy owned y* hee received the bread, & had delivered 
It at Wells by Major Clarkes order, & tould mee hee had y* 
aboard y* would cleare Mr Rishworth vnd"" Majo"" Clarkes 
hand, w'^vpon I tould him I would stay a day or two If hee 
would fetch it, y' I could do any thing for y^ Cleareing of 
y® thing, for I was a goeing to Boston, w'vpon hee went 
aboard & brought the writeing ashoare, but w"^ I saw It, 
there was none of Mr Rishworths name in It, w'^vpon hee 
tould mee hee had the bread of Mr Mason as aboue sayd & 
that hee must Cleare Mr Rishworth for hee sayd hee received 
the bread by Mr Rishworths order, & further sayth not. 
Cap* Davess did own this Taken vpon oath this 28"' of Sept- 
be"" 1678 oath aboue written in Court before mee Edw : 
Johson Comissio'' of Assotiates at Wells, 1 : Octob'' 78 

g mee 

Richd Walden Comissio'' 
vera Copia transcribed, & Compared this 23 : Aprill ; 79 : 

g Edw : Rishworth ReCor : 


Petition of Edw^ Mishworth June 3, 1679. 
To the Hono'"'^ Geuerali Court now Assembled at 
Boston Edward Rishworth humbly offereth to the 
Consideration of this Court 
as flblloweth 
Whereas in theyeare 1676 : the Town of yorke Desired mee 
to procure & send them fiueteen hundred of bread from 
Boston, for the supply of more souldgers, & of y"" respec- 
tiue garrisons, w=h I accordingly did, & gaue g^'sonall obliga- 
tion for payment vnto Arther Mason of whom I bought it, 
& the said bread being delivered on board Mr Geo. Munjoy 
then bound for our parts, to bee Landed at yorke, yet vpon 
his ariuall y', the sayd Munjoy refused to deliver the bread, 
sayng hee had an order from Majo"" Clarke to deliver all the 
bread on board him, to the Countrey souldgers in the East- 
erne parts (hee haueing alsoe on board him about foure or 
fine hundred of bread of the Countrys for tha vse & noe 
more) all which bread hee did accordingly deliver to y^ vse 
of the Countrey for these parts, as hee hath affirmed to sev- 
erall testimonys, being in all about nineteen hundred weight, 
as appears by witnesses sufficient, since w*=h Mr Mason hath 
recouered a Judg* against mee of = 18^ = 4* = 6^^ with 
Court Charges, & execution taken out & extended vpon 
mee, & expect euery houre to bee carryed away to pry son, 
though neither my selfe nor the Town of yorke did euer 
receiue one ownce of the bread, & though I cannot justly 
Complayn of Arther Mason, yet I am like to bee a great 
suflferer vnless the Hono"^'' Court do releiue mee, w'=h will 
arise from Inflameing of Charges as well as by payment of 
the principall & the bread being delied to the vss of the 
Countrey, as the sayd Munjoy doth affirme, which I subject 
to your wisedome & Justice to Consider, 

who am & shall euer remaine 
3 : June : 79 : ^^^^ humble servant 

Edw : Rishworth 


In Ans"" to y^ peticon of Edw Rishworth (It is ordred) 
Id answer to this Peticon this Court doth Order that the 


Treasurer of the Country pay vnto the s*^ Edw"^ Rishworth 
the sum of twenty pounds sixteen shillings nine pence in 
money (w'^h is 18^ 4^ 9'' as p the execution & 2^ for the Ex- 
ecution, w**' 2^ 10^ the Marshalls fees for serving the Execu- 
tion at yorke wherein there was 2 Journeyes g the Marshalls 

June 7"' 1679 The Deputyes haue passed this 

w*^ reference to the Consent of 
our hon"'^ Magistrates hereto 
William Torrey Cleric 
The magists Consent not hereto : but Judge the Tresurer of 
Yorks, pay the petitione"" desiring their brethren the depu- 
tyes consent heereto Edw*' Rawson Secret 
upon further Consideration 

10 June 1679 
The Magistrates consent heereto prouided M"" Rishworth 
giue security to the Treasurer to repay the same sum 
backe to y** s'^ Treasurer within six months and the s'^ Rush- 
worth from the Country Treasurer shall haue an order from 
them to the Treasurer & Inhabitants of yorkshier to pay to 
the s'' Rushworth [twenty pounds] sixteen shillings & nine 

Petition of Gieo. Munjoy 

To the Hono'''''® Gov"" Deputy Gov'' Magistrates and Depu- 
tyes now assembled in the Generall Court held at Boston 
October 15*^679 
The Petition of George Munjoy. 
Humbly Sheweth, that yo'' Petitio"", by an order from the 
hono''^^ Councell about the Latter end of August An° Dom* 
1676 : did Impress a vessell and Seamen for the Transpor- 


tation and Conveyance of Soldiers and provisions to the 
Garrison at AVells, and M"" Edward Rishworth had Shipt or 
Laden aboard the said vessell about fifteen hundred of Bis- 
cake before She was Imprest and More was sent aboard by 
the Coinissary ; And Majo'^ Thomas Clark ordered the whole 
Quantity of Bread to be deliQ' by yo"" Petitio"" at Wells 
aftbres'^ : which s"^ Order he punctually performed : Yett the 
s'' Rishworth arrested yo"" Petitio"" to appeare at the Associ- 
ates Court for detaineing the afforesd Bread, Where he ob- 
tained a judgm^ against yo' Petition upon which he appealed 
to the County Court : but before the County Court came : 
the Gen" Court passed an order to the Treasuro'' of the 
Country for Satisfieing of m"" Arthur Mason for the said 
Bread : Eighteene pounds foureteeue shillings and to the 
Marshall fforty two Shillings, which was Accordingly paid : 
Whereupon Yo'" Pctitio'' did not prosecute his Appeale : the 
s*^ Rishworth being then at the Gen" Court, Told m"" Samuel 
Wentworth who stood bound as a Surety with yo"" Petitio"", 
that he need not trouble himselfe about y*" Matter before- 
mentioned, for the Gen" Court had it under Consideracou, 
and would putt an End to it, Yett Since y* the s*^ Rishworth 
hath obtained, and Leveyed an Execution upon the s'^ Went- 
worth (as Surety) in the Case afforementioned, to y'' value 
of about Thirty pounds which he was forced to pay to the 
s^ Rishworth, Notwithstanding the Gen'" Courts Care and 
order about it as afForesaid, In which action the s'* Went- 
worth (Suerty as affores'^) in the Absence of yo"" Petitio' is 
Damnified as he affirmeth to the Value of Ten pounds or 

Yo' Petitio'' therefore humbly Intreates the favor of this 
hono'ble Court that they will please to pass some Effcctuall 
order for yo"" Petitio' & his Suertyes Releife, and that they 
may have some Compensation for their greate trouble and 
charge therein, and that the said Rishworth may not be 
twice paid for his Bread : and heape unnecessary Charges on 
Doc. Vol. vi. 14 


the Country as he hath done in this matter^ So shall yo'' 
petitio"^ ever be obliged to pray &c 

In Answer to this petition warrant was granted by the 
Councill Against Edward Rishworth to appear & Answer 
before the Court & Councill — 

J. D. 
oct. 20. 79. 

This Court do grant unto cap* Ri : Sprague, as a gra- 
tuity for his attendance the service of the Country in the 

~ the presid' 

Expedition unto Casco with [Tho Danforth Esq] ^ for w*"'' 
no recompence hath ben allowed him, 500 acc'^s of land, to 
be layd out in any free place in the Province of Mayne. 

The magis*' haue past this their brethren the Deputies 
hereto Consenting 

Edw'^ Rawson Secre* 
13'h May 1684 

The Deputs Consent not hereto 
William Torrey Cleric. 

This Court do grant unto m"" Bartholnew Gedney for his 
Service done by the order of this Court in y^ Expedition to 
Canso, in the yeare 79. for w*"'' no allowance hath ben 
made him. 500. ace's of land to be layd out in any free 
place in the Province of Mayne. 

The magis*^ haue past this their brethren the Depu- 
ties Consenting. 
13"^ May 1684 Edward Rawson Secre' 

The Deputs consent not hereto. 
William Torrey Cleric 

^ Erased in the original. 


Lieut. Fra' Johnson. Commission. 1686. 

S'" Edmoncl Andros Kn* One of the Gentlemen of his Ma*""" 
most hon^'^° Privy Chamber Cap* General! Gov- 
ornour in Chief and Vice Admirall of his Ma^'" 
Territoryes and Dominions of New Engid and 
Appendences in America. To Lieutenant flran- 
cis Johnson Greeting I do by these presents 
Pursuant to the Authority given unto me by his Ma"° Con- 
stitute and Appoint you to be Lieutenant of a Company of 
Militia in the town of Pemiquid whereof Nicholas Manning 
Gent is Captaine : You are therefore carefully and dilli- 
gently to discharge the duty of a Lieutenant by Ordering 
and Exerciseing the said Company both Liferiour OflScers & 
Souldiers in Armes Keeping them in good Order and Disci- 
pline, Comanding them to Obey You as their Lieutenant 
and your self to Observe such Orders and directions as You 
Shall Receive from Your said Captaine or other Your Supe- 
riour Officers according to the Rules and Discipline of War 
pursuant to the trust reposed in You. 
Given under my hand and Seal at Boston this 
day of in y^ year of his Ma"" Reigne Annoq, Dom 


Tho^ Scottoio's Complaint 1686. 

To the Honora''"' President & Council of his Majestyes Ter- 
ritory & Dominion in America 

now sitting at Boston - 
Whereas by vertue of a speciall Warrant subscribed by the 
Honora^^® President bearing date the 18 June 168G _ Y'' 
humble Complayner was to demand & Receive the Records 
of M"" Edward Rushworth late Record"" of the Province of 
Main, with all the fQles Papers & Utensills belonging to the 
s'' Office, whose Receipt for them should be his discharge — 


According to the aboves'^ Warrant Exhibited, Your Humble 
Complayner went to Yorke to demand them whose Answer 
after a long Demurr, was, That he could not deny the Pres- 
ident Warrant, but as for the present he would not deliver 
any, but in convenient time he should, & y* no tyme in the 
Warrant specifyed, whether forthwith, or on sight hereof, 
therefore did not Oblige, Answer was Returned him, no 
time mentioned in the writt, the present demand was the 
Certain time, as allso by Reason of Cap* Edward . Tynges 
Order, that a Certificate should be sett up in every Towne 
of the s'' Province, Avith the publishing of the Acts of the 
Council, that himself with the Clerk of the s*^ County should 
be at Wells, where all persons concerned should find him on 
the first Tuesday of August next for the better settlement 
of the afi'ayres of the s"* Province, and whereas some per- 
sons had come to him for copyes of the Originall Records 
he could not grant their Requests, because they were not in 
his Custody M'' Rushworth Replyed That the President 
being so Rationall could not at present demand them, they 
being not in convenient Order, or whensoever a Court 
should call for them, he Avould deliver them. Answer was 
made, he did not well to reflect, in saying, whenever a 
Court calld for them, he would deliver them, but as for 
their not being ready = he was willing to stay three or four 
dayes as allso assist him, yea a Weeke, in case, he desired it. 
M'' Rushworth replyed, he would sett no time, but when 
they were ready he would send him word, — 

The consideration whereof Incited him to Return to Bos- 
ton, with some chargs & Trouble to Acquaynt your Hon- 
ours with the premises, as allso y* some meet person maybe 
appoynted, to serve as Marshall, the Place being wholly at 
present destitute, & make bold to Subscribe, Y"" Honours, 

Humble Servant 

Tho : Scottow 


Petition of Justices ^ other Inhabitants of Maine. 1686. 

To the Hon''"'* Joseph Dudley Esq"" President, and the rest 
of his ma"*^ hon'^'* Councill of his Ma*'^' Territoryes in New 
England America 

The Humble petition of severall of the Justices and 
other Inhabitants of the province of Maine July. 6. 1686 
Humbly sheweth 

That wheras the records of this province of Maine haue 
for these thirtie or fortie yeares past been betrusted in the 
hands of M"" Edw : Rishworth at Yorke to the Generall sat- 
isfaction of the Inhabitants of this province and hath beene 
for the greatest convenience of the whole province which 
wee also Humbly Desire might continew If it might stand 
with your hon's good pleasure, not to remoue them so farr 
from vs as to black point : the hazard wherof will be very 
Great there being so many rivers between black point and 
york which in former time hath swallowed vp both re- 
corder & records also to the great Damage of many of the 
Inhabitants, the place being so remote will be in great 
danger If warrs should arise with the Indians as also sever- 
all Gentlemen of the Massatusets & New Hamshrere haueing 
Interest in s*^ province will be opposed to vnreasonable trav- 
ells for the benefit of the records it being neare fiftie mile 
from pascatway river and there the records being in the 
hands of a single yong man not acquainted with them seems 
verry Inconvenient all which wee Humly present vnto your 
Hono" serious consideration with all Humble submission to 
your hon'"s Good pleasure and take Icaue to subscribe o^ 

Yo"" Hon" Humble servants 

Cape porpus Sacoe Wells 

John Sanders John Serjeant Sam" Austin 

John Downinge sen"" Pendleton Fletcher John Stover 

John Downing Jun'' Roger Hill William Sayer 

Richard Randell Ifrancis Backhouse Isreall Harding 



William Baitou 
John Purington sen'' 
John Purington Juner 
Robert Junkines his 
marke | 
Nicarm Markeyntyre his 

marke ..^£, 
Samell Tvvisden his marke 

6/ ^ 

Hen : Lampell his 

marke H 
Arther Bragdon 
Arther Beale his marke 

Joseph Moulton 

Thomas Mose Ju"" 
Thomas Hally sen"" 
Arthur Wormstall 
Christopher Hobbs 
John Abbott 
Stuen berthbe 
Willam Diser 
Wallter Penewell 

Charles ifrost 
John Davis 
Will Haiiiond 
Jonat : Haiiiond 
Joseph Littlefield 
William Blaisteed 
James Plaisteed 
William Loue 
Daniel Goodin Jun'' 
James Smith 
John Broughton 

John Win col I 
Nath ftVyer 
Sam" Wheelwright 
Elisha Plaisted 
Thomas Goodging 
Icabod Plaisteed 
Daniel Stoone 
James Emmery 
Thomas holmes 
John Sayword 
Matthew Austin 

Thomas Cusens 
James Wakefeild 
Thomas Beaman 
John Bugg 
Jonathan Littlefield 
Henery Brown 
James Ore 
Robert Stewart 
Nathaniell Cloyce 
Nicholas Cole Sen'' 
Nicholas Cole Jun"" 
John Buckland 
Ezekiel Knights 
Thomas Littlefield 
Moses Littlefield 
Nathanell M 
Samell Hatch 
John Barrel his 

marke r\ 

Emanvel Davess 

Joseph Preble 

Abraham Preble 

Nathani'' Preble 

Thomas Auerill 

Francis Hooke 

John Bray 

Edward Johnson 

Job Alcock 

Thomas Bragdon 

Ric : Bankes 

Nathaniell Preble 

Silluester Stouer his 

marke < 

Arther Cane his J^ 





Humphrey Chadbourne 
Elias Broaded 
Eich^^ Tozer 
Anthonie ftbtham 
Thomas Abbott 
Jonathan Lambert 
John Parker 
Hen : Symson 
Will"" Crofts 
Ephram Crockett 
Clement Deariug 
Roger Bearing 
Richard Bancks 
Diggory Jeffory 

Jonathan Sayword Will : Wormewood 

John Preble 
John Parsons 
John Harmon 
Thom Longley 

Enoch j- I [Huchins 


John phenix 
John Stouer 
John Smith 
Sam^' Bragdone 

Samuell Donnell 
Phillip frost 
John Mane 
J Grant JL> 

his marke 
Daniell Liueinsrston 

' his marke 

Hon"^ Gentlraen/ 

I haue perused the petition of diuers of the inhabitants 
of the prouince of Mayne relateing to the records of the 
sayd prouince which petition I doe uery well aproue of if it 
may stand with the pleasure of the hon*^ president & Coun- 
sell not els but am 

Yo" to Comand 
July the 1686 ffran : Champernoon 

The Reason why I signed it not was because I was one in 

Letter of Edward Tyng 1686 
Blackp* 6"> July 1686 

Hono^'* S"^ 

^""^^^ After all Respective Remembrances^^ these are con- 
sidering o*" County Court draweth nigh, & there being no 
stated person who can officiate in order thereunto, that 
there may be a proposall to the Hon*^ President & Council, 


of Jonathan Hammonds of Wells & John Graves of Kit- 
teiy, or some other fitt persons to be Marshalls for o"" Prov- 
ince, humbly conceiving there will be need of two^^ o'' County 
extending about seventy Miles in Length, — And allso y* 
the Order relating to the Trade of Peltrey, may be printed 
with addition of Power to any Jusf* of Peace upon sus- 
picion of any persons trading without License, upon his 
Warrant to the Constable, to make search for any Furrs or 
Peltrey, which found to be seized as forfeit for the use of the 
Treasurer, unlesse the Party concerned can prove he came 
by them some other Way, then with trading with the In- 
dians, — And allso there being a high contempt in the 
Towne of Scarborough ag* the former Authority, in not 
placing their Meeting house according to their Oders, & 
that there may be some Impowred at the next County Court 
to determine the Matter, the Partyes concerned thereunto 
being summoned there to appear upon writt of Scire facias, 
which is humbly conceived will put an end to about four 
yeares difference, & y' whatsoever Acts of Council doth 
pass the Presse, may be conveyed p the first Opportunity. 
The consideration of the Premises will further Oblige him, 
who Subscribes, S"^ 

Y^ freind & humble Ser'"* 

Edward Tyng 

TF"* Start v. Edward Griffin. 1686. 

William Sturte Debtor of Our Sovereigne Lord King 
James y** Second That now is Cometh before y® Judges of 
his Maj"^' Court of Exchequer in his Plantacoii & Collony 
of New Yorke & Complaineth ag*^ Edward Griffin of a Plea 
of Trespasse & Ejectm' of him Out of his ffarme for that 
is to Say That Whereas One John West of the Citty of 
New Yorke Gentl the Twenty Seventh Day of August in y* 


Second Yeare of y^ Reigne of our Said Lord y® King That 
now is at James Towne in y® County of Cornwall Had De- 
mised Granted & to ffarnie Letten to the said William Starte 
of James Towne AfForesaid in y° County afores'' y' Messuage 
or Tennem' & Tract or Parcell of Land — Commonly Known e 
& Called by the Name of Rowsick Island Scituate Lyeing 
& being on y*^ Eastward of Kenebeque River within y** 
County Affores'^ with their Appurteiinces whatsoever to y® 
said Messuage or Tennem* & Tract or Parcell of Laud be- 
longing or in any wise Appertaining - To have & to hold 
The said Messuage or Tennem* & Tract or Parcell of Land 
& All Other y® Premisses with their Appurteiiiices To y® 
said William Sturte his Excecuto"" Administrator & Assignes 
from y® said Twenty seventh Day of August vntill y® full 
End & Terme of four Years from thence Next & Immedi- 
ately following to be Compleate & Ended by virtue of which 
Demise y*^ said William Starte into y*' Messuage & Land 
afores'^ with y® Appurteiiiices Entered & was thereof Pos- 
sessed & soe being thereof Possessed The said Edward 
Griffin Afterwards That is to say y^ Twenty Eighth Day of 
August in y® Second Yeare of y^ Reigne of Our S'' Sove- 
reigne Lord y® King that Now is afores*^ with fforce & Armes 
&c into y® Messuage <fe Land Afores*^ which y^ s*^ John West 
to y*^ said William in forme Afores*^ Demised for y® Terme 
Afores'^ Which is not Yett Ended Entered & y^ s'' William 
from his ffarme afores** thereof (his Terme afores'^ not Ended) 
Did Eject Expell & Amoue & other wrongs Did vnto him 
to y^ Great Damage of y*" s'* William & ag* y® Peace of Our 
Said Lord y'^ King that now is Wherevpon y* said William 
Saith y* he is the worse & hath Damage to y^ vallue of one 
hundred Pounds Soe as y*^ Lessc y*^ Aftbres'^ William cannot 
Sattisfie our said Lord y*^ King that Now is the Debts which 
to y^ said King he Oweth att his Exchequer. And thereupon 
he Bringeth Suite &c — 


called Rowsick Island with their appurte- 
nances whereof you are in Possession & wherevnto I Clayme 
the Title - - 

These are therefore to give you Notice thereof & to Desire 
you to appeare in his IMaj"'*^ Court of Exchequer holden att 
y® Citty of New yorke for y® Province of New yorke on y^ 
first Monday in Novemb'' next Ensueing y*^ Date hereof, 
then & there to Defend Your Title if any You haue to y"" 
Premisses otherwise I shall suflfer Judgem* to be Entered 
by Default & thereby You will be Turned out of Possession 

Yo"" friend 

Edward Grifien 
August 30"^ 1686 

Warrant 1686 

Province of ^ To y^ Constable of y^ town of 

Main S Falmoth ~ 

For as much as a speciall warrant being granted y^ 30**^ of 
Aug* Last past vnder y*" hand & Scale of Cap* Edward Tyng 
one of his Majesties Justices of y*^ peace, vpon y*" Complaint 
of Cap* Sillvanus Dauis that a parsell of thatch was stolen 
from himselfe & Company, The Constable John Skillion 
according to y® warrant exhibited found y*^ said thatch in y® 
Custody of m"" Eob* Lawrence requireing him to appeare 
before y*^ s*^ Ting, he refused to abey y^ s*^ Warrant & 
whereas y® s*^ Constable went to secure y^ s*^ thatch y*" s*^ 
Lawrence opposed y® s*^ Authority w*'^ three others in his 
Company ; These are therefore in his Majesties name to 
require you that Imediately on y'' Receipt hereof you cause 
y*^ s'' Lawrence to come before vs (at y'^ house of m'' Richard 
Seacombs) or some other of his Majesties Justices, to find 
Sufficient surety & maine prize as well for his good bearing 
towards o*" soveraigne, & all his Leige people vntill y*^ next 


Gennerall Sessions for y'' peace to bee holdeu at Yorke on y*^ 
second teusday of October next as allso for his appearance 
then & there to answer for his high Contempt of Authority 
& Riotous behauior. & If y^ s'^ Lawrence shall refuse so to 
doe that then you him safely Convey to y® Common Goale 
of this provence, & deliver him to y*^ Keeper thereof who is 
hereby in his Majesties name commanded ; him to receiue & 
Keepe him prisoner vntill he become bound as afores'^ & 
hereof fayle not at y"" perrill. Falmouth 4*'' Sep* 1686 

Edward Tyng 

Josh. Scottow Just" p'^'^ 

This is a true Coppy } his marke 

of y^ origanall 

p^ Ju° ^ _ Skillion 


Petition of Jeremiah Dummer and others. 1686. 

To The Hon'-'^'^ The President & Councill 
The Humble Petition of Jeremiah Dumer Simeon Stoddard, 
Jn** ffoster & Walter Geudall In the Behalfe of themselues 
& Sundry Others : 

Sheweth. That AP Danforth Late president of the 
prouince of Maine formerly granted to yo'' Pef Gendall & 
Others A tract of Land for A Township in Casco Bay on 
which some Settlem' & Improuements are Begun & the town 
Called North Yarmouth. Butt in regard of the pouert}' of 
the people now concerned and the Sundry grants of farmes 
in the s*' town and Lands adjacent and the propriettyes of 
m*" Gidney and m^ Wharton the s'' Towne is not like to ariue 
to any Considerable growth nor Sustaine the Charges Inci- 
dent without Assistance & Inlargem' & Whereas most of 
the Distressed people that are Come irom Ilutherea are 
rather Willing (If any will Venture for their Supply & 


Accomodation) to Settle in the Country then to transport 
themsehies ~ 

And yo'' Pef^ who haue Some of the Best & most Accom- 
odable farmes for y® s'^ Town being not only willing to An- 
nex the Same thereto butt Otherwise to concern themsehies 
for promoteing a Settlem' and hopeing M"" Gidney & m"" 
Wharton may be preuailed with upon Condishon that the 
wast & Interjacent Lands & Islands may also be added 
thereto to aflEord farther lulargment & Accomodation. 
Yo"" Pef* Humbly pray that all the wast lands between m"" 
Whartons Land (being about three Miles to the westward 
of puggamugga riuer) & m"" Gidneys bordering upon the 
former grant togather with the Islands before the Same being 
nott Impropriated may be granted to yo"" Pef^ for themselues 
& Such as may be willing to concern themselues with them 
in planting & peopling the s"^ Town & that the said Pugga- 
mugga Riuer if m"" Wharton shall consent thereto may be 
the Stated Easterly Bounds of s'^ Township, or Otherwise 
that meet persons may be appointed to run the line between 
such lands as you shall be pleased to allow to the s*^ Towne 
& m"" Whartons Land that the present Settlem* may not be 
discoraged. - 

nor these poore people who may make a considerable addi- 
tion to a new plantation may not be Driuen away for want 
of those Supplyes yo'^ pet" are willing to add to the pub- 
lique Charyty & Beneuolence » 

And yo"^ Pet" shall Euer pray &c 
Jer'^ Dumer 
Sim° Stoddard 
John flfoster 
Walter Gendle 
In answeare to this petition 

The presid' - & Councill doe approue of 
and allow of the petitioners remouing the distressed Elu- 
therian people into Casco Bay for their Settlement & Sup- 


port & will recommend their prayer for y*^ Grant of the 
Lands desired, vnto his Ma"^ for his Royall favour there in : 
Councill house By y'^ presid' & Councill 

Sep* 15'^^ Ed Randolph SeC^ 


Alsoe at the motion of the Petitiotf' — It was further 
consented to by R*^ Wharton & Bartholomew Gidney Esq" 
That they will annex their lands in or neer s*^ Towne to y" 
Same and as Improvem* shalbee made on their respectiue 
lands to contribute toward Charg & Improvem' and M'' 
Wharton consents reserveing his gpriety that y"" towne 
bounds shall extend Easterly as far as Puggamugga Riuer 

Ed Randolph Sec-'y 

Pemaquid Fort. 1686. 

James R 

Trusty and well-beloved Wee Greet You well : 
Whereas Wee have thought fitt to Direct that Our Fort and 
Country of Pemaquid in regard of its distance from New 
York be for the future annexed to and Continued under the 
Government of Our Territory and Dominion of New Eng- 
land, Our Will and pleasure is That You forthwith deliver 
or Cause to be delivered Our Said Fort and Country of 
Pemaquid, with the great Guns ailmnition and Stores of 
Warr, togeather with all other Utensils and appertainances 
belonging to the said Fort in to the hands of our Trusty 
and Wellbeloved S'' Edmund Andros Knight Our Captaine 
Generall and Goveruour in Chief of Our Territory and Do- 
minion of New England, or to the Governour or Commander 
in Chief there for the time being, or to such person or per- 
sons as they shall Impower to receive the same. And for so 
doing this shall be Your Warrant. 


Given at Our Court at Windsor this 19'*^ day of Septemb'' 
1686 in the Second year of Our Reigne 

By his Ma*y^ Command 
Sunderland P. 
Copia y 

Colt Dongan to deliuer Pemaquid=Fort to S"" Edmond 

Petition of Edward Tyng. 

To his Excellency S' Edmond Andros Kn* Cap* 
Gener" and Govern'' in Chiefe of his Majestys 
Territory and Dominion of New Engl*^ 
The Humble Petition of Edw*^ Tyng Esq^ 

Thatt Whereas by an Order of Councill bearing Date the 
11*^ Day of Novemb' 1686 Before Your Excellencys Arrivall 
Your Petitioner had Granted to him for his Care and Ser- 
vice in ffort Loyall att Cascoe bay all Mill Rents in the 
Province of Mayne, as by the said Order may Appear and 
Whereas the said Rents yet Remain unlevyed and uncol- 
lected as by the said Order is Directed. He therefore 
humbly Prays that Your Exellency will Order thatt Whatt 
of the said Rents Remain uncollected be Collected and 
paid unto him Agreeable to whatt the Presid* & Councill 
Did Order on thatt Behalf 

And he shall Ever pray 

Edward Tyng 

Petition of Barf" G-edney 168^ J 7 

To his Exelency the Govern"" S"" Edmund Andros Bar- 
tholomew Gedney humbly Sheweth that in the year 1673 
Thomas Stevens : an Inhabitant in the province of maine 


nere Casco bay purchaced of the Indian Sachems a tract of 
Land scituate at the head of s'^ bay on the western side two 
miles in Bredth on Either Side of a Small Kiver Called 
Wesgustogoe begining at the Salt water : Extending upward 
into the Country the same Bredth on Each side unto the 
head of said River & in the yeare 1674 the same was pur- 
chaced by me of the said Stevens for my self & Henry 
Sayword of yorke in said province : but the purchace wholly 
paid by myself I then Advanced neer thre hundred pounds 
vnto the said Sayword he ingageing : to Erect & build a 
saw mill with dam & houseing suitable upon the s*^ River 
whoe alsoe tooke a Lease of me for thre yeares & mof gaged 
his interest in the said Land for performing of Conditions 
on his part which faileing I Reentered on the whole and made 
sale thereof unto m"" Walter Gendle of sd Casco bay & put 
him in possession & toke a mortgage of the same from him 
for sure performance of the paiments agreed on : sd Gendle 
alsoe forfeited his mortsasje & Reinstated me. Givino; Re- 
lease & quitted Claime of him selfe & his heires for ever 
that now I stand possessed of the whole — may it pleas 
your Exelency to Confirme the sd Land with its prive- 
ledges & apurtenances unto me & my heires for ever by 
patent under the Scale I shall indeavour forthwith to 
promote plantation and setlement upon the place & frely 
give unto persons fit to be improved proportions of Land 
that may invite & incourage them : ading such Assistanc 
as may be need full for their suport & suply at their first 
setlement : & alsoe yeild such accknowledgment as yo"" 
Exelency shall Appoint & therein Crave yo"" favo"" 

Subscribing my self yo^ Exelencies most humble Serv" 

Barth' Gedney 
4*^ of January 168f 


To His Excellency the Governor 
S' Edmoncl Andros 
The Pettition of Jeremiah Dumer, Simeon Stoddard & 
Walter Gen all 
Hubly Sheweth 

That in July Last past Arriued at this 
town of Boston from Illutherea one of the Bahama Islands 
many famylys haueing ben Spoiled by the Spaniards of all 
they possesed & Driuen ofl' Naked & destitute, who on 
ariuall here ware like to be a continuall charge unto this 

Yo*" Pef' considering the Same made applycation unto the 
president & Councill ofiering that if the Interjacent Land 
at the head of casco : Bay Scituate' between mr Wharton & 
mr Gidneys Lands in that place might be graunted unto us 
who haue Each of us Some Land upon the place, that we 
would aduance mony for their Support & Supply & Settle- 
ment on S'^ Land, who were pleased thereupon to pass an* 
order for o^' remoueing the s*^ Distressed people unto that 
place. Declareing they would recoiuend o'' request unto his 
Maj'y for his Royall fauor therein. Whereupon we ware at 
the charge of remoueing about Nine famylys of the s*^ Dis- 
tressed people & haue ben at Considerable Charge in fur- 
nishing them with uecessaryes for their Supply & Support 
this Winter & Must farther Disburst for their further Set- 
tlement if we are Incoraged therein. & being Informed that 
your Excell'^y hath Direction & power from his Maj*^ to 
Confirme such Lands under the Seal of this his Maj*^* 
Dominion of New : England. 

Yo"" Pef* therefore humbly pray that yo"" ExcelP^ would 
please to graunt & confirme the s*^ Tract of Land with 
all its Appurtenances & Priuiledges unto us o'' heires & 
assignes for Euer. & we shall be ready farther to disburst 
for the Settlement of these & such other as we shall Ob- 
taine to Settle on the place, who without farther aid and 


Assistance will be under utter Discoragements. & not be 

able to proceed any farther, & we shall also yeild such 

resonable acknowledgment as is fit. & Subscribe o''selues 

yo^ Excellencys 

Most Humble Seru'*^ 

Jeremiah Dumer 

Sim° Stoddard 
Boston. Janu* 6"' 


Concerning Richard Wharton^s Title. 1686 

By His Excellency S"" Edmond Andross Knight Cap- 
taine Gennerall and Gouernour in cheife of his Maj- 
esty Territory and Dominion of New England 
"Whereas his Majesty hath been graciously pleased to direct 
me to heare and Report the title of Richard Wharton Esq"" 
to and in certaine Lands and Vplauds and Priuiledges 
thereto between the East side of Kennibeck and Casco Bay 
claimed by the said Wharton in the Prouince Maine these 
are to declare that I am ready to receiue What may be offerd 
and haue appointed the Last ThursDay in the next month 
being the : 24 : day of ffebuary at Boston to heare all such 
claimes, challenges or Pretentions as any Person or Persons 
shall Exhibitt or offer either on his majesty behalfe or in 
their owne Right to any of the Lands Islands or Priuiledges 
within the lines or bounds of the said Whartons Claimes 
that proceeding may be had and Report made thereon with 
all conuenient Speed And all persons concerned are hcre])y 
required to take notice hereof accordingly Dated in Boston 
this : 12 : day of January : 1686 in the Second yeare of his 
Majesties Reign 

A true Copy 

Doc. Vol. vi. 15 


Petition of Edmond Gale. 

To his Excellency Edmond Andrews Cap* General! 

of his Majes'' Territorys & Dominions of New 


The humble Petition of Edmond Gale 
Humbly Sheweth 
That Avhereas yo"" poore Petitiono'' And his Majesty* ffaith- 
full subject, Haueing formerly, And of Late At your Excel- 
eucies comand aproued himself And hopes for the ffuture To 
Demonstrate my Readyness and willingness more at Large 
by Yo"" Exsalencys permtion to Sirue you more Your Peti- 
tion"" being verry Poore and haueing noe Estate and a 
Greate famaly of Children to maintaine And Nothing to 
Depend vpon for his and their subsistance But his Laboure 
in the way of a Saileing Coaster whome hath had Large 
Experience To Know all or most part of Kricks and Har- 
bours a Longe Shoare which necessaty hath Ensited There- 
unto, in a ffishing Imploy, And haueing found Out in this 
Terratory, within your Excellencies Jurisdiction in the 
Province of Maine in North Yarmoth, Between that Poynt 
Caled Maynes Poynt, And Holmans poynt a Certaine Tract 
of Land in the wilderness, vn Occupied, or possest, made 
vse of or Enjoyd By any one the owno"" Knowne Bee it 200 
Acres more or Less, which your Poore and Humble Peti- 
tion'' Consaiues is in Your Exalencies power & Disposal! ; 
And If you please Gratiously To bestow it on and Giue it 
to his M[ajestys] y' E[xalency]s Petition"" He will Ever 
I (obliterated) Exalency 

as in Duty bound 

Letter from the Custom House in London. 168 /7 
S' Having notice that under Colour of Trade to Newfound- 
land for Fish great Quantities of Wine Brandy and other 


European goods are Imported from thence into his Ma*^ 
Plantations (particularly New England) on an Allegacon 
that the said Newfoundland is Accompted as one of the said 
Plantacons, To which Purpose tis now become a Magazine 
of all Sorts of goods brought thither directly from France, 
Holland Scottland Ireland and other Places which is not 
only Contrary to Law, but greatly to the Prejudice of his 
Ma*' Customes and to the Trade and Navigation of this 
Kingdome, To the end therefore that soe destructive and 
growing an Evill may be timely Prevented Wee desire you 
for his Ma*^ Service to giue Publicque Notice to all Persons 
concerned w*^in your Governm* That the Newfoundland is 
not to be taken or Accompted a Plantacon being under noe 
Governm' or other Regulation as all his Ma*' Plantacoils are 
But that all Evropean goods Imported from thence will be 
Seized together with the Shipps Importing the same as for- 
feited by the Act of Trade made in the 15 Yeare of his late 
Ma*^ Reigne and his said Ma*^ Proclamation pursuant there- 
unto, And you are strictly to give in charge to all his Ma** 
OflScers, That they be very Carefull not to Suffer any Evro- 
pean goods, (other then what are by the aforesaid Law and 
Proclamacon Excepted) to be Imported into New England, 
But such as shall Appeare by Corquetts or Authenticque 
Certificats from some Port of England Wales or Berwick to 
have been there duly shippt and put on board under forfeit- 
ure of shipps and goods as aforesaid, And in order to pre- 
vent the Acceptance of forged Cocquetts or Certiticats 
which have been heretofore Practiced, You are (according 
to his Ma*' Particular Instruccons to you) to give Effectual} 
orders That the Cocquetts for such goods be produced to 
the Collector of the Customes in New England or to his 
Deputys there for the time being before the Vnloading of 
the goods, and that noe Evropean goods be landed but by 
Warrants from the sd Collector or his Deputy's in the Prov- 
ince of one or More officers appointed thereto, and that for 


the better Prevention of Frauds of this kind, Noe Shipp 
or Vessel! doe Lade or Vnlade any goods or Commodity's 
what soever until I the master or Comander thereof hath 
first made knowne to your selfe or the Person appointed by 
you the Arrivall of such Shipp or Vessell with her Name 
and the Name and Sir Name of the Master and hath Shewne 
that she is a Ship or Vessell duly Navigated and otherwise 
quallified according to Law and hath delivered a True and 
Perfect Inventory of her Lading together with the Place or 
Places in which the said goods were Laden and taken into 
the said Shipp or Vessell under forfeiture of such Shipp 
and goods ~ 

We are frequently Informed from our Agent in Scot- 
land of Severall shipps coming thither with the Enumerated 
Plautacon Commoditys without touching to Clear in any 
Port of England Wales or Berwick, being generally Shipps 
that pretend to belong to, and give Bond in the Plantacons, 
which are Plaine Instances of the great Neglect or Corrup- 
tion of the Officers Employed in Executing the Law's, with- 
out which Wee think it almost Impossible that shipps should 
take in their whole Ladings and not be discouered either at 
their Arrivall or Departure. Wherefore Wee desire you for 
his Ma*' Service, not only to make a Strait and Speedy 
Examination of these and the like frauds tending soe appar- 
ently to the Prejudice of his Ma'' Revenue and the Trade 
of this Kingdome But to take Care and give Effectuall 
orders that the like may be Prevented for the future, which 
may be done these Two way's 1'^ By your Care that all 
Shipps not Producing Certificats of Bond given in England 
Wales or Berwick be Obliged to give Bond to your selfe or 
Navall officer according to Law before they Load or take on 
Board any of the Enumerated Commodity's under the Pen- 
alty of the forfeiture thereof. 

2'^"^ That Such Shipps having Soe given Bond you use 
your Vtmost Care and Dilligence to discover whether the 



Conditions thereof are Performed and Certificats thereof 
Produced in a Convenient time after, or in failure thereof 
that the said Bonds be Effectually Prosecuted Wee are 

Your very humble Serv^' 
T Chudleigh 
Ch : Cheyne 
D North 
Jo We r den 
I Butler 
Buck worth 
S' Edm° Andross/ Govern"" of New England 

Custome h° London 
12 January 1 686/7 


Capt. Nich^ Manning Commission 168 / j. 

S"" Edmond Andros Kn* One of the Gentlemen 
iof his Majesties most Hon^^"^ Priuy Chamber, 
iCaptaine Generall Gouernour in Cheif in and 
over his Maj"*^ Territories and Dominions of 
New England in America To Capt" Nicholas 
Manning Greeting Reposeing Speciall Trust and Confidence 
in your Loyalty Courage and good Conduct I Do l)y these 
presents pursuant to the Authority giuen unto me by his 
Ma"® Constitute and appoint you to be Captaine of a Com- 
pany of Militia in the Town of Pemiquid In the Country 
of Pemiquid annexed to his Ma''""' Dominion abovesaid — 
You are therefore Carefully and Dilligently to discharge 
the Duty of a Captaine by Ordering and Exerciseing the said 
Company in Arms both Officers and Souldiers Couiauding 
them to Obey you as their Captaine and keeping them in good 
Order and Discipline, And Your self to follow such Orders 
and Directions as you shall receiue from me or other your 
Superior Officers according to the Rules and Disciplines of 
Warr pursuant to the Trust Reposed in you, Giuen under 


my hand and Seal att Boston this fourteenth day of March 
in the Second year of his Majesties Reigne Annoq, Domini 

Petition of Province of Maine p** Edward Tyng. 

To his Excellency S"" Edmund Andrews Gov"" of his 
]y[gjties Territory and Dominion in New England 
May it please yo"" Excellency 

The late Governm*^ of the Massachusets Company have- 
ing purchased the land and Title of S'' fferdinando Gorges 
in the Province of Mayne and upon such Purchas designe- 
ing and intending to give all incouragem*^ to all persons that 
inclined to goe and Set downe, and Setle them selves and 
famalyes in, and upon the said Province of Mayne, The said 
late Govern m' did by Comission under the Scale of the late 
Governm* Impower Thomas Danforth Esq*^ to lay out and 
appoint places for Towneships in the said Province : and 
also to grant power unto such Towneships or Inhabitants 
or the Select men of all such Towneships to give and grant 
lands to any persons whatsoever that would setle them 
selves and famalyes, in the said Province under such quitt 
rent, as did then seeme good unto the said Thomas Dan- 
forth. In Persuance whereof several 1 persons and their 
famalyes have satt downe in severall Towneships, in & upon 
the said Province with great charge, trouble, and Expence, 
and many more (in probabillity) would, had not the burthen 
of Quitt Rents discouraged. 

It is therefore Humbl^^ prayed of yo'' Excellency that such 
Towneships and settlem'^ so made as above may have yo'' 
Excellencyes Confirmation of their Titles obtained as 
above : And the Quitt rents appointed to be pafd as above 
for such Lands being Experimentally found to Lye heavy 
upon the Inhabitants there resideing may receiue some 


And yo"" Petition'"' of the whole Province affores'' as in duty 
bound shall ever Pray ger 

Edward Tyng 

Petition of Hanah Jackson. 

To his Excell'^ S"" Edmond Andros K' Captain Geii- 
all, and Govern'' of his Ma"'^' Colony of New 

The humble Peticon of Hanah Jackson of 
Blewpoint in y'^ province of Main Widdow 

That wheras y' Pef and her late husband have setled Im- 
proved, and lived on, (neer 10 years) a parcell of Land 
lying, and being in Scarbrough, in the province of Main 
conteyning : 160 : acres of upland, and : 40 : acres of Medow 
Most humbley prays for the future and better preservacon 
of her selfe and Children, That your Excell°'^ will be fav'''^ 
pleased to grant y'' pef y*^ sayd Tract of: 160: acres of 
upland, and : 40 : acres of Medow, and for a confirmacon 
of her Title therto, y' Excell"=^ fav"''^ Warrant for a Survey 
therof, in Order to a patent 

And y*" Pef shall pray &c 

Petition of Ambros Berry. 

To his Excell'" S"" Edmond Andros K' Captain Geiiall, 
& Govern^ of his Ma"^^^ Colony of New England./. 
The humble Peticon of Ambros Berry ot 
Saco province of Main./ 

That wheras y'' Pef is desirous, and redy w''' himselfe, & 
Stock to build and Settle upon a Tract of Land conteyn- 


ing : 50 ; acres, lying & being at a place called, Stage Neck, 
(in the province of Main) on the West Side of the En- 
trance into Winter Harbour pool, w*^*^ sayd Land being now 

Y"" Pef humbly prays y"" Excell'®^ fav'''^ grant of the sayd^ 
50= acres of Land, and y' his Title therto, may be con- 
firmed by y"" Excell'^^ Warrant for a Survey thereof; in 
order to a Patent 

And y'" Pef shall pray &c ; 

Silvanus Davis ^ others. Confirmation. 

James the Second &c. To all &c. Whereas Our Loving 
Subjects Silvanus Davies of fallmouth in y^ Prov. of raaine 
Merch' & James English of Boston in the County of Suffolk 
by their humble peticon presented to S"" Edmund Andros 
Kn* Our Cap* Gen" & Govern"" in Chiefe of our territory & 
Dominion of New England prayed our Grant and confirmacon 
for severall tracts & parcells of Lands and Islands herein 
after pticulerly Mencioned & Expressed whereof they are 
possessed &, whereon att their owne proper Cost & Charge 
have built & errected Severall Messuages & tenements 
houses mills and other improvements Know yee that of our 
Especiall Grace Wee have given Granted Ratifyed and con- 
firmed And by these presents Doe for us our heires and 
Successors Give grant Eatify and confirme unto them the 
sd Sylvanus Davies and James English their heires and 
assignes forever all that certaine tract or parcell of Land 
scituate lyeing and being in ffalmouth in y^ Province of 
Maine betweene long Creeke and nonsuch Creeke upon a 
certaine River there called & Knowne by the name of Casko 
River beginning att a small oake tree standing at the mouth 
of sd nonsuch Creeke by the sd Casko river and stretching 
in breadth by the said River northerly fourteene chaines & 


a half to the mouth of long Creeke aforesd and from thence 
in length by the sd Long Creeke as it runns one hundred 
chaines and three quarters to spader Creeke and from thence 
S. W. and by S 4 d. southerly 17 chaines and a halfe to a 
pitch pine and then turnes S. S. E. half a degree Easterly 
27 ch : and a halfe to a heap of stones and from thence 
South East and by East 4'' & 40 min : Easterly thirty chaines 
to a sumper tree which stands in a swamp and from thence 
E. N. E. T^ & i northerly 20 ch : to a burch tree standing 
by nonsuch Creeke and then in length by sd Creeke as it 
runs including all the points but measured upon a straight 
line 73 ch : to the oake where first begunn bounded halfe 
round with sd Creeks and River and the rest by vacant Land 
not layd out containing within sd bounds four hundred & 
forty acres there being allowed sixteen acres and a halfe for 
the high way or Roade. 

Alsoe another tract or parcell of Laud lyeiug and being in 
flfalmouth aforesd adjoyning to Nonsuch point beginning at 
the East-riuer at a redd oak tree and Rangins; thence in 
breadth Northwest 100 Rodd to a pitch pine and then in 
length on the northwest side southwest 148 Rodd to a stake 
placed in Scarborough line then in breadth on the S. W. 
and S. E. 100 Rodd and from thence in length N. E. 148 
Rodd to the sd Redd oak tree where first begunn bounded 
Southeast N. E. & N. W. by vacant Land and S. W. by 
Scarborough line containing 92 acres & a halfe. 

Alsoe another tract or parcell of Land lyeing and being 
in falmouth aforesd upon both sides of Long Creeke begin- 
ning att a hemlock tree standing on the S. W. side of the 
Creeke & stretching N. & by East 20 Rodd crossing the 
River to a white Pine and then turning N. W. & by N 164 
Rodd to a white pine and from thence S W. & by W. 184 
Rodd, to a black ash standing by a brooke & from thence 
S. E. by S. 184 Rodd to a pitch pine & from thence N. E. 


6'' & 50 min ; Easterly 174 Rodd to the s*^ Heinlock where 
first begunu., bounded all round with vacant Land & con- 
taining 210 Acres 3 quarters" & 38 rodd. 

And Alsoe another tract or parcell of Land lyeing and 
being in falmouth aforesd upon the North East side of non 
such River beginning at a white pine tree marked with 4 
notches on both sides standing by the River side and from 
thence Ranging N. N. E. 55 ch : & 20 linkes to a stump of 
a pine tree standing neere long Creeke brooke and from 
thence W. N. W. 73 ch. & a halfe to a black ash marked & 
from thence S. tenne d. & a halfe Westerly 67 ch : & a halfe 
to a stake placed by the river side from thence by the river 
as it runns to the place where first begunn & is bounded on 
the S. by Nonsuch River on the north & West by vacant 
Land & East by George Ingersons Land containing 381 
acres one halfe & 8 rodd upland & marsh., alsoe another 
parcell of Laud lyeing & being in fi'almouth in the Province 
of Maine upon the S. W. side of Casco River & on the 
South side of Stroudwater River beginning at a white oake 
tree by s^ Casko River & ranging W. and by N. 2*^ & 15 min ; 
northerly 5 chs and a halfe to a small oake tree then South 
west and by West thirty two chaines to the fence on land of 
John Welding then North W. and by N. 41 ch : to a greate 
white pine by the side of Stroudwater River aforesd and 
from thence by the sd Stroudwater River as it runnes to the 
sd Oake where first begunn bounded to the northeast by 
Stroudwater river aforesd Southwest by the land of John 
Weldin & southeast by the Common or vacant Land con- 
taining 55 acres there being five acres allowed for highwayes 
and brookes. like — a small peece of ground lyeing against 
the mill on the north side the sd Stroudwater River con- 
teining six Acres. & Also another tract or parcell of land 
lyeing and being upon the same side of stroud water river 
beginning at a red oake standing by the River which is the 


northeast corner and Ranging in length S E & by south 50 
ch : to a marked pitch pine and from thence in breadth S. 
W. & by W 36 ch : to another pitch pine and then in length 
on the S : W. side N. W. & by N. 85 ch : to the river side 
then in breadth by the river as it runns to the sd Redd oake 
where first begunn bounded to the north East by land of 
John Weldens S. E. & S. W. by vacant Land and North by 
Stroudwater river conteining 249 acres there being tenn 
acres allowed for a high way or road./ AUso another tract 
or parcel 1 of Land lyeing & being on the north side of 
stroud water river aforesd opposite to the two foruier par- 
cells beginning at the S. E. Corner at a point or turne in y*^ 
river against the aforesd 55 acre parcell and ranging in 
length north & by west 42 ch : to a Juniper tree and then 
in breadth W. by S. forty ch : to a white pine &, from thence 
S & by E. 19 ch. to a white hasell tree standing by the 
river side and then by the river as it runns to the first sta- 
tion bounded to the East by land of Samuell Ingerson & 
S. with the river & west & north with vacant land Con- 
taining 126 acres there being 5 acres allowed for a highway, 
and alsoe another certaiae tract or parcell of Land lying & 
being in flalmouth aforesd upon the north side ot Cascoe 
River beginning at a great pine tree standing by sd River & 
ranging in length northwest one degree & a halfe westerly 
304 rodd to a marked burch tree — then in breadth N. E. 
1 d & i northerly 33 rodd to a stake then in length S. E. 
3d. & a halfe Southerly 326 rodd by a fence to the River & 
then in breadth by sd River as it runns 33 Rodd bounded to 
the N. E. By Thaddeus Clarke on the S. W. by M^ George 
Beahamhall Northwest by Vacant land & S. by Casco River 
out of which being Excepted two acres of meadow laud 
lying at the Northwest and It Containes 56 acres. Also 
another small parcell of Land lyeing and being upon the 
southerly side of Back cove within the limitts of Falmouth 


aforesd beginning att a willow tree by the cove and Ranging 
in breadth by said Cove E & by S. 4 ch : and 93 linkes then 
in length S. & by W. i a point Westerly 13 ch : to a 
marked white oak tree then in breadth S. W. & by W. 3 
ch : and ninety three linkes to an oak tree & then in length 
N. & by E. a quarter of a point northerly 15 ch : and 70 
linkes to the willow tree where first begunn bounded to the 
west by the Land of Robert Marrell South by y^ Land of 
Richard Powsley East by y« Land of Robert Marrell & 
north by back cove containing 5 acres & i. Alsoe a house 
lott lyeing & being neere the little cove in Falmouth aforesd 
beginning att the corner of a fence and ranging in breadth 
N : 38*^ Easterly 7 Rodd then in length N. W. 1*^ westerly 
26 rodd & fifteene foot then in breadth in y*" Reere S. W. 
& by W. 1*^ 45 min : westerly seven rodd & then in length 
S. E. 7^' Easterly 29 Rodd & 4 foot to the sd fence where 
first begunn bounded to the N. W. by fileete streete S. 
W. by John Ingerson N. E. by Thomas Cloyce & S. E. by 
Thomas Streete containing 1 acre & 22 Rodd. alsoe another 
house lott lyeing & being in the sd Towne of fialmouth 
neere the fort there Ranging in breadth S. W : 15*^ westerly 
3 ch : & 20 linkes then in length on the S. W. side N. W. 
2*^ & i northerly 6 ch : & i then in breadth on the N. W. 
end Northeast 16^' Easterly 3 Ch : & a halfe & then in length 
on the northeast side S. E. S'' & one half Southerly 6 ch : 
and a halfe bounded to the North west by Queens streete 
Southeast by fiieet street North East by Kings street and S. 
W. by y'' Land of Sam" Webber containing 2 ackres & 26 
rodd. Alsoe another house lott whereon the s*^ Silvanus 
Davyes now liveth scituate lyeing & being in fialmouth 
aforesd neere y® sd fort beginning att the corner of a fence 
and ranging in breadth on the south east and N. E. 4d. 
Easterly 8 rodd & 15 foot then in length on the N. E. side 
thirty Eight rodd & 3 foot then in breadth in the Reere W. 
S. W. tenn Rodd & 12 foot & then in length on the S W. 


side S. 31*^ & i Easterly 41 Rodd 4 foot & i bounded to the 
S. E. by Tho. Streete N. E. by John Palmer S. W. by 
Rich'* Seacomb & Jonathan Norris & N. W. by the hurry- 
ing place containing 2 acres and a quarter./ & Alsoe a Cer- 
taine Island Called & knowne by the name of Ceabeck 
lying E. N. E. ^ a point Northerly distant 5 miles from y^ 
ffort in ffalmouth aforesd containing 62 acres as by the sev- 
erall platts or drafts of the respective parcells of Land & 
premisses may more fully & att large appeare./ Together 
&c : To have & to hold &c : Yeilding rendring & paying 
&c : In testimony &c : 

Petition of Walter Barefoot 

To his Excellency S"" Edmoud Andros Kn* Capt. 
Genenerall and Governor in Cheife of his Ma"*^* 
Territory and Dominion of New England in 

The humble Peticon of Walter 
Barfoote Esq' 

That your Peticoiier for several years past hath been pos- 
sessed of that peece or parcell of Vpland & Swamp Scituate 
Lyeing and being in Kittery in the Province of Maine 
Knowne by the name of Spruce Creeke Containeing 216 
Acres as Alsoe of another Tract or peice of Land Con- 
taineing 500 Acres Adjoyning in Length vpon the Bath 
in the said Province As alsoe Another peice or Tract of 
Land in Kittery aforesaid in the said province At A place 
Knowne by the name of Spruce Creeke Called the Mill 
Creeke or point Extending it selfe halfe Amiel Containeing 
by Estimacon one thousand Acres As alsoe one Other peice 
or tract of Land Lying on the Harbour Mouth on the East 
Side of Piscataqua River Containeing 500 Acres with A 


Dwelling Lying in the province of Maine Aforesaid Vpon 
which said several Tracts peices or pcells of Land your peti- 
tioner hath made A Considerable Settlem' and Improuem* 
And is willing and Desirous ffurther to Improue the same 
If he may haue the Incouragem* ot your Excellencys Grace 
and ffavor to Confirme his Right thereto vnder his Most Sa- 
cred Ma"^'" 

Your Peticoner Therefore humbly prayes yo Excetl to giue 
him A Grant and Confirmacon for all the said seuerall 
peices tracts & pcells of Land according to Its Knowne 
bounds & limits vnder such Moderat Quitt Rent And Ac- 
knowledgm* to be paid to his Ma*y for the same as to yo 
Excellency shall seeme meet 

And your peticoner shall pray 

Petition of JSicolas Davis and others. 
To his Excellency S"" Edmund Andros Governo'" of 
his Majesties Territories in New England 

The humble petition of 
Nicolas Davis, Nath Sanders John Alberry & Daniell San- 
ders in y*' behalfe of Selues, familes & y^ rest of o' Company 
y* was on y^ same accompt with vs. Humbly sheweth yo-" 
Excellency, y* whereas we agreed with some gentlemen 
here, namely M"" Richard Wharton, M"" Simeon Stoddard, 
M'' Jerimiah Dummer & Majo^' Gidney of Salem, for y^ set- 
tlement of a plantation about Casco bay, to manure & settle 
it according to Articles drawne upp betweene us, we haue 
performed o'" parts & haue planted about sixteene acres of 
Corne, but in as much as these gentlemen haue not per- 
formed their obligation to vs in y' w'='^ they were bound to 
supply vs y* wee might carry on y« plantation, we were 
forced to desert y® plantation because wee had not food to 
subsist there to o"" great darSage & vndoing, for now wee 


are in a farr worse condition y" we were before we went 
thither, not knowinsr w' course to take to subsist hauing 
worne out o'" cloths & wasted y* little we had, o"' humble 
petition to yo'' excellency is y^ we might haue releif in this 
matter, for if we had forfeited o'' bond to these gentlemen, 
as they haue forfeited their bond to vs y® law would haue 
beene open for y"* so y* inasmuch as they haue forfeited 
their bond to vs o'' humble petition is to yo"^ Excellency is 
y* wee may [have] restauration as yo"" Excellency shall 
thinke meet, w*^'' will obleige yo'" poore petitioners euer to 
pray for yo"" Excellency. 

Petitio'fi of Epli^ Herrick 
To his Excellence S' Edmund Androsse Kn* Cap' 
Generall & Governor in Cheife und"" his Matye — 
& Over the Territory & Dominion of New England, 
The humble peticon of Ephraim Herrick of Beverly in 
y® County of Essex 

That yo"" petitioner is an husbandman & minded 
to make up & improve Vnappropriated Land within this 
Dominion That yo"" Petitioner is advised of some such Land 
lying on Kennebeck Riuer Wherefore he humbly prayes 
That it may please yo' Excellence by yo^ Excellencyes "War- 
rant to direct y® Surveyor to lay out such Quantity of acres 
of Vnapropriated Land to yo'' petitioner at Kennebeck 
afores'^ as to yo"" Excellency shall seeme reasonable To y® 
End that Yo"^ petitioner may Obteine a pattent for y** Same 
and settle & Improue thereon And so paying a Quitt rent 
to his Matye therefore And yo"" petitioner shall Euer pray 

Ephraim Herrick 


Petition of Richard Adams ^ Edivard Ewster 

To His Excelpy S^ Edm Andros Kn* Cap* Gen" & 
Govern"' in Cheife of New England &c. 
The humble Peticon of Rich*^ Adams m''chant and Edw** 
Humbly Sheweth 

That there is in Sheep Gutt River alias New Dartmouth 
Great Quantyties of Vacant Land that want inhabitants and 
understanding noe Improvem*' can be made without yo"" Ex- 
celpys order, &c. 

The Premises Considered yo'' humble Peticon"'^ Prays yo"^ 
Excelpy^ warr' directed to the Survey"^ now goeing Eastward 
to lay out for yo' Peticon""* four hundred acres of land adja- 
cent to M"" Edw*^ Taylor on the North Syde of the sayd 
River, that they may Pattent the Same according to Law &c 
And Yo"" Peticon"^^ shall pray &c 

Ri : Adams 
Edw. Ewster 

Petition of Edward Tyng 

To his Exellency S"" Edmond Andros Kn' Capt Generall 
and Gouern"^ in Chiefe of his Majestys Territory and Domin- 
ion of New England in America — 
The Humble Petition of Edward Tyng Esq"" 

That Your Petitioner in Right of himself and by Severall 
Grants from Divers Persons and from the town of falmouth 
Stands Justly and Truely Seized of a Certain Messuage or 
Tenement Consisting of a house and half an Acre of Land 
Lying Near ffort Loyall as Also three Acres of Upland be- 
longing to the said Tenement as Also forty two Acres of 
Upland and a house and Barn Standing thereupon and One 
hundred Acres of Land Lying Between the Land of Thad- 
deus Clark and Ralph Turnor and four Acres of Marsh 


adjoining to the said Laud being Divided from tlie Marsli of 
the said Thaddeus Clarlv hy a Certain Creek Called Back 
Creek and also One half of Barlmry Creek Marsh the Whole 
Containing Eight Acres Next Adjoining to the Land of 
Peter Bodwin the Grants of Which he is Ready to Lay 
Before Your Exelency — he therefore humbly Prays of 
Yo"" Exellency the Confirmation of the said Severall Tracts 
of Land under the Scale of the Territory Aforesaid under 
Such Moderate Quit Rents as to Your Exel°^' shall Seeme 
Meet and the Distance of the place will Admitt 

And he shall Ever pray &c^ 
Edward Tyug 

Petition of Roh^ Laivrence 

To his Excellencie S' Edmoud Andros Kn* Cap' Gen- 
erall & Gouern'' in Chief of all his Majesties Ter- 
ritory & dominion of New England in America 

The Humble petition of Robert Lawrence of ffalmouth 

in Casco bay 

That y*" petitioner hath been for seuerall yeares last past 
possessed of a Certaine Tract of land & Marsh lying & l)e- 
ing at Capissick vpon y*^ northern side of y° Riuer to Extend 
to y° Riuer Side of Amencongen bought &, purchased of one 
Francis Small & by him purchased of an Indian Sagamore 
as by y*^ s'^ deeds will appeare vnder their hands & scales, 
& confirmed by a generall Court, Wherevpon y® s'' Francis 
Small built a house & Improued y*^ s'' land considerably 
aboue thirty years last past, Since w'^'* time y'' Petitioner 
hath made a considerable & settlement & now Hues vpon y° 

Y'' Petitioner therefore humbly prays y' Excellencies con- 
firmation vnder his Majestic of y s'' Tract of land & marsh 
as in y® deeds mentioned saucing only a mile square of 
Doc. Vol. vi. 16 


vpland at Capissick on w'^'' Cap' Siluauus Davis hath built a 
Saw mill w°'^ he had only by a town grant aboute fiue yeares 
past & noe otherwise w^*^ mile square y'' petitioner is willing 
to quit Claime to vpon Condition y' his marsh may not bee 
damnified Therby. 

And y"" Petitioner shall euer pray./ 

Petition of Joseph Phippen sen^ 

To his Exellencie S'' Edmond Andros Gouernour in Chiefe 
ouer his Majesties Territories & Dominions in New England 
the humble petition of Joseph Phipen Senior now Inhabi- 
tant of Salem 
Humblie Sheweth./ 

That your petitioner hath been a long time an Inhabitant in 
this Cuntrie, and that aboutt thirtie seauen yeares since, 
your petitioner purchased and had Granted vnto him, by 
M"^ Georo-e Cleue Deceased who then had the Gouerment 
and Disposall of Land in those parts a tract of Land con- 
taining one hundi'ed Ackers lying and being in Casco Bay, 
and then had a Deed for itt, by which Deed your petitioner 
was bound to pay all Such Dues as were or hereafter should 
be Due vnto his Majestic and rents to those who should bee 
appointed to receive the same as by his Deed which he here 
withall humbye presents to your Eellencies pervsall more 
largelie will appeare. Which Land your petitioner by him- 
selfe and Children euer since by cleareing of Ground, build- 
ing, & ffencing quiettly wMth outt disturbance or Lawfull 
evection of any person hath enjoyed and Should haue im- 
proued the same to more effect if with many others we 
had nott beene Disappointed l>y those sad desolations the 
Indians made in those parts, Your petitioner hath payd, and 
hopes euer shall be willing to pay according to his abilitie 
to whom itt shall please his Majestic to appoint all Such 
Dues as Shall bee Due from him, Your petitioner being 
Antient and very ill nott able of himselfe according to his 


Desier to present this his humble Supplication vnto your 
Exellencie hath commanded his sonn the bearer hereof hum- 
bli to present this his humble Supplication to your Exellencie. 
Which is that your Exellencie would bee pleased to take y"" 
petitioners case into your pious consideration and to Grant 
y'' petitioner a consideration of what he hath soe long since 
bought & payd for and hath quiettlie posessd and enjoyd, 
y"" petitioner haueing payd rent for the same, and still is 
willing to pay his rent and arrears for y® Same which is or 
shall be Due, Soe that others may nott by any pretence by 
ffraude or Deceite wrong y"" petitioner or his of what y"" peti- 
tioner humblie conceiues is his Just Due, ffor which ffauour 
y'' petitioner shall euer l)ee bound to pray ftbr y"" long & 
porsperous being in this world and euerlasting hapines in 
the world to come And humbly Subscribes y"" Excellencies 
in all humble dutie and seruice to be commanded 

Joseph Phippen 

Receved of Joseph phippen all the Rent of too shillings & 
six pence a yere due to m"" Allexander Rigby as by his 
-apointment from the yere 1650 to this psent day the nine & 
twentieth day of Septembar 1662 and this shall be his dis- 
charg witnes my hand the day & yere abouesaid 

Georo- Cleeve 

Petition of John Skilling 

To His Exelency S" Edmond Androws Knight Captt 
Jenerall and Gouer''ou in Chefe in & ouer his jNIa"'* 
Territories and Dominions of Xew England in 

The petition of John Skilling of flalnioulli in 

the prouince of Maine Humbely showcth 

That Avhare as yo"" petitino"" haue bin & is in Aittewell pos- 

esion & improufments of seuerall eyers before the Late 

Indian wars & sense to this day of seuerall Tracts of Land 


& Teniraents with in sd towne to say a house Loot about 
seuen Acors & all soe two Acors & a halfe nere Adjoyniug 
& abought seuenty Acors at the Backe Coue all soe abought 
sixty Acors nere to Grate Saw mill & Coren mill beloniog 
to Cap" Dauis all soe abought three Acors & a halfe of 
Salte mash uere said mills all soe abought ten Acors of fress 
Meddow in nonsuch meddows vpon all which you"^ petitino'" 
haue made Improfements &, haue binn at Grate Charges in 
Bwildings : yo'" petitinor humbly prayeth yo"" Exelences Con- 
firmation for the same &, that yo'' exelency woold bee plesed 
to Grante a warrant to yo"^ Survoyer to Survay & Laj^e 
ought the same according to its former Bownds & vpon 
such Esey quit Rente as yo"^ Exelence shall see meete & yo'" 
petitino"' as in duty Bownd shall euer pray 

Petition of Andrew Brown 

To his Excelen^y S'' Edmund Andros Ku' Cap* Genar' 
and Gouern"" in Cheif of his Majes"* teritory and 
dominions of New England 

The humble petition 

of Andrew Browne Seno"^ 

Humbly Sheweth to you"" Excelency that you*" pettitioner 
hath possesed A Certaine parsell of Land Lyinge and beiuge 
in Scarborough in y*" prouince of Maine Containinge fower 
hundred Acrs with one hundred Acres of Salt Mash Ajoyn- 
ing and hath made Large Improuents vpon y*" Same — you'" 
petitionar humbly prays that your Exce^' would be pleased 
to grant A warr*^ to your Sirueyor to Lay itt out & that 1 
may haue Confirmation vnder you' Excelency^ hand and 
Seale att Soe Easy A quitt rent As your Exce^ shall see 
meet and your petti"" Shall Euer pray — 

Andre'' / , Brown — 


Andrew Browne J'' Pet ^ 
To His Excely S'' Edmund Andros Knig* Cap* Gen- 
er" and Goueruar in Cheife of his Majesties Territo- 
ries and dominion of New England 

The Humble pettin of 

Andrew Browne Junior 

Humbly Sheweth to you' Excellent that you"" pettin'' hath 

possesed A Certaine parrsell of Land Lyinge and beinge att 


Scarbrought in y*^ prouince of maine Containing flSve hun- 
dred Acrs of VpLand and Mash and hath made Large Im- 
prouements vpon y^ Same you"" pettion"" humbly prays that 
you'' Exce^ would be pleased to grant A warr* to your Sur- 
uey"" to Lay itt out that I may haue Confirmation vnder 
your Exce^ hand and Seale att soe Esey A quitt rent as you"" 
Exce^ shall see meet and your pette"^ shall Euer pray 

Andrew Browne 

Petition of R. Hunnvell 

To his Excelny S' Edmund Andros Kn" Cap' Gene" 
and Gouernar in Cheife ouer his Majesties Territory 
and Dominion of New England 
The Humble pettion 
of Liu' Rich Huniwell 

Humbly Sheweth to your Excelen^ that you' pettion'" hath 
bin In y*' Late Lidian Warr A ueary yousfull and seruissab'*^ 
pe.'son to his Majestie and hath since bin fauered with your 
Exceln''^ Comition as Liutenant for this towne of Scarljrouirh 

now to shew to your Excelen-' that your pettitionr hath 
since bin possesed of Noe more then Sixtie Acres of Land 
whearon he hath bult a vcary ffaier house and teun Acrs of 
Salt and firesh Mash more or less which hee did purchas of 
Rober Jordin — Your pettison° humbly Prays that you"" 


Excelen^ would 1)e pleased to grant a Warr' to you'" Siruey' 
yt ye AbouB said may be Layd out With An Addition of one 
hundred Acres of VpLand and Mash prepors'''® and that the 
Same may l^e Confirmed by his Majesties patten Accordin 
to Law and you"" petton'' as bound in duty shall Euer pray — 


yi Huniwell 

To his Excellency S'' Edmond y^ndros Knight Cap' 
Generall and Gouern'' in Cheif of this His Majestyes 
Territory & Dominion in New England 

The Petition of Dominicus Jordan Son of the late 

Robert Jordan 
Humbly Sheweth — That Whereas y'" Petitioner by J;he 
last Will and Testament of his tfather had therein bequeathed 
unto him a thousand Acres of Land besides Meadow apper- 
tayuing thereunto, as l)y the s'' Will more amply doth and 
may Appear, and whereas he hath had y*^ Possesion of it 
and built and Improved a Considerable Part thereof for 
about Ten Yeares, and hath Setled live or six Tenants on 
the s'' Tract along the River or Crick of Spurwinck 
He Therefore Humbly Prayes That Your Excellency would 
be pleased for his further Incouragement to Order the said 
Land to be Surveyed, And to Grant unto your Petitioner 
for the further assurance of his s'^ Title, his Maj'^ Pattent 
under the Great Seal of New England, under such moder- 
ate Quitt Rent to his Majesty as y*" Excellency shall See 

And your Petitioner shall ever Pray &c 

Dominicus Jordan 


To bis Excellency S"" Edmund Andros Knight Cap* 
Generall and Governour in Clieif of this his Maj'-''* 
Territory and Dominion in New England 

The Petition ot William Barrage of Scarborough 

Humbly sheweth = That whereas y'' Petitioner hath had 
for many Yeares, 1)efore and Since the Last Indian Warr, 
a Small Tract of Land of the value of fivety Acres with 
Some Addition of Meadow which he Purchased of one 
Henry Watts who Claymed Right thereto, from George 
Cleave Agent to the late Esq' Rigby Proprietor to this 
Province of Main, 

Hee therefore humbly Prayes That your Excellency would 
be pleased for his further Incouragement to Order the said 
Land to be Surveyed, and to grant, to your Petitioner for 
the further Assurance of his s'^ Title his Majestyes Pattent 
under the Great Scale of New England, under Such Moder- 
ate Quitt Rent to his Majesty, as y'' Excellency shall see 

And y"" Petitioner shall euer Pray &c 

William Burrase 

Petition of John Howell 

To His Excellency S"" Edmund Andros Knight Cap* 

Generall and Governour in Cheif of this his Maj*'"^^ 

Territory and Dominion in New England 

The Petition of John Howell of Scarborough Planter 

Humbly sheweth — That whereas your Petitioner hath had 

possesion for about thirty Yeares, a parcell of Lapland & 

Meadow to the value of fivety Acres in the Towneship of 

Scarborough alias Blackp* — butting and l)ounding upon a 

ffarm of Joshua Scottow Adjoyning thereunto, 

He Therefore Humbly Prayes That your Excellency would 

be pleased for his further Incouragem — to Order the said 


Land to be Surveyed, and to grant to your Petitioner for 
the further Assurance of his said Title his Majestyes Pat- 
tent under y'' Great Seale of New England under such Mod- 
erate Quitt Rent to his Majesty as Y'" Excellency shall see 

And y"" Petitioner shall ever pray &c 

John Howell 

Petition of John Pamer 

To his Excell"^^ S"" Edmond Andros K* Govern^ and 
Captain Gen"" of his Ma'^^ Colony of New England 
The humble Peticon of John Pamer 

That whereas y"" Pef^ Father in Law Andrew Awger gave 
to y'' Pef in marriage with his Daughter, a Tract of upland 
conteyning fifty acres more or less lying & being at Dun- 
ston, in Scarbrough, in the Province of Maine, about twenty 
year agoe, w'^'^ land y"^ Pef* said Father held, by virtue of 
an Indian Deed, And y"" Pef peceably injoyed y® same ten 
years, but hath Since bin driven off by the Heathen, in the 
time of the Indian Warre 

Since w'''^ May it please y^' Excel T® y"" Pef is informed that 
M' Elliot hath fenced in the sayd Land, w'^'^ y*" poor Pef 
improved with his hard labour. 

Most humbly prays Therefore That y' Excell''^ will be fa- 
vourably pleased to grant y"" poor Pef y*' Excell'®^ Warrant 
to Survey the Sayd Land, and fourteen acres of Meddow, 
thereunto adjoyning, in order to a Patent 
And y' Pef shall pray &c :/. 


Petition of Roger Vicars 

To his ExcelP^ S'' Edmond Andres Knight, Govern'" 
& Captain Geuall ot his Ma^^ Colony of New England 
The humble Peticon of Rosier Vicars 
In all humility Sheweth 

That about : 36 : years agoe, One old Will, then known 
and called by that Name, Setled on a peece of Land, con- 
teyning about a Rood (on w'^'^ he had only a Garden) lying 
on the Westward side of Non such River, in Scarbrough in 
the Province of Main, w'^'' said Tract, he sells to ]\P Robert 
Jordan for a pair of Bootes, & some other small Truck. 
Since w*='^ May it please y"" Excell°® the sayd Robert Jordan, 
hath possesed himselfe, not only with the sayd small Tract, 
but under colour thereof w^*^ neere 2000 : acres of Marsh, and 
woodland, 1000 ; acresthereof, or thereabouts he hath Litely 
Sold, but by what Title y"" Pet' knows not. 

About : 18 ; years since y"" Pef Seted upon a part of 
y® Land, w'^'' the said Jordan claimes (& one M"" Hincks 
now possesseth by a pretended Sale from the sayd Jordan) 
butting upon the Land of Henry Watts Spruce Swamp be- 
hind it, & an Ashen Swamp before it, joining to the Medow 
conteyning : 150 : acres more or less. As also upon a parcell 
of Marsh Land upon the Western Side of Nonsuch River, 
& on the North= East Side of blew point River, conteyn - 
ing about: 6 : or :7 : acres, & joyning to Pizcutt Rivers 
mouth in y'^ Province aforesayd. 

all w'^'' Laud y"" pi"" injoyed by clearing it, w"' hard la- 
bour, Since that May it please y"" Excell" it was confirmed 
to him by y^ then Select Men of Scarbrough about : 18 : 
years since w"^'' the Matacuses, ats the now Town of Boston 
gave to Scarbrough a Township, wherein y"" Pet'"* Tracts lye ; 
All w*^"" lands y"" Poor pef hath bin driven from in y" time of 
the late Indian War, and farther hindred from his resetling 
the same by y'' aforesayd M"" Hincks running his Line on y^ 


sayd Land, although y"" pef is redy with his Stock & family 
to resettle y*^ same. 

Most huml)ly prays therefore That y'" Excell'^'^ will be 
fav^'y pleased to confirm to y"" poor Pef (who hath a wife & 
eight Children to provide for) y^ aforesayd Tracts of Laud, 
by granting him your Excell"' favou''^'^ Warrant for a Sur- 
vey thereof, in order to a Patent, or That the sayd M"" 
Hincks may produce to y"" Excell'^^ his Title or reasons to 
the contrary 

And y"' Pef shall ever pray 


Petition of Francis Neale. 

To his Exellencie S'' Edmond Andrews Knight Gou- 
ernour in Chiefe ouer all his Majesties Territories 
here in New England 

the humble petition of ffrancis Neale 
Humblie Sheweth 

That your petitioner was for Vpward of thirtie yeares Since 
an Inhabitant in Casco alias flalmouth vntill such time as he 
with Seuerall others lost his all in this world and was forced 
from thence by y'' Barboros Indians During which time y' 
petitioner with two more, videlizott George ffelt & Jenkin 
Williams Did purchos a tract of Land lying & being in 
Casco bay alias flalmouth of y*" Indians, of those Indians as 
they sayd M"" Munoy M'' Lawrence pordecessor, did purchas 
theires which he still enjoyes Wee then uott Knowing of 
any power here then or of any perticular person Laying 
claime to y" same payd to y*' Indians to there content for y® 
Same, George fielt was Killed there in defence of y® Cun- 
trie Jenkin Williams built & posessd y*^ same in y"" behalfe 
of himselfe and y*" rest till beaten of by the Indians y pe- 
tioner vnderstanding that there are Seuerall Gentlemen Goe- 
ing that way to Servey Land there humbly conceiued his 


Dutie in bebalfe of himselfe and y*^ rest to make Knowue 
vnto y"" Exellencie, what right they haue therevnto Haueing 
prouecl theire Deed before two of the Magistrates then in 

Y"" petitioner humblie begging like flfauour from y'' Exel- 
lency, as other his Majesties subjects haue, they being y** 
first purchassers & y'' first posessors, noe one as yett Laying 
any Just claime therevnto, May nott ])y pretence of Towue 
right who say they will Dispose of y*^ same, be putt out of 
what they conceiue to be theire right y^ petitioner nott 
Knowing but those y^ are with him concerned, are willing 
to pay such Dues or Duties as shall be Due for the Sam, 
however y^ petitionor is willing to pay Such Dues or Duties 
as shall be due from him for soe much as itt shall seem 
Good to y'' Exellencie to lett him haue & shall euer bee 
bound to pray for y"" Exellencie &c/ 

Petition of Joshua Attivater 

To his Excellency S*" Edmund Andros Kn' Cap* Generall 
and Governour in Cheife of his Ma""^ Territory & Dominion 
of New England in America./ 

The humble Peticon of Joshua 
Attwater of Boston./ 
Humbly Sheweth 

That Whereas your Peticon' being possessed for these 
SeQall yeares past of a house peece or parcell of Land Scit- 
uate Lyeing and being vpon the River of Westgostuggo in 
Casco Bay Conteyning about Two Hundred Acres Lyeing 
by the Land of James Lane to the East West by the said 
River north & South with Crcekes And alsoe of another 
peece or pcell of Ground & Meadow Containing about six- 
teene Acres Lyeing about a Mile & halfe from the aforesaid 
Dwelling house ; On all w""'' Lands yo' peticoncr hath made 
Considerable Improvements./ 


Therefore yo' Pef most humbly prayes yo"" Excellency will 
be pleased to Grant unto him his Ma*^* Pattent for the said 
Laud and to give vuto him such further Addicon or Quan- 
tity of Land ; for the Strenghening of his title to y^ same ; 
vnder such Moderate Quitt rent or acknowledgm* to be paid 
to his Ma^y As to your Excellency shall Seeme meete./ 

And yo"" Pef as in Duty 
bound shall ever pray &c^ 

Petition of Tlio. Walton 

To his Exelency S'' Edmund Andross Knight Cap' 
Gen^^ & Gouernor of New England & its Dependen- 
cy^ & to the hon'^i° Councell &c 

The Hum^i^ Petic"^ of Tho : Walton 

That youre Pettic"" haueing had two Cows Detained 
from him by the Sherrife of the County of Richmond for 
the Arreares of Quitt Rent for foure yeares last past, youre 
Peticioner haueing peticioned the hon''^® Councell for releife 
in y*^ premisses ; itt was Ordered y® second day of June last 
that the s'^ Sheriff Should deliver the s'^ Cows vnto youte 
peticioner giveing good Security for y® Space of Six Months : 
Humbly implores youre Exelency that y® s'^ Quitt rent may 
bee taken off haueing a lirme pattent from Gouor"" Nicholls, 
Comeing over as a Souldeir with him ; whearein noe Quitt 
rent is Expressed ; And youre peticioners desyre is To take 
out a New pattent from youre Excelency And trowes him 
selfe & premises for the future what Quitt rent youre Exe- 
lency shall think fitting that hee may avoyde further trouble 

And Your Peticioner as in 
Duty bound shall Ever pray 
for youre Exelencys health 
& hapiness &c 


Petition of P. Hinekson 
To his Ex"*^ S' Edmoud Andross K' Captaine Geu- 
erall & Gouerno'^ of his Ma^''^* Teritorye & Dominion 
of New : England &c. 

The humble petitio of peter 
Humbly sheweth 

That whereas yo'" petition' hath for about sixteene yeares 
last past, enjoyd occupid made use of posest & bult upon 
A certaine Tract of Upland & marsh, giuen him by the 
Township of Scarbarow in y*" prouince of Mayne. And haue- 
inoe a create familye of children & Grandchildren ; humbly 
prayeth yo"" Ex'^''"' confirmation w*^ such an Addition as your 
Ex"^ shall see meete. Haueing but thirty e three Acres 
beside by Deede from M'' Scottow 
And yo'' petition"" 

shall euer pray &c. 

And beinge measured alsoe with Robert Elliotts into y*^ Line 
of m"" Hincks & the widdow Jordan. 

peter T~) Hinekson 

his mark. 
The Towne lott, being sixty fine Acres. 

M^ Walker 

Our desire of yo" only is. That yo"' would become o' Ke- 
membrancer to his Ex'^^ or y'' Secretarye That a Tract of 
about 70 Acres of Marsh on y® Eastward side of Nonsuch 
Riu*", & y"" Eastward side of Blew pomt Riuer (y*^ proprie- 
tye thereof beinge uery dou])tfull) to be equallye divided 
amongst us togeather w''' w' upland his Ex'^''' shall see meete, 


to be added to o'' Towue Lotts And as touching ought elce, 

that regard bee had to y® humble petition of us. 

Lif « Rich : Huuiwell. Qy^.c^p^^ 

Antho : Roe, ' Tho : Rkiford. 

John Libbye Rob : Tydye. 

Hen : Libbye Tho : Baker 

Dauid Libbye Dan : ffogg. 

Math : Libbye John Slaughter 

Dan : Libbye. Tho Leatherby 

Moses Durant 

And we humbly & thanckfullye desire yo"', to entreate y® 
Ho^'® Cap* Nicholson^ Aduice and assistance. 

Petition of Robert Eliott 

To his Ex'^'^'' S'' Edmond Andross K* Captaine Gen- 

erall & Gouerno"" of his Ma"*"* Teretorye & Dominion 

of New= England 

The humble petitio of Robert Eliott, 

Humbly sheweth 

That whereas 3'o'' petition'' hath for aboue eighteene yeares 

past : enjoyd, occupied, made use of & posest ; A certaine 

Tract of Upland & Marsh, Giuen him by the Township of 

Scarbarow in y*^ prouince of Mayne. And is since by yo"^ 

Surueyo' measured into y*" Lott of y^ Ho^'*^ M"" Hinck^^ one 

of the Counsell & M" Sarah Jordan widd. And in feare 

without yo"" clemencye & Justice of looseing his s*^ Land 

Wherefore he humbly Desireth yo"" Excellency^ confirmatio 

of y^ p''mises aforesd soe granted And yo"" petition"" 

shall euer pray &c. 

The Towne lott being One ^^^^^,^ IN ^Jiptt 

hundred Acres of Up Land , . '^ . 

- _ /. ,r 1 ^ ^is mark 

& iwentye oi jNIarsh. Or 

w' yo"^ please. 


Petition of Edmund Gale. 
To his Excellency S' Edmund Andres Kn* Cap* Grail and 
Governour in Cheife of his Majesties Territory and Domin- 
ion of New England &. 

The humble Peticon of Edmund Gale of Beverly 

That your Peticon'' before the breakeing out of the Late 
Indian Warr for a valuable Consideracon Did purchase of 
One Nathauiell Wallis a peece or parcell of Land Lye[ing 
at] back Cove in Cascoe Bay Containing about fifty [acres] 
w'^'' ground Since one James Rosse has Erected a h[ouse 
and] begins to improve ; vnd'' Colour of a Better [title 
unto it] then your Pef 

Yo"" Pef Therefore prays yo"" Excellency will Ord"" a hearing 
of Our Titles, and to grant his Ma*'''' Gracious Confirmacon 
y^ said ffif [y and] for Two Hundred Acres more, Eyeing 
in [ye town of] Yarmouth in Cascoe afores'^ (w°'' yo"^ Exc[y 
sees fit] to promise your Peticon"" vnde such m[oderate 
quit] Rent or Acknowledgment as to [yo"" Ex''^] shall Seeme 

And yo"" Pef as in duty bound s[hall] 

ever pray &c^./ 

Edmund Gale 

Petition of T. Scottow in behalf of Joshua Scottow. 

To his Excellency S' Edmund Andros Knight Cap* 
General! and Governour in cheif of this his Maj- 
estyes Territory and Dominion of New England- 
The Petition of Thomas Scottow in behalf of Joshua 
Humbly Sheweth 

That whereas your Petitioner for about Twenty Six 
yeares last Past purchased for a valuable Consideration a 


Tract of Laud containing about two or three hundred Acres 
Upland and Meadow in the Towneship of Scarborough, and 
having a Warrant from your Excellency to his Ma'^ Sur- 
veyor for the Surveiing of the Same, which is Performed, 
And a Draught thereof sent to Your Excellency ~ Surveyor 

Your Petitioner therefore humbly Prayes That your Excel- 
lency would be pleased to Grant out an Order so that your 
Petitioner may have a Pattent under the Great Scale of 
New England for the further Confirmation of s'^ Title, under 
such Quitt Rent to be Paid to his Majesty as your Excel- 
lency shall See Meett — 

your Petitioners property to the said Messuage being by 
Conveyance and not by Entry, and hath Cost your Peti- 
tioner above two hundred Pounds/ 

And your Petitioner shall 
ever pray &c 

Tho : Scottow 

Petition of John Hinekes. 

To his Excell^' S' Edmund Andros K' Captaine Gen- 
arall and Cheife Gouarn"" ouer his Majesties Teritory 
and dominion of New England — 
The humble pettition 
of John Hiucks 

Humbly Sheweth that wheareas theare hath bin A pettition 
Lattely p'"sented to 5^our ExcilP' by Rob : Elliot of Scar- 
brough in y® prouince of maine in Answer to w^'^ you^ pet- 
tic'' humbly Sheweth that wheareas hee Sayeth that he hath 
possesed y*" Land Now hee Liueth on : About Eightteen 
years ; butt you"" petti"" Cann proue thatt he wass ffirst pos- 
sessed vppon the same Neck of Land by m"" Rob : Jordin 


deces'' whoe purchassed itt and Injoyd itt Aboue twentie 
yeares before : Eliott beinge A Teanant and A Siruant for 
Seuerall years : butt m"' Jordin declaringe that y° Mathatu- 
sets had Noe wright to y^ prouince of maine wass Inipris- 
soned att boston and by the power of y^ Mathatusets y® 
townships weare sett vp in thatt prouince and from A Tenn- 
ant he became A pettition"^ to the towne for that hee pos- 
sesed of M"" Jordin and setteled vppon y*' best place and 
since you'' Excill^ Arriuall hath mad veary slight of}''' Kings 
power in y*' disposall of Lands and Came to disturbe y^ 
Sirueyor Ass hee wass Layinge itt out Accordinge to Warr' 
and did luight a bad Neighbour to Settell vppon his Towne 
grant since your ExcelP' Arriual w'^^ I forbad him to doe 
Now iff your Excell^ pleass thatt I may haue the whole 
Necke grantted to me I shall be willinge that hee shall Injoy 
what he now posseseth duringe his owne Life and his wiues 
being Ijouth Aintchant persons and hauing noe Children and 
your pettition"" humbly Submitts to your Excilly pleasure/ 

John Hinckes 

Petition of John Hinckes 

To his Excellency S"^ Edmund Andros Kn* Cap* Gen- 
erall and Governour in Chiefe of his Matyes Terri- 
tory and Dominion of New England in America 

The humble peticon of John Hincks 

That there is a certaine parcell of vacant and unim- 
proved Land and meadow lying and being in the Towne of 
Scarborough in the Province of Maine in a certaine place 
called nonsuch neck on the west side of the Land in posses- 
sion of Sarah Jourdain whereon yo"" Peticoner desireth to 
settle and improve a Plantacon 
Doc. Vol. vi. 17 


Your Peticoner therefore huml)ly prays yo- Excellencye 
That for his Encouragement therein yow would please to 
Grant unto him twelve hundred Acres of Land and about 
seventy or Eighty acres of meadow thereto adjoyning under 
such moderate Quitt rent & acknowledgements as to you"" 
Excye shall seeme meet and yo'' Peticoner shall ever pray &c : 

John Hinckes 

To his Exce^'^ S"" Edmund Andros Cap' Gen" Gover- 
nour in Chief in and over his Majesties Territory & 
Domiiion of New England in America 

The humble Petition of George Turfrey 

That whereas your Pef is desirous to settle upon a tract of 
land (beyond any improved Plantation & not prejudiciall to 
any) lying and being in the Province of Main, con[tain- 
ing] two square miles on the South side of [Saco] River, 
beginning att a Stump Tree above Poles westerly 

of the Saw=Mill now Si[tuate] upon the said River lower 
falls up [the said] River, untill two miles be compleated : 
from the said stump=tree, along by y*" r[iver] or out=most 
part of John Stover's (whi[ch is] remotest) Plantation, one 
mile up into the and butting by the said River to 

the Northw[ard] and the vacant land to the Southward: 
And a lott of marsh at Blue Point or Dunstan. Being 
in all about 1000 or 1200 acres. For your Petition" better 
Encouragement therein 

Most humbly craves yo"" ExcelP'*^ Warrant of a Survey in 
order to a Patent upon such moderate Quitt=Rent, as to 
yo' Exce'^^ shall seem meet 
And your Pef shall ever pray &c 


Petition of Creorge Turfrey 

To his Excel<=« S' Edmund Andros Cap" Gen" & Gov- 
ernour in chief in and over his Majesties Territory 
& DominoQ of New England in America 

The humble Petition of George Turfrey 

That your Pef having bin at charge & paines to purchase 
Instruments & informe himself in the art of Land Survey- 
ing, for his further incouradgement therein 
Most humbly craves yo"" Excell'®' Admittance to be the 
Deputy Surveyor for the Township of Saco & Cape Porpus 
in the Province of Main, Hopeing to give your Excel'^^ such 
satisfaction in the generall Draft of the same, as to deserue 
something better in future 

And your Pef shall ever pray &c 

Petition of G-eorqe Barge. 

To his ExcelP S'"Edmond Andros K* Captain Geliall, 
and Govern'' of the Colony of New England 

The humble Peticon of Giles Barge 

That whereas y'' Pef some years since lived on, and im- 
proved a Tract of land lying, and being in Scarbrough, in 
ye province of Main conteyning : 200 : acres of upland and : 
60 : acres of Medow more, or less, w°'' Land is l)ounded 
upon the Norlher side, on y® Land of Tim^ Collins and Dun- 
kin Stuart, and upon the Southard side by a Rock in y^ 
Marsh, and so Northwest, & by west, into the Woods, (w'''^ 
said lands are now vacant, by reason of yo"^ Pet" being 
driven off in y'' time of the Indian war But being desirous 
& redy with his family to return & improve y*" same : for 
their future settlem' 


Most humbly prays for y'' Pet" incouragm' in his labours, 
That y'' Excell" will please to grant your Pef a confirmacon 
in y® sayd Lands, by y'' Excel!'''' Warr* to the Survey'' in 
order to a patent 

And y"^ Pet"^ shall ever pray &c 

Petition of Bridgitt Phillipes 

To His Excellency S"" Edmond Andros K"* Captain 
Generall and Governour in Chiefe of his Majesties 
Territory & Dominion of New Engl** 

The humble Petition of Bridgett Phillips widow 
Humbly Sheweth 

That yo"" Pef is Informed that one George Turfrey hath 
made his application unto yo"" Ex'^^ for a Grant of a tract of 
Land of the Contents of One Thousand or Twelve hundred 
acres Lying on the South side of Saco River described as 
in his Petition, wherein he also saith it is beyond any Im- 
proved Plantation. Yo'' Pef^ humbly craves Leave to Informe 
yo"" Ex'^y that the said Land which said Turfrey prays a 
Grant of Lyeth in the very mids't of a Tract of Land which 
yo*" Pet" Husband William Phillips formerly purchased and 
peaceably possessed and enjoyed for the space of Thirty 
yeares by past without the molestation disturbance or claim 
of any person made thereunto (Except the disturbance by 
the Heathen in the Indian warr time) and that part peti- 
tioned for by him Lyeth so neer a Saw Mill, that as well in 
the Life time of jo"" Pef' husband as since hath been as 
much improved as any part of the whole Tract, and is the 
Chiefe thereof without which the other wilbe but little 
worth ; And the said Turfrey hath lately pretended to claim 
part thereof in behalfe of the heires of m"" Abraham Hayman 
as Agent or Attourney for them. 


Yo"" Pef humbly prayeth yo' Ex'"^ not to grant the s"^ Tur- 
frey his unjust & unreasonable Request which will prove so 
injurious if not ruinous unto yo"" Pef unto which Lands She 
shalbe ready to shew forth her Title whensoever it shall 
please yo"" Ex'^^' to Order her to waite on yo'' Ex*^- for that 
end, hopeing She shall not be unsetled or dispossessed of 
what her Husband and her Selfe have for so long quietly 
enjoyed, by any false Suggestions or pretentions. 
And yo*" Pef as in duty bound shall ever pray c^c** 

Bridgitt Phillipes 

Petition of Ediv'^ Woodman 

To his Excellency S"" Edniond Audros K* Cap* Gen- 
eral 1 and Governour in cheife of his Maj"*"^ Territory 
and Dominion ot New England in America 
The Humble Petition of Edward Woodman late of Marble- 
head now of Kennebec River 
Humbly Sheweth that the Petition'' by Deed und"" the hand 
and seale of Marke Parsons beareing date the 7"' of April 
1687 hath purchased of him all his right and Interest in and 
to a Tract of Land (whereon the sd Parsons formerly Dwelt) 
lyeing and being on a branch of the Easterly side of Resco 
Hegen River (soe called) in Kennebeck afores*^ containeing 
about Two Hundred acres of upland, and about sixty acres 
of Salt marsh : whereby he is become rightfull owner of the 

Therefore Yo"" Petition"" humbly Prayes 70"^ Excell'^^ to Con- 
firme the same unto him according to law under such easy 
Quitt rent as in yo*" Excell'^^'' Wisdom shall seeme meet 
And Yo"" Petition^ as in duty bound shall ever pray &c^ 

Edw*^ Woodman 


To His Excellency S"" Edmond Andros Kn* One of 
the Gentlemen of his Majesties most Honorable 
Privy Chamber Captain Generall and Governour in 
Chiefe of his Ma"^^ Territory^ & Dominions of New= 

The humble Petition of James Stilson 
Most humbly Sheweth 

That yo"" Pet" wives Grand Father John Browne in the 
year of our Lord 1652 purchased of one Somerset an Indian 
Native a Small Island called and known by the name of 
Somersets Island Lying not far from New Harbour in Pem- 
aquid, and made some Improvement thereon, and after- 
wards oave the same unto Alexander Gold in marriage with 
his daughter who entred upon the same. Built a house there- 
upon, l)roke up and improved a considerable quantity of 
Land, and dwelt there for severall years, untill driven off 
by the Indians in the time of the late warr with the Indians 
An*^ 1676. and yo"" Pef marrying with one of the daughters 
& heires of s"* Gold, had the s^ Island transferred to him as 
his wives Portion, and had quiet Possession thereof, and 
disburs't upwards of Fourscore Pounds on his Setlement 
and Improvements there ; whereto he was the farther en- 
couraged, by a Certificate given him in the year 1681, by 
m"" Henry Jocelyn One of his Ma"''^ Justices of the Peace 
in Quorum, under his hand, therein declaring. That the s*^ 
Land and Island should not be disposed of to any other 
Pursuant to an Order and Coiuand unto him from yo"" Excel- 
lency, then Leivetenant Generall unto his Royal Highness 
of all his Territory's in America, Importing That no former 
Inhabitant should be dispossessed of his former Improvement 
& Possession Provided he Setle in convenient place for 
defence & Company for their own preservation which 3^0'' 
Pef doubteth not of, if he may obtain a Confirmation of his 
Right from yo"" Excellency, which will give encouragement 


to Two or three Family's more, who are willing to go 
thither and settle with him. ~ 

Wherefore he is humbly bold to Address yo' Excellency, 
that yo' Excellency wilbe pleased to grant him a Confirma- 
tion and Pattent for the s'^ Island and Lands thereon, upon 
the payment of such Quit Rent to his Majesty as yo"" Excel- 
lency shall thinke reasonable and which yo"" Pef may be 
inabled to yield, with the comfortable Support of his Fam- 
ily, and consideration of his great Expence already laid out 
and further disburstments must ])e made, in order to the 
well Planting and Safe Setling of the same to the advance- 
ment of his Majesties Territory's and Dominions ; wherein 
he most humbly Prays yo'" Exellency's Favour, and shall 
waite to know yo*" Excellency's Pleasure in this matter ; 
which hath occasioned his undertaking so great a Journy — 

And as in duty bound shall 
for ever Pray &'^'^ 
Boston : 14° April : 1687./. 

Petition of John Maine 1687. 
To his Excellency S' Edmond Andros K' Captaine Generall 
and Goveruour in Cheife of his Majcstyes Territory and 
Dominion ot New=England in America./ 
The Petition of John Maine of Casco Bay 
Humbly Sheweth 

that yo"" Petition"" about thirty yeares since purchased an 
house in Casco Bay, with sixty Acres of Land Adjoyneiug, 
Scittuate neare the Middle of Casco Bay ; on the Westerly 
side" of Westgostuggo River, at a Certaine place there, Coin- 
only Called and Knowne by the name of Maines Point : 
Also he tooke up about six Acres of Salt Marish : and hath 
Enjoyed the same (as it is Scittuate neare the head of the 
Eastermost Branch of Westgostuggo River) untill the Late 


warr with the Indians ; at which time two of his sones in 
Law were Staine : his Evidences for his houseing and Land 
were burnt ; and he with his wife and the rest of the famaly 
hardly Escaped with their Lives ; and some yeares after the 
Warr was ended he returned and ever since his returne, 
hath kept his possion of said Lands, and some that were 
strangers there, before the Warr : and have since settled 
there : have Laid out sundry Lotts on yo"" Petition''s upland 
have taken the s'' Marsh Land into their hand : and refuse 
yo'' Petition"" the Improvem* thereof 

Yo"" Poore Petition"^ therefore humbly pra3'es that yo"" Excel- 
lency will please to pass an order to Cap' Edward Tyng to 
see that he may be settled in his Just Right so shall he 
ever pray &c : 

John Maine 

By His Excellency 
The Within Peticon is Reffered to M"" Walter Gendall to 
Enquire & Exaine into y® Contents & fl'orthwith make Re- 
l)orte thereof to me accordingly. Dated att Boston y*^ 10''' 
day of June 1687 
By his Excell^ Command 
John West. D. Seciy 

June 10"^ 1687. 
Peticon of Jn° Maine About Land in Casco bay Reffred 
till the Goveruo'' See M"" Ting or Heare from him ab' y^ Same. 

Petition of John Swarton. 1687. 

To his Excellence The Honoured Governour of his Majes- 
ties Territories in New=england &c 

This to acquaint your Excellence that I John Swarton of 
y^ town of Beverly your poore suplicant ; having formerly 


served his Late Majestie King Charles y^ second of Blesed 
Meniorie in y^ wars in flanders under y* Comand of Colonell 
Marh)e & elswhere : & being now by Gods providence with 
my wife & Children ; brought in this place where I am des- 
titute of Land to setle upon for my & my families Comfort- 
able subsistance ; this Induced me to Look out & having 
lately taken A Journey to North Yarmouth in Cascoe bay I 
found favour in y® sight of M"" Kendall one of his Majesties 
Justices of y^ peace in so much y' he shewed me A certain 
ten Acre Lot Adjoining to y® Comon Lying westward of y^ 
Land of John Yorke ; & he told me y* there was an Addi- 
tion to be made therunto as others y' setle there have, & y' 
sd Lott is vacant & not yet appropriated by Any man ; & 
sd Cap* Kendall ; told me he was willing I should have it 
but y' I must first make my Adress unto your Excellence 
& procure an order concerning it & therfore y* humble peti- 
tion of your poor suppliant is that your excellence will be 
pleased to give me an order to sd Capt Kendall for y* Lay- 
ing of it out unto me ; And I am ready to defray such dues 
& duties as are nescecary in y* mater & soe remain your 
humble suplicant Atending your Excellencies pleasure herin 
Beverly June 16*^ 1687 

John Swarton 

Order. 1687. 

By his Excellency — 
Wind & weather permiting y" are forthwith to Saile with 
His Maj"''' Kecth Speedwell from this port to Casco bay & 
having deliuer'd y"" letters & p'visions sent to Cap* Walter 
Gendall y" are to make y*^ best of y'' way to Pemaquid & 
deliuer y' letters & p'visions to y** Coraander there & attend 
s*^ Comanders orders for His Maj*^ service, till dispached 
back w*^'' yu are to desire as soon as may be, vnles so im- 


ployed by him, & when despacthed make y^ best of y"" way 
back to this port accordingly. 

Boston the 23*" day of June 1687 . 

John Cook master 
of His Ma'^ Kecth y® Speedwell 

By his Excellency. . 
Soe Soone as Insigne Andros shall arriue yo are to deliver 
up the Garrison & Souldiers to be und*" his Command & 
haueing receiued a shore what Orders for yo' Garrison yo 
are to Repaire on board his Ma*^^^ Ketch Speedwell & with 
the Souldiers Sent in her & Such others as yo" shall think 
Necessary by the first Opportunity of wind & Weather to 
Saile for y" River ot Penobscott to view y" State & Condi- 
con of that River & what Christian Inhabitants are there — 
where if yo find any yo are to treate them with all Civillity 
& Direct them to apply to Pemyquid or this place — 

You are likewise to use yo'' Endeavour to See & speake 
with the Indians there pticulerly Medockowando The Cheife 
Sachem & Lett them Know You are Ord'"ed by me und"" his 
Ma"'^ to Visitt that parte of his Dominion & Enquire of their 
Welfare & giue to y® Sachem a Blankett, and an Anchor of 
Rhum to drink amongst them — 

In yo"" Returne from Penobscott yo" are to Call att y^ 
Island Mintimous & View y*^ State & Condicon of that 
place & the Inhal)itants there Encourageing them in their 
fiishery. And yo" are to Appoint & Sweaer a Constable 
for the Keeping ot y^ Peace & Good Ord" for one whole 
Yeare & Untill an other be Sworne in his Stead. And lett 
y** Inhabitants Know that on all Occasions they may Apply 
to Pemyquid or to me here — 

In the performance of this Voyage yo are to make as 
much Dispatch as possible & to returne to Pemyquid where 
yo are to take y*" Charge & Command of y® Garrison & 
Souldiers againe & Ensigne Andros with y" sd Ketch to 


Returne hither with all Speed vulesse any thing Extraordi- 
nary for y^ Kings Service in w'^'' Case yo may detcine y^ 
Ketch as occasion may requier. Given uud'' my hand att 
Boston y« 27'^ day of June 1687. 
To Ensigne Joshua Pipon 
Command'^ att Pemyquid 

Q-rant of Land to John Swarton. 1687. 

By his Excellency 
Whereas John Swarton hath by his peticon desired to have 
a parcell of Land Surveyd & la3'd out to him in y® Towne 
of Northyarmouth in Cascobay ffor his p''sent Settlem^ & 
Improv§ These are therefore to Authorize & Impower You 
to Survey & Lay out for y^ sd John Swarton y^ Quantity of 
50 acres ot Land in some Convenient place within y* sd 
Towne & thereof to make returne to y*' Secretarys Office 
That y^ same maj' be pattented to him accordingly. & for 
Soe doeing this shall be yo"" Warr' 

Given und"' my hand att Boston y" 29^'' day of June 1687 
To Cap^ Walter Gendall 
Justice of y^ Peace att 

A List of Military Commissions. 
Sent to the Prouince of Maine 
Imp'"s Saco 

Benjamin Blackman Cap' 
Pembleton tfelcher Lieutenant 
Edward Sargent Ensigne 

Black point 
Thomas Scotto Captain 
Richard Hannowell Lieut- 
Andrew Browne Ensigne 
upper part of Kittery 




















Thomas Abbott Ensio;ne to ) ^, ^ .. 

. ^ ^ July 87 

Capt Joseph liaminoiKl > 

Lower part of ditto 

William Scriven Ensigne to 

Capt" francis Hooke 


2^ July 87 

Henry Simson Ensigne to ^ ^^ ^ ^^ 

Capt'' Job Alcott ] 

Capt" Job Alcott 

John Whilerio-ht Ensigne 
to Captaine John Littlefeilcl 

2-^ July 87 

Petition of Elizabeth Rowdon 

To his Excelpy S"" Edmond Andros Kn* Cap' Gen" & 
Govern' in Cheife of New=England 

The humble Peticon of Eliz* formerly the 
wife of Rich'^ Hammons now the wife of John 
Humbly Sheweth 

That yo"" Peticon"^ in the late Indian warrs being possest of 
a Plentifull Estate in Mills & other things w*''' was much 
damnified Burnt & wasted by the Indians yo' Peticon''^ hus- 
band Slain w^'' her son & Servants and yo'' poore Peticon"" 
taken Captive Afterward Maj"" Walden was sent to the East- 
ward w*"^ Comition to redeem Captives, he Vtterly Destroyed 
the Remainder of yo"" Peticon'^'* Estate by Cutting of her 
Mills Spoyling her Smith-shop & Carrying away her Iron 
work &c 

The Premises Consider'd by your Excell"^ yo' Humble Peti- 
con' humbly Prayes yo' ExcelP^' Warr' to bring the sayd 
Maj' Walden before yo' Excell'^^ to answer her Complaint 
&c And yo"" Peticon' 

shall Ever Pray &c 
Eli : Rowdon 


Petition of Vines Ellacott. " Aug. 6, 1687.'" 

To his Excellency S"" Edmond Andros Knight Cap" 
Gen""" and Cheif Goveno'' of this his Ma** Territory 
and Dominion of New England &" 

The Humble Petion of Vines Ellacott 
Humbly Sheweth that wheareas yo"^ Petioner is now in the 
Actuall Possestion of an Island in Cascoe Bay Aintientley 
called Hogg Island & Since Coussens his Island, Containe- 
ing by Computation Seaven hundred Acers, which Said 
Island was possest by Cap" Richard Vines whome was yo"" 
Petioners Grandfather neare fifty years since, for which 
Island yo'' Petioner humbley desirs a Patten, & yo'" Petion' 
Shall Ever Pray 

Vine' Ellacott 

Mich'^ Seccombe's Petition. 1687. 
If it might please y"" Exelency to Grant me a patten for 
one hundred Eakers of land which I bott flSfty of it & the 
rest lyinge voaid & not Improued seuce the first Ingen warr 
by any one but my selfe the which land I haue layd out 
great Charges vpon in buldinge & fencinge & ame now in 
possesion of, as Cap' Dauies can declear the which land was 
confirmed to me by the Towne. 

It is Bounded on the south Eaist Syde by the sea, & one 
the north side by one John Smeath by a north west lyne 
roninge backe in to the woods, it is bounded one the south 
westren side by one James Ross by a north west lyne ron- 
inge backe in to the woods, till the hundred eakers of land 
is up, & Tenn Eakers in the fresh mash att the Eastren 
Eaind which be longe to the said farme. 
all which land lyinge in a place comonly caled by the name 
of the backe Coue in ff'almoth in Casco bay, for I romaine 
yo'' seruan' Rich. Seccombe 
ffalmoth in Casco 
the 11*^ of Agust 87 


By his Excel! . 
The Above peticon Reffered to M"" Edward Tyng one of 
y" Council! to Exaine & reporte if what desired may be 
granted accordingly. August 26*'' 1687 

E Andres 
By his ExceH* Comm^ 
John West D Secry 

In pursuant to your Excellencys Cofnand I haue Exam- 
ined the within written Petition, and I find that the peti- 
tion'' is in present possession and Improuement & knows of 
no Chiime (Except Philipe Lewis) the Eldest son of George 
Lewis who was possest of the aforementioned plantation 
before the Indian Warr, August the 30'^ 1687./ 

Edward Tyng 

David Phippen's Petition. 1687. 

To his Excellency S*" Edmund Andros Kn* Cap* Grail and 
Governour in Cheife of his Ma"''^ Territory and Dominion 
of New England./ 

The Humble Peticon of David 
Phipen of Salem in the County 
of Essex shipwright 
Humbly sheweth 

That by Vertue of a Deed of Gift Dated the ffifth day of 
August Instant from his father Joseph Phippen of Salem 
Deceased stands possessed of a Certaine Tract or parcell of 
Land scituate Lying and being att Caskoe Bay Containeing 
One Hundred Acres be it more or lesse, which said Land is 
part of a greater Tract yo"" Peticoners father purchased of 
George Cleeve some yeares Since Deceased, but then Liue- 
ing att Caskoe bay aforesaid./ 

Yo"^ Pet"^ Therefore most humbly prayes yo'' Excellency to 
be pleased to Ord"" that the said One Hundred Acres of Land 
may be Laid out & Surveyed ; and to grant him a Confir- 


macon or Pattent for the !?aine vnder such moderate Quilt 
Rent or Acknowledgment to his Ma"'' for the same as to yo"" 
Excellency shall seeme meete./ 

And yo"" Pet"^ as in duty 
bound shall ever pray &*= 
David phippen 

Petition of John Usher. " Aug. 15. 1687.'' 

To His Excellency S' Edmund Andros K"* Captain 
Generall & Governour in Cheife of his Majestys Ter- 
ritory & Dominion of New England 

The Petition of John Usher./ 
Humbly Sheweth 

That there being an Island Lying Scituate in the Mouth 
or Entrance of Casco Bay, within the Province of Main, 
comonly called Long Island, which hitherto hath Layne 
without Improvement, & as yo"" Pef is Informed, nott be- 
fore granted to any other person, or Persons, The Settle- 
ment and Improvement, whereof may be a convenience and 
generall Benefit and accomodation to the adjacent places & 
Planta*'""^ as well as of particuler advantage to yo"" Pef if 
his undertakeing & Setting thereabout meet with success 
Yo"" Pef therefore humbly Prayeth yo"" Excellency's Favour 
in granting him the s** Island, And that yo"' Exc^ will be 
pleased to Order a Survey to be made of the Contents and 
Quantity of Land u})on the said Island, and thereupon to 
grant a Pattent and Confirmation of the Same unto yo"" Pef 
and his heires To be holdeu of his Majesty, upon such ac- 
knowledgm* and Quitt Rent therefore to be paid as yo"" Exce'' 
shall thinke meet & reasonable, which yo"^ Pef shall Like- 
wise farther acknowledge with all humble and hearty Thank- 
fulness, unto yo"" Exc'' 

And as in duty bound 
for ever pray ttc" 


Indorsed : 

August 15"^ 1687 

Peticon ot Jn° Usher 

for A grant for Long 

Island in Casko bay 

To his Excellence S"" Edmund Androsse Kn* Cap* 
Generall & Governour in Cheife und'" his most Sacred 
Matye in & Over y" Territory and Dominion of 
New England./ 

The humble peticon of Joshua 
Scottow Esq : 

That Whereas yr peticon"" about seaven & twenty yeares 
Since Did purchase of Abraham Josseline late of Scarbo- 
rough ats Black Point in y" Prouince of Maine a Certaine 
parcell of Vpland & Marsh conteining about two hundred 
acres more or lesse scituate lyeing and being in the said 
towne of Scarrborough ats black point for Which Yo"" peti- 
tioner is desirous to obteine a Pattent or Confirmacon That 
soe he may hold the same und"" his most Sacred Matye yeld- 
ing & paying a reasonable Quitt rent To Which End 
May it please yo"" Excellence To grant unto yo"" petitioner 
Yo"" Excellencyes Warrant Directing the surveyor To lay 
out & survey' y'' same in Ord' to yo' petitioner's obteining 
such pattent as aboue & yo"" petitioner shall Euer pray &c./ 

Josh : Scottow 
Indorsed : 
August 18"^ 1687 
Peticon of Joshua Scottow 
for Confirmacon of 
Land att Blackpoint./ 


Ames Andros's Commission. 1687 
S"" Ednuind Andross Kn* Cap' Gencrall & Gov'' in Clieife of 
his Ma""* Tcrritoiy & Dominion of New England 
To Ensigne Ames Andros Greeteing 
I Doe hereby Constitute Authorize & appoint yo" to be 
Command"' of y"" Garrisson & Soulers att Pemyquid in y*" 
County of Cornwall & of y" Millitia in y*" sd County. 
Yo" are therefore Carefully & Dilligently to pforme & Exe- 
cute y® Duty of a Command' by Ord'^ing & Exerciseing y® 
sd Millitia in Armes both Oficers & Souldiers Keeping them 
in good Ord"" & Disciplyne who arc to Obey you as their 
Command'' & yo'' selfe to Obserue & follow Such Ord''s & 
direccons as yo" shall from time to time receiue from me 
according to y'' rules & disciplyne of Warr pursuant to y'' 
Trust in yo" reposed. Given und"" my hand & Scale at Bos- 
ton y'^ 27"' day of August in y'' 3'' yeare of his Ma""^^ Reigne 
Annoq, Dni 1687. — 

Suhal Dummers Petition. 1687. 

To his Excellency S"" Edmond Andros Kn^ Capt'' 
Generall and Goueruour in Cheif of his Majesties 
Territory and Dominion of New England &''''' 

The Humble petition of Suball 
Diimer INIinister att Yorkc in the 
prouince of Maine 

That your Petition'" the 18*'' of Noucmbcr 1678 did for a 
valuable Consideration purchasse of John Wisdcn of Yorkc 
aforesaid who was Administrator of the Estate of Joseph 
Alcocks late of Kittery Deceased the One half or Moyetie 
of the Neck of Land Connnonly knownc b}' the Name of 
Alcocks Neck Eyeing in Yorkc aforesaid neerc the Riuers 
Doc. Vol. vi. 18 

274 documj:ntaky history 

Mouth as also a parcell of Meadow about four Acres on the 
Western branch of York Riuer Knowne by the Name of 
Alcocks Marsh, and the Same hath Euer Since peaceably 
and Quietly Enjoyed./ 

Your Petition'' therefore humbly prayes your Excellency to 
Grant him his Ma"*^* Gracious Confirmation for the same 
under such Moderate Quitt Rent or Acknowledgement as to 
your Excellency shall Seeme Meete 

And yo'" FeV shall Euer 

Jer : Dunier 
g ord' of y® above 
s** S Dumr 

By his Excellency 

The aboue Peticou Reifered to Cap'' Uooke Justice of y'' 
Peace & Majo"" Charles ffrost Sherrifte to Exaine & reporte 
if as aboue alleadgcd & may be granted accordingly 
Dated the 27"' Aug^ 1687 
By his ExceH' Command E Andros 

John West. D. Seciy 

Petition of Elizabeth Clarke ^ Ann Grraves. 1687. 

To his Excellency S' Edmond Andros K"* Captain 
Gcnerall and Governo'' in Chiefe of his Majesties 
Territory & Dominion of New England 

The humble Petition of Elizabeth Clarke and 
Ann Graves the Co= heires of Michael Millen 
sometime of Casco Bay deced 
Humbly Sheweth./. 

Whereas yo'' Pef' s'^ Father in Ann" 1637 was pos- 
sessed of a certfiin Island formerly called Pond Island, after- 
wards called and known by the name of Michael Island 


Lying in Casco Bay afores'^ of the Quantity of One hundred 
acres of Land or upwards, by virtue of a Grant or Lease of 
the same from George Cleave Agent for S"" Ferdinando 
Gorges Knight for and under a yearly Rent therefore to be 
p''. And afterwards in Ann" 1642 confirmed unto him his 
heires & assignes for ever by Thomas Gorges Esq"" which 
yo"" Pef^ s'' Father occupy ed and improved, and dyed Seized 
thereof; But is now possessed and occupyed by one John 
Palmer. — 

Yo'' Pef^ therefore humbly Pray yo' Excellency wilbe pleased 
to direct & Order that the said John Palmer may be called 
to shew forth by what Title he holds or claims the s'' Island 
and if he be unable to produce any Legall convayance or 
assijrnement thereof from the said Michael Mitten, That 
yo*" Pef' may be restored to their Inheritance, and have the 
same confirmed unto them by Patent from yo'' Exc*" upon 
such moderate Quitrent or acknowledgem* as yo'' Exc® shall 
thinke fit. — 

And yo"^ Pef^ as in duty bound 
shall ever pray &c^ 
Edward Tyng 
In behalfe and p order of the 
above named Petition""" 
Boston 2°"^^ Sept' 1687. 

Petition of John Alcock. 1687. 
To his Excellency S' Edmond Andros K"' Captain 
Generall and Govcrnour in Chiefe of his Majesties 
Territory and Dominion of New=England 

The Petition of John Alcock of Kittery 
Humbly Sheweth 

Whereas yo' Pet" Grand fiather John Alcock of Kittery 
some considerable time since dyed Seised of a Tract or 


purcel of Land lying in the Township of Yorke within the 
Province of Mayne, and being- suddenly surprised with 
Death had not opportunity to make his will and Settle his 
Estate, though many times upon severall occasions had ex- 
pressed his intention & purpose to bestow the same upon 
yo"" Pef who am his next and right heire at comon Law 
being the first born of his Eldest son Joseph Alcock like- 
wise deceased, and was educated and brought up by his 
said Grand ifather untill he was put forth to Service and 
apprehendeth that the s^' Estate cometh unto him by De- 
scent, his Grand fiather not haveing alienated or otherwise 
disposed of the same : But so it is that m"" Shubal Dumer of 
Yorke doth at present hold & occupy the Quantity of one 
hundred acres or thereabouts upland & meadow belonging 
to the Estate of yo'' Pef" Grand Father and whereof he 
dyed possessed, and yo"" Pef is kept out and witheld from 
his right and Inheritance — 

He therefore humbly Prayes that he may obtein yo'' Excel- 
lency's Favour to grant him a Patent for Confirmation of 
the s*^ Lands unto him & his heires To be holden of his 
Majesty upon payment of such moderate Quit Rent or 
acknowledgem* as yo*' Exc'' shall thinke fit ; Or if that may 
not be at present obteined That it would please yo"" Exc*^ if 
m"" Dumer or any other should make their application for a 
Confirmation to him. To suspend and defer the granting 
thereof untill such time as yo'" Pef may have opportunity 
to be heard, and assert his right unto the said Lands 

And yo"" Pef" as in duty bound 
shall for ever pray &c'' 
21"> Sepf 1687. 


Petition of Bridget Phillips Sj- Sam'' Phillips 1687. 
To his Excellency S'' Ednioiid Andros K"* Captain 
Genenill and Governour in Chiefe of his Majesties 
Territory and Dominion of Now England 
The Petition of Bridgctt Phillips widow and Saninol 
Phillips Son and heire of Major William Phillips lido 
of Saco deceased 
Humbly Sheweth. 

Whereas m'" George Turfroy hath Entred upon yo"" Pet" 
possession & Inheritance Lying in Saco afores'^ and as yo*" 
Pet" are informed is about Erecting of a Tenement upon 
part of their Land and exposed other thereof to sale upon 
what pretention or Claim they know not, and giveth inter- 
ruption unto their Tenants. Understanding that by himself 
or some others he hath made application unto yo"" Ex^^^ 
whither for a Grant of some part of said Land or otherwise 
referring thereto they are not informed, Being unwilling 
the sd Turfroy should invade their property, and th(!y neg- 
lect to assert their Right for so long time past held by 
Grant or Patent from the Councill for the AfFayres of New 
England in America under their Comon Scale. Dated 
yeoven the Twelvth day of February Ann" 1629. upon 
which they have made considerable disburstm** 
Yo"" Pet" humbly pray yo'" Ex'^-^' Favour, That there may be 
a Suspention of any Grant or Encouragement to be given 
unto the s'' Turfroy for any Setlement there, untill yo"" Pet" 
be notified of any motion or Petition he shall make or pre- 
sent in iihat behalfe and haue opportunity to Offer and Lay 
before yo"" Ex^'y what Deeds and Evidences they have to 
make out their Title thereunto 

And yo"" Pet" as in duty bound shall for ever pray &c" 
Boston <j° Octob'" 1687 Bridgitt phillips 

Samuel Phillips 


To his Excellency S*" Edmund Andros Kn*- Cap^ Gen" and 
Govern'' in Cheife of this his Ma'''^' Territory and Dominion 
of New England. 

The humble Petition of Sarah Jorden widow 

and John Hincks 
Humbly Sheweth 

That yo'' Peticoner Sarah Jorden's former p''decessors were 
the first possessors of a certaine Farme Track or neck of 
Land scituate lying and being in the Province of Maine 
about six miles from the Water side commonly called or 
knowne by the Name of Jordens or Nonsuch Farme and 
have ever since quietly Injoyed the same on the w*''' in the 
life time of her Husband sev" improvem** were made thereon 
and that since his decease yo"" peticoner John Hincks for a 
valuable Consideracon is become intituled to one Moyety of 
the same w'='' cannot be equally devided and being desirous 
joyntly to improve the same. 

They therefor most humbly pray that yo*" Excellency will 
be pleas'd for the Confirmacon of .their said Title and thier 
further incouragem* to improve the same to Grant unto yo'' 
Peticoners his Ma'^''^^ Pattent under such moderate Acknowl- 
edgm* to his Ma''*" as to yo'' Excellency shall seem meet 

And yo"" Peticoners shall pray &c 
John Hinckes 

Warrant for Survey of Walter Barefoofs Land. 1687 

S'' Edmund Andros Kn' Cap' Generall & Governo'' in Cheife 
of his Ma*'"^' Territory & Dominion of New England 

To Rich'' Clements Deputy Surveyo"" Whereas Walter 
Barefoot Esq'" hath by his Peticon Sett forth that for Sev- 
erall yeares past he hath been possessed of a parcel 1 of 
Upland &, Swamp in Kittcry in the Province of Maine att a 
place there called Spruce Creeke Conteineing two hundred 


& sixteen acres. Alsoc another parcell of Land adjoyneing 
in Length upon y® Both conteineing five hundred acres Also 
another parcell of Land att a place called the Mill Creek 
or point conteineini»: al)out one Thousand acres And alsoe 
one other parcell of land lyeing by y'' Harbours mouth on 
y^ East side of Piscattaqua River Conteineing fine hundred 
acres upon w'^'' he hath made Considerable Settlem*^ & Im- 
prouem*" & praying to haue Confirmacon for y" same und' 
his Ma*'** These are therefore to Authorize & Require yo'' 
to make a Survey & Draft of y*" s'^ Severall parcells & Quan- 
tityes of Land &, the Same to Returne to y*^ Surveyors 
Office at Boston That Ord" may be giuen therein for Accom- 
odating of y*^ petion*' as Desired. And for soe doeing this 
shall be your Warrant. Giuen und"^ my hand & Scale att 
Boston the G"^ day of Octol)er 1687. 

John Browne s Petition 1687. 

To his Excell"^' S"" Edmvnd Andros Kn" Cap' Generall 
and Gouernou'' in Chife in and oner his Maj"''^ Territorie & 
Dominion of New England- 
fiallmouth prounce 
of maine O'"" 6'" 

The petetion of John Browne senio'' of 
the Towne of ffallmouth in the prouince of 

Humble sheweth 
That whare as yo"" petetiono"" is possesed & in Acttuell im- 
p'^me' of sartaino Lands & Tenimcnts for a])ought this seuen 
or 8 years part hauing bin purchosed with his mony & soom 
parte haue bin Granted vnto yo"" petetino"" by the Towne 
viz. sixty Acors wharcon hcc now Liueth att Backc Coue 
nere the Claim es of one Marten which Land hee purchesed 


of Nath Wallis it hath Bin iniproofdc nere 50 years Improouc- 
ments is Two Dwelling howses ought howses & Grate parte 
of the Land fensed & Intilleg 2'^ 250 Acors by a Towne 
Grante for an Addetion nere the Grate marsh, the Iniproue- 
ments is howssing & fenseing & Clereing praying a gninte 
for about 5 Acors of marsh in the Grate marsh adjoying 
to said ffarem of the aboue 250 acres : 3'^ a howse Loot : 
Neere the forte of aboute ^ an Acre whare on staudes a 
Good faire howse & a tfaimley Leuing in it yo"" petiteno"" 
prayeth : an addition of 3 Acres may be Granted for accom- 
adation to said howse vpon the Necke neere the forte yo"" 
petetino'' haue bin at Grate Charges vpon the sevrell Im- 
proufments aboue humbly prayeth : yo' Excell^* Confirma- 
tion for the same that yo"" warrent may be Granted to yo"^ 
servayer to servoy the said seurell Loots & Teniments that 
Returens may bee made in order that a pattent may bee 
Confirmed to yo"" petetino"" vpon such Essey quite Rente as 
yo'' Excel!" shall see meete & yo'' petetino"" as Bound in 
Duty shall ever pray : 

John/ -/—-/Browne seno*" 

his singe 

John Hinks' Land. 1687. 

By Vertue of A Warrant from his Excellency S"" 
Edmond Andros knight Captaine Generall and Gov- 
ern'' in Cheife of his Majes*' teritory and Dominion 
of New England baring Date the 6'*' Day of Octob"^ 
1687 — 
Haue Survaied and Layd out for John Hincks Esq"" A Cer- 
taine tract of Land being Siteuat and Lieng upon Nonsuch 
Riuer within the bounds of Scarbrough in the prouince of 
Maine being part of A neck of Land Knowne by the name of 
Nonesuch beginiug at A Certaine stake placed by the River 


side find from thence Rain^inof north north west two dejjrees 
and thirty niinits northerly one hundred seuenty Eiirht 
Chaines to an Ehnc tree which standeth by non such Riner 
side and is Marked on both sides with tbure notches and from 
thence by the Riuer as it Runs to A Certaine poynt in tiie 
Riuer Called Beauer Knucld and from thence South and by 
East five Degrees and A half southerly one hundred sixtie 
two Chaines to y" Riuer side wheare is A stake placed and 
from thence by the Riuer as it Runs to the place where lirst 
began and is bounded on the west with Vacant Land on y*' 
East with the same and on the north with non such liiuer 
one the south with the same all conteyned within said 
bounds is one thousand two hundred Eighty tiue Ackers 
there being seuent}'^ of it Marsh out of which is tenn Akers 
Excepted for Richard Hunniwell. 

Suruaied according to the Magnett p mee 

Examined g Phillip Welles Surii) 

R. Sacomhe's Land to he laid out. 16S7. 

S"" Edmund Andros Kn* Cap* Generall & Governo"' in 
Cheife of his Ma"'^' Territory & Dominion of New England 
To M*" Rich'' Clements Deputy Surveyo'' 
Whereas Rich'' Sacombe hath by his Peticon set forth That 
he is possessed of a certaine parcell of Land or fTarme lye- 
ing in y® back Coue in ll'alinouth in Casko l)ay containcing 
one hundred acres of upland iSi tenn acres of Marsh where 
he hath been att Create Charge in buildings fi'enceings & 
Improvem' y" same being between y*^ Land of John Smeath 
& y*^ Land of James Rosse praying the same may be Granted 
& Confiruied to him und"" his Ma"" These are therefore to 
Authorize & Require yo" to Survey & Lay out for y'' sd 
Rich'' Sacombe y" sd hundred acres of Land & Tenn acres 
of Marsh in y*^ ffresh Marsh att y" Easterue End belonging 


to y'' stl ffiirme & to make a Draft thereof & Returne y'^ 
Same to y'' Surveyo''.s Office att Boston That a Confirmacon 
may be Granted thereupon to y'^ Peticon*" as desired & for 
soe doeing this shall be yo"" Warr' Giuen und my hand & 
seale att Boston the 6*" day of October 1687. 

R. Lawrence' 8 Land to he Laid out. 1687. 
S»- Edmund Andros Kn' Cap' Generall & Gov^ in Cheife 
of his Ma*'*^' Territory & Dominion of New England To M'' 
Rich'' elements Depty Surveyo'" Whereas Rob* Lawrence of 
(Falmouth in Casco l)ay hath by his peticon Sett forth That 
for Severall yeares past he hath been possessed of a certaine 
Tract of Land & Marsh lyeing att Sapissick on y" Northerne 
Side of the River to Extend to y'' River Side of Ameriscon- 
gen whereon he now lines & hath made Considerable Set- 
tlcm* & Improvem' praying to haue Confirmacon for y" Same 
und"^ his Ma"*" (Excepting thereout a parcell of Land ab* a 
Mile Square whereon Cap* Silvanus Davis hath built a Saw 
Mill) These are therefore to Authorize & Require yo" to 
make a Survey & Draft of y^ sd Tract of Land & Marsh 

before Excepted) And y^ Same to Returne [to the] 
Surveyors Office at Boston That fvrther Ord^s may be giuen 
therein for accomodating of y*" Peticon'" & for soe doeing 
this shall be yo"" Warr* Giuen und"" my hand & Seale att 
Boston y« ()'" day of October 1687. 

Warrant to Survey land of Sarah Jordan ^ John 
Hlncks. 1687 

S"^ Edmund Andros Kn* Cap* Generall & Governo'' in Cheife 
of his Ma*'''" Territory & Dominion of New England 

To M'' Rich'' Clement Depty Surveyo-" 
Whereas Sarah Jordon widdow & John Hincks haue by 
their peticon Sett forth That y'' P''decessors of y*^ sd Sarah 


Jorden were y'' first possessors of a certiiine farme or Neck 
of Land lyin<2: ab* () miles from y*" Water side in y" Province 
of Maine commonly Called & Knowne by y*' name of Jor- 
dons or Nonsuch ffarme, on w"'* in y" lifetime of her Hus- 
band severall Improvem*^ were made & that since his Decease 
y*^ sd Jn" Hincks for a Valuable Consideracon is become 
Intituled to one Moyety of y*' same which they desire 
Joyntly to Improue Praying y*^ same may be Confirmed to 
them by Pattent und'" his Ma*'^ 

These are therefoi'e to Authorize & Require you to 
make a Survey & Draft of ye sd flarme or Neck of Land & 
y*" Same to Returne to y" Survcyo's Office att Boston that 
Ord" may be giuen therein for accomodateing of y*" peti- 
tion's. And for soe doeing this shall be yo"" ^^'arrant Giiicii 
und'" my hand & Scale att Boston y'" Sixth day of October 

Warrant to Survey land of Edward Tyng. 1G87. 

S"" Edmund Andros Kn' Cap' Generall & Gov'^no'" in Cheife 
of His Mat'^** Territory & Dominion of N England 

To M*" Richard Clements Deputy Surveyo"" 
Whereas Edward Tyng Esq'' hath by his Peticon Sett torth 
That in his owne right & by Severall Grants from Diverse 
persons & from y" Towne ot fiahnoulh he is possessed of a 
Messuage or Tenem' & halfe an acre of Land lying neare 
flfort Loyall, as alsoe three acres of upland belonging to y*' 
sd Tenem' & alsoc another house &, barne with forty two 
acres of upland. & One hundred acres of Land lyeing be- 
tween y'' Land of Thaddeus Clarke & Ralph Turner & four 
acres of Marsh adjoyning to y^ sd Land being devided from 
y'^ Marsh of y*^ sd Thaddeus Clarke by a certaine Creeke 
called back Creeke & alsoe one halfe of Barbary Creeke 
Marsh y" whole Containeing Eight acres next adjoyning to 



y® Land of Peter Bodwin all in y" Province of Maine pray- 
ing That y** Same may be granted & Confirmed to him 
These are therefore to Authorize & Require yo" to Survey 
& lay out for y*" s(I Edward Tyng The sd Severall Peeces & 
parcells of Land Meadow & p'mises & to make Platts or 
drafts thereof & The same forthwith to Returne into y^ 
Surveyors Office att Boston. That a Pattent may be granted 
to y'^ sd Edward Tyng accordingly & for soe doeing this 
shall be yo"" Warrant Giuen und"" my hand & Scale att Bos- 
ton y-' 6*" 1687 

Survey of Joshua Scottow'^s Land. 1687. 

S' Edmund Andros Kn* Cap* Generall & Governo"" in Cheife 
of His Ma''''' Territory & Dominion of New England To 
M"" Rich'' Clements Deputy Surveyo*" Whereas Joshua Scot- 
tow Escf hath l)y his Petition Sett forth That ab' 27 yeares 
since he did purchase of Abraham Josseline a parcell of 
upland & Marsh conteineing ab' 200 acres lying in y'' Towne 
of Scarborough ats Black point praying to haue a Confirma- 
con fory*^ same und"" his Ma"** These are therefore to Author- 
ize & Require yo" to Survey & Lay out y^ sd parcell & 
quantity of Upland & Marsh & to make a platt or draft 
thereof & y'' same to returne to y^ Surveyo''s Office att Bos- 
ton That a Confirmacon may be thereupon granted to y*^ 
peticon"" accordingly & for soe doeing this shall be yo"" Warr* 
Giuen und'' my hand & Scale att Boston y*^ 8'*' day of Octo- 
ber 1(587 

Survey of David Phippen^s Land. 1687. 

S"" Ednumd Andros Kn' Cap' Generall & Gov"" in Cheife 
of His Ma"*^^ Territory & Dominion of New England To M"" 


Richard Clements Deputy Surveyor Whereas David Phip- 
pen of Salem in y" County of Essex Shipwright hatii by his 
Peticon Sett forth That his father Joseph Phippen Sen"" ab' 
37 yeares since purchased of George Cieve a parcel 1 of 
Land in Casco bay conteineing one hundred acres the w'^"' 
by hiraselfe & Children was quietly possessed & buildings 
& other Improveni''* made thereon untill disturbed & de- 
stroyed by y* late Indian Warr And that y'' 5"' day of 
August last past his sd flather did by deed give & grant y"^ 
sanie to y*^ Peticon"" & Praying Confirniacon for y^ same und"" 
his Ma"*^ These are therefore To Authorize & Require yo" 
to Survey & lay out for y*" sd David Phippen y*' sd One 
hundred acres of Land & to make a platt or Draft thereof 
& y® Same to Returne to y*" Surveyors Office att Boston 
That a Confirmacon may be thereupon granted to y'' peticon' 
as desired & for soe Doeing this shall be yo"" AVarr' 
Giuen und"" my hand & Scale att Boston y'' 8"' day of Octo- 
ber 1687 

Survey of Pierre Baudouins Land. 1687. 

S' Edmund Andros Kn' Cap' Gencrall & Governo"^ in Cheife 
of his Ma"*^' Territory & Dominion of New England To 
M'' Richard Clements Depty Surveyor 

Whereas Pierre Baredouin hath by his Peticon Desired 
a Grant of one hundred acres of Vacant Land in Cascoe buy 
for his p^'scnt Settlem' & Improuem' These are therefore to 
Authorize & Require yo" to Survey & lay out for y*^ sd 
Pierre Baudouin y*^ sd Quantity of one hundred acres of 
vacant Land in Casco bay aforesd in such place there as 
yo" shall be directed by Edward Ting Esq"" one of his Ma""" 
Councill & To make a platt or draft Thereof & Returne y'' 
Same into y" Surveyors Office att Boston That a patten t 


m;iy be granted to hiiu accordingly. And for soe doeing 
this shall be yo"" Warrant 

Cxiuen iind"" my hand & Scale att Boston The 8"' day of 
Octol/ 1687. 

Survey of Tho^ Shippard's Land. 1687. 

S"" Edmund Andros Kn^ Cap* Generall & Governo'' in Cheife 
ot his Ma"''* Territory & Dominion of New England To 
M"" Rich'' Clements Depty Surveyo' — 

Whereas Thomas Shippard Gentl hath by his Peticofil 
prayed a Grant & Confirmacon for seven acres of Land att 
Saco River in y'^ Province of Maine which he hath lately 
purchased & one hundred acres more of upland lying be- 
tween little River & Goose IFarme adjoyning to y" sd land. 
These are Therefore to Authorize & Require yo" to Survey 
& lay out for y'' sd Thomas Shippard y*' sd Seven acres & 
one hundred acres of Vpland & meadow proportionable if 
vacant there & to make a platt or draft thereof & returne 
y*' same into y** Surveyo''s Office att Boston That a Grant 
may be giuen to y^ Peticon" accordingly. 
Given und'' my hand & Scale att Boston y*' 13"' of October 

Letter from John Payne. 1687 

Octol/ 19"^ 1687 

Hon"' S"" haueiug this opertunity Makes bold to Informe y* 
yo"" mony for my pattent haue been Ready Ever since Spring 
and shall Readyly attend yo"" ord"" with the payni* thareof on 
the Receipt of my bill w'^'' I desire may be done w"" Expe- 
dition being vnwilling to Lye in dept when haue wherew"' 
to pay : And whereas my pattent Exspresses twenty Acrs 
of Meadow And for y'= W^" I am obliged to pay Quit Rent, 


As yet it is Not Laid out Nor I perceiue Canot w^'out an 
ord'' and w"'a,ll a small poose of Land Cald the deep Swoiiip 
\v°'' formerly belonged to My sd farme & Nere ajoyning 
Containing 8 or 10 Acrs, w""'' togather w"' the meadow men- 
tioned in my pattent I huml)ly desire yo'' fav"" for the pcure- 
ing of an ord"" for the Survaying it to mee And y' it may 
be Confirmed accordingly : for y'^ w'''' I shall Look on my 
selfe highly obliged: And w"' all readyncss sattisfye all 
charges And Remayne S'' Yo' Humble Serv'/ 

Jn" Payne 
S' pray fav"" me Soe farr as to put mee into a way and assist 
g advice &c w'" most proper to be done by mee. 

H. Amory ^ Sam. Leache to Geo. Turfrcy 1681 
Know all men by these presents That Wc Henry Amory 
& Samuel Leache both of Bideford in the Countie of Devon 
and kingdome of England merch'^ haue nominated, consti- 
tuted ordained appointed and in our place & stead, put Our 
trusty and wellbeloued friend George Turfrcy of Boston in 
New England to be our true and lawfull Attorney, to aske, 
demand, levy, recover and recciue of and from all ;ind 
euery person or persons all and every such sum and summs 
of money, Quantetyes of goods, parcells of land, and Chat- 
tels of what kinde soeuer in New England wdiich formerly 
were or now are become due to us as heires at law to the 
lands of Abraham Heiman late of Bideford aforesaid merch' 
dec'' Giving & hereby granting unto our s'' Attourncy full 
power & lawfull Authority in Our Names, for us and to our 
use, to arrest implead imprison and condeume, all and every 
such person or persons, and on satisfaction made, him or 
them to release and discharge, and whatsoeuer oui' s'' At- 
tourney shall doe in any or either of y'^ p''emiscs, according 
to law. Wee will ratifie allow & coufirme, as amply and fully 


as wee our selues could doe, were wee there in person pres 
ent. In witness whereof Wee haue hereunto sett our hands 
& scales, this twenty sixth day of July an° Dni 1681 

Signed sealed & deliver'd 
in gsence of us 
Eusebius Easterbrook 
Arthur Easterbrook 
John Smyth 

Octob 26"' 1687 

Henry Amory (L S.) 
Sam. Leache (L S. ) 

Then appeared before me Eusebius Easterbrook and Arthur 
Easterbrook and made Oath that they did see the aboue- 
nanied Henry Amory and Sam. Leache, Sii^ne, seal and 
deliver the aboues*^ Lre of attorney, and deliver the same 
as their act and deed, and they subscribed their names as 
witness thereto, and saw John Smyth Controler of the Cus- 
tome house at Bideford put his name as a witness thereto. 

Barth" Gedney 
of the Councell 

flallmouth Octob'" 
28'" 1687 

To His Exelency S"" Edmond Andros Knight Captt 
Jenerall & Goueno"" in Cheefe ouer This his majestes 
Teritorys & Dominions in New-england 
The pctetion of Richard'powssle}'' of Ifallmouth in the prov- 
ince of Maine Humble showeth 

That whare as m"" Georg Cleefes Did by a Deede Convey 
vnto his Grand sonn Nathaniell Mitten a tract of Land to 
quantety of one hundred Acors of Land & Massh yo'' pete- 
tino"" bought of the said Natha Mitten & hath bin in thee 
posetion & Improufement this thirtene or ffortene eyers by 
Bwilding fensing & planting I Humbley Showess to yo'' 
Exelency as all soe Twenty Acors of Land Adjoyning to 
s*^ fifty Acors Granted to yo'' petetinor by the select men of 


the Towne of ffallmouth all which Lands hath bin Laid 
ought by the ttbrmer survoyers yo'' petetinor Crates yo"" Ex- 
elencys Conformation ot the s'' Tractes of Land l)y pattant 
& that it may be Laid ought According to the bounds all 
Red}' settled vpon s'' Land be the Acors more or Less 

& yo"" petetino"" 
shall ever pray 

Richard powssley 

I presume to Inforem yo"" Exelency vpon the petetino'"s 
desire that I know Noe Claime to the within menshoned 
Land & mash, only m*" Georg Brimhall whoe Claimes it by 
vertu of A Deede from the same m"" George Cleefes being 
Dated abought two eyers After the petetino''s but Recorded 

Edward Tyng 

Petition of Richard Secconibe. 1687. 

To S"" Edmond.Andros Knight Cap" Generall & 
Gouerno'' in Chefe of his Majestes Teritoris & Do- 
minions in New England 
Nouemly 5*'^ 1687 

The petition of Richard Sacom of ffallmouth in 
Casco Bay 

Hunil)ley showctli- 
That whare as yo' petitino'' is posed of a howse Loot nere 
the forte of a bought halfe an Acor & all soe abought sixe 
Acors of Land vpon the Neke nere forte Loyall whare on 
yo'' petitino'' haue bin at Grate Charge in Bwilding a faire 
howse & all soe fensing & Braking vp tlie said Loots yo'' 
petitino"" Humbley prayeth that thare may bee a warent 
Granted by yo"" exelency to survoyer to Lay ought the said 
two Loots according to the Ijownds the Tow iie iiaui" Laid it 
ought That soe yo'' petitino' may haue a Confoiination of 

Doc. Vol. vi. 19 


the same from yo"" Exelency & all soe that it may bee Added 
in the pattent that yo"" Exelency shall Grante yo'' petitino'' 
for other ought Lands that the survoyer haue had a warrant 
to Lay ought all Redy'& yo'" petitino"" shall 

ever pray 
Rich. Seccombe 

Petition of Inha¥^ of Scarborough. 1687. 

To His Exelence S"" Edmond Andross : Knighte Cap" Jen- 
erall & Gouerno"^ in Chefe of his Mejestes Teritores 
& Dominions in New england in America- 
Scarborough prouunce \ 
of Maine Novemb'" 9*'^ I 

1387 j The pettittion of Sundery of the 

Inhabitance of placke pwiute 
Alious Scarborough in the pro- 
uince of Maine humble showeth 
That whare as yo"" poore pettittions Being Drouen from ou'' 
posetions by the Late Indian warrs & sense it hath plessed 
God throw the Grate Care & Industery of yo*^ Exelancy 
vee haue had In Corrigment to Returen & haue made a 
new Improufements & now Are in Acttvell pesesion & 
Improufements & haue bine ever sense the Indian vs^arrs : 
soom of vs haue Large ff.imileys & many poore Children 
& Are Like to bee Kept poore By Rason of seurell p''sons 
that Layes Clames to all the Lands or the Gratest parte of 
Both Land & medows in ou"" Towne that thare by wee haue 
not Land nor medow prouid Coren & to Raise a stocke of 
Cottell to mainetane ou' poore tfamileys all Though here are 
seurell hundred Acors of Meddow that was never made vse 
of nor Neuer Are Like to bee by the Claimes of it yo"" peti- 
tetinors settled soe Nere to Geather thatt wee Can Cale to 
one anothers howses & wee haue not aboue sixe or Aight 
Acors of Land Apese to worke vpon & noe meddow all 


though here is suffitiant for the setthiient of many of his 
Mejstes subjects more then are all Redy settled wee yo"" 
poore petitio''s Doe hiimbley pray that yo"" exelence woold 
Grante vs abought fifty or sixty Acors of vpland nere Ad- 
joyning to ou'' howse Loots & abought ten Acors of meddow 
each of vs & that yo'' excelence woold bee plesed to Graute a 
warrante to yo'' survoyer to Lay it ought & that wee may 
haue Confermation vnder yo'' exelenceys hand & sele or as 
yo"" Excelence shall see ineete wee Leaue ou'' poore Case 
with yo"" exelence — Baging yo"" ffauo"' : & as it is ou"" Bown- 
den Duty wee shall eyer piay : 

Robert 1^ Tidey 

his ' ^ singe 
Thomas ^^^.^^^^ Bickford 
his singe 

Henry C Libbey 

his singe 
Dauid z-^^^"": Libbey 

his Singe 

Matthew ^y^^ Libbey 
his .singe 

Danieil Ss^ Lebbey 
his singe 

John , p Lebbey 

his singe 

Thomas <^ Lethebe 
his .singe 

Thomas (^qA baker 
his mark 


his mark 

Anthune row 

Moses Durant 


Henry Watts to Andreiu Browne 1687. 

Bee it Knowne unto all men by these presents that I Henry 
Watts of Scarbroug in the province of Maine yeoman my 
heirs Exectors Administrators and Assignes doe Assigne 
and make over vnto Andrew Browne his heirs Exectors 
Administrators or Assignes all our Right and Intrest of the 
within specified dead of sale, with every part and parcell of 
lands Marsh therin Mentioned to have and to hould to him 
his heirs Exectors Administrators or Assignes for Ever, the 
al)ove said Andrew Browne Junior is by these presents 
obliged to tinde and Allow the Above Mentioned Henry 
Watts Sufficient Maintainans during his Naturall life, for 
the Confirmation of this Assignement I have heervnto sett 
my hand and scale in Scarbrough this twelue, day of No- 
vember Anno Dominy 1687 


p me Henry Watts ( la Scale 

William Browne 

Samuel 1 / A. Browne his marke 

Joshua Scottoiv's Land '• Layd out''' 1687 

Honer^ S'' 

This to Aquaint you that by Warr' from his Excel^ I 
haue Layd out A Tract of Land x\nd mash Containing two 
hundred Acres for Josuah Scottow Esq"" of Scarbrough in 
y*" prouince of Maine and he Shewing inee his deead thearin 
of A former grant more or Less which bee hath possesed 
twentie seuen years but I Cannot In Larg vppon itt without 
an In Largment of my Warr' from his Excetn^ which if you 
pleas to be A ftVeind to y'^ Bearer Cap^ Thomas Scottow 


whoe liuth hiiin vetiry Kinde And Siruis Sab" to me : In y^ 

Precqu''ing An In Largnien' vpon y* Land) this I thought 

ray duty to Aquaint you with : I Rest you"" Honer""' Most 

humble Siru* to Commau'^ 

Rich Clements 
fFrom Scarbrough 

The 13^^ Nouemb^ 


To his Excellency S Edmond Andros Knight Cap* 
Generall and Govern' in Cheif of this His Majestyes 
Territory & Dominion in New ICngland 
The Petition of Dominicus Jordan Son of the late 
Robert Jordan 
Humbly sheweth — That Whereas y'' Petitioner 

by the last "Will and Testament of his fiather had therein 
bequeathed unto him a thousand Acres of Land besides 
Meadow appertayning thereunto, as by the s" Will more 
amph' doth and liay Appear, and whereas he hath had y* 
Possesion of it and built and Improved a Considerable Part 
thereof for about Ten Yeares, niid hath Setled five or six 
Tenants on the s'' Tract along the River or Crick of Spurwinck 
He Therefore Humbly Pi-ayes That Your Excellency would 
be pleased for his further Incouragement to Order the said 
Land to be Surveyed, And to Grant unto your Petitioner 
for the further assurance of his s** Title, his Maj'-'' Pattent 
under the Great Seal of New England, under Such moder- 
ate Quitt Rent to his Majesty as Y"" Excellency shall See 


And your Petitioner shall ever 

Pray &' 

Dominicus Jordan. 


Letter frovi Silvmius Davis. 1687. 
ffallmouth 9'"- 16 1687. 
Honou^'^ S" 

Thes Com to Aquainte you that M"" Clements is & haue Bin 
very Diligent abought his Cvorsce only m"" Lawrance in his 
Grate pretenses is Caues of Disturbence & will be i Doute 
vnless bee Coolcl bringe all the towne to bee his Tenonts 
wee are Happey wee haue a Grasious Landlord that will 
Goueren him & vs m' Clements is Resolued to observe his 
warrants to A tittell & faithfulle}'- Discharge his Duty hee 
haue Don A Grate dele of worke & doo intend to miproue 
his time in surveying whilste it is Good wether very spedely 
you may expect a poste with Returens & sundery peti- 
tions : in Jenerall all the peopell Com in to make Applica- 
tions for pattans theire petitions shall be sente ver}^ spedely : 
S"" m'" Lawrance haue Retiectted vpon yo"" Honou'' in say- 
ing you ffiU vp l)lanks as you please i wish hee was of A 
better Temper I dare not in duty but aquainte you of it 
Baging fauo'' in his behalfe to bee showed to him : y" not 
that Authoroty shook! bee al)usued by scurelous Tongs S"" 
I Retoren you Humble Thanks for yo'' Remberance of me 
I shook! Rejouce Cookie i bee made Capeble to searve 
you in thes parts be plesed to prefer m'' Clements petition 
that hee may haue an order for the survoy of itt it will bee 
shutable for him & vsefuU for the inhaibitance to haue the 
survoyer settell Amongst vs. bee plesd to send a Retornen 
of Jn" Skilings petition, yo"" pay shall bee shoorely paid to 
Content & all soe for Any other i shall Take Care vpon yo"" 
Advise not els at p'"sente to Trol)le you but Take Leve to 
subcribe my selfe S"" 

yo"^ Humble Sarvent 
Siluanus Dauis 


Letter from Francis Hooke. 1687. 

Kittery in Piscataqiui 19° Xoueniber 1687° 
Worthy S'' 

Whereas when I was with y°" in Boston we were discourse- 
ing to whom it was most requisite the ffines that were laid 
upon the persons which imbeaziled the brandy at York) 
should be paid ; I have something better considered it since 
I left you, and Judge (if his Excellency think meete) that 
it would be very reasonable that the fierriman and one Anger 
of York should be satisfied for their troui)le, but as for the 
rest I shall not meddle in it without farther orders from his 
Excellency and desire him to Excuse my rudenes in posting 
away soe soone, for it was upon an extraordinary necessity, 
otherwise I should not (soe unmannerly) have come away 
in such hast ; I am even now come home and aui something 
-weary — soe that I shall add noe more att p''sent but remayne 

Yo'' humble Serv' 
Francis Hooke 
I desire j^ou to returne my humble thanks to his Excellency 
for his Favours to me and acquaint him that I shall Embrace 
all opportunities scrveing him with all joyfullnes acknowl- 
edgeing it my duty soe to doe./ 



To the Wor" John 

West Esq, 

humbly p^^sent // in 



Petition of T. Sanford tf R. Sanford. 

To his Excellence S"" Edmond Andros Kn" Cap' Gen" and 
Gouernour in Chief in and ouer his Ma"®* Territorei & Do- 
minion of New England-^ 

fFalmouth prouince ) 1,^0^7 
^ \ loo i 

of maine D'^"" 27'" 5 

The petition of Thomas Sanford 
& Robert Sanford of ffalmoth 
in The prouince of Maine 
humbly showeth 
That whare as yo"" j)etetionors haue bin in Acttuall posetion 
& Improufement of sertaine Tracts of Land & meddow nere 
abought thirty fife e3'ers : &. Are still to This Day within 
the Towne ship of ffalmouth vpon the southward side of 
Casco River ouer Against the forte to the quantity of about 
two hundred & forty Acors & abought twenty Acors of 
meddow Leying in A meddow Called the Grate marsh vpon 
the same side of the foresaid Riuer. parte of said Land & 
meddow yo'' petetino'"s purchesed & parte haue bin Granted 
by the Towne to vs : & all Bownded according to fformer 
Custom in the s'^ towne & yo"" petetino''* haue Bin at Grate 
Charge in Bwillding & luiproufenients of the same yo'' pete- 
tino^'^s Humbly prayeth yo"" Excellencies Confirmation of the 
same & that n^o'" Exceleiice woold Grante a warant to yor 
Servoyer to servo}' sd Lands & meddow in order that a pat- 
tant may bee Confermed to vs vpon such Esey quitt Rente 
as yo'' Exelence shall see meete. & yo'' petetino^'s shall ever 
as Bownd in Duty piay 


3* sente in parte 

Thon)as 7" ., Sa 
Robart (V-/^ Sa 


Petition of Geo. Bremliall 1687. 
To his Excelen'* S"^ Edmvnd Aiidros Kn" Cap" General! and 
Gouenou'-in Chief in & ouo"" his Maj^' Torritory & Dominion 
of New England ~ 
ffalhnouth, pi'ouincel 
of Maine Noveml)'' V 

28"> 1(3 8 J The petetion of Georg Brenihall of 

The Towne of ffallmoth in the prou- 
ince of Maine in New England 
Humbly showeth 
That whareas yo"" petetinor purchesed a sartaine Tracte ot 
Lande foi-merley sowld hy one m' Georg Clefe to one m 
Ailing al ( dght Twenty seuen eyers sense and yo"" petetino"" 
purchesed said Land of said Ailing abought Tenn yeares 
sense from which Time it hath bin & is in the Acttuoll pos- 
setiou and improufements of yo'" petetino'' Leying on the 
North side of Casco : Riiier : Noxte adjoyning west to a tract 
of Land belonging to Sihianus Dauis to the quantety of 
fou'' hundred acors whareon now yo"" petetinor haue a Dwell- 
in"- howse & all soe a howse & Loote nere the forte abought 
halfe an acre yo"" petetino"" haue Bin at Grate Charge in 
B wilding seuerall bowses : Clerring & ffensing vpon said 
Tracts yo"" petetino' humbly prayeth a Confermation of the 
same that yo"" ExcHe woold bee pleesed to Grant a warrant 
to yo"" Serveyo'' to servey said Tracts that a Returen may 
bee made of the same & that yo"" ExcelP' woold Grant a pat- 
tant vpon such Essey quitt Rent as yo"" Excell"' shall see 
meete & yo' petetino"" as l)ownd in duty shall ever pray. 

George Bremhall 

The petetino"" hath mad very Large Improuements vpon the 
Land within exprest & it is Judged that tharc may bee 


fownd three hundred acors betwixt the Bowd,s with iu Ex- 
prest with Addition Backward in to the woods 
April 12"> 1688 

Siluanus Dauis 

Petition of John Smith. 1687. 

To his ExcelP" S"" Edmund Andros Kn" Cap" Generall 
Gouernou'' in Chief in and ouer his Maj'"'^ Terretorie and 
Dominion in New England 
fiallmouthprouince ^ -1/107 
of Maine 9"'- 29 S 

The petetion of John Smith of the 

Towne of fl'alhuouth in the prouinee 

of Maine 

Humble showeth 
That whareas yo'' petetino'^ purchesed a traete of Land of 
abought fifty Acres of one pavle Mansfield which haue bin 
in proufment many yeares & is now in the acttuell Improufe- 
ment of yo*^ petetino'' viz howses feeld & Incloshers being 
neare Backe Coue yo'' petetino'' prayeth an addition of fiftey 
acres Joying to it of vacant Land & all soe an addition of 
abought fou' Acors of Marsh being parte of the Grate 
fresh marsh nere Adjoying to it yo"" petetino'' haue bin at 
Grate Charge in improuements Humble prayeth yo"^ Excel- 
lensey : Confermation for the same that yo'" warrant may be 
Granted to yo'" servoyer to servoy said tracts that Returens 
may bee made of the same in order that a pattent may 
Granted vpon such Essey quitt Rente as yo"" Excelence 
shall see meete & yo'' petetiono'' as Bownd in Duty shall 
ever pray John Smith 



Petition of M. Paulling. 1687. 
To his Exce'"^"'^'^ S*" Edmund Andros Kn" Cap" Generall 
and Gouernour in Chief in and oner his Maj"' Teiiitore «fe 
Dominion in New England 
flaUmouth prouince ^ 

of maine 9'^-- 29"^ 1687 \ 

The potetion of Matthew palling of 

ffallmouth in the province of Maine 

hunble showeth 
That whare as yo"" petetino"" is posesed of a small parsell of 
Land abought Aight acres Gaue to mee by my father in 
Law John Wallis nere his Dwelling houes whare on yo'' 
petetino'' have bwilte two Dwelling howse & Clerd & fensed 
said Aight acres yo"" petetino'' humbly prayeth an Addition 
of ought Land of about seuenty Acors nere Maiden Coue 
Adjoying Nexte to the Claimes of Nathaniell white & about 
Aight Acors of swanipe nere AdJoying to the Littell marsh 
nere whare my fiather in Law John Wallis Clames all soe a 
howse Loot of abought halfe an acor nere the forte nere 
Adjoyning to Cap" Edward Tinge whareon yo" petetino'^ 
have a Dwelling howse and about Thirty acres of ought 
Land Belonging to said howse Loot Granted to yo"" pete- 
tino"": by the towne Leying on the west sid ot pesumpscott 
Riuer betwixt the Claimes of John Nicolls & Nathaniell 
Wallis yo"" petetino'" humblcy prayeth a Contirmation of the 
seurall Tracts of Lands & bowses : & that you'' Excellence 
woold Grant a warrant to yu"" servoyer to servoy the said 
Lands that Returens may bee made in order for a pattent 
vpon such esey quitt Rent as yo' Excelence shall see meete 
8c yo'' petetino"" as Bownd in Duty shall ever pray, 

Matthew Paulling 

The seuerall Tracts of Land within Menshoned haue Bin 
Inquird in to & find them according to the petetion & allsoe 



the Imi)r()uefm'' except the thirty acres on the west sid ot 
pesumscott Riuer which if Granted it is said it will be Dam- 
age vnto two farems 

Siluanus Dauis 
Aprill 12"^ 1688 

Petition of JSat¥ White 1687. 
To his Excell"^y S'" Edmvnd Andros Kn" Cap" Generall & 
Gouernour in Chief in and ouer his Maj"®' Territorie & Do- 
minion in New Enghind 
ffiillmouth proLiince 

of maine 9'^'' 29'" - - 


The petetion of Nathaniell White of 
fFallmoth in the prouince of Maine 

huml)le showeth 

That whare as yo"" petetino"" is posesed of a sartaine parsell 
of Land Leying in the Towne ship of ffaUmoth nere Maiden 
Cone of about one hundred acres Granted & Laid ought to 
my Bro : Desesed & selfe by the former Coustom of the 
Towne & is now in yo' petetino's Actuell popession & Im- 
proufements witii Two howesses & sundre Inclosiers all soe 
a bought Ten Acres of Marsh & swampe Caled the North 
marsh whare in John Lane Clames parte yo'' petetino' hum- 
ble prayeth : yo-" Excell"^"^ : Confirmation for the same that 
you woold Grant a warranto to yo' servoyer to servoy the 
said Lands that Returens may bee made in order for a pat- 
tent vpon such Essey quit Rent as yo"" Excellense shall see 
meete & yo' petetino'' as Bownd in Duty shall ever pray 

nathaniel w 
Nathainell White 


Petition of John Wallis. 1687. 

To his Excellency S"" Edmvnd Andros Kn** Cap" Gener- 
rall Gouernour in Chief in and ouer his Ma''" Territorue & 
Dominion of New England 
ttallmouth prouince 
of maine 29''> 9'^^ 1^87 

The petetion of John Wallis 
of flallmoth in the prouince 
of Maine humble showeth 
That whareasyo"" petetinor purched seuerall Tracts of Land 
& medows in the Towne ship of tfalmoth to the quentety of 
Two hundred acors of Land & about Thurty Two acers of 
medow & swampe the Land Leying vpon the south side of 
Casco Riuer at a plase Caled papocodek Bownded Betwixt 
the Clames of Samson penly & Joell Madiford and about 
seuentene Acors of medow & swampe Called the Grate 
marsh : & Two other smalle ma''shes Called the Littell 
ma''shes of about tiftene acres which s'^ Land & medows 
haue bin in the posetion & Improufement of yo'' petetinors 
predessers & him selfe uere fifty years : & is now : in his 
Acttuell improuement to his Grate Charg in Bwilding Cler- 
ing & fenssing viz four Dwelling howes with oughte howses 
& a fishing stage vpon the same for him selfe & Children 
yo*' petetino'' hunbly prayeth a Confirmation for the same, 
that yo'' Excell""'' woold Grante a warrant to yo"* servoyer to 
servoy said Lands : that Returens may bee made in order 
for a pattant for the same & yo'" petetinor as Bownd in Duty 
shall ever pray 

John 1 1 Tr' h Wallis 



Petition of Ro¥ Lawrence. 1687. 

To His Excel lencie S"" Edmond Andros Kn* Cap* 
Gennerall & Gouern'' in ChiefFe of all his Majesties 
Territories & dominion in New England- 
The Humble Petition of Rob^ Lawrence of ffalmouth 
in Casco bay in y® Prouence of Mayne humbly sheweth 
That when in obedience to 3^'' Excellencies Command y"" Pe- 
titioner came to Boston y'' Excellencie was pleased to grant 
his Petition y' hee should enjoy his land & Marsh saucing one 
mile square of land to Cap' Davis & accordingly y*^ warrant 
to m'' Clements y'' Excellencies Survayer of y*^ Prouence of 
mayn expresseth y® same : but Cap* Dauis before y"" peti- 
tioner had y'' least knowledge of y*' survoyers arriuall went 
& gott him to lay out a mile square ot y*^ best & Choycest 
of y"" s'^ Petitioners land together with aboue y" one halfc of 
y® Principall of all y'' s'' Petitioners marsh ; w°'' y'' Petitioner 
haueing notice of went to him & tould him y* y"^ excellencie 
had promised mee y*^ Confirmation of my land & allso my 
marsh w'^'^ y^ petitioner & his predecessors haue quiatly & 
peaceably enjoyed for aboue thirty yeares past without lett 
or clayme or molestation from any person w*soeuer w'='' land 
& marsh was purchased both from y^ Indians & English & con- 
firmed by three gennerall Courts & w^'' hath been constantly 
Improued Both before & allso euer since y*' Indian warrs, & 
for w"' y® s** Petitioners predecessors haue duely &, truely p*^ 
all taxes & Rates before y'' deuastation, & since y* time y"" 
Petitioner hath constantly p*^ y® Rates & taxes for y*" same 
& hath Constantly mowed all y'^ s*' Marsh as all y^ old In- 
habitants of y*^ town of falmouth can testify the whole marsh 
^ch yr Petitioner possesses being in all not exceeding thirty 
acres w'^'' y*" %^ Davis hath continually been by all erregular 
meanes striueing to depriue y"" s'^ Petitioner of, & findeing 
no other way erected a saw mill aboute three yeares past 
neare y*^ s*^ marsh vpon a small brook w'^'' most part of y* 
Sommer is dry & without water w'^'' all this time hath not 


cut twenty pounds worth of boards ; w'^'' s*^ mill was erected 
for no other end but to depriue y"" s'' Petitioner of his Marsh 
w'''' is well known to y'' whole town ; he haueing allready 
Incroached into his lands between twenty & thirty acres of 
Marsh allready for w°'' hee neuer p*^ one peeny now seekes 
vnjustly to depriue y"" Petitioner of his w'=^ If y"" Excellencie 
should grant s'^ Dauis would be y'' vtter ruine & destruction 
of y'' petition"" who must then be forced to starue his own 
Cattell for such a p''son who seekes nothing l)ut y*" Ruine & 
destruction of all his neibours as is well known to all y® 
Inhabitants for whome it would haue been happy had he 
not Come amongst them seekeing to enioy y* w'^'' other men 
haue honestly p*^ for & spent theire time & labor & estates 
& Hues vpon when he ran away from his own at Kinnibeck 
where he pretends he hath land & marsh enough yet striues 
to depriue others of their Just Right vnder a pretence of a 
publick good w"^' hath been allmost to y** ruine of y^ whole 
place w''' If any p^son in y^ prouence hath a right to any 
Land he presumes he hathe to that & hath bee more benefi- 
ciall to y'^ town then euer Dauis hath & p*^ more rates & 
taxes as is eazy to be made appeare. 

y"" Petitioner therfore humbly prays y"" excellencie y* his s*^ 
land & marsh may be confirmed to him & y* y"" excellencie 
would be pleased to send an order to y"" Survayer y' it may 
bee forthwith layed out to him y* he may not bee depriued 
of his Just right to his vtter vndoeing ; likewise y* y" excel- 
lencie would be pleased to remit a fine of twelue pounds 
vnjustly laid vpon mee & If not y' you would be pleased to 
giue mee one years time to pay it in because I am at p''sent 
vncapable to pay it & y"" petitioner shall as in duty bound 
euer pray, &c. 


Nove"" 29"' 1687 

Petion of Rob^ Lawrence 

of Cascobay. 



Orders. 1687. 

Orders ffor John Cooke Command'' 
of his Ma"^^ Ketch Speedwell. 
Haueing Receiued on board Leiu' Weems Yo" are with y® 
first Opportunity of Wind & Weather to Saile directly for 
Pemyquid & there deliuer what on board for that place — 
Soe Soone as yo" shall be Cleered there yo" are to Receiue 
on board Ensigne Andros his Seru^^ & Necessary & with all 
speed returne to this place againe. If in yo'" Goeing by 
Contrary Winds yo" should })utt into Casco bay yo" are to 
take on board four great Gunns out of y'' forte there for w*^*^ 
yo" haue herewith an Ord'' to Cap' Ting & Deliuer them att 
Pemaquid to y*^ Command'' there — 
Dated in Boston y« 30"' day of Novemb'' 1687 

Commission to Lieut James Weems. 1687. 

S"" Ednmnd Andros Kn" Cap' Generall & Gouerno'" in Cheife 
of his Ma''''" Territory & Dominion of New England. 
To Leiu' James Weems Greeteing 

I Doe hereb}^ Constitute & appoint yo" to be Command'" of 
y® fforte att Pemyquid & of y® Millitia there & Dependen- 
cyes yo" are therefore Carefully & Dilligently to Attend yo"" 
duty in y® sd Command And All Officers & Souldiers are to 
obey yo" as their Command'". And yo''selfe to Obserue & 
fibllow Such Ord's & Direccons as yo" shall from time to 
time receiue from me according to y*^ Rules & Discipline of 
Warr psuant to y*" Trust in yo" Reposed Giuen und'' my 
hand & Scale att Boston y*^ 30'" day of November in y« 3<^ 
yeare of his Ma"*^^ Reigne Aunoqj Dni. 1687 


Petition of Abraham Collings. 1687. 
To his Excellense S"" Ednivnd Andros Kn" Cap" Generall 
and Gouernour in Chief in and ouer his Maj'** Ten-itorii & 
Dominion of New England 
ffallmouth prouince ^ 

of Maine O''^ 30"> 1687 ^ 

The petetion of Abraham Callings of 
the Towne of ftallmouth in the prou- 
ince of Maine Humble Showeth 
That whare as yo'' petetino'" haue bin an Inhaibtant in this 
Towne abought sixe eyers & haue not had oppertunity to 
obtaine any small Tracte of Land Xeere the waltter side : 
But haue bin Necessetated to Hire of other men & hauing a 
Desire to haue a Littell Land that I may Cale my owne 
that I may bee prouiding sumthing for my wife & Children 
yo"" petetino"" Humble prayes yo"" ffauo"" to Grante him a 
Tracte of Land abought sixty Acres on the south side of 
Casco Riuer Xexte AdJoyning Este to the Claimes of Isaac 
Dauis Xere Silnanus Dauis saw mill & Grist mill with an 
Addition of abought Ten Acres of swampe : nere AdJoyn- 
ing whare it may bee fownd Clere of Claims and Improve- 
ments and that yo"" Excell''-' woold Grante a warrant to yo"" 
Servoyer to servo}- the same that Returens may l)ee made 
in order that a pattent may l)ee Contiremed to mee vpon such 
Essey quitt Rente as yo"" Excelensy shall see meete : & yo"" 
petetino"" shall ever : as Bownd in duty pray 

Al)raham Collings 

The Land the petetino"" prays for is vacant Land never 
Improufd Leying vpon the Backe of Joseph phipenej's Land 
nere Longe Creeke & Strovd waltter mills But Clamed By 
the Concarens of m"^ Rob' Lawrance as Grate parte of the 
Towne is all soe. 

Silnanus Davis 

Doc. Vol. vi. 20 


Survey of David Phippen's Land. 1687. 

By virtue of A Warr*^ from his Excell-^ Sir Edmund An- 
dros Kniaht Cap' Gen""" & gouernar in Cheife of his Majes- 
ties territory and dominion of New england bearinge date 
y® 8 day of Agust 1687 to me dyrected and beinge one y® 
West Side y'' Riuer of Cassco and one y® North Side of A 
Certaine Cricke theare Called Longe Cricke begininge att 
an oake tree Standinge att y® Mouth of y® said Crick and 
one y*^ side of y*" said Riuer and from thence Rayngeis by 
said Crick west and by south 182 Rod to A Maple Tree 
Standinge by the Sid of y'' said Crick and froin thence North 
& by West 9 Rod to A Red ocke which stands by a brook 
side & from thence Est & by North 182 Rod to A Red ocke 
standing att y*^ head of A Small Coue : and from thence 
ALongst Cassco Riuer Afforesaid 90 Rod to y*^ place wheare 
begon beinge butted and bounded to y® South with Long 
Crick to y* West & North with vacant Lands & to y^ Est 
with Cassco Riuer Afforesaid Contt on hundred and two 
Acres & one quarter As by y^ Siruey & platt Appears which 
is Certefyed g me Rich Clements dep' Siruy^" 
Siruey'^ for dauid 
phippins of Salem 
y^ 2 day of decern"" 



Petition of John Harris. 1G87. 
To his Excellence S' Edmund Andros Kn" Cap" 
Generall and Gouernou"" in Chief in & over his Maj'^'^" 
Territorie & Dominion of Xew england 
ffallmouth prouince \ 
of Maine Desemb' 5*'' > 

1687 __ „.. ) 

The petetion of John Harris 
of the Towne of ffallmouth in 
the prouince of ^Vlaine 
Hunbley Showeth 
That whare as yo'' petetino"" is in Aucttuall posetion & Im- 
prouement of a tracte of Land next Adjoyning to n/ peter 
Bodwen on the south sid of Casco Riuer about sixty Acres 
vpon wich thare is A dwelling howes erected yo"" petetino'' 
prayeth an Addition of forty acres more nere Adjoying at 
the head of Silvanus Danes Lott at the head Bownds of non 
such poynte Towerd Scarborough & all soe yo'' petetetino'" 
is posesed of a house & Loote neare the forte of Abought f 
of an Acre vpon the necke being posesed g Towne as by 
former Coustom yo*" petetino"" Humbley prayeth yo*" Excell" 
Confirmation for the seurall Tracts : that a warrant may bee 
Granted to yo' servoyer to servoy s'' Lands that Returens 
may bee made in order that a pattent may bee (^onfii'emed 
vnto yo"" petctino'' vpon such essey quitt Rente as yo*" Ex- 
cell'y shall see meete & yo"" petetino'' as Bownd in Duty 
shall Ever pray. 

John Harris 


Petition of John Spenser. 1687, 

To his Excellence S"" Edmond Andres Kn" Cap" Genereall 
and Gouernour in Chief in & ouer his Majestes Terretorie 
& dominion of New England 
fFalmoth prouince n 
of maine Desenib 6"' C 
1687 S 

The Humbles petetion of John 
Spenser Thee soon of Capt Roger 
Spenser Desesed The Petetiono"" 
now Liueth in ffallmouth in the 
Prouince of Maine with Siluanus 
Dauis Sheweth 
That whareas your petetionor haue bin Rambling about in 
the vvooreld & now hauing A desire to Get into a setled 
Condittion & seeing that in this Towne thaire is a buudance 
of Vacantt Land not Imj)roufd By Reason that soom pre- 
tends Too But Now it hath })lesed God to opon a way that 
His Majesties lands nnxy bee seettled by his subjects 
amongst the "Rest of your petetionors I Come Humbly 
Prra^'ing that your Excellence w^oolld Grante mee a Confor- 
mation of one hundred Acors of Land Nere AdJoyning to 
Strowd Wall tor whare ouee Sillvanus Davis Sawe Mill & 
Griste Mill Standeth ifronting Too Casco River over against 
Capisicke and all soe An Addition of abought Six or Eiaght 
Acors of Swamp or Meaddow Whare it may bee ffound 
Conuenieut in Som plase That is Not all Ready Laid ought 
by Vertue of your Excellence warrant your petetinor Hum- 
bly prayeth : your Excellents ^>''arrant may bee Granted to 
your seryour To ser voy and Lay ought said Lands that 
Returns may Bee mad in ordor That A Pattent May bee 
Confirmed to your petetionor vpon such Essey quit Rent 
as your Excellens shall see Meete & your petetinor shall 
Ever : Pray^^ 

John Spenser 


Petition of John Cornew. 1687. 

To his Excellence S"" Edmund Andros Kn" Cap" Gener- 
all and Gouernou'" in Chief in and ouer his Maj"^*^* Territo- 
rie & Dominion of New England 

ftallmoth prouince '\ 
of Maine Desemb"" V 

The petetion of John Cornew of the 
Towne of ffallmouth in the prouince 
of maine 

Humble sheweth 
That whare as yo"" petetino"" purohesd sixty Acors of Land 
& Appurtenances belonging to it vpon the south sid of 
Casco Eiuer estward of Nonsuch pwinte of one Anthony 
Libbey being Gaue Granted & Bownded vnto the said Lib- 
bey l)y the towne & has bin in his & yo^ petetino^'s possetion 
abought seuen eyers whareon yo"" petetino'' is Now Liuing & 
haue Bin at Grate Charge in Bwilding a Dwelling howse & 
ought Howses Clering fensing & other improufements yo"" 
petetion'' Humbley prayeth yo"" excell'^'' Confirmation for the 
same & that you woold Grante an Addition of forty acres 
more of vacont Land nere Adjoyning to it and that yo"" ex- 
cellense woolde Grante y° warrant to yo"" servoyer to servoy 
said Lands that a Returen may bee made in order for a pat- 
tent vpon such Essey quitt Rent as yo'' excelle'" shall see 
meete & yo"" petetino"" as Bownd in duty shall ever pray 

,.f c 

John L i^ Cornew 
his singe 



Petition of Greo. Ingersoll Jr. 1687. 
To his Excellence S"" Ediuund Andios Kn" Cap" Generall 
and Gouernou'' in Chiefe in and ouer his niaj'*®'° Territorie of 
New England 
ffallmouth : prouine i 

of Maine lO'"" 10'" 1687 \ 

The petition of Georg Ingersoll Junier 
of the Tovvne of ffallmouth in the prou- 
ince of Maine Humbly sheweth 
That whare as yo'' petetiono"" haue bin & is in acttuall im- 
prouement & possetion Nere about Twenty sixe eyers of a 
persell of Land about one hundred acres Nere Adjoying to 
strow walto"" next to Siluanus Dauis whare on 3^0'' petitn"^ 
Now Liueth & haue made Larg improuements Dwelling 
house oute bowses feelds & In Cloossers being Granted to 
yo' petetino' by the Tovvne & all soe abought Ten Acres of 
marsh in non such marshes next Adjoying to Sitl : Dauis 
marsh esterley all soe a howse & howse lioot nere the forte 
about Too Acres & all soe a three acre Loot vpon the Necke 
neere the Backe Coue which Belongs to said howse being 
Granted Laid ought & Bownded b}' the Towne according to 
former Custom allsoe forty Acres of Land Leying at the 
head of Bar1)ery Cricke l)eing posesed as by towne Grants, 
yo'' petetino'" haue Bin at Grate Charges in improuefments 
hee Humbley prayeth 3^0'" Excellences Confirmation for the 
seurall Tracts & that you woold Grant yo'' warrent to yo"" 
Servoyer to servoy the said seurall Tracts that Retnrens 
may bee made that a pattent may bee Granted to yo"" pete- 
tiono"" vpon such Essey quit Rent as yo"" Ex<;ell"^ shall see 
meete & yo"" petetino'' as Bovvnd in dut}^ shall ever pray 

Georo-e Ingersoll Jur 


Petition of James Ross. 1687. 
To his Excelence S"" Edmund Andros Kn" Cap" Generall 
Gouernou' in Chief in and ouer his nuijestys Teritovies & 
Dominion of New Enghind 
ffaUmoiith prouince \ 

of Maine Desemb"- 12"' I 

1687 1 

The petition of James Roosse of the 
Towne of ft'aUmouth in the piouince 
Maine Humbley Sheweth 
That whare as yol petetino'^ is in Aiicttuell possoion & im- 
prouement of Land & marsh : and haue bin in the Impi'oue- 
raent & posseion of my ffather & my selfe abought thirty 
eyers the Land lying at the Backe Coue in the Towne of 
ffalhnouth betwixt the Chiimes of M"" Richard Sacomb & m'' 
Edmund Gale & soe Backward in to the woods tell one hun- 
dred and forty acres be vp, the marsh Leying at the west- 
ward end of the Grate marsh nere Adjoying to said Land 
abought Ten : acres vpon which : my father & my selfe haue 
Bin at Grate Charge in Bwilding & fensing and all soe sixty 
acres ot vpLand nere Long Cricke nere Adjoying to Silua- 
nus Dauis Land belonging to his saw mill which 60 acres 
yo"" petetiouo'" purchesed of one Joseph Webber being 
Granted to him by the Towne and allsoe tiftey Acres of 
Land Lying Backe in the woods behinde Back Coue bownded 
betwixt m'" Fetter Bodwins Claimes & the Kings Land nere 
a plase Caled Capepan hill wich peese of Land yo' petetiono"^ 
purchesed of one Ephrem Marston Being Granted to him Sc 
bownded by the Towne according to former orders ^^o"" peti- 
ten"" haue Bin at Grate Charge in purchessen the said seurall 
Tracts & in improueing the same Humble prays yo"" Excel- 
lens3'S Confirmation for the seurall Tracts that you woold 
Grante yo'' warrant to yo"" servoyer to servoy the same that 
Retornes may bee made in order that a pattcnt may liee 



Granted to yo"" petetino'' vpon such E.ssey quitt Rent as yo'' 
excellensy shall see meete & yo'' petetino"" as Bownd in Duty 
shall ever pray 

James Ross 

Petition of John Lane. 1687. 

To his Excellenc S"" Edmund Andros Kn" Cap" Jeneiall 
and Gouernou"" in Chiefe in and ouer his Majes' Territorie 
and Dominion of New England ~ 
tfallmouth prouince \ 
of Maine desemb"" 12"' > 

1687____ ^ J The petetion of John Lane of the 

Towne of fFallmouth in the prou- 
ince of Maine Humble sheweth 
That whnre as yo'' petetino"" is possesed of seurell Tracts of 
Land in the towne shipe of ffallmouth viz a Loot whareon 
hee Liueth on the south sid of Casco Riuer nere papoodocke 
abought seuen Acors Gaue to him by his father in Law 
John Wallis Adjoying to the Clames of Jacob Madiford and 
all soe parte of n Marsh & swampe belonging to said howse 
& Loot al)ought Ten acres at a plase Called the North 
marsh whare Nathaniell AVhite Chiimes parte and all soe 
sixty acres of Land Granted to him by the towne at a plase 
Called Pond Coue with ought portland sixe Acors of swampe 
nere Adjoying to it yo'' petetino'' pra3'eth an Addition of 
forty Acres of vacant Land to bee Added to the said (JO 
Acors to make it vp 100 Acors the aboue said Lands 
swampes & meddows haue bin in yo'' petetinors possetion 
and improuement about sixe eyers & haue bestoued Grate 
Labou'' vpon itt yo'' petetino'^ Humble prayeth yo'' Excelenses 
Confirmation of the same that yo'' warrent may bee Granted 
to yo'' servoyer to servoy the said Tracts that Returens may 
bee made in order for A pattent vpon such Essie quit Rente 


as yo'' Excellence .sliiill see meele & yo'" petetino'' as Bound 
in duty shall Ever pray - 

John Lane 

Petetion of Thomas Clayce. 1687. 
To his Excellence S"" Edmund Andros Kn" Cap" Generall 
and Gonernou'' in Chief in and ouer his Majcstcs Territorie 
and Dominion of New England 
ffallmouth prouince ^ 

of maine 10^' 12'" 1687 ^ The petetion of Thomas Clayce 

of the Towne of tFallmouth in the 
prouince of Maiine 
Humble sheweth _„_ 
That whereas yo'^ petetinor' purchesed a parsell of Land of 
m"" Georg Monjoy a])Oute seuenty Acors Lying neere Capis- 
icke saw mill which Belongs to 8itl Dauis Adjoying betwixt 
[este] 1 of Joseph Ingersolls Claimes & Jn° Ingersolls 
Claimes about sixtene years sense : & sense the Indian wars 
it hath bin Granted to mee l)y the Towne \vith an Addition 
to make it vp : one hundred Acres with Too or three small 
Coufs of salte marsh. & Cricke Thach : Lying with in the 
Bownds of said Land yo'' petetino'" was at Grate Charge 
vpon s'' Land i)efore the Indian wars Being Drone of : & 
Looste all but vpon yo'' Excelencey Settling pemicjuid wee 
had Incorigment to Retoron to ou'' former possetions & yo"" 
petetino'' with the first did Returen & hauc made Large Im- 
proufemente vpon the same in Bwilding howses Clerring & 
fensing juid am in actuelle immproufement now Lineing 
vpon it all soe yo"" petetino"' hauc a house Loot at the Hed 
of the Coue nere the forte about Too Acres & a sixe Acre 
Loot vpon the necke vpon which yo'" petetino'' haue Bwilte 
a Good Dwelling house & tensed in Grate parte of the Land 
thare is a ffamiley Liufes in it now : yo'" petetino"" Humbley 

' Erased in the original. 


prayeth yo"" Excelenceys Confirmation for the said seurall 
tracts of Laud & Improuenients & that yo' warrant may bee 
Granted to 3^0"" servoyer : to servoy s'^ tracts that Returens 
may bee made in order that a pattent may bee Granted to 
yo"" petetino"" vpon such Essey quit Rente as yo"" Excellency 
shal see meete and yo*" petetino"" as Bownd in Duty shall 
ever pray 

Thomas Clayce 

Petition of Joseph Weber. 1687. 

To his Excellence S'' Edmund Andros Kn" Cap" Generall 
and Gouernou'' in Chief in & oue"" his Majestes Dominion of 
New England -^ 
fijillmouth prouince 
of maine desemb'' 
vn2'" 1687 

The petetion of Joseph Wel)ber of 

the Towne of ffaUmouth in the 

prouince of Maine 

Huml^ley sheweth 
That whare as yo*" petetino'" haue purchesed a smalle Tracte 
of Land of John wellden nere strowd waiter mills to the 
quantay of about Eighttene Acres of vpland Leying on 
the south side of Casco Riuer nere Adjoying to the Claimes 
of Georg Ingersoll Juner : Backe in the woods yo'" petetino"" 
Humbley prayeth an Addition of alioute Eighttey Acres of 
vacant Land to make it vp one hundred acres all soe yo"^ 
petetetino"" haue a howse Loot Granted to him nere the forte 
of aboute one acre & halfe & a three acre Loot nere AdJoy- 
ing to it Being Granted by the Towne Laid ought and 
Bownded according to Custom vpon which yo'' petetino'" 
haue Bwilte a Dwelling howse Cleered tensed & planted the 
Greatest parte yo' petetino'' Humble prayeth yo'" Excellen- 
ceys Confirmation of the said Tracts of Land that yo"" AVar- 


rant may l)ee Granted to yo"" servoyer to servoy the same 
in order that a pattent may bee Confieremed to yo'' peteteti- 
no"" vpon such Essey quit Rente as yo"" Exeelence shall see 
meete & yo"" petetino"" as Bound in Duty shall ever pray 

Joseph Wel)er 

Petition of Mary Webber. 1687. 

To his Exeelence S'' Edmund Andros Knight Cap" Generall 
& Gouernou'' in Cheef in & ouer his majes*®^ Territorie & 
Dominion of new Enaland ^^...,^ 

ffallmouth prouince \ 

of Maene v 

10"' y 12^" 1<J87 j The pctetion of INIary Wehl)cr of the 
Towne of ffallmouth in the prouince 
of jNIainc Humbly showeth 
That whare as yo"* petitino' haue Grants of the Towne of 
sundery Loots of Lands Bought sixe years sinse & haue bin 
and is now in the Acttuell posetion & Improuement of yo"" 
petetino"" viz a howse Loot about halfe an Acre nere Adjoy- 
ing to the fort fronting vpon Kings Streete and about Two 
Acors beloning to said house Loot AdJoying to 8iH : Dauis 
Loot froonting to fleete streete & Queues Streete vpon 
which yo"" petetino'' haue Bwilte a Dwelling house & Both 
Loots tensed & in Im})roufments all soe a tract of Land 
Leying vp Long Cricke on the Est ward sid next Adjoyning 
to Sitt Dauis at the Head of non such pwinte about sixty 
Acres whare on yo"" petetion'" now Liueth whare on is a 
Dwelling howes & other Improufments yo*" petetino' pray- 
eth an addition to the said sixty Acres ; of 40 Acors of 
vacant Land Adjoying to itt Backe toward Scarborough 
Bownds and all soe forty Acres of vacant Land on the west- 
ward sid ot Lons: Cricke ouer Ao^ainst the said 60 Acors 
Nexte Adjoying to Sitt Dauis Land being accomodation for 

316 docume:xtary history 

fire w(K)d for the 60 Acors of Land that yo'' petetino'" is Liu- 
ing vpon i.s piche pine Land and haue Grate wante of firing 
in this Cowld Countrey. yo"" petetino' Humbley prayeth 
yo"" excellenceys Confirmation for the said seurall Tracts & 
Tenements that yo'' warrant may bee Granted to yo'" ser- 
voyer to servoy the same that Returens may bee made that 
a pattent may Confirme to yo"" petetino' vpon such Essey 
quit Rente as yo"" Excell"'^^ shall see meete & yo"" petetino' 
shall ever pray 

Mary Webber 
Yo Servoyer named the streets in Laying ought Cap^ Tings 
Loots & Sill Daues Loots there fore wee make Boold to 
name them. 

Petition of John Wkilden 1687. 

To his Excellence S'' Edmund Andros Kn" Cap" Generall 
and Governour in Chief in and ouer his Maj*''* Territorie & 
Dominion of New England 
Ifallmouth prouince ^ 

of Mayne 10''^ 15''^ 1687 ^ 

The petetion of John Whilden of 
The Towne of flallmouth in the prou- 
ince of Maine humble sheweth 
That whare as yo"" petetino"^ is posessed and in Actuall im- 
prouen;ent : ever sense the first settling the forte at Casco a 
persell of Land Lyinge sittuate on y'' south side of Casco 
Riuer : neare Adjoyning to Strowdwater mills Lying & 
Adjoyning Next Southerly to the Lands Granted to Siluanus 
Dauis his Grants to the said mills to the quantity of on 
hundred and fifty Aci'es all soe a howse Loote abought too 
Acors nere Adjoying to the forte & a sixe acre Loot be- 


longin to said Loot vpon the necke all which Lands ware 
Granted mee Laid ought & Recorded according to former 
Coostom & yo'" petetino'' hath Bin at Grate Charge in bvvild- 
ing & fensing vpon the scLi'all Tracts of Lands yo"" petetino"" 
Humble prayeth an Addition of a small Thacth Bancke Ley- 
ing nere Copisiclie Mill vpon the flatts : that hee may haue a 
Convenience to Cut A Littell thach for to make Hay for 
winter fead for Cettell about one Acre & that yo"" excelence 
woold Grante yo'' Contirmation for the s'^ seurall Tracts of 
Land that a warrent may Granted to yo"" servoyer to servoy 
the same that Returen may be made in order that a pattent 
may be Confermd for the same to yo'' petetino' vpon such 
essey quit Rent as yo'' Excelence shall see meete & yo"" pete- 
tino"" as Bownd in Duty shall ever pray — 

John AA^hilden 

Report. 1687. 
S"" I presume to Giue A Reporte vpon Thomas Cloyes pe- 
tetion it is soe that m"" George INIonJoy Sowld the Land To 
said Cloyes about : 16 : yers : sense and the man Has in pos- 
setion and improufements before the warrss and is and haue 
bin ever sence the warrss and Haue Don Greattee Labour 
vpon itt : the Land wass formerly : Reputed Mr James 
Androws How Mistor Georg MonJoy Got it from Him i 
know nott But MonJoy sowld it Too Cloyese And that is 
the 100 Acors : Petetions for Nere Capisick as for the Mead- 
dow Cloyes dos not Consern Him self with only thee Land 
that Hee boughtt and haue Laboured vpon it many yeres 
iff Mr MonJoy haue doon Kronge in Selling Androwes 
Land to Cloyes that Cloyes is Ignorant in the Case And I 
Humbly ConCeve such a valey of Land ought of IMonJoys 
Vacant Land May sattestie Androws for hee neuer made 



any Improufmeut upon itt as it is Reported but hee did 
make use of the Meaddow seauaral yeares » 

in Hum])le submision as my 
duty I haue made Bowld to 
Giue Lite in the Case to the 
Best as I am Inforuied 

Sikianus Dauis 
ffallmouth desember 
16*'^ 1687 

Petition of Sam'' Ingersoll 1687 . 
To his Excellence S'' Edmund Andros Knight Cap" Gener- 
all and Gorernou'' in Chief in and oue^" his majestes Terri- 
torie & Dominion of New England 
ffiillmouth, prouince ^ 
of maine Desemb"" V 
16''' 1687 — j The petetion of Samuell Ingersoll 

of the Towne of Ifallmouth in the 

prouince of Maine 

humble sheweth 
That whare as yo'' petetino'' is possesed of a tract of Land 
to the quantety of Two hundred acres Granted to yo' pete- 
tino'" by the towne whare on yo*" petetino'' haue Bin at 
Charges in Bwilding Clering tensing and planting for 
abought or Nine Eyers Leying and sittuate on the north sid 
Strowd waiter froonteng nere the mills & soe vp the Riuer 
side : to Sill Danes Bownds and soe in Brenght tell Two 
hundred aco'^s bee vp. Dauis Bownds is the Bownds to the 
west & the Riuer to the south, yo'' petetino'" prayeth an 
addition of fifty Acors of vacant Land to bee Added to said 
Two hundred Acres next Adjoyning to itt & yo^' petetino"" 
Humbley prayeth yo'^' Excellencys Confirmation for said 
Lands and all soe a howse & howse Loot nere the forte and 


a three Acor Loot upon the Necke beino; now in sictuell im- 
prouement & thut yo^" excellence woolcl Grante yo^ warrant 
to yo^ servoyer to servoy the said seurall Tracts & Tene- 
ments that Returens may bee made that a pattent may bee 
Granted to yo*" petetino^" vpon such Essey quit Rent as yo"" 
Excellence shall see meete & yo'" petetetino^" as Bownd in 
duty shall Ever pray — 


Petition of Edward Davis. ''31 x^"" 87 r 
To his Excilleucy S'^ Edmund Andros K" Capt Genarall 
and gouarnar in Cheefe ouar his Majest^ Territory And do- 
minion of Xew England _ 

The humble petticion of Edward Dauis fall- 
mouth in the prouince of Maine Now Resident 
at Ca})^ Siluanos Dauis, es « 
Humbely Sheweth to you*" ExciP" 
That your petticionar hath Lately Sirued his Grace Chris- 
teph'^'" Monke Lord Ducke of Albemarle and from thence in 
his Majesties Siruice king James the Second vnder the 
Com'' of y*" Right Honarab" Thomas Lord Winsor Erie of 
Plymouth in his Rejement of Horse and You^' petticion'' 
hauinge A desire to Com to this Cuntrey to See his Rela- 
tions and Seeinge good Conucniancy for Setteling in these 
Estorne parts finding theare is A nessesity for youth to Re- 
memb^" ould age petticion^' humbly desiering and prayeth 
that you"" Excillency would be pleased to bestow A Tract of 
Land vpon you^ petticion^" of About 500 Acres in the Towne 
of liallmouth or Scarbrough Vacant Land ; and Meddow 
About 30 or 40 Acres or what your Excel^ shall See meett 
and two Acres of Marssh Lyinge neare Squitherigusett 
Crieke Beina A Towne ijrant and that vour Excill-'' would 


be pleased to grant A Wan-* to your Siruey'^' that y^ Same 

May be Layd out in order for A Confyrmation vnder his 

Majestie Att soe Easey A quitt Rent as your Excelt^ shall 

seem meet and your pettico'^' as bound in duty shall euer 


Edward Dauis 

Petition of John Shapleigh. Jan. 16. 168 jg. 

To His Excellency S^" Edmond Andros K"' Captain 
Generall and Governo^' in Chiefe of his Majes- 
ties Territory & Dominion of New : England 
The Petition of John Shapleigh of Kittery 
within the Province of ^layn — 
Humbly Sheweth 

That yo'^' Pet'^' and his Predecessor have for the space of 
Forty three yeares and upward b}^ past stood Seised & pos- 
sessed in their own right of a Tract of Land about the 
Quantity of Three hundred Acres Lying at the head of 
Spruce Crick, derived by Deed or Patent from S^' Ferdi- 
nando Gorges Knight and afterwards confirmed b}^ Richard 
Vines Steward Generall for the said S^' Ferdinando Gorges, 
included in the Tract of Six hundred Acres expres't in their 
Grant unto Thomas Withers yo"^" Pef^ Predecessor. Upon 
which said Land there hath been a considerable Estate laid 
out, in Houseing, Mills, Buildings and Improvements ; And 
neer one halfe part of the said Lands sold and disposed of 
to severall Persons now Inhabitants and dwellers thereon 

Yo^' Pef humbly Prayeth yo'" Ex^* Favour to Grant him 
a Confirmation and Patent for the alioves'^ Lands, To be 
holden of his Majesty his heires and Successo" upon such 
moderate acknowledgement and Quit Rent therefore to be 
paid as yo'^ Ex^^ shall thinke fit. 

And yo'" Pet^' as in duty bound 

n shall for ever pray (Sec" 

16« January : 168 /8 


Petition of Edward Bennett. " January 18^^ 168T' 
To his Excellency S'' Edmund Andros Kn* Cup^ Grail and 
Governour in Cheife of his Majesties Territory and Domin- 
ion of New England in America &c./ 

The humble Peticon of Edward Bennett 

That whereas your Peticon'" being Seized for severall yeares 
past of and in a peece or parcell of Land Eyeing within the 
Towne of Scarborough In the Province of Maine Containe- 
ing about Thirty Acres or thereabouts whereon hee hath 
made Considerable Settlement and Improvement 
Yo'' Pet^ therefore Humbly prayes your Excellency will be 
pleased to grant vnto your Pet^" such further Addition as 
will make vp the same One Hundred Acres vnd"^ such Mod- 
erate Quitt Rent or Accknowledgm' for the same as to yo"" 
Excellency shall seeme meete 

And yo^" Pef as in Duty bound 
shall ever pray &c,^./ 

Petition of John Teney Jan^^ : 168 j ^ 

To his Excellency S"" Edmund Andros Kn* Cap* Generall 
and Governour in Cheife of his Majesties Terrytory and 
Dominion of New England &c''./ 

The humble Peticon of John Teney of Scarborough 

in the Province ot Maine yeoman./ 

That Whereas your Peticon'' hath beene for many yeares 
both before and since the Late Indian Warr Possessed of a 
Certeine Peece or parcell of Land Eyeing in Scarborough 
aforesaid Contayneing about ffifty Acres And has made very 
Considerable Improvement thereon : And Understanding 
that Walter Gendall Esq"^ has vpon his Peticon to your Ex- 
cellency Obtained a Warrant for the Laying out of some 
Doc. Vol. vi. 21 


Lands thereto adjoyning And that by Vertue thereof hee 
hath caused the Lyne to be Runn through your Peticoners 
house and Orchard thereby Seemeing to take away your 
Peticon''s Labour and Improvement ; w'^'' would be to the 
Ruine of him and his family./ 

Your Peticou'' Therefore humbly prayes that your Excel- 
lency will be pleased to take the p'"misses into your Consid- 
eration And to grant vnto your Peticoner his Majesties 
Pattent for the said Land for the Streno^thenins: of his Title 
to the same, w"' an Addition of ffifty acres more ; vnd'" such 
moderate Quitt Rent or Accknowledgm* as to your Excel- 
lency shall seeme meete./ 

And your Peticoner as in 
Duty bound shall ever 
pray h(f-./ 

Return of Survey of John Skillings' Land. 1688. 

By vertue of A Warrant from his Excelency S"" Edmond 
Andros Cap^ Gennarall and Gouen'' in Cheife of his Majestis 
territory and Dominion of New England baring date the 
18"» of January 168^ 

3 Haue suruaied and La^'d out seuerall tracts or parcells 
of Land and Marsh for M"" John Scelling being within the 
Limits of falmoth in the prouince of Maine being siteuat 
and Lieng upon Back Coaue begining at A Certaine stake 
placed by the Coaue side and Rainging in Length on the 
North East Side North West and by North forty Chaine 
to A black oak Marked and from thence in bredth in the 
Rase South west and by south thirteene Chaine and three 
Rodd to A Maple tree Marked and then in Length on the 
South west side Rainging South East and by East forty 
Chaine to a stake plast by the Coaue side and then in 


bredth by the Coaue as it Runs to the stake where first 
began, being bounded to the North East l:)y the Land 
Clamed by John Cosse South West by Zach Whight 
northwest by Peter Bod win South East with the Coue 
Conteyniug fifty fiue Akers out of which is to bee A lowed 
a high way. 

Also another parcell of Land being siteuat and Lieng 
upon the South w^est side Casco Riuer neare Stroud water 
mills begining at A Certaine stake placed by the Riuer 
side and Rainging in Length on the west side South west 
foure Degrees westerly forty six Chaine to A pich pine 
standing at the South west Corner and then in bredth in 
the Rase South East foure degrees Southerly twelue 
Chaine and two Rodd to A black Ash and then in Length 
north East foure Degrees Easterly forty six Chaine to A 
stake placed by the Riuer and then in bredthe by the 
Riuer as it Runs to the stake where first beoan and is 
bounded N W : by Land of Georg Ingerson S : E : with 
Isack Dauis S : W : with Vacant Land N : E : by Casco 
Riuer Contents fifty seuen Akers out of which to bee 
Alowed A high way. 

Also a tract of Vpland and jNIarsh being siteuat and 
Lieng on the N E ; side of Nonsuch Riuer at A place 
Called nonsuch Marsses begining at A Certaine stake 
placed by the Riuer side and Rainging in Length S W : 
side North North East forty nine Chaines & sixty Eight 
Links to A pich pine marked and then in bredth in the 
Rase East south East fifty Chaines and A half to a pich pine 
and then in Length on the S : E side south south west 
fifty fiue Chaine to A pich pine standing l)y the Riuer 
side and then in bredth by the Riuer as it Runs to the 
stake where first began being bounded N E : by Vacant 
Land S : W by nonsuch Riuer S : E : by Cap' Siluanus 
Dauis N W : by Georg Ingorson Contayning two hun- 


dred Eighty fiue Akers of vpland and Aleuen Akers of 
Meadow Lieng by the Riuer side , 
5 Also A parcell of Marsh Lieng on the North west side 
Casco Riuer neare Kepissick and is bounded South East 
with Casco Riuer and otherways with the Vpland of Sam- 
ewell Ingerson Conteyning foure Akers and A half. 

1 Also A hous Lott whare one hee now Lines upon the 
N : W side Casco Riuer neare fort Loyall begining at A 
stake placed by the Riuer side and Rainges in Length 
north west Twenty Chtune and fifty foure Links to A 
stake placed by A fence and then in bredth South west 
foure Chaine and thirty six Links to A black burch 
Marked and then in Length South East twenty Chaine 
and fifty foure Links to A Duble black Ash tree standing 
by the Riuer Side and then in bredth by the Riuer as it 
Runs foure Chaine and thirty six Rocld but measured upon 
a straight Line being bounded on the North East with 
Land which was Allotted for the Minister North west by 
Vacant Land South west liy Georg Burrows South East 
by Casco Riuer content Eight Akers & A half out of 
which is Alowe foure Rodd wid for A streete knowne by 
the name of Queene streete. 

2 Also Another hous Lott Lieng neare his dwelling hows 
begining at the Corner of A fence and Rainging in Bredth 
South west half A poynt southerly two Chaine and thirty 
Links and then in Length South East and by South fiue 
Chaine then in bredth by fleete street East and by South 
half A poynt southerly foure Chaine ant then in Length 
one the North East side Rainging North west three quar- 
ters of A poynt northerly Eight Chaine and A half being 
bounded to the North west with qwene streete south west 
with fleete Streete North East by William Roggers South 
west by the Ministers Lott Conteyning one Aker and A 
half the whoall both Vpland and Meadow Conteynes 


foure hundred twenty three Akers j)erforined this 16'*^ of 
Aprill 16S« g 

Examined g mee Phillip Welles SurG) 

Layd downe according to the Magnett 

Ruth Yorke's Deposition. 1687. 

The Deposition of Ruth Yorke sworen saith that soom 
time in Desember laste past thare Came four Indian men to 
my howse namely Squethre Gusett Pesea Xonse Gibbens & 
a straing Indian & when I Came into my howse, thay 
Assked mee for vittells & I not making haste to Giue them 
Any thay Assked mee againe & bed mee quickley Giue 
them soom. I Answered them if thay ware in haste i 
was not Naither woold I Giue them any whare vpon thay 
Looked very surly and one of them haueing a hachet by 
his side tooke it & Came toward mee profring to knocke 
mee on the head & I went Backe into the Corner & the In- 
dian folowed mee & I did Conclude : hee woold kill mee 
But hee stop'd : his hand : and : did not : stricke : mee : 
after which : hee : asked mee for a Canowe : I towld him I 
had none the Indian Towld me I did Ley and asked whie 1 
did Ley & soe thay went away. 

att an other time in Jenuery Laste thare Came into my 
howse seurell Indians & amongst them was The abouesaid 
Gibbins whoo began a Disturbence & Asked my soon if hee 
woold Goe ought : of the : howse : my Soon Answred hee 
would not : vpon which the said Gibbens tooke howld of my 
soon by the Neckloth & did strife with him in soe much that 
my soon Cride ought hee woold Choke vpon which i my 
selfe Did Indevor to helpe him : then one of the Indian 
Squaes tooke hould of mee : l)y the head Indevring to 


Bracke my Necke but by Healpe ofl' other Squaes i got Clere 
& soe thay went iiwiiy _ _ _ 

att another time in January Thaire was two Indians in my 
howse : one by Name of Sorre Ned & peesanose : after i was 
abed abought Mid night I hard the said two Indians dis- 
course & say that thay woold kile John Riall & John York 
by shootting of them & their wifes & Children by Cutting 
them with hachetts & then thay said the Rest of the people 
woold walke away. . „ 

Nere about the same time Hope Hood Came to my howse 
& did ask mee what Nwse & I twold him the Greattest 
Newse i did hear that the Indians did intend to make war 
with the English & hee Asked how I did know & whoe 
towld mee & i towld him I Heard Indians say soe in my 
owne howse then said hee itt may bee thay ware Drunke ; 
then said I in Case thay ware drunke it is not vseiall to 
spake after such maner then hee said that upon his word 
thaire should bee no such thinge : Asking mee if i did beleue 
him or not : I towld him that the English had Gaue them 
noe Cause to make war and he Answered that the English 
had for thay had Kild or Carred away his Brother : which 
was Just Cause of warr & then I tould him that was not 
the way but hee shook! Complaine to Authority and thay 
would Wright him & he said hee would 

Sworne the 7'" of ffebruary 1687 

Before me 

Edward Tyng 
A Coppey 


The deposition of Benjamin yorke sworn saith that some 
time in January Last at euenina: he was Eating; Victuells & 
an Indian named Gibbins Came into thee house where hee 


was and disturbinof of him did Aske him whether He would 
Go out of Doors & hee Answered : no not for him : upon 
which hee Rose up & took him by the Coller & did his En- 
deauoure to Choake him hauing his hand on his Neckloth 
then his Mother did indeauoure to Clere him hy Cutting his 
neckcloth : upon which John Higgins Squaw hiid violent 
hands of her by thee head Endeauouring to twist her head 
abought & breake her neck but the other Squaws there 
presant did hinder it 


The Deposition of Richard yorke Sworne saith that in Jan- 
uary Last I went up thee woods with Hope Hood an Indian : 
about two da3'es Journy into thee woods to hunt & being 
there in the morning I went in to the woods to hunt alone 
and in the euining Returning to the wigwam in which I 
Lodged & Hope Hood when I came was drunke & told 
me Mate I think it best for you to go home now & then hee 
told me that a Strange Indian that he knew not Came to 
him & brought him Rum & made him Drunke & on the next 
day Hope & I Came downe together about halfe waye home 
where there Came to us about 30 Indian men and went to 
shootting at marks & to sing & play & daunce after theire 
owne maner in so much that that night they tooke skarce 
any rest & the next morning before day this hope got up & 
did sing & Rant Like a made Indian not heauing any drinke 
then hee Rane out of the wigwam & took his gun & shot 
it of & coming in hee shoot of twice more & betweene 
Eueri gun gaue a hoope as the maner is when tliay make an 
allarram upon which ther Came into the wigwam 10 Indians 
& sate downe & discourst in Indian after wliich discourse 
Hope whood did immitate shooting as if he were killing 


men pointing at one and another & then hee would make a 
noys Like undying man & with his ffist hee would seeme to 
stricke as if hee would knock a mans brains out 

Sworn the 7'^' of ffebrary 1687 
A coppy 

Petition of Eo¥ Elliott, ''ffeb'-v 7^^ 1687:' 

To his Excellency S"" Edmund Andros Kn* Cap*^ Gen- 
erall and Governor in Cheife of his Ma*'*'' Territory 
and Dominion of New England In New England In 

The Humble peticon of Robert 
Elliott Merchant 
Humbly Sheweth 

That your peticoner hath been long possessed of two 
several 1 flarme one Lying at Black point containg at the 
Side of Black Point River 220 acres of Vpland and Marsh 
And alsoe A farme At Dunston Containeing 230 Acres of 
Vpland and Marsh at the West side of Black point River 
and haueing Laid out severall Considerable sums of money 
And being Desirous to Expend more in the Improuem* 
thereof And for his Incouragem' 

He therefore humbly Desires that your Excellency will be 
pleased to Grant vnto him his Ma"*"' Gratious Pattent for 
the same vnder such moderate Quit Rent to his Ma"® as to 
your Excellency shall seeme meet and in order thereto your 
Excellency warrant for the surveing and Laying out thereof 
the surveyour being in the Country And your peticoner 
shall ever pray 


Petition of Mary Hooke. ''ffeb'^'J 13^'' 1687.'' 

To His Excellency S"" Edmond Andros Knight Capt" 
General 1 and Governo'' in Cliiefe in & over his Maj- 
esties Territory and Dominion of New England 

The Huni])le Peticon of Mary the wife of ffrancis 
Hooke of the Towne of Kittery in the Provynce 
of Mayne Daughter and Heiresse of Samuell 
Mavericke deceased 
Sheweth unto yo"" Excellenc}' 

That Your Peticoners said ffather the sd Samuell Maverick, 
was in the yeare of our Lord God 1648 an inhabitant and 
Owner of a place called Noddles Island in New England, 
now in the possession of Corronell Shrimpton, at which 
tynie, he (yo'' Peticon''' sd father) with some others drew 
upp a Peticon w*^"^ an intent to p''seut it to his late Maj'^ 
King Charles the first of ever blessed memory, in which 
Peticon they requested severall liberties which they did not 
then enjoy, and amongst other things for the baptizeing of 
their Children. But by some meanes or other the said Peti- 
con was discovered by the Massachusetts Government and 
the Peticon^ imprison'd for a long season, and att length all 
fined amongst which yo"" Peticon" sd flather, was fined the 
full sume of Two Hundred and ffifty pounds Sterling ; 
which sume he resolveing not to pay, and feareing the sd 
Island would be seized to make payment of itt, he made a 
Deede of Gift of the sd Island to his Eldest sonne, not w"' 
any designe to deliver the sd Deede to him but onel\^ to 
p''vent the seizure of itt. But yo"" Peticon'"'* sd Eldest 
Brother heareing of itt, by a Crafty Wile contrary to his 
Gathers knowledge gott the sd Deede into his custody. But 
whether he sold it or how he disposed of itt yo"" Peticon"^ 
canot sett forth soe that yo"" Peticon''* sd flather in his life 
tyme. And j'o"" Peticon"" since his decease hath beene de- 
barred of their just right, and parti}- by the Massathusetts 


Government continueing soe long, And yo"" Peticon'"^ ffather 
being one of the Kings Comiss'' sent w"* Collon^^ Niccolls 
Gen" S' KoM Carr & CoUon'^ Cartwright to settle the affaires 
in New York & New EngUind but were interrupted at Bos- 
ton w"' sound of Trumpett 

Wherefore yo*' Peticon'' liumbly desires yo"" Excellency to 
take the P'"misses into consideracou and to graunt her some 
reliefe therein 

And yo"" Peticon^" as in duty bound shall ever pray &c. 

Mary Hooke./ 

Petition of Sam^ Walker & B. Blachman-. 

To His Excye S' Edmond Andros Kn* Cap* Gen" 
and Govern'' in Chiefe of his Majestyes Terri- 
tory & Dominion of New England./ 

The humble Peticon of Samuel Walker of Boston Mar- 

riner and Benjamin Blackman of Saco in the Province 

of Maine 

That for about Eight yeares past yo"" Peticoners and M*" 
Sampson Sheafe of Boston Merchant have beene joyntly 
possessed of and interessed in a certaine parcel! or tract of 
Land lyeing on the East side of Saco River Conteining about 
six thousand Acres and thereon have settled about fourteen 
faniilyes and made other considerable improvements by 
building of Mills houses and fencing and clearing of Land 
att their great cost and charge And that Lately yo'' Peti- 
coner Sam" Walker hath purchased the right and interest of 
the said Sheafe and smce their Mills have beene destroyed 
by fire which y"" Peticoner is now rebuilding att his further 
Cost and Charge and altho' their Title to the said Land is 
by purchase derived from a grant made by the Councell for 
the affaires of New England in America the 12"' day of 


febry 1629 to Thomas Lewis Gentt and Cap' Richard Bony- 
thon yett they wholly submitt the same to his Majestye./ 
And humbly pray j^o"" Excye to Grant and Confirme the 
said Lands to them with such proporcon of meadow neere 
att hand as to yo'' Excye shall seeme convenient and under 
such Quittrent or acknowledgement as yo"" Excye shall 
think fitt./ And yo'' Peticoners shall pray &c : 

Sam' Walker 

By his Excye 
Referred to Liev' CoH Edward Tyng of the Councill and 
Cap' Sylvanus Davyes Justice of the peace forthwith to 
Examine the truth of the within allegacons and if any other 
persons are in possession of or Clayme the Laud within 
menconed and thereof to reporte their opinions unto me 
Dated in Boston the 2^' march 1687 

E Andros 
By his Excell' Command 
John West. D. Seer}' 

In persuance of yo'' Excellenceys Command we haue binn 
at Sacoe and made luquirey into the within mentioned 
premises and are informed that the title is as is therein Ex- 
pressed and Inprouements made accordingle}^ and thereof 
no clames within the petition'd Land 
Aprill the 30"' 1688 Edward Tyng 

Siluanus Dauis 

Wai'vant to Geo. Farewell. 1687. 

New Eng-t ss : 

To George ffarewell Gentt 
Whereas I am informed That in the Supiour Court of Pleas 
of this Territory & dominion diverse suites are Comenced 
& depending by & betweene psons Claimeing a right to the 



fee & psons imecliately occupyeing Certaine Lands & Ten- 
em'' within the towne of Ipswich & other places within y*" 
County of Essex & province of Maine in this Dominion. 
Whereof in truth his most sacred Matye is the onely Law- 
full Rightfull & absolute proprietor These are therefore to 
require authorize and Empower you in all such or Other 
Cases Wherein his Matye or his Interest or propriety is or 
may any wise be Concerned in the sd Court depending to 
appear & plead before y^ Judges of y'^ sd Court for & on 
behalfe of his sd Matye for y^ maintenance upholding & 
p^'seruing of his sd Matyes Interest Right & pperty & for 
soe doeing this shall be yo'' Sufficient Warr'. Giuen und'' my 
hand & seale att Boston y*^ 5^'^ day of March 1687. & in y® 
fourth veare of his Ma"*"' Reigne &c. 

Letter from Edward Tyng. 
ffalmouth the 14'" of March 168Vc 

I Reciued yo"^** By m"" demons with my one and two other 
Pattens which I haue deliuered and Reciued 37* of m"" Bod- 
win which I Send to yo" by Cap" Phillips Cap" Gendall will 
Bring yo^^ his to Boston my one I shall Send Spedly I thank 
yo^ ffor the Abatment of the Sealle Nath" Wallis I supose 
will waight on his Excillency with his petition whare on 
Is reported that Thomas Baker had a town grant next to 
the Emprouements of Nath^' Walles which on farther 
InQuiri we find was a mistak It was Backwards of the 
Land Walles petitions for and so he may Be accomodated 
and no hinderance to Walles In closed is myne to his Ex- 
cillency which I intreat yo" to deliuer the depositiones 
Inclosed I send ffor my word sak to sum of the Inhabitance 
of north yarmouth who about a month since ware afrighted 
By Such lik Carrages of the Indians as thay spak of and 


not without Difficulty preuailed with to stay In there habi- 
tations and apromise that that mater should he Represented 
to his Excillency. Cap" Gendall has not acommission fFrora 
his Excillency to Command north yarmouth Company which 
I supose to Be for gotten and thought ffit to mind yo" of it 
who with Cap*^ Dauice Intend Speedely to Boston By whome 
I may Giue you the trouble of Another Leter which Is 
what Is need fful att present ffrom him that Is 

S*" yo"" ffrind & Saruant 
Edward Tyng 

Petition of Roioland Young. 

To his Excel^y S"" Edm° Andross Kn* Governour of his 
Majes^y^ Territory and Dominion of New England 

The Humble Petioii of Rowland Young 
Sheweth/ That yo"" Petion" father was an Inhabitant In 
the towne of Yorke in the province of Maine Nigh ffifty 
Yeares, there he brought vp a great fiamely of Childeren, 
and by his Labour Purchased a Small Tract of Land in the 
Same Towne, Eight Acres whereof he gaue to 3'o'" petiofi'' : 
That you'' petion'' about Sixteene yeares agoe : Laid out 
about One Hundred & ffifty pounds in Building vpon the 
Said Land, but in the time of the Late Indian Warr yo"" 
petioii''* house was burnt & he & his fRimely Exposed to 
Hardshipp, that the Select men of the Said Towne of Yorke 
being sensible of yo*" petion'^' Great Losse did offer to bestow 
vpon yo'' petion'" Eighteene Acres of Land out of fence & 
vn improued adjoyneing to yo'' petion''^ land but it was never 
laid Out to him Nor as Yett disposed of to any other gson 
Now in as much as yo"" petion'" has built a little house vpon 
his Land & haueing agreat Charge of Childeren, is not able 
to Support his fiamely vpon that Land Left him by his 
ffather, he humbly prays yo'' Excell'^^' to graunt vnto him & 


his heyres the abous'' Eighteene Acres of Land vn improued 
& out of ffenee vpon Such Modderate quitt Rent as to yo"" 
Excelly Shall Seeme Meete/ 

And Yo"- Petion"- Shall Euer pray 


Petition of Philip Horman. 

To his Excelt S"" Edmund Andros Kn* Capt" Gener- 
all and Governour in Cheife of his Maj"''* Territory 
and Dominion of New England &c./ 

The Humble Petition of Philip Horman of 
Casco l)ay Marrin'" 

That Whereas your Petition'' hath beene an Inhabitant in 
these parts neere 5 yeares and hath neuer had any Land to 
Settle upon And your peticon'' knoweth that there is a hun- 
dred Acres of vacant Land in Casco bay aforesaid, Twenty 
part thereof is Scituate betweene Capt" Edward Tyngs Land 
and John Skilling & fronted upon the said Riuer of Casco. 
And the Residue thereof being Eighty Acres is Scituate and 
Lyeing between Capt" Siluanus Davis Lands and the 
Widow Oliuer, and fronts upon the said River, and is will- 
ing to Settle and Improue the Same, If may have the En- 
couragement of your Exceli^ grace and fauour to grant him 
the said Two parcells of Land./ 

Your Petition'' Therefore most humbly pray's your Excetl^ 
to grant him his Maj"'''' Pattent for the said Lands under 
such moderate Quitt^rente as to your Excell* shall seeme 
And y"^ Pet' shall euer pray./ 

Philip Horman. 


Petition of T. Woodbridge. 

To his Excellency S"" Edtnund Andros Kn* Captain-Generall 
& Governour in Chief of this his Majesties Territory & 
Dominion of New Enghmd in America The Humble Peti- 
tion of Timothy Woodbridge of Hartford 

That your petition"" in Right of his wife has Claim to the 
quantity of one thousand acres of vacant Land lying upon 
y* River Saco in the province of Main on y"" west side of y* 
said River adjoyning to the vpper part of Sahnon falls there 
under the title of Maj"" William Philips but being sensible 
of some defects in the Lawfull Conveyance thereof humbly 
submitts the same to his Majesty — 

And prayes that your Excellency will please to grant 
the said parcell of Land to him his heirs & assigns for ever 
by pattent vnder his Majesty upon such favovrable Rents or 
acknowledgements as may seem Meet to your Excellency 

And your Petitioner shall pray &c 

Petition of B. Woodbridge 

To His Excellency S"" Edmund Andros Kn' Cap* Generall 
and Govern'' in Chiefe of his Majesty^ Territory and Domin- 
ion of New England in America 

The Huml)lc Petition of Benjajamin 
Woodbridge of Kytery Sheweth 

That Your Petitioner Stands Seized and Possessed of a Cer- 
tain Tract or Parcell of Land Lying and Being in the Town- 
ship of Kytery upon Piscataqua River Opposite to Great 
Island by virtue of Deeds Thereof from John Shapleigh 
"who hath been for Diverse Years Possessor thereof the said 
Land being about two hundred and fifty Acres ~ 
Your Petitioner Therefore Huml)ly prays that Yo"" Excel- 
lency wmU Please to Grant your Order that the Same May 
be Surveyed — and that he may Obtain of Yo"" Excellency 


a Patent for the same under the Seale of this his Majestys 
Territory under Such Moderate Quitt Rents as to Yo'" Ex- 
cellency shall Seenie Meet 

And Yo' Petition"" sha 

Ben : Woodbridge 

Petition of George Felt 

To His Excellency S"" Edmund Andros Kn* one of his 
jyjj^jties Qjoj^t honourable privy bed chamber Cap' Generall 
and Gov"" in chief in and over his Maj"'-'' Territory and Do- 
minion of New England in America 
The Humble Petition of George Felt Sen"" of Maulden 

That it is my grief that I am compelled to trouble yo"" Ex- 
cellency at this time But having about eighteen yeares since 
purchased of one Ju" Phillips of Boston Gen' kte Deceased 
a farme or Plaintation at a place called the Great Cove (in 
Caskoe Bay) containing about two thousand acres of upland 
and marsh as by a firm Deed under s*^ Phillips hand and 
seale &c. for which I then paid him Sixty pounds money, 
and improved s'^ Farme or Plaintation severall year's before 
I bought it so that the whole time of my occupying of it 
was about one and twenty year's But some time after the 
late Indian w^arr it was with held from me by some of the 
inhabitants of s'' Towni of Caskoe Bay and being by sd warr 
mu<ih impoverished I could not recover it out of their hands. 
I also am now forced to suff'er for want of convenient care 
taken of me in my present distresse being about Eighty 
seaven year's old and very crasy and weak./ 
Therefore yo"" Petitio'' recomendeth his case to yo'' Excellen- 
cies prudent consideration humbly beceaching and earnestly 
begging that if it seem meet and convenient yo*" Excellency 
would be pleased to favo"" yG"" petitio"" that he may have a 
confirmation of his s'^ land und"" such moderate quit rent &c. 
as well as an ord'' to y"^ Townsmen of Maulden aboves'^ for 


some thino* at present to releave y"" petition'' in this his ex- 
treem poverty &c The Nvhich shall farther oblige yo'" petitio"" 
as in duty bound daily to pray for y' Excellency &c./ 

Petition of Enoch Wiswall 

To his Excel"-^ S"" Ediii'^' Andros K"" Cap* Gen"" and 
Govern'' in Cheife in and Over his Ma''^^ Territoryes 
and Dominions of New England &c 
The Peticon of Enoch Wiswall of Dorchester in the County 
of Suffolke Humbly Sheweth 

That y'' Peticoner formerly purchased of Joseph Nash of 
Dorchester aforesayd a Certaine gcell of Vpland and Meadow 
Scituate Lying and being in Cascoe Bay in the Province of 
Maine running by y*^ side of Arisikett Kiver runing from y^ 
second Northwardly conteyning by Estimacofil Three hun- 
dred Acres or thereabouts with all the Meadow therto be- 
longing the One gcell of Meadow haveing a pond in the 
Middle and 3 pcells more by the side of the vpper part of 
y® River — Conteyning in all about Twenty or Thirty Acres 
which y'" Peticoiier is desirous to Improve 
And therefore Humbly prayes that y'" Excet'^''' would be 
pleased to Issue out y"" warr* to the survey"" for the Laying 
out the same in Ord'' to y"" Peticoners takeing a Patent and 
Confirmacon of y*" same from y"" Excet und'' such Moderate 
Quitt Rent as to y"" Excet'^'''' shall seem meet 

And y"" Peticoner shall ever pray &c 

Enoch Wiswall 

T'he Accompt of Henry Maine Administrato' of all & sin- 
gular the Goods and Chattels of his Father Henry Maine 
late of Isles of Sholes deceased intestate, Aswell of, and 
for such and so nmch of the goods and Chattels of the de- 
ceased as came to his hands, as of and for his payments and 
disbursements out of the same as folio weth./. 
Doc. Vol. vi. 22 



The said Adminisf chargetli 
himselfe with all and singu- 
lar the Goods Credits and 
Estate of the Deceased Spec- 
ified in an Inventory thereof 
made and exhibited into the 
Secretary' Office 3" August 
1687. Amounting as g the 
same Inventory doth appear 
vnto the Sume of 


>£3 10:00:00 

00: 00 

The beforenamed Administrato' 


desiieth allowance of the several! 


charges and certain Debts oweiog 

by the deceased at the time of 


death, which this Accompt hath 


since paid and discharged 



To Letters of Admcon & Bond 




To M'' Samuel Belcher 




To John Shute 





To Thomas Dimond 




To Robert Thomas 




To William Goodhue 



: 00: 

To Andrew Dimond 




To Henry Putt 





To Edward Undery 

4< _ 




To Samuel Hockeday 

11 _ 

" ~ ) 



To Roger Davis 

l< _ 




To James Blackdon 





To Richard Ambros 


■ - ; 



To Richard Rawlins 





To Thomas Fiirnall 





To Andrew Dimond 





To William Mitchell 





To Andrew Dimond 





To Robert Elliot 





To Thomas Goss 





To William Waymouth 





To Walter Bedden 





To John Fabins 





To M>' John Wainwright 





To Daniel Westcourt 





To Peter Lewis 





To Joseph Curtis 





To John Shute 





To One Fishing Shallop & a 

Appuces given in upon 
Inventory at £ 25 





since Lost at Sea - - 


! = ( 

33 = 


Rest to liallance 



16 = 


£310: OU: 00 

Errors Excepted 
g Henery Maine 


Petition of JEnoch Wiswall 

To his Excel^y S"" Edm" Andros Kn^ Cap* Gen'"' and 
Govern'' in Cheife in and Over his ]\Ia''''^ Teritory and 
Dominion of New Eng'hmd in America 
The Humble Peticon of Enock Wiswall of Dorchester 
in the County of Snffolke 
Humbly Sheweth 

Vnto y"" Excel*^^' that about 2 yeares since yo"" Peticoners 
bought of Joseph Nash of Boston Marriner as |3 his Deed to 
him thereof a Certaine gcell of Land conteyning about 300 
Acres with a Suitable Quantity of Meadow therto belonging 
Scituate lyeing and being in Cascoe Bay in y'' Province of 
Maine bounded on the East l)y the North of Arisikett River 
on the west by the Land of Henry Lane. Y'' Peticoner like- 
wise prayes a Grant of a Certaine Island neare the sayd 
Land not claimed by -any called by the Name of Rasbury 
conteyning about 40'' Acres it Lying convenient to the sayd 

Of all w*^'' Lands and Meadow y'' Peticoners Prays to have 
his Ma"® Grant And that a Warr' may issue for the survey- 
ing the same accordingly und'' such ^Moderat Quitt Rents 
as to y"" Excetcy shall seem meet And y'' peticors shall 

pray &c — 

Enoch Wiswell 

Petition of A. Adams ^ TF'"' Rogers 

To his Excellency S'" Edmund Andros Kn* Cap' Generall 
and Governour in Cheife of his Majesties Territory and 
Dominion of New England in America &q./ 

The humble of Peticon of Abraham Adams of 
Boston C(K)per and William Rogers of Caskoe 
bay in the Province of Maine Husband./ 

That 3^our Peticone''s in right of their wives who were the 
Daughters of M'' Arthur Mackworth ot Caskoe bay afores"* 


Deceased Lay Claiiiie to a Ceitaine tract or parcell of vplancl 
Containing about five hundred acres ; alsoe about twelue 
acres or there abouts of Meadow fronting y* s'^ five hundred 
acres ; As alsoe a Small Island comonly called or knowne 
by the name of Mackworth Island And being Sensible that 
one James Andrews has Obtained a Pattent from yo'" Excel- 
lency of ab* 120 Acres of y" s'' Vpland And Likewise your 
Petition's being Sensible that Elisha and Joshuah Andrews 
Sonns of the said James Since their fFathers Obtaining his 
Pattent, have Peticoned ; yo'' Excellency for a Grant of 150 
Acres more of j-o*" Peticone''s five hundred ; Which if Ob- 
tained will be to the vtter Rhuine of your Pet's 
Therefore yo^ Pefs humbly beg that yo'' Excellency will be 
pleased to sett aside the s'' Elisha and Joshuah Andrews 
Peticon And Issue forth yo"" Warr' for y*^ Survey of the 
above Lands Yo'" Peticone''s being willing & Satisfied to pay 
such Moderate Quitt Rent or Accknowledge to his Majestic 
as to your Excellency Shall seenie meete./ 

And yo' Pefs as in Duty 

bound Shall ever pray &c 
Abraham Adams 
W" Rogers 

Petition of John Yoj-k 

To his Excellency S'^' Edmund Andros K" Captaine Gen- 
narall and Cheife gouarnar ouer his ]\Iajesties Territor}^ and 
dominion of New England = 

The humble pettition of John Yorke. — 
Sheweth to your Excillency that you'' Pettitionar hath bine 
possesed of A parrsell of Land Lying in y® Towne of North 
Yarmouth in y'' prouince of Maine Contt About three hun- 
dred Acres On the y'' which he Now Liueth and hath bine 
att ffi'oat Charoes in buldinge & fencinge togeather with 


Eight Acres of Massh fewer of which Lyeth one y*" Estern 
Side of y'' Estermost bniinch of Cozens is Riuer y*^ other one 
y^ westward brainch of y'' Same Riuer = 
Your pettin"" hiunbloy prayes your Exclly that y* Aboue 
said premisses may be Confirmed to your peltition"" vnder 
his Majesties patton together with three hundred Acres of 
Vacant vp Land one y*" Estermost Side Cozens is Riuer and 
iowerteen Acres of Vacant ^Nlassh or Swamp wheare itt may 
be found Att Sqe Easey Aquitt Rent as shall Seeme ^Nleete 
to your Excilly and your ])ettiti()n'' shall Euer pray. 

John York 

Petition of Richard Short. 

To his Excillency S"" Edmund Andros Knight Captaine Gen- 
narall and Cheife Gouarnar ouer his Majesties Territory and 
dominion of New England = 

The humble pettio" of Rich Short 
Sheweth to }our Excillency tahat your pettition'' hath Sirued 
An aprentiship in y"^ townc of Xorthyarmouth prouince of 
Maine and hath for seuarall yeares since bine An inhabbi- 
tant in y*" said Towne and hath not one flfoote of Land tibr 
his present settelment = 

Your Pettitionar humbly pniyes 3'our Excillency that you 
would be pleased to grant him one hundred Acres of Vacand 
vpland togeather with twelue Acres of vacant Swamp : for 
his present settelment and that y" same may be Confirmed 
to your pettitio' by his [Majesties patton att soe Easey A 
quitt Rent as Shall Seeme meete to your Excelly tt your 
pettition Shall Euer pi'ay = 

Rich Short 


Petition of Savi'- Picke 

To his Excilty S' Edmund Andros K" Captaine Gen- 
iiaiall and Cheife Gouarnar ouer his Majesties Terri- 
tory & domminion of New Enghmd = 

The humble pettition of Samuel picke 
She^Yeth to you^" Excillency that your Pettion"" togeather 
with his fFather Ricli : picke decesed hath possesed : And 
Improued A Certaine parrsell of Land : Lyinge one y*^ west 
side Mussell Coue Riuer : togeather with fow"" Acres of Med- 
dow Adjoyninge to y*^ Saide Lands with A small mash Ly- 
inge between y*^ broad Massh and m^ James Andros his 
Mash one y^ North Est side presumsgatt Riuer Contt About 
one Acre and is Now in Acttuall Imprment of y*^ premisses 
hath bine att create Charijes in buldino-e and fFencino;e = 
Humbly prayinge your Excilly that the Aboue Said Land 
and Meddow togeather With y Benitit of the Streame for 
to buld A grist Mill vppon May be Confirmed to your pet- 
tition'' with one hundred Acres of vacant Land Next Adjoyn- 
inge att Soe Easey A quitt Rent as Shall Seeme Meeate to 
your Excilly and your pettir shall Euer pray = 
ffallmouth Samuel Picke 

Petition of Ambros Boivdin Seri^ 

Scarbrough To his Excill^ S'' Edmund Andros Knight Cap' 
pro : Maine Gennaral and Cheife Gouai'nar ouar his Maj- 
esties Territory and dominion of New England : 
The huml)le Pettion of Ambros : Bowdin 
Senior = 
Sheweth to your Excilly that your Petf hath I)in and Now 
is possesed of two hundred xlcres of Land and About twen- 
tie Acres of Meddow Lyinge one y^ West side Spurwinck 
Riuer for y" Space of thiilie yeares and vpwards wheareone 
he hath Settelled three tenniments and hath made Considd- 
erable Improuements 


Your Pettioii'' liumbley prayse your Excilly that the Saide 
Land and Meddow may be Confirmed to him by his Majes- 
ties Patton w"' An Addition of three hundred Acres of 
Vacant Land Neare Adjoyninge Att Soe Easey A quiet Rent 
As your Excilly Shall Seem Meeate — 
And your petf As bound in duty Shall Euer pray 

Ambros Bovvdin 

Petition of P. Denmark sen*" 

To his Excellencye 

S' Edmond Andros Kn' Cap* Generall & Govern'" in cheife 

of all his Majest's Territorye & Dominion of New=England 

The petition of patrick Demnarke seni' of Saco huml)ly 

That y^' petiton^' having lived many yeares in sd towne & 
now having a great Charge of Children but Could never pro- 
cure any land liy reason of his one povertyc & others high 
Demands to this day 

Hee Therfore humble prayes y"" Plxcellency'* graunt of one 
hundred acres of vacant Lands about three miles to the 
Westward of Saco riv'" neare the way to Wells with ten 
acres of meadow ground also vacant adjoyning therunto 

And hee shall Ever pray 

Petition of Nath. Fryer 

To His Excellency S' Edmond Andros K' Cap' Gen" 

& Govern^' in Cheif of this His ^W' Territory & 

Dominion of New^rEngland. 

The humble Petition of Nathaniel ffryer of 

the Province of Main Esq, 

That wheras yo^' Petitioner did prefer a Petition to yo'" Ex- 
cellency wher at Casko Bay for that neck of land called 


Cape Elizabeth but M^' Robert Jordan owing- the one half 
I only humbly crave a Confirmation from yo"" I^xcellency for 
the other hiilf which I bouiiht of said Jordan being about 
Six hundred acres togather with the Marsh as also Twenty 
acres of Marsh in Spurwink River joyning to Cap- Walter 
Gendalls Marsh, all which hinds y^ said Gendal can informe 
yo^" Excellency, that yo"" Petitioner hath been at very great 
charges in the improvement of them. Also yo^" Petitioner 
humbly begs yo"" Excellency for ffifty acres of Upland joyn- 
ing to the Marsh next Cap' Gendals 

Therfore yo'" Petitioner most humbly craves of yo*" Excel- 
lency a Confirmation of the Same, so that his Title may be 
good therto. 

And yo^ Petition'' as in duty 
l)ound shall ever Pray &c 
Nathan" ifryer 

To his Excellency the Gov'' & Council! 
of his Maj"^^ Territory &c. 

The Petition of Bridgett Phillips 
widow, Relict of Will"' Phillips And 
Samuell Phillips soil and heir 
ofy^' s^^ William Phillips 
Humbly Sheweth 

That Whereas yo^ Petition's stand seized of a considerable 
tract of land formerly Called and known by the name of 
Sawgadock alias Saco lying scituate in the Province of 
Maine within his Maj"*^^ Territory and Dominion of New 
England, granted by the right Hon''''' the Couneill of Plimo'' 
in the County of Devon for the affayres of New England in 
America, unto John Ouldham and Richard Vines their heirs 
and Assignes for ever by grant under their common Scale 
in the yeare of o' lord God 1629, and Seisin and possession 
thereof taken by s'' Richard Vines, planted and inhabited 


by a considerable number of persons and ffimiilys pursuant 
to the said giant, and afterwards granted by s'' Vines unto 
Docter Jolin Childe by the name of Sawgadock alias Saco 
Anno 1645, and by the s'' Child alienated into John Bex and 
Comp" Owners of the s'^ Iron Avorks — and by their Agent 
and Attorney (impowred so to do) passed by Deed unto 
the s'' William Phillips with livery ot Seisin executed there- 
vpon An° 1659, and quietly and peaceably possessed and 
occupied by him and others under him for the space of neer 
thirty year's now by past untill of late molested and inter- 
rupted by one m^" George Turfrey upon vain and frivolous 
pretentions who by falacious insinuations and suggestions 
hath sought to undervalue and defame their title thereto, 
sometimes pretending to claim in right of one m^" Abraham 
Heaman, otherwiles labouring to obtain a grant thereof to 
himselfe, insinuating as if the sd Maj'' Phillips had paid but 
a very inconsiderable value or consideiation for the s'' pur- 
chase which is altogether untrue, for the tirst purchase hath 
not stood him in so little as two hundred and fifty pounds 
besides his great disbursments and expences laid out in the 
improvements made thereon, and now endeavors used by 
the s*^ m'" Turfrey to disinherit his children 
Therefore yo'' Petitio" humbly pray that yo"" Excellency & 
Councill will be pleased to free them from the unwearied 
and troublesome pursuit of the said m*' Turfrey, for their 
right and possession, they haveing nothing but lands where- 
with to pay the debts of the deceased, and to sul^sist of if 
any be remaining, who if he hath any lawfull claim to make 
unto any part of s^ lands they shall endeavour to make their 
defence wdien due process therein shall be attended 

And yo"" Petitio''* shall for ever pray &c. 


Petition of Rev. Geo. Burroughs 
To his Excellency S^" Edmund Andros Knight Cap* Grail & 
Gouern'" in chief of his Majestyes Territory & Dominion of 
New England in America, &c. 

The Petition of Georije Burroush 
humhly sheweth ; 
Wherea8 your Petitioner hath giuen him by y'^ Towne 
of Scarbrough ten Acres of Land, & iraproued part of y® 
same by planting, but holding it by no other right y" 
a Towne grant, which is inualid : Your Petitioner y'^fore 
liumbly prayes your Excellency to confirme y*" same with an 
addition of ninety Acres, and marsh proportionable ; & your 
Petitioner shall readily pay what Quick-Rent your Excel- 
lency shall se meet to put upon it ; & shall (as in duty 
bound) for euer pray : &c. 

Petition of John Osborne 

To his Excellency S'' Edmund Andros knight Cap' Generall 
& (xouernour in chief of his Majesties Territory & Domin- 
ion of New-England in America. 

The Petition of John Osborne, 

humbly sheweth, 
Whereas your Petitioner hath of the Towne of Scarbrough 
to the number of thirty Acrees of Land, yet holding it 
only by uirtue of a Towne grant, which is little worth, your 
Petitioner therefore humbly prayes your Excellency to con- 
firme the same numl)er of Acrees, with an addition of fifty 
Acrees, and Marsh proportionable, and your Petitioner shall 
willingly pay what quick Rent your Excellency shall se good 
to put on it. 

Letter [/rom Joseph Ditdlei/'] to Col. Udw'' Tyng- 
Coll Tyng 

Your desires of a supply of Men to [go] & re inforce 
your Neighbours is agreeable to y" Letters ot M"" Stoughton 


& j\I'' Hinks as well as our own thoughts upon }'■ ))lace & 
though his Excellency 1)0 still absent we are by no Means 
willing that any thing for his Majestys seruice & y" security 
of his good people in your parts be wanting & y'^foi'e are 
with all speed dispatching to you a sloop with forty men & 
an officer to be at y'' direction of your self & such other 
Gentlemen of y*" Councill as may be with you, with our ad- 
vice that y^ be first Impowred to asist & Comfort y" sever- 
all parts that haue been any wayes distressed by y*^ fear of 
y*^ Enemy & then that N. yarmouth by y"" assistance be 
resetled & y" pe()[)le sent back with assui-ance that they 
shall in all things be supported & assisted as any other place 
in y"^ governm'. Let y'^ forces sent you be as Carefully & 
dilligently employed as may be that y*^ Indians may know 
y*^ Goverm' here is sensible of y'" Late Injuryes we are dis- 
patching your several I Letters to his Ex-cellency as we shall 
do at all times what we receive from you. Expecting y* 
you will not be wanting to Inform what is Necessary for 
his Majestyes Service & your own security. 

you must use ;dl Methods to know y'" Motions of y*^ 

y'" place of being, & resolution which by some of yoursidfes 
you may possibly bring to pass. 

Petition of P. Fletcher. 

To his Excel lencye 
S** Edmond Andros Kn^ Cap^ General 1 & Govern'' in cheife 
of all his majests Territory & Dominion of N : england 

in Aniorica 

The petition of pendleton ffletcher of Sacoe humbly 

She wet h 
That wheras y'' petition*" hath long stood possessed of a 
tract of land by gift of his grandfather maj"" Bryan pendle- 
ton by him purchased of M'' liobert Jordan c^ hee of Gov- 


ern'' Rich'"(l Vines about forty yeares since & yet y** petition"" 
stands possessed of said lands notwithstanding y*^ suit of iVF 
Vines Elicott at his majestis Superio*" court at Wells wher 
was declared y^ petition''s right to s'^ lands with two small 
adjacent islands all Conteining about two hundred acres also 
one hundred acres given y'" petition' by his Grandmother 
latly deceased & purchased by her husband of one Jn° West 
lying upon Saco River on y*^ southward side 

Your petition"" therfore humbly prays your Excellencye 
graunt of survey & Confirmation of the s*^ lands islands & 
w* marsh is therupon Contained at such moderate rents to 
his Majesty as y'' Excellencye shall appoint & hee shall 


Letter. Pendleton Fletcher to M"- West. 1688. 
W West On*^'" Su'' I cannot think y' thare be any titels of 
Lands in this prouins that be farm and substantiall on le"es 
his Magestey do confarem them therefore these considera- 
tions has cased me to make application to his Exelencey the 
o-ouerner by way of patichon for wurant of suruay of my 

*" chon 

Land as your oner will undersand l)y y'^ inclosed pat and 
not hauing any aquaintans in l)oston so sutable as yourself 
to conuay this inclosed to y" gouerner it thare fore imbold- 
ens n)e to trubble you with thes fuw lins and allso with y^ 
care of deleuering y*" inclosed patsichon to y** gouerner not 
withstanding y" small aquaintans that your oner has with 
me yet I hoop you will be pleased to deleuer it for me and 
if warant be granted and thare be any disbursmend opon it 
I shall be ready to satesfi it 

Sur I pray porden my boldnes In writing y® vasell taring 
for my leter caseth me to be short so I remain your frend 
and suruant 
Winter harbur July y-^ 28^" 1688 

Pendleton Fletcher 


Petition of Pierre Baudoln 

A Sou Excellence monsieur legouerneiir 
En chef delanouelle Engleterre 
Supplie huml)lement pierre baudoin, disant qiiil apleu a 
vostve Excellence deluy accorder, Cent acre deterre En 
ladependance de tfalmouth prouince de mayne, et me[ttre] 
ordonne au Sieur richard elements hcrpant decette partie 
depute de En faire re})artiment, ajn-es quoy en faire son 
raport aux fins quil soit deliure par un baillettee deladite terre 
Et dautant que par la fuitte du sup'""" du royaume de 
[France], pays desanaissance causee les rigeurs quy cy Ex- 
erce contre [apostats] de religion, 11 apreque tout perdu ce quil 
[poss^dait] que luy [le reste] a Eniployd a Son transport ot 
dela famille sur ces territoires estant au nombre desix 
personnes ayant quatre petits Enfans quy ne Sont Encore 
En age degaign le vie, Ce considerant monsieur qu'Il plaite 
a vostre Excellence de continuant vos faueur En lesu})- 
lexliant deluy faire deliur ladite baillette pour deterre et de- 
enpter pour quelques annees des Taxes quy selev<i sur 
les propriataires des terres Et lesupliant Continue aprier 
dieu pour la prosperite de vostre Excellence, ayant doja 
pay^ audit elements trente quatre shillings deux penny en 
argeant tant pour le vente de 90 acres deladite terre que 
pour cerifficats conime II a[)parait nescssaire, ayant 6t^ 
oblige de [vendre] quelque Eiiaits, quy luy ont donne a 
moyte dejuste pris pour auoir argeant pour ledit elements. 

Pierre Baudouin 


Petition of Inhah^^ of Kittery. 

To His Excellency S'' Edinond Andros Kn' Capt" 
Gennerall and Governo'" in chiefe in and over his 
Maties Territory and Dominion of New England &. 
The humble Peticon of severall of the Inhabitants of 
the Towne oi Kittery in the Provynce of Maine 
Sheweth unto yo'' Excellency 

That Whereas yo"" Peticon'"s have purchassed severall Tracts 
and parcells of Land lyeing in 8pruce Creek att a yjlace 
called the Mill-Creek in the said Towne of Kittery contayn- 
ing about or near Thousand acres and have possessed 
the same for a very c()nsi[derable] tyme and have beene att 
a vast charge and expence and mos[t have] spent all their 
tyme and Labour to improve the same for thTeir] and the 
Countries benetitt : There is lately a Warr* from [yo'' Exc] 
=lency to a survayo'' to lay out the said Land in order to yo'" 
Exc[lency] granting a confirmacon for the same (as the sd 
Warr*^ doth exp[ress] to Capt'^ Walter Barefoot as haveing 
made improvem* on the sa[me] when as he never made 
any improvement neither did he ever [make] any clayme as 
yo'" Peticon'"s ever heard of untill now, neither [did] ever 
disturb or Molest them in the possession and improv[ement] 
thereof or any part thereof./ 

Wherefore yo'" Peticon'^' humbly intreate yo"" Ex[clency] to 
grant the sd Capt" Barefoot noe confirmacon [of] sd Lands 
untill they have a tryall or hearing for [the] same either by 
persons appoyntcd by yo'" Excellency [to] give a report of 
the same or any other way as to yo"" Excellency shall seem 
meet and if yo'" Excellency shall find y[o'"] Peticon'"s have 
a good right and title to the same th[at] y''"' would be 
pleased to grant y"' his Maj''*"^ confirmacon [to] it that soe 
they may not be utterly ruin'd by y'' loss of sd Estates 
And as in duty bound they shall ever pray &c. 


Signed by us Owners and Possesso" of the w'''in mencond 

John Shapleigh 
John Holess and in behalfe 
of Richard Monson 
Williau) ffernald ^--', 

Joseph Curtis 

the marke of 

C H 

Enock Hutchings 
the mark of 

Grace I Lewis in behalfe 

of her liusband Peter Lewis./ 
the marke of 

Edmond ^*f~ Hamonds 


Henrie W Brooking -j- 

the mark off & for 


Henry Bodge 

Joseph Wilton in behalfe of 
himselfe and Andrew Haley, and 
Kobert Esmond/ 


John Sheppard & for Paule 

nathannel Sene 
Elizabeth Wythers 
w^'' seu'"all others 


Petition of Creorge Hisket 

To his Excellency S"" Edmund Andros Kn^ Cap' Generall & 
Gov'' in chief in and over his Maj"*^^ Territory and Dominion 
of New England in America &c./ 

The Humbe Petition of George Hisket ot Boston 

That Whereas yo' Petitio'' went with his Sloope and Sever- 
all hands to New : Darthmouth in Sheepscot=River w"' pur- 
pose to bring from thence a Ship, belonging to y"" Petitio"^ & 
Thomas Atkins of Boston House=carpenter, whereupon yo"^ 
Petitio*" got a Bill of Sale signed and Deliuered by the 
builder for s'' Ship, and acknowledged before Cap* Nich* 
Maning Justice of the Peace there. But before y"" Petitio"" 
could set sail and come from thence w"* her, s'^ Cap' Maning 
detained y'^ s'' Ship, and prest from yo'" petition'" his powder, 
and left him but seven pounds for his own & fourteen gsons 
besides defence : yo'' Petition'" therefore with the men with 
him wanting amunition, and provission by his long tarrying 
there, petitioned to the a'^ Cap*^ Maning that yo"^ petion'" 
might come to Boston or go to Pemequid for relief. But s'^ 
Cap' Maning was not willing 1 should ; yo'" Petition'' having 
a family on board his vessell, and a sick woman, Avas forced 
to come for provision, & Ammunition for his defence, and 
others in his and s'' Thomas Atkins's employ, yo"" Petitio" 
constant sence & opinion being, (and hope allwaies shall 
be) that it is his duty to be ol)edient to Authority, but at 
that time he was constrained by necessity to come to Bos- 
ton for relief. 

Therefore yo'" Petitio"" recoiiiendeth his case to yo"" Excelien- 
cys prudent consideration, begging ExXcuse (if he hath done 
amiss, in that great strata and trouble, to come to Boston 
for reliefe to yo"" Excellency) As also that he may have an 
order to bring from s'' River of Sheepscot, the said Ship, 
and Eleven men that are Sailers and carpent'^ ])elonging to 
her, Shee having lain a long time at yo"" petitio'"' and the 


aboves*^ Atkins's great cost aiul charge and being a frade 
she will be frozen in or otherwise keept from us by the 
troubles there, to our great impoverishment (if not ruin) 
without she be speedily brought from thence : therefore 
earnestly begging direction herein. The which shall farther 
yo"" Petitio"" as in duty bound daily to pray for yo'" Excel- 
lency &c./ 

Petition of Tho^ Doughty. 
To his Excellency S' Edniond Andros Cap' General 
& Governo'" of his Ma"^'^ Territory & Dominion of 
New England in America &c 
Humbly Sheweth 

Whereas yo"" Petition"" Thomas Doughty of Saco in the 
Province of Main hath had m his Possession a certaine 
Tract of fresh ]\Lirsh lying in the little Desart neer Swan 
Pond w^hich yo'' Petition'" hath made use of this twenty 
yeares or there abouts which w'" 300 Acres of Upland and 
the Grist Mill I)uilt by yo"" Petition"" at his sole charge 
Your Petition'" prayes that yo'" Exccll'**" would be pleased to 
grant a Warrant for the admeasuring the same 
And Your Petition"" as in duty l)()und shal ever pra}' &c 

Thomas Doughty 

Petition of John Ball. 

To his Exce^'^ Sir Edmond Andros Kn' Capt Gen- 
eral and Govern"" in Chief of his Ma'" Dominion of 
New England. 

The humble Peticon of John Ball of Kittery in the 
Province of Main, Husbandman 
Humbly showeth, 

That whereas your Peticoner hath served in the late In- 
dian War, without any recompence from y^ Countrey where 
he now inhabiteth, but was forced for y"" maintenance of his 
Doc. Vol. vi. 23 


Dumerous ft'aniily, to purchase Twelve acres of Land there, 
and paid therefore Nine pounds Seven shillings And yo"^ 
Peticon'' hath improved y*^ same. 

Your Peticon'' therefore humbly prays, That your ExcelP® 
will be pleased, for the Contirmacon of the said Twelv acres 
& addition of Twenty acres lying at the head thereof, & his 
incouragement for y*" future improvement of y^ same ; To 
grant yo'* Peticon"^ His Ma*^ Patent with such moderate Ac- 
knowledgments to His Ma*y as to yo"" Excel^*^ shal seem meet 
And yo"" Peticon"" shall ever pray &c. 

Petition of John Sharpe. 

To his Excellencie S'' Edmond Andros Kn' Cap' Gen- 
eral! & Govern"" in cheife of all his Majestyes terri- 
tory & Dominion of N : England 

The petition of Jn° Sharpe 
of Saco humbly 

That y"" petition'" for twenty yeares last pas* hath possessed 
& improved a tract of land about one hundred acres by the 
graunt of Jeames Gibbons his father in law on y® Eastern 
side of Sacoe River with about tenn acres of marsh 

Y"" petition"" therfore huml^ly prayes your Excellencies 
graunt of survey & Confirmation of sd Land & marsh 

& he shall ever [pray] 

Petition of George Little. 

To his Excellencye S"" Edmond Andros Kn' Cap' 
Generall & Governor in cheife of all his Majests ter- 
ritory & Dominion of new england In America 

The petition of George Little of Nuberye 
humbly sheweth 

That y"" petition"' purchased of Seaborne Cotton four hun- 
dred acres of land aboue tenn yeares since w'='" w'as formerly 


graunted to his father & lately taken up ])y y'" petitioner on 
y'' north side of a pond Called swan pond west waid from 
Sacoe river u[)on which land charge hath arisen to value of 
40'^' pds & no protitt hitherto & being upon y*" north side of 
philips patent 

y Petitioner y''fore humbly prayes your Excellencyes Con- 
firmation of sd Lands to him having children to place upon 
it & also some adjacent meadow & 

hee shall Ever pray 

Petition of John Bonighton 

To his Excellencye S"" Edniond Andros Kn' Cap* 
Generall & Govern'' in Cheife of all his Majest^ ter- 
ritorye and Dominion of N : England in America 

The petition of Jn° Bonighton 
of Sacoe humbly sheweth 
That wheras y'' petition""* Grand fath'' father & since him- 
self hath stood possessed of a tract of Land on the eastern 
side of Sacoe River by a graunt from y*^ Counsell of pli- 
mouth wherupon for aboue fiftie yeares ther hath been 
Considerable improvments & now some part under improv- 
ment of y'' petition"" 

Hee therfore suljuiitting the whole to his Majestye hum- 
bly prayes y"" Excellencys graunt of a survey & Confirma- 
tion of seven hundred acres of said lands & fiftye acres of 
Marsh at such moderate rents as y' Excellencye shall 


And hee shall Ever pray 

The marke ^ ■" " t • of 

Jn° Bonio'hton 


Petition of P. Denmark J^ 
To his Excellencie S' Edmond Andros Kn' Cap' Gen- 
eruU & Govern'' in cheife of all his Majest's Territorye 
& Dominion of New P^ngland 

The petition of patrick Denmark 
Jun^ humbly sheweth 
That wheras ther was lono- vacant a peice of land on y"^ w^est 
side of Saco Riv' & a brooke called west brooke y'" petition'' 
by encouragment of m'' Turfry hath built upon fenced & 
planted therupou three yeares since at his great Charge & 
now beinii" claimed bv m'' Hutchinson in Barbados who im- 
proves not any part y''of 

y petition'' humbly prayes your Excellencye graunt some 
part of s'^ land if but fifty or one hundred acres wherby }'■'■ 
petition'' may not loose all his improvments & charge to his 
utter on doing & y'' humble petition'' 

shall ever pray 

Petition of Tho^ BlasJiffeild 

To his Excill^ S'' Edmund Andros K*' Cap* Gennarall. 

& Cheife Gouarnor ouer his majesties territory and 

dominion of New England 

The humble pettition of Tho Blashfeild- : 
Sheweth to your Excilly that your petf hath bine and Now 
is possesed of About Sixtie Acres of Land Lyinge in y'' 
Towne of North Yarmouth att broad Coue : pro ; Maine : 
About Seuen yeares : wheareone hee Now Liueth ; wheare- 
one hee hath made Considderable Improuements togeather 
with Seuen Acres of Massh Lying : one y° Est sidie Cozens 
Riuer = 

humbly prays your Excelly that y*^ Aboue Saide premisses 
may be Confirmed vnto him by his majesties patton with An 
addition of one hundi'ed and ffortic Acres of vaccant Land 


Adjoynfnge to y" Aboue Said Sixtie Acres Att See Ea^^sey 
A quitt Rent As your Excelly shall Seeme Meeate and your 
petf Shall Euer pray 

Thoiuas Blashffeild 

Petition of John Royall. 

To his ExcIIly S"" Edmund Andros K" Captaine Gen- 
narall and Cheife gouarnar ouer his Majesties Terri- 
tory and dominion of New England &a° 

The humble pettition of John Royall = 
Sheweth to your Excillency that your pettit's ftather AVilliam 
Royall decesed togeather with him selfe hath bine and Now 
is in posseshon and Acttuall Improuement for fortie yeares 
Since of A Certaine Tract of Land Contt About three hun- 
dred Acres with tvventie fiue Acres of iSIeddow thearevnto 
Adjoyning and A house Lott Contt tenn Acres one y'^ South 
side Royalls Riuer : the tracte of Lands is bounded between 
Royalls Riuer & Cozens Riuer and Eight Acres of INleddow 
one Estern Arme of Cozensis Riuer one all which he hath 
bine att great Charges 

Your pettition"" humbly prays your Excill^ that the Aboue 
said premisses with An Addition of Six hundred Acres of 
vacant Land Adjoynmge to y*^ three hundred togeather with 
two Small Islands the one Called Basquitt Island Contt tenn 
Acres the other hope Island Contt fiftie Acres May be Con- 
firmed vnto your pettion'' by his Majesties, patton att soe 
Eassey A quitt Rent as seeme Meeat to your Excellency : 
and your pettition'" shall Euer i^ray = 

North yarmouth John Royall 

prou : Maine = 


Petition of Joseph Harris Jr. 

To his Excillency S'' Edinuiid Andros Knight Cap^ 
Genaral and Cheifte Gouarnav ouer his Majesties 
Territory and dominion of New Enghmd 

The humble Pettitiou of 
Joseph Harris Junir 
Sheweth to your Excillency that your pettitionar hath bine 
for six years Since possesed of A Certaine Lott of Land 
Contt ten Acres in the tovvne of North Yarmouth wheare one 
he Now Liueth which Lott was ginen him l>y his ffather 
John Harris : togeather with A Nother tenn Acre Lott 
which wass giuen to your pettitio"" h\ y'' Towne : and fower 
Acres : of Massh Lying one the Estern brainch of Cozens, 
is Riuer : your pettitionar hauinge A ffamelly & this beinge 
butt A Small matter of Land to produce maintainance = 
humbly prays your Excitly that y'' AboueSaide premisses 
may be Conffirmed to him by his Majes' patton : with An 
Addition of one hundred Acres of vacant Land : att broad 
Coue or wheare itt may be tfound, togeather with fower 
Acres of Meddow one Cozensis Riuer in y"" Right of his 
ffather Att Soe Eassey A quitt Rentt As Shall Seeme meeate 
to your Excillency and your pettition Shall Euar pray 
pro : Maine Josh Harris 

Petition of Samuel York. 

To his Excilly S'' Edmund Andros knight Captaine 
Gennarall and Cheife Gouarnar of his Majesties ter- 
ritory and dominion of New England 

The humble pettio" of Samuel York 
Sheweth to your Excillency that your pettion'' is Now in 
Acttuall improuement and hath bine for two yeares since of 
A Certaine parrsell of Land Lyiuge in y'' towne of North 


yarmouth prouince of Maine ouer Against hogg Island : 

now in possestion of ni"" Vines Ellicott Contt About one 

hundred Acres togeather with fower Acres of Meddow Ly- 

inge one y'^ westerd Side of y'' Estermost Brainch of Cozeusis 

Riuer one all which he hath bine att Consdderal>le Charges. 

Your pettition"" humbly prayes your Excilly that y'' Aboue 

Said premisses may be Contirmed to your pettition"" vnder 

his Majesties patton - togeather with liftie Acres of vacant 

vp Land Adjoyning to y Aboue Said Mash Att Soe Easey 

A quitt Rent As shall Seeme Meete to your Excillency 

and your pettitionr Shall Euer pray 

Samuel York 

Petition of 'John Pratt ^ John Pratt. 

To His Exelenc}- S"" Edmund Androse The humble Ad- 
dresse of John Pratt and John Pratt of Saco „ 
Humbly Sheweth 

That Whereas Wee haueing Remoued our Wiues and Chil- 
dren To y"^ Westward And Haueing Hired a Boate & 
Master To Carry Something for There Subsistance They 
haueing Nothing To line vpon there Neither for tireing Nor 
Provisions and Being Engaged for The hire of y'' boate & 
Master Six pound : pr Mounth : And If she Lyes here long 
Wee fear that It Will fall Heauy on Vs : — 
Our Desire Is That If It Please his Excellency that Some 
Care may Bee taken for There Releife Mary Prat with 
4 Small Children and ready to Lye downe with y^ tith 
Liueing In Charlestowne on Wenesimit Side Martha Prate 
Liueing At Maulden Or If It may Please your Excellency 
to Giue us Leaue to Returne thether with Something for 
there subsistance Wee will stand engaged to Returne againe 
AVith y^ first oppertunity xVnd to Serue his Majesty With 
our Lines & fortunes _ 


Soe praying for your Exellensys Long Life & prosperity 
Wee subscribe our seluesyour Exelleiicys Humble Serutints 
to Command - 

John Pratt & 
John Pratt 

Petition of Dominicus Jordan. 

To S"" Edmon Andrews Knight & Gounear & Cap^ 
genrall & Cheafeth vnder his Ma''^ in new Enghmd 
in America 
The petishon of Dominicus Jordan whear as it is the hum- 
bell request of yo'' petishonear that yo'' Exelency ould be 
pleased to grant me a patten for one thousand Eakers of 
land & the mash that I have Improued or what yo*" Exelency 
will be pleased to giue me for I haue made large Improue- 
nients & haue I)ine att great charges vpon the same, I shall 
leaue it to yo'' Execelency & yo'' petishonear shall Euear 


Dominicus Jordan 

Petition of Jeremiah Jordan. 

To his Excellency S'' Edmund Andros Knight Cap* 

Gen" and Governor in Cheif of this his Majestyes 

Territory and Dominion of Xew England in America, 

The Petition of Jeremiah Jordan 

Son ot the late Robert Jordan 

Humbly sheweth 

// — Whereas your Petitioners ftather the late Robert Jordan 
possessed and Improved a Plantation or ffarm at Spurwinck 
about thirty five years last Past, &, by his last Will and 
Testament bequeathed the Same to your Petitioner after the 
Decease of my Mother Sarah Jordan, the S" Messuage Con- 
taining about one Thousand Acres, and hath been Improved 


by your Petitioner unci his Predecessors, in building houses 
and a Barn in fencinir and Improving Severall ffeilds and 
keeping a Considerable Stock of Cattell thereon, But your 
Petitioner having no Alienation of the property of the 
Premises from the Lord Proprietor, and so Disseising our 
Soveraign Lord the King of his Just Right and Title — 
Therefore your Petitioner humbi}' Craves that your Excel- 
lency would be pleased to grnnt out a Warrant for the Sur- 
vey of the Same, together with Some meadow adjoyning, 
or any Part or parcel 1 thereof as your Excellency shall see 
meet, desiring to pay Such Quitt Rent to his Majesty as 
any of Leige Subjects shall Act or Do, so that your Peti- 
tioner may have a Pattent from your Excellency for the 
finall Confirmation of his said Tetle, 
And your Petitioner shall ever pray c§;c 

// Jeremiah Jordan 

Petition of IF'" Sturt 

To his Excellency S' Edmond Andros Kn' Cap' Gen- 
er«" & Governo"" in Chiefe of his Ma"^* Territory 
& Dominion in New England in Ainin(Mica 

The humhle Petticon ot William Sturt 
hum1)ly Sheweth. 

Whei'cas Yo'' Petticon'" l)eing Possest of a Small Island Com- 
only caled hypocrist where yo'' Petticon"" is building an 
house, in ord'' to A Settlement But the sd Island being voyd 
of AVood Either for ffire or other vse : And there being A 
small Rocky Island w"' Woods Cloase by Caled Squirill 
Island which is Noe wayes Comodious for the fishery, & 
Neuer haue been taken v[), or Disposed of to Any as Yett 
the Which Yo'' Petticon'' humbl}^ Prays yo'' Excelency to 
Confirme to him And Grant that he may haue A Pattent 
for the Said Island & he As in Duty bound Shall Euer Pray 
for Yo'' Excel* Prosperity &c./ 


Oonsideratlons concerning Indian Grants. 

Considerations Oft'eied to Prove thatt Indian Grants in 
the province of Main are not Sufficient to Eject a present 

1. Because of the King's patent to S'' fferdinando George 
in the Year 1622 or 1629. 

2. The former Government made Severall Publications 
after the Land was Conqvered from the Indians thatt all 
should bring in their Claimes in Such a time as was therein 
Expressed and Limited or thatt otherwise the Land should 
bee Disposed of to Any of his Majestys Good Subjects 
that Would present for the Setling of the Country. 

3. if Indian Titles bee of force Yett IVP Lawrence his Title 
Cannott bee Good being nott Obtained from the Right 
Saggamore as Severall of the Indian Sagamores Did De- 
clare before Capt Edward Tyng Cap*^ Joshua Scottow Cap' 
Gendall and Others that Cheberina was the Right Indian 
Sagamore of all those Lands. 

4. if the Mattachusetts Government have Confirmed the 
said Title to the said Lands to the said Lawrence or his 
Ancestors yett nott Legal! Because they Did not Con- 
firme the said Lands in a Legall and Reqvisite Way. 

5 M'« Mary Montjoy Did Make an Agreement with M"^ 
Thomas Danforth Late presid' of the said province of 
Mayne to Divest her self of all Claims, to Lands within 
the Towne of falmouth Excepting What is Reserved in 
that Instrument. 

"Ace* ot Militia on Kennebeck River under Cap' Jn° 

John Rowdon John Buttry sene"" 

Lawrence Dennis John Hoskines 

James Denis Mathew Salter 



Witt Denis 

Lawrence Denis Juner 

Nicholas Haward 

James Widger 

John Biittre}' seneor 

Tho Curtis 

Nicholas Pack 

Edward Woodman 

John Tollman 

John Wrayford seneor 

John Wrayford Juner 

Richard Patteshall seneor 

Richard Patteshall Juner 

Pall Page 

Joseph Guuter 

Will Gustin 

Man well Portegay 

John Ryley 

John Hornbrooke 

Morgin Glinn 

Arter Nell 

John Buttrey Juneor 

Tho : Steeuens 

Rich. Hicks 

Jonas Bogardus 

Ricfi Willabey 

James Williams 

Edward Shaw 

Simon Slowman 

Gilbert Ifins 

Isack Dauis 

John Spencer 

Witt Parsley 

Tho : firost 

Poeter Ilorsley 

Larancc Bickford 
Witt Bickford 
John Bickford 
Richard Pearce 
William Bowne 
Richard Price 
William ffones 
Henry Chamlett 
AYilliam Chamlett 
Dauid Oliuer 
Hosea Malett 
John ^lallett 
Richard J. Lang- 
Robert Edmonds 
John Harwood 
Richard Smyth 
Aron Beard 
Thomas Helm an 
Henry Semor 
flrancis Lowd 
Edward AVel^ber 
John Bish 


Petition of W"' Sayer 

To S"" Edmund Andros Kn' Cap' Generall and Gov'' 
in Chief in and over his Maj"*^^ Territory and Domin- 
ion of New England in America 

The Humble Petition of W" Sayer of Wells in the 
Province of Maine 

That there being vacant land at and neer the further Branch 
of a river in s'' Town of Wells called Little River very con- 
venient for to set on & accomodate a fulling Mill which is 
much wanting by the Inhabitants farr and neer of s*^ place, 
as well as other places there abouts, and that it will be 
much for the benefit of s'' place to have a Fulling Mill built 
on said River is by the Selectmens Certifficate of s'' town 
inserted as well as other things therein contained 
Therefore y'" Petitioner recomendeth the case to yo'' Ex- 
cellencys prudent consideration humbly beseeching and 
earnestly begging that if it seeme meet & convenient yo"" 
Excellency would be pleased to favor yo'' petitioner that he 
may have a grant for one hundred & fifty acres of s'^ land 
with the free priviledge of building at some convenient 
place there a lulling Mill as well as benefit of y*^ streame 
under a moderate Quit rent &c. The which shall farther 
Oblige yo'' petitioner as in Duty bound daily to pray for yo"" 
Excellency &c. remaine 

Yo'' Excellency's Humble 

W" Saver 

Petition of Rohard Hob. 

To the Most Exclent Sir Edmond Andros knight Capt Gen- 

arall gouenor & vize admirall of his Magistis dominons 

in new England. 

Most Exelent Sir after my humble Seruice Presented to 

your excelencie I huml)ly desire your Exclencie would be 


pleased to aruut me a patant for one hundred Acors of land 
on the great Hand, on the west side of the Hand which is 
Joyning to Tho frosts I hauing a desire to Hue in this parts 
of Kenibeck Riuer and my Reall intention is to settell it 
this fall and I would intreat your excelencie would be 
pleased to grant me twenty acors of marsh that is Joyning 
to the land : and hooping that I shall ataine my humble de- 
sire tharein I Remaine your Excelencies humble Suruaut 
and his ]\Iagisties Loyal! Subject 

Robard Hob 

Petition of John Starkey 

To his Excellency S'' Edmund Audros Kn' Cap* Gen- 
erall & Governo'' in Chiefe of All his Ma''*^' Territo- 
ries & Dominions in New England in Ammerrica &c 

The Petticon of John Starke}^ 

humbley Sheweth 

Whereas Yo'" Petticon'' being an Inhabitant at Newharbour 
And haue a Pattent for a tract of vpland w''' the Convenic}^ 
of Meadow, or ^Nlarsh, where it might be found Convenient 
Yo"" Excelencys Petticon"^ being Much straitned for hay for 
his Cattle &c : was forest to seeke out where he could tinde 
any Marsh that was Not taken vp Nor laid out to any Per- 
son & found two small Persells y'' one lying & being at a 
Place Caled Coxes meadow : about Six Acres : y'^ other at a 
Place Caled Pancake hill about six acres more or less : The 
which sd Marsh was by Petticon'^ Request : to Cap' Amos 
Andros : Granted : & y' it should be laid out w'*' speed by a 
Surveyo"" ; 

Yo'' Excelencyes Petticon"" Therefore huml^ly Prayes 
That y^ s'' Marsh may be laid by some Surveyo"" by yo'' Ex- 
celencys Appointm' & yo"" Petticon"^ shall Euer pray &c 


Petition of John Coomes. 

To his Excellency S'' Edmund Andros Kn' Cap' Gen- 
er"^" & Governo"" in Chiefe of his Ma"«^ Territory & 
Dominion in New England in Ammerica 
The humble Petticon of John Coomes 
humbly Sheweth 

Whereas Yo'' Petticon'' haueing been in these Part a Consid- 
erable time And haueing A great Desire to Settle in the 
same humbly Desires Yo'' Excelency to Grant to him one 
hundred Acres of vpland with twenty Acres of Marsh Lying 
in the Lymitts of New Dartmouth butted with Christopher 
Dyers Land on y° West And the Marshes on y*^ South : And 
on the East & North the Common Woods which is Not Yet 
taken vp by any Person &c :/ 

Yo"" Excelencys Petticon'' humbly Pray that he may haue 
the aforesd Land &c Confirmed to him and that the Sur- 
veyo'' may be Ordred to lay out the same in order that Yo'' 
Peticon'" may haue a Pattent for the same from yo"" Excel- 
ency & he as in Duty bound Shall Euer Pray : for yo'' Ex- 
cel* Prosperity, &;c 

Petition of John Sanders 

To his Excelency S'' Edmund Andros Kn' Cap*^ Gen- 
erall & Governo'" in Chiefe of all his Ma"*^* Territo- 
ries & Doniinions m New England in America &c./ 
The humble Petticon of John Sanders 
humbly Sheweth 

Wheas Yo'' Petition'''^ Grandfather John Sanders was quietly 
Possest of a Tract of Vpland q* al)out three hundred acres 
& al)out an hundred acres of Marsh belonging to it at Cape 
Porpus : And the sd Sanders Did build on sd land and lined 
many yeares there And in his life time y® sd John Sanders 
seno"" Did make ouer to yo'' Petticon'' John Sanders Jun"" be- 
ing his Grand Son the aboue said land by a Deede of Gift : 


that Yo'" Peticoii'' should Enjoy sd land at the Death of his 
Grandmother or when he should Come at age : Xow May it 
Please yo"" Exceleny Yo"" Pettition"" humbly Requests yo"" 
Exelency to Grant him a Pattent for sd Lands that hee 
May : not be Disinherited of his Proper Right : as May 
apeare by y^ Records in the Towne of Cape Porpus aforesd 
& he as in Duty bound Shall Euer Pray &c 

Yo"" Excelencyes Petitioners Grandmother Deceased : about 
two yeares since Past & yo"" Peticon"" is aboue twenty 3'eares 
of age &c which Desires the Same : his mother is Now the 
wife of John Cleay in Pemaquid. 

Petition of Nicolas Bartlet. 

To his Excellenc}^ S"" Edmond Andross Knight Cap* 
Generall and Governor of his majesties Territory 
and Dominion of New England 

The Petition of Nicolas Bartlet 
Humbly Sheweth 

That yo"" petitioner in the time of his youth and strength 
Did beare amies Eight yeares in the service of King Charles 
the tirst of blessed memory The most of which tyme he 
served and had no pay Especially the three Last yeares 
which he Served on the princes guard And at last was forced 
to fly out of the Land for Safety of his Life poore and des- 
titut of any supply Into this countrey and here endeavoured 
to setle himselfe And bought in order thereunto a parcell of 
land at Casco bay of m"" George Cleave as appeares by the 
deed of Sale herewith presented and possession and Im- 
provement of the same, But of Late yeares M' Danforth 
that called himself president of that province Disposed of 
the said Land to other men who setlod and built upon the 
same. So that it is the place where the town of fl'almouth 
is chiefly built Lying neare to the fort there, whcrel)y yo"" 


petitioner is keept from the possession of what he pur- 
chassed to his great damage being by other adversitie now 
become poore and destitut of his house and Land in Salem. 
Yo"" petitioner y'fore prayes humbly that yo'' Excellency 
would be pleased to grant him a patent for the said Land 
Or if that cannot be conveniently that he may have Land to 
the Like valew in some other convenient place for his Setle- 
ment And y* order may be given to the Surveyor to Lay 
the Stmie out it it may be neare unto the water side 
And yo'" petitioner shall pray for yo"" Excell prosperity And 
Subscrybs himself 

Yo'' Exceit most humble Servant 

Nicolas Bartlet 

Petition of Ralfe Tornor 

To his Exillency Sr Edmund Andross Knight Cap" Generall 
and Chife Gouarnar ouer his magesties teritory and Domi- 
nones of new EngLand 

The HumbLe pettition of Ralfe 
tornor HumbLe Sheweth 
To your Exillency that your pettitioner hath Bine and now 
is possesed of A Certin parrsell of Land this 17 or 18 yeeres 
whereone hee hath A faire Dwelling house and other In- 
proufements In the towne of fallmouth in the prouinc main 
of one hundered Aceres of upLand nere Agyneing : to his 
house with 4 Aceres of Mash in the said Land praying his 
Excillency to grantt A warentt In ordar to Confarmation 
one such Essi quit Rantt has his Exillency shall seeme meitt 
and your pettitin( r shall be Bound to pray 

Ralfe tornor : {iy his marke 


Petition of John Pamer 
To his Excell'^ S'" Edmond Andros K' Captain Gen- 
all and Govern'" of his Ma"" Colony of New England 
The huinl)le Peticon of John Pamer 

That wheras y"" Pcf was formerly setled on a Tract of Land, 
neer to M'' Thomas Eliotts land lying at Dunston in Scar- 
hrough, in the Province of Main, contej^ning one hundred 
acres of upland, as also fourteen acres of Medow therto ad- 
joining, w*"' Sayd Lands (being vacant) y"" Pef is desirous 
to goe upon, and improve y^ same, & is redy with his fam- 
ily, and Stock to proceed accordingly 

Most humbly prays Therfore, & for y^ future better settle- 
ment of his family, and incouragm* to his labours; That y"" 
Excell'*^ will please fav'^'>' to grant y"^ Pef the sayd : 100 : 
acres of upland & : 14 : acres of Medow, and for a full con- 
firmacon of his Title thereto y"" Exceir-^' fav'^'"^^ Warr* to Sur- 
vey y*^ same in Order to a patent 

And y'" Pef shall pray &c 

Petition of JSatU Fryer. 
To His Excellencie S' Edmund Andros K^ Cap' Gen- 
erall and Governo'" In chief Of His My*' territorie & 
Dominion of New England in America 

The Humble Petition of Nathanniell Fryer 
Humbly Shev*'etli. 
Thatyo"" Petitioner haveing possessed a Tract of Land being 
part of an Island Situate and being In the Province of 
Maine upon the Eastward Side of Piscataqua : Kiver And 
connnonly knowne by the Name of Champernownes Island, 
and Three small Rocky=Islands And haveing for a Valuable 
Consideration purchased it Of Capt Francis Champernowne 
Doc. Vol. vi. 24 


and possessed it about ffifteen Years and Said Champer- 
nowne haueing possessed it about 35 years before. And Yo"^ 
Petitioner ever Since Have quietly injoyed the Same. 
I therefore most Humbly pray That Your Excellence will 
be pleased, fFor the Confirmation of His title and his en- 
couragement ifor the flarther improvement Thereof to 
Graunt unto your Petitioner his Maj'* pattent under Such 
moderate quit=rent or acknowledgment To His Maj'"' as 
yo"' Excellencie shall see meet 

And your Petitioner shall ever pray 
Nathanll ffryer sener 

Petition of John Cirover ^ others 

To the Most Excelent Sir Edmond Andros knight 
Capt genarall Gouernor vize Admirall of his magis- 
ties dominons in new england 
Most Excelent Sir We whose names are vnder writen 

desires to aqutiint your Excelencie that we haue Set downe 
on the Westare Side of the great Hand ouer against New- 
towne and are improuing the land and our humble Petition 
to your Excelencie is that your excelencie would be pleased 
to grant vs that fauour as to grant vs a patant for one hun- 
dred Acors of vpland a piece and marsh aCording to it : 
and we hooping that your excelencie will grant to vs our 
humble desires who are your Excelencies humble saruants 
and his Magisties Loyall Subjctes 

John Grouer 
Isacke dauis 
John dauis 
Richard Smith 
Ebenazer dauis 


Petition of W'"^ Custen 

To the Most Excelent Sir Edmond Androes Capt 
Generall Gouenor & vize Admirall of his Mag- 
isties Dominions in new england 
Most Excelent Sir I doe present ni}- humble Seruice to 
your excelencie humble desiring that your excelencie would 
be pleased to grant me A patant for one hundred Acors of 
vpland : and a litell Hand Called Ram Hand that lieth in 
the maine Riuer be fore my house that I haue builte vpon 
the great Hand which I desire should be in the number of the 
hundred Acors and I besech your excelencie to be pleased 
to grant me marsh a cording as your excelencie shall se good 
the place whare I haue liuilt is on the West Side ot the 
great Hand at the head of a Riuer called the Littell Riuer 
coming out of it into the maine Riuer north ward that Riuer 
which is and Runeth betwene William bickfords nccke of 
land and a Hand called long Hand whare francis Loud liueth 
excelent Sir I hoope I shall iind that your excelencie will ])e 
pleased to grant the humble desire of him who is your excel- 
encies Most humble Saruant and his Magisties Loyall Subject 

William Custen 

Petition of Jn" Edgeomh '' IGSSy 

To his Excellencye S'' Edmond Andros Kn' Cap^ Generall 
& Governo'' m cheife of all his niajest^ Territory & dominion 
of N=England in America 

The humble i)etition of Jn° Edgcomb 

That wheras y'' petition^ hath purchased of Jn" Bonighton 
twenty tive acres of land about G yeares since upon w^'' hee 
now dwelleth as also 2 acres of Marsh left him by his de- 
ceased father: also 10 acres of marsh i)urcliascd of philip 
flfoxell also there l)eing wast lands to y" north cast of y" pe- 


titioners improved land lands before mentioned w'''' none 
layeth any Claime to but as included in y*" patent Lands of 
Jn" Bonighton aforsd 

Y"" petition'' therefore humbly [)rays y*^ Ecellencyes Confir- 
mation ofy^sd parcells of Land & marsh with so much 
additionall graunt of ye wast lands as makes y^ uphmd one 
hundred acres 

And hee shall ever pray 

Petition of Greorge Page '' 1688^ 

To his Exellenc3-e .S'' Edmond Andros Kn^ Cap* Gen- 
erall and Govern'" in Cheife of all his majest' territory 
& dominion of New=england in America- 

The petition of George Page of Sacoe 
humbly Sheweth 

That y'" petition"" having for this thirty yeares quietly pos- 
sessed & improved fifty acres of land & sixteen of meadow 
purchased of M'" Luis patentee & there being great quatityes 
of vacant lands to y" eastward none pretending ever any 
Claime, but y*^ aboue Luis nor improving them to this day 

Y'" petition'" therfore humbly pray'" y"" excellency' Confir- 
mation of sd land & meadow with addition of fiftye acres of 
sd adjoyning vacant Lands 

And hee shall ever pray 

Letter from Edward Tyng 1688 

fi'almouth the 29 of June 1688 


I Request the flTauour of yo"*'' that if it be his Excellencys 
pleasier : to settell two Compaii In this town thatyo"''' would 
please to propose George Ingersoll Seny'" as my Lev* and 
Georg Brimhall as Ensig which If his Excellency aproue of 


that yo"' please to Send there Commitions By the first con- 
ueniant opperteunity S' If poushmds patten Befinished If 
yo''' please to Send It I shall stand Ingaged fFor The pay- 
ment of It he allso Request that yo'"' would please to Send 
those Deeds Sent with his petition : S"" please to present my 
Humble Seruice to his Excellency I hope sudingley to Lay 
my Requests before him for A Larger tract of Land this 
is all att present ftrom him that Is 

S"" yo"" Reyall ffrind & Sarii 

Edward Tyng 
S'' Cap* Dauise desiered me to wright to yo''' About the 
land and marsh At Capesseck which If not finished If yo'"" 
please If aney thing be a hinderance to signifie to him he 

will take as Agreat ffauour 

E: T 

Petition of Ah''^^ Adams ^ 

To His Excellency S"" Edmund Andros Kn* Cap 
GiTill and Governour in Cheife of his Ma"''^ Territory 
and Dominion of Xcav England &c./ 

The humble Peticofi of Abraham Adams 
of Boston Cooper and William Rogers 
of Caskoe bay in the Province of Maine 

That whereas Yo"" Pef' in right of their wives Avho were the 
Daughters of IVP Arthur Mackworth of Caskoe aforesaid 
Deceased Lay Clayme to Certaine tract or parcell of Land 
Scituate Lyeing and being neere Presumpscutt River Con- 
teining about fine hundred Acres ; And being Sensible that 
One James Andrews of s'' Caskoe hath Peticoned yo"" Ex- 
cellency for a Grant of part of the said Land ; w'^'' runns 
through yo'' Pcfs ; w*^'' if Obtained will be very p'judiciall 
to them./ 


Yo'' Pet's Therefore most humbly pray yo'' Excellency will 
be pleased to Order a hearing- on both Peticons before any 
Pattent for the said Lands passe./ 

And yo'' Pefs as in Duty bound shall ever pray &c./ 

Abraham Adams 
William fiosfers 

Petition of John Pratt 

To his Excellency S'' Edmond Andros Kn' Cap* Gen- 
erall and Governor in Cheife of all his Majess Ter- 
ritorye & Dominion ot New England In America &c 

The petition of Jn° Pratt or 
Saco humbly sheweth 
That wheras y'' petition'' hath formerly purchased & built 
upon twentye acres of Land on the eastward side of Saco 
River as is now in actuall possession & improvement of y* 
same but altogether without Meadowe & there being much 
vacant land adjoyning 

Y'' petitioner therfore humbly prayes y'' Excellencyes graunt 
of Survey and Confirmation of set twenty acres with graut 
of eighty of adjoyning vacant land & w* marsh y"" Excellen- 
cye may thinke meet if found vacant 

& hee shall ever 

Petition of Richard Starr 

To his Excellencie S"" Edmond Andros Kn* Cap* Gen- 
erall & govern'" in Cheife of all his Majest^ territorye 
of N : Enghind in America 

The humble petition of Richard 
Starr of Saco Sheweth 
That y'' petitioner about three years since purchased of Jn" 
Seil3'e fisherman fifty e acres of upland upon the western 


side of Sacoe riv'' l)ouiided In- Will'" Dycer on y" one side & 
set Seylye on y'' other side north \v;ii'd w"' land y'" petitioner 
fenced, tilled some i);ivt cSc built u^jou & is now in possession 

Y"" petitioner y'fore hunibly praycth y' Excellencyes 
graunt of survey & Confirmation of y® aboue fifty acres of 
laud as also addition of fiftye acres more vacant lauds at y^ 
rcre & same breadth of y^' fiont about seventeen perches 

& hee shall Ever 

Petition of George Mountjoy 

To his Excellency S'' Eduiuud Andros Kn' Cap' Gen- 
eral! and Goveruour in Cheife of his Ma"''* Territor}' 
and Dominion of New England ~ 

The huml)le Peticon of George Mountjoy 
of Boston Mariner in y^ behalfe of himselfe 
his Brother and Sisters./ 

That your Peticon'"'* in right of their father and Grand- 
father Lay Claime to Several! Tracts and parcells of Land 
Lyeing in Caskoe bay in the Province of Maine ; Which 
Lands yo"" Pefs doe vnderstaud their father in Law Robert 
Ltiwrence hath Peticoned yo'" Excellency for a Grant of./ 
Therefore yo"" Pefs most humbly pray your Excellency will 
be pleased to Ord"' a hearing on both Peticons ; before any 
Warrant for y'' Survey of the Lands Issues forth./ 

And yo"" Pet"^' as in Dut\' bound Shall 
ever pray &c./ George ^Mountjoy 


Petition of J. Tucker cj- G. Hiskett. 1688. 

To his Excellency Sr : Edmund Andros Kn* : Cap- 
taine Generall And Governo"" in Chiefe of all his Ma"®^ 
Territories & Doni minions in America in New Eng- 
land &c/ 

The humble Pettition of John Tucker Masf 
& George Hiskett in behalfe of themselues 
Sc Owners of the Ship ffriendship : &c :/ 
Sheweth that yo'^' Pettition""^ & others haueing beene at Great 
Charge & Expences in building of set Ship at New Darth- 
mouth in the County of Cornwall which was Launch*^ & 
almost Ready to Sayle had the Misfortune Notwithstanding 
all the Defence the Masf and Company belonging to her 
Could Make, To be taken Ijy the Indyans. att the same time 
when the}' attacked & l)urnt the sd Towne : And afterwards 
by Yo' Excelencyes Great Care and Provission made for 
the Security &. Defence of these Parts, the Said Ship was 
by Captaine John Allden Comander of y*" Sloope Mary, Re- 
taken and brought to Pemaquid where Shee Now Lyeth 
Yo"" Pettitioners Therefore humbly Prayes Yo'' Excelency 
that out of Yo'' accustomed favour and Clemency You will 
be pleased to Order the said Ship to be Redeliured to Yo"^ 
Pettition'' for the vse of themselues & others : the former 
owners thereof they being Willing to Satisfy the Charge & 
Saluage therereof to yo'' Excelency shall seeme meete shall 
Pray &c./ ~ 

Motion of J. Dudley ^ others. 1688. 

Wee Underwritten 

Humbly Move Yo'' Excellency and Councill that the Men 
Vessells & Supply es Lnte Sent to Cascoa Bay for the Assist- 
ance and Resettlement of North Yarmouth and Parts adja- 
cent During Yo'" Excellencys Absence upon an appearing 


Necessity of their Preservation from i\ Sudden Mischiefe 
and Ruin from the Indians whereof we then Gave Yo'" Ex- 
cellency a Speedy Account, and who have since perfidiously 
Burnt and Destroyed New Dartmouth, That the said Men 
beino- in all Ninety Men may bee Allowed of by Yo*" Excel- 
lency and Receiue such Stated Pay, as shall be Allowed by 
Yo' Excellency and Councill and may bee Improved so 
many of them as are found fitt as Part of the forces now to 
be Sent and the Others Uncapable may be Dismissed 
Wee are Yo"" Excellencys most 

Humble Servants 

J Dudley 
W" Stoughton 
Jn° Usher 
Sam" Shrimpton 

Complaint and Petition of Ro¥ Laivrenee. 

To his Excellency S"" Edmond Andros Knight Cap* Gen- 
nerall & Governor off all his Majesties Territory & domin- 
ion of New England 

The Humble Complaint & petition off Rob' Lawrence off 
ffalmoth in Casco bay Provence Mayne - 
Humbly sheweth 

That Cap* Edward Ting Vnderstanding y* I had a deed in 
y'' hands off m'" Rishworth w^'' Related to y*-" land vnjustly 
taken from mee 1)V by m'' Danforth & on w*^'' s'^ Ting hath 
built a house he thinking to sircumvent nice therein & bring 
to w* Complyance he thought Good went to sd Risworth & 
ordered him to keep s'' deed & deliver it him at his Returne 
being then bound for boston ; I hapning to Come to m'' 
Rishworths for sd deed found some difficulty to gett it but 
hee knowing y* Cap* Ting had no right or Clayme to it de- 
livred it mee. at my Returne home some p''sons being in my 
house & vrging Cap* Tings Vnworthy dealing prouoked mee 


in a passion to speake otf his 111 action & vnderhand deal- 
ings to striue to wrong mee in a thing y* he could not pre- 
tend y* least Right vnto a p^son then p'scnt vpon Cap* Tings 
Returne w'^'' hapned some time affter tould him y* I had 
abused him after a high nature & Called him Hipocriticall 
Rogue Cap*^ Ting being then Returned w"' y* Title off a 
Counceler threatned much w' he would doe but afterwards 
Considering better w*'' Himselfe he came to mee & dis- 
coursed it asking as I thought in a naibourly way why I 
called him soe I demanded likewise w* hee had to doe to 
meddle with any deed of mine w*^*" belonged not to him he 
tould mee he did it to secure there houses & lands to him & 
y® rest y* had settled there by Danforths order but since I 
had Gotten my deed y' all things might be reconsiled w^"' I 
willingly agreed to & as I thought wee loueingly parted. 
(But a While after) Silvanus Davis a Justice off peace 
haueing Gott a trackt off my land by Injustice for w'^'' I 
often threatned to sue him & bordering vpon my Marsh & 
hee finding mee not soe forward therein as he might well 
haue expected presumed farther to mow some part of my 
marsh w*^'' I vnderstanding sent «fe brought s'' Grasse home 
at w°" he ])eing much disturbed gott a warrant from Cap' 
Ting to search for a parcell off stollen Thatch & in whose 
custody he found it to l)ring s'^ Person before Cap* Ting, y* 
Constable came to mee & demanded whither I were y^ per- 
son y* stole thatch I answered noe likewise whither I would 
Goe before Cap* Ting I tould him I would provided he sent 
for mee by m}' name but not by such a title as theefe ; y" 
Constable Returned & aboute an houre after came againe 
into my pasture w"' one man more ; vpon w*^'' I went to him 
w*'' three others w"' mee to demand w* he Intended, he 
tould mee he came to take away y*^ hay from my Land I 
demanded his power his answer was he had neither war- 
rant or stafFe but was Coinanded soe to doe by Cap* Ting I 
tould him he should Remoue none there without a better 



power vpon w'^'' hee Returned Cap* Davis being in a greate 
rase said he should haue CoiSanded w* men hee would & 
haue taken it by force but after their heate a little ouer Con- 
sulted together w*'' old m"" Scottow of Black poynt & sent 
another warrant to inee binding mee in a hundred pound 
bond to answer these great Crimes at y^ next Court I being 
glad y' I had y*' oppoi-tunity as I thought to proue my title 
to s'^ land & marsh prepareing my selfe accordingly ag' s*^ 
Court ]>ut when I came there found my selfe deceiued an 
Inditement being put in ag' mee for Calling Cap* Ting Hip- 
ocriticall Rogue w*^"' m"" Stowton tould mee was ag* y^ King 
he being one off y^' CounccU I answered y' w' I had s*' off 
him was before he was a Counceller & when I thought I 
stood vpon as Good Ground as m*" Ting & likewise his 
striueing to wrong mee off my deed & y' afterwards all 
things were past by & forgotten I thought it verry strange ; 
M'' Stoughton tould mee Cap' Ting had noe power to pass 
by such an affront w*'^ diuers other words in setting out y*^ 
hainousnesse off so great A Crime as hee termed it not suf- 
fering mee to speake for my selfe & as I saw being resolued 
to Condem me I was forced to be silent, allso being denyed 
an attorney to speake for mee, by s'^ m"" Stowton, & was for 
this fact as he termed it by him fined twelue pounds : for 
w*^'' I was forced either to giue bond or goe to prison ; y^ 
bond lying now in y*^ hands of m"" John Vsher. 
To y"" Exceilencie 

My humble Request therfore is y' y^ s'' fine Illegally Im- 
posed on mee may bee Remitted & y" bond deliuered vp or 
y' If y"" Excellency see cause It may Reraaine still without 
any Rigour vsed to mee conCerning it vntill y"" Excellency 
shall be fully satisfied y' w' I haue herein declared is no 
otherwise then trueth & short off w' I can declare If I were 
face to face w"' them before y"" Exceilencie humby Craueing 
y"" Excellencies consideration heroft" 

And I shall as in duty bound 
Ever pray (fee" 


Petition of Jeclidiah Jordan. 1688. 

To his Excellency S"" Edmund Andros Knight Cap' 
Gen^^ and Governour in Cheif of this his Majes- 
tyes Territory and Dominion of New England in 

The Petition of Jedidiah Jordan 

Humbly sheweth 

Whereas your Petitioner hath been Possessed of 
a Certaine Tract of Land lying and Abutting on the River 
of Spurwink together with a Parcell of Meadow Adjoyning 
to the Same, and hath Improved the Premises in building a 
house, fencing in a feild, and keeping a Considerable Stock 
of Cattell thereon, for about this Eight Yeares last Past, 
which was formerly in the Possesion of the late Robert 
Jordan, Butt your Petitioner considering his Title is Invalid, 
having only Possession, which gives no Property only Dis- 
seising our Soveraign Lord the King of his Just Right & 
Title - - 

Therefore your Petitioner humbly Craves that your Excel- 
lency would please to grant out a Warrant for the Survey 
of the Same together with the Meadow thereunto Adjoyn- 
ing, containing to the value of three or four hundred Acres, 
or any Part or parcell thereof as your Excellency shall see 
meet, so that your Petitioner may have a Pattent from your 
Excellency, under such moderate Quitt Rent to his Majesty 
as your Excellency shall see meett - for a finall Confirma- 
tion of his said Title 

And your Petitioner shall euer pray &c - 
~ Jedidiah Jordan - 


Petition of Peter Howsing. 1688. 

To His Excye S"" Edmund Andres Kn* Ca))' Gener- 
all and Govern'" in Chiefe of his Majestyes Territory 
and Dominion of New England./ 

The huml)le peticon of Peter Housing 

That Peter Houseing Deced (yo"" Peticoners father) was 
possessed of One hundred and twenty acres of Land on the 
west side of Pesumpscott River in Falmouth in Cascoebay 
and made improvem^ there and was killed before the warr 
and family forced from thence by the warr and that sithence 
his widdow hath sold Agustian John a Frenchman the one 
halfc thei'eof who improves it 

Yo"" Peticoner therefore humbly prayeth yo"" Excye for 
his Majestyes Grant and confirmation of the other halfe 
with such addicon as will make the same One hundred acres 
under such Quittrent as yo'' Excye shall think meet And yo"" 
Peticoner shall ever pray &c. 

Peter Howsing 

By his Excellency. 

Reffered to Cap* Silvanus Davis & Cap* Walter Gendall to 
Exaine & Reporte. 

Boston 9'" Aprill 1688. 

Wee preshume to Inrforem yo'' Excelency that sixtey acres 
are Clere to the petetino"" & as for the Addition to make it 
vp one hundred acres wee know nothing to the Contreray 
but that it may bee added 
Aprill 10"^ 1688. 

( Siluanus Dauis 
I AValter Gendell 


Letter from Ro¥ Latvrence to John West. 1688. 

Casco Aprill 10"> 1688 
Worthy S"" 

I made boulcl to trouble you w^'' a line to entreate y* fauor 
from you y* vpou m' Blackmails Returiie aboute my buis- 
nesse y® warrants may be sent w"' all convenient Speed y* 
soe a pattent may bee forthwith granted y* I may not be 
put to farther trouble in Comeing to Boston to my Greate 
charge & Losse I desire nothing but w' is my own & lesse 
then my deeds mention & w* wee haue possessed quietly for 
many yeares w"'out disturbance from any p''son w*euer vntill 
this dauis Came into Casco telling all people y' it was free 
for any man to take a patent for anothers land notwithstand- 
ing hee had Improued it neuer soe much, but I hope y' a 
pattent will first be granted to y® possessor w'^^ seems most 
Reason before a stranger for I humbly conceiue his excel- 
lencie will not turne out an Inhabitant to his vtter ruine to 
settle a stranger ; I am willing to pay y*" Kings dues as his 
excellencie shall see meett. S"" as soone as y® land is Sur- 
vayed & pattent granted y*" money shall be brought to you 
by my order in Boston. It you please to send a line either 
to mee or m*" Blackman how much it will amount vnto not 
to trouble you farther I subscribe 

S"" y'" humble Servant 
Rob' Lawrence 


To y« WorshipfuU 

John West Esq-- 




Petition of James Andrews. 1688. 

To his Excilly S' Edmund Andros Knight Cap^ Gen- 
arall and Cheife Goiiar'' ouer his Majesties Territory' 
& dominions of New England- 

The humble pettito" of 
James Andrews Senior 
Sheweth to your Excilt-' that your pettition' hath bine and 
Now is possesed of a Certaine parrsell of Massh neare 
thirtie fiue years since Lyinge and beinge one the North Est 
Side Amisscongon Riuer & Adjoyning theare too : neare 
prsumsgate flails Contt About fowerteen Acres all within 
ffence and is all the Meddow belongin to his Lands : with 
fortie one Acres of Vpland Adjoyning and when your pett° 
made his Late Applycation to your Excillency for Confir- 
mation the Aboue saide Massh by ffbrgettfullness wass Left 
oute ~ 

Now your pettico'' humbly prays you'" Excilt>' that the 
Abouesaid premisses may be Added to his patton and your 
pettion'^ As bound in duty Shall Euer pray. 

James Andrews 

I Presume to Informe yo"" Excillency that I know of no 
Clames to the Land or marsh within mentioned and am In- 
formed that the petitio"" hath Bin In posesion of the marsh 
as he seteth ffbrth In his petition 
Aprill the 14"' 1688 

Edward Tyng. 


Petition of Joshua Downing. '■'■Ap^ 16 — 55" 

To his Excel<=y Sir Edmond Audros Kn* Capt" Gen- 
eral & Govern"" in chief of the Dominion of New 

The humble Peticon of Joshua Downing of Kittery 
in y^ Province of Main 

That your Peticon''s ffather in y' year 1650 did purchase 
about iforty acres of Land in y"^ Township of Kittery being 
ffourscore Rod in breadth fronting the River of Pascataqua, 
& so running backward into the Land the same breadth so 
far as to complete the sd fibrt}^ acres. Which for many 
years hath bin improved by yo'' Peticon''s iRither in his life 
time, and is now in the actual possession of yo*" Peticon''. 
And forasmuch as the Pef hath by the blessing of God sev- 
eral Children which he is very desirous to settle near him- 
self that they wvay be helpful & assisting one to y** other : 
And there being a great Tract ot unimproved & waste land 
adjoyning to his ffarm at the head thereof: 
Yo"' Pef most humbly prays yo'' Excel'^*' to grant him a Con- 
firmation of the sd tforty acres with an addition of One 
hundred & sixty acres to make the whole Two hundred To 
be laid out at the head of sd flbrty acres, & to run back- 
ward into y'' woods the breadth of Eighty Rod as aforesd 
upon a Northeast & by East line l)y y*" Lands of Major 
Shapleigh. Yo'' Pef paying such reasonable Quit rent to His 
Ma*'' as to yo'' ExceF*^ shall seem meet 

And Yo'' Pef shal pray &c 


''17"' of Aprill 168S Report of Lieu' Coll Ting ^ Cap^ 

Davies a¥ M''^ Whitwelh Clayme to Land in 

ffalmouth in if Province of Maine.'' 

tfullmouth : March 26^" 1688 
M'- Weste 

S'' whare as there are scuerell petetions on which wee haue 
madeou'' Reporte & forgotten to mention the Claimes of one 
M'"s "VVhitwell in Boston wee thinke liter to Inserte the seu''all 
names herein Rather then to put yo^'selfe to Troble to Turn 
to the seurell petetions againe desiring you To Inforem his 
Excelence of it wee supose her title not Good & the persons 
that petetion are in possesion how Ever wee Thinke it ou"" 
duty to Inforem of all Claimes wee know of: Her Claimes 
are as fFoloweth 

Edward Tyng 
Siluanus Dauis 
viz: — Siluanus Dauis house Loot on the west side of the 
Coue bought of majo'' Bartho : Gidney — 

Tho. Cloyce house Loot & 

John IngersoU howse Loot 

Joseph Webber howse Loot 

Georg IngersoU howse Loot 

Saui InoersoU howse Loot 

Georg IngersoU seino"" Howse Loot 

Joseph IngersoU howse Loot 

John Wellding howse Loot 

John NicoUson ■ 

Rob Morrell 

Rob nicollson howse Loot 

Doc. Vol. vi. 25 


Petition of Geo. Gray. 1688. 

To his Excel S"" Edmund Andros k' Captaine Gen- 
narall and Cheiffe Gouarnar ouer his Majesties terri- 
torys and Dominions of New England Scif- 
The humble pettition of Geo : Gray 
Humbly Showeth to you"" Exciln-''' that your pettition"" hath 
bin and Now is An inhabitant in the Towne of fiallmouth 
for Seuarall years and hath A Great Charge of Children and 
is Not owner of Aney Land for theire Mainetaineance your 
pettitioner beinge Incuradged to make this humble Apply ca- 
tion to your ExceP' that hee may be Accomadated with one 
hundred Acres of vacant Laud Layinge att Mussell Coue 
Adjoyninge to y*^ N° West Side of y® Westerd Arme flfor 
his p^sent Settelment with tenn Acres or twentie of Swamp 
wheare itt may be fFound vacant — 

Now your petto"" humbly pra^^s y' your Excelly would be 
yjleased to grant A Avarr* to your Siruey"" that the Same 
may be Layd out in order for his JMajesties Confirmmation 
and your pettition"' as bound in dutie Shall Euer pray // 

April 17 dei Geo : Gray 


I presume to Informe your Exceln^ that I know of Noe 
Claime vppon the Land and Swamp within Spesifyed. 
Aprill 17"^ 1688 Edward Tyng 

Petition of John Lane ^ others. 1688 

To his Excelence S"" Edmund Andros Kn" Cap" Generall 
and Gouernou"' in Chife in & ouer his majestes Teritorie & 
Dominion in New England — 

The Humble petetion of John Lane Henry Lane : Samuel 
Lane : & Jobe Lane the soons of James Lane : of North 


Yarmouth : in the prouince of Maine desessed sheweth — - 
That Avhare as the father of yo"" petetiongs whooe was kild in 
fighte at Casco bay by the Indians was posesed of sevrell 
Tracts of Lands & had made Large improufements thareon 
before the Indian Avars & yo"" petetetin°s being Returned to 
thaire fathers former possessions : viz : a tractc of Land 
about one hundd acres : Leying bitwixte the Clames of M'" 
Wiswell on the Este : & m' Attwallter on the weste with a 
small Hand Joying to it of about Twenty fife acres which 
Land & Hand is now in tillig & pasture to say the Ihmd & 
Grate parte of Land whare on is a Dwelling house whare 
yo'' petetino'' now Liueth, being purchesed from one William 
Riall all soe two Island froonting against said Island pur- 
chesed of one Jn" Mosior about one hundred acres Called 
by the name of mosiers Island all soe a persell of meddow 
at the Head of Arisichett Riuer about Eight acres being in 
Twoo parsells all soe a Tracte of Land Bought of Jn° Bur- 
rell Lying vpon the Este side of Cozzens Riuer to the West- 
ard of m'' Attwalters Claimes about sixty acres prays an 
Addition of vacant Land to make it vp one hundred acres 
all soe a Tracte of meddow & Land Leying vpon the west 
side of Cozzens Riuer bought of the foresaid m"" "William 
Riall the medow aboute Ten acres the Land abought Twenty 
Acres & a pese of meddow Leying vpon the Este side of 
Cozzens Riuer bought of fore said John Mossier whicii be- 
longs to the fore said house Land & Islands : yo"" petetino''s 
humbley prayeth his majestes Confirmation for the fore said 
sevrall Tracts of Land Issland & raeddows vpon such Essey 
quitt Rent as yo"" Excelence shall see meete & yo"" pettetino''s 
as Bound in duty shall ever pray 
April 17»" : 1688 John Leane 

henry Leane 
Samull Leane 
Job Leane 


I preshinno to Inforem yo'" Exolence that the Land 
whare on the petctino's now Liue haue bin & is Improufed 
as g the petetition expresses : & all soe the firste Island 
thare l)in Largley Improufd : & now is By the petetion''s : 
the other two : Hands haue bin Reputed the petetino's as 
to the other scvrall Tractes 1 Cannott Giue a full Reporte 
but I Haue binn Informed that thaire father did purch' as 
expres' & Know of noe Iinproufements on the same vnLess 
the meddow in Cozzens Riuer that Did l)elong to thaire s'' 
farem bee Granted to soom others p The Towne thaire father 
was a very vsefull man in his day & his soons very : Indus- 
trows men : desarving Incorigment 

Siluanus Dauis 

Petition of John ^ Isaac Jones. 1688. 

To His Excelleny S"" Edmund Andros Kn' Cap* Gen" 
and Gov"" in Chief in and over his Maj*'*^" Territory 
and Dominnion of New Eng'' in America ~ 

The Humble Petition of John and Isaac Jones 

That yo"^ Petitioned' is now, and hath ])een about six yeares 
possessed of a ccrtaine parcel! of land contain^ about One 
hundred acres lying ncer Presumscot fall's which fronteth 
on the River of Presumscot neer the Town of Falmouth in 
the Province of Maine, also a house lott over against the 
Back Cove contain*-' about six acres, Togeather with a house 
lott neer Fort Loyall contain-' halfe an acre or there abouts, 
which was laied out by y'' petitioners. 

Therefore Yo"^ Petitione" humbly begs that favo'' of Yo'' Ex- 
cellency that they may have a confirmation from y"" Exc^ of 
the afores'' premisses, with a Addition of two hundred acres 
of land adjoyning to the reare of the above mentioned hun- 
dred acres there being vacant lands that lyes unimproved 


and cleare from claimes of any y'' iuhabitants desiring god 
to prosper and guide y" is the prayer of them that remains 

Yo"" Excellency' humble 

John Jones 
Isaac Jones 

The Hundred acres on the other side is clere to the pete- 
tino''s : & thai re Improuenients : haue bin Considera])le the 
Addition i Judge may l)ee Granted as to the House Loot & 
the Sixe acre Loot was Granted to the petetino'"s by the 
Towne Condeshinolley that thay did Improue vpon it by 
Bwilding in one Eyre or forfet tlie same & pay tife pound 
to the forte (as also the Rest of the Loots nere the forte 
was Granted) thay not Compleying with the Constetution 
the Towne declard it forfitt & I doe not Know but the said 
House Loot & sixe acre Loot haue bin Granted for the set- 
tling soom other Inhaibatance But thare was noe Improufe- 
raents vpon it in Last march by any other person. 
Aprill 20"' 1688 : Siluanus Dauis 

Orders. 1688. 

To Cap* Jn° Cooke Command"" of his Ma"" Sloop 

Yo" are with y* tirst opportunity of Wind & Weather To 
sett Saile for Pemyquid & on yo"" Way thither If yo" Cann 
Reach Piscattaway by Wednesday next To putt in there & 
receiving further Ord'^s — 

If yo" Cannot reach Piscattaway by y^ sd Time but that 
yo" may Reach Casco bay by y*" fFriday following yo" are to 
putt in to ffalmouth where may likewise recciuc further Ord''s. 

In Case yo" putt not into either of y*^ sd places yo" are to 
make y*^ best of yo"" way for Pemyquid alforesaid & haueing 


deliuered y'' Provisions for y"^ Giirrison to Expect further 

Ord's there. 

Dated in Boston y« 21*" April! 1688 

Petition of John Shapleigh. ''Ap^ 25, 1688:' 

To His Excelency Sir Edmond Andros Knight Captaine 
Generall and Govern'' in Cheif of the Territory and Do- 
minion of New England &, — 

The Humble Petition of John Shapleigh in the 
Province of Maine Gent 
Humbly Sheweth 

That Capt" Walter Neale agent for S*" Ferdinando Gorges 
and Capt" John Mason in The Year 1633 deliud" Grants 
vnto Thomas Cammock and Thomas Winnerton Gen? by 
Two Severall Conveiences a Tract of Land as by their Deeds 
may Appeer y** w^*^ in y^ Year 1634- was by j^ said S'" Fer- 
dinando Gorges and Cap* John Mason Ratified and Con- 
firmed vnder their hands & Seales paying y*^ Yearly Rent of 
sixteen Shillings & eight pence. The said Lands were after- 
wards anno 1642 aliened vnto Nich' Shapleigh Your Peti- 
con''^ Vncle who since y* Time vntill his Death did Liue 
vpon and Improue y® Same and are now by Right of Descent 
Come to and in y*^ Possession of Your Peticoner -^^^- 

Your Peticoner therefore Humby Pray^ yo*" Excelenc}^ to 
Grant him a Confirmation of the Same vpon a Survey to be 
made and Payment of y^ Afibres*^ Rent of Sixteen Shillings 
<& eight pence to his Ma*-' since y® Heirs of Cap' Mason do 
not Claime a Right to y'^ Rent of y^ said Lands ~ 
And Yo' Peticoner Shall Pray = 

John Shapleigh 


Petition of Sam^ Jordan. 1688. 

To S"" Edman Andrews Knight & Gouenar & Captin Geu- 
rall & Cheafeth vnder his ma"'' In new Englend in America 
The petishon of Samuell Jordan of ffahnoth in Cascoljeay 
whear as yo^" hom bell pettishoner is pos[sessed] of a ffarme 
att Ale wife Coue & hath made large Improiiemeuts vpon it 
in buldinge & clcaringe & ffe[ncing] my haml>ell request to 
yo"^ Excelency is that yo" ould be pleased to Esew out Yo"^ 
warrant to the suruieaor to leay out for me one Thousand 
Eakers of land adjoyninge to the same, & the marsh that 
I formialy Improued & that yo"" Exelency ould be to grant 
me a patten for the same & yo'' petteshonear shall Euear 

Samuell Jordon 
ffalmoth 30'" of April! 88 

Country Road. 1688. 

By his Excellency 
These are to Authorize & Require yo" by y*' first Conven- 
ient Oppertunity to Travell from y*" head of Casco bay to 
Piscattaway Kiuer soe as to head y'^ senerall Rivers or See 
where they may be most Conveniently posted in ord"" to y*" 
settleing a Country Road or High Way between those parts 
& Likewise to Observe what places proper for Crosse Roads 
or wayes to each Respectiue Townc or Settlem* on the side 
& thereof to make reporte unto me. Dated att tfalmouth 
the 30'" Aprill 1688 
To M-- Benj : Blackman 
Depty Surveo'' 


Petition of Richard Seccomhe. 1688. 

To the most Exelent S'' Edmim Andrews Knight & 
Gouernar & Cupt" genrall & cheufeth vnder his Ma"^ 
in new England in America 
The petishon of Richard Seccombe of ffahiioth in Casco 
beay whear as yo'' humbell petishonar in the yeare 1684 was 
Impowred by sixt Comishon" chosen by the genrall cortt 
to take the Charge of fibortt Loyall in ffalmoth In Casco 
bay for one hole yeare & to keepe a wach of two men in 
the somer & to be att the Charges of povder & shutt for 
that yeare, & for my sollery I weare to haue the p''uiledg of 
the Ingon trade of Pelthry, & the rents ot all the saw mills 
in the prouenc of maine whear as I had an order from the 
p''sedent & Counsell for the receiuinge of them, directed to 
Cp* Hooke som haue payd bot the most part haue not payd 
Cp' Hooke tells me that I most geet & order from yo"" Ex- 
elency or Elce he cannot Esew out his Execution 
SMt is the humbell request of yo'' petishoner that yo^ will 
be pleased to Esew out an order that I might receiue these 
Mills rents that haue not payd me & yo"" petishoner shall 
Euer preay 
fiallmothSO'^of Aprill88. 

Petition of Na¥ Fryer. 1688. 

To S"" Edman Andrews Knight & Gouenar Captin 

Genrall & Cheufest vnder his ma"*^ In new England 

in America 

The petishon ot Nathanell ffryear sen'" where as yo"" pe- 

tishonear hath bine att greatt Charoes in Clearino^e of land 

O C C 

& buldinge vpon the same the humbell raquest of yo'" pe- 
tishonear is that yo"" Exelency ould be pleased to giue me a 
grant me one thousand Eakor of land or thear abouts vpon 
Cap* Elebith & twenty Eakrs of marsh one the north side 
adjoyninge to the pond & one the south west side adjoyinge 


to the Cap* & twenty Eaker of marsh in Sporwinke reuer 

neare Cp' Gendell marsh with ffifty Eakers of vphind ad- 

joyninge to the same for woode to fence in the said marsh 

& that yo"" Exelency ould be pleased to grant me a patten 

for the sam & yo"" pettishonear shall Evear preay 

Xathanll ffryer 
ffallmoth 30"' of Aprell 88 

Petition of John Veerin. 1688. 

To his Excelency S'" Edmund Andross Ku* Cap' 
Gen'" and Gov'' In cheif in and ov'' his Ma'^'^* terry- 
tory and Dominion of New England. 
The Peticon of John Veerin of the towne of Har- 
wich on the west Side of Kenebeck Riv"^ is & Humby 

That yo"" pef being (by purchase) posessed of a tract of 
Land nere twenty Six yeares w'^'' Contains nere two hundred 
Acrs on w*"' he hath built and made Considerable Improuem' 
(it being on a Nek of Land between wisswell' Coue (so 
Cald) & Kenebeck River) And being Aprehensiue of the 
weakness of his Title Humbly Cranes his Ma'^' grant and 
Confirmation theareof togathcr with an adition of two hun- 
dred Acrs adjoyning Lyeing on y'' headc and west side of 
s'^ wisswells Coue being vacant vnimproued Land on y® 
which yo'' pet'' Inclines to Settle his Son forthwith — 

The p''mises Considered by 3-0"' Excelency your Pef doth 
humbly Pray That you would be pleasd to Direct a Survay 
of Said Lands and to Confirme the Same by pattent on yo"" 
pef on such Quit Rents & Services as shall by yo"" Excel- 
ency be Judged Meet — 

And yo'^ pef as In duty l)ound shall ever Pray 
May 1^* 1688 his 

John -s.^ — J- Veerin 



Petition of Edivard Woodman. " May 3, 1688:' 

To your most Worthy Excellency by way of my reqest i 
your Excellency see Cause to grant me my desire in this 
Case begging your pardon in any thing that is amis, this 
Last march was twelue month I was before your Excellency 
abut bying of apersell of Land of on mark persons which 
Liued once in these parts which your Exellency gaue Leaue 
to sell and by and I bought the said Landes of the said per- 
sons and haue Adeed of him for it and I haue paide A 
small part of it and he haue under my hand for the re- 
mainder of it, When a patten is granted me. And pleas 
your Excellency this Cas has ben presented before you seu- 
eral times this spring as I am informed by my brother 
thomas Skiner baker in boston Which I desired to geet me 
A patten of your Excellency this is my desire that your 
Excellency Would be pleased to grant me apattan and A 
Worent of suruay for it I rest your Excellencyes most 
humble seruant to Command — 

Ed Ward Woodman 

Petition of John Wryford 
To his Excelency S'' Edmund Andross Kn*^ Cap' 
Gen'^" and Gov'" in Cheif in and ov"" his Ma'^'' Terry- 
tory and Dominion of New England 
The Peticon of John Wryford Inhabitant in Newtowne 
on Kowsick Island in Kenebeck Eiv"" is and 
Humbly ~ Shew^eth 
That Yo'' pet'" by ord"" of yo"" Excelency is posest of a tract 
of Land on sd Island Scituate on the Southerne part theareof 
on y*^ w'='' he hath built Lines and haue Improued the which 
s** Lands was never yett Survayed to yo*" Pef 
Yo"" Pet*' thearefore doth Humbly Pray That yo'" Excelency 
would be pleasd to Direct a Survay of said Lands togather 


with an udition of vacant Lands Adjoyning See as to make 

the whole one hundred And to grant and Confirme the same 

on yo'' Pef on such Eents and Services as by yo"^ Excelency 

Shall be Judged Meet 

And yo'' Pef as in duty bound shall Ever Pray 

May 8"> 1688 John wryfrd 

Goods, ^c, to be seized. 1688. 

By his Excellency S"" Edmund Andros Knt Cap* Gen- 
erall Governo'' in Clieife & Vice Admirall of his 
jyjf^ties Territory & Dominion of New England, &c 
Whereas I haue Receiued Informacou That Severall Goods 
wares & Merchandizes haue lately been Imported into y" 
River of Penobscott or parts Adjacent within his Ma"*^^ Ter- 
ritory & Dominion of New England Contrary to Law These 
are therefore to Authorize & Require yo" to make Search 
for & to Open any house Cellar or warehouse to tind out & 
Discover any Such goods wares or merchandizes & all Such 
as yo" shall find yo" are to Seize & Secure & bring or Cause 
to be brought to y'' Porte of Pemyquid to be proceeded ag 
accordingly & for soe doeing this shall be yo'' Warrant 
Giuen und"" my hand & Scale y^ 14'" day of May in y'' 4*'» 
yeare of his Ma"*^" Reigne Annoq^ DnT 1688 
To Cap' Jn« George 
Command"" of his Ma""' 
ffriggatt Rose 

E Andros 
By his Excel! Comnr^ 
John West D Secfy 


Country Road. 1688. 

By his Excellency 
These are to Authorize & Require yo" by the first Conven- 
ient Oppertunity to view y'^ Land from Kenebeque soe as to 
head y® Severall Rivers of Cascobay to See where they may 
be best passed in Ord"" to y^ Settleing a Country Road or 
Highway as farr Westward as Cappesick or any other re- 
markable place thereab*' towards Casco, And likewise to 
Obserue what places proper for Cross Roads or wayes to 
Each towne or Settlem* on y^ Sea Side & thereof to make 
reporte unto me Dated att ffal mouth ye 30"' Aprill 1688 
To m-^ Rich^' Clements 
Deputy Surveyo'" 

New dartmouth 21*'^ May 1688 
By his Excell^ Comm*^ The like warr* was giuen to Capt 
John West D Seciy Manning to View y® Land & 

where a Road may be made be- 
tween Pemyquid & New dart- 
mouth & from thence to Ken- 

Petition of Creorge Speere. 1688. 

To his Excelency S"" Edmund Andross Kn* Cap* 
Gen""" and Gov'" in Cheif in and over his Ma*y« Ter- 
rytory and Dominion of New england 
The petition George Speere Inhabitant in New dart- 
mouth in y^ County of Cornwell for and in behalph 
of his two sons Sain^' & Natha" Speere Inhabitants 
In Brantry in y® County of SufFolke husbandmen 
Humbly — 

That wheareas yo'' Pet" wifes first Husband John Gent was 
An Antient Inhabitant in this towne and was possessed of 


Considerable tracts of Lands Especially on this Nek and 
Severall other places by purchase y'' w'='' he Injoyed vntill 
the Late Indian warr : the time of his familys being at bos- 
ton he was Cast away & w" this place Came to be settled 
(yo' pef haueing marryed the s widow) Came with y*" Rest 
And brought a Considerable stock with him l)ut had noe 
more privilidg y" any of y® Rest : and being verry Antient 
Doe Earnestly desire to haue his Sons Line nere him & See 
y"* Settled while hecs yett aliue And here being vacant 
Land at yo"" Excelencys Dispose in this township doe hum- 
bly Craue a pportion y'^'of Yo'' pef Doth humbly pray y' 
yo'' Excelency would be pleasd to grant to yo"" pet" sons 
aboue sd one hundred and fifty Acrs of Land and twelue 
Acrs of Meadow : to Each of y"' as nere to y^ towne as may 
bee & to grant y°' his Ma'^' pattent for the same on such 
Moderate Quit Rents as shall by Yo'' Excelency be Judged 
Meet — 

And yo"" pef as In duty bound shall Ever Pray — 

New dartraouth 
May y« 21*" 1688 

Gorge Speere 

Petition of John Payne. 1688. 

To his Excelency S' Edmund Andross ku* Cap* Gen""" 
and Gov"" in Cheif in and over his Ma*y' Terrytory 
and Dominion of New England — 
The peticon of John Payne Inhabitant in the towne of 
of Harwich in the Province of Mayne Humbly 

That yo' pef by Pattent being posest of two hundred Acrs 
of Land within the P'^cints of James Towne in the County 
of Cornwell vnto w"^'' was Granted in s'' pattent twenty Acrs 
of meadow : w*='' is not yett Laid out And thare l)eing about 
Eight Acrs of meadow At a place Cald y" Deep Swomp w*'*' 


formerly belonged to y*^ s'' funue And on w°^ great Lab'' 
hath been bestowed : yo"" pef Craues to be favored thare- 
with And the Remayner to be Made vp at a place Cald pan- 
cake hill or y" Dry ponds The p'"iiiises Considered by yo'" 
Excelency yo'' pef Doth Humbl}^ Pray y* yo*" Excelency 
would be pleasd to Direct y' a Survay may be made of y'' s'' 
gcells of meadow And to grant yo'' pef his Ma*^^ pattent 
for the same on such Moderate Quit Rents as by yo'' Excel- 
ency shall be Judged meet 
And yo"" pef as in duty bound shall ever 

21'' of may his 

1688 7 "P) 

Jn° ^ —|-^ Payne 


Petition of Inha¥^ of Neiv Dartmouth 1688. 

To his Excelency S'' Edmund Andross Kn* Cap' 
Gen'" & Gov'' in Cheif in and ov' his Maj'^^ Terry- 
tory and Dominion of New England — 
The peticon of vs whose names are vnd' written being 
Inhabitants of New Dartmouth in the County of Corn- 
well most Humbly — 

That wee vnd'' the fav"" of his Ma'^"' Authority of Newyork 
in the yeare 1683 transported o'' selues vnto this place 
where aff Considerable Charge in building the fort &c And 
Settling o^selues : wee was posessed of a howse Lott and a 
division on this Nek : of four Acrs to Each of vs : & g ord*" 
it was Survayed to vs y® which wee Cleared fenced and haue 
Now vud"" Improuem' But as yett haue Noe pattent for the 
saide vivision of four Acrs. 

Yo'' pef^ thearefore Doth Humbly Pray y' yo'' Excelency 
would be pleas'^ to Direct a New Survey of y^ s'^ Land as it 



is Now fenced And to Confirnie the Sunie on Each of vs, the 

gticuler Division on such ^Moderate Quitt Rent as by yo"" 

Excelency shall be Judged Meet — 

And yo'' pef'' as In duty l)ound shall Ever Pray 

New Dartmouth John Tower : 

May 2^t 1688 Thomas Clapp 

William Willcott 

Caleb Ray 

Jn« J 


his niarke 

Rob* D Scott 

his marke 

Henry L. Mills 

his mark 

John ^ 

J Brown 

his , 

) mark 

Isack V/ Tayler 


Petition of John Atiuood 1688. 

To his Excelency S*" Edmund Andross Kn' Cap* 
Gen""" and Gov'" in Cheif in and ov'' his Ma'-^'' Terry- 
tory and Dominion of New^ England 
The peticon of John Attwood of New Dartmouth in 
the County of Cornwell Humbly 

Thatt yo'' petticon"" haueing Made Improuem* of Lands on y^ 
west side of Drapers River in this township On }'" which he 
Inclines to Line when yo"" Excelence Shall please to In cor- 
age the Same 

Yo' pef therefore Doth Humbly Pray y* yo"" Excelency 
would be pleas'' to Direct a survay of the Said Land with 


an adition soe as to make the Same One hundred And tiue 
Acrs Comprehending about three Acrs of Salt meadow 
Nexts s'^ RiV to gather w"' about seaven Acrs of Salt 
meadow at y*" Coues Cald vper goose Coue and Lower Goose 
Coue. And to Coufirme the Same on yo"" pef on such Mod- 
erate Quit Rents as by yo'" Excelency shall be Judged meet 
And yo' pet'" as In Duty bound shall Ever pray. 
21«t of May 1688 ^ 
In New Dartmouth ^ 

John Atwood 

By his Excellency 
Reffered to Cap' Manning & M"" GuUison Justice of 3'^ Peace 
to Exaine y^ within & Reporte if the same be as alleadged 
By his Excett^ Commd 
John West D Seciy 

E Andros 
Nic'^ Manning Elihu Gunnison Report the within Land to 
be vnpattioned and no parson leing Cleme to the same 

Nic'' Manning 
Elihu Gunnison 

Petition of JoJm Tucker 1688. 

To his Excelency S"" Edmund Andross Cap' Gen""'^ 
and Gov'" in Cheif in and ov*" his Ma'^' Terrytory and 
Dominion of New England 
The petition of John Tucker Inhabitant in Newbury in 
the County of Essex Marrin"" Humbly 

That yo'" pet"" wanting accomodation of Land to Settle On : 
And theare being a tract of vacant Land on the West Side 
of the Riv'" Cald Drapers Riv"" Nexte adjoyneing to the No"' 
Side of y® Lands posessed by John Attwood in the towne- 
ship of Dartmouth in the y^ County of Cornwell Out of 



which yo"" pef Cranes to be accomodated w^"* the Quantity 
of one hundred and fifty Acrs Comprehending the Salt 
mash next the Riv'' w'^'' is Judged to be about Eight Acrs) 
And about two Acrs for a howse Lott Adjoyning to Wil- 
cotts : And a four Acre Lott Adjoyning to the Lands pos- 
essed by John White, In sd towneship. 
Yo*" pef thearetore Humbly Prays yo"" Excelency would be 
pleasd to Direct a Survay of the sd gcells of Land And to 
Grant yo"" gef his Ma'^' pattent for y'^ same on such moder- 
ate Quit Kents Services and Acknowledgm^' as by yo"" Ex- 
celency shall be Judged Meet. 
And yo'" pef as In Duty bound shall ever pray. 
Dartmouth ^ 
2P*ofMay S^^^^ 

Certificate. 1688. 

This may certify all whom it may concern ; That that Par- 
cell of Land at the Further Branch of Little River in the 
Township of Wells : which William Sayer of s'' Town makes 
Petition for, (for the setting up a Fulling Mill, which will 
be for the Benefitt of s'' Town) is to the best of our Knowl- 
edge free & Clear from all Claims or Challenges of any Per- 
son Whatever : 

In W^ittness wdiereof we the Select ^Nlen of the Town of 
Wells have set to our hands 
22 May 1688 Joseph Littelfild 

Sam" Wheelwright 
John Barret 

Petition of li. Seccombe 1688 

To S"" Edmond Andrews Knight & Gouenear & Captin Gen- 
rall of his Maties Territorys In new England in America 
Doc. Vol. vi. 26 


The pettishon of Richard Seccombe of flahuoth in Casco 
beay In the yeare one thousand sixt hundred Eighty fiue I 
was Impowred by Sixt Commishonrs Chosen by the Genrall 
Cortt to take the Charge of ffort Loayell for one yeare I 
was to be att the Charge of Kepinge a wach of tow men in 
the somer cS; one in the winter & to be att the Charge of the 
Expenc of power & Shutt I was faithfull to my trest dur- 
inge my tyme & for my sollery I wdiear to haue the p''uiledg 
of the Ingon trade of pelthery & the Rents of all the saw 
mills in the prouenc of mayne I had an order from the 
p'"sedent & Counsell for to rescue bot Cap' Hooke did neg- 
lect to giue out his warrants till yo*^ Exelency Came a shoare, 
& now he tails me that I most an ordear from Yo"" Excel- 
enc}'^ or Elce theay will not pay it, S"" it is the reqest of yo"" 
hombell petishonear that yo" ould be pleased to Grant & 
ordear to Cap' Hooke that I may haue all the mill rents that 
haue not payd me in the prouenc of mayne, payd to me or 
my orders, S' I vnderstand that yo" sent an ordear to me 
but it did miskary & I had it not. S"" If yo" will be pleased 
to sende it by Cap* Gendell he will safely deliuear it to Cap' 
Hooke & yo'' petishonar shall hartily preay 
ffalmoth the 2'" of June 1688 

Rich Seccombe 

Petition of T. Boarman. "^''^ June 1688.'"' 

To S"" Edmund Andros Kn' Cap' Generall and Gov"" 
in Chief in and over his Maj"" Territory and Do- 
minion of New England in America./ 

The Humble Petition of Thomas Boarman of 
Ipswich. — 

That there being vacant upland and meadow neer the Deserts 
and adjoyning to the land of Maj' Phillips late Deceased, 


within the bounds of the Township of Capeporpos in the 
Province of Maine and that there is such vacant upland and 
meadow is by the Major part of the Inhabitants ot s'' Town 
at a legall Town meeting inserted by a Certificate under the 
hands of tenn of the Inhabitants of said Town with other 
thing's therein contained, as well as their satisfaction that 
yo"" petitioner might have and enjoy tw^o hundred acres of 
said upland and meadow./ 

Therefore yo"" Petitio'' beggeth that if it seem meet and con- 
venient yo"" Excellency would be pleased to favor yo"" peti- 
tioner that he may have a grant for two hundred acres of s*^ 
upland and Marsh under a moderate quit Rent &c. The 
which shall farther yo"" Petitio'" as is duty bound daily to i)ray 
for yo"" Excellency &c remain 

Yo"^ Excellencys Humble Suppliant 
Thomas Boarman 

Letter from TJio. Sharpe. 1688. 

May it please Yo** Excellency 
I give yo*" Excellency my humble thanks for all yo'' kynd- 
ness particulury for yo'" Letter of the 3 Desember wherin 
I perceave that yo"" Excett is pleased to take Nottice of my 
Concerns at pemaquid, but since I have had a Letter from 
PemaQuid from M'" Thomas Gyles wherin he writts to me 
that my nighboures in my absence Cutts the wood'* of my 
Land which is a great prejudice to me considering how small 
a p[ortion] I have upon itt I hope yo"" Excellency will doe 
me the favo'" as to Lett me have a pattant for my Land that 
I have sent yo"" Excellency a survey oft* it, with the Bill of 
scale from John Bish it hes cost mc a great deale of Money 
my Nighbours abuse me becaus I have not a pattent to 
show for it, his Excellency Governo'" Dongan is in good 
health and all the officers of the forces Major Willet Capt 


Jackson gives you thar humble service I desj^-e yo"" Excel- 
lency will be pleased to send my pattent to M'' Gyles who 
is my wery good freind and hes the charge of all my Cattel 
vpon the place, I hope in person to waitt Upon yo*" Excel- 
lency so soon as this Bussnies is over which is supposed will 
not Long continve, all yo'' old fFellow souldiers make tender 
of thar humble service to yow*" Excellency : my wife and 
children are all in good health I take my Leave and am 

Yo"" Excellency most hum- 
ble and most obedient servt : 
Tho : Sharpe 
Albany the 7"^ June 1688 

Letter from Tho, Sharpe. 1688 
W John AVest 

These with my humble service to yow and yo'' good Ladie 
having the occasion to meete his Excel S"" Edmond, I have 
given yow the trouble of this lyne to acqwant 3"ow that I 
have written to his Excellency that he will ha pleased to 
give me a pattent for that peice of land that I have made 
purchase oif at a verie deare Reat (the survey and the bill 
of scale is in his Excellency hands) it lyeth at pemiquid my 
humble desyre to you is that you will putt his Excellency 
in mynd oft' it, In my absence my nighbours Cutt Down 
my woods and several oy'' prejudice for want of a pattent 
I hope S"" you will putt his Excellency in mynd off" it and 
when Granted send it to my good freind M"" Gyles who is 
my werie good freind and takes Inspectio to all my Con- 
cerns to the Eastward and assure yo''self I will returne yow 


This is all that offers from 
Albany the 7^" June 1688 S"- 

Yo"" humble Serv* 
Tho : Sharpe. 

pray give my humble service 
to Cap* papouS & Capt : 


Warrant to James Grraham, Attv G-enK 1688. 

By his Excellency 
Pursuant to an Order in Councill bearing: Date the 7'^ In- 
stant You are to prepare a Grant of a Certaine parcell of 
Land and Marsh Lying in Saco within the Province of 
Maine Containeing one hundred and Thirteene Acres Ac- 
cording to the suruey thereof made unto Thomas Sheppard 
of the said place Gent his heires and Assignes for eucr 
Reserueing the Quitt Rent, 1^ p Anli payable to his Majes- 
tic his heires and Successors for the same and for soe Doe- 
ing this shall be your Warrant Dated in Boston the 23^ 
Day of June 1688. 
To James Graham 
Esq'' his Majesties 
Atturney Generall./ 

By his Excetl* Comm'' 
John West D Seciy 


Petition of U. ^ J. Andrewes. 1688. 

To his Excelency S"" Edmond Andros Kn^ Cap" geu- 
erall and gouernour In cheife of his majestyes Terri- 
tory and dominion of new England 
The humble petition of Elisha and Josyah Andrewes, hum- 
bley sheweths that yours petitioners hauing adesier To setle 
In the Townn of fiillmouth In the prouence of maine and 
ffor theire Incorragemant huml^ly prayes your Excelency 
ffor the streame of mussele Coue flbr the Erecting of a Saw 
mill with fiftey acres of land adjoyning on the west sid of 
the Riuer with one hundred acres of hind about hall mil 
of the said falles as all so the priuiledg of all Comon timber 
that may be conueniantley Brought to the said mill as al so 
about Two acres of marsh lying neare The said ffales, ffor 
all The said Tracts of land marsh and streame yours peti- 
tioners pray a confermation wnder his majestic upon such 
Easey quit Rents as to your Excellency shall see meet and 
yours petitisioners shall Eiier pray- 
Jun the 23''> 1688/ 

Elisha Andrewes 
Josiah Andrewes 

Petition of John Nicholson 1688 
To his Excelency S'' Edmond Andros Kn^ Cap" gen- 
erall and gouernour In cheife of his majestyes Terri- 
tory and dominion of new England 

The humble petition of John Nichol Son 
humbley Sheweth, 

That where as your petitioners ffather, ffor aboue Twenty 
years Since was possed of sixtey acres of Land In the 
Towne of ffalmouth In the prouence of maine bating upon 
the west Sid of presumscot riuer, betwene the nowclames of 


Nath* Wallis and robert nicholsou and mad Emprouement 
of the same, and all so Since the Indian warres your peti- 
tioner Is Returned to his ffather posesion and obtained a 
Towne grant fFor the said land (and hath built adweling 
house there on and fanced) as all so Two other Tract? of 
land on the neck of land neare ffort Loyall both Containing 
about six acres wich your petitioner hath ffenced and planted 
(And built adwelling hous. Thereon) your petitioner prayes 
ffor aconfirmation vnder his majestic with an adition of one 
hundred acres of vacant Land adjoyning to that Lying a 
presumscot riuer and sixteene Acres of meddow or swomp. 
where It may Conueniantly ffound on such Easey quit Rent 
as to your Excellency shall see meet and your petitioner 
shall Euer pray. 
Jun The 26"^ 1688 

John Nicholsou 

I presume to Inforrae your Excellency That I know no 
claimes to the land with In mentioned and that the petitioner 
hath built and mad considerable Emprouement acording as 
he Set forth In his petition 
Jun the 26»h 1688. 

Edward Tyng 

Report of Edward Tyng. 1688. 

I Presume to Informe yo"^ Excelency that Samuell Pike 
Clames the fifty Aceres of Land to the westward sid of Mus- 
sel Coue and the marsh with In petisioned ffor By uertue of 
adeed ffrom his mother M'' Elizubeth Blane Rellick of Rich- 
ard Pike and Afearmes that he Is In posesion of the same 
June 27"^ 1688 

Edward Tyng 


Petition of G-eorge Turfrey. 1688. 

To his Excel^*^ S"" Edmund Andros Cap" Gen" & 
Governour in chief in & over this his Majestys Ter- 
ritory & Dominion of New Engl in America./ 

The humble Petition of Georg;e Turfrey. 

That your Petitioner having bin att great charge to 
transport himself and tamily, into this his Majesty's Territory 
to make a Plantation, and there being land upon the West- 
ward side of Saco River in the Province of Main, not im- 
proued, whereon your Pet"^ purposes to settle himself & 

Most humbly craves your Excell'''^^ Warrant for a Survey, 
of six or Eight hundred acres of land, or what your Excel" 
thinks litt. to begin att the Mouth of Salsbury brook up 
into the land S : W : one mile, and so up the said River, 
untill the same bee compleated. With a convenient parcell 
of fresh Marsh in the deserts. In order to a Pattent upon 
such moderate Quitt Rent as to yo' Excell'''' shall seem meet 
And y'' Petitioner shall ever pray &c 
27 Jun. 1688. 

Warrant. 1688. 

By his Excellency 
Pursuant to an Ord'" in Councill beareing date y'^ 19"' day 
of December last past Yo" are to p'pare a Grant of a Cer- 
taine Island Called Hog Island lyeing in Casko bay & con- 
taineing ab' 1300 acres according to y*' Survey thereof made 
unto M"" Vines Ellicott his heires & Assignes for euer Re- 
serueing the Quitt rent of g Anfi. payable to his 


Ma"® his heires & Successors for y*" Same & for soe doeiug 
this shall be yo"- Warr* Dated in Boston y« 16'^ July 1688 
To James Graham Esq' 
his Ma"«^ Atfney Gen^all 

By his Exceli^ Command. 

John Cooke s Commission. 

S"" Edmund Andros Kn* Capt" Generall and 
Governo'" in Cheife of his Majesties Terri- 
tory and Dominion of New England To m' 
John Cooke I doe by these p'"sents Consti- 
tute Authorize and appoint you to be 
Searcher of his Maj"®^ Customes in the Pro- 
vince of Maine within his Territory and Do- 
minion of New England. You are Therefore Carefully and 
Dilligently to discharge your Duty in the said Office And 
to See that all goods Wares and Merchandize whatsoeuer be 
Duly Landed and Exported That all vessells there Trade 
and Traffique According to such Rules and Methods as by 
Law is Directed and appointed And his Majesties Dutyes 
fully paid and Satij-tied for the Same or in default thereof 
to Seize and prosecute according to Law And to that End 
You are to goe on board any Shipp or other vessell and to 
Enter into any house Cellar or Warehouse Where you shall 
Suspect any goods are unduely Imported Kept or Concealed 
as aforesaid, And all Justices of the Peace Sherriffs Con- 
stables and all other Officers and persons are hereby Re- 
quired to be ayding and Assisting to you therein for his 
Majesties Service Accordingly for which this shall be to you 
and them a Sufficient Warrant Giuen under my hand and 


Seale att Boston the Eighteenth Day of July In the fourth 
veare of the Rei2:ne of Our Soveraijjne Lord Kinsf James 
the second ouer England Anoq, Domini 1688 
By his Excett' Command ~ 

E Andros 
John West D Seciy 

Petition of John Wiswell 1688. 

To his Excellency S'" Edmund Andros Kn' Captain 
Generoll and Gouernnour In Cheife of his Majesties 
Territory & Dominion of New England ~ 

The Humble Petition of John Wiswell 

That Whereas your Petition'' hath a Desire to settle upon 
one hundred Acres of Land Scituate and Lying In Hana- 
sicket River In the Prouince of Mayne, being Butted & 
Bounded viz* on y*^ Westward Side by the Land Commonly 
called my Lords & on the Eastward side adjoyneing to the 
Land of one Peter Hicks, ot which to the Best of his Abil- 
litye he Intends to make y® Best Improuement, And also 
tlbrty acres of Land w*"*^ Lyes Vacant upon Maynes point 
oppisite to hogg Island 

Doth therefore most humbly Beseech yo*" Excellency to 
ofrant him A Confirmation of aboue Mentioned Lands In his 
]y[jjjties Behalfe he paying such Easy quit rents as yo"^ Excel- 
lency Shall See Meet. 

And Yo*" Petition'' as In 
Duty Bound will Pray &c* 
Boston In New England 
the 20'" Day of July 1688 

John Wiswell 


Petition of John Payne 1688 
To his Excelency S' Edmund Audross ku' Cap' Gen'" 
and Gov' in and ov"" his Ma'^* Dominion of New 
England — 

The Peticon of John Payne of Harwich 
in Kenebeck Most Huml^ly Shewcth 
That there is a Small Neck ot Land formerly Cald W"' 
Bakers Neck : Eyeing aboue pudlestone Island in sd towne- 
Ship s** Neck Lying vacant & vnapropriated ffor the which 
yo' pef Humbly Craues his Ma'^' Grant togather w*'' an 
adition of vacant Land y^ lyes to y*^ Northward and west- 
ward thereof Soe y* y*" whole may Containe three Hundred 
Acrs of vpland togather w*'' the meadow adjoyning And an 
adittion in wenegant^ meadow Soe As to make the whole 
thirty Acrs — 

IV pef Doth Humbly pray y' yo' Excelency would please 
to Direct a Survay to be made of the sd Lands And to grant 
yo"" pef his Ma'^' pattent for the same on Such Moderate 
Quit Rents as yo"" Excelency Shall Judg meet 
And yo' pet'" as In duty bound shall ever Pray 
23<i of July 

1688 Jn'' Payne 

To his Excelency S"" Edmund Andross Kn' Cap* 
Gen""" and GoV in and ov"" his Ma'^ Dominion of 
New England — 

The Peticon of W"' Baker of Harwich 
in Kenebeck Humbly Sheweth 
That yo"" pef l)y purchast is posest of a tract of Land in 
the sd Towneship wheron he Liueth built and made Consid- 
erable Improuem' the which Containes three hundred Acrs 
and thirty Acrs of meadow adjoyneing to sd vpland att a 
place Cald the wenegants And being sensible of the weak- 
ness of his title doth humbly Pray 


That yo"" Excelency would please to Direct a Survay to be 
made of sd Land and Meadow And to grant yo"" pef his 
Tyj.^tys Pi^ttent for y*" same vnd"" such Moderate Rents and 
Services as yo*" Excelency shall Judge meet. 
And yo'" pef as In duty bound shall ever pra}'' 
23'' of July W"^ Baker 


Petition of Jer^ Dummer 1688. 

To his Excellency S"" Edmond Andres K"* Captain 
Generall and Governour in Chiefe of his Majes- 
ties Territory and Dominion of New England in 

The Petition of Jeremiah Dumer./. 
Humbly Sheweth 

That yo"" Petition"" in Right of his Father Richard Dumer 
deceased hath a just and Equitable Right unto about One 
thousand acres of Land Lying scituate in Casco Bay within 
the Province of Maine between a Point of Land there called 
Tobacco Point upwards of Thirt}^ yeares since purchased by 
his said Father as may appear by former Deeds and Grants 
and some Improvement formerly made upon part thereof 
And yo"" Pef being desirous to make a Setlemeut in those 
parts : 

Humbly Pray's yo"" Excellency* Favour that he may obtein 
his Majesties Confirmation of the beforementioned One 
Thousand acres of Land, and Grant for an Addition of Two 
Hundred acres more adjoyning Lying between the said 
Two points, By patent under the Scale of the Terri- 
tory, unto yo"" Pef his heires and assignes for ever To be 
holden of his Majesty his heires and Successors upon such 
moderate Acknowledgment or Quit Rent as yo*" Exc'' shall 
please to direct. 

And yo"" Pef shall ever pray &c^ 
25° July. 1688./ 


Complaint ^c, of H. ^^ S. Lane. 1688. 

ffallmouth piouiuce of raayne July 27"' 1688 

The Complaint & declaration of henry & Saui Lane, 
of North yarmouth Concerning an abuse profred 
them by soni Indians is as followeth 
The said Sam & henry — Lanes being at theire house at 
north yarmouth vpon the Twenty Sixte of this Instant July 
toward night there ctime an Indian man and a Squaw to 
theire house desiring they may haue Liberty to sleepe there, 
which the s*^ Lanes granted. 

Vpon the 27 day on the morning the said two Indians wente 
downe to the water side & caled oner to an ILand whare 
thare was other Indians that had Layne vpon s'^ ILand 
adrinkeing and thare came ouer to the mayne 4 or 5. In- 
dians more and came vp to s'' Lanes house and asked for 
fier, The Lanes gaue them soom and the Indians went to 
Kindell a fier neere the house, the Lanes dowting the fire 
miffht doe daimaije tooke the fire from the Indians and car- 
ried it to the water side & Towld the Indians that thay 
make a fier thare & not neere their house to Indainger it. 
whare vpon one Joseph an Indian fell vpon Sam Lane In- 
devering to beate him & the said Sam Indevored to defend 
him selfe. Then the said Indian Joseph Threttned the Said 
Lanes and said Thay woold Kill thaire hoges. and did Rune 
after the hoses with a hachett and as the s'^ Indian Came 
neere the hog-s hee woold throw his hachett Indeuring to 
mischefe the hogs, after the said Lanes had drove of the 
Indians thay went Immediately and complained to the Couu- 
stable, henry Comes, and the said Counstable Imediatly 
Tooke hands to assitt with him to secure the Indians to 
answer the Complaintc hee finding the Indians at the Land- 
ing place of John Rialls whare the Indians was got by the 
time that the Counstable was got thare & at s** Landing 
place the Counstable seised the said Joseph the Indian and 


all soe a Runlett that was in one of thaire Conowes supposed 
to Bee Room but in scvfling the Indians Tooke the said 
Runlett from the Constable & Run toward Jn° Rialls house 
& said Riall Took the s'' Runlett from The Indians, the 
Counstable demanded the Runlett of said Riall but hee said 
that the Indians had it from him againe Immediately. The 
Counstable with assistance Tooke the said Indian Joseph 
& hoope hood wente in comp. and carried him to ifallmoth, 

ffalmoth prouince of mayne July the 27^'^ 
Henry Comes Counstable of north yarmoth with his assist- 
ance brought the said Joseph Indian before Lef Co''noll 
Edward Thyng one of the Councill 

Vpon Examination of the said Indian Joseph Why he offer 
Those abuse aledged against him, hee said hee did not know 
what hee did for hee was drunke, hee was asked whare hee 
had the drinke that made him drunke hee said it was Room 
hee had at John Rialls the day before being the 26*'' of this 
Instant being Eight quarts of Rom that s'' Jn° Riall sowld 
him and the said Indian Joseph further said that same Room 
that the Counstable seised, on the Runlett was four quarts 
that hee had of Jn" Riall this 27*'^ 

Vpon Examination & concideration of the case seeing that 
is not fownd any damage done by the said Joseph Indian 
onely Threettning and attempting. — vpon the said Josephs 
humble Submetion hee is aquited vpon paying the charge to 
the Counstable and his assistance fife men attending alowd 
ffistene shillings and fife shillings writtings & taking 

The Examination on the other side & what is aboue written 
was Taken this 27'" of July 1688 Be ffore me 

Edward Tyng one of the 


ffalmouth prouince of mayne July 27^^ 1688 
Vpou grate Cases of suspition that John Riall of north yar- 
moth haue and doe presume to Trade with the Indians a 
warrant was Ishued ought for the s'' Jn° Riall to apper befor 
Liff*^ Cor""" Tying one of the Councill to Answer his defalte 
in that Cace. & alsoe for Refusing to assiste the Counstable 
in the securing of an Indian called Joseph that had made 
an attacte of an abuse vnto henry & Sa& Lane 

ffalmouth July 28"^ 1688 

John Riall apperd accordingly upon Examination a'^ Riall 
denied that the Indian Joseph had the said Room of which 
hee is charged which to say the Eight quarts or the foure. 
quarts in the Runlett., and as to To the Runlett that the 
Constable demanded of him the Indians Took itt from him 
and carried it a way & hee did not Know what the Indians 
had donn with itt, as to the Refusing to assist the Constable 
he saith hee coold not goe himselfe but his men might goe 
but the Constable said that said Riall men was at worke in 
the marshes a far distance from the place 

Edward Tyng one of 
the Councill 


The Depotition of John Swarton of Xorth Yarmoth Tes- 
tifieth that vpon the Twenty seuenth of this Instant July 
the Deponent being Required to assiste the Counstable in 
the pershute of a Indian that had ofred abuse to Henry 
Lane & Sam Lane in pershuence the Deponent wente 
with the Counstable to the Landing place at John Rialls 
howse whare the Indian was & seesed the Indian & scesed 
a Runlett that the Indians had in thaire Conow & in the said 
Runlett thare was soom Liquid Drinke the Deponent did 


smell to it & to the best of his Judgment by the smell it 
was Room but in sculling with the Indians one of them Got 
away the Runlett & went vp the hill toward John Rialls 
bowse & Deliui'd the Runlet to John Riall the Deponent 
doe not know what became of the Runlet alter it was in 
said John Rialls hands allsoe Ephvem Lethebe Testefieth to 
what is aboue written & farther saith that hee did both smell 
& taste the said Liquer in said Runlett & that it was Room 
to the Beste of his Judgment 

flalmouth prouence July y'^ 28"^ 1688 

of Maine — John Swarton & Ephrem Lethabe 

made Corporall oath to the truth 

of what is aboue written before mee 

Edward Tyns; one of the Councill 


Henry Comes Counstable of North Yarmoth Testifieth that 
vpon the Twenty seven day of this Instant July vpon the 
Complainte of Henry Lane & Saui Lane the Deponent was 
on persvens of the seesing an Indian that had offred abuse 
vnto the said Lanes & at the Landing plase at John Rialls 
the Deponent met with the Indians & in thaire Conow the 
Deponant sessed a Runlett whare in was Liquid Drinke by 
the smell to the Best of the Deponents Judgment it was 
Room the Indians in striving with the Counstable tooke the 
said Rulet ought of the Counstables hands by force & went vp 
the Hill towards John Rialls howse & John Riall Receved 
the said Runlet from the Indian & the Counstable de- 
manded the said Runlett from said John Riall but he Refused 
& said that an Indian had Carried it aw^ay allsoe the said 
Counstable saith that in pershuance of the Indian that had 
proffred the abuse to the said Lanes hee the said Coun- 


stable Required John Riall in his majests name to assiste 

him But the said Riall Refussed 

July y"^ 28th 1688 Henry Comes made 
Corporell Oath vnto what is aboue 
written Before 

Edward Tvnir one of the Councill 

Examination of John Riall 1688 

Vpon Examination of John Riall concerning the Indians 
taking away a Caske of Room from him the said John Riall 
saith That vpon a Sunday aboute Two months sence Thare 
came Sevrall Indians that belongs to ammoroscogen riuer 
namly Ebenoett, Egonombo, Sorrey ned &, Egonombos son, 
with others to the number of about Twelfe men, Ebonoett 
with one or two more asked s'' Riall for soom Room, Said 
Riall towld them that it was Sunday and hee giue him noe 
Room and thay said thay came for Room and thay woold 
haue Room whare upon all the Indians Came vp to his house 
and Ebenoett broke open the dore of the house of said Riall 
and hald the said Riall ought of his house then all the Rest 
of The Indians went in to the house and said thay would 
haue all the Room in the house, Soe The Indians by forse 
thay wente downe into the said Rialls Seeler and Seesed 
acaske of Room of a bought sixtene gallons of Room and 
carried it to thaire conows, the said Riall folowed them to 
the water side but the Indians got the Room into a conow 
before said Riall got to them and the said Riall suith that 
hee Towld the Indians that hee woold Complaine to the 
gouernor & Ebenoett said he did not Care for the gouernor 
and spoke very slitly of him, Riall was demanded Whie he 
did not Complaine to Authority hee auswred that hee was 
Doc. Vol. vi. 27 


Informed if hee did Complaine he shoold bee bownd to 
prosecute them at the Corte which 

On Consideration of the premeses the aboue said Riall 
was committed to the Constable of north yarmoth to be 
brought before me when I Required in order to his trans- 
portation to boston to apeare before his Excellency To 
answer to the premises, dated the 28"' of July 1688/ 

Edward Tyng one of the 

Letter. Pendleton Fletcher to M West. 1688. 
M"" West On"" Su"" I cannot think y' thare be any titels of 


Lands in this prouins that be farm and substantiall on lees 
his Magestey do confarem them therefore these considera- 
tions has cased me to make application to his Exelencey the 
gouerner by way of patichon for warant of suruay of my 


Land as your oner will under sand by y^ inclosed pat and 
not hauing any aquaintans in boston so sutable as yourself 
to conuay this inclosed to y*^ gouerner it thare fore imbold- 
ens me to trubble you with thes fuw lins and allso with y*^ 
care of deleuering y* inclosed patsichon to y* gouerner not 
withstanding y^ small aquaintans that your oner has with 
me yet I hoop you will be pleased to deleuer it for me and 
if warant be granted and thare be any disbursmeud opon it 
I shall be ready to satesfi it 

Sur I pray porden my boldnes In writing y^ vasell taring 
for my leter caseth me to be short so I remain your frend 
and suruant 
Winter harbur July y^ 28*" 1688 

Pendleton Fletcher 


Letter from Edward Tyng. 

August the 18'" 1(588 
May it Please yo"^ Excellency 

I Reciued yo' Excellencys commands concerning John Royall 
& the abuse he Reciued from the Indians the day Before yo'" 
Excellencys came to my hand I had sent for John Royall 
the Cunstable of North yarmoth hauing seased an indian 
and Brought him before mee for Indeuering to Al)use Som 
English In ther gsons and Creatures who when Examoned 
Layed all the folt on Rum he said he Bought of John Roy- 
all The holl prosedings there upon I lay before yo"" Exsel- 
lency In the papers heare with Sent In which i hau acted 
according to the best of my understanding where in i haue 
mised I hope yo"" Excellency will grant A Hunovrable con- 
struction and In torme me for my ffutuer proseding When 
the said Royall appeared up on the occasion aboue Expresed 
Beino- examened concerning the abuse he Reciued from The 
Indians giues this relation here with sent which appeares to 
Be according to In formation giuen to yo"" Excellency and I 
haue here with Sent the said John Royall according to yo'" 
Excelency Dyrection I haue all so Indeuered what I can to 
haue the Indians spoke with all hee all meanes yet pioues 
In efectuiall It is Reported that the Indians are gon up Am- 
bruscogen Riuer and for want of an Experienced guide haue 
mised spech with them l)ut I hope by the next shall be able 
to giue yo'' Excellency an account of that matter \ haue 
likwise Reciued an account from Cap* Blackemai\ that upon 
the 6 of this month the Saco Indians tl'our or fine times 
ffired up on some Cattle which got in to there Corne and 
wounded sume v*'' small shot and that thay gau(; uerey 
threatning words to the English of Shooting them though 
he feares the English wai-e much to 1)lame in not keeping 
out their Creatures which had Bin In once or twice be fore 


but before my uduise came which he desiered and Cap* Scot- 
tow who he had sent to to advise with all In that matter the 
men were all Remoued and the most guiltey with promise 
of satisfaction as he Is in formed by the Indian women my 
aduise was though to late If possable to Secure the offenders 
till yo'' Excellencys pleasuer might be known which I 
thought my duuty to giue j'o*" Excellency an account of and 
that I am 

Yo"" Excellency Most Hm"'^ Seru' 
Edward Tyng 

These are ffurder to Informe yo"" Excellency that since 
wrighting hcare of I haue Bin Informed By Cap" Gendall 
that he spake with Wigonumbe Sagamore of Amhroscogen 
and an other of their prinsiple Indians who Both ware prin- 
sepell actors In Roj'^alles abuse and did signifi to them that 
thay should Be Inquiered of why thay ofered was yo"" Excel- 
lencyes pleasuer thay Answared Becaues thay had panned 
seuerall pauens to s'' Royall as agvn agirdill of peage and 
Royall had Sould them and wovld not Returne the ouer- 
pluse and that seuerall others of them had Bin so Serued 
By him and that thay would mak no pay Cap* Gendall 
suposes that that Company of Indianes are Bound To 

I am 

yo"" Excelency Humb' Seruant 
Edward Tyng 

Letter from Edward Tyng. 

Cascoe Bay 1^' 1 : 1688 
Honorable S"" 

Since the last Cap" Gendall is come in too whoe giues this 
Account that the Indians gaue him leaue to come Away to 
Informe, that if the Indian taken and Sent to Boston be 


Return'd, then they will Release the foure Prisseners which 
they haue Still in there Possestion, these I hope will over- 
take the Post at Blackpoynt, The Indians desires that they 
may be Returned in ten dayes - 
I Reniaine S'' yo"" 

humble Sarv" 
Edward Tyng 

Septem"- ^"■'^ 1688 
Thomas Steuens Aged about seuenty years Being come 
to John Bishes House, from my own house Expecting to 
speak "vv"' John Bish, haveing two Children w"* me in y^ 
Cannoe, I sent y™ up to y^ house before, who Returning 
not again I my selfe w^ent up to see w' was y® matter, & as 
I came up along by y*" window five Indians Came Rushing 
out of y^ house & Layed hands on me, & said y' I was their 
Prisoner, John Bish & y" two Children being then Prisson- 
ers in y® house, I asking of them y*" Reason why they took 
us, & their Replie was because Cap* Blackman, had taken 
twenty odd of their Indeans, & sent them away to Boston, 
& withall they bad me not be afraid, for when their Indeans 
were Returned, we should be Returned again, I asked y" 
where they would Carry us & they said to Merry Meeting, 
to Night, & going along they told us y* they had taken 
Merry Meeting house, & had Plundered it, & had taken 
Cap' Roudon, & John Hornenbrooke, & their wiues & Chil- 
dren, So w" we Came to M" Roudens they Concluded y' 
she should Come down w"' a Letter, & Connnanded me & 
y® Company to goe up to Merry Meeting, but Let M"^^ Row- 
den at her house. Charging her to stay till they Catne down, 
-vyth ye Letter, & as I was going up they Charged me, not to 
be afraid, for I should see a great many Indeans by & b}-. 


& w" we Came up to Merry Meeting, they Received y® 
Ciiptives w"' great Joy, & much shooting of guns, & y"^ they 
Exchanged us to other Masters, who Entertained us w*'^ 
such provission as they had, afterwards Amberscogen Inde- 
ons Came down in y'' night, & y" they saluted one y*^ other, 
with man}^ guns & great Joy, saying Look lierc liow many 
English servants we have gott, y*' next morning they De- 
sired Cap' Rowden to write y"^ a Letter w'' they sent Down 
w'^ two Cannoes to M'"^ Rowden who Returned again & said 
y' She was Run away, and asked me whetiier y' was Eng- 
lish fashion, & Disputing among y™ selves who should goe 
they Concluded y* this (3uld fellow, should go for he can 
neither doe us good nor hurte, further this Deponent Doth 
Judge their were about fortey or fiftey men, well armed w"' 
Guns : Cutlashes, Daggers, Long knives in their stockings, 
hatchets : Tomhauks Hope hood told me y' if ever it were a 
war again, it would not be as it was formerly, for y*^ Indeans 
& y^ Mohawks Avere all agreed throwout y*^ whole Countrey 
that they would not fight to kill one another, any more, & 
withall Egeremet bad me tell y'' people y' now they had a 
time to gather in their Corne & Cattle, for they would make 
no further [war] till they heard from Boston & [wanted] 
[them to] send up a Couple of stout hands to [goe]w*'' a 
flaag of truce & they should come & goe safe, but if three 
hands, they would Kill them & so they Departed away to 
toconock & sent me y*^ Deponent Down, & when I was a 
Litle Distanc from y** shore hope hood Called after me & 
told me, they should bring again all [their] Indeans or none 
& withall to speak to M'' Deniss, to write to y*^ Governour 
to send hi[m his] two sons, or Elchecknew not w' to Doe 
Taken upon oath before me 

Elihu Gunnison 


Letter from Edw^ Tyng. 

Casco y'^ 9'" of V' 88 
10 of y'^ clock 
Cap' Trefrey 

S'' though haue not yett matter for sending a 
post on purpose yett thought meet to advice y* wee haue 
[just] sent out two indians & two english with y* enclosed 
instructions in ord"" to a treat with y® sachims & cheife men 
& to demand satistaction for y'' injuryes & affronts given 
but they being very imperious question whether they will 
bee brought to any honorable Complyance : & if not our 
numbers will be too small to mtmnage a warr & secure our 
persons & estates & therefore if you thinke fitt to send us 
some competent assistance of men amunition & provision 
especially bread w*^'' may advantage our taking all oppor- 
tunities against y™ & oblige Y'' very freind & serv 

Edward T^aig 

gr yrs of 7br ^c 4th 'gg 

Receiv'^ y*^ 8"' instant 

S'' since writing this understand from Capt Pi[)on four more 
seized at Cronwell makes mee suppose that y'" p'sence or 
soQie other impowred might bee Conducible to such regula- 
tions of this affaire as may bee prop'" & proportionable to 
his Excellencs Expectations 

Edward Tyng 

Letter from TF'" Stovghton. 

The intelligence of the Indians taking eleven English 
more of the inhabitants of Kenebeck is already sent forward 
to you, w'^'" must needs increase the fear & disturbance of 
the people in those parts as the insolence of the natives 


upon discourse with INT Hincks I cannot but concurre with 
him in opinion that it is very adviseable to dispatch a vessel 
forthwith, with about 30 souldiers well fitted to Falmouth, 
there to be improved by Colonel Tynge as the present con- 
dition of those parts may require. What successe the return 
of the Indians may have (of w'^'^ we have no account as yet) 
is uncertayn ; but whatever it bee we judge the supply 
above may bee very useful! by way of in couragement to 
the English who by all meanes are to be ordered to resettle 
the deserted places, if any further intelligence come to pre- 
vent your sending the men forth you may then advise fur- 
ther upon it, but it will be best forthwith to have them in a 
readinesse M"" Hincks & my self have also agreed (if we 
have no other account from Colonel Tyng) to goe on mon- 
day next towards Falmouth that by way of Advise & coun- 
tenance we may be helpfull at such a season, pray comu- 
nicate these lines with my service to Colonel Shrimpton 

I am 
S"" yo'' humble servant 

William Stoughton 

Great Hand Sept. 8'^ 

Letter from J. Pipon. 

Pemaquid 10^'^ of Septemb : 1688 
Honored S"" 

Fearing that the kennebeck People, when they sent, y^ In- 
dians Letter to Boston, had not sent a Clear account of y^ 
manner, of y*" English prisonners being taken, i haue sent a 
man from hence, that has receiued trom the old fellow, that 
was sent back by y^ Indians to carry y*^ letter this account 
inclosed, by which you see they are Strong & well armed, 
& by their acting haue certainly Encoragem*^ from all y" rest 


of y^ Indians of these parts, who if they succeed in their 
beginning will certainly Joyne with them, & what make 
me fear it most, is that i hauing sent to Madakwando (by a 
[Indian] that was att Pemaquid being sent by him) to Come 
himself hither to speak to me, his not come, they are all to 
be sure "-athered toirether att Penobscott Encoraoed l)v 
Castines, & i haue gathered together new harbor with Pem- 
aquid, & haue a strong Avatch well keept, & if they attempt 
here, they shall haue a sore welcome ; i had aduice Last 
night from John Payne, that the Indians haue killed 15 of 
his sheepe, & seuerall pigs & seuerall cattle besides of that 
riuer, & leaue them rotting & stinking upon y*^ Ground, so 
if a course is not taken they shall ruin all that riuer, thare 
was also perceiued a great smoake by them that brought me 
aduice from kennebeck & they doubt but it was some house 
that they had put a tire, so you see they are boystrous, and 
if they are not dealt stoutly with at beginning they will 
Insult & they shall haue a great many assisters, & , if they 
be seuerely dealt with, they shall cringe Like dogs, i haue 
thouo:ht of makinsj a detachem' of some few men out of 
euery towne in this prouince, but i haue found them so 
weak that they had scarce enough to keep their townes, 
therefore i thought twas better to lett some cattle go, then 
Endanger the whole, & i thought they would certainly fall 
upon the Townes while wee were hunting for them some 
where else, leaning our Townes unfurnisht, the Townes 
shall be keep't with so much care that the Indians shiUl pick 
no more, people Except they ruin the whole, but to preueut 
their further coming upon us, & subduing of these Insult- 
ing Indians, there is great need of sending from Boston a 
sufficient quantity of men well armed, who shall be im- 
ployed as is necessary, be either secretly conueyed in Ken- 
nel)eck riuer, as far as merry meeting to surprise them, or 
go as for as tacohok fort and there fall upon them, where 


the body of them is, Expecting a couple of men from us 
with an answer from Boston, or be otherwise imployed as 
necessity requires, you shall do as you please for if Sacco 
prisonners are deliuered, there shall be no need (they say) 
of making warr with them, for they shall deliuer ours, but 
i see by their killing of cattle, they Intend to procee fur- 
ther, if your Exciie was pleased to grant me the fauor to 
send an officer to take charge of y® fort & lett me go [with] the 
men sent from Boston, i would do my best endeauor both 
with prudence & courage to acquitt my self of my duty & 
render me selfe worthy of the fauor you would honor me 
withall, in granting y'' request of 

Hon( red S'' 

Your Excttes 

Must humble 
Seru* J Pipon 

I sent to Madakwaudo & maxis the inclosed, with a boat 
armed, ordered to go where he could find any Indians, but 
i am afraid they are all gone in y^ woods or else att Penob- 
scott, i gaue them orders to treat y® Indians very kindly if 
they meet with any, but to haue a Care of being Surprised, 
& if they do not come according y^ Inclosed wee may cer- 
tainly conclude them fomenters of y*^ mischief & agreed En- 
emies ; i act as prudently as i can but in Kennebeck riuer 
one is for securing his goods & the others his, & so nott ob- 
seruing what order i had sent them they haue been taken, 
my orders were to secure themselues in new Towne & Sac- 
cadehac & nott to go abroad, but in strong parties, but y^ 
officers there are such fools, that it is easy for the Indians 
to take aduantage of them & i am afrayd to weaken other 
places by sending them help, & they are stronger there in 
men then any where else but only they are not so well ruled 
but i haue sent such orders that y® Indians shall do them no 
mischief as to their persons, till order or help from yo'' 


pray dispatch to us some bread, Candles, molasses, 
match, a small quantity & remember if you please about 
Castine who might do us a great mischief now. 

Superscribed : 
For the Kino;s Seruice 

reed y'^ 17"' Sep* To His Excellence y" Gouenor 

or in his absence / 
To The Commander In Cheif 
to be conueyed 

post hast to new In Baston 

falmont in Casco 

Letter to S'' E. Andros. 

Boston Septemb'- 11'" 1688. 
May itt please yo"" Excell. 

Since the Hon''"'' Capt" Nicholson's Departure by Severall 
letters from the Eastward, Viz* from M"" Stoughton m"" 
Hinks CoH Tyng seuerally wee haue the Account of the 
Seizure of Eleauen English persons by the Indians in Those 
parts and their detention and the Reason they Assigne for 
their Soe Doeing, Several! of the Enclossed Letters will 
Alsoe giue your Excelt^' Account of the Returne of the In- 
dians from hence into those parts in Order to their rcdeliu- 
cry and upon the Joynt opinion of the aboues*' Gentle", 
Wee thought wee coukl doe no less then send a sloop well 
fitted with forty men to Assist in the Resettlement of the 
people of North=Yarmouth and to Comfort the People in 
the other parts, and what else may be thought necessary by 
the Gentlemen abouesaid who will likely Meete upon the 
Place about the time of the Ariuall of the Sloop which is 


now und"" Saile and hath good Wind & Weather so to doe 
the men are well fitted and provisions & Stores on board for 
them, and We wish they may not faile of their Duty and 
yo'Excell'* Expectations, a Copy of our letter to Coli Tyng 
is alsoe Inclosed, Wee haue alsoe had Account from Ded- 
ham and Medfeild though but uncertaine from Boyes that 
there haue two or Three Scu Iking Indian Beene Scene Neare 
those Towne's upon which Order is giuen to the severall 
frontier Townes viz* Dedham Medfeild Wrenhem Memdon 
&c to send out 8 or 10 men euery Day well Armed and on 
horse back to Spend the whole Day in Scouting to Discouer 
and seize or Kill any such Indians refuseing to Submitt 
themselues, which is duely Attended and the People very 
quiet and Easy. 

Wee know not what more to doe in the unhappy business 
to the Eastward without yo"" Excell* Express Direction and 
are sorry that so rash and Early a Seizure of Indian 
Women and Children should produce such a Hurry and 
Expence, but hope that the Christians will without any De- 
lay be enlarged upon the Sight of their Indians returned ; 
We pray for your Exceil^ health, Dispatch and happy Re- 
turne, and are 

Your Excell' most ftuthfull 
and humble Seru** 

Thomas Treffry 

J Dudley 

% Jn° Usher 

Samuel Shrimpton 

Letter from Edward Tyny. 

ffalmouth Sep* 13*^ 1688 
Hon'' S-- 

I reciued yo"" of the 9"' Instant haue Giuen yo''' an account 
of all fformer prosedings and shall not ffaile If aney thing 


Consider happen I haue Reciued the powder and Bulets Sent 

If troublesom times should Continue more will Be wanting 

flfor a supply of ffort and men as all so armes fFor these 

ffronteare townes which If There Be a breaking out of ware 

are most like to Be the flBrst ossolted S'' Since my last nV 

Stoton & Maj ffrost uery seasonabley arived to ovr Create 

Contente m*" Stoton Having wrighten Largely to Coll" Srimp 

of our affaier desiered may Be Comeunicated to yo"^ Selfe So 

shall not need to Inlarge on that account no thing ffarther 

But that I am 

S' yo^ Reyall ffreind & Ser 

Edward Tyng 

Letter from Edtvard Tyng. 

fiallmoth the 18*" September 1688 10 a 
Clock post Merid - 
Gentlemen : 

Yours bearing date September the 11"' we Received, as 
allso 3'^esterday the Arrivall of those forces Sent to us, 
which we Shall Improve to his Majestyes most Necessary 
Service in defence of us his Subjects, AVe Came Now at this 
Instant from Maquoit expecting that the Indians would have 
brought down to us there the English Captives according 
to their Promise, we Waited yesterday but None Came, but 
this day a little before Noon they l)rought down to us one 
English Captive, Cap* Rowden Man, with two English 
Gunns that were taken at North Yarmoth who give us An 
account, that Cap- Rowden with the Rest taken at Kenne- 
beck are Carry ed up so far the River of the s'' Kennebeck 
that the}^ cannot in so Short Time be brought down, but 
they Ingage in two dayes they shall l)e here. Accordingly 
we have Sent y™ word in Case they Send them down to 
ffalmoth they shall have Restitution of their own Men &c 
By their discourse and all their actions they Shew that they 


Intend ;i Warr with us, & we Question not but that there is 
a Strong Combination with them and the ffrench against 
us, and are afraid that the Captives are Carryed to the 
ffrench & Indians at Penobscutt, We are Spedily bound to 
Resettle the Town of North Yarmouth upon which service 
some of those fforces Sent will be Necessary for their De- 
fence, The Judge will be Spedily at Boston and give your 
Selves a fuller Acc°, I have no more at present only Ser- 
vice Subscribe 

Your humble Serv' 

Edward Tyng 

Having a Letter of Cap* Pepon to be Sent to Boston with 
all expedition, I thought good to give your Selves this 
account — 

Letter from Edw^ Tyng. 

ffallmoth the 19'" Septem'"" 1688 

I have in a former Signifyed the Receipt of yours Intended 
to be sent Post with Ensign Pepoops — But M'" Stoughton 
Intending this day to begin his Journey to Boston, I send 
all by him who came to us in a seasonable Time (when we 
were in Treaty with the Indians, and in Hopes of Redeem- 
ing our Captives,) whom we earnestly desired to stay with 
his Attendants in hopes to have brought that Matter to an 
Issue, but as it now is he will give your Selves An Acc° we 
Crave in Case the English Captives are not delivered to us, 
we Shall have your particular direction what to doe with 
them, & with them of theirs that we have in our Custody, 
The Men Sent Many of them seem to be very untitt for the 
Service Sent Upon, I Judg this Place will be the Center 
of Trouble, and am earnestly desirous that Matters may be 
Carryed on with such Expedition, and Alacrity, that may 
be Satisfactory to his Excellency, especially in his Absence, 
and to us his Majestyes Subjects their Interest, 


Gentlemen I have no More at present only Service, to your 
Selves Subscribe 

Your humble Serv* 

Edward Tyng 

To the Honor^^^ Joseph Dudley 
& Sam" Shrimpton Esq" Mem- 
bers of his Maj-y' Councill, & 
Cap* Thomas Trafrey — 

Letter from Joshua Pipon. 

Pemaquid y*-' 22*" Septemtj : 1688 
Honored S"" 

Two Indians Squaws came Last Munday from Madakwando 
who was then at Carodomak Island, six Leagues from Pem- 
aquid, the s'' Squaws told me that Madakwando desired 
some body to be sent to him to discourse him about the 
reason of all this tumult, I told them to tell Madakwando, 
and Mauxis also, that it was below us P^nglish to send to 
them, since the articles of peace betwixt us did oblige them, 
if any mischief was Intended, by any Indians, to prcuent 
it, or discouer it to us, and if any mischief was acted, to 
bring y^ disturbers of y'^ ])cace & if they could not, the 
same articles oblidged them to come here to us & joyne 
with us, & by it shew to us that they did not side with our 
Enemies, in all which articles the s'' Madakwando had failed, 
therefore if he did not appeare within three dayes wee 
should Esteem them as Enemies, four dayes since are Ex- 
pired & no news of them beared, therefore it is plainely 
seen that they do only act, to prolong time, & by their pre- 
tending ignorance of all the mischief acted, that they side 
with the rest, & Intend to fool us if they could into a beleef 
of their true Intent, but it will be found that in them Lyes 
the greatest fault, I shall look sharp about their motions. 


the Squaws told me that Castines talked of coming to this 
place, to be reuenged, but i think him too cowardly to 
attacq a place of any defence, but rather counsell them, to 
do mischief, where there is no danger ; your Excite shall 
haue account of John Payne how the Indians Intended to 
Ketch them, but i haue sent them word, not to goe to them. 
Except equall number, & to make them come to them, 
rather then to go to the Indians, & in all things to shew 
that they are not afraid of them, & do all for the English 
honor, in speaking so to them, that they might understand 
that if they do not quickly make satisfaction they shall haue 
cause to repent their Rogueries. 

Wee haue in the Garrison no candle, very Little match no 
molassoes at all hauing wanted it this week ; Bread only for 
one week, and if wee are not quickly supplyed, wee cant tell 
what to do, & in such time as this, wee should be better 
stored, all vessels being afrayd to come near us, as for y* 
people, they are submissiue enough to comand & wee keep 
euery where, such strict watches that no Enemy can offend 
us. I am now pretty well in health & Remaine Honored S' 

Your ExcHe's 
nmst humble Serv' 
Joshua Pipon 
Lett m*" Cane send us pork & beef also for winter store 

Letter from Silvanus Davis. 

ffallmoth Septembr 28'" 1688 

This morning yo"" Katch that you sent to vs with men for 

ou'' Releife safly arrived here with all yo*" men in Good order 

for which wee Render a thankfuU acknowledgment Immedi- 

atly vpon the Arrivall of them Collonell Tyng went on 

boord the vessell & took with him all the men saving 10 

which hee Lefte with vs to North yarmouth to releive the 


Distresd & to see to the Erecting another Garrison thare 
which may make much for the secvritie of the phice by or- 
der from Coll Tyns: I haue shipt on hoord a sloop of which 
Allexander phillips is master all those Indians (only one 
exceptd) that ware vnder hold by vs that by him thay 
miijht bee Conveished to Boston the Reson wee had for it 
was partly the want of a perticvler order to Execvte them 
here as thay haue vnhumanlj'^ Execvted ou"" poore Enlish 
Captives & partly the feare of a violent onset by y^ other 
Indians for theire Relefe as all soe ou'' Inabilitie to secvre 
them in Case of such assavlt the Indian that is Reserved by 
vs was Reserved for this Intent that hee might if occation 
ware bee a guide to ou'^ army that thareby wee may the bet- 
ter finde out the rainges & Lurking plasses of the Indians 
wee stand in neede of more shott to bee ecquell to the pow- 
der now sent about 400 wtte Carbine & swan shott which 
will bee most shutable for ou"" vse : wee all soe wante shott 
for ou"" Grate gvnns in the forte that which will bee most 
expedient for vs will bee Chaue shott Cross barshott & soom 
Rowud the Cott Desirs that more bread may bee sent which 
will bee of Grate vse being Light of Carrig in marching 
ought after the Enimie i hope the Indians Espeshiallcy the 
men may haue thaire due demerit thay haue bin perfedious 
to the English espeshially : Hope Hood, not ellse to Treble 
you I subcribe my selfe as in dut}' Bownd Jentlemen yo"" 

most Humble sarvant 

Siluanus Dauis 

ou"" woonded men are in a very Likely way of Recovery 

Letter from Edward Tyng. 

ffallmoth r" 8'"- 1688 

I Received Yours p M"^ Earthy — with the forces & Ammi- 

nition & provision then Sent which are all att present Im- 

Doc. Vol. vi. 28 



ployed in the fortifying of North Yarmoth and Guarding y^ 
Inhabitants whilst they are gathering in their Corn & Secur- 
ing their Cattell, which seems very Nessessary, for if left 
abroad it will be a Supply to the Enimy in their Intended 
Mischeif against us, which we dayly exspect. After we have 
Secured our Corn & Cattell we Shall only be in a defensive 
posture untill we Receive his Excellencys the Governour 
his farther Commands, If these forces Sent, be not drawn 
off, after Securing the Out Plantations as afores**, Shoes and 
Other Cloathing will be much wanting. We hear Nothing 
of the Indians since our last Mischeif upon Cap* Gendle, 
but are exspecting more mischeif dayly, Some of our Sen- 
tinells Seeing their Birch Canoes passing & Repassing be- 
tween our Islands, I have no More at Present to Inlarge 
Subscribe Gentlemen 

your humble Serv' 

Edward Tyng 

To the Houor'"^ 
Joseph Dudley 
William Stoughton 
Samuell Shrimpton 
& those of his Maj'^ 

Letter from John Tufton. 


M'' Hinckes desired me to informe you of the ill con- 
dition of o' ffort wanting all necessaries, therto belonging 
for should y'' Indians assault us, twould be very difficult to 
defend it. O"" great guns being of no use for want of bullet 
& match of wdiich we have none, also he desires you to Send 
Twenty Small arms with a quantity of ])all & other utensils 
belonging to 3'* C:innon. Saturday night & Sunday night 


wee had tin Alarme but know not the true cause of them, 
as soon as it arrives my knowledge I shall informe yo"^ Hon' 
of the whole matter. S"" Bee pleased to be mindful! of O"" 
weak condition in relation to C defence against y" Enimy. 
The Lieu* Govern'^ having writ m' Hinckes word that if he 
Saw occasion in these parts either for men or Ammunition 
to Send forthwith to Boston & there should be a Speedy 
Supply, & the ffort being So cxtream defective & out of 
order, he thinks it highly necessary for his Ma*' Service that 
care should be taken to strengthen it, M"" Hinckes having 
writ Several times to y'' Same purpose, therefore now de- 
sired me to give you this Account. I am 


Yo'' most humct. Servant 
John Tufton 
Gr* Island y^ ^ 

1'* Octob. 1688. S 


At present there is but 4 Small arms, wherof 3 are un- 
serviceable, there is great need of Cap Paper. 

Letter from Edicard Tyng. 

flalmouth the 1 of Goto'"- 1688 
May It please 
3^our Excellency 

your Excellencys from All)any of the 20'" 7^"- 88 the 30'" of 
the same I Received in wliich yo'' Excellencyes Commands 
of an acc° of all things relating to the indian troul)les which 
being be gun at Northfeild. I lieceiued from the Leu* (Jen- 
erall orders to take and destroy all in acts of hostillity and 
to seize all suspected persons though ofering none &c. a 
coppy of which I sent to the milletarey Commanders In the 
prouence By which order Cap* Blackeman seized the Indians 
sent to Boston and aleuued them to Be such : and Sent to 


me ffor tiduise I aduising with the Best our posts afforded 
and ffor those Reasons heare aftermentioned thought It But 
Reason thay should Be sent to Boston to appeare Before 
the Leu* Gennerall : all surcumstances concuring with Som 
Indian Confessions of ther mischeiuous in tentions and news 
by there post deowando that 6 of our english was Slaine 
and that Arauscoggen men had consented to assist the pen- 
nicok Indians and others according to descoando desieres 
the Indians Being taken to Custody that thay might be host- 
ages of our pease or Respond aney dammages using them 
with all tendernesse and Sending out one Indian to siue an 
acc° that our intentions was no wise harmful! only expected 
some expressions of their loyallty to his Majesties and sub- 
jection to yo*" Excellency who Returned not according to 
promis but Incorraged them to prosed in theare mischeuous 
designes. accordingly before the Indians seized, returned 
ffrom Boston thay captiuated Cap" Gendall with fiue more 
and so proseded to take more att Keuebeck not with stt^nd- 
ing our information of our peasefull intents and health of 
thars and so from time to time haue pursued then* designe 
till killing Cap" Gendall and others as ^^o'' excellency hath 
an acc° They notwithstanding our Continued dealings with 
utmost indeau'' to Auiod all prouocations and more bekaus 
of yo"" Excel*^ absence thay haue pursued but their one fore 
thought designe If yo'' Excellency please to Consider of 
things as Josiah Parkers account giuen to my Brother 
Jona* Tyng aduiseth that Indians att peunecok ware in con- 
sultation for wor and sending their posts to other parts for 
asistans accordingly the fore named decwando came about 
two dayes Before the Leu* Genrs account and orders and 
gaue by there one Confession an account of the same and 
all so that 6 English were killed But by the Leut gennerals 
Letter giues an account but of flSue afterward by Coll pin- 
chons scouts found to be 6 mannifesting there full knowledg 
of the act and manner of killinsf those ensrlish at North 


feild allso our Constant indeau'' both by Indians and english 
beinir all to gather in effectuall either to bring them or our 
Captiues to us and their men ffrindly to us Confessing to 
m^ Koyall there mischeuious in tentions filed ours with such 
Consternation as no perswasions or Commands ware Sufi- 
ciant to Restraine them retiring to plase of security hauing 
had former experienc of their perfidious dealings as I hope 
shall giue yo"" excellency more perticuler and satisfying ace' 
of which yo"" Excelency may perceiue more off by the difficl- 
tye of Boston forces being oblidged to stay att north yar- 
mouth either for the settling the inhabetance or drawing of 
there prouision that it may not be asuply to the Indians In 
theire intended designes against us S'' yo' Excellencyes ab- 
sence hath mad us unhappy in this Juncture by want of 
Commands and aduise in such methods as might haue been 
most proper to yo"^ Excellencyes Satisfaction and good of 
the whole : we hauing acertaine account that the Indians 
haue murdered 3 of the Captives In there hands haue Sent 
the Indian Captives to Boston to yo"" Excellencyes order 
onley Reserued one heare not knowing but that yo"" Excel- 
ency may haue som seruice ffor him heare I pray god make 
yo"" Excellenc}^ a hapey Instruement to Scttell the distvr- 
bences that we are att present under and ffeares of more I 
am yo' Excellencys Troubled and 

Humble Searuant 
Edward Tyng 

Letter from Edward Tyng 

ftalmouth the 4"^ of S"^' 1688 

I Reciued yo"" of the 24 of Sep' 88 with the fforses and Nes- 
sareyes sent the Inhabetance of North yarniotli ware Kesolued 
to Remoue tlrom there first irarreson which Caused ine to 


go to : them with those Horses Sent and haue Setled a gar- 
rison to the Content of all the Inhabetance It Being aremote 
and dangerous place was willing to yeild them all assistans 
rtbr the gathering of there Corne that It may not Be proui- 
sion ffor the Indians I hope ashort time more will Dispose 
that affaier of that town and haue To morrow ordered Leu' 
Whittington with his fforses this way that we may with all 
possible Speed geather In the Corne which Seemes the most 
nessarey Thing we are only Carefull to defend our Selues 
and shall waight his Excellencys Dyrection In all things 
who I hope is on his Journey to Bost and may arive Before 
this Comes to hand the Last tforces Seeme to Be Stout and 
Resolut men Leut Smith men I feare will not Be sutable to 
send iforth If the fforces Be Continued heare what hath Bin 
rtbrmerley wright ffor By Cap" Dauis and my Selfe may Be 
Nessarey to Be sent North yarmoth men haue lined mostly 
upon the prouisions sent hauing att present none of there 
one thay haue promised to suply againe I Returne thanks 
ffor the tender of aney thing for my one Incorrage ment 
and shall Be oblieged If aney thing Be Considered of and 
alowed But In all things I submight my selfe And am 

Yo'' Humble Saruant 
Edward Tyng 
No newes of the Indians since 
the Last ace" 

Letter from Thomas Treffry 

fort Mary 9"' Oc^" 1688 
May it please your Exi'* 


I Receiued yours Last night wharein I find your Exil" dis- 
pleased with me for which I am uery sorry my sineing with 


the Counsell was as I thought for the preseruation of the 
Country and people, had your Ex" giuen me any perticular 
Orders, I should haue been uery Carefull to obserue them 
I haue now sent to your Ex" all the Letters which wee haue 
Receiued since Hope good with all the other Indians that 
ware here formerly are sent hither again they are in the 
Costodie of Marcie, but wants for nothing, but haue 
Charged him to be uery kind to them here is but Little 
newes unly Cap' George seised Ma''"' Howards Brigantine 
She haueing some Brandy one Board, She Came from New 
found Land, the Master sayeth he tooke it up iioting in the 
Sea, and might haue taken up a great deall more. She is 
in Costodie till your Ex" Returns I am uery glad to hear of 
all friends being well in England, Cap' Gillam is now goeing 
to sayle, l»ut Bant will be reddy by the time your Ex' Comes 
home, all things here are well but the Corporalls and M"" 
Speed and M"" Brown are still in Costodie till your Return 
M'' Loftis hath made his escape ; So wishing your Exell : 
Safe at Boston 

I Rest your most Obedient 
Seruant att all Coinands 
Thomas Treffry 
I hope your Ex" will not be displeased for remembring the 
queens bearthday and dringinij her health and fired nineteen 
Guns, If your Exi" be not Returned the Kings Bearth day 
drawes on Shall keep the same Solemnity. 

All the officers here giues you there seruice Cap' 
Munke is out of the dock. 

Letter from Joseph Dudley. 

May it please your Excellency 
I am sincerely sorry that any thing that hath passed here 
in your Excellency^ absence referring to the troubles East- 


ward is greivous to your Excellency, what Impatience or 
precipitation here hath been amongst y*^ poor people of those 
parts to push the matter forward I know not, but for our 
selues here I ask your Excellencyes pardon to assure you 
that what was done by y*^ Gentlemen here, was what we 
truly thought your Excellency would Expect of us y* y*^ 
province might not be Lost in your absence but by y^ little 
Help sent they might be able to p^serve themselves untill 
your Excellencyes Comands might arrive nor do I know 
that the people there have been Aggressors in y*^ Matter 
but have been on the Defence only. I wish your Excellen- 
cys happy progress in your Journey & safe return 

Your Excellencyes 
9 : Oct. 1688 Most ff-iithfull & obliged 


J Dudley 

Examination of Moses Eyares. 

The Exaiacon of Moses Eyers of Dorchester in y® 
County of Suftblke :iged twenty One Yeares or there- 
abouts taken y*^ 22''' day of October 1688 
The sd Examinant Sayth That about y"^ beginning of Sep- 
tember last he went in a Canoe with Cap' Walter Gendall 
& two other men & a Negro of y® sd Gendalls & two men 
more in a Bourch Canoe Intending to goe to y® sd Gendalls 
house & comeing neere the same both Cannoes putt ashore 
& it begining to Raine Cap' Gendall Sent this Examinant & 
ye Negroman to goe to his house & fetch a Bagg of Gun- 
powder w'^'' he had Hung out to Dry & by the way as they 
were goeing to y® house they heard a man (who Cap' Gen- 
dall had Sent to bring up his Cows) Cry out Indians & 
thereupon this Exaiarit, & y® negroman Runn back towards 
y*^ Canoes but before they could reach them this Exaiii' was 


taken by y*-' Indians & they went towards the other man. 
That soe soone as y*' Indians were Seene by Cap^ Gendall 
& y'^ others y^ two men that came in y*" Buvch Canoe 
Launched her & went away but Cap* Gendall & the two 
men with him Stayed & Gendall p'"sented his Gunn att y° 
Indians ; That thereupon y'' Indians layed downe their 
Armes & Called to Cap* Gendall to Come to them Saying 
they Come to heare News & would Doe him noe harme, 
that then y*" sd Gendall putt his Gunn into y*' Canoe & went 
to them & the Indians asked him what was the Reason that 
y"" Englishmen went from their houses & why Cap' Black- 
man tooke y^ Indians att Saco & Sent them away & y° sd 
Gendall told them that there was News come from the West- 
ward that Severall Indians & English were lately Killed by 
Indians on Conechiott River att Northtield w*^*' the Indians 
sayed they Knew nothing off And whi they were in dis- 
course Some other of y" Indians went downe to y® Canoe & 
took the Armes w"^'' belonged to Cap* Gendall & y" other 
men with him & tiered them off. & them Seized & bound 
them all & Carryed them about two miles into ye woods 
from set Gendalls house to a Swamp where they lett Cap' 
Gendall goe but Kept this Exain* & other three i)ersons all 
that night & the next day Carryed them to a place ab' 
twenty miles from y® Waterside where their Wigwams ware. 
Thaty*^ Indians that tooke them were about Twelue in num- 
ber, & that amongst them wer Ned Higgins who was their 
Captaine Nicomunby and his Sonne called Young Nico- 
munb^^ Soory Ned, Saragumby, Peeornose his Brother, 
Amoscoggin Sam, & Atamewes, whom this Exain* Knew. 
That about tenn dayes after they were taken & y*^ Indians 
Sent to Boston from Saco were Come back againe two In- 
dians & two Englishmen were sent trom Leu* Coll Tyng att 
ffalmouth to the place where this Exaiii* & y^ others were 
Kept, to speake to y*^ Indians & Demand those English 
taken by them & to tell them that if they would deliuer the 


Captiues & what other things they had taken from the 
English the Indians should be Sett att Liberty & desired 
y*^ Sachems to goe downe & Speake with y*' English, where- 
upon the Indians Released this Exain' & One more that was 
with him (the other two haueing before made their Escape) 
& three Indians by Name Hope Hood Ned Higgins & Young 
Nicomunby came with them to ffalmoth to Speake with y® 
English & further sayth not 
Moses eyares 

Sworne y'' day & yeare 
before writte before me 

Ed Randolph/ 

Petition of David Edwards. 

To his Excellency S' Edmond Andros K"' Captain 
General! and Governour in Chiefe of his Majesties 
Territory and Dominion of New England./. 

The Petition of David Edwards humbly Sheweth 
That whereas yo"" Pef is concerned in ffour Fishing Boates 
whereof are Masters Robert Ednions, Hosea Mallett, Wil- 
liam Hones and William Champney' who have made their 
Voyage this Season at Sagadahock, and have advised yo'' 
Pef^ that by reason of the troubles by the Indians in those 
Eastern parts, are there shut up in Garrison and not per- 
mitted to go to Sea or to bring their Fish about to Boston, 
which Lyeth there upon Spoyle, desiring yo'' Pef to repre- 
sent the same unto yo' Exc^ But by reason of Lameness 
and Sickness being unable to waite upon yo"" Excellency in 

Yo"" Pef humbly Prayeth yo"" Excy' Favour in behalfe of 
himselfe and the abovenamed Fishermen that yo"^ Exc^ wilbe 
pleased to Order that they be discharged from the aforesaid 
Garrison with their Companys and be permitted to bring 


away their ffisli to preserve the same for Loss ; after which 
they may be Ordered to return again if yo"^ Ex'^y see cause. 

And yo' Pef as in duty bound 
shall ever pray &c" 
Dauid Edwards 
Boston 22«"^' Oct" 1688-/. 

Examination of Henry Smithy Chyrurgion. 

The Examination of Henry Smith late of New^dart- 
moulh in the County of Cornwall Chyrurgion aged 
forty four years or thereabouts taken the 31"' Day of 
October 1688./ 
The sayd Exaiii' sayth That on the tifth Day of September 
last past being in his owne house att Newdartmouth afore- 
said about seauen or eight of the Clock att night flue In- 
dians Came into his house Armed all with Gunns and Three 
of them had Swords and other two Tomhauks, besides their 
Gunns & this Examinant thereupon takeing up his Gun 
They desired him not to Shutt them Saying they would doe 
him no harme but came to know the Reason why Capt" 
Blackman tooke the Indians and sent them from Saco & 
what I thought was become of them and if they would be 
Return'd Whereupon this Exain' lay'd downe his Gunn and 
then Imediatly two of them lay'd hold of him and two 
gsented their Gunns att him and tooke him and bound his 
hands behind him and then the\' seized his wife and sonne 
and bound them sayeing they would Carry them away and 
keep them till the Indians were Returned and then would 
free them againe. That this night they Carried this Exain* 
& his wife and Sonne about Three Miles from his house into 
the Woods and the next Morning four of the said Indians 
Tooke this Examin' with them & went back to this Exam- 
in** house and Plundered itt & the house of one Edward 


Tuyler out of which they gott Seuerall Weareing CI oaths 
Linnings household goods plate mony &^ to a Considerable 
value — and in the Time of about Three houres Returned 
to the other Indian and Captiues and from thence Carryed 
them towards Takonnett where in Three Dayes time they 
arrived and there this Exain* Saw about Twenty Indian 
men & Seuerall Women and Children and Nine English 
Captiues who as this Examiu' was Informed were taken the 
Day before he was taken in Kenebeque Riuer That Soone 
after this Exam* Comeing to Tekonett the Indians Exained 
him when he saw any other Indians and he told them that 
about tenn Dayes before he saw Tenn Indians att Pemaquid 
and that he gaue them a bottle of Rumm Then they asked 
him if y" Governour had giuen Orders for Blackman to take 
y^ Indians and this Exain*^ told them he was sure he had not 
for he was Gonn to New Yorke & he had scene the Orders 
from Capt" Nicholson att Pemaquid w*^'' were not soe & be- 
leeued it to be onely Blackmans folly. That this Examin' 
was kept att Takonett with y"' other Captiues untill the 15'^ 
of September in w*^'' time the Number of the Indians was 
Encreased to ab' 70 men, That on the 10"' of September 
a ffrench Priest came to the Indians att Tekonett and stayed 
with them till y"" 14"' & in that time was frequent with them 
in Consultation. That the Indians Haueing had Seuerall 
Consultacons together what they shoud Doe att Last Re- 
solued to send this Examinant to the English att Cascobay 
to demand the Indians and to lett them know they would 
Deliuer the English Captiues and what goods they had 
taken from them and make satisfaction for what should be 
Lost or Destroyed by them in Beauer as the English should 
value itt and made this Exain' Write a Letter to that Pur- 
pose which was Directed to the Cheife Commander att Cas- 
cobay. That on the said 15"' of September Seauenteene 
Canoes with about seauenty Indians and the Twelue Cap- 
tiues Came from Tekonnett to Pejepscut where heareing 


that the Indians that were taken and sent away were sent 
back and kept on board a Sloop they Consulted to gett on 
board the sk)op and sett them att Libert}- but after finding 
that not feazable they sent this Examina' in a Canoe with 2 
Indians to deliuer that Letter to Cap^ Gendall and Treate 
with the English on the Indians behalfe who had Ordered 
this Exain' to doe whtit he though fitt and they would stand 
to itt. And Accordingly this Exain^ went towards a stock- 
aded house in Casco])ay where the said Capt" Gendall was 
& Comeing neere put out a White flagg & then seeing Capt" 
Gendall on the Banke of a riuer Caused the Canoe to stopp 
& Called to him & told him his Name and that he was an 
English Captiue sent to Treate with them from the Indians, 
& Thereupon y" said Gendall bid this Examina' Come in, 
which the Canoe did accordingly and Comeing a little 
Nearer Gendall Called to them And bid them keep off. Then 
this Exam* askeing what was the Reason he might not 
Come in and spake with them, Then Gendall bid them 
againe Come in, and then the Canoe stood in againe within 
Shott of the Shoarc then Capt" Gendall Called to this Ex- 
ain* to keep off againe & gsently brought downe a file of 
Musqueteeres, who fired and shott this Exaiu' in Seuerall 
places through his Cloaths with Swan Shott and AA'ounded 
one of the Indians in the Legg upon which the Indians putt 
back the Canoe and this Exain' Stepped out into the Water 
and then was fetched ashore by the English and Came to 
speake with Capt" Gendall and others there to whom this 
Exaiii* gaue the Letter and told what he was Ordered from 
the Indians and the Letter was Read and giuen to this Ex- 
aiii' againe they Refuseing to haue an}- Regard to itt but 
bid this Exain* goe and Treate with the Indians. That this 
Exain' Walked along the Shoare side untill the Indians that 
brought him tookc him into the Canoe againe and Carryed 
him to the other 16 Canoes which had stayed att hogg 
Island & were mett goeinir ouer to a Point of Land on the 


Maine Called Maines Point, where they all Landed and the 
Indians findeing ab* 5 English men there Indeauored to take 
them Captiues and bringing them away, were pursued by 
some other English who fired upon them the Indians Like- 
wise fired and they had a Skirmish for about one houre & 
halfe And the Indians bi'ought off Two Captiues four Gunns 
and a Gutless, & had Six of their men Wounded That the 
Indians Retreateing went ouer to a Smale Island and there 
the youngmen killed the Two Captiues then taken and two 
of the Twelue they had before which Egeremett the Sachem 
Seemed to be troubled att, this Skirmish the Exain* beleeues 
was on y® 19"^ September That soone after their Comeing 
to this Island the Indians Resolued to goe for Pejepscutt 
and all with Tenn Captiues went into there Canoes and by 
the w^ay mett a Canoe in which was John Ryall and Richard 
Shorte and the Indians tooke them Captiues and Carrj-ed 
them along to Pejepscutt where stayed one night and from 
thence they went to Merrymeeting in Kenebeque Riuer, 
where they killed some Cattle and made Merry and haveing 
Discouered that one of the Captiues named Edward Shaw 
had a Rui)ture the Indians said he would doe them noe Ser- 
uice and Ordered him to be shott which one of them did 
Accordingly. And that night went from thence, to a Neck 
of Land on the other side of the Riuer where they stayed 
two Dayes and from thence went to Tekonett and there the 
Indians Consulted together and sent psents of Wampon 
Gunns Christians Cloaths and one John Ryall a Captiue to 
the Penobscott Indians, & other Indians both Eastward and 
Northward to gctt More men Joyne with them and the 
Messengers Being gone about 14 Dayes Returned with 
about 60 or Seaventy Indians more with powder or Lead 
and Gunns which the Indians told this Exain*^ they had from 
a fircncli Priest who they said was gone to Canada & would 
send them more Amies and Amunition as soone as the flrost 
Came & an Army of men from Canada, And the Indian 
further told this Examinant That monsieur Castine did i?iue 


to euery Indian that Engaged against the English one pound 
of Powder two pound of Lead and a Small Quantity of 
Tobacco and That Monsieur Castine had a store of fourteen 
barrells of Powder and 2000"' of Lead and other Necessa- 
ryes to Supply them that was sent him by m' Nelson of 
Boston, And This Exain' further sayeth That after the 
other Indians w^ere Joyned to the Indians att Tekonett by 
which their Number was Increased to a])out One hundred & 
forty men They Consulted together Wether they should 
make Warr or not and Resolued upon Warr and then Ad- 
vised what place they should fall on tirst and they Resolued 
to fall upon New Dartmouth to burne and Destroy that 
place and giue noe Quarter to man Woemen or Children 
and on Saturday the 20"' Instant all the said Indians with 
this Examin* went from Tekonett for Merry Meeting where 
they Came on Munday the 22'* following and stayed there 
till Wednesda}' when all but about hfteene Indians and this 
Examinant who were left there Went to Attack New Dart- 
mouth as Resolued This Examinant being the onel}^ Captiue 
alone wMth them and haueing heard them Threaten if they 
Lost any of their men att New Dartmouth they would mur- 
der him, on the Thursday Morning mad his Escape and gott 
to Pemaquid with much Difficult}' & from thence came to 
this place. And further Saytli not. 
Hen Smith 

Sworno y^ 31*^'^ of Octolier 

1688 ])cfore me. 

Ed Randolph-/ 

Examination of Sam^ Holman. 

The Exainacon of Samuel Ilolman aged forty yeares 
or thcreab'"* ttdcen y* fourth day of Xoven)ber 1688 
The said Exain' Sayth that on Munday y'' 29"' of October 
past he being Ma' Of a Smale Barke Sailed in her fi'om Pern- 


yquid to Munhegaii & That on y^ Tuesday following M"" 
John Dollen a Justice of y® Peace there went from y® Island 
of Munhegan to Pemyquid in his boate & Returning on y'' 
Wednesday after He the sd Jn" Dollen brought & Reported 
this News to the Exain*^ Viz^ That two men were Sent by 
way of Damoras Cotty to goe to New Dartmouth to heare 
what News there & that they comeing neere to y^ Towne 
descerned a White Sheete hoisted on y*^ fflagg staffe in y^ 
fforte & Saw an Indian Standing on y'^ plattforme upon one 
of y*^ flankers whereupon they Returned back towards their 
Canoes att Damoras Cotty Riuer & were persued by two 
Indians but Escaped them & reaching then* Canoe came to 
Pemyquid while y'^ sd Dollen was there. The names of y® 
two men were as y® sd Dollen told this Exain* Rich'' Potts 
and Thomas Mitchell & that fryday y'^ Second Instant this 
Exain' Sailed from the sd Island of Munhegan & further 
Sayth not 

Sworne y« 4*" of Novemb-- 1688 
before me 

Samuell Holman 

J Palmer 

Examination of Patrick Keen. 

The Examinaon of Patrick Keen of Boston Glover 
aged Twenty one yeares or thereabouts taken the 5"^ 
Day of November 1688. 
The s'' Exaiu*^ saith That about two Months since he with 
severall others was sent out from Boston under the Conduct 
of m"" Joseph Smith by Order of some of the Councill to 
go to Cascobay in the Province of Maine where they heard 
was some Trouble with the Indians where he arriued and 
was placed att Ryalls forte in North yarmouth, That about 
a Weeke after this Exain* was there he saw on a Saturday 


about nine or tenn of the Clock in the Morning A Burch 
Canoe with two Indians and a Christian in itt Comeing 
towards the said ffbrt with a fflag of Truce & heard the 
Christian Call to them But Capt" Gendall being att a Dis- 
tance from the fort and seeing the Indians in a Canoe Come- 
ing towards itt bid them keep off, and the said Gendall 
Comeing nearer to the fort Caled for a file of Muskettiers 
who Imediatly went out to hiui and this Exain*^ heard the 
said Gendall bid them fire That scOrall other men went out 
of the forte with their Amies after the file of men went out 
and some shorte time after this Exain* standing by the forte 
and lookeing towards the Canoe saw the said file of Mus- 
quetiers fire four Gunns that way. And then saw nor heard 
of noe other Indians Neere them. That afterwards this 
Exain' saw the Christian step out of the Canoe Into the 
Water and the Indians with the Canoe went away and left 
him and some of the men went in a Canoe from the forte 
and fetched him ashoare and this Exain* heard That it was 
one Smith who was taken Captiue b}' the Indians. And 
this Exain* Saw a Letter That was brought b}' the s'* Smith 
from the Indians & heard part thereof Read — but does not 
Remember its Contents and further sayth not. 
The Marke of 

Patrick 3 Keen Sworne y 5"' NoV 1G88 

before me 

J. Palmer. 

Petition of Eliz^^ Ryall 

The Humble pettion of Elizabeth Wife of John Ryoll of 
North yarmouth To his Exel''^ S"" Ednuuid Andrus Knt Gou- 
ernor In Chefe of His Myts Kingdums and dominions of 
New England and new yorke &c = 
Doc. Vol. vi. 29 


S"" whereas you'' humble pet" husbends Houce was mayd A 
Garison By y'' orders of Cohinall Ting Judge Stoton Mager 
ftVost and other Comicon officers of This prouins y^ Said 
Garison Being now Desartted I Know not on what Cause 
and my husben Taiken B}'' the Indians and In Captiuety 
you'' Humble pe"" husbends Goods of Corne Cattell hay 
and Swine Being on y*" ifarme Belonging To y"" Sayd Gari- 
son it Being of a Considrabl value is in Great danger To 
Be Loste or dastroyed By y*^ Indians To y® vtter vndoing of 
you'' pettinors Husbend and ffiimiley : Axepteyour Exekncy 
Shall See Good To Suplye y'^ Sayd Garison with Soulders 


und"" you'' Spaca" Comicon or order: and if not That yo'"" 


would Giue orders That you"" pettinor may haue a Suficant 
Garde of men ftbr y' Remouing The Sayd Goodes and By 


Soo doing you'' petticoner will allways pray. 
Nouemb'" y*^ 22'" 


I humbly desiere you'' Exelency would Graciously Consider 
y'^ Exrorddenory Damiges and Losses of y*^ Puling Downe of 
out housings and tfences in order to y"" Stranthening and 
Bulding y® said Garisan 

G-eorge Turfrey''s Land. 

May it please your Excellence 

In obedience to your Connnand - to make knowne 
unto your Excell°® my Right and title to such lands I am 
1) I produce a Deed of Sale of I in 4 miles square, (in 

which said land lyes) with i of a mill & itt's produce, for 

better securit}- of a debt of £ 197. 15. - by William and 

Bridgett Phillips to Abraham Heiman. 
2.) a Certificate to proove Henry Amory and Samuel 

Leache, heires to s'' Heiman. 


3.) A Letter of Attorney from them to recover levy & 

receiue s^^ lands or clel)t. 
4.) Itt appeares also by William Phillip's last Will, that 

i in s'^ Lands belong to s*^ Heiman — 
Wherefore pray your Excell*" to give such farther order 
therein, as to your Excell'^'^ shall seem meet, which none 
shall be more ready to obey than 

Your Excell'^'^'^ most humb. Serv* 
23 9" 8 George Turfrey 


By his Excellency 
Upon the Peticon of Jn° Tucker Ma'' & George Hiskett in 
behalfe of themselves & others Owners of y® Ship ffriendship 
lately taken by y^ Indians att Newdartmouth & afterwards 
Retaken by Cap' Jn° Alden Command'' of his Ma*'^^ Sloop 
Mary & brought into Pemyquid praying y* the sd Ship may 
be Returned Ordered that y® sd Command'" doe forthwith 
Deliuer & Restore y^ sd Ship to y" sd John Tucker Ma"" for 
y® use of y*^ former Owners thereof: Dated att Pemyquid 
the 24"' day of December 1688 

Letter from S^ E. Andros. 

Pemaquid y« 20'" Jan'-^ 1688 

I haue receau'd y*" of the 15"' and 19"' Instant by 
maj"" Brockles and Exprcsse with the Albany letters, all 
well, & now Answer of w'^'' and all Else here refer y" to 
John West the bearer hereof, hoping oficers wilbe Care- 
full and all do well westward, where I shall nott dela}' 
returning, as soon as the state of these parts will admitt Itt, 


am sory to hear you were not well, and ought to keep In 
till p'fectly recouer'd. 

Know nott what to thinck that the Gabriell Kecth m"" Buck- 
ley master is nott arived hope is well having had no very 
had weather, tho some thick snowing, times, I am 

y"" afectionate hum 

E Andros 
M"" Randolph 

Reply of Maquase, ^c. 

The Maquase Oneydes Onnondages Cayouges & Sinnekes 
Reply to y^ Governo" Answer Sent them by Arnout the 
Interpreter into their Country in February 168| 
First y" Maquase said 

That y° Sinnekes and Cayouges would take Care y' the 
Wasanhaes should not be long on their Confines. O 
Brother Corlaer wee are much grieved to hear y' y® Kenne- 
beck Indians doe Murther and Robb our Brethren the 
Christians, when our Young Indians come home in y^ 
Spring. Wee will help Corlaer, there is an old grudge be- 
tween us and the Onnagongues, who knows how it will goe 


The Oneydes Said 
Wee thank our Brother Corlaer for acquainteing us that 
wee may Defend our Selvs, wee shall not Sutler our People 
to be soe Plagued again by y*' Paraganhaes and their Asso- 
ciates, assoon as our Young Souljers are come from hunt- 
ing, for all our Indians are gone a huntmg. 
Brother Corlaer our heart is much Pressed with Grief that 
our Brethren to y*^ Eastward are soe kill'd and Robb'd : Be- 
lieve it and we doubt not but this comes from Onnondio y^ 
Govern©'" of Canidaes heart (though Closely) Lest Corlaers 


Subjects Defend themselves Bravely that they be not 

The Onnondages Said 
The Waganhaes with their Associates the Dionondadees 
TwichTwichs and Kichtages who have killed three Onnon- 
dages and Some of y'^ Sinnekes and Oneiydes Broke y'" Cou- 
enant Chain of Peace or Cessation — Onnondio y*" Governo"" 
of Canida is very angry at it, thus hath he acquainted us ; 
The Governo"" of Canida says they have Deserv'd Pun- 
ishment — 

Wee Believe shall have news shortly from Canada Many of 
our Onnondage Indians are gone out a huntmg towards y* 
french Territories, and withall to have an Eye towards y® 
french Proceedings Wee hear y' all y*^ french Bushlopers 
are sent for to come home in y'' Spring, Onnondio y* Gov- 
erno'' of Canida will not admitt them to be Longer among 
the Indians. 

Brother Corlaer wee are Sorry for y* 
V^^Chiefe Sachem Death of our Brother Sachims Aguir- 
of Onnondage a achronge an Dekaraechqua but much 

s:reat Creature of more sfriev'd to hear that our Brethren 
y® french & Enemy are soe murther'd and Robb'd by y* 
to y*^ EngP Interest Onnagonques and their Associates tis 

*^ 1 V*" Same as l^efell us from the Dowa- 

he was an ■^ 

, 4- a u- ffiinhall you must Defend y"" Selves 

honest Sachnn » j j 

of Cavou«^. Bravely and we shall doe y*' Same 

The Sinneches and Cayouges say 
There are five hundred of our People gone out a Bever 

hunting towards y^ Confines of Ottowawa 

The Dowaganhaes are gone, to their Countr}' or Elsewhere — 
The houses which y** french had at Jagaro we Burnt Some 
of our People lye at Jagaro as Skouts and Some att another 
Place Called Djajago. 

Wee are Sorry to hear of y*' Mischiefs done to our Brethren 
by Onnondios Indians, we will help Corlaer with all our 


hearts to kill thcin Dikarachqua our Sachini of Cayouge is 

A Copy Transl'* g 

Rob* Livino'ston 

Petition of Nath. Wallis. 

To his Excelence S"" Edmund Andros Kii" Cap" Generall 
and Gouernour in Chiefe in and ouer his majestes Territo- 
rei & Dominion of New England 

The petition of Nathaniell AVallis of the Towne of 
ffalhnouth in the prouince of Maine humbly she weth 
That whare as yo'" petetino'" haue bin posesed & had made 
improufements vpon sundrey Tracts of Lands in Casco Bay 
in the towne shipe of ffall mouth & north yarmouth 
viz a tracte of Land of fifty acres betwixt the Lands of Jn° 
Smith and John Browne at the Backe Coue Improufed about 
35 years yo'' petetino'' prayeth an addition of fifty acres of 
vacant Land & about fou'' Acres of meddow in the Grate 
Afresh mash if to bee found -— 

all soe one hundred Acres of Land Leying vpon the weste 
side of pesumscott Riuer betwixt the Claimes of m"" Jones and 
Jn° Nicolls with Ten Acres of meddow or swampe belongen 
to it Improufment vpon it formerly was a Grist mill howse 
Baren & other Improufments — 

all soe one hundred acres of Land in the Grate Cove in 
North yarmouth nere Adjoyning to Cap" Gendells with 
abought thirty Acers of swampe or meddow Nere AdJoyn- 
ing if to bee found the said Land haue bin Improufed by 
one Georg felte about 30 yers & purchesed by yo'' petetino"" 
whoe prayeth an Addition of vacant Land to bee Added to 
it of about two hundred acres with the privileg of a small 
falls in said Land to set a mill vpon it & all soe previlig of 
timber ought of a swampe Leying Backe from said Land - 
all soe one hundred acres of vp Land and Nintene acres of 


meddow Leying in the Towue ship of north yarniouth Being 
formerly Improufed by Jn" Cuzens many eyers & purchesed 
by yo'" petetino"" Leying on the est Side of y*" Riuer Caled 
Cuzens Riuer. 

Yo"" petetiuo'^ Humbly prayeth yo"" Excelences Confirma- 
tion for the seurall Tracts of Land and that yo"" warrant 
may bee Granted that yo' survoyer may survoy tlie same & 
Lay it ought that Returens may bee made in order that a 
pattent may bee Granted to yo"" petetiuo'" vpon such Essey 
quitt Rent as yo"" excelence shall see^meete & yo"" petetino"^ 
as Bownd in duty shall cyer pray 

ftallmouth March 5"', 1688 

Nath : Wallis 

ffiilmouth March y" 6"' 1687/8 

Wee preshume to Inforem yo"" Excelence as to the petetion 

on the other side 

Wee Are Inforemed Thomas AVackley Matthew Cooe & 

John Wackley purchesed Eight or ten acres of marsh in 

the Grate marsh of m"" Richard Tucker abought Twenty 

Eight yers sense thay are all Dead soom of thaire Ralations 

are Leuing in Boston » - _ 

fifty acors of the Land betwixte Jn" Nicolls Bownds and 

the petetinos former Liiproufcmcnts whare his Gristc mill 

did stand is Claimed by one Thomas Bacor : by a towne 

Grante and petetions yo"" excelence for a Confirmation hee 

is Inhabitant in ou*^ Towne ^ 

as for the Nine tone acres of marsh in Cozens Riuer in north 

yarmouth it is Reported that with other meddowes is Laide 

ought in foure Acre Loots to the Inhabitance that are thare 

settled & in acttuall Imp"ment _ 

as to the other seurall Tracts of Lands wee Cannot know 

any thing to the Contery but according to the petetinos pe- 


tetion us to his former Improufemeats and purches are as 
thare in exprest. 

wee Are inforemed sense what is aboue written that the 
aboue said John Cozens haue made ouer all his Titell in 
Cozens Riuer to the widdow Sawerd of yorke hee Being an 
Ainchent man shee to maine taine him during his Life 

Edward Tyng 
Siluauus Dauis 

Petition of John Holman. 

To his Excelence S'" Edmund Andros Kn" Cap" Generall 
and Gouerno'" in Chife in & ouer his Majests Terretorie & 
Dominion of New England 

The petetion of John Hollman of the Towne of ffall- 
mouth in the prouince of Maine Humbly sheweth 
That whare as yo"" petetinor is in Auctuell posetion of sun- 
dery Tracts & persell of Land in the towneship of fallmouth 
parte being purehesed with his niony & parte by Towne 
Grants viz fou'' Acres of Land vpon Sanfords peointe whare 
on thare is a dwelling howse planting felde & tishing Roome 
Bought of said Tho Sanford as p'' Deede — 
allsoe abought seuentene acres of Land on the South Side 
of Casco Riuer next Adjoying to Lawrance Dauis - 
Improufements is a Dwelling howse ought howeses & Coren 
feelds posesd sixe eyers he prays one hundred acres of 
vacant Land Backward in the woods with Ten acres of 
swampe or meddow whare it may bee fownd nere adJoying 
to bee added to the aboue Two Tractes all soe one hundred 
and Ten acres of Land Leying sittuate in the Towne of 
North yarmoth vpon the Estward side of the Grate Coue 
against Elicots Island being purehesed by yo'' petetino"" from 
one Thomas Wisse nintene years sense in the petetino''s pos- 
setion as p'' the Deeds appere. said Wisse had improued the 


same abought Ten eyers beefore yo"" petetino"^ purchesed 
the same of said Wisse & yo'' petetino' had made Large 
Iraprouements before the Indain warrs & a saiall parsell of 
marsh Leying hi the Nor est Cricke in Arresickett Riuer. 
about sixe Acers haueing bin Improued by yo"" petetino"" yo"" 
petetino"" Humbley prayeth yo"" Exoelences Confirmation for 
the seuerall Tracts of Land vpon such Essey quit Rente as 
yo'' Excelence shall see raeete & yo'' petetino'^ as Bownd in 
Duty shall ever pray 

ffullmouth prouince ^ Tnoo John hollman 

of maine march 15 5 

Petition of W" Grilbart. 

To his Excelence S'' Edmund Andros Kn" Cap" Generall 
and Gouerno"' in Chife in & ouer his Majestes Territorie & 
Dominion of New England 

The petetion of William Gilbart of North Yarmoth 
in the prouince of Maine Humbley showeth 
That whare as yo'' petesseno'' is poosessed ot a pese of Land 
& haue made soom improufement vpon the same by bwild- 
ing a dwelling howse & In Cloased a feeld and now is Lin- 
ing vpon itt Leying in the Grate Coue nere Cap" Gendells 
on the estwa''d side of the falls Called ffelter falls yo"" pete- 
tetino'' prayeth his majestes Conformation for one hundred 
and fifty Acres of vacant Land adjoyning nere his Dwelling 
howse & a Lot of meddow in the townshi}) of abought sixe 
acors if it may bee fownd in Coosens Riuer or arrisickett 
Riuer : and all soe fiftene acors of swampe to make meddow 
where it may bee fownd Conveniantly adjoying to said Land 
yo'' petetino'^ Humbley prayeth yo'' Excelences Confirmation 
of the seuerall Tracts or as yo"" excelence shall pleese to 
beestow vpon yo"" petetino'" vpon such essey quit Rente as 


yo'' Excelence shall see iiieete & yo'' petetino'' as Bownd in 
Duty shall ever pray „ 
ffiUl mouth March 15^^ iQgg 

William Gilbart 

Petition of R. Nickohon. 

To his Excelence S"" Edmund Andros Kn" Cap" Generall 
and Gouerno'" in Chefe in and ouer his majestes Territorie 
& Dominion of New England 

The petetetion of Robert Nickolson of The Towne of 

fallmouth in the prouince of Maine 

Humbley sheweth 
That whare as yo*' petetino*^ is in Acttuell posetion of a 
track of Land Leying vpon the westward side of pesomscott 
R.iue''s : betwixt the Claimes of John Nicolson & Robert 
Gresora to quantety of sixty acres Granted by the Towne 
yo'' petetino"' prayeth an addition of vacant Land adjoying 
to it of one hundred acres & aboute Ten acres of swampe, 
whare it may bee found nere Adjoying & all soe a howse 
Loot nere the forte about Two acres froonting to ffleete 
streete vpon parte of the seurall Tracts you'' petetino"" haue 
made & is in Actuall Impronement. Humbly pra3'ing yo^ 
Excelences Confirmation for the seurall Tracts of Lands vpon 
such Essey quit Rente as yo"" Excelence shall see meete — 
& yo"" petetino"" shall as Bownd in duty ever pray 

Robert Nickalson 
ffallmouth. 15''" march 1688 


Petition of P. Munjoy and others. 

To his Excellencie S"" Edmond Andros Kn' Cap' 
Gennerall & Govern'^ in Cheife of all his Majes- 
ties Territory & Dominion of New England in 
The Humble Petition of Pelatiah Munjoy John 
Pahiier & Hepzibah Munjoy Children of m"" George 
Munjoy of Casco Bay Deceased./ 

That y"" Petitioners father haueing for aboute twenty years 
been possessed of a Certaine tract of land contayning foure 
hundred acres of vpland & fine acres of marsh Commonly 
t'alled or known by y'' name of Long Creque in Casco bay 
^ych yr Petitioners father bought & purchased of Cap* An- 
thony Brackett Vpon w^*" he made a Considerable Improucm' 
in Cleareing building & fencing to y*' Valew of neare thre 
hundred pounds w"'out Lett Clayme or molestation of any 
p''son w*soeuer as all y*" anchient inhabitants can & will tes- 
tify If Called therevnto & allso y' no other p'son w*soeuer 
euer made any Improuem* v})on y® same either before or 
since y*' Indian wars, paying all rates & taxes both before & 
allso since y'' warrs to this time allso A dwelling house 
built by y'' Petitioners brother since y*^ deuastation & now 
standing vpon y^ same y'' Land allso haueing been Improued 
& planted since y*^ warrs, but finding y* one flSppenny makes 
some pretence to one hundred acres thereof w*^'' he neuer 
either built vpon or improued as can easily be proued 
Y*^ Petitioners therfore humbly pray y"" Excellencies Confir- 
mation if not of y" whole yet of y*" three hundred acres re- 
mayning y' soe they may not bee depriued of all ther^ 
fathers Improuem*' 

And y'' Petitioners shall euer pray &c./ 


By his Excellency 
The within Peticon is Reffered to M'' Benjainine Blackman 
Justice of y^ Peace to Exaine & reporte if what desired may 
be granted accordingly Dated in Boston y^ 16"' March 1687/8 

E Andros 
By his Excell^ Comn'^ 
John West D Seciy 

By his Excellency' Commands examined & Report y*" lands 
upon long Crick within mentioned Bought of Cap' An'° 
Brackett ; y*" possession &, improvment for near thirty yeares 
by M' George Munjoy & son, averred by y'' ancient inhab- 
itants, two houses built, one yett standing noe Claimes or 
improvements by any other but one phippeny whose father 
about thirty yeares since living three miles downe y® riv*^ 
sent up some swme to winter neare the feild now in tillage 
ftalmoth 27"> March 1688 

g"" me Benj" Blakeman 

Petition of Greo. Ingersoll Jr. 

To his Excelence S" Edmund Andros Kn" Cap" Generall 
and Governo"" in Chife in and ouer his Majstes Territorie & 
Dominion in New England . 

The petetetion of Georg Ingersoll Junio'" of the 
towne of ffallmouth in the prouince of Maine 
Humbley sheweth . 
That whare as yo"" petetino'' hath set Iforth in his fTormer 
petetion to yo'^ Excelence that hee haue bin & is in avctuell 
posetion of a persell of marsh in non such marshes on the 
North side next Advoyning to Siluanus Dauis for which yo"" 
Excelence was plesd to Grante a warrent to yo"" survoyer to 
survoy & Laye it ought yo'' survoyer declaring that it is yo"" 
Excelences pleshur that the vacant Land shoold not bee 


parted from the marsh, But that Booth shoohl Goe to 
Geather therefore yo"" survoyer haue Laid ought a quantety 
of vacant Land flfronting to the said marsh as By his Re- 
turens doe appere yo"" petetino'' humbley prayeth yo"" excel- 
ences Confii-mation for the same & that it may bee Added 
to his pattent if yo"" Excelence see raeete to Grante him one 
vpon such Essey quit Rent as yo"^ excelence shall see meete 
& yo"" petetino"" as Bownd in duty shall 

ev^er pray 

George IngersoU Juner 
March 23*'^ 1 687/3 

wee presume to Inform yo"" Excelence that wee know noe 
Claimes vpon the Marsh & Land with in exprest. 

Edward Ting 
Siluanus Dauis 

Greo. IngersoU seW^. 

To his Excelence S"" Edmund Audros Kn" Cap" Generall & 
Gouerno'' in Chife in and ouer his majestes Tcrritorie & Do- 
minion of New England _ 

The petition of Georg IngersoU seino"" of The Towne 
of ffall mouth in the prouince of maine Humbley 
sheweth ^ 
That whare as yo'" petetino'' is in Aucttuell posseion of a 
tracte of Land froontiag Temes street whare on yo"" pete- 
tiono"^ haue Bwilte & In Cloosd abought fou"" acres & a three 
acre Loot nere to Liff' Corll Tings and about fife acres of 
swampe on the north side of pesumcott Kiuer prays an 
addition of one hundred acres of vacant Land on the south 
side of Casco Riuer backward Irom Liff' CorJt Tings Land 
nere Barbery Cricke yo"" petetino'" Humbley prayeth his 
majests Confirmation for the seurell Tracts of Land vpon 


such Essey quit Rente as yo"" excelence shall see meete & 
yo'' petetino"' as Bownd in duty shall Ever pray 

George Ingersoll seino' 
March 23^" 1688 

Wee presume to Inforem yo"" excelence wee know of noe 
Claimes vpon the Lands with in Exprest & that the petetino' 
haue made Improutements accordingly 

Edward Tyng. 

Siluanus Dauis. 

G-eo. Felte ^ al. petitioners. 

To his Excelence S'' Edmund Andros Kn" Cap" Generall 
and Gouerno'' in Chife in and oue'' his Majestes Ter- 
ritorie and Dominion of New England 

The petetion of Georg ffelte Samuell ffelte, 
Jonathan ffelte of the Towne of ffallmouth in 
the prouince of maine 
Humbley sheweth 
That whare as yo'' petetino's are in Auctuell possesion & 
improuement of a sertaine tracte of Land & marsh Leying 
nere a place Caled Mussel I Coue betwixt ou"" Vnkell m"" 
James Androws & Samuell pickes to the quantety of one 
hundred acres being Gaueen to ou'' father George ffelte de- 
sesed by ou^' Grandmother m''s Jane MakAVorth desesed Im- 
proued by ou'' said ffather seurall yers before the Indian 
warrs, & sense by ou"" sellfes the marsh Leyes in two par- 
sells nere the said Land the one Caled the Littell Brood 
marsh the other Called Morris marsh : yo'" petetetino^'s pray- 
eth that the said Land & marsh may bee Granted according* 
to the former bownds : & that thay may haue an Addittion 
of one hundred acres of Vacant Land as nere as it may bee 
fownd Adjouing to the fore said one hundred acres : & all 


soe an Island Leying nere thaire Improufments Called 
Lower Cla1)ord Island being a towno Grante to thaire father 
in the yeare 1673. yo'' pctetino''s Humbley prayeth a Con- 
firmation vnder his Majestey for the seurtill Tracts of Lands 
marsh & Island vpon such Essey quitt Rente as yo'' Excel- 
ence shall see meete & yo"" pctetino''s as Bovvnd in duty shall 
ever pray 

Georg ffelte 
March 23 168i Samvell ffelte 

Jonathan felte 

wee presume to Inforem yo*" Excelence that wee know of 
noe Clames vpon the Lands & marsh within Expreste & 
that the petetino''s haue made Improufments accordingly 

Edward Tyng. 

Siluanus Dauis 

Petition of John Slcilling. 

To his Excelence S"" Edmund Andros Kn" Cap" Generall 
and Gouernou'' in Chife in & oue*" his majesty Territo- 
rie and Dominion of New England ^ « 

The petetion of John Skilling of the Towne of 
ffallmouth in the prouince of Maine 
Humbley sheweth ^ 
That whare as yo"" petetino'' hath set forth in his fformer 
petetion to yo'' Excelence that hee haue bin & is in auctuell 
possetion of a persell of marsh in nonsuch Marchshes on the 
North side nexte adjoying to Georg Ingersolt for which yo'^ 
excelence was plesed to Grante a warrent to yo"' survaier to 
survay & Laye it ought yo"" survayer declaring that it is yo'' 
excelences pleshurc that the Vacant Land shoold not bee 
parted from the marsh, but that Booth shoold Goc to 
Geather in order tharc vnto you) survayer hath Laide ought 


a persell of wacant Land ftVonting to the said marsh as by 
his Returens doe appere : 3^0'' petetino"" Humbley prayeth 
yo"" excelences Confirmation vndcr his majestie for the said 
Land & marsh & that it may bee Added to his pantent vpon 
such Essey quit Rente as yo'" Excelence shall see meete & 
yo"" petetino'' as Bownd in duty shall Ever pray - 

March 23'" 1688 In 

John I \ Skilling 

his Singe 
The Upland desired is 285 acres. 

Petition of John Ingersoll. 

To his Excelence S' Edmund Andros Kn" Cap" Geuerall & 
Gouernou'' in Chiefe in & ouer his Mejes*''^ Terretorie 
& Dominion in New England . 

The petetion of John Ingersoll of the Towne of 
ifallmouth in the prouince of Maine 
Humbley sheweth 
That whare as yo'" petetino"" haue bin posessed of a tracte of 
Land about one hundred & sixty Acres al)out Eightene yers 
whare on is Large Improuements Leying on the north side 
of Casco Riuer betwixte the Lands of Richard powsless & 
Thomas Cloyce ouer againste Strowd wallter mills beloning 
To Siluanus Dauis prays an Addition of sixty acors of va- 
cout Land Bacward asallsoe a howse Loote nere the forte 
of abought two Acres being fensed in & Howses vpon it 
froonting to Temes streete & a sixe Acre Loot nere Adjoyn- 
ing froonting to Queues streete being Grnuted to yo' pete- 
tino'' by the Towne yo*" petetino"" Humblie prayeth his 
Majestes Confirmation for the same vpon such essey quit 
Rente as j^o"" Excelence shall see meete and yo"" petetmo"" as 
Bownd in duty shall Ever pray. 
March 23'" 1688. John iuijersoll 


wee presume to Inform yo'' Exceleiu-e that wee know of noe 
Claimes vpon the Lands within expiest & that the petetino'' 
haue made Improuements accordingly. 

Edward Tyng 
Siluanus Dauis 

Petition of Joel Madiford seyi^ 

To his Excelence S"" Edmund Andros Kn" Cap" Gen- 
erall & Gouerno'' in Chefe in and ouer his majes" 
Terretorie & Dominion in New Enghmd _ 

The petetion of Joell ]\Iadiford seino"" of the 
Towne of ftalhnouth in prouince of Maine 
Humbley showeth _ 
That whare as yo'' petetino'' is & haue bin in possetiou of a 
Tracte of Land and marsh Leying on the sowth side of 
Casco Riuer betwixt John Wallis Lands & Thomas San- 
fords Lauds of abought one hundred acres & seuen acres of 
Marsh Leying in the Grate marsh Adjoying to John Wallis 
marsh, which Land & meddow was purchesed from C:<ptt 
Walter Gendell abought thirty years sense in exchainge of 
Land that hee had of ray fltither Mikell madiford and my 
selfe Leying on the west side Spurwinke Riuer whare on 
yo'' petetino'' hath made Large improufemeuts Before the 
Indian warrs & sense Humbley prayeth his majestes Con- 
firmation for the same vpon such essey quit Rente as yo'' 
Excelence shall see meete & yo"" petetino"" shall as Bownd in 
duty shall ever pray. 
March"^" 1688 

Joell jM Madifad seno'" 

his sinije — 

Doc. Vol. vi. 30 


Wee presume to Inforem yo"' Excelence that wee know of 
noe Claimes vpon the Lands with in Exprest & that the pe- 
tetino"" haue made Improuements Accordingly 

Edward Tyng 
Siluanus Dauis 

Petition of Rob Morrell. 

To his Excelence S"" Edmund Andros Kn" Cap" Generall 
and Gouernou'' in Chife in & one'' his majestes Terretorie 
and Dominion of New Enghmd 

The petetion of Robert Morrell of the Towne of 
Ifallmouth in the prouince of maine 
Humbley sheweth 
That whare as yo"" petetino'' is possesd & in Aucttuell Im- 
p'"omte of seurall Tracts of Land with in the Towne ship of 
ffallmouth viz a howse Loot nere the forte fronting to Temes 
streete whare on is a Dwelling howse & Incloased abought 
Tow acres & a three acre Loot next AdJoying to Sill Dauis 
sixe acre Lot vpon the Necke fronting to Backe Coue : and 
all soe Eighty acors purchesed of Isaac Dauis ueere Strowd 
wallter mills belonging to Sill Dauis the Improuements is 
a Dwelling howse Ought Howseses & Inclosiers prayes an 
Addition of fifty acres of Vacant Laud neere Adjoying if to 
bee found yo'' petetino'' Humbley prayeth his Majestes Con- 
firmation for the severell Tracts of Land vpon such Essey 
quit Rente as yo'' Excelence shall see meete & yo'' petetino"" 
as Bownd in duty shall ever pray _ 
March 26"' 1688 Robert morell 

We preshume to Inforem yo'' Excelence that wee know ot 
noe Clames vpon the Lands within Exp''st & that the perte- 
tino'' haue made Improufements accordingley 

Edward Tyng 
Siluanus Dauis 


Petition of Tho^ Bacor. 

To his Exceleiice S'' Edmund Aiidi-os Kn" Cap" Genernll & 
Gouernou'' in Chife in & oue'' his Majesties Terrotorie & 
Dominion of New England _ 

The petetion of Thomas Bacor of the Towne of 
ffallmouth in the prouince of ]\Iaine Ilumbley 
That yo'' petetino' had a tracte of Land Granted to liini hy 
the Towne to the quantety of sixty acres which Land haue 
bin Laid ouirht to Inh\i'ge other tlaiins hee hum])ley prays 
yo"" excelences Grante for one hundred Acres ot Vacant Land 
vpon the North side of the Backe Coue nexte Adjoying at 
the Head of Natthaniell Wallis Claimes at his former Chimes 
to a mill strame or as neere as it may l)ee fownd Cleere 
from Claimes yo'" petetino"" Humbley prays his Majestes Con- 
tirmation for the same vpon such Essey quitt Rente as yo'' 
Excelence shall see meete and yo*" petetino'' as Bownd in 
duty shall ever pray — 
March, 26"' 1688 Thomas Bacor 


To Jn" Cook Command'" of his Ma"-'' Sloop 

You are with y*^ first oppertunity of wind & weather to Saile 
with y*" sd Sloop to Pemyquid & deliuer y'' Stores putt on 
board for y'^ use of his Ma"^" Garrison where yo" stay is not 
to be longer then one da}^ after deliuery But forthwith to 
Returne to this Porte againe unlesse his Ma"'' Seruice re- 
quires it & yo" haue Ord""' for y*" same und"" the hand of y" 
Commander thei'e. 
Dated in Boston y^ 26"' day of .March 1688./ 

By his Excett^^ Comm^'. 


Petition of Joseph IngersoU. 

To his Excclence S'' Edmund Andros Kn" Cup" Generall 
tind Gouerno'' in Chife in & ouer his Majestes Territorie & 
Dominion in New England 

The petetetion of Joseph IngersoU of fFaUmouth 
in the prouince of mainc Huml)ley sheweth 
That whare as yo"" petetetino"" is posesed of seurall Tracts of 
Land Granted to him by the Towne viz a howse Loot vpon 
the Necke nere the forte froonting Temes streete about three 
acres and a three acre Lootc nere to Corlt Edward Tings and 
allso one hundred acres of Land Leying betwixt Thomas 
Chiyce & Siluanus Dauis sawee mill at Capisicke whareon yo 
petetesseno' haue mad sundery improufments by Bwilding & 
Inclosiers = and all soe Tow hundred acres of Land Leying 
at the Backe Coue betwixt John Skillings Lands & falle 
Coue : & seuen Acres of marsh in the Grate Marsh : which 
Tow hundred acres of Land and seven acres of meddow be- 
longs to the Relat^ of my Grand tfather Thomas Wackley & 
my ffather in Law matthew Cooe whoe Lost thaire Lifes 
vpon the place by the Indians and had bin in thaire pos- 
sesion & Large improfements seurall eyers Before the Indian 
warrs. Yo"" petetetino"" prayeth in the behalfe of theire Chil- 
dren & Relations : for the same & in the behalfe of hira 
selfe for the aboue Tow three acre Loots & the hundred 
acres yo'' petetsino' Humbly prayeth his Majestes Confir- 
mation for the scvrall Tracts vpon such Essey quit Rente as 
yo"" excelence shall see meete and yo' petetino'' as Bownd in 
duty shall ever pray. 
March 28'" 1688 : 

Joseph j j[» IngersoU 
his since 


wee presume to Inform yo" Excelence that wee kno noew of 
Claimes vpon the Lands within expres' But us thare in is 
declared & that the Improuements haue bin & is accordingly 

Edward Tyng 
Siluanus Dauis 


The Deposition of Henry Tuxberry aged 24 yeares who 
sayth that John Jourdan Commander of y'' forte at Sheeps- 
coat hanged up a man by y* hand w"' a cod line clear from 
y® ground only baring one foote upon a Sharpe Stake from 
Sunn about half an hour high in the morning while 9 or 10 
of the clock, and then taken downe & tied neck & heeles 
while al)oute 12 or 1 a clock & then tyed up againe by y^ 
other hand & y'' other foote upon the stake the other hand 
and foote being tyed a cross behind him, while the sun 2 or 
3 houres hio;h at ni^ht & then taken downe & bound downe 
with his back lying upon the Sharpe Edge of a Kayle or 
Stake while the Sun about halfe an houre high at night & 
I heard him sweare y* he Avould punnish him so y' if he 
lived he should not be able to earne his living but that he 
should begg from doore to doore, & he layed 3 men at y" 
same time tyed neck & heeles, and nothing proved against 
any of them but only upon mistrust *and his vsuall way was 
that if any did offend him he would knock y"" downe and y" 
beate them when they were downe or kick y'" with his feete. 
and further sayth that when any of the Souldiers wished 
y^selues at home or asked when they should goe home, y* 
L* Weemes would say alas poore men you will nouer goe 
home while you live. 

The man above mentioned y' was hanged up by his hand y'' 
bloud dropped out of his fingers & there was then present 


as well as inyselfe W"" Smith ot Charles Towne & Ephraira 
Bond of Cambiidse. 

Petition of Joshua Scottow 

To the Honourable Govornor & Councill and the 

Representatives of the Massathusets Colony Now 

assembled in Boston 

The Petion of Josuah Scottow — Humbly Sheweth 

That wheras you"" petioner in the late order relating to the 

Soldiers and Ammunition Sent to the Eastward Townes in 

the Province of Maine finds that the Towne of Scarborough 

was AvhoUy forgott, though lying in the Sentor and Road 

betwene Saco and Cascoe and therefore in Emminent danger 

and also heiued in with divers unfordable Rivers in time of 

Danger Not pasable 

That You'' Wisdome will now please to take there dangerous 
State into Serious Consideration in Sending to them releif 
in Men and Ammunition, there being now an Opertunity 
for their transport : without which the Inhabitants will be 
forced to leaue sunniie thousand bushells of Corne and many 
Cattell to the Ennimie and to desert that place, which to 
the Honou'" of the Cuntry held out all the last great war : 
And you'" so doing will oblige You'' Petitioner Ever to pray 


Information being given that 17 : Soldjiers y* were put 
into the Garrison at Saco, haue Deserted their trust, & their 
]y[jjties service, and is a very ])ad preside It is ordered that 
said soldiers be forthwith suinoned to appetir before this 
Court to irive an ace* of there accon herein. 


As also those y*^ are come away disorderly from Cochecho, 
or any other of y^ Garrisons.// 

voted in y'' Affirmatiue by y'^ Gouerno & Councill de- 
sireing y*^ Consent of y'' rei/scntatiues 

by order p 

Ja : Russell 
Consented to the Representatives 

Ebenezer Prout : Clerk 

Petition of U Col. Ediv''- Tyng ^ others. 

To the Hon''''' the Goveno'" and Councell _ of the 

Masathu setts ~ 

The Humble Petition of L" Coll. Edward Tyng, 

Cap" Joshua Scottow, L" Vines Ellacott, IVP 

James Andrews, & M*" Jn° Jones, In behalfe of 

the Inhabitants of the Eastarne parts of the 

p^'vince of Maine , 

Humbley Sheweth, That vpon the SoleiTi and awfull News, 

of what hath Latley hapened and befallen at Pimiquid, The 

Keay of all the Eastarne parts, we yo"" Petiono""* make once 

more our Address to y Hono" : whoe vnder God Expect yo"^ 

Protection, and that you will Expeditt to our Releife, Such 

forces as may be Needfull to Defend the Extreeme parts of 

that p'^vince, which are now in hazard of vn Recoverable 

Ruin, both to there p''sons & familleys and Estates, and if 

it be not Attainable that then, you will please, to Afford yo"^ 

Assistance In drawing of what little is Left vnto vs 

how Ever we canot but Represent to yo'' bono" how dishon- 
erable it will be to our King and Nation, to desert Such a 
Country to the flrench and Indians, Leaveing it to yo' Sea- 
rious Consideration, &c. 


Letter to Gov. Andros. 

S' The great cry among the people is concerning the 

Sick and week Souldiers to the Eastward w°'> if your excel- 
ency woukl be pleased to permitt to come home would be a 
great Obligation to them tho' others ware sent there, if your 
excelency Se cause for it and if your excelency would be 
pleased to Signilie to me that if ther be Occasion you will 
order Garrisons in our out townes hereabouts, it may be 
agreat means to Quiet thease tumults Pray S'' Pardon my 
Bouldnesse in makeing you acquainted w*'' theas things for 
I doe affirme I doe only therin Seek your Excelencys Honor 
and easteame w'^'' I prize far aboue any thing elce and shall 
w'" my utmost Maintaine and am 

Yo'' Excelencys vnfeigned Ser'' 

D Dauison 
Aprill 1689 

Testimony of S. Crreenleafe Jun^ 

The testimony of Stephen Greenleaf Jun. 
That on the 8^'' of Aprill he heard W" Sargeant of Ames- 
bury who came lately from the Indians (among whom he 
had bin a season) to affirme these things to be told by the 

That the Gouernour had agreed with three nations of 
Indians besides the Mowhakes to come downe vpon the 
English & on the agreeni' had given them some money & 
some coats, 

That the Penicook Indians had no designe for warre, 
but they being in coml)ination with the mowhakes he thought 
they would be ruled by them, & do as they did. 

That he thought that euery day that it was neglected 
it was too long, & he was affraid that there would be bloud 


That he had done no hurt ag* the English, & he was 
fflad he went no farther then M' Hinks his house with the 
post letters, & nV Hinks stopt him, 

Diners other words were spoken, but this as farre as he 
remembers was the substance of what was spoken 

Taken on oath Aprill 9"> 1689. 
before me Jo : Woodbrid2:e J. P. 

Testimony of Creorge Little 

The testimony of George Little, 
That he heard W"" Sargeant of Amesbur}' affirme Aprill 8"" 
that he was informed by the Indians, 

That the great man had hired the Indians to come downe 
on the English, to destroy them, & had given some Coats & 
some money, by the great man he in after discourse men- 
tioned the gouernour, 

That he farther sayd that the southerne Indians had given 
over their designe, on notice that the prince of Orange was 
Protector in England, & so they hoped for better times. 

That the Easterne Indians were for warre, but Penicook 
Indians if they were hired or sett forward by the English, 
would vndertake to cutt them off. 

Taken on oath, Aprill, 10"^ 1689. 
l)efore me, Jo : \Voodl)ridge J. P. 

Warrant for Assistance to Capt. J)(f Floyd on his March 
to Saco. Ap^ 12, 1689. 

S"" Edmund Andros Kn' Cap' Genera II & Governo'' in Cheife 
of his Ma*'*^' Territory & Dominion of New England, to all 
Justices of y'' Peace Sheriffs Constaliles & all other Officers 
& persons to whom this shall come. Greeting 


Whereas I am giuen to und^stand That Severall of y" Soul- 
diers in his Ma"''' Service on y** Expedicon Eastward und"" 
the Command of Cap* John ffloyd haue in a Mutinous man- 
ner Left & deserted their post & Station att Saco River 
Contrary to their Officers Commands, & are now Marching 
towards Boston without their Officers, & Whereas I haue 
giuen Ord''s to their Said Cap* to Move & March Them 
againe to their sd Post & Station there to Remaine till 
further Ord'*. These are therefore in his Ma"*''* name 
Streightly to Charge & Require yo" & Euery of yo" to be 
helpfull Ayding & Assisting to y'' sd Cap* Jn° ffloyd in y'' 
Quartering & Provideing for y*' sd Souldiers und'' his Com- 
mand in their sd March And in Case any shall Refuse to 
Obey him as their Command'" that then yo" likewise afford 
him all Ayde & Assistance to Compell y^ Same or Secure y'' 
person or persons soe Refuseing to be sent to this place & 
proceeded ag* accordingly, for wdiich this shall beyo"" Warr*. 
Given und*" my hand & Scale att Boston y'' 12*'' day of Aprill 
1689 — 

Ord^ for Cap* JnF ffloyd to Repaire with his meri to his 
Station att Saco River. Ap^ 12, 1689. 

S"" Edmund Andros Kn' &c 
To Cap* Jn° ffloyd 
fforasmuch as yo" have giuen me to und'stand that Severall 
of y^ Souldiers und"" yo"" Command haue in a Mutinous 
Manner contrary to yo'' Ord'" left & Deserted their Service 
& Station att Saco River & are Marching towards this place. 
Yo" are there fore forthwith to Repair to yo' sd Station & by 
the Way to Command & March Back any of y'' sd Souldiers 
yo" shall meete with & takeing Care that they Comporte 
themselues Ord'^Iy & duly pay & discharge their Quarters, 
& there Remaine till further Ord'". 


yo" are to Comitt any person or persons that haue or shall 
be Mutinous or Refactory, to be sent hither & proceeded ag' 

Yo" are also to take y'^ Charge & Command of y'^ Garrison 
att Kenebunke and appoint Such Officers & Souldiers there 
& Releiue them from time to time as yo" shall think fitt : 
Giuen und"" my hand & scale y'' 12"' day of A prill in y^ fith 
Yeare of v'' Reigne of o'' Sovereisfn Lord James &c. 


By his Exceily 
Being Informed that Contrary to Ord"' yo" have Quitted & 
Discharged y° Garrison & Souldiers att Kenebunke putt 
und*" yo'' Command I haue therefore Given Cap" John ffloyd 
y*^ Charge & Command thereof And hereb^^ require 3'^o" 
forthwith to Repaire to me to Answer y*^ above & what Else 
maybe objected ag* yo" on his Ma"''^ Behalfe whereof yo" 
are not to faile. Dated att Boston y'' 12"' day of Aprill, 1689 
To Leiu* Jn° Puddington 
Att Kenebunk 

Letter from Ed. Randolph 

Aprill : 13 : 89 : 

The bearer hereof Joseph Downing of Kitter}' is an 
honest & Loyall man & my old acquaintance Coll Mason 
delivered his petition for 200 acres of Land in Kittery nigh 
his dwelling house & the Coll by y^ Gov""* Order appointed 
a Survey of it : which tho' not so reguler yet as well as 
jould be then done : pray glue him your favour & assistance 



by finding out his petition & obtaining for him a regular 
proceeding & you will thereby oblige S"" 

Your humble Seru* 
Ed Randolph 

Leivtenant Weeme" Accompt of his Pay and Disburse- 
ments at the garrison of Pemaquid From the 
18^'^ day of Aprill 1689 unto the : 13"' day 
of august Ensueing being 117 days 

To the Leiv^ pay and his Servants at : ^ 

4p 8d g Diem 5 

To y*^ Gunners pay @ 18d p'' Day 
To y® Sergeants pay @ 18d p Diem 
To the Corporals pay @ 12d p day 
To y^ Drums Pay @ 12d g Day 
To the Pay of 30 Private men at i 

6'' p Diem 5 

To Cash Paid for tyre & Candles 
To Boat hyre in Sevei'all Times to \ 

give Intellio;ence to Boston of > 

y^ Condition of the garrison ^ 






















£ 6: — : — 


James Weemes 

Boston. 20"> April. 1689. 
At the Councill for Safety of the People 
and Conservation of the Peace./. 

Ordered that a Letter be forthwith dispatched, with Or- 
der to Col° Edward Tyng, Major Thomas Savage, Cap"*^ Sil- 
vanus Davis and Cap"*' Simon Willard now abroad in the 
Army at the Eastward forthwith to dismiss Major Brock- 
hurst, MacGregor, & Lockert, L* Wems, Cap"^ Manning 
and Ensigne Smith from their present Coniand in the Arny 


and send them hither Aud to take the charge & conduct of 
all the Forces now in those parts in to their own hands, de- 
teining only so many. as they shall judge necessary accord- 
ino- to the circumstance of the place and things there, and 
to send home the Remaind'' 

And to Act in that whole Afiayre according to their good 
discretion ; Rendring a Speedy Acco" to the Councill here 
of the present Affayres in those parts./ 
Also L^ Jordan and such others 
as they shall judge Suspitious. 

And Cap"^ John Withington and 

Cap"^ John Cutler are desired 

to convay this Order and to assist 

in the Execution thereof., 

Examin^ Is'' Addington CV" 

Letter from Falmoth 

Falmoth Aprill 26*" 1689 
Honoured Gentlemen 

Wee vnder subscribers Inhabitants & oflScers of y® 
Town of ffalmoth in Casco bay do declare & Certefie y* Cap* 
George Lockhart dureing his Coinand here did carry & be- 
haue himselfe very decently & vsed all possible good meth- 
ods for y security of y^ Inhabitants & for promoting their 
husbandry in appointing & ordering y' none should goe to 
their out farms to plow & Sow except in Certaine numbers 
fitt for defence If any surprisall should bee given by y*" In- 
dians & y" smallest company not to bee vnder Eight in 
Number besides a gard, w*"'' hce from time to time when 
asked granted to all manner of persons vpon any such ac- 
compt or in goeing to looke after their Cattell ; & his 
deportment to y*" Souldiers of y'' Militia as well of y*" garri- 
son was good to y" best of o*^ knowledge & in Respect wee 


are Informed y* there is greate Suspition of some officers 
imployed in this p'sent Expedition haue had comunication 
^th ye ffench & eastern Indians in order to y*^ destruction of 
ug New England wee doe belieue y' s'' Lockhart is alto- 
,3 gether free from such comunications by several! of his 
5 actions here as well as by Such orders given by him to 
= Lef Lawrence as Comand'" of a party sent to Saco 
o vpon news of y*" Indians Cruelty latly coiSitted vpon 
»* y* people of Saco y^ Coppy whereof wee thought fitt 
to send here inclosed : 
wee Subscribe y'' Honours humble Servants 
Antho. Brackett Com of fort Loyall Ebenezer 

Saddaus Clark Lef* dauenport Corp" 

Rob' Lawrence Leif* Sam" Engersoll Cop" g""^ 

George James Andrews 

Jn" Brown Serg* Samuell Pike 

Joseph Ephriom Marston 


John Palmar 

Petition of the inhabitants of Pemaquid. 

The Humble petition of the inhabitants of Pam- 
aguyd with the Advyse of Mertine Williams and 
Sam well Bools 
To the Honovrable Cownsell and Comittie of Sacftie 
Att Boston 
Humbly Sheweth 

That wher the said Martine Williams and Samuell Boolls 
with severall uthers Did this elleventh Day of May 1689 
come to the fort att pamaguyd, and ther did taike into ther 
custodie the Comission officers off said fort ; And the 
tymes being very Difficult and Dangerous wee being ane 


owt Garisone Lyeing open to both frensh and indeans 

Samuell Bolles therfore wee humbly beseek 

your Honovrs to suffer and 

. t\ y\ r,^ permitt (with consent afovr- 

the mark \/\ oft .... 

,, . I \ ,.r.,i. said) Livetenent James VVe- 

Mertme ! Williams . ^^ , , . 

J L mis to stay Comander heir 

wntill your Honvrs sies caus 

to send a nothcr to the effect 

the Garisone and what is therin may not be ruined and im- 

baiseled and wee wterly Ruined and yovvr petitioners shall 

evir pray «, ^ 

Wee wndir subscryvers Doe sygne in behalte of the 

wholl _ , « _ 

Jn° Williams 

Denys Hegeman 

Elihu Gunnisson 

Georg Jacksone 

A K Woodrop 

John Bullock 

Jonas Bogardus 

John Starkey 

Boston. 11° May. 1689. 
At the Council 1 for Safety of the People 
and Conservation of the Peace./ 

Upon Advice of L' Col" Edward Tyng and ^Nlajor Tho : 
Savage, Ordered that Major Thomas Savage take care forth- 
with to draw oft" the Souldiers and Stores at Fort Anne and 
the Fort at Pegipscutt. And that a Vessell be provided to 
bring them home*/. 

Ordered that the Steward's for the pul)lick Attayres forth- 
with provide a Vessell to bring home the Souldiers and 
Stores from Fort Ann and Pegipscutt. And do likewise dis- 
patch away One barrell of Porke, three bush"" of pease and 



three hundred weight of bread unto the Garrison at 

Exam'' J 

// Is* Addington Cler./ 

Letter from Elislia Andreives. 

Sackadehock Garrison May y<^ 19'" 1689 
May it Please 
yo'' Honours 

Last Thursday The Soldiers belonging to Pegipscott 
and ftbrt Ann Garrison went from hence to B6ston and I 
am here Onely left att Saccadehock Garrison w"' A uery 
few men being but Nine besides my selfe in the Midst of 
our Enemies who are Now att This Instant A Burning the 
houses one the westward side of the Riuer and A killing 
The Cattle I being so sicke am nott able to make any As- 
sault against them. 

I would desire yo*^ Hon'"'* to Take it into your considera- 
tions Either to Draw us ofi' or Else to send more releife 
for my men are resolued to be gone w"'in this Ten Dayes if 
I'eleiife comes Nott On The 18"' of This Instant Leuetenant 
Jn'' Payne went up the Riuer from New Towne Garrison to 
Take A View of y" Riuer and Garrison and likewise to fetch 
Downe the Vessell y® Indians had taken and carry'd up the 
Riuer he mett w*'' A parcel 1 of Indians On y^ westward side 
of the Riuer that attact him, and made Seuerall Shotts one 
against y'' Other but reced No Dammage but onely had one 
Dogg killed aboard y*^ Boate 

The People att New towne Doe resolue to for sake the Gar- 
rison they being Not able to Subsist. Nott Else to trouble 
yo'' Hon''^ withall I rest 

Your honours most hum''* 

S''uant to Command 

Elisha Andrewes 



The Hujiihle Petition ot" the Inhabitants of Kennybeck 
Riuer : and Sachadehock Izlaiid niito tlie Honourable 
Councell : 

Humbly Sheueth 

Thai wheras your Poor and Humble Petitioners l)eino: in 
a Sad Deplorable Condition The Armye being called home 
and the Garrisons Dravvne oft' and left destitute if Not by 
this Tvme l)urnt, The most of our Houses l)ein2: now att 
This Instant in a ftiame The Indians beinir now a l)urningf of 
them, and killing our Cattle, we hauing betaken our selues 
to Saccadehock Garrison for Saue guard of our lines know 
not what course to take Nott daring to goe from said Gar- 
rison : Doe humbly begg of your Hono" to Take it into 
you"" considerations : That we may haue A Speedye Supply 
of men that we Perish Nott here upon an Izland and we 
shall humbly Pray as we are bound in duty. 

Petition of the inhabitants of Falmoth. 

ffldmoth this 24*" of May 1689 
To the Right Honabe" presedent Symon Bradstreat & Hon- 
abe" Couusell these 

The petishon of the Inhabitance of the towne of fl'al- 
mouth in Casco beay whear as our towne hath beene vnder 
the Comand of Leftenat Corenall Edward Ting & Cap' Sel- 
uanus Dauies, & Leftenat Thedeas Clarke an Ireshman who 
had thear Comissions from S"" Edniond Andrews who haue 
done our towne a great deall of dameaij to the lost of many 
of our men as fare as we know the aboue s** Corenal Tinge 
& Cap' Dauies did in forme S"" Edmond Andrews that the 
peopell of our Towne whear an vnsubdewed peopell for 
should obay noe orders and that he ould take som spedy 

Doc. Vol. vi. 31 


course with them, then S' Edmond sayd, that he ould set 
vp a Courtt of Gard & that theay should be vpon the wach 
Euery third night & day, which hath bine the lost of many 
of our men, being thine cloathed and lying vpon the hard 
floar this long wintear nights, & all soe a great lost in our 
[case] both of wheat & wachinge the third part of our 
tyme & then beinge in our Arms as often as theay please to 
call vs som tyms euery other day that it hath soe desabelled 
vs about our Imployment in prouidinge for our familys that 
it hath very much Impouerished our towne, we sopose that 
Corenell Tinge can terne his coate when he please, when he 
was with the Army he could Dominear with the wost, but 
now we heare he can comply & profess like the best & all 
for profett like Jehew Cap' Dauies did per swad the Inhab- 
etanc of our towne to patten thear lands & he drew peti- 
shons for them near fEfty petishons & now he chargeth 
them sixt shillings for Euery petishon, & he sayd he ould 
make the Inhabetance poor, he will not subscribe to pay to 
our ministear sence S'' Edmond came, we haue a greate 
many things that we can speake that be of a high conserne 
but we shall for bear att p'sent. 

the humbell request of y"" petishnrs is that those men be 
in noe power for if theay be the most part of our Inhabi- 
tance will leaue the Towne, and that yo" ould be pleased to 
grant Comminishons to such men as Ave shall name for Cap^ 
& comiminshons ofesears & yo"" petishonrs shall Euear pray 

Samuell Pike Matthew Paulling Tho" Baker 

John Palmar j^^, j- Madifor Senior J"°^^"«^°J»"' 
Andrew Alger Tho : Brown 

gorg Josiah P^^wallis^T_justan John 

Jonathan Orris Joseph tt wallis ^^^ • Grreason 

Anthony Brackett t i t Jn° Nicholson 

-' John Lane 

Joel Madifor James I Randle 

Seth bracket 

Nathaniel 1 White 


his James Wallis William Luckis 

Henry J-- Crosby Heniy Horwood y« \ mark ot 

"^'^^■^ Job Kunalls andrew Shaw 

henry baily ^^.^y^^^ p,^^^^ 

William Pearce ^,^5,,;^,^ Gammon r ^ "larke of 

v> u 4- r\^ John Randal 

Robert ^^ Oluer peetter Shaw 

mark John Jordon , 

Joseph ingursull Ruben Heines Tho : Paine 

his Will German 

Robert J> Jo^^n Frizell 

mark Samuell 

Richard Thomling 

his George Adams 

Thomas U) Enow j^i^^j Marshall 

"^^^'^ John Branford 

Ebenezer: dauenport j^^^^^.^ Langmaid 
Rich Seccombe j^j^,^ ^,^^^^ 

John '^ Brown Sen^ William Mansfield 

Ephraim Marston Tho Roby 

Joshua Lane the mark 3 p of 

Lewes I ~|" Tucker John flea 

. , . „^ . Andrew Cranch 

John hH Wallise 

ifrancis heynes 

Georg felt Robert K Sharey 

the mark of 


Nathanell webber 

James webber the mark of 

The Comminshon ofesers cosen by the consent of the 
towne are these 

Anthony Bracket Cap^ 
M"^ Robart Lawranc Left tenet 
Samuell Pike Insyne 


Letter from Francis Hooke 
Prouynce of Mayne 

Kittery y« 25'" of May 1689 
Hon'-'i S-- 

The Injunction of Majo'' flVost and the convenient opportu- 
nity of sending by the Bearer hereof hath induced me to 
give yo"" hono'' a further trouble of this Letter w'^" comes to 
give you an ace' of our proceedings in y** affaires of our 
Provynce w'^" is as followeth ; Majo"" ffrost and my self w"' 
one or two more sent provisions East to y^ Indians yo"" 
hono" sent us ; and the better to incourage y™ and our 
Neighbours in the persuit of y*^ Enemy We went East our 
selves on Monday last and found y° Indians at Wells in an 
ill disposed condition and unwilling to stay w"' us : they 
have been out in y^ woods about 40 miles in search of the 
Eneni}^ they founds the tracks of horses w"^" they had StoUen 
from the English newly passed along but some of our men 
being something fearful and one of the friend Indians of a 
more pusilanimous spiritt y" others soe discouraged the rest 
y* they left of persuing y* Enemy and returned back w"' 
out the sight of any w'" much perswasions we gott y"^ to 
goe back to Sacoe and we suplied them w"' provisions but 
they resolve speedily to return, and then we shall be in a 
bad posture, if more be not sent and some regulacon ordered 
amongst us ; We were att all or most of the Garris"* there- 
abouts, useing our uttmost endeavours to incourage y" : on 
Tuesday there came severall of the Inhabitants of Black- 
point and ffalmouth to Sacoe w"' a resolucon to persue y^ 
Enemy, we could not much incourage them because of 
Madockawando ; but they promised not go near him, & 
onely to search for old Dony and his followers ; Thus have- 
ing given yo"' a short relation of our Condicon I leave y"" to 
your Compassionate considerations and conclude 
Yo*^ honors most humble serv' 
Francis Hooke 



I hear that there were lately 13 Indians about Damaris 
Cove that indeavoured w'*' their Canoos to take a Shallop 
but they were repuls'd w^"^ the loss of one of their men, 
But I am informed they have burnt some houses there abouts. 

Letter from James Weems 

Pemaq'* June fs' /89/ 

I Reeev'' yo"" Sent by Mr Hescott who did not come heare 
but Left itt by the way wherein you Desire me to be care- 
full of the garrison and Stores which care you need not be 
Doubtfull of Dureing my Continuance here which I Sup- 
pose will not be Longe vnless you take further care of these 
parts neither haue I Bin acostomed to Live vpon Suult pro- 
visions and Drinking of Bad water however I Rest Satisfeyd 
for this plase affordeth nothing but pouerty whereas for- 
merly they ware well Suppleyd by y" Costers but now there 
comes none but passes by to Supploy the french and In- 
deans and informes you doe intend to Slight and Disowne 
these Estnrne parts, which news is like to Cause the people 
to leave theire habitations and Stocks and Desartt the Coun- 
try neither can I Oblidge the souldiers to Stay with me 
vnless thay knew vpon what tearms they being in great 
want of Seaverall nesesaries which would not haue bin 
wanting had the Gouer'' Conti'' in his power this is all att 
p''sant weighting yo"" Ansure I Remaine 



J Weems 

This Garrison is in noe want of Amunition nor of Provi- 
sion for Seaverall months only Bread & pease and malaties 
for Bear of which they haue had none this Long time 


Testimony of Isaac Prince 

Gloster the S'' of June 1689 

The Testimony of Isaac Prince a Souldier un- 
der the Comniand of S'' Edni'' Andros 
The Deponant sayth there being one of the Souldiers under 
George Lockwood Henry Trask by name being uery Sick 
for y^ space of One month & y^ s'' Lockwood being Cap- 
taine ouer a partye of Souldiers Commanded his Souldiers 
to stand to their Armes he demanded where the men were 
that was missing the Gierke sd : they were all dead but 
Henry Trask, and he was very Sick in the house of Thomas 
Jent where the Souldiers keept and the sd Lockwood re- 
plyed if he were sick he would fetch the diuill out of him 
and runn into the house, And y® sd : Trask hearing of the 
Captaine Comeing he gott upon his knees, he struck him 
downe & beate him so long with his hands & feete, that the 
bloud runn out of his mouth & nose and then lett him rise 
and the man gott to the doore & there he struck him downe 
againe and then he bid him goe into the house againe and 
the Diuill take him, and the sd: Traske said, that the sd : 
Lockwood had almost killed him, and he dyed in a few 
dayes after, John Grose being about Sixty miles by in Ken- 
nebeck Riuer being uery Sick Cap' Lockwood commanded 
y'' Souldiers from aboard the Vessle & drew y"" by into 
a body & y^ sd : Grose desired that he might tarry with 
y'^ Vessle and y* sd : Lockwood swoare God dam him he 
should not, and then this Deponant desired of George 
Lockwood ])eingy'' Captaine, he swore the same oath againe 
we should both goe if we died w"'in a Minuit and y® sd ; 
Gross sd : his heart was broake and made him March gte of 
three dayes and he could goe no further then Tecomick and 
I desired of the Captaine to sta}^ & looke to him, and he 
swore if I spake One word more he would make the Sun 
shine through me and y" sd : Gross died w*''in ffour dayes 
after, and there were Severall men more abused by y^ sd : 


Lockwood that had sd : they shall neuer be theire own men 

Petition of Nicliolas Manning. 

fforme the prison in boston the 8 June 1689 
Vnto Gouenor Brodstrett and the Gentellmen 
now Assenibelled tibr the Consarvation off the 
peess in boston in New England 
Humbley Shevveth 

I beg you"" i)ardon that I take the boldnes to Acquint 
you and put you in minde that I Sarueed this Contray by 
Land and Sea against the hethen the Last ware with Char- 
ffullnes and ftaithifulnes and iff god all mighty had so des- 
poesed oft' wear a 11 ways Redy to haue benn sacrafBced for 
that Caes as you may well Remember. 

I moust ftarde'' Acquint you that I liaiic been noe Lese 
fiaithfull in the Late sarues to the Estward but with much 
greter fatteck and hardsheps vnde''gone the same haueing 
been Eight monts in this sarues and on all the marches Ex- 
cept one some time oft" this haue not Senn an Engles houes 
or planttation in seuen weicks ffor the most pert marching 
posebell you may obJeck how Cometh to pas noe more 
sarues pre S"" Consider the Suttellty off" the Enemy and the 
deftecullty off this Contray is such that when vnderstod by 
you well be sattiffied I alhvays marched with a Reselution 
to destroy this Enemy and that [ had grett Reson so to dew. 
I must fard"" acquint you my Loses haue benn grett by 
this Enemy oft* a bout fEue hundred pounds not so much as 
Clones Lefft to my back nor money to supplay my wants 
allthowe I haue flfor my time in this sarues and ffor ffower 
beues which I Kelled ffor the Gouenor Andros and the Army 
Eightty pounds Coming to me and Can not nor haue 


Keceiued on pene off stiid money ffor want oft' which I haue 
and am Exstremly hard put vpon to subsest. 
all things Considered with much more I Could Inftbrm you 
dew Requst that ftauer oft' you to tack my pore Condiestion 
in to you"" graue and pieus Consideration and Reles me out 
oft" prison so that I may at this time goe into the Estward 
with a vesell and presarue about sexten hed of nett Cattell 
and some other part oft' my Estat wdiech the Inons haue 
not destroyed which well be some help ft'or me to begain 
the worell again nothing douting but you well see Caes not 
to pay me for ray paines with a present but gant ray Reles 
shall euer be you'' humbell saruant and euer pray 

Nic'' Manninsr 

Letter from Elisha Andrews 

Sachadehock Garrison .June y^ 10'": 1689 
May it please 
your Hono""* 

I Reced your Letter bearing Date the 25"' of last 
Instant wherin you Informe me you had Taken Care for our 
Releife and haue accordingly stayed here and kept That 
Garrison w"" my men Vnder my Command Till This Day. 
M"" George Hiskett being here in This Harbour and bounde 
for Boston Seven of my men has resolutelye contrary to my 
Command left me Likewise m'' Hiskett has Taken them 
aboard although I forewarned him by Virtue of my Orders 
that I had from the Conmiittee And I Commanded my men 
by Virtue of same Orders to Come on shore but they all 
Resolutely Denyed me Sa} ing they would Nott Obey ray 
Order tor it was of None Effect ; Wherupon I ara Very 
weake hauing but Three Men that Stayes here with nie, and 
all The rest of these Parts l)eing Ver^- weake and in great 
Distresse Nott knowing how Soon the Enemye may fall 



upon us : Therfore would desire your hon^s to Take it into 
you"" Considerations Whither to Draw me ofl' Or Send me 
Speedy Releife I was Out of Prouision & an Oppertunitye 
Presenting by m'' James English haue Taken up some Pro- 
uisions of him for the gsent for w"^" I haue Giuen him A 
Receipt : 

Hauing Nothing More Materiall to TrouI)le your Honours 
w"'all I rest 

Your hono""" most humble Seruant 
Elisha Andrews 

Boston. 15. 4. 89 
Names of Soldiers y* came back 
from Saccadahock 
James Bagly of Boston 
Tho : Alsup of Salem 
George Thomas Salem 
\ym Persons Ipswich 
Benj. Priveus Charlstown 
David ]Maxee Wen ham 
Jn° Kerson Ipswich 
their Comander Cap^ Willard : & came from Saccadahock 

To the Honour'' 

Gouern"" and Councill 
att Boston 
D D w"' care and Speed 


from Newtowne on Rousack Hand the 10 da}' of June 

To the Honoured Gouerner & Counsell Asembled at 


We the Inhabitance of Newtowne that are on Rousack Hand 
in Kenibeck Riuer being in Garison and Lett destitute of 
any helpe the vper garisons being Lost and destroyed and 


hauing no helpe at present but god and as god doth Coniand 
vs to vse all Lawfull means for our owne safety we doe make 
our Humble adresse to your honours for helpe and soucour 
vnder jjod we are some of vs belonging to the West side of 
the Riuer and some of the said newtowne all the Kings 
subjects and in great danger of being destroyed by the 
heathen and we are weake in our garison and haue not aboue 
13 men that can performe duties but it hath pleased god the 
great preseruer of men to protect and saue vs from the Rage 
of our enimies as vnto this present day which by the good- 
nes of god we are very sencable of such a marcy and we 
doe desire to giue God the praise We humbly beseech 
your honours that you would be pleased to take some Care 
of vs to send vs some Relefe with all speed for if we should 
be desarted it would be to the great damage of the Contry 
both for the fishing and other prospects as allso we hauing 
at this time by vs nere too hundred head of Cattle all most 
as manie Swine We beseech your Honours that you would 
Consider our Condition and as you know it very well that 
god Comands to doe good to all men and to l)e charitable 
we hoope god will moue your harts tharevnto and so we 
rest atending on gods will and your Honors plesure 

Subscribed in the behalf of our selves and the Rest 

proposed with reference to y*" Eastern parts 

1 _ Thatt meet persons bee Improved to treat w"' y® Chiefe 
Sagamores from PenyCook to Pemyquid, and to Lett 
them Know Thatt y*' English are resolued noe Long"" to 
bear y"" Insolencies and murders Comitted by y^ Indians, 
and they must bee Either friends or Enemies, & giue 
demonstration of their friendship, or Elss y^ Governo"* 


& Councill are Resolued to proceed against them as 
Enemies _ 

2 _ Thatt Mouns"^ Casteene bee discoursed in like manner 

3 _ In Case they propound noe meet tearraes of peace 
That Then forthwith some titt person bee desired to 
Vndertake y° Conduct of Such a numb"" of Soldiers as 
shall bee thought Sufficient to Enterprize y® Subdueing 
of them p force of armes _ w*''' being determined r= That 
then proclamation bee made for Volunteers part whereof 
to bee Indians : The Conditions to bee : That a full Sup- 
ply bee made by y® publick tresury of amunition & pro- 
uision, and for y^ Scalp of Hope Hood or Like murd'ers 
thirty pounds bee pd & for any other Indian men or Ene- 
mies twenty pounds (abatment being made for their pro- 
uision & amunition as by y^ Comissaries bill shall appear 
& y* all Squaws & papooses w"' all oth'' Ind" plund"" shall 
bee free 

4 » Thatt those garrisons that shall bee thought necessary 
to bee v})held wheith'" for defence or maintenance of pos- 
ession that meet Supply bee made them w"'out delay 

The Garrisons are = ffort Loyall 


Ship Gutt 


Wee doe alsoe humbly propound 

Thatt by y"' authority of this Court an act bee passed ~ 
Thatt noe person or persons w'soeu"" p'"8ume directl}'^ or in- 
directly (during y® time of hostility w*"" y'' Indians) To Sup- 
ply either Indians, french or others neighbouring to them 
w"" amunition on paine of death or such oth' grouious mulct 
as the authority here shall Judge meet to impose on them. - 
Wee doe alsoe Comend itt to y'= Consideration of this hono'^"' 
Court Wheither Justice & Equity doe nott Call vs to deliu"" 


back to Mouns"" Casteen those goods that were vnjustly taken 
away & still detained from him soe far as is in o"" power « 
11. 4. 89, Tho: Danforth 

j:rr:rr:^^^^^=^ John Phillips 

John Price 
Joseph Lynde 
Christopher Webb 
Past in the aflSrmative w^'' those Emendations abov By the 
Representatives Desireing the Hon'^'^ Magistrates consent 
herein/ as attests 
11. 4. 8 Ebenezer Prout Clerk — 

Letter from Robert Lawrence 

Falmoth in Casco Bay June 12"* 
Honou"''^ S"" 

I am by y® whole town desired to acquaint you y* 
they rec'd y'' letter and being mett together resolued vnani- 
mously to agree to bee Comanded by all their officers here 
present vntill farther order from y^ honoured Court except- 
ing Cap* Dauis whom they are vtterly sett ag* & will by no 
meanes be coinand — by him for diuers reasons w^*^ they If 
Called to are as they say ready to giue sufficient to exclude 
him from any publicke office, earnestly desireing y*^ hon- 
oured Court that they may bee coinanded by such p''sons 
they shall aproue of earnestly desireing y"" answer p"" y'= first 
w'^'' is all at p'"sent by y^ request of y*^ people from 

y"' honours humble Serv' 
Rob' Lawrence 


Letter from Anthony Brackett df* others. 

To y* Honoured Governo'' & Council 
at Boston 
Honoured Gentlemen 

Wee y® Subscril)ers in y*^ name & behalfe of y^ town of ffal- 
moth being thereto desired & appointed by y*^ whole town, 
to entreate y^ honours y* all convenient Speed may be made, 
in Supplying this place w"' a party of men Sufficient for 
defence of both town & fort, & assistance in getting in o'' 
graine, being at p''sent weakely Manned divers of y*^ Inhab- 
itants haueing deserted y*^ place & more daily resolveing to 
goe, w*'^out an expresse order from y"" hon" to y*' Contrary, 
wee being allso in a manner y*^ frontier of y® eastern parts 
& daily expecting y^ enemie vpon vs, humbly entreate y"" 
hono''^ to Cousid"" o*^ Condition, being but few in numl/, & 
allmost worne out w"^ watching & wardimj 
y"" assistance, w"'out w*^"* wee are not able long to subsist, & 
wee shall remaine in all lawfull & due obedience. 

Y"" Honours most humble Serv" 
Dated in ffalmoth Antho : Brackett 

June 12'" 1689 Rob* : Lawrence 

George Ingersell Sen'^ 

The store now in Being in the forte 
Three Barrals & }4 of powder 
one Barrell of powder was Taken \ 

away at the forte Gate Svpose v 

it is in the Townc ) 

24 hand Granados 

about 2"' & i Musqutt shoot 
about 20 Balls for the Goons 
a small quantety of match 
about 30 : Cartrig Boxes for 
small Arms 


not one inusquitt belongs 

to the forte 

noe provetions in the forte 

Letter from Silvanus Davis. 

fforte Loyall June 12'^ 1689 
Honou'^ble S' 

Yo''s of the fifte of this Instant Receved the 11 of this In- 
stant with the inClosed to bee comunicated to the Towne 
I Doe Return harty Thankes for yo"" favorable Remem- 
brance of mee as all soe for the Good Notice therein in- 
certed as well to my selfe as others The Lord in mercy Giue 
my selfe & others Grace to Indevo"" to folow such Good 
Rules that are Laid before vs our Case is Lamentable to 
Concider that naither mercys nor atHicktions workes noe 
Reformation ill vs the Lorde can open ou"" eyes to see the 
Long suffering of the Lords mercy Toward vs : i am hart- 
ely sorrey that yo"" Honowors shoold bee Trobled with Com- 
plaints from amongst vs one against another when the 
ennemey is Rownd about vs, y*^ God in mercy haue bin 
wonderfull for ou'" preservation Glory be to his name. 

S"" as for what have bin objected against mee by any per- 
son i was vvholy Ignorant of it : in the first proseedings I 
being att the estward in that sarvis directed to me by the 
Cowncell with Colo Tyng raajo"" Savage & thoes Jentellmen 
for the drawing of the Armey : then thay begon cS; sense 
thay have Contenued i know not whare in I have Rongd any 
man vnless it hath bin in my Indevoring to keepe them in 
order for thaire owne secvrety or in sarving the Towne with 
my person & estate this many years which i know many 
sober persons Can wittnes for mee : i doe not seeke to ex- 
cuse my falts before i am made sensable of what is aleged 


against mee naither shall i i hope bee Condemd by Reson 
of the Reports of disorderly & discontented persons : i de- 
sire to Have a harte to forgive all men & not to hate my 
Enemeys : S"" ou"" Towne is in a distracted Condetion on the 
High Way to Ruen if the Cownill Doe not take Speedy 
Care to send full power for the Regulating the peopell : our 
Towne is devided many of the peopell desire to Choos new 
oflScers in the meletia. that my selfe might bee oute which 
will doe mee Grate kindnes if it may be by the Good 
pleshur of the Cowncill it is my Desire to bee Clere of all 
publick office which, if it might bee y" I shoold bee Redy 
to sarve the Kinge & Countery : naither Doe I desire to bee 
dissmised by the Instagations of malliss : my Case being 
before Honowrable & wise persons it will appere the Better 
as to the Towne affairs att p'^sent i svppose you have a full 
accp* i am in the forte with 4 men one sargent & the Goner 
& noe more oQ duty is hard if you doe not spedely send 
orders to settell the forte in soora meete persons hands the 
men with me will be ought of patience if thay Leave mee I 
must shvtt vp the Gates which will bee Grate pittey that 
such a parte of defence shoold bee neglected. 

I Have suployed the forte with provetions from my owne 
store ever sense Capt Lockhart Lefte it & soom time before 
which i hope i shall bee Considered for in the seson of itt. 
Deare S' I Humbly Crave yo"^ Answer speedley as to the 
sundery surcomstances & alsoe : what more may bee for the 
Good & safty of these parts which vpon yo'" Advise shall 
Indevo"" to the vttermost of ray power Craving yo"^ pardon 
for my Intrvding vpon yo"^ patiance with Thes Rude Lines 
1 Humbly subscrib my selfe 

Yo"" Hono'"s obleged Sarvaut 

Silvanus Davis 
my most Humble Survis to waight vpon "^ 
The Honowrable Gouo'"no'' & — — — V 
Cowncill now in Beins — — — I 


That L* Weems be written to forthw"' at Pemaquid to take 
care of that Garrisson ; And that gmise be made him & his 
Company of the Kings pay from this time forward till fur- 
ther order. And that their be a suply of what provission &c 
is necessary for s*^ Garrison. 

June 14 : 1689 past in the affirmative, 

As attests 

Ebenezer Prout Clerk 

Consented to by the Gov"" and 
Councill. die predict 

Is* Addington Sec''y 

Boston 14"> June 1689 
Leivt Weenies 

The Govern"" and Councill and representatives of the Mas- 
sachusetts Colony convened att Boston have this day agreed 
and ordered that you be written unto to take care of the 
Garrison of Pemaquid and that Promise be made you and 
your Company of The Kings Pay from this time forward 
till farther Order, and That there be a Supply of what Pro- 
visions &c is Necessaiy for the said Garrison praying you 
to Advize of the state of the Countrey in Those Parts and 
what is the P'sent Condition of the Indians/ 

By Order of the Convention 

of y*" Govern'' & Councill 
and Representatives 

was signd 
True Coppy 

Is^ Addington Sec^ 



Leiv* James Weemes 

Comm'' of the 

Garrison of 



Information of George Heskett. June 15, 1689. 

To the Hon'''' the Governo'' & Council 

now sitting in Boston 

The Information of George Heskett master of 

the Sloop Exchange 

That whereas the Informant was lately att Sachadyhock 
with his vessell where he then had seven men whose names 
are hereund'' written came on board said vessell and desired 
apassage of s*' Hesket in her to Boston, w''' he then refusd 
telling them he would not carry off an}^ men without they 
were freely discharged from the service of their Commaudr 
to w^'' they rephed they were, and further told y" unless 
their Command'' came on board w*'' them to certitie the truth 
thereof he w^ould not transport them to Boston, whereupon 
Soone aff their comand"" Elisha Andrews with one ffranci.s 
Lowd w*^'' came from the present Council, brought the said 
men on board & declared they were free from any Com- 
mand of s*^ Andrews he haveing nothing to doc with them : 
the said Francis Lowd also declared to y*^ s'' men, that y*^ 
hon"^*' Govern""" asked why these men did not come away 
with the rest. 

Likewise John Heskett sone of y^ s'^ George being att 
Zackady Hock & in company with the s'' Andrew's and Sol- 
diers, heard y*" s'' Andrews promise them provisions to carry 
them to Boston, & Saw him deliver them Porke and bread 
out of y® Store, and told them if they would goe they might, 
and that himself intended not to be long after them : and 
said he could not answer it to goe with them : afterwards 
the s'' men came & asked y*' s'' John Heskett whether he was 
willing they should goe for Boston ^ to which he made 
them no answer, but immediately went to y*" s'' Andrews 
and asked him concerning the matter who told him they 
might goe, he haveing no power to stop them and w" the 
men went to jroe on board y*' sd Vessell he heard his fath"" 

Doc. Vol. vi. 32 



warne them from comeing on board, unless they Brought 
their officer with them who came with them And that the 
said Andrews Shewed his ffree Consent thereunto by proff- 
ring to pay their passages. 

Likewise he heard his father say to y"" s'' Andrews aff y® 
men were aboard, that if he had any Service for y" he would 
Command them on shoare he shou'd have every man : But 
instead thereof tooke his leave of y*" men & wished them all 
well & safe home : and af'' wee ridd one night in y'^ harbour 
y^ next morning w" the vessell came to Saile y^ s*^ Andrews 
Saluted her with a gun & wee gave him a gun againe for 
thanks — 

Boston June 15. 1689/ 

To y" truth hereof 
wee sett o'" hands 
Likewise Some of y*" Seven men Say Georg hisket 
that they heard three men att Zach- John Hisket 
ady hock declare that they had been Thomas Barrett 
with y*" Council in Boston to see 
whether they had any Service for 
them to doe, to w'^'' they replyed 
they would not be concerned with 
those parts that lyes on the Eastern 
side of Kenny Beck river — — 



^ f pearce 

Benj'^ JP Jones 

Sailers in s'^ Hisketts 

James Bagley 
Benjamin B in 
Georg Thomas 

John V Kerlon 

Tho» Alsop 

W'' ^/ Parsons 
Dauid Maxsy 


Letter from Tho^ Hirichman June 22, 1689 

Hon'"ed S' 

This day 2 Indians came fi'om Pennecook vid. Job marom- 
quand «fe peter muckamug & report y' damage will vndoubt- 
edly be done within a few days at pvscataqua & y* Maj"" 
Walden in particular is Threatned and they Intimate their 
fears y* mischiefe quickly will be done at Dunstable &c The 
Indians can ajive a more gticular ace" to your hon"" They say 
iff dammage be done y*^ blae shall not ly upon y having 
given a faithfull ace" off w' they lieare & are upon y® report 
moved to leave y"" habitations at pennecook. S"" I was verry 
loth to Trouble you & to expose myselff to the Censure & 
derision off some off y*^ Confid* people y* were pleased to 
make sport of what I sent down hy Cap' Tom, but am Con- 
strained from a sence I have off my duty & from love to my 
Countrymen to give y® ace' as above. So with my Humble 
service to your Hon'' & prayers for y'' Safety of an Indan- 
gerd people 

I am S'' your Hiible Serv" 
Tho : Hinchman 

June 22 89 

The 26 of June 

Honored Sur this day Captayne tom «& a nothe' iadan Eu- 
forms me that there is forther mischef intended by the 
Indans which y* bayror heer of Loud is able to Euform 

Yu"" homble serv 

T H 


Letter from James Weems. 

Pemaq<^ June 23*^ 



Yo" I have rec"' wherein yo' propose very fair in the respects 
of y* time to come & till forther orders providing it might 
stand w"' my Advantage & Houo'' I would embrace, but I 
must tell you, y' my Dependance is elsWheare Where I 
hope to be more SorVisable to my King & Countrey y° 
here, tor since y° haue seen cause to Displace the Governo'' 
& all & ther Gentlemen vnder his comand I am resolued to 
take my fortune w"' them therefor I advise you to hasten & 
send yo'" forces to take possession of this place for I cannot 
promis to secure it ; my men being all resolued to leaue me 
as some haue dune already, but haue prevailed w*"^ them for 
a short time waiting yo'' speedy releaf & satisfaction for 
their time. The 20*'' of this Instant ariued two Captiues 
w*=^ I thought convenient to hasten to you you being desir- 
ous to know the state of the Country & Indians w*^^ they 
can best relate, hauing no more to add only my Humble 
Servis and remains 

S"" yo"^' James Weems 

I haue ingaged you will Satisfey these men for their 
Boate and time itt p'^senting for the Kings seruis agreed for 
3". 0. money. 


To M"" Simon Bradstreet Esq' 
Govern"" of Boston 

Alliance tvith Maquas Indians to he renewed. June 27^ 1689. 

That some meet person or persons be desired to goe up 
to Treat w*'' the Maquas to renew our former Aliance and 


to obliffe them to send forth a suficient number of their 
men to the easterne parts to destroy our Indian Enimies for 
a Consideration to be paid them for euery Indian Enimies 
head or scalp they shall bring to us. 

Voted on the Atirmatiue by the representatiues 
desireing our honored Magist' consent her- 
June 27'" 1689 


Ebenezer Prout : Clerk 
Cousenf to by the Governo'' and Councill, and that a meet 
Present of ffifty or Sixty pounds be made unto them. 

= Is* Addington Sec''^ 
3° July 1689. 

the above s*^ Sume Consented unto by the 

Attests Ebenezer Prout Clerk. 


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William, 363.' 
Ohampernoon, C, 201. 

Francis, 215, 369, 370. 
Champernoon's Island, 369. 
Champney, William, 442. 
Charles f, 329, 367. 

II. 8. 265. 
Charlestown. 153. 171. 172. 175, 

359, 489. 
Chcberina, 362. 

Chelmsford, 171, 176. 
Cheyne, Ch, 229. 
Childe, John, 345. 
Chippien, Isaac, 46. 
Chudleigh, T., 229. 
Clapp, Thomas, 399. 
Clark, Samuel, 175. 
Clarke, Mr., 103, 104, 117. 

Maj., commission to, 173, 101, 

121, 129, 153, 174, 189. 
Elizabeth, petition of, 274. 
Thaddeus, 235, 240, 241, 283, 

478, 481. 
Thomas, 15, 185, 200, 202, 207, 
Clayce, (Cloyce, Cloyes), John, 
Nathaniel, 194, 214. 
Peter, 195. 

Thomas, petition of, 313, 236, 
317, 385, 464, 468. 
Cleay, John, 367. 
Cleefes, see Cleeve. 
Cleeve, George, as agent for Rigby, 
4, 0, 8 ; deed to Joseph Phip- 
pen, 6; deed to Smith and 
Brown, 8 ; conveyed land to 
Mitton, 288 ; conveyed land to 
Bramhall. 289. 297, 2, 242, 
243, 247, 270, 274, 285, 367. 
Clefe, see Cleeve. 

Clements, Richard, warrant for 
surveying land of Barefoot, 
278; 'Seecombe, 281; Jordan 
and Hinckes. 282 ; Lawrence, 
282; Tyng, 283: Scottow, 284; 
Phippen. 284; Baudouin, 285; 
Sheppard. 286, 293, 294, 302, 
306. 349, 396. 
demons, Mr., 332. 
Cleve, Jane, mark of, 5. 
Cleverly, Thomas, 116. 
Cocheco, 162, 471. 

Indians, 123. 
Cocke. John, 107. 
Coe. (Cooe), Matthew, 455, 468. 
CoflFyn, Peter, 104. 
Coleord, Mr., lOd. 

Edward, referred to the court of 
Yorkshire, 37. 38; petition of, 
205 ; answer to petition, 206. 
Cole, Nicholas, 214. 

Thomas, deposition of. 84, 85. 
William, deposition of. 28. 
Coleman, William, warrant to, 175. 
Collins, Abraham, petition of, 305, 
Timothy, 259. 
Combs, Humphrey, 181. 



Comes, Henry, deposition of. 416, 
413, 414. 

Commings, Richard, deposition of, 

Commission to settle disturbances 
in the Eastern parts. 18; 
Andros, Ames, 273 ; Clark, 
Maj., 173; Cook, .)ohn, 409; 
Fiske. Thomas. 15(i: Johnson, 
Francis. 211; Manninfj. Nich- 
olas, 229 ; Waldron, Rieliard, 
155; Weems, James, 304; 
Military, sent to Maine. 267. 

Complaint of Freke. John, 45; 
Lane, Henry and Samuel. 413; 
Lawrence. Robert, 377 : Scot- 
tow, Thomas, 211. 

Concord. 114, 170. 

Confirmation of Davis, Silvanus, 
and others, 232. 

Connecticut. 109. 
River. 110. Ill, 441. 

Considerations concerning Indian 
grants, 362. 

Cook, John, commission of, 409; 
orders to, 265, 266, 304, 467. 

Cooke, Peyton, 10. 

Cook's Point, 4, 8. 

Coole, Thomas, 63. 

Coomes, John, petition of, 366. 

Copasick. see Capsic. 

Corlaer, , 452, 453. 

Cornew, John, petition of, 309. 

Cornwall, 217. 423. 

County, 273, 376, 396. 397, 398, 
399, 400, 443. 

Cosse, John, 323. 

Cotton, Seaborne, 354. 

Council of Safety of the People, 

Country Road of 1688, 391, 396. 

Cousins, John, 455, 456. 

Cousin's Island, 269. 

River, 341, 356, 357, 358, 359, 
387, 388. 455, 456, 457. 

Couzins, Thomas, 195. 

Coxe's Meadow. 365. 

Cranch. Andrew. 483. 

Crick, Edward, 121. 

Crispt, Sackerry. 175. 176. 

Crockett, Epliraim. 215. 

Crofts, William, 215. 

Crosby, Henry, 483. 

Simon, summoned before the 
council. 105. 

Crosse, Joseph, 194. 

Cumbey, Goodman, 27. 

Curtis. Joseph. 338. 351. 
Tho., 363. 

Cusens. Thomas, 214. 

Custen, William, petition of, 371. 

Cutler, John, 477. 

Cutt, John, 139. 

Cutts, Richard, proposed to seize, 

34, 35 ; said to have spoken 

treason, 35, 47. 


Damariscotta, 147, 148, 151, 448. 

River, 448. 
Damariscove, 150, 485. 
Danforth, Mr., 104. 

Thomas, 210, 230, 362, 367, 377, 
378, 492. 
Daniel. Thomas, 139. 
Dartmouth, 400, 401. 
Davenport, Ebenezer, 478, 483. 
Davess, John, testimony of, 206. 
Davis, Ebenezer, petition of, 370. 
Edward, petition of, 319. 
Emanuel, 195, 214. 
George, 136. 
Isaac, petition of. 370, 305, 363, 

John, deposition of. 20 ; petition 
of, 370, 22, 23, 25, 90, 91, 108, 
170, 214. 
Lawrence, 450. 
Nicholas, petition of. 238. 
Roger, 338. 

Silvanus, sent against the In- 
dians, 93, 95; at Falmouth, 
94; confirmation of, 232; let- 
ters of, 294, 432. 494 ; petition 
of, 297 : report of, 385 ; report 
of 1687, 317; soldiers object 
to him as commander. 492, 
494, 92, 142, 147. 148. 164. 165, 
193, 218, 236, 241, 242. 244, 
269, 282. 300. 302, 303, 305, 
307, 308, 310, 311, 315, 316, 
319. 323, 331, 333, 334, 373, 
378, 379, 381, 382, 388, 389, 
438, 456, 460, 462, 463. 464, 
465. 466, 468, 469, 476, 481, 
Davison, D., letter of. 472. 
Dearing, Clement, 215. 

Roger, 215. 
Debeck, James, wounded. 42. 43, 
80, 82, 86: deposition of, 79; 
further dej)osition, 80. 
Declaration of Card, Francis. 149. 
Decwando. 436. 
Dedham. 428. 

Deed of Amory and Leach to 
Turfrey. 287 : Clecve. George, 
to Phippen, .)o>opli, (J; Cleeve, 
George, to Smith and Brown, 



Deedj continued 

8; Cleeve, George, to Watts, 
Henry, 4; Phillips, William, 
to Heaman, Abraham, 10. 

Dekaraechqua, 453. 

Denis, James, 362. 
Will, 363. 

Denison, (Dennison), Daniel, let- 
ter of, 48, 145; orders to Wal- 
dron, Richard, 88 ; to treat 
with Indians, 186, 116, 117, 
124, 125, 126, 127, 130, 131. 
140, 153, 156, 201. 

Deniss, Mr., 422. 

Denmark^ Patrick, petitions of, 
343, 356. 

Dennis, John, 84, 85. 
Lawrence, 362, 363. 

Deogenes, 178. 

Deposition of Booth, Robert, 21; 
Cadburne, Humphrey, 10; 
Cole, Thomas, 84 ; Cole, Wil- 
liam, 28; Comes, Henry, 416; 
Commings, Richard, 1 1 ; 
Davis, John, 20; Debeck, 
James, 79; Gardner, Robert, 
34 ; Hill, Roger, 23 ; Manning, 
George, 85 ; Morgan, Sarah, 
35; Naylor, Edward, 20; 
Pitt, William, 46; Sergeant, 
John, 22; Skillion, Thomas, 
44 ; Starbuck, Edward, 5 ; 
Stevens, Thomas, 421; Storer, 
Joseph, and Wheelwright, 
Samuel, 202 ; Swarton, Jolm, 
415 ; Tuxberry, Henry, 469 ; 
Yorke, Benjamin. 326; Rich- 
ard, 327 ; Ruth, 325. 

Devon, County of, 287. 

Devonshire, 344. 

Dikarachqua, 454. 

Dill, Joseph, 175, 176. 

Dimond, Andrew, 338. 
Thomas, 338. 

Dionondadees, the, 453. 

Diser, William, 214. 

Djajago, 453. 

Dockewando, 151. 

Dollen, John, 448. 

Dongan, Thomas, 403. 

Donnell, Samuel, 215. 

Dorchester, 337, 339, 440. 

Douakesc Bay, 42. 

Doughty, Thomas, petition, 353. 

Dounton, Will, 8. 

Dover, assessed to remunerate 
Pendleton, 12. 13, 36, 93, 94, 
116, 117, 138, 153, 154, 156, 
170, 172. 

Dowaganhaes, the, 453. 

Downe, Edmund, 17, 18. 

Downing, John, 213. 
Joseph, 475. 
Joshua, petition of, 384. 

Dowster, Jno., 181. 

Dowty, Thomas, 195. 

Drapers River, 399, 400. 

Driscoe, John, 195. 

Dudley, Joseph, to treat with In- 
dians, 186; letter of, 439, 137, 
198, 206, 213, 431, 434. 

Dummer, Jeremiah, petitions of, 
219, 412, 220, 225, 238, 274. 
Richard, 412. 

Shubal, instructions to, 161; 
petition of, 273, 276. 

Dunstable, 499. 

Dunstan, Indian depredations at, 
90, 91, 95, 248, 258, 328, 369. 

Durant, Moses, 254, 291. 

Dutch, pillaged Manning's vessel, 
42, 45, 57, 58; seized Shap- 
leigh's bark, 43, 46, 47, 58; 
pillaged at Pemaquid, 63 ; 
pillaged at Maythijas, 63, 
112, 135. 

Dycer, William, 375. 

Dyer, Christopher, 366. 


East River, 233. 

Easterbrook, Arthur, 288. 
Eusebius, 288. 

Ebenoett, 417. 

Edgecomb, John, petition of, 371. 

Edmonds, Robert, 363, 442. 

Edwards, David, petition of, 442. 

Eeds, Phillip, 483. 

Egeremet, 422, 446. 

Egonombo, 417, 420. 

Eldridge, John, 195. 

Elicot's Island, 456. 

Eliott, Robert, petitions of, 254, 
328, 253, 256, 257, 338. 
Thomas, 369. 

Elkins, Hen, 116. 

EUacott, (EUicot), Vines, petition 
of, 269; grant to, 408, 348, 
359, 471. '• 

Elliot, Mr., 248. 

Emmery, James, 214. 

EngersoU, Samuel, 478. 

England, 108, 228. 

English pillaged the Dutch at 
Pemaquid, 63 ; and at Maythi- 
jas, 63. 
James, 232, 489. 

Enow, Thomas, 483. 

Ephraim, Peter, 163. 



Esmond, Robert, 351. 

Essex County, 36, 110, 117, 153, 
156, 171, 239, 270, 285, 332, 

Essomonosko, 178. 

Everell, James, 30. 

Evines, Edward. 44. 

Ewster, Edward, petition of, 240. 

Examination of Eyares, Moses, 
440 ; Holman, Samuel, 447 ; 
Keen, Patrick. 448; Riall, 
John, 417: Smith, Henry. 443. 

Execution levied on estate of Ed- 
ward Rishworth, 204. 

Eva res. Closes, examination of, 

Fabins, Johx, 338. 

Fairweather. Jno.. 109. 

Fall Cove, 408. 

Falmouth, attacked, 94: garrison 
at, 95; warrant to constable 
of, 218; proposed to send sol- 
diers to, 424; letters of paople 
of. 477 : petition of people of, 
481; desired soldiers, 493; 
inhabitants deserting. 493 ; 
stores at, 493 : no provisions 
at the fort. 494, 98, 105, 116, 
232, 234, 235, 236, 240, 2-50, 
279', 281', 283, 288, 289. 294, 
290. 297. 298, 299. 300. 301, 
302, 305, 307. 308. 309. 310, 
311. 312, 313, 314, 315, 310. 
318, 319, 322, 349, 302, 307, 
368, 372. 381, 385. 380. 388. 
391. 392, 390, 402, 400. 414, 
415. 420. 428, 429, 430. 432. 
433. 435. 437. 442. 454. 455, 
450, 457, 458, 400, 401, 402, 
403. 464, 465, 460, 407. 408, 
484. 492. 

Falter Falls, 457. 

Farewell, George, warrant to. 331. 

Farmer, John. 40. 

Farrow, Goodv. 195. 

Felman, Thomas. 303. 

Felt. George, petitions of. 330, 402, 
250, 454, 483. 
Jonathan. 402. 403. 
Samuel. 402, 403. 

Fer Island. 2. 3. 

Fernald. William. 351. 

Fisheries, 226. 

Fishing Island. 125. 

Fiske. Thomas, 154. 

Fitch. Thomas, petition of, 158. 

Flanders, 265. 

Flea, John, 483. 

Fletcher, Jno., 136. 

Pendleton, petition of, 347 : let- 
ters of, 348, 418, 213. 207, 

Floyd, John, warrant to. 473; 
order to. 474. 

Fogg. Dan. 254. 

Fones. William. 303. 

Forrest, William, 40. 

Fort Albany, 112: Ann. 479. 480; 
Charles. 190, 193: Hill, 175; 
Tx)val, 240. 283. 289, 296, 324, 
307, 388, 392, 402, 407, 478, 
49 L 494, 495; Mary. 438; 
Royal, 448, 450. 

Fort at Falmouth. 230: Great Is- 
land, 434. 435; on the Neck, 
280: Pejepscot, 479, 480; 
Pemaquid, 478 ; Sheepscot, 

Foster. John. 219, 220. 

Fothara. Anthonie, 215. 

Fountaine, George, letter of, 34. 

Fowler, Richard, testimony of, 83, 
40. 47. 49, 50. 72, 82, 134. 

Foxwell. Mr., 4, 94, 141. 
Philip. 371. 

France, 227. 

Freke. John, his vessel pillaged, 
42. 45 : complaint of. 45. 57, 
04. 79, 85, 133. 

French, the. 90. 97. 112. 123. 132, 
141. 147. 190. 430. 453. 471, 
478. 479. 485. 491. 

Frizell. John. 483. 

Frost. Charles, 214, 274. 
Philip, 215. 

Thomas. 15, 117. 129. 131, 154, 
163. 303. 305, 429. 450. 484. 

Frver. Nathaniel, petitions of. 343, 
309. 214. 392. 393. 

Fulling Mill, 304, 401. 

Furnall, Thomas, 338. 


Gale. Edmt'xd, petitions of. 220, 
255. 311. 

Gammon. Philip. 483. 

Gamseake. 54. 02. 

Gamshoke, 58. 

Gardiner, Thomas, accused of trad- 
ing with the enemy. 96, 118, 

Gardner. Robert, deposition of, 34: 
concerned in seizing Richard 
Cutts. 34. 35. 

Garland. Francis, 183. 

Garner. Mr.. 177. 178. 

Garnett Rock, 182. 



Garrison at Black Point, 157, liiO, 
171; at Black Point to be dis- 
missed, 188; John Royall's, 

448, 450, Kennebec, 475; 
Newtown, 480, 490; North 
Yarmouth, 433, 434, 437; 
Pemaquid, 2G6, 470, 485, 496; 
Sagadanoc, 480, 481; Wells, 
158 ; desired in the east, 472 ; 
on the Kennebec, 164; needed 
at Newichawannock, 122; 
needed at Pemaquid, 118, 119; 
needed at Wells, 129 ; needed 
at Winter Harbor, 129; 
needed in York County, 108, 
122, 129; delinquents departed 
from, 105; Scarborough de- 
sired help in maintaining, 106. 

Gedney (Gidney), Bartholomew, 
grant to, 210; petition of, 222, 
219, 220, 221, 224, 238, 288, 

Gendell, Walter, 145. 219, 220, 223, 
224, 264, 265, 267. 321, 332, 
333, 344, 362, 381, 393, 402, 
420, 434, 436, 440, 441, 445, 

449, 454, 457, 465. 
Gent, Thomas, 486. 
George, John. 395, 439. 
German, Will. 483. 
Gibbens, Nonse, 325, 326. 
Gibbons, James. 354. 

Gilbert, William, petition of, 457. 
Gilburd, Roger, 195. 
Gillam, Capt., 439. 

John, 38. 
Gladman, Mr., 20. 
Glinn, Morgin, 303. 
Gloucester, 486. 
Godfrey, Edward, 6. 

Richard, 159. 
Gold, Alexander, 262. 
Goodhue, William, 338. 
Goodin, Daniel, 214. 
Gooding, Thomas, 214. 
Goods illicitly brought into the 

province to be seized, 395. 
Gookin, Maj., 103, 104, 153, 162, 

Daniel, 16, 201. 
Goose Cove. 400. 

Farm, 286. 
Gorges, Ferdinando, 230, 275, 320, 
362, 390. 

& Mason, 108. 

Thomas, 275. 
Gos3, Thomas, 338. 

Gouge, , 126. 

Gough, Jo., 194. 

Graham, James, warrants to, 405, 

408, 409. 
Grant, J., 215. 
Joshua, 149. 
Peter, testimony of, 83, 72, 80, 

82, 134. 
to Swarton, John, 267. 
Graves, Ann, petition of, 274. 

John, 216. 
Gray, George, petition of, 386. 
Greason, Robert, 458, 482. 
Great Cove, 336, 454. 
Fresh Marsh, 454. 
Island, 200, 206, 335, 365, 370, 

371, 424, 435. 
Marsh, 301, 468. 
Seal Island, 182. 
Greene, John, 62. 
Greenland, 163. 

Henry, proposed to seize Rich- 
ard Cutts, 34, 35; accused 
Cutts of treason, 35 ; sen- 
tenced for high misdemeanors, 
Greenleafe, Stephen, 472. 
Greenslade, Thomas, mark of, 5. 
Grillin, Edward, William Start's 
complaint against, 216, 218. 
Griffith, William, desires release 
from service, 105; released, 
Grosse, John, 486. 
Grout, Peter, 49, 50. 
Grover, John, petition of, 370. 
Gunnison, Hugh, execution to be 
served for contempt of court, 
Elihu, 400, 422, 479. 
Gunter, Joseph, 363. 
Gustin, Will, 363. 
Gyles, Thomas, 403, 404. 


Hadley, 48, 89, 114. 

Haley, Andrew, 351. 

Hally, Thomas, 214. 

Ham, John, 483. 

Hammond, Mrs., 177, 186, 192. 

Jonathan, 194, 214, 216. 

Joseph, 268. 

Richard, 149, 268. 

Will, 214. 
Hammonds, Elizabeth, 268. 
Hamonds, Edmond, 351. 
Hampshire County, 36. 
Hampton, 12, 205. 
Hanasicket River, 410. 
Hannowell, Richard, 267. 
Harding, Israel, 195, 213. 



Ilarker, John, 175, 17G. 

Harmon, Jolin, 215. 

Harris, John, petition of, 307. 
Josepli, petition of, 358. 

Hartford, 335. 

Harwich, 393, 397, 411. 

Harwood, John, 303. 

Hatch, Samuel, 214. 

Hathorne, William, 123, 124, 125, 
120, 127, 128, 130, 131. 

Haverhill, 138, 152. 

Haward, Nicholas, 303. 

Hay, trouble over, 378, 379. 

Hayman, Abraham, 200. 

Haynes, Francis, 483. 

Heaman, Abraham, deed to, from 
Phillips, William, 10, 18. 

Hegeman, Dennis, 479. 

Heiman, Abraham, 287, 345, 450, 

Heines, Ruben, 483. 

Herrick, Ephraim, petition of, 239. 

Hescott, (Heskett), George, peti- 
tion of, 352, 370; information 
of, 497, 451, 485, 488, 498. 
John, 497, 498. 

Hicks, Peter, 410. 
Rich, 3(i3. 

Hidsdam, Jeremiah, 1G5. 

Iliggins, John, 327. 
Ned, 441, 442. 

Hill, Mr., 5. 

Roger, deposition of, 23, 213. 

Hillard, Edward, 8. 

Hilliard, , 82. 

Hilton, Katharin, petition of, 38; 
answer to, 40. 

Hinchman, Thomas, letter of, 499. 

Hinckes, Mr., 249, 250, 254, 347, 
424, 427, 434, 435, 473. 
John, petitions of, 256, 257, 278; 
land surveyed, 280, 282. 

Hinckson, Peter, petition of, 253. 

Hinksman, Capt., 175. 

Hinxen, Peter, 110. 

Hitchcock, Richard, 25. 

Hob, Robard, petition of, 3G4. 

Hobbs, Christopher, 214. 

Hockeday, Samuel, 338. 

Hog Island, 44, 209, 359, 408, 410, 

Holess, John, 351. 

Holland, 77, 227. 

Hollanders, 135. 

Hollett, George, 02. 

Holman, John, petition of, 456. 
Samuel, examination of, 447. 

Holmans Point, 220. 

Holmes, Thomas, 214. 
Hones, William, 442. 

Hooka, Francis, letters of, 295, 

484, 22, 24, 20, 214, 268, 274, 

329, 392, 402. 
Mary, petition of, 329. 
Hooper, Elisha, 195. 
Hopehood, 320, 327, 414, 422, 433, 

439, 442, 491. 
Hopkins, William, 175. 
Horman, Philip, petition of, 334. 
Hornbrooke, John, 303, 421. 
Horsley, Poeter, 363. 
Horwood, Henry, 483. 
Hoskines, John, 302. 
Houn — , Edward, 202. 
How, Isaac, 175. 
Howard, Maj., 439. 

Robert, 2, 18. 
Howell, John, petition of, 247. 
Howsing, Peter, petition of, 381. 
Huehins, Enoch, 215, 351. 
Hues, Thomas, received powder, 

97 ; mark of, 98. 
Hull, Capt., 121. 
Huniwell, Richard, petition of, 

245, 240, 254, 281. 
Hunking, John, 34. 
Hunting, Samuel, 128, 131, 154, 

102, 107. 
Hutchinson, Mr., 356. 
Hypoerist Island, 301. 

iFiN.s, Gilbert, 303. 

Ilutherea, 219, 224. 

Indians, plundered Kennebec, 90, 
91, 118, 149; depredations at 
Dunstan, 90, 91, 95; commit 
murder at Casco, 91, 93; the 
whites demand their arms, 92, 
178; depredations at Scar- 
borough, 94; Gardiner ac- 
cused of trading with, 96, 97 ; 
boast of, but they desire peace, 
100, 102, 178, 191, 201; 
friendly, 109, 123, 129, 130, 
131, 153, 166; on Connecticut 
River, 110, 111; encouraged by 
the French, 112, 446, 447: at- 
tacked Jocelyn and Burrows, 
116; reason for depredations 
of 1070, 118: seized by 
Lawton, 118, 120; at Wells, 
121, 125, 126; at Jewell's Is- 
land, 121: one executed at 
Casco, 123, 124, 125; am- 
buscade of, at Casco, 123; 
burn Munjoy's house, 125; de- 
sired as scouts, 138; aversion 
to joining the army, 162, 163; 



Indians, continued 

dismissed, 163: letter from, to 
government, 177; desire to 
trade, 177; will exchange pris- 
oners, 177. 187: killed prison- 
ers, 177, 179. 433: ill treated, 
178: Dennison and Dudley to 
treat with, ISfi: peace effected 
with those of Kennebec, 189, 
191: deserted Squando. 190; 
titles, 362 : grants, considera- 
tions concerning. 362: capture 
a ship at New Dartmouth, 
376, 451: at Casco Bay, 387; 
trade, desired by Seacomb, 
402 ; disturb the peace at 
Lanes, 413. 414, 415. 416. 417, 
419; examined by Col. Tyng, 
414, 415, 416; threaten "the 
English. 419: to be exchanged, 
420, 421 ; sent to Boston, 420, 
433, 435. 436, 437. 441; 
abused John Bish. 421; seized 
by Capt. Blackman, 421 ; 
depredations at Merry Meet- 
ing. 421 ; take captives at 
Merry Meeting. 421. 422; 
Tyng sent messengers to de- 
mand satisfaction from the, 
423, seize captives at Crom- 
well. 423 ; seize captives at 
Kennebec, 423 ; strong and 
well armed, 424 : depredations 
at Pemaquid and Kennebec, 
425. 427. 444: should be dealt 
with. 425; seized as prisoners, 
428 : did not bring captives to 
Maquoit. 429. 430: intend to 
have war. 429, 430; to be con- 
sidered enemies, 431, 432; and 
Capt. Gendell. 434. 436. 440, 
441. 445; fears that they may 
assaiilt North Yarmouth and 
Great Island. 434, 435; at 
Northfield, 435, 436. 441 ; those 
of Pennecook consulted for 
war. 436. 447 ; depredations at 
New Dartmouth, 376. 377, 443, 
444 ; at Maine's Point. 446 ; 
killed Edward Shaw, 446; at 
Damariscotta, 448; bring a 
prisoner to North Yarmouth, 
449 : held John Royal pris- 
oner. 450: replv of, iii 1688-89, 
452; killed Coe and Wacklev, 
468: hired to attack the Eng- 
lish. 473; at Newtown, 480; 
provisions sent to, 484 : at 
Wells ill disposed, 484; at 
Damariscove, 485; tnreaten to 

Indians, continued. 

attack settlements, 499 ; al- 
liance with the Maquas to be 
renewed, 500, 141, 146, 150, 
151, 171, 172, 174, 180, 181, 
188, 192, 197, 262, 264, 268, 
325, 326, 327, 332, 426, 471, 
472, 477, 478, 479, 481, 488, 
490, 491. 

Information of Heskett, George, 

Ingersoll, Lieut., 98, 99. 

George, letter of. 89 ; petitions 
of. 310, 460, 461, 90, 234, 314, 

323, 372, 385, 463, 493. 
John, 236, 313, 385. 464. 
Joseph, petition of, 468, 313, 483. 
Samuei, petition of, 318, 235, 

324. 385, 478. 
Ingerson, see Ingersoll. 
Ingrim, Lieut., 121. 
Inskitt Harbor, 182. 
Instructions to Dummer, Shubal, 

161 ; to Wheelwright, Samuel, 

Invoice of the David, 2. 
Ipswich. 162, 332, 402, 489. 
Ireland. 227. 
Isle of Shoals, 11, 18, 34, 125, 126, 

179, 337. 

J.A.CKSON, Capt., 404. 
George, 479. 

Hannah, petition of, 231. 
Jagaro, 453. 
Jamaica, 83. 
James II, 216, 221, 232, 319, 410, 

Jamestown, 217, 397. 
Jamshoke. 54. 
Jeffory, Diggory, 215. 
Jent, Thomas, 486. 
Jetson. see Judson. 
Jewell's Island, 121, 149. 
Jocelyn, Abraham, 272, 284. 

Henry, letter of, 202; desires 
pay for provisions, 202 ; sup- 
plied Black Point with beef, 
203, 1. 2, 106, 107, 114, 115, 
116, 129, 141, 262. 
John, 178. 

Agustian. 381. 
Justan, 482. 
Johnson, Andrew, letter of, 196, 
Edward, 206. 214. 
Francis, commission to, 211. 
Joseph, 121. 



Jones, Mr., 454. 

Benj., 4!J8. 

Isaac, 388, 389. 

John, 388, 389, 471. 
Jordan, Lieut., 477. 

Dominicui, petitions of, 24G, 
294, 3{iO. 

Jedidiali, petition of. 380. 

eTeremiah, petuion of, 360. 

John, 4G9, 483. 

Robert, 245, 240, 249, 256, 257, 
344, 347, 300, 380. 

Samuel, petition of, 391. 

Sarah, petition of, 278; land to 
be surveyed, 282, 254, 257, 3o0. 
Jordan's Farm, 278. 
Joseph, 413, 414, 415. 
Josseline, see Jocelyn. 
Jourdain, see Jordan. 
Journal of Manning, Mr., 179. 
Judson, , 84. 

Randolph, testimony of, 82, 64, 
72, 80, 84, 85, 87, 88, 134. 
Judgson, llanle, 49, 50. 
Junkines, Robert, 214. 


ElEEN, Patrick, examination of, 

Kendall, Mr., 205. 

Kennebec, plundered, 90, 91; quiet 
at, 101; Garrison, Floyd in 
command at, 475; soldiers dis- 
charged at, 475. 
Indians, capture English at, 
423; depredations of Indians 
at, 425; petition of, 481, 111, 
123, 124, 127, 145, 149, 150, 
151, 153, 154, 155, 156, 166, 
185, 186, 261, 303, 390, 411, 
424, 429, 4bu, 177, 186, 187, 
189, 190. 
River, the Indians living near 
ordered to give up their arms, 
92, 118, 120, 147, 150, 104, 
173, 189, 217, 239, 261, 362, 
365, 393, 394, 396, 425, 426, 
444, 446, 481, 486, 489. 

Kennebecs, the, 452. 

Kepissick, 324. 

Kerlon, John, 498. 

Kerson, John, 489. 

Kichtages, 453. 

King. John, 87. 

King's Birthday, 439. 
Street, 236, 315. 

Kirke, David, 3. 

George & Brothers, 2, 3. 

Doc. Vol. vi. 33 

Kittery, assessed to remunerate 
Pendleton, 12, 13; to be gar- 
risoned, 96; petition of people 
of. 350, 5. 94, 116, 117, 144, 
163, 202, 210, 237, 267, 273, 
275, 278, 295, 320, 329, 335, 
350, 353, 384, 475, 484. 

Knapton, Caesar. 190, 193. 

Knight, Ezekiel, 195, 214. 

Lake. Thomas, 92, 118, 124. 

Lambert, Jonatluui, 215. 

Lampell, Hen, 214. 

Landon, Daniel, 113. 

Lane, Henry, complaint of, 413, 
339, 386, 387, 415, 416. 
James, 386. 
Job, 386, 387. 
John, petition of, 312, 300. 386, 

387, 482. 
Joshua, 483. 

Samuel, complaint of, 413, 386, 
387, 415, 416. 

Lang, Richard J., 303. 

Langmaid, Heni-y, 483. 

Lantrimony, , 82. 

Lauerdore, John, 118. 

Laverdure, Jno., 84. 

Lawrence, Mr., 250, 294, 362. 
Robert, petitions of, 241, 302; 
land to be surveyed, 282; com- 
plaint and petition of, 377 ; 
letters of, 382, 492, 218, 478, 
483, 493. 

Lawton, Henry, 118, 120. 

Layton, Jno, 143. 

Leache, Samuel, 287, 288, 450. 

Leathorby, see Lethebe. 

Lebbcy, see Libby. 

Lethebe, Ephraim, 416. 
Thomas, 254. 291. 

Letter of Andrews, Elisha, 488; 
Andrews, Isaac, 480; Andros, 
Edmund, 451 ; Brackett, An- 
thony and others, 189, 191, 
493; Brockles, Capt. and 
others, 185; Burnett, IL, 146; 
Council, April 5, 1676, 108; 
Council, May 5, 1677, 166; 
Council to Denison, Daniel, 
116; Crick, Edward, 121; 
from custom house in London, 
226 ; Davis, Silvanus, 294, 432, 
494; Davison, D.. 472; Deni- 
son, Daniel, 48, 124, 126, 130, 
145: Dudley, Joseph, 346, 439; 
Fletcher, Pendleton, 348, 418; 
Fountaine, George, 34; Gard- 



Letter, continued. 

ner, Thomas, 91; Hathorne, 
William, 123, 128; Hinchman, 
Thomas, 499; Hooke, Francis, 
295, 484: Ingersoll. George, 
89; Jocelyu, Henry, 202; 
Johnson, Andrew, 196; Law- 
rence, Hobert, 282, 492; Man- 
ning, George, 42 ; Martvn, 
Richard, 125, 136; Munjoy, 
George, 200 ; Pavne, John, 
286; Pendleton, Brian, 26, 
141; from people of Falmouth, 
477; Pike, Robert, 125; Pipon, 
Joshua. 424, 431; Randolph, 
Edward, 475; Rawson, Ed- 
ward, 144, 171; Scottow, 
Joshua, 99 ; Sharpe, Thomas, 
403. 404; Stoughton, William, 
423; 8ymonds. Samuel. 151; 
Treffrv." Thomas, 438 ; Tufton, 
John, 434; Tyng. Edward, 215, 
332, 372, 419, 420, 428, 429, 
430. 433, 435, 437; W^aldron, 
Richard, 93, 108, 137, 162; 
Weems, James, 485, 500; 
Wiswall, Ichabod, 147. 
Leverett. John, letter to, from 
Waldron, Richard, 108, 84, 91, 
93, 109, 167. 
Lewis, George, 270. 

Grace, 351. 

Peter, 338, 351. 

Philip, 270. 

Thomas, 331. 
Libbey, see Libby. 
Libbv. Anthony, 160, 309. 

Daniel, 254, '291. 

David, 254, 291. 

Henry, 148, 160, 254, 291. 

John,' petition of, 160, 116, 254, 

Matthew, 254, 291. 
Ligonia. 8. 
Lines, John, 48. 

Simon, 118. 
Little Broad Marsh, 462. 

Cove, 236. 

George, petition of, 354; testi- 
mony of, 473. 

Marsh!; 301. 

River, 286, 364, 371, 401. 
Littlefield, Edmon, 195. 

Francis, 101. 

John. 103, 104, 108. 122, 101, 
194. 195, 268. 

Jonathan, 214. 

Joseph, 214, 401. 

Merebate, 194. 

Moses, 214. 

Littlefield, continued. 

Thomas, 195, 214. 
Livingston, Daniel, 215. 

Robert, 454. 
Lockhart, (Lockhert), George, 476, 

477, 478, 495. 
Lock wood, George, 486, 487. 
Loftis, Mr., 439. 
London, 226, 229. 
Long Creek, 6, 232, 233, 234, 305, 
306. 311, 315, 459, 460. 

Island, 371. 
Longley, Thom., 215. 
Loue, William, 214. 
Lowd, Francis, 303, 371, 497. 
Lower Clapboard Island, 463. 

Goose Cove, 400. 
Luckis, William, 483. 
Luis, Mr., 372. 
Lusher, Eleazer, 16. 
Lux, Jno, 90. 

Nicholas, 10. 
Lynde, Joseph, 492. 

Simon, 50. 


MacGregor, , 476. 

Machias, 82. 
River, 118. 
Mackshawne, John, 115. 
Mackworth, Mr., 89. 
Arthur, 339, 373. 
Island, 340. 
]\Iadockawando, ( Madakwanflo) , 
148, 192, 193, 266, 425, 426, 
431, 484. 
Madiford, (Madiver), Jacob, 312. 
Joel, petition of, 465, 301, 482. 
Michael, 465. 
Maiden Cove, 299, 300. 
Maine, petition of people of, 213. 
Henry, account of. 337, 338. 
John, petition of, 263, 215, 264. 
Province of, 17, 29. Ill, 211, 215, 
218. 219, 222, 225, 226, 230, 
231, 232, 234, 237, 238, 243, 
244, 248, 249, 253, 254, 257, 
258, 259, 267, 271, 272, 273, 
276, 278, 279, 280, 282, 283, 
284, 286, 290, 292, 296, 297, 
298. 299, 300. 301, 302, 305, 
307, 308. 309, 310, 311, 312, 
313, 314, 315, 316, 318, 319, 
320, 321, 322, 329, 330, 332, 
333, 335, 337, 339, 340, 341, 
344. 349, 350, 353, 356, 359, 
362. 364, 308, 369, 373, 375, 
377, 384, 38.5, 387, 388, 390, 
397, 402. 403, 405, 406, 408, 



Maine, continued. 

409, 410, 411, 414, 415, 448, 
454, 456, 457, 458, 4G0, 4«1, 
402, 4U3, 4G4, 465, 466, 467, 
468, 470, 471, 484. 

Makworth, Jane, 462. 

Maiden, 336, 359. 

Mallett, Hosea, 363, 442. 
John, 363. 

Manning, Mr., journal of, 179. 
George, letters of, 42, 64; 
wounded and pillaged by the 
Dutch, 42, 45, 46, 47, 57, 58, 
79, 80, 81, 82, 83, 84, 85, 86; 
testimony of, 48; attempted 
to kill Rodrigo, 57, 64; pre- 
pared to fire on the Dutch ves- 
sel, 58, 64 ; betrayed the 
Dutch, 59, C4; fought under 
the Dutch flag, 59, 64, 81 ; 
deposition of, 85 : petitions of, 
136, 143, 133. 
Hannah, 143. 

Nicholas, commission of, 229 ; 
petition of, 487, 211, 352, 396, 
400, 476. 

Mansfield, Paul, conveyed land to 
John Smith, 298. 
William, 483. 

Maquas, the. 166, 167, 452, 500. 

Maquoit. 429, 430. 

Marblehead, 261. 

Marcie, , 439. 

Mare Point, 147. 

Mark of Anderson. Cornelius, 70, 
78; Bacer, William, 165; 
Baker, Thomas, 291; Barrel, 
John, 214; Beale, Arthur, 
214; Berrkins. Hen. 107; 
Bickford, Thomas, 291; Big- 
ford, . 116; Bodge, Henry, 

351; Bonighton, John, 355; 
Brooking, Henrie, 351 ; BrooK- 
ins, Henry, 116; Brown, An- 
drew, 116, 244; Brown, John, 
280, 399. 483 ; Browne, Sam- 
uel, 292; Cane, Arthur, 214; 
Celkin, Thomas, 10; Cleve, 
Jane, 5 ; Cornew, John, 309 ; 
Crosby, Henry, 483; Elkins, 
Hen, 116; Eliott, Robert, 254; 
Enow, Thomas, 483 ; Esmond, 
Robert, 351; Greenslade, 
Thomas, 5; Hamonds, Ed- 
mond, 351 ; Hinckson, Peter, 
253; Hinxen, Peter, 116; 
Huchins. Enoch, 215, 351; 
Hues, Tlionias, 98 ; lluniwell, 
Richard. 246; Ingersoll, Jos- 
eph, 468; Ingersoll, Samuel, 

Mark, continued. 

319: Jones, Benj., 498; Jun- 
kines, Robert^ 214; Keen, 
Patrick, 449; Kerlon, John, 
498; Lampell, Hen, 214; 
Lethebe, Thomas, 291; Lewis, 
Grace, 351; Libby. Daniel, 
291; Libby, David, 291; 
Libby, Henry, 291 ; Libby, 
John, 116, 291; Libby, Mat- 
thew, 291 : Livingston, Daniel, 
215; Luckis, William, 483; 
:Madiford, Joel, 405, 482; 
Markejntyre, Nicarm. 214; 
Ma.xell, Alexander, 215; 
Mills, Henry, 399; Moore, 
Daniel, 107; Nwedloked, Hen, 
178; Oakeman, Sam, 107; 
Oliver, Robert, 483; Paine, 
Thomas, 483 ; Palmer, John, 
110; Parsons. William. 498; 
Payne, John. 398; Pearce, 
Francis, 498; Randall, James, 
482; Roby, Thomas, 483; 
Rodrigo. Peter, 50, 72. 78; 
Rownd, ;Mark, 165; Sanford, 
Robert, 296 ; Sanford Tliomas, 
290; Scott, Robert, 399; 
Sharey, Robert, 483 ; Shaw, 
Andrew, 483; Shaw, Pet, 107; 
Skilling, John, 464; Skillion, 
John, 219; Stover, Sj'lvester, 
214; Taylor, Isaac, 399: Tay- 
lovrs, George, 107; Tidey, 
Robert, 291 ; iornor, Ralfe, 
368; Tucker, Lewis, 483; 
Twisden, Samuel, 214; Veerin, 
John, 393; Wakley, Daniel, 
98; Wallis, John, 7, 301, 483; 
Wallis, Joseph. 482; Wallis, 
Josiah, 482 ; Wliite, Francis, 
116; Williams, Mertine, 479; 

Young, Rowland, 334 ; 

Robert, 483; W , J., 399. 

Markeyntyre, Nicarm, 214. 

Marloe, Col., 265. 

Maromquand. Job. 499. 

Morrell. Robert, 236. 

Marshall, John, 483. 

Marston. Ephraim, 311, 478, 483. 

Marten, ,279. 

Martvn, Richard, letter of, 136, 
123, 125. 126, 131, 1.39. 

Mascone Island, 82. 

Mason, Col., 475. 

Arthur, sent bread to York, 207, 

202, 204. 205, 200, 209. 
& Gorges. 108. 
John, 390. 




Massachusetts, 18, 22, 25, 29, 30, 
51. 131, 186, 190, 194. 205, 
213, 230, 257, 329, 302. 470, 
471, 490. 

Masters, Nath, 195. 

Masterson, Nathaniel, 22. 

Masts, the French loading at 
Pascataqua, 190. 

Mathatusets, see Massachusetts. 

Mathyas, 54. 

Mauldon. 82. 

Mauxis, (Maxis), 426, 431. 

Maverick, Samuel, 329. 

Maxee, David, 489. 

Maxell, Alexander, 215. 

Maxsv, David, 498. 

Maynes Point, 220, 203, 410. 446. 

Maythijas, 03. 

Medfield, 428. 

Memdon, 428. 

Mendam, Robert, 10. 

Merrimac River, 163, 171. 

Merry Meeting. 421. 422, 425, 446, 

Merrv Meeting House, plundered. 

Michael Island, 274. 

Middlesex County, 36. 153. 

Middleton, David, 102. 

Militia of Kennebec River, account 
of, 302. 

Mill Creek, 237. 279, 350. 

Mill, desired to be built at Wells, 
32, 33, 304: grist mill at Fal- 
mouth, 454, 455 ; rents desired 
bv Seacomb, Richard, 402. 

Millard, Humphrey, 107, 108. 
Robert, 121. 

Millen, Michael, 274. 

Mills, Henry, 399. 

Mining. 14, 15. 

Mitchell, Oho, 46. 

Thomas, plundering expedition 
of, 44: testimony of, 82, 79, 
80, 83, 87, 134, 448. 
William, 338. 

Mitten, Michael, 10, 275. 

Nathaniel, land conveyed to, 288. 

Mitton see Mitten. 

IMog see ^lugg. 

Mohawks, the, 148, 107, 422, 472. 

Monhegan, (Munhegan), 118, 127, 
184, 448. 

Monjoy, see Munjoy. 

Monson. Richard, 351. 

Moody, Mr., 108. 145, 140. 

Moore, Mr., 157. 
Daniel. 107. 
Thomas, 142, 143, 147, 148, 185. 

Morgan, Francis, 35. 

Sarah, deposition of, 35. 
Morrell, Robert, petition of, 466, 

Morrice, Capt., 83. 
Morris Marsh, 462. 
Morse, Jno, 109. 
Mose, Thomas, 214. 
Mosely, Samuel, 59, 64, 65, 81, 82, 

88, 134. 
Mosier, John, 387. 
Mosier's Island, 387. 
Mosslie, see Mosely. 
Motion of Dudlev, J., and others, 

Moulton, Joseph, 214. 
Mount Desert, 79, 86, 183. 

Hope, 110, 111. 
Mountigue, Goody, 195. 
Mountiov. see Munjoy. 
Moxes,' 177, 178, 180, 186. 
Muckamug, Peter, 499. 
Mugg, 145, 201. 
Munke, Capt., 439. 
Munjoy, George, his sheep stolen, 

44, 45, 82, 83; letter of, 200; 
supplied Wells with bread, 
202 : petitions of, 208, 375, 44, 

45, 90. 98, 99, 108, 117, 118, 
120, 121, 122, 125, 201, 205, 
206, 207, 250, 313, 317, 459, 

Hepzibah, 459. 

Mary. 362. 

Peletiah, petition of, 459. 
Muscle Cove, 380. 407, 462. 

Cove Falls, 400. 

Cove River, 342. 

Cove Stream, 406. 
Muspeka River, 88. 
Mutinv, 145. 
M \ Nathaniel, 214. 

Nantasket, 63. 
Naragans, 178. 

Narragansett Country, the, 110. 
Narragansetts, the, 109. 
Nash, Joseph, 337, 339. 
Naylor, Edward, deposition of, 20. 
Neale, Francis, netition of, 250, 5, 

Walter, 390. 
Neck, the, of Falmouth, 280, 283, 

406, 468. 
Ned, Sorre, 326, 417, 441. 
Nell, Arter, 363. 
Nelson, Mr., 447. 
Neptune, Capt., 405. 




Nescaque, 84. 
Nety, 145. 

New Dartmouth, destroyed by In- 
dians, 370, 377; Indians cap- 
ture vessel at, 451, 240, 352, 
360, 390, 397, 398, 399, 400, 
443, 447, 448. 
England, 213. 221, 224, 225, 226, 
227, 229, 230, 231, 232, 237, 
239, 240, 241, 242, 243, 244, 
245, 246, 247, 248, 249, 250, 
251, 252, 253, 254, 255, 256, 
257, 258, 259, 260, 201, 202, 
263 264, 208, 209, 271, 272, 
273i 275, 277, 278, 279, 280, 
281 282, 283, 284, 285, 280, 
287, 288, 289, 290, 293, 290, 
297 298, 299, 300. 301, 302, 
304, 305, 306, 307, 308, 309, 
310, 311, 312, 313, 314, 315, 
316, 318, 319, 320, 321, 322, 
328, 329, 330, 333, 334, 335, 
336, 337, 339. 340, 341, 342, 
343, 346, 350, 352, 353, 354, 
355, 356, 357, 358, 300, 361, 
364, 305, 360, 367, 368, 369, 
370, 371, 372, 373, 374, 375, 
376, 377, 380, 381, 383, 384, 
Falmouth, 427. 
France, 132. 
Hampshire, 213. 
Harbor, l48. 262, 365, 425. 
Holland, 51, 56. 133. 
York, 187, 210, 221, 230, 398, 
444. 449. 
Newbiirv. 152. 354, 400. 
NewfouTidland, 226, 227, 439. 
Newichawannoek, garrison needed 

at, 108, 122, 48. 
Newtown, petition of, 489, 370, 
394, 426, 480, 490. 
Garrison, 480. 
Nichols, Capt., 180. 

Gov., 252, 330. 
Nicholson, Capt., 254, 427, 444. 
John, petition of, 406, 385, 458, 

Robert, petition of, 458, 385, 407. 
Nicolls. John, 299. 454, 455. 

Matthias, 190. 193. 
Nicomumby, 441, 442. 
Nipmug Country, 110. 
Noddles Island, 329. 
Nonsuch, 280. 
Creek, 232, 233. 
Farm. 278, 283. 
Marshes, 323. 
Point, 233. 309. 
River, 234. 249, 253, 280. 323. 

Norfolk County, 18, 30, 116, 117, 
138, 153, 156. 

Norris, Jonathan, 237. 

North, D., 229. 

Northfield, 435, 430. 

North Marsn, 300, 312. 

Yarmouth, Indians at, 448, 449, 
219 226, 265, 333, 340, 341, 
350^ 358, 370, 380, 387, 413, 
414, 415, 416, 417, 418. 427, 
429, 430, 432, 434, 437, 438, 
454! 455, 456, 457. 

Nova Scotia, 50, 51, 54, 56, 69, 
73, 74, 81. 

Nowell, Increase, 4. 

Nwedloked, Hen, 17«. 


Oakeman, Sam, 107. 

Oare, James^ 195. 

Oldham, John, 344. 

Oliver. Mr., 177. 
Mrs., 334. 
David, 363. 
James, 5, 30. 
Richard, 119. 
Robert, 483. 

Olliver, Serj., 115. 
Joseph, 107. 

Oneydes, the, 452, 453. 

Onnondages, the, 452, 453. 

Onnondio, 452, 453. 

Orange, Prince of, 50, 51, 54, 55 
67, 72, 77, 473. 

Order to Alden, John, 451 ; to com 
missioners to settle the dis 
turbances in the eastern parts 
18, 19: to Cooke, John, 265 
266, 304, 389, 467 ; to deserters 
from Saco, 470; to examine 
Gardiner, Thomas, 90; to 
Fairweather and Morse for 
soldiers' supplies, 169: to 
Gookin, Maj., 171; to Middle- 
ton, David, 102; to raise 200 
men, 153: for regimental 
meetings, 30; for shoes, etc., 
for soldiers, 165; to Weems, 
James, 496. 

Ore, James, 214. 

Orsybce. 123. 

Osborne. John, petition of. 346. 

Ottowawa, 453. 

Oxe, Mr., 180. 

Pack. Nicholas, 363. 
Page. George, petition of, 372. 
Pall. 363. 



Paine, Thomas, 483. 

Palmer. John, petitions of, 248, 
369, 119, 237, 275, 448, 449, 
459, 478, 482. 

Pancake Hill, 365. 

Pannopscutt, see Penobscot. 

Papooduck, 301, 312. 

Papoun, Capt., 405. 

Paraganhaes, the, 452. 

Parington, John, 214. 

Parker, John, 181, 215. 
Josiah, 436. 

Parsley, Will, 363. 

Parsons. John, 215. 
Mark, 261. 
William, 489, 498. 

Paseataqua, 11, IS, 34, 43, 48, 100, 
101, 131, 137, 140, 145, 146, 
149, 153, 157, 163, 174, 1/9, 
190, 193, 200, 206, 295, 389, 
River^ 96, 111, 138, 171, 190, 237, 
279, 335. 369, 384, 391. 

Patteshall, Richard, 363. 

PauUing, Matthew, petition of. 
299 : answer to, 299, 482. 

Payne, John, letter of, 286; peti- 
tions of, 397, 411, 425, 432, 

Peace, Squando woiild not consent 
to a, 180: with Indians, 189. 

Pearce, Francis, 498. 
William, 483. 

Pearson, George, 195. 

Pebemoworet, 178. 

Peeornose, 441. 

Peesanose, 326. 

Pejepscot, 444, 446, 479, 480. 

Peltry, order desired relating to 
trade in^ 216. 

Pemaqiiid, Ames Andros. com- 
mander at, 273 supplies 
needed at, 432 ; stores to be 
sent to, 467, 496: the key (bul- 
wark) of the eastern parts, 
471, 479: desired relief, 471; 
pay for soldiers at, 476 ; peti- 
tion of people of, 478: gar- 
rison at. to be commanded by 
Weems. 496. 63, 82, 91, 97, 
116, 118. 127, 147, 177, 180. 
185, 187, 193, 199, 211, 221, 
222, 229, 262, 266, 304, 352, 
367, 376, 389. 395, 396, 403, 
404, 424, 425, 431, 444, 447, 
448, 451, 485, 490, 491, 500. 

Pendleton, Brian, petition of, 11; 
rescued a perishing man, 12; 
to be remunerated, 12. 13: 
letter of, 141 ; letter of, to 

Pendleton, continued. 

Gen. Leverett, 26, 20, 21, 22, 
23. 24, 25. 28, 45, 89, 90, 94, 
95, 96, 129, 143, 145, 146, 201, 

Penewell, Walter, 214. 

Penly, Samson, 301. 

Pennacook, 88, 490, 499. 

Pennecooks, ( Pennicoks ) , the, 436, 
447, 472, 473. 

Pennywell, Gen., 184. 

Penobscot. 20, 54, 55, 62. 63, 131, 
180. 190, 266, 425, 426, 439. 

River, 189, 266, 395. 

Penobscots, the 446. 

Pentagouet, attacked, 132. 
River, 132. 

Pequagick, 191. 

Pesomscott, see Presumpscot. 

Pesumscott River, see Presump- 

Petition of Adams, Abraham, 339, 
373; Adams & Ewster, 240; 
Alcock, John, 275; Andrews, 
Elisha and Josiah, 406; An- 
drews, James, 98, 383; Att- 
water, Joshua, 251; Atwood, 
John, 399; Bacor, Thomas, 
467: Baker, William, 411; 
Ball, John, 353; Barefoot, 
Walter, 237; Barge, George, 
259; Barge, Giles, 259; Bart- 
let, Nicnolas, 367 ; Baudouin, 
Pierre, 349 : Bemmiss, Josenh, 
188: Bennett, Edward, 321; 
Berry, Ambros, 159, 231; 
Blackman, Benjamin, 330; 
Blashfieid, Thomas, 356 ; 
Boarman. 1 nomas, 402; Bon- 
ighton, John, 355 ; Bowdin, 
Ambros, 342 : Bremhall, 
George, 297 ; Browne, An- 
drew, 184, 244, 245; Browne, 
John, 279; Burrage, William, 
247; Burroughs, George, 346; 
Clarke, Elizabeth, 274 ; Clayce, 
Thomas, 313; Colcord, Ed- 
ward, 205: Collings, Abraham, 
305 : Coomes. John, 366 ; Cor- 
new, John, 309; Custen, Wil- 
liam, 371: Davis, Edward, 
319: Davis, Nicholas, 238; 
Davis, Silvanus, 297; Den- 
mark, Patrick, 343, 356; 
Doughty, Thomas, 353 ; Down- 
ing, Joshua, 384; Dumnier, 
Jeremiah, 412: Dummer, Jere- 
miah, and others, 219, 224, 
Dummer, Shubal, 273; Edge- 
comb, John, 371; Edwards, 



Petition, continued. 

David, 442; Ellacott, Vines, 
269; Elliott, Robert, 254. 328; 
Felt, George, 336; Felt, 
George, and others, 462 : 
Fitch, Thomas, 158; Fletcher, 
Pendleton, 347 ; Fryer, Nath- 
aniel. 343, 30!) : Gale, Edmund, 
226, 255; Gardner, Thomas, 
118; Gedney, Bartholomew, 
222; Gilbert, William, 457; 
Graves, Ann, 274 ; Gray, 
George, 386; Griffith, William, 
105; Grover, John, and others, 
370; Harris, John. 307: Har- 
ris, Joseph, 358 ; Herrick, 
Ephraim, 239; Hescott, 

George, 352, 370; Hilton. 
Katharin, 38 ; Hinckes, John, 
256, 257, 278; Hinckson, Peter. 
253; Hob, Robard, 304; Hol- 
man, John, 450 ; Hooke, Marv. 
329; Horman, Philip, 334; 
Howell, John, 247 ; Howsing, 
Peter, 381; Huniwell, Rich- 
ard, 245; Ingersoll, George, 
310, 400. 461: Ingersoll, John. 
464; Ingersoll. Joseph, 468: 
Ingersoll, Samuel, 318; Jack- 
son, Hannah, 231 ; Joeelj^n. 
Henry. 100 ; Jones, Isaac, and 
John, 388; Jordan, Dominicus. 
246, 294, 300; Jordan, Jedi- 
diah, 380: Jordan, Jeremiah, 
360; Jordan, Samuel, 391: 
Jordan, Sarah, 278 : Lanuon, 
Daniel, 113; Lane, John, 312: 
Lane, John, and others, 386 ; 
Lawrence, Robert, 241, 302, 
377; Libby, John, 160; Little, 
George, 354; Madiford. Joel, 
465; Maine, John, 263; Man- 
ning, George, 136, 143; Man- 
ning, Xicholas, 487 ; Morrell. 
Robert, 466 ; ]\Iunjoy, George, 
208, 375; Munjoy,"^ Peletiah, 
and others, 459 : Xeale, Fran- 
cis, 250 ; New Dartmouth, 398 ; 
Ne\vtown, 489 ; Nicholson, 
John, 406; Nicholson, Robert, 
458 ; Osborne, John, 346 ; 
Page, George, 372; Palmer, 
John, 248, 369; Paulling, 
Matthew, 299 ; answer to 
same, 299-300: Pavne, John. 
397, 411; Pendletijn, Brian. 
11; People of Falmouth, 481; 
People of Kennebec, 481 ; Peo- 
ple of Kittery, 350 ; People of 
Maine, 213; People of Pema- 

Petition, continued. 

quid, 118, 478; People of 
Scarborough, 100, 290; Phil- 
lips, Bridget, 200, 277, 344; 
Phillips, Samuel, 277; Phil- 
lips, William, 14, 30: Phip- 
pen, David, 270 ; Phippen, 
Joseph, 242: Pike, Samuel, 
342; Powssley, Richard, 288; 
report on, 289; Pratt, John, 
359, 374; Rishworth, Edward, 
33, 207; Roads, John, and 
others, 49; Rogers, William, 
339, 373; Ross, James, 311; 
RoAvdon, Elizabeth, 268 ; 
Royall, Elizabeth, 449 ; Royall, 
John, 357 ; Sanders, John, 
360 ; Sanford, Thomas and 
Robert, 290; Saj'er, William, 
364; Say word, Heniy, and 
others, 31 ; Scottow, Joshua, 
107, 139, 157, 197, 199, 255, 
272, 470; Scottow, Lydia, 203; 
Seceombe, Richard, '269, 289, 
392, 401: Shapleigh. John, 
320, 390; Shapleigh, Nicholas, 
40; answer to a petition of, 
10: Sharpe, John, 354: Short, 
Richard, 341 ; Skilling, John, 
243, 463; Smith, John, 298; 
Smith, Richard, 370; Speere, 
George, 396; Spenser, John, 
308; Starkey, John, 365; 
Starr, Richard, 374; Start, 
John, and others, 148: Stilson, 
James, 202; Sturt, William, 
361: Swarton, John. 264; 
Teney, John, 321: Tor nor, 
Ralfe, 308; Tucker, John, 
376, 400; Turfrey, George, 
258, 259, 408; Tyng. Edward, 
222, 240; Tyng, 'Edward, and 
others, 471; Tyng. Edward, 
for Province of ilaine, 230; 
Usher, John, 271; Veerin, 
John, 393: Vicars, Roger, 
249: Walker. Samuel. 330; 
Wallis, John, 301; \yallis, 
Nathaniel, 454: Walton, 
Thomas, 252 ; Webber, Mary, 
315: Weber, Joseph, 314; 
Whilden, John, 31(): White, 
Nathaniel, 300; Wiley, Tim- 
othv, and others, 167 : Wis- 
wall, Enoch, 337. 339: Wis- 
well, John, 410; Woodbridge, 
Benjamin, 335: Woodbridge, 
Timothy, 335: Woodman, Ed- 
ward, "261, 394; Wrvford, 
John, 394; York, John, 340; 



Petition, continued. 

York, Samuel, 358; Young, 
Richard, 333. 

Plienix, John, 215. 

Philip,' King, 110, 111. 

Phillips, Alexander, 433. 

Bridget, petitions of, 260, 277, 

344, 17, 18, 450. 
John, 336, 492. 
Samuel, petition of, 277, 344. 
William, petitions of, 14, 30; 
desired assistance in mining, 
14; answer to his petition, 
15; deed to Heaman, Abra- 
ham, 16; acknowledged the 
deed, 18; deed recorded, 18; 
proceedings against, 29; bond 
of, 29, 30 ; house attacked, 94, 
95; wounded, 94; moved to 
Winter Harbor, 95, 20, 21, 22, 
23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 260, 277, 
332, 335, 344, 345, 402, 4.50, 

Phippen, David, petition of, 270; 
his land to be surveyed, 284; 
his land surveyed, 306, 7. 
Joseph, deed from George Cleeve, 
6 ; assignment to his sons, 7 ; 
petition oi, 242 ; receijjt for 
rent, 243, 270, 285, 305. 

Picke (Pike), Richard, 342, 407. 
Robert, 48, 124, 125, 139. 
Samuel, 407, 462, 478, 482, 483; 
petition of, 342. 

Pigsty Creek, 4. 

Pigwacket, 123, 124, 125. 

Pinehon. Col., 166, 436. 

Pipon, Joshua, letter of, 424, 431, 
267, 423, '43i-. 

Piscataqua, see Pascataqua. 

Pitt, William, deposition of, 46. 

Pizcutt River, 249. 

Plaisted, Mr., 88. 
Elisha, 214. 

Plaisteed, Icabod, 214. 
James, 214. 

Plymouth, 92. 109, 111. 
Earl of, 319. 

Pond Cove, 312. 
Island, 274. 

Portegay, Manwell, 303. 

Port Royal, 43, 46, 58, 62. 

Portsmouth, to be assessed to 
remunerate Pendleton, 12, 13, 
36, 47, 116, 117, 125, 137, 138, 
154, 156, 163, 170. 
N. H., 94. 

Porttingall, Christopher, 121. 

Potter, Indigo, 27. 

Potts, Richard, 448. 

Powder, delivered to Wakley and 
Hues, 97 ; Andrew's petition to 
be reembursed for the same, 
98; lurnished by Scottow, 
115; taken from George Hes- 
eott, 352. 
Powssley, Richard, petition of, 
288; report on, 289, 236, 373, 
Pratt, John, petitions of, 359, 374. 
Martha, 359. 
Mary, 359. 
Preble, Abraham, 101, 214. 
John, 215. 
Joseph, 214. 
Nathaniel, 214. 
Presumpscot Falls, 383, 388. 
River, 299, 373, 381, 388, 406, 
407, 454, 458, 461. 
Price, Capt., 181. 
John, 492. 
Richard, 363. 
Prince, Isaac, testimony of, 486. 
Priveus, Benjamin, 489. 
Proposals relative to the eastern 

parts, 490. 
Prout, Ebenezer, 471, 492, 496, 500. 
Puddington, John, 475. 
Puddlestone Island, 411. 
Puggamugga River, 220. 
Pumrye, Jno, 184. 
Purington, John, 214. 
Putt, Henry, 338. 


Quack, 63. 

Queen's Birthday, 439. 

Street, Falmouth, 236, 315. 
Quenybec, see Kennebec. 


Ram Island, 371. 

Randall, James, 482. 
John, 483. 
Richard, 213. 

Randolph, Edward, letter of, 475, 
221, 442, 447, 452. 

Rawlins, Richard, 338. 

Rawson, Edward, 10, 12, 13, 16, 
19, 29, 32, 33, 36, 37, 41, 42, 
47, 81, 88, 97, 99, 114, 117, 
118, 120, 126, 127, 135, 140, 
143, 144, 145, 151, 154, 162, 
166, 167, 168, 169, 171, 172, 
176, 186, 188, 189, 191, 200, 
201. 202, 210. 

Ray. Caleb, 399. 

Regimental meetings, order for, 36. 



Remuneration of soldiers at Pema- 
quid, 476. 

Reply of the Maquas, etc., 452. 

Report of Davis, Silvanus, 317; 
of Davis, Silvanus, and others, 
164; of Tynjr, Edward, 385, 

Request of Wheeler, Timothy, 176. 

Resco Heg?n River, 261. 

Return of the survey of John Skil- 
ling's land, 322. 

Rhoades ( Roads ) , John, petition 
of, 49 ; arraigned for piracy, 
49, 42, 45, 46, 47, 50, 54, 72, 
79, 81, 82, 86, 87, 88, 132, 
133, 134. 

Richards, Mr., 166. 
John, 175. 

Richardson, Lieut., to act as scout, 

Richesonne, John, 7. 

Richmond County, 252. 

Ridford, Thomas, 254. 

Rigby, Alexander, Cleeve his 
agent, 6, 8, 9, 4, 5, 243, 247. 

Right, Richard, 3. 

Rishworth, Edward, petitions of, 
33, 207; acknowledges his 
error, 33 ; his oflTenee remitted, 
34; execution levied on the 
estate of, 204, 208 ; his illness 
prevented the execution, 204; 
judgment against, 207, 2, 15, 
117, 170, 202, 205, 206, 209, 
210, 211, 212, 213, 377. 

River St. John, 133. 

Road, country, 391, 396. 

Roby, Thomas, 483. 

Rodrigo, Peter, commission, 50; 
plea and answer, 51 ; met 
Manning, 57 : postscript to his 
declaration, 72; testimony, 81, 
82, 46, 79, 80, 83, 85, 86, 87, 
133, 134. 

Rogers, William, petitions of, 339, 
373, 98, 324. 

Rolfe, Benjamin, 478. 

Ross, James, petition of, 311, 255, 
269. 281. 

Round, Mark, 165. 
Pond, 82. 

Rousek. see Arrowsic. 

Row, Anthony, 116, 254, 291. 

Rowden, Capt.. 421, 422, 429. 
Mrs.. 421, 422. 

Rowdon, Elizabeth, petition of, 
John, 268, 362. 

Rowly, 152. 

Royal] (Ryall, Ryoll), Mr., 437. 

Elizabeth, petition of, 449. 

John, petition of, 357, 326, 
413, 414, 415, 416, 417, 418, 
419, 420, 446, 449. 

William, 357, 387. 
Royall's River, 357. 
Rum for Indians, 266. 
Runnell, Job, 483. 
Russell, Ja, 471. 

Richard, 30, 31, 38. 
Ryley, John, 363. 


Saco, Town Meeting, 24, 25, 28; 
attacked, 94, 478 ; garrison at, 
96, 14, 30, 105, 144, 188. 191, 
213, 231, 259, 207, 277, 330, 
331, 343, 344, 345, 347, 353, 
354, 355, 359, 372, 374. 405, 
426, 441, 443, 470, 473, 484. 
Indians, 419. 

River. 94, 258, 200, 286, 330, 335, 
343. 348, 355, 356, 374, 375, 
408, 474. 
Sands, 114. 

Sacomb, see Seacomb. 

Sagadahoc, supplies sent to, 480, 
149, 344, 345, 426, 442, 481, 
488, 489, 491, 497, 498. 

St. Georges River, 92. 
Johns, .54, 55, 82, 131. 
John's River, 42. 43. 45. 46, 62. 

Salem. 56. 152, 154, 179, 238, 270, 
285, 368, 489. 

Salisbury, 48, 125. 
Brook, 408. 

Salmon Falls, 335. 

Salter, Mathew, 362. 

Sam, Amoscoggin, 441. 

Sampson, Jno, 123, 126. 

Sanders, Daniel, 238. 

John, petition of, 366, 213. 
Seth, 238. 

Sandford (Sanford), Robert, peti- 
tion of, 296. 
Thomas, petition of, 296, 456, 

Sandford's Point, 456. 

Saragumby. 441. 

Sargeant, William, 472, 473. 

Sargent, Edward, 207. 

Savage. Thomas, 114, 476, 479, 

Sawmill. Phillip's, 94; built by 
Silvanus Davis, 241, 244: at 
Winter Harbor, 17, 402, 406. 

Sawood, Mr., 121. 

Sawyeard, William, 194. 



Sayer, William, petition of, 364, 
213, 401. 

Sayword, Henry, petition of, 31 ; 
a millwright, 31; desired as- 
sistance in building mill at 
Wells, 32; answer to petition 
of, 32, 33, 168, 223. 
John, 214. 
Jonathan, 215. 

Scalps, reward for, 171. 

Scarborough, attacked, 94, 95; gar- 
rison at, 96; desires help in 
maintaining a garrison, 106; 
petitions of people of, 106, 290; 
lands claimed in, which are 
settled bv others, 290; desired 
relief, 470, 28, 160, 197, 199, 
231, 233, 245, 247, 248, 249, 
253, 254, 256, 257, 259, 272, 
280, 284, 292. 307, 315, 319, 
346, 369. 

Scossaway, 94. 

Scotland, 227, 228. 

Scott, Kobert, 399. 

Scottow, Joshua, letter of. 99; let- 
ter from council to. 102; pe- 
titions of, 107, 139, 157, 197, 
199, 255. 272, 470; to have 
charge of soldiers, 140; land 
to be surveyed, 284; his land 
"layd out," 292, 96, 105, 107, 
108, 113, 114, 115. 129, 145, 
146, 149, 163, 191, 192, 193, 
194, 196, 219, 247, 362, 379, 
420, 471. 
Lydia, petition of, 203. 
Thomas, complaint of, 211, 253. 
255, 267, 292. 

Scriven, William, 208. 

Seacomb, (Seccombe), Richard, 
petitions of, 269, 289, 392, 
401; land to be surveyed, 281, 
218, 237, 311, 483. 

Sedgwick, Maj., 5, 6, 68, 69, 70. 

Seely, (Seilve), John, 84, 85, 374. 

Sell (Sill), Capt., 114, 129, 131. 

Semor, Henry. 363. 

Sene, Nathaniel, 351. 

Sentence of Greenland, Henry, 37. 

Sergeant, John, deposition of, 22, 

Seward, Mr., 121. 
Widow, the, 456. 

Shapleigh (Shapley), John, peti- 
tions of, 320, 390, 335, 351. 
Nicholas, invoice of, 2 ; receipt 
for same, 3 ; John Treworthy 
his agent, 5, 10, 11 : answer to 
petition of, 10 ; in prison, 38 ; 

Shapleigh, continued. 

part of his fine remitted, and 
he is discharged from prison, 
40, 42; acknowledges his er- 
ror, 40; petitions of, 40, 41; 
his bark seized by the Dutch, 
43, 46, 47, 58, 201, 390. 
Sharey, Robert, 483. 
Sharpe, John, petition of, 354. 
Thomas, letters of, 403, 404. 

Shaw, , 165. 

Andrew, 483. 
Edward, 363, 446. 
Peter, 107, 483. 
Sheafe, Sampson, 330. 
Sheepscot, fort at, 469, 147, 491. 

River, 240, 352. 
Sheldon, William, 90. 
Sheppard, John, 351. 

Thomas, his land to be surveyed, 
286 ; land granted to, 405. 
Short. Richard, petition of, 341, 

Shrimpton, Col., 329. 

Samuel, 377, 431, 434. 
Shurt, Jo, 99. 
Shute, John, 33s. 
Shyrot, 178. 

Signature of Brown, Abra, 18. 
Simon, 163. 
Simonds, William, 168. 
Simpkins. Pilgrim, 84, 85. 
Simson, Henry, 268. 
Sinnekes, the, 452, 453. 
Skilling, John, petitions of, 243, 
463 : return of the survey of 
his land, 322, 218, 219, 294, 
334, 468. 
Skillion, Thomas, deposition of, 44. 
Skiner, Thomas, 394. 
Slaughter, John, 254. 
Slowman, Simon, 363. 
Small, Francis, 241. 
Island, 262. 
River, 223. 

Smith, , 449. 

Lieut., 438, 476. 

Henrv, examination of, 443. 

John^ petition of, 298, 215, 269, 

281, 288, 454. 
Joseph, 448. 

Richard, petition of. 370, 363. 
Samuel, 149. 

William, deed from George 
Cleeve, 8. 470. 
Soldiers in need of supplies, 91, 
93, 101, 126, 127, 485; to be 
kept in a small compass, 96 ; 
deluge of sin among, 101 ; 
mutinous, 101, 102, 474, 488, 



Soldiers, continued. 

492; more needed at Black 
Point, 102; mutinous ones to 
be punished, 102; needed in 
York County, 108; the Eng- 
lish government desired to 
help, 112, 113; at Caseo Bay 
to receive provisions, 117; 
ammunition sent to those at 
Wells, I'M; two hundred to be 
fitted out, 153: desired at 
York and Wells, IGl : cut 
wood with Indians, 103 ; sup- 
plies ordered for, 105, 10!), 
172 ; to be sent to Black Point, 
171, 172: to be impressed, 175, 
170; charge for, 194; in need 
at Black Point, 190; desired 
at Falmoui-h, 424; needed at 
Pemaquid, 425; needed at Fort 
Royal, 450 ; punished at 
Sheepscot, 409 : deserted Saco, 
470; disoruerly at Cocheco, 
471; desired to come home, 
472 ; Kennebec discharged, 
475; at Forts Ann and Pejep- 
scot to be sent home, 479, 480. 

Somerset, 202. 

Somersets Island, 262. 

Sorre Ned, 320, 417. 441. 

Spader Creek. 233. 

Spaniards, 224. 

Sparkes. Henry, 167. 

Speed, .Mr., 439. 

Speere. George, netition of. 396. 
Nathaniel. 396. 
Samuel, 396. 

Spenser, .Jolm, petition of, 308, 
Roger, 70. 308. 

Sprague, Ri. 210. 

Spruce Creek. 237, 350. 
Swamp, 249. 

Spurwink. 293. 300. 

River, 2. 240, 342, 344. 380. 393, 

Squando, 141. 150, 151. 177, 178, 
180, 187, 190, 191,201. 

Squirrel Island. 301. 

Stage Neck. 232. 

Stanley, W^illiam. 175. 

Starbuck, Edward, deposition of. 5. 

Starkey, John, petition of, 365, 

Starr, Richard, pctiiion of, 374. 

Start. John, 148. 

William, complaint of. 
Edward GrifTin, 216; petition 
of, 361, 189, 191, 217. 

States, General, answer to, 131. 

Stevens, Thomas, deposition of, 
421, 222, 223, 363. 

Stewart, Robert, 214. 

Stileman, Capt., 130. 
Elias, 34, 35, 30, 143. 

Stilson, James, petition of. 262. 

Stoddard, Simeon, 219, 220, 2^4, 
225, 238. 

Stoone, Daniel, 214. 

Storer, Joseph, deposition of, 202, 

Storrer, Benjamin, 194. 
Jeremiah, 195. 
Samuel, l95. 

Stoughton, William, letter of, 423, 
18, 104. 340, 377. 379, 427, 
429, 430, 434, 450. 

Stover, John, 213, 215, 258. 
Sylvester, 214. 

Stratton, Samuel, 176. 

Stroudwater Mills, 305. 308. 314, 
310, 318, 323, 464, 400. 
River. 234. 235. 

Stuart. Dunkin, 259. 

Sturt. William, petition of. 361. 

Sudbury. 114. 

Suffolk County, 36, 153, 156, 204, 
232, 337, 339, 396, 440. 

Suiet. Rich, 02. 

Sunderland, 222. 

Supplies, needed at Falmouth, 
434; sent to Sagadahoc, 479, 
480; needed at Sagadahoc, 
488, 489. 

Survey of David Phippen's land, 

Swan Pond, 353, 355. 

Swarton, John, petition of, 264, 
grant of land to, 267 ; deposi- 
tions of, 415, 416. 

Swayne, Capt., 173, 174. 

Swett, Benjamin, to command sol- 
diers in the east, 172, 173; 
instructions to, 174. 

Svmonds. Samuel. 151, 152, 201. 
"William. 104, 101, 195, 202. 

Svm<on. Hen, 215. 


Tacoxxet (Toconock), 1.50. 422, 

425. 444, 440, 447. 486. 
Tasset, 178. 
Taylor, Mr., 190. 

Edward, 240, 443, 444. 

Isaac, 399. 
Taylovrs, George, 107. 
Temple, Thomas, 20, 70. 
Teney, John, petition of, 321. 



Testimony of Greenleaf, Stephen, 
472; Little, George, 473; 
Prince, Isaac, 486. 

Thames Street, Falmouth, 466, 

Thomas, Mr., 178. 
George, 498. 
John, testimony of, 83, 72, 84, 

Robert, 338. 
Street, 236, 237. 

Thomling, Richard, 483. 
^.•'•Tidey, Robert, 290. 

Tilton, Abraham, 194, 195. 

Ting, see Tyng. 

Tinny, John, 107. 

Tippen, Bartholomew, 99, 142, 145, 
140, 148, 149, 157, 103, 169, 
171, 175, 197, 202, 203. 

Title of Richard Wharton, 225. 

Tobacco Point, 411. 

Tollman, John, 363. 

Tom. Capt., 499. 

Topsfield, 48. 

Tornor, Ralfe, petition of, 368. 

Torrey, William, 12, 13, 16, 19, 32, 
34, 36, 140, 198, 200, 201, 208, 

Tower, John, 399. 

Town meeting at Saco, 24, 25, 28 ; 
at York, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25. 

Towne, Charles, 470. 

Tozer, Richard. 215. 

Trask, Henry, 486. 

Tieffry, Thomas, letter of, 438, 
423, 431. 

Tieworthy, John, as agent for 
Nicholas Shapleigh, 5, 10, 11. 

Trippier, Isaac, 47, 48. 

Trustrum, Jienjamin, 143. 

Tucker, John, petitions of, 376, 
400, 10, 451. 
Lewis, 483. 
Richard, 2, 455. 

Tufton, John, letter of, 434. 

Turfrey, George, petitions of, 258, 
259, 408; his titles to land, 
450, 260, 277, 287, 345, 356. 

Turner, Ralph, L40, 283. 

Tuxberry, Henry, deposition of, 

Twelve Penny Harbor, 82. 

Twichtwichs, the, 453. 

Twisden, Samuel, 214. 

Tyde. Rob, 254. 

Tyng, Edward, his land to be sur- 
veyed, 283: letters of, 332, 
372, 419, 420, 423, 428, 429, 
430, 433, 435, 437; petitions 
of, 222, 240, 471; petition for 

Tyng, continued. 

the Province of Maine, 230; 
reports of, 385. 407, 16, 84, 
103, 117, 2i2, 216, 218, 219, 
231, 264, 270, 275, 285, 289, 
299, 304, 316, 326, 331, 334, 
346, 362, 377, 378, 379, 383, 
386, 414, 415, 416, 417, 418, 
424, 427, 432, 441, 450, 456, 
461, 462, 463, 465, 466, 468, 
469, 476, 479, 481, 482, 494. 
Jonathan, 436. 


Undery, Edward, 338. 
Upper Gooose Cove, 400. 
Usher, John, petition of, 271, 272, 
377, 379. 

Vaughan, William, 139. 

Veerin, John, petition of, 393. 

Veren, Hillyard, 8. 

Vessels: — David, 2, 3; Exchange, 
497; Flying Post, 131, 132; 
Friendship, 451; Gabriell, 
452; Marmedin, 34; Mary, 
376, 389, 451, 467; Massachu- 
setts, 132; Phillip, 79, 85; 
Rose, l43: Speedwell, 265, 266, 
304: Supply, 179; Tryall, 46. 

Vicars, Roger, petition of, 249. 

Vines, Richard, 269, 320, 344, 345, 

Virginia, 69. 

Vrim, Edward, 46, 79, 80. 


Wackley, John, 455. 
Thomas, 455, 468. 

Waeum, Robert, 194. 

Waganhaes, the, 452. 

Wainwright, John, 338. 

Wakefield, James, 214. 

Wakley, Daniel, received powder, 
97, mark of, 98. 

Waldrqn, Richard, orders to, 88; 
letters of, 93, 108. 137, 162; to 
have charge of fitting out the 
soldiers, 153, 154, 155; com- 
mander-in-chief, 154; to im- 
press provisions, 156; letter 
in replv, 162, 15, 27, 48, 90, 
100, 102, 103. 104, 105, 108, 
109, 119, 121, 123, 124, 127, 
128, 129, 130, 131, 139, 144, 
155, 164, 167, 168, 179, 201, 
205, 206, 268. 



Waldron, continued. 

William, his vessel captured by 
the Dutch, 50, 81, 82, 83, 84, 
120, IbcJ. 
Wales, 227, 228. 
Walker, Mr., 253. 

Samuel, petition of, 330. 
Walldin, see Waldron. 
Wallis, James, 483. 

John, mark of, 7 ; petition of, 

301, 2!J9, 312, 465, 483. 
Joseph, 482. 
Josiah, 482. 

Nathaniel, petition of, 454, 8, 
255, 280, 299, 332, 407, 467. 
Walton, George, 46, 47. 

Thomas, petition of, 252. 
Wamesit, 48. 

Warrant to Coleman, William, 
175; constable of Falmouth, 
218; Farewell, George, 331; 
Floyd, John, 473; Graham, 
James, 405, 408; for town 
meeting at Saco, 24; Webb, 
Joseph, 190; for surveying 
land of Barefoot, Walter, 278; 
of Baudouin, Pierre, 285; of 
Jordan, Sarah, and Hincks, 
John, 282 ; of Phippen, David, 
284 ; of Scottow, Joshua, 284 ; 
of Shippard, Thomas, 286; of 
Tyng, Edward, 283. 
Warren, Mr., 129. _ 
Humphrey, 96, 97. 
Watts, Henry, deed from George 
Cleeve, 4, 5, 8, 107, 247, 249, 
Waymouth, William, 338. 
Webb, Christopher, 492. 

Josei^li, warrant to, 190, 204. 
Webber (Weber) , Edward, 363. 
James, 483. 

Joseph, petition of, 314, 311, 385. 
Mary, petition of, 315. 
Samuel, 236. 
Weems, James, commission to, 
304 ; letters of, 485, 500 ; order 
to, 496, 469, 476, 479. 
Welden, John, 234, 235, 314, 385. 
Welles, Phillip, 281, 325. 
Wells, proposals lo build a mill 
at, 32, 33, 364; to be garris- 
oned, 96; danger at, 103; set- 
tlers must not leave, 104 ; gar- 
rison at, 108; Munjoy to com- 
mand at, 120; soldiers arrived 
at, 121; depredations near, 
126; people have a mind to 
leave, 129 : supplied with 
bread by Munjoy, 202, liOO; 

Wells, continued. 

supplied with bread by Rish- 
worth, 209, 90, 128, 136, 137, 
138, 143, 158, 161, 163, 168, 
174, 212, 213, 216, 343, 348, 
401, 484. 
John, 194. 
Wenesimit, 359. 
Wentworth, Samuel, 209. 
Werden, Jo, 229. 
Wesell, Mr., 177. 
West Brook, 350. 

John, 217, 264, 270, 274, 295, 
331, 348, 382, 395, 396, 404, 
405, 410. 418, 451, 460. 
Westcourt, Daniel, 338. 
Westgostuggo River, 223, 251, 263. 
Wharton, Richard, concerning the 
title of, 225, 219, 220, 221, 
224, 238. 
Wheat, John, 176. 
Wheelwright, Mr., 153. 
John, 268. 

Samuel, instructions to, 168; 
deposition of, 202, 104, 108, 
122, 153, 161, 194, 195, 214, 
Whight, Zaeh, 323. 
Whilden, Jobn, petition of, 310. 
White, Francis, 116. 
John. 401. 

Nathaniel, petition of, 300. 312, 
Whitney, Moses, 175. 
Whittington. Lieut., 438. 
WhitweU, Mrs., claim for land, 

Widger, James, 363. 
Wiggin, Tho, 11. 
Wigonumbe, 417, 420. 

Wilcott, , 401. 

Wiley, Timothy. 167, 168. 

Wilkins. Rich,' 116. 

Will of Thomas Cammock, 1. 

Old. 249. 
Willabey, Rich, 363. 
Willard, Simon, 476, 489. 
Willcott, William, 399. 
Willet, Ma.)., 403. 
William Baker's Neck, 411. 
Williams, Ilenrv, 204. 205. 
James, 363. 
Jonkin, 250. 
Jolm, testimony of, 83, 72. 134, 

Mertine, 478, 479. 
Paul, 351. 
\\'ilt()ii, Joseph, 351. 
Winakeermit, 178. 



Wiiicoll, Capt., 115. 

John, ni, 214. 
Winisemct, 116. 
Winkall, C, 100. 
Winnekemet. 186. 
Winnerton, Thomas, 390. 
Winsor, Lord, 319. 
Winter Harbor, 16, 26, 95, 129, 

141, 142, 143, 145, 174, 348, 

Winter Harbor Pool, 232. 
Wisden. John, 273. 
Wise, Thomas, 456. 
Wiswall, Enoch, petitions of, 337, 

lehabod, 147, 148. 
Wiswell, Mr., 387. 

John, petition of, 410. 
Wiswell's Cove, 393. 
Witherington, Mr., 200. 
Withers, Thomas, 320. 
W^ithington, John, 477. 
Wood. William Woura, 178. 
Woodbridge, Benjamin, petition of, 

Jo, 473. 

Timothy, petition of, 335. 
Woodman, Edward, petitions of, 

201, 394, 363. 
Woodrop, A. K., 479. 
Woolley, Thomas, 176. 
AVormstall, Arthur, 214. 
Wormwood. Will, 215. 
Wrenham, 428, 489. 
Wryford, John, petition of, 394, 

■ 363. 
Wythers. Elizabeth, 351. 
W^ , J., 399. 

Yarmouth, 255, 333. 
York, training, 20, 21 ; town- 
meeting, 21, 22, 23, 25, 26; 
mills burned. 31 ; to be gar- 
risoned, 96, 105, 116, 121, 124 
129, 137, 144, 156, 161, 163, 
168, 172, 174, 188, 204, 205, 
206, 207, 208, 212, 213, 219, 
223, 273, 276, 295, 333, 456. 
Coimtv, 2, 10, 18, 30, 36, 3/, 

107,' 112. 
Eiver, 111, 274. 
York (Yorke), Benjamin, deposi- 
tion of, 326. 
John, petition of, 340, 265, 326. 
Eichard, deposition of, 327. 
Ruth, dcposiLion of, 325. 
Samuel, petition of, 358. 
Yorkshire, 127, 138, 144, 154, 163, 

170, 208. 
Young, Richard, petition of, 333. 
Youring, Edward, testimony of, 83. 

Zackady Hock, see Sagadahoc. 

, Daniel, 291. 

, Francis, 482. 

, George, 478, 482. 

, John, 215, 291, 478. 

. Joseph, 478. 

. Robert, 483. 

, Samuel, 483. 

, Thomas, 478. 


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