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Full text of "Documents and genealogical chart of the family of Benjamin Du Bois; of Catskill, New York. Being an addition to the history of the descendants of Louis and Jacques Du Bois, as given at the bi-centenary reunion held at New Paltz, Ulster county, N. Y., 1875"

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Jjocume nts and Q enealoirjcal [[hart 






History of the Descendants of Louis and Jacques Du I'ois, 

AS given at the lil-CENlENARV REUNION 





"JCeW IjoRK : 

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^IXCE the printing of the "DuBois Keuxiox.'' comprising 
the j)apers read at Xew Paltz. August. 3875, and other 
additional papers relating to the Dii Bois Family, a desire 
has been felt by some of the descendants of Benjamix Du 
Bois to print the Titles and Conveyances of his landed estate at 


These documents possess considerable local and family 
interest, and being printed in uTiiform size and type with 
the " Keunion." can be readily preserved along with it. 

To niake the line of Wills complete for the whole period the 
fanulv has been in America, the wills of Louis, the first settler, 
and of his son Solomon, through whom the Catskill branch 
descends, are also given. 

In copying these wills and deeds and transcribing church 
records of our history, we have endeavored to copy rerhat'nn 
et literdttDi, believing that veritable transcripts from the 
originals, with all the old peculiarities of exjiression and varied 
styles of spelling, would be preferable to amended copies made 
in accordance with the rules of modern orthography. In 
spelling the name '• I)u Bois," for instance, it will be observed 
that it is spelled quite differently as it occurs in different places 
in the same document, and it will also be noticed that 
Huybartus l)u Bois, who sians his name correctly in some 
l)laces, uses "his mark" in'others. Capital letters also are 
often introduced where they do not properly belong, and 


sometimes they are omitted where they shoiikl have been 
employed. In some cases words are missing, but the sense 
will readily supply the deticiency. No effort has been made 
to correct or amend in any i)articular, but to give true counter- 
parts of the original records. 

The Genealogy is made as complete in names and dates 
as our present infoi-mation allows, some items of personal 
history being added. It is, however, still imperfect, and 
anv corrections or additions Avould be gladlv received bv the 
comi^ilers. Such as it is, we hope it may prove acceptable 
to the Family, and awaken among ns a desire to perpetuate 
the memoi-y and imitate the virtues of those from whom we 
are descended. 


Compareerde voor oils ondergesz Comiiiissarisseii van Al- 
banie Colonie Renselaerswyck eu Sclienneclitady &' dese 
volgende Esopusse wilde. Eyg-lienaers van sekere Parcele Lants 
gelegeu te Catskill, viz. Wanna chquatin een oude wilt, 
Mamanauchqua een wildin ct liaer Soon Ciinpwaen, en Usaw- 
anneck, alias gheele Jakob, en Wanninmauva Taw-wequannis, 
Annaneke enXaktenioot, D'AVelke Verclaeide in waren, Recli- 
ten, vryen, Eygendom te Cedeeren, Transporteeren en overte- 
draegen aen en ten belioeve van Mr. AVilliam Loveridge sen'r 
hoedemaker aJIo liaere gereclitigbeyd gelegen tot Catskill 
synde sekere Parceele Boss Lant streckende vand' Mont vand' 
Kill daer zyn Loveridge luiys en sclinyv opstaet Snydwaerts 
kings d'noort alias Hudson's rivier, tot over d'lielft vand' 
groote Iml)oclit daer d'boonien gemerkt zyn AVL en loopt van 
d' Rivier op v.'estwaerts tot daermen konipt op een A^ael op 
Kaeterskill gen' Qwatawiclmaak en so langs d'oost zvde van 
Caeterskill tot daer d'selve inwaetert in Catskill en soo langs 
d'Catskill tot liet linys en sclinver van \Vm. Loverido-e voorsz. 
en soo tot de groote Rivier en dat mett alle de killen, krieken, 
vlaktens, appendentien en dependentien van dien, e^xenipt 
t'Bowlant die d'Loveridge van Jan Conell gekoclit lieel't, 

*Copy of the original Indian Deeil, in Diitcli, of lands at Catskill, to Wni. I.cveiid^^e, 
dated July 19, 1682. See Albany County Records, Vol. C. or Vol. 3. page 152. 


waervan alreedes een Patent Verleeiit is ; Sulx zv Cetlanten 
doen uyt cj-aclit als synde S Eeclite Pioiu'ietowrs en Eygenaers 
van voorsz landeryen. exempt dat zy bedingen dat ]\faliak ^Nlini- 
naw, Sakaniaker van Cat.skiil sallliebben, als liy *t hiiys konit 
2 (deet duffells en G kan Rom ; Transpurteerde 't selve Lant 
vry en onbeswaert, sonder eenige lasten daerop staende ofte 
uyt gaende (behoudens den Heer svn lieclit) sonder dat zv 
Cedanten, in't minste daerop meerderbebben te pretendeeren, 
als bekennen daervoortot 
volgende goederen in d'preseutie van d' Court, te weten : drie 
roers, drie ketels, twee pistoolen, drie cornbeersen, drie cleefc 
duffells, drie cleet strondwaters, drie liemden, drie Paer 
Coussen, then vaera zeW half witt half swart, twee ankers 
Romm, twee deegens, drie me.-sen. diiebylen, ses gupse cruyt, 
. ses staeve loot, drie dissells, een half fatt goet beer, Gevende 
der halve volkoome macht aend' voorsz. Wm. Loveridge, syn 
Erven- en naekomelingeu, off die naemalks zyn Reehte en actie 
moclite Vercrygen, ommet voorsz Lant, Boschagie, killen, 
kreeken &:^ te doen & te disponeeren gelyk als hy met zyn 
Eyge Patrimoniall goederen en eff'ecten doen sonde mogen 
Belovende 't selve op en jegens eenen ygelyck te waren en te 
vryen voor alle commer, naermaeninge ofte benoaernisse die 
naermaels van Christenen oft" wilden sonde mogen coomen, En 
also Uirck TeuniseTeunise eenige pretentie is makende op een 
stuk lant int gemelde lymiten gelegen aend' punt l)y d'Rivier 
genaemt Uyle Spiegels lant, soo Verclaert Wm. Loveridge 
voord' Court dat indien hy zyn i^retentie kan goet maeken, soo 
will hy geerne daer van desisteeren, anders so sail Dirk Teunise 
gehouden zyn, indien hy gemelde lant will liouden, daer voor 
te betaelen, naer Rats als hy voor'tgeheel betaelt, vorders 
Verclaerende wilden hier tegens nimmermeer te sallen doen 
noch laet engeschieden in geeniger maniere onder Verbant als 


naer Rechteii daertoe staende. Actum in Albanie in d' Court 
huYS op den 19 July, 1GS2, en is van alle d'Eygenaers dus 

(Signed) Cokxelis vax Dyck, ) 
DiRCK Wessels. I 

T'nierck van Wannacliquatin d'oude wilt. 

Tmerk van"— V-v Mamanaucliqua d'oude wildin. 


T merk van Cunpwaer (1 ■ 

T merk van Usawanneeck ^^^^^^5!^ 

T merk van AVannin \_/\ mauwaa een wildin. 

T merk van ^y Taw-wequanis een wildin. 

T merk van >;;^ Annaneke een wilt. 

T merk van ^ — -— ._) <;-0*q ^ Xaktemoot een wildin 

In kennisse van my. 

Ro^ Livingston, Seer. 

By Hox. Teuxis G. Bergex, Bav Ritloe, L. I. 

Appeared before us underwritten commissioners of Albany, 
tlie colony of Renselaerswyck and Schennectady, &c., the 
following Esopusse wild men, (Indians) owners of a certain 
parcel of land lying at Caktsill, viz : Wannaclitj^uatin, an old 
Indian, Mamanauchqua, a female Indian, (squaw.) her son 
Cuni^tAvaen, and Usawanneck, alias yellow jacket, and Wannin- 
mauwa, Taw-wequannis, Annaneke and Naktemoot, who de- 
clared as owners in their own right to cede, transport and convey 
to and to the use and behalf of Mr. William Loveridge, Sen'r, 
liatter, all their right and title to a certain piece of wood-land 
lying at Catskill, stretching from the mouth of the kill on which 
said Loveridge' s house and barn stands, southerly along the 
North alias Hudson's river to oj^posite the one-half of the great 
bend where the trees are marked WL, and running from the 
River AVestwards to where it comes to a fall on the Kaeterskill, 
named Qwatawichnaak, and then along the east side of Caeters- 
kill to where said kill empties in the Catskill, and then along 
said Catskill to the house and barn of Wni. Loveridge. afore- 
said, and then to the great River (Hudson) ; with all the kills, 
creeks, valleys. appendences**ind appurtenances thereunto be- 
longing, except the cultivated land which said Loveridge 


bought of Jan Conell, for which iilready a patent lias been 
granted ; tliis conveyance is given in pursuance of the power as 
the rightful proprietors and owners of the aforesaid premises, 
subject to the condition that Mahak Mininaw, l^achem of Cats- 
kill, be paid when he returns to his home, 2 pieces of dulfells 
and 6 kans of rum ; convey the said premises free and unen- 
cundiered, with no buiden attached, or liable to (except the 
rights of the Lord or Government,) without having or pretend- 
ing to have, in the least, any furtlier claims thereon, and 
declaring in the presence of the Court to be fully contented 
with the following goods, viz.: — three guns, three kettles, 
two pistols, three vests, three pieces duffells, three pieces 
'•stroudwaters," three shirts, three pair stockings, ten 
fathoms wampum, half white and half black, two ankers 
rum, two swords, three knives, three axes, six cups pow- 
der, six bars of lead, three adze's, one-half cask good beer ; 
grant-ing full power to the said Wm. Loveridge, his heirs 
and successors, or those who hereafter his right and claim 
may o])tain of said land, woods, kills, creeks, cKrc, to do and 
to dispose of the same, as he with his own patrimonial 
r^oods and estates might do, promising to free the same from 
the claims of all otheis who hereafter may make pretensions, 
whether Christians or wikl men (Indians). And also if Dirck 
Teunise Teunise makes any claims on a piece of land lying 
• within the limits of said tract on the point by the River, named 
Uyle Spiegels (owFs looking glass) land, then declares AVm. 
Loveridge, in presence of the court, that in case he makes his 
claim good he will allow the same, but if Dirck Teunise holds 
said piece, he is to p)ay his proportion of the costs of the 
whole plot. Further declare the vendors that hereafter 
they will make no claims* or pretentions on said premises 


in any manner whatever, and to this they bind themselves 
leo-allv to abide. 

Done in the Court house in Albany, this 19th of July, 1682, 
and is by all the owners subscribed. 
(Signed) Coknelis van Dyck, 
DiKCK Wessels, 

Tlie mark of Wannachquatin, the old Indian. 


The mark of "— V-^ Mamanauchqua, the old squaw 


The mark (^f Cunpwaer L 

The mark of Usawanneeck ^^^ 

The mark of Wannin C K mauwaa, an indian 

The mark of y^ Taw-wequanis. an indian. 

The mark oi y^ Annaneke, an indian. 

The mark of ^ -^ ^-^ ^-^^_J) Naktemoot, an indian. 

In presence of 

lloBT. Livingston, Seer 


Recorded for Wm. Loveridge of the 
County of Albany. 

Thomas Dongan. Cai)t. Generall Governour in Chief & Yice- 
Adniiral in A: over the province of New Yorke & Territoryes 
Depending thereon in America, under liis ^laj"^, James tlie 
Second, ])y the Grace of God, King of Enghand, Scottland, 
Fi-anc^ & Ireland, Defendor of the faith, k^i. Wliereas Pctrus 
l^tui/resdjit, the late Dutch Governour, did by his Certain 
Writing or Patent under his hand, l)earing date the 2Wi Da// 
of Octoh(n\ 1G53, Grant unto Feter Thuni^en Van Brunsioiek 
(ti Certain Tract or Piece of Land lyeing in Katskill upon the 
North River towards Albany in tlie South side of the Creek or 
kill Stretching in Length, one hund^ Seventy Rodd & in 
Breadth, one hundred fortj' Rodd, & Goeing on further it is 
ComiDassed Round with wood Land amounting in all to about 
. forty-four acres or twenty-two morgan.) And Whereas the 
said Petrus Stuyvesent by another certain Patent or Writing 
under his hand, bearing date the liJtJt da// of Xoeemher, 1G53, 
Did Give & Grant unto the said Peter Tliiinlsseii Van Bruns- 
wic/c (another Parcel of Land lyeing on the North side of the 
said Creek or Kill over against afore-mentioned Land, stretch- 
ing East & \Yest, Containing about twelve acres or G morgan,) 

•Copy of Patent of Lands at Catskill to William Loverid^'e, Jr., dated Feb. S 
i6S6, recorded at Albany in Secretary of Slate's Office, Liber 6 of Patents, p-iy;es 
136 to 141, by Geo. Dongan. 

8 AVM. loveuidge's patent. 

by virtue of the wiiicli said Grants from said Peter Steuyve- 
sent, the late Dutch Governor, the said Peter Th'oiiseit Van 
BrunswicJc was Seized & Peaceably Possessed of the Prem- 
issess, and in the possession thereof. Did depart this Xatural 
Life, and leff Jn's wife i/i fJte Pefc^'eable Possession of the said 
Tracts or Parcells of Land k. Premissess, who since Inter- 
maryed witli Andreas De Yersnians, by virtue of which Inter- 
mariage, the said Andreas Yersmans, according to the then 
Custom c£- Practice of the Connt'/, became Sai zed (( n d possessed 
of all tlie before Recited Tracts or Parcels of Land and Prem- 
issess, k did I)'/ mean assurance of th(' Laic, in y^ yeare of 
our Lord, IGOO, Sell, Alienate & Con re// unto EJbrrt (ierlxrts 
Chriniffe & Ilennans Cansfort all the aforecited Tracts k Par- 
cels of Land & Primissess. A)id Whereas, Rich'^ jYicotls, 
Esqr., late Governour of this Province, under his Poy' High^^ 
James, Dnl^e of Yorke & Alhan.t/, now his Present Ma"^, did 
by his Certain Patent under his liand & Scale, bearing Date 
the Sixteenth Day of ^lay, 10G7, Rattifie & Confirrne unto the 
said Elbert Gerherts Chrimffe & Hermans Gansevoret, all the 
aforei'eclted Tracts & Parcels of Land within the Limits & 
bounds, aforesaid, as Doth more Perticulerly appear by the 
said Patent Contirniacon, Recorded in the Sec'vs Office of this 
Province. And Whereas, the said Elbert Gerbert Chrimffe, 
for divers considerations but more perticulerly for a Consider- 
able sume of Monv that he was Indebted unto the said Her- 
mans . . . Gansevort did by mean assurance of the Law, Sell, 
Alienate, k Release nnto the said Hemans Gansfort, all his 
right, Title cl' Interist that he had or ever Should have nnto 
tlie halfe or Mojety of the said Land an its appurtenances, 
as by the Record of tlie City of Albany, Reliicon being there- 
unto had may more fully k att large appeare, by virtue where- 
of, the said HarmansGansevoret became solelv Seized & Quietl v 
Possessed of all ct every the aforerecited Tracts k Parcels of 
Land k Premissess within the Limits k Bounds aforesaid. 

And Whereas the said Harmans Gansfort, by his certain 
Writing under his hand, bearmg date the 20th day of Ajirill, 

w.M. lovkhidctE's patent, 9 

1G78, for the Coiisiderucoii of two hundred ]\[archaiitable Beav- 
ers to be paid unto liim, the said Ilarnians Gaiisfoert, by Jolm 
Cowell, did Sell unto the said Jolm Cowell all the aforerecited 
Tracts ct Parcels of Land eS: Premissess, which Consideriicon 
of two hundred Marchantable Beavers, aforesaid, tliesaid John 
Cowell could not pay nor was able to perform, which made him 
Covenant ct agree to & with "Win. Loveridge, Deceased, of 
Katskill in the County of Albany, feltmaker, that he, the said 
Wm., should have & Enjoye all his right, Title A: Interist to 
the aforerecited Tracts tl' Parcells of Land & Premisess, upon 
Consideracon that the said \Vm. Loveridge should pay unto 
the said Harmans Gansforet, the above Consideracon of two 
hundred Marchantable Beavers, as by their Covenant nnder 
their hands, bearing date the twenty-seventh Day of July, 
1C80, Recorded in the Records of Albany, Relacon being there- 
unto had may more fully t^' att large appear. And Wl/erccib; 
in Persuance of the said Covenant eV Agreem', the said Wm. 
Loveridge, in his life time, did pay unto the said Hermans 
Gansfoort, parte of the said two hundred ^Marchantable Beavers 
& the -remainder since paid by Wm. Loveridge, his Sonne eS: 
Heire to the Said AVm. Loveridge, in Consideration whereof, 
the said Harmans Ganesfort & ^h\v, his AVife, have bv mean as- 
surance in the Law, Sold, Alienated it Couiirmed unto Wm. 
Loveridge Eldest Sonn & Heir to the aforesaid Wm. Loveridge, 
all the aforerecited Tracts lV' Parcels of Land cl' Premissess 
within the Limits &: Bounds aforesaid, with all the Proffits, 
commodities & Appurtenances thereunto belonging, as by 
their Deed under tlieir Hands & Seales, bearing date the Seven- 
. teentli day of April, 1G8G, Recorded in the Records of Albany, 
Relacon being thereunto had may more fully cV' att Large ap- 
peare. And WJitrea.s the said Wm. Loveridge, late of Albany, 
ffeltmaker, deceased, Did Purchase of the Native Indians 
Wawaequatin, Mananauchcpia, Cunpawean. Usawanneck, 
Alias Squintereyed James, Warinmawe, Tawequa, Annan- 
ecke & iS'eektemoot, (A Certaine Tract or Parcell of Land 
Stretching from the mouth of the Kill where the said Lover- 

10 wyi. lovektd(;e's patp:xt. 

iclge's House S: Bunie Stands. Southward along Hudson's or 
the Xoith Kiver till over the halfe or Great emboght or I'ay 
wliere the Trees are marked A\'L. c*v: Kuns up from the Iliver 
Westward to a fall of water Called the Kattskill. tlie fall of 
water being Called by tli':' Indians Quatavichnaack. & soe along 
the East side of Katterskill or Creek till wiiere the said Creek 
runs into the Creek called Kantskill, c\: soe along Cattskill a 
man comes to the House &: Bai'u of AVm. Loveridge aforesaid, 
c^' from thence til! thedreate River.) with all the Kills. Creeks, 
Flats. A])|)erdences & Dependencies of the same belonging or 
in any wise appertnineing, which s^ Tract of Land within tlie 
Limits c\: Bounds aforesaid, was by mean assurance of the Law. 
Conveyed by the above said Indians unto the said William 
Loveridge, his Heirs &: assyns forever, as by their Deed under 
their hands, bearing Dare the nineteenth Day of July, 1GS2, 
Recorded in the Olfice of Records for this Province, Reliicon 
being tliereunto had may more fully & att large appeare. & 
whereas the said Wm. Lovei'idge, in his life time when in 
sound ct Perfect Memory, did by his last Will *i' Testament 
amongst' other things, constitute & appoint his well beloved 
AVife, Temperance Loveredge. to be his Executrix of his Last 
Will ct Testam', & in case of her Death, that his eldest Sonn 
AVm. Loveiidge should be Executor, A: P^xecute all the thing or 
things required to be Don or Performed by said Wm. as appears 
bv said AVill, made the sixth Dav of January, 1088, Recorded 
in the Office of Records for that Provinca, Relacon being there- 
unto had may more fully »Sr att large appeare. And Whereds 
Temperance Loveridge, Relict tc Executrix to Wm. Loveridge, 
Deceas'', aforesaid, tinding liersefe to decrease in age and soe 
not capable to performe the Trust »K: Duty I'equired by her in 
said Will, did therefore Resyn all her executorship of said AVill 
unto her Eldest Sonn Wm. J^(neridge aforesaid, giving him fulle 
Power and authority to execute all thinu's Required to be don 
or Performed by said AVill, as apX3eares as "^^ her Deed of Re- 
sy nation under her Hand A: Seale, bearing Date the Sixth day 
of June, 1G84, Relacon being thereunto had mav more fullv k 


att large appear. And W/^c/nr-s- the said Wni. Loveridg-e, in 
Pursuance of tlie Preniissess, hath taken out Letters of admicon 
for the due &: Legall Performance of tlie aforesaid AVill, as by 
Letters of Adniicon under my hand and Seale. bearing Date 
the Eiii'hth I)av June, 1G84, Relacoubeino; thereunto had mav 
more fully c\: att large appeare. A/id WJieica.s the said \Vm. 
Loveridge. Eldest Sonn A: Heire to the said \\m. Loveridge, 
Deceased, k Executor of the last ^Yill, Testam' of his said 
Ifatherr, Deceased, & Administrator of all the Goods A: Chatties 
of the said Wm. Loveridge, Deceased, hath made applycation 
to me for a conhrmacon of the Preniissess under the Seale of 
the Province. 

Now kiioic lie that I, the said Thouias Dongan, bv A^irtue of 
the Power & Authoritv to me Devised from his most Sacred 
Majisty aforesaid, d' in Pursuance of the same, I have Given, 
Granted, Ratilied, Released «.V Conllrmed, A: by these j^resents 
Doe Give, Grant, Rattitie, Release k Conlirme unto the said 
Wm. Loveiidge, his Heirs A: assigns, for the nses, intents k 
purjjoses expressed in the aforesaid AVill, all ct singular, the 
above Recited Tract k Tracts, Parcell k Parcells of Land, to- 
gether with all theSoyle, Meadow c^- Woods within the limitts 
k Bonnds aforesaid, Avirh all A: Singular the Messuages, Tenn- 
em'% Houses, Barnes, Buildings, Orchards, Gardens, Trees, 
Timber, AVood, underwood. Swamps, Afoors, ^Marshes, Mead- 
ows, Rivers, Runns, Rivuletts, Streams, Creeks, Waters, 
Lakes, Pooles, Ponds, Fishing, Hunting, Hawking, fowling & 
other Proffitts, Commodityes cK: Hereditan'" to the said Severall 
Tracts k Parcells of Land within tlie Limits k Bounds afore- 
said, Belonging or in any wise appurtaineing, and every 
Parte k Parcell thereolT, to have k to hold the said Tract k 
Tracts, Parcell k Parcells of Land k all k singular, other the 
Preniissess unto the said AVilliam Loveridge his Heirs k As- 
signs, to the only Proper use, Beneffiitt k behoofe of him, the 
said AVm. Loveridge, his Heirs k Assignes forever, to bee 
holden of his most Sacred Majesty, His Heirs & Successors in 
fee Common Soccage, acc«Drding to the tenure of East Green- 

12 \VM. loveuidge's patext. 

wich in his Majestyes Kingdom of England, Yeilding. Rend- 
ring c^' Paying Therefore, Yearly cV' every yeare for ever, as an 
acknowledgni' or Qiiitt Rent, unto his most Sacred Majesty, 
his Heirs A: Snccessorss, or to such Ofticer or Officers as shall by 
liim or them be appointed to Receive the same att the Citty 
of :Xe\v Yorke, in Lieu of all Services «i' Demands whatsoever, 
the sume of tenn Bushells of Good Marchautable Winter 
\Vheat. In Testimony whereoff, I have Caused these Presents 
to be Recorded in the Secretaryes Office, & the Seale of tlie 
Province to be hereunto affixed, this Bay 


Thomas Dongax. 

May it Please your Hon'. 

.The Attorney Generall hath Perused this Patent, & finds 
Nothing Contained therein Prejudiciall to his Majestyes In- 

James Graham. 




In the name of God. Amen, tlie one and thirtieth dav of 
..March, Anno Domini, IGSO, I, Lois Da bois, of the New Paltz 
In the County of Ulster, bein"- both sound in body andof "-ood 
and perfect memory, thanks be to Almiu'hty, and calling 
to remembrance the uncertain Estate of this transitory life, 
and that all liesh must yield unto death whoni it shall please 
God to call ; doe make, constitute, ordain and declare this my 
last will and testament, in manner following : Revoking and 
annuling, by these presents, all and eveiy testament and testa- 
ments, will and wills, heret<jfore bv me made and declared 
either by word or writing, and this to be my last will and 
testament. Inqn'iniis : I will that all my Just debts shall be 
])aid within a convenient time after my decease, and what 
there Bhall be found afterwards belonging to my Estate, shall 
be equally dealt among my children I but my two oldest sons 
desiring to have each of them a part of the land of the IS'ew 
Paltz, more than the other sons bv reason their names are 
upon Patent, but they will be content to deale equally with 
my other cliildren, whether in land, houses, or any other sort 
of goods whatsoever belonging to mv said Estate, as well the 
lands of the Paltz that I have bought for me and after my 
death and their mother's decease, shall be dealt equally 
amongst them, (to wit, ) Three parts lying and being situated 
in the New Paltz, but if they (to wit) my two eldest sons will 
each of them have a part of the land lying in the New Paltz, 
they may have it after myn and their mother's death, with 
condition they shall i:>ay for the said land with all the interest 
of the same, unto the other of mv children, and shall not in- 
herit any of the other land, houses, or any other sort of goods 
belonging to my said Estate^ but them that have house lots 
and have built thereon, shall keep the same upon condition 
that the other of my children shall have so much land instead 


thereof, in siicli convenient places as may be found most ex- 
pedient for tlieni in any place belonging to my said Estate. 
Myn wife, their mother, shall have the ordering of the Estate, 
that is to say, to have the prolits and perquisites of the same, 
so long as she remainetli the widdow, but in case she cometh 
to remarrv. that she shall have the one right half of the whole 
Estate, either lands, houses, or any other goods or chatties 
whatsoever belong to my said Estate, and the other half shall 
be amongst the children, aforesaid, equally dealt, except my 
two eldest sons, which, if they will have the Lotts above men- 
tioned, must pay for the same with the interest of the said 
land, and shall have no other part in my said Estate, this is 
my last will and testament and no other, in witness whereof I 
have liereunto set mv hand and seal the day and year first 
above written. 


Signed and Sealed in presence of 

A RENT Texxissux, 


Entered upon record 19th May, 1(580. 

Examined per Joux Wxvuu, D"p't Crk. 


Made June 20, 1750. Admitted to Probate Feb. l;!, 17.30. 
Recorded in X. Y, Surrogate's office. Vol. 21, p. 201. 
Copied from a copy in possession of Gilbert Du Bois, of EUen- 
ville, X. Y. 

In the name of God, Amen, I, Solomon Du Bois, of the 
County of Ulster, in the province of Xew York, yeoman, be- 
ing week in body, but of sound and perfect mind, memory, 
and understanding', thanks be to Almighty God, but consider- 
ing the uncertainty of this trajisitory life, and that we must 
all yield unto Death when it shall please God to call. Do make 
this last will and testament in numner and form following : 


that is to say, iirst and princi[)ally, I leconimend my ^oul un- 
to Alniiiilitv God, and niv bodv to tlie earth to be decent] v 
buried at the direction of my Executors hereafter named, as 
touching such earthly estate as it hath pleased God to bestow, 
my just debts and funeral charges Being first paid and satislied, 
I give and bequeath the same as followeth : 

Item. I give. Devise and bequeath all my land late in 
possession of my eldest son, Isaac Du Bois, Situate, lying, and 
Being at porkionra in pensilvania, unto my four Grand 
Daughters, the Childien of my Sai 1 Son Isaac Du Bois, De- 
ceased, viz., Catharine. Margaret, Rebecca, and Elizabeth, 
their heirs and assigjis. To have and To hold the said lands 
imto my said Grand Daughters Catharine, Margaret, Kebecca, 
and Elizabeth, their heirs and assigns to the only use, Benetit, 
and Behof of niv said Grand Daughters, their heirs and assigns 
forevei", to be ecpially divided between them. Saving only that 
it is my will and desire that my said three youngest Grand 
Daughters shall pay for the same, unto the Eldest, Catharine, 
the sum of Ten pounds, which Said Sum of Ten pounds, I do 
hereby Give, Devise, and Bequeath unto my Said Grand 
Daughter Catharine, to be paid to her Exec'rs, Adm'rs, or as- 
signs accordinglv. 

Item. I give, Devise, and becpieath unto my son Ben ja- 
Tiin Du Bois, all my land at Katskill, in the County of Albany, 
in the province of Xew York, now in the possession of my 
said Son Benjamin, and to his heirs and assigns To have and 
To hold the said Land with its appurtenances, unto my said 
son Benjamin, His Heirs and assigns to the only use, Benetit, 
and Behoof of my said son Benjamin, his heirs and assigns for- 
ever, ux)on condition, nevertheless, that my said son Benjamin 
sliall pay for the same the sum of one hundred pounds current 
money of Xew York, within the Term of one year, next after 
my decease, that is to say, one-third part thereof unto my 
Daughter Sarah, tlie wife of Simon Van Wagenor, her Exec' rs, 
Adm'rs, or assigns ; and other third part thereof, unt(j my 
Daughter Helena, the wife of Josiah Eltinge, her executors, 


administrators, or assigns ; and tlu? other third part thereof, 
unto my Grand Children, tlie Cliihlren of my Dauiiiiter Cath- 
arine, the late wife of Peter L<iwe. 

Item. I give. Devise, and Bequeath unto my son Corne- 
lius Du bois, all that my farm, messuages, Lands, and appur- 
tenances whatsoever, with the same Belonuinii- situate, lying, 
and being in the County of Ulster, within the patent Granted 
to my father Lewis Du Bois, Deceased, being that j)art adjoin- 
ing the new Paltz, as the same is now in his occupation, with 
the woodland thereunto adjoining, being Bounded North 
Easterly by the new Palts aforesaid, and South Westerly bv the 
lands of Jonathan Du bois. Deceased, and also all that the 
one moiety of my right and privilege reserved to me within 
the patent of the new Palts, To Have and To Hold the said 
farm, messuages, Lands, and premises with the appurtenances 
unto the said Son Cornelius, his heirs and assigns To the only 
use, Benefit, and Behoof of my said son Cornelius, his heirs and 
assigns forever, upon condition, nevertheless, that my said son 
Cornelius, shall pay for the Land the sum of one hundred 
X)Ounds, current money of Xew York, within the term of one 
year next after my Decease, that is to say, one-third part 
thereof, to my Daughter Sarah, her executors, adm'rs, or as- 
signs ; and other third part thereof, unto my daughter Helena ; 
and other third part thereof, unto my Grand Children, the 
children of my said Daughter Catharine, Deceased, Their Ex- 
ecutors, Administrators, or xVssigns. 

Ite3I. I Give, Devise, and Bequeath unto my Son Hen- 
dricus Du bois, his heirs and assigns, all that my farm, mes- 
suages, Lands, and ap2)urtenances whatsoever, unto the same, 
Belonging, Situate, lying, and being in the County of Ulster, 
within the Patent, Granted to m\ father Lewis Du bois, De- 
ceased, as aforesaid, commonly called the Ganso plaats, as the 
same is now in his occupation, with the woodland thereunto 
adjoining, being bounded North Easterly by the land late of 
Jonathan Du bois. Deceased, as aioresaid, and South Westerly 
by the late of Joseph Hasbrouck, Dec'd, and by a lott of land 
of my said son Hendricus Du bois, hv him purchased of Jon- 


atlian Du bois, aforesaid. Deceased, also all that the one moiety 
of my right and privilege reserved to me witliin the Patent of the 
new Palts aforesaid. To Have and To Hold the said farm, mes- 
suages, Lands, and Premises, with the ax)i)iirtenances unto my 
said Son Hendricus. his heirs and assigns. To the only use, 
benefit, and Behoof of njy Said Son Hendricus, his heirs and 
assigns forever, upon condition, nevertheless, that my said 
.Son Hendricus, Shall pay for the same the sum of one hundred 
pounds, current money of New Yoi-k, within the term of oue 
vear next after mv Decease, that is to sa^^ one-third luirt 
thereof, unto my said Daughter Sarah, her Executors, Admin- 
istrators, or assigns ; one other third part thereof, unto my 
said Daughter Helena, her executors, administrators, or as- 
signs ; and the other third part thereof, unto my said Grand 
Children, the children of my said Daughter Catharine, De- 
ceased, their Executors, administrators, or assigns. 

Item. I Give, Davise, and Bequeath all that my part or 
proportion of a pond marsh and woodland thereunto adjoining, 
situate within the corporation of Kingston, unto all my children 
and G^rand Children, tliat is to sav. to each of mv Children 
one-eight part thereof, and to my Grand Children, the other 
two-Eights parts thereof, and for the more easy division There- 
of, it is mv" Avill and desire and I do hereby order and direct 
that my executors, hereafter named, or the servivors of them, 
Do and shall within convenient time after my decease, sell the 
same lands within the Coporation of Kingston, aforesaid, to 
the best advantage that can or mav be gotten for the same, and 
I do hereby empower them or the survivor of them to sell and 
convey the same and the money thereby arising, to be divided 
into eight equal parts and to be paid by my Exec'rs, in man- 
ner following : that is to say, one-eighth part thereof, unto my 
said Grand Children, the Children of my said son Isaac Du 
bois, Dec'd ; one other eight part thereof, unto my Daughter 
Jacomyntje, the widow of Baront Du bois, Deceased, her ex- 
ecutor, administrators, or assigns : one other eight part there- 
of, unto my said Son Benjamin, his Executors, admin'rs,or 
assigns ; and other eight part thereof, unto my said Daughter 


Sarah, her Exec'rs. adniiiiistrators. or assigns : and other 
eighth part thereof, unto my said Grand Chiklren, tlie chiklren 
of my said Daughter Catherine, Dec'd, their Exec' rs, admin rs, 
or assigns; one other eiglit part thereof, unto my said son 
Cornelius, his Executors, adm'rs, or assigns; and other eiglit 
part thereof, unto my said son Hendricus, his Executors, 
adm'rs, or assigns ; and other eight part thereof, unto my said 
Daughter Helena, her Exec'rs, Ad'rs, or assigns ; which said 
respective sums of money, herein before made to my said 
children, respectively, I do hereby Give and Bequeath the same 
unto my said children and Grand Children, as the same is 
herein before made i:)ayal)le them particularly. 

Item. It is my will and desire that my said son Cornelius 
Du bois, shall pay and Deliver unto my said three Daughters, 
Jaconiyntje, Sarah, and Helena, and to my Grand Children, 
the children of my said Daughter Catherine, Dec'd, the num- 
ber of eight black cattle of the age of three 3'ears or upwards 
and eight sheep, that is to say. To Each of my said Three 
Daughters, two Black Cattle and two sheep, and to my Said 
Grand Children, also two Black Cattle and two sheep to be 
delivered to them within the term of four years after my 

Item. All that my money that I shall have at the time of 
my Decease, and also all Debts to me by bonds or other secu- 
rities that shall l)e due to meat the time of my Decease, I Give 
and Bequeath unto my said Three Daughters, their Executors 
admin' rs, or assigns. Each of them one-fourth part thereof, and 
to my said Grandchildren, the Cliildren of my Said Daughter 
Catherine, Dec'd, their Ex'rs, adm'rs, or assigns, the other 
fourth part thereof. 

Item. After my just debts and funeral Charges are first 
paid and satisfied, all the remainder of my personal estate, 
whatsoever not before herein particularly Given and Bequeathed 
I Give, Devise, and Bequeath unto my five children, viz., 
Jaconiyntje, Benjamin, Sarah, Hendricus, and Helena, their 
Executors, adm'rs, or assigns,' each of them one-seventh part 
thereof, and to my Grand Children, the Children of my said 


Son Isaac Dii bois. dec'd, tlieir Exec" rs, adm'rs. orassiu-ns. one 
otlier seventh pai-t tliereot and to my said Grand Cliildren. 
the chiklren of my said Daughter Catherine. Dec'd, their Ex- 
ec'rs, adm'rs, or assigns, the other seventli part thereof. 

Item. It is my will and desire that if in case ir shall hap- 
pen that if any of my said Grand Children, the Children of my 
said son Isaac Dn bois, Deceased, and the Children of my said 
Daughter Catherine, Dec'd. shall Decease without lawful issues 
of their Bodies Living, then and in such case it is my will, and 
I do hereby Give, Devise, and Bequeath all such part and pro- 
portion of my real and personal Estate, herein and hereby given 
to them, unto the Surviving Brothers and Sisters of theuh Re- 
spectively, as shall be then living, to be Equally Divided be- 
tween them share and share alike. 

Item. And whereas my Daugliter.Iacomyntje, hath already 
had and received of the widow and children of mv said Son 
Isaac Du bois, Deceased, the sum of one hundred pounds, in 
order to make them equal with my other Children, I have 
thougjit iit to make mention of the same tliat they may not 
seem 'to be wronged in their i)roportion of my Estate. 

And it is my will and desire that my said Children and 
Grand Children, shall be and remrdn fully satisfied with this 
my Distribution of my said Estate, and that they shall not 
molest my Executors in the Execution of my said will, and if 
any of my said Children or Grand Children shall hereafter 
happen to commence any law suit against the other of my 
Children or Grand Childien Concerning part of my said Estate, 
contrary to this my will, then and in such case such of my said 
Children or Grand Children shall be utterly excluded and De- 
barred from Inheriting any part of my said Estate, and then 
and in such case I do give snch of my*^said Children or Grand 
Children's proportion of my estate unto the other Cliildren 
and Grand Children, to be divided among them as my other 

And lastly I do hereby nominate and appoint my said Sons 
Benjamin Du bois. Ilendricus Du bois, and Joln/Eltinge of 
Kingston, in Ulster County, aforesaid, or the survivor of them. 


to be Executors of this my last Will and Testament, and re- 
voking all the wills by me heretofore made, I do declare this 
only to be my last will and Testament, in witness whereof I 
have hereunto set my hand and Seal this Twenty-sixth Day of 
June, in the vear of our Lord Christ, one Thousand seven 
hundred and fifty-Six. 

Signed, Sealed, Published, and De- ^ 
ejared by the said Solomon Du bois, to | gg^Q^jox Du bouis' 
be his last will and Testament in the [ q 1 

presence of us who subscribed our names { 
as witnesses hereto in his presence. J 

Noah Eltixgk. 
Lewis J. Du bois, 
AxDKiEs Dr bois. 
Ulster county, the loth day of February, 1759. 

MEMonAXJ)UM that on the date, aforesaid, personally ap- 
peared Before me John Crooke, being Hereunto Delegated and 
appointed, Noah Eltinge and Lewis Jonathan Du bois, two 
of the subscribing witnesses to the above will and Testament 
of Solomon Du bois, Deceased, and severallv declared on the 
holy Evangelist of Almighty God that they have seen the Said 
Solomon Du bois sign, seal, publish, and Declare the same as 
and for his last will and Testament, and that at the time there- 
of, he was of sound and Disposing mind and memor}', to the 
Best of their Knowledge, and that they had also seen Andries 
Du bois, the other Subscribing witness, sign the same as a 

Be it also remembered that at the same time Benjamin Du 
bois and Ilendricus Du bois of the Executors in the Said will 
named, were sworn to the True Execution and performance 

Joiix Crooke, Surror/ate. 

The above is a true copy of the last will and Testament of 
Solomon Du Bois, Deceased, prepared by 

, Joiix Ckooke, and 

Hexuy Jaxsex. 



SOLOMOX DU EOIS, Xov. 4tli, 1720. 

This Indenture, made the fourth day of November, in the 
seventh year of liis Majesty's reign. King George, Anno Dom- 
ini, One Thousand seven liundred and twenty, Between Alex- 
ander ]\[acdowall of Perth Amboy, in the county of Middlesex 
and Eastern division of Xew Jersey, Mariner, (by and with 
the consent, good liking, and ax)probation of Margaret, his 
wife, signified by her being a party to these presents,) of the 
one part, and Solomon Dubois, of the New Palts, in the 
county of Ulster and province of New York. Yeoman, of the 
other part. AVitnesseth, that said Alexander Macdowall, for 
and in consideration of the sum of Three hundred and live 
pounds, current lawfull money of the Eastern Division of X^'ew 
Jersey, to him in hand paid, before the ensealing and delivery 
hereof, by {Benjamin Dubois, son of) the said Solomon Du- 
bois, the receipt whereof, he, the said Alexander Macdowall, 
doth hereby acknowledge and himself to be herewith fully 
satisfied, contented, and paid, and thereof and from every part 
and parcel thereof, doth clearly acquit, release, and discharge 
the said Solomon Dubois, his heirs, executors, administrators 
and assigns forever, by these presents Hath given, granted, 
bargained and sold, and by these presents doth freely, fully, 
and absolutely give, grant, bargain, and sell unto the said 
Solomon Dubois, his heirs and assigns, all that a certain 
messuage or ti'act of land situate, lying, and being in the 
county of Albany and i)rovince of New York aforesaid, upon 
the south side of a creek or kill called Cattskill, Beginning at 
a place called Hops Ncs.^ point, about one chain and a half 
upon a course nearest south from the extreme part of said 
point upon Cattskill, and extending from the said beginning 
North eightv-two degrees, Westerly two liundred and twenty- 
eight chains, be the same a little more or less, to a creek called 
Caterskill, thence extending down the said creek, as the creek 
runs, till where the said creek runs into Cattskill, and so along 


Cattskill or creek to the pkice of beginning, containing Nine 
Imndred acres, be the same more or k^ss. Also two acres of 
meadow off the north side of tlio meadow called the Fly, be- 
longing to Hannah Hall. Together with all and singular the 
houses, edifices, buildings. l)arnes, stables, orchards, gardens, 
commons, common of pasture, ways, waters, water courses, 
woods, underwoods, mines, mineralls, quarries, profits, com- 
modities, hereditaments, and appurtenances whatsoever, to 
the said tract of land and two acres of meadow, belonging or 
in any manner of ways appurtaining or therewithal occu])ied, 
used, or enjoyed, or accepted, reputed, taken, and known as 
part, parcel or member thereof, (all which premises now are 
in the actual possession of him, the said Solomon Dubois, by 
virtue of an indenture of bargain to him thereof, made for the 
term of one year, bearing date the day before the date of these 
j)resents, and made between the said Alexander Macdowalland 
Margaret, his wife, of the one i)art, and the said Solomon Du- 
bois of the other part, and l)y virtue of the statute for trans- 
ferring uses into possession, ) and all the estate, right, title, 
interest, use, trust. X)roperty, reversion, claim, and demand 
whatsoever, either in law or equity of them, the said Alexan- 
der Macdowall or Margaret, his wife, of, in. and to the said 
premises or any x^art or parcel thereof, and the reversion and 
reversions, remainder and remainders, yearly, and other rents 
and profits of the premises and of every part and parcel there- 
of, To have and to hohl the said tract of land and two acres of 
meadow, and all and singular the other tlie premises herein 
before mentioned, meant or intended to be hereby «:ranted, 
aliened, released or confirmed, and every part and parcel there- 
of, with their and every of their appurtenances unto the said 
Solomon Dubois, his heirs and assigns, to the only proper 
use, ])enefit and behoof of him, the said Solomon Dubois, his 
heirs and assigns forever. And the said Alexander Macdowall 
and Margaret, his wife, for themselves and for their heirs, ex- 
ecutors, and administrators, do farther covenant, promise, 
grant, and agree to and with The said Solomon Dubois, his 
heirs and assigns, in manner and form following : Tliat is to 

DEED i;y alexaxdeh macdowall. 28 

say, tlmt the above granted or hereby intended to l)e granted 
and bargained X)remises, now are and at all times forever here- 
after shall be and remain unto the said Solomon Dubois, his 
heirs and assigns, free and clear and freely and clearly ac- 
quitted, released, and discharged off and from all former and 
other deeds, gifts, grants, bargains, sales, leases, releases, 
mortgnges, wills, entails, judgments, executions, or any other 
incumberances or troubles whatsoever in the law, had made, 
done or suffered to be had made, done, or executed bv them 
the said Alexander Macdowall and Margaret, his Avife. or bv, 
from, or under them, or any other person or persons concerned 
for, by or under them, and that they, the said Alexander Mac- 
dowall and Margaret, his wife, at the time of the ensealing and 
delivery hereof, are the true, sole, and lav.ful owners of the 
above granted and bargained i)remises and every part and 
parcel thereof, and have in themselves full power, lawful and 
absolute authority to grant, bargain, and sell the same in 
manner as aforesaid. And further, the said Alexander Mac- 
dowal and ^Margaret, his wife, do covenant, promise, and agree 
to and' with the said Solomon Dubois, his heirs and assigns, 
that they, the said Alexander Macdowall and Margaret, his 
wife, for themselves and for their heirs and assigns, the above 
granted and bargained premises unto him, the said Solomon 
Dubois, his heirs and assigns, against them the said Alexan- 
der Macdowall and Margaret, his wife, their heirs, executors, 
and administrators, and against the just and lawfull claims of 
any person or persons whatsoever claimed, or to claim from, 
by, or under them, shall and will warrant and forever defend 
by these presents. The quitt or annual chief of two bushels 
of good sufficient merchantable winter wheat, annually arising 
and becoming due from henceforth, unto his Majesty, his heirs 
and successsors only accepted. 

In witness wliereof. the said Alexander Macdowall and 
Margaret, his Avife, have hereunto set their hands and seals 
the day and year iirst above written. 

Al1!:xaxder fjTI^ Macdowall, 

Maugket IP^ Macdowall. 


November 3rd, Anno Domini, 1720. 

Received of Solomon Dnbois, the snm of Three linndred 
and five jwunds (£305 Os. Od.) by tlie hand of Benjamin, his 
son, in full for the consideration money within mentioned, I 
say received. 

Alexander Macdowall. 

Gerhard Wagexex, Jr., 
Jeax Leeg. 

Recorded in the clerk's office for the city and county of 
Albany, Book X. G., pages 54, 55 and 5G, and I hereby certify 
to have examined tliis release with the records of the same, 
and linding no material rasure nor" in terlienations therein, this 
12th day of Mav, 17G0. 

Ha. Gaxsevoort, Clerk. 

Ulster s. .9. 

Be it remembered that on the eighth day of ^Nlarch, Anno 
Domini, 1730, there appeared before me, Abraham Gaasbeck 
Chambers, Esq., of the inferior conrt of common pleas for 
said county, Gerrard. Van AVaiienen, who being duly sworn 
declared that he had seen the within mentioned Alexander 
Magdowal and Margaret, his wife, sign, seal, and deliver the 
within written instrument as rheir volentary act and deed, and 
also that at the same time he saw Jean Leeg sign the same as 
witness with him, and I have likewise carefully examined the 
same and llnd no rasure nor interlienations in the same, and 
therefore I allow the same to be entered in the said County 

A. Gaasbeck Chambers. 

Sealed and delivered in the presence of 

Gerrard Tax Wagenex-^, 
Jeax Leeci. 

Ills WIFE, TO BEXJAMIX DU BOIS, Jan'y 4tli, 1728. 

Tliis Indenture, made the fourth day of January, in the 
second year of the reign of George the second. King of Great 
Brittain, France and Irekmd, defender of the faith, etc., &c., 
Anno Domini, 1728 and 9, Between Gisbert Lane and Hannah, 
liis wife, the i)rovince of Xew Jersey, (Gentleman ) of the one 
part and Benjamin Dubois of Catts kills, in the county of 
Albany and province of X'ew York, of the other part. Where- 
as William Loveridge at the time of his desease, did stand 
seized in fee simple of all that tract of land situate, lying, and 
being on the west side of Hudson's River or the Xorth River, 
in the county of Albany and i)rovinceof Xew York, stretching 
from the mouth of Cattskill where said William Loveridge' s 
house stood, southward along the said Hudson's River till over 
the haJf or great (Inbogt) or bay, where the trees stand marked 
WL, and runs up from the river westward to a fall or water 
wpon a creek called Katers Kill, the fall of water being called 
by the Indians Quatawicknaak, and so along the east side of 
Katers Kill or creek till where the said creek runs into the said 
creek called Cattskill, and so along Ci.ttskill till a man comes 
to the house and barn that was the said William Loveridge' s, 
and from thence following Cattskill to the said river, with all 
the hereditaments and apimrtenances unto the same belonging 
. and appurtaining, as in and by a certain charter or pattent 
under the seal of the province of X'ew York, bearing date the 
eight day of February, Anno Domini, One thousand six 
hundred and eighty-six, and remaining on or uj)on thepublick 
records in the secretary's office of the province of Xew York, 
may fully and at large ai:)pear. And whereas the said William 
L jveridge by the name of William Loveridge of Perth Amboy, 
in the county of Middlesex, iy the X)rovince of east Xew Jersey, 
(now the eastern division of the province of X'ew Jersey,) In- 


liolder, did make, in his last will and testament, in writing, 
and the same did dnly execnte and therein did bequeath unto 
his daughter Hannah, (now the said Hannah Lane,) Avife of 
the said Gisbet Lane, the one-lifth part of all the above recited 
tract of land. And whereas by the mutual agreement of the 
heirs and devisees of said deceased, and their assigns, they 
have made a partition and division of the whole and entire 
tract of land, as near as they can judge, into live equal parts 
in quantity, and have distinguished the said five parts of the 
said entire tract of land by the names of lot number one, two, 
three, four, and live, of which said lots the lot number two, 
by alotment, was fallen unto the said Hannah, now wife of the 
said Gisbet Lane, and is beginning upon Hops Nose point about 
one chain and a half npon a course nearest south from the ex- 
treme i>'^i"t of the said point npon Catts Kill, and extending 
from the said beginning North eighty-two degrees. Westerly 
two hundred and twenty-eight chains, be the same a little 
more or less, to a creek called Katers Kill as aforesaid, thence 
extending up the said creek, reckoning the same upon a direct 
line and'a course near about south thirty-seven degrees. West- 
erly forty-seven chains and a half, thence sonth seventy-two 
degrees, Easterly to Hudson's River aforesaid, being bonnded 
northerly by lot number one, then belonging to Alexander 
Macdowal, sontherly by lot number three, belonging to 
Michiel A^an Vegten, Easterly by Hudson's River, and West- 
erly by Katers Kill, (Excepting and reserving out of the said 
lot number two unto Michiel Van Vegten, his heirs and as- 
signs, two acres of the south side of the Fly or meadow be- 
longing to the said lot number two, and also two acres of the 
north side of the Fly or meadow belonging to the said lot num- 
ber two, unto him the said Alexander Macdowel, his heirs and 
assigns, with the liberty of a cart or wagon path to pass and 
repass to and from the lots numbers (B) three and (1) one, be- 
longing to the said Micliiel Van Vegten and the said Alexan- 
der Mac Dowel, as by a certain deed of partition or release 
from the heirs and devisees iyi the said William Loveridge, 


unto the said Ilaiinali thereof, made bearing date the four- 
teenth day of April, Anno Domini, One thousand seven 
hundred and nineteen, may more fully appear reft'erence being 
there unto had. Now this indenture witnesseth that the said 
Gisbert Lane, by and with the consent and good liking of 
Ilanna]], his wife, signified by her being a party to and sealing 
and executing of these presents, for and in consideration of 
the sum of Three hundred and fifty pounds, currant and law- 
ful money of the province of New York aforesaid, to the said 
Gisbet Lane and Hannah, his wife, heretofore in hand paid by 
tlie said Benjamin Dubois, the receipt whereof, they the said 
Gisbet Lane and Hannah, his wife, do hereby acknowledge, 
and thereof and of and from every part and parcel thereof, 
do clearly and absolutely acquit, exonerate, and discharge the 
said Benjamin Dubois, his heirs, executors, and administra- 
tors forever, by these presents Hath granted, bargained, sold, 
aliend, enfeoffed, conveyed, and conlirnied. And by these 
■ presents doth grant, bargain, sell, alien, enfeoff, convey, and 
confirm Unto the said Benjamin Dubois, and to his heirs and 
assigns forever, all that part of the above recited tract or lot 
of land, known and distiuiruished bv lot nundjer two, beirin- 
ning upon hops nose point about one chain and a half upon a 
course nearest south from the extreme part of the said point 
upon Catts kill, and extending from the said beginning ^N'orth 
eighty-two degrees, westerly along the land of Solomon Du 
bois and a line of marked trees, run by Mr. Marthen Hofman 
some time ago to Katers Kill or creek, above mentioned, by a 
stone set in the ground and a Vuyl Yure or white pine tree, 
•marked on east side of said creek and west side of a steep hill, 
thence from said tree or stone extending up the said creek, 
reckoning the same upon a direct course near about south 
thirty-seven degrees, westerly thirty-seven chains and one- 
half by a tree marked a small distance to the northward of a 
small piece of low land upon Caters kill aforesaid, and is now 
in the possession of Frederick Diederick, thence south Seven- 
ty-two degrees easterly along by a line of marked trees, now 

28 dep:d by gisi;i:ut lane. 

run by Jan Eltinge, to Hudson's River, just iwo chains and 
ten links on the south side of a certain creek running thi ougli 
tlie iiy or meadow, and is commonly called (the grote kill or 
platte kill,) and thence up the several courses of the said river 
to the place of beginning. Being bounded northerly by lot 
number one, now belonging to Solomon Dubois, westerly by 
Katers kill, southerly bv a line of marked trees, now run by 
Jan Eltinge, and easterly by Hudson's River, (excepting and 
reserving the land already conveyed out of lot number two by 
the said Gisbert Lane and Hannah, his wife, unto Paulus 
Smith, Christian Overiiagh, Johan Jurry Overpagh, Johannis 
Overjiagh, Peter Overpagh, and Frederick Dederick, and also 
free fetching and using of wood, trees, timber, and stone and 
grazing of cattle, from that x^nrt of the said lot number two 
lying on the west and southwesterly side of lime stone hill for 
them, the said Paulas Smith, Christian Overpagh, Johan Jurry 
Overpagh, Johannis Overpagh, Peter Overpagh, and Freder- 
ick Diederick, and theii- heirs and assigns, living on the ex- 
cej^ted premises, and for to use up on the excepted farms 
only, Also a common road for them, their heirs and assigns 
forever, to pass and repass to and from the landing place or 
river, excepting also out of the said released lot number two 
unto Michiel Van Yegten, his heirs or assigns, two acres of 
the south side of the lly or meadow, and also two acres of the 
north side of the said lly or meadow, for Solomon Dubois, 
with the liberty of a cart or wagon road to pass and re2:)ass 
from the said excepted meadow, to and from the lots numbers 
three and one, to ^lichiel Van Vegten or his heirs, and Solo- 
mon Dubois. Together with all and singular the edifices, 
buildings, gardens, orchards, meadows, swamps, pools, ponds, 
riyers, rivulets, runs and streams of water, trees, timber stand- 
ing, growing, lying and being thereon with all the prolits, ad- 
vantages, hereditaments and appurtenances whatsoever to the 
said lot of land belonging or in any wise of right appurtaining, 
(except as before excepted,) and the reversion and reversions, 
remainder and remainders thi^reof, and also all the estate, 


title, dowel , 2)08sessioii, i-eversioii, claim and demand whatso- 
ever of them, the said Gisbet Lane and Hannah, his wife. To 
have and to ]iohl the said lot or tract of land and premises, 
witli the appnrtenances and every part and parcel thereof, 
(excei)t as before excepted,) Unto the said Benjamin Dnbois 
and to his heirs and assigns for ever, And the said Benjamin 
Dnbois, his heirs and assigns, shall and may from time to time 
and at all times forever hereafter, by force and virtne of these 
presents, hnvfully, peaceably, and qnietly have, hold, use, 
occupy, jjossess, and enjoy the said demised premises, with 
the appurtenances and every part thereof, free and clear and 
freely and clearly acqnited, exonerated and dischara-ed or 
otherwise, well and sufficiently saved and kept harmless and 
indemnilied of and from all other and former gifts, grants, 
bargains, sales or incumbrances vvdiatsoever, (except as before 
excepted.) And lastly' the said Gisbert Lane and Hannah, his 
wife, do further covenant and bind themselves, their heirs, ex- 
ecutors, and administrators, llrndy by these presents to war- 
I'ant and defend the said Benjamin Dubois, his heirs and as- 
sign5,'in quiet and xjeaceable possession of all and singular the 
said granted and bargained premises, against any just and 
lawful claim of any person or i)ersons whatsoever, the said 
Benjamin Dubois, his heirs or assigns, or some or one of them, 
rendering and paying the year quittient or quantity of tAvo 
bushels of good sweet merchantable winter wheat, yearly and 
every year forever, to such person or persons as is or shall be 
appointed by our sovereign, the King, for receiving the same. 
In witness whereof the to these presents have hereunto set 
their hands and seals the day and vear lirst above written. 

Hann"aii ^l^^S) Laxe, 

GisiiEiiT H^ Lane. 


Received at sundrv times of and from Mr. Beiijamiii Du- 
bois, here within named, the vahie of Three hundred and lifty 
pounds, {£3C)0 Os. Od.) New York money, in full of the with- 
in mentioned consideration money, as witness my hand this 
tenth day of May, Anno Domini, One thousand seven hundred 
and forty-nine (1749). 

GiSBEiiT Lane, 
Witnesses Hannah Lane, 


John Van okden, 
Jan Eltinge, 

Lonenburg, August 2nd, 1750. 

Then aj^peared bef(n"e Robert Sanders, Esq., one of judges 

of the inferior court of common pleas, held for the City and 

County of xVlbanv, Christiaen Overbagh, one of the subscrib- 

ing witnesses to this within deed, who made oath on the Holy 

Evangelists of the Almighty God, and saith (That he saw Gis- 

bert Lane and Hannah, his wife,) sign, seal and deliver the 

within deed as their act and deed, and that he at the same 

time saw John Van orden and John Eltinge sign as witnesses 

thereto, and having carefully examined the within deed and 

find therein no material rasures or interlinations, allow the 

same to be recorded. 

RoBT. Sanders. 

Recorded in the clerk's office of the Citv and County of 
Albany, book N. G., pages 5G, 57. 58, 59, and GO. and I do 
hereby certify to have examined the within indenture of re- 
lease, with the record of the same, and find no rasare nor in- 
terlination therein, this 14tli day of May, 17G0. 

Ha. Gansevoout, Clerk. 

Signed, Sealed, and Delivered in the presence of 


John Van oi^den, 
Jan Eltinge. 



Sii: Henry Mooue, Baronet, Captain (jeneial. 
and Governor in Chief, in and over tlie Province 
of New York, and tlie Territories depending 
thereon in America, Chancellor and Vice Ad- 
miral of the same. 

To all to whom these presents shall come or may C(jncern, 

Know Ye. that at Albany County, on the second day of 
Febrnnry last, before John Depeyster, Esquire, thereunto 
Delegated and Appointed, the last AVill and Testament of 
Benjamin Dubois deceased, (a Copy whereof is hereunto An- 
nexed) was proved, and is now Approved and Allowed of by 
me, the said deceased having whilst he lived and at the time 
of InsDt-aTh Goods, Chatties and Credits within this provence, 
by means whereof the proving and Registering the said Will, 
and tlje granting Administration of all and Singular, the said 
Goods, Chatties & Credits and Also the Auditing, Allowing 
and iinal discharging the Account thereof doth belong unto 
me. And that Administration of all and Singular the Goods, 
Chatties and Credits of the said deceased, and anyway con- 
".ernicg Lis AVill is granted unto Huibartus Dubois, Cornelius 
Dubois, and Isaac Dubois, the Executors in the said Will 
named l>^rin£r iirst duelv Sworn well and faithfullv to Adminis- 
ter the same, and to make and Exhibit a true and perfect In- 
ventory of all and Singular the said Goods, Chatties and Cred- 
its, and also to render a Just and true Account thereof when 
thereunto Required. 

In Testimony whereof, 1 have Caused the i)rerogative 
Seal of the province of Xew York, to be hereunto 
Affixed, at the City of ]S'ew York, the Nineteenth 
day of June, One thousand. Seven hundred and 
Sixtv-seven. • 

John Fukncii. 


In the Xame of God. Amen. I, Benjamin Dnbois, of Catts 
Kill, in the County of Albany, in the province of New York, 
Yeom\ beinc; in Health in Bodv and of Sound and Perfect 
Mind, Memory and Understanding, Thanks be to Almighty 
God, but considering the Uncertainty of this Transitory Life, 
and that we must all yeald unto Deatli whan it shall please 
God to call. Do make this my last "Will and Tastenient, in 
manner and form following : That is to say. First and princi- 
pally I Recommend my S.)ul to Almight}" God, and my Body 
to the Earth to be Decentlv Buried, at the Discretion of mv 
Executors hereafter Named, as Touching such Woiidlv Es- 
tate as it hath pleased God to bestow upon me, my Just Debts 
and Funeral Charges being first paid and Discharged, I give 
devise and Bequeath the same, asfolloweth : Item. I give and 
]3equeath unto my Son Isaac, his heirs. Assigns for Ever, all 
that part of my Lands being the Farm now in his Occupation, 
situate, lying and being at Catts Kill, in the County of Albany 
aforesaid. Beginning at a Water Ash Tree standing on the 
South side of Catts Kill, in a Bent above Hops nose point, and 
on the East Side of a Small Pirook, which runs into Catts Kill, 
the said Tree being marked with three Notches and a Blaze 
on two Sides, and runs from thence South thirty Degrees W^est 
Fifty live Chains and Sixty Links, to the Land Catherine 
Overbagh, AViddow of John Jurry Overbagh, thence all along 
the Lands of the said Catherine Overbagh and Sarah Overbao:h 
to the Great Meadow lying on Hudson's liiver, thence Norther- 
ly all along the Meadow to Catts Kill, thence up along Catts 
Kill to wliare it hrst Begun ; also, I give and Bequeath unto 
my Son Curnalius, his heirs and assigns for E^er, all that 
part of my Lands being the Farm now in his Occupation, situ- 
ate, lying and being at Catts Kill aforesaid, beginning at a 
Black Oak tree marked with three Notches and a Blaze on one 
side, standing on the Brink of the South side of Catts Kill, 
and to the Northwest side of mv said Son Curnalius' s House, 
and runs from thence South Eighty Eight Degrees, Avest 
Twenty Chains, from thence S<nith Sixty live degrees, West 

ft/ o 7 

Nineteen Chains, from thence South Eleven Decrees and tliirtv 


iMiuiites, West Twelve Chains, from thence South Twenty two 
I)e«i:rees, West Sixteen Chains, from thence South forty four 
Degrees, West Twelve, from rlience South Seventeen Deo-rees 
West Twenty three Chains to the Lands of Sarah Overba-h' 
from thence South Easrerl>- all along the Lands of the said 
Sarah Overbagh and Johannis Overbagh, and Catherine Over- 
bagh to the Southwest corner of the said Farm herein before 
given to my said Son Isaac, thence all along the line of the 
same Xorth thirty Degrees, East Fifty live Chains and Sixty 
links to Catts Kill to a AVater Ash tree, beint- the North West 
Corner of the said Farm herein b3for8 given to mv said Son 
Isaac, thence up along Catts Kill to whare it hrst Beo-un 
Also,all that a certain Lott of Woodland distinguished or 
known by the Lott on the Ilil], Beginning at a White oak 
. Sapling marked with three Notches on four Sides standin- 
near the Edge of the Rocky Hill, and runs from South Sixty 
four Degrees, East Six Chains and Fifty Links to the Foot of 
-the Cedar Hill, thence Xorth Easterly all along the Foot of 
the Ceader Hill to a Nut Siipling marked on four Sides, and 
runs fr^m thence South Sixty Degrees, East live Chains to the 
Top of a Rocky Hill, thence along the Top of the Rocky Hill 
to the place whare it first begun. Including the Spring of Wa- 
ter at the North East point of the said Rocky Ilill.'^ Also. I 
give and Bequeath unto my Son Huibartus his heirs and As- 
signs for Ever, all that part of my Lands being Uie Farm now 
in my Occupation, Situate, lying and being at Catts Kill afore- 
said, Beginning at a Swamp white oak Tree beino- marked 
Standing on the South of Side of my Tract of Land,"and in the 
Northwest corner of Paulus Smith's Land, and runs from 
thence North fifty six Degrees, West one Chain and thirty 
eight Links to a large white oak Tree, from thence North 
thirty four Degrees, East Seventeen Chains to a white oak 
tree at the Road, from thence Eleaven Degrees West Nineteen 
Chains, from thence North Twenty four Degrees, West six 
Chains, from thence Southerly to the Foot of a Rocky Hill, 
thence all along the Foot of ^ the said Ilocky Hill to in Oak 
Tree, marked with three Notclies on four sides, standing at 


tlie Foot of the said Hill, and Kiuis from thence ^'orth 
Twenty Eight Degrees, West four Cliains and fifty Links to 
Caters Kill, to a wliite oak Tree marked on fonr Sides, and 
Runs from thence down Caters Kill to Catts Kill, thence down 
Catts Kill to the Northwest Corner of the aforesaid Farm given 
to my said Son Ciirnalius, from thence all along the Bound 
or Line of the said Farm to the Lands of Sarah Overbagh, 
thence Northwesterly all along the Lands of Sarah Overbagh 
and Panlus Smith to whare it first Begun. In Trust, Never- 
theless, and it is my Will and desire, that my Beloved Wife 
Catherinetie shall be and Remain in the full possession of my 
said Farm, herein before given to my said Son Huibartus, and 
shall have and Receive the full Benefit thareof during her 
AVidowhood, which 1 do Cfive and devise unto her for and to- 
wards her maintainance. And it is further my AVill and 
desire that my said Sou Huibartus and my Son Isaac, their 
heirs and assigns, shall within the space of Two years after my 
-Decease, well and truly pay or cause to be paid to my two 
Daughters, To Witt : Sarah the AVidowand Relict of Christian 
Overbagh, deceased, and Trintie, the Wife of John Van Orden, 
the Sum of Two hundred pounds Current Money of N. York^ 
that is to say, to each of them the Sum of One hundred pounds 
current Money afoi'esaid, which said Respective Sums I do 
hereby give and Bequeath to my said two Daughters to be 
paid to them, their Respective Executors, Administrators, or 
Assigns, and I do hereby make that part of mv Estate, herein 
before given to my said Son Huibartus, Chargeable with the 
payment of the Sum of One hundred and fifty pounds of the 
same, and that part of my Estate, herein before given to my 
Son Isaac, I do make Chargeable with the payment of the 
other part of the aforesaid Sum. Also, [ give^ Devise, and 
Bequeath unto my Grandson Benjamen Dubois, the Son of my 
Eldest Son Soloman, deceased, his heirs and Assigns for ever, 
all that part of my Lands being the Farm now in the occupa- 
tion of my Daughter in Law Margriet Dubois, situate, Iving 
and Being at Catts Kill aforesaid, Beginning at a white Oak 
Tree Standing on the Brink of Caters Kill, being marked on 



four Sides, from tlience running South Twenty eight Degrees 
East Four Chains and fifty Links to an Oak tree marked with 
three J\^otc7/(s on Four N/'/r.v stand hi (/ at th<' Foot of a Ilocky 
Ilill, and Runs from tlience S;)Uth\vesterly all along the Foot 
of the said Hill to the Waggon path Avhich goes to the Mill, 
from thence Westerly to the Fountain which lies just under 
or at the Foot of the Limestone Hill, thence all along the Foot 
of the Limestone Hill to the Lands of Jurian Overbagh, tlience 
AVesterly all along the Lands of Jurian Overbagh with a Diract 
Course to the Lands of Fredrick Brandow, thence all along 
Fraderick Brandow's Land to Caters Kill, thence down Caters 
Kill to whare it first Begun, (Except and always Keserving 
out of this Farm given to my said Grandson, the fall of Water 
in Caters Kill opposite the Mill of Salisbury and Company, 
together with three Acres of Land Iving Adjovning to the 
said Fall on the South side of Caters Kill.) In Trust, Never- 
theless, and it is mv Will and desire that mv said Grandson, 
■ Benjanian Dubois, his heirs and Assigns, shall within the Space 
of Ten Years after he shall come to Age, well and truly pay, 
or Cair^e to be paid unto his Sisters, my other three Grand 
Children, To witt : Catelintie, Sarah, and Eachel, the Sum of 
Seventy five X)ounds Current money of New York. That is to 
say, to each of them the Sum of Twenty five pounds current 
Money aforesaid, which said Respective Sums, I do hereby 
give and Bequeath to my said last mentioned three Grand 
Daughters, to be paid to them, their Respective Executors. 
Administrators, or Assigns, and do hereby make that part of 
my Estate, herein before given to my said Grandson Benjamin 
Dubois, Chargeable with the jtayment of the same. Also, I 
give and Bequeath unto my said three Sons. viz. : Huibartus, 
Curnalius, and Isaac, and to my said Grandson Benjamen, the 
Son of my Son Soloman, deceased, all that fall of Water in 
Caters Kill, opposite to the Mill of Salisbury and Company, 
together with three Acres of Land, lying Adjoyning to the said 
Fall on the South side of Caters Kill, with the Conveniency 
there for Erecting a Mill. Also, a Certain Meadow and Swamp 
commonly called Uilen Vly and Great Creplebush, lying Ad- 
joyning to the River ; and Also all m v Woodlands in the Hills, 


and all other m\^ Rial Estate whatsoever and Whatsoever not 
herein before particularly given & Bequeathed, To have and 
to Iiold the said Fall of Water and three Acres of Land and 
Conveniency for a Mill, Meadow and Swamp, Wood Land in 
the Hills, and otlier Real Estate aforesaid, with the Heredi- 
taments and Appurtenances thereunto Belonging-, unto my 
said three Sons and Grandson, their heirs and Assigns, to 
the only proper use. Benefit, and Behoof of my said three 
Sons and Grandson, their Iwhs and Assigns for ever, equally 
to be divided between them, each of them the one fourth pait 
thareof. Also, It is further my Will and desire, Notwith- 
standing my having Divided my Lands as aforesaid, that my 
said three Sons and Grandson, their heirs or Assigns, shall, 
Nevertheless, have full Liberty and priveledge, for ever here- 
after, to Cut, Rive, Hew, and take away all sorts of Wood or 
Timber growing upon any part of my said Lands, for their own 
])roper uses, as long as the said Lands shall not be Inclosed 
vvithin Fence, provided they do not make use of the same for 
sale, but only for the use of their Farms, hereby made to 
them, (2r for the use of tlieir particular Trade or Occupation. 
Also, after my Debts or Funeral Charges being paid, I give 
and Bequeath unto my said two Daughters Sarah andTiintie, 
all the Money which I shall leave in Cash, or out at Interest, 
at the time of my Decease, each of them the one half thareof. 
Yeat, Nevertheless, it is mv Will and Meanina\ tliat mv said 
Daughter Sarah shall lirst have and Receive the Sum of fortv 
eight pounds out of the same to make her equal witli my 
Daughter Trintie, she having already head the like Sum of me 
in my Life time. Also, all the Residue and Remainder of mv 
personal Estate, whatsoever not herein before particularly 
given and Bequeathed, I do give and Bequeath the same unto 
my three Sons and two Daughters, and my Grand Children, 
the Children of njy said Son Soloman Dubois, deceased, to be 
equally divided between them, that is to sav, unto each of my 
said Sons and Daughters one Sixth part thareof, and the other 
Sixth part thareof, unto my said Grand Children, to be equally 
divided between them. Nevertheless, it is my ^Vill and desire 


that my said AVife shall have the use and Benefitt of all niv 
Household Goods, Beding and furniture, and all such other 
part of ni}'' personal Estate as she shall think needfull for her, 
for and during her Widdowhood as aforesaid. Also, it is my 
AVill and meaning that if in case my said Grandson Benjanien, 
happens to die before he come of Age without Lawfull Issue, 
then and in such Case, all such part of my Eeal Estate 
herein before given to him, is to ^j^o to rav other Grandson Ben- 
jamin, the Son of my said Son Huibartus, and in such case I 
devise the same unto him, his heirs and Assigns for ever ; and 
if my said last Mentioned Grandson, alsohapjien to die before 
he comes of Age without Lawfull Issue, then and in such case 
the same Estate is to go to my other Grandson Benjamin, the 
Son of my said Son Curnelius, and in such case I devise the 
same unto hinj, his heirs and Assigns for ever. And Lastly, I 
do hereby make, ordain and appoint my said three Sons, Hui- 
bartus, Curnalius, and Isaac, and the Survivors or Survivor of 
them, to be Executors of my last Will and Testament, and do 
hereby Appoint my said Executors to be Guardians to my said 
Grandson Benjamin, the Son of my said Son Soloman, de- 
ceased, and mv A\'ill and Meaning is that mv said Executors 
Shall let my Daughter in Law Margriet, the Widow and Relict 
of my said Son Soloman Dubois, deceased, be and Remain in 
the full i^ossession of that i^art of my Estate, herein before 
given to my said Grandson, untill my said Grandson shall 
come of Age, if she shall remain a Widow so long, and that 
out of the Beneilt of the said Estate, she shall bring up and 
Educate my said Grand Children, and if she shall fail therein, 
• then I do give full power unto my said Executors, at thair Dis- 
cretion, to let out the same Estate for the Benefit of mv said 
Grand Children, until my said Grandson shall come of Age. 
And Revoking all other Wills, heretofore by me made, I do 
declare this only to be my last AVill and Testament. In Wit- 
ness whareof, I have hereunto set my hand and Seal this 
Twentieth day of May, in the year of our Lord Christ, One 
thousand Seven hundred and Sixty two. 

Bexjame^st Dubois. ^77^ 


Signed, Sealed, i)ublished, and declared by the within named 
Benjamin Dubois, as liis last Will and Testament, in the jn'es- 
eiice of us who Subscribe our Names thereto as Witnesses in 
his presence. The following Interlineations being iirst made, 
the Words his^ Interlin d. in the Sixteenth line of the first 
page between the Words in and Occupation ; the Words De- 
grees, Interlined, in tht^ Sscond line of the Second page between 
the Words Ttoo^wil West ; the wovd^ Lciiuls of the, Interlin'd, 
in the fifth line of the said page, l)etween the Words tJie and 
said ; the Words Catts Kill, Interlin'd, in the Eleventh line of 
the said page, between tlie Words along and to ; the Words 
Hill, interlined, in the Twenty second line of the said j^age, be- 
tween the Words Rocl:y and also ; the Words thence. Inter- 
lined, in the thirty first line of the said second page, between 
the Words/V'ow and Elecen ; the AVords loltJiui the space of, 
Interlined, in the Fifteenth line of the third page, between the 
Words shall and Tlco ; the Words my, Interlined, in the 
Thirty^ line of the said page, between the Words of and 
Eldest ; the Words Goes, Interlined, in the fourth line of the 
fourth page, between the Words which and to ; the Words my 
said Grandson, interlined, in the Sixteenth line of the said 
page, between the Words tJiat and Benjamin ; the Words 
mill of. Interlined, in the thirty second line of the said fourth 
page, between the Words the and iSalishiiry ; the AVords is, 
interlined, in the Twenty fifth line of the fifth page, between 
the Words it and my ; the words also, Interlined, in the 
Eleventh line of the Sixth page, between the Words Son and 


Samuel A^ax Veciitex, 

Sylvester Salisbury, 


Albany County ss. Be it Remembered that on the Second 
day of February, One thousand Seven hundred and Sixty 
seven, personally came and Ajipeared before me, John De 
peyster, Surrogate of the Citty'and County of Albany, Samuel 


Van Yecbteii and Abmluini Salisbury, both of Catts Kill in 
the County of An)any, and being tliiely Sworn on their Oatlis, 
declared that they and each of them did see Benjamin Dubois 
Sign and Seal the within written Instrnment, purporting to be 
the Will of the said Benjamin Dubois, bearing date the 20th 
day of :May, 17(32, and heard him publish and cieclare the same 
to be and Contain his last Will and Testament : That at the 
time thereof, he. the said Benjamin Dubois, was of Sonnd dis- 
posing mind and :\remory, to the best of the Knowledge and 
Belief of them the Deponents, and that their Xames Snb- 
scribed to the said Will are of their Respective proper Hand 
writing, which they Subscribed as a Witness to the said Will 
in the Testator's presence, and that they, the Deponents, saw 
Silvester Salisbury, the other Witness to the said Will, 
Subscribe his Xame as AVitness thereto, in the Testator's 

Jk° De Peystek, Surrogate. 

Tlie preceeding are true Copies of the Will 
of Benjamin Du])ois, Dec^ and of the Certifi- 
cate of the proof thereof. 

Examined bv 

John FuExcir. 

Dated September 25, 1795. 

The People of the state of New Yokk, by 
the grace of God. Free and Independent : To 


:may coxcEiix, send Greeting : KNOW YE, 
That at tlie citv of Albany, in the county of 
Albany, on the eighth and fifteenth days of February in this 
Current Year before Abraham G. Lansing, Esq., Surrogate of 
our said countv, the last Will and Testament and Codicil of 
Isaac Dubois, deceased, (a copy whereof is hereunto annexed) 
was proved, and is now approved and allowed of by us ; and 
the said deceased having whilst he lived, and at the time of 
his death, Goods, Chatties or Credits, within this state, by 
means whereof the proving and registering the said Will, and 
the granting Administration of all and singular the said Goods, 
Chatties and Credits, and also the auditing, allowing and lintd 
discharging the Account thereof, doth belong unto i:s ; the 
Administration, of all and singular the Goods, Chatties and 
Credits of the said deceased, and any way concerning his 
Will is o-ranted unto John Dubois, one of the Executors in the 
said AVill named, he being first duly sworn well and faithfully 
to administer the same, and to make and exhil>it a true and 
perfect Inventory of all and singular the said Goods, Chatties 
and Credits, and also to render a just and true Account thereof 
when thereunto required. Ix Testimony whereof, we have 
caused the seal of office of our said Surrogate to be hereunto 
affixed. Witness Abraham G. Lansing, Esq., Surrogate of the 
said county, at the city of Albany aforesaid, the Sixteenth day 
of February in the year of our Loud one thousand seven hun- 
dred and ninety six, and of our Independence the twenty- 

A«M. G. Laxsixg. 


In the Name of God, Amen, I, Isaac Dubois, of the Town 
ship of Cats Kill, in the County of Albany and State of New 
York, Yeoman, being at present in health and of sound and 
disposing mind, memory, and understanding, but considering 
the nncei-tainty of this mortal Life, do make and ordain this 
my last will and Testament, in manner following : And in the 
first place, I will that all my just debts, and also my Funeral 
expenses, shall be fully paid and satisfied as soon as con- 
veniently may be after my decease. And in the next. place, I 
give and devise unto my son John Dubois, and his Heirs for- 
ever, the Lot of Land or Farm whereon I now live, as well such 
part tliereof as is now improved as that which is wood Lands, 
with all and every the Buildings, Kights, privileges, and ap- 
purtenances to the said Lot or Farm belonging, Save and 
except a certain part of the wood Lands, parcel of the said 
Farm, beginning on the Bank of the Cats Kill creek, at the 
Bounds of the Lands of Jacob Bogardus, and runing from 
thence down and along the Bank of that Creek to a Cedar 
stump, out of or contiguous to which, a young one is now 
growijig, a Little below where a run of water discharges itself 
into the same Creek, then witli a Line parallel to that of the 
Lands of the said Jacob Bogardus to the Waggon Road lead- 
ing to my dwelling House, then along the said Wnggon Road 
to tlie said Lands of the said Jacob Bogardus, and then along 
his Lands to the pkiceof beginning, and whicli excepted Lands 
I o-ive and devise unto my Two Daughters Catlinetie and Eitie, 
and their respective heirs, equally and share and share alike, 
as Tenants in Common. I also give and devise unto my said 
son John, and his Heirs Forever, my Two Lots of Land situate 
' in tlie swamp or vly commonly called the Cats Kill VI y, in the 
said Township of Cats Kill, lying contiguous to each other and 
also to my said Farm, with their and either of their rights, 
privileges, and appurtenances. I also give and devise my 
other Lot in the said swamp or vly, which I purchased of the 
Children of my late sister, with the rights and appurtenances 
to the same belonging, said Two daughters Catlinetie 
and Eitie, and their respective Heirs forever, equally and share 


and share alike, as Tenants in Common. I give and devise 
unto niv said son John and niv said dan^hters Catlinetie and 
eitie, my Two Lots of Land lying in the said Township of 
Catskill, and adjacent to each other, on one of which is a Lime 
Kiln, with the rights and appnitenances to the same Lots re- 
spectively belonging, To lljld the same to them, and their 
respective Heirs forever, equally and share and share alike, as 
Tenants in Common. I give and devise nnto my son Joel 
Dubois, and his Heirs forever, the farm on which he now lives, 
situate in the County of Ulstei", with the Rights, |>i'ivileges, 
and appurtenances to the same l)elonging. And in order to 
render the division of my property among my children, as 
equal as conveniently may be, I give and liequeath unto my 
said daughters Catlinetie and Eitie, equally as Tenants in 
Common, all my personal estate of what kind or nature soever, 
and do constitute them, together with my said John, Execu- 
trixes and Executor of this my last Will and Testament, here- 
by revoking all other wills and Testaments by me heretofore 
made. In AVitness whereof, I have hereunto set my Hand and 
Seal, this* fourth day of Se|)tember, in the Year of our Lord 
one thousand seven hundred and ninetv three. 

IsACK Dubois, (g 

Signed, sealed, and published by the above named Isaac 
Dubois, as and for his last Will and Testament, in the pres- 
ence of us who, at his request in his XDresence, and in the i)res- 
ence of each other, have hereunto subscribed our several 


Abhaiiam Bogakdus, 

Jojix Sole, 

Ja^ Barker. 

In the Xame of God, amen, I, Isaac Duboise, the Testator 
annexed named, being of sound/lisposing mind, memory, and 
understanding, but of ill health and weak in body, do make 


and ordain this as Codicil and part of my last Will and Testa- 
ment liereunto annexed. Forasnuicli as Catalinetie, one of 
mv dano'hters in mv said last will and Testament, annexed 
named, hath lately died, leavino; issue four Children, to wit : 
Abraham, Isaac, Lanah, and Jacob, being Infants (under the 
Age of Twenty one Years. ) who are heirs to the estate, by my 
said will and Testament devised to my said Daughter Catline- 
tie, deceased, and fearing least waste or other destruction of 
the real and personal estate, by me willed to their said Mother, 
should hap]x^n, by reason of their nonage. I will that Trustees 
be or Gaurdians be appointed for my said Grand Children, 
Abraham, Isaac, Lanah. and Jacob, and I do hereby a])point 
mv Well beloved Son John and mv Trust v Friend Captain 
James Bogardus, and the survivor of them, trustees for my 
said Grand Children, issue of my said daughter Catalinetie, to 
receive and lake to the use and Benefit of my said Grand 
children, Abraham, Isaac, Lanah. and Jacob, all the estate, 
real and personal, being the share and proportion of their said 
Mother, as devised to her by my said will and Testament an- 
nexed^ reference being thereunto had may appear. And I do 
liereby further will and dii-ect that my said son John and 
Freind James Bogardus, trustees as aforesaid, account to and 
with my said Grand Children, respectively as they come of age, 
for his or her part, share, and 2iro])orti()n of the personal 
estate, by me devised to their said Mother, by the will and 
Testament annexed. But, it is my will and pleasure, and I do 
hereby positively direct the said Trustees, and it is my will 
that the said Trustees, do retain and keep in Trust for my said 
four Grand Children, the whole of the Real estate in and by 
my said last Will and Testament annexed devised to my said 
Daughter Catlinetie, until the Youmrest of my said four Grand 
children shall arrive at the age of T'wentv one Years, or the 
Y^oungest of the Survivors of them in case of the death of anv 
or either of them, and when the Y'oumrest shall arrive at the 
age of Twenty one years or the Youngest of the survivor of 
them, as the Case may be, ilien the estate to vest in them 
absolutely, as Tenants in Common, and to account to my said 


Grand Children for the Issues and profits thereof, if any, and 
the Trust herebv vested in m v said son Jolin and Friend James 
Bo.£?ardus, To cease. It is my Avill that this be taken as part 
of my last Will and Testament and as Codicil thereto. In 
Witness whereof. I have hereunto set my Hand and seal, this 
twenty fifth day of September, in the Year of our Lord, one 
thousand seven Hundred and ninety live. 

Isaac Dubois. 

Signed, sealed, and published by the above Issnac 
Duboise as and for his Codicil and part of his last Will 
and Testament, hereunto annexed in the presence of us 
who, at liis request in his presence, and in the presence 
of each other, have hereunto subscribed our several 

Jojix y. I). S. Scott, 
Bex.iamix I. Dubois. 
Hexky Van Gouoex. 

Connty of Albany. 

Be it remembered that on the eight day of February, in the 
Year of our Lord, one thousand seven Hundred and ninety 
six, Abraham Bogardus personally appeared before me, who 
being duly sworn on his oath, declared that he did see Isaac 
Duboise of Cats Kill, in the County of Albany aforesaid, de- 
ceased, sign and seal the Instrument wrote on this sheet of 
paper, purporting to be his last Will and Testament, that he 
heard him publish and declare the same as and for his last 
AVill and Testament, that at the Time thereof, he was of sound 
disposing mind and memory, to the best knowledge and belief 
of this deponent, that liis name subscribed to the said Will is 
of his own proper Hand writing, and that he did also see John 
Sole and James Barker, the other witnesses to the said AVill 


subscribe their names as witnesses thereto in tlie presence of 
the Testator. Antl also that Benjamin Dubois and Henry Van 
Gorden, likewise appeared before me on tlie Day aiul Year 
last above written, wlio being likewise duly swoVn on their 
oaths, declared that they did see the said Isaac Duboise sign 
and Seal the Instrument wrote on the same sheet of paper widi 
the Win, and hereunto annexed, purporting to be a Codicil 
and part of liis said last will and Testament,' that they heard 
him publish and declare the same as and for a Codicil and part 
of his said last Will and Testament hereunto annexed, that at 
the Time thereof, he was of sound disposing mind and memory 
to the best knowledge of these deponents, that their names 
subscribed thereto are of their own proper Hand writing, and 
that they did also see John V. D. S. Scott, the other witness 
thereto, subscribe his name in the presence of the Testator. 
And, likewise, that James Barker, one other of the AVitnesses 
to the said last Will and Testamentof the said Isaac Duboise, 
appeared before me on the fifteenth Day of Februaiy, in the 
Year last above written, who being also duly sworn on his oath 
decliH-ed that he did see the said Isaac Duboise sign and seal 
the Instrument hereunto annexed, purporting to be his last 
Will and Testament, and heard him publish and declare the 
same as and for his last will and Testament, that at the Time 
thereof, he was of sound disposing mind and memorv, to the 
best knowledge and belief of this deponent, that his name sub- 
scribed thereto, is of his own proper Hand writinu", and that 
he did See Abraham Bogardus and John Sole, the^otiier wit- 
nesses, subscribe their Names in the presence of the Testator, 
And that John Dubois, the e.xecutor named in the said Will 
appeared before me and was duly sworn to the faitliful per- 
formance and Execution thereof, and of the Codicil tliereunto 
annexed, on the day and Year last aforesaid, the Executrix 
Eitie in the said will named, having renounced her right to 
the executorship under the said Will and refused to i)e con- 
cerned therein. 

Ab^'. G. Laxsixg, 
Surrogate of the County of Alhaiii/. 


An Inventory of the Goocl.-^, Cliattels, and Credits wliich 
were late of Isaac Dubois of the Town of Cats Kill, in the 
Conntv of Albany, deceased. 

£. s. d. 

One Negro Girl, named Diana, 33 £. — 1 pair Andirons, 303. 36 10 

1 pair of Dogs, lOs. — 1 pair of Tongs and Slice, lUs. . . 10 

1 Smoothing Iron, 9d. — 1 Cupboard, 15s. . . . . 15 9 

1 Silver Watch, . . . . . . . 5 8 

1 Slaw bank, -lOs.— 1 Set of Hatchels, 93. . . . .290 

2 old Si)inning Wheels & Eeel, 20s.— 1 Schipple vt Gallon Keg, 4s. Od. 14 

1 Sheep Sheer & Masons Trowel, 3s.— A parcel of Wool, (is. 9 

2 old Sieves, 3s.— 1 Bottle Case & 9 Bottles, 9s. ... 12 
1 Bound Table, ISs.— A parcel of Harrow Teeth & old Iron, 17s. 2 15 
1 Iron pott 25s.— 1 Weaver's Loom & Tackling, ti£. 7 5 

3 Tubs, 8s.— 2 large earthen pots, 83.— 1 large Wheel. 10s. 16 
1 Sythe, Sith & Mattock, 20s.— 1 old Mill Saw, 9s.. . . 19 
1 Chamberpot, Is. — 1 Lanthoru, 5s. — 2 Trammels, lis. 17 

1 Iron Wedge, Frow, Adz & 2 Shaves, 15s. (5(1. — 1 pair of pinchers A: Chissel, 17 (J 

2 Hoes, 2 old Axes, & Sundries of old Iron, . . . .110 

4 old Augers, 6s. 3d. — 1 Funnel, Is.— half of a Scow, 7£. 7 7 3 
1 Log Chain, 15s.— half of a Waggon, 7 £. . . . 7 15 
half of 2 plows, 1 Harrow it Tackling, . . . . 3 10 

I Flax Break, 10s.— 14 old Hogsheads, 4e. 4s. Od.— 11 Do Barrels, 40s. 6 14 

II Lime Casks, 55s.— half of a Flax Mill, Ss.— 3 pitch forks, 4s. Gd. 3 7 6 
half of 3 Wood Sleds, 90s.- 1 Shovel, Spade, & Grubing Hoe, 15s. 5 5 

1 Faning Mill, 70s.— 2 Cow & Sheep Bells, 7s. 9d. 3 17 9 
Iron of a Barrack Screw, 3s.— 1 whitefaced, line back'd, red Cow, 7£. 7 3 
.1 Brown, baldfaced Horse, 20£ — 1 old Mare, G£ .5s. Od. 26 5 

2 Colts, 6£— 18 Sheep -a 13s. Gd. = 12£ 3s. Od. . . . 18 3 

Half of 9 Hogs, 2£ 14s. Od.— l Grey Mare, 17£, . . . 19 14 

1 Negro Bo}', named Will, . . . . . . 50 

1 Do, named Simon, . . . . . . . 30 

1 old Boat, 10s.— 7 Gee<e (a> 2s. Gd. = 17s. 6d. . . .17 6 

Seven Blankets & a Hug, 7£ lOs. Od.— Six pillows, 42s. 9 12 

■ Two Feather Beds, 9 £—1 Bolster, 7s.— 1 Straw Bed, 15s. 10 2 

1 Bedstead, 12s. Cd. — 5 Silver Teaspoons (w 4s. — 20s. 1 12 6 

7 Tea Saweers & 9 Cups, 7s.— 1 Saltceller, 9d.— 1 Suger pot, Is. 3. 9 

1 Glass Bowl, 3s.— fi Soop plates. Is.— 2 Do Flatt Is. 8 

1 Oval Dish, 2s. — 1 small pudding Dish, Gtf.— 1 Bowl, Gd. 3 


£. s. d. 

1 pint Tin Cup, 9d.— 2 eirthon Dislie.3, Is. !)d.— t Wood Bowls, 6s. 8 

2 Milli pails, Gs.— 1 Tea Stand 30s.— 1 small Looking Glass, 2Us. 2 16 
1 parL-ol of old Dutch Books, 20s.— 1 Straw Basket, 2s. 12 

3 pewter Spoons, Is. 3.— i Knives & Forks, 2s. Cd.— 1 Hatchel, 5s. 8 9 
6 pewter plates, 8s.— 1 Do. Dish, 7s.— 1 Tea Kettle, 2is. 1 19 

1 Wafle Iron, 1.5s.— 6 Sheets, •!£ 4s. Od.— 1-1 pillow Cases, 3.5s. 6 14 

2 Table Cloths, 13s.— 5 Towels, 6s. 3d.— "Woollen Yarn, Is. 3d. 10 3 
1 Chest, 2()s.— 1 Sett Bed Curtains, 30s.— 1 small Stand, 4s. 2 14 
1 Xegro Bed & Bedding, 3-js.— 1 Cow, 6€ 10s. OJ.— 1 Glass Bottle, Gd. 8 5 6 
6 Chairs, 14s. — Leather, 9s. — G Geesi? (S 2s. 6d. = 1.5s. 1 18 
1 Gun, 45s.— 1 Cyder Mill, 3£— 1 hair brush, 8s. 5 13 
1 Large Dutch Bible, 40s. — 1 Seere de Waerhict door hero sebersina, is. 2 4 

6 old Chairs, 14s.— 1 oval Table, 3Gs.— 1 Sett old Bed Curtains, 30s. 4 

4 White earthen Tea Cups iV- Saucers, Is.— 9 small white earthen Bowls, 3s. 4 
9 Whtte Do plates, 3s.— 1 Tin pepper Bos, 9d.— 1 Do pint Cup, 9d. 4 6 
1 largo brown eartiien Disli, Is. 3d.— 1 Do blue & white China Do, 3s. 4 3 
1 White earthen oval Dish, Is. 9d.— 1 large brown earthen Milk pot, Is. 3d. 3 
1 small White Do, 8d.— 1 largo white earthen Bowl, Is. 4p. 2 
8 pewter plates, 10s. 8d.-l old small Tin Cannister, 6d.-l Do large Do.'te. 6d. 17 8 
1 pewter Bason, 4s. 6d. — 3 pewter Spoons, Is. — 1 large pewter Dish, os. 10 6 
1 small blue & while earthen Bowl, 4d.— 1 large Tumbler. Is. 4d. 1 8 

1 small Do, lOd. — 1 white earthen Sauce Cup, 3d. — 2 Iron potts, 17s. 18 1 

2 smoothing Irons, 4s.— 1 large Cliurn. 22s.— 1 Flesh Fork, Is. 3d. 17 3 
1 Side Sole Leather, 18s.— 1 Bread Tray, 6s.— 1 Gridiron, 4s. 18 

1 Trammel, os. Gd. — 1 Frying pan, 4s. Gd. — 5 large Waggon Boxes, 6s. 16 

2 small Do, 2s.— 2 Bedsteads, 25s.— 2 feather Beds, 9£. 10 7 
1 Straw Do, los.— 2 old large Wood Bowls, 2s. 17 
1 small Eemnant of Crown Cloth, 9s. — 10 Knives & Forks, .5s. 14 

7 Sheets, 4£ 4s. Od. — 14 pillow Cases, 3.5s.— 2 Table Cloths, 13s. 6 12 

5 Towels, 6s. 3d.— 1 Waggon Cushion, 5s.— 6 pillows, 42s. 2 13 3 

8 Blankets, 7£ 10s. Od.— 1 Skein white woolen yarn & 2 Balls mixt Do, Is. 3d. 7 113 
1 Sett of Harness, 30s.— 1 Saddle, 5s. 6d.— 1 Whitening pot, 4s. 6d. 9 Ells | 

flemish of Linen @ 3s. = 27s. f 3 7 

Cash & Wearing Apparel, 21 

A Bond from Benjamin Van Orden & John Demarest for 100 

A Note from James Bogardus for 24 

Taken and apprai.sed the twenty-second day of February, 
one thousand seven hundred and ninety six. By Us. 

Benjamin Van Okden, 
Barent Dubois. 


Count V of Albany. 

On the thirty day of January, in the Year one thousand 
seven Hundred and niuety seven, personally appeared before 
me, John Dubois, the Executor named in the last Will and 
Testament of the above named Isaac Dubois, who beinu" duly 
sworn on his oath, declared the preceeding Inventory to be 
just and true, & at the same Time he proved and delivered a 
copy of this Inventory to be tiled. 

Ab^'. G. Laxsixg, 
Snrrof/atc of the Vonntij of Alhmuj. 


Febkltaky '27). 1S03. 

In the name of God, Amen, I, Huybartus DuBois. of the 
Town of Catskill. in the County of Green & State of iS'ew York, 
Yeoman, Do make my last will & testament in manner follow- 
ing : that is to say. In the lirst place. I will thatt all my just 
debts and funeral Expenses shall be truly paid and satisfied. 

And in the next place, I give and devise unto my daughter 
Catharine, her heirs & assigns forever, a certain jueoe of land 
situate and being in the town of Catskill aforesaid, whereon 
she now lives, with the right c\: appertainances thereunto be- 
longing ; and which x^iece of Land is bounded by a line begin- 
ning at a white pine tree marked with three notches and a 
blaze on four sides, standing on the South side of the Catskill, 
ujjon a course South, 44 degrees 80 minutes East from the 
north East Corner of Samuel Yan Yecliten's Great ^Nliil, And 
running from the said place of beginning South, 23 degrees 
45 m. west, fourteen Chains & tAventy five links to a black Oak 
tree marked on four sides. Then South, 44 degrees 30 m. west, 
19 Chains and 7 links to a Stake set up in the ground, Thence 
South, 23 degrees 45 m. west, "21 chains and 47 links to the 


land late of my brother Cornelius DuBois, Thence along these 
lands to a piece of land purchased b\' Gare Hermann, deceased, 
of my said brother. Thence along that piece of Land to the 
Lands of my Nephew Benjamin DuBois, Thence along those 
lands to Caters Creek, Thence along Caters Creek to Catskill 
Creek, Thence along Catskill Creek to the first Station or i^lace 
of begining. 

Also, I sive and devise unto mv said daughter Catharine, 
and lier heirs & assigns forever, a certain parcel of wood land 
lying contiguous to the afore described piece of land, and 
which is bounded bv a line beuining at a white Oak tree 
marked on 4 sides, standing near to & on the east side of the 
I'oad that leads from my land called Cush land to the dwell- 
ing house of the said Catharine, and running from the said 
place of begining South, 89 degrees and 30 m. East, 11 chains 
& 50 links to a l)lack Oak tree, marked, standing on a ledge, 
then North, 24 degrees and 30 m. East, 11 Chains and 01 links, 
Thence North, 34 degrees and 30 m. P^ast, 14 chains and 15 
links. Thence North, 14 degrees 45 m. East, 4 Chains 21 links 
to a wliite Oak tree, thence North, 41 degrees and 30 m. west, 
6 chains and 49 links to the line of the above described piece 
of land, being 3 Chains & 82 links from the White pine tree 
herein before mentioned. But if my said daughter should 
happen to decease before me, in such case, I will that the above 
described pieces or parcels of land, shall go to and be E(pial]y 
divided amongst all her children, and their respective heirs 
forever, as Tenants in Common. 

All the rest and residue of my real estate, I give and devise 
•unto my daughter in law Catharine, the widow of my Son 
John Dubois, deceased, To my Grand Son Peter DuBois, the 
Son of my said Son John DuBois, and to my said Grand Son's 
wife Catharine, for the term of their natural lives, and after 
their decease It is my will that the same shall go & be equally 
divided amongst all the Children which are born A: which may 
be born of my said Grand Son Peter DuBois, k to their 
respective heirs forever, tenants in Common. 

I o-ive & devise unto Each of my daughters Pachel and 



Helena, the sum of soUO. to be paid to tlieiii, their respective 
Executors. Adniinistratois, by my Executors liereiii after 
named, uuid of the monies which T luive rec'd <lt which is vet 
due me from Kenj. Van Orden for lands which I have lately 
sold unto him,) but I shall hereafter, before mv decease, irive 
or cause to be given unto my said daughters Kachel & Helena, 
or to any of them, any sum or sums of money ; in such a case 
it shall be considered as so much paid of the moneys given & 
divided to them, & shall l)e deducted from the several sums 
given to them, or Either of them, by this my last will A: 

Lastly, I do hereby Constitute and api)oint my Son in law 
Michael Philliixs. and my friend Samuel A'an Vechten, Execu- 
tors of this mv last will, hereby revolving all other wills and 
Testaments by me heretofore made. 

In witness whereof, I hereunto set my hand and seal, this 
18th day of March. 1800. Signed, sealed, and published by 
the within named Huybartus Dnbois, the testator, as for his 
last will and testament, in the presence of us, 
Avlio at t4ie request and in his presence, and 
in the presence of each other, have hereunto 
subscribed our several names as witnesses. 

/* i.s 



Hauukxt Hr 1!0l^, 



Recorded Feb'y 23th, 18()'J, and proved & admitted 
to probate by 


Surrogate at Cat.sklll. 

Dated May 23, 18:37. 

The last will and Testament of John DiiBois of Catskill, in 
the Connty of Greene and State of New York. I, the said 
John DuBois, considering the nncertainty of this mortal life, 
and being of sound disposing mind and memory, (Blessed be 
the Lord for the same,) Do make and i)nb]ish tliis my last 
Will and testament in manner and form following, that is 
to say : 

li^irst. I give and devise unto my excellent wife, one room 
in my dwellinii" house with the i-iaht of war to and from tlie 
same for herself, friends, and servants, being such room as she 
shall clioose To have, and to hold the same during her natural 
life to and for her use. 

Second. I give and devise to the children of mv son Joel 
DuBois, Jun'", their heirs and assigns, Respectiveh*. That jiart 
of mv farm in the Town of Catskill, wliich is bounded as fol- 
lows : beginning at the south east corner of my Dock and run- 
ning from thence westerly to the south side of the watering 
place opposite the Lane wliich leads from said u'atering place 
to the iields, thence westerly throuu'li tlie centre of said lane 
to opposite the west fence which encloses my orchard, thence 
north easterly along said fence to the bank nigh the Creek, 
thence continuing the said course to the Creek at low water 
mark, & along the north side of said Dock to the place of Be- 
ginning, supposed to contain about ten acras, on which is my 
dwelling house and buildiims. 

Third. I give and devise to tlie (Children of my son John D. 
DuBois, their heirs and assigns, respectively. That part of my 
farm in the town of Catskfll, which is bounded as follows : 


Beginning- at tlie north east corner of the Garden fence, now 
occupied by the said John, by the road which leads from the 
public road nigh the school house to my dwelling house, and 
running from thence to tlie south east corner of said fence, 
thence westarly parallel wirh said road to opposite the west 
side of the well nigh the ])arn, thence north easterly to the 
west side of said well, including the same, and to the said 
road, thence easterly along said road to the place of beginning, 
which includes the Garden, door yard and barn yard, with all 
the buildings thereon, as now occupied by the said John D. 

Fourtli. I giye and devise to my son Ira DuEois, my son in 
law Jonathan Palen, and my nephew Isaac J. DuBois, and the 
survivors and survivor of them, their heirs and assigns re- 
spectively, an eqnal nndivided seventh part of the residue of 
all my real estate. In trust for the support and maintenance 
of my son James DuBois, during his natural life, and after his 
decease, in further trust for my children Isaac, Jane, Ira, and 
Catharine, in eqnal jjarts, and to their heirs and assigns re- 

Flftli. I give and devise to my daughter Jane, and to her 
heirs and assigns, an equal undivided seventh part of thesiiid 
residue of all my real estate. 

Sixth. I give and devise to my son Isaac DuBois, and to his 
heirs and assigns, an equal undivided seventh part of the said 
residue of all my real estate. 

Sevotth. I give and devise to my son Ira DuBois, and to his 
heirs and assigns, an equal nndivided seventh part of the said 
residue of all my real estate. 

Eifjldli. I give and devise to my daughter Catharine, and to 
her heirs and assigns, an equal undivided seventh part of the 
said residue of all my real estate. 

Nuith. I give and devise to the children of my son John D. 
DuBois, to their heirs and assigns respectivel\% an equal nn- 
divided seventh part of the said residue of all my real estate, 
and I recommend and enjoin upon them respectively, as they 
respect and value m\' memory, affection, and blessing, to per- 


mit tlieir Father and Mother to reside upon the above prem- 
ises, devised to said children, during tlieir natural lives, and 
the survivor of them, wirliout rent or charge. 

Tentli. I give and devise to the children of my son Joel 
DuBois, Junr, and to their heirs and assigns respectively, an 
equal undivided seventh part of the said residue of all my real 
estate, and I recommend and enjoin upon them respectively, 
as tliey value and respect my memory, affection, and blessing, 
to permit their father and mother to reside upon the above 
premises devised to said children during tlie natural lives of 
said Father and Mother, and the survivor of them, without 
rent or char2:e. 

Eleventh. For the purpose of avoiding the expense and 
trouble of applying to a Court of law or equity to make x)arti- 
tion of my real estate as above devised to the respective de- 
visees, I liereb}' authorize and direct my Executors hereinafter 
named, the survivors and survivor of them, and the majority 
of said Executors, as soon after mv decease as thev deem 
proper, to make partition of all my real estate, except the 
parts "devised to the children of Joel A: John by the second 
and third items, or devises within set forth particularly, into 
seven or more equal in quantity or value, according to the 
best of their judgments, and number the same in whole or in 
parts from one to seven inclusive, and to draw. After draw- 
ing for the names of the said devisees, or those who represent 
their respective interests, one of said numbers or sliare, and to 
proceed in like manner until the whole is completed, which 
drawing I direct to be made in the presence of my friends John 
Van Yechten and Robert Dorian of Catskill, if they or either 
of them shall attend after reasonable notice for that X)urpose, 
but their absence shall not vitiate the said drawing. And 
upon the completion of said drawing, I hereby give and de- 
vise such share, part or number to such devisee or devisees for 
whom the same is drawn, or for their respective representa- 
tives, To have and to hold the same to them their heirs and 
assigns Respectiveh^, In severalty, In joint tenancy, or in 
common according to law, but in every case allowed by law, in 



severalty and each devisee or devisees will take possession of 
bis- or tlieir part thus diawn. 

TicelffJi. I give and bequeath to tlie cliiklren of my son Joel 
two of tlie eldest horses, the new lumber wagon and harness, 
my one horse wagon and liarness, a one horse sleigli. one 
plough and liarrow. one good featlier bed, bedding and bed- 
stead, two cows called the Pet and Lilly, and six good sheep, 
such as Joel's wife shall choose, To have and to hold the said 
chattels to the said children, their Executors, administrators, 
and assigns forever. 

Tlilrttrntli. I give and bequeath to my wife during her 
natural life, in lieu and in bar of her dowtr, all tlu- res^ and 
residue of my ijersonal property of every description, and after 
her decease I give and bequeath what may then remain of the 
same to njy children hereinafter named, viz. : Isaac, Ira, Jane, 
and Catharine, to the children of my son John, their Execu- 
tors, Administrators, and assigns respectively, after dividing 
the same into five equal parts of which the said children o'f 
John shall have one part and the said Isaac, Ira, Jane, and 
Catharine,' or their representatives, each one other part. 

Fourteeidh. Having heretofore made advances to my 
children of different sums, I hereby charge the part devised to 
Isaac and his heirs, with the payment of eight hundred dollars 
in one year after my decease, and upon its payment to mv Ex- 
ecutors, I give and bequeath the same as follows, viz :' five 
hundred dollars to my son Ira. his Executors, Administrators, 
or assigns, and three hundred dollars to the children of my 
son John, their Executors, Administi-ators, or assigns re- 
spectively, in equal parts. 

Flftteidli. For the mutual convenience of my devisees, tlieir 
heirs. Executors, Administrators, and assigns' respectively, I 
hereby give and device to them respectively, the right of way 
in and over the lands of each other, so devised in the most 
direct and convenient route or way at all times, with horses, 
cattle, sheep, wagons, sleighs, workmen or servants, and all 
farming utensils. 
iilxUenth. I hereby appoint the said Ira DuBois, Jonathan 



Piileu and Lsiuic J. iMiBois, Executors of this my lust AVill 
a,iid cestaiuent, herebv revokinir all former AVills bv me 

In witness whereof, I have liereunto set mv hand and seal, 
this twenty third day of May, in the year of our Lord one 
thousand ei,<;ht hundred and tliirty seven. 

Joiix l)i;]3ois. 

The above Instrument consistinu" of one sheet and a half and 
six 2)ages was now hero subscribed by John DuBois. the tes- 
tator, in the })resence of each of us. aiid was at the same time 
declared by him to be his last will and testament, and Ave 


at his request sign our names hereto as attesting- \Vitnesses, 
in his presence and in the presence uf each other. 

lioirr. DoULAX of Catskill, 
EoiiEUJ' Bo(iAi:DL:s of Catskill. 


Whereas, I. John DuBois, of Catskill, have made my last 
Will and Testament, which is hereunto annexed, and have 
thereby bequeathed in the thirteenth item of said testament, 
certain personal jji'^jpf^J^'ty bj my wife, who is now deceased, 
Now I do by this my writing, which I hereby declare to be a 
Codicil to my said AMU and Testament, and to be taken as a 
part thereof, will and direct that such personal property be 
divided into six equal parts instead of live, and that the 
children of my son Joel, their Executors, Administrators, and 
assigns, shall have one sixth part thereof, to be equally divided 
among them, and the other live sixths of such property, slitdl 
go as bequeathed in said thirteenth item. excei)t that the said 
respective legatees, or those ^wlio represent them respectively, 
shall take one sixth part thereof instead of one fifth, to be 

56 WILL OF Joiix i)i'i:ois, 

divided iifter the iiijinner directed in said item, and I also will 
and direct that such parts of my real property as is by my 
said will annexed, devised to the children of my sons John 
and Joel, shtdl in the event of the decease of any of said 
Children without lawful issue, go to their respective survivors 
brothers and sisters in equal prox)ortions, and to their resi)ec- 
tive heirs and assigns instead of to their respective fathers. 

In witness whereof, I have hereunto set mv hand and seal, 
tliis 29th day of June, in the year 1840. 

Joiix DrEois. 

The above Instrument of a half sheet was at the date here- 
of declared to us by the testator, John DuBois, to be a codi- 
cil to be annexed to his said last Will and testament, and he 
acknowledged to each of us that he had sid)scril>ed the same, 
and we at his request sign our names hereto as attesting wit- 
nesses in bis i)resence and in the jn-esence of each other. 

lloBT. Do u LAX of Cat skill, 
E. BoGAiiDus of Catskill. 


OF Catskill, Grkp:ne Co., IN". Y. 

Explanation.— The Generations are numbered from the first which settled in 
America, and also from the first which settled at Catskill. In order to distinguish per- 
sons of the same name from one another, and also to furnish means to trace ancestry and 
posterity, a number is applied to each DuBois at the record of birth. These numbers 
are continuous throughout, and from Benjamin (3) downward, they run through the 
successive generations. The order of the families is fixed by the order in which the 
names of sons having issue occur in the record of the previous generation. A little 
attention will enable any one to trace the line of either ancestors or descendants. De- 
scendants of other names are given as far as known directly in connection with the 
name of the female froni whom they sprin'i'. 

Abbreviations. O. C. R. — Old Catskill Church Record. 
C. R. — Coxsackie Church Record. 
K. R. — King,-,ton Church Record. 
^ S. R. — Saugerties Church Record, belonging to the 

Church at Caatsban. 

1. Louis DuBois, the first of the family in America, was the 
son of Cretian or Christian DuBois, and was descended from a 
a Huguenot family in the province of Artois, (now know as 
the '^ Department of Pas du-Calais," ) France. Louis was 
born at Wicres near Lille, Oct. 27, 102(3. He left France, 
whose laws Avere inimical to the free enjoyment of his 
protestant faith, taking refuge in ]\fannheim, Germany, where 
Oct. 10, 1G5.5, he married Catherine Blanshan, and in ICOO, 
along with his wife and two young children, Abraham and 
Isaac, immigrated to this country. He lived at Hurley near 
Kingston, N. Y., until 1G77 when he removed to Xevr Paltz, 
N. Y., as leader of a colony of Huguenot settlers. He re- 
turned from Xew Paltz to Kingston about 1G87, and died 
there ICOo. He was the father of ten children, seven sons 
and three daughters. (See hi« Life and Times in '' Eeunion." ) 

2. SoLOMox DuBois was the fifth son of Louis, b. IGGO, d. 


1759. He acquiied a laii:e landed e,state iu Xew Paltz, and 
also at Perl^ionien, Penn., and at Catskill, Xew Ycu'k. lie 
nianied Tieintje Geiretsen and was the father of eight children, 
four sons and four dauu'hters. 

3. Bex.ia:mix DuBois was the third child and second son of 
Solomon ; born at New Paltz ; baptised by Pev. Johannes 
Petrus Nucella at Kiniiston. X. Y.. ^lav^ ](>, l()i)7 ; witnesses 
Gerret AVynkoop and Hilletje Gerretson ; died at Catskill JTf)?. 
Married by Rev. Petrus Vas. iSundav, :\[arch30. 1721 to Cath- 
arine Suvlant or Seiland, of Hurlev. X. Y.. bai). at Kinu-ston, 
Apr. 8, 109(5, by a transient French minister. Benjamin 
settled at Catskill, al)Out 1727, we do not know the exact 
date. The homestead was on the west bank of the Catskill, 
a short distance above the toll brid<2,'e. His familv was 
intimate with that of William Loveridiie, and tradition savs 
that they intermarried, but ue have no evidence to establish 
its correctness. Benjamin's residence was a well known 
locality, and is referred to in old deeds locatinii' inoi)erty on 
the opposite side of the creek : certain lands or corners were 
said to-be opposite, or above, or below the house of Benjamin 
BuBois. My great L'ncle, John DuBois at the Point, was a 
lad some seven years old at his grandfather Benjamin's death. 
and remembered him distinctly. I once asked Uncle, how 
Benjamin appeared i and was told that he was, pei'haps, a 
little less than average heiicht and weight, and of active and 
eneriretic habit. He was all his life a subject of the Enulish 
government, and no donbt a loyal subject, as he wjis a well 
known and respected gentleman. He Avas an earnest church- 
man, and i)robaV)ly more a Dutchman than a Frenchman. 
His mother and his wife were ])ure Dutch, and they changed 
the family tonirue, i^robably, thouu'h they could not change 
the family traditions. Mv great uncle, John DuBois, would 
often lament the neglect of "our mother tongue,"' meaning 
the Dutch, and when reminded that we were of French, not 
Dutch descent, he seemed hardly to comprehend the words, 
so thoroughly had the mother'^ intiuencemade itself felt. We 


may suppose that in early life Benjamin could use the French, 
but we have no evidence in the matter. Some further notices 
of liim may be found in the " I)u Bois Reunion."' 

The following is a fac-siuiile of the signature of Benjamin 
Dubois : -...^,^^ 


Fourth Generation, in America, and Secrmd at Catslcill. 
Descendants of Benjamin Du Bois (8) and his wife Catha- 
rine Suylant : 

4. Saua, Baptised by Rev. P. Vas at Kingston, Jan. 11. 
1722. Witnesses Guylben Suylant and Zara Crispel. Married 
by Rev. G. W. Mancius, April 4, 1743, io Christian Over- 
baugh. Issue. 

I. PetrusOverhaugji, bap.byDoni. Mancius, Feb. 12, 1744. 
Wits. Jerry Overbach and Maria Overbach. (K. R.) 

II. Benjamin Ovekbaugii, bap. Dec. 26, 1748. AVits. Ben- 
jamin DuBois and Catharyntje Seiland. (S. R.) 

III. Cathreyntje Overbaugh, bap. Dec. 8, 17o3. Wits. 
Huybartus DuBois and Cornelia Ilallenbeck. (O. C. R.) 

0. Solomon, bap. by Rev. P. Yas, Kingston, Feb. 23, 1724. 
Witnesses Solomon DuBois imd Treintje DuBois. ^i. Sept. 27, 
1749, Margaret Sammonsof Ulster Co., N. Y. (K. R.)Died be- 
fore July 4, 17G(). 

Solomon lived in the old stone house at Katerskill, pictured 
in the "DuBois Reunion." Tradition misled us to suppose 
that this house was the original homestead of Benjamin Du- 
Bois, (3.) This Katerskill house, however, must be very 
ancient, as can be safely inferred from marks and initials and 
dates in the stones. Solomon was a blacksmith : his shop 
stood a little westerly from the house, and blacksmith cinders 
could be seen there thirty years since. A waffel-iron of his 
make, bearing date of 175 i,' remains in the Eckler family. 


His wife was a sister, probably, of liis brother Isaac's wife. 
He is referred to in tlie tirst Avill of his fatlier. made July 4, 
1760, as deceased. His son Benjamin and his three daughters 
were youno: children at his death. We do not know that his 
widow ever remarried. 

6. HuYBARTUS, bap. by i)om. Petrus Vas of Kingston, Oct. 
10, 1725. AVits. Theunis Oostrander and Margyrjen Snyland. 
Died early in 1809, m. Cornelia Hallenbeck of Coxsackie who 
died Ang. 2d, 1795, aged OS years. Her tombstone was standing 
in 1874 just back of Mrs. Plopkins' residence in West Catskill. 

The name as given on the Kingston Church Record at 
his baptism is spelled Huygbartus. He was generally called 
Allibartus by the old people, but uniformly wrote his name 
Huybartus. His home was at tirst at the " Point'' but after- 
wards at the old homestead of his father Benjamin, where he 
died at the venerable aa-e of about eiu'htv-five years. He was 
the survivor of his fathei-"s family, and is remembered by his 
great grandson Benjamin P. DuBois, now (1877) living upon 
the same place. He probably built the stone house at the 
" Point," which was removed by John DuBois in 1822, to give 
place to the present brick house. All of Huybartus' children 
were born at The Point, and in 1700 his father wrote a will 
giving to him the farm he there occupied, and to his young- 
est brother Isaac, the homestead farm on which the father 
lived and died. But this will was never admitted to probate. 
(We have the original document from Mr. John Van Yechten 
of Leeds.) Two years later Benjamin (3) made a new will 
which was executed, and gave the homestead farm to Huy- 
bartus and the farm at The Point t(; Isaac, the sons having be- 
tween 1700 and 1702 exchanged places, and the father spent 
the last of his days with Huybartus instead of Isaac. 

We have very few incidents of Huybartus' life. Benjamin 
P. remembers his venerable appearance, dressed in knee 
breeches and the three cornered hat. Thac hat he remembers 
with sjjecial distinctness from the fact that it was used smart- 
ly about the legs and back oT the youngster to correct his 


mischiefs. It. is said that tlie daiiirhter Helena married aiiainst 
lier fiitlier s wish, and was discarded. Afterward when lie lay 
very sick, she brought her young babe to his bed side to crave 
pardon, but he silently turned his face to the wall. If this 
story is true, it shows a stern natui-e. not an unusual thing in 
the old times. In his will, however, he does not discriminate 
against this daughter. Huybartus was always spoken of with 
respect by our grandparents. Will recorded Feb. 25, 1809, and 
admitted to probate at Catskill by Dorrance Kirtland, Surro- 

The following is a fac-simile of the signature of Huybartus 
Du Bois, copied from paj^ers still in existence. In signing 
his Will Huybartus uses "his mark," a singular custom of 
those times, occasionally used even by those who could write. 
Benjamin Du Bois (8) sometimes made '"his mark." Its use 
in this case, however, may have been caused by severe indis- 

7. CoiiNELius, b., probably, at New Faltz, before the re- 
moval of his father to Catskill, Sept. 14, 1727, bap. by Rev. 
P. Yas, at Kingston. Xov. 12, 1727, wits. Cornelius DuBois 
and Magdalena DaBois. We cannot now identify these wit- 
nesses ; from their names we infer they belonged at XewPaltz, 
d. Catskill, June o. 1803, m. Xov. 12, 17i")l, Catliarine Tander- 
poel of Kinderhook, b. Feb. 20. 1727, d. Mar. 27, 1778. The 
■notice of Cornelius given in the "Reunion," is deemed in the 
main sufTicient. To that account of him one or two items might 
be added. The intercourse between Catskill and Kinderhook 
was at that time quite intimate. Some of the A^anderpoels 
stood as witnesses at the baptism of four of Cornelius' children 
and the old people constantly referred to tlie close relationshii"* 
kept up in those times with the Kinderhook relatives. Cor- 
nelius was a man of considerable means, and was often applied 
to for the loan of money. It is said that x^ersons on the village 



side of the Creek, would call him out from his house on the 
opposite bank, and receive from him verbal orders f or monej' 
in the villap^e. The jiroverbial honesty of those times did not 
fruarantee the memory of liis creditor, and this watered stock 
often remained unpaid. His oldest son Benjamin also involved 
him in serious pecuniary losses, by certain transactions not 
creditable to the son's prudence, to say the least. Whether 
Benjamin's Jersey wife, who was always called " A great 
Lady,'" really deserved the bitter feelings of the family, which 
she bore along with her husband ever after this, we are unable 
now to determine. Cornelius' record of his own wife's death 
is peculiarly devout : it is thus in the Dutch, '"Ano 1778 mert' 
27, is myne vrow in Den Ileeren outslapen." We would read 
it in English " March 27, 1778, Xow is my wife sleeping in the 
Lord.'' His oldest son was at this time only twenty-five, and 
his youngest child, Annaetje. nine years. lie lived twenty- 
five years a widower, and died oreatly beloved bv his relatives 
and respected bj' all. We give herewith a fac-simile of his 

r^O^i^yUi^^^^^M ot^^^ 

8 Isaac, born, i)robably, at Catskill : the first child born there 
after the arrival of the family. lie was, probably, baptised at 
Kingston, though there is no record of it, a break occurring in 
the records between 1730 and 1732. His tombstone in the 
family graveyard at The Point, gives his birth June 1, 1731, and 
his death Feb. 23, 179:>. His marriage is thus recorded at 
Kingston : "1752, May 23, Isaac Dubois, young man, living at 
Albany, with Lena Sammons, maiden, living at Schawegonk." 
The term Albany refers to Albany County, within whose 
bounds Catskill then was. Isaac was the youngest of Ben la- 
min's sons. He I'emained upon the homestead until about 
170 1 or G2, and then removed to The Point, on the place 
previously occupied by his brother Huybartus. 

"The Point '' is the term always applied by the old people 
to tlie south shore of Catskill Creek, rising from the marshy 
ground and opposite the beginning of the "Long Dock." 


Latterly the name is applied by the public to the steamboat 
landing at the end of Loni^- Dock, which was oriii'inally a small 
island called -'Boonpjes Iloek," The Point was the site of an 
ancient Indian village, unmistakable evidence of which may 
yet be found in the peculiar dark colored soil and the numer- 
ous instriimsnts of stone of Indian manufacture found there. 
These Indians were noted among the early discoverers and 
navigators of the Hudson as " a gentle and loving people." 
Their number here must have been considerable. Their burial 
ground was near the edge of the bluif, about one-third of the 
way from The Point to Hopenose, where distinct evidences re- 
mained in our boyhood attesting this use of this spot by the In- 
dians. They seem also to have buried on the North shore 
opposite the Point. The hrst white settler at The Point, 
and probably the first white resident in the township, was Claes 
Teunisse, nick-named Uylen Spiegle, or in English Owl's Look- 
ing-Crlass, a name which cannot be considered complimentary 
to his good looks. He has had the honor, however, of im- 
pressing an ugly name for many years, at least, upon the lands 
and waters of his plantation. The Creek now called John Du- 
Bois' Creek, was in our boyhood always called '• Uylen-Kill,'' 
and the IMarsh '' Uylen-Vlv." Claes Teunisse mav have 
settled at the Point as earlv as 1G4U or IGoO. What other 
occupants it had until it passedinto the ownership of William 
Loveridge in 1G82, we are unable to say. It was purchased in 
1728 of Gisbert Lane and his wife Hannah, daughter of Lov- 
eridge, ])y Benjamin DuBois ( 3 1. It was then occupied first by 
Huybartus (6) and then by Isaac (7), sons of Ben janun DuBois. 
•At the death of Isaac DuBois in 1793, after a residence of 
some thirty-live years at The Point, the place passed into the 
I)ossession of his oldest son John, who held it forty-six years 
till his death in 1S41. It then remained in the family of his 
son Joel until ISr^O, when it was sold to Jacob Yan Orden. 

Henry Brace, Esq., in his ''Outline of History of Catskill," 
along with an extended notice of the Catskill DuBoises, gives 
the following estimate of Isaac: "Isaac DuBois, after the 
death of his father, led a life of ease. Two or three slaves, 
with the occasional and moderate heli) of their master and his 


sons, did the needful work of the farm, sowed and harvested 
the wheat, planted and gathered the maize, made the hay, 
tended the small })atches of iiax and tobacco, sheared the 
sheep, killed the hogs, cut and rode in the wood. The trnth 
is, this man, among his other virtues, had the characteristic 
virtue of the Dutch veomen of the vallev of the Hudson — he 
was contented with such things as he had. His estate pro- 
duced or gave him the means of buying whatever his moderate 
wants required, and a life of toil would have given him only 
greater wealth, for which lie did not crave.'' We give a fac- 
simile of his signature. 

Fifth Generation in America, and Third at Gatsldll. 

- Children of Solomon Du Bois (5) and Margaret Sammons. 

9. Benjamin, bap. at Caatsban by Dominie Mancius of 
Kingston, Dec. 26, 1752, witnesses Benjamin Du Bois synheus 
vrow Catryntje Seiland (S. E.) m. Catharine Salisbury, who 
joined the Old Catskill Church on confession, under Dominie 
Peter Labagh, Oct. 24, 1709, d. 

10. Cateleintie, m. Edward AYitteker. Issue. I. Solo- 
mon Witteker, bap. Kingston Oct. IS, 1778, wits. Benjamen 
Du Bois and Margrita Du Bois. II. Henry Witteker, bap. K. 
Ang. 13, 1780, wits. James Witteker and Elizabeth Van Stein- 
berg. III. William Witteker, bap. K. Aug. 2, 1784, wits. 
William Marius Grom and Margaret Witteker. IV. Benja- 
min AVitteker, bap. K. Nov. 12, 1786, wits. Benjamin DuBois 
and Catharine Salisbury and Margrietje Felton. V. Margri- 
etje Witteker, bap. K. Dec. 13, 1789, wits. Barent Staats Sals- 
bury and his wife Sarah Du Bois. VI. Joel AVitteker, bap. 
K. June 17, 1792, wits. Joel Du Bois and his wife ISancie 
Du Bois. 

11. Sauaii, bap. 0. C. Ch. Mar. 23, 1755, wits. John Van 
Orden and Treyntje DuBois, m. Oct. 13, 1782, Barent Staats- 

I)ESCp:xda^'ts of ijexjamix du bois. 05 

Salisbury,* a Federal officer in the Revolutionary war, d. 1794. 
aged.")4. (S. Ch. K.). Had issue, William B. Salisbury, b. Oct. 
2,"), 1783, d. Aug. 17, 1802. 

I'i. Racukl, unmarried, d. at the atlvanced age ol" UO vears 
at Katerskill. The Indians were numerous about Catskill 
when llachel was young. Occasionally they were trouble- 
some. At one time a party of them surrounded the house of 
Solomon Du Bois as if with hostile intent. Rachel happened 
to be home alone : she quietly closed all the doors and windows 
but made no demonstration of any kind. After prowling 
around for a while the Indians seemed to suspect that the 
house was Avell defended, and so fearing to nudve an attack 
went awav. 

Mr. Peter Eckler of Xew York, in whose father s family 
old Aunt Rachel iiassed her declining years at Katerskill, 
remembers hearing her sing, in his childhood, the old Dutch 
Nursery Song, which is no doubt familiar to many of our 
readers : 

Trippe, tro]ipc, trooiuje, 
I'e vaikciis in liet booiujc, 
■• De koeyen iu liel klaver, 

Do ])aar(ljes iu hct Imver, 
De ecniljes in liet water plas, 
De raiiseii in het lantrt; ci-as — 
Ik won niyii iiiantje zoo groot was. 

A literal translation would read substantially as follows : 

Trippe, troppe, trooiitje, 
(This line is untranslatable, being e(juivaleiit to '• ful de rol " in Knglish.) 
The hogs in the beans, 
The cows in the clover. 
The horses in the oats. 
The ducks in the water puddle, 
The geese in the long grass — 
I wish my little man was so big. 
(Tossing the child to the required height while singing the last line. If the child were 
a girl, " meisje," which means little girl, would be suljstituted for"manlje," little man.) 

* From the manuscript notes of Henry Brace, Kscp, (Author of " .\n Outline of the 
History of the Town of Cat-,kill, etc., ) we learn that Barent Staats Salisbury was, during 
the Revolutionary War, a captain of militia. He fought at (lermantown and at Mon- 
mouth, and his order-book is in the possession of his grandson William of Catskill. 
(*a[;t. Salisbury and his wife Sarah were buried at Tefferson, at the edge of the hill 
behind the house once occupied by Abner Austin. About the year iS6o their remains 
were disinterred by their granrlson, and re-buried in a private grave-yard adjoining 
the public cemetery in Jefferson. On the stone at the head of the new graves is the 
inscription, " llarent S. Salisbury, a prominent American Officer during the Revolution. 
Died .April ii, 1794, aged 54 years." 


Children of Huyburtus IJuBois (6) and Cornelia llallenbeck. 
18. Bexjamix, bap. ('aatsban, June 2(3, 1740, witnesses Ben- 
jamin l)u Bois and Catharine Suylant, d. unmamed. 

14. Joiix', b. d. ni. Catv Dies, dau. ^Madani Dies and 
sister of Jennette, iirst wife of John Dn Bois, Son of Isaac*. 
John, son of Huj^bartus, often wrote his name John IL and 
his cousin John, son of Isaac, wrote his John I., the middle 
letter being taken from their 2:>5n'ents respectively. 

15. Theixt.te (Catharine) b. Oct. 21, 17o3, d. Aug. 24, 1889, 
m. iirst Gosie Hermance, and had issue, I. Lanah Ilermance.* 
II. John Hermance. Lived together to advanced age un- 
married, Katerskill. III. Polly Hermance, m. Ira Canfield. 
IV. Rachel Jane Hermance, bap. at Caatsban, Feb. 1(). 1782, 
wits. Abram Holfman and Kachel DuBois, m. Dec. 8, 1800, by 
Rev P. Labagh, Benjamin Sole. Issue, Robert Sole and 
Rachel Jane Sole, who lived at John DuBois' after he married 
their grandmotlier. Treinrje m. second, Michael Phillips, 
xs^o issue. M. third, John I)u Bois. Xo issue. 

Quite a remarkable train of circumstances are connected 
with the^life of this Treintje or Catharine. She was born at 
"The Point,'" where lier father then lived, in the name of Du 
Bois. Her Iirst husband died leaving her with four children. 
By her second husband, Phillips, she had no children. Her 
third marriage was with her cousin John Du Bois, when she 
was sixty-three, and this was his fourth nu\rriage, he being 
tifty-six years old. This marriage brought her to the jdace 
and name of her nativity. She lived happily with John Du 
Bois twenty-three years, and her own children and grand- 
children found welcome and shelter at ''The Point," quite as 
iJeasant as those of lier husl)and. She was seven years the 
senior of her luisband John Du Bois, and died before hiuj 

* Lana was of a reniarkaljly cheerful and social disposition, an<l veiy'fond ot society. 
Her home, in a romantic valley on the banks of the Katerskill, niidway between the 
falls and the village of Cat^kill, was the scene of many rural festivities and innocent 
merry-makings. She was a j^reat favfirite and r(7/;//y(7///c' of voung peojile of b(jth sexes, 
who ever found in her a willing and sympathetic listener U) the narrative of their hopes 
or fears, their talcs of joy or sorrow : and many momentous subjects, of which the great 
world took little hecfi, but of strangely engrossing interest to the parties concerned, 
were sagelv discussed by the young men and maidens of this vicinity, in her comforta- 
ble, quaintly-fashioned dwelling, which was beautifully shaded l)y a grand old 
(Jak — one of the large-^t and most symmetrical trees we ever beheld. Her memory will 
be recalled with pleasure by all who enjnyed her hospitality, and none will forget the 
old snuff-box which wa^ her constant companion, and from the use of which she seemeil 
to derive rrcat consolation. 

■ to 


tlioiif^li at a areater aue, viz. eiirlitv-six. She was a favorite 
of her father lluybartus, if we may jutlge b}- the large landed 
estate left her by his will. She was a woman, as we remem- 
ber her in her old age, of quiet habits, but of energy, decision, 
and warm heart. 

IG. Rachel, b. Feb. 13, 17o5, bap. O. C. Ch. Jan. LV). IT.IG, 
d. Xov. 17, 1837, m. Dec. 31, 17S0, (probabh'by Rev. Lamber- 
tiis De Ronde,) Abraham ILjlfman of Kingston. Issue, I. 
Antoni Hoffman. II. Hu3'bartus Hoffman, bap. by Dominie 
Geo. J. L. Doll at Kingston, July 28, 1785. witnesses Huybar- 
tus DuBois and Cornelia Ilallenbeck, III. Addison IIoff"man. 
IV. Cornelia Catharina Hoffman, bap. June 10, 1790, wits. 
Cornelia DuBois and Catharina Addison. V. Abraham Hoft'- 
man, Jr., b. Mar. 19, 1793, d. Mar. 12, 1857. Descendants 
living at Kingston. YI. Martinus Hoffman. 

17. Lana, Helena or ]\Iagdalena, m. Abram Elmendorf. Issue 
I. Annatje Elmendorf, b. Sept. 15, 1790, bap. Sept. 17, wits. 
Jacob Elmendorf and Catharine DuBois. II. Kuybartus Du- 
Bois Elmendorf, b. Dec. G, bap. Dec. 7, d. Dec. 8,^ 1798. 

18. Lidia, m. John Sole. Issue, I. Huybartus DuBois 
Sole, b. Aug. 18, 1799, bap. O. C. Ch. Jan. 15, 1800. 

Children of Cornelius Du Bois (7) and Catharine Yanderj^oeh 
We have the Familv Record of C. Du Bois in his own hand. 

19. Benjamin, b. Sept. 23, 1752. Baptised at Caatsl)an by 
Dominie Mancius Oct. 14, 1752. Witnesses Benjamin Du 
Bois and his wife Catharine Suylant, m. a lady from New 
Jersev and died in that State. 

20. Geeutuey, b. Jan. 20, 1754. Bap. by Dominie Scheune- 
man, O. C. Ch., Jan. 29, 1754. Wits. Malgert Van der poel 
and Ennaetje V'an der poel. Tlie father omits the name of 
this daughter from the record. We recover it from the church 
record. She vjrobablv died young, as a second Geertrev was 
born in 1701. 

21. Low KENS, bap. Dom. Scheuneman, 0. C. Ch., Aug. 23, 
1755. Wits. Isaac Du Bois»and Lana Sammons ; m. Esther 
A'^an Valkenberg of Greenville, Greene County, X. Y. Lived 
in Greenville and was probably a tanner. Have little know- 
ledge of him from the fact that he early left Catskill. 


22. Catjiaiiyxtje, b. Nov. 11, llol. Bap. by Rev. Jolianiies 
Caspariis Fryeumoet. Minister of Livingston Manor. Wits. 
Jolm Van Orden and Treintje Du Bois ; m. Peter Bogardus. 
Issue. I. Egbert Bogardus. Lived while a boy with his uncle 
Joel and aunt Xancy Du Bois. Was nearly all his life tax 
collector of Catskill, where his descendants remain. IL Catv 
Bogardus, in. Isaac Race, a wagon maker, Catskill. III. Sally 
Bogardus, m. Weed. 

23. Barext, b. Oct. 28, 1759. Bap. by Fryenmoet. Wits. 
Barent Van Der Poel and Catharine Iloogteling ; d. Mar. 1, 
1837 ; m. Rachel Du Bois of Kingston, sister to Sarah, wife of 
Henry Person ; b. Xov. 5, 17.39, d. Feb. 21, 1821. 

In addition to the war record of Barent Du Bois, as given in 
" Du Bois Reunion,'" we have evidence from the Pension Office 
that he established a service of seventeen months during the 
war under Capt. Benjamin Dubois, Capt. Delavan, Col. An- 
thony Van Bergen, by testimony of Peter Bogardus, Zopher 
AVeeks, and Benjamin Van Orden. "He alleged service at 
different times, during tlie entire war as a scout and express 
rider and' as a minute man under Capts. J. Witbeck, A'an 
Schaick, and Fowler, and under Generals Sullivan, Hand, and 
La Favette, but could establish seventeen months onlv, the 
remainder being shown bv traditionarv evidence." 

I add to this the remarks of Jas. D. Pinckney, in his 
"Sketches of Catskill." 

"As years passed on I became more intimately acquainted 
with the good old Captain, and have spent hours in hearing 
his stories of the barbarities committed by tories and savages, 
and of combats in which he had borne no unimportant part. 
In all these stories he managed to introduce his beau ideal of 
a warrior — 'Old Murijliv ' — in such a wav as to induce the 
suspicion tliat he miglit have been a coadjutor of the ' Scho- 
liarie Indian killer.' " Elsewhere he says of him, "He seemed 
a friend to evervbodv but tories and Indians." After the war 
he was a skipper or Master of a Sloop, until his strength failed 
him. I reniem])er him as a man of rare social qualities. 
When he visited us in Kiskatom the house was lively while 
he remained. 


24. CxEEKTRAY^d, Gitty or Gertrude, b. Dec. 9, 1761, bap. 
Caatsban, Mancius, Avits. Huybartus I)ii Bois and Cornelia 
Hallenbeck ; d. Oct. IG, 1814 ; ni. Feb. 12, 1797, Jolin Du 
Bois, son of Isaac. 

25. Arkeyaentje, Harriet, b. June 10, 17G4, bap. by 
Fryennioet, wits. Sylvester Salesbnry and Marytie Salesbnry, 
m. John Mallorv. Issue. I. Du Bois Mallorv, m. Marii-aret 
Overbagh. II. Gitty Mallory, unmarried. III. Xancy 
Mallory. m. 

26. Abraham, b. Feb. 2, 1766, bap. by Fryenmoet, wits. 
Malgert Yanderpoel and Jannetje Van Valkenberg. d. 

m. Jennie Grant, Delaware Co., b. in Scotland. 

27. Annaetje, (Nancy), b. Mar. 17, 1769 ; d. Kiskatom, 
May 11, 1846, bajx by Fryenmoet, wits. Henrick Frans 
Yan Valkenberg and Annaetje van Der i^oel ; m. Joel Du 

Children of Isaac Du Bois (8) and Lana Sammons. 

28. Lana, Cathalyntje, bap. Apr. 23, 17r)3, Caatsban, ]\Ian- 
cius ;-wits. Solomon Du Bois and ]\[argaret Sammons ; m. 
Abram Fonda, Catskill. Issue. I. Abram Fonda. II. Isaac 
Fonda. III. Jacob Fonda. lY. Lanah Fonda, m. 1st, Aiig. 
7, 1775, John Yan Deusen, Johnstown, Columbia Co., N. Y., 
m. 2nd Gen. William Salesbnry. Issue. I. Catilena Sales- 
bury, m. Horatio Dewey. II. Rachel Salesbnry, m. Lewis 
Bennen. III. Ebellena Salesbnry, m. Henry A. Du Bois, 
Hudson, X. Y. lY. Helen Salesbur}^ m. Elbert Reed. 

29. AciiiE, Eggie, Eghje, (English, Agnes,") bap. Caatsban, 
Apr. 11, 1757, wits. Huybartus Du Bois and Cornelia Hal- 
lenbeck, m. Jacobus Bogardus, Catskill, X. Y. Issue. I. 
James Bogardus, d. unmarried. 11. Lanah Bogardus, bap. 
O. C. Ch. by Scheuneman, Feb. 10, 1788, wits. Isaac Du 
Bois and Lanah Sammons ; d. unmarried, Feb. 2, 1876. 
III. Hannah Bogardus, d. Mar. 8, 1829, aged 36 yrs. 
lY. Jennette Bogardus, d. Ai)r. 2:"). 1842, aged 48 yrs. ; ni. 
John M. Donnelly, Merchant, Catskill, X. Y. Y. Betsey 
Bogardus, m. Dr. Jacob R. (jreene. 

30. John, bap. Johannes, b. Mar. 25. 1760, bai>. Apr. 7, 


1760, Caatsban ; wits. Benjamin Du Bois and Catliarine Suy- 
lant ; d. July 30, 1841 ; m. (1st) 17S0, Jennette Dies, d. May 
15, 1794, aged 34. 4. 14 ; m. (2nd) Sept. 20, 179o, Catharine 
Bronk of Coxsackie, d. Aug. 3, 1790, aged 33. 4. 8 ; m. (3rd) 
Feb. 12, 1797, Gitty, dau. of Cornelius Du Bois, d. Oct. 10, 
1814, aged 52. 10. 7 ; m. (^ fourth) June 29, 1816, Treintje (Cath- 
arine) dau. of Iluybartus Du Bois, d. Aug. 24, 1839, aged 85. 
10. 3.(A11 but first marriage recorded in Caatsban Ch. Records. ) 

John Du Bois survived his fourth wife onlv five years, when 
in his eighty-second year, he died and was laid away in the 
family grave yard with the remains of his four wives, under 
the shade of the apple trees in the orchard his ovv'n hand had 
planted. John Du Bois was no ordinary man. The limits of 
his own lands and neighborhood formed, indeed, the circuit 
of the principal acts of his life, yet they were so marked as to 
leave an impress on the memories of his posterity to the third 
generation. AVith an indomitable will and courage that few 
would dare to withstand, he became the acknowledged leader 
in the neighborhood, as well as the ruler of his own family. 
Ilis opinions and acts were always respected, because well 
founded in wisdom and justice. He was stern in demeanor 
and uncompromising, so that his will and word in the family 
and over all his possessions were supreme ; none ever ventured 
to dispute or question it, yet he was of a generous and kind 
heart, just and upright to exactness in all his dealings. 

The residence of John Du Bois at " The Point," was, in the 
recollection of his descendants of the second and third genera- 
tion, like an old times Baronial Hall. His personal appear- 
ance and habits were well in keeping. He was fully, perhaps, 
a little over six feet in height, well proportioned and strongly 
built, of a presence impressive and commanding, sometimes 
stern, an aspect aided by a voice which, as he chose to use it, 
could be literally said to roar, but always approachable, 
reasonable, and gentlemanly. A mean word or act seemed im- 
possible to his nature. He wore to the last the small clothes, 
the knee breeches, with great .silver buckles, tight stockin2:s, 
and low shoes. When Ann S. Stevens, who spent a fortnight 
at his house preparing nratter for her story of "Marv Der- 


•went," described liiiii as weaiiiin- .silver buckles on his shoes, 
he exclaimed. '-All 1 she's got the buckles oil: my knees and 
put them on my feet." 

His farm of more than three hundred acres was. in itsaral)le 
parts, under good cultivation. The orchards and gardens 
abounded with fruits and vegetables, a great herd of cattle 
furnished a sup])ly of milk and butter, domestic fowls of all 
kinds were ])lenty on the ])remises. and wild fowl in the Uylen 
Kill, and fish and eels could be had as they were wanted from 
the Creek and the River. The soil seemed specially adapted 
for fruits, and witii the southern exposure such grapes, such 
pears, such peaches, such apples, such plums, and among 
others those immense inLKjuuin /^o//.7///.v grew there, as we boys 
of the thii-d generation never tasted elsewhere, and never ex- 
pect to. If you wanted to rand)le, there were the farm roads 
or the great orcliards, or the cedars upon the Roefenje where 
you could lind plenty of stone arrow heads, or Jim's path to 
the Hopenose, overlooking the river, the creek, the village, and 
westward the glorious Catskills. If you wanted to ride in true 
rustic style, there was the wagon going to the big meadow for 
hay, or to the KaWtcnj for wood : or if you wanted to row 
there was the boat at the dock, and tlie oars by the pear tree. 
And if you were tired of all this, yon could sit on the stoop 
and watch the river craft, thrcjugh that long slim mahogany- 
cased spy glass, or the four-horse stages dashing down the 
Long Dock to meet the steamboats. Or if nothing outdoors 
l)leased you. you could go into that great north sitting room, 
with the two full lengtii portraits, in oil, of Madam Dies and 
her brother, in child hr)od, suspended in immense oval 
gilt frames, and the female face in china, hanging over the 
mantle board, and Aunt Trevntie would intei-est von in the 
habits and fashions, and pranks of young folks before the 
Revolutionaiy AVar, or Uncle Jolin would entertain you witli 
stories of the Indians and Tories of that unsettled period. Or 
if still you were restless, you could piss into that great Kitchen 
with its wide lire place and its glistening pewter and copper 
ntensils, and the two colored women, "On" and "Bet," who had 
both been slaves, and the first one as black as the chimney 


back, would give you souie new ideas of life among the lowly 
well toward a century of the past. 

All this, which niav sound to some so much like fancv, is 
nothing but simple fact. Such was the style of life at 
" The Point '" tifty years ago, as the compilers of these records 
I'emember it. And thei-e was not onlv ])lentv for the family 
and servants, but plenty and room f(»r those needing them. 
At John T)u Bois', the orphan children of .lohn Mallor}', who 
married Areyaantjo, a sistei- of his third wife, found a home; 
there Cornelius, the oldest son of Abraham Du Bois. was living 
at the time of death ; thence supplies of milk, and ]>uttei', and 
eggs, and meat, and fruits of all kinds, were ever finding their 
way to the honses of many relations at the villaue iieeding 
these things. James, who became insane in early manhood, 
was for many years a great care to the family, but the thought 
of sending him to an Asylum pi'obably never occurred to a 
single one ol them, and Jennette, with her two daughters, 
lived half a lifetime at her father's. The writer of this received 
at John Du Bois\ a no})le hospitality, passing there a long 
winter iiltending scho(jl at the village, when compensation was 
not even permitted to be named. 

. A gentleman of the old school was John T)u Bois. Few. if 
any, like him remain, or are even possible, in habits and sur- 
roundings in these changed times. May his descendants and 
kinlred imitate the cardinal virtues so conspicuous in him. 
and which, whatever chansres ot.-cur in outward thinus. may be 
the common heritage of all who strive to honor Clod and serve 
their fellow men. 

The farm at the "Point," came into the possession of the 
Du Boises in 1728. We have seen that it was lirst occupied 
by Iluybartus (0), probably about 1748 or 17i5(). Isaac (8) went 
there about 1701 or 2, being then thirty years of age. He had 
been married about twelve years, and took with him his four 
young children Lana, Achie. John, and Joel. Possibly the 
last named was born at the '* Point."' Isaac died in 1705, and 
the farm, by will, fell to John, then thirty-five years of age, 
and having four children, Isaac, John I).. James, and -lennette, 
the oldest iifteen and the younu'est four. Twelve days liefore 



liis fatlier's death, be married Catharine Bronk of Coxsackie. 
The farm remained in llie occupation of John Du Bois, until 
his deatli in 1841. when it was divided, by his will, among his 
cliihlren. Ilis son Joel and family left the old place in 
18.59. after it had been one hundred and thirtv-one years in 
the ownership of the Du Boises. The place of original settle- 
ment, (Ben. P. Du Bois) purchased in 1720, still remains in 
the occupancy and ownership of a Du Bois. 

31. Joel, b. May 2o, 1702. d. Apr. 20, 1844. Farmer in 
Crawford, Orange Co.. X. Y., and in Cat.skill. X. Y., m. 
Annatje, dau. of Cornelius Du Bois. b. May 17. 1700. d. ]\Iay 
11, 1846. He is referred to pp. 112, 114 "'Du Bois Reunion.""^" 

Sixth GtJicratloii In Anarica atul Fourth in CatsJiiJI. 
Children of Benjamin Du Bois (0) and Cathaiine Salisbury. 

32. Solomon, bap. O. C. Ch. by Scheuneman. June 27, 1784, 
-wits. Joel Du Bois and Rachel Du Bois. Died a vounji- man. 

33. Annaet.u:, (Hannah i ba]). O. C. Ch. Dec. 27, 1780, 
wits. AViljem Salisbury and Treintje Salisbuiy ; m. AVm. E. 
Witteke]-, d. aged 81 years. Issue. I. Catharine AVitteker. 
II. Benjamin Du Bois AVitteker. III. Emmeline AVitteker, 
lY. Abram S. AYitteker. Y. Eleanor ^Yitteker. YI. James 
AYitteker. This family removed to Perry, Pike Co., 111., 
where numerous descendants now reside. 

34. Maiigkettji:, bap. O. C. Ch. May 4,1780, wits Staats 
Salisbury and Sara Salisbury, d. young 

. 35. Xeeltje, (Xelly) 1). 1700, bap. O. C. Ch. Oct. 8, 1701, 
wits. Ilendrick van Bergen and X'eeltje van Bergen, d, April 
26, 1866. m. June 27, 1822, Peter :\rorris Eckler, Issue, 

I. Peter Eckler, Printer and Publisher, Xew York. b. ]Mar. 
28, 1823, n). Jan. 28, 18:>7, to Jeannette Fairmain Davis of 
Brooklyn, X. Y., b. Jan. 28, 18,]7. Issue, 

(1.) XY'eltje du Bois Eckler, b. September 24, 1857. 
(2.) Morris du Bois Eckler. b. August 12, 1850. 
(3.) Carl du Bois Ecklei-. b. April 0. 1866. 


II. Louisa C. Eckler, b. 1827. in. July 4, 1850, Jiimes Cater. 
Issue, Matilda Cater, h. April 21. 1851, m. April 20. 1808, 
H. S. Eckler. Issue, ]Morris Willie Eckler, b. June 29, 1872. 

Peter M. Eckler born January 12. 1788, died June 80, 1870. 
His fathers ancestors emigrated from Hesse-Cassel, Germany, 
his mother descended from an English family named Morris. 
Mr. Eckler passed his life as a farmer. He was of a quiet un- 
ostentatious disposition, honest and upiight in his dealings. 
He lived to a good old age and passed his declining years in 
the enjoyment of a comfortable competence. He was a soldier 
in the war of 1812, and during the later years of his life re- 
ceived a pension for his services from the U. S. goveniment. 

Nellie Eckler i85)was a woman of frauk, kind and social dis- 
position. She devoted her life to her family and the welfare 
of her children. She took special interest in all that related 
to the history of the Du Bois family, and could have furnish- 
ed before her death many interesting facts and old family tra- 
ditions which are now unfortunately lost. She died at the age 
of 70, J)eloved and regretted b}' her relatives and friends. 

30. William, d. June 23, 1802, aged 07 years, unmarried. 

37. MARGAKET,2d (Peggy) bap. at Coxsackie, Oct. 8, 1797, 
d. m. Oct. 17, 1818, Peter Moriis Eckler. 

38. Bexjamix, bap. O. C. Ch. March 29, 1801, d. aged 49 
years, unmarried. 

Children of John Du Bois (14) and Caty Dies, sister of 
Jennette Dies, tirst wife of Jolm Du Bois (30). 

39. Petei;, the name aj^pears in liis grandfather s will with- 
out a middle letter, but J. D. Pinckney, in "Sketches of 
Catskill," speaks of him as " Peter S. Du Bois, a farmer and 
large land-holder." On Aug. 18, 1800, he was married by 
Kev. I'eter Lebagh. to Catharine Van Orden, the widow of 

Ely. After his death the widow again married to John 
Bogardus, brother of Jacobus Bogardus, and lived near the 
liead of Main St., Catskill. Peter lived on the old i)lace of 
Benjamin (3). 

Children of Lowrens Du Bois (21) and Esther Van Valken- 


40. Maiua. bap. June 14. 1781), by Dom. Soheuneniaii at Old 
Catskill Clmrcli. 

41. CoiiXKLius, bap. O. C. Cli., ^fay '20, 1794; d. 1876 : ni. 
Hoo'edoni. He was for nianv years in the enii)lov of Mr. 
Hogedoni. a farmer of IJoxbury, X. Y., and late in life married 
the sister of liis employer, ^^lie survives him. A modest, 
honest, and pious man. 

42. Petek L., b. July iV), 18()2 ; d. at Shokan. X. Y.. 1852 ; 
ni. July 10. 182r), Clai-risa Goodwin, b. Mar. 17, 1805, and 
noAv living- with hei- dau,nhter, Mrs. Rhoda Dart, High- 
land, N. Y. 

48. Catv. m. Christian Fiero. owner of a small tannery at 
Caatsban. Ulster Co., X. Y. Xo issue. 

Peter L. (Lowrens, 42) served an apprenticeship at the 
Tanneiy of Jonathan Palen of Palensville. Greene Co., X. Y. 
The year after his marriage, 1820, he removed to Tougore, in 
Olive, Ulster Co., X'". Y., where he bought a farm, and built a 
large tannery. Pie was postmaster there under Jackson :ind 
Amos, Kendall ; was a prominent man in that part of the 
county, and did an extensive business until ruined by the hard 
times of 1837. He then closed up his business, sold out, paid 
all his debts in full, and moved to Shokan, X'. Y., where he 
filled an important position in a large Tannery until his death. 

jMr. J)u Bois was quiet and unassuming, but one of the best 
and most exemplary of men ; so regarded and referred to 
amonii" those who knew him best ; by men of all classes and 
opinions. He was so universally respected and beloved, not 
from any ])articularly yenial or social characteristics, for he 
was a man of few words, but from the honor, uprightness, and 
thorou<rh excellence there was about him. He was a worthy 
and warmdiearted Methodist, but wholly unsectarian. His 
funeral was largely attended at the M. E. Church in Shokan, 
and the Roman Catholic Irishmen of the Tannery, who were 
never known to attend a Protestant funeral or go inside a 
Protestant church, a body. 

Children of Parent l)u Bc»is (23) and Rachel Hu Bois. 

44. Caty, b. Oct. 24, 1780 : d. May 24, 1807 ; m. late in life 
Jacob M. Hallenbeck of Catskill Landinu'. 


4."). Sally, b. Nov. 7, 1787 ; d. Feb. 2, 187:? ; in. William 
W. Van Loan, Mercliaiir. Catskill. Desfeiidants at Catskill. 

4G. CuiiXKLius, b. Mar. 24, 1791, tl. June 2, 1824. A lawyer, 
Catskill ; m. Nov. 22, 1812, Jennette, daii. uf John Dn Bois. 

47. Bakent. b. d. A tanner. AVent South and 

bought Indian lands in Alabama ; m. dan. of a Creek chief, 
and was agent under commission of the U. S. Government, 
with rank of major, removing Indians west of the Mississippi. 
Issue. 48. William, 4'J. Baiiext, r)0. Sa:\[uel, 51. Rachel, 
in the state of Alabama. See ■' I)u Bois Reunion."' p. 114. 

52. Samuel, b. Sept. 17, 18;)1, d. Sept. 17, 18G2. Merchant. 
Catskill, X. Y., High Sheriff of (ireene county : m. Sarah 
Allen Allen. "Du Bois Reunion,*" p. 114. 

Children of Abraham l)u Bois {2ij) and Jennie Grant. 

53. Xaxcy, b. 1790, bap. Dec. 20, 1792, at Old Catskill 
Church, m. 1815, Levy Stevens. Issue. 

" I. Homer Augustus Stevens, b. 18IG, d. 18H8, unmarried. 

II. Harriet Stevens, b. 1818, m. 1843, Jacob Carle. Issue. 
(1.) Arnretta Carle, b. 1845, m. 18G8, Geo. Sax. Issue. [1.] 
Ira Sax, b. 1870 ; [2.] Garetta Sax, b. 1872 ; [3.] Geo. Sax, b. 
1873, d. 1877 ; [4.] Chs. L9 Grand S:ix, b. 187G. (2.) Le Grand 
Carle, b. 1848, d. ^3.) Marion Helen Carle, b. 1850. m. 
Frank Hodge. Issue. [I. ] Homer Hodge ; [2.] Frank Hodge. 

III. Arraetta Stevens, b. 1820, m. 1852, JoelThomas. Issue. 
(1.) Ettie Thomas, b. 1854. (2.) John Thomas, b. 185G. 

IV. Jennette Stevens, b. 1822, m. 1842, Abraham Lewis. 
Issue. (1.) Gertrude Du Bois Lewis, b. 1843, m. 18G5, Joseph 
Wardwell. Issue. [1.] Ellen Josephine Wardwell, b. 18GS : 
[2.] Elizabeth Scudder Wardwell, b. 1870. (2. ) Homer Agustus 
Lewis, b. 1845. (3.) James Grant Lewis^ b. 1849. (4.) Levy 
Stevens Lewis, b. 1851. (5.) Jennie Lewis, b. 1859. (6.) Larrn- 
niore Lewis, b. 18G5. (7.) Harriet Amanda Lewis, b. 1SG8. 

V. Elizabeth Stevens, b. 1825, m. 1848, Thomas Dodd. 
Issue. (1.) Thomas Grant Dodd, b. 1849, d. (2.) Xancy 
Gertrude Dodd, b. 1852. (3.) Spencer Carter Dodd, b. 18G2. 

54. CouxELirs, d. single, at 23. Attended a social party. 
and returned earlv, not feeling well. He was found dead in 


his bed next morning, at John Du Bois', having slept with 
Du Bois Mallorv. 

55. Catharine, m. late in life, Abrani Yeghte, Griggs- 
town, N. J. 

56. Mai:geky, b. d. unmarried, 1840, by falling down 
stairs at her brother Grant's. 

57. Grant, b. 1801, d. Feb. 13. 1853. Noticed " Rennion," 
p. 112 ; m. Catharine Larremore, b. Long Island, Mar. 7, 
1807, d. Mar. 19, 1875. 

58. Peter, twin with Grant, b. 1801, d. Aug. 10, 18G2, m. 
Elizabeth Strever, d. Dec. 1872. 

59. Gertrude, (Gitty) b. 1803. 

60. Harriet, d. young. 

61. Jennette, b. Aug. 21, 1810, m. Jan. 29, 1833, Abram 
Burgett, b. d. 1873. Issue. 

I. Enieline Demarest Burgett, b. Jan. 27, 1834, ni. Aug. 29, 
1853, Robert Griffin De Lamater, b. Dec. 22, 1834. Issue. 
(1.) Ella Louisa De La Mater, b. Jan. 15, 1855. (2.) Carrie 
Burget De La Mater, b. Jan. 28, 1858. (3.) William Dean 
De La Mater, b. Dec. 7, 1860. 

XL James Ronieyn Burget, b. Xov. 16, 1837, m. Jan. 29, 
1868, Elizabeth Maekey. 

Children of John Du Bois (30) and Jennette Dies. 

63. Isaac, b. Dec. 13, 1780, d. Aug. 23, 1850, at Marshall, 
Mich. Merchant at Catskill and Farmer in the "Genesee 
Countiy," and the west. Noticed '" Reunion." p. 114; m. 
(1st) Catharine V^an Yooihees, m. (2d) Jane AVoolsev. Mr. 
Pinckney speaks of him as '" of a stirring disposition, and was 
at different times a farmer, a merchant, a skipper, and a mili- 
tary Colonel. lie served in the war of 1812, and was esteemed 
a brave and efficient officer."' (See notice "Du Bois Reunion," 
p. 114.) 

64. John D., b. Mar. 20, .1784, d. June 3, 1845. Farmer, 
Catskill, N. Y., m. by Rev. Peter Labaugh, Feb. 15, 1807, 
Rebecca Overbaugh, b. Oct. 178i3, d. MarclilSG9. 

Gr\ James, b. Mar. 17, 1788, d. Insane. 


" Early in life he went to Xew York as clerk or accountant 
in a well established mercantile house, and there was, per- 
haps, no young- man who ever left our town with more flatter- 
ing- prospects than James Da Bois. Xo tidings of him ever 
reached home which were not satisfactory to his parents and 
friends, and honorable to himself ; and a bright future was 
anticipated for him, when the news arrived that he had be- 
come suddenly deranged. I never knew the cause— it was said 
by some that intense application to business had affected his 
brain — by others that an unmerited reproof from one of his 
employers had so rudely shaken his extremely sensitive 
temperament as to unsettle his mind. lie was brought back 
to the old homestead, and it is said that for many years he 
never spoke a word ! Yet. day after day at a certain hour he 
would make a circuit of his fathers farm. In the pleasant 
Spring time, in the burning Summer, in the mellow Autumn, 
and in the bitter cold and snows of \Vinter, he would traverse 
that same route, making a round of miles, and return to his 
chamber, Avhere he would remain in moody silence for the next 
twenty-four hours, then to resume his solitary walk over the 
well-beaten track, which came to be known as "crazy Jinfs 
path." Many years subsequently, (at the death of his father), 
he suddenly resumed the exercise of speech, and, as though 
to compensate for his long silence, he became really garrulous. 
He abandoned his daily walk, and frequented the Village, but 
his reason neverreturned."'-- -/«.?. D. Piafltney i^ " SkeicJies,"' 

60. Jexxette, b. June 17, 170J, d. June 2, 1863, m. Nov. 
22, 1812, Corneliui Du Bois. 

Children of John Du Bois (30) and Gitty Du Bois. 

07. Catiiaiuxe, b. Oct. 10, 1797, d. m. first, Sept. 9. 

1819, Oliver Ashley, and had issue, I. Gertrude Ashley, m. 
Crane, California. II. Marcia. Ashley, m. David Becker, 
Middleburgli, N. Y. Issue, Lil)bie Becker, d. at 17; m. sec- 
ond, Jonathen Palen. Issue, a son, Theodore Palen, and a 

68. IiiA, b. June 21, 1800, d. Xov. 1."). 187.'>. Merchant. 


Foimded Catsl'iU Messengtr newspaper, 1830. Many years 
Clerk of Board of Police Commissioners, Xew York : ni. Feb. 
9, 18:23, Mary Rogers, b. Aug. 21, 18U4, d. -Tan. 12, 18G0. 

69. Joel, b. Xov. 0. 1803. Farmer, Catskill, X. Y., m. Sally 
Jane Hunter, dan. Nathaniel Ilnnter, and niece of Mrs. Isaac 
J. Dn Bois, b. Crawford, Orange Co., N. Y., Jan. 12, 1810, d. 
Apr. 17, 1858. A woman of unusual excellence. 

Children of Joel Du Bois (31) and ^^ancy Du Bois. 

70. Isaac J., b. Jan. 19, 1789, d. Oct. 3. 1858 at Kingston, 
X. Y., m. Jan. 4, 1816, Catharine Hunter, b. Crawford, Orange 
Co., N. Y., Apr. 7, 1789, d. Kingston, X. Y^, Apr. 4, 1858. 
Farmer, town of Catskill (Kiskatom) N. Y. Justice of the 
Peace about 25 years. See Family of Benjamin ''Du Bois 

71. Catiiakiis'E, b. Aug. 6, 1791, d. unmarried. May 28,1856. 

72. Laxah, b. Sept. 12, 1794, d. Feb. 2:\ 1867, in Kiskatom, 
m. by Rev. I. X. Wyckoff, Jan. 21, 1819, Archibald Hunter, 
brother of Catharine, wife of Isaac J. Du Bois, b. June 7, 
1793, d. from contagion received while helping a neighbor ex- 
amine for the cause of the death of a cow, Oct. 10, 1822, Craw- 
ford, Orange Co., X. Y. Had issue. 

I. Joel Du Bois Hunter, b. Oct. 30, 1819, m. by Rev. A. B. 
Van Zandt, at Xewburgli, X.Y., Jan. 17, 1844, Frances Henri- 
etta Hunter, b. Sept. 3, 1824, d. New Y^ork June 20, 1874. 
Issue. (1.) Charles Du Bois Hunter, b. Apr. 19, 1846. (2.) 
William Hunter, b. Oct. 28, 1847. (3.) Agnes Conover Hunter, 
b. Dec. 1, 1849, m. by Rev. H. D. Ganse, Oct. 29, 1873, John 
J. Walton. Issue. [1.] [2.] (4.) George 

Conover Hunter, b. Feb. 4, 8152. (5.) Mary Frances Hunter, 
b. Dec. 18, 1853. (6.) David Moore Hunter, b. July 11, \>'m. 
(7.) AYalter Livingston Hunter, b. Oct. 2, 1858. (8.) Frances 
Henrietta Hunter, b. July 18, 1861. (9.) Robert Joseph 
Hunter, b. Feb. 9, 1866. 

Lanah Hunter became a widow when her oldest child, Joel 
Du Bois, was three years of -age, and her youngest, Jennette. 
an infant of one 3-ear. Henceforth she lived solely for her 
children. With very little means she managed by industry 


descp:xdaxt.s of bexjamix du bois. 

and prudence to keep them by her and give them a good 
common school education, and a thorough training in piety 
and riglit living. She had her reward in the respectability of 
their positions, the excellence of their characters, and the deep 
veneration with which they cherished her in age. Joel D. 
was at first a clerk in a country store at Pine Bush, X. Y. 
He found employment a year or two in Greene County, N. Y. 
He then entered the employ of Carpenter, Mailar & Co., 
Merchants and Freighters, ii'ewburgh, X. Y. He was em- 
ployed by this iirni as clerk in the store, and as clerk, and as 
captain of a freiglit barge, and was for awhile in charge of a 
Passenger steamer between Albany and New York. He en- 
gaged in the wholesale Butter and Cheese business in New 
York, in 1844, with Jay, Adams & Co., and then Hunter, 
Adams & Co. In 1875 he assumed the entire business in his 
own family under the firm of Hunter, ^Valton t\: Co., 164 & 
IGG Chambers St., X. Y. Their sales during the last ten years 
have averaged about 81,000,000 annually. 

II. Jeiyiette Hunter, b. Nov. 4, 1821, m. Nov. 7, 1844, Cor- 
nelius M. xibeel, Kiskatom, Greene County, N. Y., b. Apr. 5, 
1817. Issue. (1.) Emily Du Bois Abeel, b. Nov. 6, 1845. d. 
Mar. 23, 1856. (2.) Frances Hunter Abeel, b. Jan. 23, 1847, 
m. William Linzey. Issue. [1.] Howard Linzey, b. 1870. (3.) 
Anthony Abeel, b. Sept. 2, 1850, d. Jan. 10, 1871. (4.) Archi- 
bald Hunter Abeel, b. Oct. 14, 1858. d. Jan. 19, 1871. 

73. Eleaxok, b. Sept. 11, 1798, d. Apr. 12, 1877, ni. Nov. 29, 
1823, Thomas Fay, a School Teacher from Brimlield, Mass., b. 
Sept. 1, 1795, d, Apr. 28, 1863. Issue. 

I. Nancy Ann Fay, b. Dec. 23, 1821, d. Feb. 9, 1855, m. 
June 17, 1843, John R Hunt, and left four cliildren. 

II. Warren Fay, b. Mar. 30, 1824, d. Sept. 2, 1849, m. July 
0, 1848, Ann C. Brandow, and left one son. 

III. Serepta Catharine Fav. b. Oct. 1, 1826, d. sin^-le, Nov 
16, 1858. 

IV. Joel Du Bois Fay, b. May 8, 1830, d. Jan. 15, 1859. 

V. Austin W. Fay, b. Sept. 5, 1832, m.Sept. 5, 1857, Debbie 
C. Hommell. Issue. (1.) Cora. (2.) Philip Xier. (3.) George. 

VI. David Hunter Fay, b. Nov. 21, 1836, d. Aug. 27, 1864, 


m. Aug. 4, 1S60, Hattie M. Brown. Entered tlie Federal 
Army early in the Rebellion, was sick at tlie South, and came 
home to die. 

VII. Thomas Addison Fay, b. Sept. 23, 1840, d. Dec. 17, 
18C1. The whole family were consumptive, though the father 
died of acute disease at 6S, and the mother of old age at 79. 

The Severdh Generation in America and Fiftli in CatsTciU. 

Children of Peter Du Bois (39) and Catharine Van Orden. 

74. Benjamin P., b. living (Jan. 1878,) at the old 
Homestead of Benjamin (3) in West Catskill, m. (1st) JaneC. 
Goelet, b. Feb. 11, 1802, d. Nov. 12, 1832, m. (2d) Catharine 
Abeel, b. d. 

75. John P., bap. O. C, Mar. 5, 1805. Wits. Huybartus 
Du Bois and Catharine Du Bois, d. 

76. Robert McKerty, bap. O. C, Apr. 12, 1807. 

77. Eliza Jane, b. m. Bennet. 

Children of Peter L. Du Bois (42) and Clarissa Goodwin. 
78: James, b. Apr. 15, 1820, m. Anna Sanford. Living in 
California, to which state he went in 1849. Xo issue. 

79. Mary C, b. Mar. 24, 1828, m. Martin Shuster. lias 
several children, boys and girls. 

80. Edwin, b. Mar. 14, 1830, m. 1852, Nancy Woodworth of 
Shandaken, Ulster Co., N. Y. No issue. Edwin received a 
fair education in the common school, and afterward taught a 
District School in Olive. lie worked about his father's Tan- 
nery from boyhood. Was employed seven years to keep 
books and measure bark at Shokan. He then entered the 
tanning business with Mr. Watson, near the Delaware 
Water (xap, and at Watson Hollow, Ulster Co., N. Y., for 
some four or five years. He was employed some eight years 
at Brocketts Bridge, Herkimer Co., N. Y., and is now in the 
employ of Tliomas E. Proctor of Boston, Mass., to take charge 
of all his Tanneries, eight in number, and located in Maine, 
Massachusetts, New York,' and Pennsylvania. They manu- 
facture 600 to 1000 sides of upper leather daily, and from 1000 
to 1200 sides of sole leather daily. 


81. Eliza, b. May 1, 1832, d. Aug. 8, 1847. 

82. RnoDA, b. Dec. 19, 1834, m. Isaac C. Dart, M. D., of 
Highland, Ulster Co., N. Y. Has several children. 

83. Cornelius, b. Feb. 18, 1837 ; m. Adelaide J. Goodwin. 
No issue. 

Capt. Cornelius Du Bois enlisted in the 33d 111. Volunteers, 
(Normal Regiment) Aug. 15, 1861. Served in that Regt. as 
private, corporal, and sergeant, till Nov. 4, 1863, when he re- 
ceived a commission as 2d Lieut, in the o3rd U. S. Colored 
Infantry. From 2d Lieut, was promoted to Cai)tain in same 
Regt., May 24, 1864, and served in that capacity until 
mustered out March 8. 18G6, at Vicksburg, Miss. Commanded 
the Post at Goodman, Miss., from Oct. :23, 1865, to the time 
the forces were withdrawn. The circumstances attending his 
appointment or detail to this Post, were of a very Hattering 
nature to him as a reliable and faithful officer of the U. S. 
Army. The campaigning of Capt. Cornelius was X)i'incipally 
in the states of Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississii)pi. 
He took part in the battles of Fredericktown, Mo., Coche 
River, xVrk., the battles about Vicksburg, viz: Grand Bluff, 
Magnolia Hill, Jackson, Champion Hill, Black River Bridge, 
the charges on Vicksburg, and quite a number of other smaller 
engagements. He had the honor of carrying the Regimental 
Flag in the charge on Vicksburg Mav 22, 1863, after all the 
color guards were killed or wounded. He took it from the 
extended arm of the last one of them who fell, and wiio cried 
" Take the Flag.'' His captain and himself both sprang for- 
ward to take it, the Capt. being a little in advance, when a 
grape-shot grazing his knee caused him to falter and almost 
fall, and Cornelius seized the flag and proudly bore it aloft all 
the day. It was a thrilling occurrence, and one long to be re- 

After Vicksburg surrendered and he was commissioned in a 
Colored Regt., he was placed on garrison duty at Vicksburg, 
Jackson, and adjacent towns. For a length of time he was 
chief jjicket officer at Vicksburg." While in command of the 
Post at Goodman, Miss., his fellow officers of the Regiment 

descenda:s^ts of benjamin du eois. 88 

were in the liabit of saluting him jocosely as " Capt. Du Bois, 
Shtriff of seven counties.''^ 

At the close of the war Capt. Du Bois built and opened a 
spacious Summer Boarding House, called '' The Pine Grove 
House,'- in Palensville, at the entrance of Katerskill Glove, 
one of the most romantic of locations at tlie foot of the Cats- 
kills, some twelve miles from Catskill village. 

84. Ellen, b. Jan. IS, 1840, m. Isaac AV. North. Several 

85. Emma, b. Aug. 28, 1840, d. 1875, m. Rev. 0. Van 
Keuren. Xo Issue. 

Children of Cornelius Du Bois (16) and Jennette Du Bois (,00). 

80. Jennp:tte, b. m. a gentlemen in Alabama. 

87. Maria, | of unsound mind. Living (1878; with John 

88. Cornelia, j Manning in Kansas. 

Children of Samuel Du Bois (52) and Sarah Allen Allen. 

89. Joseph Allen, d. 1863, m. Julia Tieter. Had 

90. Mary Allen, m. B. B. G. Stone, the artist. 

91. B A RENT, d. yonng. 

92. Samuel Barent, Catskill, N. Y. 

Children of Grant Du Bois (57) and Catharine Larremore. 

93. William Larremore, b. 1838, in New York City. At- 
tended the School of the Collegiate Reformed Church, founded 
in 1033. Learned the business of a druggist with Messrs. 
Schieffelin Bros. & Co., to whom his teacher, Mr. Dunshee, 
pointed out young Du Bois, when they asked him for a worthy 
lad for this purpose. Remained with them from 1851 to 1803. 
Became associated with Mr. Benjamin AVey, a successor in the 
old established Drug Store of Croswell A: Brace, Catskill, X. 
Y., and after a pleasant business life of over thirteen years, 
on the retirement of his partner, June, 1870, Mr. Du Bois as- 
sumed the entire business, ^n which he is now engaged ; m. 
Aug. 5, 1802, Maria Jane Illiard Dodge. 


94. James Oscak, b. Sep. 14, 1840, d. Aug. 1,18(34. Macliinist. 
Died from the effects of overheat, doing some repairs in the 
engine of an ocean steamer. 

95. Gertrude Mary, b. Sept. 28, 1842, m. May 18, 18G8, 
Franklin Salisbury, Catskill. Issue. Edward Larremore 
Salisbury, b. May 20, 1870. 

96. Catharine Elizbaetii, b. Jan. IG, 1845, m. Oct. 1, 1872, 
John E. Mills, Xew York, who d. Dec. G, 1872. No issue. 

97. Julius Anson, b. Apr. G, 1847, d. Aug. 27, 1851. 

98. Anna Jennette, b. Nov. 13, 1848, d. June 28, 1840. 

99. Peter Grant, b. Apr. 3, 1850. Merchant's Clerk, m. 
June 8, 1870 Mrs. Emma A. Lewis, Brooklyn, X. Y. 

Children of Isaac Du Bois (G3) and Catharine Van Yoorhees. 

100. John, b. m. 1830, a Lady in South America, and 
d, there. 

. 101. Martha Jane, b. m. Samuel Bogardus, Chicago. 

Had the Dutch Family Bibles formerly at John Du Bois' at 
the "Point,'' and these books (two) were lost in the great lire 
in Chicago in 1872. 

102. James B., b. m. Agnes Kelley. 

103. Samuel, b. d. Mar. 17, 187G, m. Rebecca Riley. 
No issue. 

104. Alfred, A Merchant Tailor, New York Citv. 

105. Sarah, m. Philo Du Bois (109). 
lOG. Isaac, b. Apr. 14, 1818, m. Eliza Brower. 

107. Catharine, b. d. m. John Putnum. No issue. 
Children of John D. Du Bois (G4) and Rebecca Overbaugh. 

108. Lewis, (the name was given him by his grandfather, 
doubtless for our venerable ancestor, Louis, but it has, in this 
case, always taken the English spelling,) b. 1809, d. ]May 23, 
187G, m. (1st) Elizabeth B. Ilartman. b. Jan. 15, 1809, d. May 
5, 1864, m. (2dj Ranhamy Wagener. 

109. Philo, b. :\rar. 31, 1812, 'm. Sarah Du Bois (105). 


110. Ann Jennette, b. Jane 29, 1814, d. ni. Peter 
Wliittaker, and lived upon the homestead of the family. 

I. Mary Whittaker, b. July 19, 1841, m. Xov. 14, ISGQ, 
Henry Van Uorden, b. Oct., 1840. Issue. (1.) Aggie Annett 
Gorden, b. Aug. H, 1807. 

II. William Whittaker, b. Jan. V2, 1845, m. Fel). 20, 1873, 
Eldecia Wintield, widow of Col. and Prof. Florence of Georgia, 
having one son. Issue. (1.) James Wintield Du Bois Whit- 
taker, b. Mar, 29, 1870. 

111. Harriet Rosalia AVhittakei-, b. Apr. 18, 1848, ni. 1870. 
Robert R. Hetford. Issue. (1.) Clara Louisa Helford, b. 
Jan. 4, 187J. 

IV. Howard Whittaker, b. May 30, 1852, m. Amelia Eliza- 
beth Mitchell. 

V. Jennie Whittaker, b. Oct. 9, 1854. 

III. William, b. June 0, 1810, d. Oct. 2, 1834. 

112. James Goelet, b. July 2, 1SJ8, m. (ist) Oct. 1840, Jane 
Schut, b. 1821, d. Dec. 12, 1S48 ; m. (2d) June 17, 1858, Jane 
Clark' of New York, b. 1832, d. July 5, 1859. 

113. Addisox, b. Jan. 24, 1821, m. Margaret E. Du Bois, a 
descendant of the Jacques Du Bois line, b. Sept. 8, 1820. 

114. FiiEDEiiiCK Nelson, b. 1829, m. Helen A. Reiley, b. 
Aug. 15, 1827. 


John Dies Du Bois, son of John Da BoisanclJennette Dies, 
was named for his maternal great uncle John Dies, an officer 
in the British Army, His grand mother, Jane Dies, commonly 
called Madam Dies, was a daughter of James Goelet, a French- 
man, an East India Merchant Trader of the earlv days of New 
York. One of the sons, James G., was named for him. John 
D. received the common school education of those times, and 
lived on his father's farm until his 23d year, when on the l.jth 
Feb'y, 1807, he married Rebecca, daughter of John Overbaugh 
a farme;r, whose lands joined those of his father. 

His father, a few years after his marriage, set off from his 
ample domain about 100 acres, and built him a house. The 
ambition of John D. was quite satislied in successfully tilling 
and cultivating his land. Though he x^ossessed a large share 
of mecl^anical genius, as v»'as shcnvn by the erection, on his 
farm, of a work shop, which he supplied with an ample stock 
of tools, even to a Turning Lithe, quite rare in those days. 
These enabled him with the aid of his six boys, as they grew 
up, to provide, from his own designs, all the implements 
needed on the farm, even to the Spinning Wheel, and Loom 
used in the manufacture of his wool and tlax into fabrics for 
the clothing of the family. 

The children of John D. were Lswis, Philo, Ann Jennett, 
William, James Goelet, Addison, and Frederick X. The boys 
all inherited largely of the genius of their father, and took 
strongly to mechanical pursuits. 

Lewis, after learning the trade of a carpenter, became a 
master builder, and erected many buildinirs and dwellings now 
standing in his native village. Xot hnding ample scope for 
his ambition in his native town, in 183G he removed to the city 
of New York, and there pursiied the business of a builder. 

Philo after acquiring the same trade, under the instruction 
of his brother while in Catskill. in 1835 removed to Buffalo, 


N. Y., where, fur a time, he worked at liis trade. But short- 
ly, as opportunity ottered, he embarked in tlie mercantile 
business, and opened a iTrocery Store, with his cousin, Sam'l 
II. l)u I3ois, as partner. 

Not meeting with success, the partnership was dissolved. 
Another cousin, Alfred Du Bois, engaged in the manufacture 
of Silver Ware in Bulfalo, at this time died. The settlement 
of his business was placed in the hands of Philo Du Bois. By 
the time the settlement was completed, he acquired sufficient 
knowledge of the business to carry it on himself, which he did 
quite successfully for about 37 years to the present time. 

AVilliam, while learning the trade of a Tailor with ^Mr. Decker 
of Catskill, Avas taken sick, and died of Typhus fever in his 
18 th year. 

James G., after spending part of a year at the carpenter 
trade with Peter Shaurman, Master Builder of Catskill, was 
led by circumstances to abandon it, and accept a clerkship in 
1837 in the store of Garret N. Abeel, AVest Catskill. Over a 
year later, on receiving a more favorable offer from Wm. AY. 
Yan Loan, a grocer in the village, he changed his situation to 
a store offering better oppoi'tunities to acquire mercantile 
knowledge, where he occujued the position of salesman and 
book-keeper till the fall of 1810. At this time heaccejjted an 
offer and engaged for two years with Messrs. F. C. & A. Hall 
of Portland, Alabania, as Salesman and Book-keei)er in their 
country store. Left New York in Oct., in company with Mr. 
F. C. Hall, proceeded by ship t(^ ^lobile. and steamer over 200 
miles up the Alabama river to Portland. 

At the end of this engagement in the fall of 1842, he made 
a visit to his cousin, Barent Du Bois, long a resident of Talla- 
poosa Co., on the Tallapoosa Eiver, Ala., where the winter 
was spent very agreeably in witnessing the running of Saw 
iind Grist ]Mills managed by his cousin s slaves, and taking 
part in catching Cat Fish, weighing 5 to 30 lbs., Indian style, 
in Box Traps and in a grated sluice way on the great rapids 
of the Tallax:»oosa. Some tinvi was also spent in hunting and 
shooting deer and wild Turkeys, which were found quite 
plenty in the ''Piney AYoods.'' 


In the sprinu: of 1843, he returned to Portland, remaining a 
few weeks. Owini^ to impaired healtli from the effect of 
niahiria, liaving suffered severely from Fever and Ague, he 
conchided to return to the north, which he did via. New 
Orleans, the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers, Lake Erie, and 
Buffalo, arriving home in June. 

In the fall of 1848, Lewis and James G. commenced in the city 
of Xew York, the construction of machinery for the manufac- 
ture of Doors, Sashes, and Blinds. In the Spring following, 
they hired suitable room with Steam Power, set up their 
machinery, and made the first Doors, Sashes, and Blinds ever 
made by machinery in the city of New York. The success of 
their first year s experience, warranted the purchase of lots 
22 and 24 Bethune St., and the erection of a factorv suited for 
a growing business, which was confidently anticipated. 

The success of the second vear f uUv sustained their most 
sanguine expectations, and dissipated all doubts of the feasi- 
bility of producing the very best work in this line by ma- 
chinerv^ though few of the first class builders were willing to 
venture' using the work at the start, thinking nothing but 
hand made work was safe to use, such was the prejudice 
against the introduction of machinery in this, as also in othei- 
lines of business. 

On the 25th of July, 1843, in the middle of the day, while 
the building was filled with material, and men at work, it took 
fire, and was entirely destroyed, scarcely giving time for the 
workmen to escape. Having but partial insurance, and with 
a large amount of contracts unfinished, the material for which 
was now entirely destroyed, they were left largely in debt, 
and practically insolvent. No way for the future seemed 
practicable, but the humiliating one of a compromise. The 
plan of compromise, after being well digested, was proi)osed 
at a meeting of creditors, offering to pay fifty cents on the 
dollar, retain the small amount of insurance to be used in re- 
building, and reasonable time after a renewal of the business 
to make the promised payments. All of which was finally 


The copartnership was now increased by the addition of a 
younger brother, Addison, who was also a practical mechanic, 
liaving acquired the trade of carriage making under the in- 
struction of Wm. Cater, at Catskill, he having removed to 
the City in 1844. 

The business, hencefortli, was carried on by the three 
brothej's, under the iirm name of J. G. Du Bois & Co., and 
proved even more prosj)erous than before the fire, so that they 
were able to meet, not only the compromised claims of fifty 
cents on the dollar, at maturity, but in less than five years after 
the fire, they called the old creditors together and paid the re- 
maining fifty cents, making 100 cents to every dollar contracted. 
In 1852 they contracted for the sale of the Factory and lots 
in Bethune St., and purchased 8 lots on 30tli St., where they 
built a much larger factory than the one just sold. In the 
Spring of 1853, they took possession of the new factory, with 
improyed machinery, where the business was continued by 
the three brothers uninterrupted and successful, till the death 
of Lewis, May 24, 187G. 

Frederick Xelson, the youngest son, having also a genius 
for mechanics, engaged with his brother Philo at Buffalo, and 
learned the trade of a Silver Smith. After thoroughly ac- 
quiring a knowledge of the business, in 1855 he went to 
Chicago, with the necessary tools and machinery, and started 
the manufacture of silver Avare, the first in that city. lie 
pursued it with moderate success tilll8Gl, on the breaking out 
of the rebellion, which so damaged the business as to cause 
him to abandon it. 

Having previously invented machinery for crushing Gold 
ores, he decided to try the chances of gold mining. In 1SG2, 
he proceeded with his wife and two children to the Gold nunes 
of Colorado, settling at Black Hawk, in the Rocky Mountains. 
Here he successfully filled, 1st. The position of foreman in a 
machine shop, 2d. Foreman in an Ore Crushing & Refining 
Works, 3d. Superintendent of the Boroughs Gold Mining Co., 
and 4th. Builder, Conductor", and part owner of the Colorado 
Ore Reducing Works. The Company having been organized 
by his three brothers in the city of Xew York, with a capital 


of 850,000. These works lie operated for nearly two years, 
producing over 850,000 in gold from the native ores. Unfortu- 
nately the works took lire and were entirely destroyed, without 
any insurance. The parties in interest decided not to rebuild 
the works. Thus ended his live years struggle after fortune 
in the Gold mines of Colorado. At the end of another year 
he returned with his wife and daughter, their onlv remaininij 
child, to the city of New York, having lost their only boy while 
in the mountains. Here he took a position in the factory of 
his brothers. 

In 1871 J. G. Du Bois & Co.. extended their business by en- 
gaging in the manufacture of Lead Pipe on their premises in 30th 
St., the brother, Frederick X., taking charge and superintend- 
ing the manufacture of the Lead Pipe. His experience in that 
position, after four years observation and practice, enal^led 
him to produce, with the aid of the Hydraulic Press, the valu- 
able invention of the Plumbers Seamless Wrought Lead Trap, 
for which Letters Patent wers granted, fully securing to him 
the exclusive right of the invention, although for over a year 
his right Avas contested by another party claiming the same. 
In Angust, 1877, Frederick X. Du Bois engaged on his own 
account in the manufacture and sale of his Patent Plumber's 
Trap, hiring room and steam power of his brothers in 80th 
St., Xew York. His improvement of the Plumber's Trap, is of 
such generally acknowledged superiority over all others, that 
the sale of the article, at equal prices, has superseded every 
other kind. 

Ann Jennett, the only daughter, married in 1837 Peter 
Whit taker, who purchased the interest of the brothers in the 
homestead, and afterwards purchased other land adjoining, 
making a farm of about 150 acres. This land they cultivated 
and managed very successfully with their tw(j boys and three 
girls till 18G0, when Ann Jennett died. 


Children of Ira J)ii Bois (08) and. Mary Rodgers. 

llo. CiiAKLES RoDciKi'.s, b. Dec. 10, 18t>3."ni. May 14, 1842, 
Phebe Canniff, b. 1&22, d. Mar. 1S61. 

IK). Mauy Gertrude, b. Oct. 1, lS2o, d. Oct. :?, 182."). 

117. Lymax, b. .Ian. '2d, 1827. d. Aug. (>, 1827. 

118. Ira, b. .lune 27, 1828. d. Mar. 1, 1829. 

119. Cai^olixe. b. Mar. 17. 1880, d. Jan. 20, IS'M). 

120. Edward Lyc».\, h. Mar. 10, 1832,' m. Oct. 4, 1802, 
Annie Burke. xsO issue. 

121. Mary Rod(JKRs, b. Dec. 22, 188;i ni. May :>, 18:)9. 
William Scudder Strykei-, b. Dec. 18, 1888. Issue. I. 
Harriet Du Bois Stryker. b. Apr. 0, 1800. d. Aug. 28, 1800. 

11. William Du Bois Strvkei-. 1). Julv 8, 1801. III. Edward 
Du Bois Stryker, b. 8ept. 18. 1800. lA'. Mary Rodgers 
Stryker. b. Jan. 20. 1808. \'. Harriet Finch Stryker, b. Aug. 
20, 'l8G9. 

122. Caroline (tERTruj)e. b. Sept, 15, 1889, m. June 15. 
1804, Henry W. Hatch, b. 1844. Issue. I. Gertrude Walters 
Hatch, b. Jan. 18. 180(5. II. Cliarlotte Russel Hatch, b. Nov. 

12, 1807. III. Harvey Du Bois Ilatcli, b. Apr. 10. 1874. IV. 
Stella Tracy Hatch, b. June 28. 1875. 

128. Henry Clay, b. Mar. lo, 1842, m. Aug. 0, 1804. Sarah 
Elizabeth Washbuin. b. ]\Iar. 19. 1845. 

124. P:lizaketii Hunt. 1). Oct. 28. 1844. 

Children of Joel Du Bois (09) and Sally Jane Hunter. 

125. Xatiiaxiel Hunter. 1). Engineer on steamer ply- 
ing between Xew York and l^ed Bank, X. J., ni. 
Elizabeth Abeel of Catskill, 1). 

120. Lanah, b. m. John Manning, Sloop Ma.^ter and 

Farmei-, Catskill, X. Y., and Xoted for liis great 
strength. Issue. I. Mary JoseiDliine Manning, b. m. 

John II. Ranny. Kansas. Has two daughters, 1875. II. 
James Da Bois Manning, b. Mar. 28, 1850. III. Mellville 
Manning, b. Feb. 22. 185ir. ly. Kate Stanton Manning, 1). 
1863. Y. Jndson Waterburv Maniunu:. 1). 1805. YJ. John 


Aii.<2:iistiis Manning, b. 18()8 A^ll. Fannie Esther Manning, 
b. 1870. 

127. Esther, b. Aug. :>S, 188:^ m. Xov. 26, 18o7. Kobert F. 
Story, Catskill. b. June 80, 188."). Issue. 1. Jane Story, b. 
Oct. 18, 18.-)8. XL Francis J. Story, b. Oct. 81, 18<;1, d. Dec. 
22, 1801. III. Sarah Story, b. Dec' 7. 1802. IV. Mary Story 
b. Xov. 22, 186,"). V. Jolin H. Story, b. Oct. 2, 1807. VI. 
Martha T. Story, b. Feb. 18, 1870. ' VII. Estlier Story, h. 
Aug. 14, 1874, d. Dec. 1877. 

128. Sauaii J., b. Sept. 80. 1887. d. May (5, J 872. ni. .liidson 

A. "Waterbury, 1). Aug. 22. 1827. Chikli'en. I. Adaline 
Stanton Waterbury, ).). May 29, 18(54. II. Marvin Waterlniry, 
b. Feb. 8, 1800, d. Sept. 80, 1800. III. Wesley AVaterburv, 
b. July lo, 1807. TV. Cora Alice Waterbury, 1). A])r. 9, 1870. 
V. Sarali Jane AVateibury. b. Apr. 10. 1872. 

129. CatiiakineU., b. 1840, ni. 18r)9, Albert G. Stanton. Mar- 
ble Monuments, Saugerties, X. Y. Issue. I. Carrie Du Bois 
Stanton, b. 180O. II. Elean<n- S. Stanton, b. 1801. HI. Sarali 

B. Stanton, b. 1808. IV. Lemuel B. Stanton, b. 1804. V. 
William F. Stanton, b. 1870. VI. Kate G. Stanton, b. 1872. 
VII. John Frank Stanton, b. 1874. A'lIL Eva A. Stanton 
b. 1870. 

Children of Isaac J. Du Bois (70) and Catharine Hunter. 

180. Emily Ann, b. Jan. 10, 1817. d. single at Kiskatom. 
X. Y., April 2, 1841. A sweet talented and pious young 

131. Wauken, b. June '2'S, 1819. d. Baltimore. Md.. Feb. 18. 
1864. m. Marv Evan. Issue. Auausta. The widow married 
William Chapel, and was living in Philadelphia. Penn. 

Warren began learning the printer's trade, but his health 
failed, and he taught school several winters. He emraged in 
business in Xew York, but was unable to continue it. and 
went to Richmond. Va., for his health. Wlien the Kebellion 
broke out he desired to return Xorth. and being in wretched 
health was permitted to leave Richmond. He crossed the 
countrv bv wav of Gordonsville'to Baltimore, where he died. 


His brotlier, Aiisoii, wlio liad ooiie to his sick bed, brouirht 
his body to Kingston. A'. Y., for burial. Warren was an 
active christian, and died i)eacefully. 

VS'2. Ansox. b. Aug. 21). 1821. Entered tiie ministry June, 
ISoO, m. (1st) May 1, ]851, Mary Ann Tuthill, Blooming 
Grove, X. Y., b. Oct. 21, 1822. d. Kingston, X. Y., July 22, 
1854, m. (2d) July 7. 18:i8. Margaret W. ^Yynkool), daug-hter. 
Rev. Peter S. Wynkooi), 1). Ghent, :N\ Y., May 0. 1827, d, 
Brooklyn, Feb. 2. 18(51. m. (Hd) June 11, 18G2, AnnaGosman 
AYynkoop. 1). Feb. 4, 18:-I8. 

188. AuiU-sTL's Edwix, b. June 21, 1827, d. single, Kingston, 
N. Y., May 10, bS.w. 


The subject of this notice remained on his father's farm 
until his twentieth year. During the last four of these years, 
his father was often absent on ofricial business, and his elder 
brother, AYarren, out of health, so that upon Anson devolved 
most of the labor and management of the place. All of his 
winters, however, were si)ent in school. During the winter 
of 1888-9, he attended Ross Academy in Catskill, enioyino- 
the noble hospitality of his great uncle, John Du Bois. The 
next winter he tauglit the Bethel District School in Kiskatom, 
and the following winter, the Common School near his father's. 
He experienced reliaion in his nineteentli year, and united 
with the Reformed Dutch (.'hurcli of Leeds, under the 2)astor- 
ate of Rev. Brogan Hofr. His sister, Einilv Ann, was in a 
decline, and the brothers, AYarren and Anson, agreed that one 
of them should study for. the ministry, leaving it unsettled 
which one should do so until after the sisters death. This 
occurred in April, 1841, and \Yarren's health continuing deli- 
cate, lie suggested that Anson should undertake the work. 
The consent and blessing of the parents were obtained, though 
the father protested that He did not see how it was possible to 
secure an education without funds, and tliese he could not 


Anson left lioiue on May 1:2, 1841, accompanying some friends 
to Austinbiirg, Ashtabula Co.. O., where he at once entered 
the "Grand River Manual Labor Institute." lie had then 
about fifty dollars and a few clothes and books in a small 
wooden chest, Avhicli he had made to contain them. lie re- 
uKiined two years at Anstinburg, supporting himself entirely 
by his own daily labor for the Institute, and by chopping 
cord wood durina: one winter vacation, and teaching a. 
District School the next. He came East at the end of the tirst 
year, and by the efforts of his father, was recommended by the 
Classis of Greene to aid from the A'an Benschoten Fund for 
tiie education of voung men for the ministrv. But as there 
were no moneys in hand, he returned again to Ohio for 
another year. The disci])line at Anstinburg and the effort to 
change the habits of a hearty farmer's lad of twenty to those 
of a student, proved too severe for his health, and Anson re- 
turned from the west in 1843, ready, apparently, to fill a con- 
sumptive's grave. Home and rest, and old pursuits, however, 
with heaven's blessing, did wonders, and in the fall of 1848, 
he entered the Freshman Class of Rutgers College, New 
Brunswick, N. J. He now received one hundred and twenty 
dollars yearly from the Van Benschoten Fund, and this, with 
steady work during vacations as a farm hand, or for the 
Carters, or Amer. Tract Society, or Amer. S. S. Union, in their 
special lines, and with one term of teaching a select School at 
Sangerties, N. Y., was sufficient to carry him free from debt 
entirely through the course of both College and Theological 

He left the Seminary in June 18r)U, was licensed and ordained 
as a Home Missionary by the Classis of Greene, and by the 
middle of July was at work anions; the Thousand Islands of 
the St. Lawrence. During his four year's labor there, the 
church building was completed, lands were secured, and a 
parsonage built, entirely by his efforts; and a church of 
twenty-one members organized in connection with the Classis 
of Cayuga. 

Refusing solicitations to more comfortable settlements, Mr. 
Du Bois in 1854, accepted the call of the Second Reformed 


Church of Kiiig.ston, N. Y., which liad been kitely distracted 
bv internal dissensions and had now remaining an actual 
membership of sixty j^ersons, and a debt of thirty-four thou- 
sand dollars. This work, on a salary of eiiiht liundred 
dollars and no parsonage, with wife, infant son, and aged 
parents to care for, was not over much attractive in a worldly 
view. But the Lord blessed it. The menibership rose to one 
hundred and eight during a Hve year's pastorate, with a de- 
duction of nearly fifty by dismissals and deaths : the debt was 
in part i)aid, and the balance so disposed of as to occasion no 
burden to the congregation at large; and the Sabbath Scliool 
advanced from fifteen or twenty children, all told at the out- 
set, to one hundred and twenty-live at the close. 

In the Spring of 1859, the Board of Domestic Missions nomi- 
nated Kev. Mr. Du Bois as their Corresponding Secretary, in 
place of Rev. John Clarretson, 1). D., resigned, and the nomi- 
nation was confirmed by General Synod. The duties of tliis 
position occasioned the breaking up of very tender ties at 
Kingston, and his removal to Xew York. But the work was 
not «s congenial as the pastorate, and after a service of three 
years he resigned the position, and accepted an urgent call, at 
three-fourths of the salary, from the Second Keformed Cliurch 
of Schenectady. This church, like that of Kingston, had been 
divided and almost broken down by internal dissensions. The 
work was entered on with hearty interest, and was crowned 
with a good degree of success ; a debt of four thousand dollars 
was removed, a very commodious suit of rooms for Sabbath 
School and ^Veek evening services were built upon tlie rear 
of the church and connecting with it, and ninety-seven 
additions made to the membership or about one-third more 
than the whole membership at Mr. DuBois" coming. A debt 
of 82000 was, however, finally left on the church property. 

On resigning the pastorate of Second Schenectady, Aug., 
1869, Mr. Dii Bois removed to Amelia Court House, Virginia, 
and opened a Classical and English School. A large Holland- 
ish immigration was promi«>ed at this point, but the families 
actually arrived becoming reduced to a small number, and no 
prospect of increase from the Old Country, the enterprise was 


abandoned in the fall of 1870. In December of that vear Mr. 
])u Bois accepted a unanimous call from the venerable Re- 
formed Dutch Church of Flatlands, Long Island, which ranks 
with the ilrst formed of our Dutch churches after New York 
and Albany, having been regularl}' organized in 1Gj4, and 
erected its first church edifice, on the spot still occupied, in 
1608. He still labors in this lield. Mr. I)u Bois buried both 
liis parents, liis wife and infant son, and his youngest brother 
while pastor at Kingston. He was again bereaved of his wife 
in Brooklyn, N. Y.. while Cor. Sec, and of her son, at the age 
of four years, in Schenectady. He was married again in 
General Synod at Syiacuse, June, 180-i. He was made Presi- 
dent of General Synod at Xew Brunswick, X. J., 1805, and 
received the Doctorate from Union College the same year. 

Elgldli Generation hi America and Sixth in Catsliill. 

Children of Benjamin P. Du Bois (74) and Catharine C. 

134. Peter Goelet, b. Jan. 10, 1829, d. Nov. 9, 1851. 
Children of John P. Du Bois (75) and 

135. William, b. m. 

Children of Joseph Allen Du Bois (89) and Julia Tieter. 

136. Julia All ex, b. 

137. Frederick HoPKixs, b. 

138. Joseph Allex. 

Children of William L. Du Bois (93) and Maria Jane lUiard 

139. Mary Catiiarixe, b. Aug. 8, 1804. 

140. Charlotte Isabella, b. Dec. 25, 1800. 

141. GEXEyiEVE Larremore, b. May 12, 1871, d. Jan. 29, 

142. Bertha Frances, b. :May 10, 1873, d. Jan. 23, 1875. 

143. William Larremore, Jr., b. xVi)r. 29, 1874. 

144. Louis, b. Feb. 10, 1870. 

145. Robert Dodge, b. Aj)r. 24, 1877. 


Cliildreii of Peter Grant Du Bois (D9) and Mrs. Emma A. 

146. Cakoline Fostek, b. Nov. 28, 1871. 

147. Henry Gkant, b. Sept. 7, 1873, d. June 20, 1875. 

148. An Infant son, d. Dec. 10, 1875. An Infant son, aged 
20 days, d. Feb. 10, 1877. 

Children of James B. Du Bois (102) and xVgnes Kelly. 

149. Charles. 15o. Alfred. 151. Agnes. 152. Susan. 
153. Louis. 154. George. 

Children of Isaac Du Bois (U)()) and Eliza Brower. 

155. Elizabeth. 156. Catharine. 

Children of Lewis Du Bois (108) and Renhamy Wagener. 

157. Howard, b. 1868. 158. Louis, b. 1870. 

Children of Philo Du Bois (109) and Sarah Du Bois (105). 

159. Franklin, b. 1850. 

Children of James G. Du Bois (112) and Jane Clark. 

160. Annie, b. June. 23, 1859. 

Children of Addison Du Bois (113) and Margaret E. Du Bois. 

161. Henry, b. 1851, m. Ella Demarest. 

162. Franklin, b. 1854. 

163. Addie, b. 1861. 

Children of F. Nelson Du Bois (114) and Helen A. Reiley. 

164. Alice, b. Apr. 11, 1856. 

Children of Charles R. Du Bois (115) and Phebe Canniff. 

165. Ira, b. Mar. 1, 1844. 

166. Julia Canniff, b. Aug., 1845, d. 

167. Augustus Rogers, b. Oct., 1847. 

168. Mary Gertrude, b. Oct., 1849. 

169. Caroline Elizabeth, b. Nov. 1851. 

170. CHARLE3, b. Mar. 1859. 

171. Frank, b. Oct. 1861, d. Oct., 1862. 


Children of Ilerirv Clav Du Bois (1-23) and Sarah Elizabeth 

17:2. Ika Francis Wasiibukx, b. Oct. 22, 1800. 

173. Lillian Florence AVasiihurn, b. Mar. 8, 1800. 

174. Percy Maltby Wasiiburx, b. Oct. 0, 1873. 
17;"). Edith Gertrude Washburn, b. Jan. 6, 1875. 

Children of X. Hnntei' Du Bois (125) and Elizabeth Abeel. 

170. Jennie. 

177. Esther. 

178. IIuNTEi;. 

Children of Warren Du Bois (131) and Marv" Rvan. 

179. Augusta, b. 1800. 

Children of Anson Du Bois (132) and Mary A. Tuthill. 

180. Tuthill, b. at Thousand Isles of St. Lawrence, Nov. 
15, 1852, m. March 14, 1875, Caroline Taylor. 

Children of xVnson Du Bois and Margaret W. Wynkoop. 

181. Francis Wynkoop, b. Brooklyn, N. Y., Oct. 30, 1800, 
d. Schenectady, X. Y., Oct. 28, 1804. 

Children of Anson Du Bois and Anna G. Wynkoop). 

lo2. Louis Anson, b. Schenectady Sept. 27, 1803. 

183. Arthur, b. do. Xov. 8, 1804. 

184. Henry Reynolds, b. do. Xov. 28, 1808. 

Ninth Oeneratlon In America,, Secenth in Cat-skiU. 
Children of William Du Bois (135) and 

185. Frederick, b. 

Children of Henry Du Bois (101) nnd Ella Deniarest. 

180. Stella, b. 

187. AViLBER, b. Jan. 3(), 1877. 

Children of Tuthill Dn ]5ois (180) and Caroline Taylor. 

188. An infant son, b. April 8, d. April 9, 1870. 



PlJEFACE. - - - iii 


Indian Dcfil of Lands at Catskill 
" to Wni. Ltivfiidge. in Dutch, 

dated ICN-J, - - -1 

' Tlie same Translated, - -1 

-' Tiie Loveridge Patent, ItiMJ, 7 

AVill of Louis Du Bois, KJSC). 13 

"SVill of Solomon Du Bois, 175(;, 11 

Macdowall Deed to Solomon Du 

Bois, 17-20, - - - - 21 
Lane Deed to Benjamin Du Bois, 

1728, 25 

Will of Benjamin Du Bois, 17G2, 31 

Will of Isaac Du Bois, 17'.t5, - -11) 
Inventory "f Personal Property 

of Isaac Du Bois, - - " IG 

Will of HuvL.artus Du Bois, 18U'J, 48 

Will of John Du Bois, 1«37, 51 


^ Map of Loveridge Patent, 1770, 
facing title i>age. 

Fac-simile of Indian Signatures, 3, (j 

Fac-simile ot Signature of Benja- 
min Du Bois, - - . 5<) 

Fac-simile of Signature of Huy- 
bartus Du Bois, - -61 

Fac-simile of Signature of Cor- 
nelius Du Bois, - - - G2 

Facsimile of Signature of Isaac 
Du Bois, - . - . G-4 

Genealogical Chakt of D«'sccnd- 
ants of Benjamin Du Bois of 
Catskill. - - - . 57-98 

Abeel, Archibald Hunter, - 









Coi'nelius M., 






Emily Du Bois, 



Frances Hunter, 



Garret N., 



Addison, Catharine. - 



Allen, Sarah A., 



Ashley. G(n'trude, 






Oliver, - 



Austin, Abner, 



Barker, James, 



Pecker, David, 


Libbie. - - - 



Beiinen, Lewis, 



Bennet, .... 



Bergen, Hon. Tennis G., 



Bogardus, AV.raham. - 


, 44 

Betsey, - 





Egbert, - 



Bogardus, Hannah, 

Sally, - - 

Samuel. ... 
Brace, Henry, Esq., 
Brandow, Frederick, 
Bronk. Catharine, 
Brower, Eliza, ... 

Burgett, Abraham, 

Emaline Demarest, 
Jas. Komeyn, 
Burke. Aimie, .... 
Canlield, Ira, ... 
Canniff, Pliebo, 
Carle, Arraetta, ... 

Jacob, .... 
Le Grand, 
Marion Helen, 
Cater, James, 

Chambers, Abraham Gaasbeck, 
Chapel, William, 
Crane, .... 

Chrimffe, Elbert Gerbcrls, 
Crispel, Zara, 

Crook, John. .... 
Croswell i\; Brace, 
Cowell, John, ... 

Dart, Isaac C, M. D., 
Davis, Jeannette Fairmain, - 
Diederick, Freilerick, 
De La Mater. Carrie Burgett, 
Ella Louisa, 
K. G., - 
Wm. Dean, 
Delavan, Capt., 
Depeyster, John, 
Do Ilonde, Kev. Lambertus, 
Dewey, Horatio, 
Dies, Caty, .... 
Jane, .... 
Jennette, . . - 

John, ... 

Dodd, Xancy Gertrude, - 
Spencer Carter, 
Thomas, ... 

Thomas Grant, 
Dodge, Maria Jane lUiard, 
Doll, Ilev. Geo. J. L., 
Donnelly, John :\I., 
Dongan, Gov. Thomas, 
Dorian, Piobert, Esq., 
Du Bois, Abraiiam, 



69, 74 

63, 65 


31, 39 




70, 86 

83, 96 









D\i Boh 

6, Acliit'. 


09 Du Bois, Eleanor, 




, 80 






Eliza Jane, 










Elizabeth (155), 


A 1 Tied, 


Elizabeth Hunt, 










Emily Ann, 


Ann Jcnnotte, 





Anna Jennolte, 



Esther (127), 


Annaotje (27), 



Esther (177), 


Annaetje {X'j), 



Frank (1391, 





Frank (102), 




, 98 

Frank (171), 





Francis Wynkoop, 










Frederick Hopkins, 


Augustus 11., 



Frederick Nelson, 

85, 89, 97 

Augustus Edwin, 



Geertrey (20), 


Barent (23), 17, 


, (>s, 

, 75 

Geertrey (21 ), 

- 09, 70 

Bareut (-17), 




Genevieve Larremore, 90 

Barent (I'J), 





Barent i'Jl), 



Gertrude (59), 


Benjamin (3), 13, 


, 23, 

, 31 

Gertrude (95), 


Benjamin (Hi, 


, i9, 




Benjamin (l;ii, 




- 77, 83 

Benjamin U'Ji, 





Benjamin i3^). 




13, 50, 01 

Benjamin I., 




10, 19 

Benjamin P., 


, 81, 



97, 98 

Bertiia Frances, 



Henry A., 





Henry Clay, 


Caroline Elizabelli, 


Henry Grant, 


Caroline Foster, 



Henry Eeynolds, 


Caroline Gertrude, 


Hunter, . - 


Caty (13), 



Huybartus(C),31, 48 

, OO, 0(), 09 

Caty (-14), 



Isaac (8), 13, 17, 

31, 40, <;2 




Isaac (03), 


Catharine (111), 



Tsaac ( 100), 


Catharine (22i, 



Isaac J., - 52, 

55„ 79, 92 

Catharine (5:')), 


Ira (08). 

52, 78 

Catharine (67), 




Ira (118 1, 


Catharine (71), 



Ira ( 103), 


Catharine (107), 



Ira Francis, 


Catharine (l'->'.\). 




Catharine Elizabeth 



James, ((',5), 

- 52, 77 

Catharine G., 


James (78), 






James B., 




James G., 

85, 8(') 

Charles Koilgers, 




J. G. Du Bois & Co., 

89, 90 

Charlotte Isabella, 


James Oscar, 










Jennette (01), 


Cornelius (7), 31, 




J(mnett«; (00), 


Cornelius (41), 


Jennette (80), 


Cornelius (Hi), 






Cornelius (.34 ). 


Joel (31), - 42, 

04, 73, 79 

Cornelius (t!>3). 


82 • 


51, 79,91 

Edith Gertrude, 


John (14,) 

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Edward Lyon, 



John (30), 41, 51, 58, 




CO, C9, 77 





John (100), 


li h>^ 







Bois, John 1)., 52, 



Du Bois, Sarah a28), - 


John P., - 



Sarah (105), 





Solomon (2), 

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Joseph Allen (tSJ), 




Solomon (5), 


, G4, G5 

Joseph Allen, Jr., (138), 


Solomon (32), 


JulLi Allen, 






Julia Canniff, 


Susie, - - - 


Julius Anst)n, 



Treintje, 34, 48, 


, GG, 70 







Lanali (72 ), 




92, 98 

J.anah (120), 


William |3G), 







William (48), 


Lewis J., 


Williara(lll), - 






William (135), 

9G, 98 

Louis (1), l;3. IG, 




Wm. Florence, - 



Louis (lil), 



Wm. Larremore, 

83, 9G 

Louis (153), - 



e of York, 



Louis Anson, 



Dunshce, - - . . 





[er, Carl du Bois, 






H. S., - - - 


Ma.i:;(lalena, - 

Gl C, - 






Morris du Bois, 

- 73 

Margaret E., 


Neeltje du Bois, 



Mar^'aret (37), - 




G5, 73 



Peter ]\Iorris, 


73, 74 




Willie Morris, 


JIaria (-lli). 


Elmendorf, Abraham, 



Maria (87), 





Martha Jane, 


Huybartus Du B 



Mary Allen, 





, MaryC. 


Eltinge, Jan, - 


28. 30 

jMary CathariiH', 



Josiah, - 

15, 19 

Mary Geitruilr (IIG 






Mary Gertrude (^lG8j 










, Au.stin W., 



Naney, - 


Joel Du Bois, 


Xakey Rodgers, 



Nancy Ann, 





Serepta Catharine, 


Nathaniel Hunter, 






I'eri'V Mallbv, 



Thomas Addison, 


l'<!ter(3U), " - 



. 81 

Warren, - 



Peter |5.S|, 



on, Margrietjen, - 


Peter Goelet, 



Fiero, Christian, 



Peter Grant, 



Florence, Prof., -" - 





, 97 


da, Abram, - - - 


43, G9 

Pt^ichel (12), - 


, G5 


43. G9 

Rachel (IG), 



, G7 



43, G9 

Raeliel (51), - 



43, G9 

" — ivL'becca, 




ler, Capt.. 



Rhoda, - 



French, John, 

31, 39 

Robert Dodge, - 



Freyenmoct, Rev. Johannes 

Robert MeKerty, - 




, G8, G9 





se. Rev. H. D., - 


yatniK.'l (50i, 



Gansefort, Hcmans, 



Samuel (52i, 




Gerretsen, Hellotje, 


Samuel (l(i3|, 



let, Jane C, 


81, 9G 

Samuel Barent, 





Sara (4), 



, 59 

Goodwin, Adelade J., 




Sarah (11), 











Cinilumi. Jiiitios, - - . 
fxrant, JcMuiie. - - - i\^ 
(Ti-etMie. Jiicol) XL, :M. 1)., . 
(xroiii. Wm. ;MariuM, 
Hall, Hannah, - - . . 

F. C. ct A., - - - 
Halli'ubL'ck, t'Dinclia, '>'.). r.d, CC, cy tv.) 

•laeol) M., - 
Hand. (Ion.. 
Hasbronck, Jo.-iepli, 
Hatch, Charlotte Kusst-l, 

Gorti-udc Waltcr.s, - 

Harvev Dii Bois - 


St^'lla Tracy, 
irarfnian, Elizabeth B.. 
Hcffonl, Clara Louisa, 
K()l)ort R.. - 

Hermann, (laro, 
Ilennance, Go-sie. 
Polly, - 
[Jaehel Jane, 
Hodj^'O, Frank, 

Frank, Jr., 
Hoff, Rev-. BroLcan. 
Hoffuiau, Abraham. 

Abraham. Jr., - 

Cornelia Catharina, 
-Mart hen, 
Hogedom, Mr., 

Miss, - 
HoninioU, Debbie C.. - 
Hoojj:telin,ir, Catharine, - 
Hopkins, Mrs., ... 
Hunt, John R., 
Huntei', Agnes Conover, 
Cliarh's Du Bois, - 
David iloore, 
Fi-ancos He'irietta, 
Goorj^o Conover, 
Joel Du Bois, 
Lana, - - - 
Mary Frances, 
Roberl Jo-,eph, - 
Sally Jan«'. 
Walter Lis int,'.ston, 
Ilurder, Walton A Co., 
Jixcksun, .... 













I'J, '.i2 


Jan.sen, Heiu \. 
Jay, Atlanis A' Co.. 
Kellev, Agnes, 
Kendall, - 
Kirtland. Dorrance. 
Labagh, Rev. Peter, 
La Fayette, Gen., 
Lane, Gisbert, 
Lansing. Abrani G., 
Larremore. Catharine, 
Leeg. Jean, 
Lewis, Abraham. 
Emma A., 
Gertrudi; Du Bois, 
Harriet Amanda, 
Homer Augustus, 
James Grant. - 
Levy Stevens. 
Liiizey, Howard, 
Livingston, Roliert. 
Loveridge, Temi>era nee, 
William, J^r.. 
I-ow e, Peter. - - - 
ILicdowell. .\lexander, 

Maekey, Elizabeth, 
Mallory, Du JJois, 
Nancy, - 
ilancius, Rev.^rr'o. Willie 

64. (if 


•'5, 27, 
" 27. 






84, !)7 


5(), 61 

74, 77 






• > 

5. 58, -63 - 



Imus. 5;», 
()4, (i7. C'J 



Manning, Fannii- Esther. 

Jann^s Du Bois, - 'Jl 

John, - - - . Di 

-fohn Augustus. - '.)2 

Jud.son Waterbury, 91 

Kate .Stanton, - - 91 

Mary Josephine. - 01 

M.'llville. . . <)1 

Mills, John E.. - - - S4 

Mitchell, Amelia Elizabeth, - sr> 

Moori', Sir Henrv, - - . 31 

NicoUs, (U)Y. Kicliard, - . s 

Nucf'lla, Rev. Johannes Pelrus. .is 

Oostrander. Theunis. - - co 

Overbagh, Benj.iiuiii, . . 5;) 

Catlierini', - - ;];) 

Cathroyjitje, - - r>'.) 

Christian, - 28, .•J4.5!) 

Jerry, ... '5;) 

, Johan Jurry, - - 2S 

Johannis. - - 28, :!•{ 

John, - . - ' 86 

Jiirion, • - - 3~j 

Overbagh, Mar^'iiivt, 
Petrus, - 

Paleii, Jonathan, 

Phillips. Michael, 

Pinckiioy, James D., 


Proctor, Thomas E., 
Putnam, John, 
Race, Isaac, 
Eannv, John H.. 
Pteed,'EU).-rt, - 
Pkciley, Helen A., 
Eiley, Eeliecca, 
Rogers, Mary, 
Ross, Jolm, 
Ryan, IMaiy. 
Sanimons, l.aiia, 

Margaret, - 

Margriel, - 
Salisbury, Almihain, 

Capt. Baraut St;i 




Edward Larrenn 





Salisbury .V: Co., 






Gen. William, 

William B.. - 
Samlers, Robert. 
Sanford. .\uiia, 
SaK, Charles Le Grand, - 

Geoige. - - - 
(ieorge, Jr.. 
Ira, - - - - 
Schie'ITeliu Bros. A: Co., 
Scheuueaian. Rev. Johanne 
Schei»nioi'^, Dlrck, 
Sehut, Jane, 
Scott, John V. D. S., 
Shaurman, Peler, 
Shunter. Margin, 
Smith, Paulns, 
Sole, Huybartus Du Bois, 
Rachel Jane, 









Sole, Robert. - 





Stanton, Albert CJ., 




Carrie l)u Bois, 





Eleanor S., - 





Eva A., -• - 




John Prank, 



- 52, 75. 


Kate G., 




Lemuel B., 





Sarah B.. - 



11. t>><, 


William F., - 





Stevens, Ann S., 



















Homer Augustus, 














Stone, B. B. G., 



- 71), 


Story, Esther, 




Francis J., 








- <'2, 


John H., 



50, 61, 


Martha T., 




Marv, - 





Robert F., 








- 'H, 


Strever, Elizaljetli, 




Stryker, Edward Du Bois, 




Harriet Du Bois, 





Harriet Finch, 




Mary Kogt;rs, 





William Du Bois, 





William Scudfh-r, 





Stuyvoant, (iow Petrus, - 





Sullivan, Gen., 





Suylant, Cathrynijc 


, 59, 








, 6;» 

Margyrjeu, - 




Taylor. Caroline, 





Teiter, Julia. 





Teunisse, Claes, 





Dirck Teunisse, 


2. 5 


Tenniss(ni, Arent, 





Thomas. Ettie. - 















Tuthill, Mary Ann, 






Van Bergen, Col. Anthony, 













s, <".7, 7:5, 


Van Brunswick, Peti-r Thunisoii 





Van Dcr Poel, Barant, 








, 67 

- 11, 






Malgert, - 






Van Deusen. John, 




Van Dyck, Ccnnelis, 

- 3,6 



Van Gorden, Aggie Annet, 


12, 41, 


H.Miry. -44, 





Van Kenren, Rev. U., 



QUATA'\rxcinrAACK: ^ 




The Lover I u 

fVi//i the original divisions, 
the yea 

TJie lias/i lines ( ---. 

Tlic Jotted Hnfs( 

The donl'L' lines the dii'isii 
S,,ilt : ./o Ch 

r-n-. J'. ..«. »i r^ 




The Lovf.ridge Patent. \>??- 

IfU/i (lu oni^'iiivisioiis, aiui wtth t\um Hues •>/ nkmt 
the year ifjo. 
The dash line! ( .--J marl- the chirf ron>h. j^ 

The ,h'tl,,l liiu-i( ■ ) the cfthe " I'/r," ^ 

The .hi.N.- lines (he .lii-isi.'ns t.eli.-eeu the Du /.','/<-■=. O 

S,.<lf .,n Ch.nii! (.' .,„ oul,. 'J (y 

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L» • • •■