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V. u 

^atne (imralugical Society, 

Portland, Maine. 

A ccession r 
















,^^!'JPtrt(y Of' THl 

NCORPQP* '.'ID in^i 

Copyj-ight 1910 
By the Maine Histokical Society 

Press of 
Lefavok-Toweb Company, Poktland 



THE publication of the documents in this volume gives 
an idea of the important part sustained by the people 
of Maine in the War of the Revolution, and of the sacrifices 
made by them in what must have appeared to the world as 
an almost hopeless struggle. It also places in enduring form 
the names of men worthy of remembrance. I hope to be 
able to complete the publication of documents relating to the 
Revolutionary period within the next two years. 

Mackworth Island, 
August 30, 1910. 




1777 Jan. 5 Letter from Jonathan Eddy, ... 35 
Resolve on Petition of the Company of Militia, 

Fryeburg, 40 

Jan. 9 Petition of tlie Proprietors of Pearsontown, . 41 

Jan. Resolve on above Petition, .... 42 

Jan. 22 Petition of John Murch, 43 

Jan. 23 Pay Abstract, 44 

Memorial of Francis Shaw Junr , ... 45 

Jan. 24 Order on petition of John Murch, ... 45 

Deposition of William Murch, .... 46 
Order of Court to detain Sloop commanded by 

Capt. Benj. Shaw, 4G 

Jan. 25 Resolve on above Order, 47 

Resolve on Memorial of Francis Shaw Jr , . 48 
Account for the Billeting of Men at Brunswick 

in Capt. James Curtis Company, ... 48 

Order on same, 49 

Jan. 31 Resolve on Supplying Two Companies at Fal- 
mouth & Cape Elizabeth and other Sea Coast 

Men, 49 

Charles Cushing Esqr appointed Brigadier of the 

Militia, County of Lincoln, .... 60 

Letter from F. Shaw Jr , 51 

Feb. 7 Order upon the petition of William Dodge, . 51 
Feb. 10 Account State of Massachusetts Bay to Sim" 

Turner Dr., 52 

Feb. 11 Petition of Joseph Sargent, .... 52 

" of Nathi Wells & Compy , ... 53 
Feb. 13 Committee Appointed to apply to the General 

Court to choose a Collector, ... 65 

Feb. 17 Letter from Wm Frost, 54 

Feb. 19 Order of Council on Petition of Nath' Wells & 

Compy, 65 

Feb. 20 Letter from David Rice, 55 

" from Selectmen of Wells, ... 55 

Feb. 26 " from W«" Frost, 60 

Mar. 3 Petition of Jonathan Davis, .... 60 

Mar. 4 Order of Council on above Petition, . . 57 
A Return of the Sixth Regiment in the County 

of Lincoln, 110 



1777 Mar. 4 Memorial of Thomas Spry, .... 57 

Mar. 5 Order of Council on same, ..... 59 

]N[ar. 7 Petition of Joshua Bragdon, .... 59 
Mar. 11 Courts for the County of Cumberland adjourned 

unto the Second Tuesday of May, ... 59 
Mar. 14 Letter from William Frost, .... 61 
Mar. 20 " from Saml Phips Savage, ... 62 
Mar. 30 Petition of Benj. Wheeler & others, . . 62 
Resolve on above petition, ..... 64 
Order on same petition, ..... 65 
Mar. 31 Petition of the Committee of Safety & Inspec- 
tion for the Town of Kittery, .... 66 
Account State of the Massachusetts Bay to 

Daniel Sullivan Dr , 68 

April 3 Petition of Committee of Brunswick & Harps- 
well, 68 

Petition of the Towns of Cape Elizabeth, Wind- 
ham, Gorham and Pearsontown, . . 70 
April 4 Report of Committee on Petition of Calvin 

Cowen and others, 71 

Committee appointed to view mill dams upon 

Presumpscott River, ..... 72 

April 5 Letter from W^ Frost, 73 

Resolve on Petition of Joseph Sargent, . . 74 
April 8 Petition of the Coinmittees of Safety of towns 

in the County of Cumberland, ... 74 

April 9 Letter from Will™ Haynes, .... 76 
April 15 List of Letters in a New Townshii^ on the East 

Side of Saco River, 76 

April 16 Bond of Alpheus Delano and Benjamin Burton 

to Henry Gardner Esq., .... 78 

Petition of Josei)h .Jewitt, ..... 79 

April 19 Resolve on above Petition, .... 79 

April 21 Capt. Joseph Noyes appointed Commissary, . 80 

Letter from John Stone, 81 

Resolve on appointing officers, .... 81 
April 28 Order of Council to deliver Col. Josiah Brewer 

supplies, 82 

Petition of the Inhabitants of the West Precinct 

in Pownalborough, 82 

Resolve on Petition of held officers of the first 

Regiment in County of York, ... 86 
Petition of field officers of the first Regiment in 

County of York, 88 

April 29 Order of Council on above Petition, . . 86 

May 10 Declaration of William Gilly 90 

May 17 Letter from Edward Thompsoo, ... 91 



1777 May 17 Letter from Committee of Safety, etc. for 


May 18 Memorial of the Committee of Correspondence, 
&c of Machias, ...... 

May 23 Report of Meeting of the Freehohlers & other 
Inhabitants of Macliias, ..... 

Petitions of Ichabod Hanson & als, 

Votes passed at Meeting of the Freeholders & 

other Inhabitants of Machias, 
Report of committee appointed to view mill 
dams upon Presumpscott River, . 

May 27 Letter from John Gray, 

May 28 " from Willm Haynes, .... 

" from Wm Frost, 

Petition of John Whitcomb & Henry Gardnei", 


Report of Committee on above Petition, . 
May 30 Petition of Ebenr Cleaveland, 

June 4 Letter from Jno Allan, 

June 6 Petition of Committee of Correspondence, 

Inspection & Safety of Gorham, 
June 7 Letter from Caleb Chase, .... 

" from Stephen Smith, .... 

June 8 Petition of the Inhabitants on Canebec River, 

" of Abiel Wood, 

June 10 Letter from S. P. Savage Pres* to the Com^e of 
Corresi)ondence, Inspection & Safety, . 

Letter from S. P. S., 

" to W"! Frost, 

" from Will™ Haynes, .... 

June 12 " from Committee of Machias, 

Memorial of Pelatiah Webster, 
June 13 Letter from John Waite Chairman of Com- 
mittee, ........ 

June 15 Inventory of Sundries delivered to John Allan, 
Continental Agent, ..... 

June 16 Resolve on Doings of a Town Meeting in Wind- 
ham, held March 81, 1774, .... 

Resolve on Doings of above Meeting, 
June 17 Memorial of Nathan Jones, .... 

Letter from Timothy Parsons, 
Extract from a Commissary's Report, 
June 18 Petition of Selectmen of Ilarpswell, 

" of a Number of the Inhabitants on Ken- 
nebeck River & others in tlie County of 
Lincoln, ........ 

Petition of Jotham Moulton, .... 
















1777 June 20 Order to deliver Mr. Peter Woodbury powder, 12G 
Resolve on Petition of Pelatiah Webster, . 127 
" " " " the Committees of Corre- 
spondence, Inspection »& Safety, . . 128 
Resolve on the Petition of the Committees of 
Cape Elizabeth, Windham, Gorham & Pear- 
sontown, ........ 129 

June 21 Resolve in re Truck at Machias, . . 130 
Invoice of Sundrys vi^anting in the Truck House 

at Machias, 130 

Order of Court in re Joseph Noyes Commissary, 131 
Resolve on the Memorial of Capt. Stephen 

Smith, 131 

June 23 Letter from Simeon Mayo, .... 1.33 
June 24 Resolve on the Petition of the Selectmen of 

Harpswell, 133 

June 25 Resolve on the Petition of the Hon'J'e John Whit- 
comb & the Ilonble Henry Gardner Esqrs, . 134 
Letter from Sami phips Savage Pres* , . . 136 

" . . 136 
" " " " " . . . 136 
June 28 Resolve on Petition of a Number of the Inhabi- 
tants of Norridgewalk, .... 137 
Letter from Chas. Gushing, .... 138 
Deposition of John Savage in re Ichabod 

Jones, 188 

Appeal James Noble Shannon et als vs. Ichabod 

Jones dismissed, 140 

Answer of the Inhabitants of the West Precinct 

in Pownalboro, 140 

July 3 The Memorial of Stephen Smith, . . . 151 

July 4 " " u ct "... 152 

July 5 Resolve on Petition of Stephen Smith, . . 152 

July 6 Letter from Denes Getchell, .... 153 

July 7 Resolve in re Stephen Smith, .... 154 

July 9 Order of Council in re Stephen Smith, . . 165 

Petition of Capt. Saml. Whitmore, . . . 156 
July 14 Notice of Meeting signed by Committee of Safety 

for the First District in Penobscot, . . 157 

July 19 Letter from Joseph Proctor, .... 156 
July 22 Return of Vessels Entered, Registered and 

Cleared out, ....... 159 

Letter from Jona Warner, 1 

July 26 Report of Meeting of the Inhabitants of Penob- 
scot and Belfast, 158 

July 31 Letter from Stephen Smith, .... 1 

Aug. 1 " from Stephen Smith, .... 160 




1777 Aug. 1 Letter from Capt, Jonfi Eddy, .... 4 

Aug. 2 " from Tristram Jordan, .... 6 

Aug. 4 " from Benja Foster Colo .... 160 

Aug. 6 " from James Lyon, 7 

Petition of Benja Patch, ICO 

Order of Council on above Petition, . . 101 

Aug. G Petition of Joanna Moulton & Nicolas Sewall, 162 

Aug. 7 Jedh Preble's Deposition, 163 

Sam> Curtis' Certificate, .... 166 

Aug. 8 Letter from Col. Benja Foster, .... 9 

'' from Col. Jona Eddy, .... 10 

Aug. 11 Resolve on the Treasurer's Account ( County of 


Aug. 13 Letter to the President of Congress, 
Aug. 15 Petition of Sylvanus Scott, 
Aug. 16 Letter from Jon. Glover, 
Aug. 17 " from J. Allan, .... 
" from Col. Jona Eddy, 
" from John Preble, 
Aug. 18 " from Jona Glover, 
" from Ebenf Sayer, 
" from Jona Eddy, Esq., . 
Aug. 19 " from the Council to John Allan, Esq 

" to Stephen Smith, .... 
Aug. 20 " from John Wait Esqr , 

" from Col. Josiah Brew^er, 
" from John Johnson, 
Aug. 21 Order of Council, .... 

Letter from Wm Frost, 
Aug. 22 Letter from Jno Milligen, 

Deposition of Thomas Fletcher, 

" from John Milligan ( Copy of ), 
Aug. 23 " from Jona Eddy, 
Aug. 24 " from Ebenr Sayer, 
Aug. 24 Certificate of Jedidiah Preble Junr , Benj 

Wheeler & Robt Mc Curdy, 
Aug. 27 Letter from Col. Benjn Foster, 
'^ from George Stillman, 

Aug. 28 List of Stores, 

Letter from Stephen Smith, 

Account State of Massachusetts Bay with 
Stephen Smith, ...... 

Letter from Benja Foster, . 

' from Committee at Machias, 

Aug. 29 

Aug. 29 Letter from Mr. Murray to Col. Waite, 

Aug. 31 " from John Waite to Hon. J. Powell, 

Sept. 1 Letter from Col<' Jn" Frost, 
































1777 Sept. 1 Petition of the Inhabitants of the County of 

Lincoln, 187 

Resolve on above Petition, ..... 189 

Petition of Simeon Mayo, .... 190 

'• of Ebenezer Xewell Lt , . . . 191 

Sept. 2 Resolve on above Petition, .... 192 

Letter from Paul Hussey, ..... 192 

Sept. 3 " from Jedidiah Preble, .... 193 

Sept. 8 Petition of Benj. Titcomb, Joshua Freeman & 

Joseph ]!foyes, 193 

Sept. 8 Letter from Jno Allan, 194 

Petition of Jos. Prouty 197 

Sept. 10 ''of Abner Lowell & John Wentworth, 197 

Letter from David Sewall, .... 198 

Sept. 11 "Report of Tim Newell,'^ 199 

Petition of the East Precinct in the Town of 

Pownalborough, 200 

Sept. 12 Resolve on above Petition, 201 

Sept. 13 Letter from Francis Shaw & Alexr Campbell, 202 

Petition of the Selectmen of Harpswell, . 203 
Sept. 1.5 Letter to Ambroise & the other Indians under 

Col. Allen, 205 

Letter from Timothy Parsons, . . . 200 

Memorial of Officers & Men of the Third Regiment 

of Militia in the County of Lincoln, . . 208 

Sept. IG Resolves in re John Allan, Esq., and Others, 211 

Sept. 17 Memorial of Jonathan Eddy, .... 214 

Order of Council in re Memorial, . . . 21.5 

John Allan, Esq., appointed Colonel of the 

Troops at Machias, 215 

Sept. 18 Letter from Phineas Nevers, .... 210 

Sept. 19 Order of Council to Lt Colonel Nevers,. . 217 

Petition of Joseph Noyes, . . , . . 217 

Sept. 20 " of the Committee of Boothbay, . 219 
Sept. 22 Rev<i James Lyon appointed Chaplain of Troops 

at Machias, 218 

Letter from J. Allan, 221 

Resolve on Petition of the Committee of Booth- 
bay, 225 

Resolve on Adminra of Jotham Moulton's 

Estate, 226 

Resolves in re Bountys, 227 

Sept. 23 Order of Council in re above Petition, . . 217 
Resolve on Petition of Benj. Titcomb, Joshua 

Freeman and Joseph Noyes, .... 228 

Sept. 25 Letter from J. Allan, 229 



1777 Sept. 26 Order for Ammunition sent to Committee of 

Boothbay, 232 

Resolve on the Memorial of Col. William Jones, 232 

Sept. 30 Order to Commissary General, . . . 233 
Oct. 2 Resolve in re supplies for Truck House at 

Maeliias, " . . 234 

Oct, 3 Order of Council in re Supplies for Troops at 

Machias, 234 

Oct. 7 Resolve on Petition of Saml Mc Cobb, Abiel 

Lovejoy & John Taylor, ..... 235 

Oct. 10 Narrative of Capn Jolin Long, . . . 236 

Resolve on the Petition of Moses Little, Esq., 238 

Oct. 11 Petition of Joshua Lamb, 239 

Resolve on Petition of Joshua Lamb, . . 240 

Oct. 12 Letter from J. Allan, 241 

Oct. 15 " from Lew's Fredk De Lesdernier to Justice 

of the Peace in re Stephen Jones, . . 244 

Summons issued for Stephen Jones, . . . 244 

Deposition of Ignace, an Indian, . . . 245 

" of Joseph Cook, .... 246 

" of Mary Joseph 246 

Oct. 16 Resolve on the Petition of Francis Shaw, . . 248 

Oct. 17 " " " Charles Perrin, . 248 

Oct. 18 Petition of Clark Linniken, .... 250 

Letter from Lews Fredk De Lesdernier to Justice 

of the Peace in re Stephen Jones, . . 252 

Oct. 20 Summons issued for Stephen Jones, . . . 252 

Deposition of John Preble, Capt., . . . 253 

" of Jones Farnsworth, . . . 253 

" of Joseph Averll Serj* , . . 253 

Oct. 21 I'etition of the West Precinct in Pownal- 

borough, 257 

Letter from Pearson Jones, .... 262 
Oct. 22 Resolve on Petition of the West Precinct in 

Pownalborough, 262 

Oct. 23 Resolve in re salt delivered to Charles Phelphs, 

Esqr , 263 

Resolve in re County Treasurer's Accounts for 

the County of Lincoln, 263 


. ■ 255 


. 255 


. 256 


. 265 

Oct. 24 Deposition of Amos Boynton, . 

" of David Longfellows, 

" of Jonas Farnsworth, 

" of Stephen Smith, 

" of Samuel Milbury, 

'' of Ignace, .... 

Petition of William Gardner, . 

Resolve on Petition of Clark Linneken, 



1777 Oct. 24 Invoice of Sundrys supply^l Stephen Smith, 

Esqr , 

Oct. 25 Petition of John i>Iartin Schaft'ers, 

Order of Council, 

Written Recognizance in re Stephen Jones & als, 

Oct. 20 Petition of the Selectmen of Pownalborough, 
Report of Committee in re Stephen Jones, 
Certificate of Robert Mc Curdy,. 
Deposition of Nicholas Crosbey, 
Letter from Jonathan Buck, .... 
Certificate of Moses Wentworth et als, 

(( U il 11 1.1 

Nov. 5 " " Kenneth Mc Kenzie & Eliphalet 

Nichorsou, .... 

Petition of a Regiment of Militia, 
Nov. 8 Jedidiah Preble's Evidence, 

Deposition of Chai'les Blagdon, 
Nov. 10 " of Simeon Gorton, 

Nov. 12 " of Joshua Ayr, 

" of Nathaniel Mayhew, 

Nov. IG Gustavus Swan's Evidence, 

Nov. 18 Letter from J. Allan, . 
Nov. 19 Petition of John Robinson, 
Nov. 20 Letter from J. Allan, . 

Petition of the Inhabitants of Frenchman's 


Nov. 27 Letter from J. Allan, 

Nov. 29 " from James Gowen, .... 

Instructions to Representative Henry Woods, 


Dec. 1 Deposition of Jacob Bussell, .... 

" of Thomas Howard, .... 

Dec. 2 Resolve in re discharging eight men stationed 
on Merryconeag Neck & Sebasso Degin 


Petition of Elizabeth Ross, 

Dec. 2 Resolve on the Petition of Elizabeth Ross, 
Dec. 3 " " " John Robinson, 

'^ " " Ichabod Jones, . 

Dec. 4 Letter from Stephen Smith, .... 

Dec. 6 Complaint of Nathi Thwing in re Callahan 


Captain West's Certificate for Bounty Money, 
Petition of Benja Foster et als, .... 









1777 Dee. 9 Petition of John Frost, 311 

Letter from Clark Linneken, .... 312 

Dec. 12 Deposition of James Mc Curdy, . . . 314 
Account State of Massachusetts Bay to Stephen 

Smith, 314 

Certificate in re above account, . . . 314 

Dec. 13 Petition of Setli Gardner, 315 

Dec. 15 Resolve in re Kisliworth Jordan, Esq., . . 316 

" on Petition of Capt Samuel Whitmore, 317 
Dec. 23 Order of Court in re Complaint of Nathaniel 

Thwing, Esqr , 318 

Letter to the Committee in re Rations, . 321 

1778 Jan. 1 Certificate of Tho. Child, 321 

Jan. 2 Reasons assigned in re Callahan case, . . 319 

Resolve on Petition of Stephen & Ralph Cross, 322 

Jan, 11 Petition of Joseph Noyes, 323 

Jan. 12 Order of Council, 328 

Resolve on Petition of Nathn Prebble & als, . 823 

Petition of Stephen & Ralph Cross, . . 324 

An Account of Provisions, 325 

Letter from James Budge of the Comtte , . 325 

Jan. 13 " from John Johnson, .... 326 

Order on said letter, 327 

Memorial of Martha Cotton, .... 327 

Resolve on Petition of Martha Cotton, . . 329 
Jan. 14 Order in re Provisions Supplied Natha Prebble & 

als, 330 

Order in re Capt. Joseph Noyes, . . . 330 

Jan. 16 Petition of Timo Frost, 330 

Jan. 20 Resolve on Prohibiting the Exportation of Pro- 
visions, &c., 881 

Rejwrt of Committee on the Petition of Benja 

Wheeler & als, 332 

Jan. 22 Resolve on Petition of Benja Wheeler & als, . 334 

Jan, 24 Letter from Committee of Machias, . , , 384 

•' from Stephen Smith, .... 339 

" " " " .... 340 

Particulars of Molasses Shipt by Comy Devens, 342 

Naval officers appointed, 842 

Jan. 26 Order of Court in re Silver Cup & Tankard, . 343 

Jan. 27 Letter from Committee of Machias, . . 344 
Resolve in re purchasing half of y'J Schooner 

"Elizabeth," 344 

Mem. of Sundry Articles for Truck House at 

Machias, 345 

Letter from Tristram Jordan, .... 346 

Petition of the Committee of Correspondence, 349 



1778 Jan. 27 Resolves in re Articles for Truck House, . 350 
Fob. 1 List of Men Inlisted into the Continental Army, 354 
Feb. 2 " '^ Capt Jabez West, . . . .371 
Certificate of William Tupper, . . . 372 
Feb. 4 Resolve in re Collecting the Return of the Num- 
ber of Male Inhabitants, 354 

Letter from Stephen Smith Chairman of the 

Committee, 354 

Resolve on Petition of Timothy Frost, . . 365 
Feb. 5 Petition of Samuel Waters, .... 372 

Feb. 12 Letter from J. Allan, 35G 

Mar. 3 Resolve on Petition of Benjamin Furnass, . 37.'J 

Mar. 4 Petition of Inhabitants of Raymond, . . 374 

Mar. 7 "of Silvanus Scott, .... 377 

'■'■ of James Noble Shannon & Jonas Farns- 

worth, 377 

Petition of William Bell, .... 379 

" of Jabez West & Reuben Dyer, . . 380 
Mar. 8 " of the Sixth Regiment of Militia, County 

of Lincoln, ....... 376 

Mar. 9 Order of Council in re Robert Bell, . . . 381 

Resolves of Court in re ijrosecution of persons, 381 

Mar. 10 Petition of Joseph Chadwick, ... 383 

Mar. 11 " of George Stillman, . . . .383 

List of Sundries, 384 

Act for Incorporating the Plantation called 

Coxhall, 384 

Petition of Benjamin Jenks, .... 60 

Return of Rations, ...... 357 

Mar. 12 Resolve on Petition of James Noble Shannon & 

Jonas Farnsworth, 386 

Petition of Andrew Gilman, .... 387 


The Memorial of George Deake, 
Mar. 13 " " of James Avery, . 

Petition of Jonas Farnsworth, 

Complaint of Nathl Thwing, 

Memorial & Petition of Damariscotta, . 
Mar. 14 Resolve on the Petition of Clerk Linniken, 

Mar. 16 Letter ( unsigned ), 

Mar. 20 Order of Council in re Stephen Smith, 

Mar. 21 Inlistment & Beating Orders for 100 Men to be 

Stationed at Machias, 394 

Petition of a Joint Committee of Pownalborough, 395 
Mar. 23 Account Moses Davis Esq"" et als with Timothy 

Parsons, Dr , 394 

Letter from Committee of Correspondence, 
Inspection & Safety, 359 



1778 Mar. 24 Letter from Committee of Correspondence, 

Inspection & Safety, ..... 359 

Declaration of Jeremiah Thompson, . . 360 

" of Robert Kent, . . . .861 

" of Jonas Farnsworth, . . . 361 

Mar. 25 Deposition of Thomas Rice, . . . .362 

Report of Committee upon the Petitit>n of Comtte 

of Machias, 363 

Certiticate of Moses Davis of the 3^^ Reg* , . 396 

Letter from Moses Davis, .... 397 

]Mar. 26 Order in re Colo Jonathan Buck, . . . 365 

Petition of Daniel Sullivan, .... 366 

Mar. 27 Resolve on Petition of Daniel Sullivan, . . 367 

I'etition of the Inhabitants of Royalsbourg, . 369 

Mar. 30 Letter from John Huse, 400 

Petition of the Committee of Inspection, Corre- 
spondence & Safety, 401 

Letter from the Committee of Correspondence, 403 

Order in re inlisting men, ..... 404 

Vote taken at regular meeting of the inhabitants 

of the town of North Yarmouth, . . . 405 

April 1 Return of the War Like Stores at Machias, . 405 

April 3 State of the Troops & Indians at Machias, . 405 

Letter from Tho. Child, 406 

April 4 Petition of Samuel Waterhouse, . . . 406 

April 6 Resolve on Petition of Samuel Waterhouse, . 407 

April 9 " " " " Jonathan Louder, . 408 

April 10 Letter from the Town of Falmouth, . . . 409 

Petition of James Avery, .... 411 

Order of Council in re Thomas Cushing, Esqr , 411 

April 12 Letter from Josiah Brewer, 411 

April 13 Account of Rations due to Capt. Rubin Dyer 

& Others, 412 

Report of Committee of both Houses, . . 413 

" in re Schooner Two Brothers, . . 416 

April 14 Petition of Rebecca Callahan, .... 416 

April 15 Declaration of Jno Allan, .... 418 

April 17 Resolve on the Petition of Andrew Oilman, . 418 

Resolves in House of Representatives, . . 419 

April 20 Resolve on the Petition of George Stillman, . 421 

April 21 Petition of Andrew Oilman, .... 422 

" of Joseph Noyes, ..... 423 

Resolve on Petition of Joseph Chadwick, . 423 

April 23 " " " " a Number of Inhabitants 

of Raymond, 424 

April 27 Resolve on Petition of Ziphion Thayer, . 426 

Order of Council to Lt. Andw Oilman, . . 426 



1778 April 27 Petition of Ivory Hovey, 426 

April 28 Resolve on Petition of Capt. Perry Ilowland, . 429 

Petition of George Deake, .... 420 

Resolve on Petition of Ivory Hovey, . . . 430 

April 29 " " " " Rebecca Callahan, . 431 

Petition of James Avery, 482 

Resolve on Petition of James Avery, . . 434 
Report of the Committee on the Petition of 

George Deake, 434 

April 80 Resolve of Court in re Schooner Two Brothers & 

Cargo, 435 

Resolve on the Petition of Jonas Farnsworth & 

others, 437 

Memorial and Petition of Plantation called 

Damariscotta, 4-38 



Letter from Jon°' Warner July 22, 1777. 

To the Hon"'® Council of the State of the Massachusetts 
Bay — Gentlemen 

I have this Minute Received an Express from Colo : 
Warner which I thought it my Duty to forward to your 
Honours Immediately. Accordingly thought it Expedient to 
Issue Orders for Every Sixth man in my Brigade to March 
to the Assistance of Colo. Warner b}^ the way of Benning- 
ton, and Desire your Honours would Give Direction in the 
Matter as you Shall think proper, as I have Orders to March 
On an Expedition to S* John's River in Nova Scotia, your 
Honours will Determine what is most Expedient in the pres- 
ent Distressing Circumstances of Affairs 

I am your Honours most Obedient Humble Servant 

Jon* Warner 
Hardwick July 22 1777 

at 11 "Clock at Night 

Letter from Stephen Smith July 31, 1777 

Machias July 31, 1777 
May it pleas 3'Our Honors 

I have the Satisfaction to inform you, that I arrived safe 

at this place on the 17 instant, and the people here making 


all possible preparation, in order to receive or rather repulse 
the enemy hourly expected from S* Johns, where they had 
defeated our people, which your Honors have Doubtless 
learnt before tliis. The particulars of the unhappy affair I 
cannot fully inform you. but shall only say, According to the 
best accounts, we have, three ships & two sloops arrived in 
the mouth of the river, nearly to gether between the 23 & 29 
of June Last The Vultur was the first, which arived, & in 
a few Hours after she Sent two of her boats on Shoar. which 
ware drove off by our people with the Loss of 8 men as we 
are informed on the side of the Enemy but without any 
Damage on our Sid. 4 or 5 Days after the enemy landed 
secretly on a point that could not be defended by our small 
party about 250 Strong, who marched up to our incampment. 
and obliged our men to Retreat up the river : after exchang- 
ing a few shott in which action the}^ lost 9. & we only three 
the enemy in this victory have given us an other proof of 
theire more than savage disposition, for while one of these 
imhappy men that fell was crying for quarters, and only 
slightly wounded as we suppose they inhumanly murdered 
him. Neither did this satiate their infernal thirst for Blood, 
but proceeded to scalp him & his companion, that lay Dead 
by his Side and then threw the scalps into the face of the 
third miserable sufferer, while he lay groaning under the 
anguish of a mortal wound, and the horrors of approaching 
Death — Our whole party were obliged, after this surprize to 
retreat up the river, with the utmost expedition, as they were 
closely pursued by the Enemy: and on their way they met 
M'' Allan Coming Down to their assistance, but he returned, 
& is now encamped with the Indians in the more hosjiitable 
embraces of the wilderness. The rest of our people tairied 
upon the river, till the enemy took possession of all the Set- 
tlements. And took three Cumberland men prisoners, and 
robed the most of our friend- of their substance, when our 


Party ware obliged to come off for want of provisions. I 
have just now learnt by some Indians, who left S* Johns 9 
Days agoo, that Michall Franklin Esq"" Superintendant of the 
Indians in that Province, is still there, exerting himself to 
the utmost, in order to bring over all the Indians he can 
meet with, to a sense of what he calls their duty, but has 
little success. The troops also continue there, but talk of 
memoving soon. There is but one Ship at the Mouth of the 
river, and only 30 men stationed there as a guard. It Does 
not appear that they intend to fortify that post at present. 
It is more than probable, therefore, that we can easily recover 
the Ground if proper measures are pursued. Dawson in his 
Brig has been for some time regulating Passamaquoddy, & 
has striped and carried off many of its wretched Inhabitants. 
The Ambuscade was in here — & sent her barge with a flag, 
but Cap' Wing saw fit to stop them in the mouth of the 
river, & thereby prevented their making any discovery of our 
weakness, the officer, Lieut, behaved with great Politeness & 
pretended that his only Busines was to Exchange some pris- 
oners, and offered to trade with us upon very advantageous 
termes, but was informed by Colo^ Foster & the Committee, 
that we would hold no Correspondence with them, but should 
treat them as enemies, if they presumed to enter the River 
again, either with or without a flag. Upon which they retired 
without effecting any thing. No other Ship has been here 
this Summer — The Expedition Seeraes to move slow I beg 
there may be no loss of time A number of Boat_ will be 
wanting, there is a Number of men here & not So many 
as _ wish tliei'e was, but am put to great Diffecult to provid 
for what there is here — 

I must also inform your Honors, that the goods I bi-ouglit 
with rae must go chiefly to M*^ Allan, as the S' Johns Indians 
cannot get a Supply on that river. They used to obtain all 
the corn they wanted there : but the Inhabitants now either 


cannot or dare not Supply them. Neither have the Indians 
any Disposition to ask it. M"^ Allen will Stan„ in need of 
at least three hundred Bushels of Corn as well as all other 

The people enlist here as fast as we can Expect, but seem 
impatient to Receive their bounty. I Shall Do all in my 
power, and pray that every inducement to enter in to the 
service may be ready at hand — 

This Day Received Inteligence from M' Allan, and am 
informed that he will be here in a few Days with all the 
Tribes of Indians with him, and what I shall Do with Him 
and his Indians & tlie party that is here for provisions unless 
some should arive and that Soon. 

I am Your Honor* Very Humble Sarvant 

Stephen Smith 

August 1'^ after the foregoeing was Completed and Seald 
up Cap* Gooch hove in Sight & I waited until he came up and 
Now aquaint you that he has Safly arived and brought Some 
articles that was Needed which was Shipt by the Hon^^ Board 
of Warr. 

Stephen Smith 

Superscribed : 

on Public Service To The Hon^'^ The Council Board 

of the State of the Massachusetts Bay 

Letter from Capt. Jon^'- Eddy. Aug. 1, 1777. 

To the Honorable the Council of the State of Massachusetts 
I thought proper to inform your Honors that we arrived safe 
in the River Machias last Evening, with Stores, Boats, Arms 
&c &c after a Passage of twelve Days; — Our People have 
had a small Engagement & are defeated by the Enemy at S* 


John's River though with the loss of but three men, the 
Enemy lost Eight or ten — It seems that one Major Studholm 
commands there now with about three hundred Men, — M"^ 
Francklin the former L*^ Governor of Nova Scotia is appointed 
Superintendant over the Indians with a salary of X300 Ster : 
g Ann : from England, so that M"^ Allan & he must try which 
can make the most Proselytes but at present M'' Allan has 
the best Luck, although he can't be so open in it. There are 
three armed Sloops now up the River S' John's at the Settle- 
ment, & the Vulture Man of War of 14 Guns at the Mouth 
of it — There have been there a little while ago the Ambus- 
cade of 32 Guns & the Mermaid of 28 but are now gone on 
a Cruise — These are all that have cruisd this way this 

I am with due Respect Your honor's Most Obed' Humble 

Jon^ Eddy 
Machias Aug^ 1" 1777 

Letter from Tristram Jordan. Aug. 2, 1777. 

Pepperrellbor" August 2"^ 1777 
Sir having the Honor of Holding the Naval Office for the 
Port of Pepperrellbor° by the Appointment of the Hon^^ 
General Assembly of this State I Take the freedom of 
Intreating the Commands of the Honorable Board in a mat- 
ter Relating to Said Office, and wherein the State is Solely 

Some time in May last the Schooner Endeavour William 
Potter then Master Procured a Permit from the Naval Officer 
at Newbury Port to depart thence with one Hundred Bushels 
of corn and gave Bond in the Sum of four Hundred Pounds 
Conditioned for y* Landing the Same at this Port he tlien 


Proceeded here and Landed some Rum and Rice and without 
further Permit Saild to the Eastward and Returned in July 
with Dry Goods and a Certificate from a Person who Called 
himself Chairman of Penobscut as Evidence that the hundred 
bushels of corn was Landed at Deer Island a Considerable 
Distance from Penobscut the Cap' Pretending that there was 
no Committee at Deer Island I had many Doubts about the 
Authenticity of this Certificate and being well Assured that 
they Landed their Dry Goods before they came to Enter I 
Did not Chuse to Enter the Vessel and the Clamour of the 
People running High upon the Subject Supposing that the 
Supercargo of the Vessel had been Trading with our Ene- 
mies : a Justice of y^ Peace Caused Benjam" Cole the Super- 
cargo to be apprehended and Summoned Potter the Master 
to Swear to the Case who Testified that they Landed one 
Hundred bushels of corn at Deer Island and Carried Twenty 
Bushels to Liverpool in Nova Scotia to Cole's Family who 
Resides there and that they brought from thence Two Pieces 
of Kersey Some others were Sworn that were supposed to 
be Interested in the Voyage and from the Whole Circum- 
stances there appeared to be a Complicated peice of Villainy 
made up of Perjury and Dishonesty — Cole is Bound over to 
the Superiour Court after this the schooner took on Board a 
Cargo or Part of a cargo of Boards and as I apprehended was 
About Proceeding to Sea again without Entry or Clearance 
Whereupon I Seized her and have Libelled her in y® Mari- 
time Court of this District and Claim her as forfeited to the 
State if She Should be Condemned the Proceeds of her will 
be but Small and inconsiderable my onl}^ reason therefore for 
Libelling her was that I might not be Guilty of a Breach of 
Duty in my Office and to Prevent Contraband Trade for the 

having thus given you the facts I shall be governed intirely 
by the Directions of the Honorable Board respecting the 


Cause and Shall Esteem myself Highly favoured by receiving 
their Commands as soon as they can be Transmitted Consist- 
ant with Important business Laying before them — 
& I am Sir with Great Veneration your most obedient 
Humble Ser — 

Tristram Jordan 

To the President of the Hono^ Board to be (communicated 

Letter from James Lyon. Aug. 5., 1777. 

Machias August 5, 1777 — 
May it please your Honors 

The difficulties this eastern Country & this place in par- 
ticular, has labored under, during our unhappy dispute with 
Britain, you well know : And my difficulties as a minister of 
that blessed Gospel, which has raised us to our present great- 
ness and glory, have also been laid before you, in part only, 
for I feel more than either my friends, or I myself can express. 
I therefore humbly beg leave to observe. That my people 
are bo reduced, that they cannot provide for themselves, 
otherwise they would never have applied to your Honors for 
80 much assistance ; consequently I have been obliged to 
strain every nerve, even to the neglect of my proper agree- 
able business, in order to procure the bare necessaries of life, 
but thro' want of the proper means, I have failed in a great 
measure, & have suffered much both in body & mind, my 
bread is Indian procured with great difficulty, my drink 
water, my meat moose, & my clothing rags, & many of these 
the dear partner of my misfortunes, who was tenderly edu- 
cated, has been obliged to beg from those who (;oald illy spare 
them, but notwithstanding my extreme trials, I iiave exerted 
myself to the utmost of my abiliticis, as a member of the com- 
mittee & a faithful subject of tlie State of tlie Massachusetts, 


by day & night, & shall continue so to do, when my duty 
calls upon me, to assist with my feeble abilities the commu- 
nity in which I live. It is also well known, that I have 
explored Nova Scotia, in almost every part, & have a personal 
acquaintance with many of its inhabitants — But when deliv- 
erance appeared just at hand, with becoming indignation if I 
mistake not, I view a Rev*^ Gentleman, well settled, & utterly 
unacquainted with war & the Country where he is going, 

crowding himself, via D T into the place, which 

God & man evidently designed for me & a fellow sufferer I 
I can despise the person capable of known deliberate injus- 
tice, however great or good his name — 1 blame not this 
Honb' Board. Let the Hon^^^ Gentleman, whom I never saw, 
or injured, to my knowledge, the efficient cause of the con- 
tinuation of my extreme distress, answer for his conduct to 
his conscience & his God ! — If any thing I have written has 
given offence to the judicious, the humane, & the patriotic, 
in either Hon^' House, with deep humiliation I ask their 
pardon. Such I never meant to instruct in their duty, or to 
offend, for such I esteem the honor & glory of our Land — 

Your Honors will please to accept of the plans &c. men- 
tioned in the enclosed copy of a receipt, & sold to me at 
public auction in this place. The plan of Nova Scotia from 
Cape Sable to Canso is very accurate & valuable. I likewise 
present to your Honors 14 days lodging & boarding of Lieut. 
Knight & Doctor M'^Faden, two Gentlemen taken in the 
schooner Diligent. A compensation for this I applied for in 
person, & by others, but could not obtain it without too much 
cost — 

Your Honors are now well acquainted with my distressed 
circumstances, & have it in your power to raise me above 
want, & serve the State, perhaps, at the same time. I ask 
not for charity, but for the loan of a sufficient sum, for 12 
months, to purchase 6 proper kettles, or pans for salt works, 


& to set them up. I have already done something at this 
business, but cannot procure proper pans. Should your 
Honors see fit, in your great wisdom & goodness, to grant 
this request, you will do great service to this place, & still 
greater to youi" unfortunate but faithful Servant & Subject 

Ja* Lyon 

To the Hon'* The Council & House of Representatives of the 
State of the Massachusetts Bay 

Letter from Col. Benj" Foster. Aug. 8, 1777. 

Machias Aug* 8*^ 1777. 
May it please your Honors, 

The Distresses of this place have been so often laid before 
you, that you are doubtless weary of hearing from us, & 
nothing but pure Necessity could induce us to trouble you 
any further, but our Distress is so great that I cannot 

We are not only destitute to a great Degree of the Neces- 
saries of Life ( exclusive of what your Honors were pleas'd 
to send here for the Troops yet to be raisd ) but we are also 
threaten'd with a powerful Armament from Nova Scotia to 
destroy us. We have certain Intelligence that a 50 Gun 
Ship & some Transports have been fitted out at Halifax &, 
were ready to sail for this Place 12 Days ago: These are to 
be join'd by 500 Men from S* John's River; We Expect 
them every Hour, & (jod only knows what will become of 
us ! We have no Strength to resist such a Force, &l yet 
Resist we must. 

We have no Assistance ( tho' long expected ) from Boston 
except a few Officers without Men ! Not Twenty of the 
two Regiments are yet arriv'd here ! Nor can we call in the 
Militia, for they are so destitute of Provision that they can't 


leave their Families/ about 50 Minute Men only excepted ) 
to our Assistance from the whole Regiment. 

I beg therefore, that your Honors will take some effectual 
Method to save us from Ruin, if nothing is done we must 
soon fall, for our Enemies imagine ( if they can destroy this 
Place ) that they shall entirely defeat our Design of invading 
them : I shall not dictate to Your Honors what ought to be 
done, but leave the Matter to your superior Wisdom, & shall 
only observe, that a Quantity of Provision ought in my 
Opinion, to be immediately deposited in every Part of the 
Regiment, to be distributed among the Families of those 
who are call'd away from home on any Emergency, in 
Defence of their Country 

I am with due Respect Your Honors most 
obed' hble Serv* 

Benj* Foster Col° 

P. S. For further Particulars Please to Enquire of the 

To The Hon^'* Council of the State of Massachusetts Bay 
g favor of Col : Campbell 

Letter from Col. Jon'' Eddy. Aug. 8, 1777. 

Machias Aug^ 8'»> 1777 
To the Honorable Council of the State of Massachusetts Bay, 
Since I wrote to your Honors acquainting you of my safe 
Arrival at this Place and the Defeat of Major Shaw at S' 
John's We have had very alarming Intelligence from the 
Enemy, several Ways that they have form'd a Design against 
this Place, and the Information comes so Direct that I 
thought proper to call on CoP Foster & acquaint him with 
the Affair ; Consulting with him, and Col : Campbell, I 
found they were of the same Opinion with myself, that the 


Place was in immediate Danger, therefore I requested Col : 
Foster to assist with some of the Militia under his Command, 
and also by the Advice of Col : Foster & Col : Campbell I 
wrote to Col : Buck, requesting him to send us some assist- 
ance as soon as possible, at the same Time writing to Brig'' 
(xen' Warner & Col : M'^Cobb, in order to bring them for- 
ward without Loss of Time. 

I am with due Respect Your Honors most Obed' humble 

Jon'^ Eddy 

P. S. For Particulars relating to the Intelligence above 
mentioned I beg leave to Refer your Honors to L^ Col' 

g favour of L^ Col : ('ampbell 

Letter to the President of Conc/ress. Any. 13, 1777. 

State of Massachusetts Bay 

Council Chamber August 13 1777 

Inclosed are Copies of the doings & Resolutions of this 
Court, respecting an expedition to S' John's River in Nova- 
Scotia. — 

This measure was founded upon two Resolves of Congress, 
of the 8^^ of January, & 1 B^*' of May past; & urged by the 
Petitions of sundry Inhabitants of Nova Scotia. 

The Court were fully convinced upon good Evidence, that 
the Enemy intended to possess themselves of that River, in 
Older to engage the Indians, in these parts, in their favor, & 
to open a communication that way, between Nova-Scotia & 
Canada. — To prevent this, & thereby to preserve the East- 
ern jniits of this State, tSc relieve our Friends in Cumbei'land 


& Sunbury Counties in that Province, this Court determined 
upon the Expedition 

The principal Object has been mentioned; but tho' we 
had no reason to expect a sufficient strength to take, & hold 
the Province ; yet, when the River should be well secured, a 
push might be made for Fort Cumberland, or even Hallifax ; 
at the latter of which, were immense stores, & the Garrison 
not above 8 or 900 Men at most, & their whole Strength, in 
that Province not exceeding 2000. 

By authentic Accounts, nine tenths of the Inhabitants of 
that Province are in our favor; but a great part of them 
have, by one means or other, been disarmed. 

Our exertions for Men & Stores for this Enterprize, have 
been as great, as our circumstances, & the necessary attention 
to other public measures, would possibly admit of. 

The Copies would have been sent sooner, but it was tho't 
prudent to delay it until the enemies operations up Hudson's 
River, or elsewhere, should be more fully known to us, & 
there should be less hazard of their falling into the enemies 

We having laid aside the expedition for the present, now 
lay the whole affair before Congress & desire to be instructed 
whether any further Measures shall be pursued. 

Letter from Col. Jon'' Eddy. Aug. 17, 1777. 

Machias Aug* 17*'' 1777. 
To the Hon^'^ Council of the State of Massachusetts Bay 

Since my last, acquainting your Honors with the Intelli- 
gence I had receiv'd, concerning the Enemy's Design of 
invading this Place, we have found the reality of it. 

Last Wednesday the IS*'' Ins* appeared in Sight three 
Ships, a brig and a small Schooner coming from the West- 


ward, and standing in for the Harbour, & soon after came to 
an Anchor at the Mouth of the River ; One of them was a 
large Ship, suppos'd to be the Rainbow of 44 Guns, The 
Mermaid 28, the Vulture 14, and the arm'd Brig Hope 16 

Conceiving great Hopes of taking us by Surprize, the 
Hope stood immediately up the River attended by a Sloop 
and twelve Boats, till they came opposite to a small Battery 
we had about 2 miles below the Falls, mann'd with about 
Twenty men with small Arms and one 2 pounder. 

The Enemy attempted to land there with six Boats and a 
Number of Men but were repuls'd by our People with some 

Early on Thursday Morning, being foggy, thick Weather, 
they landed on a Neck of clear'd Land, a little below the 
Batter}% m hopes of cutting off the Retreat of our small 
Party, but Col: Foster who commanded there, took such 
Precautions in that point as render'd their Hopes abortive, 
& secur'd his retreat. The Enemy then took Possession of 
the Battery & burnt two Houses and barns thereabouts, and 
soon after the Brig stood up the River together with the 
Sloop and Boats above mentioned, till they came fairly in 
Sight, and within good Shot of the Falls, not expecting to 
meet with any Resistance, but seeing Continental Colours 
flying, and two Breastworks fill'd with Men, one of them 
having two 2 pounders, the other one 2 pounder and six 
swivels, they began to think of retreating and accordingly 
got the Boats a head to Tow the Brig down. This was 
about Sunset; I instantly detach'd Major Stillman with 
thirty Men to attack the Boats & harrass the Enemy in their 
Retreat. The Major proceeded by Land till he got abreast 
of the Brig and Boats about a Mile and half below the Falls 
and began a heavy Fire, which was warmly return'd for 
some Time from the Brig with Cannon and small Arms ; 


The Affair Continued in this Posture till they came opposite 
the Battery which they had taken at first when the Brig 
came to an Anchor, the Boats not being able to keep an}* 
longer ahead, because of the incessant Fire of our People, 
wliich, as the River is pretty narrow, must do considerable 
Execution among the Boats; Next morning she got under 
way again with the Boats ahead, and were again attack'd by 
our Men on both Sides of the River, but finally got out of 
reach of small Arms & run aground so that she was left dry 
at Low Water : Our People got one of the 2 pounders down 
& began to play upon her in this Position, and hull'd her 
several Times ; It is very unfortunate that we had not one 
or two good Peices of Cannon, as by that means the Brig 
must have struck to us — However having lighten'd her 
with the help of the Sloop, she got off the next high Water 
&, drop'd down to the other Ships & this Morning the whole 
came to Sail & went out, except the Milford ; Their Destina- 
nation is unknown to us as yet but I shall take Care to 
inform your Honors as soon as I can procure any Intelligence 

I must beg Leave to Request an immediate Supply of 
Ammunition and Provisions, as what I brought with me will 
last but a little while, having been oblig'd to expend a good 
deal in this three dajs Siege. In all these attacks our Loss 
is only One Man kill'd and Cap* Farnsworth of my Reg* 
wounded but hope he will do well. 

Great Praise is due to Col : Foster and the Militia under 
his Command, who gave me all the Assistance I could desire 
and behaved Extremely well, as also to Major Stillman, and 
the rest of the Officers and Men belonging to the two Regi- 
ments now raising. 

It happen'd Extremely well for us that M'' Allan and M"^ 
Prebble had arriv'd here with about 40 Indians who were of 
great Service to us and assisted us greatly — 


The Enemy's Loss in all these Attacks must have been 
pretty considerable, though we cannot at present come at any 
Certainty of it — 

For further Particulars I refer you to Lieu^ Col : Campbell 
who has been very alert on this Occasion, & given us all the 
Assistance in his Power from the Western Settlements — 

I am with due Respect Your Honors most Obed* Humble 


Jon'^: Eddy 
g favour of L*^ Col : Campbell 

Letter from John Preble. Aug. 17, 1777. 

Machias Aug^ 17"^ 1777 
Honour'' Sir 

I Rec*^ your agreeable favours Dated June 9"' & July 17^'' 
by Col" Eddy & thank you for the Honour you intended me ) 
am desirous of Serving the State in any Respectable Capas- 
saty & Should be Glad of a Company if it can be Obtain'^ I 
think I may be appointed a Captain in the Novi scotia 
Rattallion without Raising the Men I am sensible its agre- 
able to their officers by what I have heard those present say. 
I live very happy & am treated with Grate friendship & 
Politeness by Col** Eddy & Col° Nevers. I have always 
been with M'' Allen since he ariv** from the Westward & 
have been his interpreter & assistant in any thing he pleas'^ 
to Command me in Bringing the Indians of from S*^ Johns «Sc 
to our assistance which is now Compleately performed.) for 
their is numbers of them I have had under my Command in 
the late action here with Dessen who has behaved with the 
Gratest Bravery eaquel to Vettran Troops, you will have a 
Particular account Rote by the Commanding ofticer I sup- 
pose so Shall only Mention that dossen & 3 Ships arived 
here Wednesday Landed 150 men at M"" Scott Farm 3 miles 


below the town drove a few of our people from a Battery 
wherein was a peace of Cannon & one Swivel Burnt 3 
Houses & a Barn, then Thursday imbark'^ their men in a 
Sloop taken of Cap* Longs & proceeded up to the Town of 
Machious with the Brigg & Sloop towed by a Number of 
Boats, at their arival finding the place fortifyed by some 
Woorks Cannon & Swivels Mounted the men well pleas'* I 
with the Indians upon the left Made such an apperance that 
dossen immediately Tack** Round & began towing down the 
River this was all by CoP Edeys Good Conduct, a detach- 
ment was immediately ordered down the Western Side of 
the River to fire upon the Boats which was dun with the 
Gratest Resolution that Evening & Run the Brigg a Ground 
after killing some of their men our loss was but one man 
kill** altho they fii'ed verry Sharpl}^ A\dth their Cannon the 
Next morning at light I was down with the Indians & pep- 
pered the Brigg a spell the tide serveing at about 10 oclock 
she Got under way it being Calm was obblig** to make use of 
her Boats then we ware Reinfors*', & played upon them from 
Both Sides the River which Gaul'd them much & Run tlie 
Brigg a Ground a Gain mile & half below, then a peace of 
Cannon was provided & played upon her together with 
Small arms till the Night tide when She went down. I then 
commanded a party of 35 men to Watch their motions.) to 
day they have all Saild but one Ship so that we are verry 
happy now after the Gratest fateague by Col° Eddeys desire I 
shall tarry till I heare from Boston as we dont know what 
may happen here. — 

The Goods I Rec** of the States is all dispos'^ of Except 
what the Enemy took from me when I was drove of the 
River the first time, Some to M"^ Allen with Beaver &'' for 
the use of the Indians for their Services as paper money 
woudent answer. 

I shall Render a just account as soon as I come up to Bos- 


ton. I must beg the favour you Gitt me a Captains pay if 
posible it may be dun with the Indians I think as Interpreter 
to M'^' Allen & assistant &,^. 

I hope Sir you will Rite Me all oppertunitys which will 
be much Obbligemg 

3^our affectionate & Dutifull Son 

John Preble 
P.S. I hope Sir you will due all in your Power to hassen 
this Expedition I long to see Novi Scotia Redus*^ 


Since I Wrote my letter a deserter is arived who Swam 2 
miles from the Rainbow & informs me they sent 300 men up 
the River to land that about 60 was kilF in the hole.) 10 
of their people was kilF & 10 wounded, another man left 
the SLlp in Company with him but what is become of him 
he Cant tell, their was 60 of Cap* manlys men on Board 
which ware station'^ between decks the Ships that was here 
was the Rainbow Maremaid Vulter & Dossen Brigg they 
had been at Mount desert where 2 torys went on Board 
them) the Cap* of the Rainbow Swares he will Bring more 
men & Destroy machious he thinks there was 600 here — 

To Brig** Gen^ Prebble att Boston 

Letter from Men'' Smjer. Aug. 18, 1777. 

Wells Aug«* 18"^ 1777 
Hon-i S"^ 

I have taken the utmost Pains to obey the last Order of 
Council & make Return of the Men drafted & marchd but 
find that I cannot have Returns 'till the Day fix'd by Coun- 
cil for me to make a Return I expect the Companies 


drafted from this Brigade will march the last of this Week 

or the Beginning of Next at farthest. 

I am with Respect your Honors Most obed* hum^ Serv* 

Eben"' Sayer 
Hon'^ Col° Powell 

p' Fav' N Wells Esq"^ 

Letter from Jon'^ Eddy Esq. Aug. 18, 1777. 

Machias August 18"^ 1777 

I wrote yesterday to the Hon^*® Council, acquamting them 
with the Particulars of our late Seige here : but could not 
give any Certain Account of the Enemy's Loss in their 
attempt on this Place, but last Night a Deserter swam ashore 
from the Ship still remaining in the Harbour, who gives us 
the following Intelligence viz : That the Number of the 
Enemy at first was three hundred Men, and that the Loss 
they sustained in the several Attacks was upwards of Sev- 
enty kill'd and wounded ; 

Please to communicate the above to the Council — 

I am Sir Your most Obed*^ Humble Serv* 

Jonathan Eddy 
To Hon^^« Brigad"" Prebble 

g favor of L* Col : Campbell 

Letter from the Council to John Allan Esq. Aug. 19, 1777. 

State of Massachusetts Bay 

Council Chamber, August 19"^ 1777 


You have been advised that the general Court have laid 
aside, for the present, the expedition to S* Johns River, 


This encloses a Copy of a Resolution of Court of the 16*^ 
Inst, for retaining one Company, with Provisions, Arms &c 
for the Service of the Eastern Parts. — Col" Eddy has instruc- 
tions respecting the Company ; & M"^ Stephen Smith is 
instructed about the Provisions, Arms, (fe*^ To these persons 
yon will apply in the premises as occasion shall require. 

We hope you will be directed into the wisest & best meas- 
ures, & be preserved from the hands of our enemies, whose 
tender mercies are cruelty in the extreme. The Indians may 
be furnished, in some degree, from the Stores in M"^ Smith's 
hands. Your favor of the 10"* Ult° came to hand a few days 
since — 

John Allan Esq"^ 

Letter to Stepheri Smith. Aug. 19, 1777. 

State of Massachusetts-Bay 

Council Chamber, August IQ''* 1777. 

Yours of the 31" ult° came duly to hand — The circum- 
stances of our Military affairs, especially in the Northern 
Department, has occasioned the laying aside for the present 
the intended expedition to S* John's River. Inclosed you 
have a Copy of the Resolution of Court of the 16"' Inst for 
raising one Company for the Service of the Eastern parts, & 
for retaining certain provisions &° Agreeable to which, you 
will retain in your hands the said 13 Barrels of Pork, 37 
Barrels of Beef, 20 Barrels of Flour, & 52 Barrels of Bread, 
for the use of said Company, & Such of the Inhabitants of 
the Eastern parts ( our Friends ) who may stand most in 
need of Aid. You will also retain Such a part of the Fire- 
Arm, Ammunition & Accoutrements, in your hands, as you 


shall judge necessary for said Company And you will also 
deliver the same agreeable to the Spirit & intention of said 
Resolve. — 

M' Stephen Smith Machias 

Letter from Col. Jonah Brewer. Aug. 20*^ 1777. 

Penobscot August 20^^^ 1777 
Honourd Sir 

I would beg leave to acquaint your Honour That the Pro- 
vission I Received for the Penobscot Guard under the Com- 
mand of Leiu* Andrew Gillman Ended the ll*** Instant I 
shall be oblig'd to your Trouble in procureing an order for 
the remmainder of the Provission ( to be sent me by the first 
opportunity ) to the 1®* of Dece' next Agreeable to Order of 
Court Dated the 28*'' April last — As I have Borrow'd Pro- 
vissions to Supply them untill I cou'd procure it from Bos- 
ton — I make no doubt you have heard of the movement of 
the Enemy to Machias. The commanding Officer their has 
requested my Assistance — I have agreeable to his request 
Equip'd one fourth part of my Regiment, with Arms, 
Ammunition & Provissions & have sent them under proper 
Officers — Also Order' d L' Gillman to send the Major part 
of his Guard to their Assistance — 

Your Trouble in The Above will be great fully Aeknowl- 

edg'd By 

Your Most Obedient Humble Serv* to Command 

Josiah Brewer 
To The Hon^i^ Artemas Ward Esq"^ 

Letter from John Johnson. Aug. 20, 1777. 

May it Please your Honours 

The Councel of the Massachusetts Bay in New England 
was Pleased to Honour Me with a Commision of the Milli- 


tary Command of a Company in the Western Precinct of 
Pownalborough And my Affairs is Such that I cant do my 
Duty therein acording to the Expectation of the Council, I 
therefore most Humbly Begg leave of your Honours To 
Resigne the Said Commision — 

And whareas my first Leautenant M"^ Carr Barker of said 
Compimj^ is a suitable Person to take the Command of said 
Compeny and Jonathan Reed J"" the Second Leautenant of 
said Company is a sutable Person allso and Agreabl to the 
People to be advanced to the first Leautenant if your Hon- 
ours Should Think it Proper to Honour them with those 
Commands And M"" Thomas Densmore first Sargant would 
be a suetabl Person for a Second Leautenant and I beleave 
aGreabl to the People If your Honours Should think Proper 
to Honor him with that Command — All which is Most 
Humbly Submitted By your Honours Most Dutifull Most 

Obediant and Vary Humbl Serv* 

John Johnson 
Pownalborough West 

Precinct August 20^^ 1777 

Copy of Letter from John Milligan Aug 22^ 1777. 


I have sent the Bearer to you with a Proposal which I 
hope you will think both just and requisite, and that accord- 
ingly you will comply with it; as it will be a means of 
instantly alleviating the Hardship of Confinement and like- 
wise m future serve many of your People that may fall into 
our hands ; I have on board His Majesty's Ship under my 
Command, four Young Men, Natives of Boston, Marblehead 
&c — that want to be at home with their Friends — Now if 
you will exchange the Four men belonging to me ( that 


some of your People surprizd, and took Prisoners at Cross 
Island, the day before Yesterday, as they were innocently & 
without Suspicion of hurt to any one, filling some Water 
Casks ) I will send you these four young Men in Lieu — 
You may assure yourself I am upon Honour, Send me the 
Men either by themselves or with others, you may be assur'd 
no one of their Conductors shall be touch'd or offended — I 
would observe that when the Blonde was in the River, we 
could have burnt all the Dwelling Houses along Shore — 
But even that, or pillaging, I despis'd as it was only affect- 
ing a few poor People — This is mentioned to say something 
in favour of the four Men now in your hands — Their Loss 
to the Ship is not much ( as they are all Land men ■) to 
them selves poor Fellows great, as missing the Ship now^, 
they may never join her again — 

Blonde in Machias Bay 22"^ Aug* 1777 

T am Sir, Your most hble Serv* 

Jn** Milligin 

To the Principal Officer or Commandant at Machias Town 

Letter from Jon'' Eddy Aug. 23'^ 1777 

Machias August 23^ 1777 
To the Hon''^^ Council of the State of Massachusetts Bay — 
Since my last, I am inform'd the Frigate that remain'd in 
the Harbour after the Departure of the other Ships, is the 
Blonde of 32 Guns, and understanding that Boats went fre- 
quently from her to Cross Island at the Mouth of the Har- 
bour for the Purpose of wooding and watering, on the 
Evening of the 19*** Ins* I detach'd Major Stillman with a 
Small Party of our Men & a few Indians to Cross Island, 
who next morning having discover'd some of the Enemy 


ashore Watering, attack'd tbem, took three Prisoners, kill'd 
one and wounded all the rest, four in Number, one of them 
mortally, who nevertheless got on board : Last Night I 
receivd a Letter from the Captain of the aforesaid Frigate 
proposing to exchange four New England Men he had on 
board for those we took the other Day a Copy of which I 
herewith enclose your Honors, but the Boy who was sent 
with the Letter, was so long coming, that the Ship got under 
Sail & went off — so that I am oblig'd to send them West- 

I must Request of your Honors to send me a speedy Sup- 
ply of Men and also of Ammunition and Provisions, as it 
appears very probable to me, and I am also inform'd by the 
Boy who brought me the Letter from the Captain of the 
Frigate, that the Enemy's Ships are gone for more Men, And 
will make a second Attempt on this Place, if they can get a 
sufficient Reinforcement, which, as Matters are now circum- 
stancd here a small force will do — 

I am with due Respect Your Honors most obed^ Humble 


Jon* Eddy 

Letter from Ehen^ Sayer. Aug. 24-, 1777. 

Wells Aug«* 24"> 17Y7 
To the Honi Council of the State of Mass** Bay 
May it please your Honors 

Agreable to Order of Council of the 9*'' Lis' I herewith 
send a Return of the Sixth Part of the able bodied effective 
Men drafted from the Brigade in the County of York and 
have given Orders for them to march tlie 25*'' Lis* I have 


likewise assign'd proper Officers to command the Battalion 
as will appear by my Return — 

As I doubt not but your Honors are dispos'd to pay the 
Strictest Attention to the Interest of every Individual in this 
State you will permit me to express my Sentiments relative 
to a late Appointment in this County I mean a Brigadier 
with that Plainness and Freedom which every Member of 
Society is intitled to. 

It has ever been consider'd that when an Officer is super- 
seded that at least some Part of his Conduct in Office is 
blameable and therefore he is degraded but if Facts do not 
justify the Step his Character ( which to a Man of the least 
Sensibility is dearer than Life ) is injured if this is admitted 
I would ask am not I unjustly degraded ? Perhaps it may 
be answer'd the Court exercis'd their Judgment & appointed 
a Gentleman of the most distinguished Abilities in the 
Brigade I am positive Nine Tenths of the Brigade are of 
different Sentiments and I could heartily wish M'' Frost's 
Abilities and Acquirements might be bro* to a publick 
Examen I wish not to be distinguish'd by titular Dignities 
but only demand that an Inquiry may _ had into my Con- 
duct whilst in Office and if it deserves the Stigma the Court 
has been pleas'd to affix to my Character I shall be perfectly 
satisfied — 

But as the publick Exigencies require a Commander of 
the first Regiment in this Brigade I will inform your Honors 
I shall not for the future act as I have heretofore officially 
by your Honors Command as Col" of the first Rrg* in this 
Brigade or Col" Command* of Brigade whilst M'^ Frost holds 
a Commission as Brigadier the only Fav" I have to request 
of your Honors is that you would permit me to resign my 
Commission as a Justice of the Peace which I herewith 
inclose I have the Honor to be 

Y'' Honors Most obedi* hum^ Serv* 

Ebenezer Sayer 


Letter from Col. Benj"^ Foster. Aug. 27, 1777. 

Mechias 27*'' August 1777 
May it please your Honors 

In compliance with my duty, permit me to inform your 
Honors that on the 13'^ Instant came into this Harbour 
three Brittish ships & one Brigantine of Sixty, thirty two, 
twenty eighty, & fourteen guns. The Brig with one flat 
bottom arm'd & the ships boats made all dispatch up the 
river till they were within reach of a Breastwork we had 
thrown up when a firing began on our part from the breast- 
work & on the enemies from the Brig «& Boats, one of the 
Frigates follow'd so far up the river till she grounded, the 
day following they landed under cover of their Cannon 
favor'd by a very thick fog, from the best account, about 
three hundred men, paraded themselves, set fire to three 
Dwelling houses & two Barns & re'eiiterd their vessels, same 
day they attempted to carry the principal part of the settle- 
ment but met with so spirited an opposition that the Brig 
with the Boats assistance made the best of their way down 
river again and on the third day after a smart tiring on them 
by the Inhabitants, Indians & people, occasionally with us 
they left the river, had we been possest of but six Cannon of 
12 or even 9 pounders the Brig & Ship would never have 
got out of the Harbour. Our loss was one man killed & 
Cap* Farnsworth slightly wounded, but from the best intelli- 
gence we are able to get of prisoners and deserters their loss 
is very great, at present they have left the Harbour but 
how soon they will return with a superior strength we are 
unable to determine, our accounts are that the ships are 
return'd Nova Scotia for more men and we are in full 
expectation of a speedy visit from them again the expedi- 
tion forming against Nova Scotia we are fully perswaded has 
drawn the enemy on us. the Order your Honors have sent 
for Disbanding the Regiments & transporting the military 


stores & provisions from this place back has thrown us into 
the utmost consternation we are exposed both to the insult 
of our adversaries and apparent want, the Indians among 
us appear dejected & apprehend they shall be obliged to join 
the enemy for support & unless your Honors will immedi- 
ately relieve us with men Provissions & Cannon we must 
fall a Sacrifice, the Committee with desire of the inhab- 
itants have agreed to detain what supplies are already in the 
place till they can hear from your Honors, and take into pay 
one hundred of the Militia west of us belonging to this Regi- 
ment, for one month, as this was the place of rendevous the 
enemy has its destruction much at heart, & in case they 
carry their point upwards of one hundred families will be 
destroy'd, captivated or must flee into tlie heart of the state 
for protection & relief & an extent of more than one hundred 
mile seacoast will become an easy prey. 

If we are worth preserving may I beseech your Honors, in 
behalf of the inhabitants to afford us that immediate assist- 
ance of men & Supplies, your Honors shall judge effectual 
for our preservation. I have the pleasure to inform your 
Honors that the Indian & Inhabitants exerted themselves to 
their utmost notwithstanding the superior numbers & 
strength of the Enemy forced them to retreat with great 
loss, besides the foregoing damage done they consumed one 
grist mill & plunderd some Houses — 

I am with profound respect Your Honors most obedient 

humble servant 

Benj° Foster 

The Honorable Council & Honorable Representatives for 
the Massachusetts State — 


Letter from George. Stillman. Aug. 27, 1777. 

Machias Aug* 1V^ 1777 — 
May it please your Honors — 

Agreeable to my appointment as Major of a Regiment to 
be Raised for an expedition to S* Johns I Repaired, by your 
directions, with the disatches &c. to this Place, & with the 
consent & advice of Lieut Col^ Minott, I appointed the Offi- 
cers, of three companies, who proceed to raise their men as 
fast as Possible, but they had not all the success that could 
be wished, for only twenty nine in one Company have passed 
muster, and twenty four in the other, the third Company 
has a number Ingaged but none mustered, the officers & 
men of the musterd companys, have been on duty for six 
weeks Fast, and have received the most of their bounty, and 
blanketts, & behaved with the utmost bravery in the late 
action in this Place, indeed we w^ere all in high Spirits and 
every thing seemed to wear a smiling aspect, till the Brigade 
Major M'^ Newell arrived with positive orders to Disband all 
the troops in this department except those under my Com- 
mand. For the discharge of these there is no order tho I am 
fully convinced by what appears, that it was your Honors 
pleasure, that they also should be Dismissed. However as I 
Can keep them under my Command without breaking orders, 
and the exigencies of this Place seems to make it absolutely 
necessary so to do, I am determined, thro a Clear conviction 
of the necessity of Such a measure, and the importunities of 
the Committee and others, to detain them in the Service, till 
your honors pleasure is known, the danger this place is in 
continually has doubtless been represented to the Hon^^* 
Court by the Committee and CoP Allan, & therefore I shall 
only add, that I View it as in a Very critical situation, and 
that its preservation is an object worthy the attension of the 
State, when considered only in itself, but when we view, 
machias as a Valuable frontier town, a proper Retreat for 


the Indians, and a barrier to all our eastern Country, its 
importance to the state Rises in our esteem a Greater Excite- 
ment for Defending it 

I have the Honour to be With the Greatest Respect, your 
Honors Most Obedient Humble Serv* 

George Stillman 

Superscribed : 
On Publick Service The Hon^^® the Council Board for 
the State of the Massachusetts Bay Boston 

Machias August 28. 1777 — This may certify that there is 
in my hands the following Stores belonging to the State of 
Mass^ Bay put into my care at the request of the Committee 
of Safety of this place & the officers of the Militia &c — 

81 stand of Arms compleat with Accoutrements 
8 Arms & Bayonets slings & Belts 

2 Arms with slings only 
13 Tm Kettles 

7 double Blanketts 
76 single ditto 
500 flints 
1512 Cartridges 

3 broken Drums 
3 Fife 

4914^ lb Salt Beef at the rate of 220 lb in each Barrell 
2747 lb hard Bread 

The above are all that remain in my hands unexpended 

p"" Stephen Smith 


Mechias 28*'^ Aug' 1777 — 
May it please your Honours 

I have now to acquaint the Hon^*® Board that soon after 
my arrival from the westward — Major Stillman, Return'd 
in order to pass muster, Fifty Four non Commissioned Offi- 
cers & Soldiers — the Attempt of the Enemy with the many 
Intellegences daily rec*^ of their movements, Brings Duty 
very hard & Close, so that most of the recruits Cou'd not 
give that Little Assistance to their familys, as they Expected 
when Listed, to do before their being Embodied — 

This Occasioned many heavy Complaints, & for fear the 
Service should be Detered, & Willing to perform every thing 
which in me Lay for the good of it, I collected all the money 
Possible, w°^* I paid the Soldiers & Deliverd notes of hand 
for the remainder — This being done without Immediate 
orders from your Honours, or the Brigadier, it may no 
Doubt be Disputed, but as the service so much required it, 
& the men still Continuing in the Service ; I must pray your 
Honours to order the money to be sent me, the amount of 
which I here inclose you — 

I also advanced them, Blankets, & other things, which 
were to be allowed them. I was some what obliged to do 
this sooner than I intended, for there was not those suitable 
necessarys to Compleat their Raitions, such as molasses, 
beans, Pease, Indian meal, Butter, Candles, Soap &c 

The Duty has been very severe, both Militea, as well as 
Inlisted Troops, very Little has been done by People in their 
Private bushiess, not much Hay as yet been Procured, which 
Consequently will bring people to great straits, as well for 
their own Support as their stock — 

Time not permiting me at the Time Col. Campbell went 
of_ to write respecting the Enemys Attempt & other matter 
— shall defer mentioning any thing at Present on that sub- 
ject, as I Doubt not some others have given the Particulars 


— The Present Exigency, & Distress of these parts is hardly 
to be Conceived by a Stranger, the removing our Prortys & 
famileys in the woods, for fear of the Enemy — many persons 
Property was Embezzeled, & Distroy'd — & Their Familyes 
much Exposed — many Laying out in the open woods. — 

your Honours may remember that it was resolved, that 
any Provisions advanced for the S*^ Johns Expidition, should 
be replaced, w*''^ people puting their dependance on, by the 
scarcity, daily application is made, there is still remaining 
due 3691 >^ "^ Pork, 660 lb Rice, 1493 lb flour, 2 C Sugar, 11 
GalP N. E. Rum. This Expedition being of much service 
in securing the Interest of the Indians, I Doubt not but your 
Honours will order it to be replaced — The Truck House is 
at Preasent very Bare, M"^ Allan have Drained it very much 
with the Indians, we have great satisfaction in their zealous 
Attachment, but a great Expence Ensuing, which M'' Allan 
& myself is very uneasy about, pray Let me know Perticu- 
larly about it. — I have Impower'd Col" Campbell to act for 
me who is an Honest man — I shall as soon as Possible give 
a proper state of matters — 

I am with Duty & Respect y"^ Honours most obedient very 

Hble Serv* 

Stephen Smith 

On Publick Service To The Hon'^^^ The Councel Board 
of the State of the Massachusetts Boston 

2)*" The State of the Massichusetts Bay in ace* with 
Stephen Smith C^ 

Aug* 4"' To Cash paid Cap* Gooch for Freight 
of Sundrys from Boston Shipt by 
The Hon^i^ board of Warr 36 10 



To Bountyes paid to 54 Men Inlisted 
and Past Muster in Col. M<=Cobbs 
Redg* @ 120y 324 

To 1355^^ Fresh Beef Purchased for 
the Troops by Directions of Col. 
Eddy @ 6^ p '"> 33 17 6 

To 22 -)4: Gallons West India Rum 
Deliverd the Troops at Sundry 
Times by orders from CoP Eddy (w, 
127 e Gal 13 13 

£408 1 3 

To Ballance in my favour g Contra 273 13 
Also Deliverd in time of the Enemys 
Invasion against this Place 19 }4 
GalP New England Rum out of the 
Rum in my care belonging to the 
Truck House — 

By Cash rec^^ of Col Jonathan Eddy 

to Pay Soldiers Bounty 


By Ballance in my favour 

273 1 3 
^£408 1 3 

Mechias Aug' 28, 1777 

Errors Excepted 

Stephen Smith 

Letter from Benj'' Foster. Aug. 28, 1777. 

Machias August 28, 1777 

You are well acquainted with the vigorous attack made 

upon this place by our enemies, & their shameful retreat, & 

that we were in higli spirits, & had a prospect of standing 

our ground, should our enemies return with twice the force. 


But words cannot describe the distress & consternation, tbat 
succeeded the discharge of the troops destined against Nova 
Scotia. We have, however, come to a resolution, to call in 
100 men of the militia & to pay them ourselves, if the Gen- 
eral Court do not see fit to pay them. But such are our cir- 
cumstances, that I expect we shall be as much distressed for 
provisions, as with the apprehension of another attack. I 
beg therefore, that you would use all your influence with the 
General Court, in order to obtain relief, both in men & pro- 
vision. And as almost all the inhabitants of this place 
have for some time past been obliged to lay aside their busi- 
ness, & attend in the best manner they are able, to the pres- 
ervation of the place, & are still obliged to do so, 1 desire 
you would lay this matter also before the Court, & pray 
them to put us under pay. I shall only add, that, as you 
are no stranger to our distresses, I take it for granted, that 
you will do every thing in your power for the benefit of this 
place, this distressed eastern Country, & the State 
I am Sir your very humb^ Servant 

Benj* Foster 
Col. Alex' Campbell 

Favord by Major Nevers 

Letter from Committee at Machias. Aug. S9, 1777 

To the honorable The Councel for the State of Massachu- 
setts bay 
May it please your honours The Committee of Mechias 
begg Leave one More To aquent you of our most Distressing 
Scurcomstances wee Still Labour by the borrows of warr and 
blood sheed. wee flattered our selves wheen wee under- 
stood that thayr was Two Regments to be Roused for an 
Expeadition to S* Johns and the Alford man of warr with 


such other Ships as mite be thought Necessary for the Pro- 
taction of the Stores for said Armement, ware to Randevews 
at mechias Would aBen a Suffient Protection for this place 
for this Seson but ahiss it has a Deferent aft'act, the Intelli- 
gence thareof Our Enemys Got no Doubt Verey Early of 
this matter which has Turned this place Reather into a 
Coind of a Seat of war as Thay heave Indevered to Totieley 
Distroy uss firt wee ware alarmed by the Amljerskade of 
Thirty Two Guns Who Sent A Lent with a Barge Crewa 
shore under a fiagg proteending Thay Wanted to Exchange 
Prisners & that the Capt Wanted To see the Comniitte on 
bord and Talk with 

Declared thay Shukl be used well and be Sot on shore agene 
ameaditely but wee thinking them to be Reather Speys them 
aproper flagg Ordered them to Depart Ameaditely as we 
Shuld hold no Cori-espondence with him nor his Captian to 
which thay Complyed Shee Ly her some time which accos- 
ened the melitia under Conol Foster to be upon Dutey to 
wach thare motions and So it has Continued the most part of 
this Summer the Melitia of this place has ben heald to Close 
Dutey which has Reduced the Inhabatnents to Great Streats 
and Deffcultys as well as Some of our Neabouring Meletia 
Who Came to our Assestence notwithstanding all wee Culd 
Due the Enemy after passing up the River with three Ship 
A Brig and Sloope burnt one Grist mill three Dewling 
houses two Learge Barns with Considerabel English Hay in 
them plundred many liouses Down River whare no Person 
Oposed them, Carred on Ijord thare Ships Cattel Sfieap & 
hoogs the Number we Cannot assartion, but it has Distressed 
the Poor Inhabatnents greateley whos houses and affacts 
ware under the Command of the Ships Guns & all the 
women & Childrcen In the place ware Removed back into 
the woods whicli Remained almost a Week without any 
Shealer but the woods and tlie wather proving Verey Reney 


Eveiy night During the Time of the Seage and many of 
them Not heaving any of the Common Nacesserys of Life to 
Subsist on but throo an Interpossition of Divin providence 
wee obliged the Enemy to Retreat with a Considrabel Loss 
according to the Best accounts we Can gitt our Loss was 
only one Killed & Capt Farnsworth Wounded Who is Like 
to Do well &c — 

Last Sundey arived heer Bridgade maj"" Newel with orders 
for Disbanding the Trups which Struck the Whol Inhabat- 
ent Into the utmost Constanation after Just Repaleing the 
Enemy and Expecting to Return verey Soon agine with a 
Stronger forcee Ameadetely assembleyed a Meeting of the 
whole and Chose a Committe to Waite upon Conol Eday to 
Diser him not to Disband the Trups under his Command 
Tell your honours Culd be notified of our Sitevation and 
your Peleusher be further Known to which Requst he 
Declined Maj' Stillman with a Detchement of Conol 
M'^Cobbs Regemnt under his Command ar not as yett Dis- 
meseed the Inhabatnents at said Meeting Voted umamin- 
esly and signed to a Cartain Agreement to Boind them 
selves and Easteats to pay and Suport one hundred of the 
Neabrouing Meletia which the Conol will ameaditeley Draft 
for the Defence of this place as we are willing to Lay Down 
our all in the Cause wee had Reather Spend what Littel we 
heave In Defending so Glorious a Cause then to heave it fall 
Into the hands of Brittish Tyrants Who Ever wee are not 
out of hopes of your honors Protection wee humbly ask 
that the two Corapanys Wes & Dyers under the Command 
of Maj"" Stillman may be filled and Keep up for the Defence 
of this place as well as the one hundred meleteae men be 
payd and suported for a while which number wee hope will 
be Suffient With our own Inhabatnents to In Counter what 
Enemey are Like to Come to anoy uss. & we must not 
forgett to mention the Indians good attachment to our Cause 


Enflueneced by John Allen Esq"" the Super Intendent, which 
behaved to great Satisfaction During the Leat Seauge & 
your honours ware pleased to send up an Order on Cap* 
Stephen Smith to Receve of him and Replace what Pro- 
visions in Coind to the severel Persons that advanced 
it towards Suporting the Party that went to S' Johns 
which he has in part to some Necessetus Persons but as 
Conol Edeys Demands has ben so Great for proviseons said 
Smith lias it not in his power to Replace all thare is Still 
Due to severel Persons 3691i^>^» pork 1493 3^''' flower 666"' 
Rice 3 bushels peas & 200''' Shuger Insteed of molasses as 
that Culd not be obtaneed All of which is Due to Severel 
Persons wliich are in Great want of it and are Dealing Call- 
ing upon the Committe for it as thay obleagated them selves 
to Replace the Same we pray your honors as Sune as posabel 
to Enabel Capt Smith 

To the Hon. Council & House of Representatives of the State 
of Massachusetts Bay : — 
I have Endeavoured to inform your Honors in some part 
of my Proceedings since my departure from Boston. I left 
the long wharf in Boston together with Mr. Row & Mr. How 
and arrived at Mewbury the second Day, where we chartered 
a small Vessel to carry us to Machias, at which place we 
arrived after many unfortunate Accidents in about three 
weeks from the time of setting out. During my stay at 
Machias I met with Col. Shaw by whose favor I obtained 
Cap* West & several other good Men, to the amount of about 
twenty, to join me in the Expedition against Fort Cumber- 
land. Then Proceeded to Passainaquoddy where I was 
joined by a few more: from thence to the River St Johns I 
went up the Same about Sixty Miles to the Inhabitants 
wliom I found ahuost universally to be hearty in the cause 


and joined us with 1 Cap* 1 Lieu* & Twenty five Men, as 
also 16 Indians : so that our whqle force now amounted to 
Twenty two Men, and mth this Party I set off for Cumber- 
land in Whale Boats and canoes, and standing up the Bay 
arrivd in a few Days at Shepody in the s^ County. 

at Shepody we found and took Cap* Walker and a Party 
of thirteen Men who had been stationed there by Col. Gore- 
ham Commander of the Garrison at Cumberland, for the 
Purpose of getting Intelligence &c. Hence we Proceeded to 
Memrancook, and there had a conference Avith the French, 
who Readily joined us, although they saw the weakness of 
our Party We then march'd 12 miles through the woods to 
Sackville & there were met by the committee who Expressed 
their Uneasiness at seeing so few of us and those unprovided 
with artillery. Nevertheless hoping that Col. Shaw would 
soon come to our Assistance with a Reinforcement they 
unanimously joined us. The same Night, I sent off a small 
Detachment who march'd about 12 miles through very bad 
roads to Westcock and there took a schooner in Aulack 
River, loaden with Apples, Cyder, English Goods &c. to the 
Amount of about ,£300 but finding afterwards that she was 
the Property of Mr. Hall of Annapohs, Avho is a good friend 
to the Cause of Liberty, I discharged her. I afterwards sent 
another Boat Load of Men, as a Reinforcement to the first 
Party, making together about 30 Men, in order to take a 
Sloop which lay on the Flats below the Fort loaden with 
Provisions and other necessaries for the Garrison. After a 
Difficult March, they arrivd opposite the Sloop, on board of 
which was a Guard of 1 Sergt. & 12 Men who had they fired 
at our People must have alarmd the Garrison in such a Man- 
ner as to have brought them on their Backs. However our 
Men rushed Resolutely towards the Sloop up to their Knees 
in Mud which made such a Noise as to alarm the Gentry who 
hailed them & immediately called the Sergt. of the Guard. 


The Sergt. on coming up Ordered his men to fire, but was 
immediately told by Mr. Row that if they fir'd one Gun, 
every man of them should be put to Death, which so fright- 
ened the poor Devils that they surrendered without firing a 
shot although our People Could not board her without the 
assistance of the conquered who let down Ropes to our men 
to get up by. By this time the Day broke and the Rest of 
our Party made to their assistance in the schooner afore- 
mentioned & some Boats. In the mean Time Came down 
Several Parties of Soldiers from the Fort not knowing the 
Sloop was taken ( who ) as fast as they Came were made 
Prisoners by our Men & ordered on board. Among the Best 
Capt. Barron, Engineer of the Garrison and M. Eagleson, 
who may be truly Called the Best of Society and by his 
unseasonable Drunkenness the Evening before prevented his 
own Escape and occasioned his being taken in Arms. 

The Sloop now beginning to float and the Fog breaking 
away, we were discovered by the Garrison who observing our 
Sails loose thought at first, it was done only with an Interest 
to dry them, but soon perceiving that we were under way 
fir'd several Cannon shots at us and march'd down a Party 
of 60 Men to attack us, but we were at such Distance, that 
all their Shot was of no Consequence. 

We then saild to Fort Lawrence another part of the Town- 
ship and there landed Part of the Stores on board the Sloop 
to Enable us to attack the Garrison 

Having left a small Guard on board the Sloop to secure 
the Prisoners I march'd the Remainder to Cumberland side 
of the River and Encamped within about One Mile of the 
Fort, and was there joined by a Number of the Inhabitants 
so that our whole Force was now about 180 Men, but having 
several outposts to guard and many Prisoners to take Care 
of, the Number that Remain'd in the Camp did not exceed 
80 Men. I now thought Proper to invest the Fort and for 


this Purpose sent a summons to the Commanding Officer to 
surrender (^ a copy of which together with his Answer I have 
Enclos'*^ ) 

Upon CoL Gorham's Refusal to surrender We attempted 
to storm the Fort on the Night of the 12"' Nov. with our 
Scaling Ladders & other Accoutrements but finding the Fort 
to be stronger than we imagined ( occasioned by late Repairs ) 
we thought fit to Relinquish our Design after a heavy firing 
from their Great Guns and small arms without Intermission 
for 2 Hours which was sustained without any Loss except 
one Indian being wounded who behaved very gallantly, and 
Retreated in good Order to our Camp. 

Our whole Force in this Attack consisted of about 80 Men 
while the Enemy was 100 strong in the Fort as I learn'd 
since from Some Deserters who came over to us ; a greater 
number than we imagined. I must needs acquaint your 
Honours that never Men behaved better than ours during 
the Engagement, never flinching in the midst of a furious 
cannonade from the Enemy. 

In this Position we Continued a Number of Days and 
totally Cut off their Communication with the country, keep- 
ing them closely block'd up within the Fort which we 
Expected to take in a little Time by the Assistance of a 
Reinforcement from the Westward 

In the mean Time on the 27*^ Nov. arrivd in the Bay a 
Man of War from Halifax with a Reinforcement for the Gar- 
rison consisting of near 400 Men & landed on that and the 
day following 

Nov' SO**" the Enemy to the Number of 200 came out in 
the Night by a roundabout March got partly mthin our 
Guards notwithstanding we had Scouts out all Night and 
about Sunrise furiously Rushed u})on the Barracks where 
our Men were quarter'd, who had but just Time Enough to 
Escape out of the Houses and run into the Brush where 


( notwithstanding the surprise in which we were ) our Men 
killed & wounded 15 of the Enemy while we lost only one 
Man, who was killed in the camp. 

In the midst of such a Tumult they at length proceeded 
about 2 Miles into the country to the Place where they 
imagined our stores &c. to be & in the course of their March 
burnt 12 Houses & 12 Barns in some of which the greater 
Part of our Stores were deposited. In this Dilemma My 
Party being greatly weakened by sending off many for 
Guards with the Prisoners &c. and our Stores being con- 
sumed it was thought Proper by the Committee that we 
should Retreat to St. John's River & there make a Stand, till 
we could have some certain Intelhgence from the Westward 
which we hope we shall have in a short time by the Favour 
of the committee, who are gone forward. And as it appears 
to be the Opinion of the Committee of Cumberland & St. 
John's River that I should Remain here I am determined to 
make a Stand at this Place till I am drove off which I 
believe will not be Easily done unless the Enemy should 
send a Force from Halifax by Water on Purpose to subdue 
this Settlement as I am continually Reinforced by People 
from Cumberland and the Neighboring Counties so that I 
beheve we shall be able to Repulse any Party that may be 
sent from the Garrison of Cumberland though I imagine we 
shall not be troubled by any Irruption from them this Win- 
ter as the Reinforcement is chiefly gone having left only 
about 200 Men in the Fort and they in a bad condition for 
want of cloathing ; and if 200 men could be sent us by Land 
this winter we could reduce the Garrison by cutting off their 
Supplies of Wood which they are obliged to go 8 or 9 miles 
for through a Country full of small Spruce, Fir & such like 
wood, consequently very convenient for us to lay in 
Ambush, as we are perfectly acquainted and the Enemy 
strangers thereto, and this your Honours may Easily Con- 


ceive as we Destroyed a Number of Houses the Property of 
Friends to each Side which lay adjacent to the Fort and the 
commanding Officer having given Orders to pull them down 
& carry the Timber into tlie Fort for Firing. The Commit- 
tee Ordered me to Prevent it by firing them which I did 
accordingly and left them destitute of anything to burn 
within some miles. On this River are a Considerable Num- 
ber of Indians who are universally hearty in the cause 16 of 
whom, together with their Governor Ambrose accompanyd 
me in the Expedition and behav'd most gallantly but are a 
little Uneasy that No Goods are yet arriv'd for them from 
Boston agreeable to the late Treaty with them which was 
Ratify'd by Col. Shaw in Behalf of the State, and I should 
be very glad if your Honors would Satisfy them in this 
Point as soon as possible, as they have been Extremely faith- 
ful during this contest; and if this is done I am confident I 
can have near 200 of them to join me in any Expedition 
against the Enemy 

All my Transactions in this Affair have been done by the 
Authority of a Committee of Safety, for the County of Cum- 
berland and many Difficulties having arisen for want of com- 
missions I hope your Honor will send some blank ones for 
the raising of a Regiment in this Province if the Hon. Con- 
tinental Congress should think fit to carry on the War 
further in this Quarter so that Proper Regulations may be 
made and many disorderly actions prevented. 

I am Your Honor's Most Obed' & Humble Serv*' 

Jonathan Eddy 
Wangerville on the River St. Johns Jan'y 6'^ 1777. 

The Committee on the Petition of the Company of Militia 
in the Town of Fryeburg have attended that Service and 



report by way of Resolve Viz : State of Massachusetts Bay 
In the House of Representatives, January 5, 1777 
Resolved. [ torn ] 
chosen by said company [ torn ] 
held at said Fryeburg [ torn ] 
May last Viz : Joseph Fry Jun [ torn ] 
Samuel Osgood first Lieut and Isaac Walker Second Lieut., 
be and hereby are Established in their respective offices to 
which they were chosen as aforesaid and all belonging to said 
Company within the Limit of said Town are hereby enjoined 
to yeild Due Obedience to their Commands as the Law for 
Volunteers to Militia of this State Directs. The want of the 
Presence of a Field officer of the Regiments to which they 
belong to Preside as Moderator of their Meeting [ torn ] 

In Council Jany 7, 1777 
Read & Concurr'd 

Jn° Avery Dp^ Sec'y. 
Consented to 

Sent up for Concurrence 
Saml Freeman Speak'' P. 

B. Greenleaf 
Jer. Powell 
John Taylor 
A. Ward 
Caleb Cushinsf 

Jabez Fisher 
R. Derby 
D. Hopkins 
Dan'l Davis 
Jos. Cushing 

Moses Gill 
B. White 

E. Thayer Jr. 
Benj. Austin 

F. M. Dana 

State of the Massachusetts Bay To the honorable council 
& honorable house of Representatives of said State in general 
Court assembled 

The Petitions of the Proprietors of Pearson town in the 
county of Cumberland humbly sheweth 

That they have at great expense, built and given the 
inhabitants of said township a house for public Worship Set- 
tled and supported a gospel Minister among them, clear'd 


out Roads and made Bridges & amended & repaired them & 
done as much as they ought or were able to do to promote 
the settlement of the township. That there are now settled 
there between fifty and sixty Families most of whom are 
Freeholders and many of them have good farms & are fore- 
handed farmers and good livers & well able to pay their 
minister a competent Sallery, if not so large an one as he 
has received from the Generousity of the proprietors, yet 
such an one as he ought at present to be content with until 
said Inhabitants shall be able to increase it considering he 
has already principally by the proprietors assistance acquired 
a very good estate in the township. That the last division 
of lands there is more than half drawn already & ye draft of 
ye whole will soon be completed, so that they will be pro- 
prietors of common lands there but a little while longer and 
the Business of the propriety as such will soon be finished & 

Havmg therefore done as much for said Inhabitants as 
they ought or are able to do, the Proprietors humbly pray 
that the said Inhabitants may be obliged to support the Gos- 
pel there, amend the roads & bear the burdens incident to 
towns corporate & that they may also be entitled to the 
privileges of such and for these purposes the Proprietors 
humbly pray that said Township may be incorporated, and 
they as in duty bound will ever pray. 

Benj Titcomb Prop"^* clerk 
in the House & by Order of the Proprietors 

Jany 9, 1777. 

State of Massachuseetts Bay 

In the House of Representatives Jan 8, 1776 

On the Petition of the Proprietors of a Township called 

Pearsontown for the County of Cumberland praying that 


said Township may be incorporated for reasons therein 

Resolved that Benjamin Titcomb, Clerk of said Proprie- 
tors, notify the Inhabitants of the township aforesaid ( by 
Posting a copy of this Resolve at some Public Place there 
and also by inserting the same in the Newbury Port News 
Paper three weeks successively ) that they shew cause to 
this court if any they have on the 19'^ February next if the 
court be then setting and if not on the Second Tuesday of 
the then next meeting of tlie General Court why the Prayer 
of said Petition should not be granted 
Sent up for concurrence 

Saml Freeman Speak"^ P. T. 

In council Jany 9, 1777 
Read & Concurred 

Jn° Avery Dpy Sec'y 
Consented to 

Jer: Powell A. Ward W. Spooner 

Caleb Cushing R. Derby Moses Gill 

E. Thayer J'' D. Hopkins Jabez Fisher 

Benj Austin B. White Jos. Cushing 

Dan'l Davis John Taylor F. M. Dana 

To the Honourable the Council and House of Representa- 
tives of the State of the Massachusetts Bay in General Court 

Humbly shews John Murch of A place called Mount desert 

That Wyat Moore and James Moore both late of Bidde- 
ford in the County of York but now of said place (uilled 
Mount desert yeomen Sometime in the year 1760 signed and 
executed a Deed to the Petitioners Father, John Murch, of a 
tract of land in said Biddeford bounded as follows beginning 


at a White pine Stump on the Bank of Little River : thence 
running South East to Henry Pendexter's Land thirty-one 
rods and an half and then South west keeping the breadth 
of thirty-one Rods and an half untill Twenty acres are com- 
pleated and that the same Land was by his said Father in 
his last will and Testament Devised to your Petitioners but 
the said Deed being in the House of your Petitioners 
Brother, William Murch, of said Biddeford in the year 1775 
unrecorded was burnt with the his said Brothers House 
whereby your petitioners is deprived of his evidence to his 
Title to said Land Wherefore he prays your Honours to con- 
firm the same to him by act of Government and he as in duty 
bound will ever pray Jany 22, 1777 

p"" his agent Ja Sullivan 

Pay abstract for part of a Company of a Tribe of Indians 
from Penobscot in the Eastern parts of the Massachusetts 
State & in the Service of y® United States of America, com- 
manded by Lieut. Andrew Gillman from IS*'' November 
1776 to 7'^ Feby 1777 Included 15 Days for their Travel 
from Boston to Penobscot 

Arexes — y^ month 42/p' mo X3.3 

Wongonet 2 mos & 26 days 6.0.6 

Attenanies Ditto 6.0.6 

Aussing Neptuno " 6.0.6 

Assonser " 6.0.6 

Joseph James Hatch " 6.0.6 

Cook ( a Mohawk ) » 6.0.6 

Boston Jan'y 23^^* 1777 
Errors Excepted 

Andrew Gillman 
N. B. there must be provision for their passage provided 


To the Hon^'*^ the Council & Hon''^® House of Representives 
for the State of Massachusetts Bay 
The Memorial of Francis Shaw Jun"^ Humbly shews, that 
He has lately arrived in this Town, with 9 of the St. Johns 
*fe 6 of the Penobscutt Tribes of Indians (that have been 
Engaged in the Service of the United States of America, and 
obtained leave from the Hon*^'® General Heath to Return to 
their Familys ) — your Memorialist would Represent to your 
Honors that there is an opportunity of sending the Penob- 
scutts Immediately home, which he can not be able to do 
until your Honors gives orders for their being cloathed 
( agree : to Gen'l Heath's promise ) and payed the Ballance 
of wages due to them — Your Memorialist therefore Hum- 
bly prays tliat your Honors would pay such order as in your 
Wisdom, you may think most Expeditious to cloath, pay & 
Return them to their Respective Homes & Your Memorialist 

as in duty bound will ever pray 

F. Shaw. 
23 Jany 1777. 

In the House of Representatives Jany 24, 1777 

On reading the petition of John Murch 

Ordered that the said John Murch Serve the said Wyat 
Moore and James Moore with a copy of this petition and 
Order thereon that they may appear on the third Tuesday of 
the first Session of the next General Court to Shew cause if 
any they have Why the prayer of said Petition" should not 
be Granted. 

Sent up for Concurrence 

Sam^ Freeman Speak'' P T. 

In Council Jan'y 24'^ 1777 
Read & Concurred 

John Avery Dpy Sec'y- 


William Murch of Lawful age Testify and says that Wyat 
More late of Biddeford in the County of York, now of 
Aplace, called Mount desert in the County of Lincoln, and 
James More of the same place some time in the year 1760 
signed a deed to the Deponents Father, John Murch, of a 
tract of Land in said Biddeford bounded as follows : begin- 
ning at a white pine Stump on the Bank of Little River & 
thence running South East to Henry Pendexter's Land 31 
Rods & an half, then South west keeping the breadth of 
thirty-one rods & and an half untill twenty-one are com- 
pleated and that the same Land in the last Will & testament 
of his father was given to the Deponents Brother, John 
Murch, but the said Deed was never recorded and was 
burned in the Deponents House the Eighteenth Day of 

April last 

William Murch 

York ss. June 12, 1776 Then the above named William 

Murch made oath to the truth of the above Deposition 

before me 

Ja Sullivan, Justice of the Peace 

In the House of Representatives January 24, 1777. 
Whereas there is a number of Indians of the Penobscot 
Tribe in this Town, which this State is obligated to Return 
Home, and no opportunity offering Except in the Sloop 

Benj. Shaw Master is now already to Sail 

It is therefore Resolved that the said Sloop be 

Detained three days ( unless the Indians can be got Ready 
sooner ) and Major Shaw is hereby directed to Informe Cap* 
Benj* Shaw thereof, and desire him to prepare said Sloop for 
the Reception of said Indians. 
Sent up for Concurrence 

Sam^ Freeman Speak'' P T. 



In Council Jan'y 26, 1777 
Read & Concurr'd 
Consented to — Jn° Aveiy Depy Sec'y. 

John Taylor Benj. Austin Jos. Cushing 

Jer. Powell Caleb Cushing B. White 

W. T. Evers John Whitcomb A. Ward 

W. Spooner W" Phillips E Thayer J' 

D. Hopkins Moses Gill. 

In Council Jan'y 25, 1777 
Whereas it appears that near one hundred poor soldiers 
now returnd from the army have taken Passage for Casco 
Bay on board the Sloop commanded by Capt. Benj. vShaw, 
who was by Order of the Court detained three days from the 
24''* inst., in order to carry down to Penobscot a number of 
Indians, now in this Town and it appearing that said Indians 
are not ready to go home therefore Resolved that said Shaw 
have Liberty to Sail with his passengers to Casco Bay forth- 
with, the Orders of yesterday notwithstanding. 
Sent down for Concurrence 

Jn° Avery Dp^ Sec'y. 
In the house of Representatives Jany 25, 1777 
Read and Concurred 

Sam'l Freeman Speak P. T. 
Consented to 

Jer: Powell 
W. T. Ever 
A. Ward 
W. Spooner 
Caleb Cushing 
E Thayer J-^ 

John Whitcomb 
S. Holten 
D. Hopkins 
Jos. Cushing 
B. White 

R. Derby 

Moses Gill 
S. M. Dana 
John Taylor 
Benj. Austin 



State of Massachusetts Bay 
In the House of Representatives Jan'y 25, 1777. 
The Committee on the Memorial of Francis Shaw J' have 
considered the Same & beg leave to report by way of 

Resolved That there be paid out of the Treasury of this 
State Seventy-five pounds to Francis Shaw J"" to enable him 
to cloath the six Penobscutt Indians agreeable to Gen^ 
Heaths promise to them & also to pay the balP^ of Wages 
Due to them being ^39/6* and Likewise to provide pro- 
visions and pay their passage home, he, the said Shaw to be 
accounted by to this Court for the expenditure of the Money 
he shall receive that the Continent may be charged for the 

Sent up for Concurrence 

Sara'l Freeman Speak'' P T 

In Council Jany 26, 1777 
Read & Concurred 

Consented to 
Jer : Powell 
B. Greenleaf 
Caleb Cushing 
John Whitcomb 
Jos. Cushing 
B. White 

W. T. Ever 
W. Spooner 
R. Derby 
W™ Phillips 
Dan'l Davis 

Jn° Avery Dpy Secy 

A. Ward 
T. Cushing 
John Taylor 
Moses Gill 
Benj Austin 

Colony of the Massachusetts Bay for the Billeting of Men at 

Brunswick in Capt. James Curtis Company when on Duty 

as p' Order of the Major of the Regiment . . Drs. 

To Billeting 55 Men from the 19^^ of June to 

the 24*^ day of July when Ordered to head 

Quarters is 5 Weeks each is 275 Weeks (a) 5/ £68 : 15 : 


To Billeting 2 Men from the 1'* July to the 

24*^^ July is 6 Weeks 6 days @ 6/ 1 : 14 3 

Watertown Jan" 25, 1776 £10: 9 : 3 

Errors Excepted 

p"^ James Curtis 

Middlesex S S : 

Watertown, Jan^ 26, 1776, Cap* James Curtis of Bruns- 
wick in the County of Cumberland personally appeared 
before me the Subscriber and made Solemn Oath that the 
above Billeting Roll by him Subscribed is just and true in 
all its parts & was on Dut}' with said Men by Order of the 
Major of the Regiment at the said time & that he himself 
advanc'd Two Barrells of pork for the same purpose, the 
Remainder the Men found themselves for which he has 
Received no Reward 

Before, Sam^ Holton Justice of the Peace thro y® Colony 

In Council Feb^ 15, 1776 

Read & Ordered that a Warrant be drawn on the Treasury 
for <£70: 9/3 in fav° of said James Curtis to use of himself 
and men under his Command in full of the Within Account 

Perez Morton, D. Sec'^ 

Suffolk Jan^ 25'" 1777 The above and foregoing is a true 
copy of what was shown to me by Sam'l Thompson Esq"^ as 
the original. Examined before me. 

J. Greenleaf, Justice peace. 

State of Massachusetts Bay 
In the House of Representatives Jany 31, 1777 
Resolved: That the Board of War be and hereby are 
impower'd & directed to take such measures for Suj^plying 
the Two Companies Stationed at Falmouth & Cape Elizabeth 
in the County of Cumberland and other Sea Coast men as 
they shall judge best. 



And that they settle with Mr. Frost late commissary for 
Suj)plying the forces Stationed at Falmouth for the supplies 
he has afforded the said two Companies Since the last Day 
of December last and pay him what shall appear to be due 

Sent up for Concurrence 

In Council Jany 31, 1777 
Read & Concurred 

Consented to 

Jer : Powell 
I. Winthrop 
Moses Gill 
B. White 
F. M. Dana 

A. Ward 
Rich*^ Derby 
S. Holten 
W" Phillips 
D. Hopkins 

I. Warren Spk"^ 

Jn" Avery Dep^ Secy- 
Caleb Cushing 
T. Cushing 
John Taylor 
Jabez Fisher 
Benj. Austin 

State of Massachusetts Bay 
In the House of Representatives Jany 31, 1777 
The House made choice by ballot of Charles Cushing Esq' 
as Brigadier of the Militia in the County of Lincoln 
Sent up for Concurrence 

In Council Jany 81, 1777 
Read & Concurred 

Consented to 
Jer: Powell A. Ward 

I. Winthrop 
Jabez Fisher 
Benj. Austin 
John Taylor 

Caleb Cushing 
Moses Gill 
B. White 
Dan'l Davis 

I. Warren Spk*^ 

John Avery Dp^ Sec^ 

Rich** Derby 
John Whitcomb 
S. Holten 
W" Phillips 
D. Hopkins 


To Tlie Hoii^'® Council & House of Representatives of the 
Massachusetts State. 
The Memorial of Francis Shaw Jun, Humbly shews That 
some Time in June or July last your Honors was pleased to 
appoint your Memorialist to the Care or Command of the 
Several Tribes of Penobscutt Passamaquodia St, Johns & 
Mickmac Indians, with the pay of a Colonel in the Continen- 
tal Service, since which your Memorialist has been into the 
Government of Nova Scotia & other Govcrments and 
Expects soon to Return into Nova Scotia to Compleat the 
Business already begun, your Memorialist therefore prays 
your Honors would be pleased to Grant to Him a Commis-. 
sion in the Continental Service as in your Wisdom you may 
tliink proper and your Memorialist as in duty Bound will 

Ever Pray. 

F. Shaw J' 

In Council J any 31, 1777 

Read & Sent Down 

John Avery Dpy Secy. 

Essex SS. att the Superiour Court of Judicature &c. held at 
Salem Feb. 7, 1777- 

Upon the petition of William Dodge praying an allowance 
of Seven Pounds for his time & Expences in removing Solo- 
mon Goodwin from Ipswich to Falmouth 

Ordered : — That the above petition be granted & that the 
said sum be paid him by the Sheriff of the ('Ounty of Cum- 
berland if he lias any fines in his hands, if not to be paid by 

the Treasuier of this State. 

W" Winthrop Cler. 

Cumberland SS. April 15^" 1777 

This may Certify that I have not any money in my Hands 
belonging to the State of Massachusetts Bay 

John Waite Jr 



In Council Dec 13*M77T 

Read & alP & Ordered that a Warr* be drawn on the 
Treasurer for X7 m full of the within Ace* 

Jn° Avery Dpy. Sec'y. 

State of Massachusetts Bay to Sim° Turner D"^ 
For Going Express from Boston to 

Yarmouth By Order of Council 
To Horse hire 76 miles a/S-^ £2. 10: 8 

To my Expences on the Road going 

& Coming 
To 4 Days time a 6/ 

dedu over charge and reduc'd to 
the Establishment of the Board 

which is i^ mile out 19: 10 X5: 1: 4 

Rec'd the above in full 

Boston Feby 10, 1777 

In Council Feb^ 18, 1777 Read & Allowed & Ordered 

that a Warrant be drawn on the Treasury for X5 : 1 : 4 in 

full Discharge of his acct. 

John Avery Dpy Secy. 


6: 6 




1: 2 

To the Honorable Council and House of Representatives of 
the State of the Massachusetts Bay — 
The Petition of Joseph Sergant now In Pownalborough 

Goal, Humbly Sheweth that your Humble Petitioner 

almost Three score years of age and Infirm of Body and 
under Very Indigent Circumstances, belonging to George- 
town, was Draughted to go into the Service and not being 
able to pay the Fine and not having Strength of Body to 


perform the Duty of a Soldier was obliged to go to goal 

therefore Humbly Pray for your Honours Compassion that 
your Humble Petitioner may be Set at I-iiberty that He may 
Do something Towards the Support of his now Suffering 
Family — and as in Duty bound Shall ever pray. 

Joseph Sargent. 
Pownalbrough February 11, 1777 

To the Hon Council of the Massachusetts State 
The Petition of the owners of the Sloop Friendship laying 
in the Harbour of Wells in the County of York Humbly 
Shews That in the Month of November last at the Expiration 
of the last Embargo they Loaded said Sloop Burthen about 
Ninety Seven Tons, with Boards Shingles shocks. Hogshead 
& Hoops, in order to make a Voyage to Martinces or some 
Foreign Port. That said Sloop was ready for Sailing some 
Time before the present Embargo took place and would have 
proceeded to Sea before that Time, had it not been for a dis- 
appointment, they met with in Endeavouring to procure 
some Bread & other necessarys from Salem for the Voyage, 
by the Captain of the Vessell that went for them Viz. Capt. 
Aaron Wheelwright. That it is very Inconvenient for a 
Sloop to remain long loaded in Wells Harbour and Expen- 
sive either to unlade her, or carry her to any other Harbour, 
that they have been at considerable Expense having men in 
pay while waiting for the arrival of the Stores from Salem as 
afore*^ till News came of the Captain of said Vessell. That 
the Inhabitants of said Town are in Want of Molasses, Cot- 
ton, WooU & Coffee, the articles they propos'd to procure and 
their is no other Vessell belonging to the said Town of Wells 
in any condition to send upon such a Voyage except one 
that is at or near Albany in the State of New York. There- 
fore the Petitioners prays your Honours to take the premises 


into Consideration & grant them a permit to send the said 

Vessell on said Voyage 

Nathi Wells & Compy. 
Feby 16**^ 1777 

In Council Feby 17^'^ 1777 

Read & Committed to the Committee on Similar Petitions 

Jn° Avery, Dpy Secy 

In Council Feb. 19^" 1777 

Read & Ordered that the Prayer of the above Petition be 


Falm° Feby 17, 1777 
Sir : 

I Just rec*'^ your Letter by W. Windall & the five hundred 
pounds from the Hon"^ board War therein mentioned, for 
which I have given him a Rect. on Saturday last I wrote to 
your hon^ Geo : Williams Esq., concerning objections the 
Sailors here have made, they want to know if tliey can have 
1 m° advance pay & their Wages p"* for the Time the Ship is 
loading, also stores, ( such as Coffee, Sugar & Rum ) found 
them for the voyage. I shall be glad of Directions there- 
upon, in the mean Time shall engage all the Sailors I can 
immediately. I wrote to the hon^ Board by Capt. Stone who 
I hope they have engaged & Who I expect here by Wednes- 
day next, with further Directions from them for the N° of 
men that shall be wanted. 

have engaged the Masts from 20 to 26 Inches, all to be 
deliv"^ by 10*^ March next. 

I remain y"" Ob* S' 

W'" Frost. 

P. S. Should be glad if the lion^ Board would Send the 
flour down for the Troops here as I have not a bbl. in the 
Store. I believe Mr Robt Jenkins can acquaint them of 
some Vessel. 


State of Massachusetts Bay 
Council Chamber Feb. 19"' 1777 
To the Naval Officer of the Port of Falmouth 

Permit the Sloop Friendship of about Ninety-Seven tons 
Burthen own'd by Nath^ Wells and Company, loaded with 
Boards, Shingles Shooks, Hogsheads and Hoops, to proceed 
on her Voyage to Martinuo, the Master of s^ Vessel giving 
bond that he will import in s*^ Vessel into the State as soon 
as may be. Molasses, Cotton, Wool, Coffee, Salt, and Military 
Stores, the Dangers of the Seas and Enemy excepted. 

february 20»M777 
Loving Uncle I imbrace this opportunity of Sending you 
a line or two and not so much as to let you no that we are 
wel as to let you no that Falmouth is to be taken this Spring 
and I am concerned for you and your family there is fore 
Ships with some Troops to come from Halifax early in the 
Spring and I belive Some from the Sothard their intent is to 
get posesion of Casco Bay and join it to this Government. I 
hope you will take care of your Self. 

If you write me it must be by the way of Machias. 
So no more. I remain your friend 

David Rice. 

To the Hon^^® Henry Gardner Esq'' State Treasurer. 

These certify that pursuant to your Warrant We have 
Assessed the Inhabitants of the Town of Wells Seven Hun- 
dred & Twelve pounds & Ten pence & have Committed 
Lists thereof to the Several Constables of said Town Viz : 
To Nehemiah Littlefield Jun"" Two Hundred Seventy Nine 
pounds, Eighteen Shillings, To Samuel Stewart Jun'^ Two 



Hundred & Fifty pounds and To Adam Ross One Hundred 

& Eighty Two pounds Two Shillings & Ten pence 

Wells Feby 20^'^ 1777 

Joseph Storer 

Nathi Wells 

Jonathan Hatch 

Benjamin Littlefield 

Barak Maxell 

Select Men 
of Wells. 

Littlefield X279 


Stewart 250 

Koss 182 






Falm» Feby 25, 1777 
May it please y' Honors 

Since Cap"^ Stone returned ( last Fryday ) all the Sailors I 
engaged decline going the Voyage (am therefore Sorry I 
engaged to load the Ship ) on Acct. of the Ships not return- 
ing & I see no prospect of getting either Master or Hands, 
chiefly on that Acct. I have been indefatigable in trying to 
get both, have talked with several old Masters among whom 
is the Bearer but to no purpose. I could in ten Days deliver 
the Lumber as fast as it could be Stowed. Should be more 
likely to get Sailors, was the Ship here and was She to 
return to America — When I left This before I agreed to 
load the Ships, Sailors were more plenty than now for most 
of them are engaged in the Continental Army. 

I have the honor to be y"^ Honours Most ob* hi. S* 

W'^ Frost. 

To the Hon^'® Council of the State of Massachusetts Bay 

The Petition of Jonathan Davis of Pownalbrough in the 
County of Lincoln, and State of Massachusetts Bay, humbly 


That your Petitiouer has a Sloop named Dolly of about 
Seventy Tons burthen, now laying in the Town of Boston ; 
your Petitioner Prays this Honorable Board to Permit him 
to depart witli said Sloop for Kennebeck River, and there to 
Load said Sloop with the Produce of that Country, such as 
Boards Staves, Hoops, Shingles, for the West Indies, and to 
return with Salt, Molasses or Rum — for the true Perform- 
ance of which your Petitioner is ready to give Bond. 

And as in Duty bound will ever Pray. 
Boston March 3*^ 1777 Jonathan Davis 

N. B the above Master is Isaac Stevens. 

In Council, March 4, 1777 

Read & Ordered that the prayer of the above petitioner be 

State of Massachusetts Bay 
Council chamber 4*" of March, 1777. 
To the Naval Officer for the Port of Boston. 

Permit the Sloop Dolly, whereof Isaac Stevens is Master 
to proceed on her Voyage to Kennebunk there to take on 
Board a Load of Lumber, and proceed to the Dutch, or 
French West Indies, the Said Master giving Bond that he 
will import in s*^ Dolly, into this State, as soon as may be, 
West India Produce, or Military Stores, the Dangers of the 
Seas, and Enemy excepted. 
By Order of Council. 

Honorable Gentlemen/ 

The Memorial of Thomas Spry humble sheweth, on the 
16"' day of July 1775 T was taken Prisoner at Machias, in 
his Majesty's Surveying Schooner Diligent, by Capt. OBrien 
the Captors & Committee ( finding I was not in a Ilosital 
way) Voted I shoukl liave all my Cloths and Baggage, but 
being carry VI round by watei- to (.asco Bay in a small 


Shallop from thence to travel by Land to Head-Quarters 
( Cambridge ) then to No. Hampton, could not possibly carry 
any more baggage, than Just suficent to keep me decent. I 
was obliged to leave the remainder of my things in the 
Hands of the Committee at Machias, who faithfully promised 
they would Deliver them to any Person I should order to 
Demand them, and tliat they should be taken care of till I 
could get them. 

You must be Sensible gentlemen I suffer'd much for want 
of those things, as I remain'd a Prisoner seventeen Months, 
till I was exchanged Dec. the 5"' 76, from Marblehead by 
Cartell, at which time I Memorial'd you, to give Directions 
to the Committee to Deliver my things, in case, an opportu- 
nity should offer that I could Send for them. 

I am extreamly sorry to inform e the Hon^''** Council, that 
about Two Months past ( one Farnsworth with Some assist- 
ance, and against the Committees consent ) ( as I am 
informed by a man that was present ) broke open the store 
whare my thhigs was lodged in, took them out, and Pub- 
lickly sold them at Vandue, I am informed a few of them 
still remain unsold. 

I hope the Hon^^^ Board will take it into consideration and 
give such Directions to the Committee at Machias, so, as I 
may be able to recover those things, Particularly my Books 
and Papers, which if lost, it will be almost my Ruin. 

Your Compliance with this request, will be for ever, great- 
fuUy acknowlidged 

I Humble beg you will grant me an order on the Commit- 
tee at Machias, to deliver my Baggage to me, or my order — 
The Commodore of Halifax has Promised, if I can get your 
order, he will order Some of the Ships that Cruise in the Bay 
of Funday, to send a Flagg up to Machias — I hope they 

will have your orders to Deliver them. 

T. Spry 
To The Honorable Council 


Council Chamber March 5, 1777 

Inclosed is a Copy of a Memorial from Mr. Spry complain- 
ing of the Conduct of Mr Farnsworth & others belonging to 
Machias — Therefore the Council direct that you make 
careful enquiry relative to the Facts mentioned in said 
Memorial and report the true State thereof to Council as 
soon as may be. Also Ordered that in case there is any of 
M" Spry effects in the care of the Committee which have 
been allowed to him by the Captors that they be delivered to 
said Spry or his order. 

In the name and by order of Council 
To the Committee of Correspondence &c at Machias. 

Wells March 7*M777 
To the Hon. Counsell and House of Representatives now 
setting at Boston your Petitioner Prays that you will grant 
him Liberty to send a vessell that he has loaded in Wells to 
any French Ports in the Westingies that your Houers shall 
think proper, westingies goods is very much wanting with 
us for we Cant get any to the Westward where we always 
got our supplies So your Petitioner prays your Honers to 
give him a permite and your Petitioner will ever Pray. 

Joshua Bragdon 

State of Massachusetts Bay 
In the House of Representatives March 11^'' 1777 

Whereas it appears to this Court expedient that the Infe- 
rior Court of Common Pleas and Court of Geneial Sessions 
of the Peace for tlie County of Cumberland, which by Law 
are to be holden at Falmouth within and for said County on 
the last Tuesday of March current should be adjourned. 



Resolved — That the said Courts be & hereby are 
adjourned unto the Second Tuesday of May next And that 
all Writs Processes and Recoginances returnable thereto and 
all Matters and Things that might by Law have Day in Said 
Courts on the Said last Tuesday of March current if said 
Courts were not adjourned ( shall be returnable to and have 
Day in said Courts on the said Second Tuesday of May next 
of which all Persons concern'd are to take notice- — This 
Resolve to be published in one of the Boston & in the New- 
bury Port News Paper. 

Sent up for Concurrence 

Sam' Freeman Speak'' P T. 

In Council March 10, 1777 
Read & Concurred 

Jn° Avery Dpy Se'^y 
Consented to 

Jer. Powell 
J. Winthrop 
B. White 
S Holten 
E. Thayer Jr 

A. Ward 
R. Derby 
PI. Gardner 
W" PhiUips 
D. Hopkins 

W. T. Ever 

Jabez Fisher 
John Whitcomb 
Benj Austin 
David Sewall 

To the Hon'''® the Council and Hon'''® House of Representa- 
tives of the State of Massachusetts Bay in General Court 

The Petition of Benjamin Jenks of Falmouth in Casco Bay. 
Humbly Sheweth 

That in the year 1775 one Capt Thomas Colson belonging 
to Bristol in Great Britain sett up and built a new Ship in 
Falmouth, the Iron Works for which your pet' did, and 
there now remains a ballance of Two hundred & twenty 
pounds Lawful money due to hiua 


That there is Goods belonging to said Colson in the hands 
of the Com'^* of Gorliam to the value of about One hundred 
& eighty pounds Lawful money, which Goods said Commit- 
tee refuse to give him admittance to, so that he may attach 
them for his debt aforesaid. 

He therefore humbly prays this Hon^^'' Court would be 
pleased to order the Said Committee to let your petitioner 
have access to the said Goods, so that they may be attached 
for his debt aforesaid 

And as in duty bound shall ever pray &c. 

Boston March 11»" 1778 Benf Jenks. 

Falm° March 14 1777 
May it please y'' Honors, 

I have rec'd the Ships Content of Cap* Langdon & given 
a Rec* — have not been able to get either Master or Hands 
Yet. tho' Capt. Starch ( by whom I sent my last Letter ) says 
he will take Command, if his Wages are paid during the 
Time of the Voyage, taken or not taken & upon no other 
Conditions — he now has the Care of the Ship & further 
says the mizzeu Sail is useless it is so old & Several other 
Sails want repair for which is wanting 6 or 8 sewing Twine, 
40 or 60 y*"* Ravens Duck or Ticklenburg — about ^ a 
Piece Stout Canvass for Tarpolins for Hatchways, Coats for 
the Masts & to cany for Spare Canvas as there is none at 
present but One Spare Topsail. The Person who graved 
her, has left 6 or 8 Streaks from the kiel on either side, 
ungraved. The Barnacles are now on her Bottom. I shall 
therefore want 5 or 6 bb'^ Tar ( or less Tar & some Pitch ) 
I sliall endeavor to load the Ship with all Expedition, for 
which is wanting Bread & Rum — I can supply the People 
witli Potatoes. Both her Quarter Rails are made of worm 
eaten Spars, which may be a Detriment in the Sale of the 


Ship — Shall begin to load next Week. I have the honour 

to be Your Honours Most Ob* h. S* 

William Frost. 
The hon^ Board War. 

War Office Boston, March 20, 1777 
Mr. William Frost 


This will be delivered to you by Cap* William Haynes, 

who is appointed by the Board to the Command of the Ship 

Union now with you : — Such Articles as the Board think 

are farther necessary for fitting said Ship for the Sea will be 

sent you by the first opportunity in the meantime you will 

exert yourself to provide the Cargo & assist Capt. Haynes in 

procuring his men as it is of the greatest importance that the 

Ship should be dispatched without loss of time 

By Order of the Board 

Saml Phips Savage, Pres*" 

Petition of Benj. Wheeler ^ others of a Settlement called 

To the Hon'ble the Council and House of Representatives of 
the State of the Massachusetts Bay — 

The Petition of Benjamin Wheeler Ephraim Grant and 
Thomas Campbell Committee of a Settlement Called Wheel- 
ersborough on Penobscot River in behalf of said Settlers — 
Humbly Sheweth — 

That the Petitioners being persuaded that many false Rep- 
resentations respecting this Settlement and the Inhabitants 
thereof have been made to your Honors which probably may 
be attended with Evil Consequences if not timely Reminded : 
your Petitioners therefore begs leave to Lay before your 
Honors certain facts & Submit them to your Wisdom — 

1** That your Petitioners in Carrying this New Settle- 
ment have gone through great hardships and the late obstruc- 


tions of their Business : occasioned by the Public Calamity 
has driven them to great Difficulties — 

2°*^ That your Honors have been Inclined to give them 
some Relief by some Articles sent down but it unluckily was 
put into such peoples hands belonging to the upper District 
who made use of a Considerable part of them for their own 
s''^ That the Company of Soldiers that are Established 
upon this River no way answers your honors designs, which 
undoubtedly was for the good of the People here as well as 
of the State in General but those affairs had been Conducted 
as to be no service to the State and greatly Injurious to the 
Settlers ; this Company is attended with considerable 
Expense to the public and Answers no one purpose for the 
Protection of the River: for the people cannot have any 
Dependence upon protection from this Company and Rely 
wholly upon their own Strength to defend in case of an 
Invasion, and as this Company is wholly inlisted among the 
Settlers here, they lessen the Labors and at the same time 
are not to be depended upon for defence. 

4'" That the Regiment under Colonel Josiah Brewer may 
amount to 150 men including (Officers — The Indians on 
penobscot River may come up to the Number of 45 able 
bodied men which facts we think it proper your honors 
should be acquainted with — 

5"' That the Truck trade as it is Carried on is no Emol- 
ument to the State Injureous to the Settlers upon the River 
which we are Ready to make appear — 

These and many other particulars, your Petitioners would 
Say before your Honors if they had Opportunity which 
rightly understood may be of Public Utility — 
Penobscot March 30"* 1777 — 

James Philbrock John Colwell David Bowell 

John Toms Jonathan Pierce Jacob Dennet 



John Ciilar Joshua Cvilar 

Benjamin Wheeler Ephraim Grant 
Robert Treatt Keneth Mc Kinzie 
John Smart James Mc Curdey 

Abram Preble James Dunning 
Eliphalet Nichorson Abner Crosby 
James Grant jun Ephraim Grant jun 
Michael McMahon Tliomas Harding 
Simeon Smith Samuel Killam 
Peter Sangster Freeman Knowles 
Gustavus Swan 
Nicholas Crosby 
Moses Wentworth 
Andrew Grant 
Stephen Littlefield 
John Crosby 
John Mansell jun 
Zethem French 

Silas Heathern 
Joseph Pomroy 
John Mansell 
John Sally 
Simon Crosby 
Jacob Busell 
Caleb Goodwin 
Haf Colson 

Reuben Goodwin Joshua Ares 

Joseph Avy 
Thomas Campbell 
Coinelas Cooke 
Ephraim Downes 
John Emery 
Moses Crague 
Robert Man 
Edward Smith 
Elisha Grant 
Benjamin Higgins 
Nathaniel Mayhew 
Andrew Webster 
Andrew Patterson 
Joshua Walker 
Henry Kinney 
Jonathan Pendleton 
John Sweetser 
Simeon Johnston 
Simeon Gorton 

State of Massachusetts Bay 

In the House of Representatives Sep-^ IV^ 1777 On the 
Petition of Benj« Wheeler Eph' Grant & Tho^ Campbell a 
Committee of a Settlement called Wheelersborough — 

Resolved that the above named Petitioners or either of 

them serve Colonel Josiah Brewer Jon. Lowder & Andrew 

Gilman or either of them with a Copy of said Petition and 

Depositions accompanying said Petition and this order thirty 

days before the second Wednesday of the next Siting of this 

Court & that the said Josiah Brewer Jonathan Lowder and 

Andrew Gilman be and they hereby are directed to attend 

this Court on the aforesaid second Wednesday of the next 

Siting thereof, to make answer to the Petition aforesaid — 

Sent up for Concurrence 

J. Warren Spk"^ 


111 Council September 18"' 1777 Read & Concurred 

Jn" Avery D*' Secy 

Consented to by the Major part of the Council 

A true Copy Attest 

Jn° Avery D^ Secy 

In Council Dec 12 1777 Read & Reviv'd Ordered that 
David Sewall Esq"^ with such as the Hon'ble House shall 
appoint be a Committee to consider the above and to hear the 
Parties who are now attending & report what is proper to be 
done thereon 

Sent down for Concurrence Samuel Adams Secr^ 

In the House of Representatives Dec. 13 1777 

Read & concurred & Mr Sewall & Mr. Parker are joined 

J Warren Spk'' 

In Council Jan^ 9, 1778 Read & revived & Ordered that 

Nathan Cashing Esq with such as the Hon' House shall 

appoint be a Committee to consider the Petition of Benjamin 

Wheeler to hear the Parties & report what is proper to be 

done thereon 

Sent down for Concurrence 

Jn° Avery D^ Secy 

In the House of Representatives Jan 9 1778 Read & 

Concurred & Mr Crane & Mr Brown of Framingham are 


John Pitts Speak'' g Tim° 

Feby 13"' 1777 Att a Precinct meeting in the East Parish 
of Pownalborough being Legally warned the following Votes 
was Passed — 

Viz To Chouse a Committee to Apply to the General Court 
for leive to Chouse a Collector in the room of Rogers Smith 
who Refuses to Serve — 


Voted That Tho" Rice Esq' Michal Sevey & John Huse be 
the Committee — 

a true coppy from the Record Atts* 

Jon"" Williamson Precinct clerk 

State of the Massachusetts Bay 
To The Hon''^^ Assembly of the 8*^ State 

now sitting at Boston Humbly shews the Petition 

of the Committee of safety & inspection for the Town of 
Kittery. — 

That in pursuance of the duty enjoined us as a Com'«'% 
and at the earnest request of this & some of the neighbour- 
ing Towns for application to y'^ Hon" for Assistance to 
enable us to oppose the landing of our Enemies in this part 
of the State ( which from our exposed Situation & the late 
advice sent by his Excellency General Washington recom- 
mending it to all the Sea posts to be well prepared ) it is 
highly probable we shall be attacked this Summer, and the 
necessity of our request will appear the more just & reason- 
able by pointing out some particulars which possibly may be 
worthy of notice. 

as 1'* This Harbour is undoubtedly inferior to none on 
the Continent & this Town directly opposite the entrance in 
which ships of whatever size may anchor within one quarter 
of a mile from the Shore. 

2ndiy jf ^]^Q Enemy should make a lodgment here there 
are many advantageous posts for them, which being the case, 
This Town, with Berwick, Lebanon & other Towns must be 
greatly distressed if not ruined we being as it were a Barrier 
to them. 

S'^'y If our communication with the Sea is cut off & not 
able to procure fish, upon which we greatly depend for sup- 


port, we shall undoubtedly be a great burthen to the Com- 
munity and would be very disagreeable to us. 

^tbiy ^g y^Q have more than our proportion of men 
engaged in the present war it is highly needful that we be 
well fortified as our trade by sea is at an end, and no ships 
built here ( tho perhaps the most convenient Harbour on the 
Continent upon every account except our defenceless State) 
Our Carpenters are obliged to go into the army & navy for a 
living thereby reducing us to a still weaker State, and as our 
exertions as to men is so great it would be very liard indeed 
for us left behind to fall a prey to those whose tender mer- 
cies are cruelty. 

5tiiiy -pj^g advantage of this River to the Community are 
more than at first view may be imagined as the chief part of 
the masts for our navy have been procured here at a cheap 
rate, considerable stocks of. cattle of all kinds here & lumber 
of every kind, and provided we are not blocked up will 
always afford a Supply. — 

This being our situation ( without mentioning many other 
circumstances of consequence ) We humbly hope we shall 
meet }our Hon" approbation in applying for one Company of 
Artillery-Men, three or four pieces of Cannon not less than 
twelve pounders with a sufficiency of Ball for one good 
Brush — The Cannon we should not have asked for but it 
has been our great misfortune to find that four we were at y® 
Cost of weighing out of the water & transporting from the 
Isle Shoals to be unfit for use, being growii too thin and 
honey comb''' — This favour granted will give us fresh Hfe & 
vigour & raise our drooping Spirits, as it is the only hope 
left for the protection of ourselves & family's from the Rav- 
ages of unreasonable men. 
And as in duty bound will pray y'' Hon" dutiful Petitioners 

By order of the Com*®® ) 

T 1 Ti n ^1 4.*- ? Chairman 
John H Bartlett ( 

Kittery March 1777 


In the of Representatives March 31, 1777 

Read & Committed to y*" Comm*®*' on the State of the Sea 

Sent up for Concurrence 

In Council March 31, 1777 

Read & Concurred 

Jn° Avery Dpy Secy. 

1777 State of the Massachusetts Bay to Daniel Sullivan 

To Billeting 66 Men in my Company at three different 

times in their March to Machias 322 days — 

Errors Excepted 

Dan^ Sullivan Capt 

To the Honourable Council and Honourable House of Repre- 
sentatives of the Colony of the Massachusetts Bay in New 
England; The Humble Petition of Thomas Berry, Calvin 
Cowin, Thomas Ferrin James Fitsgerrell, John Henderson 
and Benjamin Thompson and John Coombs, Humbly Show- 
ing to your Honours that your Petitioners Inlisted under 
one Cap* James Curtis of Brunswick on the fifteenth Day of 
may Last; for the good of the Contrys Cause to Guard the 
Sea Coasts: and after your Petitioners had bin Inlisted 
Two months under the aforesaid Cap* Curtis he Left his 
Station and went to the Head Quarters at Cambridge to get 
further Orders and Insisted upon your Petitioners going 
with him, which was Contrary to our Inlistment : for he 
might have stayed at Brunswick : However after the Depart- 
ure of Cap* Curtis your Petitioners to fulfill their Inlistments 
for the Contrys Cause, Inlisted under Cap* Nathaniel Larra- 
bee of Brunswick : and have Continued in the Service ever 
since the said 15*^ Day of May and have always been Ready 
and willing to do our Duty by Night or Day for the Contrys 


Cause. Now your Petitioners will Inform your Honours the 
State of the Case, which is as followeth : the said Capt. after 
his return from the Head Quarters was ordered to go Down 
East under the Direction of Cornel Cagill ; and wholly 
Kefuseth to allow your Petitioners any Wages or biliting 
for the two months Servitude that we Served under him : 
Now your Petitioners Humbly Prayeth that your Honours 
will Take the affair under your wise Consideration and 
Releave your Petitioners by allowing us the Pay for two 
months wages and biliting under Cap* James Curtis, and 
your Petitioners as in Duty bound shall ever Pray, etc — 
Brunswick November 27, 1775 

Thomas Berry John Henderson Benjamin Thompson 
Thomas Ferrin Calvin Cowen James Fitsgerrell 

John Coombs 

Brunswick December 11, 1775 

We the Subscribers Committee of Brunswick & Harpswell 
Would Inform whom it may concern, that the within named 
Thomas Berry, John Henderson, Benjamin Thompson, 
Thomas Ferrin, Calvin Cowen and James Fitchgerrell and 
John Coombs did Inlist under Captain James Curtis for the 
Defence of the Country and did Duty of Soldiers under liim 
till he went to Cambridge, then they Inlisted under Capt. 
Nathaniel Larrabee to guard the Sea Coasts at our Desire. 
We therefore think they are Deserving of their Wages for 
the time they were under Captain Curtis as any of his other 
men though we understand he is determined not to make 
them up in his Roll. 

Nathaniel Larrabee Thos Thompson Isaac Snow 
Nath^ Purington John Snow Thos. Cotton 

Consented to 

Jer : Powell W. Spooner Caleb Cushing 

J. Winthrop R. Derby John Whitcomb 

Moses Gill Benj. Austin S. Holten 


B. White W"> Phillips F. Gardner 

E. Thayer J' Jos. Gushing D. Hopkins 

Apl. 3, 1777. 

To the Honourable Gouncil and House of Representatives of 

the Colony of the Massachusetts Bay in New England in 

General Court Assembled 

The Petition of the Towns of Cape Elizabeth, Windham, 
Gorham and Pearsontown in the County of Cumberland 

Humbly Shew 

That the said Towns lay bordering on Presumscutt River, 
so called, and for many years after the Settlement of this 
Eastern Country were plentifully supply'd with Salmon, Ale- 
wives, Shad & other Sorts of Fish that frequented the s'^ 
River in great abundance it being peculiarly commodious for 
the Spawn & increase of Fish by reason of a large pond 
called Sebago or Sebacook which extends upwards of thirty 
miles from the mouth of the s^ River as far as Pondicherry 
as also the many branches of s** River that used to bring a 
plenty of the aforesaid Fish near to many of our doors, your 
Petitioners further shew that by reason of several Mill Dams 
being built quite across the s*^ River, without leaving a sluice 
way for Fish to pass up, as by Law is directed, and since 
the s*^ Mill Dams have been erected on the said River the 
passage of all kinds of Fish as afores*^ has been totally 
obstructed & stopt in their course up said River to the great 
prejudice of many back Towns which depended (in their 
Inland state ) on the said River for a part of their support, 
as Also to the prejudice of all the Inhabitants of the Sea 
Coast near the mouth of s'^ River by causing a scarcity of 
Codfish, Haddock, and many kinds of Fish that frequent the 
mouths of such extensive Rivers after a Quantity of small 



Bait that abound in such places. And our fishing on the 
Banks as well as on our Coast off Shore being in a great 
measure impracticable by reason of the Enemy's cruisers that 
infest our Coast, reduces us to the necessity of Adopting 
some method whereby the Fish may come to us. And the 
Laws of this Colony have been found ineffectual hitherto for 
the removal of your Petitioners cause of Complaint, Where- 
fore your Petitioners pray Your Honours to take the matter 
of our Complaint into your consideration and Grant to your 
petitioners such relief as in Your great Wisdom & Clemency 
You may Judge meet & Your Petitioners as in Duty bound 
shall ever pray. — 
Gorham August 22*^ 1776 

George Strout 
Harry Dyer 

William Elder 
Zerubebell Hunewell 
Thomas Trott 

William Gorham 
Prince Davis 
Caleb Chase 

Daniel Cram 
Jn° Deane 
Ephraim Rowe 

) Committee of 
( Cape Elizabeth 





Committee of 

Committee of 

The Committee apointed to Take into Consideration the 
Petition of Calvin Cowen and others mentioned in said Peti- 
tion beg leave to Report facts as apeared by Inquiry to us 
Viz : we find that Calvin Cowen, Thomas Ferrin, James 
Fithsgerrell John Henderson, Ben* Thompson, John Coombs, 
Thomas Berry was Inlisted in to the Sarvis under Capt. 
Curtis to Defend the Sea Coast on tlie IS^^ Day of May last 


and faithfully Performed the Sarvis under him Til the IS*** 
Day of July at which Time Cap* Curtis marched to head 
quarters at Cambridge to joine the Contanentel Army and 
took into his Company Seven other men, Namely : — Jona- 
than Thomson Alexander Gray Uriah Gray, Thomas foote, 
Sam' Patten, John Dunlap, Simon Walker, and made them 
up in his Roll for Payment and left out those Seven which 
were first inlisted under him and was by order of Court 
ordered to Strike them out of his Roll and it further apeared 
that the Petitioners Inlisted under Capt Leatherby and 
Sarved under him The tearme they first listed for, and was 
not made up in any Roll for Pay the first two months the 
Committee beg leave to Report by way of Resolve — Viz : 

In the House of Representatives March 24, 1777 
Resolved that there be paid out of the publick Treasury 
of this State the sum of Sixteen pounds five Shillings to Xhomas Berry or Order for himself & six others men- 
tioned in the within Petition in full for their Wages while 
on Duty under Cap* James Curtis ; further Resolv'd that 
Cap* Js. Curtis be directed to pay to the within named Per- 
sons their Billeting which he has received taking their 
Receipts for the same. 

Sent up for Concurrence 

In Council April 4, 1777 

Read & Concurred J Warren Spk' 

Jn" Avery Dp^^ Secy 

State of the Massachusetts Bay 

In the House of Representatives April 4, 1777. 
Resolved that John Lewis Esq' Joshua Fabyan Esq., Saml 
Thompson Esq. be a Committee to view the mill dams upon 
Presumscott River in the Town of Falmouth & County of 



Cumberland, which have been represented to this Court 
totally to obstruct the Salmon, Alewives, Shad &c in their 
passage to Sebago pond to lay their Spawn & that said Com- 
mittee be directed to Confer with the owners of said dams & 
view & Examine where proper sluice ways may be made for 
the passage of said fish & report a State of facts to the next 
General Court on the Second Tuesday of their first Session. 
Sent up for Concurrence 

In Council April 4, 1777 J. Warren — Sp'^" 

Read & Concurred 

Jn° Avery Dpy Secy. 

Consented to 

Jer. Powell 
J. Winthrop 
H. Gardner 
B. White 
Benj. Austin 

W. Spooner 
R. Derby 
W" Phillips 
E. Thayer J' 
Jabez Fisher 

Caleb Gushing 
John Whitcomb 
Moses Gill 
D. Hopkins 
Dan^ Davis 

Falm° April 6*" 1777 
may it please y*' Honours 

I just saw an Order of the Gen'l Court for continuing the 
two Compy^ here, for One Month from the first Cur' and 
your Honours probably expect I must Supply them with 
Flour, Pork, Beef, Wood, C'andles & Sauce Money — I have 
now on hand about 20 t Flour & 4^ lbs. Pork — and there 
is due to me besides as Comis^ near £200 Lmy (Lawful 
money) for those Articles Supply'd S'^ Comp^^ Since Dec'' 
last. Shall therefore want more Provissions etc to last 'till 
this month is Expired — I remain your Honours most ob*^ S* 

W'» Frost. 

P. S. I have deliv'd the Ship Union agreeable to y'' Hon- 
ours desire to Capt. Haynes. Shall endeavour to get her 


Loaded as soon as possible — have also rec*^ the Articles sent 
by Capt. Jo: Greenleaf. 
The hon^ Board War. 

State of Massachusetts Bay. 

In the House of Representatives April 5, 1777. 

Whereas it is Represented to this Court, that the Petitioner 
Joseph Sargent of Georgetown, now a Prisoner in Pownal- 
borough Goal, near Sixty years of age and low Circumstances 
in life, also said Prisoner has two Sons Inlisted into the 
Continental army for the term of three years, and one of 
those sons a minor — It is therefore Resolved that the Militia 
Officers, Selectmen, and Committee of Correspondence, 
Inspection & Safety in Georgetown, be and hereby are 
directed and ordered immediately to liberate the above men- 
tioned Petitioner from his Confinement any act or Law to 
the contrary notwithstanding. 
Sent up for Concurrence 

In Council Apl 7, 1777 

Read &> Concurred Sam^ Freeman Speak' 

Jn" Avery Dpy. Secy. 
Consented to 

Jer. Powell A. Ward W. Spooner 

Caleb Gushing John Whitcomb Moses Gill 

S. Holten Benj. Austin W"^ Phillips 

I. Winthrop R. Derby B White 

E. Thayer J"^ D. Hopkins H. Gardner. 

To the Honorable Council and House of Representatives 
of the State of Massachusetts Bay in General Court 


The petition of the Committees of safety of the several 
towns in the County of Cumberland Humbly shew that there 
has been a vast deal of Work done in making Forts and 
Batteryes in the Town of Falmouth and Cape Elizabeth in 
the County aforesaid for the defence of the same and four 
hundred and fifty Men will in our opinion be Absolutely 
necessary to be station'd in Falmouth and one hundred and 
fifty at Cape Elizabeth to keep the Forts and Batterys 
aforesaid until they are reinforced by the Militia of the sev- 
eral Towns in the County and as there will be a necessity of 
Calling in the Militia untill the aforesaid number of men are 
Stationed we hope your honours will provide a sufficient 
^Magazine to supply them when they are on Duty which Avill 
not only answer at present but will likewise be necessary in 
Case of an Alarm as the several towns in this County are 
scarcely able to provide for there o^vn Families, your petition- 
ers beg leave to mention that the situation of the people of 
this County was such formerly that each Family was obliged 
to keep a Gun for there Defence and that when the people 
of this State were called out to Defend there Liberties 
almost every person from this County that went into the 
Army carried with him a gun many of which were stop'd 
and kept for the use of the Continent and they have since 
been unable to replace them, and as we are informed there is a 
number of Small Arms in Boston for the Use of this State 
we think it would Contribute much to the Safety of said 
State if your Honors would order at least four hundred and 
fifty Fire Arms for the Use of this County to be stored at 
Falmouth and Cape Elizabeth that the people of said County 
may be able to Equip themselves therewith and also four 
Eighteen pounders for Cape Elizabeth with a sufficient quan- 
tity of Amunition. We hope your honours will readily 
Cirant us the aforesaid Articles as they are more immediately 
for the protection of those Towns who have manifested their 


Zeal in the American Cause by furnishing many more Men 
than their Quota in the Continental Army and your petition- 
ers as in Duty bound shall ever pray etc. 
By order of the Committee 

John Waite Chairman 
Falmouth S''^ April 1777. 

Falmouth 9 Aprill 1777. 
Gentelmen this is to acquaint you I got Doun hear Last 
Wensday. the Weather has Been So Blowing ever since 
We have been able to do But little towards loding. I have 
got the Ship up the River at the Place for loding, have got 
in a quantity of Oak planks & Staves & Expect to begin to 
take in masts tomorrow. Shall do all in my power to make 
dispatch Mr Frost says he will assist me all that lays in his 
power. I think the Ship is Verry Badly found for riging as 
well as for many other necessarys. I shall send you a mem- 
orandom of some things which I should be glad you would 
send down as they cant be got hear. I have shipt a mate & 
two men Which is all I have got I engag'd Several More in 
Cape Ann but after I came away they got more wages to go 
sum other way ; the Sailors Expect to be found in Small 
stores. Your humbl Servant 

Will™ Haynes 

Elisha Maynard, Elisha Maynards heirs, John Whitcomb, 
Ephraim Bobbins, Robert Barnard, Joseph Haild, William 
Keyes, John Forbush, John Gardner, Robert Barnard, Joel, 
&. Solomon Barnard his heirs, John Sampson, Jonathan & 
David Sampson his heirs, Philip Brookens, John Gardner, 
Hilkiah Boynton, The heirs of said Boynton, John Hapgood, 


The heirs of s*^ Hapgood, Josepli Whitney, Same Blood 
Benj'' Wood EsqS The heirs of s*^ Wood, John Maynard, 
Stephen Maynard, WilHam Holloway, Tlie heirs of John 
Oaks, John Whitcomb, Public Lots, Public Lots, Benj Woods 
Esq^ The heirs of Said Woods, Thomas Gates, Charles 
White, Josiah Stone, The heirs of said Stone, William Keyes, 

Amos Brown, Charles Brown, Isaac Burr, Burr heirs, 

Saml Hale, Joseph Beaman, Ben" Rolfe Esq^ The heirs of 
said Rolfe, John Hapgood, The heirs of said Hapgood, Benj*" 
Woods Esq% The heirs of said Woods, John Whitman Esq., 
Chas. Whitman, Benj* Whitcomb, Timothy Walker, Jona- 
than Eager, Noah Church, Amos Brown, diaries Brown, 
Joseph Stone, The heirs of Benj" Rolfe, EsqS Jeremiah Hol- 
man, Jeremiah Priest, Joseph Brown, Benj'^ Brown, Benj* 
Woods Esq% The heirs of said Woods, Joseph Stone, The 
heirs of said Stone, Peter How, Abner Cranson by Hows 
order, Benj* Woods Esq., The heirs of s** Woods, Jonathan 
Bush, The heirs of s'^ Brush, Benj* Hale, Noah Church, Jon- 
athan Houghton, The heirs of s*^ Houghton, William Keyes, 
David Smith, John Hapgood heirs, W*" Whitney, John Saw- 
yer, Jonas Warrin a sufferer in Rockingham No 2 W. of 
Con' River, Richard Whitney, Daniel Whitney & Richard 
Whitney Jun'' by verbal order, Benj* Woods Esq', The heirs 
of s*^ Woods, Nath^ Smith, Jonathan Green a Sufferer in Rock- 
ingham No. 2. W. of Con* River, Benj* Rolfe Esq', The heirs 
of said Rolfe, Nath^ Hapgood, Daniel PLipgood, Abraham 
Gibson, Hilkiah Boynton, The heirs of s*^ Boynton, Public 
Lott, Charles Brigham, Noah Church, Jabez Richardson, The 
heirs of said Richardson, Seth Rice. 

Boston April 15**^ 1777 

The foregoing is a list of letters admitted by a Committee 

of the General Con it, appointed for that purpose. In a New 

Township granted on the East side of Saco River, to those 

that wave Sufferers by the Runing of the line between this 


State and that of New Hampshire. In the Township No. 

Six in the line of Towns on Contoocook River. 

And I hereby Certify that the foregoing list appears to me 

to be In my hand writing and I apprehend it to be a true 

Copy from the Original 


Artemas Ward Chairman of the Com*"® 

Know all Men by these presents That we Alpheus Delano 
of Waldoborough yeoman, and Benjamin Burton of St. 
Georges Gentleman, both of the County of Lincoln and State 
of the Massachusetts Bay, are held stand firmly bound and 
obliged unto Henry Gardner Esq : Treasurer and Receiver 
General of the State aforesaid and his Successors' in said 
office in the full and ju«t Sum of Twenty pounds Lawful 
money to be paid unto the said Henry Gardner Treasurer as 
aforesaid or his Successors in said office : to the Avhich pay- 
ment well and truly to be made we bmd ourselves our heirs 
Executors and Administrators Joyntly and Severally firmly 
by these presents Sealed with our Seals dated the Sixteenth 
day of April In the year of our Lord one Thousand Seven 
hundred and Seventy-Seven. 

The Condition of this obligation is such That Whereas the 
said Alpheus Delano hath declared that he being in Lieuten- 
ant Nutts Company did furnish himself with a Gun and all 
other Accoutrements, but omitted to get a Certificate from 
the Selectmen & I. of Waldoborough, but hath agreed to 
procure a Certificate or return the money he received for his 
Wages being Eleven pounds, Sixteen shillings & a penny, in 
two months from this date. 

If Therefore the said Alpheus Delano his heirs, Executors 
or Admin'ors or either of them shall and do produce a Cer- 
tificate from said Selectmen of his furnishins^ himself with a 


Gun & etc. within two months of the date hereof, then this 
obligation to be void, otherwise to remain in full force. 
Signed Sealed & Deliv*^ Alpheus Delano 

in the presence of 

Dan'l Scott Benj* Burton. 

Henry Allinejurd 
Apl 16»»> 1777. 

To the Honourable Council & House of Representatives 
of the State of the Massachusetts Bay. The petition of 
Joseph Jcwitt of the Town of Scarborough in the County of 
Cumberland Humbly Sheweth — that whereas the Town of 
Scarborough are in Great want of West India Goods such as 
Salt, Molasses, Cotton etc. & have a large Quantity of Lum- 
ber Lying upon their Hands, which they want to turne into 
such commodities for their Family, Also, whereas the said 
Town of Scarborough have found their full Coto of men for 
the Continentall Army therefore your humble petitioner prays 
that you would give him Liberty to send a Vessell to the 
West Indies for the purposes above said 

And as in Duty bound shall ever pray etc. 

Joseph Jewitt 

State of Massachusetts Bay 

In the House of Representatives April 19, 1777 
Resolved that Joseph Jewett, Scarboro', be & he is hereby 
permitted to send a Vessel Loaded with Lumber to the West 
Indies for the purpose of procuring salt and other West 
Indies Goods he causing his 8** Vessel to be clear'd out at 
the Naval Offices at Falmouth agreable to the Laws of this 
State, the present Embargo notwithstanding provided that 
the said Jewett gives Bonds to the Said Naval Officer in the 


Sum of One Thousand Pounds to the use of this State that 
there shall not be taken on board the said Vessel any man or 
men that belongs to any town that have not procured their 
Coto in the Continantal Army. 
Sent up for Concurrence 

Sam'l Freeman Speak'^ P. T. 

In Council April 21. 1777 Read & Concurred 

Jn° Avery Dpy. Secy. 

State of Massachusetts Bay 
In the House of Representatives Apl. 21. 1777 

Resolved that Cap* Joseph Noyes be and he hereby is 
appointed a Commissary to supply the Men to be raised & 
Stationed at Falmouth & Cape Elizabeth in the County of 
Cumberland and the Commissary General is hereby directed 
to deliver to him or his Order one hundred & Eight barrels 
Pork one hundred & Eight barrels of Flour, twenty barrels 
of Rice for that use. And in Case of an Alarm the said 
Noyes is directed to Supply such of the Militia as shall be 
called in by the commanding officer out of the said Stores 
and if he shall stand in need of a further supply he is hereby 
directed to apply immediately to this Court or in the Recess 
thereof to the Council therefor and the Commissary General 
is also directed to deliver the said Noyes two Hundred Fire 
arms. Ten barrels of Powder & one Thousand weight of 
Leaden Balls to be deposited in some safe place for the use 
of the Militia on an alarm as aforesaid said Noyes to be 
accountable to this Court for the disposal of the same 
Sent up for Concurrence 

Sam^^ Freeman - Speak P.T 

In Council Apl 21-1777 Read & Concurred 

Jn° Avery 
Consented to 
Jer : Powell S. Holten Benj. Austin John Whitcomb 


A. Ward Jabez Fisher E. Thayer J' D. Sewall 

Caleb Gushing B. White John Taylor Moses Gill 
T. Gushing W"' Phillips D.Hopkins 

York April 27. 1777 

I have heard that the Gongres have sent to our State for 
some Ships to be Purchased for the Gontinent and mention 
was made of my Ship and answer was made that she was sold 
which was not so. Should be glad to Serve the State with 
as good a Ship as can be built. Enquire of Mr. Glark the 
Ship builder in Boston who has seen her. She can be 
Lanched in one month. 

From you"^ Humb. Serv* 

John Stone 

State of Massachusetts Bay 
In the House of Representatives April 28, 1777 

Resolved That the Gommittee of Correspondence &c of 
the Town of Falmouth in the County of Cumberland be and 
they hereby are impowered to appoint some suitable Person 
for a first Lieutenent for the Company of matrosses to be 
stationed at Falmouth under the Command of Gap* Abner 
Lowell — and also two Suitable Persons for second Lieuten- 
ants of said company — Also Resolved That the Committee 
of Correspondence &c. of the Town of Cape Elizabeth in said 
County, be and hereby are impowered to appoint some suit- 
able Person for a first Lieutenant of the Company to be sta- 
tioned there under the Command of Cap* John Wentworth. 

Also Resolved That the Gommittee of Correspondence 
&c of the Town of Kittery in the County of York be & 
licreby are inip(jwer'd to appoint some suitable person for a 
second Lieutenant of the Company to be stationed at Kit- 



tery. Said Committee giving the Preference to such as have 
had Of now hold Military commissions. 

And the Council are desired to furnish the said Committee 
with Blank Commissions for this purpose 
Sent up for Concurrence 

Saml Freeman Spk"" P. T 

In Council Apl 28, 1777. Read & Concurred 

Jn° Avery Dpy Scy. 

Consented to 

Jer : Powell A. Ward Caleb Cushing 

T. Cushing John Whitcomb S. Holten 

Moses Gill I. Bowdoin B. White 

E. Thayer Jr W"* Phillips Benj Austin 

John Taylor I M Dana Jabez Fisher 

State of Massachusetts Council Chamber Apl 28. 1777 

Ordered — That the Comissary General be and he hereby 
is Directed to send to Penobscot and to deliver Col. Josiah 
Brewer a supply of Provissions necessary for the Subsistance 
of Thirty Men & two Officers stationed at Penobscot River 
three months. 

A true Copy 

Attest Jn° Avery Dpy Secy. 

To the Honourable the Great and General Court of the 
State of Massachusetts Bay the Petition of the Subscribers 
bemg inhabitants of the West Preceint in Pownalborough 
and adjacent 

Humbly Sheweth 
That your petitioners are members of the Episcopal Church 
that Great part of tliem are French and Dutch Germans prot- 
estants who came into America in the years 1750 & 1751 &c. 


upon the encouragement Given by the Massachusetts Gov- 
ernment, that they shoukl enjoy their religious priviledges. 
Tliey begg further to represent tliat for twenty years last 
passed they have injoyed those priviledges, Excepting one 
the year passed. That they have Constantly maintained a 
minister of the Episcopal church, with the assistance of the 
Society, and have Constantly attended Publick Worship, 
according to the rights of the church of England. That they 
have built themselves a church & have a church Gleab in the 
West Precient of pownalbo rough. They further Represent 
That in the year 1773 the Town of Pownalborough was 
divided into two precincts by the names of the East & West 
Precinct in the same year 1773 the West Precinct Called a 
precinct meeting at which meeting the Votes of some of your 
Petitioners and all who were at said meeting, above 20 in 
number, were Refused to be accepted for this reason because 
they were Episcopalians, Your petitioners immediately with- 
drew and Never attended their meetings afterwards : on the 
28^^ of March 1776, the Congregationists in the West Pre- 
cinct ( being not more than Eight or Nine in Number that 
met ) and Voted to raise the sum of £ 30 to bier Preaching 
in the year 1776, which they never did Except a Transient 
Parson Now & then a day : that the assessors assessed your 
Petitioners by Virtue of an Act of the 16'^ of George the 
Second : — They further represent That the Collectors Viz" 
Samuel Emerson & John Eldridge have Taken every advan- 
tage ( and of Some of those persons who were Germans, and 
Did not understand the Law in the English Language ) to 
Distress them as well as others by Giving them Notice to 
pay the Ministers Tax and then distraining. They further 
declare that by their being thus assessed by the minority of 
the Parish are drove to Great Straits and must soon be 
ruined as the minority under Couler of Law, Seem deter- 
mined to Drive them to the Last Extremities — will further 


begg leave to represent that when the Act of 16^^ of George 
the Second was made it was not supposed that such a Case 
could happen where 7 : 8 or 9 Congregationlists Should Vote 
away not only their owne money but also the money of about 
thirty Episcopalians — and that too without & against their 
consent — We further declare that tho' the money Taken 
from us is by Law to be paid to our Pastor whome we sup- 
port & who will we make no doubt return it to us again, yet 
it subjects us to be Distrained upon, which is Now our case 
and also make us pay for the Taking our own money out of 
our Pockets against our Consent to be put in again after the 
collectors & Treasurer have improved it for a long time 
before it Can be Gott from them which must be and is a 
great trouble & Cost to us as we may be obliged to go 
through a law sute to get it again : we further think that the 
Law Aforementioned was Designed to prevent persons from 
pretending to be of a Religion, they were not of mearly to 
Get read of paying taxes. We further declare that it is the 
unalable right of mankind to Worship the Supreme being 
according to the dictates of a Well informed Conscience, that 
no man can dispose of his religion and much less can any 
Person take it from him — That every Speces of taxing that 
Takes away a man's Interest, and at the same time Debars 
him from assenting or desenting because of his Religious 
principles is Persecution and tends to force him to give up 
what the God of Nature never gave him a right to dispose 
of — the right of private judgment, in matters of religion — 
At a time when the continant is contending for Civil and 
Religious Liberty. We are sorrj- to have the Occasion of 
petitioning the Honorable Court upon so Disagreeable a Sub- 
ject as persecuting persons who come from Germany, upon 
the faith of the Government of the Massachusetts Bay, that 
they should Injoy their religious principles. But the matters 
of such Consequence to us that our all is Depending as the 


Collectors Distrain and Sell our Goods at halfe price & make 
us pay the Cost. We therefore humbly Pray that tlie Hon- 
ourable Court would take the Matter into Consideration and 
pass an Act that all Episcopalians who pay a minister may 
be freed from being assessed or Taxed in any Parish for 
ministerial rates and that the collectors be ordered to return 
all the money so distrained & Received from us the respect- 
ive persons from whom he Took them with the charges and 
Damages or otherwise give us such Relief as the Court in 
their Wisdom Shall think proper and as in Duty bound we 
Shall Ever Pray 

Pownalborough West Precinct 

NB The Congregationals in the West Precinct of pow- 
nalborough Never hath been imbodied into a church etc to 
this day 
Samuel Goodwin Edmund Doherty Michel Stilphen 


Martin X Healey John Cotton Gookin Lones houdlette 


David Bailey Samuel Goodwin Jr John Johnson 

John Parkes Peter Pochard William Bourke 

George Mayer Philip Mayer George Goud 


Daniel Malbone John X Pochard Charles E Houdlette 


George Stilphen Cornelius Stilphen Jean George Goud 
Rebecca Callihan Christopher Jakins Robert Tycross 
Josanna J. pro goss Luda Cassimir Main 

In Council April 28, 1111 

Read & Ordered That David Sewall Esq' be a Committee 

with such as the Hon*"'® House shall appoint to consider the 

within Petition & report what is best to be done thereon. 

Sent Down for Concurrence 

Jn** Avery Dpy Secy. 

In the House of Representatives Apl. 28, 1777 

Read & Concurred and Mr Mayhew and Mr. Cooper are 
joined Saml Freeman Spk'^ P. T. 


Ordered that the Petitioners Notify the Inhabitants of the 
West Precinct in PownaP" having a Copy of this Petition & 
Order hereon with the Precinct clerke of said West Parish 
30 days at least before the second Tuesday in July next, that 
they may shew cause ( if any they have ) Before the General 
Court of this State, if then setting, and in case the said Court 
shall not be then setting, on the second Tuesday of their 
meeting after that Time Wherefore the Prayer of the said 
Petitioners should not be granted. 

In Council April 29"^ 1777 Read & Accepted. 
Sent down for concurrence. 

Jn° Avery Dpy. Secy. 

In the House of Representatives April 29, 1777 
Read and Concurred 

Consented to 

names S. Holten W"" Phillips 

torn Moses Gill John Taylor 

B. White Jabez Fisher Benj Austin 

D. Sewall E. Thayer J' F. M. Dana 

The Committee of both Houses to whom was Committed 
the Petitions of Several Inhabitants of the West precinct in 
Pownalboro have attended that Service and report as entered 
on s'* Petitions 

D. Sewall p'' order 

and that in the mean Time they do not make any further 
assessment for Precinct Rates upon the Petitioners. 

The Committee of both Houses to whom was referred the 
Petition of several militia officers in the first Regiment in 
the County of York, have attended that Service and find the 
Facts therein related to be true and report the following Res- 


solution, as Remedy for the grievance complained of, wliicli 
is Submitted D. Sewall p. order 

Resolved that the field officers of the first Regiment in 
the County of York, or the major part of them, Be and 
hereby are ordered and impowred to new rank the sevei-al 
Companies in that Regiment agreeable to Military i-ule & 
order, any former arrangement by them made notwitlis land- 
ing and to the end no doubt may arise in the minds of the 
Field officers, what military rule and order is, That the ijuik 
of each Company shall be reconed and determined from the 
age or antiquity of such Company respectively, tliat is the 
most ancient the first, the next most ancient the second and 
so on thro' the remainder And in all cases where a com- 
pany is formed part of two or more ancient Companys such 
Company is to be esteemed a New Company & not to bear 
the rank of any of the Companys from which it is taken. 
And when an ancient Company is divided into two or more, 
unless it can otherways be satisfactorily determined. That 
part which shall retain the rank of the Original Company 
shall be determined by Lott 

That the Brigadier of Said County be and hereby is 
ordered and directed to Alter the Several Military Commis- 
sions, so far as respects the rank agreeable to the new 
arrangement that may be made by the said Field officers in 
Consequence of this Resolution And all such Militia-officers 
in said Regiment as shall neglect or Refuse to bring their 
Commissions — after — reasonable Notice to the Brigadier to 
be altered or to rank as aforesaid, shall be considered as 
displaced of which the Brigadier shall give Notice to the field 
officers of Said Regiment to the end the Company to which 
they belong may be called upon to choose others in their 
Room agreeable to the Militia Law And the Brigadier of 
said County is also directed to make returne of tlie officers 
and the Rank of the Companys in said liegiment as soon as 


the Said new arrangement and Ranking shall be accomplished 
to the Secretaiy's office of this State. 

In Council Apl 28, 1777 
Read & Accepted 

Sent down for Concurrence 

Jn° Avery Dpy. Sec'y 

In the House of Representatives April 29, 1777. 

Read & Concurred 

Consented to — J. Warren Sp'^' 

.J. Bowdoin Jer: Powell A. Ward 

Caleb Cashing T. Cushing John Taylor 

S. Holten W'" Phillips Benj. Austin 

E. Thayer J^ Moses Gill B. White 

J Fisher D. Sewall F. M. Dana 

To the Hon^'*' the Council and House of Representatives in 

General Assembly convened, humbly Shew 

The Subscribers, Militia Officers in three of the Companies 
in the Town of York in the Regiment of Foote whereof 
Ebenezer Sayer Esq'' is Colonel : — 

That the Field Officers for said Regiment in pursuance of 
the Militia Law divided the Town of York into Six Com- 
panies which till lately consisted of but four — that in this 
division, part of what was formerly the first company and 
part of Second Company, were joined together and made one 
new Company, which Company so joined were by the Field 
Officers ranked and stiled the first Company, and what 
remained of the first Company and Second Company were 
still left in two separate Companies, and are now Stiled the 
third and sixth Companies in the Regiments : whereas 
according to all Military rule and order your Petitioners 
apprehend their respective Companies ought to have been 
ranked the first and third in the Regiments, and that Com- 
pany aforesaid made up from the first and second, as it was 


younger in its formation ought to have been stiled and 
ranked in the Regiment, below all Companies that were prior 
to it in formation in the Regiment: — that this arbitary 
determination of the Field Officers, as your Petitioners con- 
ceive it to be, has likewise justled another of the Companies 
in said Town out of their proper rank : whereby the men in 
three of the Companies in said Town are so uneasy respect- 
ing the matter that the Regiment is not in that state your 
Memorialists could wish for the public Peace and Safety : 
that your Petitioners being the Officers duly elected by the 
three Companies agrieved, have remonstrated to the Field 
Officers and prayed their interposition that these matters 
might be spedily Redresed, but they have not as yet tho't fit 
to rectify the ranks aforesaid : — 

Wherefore your Petitioners pray that your Honours would 
grant us such relief in the premises as to you shall seem 
most expedient: and your Petitioners in duty bound shall 
ever pray etc 

Abt Moulton Jun Samuel Young John Bennet 

Moses Sewall Henry Talpey Ebenezer Grant 

Jos. Bragdon J'' Charles Trafton 

In Council Nov. 20, 1776 Read & thereupon 
Resolved that David Sewall Esq' with such as the Hon'ble 
House may join be a Comittee to take the above Petition 
into Consideration & Report what is necessary to be done 

Sent down for Concurrence 

John Avery Dpy Secy. 

In the House of Representatives Nov. 23, 17 76 
Read & Concurred and Mr. Simpson & Judge Gushing are 

J. Warren, Spk'' 


The Declaration of William Gilly of Crambery Island in 
the Massachusetts State, Fisherman, That sometime in the 
month of April past The Ship of War Called the Scarborough 
Belonging to the British King Commanded by Captain 
Mowat Came into the Harbor of said Island and anchored 
there — That the said William was on board the said ship 
& had considerable conversation with said Mowat, some 
particulars he remembers as follows — The said Mowat 
asked if the Inhabitants on said Island had taken up arms. 
It was answered, No. The said Mowat then said that he 
was not come to molest but to Protect them, and if they 
would not disturb his boats in procuring wood & Water 
that he would not hurt them, but if otherwise that he was 
Determined to Level every house on the Island. Mowat 
then asked if the Inhabitants up Frenchman's Bay had not 
chiefly taken up arms. Said William answered that he 
know'd nothing about it. Mowat then said that he know'd 
several that had, and asked said William if he was not a 
Pilot up Frenchman's Bay & whether he would not under- 
take to carry up the ship. Said William answered that he 
was not a Pilot nor could he undertake it — Said Mowat 
then asked if said William was acquainted with Colonel 
Jones who Lived up there. It was answered in the afhrm- 
ative. Mowat saidihat he wanted to see him very much, as 
he had rec''^ an Invitation from Col° Jones when at Halifax 
to pay a visit, and that the said Colonel Jones had promised 
to procure for him seventy head of cattle, which were to be 
drove down to some certain point ( which the Declarant for- 
gets the name of ) where Boats were to be sent By the man of 
War to receive them. 

That the Said Mowat through out many threats against 
many of the Settlements particularly Machias, asking if those 
Rebels did not think hanging was too good for them, that if 
he went there he would utterly destroy them — Said 


Mowat appeared to be very well acquainted with the Situa- 
tion & Circumstances of the diff* settlements, mentioning the 
different quantity of Lumber which was in several Harbours 
& told of many matters which happened in different parts. 
He further said that news had come of Philadelphia Being 
in Possession of the Britains, that the Inhabitants to the 
Southward were laying down their Arms — That Boston 
would soon be in possession of the Kings troops, and that 
the Frigates which were there he wanted to see, would 
rejoice of having an Opp° of attacking Ihem both together — 
He further said that the Greyhound & Diamond which were 
seen sometime ago before Newbury were cruising for Captain 
Manley & McNiel — several other matters were spoken of 
which the subscriber Does not remember. 
Cramberry Island May 10, 1777 


Witnesses W"' X Gilly 


f Jn° Long 
■^ William Maxwell 
i^L Allan 

On Saturday the 9"' of this Ins* Mr. Prebble, M' How 
myself and some others, set off in a whaleboat from here for 
St. Johns River in Nova Scotia & on Tuesday the 12'^'' being 
arriv'd within about two miles of Simonds & C° heard Gun 
fir'd out of a Cove on our Larboard Hand & standing for 
said Cove, found Mess. Hall & Rogers who had just Escap'd 
in a wherry from a small schooner which had inadvertently 
run down upon a Man of War who lay near the said 
Simond's & tir'd those Guns as Signals for our Safety. We 
landed & haul'd up our boat & Mess"" Prebble & How went 
to a neighboring Village for Intelligence & during their 
absence we were attacked })y the Man of War Barge but 


oblig'd them to Retreat. About the Middle of the same 
Night, Messrs. How & Prebble Return'd safe to us with the 
following Intelligence which they had Rec'^' from the People 
on Shore Viz : — That the aforesaid Man of War was lately 
arriv'd from Annapolis Her Name the Vulture of 14 Guns 
Cap* Cola & was stationed there at the Entreaty of the afore- 
said Simonds & C° who had sent three Men to Halifax for 
that Purpose — That the Oath of Allegiance was tender'd 
to the People at the Mouth of the River, several of whom 
had taken it & that the arm'd Sloop Gage of 8 Guns was 
sent to Cumberland to bring away the Troops from thence & 
to take them up St. John's River to subdue the Inhabitants 
& that the Fort at said River was to be Rebuilt & a Ganison 
kept at Annapolis for the Purpose of better Commanding 
the Baj^ of Fundy — On Rec* of the above Intelligence Mess. 
How & Prebble dispatch'd me with the Boat Express to 
Machias to acquaint the Committee of Safety etc., with the 
same & to procure ( if possible ) a Party of Men to be sent 
there While themselves and Some others went up the River 
to the Inhabitants to Encourage them to hold out & to mus- 
ter the Indians etc. who continue as yet faithful to our Cause 
for the above Ship brought a Variety of Presents &c for 
them but have not been able to withdraw them from our 
Interest at least those whom they tried. 

Edward Thompson 
Machias May 17"' 1777. 

We the subscribers being in company with the within 
mentioned Edward Thompson & others, do declare that the 
Ace* within written is just & true to the best of our knowl- 

Machias May 17, 1777. Stephen Hall 


John X Ackleay 


John X White. 



To the Hono''^^ The Council & House of Representatives 
of the Massachusetts Bay. 
May it Please your Honours : — 

Our Enemies takeing possession of the River 
St. Johns as Perticularly mentioned in John Allan's Esq., 
letter to your Honors & in our Memorial is a matter so 
deeply interesting to this Place, to all this Eastern Country 
& to the United States of America in General that we verily 
Thought & still Think that the most vigorous opposition in 
our Power in Order to divert them if Possible, from their 
Purpose woud be Justifiable, and merit the approbation of 
not only our Own State, but of all the Continent. We have 
Therefore Concured in Sentiments with John Allan. Esq' & 
with the Utmost chearfulness have Strain'd every nerve to 
Raise two Companies of about 30 men each, one of which 
we Expect will sett off Tomorrow 

We have on this Pressing Emergency spar'd out of our 
own Scanty Stores, Procured at Great Expences & risque 
12c/w Pork, 20c/w Flower, 100 c/w Powder & 400 c/w 
Balls wdiich we Pray your Honours to Replace as soon as 
may be, we take it for granted that these men who Go on 
this Expedition & Inlist for two months will be put into 
Continental Pay, from the time of their Enlistment and that 
a Sufficient armament will be Immediately sent to their 
support — 

Captain Stephen Smith, one of our members appears before 
y(mr Honour, in our belialf, on tliis & other Purposes — We 
pray tliat no time may be lost but that the Business he lays 
before the Hon''^" Cort may be immediately Dispatch'd ( for 
he leaves us in a very defenceless state ) that he may Return 
& Inform us of Our fate w^h ether it is worth our While to 
Risque our Lives farther, in Defence of our Property in this 
Remote part of the State, & in the Conmion Glorious Cause: 
or lly before our Enemies & leave a most valuable Country 


our own little Property, & the Property of the State a Prey. 
We are with due Respect Your Honors Most Obedient 
Humb^* Sarvents 

James Flinn. Joseph Libbee. 

George Libby. Wooden Foster. 

The Committee of Safety etc for Machias. 
Machias, May 17"' 177Y. 

In Council June 3*^, 1777. Read & Ordered that Joseph 
Palmer and Jaljez Fisher, Esq'' be a Comittee with such as 
the Honorable House shall join to consider the within Peti- 
tion and the Papers accompanying the same «& Report what 
is best to be done thereon. 

Sent down for Concurrence 

John Avery Dpy Secy. 

In the House of Representatives June 4, 1777. 

Read & Concurred and M'^ Greenleaf, Co'' Coffin & 
Maj' Goodman are joined — 

R. T. Paine, Spk"^ pro tern. 

To the Honor''''* The Council & House of Representatives 
of the State of Massachusetts Bay 

The Memorial of the Committee of Correspondence &c of 

Humbly Sheweth : 

That agreeably to Their expectations this Committee 
reciev'd certain Intelligence, that our Enemies have taken 
possession of the River St. John in Nova Scotia, with an 
expressed design to Fortify it, and Open a Communication 
by that River to Canada That they have sent to Cumberland 
for part or all the Troops in that Garrison, to be Stationed 
at St. John & that the ship already arriv'd has brought large 
Presents for the Indians, which they decline Accepting for 
the Present. 


This Committee, therefore, beg leave to Observe that St. 
Johns as it Opens an easy Communication with Quebec & 
with the back Settlements on this Eastern Shore, is a Grand 
Object in our Enemies View, for they will have it in their 
Power, either to Distress or cut us off at Pleasure, Unless a 
Miraculous interposition of divine Providence Prevents 
which we niether Deserve or expect. Our Enemies are 
Crewel & Blood Thirsty & if they can destroy us they will 
surely accomplish it. The Infamous Mowat has sworn by all 
that is Sacred that he will destroy this Place. 

Your Honors are not Ignorant of the Disposition of the 
Indians they Expect to be Courted to Receive Large Pres- 
ents, and like all other Nations Consult their Own Interest. 
Can we then expect that they will Purchais goods of Our 
Truckmaster, at an Extravagant Price, when our Enemies 
have possession of their Control and Present them with 
everything they want If our Enemies therefore are suffre'd 
to hold St. Johns the Indians will Infalliably turn against us 
& we must Desert this Place & Leave this Important Coun- 
try a Prey to those that Hate us. The State of Massachu- 
setts Bay have done much for us for which we trust we are 
duly Tliankfull & large Piles of Boards are now waiting the 
Order of the State, in this Place, our Enemies know this 
and they may easily take them, together with all we have, if 
they Pleas, for our numbers daily diminishes, our Spirits 
flag, & our Strength is Gone, as nothing is done for our 
Protection, or the Expulsion of our Eastern Enemies from 
the Continent : but on the Contrary we are left with out a 
Guard & british Murderers advance & Incroach upon us & 
oblige all our Friends to to take the Oaths of Alegiance to 
the worst of Tyrants or Submit to beggery, chains & Im- 
prisonment & none dare oppose, or even say why do you so. 

Wherefore we your Faithful! & distressed Subjects humbly 
and Importunately Pray your Honors to send an Army 


Immediately to Disposess our Enemies at St. John's, or to 

fortify & Guard This Place, or this Place & all this Valuable 

country, as far as Penobscot at least, must fall a Prey to 

those whose tenderest mercys are Crueltys or which is our 

dernier resort Under God, perhaps on immediate application 

to the Supreme authority of the Continent may save us. 

And your Memora^'"' as in duty bound shall ever pray 

We Remain with due Respect Your Hon"" Most Obe*^* 

Hum^'® Servants 

Stephen Smith James Flinn 

Joseph Libbee George Libby 

Wooden Foster 

The Committee of Safty &c. of Machias 

Machias May 18, 1777. 

Att a meeting being Leagually Wornd the Freeholders and 
other Inhabitants Met togather on Thursday the 31** day of 
March 1774 at time and place and when met acted on the 
Following articles, Viz* 

1 Chose Caleb Graffam Moderator for s** meeting. 

2 Voted Richard Mayberry Town Clerk for s** day 

3 Voted Richard Dole Town Clerk for the present year 

4 Voted Ichabod Hanson, Hugh Crague, Thomas Trott, 
Selectmen and Assessors for this present year 

5 Voted M"^ Zorobable Hunnewell, Town Treasurer this 
present year 

6 Voted William Campbel Cunstable and Collector for 
this year. 

7 Voted Caleb Graffam Collector for the penney and half 
penney Tax for this year. 

8 Voted to Adjourn the meeting To Thursday the 7*^^ day 
of April at ten Clock in the forenoon And then the freehold- 


ers and other Inliabitants met at time and place and opened 
the meeting and acted on the following 6 articles in the 
morning and Voted that IVP Zorobable Hunnewell and Mr. 
William Knight and Mr Robert Martin be wardens This 
present year — 

10. Voted That M' Thos. ]\Iay berry be a Ty thing man this 
present year. 

11. Voted That the Roads be mended by a Rate this pres- 
ent year. 

12 Voted That sixty pounds be Raised for clearing and 
mending Roads this y"" 

13 Voted Syi'* p'' Day for men and oxen to work on the 
Roads this present y' 

14 Voted lyi'* p'' day for a plow to work on the Roads 
this present year 

15 Voted Edward Anderson Surveyor of High ways this 
present year 

16 Voted Daniel Pattingall Surveyor of High ways this 
present year 

17 Voted Richard Dole Surveyor of High ways this pres- 
ent year 

18 Voted Joseph Chesley Surveyor of High ways this pres- 
ent year 

19 Voted Tho. Meay berry, Enoch Wait and Edw** Ander- 
son Surveyors of Lumber this present year. 

20 Voted Caleb Graffam be fence viewer, Field Driver, and 
hog rief this year 

21 Voted James Pray be fence viewer field Driver and hog 
rief this year 

22 Voted John younge be fence viewer, field Driver and 
hog rief this year 

23 Voted David Barker be fence viewer, field Driver and 
hog rief this year 

21 Voted Hatievil Hall be fence viewer, field Driver and 
hog rief this year 


25 Voted William Meayberry be fence viewer, field Driver 
and hog rief this year 

26 Voted James Hawks be Deer Rief this year 

27 Voted Thirty pounds for the use of a school this present 

28 Voted Eighty pounds for the Rev'^ M"" Peter Thacher 
Smith's Salery this y"^ 

29 Voted ten pounds for the Town charges this present 

30 Voted That the Collectors shall have one shilling p'' 
pound for gathering The Taxes this present year. 

31 Voted that the selectmen be a Committe to Let out the 
School Lott to the highest bider this present year 

32 Voted Richard Meayberry be Pound keeper this year 

33 Voted That the swine go at Large beeing Well yoaked 
and Ring*^ this present year. 

Richard Dole Town Clerk 
A True Coppey Attest Edw'^ Anderson Town Clerk 

Cumberland SS. Falmouth May 23*^ 1777. the above 

named Edward Anderson made Oath that the foregoing is a 

true copy taken from the Town Book of Windham of the 

said Town's Transactions at their March Meeting in 1774 as 

Recorded by Richard Dole, then Town Clerk, who is now in 

the Army. 

Coram Enoch Freeman Justice of the Peace 

State of the Massachusetts Bay 

To the hon' the council and house of Representatives of 
said State in General Court Assembled. 

The Petitions of Ichabod Hanson, Thomas Trot and Hugh 
Crague all of Windham in the County of Cumberland hum- 
bly Sheweth 

That the inhabitants of said Windham at an annual meet- 
ing in said town held on the 31 day of March A. D. 1774 


legally warned, chose Richard Dole Town Clerk for the year 
there ensumg & your Petitioners assessors for that year but, 
the said being absent the Town chose Richard Mayberry 
clerk for that day who accordingly entered all the votes & 
proceedings of that meeting on papers, and the said Richard 
Dole afterwards recorded the doings of said Meeting in the 
towns book of Records from that paper but it so happened 
that the said Richard Mayberry was not sworn so that the 
validity of the proceedings of that meeting may be called in 

Your Petitioners further shew that there never has been 
any dispute in the town or doubt, that they know of but that 
the said INIayberry enter'd all votes & chosies truly & faith- 
fully. They further shew that, as assessors, it was their 
duty that year, besides assessing the other common taxes laid 
on the Inhabitants, more especially to assess and apportion a 
penny half penny tax upon unimproved lands there — and 
that they have by virtue of a special Law of the then prov- 
ince sold sundry lots, for non-payment of that tax, And that 
there is danger that the titles of the purchasers may be ques- 
tioned, and the doings of the Assessors adjudged invalid 
purely on account of the neglect or omission of swearing the 
said Richard JSIayberry as aforesaid, and other inconviences 

Wherefore Your Petitioners humbly pray that the doings 
of said Meeting may be confirmed and established as they 
stand recorded in the town Book by the Standing Clerk the 
said Richard Dole who was duly sworn to the discharge of 
his trust, the omission of Swearing the said Richard May- 
berry or of his signing Said Minutes, or the present loss of 
them, notwithstanding: and your Petitioners as in duty 

bound shall ever pray &c. 

Thomas Trott 

Ichabod Hanson Assessors. 

Hugh Crague 


March 31, 17 74. 
Met at and 

1^' Voted in Captain Grafam moderator for said meeting 
2"'^ Richard Mayberry town clerke for said meeting S'"^ to 
chose Richard Dole town clerke for tLe present year, Ichabod 
Hanson for Selectman & assessor, Hugh Crague to be Select- 
man & assessor and Thomas Trott, Selectman & Assessor, 
JM"" Hunnewell to be town treasurer, William Camell Col- 
lector & Constable. Voted Capt. Grafam Collector for the 
penny tax. 

Adjourned said meeting for said meeting to April the 
seventh day 

I, Edward Anderson of Windham being well acquainted 
with the hand writing of Capt. Richard Mayberry, do hereby 
declare that the within minutes are his writing, according to 
my best judgment & belief 

Edward Anderson 

Cumberland SS. Fahnouth May 23*^ 1777, the above named 
Edward Anderson made oath to the truth of the above 
Declaration by him signed. 

Coram Enoch Freeman 

Justice of the Peace 

The Committee Appointed by a Resolve of the Great & 
General Court of this State, April 4, 1777 to View the mill 
dams Upon Presumpscot River in the Town of Falmouth & 
County of Cumberland, which had been represented to the 
Court totally to obstruct the Salmon &c in their passage Up 
said River to confer with the owners of, said dams, view & 
examine where proper sluice ways may be made & reports A 
State of facts — Reports the manner in which they conducted 
the Affair & the Appearance of facts upon view of the 
obstructions & conference with the owners of the dams — 


the Committee Agreed to meet at Presurascot falls on the 
third Monday of May, previous to which meeting publick 
notice was given & the purposes of meeting: two of the 
Committee met at the time & place ( Brigadier Thompson not 
appearing ) the other two proceeded Upon the affair & Upon 
Examination were of opinion that there might be a good 
passage for the fish without great difficulty or inconveniency 
on the South Westerly Side of the River between the Mills 
& the Shore, which Major Benjamin Waite ( who Appeared 
an owner of the Dam & Mills) was willing should be done, 
the Committee then proceeded to Ammoncongen falls & as 
the Aforesaid Major Waite owned half that dam lie was 
willing there should be a fish passage in that part of the dam 
called the Slip near the Northerly Shore of the River, which 
the Committee viewed, & are of opinion will well answer the 
end, if made about double the Wedth it now is, the other 
owners of the dam ( the Committee were informed ) are minors 
& no person Appeared for them, from thence the Committee 
proceeded to Saccarappa & viewed the dams & found no 
obstruction but on the upper dam, thro' which near the 
northerly side of the River, M'" Conant who appeared as an 
owner, was willing there should be a fish passage, which the 
committee were of opinion would answer the end, the Com- 
mittee then proceeded to Horse beef falls where ]\P Osgood 
appeared as an owner & was willing there should be a fish 
passage thro' the dam near the Northerly side of the Stream 
which the Committee were of opinion would answer the end, 
the River is large & was said formerly to abound with a 
variety of fish that frequents Such Streams, but the several 
dams appeared to the Committee almost or Quite a total 
obstruction to their passage especially the dam on Pre- 
sumpscot falls, which the Committee were informed was 
built about forty-four years ago. 

Mr Hale M Greenough Coll' Spaulding. 


Casco Bay 27"^ May 1777 

I have the Honor & pleasure of informing you of 
my safe arrival here in tlie Brig Penelope a Prize taken by 
Cap* John Clouston in the Brigantine of War Called the 
Freedom belonging to this State according to his orders to 
me I wait your Honour Further Instructions, her Cargo 
Consisting as per the Inclosed Invoice, ray main top mast 
being sprung I Can't carry any After Sail having had a Gale 
of Wind in the Gulph which obliged me to Lay to for thir- 
teen days under a ballance Mainsail. Nothing more from 
Gentlemen Your Humble Servant 

John Gray 
P. S. the Brig has on board four tliree pounders & five 

Falmouth 28, May 1777 

This is to acquaint you that I have not been able 

to get Men for the Ship Union though I have tryed every 

Town between Boston & falmouth & have offer'^ 25 Dollars 

per month & 6 Barrels previlege I see no prospect of geting 

men In this place. If you think it advisable to Come to the 

Westward with the Ship I should be glad to have your 

Orders. I think Cape Ann is as likely a place as any I 

know of. If the Ship was their. I should be glad to have 

your Orders as soon as may be Convenient, in the meantime 

I shall do my Indeavor to get what men I can hear. I have 

four Men Besides My Self & Mate. 

your Humb^ Serv* 

Will'" Haynes 

To the Hon^' Bord War 


Falm" May 28*'» 1777. 
May it please y"" honors. 

I have rec*^ the five hundred pounds sent by Cap*^ Haynes 
& mdorsed it on the back of his Rec* inclosed to me 

He promised each Sailor ( previous to their engaging on 
board the Ship Union ) a priviledge equal to five or six bar- 
rels & desires me to grant the same, the Mate also wants a 
priviledge of a 20 Inch Mast — Should be glad of particular 
directions respecting both — 

I remain your Honors 

Obt. S^ W" Frost. 

The hon' board Warr. 

State of Massachusetts Bay 

To the Hon'^i^ the Council and the Hon^'« the House of 
Representatives in general Court Assembled 

May 28, 1777. 

The Petition of John Whitcomb & Henry Gardner Esq" 
humbly shews 

That the General Court of this State on the 3'''' day of 
February A. D. 1774, granted a Township of the Contents of 
Seven Miles square to be laid out in some of the unappro- 
priated Lands belonging to This State to the eastward of 
Saco River to the Rev'* John Gardner & others in Lieu of 
Township No. 6 on Contoocook River lost by the late Settle- 
ment of New Hampshire Line. 

That the Grantees afors'* laid out said Township by Josepli 
Frye, Jun'' Surveyor & Daniel Farrington and Wyley chain- 
men under Oath and Returned a Plan therof into the Secre- 
tary's office In j\Iay following, which Plan was laid before 
The then General Court for their Acceptance & was com- 
mitted to a Com*^® to examine which Com*** Reported that 
the 8'' Grant should be confirmed to the afore** Grantees but 


by reason of the Sudden Dissolution of the General Assem- 
bly by General Gage the s*^ Report was not passed on and 
Trouble that followed have prevented any Application till 
this Time in which Interval the Plan Return Certificates &c 
respecting s** affair Are lost. 

Your Petitioners having a Copy of the Plan above referred 
to have herewith presented The same for Confirmation being 
able to make the above Relation of Tracts to appear By Tes- 
timonies of several Persons some of whom belong to the 
present General Assembly 

Therefore your Pet" humbly Request that the Plan a-fores'' 
may be confirmed to the Grantees A List whereof is herewith 
exhibited or that the said Grantees may otherwise be relieved 
touching the Premises as your Honours shall think Reason- 
able and as in Duty bound shall Ever pray 

John Whitcombe 
Henry Gardner. 

The Committee Upon the Within Petition having exam- 
ined the plan therein refered to ask leave to Report, that 
they are of opinion that the land thereby represented may 
with Safety be confirmed to the Grantees named in the list 
exhibited with the petition According to the courses and 
Measures Set down on said plan And also a strip of land on 
the Northerly Side of the Township of equal Quantity with 
that they run in upon Bridgton as is set forth by the red 
lines in said plan, on the condition & in full satisfaction of 
the grant made to them Feb. 23 A. D. 1774 provided the 
grant does not interfere with any former grant or grants and 
that the contents of the ponds in Said Township Amounts to 
Two thousand six Hundred Acres. 

June 19 
Mr. Lewis 
Mr. Niles 
Cap. Rice 


To the Hon^^^ Board of Counsellors & the House of 
Representatives of the State of the Massachusetts Bay now 

The Petition of Ebenezer Cleaveland of Gloucester in the 
County of Essex humbly Sheweth : that some time in June 
1776 the following Persons viz* John Torrey, Thomas Robins 
and John Tarr of Gloucester, & one Flint of Casco Bay & 
James ^Slecomb of Beverly were taken by the Milford Frigate 
on board of the Yankee Hero, that these said Persons were 
put on board the Renown Ship of Warr and by Threatning & 
Starving Necessities were Compelled to Enter who are very 
Anxious to be Redeemed as can be made to appear from such 
as were Prisoners who have been Redeemed and Cap*' Mark 
Pool Commanding a Company at Bristol who had been a 
prisoner with them being desired to Apply to the Governor 
& Council of Rhode Island State for their Freedom writes 
that the Renown lays in open sight of his Incampment that 
the Governor & Council ordered him to desire your Peti- 
tioner to apply to the Commissary for Prisoners to Exchange 
for them. The Commissary your Petitioner here are five 
Prisoners lately taken who belong to the Greyhound which 
he will by your leave Exchange for these Men if Practicable 
therefore in behalf of the Distressed Your Petitioner feeling 
for them & their distressed Friends Humbly prays your 
Honours to Indulge the Commissary with leave to us his 
uttermost for their Redemption and as in duty bound shall 
ever pray. 

Eben'' Cleaveland. 

Boston May 30, 1777. 

Boston Town June 4, 1777 

This will be del** you by Mr. Jolm Preble Truckmaster for 

the Indians of St. Johns River. By the late Movement here 


be was forced to Leave that Iraployment which was Occa- 
tioned By the part the Inhabitants had taken in the Cause 
Now Contend'd for in America & not withstanding the 
Obbgations Enter'd Into they have thought proper to Return 
back & Seek Shelter under that Government, which is now 
become the most Contemptable of any upon Earth & Vol- 
untarily Submit to the Mandates of those who is Endeavour- 
ing to bring Great Brittain as well as America into the most 
abject slavery. 

There being at present some property belonging to the 
Massachusetts State and M'' Preble having some business to 
Settle I Expect he will be permitted to Persue those necessary 
measures to secure his Effects & Settle such matters as he 
has Contracted. 

The Indians is still acting the Vertious part to whom the 
United States are Under some Obligations to fulfill Certain 
promises, I have now come for that End & fully Rely that 
me nor any of my people be molested my business being 
solely with the Indians. I shall not have any Connection 
with the Inhabitants nor Transact any business with them 
that may Expose them to the Resentement of there new 
friends who wou'd have had no mercy on them was it not for 
fear, but this I Leave to your own reflection. You are 
possessed of Moral Agency & know best for your Own 

I further Expect there will be no obstruction on your part 
in procuring some necessary refreshments for my Men for 
which ample Satisfaction sliall be made. 

I shall take every precaution to prevent any damages to 
any Person dureing my stay. 

I am yours etc. 
a true Coppy Jn° Allan. 

To the Inhabitants of Mangerville 


To the Honorable the Council & House of Representatives 
of the State of Massachusetts Bay. 

The Committee of Correspondence, Inspection & Safety of 
the Town of Gorliam in the County of Cumberhmd doth 

Humbly Petition & Remonstrate as follows Viz : — That 
whereas the Committee of this Town for last year on the 7"^ 
of September 1776 did Petition to the Hon. Gen' Court of 
this State concerning Sundry Goods & Merchandise bro't 
from Falm° and lodg'd at Col** Phinneys in this Town 
formerly the property of Cap* Thomas Coulson as by the s** 
Petition in the Sec^'* Office May appear Whereupon the s'* 
Hon^'« Court was pleas to Ord"" Oct. 29. 1776. Viz :- That 
the Committee of Safety etc. of the " Town of Gorham in 
the County of Cumberland Be & hereby are directed & 
Impowered to keep & preserve till the further Order of the 
General Court, a certain parcel of Goods now in their 
Custody, taken from & out of the House of Thomas Coulson 
in the County afore** in the month of May 1775, by a Party 
of the Militia under the Command of Col° Phinney amount- 
ing as per Inv. here and annexed to 141. 1. 1. and all 
Persons are hereby strictly forbidden to use or dispose of the 
same till the further Order of this Court." Which Order 
hath hitherto been strictly comply'd with so far as the 
utmost exertion of the Committee would effect, till lately the 
captors of the s'* Goods in the s'* Petition mention growing 
almost desperate, being kept out of what they call'd their 
just claim : Your Hon" Petitioners had drafted a second 
Petition praying your Honours to order them some Allow- 
ance, that their minds might be quieted but immediately 
after, viz : the S** of June inst., a number of persons 
encouraged by others did enter the Dwelling House of One 
of the Committee & with force & arms broke the same, took 
and carry'd away the said Goods out of your Petitioners 
Possession. As by the s** special Order of Court the s** 


Goods were vested with us, We think it Our bounden Duty 
to take the EarHest opportunity of Remonstrating to Your 
Honour's against the s*^ Illegal proceedings of some of the 
Captors of the s*^ Goods Humbley praying Your Honours to 
take this matter into your wise consideration & be assured of 
the Loyalty & best endeavours of your Petitioners to pre- 
serve inviolate the Authority of the State, and give some 
Special Orders relating to the Premises as You in your great 
Wisdom shall see fit & your Petitioners as in Duty bound 
shall pray. 
Gorham June 5, 1777 

Edw*^ Phinney per Order 
In behalf of Committee 


I hope you will excuse my freedom in troubling your 
Honour with the inclos'd : as the Selectmen and Committee 
of Safety, etc. of this Town were strangers to the Members 
that compose the Hon^^^ House the present year: & being 
anxious for a speedy answer injoin'd it on me to do as I have 
done the first opportunity : I therefore in the Name & behalf 
of the Selectmen & Committee of this Town pray your Hon- 
our to lay our matter of complaint before the House as soon 
as may be : that we may have a speedy answer. 
From your very humble Servant 

Caleb Chase 
Gorham June 7, 1777. 

To the Speaker of the Hon^^® House of Representatives of 
the State of Massachusetts Bay. 


To the Honor*''® the Council and Assembly of the State of 
Massachusetts Bay in General Court Assembled 

The Memorial of Stephen Smith of INIachias 
Most Humbly Sheweth 

That a pernitious practice prevails among persons of no. 
Principle but that of Avarice — of Selling Rum and Spirits 
to the Indians, and by getting them Intoxicated defraud 
them of their furrs and other articles of trade — by which 
the State is deprived of the chief profitt of their valuable 
Merchandise — and frustrate in their good Intentions of 
preventing of and deceipt in Trafficking with those people — 
The State in General acquires a bad Name and those who 
are Employed by the publick to traid with them are obliged 
to trust them with cloaths Bread and other Necessarys 
because evil disposed persons have got them drunk and 
cheated them of what they have to purchase with besides 
the Honest ti'aider often Suffers ill language and other abuse 
from them because others got them drunk. He therefore 
prays Your Hon'^* to pass some act or resolve — or by such 
other Means as in Wisdom you shall see fit to prevent such 
Iniquity for the future. 

And as there has been some Extraordinary Demands for 
Stores of late for special occasions, He begs your Hon" to 
take into Your wise Consideration the State of the Stores 
now at Machias and the Many advantages derived from the 
traid with the Indians there, Espeacially as it is the only 
place in their troubles from times from which we can with 
Safety get any furrs. 

and give Such Orders thereon as Your Honours in Wis- 
dom shall think proper — 

and Your Memorialist as in duty bound Shall Ever Pray. 

Stephen Smith. 

Boston June 7, 1777. 


A Return of the Sixth Regiment in the Count}' of Lincohi. 

Com-i Officers 28 ; Clerks 8 ; Serjents 33 ; Corporals 31 ; 
Drummers 6 ; Fifers 2; Rank & file 325; Alarm List 109 ; 
guns 355; Bayonets 63; worms 375; Priming pins 357; 
Hatchets 88 ; Catrage Boxes 29 ; Buck shot 100 ; Jack knives 

443; T 315; Flints 1390; Powder lb. 167; Ball lb. 

799 ; Knapsacks 427 ; Blankets 444 ; Canteens 396. 

Officers mentioned: 
Capt. Joseph Sevj, Cap* Henry Dyer, Cap* George Haslcm, 
Cap* Samuel Libby, Cap* Daniel Sullaven, Cap* Ruben 
Dyer, Ezra Young Cap*, Cap* John Hall, Cap* David Long- 
fellow, Lew*^ Joel Whitney 

Benj* Foster Coll 

Machias March 1777. P"^ Jonas Farns worth Adj* 

Norrigwalk, June 8, 1777. We the Lihabitents & upermost 
Settlers on Canebec River once more Implore the assistance 
of The Hon'' Court of the States off this Collony to Look 
Crittically into our most Fearfull Situation in Regarde to the 
Enemy with an Eye of Pittj'^ & Compation For We live 
intierly Exposed to the Rage of A Merciless Enemy who 
have Hier*^ Sum of the Indians Belonging to the Norrigawalk 
tribe to Asist them in there Helhsh Design & to keep the 
Same in Practice a Party of them consisting of English & 
French Piletted by the Indians Come to the Great Carrying 
Place & on the First of march sent in There Spie & took 
two of our Hunters in about Half a Days travil of the Upper 
Inhabitent & on the account off a great thaw at that time we 
Conclude thay ware oblidged to Return without doing any 
more Damage Therefore we your Humble Petitioners 
Liveing in such a Dangers Situation And Loth to move inn 
Humble Pleed our Necessity of Being Gearded & Regearded 


Being Great Sufferers in the cause of Liberty Having No 
chance to Defend the same 

Our Friend Indians this Day Have raov*^ inn & gon down 
the Reaver & Two Families Have moov*^ in order to go to 
Groton from Norrigawalk and others are upon a mooving 
order & Except we have Help Directly we shall be Oblige'* 
to Leve our farms & seek for shelter we Know not where — 
these our Imperfect Writings we send to Be Laid Before A 
Coart of Justice Where the Prayers of the Distressed are 
Heard and Ansered tho Ever so Emperfect. 

James Waugh George Gray Thomas Waugh 

Robert Whitcomb Lowell Fairbrother. Sylvanus Sawyer 
Oliver Willson Jn° Clarke W"» Fletcher 

P. S./ the information we have of this Party of the Enemy 
coming Threw is from Two Hunters that Came in on the 
first of May & inform** us that They Saw where these two 
men were taken and Sence confirm** by our Hunting Indians 
who Saw two Long Camps and Great Signs of a large Party 
— and told us we had better take our families and move 
down tlie River for thay said the English would hire a tribe 
of Very Bad Indians that Lived Beyond Canada Reaver for 
wliich Cause & Causes of the Like Nature the Indians have 
mooved & moving into By Places intierly out of the way of 
the Enemy. 

State of Massachusetts Bay 

To the Hon**'^ the Council of said State the Petition of 
Abiel Wood humbly shews — that 3'our Petitioner, sometime 
in the year A.D. 1775, thro' the malevolent suggestions of 
some of his assiduous Enemies, that he was an Enemy to 
& had deserted the American States, had a sum of money 
to the amount of two thousand Dollars by virtue of an order 


of the Congress detained in M"^ Pelatiah Webster's Hand not 
to bo paid to your Petitioner without an Order or permit 
from the Council of this State for that purpose — Your Peti- 
tioner therefore humbly prays your Honors to take the 
Premises into your wise Consideration & Grant him an order 
or permit to receive his said money from said Webster & 
your Petitioner as in duty bound shall ever pray 

Abiel Wood. 

June 10**^ 1777 

Govern* thinks fit to advise you thro this Board that on 

Sunday last 11 o'clock A. M. a sloop was chased off the 

Gurnet as far as the Heights of Marshfield by 2 Frigates & 

one other very large Ship which from the Distance between 

her Masts where she put about appear'd to be at least a 50 

Gun Ship — Our Informant had a full view of these three. 

Ships & judged them to be British though they showed no 

Colours. We make no doubt they are still in the Bay & are 

very apprehensive that the ship with Hessians as well as 

other vessels bound in may fall into their Hands unless they 

receive timely notice of their danger. We therefore entreat 

You will publish as expedily as possible this News to the 

Eastward to the end that all concerned may be upon their 


S. P. Savage Pres* 

To the Com*® of Correspondence Inspection & Safety for 

the Town of Falmouth 

War Office Boston 10 June, 1777, 12 o'clock 

As the Board of War hath positive Intelligence from 

undoubted Authority that there is now in our Bay three 


British men of war one of which is judged to be a fifty Gun 
Ship, & that they are likely to cruise there or off the Capes 
for some time, it is desired that you will detain the Ships 
you are now loading, should they be ready to sail until you 
shall receive further Advice or Intelligence from this Board. 

S. P. S. 

You or the Com®" of Falm° will forward this Intelligence 
of British Ships cruising in our Bay as far East as you think 
fit immediately and at the charge of Government. 

Falmouth 11»> June 1777 

I am sorry to acquaint you that i have Not been Able to 
get Men for the Ship though I have Dun all that lay in my 
power since my last I have Shipt one man at 25 Dollars pr 
month Sailors are very Scarse & what few thare is hear are 
not fond of such a Voige I have now five Men Besides My- 
self & Mate the Ship has been loaded, wooded and watered 
this 10 Days only Waits for men Should you think proper to 
offer eney more Incouragment Or to have the Ship brought 
to the Westward I should be glad to have your orders. If 
the Ship is to lay hear till Man'd as it May be Sum time 
Should be glad if you would send Down Sum more Rum 
Coffe or chocolate & Sugar as I am oblig*^ to find the Sailors 
& have not got a SufPeshency on bord Neither is it to be had 
hear I Rec'd your letters for Messrs. Jacques Gruel & C. 
Shall take perticuler Care of them We hear ther is four or 
five saile of Crusers on the Coast one of them was cruising 
of this harbor last Sunday I shall still Exerte myself as much 
as possible about getting men though I have but poor 
Incouragment as men are very Scarse. I am Gen*^ your 
humble Servant Will'" Haynes. 

To the Uon'>'' Board War 


Machias June J** 12^'^ 1777 
To Capt Stephen Smith 

Take this opportunity to lett you know that Last Saturday 
morning Embarked Maj' Shaw with foi'ty-five men for S* 
Johns to joyn with M"^ Allen it was attended with Great 
Difficulty to Repare boat for them to go in and attended 
with much Expence to gett Nails, Pitch & so forth, to 
Repare the Boat which hindred Maj'' Shaw from setting out 
so sune as we Expected. How Ever we are in hopes he will 
arrive seasonable to Meet the Enemy according to the last 
account the Enemy nor Mr Simonds had not arriv'd thare 
but was hourly Expected. Will™ Albey arrived hear Last 
Sunday with a prize schooner, the Industery, Richard Velpay, 
Lieu* master which schooner was taken last week by Cap* 
West & Company & sent in hear M"^ Albey Seems to attend 
to the Business of the prize more than the safety of the 
States that Layd those matter before the Committee but 
thayr being no letter from Mr. Allen and but a very Blind 
acount from Cap* West Did not verily well no how to prosed 
but Recommended to M^ Albey from him and his party to 
Secure the Prize in the Best maner thay Could and Return 
to thar Duty agin which M^ Albey Declined but M'' Hall 
one of the Gauerd with him Expressed his Desire to Return 
to Cap* West agin and he with the Rest Setts off this Day 
for St. Johns, Mr. Albey seems Intent upon Libeling and 
getting the vessel Condemened amiadiately the Committee 
Recommended it to Mr. Albey not to prosced any further 
upon the Business until he Notifies Mr. Allen of the matter 
and send to him a Coppy of the Vessels papers and an 
account of the Whole proceedings so that he may be con- 
sulted in the matter as Mr Allen was upon the River with 
the Indians when they took & Brought of said prize away 
And the Committee told Mr. Albey it his present designs 
seems to carry an appearance of thare Trying to Get the 


Vessel Condemned to a few Individuals and give up thare 
Pretentions of being in the State's Service we told him that 
if so, the Committee would Insist upon the Expences of thare 
Provisions, Boats & Amunition to be paid out of the prize. 
How ever that was a matter he Give himself no trouble 
about, and without the advice of the Committee on his owne 
account Landed the Cargo in Esq"^ Jones' store and we 
supose either by himself or attorney will soon have her 
Libeled at Pownalborough and if the Captors are in the 
States Service you will acquaint the States Agent of 
the matter also you can get the Tryal putt off till Mr Allen 
Can have an opertunity to putt in his clame if he has any as 
it may be asserted that he is among the Meckmack Indians 
& we think those Persons that Seeks thare owne Interest so 
much more then thay Do the safety of a Bleeding Country 
Disarves no preferment in it Captain West was considerate 
Enough to write to the Committee To Suport his family 
while in the Sarvis but not anything how to have the Prize 
Proceeded with, by Inquirey we understand her Cargo is 

2 H'^* W. I. Rum 2 H^^ Molasses 5 Tearces Rice 2 Bar- 
rels Pork 1 Bowl Tobaco about 300 lbs Cotton 20 thousand 
Nails a good schooner about fifty guns, som English goods 

She apears by the Papers to be from Halifax about fifteen 
Days ago but brings no Material advises, the Lieut Capt. 
seems to have great Pretenchens to Liberty and has a permit 
from the honorabal Council Dated Last October to Remove 
his family and Effects from Yarmouth in November Into 
this State but it seems was upon a Very Different Business 
it is plain to be seen how the Honorable Council are Imposed 
upon by such Villins, that under a cloak of Liberty are 
Daily Selling thare Country. We have no account from 
you Since your arival at Casco Bay and are Impatient to 
hear, hope you will Lett us Know as sune as Possibel. our 
Expences in litting out this Expedition has been much 


Greater then we first Expected. We Look for an Express 

from jM"" Allen through the woods in a Day or two, and are 

In hopes that the News will be favorable about the Indians 

god only Knows what is Designed for Us etc. 

as to John Anderson Goods 

upon Examination thare are two Terces Rum which are near 

one half Spiled we supose in Long's Schooner about half 

way up the casks had been wast and sune as we Discovered 

it we shifted it and the wast part w^as almost Rotten which 

is very near one half which had it not been shifted would 

sune ben all spiled etc. We were obliged to borrow four 

Barels pork and two Barels flower. Since you went away to 

fitt out Maj. Shaw & party also was obliged to Borrow a 

hundi-ed weight of Balls or the Truck house would be Left 

to Bare as we Look upon it our Duty, as far as in us Lys to 

see the Truck house is well suplyed at this Critikel Day as 

the Indians are Dayly making Very unreasonable Demands 

so must Conclude your Sencear friend and well Wishers the 

Committee of Machias 

James Flinn clerk 

In Council July 1, 17Y7 Read & Comitted to the Comittee 
to whom was referred the Representation of the Comittee of 
Correspondence etc of Salem relative to M"^ Valpey. 
Sent Down for Concurrence 

Jn" Avery Dpy. Secy 

In the House of Representatives July 1, 1777. 


R. T. Paine Spk"^ pro. tem 

To the hon*^® The Assembly of the State of the Massachu- 
setts Bay. 

The Memorial of Pelatiah Webster of Philadelphia, hum- 
bly Sheweth 


That about Two years ago Abiel Wood of Pownalboro' in 
your State sent his Sloop Betsey of about Eighty tons 
Burthen to Philadelphia to be there Loaded with flour & 
iron — That he Addiess*^ said Vessel to your Memorialist 

That the Committee of Inspection of said Philadelphia 
Refused to Suffer said Sloop to be Loaded or Sold for Acc° 
of said Wood by Reason of Exceptions taken to y*' Political 
character of said Wood — That ab* Nine months ago the 
General Congress gave permission to your Memorialist to 
sell said Vessel Requiring him to Vest the Real proceeds of 
said sale in Your Assembly or their order. 

Your Memorialist therefore prays the" order of your 
Assembly to pay said Nett proceeds to said Wood or Order. 

Pelatiah Webster 
Boston 12''" June 1777. 

FalmM3, June 1777 

Mr. William Newman has just arriv** here from George 
Town & informs that he Arrivd at Booth Bay in a Brigan- 
tien from Nants in France Nicholas Bartlet jun"^ Master. He 
apply*^ to Us for assistance in forwarding him to Boston — 
We have Supplyd him with three pounds Twelve shillings & 
have procur'd him a horse to prosecute his journey — he has 
a letter for the Board of War. As we choose to be properly 
informed We took the liberty to open the letter — we think 
it at present Dangerous in Going from either this or George- 
town to Boston by water As A frigate is Cruising between 
tliis & Small point. Mr. Newman Likewise informs that 
Capt. Bartlet has a pacquet for the Continental Congress we 
are sorry we have not the pleasure to forward it — but Capt. 
Bartlett No Doubt has reasons for Detaining it — we make 


no doubt you will see that we are reimburs'd for the charges 

we have & may be at. 

We are with due respect Y^ friends & Serv** 

John Waite Chairman 
per Order of the Committee 

An Inventory of Sundrys Delivered John Allan Esq'' Conti- 
nental Agent for Eastern Department on the River St. Johns 
June 15, 1777. Viz' 

3 Bails Blanket^ Cont^ 43: 131. 21 1^ yd* Oznabriggs 15 
yd* Linnen. 33 yd* fine Linnen check 29 ^ yd* coarse Linnen 
check 5 Hatts 3]^ Doz" Knives 10 P* Gartering 4 P* Yal- 
low Quality 5 P* Silk ferret 30 yd* wide ferret 75 yds Rib- 
band % Cask Raisins 27 y^^s blue Duffle 60 lbs Bread 2 
bbls Molasses 68 Gallons 1}4 Ct. Balls 1 Bble Rice cont^ 
ic 2<ir 12'^ 24 lb* Chocolate 10 lb* Tobacco 2}4 Doz" 
Needles 10 y*^* in three pieces Calico 61 y*** in three pieces 
Calico 124 bbs Beaver 87 Musquash Skins 8 Minks Skins 
4 Martins Skins 2 Peequands Skins 4 Otters Skins 
From the precariousness of matter on the River St. John's & 
the critical situation of the place : it was thought Expediant 
to take out of the hand of M'^ John Preble such things as he 
had belonging to the State. I acknowledge therefore to 
have rec** the above articles for which I will be accountable. 

Machias Sept. 2"<^ 1777 J. Allan 

State of Massachusetts Bay 

In the House of Representatives, June 16, 1777. 

Resolved that the doings of a Town Meeting of the Town 
of Windham in the County of Cumberland held in said Town 
March 31** A. D. 1774, be & hereby is established and con- 



firmed as they stand recorded in the To^ni Book by Richard 
Dole the standing clerk notwithstanding the commission of 
Richard May berry the clerk for the Day aforesaid being 
sworn any Law usuage or custom to the contrary Notwith- 

Sent up for Concurrence 

J. Warren Spk"" 

In Council June 7, 1777 

Read & Concurred as taken into a New Draught. 

Sent do^^Ti for Concurrence. 

Jn° Aveiy, Dpy. Secy. 

In the House of Representatives June 21, 1777 
Read & concurr'' 

Consented to 
Jer. Powell 
A. Ward 
W. Spooner 
Jedidiah Preble 
N. Cushing 
Dan^ Davis 

S. Holten 
Jabez Fisher 
F. M. Dana 
Oliver Prescott 
John Taylor 

J. Warren Spk' 

B. White 
H. Gardner 
Benj. Austin. 
I. Palmer 
Tim° Danielson 

State of Massachusetts Bay. 

In the House of Representatives, June 16, 1777. 

Whereas tis represented to this Court, that at the annual 
meeting of the Town of Windham in Cumberland County on 
the 31 day of March 1774 one Richard Mayberry a tem- 
porary clerk of the meeting, was not Sworn to the faithfull 
discharge of that Trust : That the Votes and transactions of 
the said meeting have since that Time been Recorded in the 
Town Book of Windham by Richard Dole the standing 


Town (^lerk for that year, from minutes made on Paper at 
said meeting by the said Richard May berry, and as doubts 
may arise whether the Votes and proceedings of the said 
Town meeting can be in law considered legaL 

It is tlierefore Resolved that the Votes, and proceedings 
of the Town of Windham aforesaid at their March meeting 
in 1774, as Recorded in their Town Book by Richard Dole, 
shall be as Valid and effectual to every intent and purpose, 
as tho' the said Richard May berry had been duly Sworn : 
any Law usage or custom to the contrary notwithstanding. 

To the Honorable the Council of the State of the Massa- 
chusetts Bay New England 

The Memorial of Nathan Jones of Goldsborough in said 
Humbly Sheweth 

That at the Superiour Court of Judicature next to be 
Holden at York, will come on the Tryall of a Certain Vessell 
the property of your Memorialist, and that the personal 
attendance of your Memorialist is absolutely necessary in 
order that the same cause may be Justly litigated, and that 
your Memorialist is necessitated to make application to your 
Honours for Liberty to attend said Court by reason of Your 
Memorialist having given his parol of Honor that he would 
not goe at a greater distance from the town of Boston than 
Twenty Miles, without Liberty first had & obtained of the 
Hon^'^® the Council or General Assembly of this State. 
Wherefore your Memorialist prays your Honours would 
grant Liberty for to goe not only as far as York to attend 
the Tryall aforementioned but also to visit his family at 
Goldsborough haveing been absent from the same for a very 
considerable time, at the same time subject to such restric- 


tions as your Honours in your Wisdom shall Judge fit «fe 
proper & as in Duty bound shall ever pray. 

Nathan Jones 

Boston June 17 - 1777 

Council Chamber June 10, 1777 

Nathan Jones of Goldsborough is hereby permitted to go 
to York in the County of York in this State to attend a 
cause, pending in the Sup. Court there respecting the capture 
of his Vessell and in case the Said Cause should be continued 
to Falmouth Court which ( will be the first Tuesday of July 
next. The said Jones is permitted to attend the said Court 
at Falmouth But not otherwise. He the said Nathan Jones 
giving his Parol of honour for his Returning to the limita- 
tions and restrictions he is now under as soon as his said 
Cause shall be determined or ( in case it is tried at either of 
the Courts aforesaid ) or as soon as the same shall be con- 
tinued over to a future day. 

Falmouth June 17, 1777. 

I receivd Yours of the 5 of this ins' by the 14 by which 
I was informd that Your Ship Gruel had been sail from 
Marblehead then about 10 days but she had not arived at 
Sheepsgut which Gave me Reason to feare She was taken on 
the 15. I was inform'd there was a Ship at Falmouth which 
came from Marblehead and that the men had Left her which 
gave me hopes that Your Ship was not taken, on Monday 
the 10"' inst. I came for Falmouth to Sea if it was Your 
Ship if it was to assist the Capt. to remove her to Sheepsgut 
on arrival I found Your Ship Gruel here Joseph Proctor 
Master, he had onbent his Sails and on-ballasted the Ship. 
Capt. Proctor then deliver'd your Letter of the 16"' of May. 
I then asked him the reason of his stoping at Falmouth and 


conducting in the manner he had. He replied that Col° 
Glover Gave him Verbal Orders to Come to falmouth with 
the Ship and there discharge his men, and that Mr William 
Frost had ordered him to haul the Ship to the Wharfe & 
unbend the Sails and on ballaste the Ship. I then showed 
him Your Letter and Desired him to Ballast the Ship again 
and get her in Order to prosed to Sheepsgott as quickly as 
possible and offered him all assistance necessary, he replied 
that he should not for he was employed by Col. Glover. As 
to the great Expense you have been informed would attend 
the moveing your Mast from Kennebeck to Sheepsgott Sir I 
imagine that information is from Several persons in Kenne- 
bec by what I had heard from that Quarter but I can with 
pleasure inform the Hon'^^^ Board that there information is 
Ficticious for the whole Expence of removeing the mast and 
plank from Kennebeck to Wiscasset point did not Amount 
to more than twenty Dollars. You wrote me in your Letter 
of the 5 of June that the money is sent me to pay for the 
Cargo and fixing out the Ship but have not received it. 
Capt Procter Informs me that Your Ship is no ways first to 
take in Mast having no spare Cordage for that use and that 
he wants Considerable to fix the ship for the Sea and that 
he shall want Provisions and almost Every thing Else that 
is necessary to fit a Ship for Such a Voyage. All there is 
on Bord Consists in 1 bb of flower 2 bb of Porke, 9 bb of 
Beef & a Quantity of Bread which is damag'd. There is a 
Prize Brig at Damariscotta River thats taken by Capt. Fisk 
with Hessians on Bord that has also a quantity of Cordage 
and provisions on Bord which would answer to furnish your 
Ship Gruel if s*^ Brig is Stop* there. The Rum Molasses & 
other things Mentioned in my Memorandum will be much 
wanted for the Ships use while Loading and one hundred 
waits of Coffee or Chocolate for I Cant Geat a man to work 
on Bord without finding him some rum. One cask of Rice 


t& one Barrel of Shugar Will be necessary which tilings I 
must Beg You to forward to me as quick as possible also 
orders for your Ship to proseed to Sheepsgut and forward to 
me the money necessary, the Mast are all hewed and 
receive damage Every day till Ship* I expected by Your 
Letter of 5 June that the money was sent to me in the Ship 
but Capt. Proctor informs me that it was not. Your letter 
of the 16 iVIay was not SeaP therefore Col. Glover & Capt. 
Proctor must know that your Ship was Ordered to Sheeps- 
gut and am surprised that Col° Glover should ( after having 
the Ship Under his care three months to fix for the Voyage ) 
Send her down in want of Allmost Everything necessary 
therefor, not having sufficient Riging to Set the Ships Sails 
— I am in hast with all respect Your Most Humble Servant 

Timothy Parsons 
Hon^'« Board of War. 

Number of Men Number 

to Draw of Days 

Provisions Drawn 

From a Commissary's Report, 1777. 

June 17, Lieut. Joel Whitney's Company — 8 Men 4 

June 18, Capt. Halls Company 12 Men 6 

June 24, Conal Campbel himself Excluded 17 Men 5 

June 28 Capt. Sulleving's Comp 14 Men 5 

Then follows a list of provisions. 

To the Honourable Council & Honourable House of Rep- 
resentatives att Boston in general court Assembled We your 
Humble Petitioners 

Humbly Sheweth : that whereas Harpswell Lying on the sea 
& being a Neck of Land &, an Island which Island is Navigable 


for Vessells of a considerable Burthen all round and the 
Neck for Eight miles on both sides, and the British Ships of 
War are cruising on our Coast Daily and some Times are 
seen Very Near in with the Land and we understand by 
Very Correct Information that they have on board of one of 
their Ships for their Pilate one Will™ Haffey who was Taken 
in a Coasting Sloop from this Town in the Year 1776 so 
that we look upon our selves in the greatest Danger of 
being Plundered & our Stocks being Taken of before we can 
be alarm*^ to make any resistance : therefore, Gentlemen, We 
pray your Honours would Take into your wise Consideration 
the Danger we are in & grant us a small gard of about 
Twelve men who may keep a centre on the Two Lower 
Points of Neck & Island so that upon any Discovery of any 
Vessells of War we may be alarmed. Likewise we Pray 
they may be under the care of the Militia officer as to their 
faithfulness and appoint such an officer over them as your 
Honours shall think Proper : as we in duty bound shall ever 
Harpswell June y* 18*J> 1777 

William Sylvester^ 

John Rodick I Selectmen 

Anthony Coombs J 

To the Hon'"^" the Council for the State of Massachusetts 


and the Hon'''® House of Representatives in General 

Court Assembled — 

May it Please your Honors. — 

The Petition of a Number of the Inhabitants on Kenne- 
beck River & others in the County of Lincoln . . . Humbly 
Sheweth : 

That by an Act passed by the Great & General Court 
or Assembly for the State aforesaid in the year of our Lord, 



One thousand seven hundred & seventy -six, Establisliing 
Naval Officer in this State, a Port is established at Boothbay 
in said County of Lincoln, which is vastly incommodious to 
the Trading Part of this County, that are Settled upon & 
Contiguous to the said River Kennebeck as the Distance is 
very great, either to Boothbay, or Falmouth, and as we have 
no doubt but this Hon^'^ Court are ready at all Times to 
attend to the reasonable request of the Subjects of this State 
and to grant them all that relief which this Hon^^^ Court in 
their Wisdom shall think they are Intitled to. Your Peti- 
tioner therefore humbly Pray that a Port may be Establish'd 
upon said River Kennebeck & a Naval Office Erected 
therein, which will be a Vast Ease & Benefit to y'' Petitioner 
& to the Publick in General & as in Duty bound shall Ever 
Pray &c 

Jon* Bowman Nath^ Thwing 
Jon^ Davis RoP Cushing 

Prince Barker Davis Hatch 
John Johnson Jonathan Reed 
John Hathorn Joel Reed 

William Wyman James Derry 
Phillip White Robert White 
Rich"* Harnden 
Jordan Parker 
Joseph Bowker 
Solomon Walker 

Obadiah Call Jun' 
Samuel Goodwin Jun"^ 
Lones houdlette 
William Hathorn 
Francis Ford 
Robert Reed 
Eben"^ Preble 
John Langdon Jun Timothy Parsons 

Tim* Langdon 
James Purinton 
Israel Smith 

Stephen Whitraore Joseph Foster 
Jn° Wood Joseph Lambard 

Sam'l W. Cobb 
James Cargill 
Jonathan Fuller 
Ebenezer Whittier 
Tho* Rice 

To the Hon'''* the Council & House of Representatives for 
the State of Massachusetts Bay Humbly Shews Jotham 
Moulton of York in the County of York Esq' 

That some time in the last May Sessions of this Court 



The Hon. House granted unto your Petitioner the Sum of 
Fifty-Three Pounds Eleven Shillings & nine Pence for sun- 
dry necessary Supplys to the armed Schooner Diligent under 
the command of Lieu* Lambert, in the Service of this State. 
That your Petitioner has the greatest Reason to believe that 
the said Grant was concurred by the Hon. Council. But so 
it happens that among the multiplicity of Business that took 
place about That Time Your Petitioner has not been able to 
obtain a Warrant from the Treasurer for said Sum. By rea- 
son that the said Grant nor the record thereof is not to be 
found in the Secretary's office 

Wherefore your Petitioner prays That your Honours 
would review the said Grant, and that he may have a Warn* 

on the Treasury for the same. 

By David Sewall 

State of Massachusetts Bay 

Li the House of Representatives June 20*^ 1777 

Resolved the Commissary General be & he hereby is 

Directed to Deliver to M"^ Peter Woodbury or Order one 

Hundred Weight of Gun Powder for the use of the Cannon 

at the fort in Cape Elizabeth he to be accountable for the 


Sent up for Concurrence 

J Warren Spk'' 

In Council June 20, 1777 

Read & Concurred 

Consented to 

Jer. Powell A. Ward 

Jedidiah Preble Rich** Derby 

S. Holten I. Palmer 

Jabez Fisher Dan'l Davis 

Oliver Prescott N. Gushing 
Benj Austin 

Jn** Avery Dpy Secy 

W. Spooner 
B. White 
John Taylor 
F. M. Dana 
Tim° Danielson 


State of Massachusetts Bay in the House of Representa- 
tives June 20, 1777 

On the Petition of Pelatiah Webster for Liberty to pay 
the Nett Proceeds of the Sloop Belfry to Abiel Wood of 
Pownalborough or his Order 

Resolved, that the said Webster B have Liberty to pay 
the Nett Proceeds of the said Sloop A to the said Wood or 
Order, if he sees fit. 

Sent up for concurrence 


J. Warren, Sp 

In Council July 2^ 1777. 

Read & Concurred with the Amendment at A Viz* dele 
the words, to the said Wood or Order if he sees fit, and 
insert, unto the Treasury of this State, then to remain until 
the further Order of the General Court, and that the 
Receiver General upon receiving the said Proceeds from said 
Webster shall give him a Discharge for the same. 
Sent Down for Concurrence 

Jn° Avery Dpy. Secy. 

In the House of Representatives July 2, 1777. 

Read & Concurrd with the further amendment at B viz. 
at B dele the words " have liberty " and insert " be and 
hereby is directed " Sent up for Concurrence. 

R. T. Pame Spk"^ pro. temp. 

In Council July 2'U777 

Read & Concurred 

Jn° Avery Dpy Secy. 
Consented to 

Jer. Powell Jabez Fisher Tim° Danielson 

A. Ward I. Palmer R. Derby 

W. Spooner John Taylor B. White 

Jedidiah Preble H. Gardner Tim° Edwards 

S. Holten T. Gushing N. Gushing 


State of Massachusetts Bay. 

In the House of Representatives June 20''^ 1777 

On the Remonstrance & Petition of the Committee of Cor- 
respondence, Inspection & Safety for the town of Gorham 
seting forth that a number of Persons, encouraged by others 
did enter the Dwelling House of One of the said Comm*^® by 
Force and Arms & carried off a quantity of goods that were 
the property of Thomas Coulson of Falmouth an Absentee 
w*^^ goods were ordered by the General Court to remain in 
their possession until the further orders thereof. 

Therefore resolved that the Committee aforesaid be and 
hereby are directed to make strict enquiry for the discovery 
of the Persons who have been guilty of the crimes aforesaid 
and cause them to be apprehended & brought to justice and 
also that the Goods may be recovered into the hands of the 
committee & when recovered the s*^ Committee are directed 
to conform to the Acts & Resolves of the General Court of 
this State for Absentees Estates made & provided. 

And whereas it is suggested that sundry persons had been 

at the trouble of procuring the goods abovementioned, it is 

further resolved that they be allowed to lay their Accounts 

before this Court for allowance provided they were not the 

Perpetrators or Abettors of the riotous & Illegal proceedings 


Sent up for Concurrence 

J. Warren Spk' 

In Council June 20, 1777 

Read & Concurred Jn° Avery Dpy Secy. 

Consented to 

Jer: Powell A. Ward W. Spooner 

Jedidiah Preble John Taylor Jabez Fisher 

F. M. Dana I. Palmer S. Holten 

R. Derby H. Gardner B. White 

Tim" Danielson Dan^ Davis Oliver Prescott 
N. Gushing Benj. Austin 


State of Massachusetts Bay 

In the House of Representatives June 20 1777. 

On the Petition of the Committees of Cape Elizabeth, 
Windham, Gorham and Pearsontown in tlie Count}^ of 
Cumberland, complaining that several Mill Dams have been 
erected across the River Presumpscott which have totally 
obstructed the Passages of Fish up said River and praying 
for Relief. 

Resolved That the Petitioners notify Master Benjniiu 
Wait Builder of the Dam at Presumpscot Falls A on said 
River B by serving liim C with a Copy of this Resolve ) to 
appear on the third Tuesday of the next setting of the 
General Court, and Shew Cause, if any he have why D he 
should not make and keep open a sufficient Sluice or Passage 
Way through and round said Dam for the Passage of Fish 
up said River and pay the charge arising thereon. 

And it is further Resolved that there be paid out of the 
Publick Treasury of this State to John l.,e\vis Esq'' and 
James Fabyan each the sum of sixteen shillings in full for 
their Time and Expences for serving on a Committee to view 
the Dams upon Presumscott River etc. agreeable to a 
Resolve of the General Court of the 20*'' of April last — 
Sent up for Concurrence 

J. Warren Sp**^' 

In Council June 24, 1777. 

Read & Concurr'd with the Amendment at A. B. & C. 
Sent down for Concurrence. 

Jn° Avery Dpy. Secy, 
at B insert together with Enoch Freeman Esq' Daniel 
Dole, Enoch Ilsley and Abraham Osgood, Proprietors of 
several Mills on said River which obstruct the Passage of the 

at A insert & Amancoggin Falls 
at C dele him and insert them. 


In the House of Representatives June 24, 1777. 

Read & Concurr'd and the House propose a further 

amendment viz. at D. dele he and insert they. 

Sent up for Concurrence 

J. Warren Spk"^ 

In Council June 25, 1777. 

Read & Concurr'd 

John Avery T)py. Secy. 
Consented to 

Jer : Powell A. Ward Jedidiah Preble 

W. Spooner Richard Derby John Whitcomb 

S. Holten H. Gardner Dan'l Davis 

B. White F. M. Dana Tim^ Danielson 

N. Cushing Oliver Prescott Tim^ Edwards 

In the House of Representatives June 21^*^ 1777. 
Resolved that the Board of War be & hereby are directed to 
furnish the Truck house at Machais, as soon as may be, with 
the Articles in the Schedule herewith presented, as those 
Articles that are most Vendable among the Indians are 
chiefly disposed of by Orders of this Court, the Truck master 
being Accountable for such of said Articles as may be deliv- 
ered him. 

A True Extract from the Resolves 

Attest Jn° Avery D. Secy. 

Invoice of Sundrys wanting in the Truck House at Machias 

200 Bushels Corn 60 Bushels Salt 200 Gallons Rum 200 
Gallons Molasses 6 Barrels Pork 200'^ hogs fatt 1000^^ of 
bread 100 Blankets 200 yards Staves 200 yards duffells 400 
yards Linnen 200^'' Sugar 1 Cask Wine lOO'** Powder 400^^ 
Balls 100 yards broad cloth 200 yds different Calicoes 1 
Cask Raisins Hatts, Hatchets, Knives, Ribbands, Binding 
12000 Wampum lOOO'^^ Tobacco Pipes, Tin Kittles, Steels 
Beeds, Coarse Lace Thread. 


The above Articles are most wanting — tliere is a Trunk 
of Goods that was stopt at Macliias, tliat l)elonged to M'' 
Anderson, Containing an assortment for the Indians at St. 
Johns, which are Snperioi' to any that can be now purchased. 
A True Copy 

Attest Jn° Avery D. Secy. 

State of Massachusetts Bay 

Resolved that the Commassary General be & he hereby is 
Directed to Deliver to Joseph Noyes Commasary of the 
Forces Stationed at Falmouth & Cape Elizabeth three Boxes 
of Candles of about forty pounds each One thousand Flints, 
One Ream Cartridge paper and twelve fathoms of match 
Rope for the use of said Forces he to be accountable for the 

Sent up for Concurrence 

J. Warren Spk"^ 

In Council June 21, 1777. 

Read & Concurred 

Jn° Avery Dpy Secy. 

Consented to 

Jer. Powell A. Ward Jedidiah Preble 

Rich^ Derby I. Palmer Benj. Austin 

John Taylor Jabez Fisher Danl Davis 

F. M. Dana Oliver Prescott N. Gushing 

Tim« Danielson S. Holten B White 

State of Massachusetts Bay. 

In the House of Representatives, June the 21*^ 1777. 

On the Memoiial of Capt. Stephen Smith, Shewing that 
one or more of the Inhabitants of Machias, by selling Strong 
liquors to the Indians, in such quantities as to intoxicate 
them, have defrauded them of their Furs, and other valuable 
Aiticles thereby depriveing this State in a great measure of 


tlie benefit of their Trafick, and in a great measure frustra- 
ting tlie laudable design of this State, of attaching said 
Indians to its Interest, Together with the necessity the 
Truckmaster is under to trust them, all which would be pre- 
vented, if the evil practice of sellhig Strong drink to said 
Indians was duly attended to. Resolved That no person or 
persons (the Truckmaster excepted) be allowed to give, 
sell. Truck, Barter or Exchange, with any Indian or Indians 
any strong beer, cyder, wine, rum, brandy, or any othei- 
strong liquor for cloathing or any other thing whatsoever the 
Indians, may have in possession whether intoxicated or not. 
On the penalty of Forty Shillings to be paid one moiety to 
him or them who shall inform or sue for the same & y® others 
moiety to Treasurer of this State for the use of the State for 
each and every offence above mentioned to be recovered att 
any Court proper to try the same, or two months imprison- 
ment. It is further Resolved that the Board of War be & 
hereby are directed to furnish the Truckhouse att Machias, 
as soon as may be, with the Articles in the Schedule here- 
Avitli presented, as those articles which are most vendable 
among the Indians are chiefly disposed of, by Orders of this 
Court the Truckmaster being accountable for such of said 
articles as may be delivered him 
Sent up for concurrence 

J. Warren, Spk"" 

In Council June 21, 1777. 
Read & Concurred. 

John Avery Dpy Secy 
Consented to 

Jer: Powell Jabez Fisher B. White 

A. Ward S. Holten H. Gardner 

W. Spooner John Taylor Tim° Danielson 

Jedidiah Preble Dan Davis Oliver Prescott 

I. Palmer N. Cushing F. M. Dana 


Falmouth June 23, 1777. 

A Prize Brig*^ urriv'd beare this day sent in by Capt. 
Clouston, the Prize Master tells me his orders are to send an 
Express Imediately to Boston, be is in want of provisions 
&c & also Cash to hire a man to go. I have hired the Post 
to Carry tlie letters to Boston & shall Furnish him with what 
he wants. He heard I was agent at this Porte made him 
apply to me it is true I was appointed D^ Agent by Thii^ 
Parsons of Pownalboro' last Fall before I went to Virginia 
but whether he is Continued to this time I dont know. If 
he is I woud not have anything to do with any Vessell under 
Parsons ( Fiom what I liave bear*^ respect^ Parsons I wou'* 
not at any rate ) as I have the Care of the Continental Prizes 
which arive beare, it may be of service to me to be Agent 
for the State Prizes & also to the Place to have some of them 
sold beare. 

Should there be an agent appointed for this Place shall 
take it a favor youl mention my name, it may be as much in 
my Power to Serve the State as any one Else. Wou*^ tliank 
you for an answer whether I shall Supply the Prize master 
etc. by the Bearer who will Come out of Town Imediately 

I am in Haste" Y"" most Hum''^^ Serv' 

Simeon Mayo 
Mr. Ellis Gray 

P. S. Tho^ Oxnard has bin missing abt Ten Days I 

Believe gone intend^ for Europe. Shall write you soon hope 

to see you in July — has marstou yet sent for the money If 

not I shall order it otherways. S. M. 

State of Massachusetts Bay In the House of Representa- 
tives June 24'»' 1777 on the Petition of the Selectmen of 
Harpswell, praying that they may have two Penal guards 


one on the lower point of meryconeag neck & the other on 
the lower end of Sebascodegiu Island. 

Resolved that there be inlisted Eight men of the Militia 
of the County of Cumberland to keep two guards, four of 
them to be stationed on the Lower point of merryconeag 
neck & four of them on the lower end of Sebascodegan 
Island to be under the direction of the militia Captains of 
Harpswell to do duty for the term of six months from this 
time unless sooner discharged by order of Court & to have 
the same wages as the Soldiers stationed at Falmouth & be 
allowed Six Shillings g week to find themselves subsistance 
& that they furnish themselves with fire arms & other 

Sent up for Concurrence 

J. Warren Spk"^ 

In Council June 24, 1777 
Read & Concurred 

Jn° Avery Dpy Secy. 
Consented to 

A. Ward W. Spooner Jedidiah Preble 

I. Palmer John Taylor Jabez Fisher 

S. Holten B. White F. M. Dana 

Tim° Danielson Dan^ Davis A. Gardner 

Benj. Austin Oliver Prescott Tim" Edwards 

State of the Massachusetts Bay 
In the House of Representatives June 25, 1777 
On the Petition of the Hon^^« John Whitcomb & the 
Hon^^^ Henry Gardner Esq" respecting the acceptance of a 
plan & Confirmation of the land within represented to them 
& their Associates as named in a Schedule exhibited with 
said plan in Satisfaction for a grant made to them, on the 23 
day of February A. D. 1774, of a Township of land, of the 


contents of Seven miles Square which grant was made in 
consequence of their loosing the Township No. 6 in the line 
of Towns on Contoocook River by runing the Hnes between 
this State & the State of New Hampshire. 

Resolved that the Township of land described by the fol- 
lowing lines & Courses be confirmed to the aforesaid John 
Whitcomb & Henry Gardner Esq""* & their Associates on the 
Conditions hereafter mentioned, viz : Beginning at a White 
pine tree in the westerly corner of a Township Called Otis- 
burg, thence N. 25^"^'^'"' W : one Hundred rods to a Stake, 
m the Northerly corner of a Township Called Bridgeton, 
thence W. S. 65"^««^ two miles to a stake, thence N. 25'^'^e Six 
Miles & half & thirty rods to a hemlock, thence N. 65'^^^^ E. one 
mile to a stake, thence N. 25^'*^* W. one Hundred & ninety rods 
to a stake, thence N. 65'^*^* E : three quarters of a mile to a 
stake : thence N. 25'^*^^* W : one hundred rods to a Stake, 
thence N. 65 '^^^\ E. two miles, thence S. 25'^*^^. E. one hun- 
dred rods to a Stake, thence N. 65^^^. E. three miles & three 
quarters : thence S. 25'^^^ E. Seven Miles & Sixty rods to a 
heap of stones, thence S. 65*^*^. W. by land belonging to this 
State &, the aforesaid Otisburg to the White pine first 
mentioned on one condition that this grant does not interfere 
with any former grant or grants & that the Grantees perform 
the terms mentioned in the said Grant of Feb. 23, A. D. 
1777, & Also that the Contents of the ponds in said Town- 
ship amounts to Two thousand Six Hundred Acres, and 
provided the same does not Contain more than seven miles 
square exclusive of Pond. 

Sent up for Concurrence 

In Council June 25, 1777. 
Read & Concurred 

J. Warren Spk"^ 

John Avery Dpy Secy 


War Office Boston, June 25, 1777. 
M^ William Frost 

Sir We are greatly Surprised you have not got Men for 
Capt. Haynes Ship as you promis'd to get the Men &c. for 
lier, please to get the Men if possible & dispatch Capt. 
Haj^ies immediately & take the first good Wind if the Coast 
is clear & proceed on his Voyage & if she wants any stores 
get them & we will replace them to you by the first opportu- 
nity — deliver out of Capt. Haynes Ship all the Dogs & all 
his falls for to Load Capt. Proctors Ship- — ^We are sorry 
you did not acquaint Capt. Proctor you was not to load his 
Ship as you know M"^ Parsons was to load her & he had the 
Cargo ready for her, please to give him all assistance to get 
down to the place of Loading — We are. Sir 
Y-^ Most H^i« Serts. 

By order of the Board 

Sam^ Phips Savage Pres* 

War Office June 25"' 1777 
M' Timy Parsons 

Sir We rec'd your Letter p'' post of the 17'''' Inst. We 

have order'd the Ship Gruel Capt. Proctor to leave Falmouth 

& proceed for Wiscasset as soon as a favourable Opportunity 

presents such things as we can procure that you have wrote 

for shall be sent you — in the mean time as soon as the Ship 

arrives you will get her loaded as quick as possible. We are 

Y" &c By order of the Board 

Sam^ Phips Savage Pres* 

War Office June 25, 1777 
Cap* Procter 

Sir We are a good deal Surpris*^ you should go to Fal- 
mouth as the loading is contracted for at Wiscasset by Mr. 
Parsons — Our Orders now are that you apply immediately 


to M' W"* P\'ost for such articles as you may need as Tackles 
&c to get in your Masts which Capt Haynes had to load his 
Ship with & proceed to Wiscasset with all dispatch — Call 
on Mr. Frost & Mr. Parson's to assist you to get down with 
dispatch where the Load is & follow Mr. Parson's directions. 
By order of the Board 

Sam' Phips Savage Pres* 

State of Massachusetts Bay 
In the House of Representatives June 28, 1777 

On the Petition of a Number of the Inhabitants of Nor- 
ridgewalk on Kenebec River praying that a Guard may be 
Stationed on said River. 

Resolved That Coll William Howard be and he is hereby 
impowered to raise by Inlistment a party to consist of one 
Sergeant and five Private Men. Said Party to remain in 
Service of this State untill the first Day of December next 
unless sooner discharged by said Howard to be employed as 
a Scouting Party on the Frontiers of the Inhabitants on 
Kennebec River at such convenient place or places as the 
said Howard shall order — Said Sergeant to be allowed and 
paid out of the Public Treasury of this State the Sum 
of forty-eight shillings and each of the said Privates the sum 
of forty shillings p"" Calendar Month Also Six Shillings p'' 
Week each for their subsistence — And it is further 

Resolved That the Commissary General be and he is 
hereby directed to deliver to Capt. Abie Love joy six good 
Fire arms, six pounds of Powder and Ball answerable — 
Also one dozen Flints to be })y him conveyed to the afore- 
said Howard for the use of said Party while in said Service — 
to be accounted for by those who shall receive the same 
Sent up for Concurrence 

R. T. Paine Speaker pro. tem. 



In Council June 28, 1777 

Read & Concurred. 

Jn° Avery Dpy Secy 
Consented to 

Jer. Powell Moses Gill 

A. Ward B. White 

W. Spooner H. Gardner 

Jedidiah Preble Benj. Austin 

R. Derby, Danl Davis 

Jabez Fisher John Taylor 

Tim° Danielson 
Tim° Edwards 
N. Gushing. 
I. Palmer 
S. Holten. 

Pownal borough June 28'*^ 1777 


When the Petition of the Church People of this Town 

comes under Consideration of the hon. Court I should esteem 

it as a favor if the Enclosed answer could be laid before the 

Court at the same time. Your Hon"" upon reading it will see 

how this poor People have been imposed upon. Your favor 

in the matter will greatly oblige 

Your Most H^i« Serv^ 

Chas. Gushing 
To The Hon'^'^ James Warren Esq"^ 

The deposition of John Savage of lawful age who testifieth 
and saith that some time in the month of May 177G Ichabod 
Jones arived in Boston with two sloops loaded with boards 
which boards were landed in Boston & were delivered to 
Joseph Goldthwait barrack master to the troops then in Bos- 
ton one of s"* Sloops was commanded by Nathaniel Horton 
& both owned by s'* Jones in part or in whole : S'* Jones 
received provisions of s** Goldthwait 

John Savage 

State of Mass^ Bay Suffolk Co. Aug* 1776 then John 
Savage appeared before me & after being duly caution'd to 


testify the whole truth made oath to the truth of tlie afore- 
going deposition by him subscribed taken at the request of 
James Noble Shannon to be used at the tryal of the Sloop 
Polly which is to be had at a court maritime to be held at 
Pownalborough on Monday the ninth day of Septem"^ next 
on the libel of James Tupper wherein the said Ja* Noble 
Shannon is claimant. The s*^ John Savage living more than 
thirty miles from the place of tryal is the reason of this cap- 
tion & there not appearing any adverse party at the time of 
caption, none was notified — ■ Taken before me — 

Justice peace 

They say the design of Jones in going into Boston was only 

to bring out his son & family — Now Quere if he had'no 

design to supply the Enemy, why did he not unload his Ves- 

sell at Salem & then go in with his Vessell light Horton 

was at Salem & yet did not unload there but cary'd his 

boards with him to Boston. 

Actions are the only way of knowing a mans design 

No Provisions were much plentier & cheaper at Salem 
than they were at Boston 

They were in great want of provisions in Boston, or why 
did they prohibit any from being carried out. 

They who did not say as Jones would have them, he 
would not let them have any provisions They justify 
Jones's conduct, because he was suffered to go on so long as 
he did. 

it is notorious to all, that no Vessell could be allowed to 
go into the harbour of Boston ( or even within a certain dis- 
tance of it), by tlie Port Bill (so called) except those who 
carried supplies for the Army & Navy. Jones had gone in 
& carried boards divers times, & he could not have gone in 
without a permit from the Admiral ; if he had, he would 
have been taken as a prize by them & they made use of every 
opportunity, to take prizes they could. 


Quere How does Haynes know, he borrowed £ 200 
Ask Haines if he never heard Cap* Jones express his fears 
of being taken by the people should he go on shore any- 
where between Boston & Machias. 

To Timothy Langdon Esq'" 
The deposition of John Savage taken at the request of 
J Noble Shannon to be used at a court maritime — whereof 
Tira° Langdon Esq"" is Judged to be — held at Pownalborough 
in the ninth day of Sep"" A. D. 1776 in the tryal of the Sloop 
Polly on the libel of Wm. Tupper wherein the s"* Ja. Noble 
Shannon is claimant ; Taken sealed up & delivered to the s** 
James Noble Slinnnon by me — 

Joseph Greenleaf Justice peace 

York ss At the superior Court held at York for the County 
of York on the fourth Tuesday of June A D 1777 
James Noble Shannon et alap** v Ichabod Jones aplee 
This appeal is dismist, it appearing upon the Record that the 
Capture was made in July A D 1775 and that no appeal 
lyeth — 

Jonas Earns worth et al ap** v Same aplee This appeal is 
also dismist for the Reason above mentioned — 

Att Sam Winthrop Cler 

State of the Massachusetts Bay 

To the Hon'''® the Council and House of Representatives 
in the Gen' Court Assembled 2"*^ Tuesday of July A. D. 
1777 If then Setting 
May Please Your Honors 

The following is an answer of the Inhabitants of the West 
Precinct in Pownalboro to a Petition of certain persons call- 


ing themselves members of the Episcopal Church & Inhab- 
itants of said West Precinct & Adjacent — 

In order to give the Hon^'® Court a full understanding of 
the matter said West Precinct beg leave to represent in the 
following manner viz : The Petitioners have not Served said 
Precinct with an Attested Copy of their Petition & the order 
of Court thereon, agreeable to the orders of the Gen^ Court : 
so that the Precinct are under great disadvantage in making 
answer, as it is doubtful whether the Paper delivered be a 
true Copy & of Course might have been indulged with a 
Continuance until Such a Copy should be obtain"^: If the 
case was of that importance to require it. However accord- 
ing to the Copy we have, Said Petitioners say, they are 
members of the Episcopal Church: that great part of them 
are French & Dutch Germans Protestants & came into 
America upon the Incouragement given by the Massachusetts 
Government, that they should enjoy their religious Priv- 
iledges." they further say, " that for twenty years last Past 
they have enjoyed these priviledges " In answer thereto we 
say, that we agree with them that great part of them are 
French & Dutch German Protestants, whose Principles of 
Kehgion, as they, say, when in Germany were either accord- 
ing to Calvin or Luther some of one & some of the other. 
The Calvinists ever since they have resided in this Town 
have Universally protested against the Church of England & 
in opposition thereto have been zealous in promoting the 
Cause of the Congregation alists. It is not long since 
they, as well as several of the Lutherans, Subscribed towards 
the Building a Meeting House to the Utmost of their 
abilities and appeared very desirous of having a gosple 
Minister Settled among us — These are undeniable Facts. 
And there is no doul)t but tliat they would now join witli the 
Congregationalists, if they had not been grossly imposed 
upon & deceived l)y the Craft & Cunning by the Falsehoods 


& Misrepresentations of Major Goodwin & the pious Mr. 
Bailey, who have taken great pains to perswade the good 
People of this Precinct to renounce the pure & undefiled 
Religion & instead therof to embrace Episcopacy & they 
further say in their Petition that they had the faith of the 
Government that they should enjoy the same unmolested & 
they further say they have enjoy'' the same for this twenty 
years last past ( excepting the year past ) If so, the plain 
Inference is that they are no Churchmen, at least of very 
late date — The others were mostly persons who removed 
from the Western Parts down here & were brought up in 
the Congregational Way ( excepting a few some of whom 
were Roman Catholicks ) & never have made any renuncia- 
tion of their Principles, but only attended church occasionally 
as that was the only Public worship here at that time & 
without any expence as the Itenerant Missionary thought it 
not expedient to demand anything of them — so that it may 
be Justly said, that there was a church here without Scarcely 
a professed member of the Church of England. It is well 
known how this has been brought about so far. Doctor 
Silvester Gardiner, a person Zealous for Episcopacy had the 
Principal hand in forming this Settlement, he with his 
Agents & Tools encouraged the People that they should 
have a minister Supported without any expence to them, 
provided they would Petition for a Minister ( Several under- 
standing it to be a Congregational Minister ) Accordingly a 
Petition was drawn up directed to the Society & great 
promises were made them if they would sign. That they 
should have Lands for SettUng should have a Parsonage Lot 
given them & a House for Public Worship built by Sub- 
scription ( & persons when they came to the Doctor for 
Settlements here, he used to insist on their subscribing some- 
thing for that purpose ) In such a way & manner a Petition 
was obtained — There was a Clause in the Petition which 


some of the Signers say was inserted after they sign'd it, at 
least whicli never was read to tliem : which was Binding 
themselves to Pay the Missionary at least Twenty Pounds 
Sterling per Annum — The same Petitioners, several years 
afterwards, found it out & a great number of them were in 
great rage about the matter — went in a Body to the 
Missionary about it & insisted upon his giving them dis- 
charges wliich he accordingly did & piomised so to do other- 
wise it was thought he would have been obliged to leave this 
place. The People also expected this Parsonage Land & 
house of Publick worship would have been given to the 
Parish to be at their disposal, as in other Parishes — how- 
ever, the grant of the Land was a long time delay*' for 
reasons unknown to the People — all which time the Doctor 
was Planing & Contriving how to fix the grant in the 
Church — a great discord happened on this occasion amongst 
the Principal Gentlemen of the Plymouth Company & finally 
the Doctor took the advantage of the other gentlemen of the 
Company, attended one of their meetings exactly at the hour 
the meeting was adjourn'^ to with a design to make this 
grant — he had all ready Cut & dried & only he & M'' 
Hallowell dec*' Voted the land away as they did & a Record 
was made of it in an Instant — Immediately upon it one of 
the principal Gentlemen of tlie Company came in & finding 
what had been done he reproved the Doctor Severely for his 
Conduct — This grant of the Parsonage Lott was made upon 
the Petition of Parson Bailey, his Warden & Vestry, seting 
forth the want both of a Church & Parsonage House & that 
they had already provided materials for both of those build- 
ings: but finding no grant of the Parsoniield lot, they 
Pray'd the Com[)any that the lot might be granted for those 
purposes in such a manner as to be unreliable — adding 
further for there are too many instances in this Country 
where the Piety of our Forefathers has l)een greatly abused 


by converting the lands which had been given them for 
Pious Uses to other occasions " When the Parson &c signed 
this Petition there was not one article provided for either of 
these buildings, by this artifice the Doctor intended to get 
the land unalianably fixed in the Church, but it did not 
altogether answer his purpose, without the other measures 
used as aforementioned — we mention this because they tried 
to carry this Point by deceiving the Plymouth Company with 
tliis False Petition. So this same Church, not forgeting 
their old Tricks are now imposing Falsehoods upon tliis 
hon''^'' Court — by such artifice it is that this Church is 
upheld & what may be relied on as the grand difficulty — 
they are afraid that if they are obliged to Pay Taxes, as well 
as the Congregationalists, there will be no special advantage 
in being Churchmen, & of Course will leave the Church — 
more especially, as they entertain a Very Contemptable 
opinion of the Missionery & finally this whore of Babilon 
must Fall to the ground. Tljis Church being founded here 
by such arbritary conduct & upheld by such Falshood & 
some of the pretended members have been Roman Catholicks 
& never have renounced that leligion, we think fully 
authorised our morde of expression — We further observe, 
that their Petition Contains so many falshoods & Contra- 
dictions, that upon a due attention to the Contents thereof 
It must be adjudged to Carry its own Confutation with it. 
They say the Law upon which church People are Taxed 
" was designed to prevent person from pretending to be of a 
religion, they were not of, merely to get rid of paying 
Taxes " Let the design of the Law be what it will. It is 
very evident that the design of the Petitioners is to be freed 
from every obligation of paying their minister one farthing 
& we apprehend they are the very persons on whom this 
Law was especially intended to be binding according to their 
own sense of it. They say, tho' the money by Law is to be 


paid to our Pastor " whom we support " & who will we make 
no doubt return it to us again " by which they say that 
they support their Pastor — If so where is the need of bis 
returning it to them again — wliy don't it go towards his 
support ? Is it because the money is raised agreeable to the 
Laws of this State? It is difficult to conceive of any other 
reason. Sure it can't be more than their Pastor stands in 
absolute need of — for about the time of tlieir Petition, the 
said Pastor was obhged, or somebody for him, to beg the 
assistance of Friends in Boston towards his support & cer- 
tainly their Taxes don't amount to half what was promised 
the Society should be paid him — from which it is Very 
evident, that it is not against their Consciences to Pay Taxes 
for his support. If so, what becomes of their Cry about 
persecution — their mighty harangue about the Right of 
Private Judgement, Cloak'** under a Show of Serious Words 
& Sanctified by the glorious Liberty now contended for — 
must not this Argue their grand Stupidity & wickedness in 
trying thus to impose upon the Hon**^® Court. Nothing can 
appear more plain than that it is no infringement of any 
religious Principle which they pretend to hold — neither can 
it be an infringement of the Civil Rights of Episcopalians, 
any more than of the Congregationalists. This Tax being 
agreeable to a Law which was made by the representatives of 
both. It may be remarked here of these Episcopalians that 
their arguments for Liberty do not proceed from real princi- 
ple, for Mr. Bailey, their minister, has, during the present 
contest with Great Britain, discoverd himself, in his 
})ul)lick Preaching, as well as in his private Conversation, to 
be a person evilly disposed to the States of America and 
dangerous to the publick Peace & Safety — he has been 
declared by the Committee of Corespondence &c to be an 
inveterate & dangerous Enemy: and yet his hearers have 
openly & pnblickly endeavoured to Justify and support liim 



in his wicked Conduct — and besides, they have generally 
appear'd backward in doing any Thing to Support the war — 
Two of them wlio were appointed agreeable to an Act of 
this State to reinforce the Continental Army, refused to go : 
or to pay a fine, & indeed refused to t;tke up Arms against 
Great Britain. They have constantly made it their practice 
to propagate such news ( however false ) as appear'd to be 
unfavorable to the American Cause, thereby discouraging 
people from inlisting into the Army, and from supporting 
our Independence. The proclamations from the Continental 
Congress & from this State for days of Fasting & Prayer, 
have been, by Minister & People treated with the greatest 
Contempt. They have been Called Dirty Papers, & have 
been Neglected to be read in Churches according to order- 
The General Court of this State have been called Knaves & 
Fools. Their authority has been denied & trampled upon — 
Their Commissions to Civil officers have been called no bet- 
ter than pieces of Blank paper — and the officers themselves 
threatned for doing their Duty by Virtue of their Commis- 
sions — and yet these very Persons absurdly petition the 
authority which they deny, for favors which they, by their 
Conduct have rendered themselves undeserving of — And if 
their Petition is granted it must be supposed That Converts 
will be made to this Church, and consequently That the 
Enemies of the United States w411 be increased — 

It seems the Petitioners have the Face not only to charge 
this Precinct with taking every advantage under Colour of 
Law to drive them to the last extremitys — but also to 
charge the Government with breach of faith towards these 
Germans — The only reason they assign for this high 
charge is their being Taxed agreeable to Law & that for the 
Support of that Religion which they pretend to possess & 
which they seem willing to support — The most of them 
understood but little about their Petition, we have the 


charity to think but some others who are designing & have 
but little regard to honor or honesty think it no crime thus 
liberally to deal out their charges. We the better bear up 
under it as we have the honor of sharing with the Govern- 
ment in the charge. 

They represent that the Collectors have taken ever^^ 
advantage &c. This is so far from the Truth that it is 
astonishing beyond expression, while peisons are pretending 
to aim at tlie rights of Conscience, that they can so far give 
up every pretence to Truth, as to sign so glaring a Falshood. 
The Truth of the matter is, In March 1776, This Precinct, 
at a Legal Meeting, Voted the sura of <£30 to hire preaching 
about nine pounds of which would be the Proportion of 
those who cloak themselves under the church. In July 
afterwards, the assessors made the Tax & gave the same to 
the Collectors with Warrants to Collect the same & Pay it 
into the Treasury by the 5'^ of October the next. The Col- 
lectors gave warning to the People soon afterwards to Pay 
their Taxes. The Church People, some of them, desired 
time to Consider of the Matter, pretending the Precinct had 
no right by Law to Tax them. The Matter rested in this 
manner, imtil the last of February then following, in the 
meantime. The Collectors were earnest with them, that 
they should pay their taxes witliout any difficulty, after all 
this patience & forbearance of the Collcctois, they said they 
would not Pay without being distrained upon. The Collect- 
ors just as their year was expiring, thought it expedient to 
distrain. Accordingly the first distress, was taken the last 
of the same February being a small Bull, about one year & 
nine months old which was sold at a Publick Vendue duly 
notified to the highest bidder for 36/ being the full Value of 
the Creature. The next Distress was sold on the 10"' of 
March at a Vendue duly notified viz : a sheep for 23/6 
being a tliird more than the common price, at the same 


Vendue another distress viz : a Sow was sold for 17/6 being 
the full Value, She was poor weight about 68^^". these 
were all the distresses that were sold & two of these were 
taken from persons that pretend to Understand all Law & 
were principally advising & directing all the rest & If any 
advantage was taken of the Ignorance of the Germans who 
did not understand the English Language, It was those of 
their own party — and that they did encourage them to 
stand out & make the opposition they did, they cannot with 
truth deny. They said every thing almost to make these 
Germans believe that we tax'd them without Law. Nay it 
was said there was a letter from a church Minister here, in 
April last, somewhat in these words viz. " It is agreed on 
all Sides that they have not the least Colour of Law to 
Countenance their proceedings." This was spoken with 
regard to our taxing the Church People. In consequence of 
this it was said here that this was the opinion of all the Law- 
yers in Boston This Shews what pains have been taken to 
deceive these Germans by their own party. 

They further represent that this money was Voted by the 
minority of the Parish. It is Plain from this that their 
intent was to deceive the Hon^^^^ Court. They don't pretend 
but what it was done at a legal meeting. They intend to 
represent us but Very few in Comparison with them — as 
their part of the Whole Tax is but about £9 it is evident 
they bear no proportion. Compared with us as to Numbers — 
We have taken notice of many things which may appear to 
be of little consequence. We have done it the rather to 
Vindicate ourselves from the Wicked & false Aspersions, 
which they have endeavoured to throw upon us & might 
opperate to our prejudice where the persons & the characters 
of those that have thus endeavoured to Slander us, were not 

We would Observe further, that the Petitioners say they 


have Constantly attended Publick Worship according to the 
"right of the Church of England" (so it stands in the paper 
delivered us viz. right) what they mean by that we can't 
telL If they intend by it, staying at Home, their Petition is 
so far true — we are very sure that some of them very 
rarely, if ever, attend Church. 

Some of the Petitioners have not all along pretended to be 
Churchmen as they set fortli — one of them in particular 
attended our Precinct meeting the second year & was chosen 
Collector & accepted the office & did not even pretend to be 
a Churchman & almost all these (xermans declared they were 
not Churchmen until they were afraid of paying Taxes — 
Their sole Aim is to endeavour to prevent our enjoying tlie 
Congregational Worship here, Imagining if they can get 
their Petition answered they can gain more proselites ( as 
there are many that care but little about religion ) by being 
exempted from Taxes, than we can by arguments deduced 
from Religion & Virtue — Another of these Petitioners 
said last spring tbat he was no Churchman & that Parson 
Bailey should not have his rates & agreed to pay the Col- 
lector for the use of the Congregational Minister & after- 
wards was induced to sign with them upon being promised 
to have his rates return'd to him again — and three of those 
Germans who signed the Petition very lately declared, that 
they, as well as the other Germans, only went to church to 
have their Taxes, and one of them said, if they were obliged 
to pay Taxes none of them would go to church & when we 
hir'd a preacher in 1775, by subscription it is well known 
that several pretended Churchmen attended Worship with 
us pretty constantly & seldom attended at church, & it can- 
not be doubted but that if under the cloak of the church 
they could be excused from paying taxes, they would now 
generally attend with us. 

From their own Shewing they ought to pay Taxes & for a 


further confirmation if they will produce a copy of their 
Petition to the Society, it will appear that the Missionary 
has a right to Twenty pounds Sterlmg p. an. at least from 
them as before mentioned. 

Wherefore for the reasons aforesaid viz : Because this 
Petition is founded upon Falsehood. & Misrepresentation 
Because five of the Petitioners are not Inhabitants of this 
Precinct & never were taxed, and the greater Part of the 
People of this Precinct who signed that Petition are not con- 
scienciously churchmen, but only profess themselves such, to 
avoid paying Taxes towards the support of the gospel. 
Because they are taxed for their own Benefit by force of a 
Law made at the Request of the professed Members of the 
church of England. 

Because the granting their Petition will have a tendency 
to encourage People to go over to the Church to Save their 
Taxes, or at least to procure a Certificate from the pious M*" 
Bailey & his Wardens to Screen them therefore ( which we 
think, any man might procure even tho' he never Saw the 
Inside of a church ) and because the granting their Petition 
will infallibly prevent the Settlement of a Gospel Minister in 
this Precinct, and involve us in many & Very great Difficul- 
ties, and for many other Weighty Reasons we might assign, 
We humbly intreat Your Honors, That the Petition of those 
pretended Churchmen may not be granted 
By order of the said Precinct 

Chas Cushing Precinct Clerk 

At a Legal Meeting of the Freeholders & other Inhabitants 
of the West Precinct in Pownalborough in the County of 
Lincoln held at the Court House in said Precinct on Friday 
the 27'^^ day of June A. D. 1777 

Voted that an answer like unto the foregoing Sign'd by 
the Clerk of said Precinct be presented to the General Court 


as the answer of this Prechict to a Petition of the Church 
People aforementioned. 

Chas. Cutjhing Precinct Cler. 

To the Honorable the Council and Assembly of the State 
of the Massachusetts Bay 
The Memoi-ial of Stephen Smith of Machias Sheweth 

That a Number of the Inhabitants of Machias being gone 
to St. Johns to Secure that Important Post ( for the Benefit 
of the United States and as -a Barrier to the Eastern Settle- 
ments ) have left their families almost destitute of the 
article of Bread which is not to be had there at present at 
any rate — And Your Memorialist minded to promote the 
common Cause and Oblige his Neighbors has Endeavoured 
to procure a Quantity of Corn for them in the Country, 
which he cannot do at any reasonable Price without hard 

He Therefore Prays That Your Honors would Please to 
take the Suffering Condition of those distressed familys into 
Your Wise Consideration and Send two or three Hundred 
bushels of Corn down which may be obtained by those who 
May Incline to tarry in the Present Expedition and for those 
who are not yet Engaged but may be willing to go if their 
families can have bread the while — Or Give Liberty to 
Your Memorialist to Purchase out of the Stores and pay for 
a Quantity for that purpose — Or otherwise Provide for 
their relief as Your Honors, in wisdom shall See fit. 

And Your Memorialist as in duty bound shall Ever Pray 
Boston July Z"^ 1777 Stephen Smith. 


To the Honorable Council & Assembly of the State of 
Massacliusetts Bay. 
The Memorial of Stephen Smith Sheweth 

That there is Great need of Sundry articles to Supply the 
Publick Store at Machias for the Indian traid, which are not 
to be had in the Publick Stores in this place, and if Pur- 
chased from Private Stores at this time it might be done 
under Great disadvantage as the Necessaries wanted are held 
at a Much Higher price here than they were Sold at there, 
and it will be next to Impossible to Convince the Savages of 
the Justice or Propriety of such sudden alteration of Prices 
nor may it be Politick perhaps to let them know the true 
reason — So that there might be a loss in those articles or a 
loss of the traid in some measure for want of them — and as 
Your Memorialist is desirous of promoting the Publick 
credit of the State which has seen fit to Employ him in that 
Branch of Business and at the same time to support his 
character among those people he Judges it Incumbent on 
him to give Your Honors every Intelhgence of this Nature. 

And Prays that you will please to take this Matter under 
your wise Consideration and either grant a Supply of those 
articles under the apparent disadvantages or Order Your 
Memorialist to Supply them in such manner as not to Suffer 
private loss or Give such other orders in the affair as in 
Wisdom you shall see Meet. 

And Your Memorialist as in Duty bound shall Ever Pray 
Boston July 4*'' 1777 Stephen Smith 

State of Massachusetts Bay 

In the House of Representatives July 5, 1777 on the 
petition of Stephen Smith praying for a quantity of corn for 
the use of the people of Machias. 

Resolved That the Board of War be and they hereby are 
order'd to deliver to the said Stephen Smith two hundred 



bushels of Corn. A he giving his Receipt to be accountable 
for the payment of the same B and Engaging to deliver it to 
the Families of such Persons as have gone or shall go to St. 
Johns as Soldiers in the Service of this State whom he shall 
judge is most in need of the same at the cost & necessary 
charge of it. 

Sent up for Concurrence 

R. T. Paine Spk"^ pro tern. 
In Council July 5, 1777 

Read & Concurred with an amendment at A. B. Viz* 
dele from A to B & insert he paying for the same. 
Sent down for Concurrence 

Jn° Avery Dpy Secy 

In the House of Representatives July 5, 1777. 
Read & Concurr'd 

R. T. Paine Spk-^ p. t. 

Consented to 
Jer. Powell 
Jechdiah Preble 
H. Gardner 
D. Hopkins 
N. Cushinff 

A. Ward 
T. Cushing 
Benj. Austin 
Tim** Danielson 
Oliver Prescott 

W. Spooner 
John Taylor 
Moses Gill 
Tim" Edwards 
I. Palmer 

Vassalborough July 6'*> 1777 
To The Honorable the Councill of the State of Massachusetts 
Gent" I beg leave to assure you that I siiall ever remem- 
ber with the Greatest Gratitude the Honor of my Appoint- 
ment to the Command of the Fourth Company in the Fifth 
Regiment of Militia in the County of Lincoln. Stimulated 
with an Ardent Love to the Cause of my Country, from the 
principles of Duty, Justice, and Affection, I have, with a 


Cheerfull Obedience, executed all Orders from ray Superiors, 
and Endeavor'd to keep the People of the Town United, & 
from going into any rash Measures, but my design has been 
Frustrated I conceive, by the Influence of a Certain Man 
who has made Strong Opposition against me, & as I have 
been Informed, declared that he would Accept of the Office, 
were it for no other Reason than to keep me out, but failing 
of his Intentions, not being the Choice of the Town, there 
then followed a Petition against me, which failed for want of 
a Sufficient number of Signers, after which a Combination 
was agreed upon, not to Obey any Orders that should come 
from me, as I have been informed. Under these peculiar 
Embarrassments, Where Strife and Party prevails, no Man 
can with pleasure or Satisfaction execute the Dutys of his 
Office. For the above Reasons, I beg leave to make a Res- 
ignation of my Commission, at the same Time assurring your 
Honors that I Possess the Warmest Attachments to the 
Cause of my Country. 

I am with due Defference your Honors most Obliged 

Humble Servant 

Denes Getchell 

State of Massachusetts Bay 

In the House of Representatives July 7, 1777. 

Whereas it appears to this Court that the Board of War 
have not in their Possession all the necessary Articles with 
which they are order'd to supply Stephen Smith, Truck- 
master, at Machias for the Indians in our Interest — & is 
being probable that the s^ Smith might supply himself with 
the deficient articles if he was furnished with money therefor. 

Resolved that the Board of War be & they hereby are 
impowered & directed to furnish the s** Smith with what 



money they judge necessary for the purposes afores^ taking 
his Rec' to be accountable for the same. 
Sent up for Concurrence 

R, T. Paine Spk"^ pro tem. 

In Council July 7, 1777 
Read & Concurr'd 

Jn° Avery Dpy. Secy. 

Consented to 
Jer: Powell 
N. Cusbing 
H. Gardner 
Moses Gill 
D. Hopkins 

T. Cushing 
A. Ward 
Benj. Austin 
Jabez Fisher 
Tim° Danielson 

John Whitcomb 
I. Palmer 
Jedidiah Preble 
F. M. Dana 
Tim° Edwards. 

State of Massachusetts Bay 

Council chamber July 9, 1777 
Ordered, That Mr Stephen Smith of Machais, deliver the 
Public Stores (put into his hands for the expedition to St. 
John's River ) to such persons & in such proportions as the 
Commanding Officer in that Department may Order except- 
ing the following Order for the supply of private persons 

Also Ordered, that said Smith supply those persons who 
have advanced of their private Stores, to the forces gone & 
going upon said Expedition, like quantitys of Stores of the 
same kinds, so that they may not be Sufferers by their zeal 
for the public good 

And also Ordered, That he, said Smith, render very exact 
accounts of the disposal of all the public Stores put into his 
hands, so as to prevent that confusion which must arise from 
a want of regularity in Accounts 
Read & Accepted 

Jn° Avery Dpy Secy. 


Petition of Cap'- Saml. Whitmore, 1777. 

To the Hon Council and House of Representatives in General 
Court assembled the pertion of Samuel Whitmore of Gorham 
in the County of Cumberland Humbly Sheweth, That soon 
after the Conflagration at falmouth, viz on the Sixth day of 
Nov'' 1775, that a Detachment belonging to the town of Gor- 
ham Drafted from a Regiment of Militia, of Which the Hon^ 
Enoch freeman Esq was Colonel, by order of Mayor Noys, 
workt on the Eateries at falmouth afores*^ under the Com- 
mand of the Hon' James Sulivin Esq. who was then 
appointed by the County Commitee to oversee said work, to 
whom your petitioner made a return of the above Said 
Militia. The above Said Militia Did with the greatest zeal 
and Readiness assist Towards Building the Eateries afores'^ 
for the Defense of the Countery Expecting that after Mat- 
ters were a Little Settled that they Should be rewarded for 
there Service, but it being Deferd they Grow Impatient, 
Therefore your petitioner Doth pray your Hon* to take this 
matter into your wise consideration, and in your great Wis- 
dom Direct to such Measuers as May give a Reasonable Sat- 
isfaction to the above said Militia and promote the peace and 
happiness of this Town your pertioner Doth further Shew, 
That here with is Enclosed The Lists of the Names of the 
Men their Ranks and time of Service who work' on the 
above s'^ Eateries and that the above Said Militia Did find 
themselves in provision while in Said Service. — 
your pertioner as Bound in Duty Will Ever pray — 

Samuel Whitmore Cap* 
Dated at Gorham July the 9 day 1777 

Falmouth July y« 19 — 1777 

Honored Gentlemen these few Lines Comes to inform your 
honnours that I am Very Sorry that you Did not inform me 


upon What tearms those People Came on Which Shipt With 
Mr. Gray Which has Deprived me of Getting other Good 
men as they ware by your orders to Go on board of Capt 
Hayanes if they Pleased and as they being offered more 
Wages by him Went on board five of them but two is 
Returned back again. I am Ready to Sail for Wiscasset l)ut 
the Second Mate is Very uneasy About his Wages Which 
Was do to him and Was Piomised to be sent Down by Mr 
frost as he Sayes and he is Determened Not Go No further 
unles Promis that they Will be Paid to him as fur as your 
Honnours told him Which I Must Do if not the most of the 
People Will Leave & Detain the Ship. I Should be Glad 
that those Articles Which I roat for ( When I was up Would 
be Sent Down as Soon as Possable Nothing More at Present 
but I Remain Your H"' S^* 

Joseph Proctor. 

This is to notify the Inhabitants of Penobscot River that 
they are desired to meet at the Dwelling House of CoP Jon- 
athan Buck on Tuesday the 22'^ day of July in order to con- 
sult on several Important affairs that may attend the Peace 
and Well being of the Inhabitants of said River; also the 
Inhabitants of Belfast & Maj'^ Biguaduce are desired to meet 
at said House In order to Joyn said Inhabitants of Penobscut 
River — 

Penobscut July y*' 14'" 1777 

Sam' Kidder 

James Budge 

Thomas Cam[)bcll 

Rob' M<=Curdy 

Ephriam Grant 

John Brewer 

of Safety for 
the First District in 


The Principle Inhabitants of Penobscot and Belfast accord- 
ingly meet at Col" Jonathan Buck the 2 2d day of July by 
Virtue of the above Notification and first Voted Col° Jona- 
than Buck Moderator and 2'''=' John Patridge Clerk and S^^^ 
after Several debates upon the Legality of the Notification 
Voted Unanimously to proceed on the articles as follows 
4tiiiy Voted Dissatisfied as to the Conduct of the proceedings 
of Col. Josiah Brewer and Lieu* Col : Jonathan Lowder and 
Lieu* Andrew Gilman and Ensign Jeremiah Coburn as to the 
Troublesome affair concerning the false Indian alarm &c — 
5**^ Voted that the facts relating the Indian affairs as above 
that can be proved be sent to the Hon. the Court by a man 
chose for that purpose — 6*''^^ Voted to chuse one man for 
each district out of each Committee of Safety to be a Com- 
mittee to serch & enquire into all affairs that might tend to 
the Hurt of the State & Common Wealth in these parts — 
1'^^^ Voted Capt John Mitchel for the Town of Belfast — 
gthiy Voted Cap* Benj=^ Shute for the Town of Frankfort — 
gthiy Voted M"" Benj* Wheeler for Wheelersboro Township 
lOthiy Voted Capt Robert McCurdy for the upper Town- 
ship on the east Side of Penobscot River 

llthiy Voted Colonel Jonathan Buck for the 2"^ district and 
Township N° 1 — 

12*^iy Voted M' John Partridge for the second District & 
Township N'' 2 

jgthiy Voted M^ James McCurdy to represent all causes 
that might appear before the Committee to the General Court. 
And lastly the Committee appointed to meet on the 5*^ 
day of August 20 miles up Penobscot River at a place called 
Condeskeg and at the Dwelling House of Capt Jedidiah 
Preble and accordingly said Committee met this 5*^ of 
August and tlie Clerk opened the Meeting and first chose 
Col° Jonathan Buck Chairman of the Committee and then 
the chairman Summoned a number of Evidences concerning 



the false Alarms &c for which we do refer Your Honor's to 
tlie Papers we Send by iM'' James McCurdy 

Penobscot July 26'*^ Jna Buck Chairman 

1777 John Partridge Clerk 

To the Hon''ble Council and House of Representatives 
In the State of Massachusetts Bay 

A true Copy Attest Jn° Avery D^ Secy. 













































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Machias August 1, 1777. 

May Inform Your Hon" That Capt. Gooch is Now arrived 
here and has Deliver'd Your Letters &c the articles he 
bought was much Needed. 

In Great Hast as the Bearer is waiting 

your Humble Servant 

Stephen Smith 

Machias 4'^ August 1777 
May it please your Honor's 

agreeable to your Honor's orders, I Called the 9'*^ Com- 
pany in this Regiment togeather to choose their officers, after 
proceeding with the greatest Harmony they made choice of 
the following Gentlemen viz* 

Stephen Smith — Captain Amos Boyington first Lieut 
Daniel Stone 2** Lieut 

This will be delivered you by Major Shaw who was pres- 
ent by him you will be pleased to send the Commissions — 
I hope we shall have no further occasion to trouble your 
Honors with any uneasiness arising in this Company, and 
Remain with much Esteem — 

Your Honor's Most Hum" Ser'* 

Benj* Foster CoP 
Com" made out 

In Council Sept 22°'^ 1777 Read & Ordered that Said 
Officers be commissioned agreeable to their respective Ranks 

Jn" Avery Dpy Secy. 

To The Hon''!^ the Council of Massachusetts State. 

The Hon"'^ The Council of the State of Massachusetts Bay 
Setting at Boston August the 4*^ 1777. 

The Petition of Benj* Patch of a new Township lying in 


the Eastern part of this State known by the name of 
Otisfield Humbly Sheweth 

That your Petitioner lived in the town of Groton about 
eight years — that in August 1775 went from Groton to 
Harvard & lived there the Greatest part of the time til may 
1776: then removed to Otisfield afores*^ & there have lived 
ever since — That he there belongs to the military Company 
under the Command of Josiah Dingley Cap' in Col. Pike's 
Regm' & is called upon & liable to Do Duty there — 

Your Petitioner Begs leave further to represent to your 
Hon"^* that he left Otisfield the latter end of June last & 
Came to Groton afores'^ and from Groton went to Harvard 
to see his sister & there went to work with his Brother-in- 
law to procure some cloath for Shirting as the only Remedy 
he had to Git the same — that on the 27'*" Day of July last 
the militia officer of Harvard Draughted him & ordered him 
to march agreeable to the late order of Council — upon his 
refusing to March ordered a Sergeant & file officer to take 
him & thereby compelled him to March — Your Petitioner 
thinks himself very nuich injured by their Conduct & 
thereby prevented returning home & he therefore Earnestly 
prays your Hon" Interposition & that you would Give him a 
Discharge that he may immediately return home & be ready 
to join his own Company for the Defence of that part of this 

& in Duty Bound Shall Ever pray Benj* Patch 

In Council Aug* 5, 1777. Read & Committed to Oliver 
Prescott and Abr*" Fuller Esq" to consider the Same & 
report what is best to be done there 

Jn° Avery Dpy Secy 

In Council Aug 5, 1777 
The Com'*® having fully heard the parties & reported the 
Facts & the Council thereupon Ordered that the Prayer of 



the said Petition be granted & that the Petitioner be and he 
hereby is Discharged from the late Draught by order of 
Council (& he be permitted to return to Otisfield the Place of 
his Residence immediately. 

To the Hon^'« the Council and the Hon^^^ the House of 
Representatives of the State of Massachusetts in the general 
Assembly convened. 

Humbly Shew Joanna Moulton, and Nicholas Sewall 
Administrators of the Estate of Brigadier Jotham Moulton 
late of York in the County of York Esq'' deceased Intestate, 
That some time since their said Intestate for a Valuable 
Consideration Bargained & Sold to Cap' Esayas Prebble of 
York aforesaid, a Tract of Land in said York and the skid 
Intestate by a memorandum in Writing by him Subscribed 
promised to Execute a deed of the said Land, and In con- 
sequence of the said agreement the said Prebble entered into 
and improved the said Land, But so it is that the Intestate 
died — suddenly before a Deed Avas made and Executed — 
The said Admin""* further Represent that another agreement 
some thing similar with the former was made between the s*^ 
Intestate and one Joseph Shaw of s** York for about Ten 
Acres of Salt Marsh, and said Shaw paid the full Sum agreed 
upon near three years past and has ever since improved the 
Marsh a mem'* in Writing was made and Subscribed by the 
Intestate and delv'' the said Shaw but the said Intestate did 
not Execute a Deed to said Shaw, altho one was Wrote by 
his Desh'e. And as it is not in the power of the Petitioner 
to Comply with all the Intestates agreements by making a 
Conveyance of tlie said Lands, without the aid of this Hon" 
Court. Wherefore they pray that they may be Enabled in 
their said Capacity to make and Execute Deeds of said 
Lands as fully as the Intestate could were he now in full 


Life and the Petitioners as in duty Bound shall ever pray &c 
Auo-. 6, 1777 Joanna Moulton 

Nicolas Sewall 

Jed'^ Preble s Deposition. 

The Deposition of Jedidiah Preble of Penobscott in the 
County of Lincoln, Testilieth & saith that he was at Water- 
town last fall, where he saw one Jeremiah Coburn of this 
place, who told the Deponent, that he had talked with some 
of the Representatives of the State Massachusetts Bay & said 
he made no doubt, but that in Case I would Join him in a 
petition to them, he could get a guard of thirty men, which 
would be stationed on this River & I reply'd, I was willing 
to do any thing that was for the benefit of the inhabitants of 
this place & I desired to know his Plan, & where the advan- 
tage would lay. He told me ( as near as I can remember ) 
that he made no doubt, that in case a Guard was granted by 
the General Court he should have orders to inlist the men at 
the westward, «& bring them into this River. I replied, I 
thought, that might answer, as we should be thirty Men 
stronger, & those men would be always in readiness, «fe well 
equipped to march to our assistance on any alarm. He then 
went & consulted my Hon""*^^ Father & told him the plan &c. 
( Upon which as he told me ) my Father said the plan as he 
thought was very good, & added, He would use his interest 
to have the Men granted, as he thought, he had as good a 
right to a guard being a frontier settlement, equal to other 
towns to the westward. Upon which I signed a Petition h 
returned to Penobscot. The next News I heard was. The 
Guard was granted, & connnitted to the care of Col" Josiah 
Brewer, who declared to me, He gave Ens" Coburn strict 
order to Inlist the Men out of the River if possible, to which 


M"" Coburn answered, He intended to call at Kenebeek & 
inlist what men he could there & from thence Home. But 
as I have been informed since, he never offered to inlist a 
man until he came up this River. He made the best of his 
Way to the head of the Tide of this River, & there notified 
the inhabitants That He had listing orders, & a number of 
the inhabitants came to be informed of the conditions, & He 
told them in my hearing, they were to be stationed on this 
River, to guard the inhabitants, & to go in scouting parties 
to reconoiture the Woods & streams for some distance back, 
to prevent the approach of an enemy, & They ask'd him how 
long a time they were to Inlist for, He told them for no cer- 
tain time, but there was no manner of doubt, but they might 
be discharged, whenever they pleased, & gave them encour- 
agement he would discharge any one that might want to be 
discharged in Two or three months, or in the Spring at fur- 
thest, on which they readily inlisted ; he then set a guard of 
one or two men to guard the stores, & the remainder went 
about their own business, & never did any other duty for 
Three or Four months, except building a house for Col° 
Lowder on his land, for a Truck house No scouting parties 
were sent out, as was expected by the Inhabitants. 

The next thing we hear L'^ Gillman goes to Old town & 
comes back, & informs Col° Lowder, that there were two or 
three Indians come in from the borders of Canada, & that 
they brought news. There was a Number of Regulars, 
French «& Indians, commanded by one Lonier, which were 
designed to come on the Heads of these eastern rivers: on 
which news Col° Lowder consulted Col^ Brewer, & they 
immediately sent expresses to the officers of the Regiments 
which was communicated to the Eastern settlements, which 
gave them a General alarm, & Had it not been for the Inde- 
fatigable industry of M"^ James McCurdy It is my opinion 
that a great part of the Inhabitants on the lower part of this 


River would have fled. The Deponent further saith, That 
he was sometime in July last at the Guard House about sun- 
set, & there came two Indians of Penobscot Tribe in a great 
hurry, which told CoP Lowder they had Great News viz — 
That the night before, the Canady Indians had like to have 
taken their Town, & they could but Just keep it, & that 
They were obliged to keep out three sentry s at different 
ports, & that they saw about fifty Indians that night, & fired 
at them three times & that they now came in to acquaint the 
Guard & get a supply of Powder & balls to fight them : and 
one of them added, He must return that night to Old Town 
(it being then after sunset) or he should expect to find his 
Family knocked on the Head. He was immediately dis- 
patched with Six pound of Powder, & half the Balls in the 
Guard House, ( as I was told ) & went off. The Guard was 
all ordered to repair to the Guard House, & I heard Col° 
Jon*^ Lowder say, the Fort must be finished with all dispatch, 
& oxen must be had, if he was obliged to press them. The 
next day one Jos^® Airs & his oxen was engaged to haul pig- 
netts, as he informed me, & the next day morning J. Airs 
appeared with his Oxen, as he had promised : but instead of 
employing him in hauling Pignetts, he was loaded with the 
State or Province Stores, & sent up to Ens" Coburn's House, 
which is Five Miles above y^ Truck House or Fort, & within 
six miles of the Indian Penobscot Old Town without any 
Guard whatsoever, & Col° Lowder who then commanded the 
Guard followed the Stores 

The Deponant further saith, that he was Credibly informed 
Col° Lowder said, That if this alarm respecting the Indians, 
did not answer any other Good purpose. It would be the 
means of stopping Dam - d Petition of Wheelers. 

Penobscot Aug"' 7"> 1777 Jed. Preble 

A true Copy 

Attest Jn° Avery D^ Secy 


Sarn} Curtis' Certificate. 

Samuel Curtis Testifies & Says that he was about a quar- 
ter of a mile from the Gentry about Six miles above Condes- 
neg Falls near or about where Ensign Coburn's residence is, 
& about three Hours by Sun 'on Sunday Morning, I went 
toward the Gentry & met Him & asked the Gentry what was 
the matter the Gentry answered he was fired upon by the 
Indians & appeared to be much affrighted then we both 
returned back to the House & that some Indians came there 
the Evening of that day & Lieutenant Gilman agreed with 
them to carry Him & his party over the River the next 
morning to go in Quest of those Indians that fired upon his 
Gentry Wliereupon the said Indians got their Breakfast & 
it was about three Hours by Sun in the morning & the 
Indians sent for Lieu* Gilman & he did not come & they 
waited about a quarter of an Hour & He did not come yet & 
the Indians went of & left said Gilman & his party & the s"^ 
Goburn the next night after the Gentry was fired on ordered 
me to go with Him to Set the Gentry & ordered me to play 
upon my Fife as we went to sett the Watch & He the said 
C/oburn Carrying a Firebrand in his Hand to Light me along 
to where the Gentry was to be sett & it being about nine 
o'clock at night when the watch was sett. — The above given 
before the Committee — 

A true Copy Exam : John Partridge Clerk 

August the 7*^ 1777 

A true Copy 

Attest Jn° Avery D^ Secy 

State of Massachusetts Bay 

In the House of Representatives August 11, 1777 
Whereas it appears upon Examination of the Accounts of 
the Treasurer of the County of York that all the monies 



granted and allowed by the Court of General Sessions of the 
Peace for said County for the year 1777 were for such pur- 
poses and appropriations as the Law impowered said Court 
to Grant — 

Therefore Resolved that Said Account be allowed — 
Sent up for Concurrence 

J. Warren Spk'' 
In Council Aug 12, 1777 

Read & Concurred 

Consented to 
Jer: Powell 
Caleb Gushing 
S. Holten 
D. Hopkins 
I. Palmer 

A. Ward 
T. Gushing 
Benj Austin 
Moses Gill 
Josiah Stone 

Jn" Avery Dy Secy. 

W. Spooner 
John Whitcomb 
D. Sewall 
Jabez Fisher 
B. White. 

To the Hon^ Committee of Inspection & C/orrespondence and 
Safety for y® District of Machias & 
Sylvanas Scott of said Machias begs leave to lay before 
your Honours his Distressing Circumstances Namely tlie loss 
of your Petitionei's house Barn &c — being situated at a 
Place called Indian River where a Fortification was Erected 
for y® Defence of y® River against y^ attacks of y® Enemy 
who came up to y" said place last Sumer & there not being a 
Sufficient Numl)er of Troops to Oppose y'' Enemys Landing 
they Landed with great Fury Burnt & Destroyed your Peti- 
tioners Dwelling house Barn, English Hay & Household Fur- 
niture &c Agreeable to an Inventory hereunto Annexed — 
not having one Hours Notice could not save any thing but 
part of his Waring Apparell and some Beding with his Fam- 
illy who gladly made his Escape all of which Losses reduces 
your Petitioner to y® greatest Distress Immaginable as having 


a large Family to Support obliges him to seek charity of y® 

Publick leaving it to your Wise Consideration to point out 

some way wherein he can be Releaved and as in Duty 

Bound shall Ever Pray 

Silvanus Scott 

Machias Aug"' 15'^ 17*77 

An Acct of Articles lost at Machias by Sylvanes Scott 
from date above viz 

1 Dwelling House 42 feet & 28, 1 Barn 41 feet 27, 6 Tun 
English Hay, 4 Calfs 4 months old, 2 fatt Hogs, 20 Dunghill 
Fowles, 1 Sett Joynors Tools, 1 Sett House Carpenters D°, 
1 D° Shoe Makers D°, 1 Large Grind Stone & Iron Crank, 

1 Sled Yoke & Chain, 2 Hay Forks & 1 Dung Fork, 1 Shod 
Shovel & Iron Shovel, 1 Spade & Hoe, 1 Iron frow & 2 
Drawg. Knives, 1 Weavers Loom & Implements, 1 Sickel & 
Mose Skin dress'd, 1 P"" Snow Shoes 1 Grain Sieve, A Quan- 
tity of Iron Bound & other Casks, 1500 feet Square Timber, 
2750 Shingles in Bundles, 1 Feather Bed, 4 Bed steads with 
Cords, 3 New Beds steads for sale, 2 Tabels 6 Bow back 
chairs, 12 Common Chairs, 1 Bottle Case, 1 20 Bottle Case, 
Large Quantity of dary Implements, 1 P'' And Irons 1 Iron 
Mortar, 1 Brass Kettle, a Quantity of Household Utensils, 

2 Spinning Weels, a Quantity of Pewter & Crockery Ware, 
Yi Barrel Soap, 1 Barr^ Pickel fish, 1 Horn Lanthorn, 1 Flax 
Coomb, 1 Flock Bed, 4'** Cotton Wool, 10 Skains Cotton 
Yarn, Sole and Uper Leath"^ Sufficient to make 5 P""* Shoes 
&c — 

Falmouth, Aug 16, 1777. 
Gentlemen : 

Inclos'' you have Cap*^ Will"* Harpers Receipt for forty 
pipes of wine shipt on Board the Sloop Swan, Harper 
Master, which he is to deliver the Hon^'^'^ Board they paying 


him for freight Twenty-five pounds L. Money, he delivering 

Said wine in good order. I have agreed for a Sch'' that will 

take in fifty or Sixty pipes more, which will be all that I 

purpose to take of the Brigg" She had on Board about one 

Hundred & Ninety five & five Quart Casks, so that when 

this Schn' has her Load there will Remain on hand the 

Brigg about Seventy or Seventy-five pipes which will not 

much more than Ballast her up. I Intend to hall the Brigg 

in alongside the Wharf & Clean her Bottom, Before I let 

her off when that is don, hope tlieir will Not be any grate 

danger, I shall see that her sails and Riging is in good order 

& that she has on Board a good Pilot Before I Leave her 

I should have take out thirty or thirty-five pipes more. But 

hear is Not a Vessel to be had. Should their Be any Small 

Vessell arrive By the time I have got Ready Belive shall 

take out a few more, as I Suppose Less will Ballist the 

Brigg ( then what I have at present Conclude'^ to Leave on 

Board ) we have had no Late arrival here 

I am Gentlemen with grate Esteem Your Most Obedient 

Hum"^« Ser^* 

Jon. Glover 

N. B. tlieir is a Quantity of Corke on Board Each Vessell 
that I have Shipt tlie wine in, for dunage which you^ order 
out — 

To The Hon"^« Board of 
War in Boston. 

Machias August 17, 1777. 

I wrote you some days Ago Informing the Hon'''® Board 
of my arrival at this place with a num))er of Indians, Intend- 
ing immediately after to have Given their Honors a detail of 
the St. Johns Expedition. But a matter somewhat more 


interesting Turning up, will prevent it for the present, shall 
therefore refer the particulars of that Expedition to another 

I have therefore to acquaint the Hon'^'® Board that on 
Wednesday the IS**^ Instant about 3 o'clock A. M. Intelligence 
was Received at the falls, of the arrival of three Large Ships, 
one Brig, and one Small Schooner at the mouth of the Har- 
bor. Various were the conjectures who it could be, as it 
appeared they Came from the Westward. Major Stillman 
and Captain Smith with a few men set of immediately in 
Boats to make Discovery, and to take such steps as were 
necessary : if found to be the Enemy. 

About 5 o'clock the Brig Appeared : near the Battery for- 
merly on a point of Land Called the Rim ( opposite which 
was a Boom ) having 8 Boats in Tow full of Soldiers, with a 
great number on Board. Mess'^'' Stillman and Smith joined 
Col° Foster having in the whole only Thirty-five men. The 
Brig soon Came to where the Boats made towards the shore 
with the appearance of a Determination to Land. Our men 
immediately forming in a posture for opposing, and By their 
Vigilence & Activity keeping a Constant & sure fire, pre- 
vented the Enemys Landing, who in much Confusion, 
Retreated to the Brig — in the night Captain Smith Came 
up & immediately return'd with one of the Cannon and a 
Swivel belonging to the Marisheete, with a Cable and 
Anchor to Secure the Boom, all which By his Indefatigable 
pains, he Effected By day Light when our people Began to 
fire with the Cannon and hull'd the Brig several times. I 
Erabody'd the Indians between Forty & Fifty after I had 
spoke to them upon tlie matter they very chearfully went on 
Service down the River. 

About day Light of the 14^'' The Enemy receiv'd a rein- 
forcement, the morning was Extremely foggy and it being 
Easy for them to Land at Several places. Our people being 


SO few not able to Guard the several posts to prevent their 
Landing it was thought most prudent for them to Retreat, 
and get altogether at the falls to make as Vigorous Defence 
as possible. Accordingly a small redoubt was raised near 
where it was supposed the enemy woud Land, in which was 
placed Twenty men under the Command of Major Stillman 
with two small Guns from the Marisheete. A Breastwork 
was allso raised on a Rising Ground near the mills on which 
was fixed the Swivils of the Schooner some of the Guns, 
having a number of men under the Command of Lieu*^ Col° 
Nevers which was Intended for the Last Retreat, in the 
afternoon people seemed to Gete togather after Securing 
their Familys & property and made every preparation possi- 
ble, which time and circumstances woud admit. The Enemy 
Burned Several Buildings about the River & one mill down 
the River. 

About 5 o'clock P. M. The Brig appeared in sight Beating 
up, with a number of Boats ahead towing, also a Sloop which 
the Enemy took in the River, having strongly Fortify '^ her 
against small arms. There being but a Light Breeze & Tide 
of flood they Came up pretty fast and Between Six and 
Seven, Came to an anchor near the Buildings appeared in a 
most formidable & warlike position. 

In this time Our men took their Different stations Capt. 
Smith with a Body havuig a number of Indians with him 
Lay upon an Extreme point near the Brig about 30 Indians 
within a few rods of him on a hill in order to Support the 
former. The next Major Stillman his Battery, Col. Nevers 
in the Breastwork and a small scouting party on the West 
Side of the River, the whole amounting to about 180 Men. 

In tliis position we continued about half an hour Expect- 
ing every minute to Receive lier Broadsides. The Enemy 
appeared in great Commotion, Rowing and Driving about 
tlie Brig and as we thouglit fixing a Spring on their Cables. 


Our Determination was not to begin the fire in the present 
situation further than firing some shot to see what effect it 
would have on the Brig which Appeared to Answer Our 
most Sanguine Expectation. 

The Indians in tliis time appeared very Eager for fighting, 
Set up the Indian Yell which was follow'd By many at the 
Different places, which no Doubt Occasioned the Enemy to 
suppose there were some Hundreds It appeared almost 
impossible to prevent some of the Indians from firing, one of 
them it was generely supposed Killed a man in a Boat at a 
great distance, who we Imagined was Going to Burn some 
Houses on the Opposite Shore. 

But notwithstanding all this parade of these Invaders, the 
Haughty & warlike position, to the Great surprise and 
Astonishment of every one in Less than half an Hour after 
Coming to an Anchor, The Brig & Sloop Both Gote under- 
way without firing a Gun towards the Houses & with the 
greatest precipitation possible having Eleven Boats towing, 
made down the River against the Tide of flood, giving 
Three Cheers as they went of, however, I thought this was 
only a finnesse of theirs and it was strongly recommended to 
keep to the post only a scouting party to watch their motions 
till we know'd their real design after this Major Stillman 
was Detach'd with about Thirty men proceeding along the 
River side By Land and about Ten o'clock Came up with 
them, Here Major Stillman & party Display''' the Soldiers. 
Being on a plain spot of Ground, Exposed to the whole fire 
of the Enemy & not more than 100 yards from their Cannon. 
But with Undoubted Courage Vigorously attacked the 
Enemy which evidently proved to Be effectual By the Con- 
sternation it put the Enemy in, for many in the Boats Called 
out they were not able to Gete on Board ( when Ordered ) 
By reason that some crews were all Killed or Wounded, 
several officers were named which suffered, one Lieu* Garden 
in perticular. 


The Brig keep'd up all this time a Constant & heavy Fire 
of Langrage & Grape Shot, But notwithstanding our people 
were so exposed, By the Interposition of Divine providence, 
only one man was killed. She soon got aground But our 
people being much fatigued & ammunition spent they re- 
turned back, and at Day Light of the 15*** Col" Foster with a 
Body of Men went Down and about Seven o'clock attacked 
them. The Boats Employed in Geteing out the Anchors & 
making preparation to Gate her of were forced to take 
shelter behind the Brig and only one Boat which was Barri- 
caded coud Give her any assistance 

At 10 o'clock Captain Smith with a number of white men 
and all tlie Indians got off in order to attack them on the 
other side of the River By which movements the Boats were 
forced to quit together. She having them gote of, so difficult 
was their situation that the Boats Crews Declared they could 
not row, in Answer, the officers swore they would blow the 
first man's Brains out who dared to Come on Board. The 
Brig then struck Ground again. But our people keeping up 
such an Incessant fire they could not take the necessary pre- 
caution to Gate her of. By which she continued during that 
Tide. In this Action Capt. Farnsworth rec'd a wound on 
the liead, but is in a fair way of recovery. 

By the time the Mihtia were coming in very fast so as to 
enable us to Distribute further down the River to prevent 
Assistance from the Ships below, a small Cannon, was taken 
down and fixed opposite the stern of the Brig, and the 
Greatest part of the day a pretty Constant fire was keep'*^ 
up on Both sides. Several Balls went into the Stern of the 
Brig, which with the firing from the Quarter deck while 
aground must have Wrecked her very much. 

Several Boats attempted to Gate up the River which were 
always drove back with a very Considerable Loss on their 
side — on the Tide of flood the Sloop stood up the River (as 


was supposed) to Succor the Brig & Gate her of, a party of 
our Men suddenly attacked them, many of the Enemy were 
seen to fall, with the greatest difficulty they Gote her Clear, 
a heavy rain Coming on, prevented our people from pursu- 
ing their Designs in stoping the Brig from Geting down the 
River. She soon floated and with the assistance of the Sloop 
& a small breeze of wmd she made the Best of her way 
down, and on the morning of the 16*^ Came to altogather at 
Round Island — The past night they were seen getting 
Ballast on Board in the Greatest Haste and this morning on 
the Tide of Ebb all but one ship sets sail & Departed the 

I must Observe to the Hon''^® Board that this Expedition 
of the Enemy & our situation at the time might occasion 
some reflection. It appears this matter was a plan of Daw- 
son of the Brig Hope that he had rec'd Intelligence from 
time to time of the situation of this place and that the 
General Court would not allow anything for its Defence, till 
the Expedition now forming was Granted, which it appears 
by Certain Information, that he has rec'*^ Intelligence of the 
Backwardness of it, he has been seen cruising backwards and 
forwards for this some time past. He no doubt supposed 
from this that there was some Property Deposited here and 
not Strength to defend it, and his coming up in such a 
daring manner, would so intimedate the Inhabitants that 
they would immediately give up. 

As to the situation of the place it Cut a gloomy aspect the 
morning the Brig Came up, matters appeared Desperate on 
our side & a feint hope of saving the place from Destruction. 
The Enemy seemed Encouraged By our men Leaving the 
Battery below, which indeed was done from necessity. But 
all this turned out for our Great advantage for on the Brigs 
coming up & seeing such fortifications, which were never 
known of before, and our men posted in such a manner, 


niigbt very reasonably, Conjecture that our retreating, was to 
bring them in that Difficult Situation & Destroy them & 
supposing we had some Hundreds, By their returning in such 
an unprecedented manner — had we but two six pounders 
the Brig must have struck, which I think should have been 
sent when the Stores came down for things of this nature is 
always the means of an Enemy making desperate attempts, 
upon the whole we may be very thankful to Kind Provi- 
dence that the place is so far preserved. 

I cannot but highly applaud the Bravery of the whole of 
the Militia & the few troops Inlisted, have not heard the 
Least Complaint of any Backwardness after matters Came to 

And I have the pleasure to Inform the Hon^^® Board that 
none Deserves Greater Applause than our Indian Friends, 
For the Diff* Officers at the Several attacks assured me that 
no persons Beheaved more Gallantly, Exposing themselves 
openly to the fire of the Cannon & small arms, very Diff* 
then what has been Generely Practised by Indians. The 
same morning the Enemy arrived, I had a Conference with 
Six Deputys from Penobscot, we Exchanged pledges of 
friendship, Received the greatest satisfaction, and agreed 
with them to be at Penobscot in six weeks where I am to 
meet the S' Francis Indians & others from Canada. I Deliv'^ 
these six Guns, who immediately joined the others & Con- 
tinued till the departure of the Ships when I Dismissed them 
with some presents. 

My coming to Machias was a matter more of Necessity 
then Inclination as I was conlident it would create a greater 
Expence, and the Indians continually Drunk & Quarreling 
But they being Destitute of every thing, I was forced to 
yield to the Intreaties of them & indeed it has proved to 
Great advantage. I am obliged to supply & find them very 
largely with Provisions & other things, and Em[)loying them 


in Going with Expresses etc., otherwise they would Certainly 
Go of & am afraid to Lett them out of my hands for the 
present for fear of joining or having some Correspondence 
with the Enemy. Still the Hon'''^ Board may fully rely & 
depend I shall use every Economy possible — indeed things 
are so Dear & Exhorbitant & the Indians Demands & Neces- 
sities so large that I am often at a stand what to do. 

The Great Consumption of Provisions during this Siege 
obliges me to Press you the Hon**^® Board to Consider the 
Situation of this Country in General as people have been so 
harrassed being forced from their harvest — perticularly I 
must press assistance to the Truck house, which I beg may 
be furnished with a quantity more of Corn & other pro- 
visions. Molasses, small wines, Cydei-, also some more blan- 
kets, shouds, some pieces of fine Cloaths, Wampum & a 
Quantity of Ammunition & Some Good Guns. 

The Indians have left some fine corn fields on St. Johns, 
which it is Probable is destroyed, if so the Indians will resent 
it greatly if not a certain supply Laid in for them. I have 
impowered Messrs Cross's of Newbury to procure those 
articles, to whom I send a schooner & Expect her back with all 
Expedition, those that Came with me bro* Considerable furs 
etc. which I presume Capt. Smith will send as soon as possible 

I find our Nova Scotia Expedition goes on very slowly 
from the appearance of things. I shall not press that Matter 
at present but there is the Greatest Necessitj' of a speedy 
succour if it is Intended to keep these parts, there is every 
reason to suppose that the Enemy is Bent upon the Destruc- 
tion of this place, and that they are now gone for a Rein- 
forcement, which if the Case, I am very sure they must 
Carry the point. I hardly know what apoligy to make to 
the Indians if the Troops do not soon arrive, for by the Diff* 
News told them they are sanguine that St. John will be 
secured By the States. 


Brigidier Warner not arriving has given nie nmch trouble, 
I intended before now, Let the Consequence turned out as it 
would, to Endeavou'd to have been among the Micmacs who 
I find the British Government is tampering with, with all 
their might, and it is not Improbable but they may be 
seduced, for every shop in Halifax is open for them to 
Demand what they please, with pains & Difficulty did I Gain 
these of St. Johns & others A\ith nothing, tho' Mi-. Franchline 
the British Superentendent had every advantage of Power, 
force, money &c and indeed he may Gain the others were no 
body to oppose him. 

My reason of detaining is for fear of my thawting the 
Intention of Government by going and also to be ready 
to Give my feeble advice in the Expedition. I perceive it is 
daily growing more precarious m Carrying on these things, 
and must be managed with much Delicacy and prudence 

It gives me much pain to hear of the trouble the Hou^^*^ 
Board has had with the affairs of Nova Scotia occasioned by 
the fluctuating minds of people — much party Spirit seems to 
reign. I have Endeavored all along to act upon that Rule 
wliich I Conscientiously thought would tend to the interest 
and Honour of the United States. The Happiness, welfare 
& Establishing Freedom in that Community whereof I was a 
member. But by Common fame it appears I am concerned 
in one of the partys which I have been an utter stranger to 
hitherto. My Intention being to pursue Every measure to 
defeat the diabohcal plans of Britain, and to Endeavor with my 
weak ability to aid in Defending & Supporting the Independ- 
ency of America, and as I would not have it suspected to do 
the Least action that might be thought to hurt any Intention 
of Government. I have come to a Determination not to act 
in any matter whatever as an inhabitant of Nova Scotia, but 
shall lay aside every Dispute & animosity which has been 
occasioned by any mal proceedings in that province, and 



shall wholly devote my time & Talants to the Service of the 
States, and shall use eveiy method & use every means to 
Execute such Orders & Intention of the States Consistent 
with such office I may hold. 

The Small Vessell which I have with me Cannot Gate out, 
but hope the Ship below will soon retire when I will hurry 
her away with all Expedition. This Schooner w"^ another 
one I have should be glad may be Employ*^ in the Service if 
thought necessary, as they are well Calculated for such busi- 
ness, and are now Lying on great Expence. 

I have applyed to Col" Eddy to Call a Court Martial to 
Inquire into the Conduct of officers and others in the 
Expedition to St. Johns but thinks he Cannot Legally Do it. 
It is absolutely necessary such things should be to keep 
matters in Order and to Give Satisfaction perticularly when 
there is suspicion of misconduct, there has been some affida- 
vit taken Concerning Major Shaw which I presume will be 
Laid before the Hon^^" Board, But as these Steps seem not 
to be through a proper Channell, Cannot Give any Judg- 
ment on the matter. I must therefore request of the Hon^'^** 
Board to Order a Court of Inquiry to Examine into that 
Expedition, these things being done at once will be a check 
to Designing & Dangerous men and if publick utillity in 
Gen®^ which I have often Experienced when with the Army. 

The Truck House at St. Johns has been done with for 
some time. The furs and what was Left on hand I have 
received & hid them on the river St. Johns. Consequently 
Mr John Preble is not of any service in that Department. 
Mr. Preble often turns out as a Volunteer & seems of an 
Enterprising turn in n_iilitary affairs, very forward upon every 
occasion, and from the knowledge I have of his hardships 
during the sunmier I must pray the Liberty & recommend 
him to the Hon*^^® Board for some Military Employment & 
Consistent with the publick Service. 


I must pray then Intelligence Expecting my Proceedings 
may be Convey'* to the Hon*^*® Congress. I have the Honour 
to be with the most Profound respect. 

I Sir Your most ob** & Devoted hbl. Ser^' J. Allan. 

P. S. I have taken the Liberty to draw an order in favor 
of Messrs. Stephen & Ralph Cross of Newbury port on the 
Hon'^*'^ the President of the Council of this State for such 
monies as is Granted me for the use of the Indians in the 
Eastern Department. I am at a Loss to do it in such a 
manner as may appear Legal — my necessity I trust will 
apologise for any Defect in the Order 

Aug 19'^ 

Some deserters coming in which belonged to the Hancock 
brought intelligence that the fleet &c. was composed of the 
Reinbow, Mairmaid, Vulture & Hope, which with the 
Marines were sent Back. The Enemy Lost in the Attack 
with Major Stillman, 30 men Killed — their whole Loss 
amounts which is spoken of among themselves publickly 100 
Killed & wounded. I suppose not an action during the War 
Except Bunker Hill there was such a slaughter. 

This goes by Colonel Campbell, a gentleman who has 
Exerted himself in Collecting the Militia 

To The Hon^*^ Jeremiah Powell. 

In Council Sept. 10, 1777. Read & Sent down with a 

Number of other Letters from Machias accompanying the 


Jn° Avery Dp. Secy. 

Scarboro, Aug. 18, 1777. 

Inclosed you have a Receipt for Sixty-two pipes of wine 

Shipt on Board the Sch^ Molly, W" Brown Master which 

hope you" Rec** in good order as they were put on Board. I 

have agreed to pay a freight of twelve Shillings p"^ pipe 


which you^ please to pay. in my Last, I mentioned that I 
should proceed to this place, in order to get one Small Ves- 
sel more, as I could not come at any at Falmouth. Neither 
is their any to be had here, upon a further Consideration, am 
fully satisfied that what is now on Board is not more than 
she will Require to Ballist her, their Being only Sixty seven 
pipes now on Board. I have now ordered her on Shore a 
longside the Wharf to clean her Bottom, which is very fowle 
Wlien that is don, which will take only one Tide, they will 
make all the dispatch possible for Boston, her Sails & Riging 
Being in good order. No prizes has arrived Since my Last. 
I am Gentlemen with grate esteem Your Moste Hum^^® Serv* 

Jon* Glover 
To The Hon''^* Board of War in Boston. 

State of Massachusetts Bay 

Council Chamber Aug^* 20^*' 1777 

The Letter to Jonathan Eddy & John Allen Esq" and 
INIr. Stephen Smith on public Service are Inclosed to your 
care that you may Forward them to Machias by a Special 
Messenger unless a good opportunity offers to convey them 
by Water 

The Expense that will necessarily attend sending them 
will be paid to you or your order as soon as the same can be 
ascertained — 

By Warrant upon the Treasury — 
John Wait Esq"^ Sheriff of Cumberland County. 

Council Chamber Aug^' 21", 1777. 
Ordered that the Board of War be & they hereby are 
dii-ected to deliver Cap* John Wentworth Comanding Officer 
of the Guard Stationed at Cape Elizabeth so much Bunting 


as will be sufficient to make two Flags each of one yard & 
half Wide & tliree yards long also forty Fathom of small 
Rope suitable for Halyards for the said Flagg for the pur- 
pose of hoisting Signalls on Poles to be Erected at or near 
that place, agreeable to a Resolution of the General Court of 
8 July 1777. 

Falm° August 21^* 1777. 
May it please your Honors 

Accordmg to your Directions of the 25"' Ulto, the Stores, 
Sails &c. belonging to y'' Ship Union are Safely stored & she 
moored at the Pool wliere she was loaded. I have paid Cap* 
Haynes One hundred & forty pounds, two shillings g his 
Receipt of which the inclosed is a Copy. Shall do my 
endeavour to secure your Interest now under my Care, 
there is a balance due to me of upwards of two hundred 
pounds on Ace* of the Ship Union. Should be glad of two 
hundred pounds by the Bearer Docf Norwood — I hope to 
be able to settle my ace* in Sep* I have the Express from 
the hon' Congress which your Honors gave me to go in the 
Union, wait your Directions either to transmit it to you or 
keep it 'till the Union sails 

I remain your Honors most ob* h^ S* 

W^n Frost. 
The hon^ Board of War. 


I have sent the Bearer to you with a Proposal which I 
hope you will think botli just and requisite, and that accord- 
ingly you will Comply with it: as it will be a means of 
instantly alleviating the Hardships of Confinement and like- 
wise in future serve many of your J*eople that may fall into 


our hands. I have on board His Majesty's Ship under my 
command four young men, Natives of Boston, Marblehead 
&c. that want to be at home with their friends. Now if you 
will exchange the Four men belonging to me ( that some of 
your People surpriz'd, and took Prisoners at Cross Island, 
the day before yesterday, as they were innocently & without 
Suspicion of hurt to any one, filling some Water Casks ) I 
will send you these four young men in Lieu. You may 
assure yourself I am upon Honour. Send me the Men 
either by themselves or with others, you may be assured no 
one of their Conductors shall be touch'd or offended. I 
would observe that when the Blonde was in the River, we 
could have burnt all the Dwelling Houses along Shore. 
But even that, or pillaging I dispis'd as it was only affecting 
a few poor people. This is mentioned to say something in 
favour of the four Men now in your hands. Their Loss to 
the Ship is not much ( as they are all Land men ) to them- 
selves poor Fellows great, as missing the Ship now, they may 
never join her again. 

I am Sir Your Most hW® Serv* 

Jn'' Milligen 
Blonde in Machias Bay 22^^ Aug' 1777 

To the Principal officer or commandant at Machias Town 

The Deposition of Thomas Fletcher 

This may Certifie That whereas it hath been Reported by 
Lieu* Andrew Gilman that the Indians told Him thare was 
a Number of Indians & Regulars Commanded by one Lonear 
and were on their March from Quebec to Penobscot or some 
of the Eastward Rivers which Report being made known to 
the Officers of the Guard on Penobscot River and the Officers 
of the upper Regiment of the Militia there they imediately 


gave orders to their Respective Officers to raise the Militia 
which alarmed the Eastern Country & as I the Subscriber 
have for near twenty years past been Imployed as an Inter- 
preter to the Penobscot Indians was desired by the people to 
proceed up the River to know the Foundation for this, which 
I readily complied with & went up the River to M"^ Coburns 
which is within Seven Miles of the Indian Town accompanied 
by Lieu* Oilman & Col" Brewer tlie Indian Chiefs were 
sent for there & we had a Conferrence with them there the 
Indians declared they never informed Lieu* Oilman or any 
other person more then this viz — That there was a Num- 
ber of Regulars, Canadians, & Indians at Loik kekonouch 
Ales Shudear so called by the English & they likewise Says 
They never Knew that the said Party Had any Intention to 
come on the Eastern Settlements For the place where they 
Saw this party there has been a guard kept this two years 
past By the Regulars — And further Saith that from 
Penobscot falls Truck House I dispatched two Men to the 
Indian Chiefs to let them know I wanted to see them about 
an Hour after came an Express from M"^ Coburns where the 
Ouard was kept Saying the guard was fired upon by Indians : 
Says CoP Brewer what shall we do we cannot notifie the 
People by Sending to them we must Fire an Alarm I said 
would it not be better to suspend till we have heard further 
Then said Brewer to Col' Lowder what do you think of it. 
Lowder Replied, I think as Fletcher thinks I would suspend 
till I have heard further CoP Brewer said Would you Sus- 
pend now the Centry is fired upon — Fletcher said I would 
Suspend & proceed up here and know further about it, 
whereupon CoP Brewer Maj' Buck & a number of others 
went up in order to enquire concerning the alarm accord- 
ingly in the afternoon I arrived there accompanied with 
Eight English men on our way we met a man upon an 
Express & I asked liim what News he said he was on an 


Express & should give us no account. He said We had 
better go Each and get our Guns I answered I would pro- 
ceed forward we came to M'' Coburns where CoP Brewer & 
Capt Brewer was laying on the Bed I asked CoP Brewer 
what was the matter his Express would not give an account 
of himself CoP Brewer smiled and said He did Right ! 
CoP Brewer & James McCurdy were disputing & James 
McCurdy Said He believed it was Not the Indians fired on 
the Centry CoP Brewer said if you talk in this manner to 
persuaid the People it is a falst Allarm I will confine you 
imediately CoP Brewer desired me & a number of others to 
go & see the place where the Centry was fired upon CoP 
Brewer Says to me do not you see it is Evident this Ball is 
fired by the Indians — Says I I do not believe it was. 
well said Brewer if you & other People do not believe it If 
you and all the People on the River were to be Destroyed, I 

would not make an Alarm again 

Tho« Fletcher 
Penobscot August 22^^ 1777 

A true Copy Examined 

John Partridge Clerk 

A true Copy attest 

Jn° Avery D^ Sec^ 

We the vSubscribers Jointly & Severally hereby Certify & 
Declare that Elihu Hewes resident at Penobscot Having been 
appointed, employed, & betrusted, to Convey and Transfer, A 
Petition sent by a Committee chosen by the Inhabitants of this 
River, to the General Court of the State of the Massachusetts 
Bay, in behalf of the Inhabitants to represent their Grievances, 
& to obtain Redress from, & to give a Just & faithfull informa- 
tion to the State aforesaid of the Conduct & Behavior of Col° 
Josiah Brewer & his confederates, relative to certain Facts, 
& representations, which in our apprehension & knowledge 


is Truth, and necessary to be laid before the General Court 
at Boston But the said Elihu Hewes, was prevented by 
Col** Brewer aforesaid in presenting the said Remonstrance 
to the Hon. the Court aforesaid ; to which the said Elihu 
Hewes was repeatedly solicited & urged by the s** Josiah 
Brewer, by whose means that Petition was detained. — 

The abovesaid Elihu Hewes, declared before us the Sub- 
scribers on the 19*^** of August 1777 — That the said Josiah 
Brewer would endeavor to procure six months stores for the 
Soldiers, if he would not present that Petition, which would 
be a great help to the river Given under our hands at 

Penobscot August 2-1"^ 1777 

Jedidiah Preble Jun"^ 

Benj*^ Wheeler 

Robert M'-Curdy 

N. B. The original Petition is to this Day detained by 
the said Elihu Hewes, but the Copy of the same is transfered 
to Court by the Hand of M'' James M 'Curdy, to transact the 
same with the business committed to his betrustment — 

A true Copy Attest Jn° Avery D^ Secy 

Letter from Mr. Murray to Col. Waite. 


My confidence in your zeal & fidelity to your Country 
prompts me in great haste to inform you that after receiving 
a pretty little dressing at Machias — Sir George Collier in 
the Rainl)0w w* Dawson as an attendant arrived in this 
harbour last tuesday ; they took one sloop & attempted 
another — immediately on their coming in — but our people 
attacked them, killed ( as they say ) two & wounded 
seveiiil more — since which the Conunodore lias come to give 
promises — & the Militia have gone home — he still lyes 


here ^- & it seems probable be has no tho'ts of going off 
soon — he still acts as if he intends another quarrell with us. 
we hear that threq continental frigates are at Portsmouth 
ready for sea — if they would come here immediately this 
ship would be an easy prey — she has but 334 men a fever & 
flux rages among them ; if you would send an express to 
Portsm" — the Country would thank you — & if the ships 
come they might more then repair Marly's loss. I communi- 
cate this intelligence by M'^ Muzzy who will tell you the fate 
of your Express to Machias 

with great respect I am Sir your most obed* 

N° Murray 
Col. Waite Boothbay Aug* 29''' 1777. 

Letter from John Waite to the Hon. J. Powell. 

Falmouth 31«* August 1777 

I received from Council a packet of Letters on Public 
service with directions from the Honb^^ M'' Sewall to forward 
them to Mechias by a special Messenger. I consulted with 
Several Gentlemen of this Town who were of opinion that 
the Cheapest & greatest dispatch would be to send them by 
Water, upon which I immediately Hired two Men and a two 
mast Boat who set out last Wensday with said Packet for 
Mechias but were unhapily taken off Monahegan by the 
Rainbow Barge and Kept a few Hours and then released as 
being thot by the Enemy to be only on a Fishing Voyage — 
they having sunk the Letters before they were taken I have 
also sent you a Letter I Just received from the Rev*^ M" 
Murray of Booth Bay in which you will see a particular 
Acco* of the Enemy's motions since they have been at 
Anchor off the Harbour of Townsend a Midshipman on 


Board the Rainbow informed one of the Persons that was 
taken in the fisliing Boat, that they had Burnt twelve 
Houses at Machias and that the Enemy had three men Killed 
& several wounded, the Commodore then Asked him whether 
there was a Mast Ship in Falm" and also whether he knew 
where Gen^^ Hows Army was and How many men we had 
station'd in Falm° and whether they Avare not all Old men 
&c Cap* M'^lelen can inform you of further perticulars 
relative to the above affair 

I am sir your very Humble serv* 

John Waite 

The Hon^'*' Jeremiah Powell President at the Hon^^ 
Council Board Boston 

Letter from Col'^ Frost. 

Kittery Sep* 1«' 1777 
Honour'* Sir 

Agreable to yours of the lO'*^ of Aug* Last I gave orders 
to all the Col" Belonging to my Brigade that they mack a 
Return to me agreable to the Resolve of Court of the IS*'^ 
Augs* Last Have had no Return as yet onely one from 
Lebunon which I send Inclosed I Expect Returns this weak 
from Each Regiment and shall mack a Return to you next 
weak in the mean time I Remain 

Sir your most obd* Humb* Servant 
M"" Secretary Avery Jn° Frost 

To the Honoral)le Council, and Honourable House of Repre- 
sentatives of the State of the Massachusetts Bay :— 
Humbly shews the Inhabitants of the County of Lincoln. — 
That in the year 1775, the Provincial Congress of tliis State, 
established a Post for the said State, whose bounds were as 


far east, as Georgetown, in the County aforesaid, which 
proved of great advantage to the said County : but after a 
while the Honorable Continental Congress, ( having settled a 
Post Office in the United States,) or the Post master general 
would not allow the rider for the Eastern parts, to proceed 
further than Falmouth in the County of Cumberland. 
Your Petitioners would furtlier humbly represent, that before 
the commencement of the controversy with Great Britain, 
Your Petitioners ( carrying on a considerable business coast- 
wise,) readily got their Letters, &c. conveyed to them by 
water, when the inconveniency of not having a Post further 
East than Falmouth was not felt. — but since the unnatural 
war begun by Great Britain, their trade, &c. by Water, has 
been almost wholly cut off ; whereby your Petitioners have 
laboured under great disadvantages, and all most all orders, 
resolves, Proclamations, &c. of the Gouvernment, have not 
arrived 'till a considerable time after they were Promul- 
gated, and which might have been productive of very bad 

Your Petitioners would further humbly represent, that the 
Eastern parts of this State are now become an Object of 
importance to our Unnatural enemies, as appears by the fre- 
quent hostilities attempted on them of late. 
Your Petitioners would humbly submit it to your Wise Con- 
sideration, whether All parts of the United States, ought 
not in this very critical time to have Posts for conveying 
intelligence to them, as the well being ( perhaps,) of some of 
them, or parts of them, might depend on having the earliest 
intelligence conveyed to them. — 

Your Petitioners would further represent to your Honors, 
that the County aforesaid, have always furnished their full 
quota of Men for the War, and have now a great proportion 
of their inhabitants in actual service : but from not having a 
Post as aforesaid, the conveyance of letters to their Families, 


&c. — or from their Friends to them, is very precarious, and 
they often miscarry. 

Your Petitioners would therefore pray your Honors, to grant 
them a Post, whose bounds shall extend at least as far as the 
East part of the Town of Thomastown in the County afore- 
said, or otherwise relieve them, as to your Wisdom shall 
seem meet: — and Your petitioners as in duty bound will 
ever pray. 

Sam» M Cobb 
Abiel Lovejoy 
John Taylor 
Sept. 1777 

State of Massachusetts Bay 

Septem-- 1777 
The Committee of both Houses on the foregoing Petition 
have attended that Service & beg Leave to report by Way 
of Resolve 

Resolved that the Board of War be & they hereby are 
directed to send to the Committee of Boothbay they to be 
accountable for the same two nine & two six Pound Iron 
Cannon with Carriages & Implements compleat & fifty round 
of Powder & Ball for each piece 

And it is further resolved that a Company of Fifty Men 
to be commanded by one Captain & two Lieutenants be 
raised in any Part of the Eastern Parts of this State & 
stationed at Booth Bay & to continue in Service untill the 
last Day of Decem'' next unless sooner discharged by Order 
of this Court to receive the same Pay & Subsistance as are 
allowed the other Sea Coast Companies in the Pay & Service 
of this State — 

And it is further resolved that a Commissary be appointed 



by this Court to purchase & issue Provisions to the s^ Com- 

In Council Sep* 20, 1777 
Read & sent down 

Jn° Avery D^ Secy 

In the House of Representatives Sept 22'^ 1777 
Read & accepted Sent up for Concurrence 

John Pitts Speak' pro Tern 

Read & Concurred 

Consented to — 
Jer Powell W Sever 

W Spooner 
Benj Austin 
Fra Dana 
Dan^ Davis 

T Cushing 
John Taylor 
S Holten 
A FuUer 

Jn° Avery D^ Sec^ 

A Ward 

Moses Gill 
John Whitcomb 
R Derby 
Josiah Stone 

State of the Massachusetts Bay 

To the Honb^ the Council & the Honb^ House of the Rep- 
resentatives in General Court assembled at Boston Sept"^ 
1777 — 

The Petition of Simeon Maj^o of Falmouth humbly Shews 
that your Petitioner in the year 1775 had 2500 feet of 2 
Inch pine plank j^ bb^ of Tar & 5 Barrs Iron about 200"' 
being his Property lying on his wharf in Falmouth. That 
soon after the Burning of that Town by the Enemy, a Com- 
mittee of the County of Cumberland by Order of the County 
proceeded to Fortify the Town, the doings of this Committee 
were afterwards adopted by this HonW Court, & their 
Charges & Expenditures about that work have since bin 
Defrayed by your Honors, the Committee found it necessary 
in the Course of their aforesaid operations to make use of the 


above mentioned Articles Property of your Petitioner. — He 
therefore prays your Honors, as these articles were used in 
the Service of the state, that he may have a reasonable allow- 
ance granted him for the same — And as in duty bound 

shall Ever Pray 

Simeon Mayo 

Dr. State of the Massachusetts Bay To Simeon Mayo 

1775 Oct 16. 

2500 feet 2 Inch pine plank at 72/ g'" taken 

by Capt Abner Lowell 9 " 

% Bb^ Tar " 4 " 6 

2*^^^* Barr Iron at 36/ taken by Col. Knight 3 " 12 " 

Errors Excepted 

12 " 16 » 6 
Simeon Mayo 

State of the Massachusetts Bay 

To the Honourable the Council and the Honourable House 
of Representatives of Said State Now Setting in Boston 
Sept^ 1777 

The Petition of tlie Subscriber Humbly Sheweth that in the 
Year 1775 the Company Under the Command of Cap*^ Samuel 
Dumi late of Cape Elizabeth in Colonel Phinneys Regiment 
was Billited in this Town a Considerable Time and as there 
was One of the King of Britians Ships then in Our Harbour 
they were Obliged to keep the Necessary Guartls and as the 
Said Colonel Phiney was ordered to Ticondaroga and Said 
Cap' Dunn Died Soon after His Return from Cambridge the 
Necessary Steps were Not Taken in order to Receive the 
Billiting Money for Said Company and there is a Consider- 
able Sum Due as will appear By the Roll Sent by M"^ Peter 
Woodbery and as the Select men for Cape Elizabeth pro- 
vided for them to a Considerable part of the Same Pray the 


Honourable Court if in their wisdom think fit will pay the 

same to M'' Peter Woodbery and your Petitioner as in Duty 

Bound will Ever Pray 

E Newell L» 

State of Massachusetts Bay In the House of Rej5resenta- 
tives Sept^ 27"^ 1777 on the Petition of Ebenezer Newell 
Lieu* of the Compan}' formerly Commanded by Cap*- Samuel 
Dunn in CoP Ednuind Phiney's Regem* Resolved that the 
prayer of the Petition be granted, and that the Treasurer of 
this State be & he is hereby Directed to pay the Said Eben- 
ezer Newell or his order for the use of Said Company the 
Sum of one Hundred and Twenty Six Pounds Eighteen 
Shillings & Seven pence 

Falmouth Sep"" y« 2, 1777 
Honoured Sirs 

I am to acquaint your Honours that after a passage of 

Eight Days we arrived at Sandy hook, there was ordered 

under the Stern of the Raven Man of War the Prisoners all 

Taken abord. Myself Examened and Sent on bord the Flag 

again. But Not alowed to write or Speek to any Person 

Except the Ships Company. So that it was impossable For 

me to Comply with your Instructions as Cap* Godfrey Can 

inform your Honnours More Particular : Cap* Coffin wa« 

Permited to Go in a flag From york to Nantucket Which 

was granted M' Frederick William Gyes : to Fetch His 

Children From there. Cap* Timothy Coffin I Could here 

nothing of So that they were out of my Power But when 

the Prisoners That Came were onbord Cap* Godfrey had 

orders to Sail With out any Seremony and at our arival 

here Cap* Godfrey went to y® Committe we were ordered on 

shore and Examined to there Satisfaction So that I hoap 

your honnours Will Rest asured that I have used My Best 


indevvers to Comply with your Instructions in all nuitters as 

a faithfull Friend to his Country ought to Do. & So I 

Remain your Humble Servant 

Paul Hussey 

P. S. Cap' Godfr'y Deliverd the thirty Seven Prisoners 
five of which Ware Black men they haveing But two on 
hand, the Commissary writes me that they will not Give 
White men But will Give Blacks when they have them. 

Letter from Jedediah Preble enclosing Letter's frorn Col'* Eddy 

^c, Machias. 

Falm** 3 Sep' 1777 
Hon'i Sir 

Inclosed is two Letters from Mechias, which will Inform 
you of the alarming situation of the Poor inhabitants of that 
place. I hope some proper steps will be speedily taken for 
their Relief, for further particulars than is Contain'd in the 
S** Letters, I refer your Hon" to the Rev'» M"' Noble & ColP 
Campbell by whom this waits on your Hon" I sliould now 
have been on my Journey to Boston but was last Week 
violently siezed with the Gout & have intirely lost the use of 
one of my hands at present, but hope in a short time to be 
able to attend my Duty at the Hon'^ Board. I am S"" with 
sentiments of Respect your Hon"^ Obedient Hum^'^ Serv' 

Jedidiah Preble 

State of Massachusetts Bay 
To the hon" the Council & the hon** house of Representa- 
tives of said state in general Court assembled. 

The Petition of Benjamin Titcomb, Joshua Freeman and 
Joseph Noyes all of Falmouth in the County of Cumberland 
humbly sheweth 



That your Petitioners were assessors of parish taxes in & 
for the first parish in said Fahnouth in the year 17Y6, and 
assessed a tax upon the inhabitants of said Parish for that 
year agreeable to a vote of said Parish for the purpose of 
raising money for payment of the Ministers Salleries & other 
contingent charges the same years, but it so happened 
through mere hiattention & forgetfulness that your Peti- 
tioners were not sworn according to law previous to their 
making the said assessment; That they have however since 
made oath before a proper Magistrate that in assessing & 
apportioning said tax they proceeded equally & indifferently 
according to their best skill & Judgment & the rules pre- 
scribed by law as by a proper certificate thereof they are 
ready to make appear ; Wherefore they humbly pray your 
honors to establish said tax or assessment & declare the same 
to be legal & valid, the ommission of your Petitioners prev- 
ious to their making the same notwithstanding — and your 
Petitioners as in duty bound will ever pray. t&c. 

Benj Titcomb 
Joshua Freeman 
Joseph Noyes 

Cumberland Ss Sept. 8**^ 1777 Then Benjamin Titcomb 
Joshua Freeman & Joseph Noyes personally appeared and 
made solemn oath that in assessing & apportioning a parish 
Rate or tax upon the inhabitants of the first Parish in Fal- 
mouth in said County in & for the year 1776 they proceeded 
equally & indifferently according to their best skill & Judg- 
ment & the rules prescribed by law. 

atest Peter Noyes Justis a peace 

Mechias Septem"- 8*^ 1777 — 

Whereas notwithstanding the Repeated Requests of the 

Subscribers to the In"holders & other Inhabitants of this 


place the former in perticular, not to Admit of Trading 
with the Indians in their Several Houses or Otherwise, Per- 
ticularly the Furnishing Spiritious Liquors as it had a Ten- 
dency to the most pernicious Consequences to the United 
States. Still Several people persists in the Diabolical prac- 
tice, & not Only furnishes Liquors, but Embezzles the 
Indians property * — 

The United States have been at a very Great Expence in 
furnishing tlie Several Truck Houses perticularly, that at 
this place, in Order that the Indians may have Such Neces- 
sarys as they May Want — 

This is done to prevent their Going to the Enemy for 
assistance which if the Case the Consequence will be very 
fatal to this Eastern Country — 

But Notwithstanding the Generous & Humane Disposition 
of Congress & the General Court towards this part in regard 
to Keeping the Intriests of the Indians ; Still some person 
( whome the " publick Cannot Look upon in any other Light 
then Enemys to tlieir Country who are dayly Involving this 
Bleeding Continent Deeper into all the horrors of Warr to 
Satisfy their Insatiable & Voratious appetites ) are takeing 
from Missarible Saveges — ( who Fled from their own 
Homes to help the Slates ) their Necessarys for a Quarter of 
their Value, Which the publick has been at so Great 
Expence in procuring, by Which amoung Many Other Evils 
they must again becom Naked, which will be difficult for the 
States to Replenish in the present Critical Situation of 
Affairs in these parts — 

Many persons may suppose that the Indians Takes no 
Notice of Such proceedings, but Immediately when Known 
abroad, the Whole Body resent it, & Sildom ( with Diffi- 
culty ) Satisfaction is Given, for Fighting and other Evils 
Arrises Amoung themselves which the English may be 
Strangers to — 


Tho Subscriber has Taken every Legal Step Consistant 
with his authority from Congress to Secure their Interiests, 
but the Task Appears to Grow Harder every day, perticu- 
larly Occationed by the Reason before mentioned, which if 
practiz'd In, he will be Under the Necessity of Removhig 
from this place Immediately, which is Detirmind, in Order 
to Keep the Indians fiom Returning Into the Enemys Coun- 
try, as the Sober Sett Cannot Stay if Such proceeding are 
Tolerated — 

As the Subscriber doe not Chuse to Enter Into Broils and 
Quarels with perticular persons in this Critical Time, He 
woud once More Request the favour of those persons Who 
presists in this practice, as well as Others, Not to have any 
Dealings what Ever with the Indians and In perticular Not 
to furnish them With Strong Liquor — 

And he Also Expects that the Good people of this District 
will take perticular Notice of Such Offenders, which may 
Come to their Knowledge & every person who will prosicute 
to Conviction, or Inform so that the Offender or Offenders 
may be Convicted, shall Recieve three pounds, above what is 
Allowed by the Hono^^« the Gene^ Court of This State — 

It is Earnestly requested that the Gentlemen of the Army 
Militia as well as Continental, will take perticular Notice of 
Those Incendarys and Misscrents & Order the Diffrient 
Cores, to see the Resolves of the Gene' Court put duly Into 

NB an Indian yesterday ( Lordsday ) had a Mooseskin 
taken from him for a Case Bottle Clove Water ( two thirds 
of it Real Water ) Several Skins of Peltry & Other things 
missing — 

Jn° Allan Continental agent for Indian Eastern Depart- 
ment — 

A True Coppy 

Attest Lew^ Fred'^ De Lesdernier J P 


To the Honorable Council & Hon^ House of Representa- 
tives for the State of Massachusetts Bay in General Court 
Assembled at Boston the 10*'' day of Sep"" Anno Domini 
1777 — 

The Petition of Joseph Prouty of Scarborough in the 
County of Cumberland Humbly Sheweth that your Peti- 
tioner has for some years past been Possess*^ of Two Negro 
Men as his Own Property & Estate wlio have lived with him 
quietly & Peacab^ untill they ware Informed by M' William 
Vaughan who came from your Hon*^ Court who told them 
that all Negros ware made Free by an Act of s*^ Court since 
which 8*^ Negros on y® fourteenth day of July Inst' have left 
me & one of them hired himself out to s*^ M'' William 
Vaughan who with holds him from your Peti"^ at this Busy 
Season & your Petition"^ being in such a State of Health 
that he is Unable to do much for himself & that he must 
with his family Suffer Verry Greatly for want of them 
the difficulties of prosecuting him Otherways at this time 
Your Petitioner prays Your Hon" would hear his Petition & 
Grant him Relief as in your Great Wisdom Shall see meat & 
your Petitioner as in Duty bound shall ever Pray 

Jos Prouty 

State of the Massachusetts Bay in Newengland 
To the hon° the Council & hon*^ house of Representatives 
of Said State in General court assembled Septem. 10"' 1777. 
The Petition of Abner Lowell of Falmouth in the County 
of Cumberland Captain of a Company stationed at said Fal- 
mouth for the defence of the Sea Coast and John Wintworth 
of Cape Elizabeth in Said County Captain of another Com- 
pany stationed at Cape Elizabeth afores'' for the Same 
purpose for themselves and in behalf of the other Commis- 
sioned officers in said Companies humbly Sheweth 


That the monthly Pay established for your Petitioners is 
but Six pounds Each & of the other officers in proportion & 
that they draw only the Same allowance witli tlie privates, 
that both the phices where their Companies are stationed are 
Very much Exposed to the Enemy So that your Petitioners 
are Obliged to devote their hole time to the public Service 
& their duty and that of tlie other commissioned officers is 
Equal to that of officers in the Continental Service & pay 
& Considering the increasing price of all the necessaries of 
life their present provisions is inadequate to their Services 
and insufficient for a bare Support for their families 

Wherefore they humbly pray that your honours would be 
pleased to take the premises into your wise Consideration 
and grant and order that the Same rations may be allowed 
your Petitioners and the other Commissioned officers of said 
Companies as is allowed in the Continental Service from the 
time of their entering into pay viz from the first day of May 
last and during the Continuance of the Establishment of Said 

and your petitioners as in duty bound Shall ever pray 

Abner Lowell 
John Wentworth 


The Inclosed Petition of Brigadier Moultons Admin" was 
given me to present at the last meeting of the Gen^ Court, 
but as they then determined to do no private Business it was 
not presented. 

The facts set forth in it I am perswaded are true, I have 
seen the Writing M" Moulton gave Shaw — and it is more 
compleat than that of Prebble — I conceive there will be no 
difficulty in gran^ the Prayer of it should that be determined 
by the Committee that may be appointed thereon. I have 


drawd a Resolution that may answer the purpose — being 
about to returne Home I have therefore left it to your care — 

I am Sir your Hum^ Ser' 
Sep. 11 1777 David Sewall 

In the House of Representatives Sept"^ 11"' 1777 

A number of Letters from Machias were read — and there- 
upon — 

Ordered that Brigadier Lovell, Cap* Bacheldor and Major 
Cross with such as the Hon. Board shall join, be a Committee 
to take the same into consideration and report — 
Sent up for Concurrence 

J Warren Spkr 

In Council Sep' 11, 1777 Read and Concurred and Arte- 
mas Ward and Benj. Greenleaf Esq" are joined 

Jn° Avery Dy Sec^ 

« Report of Tim NewelV 1777 

Boston Sepfll''' 1777 — 
To the Honourable the Council for the State of the Massa- 
chusetts Bay 
In Obedience of orders to me Directed from Brigadier 
General Jonathan Warner, I have bin to Mechias with orders 
to Co^' Edy to Disband the men in his Regi', rais*^ for an 
Expedition to S' Johns River, which order I delivered and 
apply'^ to s** Co" Edy & Cap' Stephen Smith for all the pro- 
visions, Arms, Stores and Accoutrements of all kinds which 
have bin delivered them for s** Expedition ; upon which the 
Inhabitants of Mechias Met and ordered their Committee to 
withhold & Detain all s*^ Stores, Arms and accoutrements for 


the Support and Defence of that jjlace, they are accordingly 
Detained — I also apply'^ to Coll" Eddy and Cap* Nathan 
Smith for all the money which they had Receiv*^ of s*^ Brig' 
Warner for Bounties to the men raised for said Expedition ; 
which remains unexpended for that use. Rec*^ as Follows 
viz of Coll Ejjy 21 14 

D° By the hand of Col" John Wait of Falmouth 117 18 
of Cap* Nathan Smith 565 10 

^705 2~ 

Which Sums I have paid into the Treashurey of this State 
agreable to order 

Tim^ Newell 
In Council Sep^ 11' 1777 

Read & Sent down with a Letter from Brig'' Gen' Warner 

accompanying the same 

Jn*' Avery D^ Sec^ 

In the House of Representatives Sepf 11 1777 

Read and committed to the Committee on the Letters 

from Machias — 

Sent up for Concurrence 

J Warren Spk"^ 
In Council Sep' 11' 1777 

Read & Concurred Jn** Avery D^ Sec^ 

To the Honi'i^ the Council & the Hon^^i" House of Repre- 
sentatives for the State of Massachusetts Bay 

Humbly shew your Petitioners in behalf of the East 
Precinct in the Town of Pownalborough, That in March 
A D 1775 said Precinct (according to their Usage since 
said Precinct was Incorporated ) made Choice of two Col- 
lectors to collect the Precinct Tax for that year, one of whom 
is one Roger Smith who refused to serve, & by Reason of 
the Common Calamities of the Times and the suspension of 
Law was not proceeded against as the law directs or a Fine 


recoverd of liiin, and that that part of the Tax which he was 
to collect, has not as yet been collected, and your Petitioners 
humbly conceive cannot without the Aid of the General 
Court, Wherefore your Petitioners humbly pray your Honors 
that said Precinct may be impowered to call a Meeting & to 
choose a Collector in the Stead of the said Smith, & that he 
may be impowered to collect that part of the Precinct Tax 
said Smith was to have collected, and the Money inure to the 
Use for which it was granted. Your Petitioners would 
further inform your Honors that said East Precinct has lately 
been divided into two Precincts by the name of the East & 
North Precincts, and that the Act that incorporates said 
North Precinct expressly enjoins them to pay all Moneys 
assessed upon them to the Time of Incorporation, and that 
the uncollected Tax aforesaid is due from said North Pre- 
cinct to the Minister of the East Parish aforesaid, wherefore 
your Petitioners pray the Advisement of your Honors in this 
Matter, and that said East Precinct may be Meeting & choose 
a Collector for the purpose aforesaid or otherwise relieve us 
as your Honors in your Wisdom shall see fit and in duty 
bound shall ever pray &c 

Tho. Rice ^ 

Michael Sevey |^ Committee 
John Huse J 

N. B. Since the meeting for the within Purpose we hear 
that s'' East Precinct is divided into two by the name of 
North and South, and as the Money is due to the south from 
tlie North, therefore it is that we pray your honors, to 
impower the south Precinct &c. 

State of Massachusetts Bay 

In the House of Representatives Sepf 12, 1777 
Resolved that the South Precinct in the Town of Pownal- 
borough be and hereby is impowered to call a meeting of the 



Freeholders & other Inhabitants of said Precinct ( Qualified 
by Law to Vote in Town affairs ) to Choose a Collector in 
the Stead of Roger Smith who was chosen by s* Precinct in 
March A. D. 1776 one of the Collectors of said Precinct & 
who afterwards refused to serve, hereby fully impowering 
such Collector who shall be Chosen at said Meeting in stead 
of said Smith, to Collect all such Taxes as remain uncollected 
by reason of the said Smiths refusing to Serve & to do all 
other Matters which a Collector chosen at the annual Meet- 
ing in the Month of March ought legally do 
Sent up for Concurrence 

John Pitts Speaker pro Tern 

In Council Sep. 12*^ 1777 

Read & Concurred 
Consented to 

Jer Powell 
B Greenleaf 
T Gushing 
John Taylor 
Tim° Danielson 

W Sever 
Benj Austin 
Jabez Fisher 
Dan' Davis 
I Palmer 

Jn° Avery Dy Sec^ 

A Ward 
H Gardner 
S Holten 
N Gushing 
B White 

Letter from Francis Shaw. Sept. 13, 1777. 

To the Hon'''® Committee of both Houses, on the Memorial 
of Alex'' Campbell & Fra* Shaw J' — your Memorialists would 
propose for your Honors Consideration the Followmg for 
stationing a number of Soldiers within the bounds of the 
Sixth Regiment in the County of Lincoln — 
suppose that your Honors should order two hundred & fifty 
Men Exclusive of said Regiment to be station'd at Machias, as 
that appears to be tlie main Object of the Enemy at present, 


with 3 or 5 p* of Cannon as your Honors may think proper — 

then, as the other parts are equally Exposed, (tho' not so 

much Noticed at present by the Enemy ) should your 

Honors think fit to order one Fourth of said Regiment 

to be Drafted & put under pay they would not only serve as 

Guards for the Sea coast, which is equally necessary but be 

ready to march to the Assistance of any place, and the 

Remainder of Militia may be ready to take their Guards 

while absent, We beg leave to Informe your Honors that the 

Circumstances of the Regiment is Such that unless some are 

put in pay and provissions Deposited in proper places it will 

be Imposible for them to March Immediatly on Alarm — We 

would not presume to prescribe Rules to your Honors, but 

as we are particularly acquainted with the Situation of both 

the Country & Inhabitants, we Conclude that your Honors 

will not be offended at our taking the Liberty to propose the 

foregoing — We are with all due Respect & Esteem — 

Your Honors Most Hum'* Serv" 

Alex"" Campbell 

Era : Shaw J' 
To His Excelly Gen» Ward 

Boston 13"' Sept' 1777 

Petition of the Selectmen of Harpswell: Read Oct. 13 [ '77 ] 
Ordered to lie. [ on the table ] 

To the Honourable Council & Honourable House of Repre- 
sentatives at Boston in General Court Assembled We your 
Humble Petitioners Humbly Sheweth 

'I'hat Supposing there is a heavie Tax Approaching we Look 
upon it our Duty to the Town for which we act, to Make 
our Humble address to the Honourable Court for Some Con- 
sideration or Abatment thereof and the Reasons we Give are 


Viz First that since the Last Valluation there has been 
Mov'd from Harpswell Forty Two Men chiefly men of Con- 
siderable Estates who have Cary*^ all their Personal Estates 
with Them and their Real Estates but Very Little Income 
by Reasons of so many men in the Continental Service which 
is more than our Proportion for some of them have Left 
their Places not Sold and the Towns to which they have 
gone are ( Viz ) — 

Thirteen to Thomaston in the County of Lincoln Twelve 
to the 1^ order of Board winham who are Tax*^ there & Eight 
to Royalsborrough who we believe have been heretofore 
Tax** at Brunswick & Six to Brunswick — 
Secondly that at the Destruction of Falmouth we Laying on 
the Sea and Harpswell being a Neck of I^and and an Island 
Very Much Expos'^ the Melissia Came in from Several 
Towns to our Relief if we shou*^ be Attack*^ and have 
Billited by order of the Selectmen of this Town to the Valine 
of a Considerable Some and we have beg'^ the Patience of 
Those who Billited Said Melissia from Time to Time but 
must Pay it the Ensuing Year 

Thirdly as the Lumber is almost all gone & fishery & foreign 
Commerce Ceasmg many of us have not on Quarter the 
Chance of geting Paper money that they had formerly of 
giting Silver 

Fourthly we are Ver}^ Much Oppres"^ with Poor who have 
been for years Past half or more as Much charge as the 
Maintainance of our Minister, We Pray your Honours wou'^ 
Take into your Wise consideration the Above Reasons & 
make us Some abatment of our Tax and make us some Con- 
sideration for our Taxes for Years Past, for which we Your 
Humble Petitioners as in Duty Bound Shall ever Pray 
Harpswell Sep* y« 13*^ 1777 

William Sylvester / c. i ^ 

•^ > Selectmen 

Anthony Coombs i 


Letter to Ambroise if the other Indians under Col. Allen. 

Council Chamber Boston Sep' 15, 1777. 
Friends & Brethren — 

We have been infornid of your Valor & good Conduct in 
opposing the Enemy in the Attack they lately made on the 
settlement at Machias, and the Intelligence has afforded us 
much satisfaction — If our Enemies woud return home & 
leave us to enjoy our own habitations in peace, it woud be 
best for us and for them too — We have no desire to injure 
or molest them, and if they had the same disposition toward 
us all woud be well — They have begun & carried on a 
cruel & unjust War against us, without any provocation on 
our part, and so long as they continue it We are determined 
to oppose them, humbly trusting that the Great God whose 
Kingdom ruleth over all, and who will finally brmg down 
every proud Oppressor will defeat all their wicked purposes 
against us — 

We have the pleasure to inform you that our Troops under 
General Stark have gained a very signal Victory over the 
Enemy and another Division of their Army at Fort Stanwix 
has been made to fly before our people after suffering a very 
great loss The State of our Affairs both at the southward 
northw*^ is at this Time mo)-e agreeable and promising than it 
has been since the beginning of the War — We have sent 
sundry Stores to Col Allen so that he may be the better able 
to supply You with such things as you need and we shall 
endeavor for the future to afford you tlie best supplys in our 
power, hoping that the friendship wliich subsists between us 
will alway continue to our mutual comfort & Advantage — 

To Ambroise & the other Indians acting under Col Allen 


To the Hon'''* Board of War, Boston. 

Pownalboro. 15 Sep"^ 1777 

About one of the clock in the morning on the tentli of this 
ins' Sir George Coller Came up this River with the Ship 
Rainbo as far as A place Cauld the Cross river About five 
miles below this point, it being Very fogey and darke he 
Sent of two Boats up the River After Your Ship Gruel with 
40 men which Lay About 9 miles further up the Boats 
Came up undiscoverd and got on bord Your Ship About Son 
Rise. About A week before this Impend I had Sent Up to 
Your Ship a 3 pounder which was Landed and Mov*^ 40 Rods 
from the Shore and deliverd Capt Proctor 8 Small Armes for 
him to defend Your Ship but the Enemy, getting on board 
Undiscoverd prevented his Making Use of them they Sent 
a Shore and took of the 3 pounder. Capt. Proctor & his 2 
Mats & Boteswan being on Board were maid prisoners the 
Cook being on Shore Over night was going on Board About 
half an hower After the Enemi disco verd them and Maid his 
Escape to the first House where they fired an Alarme and 
Sent of to the point to informe Me of it I Emeadeately on 
Notice went to Major Hewes and desiard him to muster the 
militia to defend Your Ship but he Refusd I took my horse 
wride Up to Your Ship and found that the Enemy had Spike 
deal planck Man hight on that Side of Your Ship next the 
Shore and that the people were geeting togeather to prevent 
them Removing her. I Returned to the point as Quick as 
possible and sent up the Other 3 pounder with 15 Round for 
it I Stopt at the point to take Care of the Sails which was 
in My Store but with much difficulty I got them Removd — 
About 12 O Clock the Ship Rainbo Came up the River an 
Ankord in Wiscaset Bay before the point Sir Georg Sent 
A Flag on Shore and demanded Your Ship Gruel her Riging 
Sails all the Mast in the River and the two 3 pounders. 


Thomas Rice Esq"^ being one of the Committee Receivd the 
flag and was for Complying with Sir George's demand and 
did what in him lay to discourag the people from defending 
Your Ship teling the people that if they deliverd her Up it 
wood not be three Copers A Man his and woock party 
adheard to his Advise which ware the bigest part of the peo- 
ple then at the point Said Rice answerd Sir Georg him Self 
and beg'^ to have till the Next Morning to Give him a final 
answer but was on board twice that day Confering with him 
Rice went Up the River in the Evening to indeavour with 
his jisuitical Smoothness to perSwaid the people thens to 
deliver Up Your Ship or at least not to defend her but 
he Rec*^ an Answer that was proper for honist and brave 
men to give — 

the Enemy left Your Ship in the Evening ( it being very 
dark) in there Boats, the Militia Keep a Continual fire on 
them with there Small amies but did them but little damage 
Except Wounding one man there Boat was fixet with 
hamocks Musket proof which was the reason of there Escap- 
ing with So Little damag there was More than 200 Musket 
Balls Shot into there hamocks which the Enemy pick'^ out 
the next day What the Enemy took out of Your Ship as 
also what ower people took out of her after the Enemy Left 
her is Menchend in the inclosd Ace' the Enemy went in So 
much feare that they Left the 3 pounder Loaded on the 
Deck. Sir Georg the Next Morning Lowerd his haughty 
demand and Offerd to Leave the River without Committing 
any further hostillities if the people would Not fire on him. 
Col" Jones who had got to the point took the Conmiand and 
demanded a Schooner that Sir Georg had taken and was then 
under his Stern and Capt. proctor and the other prisoners 
taken in the River which Sir Geoi'g Complied with and Left 
the Riter on them Conditions. Your Ship Gruel is Some- 
thing damag*^ by the 3 pounders which were fired at her 


while the Enemy was on Board, the Main Mast is Spoilt by 
A Shot going throu it two of the Sails Menchand in the 
inclosd ware Stole from a house I removd them to for feare 
of the Enemy. I have Surplied the Militia with as Much or 
More powder & Bawls than they fired Away Avhicli I Bot 
that day the Enemy was on Board Your Ship to defend her 
I also Surplied them with provitions Col" Jones will inform 
You of Every Other perticular the Militia Expect a Salvag 
for driving the Enemy from Your Ship. You will determin 
Respecting that as You think proper The Ship was not on 
Mannd and when the Enemy Left her they Left the Secon* 
Mate on Board and Brought the people on Bord in the 
Boats. I have Rec*^ the things Sent by Capt. Brown in Your 
Spry Schooner, the Rice is something damagd being wet 
I shall want Sum more Money. My Ace* for the Cargo and 
Expences Amount to more than Eight hundred and forty 
Pound Allready I have Surpld Cap* Proctor with More 
than an hundred Pounds I Should be glad You Could Send 
me by Col" Jons the Bearer of this One hundred and fifty 
pounds Your Ship will be Loaded this week Sir Georg 
Carried off 4 Mast that Sum of the Enimical party turud 
Adrift to them from My wharfe. My Letter is Sumthing 
Confusd being wrote in A hurry Col" Jones being waiting 
I Close with Menchening that had all the Enimical Persons 
we are trobl with been on Board Your Gard Ship in Boston 
the 40 men that Boarded Your Ship Must Unavoidably fell 
into Ower hand. 

I am with Respct Your Most Humble Servant 

Timothy Parsons 

To the Honourable the Great & General Court of the Massa- 
chusetts Bay 
The Memorial of a party of Officers & Men of the third 


Regiment of Militia in the county of Lincoln : Humbly 

That the Militia in said Regiment being Situated in one of 
those Stations that are most especially expos'd to the violence 
of our unnatural enemies have been Subjected to peculiar 
hardships ever since the commencement of the present war ; 
The frequent appearance of the enemies Ships at Townsend 
and elsewhere have call'd them out on alarm at the distance 
of Short intervals of time ; The general Scarcity of bread & 
other stores has disabled many from carrying to the field 
with them the provisions necessary for their Subsistance 
while on the service & thereby others have been greatly 
oppressd both in labour & expence ; and so long as the 
Legislators thinks proper to allow neither rations nor pay to 
the Melitia in such service this circumstance will necessarily 
fall as a heavier burthen on a country so exposed to danger 
& at the same time so far remote & so effectually excluded 
from its w^onted resources of the necessaries of life. 

That these hardships however have grown into intolerable 
grievances in the present year; the removal of the Seacoast 
guards ( whose very name proved a terror to the enemy & a 
leal defence to the country ) having effectually invited the 
descents of every wanton invader ; their Frigates conse- 
quently made visits to expos'd places within the bounds of 
this regiment in the course of this summer, more frequently 
than they had thro' all the war besides ; Townsend harbour 
having been visited twice by the Milford — once by the Am- 
buscade, & lately by the Rainbow & Hope which lay Eight 
days close up to the Town, Permaquid has also been visited 
by tlie Hope ; & Sheepscut river by the Milford & the Rain- 
bow : — all this having taken place in the season, added to 
the continual terror tliat obliges the people in the most 
expos'd paits to keep watch by night even when no enemy is 
to be seen, have greatly harris'd the Melitia of said regiment 



& if continued Much longer, threatens to reduce them to 
extremity that must cut of tlie possibiUty of their serving 
their country, or providing Sustinance for themselves & their 
families ; unless some means are speedily devis'd by our 
Government for their support or defence your memorialists 
see no alternative but to desert the country fall an easy prey 
into the hands of men whoes tenderest Mercies are cruelty 
therefore notvi^ithstanding some repulses which their petions 
have receivd from this Honourable court already when 
offer'd by connnittees and delegates chosen by them and the 
rest of the western parts of the country for that purpose : 
your Memorialists are of necessity obliged to Lay them selves 
at the feet of your Honours & earnestly in treat you no 
longer to be deaf to their Just complaints nor abandon this 
part of the State helpless unprotected orphan to the will of 
men that threaten ere-long either to make it all their own, or 
leave it in ruins ; but take their case into your wise consider- 
ation & make some equal provision for the support and 
defence of this part of the State, as for the rest in Just pro- 
portion to danger that & importance that ( if not soon ) will 
surely be felt if it is lost — your Memorialists would further 
beg leave to subjoin that on the morning of Wednesday the 
tenth of this instant at sunrise two armed boats belonging to 
the Rainbow man of war took possession of the mast ship 
Grual Comand by Joseph Procter with himself his mates 
Boates & two others with one piece of Cannon the said ship 
having part of her cargo on board — that the said Regiment 
being soon alarmed — Part thereof that lived most convenient 
were emediately muster'd and under the Command of their 
colonal attack'd the said ship, and about ten at Night of the 
same day after a hot fire of some considerable duration beat 
the enemy from their possessions, & took the vessel & cannon 
& the next day with the assistance of others who were flock- 
ing to their relief, obliged Sir George Collier to resign the 


said prisoueis with the Vessel he had seas'd — your Mem- 
orialists are not ignorant that part of said prize by the order 
of congress & the Laws of this state falls to the share of the 
recapters — nor what measures they might pursue to realize 
the same; but from the sincerest disposition to promote the 
publick interest — they were not willing to delay the load- 
ing of said Ship untill the several steps in such a proces 
could be finishd and, therefore resolve not to Libel her in the 
Alarritime Court untill they had first laid tlie matter before 
your Honors ; & that this might be done in the most respect- 
ful manner possible — your Memorialist have prevailed on 
their commanding officer to wait on the Honorable Court 
with this mformation ; nothing doubting but that your 
Honours wdll be found readily disposd to make such satis- 
faction to them as to Justice shall appertain & liumbly 
assuring you that any proposial befitting the Wisdom & 
Honour of the Honorable Court shall be chearfully complied 
with on the part of your Memorialists who, as in duty bound 
shall ever pray 

Signed by order & in l^ehalf of the officers & men, of a 
party of the third Regiment of Melitia in the County of 
Lincoln — William Jones Colonal & Commander of said party 
Newcastle Sepf" IS*^' 1777 

State of Massachusetts Bay September 16, 1777. The Com- 
mittee of both houses to whom was referrd tlie Considera- 
tion of the letters from John Allan Esq. and Others from 
Machias, have attended that Service and Beg leave to 
report the following Resolves 

Artemas Ward p order: — 
Resolved that Tliree hundred men including officers be 
immediately Raised By inlistment in the Eastern parts of 
this State ; To the Eastward of the County of Cumberland, 


and formed into three Companies consisting of 100 men Eacli 
Including officers Each Company to be commanded by one 
Captain one first Lie* one Second Lie* and one Ensign, the 
whole to be commanded by Lie* Colonel Phineas Nevers & 
Major George Stilhnan and that they be commissioned 
accordingly and the whole to be Stationed at Machias and to 
Continue in Service to the last day of December next unless 
sooner discharged. 

It is also Resolved that one hundred Stand of fire Amies 
be lodged in the hands of Lie* Colonel Nevers to be taken 
out of those now there belonging to this State to be by liLm 
( in case of necessity ) delivered to such of the Militia m that 
part of this State as shall assemble at Machias on an alarm 
and shall be destitute of Firearms, the said Nevers to be 
accountable for the same. 

Resolved that two Nine pounders and one six pounder with 
fifty pounds of Powder and Ball for Each be sent to Machias 
and delivered to Lie* Colonel Nevers commanding officer 
there, with Five hundred weight of Powder and fifteen hun- 
dred weight of Musquet Balls and one thousand flints for the 
use of the Garrison in that place. 

Resolved that John Allan Esq. be and hereby is appointed 
Colonel to Command the Indians in the Eastern parts of this 
State and the Council is hereby directed to Commissionate 
him accordingly. And it is further Resolved that John Allan 
Esq be & he is herebj'' authorized to take into the service 
and pay of this State Such and so many of the Eastern 
Indians as he shall be able to procure & think proper 

Resolved that the men that shall Enter the service afore- 
said under Lie* Colonel Nevers and such Indians as shall 
enter the Service aforesaid under said Allan, shall have the 
same pay and subsistence that the Continental Army 
have, and that Cap* D3^er & Cap* West companys who 
went to S* Johns with John Allan Esq. have the same 


Pay and Subsistance And that the Militia who marched to 
Machias to the late attack there be allowed the same pay that 
the Militia have had in Similar Cases. 

Resolved that a Truck house be furnished at Machias with 
the following Articles for the Supply of the Indians ( viz ) 
[ here follows a list of provisions, cloathing, ammunition &c] 
and that they be all delt out to the Indians at the most rea- 
sonable terms possible by the Truckmaster. And also that 
a letter be addressed to the Indian Chief thanking him and 
them for their gallant Behavour and friendly aid at Machias 
in the late attack there and to Congratulate them on account 
of the Success of their and our armes in that Quarter. 

Resolved that John Allan Esq. be and he hereby is per- 
mitted to write a letter to his father & such other persons in 
Nova Scotia as he shall think proper to secure his family & 
others to be conveyed from thence to some part of this State. 

Resolved that the Board of War be and hereby is directed 
to convey Such quantity of Provision to Machias as \vill be 
Sufficient with what is already there belonging to this State 
to Supply the men Ordered there by these Resolves to the 
last day of December next, and to replace the Provision bor- 
rowed of the Inhabitants for the S* Johns Expedition and not 
yet paid, and also furnish the Truckhouse and Lie* Colonel 
Nevers agreeable to the foregoing Resolves. 

Resolved that the Council of this State be and hereby are 
desired to appoint and Commissionate the Officers and give 
out Inlisting orders accordingly for the 300 men aforesaid & 
send Nine Blank Commissions to John Allan Esq. for three 
Indian Captains and Six Indian Lieutenants to be by him 
filled up and given to such Indians as he shall think proper, 
that shall enter into the Service of this State 

Resolved that L* Coll. Nevers appoint to the Troops to be 
raised & Stationed at Machias as afores*^ one good Surgeon 
upon tlie pay & subsistence of Surgeons in the Continental 



Army &; that the Board of War be directed to supply him 
with Medicines 

In Comicil Sep-- 16, 1777 

Jn° Avery D^ Sec^ 

In tlie House of Representatives Sept. 16, 1777 

Read and accepted as amended with tlie following 
addition viz — " And whereas there are at Machias two Com- 
panies under the command of Captains West and Dyer, who 
have done duty and behaved well in the late Action at 
Machias — Therefore Resolved — That the said Companies 
be compleated to the number first directed for them, and 
remain for the same Term of Time, and on the same Estab- 
lishment as are provided for the three hundred Men men- 
tioned above, and be under the command of Lieut. Coll. 

Sent up for Concurrence 

In Council Sep' 16' 1777 

Read & Concurred 
Consented to 

Jer Powell 
A Fuller 
Dan' Davis 
D Hopkins 
John Taylor 

W Sever 
B Greenleaf 
S Holten 
H Gardner 
N Cushing 

J. Warren Spkr 

Jn*^ Avery D^ Sec^ 

A Ward 

Tim° Danielson 
B White 
Benj Austin 
I Palmer 

To the Hon*"'^ the Council and Assembly of the State of the 

Massachusetts Bay 

The Memorial of Jonathan Eddy Most Humbly Sheweth 
That having made out the Regimental abstract from the Pay 
Roles of Several of the Captains here present belonging to 
the Reg* lately ordered to the River S* Johns under the 
Command of your Memorialist, agreeable to Orders received 


from Brig*^ General Warner, and the Officers and men now 
waiting on Expence to receive their Money; Which by 
Instructions to General Heath Should be Delivered to the 
Pay Master of the Reg' But as the Pay Master of this Reg' 
is at Machias the General lias Recommended it to Solisit 
Your Honours to Signify to him what method he Shall pro- 
ceed in to releave your Memorialist his Officers and men in 
their present Exigence 

He therefore Prays Your Hon" to take the Matter into 
Your wise Consideration and act as in Wisdom you Shall 
See Meet and for Yo' &c 

Boston Sept' 17"^ 1777 ' Jon'' Eddy 

In Council Sep' 17, 1777 

Read & Ordered — That it be & hereby is recommended 
to the Honble Major Gen^ Heath to pay the Reg' Abstracts 
belonging to the Reg' lately Ordered to the River S' Jn°^ to 
Col° Jonathan Eddy for the Use of the Rg' Pay Master to 
said Reg'* who is now at Machias — 

Jn° Avery D^ Secy 

State of Massachusetts Bay 

In Council Sept' 17, 1777 
Whereas Colonel John Allan is Appointed to the Chief Com- 
mand of the Eastern Indians that now are or that may soon 
be taken into the Service and pay of this State, And it 
appearing to this Court that it will greatly promote the 
Service of the United American States ; to have the same 
person Commander of the Troops ordered to be Raised by 
the Resolve of yesterday and Stationed at Machias, that is 
appointed over the Indians Therefore 

Resolved that John Allan Esq' be and he hereby is appointed 
Colonel of the Troops Ordered to be raised and Statioiied at 



Machias by the Resolve of yesterday and he is hereby 
directed and Inipowered to Receive all the Stores directed to 
be delivered to Lie* Colonel Phineas Nevers by the afores** 
Resolve and the Board of War are hereby directed to Govern 
themselves accordingly. And the Council are desired to 
Commissionate the said Allan agreeably to this Resolve 

Sent down for Concurrence 

Jn° Avery D^ Sec^ 

In the House of Representatives Sept. 17, 1777 
Read & Concurred 

Consented to 
Jer Powell 
T Cushing 
S Holten 
Benj Austin 
N Cushing 

W Sever 
I Palmer 
H Gardner 
D Hopkins 
Oliver Prescott 

J Warren Spk'' 

A Ward 
John Taylor 
Tim*' Danielson 
Moses Gill 
A Fuller 

Boston 18th Sept 1777 
Hon^^^ Gentlemen 

I take this Earliest oppertunity to return you 
my hearty thanks for the Honor you did me in appointing 
me L* Col° of the Battalion Intended to be Rais'^ under the 
Command of ColP Eddy, & more especially for your late 
appointment as L* Col° over the Troops ordered to be Rais"^ 
for the defence of Machiaus I hope I shall be able to Con- 
duct ray Self in Such a manner as will give Satisfaction to 
your Honors & the Publick 

being oblig*^ by the tools of Tyranny either to acknowledge 
George the third of Grate Briton my Rightfull Lord & 
Sovereign & bare Arms against my Brethren of the united 
States when they pleas'* or leave my Family & Interest 
at their tender mercies ( which is Cruelty ) I chose the 
Latter — & have been Several months Expending the little 


Cash I Brought of with me I am now Rather short of that 
article & am to beg that your Honors would be pleas'^ to lend 
me such Small Sum as may be Necessary in accomplishing 
the Business your honors have been or may be pleas'* to 
appoint me to do & you will again Much Oblige Your 
Honors Most Humble Serv' 

To the Hon^^« the Council & Hon'^^'^ House of Representa- 
tives of the State of Massachusetts Bay 

Phineas Nevers 
In Council Sep"" 22M7Y7 

Read & sent down 

Jn« Avery D^ Sec^ 

To tlie Honorable the Council of the State of Massachusetts 

Bay — 

Joseph Noyes Commasary for the Forces Stationed at Fal- 
mouth & Cape Elisabeth in the County of Cumberland — 

Humbly sheweth that he has Expended all the money he 

recvd out of the Treasury for the use of said Forces & now 

Stands need of a further sum to furnish them with Beef &c 

therefore pray your Honours to give him a warrant on the 

Treasurer for such a sum as your Honors shall Judge 

necessary — 

Joseph Noyes 
Boston September 19*^ 1777 

In Council Sept. 23'* 1777 Read & Ordered that a War- 
rant be drawn on the Treasury for <£400 in favor of Joseph 
Noyes Esq"" for tlie Purpose above mentioned — 

Jn'' Avery D^ Secy 

State of Massachusetts Bay 

Council Chamber Sepf^ 19, 1777. 
You Ijeing appointed Lie* Colonel under Colonel Allan 
who is appointed to the Command f)f Such men as shall be 


raised in consequence of the Resolves of the General Court 
of the 16 Instant and said Allan being at such distance that 
its not practicable for him to be acquainted with the matter 
seasonably, Therefore you are hereby directed to deliver 
beating orders to the following Persons viz Benj* Lemont of 
Georgetown, Capt. Car Barker of Pownalboro 1 Liet John 
Mathews Thomastown Tho^ Buller Georgetown Ensign 

You will Commission for a Capt 1** Liets 2 Liet & En- 
sign such persons in Waldoboro as Justice Thomas Calef 
Favers and shall recommend you will appoint & Commission 
as first Liet in a Company Joseph Coplisly (?) Warren and you 
will Commissionate such persons for Cap*, 1 Liet. 2 Liet and 
Ensign for the Eastward of Thomaston as Colonel Minot 
shall advise to enlist 

& direct them to Raise three Companies for the Service 
mentioned in the Resolves herewith delivered unto you, and 
to march them under proper officers to Machias as fast as 
raised there to receive and follow such orders as they shall 
from time to time Receive from Col. Allan — You will take 
care that this Business is performed without loss of time, as 
a delay may be attended with disagreeable consequences. 

Lie* Colonel Nevers 

State of Massachusetts Bay 

In Council Sept^ 19, 1777 

Whereas it is highly Expedient that all bodies of men 
Assembled in Arms and Stationed at any place for length of 
time, should be supplied with a Chaplain Therefore 

Resolved, that the ReV James Lyon Minister of the 
Gospel at Machias Be and he hereby is appointed Chaplain 
to the Troops Ordered to be Raised and Stationed at Machias 
under the Command of Colonel John Allan, during the time 
the said Troops shall Continue m the Service, aforesaid ; The 



said Qhaplain to be allowed & paid Nine Pounds per Kalen- 
der niontli and three Rations per day during his Continuance 
in said Service. 

Sent down for Concurrence 

Jn-^ Avery D^ Sec^ 

In the House of Representatives Sepf 22'^ 1777 
Read & Concurred 

John Pitts Speaker pro Tem 

Consented to 
Jer Powell 
W Spooner 
B Greenleaf 
P> White 
John Whitcomb 

W Sever 
T Cushing 
S Holten 
John Taylor 
Josiah Stone 

A Ward 
R Derby 
Moses Gill 
Benj Austin 
A Fuller 

Petition of a number of Towns in y* County of Lincoln — 

with Resolve of the House thereon Sep'' 20' 1777 
To the Hon^'® the Council & the Hon'''*' House of Represent- 
atives, for the State of Massachusetts Bay in New England 
in General Court Assembled — 

May it Please your Honours — The Petition of the Com- 
mittees of Safety, Correspondence and Inspection, for the 
severall Towns of Georgetown, Pownalborough, Edgecomb, 
Bristol, Boothbay, & Woolwich, in the County of Lincoln, in 
Behalf of the Town of Boothbay, and the Places adjacent, 
Humbly Shews — 

Tliat the Rainbow man of war, commanded by S'' George 
Collier, together with seveiall other Arm'd Vessells lately 
Came into the Harbour of Boothbay, & took possession 
thereof, and while there Shipt and Carried off from severall 
of the Inhabitants of these parts, a Considerable Number of 
their Cattle, Sheep, swine & poultry, & other Necessarys, 


and water'd their vessells and while they lay there, made 
prizes of & carried away a Number of Vessells belonging to 
these states, to the Number of Fifteen or twenty, they also 
while they lay there threatned the Inhabitants to return with 
Sufficient Force, & Conquer or Destroy all before them, 
thereby putting the Inhabitants in great Terror, we have also 
the Deposition of a Person on Oath, who was Captivated by 
them, that their intention was to return in about a Fortnight 
or three weeks, and sweep all before them, and as we doubt 
not their intention is to make the harbour of Boothbay a 
Place of Rendezvous for their Ships, not only the Town of 
Boothbay, but the whole Eastern County, & this State must 
suffer exceedingly, it is needless to mention every Particular 
as your Honours must be sensible of the Consequences, 
should they be suffered to obtain their Ends. 

Your Petitioners therefore humbly Pray that your Honors 
would grant us some immediate relief in the Premises, by 
granting us six pieces of Cannon, Viz* two twelve pounders, 
two Nine pounders, and two six pounders, with a Sufficient 
Quantity of Ammunition &c for the same and that a Com- 
pany of fifty men exclusive of Officers with one good 
engineer to manage the same may be Stationed at Boothbay 
for the Defence thereof, and the places adjacent, and that 
none of the Inhabitants of Boothbay may be included in said 
Company, and that said Company be paid and Victual'd by 
the State, Your Petitioners also pray, that if any of tlie 
Neighboring places should be invaded the Commanding 
Officer may have Liberty to remove such of the Cannon as 
may be thought proper heither for their Relief — and Your 
Petitioners as in Duty bound shall ever Pray, &c — 

Signed by order & in Behalf of s*^ Committees 

Ja« M'^Cobb Chairman 

In the House of Representatives Sept. 19, 1777 

Read & thereupon Ordered That Coll Orne & M"" Gray 


with such as the Hon. Board shall join, be a Committee to 
consider the same & report 

Sent up for Concurrence 

R T Paine Spkr pro temp 

In Council Sep* 19' 1777 

Read & Concurred and Artemas Ward Esq. is joined 

Jn° Avery D^ Sec^ 

Mechias Sepf" 22°"^^ 1777 

I wrote you of the 17*^ & 27"^ Ult"° the former By CoP 
Campbell the Latter by Maj'^ Newell, I hope the Hono''^® 
Board has Seen the Contents since which I have had the 
Honour of Receiving Your Obliging & Kind favor of the 
19*^ Ult" Advizing me of the Generous Resolve of 
the Hono^'^® Court in Ordering a Company of the Troops 
Lately Intended for Nova Scotia to be Stationed in this Dis- 
trict & that in Consequence of Some Letters receiv'd from 
me, I Cannot but Acknowledge with Dutifull respect & 
Gratitude the Attention which the Hono'-^** Court is pleased 
to pay to the Indian Department & in perticular my Safety, 
was there no Other Motive to prompt me to a Vigilent 
Exertion in Discharging my duty to the States, their Acts of 
Kindness & Condesention must Impress Such a sense of 
Gratitude on my Mind as to stimulate, ( if possible ) a more 
Close attention to the business of my Department as well as 
Such Other Matters as fall in ni}' way as the Interest of the 
United States may Require — 

Since my Last Letter we have been Continually upon the 
Wing & harres'd by Diffrient Inteligence Respecting the 
Enemy — But upon the Whole we have receiv'd Authentic 
Ace'* of their Intentions, the Last Came by Docter Rice who 


arrived yesterday from Cumberland with two young men 
Whome I sent, when at the River S* JoIuih — that Express 
Orders had Come from Lord & General How to Distroy the 
Settlements of Mechias, as its Lying so Adjacent to Nova 
Scotia which now was the Only Asylem for the Royalest, 
wag Lyable to be distressd, as also it woud be of Service in 
Making an Inrode into the Eastern Country, Accordingly 5 
Ships of War with 800 Regular Troops besides what Millitia 
Coud be Rais** was Collected to Gether for the Expedition, 
But — Sir George Collier of the Rainbow thinking the Place 
Weak made the Attempt before the Whole force Came, with 
what INIarines he had on Board Since their Defeat here, they 
gote all Colected together at S* Jolms with flatt Bottom 
Boats to Attack at Diff' parts, so that we are in Daily 
Expectation of them, a Large Ship has Laid there some days 
at the mouth of the River, but so that Vessels pass in the 

the Militia has come in from diff* parts so that I imagine 
there is now about 350 Men including Indians, who have 
erected a number of Breast Works & Batterys, & every one 
seems Ditermind to Defend to the Last. But things Goes 
on very Irregular & Uncertain, Militia men very Discontented 
& the Troops which we have Latly Inlisted Being Under no 
Regular Command will not Obey, things Cannot be done 
with that presision regularity & Econemy as is Required for 
the Interist of the States — for my own part I have taken 
upon me to Encourage the Defending this place, & promis 
many things that may be Disapprovd of. two hundred of 
our men under proper Order & Decepline, woud be of more 
service than 600 as they now are — I am sometimes afraid 
the Britons will Carry their point in Distroying the place if 
they do not take a stand — the Hon" Board will be the best 
Judges of the Consequence of this — 

Expenses at present is Great & more so Because of not 


Laving things upon a permanent footing — I auj anxious still 
to Gete among the Micmacks. Yet I Cannot think of Leaving 
this Distress'd place till 1 see the Event or Oideied Other 

the Letter which Came to Colo' Eddy it being on Public 
service I recommended to Major Still man to Open, where we 
found some Blank Commissions; had our Situation been 
more peacble, I woud have advised them to be Lnmediately 
lilld up. But the Appointing Such Officers as might be 
thought Necessary woud give Umbrage to others who might 
So Influence the men as to Occation disturbence which at 
present appears Our business to prevent. Besides it is 
thought requisite to delay filling them up at present, as the 
Orders Comes so Immediately to Colo' Eddy who had the 
Offer of the Command — 

The Indians I still keep, & have Reason to believe no peo- 
ple will Defend the Libertys of America better — I have 
recie'' a Second Intiligence from the Mickmacks with tokens 
of Friendship. They are also Assembled together waiting 
for a (Conference witli me Ditermining not to Give any Satis- 
faction till they See me should I be Ordered otherwise, I 
Expect a Body of them here — 

The Penobscut Indians are Constantly here making heavy 
Complaint of Imposition & Extorsions, & Insists upon being 
Connected with the Other Tribes. Shoud the Honb'« Court 
Authorise me I will give my attendence, as I have not a 
Commission immediatl}'- from Congress Supposing at that 
time they wei'e Under some other regulation with This State 

I find there is a french merchant setled at the Head of 
Penobscut with a British Connnission to Treat with the 
Indians he uses every Art & Mean to Turn them — they 
have had Many suplys, from him & I fear given nuich 
Inteligence from time to time — 

We hiive recievd Inteligence from Cumberland that Certain 


Accts had Arrivd, boath publick as well as private from 
England that the Parliament of Brittain by the Clamor out 
of Doors where almost Eaqual in opposition. Threats hove 
out publiekly, thro' the kingdom tliat a Revolt will take 
place — Gene' How sent positive Demands for 50,000 men 
with every thing Conformable or he must Give up the point 
In answer to which he was told he must do what he Coud with 
those he had, for men was not to be had & the Interposition 
of the French woud prevent any foreign Troops, that war 
was declard between the Turks & Russians, a French Ship 
of Sixteen guns was taken & Carried into Halifax they 
Treated the Cap° Very Harsh & Cruel, threatening to put 
him in Irons for Supplying the Rebels, he told them they 
might do as they pleas'd but that the French were ditermind 
to suply, and in a short time it was probable they woud See 
White Coulars off the Harbour no news papers permited to 
go abroad but to perticular people Consequently none is 
brought, — the garrison at Cumberland is very weak. Gorham 
is to be brought to a Court Martial for being so favourable 
to the Famleys, he has Indeed acted the part of a Humane 
Good man 30 of the Militia every Week is Drove into the 
Garrison then does all the drugery of the Soldiers Petitions 
have been presented by the Yorckshire men & several officers 
to take all the Famelys into the Fort as Hostiges — but 
Goreham Treated it with that Contempt it Deserved the 
whole provience is in Confusion Trouble & Anguish no one 
dare speak the Name of their Dearest Relation — 

my Own familey has by the assistance of Divine providence 
made out to Gete so farr. but her Treatment is Cruel & 
Severe foresaken By those who I Expected woud have helped 
her, for fear of being Ruined themselves, my proceedings in 
these parts has Brought on the Most Keenest resentment & 
Ditermind Vengence Against me Consiquently those Con- 
cernd with me is Treated with rigor & severity. I coud very 


Easely have removed my family this siimer but the Necessity 
of my Close attention to the Business of tlie Indians [)re- 
vented it — my mind at present has become burthend with 
Trouble about them, & I Cannot think of Leaveing them 
there Another winter as they must perish I must pray the 
Hono^^ Board will give me Liberty to allow me to Employ 
& send some persons to gete them away — 

I must Once more pray the Hono'''® Board to Give some 
attention to my two Last Letters & woud recommend ( as a 
sincear Friend to the United States) that those parts be 
secured with the Utmost Expedition, & Defended from the 
Encroachment of our Bloody Enemy, who has Declar'd their 
determination to Destroy man Woman & Child — I have 
the Honor to be with the most profound Respect 

Your most Obedient much Obliged & Devoted servent 

J Allan 

Major Stillman has Just Acquainted me that there will be 
a necessity of Giving out the Commissions and of Holding 
Court Martial which is much wanting, shall advise him to 
Do it with the persons to be appointed 

The Committee of both Houses on the foregoing Petition 

have attended that Service & beg Leave to report by Way 

of Resolve 

Resolved that the Board of War be & tliey hereby are 
directed to send to the Committee of Boothbay they to be 
accountable for the same two nine & two six Pound Iron 
Cannon with Carriages & Implements compleat & fifty round 
of Powder &; Ball for each piece 

And it is further resolved that a Company of Fifty Men 
to be commanded by one Captain & two Lieutenants be 
raised in any Part of the Eastern Parts of this State & 




stationed at Booth Bay & to continue in Service untill the 
last Day of Decern'' next unless sooner discharged by Order 
of this Court to receive the same Pay & Subsistance as are 
allowed the other Sea Coast Companies in the Pay & Service 
of this State — 

And it is further resolved that a Commissary be appointed 
by this Court to purchase and issue Provisions to the s'' 

In Council Sep* 20U 7 77 
Read & sent down 

Jn° Avery D^ Sec^ 

In the House of Representatives Sept 22'^ 1777 
Read & accepted Sent up for Concurrence 

John Pitts Speak' pro Tem 
In Council Sept 22** 1777 

Read & Concurred 

Consented to 
Jer Powell 
W Spooner 
Benj Austin 
Fra Dana 
Dan' Davis 

W Sever 
T Cushing 
John Taylor 
S Hoi ten 
A Fuller 

Jn° Avery D^ Sec^ 

A Ward 

Moses Gill 
John Whitcomb 
R Derby 
Josiah Stone 

In the House of Representatives Sept. 22, 1777 
Whereas Brigadier Jothain Moulton bargained & sold a 
Tract of Land to Esias Prebble, and a piece of salt marsh to 
one Joseph Shaw, but did not execute Deeds thereof in his 
Life Time. It is tlierefore resolved that Joanna Moulton 
and Nicholas Sewall admin" of said Jotham's Estate be and 
hereby are Authorized and impowered to Execute Deeds of 
the said Lands & Marsh to the said Prebble and Shaw 


respectively their Heirs & assigns pursuant to the memo- 
randums Subscribed by the said Jotham in his life Time, and 
the conveyances that may be executed by the said Adm'' in 
pursuance of this Resolution shall be deemed and taken as 
good and Valid in the Law to convey the said Jotham's right 
therein, as tho' the said Jotham had made and executed 
Deeds thereof in his life Time any Law usage or Custom to 
the Contrary notwithstanding — 
Sent up for Concurrence 

John Pitts Speaker pro Tem 

In Council Sep^ 22'' 1777 

Read & Concurred 

Jn° Avery D^ Sec" 

Consented to 

Jer Powell W Sever A Ward 

B Greenleaf W Spooner T Cushing 

Jabez Fisher John Taylor Benj Austin 

Moses Gill S Holten John Whitcomb 

Dan' Davis Josiah Stone A Fuller 

State of Massachusetts Bay 

In the House of Representatives Sept 22'' 1777 
Resolved That there be a Bounty of three pounds paid to 
each non Commission'd Officer & Soldier who shall before 
the 15"' of Ocf next inlist into those Companies to be raised 
for the Defense of Machias & places adjacent exclusive of 
those Men already retaind & inlisted in the Service under 
the Command of Captains West & Dyer they having already 
received a Bounty And it is further Resolved, that there 
be paid out of the Treasury of this State [to] Col" Pliineas 
Nevers said Nevers to be accountable to this Court for y^ 
expenditure of the same to be by him apply'd to the Payment 


of the aforesaid Bountys & it is further Resolved that ColP 
Allan is hereby Directed to Station those Men (raised & put 
under his Command ) in such Places at & near Machias as he 
shall think most for the Safety & Defense of those Parts 
Sent up for Concurrence 

John Pitts Speaker pro Tem 

In Council Sept. 22, 1777 Read & Concurred 

Jn° Avery D^ Sec^ 
Consented to 

Jer Powell W Sever A Ward 

W Spooner T Cushing Jabez Fisher 

John Taylor H Gardner Fra Dana 

John Whitcomb S Holten R Derby 

Moses Gill Josiah Stone A Fuller 

State of Massachusetts Bay 
In the House of Representatives Sep"^ 23, 1777. 

On the petition of Benj. Titcomb, Joshua Freeman and 
Joseph Noyes, assessors of the parish tax in and for the first 
parish in Falmouth, in the County of Cumberland in the year 
1776, setting forth, that they had omitted through forgetful- 
ness to take the oath prescribed by law previous to assessing 
said tax ; but have since made oath, that in their doings 
therein they had conducted in every respect as the law 
directs, & therefore praying an establishment of said tax or 
assessment — 

Resolved, that the said tax or assessment be, & it hereby 
is declared as valid to all intents & purposes, as if the said 
assessors had taken the oath prescribed by law previous to 
their making the same, any law, custom or usage to the con- 
trary notwithstanding 

Sent up for Concurrence 

R T Paine Spkr pr temp 


In Council Sep* 23^ 1777 Read & Concurred 

Jn° Avery D^ Sec^ 
Consented to 
Jer Powell A Ward B Greenleaf 

W Spoouer John Wbitcomb R Derby 

A Fuller T Cushing John Taylor 

S Holten Moses Gill I Palmer 

Dan^ Davis Josiah Stone 

B. White Jabez Fisher 

Mechias September 23^^ 1777 

In Consequence of a Letter I received from Colonel 
Jonathen Lowther at Penobscut Last night, I am under the 
necessity to Trouble the Hon'''^ Board once more. 

The Hon^'' Board may remember that in my Letter of the 
1 8"' of June from S* Johns, I acquainted them of my having 
Entered into an agreement of Trade, with the Marisheete, 
Madawasqua, Medoctic & Passamaquady Tribes, with several 
Reasons for doing it in such a manner. 

The Penobscut Tribe was not mentioned in my Commis- 
sion, as I utterly refused it at Congress, supposing at that 
time, as it was so in the heart of the Country, that it was 
under the immediate Jurisdiction of the Geu^^ Court of this 
State, and they having such an Intercourse with the Inliub- 
itants, I presumed that things were Carry "d on Reciprocaly, 
for the Interest of the States, as well as the Indians, there- 
fore did not for sometime make any perticular Inquiry about 

Since my return from S* Johns I have had several Confer- 
ences with the Penobscut Indians, one in perticular where 
we Exchanged several strings of Wampum, where I perceived 


from what they said and other Authentic Accounts, that some 
of the most Diabolical proceedings had been Carry'd on, on 
that River, Great Embezzlements of Public Moneys, as well 
as Imposing on the Indians; which with the Close attention 
Mou"^ Lunnci the British agent on the head of the River gave 
to his business, I saw the Body must be soon drawn of — 

I used every Encourgement possible, and presum'd to 
Agree with them on the same futing, as I did with the other 
Tribes, which they immediately published on their Return to 
Penobscut, which seems to Occation some stirr, M"" Lowther 
writes the difficulty he is under by purchasing goods so dear 

When I undertook the business, I supposed every Truck- 
house was properly furnished, & where there Coud be none 
& Indians settled, I Endeavour'd To Encourage the Indians 
to go where there was — 

The Ad and Insinuations used by the Britains, requires 
us to use every mean possible to keep them, and am Con- 
scious that notwithstanding the great outsets — that if 
Ecconemy & Care is used, and persons not too much bent 
upon Private profite, that the prises stated, with the high 
prises of Furrs on the Continent, will fully answer, or very 
Little short, Excepting where the Indians Gives their Close 
attendance to the service, which is the Case at present 
here — 35 familys are Encamped about 12 Miles of — the 
men keep Continually on duty for the Defence of this place, 
the familys no way to Subsist as the English — Consequently 
they must be at a far greater Expence, then when keep'd 
only a hunting — 

I have wrote M'' Lowther on the matter & Recommended 
to procure necessarys upon such a futing as to do them 
Justice & procure & keep their friendship, and if not 
Countermanded before, I shoud be at Penobscut to have a 
Conference & settle the Diff* matters 

By the Latter End of October, I doubt not but he will 


Lay a satesfactoiy Acct of things before the Hon''^'^ Board, 
to Enable him to procure what will be necessary— Permit 
me again to Renew my solicitations, Earnestly requesting the 
Candid Oppinion & Advice of the Hon''^*' Board how they 
woud have the Indians fixed & settled & wether it is Agree- 
able to keep them in the service, or take them up in the 
Lakes, for the great Expence arising is a peipetual Trouble 
to me — tho I know the fatal Consequences if they are let 
Go — 

I Gratefully acknowledge the Hon''^* Courts Kindness in 
Passing a Resolve with respect of Debarring people from 
selling Liquor to the Indians, it has Answer'd the End in 
some degree, tho' not sulficiantly — 

I must further Request that an Act may pass to prevent 
any person whatever ( Truck Houses Excepted ) from Trad- 
ing any way whatever, under a greater penalty than what is 
fixed, pointing out the methods of prosecution, for I find the 
Indians daily selling property, which they have got from 
the Truck house, which keeps them daily demanding — 

The detaining people from Trading with them will be of 
further service to the Inhabitants of this Eastern Country — 
for the Little petty Traders which Come along shore ( I may 
say with propriety Pilfering ) will not Dispose of the Necces- 
sarys of Life, which is much wanted by the Inhabitants for 
paper Money. Because they Expect hard Money & furrs 
from the Indians By which, I have perceiv'd many in the 
greatest Distress. 

The Enemy has not been with us yet. Are in hourly 
Expectations, and indeed if Coming this fall, I heartily wish 
it speedily, for in a few days our whole militia I Expect will 
leave us, to which time I fear Our Enerays are posponing 
their Bloody Intentions, to take us at a Disadvantage. 

I wrote the 22*^ Ins' and sent it a few days ago, which I 
Expect will be Dcliv'^ with this — 



I am in Truth & sincerity with the greatest duty & 
Respect Your Honours most Ob'' & very hbl serv*^ 

J Allan 
The Hon'^^* Jeremiah Powell 

State of Massachusetts Bay 

In the House of Representatives Sept"^ 2G, 1777 
Resolved that the Board of War be & they hereby are 
directed to send to the Committee of Boothbay they to be 
accountable for the same One Iron Cannon a twelve pounder 
with a Carriage & Implements compleat — And One hundred 
rounds of Powder 100 rounds & 40 bar-shot & 26 rounds of 
Grape shot for the same — The above Cannon & Amunition 
&c to be in lieu of the two nine pounders with Ammunition 
&c therefor ordered to that place by the Resolve of this 
Court of the 22^' Instant 

Sent up for Concurrence 

R T Paine Spkr pr. temp. 

In Council Sep* 26, 1777 Read & Concurred 

Jn° Avery D^ Secy 

Consented to 
Jer Powell A Ward W Spooner 

T Cushing John Whitcomb Moses Gill 

John Taylor S Holten Dan' Davis 

Josiah Stone Fra Dana H Gardner 

A Fuller B White N Cushing 

R Derby - 

State of Massachusetts Bay 
In the House of Representatives Sep. 26 1777 

On the Memorial of William Jones, Col. of the third Reg- 
iment of Militia in the County of Lincoln in behalf of him- 


self & a party of said Regiment, setting forth, among other 
things, that on the 10^'' Instant they Mustered and Retook 
tlie State Mast Ship Gruel, Joseph Porter Commander which 
had heen taken into possession from the Enemys Man of War, 
the Rain Bow. 

Resolved that the said Col : Jones, the officers and privates 
of the party under his command in said Engagement, be 
allowed & paid by this State out of their Treasury for their 
Spirited Exertions and important Services done the State in 
that affair, as follows viz* — one Col : Twenty Pounds — 
Four Captains four Pounds Each — Ten Lieutenants three 
pounds Each and one Hundred & fifty five privates at Two 
Pounds Each, the whole sum amounting to three Hundred 
and TAventy Six Pounds. 

And it is further Resolved that the Twenty men who were 

not in the action but guarded said Mast-ship for Two Days 

after she was Retaken be allowed & Paid the sum of Twelve 

shillings for Each Man for the said Two Days 

Sent up for Concurrence 

R T Paine Spkr pr temp 

In Council Sept 26, 1777 Read & Concurred 

Jn° Avery D^ Secy 

Consented to 
Jer Powell A Ward W Spooner 

T Cushing Moses Gill John Taylor 

Jabez Fisher B White Benj Austin 

S Holten Dan^ Davis Josiah Stone 

A Fuller N Cushing R Derby 

State of Massacliusetts Bay 
In the House of Representatives September 30" 1777 

Resolved that the Commasary general be & lie hereby is 
Directed to deliver to Joseph Noyes Commasary to the 



Forces Stationed at Falmouth and Cape Elisabeth forty bar- 
rels of Flour for the use of said Forces he to be Accountable 
for the Same 

Sent up for Concurrence 

R. T Paine Spkr pr temp 

In Council Sept* 30' 1777 Read & Concurred 

Jn° Avery D^ Sec^ 

Consented to 
Jer Powell 
R Derby 
Moses Gill 
Dan^ Davis 
Josiah Stone 

A Ward 
J Cushing 
Benj Austin 
A Fuller 
Oliver Prescott 

John Taylor 
Jabez Fisher 
H Gardner 
N Cushing 
S Holten 

State of Massachusetts Bay In Council Oct"^ 2 1777 

Resolved that the Committee of Sequestration be and 
hereby are directed, to deliver to the Board of War, Three 
Pipes of Wine, Seven hundred and half of Duck or Goose 
Shott, Two Boxes of Short Pipes & one hundred weight of 
Thread for the Supply of y** Truck House at Machias, they 
paying for the same such a price as they shall be appraised 


Read & Accepted Jn° Avery D^ Sec^ 

State of Massachusetts Bay 

Council Chamber Ocf 3, 1777. 
Whereas this State is in great want of Provisions to Sup- 
ply the troops Stationed at Machias & for the furnishing the 
Indians in the Eastern parts of the State under the Care of 
Colonel John Allan Continental Superintendent of Indian 
affairs in the Eastern department. Therefore 


Ordered that Major General Heath be and he hereby is 
desired to Supply the Board of War with one hundred bar- 
rels of Beef & pork to enable them to furnish the troops at 
Machias and the Indians under Colonel John Allan, Conti- 
nental Superintendent. 

Read & Accepted Jn° Avery D^ Sec^ 

State of Massachusetts Bay 
In the House of Representatives Oct"^ 7*" 1777 

on the Petition of Sam^ M'^Cobb Abiel Lovejoy & John 
Taylor praying that a post may be Established in the Eastern 
part of this state to ride from Falmouth to Thomaston 

Resolved that a post be and hereby is Established whose 
Business shall be to Ride from the Continental post office in 
Falmouth to Mason Wheaton Esq'' at the Lime works in 
Thomaston and to Return back to Falmouth to Meet the Con- 
tinental Post there, and to Continue dureing the pleasure of 
this Court Also Resolved that Capt Lovejoy Capt Snow & 
Coll M'^Cobb be a Committee to agree with Some Seutable 
person to preform the Same — and it is further Resolved that 
the Post Master at Falmouth be and he is hereby desired to 
order the Times for the Setting out & returning Said post 
from his office & to receive such Letters as may be brought 
to tlie Same by s'* post and to deliver out the Same Accord- 
ing to Rules and Postage of the Continental post office also to 
Make up mails of Such Letters as may be put into his office 
to be Sent to the Eastern parts of the State & Account with 
this Court for the money he shall receive, and it is also 
Resolved that M"" Ellis Gray be & hereby is appointed to 
write to Congress inclosing a Copy of this Resolve & desir- 
ing them as this Estaljlishment is made to promote the Pub- 
lic advantage, to [)ut the s'' post under the Continental pay 



& Establishment and subject bim to the Rules and Directions 
of tlie General Post Office 

Also Resolved that Major Wheaton Esq be & hereby is 
appointed to receive & make up Mails at j* said Town of 
Thomaston & M"" John Wood is likewise appointed to receive 
& make up Mails at the Town of Georgetown — who are 
hereby allowed to receive for their Service one fifth part of 
the Postage of Letters which shall be y* same as is allowed 
to the General Post Office 

Sent up for Concurrence J Warren Spkr 

In Council Octo. 7, 1777 Read & Concurred 

Jn° Avery D? Sec^ 

Consented to 
Jer: Powell 
Moses Gill 
Jabez Fisher 
Dan^ Davis 
B White 

A. Ward 
John Taylor 
Benj Austin 
Tim° Edwards 
D Hopkins 

T Gushing 
S Holten 
H Gardner 
Oliver Prescott 
A. Fuller 

Narrative of Cap'^ John Long 

Mechias 10^'' October 1777 
He was taken at Quoddy Sep' lO*'^ 1777, By the Vulture 
( Man of War ) Boat & Carried at S' Johns, he was Exam- 
ined by the Enemy's officer on Being Asked how Many Men 
was then at Mechias. he told them about 500. that they had 
aplenty of Provision sent them from the westward that they 
Cou'd in a short time Call in their Millitia which might Con- 
sist of 700 men on being asked where he was dureing Daw- 
sons Attack he told them that he was in the Wood. & that 
he was not of the parties that attacked — 

they proferd him his Vessell if he woud Undertake to pro- 
cure them certain Intiligence, which he did. M'' Hazen 


becoming Surity for his Fedelity. he lleturnd to them with 
Speed, before he went Cap" Fettus Dam'd him for a Rebell 
never Expecting to see him again, but seeing he was true to 
his Promis, they promisd him all his Money they had taken 
from liim if he would 

Conveying the Incerted Information to Annapolis by Express, 
going There he was taken by a Little priviteer — 

A Copy of the Information Cap" Long was Conveying to 
the Enemy — That he arrivd at Passamaquody Tuesday 30''' 
Septem'' where he was inform'd by M'^ Bell, that David Gard- 
ner a Quaquer from Mechias was there two days before his 
Arrival who told M'' Bell that the Mechias people had Got 
Six Nine pounders & Seven Hundred men under pay. Besides 
the Mihtia from the Neighbouring Settlements that the Gene* 
Court since last Attack had sent 200 Barrils of Beef & porck 
& other Provisions Answerable & that the Rainbow Lay at 
the mouth of the Hearbour. that the Cap" had Sent up a 
flag with his proclamation, to which was paid but Little or 
no Regard, that it was say'd the Americans Intention was 
not to Invade Novascotia but to Maintain their own Defence 
in their District & the people wherein high Spirits since 
Dawson's Defeat — 

M"" Long further Adds that When he was first Carried to 
S* Johns that the following Ships Lay there Vid. the Milford, 
Blonde, & Vulture & Several Boom Vessells & Transports. 
Detachments from Letearn Maisnes & from the Emegrants 
from Halifax. & Some of Gorhams from Cumberland & Frank- 
hn Volunteer Millitia that on the first of October the Expe- 
dition was broke up. & the Enemy Dispersed M' Long Also 
Informed that M'' Franklin ( Superintend' from the King of 
Briton for the Indians ) that the Absent Inhabitants of Cum- 
berland Might have their famelys by Sending for them in a 
Flag of Trueece. 

Confession of M'' Ring who was with Long when Taken 


lie Belong'd to Salisbury & went to S' Johns Last Winter 
where he follow'd Fishing he taken on Board the Vulture 
Prisoner from where he made his Escape Shortly after was 
retaken & pres'd to Go with Long 

the Prize Master Account of there takeing Cap" Long at 
Annapolis Gut Cap" Lawrence of a Priviteer bound up 
Annapolis River beyond the town, Got within ^ Mile of the 
Same the fogg being very Thick, wliich Suddenly Clearing 
up he found himself pretty Close to a Tender mounting Eight 
Gun. they put about Instantly and out Bars, where fired 
upon boath from the Schooner & the Shoar by Small Arms 
they soon Got out of Reach & Contmuing down the River 
met Long going in they fired a Swevel to bring him too. they 
sent three men Aboard of him. one told to Go down below 
directly. When Long Answered Who are you Sir I have 
Got the King Pacquet on board Soon after he went on 
board the priviteer he presentd the Letters of Intiligence to 
the Master supposing he was Commander of the Tender, 
which he thought he was on board of not think^ it a priviteer 
from the States 

A true Coppy Attest J Avery 

State of Massachusetts Bay 

In the House of Representatives Octo 10*'' 

On the Petition of Moses Little Esq praying that in behalf 
of his Brother Paul Little of Falmouth who lost his House 
Shop & Goldsmith's Tools in the Burning of that Town he 
may be permitted to purchase of the Committee of Sequestra- 
tion such a Quantity of Tools as are necessary for his 
Brother to set up his Business again 

Resolved that the Committee of Sequestration be & they 
hereby are directed to dehver to Moses Little Esq. for the 
use of his Brother Paul Little a Set of Goldsmith's Tools if 



in their Possession taking a reasonable Price for the same 
Sent up for Concurrence 

In Council Ocf^ 10' 1777 
Read & Concurred 

Consented to 
Jer Powell 
T Cushing 
S Holten 
D Hopkins 
Tim° Edwards 

A Ward 
Moses Gill 
B White 
N Cushing 
Benj Austin 

J Warren Spkr 

Jn° Avery D" Sec^ 

John Whitcomb 
Jabez Fisher 
John Taylor 
A Fuller 
Josiah Stone 

To the Hon^' House of Assembly and Council for the Massa- 
chusetts State 

The Petition of Joshua Lamb late of Onslow in the County 
of Halifax and Province of Nova Scotia Humbly Sheweth 

That whereas your Petitioner hath observed in Said Prov- 
ince many of the American Prisoners Cruelly Used and hve- 
ing in that part of the Province where Many of them of 
Course would come who made their Escape : and neglecting 
to apprehend them and send them back to confinement : ( as 
Required being a Magistrate ) which he would not do out 
of Humanity to his Countrymen: & consistant with his 
private Opinion of the Dispute Between Britain and Amer- 
ica : & by assisting some to make their Escape : and Write- 
ing to some of his Friends for those above and some other 
things too Tedious to mention : he gave offence to the 
King's government and was Obliged to leave his Family & 
Escape into this State for the Safety of his Person : & to a 
great loss in his Prosperity 

Therefore your Petition"^ Humbly prayeth that your Hon" 
would be pleased to grant liini a piece of Vacant Land to the 


Quantity of two Hundred Acres near the Township of Cam- 
den between Penobscot Hills : where he might make a place 
of Retreat for himself & Family & be able to Support them 
& not be Burdensome to the State of which he would be a 
Member — 

and whereas he hath Engaged a Vessel to bring his Family 
out of that Province ; therefore in behalf of himself & Noah 
Miller & Family in like circumstances he would humbly pray 
youi- Hon" would grant a pass to the said Vessel 

which is the Request of your Humble Petitioner 

Joshua Lamb 

In the House of Representatives Oct. ll^'' 1777 

Read & thereupon Ordered that M"" Scott and M"^ Hastings 
with such as y® Hon Board shall join be a Committee to con- 
sider the same 

Sent up for Concurrence — 

J Warren Spkr 
In Council Oct' 11, 1777 

Read & concurred & Jn° Taylor Esq. is joined — 

Jn° Avery D^ Sec^ 

On the Petition of Joshua Lamb Esq Praying that this Court 

would Grant Him a piece of Vacant Land of Two Hundred 

Acres Near the Township of Camden between Penobscot 


Also Praying that a pass be Granted for a Vessell to go to 

Nova Scotia to bring His family, and Noah Miller with His 

family to Settle in this State. 

Resolved that the Prayer of the Petition be so far granted, 
That In Case He the Said Joshua Lamb Esq can find any 
unapropriated Land In the County of Lincoln, The Property 
of this State: That He Shall Have Liberty to Lay out a 


Tract thereof Not Exceeding Two Hundred acres, adjoining 
to some former grant The Surveyor and chainman being 
under oath In the following form, viz Two Hundred Rods 
In Length, and one Hundred and Sixty Rods In Wedth, and 
Return to this Court a plan thereof within Twelve months 
That Said Lands may be granted to Him 

And that a Pass be granted for the Purpose Mentioned in 
His Petition. 

Mechias Octo"- 12^" 1777 

Being Necessiated to send an Express Westward 
suddenly. Gives me Just time to inform the Honble Board, 
that I, had the Honour of receiving their Esteemed & 
respectable favours of the 18"^ & 19**" Ult° the former of 
which coverinaf a Resolve of the General Court & a Number 
of blank Commissions, — 

To Vessels has arrived with a Number of Articles, having 
Two Nine Pounders & one four with appertinances Conform- 
ing Agreeable to the Resolve, — 

We have at present but very few men, which gives me 
much Concern when I Consider the large Property Deposited 
here, for fear the Enemy shoud suddenly pop in and Distroy 
it, I should have thought it absolutly Necessary, that fifty 
men at least, shoud have been sent to Escort, however every 
Precaution shall be used to prevent a surprise, tho' from the 
Intilligence I gete I am in some hopes the Enemy are 
Frightened for the present from persuing their intended 
plan, I Believe they have left S' John's, — 

Lieut. Col. Nevers has not yet arrived, noi have I received 
any Intilligence from him, I doubt whether he will raise his 
men before the time is out Indeed shoud I receive favourable 
ace'* by some persons I Expect soon, I think it will be As well 



to lessen the Number, as such great Expence will be Need- 
less, if the Enemy have thrown up the Matter, but will Be 
thoroughly Convinced before I even hint such a thing this 

It will be Necessary to have a small fortress, for the 
security of the Cannon, if no other service now, — for they 
being so heavy & the Country so uneven & no roads, that an 
open Breastwork or Battery, people being liable to retreat, 
in such places, must Consiquently Loose the guns, — 

I have summonsed the principle Officers of the Melitia, & 
the Committe to meete to morrow, to lay before them my 
Intention, of Errecting a small Fortress, on an Eminance 
above the former Battery, which Commands both Rivers, — 
for their approbation, at the same time I shall Demand a 
Number of the Inhabitants, to assist at the Business, — 

I Cannot but think it is requeset, that some few shoud be 
Continued in the service as Artillery men, for the care of & 
Manageing the Guns, I have Inlisted Twelve, for that End, 
woud chuse to have it made up to Twenty, Indeed a Com- 
pany must be kept if Possible, for the Care of such matters 
as may be Done Now, I am fully Convinced that if the visit 
is laid aside this fall, we shall have them very early in the 
spring, — 

The Indians I keep but a few here, have sent them up the 
River a hunting, shoud we have no alteration soon I shall 
not Embody many as they will be very Expensive soldiers, 
they are much elated at the News, &> the Notice taken of 
them, and perticularly are much rejoiced at my appointment 
having told them it was Occationed By my Continuation with 
them, — 

The Indigent state of this Country Occationed somewhat 
by the movements this summer, opens to View, Missery to a 
great Degree, Perticularly that of Cloathing, many in the 
service are in such a Situation as Gives me Pain to Com- 


inand them to Duty, — I have taken upon me to Draw from 
the Truck House a few pieces of strauds &c to Distrebute 
among some whose Lives are in Danger to stand Gentry at 

Coud there be a possibiHty of procuring a few pieces of 
Cloth for this service towards their wages, — it woud be a 
great Comfort to the Unhappy people & advantage to the 
service. — 

Cap* A. Green Crabtree ( whome I have now Discharged ) 
During bis Cruise of this & Passamaquody, took one John 
Long, who lives here, lutd been taken by the Enemy at 
Passama(|uody, some time ago. He was going with an 
Express to Anapolis, from Gap' Tetters of the Vulture, when 
he was taken, the Perticulars of which, with his Examina- 
tion, I here Inclose for the Honble boards Perusal, — 

Since my Command I have forbid any Connection with 
Passamequody, — the Inhabitants I have Charged not to 
come, without they move their family s & become residents 
here, otherwise I shall make them prisoners A Great Deal of 
Mischief is Carryed on this way, & perticular Intilligence are 
Generally sent to the Enemy, of tlie situation of these parts, 
and such a property as is here woud be a Greatlnduce- 
iiieiit to many Villians, to attempt the Destruction of it, — 

I Cannot neglect this opportunity to acquaint the Honble 
Board of my supprise, on finding myself so highly Honourd, 
by being appointed to the Command in this District, — my 
Unexperiance in the practicle part, of the Service, with other 
foibles & Lnpediments, often Occations fears, that I shall 
Loose that friendship, which I have been so favored witli 
sience my Being in the United states, — 

It may reasonably be thouglit vain & flattery in me to Excuse 
myself from tliis Promotion, But I Except it from no other 
motive & principle But Gratitude, & Duty, I owe to per- 
foiiii, wh;it is in my Power for this Bleeding Country, — 


The Honour Conferd, with the Generous Assistance, sent 
to Enable to Discharge the great Trust & Confidence reposed 
in me, is far Beyound what I merited for past Conduct, or 
any thing I am able to Do, — 

I have the Honour to be with Profound Duty & Respect, 
Your Honours most obedient and Devoted Hble Serv* 

J. Allan 

The Honble Jeremiah Powel Esq"" 

Mechias Octf^ 15, 1777 — 

To Benjamin Foster Esq'^ 
Whereas Notwithstanding the Resolves of the Honble. the 
General Court, & the several severe Injunctions put out in 
Advertisements by John Allan Esq"^ To the Contrary,— yet 
several Evil minded persons persists in the practice of selling 
Liquors to the Indians to Intoxecate them & Defrauding 
them by Mixing Water with it & Taking the full Value of 
Good Rum. — 

These are therefore to beg you will Grant a Summons to 
Cite M' Stephen Jones personally to appear Before you, to 
answer to a Complaint against him for his furnishing Liquor 
to Indians Contrary to the Injunction afore mentioned & in 
Contempt of the Laws of this State, of which I shall produce 
sufficient Proof — 

For & in behalf of John Allan Esq' 

Lew* Fred*" De Lesdernier 

A True Coppy Attest J Avery 

Lincoln Ss. 

You are hereby Required to Summon Stephen Jones Esq' 
of Mechias in the State of Massachusetts Bay to appear 
before me Immediately at the House of David Longfellows, 


To Answer to a Complaint Entered Against him by Lew^ F. 
De Lesdernier, For & In behalf of John Allan Esq"" Super- 
intendent of Indians Eastern Department, To Answer to a 
Breech of a Resolve of the General Court Respecting the 
Supplying Indians with spirituous Liquors, making a Return 
of this summons & your Doings thereon. Whereof Fail Not 
on your Peril — 

To M' William Tupper Leagally appointed to serve this 

Given under my hand & Seal at Mechias this fifteenth 
Day of Oct. the year of our Lord 1777 — 

Benj* Foster Jus. Pea ( L S ) 
A True Coppy Ja* Avery 

Lincoln Ss. Mechias Oct. 15*^ 1777 — 

then I served the within summons by Del^ The within 
Named Stephen Jones Esq'' a True & an Attested Coppy 

e W" Tupper 

Lincoln Ss: Mechias Octo 15'" 1777 
In Consequence of a Complaint made by Lew* Fred'^ De 
Lesdernier for and in behalf of John Allan Esq'' Superintend- 
ent of Indians, Against Stephen Jones Esq"" for Supplying 
the Indians, with Rum, — a Summons was Issued for said 
Jones to appear at the House of David Longfellows. — 
William Tupper, Counstable Returned the Writ as being 
duly served on said Jones. — 

At four O Clock the Court open'd. Continued some Time 
said Jones Did not appear, the following Depositions were 
Taken, — Cap' Prebble appeared and was Sworn as Inter- 
preter, — 

The Deposition of Ignace a Canadian Indian lately Resi- 
dent at Penobscut, Testifieth & Sayth/Being Duly Sworn 


on the Crucifix Profess^ Roman Catholicism/that for some 
time past he hed Received from Stephen Jones of Mechias in 
the County of Lincoln Esq. thro' the hands of his, the 
Deponents wife, Rum to the Am* of one Gallon in Diff' par- 
cels, for which he deP his Wife Eight Dollers which his s*^ 
wife Declared & she fully Believes she paid to Said Jones, 
for Said Rum, and the Deponent further Declares that the 
last bottle of Rum, here produced, was the last Bought 
which was yesterday morning, & further sayth not. — 
Before me 

Benj'* Foster Jus'' Peace 

The Deposition of Joseph Cook an Iroquise Indian Lately 
Resedent at Penobscut, Testifieth & Sayeth/being duly 
Sworn on a Crucifix Professing Roman Catholicism/that at 
four Diff* times this Deponent & Wife purchased from 
Stephen Jones of Mechias in the County of Lincoln Esq'' 
Four Quarts of Rum paying Said Jones two Dollars p"^ 
Quart, and further Deposeth that Last Night in Conjunction 
with his Wife, he purchased the Rum here produced, from 
said Jones with four Dollars, which Joseph Tomma Gave 
him for that purpose and further Sayeth Not, — 
Lincohi : Ss : Examined and Sworn at Mechias this 15*'^ Day 
of Octo. 1777 

Before me 

Benj^ Foster Jus : Peace 

The Deposition of Mary Joseph, Wife of Ignace the Cana- 
dian Indian Before mentioned. Being Duly Sworn on a 
Crucifix/Professing Roman Catholicism/Testifieth & Sayth, 
that at the request of her husband she four Several times 
had purchased Rum from Stephen Jones of Mechias County 
of Lincoln Esq'^ paying Two Dollars for Each Quart, — & 
further Sayeth that she was Concerned in purchasing two 
Quarts of Rum the Last Night for Joseph Tomma for which 
four Dollars was paid to Said Jones. — & further Sayth Not 


Lincoln Ss : Examined and Sworn at Mechias this 15"' 
Day of Oct. 1777 

Before me Benj* Foster Jus. P. — 

John Allan Esq' appeared & requested that a further 
time might be allowed M'' Jones, in order that he might have 
an Opport^' to Defend the Charge alleged against him, in 
Consequence of which request the Court was adjourned Till 
Monday the 20"' Ins* at Ten o Clock in the forenoone — 
James Avery Appointed to Act as Clerk, — 

Benj*^ Foster Jus. Pea : 

Lincoln : Ss : Mechias Octo 20"' 1777 — A Copy of the fore- 
going Depositions & the Proceedings thereon, was Legally 
served on said Jones by W'" Tupper who Depositieth to the 
Truth of the Same. — 

At 10 OClock S*^ Jones Not appearing, John Allan Esq"' 
Came in and Desired that Judgment might be Given Against 
said Jones in four Actions, According to the foregoing Depo- 
sitions, for Breech of the Resolve of the General Court of 
the 21^' June 1777 — Therefore it is Adjudged that the 
Said Stephen Jones pay the sum of forty Shillings for Each 
of the four actions & all Charges. — 

Benj'^ Foster Jus : Pea: — 

Stephen Jones having reported abroad that the Indians 
had brocken open his House & taken some Rum out of the 
same ; — a Number of Indians appeared by M"^ Allans Desire 
& Declared they woud pay all Damages M'" Jones had Sus- 
tained by any Indians upon his making it appear — they 
confessed that they had Taken some Rum from said Jones, 
which they Did when Drunk with the Liquor which they 
Bought of said Jones — 

Benj"^ Foster Jus : Pea : 

A True Coppy Attest Ja' Avery 


State of Massachusetts Bay 

In the House of Representatives Ocf 16, 1777 
On the Petition of Francis Shaw praying that his Accounts 
may be allowed for Rum and other Articles he supplied the 
State while in their Service and that milage may be allowed 
to the Sixty men who travelled from S* Johns to Machias & 
for allowance for his disbursments on the Schooner Hannah 
& Molley. 

Resolved that milage be allowed the Sixty men who 
travelled from S* Johns to Machias and that Francis Shaw 
deliver in his Account therefor and all his Accounts set 
forth in said Petition to the Committee of Accounts who 
hereby are directed to settle the same as shall appear to 
them just and reasonable 

Sent up for Concurrence 

J Warren Spk' 
In Council Ocf 17, 1777 
Read & Concurred 

Jn° Avery D^ Sec^ 
True Copy Attest Jn° Avery D^ Sec^ 

The Committee of both Houses on the Petition of Charles 
Perrin beg leave to report the following Resolve 

John Taylor pr order 
Resolved, that all such Persons as are now Confined in 
the several Goals in this State by General Warrants from the 
Honble Council be sent to the several Counties to which 
they belong & by the Sheriff of the County where they are 
respectfully Confined and be brought to Tryal at the next 
Superior Court which may Set in said Counties, and that the 
Honble Judges of the Superior Court be directed by the 
Council to the Tryal of the said Prisoners all others Appre- 
hended in like manner & since admitted to Bail for the 
several offences they may be charged with — - 


And that some proper person or persons in each County 
be chosen by Joint ballot of both Houses whose Business it 
shall be to make strict Enquiry for & Collect such Evidence 
as may be necessary before the Tryal of such persons so 
Committed as aforesaid all others apprehended in like man- 
ner & since admitted to Bail & lay the same before the 
Attorney and lay their acc^' for their Service before this 
Court for Allowance 

A And whereas it appears to this Committee of great 
Consequence that one Samuel Hall who is now Confined in 
the Goal at Falmouth in the County of Cumberland, should 
be removed from said Goal to the Goal in Boston &c — 

Therefore ordered that the Sheriff of the County of Cum- 
berland be and he hereby is directed forthwith to convey the 
said Samuel Hall from the said Goal in Falmouth and Com- 
mit him to the Common Goal in Boston and that this order 
be forwarded to said Sheriff by Express or otherwise as soon 
as possible. — 

Also that the keeper of the Prisoners in the Several 
Counties in this State be and hereby are Directed forthwith 
to make a return to the Honble the Council of the names of 
all the prisoners Committed by them to their Custody with 
the names of the Towns to which they belong 

And that the Treasurer of this State be directed to lay 
before the Honble Council a List of the above persons who 
have been admitted to Bail and the Town they belong to. — 

In Council October 17' 1777 
Read & Accepted 

Sent down for Concurrence 

Jn° Avery D^ Secy 

In the House of Representatives Oct 18, 1777 

Read & concurred with the following amendment, viz 

At A dele Committee & insert Court 

Sent up for Concurrence 

J Warren Spkr 



In Council Oc* 18' 1777 
Read & Concurred 

Consented to 
Jer Powell 
John Wliitcomb 
John Taylor 
Josiah Stone 
Moses Gill 

A. Ward 
S Hoi ten 
D Hopkins 
A. Fuller 
B White 

Jn° Avery D^ Sec? 

R Derby 
H Gardner 
Tim° Edwards 
N Gushing 
D Sewall 

To the Great and General Court of the Massachusetts Bay 
in New England Humbly Sheweth, 

That your Distressed Humble Petitioner, Clark Linniken, 
lived upon Townsend Neck within the Town of Boothbay 
which Runs about three miles into the Sea, and a little with- 
out Boothbay or Townsend Harbor wliere the men of War 
went into and lay about the beginning of September 1777 — 
and where is an Island about three Quarters of a mile from 
said Neck called Fishermans Island, where another Man of 
War came and where I was afishing a little therefrom in my 
Cannoo and the Man of War's Boat came & took me and 
Carried me aboard and threatened to Keep me &c — at 
length, they offered to let me go, if I would fetch them some 
Turnips & other Vegitables &c, upon which I promised to do, 
they asked me what Cattle I had, I told them that I had a 
pair of three Years Old Steers, but I could not part with 
them for it was all I had to do my work with, and that I was 
a poor man &c, they asked me what they was worth, I told 
them that they was worth Fifty Dollars. I went a Shore 
and they followed me with two Boats and part of them, 
came to my House and Said they must have my Cattle, & 
that they would give me Forty dollars and I should have the 


Hides and Ruff Tallow and that would purchase another 
pair ; I being in their Power & no body to asist me, and 
being taken by them, I was afraid to Contradict or oppose 
them in any Degree for fear they would Carry me away & 
Strip my Family of every thing. I went with them to the 
Shore and they Killed my Steers and picked the Ruff Tal- 
low, which they gave me and the Hides — & they carried 
the meat away and said they would send me the pay as tliey 
proposed but never paid me one farthing for the Meat, and 
all I had was the Hides — & a few pounds of Ruff Tallow. 
They, the man of Warr's Men — went on Fisherman's 
Island & took the Sheep from thence and Some Hay and I 
heard that they paid the man that lived on said Island Viz 

M"" Roberson for part, & then took the rest without pay 

which was hard on him as well as me, but both of us was in 
their Power and none could help us — Then on the fourth 
or 5''^ day of September 1777 — I was taken by a Wiirrant 
from W"' M'^Cobb for Trading with the Men of War. And 
on the 6"* of September 1777 — I was Conmiitted to Pownal- 
boro Goal, and my Wife a very weakly Woman and four 
small children left to save & get what we liad on & in the 
Ground for the Winter, and they depended much on the 
Fish I ketched in my Cannoo for the Support of my Family 
— for we had but little Bread or Meat and often without 
any — 

And by the Construction of the Law, as the Justice Says 
I cant be admitted to Bail. I am a Very Poor man and have 
a poor disti'essed Family & my Wife very weak and they 
want my Help very much for their Support, and to lay Here 
in Goal Confined upon charge for a Cold & Tedious winter 
is Cruel & Hard which I never can pay — & the Cliarge of 
the Justice &c, for Carrying me to Goal is <£3. 19.. 6 lawful 
money — & to lay here in Goal all winter & till Next June 
for doing that which I could not lielp nor no other man if in 


such a situation as I was, I never did any thing against Law 
or against the Country, hut am wilhng to submit too & Keep 
all the Laws that shall come to my Knowledge. I therefore 
most Humbly Pray your Honors to take me, and my dis- 
tressed Family's Circumstances into your Wise Consideration 
and Release me from my great Distress and Confinement and 
Charges, and as in Duty Bound I shall ever pray — 

Clark Linneken 
Pownalboro Goal October 18"> 1777 

Mechias Oct. 20*'^ 1777 
Whereas on fryday Night the 17*'' Inst, a moose skin belong- 
ing to the states was stolen from an Indian who had Received 
it to worke it up for the Use of the Troops stationed here 
after much serch the same was found in the Back Yard 
belonging to Stephen Jones of Mechias County of Lincoln 
Esq'' who acknowledges he had purchased it from Another 
Indian who stole the skin for which he Let him have a bot- 
tle of Rum Contrary to the Resolves of the Honble The 
General Court & the many severe Injunctions Issued by the 
Super Intendent — 

Therefore these are to Request you to Grant a Summons 
for said Jones to appear at the place you may appoint to 
answer the said Complamt for the offence, — for and in 
behalf of John Allan Esq"^ Superintendent of Indians Eastern 

Department — 

Lew* Fred'' DeLesdernier J P 

A True Coppy Attest Ja* Avery 

Lincoln Ss: Mechias Octo. 20*" 1777 

In Consiquence of a Complaint made by Lew' F. De 
Lesdernier for and In behalf of John Allan Esq' Superen- 


tendent for Indians Eastern Departmt. against Stephen 
Jones Esq'' for Buying a moose skin of an Indian who stole 
It / Belonging to the State, & Supplying the Indians with 
Rum for the Same, — a Summons was Issued for said Jones 
to appear at the House of David Longfellows Immediately — 

W" Tupper Constable returned the Summons, said Jones 
not being to be found. — fit Ten oClock the said Jones not 
appearing the following Depositions were Taken — 

The Deposition of John Preble Cap* of a Company of 
Indians stationed at Mechias, Being Duly Sworn, — Testi- 
fieth & Sayeth that on the 17*^ Ins*^ he went with Colo. 
Allan & an Indian in serch of a moose Skin, belonging to the 
State, which was Stolen, that they went into M'' Jone's Back 
Yard, that they found a moose Skin which the Indian 
Declared in a very Solemn manner was the same Skin 
Deliverd him to work up for the States Service, which was 
stolen from him. — and that said Jones Confessed he rec'^ the 
Skin from an Indian Named Jean Battest Foreleg, & that he 
Gave the Indian a bottle of Rum on ace* of said Skin, — & 
further he Sayeth Not. — 

Lincoln Ss : Examined & Sworn at Mechias this 20*'' Day 
of Octo'' 1777 Before me Benj* Foster Jus: Pea: — 

The Deposition of Jones Earns worth of Lawfull Age 
Testifieth upon Oath, & Sayeth, some time last fryday being 
the 17*'' Ins* He went into Esq"^ Jones House and Asked said 
Jones to sell him a Mug of Toddy, Said Jones answer to him 
was that he had Just sold the last and all the Rum he 
had, — and seeing an Indian Squaw come out of the Shop 
with him the said Jones, the Deponent Concluded that the 
Squaw had bought the Last of the Rum, but a few minutes 
before, — Sworn before me this 20*" Day of Oct. 1777 

Benj'* Foster Jus: Pea: 

The Deposition of Joseph Averll Serj* in Cap* Wests 
Company. This Deponent being Duly Sworn, Testifieth & 


Sayth, that on Fryday afternoon being Call'd by Col Allan, 
to an Inclosure belonging to Esq"^ Jones he saw a moose Skin 
that was spread to Dr}', that he was Desired to take notice 
of the same — he was ordered to Desire Serj* Milbury to 
place a Gentry over said Skin to prevent any Indians from 
Taking it, he was further ordered to go to Esq' Jones and 
Tell him that a moose Skin, the property of the State which 
an Indian had to work up for the use of the Troops, was 
found in his Inclosure on his Premisses, which had been 
stolen by A Nother Indian. — 

He further Deposeth that he was present when Col Allan, 
Tax'd said Jones of having bought said Skin from the 
Indian that had stole it, — Esq"^ Jones said that the same 
Indian had, Brok Open his House During the late Disturb- 
ances, and took out a Keg of Rum, that he had made the 
Indian Own it, and that the Skin was brought him for satis- 
faction, and that seeing the Indians Candoche gave him one 
Quart Rum as an Equivalent for He thought the Skin 
overpaid the Rum taken with the Keg, — & further Sayeth 
Not. Joseph Averal 

Lincoln : Ss : Examined & Sworn at Mechias the 20*^^ 
Day of Oct. 1777 — Before me Benf Foster Jus: Pea: 

I said a Warrent to Take the Body of said Jones and then 
Adgourn'd — 

Lincoln Ss: Mechias Octo. 24'*' 1777 — By Virtue of a 
Warrent Issued against Stephen Jones Esq. he was this Day 
bro* before me, Two oClock the Court opend and Evidences 
being Call'd, the following Depositions were Taken — 

The Deposition of Amos Boynton of Mechias in the 
County of Lincoln being Duly Sworn Testifieth & Sayth, 
that on Fryday the *** Inst he was at wo}k with M"" Farns- 
worth on a Celler not far from Stephen Jones Dwelling 
House, and that he saw Jean Battest Forelegs an Indian 
have a Skin, which seemed to be wett, and Carry'd it into a 


I^ittle House, between where he was at Work & Said Jones 
House, — and saw the Indian Come out of the House soon 
after without it, & further Sayeth Not, — 

Amos Boynton — 

The Deposition of David Longfellows of Mechias in the 
County of Lincoln, being Duly Sworn Testifieth & Sayeth, 
that on Fry day the 17"^ Ins' he was to work for M^ Farns- 
worth on a Cellar not far from Stephen Jones Dwelling 
House, — that he saw Jean Battest Forelegs an Indian 
Carrying a moose Skin which seemed to be wett, and Carried 
it to a Small House between where he was at work & Said 
Jones House, & further Sayeth Not — 

David Longfellow 

The Deposition of Jonas Farns worth of Mechias in the 
County of Lincoln, being Duly Sworn, Testilieth & Sayeth, 
that on Fryday the 1^^^ Ins* he was at work on a celler with 
M"^ Longfellow & Boyenton, Not far from Stephen Jones 
Dwelling House — that M"^ Longfellow & M"^ Boyenton Told 
him they saw an Indian Carry a Moose Skin into Samuel 
Milburys House soon after which he the Depo* went into 
said House, & Saw a moose Skin laying in said House, which 
was wett, & looked if it had been into the water to Soak — 
that some time after Cap' Stephen Smith camo to him and 
inquired if he knew any thing about a moose skin that was 
stolen, and that he went with Capt Smith to Said House But 
Cou'd not see any thing of the Skin, & further Sayeth Not 

Jonas Farnsworth — 

The Deposition of Cap* Stephen Smith of Mechias in the 
County of Lincoln being Duly Sworn, Testifieth & Sayth, 
that on Fryday the 17"^ Ins' being at the Indian House with 
M' Allen, an Indian Named Ignace, seemed to be very much 
Concerned, and said he had Lost a Moose Skin which was 
given him to work up for the Troops, — and the Indian said 


that Jean Battest Forelegs, had got Two Bottles of Rum & 
that s*^ Ignace Immagined that said Battest had Stole the 
skin & Sold it for the Rum — that in the afternoon he went 
where M'' Farnsworth & David Longfellow was at work, and 
said Farnsworth told him he saw a wett moose skin in a 
small House Close by Stephen Jones Dwelling House, and 
said Farnsworth sent to the House with the Depo* — & 
Seemed to be surprised that the Skin was gone, — that he 
saw M' Delesdernier and Call'd him to assist him in looking 
for the Skin, & Coming by an Inclosure by said Jones House, 
He saw a moose Skin Spread to Dry, and that M"^ De Lesder- 
nier went & Call'd the Indian who had Lost the skin who 
Declared in a very Solemn manner, that the said skin was 
the self same Skin that he Lost & further Sayeth Not. — 

Stephen Smith 

The Deposition of Samuel Milbury Serjent in Cap' Wests 
Company Being Duly Sworn, Testifieth & Sayth, that on 
Fryday afternoon Serj' Averel came to him and Desired him 
to go to Col. Allen, that he went into M'' Jones Inclosure 
where he saw a moose skin, and an Indian said Jean Battest 
Forelegs had stole it from him, that Col. Allan, ordered him 
to put a Centry over s*^ skin till further orders, which was 
Accordingly Done — and in about Two hours after said 
Moose Skin was brought into the Guard House, & further 
Sayth Not 

Samuel Milbery 

Lincoln: Ss : Mechias Oct. 24*^ 1777 then appeared before 
me Amos Boynton David Longfellow, Jonas Farnsworth, 
Stephen Smith, & Samuel Milbury, & maketh oath to the 
foregoing Depositions by them Signed 

Before me Benj'' Foster Jus Pea : 

The Deposition of Ignace a Canadian Indian Lately Resi- 
dent at Penobscut, Being Duly Sworn on the Crucifix / pro- 


fessing Koiiian Catbolicism / Testifieth & Sayth / M'' De Les- 
dernier being Sworn Interpreter / that he rec'^ of Cap' Smith, 
Two IMoose skin to work up for Morgasons for the Troops, 
that he Puts them in a puddle of water to Soak, — that Next 
morning, he went to take out Said Skins — and that one of 
them bemg Missing, he Concluded it was Stolen and Jean 
Battest forelegs having a case bottle of Rum, he Concluded 
He was the Indian who stole it, &, being sent for he went 
Down to M'' Jones, & Going Into an Inclosure by the House, 
he there saw a Moose Skin, which was the self Same skin 
which was Stolen from him, — and this is the Skin Now pro- 
duced in Court, — & further Sayeth Not — 
Lincoln Ss : Mechias Examined & Sworn this 24'^ Day of 

Oct. 1777 — 

Before me Benj"^ Foster J. P. 

Stephen Jones the Deff' in this Cause pleads not Guilty, 
but Does not advance any thing in order to support his 
Defence, upon a Due Examination of the Evedances it 
appears that said Stephen Jones has Violated the Resolve of 
the General Court of tliis State in respect of supplying 
Indians with Sperituous Liquors, — therefore it is Adjudged 
that said Jones pay the sum of Forty Shillings with Costs, — 
and further it appears that he has been Guilty of the Crime 
of rece'« stolen goods the property of the State of the Massa- 
chusetts Bay, — It is adjudged that he Give Security for his 
appearance at the Court of General Sessions of the Peace to 
be held at Pownalborough the First Tuesday in June Next 
to answer such things as is alledged against him Respecting 
these Premises. — otherwise to be Committed to Goal-- 

Benj* Foster Jus : Pea : 
A True Coppy Attest Ja» Avery 

To the IIon*''*= the great and General Court of the State of 
Massachusetts Bay the Petition of tlie Subscribers, being 



Inhabitants of the West Precient in Pownalborough, and 
adjacent Humbly Sheweth 

That your Petitioners are members of the Episcopal church, 
that great part of them are French and Dutch Germans 
Protestants, who came into America in the years 1750 &o 
1751 etc., upon the Incouragment given by the Massachu- 
setts Government that they should enjoy their Religious 
Privileges. They beg further to represent that for Twenty 
years, last past they have enjoyed these privileges excepting 
only the year past. That they have constantly maintained a 
minister of the Episcopal church, with the assistance of the 
Society, and have constantly attended Public worship accord- 
ing to the rights of the church of England. That they have 
built themselves a church and have a church Gleab in the 
West precient of Pownalb" They further Represent that in 
the year 1773 the Town of Pownalboro' was divided into 
two precients by the Names of the East and West Precints, 
in the same year 1773 the West Preceint called a preceint 
meeting at which meeting the Votes of some of your 
Petitioners, and all who were at said meeting above 20 in 
Number were refused to be accepted for this Reason because 
they were Episcopalians. Your Petitioners immediately 
withdrew and never attended their meetings afterwards. On 
the 28'^^ of March 1776, The Congregationalists in the West 
Preceint ( being not more than Eight or Nine in Number 
that met) and Voted to Raise the Sum of X30 to hire — 
preaching in the year 1776, which they never did, except a 
transient Person now and then a clay. That the Assessors 
assessed your Petitioners by virtue of an Act of the 16'** of 
George the Second. They further Represent that the Col- 
lectors Viz : Samuel Emerson, & John Elbridge have taken 
every advantage ( and of some of those Persons who were 
Germans, and did not understand the Law in the English 
Language ) to distress them as well as others by giving them 


Notice to pay the Ministerial Tax and then distraining. 
They further dechire that by their being thus assessed by 
the minority of the Parish they are drove to great Streights, 
and must soon be ruined, as the minority under colour of 
law were determined to drive them to tlie last extremity. 
We further beg leave to Represent, that when the Act of 
16"' of George the Second was made, it was not Supposed 
that such a case could happen, when 7, 8 or 9 Congregation- 
lists should Vote away not only their own money but also 
the money of about thirty Episcopalians, and that to without 
and against their consent. We further declare that tho' the 
money taken from us is by a Law to be paid to our Pastor, 
whom we Su[)port & who will we make no doubt returne it 
to us again, yet it subjects us to be distrained upon, which 
is now our case & also make us pay for the taking our own 
money out of our own Pockets against our Consent to be 
put in again after the collectors and Treasurer have improved 
it for a long Time, before it can be got from them, which 
must be and is a great Trouble & cost to us as We may be 
obliged to go thro' a law suit to get it again. We further 
think that the Law aforementioned was designed to prevent 
Persons, from pretending to be of a Religion they were not 
of merely to get rid of paying Taxes. We further declare 
that it is the unalienable right of mankind to woi"ship the 
Supreme being according to the dictates of a Well informed 
Conscience, that no man can dispose of his Religion and 
much less can any person take it from him — That every 
Species of Taxing that takes away a man's Interest and at 
the same Time debars liim from assenting or discenting 
because of his Religious principles is persecutions and tends 
to force him to give up what the God of Nature never gave 
him a right to dispose of, tlie right of private Judgement, in 
matters of Religion, at a time wlien the Continent is con- 
tending for civil and religious Liberty. We are Sorry to 


have the Occasions of Petitioning the Hon^^^ Court upon so 
disagreeable a Subject as persecuting Persons who came 
from Germany upon the Faith of the Government of the 
Mass* Bay, that they sliould enjoy their Religious Principles, 
But the matter is of such consequence to us that our all is 
depending as the Collectors distrain and Sell our Goods at 
half price & make us pay the Costs. We therefore humbly 
pray that the Hon^^® Court would take the matter into con- 
sideration & pass an Act that all Episcopalians who pay a 
minister may be freed from being assessed or Taxed in any 
parish for ministerial Rates, and that tlie collectors be 
ordered to returne all the moneys so distrained & Received 
from us the respective Persons, from whom he took them 
with the charges & Damages or otherwise Give us such 
relief as the Court in their Wisdom shall think proper & as 
in duty bound shall ever pray. 
Pownalboro' West precient 

N. B. The Congregationals in the West precient of Pownal- 
boro' never hath been imbodied into a church etc. to this day. 
Samuel Goodwin Edmund Doherty Michael Stilphen 


Martin X Healey John Cottin Goskin Loves Houdlette 


David Bailey Sam^ Goodwin J*^ John Johnson 

John Parks Peter Pochard William Bourke 

George Mayer Philip Mayer George Goud 


Daniel Malbone Jn" X Pochard Charles Erlain Houdlette 


George Stilphen Cornelius Stilphen Jean George Goud 
Richard Callihan Christopher Jakins Robert Tycross 
Josanna Janb pro go Luda Capman Main 

In Council April 29, 1777. 

Ordered that the Petitioner notify the Inhabitants of the 
West Precient in Pownalborough by leaving a Copy of this 
Petition & Order hereon with the Precient Clerk of Said 
West Parish thirty Days at least before the Second Tuesday 


in July next, that they may sliew Cause ( if any they have ) 
before the General Court of this State of their setting and in 
Case the Said Court shall not be then setting on the Second 
Tuesday of their meeting after that time wherefore the 
Pi-aj^er of the Said Petition should not be granted. 
Sent down for Concurrence 

Jn° Avery Dp^ Secy. 

In the House of Representatives Apl. 29, 177Y 

Read & Concurred. 
A true copy Sam'l Freeman Sp^ Pro. Tern. 

Attest Jn° Avery Dpy Secy 

By virtue of the within Order of the Great and General 
Court, I, Charles Callahan, one of the Episcopal Church of 
pownalborough in the West Preceinct, and one of the Vestry 
did on the V^ Day of June 1777, Deliver'd to Charles Gush- 
ing Esq'' clerk of the West Precienct of the town of pownal- 
borough as we are informed, A copy of the within petition 
and order thereon before Christopher Tackin another of the 
Vestrymen — Charles Callahan. 

In Council July 8, 1777 Ordered that the Consideration 
of the within Petition be referred to the Second Tuesday of 
the next Setting of the General Court — 
Sent down for Concurrence 

Jn° Avery Dpy Secy. 

In the House of Representatives July 8, 1777. 

Read & concurr'd R T. Paine, Sp*" pro tem. 

In Council October y'' 21, 1777 Ordered tliat the considera- 
tion of the within Petition & the Papers accompanying the 
same be referred to the Second Tuesday of the next Setting 
of the General Court. 

Sent down for Concurrence 

Jn*' Avery D^ Secy. 
In the House of Representatives Oct. 21, 1777 

Read & Concurr'd J. Warren Spk"^ 


Falmouth 21 0«' 1777. 

when y" was at Fahiiouth shipping some Wines to your 

place your had a gundelo of mine w^ they partly loaded w*^^ 

Ballist left her along side of the Wharf the Gundelo, filP 

los* her Oars & was much Damag'^ tlie Ace* you have Inclos'* 

w^ sum youl please remit by the first Opp'^ — I am w*'^ 

respec* your m° II Serv* 

CoW Glover Pearson Jones 

State of Massachusetts Bay. 

In the House of Representatives Octo"" 22 1777 — 
Resolved, That the East precinct in the Town of Pownal- 
borough, be and hereby is impowered to Call a Meeting of 
The freeholders and other Inhabitants of s*^ precinct. Quali- 
fied by Law to Vote in Town affairs ) to Choose a CoUecter 
in the Stead of Roger Smith who was Chosen by S*^ precinct 
in March A D 1775 One of the Collectors of s^ Precinct and 
who afterwards Refused to Serve, by fully impowering Such 
Collecter who Shall be Chosen at s*^ Meeting in stead of s*^ 
Smith, to Collect all Such Taxes as remain uncollected by 
Reason of the s*^ Smith's Refusing to Serve ; And to do all 
Other Matters which a Collecter Chosen at the Anual Meet- 
ing in the Month of March Might legally do — 

Sent up for Concurrence J Warren Spkr 

In Council Oct* 11^ 1777 

Read & Concurred Jn° Avery D^ Sec^ 

Consented to 

Jer Powell A Ward R Derby 

John Whitcomb John Taylor S Hoi ten 

B White Benj Austin A Fuller 

Jabez Fisher Josiah Stone D Hopkins 

Tim° Edwards D Sewall N. Gushing 


State of Massachusetts Bay 

In the House of Representatives Octo. 23'^'* 1777 
Resolved, that the Board of War be and they hereby are 
directed to deliver to Charles Phelphs Esq' Two hundred 
bushels of Salt for the Use of the Inhabitants of the Towns 
of Brattleborough, New Marlborough, Fullam, Guilford, 
Townsend, and Cumberland, he paying for the same the 
Current Price 

Sent up for Concurrence J. Warren Spk'' 

In Council Octo. 23'^ 1777 

Read & Concurred John Avery Dp^ Secy 

A True Copy Attest Jn° Avery D^ Sec^ 

State of Massachusetts Bay 
In the House of Representatives Oc' 1777 

Whereas it appears upon examination of the count}^ Treas- 
urer's Accounts for the county of Lincoln that all the Money 
granted and allow'd by the Court of General Sessions of the 
Peace for said county from Sept 1772 to June 1774, were 
for such purposes and appropriations as the Law empowered 
the said Court to grant — and the Ballance due to the 
County is one hundred Sixty pounds four shillings & three 
pence Therefore Resolved that the said account be allowed 
Sent up for Concurrence 

In Council Oct' 23, 1777 
Read & Concurred 

J Warren Spkr 

Jn** Avery D^ Sec^ 

Consented to 

Jer Powell A. Ward R. Derby 

John Wliitcomb John Taylor S Ilolten 

H Gardner D Hopkins S Sewall 

N. Gushing A Fuller B White 

Jabez Fisher Josiah Stone Oliver Prescott 


To the honorable Council and the Hon. House of Represen- 
tatives of the State of Massachusetts Bay 

Humbly Sheweth William Gardner of Gardnerston in the 
County of Lincoln, that your Petitioner at a Court of Special 
Sessions of the Peace held at Pownalborough in the County 
afore sd on the 16^^ Day of September last was tried and 
found guilty of counteracting the united Struggles of the 
States of America, and of being so inimically disposed 
towards the States that his future Residence therein would 
be dangerous to the publick Peace & Safety, and in Conse- 
quence thereof is sent to the Board of War by them to be 
confined in a Guard Ship ; from which Sentence, as there is 
no Appeal from s*^ Court, your Petitioner prays to be relieved 
by this honorable Court for the Reasons following, viz 
1. The Persons who carried on the Prosecution against 
your Petitioner were actuated by private Pique & Revenge 
on account of an old Grudge, which had long subsisted 
between them, & that he was condemned for speaking 
against the conduct of certain individuals and not against the 
Justice of the Cause in which we are engaged. 
2^y The Jurors for the Trial afore s*^^ were not chosen in the 
Manner petit Jurors for the superior Court are chosen, & 
drawn from the same Box, as by Law they ought to have 
been but the Manner of choosing them & the Proceedings of 
the Court were intirely irregular and against Law. 
3^y Your Petitioner was unacquainted with the Law by which 
he was condemned, and could not procure an Attorney to 
speak for him — he had engaged an Attorney to conduct his 
Business at s*^ Trial, but the Evening before the Trial was to 
come on, he declared that he was afraid of future Conse- 
quences, which would attend his speaking in said Cause, and 
refused to fulfil his Engagement, All which your Petitioner 
would be able to verify, if this honorable Court would enable 
him to procure his Witnesses. He has petitioned the gen- 



eral Court for the Purpose afore^*^, and the s'^ Court chose a 

Committee to examine the Matter & tho' the Facts alledged 

in this Petition appeared to them to be true; yet by Reason 

of your Petitioner's not having his Witnesses present, nor 

Deposition reguhirly taken, the s*^ Committee did not think 

proper to order a new Trial. Your Petitioner tlierefore 

humbly prays tliis honorable Court to permit him ( he giving 

Security to the Board of War ) to return Home, and procure 

such Depositions as shall be necessary to prove the Facts 

afore s'\ and authorise some Justice of the Peace to take 

them and grant your Petitioner a legal & impartial Trial. 

And as in Duty bound will ever pray 

W'" Gardner 
In Council Oct^ 24, 1777 

Read & Sent down 

Jn° Avery D^ Sec^ 

In the House of Representatives Oct. 24, 1777 

Read and Ordered that the Hon^^ Council Act thereon as to 

them may seem fit 

Sent up for Concurrence 

R T Paine Spkr pr temp 
In Council Oct* 24, 1777 

Read & Concurred 

Consented to — 

Jer Powell A Ward 

T Cushing H Gardner 

S Holtcn D Hopkins 

John Whitcomb Jabez Fisher 

D Sewall N Cusliing 
Oliver Prescott 

Jn° Avery D^ Sec^ 

R Derby 
John Taylor 
B White 
A Fuller 
J OS i all Stone 

State of Massachusetts Bay 

In the House of Representatives Oct" 24*'» 1777 
Resolved that the within Petitioner Claik liinnckeii serve 


William M^Cobb Esq'' with a Copy of his Petition, and this 
Order thereon that he may make Answer in Writing if he 
thinks proper, at the next Meeting of this Court, why the 
Prayer of said Petition shall not be granted — and in the 
mean time said M'^Cobb is hereby permitted if he shall judge 
it expedient to admit the within Petitioner to Bail on Suffic- 
ient Sureties, 

Sent up for Concurrence 

R. T. Paine Spk. P. T. 

In Council Ocf^ 24^'^ 1777 — 

Read & Concurred John Avery D^ S^ 

A True Copy Attest Jn° Avery Dy Sec^ 

Booth bay Novmbr 11, 1777 Served the within to will"" 
McCobb Esq' by a Coppy 

James Fullerton 

Received this back again from Capt James Fullerton the 
S'l December 1777 

Invoice of Sundrys supply*^ Stephen Smith Esq'' Commis^ & 
Truckmaster for the Indians, and for Troops raised by order 
of Court for the Defence of Machias & the Eastern parts By 
the Board of War for the State of Massachusetts Bay, 1777. 
Here follows a list of provisions, clothing, military stores 
& general supplies. 

State of the Massachusetts Bay 
To the Honorable Council of said State — The Petition of 
John Martin Schaffers of Waldoborough — Humbly Shews 

That he is in great Want of Three of the Hessian or 
Brunswick Prisoners, One for himself. One for Waterman 


Thomas Esq"" & One for Captain Andrew Sliench therefore 
Prays he may have them on the usual Terms 
And as in Duty bound Shall Ever Pray 

John Martin Scliaffer 
Boston 25*'^ Octo'- 1777 

In Council Oct* 25' 1777 Read & Ordered that the Com- 
missary of Prisoners be and he hereby is directed to deliver 
John Martin Schaffer three of the German Prisoners as soon 
as any shall be discharged from work on Governours Island 
to be employed as Servants — if they should consent thereto 
— said Schaffer engaging to support them and to allow them 
reasonable wages for their Labour and to return them when 
the Council of this State shall call for them & to pay the 
Expence of carrying them — - The said Commissary to take a 
Receipt of the said Schaffer for that Purpose — 

Jn° Avery D^ Secy 

Lincoln Ss : Memo'"" 

That on the Twenty fifth Day of Oct"^ in the year of our 
Lord 1777 Personly appeared before me Benjamin Foster 
Esq. one of the Justices of the Peace for tlje County of Lin- 
coln aforesaid, — Stephen Jones of Machias aforesaid Esq' 
Job Burnam & Daniel Meservy both of Machias aforesaid 
and Acknowledged themselves to be severally indebted unto 
the Gov* & people of the State of Massachusetts Bay, in the 
respective sums following Viz. — the said Stephen Jones 
Principal in the sum of Twenty Pounds, — and the said 
Job Burnam & Daniel Messervy sureties in the sum of Ten 
Pounds lijuth. to be levied on their Goods or Chatties, Lands 
or Tenements, and in want thereof upon their Bodies, to the 
use of the said Gov* & people aforesaid, if Default be made 
in tlie Peformance of tliu Coiulitiou lieic uiidcrwiitt(!n. — 


The Condition of tlie above Written Recognizance is such, 
tliiit if the above named Stephen Jones shall and do pros- 
ecute an appeal by him made from a Judgment Given against 
the said Stephen Jones for a Breech of the Resolve of the 
Honble Gen^ Court, of the State aforesaid, for supplying the 
Indians with spiritious Liquors, in five actions for the sum 
of Eleven pounds Seven Shillings & Eight pence for Fine, 
& Costs of Suit, at the Next Court of General Sessions of 
the Peace to be holden at Pownalborough for the County 
of Lincoln Aforesaid, witli Effect — Then the above written 
Recognizance to be Void Otherwise to abide in full force, 
Power, Virtue 

Benj* Foster Jus : Peas. 
A True Coppy Attest Ja^ Avery 

Lincoln, Ss: Stephen Jones Principle £20 

Job Burnam ) 

Tx 1 ^r ? Sureteys, XIO — each 

Dan' Meservey I "^ 

Be it Remembered that on the 25*^ Day of Octob' in the 
Year of Our Lord one Thousand Seven Hundred & Seventy 
Seven. Personally Appear'd Before me, Benj^ Foster Esq' 
one of the Justices Assigned to keep the peace of Said 
County, Stephen Jones Esq"^ of Mechias County Aforesaid, 
and Job Burnam of said Mechias Innholder and Daniel 
Meservey of Mechias aforesaid, Acknowledge themselves to 
be Justly and Truly Indebted to the Government and people 
of the State of the Massachusetts Bay, That is to say 
Stephen Jones in the Sura of Twenty Pounds Current 
Money of the State aforesaid. Jobe Burnum in the sum of 
Ten pounds & Daniel Meservey in the Sum of Ten pounds. 
To Be Levied on their Respective Goods & Chatles Lands 
& Tennements and in want thereof on their Bodys for the 


Use of the Government & people of the State of the Massa- 
chusetts Bay if Default Be Made in the Under Written 
Conditions — 

The Condition of this Recognisance is Sucli, that Whereas 
a Complaint lias been Made by Lew* Frederick Delesdernier 
for and hi behalf of John Allan Esq"" Superintendent of 
Indians Eastern Department, against the above Bounded 
Stephen Jones, for having received from an Indian a IMoose 
Skin, the property of the State Aforesaid which was Stolen, 
in Lieu of which Said Jones Gave the Said Indian, Rum 
Contrary to the Resolve of the Honorable the General Court 
of the State Aforesaid — 

Now if the Said Stephen Jones shall personally Appear 
before the Worsliipfull Bench of Justices in the General 
Sessions of the Peace to be holden at Pownalborough in and 
for the County Aforesaid, on the first Tuesday of June Next, 
And there Answer to Such things as are Alledged against 
him Concerning the premises, & in the Mean time Be of 
Good Beheavour to all tlie Subjects of the United States 
of America then the Above Recognisance to be Void & of 
None Effect. Otherwise to Remain in full Force and 
Virtue — 

Taken & acknowledged the Day & Year aforesaid Before 
me Benj'' Foster Jus : Pea: 

A True Coppy Attest Ja" Avery 

T(j tlie Hon^''® Jonathan Bowman Kmf Judge of Probate of 

Wills &c for the County of Lincoln &c — 
Sir, — Wc tlic Subscribers being the major part of the Select- 
men of Pownalboro hereby Certify your Honor that Charles 
Callahan late of said Pownalborough Gent, has absented 
Iiimsclf for more than thrcje Months from his habitation & 
has left Estate Real and }jei'sonal to the valu<! of more than 


Twenty pounds within said Town and from the best Intelli- 
gence we can obtain we verily believe the said Charles 
Callahan went voluntarily to our Enemies and is still absent 
from his usual place of abode & without this State with o\ir 
Enemies — Given under our hands this 26 day of October 
A D 1777 

Edmund Bridge ) 

A c -i-i / Selectmen of Pownalboro' 

Asa Smith i 

A True Copy att. RoP Gushing Reg' 

Tlie Committee on the message of the Hon''^^ Council of 
the 27"' of this instant, and the papers accompanying the 
same, take leave to report, that it will be impossible to give 
any direction respecting the conduct of Stephen Jones, 
(Complained of in the Petition of James Avery ) in supply- 
ing the Indians with spirituous liquors, before the sitting of 
the Court at Pownalborough, to which said Jones has 
appealed, — that Col° Allen has given intimations of his 
intention to be soon at this place, — and therefore, that the 
Petition of James Avery, and papers relating to Machias 
lay on the table, till said Allen's arrival. 

I the subscriber Certify & am ready to confirm y^ truth of 
y® following on Oath That when Colonel Josiah Brewer came 
from y® westward with stores for y® use of y® distressed peo- 
ple of Penobscot, sent to their relief by the Massachusetts 
Bay State : He called a meeting of y® inhabitants of this place, 
& informed them of the stores he had brought down for 
them: But required obligations signed jointly & severally, 
for the cost & pay of them. Objections was made against 
general Obligations, and he was advised to keep them him- 


self, until he received the worth of them from such as took 
them, which was voted in the meeting, because no other 
method could be improved to procure them. One Charles 
Blagdon told Colonel Brewer in my hearing, he sent for his 
part of the stores & did not desire them without the pay, but 
could not get them, & several others a^ the same 

Robert ^PCurdy 

Penobscot Nov^ 3, 1777 
Nicholas Crosbey Being of Lawfull age testifieth and 
saith he was att penobscot State truck house & he heard Sev- 
eral people discorsing Concerning Col" Josiah Brewer L' Col" 
Jona''^ Lewder & Leut andrew Gilman, being Sent for to the 
General Cort att Boston. Col" Lowder af^'^ Replys if they 
did not Receive a coppy By the time that was appointed they 
Should have a good Excuse not to go up or not be obliged to 
go he further saith he told Col Lowder he See the papers 
the General Cort Sent down, 

Nicholas Crosby 
N. B. Luit Col" Lowder & Let Andrew Gilman went To 
Mechias Nov the S''^ 

Whereas my Sloop Brought Down the Stores that was sent 
by the State of Massachusetts Bay said Stores that Belonged 
to the uper Destrick was landed att Col" Josiah Brewers all 
except thirty four Bushels of Salt which was brought back 
to my Store : which is about twenty miles down, Said River 
and delivered to Col" Johanathan Lowders fishermen, by 
Said Lowdcirs orders 

Jonathan Buck 

We the subscribers certify and are ready to make oath to 
the trutli of the following. That when Colonel Josiah Brewer 
came from the westward with stores for the use of the dis- 
tressed people of Penobscot, sent to their relief by the M'ls- 
sachusetts Bay State. lie called a meeting of tlie inhabitants 


of this place, and informed them of the stores he had brought 

down for them: but required obhgations signed jointly & 

severally for the cost, and pay for them. Objections was 

made against general obligations, and he was advised to keep 

them himself, until he received the worth of them of such as 

took them ; which was voted in the meeting, because no other 

method beside general obligations could be improved to 

procure them 

Moses Wentworth 

Robert M^Curdey 

Peter Sangster 

Joseph Avy 

We the subscribers jointly & severally testiiieth & saith, 
That att Penobscott on the 5'^ Day of November 1777. In 
our presence & hearing M"" Benjamin Wheeler of the Place 
afores*^ Presented a number of persons, with written declara- 
tions to Josiah Brewer Esq"" to administer their oaths for the 
truth of them : He read the papers & utterly refused swear- 
ing them ; it was proposed for two Gent" to write the cap- 
tions to them, which would prevent his loosing any time. 
But he refused this also. Mr. Wheeler immediately made a 
tender of the money, & demanded by law, that he would 
swear them. But he still refused, and said he would do no 
business out of his own house, tho at y** same time he swore 
some evidences for CoP Goldthwait &c &c. Mr. Wheeler 
replied, The evidences would be scattered, living at a dis- 
tance, & some of them was going to the Westward, & there- 
fore there was special meeting to sware them, but he refused 
to sware them. Pett" Wheeler then told him, he was ready 
to deliver him some papers from y* General Court, he 
answered, that he should come back in three days, and then 
he would receive them, but would not tarry. M'' Wheeler 


then run ont of the House, and called to L* Col" Jon^ Low- 
der, & Cap* Gillman, who was then near at hand waiting for 
CoP Brewers return, to come up & hear them & read them. 
But they would not come, & went off as it was said to 
Mechias, to the truth of which we are ready to make oath as 
witness our hands, at Penobscot 

Robert IVPCurdey Samuel Low 
Moses Wentworth Caleb Goodwin 

N. B. Cap* McCurdy forgets M"" Wheelers calling to Col° 
Lowder & Cap* Gillman as he was in the House at that time 
& in company. M"" Samuel Low has forgot this part with 
Captain ]\LCurdy. 

Memorandum, Col" Brewer swore me, viz Caleb Godwin 
at the same time in another case. — 

Caleb Goodin the deponent saith, that he went personally 
to Colonol Josiah Brewer, and requested some stores for M"^* 
Blake, Avho had a family of small children, living only upon 
the charity of the people, and iier husband at that time in the 
Continental army : which Colonol Brewer knew. I requested 
her part of the provisions of Colonol Brewer for her use, 
informing him of her circumstances : but he utterly refused, 
and did not send her any relief, thougli she and her children 
was then suffering for the necessities of life. 

Caleb Goodwin 

We the subscriber Certify, and offer to give oath to the 
following. Tliat when Col" Brewer came from the West 
with stores, for the use of the Distressed People of Penob- 
scot, which was sent to their reUef by the Massachusetts Bay 
State. He called a meeting of the Inhabitants of this place, 
and Inform'd them of the Stores he had brought down for 
them : but required Obligations signed jointly and severally, 
for the Cost, and pay for them. Objections was made against 
general Obligations, he was advised to keep them himself, 



until he received the worth of them of such as took them : 
which was voted in the meeting, because no other method 
besides General Obligations would be improved to procure 
them. It was moved in the Meeting b}' the Moderator, That 
People which received the stores. Should pay in boards at the 
rate of Eleven hundred for a thousand. Hogshead staves in 
the same manner &c. Which was to be dehvered either to 
Lt CoP Lowder, or Cap' Grant, and when they made the pay 
to them, their order would be sufficient for the delivery of the 
stores. This vote pas'd in the affirmative in the Meeting, 
because of the necessity of the people for the Provisions, 
which could not be procured on any other conditions ; to 
which vote as it stands related, neither Colonel Brewer, nor 
L* Col° Lowder made no objection. To which as related 
above, we solemnly aver the truth, as witness our hands, at 
Penobscot November the 5'^ 1777. 

Kenneth M^Kenzie 
Ehphalet Nichorson 

N. B. Lieu* CoP Lowder was clerk in the said meeting & 
Jedidiah Preble moderator 

We aver the truth of the Above, & further saith, the 
boards should be paid at Four Dollars a thousand & y^ mar- 
ket price for boards at that time was 1:6:8 at 10 hundred 

for a thousand 

Jedidiah Preble John Smart 

Jacob Lannett Andrew Webster 

To the Hon^^^ Council and House of Representatives of the 
State of the Massachusetts Bay, in their Convention at 
Boston &. &. &. 
The humble Petition of that Part of the Inhabitants of 

Penobscot River, embodied in a Regiment of Militia, whereof 

Josiah Brewer Esq' is Colonel. 


Which Craves leave humbly to shevi^, That the commons 
of the said Regiment, was never consulted, neither were 
knowing, neither approved of the divission of the Ancient 
regiment of Militia in this place : and did not so much as 
suspect, that any person or persons were studious in planning 
the s** divission, as hath taken place, where there are so small 
a number and so poor a people : neither were we let into the 
secret; our advice, & consent asked, which we expected in a 
matter of such importance: neither were we notified to make 
choice of such Gentlemen, whom we apprehend would have 
prosecuted the General tranquillity of the good, and faithful 
inhabitants of this river ; by reason of which divers griev- 
ances hath been produced to the detriment and discourage- 
ment of the inhabitants here. 

Therefore for present Redress, and for the Prevention of 
future evils. We the Inhabitants of this River, embodied in 
a Reg' of Militiaunder the command of Josiah Brewer afores'\ 
Request that Your Honours, from your known goodness, will 
return us to, and incorporate us with the Ancient Regiment, 
of which Jonathan Buck Esq"^ is Colonol. It was never 
agreeable to us, since his Appointment, to be seperated from 
him, under whose complaisent government, we have all 
possible assurance of unity and amity, which greatly pro- 
motes the happiness, and prosperity of such a people, that 
we are blessed with such affable, and laudable examples, & 
promoters of the good of all people for whom they are con- 
cerned, and with whom they are connected, and we are the 
more intence, & engaged in the above request; as we acer- 
tained of his zeal, and Faithfulness to preserve and defend 
the States, without oppressing those whom he commands. 

We crave leave to show, tliat One Regiment is sulhcient 
for this place, and a multitude of officers, lessens tlic number 
of piivates; so that thci'c not being sulhcient conunands luire 
for all of them, they can with honour refuse exposing them- 



selves ill case of danger ; by which means, such can avoid 
the inconveniences, and dangers of the war; which is injuri- 
ous to the United States of all North America. 

Your Honours petitioners present & submits their above 
request, hoping you will grant their request, and as in Duty 
bound, shall ever pray 

Penobscot November the 5th 1777 
Benjamin Higgins John Smart Isaac Hopkins 


Charles X Blackdon Ehsha Grant Kenneth M'^Kenzie 


Eliphalet Neil Jonathan pars Eliphalet Nickerson 

Gustavus Swan Andrew Webster Jun'' Jacob Dinnett 

Thomas Campbell Cap* Robert Treat Secn'^ Lef° 
Andrew Grant Capt Moses Wentworth Henry Kenney 
Nathaniel mayhew Joshua Couillard 
James Grant 

Samuel killam 

Joseph Carter Senr 


John O Salley 


James Philbrock 
peter Sangster 
Ephraim Downes 
John Pierce 
Jean Cluley leiu* 
Joshua Treat jun 
Robert M« Cordey 
Archeleus Harding 

Eben Crosby 

Ichabod colsou 
Edward Smith 

James CoUings 
Benj" Shute Capt 

Ephrm Grant 
Simeon Gorton 

William Sullivan 

Stephen Bysell Joseph Avy 

William Lunnt [?] James Duning 

Lieut Henry Black 
Ralph Deverex 
Benjamin Smith 
Joshia Burley 
Silas Harthorn Jun'' 
Ephr"' Grant 

Adam Grant 

John Couillard 
Daniel Lancaster 


Jacob X Clearford 


Joseph pumroy 
Josh'* Treat 
Edmund Smith 
Zetham French 
Joshua E Ayr 
John Chisam 


Goodwin X Grant 


Samuel Rogers 
Daniel Good en 


Daniel X warren 


Simon Smith 

We the subscribers. Hereby solemnly declare, that Col° 
Josiah Brewer Refused delivering us our proportion of salt, 


which was sent down by the Province for the relief of the 

distressed people of Penobscot, & never received any molassoes, 

but after y® Petition went from this place to Court, then 

CoP Brewer delivered the salt to us, for which we paid the 


John Smart 

Penobscot November the 7th 1777. Jacob Dennett 

Jedidiah Preble's Evidence. 

The Deposition of Jedidiah Preble Jun'' of Lawful age tes- 
tifieth & saith, That some time in September Last the Depo- 
nent went in Company with L* Col° Lowder in the Province 
boat, with a number of Soldiers, to Guard one Patrick Bow, 
who was then a prisoner, on Board said Boat, for being 
Detected for stealing a Quantity of Beaver out of the Truck 
House, and sundry merchandise : Col" Lowder delivered said 
prisoner over to Josiah Brewer Esq'', together with a Com- 
plaint of his Crime, in order for Trial ( as I thought ) M'' 
Justice Brewer reading the Complaint, He -observes to the 
Deponent, That in case he should proceed to the Trial, He, 
and CoP Lowder, would Loose a Considerable Sum of 
Money : for he would not try the said Prisoner, but nuist 
Bind him over to the Sessions and then he would only be 
punished according to Law. He considers or pauses, a little 
time, and tlien saith to the Deponent, and asked me, Have 
you not got Orders to Inlist men into the Continental Service 
from Lieut Ulmore? The Deponent told him lie liad, But 
did not think Lieut Llmore would be willing to Inlist so bad 
a fellow into the service. M'' Justice Brewer answered, He 
made no doubt he would receive him. JVP Justice then pro- 
ceeded to Settle the Affair with the Prisoner, in manner fol- 
lowing viz. Cast up the Articles he Stole, which ( I (liiiik ) 


amounted to Fifteen pounds Twelve shillings & Four pence. 
He then added Three times that sum, which amounted to 
Sixty Two Pounds, Nine shillings & Four pence ; and then 
told the prisoner If he would pay that sum of Money, He 
should be discharged. Tlie Prisoner told him He was willing 
to do anything he desired to procure his liberty. Col° Brewer 
Esq'' Replyed, If he would sign the Deponents Inlistment, 
and Give Him an Order upon Lieu* Ulmore for his Bounty 
to the amount of that Sum ; and Give his Note of Hand for 
the Same sum; he should be discharged from his Accusation. 
All which the Prisoner readily complied with, & it was Set- 
tled in this Manner in the Deponent's Presence ; the prisoner 
was accordingly set at liberty. Colonol Brewer Esq"^ said to 
me before he finished this affair, as foUoweth viz. You know, 
if I settle the affair, without Connnitting the Prisoner to 
Gail, It will be a considerable advantage to me and Col° 
Lowder, which the Deponent understood, would be equally 
divided between them, as They were in partnership respect- 
ing the Truck trade. The Deponent further saith. That this 
Patrick Bow, Deserted from the Regulars to our Assistance 
(as he understood), and Inlisted into the Guard at Penob- 
scot under Col'' Brewer afores**, and was a soldier in the said 
Guard at the time he was made prisoner. — And further saith 


Jedidiah Preble Ju'' 
Penobscot November the 8"' 1777 

Charles Blagdon the Deponent testifieth and saith. That I 
and my family was in great distress for bread, and I went to 
Col° Josiah Brewer to procure some of the Province Corn, 
Salt, &; molassoes, and took a large, good, bull Moose skin 
with me, to purchase these stores with. But Col° Brewer 
would give me no more than five peck of Indian corn ; and 
by reason of my pressing famishing necessity, I was con- 


strained to let the s'^ skin go for so small a purchase ; and I 
never received any other of the stores of Col" Brewer, which 
belonged to the Province, th6 I certified my necessity to him, 
and he said, lie would not take lumber for them, & therefore 
received no more of the stores, which I aver is the truth, as 
witness my hand at Penobscot this 8th day of November 


Test Charles X Blagdon 

John Herbert '""'^ 

Simeon Gorton of lawful age testifietli & saith, That he 
was in necessity of corn & salt & molassoes, applied to M'' 
Benj. Wheeler of Penobscot for relief, who told him he hud 
not wherewith to supply his necessity. But pausing a little 
time said, As your circumstances are difficult, I will give you 
an order, & money, & go to Col° Brewer, & take my part of 
the stores, y^ Province sent down for the Relief of y*^ people 
&c &c. I took the Order from under his hand, with the 
money, & went to Col° Brewer, delivering y® Order to him, 
& offering him y^ money for the stores, Col° Brewer reading 
y* Order Refused it for the following reason viz. because it 
should have said. The stores sent to Penobscot by y® Massa- 
chusetts Bay State, & he gave me y® order again. — I then 
immediately returned y® Order to IVP Wheeler aforesaid, who 
wrote me a substitute one, I went back to Col** Brewer y® 
second time for y® stores, But he reading y^ Order as before 
had no Objection against it ; but replied. Your family is but 
small, & I will not deliver them to you, others have more 
need of them, & they shall have them, & gave me y^ order, 
saying. You should have brought a receipt with you to deliver 
to me on receiving y^ stores ; for which reason I will not let 
you have them. I answered, There is y^ Order, & I will sign 
a receipt for them consonant with y'' Order, & that was sufli- 
cient to justify his delivering them to me But he utterly 


refused y^ delivery of y^ said stores, or any part of them to 
me. Upon which I tendered him the money for the stores, 
which he also refused. Upon which I came away without 
any part of them, after I had spent more time than to have 
purchased an equal quantity if they were to be procured 
anywhere else. Given under my hand at Penobscot Novem- 
ber the 10^'> 1777 

Simeon Gorton 

Joshua Ayr of Lawful age testiiieth & saith, that some 
time in last May ( according to my memory ) the Deponant 
applied to L* Col° Jon^ Lowder for his proportion of Corn, 
Salt & Mollasoes, sent by y® State of y® Massachusetts Bay ; 
for the Support of y® distressed people of Penobscot. He 
answered me & said I staid too long, & should have none : 
for it was gone, & he was not obliged to keep it for me. 
The Deponant said, he could not come for it before he had 
the money to pay for it, & that he now had Silver money to 
pay for it, & requested the Corn, Salt, & Molassoes, as he 
had y'^ silver to pay for them. Upon which he said, what 
stores he had, he purchased with his money, & the Province 
Corn, Salt, & Molassoes was gone, adding the Deponant 
should have come sooner, Upon which I replied. He refused 
to deliver them to me before I had the money to pay for 
them, and as soon as I could collect the money to pay for 
them, I applied for them. Upon which the Deponant went 
off. Col° Lowder sent L* Andrew Gillman after me, who 
brought me back to Col° Lowder, & he delivered six quarts 
to a person, & as I had ten in family he delivered me Sixty 
Quarts, for which I paid him ; but refused to let me have 
Corn or Molassoes ; of which Species I never received the 
least particle. The deponent asked Col° Lowder, whether y^ 
Court or he set a price upon y^ salt? He said, Twenty four 
shillings old tenor was all I should pay for it, and said he 
had been a benefit to the river in fetching stores into the 


River; but he never would again further than his own 
interest : Gods me ; if I do I'll be dam - d, and be made a 
stew-pye in hell. Lt CoP said not [ long ] after, That he did 
not value y^ hart all y® people of the River could do him, but 
would do that which is right in his own eyes, but said this 
respecting the false alarm. Reported from Oldtown by Lieu* 
Gillman, & Ensign Coburn which first alarmed y^ River, fur- 
ther the Deponent saith not, but avouches the truth of the 
above. In witness whereof y'' Deponant signs his hand at 
Penobscot November the 12, 1777 — 

Test John Herbert Joshua Ayr 

Nathanael Mahew of lawful age testifieth & saith, that he 
received Two Bushells of Indian Corn of the State stores of 
Col° Josiah Brewer viz. One Bushell for himself, & another 
for the Widow Rose, and dividing said Corn between them 
at home, it fell short One peck of corn of y® measure, & y* 
Deponant saith none of y® said Corn was taken out of y® bag, 
or otherwise wasted, for which he paid y® money. & y" Depo- 
nant solemnly avoweth y® truth of y® above, as witness my 
hand at Penobscot November y'^ 12. 1777. 

Test John Herbert Natlianiel Mayhew. 

Gustavus Swans Evidence. 

Gustavus Swan of lawful age testifieth & saith, That he 
was drafted for a minute man and CoP Brewer not long after 
came from Boston, »Sc brought with him a quantity of powdei-, 
sent by the Massachusetts Bay State, to supply his Regiment, 
Upon which I applied to Col" Brewer afores'^ for my propor- 
tion of y^ Powder. But he lefused to lee me have any of 
the s'^ powder, unless I would give him my note for Two 
dollars for one half a pound of Powder. Which I refused to 
do. And so left him. I remained without any of that pow- 


der until the generally conceived false alarm, at Ensign 
Coburns up the River : before w*^'* alarm there was a meeting 
here, & a petition was sent up to y^ General Court by M"^ 
Elihu Hews, w"" he did not present, After which petition, & 
false Alarm Cap' Grants company was called together, to 
appoint an alarm post, & deliver us powder. Then CoP 
Brewer told Cap* Grant to deliver the men half a pound of 
powder a man, & either take half a dollar in money, or a note 
of hand for that sum of such persons that received the pow- 
der of him. The Deponant further saith, that M"" Andrew 
Paterson, went with him in the same cannooe, to Col° Brewer, 
when he first applied to him for powder, but CoP Brewer 
demanding a Note of hand for Two Dollars for half a pound 
of powder of him, as he did of me, he refused the powder, as 
I had done, and we went off together. The truth of y® above 
I aver as on oath, November the 16. 1777. 

Gustavus Swan 

Grustavus Swan's Evidence. 

Gustavus Swan the Deponant of lawful age testifieth & 
saith. That Captain Jedidiah Preble came from Boston with 
sundry articles belonging to the Massachusetts Bay State 
( as I understood ) to supply the Indians at Penobscot, for 
furs, & skins &c &c. — In the beginning of the winter of y^ 
year 1775: the river being rose «& impassible from Captain 
Grants at Sowerdebscott upward. The goods was housed, or 
stored in a house belonging to Thomas Goldthwait Jun"" 
where Cap* Preble tarried several days to take care of the 
goods he had brought down. L* Col° Jonathan Lewder came 
down and relieved him, whilest he went up the River to pro- 
cure carriages to transport them by land to the truck House. 
Cap* Preble removed the goods as soon as he possibly could 
with safety : But I understood, that Cap* Preble had took 


Col" Lowder to be a Partner with him in the Truck trade, & 
he supposed Col° Lowder would take the same care of the 
goods, he himself would liave done. Cap* Preble removed 
the goods without delay to the Truck House, where CoP 
Lowder then lived, boarding with one Silas Harthorn in the 
same house : but Cap* Preble lived up the River about a 
mile distant. Col° Low^der unknown to Cap* Preble set up 
or approved of a frolick twice a week, & sometimes three 
times a week, in a room adjacent to y" store shop & some- 
times was in y" shop where the stores were beginning at 
about dark in the evening, which frolicking & dancing was 
continued sometimes till ten oClock, sometimes till midnight, 
& at other times all night, drinking spirituous liquors : Col° 
Lowder sometimes begun the frolick with a present of Two 
quarts of rum, & sometimes with one quart, and made him- 
self one in the dance and frolick ; in this method CoP Low- 
der proceeded for two months, or until the Rum failed, which 
time I was generally there, being imployed by Col° Lowder 
in cutting Mill Loggs & I was greatly disturbed in the House 
for want of my necessary rest, which to procure I gave the 
Fidler one night a Pistereen to desist from his liddleing, 
which he did, & broke up the dance y* night as I hoped : 
But I was greatly disappointed: for they sung & danced all 
night, till sun-rise in the following morning. 

Lieu* Col" Lowder imployed, Charles Blagdon, Josiah Bur- 
ley, Ichabod Colson, Rob* Man, Ebeneizr M'^Kenzie, Silas 
Harthorn, Simeon Smith, with one teem of oxen in y^ general 
every day, and Ensign Jeremiah Coburn butted loggs &c. 
Col" Lowder was generous with liquor to revive the hearts of 
his laborers, & paid them for their labour in Corn, Pork, 
Hoggsfat, Rum, Tobacco &c which was generally designed 
to be biought for the use of the Indians. The Indians see- 
ing the materials brought down for them, disposed of in the 
above manner, were exceedingly displeased, & would not 


suffer any one of us, to go into the store room ; which resent- 
ment, was also directly against Cap* Preble, who they took 
to be the master of y^ Truck trade at that time, & after this 
manner Col" Lowder conducted until the stores were chiefly 
gone. To the truth of the above the Deponant is ready to 
make oath, as witness my hand at Penobscot November the 
16th 1777 — 

Gustavus Swan. 
Josiah Burley & Silas Hathorn being present before the 
Committee Dec. 18, 1777 Confirm the within Testimony. 

Grustavus Swanks Uvidence. 

I the subscriber of lawful age testifieth & saith. That M'' 
Benjamin Wheeler of Penobscot went to Col° Josiah Brewers 
house at Penobscot Afores*^ with y^ coppy of y® papers, sent 
to y** place afores*^ by y® General Court of y* Massachusetts 
Bay State ; and enquired for Col° Brewer afores** of y® maid : 
she told him that y^ Col° was not at home. M'' Wheeler 
then desired to see M" Brewer. The maid said she saw 
gone out. Doc'' John Herbert being present, Asked the 
maid. Where M' Brewer was gone? The maid said, she 
would not tell. He then asked her how long he was gone ? 
The maid replied, About half an hour. He then asked her 
whether it was likely he would be gone any time ? To which 
she replied, She did not know. Upon which y'' Doctor 
turned & said to JVP Wheeler, his business would not admit 
his tarrying, & therefore desired him to dispatch his business, 
as they were going up y® River in one Cannooe. Upon 
which M' Wheeler, told the maid he had brought coppies of 
certain papers sent by y® Gen^ Court to Col° Brewer & his 
associates, & then being the 7th day of November 1777, took 
out y® s^ coppies, & presented them, & made a tender of 


them. The maid said, He miglit leave them with her, & she 
would give them to Col" Brewer on his return. But M'^ 
Wheeler said, he must give them to Col° Brewer himself. 
L' Col° Lowder & Lieu* Andrew Gillman was then absent, 
being gone to Machaius as was reported. The deponant 
declares the above to be the whole truth, & nothing but the 
truth, & is ready to confirm it with his oath 

Gustavus Swan 
Penobscot November y« 16th 1777. 

Mechias November 18*" 1777, — 

The Multiplicity of Business which has Surrounded me, 
Since my Appo* to the Command at this Place, & daily wait- 
ing the Arrival of Colo. Campbell & Colo' Nevcrs with the 
Instructions &<= ( the former only arriv.'^ the 15"' & the Lat- 
ter not yet ) Has Prevented my Informing the Hon*''" Board 
of any matters this way Since the 12'''' Ult° which Neglect I 
pray may be Excuzed, — 

Not having received any perticular Instructions from the 
Honble Board, I have Endeavourd to Act from my own 
Knowledge, what I thought most Beneficial, — 

The men lias Come in very slow & indeed from certain 
Information that the Enemy may not be Expected, I am 
Satisfy'd that no more come & have wrote Colo' Nevers that 
one Hundred Men will be Sufficient & not recruit more, — 
By the bad Weather, which we have severely Experienced, 
very Little Progress have been made in our Small Fortress, — 
I think By the Tenth of Next Month to Discharge all But 
Fifty, as I shall not be at any further Expence than is abso- 
lutely Necessary without further orders from the Honble 
Board, — 

I have it not \n my Power by this Opporf" to communicate 


Perticularly, respecting Military Matters, but shall in a few 

The Present is Occationed by the Arrival of Col. Lowther 
Cap' Oilman & some chiefs of the Penobscot Tribe respect- 
ing matters on that River. It appears the Indians will not 
Settle any matters but thro' my hands, & indeed I have 
promised to be there some time ago but being obliged to 
give close attention here during the Difficulty s, which ren- 
dered it Impossible to give attendance there, — It appears 
to me from what I Can learn that the Treatment they 
receive on that river. By the Trade being permitted for 
every one, that they will go to Canada for Supplys, — I 
wi-ote the Hon^^'' Board the 25*^ Sep' on these affairs & 
must again strongly recommend that the Trade be intirely 
Prohibited, only the Truck Houses, — or at least that certain 
Persons be Licenced under severe penaltys & restrictions, — 
and from Ace** I received it is highly requesete & Necessary 
that a Truck House with full supplys shoud be keep'd up 
there as it woud bring in the Indians from Canada, — 

I find I shall not have it in m}^ Power to keep my Indian 
Soldiers, in such Regular order as I woud chuse, there fluct- 
uating Turn of mind, & So Subject to Liquor that I admit 
but of few to be in Town, — I had a conference with them 
the other Day, upon Settleing the past Summers Business, — 
one of the Cap** in Perticular rose & said that no Distinction 
shoud be made with the Pay, — But have the Officers, Over- 
plus, Distributed among the Soldiers, their Honour bemg 
Sufficient, By which I Payd them Ten DoUers g month from 
the 2'^ August (we arrived here) till the Latter end of Octo- 
ber, Drawing upon the Truck House to Discount in the 
same manner as with furrs, — the Men who was in actual 
Service this Summer about 30 — which I chuse to keep 
close with me as it Commands all the others of the Various 
Tribes, — I Promised to allow their familys some Provision 


for the winter, all the rest pays for it tlie perticulars of this 
I shall mention in my Next, — I show'd them the Commis- 
sions sent they are highly pleased. We agreed to have all 
the Diff' Tribes meete at there Villages, chuse their Principle 
chief & under Captahis, which shoud meete this fall, at 
Mechias, when Commissions shoud be given them Signifying 
their Diif* Ranks & be intitled to pay wlien Calld on 
Duty, — Shoud the Hon^''' Board find any fault, or know 
of anything more proper to be Done, it woud add to the 
many Obligations I owe woud they be kind enough to Com- 
municate it, — 

Cap*^ Crabtree arrived here Yesterday. He has been to 
the mouth of S* Johns where he found a Truck House 
Errected, By the Britains under the Care of Mess" Hazen 
White & Simonds, he Took every thing of that property 
only, allso all the Indian Pledges he has brot & Deliverd 
me, Expecting some payment, I cannot say how far this 
was Legal for a Privetier, But I am Extrcemly Glad it was 
Done, and am sure Crabtree woud not have Done it, if he 
tho't it not for the Best as he has Acted here with much 
Honour, — 

Time not permitting me to write more on Bussiness, But 
cannot conclude without mentioning to the Honble Board, 
the Unhappy Situation of my unfortunate family having 
heard that a Carteel was Intended, I posponed writing to the 
Province for fear it should Thwart the generous Intentions 
of the llon'''^ Court, — but hearing no Acc^* for Six Weeks, 
I made bold to send M"^ Delesdernier with five men hi a 
Boat, four Indians in Two Burch Canoes. The Two Canoes 
returned a few Days ago. Bringing rae Intelligence that M" 
Allen & children were siezed & put in close confinement iji 
tlie Garrison, this appears to be Occationed by M"" Frank- 
lin & others who were at S' Johns, as tliey attrebute the rea- 
son if not, penetrating & Distroyiug this Eastei'ii part, 


Because of my going the Indians, this frown of Providence 
I Justly Merit, tbo' Greatest affliction I ever Experienced, I 
must Say was I not in the Situation I am, I certainly woud 
penetrate that Province, wdth a Number of Men and Endeav- 
our to Treat them, as they Deserve, — 

Having received Intelligence that some Provision Vessels 
& others are Bound Up the Bay of Fundie, the Meresheete 
will Sail to morrow in Company w4th Cap* Crabtree in order 
to Inteisept tliem, & as it appears that no other but the Gage 
Sloop, or Loyall Nova Scotia Schooner, will be their Convoy, 
I hope to have a Good Ace* of them, in the Meresheete I 
shall put Eight or Ten Men of the Troops, which Shall be 
credited the Military Department, — I have Desired Crab- 
tree to Seeze one Justice say at the mouth of S* Johns, who 
was one of the persons that Bro't the Troops, to Land him 
at the mouth of Cumberland Bay, with a Letter to Colo^ 
Goreham to Dismiss my family, or reprisals will be made if 

Permit me at this Time to Congratulate the Hon''^^ Board 
on the success of the American Arm, in the Northern 
Department a circumstance which must Redound to the 
Honour of Amarica, Even Shoud they be Conquored after, — 
May the God of Armies give Conduct, Courage & Resolu- 
tion to all our Officers & Soldiers, to Enable them to con- 
vince those Tools of Dispotism, that Amaricans Valour & 
Virtue Springs from the Devine fountain, — may Wisdom 
& Justice Reign in all our Senates,— is the Eainest Prayer 
& Wish, of Hono'd & Respectful! Sir your most obedient & 
Devoted Hbble Serv' 

J. Allan 

Novem-- 19*^ 1777 — 

Since I wrote the above I have had another Conference 
with the Penobscut Indians, — they Produced some promises 
in Writing from the General Court, some of which have not 


been Complyd With,— all wliieh 1 promised shoudbo full- 
filed & convinced them, to their Satisfaction why it was not 
before, — 

As to the meeting which was intended before mentioned, 
it is referred to the Spring, — I must again give it as my 
Oppinion that a Truck House be Supplyd, — I understand 
there is great Quantitys of Peltry, which they will be forced 
to Carry to Monsier Lunier, if not otherways Sup})lyd, — It 
will be Necessary that the familys of those who were in the 
Service on Penobscut River this Summer, Shoud have some 
Little provisions During tlie Winter — 

I liave been obliged to Spare some Rum from the Truck 
House for the Soldiers Expecting that some woud be sent to 
them, — 

I woud mention that Nathan Jones Esq. was taken the 
other Day by Cap* Crabtree & Carry'd him to frenchmans 
Bay to his own House. He Avas bound foi' Passamequody. 
If these things are Tolerated, tlie Horrors of Warr will be 
Endless, — By my Next I shall Trouble the Hon'''" Board 
witli Several Matters, — 

I hope the Hospitality Politeness & Generosity which 
New England is so Distinguishd by, will not give to much 
Liberty to M"^ Burgoyn & his Army, give me Leave to say 
th;it I Know well the Dissmiliation Deseit & Intreguing Tal- 
ents of those Miscreants & Tools of antichrist, — 

The Hon'''® Jeremiah Powel Esq. Presedent of the Hon'"' the 
Council Board of the State of the Massachusetts Bay — 

State of Massachusetts Bay 

To the Hon'''^ Council & Hon'' House of Representatives 
of said State, setting in Boston Nov'' 19, 17Y7 — 
The Petition of John Robinson of Robinson's Island in llie 
County of Linctoln, Miuiiier, huinl)ly sliews. 



That for several years past, your petitioner has lived at the 
Eastward of said Robinson's Island, during which time the 
principal part of his employments from his thorough acquaint- 
ance with the harbours contiguous has been to pilot & safely 
conduct into Port, any American Vessels tliat needed his 
assistance. — That he has been since the commencement of 
these present difficulties peculiarl}^ active in piloting the 
many privateers, which are continually cruising about said 
Island into different harbours, & very often into a convenient 
one of said Island which is adjoining to his own possessions. 
That said Harbour is the continual resort of Privateers, & 
where in general they supply themselves with wood and 
water — That he lately has entered on board the Washington 
Privateer & been a cruise against the enemies of the united 
States of America — Your Petitioner begs leave further to 
shew that about five leagues distance from said Island, there 
is an Island called Cramberry Island, the harbours of which 
are exposed to, & frequented by the British Ships of War in 
their different Cruises against these States. — That since this 
has been known to be the situation of said Island, a certain 
Andrew Herrick of a public inimical disposition to the 
cause of America which your petitioner is ready to prove, 
has moved his place of residence from a town, named Nas- 
keague situate on the Main, in the County of Lincoln afore- 
said & contrary to the advice of his friends hath situated 
himself upon the outermost shore of said Cramberry Island, 
with a profest design of trading with the enemy of which 
said harbour is never entirely deserted. — Your petitioner is 
ready further to prove, that owing to the uniformity of your 
Petitioners conduct in favor of America, & the contmual 
representations of said Herrick, his Name has become con- 
spicuous among the enemy & his possessions with his life 
have been repeatedly threatened — That sometime since he 
was alarmed with the appearajice of the enemies barges, 


mann'd & accoutred, with a profest design of burning his 
buildings & destroying his estate, & had it not been for the 
assistance of the crew belonging to a privateer which at that 
time fortunately lay at Anchor in the Harbour, he, his family 
& his substance must have inevitably perished — Twice this 
attempt was made by the enemy, & after the exchange of 
several shots thro' his house, by which the lives of his Wife 
& Children were greatly exposed, the same cause prevented 
the execution of their second design, excepting the loss of 
some live stock from his Farm — Your Petitioner begs leave 
also to shew that about three months since going on board 
the Privateer called the Active, commanded by Captain 
Gardener, with a design to pilot said ship into the Harbour 
of Robinson's Island, & save her from one of the enemy's 
ships of War, of larger force, & with whom she was then 
engaged, & must have struck to, from the ignorance of 
the adjacent Shores, having effected his purpose, he men- 
tioned to the said Gardener, the said Herricks Character & 
Situation, who when made acquainted with the circumstances 
manned a barge, under the command of his Lieutenant to 
visit said Herrick. Upon his Arrival, being asked by said 
Herrick who he Avas, & receiving for an answ^er " a barge in 
in the Service of the King of Great Britain, the said Her- 
rick then & there, in order to be at that time protected, 
produced a protection which he had received from one of the 
British Ships of War ( which is ready to be produced to your 
Honors ) the Commodore as he then said, & furtlier the 
said Herrick declared he had at different times traded with 
the British Fleet & always had received his money for his 
Cattle & other things which he had made articles of Mer- 
chandise," & immediately offered the Lieu^ a bullock — Since 
this Expedition from the threats of the said Herrick & the 
Enemy, your Petitioner has been obliged to fly from his 
possession with his wife & family & leave exposed a large 


farm, & a great quantity of Stock & Provision — Your Peti- 
tioner therefore, from his ovni peculiar situation, which is 
five miles from any habitation, from the profest inimical dis- 
position of said Herrick & the power he is now in possession 
of & exercises to distress & destroy your Petitioner & the 
inhabitants living upon the neighboring shore, & for the 
allegations herein contamed, which many stand ready to 
prove, earnestly prays your Honors that the said Andrew 
Herrick may be sent for immediately to answer to the above 
assertions, & that he may be removed from his present 
situation, & from the power of acting hereafter in direct 
opposition to the cause of his Country — 
And as in duty bound shall ever pray 

John Robinson 

In Council Nov"^ 26^^ 1777 Read & thereupon Resolved 
that John Taylor Esq with such as the Hon'ble House shall 
join be a Committee to consider the above Petition & 
report what is best to be done thereon 

Sent down for Concurrence 

Jn° Avery D^ Sec^ 

In the House of Representatives Nov. 27, 1777 

Read & Concurred and M'' Greenleaf & Capt Batchelder 
are joined J Warren Spkr 

Mechias Nov' 20^^^ 1777 Twelve OClock A.M. 

M"^ DeLesdernier is Just returned who Brings Intelle- 
gence that the Enemy, were about to fortify S^ Johns River, 
& a Ship is Daily Expected there, — that a remforce* has 
arrived at Cumberland, & are billitted out among the Inhab- 
itants, — that M" Allan & Children are in the Fort & Guarded 
by Twelve Men when ever permitted to go out, therefore do 


not Expect to Git them only by Force, — that Burgo3^an's 

Disaster had not reachd Nova Scotia — that all the Indians 

on the head of S' Johns & a Number of the Mickmacks are 

on their way for this Place, Pi ere Tomma the Chief of the 

S*^ Johns Tribe who has been w^ith Francklin is with them, — 

I have the Honor to Be with Profound Respect Sir Your 

most ob' hbl serv' 

J Allan. 
The Honble Jermiah Powel Esq"" 

To the Honrable Cort and House of Representitives in the 
State of the Masatuses bay we your Humble petishnors Hum- 
bly Beag Leave to make our Distreases and Requeasts known 
to your honers and Theay may Come under your wise Con- 
sidrashon, that is we the inhabbitants of Freanchman's Bay 
Being often Cald from our beasones to the assestance of our 
fellowsoffers att Mechi^is Could not take proper Care of what 
Litle we had Grooing Soo that our Crops wase cut Short in 
Boath provishon and heay which Brought us to Great strats 
But yeat Still In hopes to wory throo the weanter with out 
trobling this honorable Cort having Loaded a Large Scooner 
and Sloop with Lumber and haveing Some fur and Such on 
bord to send to Boston to geat provishon for our Support 
But unhappely they Boath fell in to the Enemyes Hand, and 
having had one Sloop taken from us about three months 
Before we have Lost navagashon belonging to the please 
Not with Standing have Lumber anufe to purcheas what we 
Shall have Nead of but No chance to Geat it to amarcket 
and Being Disapoynted of all our prospicts our hopes Cut oil 
we must Beag Leave to throo our Selves on the raarsie of 
tliis Honrable Cort for some mony or provishon to Support 
us tiiroo the winter Humbly trusting that our Recjuast will 


Be by your honers Granted and as wee are in duty Bound 
Shall Ever 

Dated att freancbmans Bay by virtue of aspeasliel meeting 
Heald on November 24"' 1777 and by tbe add vise of the 
Same we the Subscribers being the Committee of this plase 
Doe present this petishon In behalf of our Selves and 

By the hand of Capt. Paul Nath. Prebble 

Simpson who wase appoynted Stephen Hardison 

Agent for the Same Reasones. Paul Simpson. 

Mechias November 27**^ 1777.— 

My last was of the IS^^" 19"^ & 20"' Ins* By Colo^ 
Lowder, I herewith send a State of tlie Men under my Com- 
mand to the 23'^ InsS allso a state of them the 10*" Octo-" 
when I took the Command, By which the Hon'*'** Board may 
see the Superfluous Number of Officers, & Non Commissioned 
Officers This I have perceived lias been Much Accustomed 
& Practized, thro'out the Army in America, But Perticularly 
in this District, — 

By such Appointments & the Shortness of the Service, 
Accumilate Charges to an Anormous & unnessassary 
Amount — Giving Officers Commissions before the Inlisting 
Men I must think Improper, & the Appointing Non Com- 
mission'd Officers, before there is Men Sufficient is useless, 
as it is very Expencive & Brings duty harder upon the 
Private Soldiers which are Present, — Non Commissioned 
Officers in the British service (recruiting Partys only 
Excepted ) is sildom appointed, till the Company is raised, 
when there is a better opportunity to Gete more Suitable 
Men for the Bussiness, the appointments being allways by 


I mention tliis an Evil I Commonly see & indeed if I liad 
it in my Power I would have prevented it in this part, — 

By the Return the Hon^'® Board will perceive, that there 
is some Columns Difficient in Staff Officers, which I intend 
to Continue so, as I shall not Employ any more than is 
Necessary, there was some Lately arrived Expecting some 
such Births which I allowed Rations to on Conditions of their 
Doing Duty as Soldiers, some Declines & others Except, — 

An Ordenance Store Keeper is absolutely requeset in such 
parts as this, I Perceived the Last Summer, Great Wast of 
Arms & Amunition which I am Confident Can Never be 
Accounted for, I accordingly Appointed one in that Char- 
ecter, allowing him Serjents wages, in whose hands I put 
every thing respecting the Artillery, Small Arms, Powder, 
Balls &c — 

Several such appointments are Necessary, but it should 
not intitle them to full pay, — I have Diviated no Doubt 
from the stated Rules, but mean to Persue that Meathod as 
may be most Beneficial for the Service, & advantage to the 
States, & have only allowed pay according to the Benefit 
arrising, — 

I have understood that the Muster Roll made up for the 
Expedition to S' John's Last Spring, ( which Roel I never 
heard of till a few Days ago ) Several Employments are 
filled up, which were Needless & what was Never agreed for 
or Intended — on the Arrival of Major Shaw I shall Examin 
very Closely before the Money is paid out — 

On the 23'' Ins* I Discharged Thirty Privates Belonging 
to Cap'' Dyers & Wests' Comp^ wlio Belonged to tliis Dis- 
trict, as it did not Deminisli the strength of the Place, — the 
Ollicers & Non Connnissioned Ollicers, J cliuse to Keep a 
Little Longer, till I Gete in all tlie Arms Ammunition 
&c which were Del'' out — I shall Dismiss as fast as 
I'ossible, — 


We have liad some good wether a few Days past, I keep 
the Men Constant at work about our Little fort, as I want to 
gete the Cannon Secure before winter, — 

I mention'd in one of my former Letter of Takeing from 
the Truck House some Cloath for Soldiers which were in the 
Utmost Destress, — I have allso Taken Corn for Meal to 
make the Mens Rations Compleat, and by the Desmal 
situation of a Number of familys husbands & sons have been 
some time in the Service, I have made so free as to spare 
several Bushels, which by all appearance woud have perislied 
if not given, 

Permit me once more to request the Hon^'^® Court that if 
Possible they woud advance some Corn & Cloathing from 
the Publick Stores towards paying soldiers Wages for many 
appears no use this way. Excuse this Supplication, Humanity 
forces it, 

I find a Considerable Difficency in the Supplys for the 
Truck House which was voted by tiie Hofible Court shoud 
they be made up, & what is advanced to the soldiers 
Returned, It woud be sufficient for the Truck House, 

In my Letter of the 12"' Ult° I mention'd about Keeping 
Twenty men, the Number I have Compleated & form'd them 
into a Seperate Corps by themselves keeping them Con- 
stantly at Exercizing the Great Guns, shoud it be thought 
Expedient to keep them, I shoud be Glad to Know as soon 
as Possible, 

Any Expresses the Honble Board woud want to Send, 
woud be Glad it Might be Convey'd to Cambden, where steps 
will be Taken to Convey it this way. 

The Enormous & monsterous Charges, which Comes in at 
these Times make Me Sometimes Stagger what to Do, It 
often Discourages me in my Business, I trust that Matters 
will soon take a Different Turn, 

The Difficultys which I am under respecting Lodging the 


Indians and having them about me, Obliges me to mention 
to tlie Hon'''^ Board the Necessity there is for a house 
Seperate to myself, — the Trouble which they give the 
Inhabitants & their often Quarreling gives me much more 
Business, — they incline Indeed to be mostly with me in the 
same House, which if a small one keeps Continual Con- 
fusion, — I Cannot hire one Convenient at the falls so Called, 
But there is one on the Eastern Branch near the fort at the 
Rhyni & More adjacent to the Indians, which was formerly 
the Property of Ichabod Jones, It appears it is under the 
immediate order of government, I shoud be Extreemly glad 
if I cou'd, have the Use of it During my Publick Employ- 
ment in this Place, — 

I have the Honour to be with Respect & Regard Sir Your 
most Obd' & Devoted Hbl Serv* J Allan 

The Hon^* Jeremiah Powell Esq' 

November 28^ 
The Letter from the Honble Board to me of the 12'^ Aug* 
Came to hand a few Days ago. Several of my Letters have 
been so Detained, I must beg Leave to Acquaint the Honble 
Board how I am harrass'd. By some Persons, in respect of 
supplying the Indians with Liquor — I have taken every 
step to keep Quietness & Overlook'd many Irragularitys, 
only hinting by Advertisements to Shame them from it, 
Stephen Jones Esq. in perticular, whome I have Endeavour'd 
to Treat with that respect due the Station he holds, & Did 
not for a Trifle Chuse to Expose him, — But it became so 
flagrant & Audatious, that I was Compel'd to Prosecute I 
recommended it might be Done by a Summons, & not a 
Warrant, as I was against his being bro't in such a Manner, 
But he Treated it with much Contempt, — A Moose Skin 
was found ])elonging to the State in his Possession, when a 
Warrent was sent for him, — Colo' Foster who I am (/on- 
fident is a very I'pright, Honest Man — tho' not so well 


avers'd in Law, — M"^ Jones seem'cl to Dispise & woiid give 
no satisfaction, I insisted on the Judgment & acquainted him 
I shoud use my Authority as Commanding Officer of the 
Military for the futer with him if he Persisted, — 

The Honble Board being no Doubt Burthen'd with Com- 
plaints &c I have sent the Proceedings to Mess""® Cross of 
Newbury to be presented when Convenient, to Know if the 
Proceedings be Consistant with the Intentions of Govern- 
ment as many persons Construe the Resolve Concerning 
these Matters many ways, I mean to make no Complaint 
against M' Jones, as I Doubt not his Conduct will be so 
flagrant as not to want a perticular Prosecution, — 

The Honble Board will perceive that there is Fifty Three 
in the Indian List, this Number is Uncertain, as they are 
about on their Hunts, within the report of the Cannon, shoud 
there be an Allarm, — there is None now on Wages but 
Ambroise & Five more But Generally about Twenty five 
allways Present, the three Commissioned Officers is Cap* 
Preble Mess" Lewis Delesdernier & James Avery, all of 
whome the Indians are much Attached to,— M'' Delesdernier 
was with me During the whole time with the Indians, he is 
perfect in the french Language & some Indian, him & M"^ 
Avery have been of Great Service in the Business & the 
Indians much Satisfyd at their having Commissions, Time 
will not permit me to write Concerning them and I Doubt 
not but the Honble Board will think I am Troublesome 
enough, — 

The Honble Board will please to Excuse the Trouble they 
had about some Affairs of the Meresheete Schooner in respect 
to Supplys, I never intended any such thing, as I Determined 
to Give as Little Trouble as Possible, knowing the great 
Business which Surrounded them, my orders was not Com- 
ply'd with respecting the Vessell, By them I had Intrusted, 
The Great & Monsterous Charges bro't in & the Little 


Profits arrising, I tlio't best to Discharge the Schooner from 

the Service for tlie Present, have sent a Small Schooner up 

the Bay which I had here, as mentioned in my Last, I am 

Respectfully Your most hble 

J Allan 

Kittery Nov' 29*'' 1777 

Sir The Honorable Council Some time Since Ilonor'd me 
with a Commission for one of the Justices of the Superior 
Court of Common Pleas for the County of York of which I 
shall ever retain a most thankful rememberance — 

I find my State of Health and bodily infirmities are such 
that it will not admit of my giving the due and constant 
attendance at the Courts. 

Therefore I do Voluntarily Resign and desire that there 
may be an appointment in my stead 

I Heartily wish the Honorable Council the Divine Pres- 
ence and Direction in transacting the Public affairs of the 

I have the Hon"^ to be Sir your most Obd and Hum^ Serv* 

James Gowen 
In Council Ja^ 16, 1778 

Read & accepted JiV' Avery D^ Secy. 

The Honorable the President of the Council of the State of 
the Massachusetts Bay 

Instructions to Representative. 1777. 

To Henry Woods Esq. Representative for the Town of 
Pepperrell in the General Assembly, of the State of the Mas- 
sachusetts Bay — 


We the Freeholders and other Inhabitants of the Town of 
Pepperrell m Town Meeting Assembled Nov"^ 29: 1777. 
Having maturely consider'* the late Act of the Great and 
General Asseml^ly of this State for calling in and giving 
publick Notes on Intrest, for all the Bills of publick credit 
of this State excepting those that are on intrest and that are 
in value less than one dollar. — Think it will be attended 
with Many and great evils to this State. As this nesesary 
but unhapy War has unavoidably occasioned a heavy debt to 
be contracted by this State and likely to increase. We think 
that paying intrest for such a large sum must much increase 
the Debt without equivalent advantage many other evils 
attend the calling in so large a sum at once. Many persons 
that have this States Money by them and little else must 
carry it in and take Notes for the same or loose it which 
money they will need to pay their Taxes, with for the want 
of which their Goods and Chatties must be taken to their 
great damage or prehaps to their utter Ruen — 
We are Sencable that the high and uncertain price of the 
Nesasaries of life is a great grievance and must prove very 
hurtfull if not checked for which good purpose we Suppose 
the Honourable general Assembly passed the late Act — But 
with all humble submission think that calling it in a little 
more Moderately by a Tax might answer the same purposes 
without being attended by so many bad consequences — For 
the above reasons and many More which might be Mentioned 
— We desire and expect you will use your best endeavours 
in the General Assembly to procure a repeal of the Above s'' 
Act — 

Presenting the above Instructions to your wise Considera- 
tion. Wish you and all true friends to the American States, 
The allwise Gods direction that he would lead you in the 
way that shall be most for the good of this and all the Amer- 
ican States and never suffer you to be led a side from 


seeking the welfair of your Country is the Prayer of your 

W"^ Preseott ^ 

John Nutting I 

rr, , o ^J^ i^ Committee 
iho* fepauiding ' 

John Shed 

Voted to accept the Report of the Com*®* and that the 

Clark serve the Representative with a Copy of the same. 

Pepperrell Nov'" 29*^ 1777 

a true Copy attest 

W^^ Green Town Clark 

I Jacob Bussell the Deponant of lawful age testifieth and 
saith, That I was frequently in company with ISP Benjamin 
Wheeler of Wheelers Borough, And heard him say that he 
feared North America would not be able to stand against 
Great Britain for the following reasons viz. He feared the 
Provinces would not be united, and had not sufficient Pow- 
der and Cannon : but did not doubt we had men enough : 
and added, He would be willing to be stripped to his skin to 
gain the victory of England; and I never see or knew him 
to be assisting, either by word or deed against the Interest of 
the States, or in favour of the regulars. The Massachusetts 
Bay, sent down Powder and other stores to the people of this 
place and I went to Col° Brewer for Powder, and led for bul- 
lets, that I might be prepared to engage the enemy : but he 
refused letting me have any Amunition until the enemy 
attacked us : I then went off. Soon after this I was telling 
M"^ Wheeler aforesaid I had applied to Col^ Brewer for amu- 
nition to be in readiness for the enemy, but could procure 
none of him upon any conditions, said M"" Wheeler replied. 
He would supply me with Powder and PjuII out of his o^n 


stores for the service aforesaid, and further said, he would 

supply the People with amunition as long as he had any, and 

said this from time to time. I requested my proportion of 

Corn and Molassoes, and Salt, from time to time of CoP 

Brewer and L' Col Lowder : but they never let me have any 

salt, and but two quarts of molassoes, & as he said my share 

of the corn. I aver the above to be the Truth, & am ready 

to confirm it with my oath, as witness my hand at Penobscot, 

December the 1, 1777. 

Jacob Bussell 

I the Deponant Thomas Howard, of Penobscot, of lawful 
Age testifieth and saith, That the Deponant hath long been 
intimately acquainted with M' Benjamin Wheeler of the place 
aforesaid, and heard him often say. He had amunition by 
him, which he reserved to disperce amongst the inhabitants 
here, to enable them to engage any enemy, that should 
attempt to make an invasion upon this place ; and ever heard 
him speak friendly to y« general tranquility of the States of 
North America ; and I never heard, knew, or suspected, that 
he held any correspondance with any person, suspected of 
being attached to our common enemy & that were enemical 
to the States : which could not be secretted from me, pro- 
vided any such thing had been. He repeatedly, and at all 
times said, he would gladly assist in person, and with his 
substance those who were expoased in confronting the 
attempts and progress of the enemy, and he ever appeared to 
be sincere. But as he keeps a Corn or gristmill, from which 
he could not be spared, unless all went against the enemy : 
in that case, he would assist their famihes at home in their 
absence. To the truth of the above I am ready to make 
oath, as witness my hand at Penobscot December the 2^ 


Thomas Howard 


I do upon Recollection asert the whole of the above to be 
the truth, and further saitli, I was at Portsmouth with M" 
Wheeler aforesaid, and I complained to him I had no amuni- 
tion to equip me to oppose the enemy : and he offered me 
money to purchase the amunition for the use aforesaid, and 
at another time, when I was going where tlie enemy was, he 
actually furnished me with amunition to engage them. The 
above I assert to be truth, and am ready to confirm it with 
my oath, as witness my hand at Penobscot December the 2*^ 

Jacob Bussell. 

In the House of Representatives Dec. 2^ 1777 

Resolved that the Hon. Council be & hereby are desired 
to give orders for discharging the eight Men stationed on 
Merryconeag Neck & Sebasso Degin Island in the County of 
Cumberland who were inlisted agreeable to a Resolve of y*' 
24"' June last it appearing to this Court unnecessary to con- 
tinue them longer in Service than the seventh instant 
Sent up for Concurrence 

John Pitts Speaker g Tem : 

In Council Dec. 2*^ 1777 

Read & Concurred 

Jn" Avery D^ Sec> 

Consented to — 

Jer Powell W Spooner A Ward 

W Sever John Taylor S Holten 

A Fuller Jabe/. Fisher John Whitcomb 

N Cushing Tim" Danielson D Hopkhis 

Josiah Stone Jedediah Preble D Sewall 


To the Honorable Council and Honorable House of Rep- 
resentatives of the State of Massachusetts Bay in general 
court assembled Humbly shews. 

Elizabeth Ross of Falmouth in the County of Cumberlnrid 
— Widow — That some time in or about the Mouth of May 
AD 1775 were taken out of her House in said Falmouth a 
large Silver Cup and Tankard, & carried to the House of 
Coll Edmund Phiney m Gorham in said County, and by 
order of this Hon. Court lately deposited among a number of 
other Articles, with the Committee of said Gorham — The 
cup was some time ago put into her Custody by M'^ Edward 
Tyng a friend to the American States who is now in some 
part of Europe The Tankard was once the property of her 
Son in Law William Tyng, now absent from this State — 

She apprehends they were both suppos'd by the Persons 
who took them, to be tlie Property of the said William Tyng, 
who was at that time suspected of being unfriendly to these 
States — but your Petitioner begs leave to inform your Hon- 
ors that neither of them was in the custody of the said 
Wilham at the Time of taking them — and though it is 
probable she wou'd have returnd the Tankard to her said 
Son in Law, had he not have left the State, she humbly 
thinks the taking it from her was lawless & unjustifiable and 
whatever might be the principles of her said Son in Law or 
his disposition toward these States, she presumes she has not 
by any Act of her own forfeited her claim to the protection 
of the Law — 

She has been a very great sufferer on Account of the sup- 
posed unfriendly Principles of M'' Tyng. Her Houses have 
been almost Destroyed — 

Her Goods have been despoiled — and her Estate wasted 
in a manner that wou'd shock your Honours to be informed 
of — 

Taking these things into consideration your Petitioner has 



grounds to hope — and therefore humbly prays that your 
Honors woud order the Couiuiittee aforesaid to restore the 
said Cup and Tankard to your Petitioner — or otherwise 
relieve her as in your Wisdom you shall think best— And 
your Petitioner as in Duty bound will ever pray — 

Eliz Ross 

Resolve on the Petition of Elizabeth Ross of Falmouth. 

State of Massachusetts Bay 
In the House of Representatives Dec. 2*^ 1777 

On the Petition of Elizabeth Ross of Falmouth in the 
County of Cumberland praying that the Committee of Gor- 
ham may be directed to deliver her a Silver cup and Tankard 
which were taken from her House some time in or about the 
Month of May AD 1775 and now in the hands of said Com- 
mittee by order of the General Court 

Resolved That the Prayer of said Petition be so far 
gd"anted as that the said Committee be and are hereby 
directed to deliver to the said Elizabeth Ross or to her Order 
the said Silver Cup to remain in her hands until demanded 
of her by Edward Tyng mentioned in her Petition or by his 
legal Representative, she giving said Committee a Receipt 
therefor — 

Sent up for Concurrence 

In Council Dec, 2M777 
Read & Concurred 
Consented to — 

Jolm Pitts Speaker g Tem 
Jn" Avery D^ Sec^ 

Jer Powell 
W Spooner 
R Derby 
D Hopkins 
Tim" Danielson 
N Gushing 

W Sever 
John Taylor 
Jaljez Fisher 
Josiah Stone 
John Whitcomb 

A Ward 
S Holten 
Dan' Davis 
Jedidiah Preble 
A Fuller 



Resolve on Petition of John Robinson^ Bee. 3, 1777. 

The Committee of both Houses appohited to consider the 

petition of John Robinson representing that one Andrew 

Herrick on Cramberry Island in tlie County of Lincohi is 

aiding & assisting the Enemys of America and praying tliat 

S-' Plerrick may be Prevented from Acting thus in opposition 

to the Cause of his Country — have attended that Service, & 

take leave to report that s'^ Robinson be & he hereby is 

directed to make his Complaint to either of the Justices of 

the Peace in said County to the extent that said Herrick may 

be dealt with as to Law and Justice appertains, which is 

humbly Submitted 

John Taylor g order 

In Council Dec 3M777 

Read & Accepted 

Sent down for Concurrence 

Samuel Adams secy 

In the House of Representatives Dec' S"^*^ 1777. 
Read & concurred and thereupon Resolved that John Robin- 
son, who in his Petition to this Court has represented that 
one Andrew Herrick living on Cramberry Island in the 
County of Lincoln is aiding & assisting the enemies of Amer- 
ica & prayed that said Herrick may be prevented from Act- 
ing thus in opposition to his country, be & he hereby is 
directed to make his complaint to either of the Justices of 
the peace in said County to the Intent that said Herrick may 
be dealt with as to Law & Justice appertains 
Sent down for Concurrence 

John Pitts Speaker g Tern. 
In Council Dec. 5, 1777 

Read & Concurred 

Jn° Avery D" Sec^ 
Consented to — 

Jer Powell W Sever A Ward 



John Taylor 
John Whitconib 
D Hopkins 
Tmi° Danielson 
A Fuller 

W Spoon er 
S Holten 
Moses Gill 
N Cnshing 
Benj Austin 

Jedidiah Preble 
D Sewall 
Josiah Stone 
Oliver Prescott 

State of Massachusetts Bay- 
In the House of Representatives Dec S^ 1777 
Upon the Petition of Ichabod Jones praying for a Release 
from his Confinement at Northampton & for a Restoration of 
his Estates — 

Resolved that the s'^ Ichabod Jones be & he hereby is dis- 
charged from his Confinement & that his Estates be restored 
to him — 

Sent up for Concurrence 

John Pitts Speaker g Tern : 
In Council Dec. 4, 1777 

Read & Concurred 
Consented to — 

Jer Powell 
W Spooner 
Jabez Fisher 
Tim" Danielson 
D Hopkins 

W Sever 
Jedidiah Preble 
John Taylor 
D Sewall 
Oliver Prescott 

Jn° Avery D^ Sec" 

A Ward 
T Cushing 
John Whitcomb 
S Holten 
Josiah Stone 



Mechias Decem. 4**" 1777 — 

I had the Honour of receiving your favor of the IS*'' 
Olt" Concerning Invoices &c of Sundries Matters for the 
use of the Troops Stationed at [tliis place] for the Defence of 
Mechias & Truck House, — 1 liave not had it in my Power 


by the hurry [of my] Business to make so Perticular an 
Inspection as to have such an Accurate return as I Coud 
Wish, — Only that I find some Considerable Mistakes, the 
Perticulars of which 1 shall Expediate as soon as Possible, — 

The Invoice I had Last spring had not in it Two Hogs- 
heads of Rum, which I before wrote about, I woud Acquaint 
the respectful! Board that I stand Indebted to the State 
therefor as Truck Master, 

I have the Honour to be with Due Respect Sir your most 
obedient & very hbble Serv* 

Stephen Smith 
The Honble the Presedent of the Board of War 

Lincoln Ss. To Jonathan Bowman Esq*^ Judge of Probate 
&c for s*^ County Nathaniel Thwing of Woolwich in said 
County of Lincoln Esq'' Agent for the Estate of Charles 
Callahan late of Pownalboro' in s'^ County Gent, an Absentee 
Complains that the s^ Charles left personal Estate behind 
him, to a Considerable value the greater part whereof has 
been secreted, embezeled or Conveyed away by some person 
or persons, & that your Complainant hath great reason to 
suspect that Rebeccah Callahan Wife of the s*^ Charles, hath 
secreted, Embezzled or Conveyed away the same — Where- 
fore your Complainant prays that the s** Rebeccah may be 
proceeded with in the premises as the Law in such Case 
directs — & your Complam* &c 

Decemb' 6^^ 1777 Nath' Thwing 

A True Copy as appears of Record 

RoF Cushing Reg"" 

Lincoln Ss. To Rebeccah Callahan Wife of Charles Calla- 
han late of Pownalboro in said County Gentleman an 
Absentee Greeting 


Whereas Complaint has been made to me by Nathaniel 
Thwing Esq"" Agent for the Estate of said Charles that the 
said Charles left personal Estate behind him to a Consider- 
able value, the greater part whereof has been secreted, 
embezzled or Conveyed away & that the said Nathaniel hath 
Just reason to suspect & doth suspect that you the said 
Rebeccah have secreted embezzled or Conveyed away the 
same — You are therefore hereby Cited to appear before me 
at a probate Court to be holden at the Court House in said 
Pownalborough on Wednesday the Seventeenth day of 
December instant at Eleven o Clock in the forenoon to be 
interrogated upon Oath concerning the premises & to be pro- 
ceeded with as the Law in such directs — Hereof you are 
not to fail dated at Pownalborough aforesaid the Tenth day 
of December A D 1777 

Jon** Bowman Judge of Probate 

To the Sheriff of the County of Lincoln or his Deputy to 
serve this Citation and make return thereof 

J. Bowman Judge Prob* 

Lincoln Ss. December 15, 1777, I Cited the within named 
Rebecca Callahan to appear at the time and place by reading 
this Citation to her 

Samuel Goodwin Jun"" Dep^ Sheriff 

Fees 6/ A true Copy att* 

RoP Cushing Reg-^ of Prob* 

Captain Wesfs Certificate for Bounty Money. 

This may Certify that Cap' Stephen Smith Muster Master 
for the County of Lincoln In the State of Massachusetts 
Bay apointed for that Purpose has Paid the under Named 
Persons being Noncommissioned oflicers & Soldiers in my 
Company Six pounds and one blanket Each being a bounty 


Allowed to Each Non Commissioned Officer & Soldier that 
Should Ingage in the Expedition against S* Johns Viz — 
Joseph Averil James OBrian Nathan Andrews 

David Libbee Bartholome Bryant Joseph Getchel 

William Mills Jonathan Woodruff Peter Coleborth 

Josiah Dodge James Dillaway Henry Dillaway 

John Yong Daniel Austen James Foster 

Beuning Foster William Killey Josiah Libbee 

John Berrey Jun"^ John Gardner James Brown 

Joshua Brown Joseph Getchel Jun"^ John Berrey 
Daniel Elliot Daniel Richardson 

Jabez West Cap'' 

To the Hon'''® the Council and House of Representatives of 
the State of Massachusetts Bay. 

The Petition of Benjamin Foster, Col° of the Sixth Regi- 
ment of Militia in the County of Lincoln, on behalf of him- 
self ; Joseph Sevey, Joseph Libbee, and Stephen Smith, 
Captains in said Regiment for themselves and the men under 
their command ; and Jonas Farnsworth, Adjutant in said 
Regiment, and Likewise Lieut. Joel Whitney & Company 
Humbly sheweth, 

That whilst the British ships were at Machias, and the 
whole time the Militia were on duty at said place the past 
summer, your petitioners and the men under our command 
did not receive any Rations from the Commissary or any 
other person on behalf of this State, but lived on their own 
provisions whilst on duty as aforesaid ; and whereas the 
chief part of their time from June to October, was employed 
in the publick service, which prevented following their own 
private business, and put it out of their power to lay in 
Provisions for the present winter: your Petitioners therefore 
humbly pray your Honors, that we and the Men under our 
command, who were on duty as aforesaid, may have Rations 


granted for the time tliey were so employed, equal to the 
Rations granted other troops in the service of this state. — 

And whereas there was a necessity for employing a num- 
ber of Oxen, to haul Timber for building breast-works &c ; 
we pray your Honors that pay may be granted for such 
Labour, agreeable to the annexed account. — And as in duty 
bound your petitioners will ever pray &c. — 
Benj* Foster : Col° Joseph Sevey Capt Stephen Smith 
Jonas Farnsworth Joseph Libbee Joel Whitney 

Machias December 1777 

In the House of Representatives Mar. 13, 1778 
Read & referrd to the Committee on Accounts — 
Sent up for Concurrence J Warren Spkr 

In Council Mar 13 1778 

Read & Concurred Sam^ Adams Sec^ 

To the Honourable the Council of the State of Massachu- 
setts Bay 

The Petition of John Frost of Kittery in the County of 
York Brigadier for said County & Humbly shows that your 
Petitioner agreeable to the Militia act of said state has 
appointed one Captain and Two Lieu* to Command a Mat- 
ross Company in said County beg leave to Recomend Samuel 
Nason for Captain Nehamiah Bean for first Lieu* Storer 
Sewal for Second Lieu* Pray your Honours they may be 
Commissioned accordingly — 

Your Petitioner as bound in Duty Shall Pray 

Jn" Frost 
Samuel Nason Nemehiah I5ean Storer Sewall 

In Council Dec. 9' 1777 Read & Ordered that Comis- 

sions be made out for the above mentioned ofiicers agreeable 

to their respective Ranks — 

Jn" Avery D^ Secy 


To the Great, and General Court of the State of the Massa- 
chusetts Bay in New England Humbly Sheweth 
That I Reced a Copy of my Petition of the 24*^ of Octo' 
1777 with an order thereon to serve William M'^Cobb Esq'' 
with a Copy thereof & order, which I have done by Capt 
James Fullerton, and I Return your Honours my most lium- 
bly & hearty thanks therefor; but am not to have any 
Releaf, from Said M'^Cobb, Excepting I Can Raise money to 
pay all the charges arisson & to arise, which is out of my 
Power to do, if I should Die in Goal, therefore May it 
Please your Honours, William M'^Cobb Esqr Living in 
Booth Bay, about twenty five miles from Pownalborough 
Goal, as the Road goes, it was with the utmost Difficulty I 
Gott any Person to Serve him with a Copy, of the Petition, 
& order thereon. Capt James Fullerton, Coming from 
Woolwich he was so Kind as to under tak it for me, and 
Carried the Original & a Copy there & Served it y* 11"' of 
November 1777 as his attestation on the Petition and order 
will appear which origenal I Did not Receive back again 
from Capt James Fullerton, Till the third of December 1777, 
by the hand of M"^ John Jones, who informed that Capt Ful- 
lerton told him Said Jones, that when he Said Fullerton 
went to William M^'Cobb Esq' he begain to Expostulate with 
Said M'^Cobb, about Said Clark Linneken — and said it was 
a Pette that he was sent & Confined in Goal & for no Crime 
& he & his family a suffering greatly Said William M*=Cobb 
Esq'' answered & Said, he was Sorry & that he should be 
Glad to helpe him if he Could &c or words to the same pur- 
port, and seemed to be Sincear & pitte him & family, which 
Capt Fullerton thought he Said M^'Cobb was Sincear & in 
Earnest, he Said Fullerton then pulled out the Petition & 
order of the General Court, & Shew him & Gave him a copy 
thereof; upon which Said William M'^Cobb altered his 
Countance & Tone, & Decleared he would not admitt him 


Said Liiinekin to Bail Except he would pay all the Charges 
arision & to arise & give Bonds for £400 Lawful money, the 
Bonds I am willing to give if I Could Get Bondsmen for I 
am honest & mean to he so &e but the Charges am unable to 
pay, Except I Could Come out & work to Earn the money 
to pay them, for I have but one Cow & that gives milk for 
my wife & children, Said M*^Cobb would do nothing about 
it; — and here I am Left in Goal — in the most Distressed 
manner, having Little Cloaths only a Shirt & a Thin Jaccot 
to ware & poor britches & no Shews & Stockings only one 
pair of Shews & Stockings Gave me Since I have been in 
Goal — and no blankett to Cover me, only to lay down in 
this between Cold weather, on some hay given me, without 
any Coveren which is too hard for human Nature to Bare, 
and to Receive such punishment in a christian land and for 
no Crime, is Cruel; — if there had not been an old Grudge, I 
believe Said M'^Cobb would Never Issued a warrant against 
me for trading with the men of warr's People, when I had 
nothing to Trade with but wanted charity for my self & 
famely, for I had Little or no bread, for three months 
together, only what I gott now & then from a Neighbor, but 
Never no bread to Carry home, only to eat there. — 
but tlie Jugeror often Pursues the Jugered to Run him 
down, in order to Prevent his obtaining Satisfaction; — my 
wife and 4 childreen are in a most suffering Condition as 
well as my selfe therefore I most Humbly Repet my Request 
to your Honours to Liberate me from this Doleful Goal, and 
from my charge, and perishing Condition, & family also, for 
I shall have no Relief from any Known Enemie, and as in 
Duty Bound I Shall Ever Pray 

Clark Linneken 
Pownalborough December 9 1777 


I James M'^Curdy of Lawful age testifieth and saith, That 
when the Enemy landed at I^ong Island in Penobscot Bay, 
M'' Benjamin Wheeler being an Inhabitant at Wheelers- 
borough on Penobscot River, Lent Thomas Calderwood a 
Firelock and furnished him with amunition to go against the 
Regulars : and also said from time to time, ( according to the 
best of my memory ) That he had Three Firelocks, and plenty 
of Ammunition, and would let any man have them to fight 
the Regulars with. I have never heard y® said Benjamin 
Wheeler express any thing prejudicial, or injurious to the 
interest of the States ; but rather the reverse. Further the 
deponant saith not, But is ready to make solemn Oath to the 
truth of the above as Witness my hand at Penobscot Decem- 
ber the 12th 1777. 

James M'^Curdy 

State of Massachusetts Bay to Stephen Smith Truck Master 

For ace* of Sundries Dl*^ p' order of Col° Allan Superin- 
tendent Eastern Department for the use of the Indians 

[ Here follows list of articles.] 

This may Certify that Cap'^ Stephen Smith Muster Master 
for the County of Lincoln for the State of the Massachusetts 
Bay Appointed for that purpose has Paid the under Named 
Persons being Non commishaned Officers and Soldieis in my 
Company Six pounds and one blanket each being a bounty 
Allowed to Each Non commishaned Officer and Soldiers that 
should Ingage in the Expedition agains S* Johns Viz. 
Nethaniel Cox William Mitchel Nemiah Small 
Daniel Small Noah Mitchel George Finey 



Metliias Whitney Joseph Libbee 

Abraham Allan 
Danil Hill 
John Guptal 
Richard Fassett 
Samuel Libbee 
Moses Worster 
Benj" Getchel 
Benjamin Strout 
Samuel Gates 
John Walker 
Benj" Tibbuts 

Thaubal Hinckley 
Samuel Milbury 
Joseph Learton 
James Dyer 
Richard Earl 
William M°Castler 
Benjamin Foss 
William Ray 
Samuel Shaw Jun"^ 
Christopher Tracey 
Abner Tibbuts 

Daniel Merrit 
Samuel Reynolds 
Josiali Moore 
James Dyer 
Ghristopher Tracey 
Going Wilson 
Jonathan Niels 
Bradbury Merril 
Samuel Small 
Nethanel Tubbets 
Asa Tracey 

Machias Decem"" 12, 1777 p*"" Reuben Dyer Cap* 

Board of War to settle with Mr. Smith as Commissary & 
Truckraaster — 

Coll Leonard M'' Barlow Mr White to settle with him as 
Muster master & to order & Report into Resolve 

Petition of Seth Grardner — Leave to Withdraw 

State of Mass*^ Bay 

To the Hon^'* the Council, & the hon'''® House of Repre- 
sentatives of said State. 

The Petition of Seth Gardner of Harpswell, County of Cum- 
berland, humbly sheweth, 

That your Petitioner ( being one of the drafted Men some 
Time last Winter) faithfully served three Montlis in the 
present War — that being in low Circumstances, was unable 
to purchase an effective (ire arm — that Your Petitioner 
received one from the Sele<;t Men of this Town, to whom he 


was accountable for the same said fire Arm being State 

property — that when your Petitioner returned home ( by 

Water from Boston ) said fire Arm was carefully put into 

the Boat when your Petitioner was going a Shore — that one 

of the Men ( when rowing in said Boat, by means of tlie 

Thawl-pins breaking, or tlie Oar starting out of its place ) 

fell backwards, and accidentally with his Foot struck said 

fire Arm over board. 

Your Petitioner ( continuing in indigent Circumstances ) 

humbly prays that this hon*^ Court would discharge him 

from his Obligation to the Select Men of this Town, to pay 

for said fire Arm. All which is humbly submitted to the 

Wisdom of this hon*^ Court, and your Petitioner as in Duty 

bound shall ever pray. 

Seth Gardner 
Harpswell 13"^ Dec' 1777. 

We the Subscribers being in the Boat aforesaid, do testifie, 

and are ready to make Oath, that the Loss of said fire Arm 

happened as is herein set forth. 

John Bray 

Ward Haskell 

James biship 

State of Mass'' Bay 

In Council Dec. 15—1777 

Whereas there is a Tract of Land, of about three mile 

Square Commonly called Cooks Lott adjoining Saco River 

without the bounds of any Town, upon which there are many 

Valuable White Pine Masts, a considerable part of which 

Lott of Land belonged to Sir William Pepperrell one of the 

late mandamus Councellor who is absent from this State, in 

which Lot or Tract of Land Rish worth Jordan Esq. of 

Biddeford is Interested — and as tis said that some persons 

have made Strip and Waste thereon and are again preparing 


to Cany off the Pine M.ists afores*^ by cutting them for mill 
logs the ensueing Winter and no person having been 
appointed an agent to s'^ Pepperrell — 

Therefore to prevent any further destruction of said Tim- 
ber and that such as have already destroyed the same may be 
specially called upon to made compensation therefor It is 
Resolved tliat the said Rishworth Jordan Esq. in his own 
Name for liimself and the other owners thereof be and hereby 
is fully authorized and impowered to prosecute and pursue 
actions of Tresspass to final Judgment & Escu" against any 
persons that have Committd Tresspass thereon since Janu- 
ary 1775 or that hereafter may Commit Tresspass on s'^ 
Land he to account with the Judge of Probate for York 
County for the said Pepperrells proportion of such damages 
as may be Recv** & to pay the same in the manner agents 
are directed by Law to Do — any Resolve to the Contrary 
notwithstanding — 

Sent down for Concurrence 

John Avery D^ Sec" 

In the House of Representatives Dec 15 1777 
Read and Concurred J Warren Spkr 

Consented to — 

Jer Powell W Sever A Ward 

W Spooner T Cushing R. Derby 

John Whitcomb John Taylor S Holten 

Moses Gill Benj Austin D Sewall 

Tim" Danielson N Cushing Jabez Fisher 

Tlie State of Massachusetts Bay in the House of Representa- 
tives Decmb' 15, 1777 

on the petition of Capt Samuel Whitmore of Gorham in the 
County of Cumberland praying for alowances for Services 



Done on tlie Batteries in falmoutli in said County by him 
selfe and men under his Command — 

Resolved that there be paid out of the Treasure of this State 
for their services afsd. to the Capt Eight shilhngs per Day 
Left five shilhngs per Day Non Commission officers three 
shillings and Six pence per Day Privates three shillings per 
Day in full for their services and Ratisions and the Com- 
mittee on Musterols are Directed to and allow tlie 

Roll for such Service when presented agreeable to this 

Sent up for Concurrence 

In Council Dec. 15, 1777 
Read & Concurred 

Consented to — 

Jer Powell 
W Spooner 
John Whitcomb 
Moses Gill 
N Cushinsr 

W Sever 
T Cushing 
John Taylor 
Benj Austin 
Jabez Fisher 

J Warren Spkr 

Jn« Avery D^ Sec^ 

A Ward 
R. Derby 

S Holten 
Tim° Danielson 
Oliver Prescott 

Lincoln Ss At a Court of Probate held at Pownalborough 
in the County of Lincoln before Jonathan Bowman Esq*^ 
Judge of the probate of Wills & for granting Letters of 
Administration on the Estates of persons deceased within 
the County aforesaid — 

On Wednesday the Seventeenth day of December Anno 
Domini 1777 — Rebeccah Callahan Wife of Charles Callahan 
late of said Pownalborough gentleman ( an Absentee ) being 
Cited to appear at said Court upon the Complaint of 
Nathaniel Thwing Esq' who was appointed Agent for the 
Estate of tlie said Charles, that the said Charles left personal 
Estate behind him to a considerable value, the greater part 


whereof had been secreted embezzled or Conveyed uAvay by 
some person or persons & that the said Nathaniel had jast 
reason to suspect & did suspect that the said Rebeccah had 
secrected Embezzled or Conveyed away the same — Upon 
which the said Rebeccah came into Court & being required 
by said Judge to acquit lierself on Oath of the premises, 
then refused to be sworn & interrogated upon Oath in the 
premises. It is therefore ordered by said Judge that the 
said Rebeccah be Committed to the Common Goal in the 
said County there to remain untill she shall Comply to dis- 
cliarge herself upon Oath or be otherwise legally discharged, 
from this sentence the said Rebecca, claimed an appeal to 
the Supreme Court of probate for this State, & gave Suffi- 
cient security according to law for prosecuting her said 

appeal with effect 

att. Rol'* Cushing Reg' 

A True Copy as appears of Record. RoF Cushing Reg' 

State of the Massachusetts Bay Lincoln Ss 

Before Jonathan Bowman Esq' Judge of Probate of Wills 
&c for said County at a Special Court of probate held at the 
Court House in Pownalboro on Wednesday the Seventeenth 
day of Decemb' A D 1777 at Eleven o clock A M Nathaniel 
Thwing Esq"" Agent for the Estate of Charles Callahan late 
of Pownalborough Gent" ( Called an Absentee ) Complainant 
against Rebeccah Callahan Wife of the said Charles for 
embezzleing, secreting or Conveying away &c the personal 
Estate of the said Charles, the said Rebeccah refusing to 
acquit herself on Oath touching the premises was by the said 
Judge ordered to be Connnitted to the Common Goal of said 
County &c from whicli sentence she appealed to the Supreme 
Couit of Probate for this State; and for wliich she now 
assigns the following reasons Viz' — 


1 Because the said Rebecca when before said Judge the day 
aforesaid voluntaryly declared to him that she has disposed 
of the whole of the personal Estate of her said Husband as 
she had a right to do, and therefore refused to acquit herself 
on Oath touching said Complaint — 

2. Because the said Rebecca within three Months, next 
after her said Husband went from home, did s&ll and dispose 
of the whole of the personal Estate of her said Husband 
which was by him left in her hands for her use and for the 
support of her self and family — 

3. Because there is no Certifycate made to the s*^ Judge 
that the said Charles Voluntarily went to and is still with 
the Enemies of this and the other United States of America 
which by the Law of this State ought first to have been 
done, but there is only a Certifycate made by Edmund 
Bridge and Asa Smith who call themselves the Major part of 
the Selectmen of Pownalborough, that they believe the said 
Charles voluntarily went to and is still with their Enemies, 
and not the Enemies of the United States of America — 

4 Because it is plain by the preamble of the act of this 
State on which the aforesaid proceedings were granted, that 
the s*^ Act was made Solely for the benefit of Creditors of 
Absentees that they may all receive their Equitable demands 
out of such Estates : Now the said Rebecca Avers that when 
the said Charles went from this State he was not Justly 
Indebted one Shilling to any person whatsoever within this 
or any of the United States, and therefore the aforesaid pro- 
ceedings are groundless and unnecessary and not supported 
by Law — 

5 Because the said Rebecca had not any proper or reason- 
able Notice of the Complaint and Examenation aforesaid, 
being only served with a Citation on the fifteenth day of the 
s^ Decemb' at Eight of the Clock a Night when many miles 
from her home or prepare her self for the aforesaid Tryal, 


before slie was obliged by the said Citation to attend thereon 
without fail — 

6 Because the aforesaid Order & Sentence of the said 
Judge was not made and published on any certain or fixed 
day made known and published by the said Judge for mak- 
ing and publishmg his orders & decres which by Law it 

ought to have been — 

Rebecca Callalian 
Filed January 2'» 1778 

.V true Copy of the Reason on file 

att Rol'' Gushing Reg"" 

Machias December 23, 1777. 

This may certifie that Col" Benjamin Foster, M"' Jonas 
Farns worth, Cap* Joseph Sevey, Cap' Joseph Libbee & Capt. 
Step" Smith and Leu' Joel Whitney and the Militia Com- 
panies under their command except 8 men days, which 
were on duty at Machias the last summer, did not receive 
any Rations from the Committee of this place or from the 

p"^ James Flinn Cle' To the Committee 
Stephen Smith Commissary 

I Tho. Child of Falmouth hereby certify That I have often 

seen at the House of M" Elz"^ Ross in said Falmouth a large 

Silver Cup mark'd with the name of Edward Tyng, late of 

Boston also. I have drank out of it and I know it to be the 

same Cup which I formerly saw in the possession of Edward 

Tyng in Boston ( son of the decea'^ Edw. Tyng ) who boarded 

with me at the House of my late Mother there, and I then 

understood and believed it to be the property of the said 

Edward tlie Son and that it was given to him l)y his 

Father — 

Falmouth 1"' Janu^ 1778 Tho. Child 



State of Massachusetts Bay 

In the House of Representatives Jan 2'^ 1778 
on the Petition of Stephen & Ralph Cross praying the 
Court to grant them a Sum of Money for the use of John 
AUan the Continental Agent of Indian affairs m y^ Eastern 

Resolved that the prayer of the Petition be so far granted 
that the Treasurer of this State be directed to pay to the 
Petitioners for the use of s** John Allan Esq the Sum of 
three Hundred pounds as Soon as the State of the Treasury 
will admit of the Same, Said Allan to be accountable to this 
Court for the Same — 

Sent up for Concurrence 

J Warren Spkr 

In Council Jan^ 24, 1778 

Read & Concurred with an amendment at A 

Sent down for Concurrence 

Jn° Avery D^ Secy 

Warrant drawn at A. (dele? what follows & insert — 
Petitioners to be accountable to this Court for the same 
untill the Said Jn" Allan Esq as Continental agent as afore- 
said shall by a Writing under his hand or in some o tlier Way 
make liimself accountable for the same and no longer — 

In the House of Representatives Jan^ 2 1778 
Read & Concurred 

J Warren Spkr 

Consented to 

Jer Powell W Sever A Ward 

Jedidiah Preble Jabez Fisher Moses Gill 

Tim° Danielson John Taylor B White 

Dan' Davis Benj Austin N Cushing 

A Fuller S Holten J Palmer 


To the Honorable the Council of the State of Massachu- 
setts Bay — 

Joseph Noyes of Falmouth in the County of Cumberland 

Humbly sheweth that he has Expended a considerable sum 

in Supplying the Forces Stationed at Falmouth & Cape 

Elizabeth more than what he has received therefore pray 

your Honours to give him a Warrant on the Treasury for 

Four Hundred pound to Enable him to pay for what he has 

Expended & to purchase a further supply of Provisions &c 

and as Duty Bound shall Ever pray 

Joseph Noyes 
Boston Janry 11^'^ 1778 

In the House of Representatives, Jan. 12 1778 

Ordered — That ]\P Jenkins be of the Committee on the 
Petition of Benjamin Wheeler & others a Conmiittee of a 
Settlement called Wheelersborough — in the room of M'' 
Crane absent 

Sent up for Concurrence J Pitts Speak"^ g Tern 

In Council Jan^ 12, 1778 Read & Concurred 

Jn^ Avery D^ Secy 

State of Massachusetts Bay 
In the House of Representatives Jan^ 12''" 1778 

Upon the Petition of Nath" Prebble & others a Committee 
of Frenchmans Bay praying for some Assistance under their 

Resolved, that the Board of War be and they are hereby 
directed to order Ninety barrels Beef & Five Teirces of Rice 
to be deliver'd to Nathaniel Prebble & others a Committee 
from Frenchman's Bay for the Use of the Inhabitants of said 
plase, the said Prebble & others giving their Obligation to 


the Board of War to deliver to tliein or their order Wood or 
Lumber as the Board may chuse at ye Market price, in pay 
for the above Provisions, on or before the last day of April 
next — 

Sent up for Concurrence J Pitts Speaker pro Tern 

In Council Ja^ 12, 1778 Read & Concurred 

Jn° Avery D^ Secy 
Consented to 

Jer. Powell B. Greenleaf W. Spooner 

Caleb Cushing John Taylor Benj. Austin 

Dan' Davis R. Derby Jedidiah Prebble 

N. Cushing Moses Gill Josiah Stone 

John Whitcomb A. Fuller D. Hopkins 

To the Hon^ Councill & House of Representatives of the 
State of Massachusetts Bay 

the Petition of Stephen & Ralph Cross in behalf of John 
Allan Esq"" Humbly Sheweth that the Said John Allan hav- 
ing been Appointed by the Honb^' Continental Congress 
Agent of Indian Affairs in the Eastern department and hav- 
ing been oblig'd to Make Larger Expenditures for the Exe- 
cuting his trust than that Honb' Body has Yet Granted to 
him and by Reason of the Important trust Committed to him 
by this Honb' Court he has not been able to Lay a Proper 
State of Matters before the Honb' Congress therefore Your 
Petitioners Pray that this Honb' Court Would Grant to the 
Said John Allan Esq four Hundred Pounds to be Paid into 
the Hands of Your Petitioners to Enable them to answer 
Such Drafts as he has Drawn on them agreeable to the desire 
of Said Allan or Grant Such other Relief as You in Your 
Wisdom Shall think fit 

and Your Petitioners as in Duty bound Shall Ever Pray 

Steph" & Ralph Cross 

Newburyport 12 January 1778 


An account of the provisions that was Dealt out on the 
Alarm Occasioned by the Ship Milford at Edgcumbe on June 
the 21«t 1777 
To Capt Rob* Hodge Company 21 lb of Bread & to C 9. of 

To Cap* Arch McCalesters Company 31 lb of Bread & 31>^ 

lb of Beef 
To Cap* Henry Hunter Company IS^'' of Bread 27 of Beef 
To Cap* Eben' Goe Company 20 of Bread 30'^ of Beef 
To Cap* Joseph Jones Company 36 of Bread 39'" of Beef 
To Gertham Weber 4'" of Bread 7>^ Beef 
To the Select Men troble & Expences X 1-1-0 
New Castle Jan" the 12: 1778 

Errors Excepted Pr Sam^ Waters ) Selectmen of 
David Hopkins ) New Castle 

New Castle Jan^ 12*'' 1778 
Then the within named Samuel Waters & David Hopkins 
Personally appeared and made oath to the Truth of the 
within accomp* 

Before me Benjamin Woodbridge Justice of pea 

CoP Buck 

Sir, I liereby Certifie, that Col° Josiah Brewer, L* Col° 
Jon* Lowder, Lieu* Andrew Gilman, or Ens: Jeremiah 
Coburn, never asked the advice, consent, or Approbation of 
me, ( or to my knowledge ) Requested the advise or approba- 
tion of any Other of the Committee, to Appoint the })uilding, 
or the place where to Erect or Build any Fort or Stockkade 
whatsoever But went on to Stockkade the truck House, by 
Virtue of tlieir own power, without any regard to the Com- 
mittee, or Inhabitants, at any time whatsoever. Notwithstand- 
ing tlie foregoing alarms. And as no advice was requested 
of the Committee for Building the Fort, so no advice was by 


tbe above Gentlemen, asked or requested respecting tlie 

Alarming the Inhabitants of the River, by reason of the 

Report of tlie Descent of tlie Indians, in making an Incorssion 

upon us by force of arms: but they, or such of them, as 

Alarmed the Inliabitants of the River ; did the same by no 

other Influence or Authority, then wliat they were possessed 

of in themselves ; for no advice was by any of them ever 

requested of me in Either of the above requests ; And I 

never heard, or knew, tliat they consulted the Inhabitants, or 

any of them, to Authorize their proceedings. To the truth 

of the above I herewith affix my Hand, and am ready to aver 

the same on Oath 

James Budge of the Com"® 

To CoP Jon^ Buck President of the Committee of Safety and 

Correspondence in the District of Penobscot 

A true Copy Attest Jn° Avery D^ Sec^ 

May it Please your Honours 

The Council of the State of the Massachusetts Bay in New 
England Was Pleased to Honour Me with the Commisson of 
the Millitary Command of a Company in the Western Pre- 
cenct of Pownalborough and My Affairs is Such that I Cant 
do my Duty therein according to the Expectation of the 
Councel I therefore most humbley begg leave of your Honours 
to Resigne the Said Commison — 

and whereas my first Leautenant M'' Carr Barker of Said 
Company is a Suitable Person to take the Command of Said 
Company and Jonathan Reed the Second Leautenant of 
Said Company is a Suitable Person Allso and a Greable to 
the People to be — Advanced to the first Leautenant if your 
Honours Should think Proper to Honour them with those 
Commands And M'^ Thomas Densmore would be a Sutable 
Person for a Second Leautenant and I beleave a Greable to 


the People if your Honours Sliould think Proper to Honour 
him with that Command 

All which is Most Humbly Submitted by your Honours 
Most Deutifull most Obedient and Vary Humbel Serv" 

John Johnson 
Pownalborough West Preceinct January 13, 1778 

To the Honorable the Council of the State of the Massa- 
chusetts Bay in New England 

In Council Feb^ 26" 1778 

Read & Ordered that the within Resignation be accepted 

Jn° Avery D^ Sec^ 

In Council Feb^ 26' 1778 Ordered that Col° Joseph North 
be and he hereby is directed to cause the Company in the 
Western Precinct of Pownalborough in his Reg* together 
with the Alarm List within Limits of the Same to meet 
together & make Choice of a Captain in Room of John John- 
son who has leave of this Board to resign his Commission as 
Captain in his Regt. and he is further required to see that 
the Choice is made according to the Directions of the Law 
and duly certified to the Secretary of State 

Read & Accepted Jn° Avery D^ Sec^ 

To the Honorable the General Assembly of the State of 
Massachusetts Bay — 
Humbly shewe 

Martha Cotton of Falmouth hi the County of Cumberland, 
widow, Executrix to the last Will & Testament of William 
Cotton late of said Falmouth - Tanner - deceased. 

That at the Inferior Court of Common Pleas held in the 
County aforesaid in March A D 1773 she in her said Capacity 
recoverd Judgment against Elisha Baker of Brunswick in 
said County Blacksmith for the sum of <£3 8. Cost Money 
& Damage and <£3. 6. 6 loss of Suit, from which Judgment 
tlie Defendant by David Wyer liis attorney appealed to the 


next Superior Court in said Falmouth — at which Court his 
Appeal was entered. 

That your Memoriahst by Samuel Freeman her Attorney, 
appealed at said Superior Court to manage her cause but the 
Judges there forbid his speaking in the said Cause & con- 
trary to a Law of the State disallowed the appearance of 
your Memorialist altho said Freeman was legally empowered 
to appear in her behalf and ordered her to be called out by 
default — 

That thereupon your Memorialist presented a Petition to 
the General Court praying the Court to order Execution for 
Cost against her to be stayed and to direct the Judges of the 
said Inferior Court to try the Cause & allow your Memorialist 
to appear by such person as she should think fit to appoint — 
This Petition the said Gen^ Court was pleased to sustain & 
ordered that the said Elisha Baker should be notified to show 
cause at tlie next Session why the prayer of it should not be 
granted. The said Baker was notified accordingly but not 
appearing to make answer the two Houses were pleased to 
pass a Resolve granting the prayer of said Petition ; but the 
then Governor namely Mr. Gage refused his consent thereto 
Thereupon your Petitioner has not only been deprived of the 
Benefit of the Lav/, which every good subject of the State is 
entitled to — but has been troubled with the Execution of 
the Costs recoverd against her by said Baker — which she 
was obliged to satisfy 

Therefore your Memorialist liumbly prays that your Honors 
would be pleased to order that she may have a tryal of the 
Cause aforesaid & impower the Judges of said Court to allow 
such Costs in case she shall recover Judgment against said 
Baker as they shall judge reasonable & in particular that she 
may be reimbursed the sum she paid to satisfy said Baker's 
Execution against her — and your Memorialist as in duty 
bound will ever pray 

Martha Cotton 


State of Massachusetts Bay 
In the House of Representatives Jan^ IS''^ 1778 

On the petition of Martha Cotton praying that she may 
be admitted to re-enter an Action at the next Superior Court 
of Judicature to be holden at Fahnouth in the County of 
Cumberland whicli action she brought against Elisha Baker 
m the year 1773. 

Resolved that the Prayer of said Petition be granted & 
that the said Martha Cotton be and she is hereby impowered 
to re-enter her said Action at the next Superior Court of 
Judicature to lie holden at Falmouth in and for the said 
County of Cumberland on the next Tuesday after the fourth 
Tuesday of June next : And the Justices of said Court are 
hereby fully impowered & directed to hear said case make 
up Judgment for the sum that shall be found due, togetlier 
with all reasonable Costs & charges that said Martha hatli 
been at by means of said Action having been declared 
defaulted & award execution accordingly. And the Judg- 
ment already had by means of said default is hereby declared 
null & void. And the said Martha by herself or such person 
as she shall appoint shall be allowed to appear in, plead & 
prosecute said suit to final Judgment & execution. Provided 
that the said Martha shall notifie the said Elisha Baker of 
tliis suit by serving him with an attested copy of this order 
& the petition on which it is founded at least fourteen days 
before the said sitting of said Court. 

Sent up for Concurrence J. Warren Spker. 

In Council Jan^ 13' 1778 Read & Concurred 

Jn" Avery D^ Secy 
Consented to 

Jer. Powell W. Sever B. Greenleaf 

W. Spooner A. Fuller S. Hoi ten 

John Whitcomb R. Derby Caleb Cushing 

Moses Gill Benj Austin Dan^ Davis 

Jabez Fisher D Hopkins Josiah Stone 



State of Massachusetts Bay 
In the House of Representatives. Jan^ 14*'' 1778 — 

Resolve that the Board of War be and they liereby are 
directed to Receive the pay for Ceartin Provishons Suplied 
Nath-'^ Prel)ble & others for the Inhabitants of Freuchmans 
Bay, at Some Convenient Landing in said Frenchmans Bay 

Sent up for Concurrence 

In Council Jan^ 14' 1778 
Read & Concurred 

Consented to 
W. Sever 
Jedidiah Preble 
Moses Gill 
Dan' Davis 
D. Hopkins 

B, Greenleaf 
Caleb Cushing 
Benj Austin 
A Fuller 
Josiah Stone 

J. Warren, Speaker. 
Samuel Adams Sec'' 

W. Spooner 
R. Derby 
John Whitconib 
Jabe^ Fisher 
Tim° Danielson 

State of Massachusetts Bay 

Council Chamber Janu^ 14, 1778 
Ordered that Capt. Joseph Noyes be & he hereby is 
appointed to provide for & Supply the Sea Coast men sta- 
tioned in the Town of Falmouth & Cape Elizabeth w^ith such 
Provisions as were allowed the men in the sea Coast Service 
in the year one Thousand Seven hundred & Seventy Six. — 

To the Hon'''® the Council & House of Representatives of 
the State of Massachusetts Bay in New England 

Humbly Shews 
Timothy Frost of York in the County of York, that in the 
year 1774 to discharge a considerable debt due from him to 
one Thomas Wallingford, and a small debt due to Jotham 
Moulton Esq'' then Slieriff of the County of York He Exe- 


cuted a Deed to the said Jotbam of all his Real Estate, which 
He said Jotham was to make Sale of in such parts and par- 
cels as would raise a sufficient Sum to discharge the said 
demands, and what remained of said Real Estate them Debts 
loeing paid was to be reconveyed to your Petitioner. That 
the said Jothara disposed of all the Lands so conveyed, except 
about an Acre & quarter with the Buildings thereon, then 
and ever since in the Tenure & occupation of your Petitioner 
which nearly raised money sufficient to discharge the demands 
aforesaid. That having the greatest confidence in the Integ- 
rity and Honesty of the said Jotham he never took any Writ- 
ing from him that could operate in Law as a [ Disseisin ] to 
the said Deed. That the unexpected & untimely Death of 
the said Jotham prevented him from doing that Justice to 
your Petitioner, which he doubts not he would have done 
And as by Law the Administrators of said Jotham's Estate 
cannot legally reconvey such of the said Lands and Buildings 
as are undisposed of without the aid of the General Court. 
He therefore prays that the said Administrators of the Estate 
of the said Jotham Moulton Esq"" may be authorized and 
impowered to Reconvey the Lands & Buildings your Peti- 
tioner conveyed to the said Jotham in 1774, which have not 
been disposed of, upon such Terms & Conditions as the said 
Admin" from the particular circumstances of the Case shall 
Judge Equitable, and your Petitioner as in Duty Bound 
Shall ever pray 

York Jany 16, 1778 Tim« Frost 

State of Massachusetts Bay 

In the House of Representatives; Jan^ 20'" 1778 
Whereas the Comm*® of Correspondence &c for y" I'own 
of Fahnoutli have represented to this Court that they did in 
August 1777 Stop sixteen oxen whicii tliey say were about 


to be driven out of this State Contrary to a Resolve of y* 
Gener^ Court, prohibiting the exportation of Provisions pass** 
the 6^^ of February 1777 & filed an Information against y* 
same at the Court of Gen Sessions of y*^ Peace for the 
County of Cumberland agreeable to s*^ Resolve but before y* 
Seting of S*^ Court of Sessions the s** Resolve was Repealed, 
it is therefore Resolved — that the Court of Gen^ Sessions of 
y® Peace for the County of Cumberland be and they are 
hereby Authorized & impowered to proceed to the hearing 
& determining upon the afores^ information as fully & 
effectually as tho. the Resolve afores*^ passed the G*^ of Feb- 
ruary 1777 had not been Repealed. 

Sent up for Concurrence J Warren Speaker 

In Council Jan^ 20' 1778 

Read & Concurred Jn° Avery D^ Secy 

Consented to 

Jer. Powell W. Sever A. Ward 

B Greenleaf W Spooner Caleb Gushing 

R Derby John Whitcomb Moses Gill 

J Holton Tim° Danielson A. Fuller 

Josiah Stone Oliver Prescott D Hopkins 

The Committee of both Houses on the Petition of Benj* 
Wheeler & others, have heard said Wheeler, Col° Brewer 
Lieut. Col° Lowder & Cap^ Gilman being present and beg 
leave to submit the following State of facts viz — 

Your Committee found that in 1776 the said Brewer & 
others gave their Security to the Treas"^ of this State for a 
certain sum of money Lent to be paid on or before the 11*'' 
day of April 1777, in order to purchase Ammunition Salt & 
Corn for the use of the Inhabitants on Penobscot River, 
which money your committee are of Opinion said Brewer & 
others ought to Account for — 


2''ly That the General Court m 1776 made an Establish- 
ment for a Guard of 30 men, to be placed on Penobscot 
River, under the Command of Andrew Gilman, which have 
been continued ever since, without being of any service to 
the State, but little of their time as appeard to your Com- 
mittee has been spent in Guarding or Scouting and we are 
of Opinion they ought to be immediately discharged. — 

Your Committee who found, that CoP Lowder in 1776 
Rec'* of the Treas"^ of this State Four Hundred pounds as 
Truck master to the Tribe of Penobscot Indians which sum 
said Lowder ought to account for, and we are of Opinion 
that there is no necessity for a Truck House at that place. — 

N Cushing g order 

In Council Jan^ 20 1778. Read & Accepted 

Sent down for Concurrence Jn" Avery D'' Sec^ 

In the House of Representatives Jan. 22*^ 1778 Read & 
concurred as taken into a new Draught. 

Sent up for Concurrence J Warren Spk' 

In Council Jan^ 22"^ 1778 Read & Concurred with the 
amendment at A in the New Draft 

Sent down for Concurrence Jn'' Avery D^ Sec^ 

at A insert and hereby are 

In the House of Representatives Jan. 22'^ 1778 

Read & Concurred J Warren Spker 

Consented to 

Jer Powell W Sever A Ward 

Jedidiah Preble Jabez P'isher John Whitcomb 

Tim° Danielsou Benj Austin John Taylor 

Caleb Cushing Oliver Prescott Josiah Stone 

I Palmer Moses Gill S Holten 


In the House of Representatives Jan. 22*^ 1778 — 
On the Petition of Beniamin Wheeler and others 
Resolved that Mr. ISJye Cap' Wales & J. Brignd Warner be 
a Committee to settle with Col. Josiah Brewer and others for 
a certain Sum of Money lent said Brewer and others 
for which Sum in the Year 1776 they gave their Security to 
the Treasurer of this State. — 

Resolved, That the Guard of 30 Men appointed by the 
General Court of this State in 1776 to guard on Penobscot 
River under the Command of Andrew Gilman be immediately 
discharged, — 

Resolved that Mr. Nye, Capt Wales & Br'ig^ Warner be a 
Committee to settle with Col. Lowder for the sum of four 
hundred Pounds lawful Money which the said Lowder as 
Truck Master to the Tribe of Penobscot Indians received of 
the Treasurer of this State in the Year 1776. 

To the Honorable the Council Board of the States of 
Massachusetts Bay. 

May it please your Honours, the Committee of Machias 
begs leave to lay before the Honourable Board the distrest*^ 
Situation which this part of the State labour under occa- 
tioned by the present war, hitherto have with stood every 
attempt of our Enemy s being Strengthned by your Honours 
Indulgence and assistance which is Gratefully acknowledge 
by the greatest part & we trust the whole of this district 

Having flatter** our Selves that every Campaign would be 
the last always having a firm Resolution to maintaign our 
most Invaluable Rights and priviledges in opposing the 
Cruel and Bloody Intentions of our merciless Enemys which 
generally carried our Spirits beyond our Strength 

The Enemys attacks last summer being the most destres- 
ing we have hither to Experienc** has prevented our Carrying 


on our farming business it being much neglected in its proper 
season occation*^ by the peoples being on duty 

The same calamity to a degree has hapned to the Inhabit- 
ants in the other Settlements upon the Shoare who has been 
Repeatedly called upon duty, particularly in the midst of hay 
time & harvest & has reduc*^ them to many difficultys for the 
Nessessarys of life this winter. 

This Settlement in particular being oblig** to advance all 
the provitions that could be Spared for the Support of the 
Troops called here for our assistance, makes it verry difficult 
amoungst us as one has it not in his power to Supply 
another — 

However these are dificultys we Naturally Expect by the 
Calamity of War, but alass what looks more dismal that all 
is our unguarded Situation Being the Eastern part of the 
State and so ajasent to Noviscotia are Subject to every Insult 
from that Quarter, as soon as the Icy featters of the Winter 
breaks their Chains and the Spring opens which will be the 
time that every one will want to put Seed into the Ground, 
as farming is much practised of late and to good success 

But well knowing the Intentions of our enemies that they 
meane to deprive us of every nieanes of gitting our lively 
hood in any Quietness and if Possible make them selves 
masters of this part of tlie Country, having already Estab- 
lish* a Truck house at S*^ Johns well Supplyed with every 
kind of British Manufactury Sutibel for tampering with the 
Indians, and protected according to the Best accounts with 
about Seventy five British Troops 

This has somewhat allarm'' us and for feare they Should 
Send a party in some private manner this Winter and 
destroy the Cannon and other property belonging to the 
Stiite Col° Allan has thought proper to keep up about twenty 
or thirty men as artilery men witli one Coramisiond officer to 
them as a Guard and protection to the States property these 


are constantly keep'^ upon duty it being Recommended by 
the Committee of this place 

The Col° has about Seventy Indians that are Imbodyed & 
under his immediate Command which appears will be a Suf- 
ficient protection during the winter Season from any attacks 
we might have from S'' Johns provided they can be supported. 

And we must at this time do Col° Allen the Justice to say 
tliat he has managed his affairs as Commanding officer to the 
grate Satisfaction of the Publick and Notwithstanding the 
many Extraordinary demands for Provition both from Eng- 
lish & Indians has us*^ every thing with the Gratest Oecon- 
omy. we hope your Honours will not omit to grant him such 
assistance as is Necessary as being Superintendant of Indians 
affairs or any other departments he may be appointed to 

But under the present Situation of affairs it looks very 
melancoly to the Inhabitants the Spring advancing the 
Indians will want to go a hunting thereby will be Scattered 
we Shall be so unguarded that many of our prin sable 
Inhabitants are Talking of Removeing their Fammilys and 
effects to the westward which Grately damps the Spirits of 
the common Sort of people fearing they must soon fall a 
pray to a Cruel & Blood thursty Enemy 

Many of the Inhabitants are wholly unable to Remove 
themselves & Effects & must be objects of Charity and a 
Burden to whatever part of the Continent they might 
Remove to 

We therefore humbly intreat & pray your Honours to take 
our most deplorable Situation into your wise consideration 
and Grant us such Releif as you in your grate wisdom 
Shall think proper, major Stilman will lay this matter before 
your Honours and can inform you of every Circumstance 

We have lost all hopes of Gitting the militia on duty as 
they ware last Summer, the Grate Sinking of the Bills of 
Credit & the high prices of the Nessessaries of life that a 


Soldier gits but about one Bushell and a half of Corn for a 
months pay this has grately discouraged the people on the 
whole Shoare from Entering into the Service and many other 
difficulties Major Stilman can inform you, 

Any favours your Honours Shoidd seem meet to grant or 
what is intended you will be pleas'' to communicate to Major 
Stilman thai wc may know our fate before destruction comes 
upon us 

The major will have full power from us and may be con- 
sulted with upon e\ery measure concerning us in these mat- 
teis, it would be injustice not to say the people in this and 
the other Settlements on the Shoare are warmly attach'^ to 
the Interest of the united States and have ever been Ready 
and on every occation to exert themselves in the defence of 
this much injured Country, but the distresses brought on by 
the present war seems to demand your Honours attention 
and nothing can Releive them more to have a Suffecient 
Number of Continental Troops Station** at Machious this will 
be a protection to the whole Shoare and leave the Inhabit- 
ants to be Quiet upon their plantations where they will 
Ct)nifortably support their Familys and keep the possession 
of a Valuable part of the united States 

ALso that the Comniasarys Store at Machious may be Suf- 
liciently supplyed with provition & amunition in order that 
the militia or any part of them might be Supplied whenever 
they Shoud be called on duty by any alarm as it is out 
of the Power of the inhabitants here to Supply themselves 

All of which circumstances major Stillman can inform you, 
])ut under god we Shall leave our most deplorable Situation 
with your Honours grate wisdom not doubting you will grant 
us Such Relief as you will tliink best, committing our case to 
the almighty wlio governs & Orders all things to his Glory 
whatever tlie case may be Concerning us 

We are with Dutiful Respect Your Honours Most Obedi- 



ent Humble Servt* — for and in behalf of the Committee of 

Mechias & b}' their order 

James Flinn Clerk 

Mechias Janiuy 24'*^ 1778 

N B onr utmost Endeavours have been Exerted to assist 
in erecting a Fort at andrews hill about two miles below the 
mills wdiere if compleated and man'' would be a Sufficient 
Protection to the whole Settlement and with a less number 
of men & less expence than an 3^ other way, but the season of 
year was so far advanced it w^as out of our power to make it 
any way safe to trust the artilery in Not withstanding 
CoP Allan push'' the works as fast as possible with what 
Troops he had under his Command as well as Several of the 
Inhabitants which gave their assistance, we therefore implore 
as a favour that your Honours would grant us that assist- 
ance, which will be Nessessary for the Compleateing Said 
Fort both for the safety of the States property and a protec- 
tion to the whole Shoare, 

For further Particulars Refer to Major Stilman 
You will have some accounts of Losses sustained in the 
Expidition to S* Johns for Boats and Sundry Supply s by 
different persons who Stand in grate need of their being paid 
which the Major will lay before you and we must Intreat 
your Honours allowance for the same to be paid to Major 
Stilman, Also agreable to a Resolve of your Honours we 
Should take it as a favour that Cap*' Smith might have pro- 
vitions sent to Enable him to Repay what he Borrowed from 
different persons that advanc'' it Solely for the Support of 
said Expedition the account of which the Major will have 
particular Instructions & ace*' of what is paid and the 
Ballance due and every thing which must acquaint your 
Honours has been conducted with the gratest Oeconomy 

Machious Jan^ 24t'» 1778 


Mechias Januy 24»»> 1778 
iMa}- it please the Hon'''® Board — 

By Major Stillmaii which is now going to the Westward 
upon Some Public Business — I have the Honour to Trans- 
mit Sundry accounts. — respecting my Employment as Com- 
missary & Truckmaster — 

The Hurry and Confusion which was Occationed By the 
Enemy the past Summer Prevented Matters being Keep'd So 
Regular as I coud wdsh, Consequently it has taken much 
Longer Time to Correct, which has prevented their being 
Transmitted sooner. 

Being not Certain to Whome I should send these matters 
I have Transmitted one Copy also to the Board of Warr as 
they Consign'd the Articles which came downe 

Major Stillman will answer the Hon'''® Board to such 
Questions as they may want to Know Respecting the Man- 
agement of any Matter during the summer — 

I have Issued from the Truck house Several Articles By 
Order of CoP Allan, for Supplying the Troops who were in 
Great want & Distress which were in the Service all Sum- 
mer, Many Coud not go on Duty without it — 

I have Endeavored to persue every Step Oeconomy and be 
as Carefull of the Dilivery of Every Matter, As the Situation 
& Circumstances woud Admit the perticulars of Which I 
Trust will Receive your Honours Approbation — 

The Indian Matters have Wholly been Conducted By 
Colo' Allan who Inspects the neccssarys they arc in want of 
& from time to time Orders Such Things from the Truck 
House, as well what they Pay for as otherways their not 
Being a Hunting but Constantly out about one service or 
another, their Debts amounts to Considerable Tho I Expect 
they will make some payments Soon, as some are Gone & 
Others Just Setting of a Hunting — 

We arc in want of several Things to make up the Deffi- 


ciency iii the Truck House, wliich I Expect Col° Allan will 
Communicate to your Honours by this Opportunity the 
Indians have Been of Much Service & I Trust are So much 
now Under Authority as to be more usefull & Cheaper than 
Heitherto — 

The Precariousness of Transporting things By Sea, Makes 
me Timerous to Ship Any Property of the States, heaving 
already had some of the Property taken by the Enemy,— I 
have at Present a Considerable Quantity of Beaver, otters, 
Martins, Moose Skins &c By Me, which I Pray Your 
Honours to Order what you wou'd have done with — 

Your Honours having Apjjointed me Commissary of Mus- 
ters I pursued every Step I thought Necessary for the 
Benefit of the States — General Warner not Coming Down 
I received but a Small part of the Money which was ordered 
for Paying Bountys reather then the Service shou'd Suffer, I 
Borrow'd & Advanced a Considerable Sum. I Sent the 
Account by Col° Campbell but the Sum was not answered, I 
woud Pray the favour that Your Honours wou'd Pay the 
Amount to Major Stillman — 

At Present 26 who Drew Rations, which does duty here 
as allso sum Indians Your Honours will Please to Inform 
Major Stillman if I am to Continue as Commissary for them 
as usual — 

I Am with Dutifull regards Respectfully Your Honours 
most Obedient Devoted Humb' Serveut 

Stephen Smith 

To the Hono'^^ Jeremiah Powell Esq' 

Machias Jan^ 24'^ 1778 

This will be delivered by Major Stillman, with my 

accompts of the Commissarys Business, — With full Power 


to Settle them, as the Indians bemg here Prevent my Com- 
ing up for myself. — 

I would Just mention a few mistakes in the Invoice your 
honours Sent me of y® 11 of October, I am Charged with 
Bread 78022 lb, which Should bee but 78. 0. 22 lb. The 
Number of Casks is 56, whicli is Right and the iNIistakes by 
that May be easily Rectifyed, In the Mollasses 20 gallons 
over Charged by Reason of the Wantage not being Deducted, 

I am Likewise Charged with 100 Empty Cartridges, for 
tlie 9 Pounders & 50 Ditto for y^ 4 pounder, which Never 
Came by any of the Vessels. — 

One Barrill Flour Short in Capt Goochs Freight, It 
appears by Col" Campbell a matter of uncertainty Whether 
he took on Board or not. 

I am Charged 60 p a Dozen for Seven Dozen Shirts, & 
80 p for three Dozen D°, which I Imagine ought to be so 
much a Peace — 

I wrote about 200 Gallon Rum, I had last July, lias not 
been Charged me in any Invoice. — 

I have Drawn for Capt Gooch freight as agreed on by 
Col° Campbell, amounting to 93 : 18 : which will be Pre- 
sented by Major Stillman, also In favor of the Committee, 
for Sundries Supplies, for the use of the Troops, Amount of 
328: 3.. 73^, which the Committee Expect to be Placed to 
their Credit. 

I have Given two Certificates, one in favour of Captain 
Wallace for 1057 lb Beef, the other in Favour of Stephen 
Jones Esq' for 663 lb Beef which the Commissary Store was 
Furnished with, I have Supplied Sundries as pr accompt 
which I Expect will he Replaced, as some is Borrowed and 
the people Cannot Do without itt — 

I have taken from the Truck liouse to Furnish the Com- 
missary Store & from the Commissary Store to Furnish the 
Truck house as you will see by the accompts — 


I am Charged with 56 lb wampum which Is no more than 

I have Beaver, Moose Skins, Feathers & Small Furs, — by 
me to a Considerable Amount Should be glad to Receive 
your orders what to Do with it 

I send the amount of Sundrys supplyed Col" Allan as 
Superintendent of Indians Eastern Department & there is 
Sundry other matters Furnished which I Cant Collect to 
Send as yet, — 

You will see by the Generall acct. of Provisions, of a 
Quantity being on hand the 31 of Decem"" Which I DeUver 
out to the Indians & artilery, by order of CoP Allan, any 
Further Particulars Refer you to Major Stillman and Gentle- 
men your most Obedient Humble Servant 

Stephen Smith 

perticulars of Molasses Shipt by Com^ Devens on 1/' Cap' 

Sep* 29 



3 out 




2 out 

Oct 2 







1 bb' 


9 out 





State of Massachusetts Bay 

In the House of Representatives Jan^ 24 1778 

The House made choice by ballot of M"" Thomas Child as 

Naval Officer for the Port of Falmouth for the Year ensuing 

The House made choice by ballot of Capt Nicholas Crosby, 

as Naval Officer at the Port of Penobscott for the Year 




The House made choice by ballot of Tristram Jordan Esq 
as Naval Officer for the Port of Pepperilboroiigh for the 
Year ensuing 

The House made choice by ballot of Capt Richard Trevet 
as Naval Officer for the Port of York for the Year ensuing 

The House made choice by ballot of Capt Stephen Smith 
as Naval Officer for the Port of Mcchias for the Year ensuinsr 

Sent up for Concurrence 

In Council Jany 27: 1778 
Read & Concurred 

Consented to 

J Warren Spkr 
Jn° Avery D^ Secy 

Jer Powell 
B Greenleaf 
R Derby 
Tim° Danielson 
Josiah Stone 

W Sever 
Caleb Cushing 
John Whitcomb 
Dan^ Davis 
A Fuller 

A Ward 
Jedidiali Preble 
S Holten 
D Hopkins 
Oliver Prescott 

In the House of Representatives, January 26*'* 
Whereas it is represented to this Court that the Committee 
of Correspondence Inspection &c for the Town of Gorham 
in the County of Cumberland have in their Possession a Sil- 
ver Cup & Tankard said to be the Property of William 
Tyng, late of Falmouth in s*^ County who has fled to the 
enemies of the United States of America therefore Resolve 
the said Committee of Gorham be & they are hereby directed 
to deliver said Silver Cup and Tankard to the Treasurer of 
this State & take his Receipt for the same any Resolve or 
Order of this Court to the Contrary not withstanding 
Sent up for Concurrence 

In Council Jan^ 26, 1778 
Read & ConcuiTed 

Consented to 

J Warren Spkr 
Jn° Avery D^ Secy 

Jer. Powell 

W. Sever 

A Ward 


B. Greenleaf Caleb Gushing W. Spooner 

John Whitcomb S Holten Dan^ Davis 

Tini° Danielson D Hopkins Josifih Stone 

Oliver Prescott B White Jabez Fisher 

Resolve concerning the Committee of Gorham to deliver 
the Silver Cup mentioned in the Representation of Gorham 
Jany 26' 1778 

Mechias Januery 27* 1778 

To the Honorable the Board of War for the State of 

Massachusetts Bay by this opertunity the Committe of this 

place would Inform you that During the Last Summer we 

Suplyd the Commisereys Store at Mechias with sundries of 

Provisions for the use of the Trups in the States Surves — 

In this place amounting to ,£328.. 3.. 7 and we heave Taken 

Captain Stephen Smith's Bill Drawn on your honours for the 

Same also we payd Captain Gooch X93.. 18. — for y*^ fraight 

of the artellerey & Stores belonging to the State brought 

here by him for which we have a Bill upon your honours for 

all amounting to £422 : 1 .. 7 The two said Bills will be 

presented to you by Major Stillman and as wee are 

indepted to the State Do not Disiar to Draft the money out 

for them but That wee may have Credit for the said Sums 

from the State and that Major Stillman may be furnished 

with a Recpt. for the Whole amount for and in behalf of the 

Committe of Mechias In order tliat wee may Charge the 

State With the same wee are witli Due Respect yours to 


By Order of the Committe 

g James Flinn Clark 

State of Massachusetts Bay. 
In the House of Representatives Jan" 27, 1778 
Resolved that there be paid out of the Treasury of this State 



to the Board of War the Sum of Seaven hundred fifty 
pounds for tlie purpose of purchasing half of y^ Schooner 
Elizabeth & her Cargo y*' said Vessell to be employed in 
bringing Lumber from Machias & other Eastern ports 

Sent up for Concurrence 

In Council Jan^ 27, 1778 
Read & Concurred 

Consented to 

J Warren Spkr 
Jn° Avery D^ Secy 

Jer Powell 
B Greenleaf 
John Whitcomb 
I Palmer 
B White 
Josiah Stone 

W. Sever 
W Spooner 
S Holten 
D Hopkins 

Oliver Prescolt 
N Cushino- 

A Ward 
Caleb Cushing 
A Fuller 
John Taylor 
Tim° Danielson 

A Calculation for Sundry articles Necessary for 150 
Troops for Six Months — [ Plere follows list of articles.] 

N.B This Quantity as has been Deliverd this Summer 
will Serve 150 — 

The above is an Estimate of Provision &c for one Hun- 
dred Indian Troops for Six months — 

Mem. of Sundry Articles to Supply the Truck House at 
Machias for Trading with Indians — [Here follows list of 

Machias Jan^ 27"' 1778 

for and in behalf of John Allan Esq Conten^ Agent for 
Indians East Depart. Jn" Avery D^ Secy 

In Council Feb^ 26' 1778 

Read & Comitted to the Committee who have now 
under Consideration the Letters & Papeis of ('ol'' Allan - 
Sent down for Concurrence 

Jn"' Avery D^ Secy 


In the House of Representatives Feb^ 26, 1778 

Read & concurred with an amendment at A viz At A 
insert " together with the acccounts of John Allan Esq " 
Sent up for Concurrence J Warren Spkr 

In Council Feb^ 27' 1778 

Read & Concurred Jn" Avery D^ Secy 

Memo of Sundry Warr Like Stores Wanting for the Mili- 
tary Department, at Mechias January 28"' 1778. — 
[ Here follows list of articles.] 

Pepperellbor° Janu^ 1778 

Having been Honor'^ with a Commision from the Major 
part of the Honorable Council appointing me to the Com- 
mand of the youngest Regiment of the Brigade in the County 
of York — and have Served as a Military Officer upwards of 
Twenty years — in all which Time in that Sphere of Life as 
well as Every Other, have Endeavoured to Serve my Coun- 
try with fidelity in Preserving it* Liberties and there has not 
been one Officer that has Served in Either of the Regiments 
in this Brigade but has Served under me when I was a field 
officer — as an officer or Soldier — the Late Brigadier served 
under me as a Captain, when there was but one Regiment in 
the County of York — when the Regiment was Divided and 
formed into a Brigade, I Accepted a Commission with the 
Sole Motive of Serving my Country — being Deeply Impress*^ 
in mind at that Time — the Salvation of this Country from 
an inveterate foe — Depending on a well Regulated Militia 
th** I will not here Deny but that I Tho' it a Degradation to 
hold a Commission under one who had Served under me th° 


I Esteemed him as a Gentlem" and a Soldier but I tbo' my 
Country wou'^ have been Disserted at that Time had I then 
Resigned my Command by Reason of the Times being so 
fluctuating — but of Late a Path has been Opened by the 
Death of the Late Brigadier of this Country for Some other 
Gentleman Besides him who has been Honor*^ with the Pro- 
motion thereof as I Conceive and as I have been Credibly 
Informed was Obtained at the Expence of other' Characters 
I am therefore Constrained under tliese and other Considera- 
tions to Resign my Command of the Regiment I have the 
Honor of Commanding — otherwise I shou*^ not do Justice to 
mySelf, and if this Method of a Resignation is not Sufficient 
to the Honorable Council will wait their Command in any 
formal method they may Prescribe to add further there was 
a Dispute Subsisting Some Time Since at y** general Court 
Between the Two Western Regiments in this County about 
Precedency I Cannot but Observe had there then been a 
Litigation Between Either of them and the Eastern Regiment 
it must have been Easily Determined in favour of the Latter, 
for I was the only officer in y" Brigade, that had been a field 
Officer Before the Regiment was Divided and was the Mat- 
ter Traced Back it wou'^ be found that the first Field Officer 
that was ever appointed in the County of York or Province 
of Main Lived within the Limits of Where my Regiment 
now is and any Person whatever Seeking Preferment at the 
Expence of another Character must I Shou'' Think appear 
Disagreable to all Persons whatever I have been Credibly 
Informed it has been Represented to Several Gentleni" who 
are members belonging to the Honorable General Court — that 
Neither CoP Sayer or my Self was ever willing to Serve the 
Country by going with the Militia when the Service of the 
Country Required it this I Take to be a Reflection and 
Ought to be Resented, also at y® Time the Last Draft was 
made to Reinforce the Continental Army the Gentlem" was 


Please*^ to Sa}^ that no men wou"^ be Raised in the County of 
York unless he was Commissionated to take y** Derection, 
Seems to Imply a Very Great Dissability in y^ Officers or a 
Carelessness in them — which Ought not to be Passed over 
was it the Case — but notwithstanding all that has been 

Suggested by 1 Shall Esteem it an High Honor if I can 

Serve my Country in the Important Affairs it is Engaged in. 
Let it be in what Capacity it will that is not Dishonarable to 
me and am Sir with great Veneration your Most obedient 
Humb' Serv* — Tristram Jordan 

To the President of the Honorable Board 

to be Communicated 
In Council April •^•' 1118 

Read & Sent Down Jn° Avery D^ Sec^ 

In the House of Representatives April 3*^ 1778 

Read & ordered That Coll'' Porter & M^ Ingalls witli 
such as the Hon^^^ Board may join to be a Committee to con- 
sider the within Letter & report 

Sent up for Concurrence J Pitts Spkr g Temp 

In Council April 3^^ 1778 

Read & Concurred and Oliver Prescot Esq is joined 

Jn" Avery D^ Sec^ 

The Com^®* of both Houses appointed to Consider the within 
Letter, report that the Hon^'^® Council be Desired to accept 
the s*^ Letter from Col'' Jordan as a resignation of his Com- 
mission — Oliver Prescott p"^ order 

In Council April B'* 1778 Read & Accepted 

Sent Down for Concurrence Jn" Avery D^ Sec^ 

In the House of Representatives April 4'''* 1778 
Read & Concurr'd J Pitts Spk g T 

To the President of the Honorab' Council of the State of 
Massachusetts Bay 


State of the Massachusetts Bay- 
To the honorable the Council & house of Representatives 
of said state in great & general assembled. 

The Petition of the Committee of Correspondence, inspec- 
tion & safety for the town of Falmouth in the County of 
Cumberland humbly sheweth. 

That on the sixteenth day of August A I) 1777 they 
stopped sixteen oxen in said Falmouth \\hicli Jacob llath- 
way & Kalph Austin two strangers had purchased east of 
Falmouth and were then driving to the Westward through 
said town, they the said Connnittee suspecting that said oxen 
were designed & intended to be carried out of this state/ 
being provisions/contrary to a resolve of the great & general 
court of this state passed upon the 5"' of February A D 
1777. That they stopped the same as above said in order to 
make enquiry agreeable to said Resolve. But that no cer- 
tificate w^as produced by said persons from the Committee of 
any town in this state from whence said provision was taken 
to said Committee of Falmouth nor any satisfaction given 
them that the same was not intended to be carried out of the 
state ; nor any other act or thing, required by said resolve, 
done by the persons aforesaid to entitle them to a redelivery 
of said provision, nor have they to this day applied to your 
petitioners respecting the same. 

Wherefore your petitioners at the expiration of thirty days 
from the time of stopping said provision seized the same 
agreealjle to said resolve & proceeded to fde an information 
against the same at the Court of general sessions of the peace 
holden at said Falmouth within and for said county of Cum- 
berland on the last tucsday of October A D 1777 in order to 
get the same adjudged forfeited, & disposed of agreeable to 
said resolve viz one half to the use of this state & the other 
h;iir to tlic use of your Petitioners, liut your Petitioners 
loiiiid thiit after said provision was st(jp})ed and seized as 


afores*^ but before the setting of said Court the resolve afore- 
said Avas repealed, so that said Court of Sessions could not 
proceed to try & adjudge the same forfiet, but they continued 
the cause to the next term in the last tuesday of March A D 
1778, in order to give an opportunity to your petitioners to 
apply to your honors for relief. — 

Wherefore as your honors Petitioners have been at great 
expense in keeping said Oxen which they seized by virtue of 
a Resolve of Court & from a regard to the good of the pub- 
lic, and may be made liable to the action of the owners of 
said Cattle & to pay damages for what they apprehend was 
lawfully done at the time, without the interposition of this 
Honorable Court, they humbly pray your honors would be 
pleased to take the premises into your wise consideration and 
revive said resolve as to the seizure & information & pro- 
ceedings aforesaid respecting the Oxen aforesaid & impower 
the said Court of Sessions to proceed to the hearing tryal & 
condemnation of said oxen in the manner directed by said 
resolve as fully as if the same had never been repealed, or 
otherwise relieve your petitioners in such way and manner as 
to your honors great wisdom shall seem meet. 
And your petitioners as in duty bound shall ever pray &c — 

By order of the Committee John Waite Chairman 

Resolved that the Board of War be and hereby are directed 
to supply Stephen Smith Truckmaster at Machias, wdth all 
such Articles agreeable to the Estimates accompanying that 
resolve for the Truck House under his Care for Supplying 
the Several Tribes of Indians m that Department: and also 
to Supply from time to time as they shall think proper said 
Stephen Smith Commissary at Machias with such Provisions 
and Ammunition as may be necessary for Subsisting and 
Supplying such men as may be Raised by this Resolve for 


the Defence of Maehias and to Repaj^ those Provisions that 
have been already borrowed by Col° Allan for the said Service 
and also Supplying said Smith with 400 lbs Powder and 600 
lbs Ball to furnish the Militia that may at any time be called 
out for the Defence of that part of the State, said Smith to 
be accountable — 

Resolved that the [Board] be & liereby are requested to 
appoint a Suitable Person with the Rank of Major who shall 
be and hereby is impowered and directed to Inlist a Number 
of Men not exceeding one hundred for the Defence of 
Maehias not more than one half of Same to be [ illegible] and 
the Parts adjacent, and the Officers and Men to be under the 
Command of Col° John Allan to form them into one Com- 
pany with One Captain two I^ieu** one Ensign four Sergeants, 
four Corporals. One Drum and One fife and to continue in 
Service till the first day of December next unless sooner dis- 
charged and said major is hereby impowered to Appoint all 
the Officers of said Company and the Council is hereby 
requested to furnish said Major with blank Conmiissions for 
that purpose, and to encourage said Officers and Soldiers to 
engage and Continue in said Service it is further 
Resolved that each Officer and Soldier who shall engage as 
aforesaid shall be entitled to, and receive the same Rations 
and pay as the Officers and Soldiers in the Continental 
Army and each Non Commissioned Officer and Soldier who 
shall Inlist as aforesaid shall upon passing Muster receive a 
Bounty of Six pounds to be paid him by the Muster Master, 
and upon his providing himself with a good effective fire 
Arm, and Bayonet, Cartridge Box, Knapsack, Blanket, and 
Canteen or Wooden Bottle, shall in Addition to the Above 
incouragement receive Twenty Shillings per month for each 
Calhuuler montli he shall Continue in Service 

And it is further Resolved tliat the Council be requested 
ot Appoint Muster Masters to muster the said ('ompany and 


to furnish said Muster Masters from the Publick Treasury 
with a Sum of Money Sufficient to pay the above bounty. — 

And it is further Resolved that Col° John Allan be 
impowered and directed to engage in Service as many 
Indians as he shall think proper not exceeding one hundred 
and upon such an Establishment as he thinks their Service 
shall merit, and Make return to this Court that such Order 
may be taken thereon, as this Court shall think necessary — 

Resolved that the Board of War be and are hereby 
Directed to furnish Stephen Smitli Commissary at Machias with 
Stores Necessary for one hundred Indian troops and Like- 
wise sundry Military Stores Agreeable to a List accompany- 
ing this Resolve 

it is further Resolved that the Secretary furnish Coll Allan 
with a copy of the Acts & Resolves of this Court 

N" 2 Wee Dont know what Stores were Sent But wee 
know there was many Complaints amojig the people that they 
Could get nothing & it being made a Condition that none 
were to Receive them unless all Became bound & that being 
Refused as must bee Expected answered their purpose of 
Keeping the Stores for their own Use because they knew that 
but few had mone}' to Purchase : — The note was procured by 
their Declaring in a public meeting that the Stores would 
not be delivered without the people were bound Jointly 
3*^ The Company are not employed in Scouting or other 
Duty for which they were Intended but are Employed in 
Servises for the oficers — 

N. B Enquire of the Soilders now gone to Boston & of 
Cap* preble who lives in the neibourhood 
As to the ten Indians in the Service it is Confidently 
Reported they do no Scouting or any kind of Duty & Do not 
Come near the garison except once a week or fortnight for 


their allowance & they getting so much for nothing Causes a 
Jealousy among the others & gives a great opertuonty to the 
oficers to put most of the Indians pay in their own pockets 
At present the Company is partly of boys For Enquire of the 
Soilders now at Boston 

4th "Wee apprehend that Col° Brewer multiplying the number 
of men in his district has been Injurius to us by having Such 
a number of oficers CoP Brewer ordered Deadmen to bee put 
into the list to Increase its number 

See the Return 
5^^ That the money put into the hands of Truck oficers has 
been ill improved & in no respect answred the design of the 
State & it is att length entirely Consumed & the Indians left 
without any Supply except what they get from private 
traders Several evidences to prove this See abram preble 
Silas lieathorn Issiali Barley Simon Smith Ebenz'' M/'Kenzie 
and others — But Col° Brewer Refused taking their depo- 
sitions & before he Returned they being Enlisted were 
obliged to go to Boston 

See the Evidence of Caleb Goodwin & others 
6^** That there was a great perversion of Justice Respecting 
Col" Brewer not pmiishing a thief but making up a Criminal 
affair & to Serve himself & Col" Lowder Contrived it so as 
to get the man inlisted into the Continental Servis tho he 
was a Deserter : & got his bounty 

See Jedidiah preble & Stanton prentice evidence. — 
7"' The alarm about the Indians had no foundation & was 
made to Serve them Selves to the great hurt of the 

See preble Fletcher & Curtes Evidence 
8 That Col" Brewer Col" Lowder Leit Gilman Evidently 
avoided being Served with Copyes of Corts ordei's 

See No 5 B Nicholas Ciosby & Gustaves Swan Evidence 



State of Massachusetts Bay Feby 1«' 1778 
This may Certify that Elisha Bragdon Robert Libby Nathanel 
worrin Abraham Durgin John Robbinson and John Mathews 

have ben Inlisted into the Continental Army By Sargt. 

Capt Norths Copy Coll Lees Regt for the term of three 
years and Mustered without their Bountys Being Paid 

Test Daniel Ilsley 
Muster Master for the County of Cumberland 

State of Massachusetts Bay 

In the House of Representatives February the 4"' 1778 
Resolved That there be paid out of the puljlick Treasury of 
this State the Sum of Therty pounds to M"" Briant Morton 
the Chairman of the Committee to go to the County of Cum- 
berland for the purpose of Collecting the Return of the 
Number of Male inhabitants in Each Town m the said 
County to Enable him to prosecute the business above men- 
tioned he being accountable to this Court therefor, 

Sent up for Concurrence J Pitts Speaker p''° Tem 

In Council Feb'' 4, 1778 

Read & Concurred Warrant drawn. 

Jn° Avery D^ Secy 

Consented to 

In the Committe of Inspection, Correspondence & Safety 
at Machias this 7"' Day of Feb^ 1778 

This may Certify that y^ Inventory hereunto Annexed has 
been Carefully Examined and taken by us and we have just 
Reason to think that y® Several Articles therein Contained 
were Burnt Destroyed & Plunderd from y^ Said Sylvanes 
Scott by y* Enemy in y^ 15"' of last Aug** also it further 
appear to us that y** said Scott lost y* greatest part of his 
Potatoes and other Roots growing Likewise a Quanty of 


Fence lUiint nearly his Land lays Common tho y® Burning a 
Part of y® Fence and Destroy^ a part of y** Grass growing 
was partly Ocassioned by y^ Troops in y^ States being Posted 
upon said Premises which by no means cou'd be Prevented 
but still all adds to y® Distress of y® unfortunate M'' Scott & 
we must Recommend him to Legislative Authority for y^ 
State of Massachusetts Bay not Doubting but y^ AA'ill grant 
him such Relief as will be Necessary, as we can affirm that 
his Circumstances demand* the Charity of the Publick, as it 
is out of y*^ Power of his Friends to assist him and also at 
this Distressing time it is out of y^ Power of the Inhabitants 
of this Settlement to give him any assistance adequate to his 
losses but are ready to Condole with him in his Distress and 
woud be willing to Exercise Charity in Relieving him were 
it in their Power p*"' order of the Committee 

Stephen Smith Chairman 

In Council Feb^ 27' Read & Ordered that John Taylor 
Esq with such as the Hon'ble House shall appoint be a Com- 
mittee to consider this Petition & report what may be proper 
to be done thereon — 

In the House of Representatives Feb^ 27, 1778 

Read & Cojicurred and M"^ Ingalls M'' Wyman are 
joined — 

J Warren Spkr 

State of Massachusetts Bay 
In the House of Representatives Feb 7^'' on the Petition 
of Timothy Frost of York in tlie County of York 
Praying that the Administrators of the Estate of Jotham 
Moulton Esq"" late of York Aforesaid deceased, may be 
impowered to reconvey to the Petitioners About one Acre & 
Quarter of hmd & the Ijuildings thereon for the reasons Set 
forth in his petition. 



Resolved that the Administrators of the Estate of Jothara 
Moulton Esq'' Aforesaid, be & thej hereby Are Authorized 
& impowered to execute a deed of release to said Timothy 
Frost of such part of the real Estate Said Timothy conveyed 
to Said Jotham in 1774, vt'hich remains undisposed of, for 
Such Sum & upon Such Conditions, as from a C-onsideration 
of the particular Circumstances of the case may Appear to 
them Just & equitable, & Such release Shall have the Same 
force & effect as if it had been executed by the Said Jotham 
in his life time, Any law to the contrary notwithstanding 
Sent up for CJoncurrence J Pitts Speak" p''° Tem 

In Council Feb^ 7, 1778 

Read & Concurred 

Consented to 
Jer Powell 
Caleb Gushing 
D Sewall 
Moses Gill 
S Holten 
A Fuller 

Jn° Avery D^ Secy 

A Ward 

Benjamin Austin 
John Whitcomb 
J Cushing 
John Taylor 

W Spooner 
Josiah Stone 
Jabez Fisher 
Tim° Danielson 
Dan^ Davis 


Mechias February 12^*^ 1778. 

You will Receive on Board the Sloop under your Com- 
mand Captain James Littlefield Lately from Nova Scotia 
whose Vessell was taken by the priviteer Schooner Congress 
Cap* Marun, having arrived from Enemys Country, and his 
throwmg himself upon me as Comm^ Claiming protection as 
a subject of the united States, you will therefore see proper 
Care taken of him nor permit any person to molest him or 
permit him to Quit the Vessell till he arrives at some port to 
the Westward of Penobscut, where you Mill permit him 
to depart should he request it — 


You will also Receive on Board one M"^ Rob Bell an 
Inhabitant of Passamaquady in Nova Scotia, this man I have 
Repeated Accounts is very Active in Aiding & Assisting the 
adherents of Great Britain, and is what is Commonly Term'd 
a Tory, & if permited to return may be of the most danger- 
ous Consequence to this Country, You will therefore not 
permit him to Leave the Vessell till your Arrival at Boston, 
Newbury or Portsmouth at any of which, you will take him 
before the Committee of Safety &c Communicating this my 
Letter, & request of them to secure him By Bond or other- 
wise, so that he may not return Eastward, it may be observed 
that a short time ago he went to Nova Scotia to get some 
Vessell of force to protect the British Adhearents — Any 
Expence Arising shall be punctualy pay*^ 

I am Your h" s^ J. Allan 

Supernd of Indians Eastern Depart 
Capt. Ephriam Chase 

Return of Rations due to Colo^ Benjamin Foster's Regi- 
ment of Militia while on Duty at Machias Between the 20*** 
of May 1777 and the 13"' of February Following, Viz* — 

Benjamin Foster, Colonel ; Alexander Campbell, Lieu*^ 
Colonel ; Samuel Jordan, Major ; Jonas Farnsworth, Adju- 
tant ; James Flinn, Qua. Master : Nath^ Cox, Serj* Major ; 
Benj* Foster, Colonel ; Joseph Libby, Cap' ; Thirty five 
Privates ; Joseph Seavy, Captain ; Fifty Two Privates ; 
Joseph Seavy, Captain ; Ezekiel Foster, Lieu' : Forty five 
Privates ; Stephen Smith, Captain ; Amos Boynton, Lieu* ; 
Forty five Piivates ; Joel Whitney, Lieu' ; Jonathan Knight, 
D*' ; Eighteen Privates; Samuel Libby & Company; Henry 
Dyer & D° ; Lieu* W" Nickles & Men ; Cap* John Hall & 

[Signed] Jonas Farnsworth Adj* 



In the House of Representatives Feb^ 14"^ 1778 
on tlie Petition of Clerk Linniken praying to be liberated 
from the common Goal for Reasons therein mentioned. 

Resolved that the Sheriff of the County of Lincoln be and 
he hereby is directed to liberate & discharge the said Clerk 
Linniken from his present confinement, without demanding 
any Costs of said prisoner: and that the said Sheriff be 
directed to lay liis account of the Costs arising upon said 
Commitment before the Court of General Sessions of the 
peace for said County wliich Court aie hereby impowered 
and directed to pay out of the said County Treasury all sucli 
legal Costs as have arisen 

Sent up for Concurrence 

In Council Feb^ 14' 1778 
Read & Concurred 

Consented to 

J Pitts Spk'^ p-^o Tem 
Jn° Avery D^ Secy 

Jer Powell 
Caleb Gushing 
S Holten 
Dan' Davis 
Josiah Stone 
Moses Gill 

A Ward 
John Taylor 
Benj Austin 
Oliver Prescott 
N Gushing 

W Spooner 
John Whitcomb 
D Hopkins 
A Fuller 
B White 

Pepperrellbor" Feb^ IQ''' 1778 
Dear Sir 

I think it Necessary that the Naval Laws be Revised 
for those that are Enemies to the State may do almost as 
they are mind to do for a Vessel may Come from Nova Scotia 
and go back again without being Detain'^ unless the Council 
or Representative Body Give Particular Orders to Detain a 
Naval Officer as an Officer Cannot Stop a Vessel by Law and 
Shou*' he Pretend to take a Vessel into Custody on Suspic- 
tion there is nothing to Indemnify him he is therefore in 


fear of Doing a Duty that I think is incumbent to be Done 
Several Vessels has been into this Sliore from Nova Scotia of 
Late and if these Things are Allow'^ Intelligence may be 
Carried to the Enemy at all Times for we know not our 
Friends from our Enemies that Come from that Quarter 


To the Hon^' tlie Council of the State of Massachusetts 

The Committee of Correspondence Inspection & Safety for 
the Town of Boston beg leave to Represent to your Honors 
That one Robert Bell sent here from Mechias by Col° Allan 
as a person unfriendly to the United States, has been 
examined by us, & it appearing to the Committee that his 
going at large might be attended with disagreable Circum- 
stances ; they have committed him to the Goal of this 
County, and if your Honors shall Judge proper to take fur- 
ther order concerning him 

W"' Davis Chairman ^ order 

Boston Feb. 23M777 — 

In Council March S'* 1778 Read & Committed to Moses 
Gill Esq to consider this Petition w^ the Letter from Col° 
Allan & report what is best to be done thereon 

Jn° Avery D^ Secy 

To the Hon''' the Council of the State of Massachusetts 
Bay — 

The Committee of Correspondence Inspection & Safety for 
the Town of Boston beg leave to acquaint your Honors, that 
upon a complaint entered, by Capt. Ogreen Crabtree, against 
Capt. James Littlefield an Inhabitant of this State, as liaving 


Corresponded & traded with the Enemy in Nova Scotia 

they have examined into the grounds of this Complaint; and 
from the declarations made by several Persons, they think it 
their duty to acquaint the Hon'^^« Board with this Complaint, 
and to lay some of the Evidences in support of it before 
them — as also to inform your Honors, that from conversing 
v/ith seveial Persons belonging to Mechias & other parts of 
the Eastward, they have reason to think tliat the Indulgences 
granted to some who have an Interest in Nova Scotia have 
been perverted to the purpose of a private trade with the 
Inhabitants of that State, which has been productive of uni- 
versal discontent in those parts of this State — by order of 
the Committee John Simpkins Ch'"man 

Boston Feby 24, 177 

Letters & Papers respecting William Ball of Passimiquody 
now confined in Boston Goal witli Order thereon for the 
liberation — 

Boston At a Meeting of the Comm''^ of Correspondence 
Inspection & Safety Feb^ 24/ 1778 

M' Jeremiah Thompson of Penobscott in this State 
appeared, and declared that when Capt. Littlefield came into 
Cornwallis in Nova Scotia on or about the 24 of Decern'^ he 
there discharged 4 hhds. of Molasses from the Sloop EHza- 
beth — that about the 3*^ of January he agreed with said 
Littlefield to go in said Sloop to the West Indies and got at 
Hallifax, Men & a lot of cotton wool but proceeded no far- 
ther than Pasamequadee in the Governmt of Nova Scotia, & 
there landed 6 hhds of Moloses & all the Cotton Wool & 
was to have loaded with Lumber for W. Indies as Cap*^ 
Littlefield told him. 

after which the Vessel was taken by Cap* John Marcon of 
of the Armed Schooner Congress, that before the Vessel 


was captured he took Cap' Littlefield in a Burcli Canoe with 
two Indians, wlio was going as Littlefield informed to 
Machias — that he heard M'' John Avery of Windsor in 
Nova Scotia say that he owned a part of the Vessel above 
mentioned — being asked whether he had ever heard Cap* 
Littlefield speak against the Country he declared he had not, 
but on the Contrary had heard him stand up for America as 
also that he never heard of his giving any advice to the 
Enemie or of his doing anything unfriendly to his Country — 

Jere Thompson 

Robert Kent in the County of Lincoln appeared, & 
declared that he had shipped upon s'' Sloop Elizabeth at 
Pemaquid for Machias the 2*^ Day of December, & agreed 
with Cap*^^ Littlefield to go in said Sloop to y® West Indies at 
16 Dollars a month & expected to receive his Wages in hard 
Money in the West Indies, — that he proceeded as far as 
Passamaquadee & from thence to Cornwallis, where they 
landed from the Vessel 4 hhds the contents unknown — from 
Cornwallis he returned to Passamaquadee & help'd hall the 
Vessel on shore for nessaries & afterward to unload part of 
the Cargo — after which the Vessel was taken — that he 
understood She was to have taken in Fish & Oyle at Passa- 
maquadee but where the rest of the Cargo was to be pro- 
cured he knew not — that he had never heard or knew him 
do or say any thing to the prejudice of his Country — And 
that he had heard Cap* Littlefield say, that on his return 
from the West Indies he intended to fall in with Pemaquid — 

Robert Kent 

Jonas Farnsworth of Machias appeared & declared that at 
the time Cap' Littlefield was brought into Macliias which 
was about August last, he had two Sea Men on board, viz. 
John Trayha & Walter Wilkins who were Inhabitants of 
Annapolis Royal in Nova Scotia & tliat he knew Trayha to 


be a Person greatly suspected of being eniniical to his 
Country — Jonas Farnsworth 

Mem^ the above Declarations taken when Cap' Littlefield 
was present. Col° Benjamin Foster appeared Col° Thaw. 

Deposition of Thomas Miee. 

I Tho^ Rice of lawfuU age testify & say that some Time last 
Summer, as I think, I saw two Letters signed Charles Calle- 
lian Dated in some part of Nova Scotia, directed the one to 
his Wife, the other to a Gentleman in Pownalboro. He 
began them with complaints that he was injuriously & wick- 
edly drove from his Home & Family, contrary to his Inclina- 
tion, and mentioned that he feared his Wife was persecuted 
& plundered, as plundering he said was the prevailing 
practice of the Times. In his Letter to his Wife, after giv- 
ing her some Directions respecting the Family, desired she 
would come to him in the Spring, if she could not be in quiet 
at Home, for He was w^ell provided for, and was in an Armed 
Vessel of ten or twelve Guns with one hundred brave Fel- 
lows under him, and that he was determined to fight as long 
as he could keep Guns & Carriages together ; He mentioned 
in his Letter that it would have been more agreeable to him 
to have gone into the Merchants Service, than a board an 
Armed Vessel, but no Opportunity presented. He further 
mentioned that he was a good Pilot both by Land or Water 
on this Coast and that it was likely he should soon have an 
Opportunity to draw on the Committee at Pownalboro : He 
further mentioned he had a fixed Salary (^ the exact Sum I 
cannot remember,) besides what he could catch. 
Pownalboro' Feb^ 25, 1778 Tho. Rice 

Lincoln Ss. Pownalbor" Feb^ 25"> 1778. Then the above 
named Tho* Rice personally appear'd & after being Care- 
fully examin'd & Duely Cautioned to testify the whole 


Truth, made Solemn Oath tliat the above Deposition by 
him subscrib'd (According to the best of liis remembrance) 
Contains the Truth. Before me 

Nath^ Thwing Just Peace 

A Committee of both Houses upon the Petition of the 
Com"^ of Machias and several Letters from Col'^ John Allan, 
have considered the same ; and apprehend that the retaining 
and securing the Several Tribes of Eastern Indians in the 
Friendship and Service of the United States is a matter of 
the utmost importance to the safety and Defence of so Val- 
uable a part of this State as the Eastern Country, and to this 
end your Committee apprehend that it is absolutely Neces- 
sary that the Truck house at Machias should be supplyed 
with Cloth, Corn, Rum, & every Kind of stores Necessary for 
such a Department as the best means to secure the several 
Tribes of Indians from taking part with the Enemy — Your 
Com'^^ further report that it will be expedient for the safety 
of Machias, and to prevent the progress of the Enemy in the 
Eastern Country, that a small Body of men not exceeding- 
one hundred for their present Relief should be immediately 
inlisted under the special Direction of Col" Allan divided 
into two Companys properly Organized and Stationed at 
Machias, and that the said CoP Allan be impowered to 
ingage in Service as many Indians as he Can and upon such 
an Establishment as shall be adequate to their service — and 
that Stephen ^mith the Commissary should be supplied with 
provisions &c not only for subsistance of the men that may 
be raised replace what provisions have been already Bor- 
rowed — and that a Quantity of Powder & Ball be also sent 
to said Commissary to supply the Malitia that may be Called 
at any time to reinforce that part and that the whole matter 
should be laid before Congress for their inspection & allow- 
ance — Your Com*''® would inform this Court that there are 


several important matters Contained in said Allan's Letters 
that have not yet been Considered and your Com^^^ ask leave 
to set again — 

all which is Submitted Moses Gill g order 

In Council Feb" 25' 1778 

Read & Sent Down Jn° Avery D^ Secy 

In the House of Representatives Feb^ 28, 1778 

Read and accepted and the Committee are directed to 
draw the same into a Resolve — 

Sent up for Concurrence J Warren Spker 

In Council March 2'» 1778 

Read & Concurred Jn° Avery D^ Secy 

In the House of Representatives March 7, 1778 

Read & recommitted & the Committee are directed to 
set forthwith — 

Ordered that Maj Cross be of the Committee in the room 
of M'" Wood absentt — 

Sent up for Concurrence J Warren Spkr 

In Council March 7, 1778 

Read & Concurred Jn° Avery D^ Secy 

The Committee of both Houses to Whom was recommitted, 
the above report ask leave to report the annexed resolve 
Which is Submitted Moses Gill 

In Council March 10M778 

Read & Sent Down Jn" Avery D^ Secy 

In the House of Representatives March 10' 1778 

Read & recommitted — and the Committee are directed 
to report an Estimate of supplies necessary for the Commis- 
sary and Truck Master at Machias 

Sent up for Concurrence J Warren Speaker 

In Council March 11' 1778 

Read & Concurred Jn*' Avery D^ Secy 


The Corumittee of both Houses, to Whom was recommitted 
the foregoing report agreeable to order of Court, have made 
out an Estimate of Amonitions and provitions, Necessary for 
the Supplying and Subsisting, of Three hundred Men for Six 
months for the defence of Machias, also an Estimate for pro- 
vitions &c for One hundred and fifty Indians, for the same 
space of time, also an Estimate of Articles Necessary for Sup- 
plying the Truck House, which Estimates Accompany this 
Report. — and Which is Submitted Moses Gill p order 

In the House of Representatives March 12 1778 
Read & passed as amended 

Sent up for Concurrence J Warren Spk*" 

In Council March 12° 1778. 

Read & sent down Jn" Avery D^ Secy 

In Council March 13' 1778. 

Read & the Board reconsidered their Vote of Concur- 
rence with the House on the within Resolutions — 

Jn° Avery D^ Secy 
In the House of Representatives March 13 1778 
Read again and passed as further amended 
Sent up for Concurrence J Warren Spker 

In Council March 13' 1778 

Read &; Concurred Jn" Avery D^ Sec^ 

Consented to 
Jer Powell I Cushing Moses Gill 

John Taylor John Whitcomb I Pahner 

N Cushing A Fuller Benj Austin 

H. Gardner Oliver Prescott Tim° Danielson 

D Hopkins Josiah Stone 

In Council Feb>- 26' 1778 
Ordered that Col*" Jonathan Buck be and lie hereby is 
directed to cause the fourth Company of his Militia in his 


Regt together with the Ahirm List within the Limits of the 
same to meet together &> make Choice of a Captain in the 
Room of Dennis Getchell who has leave from this Board to 
resign his Commission and he is further required to see that 
the Choice is made according to the Directions of the Law 
and duly certified to the Secretary of tliis State 

Read & Accepted Jn° Avery D^ Sec^ 

To tlie Honourable the Council and House of Repre- 
sentatives in General Court Assembled 

Humbly shews Daniel Sullivan of Frenchmans Bay in the 
County of Lincoln — that in the Course of the summer and 
Fall past he was waited upon by his superiour Officers in the 
Militia three several times to March his Company for the 
Defence of Machias and that he marched them sixty miles 
Each Time upon said orders as appears by his pay roll 
examined by the Committee of the Honourable Assembly — 
and that his said Company are allowed m said Roll at the 
Rate of forty shillings per month for their Time whereupon 
he begs Leave to suggest that the sum allowed them is but a 
small reward for the loss they sustained in bemg taken from 
their business in the only season in which they could procure 
hay for the \\dntering their Cattle and he therefore prays that 
some further allowance may be made them and that they may 
have the same wages as the Militia in the Western part of 
the State when they have been allowed in like Cases 

And also begs leave to show your hon" that he paid the 
expense of sixty six men untill it amounted to three hundred 
and Twenty two Days of men more in said marches, of his 
men and prays tliat the same may be allowed him out of the 
public treasury 

and he likes would Represent to the Honourable assembly 
that the said Frenchmans Bay are in the most Distressed cir- 


cunistances for want of the necessaries of Life and that he 
would therefore humbly hope that your honours ^^'ould order 
that the sums Granted as well upon his pay Roll as this peti- 
tion ma}^ be laid out in the State Store for such necessaries as 
the people in whose behalf he petitions are suffering for — 
and as tlie greatest part of the arms of said People have been 
taken in our Coasting vessels whereby they are rendered in a 
Defenseless Situation he therefore prays that they may have 
the Loan of a few arms and be Supplied with some amuni- 
tion upon Security to return the arms and to pay for the 
amunition — as lie is at great Distance from home in this 
Inclement season of the year and upon very great expense 
he prays your Honours to take this petition under Considera- 
tion as soon as more important Business will admit of it & he 
Avill ever pray 
Feby 26^" 1778 Dan^ Sullivan 

Resolve suffering Dan^ Sulivane to make up his Muster 
Roll at the Rate of 40s. g m'' for the Soldiers that marclrd 
to Machias & directing the Board of War to supply tlie Inh. 
at Frenchmans Bay all Necessaries — 
Feb>' 27' 1778 — 

In the House of Representatives Feb^ 27 1778 
On the Petition of Daniel Sullivan Resolved that the said 
Daniel Sullivan be Admitted to make up a Muster Roll at 
the Rate of two Pound Ten Shillings per Month in addition 
to one he Made up at two Pound per Month, for the Soldiers 
that Marcht from Frenchmans Bay to Machias upon alarms 
there several times in the Months of July Sep'' and Oct'" 
last — it is further Resolved That the said Daniel Sullivan 
and Company be allowed the same Rations as those Ollicers 
and Soldiers that Marcht t(^ the Wisterd in Sep"^ last — 
Resolved that the said Sullivan be permitted to purchase of 



the Board of war so much of the Necessarys of Life for the 
use of the Inliabitants of Frenchmans Bay as the amount of 
his Muster Roll if the Board of War can spare it — -it is fur- 
ther Resolved That the said Daniel Sullivan have Liberty to 
purchase of the Comissary Gen'' Twenty five Fire arms 
two Hundred w*^ of Powder Eight Hundred w* of Lead and 
four Hundred Flints he giving proper security for the same 
to be paid to the Comissary of this State within twelve 
Months from the Date of this Resolve — 
Sent up for Concurrence 

In Council Feb^ 27' 1778 
Read & Concurred 

Consented to — 

J Warren Spkr 
Jn^ Avery D^ Secy 

Jer Powell 
J Cushing 
Moses Gill 
Dan' Davis 
I Palmer 
Tim° Danielson 

A Ward 
John Taylor 
Caleb Cushing 
D Hopkms 
Josiah Stone 

W Spooner 
S Holten 
B White 
A Fuller 
Benj Austin 

Resolved that the Petition of Daniel Sullivan be Admitted 
to Make up a Muster Roll at the Rate of 2/10 per Month in 
addition to one he has Made up at 4 0/0 for those Officers 
and Soldiers that Marcht from Frenchmans bay to Mechias 
upon alarms there several times in the months of July Sep"^ 
and Octr last and it is further Resolved that the said Daniel 
Sullivan and Company be allowed the same Rations as those 
officers and soldiers that Marcht to the Westrd in Sep^ 
last — Resolved that the said Sullivan be addmitted to 
purchase of the Board of War so much Necessarys of Life 
for the use of the Inhabitants of Frenchmans bay as the 
amount of his Muster Roll it is further Resolved that the 
said Daniel Sullivan have liberty of purchasing 25 Fire arms 


200L of Powder 800L of Lead and 400 Flints he giving 
security for the same to be paid to the Comissary of this 
State \A'ithin from this time 

State Massachusetts Bay 

To the honorable the Council and hon° house of Represen- 
tatives in General Court assembled 

The petition of the Inhabitants of a new plantation or set- 
tlement called Royalsbourg in the County of Cumberland 
humbly sheweth. — 

That the Inhabitants of Brunswick did in the year 1776 
assess the polls of the inhabitants of said Royalsbourg 
towards the public tax laid on said Brunswick that year, and 
have required the inhabitants of said Royalsbourg to give in 
a list of their polls & estates in order to assess them again 
towards said Brunswicks part of the public tax for tlie year 
1777. Which the said Inhabitants of Brunswick suppose 
they liave a right to do, by virtue of the tax acts for those 
years respectively. 

Your Petitioners beg leave to represent to your honors 
that by far the greater part of the families in said Royals- 
bourg ( not being now more than 49 in all ) have been set- 
tled there no more than four or five years, that they enterd 
on wild uncultivated lands, had a wilderness to subdue, and 
buildings to erect for shelter with great difficulty labour & 
expense, & are yet strugling for life — That an early frost 
the last year 1777 in a great measure cut off their indian 
Corn Crops so that not half enough was raised there for the 
necessary use & support of the Inhabitants tliat they have 
nothhig else to dispose of nor any business or trade by which 
to procure a supply of so necessary and at present dear as 
well as scarce an article, much less to obtain money to pay 



in taxes — that they have but 46 men on the training band 
list, of whom seveteen are inlisted for three years in the con- 
tinental army — many of whom have left families whom they 
must supply agreeable to a late Resolve of the general court, 
which is, in the present scarcity & dearness of provisions, a 
heavy burthen upon them, notwithstanding the provision 
made in said resolve for their reimbursement of that 
expense — 

That their being taxed in Brunswick toward their propor- 
tion of the public tax ( & which is no more than their propor- 
tion if Royalsbourg was not in being ) is a benefit & relief to 
Brunswick only, and is not of the least advantage to the 
state, and there appears to your petitioners no good reason 
why they should help Brunswick pay its public tax rather 
than any other town in the state Wherefore your Petitioners 
humbly pray your honors to take the premises into your wise 
& merciful consideration, and order that the collector of 
Brunswick for the year 1776 be directed not to demand of 
any of the Inhabitants of said Royalsbourg the poll tax laid 
on them by said Brunswick that year but that the same be 
remitted them — and that said Brunswick should not assess 
them for the year 1777 or in case they have done it or may 
do it before your honors pass upon this Petition that such 
assessment may be vacated & the sums assessed remitted to 
them — or that your Honors would otherwise releive your 
Petitioners in such way & manner as to your Honors shall 
seem meet &, your Petitioners as in duty bound shall ever 
pray &c — 

charles gerrish Charles Hill Jisah chandler Ebenezer Rob- 
ards, William Gerish, Vitt' Gusase Micah Dyer, John parker, 
Benjamin Eben Isley, Vining David Dyer, John 

Gushing, Samuel Smith Charles Garish, Robinson Crockett, 
Ezekiel Jones Veusen Robarts, Benj* 

Sawyer, Moses Mariner Jon* Armstrong huse gatchell, John 


gatchell Robart gatchell, John blethen, Josiah Day Samuel 
Roy, Stephen Samuel York Joshea Strout 

[Dated on back of document, Feb. 2, 1778 ] 

To the Honourable Council and House of Representatives 
in General Court assembled. — The Protition of Cap* Jabez 
West, of Machias, in Behalf of his Company that had ben 
under his Command: this Last Summer for the Defence of 
that Place. — 

Humbly Slieweth, — That whareas your Protitioner raised 
a Compan}' the Last Summer at Machias ; and the noncom- 
mition** officers and soldiers wear Cheafiy men that had 
familys in that Place : being oblidged to Strictly attend thear 
Duty, from July till December. — Several of which not hav- 
ing time to Cut hay for thear Cattel : and have been obliged 
to kill them : or othear ways Dispose of them to thear grate 
Disadvantage, — and others Loosing the gratest Part, — and 
some all, the grain and Roots theay had growing; and now 
have Scarce any thing Left to Depend on for thear Support, 
the Remainder of the winter and Spring. — but Part of thear 
Pay for thear Service which at only the Establish Pay : will 
give thear Suffering familys but a Small Releaf. 

Thearefore your Protitioner Pray your Honours to take 
this matter: into your wise Consideration and grant us such 
Additional Pay : as others have ben granted in Like Cases ; 
in this State, — so that it will not only serve for thear grate 
Releaf at this time of Distress : but grately incoridge them : 
to Enter into the Service again — 

also your Protitioner beg Leave to acquant your Honours : 
that he has ben at a Very Considerable Expence for Raising 
a Company which Consisted of 45 men — and not yet had 
any alowance for it, — thearfore your Protitioner humbly 
Prays, he may be Paid for such Service, as in your wisdom 
you shall see fit, 


Likewise your Protitioner Prays, if your lionours should 
see fit : to alow an additional Pay to tlie men in his Role, 
that your Honours would Lett the whole of it Come out of 
the State Store, in Provitions & Cloathing. — as your Proti- 
tioner : is in the gratest Hast, to Return. So he may 
Releave the Destressd. — and as in Duty bound your Pro- 
titioner, Will Ever Pray — 

Jabez West 

Boston February 2"^ 1778 

Gouldsboro February 2^ 1778 
These may Certyfey that william ^upper Deputy Sheriff for 
the County of Lincoln hath Served the write'g put into his 
hands to Serve on Samuel Jordan Esq' Thomas Milliken & 
Ivery Hovey M"^ John Underwood & M'^ Samuel Gardner 
being Plaintiffs according to my Direction and has made his 
Returns on the Same accordingly, and I have two oxen & 
one Cow that was Attached by said Tupper in Domg Said 
Servis which I ingaged to Keep So that Execution may be 
Levyed on them Accordingly. And in Case the Said oxen 
or Cow in part or the Wliole Should happen to be the prop- 
erty of Malletia Jordan then in that Case I promis & Ingage 
to and with Said Tupper to pay all Costs and Dammages 
that the Sheriff of the County of Lincoln or the Said Tupper 
or Either of them May Sustain By Said Two oxen and one 
Cow So Attached & Removed In Witness Where of I have 
here unto Set my Hand Day and Date above 

A True copy Signed by Nathan Jones 
Exam** p®' Wm Tupper Saml Jordan 

To the Hon''' Council and House of Representatives of the 
State of Massachusetts Buy. 

Samuel Waters of New Castle in the County of Lincoln in 
the State aforesaid begs Leave to inform your Honours, — 


That some Time in the Year 1776, Application was made 
to the General Court by the Convention for the County of 
Lincoln for a Quantity of Powder, Ball & Flints and the 
same were obtained for said County by Samuel Nickels on 
his Bond being given to the Commissary General of this 
State for the Payment of a certain Sum of Money therefor — 
That when the same arrived in said County they were dis- 
tributed into divers Towns and Part of the Pay therefor 
received in Bills of Credit & Notes issued by this State the 
whole whereof was collected as your Informant heard & 
veryly believes, before the first Day of December last, but 
by Reason of the very great Distance of the County of Lin- 
coln from Boston it was not seasonably offerd to the 
Commissary General who now declines receiving the same 
without particular Direction from your Honours therefor — 
tho' by far the greatest Part thereof consists of Continental 

Your Informant humbly petitions your Honours to pass some 
Resolve of the general Court directing the said Commissary 
to receive the same on Account of said Bond any Law of 
this State to the Conterary notwithstanding and your Peti- 
tioner as in Duty bound shall ever pray 
Boston 5 Feby 1778 Samuel Waters 

In tlie House of Representatives Mar 2 1778 
Ordered that M"^ Tucker be of the Committee on the Peti- 
tion of Silvanus Scott, in the room of M"^ Wyman absent — 
Sent up for Concurrence J Warren Spkr 

In Council Mar 2 1778 

Read & Concurred Sam^ Adams Sec^ 

State of Massachusetts Bay 
In the House of Representatives March S""** 1778 
Upon the l^etition of Benjamin Furnass setting forth tluit by 


tbe Permission of this Court, had proceeded to Nova Scotia 
in the Schooner Two Brothers Joseph Wilhams Master to 
bring up Effects belonging to Ebenezer Thayer but that said 
Schooner proving leaky and Captain Williams absent, he was 
obliged to take another Vessell and Master to return with 
said Thayers' Effects, and that upon his passage up, putting 
into Casco Bay — the Vessell & Cargo is Seized by George 
Dike Commander of the Fort there as not being under the 
Permission granted by this Court and therefore praying this 
Court to Order that said Vessell and Cargo be released to 
him. — 

Resolved that the prayer of said Petition be so far granted as 
that the Vessell and Cargo set forth by the Petitioner to be 
under the Custody of M"^ George Dike Commander of the 
Fort at Casco Bay, be immediately released & permitted to 
proceed up to Boston — Whereupon her Arrival Report is 
Ordered immediately to be made by the Commander of said 
Vessell to the Board of War ( under whose direction said 
Furnass proceeded to Nova Scotia in the Schooner Two 
Brothers ) and said Board are directed to make needful 
Inquiry whether the Conditions in the Permission granted by 
a Resolve of this Court the 30*'' of September last to Eben- 
ezer Thayer and said Furnass have been properly complied 
with — 

Sent up for Concurrence J Warren Spkr 

In Council March 3'^ 1778 

Read & Concurred Jn° Avery D^ Secy 

Consented to by the Major part of the Council 
A true Copy Attest John Avery D^ Sec^ 

State of Massachusetts Bay March 4'^ 1778 
To the Honourable Council & House of Representatives in 
General Court Assembled — 


We the Subscribers Inhtibitauts of a Place called Raymond 
Town in the County of Cumberland beg leave to Represent 
to your Honours the Circumstances of the few Inhabitants of 
s*^ Place. 

1* their are about Twenty Families in the Place and they 
are as Poor as Can well be Immagined Mostly without Shoes 
& hardly any Clothes & but lately moved there in Order to 
make Settlement for a future Livelihood upon the Encour- 
agement of the Proprietors to give them Deeds of Some 
Land When they Shall have Compleated tlie Settlements as 
required by the Act Granting Said Township — 
2"^ Said Township lays on the Northeast Side of Sebago 
Pond adjoining to no other Township but Otisfield on the 
North West and adjomes not upon Windham or New Boston 
by a Considerable distance a large Tract of Land belonging 
to this State lying between them — 

3>iiy Notwithstanding the Assessors of Windham took it in 
their Heads to rate the Inhabitants of S** Raymond Town for 
the 1776 and for the year 1777 tho the said Inhabitants 
have not paid said Rate for 1776 neither are they able to Pay 
it or for the year 1777 

4*^^ Your Petitioners humbly conceive that the Said assessors 
Mistook the Meaning of the Tax Act for the year 1776 as 
Your Petitioners apprehend that Act did not Mean that any 
Part of the Sum laid Upon the Town of Windham for that 
Year Should be Paid by any Other Persons but those Who 
lived in Said Windham Especially by the People of Any 
Other Place not adjoining Said Town and that the Clause in 
Said Act Impowering the Assessors to rate tlie Estates lying 
in Places adjacent must mean Such Estates in those Adjacent 
Places which belong to some of the Inhabitants of the Towns 
taxed by Said Acts Otherwise Such Towns Would not Pay 
their Proportion of the State Tax Set on Such Towns to 


5th Wherefore your Petitioners Humbly Pray that this 
Hon'^''' Court Would take the Premises into their mature 
Consideration and give orders to the said Assessors to Abate 
the Rates they laid upon the Inhabitants of Said Raymond 
Town for y*^ year 1776 and for the year 1777 and not Rate 

them Again till further orders of the Gen^ Court or however 
Otherwise Releve your Petitioners as your Honours may 
think fit — and your Petitioners as in Duty Bound Shall 
Ever Pray 

Joseph Dingley James Jordan John Davis 

Samuel Jordan Jeremiah Jordan Roger Jordan 
Gideon Davis Bengaman Clark Dominicus Jordan 
Samuel deney Jonathan Simonton Peter Staple 

Machias March 8"' 1778 

To the Honoroble Council and House of Representatives 
of the State of the Mass" Bay, in general Court assembled, 
Humbly sheweth, — 

that the Sixth Regiment of Militia in the County of Lin- 
coln are almost without ammonition, by Reason of thear 
being coulled to Machias Several Times the Last Summer 
thear Did attack the Enemy, which Did grately wast thear 
ammonition : altho all Possible Care was Taken by the offi- 
cers of the Militia that no wast should be maid. — 

We your Protitioners also beg Leave to acquant your 
Honours that thear is wanting in s*^ Regiment by the Return 
maid by the several Cap** one hundred and Eighty Seven 
fire arms, — being in this Defenceless Situation and appre- 
hensive that the Enemy will attack us Early this Spring. — 

We your Protitioners Pray in behalf of our Selves and the 
good men under our Command: that your Honours would 
grant us a supply of arms and ammonition ; so that Every 
man may be able to Defend himself : and help Defend that 


Valuable Part of this state ; the Eastern End of the county 
of Lincoln, and as in Duty bound your Protitioners will 

Ever Pray 

Benj* Foster 

Jonas Farnsworth 

To the Hon"^ Council and the Hon^'* House of Represen- 
tatives in General Court Assembled for the State of Massa- 
chusetts Bay — 
The Petition of Silvanus Scott of Machias Humbly shews 

That in the Month of August last Viz. on the Fourteenth 
day of said Month The Cherry came to Machias and burnt 
plundered and other ways destroyed a number of Dwelling 
Houses other Buildings &c & among them was the Dwelling 
House Barn major part of Household Furniture, Husbandry 
Implements & Carpenters Tools belonging to your petitioner 
That his Family consist^ of a Wife & Ten Children are 
thrown into the utmost distress thereby, that he is destitute 
of Money & unable to afford them any assistance at present, 
he has already preferred a petition to your Honours praying 
that his losses might be made up to him, which petition was 
laid aside, he would now intreat of your Honours to grant 
him such a sum of Money as in your Wisdom shall be judged 
sufficient to Remove his Family from Machias to some part 
of this State where they shall be more secure from the 
ravages of the Enemy & he as in duty bound will pray 
March 7, 1778 — Silvanus Scott 

Petition of James Nolle Shannon f Jonas Farnsworth. 

To the Hon'''® the Council and House of Representatives 
of the State of Massachusetts Bay. — 

The Petition of James Noble Shannon and Jonas Earns- 


worth in behalf of themselves and others, Captors of the two 
Sloops, Called the Polly and Unity. Humbly Sheweth, 

That your Petitioners and others, on the eleventh day of 
June A D 1775, did in the Harbour of Machias within 
thirty Leagues of the Shore, attack and take the said two 
Sloops, one of them about Eighty and the other about Ninety 
Tons burthen, together with their Cargoes and appurtenances, 
and on the same day brought the said Captures into Machias 
aforesaid: which Sloops were at the time of the Capture 
thereof in the Service of the Enemy and had been carrying 
supplies to the British Fleet and Army, employed against 
America. For which causes of Capture, the Captors caused 
the said Sloops, Cargoes and appurtenances to be duly 
libelled on the twenty ninth day of July 1776 in the Mari- 
time Court for the Eastern District in said State. The time 
and place of Trial having been duly notified, and the Claims 
of Ichabod Jones and Daniel Holt to the said Sloops and 
Cargoes filed, on the thirteenth day of September last ; the 
Libels and Claims aforesaid were committed to a Jury duly 
returned, impannelled and sworn to try the same ; When the 
Depositions taken on the part of the Libellants, for want of 
a proper Caption were rejected by the Court, and they then 
having no other Evidence to support the Libels, the Jury 
found in both cases against the Libellants, and Judgment 
was rendered accordingly ; from which, the Libellants appealed 
to the then next Superior Court of Judicature to be holden 
at York for the County of York on the fourth Tuesday of 
June A D. 1777. When and where the appellants entered 
their appeals, in hopes of having a fair tryal there, upon the 
merits ; but when said cases were called for trial, the Supe- 
rior Court determined that no appeal in either, said to them, 
and therefore dismissed them both — By means whereof the 
Captors have been and are totally deprived of the benefit of 
a trial on said Libels. Wherefore your petitioners humbly 


pray, that Your Honors by Act or Resolve, would enable the 
Apellants to prosecute their appeals with Effect, at the first 
Superior Court that shall be held in said District. And your 
petitioners as in duty bound will ever pray &c. 

J. Noble Shannon 
Boston March T^ 1778. Jonas Farnsworth 

Mar 9. 78 W Sumner M Prentice Capt Jenkins 

To the Hon'''® the Council of the State of Massachusetts 

The Petition of William Bell in behalf of his Brother 
Robert Bell of Passimaquody Humbly Sheweth 

That his said Brother Robert Bell was taken by order of 
the Com*^® of Correspondence &c of Boston as a person 
Inimical to these States, and is Committed to Goal. And as 
your pet"^ is Conscious of his Brothers Innocence, he is desir- 
ous with your Honors leave that he may be allowed Bail for 
his appearance to answer to any Charges that may be alledged 
against him — 

Your pet' therefore humblys prays your Honors would be 
pleased to give orders that he may be Liberated from his 
Confinement upon his given Bail that he sliall be forth com- 
ing to answer any Complaints that may be brought against 
him, or that he may have an immediate trial. — 

And as in duty bound shall pray &g 
Boston March 7, 1778. William Bell 

In Council March 7, 1778 

Read & Ordered that Richard Derby and Jn° Taylor 
Esq' be a Committee to en(juire into the Facts mentioned in 
this Petition & report what is best to be done thereon 

Jn" Avery D^ Secy 


Petition of Jahez West ^ Reuben Dyer. 

To the Honorable Council and House of Representatives 
of the State of the Mass" Bay in the General Court assem- 
bled. — Humbly Sheweth — 

That we your Protitioners beg leave to acquant your 
Honours : that we was Commitioned officers under the Com- 
mand of Major Stillman of Machias the Last Summer Past, 
and thear is a number of Rations Due to your Protitioners : 
as we can make appear to your Honours. — 

Thearfore your Protitioners Humbly Pray that we may 
have our Rations that is Due to us in Provitions : as we are 
inhabitants of Machious and the Places ajacent, and are in 
much want of the same, — 

and Likewise your Protitioners beg Leave to acquant your 

Honours that we was at a Very Considerable Expence in 

Raising of men : and as yet Never have had any Recompence 

for it. — Humbly Pray your Honours would alow such Pay 

as in your wisdom you shall see fitt, — and as in Duty bound 

your Protitioners will ever Pray. 

Jabez West 

Boston March 8*^ 1778 Reuben Dyer 

State of Massachusetts Bay 

In the House of Representatives March 9. 1778 
Resolved that the Treasurer of this State be and hereby is 
Directed to Receive of Jonathan Lowder Truck Master of 
the Penobscut Indians Four liundred pounds which sum 
when paid said Lowder shall have Credit for upon the final 
Settlement of his Accounts 

Sent up for Concurrence J Warren Speaker 

In Council March 9, 1778 

Read & Concurred Jn° Avery D^ Secy 

Consented to 
Jer Powell Caleb Cushing Moses Gill 


I Palmer Jabez Fisher Tim° Danielson 

Benj Austin John Taylor N Gushing 

A Fuller D Sewall B White 

Josiah Stone Oliver Prescott John Whitcomb 

Resolve directing the Treasurer to receive of Jon* Lowder 
£400 late Truck master to the Indians at Penobscot March 
9, 1777. 

State of Massachusetts Bay 

Council Chamber March 9, 1778 
Ordered that Robert Bell of Passiniiquody in the Province 
of Nova Scotia now confined in the Goal in Boston in the 
County of Suffolk be and he hereby is liberated upon his 
giving Bond for the sum of X500 to the Treasurer of this 
State with two sufficient Sureties in the sum of £250 each 
that he shall be forth Coming to answer to any Complaints 
that may be bro't against him before any Court that may Call 
for him within Six months from this Time and that he vnU 
not directly or indirectly Correspond with any Person or 
Persons inimical to this or any of the united States of 
America ( knowing them to be such ) — And the Sheriff of 
said County is hereby Ordered & directed upon the Said 
Robt. Bell's giving sufficient Bonds as aforesaid to liberate 
him from his present confinement in Said Goal — 
read & Accepted Jn° Avery D^ Secy — 

State of Massachusetts Bay 

In the House of Representatives March 9, 1778 

Wliereas by a Resolve of this Court of the 20"' June last 
the Committee of Correspondence &c of the Town of Gor- 
liam in the County of Cumberland were ordered to cause a 


number of Persons to be apprehended & brought to Justice 
for entering into the Dwelling House of one of the s** Com- 
mittee & carrying from thence a quantity of goods which 
were orderd by this Court to remain in the hands of said 

And in consequence of said Resolve a prosecution is now 
pending in the court of general Sessions for said County — 
And whereas it has been represented to this Court that the 
Persons prosecuted are desirous of settling the matter with 
said committee 

Resolved Therefore That the said Committee A be & 
hereby are impowered in behalf of this State to make such 
Terms with the said Persons in respect to the said Prosecu- 
tion as they shall judge proper — And on such settlement 
The said Court of general Sessions shall cause a nolle prose- 
qui to be entered thereon B 

Sent up for Concurrence 

J Warren Spkr 

In Council March 10, 1778 

Read & Concurred with the annexed Amendment from A 

to B — 

Sent down for Concurrence 

Jn° Avery D" Sec^ 

In the House of Representatives March 10, 1778 

Read & Concurred 
Consented to — 

Jer Powell N Cushing Benj Austin 

Caleb Cushing Moses Gill A Fuller 

Tim° Danielson B White Jabez Fisher 

J Cushing Josiah Stone Oliver Prescott 

J Palmer D Hopkins John Whitcomb 

dele from A to B & Insert 

Resolved Therefore that the said Committee or the major 

part of them with the Consent of the agent, or Agents of 


the Estete or Estates of the Absentees to whom the said 
goods Origmally Belonged (where any agents have been 
appointed and reside within the County of Cumberland) 
Be and hereby are authorized and impowered to make such 
Terms with the said Persons, with Respect to the said Prose- 
cution as they shall judge Equitable, — and upon such Settle- 
ments being made & certified to the said Court of general 
Sessions of the Peace, under the said Committees Hand — 
The said Court be and hereby are impowered to cause the 
said Prosecution to surcease and be discontinued, and the 
said Committee in case such Composition shall be made, are 
directed to pay & deliver over whatever they may Receive 
on such composition, to the agent, where there is any 
appointed, and where there are none to the Treasurer of this 
State — 

To the Honorable the Council & House of Representatives 
of the State of Massachusetts Bay in General Court Assem- 

The Petition of Joseph Chadwick Survey% Humbly Shew- 
eth That in pursuance to Orders from a Committe of this 
Court in the month of Jan^ last he has protracted a Plan of 
the Inland ports of the Country, which lies from Penobscot 
to Quel)ec. His Labor time & Expence in Accomplishing 
the said Plan he Values at the Sum of fourty pounds which 
sum the said Joseph Humbly prays may be Allowed him by 
an Order of this honourable Court 

& your petitioner as in Duty Iwund shall Ever pray &c 

Joseph Chadwick 
Cambridge March 10^" 1778 

To tlie Hon'"'" ('ouncil & House of Representatives, in 
General Court Assembled, the Petition of George Stillman, 


in behalf of Himself the Committee of Machias & Captain 
Stephen Smith Commissary at Machias Humbly Sheweth. 

That Whereas your Petitioner hath a Power of attorney 
from the Committee of Machias to Transact business for that 
Settlement, & to Settle the S' Johns Expedition & their 
accompts of Supplys to the Commissary Store, likewise one 
from Captain Stephen Smith, to Settle his Commissary & 
Muster Masters accompts as also an accompt of Contingences 
for the Service During your Petitioners Command at Machias, 
all Which accompts, your Memorialist begs leave, to lay 
before your Honours, praying your honors to take the Matter 
into your Wise Consideration, and Point out some Method, 
Whereby the Said accompts May Be Settled, & your Peti- 
tioners as in Duty Bound &c 

George Stillman 
Boston March 11'*' 1778 

Calculation for Sun dry s Necessary for the Troops to be 
sent to Machias, — for 6 months 

Rations for 300 Men for 6 months 81,000 lb of Beef, 54,000 
lb Flour & Bread 366 Bushels Peas 3,900 lb Rice 618 lb 
Soap 50 lb Candles 18,000 Muskett Cartridges 2,000 Flints, 

Resolve on the Petition of the Conmiittee of Machias & 
several Letters of Col° Allan respecting wanting one hundred 
Men for the Department of S*^ Machias & giving an Estimate 
of Supplies for the Commissary and Truck Master — March 
11' 1778 

An Act for Incorporating the Plantation Called Coxhall, 
in the County of York, into a Town by the name of 

Whereas the inhabitants of the plantation called Coxlmll, 
in the County of York, have represented to this Court, that 


the erecting said plantation into a town will greatly con- 
tribute to its settlement, and remedy many difficulties and 
inconveniences they now labour under ; therefore, — 

Be it enacted by the Council and House of Representatives 
in General Court assembled, and by the authority of the same, 

[Sect 1.] That the said plantation, bounded as follows; 
viz., beginning on the west of Mousom River, a little l>elow 
the great falls there, at a pitch-pine stump ; from thence, 
crossing said river on a north-easterly point of compass, and 
running, by the towns of Wells and Arundel [ 1 ], nix miles 
( viz., until it comes within four miles of Saco River ), to an 
Oak Island, so called ; thence, from said Arundel line, on a 
north-westerly course, continuing at the distance of four 
miles from said Saco River and parallel thereto, back into the 
countr}^ six miles and an hundred and twenty rods, to a 
hemlock-tree marked on four sides, about forty rods to the 
northward of a pond called Swan Pond ; from thence, across 
said pond, excluding about two-thirds thereof, on a south- 
west course, six miles to' a red-oak tree mark'd on four sides ; 
and thence, on a south-east course, to the bounds and pine 
stump, b}^ said Mousom River, first mentioned ; including 
therein about twenty-three thousand and forty acres, — be 
and hereby is erected into a town by the name of Coxhall ; 
and the inhabitants are hereby invested with all the powers, 
privileges and immunities which the inhabitants of other 
towns in this state enjoy. 

And be it further enacted, 

[ Sect. 2.] That the Honorabble Benjamin Chadbourne, 
Esq^ be, and he hereby is, impowered to issue a warrant to 
some principal inhabitant of said plantation, requiring him to 
call a meeting of said inhabitants, qualified as the inhabitants 
of other towns ought to be to vote in town affairs, in order 
to choose such officers as, by law, towns ar(! impowered to 
choose in the month of March, annually. [ Passed March 
11, 1778.] 




111 the House of Representatives March 12"^ 1778 
On the Petition of James Noble Shannon and Jonas Farns- 
worth praying for liberty to enter and prosecute an appeal 
from Two Judgments in the Maritime Court for the Eastern 
District, given in favor of Ichabod Jones and Daniel Holt the 
Claimants to the Two Sloops mentioned in said Petition. 

Resolved that tlie prayer of said Petition be granted and 
that the said James Noble Shannon and the said Jonas 
Farnsworth be and they hereby are impowered to enter and 
prosecute their Appeals from the said Maritime Court respec- 
tively, at the next Superior Court for the County of York, 
and the Judges of the said Superior Court are Authorised 
and directed to hear Adjudge, and determine upon said 
appeals respectively, in the same Manner and by the same 
Rules they are now by a Law of this State impowered to do 
in Maritime Causes Provided the said Shannon and Farns- 
worth serve the said Ichabod Jones and Daniel Holt with an 
Attested Copy of said Petition and this Order thereon 
twenty days at least before the sitting of said Superior Court 
Sent up for Concurrence 
In Council March 13' 1778 
Read & Concurred 

J Warren Spkr 
Jn*' Avery D^ Secy 

Consented to 
Jer Powell 
Tim° Danielson 
Benj Austin 
Moses Gill 
John Whitcomb 

J Cushing 
R Derby 
A Gardner 
Oliver Prescott 
I Palmer 

A Fuller 

N Cushing 
Josiah Stone 
John Taylor 
D Hopkins 

State of Massachusetts Bay 
To the Hon^ Council and Hou^ House of Representatives 
of said State in General Court Assembled at Boston the 12 
day of March Anno Domini 1778 — 


The Petition of Andrew Gilman of Penobscot in the 
County of Lincoln in said State — 

Humbly Sheweth that Your Petitioner Left his home in 
Canada, together with all his Effects, which are in the hands 
of the Enemy. That Your Petitioner to Serve the Cause of 
his Country by tlie desire of Captain John Lake, who was 
Impower'd by the Honor^^^ Congress of this State. m May 
1Y75, to treat with the Lidians of the several Tribes about 
Canada together with the Eastern Tribes. 

That Your Petitioner was with Said Indians Upwards of 
Twelve Years, before, and from the Acquaintance he had 
with them, Induced, Capt" Lane to Use his Influence with 
said Indians to Joyn General Washington, and not take up 
the Hatchet against the Americans 

That Your Petitioner Engaged a Number Of them to go & 
treat w*'' General Washington, Upon Condition Your Peti- 
tioner would accompany them, for Which the Honoiable 
Court allowed him four pounds g month & Three shillings 
p'' day for his Expences, Since which he has been Commis- 
sion'd to the Care of A Company at Penobscot, & Called of 
the other Services, and allowed but four Pounds g Month 
up to the 22"^ Jan^y Last, &> dismiss'd, that Your Petitioner 
has been at Considerable Expence in Treating said Indians 
for to Engage their favours. Your Petitioner prays your 
Honors would take his Case into Your Wise Consideration 
for his Past Extraordinary Services, & Confirm him in his 
former Employment, As he Can't Return to Canada at this 
time, and as the Indians Can't do any Business with us with- 
out an Interpretor and Your Petitioner as in Duty bound 

Shall Ever Pray &c — 

Andrew Gilman 


To the Honorable Council and House of Representatives 
of the State of Massachusetts Bay in General Court Assem- 

The Memorial of George Deake of Cape Elizabeth in the 
County of Cumberland a Serjeant and Commander of a 
Guard in the Service of Said State Stationed at the Fort in 
Said Cape Elizabeth, Humbly Sheweth that on the Twenty 
second Day of February last He Boarded a Schooner of 
about Sixty Tuns that Came to Anchor in Portland Sound, 
the Master one Thomas Lowden Said the Schooner was from 
Mechias, and belonged there he ( the Said Deake ) Demanded 
the papers, the Master said he had None ( Haveing some 
Former knowledge of the Master that He Belonged to Nova- 
scotia and had been in an Armed Sloop for Several Months 
past that he last fall Faught a Gallant Battle for an Hour & 
twenty minutes with a Privateer Belonging to this State ) 
he Thought Best to Bring her to anchor under the Guns of 
Said Fort and keep a Guard on Board her, after which one 
M'' Furnace Shew a permit from the Board of War for one 
Joseph Williams to go to Novascotia in a Small Schooner of 
about Twenty Tuns with three men and to Retui-n in the 
Same Vessel, & it Not being the Vessel Nor one Man men- 
tioned in the permit in her, and knowing one Miller Jonson 
of Novascotia had allredy brought a Small Vessel into this 
State with ( as he Said the same affects intended by Said 
permit and after obtaining her papers viz a Register & Clear- 
ance From the port of Hallifax, Invoice of her Cargo which 
appeared to be partly of Goods Prohibited by Congress viz 
British Manifactorys and letters to Gentlemen in this State 
Desireing them that if the Said Schooner Should be taken & 
Brot into any part of the Contenant to Claim her and 
Describing the Vessel and Cargo so Exactly that they might 
lay in their Claim, he shew the Papers to a Number of 
Respectable Gentlemen of the Commitee of Falmouth and 



had the men Examined they then said She was lawfull prize 
& that they Rise on the master & Brot : her into port to libel 
her themselves & the master being Examined of that affair 
knew Nothing of it, all which made them appear full of 
Falsity & Fraud, and being advised to File a libel against 
her in behalf of the state & my Self & Company to prevent 
their Escape by further fraud He accordingly libeP her & 
filed all the papers & letters in the Judges Office, all which 
hath Given Your memorialist much Trouble & Great Expence 
wherefore think it Duty to lay the State of facts before this 
Honourable House for Your Consideration and Pray Your 
Honours will Direct as in Wisdom Shall think Just 

George Deake 

In the House of Representatives March 12, 1778 
Read & committed to the Board of War 
Sent up for Concurrence 

In Council March 12' 1778 
Read & Concurred 

Consented to 
Jer Powell Caleb Gushing 

John Whitcomb Moses Gill 
H Gardner D Hopkins 

Josiah Stone A Fuller 

John Taylor Oliver Prescott 

J Warren Spkr 

Jn° Avery D^ Secy 

T Gushing 
I Palmer 
N Gushing 
Benj Austin 
Tim" Danielson 

To the Honble the Council & House of Rapresentatives of 
the State of Massachusetts Bay. — 

The Memorial of James Avery In Behalf of Colo^ John 
Allan Contniental Agent for Indians Eastern Department, — 
Humbly Sheweth, that while Col" Allan has had the care of 
the S* Johns & Other Indians, He has often Been obliged to 
borrow ( on his own Credit) Laige Sums of Money to Enable 


him to Discharge their Necessary Expenses, and As it has 
often Times been Attended with much Difificulty & Delay in 
his Business, — your Memorialist Humbly Prays that Your 
Honours would be pleased to Grant him such a Sum of 
Money on Colo^ Allans Account as in your Wisdom you may 
think Necessary to Enable him to Discharge the Expences of 
the ensuing season, — 

Your Memorialist would Likewise, Inform your Honours 
that he is Appointed by said Allan to Settle the Accounts of 
the Expenses Attending the Indians the Past Summer & as 
your Memorialist is not Inform'd wheather the Honble Court 
has any Directions from Congress to Settle with said Allan, 
& as the Honble House of Representatives is about to Adjourn, 
& said Allan in Great want of the Money therefore your 
Memorialist Humbly Prays your Honours would Authorise 
the Honble Council ( in the Recess of the House of Repre- 
sentatives to Grant said Allan such a Sum of money as may 
appear Due to him by the Accounts & the Honble Board may 
think most Expedient, Till the Accounts Can be Settled by 
Congress, — and your Memorialist as in Duty Bound shall 
ever Pray 
Boston 13"' March 1778. Ja« Avery. 

Petition of Jonas Farmworth. 

To the Honorable Council and House of Representatives 
of the State of Mass"* Bay in General Court : assembled : 
Humbly sheweth — 

That Jonas Farnsworth Adj' of the Sixth Regiment of Militia 
in the County of Lincoln : was Caulled upon to Do Duty at 
Machias this Last Summer Past : as well as the field & staff 
officers : — as by Rolls sett forth and Passed, — Likewise 
Cap* Joseph Sevey : Cap* Stephen Smith : Cap* Samuel Lib- 


bee : Cap' John Hall : Lew*^ William Nicholas : and Lew**^ 
Joel Whitney: and Cap* Henry Dyer with thear Respective 
Companys under thear Command as is Sett forth by the Rolls 
Passed by your Honours, — being obliged to attend at Every 
alarm : was almost totally hindred from Doing any thing for 
them Selves ; or Raising scarcely any Provition for the Suport 
of thear Respective Families — 

Thearfore your Protitioners Humbly Prays that your Hon- 
ours would take this matter in to your consideration and 
give the officers and soldiers that belong to the afoarsaid, 
Rolls : such additional Pay as other Companys of the Militia 
has ben alowed, as the Established Pay will not Purchis but 

also your Protitioner Prays that the additional Pay may 
be Paid out of the States Store. — in such articals of Pro- 
vition & Cloathing as is wanted for thear Releaf. — 

Likewise your Protitioner begs Leave to acquant your 
Honours ; — that Cap* Samuel Libbee and his Company 
found them selves while** on Duty 126 Days Rations. — 
also Cap* Henry Dyer and men — 44 Days Rations. — 
also Cap* John Hall and men 76 Days Rations. — 
and Lieut" William Nicholas and Company 149 Days Rations : 
all which your Protitioner Prays may be Replaced in Pro- 
vition as theay are in grate Nessessity for the same. — 

also your Protitioner beg Leave to acquant your Honours 
that Coll. Campbell of the afore s'* Regiment : Lay'* before 
your Honours, a Staff Roll whearin Co" Foster was maid up 
41 Days Service and Drew his Pay, but Did not Draw his 
Rations : Likewise a Roll of Cap* Joseph Sevey : also a Roll 
of Cap* Joseph Libby boath of Machias, which Did Duty 
thear when the ship ambuscade Viseted us : and your Hon- 
ours Pay" nothing more then the Established Pay which is 
but a Small Recompence for thear Time : in that Valuable 
Part of the year. — 


your Protitioner prays that your Honours would allow an 
additional Pay to Cap* Joseph Sevey & Cap* Joseph Libby 
and the good men under thear Command then : and also 
alow them thear Rations with the Rations Due to Co" Fos- 
ter, out of the State Store, as theay was obliged to find them- 
selves at that Time, and Never as yet had any alowanee for 
it, and are now under the gratest Nessessity for the same. 

also Prays that your Honours will alow the Several 
accounts hearwith Presented. — 

and as in Duty bound your Protitioner will Ever Pray — 

Jonas Farnsworth 
Boston February 27*^ 1778 

In the House of Representatives March 13, 1778 
Read & referrd to the Committee 

Sent up for Concurrence J Warren Spkr 

In Council Mar. 13 1778 

Read & Concurrd Sam' Adams Sec^ 

Mar. 13. Ord. to be till next session 

Complaint of Nat¥ Thwing 

State of Massachusetts Bay in New England 
To the Hon^'® the Supreme Court of Probate, &c, for the 
said State. — 

Humbly complains in behalf of the Government & People 
of the Massachusetts Bay, aforesaid, Nathaniel Thwing of 
Woolwich in County of Lincoln Esq'' Agent to the Estate of 
Charles Callehan late of Pownalborough, Gent" an Absentee, 
That the greater part of the Personal Estate, which was left 
by the s** Charles, had been secreted, embezeled or conveyed 
away, & that your complainant had just reason, to suspect & 
did suspect that Rebecca Callehan wife of the s,^ Charles, had 


secreted, embezled or conveyed away the same, Whereupon 
agreeable to the Law of this State in such Case provided, 
your Complainant enter'd his Complaint to the Judge of 
Probate of Wills, &c for the said County of Lincoln, who 
cited the said Rebeckah to Appear before him at a Court of 
Probate to be holden at the Court house in Pownalbor°, on 
Wednesday the seventeenth day of December last to be 
interrogated upon Oath concerning the same, & the said 
Rebeckah having refus'd to be sworn, and interrogated upon 
Oath in the Premises, The said Judge order'd that the s*^ 
Rebeckah be conmiitted to the Common Goal of the s^ 
County of Lincoln, there to remain untill she should Comply 
to Discharge herself on Oath in the Premises, or be otherwise 
legally discharged. Whereupon the said Rebeckah claimed an 
Appeal to the supreme Court of Probate for this State, & 
Enter'd into Recognizance with Sureties as the Law Directs 
for Prosecutmg her said Appeal with Effect. And the said 
Rebeckah having Neglected to prosecute her s'' Appeal with- 
in three months, which by Law she ought to have done. 
Your Complainant therefore humbly Prays that your Hon- 
ors would pass such Orders in the Premises, as to Law and 
Justice Appertains, and as in Duty bound &c 

Nath^ Thwing 

York March 17**^ 1778 Then Cap* Joshua Bragdon person- 
ally appeared & made Oath that since the first day of August 
last & before the first day of January last he manufactured 
in tliis State Fifty Bushels of good Salt & that he Sold the 
same to Inhabitants of this State at the Regulated price the 
said Salt being made out of Sea Water — Before Nath' Wells 
Just Peace In Council April 17' 1778 Read & Ordered 
That a Warrant be drawn on the Treasury for £1 : 10/ in 
full Discharge of the Bounty allowed by this State on Salt — 

Jn° Avery D^ Secy 


State of Massachusetts Bay 

Council Chamber, March 20' 1778 
Ordered that Stephen Smith Esq"" Truck Master at Machias 
be and hereby is directed to send by the first safe Convey- 
ance all the Furrs and Peltry that he has now on Hand to 
Boston, directed to Richard Devons Esq", Commissary Gen- 
eral of the State aforesaid who is hereby directed to receive 
the same 

read & Accepted Jn° Avery D^ Sec'' 

Mrss Moses Davis Esq'' & Other Committes for Pownal- 
boro Woolwich and Edgcomb To Timothy Parsons D' June 

for 6 : 020 " w* of Bread (aj 6 0/ 18. 0. 
for 672 lb of Fatt Beef @ 17 8 19. 12— 
for 24 Gallons of Wes* inga Rum (oj 20 p 24 

X61. 12. 
Pownalboro March 23'<» 1778 

Erors Excep** Timo^ Parsons 

Inlistment & Beating Ordera for 100 Men to be Stationed 
at Machias for the Defence thereof — to Major Stillman — 
March 21' 1778 

We the subscribers do hereby Severally inlist into the Ser- 
vice of the United States of America to continue in that 
service for the Defence of Machias till the first Day of Decem"^ 
next unless sooner discharged, and each of us engage to 
furnish our selves with a good effective fire arm Bayonet 
Cartridge Box Knapsack Blanket and Canteen wooden bottle 
and we consent to be formed, and bee under the Command of 
such Officers as the General Assembly of the State of Massa- 
chusetts may appoint and we promise faithfully to Observe 


and Obey all such Orders as we from time to time shall 
receive from our Officers. And to be under such regulations 
in every respect as are or may be provided for the army of 
the aforesaid States Dated this Day of AD 1778 

Pownalboro March 24"' 1778 
This may certify all whom it may concern that upon the 24**^ 
of June 1777 I was desired by the Committee of the town 
of Pownalboro to keep an account of the provisions deliverd 
to the Militia Men assembled & I then saw deliverd to the 
several persons who brouglit the victualing returns — 290 lb 
of beef — 175 lb of bread & 17 Gall of Rum — as appears by 
the account then kept Langdon 

To the Honourable the Council & the Honourable house 
of Representatives of the State of Massachusetts Bay — 
The Petition of a Joint Committee of Pownalborough, Wool- 
wich & Edgcumbe Humbly Sheweth that Last year in the 
month of June we were alarm'd by the Milford Frigate and 
great numbers of the Militia Turn'd out to Defend them- 
selves, and their Country and Shew a Noble Spirit of Resent- 
ment against the atempts of the Enemy and Stood ready to 
assist in any measure that should be thought Proper to pro- 
ceed in or upon to beat the Enemy out of the River or if any 
Landed to take them prisoners if possible, but at the same 
time they were not able to furnish themselves with provis- 
ion for their Support while on the Duty of Alarm and at that 
time provision of almost every Kind was very scarce in these 
parts insomucli that the inhabitants could not get support for 
themselves by Reason of the Coasting business being Stop'd 
and all other Business Stagnated, and had no way been found 
out to get Support for tlie Militia they must of Consequence 


have Retir'd to their Respective homes, or perish'd in the 
Field and then the Enemy might have Destroyd us at their 
pleasure your petitioners understanding that there was pro- 
vision belonging to the State in the County about ten miles 
Distance from them and that the Said provision was under 
the Care of M"^ Timothy Parsons Agent for the State Your 
petitioners therefore applyd to the said Parsons for Pro- 
vision Sufficient to Supply S** Militia and accordingly M'' 
Parsons Supply'd us with a Quantity of Provision for that 
purpose as will appear by his Accounts, and the Vouchers 
which accompany s this petition your Petitioners would fur- 
ther inform your Honours that M'' Parsons has Since Settled 
with the Board of War and paid them for the above provis- 
ion — and now he calls upon your Petitioners for his pay & 
makes Demand thereof 

Therefore your humble petitioners pray that your Honours 
would take the Matter into your wise Consideration and as 
the provision was then the States property we humbly pray 
that the Account Renderd in by M"" Parsons may be allowd 
and that a Sum of Money Equal to it may be allowd & paid 
out of the publick Treasury to Moses Davis Esq'' who we 
have appointed to Receive & pay Said Money if allow** to 
M' Parsons, and your Petitioners as in Duty Bound will 
ever Pray — 

Edgcumbe March 25 1778 

Moses Davis Chairman 

Signed by Order and in behalf of the Committes above- 
said — J 

An account of Provision deliverd out in time of the Alarm 
Occasioned by the Milford frigate At Edgcumbe June 24'^ 
1777 — 

[ Here follows a list of articles.] 

This may Certify that by the Desire of the Field Officers 


I Dealt out the provision to the above Darned persons who 
Victualed the MiHtia — before the provision belonging to the 
State came to hand, and were promisd their pay ( out of the 
above provision after the Committes had Sent after it ) by 
the field Officers, and after this was Deliverd out there was 
no Beef Left but there was about half a Bag of Bread ( as 
the Bread was all in Bags ) left or about fifty w* but it was 
Chiefl}' the Remnants of the other Bags Emtied into that 
and was very much Broakcn and but a Little of it fit for 
Use — and upon the Alarm which happened soon after by 
the Rainbow man of War, the Remainder of the said Bread 
that was good I Deliverd out to the Militia upon their 
Request as many of them came from far and brought no pro- 
vision with them 

Moses Davis Major of the 3** Reg' 
Edgcumbe March 25 1778 

Edgcumbe March 25 1778 
To the Honourable John Taylor Esq*^ — 

Sir, I beg Leave to Trouble you with a few lines of a pub- 
lic Nature and humbly beg your attention on this affair as I 
sliall hereafter relate on the 24*** of June 1777 we were 
alarmd by the Milford frigate w^hich came up tlie River and 
Lay at anchor in Withcaset Bay Two Days and in Conse- 
quence of this alarm the Militia turnd out and were embodied 
near where the Said frigate Lay at Anchor, Ready to Execute 
Orders which might be given from their Officers on this 
Occasion — but at this time provision was very scarce here, 
in these parts insomuch that the Inhabitants could not Sup- 
port the Militia, therefore the Committes of the Severall 
Adjacent Towns imbodied in a joint Committe to Consult 
what \\ as best to be Done, and understanding that there was 
provision ])ek)nging to the State, in a Brigg Leying in Dama- 


rascotte River & that M"^ Timothy Parsons had the Care of 
it, and was Agent for the State, the Committe applyd to M'' 
Parsons for provision to Support the Militia while on the 
Alarm and accordingly M'' Parsons as he saith deliverd 600 
w» of Bread & 672 w* of Beef and 24 Gallons of Rum this 
provision was Seperated one half on the East Side of the 
River and the other half on the West Side of the River as 
the Number of Militia was about Equal of Either Side and 
the Militia being some of them one whole Day without any 
Victuals to Support Nature were very hungry and every one 
at Such a time cannot be kept in order — and hunger will 
break through stone wall, therefore the provision immediately 
upon Sight was Broak upon before there was any body to 
take any account of it the Committe not being present at 
that Juncture of time — and many thought that it might be 
taken without account as it was States property — but with 
as much speed as possible there was men appointed to take 
account of and Deliver out Said provision to the Officers and 
Soldiers of said Militia but the Accounts kept does not make 
out so much as M"" Parsons has Charged the Committes ^vith 
but the Reason is as I before mentioned there was Consider- 
able taken away without any account and there was no help 
for it at that time of hurry and Difficulty and altho there is 
not so an authentick and particular account of it as I could 
wish there was — yet as it was Certainly Used and Expended 
for the Sole Benefit of the Militia it would be very hard for 
the Committee to pay for it or any part of it without their 
Receiving any Benefit by it after they have had all the 
Trouble of procureing of it and have no manner of Allowance 
for their Trouble but I Submit the whole to your Honour 
and the other Gentlemen of Courts — wise consideration and 
Beg Sir that you would use your Influance in Carrying this 
affair through the Court I am Very Loth to Trouble your 
Honour with such an Affair but Necessity drives me to it as 


we have no Representative, nor is there any m the County 
that will attend Court this Session and as we are calld upon 
for the money and a Demand of it to be paid immediately I 
therefore humbly beg your Honours Assistance in this affair 
and pray you would Deliver the inclosd petition with the 
Vouchers to Some Trusty Gentlemen of the house which will 
get it Committed and acted upon as soon as possible — and 
if it should pass the house with allowance I beg you would 
for\A'ard it through the Council and get the Matter so 
Authenticated that I may send for and Receive the money 
by an Order without being to the Expence of my Personal 
Attendance at Court I further beg your Honours would Lay 
this Letter before the Committee which may be appointed to 
Consider the aforesaid petition that they may have a true 
understanding of Affair — and as I am appointed by Joint 
Committe of Pownalborough Woolwich & Edgcumbe to peti- 
tion to the General Court for allowance of the above pro- 
vision. I write m their behalf and Renewedly beg your 
Honours Assistance in this affair which will be Receiv'd as a 
great favor from your Honours most Obedient and Humble 
Sev* Moses Davis 

To the Honorable John Bradbury Esq' 
York Ss Whereas we the Subscribers Being Authorized and 
Impowered By the Honorb*'' John Bradbury Esq"" Judge of 
the Probate of Wills &c Within and for the County of York 
by a Warrent Bearing Date the Second Day of October 1777 
to take an Inventory and to Apprize in Lawfull Money all 
tlie Estate Whereof Ebenezar Wallingford Late of Somers- 
worth in the State of Newhampshire Gen* Deceased Testate 
Died, Seized of in tlie Aforesaid County of York We Have 
Taken an Inventory and Have Apprized the above Mentioned 
Estate as Follows Viz Ninety Seven Acres of Land Near 


Stair falls in Berwick and is Known by the Name of Lot 
Number one in the first Range in the Division of Berwick 
Proprietors Common Land at Seven Shillings g Acre 

also tliirty Seven Acres of Land in Said Berwick 
Commons Known by the Name of Lot Number one 
in the Sixth Range at five Shillings g Acre X 9-5-0 

also Twenty five acres of Land in Berwick and is 
Known by the Name of Lot Number thirty five in 
the Third Checker in the Division of Kittery Pro- 
prietors Common Land in Said Berwick at twenty 
shillmg per Acre X 25-0-0 

And also the Testates Wright in a thatch bed in 
berwick and is Known by the Name of Fowling 
Marsh be the Same More or Less at j6 20-0-0 

X 8 8-4-0 
Berwick March y« 2V^ 1778 

Joseph Prime ~] 
Robert Rogers J> Committee 
John Tucker J 
Berwick March 31 1778 

Then the above named Joseph Prime Robart Rogers & John 
Tucker Personally appear** & Made Oath to the above Inven- 
tory before me 

Hum^ Chadbourne J Peace 

Pownalborough March 30, 1778 

I have had the honor of being appointed a Major in the 
first Regiment in the County of Lincoln, but my ill State of 
Health for more than a year past has prevented me discharg- 
ing the Duties of that Office, either to my own Satisfaction, 
or to the advantage of the Publick, and my Health still 


declining, makes me dispair of being capable to serve my 
Country in that Character, at least for the present, when per- 
haps I may be most wanted ; Wherefore I beg tlie Favour of 
you to communicate this to the Hon^'^^ Board and Pray they 
would accept of this my Resignation, that I may no longer 
hinder some otlier Gentleman being appointed in my Stead, 
better Qualified to serve this distressed country, the Good of 
which I hope ever to prefer to my private Honor or Interest 

I am with great Respect & Esteem your very humble 
Servant John Huse 

In Council April 30' 1778 

Read & Sent down Jn'> Avery D^ Sec^ 

To the Sec" of the state of Massachusetts Bay 
In the House of Representatives April 30, 1778 
Read & accepted 

Sent up for Concurrence 

J Pitts Spkr g Tem 

In Council April 30', 1778 

Read & Concurred Jn° Avery D^" Secy 

To the Hon^^ the Council & House of Representatives in 
General Court assembled the Petition of the Committe of 
Inspection Correspondence & Safety for the town of Bristol 
in the County of Lincoln humbly sheweth that the Scituation 
of said town Exposes it in a Verry Peculiar manner to be 
Attacked by the Enemys ships or Boats in almost every part 
of its Settlements having the Navigable River of Dammas- 
cotta on the West Broad Bay on the East and the Ocean 
on the Southern line and within this Bounds several noted 
Harbours as Pemmaquid Round Pond Miscongus and Broad 
Cove and scarce any place is to be found on the Waterside 



where there is not good Shelter & Anchorage with Sufficient 
depth of water for Vessels of Large Burthen that in such 
Exposure the Inhabitants Cannot live without the greatest 
Anxieties in a time when we Dayly Expect the Unnatural 
Enemy on our Coast and in our harbours to plunder us as 
they were the last year, when we were in great distress the 
Coast being infested with them our Distress however was 
greatly Encreased when we saw a Squadron of the British 
fleet with Avowed Commission to Spread Desolation by fire 
& Sword — and attacking our Bretheren in Various parts of 
this County Endangering their Hves Demanding & Destroy- 
ing their propertyes Entering & penetrating up our Rivers into 
the heart of the Country and threatening to make some har- 
bour this way a Randevouse for their Ships & prizes but the 
fear of the Inhabitants was Verry great when the Commodore 
of the Squadron then lying in townsend sent Dawson with 
an armed Brig in to pemmaquid harbour & Demanding a 
Privateteer then at anchor there threatening Vengeance in 
Case of Refusal and this people Are fully persuaded that if 
the Enemy Effects their purposes of making a lodgement in 
this Neighbourhood this town must fall one of the first sacri- 
fices to their fury Your Petitioners would further humbly 
suggest that from a Just sense of our Endangered scituation 
the wisdom of the legislature saw fit to Station a Company 
of sea Coast men to guard this town Every year since the 
war began till the last year and the Effect was that hearing 
there was an Armed force here not one of the Enemys ships 
dared to Enter our harbours or Distress any of the Inhabit- 
ants in these parts whilst said sea Coast men remained with 
us the Verry fame of such Provision was found to be a real 
defence but since a reverse of public measures has thrown 
open the whole Coast of this County to the will of our foes 
their Vessels being invited by our Naked & Defenceless state 
have kept the Inhabitants in almost Continual Alarms Tho 


it could never be Expected that in our best Estate we should 

be able alone to defend ourselves against their force yet it is 

observed that our ready Compliance with every requisition of 

the Hon''^ Court in Reinforcements & in furnishing more 

than our Quota of the Continental army Dureing the war 

has greatly Encreased our Inability & the danger that Ensues 

on it, Your Petitioners flatter themselves that the forM^ard- 

ness of this town in the publick Cause ought not to operate 

to their Disadvantage & Confident of the Justice & honour 

of the General Court will not put that among the reasons for 

Abandoning us if we should be Abandoned to the mercy of 

the Common foe Yet we Cannot dout that if this must be 

our Deplorable Case if some Effectual provision for our 

Defence is not made by Government without Delay Impresed 

therefore with a sense of our Duty to the i)ublick & to the 

town of Bristol your Petitioners thought it their duty at this 

Crisis to lay before your Hon" an Account of our Condition 

Beseching you to take our Case into your wise Consideration 

and grant two twelve pounder Cannon two Nine pound & 

two Six with Ordinance Stores for them with one Company 

of Matrosses with what Ever further Relief your Hon" in 

your great wisdom shall seem meet & Your Petitioners as in 

Dutv bound shall Ever pray 

Rob* MKown Clerk 

By order of the Cornmitte John Read Chairman 

Bristol March y« 30^'' 1778 


We the Committee of Correspondence &c. of the Town of 
(iorham in the County of Cumberland; (in obedience to a 
Resolve of the General Court of this State of the tenth 
Instant) have compounded with those persons against wliom 
a suit was commenced by Virtue of a Resolve of h"^ (General 


Court of the 20*^^ of June last ; and have follow'd the direc- 
tions given us, so far as was in our power : for the Agent 
that was appointed to the Estate of Thomas Coulson late of 
Falmouth an Absentee; did sometime since enter on board 
the Cumberland & was not expected home till May next : & 
the Court of General Sessions of the Peace setting this 
Month, we thought it not advisable to put off settlement till 
a future day : & because s*^ Agents return was uncertain, we 
have also thought fit to send to the State Treasurer what we 
have receiv'd over & above paying the Captors their Cost 
and trouble in first taking & securing s** goods : which we 
presum'd to do by Virtue of a late Resolve of the General 
Court Granting liberty to the Captors to lay their accounts 
before s*^ General Court for allowance and payment. 

We remain your Obedient most humble Servants — 
Em^ Phinney Chairman g Order 
Gorham March 30*'' 1778 

To the Hon^^* Speak' of the House Represent^^ of State 
Massachusetts Bay 


You are hereby impowered immediately to inlist One 
hundred men including non commissioned Officers & Privates 
as Soldiers in the Service for the Defence of Machias upon 
the Establishment fixed by a Resolve passed the 13' March 
1778 with the additional Bounty given by the State of 
Massachusetts Bay, to continue in that Service till the s*^ 
Day of December next unless sooner discharged and that you 
cause said Men when so inlisted, to pass muster as soon as 
may be The Non Commissioned Officers to be appointed by 
the Captain & Subalterns of said Company 
Day of 1778 


At a regular Meeting of the Male Inhabitants of the town of 
North Yarmouth free and twenty one Years, called for the 
purpose of laying before them the Form of Government, 
drawn up by the late Convention, for this State — for their 
Consideration and approbation there of — Said Form of Gov- 
ernment having been Read, and. Article by Article, particu- 
larly debated, a vote was called to know tlie Minds of the 
town whether they approve or disapprove of the same — 
when Sixty four voted their Approbation, and twenty their 
disapprobation thereof — Certified by Us, 

Paul Prince ) 

> Selectmen of said Town 
Sam' Merrill \ 

Return of the War Like Stores Remaining in the Ordin- 
ance Store and in the Service at Mechias In the State of 
Massachusetts Bay April 1«* 1778 

Sm" Arms 65. D° Wanting Repair 20. Bayonnetts 
70. Cartridge Boxes 44. Muskett Cartridges 80. Barr' 
Powder 5 '4^, Boxen Balls 7^. Cannon Cartridges 9 Poun*^""' 
82, 4 Poun"" 6, Swivels 2. Sponges 9 Poun'^" 1, 4 Poun''^ 2, 
Swivels 1. Ladles & Worms, 9 Poun*** 1, 4 Poun'^M. Round 
Shott 9 Poun'*« 47, 4 Poun<i« 44, 2 Poun-^^ 41, Swivels 20. 
Grape Shott Bag 73. Langerage 86. Cannister Shott 9'" 
Cases 2, Cannister 7, 4'^ Cases 1. Portefires 5. Portefire 
Staffs 1. Lint Stocks 3. Cartridge Pouches 3. 

Mechias Apr' 1" A True & Authorative Return Y*' Serv* 
Frd'' DeLesdernier Lieut. 

State of the Troops & Indians Stationed at Mechias in the 
State of Massachusetts Bay under the Command of John 


Allan Esq'' Continental Agent & Coraman'" & Chief of East- 
ern Indians. 

Capt"* 1. Lieut with the Rank of Cap* 3. 1"' Lieu'* 1. 
2*^ Lieu'* 1. Commissary 1. Indian Chiefs 2. Conductor 1. 
Serj* 1. Corporals 1. Privates 133. fifes & Drums 2. 
Courrier 4. Totall 151. 

Mechias April ^^'^ 1778. A True & Authinck Return 
g Lew* Fred'^ DeLesdernier Lieut. 

Falm° 3-1 Apr. 1778 
Dear Brother, 

You may remember that some time ago I sent a memorial 

to the Gen. Court which has not been acted upon, beg you 

will endeavor to have it taken up this session and at the 

same time, if proper move for the Naval Officers to have leave 

to appoint deputys, and be excused from Military duty, been 

chosen Constables, Jurymen &c &c — would it not be best 

when any Sea Coast Company Stop Vessels suspected of 

illegal Trade, for the Naval Officers of the port where any 

such Vessel is, to libel &c — with tenders of my best services 

to you and M" Freeman, believe me to be, Yr Affec' Bro"" 

Tho. Child 

To the Hon''^ Council and house of Representatives of the 
State of Massachusetts Bay Now Sitting at Roxbury 

the petition of Samuel Waterhouse of Wells in the county 
of York and State aforesaid humbly sheweth — that your 
petitioner was appointed by the Brigedier of said County to 
command a company according to the Order of Council of 
the 12' of March last, which company was Raised from the 
interior parts of the County, and have Joyned the Regiment 
at Whiter hill under the command of Col° Jacob Gerrish. 


but a great part of said company are deficient in Arras and 

some are so bad that it is dangerous to the safety of the 

camp to Remain in such a state, the men are willing to 

serve their Country but as they are in low Circumstances 

they have not been Able to furnish themselves according to 

law Neither were they able to pay their fines when drafted 

and the Committyes of the plantation could not furnish 

them. Therefore your petitioner prays that he may be 

allowed to draw from the publick stores for the use of those 

men who are deficient in Guns and I will be accountable for 

the delivery thereof at the second of July Next when the 

time of our draft will expire and as in duty bound will ever 


Samuel Waterhouse 

Camp at Winter hill April 4^»> 1778 

State of Massachusetts Bay 
In the House of Representatives Apr' 6"* 1778 

On the Petition of Sam^' Waterhouse now commanding a 
Compn^ of Militia doing duty at Winter Hill praying for a 
number of Fire arms for the use of his Company 

Resolved that the Board of War be and they hereby are 
ordered & directed to deliver the said Sam" Waterhouse a 
number of Fire arms Not Exceeding Forty he the said 
Waterhouse giving his obligation to Return the said arms in 
good order to the said Board of War on their order on or 
before the third day of July Next Except such & so many of 
said arms as the men for whose use they are wanted shall 
chuse to purchase which the Board of War are hereby 
Impowered to sell them at such price as they shall Judg Rea- 
sonable and the Court is hereby directed to make such 



on his Muster Roll from those men who keep any of said 
Guns as the price of s'^ Guns set at by s*^ Board of War and 
the sum of three shillmgs for those which may be Returned 
for the use thereof 

Sent up for Concurrence 

In Council April 6' 1778 
Read & Concurred 
Consented to 

Jer. Powell 
J Cushing 
John Whitcomb 
I Palmer 
John Taylor 

A Ward 
Moses Gill 
Benj Austin 
B Wliite 
Oliver Prescott 

J Pitts Spk' p Temp 
Jn° Avery D^ Secy 

R Derby 

Abez Fisher 
A Fuller 
Tim° Danielson 
D Hopkins 

State of Massachusetts Bay 
In the House of Representatives April y^ 9 1778 
On the Petition of Jonathan Louder Truck master to the 
Penobscot tribe of Indians Praying for goods to Supley said 
Indians with 

Resolved that the board be Directed to Supply Jonathan 
Louder with the following articles for the Supply of the 
Penobscot Indians, if they have them to Spare to Vz one 
bale of Blankets one Peas of Bleu Shorud three Peces of 
Calico one Peece of Lening one of Oznabags one hundred Lb 
of Powder two hundred Lb of Lead one hundred Lb of Shot 
two barils N E Rum one Hogshad of Molases one Baril of 
Pork ten bushils of Beans or peas Knives Sizzers Needels 
and combs a Small Quantity of Each and it is further 
Resolved the said Lowder be Derected to trad with the 
Indians agreeabel to the Regulation made by John Allen 
Esq with the Indians and to remit all the furs and skins he 



shall Receive of the Indians to the hoard of war and 
acountable to the General Court for the dowiugs 


Sent up for Concurrence 

In Council April 9' 1778 
Read & Concurred 

Consented to 
Jer Powell A Ward 

J Cushing 
Jabez Fisher 
Benj Austm 
D Hopkins 

I Palmer 

Moses Gill 
Oliver Prescott 
S Holten 

J Pitts Spr g Temp 
Jn° Avery D? Secy 

R Derby 
John Whitcomb 
B White 
A Fuller 
Josiah Stone 

To The Honb^ Council & House of Representatives now 
assembled at Roxbury, State of Massachusetts Bay. 

Anxious for the safety of our country & also to fulfil our 
engagements to the Continental Congress ; viz " That we 
would support them with our lives & fortunes in case they 
should declare the thirteen united Colonies, Independent of 
Great Britain, ( General Washington w6 make no doubt 
believed the colonies sincere in what they promised, & 
accepted of the most important & difficult command to sup- 
port the independence of his country-men ; But how that 
brave man has been supported ; or rather neglected & by 
those very persons who rejoiced at his appointment to com- 
mand the forces of the United States; is well known & 
needs no comment,) & in order to justify ourselves to God 
& the world, by doing every thing in our power to fulfil our 
engagements, and thereby stimulate other Towns to do the 
same, have ( notwithstanding our being burnt out by the 
enemy, & complying with every resolve of the Congress, & 
the General Court of this State respecting our furnishing 
our quota of men ) engaged fifty men Inhabitants of this 


Town, to march immediately to reinforce General Washing- 
ton; provided your Honours will accept of them, and allow 
them State pay and rations. We would inform your hon- 
ours that the men are engaged 'till the last day of November 
next unless sooner discharged ; as you will see by the inlist- 
ment. We would also inform your Honours that other 
towns in this country, are in motion, and doubt not they will 
make up one hundred & fifty able men, including those in 
this Town. Similar exertions of all the Towns in the United 
States at this critical juncture we think are necessary : when 
many persons we have reason to fear are endeavoring to 
bring us into bondage again, by insinuating; that if we 
would give up our Independence we might have any terms 
we pleased to ask. 

By order of the Town. 

We are your Honors most ob* Serv*® 

W" Frost Joshua Stone Moses Shattuck 

Pearson Jones Jesse Partridge Nathe' Deering 

Joseph Ingraham 

Falmouth April 9^» 1778 

In the House of Representatives April 13, 1778 

Read & thereupon Ordered That M' Baker Coll Peck & 

M"^ Codding with such as the Hon Board shall join be a 

Committee to consider the same — and also the matter at 

large — and report what is left to be done thereon 

J Warren Spkr 
Sent up for Concurrence 

In Council April 13, 1778 

Read & Concurred and Joseph Palmer & Moses Gill Esq'' 
are joined — 

Jn° Avery D^ Secy 
Mr. Baker 
Coll Peck 
Mr Codding 


Roxbury April 10, 1778 
To the Hon'ble the Council of the State of Massachusetts 
Bay — 

Petition of James Avery of INIachias Humbly sheweth 
That your Petitioner was appointed by Col" Allan to wait 
upon your Honors in Order to obtain a necessary Supply of 
articles for the Indians under his Command and agreeable to 
a late Resolution of the General Court, among other Articles, 
the Board of War was directed to deliver fifty Pounds of 
Wampum which they had not by them and as the Honble 
Tho* Cushing Eq"^ can supply him with that Article upon 
your Honors Order therefrom prays your Honors would give 
an Order upon him to be delivered to the Board of War ; 
from whom he can receive the same and this Article can be 
charged with the other Articles received from them. 

And as in Duty bound shall ever pray 

Jas Avery 

State of Massachusetts Bay 

Council Chamber April 10, 1778 
Ordered that the Honorable Thomas Cushing Esq"^ be & he 
hereby is directed to deliver to the Board of War of this 
State all such Wampum as he now hath in his hands belong- 
ing to this State, that they may be Enabled to comply with a 
late Resolve of the General Court. 

read & Accepted 

Jn" Avery D^ Secy 

Penobscot April 12 1778 
Sir I arrived here after a long Passage of three weeks I find 
the Indians and the Inhabitants of this River in very Distres- 
ing Circumstances for want of Corn M'' Preble has borrow'd 


all the Corn of the people here that he could git m order to 
supply the Indians and now he cannot even Replace it againe 
it is not to be bought he has had no Stors from Jpsurg this 
Winter there is not Corn enough in this River to Supply the 
people for three weeks and what the Indians will Do I Cant 
say M' Preble & Treet has bought about 40 bushel this Day 
but what is that amongst so maney I hope you will bring 
some for the Indians if possable thay think very hard oft 
that you stay so long and Dont send them aney thing thay 
Expect to have Every thing when you Come at the price 
CoP Allen Lett 

I Remaine your friend and Humb^ Serv* 

Josiah Brewer 

N. B. as to their is no Potaters in this River to plant this 
year if you Dont bring some for your Self and me we shall 
have none to plant 

P.S. as to matters Respecting other affairs in this River all 
things Remain very still as some Persons find they have 
Done their bes* and it turns out very Contrary to their 

150 bush^ Indian Corn 2 Teirces Flower 

Account of Rations Due to Cap' Rubin Dyer & officers in 
the Staits Service at Mechias from July 3*^ & to the 9 of 
octob' 177Y 

Due to Capt Dyer 160 Rations Due to Left Allin 112 
Ditto Due to Left Longfellow 97 Ditto Total 369 

Thease may Certifie that I have Deliverd the above officers 
one Ration each from the first Day of Sept' to the Ninth Day 
of October and No more 

g Robert Foster Quarter-Master. 


This may Sartify that I have Dehvered the above offsers 
from the first Day of August to the Last of August 15 
Rations in the hole. 

g Elijah Ayer Quarter-Master. 

Boston April 13^'' 1778 
Pleas to pay the above account of 8/ g man and Rations 
that is Due as g this account to Capt. Jonas Farnsworth 

P' Ruben Dyer 

Account of Rations Due to Capt Jabez West and officers 
in the Staits Servis at Mechias from the 24 day of June 1777 
to the 9 day of October 

P'' me Jabez West 

Due to Ca|>t West 106 Rations Due to Left Scott 127 
Ditto Due to Left Allbee 84 Ditto Due Engine Stone 

These may Certifie that I have Deliver'd the above officers 
the one Ration each from the first Day of Sepf to the 9 Day 
of October and no more 

g me Robert Foster Quarter-Master. 

Boston April 13, 1777. 
Pleas to Pay the above account to Capt. Jonas Farnsworth 
and Likewise the Rations. 

Jabez West 

State of Massachusetts Bay 

April 13"> 1778 
The Com**® of both Houses, this day appointed, to con- 
sider the Representation of the Town of Falmouth, respect- 


ing the raising Volunteers for reinforceing the Continental 
Army, beg leave to Report at large. 

That it be earnestly recommended to the Several Towns & 
Plantations in this State, immediately to furnish by volun- 
tary inlistment, for a term of Nine Months unless sooner dis- 
charged, as many Men as they can Spare for the Continental 
Service ; to be formed into companies «& Regiments under 
officers of their own choosing, & to Serve under Such Gen- 
eral-Officers as the General of the American Forces shall 
order ; to have Continental Pay & Rations, & a Bounty of 
Twenty Pounds for each & every Private Soldier & Non- 
commissioned officer, Provided That they shall inlist as 
aforesaid on or before the Tenth of May next & every such 
Town & Plantation, having previously furnished their one 
Seventh part for the Continental Army, shall have Credit 
for all Such Volunteers as they shall furnish in manner as 
aforesaid, so as to be considered in future Levies. 

That the conduct of said Town of P'almouth is highly 
approved for their manly, generous & patriotic behavior in 
this affair ; & that their volunteers be accepted ; & that the 
Gentlemen reconnnended for Officers, be commissionated by 
the Council accordingly : & that this conduct in the Town 
of Falmouth be reconunended for general immitation. — 

J Palmer g order 

In Council April 13, 1778 

Read & Sent down — 

Jn° Avery D^ Secy 

In the House of Representatives April 15, 1778 
Read & committed to the Committee to whom was recom- 
itted the Resolve for raising men for the North River &c : 
Sent up for Concurrence 

In Council April 16, 1778 J Pitts Spk' g Temp 

Read & Concurred 

Jn° Avery D^ Secy 


State of Massachusetts Bay 

To the Honorable the Council and House of Representa- 

Whereas by a Resolve of the hono^« Court of the 3'* March 
last ordering that the Schooner Two Brothers seiz'd at Fal- 
nioutli by George Deake Commander of the Fort at Casco 
Bay be i-eleased and permitted to proceed to Boston where 
upon her Arrival Report was to be made by the Commander 
of said Vessell to the Board of War under whose direction 
said Ebenez'' and Benjamin Furnass proceeded to Nova Sco- 
tia in a Schooner also called the Two Brothers and the said 
Board are directed to make needfull Enquiery whether the 
Conditions in the permission granted by a Resolve of Court, 
of the 30 Septem last to s*^ Thayer & Furnass have been 
properly complied with. In pursuance of which order the 
said Schooner hath been removed from Falmouth and is now 
m the Port of Boston, and the said Commander hath agreea- 
ble to said Order made Report thereof to this Board, and the 
said Dcak hath laid before us a number of Papers found on 
board said Schooner from which it appears, That there are 
sundry Invoices of Goods, found on Board, which do not 
express whose property they are, or to whom they are con- 
signed ; neither doth any bills of loading appear, expressing 
at whose risque, or to whom the goods are shipped. Besides 
the Clearance is for the Bay of Fundy & thence to the West 
Indies; and the Slnpping papers filFd in like manner. More- 
over the Vessell in question is three or four times as large 
as that Permitted to fetch up the Effects of Ebenez"" Thayer 
& is not Command'' by (>ap' Williams, according to the afore- 
said permitt, But by a Cap' Tliomas Lowden, who is affirmed 
to be inimical to these states, & to have been in arms, & to 
have fought against us. In fine there is a Certain Bill of 
Exchange for 112 X sterling wliich appears not to be drawn 
in the usual form, or negotiable in the usual uianner; all 


which Taken into consideration, as well as many Dark hints 
and inuendoes Scattered through the whole of the papers in 
question, utterly inconsistant with fair dealing, makes us 
apprehensive that their real design M'as, under false & feigned 
papers, to carry on a Contraband trade between our Enemies, 
the Subjects of Nova Scotia, and the disaffected persons re- 
siding in the Eastern part of these states; By which means 
it might be practicable to supply our Public Enemies, now 
in arms against us, or othei'S residing in the West India 
Islands, or in Nova Scotia, with Provisions. — 

We therefore are clearly of Opinion & are Confirm'd there- 
in, By the Concurrent advice of the Attor^ Gen\ That the 
said Vessell & Cargo/ which have been already libelled/ be 
prosecuted in the Court of Admiralty & the matter deter- 
min'd according to Law ; to the End that the particular cir- 
cumstances of this transaction may be brought to Light 

Sam Phps Savage Prest g order 
War Office 13^" April 1778. 

PS. Wee would also Inform the Hon'® Court, that yes- 
terday M"" Sheriff Greenleaf did in consequence of a Writ 
given him by William Bant of Boston, seize the said Vessell 
& Cargo, & bring her to a Wharf in this Town, Causeing her 
Sails to be unbent & Stored Whereby we apprehend that 
the said Vessell & Cargo may be unsafe without a guard. 

Col° Jon* Lowder Dr for Sundrys for Penobscot Indians, 
Apl 13 1778 

[ Here follows a list of articles.] 

The Petition of Rebecca Callahan. 

To the honorable Council & House of Representatives in 
in General Court assembled at Boston, March ye 7th A D 



Humbly sheweth Rebecca Callahan wife of Cliarles Calla- 
han late of Pownalborough in the County of Lincoln, that 
her said Husband some time since, absented him self from 
this State, and is supposed by the Select-men of said Pownal- 
borough to have gone to the Enemies of the united States of 
America, and that his Estate is to be taken into ye Plands of 
the Connnittee of Sequestration to be disposed of according 
to a late Act of this honorable Assembly respecting the 
Estates of such Persons as have joined the Enemy afore- 
said ; and Nathaniel Thwing of Woolwich in s** County Esq' 
has been appointed Agent for the said Charles, and has 
taken Possession of the real Estate, and has applied to your 
Petitioner for all the personal Effects of the s*^ Charles but 
your Petitioner not thinking that the said Charles had, 
according to the spirit of the said Act, forfeited his Estate, 
and that she had no other Way of supporting her Self & 
Family and that the said Charles had left an aged Father 
intirely dependent on said Estate for his living, refused to 
deliver the personal effects hito the Hands of said Thwing. 

Whereupon your Petitioner humbly prays this honorable 
Court to consider her distressed Situation, and permit her to 
have, and keep Possession of her s^ Husband's Estate both 
real & personal for the necessary Support of her Father, her 
Self and Family. But if this honorable Court should not 
think proper to grant your Petitioner the Prayer of this Pet- 
ition, Slie prays that she may be permitted to go to her Hus- 
band carrying with her the said moveable Effects ( which are 
but of the Value of three hundred Pounds ) as necessaiy to 
defray lier Expences «fe support her Self till she can be pro- 
vided for by her Husband — And as in duty bound will ever 


Rebecca Callahan 

In Council April 14: 1778 Read and thereupon Ordered 
that Benjamui Austin Esq'' with such as the Honble House 



shall appoint : be a Committee to consider the same & report 

what is proper to be done thereon 

Sent down for Concurrence 

Jn° Avery D" Sec^ 

In the House of Representatives April 14, 1778 

Read & concurrd & M'' Ely and M" Sumner are joined 

J Pitts Spkr p Temp. 

State of Massachusetts Bay — 

I John Allan, Do Acknowledge, The United States of 
America, to be Free Independent, and Sovereign States, and 
Declare that the People Thereof Owe no Allegiance or 
Obediance to George the Third King of Great Britain, and I 
renounce refuse and Abjure Any Allegiance or Obediance to 
him. And I Do Swear that I will to the Utmost of my 
Power Suport, Maintain, And Defend the Said United States, 
Against the Said George the third. King &c — his Heier and 
Successors, and his or their Abettors, Assistants and Adher- 
ents, And Will Serve the said United States in the Offices of 
Superintendent and Commander in Chief of Indians Eastern 
Department, Which I now hold, With Fidelity, According to 
the Best of my Skill and Understanding So help me God — 

Jn° Allan. 
Lincoln Ss. Mechias Apr^ IS''^ 1778 

This day the Above Mentioned John Allan Esq'' Person- 
ally Appeard & Made Solemn Oath to the foregoing Declara- 
tion By him Subscribed — 

Before me Alex: Campbell Jus* peace 

State of Massachusetts Bay 
In the House of Representatives April 17 1778 

On the Petition of Andrew Gilman Setting forth that he 
left his home in Canada, in the year 1775, to serve this State, 



in engaging the Peuobscott, and Several other Tribes of 
Indians to Engage in our Service, or Rather not to take up 
the Hatchet against us, and that he has served faitiifully from 
the month of May 1775: until Jan^ y" 22'^ 1778 at which 
time he was Discharged, — and Praying that he may be Rein- 
stated in his former Service &c, — 

Resolved that, Lieu't Andrew Gilman, be & he is hereby 
appointed, a Lieut in the Service of this State, to Reside at 
Penobscot & with the Penobscot Tribe of Indians, to watch 
their motions and inclinations, as well as the dispositions of 
all other Indians that may come within his knowledge and to 
do such other Services as he may be appointed to by the 
General Court of this State, — 

it is further Resolved that s*^ Andrew Gilman be allowed 
the Same pay and Rations for his Services as a Lieut in the 
Continental Army to commence the 23 of Jan^ last aforesaid, 
untill the further order of this Court, ^ — and the Honorable 
Council are hereby requested to Commis" and direct the Said 
Gilman accordingly. — 

Sent up for Concurrence J Pitts Spk'' p"^ Temp 

In Council April 17' 1778 Read & Concurred 

Jn" Avery D^ Secy 
Consented to 

Jer. Powell W Sever 

R. Derby I Gushing 

S Holten Jabez Fisher 

A Fuller J Stone 

B White D Hopkins 

John Whitcomb 

A Ward 
I Palmer 
Benj Austin 
N Gushing 
Oliver Prescott 

State of Massachusetts Hay 
In the House of Representatives April 17"' 1778 

Resolv'd that there be paid out of the Public; Treasuiy of 
this State to CoY' Jolm Allan the sum of Two Hundred & 


Thirty Seven Pounds Seven Shillings & Nine pence Half 
Penny, Beiug so much due him on his Accounts as Com- 
manding Officer of the Troops Stationed at Machias. — 

Resolv'd that there be paid to said Colo^ John Allan Con- 
tinental Agent for the Eastern Indians, out of the Public 
Treasury of this State, the sum of Twelve Hundred Pounds on 
account of the United States, to Enable him to Discharge 
the Debts already Contracted & to carry on the Business of 
Agency with the Indians, Said Allan to be Accountable for 
the Same, — 

Resolv'd that the Board of War be and hereby are 
Directed to furnish said Allan with four Whale Boats and an 
Oyl Cloath marque 

Resolv'd that Lieu* William Albee with Thirty men now 
under his Command & whose time of Service expires in June 
Next be Continued in Service untill the first Day of Decem- 
ber Insuing, and the Board of War are hereby directed to 
furnish Stephen Smith Commissary at Machias with Provi- 
sions for the Same, — 

Resolv'd that Major George Stillman be and hereby is 
Impowered to Engage in the Service a good Surgeon for the 
Troops at Machias, and said Surgeon to be allowed Ten 
Pounds for Each Callander Month and Two Rations of 
Provisions. — 

Resolv'd that the Council be and hereby are Directed to 
write a Letter to Congress, Inclosing all the Letters Colo^ 
Allan hath wrote to this Court, Together with his Accounts 
as agent to the Eastern Indians, acquainting them with what 
they have advanced Said Allan & Desire that they woud 
take some proper order respecting his further Supply, — 

And whereas it is Attended with Great Charge & is highly 
improper for this State to Keep a Truck House at Machias 
as the Indians there are wholely under the Directions of the 
Continental Agent, Therefore 


Resolved that the Truck House at Machias ought in future 
to be Carry'd on at the Charge of the United States, under 
tlie Directions of Colo^ John Allan Continental Agent for 
tlie Eastern Indians, and the Council is hereby Directed to 
Inform Congress of the Same, — 

Whereas the Penalty mentioned in the Resolve of this 
Court of the 27^'' of June Last hath been found insufficient 
to prevent the Evil Practices therein Complained of, in 
respect of Trading with the Indians Therefore — 

Resolved that no person ( the Truck Master Excepted ) be 
Allowed to Give, Sell, Truck, Barter or Exchange, with any 
Indian or Indians, any Strong Beer, Cyder, Wine, Rum, 
Brandy, Strong Liquors, or any other Articles, for clothing 
or any other thing whatsoever the Indians may have in Pos- 
session, wlieather. Intoxicated or not, on tlie Penelty of Fifty 
Pounds, to be paid one Moiety to him or them, who shall 
Inform or sue for the Same, and the other Moiety to the 
Treasurer of this State for the use of the State, for Each and 
Every Offence above mention'd to be recover'd at any Court 
proper to Try the Same or Twelve months Imprisonment. — 
Sent up for Concurrence 

J Pitts Spk'' g Temp 

In Council April 17, 1778 

Read & Concurred 

Jn** Avery D^.Secy 

State of Massachusetts Bay 
In the House of Representatives April 20, 1778 

On the Petition of George Stilraan in behalf of Capt" 
Stephen Smith who was appointed Muster Master for the 
County of Lincoln in this State Praying alowance for Cash 
he has paid in Bounties to Non Comissioned officers & soul- 
diers who engaged in the expedition against St Johns 



Resolved that tliere be paid out of the Public Treasury of 
this State to Capt" Stephen Smith, tlie sum of two hundred 
& fifty seven Pounds in full Discharge of all Demands s'^ 
Smith hath against this state for Mony paid by him as 
Bounties to Non Comissioned officers, and soldiers, who 
Engaged in the Expedition against St Johns. 

And that the Boaid of War be Directed to settle acc*^' with 
Cap*^ Smith as Commissary, & Truck Master. 

Sent up for Concurrence J Pitts Spkr p"^ Tem 

In Council April 21' 1778 Read & Concurred 

John Avery D^ Sc^ 

Consented to 
Moses Gill John Fisher 

W. S. Spooner Benj Austin 
D Hopkins Oliver Prescott 

A Fuller 

B White 

John Whitcomb 

Josiah Stone 

To the Honb^'' Council & House of Representatives of the 
State of the Massachusetts Bay in general Court Assembled 
the Petition of Andrew Oilman of Penobscot Humbly 

That Whereas your Petitioner had a Company of men un- 
der Command Stationed at Penobscot which Company was 
discharged in Jan^ Last and as your Petitioner together with 
Insign Jeremiah Colborn have two Rations Each Due from 
the 11*^ of Sept" to the ll^*" of Decem" 1776 and one Ration 
Each Due from ll*'* of December to the 22 of January 1778 
the time said Company was Discharged, and as your Peti- 
tioner is in great want of Provision he Humbly Prays your 
honors to take the Matter into your Wise Consideration and 
point out some Method Whereby your Petitioner ma}' be en- 


abled to Receive the Provisions Due on the s^ Rations and 
your Petitioner as in [duty] Bound shall Ever Pray 
Roxbury April 21«' 1778 

Andrew Gilman 
The Committee on the within Petition having attended the 
Severel Report, that the Petitioner have Leave to withdraw 
his Petition. 

To the Honorable Council of the State of Massachusetts 
Bay — 

Joseph Noyes of Falmouth in the County of Cumberland, 

Commasary to the Forces stationed at said Falmouth & Cape 


Humbly shew that he stands in need of money to Purchase 

Provisions &c for said Forces therefore pray your Honours 

to give him a warrant on the Treasury of this State for five 

hundred Pounds and as in Duty Bound shall ever pray 

Joseph Noyes 
Roxbury April 21" 1778 

In Council April 21' 1778 Read & Ordered that a War- 
rant be drawn on the Treasury for X500 in fav*" of the said 
Noyes for supplying the Sea Coast Men with Necessaries he 

to be Acc''^" for the same 

Jn" Avery D^ Secy 

State of Massachusetts Bay — 
In the House of Representatives April 21, 1778 
On the Petition of Joseph (Jhadwick praying Allowance for 
his time & trouljle in Protracting a Plan of the Inland from 
Penobscutt to Quebeck 
Resolved that there })e paid out of the Treasury of this State 



to the said Joseph Chadwick the sum of thirty Pounds in 
full for said Service — 
Sent up for Concurrence 

In Council April 21' 1778 
Read & Concurred 

Consented to 
Jer : Powell 
I Palmer 
Moses Gill 
John Whitcomb 
Josiah Stone 

A Ward 
T Cushing 
Benj Austin. 
D Hopkins 
A Fuller 

J Pitts Spkr g Tem 

John Avery D^ Sec" 

Warrant drawn 

R Derby 
S Holten 
B White 
Oliver Prescott 
Jabez Fisher 

In tlie House of Representatives April 23'^ 1778 On a Pe- 
tition of a Number of Inhabitants of a Place called Raymond 
Town in the County of Cumberland praying for an Abate- 
ment of the Publick Taxes, assessed on them by the assessors 
of the Town of Windham, for the years 1776 and 1777; for 
reasons set forth in said Petition 

Resolved that the Prayer and Petition be granted, and 
that the assessors of said Windham be, and they hereby are 
ordered and Directed to abate all the Publick Taxes that 
they have or shall have Levied, or Assessed, on the Polls, 
and Estates of the Said Inhabitants for the years 1776 and 
1777: Provided, nevertheless That nothing in this Resolve 
shall be Cause to or tend to any Abatement in the Taxes 
imposed on the said Town of Windham by the General Court 
Sent up for Concurrence J Pitts Spkr p"^ Tem 

In Council April 24, 1778 Read & Concurred 

Jn° Avery Dy Secy 
Consented to 
Jer Powell A Ward I Palmer 

Moses Gill S Holten Jabez Fisher 

Oliver Prescott W Spooner D Hopkins 



In the House of Representatives April 25 1778 

In a letter from Col. Josiali Brewer at Penobscut, to Col. 
Jonathan Lowder Truck Master to the Penobscut Indians, 
Representing the Great want the s^ Indians are in of Corn. 

Resolved that the Board of War be, and they hereby are 
directed to deliver to Col. Jonathan Lowder Truck Master 
for said Penobscut Indians one Hundred and fifty Bushels of 
Com for the Use of the Said Indians, He, the said Jonathan 
Lowder being accountable to the Court for the Same. 

Sent up for Concurrence J Pitts Spkr g Tern 

In Council April 25, 1778 Read & Concurred 

John Avery D^ Secy 

Consented to 
Jer Powell A Ward 

B White Josiah Stone 

Benj Austin 

Moses Gill 
Oliver Prescott 

In the House of Representatives April 27'^ 1778 
On the Petition of Ziphion Thayer praying that the Con- 
duct of his Brother Ch Thayer relative to the Schooner 
called the two Brothers might be enquired into and that the 
said Schooner her Cargoe &c be tried upon the Libel of John 
Dixey, for Reasons set forth in said Petition 

Whereas the said Schooner was Captured and carried into 
the Eastern District, where she was first Libelled by George 
Deak Commander of the Fort at Casco Bay, as well in his 
own behalf as in behalf of this State, — since which she has 
been removed by a special Order of this Court to the Middle 
District, and there libelled by John Dixey and some doubts 
may arise which of said Districts is the proper place for 
Tryal — therefore Resolved that the Judge of the Maritime 
Court for the Middle District be and hereby is impowered 


and directed, to proceed to the Tryal of Schooner called the 
Two Brothers, upon tlie Libel of John Dixey and that the 
said George Deak be and hereby is also impowered to file his 
Claim to the s*^ Schooner her Cargoe &c in behalf of himself 
& of this State, in the same Court as well as all others con- 
cerned either as Captors or Claimants and that tliey be 
allowed to give the same Evidence as they by law might have 
done in Case said Schooner had been tried in the Eastern 
District, and that the Judge of said Eastern District, be 
and hereby is directed to dismiss the libel first mentioned, 
any law Usage or Custom to the Contrary Notwithstanding — 
Sent up for Concurrence J Pitts Spkr g Tem 

In Council April 28' 1778 Read & Concurred 

John Avery D^ Secy 
Consented to 
Jer Powell A Ward W Spooner 

J Palmer Benj Austin John Whitcomb 

T Cushing D Hopkins Oliver Prescott 

Council Chamber April 27, 1778 
Lieu. And'*' Oilman Sir 

I am directed by the Hon'ble Board to signify to you that 
as you have been lately appointed by the Gen' Court a Lieut, 
in the Service of this State to reside at Penobscot in that 
Capacity mentioned in your Appointment it is their Expecta- 
tion that you Officiate as an Interpreter whenever the Public 
Service require it between Col" Lowder and the Indians at 

By order of the Council John Avery D^ Secy 

To the General Court now sitting at Roxbury 

May it please Your Hon" Your Petitioner asks your Pa- 
tience amid all your attention to the public Interests of our 


iiijui'^ Country to the following State of Facts ; — In Sep'' 
after the Lexington Battle, pursuant to a recommendation of 
the provincial Congress to the good People of this State to 
use every Means to prevent supplies being carried to the En- 
emy your Pete'', together with the other Members of the 
Com*^ of Safety, &c at Frenchman's Bay, took under their 
Care the Sloop advance, commanded by one sd. Carman which 
was taken by one Hodgkins, and bro't into the s*^ French- 
mans Bay — which Sloop had been impow** to carry Supplies 
to the Troops then in Boston, and was then on her Passage 
to the eastern Shore for the Purpose ; which Vessel being 
tryed in a regular manner by the Committees appointed by 
the s^ Congress for such purposes, was condemned to be de- 
tained in the Hands of the s*^ Com®® till the further Order of 
Government which condemnation was ratified by the Gen. 
Court and being strip*^ of her Sails, which were storred, She 
was detain"^ accordingly ; — except in one Instance, when the 
s*^ Com*® had a pressing occasion to transport a Quantity of 
Salt, a small Distance, they made use of the s** Sloop far that 
Purpose, and then safely [ placed ] her in her former Birth — 
In this State your Petitioner left the s'^ Sloop ; and being 
call*^ into the Service of his Country, has never seen her 
since — Since which y'' Pete'^ is inform^, the s'' Hodgkins has 
obtain"* Liberty of the gen. Court to libel the s** Sloop in the 
Maritime Court for the eastern District, which he has done, 
but previous to prosecution having compounded the matter 
with the Owners of the s** Sloop, the action Deterrain*^ — But 
to the great Surprise of your Petitioner, as he was on his 
way from Camp, on Furlow to visit his Fam^ he is inform'* 
by the Chairman of the s** Com®® that one Nathan Jones, of 
(iouldslK)rough, by virtue of a Power, as lie saith, from the 
Owner of the s** Sloop, has in the al)sence of your Petitioner, 
at Head Quarters, attach"* liis Interest at Union River, and 
converted part of the same to liis own use — and has com- 


menc'^ an action against your Petitioner on ace* of the s*^ 
Vessel, the Day of Tryal being this very week; and that 
while y"" Pete'' was out of the State, and wliich had not the 
least hint, till on his Journey as afores'^ he met with the s*^ 
Chairman of the s*^ Com®^ — 

Your Petitioner therefore prays, your Hon" to interpose 
in his Behalf, as lie looks upon himself greatly injur'^ and 
unreasonably persecuted, for his Fidelity to his Country ; his 
strict adherence to the Orders of Government ; and more for 
his Exertions in carrying the Resolves thereof into Execu- 
tion ; and by a man too whose character is too notorious to 
need an Explanation. 

He therefore prays, feelingly prays, your Hon" to Order 
the 8*^ Jones to suspend the Prosecution of the s^ action ; 
restore the propei-ty he has taken from your Petitioner, im- 
mediately and make such other satisfaction to y' Pete"" as you 
in your wisdom shall think meet, that your Pete' may im- 
prove his Interest for the good of his Fam^ while he is serv- 
ing his Country as Surgeon in the American army ; and as 
in Duty bound will ever pray — 

Ivory Hovey, Surgeon in Col° Wigglesworth Reg'^ 

In Council April 27 : 1778 Read & Ordered that 

Daniel Hopkins Esq. with such as the Hon'ble House shall 
join be a Committee to consider the within Petition & report 
what may be proper to be done thereon 

Sent down for Concurrence John Avery D^ Sec^ 

In the House of Representatives April 28 1778 Read & 
Concurred & Coll Orne & M"^ Baker are joined 

J Pitts Spkr p Tern 

Resolve directing George Deake to deliver Perry Howland 
his chest of wearing apparel — April 28 : 1778 

April 23 1778 Read & committed to the Representation 


of the Board of War respecting the Schooner within men- 
tioned — 

In the House of Representatives April 28'^ 1778 
On the Petition of Capt. Perry Rowland praying that his 
Wearing Apparel &c in the Schooner called the Two Broth- 
ers and now in the possession of Capt. George Deak may be 
delivered to him for reasons set forth in said Petition. 

Resolved that the prayer of said Petition be granted, and 
that the said George Deak be and hereby is directed to 
deliver to the said Perry Howland, his Chest of Wearing 
Apparel, taking his Receipt therefor — 
Sent up for Concurrence 

J Pitts Spkr p Tem 

In Council April 28 1778 
Read & Concurred 

John Avery D^ Secy 

Consented to 
Jer Powell A Ward John Whitcomb 

I Palmer A Fuller Moses Gill 

Oliver Prescott 

The petition of George Deake Humbly Sheweth that the 
Removal of the tryal of the Schooner two Brothers from the 
Eastern District to the middle District Deprives me of all 
the Hd vantages of my Evidance as it is Imposible to go to 
Falmouth and back again before tryal & also the Health of 
some of the Evidance will Not admit of their Comeing the 
Distance and also one Considerable Freighter viz Perry How- 
land lias swore tliat he would take my life for Satisfaction 
Before I leave Boston in the presence of the High Sheriff M"^ 
Greenleaf, wherefore I pray that the Court will order the 
tryal may go on, according to law in such Case provided, in 


the Eastern District & in the mean time order Some meet 
Person to take Charge of said Schooner till the Case is 
Issued as the Removel Exposes my Person as well as 
Deprives me of my Evidence and Consequently the benefit 
of law and your Petitioner as in Duty bound will Ever pray 

George Deake 
In Council April 28' 1778 

Read & Ordered that Joseph Palmer Esq. with such as the 
Hon^ House shall join be a Committee to take into Consider- 
ation this Petition & report what may be proper to be done 

Sent down for Concurrence John Avery D^ Sec^ 

In the House of Representatives April 29, 1778 

Read & concurred & Gen^ Lovel & Capt King are joined 

J. Pitts Spkr g Tem 

The Committee of both Houses, to whom was referred the 
petition of Ivory Hovey, praying that the Property of the 
s^ Hovey taken by one Nathan Jones of Gouldsborough may 
be restored ; and that an action commenced against the s* 
Hovey by the s*' Jones may be suspended — report the fol- 
lowing Resolve, 

A Resolved that the prayer of the s*^^ petition be granted, 
and that the s** Nathan Jones, or the Officer who attached 
his property, be and he hereby is directed, and commanded 
to deliver without Delay to the s'^ Hovey all and every part 
of said property of the said Hovey which the said Jones has 
taken or have been taken by his order in Consequence of 
any power he the s*^ Jones has received from the Owners of 
the Sloop Advance. 

And that the s*^ Action commenced against the said Hovey, 
by the said Jones, on account of the said Sloop advance be. 


and it hereby is, witli all the proceedings relative thereto, 
suspended untill the further Order of the General Court. — 

In Council April 28' 1778 Read & sent down 

Jn° Avery D^ Sec^ 

In the House of Hepresentatives April 29, 1778 — Read 
and passed with an amendment at A viz — At A insert " On 
a Petition of Ivory Hovey praying that his property taken 
by one Nathan Jones of Gouldsborough may be restored & 
that an Action commenced against him by said Jones may be 
suspended " — 

Sent up for Concurrence J Pitts Spkr g Tern 

In Council April 29' 1778 Read & Concurred 

John Avery D^ Secy 
Consented to 

Jer Powell John Whitcomb I Palmer 

D Hopkins Oliver Prescott Jabez Fisher 

Benj Austin A Fuller 

Resolve on the Petition of Rebecca Callahan. 

The Committee of both Houses appointed to consider the 

Petition of Rebecca Callahan have considered the same & 

beg leave to report by way of Resolve, which is Humbly 


Benj Austin per order 

State of Massachusetts Bay 

Whereas Rebecca Callahan of Pownalborough has petition'd 

this Court that she may have leave to go to lier Husband 

Charles Callahan, and that she may be allowed the personall 

Estate lately belonging to her said Husband ( now in the 

hands of Nathaniel Thwing Esq. agent for the said Charles 

Estate ) to enable her to defray the chaiges of carrying her 

aged Father & Family to her said Husband at Hallifax 


Resolved that Rebecca Callahan be & hereby is permitted 
to depart this State with her whole Family directly for Halli- 
fax or by the way of Newport and that she be & is hereby 
allowed out of said Charles's Personall Estate the sum of 
Two hundred pounds to defray the charges which may 
Attend her Transporting her Selfe & Family to Hallifax or 
Newport, & the said Nath Thwing Esq. is hereby directed to 
pay the said Rebecca the aforesaid Sum of Two hundred 
pounds out of the Personal Estate of the said charles for the 
purpose aforesaid — 

In Council April 29, 1778 
Read & Accepted 

Sent down for Concurrence 

John Avery D^ Sec^ 

In the House of Representatives April 29'*^ 1778 

Read & Concurrd 

J Pitts Spkr g Tem 

Consented to — 

Jer Powell A Ward Moses Gill 

D Hopkins John Whitcomb Josiah Stone 

Jabez Fisher 

To the Honble the Councel & House of Representatives of 
the State of Massachusetts Bay — 

The Petition of James Avery in behalf of Captain Isaiah 
Boudron, Humbly Sheweth, 

That the said Cap* Boudron Inlisted a Company of French- 
men in the County of Cumberland in the Province of Nova 
Scotia by order of CoP Jon" Eddy, and Embodyed his men 
with a Number, of others who came with said Eddy and were 
in Several Actions Against the Enemy, of the United States, 
by which they Took a Number of British Troops Prisoners 


and sent them to this State and was Dispos'd of according to 
your Honours orders, that soon after the Enemy were rein- 
forced by Superior Numbers, by which said Eddys men were 
Defeated & Drove out of that County, — and said Boudron 
& his men all belonging to that Province, were obliged to 
Leave their Estates and famelys to the Mercy of the Cruel 
Enemy & have now Taken shelter at Machias in this State 
where they are in the Greatest Distress, — Therefore your 
Petitioner humbly prays you will Take this Matter into Con- 
sideration and be pleased to grant them pay according to the 
Roll herewith, which will be a great releaf to them in their 
Distressed Situation, — 

Your Petitioner woud Likewise inform your Honors that 
all the Men that went with said Eddy in that Expedition has 
been paid by this Court Except the said Boudron & his Com- 
pany, and your Petitioner as in Duty Bound will ever pray 

Ja* Aveiy 

In Council April 29' 1778 Read & Sent down 

Roxbury April 27'" 1778 Jn° Avery D^.Secy 

Li the House of Representatives April 29'" 1778 

Read and committed to the Committee on Muster Rolls — 
Sent up for Concurrence J Pitts Spkr g Tem 

In Council April 29' 1778 Read & Concurred 

Jn° Avery D^ Secy 

State of Massachusetts Bay April 29'" 1778 

The Com'*^ on Muster Rolls, to whom was committed the 
Petition of James Avery in behalf of Cap' Josiah lioudron, 
has attended that Service, & Report, That the Prayer of said 
Petition be granted 

A Fuller g order 

In Council April 29' 1778 Read & Accepted 

Sent down for Concurrence John Avery D'^ Secy 




In the House of Representatives April 29^'' 1778 
Read & Concurrd as taken into a Resolve 

Sent up for Concurrence J Pitts Spkr p Tern 

In Council April 29' 1778 Read & Concurred 

John Avery D^ Secy 
Consented to 
Jer Powell A Ward 

Jabez Fisher Moses Gill 

D Hopkins W Spooner 

T Cushing 
John Whitcomb 

On a Petition of James Avery in behalf of Captain Josiah 
Boudron — setting forth that said Boudron inlisted a Com- 
pany of Frenchmen in the County of Cumberland in Nova 
Scotia by order of Coll Jonathan Eddy & employed them 
in several Actions against the Enemy — & praying that the 
Rolls for their Service may be allowed & paid 

Resolved that the prayer of the Petition be granted, & the 
Committee on Muster Rolls are hereby directed to allow said 
Rolls accordingly 

Resolve on the Petition of James Avery — directing the 
Committee on Muster Rolls to allow Payment on the Muster 
Rolls of Josiah Boudron — April 29' 1778 

State of Massachusetts Bay April 29*" 1778 
The Committee of both Houses upon the Petition of 
George Deake, have attended that Service & heard the Par- 
ties & Report that said Deake & one Ziphion Thayer have 
agreed to settle the affair, if this Court consent to give up 
their Claim to the Schooner Two Brothers & Cargo men- 
tioned in Said Petition ; — That s*^ Deake appears to have 
acted the part of a good officer ; — That the property of said 


Schooner & Cargo will probably appear upon Tryal to belong 
to said Thayer's Brother ; and tliat now said Thayer has 
promised to said Deake, that he will generously pay him all 
expences which he has been at about this affair, provided this 
State shall give up their Claim, & said Thayer be put into 
possession of said Vessel & Cargo ; upon which promise said 
Deake appears to be fully satisfyed, depending upon the 
performance on the part of said Tliayer 

I Palmer g ord'' 

In Council April 29"> 1778 Read & sent down 

Jn° Avery D^ Sec^ 

In the House of Representatives April 80, 1778 
Read & accepted 

Sent up for Concurrence J Pitts Spkr p Tem 

Consented to 
Jer. Powell W Spooner T Cushing 

Josiah Stone Jabez Fisher D Hopkins 

I Palmer 

In the House of Representatives April 29"^ 1778 

Ordered tliat Docf Dunsraore be of the Committee on the 

Petition of George Deak in the room of Capt King absent — 

Sent up for Concurrence 

J Pitts Spkr g Tem 

In Council April 29, 1778 

Read & Concuired 

Jn** Avery D^ Sec^ 

In the House of Representatives April 30, 1778 

Whereas this Court by a Resolve of the 28'^'' directed that 
the capture of the Schooner Two P)r()thers & Cargo lately 


taken by George Deake should be tried in the Middle Dis- 
trict of this State — &c whereas it appears that the said 
Deake is willing to relinquish his Claim on a promise of 
Zyphion Thayer who lays Claim thereto to pay him the 
Expences he has been at provided this State will give up its 
claim to the same 

Resolved That this Court do hereby relinquish all claim 
which tliis State may have to the said Schooner & Cargo 
Sent up for Concurrence 

In Council April 30, 1778 
Read & Concurred 

J Pitts Spkr g Tem 

Jno Avery D^ Sec^ 

Consented to 
Jer Powell T Cushing W Spooner 

Moses Gill D Hopkins Josiah Stone 

A Fuller 

York Ss 

York April 30"' 1778 Then John Caldwell appeared and 
made Solemn Oath that he and Andrew Campbell Manfac- 
tured and Sold agreable to the resolve of the Fouith of July 
1777 two hundred forty five bu shells & one half of Salt 
between the 15'^ of July 1777 & y« 1«* of January 1778 and 
Sold it at the Regulating price, and they have received no 
bounty therefor 

Sworn before Joseph Simpson Jus : Peace 

To the Hon'''® Councel of the House of Massachusetts Bay 

York May 23'' 1778 

Please to pay the Bounty for the above Salt to Joseph 
Simpson Esq"^ and you will oblige your Humble Servant 

Andrew Campbel' 


In Council May 30 : 1778 Read & Ordered that a War- 
rent be drawn on the Treasury for <£36. 16. 6 in fav"" of 
Hon^ Jos^ Simpson for the Use of the said Campbell in full 

Jn° Avery D^ Sec^ 

State of Massachusetts Bay 
In the House of Representatives April 30'''* 1778 

On the Petition of Jonas Farnsworth Benj* Foster & 
others Praying for allowance for Rations Due during the 
time of their Service at Machias agreeable to the abstracts 
accompanying S*^ Petition, allso on the Petition of Jabez 
West and Rubin Dyer praying for Rations Due to tliem & 
Several other officers in the service of this State allso on the 
Petition of Jonas Farnsworth praying for a Bounty for the 
Non Commission officers & Private Soldiers in Several Com- 
panyes of Militia who did duty at Machias Last Sumer and 
allso on the Petition of the S'' Jonas Farnsworth praying for 
a Number of Fire Arms & Amunition for the Sixth Regn* 
of Militia in the County of Lincoln 

Resolved that there be allowed & paid to Each Non Com- 
mission officer & Private soldier who did duty at Machias as 
set forth in s'^ Petition the Sum of thirty shillings p"" Month 
in Addition to the Continental pay for which Purpose the 
Petitioner is directed to Lay his Rolls before the Committee 
of Muster Rolls for Examination, and it is further Resolved 
that the Board of War be directed to deliver to the said 
Jonas Farnsworth, one hundred & Sixty Two Fire arms, 
Four hundred & Seventy three pounds of Powder & Nine 
hundred & Forty Six pounds of Leaden Ball for the Sixth 
Regn* in the County of Lincoln. Said Farnsworth giving 
Security to the said Board of War To pay for the said Fire 
arms & amunition In IVelve months from the date of this 
Resolve — at Sucli price as the Board of War shall Judge 
Reasonable — and it is furtlier Resolved that the Board of 


War be directed to give orders on the Commisary Gen' for 
Sucli & So much Provishons as shall appear to be due to 
the Said Militia for Rations which they have not Received — 
Sent up for Concurrence J Pitts Spkr p Tem 

In Council April 30' 1778 Read & Concurred 

John Avery D^ Secy 
Consented to 

Jer Powell A Ward T Cushing 

Jabez Fisher Moses Gill D Hopkins 

J Palmer 

To the Honorable the Great and General Court of the 
State of Massachusetts Bay convened and held at Roxbury 
April 1778 — 

The Memorial and Petition of the Plantation commonly 
called Damariscotta, in the County of Lincoln, in behalf of 
said Plantation, Humbly sheweth, 

That said Plantation has been settled with inhabitants for 
upwards of twenty years past ; 

That the inhabitants thereof have, at great expence and 
thro' many hardships and dangers, reducd said Plantation 
from an inhospitable wilderness to a State of cultivation and 
social improvement : and endeavering to demean themselves 
as members of the community not unworthy of a share in its 
priviledges, they have, to the utmost of their abilities, main- 
tained order and regulation amongst themselves ; and having 
been annually taxed by the town of Newcastle, have never 
failed of contributing their moiety to the public utility. 

Your Memorialists beg leave to add that said plantation 
was among the foremost, in this county, in espousing the 
great and all-important cause of America, in her opposition 
to the tyranny of the King and Parliament of Great Britain ; 
and having uniformly conthiued such exertions, in its sup- 
port, as their little ability could permit ; 


But since the laws of the State have begun to call upon 
plantations as well as towns, in a separate and distinct capa- 
cit}' to raise money or other necessary contributions to the 
support of the array of the United States, ( our full quota of 
which was chearfully and early compleated ) the said Planta- 
tion has laboured under great Difficulties for want of the 
powers of a legal corporation ; as every thing must be done 
by voluntiiry Subscriptions, which, in their unincorporate 
State, it was impossible to regulate in just proportion to the 
ability of each inhabitant respectively 

That from the same cause the said inhabitants have also, 
from the beginning, laboured under various hardships in the 
want of power to maintahi public schools, or the settlement, 
or stated dispensations of the Gospel among themselves at 
their Common expence : And various other difficulties have 
laid upon said inhabitants, such as are peculiar to unincor- 
porated plantations : 

For these reasons the said inhabitants, now amounting to 
famihes are induced at last to look up to the fathers of this 
State for releif from their said hardships : and therefore in 
their behalf, your Memorialists most humbly and earnestly 
intreat the Honorable Court to take their case into your wise 
consideration ; and as soon as may be, to grant us the priv- 
iledges of a legal corporation ; & for that purpose 

Your Petitioners pray your Honours that an act may pass 
the honorable Court, for incorporating the said plantation 
into a town by the name of & for investing the 

inhabitants thereof with all the priviledges and powers 
usually granted, by the laws of this State to incorporated 
towns : — 

And your Petitioners careful not to encroach on the lines 
of otliers, and at the same time wishing to extend our bound 
no farther than may be convenient to form one commodious 
Parish, would pray your honors that the boundary lines of 


said town may be fixed as follows, viz, beginning on the Eastern 
bank of Dainariscotta river ; at the head of Browns cove, so 
called, from thence running East on Bristol North line, about 
three miles from Pemaquid Pond ; from thence N. by E. by a 
right line, about two miles running thro said pond till it strikes 
the South West corner of Waldoborough line ; from tlience N. 
& by E. on said Waldoborough line about three miles and half 
till it strike the North-East corner of Plummer's meadow so 
called ; from thence N. W. by a right line one mile and half 
till it strike the East side of Damariscotta Pond, on the 
northern side of Noah Cioss's house ; from thence southerly 
along the eastern shore of said pond, as said shore runs to 
the lower narrows of Damariscotta Pond from thence run- 
ning southerly on Newcastle East line, down to the mills, so 
called, so on the said line down Damariscotta River to the 
first mentioned bounds ; the whole tract not exceeding six 
miles in length from North to South, nor four miles in 
breadth from East to West : 

And finally that the said inhabitants may not be obliged 
to remain inactive in the important affairs of the establish- 
ment of a new form of government, your Petitioners pray 
that as soon as may be, an order may issue to Thomas Rice 
Esq' or some other Justice of the Peace near them to grant 
a warrant for convening said inhabitants at any time he shall 
think proper to choose such officers & transact such other 
business as is usually appointed by law to be done in the 
month of March annually — And your Petitioners as in duty 
bound in behalf of themselves and their said Constituents 
Shall ever pray 

Anthony Chapman Joseph Rust Francis Tufts 

Committee of said Plantation 
Dated at Damariscotta March IS*** 4778 


AcKi.EAY, John, a witness, 92. 

Adams, Samuel, secretary, (55, 300, 
311, 330, 373, 392. 

Airs, J., he and his oxen hired, 

Albany, N. Y., 53. 

Albey, William, 114. 

Allan, Abraham, received bounty 
money, 315. 
John, declaration of, 418. 
Col. John, with Indians, 2, 14, 
169, 175,242, 420; to have pro- 
visions, 3; will need corn, 4; 
to come to Machias with In- 
dians, 4; must proselyte, 5; at 
Machias, 14, 169, 175; received 
stores from Preble, 16, 30; in- 
structions to, IS; his influence 
over Indians, 35; as a witness, 
91; Maj. Shaw embarked to 
join, 114; no letter from, 114; 
to put in a claim on tlie prize, 
115; news expected from, 110; 
inventory of sundries deliver- 
ed to, 118; described attack 
and repulse of tlie enemy, 170, 
171, 175; desired supplies, 170, 
179; drew on Messrs Cross, 
176, 179; works for best inter- 
ests of the United States, 177, 
178; asked to have a court 
martial called, 178; recom- 
mended John Preble for em- 
ployment, 178; tried to prevent 
defraudations of Indians, 195, 
190; in charf^e of Indians, 205, 
389, 420, 421; stores for the 
Indians sent to, 205; to be com- 
missioned, 212; to enlist more 
Indians, 212, 352, 303; to have 
people conveyed from Nova 
Scotia, 213; to coinmission In- 
dian officers, 213; chief in com- 
mand of Eastern Indians, 215, 
210, 218, 234, 2(3, 241, 245, 252, 
209, 324, 339, .345, 4()0; to sta- 
tion men at and near Macliias, 
228; made trade agreements, 
229; excluded the Penobscots, 

Allan, continued. 

229; advised the use of every 
means to keep the Indians, 
230; desires advice, 231; to 
erect a fort, 242, 338; adver- 
tised that rum must not be 
sold to Indians, 244; in court 
for Jones, 247; in search for a 
stolen skin, 253, 255, 256; 
accused Jones of stealing 
the skin, 254; his complaint 
against Jones must await his 
arrival, 270; obliged to act 
without instructions, 285; In- 
dians will only settle matters 
through his hands, 286; diffi- 
cult to keep his Indians in 
order, 286; his family confined 
in a garrison, 287, 292; order 
to Crabtree, 288; held a con- 
ference with tlie Penobscots, 
288, 289; furnished rum to the 
soldiers, 289; news from, 292, 
293; gave advice in regard to 
army regulations, 294, 295; 
took supplies from the truck- 
house, 290,339,351; requires 
a separate house, 297; har- 
rassed by the sale of liquor to 
the Indians, 297; endeavored 
to respect Jones, 297; sent 
proceedings against Jones to 
Cross, 298; sundries delivered 
by his order, 314; appropria- 
tion for, 322; obliged to spend 
more than was api^ropriated, 
324; further appropriation 
asked, 324; retained a few In- 
dians, 336; has well managed 
affairs, 336; to have command 
of the men enlisted to defend 
Machias, 351; to enlist In- 
dians, 352, 303; sent Bell, Tory, 
from Machias, 359; obliged to 
borrow money, 389, 390; needs 
more money, 390; Avery to 
settle accounts of, 390; sent 
Avery for supplies, 411; to be 
paid money due him, 419, 420; 
further allowance, 420; whale 
boats and oil cloth for, 420; 




Allan, continued. 

his letters to be sent to Con- 
gress, 420; letters of, 106, 107, 
169, 179, 229. 232, 244, 285, 288, 
292, 294, 297, 299, 356, 357; 
mentioned, 27, 93, 180, 211, 
218, 244, 245, 247, 252, 335, 340, 
842, 363, 364, 384, 408, 412. 
Mrs. John, 287, 292. 

AUbee, Lieut, William, rations 
due, 413; to be continued iu 
the service, 420. 

Allin, Lieut., rations due, 412. 

AUinejurd, Henry, a witness, 79. 

Amancoggin lp„i,„ -.r.. .oo 

Aramoncongen/*^"^' ^"^' ^^^• 

Ambroise \ Governor, hearty in the 

Ambrose J cause, 40; under Col. 
Allan, 205; praised, 205. 

Ammunition, at Fort Halifax, 2; 
needed at Machias, 14, 23, 376, 
377; in care of Stephen Smith, 
19; sent by Col. Brewer to 
Machias, 20; amount at Ma- 
cliias, 28; needed at Kittery, 
67; cannon spoiled, 67; needed 
at Falmouth, 75 ; to be sent to 
same, 80; captured, 102; ex- 
penses for, must come out of 
a prize, 115; for Cape Eliza- 
beth, 126; to be delivered to 
Col. Howard, 137; given to 
Indians, 165; still needed at 
Machias, 173, 175; needed by 
Col. Allan, 176; for Boothbay, 
189, 225, 232; at Machias, 199, 
200, 237, 241, 405; supplied by 
T. Parsons, 208; for Machias, 
212; needed at Boothbay, 220; 
Col. Brewer demanded pay for 
the State powder given to sol- 
diers, 281, 282; supplied by 
Benj. Wheeler, 301, 302, 303, 
314; Col. Brewer should ac- 
count for, 332; sent to Capt. 
Smith, 350, 351, 363; wanted 
at Fisherman's Bay, 367; Capt. 
Smith to purchase arms for 
same, 368; Daniel Sullivan to 
purchase arms, 368, 369; for 
Lincoln County, 373; wasted, 
376, 403; soldiers to purchase 
their own, 394; needed at 
Winter Hill, 407; to be pro- 
vided for same, 407, 408; to 
be delivered to Jonas Farns- 
worth, 437. 

Anderson, Edward, surveyor of 
highways and lumber, 97; 

Anderson, continued. 

town clerk, 98, 100; declara- 
tion of, 100. 
John, his goods examined, 116. 

Andrews, Nathan, received a 
bounty, 310. 

Annapolis, 36, 92, 237, 243, 361. 
Gut, 238. 
River, 238. 

Ai-es, Joshua, signed Wheelers- 
borough petition, 64. 

Arexes, pay due, 44. 

Arms, every family obliged to keep 
a gun, 75; needed at Fal- 
mouth, 75; see under Ammu- 

Armstrong, Jonathan, signed Roy- 
alsbourg petition, 370. 

Army, Continental, 72, 79, 146, 
212, 213, 214, 347, 354, 403, 414; 
see also under Soldiers. 

Arundel, a boundary, 385. 

Assoner, i)ay due, 44. 

Attenanier, " 44. 

Aussing Neptune, pay due, 44. 

Austin, Benj., member of the Gen- 
eral Court, 41, 43, 47, 48, 50, 
60, 69, 73, 74, 80, 82, 86, 88, 
119, 120, 128, 131, 134, 138, 153, 
1.55, 167, 190, 202, 214, 216, 219, 
226, 227, 233, 234, 236, 239, 262, 
307, 317, 318, 322, 324, 329, 330, 
333, 356, 358, 365, 308, 381, 382, 
386, 389, 408, 409, 417, 419, 422, 
424, 425, 426, 431. 
Daniel, received bounty, 310. 
Ralph, his oxen seized, 849. 

Averil, Joseph, received a bounty, 

Averil, Joseph, as messenger, 254, 
256; deposition of, 2.53, 254. 

Avery, James, clerk of the court, 
244, 245, 247, 252, 268, 269, 270; 
petitioned for Col. Allan, .S89, 
890; to settle accounts for Col. 
Allan, 390; sent for supplies, 
411; desired an order for 
wampum, 411; petitioned for 
Capt. Boudron's company, 
432, 433; tliesame granted, 433, 
434; memorial of, 389; petition 
of, 411, 432, 433. 
Capt. James, commissioned offi- 
cer, Indians much attached to, 
John, deputy secretary, 41, 45, 
47, 48, 50, 51, 52, 54, 60, 65, 68, 
72, 7.3, 74, 80, 82, 85, 86, 88, 94, 
116, 119, 127, 128, 129, 130, 131, 
132, 134, 135, 138, 153, 155, 1.59, 



Avery, continued. 

160, IGl, 166, 184, 185, 187, 190, 
199, 200, 202, 214, 215, 216, 217, 
219, 221, 226, 227, 228, 229, 282, 
233, 234, 235, 236, 238, 240, 248, 
249, 250, 261, 263, 265, 266. 267, 
292, 299, 303, 305, 306, 307, 311, 
317, 318. 322, 323, 324, 326, 327, 
329. 332, 333, 343, 345, 346, 848, 
354, 356, 358, 359, 364, 365, 366, 
368, 874, 379, 380, 381, 382, 386, 
389, 393, 401, 408, 409, 411, 414, 
418, 419. 421, 422, 423, 424, 425, 
426. 428, 429, 430, 431, 432. 433, 
434, 435, 436, 438; letter of, 
John, of Windsor, claimed part 
ownership in a vessel, 361. 

Avy, Joseph, signed Wheelersbor- 
ougla petition, 64; testimony 
of. 272; signed Penobscot pet- 
ition, 276. 

Ayer, Elijah, quarter-master, 413. 

Ayr, Joshua, deposition of, 280, 
Joshua E., signed Penobscot 
petition, 276. 

Bacheldor, see Batciielder. 
Bailey, David, signed Pownalbor- 
ough petitions, 85, 260. 
Rev. Jacob, 143, 144, 145, 149, 

Baker, Mr. , member of the 

General Court, 410, 428. 
Lieut. Carr, proposed for cap- 
tain, 21; see Barker. 
Elisha, blacksmith, 327, 328, 329. 
Bant, William, issued writ, 416. 
Barker, Capt. Carr, proposed for 
captain, 21, 326; beating or- 
ders for, 218. 
David, fence viewer, 97. 
Prince, signed Kennebec peti- 
tion, 125. 
Barley, Issiah, can give evidence, 

Barlow, Mr. , 315. 

Barnard, Joel, 76. 
Robert, 76, 
Robert second, 76. 
Solomon, 76. 

Barron, Mr. , engineer, 37. 

Bartlett, John II., 67. 
Capt. Nicholas Jr., 117. 

Batchelder, i Capt. , member 

Bacheldor, / of the General 
Court, 199, 292. 

Batteries, see Forts. 

Bay of Fundy, 58, 92, 288, 415. 

Beanian, Joseph, 77. 

Bean, Nehamiah, recommended 
for lieutenant, 311. 

Beaver as currency, 16. 

Belfast, 157, 158. 

Bell, Mr. , 237. 

Robert, a suspect, 357; arrested 
and committed to the Goal, 
359, 360, 879; innocent, 379; 
his brother petitioned to give 
bail for, 379; to be liberated 
on bail, 381. 
William, petitioned to bail liis 
brotlier, 379; order on peti- 
tion, 379; petition of, 379. 

Bennett, John, signed York peti- 
tion, 89. 

Bennington, 1. 

Bermuda, 159. 

Berrev, \ John received a bounty, 

Beirf, / 310. 
Joiin Jr., ditto, 310. 
Thomas, petitioned for liis pay, 
68, 69, 71; to be paid, 72. 

Berwick, distressed, 66; inventory 
of Willingford's estate in, 400. 
Fowling Marsh, 400. 
Stair Falls, 400. 

Beverly, 105. 

Biddeford, 43, 46. 

Bills, Continental, 373; see Cur- 

Bishop, James, as a witness, 316. 

Black, Lieut. Henry, signed Pen- 
obscot petition, 276. 

Blackdon, Charles, ditto, 276. 

Blagdon, Charles, could not get 
stores, 271, 278, 279; employed 
by Lowder, 283; deposition 
of, 278. 

Blake, Mrs. , could not obtain 

provisions, 273. 

Blethen, John, signed Royalsbourg 
petition, 371. 

Boardwinham, 204: 

Boats, 3, 4, 36, 420. 

Boothbay, Newman at, 117; naval 
officer established at, 125; far 
from Kennebec, 125; Collier 
and Dawson repulsed at, 185; 
enemy still near, 186; ammu- 
nition for. 189, 225; soldiers 
to be stationed at, 189, 225, 
226, 282; home of McCobb, 
312; mentioned, 266. 

Boothbay Harbor, the Rainbow in, 
219; raid of the enemy, 219, 
220; threats of the enemy, 



Boothbay Ilavbor, continued. 

220; desired soldiers and am- 
munition, 220. 
Townsend Harbor, 250. 
Townsend Neck, 250. 

Boston, 9, 16, 17, 21, 30, 35, 52, 57, 
01, 60, 75, 77, 82, 91, 102, 106, 
109, 112, 117, 120, 121, 12.3, 124, 
133, 138, 139, 140, 145, 148, 151, 
152, 159, 160, 180, 182, 187, 190, 
191, 193, 197, 199, 215, 210, 217, 
271, 281, 282, 293, 321, 323, 352, 
353, 357, 369, 372, 373, 379, 380, 
384, 380, 390, 392, 394, 427, 429. 
Board of War, 62, 112, 130, 139, 
109, 180, 181, 189, 206, 213, 214, 
225, 232, 263, 204, 206, 315, 323, 
324, 330, 339, 345, 350, 352, 308, 
374, 388, 396, 407, 409, 411, 415, 
416, 420, 422, 425, 429, 437. 
Council Chamber, 11, 18, 19, 55, 
59, 121, 155, 180, 205, 217, 234, 
330, 381, 394, 411, 426. 
Goal, 249, 359. 360, 879, 381. 
Guard Ship, 208. 
Newspapers, 60, 
Port, 57, 415. 

Boudron, Capt. Josiah, enlisted a 
company, 432, 434; obliged to 
leave his estates, 433; his fam- 
ily obliged to take shelter at 
Machias, 433; desired relief 
for the families of his soldiers, 
433; desired that his men have 
the pay due them, 433; men to 
be paid, 433, 334. 

Boundaries, 77, 103, 185, 439, 440. 

Bounties, 200, 227, 228, 309, 314, 
340, 421, 436, 437. 

Bourke, William, signed Pownal- 
borough petitions, 85, 260. 

Bow, Patrick, stole beaver, 277; a 
deserter, 278. 

Bowdoin, James, member of the 
General Court, 82, 88. 

Bowell, David, signed Wheelers- 
borough petition, 63. 

Bowker, Joseph, signed Kennebec 
petition, 125. 

Bowman, Jonathan, ditto, 126; as 
as a judge, 269, 308, 318, 319. 

Boyington, "(Amos, elected a lieu- 

Boynton, J tenant, 160; testi- 
mony of, 255, 256; in Foster's 
regiment, 357; deposition of, 
Hilkiah, 76. 

Bradbury, John, judge, 399. 

Bragdon, Elisha, enlisted, 354. 
Joshua, desired to send vessel 

Bragdon, continued. 
from Wells, 59. 
Joshua Jr., signed York peti- 
tion, 89. 
Capt. Joshua, manufactured and 
sold salt, 393. 

Brattleborough, 263. 

Bray, John, as a witness, 316. 

Brewer, Capt. , 184. 

John, on Penobscot committee, 

Col. Josiah, commander at Pe- 
nobscot, in need of provisions, 
20; sent assistance to Machias, 
20; number of men in liis regi- 
ment, 03; petition to be served 
on, 64; supplies sent to, 82; 
people dissatisfied with, 158; 
new guard in his care, 163; 
consulted by Col. Lowder, 164; 
at an Indian conference, 183; 
proposed to fire an alarm, 183; 
at Coburn's, 184; approved the 
silence of the express, 184; 
disputed with McCurdy, 184; 
would not make an alarm, 184, 
353; frustrated all attempts to 
give information, 184, 185; 
promised provisions, 185; com- 
plaints against, 270, 271, 272, 
273, 275, 276, 277, 278, 279, 281, 
282, 284, 301, 302, 353; refused 
to accept depositions, 272, 358; 
altercation with Wheeler, 272; 
administered oath to Good- 
win, 273; released a prisoner, 
in league with Col. 
278; Mayhew testi- 
281; " 

277, 278; 
fied for, 
powder, 281; 
from soldiers 

brought State 
demanded pay 
for the same, 
281, 282; not at home to re- 
ceive papers, 284, 285; asked 
no advice in building fort, 325; 
responsible for false alarm, 
326; ought to account for 
money, 332; put names of 
dead men on his list, 353; per- 
verted justice, 353; avoided 
orders of the court, 353; re- 
ported the needs of the In- 
dians, 425; letters of, 20, 411, 
Mrs. Josiah, 284. 

Bridge, Edmund, selectman of 
Pownalborough, 270, 320. 

Bridgeton, 135. 

Brigham, Charles, 77. 

Brighton, 104. 

Bristol, much exposed, 402; peo- 



Bristol, continued. 

pie anxious, 402; defenceless, 
402, 403; furnished more than 
lier quota, 403; men and am- 
munition needed at, 403; a 
boundary, 440; mentioned, 
105, 219. 
Broad Bay, 401. 

Cove, 401. 
Brookens, Philip, 76. 

Brown, Mr. , member of the 

General Court, 65. 
Amos, 77. 
Benjamin, 77. 
Charles, 77. 

James, received a bounty, 310. 
Joshua, ditto, 310. 
Captain William, 179, 208. 
Brown's Cove, 440. 
Brunswick, jiaid for billeting sol- 
diers, 48; soldiers from, paid, 
68, 69; people from llarpswell 
move to, 204; home of Elisha 
Baker, 327; taxed people of 
Royalsbourg, 369, 370. 
Brunswick prisoners, or Hessians, 

Bryant, Bartholomew, received a 

bounty, 310. 
Buck, Col. Jonathan, asked to 
send reinforcements, 11; town 
meeting to be held at his 
house, 157; same was lield, 
1,58; as chairman, 169; went 
to inquire about alarm, 183; 
brought stores to Penobscot, 
271; people desire him for a 
colonel, 275; president of the 
Committee of Safety, 326; to 
order election of a captain, 
365, 366. 
Budge, James, on Penobscot Com- 
mittee, 157, 326. 
Buller, Thomas, ensign, 218. 
Bunker Hill, Battle of, 179. 
Bunting, 180. 

Burgoyne, Gen. John, 289, 203. 

Burley, Jcjsiali, signed Penobscot, 

petition, 276; employed by 

Col. Lowder, 283; confirmed 

testimony, 281. 

Burnam, Job, as bondsman, 267, 

Burr, Isaac, 77. 
Burton, Benjamin, 78, 79. 
Bush, Jonathan, 77. 
Bussell, 1 Jacob, signed Wlieelers- 
Busell, J borough petition, 64; 
deposition of, 301, 302. 

Bysell, Stephen, signed Penobscot 
petition, 276. 

Cagill, Col. 69. 

Caldwell, John, manufactured and 

sold salt, 436. 
Calef, Thomas, justice, 218. 
Call, Obadiah Jr., signed the Ken- 
nebec petition, 125. 
Callahan, ) Charles, delivered a 
Callihan, J copy of the Pownal- 
borough petition to Gushing, 
261; anabsentee, 269, 318, 319, 
392, 417; value of his estate, 
269, 270, 308; an enemy to the 
States, 270; his estate embez- 
zled or conveyed away, 308, 
309, 319; Thwing appointed 
agent for, 319, 392, 417, 431; 
his wife claimed the right to 
dispose of the property, 320; 
no proof that he is with the 
enemies of the States, 320; 
claimed unjust treatment, 302, 
sent for his wife, 362; well 
provided for, 362; in an armed 
vessel, though he would pre- 
fer the merchant service, 362; 
by the act of sequestration 
forfeited his estate, 417. 
Rebecca, signed Pownalborough 
petition, 85; wife of Charles, 
308, 318, 319, 417; supposed to 
have embezzled, or conveyed 
away the estate of her hus- 
band, 309, 319, 392, 393; com- 
plaint against, 309; summoned 
to court, 309; committed to 
goal, 319, 393; appealed, 319, 
893; the reasons of the appeal, 
320, 321; neglected to prose- 
cute the appeal, 393; Thwing 
demanded her husband's per- 
sonal effects, 417; she refused 
to comply with the demand, 
417; petitioned to hold her 
husband's estate, 417; value 
of his moveable effects, 417; 
desired to be permitted to go 
to her husband, 417, 431; to 
have a portion of tlie personal 
estate, 431. 432; permission 
granted for her departure, 432; 
petition of, 416. 
Richard, signed Pownalborough 
petition, 260. 
Calvin, Jolin, 141. 
Oalvinists, 141. 



Cambridge, 58, 68, 72, 191, 383. 

Camden, 240. 

Campbell, Alex., justice of the 
peace, 418. 

Col. Alexander, carried let- 
ters, 10, 11, 15. 18, 29, 179, 193, 
221; consulted by Col. Eddy, 
10, 11; asked Col. Buck to 
assist Col. Eddy, 11; letter to, 
32; number of men in his com- 
pany, 123; collected the milita, 
179; arrived at Machias, 285, 
286; Smith drew on as agreed, 
341; in Fosters regiment, 357; 
his staff roll, 391; letter of, 
Andrew, manufactured and sold 
salt, 430; Joseph Simpson to 
draw the bounty for, 436, 437. 
Capt. Thomas, signed Wheelers- 
borough petition, 62, 64; on 
Penobscot Committee, 157; 
signed Penobscot petition, 276. 
William, collector and constable, 
96, 100. 

Canada, 11, 94, 286, 387, 418. 
River, 111. 

Canadians, 183. 

Canebec River, 110; see also Ken- 
nebec River. 

Cannon, see Ammunition. 

Canso, 8. 

Cape Ann, 70, 102. 

Cape Elizabeth, soldiers at, 49; 
fort built at, 75; soldiers 
needed at, 75; in need of am- 
munition, 75; men to be sta- 
tioned at and supplies to be 
sent to, 80, 234; powder for, 
126; report on the petition of, 
129; Noyes a commissary at, 
131, 423; to have a flag, 180, 
181; Dunn at, 191; the people 
of, desired i^ay for billeting 
soldiers, 191, 192; soldiers at 
petitioned for more pay), 197, 
198; Noyes' company in need 
of provisions, 217; Noyes sup- 
plied the forces at, 323, 330; 
Deake stationed at, 388; peti- 
tion of, 70. 

Cape Sable, 8. 

Cargill, James, signed Kennebec 
petition, 125. 

Carman, Capt. , 427. 

Carter, Joseph, signed Penobscot 
petition, 276. 

Casco Bay, 47, 55, 58, 60, 102, 105, 
116, 374, 415, 425. 

Cates, Samuel, received a bounty, 

Chadbourne, Benjamin, to call a 
town meeting, 885. 
Humphrey, justice of the peace, 

Chadwick, Joseph, protracted a 
plan of inland ports, 383, 423; 
petitioned for pay, 383; to be 
paid, 423, 424. 

Chandler, Josiah, signed Royals- 
bourg petition, 370. 

Chaplain for the army, 218; re- 
muneration of, 219. 

Chapman, Anthony, signed the 
Damariscotta petition, 440. 

Chase, Caleb, on Gorhani Commit- 
tee, 71; letter of, 108. 
Capt. Ephriam, .3.57. 

Chaudiere, Shudear, 183. 

Chesley, Joseph, highway survey- 
or, 97. 

Child, Thomas, naval officer at 
Falmouth, 342; deposition of, 
321; letter of, 400. 

Chisam, John, signed Penobscot 
petition, 276. 

Church, Noah, 77. 
Noah second, 77. 

Clark, Mr. , shipbuilder, 81. 

Benjamin, signed Raymond 

Town petition, 376. 
Jno., signed Norridgewock let- 
ter, 111. 

Clearford, Jacob, signed Penob- 
scot petition, 276. 

Cleaveland, Ebeuezer, petitioned 
for redemption of prisoners, 

Clouston, Capt. John, captured a 
prize, 102, 133. 

Cluley, Lieut. John, signed Pe- 
nobscot petition, 276. 

Cobb, Saml. M., signed Lincoln 
County petition, 189. 
Saml. W., signed Kennebec peti- 
tion, 125. 

Coburn, Jeremiah, ensign, propos- 
ed to raise a guard, 163; did 
not enlist men as directed, 
163, 164; provisions sent to, 
105; strange behavior of, 166; 
mentioned, 158, 183, 184, 281, 
282, 283. 

Codding, Mr. , member of the 

General Court, 410. 

Coffin, Col. , member of the 

General Court, 94. 
Capt. Timothy, 192. 

Oola, Capt. , 92. 



Colborn, Jeremiah, ensign, 422. 

Cole, Benjamin, summoned, 6; 
bound over, 6. 

Coleborth, Peter, received a boun- 
ty, 310. 

Collier, Sir George, received a 
dressing at Machias, 185, 222; 
repulsed at Boothbay, 185, 
219; appears to intend anotlier 
quarrel, 180; near Pownalbor- 
ougli, 200, 207, 210. 

Collings, James, signed Penobscot 
petition, 276. 

Colsdu, Hat., signed Wlieeler.sbor- 
ough i)etition, 64. 
Icliabod, signed Penobscot peti- 
tion, 276; employed by Lowd- 
er, 283; .see also Coulson. 

Cohvell, John, signed Wheelers- 
borough petition, 63. 

Combs, John, petitioned for his 
pay, 68, 69, 71; to be paid, 72. 

Committee of Correspondence, In- 
spection and Safety, 81, 92, 94, 
96, 107, 112, 113, 115, 116, 117, 
129, 145, 158, 167, 219, 320, 331, 
336, 338, 343, 344, 349, 354, 357, 
359, 360, 362, 363, 379, 381, 384, 
888 394, 395, 396, 401, 427. 

Committee of Sequestration, 417. 

Complaint of Natlianiel Thwing, 

Conant, Mr. , owned a dam, 


Condeskeg, 158. 

Condesneg Falls, 166. 

Congregationalists, 83, 84, 85, 141, 
145, 258, 260. 

Congress, Continental, 11, 40, 81, 
117, 146, 188, 229, 235, 347, 363, 
388, 409, 420, 421. 
Provincial, 427. 

Connecticut River, 77. 

Contoocook Eiver, 78, 103, 135. 

Cook, \ Conielas, signed Wheel- 

Cooke, / ersborough petition, 64. 
James, pay due, 44. 
Josepli, deposition of, 246. 

Cook's Lott, 316. 

Coombs, Anth(tuy, selectman of 
Uarpsweil, 124; signed Harps- 
well petition, 201. 

Coplisly, Joseph, recommended 
for lieutenant, 218. 

Cornwall is, 360, 361. 

Cotton, Martlia, executrix of li<u- 
hiisband's will, 327; recov- 
ered judgment against Elislia 
Baker, 327; case carried to a 
higher court, 327, 328; her ap- 

Cotton, continued. 

pearance disallowed, 328; de- 
prived of the benefit of the 
law, 328; Baker recovered 
costs against, 328; petitioned 
to re-enter the action, 328; pe- 
tition granted. 329; petition 
of, 327. 
Thomas, should liave pay as a 

soldier, 69. 
William, tanner, 327. 

Couillard, Jt)hn, signed Penobsct)t 
petition, 276. 
Joshua, ditto, 276. 

Coulson, Capt. Thomas, built a 
shij), 60; has not paid for the 
iron work, his goods in cus- 
tody, 61, 107, 128, 404; the same 
carried away by force, 107, 
128; an absentee, 404; report 
of the committee concerning 
tlie goods of, 403, 404. 
see also Colson. 

Cowen, Calvin, petitioned for his 
pay, 68, 69, 71; to be paid, 72. 

Cox, Nathaniel, received bounty 
money, 314; in Foster's regi- 
ment, 357. 

Coxhall, situation and boundaries 
of, 384, 385; named, 385; town 
meeting to be called in, 385; 
act of incorporation, 384. 

Crabtree, Capt. ^V ^^'^en. \ ^ ^^^aj.- 
Ogreeu, J tured 
an express, 243; plundered St. 
John's truck-house, 287; sailed 
in pursuit of British vessels, 
288; captured Natlian Jones, 
289; entered complaint against 
Capt. J. Littlefield, 359. 
Crague, Hugh, assessor and select- 
man of Windham, 96, 99, 100. 
Moses, signed Wheelersborough 
petition, 64. 
Cram, Uaniel, on Poarsontown 

Committee, 71. 
Cranbery Island, 90, 91, 290, 306. 

Crane, Mr. , member of the 

General Court, 66. 
Cianson, Abner, 77. 
Crockett, Uobinsou, signed Hoy- 

alsbourg jietition, 370. 
Crosby, Al)n('r, signed Wheelers- 
bourg i)etiti(^n, 64. 
Eben, signed Penobscot i)etition, 

Jolin, signed the Wlieelersbourg 

petition, 64. 
Nicholas, ditto, ()4. 
Capt. Nicholas, naval ollicer at 



Crosby, continued. 

Portsmouth, 342; evidence of, 

Simon, signed Wheelersbourg 
petition, 64. 
Cross Island, 22, 23, 182. 

Messrs. 176, 179, 298. 

Maj. , 199, 364. 

Noah, 440. 

Ralph, 179, 322, 324. 

Kiver, 206. 

Stephen, 179, 322, 324. 
Ouler, John, signed the Wheelers- 
bourg petition, 04. 

Joshua, ditto, 64. 
Cumberland, 222, 223, 237, 263. 

Bay, 288. 

County, 11, 36, 37, 39, 40, 41, 42, 
49, 51, 59, 70, 73, 74, 80, 81, 98, 
100, 107, 118, 119, 129, 134, 156, 
180, 190, 193, 197, 211, 217, 228, 
249, 303, 304, 305, 315, 317, 327, 

329, 332, 343, 354, 369, 375, 381, 
382, 383, 888, 403, 423, 432, 434. 

Currency, beaver skins, 16; paper 
money, 16, 204, 231, 300, 336, 
373; silver money, 280. 

Curtes, , 353. 

Curtis, Capt. James, on billeting 

his men, 48, 49; enlisted men, 

68, 71; refused to pay the 

same, 69; ordered to pay, 72. 

Samuel, certificate of, 166. 

Cushing, Judge , member of 

the General Court, 89. 
Caleb, ditto, 41, 43, 47, 48, 50, 69, 
73, 74, 81, 82, 88, 167, 324, 329, 

330, 332, 333, 343, 344, 345, 356, 
358, 368, 380, 382, 389. 

Chai'les, elected a Ijrigadier, 50; 
clerk at Pownalborough, 1.50, 
151 ; copy of a petition deliv- 
ered to, 261; letter of, 138. 

I., member of the General Court, 
365, 419. 

J., ditto, 41, 43, 47, 48, 70, 234, 
3.56, 368, 382, 386, 408, 409. 

John, signed Royalsbourg peti- 
tion, 370. 

Nathan, member of the General 
Court, 65, 119, 126, 127, 130, 
131, 132, 138, 153, 155, 202, 214, 
216, 232, 283, 234, 239, 250, 262, 
263, 265, .303, 305, 307, 317, 318, 
322, 324, 333, 345, 358, 381, 382, 
386, 389, 411. 

Roland, signed Kennebec peti- 
tion, 125; as registrar, 270, 
309, 319, 321. 

Cushing, continued. 

T., member of the General Court, 
48, 50, 81, 82, 88, 127, 153, 155, 
167, 190, 202, 216, 219, 226, 227, 
228, 229, 232, 233, 236, 239, 265, 
307, 317, 318, 389, 424, 426, 434, 
435, 436, 438. 
Thomas, can supply wampum, 
411; to deliver the State's 
wampum, 411. 


Damariscotta, taxed by New 
castle, 438; early espoused op- 
position to the king, 438; 
needs the power of legal cor- 
poration, 439; petitioned for 
Incorporation, 439, 440; de- 
sired bounds of, 440; petition 
of, 438, 440. 

Brown's Cove, 440. 

riummer's Meadow, 440. 

River, 122, 397, 398, 401, 440. 
Dams obstruct fishing, 70, 72, 100, 

101, 129. 
Dana, Fra., member of the General 
Court. 190, 226, 228, 229, 2-32. 

F. M., ditto, 41, 43, 50, 82, 86, 88, 
119, 126, 128, 130, 131, 132, 134. 

S. W., ditto, 47, 
Dauielson, Timothy, ditto, 119, 
126, 127, 128, 130, 131, 132, 134, 
138, 153, 165, 202, 214, 216, 303, 
■ 305, 307, 317, 318, 322, .330, 332, 
333, 343, 344, 345, 356, 365, 368, 
381, 382, 386, 389, 408. 
Davis, Daniel, ditto, 41, 43, 48, 49, 
50, 73, 119, 126, 128, 130, 131, 
132, 134, 138, 190, 202, 214, 226, 
227, 232, 233, 234, 236, 305, 322, 
324, 329, 330, 343, 344, 356, 358, 

Gideon, signed Raymond Town 
petition, 376. 

John, ditto, 376. 

Jonathan, desired to clear his 
sloop, 56; signed Kennebec 
petition, 125. 

Maj. Moses, on Pownalborough 
Conmiittee, 394, .396; to receive 
money for the committee, 396, 
399; account of provisions de- 
livered, 396, 397; in the Third 
Regiment, 397; letters of, 398, 
397, 399. 

Prince, on Gorham Committee, 

William, letter of, 359. 



Dawson, , his depredations at 

Passamaquody, 3, 236, 237; 
planned another expedition, 
174; at Boothbay, 185, 186; at 
Pemaquid, -402. 

Day, Josiah, signed the Royals- 
borough petition, 371. 

Deake, "I George, in command at 

Dike, / Casco Bay, 874, 388; 
seized schooner of Furnass, 
374, 388; to release the schoon- 
er, 374; his reasons for seizing 
the vessel, 388, 415, 416, 425; 
the same declared a lawful 
prize, 389; to file a claim for 
himself and the state, 426; to 
deliver Ilowland his chest and 
wearing apiiarel, 428, 429; de- 
prived of the advantage of his 
evidence, 429, 430; can not 
leave Falmoutli, 429; Ilow- 
land swore to take the life of, 
429; will settle if court con- 
sents to give up claims to the 
schooner, 484, 435, 436; the 
committee on the i)etition of, 
435; the state gives up claims 
to the schooner, 436; memor- 
ial of, 388, 889; petition of, 
429, 430. 

Dcane, Jno., on Pearsontown Com- 
mittee, 71. 

Declarations, see Depositions. 

Deer Rief, 98. 

Deering, Nathl., signed Falmouth 
letter, 410. 

Deer Island, 6. 

Delano, Alpheus, 78, 79. 

DeLesdernier, L. F., complained 
of Stephen Jones, 244, 245, 
252, 269; assisted in searching 
for the stolen skin, 256; an in- 
terpreter, 257, 298; went to 
give information for Col. Al- 
lan, 287, 292; a commissioned 
officer, 298; Indians much 
atlached to him, 298; letters 
of, 244, 252; mentioned, 196. 

Deney, Samuel, signed Raymond 
Town petition, 376. 

Dennet, Jacob, signed Wheelers- 
borough petition, 03; declara- 
tion of, 277. 

Densmore, Thomas, recommended 
for a lieutenant, .321, 326. 

Depositions, of Allan, John, 418; 
Avcrll, Joseph, 253; Ayr, Josh- 
ua, 280; Blagdon, Charles, 
278; Boynton, Amos, 254; 

15, 17. 

Depositions of, continued. 

Bussell, Jacob, .301, 803; 
Child, T., 821; Cook, Joseph, 
246; Farns worth, Jonas, 253, 
255, 261; Fletcher, Thomas, 
182; Gorton, Simeon, 279; 
Howard, Thomas, 302; Ignace, 
245, 256; Kent, Robert, 361; 
Longfellow, David, 255; Mc- 
Curdy, James, 314; Mayhew, 
Nathaniel, 281: Milbury, Sam- 
uel, 256; Preble, Jedidiah, 163, 
165; Preble, John, 2.53; Rice, 
Thomas, 362; Savage, John, 
138; Smith, Stephen, 255; 
Sullivan, Daniel, 866; Swan, 
Gustavus, 281, 282, 284; 
Thompson, Jeremiah, 360, 361. 

Derby, Richard, member of the 
General Court, 41, 48, 47, 48, 
50, 60, 69, 73, 74, 126, 127, 128, 
130, 138, 190, 219, 226, 228, 229, 
232, 238, 234, 250, 262, 263, 265, 
305, 317, 318, 324, 329, 330, 332, 
343, 379, 886, 408, 409, 419, 424. 

Derry, James, signed Kennebec 
petition, 125. 

Dessen, "I 

Dosseu, j" 

Devens, , 342. 

Deverex, Ralph, signed Penobscot 
petition, 276. 

Devons, Richard, commissary gen- 
eral, 394. 

Dike, see Deake. 

Dillaway, Henry, received a boun- 
ty, 310. 
James, ditto, 310. 

Dingley, Joseph, 376. 
Capt. Josiah, 161. 

Dinnett, Jacob, signed Penobscot 
petition, 276. 

Dixev, John, libeled a schooner, 
425, 426. 

Dodge, Josiah received a bounty, 
William, to be paid for his time 
and expenses, 51. 

Doherty, Edmund, signed Pownal- 
borough petition, 85, 260. 

Dole, Daniel, to be summoned, 129. 
Ricliard, town clerk of Wind- 
ham, 96, 98, 99, 119, 120; high- 
way surveyor, 97; in the army, 

Downes, Ephraim, signed Wheel- 
ersborough petition, 64; ditto 
Penobscot, 276. 

Dry Goods, illicit trade in, 6. 




Duning, ) James, signed Wheel- 
Dunning, J ersborough petition, 

04; ditto Tenobscot, 276. 
Dunlap, John, enlisted and paid, 

Dunn, Capt. Samuel, at Cape Eliz- 
abeth, 191, 192; ordered else- 
where, 191; died, 191. 

Dunsmore, Dr. , a member of 

the (4eneral Court, 435. 
Durgin, Abraham, enlisted, 354. 
Dutch, the, 82, 141; .see also Ger- 
Dyer, David, signed Royalsbourgh 
petiticm, 370. 
Harry, on Cape Elizabeth Com- 
mittee, 71. 
Capt. Henry, in Foster's regi- 
ment, 110, 357; desired addi- 
tional pay, 391. 
James, received a bounty, 315. 
James, 2d, ditto, 315. 
Micah, signed Royalsbourg peti- 
tion, 370. 
Reuben, his company should be 
filled, 34, 214; in the Sixth 
regiment, 110; his men should 
have same pay as men in the 
militia, 212, 214; his company 
received a bounty, 227, 315; 
men discharged from his 
company, 295; petitioned for 
rations due, 380, 412, 413; peti- 
tioned for pay for enlisting 
men, 380; Farnsworth to col- 
lect for, 413; his men to have 
rations, 487, 438; petition of, 

Eddy, contlnved. 

35; described the expedition, 
35, 40; declined to call a court 
martial, 178; to disband a regi- 
ment, 199; to raise a battalion, 
223; company enlisted by his 
orders, 432, 434; his forces 
driven out of Nova Scotia, 
433; letters of, 4, 10, 12, 18, 22, 
35, 40; memorial of, 214; men- 
tioned, 180, 193, 215, 216. 

Edgecomb, 219, 394, 395, 396, 397. 

Edwards, Timothy, member of the 
General Court, 127, 130, 134, 
138, 153, 155, 236, 239, 2.50, 202, 

Elder, William, on Windham Com- 
mittee, 71. 

Eldridge, John, collector, in Pow- 
nalborough, 83, 258. 

Elliot, Daniel, received a bounty, 

Ely, Mr. , member of the Gen- 
eral Court, 418. 

Emerson, Sam.uel, collector in 
Pownalborough, 83, 258. 

Emery, Jolin, signed Wheelers- 
borough petition. 04. 

England, 5, 301. 

Church of, 83, 141, 142, 143, 144, 
149, 258. 

English at Norridgewock, 110; to 
hire bad Indians, 111; and 
provisions, 336. 

Ei)iscopacy, 142. 

Episcopal Church, 82, 83. 

Episcopalians, 83, 84, 85, 145, 258, 
259, 260. 

Essex County, 51, 105. 

Ever, W. T., member of the Gen- 
eral Court, 47, 48, 60. 

EAftEK, Jonathan, 77. 

Eaglesou, M., 37. 

Earl, Richard, received a bounty, 

Eddy, Col. Jonathan, arrived at 
Machias, 4, 10, 35; reported 
defects, 4, 10; no vessels at St. 
Johns, 5; asked for advice and 
troops, 10, 11; described fight 
at Machias, 12, 13, 14, 18; let- 
ters handed to Preble, 15; 
entertained Preble, 15; good 
management of, 16; has in- 
structions, 19; sent a detach- 
ment to Cross Island, 22; not 
to discharge troops, 34; rum 
delivered by his order, 31; his 
great demands for provisions, 

Fabvan, James, to be paid for 
service, 129. 

Fairbrother, Lowell, signed Nor- 
ridgewock letter. 111. 

Falmouth, soldiers at, to be sup- 
plied, 49, 50; S. Goodwin I'c- 
moved to, 51; sailors at, desire 
more pay, 54; flour needed at, 
54; order to port-officer of, 65; 
proi)osed attack reported, 55; 
sailors refused to sail from, 
56, 61; court at, adjourned, 59, 
60; home of H. Jenks, 00; T. 
Coulson built a ship at, 60; 
fisheries hindered by a dam, 
27, 100; jn-ovisions needed at, 
73; fort built at, 75; soldiers 



Falmouth, continued. 

needed at, 74, 75; in need of am- 
munition, 75, 7G; Ilaynes load- 
ing a ship at, 76, 181; men to 
be stationed at, and supplies 
to be sent to, 80; olficers to be 
appointed for the company at, 
81; vessel delayed at, 102, lOo, 
113, 136, 181; goods seized at, 
107, 404; letter of warning to 
committee of, 112; vessels to 
hold back at, 113; AY. New- 
man arrived at, 117; the Gruel 
at, 121, 122; far from Kenne- 
bec, 125; J Noyes, commissary 
at, 131, 233, 423; prize brig 
arrived at, 133; conflagration 
of, 156; batteries built at, 15G; 
Glover obtained no vessel at, 
180; the enemy inquiredabout, 
187 ; end of the post route, 188, 
235; the government used 
Mayo's lumber, tar and iron, 
190, 191; assessors of, not 
sworn, 194, 228; soldiers at, 
petitioned for more pay, 197, 
198; Harpswell exposed by 
the destruction of, 204; Noyes' 
company at, needs provisions, 
217; errors of the assessors 
made valid, 228; flour to be 
sent to, 234; post-master of, 
to arrange term of post-rider, 
235; Little's loss by the fire 
at, 238; gundaloe at, damaged, 
262; home of Elizabeth Koss, 
304, 305, 321; Capt. Whitmore 
worked on the batteries at, 
317, 318; Noyes supplied the 
forces at, 323, 330; oxen de- 
tained at, 331, 332, 349, 350; 
Child to be naval officer at, 
342; home of Martha Cotton, 
327; schooner at, declared to 
be a lawful prize, 388, 389; 
former home of T. Coulson, 
404; will send men to rein- 
force Washington, 409, 410, 
413, 414; conduct of, approved, 
414; Furnass's vessel moved 
from, 415; letter of, 409, 410; 
mentioned, 98, 100, 121, 134, 
157, 168, 186, 192, 193, 200, 321, 
328, 329, 343, 406, 429. 

Goal, 249. 

I'cjst office, 235 
Farnswortb, , 58, 59. 

Capt. , wounded, 14, 25, 34. 

Capt. Jonas, adjutant, wanted 
to buy rum, 263; as a witness, 

Farnsworth, continued. 

255; oath of, 256; signed Sixth 
Regiment petition, 310, 311, 
377; received no rations, 321; 
in Foster's regiment, 357; 
petitioned for captors of a 
prize, 377, 379; petition 
granted, 386; neglected home 
affairs, 391; petitioned for 
more pay, 391; agent for Cap- 
tains Dyer and West, 413; iiis 
men to have rations, 437, 438; 
depositions of, 253, 255, 861, 
362; petition of, 390; men- 
tioned, 110. 

Farrington, Daniel, chainbearer, 

Fassett, Richard, received a boun- 
ty, 315. 

Fence viewer, 97. 

Ferrin, Thomas, petitioned for his 
pay, 68, 69, 71; to be paid, 72. 

Finey, George, received a bounty, 
314; see also Phinney. 

Fire Arms, -see Ammunition. 

Fisher, Jabez, a member of the 
General Court, 41, 43, 50, 60, 
73, 81, 82, 86, 88, 94, 119, 126, 
127, 128, 131, 132, 134, 138, 155, 
167, 202, 227, 228, 229, 233, 234, 
236, 2.39, 262, 263, 265, 303, 307, 
317, 318, 322, 329, 330, 333, .344, 
356, 381, 382, 408, 409, 419, 424, 
431, 432, 4.34, 435, 438. 
John, ditto, 422. 

Fisheries, the, 70, 71, 73, 100, 101, 
129, 204. 

Fisherman's Bay, people of, as- 
sisted Machias, 293, 366, 367, 
368; vessel from, captured, 
293; people of, in need, 293; 
petitioned for assistance, 294. 
Island, a man-of-war at, 2.50, 251. 

Fisk, Capt. , captured a brig, 


Fitzgerald, James, petitioned for 
his pay, 68, 69, 71; to be paid, 

Flags for Cape Elizabeth, 181. 

Fletcher, Th<mias, an interpreter, 
183; sent to obtain informa- 
tion, 183, 184; proposed to 
proceed further, 183; met an 
express, 183; at Coburn's, 184; 
had an altercation with IJrew- 
or, 184; referred to, 353; dep- 
osition of, 182. 
William, signed Norridgewock 
letter, 111. 



Flinn, James, on Machias Com- 
mittee, 94, 96, 116; as clerk, 
321, 338, 344; quarter-master, 

Flint, , taken prisoner, 105. 

Foot, Thomas, enlisted and paid, 

Forbush, John, 76. 
Ford, Francis, signed Kennebec 

petition, 12.5. 
Foreleg, Jean Battest, stole and 
sold moose skin, 2.53, 254, 265, 
256, 267. 
Forts and garrisons built at Fal- 
mouth and Cape Elizabeth, 76, 
156; at Penobscot must be 
finished, 166; a temporary one 
at Machias, 171; delay in 
building bi'ought on a battle, 
174; needed at Machias, 243, 
338; the same slow in build- 
ing. 285; the enemy to build 
one at St. John's River, 292; 
Whitmore worked on the bat- 
teries at Falmouth, 317, 318; 
Brewer built on his own 
responsibility, 325; Machias 
needs help to build one, .3-38. 
Fort at Annapolis, 92. 

at Cape Elizabeth, 75, 388. 

at Ca&co Bay, 374, 416, 425. 

at Cumberland, 224. 

at Falmouth, 76. 

at Indian River, 167. 

at Machias, 242, 285, 297. 

at St. John, 94. 

Cumberland, 12, 35, 36, 37, 38, 
39, 40, 94. 

Halifax, 12. 

Lawrence, 37. 

Stanwix, 205. 
Foss, Benjamin, received a bounty, 

Foster, Col. Benjamin, in com- 
mand at Machias, 3, 13, 33, 
170, 173; sent a report of the 
disiiress at Machias, 9; con- 
sulted by Col. Eddy, 10, 11; 
Eddy asked for troops, 11; 
praise due him, 14; as justice 
of the peace, 245, 240, 247, 263, 
2.54, 256, 257, 267, 268, 209; 
letters of, 9, 25, 31, 160; men- 
tioned, 3, 110, 297, 310, 311, 
357, 377, 891, 392, 437. 

Benning, received a bounty, 310. 

Lieut. Ezekiel, in Foster's regi- 
ment, 357. 

James, received a bounty, 310. 

Foster, continued. 

Joseph, signed Kennebec peti- 
tion, 125. 
Robert, quarter-master, 412, 413. 
Wooden, on Machias Committee, 

France, 117. 

Frankfort, 158. 

Franklin, Michall, superintendent 
of Indians, 3, 5, 237, 287; en- 
deavored to draw the Indians 
to the British, 3, 177; formerly 
a lieutenant-governor, 5. 
volunteer militia, 237. 

Freeman, Col. Enoch, justice of 
the peace, 98; to be summon- 
ed, 129; held command at Fal- 
mouth, 166. 
Joshua, assessor in Falmoutli, 

193, 194. 
Samuel, speaker, j^ro tern, 41,45, 
40, 47, 48, 60, 74, 80, 82, 85, 
261; as an attorney, 328. 

French, the, in Col. Eddy's 
expedition, .36; in Pownalbor- 
ough, 82, 141, 258; at Nor- 
ridgewock, 110; a merchant 
in pay of the enemy, among 
the Indians, 223, 230; in 
American army, 4.32, 434. 
Zethem, signed Wheelersbor- 
ough petition, 64; signed Pe- 
nobscot petition, 276. 

Frenchman, has British commis- 
sion to treat with the Indians, 
223, 230. 

Frenchman's Bay, Mowat inquired 
about, 90; Nathan Jones car- 
ried to, 289; provisions for, 
328, 330; the people of, in 
need, 293, 294, 367; men went 
from, to assist Machias, 293, 
366, 367; defenceless condition 
of, 367; petitioned for arms, 
307; arms to be sent to, 368; 
captured sloop taken to, 427; 
petition of, 293, 294. 

Frost, Brigadier John, recom- 
niended men for lieutenants, 
311; letters of, 187, 311. 
Timothy, of York, discharged 
two debts, 330; conditionally 
deeded real estate to Moulton, 
331; Moulton dealt unjustly 
with him, 831; petitioned for 
power to recover property, 
331; petition granted, 855, 
366; petition of, 330. 
Brig. William, complaintagainst, 
24; a settlement to be made 



Frost, continued, 

with, 60; on forwarding sail- 
ors and pay of same, oA, 5(3, 
108. 13i); desired instructions, 
64; asked for tlour and pro- 
visions for the troops, 54, 73; 
indefatigable, 56; reported 
concern lug Capt. Lawton's 
ship, 61; articles for ships to 
he sent to, 62, 137; delivered 
ship to Capt. Hayne.s, 73, 181; 
money due him, 73, 181; will 
assist Haynes, 76; to forward 
intelligence of ships, 113; or- 
dered ship hauled to the 
wharf, 122; signed Falmouth 
letter, 410; letters of, 54, 56, 
62, 73, 103, 181. 
Joseph, Jr., 41, 103. 

Fryehurg, militia raised in, 40, 41. 

Fullam, 263. 

Fuller, A., a member of the Gen- 
eral Court 190, 214, 216, 219, 
226, 227, 228, 229, 232, 233, 234, 
2.36, 239, 250, 262. 263, 265, 303, 
305. 307, 322, 324, 329, 330, 332, 
343, 345, 356, 358, 381, 882, 386, 
389, 408, 409, 419, 422, 424, 429, 
431, 436. 
Abr.. a member of the General 

Court, 161. 
Jonathan, signed Kennebec pe- 
tition, 125. 

Fullerton, Capt. James, 266, 312. 

Furnace, } Benjamin, went for the 

Furnass, / effects of E. Thayer, 
373, 374; took another vessel, 
374; in Casco Bay, 374; vessel 
and cargo seized, 374, 388, 415, 
416; same to be released, 374; 
reason of seizure, 388, 415, 416, 
425; a lawful prize, 389; vessel 
moved to Boston, 415; had 
questionable papers, 415, 416; 
vessel libelled and to be prose- 
cuted, 416, 425; trial of same 
to be held, 426. 

Furs, 109, 131, 178, 230. 340, 342, 
394, 408. 


Gagk, (Jov. and Gen. Thomas, 
104, 328. 

Garden, Lieut., , wounded, 172. 

Gardiner, \ ^„ . „,,, 

Gardner, }C*P*-' • ^^^^ 

A., a member of the (general 
Court, 134, 386. 

Gardiner, continued. 

David, Quaker of Machias, 237. 
F., a member of the General 

Court, 70. 
II., ditto, 60, 73, 74, 119, 127, 128, 
ISO, 132. 134, 135, 138, 153, ir)5, 
202, 214, 216, 228, 229, 232, 234, 
236, 250, 263, 265, 365, 389. 
Henry, state treasurer, 55, 78; 

petition of, 103, 104. 
John, 76, 310. 
Samuel, as plaintiff, 372. 
Seth, drafted, 315; borrowed 
fire-arms, 315; lost the same, 
316; petitioned to be dis- 
charged from paying for arms, 
316; testimony in favor of, 
310; petition of, 315. 
Dr. Silvester, attempted to es- 
tablish a church, 142, 143, 144. 
William, found guilty of treason, 
264; unjustly condemned, 264; 
an irregular jury, 264; attor- 
ney afraid to defend him, 264; 
desired to return home, 265; 
petition of, 264. 
Gardnerston, 264. 
Garish, Charles, signed Royals- 
bourg petition, 870; see also 
Gatehell, Huse, ditto, 370. 
John, ditto, 370, 371. 
Robert, ditto, 371; see also 
Gates, Thomas, 77. 
George II, 84, 258, 259. 
George III, 216, 418. 
Georgetown, Newman came from, 
117; end of the postal route, 
118, 236; mentioned, 218, 219. 
Post Office, 236. 
Gerish, ) Charles, signed Royals- 
Gerrish, j bourg petition, .370. 
Col. Jacob, at Winter Ilill, 406. 
William, signed Royalsbourg 
petition, 370; see also Garrish. 
(iermans, 146, 148, 149, 258, 260; 

see also Dutch, 
(ietchell, Benj., received a bounty, 
Denes, in command of a com- 
pany, 153; oppositi<ra to, 154; 
resignation of, 154, 36(); letter 
of, 154. 
Joseph Jr., received a bounty, 
310; .see also Gatehell. 
Gibson, Abraham, 77. 
(iill, Moses, a member of the Gen- 
eral Court, 41, 43, 47, 48, 50, 
69, 73, 74, 81, 82, 86, 88, 138, 



Gill, continusd. 

153, 155, 167, 190, 216, 219, 226, 
227, 228, 229, 232, 233, 234, 236, 
239, 250, 307, 317, 318, 822. 324, 
329, 330, 332, 333, 356, 358, 359, 
364, 865, 308, 380, 382, 386. 389, 
408, 409, 411, 422, 424, 425, 429, 
432, 434, 430, 438. 
Gilly, William, declaration of, 90. 
Gilman, Lieut. Andrew, had care 
of provisions, 20; to send a 
part of bis guard to Macbias, 
20; had command of Indians 
at Penobscot, 44, 333. 387, 419, 
422, 426; pay abstract of, 44; 
a petition to be served on, 64; 
complained of, 158; atMachias 
and Old Town, 164; Indians 
go with him, 166; reported 
the proposed expedition of the 
enemy, 182; went to obtain 
truth regarding the rejjort, 
183, 281; sent after Ayr, 280; 
went to Macbias, 285; brought 
Indians to a conference, 286; 
did not ask advice, 325; left 
Canada and enlisted under 
Capt. Lake, 387, 418; induce 
the Indians to join Washing- 
ton, 387, 418; in a company at 
Penobscot, 387; desired to be 
retained in the service as in- 
terpreter, 387; appointed a 
lieutenant, 419, 426; to reside 
at Penobscot and watch over 
the Indians, 419, 426; his com- 
pany discharged, 422; peti- 
tioned for rations due, 422, 
423; given leave to withdraw 
his petition, 423; to act as an 
interpreter, 426; petitions of, 
387, 422; mentioned, 271, 273, 

Gloucester, 105. 

Glover, Col. John, letters of, 168, 
169, 179, 180; mentioned, 122, 
123, 262. 

Godfrey, Capt. , 192, 198. 

Goe, Capt. Ebenezer, 325. 

Goldsborough, 120, 121. 

Goldtliwait, Col. , 272. 

Joseph, 138. 
Thomas, Jr., 282. 

Gooch, Capt. , 4, 160, 341, 342, 


Gooden, Daniel, signed Penobscot 
petition, 276. 

Goodman, Maj., member of the 
General Court, 94. 

Goodwin, Maj. , 142. 

Caleb, signed Wheelersborough 
petition, 64; evidence of, 273, 
Reuben, signed Wheelersborough 

petition, 64. 
Samuel, ditto, Pownalborough 

85, 260; deputy-sheriff, 309. 
Samuel, Jr., signed Pownal- 
borough i>etition, 85, 260; 
ditto Kennebec, 125. 
Solomon, moved from Ipswich 
to Falmouth, 51. 
Gookin, John Cotton, signed Pow- 
nalborough petition, 85. 
Gorham, petitions of, 70, 71, 129; 
reports on, 72, 129; mentioned, 
61, 107, 108. 128, 224, 237, 304, 
305, 317, 343, 344, 381, 403, 404, 

Col. , 36, 38. 288. 

William, 71. 
Gorton, Simeon, signed the Wheel- 
ersborough petition, 64; ditto 
Penobscot, 276; dej^osition of, 
279, 280. 
Goskin, John Cottin, signed Pow- 
nalborough petition, 260. 
Goud, George, ditto, 85, 260. 
Jean George, ditto, 85, 260. 
Gouldsborough. 372, 427, 430, 431. 
Governor's Island, 267. 
Gower, James, resigned, 299; let- 
ter of, 299. 
Graffam, Caleb, moderator, 96, 
100; collector, 96; fence view- 
er, 97. 
Grant, Adam, signed Penobscot 
petition, 276. 
Capt. Andrew, 64, 274, 276, 282. 
Elisha, signed Wheelersborough 
petition, 64; ditto Penobscot, 
Ephraim, signed Wheelers- 
borough petition, 62, 64; on 
the Penobscot Committee, 157; 
signed Penobscot petition, 
Ephraim, Jr., ditto, Wheelers- 
borough, 64; ditto Penobscot, 
Goodwin, ditto, 276. 
James, ditto, 276. 
James, Jr., ditto Wheelersbor- 
ough petition, 64. 
Gray, Alexander, enlisted and 
paid, 72. 
Ellis, a member of the General 

Court, 220, 235. 
George, signed Norridgewock 
letter, 111. 



Gray, contlrwed. 
John, letter of, 102. 
Uriah, enlisted and paid, 72. 
Joiiatlian, 77. 
William, 301. 

Greenleaf, Capt. , 74. 

Mr. , a member of the Gen- 
eral Court, 94. 
Benj., ditto, 41, 48, 109, 202, 
214. 219. 227, 292, 324, 329, ;',;;0, 
332, 343, 344, 345. 
Joseph, justice of the peace, 49, 

William, sheriff, 416, 429. 
Greenough, ISI., a member of the 

General Court, 101. 
Grist Mill, 302. 
Groton, 111, IGO. 
Gruel, Jacques and Co., 113. 
Guilford, 2G3. 

Guns, every family oblifjed to keep 
one, 75; carried oft" by sol- 
diers, 75; «eealso Ammunition. 
Guptal, John, received a bounty, 

(4urnet, tlie, 112. 
Gusase, Vitt., signed Royalsburg 

petition, 370. 
Gyes, Frederick William, 192. 


Hacock, Capt. Eat^ph, master 

of the Lucy, 150. 
Ilaffey, William, taken from a 
sloop, 124; pilot for the 
enemy, 124. 
Ilaiens, Jonathan, 1.59; see Haynes. 
Ilaild, Joseph, 76. 

Hale, Mr. , a member of the 

General Court, 101. 
Henj., 77. 
Saml., 77. 
Halifax, 9, 38, 55, 58, 90, 92, 115, 
177, 224, 237, 360, 388, 431, 432. 
County, 239. 

Hall, Mr. , of Annapolis, 36. 

Mr. , a soldier, 91, 114. 

Ilatievil, fence viewer, etc., 97. 
Capt. Jolin, 110, 123, 357, 391. 
Samuel, to be removed to 

anotlier goal, 249. 
Stephen, a witness, 92. 
Hanson, Icliabod, selectman of 
Windham, 96; assessor, 98, 99, 
Ha])good, Daniel, 77. 
John, 76. 
Nathl., 77. 

ITarding, Archeleus, signed Penob- 
scot petition, 276. 
Thomas, ditto Wheelersbor- 
ough, 64. 

Ilardison, Stephen, ditto, Fisher- 
man's Bay, 294. 

llarwick, 1. 

Ilarnden, Richd., signed Kennebec 
petition, 125. 

Harper, Capt. William, 168. 

Ilarjiswell, geographical position 
of, 123, 124; exposed to the 
enemy, 124, 204; desired a 
giiarcl and militia officer, 124; 
guards to be enlisted for, 133, 
134; desired abatement of 
taxes, 203, 204; inen of estates 
have left the town, 204; billet- 
ing bills not paid, 204; busi- 
ness gone from, 204; the 
ministry and poor are heavy 
charges, 204; home of Setli 
Gardner, 315, 316; petitions 
of, 124, 203; mentioned, 69. 

Harvard, 161. 

Haskell, Ward, as a witness, 316. 

Haslem, Capt. George, member of 
the Sixth regiment, 110. 

Hastings, Mr. , member of tlie 

General Court, 240. 

Hatch, Davis, signed Kenuebeo 
petition, 125. 
Jonathan, selectman of Wells, 

Joseph James, pay due, 44. 

Hathorn, John, signed Kennebec 

petition, 125. 

Silas, employed by Col. Lowder, 

283; confirmed testimony, 284; 

signed Penobscot petition, 276. 

William, ditto Kennebec, 125. 

Hathaway, Jacob, his oxen seized, 
349. ■ 

Hawks, James, deer rief, 98. 

Haynes, Capt. William, ship de- 
livered to, 73; arrived at and 
preparing to leave Falmoutii, 
76; delayed. 102, 103; cannot 
sliip sailors, 102, 113, 136; de- 
livered money, 103; to load 
masts, 137; can give informa- 
tion, 140; had sailors which 
Proctor wanted, 157; letters 
of, 102, 116; see also IJaiens. 

llay.en, Mr. , 236. 

White and Simonds, 287. 

Healey, Martin, signed Pownal- 
borough petition, 85, 260. 

Heath, Gen. , 45, 48, 215. 



Heathorn, / ersborough petition, 
64; can give evidence, 353. 

Henderson, John, petitioned for 
his ijay, 68, 69, 71; to be paid, 

Herbert, Dr. John, 279, 281, 284. 

llerrick, Andrew { Tory ), left the 
main to trade with the enemy, 
290, 291; showed Britisli pro- 
tection jiapers, 291; aiding the 
enemies of America, 306; to 
be complained of, 306. 

Hessians, 112, 122, 266. 

Hewes, Major, , 206. 

Elihu, sent with a petition, 184; 
Col. Brewer prevented pre- 
senting the same, 185; copy of 
same sent to Court, 185; he 
did not present it, 282. 

Higgins, IJenjamin, signed Wheel- 
crsborough petition, 64; ditto 
Penobscot, 276. 

Hill, Charles, ditto Royalsbourg, 
Daniel, received a bounty, 315. 

Hinckley, Thaubal, received a 
bounty, 315. 

Hodge, Capt. Robt., 325. 

Hodgkins, Capt. , 427. 

Ilog-rief, 97. 

Holiday, James, 159. 

lloUoway, William, 77. 

Holman, Jeremiah, 77. 

Holt, Daniel, claimed part owner- 
ship in a sloop, 378, 386. 

Holton, S., a member of the Gen- 
eral Court, 50, 60, 69, 74, 80, 
82, 86, 88, 119, 126, 127, 128, 
130, 131, 132, 134, 138, 167, 190, 
202, 214, 216, 219, 226, 227, 228, 
229, 282, 238, 234, 236, 239, 250, 
262, 263, 303, 305, 307, 317, 318, 
322, 329, 332, 333, 343, 344, 345, 
409, 419, 424, 
Saml., justice of the peace, 49. 

Holway, Ludwick, master of the 
Nex)tune, 159. 

Hopkins, D., a member of the 
General Court, 41, 43, 47, 50, 
60, 70, 73, 74, 81, 153, 155, 167, 
214, 216, 236, 289, 250, 262, 263, 
205, 303, 305, 307, 324, 329, 330, 
332, 343, 344, 345, 358, 365, 868, 
382, 386, 389, 408, 409, 422, 424, 
426, 428, 431, 432, 434, 435, 436, 
David, selectman of Newcastle, 

Hopkins, continued. 

Isaac, signed Penobscot peti- 
tion, 27(i. 

Horse-beef Falls, 101. 

Horton, Nathaniel, 138, 139. 

Houdlette, Charles E., signed 
Pownalborough petition, 85, 
Lones, ditto, 85, 260; ditto Ken- 
nebec, 125. 

Houghton, Jonathan, 77. 

Hovey, Ivory, writ served on, 372; 
interested in a captured 
schooner, 427; in the army, 
427 ; ]his interest attached, 427 ; 
action brought against, 428; 
petitioned that prosecution be 
suspended, 428; a surgeon in 
the army, 428; petiti(m 
granted, 430; property to be 
returned to, 4.30; action sus- 
pended, 430, 431; petition of, 
426, 428. 

How, Mr. , 35, 91, 92. 

Peter, 77. 

Howard, Thomas, deposition of, 
Col. William, to enlist men and 
be supplied with ammunition, 

Howe, Richard, Lord, 222. 
Gen. William, 187, 222, 224. 

Howland, Capt. Perry, to receive 
his chest and wearing api)arel, 
428, 429 ; swore to take Deake's 
life, 429. 

Hudson River, 12. 

Huuewell, Zerubebell, on Wind- 
ham Committee, 71; treasurer, 
96, 100; warden, 97. 

Hunter, Capt. Henry, 325. 

Huse, Maj. John, on Pownalbor- 
ougli Committee, 66; signed 
Pownalborough petition, 201; 
resigned, 400, 401; letter of, 

Hussoy, Paul, letter of, 192, 193. 

Ignaoe, received rum from 
Steplien Jones, 245, 246; moose 
skin stolen from, 255, 256, 257; 
deposition of, 245. 

Ilsley, Benjamin Eben, signed 
Royalsbourg petition, 370. 
Daniel, muster-master, .354. 
Enoch, to be summoned, 129. 

Indian River, 167. 

Indians, with Col. Allan, 2, 169, 
175, 205, 242, 420; brought re- 



Indians, continued. 

port from St. Johns, 3; Frank- 
lin tried to induce them to 
join the British, 3, 177; can 
not get provisions, 3, 4; Allan 
must proselyte, 5; the enemy 
tried to engage them, 11, 92, 
335; in the tight at Machias, 
14, 26, 34, 35, 171, 172, 173, 
205; brought in by Preble, 15, 
to be furnished from Smith's 
stores, 19; took prist)ners at 
Cross Island, 22, 23; dejected, 
26; can retreat to Machias, 28; 
will be secured by the ex- 
pedition to St. Johns, 30; 
attached to the cause, 34, 40, 
92; behaved gallantly, 38, 40, 
175; imy abstract for a com- 
pany of, 44; to return to their 
homes, 45, 48; to be clothed 
and paid, 45, 48; to be con- 
veyed in a sloop, 46, 47; com- 
manded by Col. Shaw, 51; 
number under Col. Brewer, 63; 
to be called to defend Machias, 
92; declined to receive pre- 
sents, 94; must be courted, 
95; Preble, truck-master for, 
105; still faithful, 106; the 
sale of rum to, 109, 131, 175, 
195, 196, 231, 244, 245, 252, 268, 
269, 270, 297, 421; defrauded 
when drunk, 103, 131, 244; 
the Norridgewocks join the 
enemy, 110; as pilots, 110; 
the friendly ones desert the 
Norridgewocks, 111; the Eng- 
lish will hire, 111; make un- 
reasonable demands, 116; the 
truck-nia.ster, only to sell 
them rum, 132; stores needed 
for, 152, 164; false alarm of, 
158, 159, 164, 165, 166, 326; 
given ammunition, 165; what 
the false alarm was worth, 
165; drink and quarrel at 
Machias, 175; have to be sup- 
plied with provisions, 175, 
176; left their fields of corn, 
176; what shall be told them 
if an expedition fails, 176; re- 
ported to be on a march to 
Penobscot, 182; conference 
with Fletcher, 183; denied 
repf)rting tlie raid, 183; at 
I^ikc Kekonouch, 183; lired 
on the guard, 183; and the 
same doubted, 184; defrauded, 
195, 196, 230; valor and good 

Indians, continued. 

conduct of, 205; stores sent to 
Allan for, 205; more to be 
enlisted, 212; pay of, 212; to 
be supplied at Machias, 213; 
nine commissioned officers to 
be selected from, 213; Allan 
to be the chief in command, 
215, 234; agreement to trade 
with, 229; the Penobscots not 
in the same, 229; Allan later 
had a conference with the 
Penobscots, 229, 230; urged to 
go where there was a truck- 
house, 230; must be kept with 
the colonists, 230; Allan asked 
for advice concerning, 231; 
restrictions must be made in 
regard to the trade with, 231; 
sell what they receive from 
the truck-house, 231; hard 
money and furs expected 
from, 231; supplies to be sent 
to Machias for, 234, 235; sent 
up the river hunting, 242; ex- 
pensive soldiers, 242; elated 
by the news, 242; testified 
against Jones, 245, 246; stole 
rum from Jones, 247, 254; 
stole a skin and sold it for 
rum, 252, 253, 2.54, 255, 269, 
297; Smith, truck-master for, 
266; Preble brought supplies 
for, 282; displeased because 
the supplies were wrongly 
dispensed by Lowder, 283; 
resentment toward Preble, 
284; will settle matters only 
through Allan, 286; trade may 
be driven away by the way 
they are treated, 286; too 
lluctuating to be good sol- 
diers, 286; pleased with the 
commissions, 287; on the way 
to attack Machias, 293; a sep- 
arate liouse needed for, 297; 
uncertain number on Allan's 
list, 298; attached to tliree 
officers, 298; the British still 
tampering with, 335; still with 
Allan, 336; to go hunting, ;]36, 
339; may be more useful and 
cheaper, 340; how much pro- 
visions for six months, 345; 
Allan to enlist more, 352; do 
no duty, 352; paid for notliing, 
353; officers jtockct tlicir pay, 
353; get their supplies from 
private traders, 353; false 
alarm made to suit them- 




Indians, continued. 

selves, 353; on Littlefield's 
sloop, 361; should be retained 
in the service, 363; Gilman 
had lived vpith, 387; Gilmau 
induced them to join Wash- 
ington, 387; state of those at 
Machias, 405, 406; trade with, 
permitted under regulations, 
408, 409; Gilman to reside 
with and watch over, 419; in 
need, 411, 412, 425; corn to be 
sent to, 425; mentioned, 114, 
130, 179, 288, 336, 365, 411, 420. 
Canadian, 165, 175, 245, 246, 286. 
Eastern, 421. 
Praying, 408. 
St. Johns, 3, 46, 51, 106, 177, 293, 

see also under tribal names. 

Ingalls, Mr. , a member of the 

General Court, 348, 355. 

Ingraham, Joseph, signed Fal- 
mouth letter, 410. 

Instructions to representatives, 

Ipswich, 51. 

Iroquois, the, 246. 

Isle of Shoals, 67. 

Jakins, Christopher, signed 
Pownalborough petition, 85, 

Janb, Josanna, ditto, 260. 

Jenkins, Capt. , 379. 

Mr. , member of the General 

Court, 323. 
Robert, can tell about a vessel, 

Jenks, Benjamin, did iron work 
for Coulson, 60; not paid, 60; 
prevented from attaching 
goods of Coulson, 61. 

Jewitt, Joseph, desired permit to 
send out a vessel, 79; permis- 
sion given under conditions, 
79, 80; letter of, 79. 

Johnson, John, resigned, 21, 326, 
.327; signed Pownalborough 
petitions, 85, 260; ditto, Ken- 
nebec, 125; held command at 
Pownalborough, 326; proposed 
officer to succeed himself, 326; 
company to elect his success- 
or, 327; letters of, 20, 826. 

Johnston, Simeon, signed Wheel- 
ersborough petition, 64. 

Jones, Esq., 116. 

Jones, continued. 

Col. , of Frenchman's Bay 

would procure cattle for the 
enemy, 90. 

Capt. Ichabod, a Tory, 138, 139, 
140; his estate under the or- 
ders of the government, 297; 
discharged, 307; claimed part 
ownership in sloop, 378, 386. 

John, 312. 

Capt. Joseph, 325. 

Nathan, desired parole privi- 
leges extended, 120; reason for 
same, 120; his request grant- 
ed, 121; captured, 289; at- 
tached the property of Ilovey, 
427, 430, 431; bond of, 372; 
memorial of, 120. 

Pearson, his gundaloe damaged, 
262; signed the Falmouth let- 
ter, 410; letter of, 262. 

Stephen, accused of selling rum 
to the Indians, 244, 252, 263, 
268, 270, 297; to be summoned, 
244,2.53; writ served on, 245; 
did not appear, 245, 253; testi- 
monies concerning, 246, 247, 
253, 254, 255, 266; further 
time granted to, 247; fined, 
247, 257; Indians broke into 
his house, 247, 254; sold rum 
for a stolen skin, 254; before 
the court, 254; plead not 
guilty, 257; declared guilty, 
2.57; to appear at a higher 
court, 2.57; acknowledged in- 
debtedness to the government, 
267; to appeal, 2(58; his bond 
and bondsmen, 268; papers 
relating to, to be laid on the 
table, 270; Allan endeavored 
to treat him with respect, 297; 
treated his summons with con- 
tempt, 297; despised the court, 
298; proceedings against, sent 
to Cross, 298; his conduct 
flagrant, 298; mentioned, 341. 

Col. William, 207, 208, 211, 233; 
memorial of, 332. 
Jonson, Miller, an illicit trader, 

Jordan, Dorainicus, signed Ray- 
mond Town petition, 376. 

James, ditto, 376. 

Jeremiah, ditto, 376. 

Malletia, had interest in cattle, 

Rishworth, had landed interests 
with Pepi)ei-ell, 316; appointed 
agent for same, 327. 



Jordan, continued. 

Roger, signed Raymond Town 

petition, 376. 
Samuel, writ served on, 372; 
signed Raymond Town peti- 
tion, 37G. 
Maj. Samuel, in Foster's regi- 
ment, 357. 
Maj. Tristram, naval officer at 
Pepperell, 5, 343; appointed a 
major, 34(5; long in the ser- 
vice, 340; resigned, 347; still 
willing to serve his country, 
348; letters of, 5, 346, 348. 
Joseph, Mary, deposition of, 24G. 
Jpsurg, 412. 

J , Josanna, signed Pownal- 

borough petition, 85. 


Kekoxouicii, Loik, 183. 

Kennebec, 122, 125; petition of, 
River, 57, 110, 125, 137, 164. 

Kennebunk, 57. 

Kenney, Henry, signed Penobscot 
petition, 276; see also Kinney. 

Kent, Robert, deposition of, 361. 

Keyes, William, 76, 77. 

Kidder, Saml., on Penobscot Com- 
niittee, 157. 

Killam, Samuel, signed Wheelers- 
bourg petition, 64; ditto Pe- 
nobscot, 276. 

Killey, William, received a bounty, 

King, Capt. , a member of the 

General Court, 430. 

Kinney, Henry, signed Wheelers- 
borough petition, 64; see also 

Kittery, asked for assistance to 
oppose the landing of the 
enemy, 66; a barrier to other 
towns, 60; her men employed 
in the war, 07; her trade gone, 
67; mechanics gone from, 07; 
asked for ammunition, (57; 
a<^tion on tlie petition of, 68; 
ollicor to be appointed for a 
company at, 81; home of John 
Frost, 187,311; home of James 
Gowen, 299; petition of, 66. 
Harbor, 60. 
Proprietors, 400. 

Knight, Lieut. , captured, 8. 

Lieut. Jonathan, in Foster's 

regiment, 357. 
William, warden, 97. 

Knowles, Freeman, signed Wheel- 
ersborough petition, 04. 

Lake, Capt. John, desired Gil- 
man to enlist, 387. 
Lamb, Joshua, aided prisoners to 
escape, 239; obliged to leave 
his home, 239; petitioned for 
land, 239, 240; engaged a ves- 
sel to move his family, 240; 
pass granted to, 240, 241 ; land 
granted to, 240, 241; petition 
of, 239. 
Lambard, Joseph, signed Kenne- 
bec i)etition, 125. 

Lan\bert, Lieut. , master of 

the Diligent, 120. 
Lancaster, Daniel, signed Penob- 
scot petition, 276. 

Langdon, , 61, 395, 

Timothy, signed Kennebec peti- 
tion, 125; as a judge, 140. 
John, Jr., signed Kennebec peti- 
tion, 125. 
Lannett, Jacob, 274. 
Larrabee, Capt. Nathaniel, enlisted 
men, 68, 72; signed report, 69. 

Lawrence, Capt. , 238. 

Learton, Joseph, received a 

bounty, 315. 
Lebanon, distressed or ruined, 66. 

Lee, Col. , 354. 

Lemont, Benj., 218. 

Leonard, Col. , 315. 

Letters of, 

Allan, Col. John, 106, 169, 179, 
225, 229, 232, 244, 285, 288, 292, 
294, 297, 299, 356, 357. 
Avery, John, 420. 
Brewer, Col. Josiah, 20,411, 412. 
Bristol, 403. 

Campbell, Col. Alex., 203. 
Chase, Caleb, 108. 
Child, Tho., 406. 
Council, the, 11, 18, 19. 
Gushing, Charles, 138. 
Davis, Maj. Moses, 396, 397, 399; 

William, 359. 
DeLesdernier, L. F., 24-1, 252. 
Eddy, Col. Jonathan, 4, 10, 12, 

18, 22, 35, 40. 
Falmouth, 409, 410. 
Foster, Col. Benj., 25, 31, 160. 
Frost, Col. John, 187, 311; 
William, 54, 56, 61, 73, 103, 
Getchell, Denes, 154. 
Glover, Col. John, 168, 169, 180. 



Letters of, continued. 

Gorham, 403, 404. 

Gowen, 299. 

Gray, John, 102. 

Haynes, William, 102, 113. 

Huse, John, 400, 401. 

Hussey, Paul, 192. 

Jewitt, Joseph, 79. 

Johnson, John, 20. 

Jfines, Pearson, 2G2. 

Jordan, Tristram, .5, 346, 848. 

Lyon, Rev. James, 7. 

Machias, 32, 334, 338, 344. 

Mayo, Simeon, 133. 

MiUigau. John, 21, 181, 182. 

Murray, Rev. M., 185. 

Nevers, Phineas, 216, 217. 

Noyes, Joseph, 217. 

Parsons, Timothy, 121, 123. 

Phinney, Edward, 107, 108. 

Prehle, Jedidiah, 193. 
John, 15. 

Proctor, Joseph, 157. 

Savage, Samuel P., 62, 112, 136, 

Saver, Ebenezer, 17, 23. 

Shaw, Francis, 202. 

Smith, Stephen, 1, 4, 29, 160, .308, 
339, 340, 342. 

Stillman, George, 27. 

Stone, John, 81. 
Waite, John, 76, 76, 116, 117, 

Warner, Jona., 1. 
Lewis, Mr. , member of the 

General Court, 104. 

John, to be paid for his services, 
Lexington, Battle of, 427. 
Libbee, \ David, received a bounty, 
Libby, f 310. 

George, on Machias Committee, 
94, 96. 

Gapt. Joseph, ditto, 94, 96; 
signed Sixth regiment peti- 
tion, 310, 311; received a 
bounty, 310, 315; received no 
rations, 321; in Foster's regi- 
ment, 357; desired rations, .392. 

Robert, enlisted, 354. 

Samuel, received a bounty, 315. 

Capt. Samuel, in the Sixth regi- 
ment, 110, 257; desired addi- 
tional pay, .390, 391. 
Lincoln County, 46, 50, 56, 110, 
124, 125, 153, 163, 187, 189, 202, 
204, 211, 219, 232, 240, 244, 245, 
246, 247, 252, 253, 254, 255, 257, 
263, 264, 267, 268, 269, 289, 306, 
308, 309, 314, 318, 319, 358, 361, 

Lincoln County, continued. 

362, 366, 372, 373, 376, 389, 390, 
392, 393, 400, 417, 418, 421, 438. 

Linniken, Clark, taken prisoner, 
250; plundered, 250, 251; ar- 
rested for illicit trading, 251; 
in the goal, 251; petitioned 
for release, 251, 252; action on 
his release, 265, 266; McCobb 
refused to release him, 312; 
confined for no crime, 312; 
must pay charges, 312, 313; 
destitute, 314; to be dis- 
charged without costs, 358; 
petitions of, 2.50, 252, 312. 

Liquor, see Rum. 

Little, Moses, 238. 
Paul, 238. 
River, 44, 46. 

Littlefield, Benj., selectman of 
Wells, 56. 
Capt. James, master of a sloop, 
159; claimed protection, 356; 
complained of, 359; agreement 
with J. Thompson, .360; testi- 
mony, 361; present vvhen dec- 
larations were made, 362. 
Nathaniel, selectman of Wells, 

Nehemiah, .Jr., constable, 65. 
Stephen, signed Wheelersbor- 
ough petition, 64. 

Liverpool, 6. 

Long, Capt. , his sloop seized, 

Capt. John, master of the Hope, 
1.59; captured and taken to St. 
Johns, 2.36, 243; examined, 
236; not in battle of Machias, 
236; a spy for the British, 236, 
237; an express to Annapolis, 
237; tells of vessels at St. 
Johns, 237; Ring went with 
him, 238; exposed himself, 
2.38; narrative of, 236. 
Jno., a witness, 91. 

Longfellow, Lieut. , rations 

due, 412. 
David, 110, 244, 245, 253, 2.55, 
256; deposition of, 255. 

Long Island, 314. 

Lovejoy, Capt. , 235. 

Abiel, signed Lincoln County 

petition, 189. 
Capt. Abie, to receive fire-arms, 

Lovell, Brigadier , a member 

of the General Court, 199, 430. 

Low, Samuel, 273. 

Lowden, Capt. Thomas, 388, 415. 



Lowder, Lieut -Col. Jonathan, G4, 
158, 164, 165, 183, 229, 271, 273, 
274, 277, 278, 280, 281, 282, 283, 
285, 286, 294, 302, 325, 332, 333, 
334, 353, 380, 381, 408, 416, 425. 

Lovrell, Capt. Abner, 81, 191, 198. 

Lowther, Mr. — — , 230; see also 

Lumber, 50. 

J^""i^»:- Im., 230, 289. 
Lunnci, J ' 

Lunnt, William, 276. 

Luther, Martin, 141. 

Lutherans, 141. 

Lyon, Rev. James, of Machias, 
petitioned for assistance, 6; 
explored Nova Scotia, 7; de- 
frauded, 7; sent plans, 7; sent 
bill for lodging prisoners, 8; 
desired not a charity but a 
loan, 8; chaplain of army at 
Machias, 218; letter of, 7. 


McCalesteb, Capt. Arch., 
William, received a bounty, 315. 

McCobb, Col. , 11, 31, 34, 235. 

James. 220. 

Saml. M., 189. 

William, 251, 266, 312, 313. 

McCurdey, \ James, signed Wlieel- 

McCurdy, / ersborough petition, 
64; one of the Committee of 
Safety, 158; indefatigable, 164; 
deposition of, 312. 
Robert, on Penobscot Commit- 
tee, 157, 158; signed Penob- 
scot certificate, 185; testimony 
of, 271, 272, 273; signed Penob- 
scot petition, 276. 

McFaden, Dr. , captured, 8. 

McKenzie, Ebenezer, employed by 
Col. Lowder, 283; can give 
evidence, 353. 
Kenneth, signed Wheelersbor- 
ough petition, 64; ditto Penob- 
scot, 274, 276. 

McKown, Robert, clerk, 403. 

McLelen, Capt. , 187. 

McMahon, Michael, signed Wheel- 
ersborough petition, 64. 

McNiel, Capt. , 91. 

Machias, Stephen Smith arrived 
at, 1; the people of preparing 
for defence, 1, 2, 222; the 
enemy repulsed at, 2; defend- 
ers of retreated, 2; the enemy 
inhuniau, 2; ])risoner8 taken, 
2; barge not allowed to land 

Machias, continued. 

at, 3, 33; Col. Allan with In- 
dians expected at, 4; Capt. 
Gooch brought supplies to, 4; 
Capt. Eddy arrived at, 4, 10, 
35; distress and need at, 7, 9. 
30, 33, 95, 193, 242, 334, 335, 
336; the enemv expected at, 9, 
10, 12, 20, 23, 34; attacked, 

13, 26, 31, 57, 170, 171, 172, 
173; battle of, 13, 14, 15, 16, 
25, .33, 170, 173, 185; ammuni- 
tion and provisions needed at, 

14, 26, 29, 32, 35, 116, 151, 152; 
Col. Allan at, 14, 169, 175; 
John Preble at, 14; English 
losses at 17, 18, 25; Col. 
Brewer sent assistance to, 20; 
the Blond near, 22, 182; Maj. 
Stillman at, 27; in a critical 
condition, 27, 32, 33, 95; a 
valuable town, 27,96, 151, 363, 
376; amount of ammunition 
at, 28; the service at, 29; an 
expedition to rendezvous at, 
32, 321; tlie peojjle of desire 
the troops retained at, 34; 
Spry left his baggage there, 
57, 58; the same sold, .58, 59; 
the British would send a ves- 
sel there, 58; bill for billeting 
men at, 68; Mowat bitter 
against, 90, 95; warned of the 
approach of the enemy, 92; 
two companies raised at, 93; 
rum sold to Indians at, 109, 
131, 175, 195, 244, 245, 252, 297; 
only place to obtain furs, 109; 
the Sixth regiment at, 110; 
truck-house to be supplied at, 
130, 132; invoice of sundries 
needed at, 130; Anderson's 
trunk detained, 131; corn to be 
delivered to Smith at, 152, 153; 
money to be furnished, 154, 
156; return of vessels regis- 
tered at, 159; Capt. Gooch at, 
160; home of Sylvanus Scott, 
107, 168, A'lan described the 
fight at, 170, 174; Collier and 
Dawson received dressings at, 
185; man intercepted with a 
letter from, 186; letters sunk, 
186; depredations at, 187: In- 
dians at defrauded, 195, 190; 
committee to consider the af- 
fairs in, 199, 200, 211; Eddy to 
disband a regiment at, 199; 
army stores detained at, 199, 
200; soldiers should be sta- 



Machias, continued. 

tioned at, 202; Indians at 
praised, 205; repoi't of com- 
mittee on affairs at, 211; com- 
pany to be raised for, 211, 
212, 214, 218; arms to be sent 
to, 212, 213; truck-house to 
be furnished at, 2i;]; surgeon 
and medicine for soldiers at, 
212, 420; Allan to be chief in 
command of the Indians at, 
215, 21C, 218, 234; Lyon chap- 
lain of the army at, 218; Howe 
to destroy, 222; bounties for 
soldiers at, 227; Allan to sta- 
tion men at and near to, 228; 
the enemy hourly expected, 
231; supplies for the truck- 
house at, 234, 266, 350, 351, 
363; supplies for soldiers and 
Indians, 234, 235; Long exam- 
ined concerning, 236; men 
and ammunition at, 237; paid 
no attention to proclamation 
of the British, 237; few men 
and much property at, 241; 
fortress needed at, 242; Smith 
truck-master and in command 
at, 260, 350, 394, 420; Lowder 
and Gilman at, 285; Indians 
on the way to attack, 293; as- 
sisted by people from French- 
man's Bay, 293, 366, 367, 368; 
supplies received at, 307, 308; 
soldiers at received bounties, 
309, 314, 315; the people of 
supplied the troops with pro- 
visions, 335, 844; the outlook 
melancholy at, 336; Major 
Stillman to act for, 337, 338, 
339, 344, 384; troops needed 
at, 337, 338; niust have stores, 
338; Smith, naval officer at, 
343; vessel to bring lumber 
from, 345; men to be enlisted 
to defend, 351, 863, 394, 404; 
Bell, a suspect sent from, 359; 
Littlefield and Kent bound 
for, 301; home of Farusworth, 
361; estimate of supplies 
needed at, 364, 365, 384; home 
of West, 371; soldiers who de- 
fended neglected home affairs, 
371; vessel captured off, 378; 
stores remaining at, 405; state 
of troops and Indians at, 405, 
406; home of Avery, 411; ra- 
tions due the oflicers at, 412, 
413; the truck-house at should 
be conducted by the United 

Machias, continued. 

States, 421 ; families of French- 
men obliged to take shelter 
there, 433; letters from, 33, 
334, 338, 344; petitions of, 93, 
94, 354; mentioned, 5, 12, 19, 
20, 25, 27, 31, 109, 114, 118, 140, 
160, 180, 193, 194, 213, 214, 216, 
229, 286, 241, 244, 245, 246, 247, 
248, 252, 253, 254, 255, 257, 267, 
268, 270, 271, 273, 285, 292, 294, 
338, 339, 340, 345, 346, 354, 356, 
357, 361, 376, 380, 388, 390, 391, 
418, 420, 437. 
Bay, 22, 182. 
Falls, 13. 
Harbor, 378. 
Kiver, 22. 
Fvym, 170, 297. 
Scott's Farm, 15. 

Madawasqua Indians, 229. 

Main, Luda Capman, signed Pow- 
nalborough petitions, 85, 200. 

Maisner, 237. 

Majabigwaduce, 157. 

Malbone, Daniel, signed Pownal- 
borough petitions, 85, 260. 

Man, Robert, ditto Wheelersbor- 
ough, 64; employed by Low- 
der, 283. 

Mandanms Councellor, 316. 

Mangerville, 100. 

Manley, Capt. , 17, 91. 

Mansell, John, signed Wheelers- 
borough petition, 64. 
John, Jr., ditto, 64. 

Marblehead, 21, 58, 121, 182. 

Marun?' } ^^P<=- J°^^' ^^«' ^'^^- 

Mariner, Moses, signed Royals- 
bourg petition, 370. 

Marisheete Indians, 229. 

Marks of, 

Ackleay, John, 92; Blackdon, 
Charles, 276 ; Blagdon, Charles, 
279; Clearford, Jacob, 276; 
Gilly, William, 91; Grant, 
Goodwin, 276; Healey, Mar- 
tin, 85, 260; Pochard, John, 
85, 260; Salley, John, 276; 
Warren, Daniel, 276; White, 
John, 92. 

Marly, Mr. , 186. 

Marun, .see Marcon. 

Martin, Robert, warden, 97. 

Martinces, 53, 65, 159. 

Marshfield, 112. 

Massachusetts Bay, State of, 1, 4, 
7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 18, 19, 20, 23, 
26, 28, 30, 32, 35, 41, 44, 48, 



Massachusetts, continued. 

49, 50, 51, 52, 53, 55, 56, 57, 
59, GO, G2, 04, 60, 70, 74, 79, 
80, 81, 82. 84, 90, 93. 94, 95, 
98, 103, 105, 106. 107, 108, KHJ, 
111. 116. 118, 119, 120, 125, 127, 
128, 129, 131, 138, 134, 137, 138, 
140, 141, 151, 152, 153, 154, 155, 
160, 162, 163, 166, 180, 184, 187, 
189, 100, 191, 192, lu;;, 107, 200, 
201, 208, 211. 214, 215, 217, 218, 
227. 228, 229. 232, 233, 234, 235, 
238, 239, 244, 248, 250, 257. 258, 
259, 262, 263, 265, 266, 2(58, 270, 
271, 273, 274, 279, 280, 281, 282, 
284, 289, 293, 299, 301, 304, 307, 
310, 311, 312, 314, 315, 316, 317, 
318, 319, 322, 323, 324, 326, 327, 
329, 330, 331, 334, 342, 344, 348, 
349, 354, 355, 359, 369. 372, 374, 
370, 377, 379. 380, 381, 383, 386, 
388, 389, 390, 392, 394, 395, 401, 
404. 405, 406, 407, 408, 409, 411, 
413, 414, 416, 418, 419, 421, 422, 
423, 431, 432, 434, 436, 437, 438. 

Masts, 54, 67, 76, 103, 122, 123, 137, 
208, 316, 317. 

ISIathews, Lieut. John, 218, 354. 

Maxell, Barak, selectman of 
Wells, 56. 

Maxwell, William, a witness, 91. 

Mayberry, | Richard, town clerk, 

Meaberry, ( 96, 100, 119, 120; 
pound keeper, 98. 
Thomas, tything man and sur- 
veyor of lumber, 97. 
William, fence-viewer, etc., 98. 

Mayer, Georfje, signed Pownal- 
l)orough petitions, 85, 260. 
Philip, ditto, 85, 260. 

Mayhew, Nathaniel, ditto Wheel- 
ersborough 64; ditto Penob- 
scot, 276; depo.sition of, 281. 

Maynard, Elislia, 76. 
Elisha, Jr., 76. 
John, 77. 
Stejjheu, 77. 

Mayo, Simeon, ])ort agent, 133; 
desired instructions, 133; the 
government used his lumber, 
190, 191; letter of, 133; peti- 
tion of, 133. 

Meaberry, see Mayberry. 

Mecomb, James, taken prisoner, 

Medoctic Indians, 229. 

Memorials of, Avery, James, 389; 
Deake, George, 388; Eddy, 
Col. Jonathan, 214; Jones, 
Nathan, 120; Jones, Col. 

Memorials, continued. 

William, 232; Smith, Stephen, 
109, 151, 152; Webster, 
Pelatiah, 116. 

Memrancook, 36. 

Merril, Bradbury, received a 
bounty, 315. 
Saml., selectman of North Yar- 
mouth, 405. 

Merrit, Daniel, received a bounty, 

Merryconeag Neck, 134, 303. 

Meserve, Elisha, 169. 

Meservy, Daniel, 267, 268. 

Newbury, 35. 

Micmacs, the, 51, 115, 177, 223, 293. 

Milbury, Sergeant , 254. 

Samuel, had the moose skin, 
255, 256; received a bounty, 
315; deposition of, 256. 

i\Iilitia, see Soldiers. 

Miller, Noah, pass granted to, 240. 

Milligan, John, letter of, 21. 

Milliken, Thomas, 372. 

Mills, William, received a bounty, 

JNIinas, 237. 

Ministers, at Pownalborough, 83, 
141, 142, 143, 144, 145, 140, 147, 
148, 149; taxes to support, 201; 
a burden to Harpswell, 204. 

Minot, Col. , 218. 

Mitchell, David, master of the 
Lively, 159. 
Capt. jfohn, on Belfast Com- 
mittee, 158. 
Noah, received a bounty, 814. 
William, ditto, 314. 
]SIohawks, the, 44. 
Monhegan, 186. 
Moore, James, 43, 45, 46. 
Josiah. 315. 
Wyat, 43, 45, 46. 
Morton, Briant, 354. 

Perez, 49. 
Moulton, Abt. Jr., signed York 
petition, 89. 
Jitanna. 162, 163, 226. 
Brigadier Jotham, 125, 126, 162, 
198, 226, 227, 330, 331, 355, 366. 
Mount Desert, 17, 43, 46. 
Mouson River, 385. 
Mowat, Capt. Henry, examined 
(iilly, 90; threats of, 90, 95; 
acciuainted with the coast, 91. 
Mulligen, Juo., letter of, 181, 182. 
Murcii, John, purchased land, 43, 
40; bequeathed the same to 
his son, 43, 40; deed of land 



Murch, continued. 

burned, 44, 46; deposition 
concerning, 46. 
John, 2nd., petitioned for con- 
firmation of laud title, 43; 
action on his petition, 45. 
William, deposition of, 46. 

Muscongus, 400. 

Murray, Rev. M., 185, 186. 

Muzzy, Mr. — , 186. 


Nantes, 117. 

Nantucket, 159, 192. 

Narrative of Long, Capt. John, 

Naskeague, 290. 
Nason, Samuel, recommended for 

lieutenant, 311. 
Naval Laws, should be revised, 

Negroes, 197. 
Nell, Eliphalet, signed Penobscot 

petition, 276. 
Neptune, Aussing, pay due him, 

Nevers, Lieut.-Col, Phineas, 15, 

32, 171, 212, 213, 214, 217, 218, 

227, 241, 285, 286; letter of, 

216, 217. 
New Boston, 375. 
New England, 20, 70, 120, 289, 326, 

327, 330. 
New Hampshire, 78, 103, 135, 399. 
New Marlborough, 263. 
New York, 58. 

Newbury, 35, 91, 176, 179, 357. 
Newburyport, 159, 324. 

Newspaper, 60. 
Newcastle, 211, 325, 372, 438, 440. 
Newell, Maj. , to disband the 

troops, 27, 34; carried a letter, 

Lieut. Eleazer, desired pay for 

billeting soldiers, 191; to be 

paid, 192. 
Timothy, report of, 199, 200. 
Newman, William, brought news 

to Falmouth, 117. 
Newport, 432. 
Nickels, Samuel, gave his bond for 

ammunition, 373. 
Nickerson, \ Eliphalet, signed 

Nickorson, j Wheelersborough pe- 
tition, 64; ditto Penobscot, 

276; testimony of, 274. 
Nickles, \ Lieut. William, in Fos- 
Nicholas, j ter's regiment, 357; 

rations due, 391. 

Niels, Jonathan, received a bounty, 

Niles, Mr. , a member of the 

(i^eneral Court, 104. 

Noble, Rev. , 193. 

Norridgewock, an exposed fron- 
tier, 110; hunters taken near, 
110, 111; needs assistance, 110, 
111; people move from. 111; 
guards to be enlisted for, 137. 
Indians, 110. 

North, Capt. , 364. 

North Yarmoutli, 405. 

Northampton, 307. 

Norwood, Dr, , carried a let- 
ter, 181. 

Nova Scotia, 1, 5, 6, 8, 9, 11, 15, 17, 
25, 27, 30, 32, 51, 91, 94, 177, 
221, 222, 231, 237, 239, 240, 288, 
293, 335, 356, 357, 358, 359, 360, 
861, 362, 374, 381, 388, 416, 432, 
Battalion, 15. 

Expedition, see St. Johns River 

Noyes, Joseph, commissary at 
Falmouth, 80, 233; supplies 
to be delivered to, 131; needs 
money to provision the forces, 
217, 428; money to be sent to, 
217, 423; desired pay for the 
suyjplies he furnished, 323; to 
supply sea coast men, 330; 
letter of, 217; petitions of, 193, 
194, 323. 
Peter, justice of the peace, 194. 

Noys, Mayor, 156. 

Nutting, John, 301. 

Nye, Mr. , 334. 


Oak Island, 385. 
Oaks, John, 77. 

O'Brian, ) Capt. , captured a 

O'Brien, ) schooner, 57. 

James, received a bounty, 310. 
Ocoys, 159. 

Officers, too many, 294, 353. 
Old Town, 164, 165, 281. 
Onslow, 239. 
Orne, Col. Azor, a niember of the 

General Court, 220, 428. 
Osgood, Abraham, owned a dam, 
101; to be summoned, 129. 

Lieut. Samuel, 41. 
Otistield, 161, 375. 
Oxnard, Thomas, missing, 133. 



Paine, R. T., sjieakcr, pro tern, 
and member of the General 
Court, 94, 127, 137, 153, 166, 
221, 228, 232, 233, 234, 261, 265, 

Palmer, I., a member of the Gen- 
eral Court, 119, 126, 127, 128, 
131, 132, 134, 138, 153, 155, 167, 
202, 214, 216, 333, 345, 368, 381, 
386, 389, 408, 409, 419, 424, 429, 
431, 435. 
J., a member of the General 
Court, 322, 382, 410, 414, 426, 
Joseph, a member of the Gen- 
eral Court, 94, 430. 

Parker, Mr. , a member of the 

General Court, 65. 
John, signed Royalsbourg peti- 
tion, 376. 
Jordan, ditto Kennebec, 125. 

Parkes, John, ditto Pownalbor- 
ough, 85, 260. 

Pars, Jonathan, ditto Penobscot, 

Parsons, Timothy, ditto Kenne- 
bec, 125; state agent, 396; sup- 
plied provisions, -396, 398; his 
accounts different from the 
committee's, 398; bill of, 394; 
letters of, 121, 123, 206, 208. 
Capt. Timothy, 133, 136, 187. 

Partridge, Jesse, sigued Falmouth 
letter, 410. 
John, clerk, 158, 159, 166, 184. 

Passamaquoddy, 3, 35, 159, 236, 
237, 243, 289, 357, 360, 361, 379, 
Indians, 51, 229. 

Patcli, Henj., drafted, 160, 161; 
jietitioned tf) b(^ discharged, 
161; petition granted, 161, 162. 

Patten, Saml., enlisted and paid, 

Patterson, Andrew, 64, 282. 

Pattingall, Daniel, highway sur- 
veyor, 97. 

Pay abstract of Indians, 44. 

Pearsontown, petitioned foi- incor- 
poraticm, 41; meeting to bo 
held, 42, 43; fislieries at in- 
jured, 129; petitions of, 41, 7o. 

Peck, Col. , a member of the 

General Court, 410. 

Pemaquid, 209, 361. 
Harbor, 401, 402. 
Pond, 440. 

Pendcxter, Henry, 44, 40. 

Pendleton, Jonathan, signed 
Wheelersborough petition, 64. 
Penobscot, 6, 20, 63, 82, 96, 157, 
158, 159, 103, 165, 182, 184, 185, 
229, 230, 245, 240, 256, 271, 272, 
273, 274. 276, 277, 278, 279, 280, 
281, 282, 284, 285, 302, 303, 856, 
300, 387, 411, 419, 422, 424; pe- 
tition of, 274. 

Pay, 314. 

Fails, 183. 

Guard, 20. 

Hills, 240. 

Indians, 45, 46, 47, 48, 51, 165, 
175, 183, 223, 229, 230, 286, 288, 
289, 333, 334, 380, 381, 408, 416, 
419, 425. 

River, 62, 63, 82, 157, 158, 163, 

164, 182, 183, 184, 223, 230, 231, 

281, 282, 286, 332, 333, 411, 412. 

Pepperrell, \5, 299, 300, 

Pepperellborough, / 301, 346, 358. 

Sir William, an absentee, 316; 
his land stripped, 816; an 
agent appointed for, 317. 
Perrin, Charles, rejiort on the peti- 
tion of, 248. 
Petitions of, 

Avery, James, 411, 432. 

Bell, William, 379. 

Callahan, Rebecca, 410. 

Chadwick, Joseph, 383. 

Cleaveland, Ebenezer, 105. 

Cotton, Martha, 327, 329. 

Cross, Stephen and Ralph, 324. 

Damariscotta, 438. 

Deake, George, 429, 430. 

Dodge, William, 51. 

Davis, Jonathan, 56. 

Dyer, Reuben, 380. 

Farnsworth, 377, 379, 390. 

Fisherman's Bay, 293, 294. 

Frost, Timothy, 330. 

Gardner, Henry, 103, 104. 
Seth, 315. 
William, 264. 

Gilnian, Andrew, 387, 422. 

Harpswell, 124, 125, 203. 

Hovey, Ivory, 426, 428. 

Jcnks, Benjamin, 00. 

Kennebec River settlers, 125. 

Kittery, 06. 

Lamb, .Joshua, 239. 

Linnoken, (Jlark, 250, 252, 312. 

ISlachias, 354. 

Mayo, Simeon, 190. 

Newell, F., 191, 192. 

Noyes, Joseph, 323. 

Pearsontown, 41, 42. 

Penobscot, 274. 




Petitions of, continued. 

Pownalborough, 82, 140, 258. 
Prouty, Joseph, 19T. 
Robinson, John, 289. 
Ross, Elizabeth, 304. 
Royalsbourg, 369. 
Schaffer, John M., 266. 
Scott, Sylvanus, 167, 377. 
Sergant, Joseph, 52. 
Shannon, James M., 377, 379. 
Sixth Regiment, 310, 376. 
Soldiers, 68. 
Stillman, George, 383. 
Waterhouse, Samuel, 406. 
Waters, Samuel, 372. 
Wells, Nathaniel and Company, 

53, 55. 
West, Jabez, 371, 372, .380. 
Wheeler, Benjamin, 62. 
Whitcomb, John, 103, 104. 
Whitmore, Samuel, 156. 
Windham, 98. 
Wood, Abiel, 111. 
York Regiment, 86, 88. 
Pheli>hs, Charles, salt to be de- 
livered to, 263. 
Philadelphia, 91, 116, 117. 
Philbrock, James, signed Wheel- 
ersborough petition, 63; ditto 
Penobscot, 276. 
Phillips, William, a member of 
the General Court, 47, 48, 50, 
60, 70, 73, 74, 81, 82, 86, 88. 
Phinney, Col. Edmund, 107, 108, 
191, 192, 304, 404; .see also 
Pierce, John, signed Penobscot 
petition, 276. 
Jonathan, ditto Wheelersbor- 
ough, 63. 

Pike, Col. , 161. 

Pitts, John, speaker, j)7'o tern, 65, 
190, 202, 219, 226, 227, 228, 303, 
305, 306, 307, 323, 324, 348, 354, 
356, 358, 401, 408, 409, 414, 418, 
419, 421, 422, 424, 425, 426, 429, 
430, 431, 432, 433, 434, 435, 436, 
Plymouth Company, 143, 144. 
Pochard, John, signed Pownal- 
borough petitions, 85, 260. 
Peter, ditto, 85, 260. 
Pomroy, Joseph, ditto Wheelers- 
borough, 64. 
Pondicherry, 70. 
Pool, Capt. Mark, in command at 

Bristol, 105. 
Port Bill, 139. 

Porter, Col. , 348, 

Portland Sound, 388. 

Portsmouth, 159, 186, 303, 342, 357. 

Post, The \ 187, 188, 189, 235, 

Post Office, / 236. 

Post-Master General, The, 188. 

Potatoes, 412. 

Potter, Capt. William, permitted 
to sail from Newburyport, 5; 
landed rum and rice at Pow- 
nalborough»6; sailed without 
permission and returned, 6; 
his honesty doubted, 6; sum- 
moned, 6; libeled, 6. 

Powder, see Ammunition. 

Powell, Jeremiah, a member of 
the General Court, 18, 41, 43, 
47, 48, 50, 60, 69, 73, 74, 80, 82, 
88, 119, 126, 127 128, 130, 131, 
132, 138, 153, 165, 167, 179, 186, 
187, 190, 202, 214, 216, 219, 226, 
227, 228, 229, 232, 233, 234, 236, 
239, 244, 250, 262, 263, 265, 289, 
293, 297, 303, 305, 306, 307, 317 
318, 322, 324, 329, 332, 333, 340, 
343, 345, 356, 358, 365, 368, 380, 
382, 386, 389, 408, 409, 419, 424, 
425, 426, 429, 431, 432, 434, 435, 
436, 438. 

Pownalborough, Johnson resigned 
his command in, 21; Sargent 
in the goal at, 53, 74; home of 
J. Davis, 56; town-meeting 
held in, 65; to choose a new 
collector, 65, 262; committee 
chosen, 66; trouble in, con- 
cerning the taxes, 83, 141, 258, 
259; to be summoned, 86, 260; 
concerning the settlement of 
a minister in, 83, 141, 142, 143, 
144, 145, 146, 147, 148, 149, 1.50, 
258, 2.59; the Congregational- 
ists were never a church in, 
86, 260; a vessel to be libelled 
at, 115, 127; home of Abiel 
Wood, 117; home of Timothy 
I'arsons, 133; the people of 
imposed upon, 138; Tupper 
libelled at, 139, 140; court to 
be held at, 140, 318, 319; part 
of the taxes not collected at, 
200, 201; empowered to call 
another town-meeting, 201, 
202; Collier approached, 206; 
home of Capt. Baker, 218; 
copy of the petition served on 
the church representatives, 
261; Wm. Gardner tried at, 
264; Stephen Jones summoned 
to appear at court in, 208, 269; 
Charles Callahan absented 
himself from, 269, 270, 308, 



Pownalborough, continued. 

309, 318, 319, 392, 417; the 
major part of the selectmen 
of, 320; Johnson in command 
at, 320, 327; Jordan, the naval 
officer at, 342; Callahan ex- 
pected to draw on the com- 
mittee of, 3t)2; deijosition of 
Rice, at, 362; Langdon to 
keep the account of provisions 
delivered to the militia in, 
895; the Milford alarm, 395, 
397; short of provisions, 395, 
397, 398; supplied by Parsons, 
396, 398; letter of, 21; peti- 
tions of, 82, 140. 258; men- 
tioned, 219, 313, 394, 395, 400, 

Court House, 319, 393. 

Episcopal Church, 82, 83, 141, 
258, 261. 

Goal, 53, 74, 251, 252, 312, 318, 
358, 393. 
Pray, James, fence-viewer, 97. 
Preble, Abram, signed Wheelers- 
borough petition, 64; can give 
evidence, 353. 

Ebenezer, signed Kennebec peti- 
tion, 125. 

Capt. Esayas, purchased and 
improved land, 162, 226; re- 
ceived no deed, 162. 

Brig.-Gen., Jedidiah, a member 
of the General Court, 17, 18, 
119, 126, 127, 130. 131, 132, 134, 
138, 153, 155, 163, 193, 305, 307, 
322, 324, 330, 333, 343; letter 
of, 193. 

Capt. Jedidiah, town meeting 
held at his house, 158; inter- 
ested in raising a guard, 103, 
277; reported the conditions 
at Penobscot, 164, 165; signed 
the Penobscot certificate, 185; 
can give evidence, 198, 277, 
352, 353; moderator, 274; 
brought supplies for Indians, 
282; Lowder his partner in 
truck-trade, 283; did not 
reside at the truck-house, 283; 
resentment of Indians toward, 
284; a (;ommissioned officer, 
298; Indians attached to, 298; 
borrowed corn which he couhl 
not replace, 411, 412; depo- 
sition of, 163, 105. 

John, arrived at Machias 14; 
desired a captaincy, 16; an in- 
terpreter, 15, 245; in Machias 
fight, 15, 16; described the 

Preble, continued. 

fight, 15, 16; will remain at 
Machias, 16; should have 
captain's pay, 17; obtained 
intelligence, 91, 92; truck- 
master, 105; obliged to leave, 
106; delivered goods to Allan, 
118; recommended for mil- 
itary employment, 178; in 
command of Indians, 253; 
deposition of, 258; letter of, 
Nath., signed Fisherman's Bay 
petitions, 294, 323, 330. 

Prentice, M.. 379. 
Stanton, 353. 

Prescott, Oliver, a member of the 
General Court, 119, 126, 128, 
130, 131, 132, 134, 153, 101, 216, 
234, 236, 263, 265, 307, 318, 332, 
333, 343, 344, 345, 348, 358, 365, 
381, 382, 386, 389, 408, 409, 419, 
422, 424, 425, 426, 429, 431. 
William, on Pepperrell Com- 
mittee, 301. 

Presunipscot Falls, 101. 
River, 70, 72, 100, 129. 

Prime, Joseph, on Berwick Com- 
mittee, 400. 

Prince, Paul, selectman of North 
Yarmouth, 405. 

Prisoners taken at Machias, 2; 
concerning the exchange of, 8, 
21, 83, 68, 105, 182; taken at 
Cross Island, 22, 23; held by 
Milligen, 181, 182; on the 
Raven, 192, 193; captured by 
Collier, 206; returned, 207, 
210, 211; to be tried, 248, 249; 
keepers of, to make return of, 
249; cruelly treated, 239; aided 
to escape, 239; those dis- 
charged to be given work, 
207; Brewer's method of trying 
and releasing, 277, 278; taken 
by enlisted Frenchmen, 432. 

Proctor, Capt. Joseph, 121, 122, 
123, 136, 157, 206, 207, 208, 210. 

Prouty, Joseph, his negroes left 
him, 197; letter of, 197. 

Pumroy, Joseph, signed Pownal- 
borough petition, 276. 

Purington, James, ditto Kennebec, 
Nath., on Harpswell Committee, 


QuKBEO, 95, 182, 423. 

Quoddy, 236; see Passamaquoddy. 




Eay, William, received a bounty, 

Raymond Town, number of fami- 
lies in, 375; the people of, 
destitute, 375; location of, 
375; rated by the assessors of 
Windham, 375; petitioned to 
have rates abated, 376; Wind- 
ham ordered to abate all taxes 
levied on people of, 424; peti- 
tion of, 375. 

Read, John, 403. 

Reed, Joel, signed Kennebec peti- 
tion, 125. 
Jonathan, ditto, 125. 
Lieut. Jonathan, Jr., recom- 
mended for promotion, 21, 326. 
Robert, signed Kennebec peti- 
tion, 125. 

Regiment, the Fifth, 153. 

the Sixth, 110, 202, 310, 376, 390, 

391, 437. 
the Third, 209, 211, 232, 397. 

Report of Newell, Timotliy, 199, 
200; on Robinson's petition, 

Resolutions on, petition of Calla- 
han, Rebecca, 431; ditto Rob- 
inson, John, 306; ditto Ross, 
Elizabeth, 305. 

Return of the Sixth Regiment, 
110; of i-ations due the same, 

Reynolds, Samuel, received a 
bounty, 315. 

Rhode Island, 105. 

Rice, Capt. , member of the 

General Court, 104. 
Dr. , arrived from Cumber- 
land with a letter, 221, 222. 
David, reported an intended 

attack on Falmouth, 55. 
Seth, 77. 

Thomas, on Pownalborough 
committee, 6G; signed Kenne- 
bec petition, 125; ditto Pow- 
nalborough, 201; received the 
flag of truce, 207; justice of 
the peace, 440; deposition of, 
362; oath of, .362. 

Richardson, Daniel, received a 
bounty, 310. 
Jabez, 77. 

Ring, Mr, , captured, 237, 288; 

escaped, 238. 

Roads to be cleared and repaired, 
97 J rates for labor on, 97. 

Robards, ) Ebenezer, signed Roy- 

Robarts, j alsbourg petition, 370. 
Jones, Vensen, ditto, 370. 

Robbinson, see Robinson. 

Roberson, Mr. , visited by the 

British, 251. 

Robins, Thomas, taken prisoner, 

Robinson, \ John, of Cumber- 

Robbinson, / land, enlisted, 3.54. 
John, of Robinson's Island, 
mariner, 289, 290; a pilot for 
privateers, 290; on the Wash- 
ington, 290; his life threat- 
ened, 290; attempt made to 
burn his property, 291, 292; 
j)etitioned for the arrest of 
Ilerrick, 292; report and reso- 
lution on petition, 292, 306; 
petition of, 289. 

Robinson's Island, 289, 290, 291. 

Rockingham, Township No. Two, 

Rodick, John, selectman in Harps- 
well, 124. 

Rogers, Mr. , 91. 

Robart, on Berwick Committee, 

Samuel, signed Penobscot peti- 
tion, 276. 

Rolfe, Benjamin, 77. 

Roman Catholics, 142, 144. 

Ross, Mrs. , widow, 281. 

Adam, constable, 56. 
Elizabeth, silver-ware stolen 
from, 304, 321, 343, 344; suf- 
fered, 304; petitioned that the 
silver-ware be returned to her, 
305; petition of, 304; petition 
granted, 305. 

Row, Mr. , 35. 

Rowe, Ephraim, on Pownalbor- 
ough Committee, 71. 

Roxbury, 406, 409, 411, 423, 426, 
433, 438. 

Roy, Samuel, signed Royalsbourg 
petition, 371. 

Royalsborough, people from 
Harpswell went to, 204; a new 
plantation, 369; taxed by 
Brunswick, 369; number of 
families in, 369; in need, 369; 
training band in and soldiers 
enlisted from, 370; has no 
benefit from taxes paid to 
Brunswick, 370; desired to be 
released from the demands of 
Brunswick, 370; petition of, 



Rum, 31, 109, IIG, 122, 130, 195, 
231, 244, 247, 248, 283, 289, 297, 
341, 394, 398, 421, 

Rust, Joseph, signed Datnariscotta 
petition, 440. 


Saccarappa, the dams at exam- 
ined, 101. 

Sackville, 30. 

Saco River, 77, 103, 316, 385. 

Sailors desired more wages, 54; 
refused to go on a voyage, 
5G, 102, 113, 130, 157; to 'be 
found in small stores, 76; 
wages offered to, 102, 103, 113. 

Saint Eustatius, ) vessel cleared 

Santa Statia, j for, 159. 

St. Francis Indians, 175. 

St. Georges, 78. 

St. Johns, 94, 95, 96, 114, 151, 1.53, 
212, 229, 230, 237, 238, 241, 248, 
287, 335, 336. 
River, 2, 3, 4, 5, 9, 10, 11, 12, 35, 
39, 40, 91, 92, 93, 94, 105, 118, 
178, 222, 287, 288, 292, 293. 
River Expedition, 1, 11, 12, 17, 
18, 19, 27, 30, 32, 35, 115, 151, 
155, 169, 176, 177, 178, 199, 213, 
214, 215, 295, 310, 314, 338, 384, 

Salem, 53, 139, 159. 

Salisbury, 238. 

Salley, \ John, signed Wheelers- 
Sally, J borough petition, 64; 
ditto Penobscot, 270. 

Salt, 203, 271, 277, 278, 279, 280, 
302, 332, 393, 427, 430. 

Sampson, David, 76. 
John, 76. 
Jonathan, 76. 

Sandwich, 159. 

Sandy Hook, 192. 

Sangster, Teter, signed Wheelers- 
borough petition, 04; testi- 
mony of, 272; ditto Penobscot, 

Santa Statia, see Saint Eustatius, 

Savage, John, deposition and oath 
of, 138, 139, 140. 
Sam. Phips, letters of, 62, 112, 
113, 136, 137, 416. 

Sawyer, Heuj., signed Royalsbor- 
ough petition, 370. 
John, 77. 

Sylvanus, signed Norridgewock 
letter, 111, 

Sayer, Col. Ebenezer, sent return 
of drafted men, 23; asked for 
examination, 24; resigned as 
justice of the peace, 24; in 
command at York, 88; letters 
of, 17, 23. 

Scarborough, in need, 79; sent full 
quota to the army, 79; Jewitt 
permitted to clear a vessel 
from, 179; Col. Glover at, 179; 
home of Joseph Prouty, 197. 

Schaffer, John Martin, desired to 
hire Hessians, 206; permitted 
to hire, 267; petition of, 260. 

Scott, Lieut. , rations due, 413. 

Mr. , a member of the Gen- 
eral Court, 240. 
Daniel, 79. 

Sylvanus, the enemy landed at 
his farm, 15, 354; his property, 
at Indian River, destroyed, 
167, 354, 377; desired assist- 
ance, 167, 168, 377; an inven- 
tory of the destroyed i)roperty, 
168; recommended for state 
aid, 355; committee to con- 
sider his petition, 355; com- 
mittee changed, 373; petitions 
of, 107, 377. 

Seavy, \ Capt. Joseph, 110, 310, 

Sevey, / 311, 321, 357, 390, 391, 
Capt. Joseph, 2nd, 357. 
Michael, on Pownalborough 
Committee, 06; signed Pow- 
nalborough petition, 201. 

Sea-water, salt from, 393. 

Sebacook, ) ^ i ^7r^ n^^ 

Sebago, 'jPond, 70, 375. 

Sebascodegin Island, 134, 303. 
Sergant, \ Joseph, petition of, 52; 
Sargent, j to be released, 74. 
Sever, W., member of the General 
Court, 190, 202, 214, 216, 219, 226, 
227, 228, 229, 303, 305, 306, 307, 
317, 318, 322, 329, 330, 332, 333, 
343, 345, 419. 

Sewall, Mr. , member of the 

General Court, 65, 186. 
David, ditto, 60, 64, 81, 85, 86, 
87, 88, 89, 120, 107, 250, 202, 
265, 303, 307, 317, 356, 381; let- 
ter of, 199. 
Moses, signed York petition, 89. 
Nicholas, administrator, 162, 

163, 226. 
S., member of the General Court, 

Storer, recommended for a lieu- 
tenant, 311. 



Shannon, James Noble, deposition 
given at the request of, 139, 
140; petitioned for the captors 
of prizes, 377, 379; petition 
granted, 386. 

Shattuck, Moses, signed Falmouth 
letter, 410. 

Shaw, Capt. Benj., his sloop char- 
tered, 46, 47. 
Maj. and Col. Francis, defeated 
at St. Johns, 10; met Col. 
Eddy, 3r3; his assistance de- 
sired, 36; ratified a treaty, 40; 
to order a sloop prei^ared for 
Indians, 46; to be paid from 
the treasury, 48; desired a 
commission in the Continental 
service, 51; borrowed ammu- 
nition, 116; affidavit concern- 
ing, 178; petition granted, 248; 
Allan awaited the arrival of, 
295; letters of, 202, 206; me- 
morial of, 45. 
Joseph, purchased and improved 
land, 102, 226; received no 
deed, 162. 
Samuel, Jr., received a bounty, 

Shed, John, on the Pepperrell 
Committee, 301. 

Sheepscot, 121, 122, 123. 
River, 209. 

Shench, Capt. Andrew. 267. 

Shepody, 36. 

Shudear, Lake Chaudier, 183. 

Shute, Capt. Benj., on Committee 
of Safety, 1.58; signed Penob- 
scot petition, 276. 

Simonds, Mr. , 114, 287. 

and Co., 91, 92. 

Simonton, Jonathan, signed Ray- 
mond Town petition, 376. 

Simpkins, John, on Committee of 
Safety, 360. 

Simpson, Mr. , member of the 

General Court, 89. 
Joseph, 4.36, 437. 
Capt. Paul, 294. 

Small, Daniel, received a bounty, 
Nehemiah, ditto, 314. 
Samuel, ditto, 315. 

Smart, John, signed Wheelers- 
borough petition, 64; testi- 
mony of, 274; signed Penob- 
scot petition, 276; declaration 
of, 277. 

Smith, Asa, selectman of Pownal- 
borough, 270, 320. 

Smith, continued. 

Benjamin, signed Penobscot pe- 
tition, 276. 

David, 77. 

Edmund, signed Penobscot peti- 
tion, 276. 

Edward, ditto Wheelersborough, 
64; ditto Penobscot, 276. 

Israel, ditto Kennebec, 125. 

Nathl., 77. 

Capt. Nathan, 200. 

Rev. Peter Thayer, salary of, 98. 

Rogers, refused office, 65, 200, 
201, 202, 262. 

Samuel, signed Royalsbourg pe- 
tition, 370. 

Simeon, ditto Wheelersborough, 
64; employed by Col. Lowder, 

Simon, signed Penobscot peti- 
tion, 276; evidence of, 353. 

Capt. Stephen, commissary and 
truck-master at Machias, 1, 
421; in need of provisions, 4; 
to have the care of provisions, 
19; instructions to, 19; to re- 
place provisions,''35; to repre- 
sent Machias, 93; on Machias 
Committee, 96; letter to, 114; 
no news from, 115; petitioned 
for Machias, 151, 152; to be 
supplied from the truck- 
house, 154, 155; his record as 
naval officer, 159, 343; elected 
a captain, 160; looking for a 
moose skin, 255, 256, 257; 
acknowledged arrival of sup- 
plies, 307; paid bounties, 309, 
314; signed the Sixth regi- 
ment petition, 310, 311; sun- 
dries delivered by order of 
Col. Allan, 314; Board of War 
to settle with, 315; received 
no rations, 321; should have 
provisions, 328; confusion 
prevented his keeping matters 
regular, 329; timorous about 
sending skins, 340; as com- 
missary of musters, 340; ad- 
vanced bounty money, 340; 
mentioned mistakes in in- 
voice, 341; Machias took bill 
of, 344; to be supplied as 
truck-master, 350, 351, 352; as 
chairman of the Machias Com- 
mittee, 355; in Col. Foster's 
regiment, 357; desired addi- 
tional pay, 389; ordered to 
send furs to Boston, 394; as 
commissary, 420; to receive 



Smith, continued. 

provisions for Col. Allan, 420; 
bounty money to be paid to, 
421, 422; bill of, 80; deposi- 
tion of, 2r)5, 250; letters of, 1, 
4, 29, 160, 808, 339, 340. 442; 
memorial of, 109; report on, 
28, 181; mentioned, 180, 196, 

Snow, Capt. , 235. 

Isaac, CO. 
John, 6!'. 

Soldiers, to be sent to Col. War- 
ner, 1; retreat at Machias, 2; 
to be continued at St. Johns, 
3; the people enlisted, 4; 
impatient for bounty, 4; de- 
feated at St. Johns River, 4; 
needed at ilachias, 9, 10; 
return of men drafted, 17, 23; 
to be raised for the Eastern 
parts, 19, 211, 212; to be dis- 
banded, 27, 34; company 
raised at Machias, 27, 93; the 
service at Machias, 29, 33; 
proposal to call out the mil- 
itia, 32; to be retained, 34; 
raised at Fryeburp^, 40; bill 
for billeting);, 48, 49; at Fal- 
mouth, to be supplied, 49, 50; 
in need of flour, 54; not 
enough to protect Penobscot 
River, 03; Sullivan's bill for 
billeting, 08; petitioned for 
pay, 68, 09, 150, 188, 197; to 
be paid, 69, 72; needed at 
Cape Elizabeth and Falmouth, 
75; officers to be appointed, 
81; companies to be new 
ranked, 87, 88; dissatisfaction 
about the same, 89; conveyed 
to St. Johns River, 92; pay of 
those at Machias, 93; return 
of the Sixth Regiment, 110; 
report of tlie commissary, 123; 
to be enlisted at Ilarpswell, 
133, 134; pay of same, 134; 
guard for Kennebec River, ancl 
pay of same, 137; commander 
of one company, 153; built 
batteries at Falmouth, 156; 
one company elected officers, 
100; defeated, 101; guard for 
Penobscot River, 103, 104; not 
correctly enlisted, 164; not 
called to duty, 104; neecled at 
Indian River, 1()7; Allan asked 
for call of a court martial, 178; 
tf) be ready to defend Penob- 
scot, 182, 183; tired on Indians, 

Soldiers, continued. 

183; Brewer promised stores 
to those at Penobscot, 185; 
from Lincoln County, 188; to 
be stationed at Boothbay, 189, 
225; pay of same, 189, 226; 
provisions for the same, 190; 
regiment at Macliias to be dis- 
banded, 199; should be at 
Machias, 202; should be put 
to serve as guards, 203; must 
be provisioned, 203; billeted 
at Harpswell, 204; victory of 
Stark, 205; drove Collier back, 
207; supplied by Parsons, 208; 
expected salvage, 208, 211; 
memorial of Third Regiment, 
208, 211; extra hardships and 
privations, 208, 211; pay of 
those who went to St. Johns, 
212; surgeon for Machias, 213, 
420; militia does the drudgery, 
224; bounty for, 227, 228; to 
be rewarded, 233; supplies for 
Machias, 234, 235; may not be 
needed, 241, 242; to be con- 
tinued in artillery, 242; Smith, 
truck-master for, 260; desired 
Buck for colonel, 275; Indians 
too fluctuating, 280; rum 
needed, 289; too many officers, 
294, 358; supplied by Allan, 
290, 339; to have supplies in 
place of wages, 290; dis- 
charged, 303; bounties paid 
to, 309, 314; at Machias, fur- 
nished their own rations, 310, 
321; supplied by Noyes, 323, 
330; account of provisions 
dealt out, 325; under Gilman, 
333, 334; supplied by people 
of Machias, 335; pay for those 
from Frenchman's Bay, 300, 
367, 308; enlisted from Royals- 
bourg, 370; neglected homo 
affairs, 371, 391; petitioned 
for extra pay, 300, 367, 871, 
372, 391; calculation for sun- 
dries needed at Machias, 384; 
to supply themselves with 
arms, 394; Langdon to keep 
an account of provisions de- 
livered to, 395; account of 
provisions delivered at Edge- 
comb, 396, 397, 398; guard 
still kept to protect property 
of the state, 335; loss by the 
depreciation of the currency, 
330, 337; not correctly em- 
ployed, 352; to be enlisted by 



Soldiers, continued. 

Allan, 363; to have more pay, 
367, 368; state of troops at 
Machias, 405, 406; Water- 
house's company needs arms, 
407; the same to be provided, 
407, 408; to reinforce Wash- 
ington, 409, 410, 414; nine 
months men to have same 
pay as men in the Continental 
army, 414; those at Falmouth 
and Cape Elizabeth need pro- 
visions, 423, 

Somersworth, 399. 

South Hampton, 58. 

Sowerdebscott, 282. 

Spaulding, Col. , 101. 

Thomas, 301. 

Spooner, W., member of the Gen- 
eral Court, 43, 47, 48, 69, 73, 
74, 119, 126, 127, 128, 130, 132, 
134, 138, 1.53, 167, 190, 219, 226, 
227, 228, 229, 232, 283, 303, 305, 
307, 317, 318, 324, 329, 330, 332, 
344, 345, 356, 858, 368, 424, 426, 
434, 435, 436. 
W. S., member of the General 
Court, 422. 

Spry, Thomas, taken prisoner, 57; 
released, 57, 58; left his bag- 
gage at Machias, 58; the same 
sold, 58, 59; petitioned for 
assistance and to receive what 
belonged to him, 58, 59; me- 
morial of, 57. 

Stair Falls, 400, 

Staple, Peter, signed Eaymond 
Town petition, 376. 

Starch, Capt. , 61. 

Stark, Gen. John, 205. 

Stevens, Capt. Isaac, .57. 

Stewart, Samuel, Jr., .55, 56. 

Stillman, Maj. George, in Machias 
battle, 13, 27, 170, 171, 172, 
179; praise due him, 14; led 
the party at Cross Island, 22; 
took prisoners, 23; raised a 
company, 27, 29; his regiment 
not full, 34; to be commis- 
sioned, 212; received blank 
commissions to fill up, 223; to 
hold a court-martial, 225; can 
tell of the difficulties at Ma- 
chias, 337, 338, ,342; carried 
letters, 3-39, 340, 384; to pre- 
sent a draft for Smith, 341, 
344; to represent Machias and 
Smith, 384; to furnish a sur- 
geon, 420; letter of, 27; peti- 

Soldiers, continued. 

tion of, ,384; mentioned, 380, 
,394, 421. 
Stilphen, Cornelius, signed Pow- 
nalborough petition, 85, 260. 
George, ditto, 85, 260. 
Michel, ditto, 85, 260. 
Stockade, see Forts. 

Stone, Capt. , 54, 56. 

Ensign , 413. 

Lieut. Daniel, 100. 

John, had a ship for sale, 81; 

letter of, 81. 
Joseph, 77. 
Joshua, signed Falmouth letter, 

Josiah, 77; member of the Gen- 
eral Court, 167, 190, 219, 226, 
227, 228, 232, 233, 284, 239, 250, 
262, 263, 265, .303, 307. ,324, 329, 
3,30, 332, ,333, 343, .344, 345, 356, 
.358, ,365, .368, 381, 382, .386, 389, 
409, 41], 422, 424, 425, 4,32, 435, 
Storer, Joseph, selectman of Wells, 

Stout, Benjamin, received a 
bounty, 315. 
George, on Cape Elizabetli Com- 
mittee, 71. 
Joshea, signed Royalsbourg 
petition, 371. 

Studholm, Maj. , in eommnud 

at St. Johns River, 5. 
Suffolk County, 138, .381. 

Sulkving, Col. , company of, 

Sulivan, \ Capt. Daniel, his bill 
Sullivan, j for billeting men, 68; 
in the Sixth regiment, 110; 
marched to Machias, 366; de- 
sired more allowance for sol- 
diers, 366, 367; to make out 
muster-roll, 867, .368; his men 
to have more pay, 367, 368; to 
purchase fire-arms, 368, 369; 
deposition of, 366, 367. 
Ja., 44, 46. 
Hon. James, 156. 
William, signed Penobscot peti- 
tion, 276. 

Sumner, Mr. , member of the 

General Court, 418. 
W., 379. 
Sunbury County, 12. 
Surgeon for Machias soldiers, 212, 

Swain, Barnabas, 159. 
Swan, Gustavus, signed Wheelers- 
borough petition, 64; ditto 



Swan, continued. 

Penobscot, 276; evidence of, 
281, 282, 284, 285, 353. 
Pond, 385. 

Sweetser, John, signed Wheelers- 
borougli petition, 64. 

Swine to go at large, 98. 

Sylvester, William, selectman in 
Harpswell, 124; signed Harps- 
well petition, 204. 

Taokin, Christopher, vestry- 
man, 261. 
Talpey, Henry, signed York peti- 
tion, 89. 
Tarr, John, taken prisoner, 105. 
Taylor, John, a member of the 
General Court, 41, 43, 47, 48, 
50, 81, 82, 86, 88, 119, 126, 127, 
128, 131, 132, 134, 138, 153, 190, 
202, 214, 216, 219, 226, 227, 228, 
229, 232, 233, 234, 236, 239, 240, 
248, 250, 262, 263, 265, 292, 30.3, 
305, 306, 307, 317, 318, 322, 324, 
333, 845, 855, 356, 358, 365, 308, 
379, 881, 386, 389, 397, 408; 
signed Lincoln County peti- 
tion, 189. 

Tetters, Capt. , 243. 

Thayer, Ch., 425. 
E. Jr., a member of the General 
Court, 41, 43, 47, 60, 70, 73, 74, 
81, 82, 86, 88. 
Ebenezer, sent for his effects, 
374,375; liis effects seized and 
released, 374. 
Ziphion, 425, 434, 435, 436. 
Thomas, Waterman, 266, 267. 
Thomaston, 1 people moved to, 
Thomastown, j 204; home of 
Lieut. Mathews, 218; post 
established at, 236; post-mas- 
ter appointed for, 236. 
Lime Works, 235. 
Post Office, 286. 

Thompson, Brigadier , 101. 

Benjamin, petitioned for his 
pay, 68, 69, 71 ; to be paid, 72. 
Edward, letter of, 92. 
Jeremiah, declaration of, 360, 

.Jonathan, enlisted and paid, 72. 
Samuel, presented billeting bill, 

Thos., signed soldiers' petition, 
Thwing, Nathaniel, ditto Kenne- 
bec, 125; entered a complaint 

Thwing, continued. 

against Rebecca Callahan, 808, 
309, 319; appointed an agent 
for Charles Callahan, 318, 392. 
417, 431; entered a second 
complaint, 392; as justice of 
the peace, 363; demanded the 
personal effects of Charles 
Callahan, 417; to pay Mrs. 
Callahan two hundred pounds, 
432; complaints of, 308, 392. 

Tibbuts, Abner, received a bounty, 
Benj., ditto, 315; .see also 

Ticonderoga, 191. 

Titcomb, Benj., town clerk of 
Pearsontown, 42, 193, 194; to 
call town meeting, 43. 

Tomma, Joseph, 246. 
Piere, 293. 

Toms, John, signed Wheelers- 
borough petition, 63. 

Torrey, John, made prisoner, 105. 

Townsend, 186, 209, 263. 

Townships, granted on the Saco 
River, 77, 103; titles not con- 
firnied, 104, 134, 135; bounda- 
ries, 135. 
No. One, 158. 
No. Six, 78, 103, 135. 
No. Two, 77, 158. 

Tracy, Asa, received a bounty, 315. 
Christopher, ditto, 315. 

Trade gone from Kittery, 67; cut 
off by the war, 188; gone from 
Harpswell, 204; Allan made 
an agreement with the Indians 
concerning, 229; must be re- 
stricted with the Indians, 231; 
paper currency not useful in, 
231; liable to be diverted to 
Canada, 286, 289; with Indians 
under certain regulations, 408. 

Trafton, Charles, signed York 
petition, 89. 

Trayer, John, 361. 

Treat, Joshua, signed Penobscot 
petition, 276. 
Joshua, Jr., ditto, 276. 
Lieut. Robert, ditto Wheelers- 
borough, 64; ditto Penobscot, 

Treet, Mr. , furnished corn, 


Trevet, Oapt. Richard, naval officer 
of York, 343. 

Trott, Thomas, on Windham Com- 
mittee, 71; selectman, 96; as- 
sessor, 98, 99, 100. 




Truck-houses, 63, 116, 130, 164, 
165, 176, 183, 195, 213, 230, 231, 
234, 243, 271, 277, 282, 286, 287, 
289, 296, 307, 308, 325, 333, 335, 
339, 840, 341, 345, 350, 363, 420, 

Truck-masters, 95, 105, 132, 154, 
266, 314, 333, 334, 339, 353, 364, 
380, 394, 408, 425. 

Truck-trade, 278, 283. 

Tubbets, Nathaniel, received a 
bounty, 315. 
see also Tibbuts. 

Tucker, Mr. , member of the 

General Court, 373. 
John, on the Berwick Commit- 
tee, 400. 

Tufts, Francis, signed Damaris- 
cotta petition, 440. 

Tupper, James, 189. 
William, constable, 140, 245, 247, 
253, 372. 

Turner, Sim., his bill as express- 
man, 52; i^aid, 52. 

Tycross, Robert, signed Pownal- 
borough petitions, 85, 260. 

Tyng, Edward, 304, 805, 321. 
William, 304, 343. 

Tything-man, 97. 

T , D , 8. 



Ulmoke, Lieut. - 
agent, 277, 278. 

Underwood, John, plaintiff, 372. 

Union River, 427. 

United States, the, 44, 45, 93, 106, 
146, 151, 177, 178, 188, 195, 215, 
216, 225, 243, 269, 290, 330, 337, 
843, 359, 868, 394, 409, 417, 418, 
420, 421, 482, 439. 

Valpey, Mr. , a member of 

the General Court, 116. 

Vassalborough, 153. 

Vaughan, William, 197. 

Vessels, engagement near Ma- 
chias, 2, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 
25, 33, 57, 170, 171, 172, 173, 
185; only one at St. Johns, 3; 
depredations at Passama- 
quoddy, 8; number at St. Johns 
River, 5, 237; permitted to 
sail from Newbury port, 5; 
the same libeled, 6; fitted out 
to attack Machias, 9; Long's 

Vessels, continued. 

sloop seized, 16; in Machias 
Bay, 22, 182; Hall's schooner 
captured and released, 36, 37; 
brought reinforcements, 38; 
Shaw's sloop to convey In- 
dians, 46; the Friendship 
desired permission to sail, 53, 
54; same received permission, 
55; sailors want more pay, 54; 
to attack Falmouth, 55; sail- 
ors refuse duty, 56, 61; the 
Dolly permitted to sail, 57; 
the British would not send 
one to Machias, 58; Bragdon 
desired to send one to the 
West Indies, 59; one at Fal- 
mouth in a poor condition, 61; 
articles for, to be sent, 62; 
loading at Falmouth, 76, 136, 
157; Jewitt permitted to clear, 
79; Congress to purchase, 81; 
off the coast, 91, 92, 112, 113, 
117, 124, 209; a barge attacked 
Preble's boat, 91; brought 
presents for the Indians, 94; 
prizes taken, 102, 114, 122, 
133; delayed at Falmouth, 
102, 103, 113, 136, 181; trouble 
about condemning a prize, 114, 
115; not permitted to load, 
but sold, 117; trial concern- 
ing, 120, 121; at Falmouth, 
contrary to orders, 121, 122; 
in Damariscotta River, 122; 
supplies needed for, 122, 123; 
Wood to have the proceeds of 
a sloop, 127; the Gruel to be 
hastened away, 186; with 
boards at Boston, 1.38, 189; 
only those which supply the 
army, allowed at Boston, 139; 
return of those registered at 
Machias, 159; Allan's block- 
aded, 178; none at Falmouth, 
one at Scarborough, 180; at 
Boothbay, 186, 186; at Ports- 
mouth, 186; Collier an easy 
prey, 186; off Townsend, 186, 
209; Collier near Pownalbor- 
ough, but driven away, 206, 
207; captured in Boothbay, 
220; to attack Machias, 222; 
a French ship captured, 224; 
soldiers to be rewarded for 
capturing, 233; engaged by 
Lamb, 240; arrived at Ma- 
chias, 241; gundaloe de- 
stroyed, 262; schooner 
dispatched to intercept ves- 



Vessels, continued. 

sels going up Bay of Fundy, 
288, 298, 299; Robinson a 
pilot, 290; expected at St. 
Johns River, 292; three be- 
longing to Frenchman's Bay 
captured, 293; a privateer 
captured, 360; the naval laws 
should be revised, 368, 360, 
406; officers have no power 
to hinder the carrying of in- 
telligence to the enemy, 358, 
359; took arms from French- 
man's Bay, 367; Furnass' 
seized, 374, 388, 415, 416, 425; 
captured oflE Machias, 378, 386; 
Furnass' sloop a lawful prize, 
388, 389; in Wiscasset Bay, 
395, 396, 397; in Pemaquid 
Harbor, 402; with supplies 
captured, 427. 

Active, the, 291. 

Advance, the, 427, 430. 

Alford, the, 32. 

Ambuscade, the, 3, 5, .33, 209. 

Ann, the, 6. 

Betsey, the, 117. 

Blond, the, 22, 182, 237. 

Congress, the, 856, 360. 

Cumberland, the, 404. 

Diamond, the, 91. 

Diligent, the, 8, 57, 126. 

Dolly, the, 57, 

Edgcumbe, the, 325. 

Elizabeth, the, 345, 360, 361. 

Endeavour, the, 5. 

Freedom, the, 102. 

Friendship, the, 53, 55, 159. 

Gage, the, 92, 288. 

Greyhound, the, 91, 106. 

Gruel, the, 121, 136, 206, 207, 208 

Hancock, the, 179. 

Hope, the, 13, 159, 174, 179, 209. 

Industry, the, 114. 

Liberty, the, 127. 

Lively, the, 1.59. 

London, the, 159. 

Loyal Nova Scotia, the, 288. 

Lucy, the, 159. 

Marisheete, the, 170, 171, 288, 

Mermaid, the, 6, 13, 17, 179. 

Milford, the, 14, 105, 209, 237, 
325, 395, 396, 397. 

Molly, the, 179. 

Necessity, the, 159. 

Neptune, the, 159. 

Penelope, the, 102. 

Polly, the, 140, 159, 378. 

Vessels, continued. 

Rainbow, the, 13, 17, 179, 185, 

186, 187, 206, 209, 210, 219, 222, 

Raven, the, 192. 
Renown, the, 105. 
Scarborough, the, 90. 
Speedwell, 159. 
Spry, the, 208. 
Swan, the, 168. 
Three Friends, the, 159. 
Two Brothers, the, 374, 415, 425, 

428, 429, 434, 435. 
Union, the, 7-3, 102, 103, 181. 
Unity, the, 378. 
Vulture, the, 2, 5, 13, 17, 92, 

179, 236, 237, 238, 243. 
Washington, the, 290. 
Yankee Hero, the, 105. 
Vining, , signed Royalsbor- 

ough petition, 370. 
Virginia, 133. 


Waite, Benjamin, owned a dam 
and naills, 101; summoned to 
court, 129. 
Enoch, highway surveyor, 97. 
John, has none of the State's 
money, 61; sheriff, 180, 200; 
letters of, 76, 118, 186. 
Waldoborough, home of Alpheus 
Delano, 78; Delano indebted 
to, 78; commissioned officers 
to be appointed in, 218; home 
of J. M. Schatt'er, 266; as a 
boundary, 440. 

Wales, Capt. , 334. 

Walker, Col. , 36. 

Lieut. Isaac, 41. 

John, received a bounty, 316. 

Joshua, signed Wheelersbor- 

ough petition, 64. 
Simon, enlisted and paid, 72. 
Solomon, signed Kennebec peti- 
tion, 125. 
Timothy, 77. 

Wallace, Capt. , 341. 

Wallingford, Ebenezer, estate of, 
399, 400. 
Thomas, 330. 
Wampum, 229, 842, 411. 
Wangervillo, 40. 

Ward, Gen. Artemas, a member of 
the General Court, 20, 41, 48, 
47, 48, 50, 60, 74, 78, 81, 82, 88, 
119, 126, 127, 128, 130, 131, 132, 
134, 138, 153, 155, 167, 190, 19», 
202, 203, 211, 214, 216, 219, 221, 



Ward, continned. 

226, 227, 228, 229, 232, 233, 234, 
286, 239, 250, 262, 263, 265, 303, 
305, 306, 307, 317, 318, 822, 332, 
333, 343, 345, 356, 358, 368, 408, 
409, 419, 424, 425, 426, 429, 432, 
434, 438. 

Warner, Col. , 1. 

Brig. Gen. Jonathan, letter of, 
1; mentioned, 11, 177, 199, 200, 
215. 334. 

Warren, Daniel, signed Penobscot 
petition, 276. 
James, speaker, .50, 65, 72, 73, 88, 
89, 119, 127. 128, 129, 130, 131, 
132, 134, 135, 138, 167, 199, 200, 
214, 216, 236, 2.39, 240, 248, 249, 
261, 262, 263. 292, 311, 817, 318, 
322, 329, 330, 332, 333, 343, 345, 
346, 355, 364, 365, 368, 373. 374, 
380, 382, 386, 389, 392. 
James Coplisly, to be commis- 
sioned a lieutenant, 218. 

W^arrin, Jonas, 77. 

Washington, George, 66, 409, 410. 

Waterhouse, Samuel, given com- 
mand of a company, 406; at 
Winter Hill, 406, 407; peti- 
tioned for arms, 407; arms to 
be delivered to, 407; petition 
of, 406. 

Waters, Saml., selectman of New- 
castle, 325; petition of, 372, 

Watertown, 49, 163. 

Waugh, James, signed Norridge- 
VFock letter, 111. 
Thomas, ditto, 111. 

Weber, Gertham, 325. 

Webster, Andrew, signed Wheel- 
ersborough petition, 64; testi- 
mony of, 274. 
Andrew, Jr., signed Penobscot 

petition, 276. 
Pelatiah, held money of Abiel 
Wood, 112; to pay the same, 
127; memorial of, 116. 

Wells, the Friendship desired to 
clear from, 53, 54; permission 
granted for same, 55; in need 
of provisions, 53; assessment 
in, 55, 56; Bragdon desired to 
clear a vessel from, 59; as a 
boundary, 385; letters from, 
17, 23. 
Nathl., letter forwarded by, 18; 
selectman, 56; as justice of 
the peace, 393. 
Nathl. and Company, 54, 55. 

Wentworth, Capt. John, in com- 

Wentworth, continued. 

mand at Cape Elizabeth, 81, 
180; petitioned for more pay, 
197, 198. 
Moses, signed Wheelersborough 
petition, 64; testimony of, 
272, 273; signed Penobscot 
petition, 276. 

Wes, Capt. , 34. 

West, Capt. Jabez, i>eople ask that 
his company be filled, 34; his 
men to have same pay as men 
in the Continental Army, 212; 
his company to be completed, 
214; his men receive bounties, 
227; Averll in his company, 
253; Millbury in his company, 
256; men discharged from his 
company, 295; certificate for 
bounty money. 309, 310; raised 
a company, 371; petitioned for 
extra pay, 371, 372, 380; to be 
reimbursed, 371 ; rations due, 
380, 413; Farnsworth to col- 
lect for, 413; his men to have 
rations, 437, 438; petitions of, 
371, 372, 380; mentioned, 114, 

West Indies, 57, 59, 79, 360, 361, 
415, 416. 

Westcock, 36. 

Whaleboats, 36, 420. 

Wheaton, Mason, his place to be 
the end of the postal route, 
235; to be post-master, 236. 

Wheeler, Benjamin, presented the 
Wheelersborough petition, 62, 
64; signed the same, 64; action 
on the same, 65; on the Com- 
mittee of Safety, 158; signed 
Penobscot certiticate, 185; pre- 
sented written declarations, 
272; altercation with Brewer, 
272, 284, 285; called on Low- 
der, 273; assisted Gorton to 
obtain rations, 279; a patriot, 
301; supplied ammunition, 
301, 302, 303, 314; would as- 
sist soldiers' families, 314; 
would supply firelocks, 314; 
nob an enemy to the state, 314; 
action on the petition, 323, 

Wheelersborough, misrepresented, 
62, 63; has not received what 
was sent, 63; a copy of the 
petition of to be served on 
others, 64; actions on the 
petition, 65, 323, 332; home of 
Benj. Wheeler, 301, 314, 328. 



Wheelwright, Capt. Aaron, 53. 

Whitcomb, Benjamin, 77. 

John, suffered by making a new 
boundary, 7t3, 77; member of 
the General Court, 47, 48, 50, 
60, (39, 73, 74, 80, 82, 130, 134, 
135, 155, 1(57, 190, 219, 220, 227, 
228, 229, 232, 239, 250, 202, 263, 
265, 303, 305, 307, 317, 318, 324, 
329, 330, 332, 333, 343, 344, 345, 

356, 358, 365, 381, 382, 386, 389, 
408, 409, 419, 422, 424, 426, 429, 
431, 432, 434. 

Robert, signed Norridgewock 
letter, 111. 
White, , 287. 

Col. , 185, 186. 

Mr. , 315. 

B., a member of the General 
Court, 41, 43, 47, 48, 60, 60, 73, 
74. 81, 82, 86. 88, 119, 126, 127, 
128, 180, 131, 132, 134, 138, 202, 
214, 219, 232, 233, 236, 250, 262, 
263, 265, 322, 344, 345, 868, 368, 
881, 382, 408, 409, 419, 422, 424, 

Charles, 77. 

John, as a witness, 92. 

Philij), signed Kennebec peti- 
tion, 125. 

Robert, ditto, 125. 
Whitman, Charles, 77. 

John, 77. 

Capt. Samuel, to be paid for his 
service, 317, 318; petition of, 
Whitmore, Stephen, signed Ken- 
nebec petition, 125. 
Whitney, Daniel, 77. 

Capt. Joel, master of the Three 
Friends, 159. 

Lieut. Joel, of the Sixth Regi- 
ment, 110, 123, 310, 311, 321, 

357, 391. 
Joseph, 77. 
Methias, 315. 
Richard, 77. 
Richard, Jr., 77. 
Wm., 77. 

Whittier, Kbenezer, signed Kenne- 
bec petition, 125. 

Wilkins, Walter, a Tory, 361, 362. 

Williams, Geo., 54. 
Capt. Joseph, master of the 
Two Brothers, 874, 888, 415. 

Williamson, Jona., on Pownal- 
borough Committee, 66. 

Wilson, (.Joing, received a bounty, 

Wilson, continued. 
Oliver, signed Norridgewock 
letter, 111. 

Windall, W., 54. 

Windham, transactions at the 
town-meeting in, 96, 98; 
record of the town-meeting is 
correct, 98, 99, 100; error in 
proceedings, 99; the record 
confirmed, 118, 119, 120; the 
fisheries in, injured, 129; 
rated Raymond Town, 375; 
to abate the taxes in Raymond 
Town, 424; petitions of, 70, 
71, 129; report on, 72. 

Windsor, 361. 

Wine, 168, 169, 179. 

Wing, Capt. , 3. 

Winter Hill, 406, 407. 

Wiuthrop, I., member of the Gen- 
eral Court, 50, 60, 69, 73, 74. 
Saml., 140. 
Wm., 51. 

Wiscasset, 1 ,qp. iq-t ix^t 
Withcaset, } 1^^' 1^^' l-^^- 
Bay, 206, 897. 
Point, 122. 
Wongonet, pay due, 44. 

Wood, Mr. , member of the 

General Court, 364. 
Abiel, money detained from, 
111; petitioned for permit to 
receive it, 112; not permitted 
to load his vessel, 117; vessel 
sold, 117; to receive the net 
proceeds of same, 127. 
Benj., 77. 

John, signed Kennebec petition, 
125; post-master at George- 
town, 236. 

Woodbridge, Benjamin, justice of 

the peace, 326. 
Woodbury, Peter, 126, 191, 192. 
W^oodruff, Jonathan, received a 

bounty, 310. 

Woods, Henry, instructions to, 

Woolwich, 219, 312, 392, 394, 396, 

Worrin, Nathaniel, enlisted, 354. 
Worster, Moses, received a bounty, 


Wyer, David, attorney, 827. 

Wynian, Mr. , member of the 

General Court, 855, 373. 
William, signed Kennebec peti- 
tion, 126. 



Yarmouth, 52, 115. 
Yong, John, received a bounty, 

York, 81, 86, 87, 88, 120, 125, 140, 
1G2, 192, 330, 343, 355, 436. 
County, 23, 43, 46, 53, 81, 86, 87, 
88, 121, 125, 140, 162, 166, 299, 
311, 317, 330, 346, 347, 348, 384, 
386, 899, 406. 

York, continued. 

Stephen, signed Royalsbourg 
petition, 371. 
Young, Capt. Ezra, in the Sixth 
Regiment, 110. 
John, fence-viewer, 97. 
Samuel, signed York petition, 

, Ezekiel, ditto Royalsbourg, 

, Stephen, ditto, 371. 

This Index was made by Mr. Edward Denham, of New Bedford, Mass. — J. P. R. 


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